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Negaunee High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Negaunee, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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For evcrcy vitaL are- of 'thought and acfich -, 1- f-L . .... Ne-gaunee High School Foreword Slumber not 1n the tents of your fathers The world IS advancmg Advance w1th lt Mazz1n1 We 1n our modern world must always go forward 1n order to hve a full and enjoyable lxfe Txme and cond1t1ons are always changmg We cannot be content to take tlungs as they are for lf we do not go forward 1nl1fe we w111surely go backward Educatlon partxcularly must progress The faculty and adrnuustratxon at N H S 1n order to produce quahty up to date students makes xt :ts po11cy to use modern methods and procedures Supphes and equmpment of the best quahty ava11 able are placed at the dxsposal of the student As the enroll ment grows newer and more modern fac1l1t1es are requlred to accomodate the 1ncrease Always there IS a des1re to ad Vance Wxthm the followmg pages the 1955 PIONEER staff w1shes to dlsclose ev1dence that our school IS well geared to the task of preparmg future c1t1zens 1n a modern world Z at . . Q . . .gg .. 0 Q-- . . 1 1 0 . . . .. o o . . . . I I 1 a . . 1 Q ' .. . . . non, , '- .. . I . . . . . - . , - ... . 9 . . . n , ' o r . . . . .. . n Table of Contents Foreword Dedlcauon Adrnlnlstratwn Se ruors Und-D rclassmen Socxal I. 1fe Artxw ltleb Drama Iviublc .Sports Adxertxsmg and Facultx 3 Page , . Dedication The fxrst requxsite of a teacher wrote Satan .Tosepha Hale ed1tor of the famous Godey s Lady s Book Is the patxence of Job the wmsdom Paul Because she so generously shares her patlence Wlsdom 1ov1ng sp1r1t and energy wmth her students and colleagues the PIONEER staff happ11y dedgcates xts 1955 ed1t1on to Mxss Martha G Arneth the teacher who really has fun teachxng 4 P P of Solomon, the 'loving spirit' of the beloved disciple, and the energy of . . . . f . gan 1, Through earnest and d111gent effort the rnen' bers of the adm1n1strat1on and faculty of N H S have made lt poss1b1e for us to broaden our fleld less opportun1t1es for learnmg and encouraged us to apply our knowledge Most mmportant of all they have taught us the essent1als of good c1t1zen sh1p and how to hve together 6 of knowledge. They have presented us with count- wx Q' , 1- , , an, X . lo , 1 J 1 Q , wif' N V4 H 5' ,ff . 1 ' A Au. f M f 9, S ? 5 5 y A 7 ' 4. 5 I n 1 I Q. ,, l 1' 5 tx T I , 1-1 A ,XY 1 s up Q 3 t I, 3 i ' ,xl it ,b 43,941 -Ax. U ,gs ' if "x ' :Ly 5 sf .5 9 qs X 8 . 5, Q I 5 1 sq j 4 'Is 'Q 'QE Q' iq: . '41 an, 1. Y 1 - Q P f, " , V ,'gN,,..- - . RO, ,......---O ,..,..,.--n- WY ,,,.,...--""' -.9 ., - !,,,e.i 1 . 4' 1' , - . g it-S535 ' ' A ,ff 'A H ., ?-'ff.L"'f2fg "YN-Sw-'Qi F- P-A I " - Board of Education FROM LEFT Superintendent Born Mr Samuel M Ford Mr Paul Bell President Mr Onnie Marjama Mr Thomas L Collins Treasurer Mr Leslie W Richards Secretary THANKS. It is with real appreciation that the class of 1955 acknowledges the fine co-operation and guidance accorded them by the members of the Negaunee Board of Education. 8 W? Kim!! MR E W BORN Supermtendent 9 In th' -ir mfert is CN I V535 MISS MARION ANNEAR Secretary to the Supermtendent MR T G WILLIAMSON Busmess Manager Cn? ff. ,M xlgfq 1 0 MR R K RICHARDS MISS CLAUDETTE HOLM Secretary to the Prmclpal Principal 1 1 Facult MISS MARTHA ARNETH MR HENNING ANDERSON NIR WALTER BROTHERTON Englxsh Dramatzcs W , , English Physical Science, Guidance Counselor MR GEORGE COLLINS Mathematxcs General Busmess Facult MR JOSEPH DALLY Industrxal Arts NIR WALTER DALEY Musxc I f' A 3 Ja, I V, ' A A "V J, 1 'X k X Facult RICHARD HEIDEMANN Physxca1Educat1on Coach Socxal Studxes V MIR GERALD HENDERSON lndustr1a1Arts Coach 1 MR . DONALD HOFF MIR . hu Iwi-4. an. 'Unis Facult NH ls SCHOOL CHA'-5 NH In mmm Q yr- 'sq M155 Katheryn Marriott Englxsh World Hxstory Mxss Anna Kulju Home Economics Literature Journalxsm f"'x a"3""y an ,GP wx 1 Mr Kenneth Lxght, Industrxal Arts h ' i nr an ...-.,. ,uw "P 0 A'-, . I . A J X 4 'K ff , r ff. fl V 2 ,, . r 'f ,ff xx , . of' -..F FV.. X Z I I Facult MISS DOROTHY MILLER MR PAUL MELI MISS BER LYNE MILLER Enghsh Speech 16 English Social Studies LW f ha. 94 f in , ,W,, , 4,161 'HQ Ag, 4 ,,,5,,, ,- rg lf? !,?,i,:? J' . gel .k U -iiiqsiff 157 ' T07 27 . -M gk. . Y is .mp My Ah ZZ f Ana-1vi B025 HELEN PANGRAZZI Facult MIR LEINO PYNNONEN MR ALPHONSE RUDNESS Scxence Industrxal Arts MISS MARY SHURTLEFF' Enghsh Latin Facult MR HARRY SQRTAL MRS JEAN SUNDQUIST MISS RUBY TRATHEN Home Economics Physical aducauon, coach Music Facult Mi 1 1 4 MR MATT VANNI MISS DONNA UNDER!-III..L. Industrzal Arts Home Economics r"' 2 MISS E LSIE TULLBER G Art Z0 l , ' v J- H' I , ' X - 5 , 1 pq 1 My Q Facult ul .. 12,-' f MR ARTHUR WASSBERG MR CHARLES WHITE Commercxal Commerv 1 IV!- MP. OSCAR WASSEERG Geography. Nlathematics Z1 Facult MRS AMANDA WILLIAMS School Nurse Home Nursmg MRS ETHEI.. WATERS Llbrarxan Spamsh Z2 Facult MRS AR DES WILLIAMSON MR VERI.. WILLS Science lzngnsh, Arithmetic A 23 The Senlors of Negaunee H1gh School have had many opportumtmes 1n four years of h1gh school our way of life m years to come We hope that we Wxll apply th1s knowledge and responsxbllxty and that we w1l1cont1nue to learn and to progress through the years to come Z4 The knowledge that has been absorbed will decide 1334 Senior Class Scouts JAMES ANTILLA LeROY ANDERSON Ba nd DAVID ANDERSON Congert Orchestra Airplane C lub Archery Club Pr om C ommxttee Baseball JOHNPLONGO Ross ARB:-:Lua 26 51 outs A 1,-2.3.4 l w l Senior lass NANCY BEAUCHAINE Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Annual Choir Lxbrarxan ROBERT CHAPMAN Boy Scouts H1 Y Band Choxr Prom Commxttee ALVERNA CAVALLO Nee Hy Nuz Annual Trl H1 Y Future Nurses Orchestra Concer! Orchestra Z7 JIM COLLINS Football Track Scouts Student Councxl H1 Y Future Teachers Band Dance Band Concert Orchestra Class Play Axrplane Club JACK BEAN H1 Y Z 3 4 Choxr P c 5 . - - ..................... 4 ............................ 1.2.3 ' .... . ........................... l ' ........ . ....... . ..-. ...3 ' ' ..................... . .... 4 '- ..... ..............,.... ........ Z . 3.4 ........ ...... ..... 4 .. .,............ ........... . .3 .............. 3.4 Class Officer ...........,...,........... 3 ' , ...................... . 2.3 - - . .... .... 4 ........ ......... 4 ,Q ' '- '- ......... ..................... 5 .4 l,Z,3,4 ' ....,......,. I.Z,3.4 M S ...N , I . Q , 3, ' A B N ' ....................... . .... 1.2 '- .......... ...... .... ...... . , , .... , . '- ...... .,.......,....,........... 3.4 A .................. . ................ 2,4 ' .....................,...,.......... 1.2 ' .......... , .,....... 3.4 Senior Class BARBARA GORST Pep Club Chon- Glee Club Debate Forensics 234 R OBER T C Ol.I..lNS Football Track Class Play Tumblmg Club Boy Scouts JAMES FREURIC KSON Cross Country JAMES GERVAE Basketball Track Baseball Cross Country Z8 Football lrack Choir Sc outs IALAES CONINORS Track FRANZ. GOTZEL KATHERINE HILL DAVID HARIU Football Track Student Council Future Teacher s Chou- Prom Commxttee 1234 Campfire ..... .. ........ . ............ Pep Club Student Councxl . .............. ..... Annual ....................... Trx-H1-Y ........ . ................... Band ............................... Concert Orchestra Chou' .................................. Glee Club ..... .....,................. Class Officer Triple Trio ......... Pr om C ommlttee ................... Clarinet Quartet .. Track MELVIN Hl1.L. Football l Z 4 Boy Scouis ..... Z9 REE MAE HOID Glee Club .... .......... . Choir ............................. ..... Scouts Pep Club .... Annual ..... .. .... ....... S ' C ass . ............. 3 ' ........................ 4 Class Officer ........................... I ' ............................ ........ 4 ' ...................... 4 l,Z l 3,4 z,3,4 l,Z,3,4 2,3,4 Z 2,4 l Z,3,4 3 Z 3 l 3 Z 4 ' '3, 2,3 l,Z l 3 4 Pei a LEE IVES Baseball Track JANET ISAACSON Scouts Pep Club Future Nurses Glee Club Class Offxcer Senior Class W "3 BETTIE HYRY Campfn-e Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Trl H1 Y Future Teachers Orchestra Concert Orchestra Prom Commntee 30 ALICE HOI..Ml Scouts Pep Club Annual Choxr Glee Club Lxbrarxan JERRY JOHNSON Baseball Basketball Staustxcxan ' ' .......................... l,Z,3,4 - - ............................ 4 Annual ................................... 4 A- 4- ............................ Z,3,4 ................l,Z,3 ' ................. Z,3,4 2,3,4 4 ' ' ' 4 ' ...... .........,........ Z .3 Senior Class RICHARD JOHNSON MICHAEL KALLIOINEN Football Z Prom Commlttee ROXINE JOHNSON Campfxre Scouts Band Pep Club Prom Commntee Forensics JOHN KAINGAS WILLIAM IUTILA Boy Scouts Boy Scouts 31 l, ,3,4 ' ...................... 3 U ,Q ' ................................. l Glee Club .........................,....... 4 l,Z.3,4 ' ................... .3,4 ' .... ....... ........,..,......... 4 ' ....................,........,. 1 ' ' .,.........,............, Senior C ass BEATRICE NUMIKOSKl Pep Club Z Chou- Z Glee Club 2 3 4 Forensxcs MARLENE KARVELA Campfxre Pep Club Annual Choxr Glee Club Class Oiixcer Prom Committee ROBERT KANGAS NANCY KARPPINEN DIANA KANGAS Camphre Z Annual Orchestra Z Concert Orchestra Class Play 32 Glrl Scouts Pep Club Annual Chou' Glee Club Class Ofixcer Debate Club Class Play Z 2 1, ,3,4 ' ............................... 1, ,3,4 ' ............................... 4 ' .................................. l ' .................................. l,Z,3 ' ........................... 3 ' ...................... 3 Librarian .............................. 3,4 l ' ......................... 1, ,3,4 ' ...................... l, 1, ,3,4 ,, ...... ,... . l,2,3,4 A ................................ l, IOYCL KOR Pl Glrl Scouts Chou' Pr nm C ornmxttee Band Z NANCY KJELLBERG Student Council ...... ............... Annual ............... Trl-Hi-Y ....... Future Nur ses ...................... Band ................................ Dance Band ....................,..... Concert Orchestra .......,,,...... Choir ........... .... . Glee Club ........... Class Play . ......................... Forensxcs Triple Trlo .............. ,. .,... Pep Club ............. Sax Quartet ., ...,................... is 4 PHILIP KEMPAINEN Football rack Future Teachers Band Dance Band Concert Orchestra Chou' Class Play An-plane C lub Rod and Gun Club Boys Orte tte JACK KORP1 DCA. E KORTE Basebal .......................... Boy 9501" Cros'-Country ........ ..... . .. ........ . Al'fh91'YClUb ' 33 S ' Class 5 fi 4 gi':'T', l 1 N' . , . fy' A .............................. l ---'--' '-'- ' ' ................................... 2,3 T --------f---- Glee Club ......,........................ 4 Hi'Y ----"-------- ' ...................... 4 4 3 3,4 54 l,Z,3,4 3 4 2,3 4 Z Z 34 34 3 2 3 4 , 3 -4 ' 3,4 s Z 4 Senior Class LE ON KOR TE Baseball Annual H1 Y Cross Country Basketball Statxstlclan BEATRICE KEMPPAINEN Choxr Hor lzon Club FAITH KOSKI Pep Club Nee I-ly Nuz Annual Trx H1 Y Class Play Ring Chairman CAROL KOSKI BEVERLY I.aBELLl:, Gxrl Scouts Student Council Cheerleaders Nee Hy Nuz Pxoneer T x I-1 Y Future Teachers Choir Glee Club Prom Commlttee Glrl Scouts Nee Hy Nuz Annual Trl H1 Y Future Nurses Class Offxcer Prom Commlttee ..... 4 y , , - - 4 -, A, ' ' ' . .... 4 4 , 1 :W ' ................ .... ... .... ...... .... ..4 A .... .... ... .... .... ..... ... 4 ' ...... .. ..... . ........ 1 . Pep Club .............. ........... . l.2,3,4 Student Council U ' ................. 3 , , . .......... .... 3.4 ..., - - .......... ............ 4 1, -, H .','. ' .................. ............ . 4 r'- z'- .. ..... . ............... . ......... 4 4 ...................... 4 - ' .... .... ............................ 1,2 ........ .......... .............. 2 ' ............. 34 Senior Class SUZANNE LAHTI Gxrl Scouts Pep Club Spanish Club JAMES LAHTINEN Football Basketball Baseball Track Student Councxl H1 Y Forensics FRANCES LAITINEN Campfxre Pep Club Cheerleaders Annual Trx H1 Y Choxr Glee Club Class Officer Forensics Tr lple Tr xo Pr om C ommxttee 35 I RICHARD LAITINEN .TQANN LAMERE Annual Nee Hy Nuz Chou- ' ............................ 1,2 ' ............................ 4 ' Y ' ............................... 1,2 l,Z,3,4 4- '- ........................... Z.3,4 4 ................................. Z,3,4 ' ............................ l Class Play ............................. 3,4 ' ......................,......... 1 ' ' ........................... 3.4 ' ...................... 2 - - ' 3.4 A ,... ..................... ' 1 '- ................................... 2.3-4 ' ...........,..................... 3 Senior Class R OBER T LA NGLOIS Football Z Pr om C ommxttee .TACO UE LINE LANGLOIB Campflre Pep Club Student Council Cheerleaders Nee Hy Nuz Annual Future Nurses Chou' Glee Club Class Offxcer Class Play Prom Commlttee BRUCE LAURILA Football CARI. LAUKKA ANNETTE LEHTINEN Pep Club Glee Club Glrl Scouts Prom Commlttee Chou Annual ' ...................... 2 ' ............................... 1,2 ..........................l,2,3,4 ' ..................... 2,3 2,3,4 - - ............................ Q4 Tri-Hi-Y ............................ Z,3,4 ' ................................... 3,4 ' ......................... 2,3 ' ...................... 2 36 Se-mor C ass JEAN MANTELA Girl Scouts Nec Hy Nuz Annual NANCY LINDSTROM Pep Club Nee Hy Nu? Annual Cholr LKARY NlAKf Glrl Srouim ........... ..... .............. Annual ..........,.. Trx-H1- ..... Class Plaj. ...... . Future Teache-rb Prom Commntee...... ......., Pep Club .......... ,l Cf-.ROLYN IAA Kl Campfire .................. . ..... . . Pep Club ....,,.... . ..........,........ . Annual .............., Tri-Hi-Y ............ Future Tearhers . Band ................. Dance Band ........ Concert Orchestra Glee Club .......... Class Officer ....... Trxple Trio ........ Debate' Team ,..... 37 Choxr Senior Class hL.OISE NIEML Annual Chou' Student Lxbrarman EDWARD MOILANEN Football Track Cros9Country ROY MATTSON Football Track Air plane C lub Ar chery Club Future Engmeer s 3 WlI..I..lAlv1 MITCHELL Football Basketball Track Chou- Boys Quartet LOWE LL. MARIAMA Football Hx Y Z Track Axrplane Club Boys State .................................... 4 U"UNUlu-'nn'-Nunn1'Z'4 ' .................................... 1,2 '.'.'....-.,.'...".'-' 1,2314 ' ' ------------ ------ 3 I4 , ............................. 1,z,3,4 A .................................... 1,4 ' ........................ 3,4 3,4 ......................................3 Class Play ............................ 3,4 j ...................,..... 2,3 - ' ............................ Z ' ..................... 3 l,Z l,Z,3,4 l,3 A- 1, ,3,4 ' ..................... l,Z,3 ' .,............................ 3 8 Senior Class JOANNE NEIMI Glee Club ELDEN PAR KKONEN Football Z Track Z -v 24 .Q,' .TULAINE OLLIKAINEN Gxrl Scouts Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Annual MARY PELLOW CORRUNE PELTO Campfxre Pep C lub Annual Tru H1 Y Orchestra Concert Orchestra Choxr Glee Club Trxple Trio 39 Carrmhre Pep C lub Chon- Clee C lub ,3,4 ' ....,............................ l A ' .......................... . Nee-Hy-Nuz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 Annual ........,...........,........ '- - ............,,................... 4 ' --------f---------------' - l,Z.3,4 ...,..,.......l.Z,3.4 ' ............................... 1.23.4 ' ' ...........,............. 2.3.4 4 , Q Senior Class RUTH PESOLA Girl Scouts Pep Club R OBER T PR UDOM Foolball Band hee Hy Nuz Librarian nnnual LOWE L' R QCKLARD SUE RENOWDEIN Girl Scouts ...... ........................ .. Pep Club .....................,.... Student Council ........................ Annual .................................... Tri-Hi-Y .............................. Future Teachers ....................... Class Officer .......................,... Class Play ............................ Fnrensics ...... ,... ........... , ........... Ring Committee ....................... Prom Committee ....................., Debate Team ........................... Honw-framing Queen Pr om Committee Rifle Club Cross Country DHIR LEY R OBER TS Footballn. .............................., ppp Club I l'3oyScou!s ....... . ..... ..... .. , 40 lxee-hy-Nuz .,... , ........ . .... . Annual ....... Senior Class PAUL SAVOLAINEN Boys Quartet 3 Rxfle Club Football Track Bob Scouts Choxr MAR Y ROMBACK IRENE RUOKOCA Pep Club Annual Future Nur se s Choxr Glee Club 245' Glrl Scouts Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Annual Future Nurses Muahoy lx, SAARI MAN IS SA-XR! Football Pep Club 41 Iwee Hy INuz -Xnnual Chou A V r l ' ..................... Z. -4 . .,..,.....,.......... . - .4.Innnaaa--1g.......nenaa.onno Z """""l'4 "l'f""l1rl1 ..................,................I ' ................ Q--au..Iunnaonuunp-.p..ppp-nagfppn l'Z I '"""'"""""""""' ..Q.neunn.au1uau.a:p'1n-1...l'Z """l""'llllvlvl" 4 Q..nanwavvnp-a.4nnn.1n.-.'.-.-n l'Z'3'4 l ' ........................ z,3.4 - ......,...................... 4 -03 ' ' . ......,................... 4 Q DAVID TOMS Football Axrplane Club Pr om Committee Boy Scout Baseball Senior C ass RITA WILSON DAVID TUORINIEMI Football Airplane Club Z Boy Scouts RAY TREMBLEY Campfxre 2 Pep Club Student Council Nee Hy Nuz Annual Trx Hx Y Future Nurses Lxbrarxan Prom Committee 42 ROGER ST JOHN Football Baseball Track Student Council Choxr Class Officer Boys State Axrplane Club Prom Commxttee ' ....................... l,2,3 ' , ................. . ' ........................ 3 ' - ..................... . ' ......................... 1, ,3,4 ' ........................ 4 - - ............................ 4 '- '- ............................. Z,3,4 ' ' ................................ 4 Senior Class SHAR LEEN VALE NTE Gu-1 Scouts Campfxre Pep Club Annual STUART VALENTI Boy Scouts Nee Hy Nuz Annual Band Z Trx H1 Y Chou Glee Club Class Ofhcer Prom Committee MARY WALIMAA Scouts Pep Club ......,.........,......... Nee-Hy-Nuz ........................ Annual ................................. Future Nurses ..................... Librarian .....,..................... Z Dance Band Concert Orchestra Class Play RICHARD WERTANEN DAVXD V101-ETTA Football fCaptainl Track .............. ...... . . .......... . Scouts .......... ..... . ................. . Airplane Club ,, ................... ... Prom Commxttee Class Ofhcer .......... ., ........ 43 Football .............................. Track .......,............ . ............, Scouts... .... .... Student C ouncil ...........,,........ An-plane Club .................. Pr om C ommittee Future Engmeers .... Class Offuer ...................... Se-mor Class WILLIAM FAIRCHILD WILLLAM KUNNARI Chou' NOT PICTURED WILLIAM oowr: 44 WILLIAM WHITE Football Basketball Baseball Track Future Teachers Pr om Commxttee P H i- Y ........ . . . . . . ....... l ' .... l,Z Senior C ass David Har Ju Richard Wertanen C ar olyn Maki Beverly LaBelle Mr Ander son IN BELOVED MEMORY . . Tragedy struck the David Sexton family and the Negaunee High School on November 16, 1954, with the death of Richard Sexton in a hunting accident. Memory of his warm smile and cheerful disposition will live forever in the hearts of his family friends and classnrates CLASS MOTTO To The Stars Through Difficulty CLASS COLORS Scarlet and White CLASS FLOWER White Rose CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Treasurer Student C ounc il R epr esentatwe CLASS AD VISORS Miss Underhill 45 I I I U Diana Kangas -------------------------- - Secretary Bookkeeping tx Intelligent Seniors ln Trng 46 SENIQR A I xx IJBUIVI --- . 'ww' - A v., ,Wagga Jtztac .J 0572. f K ia vw I 1 I 7 Q . . ff -WNW 'ff ff f mfmf . Q 'oalxdlnfl ' ' ' . O 1 wzf 3. f ' if ' 'P . .,,. sq' ': X ' ' -'-'rf' . :ii-Q ' E AS?"?"f i i4'f qgni '- CIE 5 1512 ' . A 6 I , P . i. , Hsfikinuub ' . ni ' ' X . 'ik - ' . , Q " ' - 0 , 0 . gfvvok'-Q1 Qjfc p A W rf , 4 ' fQzM,,.z-Q 1 72Zq,e.6m-1-1 Qz4z,a1Z'e.'- .Ki-At'0'r4,6?1X 'AAA+ 7g5.4.4.,, f4f V o CQQ, Lajbg if I N , , V Ja-!f,n4a-1-zu H6465-Clyf fqfgnyafczdfzgfnj, 03" 'Q I 554- 1215 ? ,.oQ ,f 1-.,' ' ' it- 1: , .. n ' 2 ' "Y" s -' . "wp Q g Q ,- ' O 9 'I , . 