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-1 ' l , Ji: 'C A P 3' A ..- N ' Rf "tux A LW kd 5- f"H ' 'N - f ', 4 4 M. 19 , ., V. .V V, , :- M f 1., .W 1 an-1, I fn-J. 1 I I ,In 1 . '!p V ' . 5 ' ' li . 5' 4 ' . T J Q 1 I U , I .,' "r H179 '11, . " Ol 1' 1 ' M-'I ' 1 -f-5' I. ,f ni. 5 1 I .Fw , 1, lr Pg Lvl, fe!!! ' Q I V , f, Q .15 ' 7 ' 4L' A A4 , ,v .'1. f in V 0' IG'-x: 4 ,wi u ,.,k '- fx 4 Q' , npkj w It v, Q I 4 f v! ' D . M . gi f m Q , 4 Er f . u A 'Q-.1f"'1 5' 5:3123 f V. W. H aff Dir- , ' A ,. . vu? lf , aw 'ey' .7 "' 45' ..-,gs WW4. -- Q... "MY . --,Ng 4- -,TI lf. . I x .Ilqg... '. -- .---11 . 1 . ,, A,,,, , .pw -,., . NEGAUNEE A Q- ,L ii 1955 X HUNEER Q 4.4 MICHIGAN 516' usurp 5 Q 5,3 iff C , LL .t'44 ll A HL xxfw LC LC6 fL0lfL Un umm mi X, 1 ar Q 1 nn U J At mn xnmju xL QW J w 1 f. . f L , 1119 'nxnvrf 'x Mfr' a h '1' ' "U21I's11'1K'0 Lmv' Lh'-C' the i 11 f K I-1' vs? is u.l143l.i33.u'1'Q yt fr Hn' V vulka ix ti' 5, In the-vv wrwwllid , Umu1w'.x1u uf'Tm'Il!Ulli'Li1I1C1L1fT'H',-QIu1IHs11l'1'fLf!'H1m'i1' L'hi1ClI"I Ihv lx It ,I I4-:1:'1', IMA Nndi'11m1-1 y5x'21m-iully nlrwiinanlv-w rrmzxtnfclk, Thi' Idrw 'Nl 1 MVK'li'4,:El51?,vL1l.1IHlf1.nlYwigl'111i1IiivL1k'41 -Alum lj? Hi, II 1-, Hur' vi 11 X MI' w:1y1:'5,g 'trmrli y4L1"I.,1T,U v uh-, harm u:11'r'1-wilkwlfLmzwiw fm IJ LJ X M200 x X j bf IM-H1 Lei? .................. .-'.'1?TW'I1i.-21'qYII'uI :xml Fm pity ,,,,,, , , , Us-rm-F211 .'XtI1Xl!1l'?'f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5' rin ...... ............. il-'i' 1" Lfk"TH 'r .....,.,...... . F1 rt' VH ,..,............ . . O11 fm f 1 'Q ,Al 1 J 1' 1 f ,L 4-4H"""WX ,aff -an QQV' SCHOOL y LIFE 'W 2 yk X x a X' h ' 1 .j 5' W X. 1 ' lk ' '1. Q rr S! 'ff li X gr , A I gs A fx .., ' xxx ' ' 5 1 het.-zz., P5 J i i gzcfion lag Q2 :J Cfazen was 00 The studen body goes to the pulls. S enior ouemmenf 5-Z5 g ,gzfacfenf mayor G don Farragh gets the gavel from Mayor Si 1 . .giludenf GL? Omen 5 ODLVLCL WLQVL Gordon Farragh Mayor John Isaacson Jack Johnson Roy Koskl Mayor Pro tem Ray I.,1nds'rom lVIarv1n Mak1 Bob Rxchards OFFICERS Clty Judge Cxty Manager Cxty Attorney Clty Chxef of PO11CC Clty I-'1re Chmef Cxty Treasurer Clty Assessor C1ty Engxneer Clty Health Off1cer C1'y Superxntendent of Pubhc Works James Jurmu Mark McNabb Ted Prudom Toxvo Holm1 Ronald Laxtmen Nancy Kokko Stephen Ellxs Martm Anderson James Sxmpson Jack Lelnonen I City Clerk ........... . . ..... ...., . .. Marilyn Riekki Jn Muffin! ,AAD Vocatmnal courses prepare us for mdustry 0l4'Ll'l'L8l"CL6L tra1n us tor the busmess world C Typing, sherthand, bookkeeping, and Uffice practice Weckanicaf mu wing The use of precxslon tools alerts us to the value of accuracy Qfznfang The school punt shop produces pro grams t1Ck6tS posters forms and traxned type Setters u 0 0 1 1 ,K 1 1 1 Q . A I. mfmaa 'ff A Entertainmg parents and faculty makes us better hostesses 64 ' . ea, 1 K4'A OWLQWLH, LVL Sola! Simian I 1' CLQVLCQ Xie lp-urn In Lhxnr' and tu '.-.Urr Xu!!! 'll OWL? lfLI"5Ll'L A1lSemUr 91115 an glxan the cuurbe IH home nuralng ab out school nurse ax d cover one same ter of wurk These g1rls haxe leaxngd lu mkn umpe-raturc,, lined by the Arnerican Red Cross. This course is taught by the to Count the pat1ent's pulse, ,. A we K and to prepare and serve a tray, mr-' 4:27 V11 M W x xox YOXYNBKX ix eg, 0 euk i Q x e ww wxka 2 .3 Xie awe OYJCYCXLXXO ee 5, fm Q oocxoe O x-Ox 6, 10x o Xxfx x vitae V'OVYlf WWW OW V0 Co YY xzdoe xhn OV' obert K,-a exrxo R ck L IKE XMJX A ube XXQYX Ps. 'O-:Q CC 60 bl PX lucky 'Y ox ark-xoe xx x' Pmne O Ra mood ,J 0 Yay Chap-na Gad weX ukh obert ilxdo ax C xw x5 rx Nauwn Xuan N t Dax: xd Xia f , L,f:,f, ' f 2 ' Lf M fyf? H , , A 'Q jf' . 7m9'5?i47 1 ' L: ' 2 ' 54? 11 1 K ,qw ,gf ggi? ,jg . A ,f QM-. , , jx ,HQ5 L K fz wf. . 'Z 4? 5915 E XS Z' 3 QL! ri T- ixaggutliaiax' 2, i i ffggk fff vr. 0, -- Q, fx 1 4 H , , n Q T ff- ? I 1 4 , 1 R S 1 as 4' H f , y a A 1' 1 4 8534 if Q Q X 1 5 6 ffm W k W f1:W2'ff'5Q r ,, , 5? f 'Q f J, ,E gf ' Y AWN S4 ' W 46 ,W , f V1 My F 2 . , ,,. H , ,,.,,J Z Q -A H , Zgyl ff' ,J ,gy v CAST OF CHARAC TERS Roberta Heidemann Claudette Holm Robert Cope Madge Danielson Liz Cory David Kjellberg Jack Erkkila Delight Koski Robert Alperi Lee Johnson Anne Sandstrom js ,N A 1 1. -X-u Q vu 0 ,f '-5 . Q IIDIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIII FIQICUUY AND ' E If I I W XX- Qgdlflllffe EGF! of JlflCdil Olfl LEFT TO RIGHT E W Born Superxntendent, Samuel Ford, Pau1P Bell Secretary Thomas L Co'lms Presldent George Williamson, Busxness Manager Leshe W Rxchards Onme Marjama Treasurer MR WILLIAMSON Busxness Manager l"LlfLCL CL MR ROBERT K RICHARDS, B A M A Northern Mxchlgan College of Educatxon Urnversmty of Mlchlgan Northwestern Umversxty lftl98PLl'I,t6l'L Wit MR EDWINW BORN, B Ph M Concord1a College Amerxcan Conservatory Umversxty of Wxsconsm Columb1a Umversmty A C . . Ph. ., . ' ' L, ' . of Music jdilftkg University of Michigan English, Journalism Gustavus Adolnhus College Uruversity of Ch1CagO Physical Science Guidance Counselor MR. WALTER L. BROTHERTON, B. S. Northern Michigan College of Education MISS MARTHA G ARNETH, B A Northern Michigan College of Education Engl1sh MR. HENNING J. ANDERSON, B. A., M. A. 61,614 MR JOSEPH DALLY B S Rankm Trade School Umversmty of Mmhmgan Industmal Arts MR GEORGE T COLLINS, B A Northern Mxchzgan College of Educatmn Umverslty of Mxchlgan Mathematms Northern Mxchxgan College of Educahon MR WALTER L DALEY Northern M1Ch1gan College of Educauon Colorado Un1vers1ty Muslc . , . . , B. S.,M. M. E. MR 361161443 VIR RICHARDE HEIDEMANN B A Un1vers1ty of 1Vl1ch1gan Un1vers1ty of Wlsconsm Socxal Studles DONALD HOFF B S St Thomas College UD1VeTS1ty of Mlnnesota Hamhne Un1vers1ty Physxcal Educauon Coach MISS FLORENCE HILDEBRAND S M Peabody College for Teachers G1rls Phys1cal EdUC3t1Oh 1 . . , . . B. ., . A. Indiana State Teachers' College . , . ., M. ED. 6lClft PAUL J LVIELI, B A M A Albxon College Unlversxty of Mxchxgan Soc1al Studles MR KENNETHF LIGHT, B S ,M A Unlverslty of Illxnols M1ch1gan State College Industrlal Arts 1v11ss KATHERYN MARRIOTT A , M World Hxstory Englxsh NIR. . . ., . . B. . . A. State University of Iowa 