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Negaunee High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Negaunee, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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I 4' If .ff f Ai? 35 gg ag Q :fx Q L ,gg Q, ii? J W : E Rug' f 4 H fr ,-,. M Z PE' v 2 ,Rug 4 ? my f 5926 52 5.. i fs - Lf? NiCaMlNP.i -1-neu scHooL NEGAUNH, mrcanenm WSL 'PKONESER x b OI'QWOI' "Children now love luxury, they have bad manners and contempt for authority. They show disrespect for elders and love to chatter in place of exercising. Children are now tyrants and not slaves of the household. Youth no longer rises when an elder enters a room. They contradict their parents and gobble up their food and chatter in company and enrage their teachers. " So wrote Socrates over 2 ,000 years ago. Down through the ages, these same crit- icisms have been made of youth. To many people, the "youth of today" is lazy, incompetent, and disrespectful. We would like to prove to you, the readers of our book, that these statements are not always true. The purpose of this year's Pioneer is to show you what youthlg doing today, and that our generation is one of which we can be justly proud. The Editors O7alJ!e QF Gonten ts L LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Paul Bell, Treasurer: Mr. Samuel Ford, President: Mr. Onnie Marjama, Trustee, Mr. E. W. Born, Superintendent: Mr. Tho mas Collins, Secretary: Mr. Leslie Richards, Trustee. mecfication To show our appreciation for all you have done for us in the past years , we proudly dedicate our 1956 Pioneer to you, the Board of Education. One proof of your interest in the youth of Negaunee is portrayed in our modern Lakeview School and its adjoining Memorial Gymnasium. Other evidences of your interesi and generous support are the recent improvements of the library, home economics department, auditorium, our hot lunch program, and the redecoration of the rooms in the high school building. Many of the things featured in this book have been made possible only because of your sup- port. To all the members of the Board of Education we give our heartiest thanks! it 'X . ER Twlixk S Efii3:5f3'?r!s's?s'?f5hfiL3 'WM ilu If I have contributed one iota to the educational program of the Negaunee schools then my efforts have been well spent, and I am happy. iw? Mr. E. W. Born Superintendent 3'-3 Each student in our school is important because he possesses the potential for a useful, successful, and happy life. Your horizons will be broadened and your life made richer as your education progresses. We eamestly hope that your school experiences will raise your expect- ations, your aspirations, your self-assurance. After graduation we trust you will sense that your school follows your ambitions with interest and pride. We hope that you will recall your school days with pleasure and satisfaction. mffd Mr. R. K. Richards Principal ..---1:1-u-ww acuity MR. WALTER BRUFHERTON English, Dramatlcs MISS MARTHA ARNETH Eng li sh f, W 8 "1 Bills MR. GEORGE COLLINS Q Q il N5 5 5 pq t ' Ava-"AP" id-K api MR. HENNING ANDERSON Physical Science Guidance Counselor Mathematics General Business MR. JOSEPH DALLY MR. WALTER DALEY Industrial Arts Music Principal Of Building acuity MR. ROGER GROVE Physical Education Coach fi 245 MISS ANNA KULIU Sewing, Literature MR. RICHARD HEIDEMANN Social Studies .f MISS KATHERYN MARRIOTT English, Ioumallsm World History MRS. MARCELLA HOUSEMAN Home Economic! MR. KENNETH LIGHT Industrial Arts aculty MR. PAUL MELI MISS DOROTHY MILLER Social Studies English MISS BERLYNE MILLER English, Speech 3 "-4 MRS HELEN PANGRAZZI Girls Phys1ca1Educat1on Health MR. ROBERT NORTHEY MISS MARY NORTHEY M6th6m6I1CS Mathematics 10 acuity . ,N MR. LEINO PYNONNEN MR, HARRY SORTAL Science Physical Education Coach MR. VICTOR TOIVONEN Industrial Arts Handicraft 3 wa ,gf ,-r ? X 'five' A- '- , f' J' '- MRS . IEAN SUNDQUIST Music MR. ALPHONSE RUDNESS MISS MARY SHURTLEFF Industrial Ans English, Latin 11 acuity . ,K MRS. MARGUERITE WATERS Spanish' mb'a'la" MR. osczm wAssBsRG Geography Mathematics MR. ARTHUR WASS BERG Commercial MISS ELSIE TULLBE RG MR- MATT VANN1 MISS DONNA UNDERHILL Industrial AUS Home Economics acuity if 7555-Sf-3 . -frfszmw MR' CHARLES WPHTE MRS. AMANDA WILLIAMS Commercial School Nurse Home Nursing MRS. ARDES WILLIAMSON English, Arithmetic MR. GEORGE wu.1.1AMsoN MR- VERL WU-1-S Business Manager Science 13 aculty MISS MARION ANNEAR MISS IOANN PIPER Secretary To The Secretary To The Superintendent Principal This year a general survey was taken of the faculty to compile certain combined facts and percentages about them. Questionnaires were given to each teacher to fill out and place in a box in the office. This was done on a secretive basis, so no one's identity was revealed. Thirty-five of the thirty-seven which were sent out were returned to us. The information which we were able to get was quite interesting. Forty percent of our present faculty are graduates of N. H .S. The combined years of ser- vice of all the teachers is 420 years, an average of 12 years per teacher. Eighty-three percent of the teachers have taught in other schools. Their combined years of service totals 303, making an average of 10 1X2 years for each teacher who has taught out- side of Negaunee. Sixty percent of our teachers are men. Out of every 3 teachers, 2 are males. Sixty-nine percent of the faculty 1s married, and there are 22 children whose parents are teachers of Negaunee High School that attend Negaunee Public Schools. GCD SEN 5 xg R Q? 5 C?l'llUI' CZSS PAYE ALLEN Campfire ---------------- 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Pep Club ---------------------- 2 Ploneer ------------------------ 4 Trl-H1-Y --------------------- 3 , 4 Band --------------------- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Concert Orchestra ----------- 2 , 3 , 4 JAMES AN DE RSON Football -------------------- 1 , Student Council ru-Y -------------------- 1,2,3, Future Teachers Band --------------------- 1 , 2 , 3 , Choir ------------------------ 3 , Class Officer- ---------------- -- Class Play ---- Speech Club ------------------- Science Fair -------------------- Boys' Quartet ----------------- 3 , Archery Club -------------------- 2 VERNON ANNELIN Football ---------------- --- 1 , 2 Basketball ---------------- - 1 , 2 Baseball ---------------- ------ Track ------------ ------- H1-Y ----------------- --- -mgr l,2,3 Choir ------------- ----------- Class Play ------------------ Speech Club --------------- --- Science Pair ----------------- - Boys' Quartet --------------- -- RAYMOND ANDERSON IUDITH ANDERSON Archery club --------------- ---- 2 Pep C1Ub""""" ""' """ Cholr --------------- --------- Glee Club ----------------- --- QTMOI' GSS IAMES BOGETTO Future Teachers ---------------- Band --------------------- 1 , 2 , Dance Band ------------------- Concert Orchestra ----------- 2 , Choir ---------------------- ---- Class Play -------- --------- Speech Club ------------------ Sclence Falr ------------------- Boy Scouts --- ------- --1, .gy -f X, M, SHIRLEY BESSOLO Campfire ------------ ----- 1,2,3,4 JACK BRAILBY Boy Scouts - ---------- - Pioneer --------------- - H1-Y ---------------- -- Class Play -------- --- Science Fair -------- Pep Club ----------- -------- l,2, Cheerleader ------------- --1 ,2.3. Nee -Hy-N u z ------------ ------- Pioneer ---------- - ----------- - Trl-Hi-Y ----- -- - Class Officer ------ ----------- Prom Commlttee-- ---- ------- - - Future Teachers ------- Driver Safety Conf. ------- TACK BATH PATRICIA CAMPBELL Future Engineers ------------ ---- 4 Girls Scouts ------ ----- Pep Club ------- ------- Choir ------- ---- ----- Glee Club ------ ----- Llbrarlan -------- -- Science Fair ------- enior Glass PAT RICIA CARLS ON Pep Club ---------------------- 1 Future Nurses ------------------ 4 Choir -------------------------- 4 Glee Club ------------------- 2 , 3 Spanlsh Club ------------------- 3 Glrl Scouts -------------- -- ------ 4 BRUC E C OLLINS Football ------------------ 1, 2 , 3 ,4 Track ------------------------ 3,4 H1-Y -------------------- 1,2,3,4 Band --------------------- 1,2,3,4 Dance Band ------------------- 3 4 , Concert Orchestra ------------- 3 ,4 Class Play --------------------- 3 Prom Committee ----------------- 3 Future Engineers ---------------- 4 Science Pair -------------------- 2 Boy Scouts ------------------- 1 2 1 Airplane Club ----------------- 1 , 2 J ' ff Archery Club ------------------- 2 'I u BARBARA COLLINS Glee Club ---------------------- 4 Spanish Club ------------ ------- 3 STANLEY C HAPMAN Football ---------------------- 1 Baseball ------------------- 2 , 3 Basketball ------------------- 3 Hl-Y --------------------- 1 , 2 , 3 Cholr ------------------------ l Future Engineers ------- ------ LOUIS CHIRI Football ------------ -------- 1 , 3 Baseball -------------------- --- Basketball --------------- 1, 2 , 3 Track ----- ------------ 1 , 2 GVMOI' G!ClSS JAMES CONRADSON Football ------ ------------ - 1 Basketball -------- ------------- BRUCE CON RADSON Football ---- ------- Band ------ ------ - Track ------ ---- ---2,3 SUSAN CORY Dance Band ------- Concert Orchestra-- Future Engineers --- Scouts- ------------------ 1,2,3, Forensics - ------------ --------- Nee-Hy-Nuz ------- ---- -------- Pioneer ---------- -------------- Trl-H1-Y ---- --------- -------- 3 , Future Nurses----- ---- ------ Future Teachers ----- ---- ------ Orchestra ---------------- 1, 2 , 3 I Concert Orchestra Choir ------ --------- - -- Glee Club ------- Class Play ------------ ------- 3 , String Quartet ------------ ------ Girls' Sextet ----------- -- ------ - CAROL CURTIS BONNIE DAHISTROM Campfire ----------- ------ 1 , 2 ,3 Nee-Hy-Nuz ---------- ------- - - Pioneer- ---------- -- ------- ---- 3. Tri-Hi-Y ------- - ------- - --- Future Nurses ---------- ---- ---- Band ----------- ---------- 1 , 2 , 3 Concert Orchestra Class Officer- ------------- --- 3, 3, Ring Committee ------ --- ,4 -4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 Scouts ---------- Future Teachers -- Drum Majorette--- Orchestra -------- Concert Orchestra Choir ----------- Glee Club ----- -- Clas s Officer ---- Triple Trio ------- Prom Committee -- String Quartet ---- Ring Committee - - enior ass ROBERT DUN QUIST lFootball ------------ ------"- ' ' 2 DAVI D G HIARDI Football ----------------------- 4 Basketball ----------------- 2,3,4 Baseball ------------------- 2,3,4 Track ------------------------- 2 Hi-Y ------------------- ------- 3 Future Teachers ---------------- 4 Choir -------------------------- 4 Class Officer ------------------- 2 Class Play --------------------- 3 Prom Committee ----------------- 3 Future Engineers ----------- --- 4 X EDWARD ETELAMAKI Future Engineers -------------- Choir ----------------------- Ring Chairman ---------------- EDNA ETEIAMAIG KAREN GRANLUNU Pep Club -------------------- -2 .3 Majorettes ------------------- 2 , 3 Choir ------------------------- 4 Spanish Club -------- Tn-H1-Y ----------------- --- Future Nurses -------------- 2 Class Play ------------------ Forensics ------ ---------- - --- Prom Committee -------------- Speech Club ----------------- Scouts --------------------- - QIMOI' C183 RICHARD HAKKA Scouts --------------------- 1 , 2 , 3 PAUL HEMMILA