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William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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lIH tU ' SI »i m M nSw«5 ' nS ' -■ ' •W ' ' -•■ ' I j -4urtriij ICirV 0+ giU ' t . c o 3 - O O , ' ;— ' o % ::i y Ti " 1 v5 :i c; S s— ■ ; ' ■ i %) o -J A Q 3 O " 9 ' C ' O , ' — ] • J V £ --£ ' ly -VJ o 3 5 S i?, V4 ' ■n tl rg ' i - 5 Q 3 7 { ,-, JOJ V juO OuXNi - Aj: U- 3l, J y XS JUa;xx OJ " ril -P -;JGrO ' A too XJi -W OJ oTvfe ' , CM £ll L (K ' -v ' ' i • ' ' ' Yynl S Avd Uc ' r eiies.v« = -TO v OL(A JLN •■.ec... ' bOLJi;LN 1 t u c f uu T . o e: DAl - o, yz, y, g b(.mHOo Lc;o g L-V WvtU Y v y vA- T ' ' ITS Qx. YDu So(L v f sS k O. icp f vox oocPstT e " 0 ) ' t up )iU kM) HoMi us-T e sitA Teu iU sja - . o f fx ? THoSts eoJ pr ' 5 0 ft L LlT561 ' UJAu otuei:) . cTT 3:rrs h l.DS l Nlp vieM5« 6se-T Pi :-«-tO. Birr 1 x ' r rv) vv ltTiJ (r c fv -b X " 0 U;v;v,oV TUMP OV. Kc5A- , lt s . " Sut Stfe iS (cMI M sW l- == . c r j1;it VbusfLM, ) TT i V ufC H.i ' M a r Tb vSi T -M Puur-py n o c cy c{. jri - rVf!nAA. ;, LSUXi 1981 TROIANI WILLIAM N. NEFF HIGH SCHOOL ADVISOR: MR JON MILLER EDITOR: JILL TERRY EDITOR MARK YNIGUEZ »i««— •»--... -«.._ u .JN ;».•-. c - ' f5!- ' ' i —-wi» ' ' (-i ' j- -satias ' ; " a. -ei- tf- « H« « v rf «4t: " ' ; T ;1 C The years that seemed so long Somehow passed us by. Yet memories of long ago Still make us laugh and cry. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 16 CLASSES 28 ACTIVITIES 92 SPORTS 128 ADS 774 The one thing we ' ll hold on to. So those days won ' t slip away. Is something well protected — Strong memories that stay. BjlH| £t . ' ' -?-v r? ; H mSw} ' " ks iteJK v I L B U K» ■ -- Bir SbbHH Our high school days are passing. And when they ' re left behind We ' ll tightly cling to memory An image in our mind. it " DEDICATION-MRS. LOIS PALMER The Staff dedicates this Troiani to a special lady whose work benefits the student body and administration alike: Mrs. Lois Palmer. Mrs. Palmer was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Her secretarial career has ranged from Vernor ' s Ginger Ale in Detroit to the Gas Co. in Southern California. She then became the early rising caller of substitute teachers for our school district, which led to her present job at Neff. Mrs. Palmer ' s favorite hobby is sewing and her main interests center around her family and church. She has two children, a daughter who attends Whittier Christian, and a son, who attends (pardon the expres- sion) La Mirada High. Mr. Palmer is a teacher in the El Rancho School District. It ' s hard work doing what Mrs. Palmer does. Besides performing her job as the school ' s finance clerk, Mrs. Palmer volunteers her services to the student body. She is at most school functions and she was a Junior class advisor last year and is presently a Sophomore class advisor. With Mrs. Palmer ' s devotion to her Job, and to all those who work around her, we of the Annual Staff feel she is greatly deserving of this recognition. The dances, rallies, football games Are each events in mind; And times at break and times at lunch Have left their memories behind. 11 12 Remember the teachers we had? And all the friends we met? Those times we shared together I Are times we ' ll never forget. s g 1 ■ ■ it«» fe r i 13 m mr 14 Sometimes life is painful — A goodbye to a friend; But a chapter of our lives Is coming to an end. 15 Administration Mr Les Billinger: Principal. Dr. Johnna Moore: Assistance Principal; Activities and Discipline Mrs. Virginia Morgan: Assistant Principal; Curriculum and Guidance. 18 Administration Mr. Joseph Armijo: Counselor: Attendance and Discipline. Mr. James Herd: Counselor: Attendance and Discipline. Mr. Dick LeCrue: Counselor; Freshmen and Sophomore Class. I ■ fl.. V- ■■■ l jni -uln Mrs. Julie Miller: Counselor: Junior and Senior Class. Mrs Nancy Welborn: Counselor: Senior and 8th Grade Class. PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS COUNSELORS 1. Dr. Moore fits a call in her busy schedule. 2. Mr. Billinger checks some school business with Mrs. Sansonetti, Dr. Moore ' s secretary. 3. Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Billinger and Mrs. Welborn enjoy their lunch. 4. Mrs. Morgan is busy at work at her desk. 5. Mrs. Welborn eagerly pours her morning coffee, o. Mr. Merritt and Mrs. Miller chat at snack. Administration Mrs. Gladys Base: Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Lorretta Boring: Work Experience Secretary. Mrs. Joanette Carrico: Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Sharlene Cillis: Data Clerk. Mrs. Pat Kurse: Career Information Assistant. Mrs. Mildred Miller: Counselors ' Secretary. Mrs. Lois Palmer: Finance Clerk. Mrs. Joan Sanchez: Principals Secretary. Mrs. Ce Sansonetti: Assistant Principals Secretary. Miss. Kathy Tanner: Assistant Principals Secretary Mrs. Juanita Wagner: Counselors ' Secretary. 20 Administration Mr. Henry Batterton: Security. Miss. Cissy Espinoza: Security. Mr. Steve Moran. Security. Mrs. I rene Cardon: Library Clerk. Mrs. Wanda Denney: Library Clerk. Mrs. Judy Hamm: Library Clerk. Mrs. Leia Lombardo: Gym Attendant. SECRETARIES STAFF 1. By the looks of Mrs. Base ' s desk, the Atten- dance office is kept busy. 2. Mrs. Sanchez proof reads her work carefully before typing. 3. This years janitors are: Freddie Johnson, Er- nest Sarceda and George Dunn. 4. The cafeteria staff consists of: Mary Martin, Betty Bryant, Carolyn Dell, Marie Ridge, Sara Tafoya, and Ondina Wilkins. Administration 21 Mrf. Aurora Agatep U.S.C. Mr. James Angotti: C.S.U.LB. Mrs. Lorraine Anthonisen U. of Kansas Mr. Don Berberet: C.S.U.L.A., C.S.U.L Loyola U. Mr. Bill Black: U.S.C.U. of Missouri: Advisor to C.S.F. Mrs. Jan Blume: Eastern Washington State 22 Administration Mrs. Eleanor Bondurant: Whittier College Mr Juluis Brendan: U. of Butler; Freshmart Class Advisor Mr. Nate Brewer: UCLA. Mrs. Bette Brunner: C.S.U.F.: Activities Director Mr Darryl Buntin: CS.U.L.B. Mrs. Alan Carlson: CS.U.L.B: Advisor to Art Club Mr David Carlson: Reed College: Advisor to M C M Mr. John Crippen: Whittier College Mr. Jack Fried rick: C.S.U.F.: Advisor to Art Club Mr. Don Gibson: CS.U.L.B. Mr. Creg Colgart: use. CS.UL.B., Dominguez Hills; Advisor to Thespians Mr. Arvel Goodman: U. of Eastern New Mexico FACULTY 1. Mr. Carlson and Mr. Lee " Kick-Back " during break. 2. Mrs. Midyett helps Angela Mearsh with her Secretarial English. 3. We had two new teachers come to Neff late in the first quarter. They are Mr. Schil- ling and Mr. Hansen. 4. Todd Larson and Tony Kalisvaart at- tempt to give Mr. Stice a new hair style. 5. Mr. Berberet oversees as Tammy Lourick types. Administration 23 Mrs. Suzanne Green: U. of Florida Mrs. Amy Harakuni: C.S.U.L.B.. U. of San Francisco Mrs. Fran Hamilton: U.C.L.A. Mrs. Evelyn Hintze: C.S.U.L.A.: Freshman Class Advisor Mr. Milan Jablan Illinois State U. Mrs. Naomi Jack Oregon College Of Education Mr. Eric Jordan: U.C.L.A. Mrs. Helen Kazan: C.5.U.F.: Advisor to C.S.F 24 Administration Mr. Walter Kelly: U. of New Mexico Mr. Mike Knapp: Eastern Michigan U. Mn. Gabricla Kilias: Indiana U. Mr. John Kuyper: U. of Northern Iowa Mr. Olaf Lee: C.S.U.L.B. Mr Ed Little: C.S.U.L.A. Mrs. Doris Littrell: Kansas U. Mrs. Cayle Loesch: C.S.U.F. Miss Mona Mazon: George Pea body College for Teachers FACULTY 1. Bette Bruner, our Activities Director, is on the phone setting up activities for Neff. 2. Mr. Knapp, Mr. Mooshagian, and Mr. Ber- beret enjoy visiting on their break. 3. Miss Mazon smiles for the camera. 4. Mr. Jordan lectures on one of his more inter- esting topics. 5. Mr. Miller answers questions for Classes Sec- tion in Annual. " J uiwC yt Administration 25 Mr. Bob McGuire: Stanford U.; Senior C ass Advisor Mr. John Mele: Whittier College Mr. Dan Merrit: Purdue U.; Junior Class Advisor Mrs. Elizabeth Midyett: Pittsburg State U. ■ " B r V ' v ' w i f % fk Mr. Darrel Miller: Long Beach State Mr Jon Miller: C.SUL.B.: Advisor to Annual and Newspaper Mr. Ray Mooshagian: Whittier College Mrs. Barbara Ralph: C.S.U.L.B. 26 Administration Mr. Boh Riddar. C.S.U.L.B. Mrs. Linda Ruth: C.S.U.L.A.: Senior Class Advisor Mr. Edward Slice: U.S.C; Girls League Advisor Ms. Cecelia Tafoya: C.S.U.F. Mr-v Carol Tarhell: Northwestern U. Mrs. Barbara Wilcox: C.S.U.L.B. Mr. Ed Witkins: U. of Texas Mr. Larry Wong: Teachers Christian U. FACULTY 1. Once again Mrs. Jackson is found at her fa- vorite spot in the class. 2. Mrs. Ralph hams it up for the camera. 3. Mr. Carlson helps Jean Alexander on her homework assignment for Aleghra class, 4. Mr. Jahlan answers questions before the class begins their lab assignment. 3. Mrs. Agatep explains how to use her grade book to Tony Draper. Administration 27 28 Classes ■m ■A r •«% iV: » « CLASSES We joined together in classes. In learning and in fun. To prepare us for our future That has barely just begun. Classes 29. 1. Best All Around- Dave James and Angela Terry. 2. Best Smile- Robbie Frantz and Tea Cisneros. 3. Most Athletic- Tom Hensley and Kathleen Lund- quist. 4. Biggest Flirt- Tony Kalisvaart and Laurie Carr. 5. Class Clown- Ken Rush and Kerry Kesting. 6. Most Bashful- Dave Dopudja and Pam Rogers. 7. Best Looking- Scott Betty and Kate Powers. 8. Best Body- Mark Comer and Vicky Ledbetter. 9. Best Dressed- Richard Davis and Sheri Seager. 10. Most Service to School-Terence Lawlor and Tammi Allen. 11. Most Likely to Succeed- Mark Yniguez and Jill Mammano. 12. Best Personality- Dave James and Alice Figueroa. 30 Senior Favorites ' TM ' f , XUA 81 Senior Favoritiei ' i iffiHW ROBIN ABRAMS: Ambition: Undecided. MARY JANE ADAMS: Ambition: Legal Secre- Liry. Activities: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. R05ALEE R. ADAMS: Ambition: To Live and Love. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Pep Club 1; Art Club J-4; Thes. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. MICHAEL A. ALDRICH: Ambition: To let it be. TAMMI J. ALLEN: Ambition: Public Relations. Activities: Girls Lge., Pub. Ch. 3, Pres. 4; ASB 4; News. Staff Page 1 Ed. 4; An. Staff 4; Flag Capt. 4; St. Comm. 1-4: Sen. 1,4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1,3,4; CSF 1,2,4; Spch. Club 1-2; Kal. 4; Pep Club 1,3; Jr. Hon. Grd. NORMA JEAN AMOS: Ambition: Computer Programmer. Activities: CSF 1; Prin. Hon. Rll 1: Con. Band; Spch. Club; Sen. KAREN L ANDERSON: Ambition: Male Gyne- cologist. Activities: Girl ' s Lge., Thes. Rep. 4; Thes. 2-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Spch. Club 2-3; NFL; MGM; CSF 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; CSF Sec. 3; St. Comm. 4. ALBERT MARCOS ANGELO: Ambition: Para- medic. Activities: Frosh. Ftb; Soph. Ftb. LISA M. ANTISDEL: Ambition: To live by the beach and be rich. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Pep Club 1; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sen. 4; Hon. Roll 4; Powder Puff 4; Art Club 4. SENIORS 1. Senior Officers are-Row 1: Social Chairman, Laurie Cam Treasurer, Bill Collins; Row 2: President, Ken Rush; Secretary, Tammy Vance; Vice President, John Veazey. 2. Senior Steering Committee mem- bers are-Row 1: Kim Davis, Alice Fi- gueroa, April Dunton, Cheryl Mon- toy, Jackie Hernandez, Laurie Gur- rieri, Virginia Provencio, Vicky Led- better, Roy Hanna, Vicki Di Mar- ti no. Row 2: Rachel Lizardi. Julie Vetsch, Valerie Sedillo, Cindy Dalei- den, Karen Anderson, Angela Terry, Linda Stone, Alicia Mesko, Kate Powers. Row 3: Julie Wit tick, Steph- anie La Cour. Juana Varela, Laurie Lamb, Pegi Young, Marie Pizzorno, Donna Thomas, Sandi Stelzer. .An- gela Mearsch, Carol Moore, Marie IVcatherly, Tammi .Allen, Ruth Bvers. CHARLES ED AROCHA: Ambition: Police Offi- cer. Activities: Fresh. Basb.; Soph. Basb.: Bktb. 1- 3; Jr. Honor Grd.; News Staff DAVID W. ARREGUIN: Ambition: To be prin- cipal of Neff Activities: Ftb. 2; Basb. 3,4. CHERYL BARRINCER: Ambition: Undecided. MIKE BARTELS: Ambition: To own my own thrashmobile. Activities: Frosh. Basb.: Soph. Basb.; Var. Basb. 3-4. JAGDEEP SINGH BATRA: Ambition: Undecid- ed. Activities: Var. Tennis; Prin. Honor Roll. JAGMOHAN SINGH BATRA: Ambition: Car- diologist. Activities: Var. Tennis; Prin. Honor Roll TERRI LEE BELLAK: Ambition: Anthroplatery. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Grl. Lge. Frosh. Rep.; VP 2; Treas. 3; Alt. Sen. 1-3. ALEXANDRA BERNAL: Ambition: Undecided SCOTT JOSEPH BETTY: Ambition: Pro surfer. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Sen. 1-2; Honor Roll 2,3. 1. After four years of high school, these seniors still need a map to get around Neff High s campus. 2. Sheri Seager and Sharlene Woronets appear to be sweeping Gaston Escudero off his feet. 34 Seniors STEVEN JOHN BETTY: Ambition: Lawyer. Ac- tivities: Fth. 1-3: Basb. 1-2: Coif 1-2: Sen. 2-3. JOLENE BIRD: Ambition: To be a good mom to Natalie. Activities: Soph. Treas.: Sen. 2-3; St. Comm. 1-4: Girls Lge. Treas. 3: GIA. 1-4. LAURIE BOBIER: Ambition: Legal Secretary. Ac- tivities: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 3-4; Dr. Team 1: J. V. Yell 2; Var. Yell 3-4; Jr. Hon. Crd. ROBIN BRINNON: Ambition: To be able to make up my mind! Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 1-3; J. V. Yell 2. LEO BRIONES: Ambition: America ' s Tolstoy. Activities: Ftb. 1-4, M.V.P. 1; Jr. Hon. Crd. LORI BROWN: Ambition: Undecided. RILEY BROWN: Ambition: Eat and sleep. MATTHEW LAWRENCE BUFFUM: Ambition: Architect. Activities: Var. Bktb. 3, Capt. 4; Var. Track 3-4; C.C 4; An. Staff: Jr. Hon. Crd. Trans- fer from Peterson: Bktb. 1, MVP 2. TAMMY BUSTER: Ambition: Undecided RUTH ANN BYERS: Ambition: Not to have any more injuries. Activities: St. Comm. 2-4: Art Club 2-4, Tres 3-4; Sftb. 2-4: Bktb. 3-4: Volball 3-4, Capt. 4; Powder Puff 3-4. GARY L. CANTU: Ambition: Pro Basb. or Re- frigeration. Activities: Ftb 1: Basb. 1-4, J. V. MVP; Jr Hon Crd: Hon Roll. LAURIE CARR: Ambition: To take over Kims Farm. Activities: St Comm. 1-3; Sen; JV Yell; Var Yell,: Sr. Soc. Ch.: Jr. Hon. Grd; Homecoming Prin.; Powder Puff LOUISE CHERRY.Ambition: Undecided TEA JEWETT CISNEROS: Ambition: To live a happy life with Frank. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 1-2: News Staff 3-4. SCOTT CLEMENTS: Ambition: Mahamadaliba- biscott Supreme leader of idolism. Activities: Frosh. Track 1: Sen. 2: Var. Ftb. 3: New Stjff 4; .Art Club 4: Jr. Hon. Grd.: Powder Pufi 3-4, head 3. Seniors 35 BILL COLLINS: Ambition: To be like Jack. Ac- tivities: Ftb. 2; Track 1,2; Hon. Roll 1,2; St. Class Treas; Ann. Staff Photo Ed. 4; News Staff Photo Ed. 4. CINDY L. DALEIDEN: Ambition: Disc Jockey. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 2; Bullocks Teen Board Rep. KIMBERLY LYNN DAVIS: Ambition: To be successful. Activities: Pep Club 1-2; St. Comm. 1- 4; J. V. Yell 2; V. Yell 3-4, Head 4; Hon. Roll 1-2; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; Jr. Hon. Grd; Powder Puff 3- 4. RICHARD DEAN DAVIS: Ambition: To work the illusions. Activities: Band 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. GREG DELAMARE: Ambition: To live a life of happiness. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Soph. MVP, Gold- en Trojan 4; Track 1-4, Var. 2-4, Soph. MVP; Jr. Hon. Grd. VICKI DI MARTINO: Ambition: To stay sane and enjoy life with Roy. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; Journalism 2; News. Staff 3, PC. 1 Ed 3, Ed. In Chief 4; An. Staff Ads. Ed. 3-4; St. Comm. 2,4. KAREN DIXON: Ambition: Performer. Activi- ties: Thes 1-4, VP 4; Rose Floats 2-4; Jr. Hon. Grd; Sen 2; Won Best Supporting Actress 1979. ROBERTO JAIME DOMINGUEZ: Ambition: Give my love to B.B. Activities: V. Ftb. 3-4; Track 1-3. DAVID M. DOPUDJA: Ambition: Prof rubber- band shooter. JERRY DOUTHIT: Ambition: To take over Grandpa s business. ROBERT DOWTY: Ambition: Air Traffic Con- troler. Activities: Frosh Football; Spch. Club. RICHARD MICHAEL DOYLE: Ambition: Base- ball Player. Activities: Frosh Basb. M. VP. 1, Capt. 1; Var. Basb. 2-4, All Lge. 3-4; Ftb. 1-2; Bktb. 1; Hon. Roll 2-4; Jr. Hon. Grd; St. Comm. 1-2. REGINA DUMAIS: Ambition: To live a life of love and KS. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; CSF. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; Hon. Roll; GIA 2-4; J.V Vol-ball 3; Var. Volball 4; J V. Bktb. 2-3, MIP 2, MINP 3; Var. Bktb. 4. RANDY DENNIS DUNCAN: Ambition: To Graduate. RICK JAMES DUNLOP: Ambition: Electrical Engineer. : tivities: Jr. Hon. Grd. 36 Seniors APRIL DUNTON: Ambition: To stop S. C. s ido- lism trip. Activities: Pep Club 1-2; JV Yell 2; V. Yell 3-4; St. Comm. 1-4, Drama 1; Powder Puff 3- 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll 1-4. TOM DURAZO: Ambition: Forestry or Police Science. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. AYUMI EIMORI: Ambition: Secretary. Activi- ties: Art Club; Kal. 4. GASTON GILLERMO ESCUDERO: Ambition: To own an ice cream truck. Activities: Football 1- 2; Bktb. 1; MGM 1-4. FRANK FERRARA: Ambition: Undecided ALICE FIGUEROA: Ambition: Golden halo and a set of wings. Activities: Sec. 1; St. Comm. 1-4, Sen. 2-3; Art Club 1-4, Sec. 2, V.P. 4; Frosh-Soph. Ftb. Stat 2; H. and F Prin. 2; Track 1-4; Powder Puff 3-4; Dir. of Act. 4; Homecoming Prin. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. KIM FINUF: Ambition: To own a coca farm in Bolivia. Activities: Soc. Ch. 3; St. Comm. 1-2; Pep Comm. 4; Sen. 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4, MVP 3; Var. Tennis 1-4, MVP 3; News. Staff 4, Pg. 4 Ed.; Prom Comm.; Var. Sftb. 2-4; Var. Bktb. 3-4; Track 1; Homecoming Prin.; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2,4; Jr. Hon. Grd. ROBERT FRANTZ: Ambition: Undecided. STEVE G FREDERICKSEN: Ambition: Har- monica player for Purple Onion. Activities: Ftb. 1-3; Track 1-4; An. Staff 4; Sen. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2; Jr. Hon. Grd. 1. Rich Doyle is struggling for an " A " in Mr. Merritt ' s class. 2. These senior girls are learning to become typical Secretarie- Seniors 37 1. With the price of todays Trojan Burgers Pegi Young and Virginia Provencio find it necessary to share. 2. Greg DeLaMare acts humble among these gorgeous girls while Roger Law dreams on! LAUREE LEE GASTON: Ambition: To fulfill my every dream. Activities: St. Comm. 3.4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2; J.V. VolbaU. 3, Var. 4; J.V. Bktb. I Var. 2-4; Var. Sftb. 2-4, All Lge. 3; GIA V.P. 4. TODD L. GASTON: Ambition: Forest Ranger. Activities: Frosh. Ftb.; Soph. Ftb. TAMMY GEORGE: Ambition: Undecided. SUSAN IRENE GOBEN: Ambition: Fashion merchandiser. DENNIS WILLIAM GORMAN: Ambition: De- signer-Engineer. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll; Art Club 4. SCOTT E. GRAY: Ambition: To wander forever. Activities: Basb. 1-4; Ftb. 2; Bktb. 1. STEVE GURLEY: Ambition: Undecided. LAURA GURRIERI: Ambition: Have OBS in driveways with B.B. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4. ANTONETTE GUTIERREZ: Ambition: Music; to be a player. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 2,3; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Band, Con. Band, Jazz Band 1-4; Band Sec. 3,4. 38 Seniors SHERRY ANN HACKER: Ambition: To get my teddybear back. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. ROY E. HANNA: Ambition: To be a CPA, rich and marry Vicki. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd; St. Comm. 4. OLGA HELEN. HATTORFF: Ambition: To be Dave Vincents wife. MARK HAUPERT: Ambition: To be in the light. Activities: Sen. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd: Ftb. 2-3; Bktb. 1-3; Track 2-3. THOMAS CLAY HENSLEY: Ambition: Official Bum. Activities: Bktb. 1-4; Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1-2. JACKIE D HERNANDEZ: Ambition: To see Je- sus, and make mom and dad happy. Activities: St. Comm. 3-4; Powder Puff Ftb. 3-4. SEAN HILLIARD: Ambition: Undecided TERRY LYNNE HOLMES: Ambition: Teacher for the handicapped. Activities: Pep Club 1. DIANE ELIZABETH HOSMAN Ambition: Be successful in life. Activities: Sftb. 2-4; Volball 3-4; Art Club 4; Pep Club 1; Bktb. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. GREG HOVIVIAN Ambition: Psychologist. DAVID P. JAMES: Ambition: Keyboard player for Purple Onion. Activities: Sen. 1-4; St. Comm. 1,3,4: Soph. Class Pres. MICHAEL JOSEPH JENKINS: Ambition: Archi- tect. Activities: Track 1-4: Ftb. 1,4; C.C. 2; News Staff 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; St. Comm. 3-4. ' t, H RUTH ANN JOHNSON Ambition: To be hap- py with Chris, M.D. Activities: St. Comm. 3-4; T. Flag 2-3, Capt 4; Banner 4; Jr Hon. Grd. DAVID JONES: Ambition: Full time Driller. Ac- tivities: Basb. 1-2; Ftb. 1-4; Sen. 2. GERARD A. JULIEN Ambition: Engineer Seniors 39 ANTHONY KALI5VAART: Ambition: To take Hugh Hefner ' s place. Activities: St. Comm. 3-4; Sen. 2-3; Jr. Hon. Grd. KERRY LYNN KESTING: Ambition: Broad- way!!! Activities: Thes. 1-4, Thes. Pub. Ch. 3; Sen. 3-4; St. Comm. 1-4. ANNE KERTIN: Ambition: To drink Cissy ' s 7up. Activities: Sen. 4. DWAYNE ROBERT KING: Ambition: Chimney sweep. Activities: Sen. 3, Sen. alt. 4; CSF 3; Basb. 1; Ftb. 1-2, Var. Ftb. 3-4; An. Staff Sports Ed. 4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 4. WILLIAM L. KING: Ambition: Lead Guitar for Purple Onion. Activities: Frosh C.C, MVP. 1; Track 1-2; Sen. 1; Ftb. 2; St. Comm. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Plays: Done To Death, Arsenic and Old Lace. DONNA JEAN KRISIK: Ambition: Playgirl Photographer. Activities: Soph. Sftb. STEPHANIE ANN LA COUR: Ambition: Court Reporter. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; CSF 4; St. Comm. 3-4; Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; T. Flag 3; Kal. 1-2; Cam. Host. 1-2; Choir 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3: Sen. 4. LAURIE ANN LAMB: Ambition: To have a little sister. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Girl ' s Lge. Jr. Rep.; Sen. 3; J.V. Yell; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Tennis Stat; Dr. Team 1; Pep Club 1-2. STEVEN M. LANG: Ambition: Millionaire and own a 450SLC. Activities: Sen 2-3; Hon. Roll; News Staff 4. TODD J LARSEN VL Ambition: Rhythm gui- tarist for Purple Onion. Activities: Ftb. 1,2; Sen. Alt. 2; St. Comm. 2-4. ROBERT JOHN LARSON: Ambition: Nuclear Proctologist. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. GORDON LASLIE: Ambition: Undecided. TERENCE BRENDON LAWLOR: Ambition: Wealth. Activities: Sen. 3,4; Jr. Class Pres.; ASB Pres. 4; St. Comm. 2-4; Art Club Pres. 4; Frosh. Track, MVP; Var. Track 2-4; NFL 2-4; Spch. Club 2; News Staff 4. GAYLENE MARIE LAWRENCE: Ambition: Wildlife Manager. Activities: Band 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. MATTHEW DEAN LAWRENCE: Ambition: In- dependently " althy. Activities: Art Club 3-4; Art Gallery Di. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. 40 Seniors MICHAEL LE BLANC: Ambition: Undecided. VICTORIA LEDBETTER: Ambition: To work on Kim ' s farm. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 1; Pep Club 1; J. V. Yell 2; J. V. Volball. 3; Jr. CI Sec; Pwdr. Puff 3,4. ALAN R. LEE: Ambition: Teach the world what I see and know. RACHEL LIZARDI: Ambition: Permabond Ken ' s mouth. Activities: St. Comm. 4; Var. Tennis 2-4, MIP 2: J. V. Sftb. 2, Var. 3,4; Art Club Dir. of Act. 4; Jr. Hon. Crd. KELLY J. LUDVIK: Ambition: To find the rain- bow connection. Activities: St. Comm. 1,4; Pep Club 1; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; Flag 4; An. Staff 4. KATHLEEN ANN LUNDQUIST Ambition: To see Jesus face to face. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1- 4; CSFl; St. Comm. 1; CIA Frosh. Rep., Treas. 2,3, Pres. 4; J V. Volball. 1, Var. 2-4; Var. Bktb. 1-4, MVP 3, All Lge. 3; Sftb. 3,4; Pwdr. Puff 3,4; An. Staff 4. TROY MADER: Ambition: Football Player. JILL RENEE MAMMANO: Ambition- Broad- caster. Activities: Stage Band 1-4: Con. Band 1-4; CSFl-4, V.P. 3-4; ASB Comm. of Pub. Rel. 4; Art Club 1-4; Kal3-4; News Staff 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1- 4; NFL 1-4; Jr. Hon. Crd.; Sen. 2. KEVIN JAMES MARSHALL: Ambition: To have a purple mohawk. Activities: Frosh. C.C.; Frosh. Track; Ftb. 2; MGM; Prin. Hon. RoU. ROGER DAVID MAUER: Ambition: Engineer Activities: Sen. 3; Track 1,2; Ftb. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll MICHELLE MC NAMARA: Ambition: Undecid- ed. 1. Alicia Mesko and Matt Lawrence are showing their excitement after touring the Wonderful World of Neff High School on Tourist Day. Seniors 41 ANGELA MARIE MEARSCH: Ambition: To al- ways remember that special someone. Activities: St. Comm. 3-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. ALICIA S. MESKO: Ambition: To be one singu- lar sensation. Activities: Sen. 2; St. Comm. 3-4: Jr. Hon. Grd. DENNIS ROBERT MONTEJO: Ambition: Ma- chinist. CHERYL LYNN MONTOY: Ambition: To own a Mercedes. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Kal. 2-3; Sen. 3; Flag Co. Capt. 4; Pep Club 3; P. Puff 3-4. CAROL LYNN MOORE: Ambition: To go wher- ever life leads me. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; CSF 2-4; Hon. Roll; An. Staff 4; News Staff 3; Girls Lge. Hist. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd; P. Puff 4; GIA; JV Bktb. 1-2, MVP 2; Volball 1-2, MVP 2; Var Volball 3; Bktb. 3; Sftb. 2. PETRA PATRICIA NARANJO: Ambition: Teacher. PAMELA LYNN NATHANSON: Ambition. Travel around the world and write. Activities: St. Comm. 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. NEIL OLSON: Ambition: Head of Naomi Bri- gade. LIZZY OTERO: Ambition: To be happy in what- ever I do. Activities: St. Comm 2-4; Alt. Sen. 1. Seniors Todd Larsen and Tony Kalis- vaart are putting their stamp of ap- proval on freshman Andrea Vigil. 2. Seniors are putting their spirit on display 42 Seniors PATRICIA PARADES: Ambition: Undecided. KIMBERLY KAY PATTERSON: Ambition: Doctor. SCOTT PEHLKE: Ambition: Usher at Song Re- mains The Same. Activities: Basb. 1-2,4; Bktb. 1-3 J.V. MVP. STEVEN PHILLIPS: Ambition: To become Ted Nugen t. MARIE CATHERINE PIZZORNO: Ambition: Med. Tech. and be happy. Activities: Dr. Team 1; Flag 2; CSF 1-4: St. Comm. 3,4; Sen. 3: Drama 3; Kal. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. ROBIN ANN PLOUFFE: Ambition: Make mom and dad proud. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. KATE POWERS: Ambition: To meet Jeff Goldb- lum. Activities: St. Comm. 2-4. PAULA PRIETO: Ambition: Undecided. VIRGINIA PROVENCIO: Ambition: To own my own Vette. Activities: Sen. 1-3; St. Comm. 1-4; Powder Puff 4. JOHN PRUDEN: Ambition: To ramble over the hills and far away. Activities: Bktb. 1-3: Basb. 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 1; News Staff REBECCA LYNN REYNOLDS: Ambition: Teacher Activities: Pep Club 1; Art Club 4; St. Comm. 4; Dr. Team 1, Capt. 2; T. Flag 3, Co- Capt.; Banner Co-Capt. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. SUZETTE J. RHODES: Ambition: Psychologist, Counselor Activities: ASB Treas. 4: JV Yell 2; V. Yell 3, Co-Capt. 4; St. Comm. 1-4; Pep Club 1-2; Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. KIMBERLYN LANE RIDGLEY: Ambition: Bills Chambermaid. Activities: NFL 2; Spch. Club 2; Sen. 3: Volball 2-3; St. Comm. 2-4; Powder Puff 3- 4. RITA RAE ROBERTSON: Ambition: Success; Keep Mike. Activities: JV Volball 1; Var. 2-4; Var. Sftb. 2-4, All Lge. 2; St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 2; An. Staff Class Ed. 3; Powder Puff 3-4; GIA Girls Lge. Rep. 4; Honor Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3: CSF 4. RICHARD ROBINSON: Ambition: Undecided. Seniors 43 NANCY ROCHA: Ambition: To be a S.Z.H.5. and live for GJH. Activities: Won best Sup. Ac- tress 80: Thes. 3-4, Pub. 4; Norn. For Best Act. 2. PAMALA }. ROGERS: Ambition: To take one day at a time. CAROL ANN ROSKAM: Ambition: To make people happy. Activities: Band 1-4, Hist. 3; Jazz Band 1-2,4; St. Comm. 1-4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-3: MGM 1-4; CSF2-4: Journ. 3; News Staff Pg. 3 Ed 4: Kal. 1; Spch. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. KENNETH P. RUSH Ambition: Television An- nouncer. Activities: St. Comm. 1-3: Prom. Comm. 3; Sen. 2,4; CI. Pres. 4; Track 2; An. Staff; Jr. Hon. Grd. VICTOR R. SALAZAR: Ambition: Fireman. Ac- tivities: Track 1-4; Football 2-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. RONALD SANDBERG: Ambition: The king of Disco. Activities: Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-2; Asst. Drum Maj. 2; Drum Maj. 3; CSF 1-4; Prin. Hon Roll 1-3: Hon. Roll 1-4: Jr. Hon. Grd. RAYMOND A. SARRAZIN Ambition: Pilot. Activities: Ftb. 