61,614 Engllsh MISS MARY E NORTHEY, B S Northern M1ch1gan College of Educauon A nthmetlc MISS DOROTHY M MILLER, B A Northern Mmchlgan College of Educatxon Western M1Ch1gan College of Educatxon MR ROBERT NORTHEY A , M Northern Mlchxgan College of Educatxon Un1vers1ty of Mxchlgan Mathematlcs 6lClfL Umve rsxty of M zchxgan MR CARL A PETERSON, B S North Park College Northern Mxchzgan College of Educatxon Vocal Musxc MR LEINOW PYNNONEN, B S , M S Northern lvlxchxgan College of Educat1on MR ALPHONSE RUDNESS, B S Northern Mxchzgan College of Educatzon Industr1al Arts l f Science, Mathematics ejblflflfay Umversmty of NI1Cl1188l'l Lat1n Enghsh MISS RUTH SM1:.DMAN B A Northern Mxchxgan College of Educatxon George Washlngton Umverslty Home Economlcs MISS MARY B SHURTLEFF, B A , M A Central M1ch1gan College ofEducat1on Northern M1ch1gan College of Educatmn George Washmgton Un1vers1ty Notre Dame Un1vers1ty St Louls Umverslty P hys1calEducat1on Coach ' MR. HARRY SORTAL, B. S. QCDL MISS RUBYL TRATHEN B s Northern M1ch1gan College of Educauon Mxchmgan State College Stout Instxtute Home Economxcs MISS ELSIE TULLBERG, B S Northern M1ch1gan College ofEducat1on Art MRS JEAN SUNDQUIST S M College of Educatmn Umvermty of Mxchlgan Muslc Art B. .. . M. Northern Michigan l l ECMA? Science Northern Michigan College of Educat1on University oflVl1ss1ss1pp1 Commerc1al MR. VERL E. WILLS, B. S. Northern Michigan College of Education MRS ARDES WILLIAMSON, B A Northwestern University University of Ch1cago English Arithmetic MR. CHARLES E. WHITE, B. S. EMA, MR ARTHUR W WASSBERG, B S M A Northern M1ch1gan College of Educatlon Umversmty of Mxchxgan World Geography Commercmal MR MATT VANNI, B S Umverslty of Mxchxgan Bradley Unwersxty Industrlal Arts MR OSCAR WASSBERG Northern M1ch1gan College of Educatlon Umversxty of Mlchxgan Geography Mathematxc s . . . ., . . E . B. S.,M. A. SM, MRS AMANDAE WILLIAMS, R N School of Publxc Health and Plnlanthropy School Nurse Home Nursmg MRS. BEVERLY JENNINGS Secretary to P1'1hC1pal MISS MARION ANNEAR Secretary to Supermtendent Augustana Hospital School of Nursing WY LOVLQQP' sg? 1953 Ed1tor 1n Ch1ef Assoclate Echtor Adv1sors M1ss Marrlott Mr Meh Mlss Tullberg Mr Rudness Photography Mr Makl Mr Seppanen Mr R A Brotherton Phyllls Anderson Ehzabeth Cory 40 Layout Art COPY Sports School Lxfe Buslness Manager Sales Manager Advert1s1ng Nancy Thomas Cha1rman Ann Bernard Nancy Kokko Glor1a Mak1 Anne Sandstrorn Beverly Perala, Chalrman Clyde Cheverette Ahce Chetto Lee Roberts Nancy K1v1saar1 Chaxrman Marrlynn R1ekk1 Sh1rley Nelson Joan Mess1er Gordon Farragh Chauman Robert La1tur1 Aruta O1l1ka1nen, Cha1rman Dorxs Saar1 Delxght Koskl Cel1a Kaupp1la JoAnn Plper Ruth Parlunen Florence Isaacson Carlene Warren Cha1rman Robert Wassberg Fay Chapman Cha1rman Krlstxne Phllllps Sh1rley D1ghera Chauman Ted Prudom Bob R1chards Ann Sarkela Pubhsher: Walsworth Brothers, Marcellne, M1ssour1 K xy K NS, V as 5: '-f A 57, 4 f 'Zi1y5,1Qvf2'? I W , .Q-X fn - " if .L Qfihgif ' W" 3, eww ' .q J f ,. ,ff A ffl- gy Q Q QQ A ,K V' ' ,ex 1 1 ,3 . ,Zu ,R ,ik i L, ji 'Iii ,Q iii W ,-Q51 55 Q, 'Hz ,. ww is - wvwlfw .M BOB RICHARDS Editor 3 Mr. Brotherton and Miss Marriott help the students with this project. The Pellow Printing Company sets the type. The activities and mam events of the school year are reported monthly by the Journalism class for the Nee Hy Nuz .gfwcfenf Gimme! Representatives are chosen annually from the different classes and organizations to serve on the Student Council, which acts as a link be- tween the faculty and the student body. The Student Council chooses the lyceum programs that are produced in the assemblies during the year. It helps to solve school pro- blems that pertain to the whole student body. OFFICERS President .... .......Jack Johnson Vice-President... .. Raymond Lindstrom Sec retary. . . . . . . . . lvlarilyrm Riekki Treasurer . . . . . Sue Renowden PRESIDENT Jack Johnson ROW l: Daniel Maki, Sue Renowden, Marilynn Riekki, Jack Johnson, Ray Lindstrom, Joan Messier, Nancy Thomas. ROW 2: Sheldon Ahola, Karen Maki, James Anderson, Jackie Langlois, Mr. Heidemann, David Violetta, Phyllis Anderson, Allen Ahola, Mr. Richards, Helen Rivers, Nancy Kivisaari Lynn Wicklund. What does the Ou13a board pred1ct'7 Tm H1 Y has a Halloween party Are the H1 Y boys rappmg at the door 9 .M Ll jot- y Thirty girls constituted the Tri-Hi-Y Club this year and under the leadership of Miss Shurtleff worked hard to carry out its purpose "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character, " They acted as hall monitors and assisted in the locker inspection. Other miscellaneous activities ofthe club included its initiation ceremonies, selling ice cream and candy bars at noon, packing a Christmas basket, and an outing in the spring. The Sophomore and Junior members look Gm C forward to another enjoyable year while the - Nant Seniors sadly bid farewell. rnafd, ,J Ifvkko a rzlynn 'Ri"1Vlljs And E ki 61-so ' n ROW 1: Ann Sandstrom, Judy Toms, Kristine Phillips, Katherine Hill, Betty Hyry. ROW Z: Donamay Garceau, Edith Salo, Nancy Harsila, Nancy Kokko, Ann Bernard. ROW 3: Marilynn Riekki, JoAnn Piper, Ann Marie Jarvi, Nancy Thomas, Ruth Parkinen. ROW 4: Doris Saari, Gloria Maki, Phyllis Anderson, Fey Chapman, Carlene Warren. ROW 5: Nancy Kivisaari, Francis Laitinen, Jacqueline Langlois, Rita Wilson, Carolyn Maki. ROW 6: Beverly Heikkila, Pauline Hutander, Lee Roberts, Elizabeth Cory, Claudette Holm. if QW Q W W k f , V .95 X , ew viii, W 1 I in tai .,r. W 5 ' M . V 5' , ,, ,, 'i' 7 4fQ . M f., ,, 'I 'QA A L 1 V 5 'fx 4 K 1 1? ' f f if P--4 N W 'Q s '?5'a,'ff?"g4 1 'wr ,ww ffb Q 1, . ' - gs X f .- 'V PI 3' v 5 . A Q' 7 ,i'593'Ar gg 4? W , - in ,N . ,,,A ,i Q ' 5 , U 53257. -' . ,, 4, 2:9 I Q 1 5' ' . 'vw 5-FZ--Y' my my w VIH ,saw B421 X31 if 955' ff? ,., .f Q 55 V7 I 'ii- MQ. ,lv 54,13 5' I2 I 793 V4 -' ' S ,. f,-J ' fy wr , Q., if 'H was ugifujenf rarzfand Carol. Small Ann Bernard -Xlxce Chelto Bexerly Hexkklla Lorrame Mannlla Nancy V171 na Ann barkela Student librarians were recently appointed to help students locate helpful re- ference books and to keep the shelves in order. Vihen the central li- brary IS organized, student librarians will have an up- portunily to be of greater service. Thw new of the study hall :hows the home babe of the 3-tudcnt lxbr.