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1 Ho V 6ML£v f«i)i4 v; - ' isT y ef r % -.iSJEerAi " - ' ' O ,1 1% -- a ' ' .■ 1980 Troiani William NrNeff High School Advisor: Mr, Jon Miller Editor: Colleen Weatherton Asst Editor: Looking back we wonder — Was it all worthwliile? We realize it was. And our memories make us smile. i •1 It s said to think were growing up And maturing everyday. As time goes on, while we looli bacli Our memories slip away. Looking back at all the fun It ' s sad to reminisce. Tlie tilings we used to complain about We know that now well miss. l- : J Dedication-Mr, Robert Sessions The 1979-1980 Troiani Yearbook Staff proudly dedi- cates this year ' s book to a man whose work should be appreciated, Mr. Robert Sessions. Born on May 30, in Leeds, North Dakota, he was stricken with Polio in 1946. lie started his education at Leeds Public School from which he graduated in 1958. He then went on and got his Bachelor of Arts in 1962 from the I ni crsity of North Dakota, lie recei ed his Masters of Arts from the L ni ersitv of Northern C olora- do. Mr. Sessions taught three years in Muscatine Iowa and two years in Reedsburg Wisconsin. Now, of course, he ' s head of the drama department and does a wonderful job. Mr. Sessions enjoys most going to mo ies and plays. He collects Broadway Musical records and enjoys deco- rating. It ' s hard work producing several fantastic plays each year and a devoted man like Mr. Sessions greatly de- serves the recognition this year ' s Annual Staff is bestow- ing. VI ' :«- ji lTif . We search for the light of the future But get caught in the webs of the past. Looliing back our memories linger On the years that went so fast. Looking back at friend and foe And all the ones who cared — Parties, dates, going out — Well cherish the years we shared. Activities 16 Administration 52 Classes 64 Sports 130 Ads 174 The year passed by so quickly, Looking back we wonder why. We ' re thankful for our memories, We ' re thankful for Neff High. 1 Wi ' Z9 Activities Looking back at our activities. We see tltem in a different view; Not only did they keep us busy, We learned a lot from them too. nj I i W ' 5 l « y 4 IK .S.B. ( abinel 3t. -. N ' A,S.B. Cabinet The 1979-80 A.S.B. C abinet once again led a strong year for the Neff Trojans. We have our A.SJJ. Cabinet to thank for Homecoming, activities, assemblies, and extra things that make school fun like Spirit Week, rallies, and the first annual Neff Powderpuff football game. A.S.B. leads that special pride that makes Neff superior to other schools. This year by beautifying our campus, fixing Tommy Trojan, getting a new mural on the outside stage, and purchasing a new stereo and P.A. system, the cabinet kept very busy! 1. The Neff High Student Body Officers for 1979-80 take time for a group picture. 2. A.S.B. Advisor-Mr. Ramirez. i. The A.S.B. Steering Committee is made up of the class presidents. 4. A.S.B. Nice Prcsident-Sheri Inge. 5. A.S.B. President-Humberto Briones. 6. A.S.B. Director of Public Relations for second semester-Jim Whit- ney, (first semester Director of Public Relations, Caria Carpenter, is shonn in front ro» center of group picture. 7. A.S.B. Sergeant of Arms-Greg Jenkins. 8. A.S.B. Secretary-Jill Terry. 9. A.S.B. Pep Commissioner-Sherry Pyburn. 10. A.S.B. Treasurer-Janet I.ee. 11. A.S.B. Director of Actitities-Kelley Fergusen. 4= ' ' . Annual Staff To pul out a really memorable book, this year ' s annual staff dared to try many ne« things. It ' s the things that take extra time and care which make a better annual. This year ' s staff should be commended for that special care. As seen in Activities Section, for instance, locations on and off campus were used for pictures. In Class Section this year ' s seniors were in full color for the first time. The 1979-80 yearbook staff really dedicated them- selves to put out a fantastic book! Congratulations on a job well done! 1. Advisor Mr. Miller and Kdilur ( olliiii Weatherlon hate a meeting with class section. 