ROBERT HERMAN Football ------------------------ Baseball ------------------- Track ------- Basketball ---- ---- Band ---------- ---- 2,3,4 --------4,2 131 -2,3,4 1,2,3,4 Class Play ------- -------- Prom Committee --- Future Engineers --- -------3 Future Engineers ----------- -- ROBERT GRAYES THOMAS H-ARES Football ----------------- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Football """""'-'-"" 1 I 2 I Baseball --- ------- 3,4 Basketball ----------------- -1 ,2 3 Scguts ---- ------- 1 Baseball "" ""' H1-Y ------- --- 3 ,4 Track ---------- ------ Class Play --- ---- 3 I-'orenslcs----- ----1 Cholr ----------- Prom Committee ---- emlor ass CORRINE HILL Pep Club ----------------- --- 1, 2 IUDY HILL Scouts ------- -------------- 2 , 3 ,4 Future Nurses -------------- Pep Club ------------- -------- 1 ,2 Choir ----- Glee Club 1,z,3 1,3,4 ----------------------2 Campfire ------------------ ----- 1 Nee-Hy-Nuz ------- ----------- - 4 Pioneer --------------- -------- - 4 Librarian --------- - ------------ 4 Spanish Club ---------- -------- 3 Speech Club ---------- ------ 4 MARLENE HILL Scouts ----------------- -------- 1 Student Council ---------------- 4 Tri-H1-Y --------------------- 3 , 4 Future Nurses ---------- ---- 2 ,3,4 Choir ---------------------- 1,3,4 Glee Club ---------------------- 1 Class Play -------- -------- 3 ,4 Girls' Sextet --- ----4 Speech Club ------------- ------ 4 Cantando ----- ------------ 2 ,3 Debate Team --- ---- 4 JOHN WINTER Scouts - ----------- - ----- ----1 MARLENE HIMANKA Scouts ------------------- 1,2,3,4 Pep Club --------------------- 1 , 2 Future Nurses ----------------- 3 ,4 Spanish Club ------------------- 4 Librarian --------------------- 3 , 4 D . 8I'LlOI' GlCl.S'S ,, IOYCE HOLMAN IEANNE HOSKING Campfire ----------------- Campfire ---------------- Tri-H1-Y ----------- - Ba nd -------------------- Pep Club ---------------- Orchestra Concert Orchestra ---- 1,2,3,4 -----3,4 1,2,3,4 ----z,3,4 Choir ------------ ---- ---- 3 , 4 Concert Orchestra ------- Choir ------------ Glee Club -------------------- 2 , 3 Glee Club ------- - Science Fair ------ --------2 3 JAMES HODGE Student Council ----- -- ------ 2,a,4 H1-Y--M ------ -------- - ----- 3 ,4 Choir -------- - Future Engineers Airplane Club -- --- - ---3, Archery Club ------ """" Class Officer --- -- Class Play ---- 2,3, ---3l Forensics ------- ""' Prom Committee Ring Committee --- ---' Triple Trio ---- Sextet ------ KATHLEEN IHAMAKI BARBARA H01-APPA Scouts .,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,-,,, 1 Scouts --------- ------- choir -------------------- 1 ,2 , 3 ,4 Campfife ' ""---- Glee Club .,,,, -,--,-,,,,,,,, 1 I 2 Future Nurses --- Speech Club -------- -------4 enior ass ROGER IENNINGS Basketball ---------------- 1 ,2,3,4 Football ----------------- l, 2 , 3 , 4 Track ---------------- -------- 1 Choir ------------------ ---- 3 , 4 Prom Committee -------- ---- 3 SHARON IOHNSON Pep Club ------------------ 1 , 2 , 3 Campfire ---------------- l, 2 , 3 , 4 Future Teachers ------- -------- 4 Choir ------------ ---------- 3 , 4 Prom Committee ----- ------- 3 Speech Club ----- ---- 4 ROBERT IOHNSON Football ---------- ----- - - Future Eng ine ers- --------- LYNN IOHNSON MARILYN IOHNSON Scouts ------------------ 1,2,3,4 Pep Club --------------------- 1 , 2 Student Council ----------------- 4 Glee Club -------- ------------- 3 Choir -------------- ------- 4 Speech Club --- -- 4 Pep Club -------------- Pioneer --------------- Choir --------- --- Glee Club ------ Speech Club ------ Debate Team ---- SHARON IOK1 Pep Club ----------------------- l Spanish Club ----------- ---- 3 QIUOI' 616188 GERALDINE IUCHEMICH Cheerleaders ------------- Pep Club Scouts ------ -- CAROLEE KAMINEN Pep Club ---------------- -- ---- Nee-Hy-Nuz ------- - ----- ---- Pioneer ------ --- ---- Glee Club --------- - Class Play --- ----- ---- BETTY KARKI Cheerleader ---------- Pep Club ------------- -- Student Council ------- Campfire ------------- Orchestra- -------- ---- - - Concert Orchestra--- ----- Glee Club -------- Choir ----------- Forensics ------ Speech Club ----- l,2,3,4 - l,2,3 ----------3 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,z,3,4 --------3 ------4 ---3,4 ---4 Football RAYMOND IUTILA QI'll'OI' C138 LOIS KEMPIHORNE C ampflre - -------------- - - 1,2,3, Pep Club ------------------- 1,2 , 4 3 MARY ANN KIVIST O Scouts ---------------------- 3,4 Pep Club --------------------- 2 ,3 Nee-Hy-Nuz -------------------- 4 Choir ------------------------- 4 Pioneer - --------------- -- Tri- Hi -Y --------- ---------- 4 4 Spanish Club ------------------- 4 Glee Club -------------------- 2 ,3 Future Nurses ------- --- 2 , 3 , 4 Choir ----------------- Speech Club ----------- Science Pair ------ Queen's Attendant --- 4 4 2 4 SANDRA KEMPAINEN Trl-H1-Y --------------------- 3 , 4 Future Nurses -------------- 2 , 3 ,4 Orchestra ------------------ 2 , 3 , 4 Dance Band --------------------- 3 Concert Orchestra ---------- 2 , 3 , 4 choir -------------------- 1 ,z,3,4 Triple Trio ----------- -------- 2 , 3 Sextet ----------------- -------- 4 Speech Club ------------------- -4 Scouts ---------------------- 1 , 2 Glee Club -------------------- 1 , 2 Debate Team ------- ----------- 4 ROBERT KAUPPINEN RAYMOND KIVISTO Future Engineers -------- -------- Football --------------- -------- Track ---------- ---- -4 -4 -4 QIMOI' Gfass SHIRLEY KROOK Glee Club ---------------------- 3 Choir -------------------------- 4 Campfire --N -------- -------- 1 , 3 , 4 Pep Club ---------- ---- 1 ,2 SHARON KORPI Concert Orchestra ----- Dance Band --------- Class Officer ---- Girls' Sextet ---- Clarinet Quartet --- Scouts ------------------- 1, Z , Choir -------- ------------ 3,4 Pep Club ------------ --1 Pioneer ------ ----------- 4 Band ----- - - ---l,2,3,4 Orchestra ----------- ----- 2 , 3 , 4 3,4 ------2 3,4 --------2 --- 4 --- 2 JACOB KORPI MARLENE KOSKI IOANNE KUIALA Pep Club ----------------------- l Band -------------- Campfire ----------------- l , 2 , 3 , 4 Choir -------------- Glee Club --- Speech Club --- Librarian ---- enior Glass Football VVILLLAM KURIN --------------------- 1,2 ANN LAITINEN DAVID LAHTI Football ------------ ----------- Pep Club ------------ --------- 1 ,2 Student Council ---------------- 4 Choir ---------- ------- - ---4 Class Officer --- ----4 WILLIAM LAHTI ROBERT LAITALA Football ------------------- 1,2 3 Basketball ----------------- 2 , 3 Scout s ---- --------------- Ql'Ll'OI' G!Cl.S'S GERALD LAITURI Band -------------------- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Future Engineers ---------------- 4 NANCY LAMERE Pep Club ----------------------- 2 Nee-Hy-Nuz ------------------- 4 Pioneer ------------------------ 4 Football ROBERT LARSON DENNIS LAKARI RONALD LAMMI emoor G ass DONNA PAYE LEVIELLIE Majorette -------------- ------ 1 , 2 Glee Club ------------------ 2 , 3 , 4 Spanish Club ------- ------ ---- 3 , 4 BARBARA LAUKKA Trl-Hi-Y ----------------------- 4 Speech Club ------------------- 4 Choir ------------------------ 3,4 Glee Club --------------------- 2 Cantando --------- -------- 2 , 3 , 4 RICHARD LUKKONEN Football ----- -------- -----.. 1 2 3 Basketball ------ ----- ---- 1 , 2 Track ----- ------ -----.... - - - Scouts ------ ----- ----- ...... NANCY LEIVISKA JACK IEMBERG Librarian -------------------- 3 , 4 pootba 11 ............ - ..... , 4 Campfire ---------------------- 4 speech Club ----- .--- ------. QfLtOI' 8,6188 BARBARA LUOKKALA Pep Club ------------------ ---- 3 Nee-Hy-Nuz ------------- --- Pioneer ----------- ------- Choir ---------- -------- G.A.A. --- ---- MARY ANN MAC DONALD Campfire ----------------- 1 , 2 , Pep Club --------------------- 1 Student Council Nee-Hy-Nuz ---- ---- Tn-H1-Y ----- Future Nurses ------ --- Future Teachers Glee Club ------------ --- Class Officer ----- -- ---- Class Play -------- ---- - -- Spanish Club ------ ------- Speech Club --------- ----- Science Fair ------- ----- Ring Committee Debate Team ------ ---- - -- Pioneer ----------- -- ROBERT LUOKKALA Track ---------- Scouts --------- Airplane Club --- Future Engineers Speech Club --- Science Fair --- Tumbling Club -- DALE MAKI DONALD MAKI Archery Club ----------- --- 1 Choir ------ --- C Ql'Ll'OI' 616183 BEATRICE MATTS ON Glee Club -------- ------------ 2 , 3 Choir ------- ------ - ----------- 4 Pioneer --------- ------- - - ---4 Speech Club v WILLIAM MATTHEWS -- ------ 4 IOYC E MANS KE Student Council -------- A ------- 2 Pioneer ---------------------- 3 , 4 Tri-Hi-Y -------------- - ---- 2,3,4 Future Teachers ---------------- -4 Band ------------- ---- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Concert Orchestra -------------- -4 Dance Band ------- ----- 2 ,3,4 Choir ------------- --------- 4 Class Officer ------------------ 2 Class Play --------------------- 3 Triple Trio ------------------- 2 ,3 Speech Club ------------------- 4 Sextet ------------- --------- 4 Sax Quartet -------- -.-- 2 , 3 , 4 RONALD MAKI DONALD MATTSON enior Glass ROBERT OSTER Football ------------ ---------- - -1 ROBERT MILLER Football ----------------------- 1 Ba sketball ---------------- ---- 1 Baseball ----------------------- 1 Nee-Hy- Nuz ------------------ 4 Pioneer ------------------- ---- 4 Class Officer ---------- ----- - -- 4 Statlstlclan -------------------- 4 Trainer ---------- ---- -------- 4 NEILAN PARKKONEN Football ----------------- ---- l , 4 Band -------------------- ION NEEI-Y PATRICIA PASCOE H1-Y ------------------------ 3 ,4 Future Engineers --------------- 4 Football --------------------- 1 , 2 Pep Club ----------- - ------- 1 , 2 Cheerleader ------ ----------- Pioneer ------ -- -------------- Tri- H1-Y --------- ---- Spanish Club ----------------- Speech Club --- ------- ---- ,3 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 --4 Librarian ---------------------- -3 Debate Team ------------------- 4 CHUM' G!ClSS CAROLYN POSIO Campfire ----------------- 1, 2 , 3 ,4 Pioneer ------------------------ 3 Band -------------------- 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Dance Band ---------------- 2 , 3 , 4 Speech Club ------------------- -4 Cantando ---------------------- 4 Sax Quartet ---------------- 2 , 3 , 4 DARLENE RIEKICI Pep Club --------------- Future Nurses ----------- Band ------------------ Choir ------------------ Glee Club -------------- Class Play ------------- NAOMI PRUSI Pep Club --------------------- 1 , Choir ------------------------- Glee Club ------------------- -2 , Spanish Club ------------------ Cantando ------------------ 2 , 3 , 2 4 3 3 4 HELEN RIVERS Student Council ---------- ------' 1 Nee-Hy-Nuz --------------- ---- 4 Pioneer -------- ------ -----"-" Band ------------------ -- Concert Orchestra ---------- 1,2,3,4 1.3, Class Officer ----------------- - Girls' State --------------- ----- Prom Committee ------- - ------ -- Clarinet Quartet -------- -------- Speech Club -------- --- IUDY RAIHALA Scouts ---------------- Class Officer ---------- Librarian ------------- QTMOI' 81088 IOANN PETERSON Campfire ------------- -- ---- - Pep Club --------------- -- --- Pioneer ---- Band ------------ ----- ---- Orchestra - ----- - Concert Orchestra ---- ---- 1 , 2,3 Science Fair ------ LOWELL PENROSE Basketball lMgr.l - ----------- 3, Choir ----------------- -- 1,2,3, Future Engineer ---- - ---------- - Boys' Quartet ---- ---- 3 , SHARON PEZZOTTI Campfire ---------------- 1,2,3, Nee-Hy-Nuz ----------------- - Pioneer ------- Tri-Hi-Y -------- Future Teachers --- ------- Band -------------- ---1,2,3, Concert Orchestra Class Officer ---- Spanish Club ------ Queen's Attendant FRANCINE PHILLIPS Campfire ----------------- 1 2 Pep Club ------------------ Cheerleader -------------- Tri- H1-Y ---------- ---- Glee C1ub--- -- EUGENE PELLINEN 12 Ql'Ll.OI' GlClSS CAROL RUESING Campfire ----------- ----- ' 1,2,3.4 G. A. A. -------- -------- Forensics ---- - -'-' '- Speech Club --- 'T'-ld -My X SAN DRA SHARP Pep Club ----------------- ---- - Future Nurses ---- ------ 3 , Band --------- ---l,2,3, Dance Band -- ----- 3, Choir ------ ----- 1 Glee Club ---- --- Speech Club --- -- INGRID RUOKALA Future Nurses ------------ Glee Club --------------- Choir ------------------- Spanish Club ---- ---- Speech Club -- - Science Fair --- IEANETTE SALO JOHN SKEWIS Scouts , ,,,... - ...... ...... - --- Football ------- ---- - --- Pep Club -------- ------- ------ C h 01' """"""""1 Orchestra ------- -- - Concert Orchestra ---- Scouts ---- ---'- ' "" enlor Glass PATRICIA SMITH Scouts ---------------------- 1,2 G.A.A. ------------------------ 4 Pep Club ---- ----l,2,3 IAMES STOLNACK Class Officer ------------------- Football --------------------- l Basketball ----------------- 1 , 2 Baseball ------------- -------- Ring Committee ---- ---- KARE N SPAGNOLO Choir ------------------- Campfire --------------- Speech Club --- ---- ---- Pioneer ------ ----- RUTH STRAHM IEROME TAKANEN Pep Club ------- -------- ------ 1 . 