-xrune lslh-f1lAX.l'idgL 9tudy1ng'7 47 'i I 1 -. ,- , Y . ,- V - 1 ' 1 -, "1 2. . FQQD MORE FOOD SYNEET MUSIC enior ir! ,giowfd MEMBERS OF TROOP NUMBER NINE 1 "2"l'.1'J Th1e year dur1ng Glrl Scout V1 eek the Semur Scouts attended a square dance wh1ch was held 1nlxlarqu1tte were prebtnt at the Mother Daughter supper and attended church as a gruup They also urdertuok the pruject of makmg Juke acrapbooks fur the Cllllll, and they packed a basket uf fuod wh1ch was dehvcrcd to a ncedy fam1ly atChr15tm1s Thelr meemngs arc held tW1CC a month un Wednesday evemngs They were under the leader:,h1p uf M153 havxke Pres1dent Sccreta ry Treaburc r Studert COUDC1l Scr1be Fay Chapman Sh1rley D1ghc Donamay Garceau Nancy Har51la Bexerly He1kk1la Claudette Holm Florence leaacsux Narcy K1x1saar1 OFFICERS 1klr.1X.l BE RCFIP Nancy Kukko Annette Kruok Ruth Ku-jula Glor1a Malu Sh1rley Nels-or A1 1ta Ulhkalnen Ruth Earl-uncn Rust ne Ph1ll13S Anlta Oll1ka1nen Nancy Ku 1saar1 lMlar1lynn R1eklc1 Nancy Thonias JoAnn 1-'lper 1Xl1r1lynn Tilt kk1 Dorn Sa'1r1 Eduh 51 1 1Xl1ry Strahm N11 cy Thurna Sh1rley Tru cull Carlene 'warren I i l l7'k I I f "f,. , f P It V. . I A Y W Y - ' ! , ' ' ' ', . 1 ' ' V ' ' b- r - ' '., . f - A ' fi ' Q 1 Q ' '-I 5,-I - A ' ' Y, . as scan 0 :ln n lcuusal C 4,4-T, - " I . .. .. Sh1rleyDighera I A -n n . -1- . una I AY - V'-' .11 . Y . nga V If . .L . . V L . 1 -' " ' 'zlc ' ' '. ' 7 1 2 ' ' ' 1" ' A eu" e's . ..A T ' A ' S- A . ,, i , .lA r I, jwfuife .Zac QP5 LEFT TO RIGHT Narcy Kokko Vice President Joanne Harju Secretary Miss Arneth Ted Prudum President Ann Bernard Treasurer The Future Teachers of America, whose pur- pose is to interest stu- dents in future teaching careers, was organized this yc-ar under the lead- ership of Miss Arneth. This nation-wide club was formed because of the increasing demand for teachers. During the year, members, while helping teachers with their wgrk, acquainted themselves with the tasks that teach- ers rnusl do. Nancy Kokku Ted Prudum Joanne I-larju Ann Bernard Phyllis Andersen Shirley Dighera Irene Maki Gloria Maki Nancy Kiusa ri Marilyn Riekk Bob Richards Ann Sarkela - A 1 ' I 1 S 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 '73 1 11 , 1 - iff R I s -9 e- P x' fu is G ' 4 , a 4 , 3 .fly X, -" ' .ag-rf ' -4' vifly iff jgflx, . FSL' Q 'Q , xfq53g'g, " 2 "' ,. ,. , , g: -. .4 .,-lim..- T Ji HN? .zz-gigriiiffgsiiv Q 'gift ' i -. 'QQ' .Av '? an ww 4-YW, , ... v-.-We 4m.ff,,-.-.1.- .-'Og-,Ng z . 'A' 1 x H A . ' 5 f :fa , ' if-ff V ,Q X Y' ff K -.ffyj:fw . 6 13. ' A, 4 z . Q 1 i . ff Ht.. ' 5 qw , A Y g ff 5324- ,RQ E, U 5 N 1 , . 5' -X "ii: f ,fl if V " 3 X , . X " fi ' 1 , 3 if ,i.5g.f, 55 .I 1 . x x 1 K a ,, 1 JL 1 'I Z JK., me N lj 1 ,n f ,, 1. Q., - 5 ' . ' "'-lm Q IWW - A vt Q: . ., Jr Q Judy, ' X an .MQ 2 .1..s aw 21:4 - ' +V an mf, fn gg-if 'ft 6, , 'vc :don kim ' Q 'Q y Q an MQW! -- K M IW , ' N x' 'tm mv fa 4 . . 1 - ' an li fl: ' Az? ' ff-fx ' 2 es: HQ , ' veg, , A , A x 'H , 1 , V 7, . iw, fr , ni!! 742' , ' had 1 '91 if 4. flf-fg we ' -e i sl Hari: awww: ff. . - .- 'V :Lf -- F, Q- ' ML V.: .v, ,L , Q Wy- .fa "' .Q til MAulfL'Qi55 . 3. orizon LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. George Lappi, Judy Toms, Lee Roberts, Carol Chapman, Liz Cory, Phyllis Anderson, Joan Messier, Pauline Hutander, Ann Bernard, Misrlrrna Jurmu. The Horizon Club is composed of Junior and Senior girls, most of whom are former Camp fire members. The main purposes of the Horizon Club are to give service and to teach the girls to work together. They have helped in community projects and each year the girls present a program for the patients at Morgan Heights. Meetings are held every Thursday in the girls' activity room. XZ KM OFFICERS Jackie Langlois Donamay Garceau Carlene Warren Fay Chapman Jean Goldsworthy The peppy actions ofthe Pep Club and cheerleaders keep the competitive spirit of the Miners' student body alive throughout the school year. Activities of the or- ganization include spon- soring of dances, cheer- ing cup contest, home- coming, serving light lunches to teams after games, and planning pep assemblies. The above sixty six girls 7th through lZth grades organized the activities ofthe Pep Club for the school year 53 ajoreffezf LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Kivela, Gloria Maki, Edith Salo, Ann Marie Jarvi, Margaret Rama, Nancy Harsila, Donna Ecklid, Fay Chapman. The twirling and marching exhibitions during the halves of football and basketball games were performed by the majorettes. This year lvliss Hildebrand helped the girls plan their routines. Wd! C QQPAGJQ P55 ,Mundy KNEELING Krlstxne Phllhps Anne Sandstrom Nancy Juchemxch Shxrley Terzaghx QCLWL Jacquelxne Langloxs Francme Phxlhps Betty Kark1 Geraldxne Juchemxch STANDING: Frances Laitinen, Patty Ranta, .Ioan Messier, Shirley Bessolo. 66 73 j 0WLQC0lflfLLlfLg pd,l"6lC!0 Queen - Nancy Juchemich UML, jeawf-I . X --q Y 1 ' egg f .fi Q X PICCOLO Patricia Hampton FLUTES Nancy Kokko Lee Roberts Virginia Sironen 9595 Carolyn Maki BASSOON Nancy Thomas CLARINE TS Phyllis Anderson Celia Kauppila David Anderson Katherine Hill William Nylander Sharon Korpi Diane Anderson Robert Chapman Nancy Lee Helen Rivers Fay Allen Paul Williams Neilan Parkkinen Darlene Riekki BASS CLARINET Joyce Korpi Ein SAXOPHONES Marilyn Riekki Shirley Dighera Nancy Kjellberg Ann Ellis Joyce Manski Carolyn Posio Sandra Sharp HORNS Madge Danielson Nancy Kivisaari Nancy Bertell Sharon Pezzotti Joyce Trewhella CORNETS Robert Wills James Trembath Ellsworth Chapman Stephen Ellis Marvin Roberts Stuart Valente Phillip Kempainen Bruce Collins James Bogetto Irene Grayes TROM BONES William Fleck Carlene Warren James Collins Robert Herman Bruce Conradson Williarn Hyry Rodney Bessolo BARITONES Allen Ahola James Anderson Roxine Johnson BASSES Jack Erkkila David Kjellberg Richard Seeg Gerald Laituri PERCUSSION Shirley Nelson Robe rta Heidemann Carol Curtis Nick Taseris Kenneth Kemp GLOCKENSPIEL Joyce Holman TYMPANI Rita Ronn DIRECTOR Mr. Walter L. Daley