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; Hon. Roll 1-4. RICHARD K. SAWITSKAS: Ambition: Pro. Moto-cross Mechanic. Activities: Hon Roll 2-4. SHERI SEAGER: Ambition: Advertizing Photog- rapher. Activities: Sen. 1-3; St. Comm. 1-4; J. V. Volball 1; Var Volball 3-4; P. Puff 3-4; GIA Pub. Ch. 3; Jr. Hon Grd 3: Bktb. 1. RON SEARLS: Ambition: Undecided. VALERIE MARIE SEDILLO: Ambition: Execu- tive Secretary. Activities: St. Comm 1-4; Kal. 1-4; Pep Club 3; Jr. Hon Grd; Honor Roll 1-2; Teen Board Rep. to Bullocks 4. G BRENT SIMS: Ambition: Trapeze Artist. Ac- tivities: MGM; CSF 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. MONICA MARIE SIOW: Ambition: Music Pro- ducer. Activities: Band 1-4; Con. Band. 1-4; Jazz Band 2-4; Band Spirit Club V.P. MICHAEL D. SORANNO: Ambition: Be able to all my life. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2; Ftb. 1- 4, Capt. 1-2; Golden Trojan; Basb. 1-3; Bktb. 1. CYNTHIA DIANE SPAULDING: Ambition: To keep my Harem. Activities: Sen.; Banner. R I -r , " -•s-s j 1 ., — rfj H l ■ A i ' ; f ■ j - 44 Seniors 1. Mr. Merrltt ' s 5th period psychology class must he studying human behavior. 2. Steve and Scott Betty prove to Vicky Ledbetter and Lisa .Antisdel that gentlemen prefer bh- nde : ELIZABETH ANN SPENCER: Ambition. Bar- tender. JOSEPH SQUIREK: Ambition.- Undecided. GEORGIA STANFIELD: Ambition: Playgirl Photographer. ANN M. STECKBAUER: Ambition: To marry a cowboy. Activities: St. Comm. 2-4; Sen. 1-3. SANDI STELZER: Ambition: Commercial Artist. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; CSF 1; Prin. Hon. Roll. LINDA ANN STONE: Ambition: To travel the world. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 1-2: Powder Puff 3-4. GARYE. STRAIT: Ambition: Undecided. Activi- ties: Marching Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4: Jazz Band 3: Pep Band 3; Prin. Hon. Roll. VIVIAN SUN: Ambition: Undecided. VICTORIA SUE SWICKARD: Ambition: To be successful. Activities: GIA Hist. 3, Pub. 4; Con. Band 1; Pep Club 3; J.V. Volball 1; J.V. Bktb 1,2; Var. Volball 2-4: Var. Bktb. 3-4; Var. Sftb 3,4; MVP Volball 3: r. Hon. Grd. 1. Rich Davis and Greg Hovivian don ' t like to monkey around when it comes to getting their picture tak- en. 2. These Seniors are enjoying a typi- cal day in Senior Square. o : ' ■ I if X. _r ii 14 d 1 i STEVEN HOWARD TACAMl. Ambition: Sho- gun. Activities: Sen. Alt. 2; CSF 2-4; Sgt. at Arms 3; Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4; Jazz Band 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Var. Ftb. 3-4; Var. Track 3-4: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2. ANGELA ANNE TERRY: Ambition: 36 " -24 " - 36 " l Activities: Frosh Pres.; ASB Vice Pres.: Jr. Vice Pres.; Fresh Prin.; Sen. 2-4; Soph. St. Comm.; Soph. Ftb. Stat.; Pep Club 2; Powder Puff 3; Sr. St. Comm.; Art Club 4; Track 1-4; Homecoming Queen; Jr. Hon. Grd. DEBBIE TERRY: Ambition: To enjoy life and marry R. Tice. Activities: Var. C.C 2-4, MIP 2; Var. Track 1-4; Pep Club 1; St. Comm. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1,3. JILL CAMERON TERRY: Ambition: To hang glide through a rainbow. Activities: ASB Sec. 3; Soph. Soc. Ch.; V. Yell 4; An. Act. Ed. 3; An. Ed. 4; JV Volball 1, Var. 2-3, MIP 1,2, Capt. 3; CSF 1-4: Girl ' s Lge. 3; GIA Cab. 3; Spch. Club 1,2; NFL 1-4; Sen. 1-3; Pow. Puff 3-4: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. DONNA ANN THOMAS: Ambition: Biochem- ist. Activities: Pep Club 1; CSF 3-4; St. Comm. 1-4; GIA 1-4; Sftb. 1-4, MIP 2; Jr Hon. Grd SHERRY THOMPSON: Ambition: Undecided. DIANA LYNN TILLINGER: Ambition: To marry my honey H.B. Activities: GIA Treas. 4; St. Comm. 1-4; J. V. Volball 3-4; J. V. Sftb. MVP; Var Sftb. 3-4; Powder Puff Ftb. 3. JOSEPH J. TURGEON: Ambition: To inherit Dad ' s money. Activities: Ad ' s Photographer; Jr. Hon. Grd. CHRISTINE ANN TIMMS: Ambition: Forestry and to be rich. Activities: St. Comm. 4; J.V. Ten- nis 3; Var Tennis 4; Var Sftb. 2-4; JV. Bktb. 1: Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; Jr Hon. Grd 46 Seniors LINDA VALENZUELA: Ambition: Certified Public Account.mt. TAMMY LYNN VANCE: Ambition: Artist. Ac- tivities: St. Comm. 1-3; St. Class Sec; Pep Club 1,3; Hon. Roll. DONALD TRIPP VAN DYKEN: Ambition: Welder. Activities: Band, Stage Band, Con. Band 1-4; Drum Major 4. lUANA SABINA VARELA: Ambition: Share my future with Moy. Activities: Girls Lge. Sen. Rep.; Art Club 4; Pep Club 3; St. Comm. 4. TERESA VASQUEZ: Ambition: To type 50 words a minute. JANICE VCELIK: Ambition: Secretary. Activi- ties: Volball. 1-3; Var. Bktb. 2,3; Var. Track 1-4; Pwdr. Puff 3,4. JOHN CAMPBELL VEAZEY: Ambition: Vegeta- ble. Activities: Ftb. 1,2: Track 1-3; Jr. Hon. Crd.; Sr. Class V.P. CELESTE VELARDE: Ambition: Undecided. MYSTICAL ROSE VELARDE: Ambition: To be free. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Hon. Roll; Sftb.; Jr. Hon. Crd. JULIE ANN VETSCH Ambition: Business. Ac- tivities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Band 1; St. Comm. 4. KARLA ANN WALDAHL Ambition: CPA and marry mine truly. Activities: St. Comm. 3,4; CSF 3,4: Band 1,3,4; Con. Band 1-4; Tall Flag Co-Capt. 3; Kal. 4; Pep Club 3; Jr. Hon. Crd.; Prin. Hon. Roll 3,4. SHERI ANNETTE WARD: Ambition: Musician. .Activities: CSF 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 1,2; MGM 1-3; Band, Con. Band, Jazz Band 1-4, ,Asst. DM. 3, VP. 3, Pres. 4. TAMM LEE WARR: Ambition: Make it to Florida, house wife. Activities: Sen. 2; Dr. Team 1; J. V. Yell 2: Var. Yell 3,4: St. Comm. 3,4: Pep Club 1: Jr. Hon. Crd. MARLA LEE WASHOWICH: Ambition: Health, happiness, and money. Activities: Var. Yell 4; Song 3; Track 3,4; MVP 3; St. Comm. 1-4: Hon. Roll 3.4: Jr. Hon. Crd.: Pwdr. Puff 3,4. MARIE EL.AINE WE,ATHERLY: Ambition: Doc- tor, OB. C. Y.N. Activities: St. Comm. 1 -4; Sen. 3: CSF 3,4: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll. An. Staff 4, .Admin. Ed.; Dr. Team 1: Banner 2; Song 3; Jr. Hon. Crd. Seniors 4 LA REINA WEAVER: Ambition: Skydive with Tammi and Ron. Activities: Girls Lge. Pep Rep. 3; Girls Lge. Soc. Ch. 4; Dr. Team 1; Spch. Club 2; J. V. 2: Pep Club Pres. 3; News Staff 3-4. DONNA MARIE WHITE: Ambition: Veterinary Assistant. Activities: St. Comm 4; Hon. Roll 3-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. LOIS LYDIA WHITE: Ambition: Buyer. Activi- ties: CSF 1-4: Prin. Hon. Roll: Spch. Club. 1-3; NFL: J.V Volball 1: Sen. 2; News Staff; Jr. Hon. Grd JEANNE ANN WHITNEY: Ambition: To please mv mom and dad, just once. Activities: Track 1-2; Volball 2; Sen 2-3; Powder Puff 4. MATT WILLIAMS: Ambition: Be a wildlife manager and chef Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd; Art Club; MGM. RYAN WILLIAMS: Ambition: To surf the seven seas. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Track 1-4; Band 1-2. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL WILMOT: Ambi- tion: To become a Cop. Activities: Ftb. 1-3. SUSAN ADELLE WILSHIRE: Ambition: Doctor. Activities: CSF 3-4, Pres. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; Kal. 4; Band 3; Transfer from C-T High: Band 12; Chorus 1-2; Co-Editor An. Staff 2; Spch. Club 1- 2; Drama Club 1-2; FHA 1-2, Hist. 2; 4-H Treas. 1- 2; St. Comm. 1-2; Jr. Hon. Grd. JULIE WITTICK: Ambition: Teacher and to fol- low my dreams. Activities: Pep Club 1,3; Prin. Hon. RoL 2-4; CSF 3,4; Sr. St. Comm. 4; Hon. Roll TINA MAE WOODWARD: .Ambition: To be happy with Edward. Activities: Senate 3-4; Pow- der Puff 4. TIM WORCESTER: Ambition: The Pope. Activi- ties: Band 1-3; Stage Band 1,3; Jazz Band 1,3. SHARLENE JOY WORONETS: Ambition: To work on Kim ' s Farm. Activities: St. Comm; Sen. 3; Tennis 1-4; Homecoming Princess; Mascot 1975-1980. MARK LAWRENCE YNIGUEZ: Ambition: Na- val Officer-Engineer. Activities: CSF 1-4, Pres. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; An. Staff Ed. 4; Spch. Club 1; Ftb. 1-2, Var. Ftb. 3-4; J.V. Tennis 1-2, MVP 2; Var. Tennis 3-4, Capt. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Sealbearer. PEGIANN YOUNG: Ambition: Work on Kim ' s Farm. Activities: J.V. Yell 2; Powder Puff 3-4; St. Comm. 1-4; Pep Club 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3. DOUG YOUNT: Ambition: Psychiatrist. Activi- ties: CSF 1-4; Basb. 1-4; Ftb. 1-3; Bktb. 1; News Staff 4; Powder Puff Coach 3. 48 Seniors 1. Robin Brinnon, Terence Lawlor and Angela Terry pose as Neff Hillbillies on Family Picnic Day. 2. Sue Wilshire would rather be in Minnesota than standing in this lunch line. 3. The Weeble family appears to be having a great time on family picnic day. 4. Lois White does not like to be disturbed while she is doing her school work. 5. Mike Jenkins and Dwayne King are ready to perform at the exchange rally. I CAMERA SHY SENIORS Charles Allen Ronald Beaver Ron Coke Darla Creswell Jack Kelly Roger Law William Laughlin Steve Lloyd Cus Luna Alexandra Ortega Paul Palladini Robert Schneider Cindy Sossman Giang To Denise Vasquez Diana Virgil Sandra Wetzler Seniors 4Q 50 Seniors i. SENIOR CANDID5 1. These Seniors are studying hard in their third period American Government class. 2 These Seniors are enjoying the nutritional value of fTloTlte Senior.tis has hit Mr. Mer.tt ' s Psychol- TstevTpredericksen and Angela Mearsch are taking time out for a quick picture on their way to 3rd period. 5. The surf ' s up for Senior Gaylene Lawrence. 6 Big spender Ron Sandberg lends his fnend Nei! Olson a dollar while envious Joe Turgeon looks on. 7. Is this Rachel Lizardi, Laurie Carr, and Carol Moore, or could it be Larry. Curly and Moc? 8. Scott Clements can ' t wait to sit down and munch out on Neff High ' s delicious food. 9 Valerie Sedillo and Cindy Daleiden are flashing their pearly whites for the camera. 10. Mr. Carlson lends a helping hand to Vicki Ledbet- ter on her ceramic project. 11 These Seniors seem to have other interests bei ides Mr. McCuire ' s American Government Lecture. Seniors 5 52 Senior Activities SENIOR ACTIVITIES 1. Jill Mammano is the Valedictorian of the Class of ' 81. 2. The Top Ten are Jill Mammano, Mark Ynigu ez, Marie Pizzorno, Matt Williams, Julie Vetsch, Jill Terry, Lois White, Julie Wittick and Carol Moore. Not pictured is Susan Wilshire. 3. The 1981 C.S.F. Sealhearers are: Jill Mammano, Marie Piz- zorno, Jill Terry and Mark Yniguez. 4. The Class of 1981 ' s Salutatorian is Mark Yniguez. 5. This sign represents the true feelings of the Student Body. 6. The 1981 Youth in Government Participants are: Row 1: Tammi Allen, Rachel Lizardi, Alice Figueroa, Jill Terry, Carol Roskam. Row 2: Jill Mammano, Terence Lawlor, Kim Davis, Angela Terry, Kerry Kesting and Ken Rush. 7. This sophisticated room was the site for the 1981 Prom. 8. The Prom was held at the Golden Sails Inn on May 30th. 9. Robbie Frantz and Tony Kalisvaart really get into a game of Fooz-Ball at the All Night Party Site. 10. Steve Fredcricksen enjoys playing Space Invaders. 11. Dave James and L aurie Carr enjoy bowling at the Fullerton Recreational Center, the site of this years All Night Party. Senior Activities JUNIOR POWDER PUFF 1. Junior Sheryl Stephen shows her foot at the opening kick off. 2. Juniors are breaking through the Senior line while Vicky Ledbetter decides to take a rest. 3. Juniors huddle together to plan their next strategic attack. 4. Row 1: L. Poindexter, P. Bowker, J. Kelley, Row 2: M. Boulanger, D. Rodela, K. Power, M. Comer, R. Emery, L. Shine, P. Palladini, D. Duquette. Row 3: S. Brown, T. Cook, M. Peters, S. Stephens, S. Fox, K. Merrill, D. Perez, J. Bren- non. Row 4: Coach Dunn, D. Shenk, C Martinez, J. Hau- pert, D. DeMarco, J. Quillin, R. Brinnon, M. Rush, Coach Creighton, Melinda Kuhn, and Coach Springer. 54 Powder Puff SENIOR POWDER PUFF 1. Row 1: A. Figueroa, R. Lizardi, J. Terry. Row 2: J. Mam- mano, L. Antisdel, L. Carr, P. Young, V. Ledhetter, K. Finuf, K. Davis, T. Wan, D. Til linger, L. Stone. Row 3: L. Lamb, M. Washowich, K. Kesting, K. Ridgely, A. Mesko, A. Mearsch, C. Timms. Row 4: Coach Mauer, R. Robertson, A. Terry, L Cherry, Coach Yniguez, S. Rhodes, R. Byers, M. Velarde, Coach Jenkins, J. Hernandez, C Montoy, and Coach DeLa- Mare. 2. The Seniors are all fired-up and ready to win the Powder- Puff game. 3. Kim Finuf goes for a pass while Rachel Lizardi and Rita Robertson give her their moral support. 4. Mark Yniguez is giving some coaching advice to Rita Robertson. Powder Puff 55 JUNIOR OFFICERS Terri Abbas Paul Adams Robin Adams Marlene Aguilar Vince Allen Lou Ellen Amos Dan Anderson She Trie Angela Mark Armijo Dayle Austin Keith Barnhart Mike Barr Michele Barr Steve Barstow Dan Bassett Robert Baxter Kelli Becker Larry Becker ( r .-jM J h Adam Bell Gerard Bengard Randy Bernard Helen Bessette Dana Bessey Sheila Ballet Steve Bond Tracy Bond Mary Boulanger Herb Bowden Paula Bowker Anthony Brannon JUNIORS 1. Junior Officers are- Row 1: Presi- dent, Vicki Real; Vice President, Pablo Santamaria. Row 2: Social Chairman, Sharon Roskam; Secretary, Cindy Pa- dilla; Treasurer, Mark Toyota. 2. Junior Steering Committee mem- bers are- Row 1: Laura Strieker, Julie Haupert, Denneen De Marco, Cynthia Ramirez, Missy Peters, Lark Poin- dexter. Colleen Costello, Leslie Max, Paula Palladini. Row 2: Kellie Weath- erton, De Ann Shenk, Joy Taylor, Dan Morin, Sherri Dolny, Sharon Brown, Advisor Mr. Merritt, Lynn Shine, Al Cardenas, Colleen Husband, Tim Metro, Sherrie Angela, Sharyl Ste- phens, Steve Speakman, and Diane Duquette. Juniors 57 Jane Brennan Cathy Brewster Re nee Brinnon David Brooks Sharon Brown David Bryan Steve Bunte Mike Burchette Mark Burnett Tony Bustos Billy Calder Kelly Calvert Sophia Camacho Andrew Camero Mark Campbell Al Cardenas Robert Casillas Coleen Chambers Jim Chancey Sheri Chantland Joey Charland Shawn Church Jeff Cleveland Bob Coie Frank Collette Gigi Coman Vince Contreras Tonya Cook Nathan Cordova Colleen Costello Lala Covarrubias Byron Cowart Donna Cowan Larry Cox Ron Creighton Tim Cude Neal Davis Terry Dawson Allen Dees Gonzalo De Leon Deneen De Marco Alex Diaz aA-. » 58 Juniors 1. Vince Contreras, Duane Sallade and Jeff Hen- ley are hanging out at their local pole at lunch. 2. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lulu, and the rest of the bunch gather around for a family portrait during Spirit Week. Suzanne Di Marti no Mike Dolny w i ' mf W ' »K Sherry Dolny Randy Dominguez i jfiinrt ? Tony Draper Tim Drews Francisca Dumais Pam Duncan Glenn Dunn Jeff Dunn Robert Dunn Diane Duquette Mike Dysthe Jonnette Eckford Margaret Edwards Ben Eggan Rhonda Emery Armando Escatell Juan Escudero Sean Fares Mona Felt nor Joe Fetters Robin Figgins Kathy Fisher Dolly Foster Sue Fox Robert Franciosi Desiree Frilot Kathy Fry Eugene Gaddis Thomas Gaglio Aurella Garcia David Garcia Lisa Garcia Juniors 59 Kelly Gardner John Garza Nolan Gasser Mary on Gaston Donnie Gauthier Donna Geminiani Glen Georgieff Darin Gielow Cathy Gleason Mona Gomer Doug Goodrow Kim Gorman Karen Gossen Julie Grammar Bridgett Green Cheryl Gregory Diana Gutierrez Lance Hargis John Harris Julie Ha u pert Mike He ins Ted Henderson Hugh Henley Jeff Henley John Hoi comb Karen Hoi brook Shannon Honeycutt Toby Hopkins Joni Hrapchak David Huerta Jeff Heptinstall Jim Hicks Jill Hirschi Jana Hiza Judi Hiza Helen Hodson 1. John McDonald and Bob Baxter hail to the Alma Mater. 