0 .Q Y n . . - r K P 7Zg' 1"V"':"1' W4-A6 I .ZW-G,41,c.L4,' zfclff II exif all I' glam' yd Gi' 76-4754 IL? . ' I A Flin! 6-IZA-2144! 'Q A In fl'7Z.J' ,1 ' , . '. -Q V W V M y .pffffz M a I f',4?"'L- 57414 5 - 'Q , V' ., ,Ayn II, V ' M. A A ' ,vb 266: W. . 'a!2fvzfo0lLa-6,CC4,zJ 6, 4 '4-114,11 .. 5 Qajn,-,kff dfirndf 1 , ,gffa Fira! .50 l 0 5 , H, ly as., -' .... .K I I me , I W, rf 3' lfifff MQW fWL7. fp-fmfwvv . 22 , if -Jw! g 'E 104171. iff '-76 - 'g, , :rr-- --' I A U v ' 9 ' Vu o , if K Q 46 '41 7'-Lo 1 42 -1 5, . - In . .15 , ,f ,. +1 I Q .q. D Q -- 2 Jef" 9 ,4 ff! 4. Q -.s,3y', , , ' I ' .',' A ' X:. fa 4 cu. H' ,?g'11,.,','7141. r 6 fa 'U 770' ff 17 ffl' 76?-.'1 'filfw 26- I Q 'il Gwxi' . ,538 . - , mi A 4 2 A -I Q fihwaw JMMQ 60+ Hwdffw' V 5 x' H , J T' X , ww ww ,- if 'A , ' , 'vu-amu-nv-.., I 4 3 f 1 c 8 M A 3 2 :li if-, Q VW! fx , Q 51' 4 Lggbcn ly My 6,7 LL X M535 X ?AlfC ill! 71 7, J-4.4! ' ' Avafitf l Q7' - f A A 'W l'.-' Q ffffa. lgflffffff fdclcb f?1owL,l.,4,4 1.4.41 X 5-Z C,,cLL0"lT . ' 1717 77 cb ff"-n A L?0-fcfufffvf, ' leixfft-0 -7 CZ, ?,,fL.D .P , nv S. F E 3 M 1-rw? ,J XL . 'F 3 G A V . XX- D . ' "Y Q,-.1 - 'f ex ' P ff. I .- V- . ex - N .x N X Plyclnc ,ge.ll'J4ft n ' . 1 6 v '.' , '-1 . , fx, , , Y , ,IL1 ,464 Lf WM p-4,41-JL-IL, 55' lhough our classes at N H 9 are large they are not so large that The fellow siudents do no1 knov. each other Each student comes 1n1.o personal Contact w1th the other members of h1s class From thxs con tact we develop the ab1l1ty to hve 1n harmony Wllh one another A '1 resuli we progress happnly through our school and home llfe 54 fo ann , , ,. . . , I " 4' O ,s4 i ,,' - '1 ' . . gr 'YMMP ' im 9 Q' 'U xx 4'v Q 'Y Qi' ,PVR 6. FAYE ALLEN JAMES ANDERSON lv T' JIJDITI-I ANDERSON Juniors 6' kill X JOHN PATRICIA BATH CAR LSON K a ing' RAYMOND JOHN STANLEY ANDERSON BRAILEY CHAPMAN C7 M SHIRLEY BARBARA BESSOLO COLLINS Q I '3 'Wx nw Tl? and VERNON PATRICIA LOUIS ANNELIN CAMPBELL CHIRI 4 'UU agp .ao 1:11 JAMES BRUCE BOGETTO COLLINS 56 i at L 5 3 w V Wax?-.wx I II 'W ' 4 A 9 za Q ,C I ' 4"f'w If 'T V Xi, fix.-Q 5.5, vi' I Q QQ, 5' if I CA I A I wfji -A 6 I 1- , ax, ' I 2 '-fx A' ' I I 1' , 4 I X -. I 5 3 I If . .'31 ' 4 X, W BRUCE CONRADSON JAMES CONRADSON ll! 5. Ul1l0l'S .5 A19 gf --n ad' SUSAN EDWARD CORY ETELAMAKI Q6 A4 nl ROBERT DUNQUIST l 534' "if 10' CAR OL, DAVID CURTIS GHIARDI fkb' EDNA ETELAMAKI af' -1' I -uv' kiurn-.R A GRAYES Q' is RICHARD HAHKA rv IK I BONNIE KAREIN DAHLSTROLI GRANILUND 57 ff Lf TOM HARES -6 5- PAUL. HEIVIMILA N ARM, ROBERT HERMAN A Q 'B .. -2' 0 I. ' 1 grf, I Vx ' .,,,' 5' I x I I IA ,- IN I 1 I I I af X' . 'I 'I ' - , Z, A ,J .N .. In t 1,1 I ,f 2 I I T n. ,N f Q g rx ,WN is.. f, I Y - V-N 4? Q Mx Q 5 fs, I T," . 4. ' ' ' K -. .gl Qi zz ' n f BL . - - -J , A Q LAC 1. V , .Q 3 I W ff ' - 'Z' Q M, X ,, ri .. ., A! , .W ' .x 1'-Q X A K 1 V 1 . . f f. 1 x .e J unlors CORRINE JAMES ROGER HILL HODGE IENNINGS ,ff MARLENE HIMANKA if 9 fo Q ",u?u. al uulvagl 1 U JUDITH HILL .TUNE HINTSALA 544 BARBARA HOLAPPA MAR LEN1-: JOYCE HU-L HOLMAN ,W IEANNE HOSKING KATHLEEN IHAMAKI MARILYN JOHNSON Cl X ROBERT IOH NS ON SHARON JOHNSON un, 11" us.. SHAR ON J' OKI 'Y GERALDINE JUCHEMICH Juniors fs 'T 'Q' CAR OLEE RAY KAMINEN IOANNE KUJALA KIV ISTO LOIS MAR LE NE KEMPTHOR NE KOS KI Q4 RAY MARY IUTILA BI-:TTY JACOB KAR KI KORPI KUP-IN WILLIAM SHIRLEY KIVISTO KROOK 'HQ SANDRA SHARON DAVID KEMPAINEN KOR PI LAHTI 59 til 'x 6? 6' A .'fg 2 1 F" Q , av K j ' 1' 5-'Sf ' mx . '. A ' E if A E 1 A I , 91" x gi! Juniors 'UQ WILLIAM RONALD LAHTI LAMMI 92 we ig" GERALD LAITURI ROBERT LAITALA Q M' NANCY BARBARA LAUKKA BARBARA LUOKKALA 1 DONNA LEVEILLIE Kam 15' ROBERT LUOKKALA in vu-9. RICHARD l LaMERE LUKKONEN 401' 15 1:27 '17 1.A?TIXiI:11:N NANCY MARY ANN LEWISKA MacDONALD 46 I-'ya DALE MAKI in? N 1 DONALD MAKI Juniors "5 BEATRICE ROBERT RONALD ION MAKI JOYCE MANSKE MATTE-ON OSTER NEELY 1-5 JW' asf C7 CAR LA PATRICIA MATTSON PASCOE 'T 0 -f-1 LY LE NIEMI ,als l -VA FRANCINE PHILLIPS 's '45 ma .IOANN PETERSON 23 CAROLYN POSIO s. 45 SHARON PEZZOTTI DONALD EUGENE NAOMI LIATTSON PELLINEN PRUSI 6 Wa, if Juniors IEANETTE JAMES JUDITH RAIHALA SALO STOLNACK kiv' "" -:sf IW' CAROL RUESING '1' PATRICIA SMITH ,fi any uv' 4' -49' av '17 ng' RUTH DARLENE SANDRA RIEKKI SHARP Q, .1 HELEN RIVERS INGR ID R UOLUKOLA STRAHM VY' x., KAREN SPAGNOLA 39 CZ! -.4 l 'WWE JOHN IER OMB SKB WIS TAKANI-:N 62 "tl It JOYCE TENHUNEN 547' HENRIE TTA TERRES Ix Lv .W I Q? f I If Rei ' I I , I KW f RI I. 7 "Q ' , R' -f g 1 1'-v ,Q I. Ia In I IQ? IIII I I Neg., . , .,,,I I ' ,Q ix ,X ,,' z,CI , 1 I A xl , Qi : 1 ii I K . 'wjgfff I "H, V , ,gl I A I' LQ I I I Juniors JOHN JOYCE JOHN TREZGONING TRBWHE L.L.A WINTER NOT PICTURED Lynn Johnson Ne xlan Parkkonen Dennis Lakarl Lowell Penrose Alfred Taserls OFFICERS Preszdent James Hodge Vlce Pres1dent James Stolnack Treasurer Carol Curtxs Student Councxl Mary Ann MacDonald Advlsors Mr Whlte Mrs Waters LOVE IS GRAND DISCUSSING PICKLES ? 63 A 3 S "1 T Q4 V, . 3' X ' . M W , 'X I o X K 1 ' Secretary ----------------------- - ------------- Bonnie Dahlstrom N fs! SHE LDON AHOLA WQQIEU Isl is GERALD ANTILLA Sophomores if I lsr ANDERSON ANNA!-A DIANE M I RALPH DAVID AIRAUDI ,lf BER NARD BEAN 6- MARSHA BEAUCHAINE 'sn BEATRICE CAMPBELL SHARON ANTILLA 4.- LOUANNE BRONKHORST ROSALIE BRISSON ,136 3 f , Aw , I . 4.1 Qi ' Q.,-f GERALD j, . CHAPMAN MAL Wfif - -0 ' '4'n'.'!':',':N ROBERT CARLYON 64 WI Il MARY ANDERSON 'Var RICHARD s,5 BORN RODNEY BESSOLO i RAY BROTHERTON 3 , I , N 1 'AD'-,W . - ff' SHIRLEY CRAM Q., DORIS BUXTON PHYLIS DIGHERA f, 'Af z I .a A I ' A , z A , 7' , f ly ' '1. , gr I I J . . Q, -vf Y 3 I h . I" ' . I A I VX' .11 r'ff,,,, -L FPA RQ- 21 ' A in f 'I ' 7 s N In - x X X W xf l S J" xi III I X l I 1 MAX H mr. 3 '1 Y .L ' ' .NL P an sry "" ' 4 I 1 I' I A-f. K I ...Q A If ' 4. I ' J 3 I 1 M: tv 1 1 4 H1 V -' 5 1., Q X, X . 3' v ex ' Ny :lift Sophomores ANNE E LLIS .Q '-Wan-. ,I1 KENNETH ENBERG DANIEL ETE LAMAKI '-9 ROBER TA GOODHUE -...V BETTY HAKENJOS "? DORTHY HILL GUY GOTZEL X14 PATRICIA HAMPTON , , fa-4 ' EDWARD HOJNACKI IUDITI-I GRANLUND BRUCE HANSEN -it A' v ' . JOHN FIOLMI 65 L JOHN FREDR IC KSON WARD GNON AURE LIA GRENIFR PAUL. GRAVEDONI JOAN HARJU '54 SHIRLEY HULT CAR L HE NDRIC KSON 15 . AO I gi BILLY HYRY Sophomore-5 LEONARD ISAACSON "r '1-. WALTER JALONEN RONALD JENKINS SONJA KANGAS BILLY KOKKO JUNE IACOBSON HOWARD JOHNSON AR LENE KEMPAINEN Z' SALLY KOR PI PATRICIA JOHNSON DOUGLAS KIVISTO fan "'!"' JOYCE KOSKI 66 MZ JEAN .TARVI Sv We 291 JOHN IORDON EDWARD KIVISTO ROSALIE LAIT URI J 'K WAYNE JARVI 5, JANET KANGAS CAR OL KOKKO Wvk 1:1 JOHN LAKARI DONALD LARSON ii RONALD LEHTINEN Q80 CLYDE MAKI L DONALD MATTA 54' -6' SY KAREN LARSON 1' kv C"'1 NANCY LEWIS 'T' 'inf v' KAREN MAKI li 'S' Sophomores NANCY LARSON DAVID LINDSTROM 41 LAURA MAKI C' LEONA MAT TSON 'Q I PAUL LARSON 'Vi "'z":f J-J JOE LUCCI 01" MAILA MALLETT DAVID JERRY MATTHEWS MELON1 67 J PAULINE LAUKKA 14 cnt? RUTH MAKELA 15 5 'Q' 5' Nu.- DEANETTE MANNINEN x "fx-Y' OLIVIA ME NI I MARILYN MILLER ,ao 43' 1 uf I 1' ' 5 xl bl ANITA NURMI 'R MARVIN PIZIALI 04 Ni 1- RED RIVERS ,Ink JEAN MOILANEN MAR GARE T OATS YV ONNE PIZ IA LI 'Z hs' DONALD ROBERTS Sophomore-5 AM ROGER NICHOLAS A -'H ar V'! CHARLES OLLILA KAREN PR USI -CK XB NANCY ROBERTS 68 CAROL NIEMI '-'uv 'fx MAR J'OR IE PAR KKONEN 1-Q. 4- 41' .q-QQ' FRANK RAIHALA 1 ROBERT ROMBACK M DOUGLAS NIEMI BERNARD PE LTO I -5-3 EDSEL RINTA THOMAS ROYEA 'lf LORRAINE SAARI 4115 .an DAVID TAMBLYN dl' -.., g.....-.x ROBERT THOMPSON as N PAUL YVILLIAM 'i MILDRED SALO ER NESTINE TEBO Q Sophomores 'Q MAR GARE T TR USC OTT SANDRA ADAMS 45 i 'li' 1 M DICK SALO CAROL TESSMER 5 EDWARD VANNI 1 lf' 'sf -11' ROBERT SYLV ESTER RICHARD SEEG -9' JUDITH THOMAS ELAINE TESSMER -V- Q 41' '7 RALPH S WATTERS GEOR GL WA LIMAA NOT PICTURED Thomas Conradson Louxs Gu1zzett1 Kathryn MacDonald Yx onne Rlvers Sharon Salmer Rose Bolster C LASS OFFICERS Presldent NICE Presldent Secretary Treasurer Student Council Class Adu lsors 69 Sheldon -'khola Wayne Jarn Anita Nurmm Edward Vannx Arlene Kempamen Miss Mary Shurtleff Mr Robert Northey Freshm n JAMES AIRAUDI DOLOR ES ANDERSON THOMAS ANDERSON MARY ANDREWS NANCY ARCAND TERRY BELMORE MARY BOGETTO BILLY BOND RAY BORLACE BILL BRONKHORST RUTH CARLSON ALTON CHAPMAN FRANCIS CHETTO NANCY CHINN JAMES COLLINS SANDRA COLLINS MICHAEL COPE SHARON DARLING BARBARA DAWE ANN DELARYE .W I3 - 4.2 f " , V, 1 f 4' . I s I I, ,L f , x X xx ' 'fi fe . I Ex? .. ,. f- 4, Mi... 'H'f -ff, 'Q-I I A 'fikylfrk - Q I fl, 4 , fl L -"1A ' x , 4, 1 In 'Q 'lg 'lg' if . ,Q ,.- is 5 la - : A A' .gy . ' . X ' f fl ,Q ' ax In f x 7 , 70 F eshm n I UDITH De LORME NANCY DOBSON ALICE DOMPIERRE BILL DOWNEY IUDITH DUNSTAN RICHARD ELLIS DONNA ETELAMAKI LEE ERCK JOANNE FREDRICKSON DONALD GAGNON KEITH GAGNON PAT GORST BILL GRAVEDONE PAUL HAKKARAINEN ERNIE HARSILA JEAN HENDRICKSOIN MARILYN HERMAN JAMES HIETIKKO DAVID HARJU IEANETTE HILL if up oo 49 ai' :S JQQK Yi 4-? QW -- 'c-:I ... 301 'Of gg: Freshm n JERRY HILL SHELBY HIMANKA SHIRLEY HINTSALA BILL HOJNACKI JACOB HOLAPPA CAROLYN HOLMAN JOY HOLMAIN SUSAN IVES MARTIN ISAACSON RUSSELL JACKA me -s ,-f nw? -G'-W' "1"?' . W' ki ""?' ,Q 1 av' 3 4- 4,1 C7 1 n.4 4-9- BRUCE JENNINGS DALE JENSEN MARILYN JOHNS EUNICE JOHNSON JEAN JOHNSON KATHRYN JOHNSON BILL JOHNSON CAR OL JUCHEMICH NANCY JURMU KAREN KAESEMAN 9 ,Q P3 V "" :ir I TV' ' N , E 1 , x Q .5 ww 'A ' V ,V ' , A f . 7 I " X '- f 'X 4 A . w, ' L 4 L .3 - 5 ' J M1 I b ' C . dx V A- - I . 'V . X 1 A . 