2 Spanish .Club ------ ----""' ' --3.4 Speech Club ------ --"" Librarian ---- ""' ' "3 r Q C Oflfl Of CZSS ALFRED TASERIS sand --------------- - ---- 1,2,a,4 Concert Orchestra --------- 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Dance Band ------------- 1,2,3,4 IOYCE TENHUNEN Scouts --------------------- 1 , Nee-Hy-Nuz ------------------- Pioneer -------------- ------- Tri-Hi-Y ----------- ----- 3 Future Teachers ----- -------- Orchestra ---------------- Concert Orchestra ----- ---- Choir ------------------------- Glee Club ---------------------- Speech Club -- -------- ---- - - String Quartet -------- --------- JOYCE TREWHELLA Future Nurses -------- --------- - - Band ----------- ----------- 1 , 2 . Concert Orchestra --------- ---- 3 , Choir ---------- ------- ----- 2 , 3 I Glee Club --------------- ------- Contando ----------------- - 2 , 3 , Speech Club ------------------- Homecoming Queen -------------- Pep Club --------- ----------- - -- IACK TREGONING Football ---------------- E l.,4,,, HENRIETTA TERRES Pep Club ----------- ------ Nee-Hy-Nuz -------- ------ Pioneer --- ----------- --- Spanish Club ------------- Science Fair ------------ - Librarian ------ ----------- t QHIOI' GlClSS President ------- Vice-President ------- ---- lass Cgfjqcers -------------------------- --------- Iames Hodge Secretary ------------------------------------- ---------- - Robert Miller Sharon Pezzotti Treasurer ---------------------- --------------------------- C arol Curtis Student Council Representative ---- ---------Ann Lamnen CLASS SONG MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Our first years were full of fun And now we find that we're all done But we will have these moments to remember. The noisy halls, the merriment, The precious -years which we have spent We will have these moments to remember. Tho' summer turns to winter, And the present disappears , The laughter we were glad to share Will echo through the years. When other nights and other days May find us gone our separate ways We will have these moments to remember. Written by: Carolee Kaminen and Iudy Hill CLASS MOTTO No One Knows What He Can Do Until He Tries CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS FLOWER Carnation CLASS ADVISERS Mr. Anderson - Miss Underhill U Q ND MT GRE fx, .M Wy SANDRA ADAMS AN umor A , Q 5 fi if DONALD ROBERT S Pre s id ent -vtg Q61 X4 RUTH MAKELA Secretary 'Qflkwv' DIANE ANDERSON ' RALPH ANNALA SHARON ANTILLA ik.- pf T A BILL KOKKO Vice-President sv MTN sh-c t'A?QiV 5 A IUDIE THOMAS Treasurer Wh., MARY ANDERSON Y . Gals" X .. 9 an DEANETTE MANNINEN Student Council 'iff- ff" '11 n ,,,...W.-...- 4 yin" D ,,. .. :Q GERALD ANTILLA MARSHA BEAUCHAINE Glass SL. ily M11 BERNARD BEAN 'fv- 'wwf "1""'?3' S f " Xe' ROSALIE BRISSON K ROBERT CARLYON BELMORE PEARL BUCKMAN ANNE ELLIS li.-1 tl' ffm, X-lun-Y", f LOUANNE BRONKHORST EHOMAS CONRADSON BESSOLO DORIS BUXTON DANIEL ETELAMAKI 1 ' "N 'iw 7 F, X '. 1 und' , - K., , 5 y, i gum . . M A- W : "Rf-:-P RAY BRo'rHr:RroN mums DIGHERA 5 HARD BORN BEATRICE CAMPBELL JACK PREDRICKSON 43 MMS Zin ..,nsp,--0 IUDITH GRANLUND EDWARD GAGNON PATRICIA HAMPTON WW-" 1 1 PAUL GRAVEDONI "MA A ROBERTA GOODHUE BRUCE HANSEN -nw - fi? A -qs-we' fm A AURELIA GRENIER ty . 'ww' J J," GUY GOTZEL JOAN HARIU 44 ,qw Agn, fiqgg-yi' DOROTHY HILL Q11 A -is lg x... . ' QA --f f ' .I . " EDWARD HOINACKI F, IOHN HOLMI vm, wg--. W' SHIALEY HULT LEONARD f'V 9 IUNE IACOBSON 'lbs-sr' , IALONEN X .-0' Q -Q4 If R ff wx- ee. EAN IARVI Jug, ,f IARVI RONALD JENKINS eru- ax. -..... IOHN IORDON we . HOWARD IOHNSON -QW J! f ARLENE KEMPAINEN ,ss QS YM. ' 5 DOUGLAS navxsro ,1. is ,g fv'Q5 if x ...Rf I CAROL KOKKO x,- IANET KANGAS G , .N SALLY KORPI PATRICIA IOHNSON tiff? SONIA KANGAS E DWARD KIVIST O 4. Joyce xosm 45 51 'WN ACN? wtf? 7' NANCY LARSON W' ROSALIE LAITURI ' NANCY LEWIS . ,, 2 K I ,D 1 4 A A A . 'RVN' M I L, ,X 'gf 1 if . A f y Nmm ram A X 2 My PAUL mason r V 5 'rl' ai ' FQ. 1 , 101-IN LAKAR1 DAVID LINDSTROM sv if Q PAULINB LAUKKA A fw DONALD LARSON IOE LUC CI 46 'eww' Q f if Nw., :PWD .44 KATHRYN MAC DONALD LAURA MAKI 4, .xx f-I Ehn-N in WAN MILLARD MACDONALD X 1 I A ,351 ,v - www Qi lt 'K . F I D 'X KAREN MAKI 1 fA:-. A H 1 DAVID MATTH1 1- ,"" + ws, fu- ? M X Q 'Fi '.,k K 1, z 'N 5 A wx..-V . ff? f h4 '- Q . MARILYN MILLER MELONI DOUGLAS NIEMI 1--A fam 1... "OWN 5l X ,pxqgvx 49" TQ K Ni .,3w-- ROGER NICHOLAS EN1 ANITA NURMI K vw A"" JEAN MOILANEN NIEMI CHARLES OLLILA ,Lf MARIORIE PARKKONEN MARVIN PIZIALI YVONNE PIZIALI Y? L- . aw FRANK RAIHALA 'Rig E Qflig. A EDSEL RINTA FRED RIVERS 47 1392 fQ"i QA' C71 EA... LORRAINE SAARI ERNESTINE TEBO I NANCY ROBERTS RICHARD SALO I my y 5 . A 1 2 O., as SHARON SALMER -If ROBERT ROMBACK RICHARD SEEG QQ.: MILDRED SALO THOMAS ROYEA ROBERT SYLVESTER 48 CAROL TESSMER 'RW A "'inp' N115 ELAINE TESSMER NOT PICTURED Sheldon Ahola Shirley Cram Paul Iandron Karen Larson Karen Prusi Yvonne Rivers Margaret Truscott Ralph Watters PAUL WILLIAMS VANNI CLASS ADVISERS Miss Kulju - Mr. Heidemann These pictures were taken on the photographer's second trip. Since they came to us a ifferent size , we debated as to whether or not we should include them. We finally decided o do so, since we want to have as complete picture coverage as possible. 1 IOSEPH BALDASAARI GERALD CHAPMAN IACK PLUUR LOUIS GUIZZLTTI ' 5 ' ai,l if i-" il' i A y 'sseyaa yrats S .r , ' s " A I . , A- ' 35. 1 .fe N ' L ' BILL HYRY CLYDE MAKI BERNARD PEIIO DAVID TAMBLYN ,.., SANDRA C OLLINS Secretary QSDOPIIUITLOTQ DOLORES ANDERSON TERRY BELMORE S. ""!,4 ' aff M ' - 'if ,i av Hike ,X 1' BARBARA DAWE Vice- Pre sident WW -we-f DANMAICI President ,V ,Q ' AMN" NANCY JOHN SON Treasurer CARYL SUNDINE Student Council GSS A 1-4- MARY ANDREWS NANCY ARCAND FRANK BELL IOHN MARY Boermo VVILLIAM BOND RAYMOND BORLACE RUTH CARLL 4+-"Re WWA , ,fp-:WN if,.,,,,Y fig-eww 3 . ON CHAPMAN naw Af' . iw' .ARON DARLING aww'--1 xW Qxi, .Q Q M, T' M .Q L , IHARD ELLIS af? :UN I LQJ Iwuwgw- 5? 'Ink - CTF-Aww ,,,-hN,',,v FRANCIS CHETTO PETER CI-IEVERETTE NANCY CHINN ANN DELARYE I4 'I 15 IUC S-mqnwavf' X, ff IUDITH DELORME ALICE DOMPIERRE 11" 'IX 'ff-I-4' :, gl A , Q-1-UQ aQn-asm' W IUDY DUNSTAN DONNA ETELAMAKI LEE ERCK 'V 3' 'J f " , ,,,. --A , nr- A Q, , 'X I . , ,f H GAGNON DONALD GAGON PATRIC GORST VVILLIANI GRAVEDONI . iv' ax I X X ' ' I N .- JAMES COLLINS is .Q ,filth 'Q in NANCY DOBSON 'KW IOANNE FREDRICKSON . ,wk A, UN? : Q ,..v .,'h mn' , X NA N PAUL HAKKARAINEN , X a' m. vg-r - E" it A A 1 Q---..-f' DENNIS HARIU ERNIE HARSILA JEAN HENDRICKSON JIM HIETIKKO JERRY HILL 15113 Eff' 'SID Wk im? 'C' "KS" -d""'9' .1 WG SHELBY HJMANKA SHIRLEY HINTSALA IACOB H01-APPA JOY H01-MAN MARTIN .IE Q15 al 115 Shar rf!! ,Huw-v S SUSAN NES RUSSELL IACKA BRUCE IENNINGS DALE IENSEN fl! adv.: Q EUNICE JOHNSON JEAN JOHNSON KATHRYN JOHNSON BU-L IOHNSON MARILYNN CAROL IUCHE 4.4 Fpuwddv f T ' ij ,M X0 4 , K 3 0 1. I x LEONA KANANEN DAVID KARHI VIRGINIA KARKI X , N.. EVELYN KENNEDY ENIO KORPI CORRINE LAAK Dfw MAXINE LAHT1 DAVID LEECE Q!'U"5' 4 5 STS?" W'-If qu... 17 i fx wk- W 1 MARGARET LUCC1 w :rg-Q, KENNETH MOILANEN x " s DONALD NURMI 'Ft i JULIA PARKKONEN 'IFN -an -nv 1 55 EM . 3 ' fi' 1 Q Q 0 Q x LEROY MANNILA ROBERT MANSKE EVELYN NIEMI IRAN NIEMI wa-.f EDITH NYLANDER PETER PAINE . ,qw Us ,fa-ani Fw fi' 1""""'? me Ap' KATHERINE MATTS ON -GT X ,ERE XM sg 5 IOAN NIE MI 'Q .M-"W PATRICIA PALM ,y- j41v'?x his sr ....,n.0, am Q 'M -ov-. i MARIORIE A RUTH NI MARGARET MAT r Q . ,K 4 ww, EMI IUDY PASCOE MARGARET PEARCE IOYCE PETERSON KENNETH 1 -il. tp..-f 4 ', 'Z' 'L WJ Ci Qing..-A' . ff! Nw..-A--f .fl an ENE PEZZOTTI IOHN PIETILA WALLACE PIETILA CARL RAISANEN "l"3 QQ- 'i"'f' s-g. If I ILYNN ROGERS " MH' Y L .IIN 41. E. , KATHLEEN PRUSI REPOLA ANN RICHARDS WILLIAM RICHARDS IACK RIEKKI NANCY RIVERS If 41 'X BARBARA ROBERTS REUVEN ROMBACK ms"""" f .n-asv by QX on ' 175 51' Q "' BARBARA ROOS PAUL ROSTEN ff, N-ur-wr NA RUBATT GLORIA SAARI IEANNE SANDSTROM GERALD SMITH IACK SIVULA W7 IUDY SMITH IERRY SUNDBERG gf? DARLENE UITTO BARBARA VERRAN NANCY VIDLUND LYNN WICKLUND KAREN WIIG DONNA WIISON CLASS ADVISERS MISS SHURTLEFF MR. WILIS 56 Q7 E? I GWENYTH SWANSON 'fn-"' 42.3 A 5 IOAN VIOLETTA "Wm 'Yin WAYNE YOUNG I YYYA 1 .Q 'I , -E 1 5 jg. A I 1 I NOT PICTURED 2:5 IAMES AIRAUDI MIKE COPE I K Q I EUGENE WATTERS TOM ANDERSON IEANETTE HILL WILLIAM I-IOINACKI ROY SYRIAMAKI WAYNE TULI 'Qs' MARI ON 'w Q X. Sm I'Q.S' ITLCZH GlClSS KAREN ANNELIN GRACE MATTSON SeCl'efafY Treasurer gl 6 CAROL RANTANEN Vice- President JOHN MAKELA President ADVISERS: Miss Arneth and Mr. Collins. sy SANDRA GERNDT Student Council is IESSE AIRAUDI CLISTA ANDERSON KATHLEEN ANDERSON ....,.M,R. 8,1 Et 3 'qw-f" L 'KKK V RX IOAN BORLACE RICHARD BORLACE PAUL CARILLI DIANE DESCHAINE BLANCHE DOUCETTE PATRICK DOWNEY 'K-.....,,v..v' if ' sa. ax ,1 ' ggms. A lin 165 L DEAN NA ANT ILLA PAUL CAROLLO KARE N DRYGE 5 dgpmm- J 'T X L x MICHAEL ASUMAA EDWARD CORY KAY EMANUEISOI iii -gf- "M" gm IOAN EWALD ROBERT FORCHINI JAMES GARCEAU IEANETTE HAINES DWAYNE HARIU Q3 ,F 'mir xg' X HARRY SUSAN HEII ALAN HENDRICKSON LOIS HILL ROBERT HILL if-s-f 'Hifi 'Q5"'2vr-1 5 -..........,, I M ' ww 35' WX I Nix I , HINTSALA NORENE HOCKING SHIRLEY HOOD LOIS IALONEN RONALD IANDREAU . I Hannah 1 1--I f Mi In S g u ,. . - A . I 5 mf . 'NX 5' , 5: gf .i ,,,.4-QLQ .gnnsulllnr 'HPML 5 A Wy S5 gk! f:. " ff Q K Rf I 5 X kk ji X 51 DENNIC IARVI PAUL IARVI ALBERT IENIGNS BRUCE IOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON .Q im riff Q., KALLIONINEN RUDOLPH IOHNSON ROBERT KANTOLA MAXINE KARHI WAYNE KARPPINEN x . EINAR KEMPAINEN SHIRLEY KILPELA ELAINE KIVISTO GERALD KOSKI FRANCIS LAFC D F, W MD A' Nw? 4. es. 