2. Lou Jack Martinez and Celeste Martinez are showing how lovable Juniors can be. % 60 Juniors Mike Huerta Kim Hum Colleen Husband Wayne Hutchens Renee Innes Glenn James Danny Jones Eddie Jones David Kalpakoff Renee Karrer Tammy Kasold Janet Kelley Tammy Kelly Dale Kern Jeff Keul Bryan Kidder Kerri Kidder Ronald Kidman Stacey King Dave Klenk David Kluck Karen Knox Melinda Kuhn Jason La Fay Richard Lake Cindy Lang Charles La Rock Perri Larson Roger Laslie Chris Lea Leslie Leonard Becky Levario Tim Lira Jackie Luna David Lytch Rod Made Juniors 61 1. Andy Camera, Pablo Santamaria, Tim Drews, and Ralph Springer are shaking their pom-poms at the Exchange Rally. 2. Vince Allen appears to be showing us the latest disco steps. Vicky Marcoly Tom Marschke Brian Marsh Greg Marshall Celeste Martinez Diana Martinez Luis Martinez Steve Mateovich Jason Mauer Leslee Max Ron McAllister John McCoy John McDonald Melody McDowell Kim McNamara Dawn Meddy Jeff Menage Kathy Merrill Tim Metro Russell Mills Eric Mitobe Br end a Molina Olga Molina Teresa Montenegro Linda Moorhouse John Moreno Holly Morgan Dan Morin Mary Moses Greg Munger Aziz Nazi Gary Neal Debra Nelson Jeannie Newmyer 62 Juniors Bobhi Newmyer Mike Newton Dinh Nguyen Scott Nielsen Conny Niemann Tony Notarstefano Gilbert Nunez Robert Nunez Randy Oakes David O ' Brien Glen Oilman David Outlaw Cindi Padilla Paula Palladini Pam Patterson Paul Patterson Carolyn Pease Melanie Pease Laura Peralta Debbie Perez Missy Peters Mike Plew Elizabeth Plouffe Lark Poindexter Moises Ponce Augie Porras Kim Power Julie Prondzinski Mitch Pyburn Rosa Quezada Jodi Quillin Marti Ragsdale Cynthia Ramirez Rod Rauch Miriam Raygoza Viki Real Debbie Reber Erik Reder Debi Reinert Mike Reinert Deanna Reisinger Kim Revna Juniors 63 Boyd Ribble James Robertson Deann Robinson Latisha Robinson Sue Robson Rachael Roccio Diana Rodela Chris Rodriguez Manuel Rodriguez Sharon Roskam Marie Rush Stella Salazar Tony Saldana Duane Sallade Luana Sanchez Pablo Santamaria Nina San tell Robin Sapp Ron Sauer Susan Schlapper Liz Schwartz David Sebring De Ann Shenk Mike Shenk Lynn Shine Roger Shipley Alice Silguero Rod Simpson John Slivkoff Laurie Smith Steve Speakman Ralph Springer Gary Squirek Mark Start Debby Stehr Jon Stein 64 Juniors Chris Steinbrecher Randy Stephen Sharyl Stephen Sherrie Stewart Gabriel Stine Laura Strieker Steve Swift Brenda Talavera Deed re Tanner Robin Tarrant Danny Tate joy Taylor Paul Teensma Cheryl Thompson Randy Tice Sherri Tice Chuck Torres Ernie Torres Jeanette Torres Michelle Tovey Mark Toyota Mark Tripler Rick Uribe Maria Varela Pedro Varela Kathy Verduzco Brian Vidal Terry Vidal John Vindedahl Amy Viscioni Wt m IF «c4 H Lisa Wallace Glenn Walls David Warner Douglas Watson Marty Watts Kellie Weatherton 1. This Spanish Class listens to one of Mr. Jor- dans lectures. 2. Vicky Marcoly and Michelle and Kim McNa- mara discuss their prospects for Friday night. Juniors 65 1. Paula Bowker and Sbaryl Stephens are just too hip for hfe. 2. These Spirited Junior girls are hamming it up for a picture at a rally. Melanie Weaver Darla Weeks Miriam White Vic Whiting Barry Winston Greg Wise Larry Wissler Robert Witman Theresa Wright Fen Yan Sherry Yankowsky Ron Yniguez Dawn Yount Helen Yu Sally Zaccaria James Zahrt Johnny Zamora Leonard Zini CAMERA SHY JUNIORS John Ambros Robert Armendaris Rhonda Beaver Cindy Bray Alida Camacho Jim Gartner Dennis Helms Lisabeth Hengehold Mary Holms Isabel James 1 John Koo Kathleen Laverly Michelle Llewellyn Russell Poenie Toni Rattleman Sylda Ruiz James Smith Shirley Thompson Michael Wright 66 Juniors EXCHANGE RALLY 1. Drill Team takes time out of their busy schedule to pose for a picture. 2. Louis Martinez shys away from Mike Soranno at the Exchange Rally. 3. J. V. Yell is all fired up and ready to perform at the exchange rally. 4. You can tell by the twinkle in their eyes that Rob Durkin, Dean Gray, Clarence Hightower, and Scott Reinert are guys in disguise. 5. These Varsity Cheerleaders are climbing higher but they are falling fast. Exchange Rally 67 HOMORE OFFICERS i I 68 jon Acree Craig Alderete Jean Alexander John Allen Lisa Allen Gin a Apodaca Lisa Arnett Lisa Arnoldsen Sean Avery Billy Bantau Sam Barrios Missy Bauer Wendy Bead on Rodney Beard Billy Bell Kristine Bengard Joann Bennett Ray Bernal Holly Bird Frank Black stock Theresa Blanford Bill Bloss Sheila Boehm Tony Boggio Dave Bos we II Diana Boutin Joe Brooks Kim Burnett Kristy Bustos Christine Butler SOPHOMORES 1. Sophomore Officers are- Row 1: Social Chairman, Kelly McCarthy; Vice Presi- dent, Lisa Arnett. Row 2: Treasurer, Mol- ly Menage; Secretary, Kelly Sims; Presi- dent, Julie Mendoza. 2. Sophomore Steering Committee mem- bers are- Row 1: Gina Mammano, Chris Butler, Gina Apodaca, Kelli Francis, Wendy Beadon, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Fran- cis Kalisvaart, Terri Woods, Karen Wit- tvman, Marie Wortham, Abbie Cowart. Row 2: Bonnie Whitehead, Sheila Boehm, Terri Blantord, Dehby Cogley, Deanna Fournell, Karen Rutledge, Pam Davis, Pam Greer, Tracy Young, Dawn Hooper, Desiree Mauer, Julie Eagle, Terri Cleveland, Janine Karrer, Lisa Al- len. Sophomores 69 Angela By on Noel Cabrera Mark Calvillo John Campbell Ken Carlton Jennifer Carson Lucy Casillas Frank Cattaneo Lisa Chadick Bobbie Cherry Mike Clesceri Terri Cleveland Debbie Codon Debbie Cogley Becky Collins Jay Costello Cary Coutre Abbie Cowart Lauri Cross Mike Cross John Dalleiden Pam Davis Mike Day Lisa DeLaMare David Delmuro Rodney Dirks Greg Do! an Suzanne Dossey Tony Dowty Mike Dudek Mike Dunphy Joy Dun ton Elliot Duran Rob Durkin Julie Eagle John Ellis Bert Elwell Kevin Erskine Ramona Ferguson 70 Sophomores Jeff Figgins John Figueroa Kathy Fitzer Shawn Fitzpa trick Deanna Fournell Tami Fowler Kelli Francis Steve Frilot Guillermo Garcia Helen Garcia Norma Garcia Richard Garcia Yvette Garcia Ted Garza Kim Gay Dawn George Darcy Gilbert Mike Glahn Derric Godfrey Aaron Graham Dean Gray Jimmy Green Pam Greer Glenn Groveau Lisa Guerrieri Mary Gutierrez Judy Hadler Darin Hamak John Hambleton Kathleen Hammang Sue Hampton Deb bey Harned Lisa Hart Pat Helm Vanessa Henkel Clarence Hightower 1. These Sophomores are showing their attentive- ness in Mr. Wong ' s Western Civilization class. 2. Connie Hensley, Tammy Lourick, Holly Bird, and Becky Sifuentes are about ready to start their picnic on Family Picnic Day. Sophomores 71 1. Rob Lea expresses his true opinion of Neff ' s food, while Tom Schneider and Rick Richardson decide whether or not to try it. 2. Billy Bantau wants to find out if his pot holds water or not at one of Neff ' s many art exhibits. Roberta Hinkle John Hong Dawn Hooper Vicki Hosford Jean Hrapchak Gary Hurlocker Kim Husband Lilia Ibarra Gigi Ice Sawfwat Idris Jon Ireland David Jackson Cindy Jones Mike Julien Frances Kalisvaart Janine Karrer Kirk Keith Tamsen Koiles Robert Krahl Cheryl Kramer Roger Lance Erin Lanctot Dan Lang Chris Lange Cyndi La Rock Cindy Lee Brian Leffingwell Tony Levario Vince Lillibridge Cindy Lopez Tammy Lourick Damon Lugo Darrell Luzzo Evalinda Macias Angela Magill James Maley 72 Sophomores 1 m a 1 a Kelly Maloney Cassandra Malveaux Cina Mammano Ernie Marquez Doug Marshal Robert Masters Raquel Mateovich Desiree Mauer Kelly Mc Carthy Robin Mc Donald Edward Medina Molly Menage Julie Mendoza Bert Metzger Andrea Michaels Tammy Miller Mike Mohs Danny Molinar Angie Mollenbrink Gerald Monte jo Ray Moreno Steven Morgan Tony Morin Tiffany Mott Jean Mullin Doris Mull ins Jeff Munger Jeff Myers Teri Newby Ron Newcomb Lam Nguyen Sylvia Nunez Jamee Nunn Diana Orjuela Cathy Palmateer Andy Phelan Rosa Pimentel Lori Poon Craig Powell Geoffrey Power Desiree Price Dave Putz Sophomores 73 Frank Ramirez Christine Rangel Diane Ray Scott Reinert Joel Remender Shari Reyna Norman Reynolds Rick Richardson Tony Rios Kevin Robbins Shelley Roberts Takao Robinson Tonya Robinson Kris tine Rogers Joey Rollins Donald Rouly Chris Ruiz Mario Ruiz Karen Rutledge Ron Sackett Abbie Schaal Tom Schneider Loii Shaw Lori Shipley Dean Sides Becky Sifuentes Kelly Sims Bill Skay Patty Stark Steve Steckbauer De Anna Stevens Kelly Strait Shelly Strait Julie Sultzbaugh Clara Sung Valarie Surface Shawna Tate John Taylor Diana Thomas 1. Lunch for these Sophomores means hanging out with the boys. 2. Pam Davis and Karen Rutledge appear to be praying for a touchdown. 74 Sophomores Steve Thompson Julie Torres Jorge Torres Wendy Tucker Elizabeth Tuggle Kerry Ufholtz Lisa Uva Diane Van Bussel Richard Vasquez Bill Verzella Loraine Virgil Randy Vrieling Paul Waibel Mike Wanamaker Bob Warrick Lisa Watts Mark Weatherly John Wetzler Kim Whitcomb Louis White Bonnie Whitehead Sandy Wilkinson Paul Wilson Karen Witteman Tina Wong Terri Woods Jeff Wo ronets Marie Wort ham Paula Wright Brian Young Tracey Young John Zaccaria Sue Zavala CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES Angela Allen Tamara Austin Leisa Barstow Don Blankenship Allison Castro Mike Eyselee Debbie Feltnor Jerry Lowe Scott Luitweiler Sandra Perez Albert Plouffe Robert Ponce Richard Renshaw Craig Reynolds Nick Rodriguez Julie Rose Monica Smith Shawn Stroh Julian Toriz Ralph Villasenor Alex Vigil Sophomores 75 ESHMEIi Q i Mil Ruth Abrams Charlene ACuilar Kim Aguilar Tracy Aho Eileen Allemand Elaina Allen Maureen Allen Shelly Alongi Patricia Alvarado Lisa Alvarez Victor Amet Dolores Anguiano Richard Armendariz Salvador Arroyo Valerie Aufdenberg Charlie Bailey Todd Bales Pete Banuelos Stacy Barron David Baxter Tammie Bean Tim Bean Teri Becker Lori Bessey Kelly Betz Scott Black Peggy Blacks tock Jesse Blanpied Cheryl Bloss Berry Blosser FRESHMEN 1. Freshmen Officers are-Row 1: Vice President, Terrie Hoffman; Secretary, Theresa Ogle. Row 2: Treasurer, Patty Leis; Social Chairman, Dala Browning; President, Carolyn Koseff 2. Freshman Steering Committee mem- bers are-Row 1: Becky Outlaw, Peggy Blackstock, Elaina Allen, Patricia Slights, Eddie Villalba. Row 2: Brian Le run. Advisor Mr. Bremen, Debbie Sheffer, Larry Tutt. Freshmen 77 Patty Boutin Steve Bridges Eric Brown Joseph Brown Shana Brown Da la Browning Mariana Bujunda Bruce Butler Cheryl Calvert Fernando Camacho Rebecca Cantu Mark Cardenas Dennis Carlton Delane Carrol Carlos Castelao Maria Castelao Danny Chong Michelle Churchman Dave Collins Dave Com p ton Scott Cooney Tim Corbett Darian Courtemanche Billv Cox Dennis Cross Todd Cude Kenneth Cunningham Bonnie Curatola Michelle Cywan Chad Davis Theresa Dees Anthony De La Cruz Stephanie Donohue Darren Dowd Fred Duma is Greg Duncan 78 Freshmen Kathy Dunn Dawn Dun ton Roy Durham Cyndi Duval I Tracy Ellis Rodney England Darrin Eriichman Stephan Franciosi Richard Gam boa Rich Gardner Angela George Steve Giguere Terry Gilbertson Trina Gleason Steve Goben Mary Gochnour Mark Gonzalez Steven Goodrovv Scott Gorman Tia Grammer Matt Greist KarenGroveau Danny Guerrero Richard Hacker Susan Hancock Jamie Harris Virginia Hatchel Darcy Hay lock Connie Hens ley Alfonso Hernandez Hector Hernandez James Hernandez Judy Herr Richard Hicks Don Hildretb Carol Hill I (T T 1. These freshmen are having a great time at the rally. 2. Teri Reifenstein, Debbra Sheffer, and Elaina Allen prove that they aren ' t camera shy. Freshmen 79 1. Curt Snethen will do anything to get his pic- ture in the yearbook. 2. This Freshmen family is having a picnic at lunch on family picnic day during spirit week. Rudy Hinkle Donna Hodson Terrie Hoffman Troy Honeycutt Marilyn Hosman Heather Howard Jeff Huddy Celina Hurtarte Lisa Huser Sean James Danny Jones Gene Jones Cheryl Kidman Diane Kieselburg Keith Kimble Kris Kimble Sharon Koch Carolyn Koseff Marcia La Cava Sheri Lambert Pam Larson Ron Larson Robert Lea Bryan Lebrun Patty Leis Terry Lev Valerie Lighman Kim Lippincott Barbara Long Mary Lopez Gene Lopez Rudy Lopez Jerry Lucas Crystal Lutke j 80 Fresh ' ■ !VK Andrea Lux Nancy Lytch Vicki Martin Laura Martinez Laurice Martinez Yvette Martinez Linda McAnarney Jim McCarthy Be made tie McGoffin Bret McNamara Dennis Mearsch Frank Meier Dean Melvin Becky Millan Scott Mitchell Tammie Mitchell Liz Molina Rochelle M on toy Mike Moore Mary Morrison Ted Moser Marvin Mullins Lori Neal Den a Nida Kory Nielsen Joyce Nies Gretchen Oertel Theresa Ogle Kevin OHey Becky Outlaw Karla Panchot Jeff Patterson Brian Payson Peter Perez Rene Perez Evelia Pimentel James Piperato Juan Ponce Margarita Ponce Becca Powers Jeff Quillin John Rate Freshmen 81 Shawn Rains Alicia Ramirez Eli Ramos Janice Ratterree Teri Reifenstein Mike Reyna Brett Ribble Andries Rijnders Kevin Robertson Susan Robertson Richard Rodenberg Christine Rodriguez Kim Rogers Kelly Ross Rob Rottweiler Kelly Rouse John Rudgers Mike Ruiz Monica Salazar Tony Salcido Christina Sanchez Jennie Sawitskas Donna Schieleit Karen Schieleit John Shaver Kim Shaw Debbra Sheffer John Shine Robert Simpson Patricia Slights Curt Snethen Jim Stanfield Mike Start Rene Stewart Deborah Sumpter Sheila Swain Pauline Talavera Staci Tanner 1. Linda McAnarney, Cheryl Calvert, Darcy Hay- lock, and Jennifer Sawitskas round-up for a pic- ture on Urban Cowboy Day. 2. What figure is Steve White really thinking about in ' :is math class? 82 Freshmen Jill Taylor Debora Thomas Jeannine Thorogood Tammy Todd Elizabeth Torres Mark Torres Jon Totten Mykel Trujillo Larry Tuff Debbie Turner Deanna Van Ess Brenda Van Shijndel Kurt Vannaman Jesus Varela Peter Varvel Lance Verdugo Daryl Vidal Andrea Vigil Eddie Villalba Teresa Viscioni Chris Walters Jane Washowich Denise Weatherwax James White Steve White Suzanne Wildey Christeen Williams Mike Wright Mary Yovanovich James Yu CAMERA SHY FRESHMEN Roland Barksdale Billy Rivera Catherine Fitch Bert Simons James Geer Barbara He in Gregory Stine Lorraine Torres Lisa Hey wood Kristina Norman Marco Vega Sheri Veloz Sarah Phelps Freshmen 83 I V Mx) . Devon Able Kris Alderete Richard Alvarado Chuck Anderson Vernon Anderson Michele Angela Tim Angelo Eloy Apodaca Artemus Armas Armando Arriola Michael Ashker Tony Aulisio Robert Baker Allen Banks Janet Beal Kari Becker Julie Beckman Andria Bengard Jami Bergstrom David Bernal Stuart Betty Darrin Bitters Stephanie Boaz Steve Boggio John Brinkley Danny Briones Doug Bryan Teresa Bushong Mike Butterfield Kathy Byerlcy 8th GRADE 1. Eighth Grade Officers are-Row 1: So- cial Chairman, Dina Olson; Treasurer, Tanya DeLa Mare. Row 2: Vice-Presi- dent, Lani Hargis; Secretary, Robin Tucker: President, Jim Marcoly. 