2. Additional phulographers for the annual are Bill Collins and Ste e Kredericksen. 3. Annual staff sho»s »hat a year of working nith Mr. Miller can do to ou. 4. Date Salas and l.ind Mignot take time out for a picture. 5. Annual staff celebrate the passing of another deadline. 211 Vnnual Staff f F Mr. Jon Miller Adtlsor ( ollcen Wcalhcrton Editor l.indy Mignot Assl. Rditor Jill Terry Activities Kdilor Diana Miller Admin. Kdilor icki DiMartino Ads Kdilor Rita Robertson Classes Kdilor Don Adams Photo Kdilor Jim Whitney Sports Kdilor Vickie .Sher»in Actitilies Heather M. Duffy Activities Mike Freeman Administration Sheilah White Ads Cathy ( oodrow Classes Susan Haave Classes Sheri Inge Classes Deanna Plouffe Classes (iail Corcoran Classes Carolyn Waterworth Classes Christy Bernard Sports Caria Carpenter Sports Don Alexander Photographer Dave Salas Photographer Steve (iaivan Photographer Annual Staff 21 Queen Kelley Ferguson 22 llomecominx Princess Sandy Arnoldsen Princess Slieri Inge J i ij p J|l 4 1 1, 1 J aJ V ►i - ;- ■ V ' 3 m i Princess Becky Morgan Homecoming " I was speechless, 1 just couldn ' t be- lieve it! " Those were the words from our Homecoming Queen, Kelley Ferguson, after hearing her name announced on a er special night. It was Homecoming night which had heen preceeded b a week of spirit, far out costumes, craz contests, and finished off by a dazzling show of fireworks and the Homecoming Dance. The four Princesses are Sandy Arnoldsen. Sheri Inge, Becky Morgan and Julie Pep- per. These fine girls were narrowed down from 10 nominees. These girls represent us and we will always look back to Home- coming " 79 " . 1. Queen Kcllev Kerguson. 2. Princess Sand Arnoldsen. 3. Princess Sheri Inge. 4. The 10 Homecoming nominees are: Ro» 1: Shirrs P burn. Beck Morgan, Sheri Inge, and leri Black- slock. Top Roh: I.ind Mignol. Suzanne Bealtic. Sand Arnoldsen. Kellev Ferguson, Julie Pepper, and Janet tec. 5. Princess Beck Morgan. 6. Princess Julie Pepper. 7. Queen Kcllc Ferguson and escort Greg Jenkins reall swing at the Homcconiing Oance. 8. KcUcn ' s happiness o»er»helms her as she takes the throne. 9. The princesses Beck Morgan. Julie Pepper. Sand Arnoldsen. Sheri Inge, and Queen Kelle Fer- guson are seen with their proud eseorls. Id. Last ears Queen Sheri Holt crowns Kelley Fer- guson. 11. Sand Arnoldsen and nd Camero show their sl le at the Homecoming Dance. 12. Kelle gives her proud dadd a big smackeroo! 24 Homecoming 3 H ■ ■ H Hi K ifc isrVfoW H ■ i H iH V iHM D Hi IZJLH Mm Rallies Under the direction of this year ' s Pep Commissioner Sherry Pyburn, we had a terrific year for Neff rallic There was much fun and excitement as each Friday we showed our spirit and rooted on our teams. Some of the fun included the exchange rally, girl of the months, class com- petitions, senior privileges, and one week even some of the faculty tried to show what they could do with a couple of pom-poms! The 197 9-80 rallies were really great! 1. Song ' s rhythm is rocking the exchange rally. 2. Leslie Max and Andy C ' amaro get cooked by seniors Greg Jenkins and Sherry Pyburn. 3. The coaches lake their whistles off to perform. 4. Our varsity football? 