Orclteafra FIRST VIOLINS Gloria Maki Pauline Hutander Lee Roberts Joan Messier Mary Pellow Sally Ihamaki Joyce Tenhunen SECOND VIOLINS Nancy Jordon Alverna Cavallo Bonnie Dahlstrom Jeanne Hooper Jeanette Salo JoAnn Peterson Betty Karki DIRECTOR CELLOS Arm Marie Jarvi Betty Hyry Susan Cory Anita Nurmi BASSES Immi Makinen Emilie Nault Mr. Walter L. Daley VIOLAS Anne Sandstrom Kristine Phillips Nancy Karpinen PIANO Joanne Ha rju Qivgbq Swat ff-We ww' 90 2 wen Q31 . Abe! Y-be Ga,,cY . yA0' . Y-1' ,NW ,wo C 9 Nyafx 3 0,110 Y- - m. OOYZ 195 K. lean xicf-owva . yi ' 9:1 no gui QQXXO ei! vi ,io-. W si 'so The vocal sections, the Girls' Glee Club and Choir, conducted by Mrs. Sundquist and Mr. Peterson, spent the hours practicing for the Spring Festival in Escanaba and for various other programs which they presented throughout the year. FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: KAOIIP Left to Right: Nancy Kjelleberg, Irene Ruokola, Shirley Terzaghi, Nancy Juchemich, Darlene Riekki, Annette Lehtinen, Sandra Sharp, Gail Kivela, Arlene Lammi, Doris Maki, Arlene Zgorski, Katie Hill, Lenore Schelander, Nancy Vizena, Ingrid Ruokola, Garice Moore. Lorraine Mannila, Pat Beauchine, Alice Chetto, Rose Hoid, Shirley Burdeau, Marlene Karvela, Corrine Pelto, Mary Pellow, Mary Mingori, Patty Ranta, Marilyn Johnson, Dianne Kangas, Alice Holmi, Beatrice Numikoski, Joyce Korpi, Betty Schelander, Irene Pellow, Carol Koski. Joanne Harju, Shirley Deghera, Shirley Truscott, Donna Eclid, Irene Maki, Barbara Gorst, Jean Hooper, Anne Sandstrom, Carol Chapman, Sharleen Valente Donamay Garceau, Mary Corkin, Frances Laitinen, Shirley Koski, Marlene Hill, Sandra Kempanen, Jean Lakari, Ruth Kujala, Carol Riekki, Kathleen Ihamaki. Joanne Kujala, Marilyn Riekki, Edith Salo, Fay Chapman, Clyde Maki, Robert Chapman, Kenny Pellow, Bill Fleck, Stanely Chapman, Roger St. John, Paul Savolainen, Jack Bean, Phillip Kempanen, James Jordon, Jim Johnson, Nancy Saari, Carol Youren, Jean Gustafson, Beverly Heikkila, Bonnie Dahlstrom. FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: W....,..,,,wa .Mu 1 l 3 ' Z I 4 will I H gtg cm Left to Right: Shirley Terzaghi, Nancy Juchemich, Darlene Riekki, Annette Lehtinen, Sandra Sharp, Gail Kivela, Arlene Lammi, Doris Maki, Arlene Zgorski, Katie Hill, Lenore Schelander, Nancy Vizena. Alice Chetto, Rose Hoid, Shirley Burdeau, Marlene Karvela, Corrine Pelto, Mary Pellow, Mary Mingori, Patricia Ranta, Marilyn Johnson, Diane Kangas, Alice Holmi, Beatrice Numikoski, Betty Schelander, Irene Pellow. Shirley Dighera, Shirley Truscott, Donna Eclid, Irene Maki, Barbara Gorst, Jean Hooper, Carol Chapman, Sharleen Valente, Donnamay Garceau, Mary Corkin, Frances Laitinen, Shirley Koski, Marlene Hill, Sandra Kempainen, Diane Lakari, Ruth Kujala, Carol Riekki. Marilyn Riekki, Edith Salo, Fay Chapman, Joanne Harju, Joann Kujala, Lorraine Mannila, Irene Ruokola, Garice Moore, Ingrid Ruokola, Bonnie Dahlstrom, Kathleen Ihamaki, Carol Koski, Pat Beauchine, Nancy Saari, Carol Youren, Jean Gustafson, Beverly Heikkila, 139 v ' ,Ne-,Q " Mama, . W Q". RL T on NINERS l i i I BVCI' CA ff- ROW 1 J John U G I- arragh R Ranta D Parkkonen VN Wabuberg .I Lexmmcn ROW Z Coach Hoff H Johnson J Trembath J Walhs D Koskl J .T F Terres ROV! 3 VN Mxtchell V Vvhxfe T Connors R Lzntmen D Kangas R Prxdeaux Ax A cfxabb SEASON Stambaugh Newbe rry LXLBIXESXIQUP Munxsing Ishpmnxng Huughtun Marqucrti' Ci1lllII1CT hh ROW 1: ROW Z: ROW 3: 6Z?Mf7 QQVVL R. Oster, R. Langlois, D. Toms, R. Jennings, S. Chapman, R Herman S Ahola R. Jenkins, R. Lukkonen, D. Lakari, J. Stolnack, N. Parkkonen W Kurm R Grayes R. Laitala, J. Tregoning, J. Skewis, T. I-Iares, R. St. John, L Marjama R. Wertanen, L. Niemi, V. Annelin, Coach Wassberg. E. Parkkonen, R. Mattson, L. Chiri, J. Conradson, M. Hill, E Mollanen R Johnson D. Tuorinlemi, P. Kempainen, R. Collins. H 'J lm, iwfz.-,ff SZAMJML M unising Ishpeming Ma rquette Ma rquette They Vve O 6 O 13 IZ 35 O 6 68 gf, ROWI Coach Sortal R Laitinen O Marjama G I-'arragh M Makm J Johnson ROWZ L Melka S Ellis T Connors D Kangas Nl Anderson J Wallis fgaalefgaf mem de ew ,yt of Wa, The Miners started the season with only four returning lettermen and no starters from last year's championship team. Meeting tough opponents early inthe season the team improved steadily, using the deliberate control style of ball with set patterns. 66 77 fgaalfefgaf GREAT LAKES FROSH-SOPH CHAMPS SEATED: R. Lukkonen, T. Hates, V. Annelin, D. Ghiardi, R. Herman, J. Stolnack. STANDING: T. Conradson, W. Mitchell, R. Jennings, L. Chiri, W. White, J. Lahtinen, J. Gervae J. Conradson, Coach R. Northey. 72. ACTION AT THE MICHIGAMME GAME N . Ji? fgafefga ROW 1: ROW Z: ROW 3: lgnking, T. Belmore, R. Manski, W. Kokko, W. Hyry, P. Lgirsoq, D. Niegni Lindstrorq. Cory, R. Born, S. Ahola, W. Bond, D. Maki w:,5-Aljufy Williams, P. Paine, R. Watters, W. Jarvi, J. Jordan, R. Bessolo, E. Vanni 73 lQetl9 SC cwfw w00 xrvn e55em m.o3uB haw effv N6 evo Sw? xgbpem NJX L Pm e e Nxarqu Q0 Mavtgu 00 SOKWOGOE e ue NWN me Q19 Xghf 5xYKg 10g u 5 TWV lfvevltfpe W 77g6L:f!r'8fACl!f.SQA8C!lfLA Champion National Mine Pearce Michigamme Stephenson Ishpeming M unising L 'Anse Marquette Mamshque Trenary Ontonogon Marquette Ishpemmg They We 47 71 47 46 Z7 63 43 50 Z0 58 18 74 39 67 Z3 63 39 43 X 1 1. STP' N?" R- W' J. WALLIS, MANAGER O. MARJAMA MNA ' 42 1.16. Xf 55MEN Q ? ff A in X ,reg -P :Gif Q' 1 L 2 Z ? ' A XX A 4-Qfigt N4 if xy f 2 if I xii!! 0 1 e Wy , ' n, , -... ,i if , 5,-1l' "i-il.' 1 ,I-5 ' mm., if 8l!8l'Li-A get 8 BACK ROW THIRD ROW SECOND ROW FIRST ROW Russell Jacka Donald Larson, Gerald Smlth Wayne Tullxla, Donald Nurmz W1l11am HoJnak1 James I-Ie1t1kko Jerry H111 Jack Sxvula Bradley Cory, Paul Hakkarmen LeRoy Manmla Guy Goetzel W1l11am R1chards Alton Chapman, W1l11am Bond Lee Erck R1chard Ellxs Donald Gagnon Thomas Anderson Paul Rosten Ray Vlenola Robert Juchemxch Wayne Young Peter Pame James Colllns W1ll1am Johnson Dav1d Karkl Terry Belmore Patr1c Gorst Kenneth lV1o1lanen Leona Kananen Jean Hendrlckson Mar11yn Lahtx Nancy Jurmu Nancy Ch1nn Mary Lou Andrews Joan N1em1 Ruth Nxemx Nancy Vxdlund G1or1a Saarx Corrme Laak Caryl Sundme Kathryn Johnson