2. Eighth Grade Steering Committee Members are-Row 1: Dawn Fitzgerald, Kelly Ridgley, Goldie Harris, Maria Henderson. Row 2: Steve Boggio, Caro- line Zaccaria, Summer Piepho, Cindy Kodama, Kim Laiblin, Advisor Mrs. Green. Not Pictured: Becky King, Kristy Wagner, Sharon Dopudja, Kris Alderete. 8th Grade S5 Julia Byon Isabel Canchola Barbara Castro Charles Cattaneo Elsie Chambers Richard Chavez Robert Chenault Jennifer Church David Clesceri Herb Cook Maren Cowan David Crigler Debra Cross Jackie Cunningham Eddie Daniel Wendy Dannels Bob Day Tanya De La Mare David De Lorto Theresa Delgado Mary Di Marti no Ricky Dominguez Ronny Dominguez Kathy Domjan Sharon Dopudja Lisa Douthit Joe Drazan Floyd Dudek Cecilia Dumais John Duquette Pat Dysthe Shawn ine Dysthe Kerry Eaves Julie Espino Thomas Fares Dawn Fitzgerald 86 8th Grade Tim Fitzpatrick Noel Ford Laura Franciosi Jack Francis Steve Frilot Phillip Fry Anna Garcia Julie Garrison Terrance Garrity Tom Garrity Robert George Jimmy Gibson Gina Gielow Danny Gleason Danny Godfrey Jerry Goff Mario Gomer Robert Gonska Greg Goody Linda Greer Roy Guenther John Gurrieri Sean Ha gen Shelli Hamilton Burt Hardister Lani Hargis Cheryl Harned Goldie Harris Karen Hattorff Andy Haupert Heather Hayes Linda Heins Keith Helms Cindy Hemphill Charles Henderson Maria Henderson 1. Eighth grader Andy Haupert appears to be dazed and confused on the first day of school. 2. These eighth graders are taking time out for a family portrait during spirit week. 8th Grade 87 2. By the looks on their faces these eighth graders must really be enjoying this section of their ca- reers class. 2. Richard Rijnders thinks Neff ' s food is 1 while Robert Chenault has a different opinion. Vivian Herrera Steve Heston Kim Heywood Sarah Hill Carrie Hinkle David Hitchcock Dawn Hyland Linda Jimenez Brenda Jones Jill Jones Kim Kasold Julie Keawekane Susan Kelly Kandy Kennedy Suzanne Kidder Jeannie Kim Becky King Rodney Koch Brian Kodai Cindy Kodama Sandra Kopcho Tricia Kramer Dan Krisik ■ 3 Kim Laiblin ■ ■ Lori Lancaster ■ ■ ' ' v Mike Lang Linda Laslie f Lv If Christine Lee M 1 f Tina Legois Shamaine Lillibridge fi V Steve Lizardi H , -m Rhonda Lopez Chris Lucker H --J Stacy Madden I 88 8th Grade Rnlph Maldonado Danny Ma ley Anthony Mangiameli TcJ Mann Jim Marcoly Mike Marshall Ann Martinez Catherine Martinez Cina Mateus Andy Ma Peggy Mc Carty Alan Mc Combs Steve Mc Ginnis Alice Mendoza David Merion Sue Meyer Jeff Moore Richard Moore Dana Moore Mark Moreno Jamie Morgan Robert Morgan Donna Morrill Loric Murphy Robert Neilan Cindy Nehon Osev Nethercott Rey Nunez laneen Nunn Lynn Oku ma Dina Ohon Victor Ortega Kim Palladini John Pease Michelle Pellham David Perez Cina Phelps Tina Phillips Summer Piepho Don Pierce James Plant Heidi Poats Sth Grade SP 1 Allen Pollrich Ralph Pneto Joe Pro vend a Julie Putz Kelly Ridgley Richard Rijnders Renita Robertson Jane Rosencrans Tina Ruhio Eric Ruff Liz Ruiz Kim Sahadi Shane Santord John Sawitskas Andrew Schulz Michelle Shelton Greg Smith Brent Spencer Rhonda Spitz Kirk Springer Ron Stephen Susan Strickney Tonia Storlie Mark Sweeney Brad Tate A Id in Tat ley Cyndy Taylor Eric Thorsell Jeff Thompson Karen Tice i%9,f WfS " rr Br 1 " fll i :- V r Lj ■ L a H H 1. Who said that changing tires is mans work? 2. The eighth graders show their spirit by attend- ing the Gold Party convention. 3. Mrs. Hintze sure knows how to make her reading class fun. Fv SSiWn Ki i ' S MuJ 90 8th Grade Linda Todd Lupe Torres Sergio Toti Alvaro Trejo Robin Tucker Kah Tuff James Usher Soledad Vega Chris Veloz Cindy Via Patrick Vidal Angela Vigil Robert Villasenor Kristin Wagner Chris Ward Gary Weaver Ted Wells Jim Wendler Jason Wheeler Jimmy Williams Craig Wilson Lola Witherspoon Kris Wolfe Donna Wright iCiXtP I cc£« ' Doug Wright Joseph Ybarra Paul Yniguez Bruce Young Caroline Zaccaria Tony Zini CAMERA SHY 8th GRADE Theresa Bruno Vicki Jones Christopher Dorsey Denise Mycis Cynthia Kriegler Eduardo Suastcgui Connie Johnson Sth Crade ' 1 != ' 92 Activities ACTIVITIES ■I The laughter ' s still within us, " " For memories can ' t die. The pride of being Trojans Makes us laugh and makes us cry. k ' ' iit% Activities 93 94 A.S.B. Cabinet These jre the students who represent our school! ' ! 2. Terence Lawlor, President. 3. Angela Terry, Vice President. 4. Mrs. Bette Brunner, Advisor. 5. Once in a while A.S.B. finds time for a little fun. o. President Terence Lawlor gets the honor of nouncing the Homecoming nominees. 7. A.S.B. gets so much done because they ' re a cabinet. Sharlene Woronets, Secretary. Sue Rhodes, Treasurer. Alice Figueroa, Director of Activities. Luis Martinez, Sergeant at Arms. Kim Finut, Pep Commissioner. Jill Mammano, Public Relations. Ken Rush, Senior Class President Viki Real, Junior Class President. Julie Mendoza, Sophomore Class President. Carolyn Koseff, Freshman Class President. Jim S4arcoly, Eighth Grade President. Tammi Allen, Girls League Representative. A.S.B. Cabinet 03 SENATE 1. The first semester senators: Row 1: T. Lawlor, A. Terry, C. Koseff. Row 2: J. Eagle, L. Leonard, G. Georgieff, D. De Marco. Row 3: D. Goodrow, C. Bailey, S. Roskam, P. Leis, K. Power, G. Escudero, K. Burnett. 2. These senators make sure that they get every piece of information down on paper. 3. The advisor for Senate meetings is Mrs. Brunner. 4. The second semester senators: Row 1: K. Wagner, R. Rijnders, T. Lawlor, A. Terry, K. Rush, J. Prondzinski, C. Koseff. Row 2: S. La Cour, L. Jimeniz, K. Becker, D. Cross, M. Rush, C. Niemann, T Fitzpatrick. Row 3: V. Ortega, M. Barr, M. Boulanger, P. Palladini, S. Veloz, G. Mammano, P. Paredes. Row 4: J. Cleveland, L. Leonard, R. Hinkley, D. James, K. Kesting, C. Daleiden, D. Du- quette. Row 5: P. Leis, J. Bujanda, K. Danchot, J. Allen, A. Phelan, K. Rutledge, S. Frilot. 5. Angela Terry, Vice-President, leads one of the meet- ings. i I i I 96 Senate Vicki Di Martina Editor-in-Chief Tammi Allen Page 1 Editor iulie Prondzinski ! ige 2 Editor Carol Roskam Page 3 Editor Kim Finuf Page 4 Editor Lois White Exchange Editor till Mammano News Releases NEWSPAPER STAFF 1. Mr. Jon Miller, Advisor. 2. La Reina Weaver waits as Mr. Miller helps Jill with her story. 3. Doug Yount and Ed Arocha work hard to meet their deadlines. 4. The reporters are Row 1: Ed Arocha, Tea Cisneros, Terence Lawlor, Laura Strieker, and Doug Yount. Row 2: Mike Jenkins, Carol Moore, Steve Lang, La Reina Weaver, and John Pruden. Newspaper Staff 97 Jill Terry Co-EditOT Mark Yniguez Co-Editor Kim Hum Activities Editor Laura Strieker Classes Editor Dwayne King Sports Editor Marie Weatherly A dm in istra tion Editor ANNUAL STAFF 1. Mr. Jon Miller, Advisor. 2. Laura Strieker is getting frus- trated as she and Kellie Weatherton work on Classes Section. 3. Mr. Miller and Mark Yniguez finish up opening section while Jill Terry takes a break. 4. Mike Jenkins, Tammi Allen, Vicki Di Martino, and Kathleen Lundquist take a break after the first deadline has been made. 5. Dwayne King checks the proot sheets for sports section pictures. 6. Mr. Miller explains copy to ev- eryone in his Yearbook class. 7. Julie Prondzinski and Kim Hun. discuss theii layouts for Activities section. 98 Annual Staff 91 w wy i ' M 1 M 1 1 H 1 L J : ■1 — k Julie Prondzinski Activities Kelly Ludvik Classes Kathleen Lundquist Classes Carol Moore Classes Ken Rush Classes Kellie Weatherton Classes Matt Buffum Sports Mike Jenkins Sports Tarn mi Allen Ads Ste ve Frederickson Photographer Bob Coie Photographer Glenn Dunn Photographer Annual Staff 99 RALLIES AND SPIRIT WEEK 1. The pep units begin the rally with their routines. 2. " V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that ' s the Junior victory cry! " 3. The typical family takes time out from their picnic to take a family portrait during Spirit Week. 4. Julie Prondzinski and Sharyl Stephen congratulate Jill Mammano on becoming Miss September. 5. Sophomore tourists Laurie Cross. Julie Torres, Marie Wortham, Pam Greer, and Karen Rutledge enjoy the bright California sunshine. 6. Seniors show spirit at the rally on Senior Dress-up Day. 7. " Peace, brol 8. Boo-Boo Bear (Sharlene Woronets) and Yogi Bear (Kim Finuf) invade Neff on Family Picnic Day. 9. The Neff band always does their best at the rallies. 10. Pep Commissioner, Kim Finuf, adds extra pep to our rallies. 11. Diane Duquette and Kathy Merrill tell their slave, Sharlene Woronets, what to do next. 12. Mr. Mooshagian talks about the game against La Mirada. 13. Tony Kalisvaart forces Laurie Carr to take a picture with him on Cowbov Da v. f ' - ifT 100 Rallies and Spir. ' Veek Rallies and Spirit Week lOt HOMECOMING 1980-81 1. The nominees were Row 1: Angela Terry, Alice Figueroa, Jill Terry, Sheri Seager, Kim Davis, and Laurie Bobier. Row 2: Sharlene Woronets, Kim Finuf, Teiri Bellack, Laurie Carr, Robin Brinnon, Angela Mearsch, and Tammi Allen. Row 3: Kate Powers and Alicia Mesko. 2. Princess Laurie Carr. 3. The Homecoming Court for 1980-1981 was Row 1: Alice Figueroa and Angela Terry. Row 2: Sharlene Woronets, Kim Finuf and Laurie Carr. 4. Princess Alice Figueroa. 5. Princess Kim Finuf. 6. Queen Angela Terry. 7. Princess Sharlene Woronets. 8. Angela Terry is congratulated by her father. 9. Angela is overcome with delight as her name is announced as Queen. 10. Last year ' s Queen, Kelly Ferguson, crowns Angela Terry as the 1980-1981 Horxiecoming Queen. 11. Queen Angela and her court. 12. The Princesses and Queen are seen with their proud escorts. 102 Homecoming Homecoming 103 ;:s5 tea£ ' ?.. Ufl -0 " QUEEN ANGELA TERRY PRINCESS LAURIE CARR PRINCESS ALICE FIGUEROA % PRINCESS KIM FINUF ' PRINCESS SH. WORON i VARSITY YELL 1. Varsity Yell cheers the Trojans on to victo- ry- 2. Neff High Cheerleaders, Tammy Warr, Maria Washowich, and April Dunton, show off this year ' s latest fashions on Senior Dress- up day. 3. The only Juniors on Varsity Yell, Cindi Padilla and Maria Varela, really stick together. 4. Laurie Bohier and Tammy Warr ham it up and smile for the camera. 5. Togetherness is what it ' s all about! 6. The Varsity Cheerleaders for 1980-1981 are Row 1: Cindi Padilla, Sue Rhodes (co-captain). Tammy Warr, and Maria Washowich. Row 2: Jill Terry, Laurie Carr, Maria Varela, April Dunton, Kim Davis (captain), and Laurie Bo- bier. 106 Varsity Yell SONG 1. The 1980-1981 Songleaders are Row 1: Viki Real, Diana Rodela, and Conny Niemann (co- captain). Row 2: Miriam White, Sally Zaccaria (captain). Sue Schlapper, Tonya Cook, and De- siree Frilot. 2. Songs shows their enthusiasm at the game. J. Neff Song does their stack-up for the cam- 4. Diana Rodela and Tonya Cook pose for us during half-time. 5. At the rally. Song does their best to liven up the crowd. Song 107 . V. YELL 1. The J.V. Yell Cheerleaders for 1980-1981 are Row 1: Pam Greer, Karen Rutledge, Wendy Tucker, and Pam Davis (captain). Row 2: Kim Husband, Julie Mendoza, Lisa De La Mare, Kelly Sims, and Dawn Hooper (co-captain). (Not pictured is Julie Sulitz- baugh). 2. The J. V. Cheerleaders are ready to cheer their team on. 3. J.V. Yell shows their excellent moves. 4. " Touchdown! " 5. J. V. Yell is one big happy far ily. 108 J.V. Yell I The Neff High 1980-1981 Flag twirlers are Row 1: Cheryl Montoy (co-captain), Robin Figgins, and Kelly Ludvik. Row 2: Kim Power, Tammi Allen (captain), and Tammy George. 2. Robin Figgins, Cheryl Montoy, and Kim Power have the spirit that makes Flag great. 3. Captain, Tammi Allen, and co-captain, Cheryl Montoy show everyone how it ' s done. 4. Tammi Allen rings the victory bell as the Trojans once again defeat their opponent. 5. Kelly Ludvik concentrates hard on doing the routine right. Flag 109 TALL FLAG BANNER 1. Tall Flag prepares for their half-time perfor- mance. 2. Stacy Tanr er watches as Deeann Robinson fumbles her flag. 3. Banner is all prepared to march out on the field. 4. Neff ' s 1980-1981 Banner carriers are Kathy Martinez, Mary Di Martina, Bella Garcia, and Tina Wong. 5. Banner members have a little trouble get- ting organized before their performance. 6. The Tall Flag carriers for Neff in 1980-1981 are Becky Reynolds (co-captain), Staci Tanner, Ruth Johnson (captain), and Deeann Robin- son. € hi i J f : 5 • ' .Vv - s sasr 120 Banner Tali Flag DRILL TEAM MASCOT 1. The 1980-1981 Drill Team members are Row 1: Michelle Angela. Row 2: Kim Laib- lin and Tricia Slights. Row 3: Jamie Mor- gan, Jane Washowich (captain), Becky Out- law (co-captain), and Cindy Hemphil. 2. The Trojan Mascot, Sharlene Woronets, takes time out to have a few laughs with Kim Finuf. 3. Jamie Morgan, Jane Washowich, and Becky Outlaw rock to the beat! 4. Drill Team waits on the sidelines as they count down the last few seconds of the game. 5. Neff ' s Mascot is Sharlene Woronets. 6. Drill Team entertains the crowd during half-time. Drill Team Mascot 111 112 Band ■»M BAND 1. The Trojan Band: Row 1: E. Mitobe, T. Gutierrez, S. Ward, S. Veloz, D. VanDyken, J. Mammano, P. Larson, T. Blanford, D. Tanner, T. Phillips. Row 2: J. Lucas, D. Fournell, T Kelley, C. Kadoma, M. Slow, G. Mammano, K. Waldahl, L. Chadick, K. Fisher, T Storlie, C. Butler, K. Byerly, J. Beal, E. Chambers, G. Scott. Row 3: P. Varvel, N. Reynolds, R. Lake, B. Butler, B. Young, G. Strait, E. Lanctot, R. Mills, R. Dunn, M. Burchette, R. Davis. L Tuff, R. Hicks, J. Stein, B. Metzger, S. Church, S. Toti, A. Armas. The Ncff band entertains the crowd during half-time. Terri Blanford enjoys Shawn Church ' s trombone playing. Tonia Storlie and Gina Scott take a well-deserved rest. The Neff hand is on the move! The Advisor, Mr. Bun tin, directs the band during a rehearsal. Our band practices every morning to improve their sounds. Don VanDyken, Drum Major, presents band ' s second place trophy. 