'sn DELORES LAHTI IUDY LAKANBN WALTER LAKARI ANN LAMERE DAVID LAMERE 34 can '-xrf"'A"'f" A ff A QTZZ? AMAA Q DOROTHY LAMERE KAREN LARSON MICHAEL LARSON WAYNE LARSON RICHARD LE1 QPWFF 'iH..wM RUTH LEECE KAY LEKLIN CAROL LEOUIA PAUL MATERO RICHARD MAT fx., 'ffjys L MATTSON PATRICIA MELKA Zhi '1lv"" 1 91N Q -'wa 'rl POLKINGHORNE CAROL PRUSI "Nas 'E,n,,,,' LOWELL MILLER 'RV 'S KAREN MITCHELL KK ,,.-fig I .. ir.. fl" '15 n ELAINE NURMI fi? Vflu I 5 A on-A e A PARKKONEN NANCY PASCOE JOHN PIIRAINEN ROBERT PIZIALI ROBERT POLKINGHORNE f Nw' 'f!"f-'mf' '1':1':f:1"' ROBERT RACETTE " X .lt - fi-N ' nf H13 TW? I .f"""' -SRX Ri g : :AZ W W . I Q 'Y 3 ' --, i DARLENE SAARI LEE SAYRING GEORGE SIRONEN ny! 'ah Rf-W, t- K A IO '. 9- HN REIKKI :LA -7 . MICHAEL ROBERTS 91 s...? .- BRUCE STEVENS IAMES STONE 'Cf' 3 i X Q A X ,,:, . I.: ' Lf? -,.. Q. .., . - . - 5 'ig 3' af 4' v .l f IUDY SUNDBERG KAREN TENHUNEN ALFRED TESSMER IAMES UITTO IOELLYN f i: kk 'HF-1' it-W' fx ff' Q 54" A 5 Q: s in 1 I! L NANCY VERRAN WILLIAM WAINIO RONALD WARREN WILLIAM WASSBERG LARRY WENDT NOT PICTURED GEORGE FREEMAN ,' - CAROLYN IACOBSON A -- A " LEROY IARVI ERNESTINE WILIS KENNETH YOUNG , W.. .,. A A R A nh 3 f,?.. E Vx , . kk 1 ' x 7 'V 415' fl 46, A A '43 Ti ' A 5 f f' 7, XL 'f JA ' W 1 Q 51 v1RG1L ANDERSON KIETH IOHNSON WU-I-IAM KUIAI-A CAROLE ROBERTS ROBERT STENFORS 62 4 sf' ABBOTT Y ANDERSON frfilf 1 , vs? '-as-ff' . 1 PETER ADAMINI If SCOTT BANNON '24 was qftwgrf ,NW L, ,A H ANN fiiwt Ah A 5 ' fl Czgfztfl Qoracfe JAMES AIRD ! A .4 PHI LLI -'N if l Q' F L-.' QT? 6, P BOGETTO TPAN ANN BOND RICHARD BUXTON N 51 X Nik ui d! ai1 CARILLI MICHAEL CARLSON GARY CATTRON GARY CHAMPION BOB CHRISTIE W5 X YL.,,.7 if N.. ,., Cv. A Q . x way? f Y CONNORS ROBERT DARLING CAROL DATSON DENNIS DOBSON IAMES DOMPIERRE . an l if JE sun. . I -ri I?" 13 "WW - A K I HOWARD ENGLUND IOHN ERCK DAVID ETELNIAIG BERNIE FOSCO RUDOLPH GAGNCT ,qw 'Q' ,4 BRUCE GENSHEIMER BENNIE GRANDLUND IERRY GRAVEDONI NANCY GRAYES DARLENE GUIZZED cm -511' 'T' 'lm ,O Q M5 'Huw-f' 5 If .A ? ' xx J A - 1 X , M. ' GLORIA GUIZZETTI MARLENB HERMAN RICHARD HILL DANIEL HINTSALA DIANA HINTSAL an I W 'azvfrk' VIRGINIA IACOBSON DAVID IMPOLA CYNTHIA HOOPER KURT IOHNSON LORRAINE Im . I Jizz: GE IOKINEN BR., lg to-M """ 3 +I KIVISTO 'T wwf' M ID KUIVINEN x.,,. LAUKKA S I i af, 7' ik. , 'X , 1 . U X W , 1 , SANDRA KAESEMAN ALLAN KANANEN , N 4. of EX 5 A - if I T,-'I DIANE KOKKO IUDY KORPINEN BRUCE K-EMP MICHAEL KEMPAINEN 1-pg 'USMS' ws up . , ..- HOWARD KROOK CYNTHIA KURIN an-., . "!1CT'I'1'P TOMMY LAITINEN GENE LANGLOIS FLORENCE LANGSON CLARICE LARSON QW 4n1'w' wflrhs BARBARA LEHTONEN GERALD LEKLIN 'UNI - A I 2 5 I ,,,.? ' 'Lg J RON LHVISKA ELIZABETH LOOP I" " 4 'Fm' ' ' kiwi: 'dr Q10 'ww ' I 2 - 'A XM RICHARD LUIBAKKA ALVIN LUOKKOLA MARTIN LUORKOLA SALLY LUOMA GORDON lx 15 fx-nr' Q' I 'ik-Q 3' SHARON LYTIKAINEN TOM MAKELA KATHLEEN MAKI THYRA MATTA RAE MATTH W' 1 ,Adm - Vl - :fx 9 7 W . -1-rm Av Q. --env' A ' 5 ' I -s--'fr 5 "'i. A f :f2f::I" I .JW Msgs. 'wi f 1 ' ' .42 1 .A xi .in:X.'f,'4 R.. ' 'K . Y 'I VIRGINIA NI-3IsoN ELIZABETH NICHOLIS ARLENE NIEMI MARION NURMI LEONARD 't' ' w ow'-1 'lf' . , X I x,,,.uvL 1 H ii- " HOWARD PARKKONE SIGFRID PARKONEN MARCIA PASCOE MARTIN PASCOE IANICE 1 K ETERSON RITOLA ua' -.,.,."' SAVOLA fb u-so ""x 'EN rv x Ti , ROBERT PEURRA LORETTA 'POSIO f If N-pa" DAVID REICHAL Q ,Qu--sq ,I 3' RICHARD RINTAMAKI .gf M 'ls 'ing E LEONARD ROGERS DAVID ROOS LEROY SALMIO LORRAINE SAVOLA C' grm 'Sv DAVID SAVOLAINEN uw- 115 .nn cxww. Y 1 ,, ww . fax 'iff x 5' KAREN STILLE LOIS ST. IOHN TERRY TALO i CAROLE WHITE DARLENE WHITFORD CATHERINE WIIG KAY WILLIAMSON nf" "s, 'Q-.-...v" , -, -q A GEORGE YOUNG IANET YOUNG 44 I ix Gia ss cqjyhcers 'E .nr ll 44-Fi' """"'-1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Stille, Secretaryg Matt Ritola, Vice-Presidentg Phillip Bogetto, Student Council. SEATED: Iames D0mP' ierre, President. NOT PICTURED: David Roos. Treasurer. srzvs GERVAE 68 CLASS ADVISERS NOT PICTURED Miss D, Miller Christie Dahlstrom Mr. O. Wassberg lane A1'1d9fSOU 5-er' 'ilrfzif' PAUL AI-IO Ifi-' I ""Qw"" 'dn IN ANDERSON 7 BARTLE 'W A Q .S ...fjjl LAYT ON C O DY qu ---uf" bl SUSAN AHO -'rx' GLENN ANTILLA , fx CHUCKY BROCK L., .0 'fi'-P.",I,"' SHARON COLLINS -'1 -' even tfz Qracfe IUDY AIRAUDI AQ' at "' eg-3 F 3 r DENNY ARCAND CAROL BARNEY GRACE BARRY Q KA Q Amr-Y' , Siui, , , """ MR' I R Q "' Q ' R 55. M. .L . if X MICHAEL MATTSON GARY CHAPMAN MICHAEL CHETTO 19" . ,f ,R WR WILLIAM KORBY DONNA DRYGE GLORIA ETLEMAKI nv'- Q -f , "' 4 I il , wk Q11 'ESV A L N R' K i X f , .X Q I NV I 'fi R' I I+ wr - R I CHARLES 1:w1x.L JERRY FLUUR SHIRLEY GARCEAU MARY GUID1-:BACK KAREN GURCHI1 - QR .dh '.""'1u ' . . Y if 41 1 - gb 1 qv! Q as JULIE HAATAIA CLAYTON HAUPT ANDREA HEMMILA LOIS HERMAN RUTH lk 'J -sup. QQ" Q is ' -fm. I wr' w , 'lk' ' "'!F!""'1 N. 44' SANDRA HILL SHARON HILL IANICE HOOPER SALLY IVES DANNY IENSE ww -If ....-A-f my ,swf ---if 'Q Y T N-.ago ' 'apr 7, X "'TIT'I'?f I 51... DAVID IOHNSON GAIL IOHNSON DENNIS IOKI FRANK IUCHMICH IOY IUTILA t3f"" . I s"""'S . Gi as T. Fl - KAMINEN SHARON KANTOLA gk ANNE KUUSISTO 1 if gg! "Q, W If ln IULIE LAITURI 'Q' '54-. AP BERNICE KAUPPILA ESTHER KAUPPILA -.adm BETTY LAHTI PAULINE LAKANEN IOHN LANGSON PAUL MAKI Y MAKI BOB MATTHEWS SHARON MELKA WARREN MUNSON SUSAN NEISON Z' E 'N SQ. ibm'--v nm DALE NUMIKOSKI TOM OA'.l'ES IUDY O'DONNEL MARCIA OIA FRITZ OI. RAY OISON I Q 0 KAREN PELLINEN s... RITA ROBERTS r0!Px'4"' TERRY PARLOTTO KSN. SHERRILL PETERSON New 1 V' TOM ROBERTS gh, CHRISTINE PASCOE 2 X IANET PILTO ff' E 1 A Q' V ,ew in .O qw. T - , J y J ik' - TUDY ROSTEN ,QQ5 "' I1 up A .l ..N,n4,g,k..,' k.g N 4 ,A ,Q xx Mm - . 'qw "" w'-www, 'Wup- ii, I ! E TOM RUEL JEAN SAARI PETER SHAEFFER SARA SHAW 419 fin is ,3,. ...A A-A iw- "trap, 73 V "lin-..-'frl"' SMITH RON STENFORS ALICE STONE RUTH SYLVESTER AQ' 'fb "l1'2""7ZY 1 -s... ,. .,,r -v,!..,A..4r cu 3 M53 THOMAS PEGGY THOMPSON LOUISE TREGONING GAIL VANNI 13511- ATTN :Eat f Q17 '-4--Q.. ill?-1:09 fv- wA1No JAM:-:S WETTON IOHN WIIG BARBARA YELLAND 15 'Q , A. A . CAROL SMITH ,ax X. IANICE TAMBLING X fav' f' . x X JERRY VIOLEITA 73 SHARON BATH GARY DOWNEY SANDRA LAHTI IILL LEVINE TERRY SANPAKA NOT PICTURED: TOM BEAUCHAINE, GERALDINE CHRISTY, RICHARD HILL, CHARLES LAITINEN, DARLBNE OISEN AND CHERYL ANN GIDDINGS. Glass Cqfhcers GRACE ,WARREN ALLEN SIVULA IILL HILL President Vice-President Secretary 'Quai' DAVID MATTS ON Student Council CLASS ADVISERS: an-wi., RAE WARNER Treasurer Mrs. Houseman and Mr. Toivonen C L H , Pu X N . O 2 ,Ts H 'N ,I 9 4 J l ' 3-tx S ,A XA Li 5 W I f xx 5 I N x .ARL I E a + F ffj x f E f. Vx NX .Vx X. X f 'Xxx 1 If 4+ ,.a A," JJ ,. Busses bring many students to school. NEGAUNEE HIGH SCHOOL Students come to Negaunee High Sch- ool from a large surrounding area. Our school is an excellent one because of the many advantages offered to the pupils. The- ere is a wide and varied selection of classes. A free dental clinic and a special building to house industrial arts classes are only two of the many facilities provided. Manual Training Building . ""1'L ,K ii The old .... And thc new. The old clock in the auditorium was replaced last year by a new one in the office. This is only a small example of the progress being made in our school- As seen below, more and more students register each year. There were 21 new students enrolled this year in addition to the seventh grade class. Mr. Richards registers new students. ' xr "Don't you kids have anything to do? " Our school has excellent study hall facilities. There are two study hall rooms, and a very well equipped li- That-S mme like it, brary. The library has a good selection of books, avail- able to students at all times. Women at work . Watch the birdie, Darlene. Does it taste good, kids? Mrs. Amend the nhead Chef The cafeteria and the front and back steps of the auditorium are familiar sights to the stu- dents of N.H.S. The hot lunch program serves meals to students who cannot go home at noon. The auditorium steps are frequent gathering places for students, some of whom sit' there before mom- ing and afternoon classes. Smile, Reuven! Penny for your thoughts, Dunc. Hablan espanol chicas ? Sit up streight and breathe deeply. Our school offers a full and varied program of fine arts. The mixed chorus is directed by Mrs. Sundquistg the orchestra by Mr. Daley, Miss Tullberg teaches the art classes, and Mrs. Waters, the Spanish classes. Besides the classes pictured on this page, the fine arts curriculum includes band, girls' chorus, Latin, and var- Get that "C" sharp in tune! ious other music ensembles. Caution! Men at work! l Mr. Wills and Amohus. Science and mathematics go hand in hand in this generation of intensive research. Their importance Sclemlsts at Work? ? ? ? has been realized with several recent improvements. Two of the math. classes have new desks, and for- mica table tops have been installed in the biology laboratory. What's so funny about Geometry, Fred? Back to work, kids In our school the Industrial Arts classes are mls VEQZR... Q Vw. The second floor hall. 1 M, MN The lTlS1dC ofa space shlp? Mechanics hard at work! ! !! I . , . Hr-y threre, Mr. Rudness! That machmc looks complicated, Mxke. 82 held in their own building. Here, the boys in grades 7 through 12 receive training in woodworking, metal- E working, and handicraft. V More pictures of the five ln- dustrial arts classes. Upper left, Metal Shop: upper iight, Wood Sh- op: center, Machine Shop: lower left, Printing: lower right, Mech- anical Drawing. Watch your nose, Rudyl Get to work, Eddie! Blackboard Jungle ? Setting ads for the Pioneer! FUN-lfe Engineers ? Don't drop the baby, Alice! Preparing a formula. Our Home Economics department is one of the finest in the U. P. We have a staff of three well qualified te- achers. The girls learn to cook and sew, and all about family relations and running a home. Studying ? VJhat's so funny about doing dishes? seii, Y-Vewnx ' Wh Q You' Boxoyih me andthe famuyn ca,- Although the pictures on this page seem to have no connection, the subject which each of these classes teach is practically a necessity in order to be a good citizen today. Bookkeeping gives one a keen business sense which may prove valuable. Typing can be made use of all through life. Every responsible and active citizen should be able to drive, and be capable of giving a speech when called upon. 3 . fx. WJ' nit wok 50 bore po Sufprj S9 , My iss Mujer' 85 The pep band plays at an assembly. The assembly programs play an integral part in the life of our high school. In addition to stu- dent assemblies, Negaunee High School subscribes to the National School Assemblies Service. Many interesting and varied programs are presented dur- ing the year. Bruce makes an important announcement. 