71, ' , I L 5 3 , ' , A 4' G- J'Y 'Sd' A Ab. W, "" ' dj '. X '33 1 A I K A , QP' I 72 Nui Ev TT -Q' P 1 .ff- :O-wr C7 Freshmen LEONA KANANEN DAVID KARI-II VIRGINIA KARKI I-IARRIET KEMP JULIE KEMP EVELYN KENNEDY EINO KOR PI CORRINE LAAK CAROL L.aFAVE MARILYN LAHTI ,b-4 'A ,-f no 4' 'sd -Q I9 47 1' -ar 'i 4'- fc'-7. s-an ""'3' 'ir '19 MAXINE LAI-ITI FRED LAMERE DONALD LARSON NAOMA LAURILA DAVID LEECE RUTH LeMAlRE JEAN LEVEILLIE MARGARET LUCC' DANIE L MAKI LeROY MAINNILA af'7 CV' 5' 49 "vi My 1' -41 'CY uri 36 45 G14 ...ur '17 Freshm BOB MANSKE KATHERINE MATTSON MAR .TOR XE MATTSON KENNETH MOILANEN EVELYN NIEMI JEAN NIEMI JOAN NIEMI RUTH NIEMI DONALD NUR MI EDITH NYLANDER 74 fl f-5 'Q 4- , L , 4+ 'Q-Zin' Q3 W N, -36 1- 1-vi i'S1'.."'i! 81" -my if ilk kv U ww -QE!! hah.: i V? gf L-1 0--K Y -on ern! Q S 4 YL ,1 PETER PAINE PAT PALM JULIA PAR KKONEN MAR GAR ET PAR KINEN JUDITH PASC OE MAR GAR ET PEARCE JOYCE PETERSON KENNY PETERSON EUGENE PEZZOTTI JOHN PIETILA Q' P-Q 'S' S. Sa-I is x ij 3 ii M If Freshm n WALLACE PIETILA KATHLEEIX PRUSI CARL RAISANEN ROGER RAISANEN ANN RICHARDS WILLIAM RIC HAR DS JACK is RIEKKI ,,- NANCY Q Y 1 RIVERS GORDON ROGERS MARILYN ROGERS -ed D-.4 4 2 QI 4- -17 'N' G-nf "QQ 1-cv' 'hd I -E REUVEN ROMBACK PAUL ROSTEN ILONA RUBATT BAR BARA ROBERTS GLORIA SAARI JACK SIVULA GERALD SMITH JUDITH SMITH GERALD SONINENBURG CAR LY SUNDINE 'Qfig , ur Al' -19 17 id 111 3 -2 YI! an ,Q 'Q' 'U F eshm n GWE NY TH SWANSON ROY SYJAMAKI WAYNE TULLILA DAR LL NE UITTO BARBARA VERRAN NANCY VIDLUND JOAN VIOLETTA EUGENE WATTERS MARION WHITFORD LYNN WXCKLUND fk KAREN WIIG DONNA WILSON CLASS OFFICERS 'R Kg, in is ik El FRANK BELL. Presx 76 a cn. ru D .- 0 4 .f I i K.. JEAN SANDSTROM Treasurer NOT PICTURED Sharon Johnson Bob uchemxqh Everett Sandberg '17' NAINC Y JOHNSON ce Pre sldent 4-9' 47 WAYNE YOUNG JOHN BARTLE it-f' BARBARA ROOS Secretary MAXINE RE POLA Student Councxl C LASS ADV ISORS Mr Collms M155 Arneth 'Y ,519 Q JESSE AIRAUDI 1 5X"' J N RICHARD BORLACE KAREN DRYCE X '73 SANDRA GERNDT CLISTA ANDERSON PAUL CARILLI .7 I al' KAY EMANUE LSON fi n,.,4 df? NIARN IN HARRY ghth Grade if KAREN ANINEL'N '?0 and PAUL CAROLLO 1' 3 DEANNA ANTILLA i EDWARD CORY JOAN EWALD fs 'U' 'Q' 'W ROBERT FORCHINI ,ag .as SUSAN ALAN HEIJ HENDRICKSON MICHAEL ASUMAA DIANE DESCHAINE 'ST if GEORGE FREEMAN LOIS HILL Y JOAN BOR LACE C BLANCHE DOUCETTE sgw. Wifi J-414.af5 JAMES GARCEAU ROBERT HILL E' ' ' '? - K l.Y 1 - V . ', - 1 N-8' N' -v I 7 1 59 A I I 1 JL' S- A' . N . 1 E: I fs' l A I I I , .ai 2 I x at .M I ,S ,i , T Y C ' N A 4:8 A Q :gy Jil. ff- E -fr V1 L A ' 1 V .win-if , , I it 5 " I fa ' Q- ., Q 2 c, 'S , aI ' - , 7' I L I X la . S 0 vs V 4", A lj dy 3 H - . Q fi. -A ,A n... up V 5.5 P 4 "-I sa, x , , ,' A .5 ' ' A' in 'L xxx V' x - 'VI I. 5 2 X FQ 1' ' I 77 Eighth Grade f 'Y DALE HINTSALA LOIS JA LONEN RONALD JANDREAU ALBER T BRUCE JENKINS JOHNSON MAXINE KARI-II WAYNE KARPPINEN Z ROBERT JOHNSON C14 EINAR KEMPAINEN JUDY WALTER ANN LAKANEN LAKARI L,aNlERE if DENNIS JARVI 4, R UDOLPI-I JOHNSON bye E LAINE KIV ISTO DOROTHY LAMERE L,eROY .TARVI DUANE KALLIOINEN 2 x GERALD KOSKI an 7 ' PAUL .TARVI fs. 'Gly 8.5 ROBERT KANTOLA M0 QR H WILLIANI KUJALA 41? ' ' sa RICHARD KAY LE IV ISKA LE KLI GNC' i lghth Grade Ui an -va 184 xx' -ff as 4"U' 'W JOHN MAKELA LOWELL. MILLER '-P-4 PAUL POLKINGHOR NE CAROLE ROBERTS PAUL MATERO Za 41' KAREN MITCELL RICHARD CAROL MATTA MATTSON l"l ELAINE NURMI 'OWN N"1 Viv' ROBERT STANLEY POLKINGHOR NE PRISK .C i ' lv I 1.,, ,4',Y , KX i . t:Q1 g E I 3 . I 'ni s MICHAEL DARLENE ROBERTS SAARI 'A'-701 'T' SHARON PAR KKONEN 2' K ROBERT RACETTE m -qv Is .lt LEE SAYRING I GRACE MATTSON '1 NANCY PASCOE PATRICIA ME LKA an 'Na ROBERT PIZIALI E N-ndx 5 'C' Y' CAROL RANTANEN RICE DAR LENE 1 4- ,- Ll f 3 h I 1 X ,- . .i ' 0 ,H gg! " GEORGE ROBERT SIRONEN STENFORS 41 BRUCE STEVENS li NANCY VERRAN fs M JAMES STONE I WILLIAM WAINIO P1-es1dent Vlce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Student COUHC11 Class Advxsors Eighth Grade A fi Q5 Q NAI JUDY SUNDBE RG RONALD WARREN KAREN TENUHUNEN 'ff mv 'ff' Q4 0 WILLIAM WASSBERG CLASS OP FICERS Mr I-Ie lde mann an NOT PICTURED Carl Baldrldge Patrlck Downey 80 me 'Q5' JOE LLYN VANNI JAMES UITTO 5 'Ov' T 'Y f 'K- ER NESTINE KENNETH WILL5 YOUNG Rudolph Johnson Paul Matero Elaxne Nurml Joe llyn Vanm Joan Borlace d M1ss D M11Ier I l tl M Q ,I H " 5? I "' l 3 A-ygjfr, ' . ,X A I I, T :C I L . , . X 1 ' 4 . X , 3 , ' Y ififfiesmgglif ' T ' ' 1' ' ' ' , ' . 4. W-,Z . . 1 - . . x A J V V A A K f , .-:. -:, A , I xi ' E7 ' f A In ' 2 1, .gkgw ..: Q- 2 'K 'N 'I ' . I 'C 'I W X ',:V- I A ' , 1' ox I . Seventh Grade ls. ig, fffr r ' ng -AA S. NAN PETER ABBOTT ADAMINI LEE PHILIP BAR T LE BOGETTO GARY CATTR ON N CAROL DATSON M0 GARY CHANIPION DENNIS DOBSON 00 JAMES AIRD JEAN BOND inai' I ROBERT CHRISTY ps i if JAME2: FAYE ANDERSON ff RICHARD BUXTON Al KATHR Y N CONNORS ,Big -Q- 'g:::: HOWARD JANE ANDERSON ANNE CARILLI 'via'-Y CHRISTIE DAHIBTROM s f I LEWIS ERCK fqf L SCOTT BANNON MICHAEL CARLSON R OBER T DAR LING .3 1-J . x u ' s Y 5 ' N , 1 DAVID ETELAMAKI I I f 'F ' f av . A Q 4' xg , fi L 24 1 I 1 ' I I Q Lx it ff, ' 'ALE'-fl: 5 ,V V X L 1 EH X ,Sw '...:gf.-if - I' ' ' fi . , A 'QQ L' 1 . 4 ' Ain . 9 . xg AA '13 4' 1 X . fl b A W, A-pf! if I A A 3 .1 W, A ,, 11 W ' x ' t it -: L S xx' Y 'X XY? , I I I K1 X I i R 1 A . A It F 1 A A A f' 4-Af X. W' I ' I qs' 0 ' ' f ,- I ' K -, -, - A I ' "I . DOMPIERRE ENGLUND 81 BER NARD FOSC OE NANCY GRAYES ff'-J R UDOLPH GAGNON ,f DAR LENE GUIZZETTI ai 4: CYNTHIA DAVID HOOPER IMPOLA .If PATRICIA GEORGE JOKI JOKINE N Seventh Grade .QQ 4... '- 1 -p R n Lx Y " 1 , 9 '27 .- --1 wr-1 .1 BRUCE STEVEN BENNY GENSHEIMER GERVAE GRANLUND GLORIA MAR LENE GUIZZETTI HERMAN VIRGINIA JACOBSON -so SANDRA KAESELIAN 15-an 'Y Qlxdjks ul- , QIIX Q I I I KENNE TH JANDREA U ALLEN KANANEN DANIEL HINTSALA -36 if QKF? lv ffx KURT JOHNSON BRUCE KEMP S ur f Nz? xx I GERALD GRAVADONI DIANA HINTSALA 'val' LORRAINE .TOKI 4-fu QL MICHAEL KEMPAINEN fp 3 i 1 . 4' -A -A ,D ., . I CD vimvx .I I 'I gg. ie ,L V I 5 v T1 L- Q - Ek, , 48 A , ii Q AL-' ' ft s, f . 'U K . ', , 4 - 1 V Q , k, t A U . 1.4. , I h - - I :VA z N ' ' V , " 1 U ' ,, . T I tc K Q 0' , , I 7 ' ' .1 , '15, A., I In ' ' "1 ,, ,' I .. 1 'I . V 1 kb, ' Vv I ,ft -Q ' XI j zu. 4- ,. ' 7' ' ' ,' I , 1 N" 'fy I L Nl hfix, , i ii X I - 1,2 -4 1' I Q I 5 82 -v 'f HELEN KIVISTO '40 x +4 GENE LANGLOIS 1-9-0 A E LIZABE TH LOOP 15 , ""'1" GORDON LYON DIA NE KOKKO Seventh JUDY KOR PINEN FLORENCE CLARICE LANGSON 4'-SSW' af ALVIN LUOKKALA ' ut Grade :l.,f' HOWAR D KR OOK l. MARGARET LARSON LAUKKA 3 RONALD KUIVINEN BARBARA LEHTONEN 9 ,- T' DONALD JOHN SALLY LUOKKALA LUOKKALA LUOLLA , -V 'K , , I i :Q ' A A I Y THOMAS DAVID KATHLEEN -1-HYRA MAKELA MAK1 M-AK! MATTA 83 CYNTHIA KURIN GERALD LEKLIN SHARON LYTIKAINEN RAE MATTHEWS PAUL MOORE .wa 439' DENNIS OLSEN 4' 15' MARY POLKINGHOR NE 1 'Sl VIRGINIA NELSON ii au HOWAR D PAR KKONEN LORRETA POSIO ag '15 ,fa sn. 4,- 4""f '7 DAVID LEROY ROOS SALMIO Seventh Grade E LIZABE TH NICHOLLS MARCIA PASCOE ,ar 1' DAVID REICHEI.. an LORRAINE SAVOLA 45 2 AR LE NE NIEMI 791 'I MAR TIN PASC OE af! ,g if-'ff-1 N RICHARD RINTAMAKI I 4' li T' DAVID SAVOLAINEN ' 1. L.-vb haf? M. MARION NURMI laik 1 DAR LENE OLSEN JANICE KAREN PETERSON PETERSON LEONARD ROGERS ag 4' STANLEY SMITH -Q. MATT RITOLA 4' -v KAREN STILLE I V 3 I V fe, as - up Qi' 4. yy , V ,vm I C I 'yi hx ' ' f. 4:4 I. N I1 If I YA ' , 3 I I I , 'M X 'cg I 2 I Ss "' NK! '41 f., Y QW 1 ,T ki' I 52,-lf' -, l I L' . I A 4 'I AM 1 A-' m y I 1: L A ' 'nf Ja. ' -. V I. -Q., I A ,. I :".'2:?ge hy ' ff , I I . I I 'I I 5 --155' 'ffiiiin-if L V '. ,Z LQ' fx ' I, xg 1-'-':::s11f5if- A 1 L -I , J M ' , , A x 1 ' ' Q, V L H lk WJ? ,J I ,, A ' 8, . 1 E IV I x J I 1 I , I 84 I Seventh Grade vv LOIS ST JOHN TERRENCE ALVIN CAROL THOMAS WHITE l KAY CAROLYN GEORG WILLIAMSON WUOLUKKA YOUNG President Vxce Pres ndent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc 11 RY- JANET YOUNG CLASS OFFICERS UARLLNE CATHERINE WHIT FORD WIIG xv SIGFRED ROBERT PAR KKONEN PE UR A Judy Korpmen AIVIH Thomas Karen Stllle Dlane Kokko mes Dompxerre Class Advxsors Not Plctured Mr Lxght Ronald Lewxs ka 2 .f ,I ' ' Q il ,lm A. f Y . '- sn, 5, '. I A ' 7?-Q I. Miss Northey Sandra Savola Through our years of schoohng we have en Joyed a full Soclal program We have partlmpated 1r1 many aCt1V1t19S such as class plays partws Besldes prov1d1ng enterta1nment our 5OC1dl act1v1t1es at N H S teach us how to plan VK1SPly for the future 86 , ' , , k - 4 ! . ' ! music festivals, and sports. I 4 -f 4.-if W , ' I V5 4 1 V X M531 4' Qfggmk f 4, 4, ,W M, f W, W ,,,....uNW rf ' . I . Q 1 ' xx , lb 3' f-4 x. '5- .nf-. Q, I Diamond Jubilee Bob Cope fbehmd the dxamondl and Claudette Holm lead the grand march gsm Ill 88 R lngslde Seat 91.1 Lf! RghtLftR ht I954 Punch Line! 89 Sophomore Class Pa rt R oyalty The Sophomores had their class party on Fr1day November 19 1954 The decorations followed a Chrxstmas theme wxth a large brzghtly ht tree in the center of the floor Santa Claus made the even mg complete wlth a v1s1t that sm-m-used evervone Clyde Makx and Leona Mattson re1gned through the evenlnv 24 lf H nueen Musxc was furnished by the Vagabond Tr1o and a good t1me was had by all who attended. Mass Shurtleff and Mr. Northey are their class advisors. 90 tag Line Dancmg to the music of the Vagabond Trxo K . K Q A V L A 1 aw u .- . 1 . , 4 . . . . 1 , - . . . . . - - u . . ' Inn nn , s . I WALTZ ME LIGHTLY M185 BHURTLEFF WHO ME 7 WHOM ARE YOU LOOKING AT MAILA ? F eshm n I WANNA STRIPED ONE. MISS ARNETH. QUEEN EUNICE AND KING PATRICK JEAN AND KAREN WAIT THEIR TURN -su- WHAT S A PARTY WITHOUT FOOD 'P JULIA AND JULIE Pa rt BARBARA AND FRANK TILL I WALTZ AGAIN WITH YOU SEE THE BUNNIES HOP MODEL FRESHMEN 9 I I 0 Aa 3 Harves Da ce -xii? Kal KAREN ANNELIN SMILE PRETTY NOW .TIM HAMILTON LOIS HILL DEANNA ANTILLA MAXINE KARHI PAUL POLKINGHORNE GIVE ME A CHANCE, TOO. 94 Karen Annelln, Jim Hamilton Reign At Harvest Dance Karen knnehn and james Hannl ton were chosen king and queen ot the eighth grade class part5 Fri day night lhe spectators commented on the good turnout and also upon the interest shown in dancing. The decorations were balloons, pumpkins and stocks of corn. Pop, ice cream, cookies and sandwiches were served as refreshments. Miss Dorothy Miller and Mr. R. E. Heideniann are the eighth grade class advisors. Seventh A L I.. A I.. O N E H A V I H-1 Grade Pa rt 'I' H E B U N N Y H O P 4,i..,,,,,I,.. ,.,, Q MV V b I fs ' , . if I U D Y N G A , N F 1: U N T 7 O M x I , T O M N O A G G A I I R N 1. 7 S 7 T I M E F O R E 5 A 'U ' T , II S xx . ' X 5 l Q 'ld' U Qzvf mr'-4 INTEREST NTS WLQ, 3 K P DUTY PAT ON THE BACK 96 ALL, DRESSED UP MORE SWEETS 97 f J' 'J I I WHICH IS MINE K Publi Views New nv " tiki L-Efffix 84 4 Q. ' a Guests express approval. 