9. Can you pick out the ham in this group picture: 10. Band did an excellent job at all of our rallies. Band U? Tammi Allen Presiden t Sharyl Stephen Vice-President Kelli Gardner Secretary La Reina Weaver Social Chairman Julie Prondzinski Publicity Chairman 114 Girls League GIRLS LEAGUE 1. Girls League met every Tuesday morning before school to discuss up- coming fund raisers and events. 2. Mr. Slice was the Girls League advi- sor for 1980-1981. 3. President Tammi Allen and Vice- President Sharyl Stephen make their jobs easier by being very close. 4. Frances Kalisvaart asks Girls League ' s Santa for everything she wants at Christmas. 5. Julie Prondzinski sells candy canes in an 8th grade class. Terri Cleveland Sophomore Representative Jill Taylor Freshman Representative Sheila Boehm Kalagathians Representative Rita Robertson G.I. A. Representative Karen Anderson Thespians Representative Leslee Max Pep Club Representative Girls League 115 6 1 ' r- 1 I ' H HEARTS AND FLOWERS 1. King Tony Kalisvaart escorted Jill Parris. 2. Queen Jill Terry was escorted by Bill King. 3. King Tony and Queen Jill dance the special spotlight dance. 4. Prince Richard Davis escorted Tammi Allen. 5. Senior Princess Rachel Lizardi was escorted by Steve Fredericksen. 6. Prince Robbie Frantz escorted Laurie Carr. 7. Senior Princess Angela Mearsch was escorted by Todd Larson. 8. The 1980 Hearts and Flowers King, Creg Jenkins, crowned our new King, Tony Kalisvaart. 9. This is our 1981 Hearts and Flowers Court. 10. The 1980 Hearts and Flowers Queen, Lindy Mignot, crowned our 1981 Queen, Jill Terry. 11. Junior Princess Julie Prondzinski was escorted by Glenn Dunn. 12. Sophomore Princess Kelly Sims was escorted by Dave Vcelik. 13. Freshmen Princess Terrie Hoffman was escorted by Craig Alder- ete. 14. The 1981 Hearts and Flowers Dance turned out to be a huge success! 15. Couples slow dance to the theme song, " Stairway to Heaven . 16. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the sounds of " Phaux " . Hearts And Flowers 11 CHRISTMAS DANCE 1. Everyone rocks out to the sounds of ' ' Eclipse. " 2. April Dunton and Terence Lawlor are really having a good time at the Christmas dance. 3. Sharlene Woronets and Gaston Escudero show everyone how to enjoy themselves. 4. Everyone slow dances to Eclipse ' s version of " Stairway to Heaven. " 5. The band that played at the " Snowball " was " Eclipse. " 118 Christmas Dance Miss September Jill Mammano Miss October Tammi Allen Miss November Sue Wilshire Miss December Jill Terry Miss January Kathleen Lundquist Miss February Karla Waldahl Miss March Karen Anderson Miss April Alice Figueroa Miss May LaReina Weaver Miss June Carol Moore GIRL OF THE MONTH 1. The honor of Miss January went to Kathleen Lundquist. Girl of the Month 77 " POWDER PUFF COURT 1. King Mark Comer escorted Homecoming Queen, Angela Terry. 2. Greg Delamare looks " pretty " happy that he got to wear a tutu to school. 3. The Trojan Court was Dave Dopudja, Ken Rush, Mark Comer, Creg Delamare and Ter- ence Lavvlor. 4. Terence Lawlor shows his acrobatic stunts at the Powder Puff game. 5. King Mark Comer gladly takes the throne! 6. " Stupid Cupid " Ken gets away from his owners to try and get something to eat. 7. Prince Creg Delamare escorted Princess Kim Finuf. 8. Dave Dopudja and Mark Comer are shown here opening the locker that is owned by Vicky Ledbetter and Pegi Young. 9. Prince Dave Dopudja escorted Princess Lauri Carr. 10. Prince Ken Rush escorted Princess Shar- lene Woronets. 11. Terence Lawlor was told by owners Alice Figueroa and Jill Terry to pose for a picture or else he would get " THE WHIP " . 12. Prince Terence Lawlor escorted Princess Alice Figueora. 120 Powder Puff Court Povv ASSEMBLIES BANDS 1. This lone stranger looks like a real loner. 2. One of the members of the 12th Night Repertory Theatre did a great job at por- traying Bette Fidler. 3. Professor Wagstaff introduces his theory on garbage. 4. The Blues Step Brothers jam for the audi- ence on their guitars. 5. Charlie Leonard and Jeff Remender were one of the bands that played at lunch. 6. Mr. Billinger, our principal, addressed our first assembly which concerned the school boards decision to close Neff. 7. The crowd listens to one of the many bands performing at lunch throughout the year. - " J 122 Assemblies Bands MAIN CAST Father Drobney Robby Rottweiler Ambassador Magee Bryan Lebran Kihoy Chuck Anderson Axel Magee Te d Moser Marion Hollander Michelle Barr Walter Hollander Eugene Caddis Susan Hollander Karen Dixon Krojack Larry Becker Burns Creg Coody Chef Jennifer Caron Kasnar Erin Lanctot l ' " ' l ' ' DONT DRINK THt WATER ' 1. Father Drobney, Robby Rottweiler, says his lines while the other cast members look on. 2. Eugene Caddis plays the part of Walter Hollander very well as he walks off stage. 3. " Don ' t Drink the Water " was the first play at Neff directed by Mr. Hansen. 4. Mr. Hansen and all the cast members work on making a better play. 5. Walter Hollander, Eugene Caddis, seeks advice from his wife, Michelc Barr. o. Mike Moore, Charlie Bailey and Richard Lake work on the set for the play. Play 123 THESPIANS 1. The 1980-1981 Thespians are: Row 1: E. Lanctot, M. Barr, J. Brennan, E. Plouffe. Row 2: N. Gasser, A. Bell, L. Becker, C Mammano, R. Lake. 2. Richard Lake adjusts the lights for the Thespian production of " Don ' t Drink the Water " . 3. Mike Moore and Charlie Bailey were part of the crew of the Thespi- an ' s first production. 1. Rita Robertson, Ed Arocha, Doug Yount and Jill Terry sign up for second semester C.S.F. 2. The first semester C.S.F. members are: Row 1: J. Taylor, P. Larson, D. Fournell, S. Boehm, C. Mammano, J. Mammano. Row 2: K. Waldahl M. Toyota, J. Whittick, N. Gasser, M. Pizzarno, N. Amos, D. Mar- tinez. Row 3: T. Blanford, C. Moore, C. But- ler, M. Weatherly, R. Robertson, P. Santa- maria, R. Franciosi, L. Martinez, D. Gielow, E. Mitobe, E. Amos. 3. The second semester C.S.F. members are: Row 1: S. La Cour, T Lawlor, J. Terry, E. Arocha, R. Robertson, D. Yount, N. Gasser, M. Toyota, S. Veloz. Row 2: G Mammano, S. Boehm, J. Whittick, R. Adams, Row 3: C. Sung, A. Byon, J. Taylor, D. Sheffer, H. Yu, D. Luzzo, D. Fournell, T. Blanford, J. Mam- mano, P. Larson, L. Chaddick, C Butler, M. Pizzarno, D. Martinez, P. Santamaria, M. Peters, L. Martinez, J. Mendoza, D. Kluck, D. Gielow, R. Franciosi, F. Yan, E. Amos. 124 Thespians CS.F. ■■11 1 N.F.L 1. Erin Lanctot has received recognition for his impromtu speaking. 2. Perrilyn Larson is a great competitior and enjoys the thrill of victory. 3. Jill Mammano has competed in speech tournaments all four years with much suc- cess. 4. Darrell Luzzo prefers speaking in front of large crowds and enjoys the competion. 5. The 1980-1981 Speech Club is: Erin Lanc- tot, Perri Larson, Darrell Luzzo, and Jill Mammano. Thespians N.F.L. 125 6 ART CLUB 1. This clock is one of the many " neat " things that Art Club has created. 2. The 1980-1981 Art Club: Row 1: M. Cowan, A. Byon, D. Cogley, R. Inness, R. Lizardi, T. Lawlor, A. Figueroa, R. Adams. Row 2: Mr. Carlson, R. Hinkle, C Hinkle, C. Mammano, J. Crammer, J. Brennan, R. Byers, D. Bessey, Row 3: S. Boggio, K. Byerly, M. Williams, N. Olsen, C. Squirek, M. Lawrence, D. Carman, Mr. Friedrich. 3. Jean Whitney and Kerry Kesting take a look at the various paintings on display. 4. The Art Club officers are: A. Figueroa, Vice-President; T. Lawlor, President; R. Byers, Secretary Treasurer; M. Lawrence, Gallery Director, and R. Lizardi, Activities Director. 5. Vic Whiting is surprised to see that his picture is being taken just tor looking at Ceramic pottery. 126 Art Club KALAGATHIANS 1. The 1980-1981 Kalagathians are: Row 1: C. Ramirez, D. Fournell, A. By on, A. Eomi, D. Cog ley. Row 2: G. Mammano, S. Boehm, C. Butler, M. Di Martina, M. Pizzarno, S. Wihhire, J. Mammano, P. Larson, D. Turner, T. Phillips, M. Bujanda, C. Hill, B. Whitehead, K. Waldahl. G.LA. 1. Deneen De Marco and De Ann Shenk get called up for winning an award. 2. Mrs. Blume presents awards to Sharlene Woronets and Kim Finuf at the G.I. A. awards banquet. 3. The 1980-1981 G.LA. members are: Row 1: J. Grammer, C. Timms, R. Du- mias, D. Duquette, K. Merrill, S. Seager, J. Torrez, M. Wortham, K. Groveau, L. Allen. Row 2: S. Veloz, R. Byers, L. Gaston. D. Tillinger, R. Rob- ertson, M. Gomer, K. Lundquist, M. Barr, D. Turner, T. Cleveland, L. Ar- nett, D. De Marco. Kalagathians G.LA. 11 128 Sports SPOR TS They played to win. We cheered them on. But now those carefree Sports 129 .44 Uc.:,_. NEFF OPPONENT SCORE 18 Buena Park 6 26 Charter Uak U 12 Glenn 30 Maytair 7 28 Norwalk 45 Bel I flower 14 10 Artesia 12 20 Excelsior 8 21 La Mirada 8 .4. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL 1. Carlos Castelao takes the ball around the end. 2. Row 1: M. Cardenas, B. Mullins, E. Villalba, H. Hernan- dez F. Dumais, V. Amet. Row 2: J. Ponce, J. Varela, A. Rijnders, C. Castelao, C Walters, R. Perez, D. Cross. Row 3: Coach Gauthier, M. Wright, K. Nielson. J. Quillin, J. Huddy, M. Vega, M. Trujillo, Coach O ' Neil. Row 4: Coach Mc Ginnis, R. Hacker, E. Brown, J. Hernandez, D. Baxter, R. Gardner, S. Black, P. Banuelos. Row 5: S. Franciosi, L. Ver- dugo, J. Stanfield, T. Bean, S. Mitchell, M. Griest, R. Hinkle, D. Flildreth. 3. The Freshmen offense takes a break during the game. 4. Carlos Castelao heads up field on a sweep. 5. Neffs defense stops another play. 6. Trojans swarm their opponent. 7. Marco Vega tries for a P.A.T. 8. Kory Nielson sets up to throw a pass. 9. Runningback Marco Vega dives for extra yards. 10. Trojan defer,-: ve backs sandwich a Buena Park receiver. 11. Bo Mullins hreaks through a hole in the defensive fron t. 130 Freshmen Football Freshmen Football 131 18 X " : T - ' O, ' 8j.W .65w 20 84A50 il - ' Jl . ' A . . ' A 232 y. V. Football NEFF OPPONENT SCORE 14 Cerritos Buena Park 3 12 Glenn 12 Mayfair 8 13 Norwalk 2 6 Be 11 flower Artesia 7 38 Excelsior La Mirada 10 ' v- .3? J.V. FOOTBALL i 1. Dean Cray turns up tielJ with the ball. 2. Neff ' s defense lines up on the hall. 3. Kerry Ufholtz prepares to hit the defense. 4. Quarterback Bert Elwell hands off the ball to Andy Camera. 5. Row 1: T. Drews, T. Cude, R. Vierling, C Hight- ower, R. Villasenor, R. Moreno. Row 2: D. Gray, E. Mitobe, D. Morin, V. Allen. B. Ribble, M. Ruiz, B. Young. Row 3: Coach Carrico, K. Ufholtz, B. Ponce, S. Nelson, K. Strait, G. Dolan, D. Lang, Coach Goodman. Row 4: J. Zamora, G. Deleon, S. Fares, E. Duran, S. Reinert, V. Contreras, T. Hendersen. Row 5; R. Yni- guez, A. Camera, B. Elwell, T. Dawty, R. Durkin, J. Kuel. 6. Scott Reinert, Andy Camera and Ron Ynigucz tack- le a receiver. 7. Scott Reinert breaks away from a tackle. 8. Jeff Hepinstall takes time out for a picture. 9. Ted Hendersen kicks another P,A.T. 10. Neff s offense is ready to move. J. V. Football 133 VARSITY FOOTBALL 1. The Trojan defense, led by Golden Trojan Steve Curley, breaks the huddle. 2. Lou Jack Martinez returns his lone inter- ception 15 yards against Artesia. 3. Coach Mooshagian tries to listen to a refer- ee explain a call while Coach Mele looks on in disbelief. 4. Greg DeLaMare, Suburban Co-Offensive Back of the Year, cuts across the grain against Artesia. 5. All Leaguer Tom Hensley makes one of 28 season receptions against Glenn. 6. Quarterback Mark Armijo hands off to Leo Briones who rushed for 1014 yards this sea- son. 7. Golden Trojan Mike Sorrono, who was also named Suburban Offensive Lineman of the Year, prepares for battle with Bellflower. 8. Golden Trojan Leo Briones goes over the top for one of his 13 season touchdowns. 9. All Leaguer Mark Armijo, who threw for 844 yards and ran for 173 more, finds a hole in the Norwalk line. 10. All Leaguer Dwayne King drops the Nor- walk quarterback short of a firstdown. 11. Defensive end Jeff Menage takes a breath- er after splitting his chin in battle. 134 Varsity Football Varsity Football 135 Row 1: D. King, J. Henley, L. Martinez, G. De La Mare, E. Springer. Row 3: Coach Knapp, C Dunn, P. Santannaria, H. Medina, S. Betty, V. Salazar, R. Stephen. Row 2: D. Sallade, B. Henley, J. Heptinstall, D. Kalpakoff, C. LaRock, Coach Moo- Baxter, M. Armijo, M. Reinert, S. Tagami, R. Dominguez, R. 136 Varsity Football »j -»v ' -fc W ' ' " Ct " ■ uJiiL$» v v.: vrS 7idg;an. y?OH ' 4; Coac i Mele, R. Williams, M. JfnL,n , L. .-. T. Hcn U-y. M. Sounno, S. Curley, D. Warner,]. Mauer, ]. driones, D. Jones, M. Yniguez, J. Menage, R. Creighton. Row McDonald, R. Mauer. Varsity Football 137 VARSITY FOOTBALL 1. Quarterback Mark Armijo sets the Trojan offense that hosted 7 All Leaguers and rolled up 3336 yards. 2. All League Leo Briones turns the corner on the Lancer defense. 3. The Trojan defense, known for its stubborn goal line stands, hosted 6 All Leaguers and blanked four of its opponents. 4. Suburban Co-Defensive Back of the Year, Steve Gurley, prepares to lower the boom on an unsuspect- ing Lancer quarterback. 5. All Leaguer Jason Mauer makes one of his 16 sea- son receptions. 6. Mark Yniguez holds as All Leaguer Roberto Do- minguez kicks one of his 34 P.A.T.s. 7. The Trojan front five, responsible for many sacks and turnovers, fires off the line against Norwalk. 8. Leo Briones, known for running over people, goes for a touchdown on a fake punt. 9. Golden Trojan Creg DeLaMare takes the ball on a sweep against Glenn. 10. Ted fienderson kicks off the ball. 11. Greg DeLaMare, known for his moves and speed, rushed tor 1240 yards this season. 138 Varsity Football I rrh " TJEFF OPPONENT SCORE 6 Cerritos 6 21 Buena Park 30 42 Charter Oak 30 Glenn 14 40 Mayfair 16 Norwalk 38 Bellflower 33 Aitc ia 31 35 Excelsior 6 6 La Mirada CIF 13 21 Estancia 34 r Varsity Football 1 39 GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS 1. Row 1: K. Finuf, S. Woronets. Row 2: S. Bernal, J. Bird, S. Swain, C. Timms, R. Li- zardi, D. Duquette. 2. Kim Finuf concentrates on the serve. 3. Sharlene Woronets follows through on a return. 4. Rachel Lizardi reaches out to protect her side of the court. 5. Sharlene Woronets reaches for a high ball in a desperation leap. 6. Kathy Merrill concentrates in anticipa- tion of the serve. 7. Jolene Bird and Kathy Merill set up for a doubles match. 8. Kim Finuf routinely returns an attackers ball. 9. Diane Duquette fires a hard serve into the opposite side of the court. 10. Diane Duquette backhands an oppo- nents shot. 140 Girls Varsity Tennt: Cirls Varsity Tennis 141 GIRLS J.V. TENNIS 1. Row 1: T. Cleveland, L. Arnett, D. De Marco, D. Shenk. Row 2: S. Boehm, H. Bird, P. Palladini, S. Thompson, D. Turner. 2. De Ann Shenk returns a hard serve. 