Barbara Roos Joanne Fredr1ckson Mar1on Whltford Joy Holman Patr c1a Palm Carolyn Holman Vlrglhla Kark1 Ann Delarye Robert Manske Kelth Gagnon W1111am Patrlck Harrlet Kemp Ruth Carlson Jean Leve1l11e Mar1lyn Rogers Judlth Tuommen Juchth Sm1th Shelby Hxmanka Barbara Roberts Katherlne Mattson Karen Kaeseman Barbara Verran Julla Parkkonen Juchth Pascoe Sharon Darlmg Joan Vxoletta Jeanne Sandstrom Nancy Arcand Donna W11son Judxth Dunstan Sandra Colllns Margaret Parkkonen Karen Vngg Marjorre Mattson Ann Rlchards Eugene P6ZZOtt1 Francls Chetto Gweneth Swanson Ilona Rubatt Betty Gentz Mane Aho Nancy Johnson Allce Domp1erre Eumce Johnson Joyce Peterson Mak1 Kenneth Peterson Max1neRepola Ed1thNylander Lynn Wlcklund Maxxne Lahtl Marllyn Johns Evelyn Nxem1 Jean Herman Dar1encU1tto Nancy R1vers MISSING FROM PICTURE Barbara Dawe Jeanette H111 Lawrence Jandreau Sharon Johnson George Patrxck Nancy Dobson Marvm H111 R1chard Jandreau Robert Rexchel Raymond Borlace Bruce Jenmngs Gordon Rogers John Bartle Charles H111 Carol n Holman Eugene Watters Pres1dent V1ce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Student Councll Class Adv1sor Dan1elMak1 Kenneth Peterson Maxme Repola Edxth Nylander Lynn V1 1ck1und Mr Lelno Pynnonen . : ' . , . .I . . . ., .. , . , . 1 . I . , , . . . , . . , , . . I I , l ' I . l I I Y . y ' I y I -I : , ' , ' , , . , . .' ' . I I . .I . ., . y . ., . I I l D I A I ' ' l , i . , ' . . . .1 . : , ' , ' ' ' , ' , , . , Y . I . . , . . I . ' , , ' ' 7 , ' ' Y I - l . I I I l I I I I I I . 1 1 ,. I . . 1 . I : ', ' , , , , . y ' . . 1 , , , Julie Kemp, Bonnie Servant, Jean Johnson, Naoma Laurila, Susan Ives, Daniel ., ' , , . ' ,, I . .y . ' . ., , I . , . . : D ' I 3 l . Y , . . , . , . , l I l i l A D Y - - J sluonsnuounulacna a aaao a ...-............-.......A-4' ' 52943, Qin Q BACK ROW Clyde Makx Duane Carxco Carl Hendnckson Dav1d Johns Rlchard Salo Leonard Isaacson John Fredrlckson Rxchard Born Dav1d Llndstrom Edward Vann1 Ronald Jenklns Paul Larson Gerald Chapman Edward Gagnon John Jordan Vfalter Jalonen Vvayne Jarvl Robert Sylvester Don Larson Bruce Hansen Marvxn Pxzxalx Fred R1vers Rodney Bessolo George Wallmaa THIRD ROW LOUIS Gu1zzett1, Edward KlV1StO Fred LaMere Howard Johnson Rlchard Korts Edward Hojnackl Donald Matta VV1ll1am Kokko Gerald Antllla Donald Roberts Davrd Tamblyn Ralph Vvatters Rlchard Seeg Douglas K1v1sto Paul W1ll1ams Douglas Nlemx Robert Thompson Beatrxce Campbell Marjone Parkkonen SECOND ROW Shxrley Hult Margaret Truscott Malvadean Knott Sharon Salmer Patr1c1a Johnson D1ane Anderson Patr1c1a Hampton Ol1v1a Mem Jean Mollanen Sherry Belmore Mar1lyn M1ller Lorralne Saarx Jud1th Thomas Carol Kokke Jean Jarv1 Sharon Antxlla Dorothy Hlll Judlth Granlund Sh1rley Cram June Jacobson Glorxa Mannxla Aurella Gremer Margaret Oates Anne Ell1s Mlldred Salo Deanette Mann1nen Margaret Schuetze Anxta Nurml Arlene Kempalnen Karen Mak1 Sheldon Ahola VV1ll1am Hyry Yvonne P1z1al1 Nancy Lew1s Nancy Roberts Rosahe Br1sson Laura Mak1 Paullne Laukka Karen Ronqu1st Mary Kanlelson She1la Anderson Marsha Beauchame MISSING FROM PICTURE Thomas Grundberg Charles Ollxla John Lehtonen Ma1la Mallett Roberta Goodhue Frank Wuolukka Jula1ne Bartle Thomas Conradson Edsel R1nta Presldent Sheldon Ahola Vlce Preszdent Vrxlllam Hyry Secretary Anxta Nurmx Treasurer Arlene Kempalnen Student Councll Karen Makl Class Advxsor Mxss Dorothy Mxller FIRST ROW: Leona Mattson, Ruth Makela, Joyce Koski, Mary Anderson, Kathryn MacDonald, 80 Q ..-v N 1' 82 -at 3 P86 Wlbllflf Cfddff UU' Jim Stolnack and Shirley Krook are crowned King and Queen 84 aye A11en James Bogetto Susan Cory Karen G ranlund Annette H111 Joyue PQ WL61,l'L 61,55 sl' K Raymond JHITIBS Andergon Anderson W1111s Anderson Vernon Annel1n Patr1c 13 Carlson Patr1c1a Campbell Barbara LOUIS Ch1r1 CO111hS Bonnie Robert Carol Curtxs Dahlstrom Dunquxst Robert Rmhard Grayefg Hahka Tom Hares 4-.0 -49415 4-1 x wzrf' 9 Corrme Marlene H111 Jud1th H111 H111 41 Jeanne Kathleen Holman HUUPQET lhamak Roger Jenmrgs Edna Etelamalu JoAnn Hawkms Marlene H1manka G 5' X061 PM Lynn Johnson Sh1rley John Bath Bessolo Bruce Col11ns James Conradson 1,3 -ll' Dav1d Gh1a Tdl Edward Etelamakl Paul Robert I-1emm1la Herman Barbara James Hodge Hoyappa Mar11yn Robert Johnson Johnson fl JA 1 Cf 1. F2 1 1 1 1 -2. 1 5 is s I H G. I 1 ' .... .' ' .x Q' ' I ,f ..., -M J ' 1 pf? 1 1 X. SYIBFOD Carolee Johnson Sharun Jokx Ray Jutxla Kammen L Mary Klvxsto Ray KIVISKO Wxlham Jatob Kurpx .AQUA Vnlharn Kurm Davxd Lahtl Lahn Nancy I dMPre' for '00 Robert Vxrgxma Larbun Larmgn Q 4' s or Sha ron Korpl Robert Laxtala Nancy Leluska Robert Mary Donald Luokkald MacDonald Dilf' N ik Mal-Q1 Carla Donald nrnn Mattson Mattson Mtxyuilm Sue Neasr Betty Kark1 Marlene Kosl-u Ann Laxtmen 3 T' Sandra Kempaxnen Shxrlvy Krook '33 Lol:- Kempthurne Joanne Kubyala Ge raid Denms Lalturx Lakarx Daud Donna Rxthxrd Leklxn I exe-11111 Lukkunen Ronald Joyte Beatrxce Mnkl Man-kg Mattsor Hubert JunNu1y Lylf lxumx Oxtrr , . -G t fx I ,A Cd f Y O - . ft ,z g '- X- -' ' . n " it A is if 579 K 'ix ' ' X 5 :3 .5 'I , Q .1 xx , ' 51. Nancy Paavala Neilan Parkkonen Eugene Lowell Joann peuinen Penrose Peterson Carolyn l-'osio Naomi Prusi Jeanette Salo 1' .nv Sandra Sharp . x Judith Raihala Darlene Helen Riekki Rivers J-Q 4, A ' Sharon Pezzotti Carol Ruesing eff A F rancine Phillips Ingrid RoukkaLa Patrxcxa Karen John James Smxth Spagnolo Skewxs Stolnack Jerome Nlcholas Joyce Taka nen T Betty York 1-'resldent Vxce Presxdenl Seeretary Treasurer Student Connell Class Advlsor asens Tenhunen Judxth Anderson John Braxley Stanley Chapman Bruce Conradson Betty Hakenjos Hem-xetta John Terres Tregomng NOT PICTURED June Hxntsala Gerald1ne Juchemxch Ray Kxvlsto Patsy Koskx Ronald Lammx Joyce Trewhella Barbara Laukka Shxrley Lxquxa Bllly Matthews Patrxcxa Pascoe Vxrgxma Sxronen James Anderson Joyce Tenhunen Shlrley Bessolo Helen Rmvers Mr George Colhns Ruth Strahm John Vrznter Z' gm. 'RM 4 5 ' . ....... . . . ........ .... . . . .. . . .. Sharon Pezzotti Davxd Anderson LeRoy Anderson James Joyce Connors Corkxn Barbara Gorst Melvzn H111 Robert Johnson Gr In Marlene Karwela -if Franz Gotzel Alxce Holmx P Ross Arbellus 16.4, lXf1ary Corkxn Irene Grayes 0l'l'L0l"Q John Bean Wzlham Dowe wi .