5' SBAL x ' Q VJ! - 1 va. Q -iw' Tf-an and Shelby get the dirty end ofthe deal. Txme out for talk. Kitchen Equipm nt "Nw ' sg" 0,1 6 gf? 25522 '.'V1!."' 4 O10 gf, A 6 -O '."'.f."' gi, 6043.303 ' 'Y' Q 'Q' . O to o ,, ' ' ' 14' 8 s.. efr -- 9 2 'Q . '. 'Q 1 4 , 1, O if O4 ,A 1, 4 3 Jean Johnson demonstrates new washing machine, ironer, and dishwasher. if 1 1, fans:-'Q Cozy, i sn't it 7 A necessary part of everyone s personahty IS h1s ablhty to be a soc1a1 success In order for fh1S to occur a person must be accustomed to thxs role through the quahty of h1s ovyn school act1v1t1es Much progress IS acqu1red ln this f1e1d of tracurmcular act1v1t1es At N H 5 many students partxmpate IH these act1v1t1es wh1ch accounts for the flne persona11t1es found 1n them 100 social success by all those who participate in ex- 'Ny 2'-5 gym 1-if X5-A lf 5 .s. Q 1 5 an ,f0q, L A VJ' 'U 2471 Pioneer The Pioneer is in its third year of publication. It is a project of the journalism class and other students who volunteered their services. The staff would like to thank Mr. Williams of National Studios, who took general classroom picturesg Miss Tullberg and her art classes, who proved invaluable in planning the book: and Mr. Rudness and his Px-ing Shop boys, who laid out the adver- tising sheets. STANDING Left to Right Shirley Roberts Carolyn Maki Annette Lehtlnen Nancy Karpeinen Rita Wilson Jean Mantela Nancy Beauchaxne Diana Kangas Julaxne Schelander Mary Rornback Carolyn Posio Jacqueline Langlois Kathryn MacDonald Joann Peterson SEATED Irene Ruokola Mary Maki Ruth Pesola Mary Walimaa Joyce Manske KNEELING Nancy Lxndstrom Eloise Nxemi Rose Hold Bettie Hyry 102 Ollikainen, Corrine Pelto, Marlene Karvela, JoAnn LaMere, Mary Pellow, Betty Mxss Marrxott Adv-nsor Mavxs Saarx Business Manager Alverna Cavallo Faxth Koskx Co Edxtors Beverly LaBel1e Business Manager Mxss Tull berg Art Dxre-rtnr rf'- Pffust Stuart V Staii al ki eh! Cafcn Kos I Sports Editor 103 SEATED Left to Rxght Jackie Langlols Rita Wxlson Ruth Pesola .Tulame Ollikalnen Faith Koski STANDING Carol Koski Alverna Ca vallo Bettie Hyry Shirley Roberts Jean Mantela Miss Marriott Mary lander Nancy Lmdstrom Nancy Beauchame Mavis Saarl Mary Wallmaa Nee- y N u Co Edxtors Rxta Wxlson Jackxe Langloxs 104 Romback, Mary Pellow, JoAnn LaMere, Beverly LaBe11e, Betty Sche- 1 WORK OR PLAY 'P 'W 'P INTERESTING 9 NEE HY NUZ STAFF V0lume XXX January 1955 C0 editors Jackle Langlms Rita Wllson Advertlsmg Jean Mantela Betty Hyry Ctrculatlon 'VIary Walxmaa Exchange Mary Romback Reporters Nancy Beauchw ne Alverna Cavallo Carol Koskl Fa1th Koskl Beverly La Belle J Ann LaMer9 Nancv L1nds rom Julalne Olllkamen Mary Pellow Ruth Pesola Sh1rley Roberts Mav1s Saarl Betty Schelander S uart V'a1ent1 Publlshed monthlv by he .lournwhsm Class o' Negaunee H1Eh School S c '0 XGA se al 0 vu -r scnouxsnc lf, WML ' ROTO T, vlsrkfwrok 1 Am Z' 1 ,046 Ann YP BUSY WORKERS NIGHT WORKERS 'P 'P 9 ' L ..--. - . , ' . : , . . . H , 0 1 . U Y ! . 3 . .v , Q . ' , 1 C '- L Q ' . Advisor Miss Katheryn Marriott bQVx G Iqf QI? I7 bp : I' 2 K - -, ' 921 1 5 ' 5 ff: unix: X Q Rs 1 I -f f ff 105 xll 5511171 :L-J CLASS OF 1954 Nell Carlson Ehzabeth Cory Madge Damelson Sally lharnakl Mar xlyn Hemmlla Lee Johnson John Junttlla R obert Lalturx 11344 I diff Baum Sunny ti1rl35lgh Srhnul Zmunaluns CLASS OF 1955 Bettxe Hyry Carol Koskx Faith Koskx Beverly LaBelle Jackle Langlols Jean Mantela Julame Ollxkamen Mary Pellow Mary Romb uk Mavxs Saax-1 Stuart Valent1 Mary Wahmaa Rita W1lson Quxll and Scroll was established 1n Negaunee I-hgh School on November 25 1953 Journahsm students are onsxdered for membership Membershxp may be secured only through a local chapter Accordmg to the con st1tut1on members must be chosen from the students enrolled ln h1gh school who at the tlme of the1r electmon meet the following requxrements 1 They must be at least of Juxuor standmg 2 They must be m the upper third of thexr class m general scho last1c standing at the tune of thexr elect1on 3 They must have done supenor work m some phase of Journahstxc or creatwe endeavor 4 They must be recommended by the advxsor or by the commxttee governmg publlcatlons 5 They must be approved by the Executwe Secretary of the socxety 106 I ' - l v- V -- -- - .1--N1 T 'r - n , u C 0 ' o s : C D o a ' f , 0 Q o a - a c o l u . C , 0 u 1 u s c . c u n . 0 . I s 5 . f J FIRST ROW Nancy Kjellberg Susan Cory Marilyn Mlller Marlene Hlmanka SECOND ROW Mary Jean Wallmaa Irene Ruokala Mary Ann MacDonald Ingrid Ruakala THIRD ROW Sandra Kempalnen Sandra Sharp Joyce Trewhella Rita Wllson Alverna Cavallo FOURTH ROW Karen Granlund Marlene Hlll NOT PICTURED Jackie 1-Bhgloifl Future Nurses The purpose of the Future Nurses club is to learn more about nursing before making a ca every year the Seniors in the group visit a hospital to see how it is run Besides learning about their future careers, the girls do various other thvngs, such as mak ing favors for trays at hospitals in this area This year it was Morgan Heights The FNC made gumdrop Christmas trees for the patients there Spring meetings are devoted to planning a social get together with the Marquette orgamza tion and a tea for the mothers 107 reer of it. This is done by films and speakers representing different nursing schools. Once Future Teachers 1 SEATFD FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Koskx Carolyn Maki bue Renowden Bettle Hyry STANDING David Harju Phnhp Kempainen Bxl1Wh1te NOT PICTLRED Mary Makn .hm Collms LEFT TO RIGHT B111 W'h1te treasurer Carolyn Makx vxce presxdent Sue Renowden hbrarxan Bettxe Hyry secretary SEATED Phxhp Kem pamen px-esndent FUTURE TEACHERS DECORATE TREE The Future Teachers Club has orgaruzed for this year The fol lowmg Semors are members Ph111p Kempamen presldent Betty Hyry D8V1d Hargu Jam es Collins Carol KOSKI Sue W1-1e and Mary Makl Mlss Arneth 1S then' adv1sor A Chrlstmas basket contalnlng armed foods and a few gxfts was prepared by the Future Teachers Dxd xou notxce the Chrlstmas tree on the f1rSt Hoot" That was another project of the Club Ii was decorated them last meetmg '. . ' . ' - ' xg- ,, 2 v Q b I ' 3 2 2 ,L . Y A 1 X S 3 . - 7 y Renowdenl Carolyn Makil Bill ' at ' . 108 LOOKS PRETTY DOESN T IT 'P IS THAT A BROOM, DAVXD 'P J f DON T FALL MARY AKEN T ws DIGNIFIED 1 09 DINGER WURKINL1 7 11 D HARD IU BELIEVE lub De Espanol Esta Los Amigos SEATED Left toR1ght Mrs Waters Offxcers Carla fCar1ota Mattson President Henr1etta fEnr1quetaJTe1-res Vlce Presxdent Sharon Juana Pezzottx Secretary Patrncxa Carlson Ingrxd Ruokala Mary Ann McDonald Donna Levxelle Corrxne Hxll Suzanne Laht1 Sharon Jokl Ruth Strahrn Naomx Prusl .Tune Hmtsala The Spamsh Club was orgamzed early ln October The general ldea of the club IS to fmd out what the Spamsh are hke and to practmce speakmg the language Members sent to the Internatwnal Pen Pal Club for pen pals from Spamsh speakmg countrles 110 Q N W : ' : . , ' : - D , ' 1 u ' - - . : 4 D Q, Barbara fBarba1-al Collins, Treasurer. STANDING: Edna Etelamaki, Patricia Pascoe SENIORS SEATED Carol Koski Beverley LaBelle Nancy Lmdstrom Rita Wilson Mary Maki Bettie Hyry David Harju Roxlne Johnson Betty Schelander James Lahtlnen William White Robert Prudom Robert Col lins JUNIORS STANDING James Hodge Tom Hares Bonn1eDah1strom, Shxrley Bessolo Karen Granlund Helen Rivers NOT PICTURED David Violetta Bob Chapman Joyce Korpl Dave Ghiardi Bruce Collins Bob Herman, Sharon Johnson, Roger Jennings f ,am IQ55 my rom qgnw Committee 111 ,Rv . A . F , , aa - f TUV. 76 ' ,ES-' Xi H, Q 1.1. l H 'XW75 1 , . if k X ' Tri-Hi Y FIRST ROW Joyce Tenhunen Sharo 1 Pezzottl Joyce Manskl Carolyn Maki Nancy Kjellberg Joyce Holman Sue Renowden SECOND ROW Susan Cory Mary Ann MacDonald Mary Maki Beverly I..aBel1e Carol Koski Ruta Wxlson Bettxe Hyry THIRD ROW Faxth Koskx Yvonne Plziali Arlene Kernpainen Anna Nu.:-ml Judy Thomas Sandra Kempalnen Marlene Hill Mary Pellow FOURTH ROW Patsy Pascoe Alverna Cavallo Katherxne Hill Faye Allen Jackxe Langlols Sharleen Valenti Frances Laltlnen t1ons Thexr purpose, to create, ma1nta1n, and extend throughout the school, home, and com munxty hlgh standards of Chrlstlan character They were orgamzed 1n 1949 under Mlss Mary Shurtleff who IS stxll their leader Two of thexr annual projects are the packlng of a Chrxstmas basket for a needy fam1ly and the 1nspect1on of school lockers lv what Boys at -fn Hp 12 The wxnners and stlll champion wmdbags 1 The Tri-Hi-Y is a group of girls whose slogan is "Pure Words, Pure Thoughts, Pure Ac- . ,, . , . . -I I "' 1 ' .0 ' 4' ,. , 1 1 .- .I 1 . - STANDING .Tackle Langloxs hxstorian Beverly LaBe1le vxce president Alverna Cavallo treasurer Nancy Kjellberg student council Frances Laitmen social secretary Sharon Pezzottx secretary SEATED Carolyn Maki president "' ff.: What xs xt" A gab sessxon Installanon o wa-I no onxcers Mxss bhurtleff takes a break Joyce vuorkxng 113 I ' '. ' : . ' - : . : ' . 1 ' . : ', - 2 ., i yd Nm. KN Xi.. ,XS ' ' 1 - ' ' 4":s -' 1, "5 '. .ia H Hi-Y SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT James Anderson Vxce President Leon Korte Secretary John Bean Presxdent Wxllxam Hyry Treasurer James Lah tinen Student Councxl Representatxve STANDING Mr Lexno Pynnonen Mr Wlater L Brotherton Advxsors The Hx Y IS a servxce orgaruzatxon composed of hxgh school boys and organxzed mn aff1l1at1on wxth the Y M C A The club is under the dxrectxon of Mr Walter L Brotherton and Mr Lelno Pynnonen Because xt 15 a servlce organ1zat1on the club tr1es to be of some help to the school home and comrrumty Dur mg the year the club ass1sted m the March of Dames and the Chmstmas Seal campalgns by dlstrxbutmg camsters and placards They assurned the respons1b1l1ty of arrangmg programs for the dzstrxct and reg1onal basketball tournaments held here Also volunteers from the H1 Y served as ushers at basketball games dunrxg the season Each year the club has a Chr1stmas party for themselves and then' guests Below are two plctures taken at th1s year s gathermg N-1 K Watch that upper plate Poor Pussy . 'Q J 4 S ligx f . 2 .'- Q . : . ' 1" . : - , ' '. Z . ' , . . , ' . . I I I I l 0 . I .C 0 . . . . . . . . , ' . 0 . . . . . . . . ' I .- . . . . . . . . . 