5. J.V. and Varsity ' ell boogie down. 6. Greg Jenkins and Sherry Pyburn are about to pull a fast one on Mr. Ramir •■ ■■ ■ ' ' ' ■— ' I ' vU.; ..n t Spirit Weeli Spirit Week was one of the craziest ever this year at Neff High School. During the week we saw costumes for 50 ' s day, Halloween day. Punk Rock Nurd day. Kiddie day and Toga Trojan day visible on our campus. The fes- tivities at lunch included a slave auction (with the home- coming court as slaves), a dance contest on 50 ' s day, a band performing and judging of costumes. Those on NefPs " Best Dressed " list had a very memorable week. 1. Pam Rogers and Cindy Spaulding aren ' t mimes-are they yourms? 2. Jim C ' hancey ' s motto is " Another day, another human sacrifice. " i. " What do you mean we have to go to class?! " 4. Ruben Ortega, Larry Medina, Debbie Brown, Tracy Marlow, and Ron Beaver are Neffs newest punk group on Punk Rock Day. 5. Terri Bellak, Brendon Powers, and Olga Hattorff lake time off work for a picture on Halloween Day. 6. Rock and roll will never die. Spirit Week 27 Flag This year, flag dedicated themsehes to be Number 1. Summer camp started off the year where they recie cd third and fourth place consecutively in the daily evaluations. The girls brought home a fifth place trophy for their final competition and a second place trophy for being most spirited flag unit at camp. During the school year flag competed in competions and even performed a two flag routine for the first time at a rally. With hard work and good attitudes they proved again Trojans are 1. ' . ' 1 M ■ 1 m = i ' 1 i l.dail. Robin and icklt hide from the glare »ilh Iheir new shades al snack. 2. Flag and Iheir mascot display their trophies at camp. y. Flags flv high v hile the girls watch on. 4. ickie and ( ail present their trophies at the l.a Mirada rallv. 5. Rhonda and l.vdia are readv to go! 6. Neffs 1979-K(t Flag T»iriers arc: Robin Beard. ickie Sherwin iheadi, Kim Sims. Khunda Noiak, (jail Corcoran Ico-headi and l.vdia asquc?. 28 Flag Song Bringing home a second place for their spirit sign at camp was just the heginning for this year ' s Songleaders. They placed second and third in (heir first two days competitions and brought home a third place trophy for their big competi- tion. Song recieved a spirit jug on the second day and were voted second most spirited song unit at camp for their tremendous effort. Our Song- leaders proved themselves terrific by dancing their d into our hearts. Congratulations girls! 1. Ncfrs Songleaders are: Elyse Levy (co-head), Maria VVashovvich, ( vndi Lugo, Michelle Verdugo (head), Shelley Durkin and Marie Wealherly. 2. Song shows their togetherness at snack. 3. Shelley and Marie say a fancy, " hello " at the Norwalk game. 4. Marie and Klyse show they ' re hot at the ( ahr rally. 5. What could our Songleaders be so excited ahout? Song 29 Varsity Yell This summer, as always, our ar- sity Veil squad did outstanding at camp. Along with winning first place for their spirit sign, they placed second in each days valua- tions and for the second year in a row brought home the Sweepstakes trophy. They showed their spirit, rain or shine, by cheering at all the arsity football and basketball games. Thanks girls for a job well done! 1. The 1979-X(» arsil Cheerleaders are: Teri Blackslock. Tammy Warr. April Dun- Ion, Lind Mignot iheadi, Suzanne Beallie. Carolyn Uaterworlh, Kim I)a»is, Sue Rhodes, kellev Ferguson ico-head), and Lau- rie Bobier. 2. Ncff cht ' rieaders really stack up at ihe La Mirada rally i. Sue. Tammy md Laurie show Iheir moies a( Ihe Glenn ganu 4. arsit shows rtli-f as lhe ' lop off Ihe rally. 5. This is NefPs own slair»a to heaten. 