1 of Q A, 2- Aeiy l A The Seniors! ! ! ! I Mr. Daley presents ............. A Coach Grove hands out letters. Lemberg GSIGS-ep--as usual! Homecoming Queen candidates. Rancher Glenn and his guitar. You look nervous, Susie! v LEFT TO R.IGHT: Donald Roberts, 11th Grade: Danny Maki, 10th Grade: Iohn Makela, 9th Grade: Iames Dompierre, 8th Grade: Grace Warren, 7th Grade. SEATED: Iames Hodge, 12th Grade. Glass tcbresicfen ts In this section, we are including those organizations which have definite school ser- vices to perform, but do not consider themselves active clubs. Our class presidents are a vital part of our high school life. They are elected each year, with the other class officers, by popular vote. This year the senior class elected James Hodge as their president for the third con- secutive year. It is seldom that such an honor is conferred upon a student by his classmates. Iim has maintained a high scholastic average throughout high school, and has served very well in his capacity as president of his class. Formerly the class officers were elected in the fall of the year. However, this year they are to be elected in the spring. This will enable the clas ses to get off to a good start in the fall. ROW I: Seated left to right, joy Holman, Caryl Sundine, Grace Warren. ROW 2: Ilm Hodge, Dean Manninen, Sandra Gerndt, Philip Bogetto. ROW 3: Marlene Hill, David Mattson, lim Dompierre. x F7710 Cgluchfnl Gonna The Student Council, during the past year, has carried out many helpful programs, some of which are: Sponsoring school dances and student assemblies for the football scoreboard, arranging groups or clubs sponsoring school dances, and placing a suggestion box in the hall for the students' opinlons. Council meeting Mr- President V 90 SEATED: Business Statt, Carolee Kaminen fSr. Bus. Mgr.J, Mary Ann MacDonald ana Susan Cory KSr. Eds.J, lean Iolmson Ur. Bus. Mgr.l, Robert Miller KSpor1s Ed.l, STANDING: Heneritta Terres ISr. Bus. Mgr.J, Ilona Rubatt and Duanette Manninen Gr. Bus. Mgrs.J, Leona Kananen fArt Ed.l and Ruth Makela Or. Ed.l. lcproneer 1956 S 4- ROW l Left to right Sharon ROW 2 Faye Allen Rosalie Nancy LaMere Mildred Salo We Pezzoti Joyce Tenhunen Shirley Bessolo Barbara Luokkala Helen Rivers Pat Pascoe Brisson Sharon Korpi Dnne Anderson Karen Maki lms Kempthorne, Sandra Collins ROW 3 Ann Richards Beatrice Mattson Ioellyn Vanni Anne Ellis, Ioyce Manske Rosalie Laituri, Marilyn johnson. NOT PICTURED: Carol Curtis, Ioann Peterson, Iune Iudy Hill, Kathryn MacDonald, Hintsala, and Karen Spagnolo, PHOTOGRAPHERS, Ilona Rubatt, Nancy Dobson, Caryl Sundine, Pat Palm, Nancy Iohnson, Jean Iohnson, Ioy Holman. ROW 2: Leona Rubatt, Susan Ives, Eunice Johnson. CAMERA SHY, jack Brailey, james Stone, and Ioan Nxemi. This is the fourth year of publication for The Pion- eer since 1931. The Pioneer was then known as The Neg- auneensian. Many wonder what the stump means on the cover. Some think that it is just a picture. It has some real significance. The stump was overturned by Marji Gesick, Chief of the Chippewa Tribe of Indians, and it was here that ore was first discovered in Iune of 1845. The Pioneer staff wishes to thank all those who have helped in any way to make this publication possible. Bob, Ruth, and Leona, busy as bees working on the annual 91 QQ-5LQ,-72UZ Ill! NH IH Xl! SEATED: Left to right, Judy Hill Weaturesl, Ioyce Tenhunen, Helen Rivers CO0-Editorsl, Sharon Pezzotti KBusiness Managerl, Robert Miller fSportsJ. STANDING: Nancy LaMere Cflxrghangej, Barbara Loukkala fAdvertismfJl, Shirley Bessolo Ufeaturesl, Lois Kempthorne fAdvertisingl. NOT PICTURED: Carol Curtis QCirculationj. ann wspfi Subscription campaign I s'pose you're right SEATED: Left to right, Ilona Rubatt, Mary Ann MacDonald, jean Iohnson, Dean Manninen. STANDING: Leona Kananen, Hen- rietta Terres, Carolee Kaminen, Susan Cory, Ruth Makela, Reporters. The aims of the Nee Hy Nuz are to present information concerning current school act- ivities and to provide an agency for creating an awareness of student problems. It also ser- ves as a record of important annual events. On its staff the reporters are responsible for getting in required stories and meeting the deadline. The co-editors then, with the assistance of their advisor, must get the copy to the printer, make page dummies, and proofread all articles for errors. In the field of journalistic achievements the paper has received state recognition six times for outstanding production of issues regarding tuberculosis. On one occasion national recognition was received for this project. This year the journalism class attended a journalism conference held in Escanaba. Quill and Scroll, the National Honor Society for high school journalists, was estab- lished in Negaunee on November 25 , 1953. F lamond kguoilee Scholarship Faith Mary Koski, a member of the 1955 graduating class , was honored on class night with the presentation of the Dia- mond Jubilee Scholarship. This scholarship was made possible by a special fund which was set aside during the planning of the Jubilee. In order to qualify, Faith had to be outstanding in her studies and have plans for the future which included at least two years more of schooling. Her interests and co-operation in extracurricular activities also made her eligible for this award. Faith is now majoring in chemistry at Michigan College of Mining and Technology, Houghton. The student body of Negaunee High School wishes her all the success possible as she continues to be outstanding in all that she does. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY k NX lg . atzona Honor , -: ? oczety T!! N? 1955 Fourteen students were elected by the faculty of N. H.S. on the qualities of scholarship service, leadership, and character to membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen per cent of the class membership of 93 was elected. Those elected were: 1. Katherine Ann Hill 8. Jacqueline Ruth Langlois 2. Rose Elizabeth Hyry 9.. Carolyn Elizabeth Maki 3. Janet Marie Isaacson 10. Lowell Peter Marjama 4. Diana Marlene Kangas 11. Roy Thomas Mattson 5. Nancy Sue Kjellberg 12. Julaine Alice Ollikalnen 6. Faith Mary Koski 13. Edith Sue Renowden 7. Frances Elaine Laitinen 14. David Mark Violetta L. I'UI'l.ClI'lS FRONT ROW: Left to right, Judy Ralhala, Iudy Hill, Henrietta Terres, Nancy Leiviska, Sonja Kangas, JoAnn Kujala, Beatrice Campbell BACK ROW: Marlene Himanka, Mrs. Waters, instructor, Axirella Grenier, Patricia Campbell, A third successful year for the li- brary has been completed. Mrs. Waters has been diligently aided by the assist- ant librarians whose duties are to stamp and sign books, watch the desk, check attendance and circulation. There are approximately 4,700 books available in the library. P Neal Ahola presents the television set to Ioyce. Ioyce works on a project. Ioyce Koski, a Negaunee High School junior, was the lucky winner of a Bendix television set from the Co- op stores. To enter the contest she was required to color the picture of a pirate and the label of a tuna fish can. Joyce has a good scholastic record, and is very much interested in art. ENGINEERS Mr. L. Anderson Mr. E. Annelin CUSTODIANS Mr. G. Harry Mr. G. Ford Mr. L. Price Mr. R. Luttinen MEMORIAL GYM Mr. R. Veale Mr. I. Carlson Mr Anderson r Ford The men listed above through co operative effort keep our school in first class condition at all times. Because the facilities are always in excellent shape, the students are able to work and think better. Their genial personalities and helpful attitudes play an important part in many school situations. W'hat is this? An all-boy school? The bulletin board ls per- haps the most often frequented place in sbhool. Announcements for everything from club meetings to special senior information appear there . What's so funny, Eunice? Maxine and Susan examine a poste Here are the girls! tx . -fs...Q,,1 1 ' - ' Many students attending our high school require bus transportation. Pupils come from U.S. highway 41, Palmer, Roll- ing Mill, Cambria Location, Eagle Mills, North Road, and Buffalo Location. These students eat their noon meal in the school cafeteria. Coats wait for the last bell to ring. wquwsirtl-9"-4 ff """'1'? A Lines form for transportation home. Stl-1deHfS board busses Deserted hall at the end of the day. L-I LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Brailey, Jim Bogetto, Susan Cory, Mary Ann MacDonald, Jim Hodge, lim Anderson, Vemon Annelin, Darlene Reikki, Marlene H111 and Karen Granlund. S g " -'- .v-'- - . K . .f v Ni' ' X. rr f F . Mg Al Q X . x n s 1 n 00 Director and "Albert" ear math "Dear Ruth, " presented by the Senior Class is a story centered on the Wil- kins family, Iudge and Mrs. Wilkins, Ruth and Miriam. Ruth, a young woman in her twenties, is a teller at the city bank. Miriam is sixteen, very imaginative and well versed on world affairs. The plot is set by Miriam who has been writing letters to Lt. William Sea- wright in her sister's name. She also sent him Ruth's picture. After Ruth had left for work one morning, Lt. Seawright presents himself to Iudge and Mrs. Wilkins. He is on leave and wants to marry Ruth. Imagine Ruth's surprise and Miriam's fright. The second and third acts are full of laughter and surprises. "Miss-Chief" lOl amor Gass play THIRD ROW: Dick Bom, Anne Ellis, Maila Mallett, David Matthews, Pat Hampton, Don Roberts. SECOND ROW: Charlie Olllla, Billy Hyry, Rodney Bessolo, Bernie Bean, Karen Maki, Millie Salo, George Walimaa. FIRST ROW: Katie Mac Donald, Judy Tho- mas, Billy Kokko, Sheldon Ahola . THE CAST Green -------------------------------------------------- --------------- B illy Kokko The Blind Date ---- Millie Salo Satchel ------------------------------------------------------------ ------ D lck Born Mis s Delaware Water Gap ------------------------------------------------- Anne Ellis Dr. Reeber ---------------------------------------------------------- -Rodney Bessolo Professor Lloyd Iack --------- ------------------------------------------------ Don Roberts George Walimaa Chester ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bernie Bean The Old Grad ------------------------------------------------------- -David Matthews Gale Joy -------------------------------------------------------------- Pat Hampton Bud --------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy Hyry Helen ----------------------------------------------------------------- Judy Thomas Hunk ------------------ Minerva --------------- Dutch ----------------- Ethel ----------- ------- Miss Smith ------------ ---------------------------------------------- Sheldon Ahola -------------------------------------------------Karen Maki -----------------------------------------------cherlle olllle Katie Mac Donald -----------------------------------------------Maile Mellen Mr. Walter L. Brotherton --------------------------------------------------- Director gmt Cgdoot Cgdorwar Why the frown, Dr. Reeber? i Er K i The original hams! They look serious! Puppy Love! 4 O Q! 4955 rom The Memorial Gym was made into an Oriental garden for last year's prom. A huge false ceiling was spotted with gaily colored Oriental lantems, and the background of moonlit gardens and Chin- ese women added to the Far Eastem effect. The Grand March was led by Prom King David Violetta and his queen, JoAnn Niemi. Bill Bauman's orchestra provided the music. The Prom Committee of juniors and seniors was headed by Rita Wilson. CSHOPIIOHIOTQ G ass party And as usual, there's food. S139 tllrn tell S th her wus' 1 QXQD a an YN-EA Y Where gadxxe your b and S110 :Cue OU, 5- 9 Oveve 'me P ge! Mai! dame Hu Iac? Gqd oofvei "Pete", alias Santa, made a visit to distribute presents. e Hgh' KS1-E, I fl Out' before Ax 105 The Great Director A-a-a-h food! I ytlz, sth an 9 The seventh graders used a Valentine theme for their class party, which was held on February 10. After going to the show they came back to dance to a juke box and have lunch. Str-r-retch it Grace! The freshman class party pictures were lost in the mail. We've heard of people breaking cameras but never of causing the film to disappear completely. What gives , freshmen ? racfe G ass tmarties The eighth grade class party, the Skaters' Ball, was held on Friday, January 27 , in the g1r1s"gym. They danced to music provided by a juke box until 10:30, taking time out to have lunch. Get busy, everyone The freshmen chose "Winter Wonderland" as the theme of their class party, held on December 2. They danced to the music of Paul Goodman and his orchestra. YD Waltz me lightly, Gordon King Paul and Queen Carol 7 ., 7? X13 , Look at the birdie, Sharon! 