9 wr ' . - fa t L .,4 A j T 3 l . W Mr Brothefton hose skull cap Dinger 7 In December the H1 Y members Vvlth Doctor Acocks servmg as guxde and later engaged ln a dxscussxon held made a tour of the Morgan Helghts Sanatorxum They exammed the X ray and operatmg rooms, ln the hbrary They were also shown slxcles of the var1ous stages of tuberculos1s and lts effects on human nssues Included are some pxctures taken of the group at the sanatorxum ROW ONE Sheldon Anola Daud Lxndstrom Danxel Makx Robert Nianslq Peter Paxne Bernard Bean Ray Brothe or ROW TWO NernonAnnel1n Whxte Robert Chapman James Lahtlnen John Bean btanley Cnaprran ROW THREE Mr W L Erotherton .Ton Neely James Anderson James Hodge Robert Graves JackFredr1ckson Dax1dGnxardx Fruce Collxns Vayne Jarxx William Hyrw Rxchard Born Mr Lexno Pwnnonen 115 . - I ,- . . . . - , I O 'I , l, ' ri .., : 1 ' I I Lowell Marjama, Philip Kempainen, James Collins, Leon Korte. Williarrx Senior Girl Scout FIRST ROW Left to Right Pauline Laukka Marilyn Miller Marlene Hxmanka Judy Hill SECOND ROW Mrs Hxmanka Pat Campbell Susan Cory Joyce Tenhuenen Ernestxne Pizziollx NOT PICTURED Rosemary Remxllard Ann Marie Denofre Nancy Jurmu Marilyn Marketty Helen Smith Dolores Herman Maragaret Bertuccx Play Day m Marquette consisting of Semor Girl Scout Troups from Marquette sh pemmg, and Negaunee For their Christmas project they made wreaths for the Serepta Rest Home Republic This summer they are planning a trip to Mackinac Island for which they are earn mg their fare by llmg all occasion cards and having bake sales Their leaders are Mrs. V I-hmanka and Mrs. J Lyons 1 16 The Senior Girl Scouts have participated in many activities. They attended the . . . . . , I - ' ' ' in T e orlzon lub FIRST ROW Rita Wxlson Karen Makl Marla Mallet! Sharon Salmer Mary Ellen Anderson Laura Makx SECOND ROW Corx-me Hill Pat Johnson Olivia Mem Shirley Holt Yvonne Plziala Sharon Pezzottl LAST ROW Bettie Hyry Carolyn Makx Carol Ruesmg Marlene Koskl Nancy Spagnolo Naom L2 lrxla The l-lonzon Club was orgamzed ln 1942 The club holds xts meetmgs m the actw xty room every other Wednesday Mxss Marlon Annear ms the leader HOR IZON CLUB DESIRE As horxzons are ever changing and always dlstant I shall not stand stall and look mto thexr purple shadows Instead, I shall seek the hrgher purposes and the new ad ventures that he beyond, l shall reach ever outward to the horxzon that gs always just beyond my grasp 117 P 1 1 1 I Karppinen. NCT PICTURED: Jeanne Hosking, Deannette Mannlnen, Karen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 G ibrarians LEFT TO RIGHT. FRONT ROW: Nancy Beau- chaine, Marlene Himanka, Patricia Pascoe. BACK ROW: Ruth Strohm,'Eloise Niemi, Rita Wilson, Henrietta Terres. NOT PICTURED: Marlene Karvela, Alice Holmi, Nancy Leiviska. A few of the duties that the assistant librarians perform are to stamp and sign bootks, watch desk carefully, check attendance and circulation. This is the second year the library has been in operation. Mrs. Waters, the librarian, also teaches Spanish. In the near future the librarians hope to be affiliat- ed with the SLAM fStudent Librarian Assistants of Michiganl. ational Honor Society The Negaunee High School has been enrolled in the National Honor Soceity since 1923. The upper fourth of the Senior class is eligible for consideration. To wear the society's pin a student must, in the eyes of the faculty, meet these four requirements --Citizenship, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. Scholarship ranks the highest. The society is a mark of distinction and tlfrough out their entire high school life, graduating classes have had this goal before them Thos e enrolled Elizabeth Cory Jack Erkkila Claudette rlolm John Junttila Delight Koskm in the Honor Society for the year 1954 were as follows Lee Roberts Anne Sanclstrom Judie Toms Carol Walimaa Robert Wassberg 119 Robert Alperi Owen Marjarra Student Council Officers WM fir LEFT TO RIGHT James Hodge Rita Wxlson David Harju ADVISOR Mr H J Anderson Representatwes are chosen annually from the d1fferent classes and orgamzatxons to serve on the Student Councxl whlch acts as a lmk between the faculty and the stu dents. Dux-mg the year lt helps to solve school problems that pertam to the whole stu dent body. The Student Councll chooses the var1ous programs that are presented m the as sembly durmg the year. It was organized sometime between 1931 and 1934. Negaunee I-hgh School was the f1rst school m the Upper Penmsula to have a form of student control. The counc1l has had many capable advlsors. This year they were headed by Iwlr Henmng J. Anderson. Some of the progects whxch the council had part 1n tins year were oponsorxng pep meetmgs and assembhes, Career day for the .Tumors and Semors. and Orzentatnon Day for xncommg mnth grade students. They also helped to xmprove school danr-eq and the hot lunch program. 120 A A 1 ' I' ,J 1, W . ' ,f " ' K '- lj? i.5ff"g'f1, .V - ' ' . wiv' T ,M V nd .V 11, . Q I L 4 .. MW 1 : , ' , ' . 2 . . . . ,. I - SEATED Left to Right Joan Borlace Beverly LaBe1le Nancy ksjeuoe 5 Rita Wilson Betty Karki STANDING SECOND ROW David Harju Judy Korplnen Arlene Kempainen Mary Ann MacDonald STANDING BACK ROW James Domplerre James Lahtlnen James Hodge has proven to be very successful The hall mom tors mstalled on each floor were Nancy Jurmu Jean Hoskxng Donna Levlelle Marlene Koskx Stuart Valenti Carol Tessemer Ed Mmlanen Sharon Pezzottx Ann Laltmen Eugene Watters Walter .Talonen Jacob Korpl Ohvla Mem Jack Bean David Toms Frank Bell Jack Korpl Wayne Jarvl Jack Braxley Fred LaMere Ed Homackx Student Council epresentatives The Student Council supervised a project which 5 2 I 121 De-haters LEFT TO RIGHT Diana Kangas Sue Renowden Carolyn Mak! Barbara Gorsf This year s debate team is the first m approximately twenty years The debate members under the coaching of Miss Berlyene Miller are Diana Kangas and Sue Renowden representing the negative side of the question and Carolyn Mak1 and Bar bara Gorst representing the affirmative The debate proposition for 1954 and 1955 among nations fr1end1y to the United States The Upper Peninsula high school debate tournament was held at Marquette on Fri day January 14 The negative beat both their opponents which were Menommee and Newberry The affirmative took Kmgsford but lost to John D Pierce The Negaunee debaters scored as many wins as Ironwood but failed to score as many points and therefore the Ironwood team entered the semi fmals and came out as a runner up in the tournament 122 was Resolved: "That the Federal Government should initiate a policy of free trade ock Election RETURNS 420 Ballots Cas Democrats 64 Z7 Republxcans 34 67 Mmor Partxes a 100 07 ME A NON PARTISAN 9 No LOITERING PAR TY SPEAKERS 123 All the world s a stage and all the men and women merely players So goes Shakespeare s famous quotatlon The students of the N I-I S dramat1c depart ment have learned the meanxng of thls say1ng We art1st1c expresslon As a result thls has enabled us to see and appreclate the better th1ngs of hfe We w1ll soon be leaders of our cornmun1t1es and through our 1eadersh1p we w11l be able to mfluence other people to our way of tlunklng 124 have developed an understanding of beauty and I 7 J Senior Class Pla SEATED Left to Rlght Faith Koskl Philip Kempnlnen Nancy Karpplnen .Tackle Langlols Nancy Kjellberg Mary Maki Bob Collins STANDING Jim Collins Roy Mattson Diana Kangas Sue Renowden Jumpm Jupiter by Kurtz Gord on Abby Dot and Pat share an apartment and try to crash Broadway Pat s boy frxend Bob hves ln the apartment above them A rent b111 15 due and the1r landlady Molhe 15 on the war path She tells them they better pay or else when Pat whose cur1os1ty got the better of her comes m wxth a box she saw a man drop m a waste can They open the box and fmd that xt IS the S 5 000 ransom that was supposed to be paxd to Baby Faced Ben who has kxdnapped Irene Mandrzng They are afra1d to notxfy the pohce and to add to the predxcament Ben has followed Pat home They men What they put h1m through to prove he IS an astrologer 15 a pamc When they draft h1m to help but the money back ln the waste can a buck w1th a note on xt as thrown through the wxndow w1th this warnmg You have the money but that s not all you re gomg to get What they get 15 the k1dnapped gxrl gagged and bound dropped at thexr doorstep Of all t1mes for Mmme who has Just completed her F1rst And course to pop nn lookmg for a v1ct1m thls would be xt Mmme recognlzes the g1r1 and runs to the pohce ln then' posxtxon the mere thought of the pohce petrxfxes them Needless to say all ends well 126 I I ' I ' If 1 ' ' 0 I I ' i U - spot Ben watching them and when Oscar, an astrologer, happens in, they take him for one of Ben's . 0 , nn 1 1 0 nc - l ,I ' . l . . , . . . . , . . . . . . Ablgall Baker Dorothy Freston Patrlcxa Arnold Robert Wr1ght Mollze Malone Oscar Bzmbleton Irene Mandrlng Ben G11da Messenger Boy Mmme Mxldew Polxcewoman 2 Mex 2 Q X Q49 47, X WHO S SICK '7 THE CAST bye, ,N 2,54 Nancy Karppmen Faxth Kosk1 Sue Renowden James Collms Nancy Kjellberg Roy Mattson .Tackle Langlozs Phxl Kempamen Nlary Makl Robert Collms Frances Laltmen Dlana Kangas Director - ------------- Mr Walter Brotherton umpm Jupiter STAR TING EAR LY ? T e N , Tumor Class ww presents STATE FAIR Wed Nov 17 1954 N0 2q0 Hagh School Audztonum 8 00 P M Students S 35 128 'OV if , M if vu 1 ,a w vb R ' '. K wx " .U 'L 'x - K' "f. X f ' XM 3 ,H w, 1 . 1-f, A V 15 :ffl f xr, q 2 ,f ' B ' 3 x , wi Ms. E5 , .N Z' J , fr ' ' W2 , . l W 'W ' 'f I .V . Q ,, xii. 'W Q , or ' A H, 1 7 V.. -1, Q V' ' xg I r 2 8' . 5 5 K ' 1 , 1 ,,',:f. ' ' t. 3 1' , 3' 5. 1' Q ' F 'f 'K W i 5 .X A2481 31 b. , ." . ,, N 'TZ at J . ' al , ' l v . , I . AQ A f-5. w 1 K 'Jiri' x ,aw ,,,,,,. H, Qfwg it 2525131 5 r wen-rnqknsw-fm. ,fi 0 N5 'f 1 y , B' N ffm: he-'li' ' Q wif 41:91 '. ?f9iw5v5'?1'1"' 122' "Y .fry 1 .gravy 4 3 JJYY -' ' i f H. MAKE UP EXPERT "LIPSTICK POWDER AND PAI T DARK EYES 13 0 LIPSTICK Speer: v u.ooxs LIKE A FISH STORY DIG THAT DIDN'T YOU GET ANY ICE CREAM, LOWELL? 