-an km' Davld Har-Ju Q56 XL Nancy Beauchaxne James Fredrxckson Larry I-1arma1a Bettxe Janet Hyry Isaacson Lee hes Roxlng Marun Vvxlham 1V11C1'16E1 Johnson Jokl JUU13 Kalhomen H Robert Chapman James Gervae Francxs Helgren Lloy Jarv Dlana Kanga s Ph HIP Nancy Joyem Duane Li Un kfmpamefl Kgellbcrg Korpx Korle hu:-te Robert Co111n Jean Goldsworthy Katherme H111 'S Rxcha rd Johnson Narcy harprnnen Ca ro1 Koskx 52 C 4 gg , X , 1 5 if t s 1 - , 1,. J ' Alquu ' ' x .. , 1 1 fa Faxth Wxllxam Beverly Koskx Kunnarx LaBelle JoAnn .Tacquelme Robert LalVIere Langlols Langlo1s Carolyn Jean Malu Mary Mak1 Mantela Beatrlce Num1kosk1 Edward Eloxse Mollanen Nleml COTTIDC Ruth Robert Pelto Pesola Prudom Irene VSIEI' INIBYLS Ruokola Ruokola Saarl Suzanne James Frances Rxchard Lahtx Lahtlnen Laxtmen Laxtxnen inn Annette Leht1neo Carl Bruce Laukka Laurlla Lowell Wlllzam Roy Marjama Martxn MANSOD Joanne Patr1ck Julam Elden Olllkaxnen P5I'kk0Y1'21'1 Lgwgll Shlrley nowden Rxckla rd Roberts Nancy Lmdstrom Wlllxam Mxtchell its 'lm' Mary Pellow Ma ry Romback Paul Betty R Chard Roland Sax olaxnen Schelander Sexton Smxth 'lla l Annel 1 Ek y z X N. V! V sf K A 1 'L' . 5 A 'a W 25 1 li 'i ' Y , K 'Y' ' ,,, 2 ' Sue ' Re ' Roger St John Davxd Turxnxeml Pres1dent V1ce Pre s1dent Secretary Treasurer Student Councml Class Advlsor John Alongo James Antxlla Alverna Cavallo James Colhns John Glllespxe Rose Ho1d Davmd Sharleen Stewa rg Toms Valente Valenti NOT PICTURED Jerry Johnson John Kangas Robert Kangas Jack Korpz Vxola Langson Charles Makx 'QF mei Rxcha rd R1La Wertanen Vhlson Dav1d Vloletta Janet Isaacson Jacquehne Langlols Jean Goldsworthy Sue Renowden Mr Verl Wllls Mxles Parkkonen E1-1ck Puramen Marvm Saar1 Davxd Vxoletta Mary Vkalxmaa Wllham Whmte .90 vmior 61,5555 Cf Allen Ahola Robert Alperr Rua Balzarxm Bonme Bannon Nancy Bertell Shxrley Burdeau Florence Campbell Carol Chapman Ellsworth Chapman Jane Cleven Thomas Connors Robert Cope Elxzabeth Cory Madge Danxelson Ronald Ellis Jaek Erkkzla Thomas Goldsworlhy Gale Harry Marilyn I-lemmxla President ..... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Student Council Class Advisor . . 'I' CLASS OFFICERS Nlr, . . . Allen Ahola . . David Kangas . . Lee Roberts . John Junttila . . . . Joan Messier Arthur Wassberg x 5 1 4 Q , Roberta Hexdeman Q 2 f Claudette Holm Paulxne I-Iutander Sally Ann Ihamalfx John Jarvz Lee Johnson Rover: Johnsor Naney Jordzxr, John Junllllrn Dzavzci Kangzxs Celxa Kauppxla 4 L xk 1 ' ' as Z f . f 9 A 5 Q , if 3 l ll ' 7 .AN ' viii: A l , -kr A Delvm Arderson John Carlson Nexl Carlscr R nald Haaraja Helen Juhnsmt new c I .1 .. 4' NOT PICTURE-ID RUberLLaxLur1 Robert Lampz Raymund Luhta Oven nlarjama Harold Matthews Leonard Rmvers fx 3' Rlarzl Ravxnu Ru :zur Anne Ca ro Runa Rnnald Kaurfpxld Gall Kxvela Ddvxd Kjelluorg De-lxght Kos-km Dennxs Kuslu Ruth Parkkunen Jvanne Lakarx Nancy Lee Duns Makx Julxe Matlsnn Raymond Palme Leslie Mc-lka Hub Lazlxnvzi .hun ,Meisxvr Mary Mxngvrx Kennelh Fellow Slfurley Moxlanen Marion Peura Kristine Phxllxps Lily Rama Peggy Rama Putty Rarila lun' Robe-ru Rita Rohn Nancy Saar: lnzxurlcc Tall, Fred Terres Shlrley Terzaghn I-'ranczs Roberts Judle Tumb :lnuerl nn X wuufg Jinx Walh- Gxlnerl Iwlarlm Arlene Zonrvkm i xA! X 11 ,wwf g-v x XY co ig ' ' , pp, av' ' N -...i- - Y 1 K, Y Q XX 1 A n:"f.':w,, ,A V - 'J . v- wg, 315, 1 AWK ""QiQ f 4 'S M, V! r- W ' .-. ' -my '- 5, V .115 1 -fx ' QP' wk N A, , '14 X w-If JC? f 'PF' wilt?" R , ....,x:l mK I - ., , OX X3 X u K K X QL 3410? gs. 3 2 1. I ' X?" : 4I-3-hr' J X -sn. ,,,, Henk f f iw 1 1 'Eff ffm ,Ji 2 fl . 4 Q X g 2 3 1 X Q 1 1 . fr 711 1 J! Q ali J iii X X 5,1131 ,Y 5 gif . , H ss W we 'fx WI X YN Nw ar Q PHYLLIS ANDERSON Campfxre Pep Club Student Council Nee Hy Nuz Annual Trl H1 Y F Teachers Class Plays Concert Oruhestra Glrls State YA .ggmor C70-wa of 1953 ANN BERNARD Camphre Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Annual Trl Hx Y F Teachers Llbrarxan Prompter Student Play Dxrector LOUIS BEACCO MARTIN ANDERSON Football Basketball Baseball Scout Patrol Leader H1 Y Cholr Class Play PATRICIA BEAUCHAINE ROYDEN ANDERSON Nee Hy Nuz Choxr Glee Club 98 O Q . ' ........ I-Z-3-4 .............. I-Z-3-4 ' ........ 4 ........... Z-3 - - ......... 3-4 .l-Z '- '- ---------- 2-3-4 ' ................ . ........... 4 .......... . Band ............ I-Z-3-4 ..........3-4 ' .... 3-4 l ' ........ I-2-3-4 ........1-2-3-4 - -' ......... 3-4 ................4 '- '- ............ 3-4 . ........... 4 ' ' .............. 4 ' ...4 l - - ........... 4 ' ....,........ .... 4 FAY CHAPMAN Scouts Pep Club Student COUnC1l Nee Hy Nuz Annual Trl H1 Y Chou- Glee Club Majorette Class Play Class Offlcer STEPHEN ELLIS Basketball Track Cross Country Nee Hy Nuz Chou- Band Class Offxcer CLYDE CHEVRETTE Annual H1 Y looks back upon 1tS achxevements wlth prxde ALICE CHETTO Annual Choxr Glee Club xbrarlan SHIRLEY DIGHERA DONNA ECKLID Scouts Pep Club Annual Band F Teachers Chou- Glee Club Concert Orchestra Pep Club Choxr Ma-yoretze Glee Club l i 1 x . .......... l-Z-3-4 ............ . .........I-Z-3-4 ' ' ......... l ........... - - ........... 4 1. ' .......... . '- A- .............. 4 ' ............... 1-4 ' ......... Z-3-4 ' .......... Z l . ............ 4 A ......... 4 Scouts ............. I-Z-3 - - ........... 4 ' ................. l ........,...l-Z-3-4 ' .......... l A- .................. 4 ...........l-Z-344 ............3-4 ' l-Z3 ............l-Z-3-4 . ' ........... 4 ..............4 ......l4Z-3-4 Baseball Cross Country Scouts VHLLIAM ENNETT GORDON FARRAGH Football Basketball Baseball Student Councxl Nee Hy Nuz Annual H1 Y Choir Class Play Class Officer Thexr past years have been busy w1th JEAN GUSTAFSON Pep Club Chozr Glee Club DONA MAY GARC EAU Scouts Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Glee Club Chou' Tn H1 Y Cheerleader Class Oifxcer VHLLIAM FLECK NANCY HARSILA Chou Scouts Band Pep Club Cla-. Play Trx H1 Y 00 Chou' Xlajorette Class Play BEVERLY HEIKKILA Scouts Nee Hy Nuz Trx H1 Y Llbrarlan Chou' Glee Club C lass Offlcer JAMES JOHNSON Choxr TOIVO HULM1 Football H1 Y part1es, sluts plays Pxoneer, and asslgnments ANN MARIE JARVI Scouts Pep Club Student Councll Trl H1 Y Orchestra Drum Majurette Concert Orchestra Class Play Class Offxcer JOHN ISAACSON FLORENCE ISAACSON Boys State Scouts Pep Club Annual Chmr .............Z-3-4 - - ..... ...... 