108 I Gfu ma rtles 'Los Amigos" line up for food. The Los Amigos Club had an initiation party to welcome the new members. Greetings were exchanged in Spanish and before eating the members said a Span- ish table Grace. The annual Hi-Y Christmas party was held in the cafeteria. After dancing and playing games the boys and their guests ate lunch. Each boy gave a stuffed animal to his partner. The Tri-Hi-Y party, held in the boys' activity room, was a costume party. Each girl wore an out- fit representing some comic or story book character. A xg-ry interesting ghost story was told, complete with props. I want a coke, tool Baby Dean and her Teddy Bear v ' " 1 f 0 it .8 in. ' SSW, Don't spill it, Elaine. Slumber time All set for the hot weathe l k ome gc. Style Show an Ogeal The Home Bc department held a style show and tea for the parents, friends and relatives of the students. The sewing de- partment girls modeled the outfits they made and the cooking department prepared a lunch for the guests. "Clean-up Squad" Sweet dreams, girls! 109 CEQA K mfg School Qowllng eague THE SPARES Mary Ann Mac Donald Susan Cory Carol Curtis Iudy Korplnen THB LUCKY FOUR lean johnson Alice Dompierre Karen Wigg Gwenyth Swanson THE SKIRTS Ann Richards Iulle Kemp Nance Iurmu Ioe Luccl Every Saturday aftemoon, a group of enthusiastic young bowlers meets at the Viga Bowling Alleys. Each week, two different teams compete against each other. There are six teams , each consisting of four members. A free malt is awarded each week to a lucky bowler. THE TURKEYS Myron Johnson Fred LaMere Gene Langlols Ann Laltlnen THE LUCKY STARS Chuck St. Aubin Emil St. Aubin Larry LaMere James Dompierre THE X'S Iulia Parkkonen Margaret Luccl Icy Holman Steve Stoll va., -iw OZ .,.,.., . 4..'j'..-- I-fv1""' vs-YV"""' 332 '-'f'l"'..,"L,' ffjv--N.. 9351 2 LEFT TO RIGHT: Ioellyn Vanni, Pat Pascoe, Sandra Kempainen, Marilynn Iohnson, Marlene Hill, Mary Ann Mac Donald. 39661150 m Negaunee's Debate Team is coached by Miss Berylene Miller. The girls are all first year debaters. One of their numerous activities in- cluded an exhibition debate for the student body. The purpose of Masque and Gavel is to promote speech activity and in so doing be of service to the community. They were in charge of the pep assemblies, assist- ed in the March of Dimes Campaign, had an active part in the Upper Peninsula Debate Festival and also particiapted in the regular forensic activities. ROW ONE: Carol Ruesing, Sharon Iohnson, Lois Kempthorne, Board of Directors: Ioyce Trewhella, Vice-President: Mary Ann Mac Donald, Secretary-Treasurer. ROW TWO: Miss Miller, Advisory James Anderson, President: Joyce Manske, Business Ma- nager. CZSCIUC? C1 HC! QCIWVQ ROW ONE: D. Manninen, D. Riekki, B. Mattson, I. Tenhunen, K. Spagnola, O. Meni, M. Anderson, B. Karki. ROW TWO: N. Iurmu I. Kemp. I. Leveilhe, V. Karki, S. Sharp, P. Laukka, A. Ellis, B. Laukka, N. Laurila, P. Palm. ROW THREE: M. Salo, M. Johnson I. Vanni, P. Pascoe, S. Kempaniene, K. Ihamaki, I. Ruokola, R. Luokkala, R. Brotherton, I. Bogetto, A. Nurmi, M. Hill, M. Park inen, A. Richards. 14 X orizon 1 , 'Q 1 ,- FRONT ROW: Left to right, Sharon Pezzottl, Francine Phlllips, MaryAnn MacDonald, Faye Allen, Nancy Lelviska, Lois Kemptho- rne, Carol Ruesing, Shirley Krook. BACK ROW: Mrs. M. Holman, leader, Marlene Koski, Shirley Bessolo, Karen Spagnola, Carolyn Posio, Ioyce Holman, Betty Karki, Sharon johnson, Mrs. I. Holman, leader. The Horizon Club is composed of senior girls who were formerly Campfire members. Organized in 1942, the main purpose of the club is to teach the girls how to work together. They also play an important part in serving their community. Each year a special trip is made to the Orthopedic Home in Marquette, where the girls present a program for the patients. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Charlotte Holman. ll ' CO' I SD C cfnfor Jn' C wuts FIRST ROW: Left to right, Mrs. Pat Ellis Kleaderl, Sharon Korpl. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Miller, Barbara Holappa, Ianet Kangas. THIR.D ROW: Susan Cory, Patricia Campbell, Paul- ine Laukka. FOURTH ROW: Marlene Hlmanka, Mrs. Marie Lyons fleaderl, Joyce Tenhunen. FIFTH ROW: Iudy Hill, Mary Kivesto, Pat Carlson. Scout Motto: "Be prepared" 5 uture urses FIRST ROW: Left to right, Rosalie Brisson, Karen Granlund, Lois Kempthome, lean Iarvi, Kathryn Johnson, Marjorie Mattson. SECOND ROW: Left to right, Kathryn MacDonald, Marilyn Miller, Jean Iohnson, Maxine Repola, Pat Carlson, Sharon Darling, Ruth Carlson. THIRD ROW: Karen Wigg, janet Kangas, Sandra Kempainen, Marlene Himanka, Barbara Holappa, Marlene Hill, Nacenga Laurila, Nancy Dobson. NOT PICTURED: Barbara Roos, Carol Curtis, Iune Hlntsala, Maila Mallett, Sandra Sharp, Nan- cy inn. The Future Nurses Club presents a way to interest students in personal and community health, to encourage them in finding out what nursing requires , and what it offers: to help them decide wisely about professional or practical nursing as their career. The club, advised by Mrs. Williams, is made up of sophomore, junior, and senior girls. It is a service organization to the school and meets twice a month. Some of the club's activities include a Christmas tea held for the teachers , field trips to various hospitals, speakers and movies on the nursing profession. President--- ----------------------------- - ------------------------- Lois Kempthorne Vice -President ----------------------------------------------------------- lean Iarvi Secretary-Treasurer ---------------------------------------------------- Carol Curtis Student Council Representative ----------------------------------------- Karen Granlund Cqtzture eac wrs Y? 'QQ' STANDING: james Bogetto, Iames Anderson. SEATED: Sharon Pezzotti, Ioyce Tenhunen, Shirley Bessolo, Sharon Iohnson, Susan Cory. MISSING: Bonnie Dahlstrom, David Ghiardi, Joyce Manske, Mary Ann MacDonald. OFFICERS President ----------------------------------------------------------- james Bogetto Vice-President ----------------------- ------------------------------1Sharon Pezzotti Secretary --------- -------------------------- - ------------------- - Treasurer --------------------------- Bonnie Dahlstrom ---Ioyce Manske Seniors who wish to become teachers belong to the Future Teachers' Club. One of their yearly projects is the trimming of a Christmas tree for the school's hallway. The club is advised by Miss Arneth. 7 8 3441 ture ngineers LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Luokkala, Edward Etelamaki, Eugene Pellinen, Paul Hemmlla, Bruce Conradson, Iames Hodge, and John Bath. Being newly organized, the Future Engineers are pictured for the first time in the Pioneer Their plans for this year included a trip to Michigan Tech. Several guest speakers attend ed their meetings. The purpose of the club is to increase the interest of its members and further their know ledge in the field of engineering. panislz FIRST ROW: P. Paine, I. Hintsula, P. Pascoe, D. Leveillie, Mrs. Waters, R. Strahm, H. Terres, M. A. MacDonald, F. LaMere. SECOND ROW: I. Iarvi, K. Maki, I. Moilanen, M. Hlmanka, I. Neiml, M. A. Kivisto, L. Kananen, M. Mlller, K. MacDonald, I. Neimi, Malla Mallet, I. Leveillie, M. Rogers, NOT PICTURED: F. Bell. "Lets hide in the Lockers." The first year Spanish class was initiated by the sec- ond year class in this manner. Whenever they saw a second year student they had to put their hands behind their heads and say-"rapidos corren los carros del ferrocarriln. 2. 510- y STANDING: Ioyce Manske, Yvonne Piziali, Ioyce Holman, Ioyce Tenhunen, Sandra Kempalnen, Arlene Kempainen, Anita Nurmi. SEATED: Marlene Hill, Iudy Thomas, Mary Ann MacDonald, Sharon Pezzotti, Faye Allen, Susan Cory. NOT PICTURED: Carol Curtis, Patricia Pascoe. STANDING: Maxine Repola, Mary Lou Andrews, Caryl Sundine, Rosalie Laituri, Lois Kempthorne, Karen Granlund, Shirley :sess- olo, Kathryn MacDonald, Edith Nylander. SEATED: Karen Maki, Francine Phillips, Patricia Iohnson, Deanette Manninen, Ruth Makela, Barbara Laukka. STANDING: Faye Allen, Treasurer: Marlene Hill, Student Council: joyce Tenhunen, Vice-President: Arlene Kempainen, Secretary, Anita Nurmi, Historian: Ioyce Manske, Social Secretary. SEATED: Su- san Cory, President. The Tri-Hi-Y, organized in 1949 , has thirty members. The girls work under the leadership of Miss Shurtleff, and carry out its purpose "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " Their slogan is "Pure Words, Pure Thoughts, Pure Actions. " Good times are found at the Tri-Hi-Y parties! 4'- ROW ONE: Iames Stone, John Makela, Paul Carilli. ROW TWO: Willlaxll Vernon Annelin, Iames Hodge, Bruce Collins, Stanley Chapman, IOn Anderson, Sheldon Ahola. THIRD ROW: Mr. Brotherton, Wayne Iarvl, Born, Bemard Bean, William Richards, William Kokko, Robert Manske, Danie Peter Paine, Eugene Pezzotti, Mr. Pynnonen. NUI' PICTURED: Robert Gray Lindstrom. Mr. Pynnonen, Bruce Collins, Vice-President, Iames Hodge, President: Sheldon Ahola, Treasurer: Mr. Brotherton. NOT PICTURED: David Lindstrom, Secretary. redlckson, alley, Iames n, Richard h Moilanen, erton' David Hi-Y boys giving presents to their dates at the annual Dany. Ray, Charlie and Wayne demonstrating gun-safety. The Hi-Y, under the leadership of Mr. Brother- ton, assisted by Mr. Pynnonen, has completed ano- ther year of service to the school and the community. The club, made up of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior boys are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. The slogan of the Hi-Y is clean speech, clean sportsmanship , clean living . 