131 SHE WAS DOING THE MAMBO FANCY GOWN X STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE One of hfe s greatest achxewements IS the abxhty to d1sc1p11ne ourselves Mus1c teaches us how to do th1s The study of mus1c also helps us to apprecxate the truly great art1sts It teaches us to look for and apprec1ate the f1r1er thlngs m 11fe A11 of us who have part xclpated m N H 5 mus1c V- 111 flnd that our 11ves are en rxcned m countless ways 132 . y . V . - 0 V . s e , . . . 1 Q. V. . . - 0 - 1 . - . I Y 1 1 fu 4 I Y J. 1 Q-I """i' 1 Q . -"-I' g.s E 2 'f 14 qs-ff L,--f , fx.-f""TiIff '85, ,fb S ,"i4.Ssu 'fo' 3 xx s . ...- . x "V '7 '? x ,. Q, ,w . ." V ""': 'Q il , Q ,' ,""'-v-VJS5' , Q 6 en Q, rikg Y-El M. N .. . . 3 S. CQ V moor- e 'fa Nev QP' afield, Eife high guy- sh1'eld,J M f-7E'.1flJ Ba nd FIRST ROW: Left to Right: David Anderson, Katy Hlll, Sharon Korpl, Marlon Whitford, Carol, Maid, Caryl Sundlne, Pat Hampton, Joan Vloletta, Maxine Repola. SECOND ROW: Helen Rivers, Jean Sandstrom, Faye Allen, Paul Williams, Robert Chapman, Donna Etelemakl, Alton Chapman. Ann Richards, Joyce Trewhella, Sharon Pezzottl, Carolyn Poslo, Jean Mollanen. THIRD ROW: Diane Anderson, Darlene Relkkl, Neilan Parkkonen, Rosalle Brisson, Judy Dunstan, Barbara Dawe, Peter Palme, John Jordan, Roxine Johnson, Ronald Warren, Jarnes Anderson, Joyce Korpi, Joanne Kujala. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Klvlsto, Sheldon Ahola, Dick Born, Phlllp Kempalnen, Bruce Cnlllna, Jaxnes Bogetto, Stuart Valente, Student Director: Sandra Sharp. Nancy Kjellberg, Nancy Around. Joyce Manske, Edith Nylander, Anne Ellis, FLFTH ROW: fStandlngl Mr. W. L. Daley. Director: Bonnie Dahlstrom, Nick Taserls, William Richards, Joyce Holman. fSeatedj Dennis Jlrvl, Bernard Bean, Gerald Lalturl, Richard Seeg. fStandlngJ Dale Hlntsula, Joe Luccl, Bruce Conradson, Robert Herman, Wllllam Hyry, Rodney Bessolo, James Collins. N01 Fill UU Y Rf lftjffftiif wire for for Fear- for A 7 r 5 J ,QA VFP 'intnfflgigiig Dance Band TOP ROW: Bruce Conradson, Bruce Collins, James Bogetto, Stuart Valente, Carolyn Maki. BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Sharp, Nancy Kjellberg, Student Directory Anne Ellis, Joyce Manske, Mr. W. L. Daley, Director: Nick Taseris, Sandra Kempainen. I ' I I 1 1 -, .--. - . mu muse mga I VUE? 71 pawn the field s vfgiglzgrsgl 7 7 7 n ,mu J U' ini + fiiff? if fb xi P 1 4 QESQUPSE d 'a I 1 1144 1 ' -ll P ' 7 'J' t-if Check if 6966 Gif, 51 Y-OWN vel 'aww oo:-1 ,Saw-1 ps bX4G1,9 C:o49XXo , S061 'Voc ,APG-950, Om oX Y-gvwgep, 9 otke 49.19-0 so-8-. Soqffe 'YzJ1,Qegx, btw. 619 4-egvqpgpeg, veoxva xf-wee oo, 91 . 'MKG-9 Y-O4 , Gognkooey. Ovpvz Oeecoakne X 136 emo . P9520 9610 590099 ?O4 '. Vik- 01001 qawx ter. X501 Sc Q Sa Ergo vw! 9 K- 9a og, Avg, Sv of bank OX was 9 op, 9. Sxiai fox, Xxoo e 9099 ?vvoN . 509619 x. no Ywxqgo 9o,9 Ove-was op , Sw Qqkpegx, Xa 9 'wwf-0009. 3 ogy ? e was , Barvm a ?ooe- , W? -poxytve vaxwq. g.IM5o0S , px on pf,9eXy9, Swaps X491 90 Qvmqawen, Woof-'I Ywovexxs , 3:5955 41 . v . Omni , 9Xtecko1', k?.vea'w6 an , Bbw op Y Mvqcoqea, 3 oexwo 4 599K f, , f -6 K-ov, aozvs. Xo. We , 0 159 9-Qvak , Nw . XBK-av N 5,9 1 oo '6 Q x OoXX599 rlple Trio LEFT T0 RIGHT Jeanne Hosklng Mary Pellow Joyce Manski Betty Schehnder, Frances Laltlnen Bonnie Dahlstrom Nancy Kjellberg Sandra lzmpalnen Katy Hlll ACCOMPANIST Carolyn Maki Girl Cantando LEFT TO RIGHT Barbara Laukka Mall: Mallet Jenn Mollanen Joyce Trevhelln Nnornl Prusi Yvonne Pizlall Anita Nurml, Marlene Hlll ACFOMPANIST Dhne Anderson 137 : : : . . . ' l Girl ' G ee Club ROW ONE: J. Hosking, J. Peterson, P. Johnson, J. Isaacson, E.Tessmer, J. Tenhunen, R. Laituri, M. Bogetto, J. Holrnan, R. Niemi, D Kemp, J. Violetta, M. MacDonald, F. Phillips, J. Sandstrom, Mrs. J.Sundquist, Director. ROW TWO: C. Pelto, B. Campbell, E. Johnson, 5. M. Anderson, B. Kaz-ki, N. Lewis, J. Holman, C. Mattson, M. K.ivisto,P. Laukka, S. Kangas, P. Carlson, J. Kangas, L. Bronkhorst, M. R. Goodhue, J. I-Iarju, N. Larson, S. Korpi, B. Verran, N. Prusi, R.Johnson, O. Meni, DI Etelamaki, K. Hill, J. Johnson, A. Dompierre, Granlund, J. Fredrickson, N. Vidlund, R. I-loid, J. Anderson, T. Johnson.ROW FOUR: D. Anderson, M. Parkkonen, A. Grenier, M. Oates. Hintsula, C. Kaminen, D. Uitto, L. Johnson, B. Mattson, P. Campbell,S. Cory, N. Kjellberg, I. Ruokala, A. Holmi, S. Ives, A. Lehtinen, M. NOT PICTURED: Joanne Niemi, Bonnie Dahlstrom. The Girls' Glee Club is made up of eighty girls ranging from grades nine to twelve. They participated in the Community Christmas Concert and also took part in several school programs. The Girls' Cantando is composed of girls from grades nine to eleven. Like the Triple Trio, they practice once a week during school. They parti- cipated in several school programs during the year and occasionally sang at public programs. 138 ROW ONE: M. Whitiord, N. Johnson Schelander, C. Lal-'ave, J. Koski, D Chinn, L. Kananen, M. Johnson, K B. Mansld, D. Maki, D. Harju, J. Hodge NIST, M. Pellow. NOT PICTURED Leveillie, C. Tessmer, N. Laurila. J Krook, S. Salmer, C. Hill, K. MZNSOH Mattson, G. Sarri. ROW THREE M. Lahti, C.Ho1man. J- Korpi. J S. Hult, B. Gorst, B. Numikoski. J Kai-veia. AccoMPAN1sT, c. Maki. The 1954-55 High School Mixed Chorus is composed of fifty-six members under the direction of Mrs. J. Sundquist. They participated in the Community Christmas Program held in the Memorial Gymnasium. Also they presented a spring concert and attended the fescival held in Escanaba. The Triple Trio is a group of Junior and Senior girls. These girls practice once a week during school and have sev- eral evenings of practice when preparing for special occasions. In the course of the year the Triple Trio has sung at numerous banquets for community affairs. They also took top honors in the U. P. Solo and Ensemble festival held in Marquette. ixed Chorus A good athlete 1S one who likes to play the game for the fun and sport of it Besides the pleasure he gains from playing the athlete learns The game requires mental and physical ability as well as the spirit and w111 to win We have learned that here as in every other field we progress through quality 140 Y discipline and acquires a sense of achievement. Y . I . . .fisiw E :Ti Klf rr' L . ,vw . f j. V .- "Qu 7.11 ffvfr ':'ifyIQ?t" H ' f 'JP4?""f 1'ffffa'9' ,. 3hf,?,a,4,-L 2 Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee x x s f I 4 2 "Pleased Coaches" HOME GA MEb 13 Stambaugh 20 Newberry 12 Munising 6 Houghton 4 . . " 'X . ,.u f-. B. J -, P arslty ROW 1: Violetta, Marjama, Hill, Saari, White, Wertanen, Si. John, Lahtinen, Conrad Laitala, Jennings, Pax-kkonen, Lahti, B. Collins, Mitchell, Johnson, Wassberg. ROW 3: "Why the Grin. Tom? 14 8 "Cha "Me1v L Football Ne gaunee N e gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee son, I. Collins, Harju. ROW Z: Annelin, Hoff, Chlri, R . Collins, Hates, Langlois, Hyry, Mnttson, Herman. Kempainen. Roberts. Lukkonen, Connors, Graves. THE. BACK1-'IELD "Richie, Roger" "Ding, Tom" AWA Y GAMES 6 Manistique 5 6 lshpeming 34 Marquette 13 Calumet rgg Bird "Ready, Hike" "Dave In Bill" my v 9 I s L ff x I ROW ONE: Aird, Larsen, Anderson, Jenkins, Manski, Fredrickson, Jarvx Chapman Belmore Sundberg, Jacka, Thomas. ROW TWO: Ex-ck, Gagon,,Sa1o, Matthews, Lucci Jalonen Born Hen derson, Neimi, Hojnacki, Bond, Paine, Gagon, Harsilia. ROW THREE: Ahola Walimaa Bessolo Kokko, Guizzetti, Vanni. Jennings, Collins, Gagon, Borlace. ' " Team Football Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee "B" SQUAD 25 20 0 0 144 GAMES Ishpeming Ishpeming Newberry Munising 1 1 'w i Junior High Football ' 1-iN.. Q L x 14 A . xx Zi 11,11 N ROW ONE: K. Johnson, P. Downey, A. Leokola, H. Krook, D. Savolinen. G. Lang10iS. J. Koski Impola. ROW TWO: L. Miller, W. Wassburg, M. Kemp, R . Gagon, L. Rogers, R. Darling. Makela, W. Lakari. ROW THREE: Coach Northey, A. Hendrickson, R. Johnson, R. Pizzali P, Carollo, P. Matero, D. Jarvi, M. Ratola, L. Salmio, M. Harry, P. Polkinghorn, I... Syring. Forchini. 145 D. T. P. R. -su, MARY WALIMAA ALICE HOLMI QUEEN SUE RENOWDEN ' 'ij I .7 A1.1cE,sUE, MARY 146 Let 5 go boys if 3 lag, We re on our way at last The Varsity Football Team after a successful season had the pleasure of gomg to Mmnesota to have some fun and see a college football game between Mmnesota and Oregon The boys raised the money by sellmg booster txckets for the Hough ton Home conrung Game Here we are at the hotel. Now' Wyre going go have fun 147 Senlors Harry Gale Johnson Lee Pr 1de aux Raymond Wal11s Jack Junlors Ant111a James Collms James Co111ns Robert Connors James Gervae James Harju Dav1d Korpl, Jack Marjama Lowell Mattson Roy Mltchell W11l1am Mollanen, Edward Parkkonen Elden St John Roger Vloletta Dav1d Wertanen Rlchard Whxte W1111am Sophomores Conradson James Ghlardl Davxc Hares Tom Herman Robert Lukkonen Rlchard Fre shmen Be s solo Rodney Born Rlchard Hyry W1111am Jarvx Wayne Watter s Ralph Manager Annelm Vernon Coach Mr Hoff lndwldual Honors D1stance Runs James Connors Robert Collms Wm Mitchell Hurdles Ray Prideaux Shot Put Gale Harry Broad Juxnp Ray Prideaux 14- Relays Robert Herman Ray Prxdeaux James Connors Richard Wertanen High Jump Jack Wallis Pole Vault Ja:-1' Wallis Track Squad .1 ,' I 2 '., , ' Kokldd, William . I-F m. R JJ' ,Q -.-.1 Basketball I954-'55 OPE NING GAME arslty Basketball Team Ne gaune e Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee ROW ONE Chapman Hare: Johnson Lahtinen Ghiardi Herman Hyry Annelin ROW TWO Coach Sox-tal Lukkonen Chiri Jennings Mitchell Gervae Liatala Penrose HOME GA MES Ironwood Bes semer Stambaugh Ontonagon I955U I3 Reglona Q I . . l 65 37 49 37 40 45 A 40 51 Basketball Champs Negaunee 42 Ishpeming 29 56 ' ' 43 39 31 57 44 48 ' ' 53 51 45 59 ' ' 5 . 52 . 50 51 ' Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Mamstlque Soo Marquette Mun1s1ng 0 Ne gaunee Ne gaune e Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee AWAY GAMEJ 'R Newberry Soo Mums mg Marquette Menommee Stephens on Ishpemmg Jw sf N-4 i, I if E.: H J N! P-UP' 'E U " " Basketball Team Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Negaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee ROW ONE Ahola Ollila Kokko Lucci I-'redrickson Lindstrom Niemi Jax-vi Chapman ROW TWO Ialonen Bessolo Paine Maki Belmore Born Jacka Coacn Henderson Nat Mxne St Paul B Mxchxgamme Ontonagon B Ishpemlng B Mums mg B Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee 74. T Ill!! Z 0 UQ 07 1: as Q 0 5,U'lU1LaJHbONU1 I' tn . 