4 ............ . '- '- ..... ...... 3 -4 ' ...... . ' ' ...... ...... 4 '- '- .......... Z- ' ......... ..... l -4 ........ I-2- ..... ....4 ' ....Z- Declamation... .... 1 ' .......... 3 ...... 1-2- ' ................. 4 '- .........,...... 3-4 I I NANCY JUCHEMICH Scouts Pep Club Student Councxl Choxr Glee Club Cheerleader Homecommg Queen Class Ofixcer Band They produced "Clementine " KENNETH KEMP NANCY KIVISAARI Scouts Pep Club Student Counc1l Annual Nee Hy Nuz F Teachers Band Concert Orchestra Class Offxcer Prompter JAMES JORDAN Track Chou' JAMES .IURMU JACK JOHNSON Football H1 Y Chou' Class Play Class Offzcer 102 Football Basketball Baseball Scouts Student Councll H1 Y Class Play Class Offzcer .............1Z3 .........l-Z-3-4 ' '. ....... .Z ' ............. 1-Z-4 ..............4 3-4 ' ..... 4 ' .......... 3 ................3-4 I 3-4 Z-3 ' ...... ..4 - - ........... 4 Tri-Hi-Y ........ 3-4 . .......... 4 ..............Z-3-4 A ........ l-4 '- ........ . ....... 3-4 ........ . ' ................. l ......... 12 ' .......... 3 A ---- RUTH KUJALA Scouts H1 Y Choxr Glee Club ROY KOSKI NANCY KOKKO Scouts Pep Club Student Councxl. Annual Band Concert Orchestra Z Class Plays F Teachers Class Officer SHIRLEY KOSKI Chou' Glee C lub d A Case of Sprxngtlme ANNETTE KROOK DONALD KYYR-A Scouts Choxr 03 CCC ...............1-4 '- ..................4 ' ...... . .... 1-2-4 ..............4 ...........l-Z-3-4 ...........l-Z-3 ' ........ z ............... 4 Tri-H1-Y .......... 2-3-4 ............ 1-Z-3-4 .. -3-4 ..........3-4 . ........... 4 ' .......... z ' ............. 1-2-4 ......,...... 4 an ll ' ' ll- ............ 1-2-4 ' ................ 1-z JACK LEINONEN Football Track Baseball Annual Class Play Class Oifxcer danced 111 a Garden of Ram RONALD LAITINEN Reserve Football Cross Country Basketball Choir DARRELL LAAK C ross Country Chon- ROBERT LEHTONEN Reserve Football Track Nee Hy Nuz Choxr Scout Master RAYMOND LINDSTROM ARLENE LAMN1 Basketball Scouts Cross Country Student Councxl I-lx Y Class Offlcer Boys State 04 Campflre Chou' Glee Club ...........Z-3-4 .....l .. ....l-3 .............. .. . ....... Z - - ... ' .......... 4 l .....l-Z ...... ....3-4 Scouts ............... 1-Z ' ..... .. ....... .1 .........4 ' ............... 1-Z ...........3-4 ' ..............1-Z '.............1-34 .. ....., 4 .......... .. ' ....... Z-4 '- ............ l-Z-3-4 ' ........ Z-4 IRE NE MA KI GleeClub........ .... ..4 Choir . . . .......... F, Teachers....... .... 4 LORRAINE MANNILA Lxbra nan Cholr Glee Club VIARK MCNABB Football H1 Y Band to the muslc of the Colleglates ROBERT MAKI Basketball .... Baseba1l............ 3-4 Cross Country . . . . . . . . . Scouts.... .... .......l-Z G1-ORLA MAK1 A IMMI NIAKINEN Scouts Pep Club Annual Tn Hx Y Orchestra Concert Orchestra Class Play Vlajorette Tvachers Trl H1 Y Band Orchestra Concert Orchestra Z 3 ' ' .... 4 ......... .4 '- ..............Z-3-4 .. ......... .....l-Z 0 I fwffx 1 K ,I-J - .. .... .....l-Z-3-4 " . Y X '- ', 1-Z-3-4 ........ ........ 4 ...HU 1-2-34 '- '- .......... Z-3-4 H - ........l-Z-3-4 ......l-Z-3-4 4 I-3-4 ' ...... 4 WILLIAM NYLANDLR Band 3 Class Play at their Junior Prom. GARICE MOORE Campfxre Choxr Glee Club ANI TA OLLIKAINEN Campfu-e Pep C lub Annual Nee Hy Nuz Chou- SHIRLEY NELSON Scouts Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Annual Chou' Band SLudentD1reCtor of Play RUTH PARKINEN RICHARD PARKKONEN Scouts Pep Club Campfxre Annual Nee Hy Nuz Chou' Trx H1 Y Class Offlcer 0 Football Reserve Basketball Track Baseball .7 ............ Z- -4 ,,,,,,.,,,. 1-2-3 N ' ............ 1-Z ' ........ ..1-Z-3-4 ............ 4 ' .............. l .. ......... 3-4 Scouts ............... 3-4 ................ 4 - - ........... 4 ' ................. l ,,,,,,,,,1-3-3 ........l-Z-3-4 ' .............. 1 ,.,,.,,,,,,.. 1-3 - - ............ 4 ' ................. 1 '- - ............ 3-4 S ' .......... 4 6 THEODORE PRUDOM Football Reserve Track Scouts Pep Club Annual F Teachers Choir Band Class Play Declamatxon DONALD RANTA Football Track IRENE PELLOW Carnpfxre Annual Chou' Glee C lub As they now look ahead to the future JoANN PIPER Scouts Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Campfxre Cholr Tn H1 Y Class Play BEVERLY PERALA EDWIN pE-1-1:-RSON Annual Scouts Llbrarxan 7 l .........l-2-3-4 ----------'--- Z ' ..............1 . I ........... 4 '- '- ..... ....... 3-4 .................3 Annual................4 ................2-3 ..........'.3 ' ......... 1-Z X l .. ......... l-Z-3-4 X l ' ............ 1-Z ' ........... l-Z-3-4 n A ................ 4 .'........... I-Z-3 CAROL RIEKK1 Campiire..............l Cholr.. ...... .........4 Glee Club .... filled with new goals, RAYMOND RANTA Football 3 Baseball 3 Scouts DORIS SAARI Scouts Pep Club Camphre Nee Hy Nuz Annual Tn H1 Y Play Prornpter MARVIN ROBERTS Reserve Football . . . . . Cross Country . ....... Reserve Basketball. . . Cho1r............... Band............ 1-Z ROBERT RICHARDS VIARILYNN RIEKKI Nee Hy Nuz H1 Y I-' Teachers Choxr Class Plays Class Ofixcer 08 Scouts Pep Club Student Councxl Annual Nee Hy Nuz Trl H1 Y F Teachers Chou' Glee Club Band Concert Orchestra Class Plays Class Ofhcer ...........2- -4 ...........Z- -4 ...............3-4 ..........2-3-4 ' .............. 1 - - ........... 4 ........... ....4 '- '- . ............. 4 l - - . ....-.-..- 4 ........... Annual ................ 4 .. ........ 1 '- .............. Z-3-4 ' ...... . ........... 4 ............ . ' ............. 1-Z-4 - - ........ . ..........3-4 '- '- ' ..-....... 4 . ....... . EDITH SALO Scouts Pep Club Tn Hx Y Chou' Glee Club ROBERT SAARI Nlajorette Prompter ANN SARKELA Campfxre Pep Club F Teachers Choxr Lxbrarxan CAROL SMAII.. Lxbrarxan Chou- each one feels that he IS ready to exemplxfy MARY STRAHM LENORE SCHELANDER Scouts...... .... . --- Scouts............. Choir ...... . ....... .l-Z PepClub...,.,..,,, Trx-H1-Y........... Cho1r....... .... .. Glee Club.......... My NANCY THOMAS Scouts Pep Club Student Councll Nee Hy Nuz. Annual Trx H1 Y Choxr Band Concert Orchestra Plays the meamng of Negaunee JAMES TREMBATH Football Track Nee Hy Nuz Choxr Band CARLLNE WARREN Scouts Pep Club Nee Hy Nuz Annual Tr1 Hx Y Band Declamatzon Class Plays SHIRLEY TRUSCOTT Scouts ......... ...... PepClub.... .... -..