30 arsilv Ull J.V. Yell J.V. did an excellent job this year as al- ways. Our young cheerleaders also went to camp where they placed third on the first days competition and fourth on the next days. Also on the second day the girls earned a Spirit jug and along with Varsity, on the final day, were awarded the Sweepstakes tro- phy- During the year J.V. kept busy by not only cheering at all Varsity football games, but also all J.V. and Frosh. football games and all Varsity and J.V. basketball games. The girls also showed their talent by entering in competitions throughout the area. Congratu- lations on a terrific job. 1. .I. . mis " jaz id allir aiKilher Ncff l()uchd(.»n. 2. Trojan J.V. cheerleaders are: Row I: Sherr Angelo, l.ark Poin- dexter. Ron 2: Maria N ' arela, Debbie Brandt 1 1 lead I. Row 3: Dawn Medd . Julie Prondzinski, Melinda Kuhn (Co Headi. Tonya Cook and Laura Strieker. .V Nefrs cheerleaders proudly display their fatorlte stack-up. 4. J.V. shows their stuff at the l.a iirada rally. 5. Debbie and Melinda present their trophy at the La Mirada rally. J. Drill Team Tall Flag Mascot Our Drill learn started out the year with a banj; by winning first place in all their daily competitions. The girls were mentioned each day for a Spirit jug and placed first in the most improved and best all around categories. Drill learn cheered at all Varsity football and basketball games during the year, went to competitions and marched in many parades a- long with the band and I ' all Flag. Tall Flag also went to camp this summer and did a terrific job. They were voted fourth most improved Tall Flag unit by the staff and showed thier spirit by winning a spirit jug and a trophy for being most spirited Tall Flag unit. Good job girls! Sharlene oroncts brightened up the stadi- um for the fourth year in a row this year. As mascot she helped raise spirit along with her horse Cindv Cinders. 1. Drill lean) ' lakes uff at a (Jcnn rally. 2. (all Fla) hams it up at Knotts. i. Neffs I rojan mascot is Sharlcnc Woronets. 4. Drill Icam members are: Kim Husband, Pam Datis, Cindv Dutall. Janice Rattery, Pam (ireer (head), KristI Rogers. Karen Rutledge Ico-headi, Stephanie Donahue. Jane Washowich, Tiffany Matt, I ' ammy Mitchell, Patty I.eais, Tanya Robinson. Becky Outlaw, Cheryl Kidman, Debbie Coden. Jackie I.una, (Vina Apodaca, endy I ' ucker. 5. Drill Team cheers on the team before the game. 6. Super I rojan, l.arry Becker, makes his first appearance. 7. Sharlene and C indy Cinders haul through the stadium after a touchdown. K. Tammy, Stephanie, Cheryl, Jackie, and C indy await the start of the music. f. The 1979-80 Tall Hag carriers are: Juli Kemp. Baya (iarcia. Kathy Mcintosh. DeeDee Taner, Stephanie I.a- couir. Lynn Payment (headl. Becky Reynolds. Ruth John- son, K.C. Clinton (co-headl. Anna Morin. Sallv Bedova. JX Mt..-! - 1 r S, ' -- - ' , " V W? c rT « M Drill Team Tall Flag Mascot • IIM« " « III (liijIjirHiillJ " ' " " " " ' Drill Team Tall Hai;Ma,col .VI WAWi W f - Wrff, ' V 1. Chris Butler, Cynthia Ramirez and Kathy Fisher show their enthusiasm at the La Mirada game. 2. Paula Prielo and Pal Aldrich shows that Band has together- ness. 3. The Band performs during halftime at the (Jenn game. 4. The Trojan Band march es on. 5. Jon Stein, Ron Sandberg, Tim orcester and Mr. Bunlin return to the Band room after another great rally. 6. The Band entertains the crowd at the I.a Mirada game. 7. Richard I)a is is A-O.K. cool! 8. Ron Sandberg leads the band in a great performance. 