'um Hn . as - ' UQ . .i N. I.. :UE '. O-lkrzknaxbh'-UN -' U'Ln5NU13Nlbh Us-DvPSNU1rP xxwsoov-oo " -., H fb .fb llllllff F-fxlhjx, 'MTV . I u : : I l 'WU MuH1S1Hg B P1erce B Marquette B Repubhc Stephenson Marquette B ui,--1--0 Junior Hugh Squad ROW ONE Mr Wassberg B Wassberg Ylanio Ju-vi, Hendrickson Thomas, Johnson Gu-ceuu Harry ROW TWO Luokkola Impala Krook Plziali Rhltlla Domplex-e,Sllmio,Stephenl, Kallionen Gervae Statistician, Leon Korte. Roger Jennings 153 P p Club STANDING BACK ROW Left to Right Ilona Rubatt Julia Parkonen Nancy Johnson, Sue Renow den Mary Jean Walimaa Katherine Hill Roxine Johnson Shu-leen Valenti Jackie Lnngloll Frances Laitlnen Karen Wiig Mary Pellow Beatrice Numlkosld Marilyn Johnson FRONT ROW Jean Sandstrom Barbara Dawe Joy Holmon Joyce Koskl Sharon Antilla Dorothy Hill, ull Kemp Edna Etelamaki Deanette Manlnen Manlyn Lahti Jeri Juchernich Carol Kolld Jeanne Johnson Joanne Fredrlckson Eunice Johnson Pat Palm Mildred Solo SEATED Nancy Lewil ley Bessolo Betty Karki Francine Phillips The Cheermg Contest was won for the thlrd consecutzve year by the Class of 1956 Coach Hoff presented the cup to .Tzm Hodge px-es1dent of the Jumor class, during a pep meeting m the boys gym 154- . 5 3 1 . - I I I I I I I 1 . . u - 7 . . . . . I 0 I I I I l I I I v f 1 1 - I n Sonja Kangas, Laura Maki, Elaine Tessmer, Virginia Karki, Jeannie Leviellie. Pat Pascoe, Sh1rG Y I U - 4 'v -a 3 I I a -' -. .f . , - , . . . . . . p Club Uffice S SEATED Left to Right Sue Renowden President Jeri Juchemich Vice President STANDING Carol Kolki Secretary Betty Karki Student Our band and cheerleaders . I 1 I 1 Council: Frances Laitinen, Treasurer. .!,,, arsity C eerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Koskx Jerx Juchemlch Pat Pascoe Shxrley Bessolo Frances Laxtxnen Jackie Langloxs Betty Karld Francine Phillips Come on team fxght Are you ready 7 Snii le pr etty Gab sessxon Fight team fxght 156 Who me" . ff 5 ' . 4-v N ajorettes LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Johnson, Joann Nieni, Beatrice Campbell, Kathryn Mattson, Elaine Nurmi, Arlene Kempainen, Margaret Oates, Julia Park- konen, Barbara Roos. Ilona Rubatt, Lynn Wicklund, Kathryn Johnson. These girls are drilled by Gloria Maki, '53, now attending NMCE. Laura Maki Nancy Lewis 157 I I I I r LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Leveilli, Ginger rxarki, Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee 5' 5 3 Z K+ 'VJ W x in 1 fi f 4 w r ' 3 ' ff! K Baraga Par Marq. Gr av. lshpeming St. Joe QD AS ALL J. Stolnack, R . St. John, L. Anderson. F. Terres, R. Thompson. ROW 3: S. Chapman, D. Anderson. R. Herman, W. Hyry, Kokko, Tamblyn. 159 Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee Ne gaunee 9 ,' W, 'X QWJ Q ,lim r' ' . X f' ' X N f 9 ,2 X .2 V B araga Par . Gwinn Marq. Grav. Ishpeming J .t A .. A.. , J ,M 4. L ni 'sv Th1s IS a fam1l1ar sxght to most travelers on the present U S 41 Although the hlghway 15 belng relocated thls w111 not 1nterfere w1th the orlgmal plantlng To former Negaunee superlntendent H S Doolxttle and the graduatzng class of 1925 goes the honor of startmg the first school forest m the state of Mlchxgan The trees planted here are Whlte Pzne and Red or Norway Pme At the present t1me the dent aCt1V1tleS at the orlgxnal s1te consxst of polmcxng or cleamng up Our present s1te for plantmg 15 located at Eagle Nhlls A m1xed stand of Norm ay and Scotch Pu-e 15 planted there 160 , , li-.4..t.,M wx M.. ' , , . , . I I ' l . . . V-.. , . . , . . -,-.--- ,f-ff QI 10" 0 3 4 ml' Rnlvhnw I- luorlng alp- In-dum -4 ,r' 0' Mak F ""- -M. 'L' Sky Rx -hs. 161 XE FIRST an "Hs The Chouce of D1scr1m1natmq Semors ll Plllilllllblllclllllillllylkllglll d IC ds born e c mentA unc Congratulations To The Class Of 1955 An Advertiser Palm Bottled Gas Tappan Ranges aud Stoves Servel Refrlgerators 403 Iron Street Negaunee SELIN S Hendrickson s Q96 A ci owcnt Grocery q-he M G le G ISl"L GUI 119 755 Baldwln Avenue Featuvutg 7Auwevu:o.,s Fmest Home Fumislxinqs and 75xppl,io.nces 2 c I 1 n 1 . Gra uation Persona ar And Y m n e nno ements f---Q O' ' I Printcraft Card Company, Inc. Scranton 5, Pennsylvania I c u, on 5-414 9 ' 9 N umee ll 11 iv C ivcle p i U QSOMPLIMENTS OF THE Recogn e the well nformed local ge ts re dy to serv yo n your Ins ra ce needs DIGHERA INSURANCE AGENCY HAUSERMAN INSURANCE AGENCY PERKINS INSURANCE AGENCY PIONEER AGENCY SIVULA INSURANCE AGENCY TAMBLIN INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENTS MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF 6 A . . 7 Negra-Lmee TASSOCLQJCLOII of lnsuvclnce Qaxgcmfs iz i , a n a e u i u n If Its Congratulauons from Holman s Store Negaunet, Mlchlgan Northern Dalry Has It Turn Today To CO OP STORE Quahty Co op Products PA'1 ROIN OWINFD 4 I Negaunee M1Ch1QaH weft azzez cfewele s bt eet Congratulahons orthorn Dau' THE CHILDRENS Sm NEGAUNEE MIILFRS Nrm ISHPEMING rrte CONGRATULATIONS MARQUETTE FROM L LOYD S TEXACO 164- , V u , 1 40 ron Streot' 'I In 1 I P Iron ' ,r Northern Dairy Milk NEGAUNEE . . I ' I I I Your Fav 1 i hlxagazfnes TH E VIGA BOWLING ALLEY S Negaunee Mlchlgan Negaunee Co op FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Negaunee M ch gan 440 Iro Street 11 tv B t f Congratulatlons to the Crass of 55 N EGAUN EE H ARD WARE NI AIN DRI FT Dls'rlNc'rlvE CATERING RUSSO BROTHERS Ns Lg CONGRATULATIONS from S MATTSON 8: CO Dorste Roos Prop GBUCERIES AND PRUVISIONS Pcltvonnze Pioneer? Advevtisevs Independent Fuel an Lumber Company N egaunee Mlchlgan LACOSSE OIL CENTER Your Firestone Dealer , i i H Not for profit - Not for c ari ' ' u or service ' , l l Be xvisel Russo-izc! Negaunee, r ic i un , . . 9 the 65 Woodshop .hy 1 6-mb rf ,sw S Refinishing In Home EC I IALSUOITM I I+ BEST WISHES rom The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company A I d I S ' I S nd Century of Service Ccan n ustry" Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of '55 FIRST NATIONAL BANK of NEGAUNEE q0rgamzed 18879 qMember Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporation? Shop at the V 8: L BEN FRANKLIN STORE Auto Serv1ce ln Negaunee GAS and OIL for real values A penny saved Teal Lake Avenue ls a penny earned THE NORTHERN TERRAZZO CLEVELAND CLI FFS AND TILE COMPANY IRON COMPANY TELEPHONE T G 5 6411 Land 81 Lumber Department terra zo walls a d floors it P bb h It dl tl e asp 5 an no e Negaunee, Mlchlgan 6 CC I .115 ii W Y, - . "We specialize in ceramic tile, .iffl u -J I 1- -J z n il ill tu r, i i . , , Our Own Bread The Bread You Need For The Life You Lead Typewrlters Addmg Machmes 053108 Equipment S d Altmann Typewriter 81 Addmg Machine Service Best Wrshes To The Class Of 1955 From I G Thomas D D R E Johnson D D S I Bessolo D D Mrchasl DeFant Attorney at Law Aaron Lowenstem Attorney at Law 69 I ol Rented Repaired 122 N. Third Street Marquette, Michigan . . , . . . . , . . 3 l YOUR DRUGGIST ARNETH BRQTHERS Your Prescnphon Store THE REXALL STORE At Gur Founta1n We Use Spnng Water For MIXIHQ Our Soft Dnnks THE J J SPECSIALTY SHOP f 301 fron Street Neigaunee BREITUN G HOTEL N egaunee, Mlchlgan CONGRATI LATIONS CROWN S PII XRM XF Y w Lg 170 LO affa 1 c unc E 5141! Jff LEVINE BRGTHERS Cguft Ideas 4550 uets igdewglvy i'Suspendevs By Hwkok THE TEEN TAP For Your' Goke 200 I0 'c Nogc ee Mm 1 CV' Z' ' M ' fN'ug..4 3 u 1,1 . . u by T my, N H :Quan 4-.ffm zumarzfi-cglufioi u Qafsviiion Qu ?, . ,wjhx :ff i. ' CL frfbnl gr S73 L Av,L I I 4 1' . , . U - L ll S . - um , I Ncganncc, . IC I an '1-v 4 f ' 215, V .. 523' " 'gkufi - ., gay 1' f Y ' I 'ia V! S ff' IX a 5,- KI' 'I I , . , Msg -Ina ga x gf f, - 4 Q' 'f't"f'1 Q20 I xisxg' '.:.a.g. g!.feXf'2, ' fi' 3'fv"f 4 15, ' v' :Z 'SW N... li' lr fsglzx U It MN-F? " V, , ..- A f JI . U, ,fm ' I I I Isl lllfll All UOHMIH ,J f g ,, -1-. -f w 'L 'i11?',g,:. ' - 1' 'Riff PELLGW FPRINTINC CSO. is PUBLISHERS OF PRIX TER5 OF THE NRE HY NUZ NEQAI NEI? JWCHICDAJN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 55 NORTH RANGE MINING COMPANY Negaunee, Mlchlgan BEST WISHES T The CLASS f1955 WEST END CAFE Neg e M h ga Congratulahons from THE MINER S STORE Iron Street C Oh GR NTL L XTION S ll xlg KOSKI S MARKET Fresh Meats and Grocerles Negaunee Mlchlgan The Neqaunee Iron Herald A f A r f ij A f, J, T' , ,- I 5 , Y 1 L ' L L A K IKFUIII PAUIIS FOOD MARKET I I Tea 4alCC AVCHUC Nc-gauncv, A Xie li an 0 9 o , . aune ic i n , T ' ' H W Elson's Bottling Works Highest Quality Carbonated Beverages lshpemmg OSLIIIH tl L.-.L C b Thanks ' The sfall of the PIONEER washes lo fhanlc rf s adverhsers and subscnbers for fherr co oprahon m presenhng fhrs book We also wash fo grve special fhanlrs fo fhe lollowlng Hvgh School Pnnf Shop Hrgh School Arf Deparfmenf Mr Sulo Ola Mr Ball Wrlhams Mak: Sfudro Childs Arf Gallery Nahonal School Sluchos nc Walsworfh Brothers Marquette Congratulatlons From Kompsl Bakery exton S Restaurant and Bakery 314 Iron Street Negaunee Mlchlgan Robare s Grocery P1oneer Ave Phone on 5-em Across from the Fare Hall R .' ' ry Slum? 0 405 lron Street Negaunec, lwiclligan 0 . , 173 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '55 Negaunee Needlecraft Corporation CHHEHATUUXHUHS EUXSS UP 55 VIEW WWBU1 if J f ,f Efy BEAU CHATEAU DINE IN A PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 55 NEGAUNEE FIRE DEPT T L GOLLINS VIEATS d GROCERIES Ng Mhg IU ms , X X X . EZZQUZZ, S0175 'ly I ' 1 f quafafgsi Q-Dyufoua, an in A an LUTEY S GREENHOUSE CQNGRATULATUONS ffgm IAMES PICKANDS IHLOWLRS an GX M lrguu comrnnv If You Keep WANGBERG ELECTRIC You w111 see that rt pays to trade wrth HoTPo'NT Collm s Cash Market APPLIANCES The Up-tadate GROCERS Q. 13 Dealers xn Fresh Salted and Smoked Meats and Flsh 'NSW Seam, The F lctlfm Genevatuon un, Neguudnee WN :rqvlreve Smcwt Tlfrings Gomc Fvonf, 175 7 GF A a N jummee, LC i' Your Open i,FLM wlz:rffN"' OP citizens of Vision and al:il.iJcy P. Q A

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