- Choir ............. - GleeClub.. .... RONALD SYLVESTER NANCY VIZENA 110 Scouts ..... . ........ PepClub. .... ..... . . I..ibrarian............ Choir. ..... . ...... l-Z Glee Club ........... CAROL YOUREN Campfxre Pep Club Choxr Glee Club JOANNE HARJU Campfxre Chou- Pxamst Glee Club ard Orchestra Pmanxsn F Teachers Class Play RONALD VMIGG Reserve Football Track Baseball Reserve Basketball JAMES SIMPSON Bellevxlle H S Baseball Football Cross Country PIONEER ONE WHO GOLS FORWARD ROBERT WILLS Scouts Band Concert Orchestra ALBERT LARSEIN Reserve Football Track Choir ' .............. 2 ,.....-... 1,234 ------------3-4 ............l-A34 ' ............. Z-3-4 LZ .........lf2-3-4 . ...l-Z l l ' . ..... l-Z-3 Basketball ......... Z-3-4 ' ............ Z-3 --..-' 1 ' " ' I ' ........ 1-Z-3-4 '.-.- A 4 I """ Z-3-4 sfuunanvaauna 1. 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Llndbergs Groceries and Meats 102 Healy Ave Phone 54 Congratulatlons from Consolldated Fuel Sz Lumber Company Northern Terrazzo 8a Tlle Co 336 Gold St1GQt Phol e 7 4 W teuazfo walls and floors Rubber asphalt and 11110 tlle I ' I V e , "We specialize in Celamle tile, - I , , , ' . ' !7 Congratulations Independent Fuel and Lumber Co. 300 Iron Street Negaunee, Michigan Congrolulollons lo llwe Class of '53 VIOLETTN5 MUSIC STORE R" W lron Slreel Rl' 'Q Phone 300 QlllfIDQfGllFlIE9llNll S SIIUININLEB 18907 V5 G Vg Qr'5vX IZOOU gk pw AWS Co grafulof ons from S MATTSON 8. CO Dorsfe Roos Prop G ocer es and Prov sions 207 I on Sf eel Phone 38 Congratulations IRA THOMAS MEATS AND FANCY GROCERIES hegaunee Michigan Congiatulatlons from PALL S FOOD MARKET 309 Teal Lake Ax onue N egaunee M1Ch1g3H CONGRATULATIONS To THE CLASS OF 53 FROM THE MAIN DRIFT DISTINCTIVE CATERING T Ulbl.lX INSL RANCI' XGEBCX 7 9 n i F Rep e enlallve.: I I eo e. C1 l 0 I ax: vx e. I ' i 5 l pX?l'XlCll'X , i covglvx r r I I T 9 , I I ' 7 Y , 0 I - , . . I Congratulations llrom ' j v I V Y I Y 4 v v I 4 L k l 4 1 ' 1 4 f I . . . - Pllouc Rollo Bulllllllg Ncgauncc, Dliclligan .5 f .lbwanabzuza QW me .5mu'zf Cbvnz fjwm W I 5 Con gratulatlons from Holmans Store Negaunee, Michigan HILLS GARAGE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 216 JACKSON STREET Congratulations from THE MINERS STORE IRON STREET Ugg cSfJ,eaLaffy f flflfdf .1219 fl! by f5l2 1795 .0 .17-'I' S3fI'If .avg Mfg PLEASURE BOWLING- EXERCISE Viga Bowling Alley 552 IRON STREET NEGAUNEE, MICH 8 eary Pro ucts SincIair Ggsoline Fuel OII iwotor 0iIs Phone 555 Negnunee, Michigan I A - I a Congratulations and q Best isI1es to tI1e U I - CIass o 3 " ' IE 0195 IACVillC BFOS. IIIP. F Il hvgnuncv, DIicInigan O I C I I O 1 H , E QUE Q 'L E LVZLE, ll O C OO 155151 301 mon 5h wuz 0 - 5 aurzgz, cr' ic zi un ' i ti Go. CONGRATULATIONS rom LLOYD S TEXACO r IMI CIW FLOWER SI-IO? 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COLLINS IG A Phone 183 22 J k t g HOBBY KNOBBY Men s Shop Ouahty Named Merc handlse CONGRATULATIONS FROM A J SAWBRIDGE Establlshed 1878 Complete Home Furnlshers Hardware Congratulatlons Senlors' OFFICERS and MEMBERS EAGLES AERIE 1944 NEGAUN EE WEHMQANEN JEVVELERS 209 Jackson Strreet ID me 11 Be WIZCI Russo lze' RUSSO BROTHERS Phone 225 Iron Street Negaunee Mlchlgan CONGRATULATIONS FROM QRQNINS PHARMACY M I3 If ICI LLITEY S GREEQNII'-IOLISE Congratulatlons from James Plckands and Co CONG RATU LATIONS FROM THE HILL BILLY Congratulations to the CLASS OF 53 NEGAU N EE HARDWARE Cong a CIIIOYX5 Ifom I I ' II4 e. . one 4I ' 5 i zen.: o - - - Z 'can - - - o 1' an 61 1' sau Congratulations from Fresh Meats and Vegetables 4 ac son Stree , Ne aunee ho ' ' Negounee, ic I an a , I Cong C1 c1I1orx5 Ifom . , I 'PIIQYIL 331 7 ' Z0 BEST WISHES TO THE Li CLASS OF 53 PRINTCRAFT C North Range Iron Company if if if 1' ntcrat NEGAUNEE MICHIGAN DpQoIcLIBImsUc11fLCeQJ'1 ods SU ESS MARKET HAUSERMAN AGENY EJCIS S If 200 I CM I Get Negaunee Gwlnn J we PIVI C LQCL1 P mo me 344 Phone 266 PIIOIIQ 611 LCLCI at on KOSKPS MARKET L pm, CI-Iwo Fa Lost SQIILVLQ 609 Baldwm Avenne Fastest WML ,Lq SMITH CSORONQLX PORTABLE Ne aunee Mlchl an 8 8' Cf fx ce Sem LCQ Fresh meats 81 groceries SCGHCLI1 IN LC 1901 TI1e C 0'ce of Disc:-iminaling Seniors n U Graduation PersonaI 'arcIs I an I I Commencement Anouncemenrs I Pi Card Co., Inc 5 v I Scranton 5, Pa. 2 I I 1 1 1 ul' 1- 1 l 1 n ur' ' if ' Q IL In 1 LL B 11 I , 1 S 4 ' 0 Nec C1111 , I 1 I 1 I Por: C' u I CLS ' , S 'J , I I , ' '1 ' 0 0 V ' 1 I 1 9 ,I u 0 1 1 Co. ' E L, II' Im' 1 I 3 ui 1 rwg H. WT EL's0N,s 'BlJ-TTLING WORK Highest Quality Carbonated Beverages Ishpemmg Marquette Congratulations to the Class of ' 53 Negaunee Flre Dept Altman Typewr fercf Add ng Mach ne Sewzce Mqt Mlg Koskl s Funeral Home Nega ee M ch g osema P EZ' Eff! CZ .5 Neg nee FM lmqro. Congratulauons Class of 03 SIVULA INSURANCE AGENCY Negaunee Mlchlgan Q I I U i R ry sl., izc 5 . au: I: ' 405 Iron Street 122 Norlk Third Sweet Brietung Hotel ar uct!! ic BU 7 'LC i GI . I, Q Y, un , i i an ' , A L ' Z PELLOW PRINTING CO. PUBLISHERS OF TI-IE NEGAUNEE IRON HERALD E PRINTERS OF THE NEE -I-IY-NUZ NEGAUNEE MICHIGAN Ea! ,MAAAQ4 Z UA. .gznior Cfcm of 1953 r... DRU CSSO O M A Lowen t Dr. J. G. Th mas Mr. Mich lF. D F t Dr. R. E ALI-0l'l'l'l .1 4. zu- L I WALSWORTH un-fr-nb-.4 A noun by U v ll ES lucnh nn. ln., U. S. A. ' fad 1 4 S P ' 4 ? Ji fi x c .af HE 0' ' K 1 is mga fwi-fe ,, gf ,EH- ,-:, .,: .- 71. as wwwwe WEE xi' 22' su v!- a iw .if 1 2, i -. M YQX Maw, mw, L vi ??, AQ.N,, ,... ,.,. .,..,. U I' , .ga ,W -nf il , wi , we f, . ,gi , H, 5 1 VE- wmfw, ,mw? LwmwxmMM Wmmwy 5 f if , M LX www? - , if? Swim , 2 A 1 i V? Qu. www Q, M ai X - W ., N ws 1 ki QNX M ,wp 5 V ,A .. 45 .ef ,QV ,159 " f 4 i E 1 iffy., - im ' QS 5 iv nf Q I R www Mz,,X,.g. ., ,

Suggestions in the Negaunee High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Negaunee, MI) collection:

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