9. The Trojan Band: Row 1: Eric Mitobe. John Peel, Perri Larson, Carol Roskum, Sheri Veioz, Ron Sandberg, C hris Butler, Toni dutierrez, Sheri Ward, (;ar Straight, Julie Mammano. Row 2: Terry Blandford, Hector Hernandez, Bruce Butler, Deanne Van Ess, Dala Browning, Paula Prielo, ( n- thia Ramirez, (.ino Mammano, Brenda I uetger, Deanna Kour- nel. Sue Wilshire, Peter N ' artel, C aria NNaldahl, Jill Mam- mano, Norman Reynolds. Row . : Richard lake. Richard Hicks, Larry luff. Mike Burchctle, Patrick Aldrich, Richard I)a»is, Don an l) kin. aron l.anclol, Lisa ( haddick, Jon Stein, Kathy Fisher, Burl Metzger, and Monica Slow. The 1979-80 Band has been very busy this year performing in a Christmas Parade and a Saint Patricii ' s Parade. The Concert Festival and Jazz Festival were two other activities that kept them on the go! The Band played at all the Football games and rallies. Later, for the first time ever, an organized Pep Band played at all of the Basketball Rallies. This was organized by Tammy L ' libarri. It ' s not all work though, they had a wild Halloween and Christmas Par- ty and an End of the Year BASH!! We thank the Band for it ' s dedication and for helping our school to be number one! Band 35 Move Over Mrs. Markham NefPs first play of the year, " Move Over Mrs. Markham " , was a laugh a minute. This wild comedy is centered on Joanna Markham and Philip Mark- ham trying to cover for two of their he st friends who want to borrow the flat for (heir own nefarious rea- sons. Of course Alistair and Sylvie are planning to use it too! All of a sudden a famous authoress. Miss Smythe, shows up! That ' s when all of the action really starts! Before you know it. Miss Wilkinson is naked in the bathroom and Walter ' s playing the fa- ther in law. If you missed this one, you missed a lot! This hilarious comedy started off the year with a bang. loaiina KKRKN KISII (, IMiilip M Kk I Kin IK I inda Jl I II I Mltl KT lltiir I I IS III KN M)I Sylvie I IIKKI S S KK.II I Alislair KODM KM (II Miss Sm lhe MKIIIII H KK Miss Wilkinson SHAWN I ll l ' IKI( h Waller I AKKN UK KhK Our Mrs, M:irkh:in Critic ' s Clioice Torn between two lo»es? es. Critic ' s Choice was based on just thati Parker Ballantine has a lo e for being a dramatic critic. Angela, Parkers wife, has a lo e for writing a play, which is an absolute flop! Then a famous Director decides to put on the play without even seeing it. There are thousands of rewrites, then on with the show! Parker writes the bad review with the help of his e -wife Ivy. It seems as if a divorce is on the way, but it ' s just the opposite! This play kept you on the edge of your seat, and rolling in the aisles!! Parker NKIl, MADDEN Angela DKBBIF. NOTHW ANC Jenny OINA MAMMANO Dion DENNIS RID(;LEV Essie JANE BRENNAN Charlotte NANCY ROCHA I,, KAREN ANDERSON Critic ' s Choice 37 Good Morning Miss Dove The third and last play of fhe year proved to be one of the most emotional plays ever done at Neff. The play centers around an elderly, very strict school teacher. Miss Dove. Because of a tragedy early in her life she shuts out part of her personality, known as Lucerna. She deserted Luccrna, but when she be- comes close to losing her job it ironically is Lucerna who saves it for her. We hope you didn ' t miss this fantastic play! Miss Dove Astrid King Lucerna Karen Anderson George Bradley Mark Tripler Mr. Bradley Bill King Mrs. Bradley Heather Duffey Mr. Porter Eugene Gaddis Jincey Webb Shawn Fitzpatrick Billy Jean Elizabeth Plouffe Marsha Makepeace Sue Jacobs Sarah Lyons Marti Ragsdale Dr. Temple I arry Becker Theodore Roosevelt Eugene Gaddis Mr. Solomon Erin Lanctot Mrs. DeGazia Stacey King Mr. Johnson Dennis Ridgley Alice Watcfield Theresa Wright Pupils: Julie Whittock, Cynthia Ramirez, Marie Pizzorno, Regina Dumias, DeeDee Tanner, and Peg- gy Blackstock. 38 Good Morninc M Thespians Unknown to most students, the Thespian Club is one of the largest and most active clubs here at Neff. The Thespians have a large part in each play ' s production, but before you can become one you must go through a work period of 100 hours. It ' s not all work though, they have fun field trips and parties too! 4 jk 1. Theresa Wright experimenis with some make-up before putting it on the actors in " Good Morning Miss Dove " . 