3. Terri Cleveland keeps a smile on her face despite heavy pressure. 4. Paula Palladini fires a hard shot over the net. 5. Lisa Arnett and Terri Cleveland celebrate a victory. 6. Lisa Arnett stoops to reach a short ball. JUJX ' V 4 Neff Opponent Score forfeit Be 11 flower 3 May fair 11 10 Excelsior a 5 La Mirada 13 11 Artesia 7 10 Glenn 8 Norwalk forfeit 4 Bell flower 14 5 Mayfair 13 7 Excelsior 11 8 La Mirada 10 7 Artesia 11 13 Glenn 5 Norwalk forfeit 142 Girls J. V. Tennis m GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY 1. Row 1: D. Terry, K. Groveau, J. Grammer, C. Hens ley. 2. Even though Neff had to forfeit six meets because of a lack of runners, Julie Grammer and the rest of Cross Country ran very well this year, 3. Karen Groveau gives it her all as she tries to pass her opponents on " Agony Hill. " 4. Connie Hensley paces herself well ahead of her competition. 5. Julie Grammer shows her powerful run- ning style as she leaves her worries behind. F OPPONENT SCORES it LaMirada 25 Glenn 32 it Mayfair 24 it Nor walk 19 it Bel I flower 23 it Artesia 21 it Excelsior 26 it La Mirada District Cross Coun try Meet i ' i Girls Cross Country 143 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 1. Row 1: T. Vidal, D. Kluck. J. Harris. Row 2: E. Mitobe, R. Tice, B. Vidal. 2. John Harris was always or e of the top runners m the great success of this year ' s team. 3. Eric Mitobe was one of the J.V. Runners that was moved up to Varsity because of his great speed. 4. Terry Vidal ' s running ability was nother excellent asset to the performance of this squad. 5. David Kluck helped lead this team to some of our important wins this year. Ineff OPPONENT SCORE La Mirada 19 |rj Glenn No Score PP Mayfair 20 47 Norwalk 15 24 Bell flower 31 35 Artesia 21 27 Excelsior 29 3rd La Mirada District Cross Coui 144 Varsity Cross Country OPPONENT SCORE Ld Miidda 38 Glenn hdaytair 50 Nor walk 29 Bellflower 38 Arteiiia LM District CC Meet Excelsior League J. V. CROSS COUNTR Y 1. Bill Skay was one of the best runners on the team this year and is looking forward to being a top Suburban runner. 2. Row 1: J. Toruz, E. Ramos, J. Acree, W. Garcia. Row 2: B. Skay, E. Marquez, F. Cattaneo, G. Groveau. 3. Some of the Neff runners discuss the upcoming race with Coach McGuire. 4. Eli Ramos, a very strong finisher, makes his move on a Norwalk runner. 5. Randy Tice roots on teammate Jon Acree. J.V. Cross Country 145 NEFF OPPONENT SCORE lost Mayfair 8-15, 15-13, 6-15 won Excelsior 15- 5, 5-15, 17-15 lost LaMirada 10-15, 11-15 lost Artesia 3-15, 13-15 won Glenn 5-15, 15- 5, 15- 3 lost Norwalk 14-16, 16-lS lost Bell flower 15- 6, 2-15, 5-15 lost Mayfair 12-15, 15-13, 14-16 won Excelsior 16-14, 15- 7 lost LaMirada 15-10, 0-15, 6-15 lost Artesia 9-15, 15-17 won Glenn 15- 8, 15-10 won Norwalk 15-12, 15- 7 lost Bell flower 7-15, 2-15 146 Varsity Volleyball = m r YOUR : IDOL! ■ VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 1. One of the important players, Kathleen Lundquist, spikes the ball as she did many times. 2. Row 1: R. Dumais, B. Talavera, K. Lundquist. Row 2: R. Robertson, J. Torres, L. Gaston. Row 3: S. Seager, V. Swickard. 3. .Another main member of the team, Rita Robertson, bumps the ball over the net. 4. The Neff defense prepares for the oncoming serve. 5. A big part of the defense was made up of Lauree Caston ' s great blocks. p. Kathleen Lundquist is another one ot the great blockers on the team. 7. Brenda Talavera and Julie Torres get into position for the serve, while Rita Robertson, Kathleen Lundquist and Regina Dumais arc backing them up. 8. Vicki Swickard makes a saving bump on a hard serve. }. Julie Torres and Rita Robertson back up Kathleen Lundquist ' s attempted block shot. 10. Vicki Swickard and Lauree Gaston watch as teammate Kath- leen Lundquist knocks the ball and Rita Robertson is backing her up. Varsitv Volleyball 147 .v. VOLLEYBALL 1. Row 1: M. Wortham, M. Ponce. Row 2: L. Martinez, ]. Taylor, D. Browning, A. Sil- guero, F. Dumais, S. Veloz, T. Reifenstein, D. Tillenger. Row 3: D. Hosman, L. Covarrubias, D. Mauer, M. LaCava, L. Allen, T. Kasold, L. Martinez, D. Sheffer, R. Byers. 2. Francisca Dumais hits the floor as she saves the ball. 3. Diane Hosman bumps the ball, while the rest of the team watches on. 4. The team is discussing the last couple of plays at the La Mirada game. 5. Linda McAnarney knocks the ball over the net at the upset over Mayfair. 2 NEFF OPPONENT SCORE won Mayfair 2-15,15-12,15-11 lost Excelsior 3-14,11-15 lost LaMirada 10-15,6-15 lost Artesia 9-15,12-15 lost Glenn 13-15,5-15 lost NoTwalk 10-15,10-15 won Bellflower 15-11,15-8 lost Mayfair 9-15,12-15 lost Excelsior 15-2,10-15, 9-15 lost LaMirada 2-15,6-15 lost Artesia 6-15,15-17 won Glenn 15-13,12-15,15-9 won Norwalk 11-15,15-3,15-4 lost Bellflower 14-16,12-15 148 J. V. Volleyball NEFF OPPONENT SCORE 50 Norwalk 42 43 Glenn 44 31 Bell flower 41 54 La Mirada 53 48 Mayfair 51 39 Excelsior 43 39 Artesia 44 44 Norwalk 45 30 Glenn 51 50 Bellflower 40 46 Mayfair 53 52 La Mirada 51 48 Excelsior 51 52 Artesia 72 FRESHMEN BASKETBALL 1. Row 1: S. James, B. Butler, B. Blosser, K. Nielsen, S. Cooney, H. Hernandez, D. Cross. Row 2: Coach Popovich, R. Hicks, T. Bean, J. White, L. Verdugo, E. Brown, R. Armendariz, and A. Hernandez. 2. Eric Brown lays it up for two against La Mirada. 3. Co-Captains for the freshmen were Kory Nielsen and Eric Brown. 4. A lay up by Richard Armendariz brings Netf two points closer to Mayfair. Freshmen Basketball 149 NEFF OPPONENT SCORE 19 Norwalk 42 39 Glenn 36 41 Bell flower 51 38 La Mirada 44 33 Mayfair 36 37 Excelsior 43 32 Artesia 38 31 Norwalk 41 40 Glenn 45 18 Bell flower 48 44 La Mirada 51 56 Mayfair 62 45 Excelsior 32 Artesia 36 " H 150 J.V. Basketball zaC yHi uxjcLcL MA I 5 ,V. BASKETBALL 1. Row 1: R. Renshaw, D. Outlaw, R. Spinger, J. Vindendahl, D. Coodrow. Row 2: Coach Le Gary, M. Dunphy, J. Heptinstall, R. Shipley, P. Wilson, H. Henley, J. Chancy. 2. David Outlaw takes a practice shot during warm up. 3. Lou Jack Martinez puts a move on a Mayfair defender. 4. Ralph Springer shoots a free throw against May- fair. 5. Paul Wilson makes a basket over La Mirada. 6. Neff ' s offense sets up for Mayfair ' s defense. 7. Ken Le Gary was the coach of the J. V. team for the 1981 season. 8. Hugh Henley takes the jump shot for two. 9. Paul Wilson brings the hall up court. 10. Hugh Henley tips the ball to a teammaU Renshaw. (hall 151 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1. Row 1: Coach Williams, J. Escudero, C. Lea, M. Start. Row 2: J. Mauer, M. Buffum, T. Hensley, L. Martinez. 2. Second year lettermen, Tom Hensley and Matt Buffum, were elected this years co-captains. 3. Matt Buffum rips down another rebound against El Toro in the Brea Tournament. 4. Matt Buffum gains control of the tip in the Brea Tournament. 5. Doug Good row shoots another free throw in his contribution to a 47 to 36 win over Bell flower. 6. Tom Hensley shoots another of his 11 impor- tant points against Glenn. 7. Mark Start passes the ball as Tom Hensley and Doug Goodrow watch on. 8. Chris Lea shoots for two in his strong game against Bellflower. 9. Mark Start puts in two more in an attempted come back against Glenn. 152 Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball 153 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1. Jason Mauer shoots another free throw in the win over Bellflower. 2. Jason Mauer moves his way in on Mayfair defenders. 3. The team gathers around coach Roger Williams for a quick talk. 4. Mark Start shoots for two in the first of two tough games against Glenn. 5. Juan Escudero takes an important outside jumper against Glenn. 6. Juan Escudero shoots another jumper during the famous Trojan pre- game. 7. Tom Hensley puts a move on a LaMirada player as he scores his season high of 32 points. 8. Doug Goodrow drives past the Mayfair defender. 9. Chris Lea shoots a free throw in the tough loss against Bellflower. 10. Jason Mauer puts up a jumper as Chris Lea and Tom Hensley break toward the boards. 11. Chris Lea takes a jumper in the big game against Bellflower. 12. Free throws were a big part of the game as shown by Juan Escudero. 13. Doug Goodrow holds up the ball and calls for the movement to start. NEFF oppmmr SCORE 49 Whittier 60 48 Bassett 54 53 Temple City 05 50 Cal High 58 51 Alumni 63 76 Brea Olinda 98 47 El Toro 61 23 Norwalk 35 38 Glenn 43 47 Bellflower 36 : 72 . LaMirada 62 45 Mayfair 33 47 Excelsior 52 Artesia 46 r-, ' ' ■ Norwalk 46 tn Glenn 48 Bellflower 43 56 LaMirada 58 39 Mayfair 53 47 ' y eel si or 39 57 fesia 56 %.- " ipigrr 154 Varsity Basketball Varsity Bdsketbjil 155 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL 1. The Trojan offense prepares to inbound the ball under the opponents basket. 2. Kathy Lundquist shoots a short jumper to even the score. 3. Kathy Lundquist dribbles the ball down court. 4. Vicki Swickard shoots a successful free throw. 5. Michele Barr takes a high pass and pulls it in to protect the ball. 6. Lauree Gaston shoots from inside after control- ling the rebound. 7. Kathy Lundquist takes the ball on a fast break and drives down court. 8. Coach Crippen advises his team during halftime. 9. Lauree Gaston hits on a short jump shot. 10. Row 1: S. Veloz, D. DeMarco, V. Swickard. Row 2: D. Shenk, M. Barr, N. Gamewell. Row 3: Coach Crippen, B. Talavera, L. Gaston, K. Lundquist. 11. DeAnn Shenk controls the ball at mid court. wm 156 Girls Varsity Basketball i ■ K ■ 1 ' T " m «v ■ ■ ■■HS K ? ' ' ' ' " - ' t. iImP ' Ipii M m jp ■ M BfliiifiM ' l rs n OPPONENT SCORE Norwalk 49 Glenn 55 Bell flower 59 La Mirada 43 May fair 55 Excelsior 35 Artesia 69 Norwalk 35 Glenn 41 Bell flower 54 La Mirada 37 May fair 58 Excelsior 49 Artesia 37 Girls Varsity Basketball 1 57 VARSITY TENNIS 1. Darin Gielow leaps to reach a deep looper. 2. James Zart waits for the serve. 3. Row 1: ]. Batra, G. Power, J. Zart, Coach Wil- liams. Row 2: J. Batra, M. Dolney, M. Yniquez, A. Lee. 4. Jagdeep Batra backhands a return. 5. Mike Dolney returns a hard hit ball. 6. Alan Lee prepares to return a serve. OPPONENT Glenn Artesia Bell flower Excelsior Norwalk La Mirada Mayfair Glenn Artesia Bell flower Excelsior Norwalk La Mirada Mayfair 158 Varsity Tennis -7 HHVH IL • s t- m NtFF OPPONENT SCORF ■rf ' - Glenn " 5 ArtP id 3 s 8 Bellflnwci J Ex ' Cclylvt 7 5 Norw.ilL 8 U M-r.K j 1 3 Mayhi: , ' 2 Clenn I Artesid 5 5 bpllflouvr 6 .■ 9 Excelsior -ft liTz 2 Nonvalk La Mirada KH yfah 1 rwair y. H J.V. BASEBALL ' 1 V T J 1. Row 1: B. Mullens, M. Cleseri, T. Drewf, M. Ruiz. J. X ' arela, M. Vega, M. Ruiz. Row 2: D. Baxter, L. Zini, S. Fares, T. Sadana, P. Wilson, R. Durkin, K. Nielsen, E. Duran, J. Huddy, M. Cardenas, B. Blosser, D. Gray. 2. Mario Ruiz trys to make a play at home plate. 3. Elliot Duran follows through on an important pitch. 4. Dean Cray makes a play on a runner at third base. 5. Kory Nielsen takes a lead at first base. i Paul Wilson dives for third. Dean Cray reaches lor a hard hit ground ball. . " Elliot Duran gets a piece of a hard thrown ball. J.V. Baseball 159 I Q 3 |f» " ti „ ' ' ' " ' •id . «» Mt.ilKiSfefi. ill ;oO Vars fv Bcj ebdll OPPONENT Glenn Artesia Bell flower Excelsior Norwalk La Mirada Mayfair lenn esia BelUlo Exh Norwalk La Mirad, Mayfyir r. r 8 i VARSITY BASEBALL 1. Row 1: E. Arocha, M. Toyota, D. Gauthier, C. Rodriguez, T. Vidal. Row 2: D. Arreguin, D. Yount, R. Springer, G. Cantu, R. niquez, A. Ortega. Row 3: C. Alderete, P. Santamaria, R. Doyle, T. Hensley. K. Ufholtz, B. Baxter, Coach Knapp. 2. Ralph Springer slides safely into second base. 3. Bob Baxter tries to make a play at home plate. 4. Pablo Santamaria rips a line drive into center field. Ron niquez fires a fastball for a strike. Chris Rodriguez waits for action at third base. Craig Alderete is ready for the bunt to advance the runner. Donnie Gauthier starts to steal second base. Alex Ortega starts his swing. Varsitv Baseball 161 GIRLS TRACK 1. Row 1: E. Allen, R. Cantu, D. Terry, L. Uva. Row 2: T. Robinson, T. Blanford, N. Gamewell, A. Terry T. Cleveland. Row 3: L. Arnett. C. Hensley, S Thompson. 2. Elaina Allen takes the baton from Debbie Terrv in the 440 relay. 3. Connie Hensley and Sue Thompson take a warm up sprint before their events. 4. Sue Thompson, Tonya Robinson, and Angela Terry discuss their competition together between events. 5. Terry Blanford gets set to throw the discus. 162 Girls Track }NENT SCORF rtesia Nor walk celsjor layfair La Mirada Bel I flower 51 FR0SH 50PH TRACK 1. Glenn Croveau warms up on the track before his event. 2. Row 1: R. Hicks, M. Moore, C. Hightower, J. Mitchell, E. DiAlba. Row 2: T. Morin, A. Rijnders, B. Young, T. Dowty, R. Hacker, E. Ramos. Row 3: M. Dunphy, C. Croveau. L. Tuff J. Stanfield, S. Mitchell, S. Franciosi. 3. Andries Rijnders approaches the high jump bar. 4. Tony Morin sprints ahead of Artesia in the 440 relay. 5. Clarence Hightower puts all of his muscle into the shotput. Frosh Soph Track 163 ' 0 - -an 264 Varsity Track -s VARSITY TRACK 1. Row 1: T. Lawlor, G. DeLaMare, R. Robinson, M. Comer. Row 2. D. Kluck, J. Harris, S. Mateovich, J. Acree, N. Cordova. Row 3: E. Mitobe, B. Ribble, S. Tagami, D. Kalpakoff, A. Porras. Row 4: E. Marquez, R. Tice, J. Kuel, P. Patterson, B. Calder, S. Reinert. 2. Jeff Kuel skies over the bar in the pole vault. 3. Augi Porras uses all of his strength in a discus throw. 4. Greg DeLeMare was Neff ' s number one runner in the 220. 5. Mike Jenkins reaches a new high in the high jump. 6. John Harris edges past his Artesian competition. 7. Terence Lawlor bounds to the lead in the high hurdles. 8. Steve Tagami is going for a shot put record against Norwalk. 9. Jason Mauer stretches for distance in the long jump. 10. Randy Tice pushes on in a long distance run. Varsity Track 165 J.V. SOFTBALL 1. Row 1: K. Dunn, H. Bird, A. Silguero, D. Browning, T. Ogle, K. Whitcomb, Coach Da- vis. Row 2: M. WoTtham, R. Montoy, T. Strout, L. Martinez, L. Martinez, M. Hosman, T. Miller. 2. Kathy Dunn catches an outfield line drive. 3. Kathy Dunn awaits the pitch. 4. Holly Bird safely slides into homeplate. 5. Tammy Strout waits for a chance to score from third base. NEFF OPPONENT SCORE 17 Glenn 9 4 Artesia 5 Bellflower 13 Excelsior M 14 18 Nonvalk 15 4 La Mirada 9 17 - ' Ma V fair 17 12 1 ' Glenn 6 8 Artesia " B 27 Bellflowe m 7 ll Mmm Excelsior W J pr Norwalk M " La Mirada 7 % ' ■ Mayfair 166 J.V. Softball % 1 KP VARSITY SOFTBALL 1. Deneen DeMarco makes the play on an Excelsior baserunner. 