123 gait CQfhC0l'S FIRST ROW: Left to right, Carol Ruesing, President: Mrs. H. Pangrazzi, Ad- viser: Nancy Dobson, Secretary. SECONDROW: Left to right, Joy Holman, Student Council Representative: Donna Wilson, Treasurer: Karen Wigg, Vice- President. The Girls' Athletic Association, a new organization in our school, is for the benefit of our feminine sports enthusiasts, from grades 9 through 12. Among their many activities are bowling, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, archery, and trips to neighboring towns for playdays. Mrs. Pangrazzi, the physical education teacher, is their advisor. ROW ONE: Sandra Gemdt, Shelby Himanka, Pat Palm, Jeanie Leveillie, Barbara Dawe, Jeanne Sandstrom, Nancy Johnson, and Lynn Wicklund. ROW TWO: Barbara Roos, Julie Kemp, Nance Jurmu, Carol Mattson, Ginger Karki, Pat Smith, Jean Johnson, 124 Gwen Swanson, Ilona Rubatt, and Julia Parkkonen. CAMERA SHY: Mary Lou Andrews, Eunice J. J FN Kbcbw MQ I S of ij' A 5 NW x al 5 J Q55 E Qgbtrfng Cqrclz es tra This year's all-girl orchestra is the largest and one of the best Negaunee has had. In the fall the concert orchestra played for the Tea- chers Convention at Marquette. In March tney presented a Sunday Musical which consisted of the concert orchestra and solos , both vocal and instrumental. They also went on an overnight trip to Peshtigo, Wisconsin, where they presented an enjoy- able program. Once again this spring Negaunee was host to the Orchestra and Choir Festival. I Nb if J ROW I: Left to right, I. Hosking, I. Salo, I G. Mattson, K. Annelin, I. Vanni, E. Nurmi, I ROW IV: C. Roberts, R. Laituri, S. Kempainen, I Judy Thomas. Mr. Daley, Director 5 1 un . First Violins Violas 126 K K 5, 4 - 45 3 fs i 5 ..., .fi . Karki, S. Collins, I. Peterson. ROW II: D. Miljour, I. Tenhunen, B. Dahlstrom, Student Director, S. Parkkonen, 1. Marketty, C. Rantanen, D. Deschaine, B. Roos, A. Kempainen, P. Laukka, N. Roberts. rson, M. Pascoe, I. Smith, L. Maki, A. Nurmi, S. Cory, Mr. W. L. Daley, Director. Not pictured: Cellos Basses negaunee gflgfz School Qancf An organization which holds the admiration of every- one, duly deserving of it's fine name, is our Negaunee High School Band. Hard work is the number one aspect for achievement and the band members and Mr. Daley are certainly to be commended on this. Along with practicing every day during the school year, the band now has summer rehearsals. Through con- tinuous efforts by all, the band raised money to go to Ann Arbor to take part in the Band Day that was held at the University of Michigan. Out of 183 bands, our band, along with two others, was chosen to do a solo marching perfonn- ance. S Darling, S. Gerndt N Verran. ROW 2 E. Kennedy, D. Anderson, B. Dawe, I. Dunstan, son, W. Karppinen, D. Bertucci, R. Lelce, M. ector. ROW 4: B. Bean, D. Iaxvi, D. Bom, R. Seeg, I I. Lucci, G. Swanson, W. Hyry, D. Hintsala, R. ROW 1: D. Savolainen, S. Sharp, M. Whitford, I. . , . : P. P Ann Arbor bound at 5:30 a.m. L l Negaunee bound after an exciting week-end. 128 ae, K. Williamson, M. Repola, I. Vlolletta, G. Lyon, C. Sundine, L. Posio, S. Korpi, H. Rivers, F. Allen . Manske, A. Ellis, E. Nylander, N. Arcand, D. Kokko, I. Kujala, D. Reikki, A. Jenkins, I. Moilanen on, A. Chapman, S. Pezzottl. ROW 3: B. Collins, I. Bogetto, G. Laiturl, S. Ahola, F. LaPorest, I. Peter . Warren, I. Helj, C. Kurln, D. Etlemakl, A. Richards, I. Trewhella, K. Mitchell, Mr. W. L. Daley, Dir arcs, N. Tasares, C. Curtis, D. Kivisto, I. Jordon, B. Dahlstrom, N. Parkkonen, I. Anderson, K. Johnson adson. Here comes the band! 0 BACK ROW: Lynn Wicklund, Barbara Dawe, Ioyce Peterson, Cynthia Kurt Iohnson. FRDNT ROW: Barbara Roos and Arlene Kempainen. NOT PIC nen, Katherine Mattson, Ilona Rubatt, Ioan Niemi, Patricia Johnson, Kathrym .uoma. The Majorettes, under the direction of Miss Gloria Maki, a student at NMCE, practice once each week on routines and techniques. At the beginning of the year tryouts are held and a troup of twelve regular twirlers and one alternate are cho- sen. By hard work the girls have succ- essfully performed at parades and basket- ball and football games during the year. 131 Music is a very important part of life at N.H.S. We are proud of our vocal groups, which are six in number. They are all under the direction of Mrs. Iean Sundquist. On these pages the following groups are presented. The Girls' Glee Club--this groupgis composed of girls from the 8th through the 12th grades. They provide music for various occasions during the year, and present a concert in the spring. The Mello-Aires, a new group, is composed of sophomore girls. They sang for assembly, and participated in the Glee Club concert. They also attended the Solo and Ensemble Festival at Marquette. The Cantando is another ensemble composed of Junior and Senior girls. They presented two numbers at the Matinee Musi- cal in March. Members of the Mixed Chorus come from grades 9 through 12. In April, they put on the operetta "Shreds and Patches" from Gilbert and Sullivan. The Boys' Quartet, an excellent vocal group, participated in the Matinee Musical. They sing not only for school functions, but for out-of-school programs. The Senior Sextet sings for many programs at various places throughout the year. They also performed at the Glee Club concert. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Whltford, N. Iohnson, S. Collins, N. Iurmu, A. Dompierre, D. Ultto, I. johnson, B. Dawe, I. Dunstan, I. Kemp, I. Sandstrom. ACCOMPANIST: N. Arcand. 132 Row ONE N. Hocking, c. Anderson, D. xi P. Iohnson, S. Salmer, S. Korpi, B. Do Peterson, R. Goodhue, N. Larson, I. Ha I. Lakanen, B. Collins, I. Borlace. ROW' I. Helj, M. Beauchaine, E. Kivisto, M. 7'7ZQ!lQ-jim I gf.. 1.4 tta, E. Wllls, D. Antilla, L. Ialonen, C. Kokko, C. Tessmer, C. LaFave, M. Mattson. ROW TWO: K. Iohnson, K. Maki, non, N. Laurila, K. Prusi, I. Ewald, L. Hill, S. Hood, S. Kangas, N. Vidlund, D. Leveille, F. Phillips. ROW THREE: I. C. Laak, C. Mattson, C. Lequla, M. Anderson, M. Truscott, G. Saari, N. Roberts, L. Bronkhorst, M. Pierce, I. Kangas, rbell, B. Verran, M. Parkkonen, A. Grenier, S. Hult, I. Kujala, P. Dlghera, S. Hlntsala, O. Meni, R. LeMalre, I. Holman, a, Mrs. I. Sundqulst, Director. antan 0 LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Trewhella, Y. Plzlali, M. Mallet, B. Laukka, I. Mollanen, A Nurmi, N. Prusl, A. Ellis, P. Hampton. ACCOMPANIST: C. Poslo. 34 772 l.IQ G OTUS ROW ONE: I. Hosking, M. Whitford, 1. Anderson, S. Collins, N. Iohnson, G. Chapman, A. Chapman, D. Larson, R. Romback, B. Laitinen, L. Kempthorne, B. Dawe, I. Sandstrom, L. Wicklund, Mrs. I. Sundquist, Director. ROW TWO: C. Hill, Y. Piziali, S. Warren, D. Karki, D. Iarvi, P. Paine, E. Pezzotti, R. Sylvester, K. Ihamakl, I. Granlund, P. Carlson, V. Karki, B. Karki. RO S. Krook, W. Kokko, R. Manske, P. Rosten, D. Hintsala, E. Cory, 1. Anderson, D. Maki, W. Bond, I. Johnston, D. Uitto,I. Hol Fredrickson. ROW POUR: M. Mallett, B. Luokkala, A. Dompierre, N. Iurmu, S. Iohnson, I. Trewhella, P. Gorst, V. Annelln, C R. Racette, M. Iohnson, D. Etelamaki, M. Klvisto, K. Spagnolo, N. lewis, K. Wiig, I. Dunstan. ROW FIVE: K. MacDonald, I. Ma D. Ghiard1,L. Penrose, E. Etelamaki, I. Hodge, D. Nurmi, D. Maki,R. Iennlngs, W. Iarvl, P. Carollo, M. Roberts, L. Iohnson, B. Da S. Cory, ACCOMPANIST: W. Richards. Holding out a long note sl, I. Koskl, S. Korpi, A. , S. Antllla, A. Ienklns, R. nd, M. Boqetto, D. Riekkl, ki, M. Hlll, I. Ruokola, I. es, I. Bogetto, I. Skewis, Ell, B. Mattson, S. -Kempalnen, nn, C. Torreano, D. Hill, Qgoys uartet LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Warren, L. Penrose, V. Annelln, I. Anderson. ACCOMPANISTg P. Williams. 5 . SD C UIIIOI' C wctet LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Hosking, I. Manske, B. Dahlstrom, S. Kempaxnen, M. Hill, S Korpl. ACCOMPANIST: S. Cory. KR CHIC? B011 FIRST ROW: Sandra Sharp, Joyce Manske, Ann Ellis, Edith Nylander, Caroline Posio, Nick Taseris. SECOND ROW: Bruce Con- radson, Bruce Collins, Richard Bom, Iames Bogetto, Mr. Daley, Paul Williams, Richard Seeg. I f if A ge IIII f K l This group combines its talents to provide good dance music for all. They have furnished the music for two community dances held at the Memorial Gymnasium and their sweet music encourages all to come forth and dance. JM X CD 1 '30 sg.-1 1? 1 Y---lic: 0 ex ,XXX 1 51 RW gk 3 ROW ONE: Dave Ghiardi, Bob Herman, B111 White, Jerry Iohnson, LeRoy Anderson, Roger St. Iohn, Jim Geq man, B111 Kokko, B111 Hyry, Bob Thompson, Bob Grayes, Russ jacks, and Coach Henderson. n, Vern Annelin. ROW TWO: Douglas Niemi, Stan Chap- N egaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee fgczseball 4955 SEASON'S RECORD St. Paul Emeralds 2 Ishpeming 7 Gwinn 4 Gwinn 0 Ishpeming 6 Escanaba 11 Marquette 2 Marquette CBaragal Parochial 0 139 Hennan takes the high hurdlesl TEAM Bill White Bob Collins Iames Connors I-Ilden Parkkonen Bob Herman Ilm Conradson Don Roberts Bruce Collins Wayne Iarvi B111 Kokko B111 Hyry Bill Bond Dan Maki Iim Collins Don Larson Douglas Nleml Rueven Romback Due to inclement weather, the Neg- aunee Miners did not enjoy a high-lighted season. Iim Connors, Bob Herman, and lim Conradson were high point collectors. Conradson excelled in the shot-put, while Herman proved outstanding in the high hurdles and 100 yard dash, Connors was tops, in running the mile events. W111 Iarvi come through ? arslty LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Pascoe, Shirley Bessolo, Laura Maki, Geraldine Iuchemich, Betty Karki, Francine Phillips. Clad in their maize and blue uniforms, the cheerleaders welcome the opponents and lead our student body in portraying the ideals of good sportsmanship. Under the leadership of Mrs. Pangrazzi, these girls have sponsored pep assemblies. The cheerleaders are elected in an all school assembly once every year. The "B" team is chosen from the ninth and tenth grades and the varsity, who have had at least one year on the "B" team, from the eleventh and twelfth grades. A limit of three absences from practice is allowed and written excuses are required. The cheerleaders must be neat in appearance, possess characteristics of a good per- sonality, and show leadership. QCZTITL LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Roos, julia Parkkonen, Grace Mattson, and jean Leveillie. VMJHCQ CCjL'8WllQl!Cl ?IOI710COl7ll.4'lg Queen 4955 'Z 'ti ,Y om econzing Queen 1955 Ioyce Trewhella a graduate of the class of '56, was honored this year, by being chosen as the home- coming queen of 1955. The girls in the queen's court were Sharon Pezzotti and Lois Kempthome. Th- ese girls were chosen from a field of eight. The queen was crowned during the half time of the homecoming game, by James Hodge, president of the Student Council. Candidates for the homecoming were: Bonnie Dahlstrom, Shirley Bessolo, Sharon Pezzotti, June Hintsala, Pat Pascoe, Ioyce Tre- W'hella. and Sharon Korpi. He BV enw iofms Oi . de Xchflw ne Pu iemmx 143 51 I onzeconzdmg cggstlvitzles Classes and clubs entered floats in the homecoming parade. Masque and Gavel won first place, Seniors cupped second. O '955 Everyone tumed up for the parade in spite of the cold weather. Homecoming fe- stivities proved to be successful. "Baby--it's cold outside. 44 50 0 Cl The Masque and Gavel members presented severax short skits to begin Homecoming celebration. Enter- tainers were: "The Ding Dong Sisters" , "Calamity Jane", and an imitation of "Dragnet", Just look at those saucy seniorsl Mesdames Miller and Pangrazzi lead in the merri- ment of the crowd, preceding the Negaunee-Ishpeming footba 11 game. "Dummy" your end is near! N.H.S. can be vic ious. The fire is awaiting you! 1 i 1 4 I arslty Cggootoall FRONT ROW: Left to right, Jack Lemberg, Neilan Parkkonen, Robert Larson, Louis Chirl, Roger Iennlngs Tom Hates Bruce Collins Dave Ghiardl, Bob Kauppinen. SECOND ROW: Don Roberts, Sheldon Ahola, Millard MacDonald Bob Grayes Bob Manske Bill Bond Wayne Iarvl, B111 Kokko, Jack Fredrickson. THIRD ROW: Marvin Harry, lim Garceau, Dave Lindstrom Bill Hyry Walter Ialonen john Lakarx Rodney Bes solo. FOURTH ROW: Coach Roger Grove, Edward Gagnon, Edward Vannl, Douglas Nlemi Ioe Luccl Coach Oscar Wassberg 1955 SCHEDULE Negaunee Stambaugh N egaunee Newberry Negaunee Manistique Negaunee Munising Negaunee Ishpeming Negaunee Houghton Negaunee Marquette 4 Negaunee Calumet unfor ilzrslty Cgjchcfcfflhf Negaunee 0 Newberry 26 Negaunee O Munising 13 Negaunee 13 I. D. Pierce 41 Negaunee 27 Ishpeming 19 Negaunee 12 Ishpeming 0 Negaunee 13 Calumet 26 1: Erck, K. Gagnon, L. Iarvi, Iacka, Riekkl, Maki, Hendrickson, D. Larson, Paine, Carollo. 