2. The 1980 Thespians are: Row 1: Omcers: Julie Lambert, Heather Duffey, Karen Anderson, Kerry Resting, and Advisor Mr. Sessions. Row 2: Nancy Rocha, Shawn Filzpatrick, Rodney Rauch, Theresa Wright, Erin l.anclot. I.ori Brown, Mark Tripler, Astrid King, Elizabeth Plouffe, Karen Dixon, Sue Jacobs, Stacey Ellig, Nolan (Jasser, Larry Becker, Gina Mammano, and Eugene (iladdis. 3. Mr. Sessions enjoys a shoulder massage from Astrid King as Erin Lanctot and Sue Jacobs look on. 4. Thespian officer Karen Anderson goes over work to be done at a Thespian meeting. Thespians 39 Girls ' League Girl ' s League was known as one of the most active clubs at Neff. They were busy with fashion shows, car washes, the Christmas Dance, the Talent Show, and to top it all off, the Hearts and Flowers Dance on February 9. All the work was well worth it, as the dance was a big success! Congratulations girls for one of the best years yet! 1. Girl ' s League sponsors yet another rip roaring dance! 2. Debbie Bro»n and Diane Torres look at possible sights for the Hearts and Flowers Dance. 3. Sharyl Stevens presents Miss September, Sandy Arnoldsen, the traditional flower for Girl of the Month. Sandy Arnoldsen President Margarita Gonzalez Vice President Diane Torres Secretary L Jolene Bird Treasurer Debbie Brown Social Chairman Christy Bernard Historian Tammy Allen Publicity ( hairman 4U (lirls ' League Julie Pepper Senior Representative Laurie Lamb Junior Representalite t«»)r. . V? ! . ' ;:: I i { iL % Sharyl Stevens Sophomore Representative Wendy Tucker Freshman Representatiie Jill Terry G.LA. Representative Heather Duffy Thespian Represenlatiie La Reina V ea er Pep C lub Representative Teri Vrieling Kalagalhians Representative Girls ' League 41 1 . Students enjoy the atmosphere of the Magno- lia Room. 2. This is King and Queen (Jreg Jenkins and l.ind Mignot. 3. Lindv Mignot and Terence l,a»lor wait anx- iously as the King is about to be announced. 4. This is the 19S() Hearts and Flowers Court and their escorts. 5. Laurie Mal in, Iracey MarloM. Kenny VNheeler, and Laurie (arr are seen waiting in line for pictures. 6. ( onnie Nieman and Mike Lit patrick dance to the music of " Phaux " 7. The Hearts and Flowers was a great night for everyone! 8. Stete Henley and Su anne Beattie hate fun eten when the band takes a break! 9. Queen Lindy Mignot was escorted by Ter- ence Lawlor. lU. King (ireg Jenkins escorted Karen Van Ess. IL Senior Princess Teri Blackslock was escort- ed by Andy Jimincz. 12. Senior Princess Janet Lee was escorted by Mark Marani. l . Prince Sicm- (Saltan escorted Julie Byerley. 14. Prince Jim W hilney escorted Kristi Rogers. 15. Junior Prince Sharlene Woronets was es- corted b Johnny P hurn. 16. Sophomore Princess Sharyl Stephen was es- corted h Rich Hrinnon. 17. Freshman Princess Julie Mendoza was es- corted by Louis Marline . 42 Hiarls nd Flowers Dance Hearts And Flowers Dance K eryone seemed to enjoy themsehes at the 1980 Hearts and Flowers Dance. It was held at the Disneyland Hotel in the Magnolia Room. The band, " Phaux " , kept everyone rock ' n-and-rollin ' all night long. Mr. Ramirez announced the 1980 Hearts and Flowers Court. Lindy Mignot was crowned Queen and Creg Jen- kins was crowned King. Girls ' League did a beautiful job decorating the room with fresh flowers on e ery table. The dance was a huge success and proved to be a night that dreams are made of. Hearts And Flowers Dance 43 Miss September Sandy Arnoldson Miss October Lindy MIgnot Miss Notember Tammy I ' libarri Miss December Stacey Ellig Miss January Sheri Inge Miss February Julie Mammano Miss March Angela Boehm Miss April Deanna Plouffe Miss May Vickie Shentin Miss June Robin Gordon Each month of the school year the Girls League Cabi- net chooses a girl of the month. The are selected for their (i.P.A. along with their school and community ac(i ilies. An article in the school newspaper is written in their honor, and they are presented with the traditional flow- er. CONGRATULATIONS to these girls! I. Juiie Mammano happily accepts her (iir! uf the Month Flower from Tammy Allin at the I ' oKderpuff rally. 