2. Chris Timms catches a high fly. 3. Rita Robertson beats the throw to first base. 4. Diane Duquette hits a line drive over second base. 5. Catcher Diane Tillenger returns the ball to the pitcher. 6. Row 1: V. Swickard, S. Valoz, D. Tillinger, R. Robertson, K. Lundquist, Coach Blume. Row 2: D. Duquette, D. DeMarco, C Timms, ]. Torres, L. Gaston. Varsitv Softball 167 8TH GRADE VOLLEYBALL 1. Row 1: K. Wagner, R. Tucker. Row 2: B. King, S. Dopudja, T. DeLaMare, D. Olson, K. Alderete, T. Phillips. K. Sahedi, C. Dumais. Row 3: L. Tarres, T. Storlie, R. Robertson, L. Witherspoon, A. Mendozo, G. Harris, L Greer, J. Keawekane, K. Spitz. 2. The Champions talk about their last game. 3. Robin Tucker serves the ball in another of the teams wins in their great undefeated season. 4. Robin Tucker keeps the serve alive while her teammates watch on. 5. Tina Philips bumps the ball while practicing before the game. 168 8th Grade Volleyb.. ' : .M « ' " ' i JfL. .... iM-i 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL 1. John Pease chases a Glenn Run- ninghack. 2. Neff faces up to the offense. 3. The mighty Neff defense collapses on this Norwalk runner. 4. Andrew Max makes a last chance dive for the flag. 5. Row 1: K. Springer, G. Wilson, S. Betty, M. Moreno, D. Briones, J. Pro- vencio, D. Bryan. Row 2: A. Tatley. T. Garitty, C. Veloz, A. Max, D. Hitch- cock, D. Gleason, E. Apodaca, J. Pease, S. Stanford. jHSHf 8th Grade Football lO r 1 N " w ' 8th GRADE BASKETBALL 1. Lola Witherspoon manages to get the ball to Kristy Wagner through a mass of opponents. 2. Row 1: D. Olson, K. Wagner. Row 2: S. Dopudja, C. Taylor, L. Witherspoon, G. Harris, C. Zaccaria. Row 3: C. Dumais, R. Spitz, J. Byon, K. Alderete, L. Jimenez, J. Beal, T. Bushong, C. Domjan, J. Keawekane. 3. Lola Witherspoon shoots from the corner. 4. Janet Beal looks for someone to pass to. 5. Dina Olson drives down court on a fast-break. m(S v .- fl 170 8th Grade Bas,. tball Q IL mm 8th GRADE BASKETBALL 1. Danny Briones controls the basketball while looking for a shot. 2. Steve Lizard holds the ball while Dana Moore hurries down court. 3. Steve Lizard fires a shot from the corner. 4. Row 1: C. Veioz, S. Lizardi. D. Briones, V. Ortega, S. Betty, A. Armas, C. Wilson. Row 2: Coach Briones, A. Tatley, D. Hitch- cock, D. Moore, J. Duquette, A. Hopper. 5. Craig Wilson dribbles the ball while setting up a play. I Sth Grade Basketball 171 8TH GRADE SOCCER 1. Row 1: R. Guenther, J. Usher, R. Rijnders, S. Toti, R. Vidal, V. Anderson, B. Day. Row 2: D. Moore, B. Young, K. Eaves. J. Pease, R. Conska, A. Tatley, Coach Carter. 2. Aldin Tatley kicks a goal to put Neff ahead. 3. The Trojans move the ball down field. 4. Kerry Eaves controls the ball. 5. Ray Vidal tries to block a Pilot pass. 172 8th Grade Soccer 8TH GRADE SOFTBALL 1. Sue Kelly catches a high fly hall. 2. Chris Lucker catches a line drive to left field. 3. Rhonda Spitz waits for a fly hall in center field. 4. Kala Tuff makes the play on a base run- ner as Lola Witherspoon watches on. 5. Row 1: T. Rubio, J. Putz, G. Harris, L Witherspoon, K. Cassel, C. Taylor. Row 2: C. Zaccaria, G. Phelps, L. Greer, C. Dumais, L. Laslie, C. Lucker, R. Spitz. Row 3: R. Robertson, K. Tuff S. Sticknev, K. Hat- torff, S. Kelly, L. Torres. 8th Grade Softball 173 Le Bard And Underwood Inc. 321 E. Imperial Hwy. La Habra Ca. 90631 (213) 691-0553 (714) 879-8252 Est. 1946 yi Adk t Adks Ffoy M. Bischoff 1042 Brea Mall Brea, California 92621 714-990-2164 868-1121 521-3991 944-3886 Mon.-Sat. 9-6 Sunday 10-3 CASTUE AUTO PARTS Roseview Shopping Center 13944 Valley View Ave. La Mirada. California ATHLETIC CLUB (714) 521-0358 (213) 691-7465 521-1941 6 Racquetball Courts 2 Tennis Courts Individual Exercise for Men and Women (Not Coed) Aerobic Exercise Programs Jacuzzi-Steam- Sauna Cold Plunge-Sunning area Child Care Center Game room and Juice bar Mention this ad and save 20% on your gym entrance fee Low monthly dues SPORTS PROGRAMS AND TRAINING CENTER . . . B A or M C l : B And W Blue Print Thanks to those whove helped Architectural, Art, Engineering Equipment and Supplies. Reprographics 1210 S. Euclid St. La Habra, Ca. 90o31 (213) 691-2720 (714) 738-0434 Mon. thru Fri. 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. make this year a success Our gratitude is something we can never fully express. SANDWICHES. COFFEE AND THE FAMOUS FRED REICH SAUSAGES Fred ' s Bakery Deli Wedding Birthday Cakes lf202 Roscujns LA MIR.ADA M.ML CALIF •VcM Mulheam Re ster 15532 La Mirada Boulevard La Mirada, California 90638 Bus. (714) 994-6800 Bus. (213) 921-0022 LA MIRADA CLEANERS 15210 E. Rosecrans La Mirada, California 739-9205 Open Monday - Saturday until 4 P.M. The Wild flower Plants, Gifts An(d Flowers For All Occasions 1951 Sunny Crest Dr. Fullerton, CA 92635 714 773-1673 Florist Mary Strieker Giuliano ' s m m J DELICATESSEN . BAKERY XTH)994 ' 443ir Congra tula tions! Tuftex Carpet Mills Inc. La Mirada 176 Ads G.I. TRUCKING COMPANY 14727 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, California 90638 523-1122 Ads 177 Gateway Cleaners And Tuxedo Rentals CLEANERS TUXEDO RENTALS " rocn Tree I ipaftyi Juriien: 15536 La Mirada Blvd. Corner of Santa Gertrudes (714) 521-9940 DR. C. HARTLEY COLLINS CHIROPRACTOR (213) e02-l996 12743 Valley View UA MiRAOA, CA soeae CASE DISCOUNTS LA MIRADA LIQUOR MIKE GUY JIM PHILLIPS IB0S8 ALONDRA Blvd B22-143I LA MIRADA WE DELIVER HYDRAULIC PNEUMATIC, INC Manufacturer Of Cylinders Equipment BOB WHITNEY President 14640 Industry Circle La Mirada. CA 90638 (714) 523-1041 Peggy ' s Flower Shoppe WE WIRE FLOWERS AMYWHERE Bo Ay man Flowersfor All Occasions • Indoor Plants — SPECIALIZIMC IN WEDOIMCS - 1420 ' } Rosecrans Ave. La Mirada, Ca. 90o38 (714) 0Q4-3OO3 (213) 944-0154 12741 Vlllc; View (at Imperial) La Mirada (213)921-4896 178 Ads ROBERTS PHOTOGRAPHY • SENIOR PORTRAITS • ACTIVITY PICTURES • PROM PHOTOS PHONi 2 ) 7ii »ib6 TUXEDO RENTALS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 11912 Rivera Rd. Suite 12 Sante Fe Springs, CA. Phone 213 698-9624 AJ 179 A TIME TO Remember Together is a lovely word. Getting together is a beginning. Being together is happiness. Thinking together is unity. Working together is success. Borrowed Neff High P. TS.A. Americana Termite Co., Inc. Gary Woolery (Owner) Office: (213) 433-5739 (714) 638-4919 Bonded Liability Insured Prompt Efficient Service Income Property Specialist (burtesu peisoTinel (71 4) 634- 1811 CAROL RHODES One City Bouuevard West Suite 325 The City " orange ca 92668 12764 LA MIRADA BLVD. AT IMPERIAL LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA (213)947-7892 ' mSS Ben Design 8. Massage Bv Appotntment ' 714) 521 7517 ' 14) 521 7360 15542 Li - -Liza. Blvd La Miiada Calitn.nia Congratulations Class of ' 81 Senator William Cambell 180 Ads Sterlings Gardens And Florist 13112 La Mirada Blvd. Phone 714 521-2462 Nursery - Florists - Gifts Corsages - Nose Gays and Boutonniers Flowers for every occassion AJi. 181 To All Senior Grads Daveda Says Congratulations In the coming years We hope to see ya all. At Daveda ' s you ' ll find that something exciting and unique for the one you love. Yes, We are selective. We offer only the finest jewelry. That ' s why a gift from Daveda ' s is something special. And we have many items suitable for even the smallest budget from Promise rings, watches and fine gifts. 123 la Mirada Mali La Mirada (714) 522-3804 ACCEPTING AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, MASTER CHARGE AND VISA CARD 182 Ads MOBIL Lee Dodson ' s Courtesy Service MECHANIC ON DUTY TIRES AND BATTERIE PERSONAL SERVICE 521-2874 15028 ROSECRANS -A. MIRADA. CALIFORNIA 1300 WEST PHILLIPS POMONA, CALIFORNIA 91766 ZeKe Mz Son, Inc. GOIF COURSE MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS and TURF CONSULTANTS JERRY DOUTHIT Course Superintendenl Palm Lake C.C. (714) 629-2852 1714) 623-8017 H ZEKE AVILA H AND SON INC. Coif Course Maintenance contractors and Turf Consultants 1300 West Phillips Pomona, California 91766 (714) 629-2852 (714) 623-8017 Jerry Douthit Course Superintendent Palm Lake C.C TROPHIES 12211 Whittier Blvd. Whiwer. Calif. 90606 (213)693-0731 Larry Sherwin Telephone 714 521-3725 213 041.S137 c4 c=4uio axU BOB GOODWIN Machine Shop Service 150S5 E. Alondha Blvd. la MIRADA. calif. 90630 We realize that this yearbook is very special to every one of us at Neff, seniors as well as eighth graders. This is our last yearbook and memory of Neff High School. This years ' Annual staff did a fantastic job and we, as editors, would like to thank Kim, Laura, Marie, Steve, Bill, Julie, Vicki, Tammi, Mike, Matt, Dwayne, Glenn, Scott, Bob, Kellie, Kelly, Kathleen, Carol, and Ken for all doing a terrific Job! (Thanks you guys) We hope this last symbol of Neff High, our pride, friends and fun, is as meaningful to all of you as it is to us. Love, Jill and Mark- Editors P.S. For his great help and advising. Thank You Mr. Miller! Congra tula tions Neff Graduates from the Annual and Newspaper Staff (213)860-4154 mm mHQi ' r CHirMESE CAFETERIA 11454 SOUTH STREET CERRITOS CALIF 90701 LARRY BETTY WONG GENERAL MANAGERS • •••••• right in the heart of downtown LONG BEACH. r 3f 730 EAST BROADWAY, LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA j vVe ' ue seen the future - and U s nothing but a parti; !!! For INFO call 213-432-6909 is here III 184 Ads SERVING H AND I REALTY LA MIR A DA LA MIRADA COME FLY WITH H AND I REALTY HARRY INGE BROKER OWNER LA MIRADA - WHITTIER NORTH ORANGE COUNTY YOUR COMMUNITY PROFESSIONAL V.A., FHA, CONV. LOAN SPECIALISTS NOTARY PUBLIC member oh Norwalk, La Mirada, Whittier, and No. Orange County Board of Realtors 213 - 947-5681 714 - 523-1072 15073 Imperial Hwy. La Mirada, Ca. 90638 (Gemco Mall) Q a: 2 H AND I REALTY LA HABRA H AND I REALTY Ads 185 Neff High Vital Statistics Opened: 1965; Closed: 1981 School Colors: Black and Gold Mascot: The Trojans 186 Closing IN MEMORIUM NEFF HIGH SCHOOL 1. This is what the planners intended Neff to look like. 2. This is what Neff turned out to be. 3. A sign in our gym has proudly displayed our alma mater 4. This is the man for whom the school was named. Wdham N. Netf 5 The oldest symbol of Neff High is the Trojan Seal. 6 Our mural is the best representative of Neff talent and pride. 7. The most popular symbol of our school, a survivor of many brutal attacks, is our beloved Tommy Trojan. Homecoming Year A.S.B. President Queen 1965 Sharon Bailey None 1966 Todd Lewis Katby Donohue 1967 Don Solanas Gail Garceau 1968 Craig Lapeere Colleen Asper 1969 Chuck Charter Debi Wilson 1970 Jim Parke Barbi Braff 1971 Brad Williams Jenelle Rathbun 1972 Nick Smith Heidi Olsen 1973 Brian Aronson Tina lawlor 1974 Carol Simon Carol Simon 1975 Scott White Janell Hirschi 1976 Scott Thorpe Julie Van Horn 1977 Adam Treff Katie Shively 1978 Lance Ackerson Lori Ohlemacher 1979 Bruce Yoder Sherrie Holt 1980 Humberto Briones Kelley Ferguson 1981 Terance Lawlor Angela Terry Yearbook Dedication Principal William N. Neff Clinton V. Brown Clinton Brown Clinton V. Brown Frederick Chenney Clinton V. Brown Johnna Moore Clinton V. Brown Gilbert Ulibarri Gilbert Ulibarri Paul Miler David Carlson Arvel Goodman Henry Frese Stan Thomas Bette Brunner OlafLee Sue Tisdall Robert McGuire Jean Jerome Robert Sessions Lois Palmer Gilbert Ulibarri Gilbert Ulibarri Gilbert Ulibarri Gilbert Ulibarri Gilbert Ulibarri Gilbert Ulibarri Les Billinger Les Billinger Les Billinger . les Billinger Les Billinger Les Billinger Closing 187 188 Closin All the years, the cries and cheers- We ' U reminisce and yearn. So much we don ' t appreciate Until we can ' t return L ' ' l (1 L r fw IS wjL JHhE jb Closing 189 190 Closing Our high school days will end. And finally we will see The first of many dreams Become a memory. Closing 101 192 Closing of CA Kis- rzx uij; s. -rri ' f -th = i -r ie.2s,J L.Y p Hc j i yo f i J: i rAi» Hf 72_ Si TT ttA { TVs wAy i-kt Js A n t e iElz i T lv oT TUs oy f{ffi . tUe: i Zc S AG ' ' e u J 0(j MAfn Y l iFTZ. :pLi, g Vou f T t A I l 52 ' ce 72) x « Oc,r y py ry a.- k. ,p , - - ,, ' « ' -,«fj ' •- s eMfTH pool.) 3r i2 s»u,Y 0(0 ,j„tt.rii| JsJ? " Acavsum-i " p niiA IT Fi£L J S So ■PH i ' V DOK)v K-iAOA ft pR.o F - - C-o a ' eo v eivJOL- , 1 Hope ?CR5cn C rvD J n-v ( ' d i C-cr To K jc ' o , GoG ' o i oe» ' The 1=o-ru»R.) P K)0 a cspeeiaV y At La n vXi= d .oo ' r ' ,6 Hu6NY, f " T OC tf 5101 mvL inx • Qm , LuxM in thi M(Cta;U dlnoL ni f lRoaj at OmcL Kofi ( LLljOU LowSdJad lJ M rcTK.-rU Jr » o u, ft ..evu ei Pu,. - -T dP rlT t w k- o 6 , e o o t7 ijju Hf djs-H So£ |C " S l H " ! ylbT TfVu 6t?in- Vow Ajguofci HoKfYL -ro gN i t. |J4 535 p p ' woKGH ' ' «V ' Uj£ ' rRKA; -T xs viK ,v r LU rr C.C „,ao y,e» W DAD . w,5l u p , U v tf V u S i, -x, HX ,fk f. ( e.lf noo3 (liliNL a biC senior ' , ,-vmti -W id- iilkcoi bi-tt kiT.. t srf •y-xxv-e H iLv cvU cc tol o r« r V - ' ' i W. c plcui CK otW ' of fT ' tW iWo i U l£ «»( Ilk- f y ' V, Vi T. ,0 5 : y r . y A £7i-T U Aui y l9Afi ou Mi n= JIT JTv f " r to v5 iiJ rW iS " Ul jSi ' SO ' i :e -L, ir £XS ' ' e Jwffe " 5 cHvtK A J7 ovcJ -■AC., Cha i££s Jite.Ate... - =-H " LOOG pGLa .yiontf iLe kJ oMJix ' l-k JxrJi AA Ida. (Tl ■: H)VAV)C kAMM2-JcfK. UoujCXsJjL-s V OV - Ynxi paai ' a K vv i - ' 10 ' CJa " Sheets 6x r i i- £, -) OLAA. ' y v cr , 9 .fy i , •; " V 0 ' :V VJ 6 • O ( n. --- O ' ' 4 Vxcxjjj UrmM Job cvivx ' v 4. 0J-o6 j f-i t Aft j Qsrv c v xxiMiUJb " OOcC ,v :;V " P . ' mit M o J« ' 5-. - ' . J " w ' v ' - ? . ' ' " ' i f i; ■ Qic ' y c O , . « ■ r.4V. M j ' ' ' ■ A- .. H) " nV. ■ v J r- . £ nesewed or omoj Wlia4 I L oa a of done oSM f -n « ' Jabbi ard :t carlHKta of Wwi Zj n ' iiV i45 no a arean X will l f 4lTa+ terla ' iN yr 4te+-X an . ci cbnlt m ij k boil I ( + 4ronf roiostaf,! :xidjwi lOKo is Opnna hand me 4tu f nYes , 4li€ crobar iWini -UT III jasJ- 4hoL( lri+ x loovtld team i ow. inaci anc i Wii-L . G£T YOlJt - :( if o {{ir [ 3W on me-4V0-|-i iBPpen. anibl-i ' nu, ,anaiokre t-te . «.-k . - So . mtci- iV uJKin w li iflac-i ' - iv Mf.-i- ' it " Anri ' i-f iMu KM ana 4fioufl)Tts a- ' ArtMiiK4o Ar dl [htU u Closiixa X ' cJ JUS+ I ' l jo ay Xpssl+hii!, ' }dOSt § Ms 4ki r(VjK-t qirl 4r L oic , luK ' ieK ■(5_r iort la3r X Ooulc) 53 ) 4 )r a cer4a ' (n qVl 0+ toh..,. T ' i ( " ' ciho 4 iaS l n u b«5 I6iocl0ejs oio- h V. mao)bt4hr. .. , a i

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