2: Conradson, LaMere, Sundberg, Polkinghome, Piziali, Johnson, Cheverette, Leece, Rom- k, Forchinl, Piirainen, D. Gagnon, Cory. ROW 3: Coach Sortal, Lakari, Miller, Downey, erson, Gravedoni, Isaacson, W. Larson. UHIOI' 3210177 ROW 1: Scott Bannon, David Savolainen, Bruce Kemp, Marty Pascoe, Gary Downey, Alvin Thomas, David Roos, Iim Wetton, Jim Aird, Howard Krook, Pete Adamini, Bob Darling and James Thomas. ROW 2: Coach Northey, David Iohnson, Bob Peura, Dick Hill, Ron Leiviska, LeRoy Salmio, Matt Rantala, David Etelemaki, Timmy Ro- berts , Steve Gervae, Richard Rintamaki, Rudy Gagnon, and Phil Bogetto. ROW 3: Tommy Makela, Howard Eng- lund, Howard Parkkonen, lim Dompierre, Kurt Johnson, Bob Christy, Mike Kempainen, Dale Numikoski, and Allan Kananen. 147 cz S C Ina tfn S4 is Iennings, and 51 is Harry Pascoe, Phillips, Bessolo, Iuchemich, Walimaa, Bond, Lucci, Vanni, Roberts, and Lindstrom. g nzoments uring eason and Karki . fx Y5f.ifz,s:" -'A f 75' 'W - Action while Negaunee has possession. Walimaa, Bond, Lucci, Manske, and Garceau X O ClSC'l.l7,ClfI'l1g 7720111911 ts urlng eclson Larson about to make tackle of Manist1que's Farley. What seems to be the trouble? 27 is Bond 48 -is Iarvi, and 33 is Vanni. Hyry and Fredrickson made the tackle, others are Kokko, Ro- berts , and Hates . Hates fades back to throw a pass to Jennings. Pass was incom- plete. With the light jersy, number 54, is Fredrickson. 149 . erm., .A 1- Lfjfflfffliffff . . practice ...... practice ..... . lk Coach Sonal 1 'Riff wg A Garceau Hares , -2 Gmamu A Ahola Niemi Lukkonen Vanni a Y "' s use-33 L. Iarvi, T. Anderson, K. Jonnson, D. Maru, and R. Iacka. G .Q 1+ I Q' . ""' ' A ., ., ll' Paine, Carollo, K. Gagnon, Riekki, Erck, Hendrickson and T. Anderson. of I Walimaa, Niemi, and Lukkonen T. Anderson, D. Larson, Isaacson, L. Iarvi, and K. Fredrlckson, Roberts, Collins, Ghiardi, Maki, Vanni, Jennings, Hares, Garceau, Chiri. 'T , W -w,,-.A arsity Qgasketlyall clam ROW ONE: Left to rlgntg Dave Lmdstrom, Bob Herman, Dave Ghiardi, Fred Rivers, Wayne Iarvi, Bill I-Iyry, Bill Kokko, and Stan Chap man. ROW TWO: Coach Sortal, lack Fredrlckson, Doug Niemi, Ioe Lucci, Roger Jennings, Rodney Bessolo, Richard Lukkonen Bob Laltala, and Lowell Penrose, Student Manager. Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Ironwood Be s s emer Stambaugh Newberry Soo Ontonagon Ishpeming Munising SCORES Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Marquette Manistique Soo Menominee Stephenson Marquette Ishpeming Munising 777a1'nstu ys of the mz'ners, Basketball glam 52 BOB HERMAN DAVE GHIARDI ROGER IENNINGS JACK FREDRICLKSON RICHARD LUKKONEN Jrml 301405 on 0I'0I'l,C.'0 rush-Cgoplz Champs ROW ONE: Left to right: Student Manager, Ed Cory, Bill Bond, Martin Isaacson, Richard Ellis, Dan Maki, Tom Anderson, Robert Manski, and Ray Borlace. ROW TWO: Don Larson, Pete Paine, Eugene Pezzotti, John Reikki, Don Numli, Ernie Harsila, Jack Reikki, and Terry Belemore. ROW ONE: Left to right: Bill Wassberg, Ierry Sundberg, jack Sivula, Ken Moilanen, Paul Rosten, Bob Stenfors , and Coach Harry Sortal. ROW TWO: David Karki, Keith Gagnon, Marvin Harry, Alan Hendrickson, Paul Carollo, Rudy Iohnson, and LeRoy Iarvi. LM' .Q . HV. . L, ww- ' L unfor ffgfz Basketball Cgeam ,b9PSM' 55K5?5WIT ROW ONE: Left to right: Coach Art Wassberg, Terry Talo, Dave Impola, Steve Gervae, Howard Krook, Tom Thomas, and Gary Chapman. ROW TWO: David Mattson, Bruce Battle, be Roy Salmio, Iim Dompierie, Matt Ritola, Kurt johnson, and Ron Leiviska. ROW THREE: Paul Aho, Robert Darling, Alan Sivula, Dale Numikoski, Gene Langlois, Terry Parlatto, and David Iohnson. Csrzlurcfay 772Ol'I'lrI.I1g Basketball Lague Glzamps ILLINOIS CORNELL BALTIMORE Cgaturcfay Hzornlng Cwasketball league NAVY HARVARD PRINCETON ARMY 0 PU RDUE YALE csizlurcfay Ynorning Qasketball ofgague MICHIGAN CHICAGO OHIO IOWA WISCONSIN I f"" - . am C T 557 Ui YN, xg "f 4 'Q Q 1 1 Quiz! We salute the Class of 1956 and extend our best wishes for an abundance of happiness and success. Mine Rescue Statwkm at Mather B Shaft The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company HENDRlCKSON'S GROCERY FRESH MEAT AND VEGETABLES 755 Baldwin Avenue Phone GR5-4491 CONGRATULATIONS and SUCCESS THE MINERS STORE Your Future Enterprises to the .ikiflzlilgi JEMIEKLH , Clfffafcfzzsa, Bufova ana! Elgin MATT-90N'S DAIRY CONGRATULATIONS Negannee, Michigan Phone GRS-9335 FROM LLOYD'S TEXACO 5 mf uifvfinnn-cuffs V 8: L AUTO SERVICE IIIIIII IIUIIPIIII GAS and 011, lam! and Timber lleuartment Teal Ifeke Aveeee Q3ongvcLtuIution,s Csfass of '56 Seleutivelu Iilli IIilI'IIWII0lI IIIIPIISIS IIEIIIIIIIIEE MIGIIIIIAII congratulations 'THE GHILDRENS STORE fron Street Neggaunee , I c'eee of 56 RosEMARY SHOP FIRST NATIONAL BANK Elizabeth C. Suess of NEGAUNEE Stationery Gifts Toys Knitting Supplies Iorgamzed 18877 405 Iron Street Negaunee Member Federal Deposit CONGRATULATIONS CRONIN'S PHARMACY Negaunee, Nhciligan LU'l'EY'S QREENHOUSE Negaunee A Marquette GR 5 - 9211 "Say It With Flowefrsf' Barton A Sz B Auto Body 113 Pioneer Street Negaunee, Michigan '18 build beautiful bodies" IIIDIIEBIIRQQMLHCX EUNIIEBRQAII3 HIDMIE AN UNUSUAL QUALITY OF SERVICE ALWAYS WITHIN YOUR MEANS Best Wishes To The Class Of 1956 From: I. G. Thomas, D.D.S. R. E. Johnson, D.D.S. S. I. Bessolo, D.D.S. Mr. Michael DeFant Mr. Aaron Lowenstein AIRPORT DRIVE-IN THEATER at ' H 123 W. LINCOLN NEGAUNEE -The best ln the Northwest COHODAS BROTHERS COMPANY WHOLESALE F'RUI"'S AND VEG QTABLES P 0 Box No. 352 ISHPEMING MICHIGAN Buck's Naborhood Sto Koskgy FUMBUCLL H OYYL9 Croix Street Negaunee Michig 106 West CMGLII 4 iw GAMBLES - THE FRIENDLY STDRE Neggaunee MChigCLn. EUNEHATULHTIUNE CLASS UP '55 V Manager - Lawrence K. Malnor 217 Iron Street Negaunee GR t 5 4624 ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES I GGNGRATULATIONS If Ifs Hom MILK PAUL'S FOOD MARKET Northern Dairy 309 Teel Lelee Aveeee Has It . Negaunee, Diicluigan , Turn Today To CONGRATULATIONS cl-ggst'g?,56 Northern Dairy Milk Northern Dalry NEGAUNEE ISHPEMING Negaunee Fire Dept. MARQUETTE 4 PELLOW 'PRINTING C-SO PUBLISHERS OF The Negalmee Iron Herald Q GUNGRATIILMIUNS tu IIIB Blass at '56 Negaunee Neecllecra fl I Corporation The Choice of Disoriminatinq Seniors pR,NTER5 QF A IDRINGIGRAFGI THE NEE H Y N UZ Graduation Personal Cards NEQA UNEE MIGHIQAN And TH E Commencement Announcements vlc.A Bowunc H Printcraft Card Company, Inc NEGAUNEE MICHIGAN . Scranton 5, Pennsylvania Wehmanen Jewefevs . Patvonuze Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry Silverware the "Good work is our success" Pioneer' 7AiciveUti,zers CONGRATULATIONS from PRODUCTS INC- Holman's Store Negaunee, Michigan MAKELA FOREST Expresses Bggt wishes vilndafna Euacnm: to the Class of 1956 I THE SPEGIALTY SHOP ' 301 from Street GROggRlEg51n3TSAgIII?'gNIRS G- E- TELEVISION Teal Lake Location CONTRACT WIRING Negaunee, Michigan Negaunee Michigan NORTHERN TERRAZZO AND TILE COMPANY, INC. Telephone GR5- 6411 We specialize in ceramic tile, terrazzo floors and walls, and rubber, asphalt and lino tile. B c W I. Robare s Grocery SELIN S Paenen Ave Phone GR 5-6821 The Iron Country s Leadmg Home Fummshmgs Store Warehouse Store m Negaunee Across from the Fire Hall Mxracle LIFCIC Store nn North Ishpemm g llllI.Sll S 41 MARKET m Fresh Meats and Grocerles 0 Gas and Oul NEG-AUNEE coop Lucx Tp -fb, INDEPENDENT FUEL CLASS OF 1956 AND I-IANSEN S LUNCH LUMBER COMPANY ,mum ml' S mum NEGAUNEE MICHIGAN Our Own Bread The BreadYou Need For The Life You Lead es is es 7 1 lillefs ' ' I . Your Fav rice ' Magazines ll VIII KBBI WN 'WI' alll You WIII S88 TMI II Pans Il Will! mill BIILIIIIS' MSI! IIRKII The Up-To-Date Grocers Dealers In Fresh, Salted, Smoked Meats and Fish BE SAFE! Insure with an independent local full time agent. NEGAUNEE ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS Dighera Insurance Agency Hauserman Insurance Agency Ida M. Perkins Agency Pioneer Agency of Negaunee, Inc Sivula Insurance Agency Tamblin Insurance Agency CO-OP STORE Quality Co-op Products PATRON OWNED 440 Iron Street Negaunee, Michigan N egaunee Co-op FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Negaunee, Michigan 440 Iron Street Not for profit - Not for charity But for service BEST WISIIES T0 THE CLASS OF '56 NORTH RANGE MINING COMPANY Negaunee, Michigan PALM BOTTLED GAS Tappan Ranges and Stoves - Servel Refrigerators 403 Iron Street Call Gr 5-4144 Negaunee A A VL d , , I fn ,a r Q aaL N Now Servlng the Fifth Generation in Negaunee LCCWENSTEINS' Where' Smart Things come from Typewriters Adding Machines Office Equipment Sold Rented Repaired Qbiltmarm. Typewvitev 'U' Adding rixflochine Service l22 N. Third Street Marquette, Michigan 168 1 TONELLA AND RUPP Upper Michigan's Largest Furniture Store Marquette Kwofattaa dmuaic Free Delivery within 100 miles Albllll Shop at the 0 J, 5'Qsaouf4 - .gnatzumanta cg Negaunee pgsfeuiaion '- ' CONGRATULATIONS PIGKMIIIS GUM. from All UIDBS at GMI to IIIBBI lllllll' illllmllllll IIBBIIS S. MATTSON 8: CO. Dorste Roos, Prop. NEGAUNEE MICHIGAN 'mocfms W """'5""'s KOSK, MARKET LEVINE BROTHERS Located on Bxdwin Avenue Ideas Negaunee ifckfvcluets iq'-Jewelvsy igCBelts fSusper1devs T. L. csoLL1N5 By Mak Negaunee' Michigan Distinctive Catering Congratulations From Kompsi Bakery Located on Iron Street Negaunee Michigan LARSON'S RADIO and TV We feature a complete lme of Radios Televisions Phonographs We servxce all makes and models CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1956 After the SALE, at s the that cou ts. Ph ne GR 5 -4491 112 P oneer Ave. Nega n Tommy s Buy Rmte Grocenes Meats Produce We are a NORTHLAND Sto e Shop here every day Our pnces are LOWER Phone GR 5 6651 PERALA NEGAUNEE HARDWARE PAINTS GLASS SPORTING GOODS GR 5 6011 213 IRON ST INDEPENDENT FUEL AND I NEETYSIEEE Clellxilz-igXN H.W.ELSONS.- - I - .. THANKS! Bottling Works HIGHEST QUALITY CARBONATED BEVERAGES Ishpeming Marquette TAKE YOUR PRINTING PROBLEMS TO PELLOWS The staff of the PIONEER wishes to thank its advertisers and subscribers tor their ca-opration in presenting this book. We also wish to give special thanks to the following: NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDIOS, INC. THE IRON HERALD HIGH SCHOOL PRINT SHOP HIGH SCHOOL ART DEPARTMENT MR. SULO OJA MR. JACK WILLIAMS MAKI STUDIO CHILDS ART GALLERY WALSWORTH BROTHERS RUSSO BROTHERS "Where Ma buys meat that Pa can el!" Iron Street Negaunee 11-C J WALSVIORTH Lxrhuuuvhud A Hound bY WALAJWORTH BROTHERS Muni-M, Mo . U S A 'v ru L, I- IH" .: - J ' v L+, '. N N, , we :Q - WL: 4-, X . ii.,- , G 'fi I. ,A V'-L Aff, In . il -- , '- .H -, ' us ' 'xv I V.--V , ! Z , -, ' 1 1 ., ,, 3,1 .I. . 3 2-. rl ,I - I ww Q . Y 'Q ..- .,I V A ..- "Tx .-fl. " RM V' QA W f VV I. A' 'ul '-.Y ff' 4 I - .. ,i I- , I4 'Aw 4 . wx , I w ' , H f mi. . YW, . . ,V ,W V, 'NH Y V A H. - . r, g L hr,-A ,, i 1 44, fi". ' K . - I I ' 2' .ln ' '

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