44 (.iri Of I he Month Advisor Mr. Miller Editur in Chief Vicki Sherwin Page I Editor first semester Shelley Durkin Page 1 Editor second semester Vicki Di Martino Page 2 Editor Elyse Lety Page 3 Editor Mike Freeman Page 4 Editor first semester Humberto Briones Page 4 Editor second semester Jim Whitney Exchange Editor first semester Anna Morin Exchange Editor second semester Cathy Goodrow Photo Editor Don Alexander Typist Carol Moore Typist La Reina Weaver Newspaper Staff Who on rhe Newspaper Staff could forget the dread of early copy deadlines and the agony of hearing Mr. Miller say, " That can ' t go in! " ? In spite of everything. Newspaper Staff man- aged to always get the paper out on time! I. RoH 1: Teri oung. f aria C arpenter, lea Cisneros, and Sue llaa e. Ro» 2: Don Adams, Jim Whitney, ( olleeii Weatherton, and Diana Miller. Newspaper Staff 45 Senate Senate this year pro ed to be a huge success. The sena- tors from exery second period class attended all the meet- ings and reported back to their class on issues that per- tained to school buisness. Like all the years in the past the senate was run by the A.S.B. Vice President which this year was Sheri Inge. 1. Sheri Inge. Kelli (iardner and Mr. Rameri; tell the senators about the March of Dimes Super«alk. 2. The 1st semester senators are Ro» I: S. Inge. Ro» 2: K. I.et , L. Lamb, S. Barron. J. f ' ofrin. C . lugo. S. Durkin. I). Hooper. J. Mendoia. K. Gardner, M. Freeman. l. Fo , (.. Jenkins. I, ou g, F. Bro»n, J. Whitne , Ro» ,V . Figeroa, .1. Terr), 1. ealherl , .1. I ' rond iski, J. Metro, (. I ' adllla. F. lancolt.C. Ilcnkil. ( . Ilaave. I . llen, P. Stark, J. ra lor, I,. Marline , . Real, S. Woronets. 3. Ilumberto Briones reads the bulletin Mith enthusiasm to all the sena- tors. y :■ » ?o| Ax ' .I - ' - = — A Pep Club The girls in this years Pep Club have shown true Neff spirit. Lead by La Reina Weaver, they have decorated for many of the games and dances and were also seen cheering at the games. To earn money they sold spirit ribbons and had a bake sell. Neff has been very spirit lucky to have such a devoted group of people. 1. Row 1: Chris Bengard, Julie Mammano, Stacie Sides, Tammy George, La Reina Weaver, Leslie Max, and Angela George. Row 2: Dawn George, Theresa Visioni, Robin Adams, Caria Wahldahl, Ju- lie Wiltick, Suzanne Dossey, Kelly Maloney, and Patricia Slights. 2. Who says selling refreshments can ' t be fun? 3. The Pep Club kept busy at the Artesia game. 4. La Reina Weaver, Theresa Visioni, and Tammy Allen take a break for a quick picture during the Mayfair Basketball game. Pep Club 47 Speech This year the Speech Club has been very active. They have been to man tournaments including the American Legion in which Jill Mammano placed third and the Lion ' s Club in which Darrell Luzzo received an award. There have been many more tourna- ments throughout the year in which talented individuals have participated and won many awards. Speech Club has once again proved to be a very re- warding experience for all those in- volved. % M. |» " - • Kalagathians Because of the sharp decline in mem- bership, Kalagathians, once one of NefPs largest and most active clubs, is in danger of being cancelled. During the year the girls attempted to keep the club active by selling programs at the football games, decorating an after game dance, and help- ing with Hearts and Flowers decorations. But this isn ' t enough. More members are needed to keep the club going. It ' s up to the underclassmen to gel involved. 1. The Kalagathian Officers are: Tcri Vricling- C ' itW league Represen(a(i e and Angela Bohem- Presidenl. 2. l.oi V hile shows a firerv expression in one of her spi ' iches. . I he l ' »X(l Speech ( lub and N.K.I,. members are: Krank I irr;ira. Karen Anderson, Bob Doughty, Kel- k Wealherliin, lill Mammano. Norma Amos, l.ois While, lamni Hurntlt. Darrell I u o, ( hris But- ler, Jill lerrv. . l diisor Mr. Black. 4. I he kalagalhi.. ' members are: Row I: Deanna I ' louffe, icki Man uli, Julie Mammano, Angela Boehm. and (iina Mammano, Kom 2: Kim McNa- mara, Marci Jones, Diana Miller. alerie Sedillo, Kta Domjan. I eri rieling. Jill Mammano, and Sheila Boehm V v ' S - 48 Speech And Kalagathians G.LA, And Pep Band If you are a girl and are involved in any sport here at Neff, then you are a member of G.l.A. G.I. A., which stands for Girls in Athletics, helps to raise money for outside sports events. If youVe eligible get involved because it ' s a lot of fun! Pep Band was a new idea this year organized by Tammy I ' libarri. The band practiced on their own time and then played at the Basketball rallies and home Varsity Basketball games. We hope that the Pep Band will be a long lasting club at Neff! 1. The volleyball team is but one small part of G.l.A. 2. G.l.A. consists of: Row I: Julie Torres, Maryanne Gutierez, and Shawna Aqueehe. Row 2: Dawn Hooper, Kelli Francis, Janet Lee, Carol Moore, Cathy Reinart, Ruth Byers, Laurie Peralta, and Joan Spinosa. 3. Julie and Jill Mammano and Tammy llibarri look up during a break at the Paramount Basketball game. 4. The Pep Band drummer. Tammy Kelley. looks up during a quick break in the Paramount basketball game. G.l.A. And Pep Band 49 ■WBWBfl ' t " ? " ' " ' " -i?x J C.S.F, The California Scholarship Federation is a statewide organization and is recog- nized throughout the country. The eligi- bility requirements for C.S.F. are that a student must be enrolled in academic classes and have a G.P.A. of 3.6. This year C.S.F. sold candy bars to raise money for scholarships. The advisor for C.S.F. this year was Mr. Black. 1. The second semester C.S.F. members are: Row I. D. Plouffe, D. Fornell. C. Roskam, B. Buli»ac. D. Kluck, K. Sims, M. Gonzales, J. Metro, and J. Ter- ry. Ro» 2: T. Blanford, C. Butler, C. Wahldahl, S. Roskam, D. Vount, N. Gasscr, M. PIzzorno, and L. Mignot. Row 3: J. Mammano, C. Mammano, T. Bvon, J. ogel, M. niquez, R. Franciosi, and A. Buhem. Row 4: V . Henkel, T. I libarri, C. Barringer, J. Harris, S. Tagami. E. Mitobe, and M. Toyota. Row 5: T. Abbot, J. Mammano, 1,. C hadick, N. Amos, and I.. Amos. 2. C.S.F. members pay close attention as Mr. Black gives a report. 3. The first semester C.S.F. members are: Row t: K. Anderson, I), (.ielow, R. I ribe. K. Hum, M. Toyota, R. Sandburg, and I). Kluck. Row 2: N. (;asser, R. Franciosi, N. Amos, B. Buliiac, I). Notwang, M. Pizzorno, J. Wittick, and J. Mammano. Row 3: P. Larson, S. ilshire. A. Bohem, J. Mammano, and I). Plouffe. Row 4:T. I libarri, S. Tagami, .). (hong, J. ogel, J. Williams, M. niguez, K. Domjan. I). Martin ez, and F. Mitobe. i-f AN ( ' 4 1 5(1 C.S.F. Art Club Once again NefPs Art Club has put on many successful art shows In Neffs Art Gallery. Along with putting on the art shows the Art Club also painted the new mural on the outside rally stage, which was designed by the President of the Art Club, Julie Mammano. Good luck to all of Neffs promising artists. 1. The Art Club Officers for I980 are: Julie Mam- mano-Presidenl, Sieve Galvan-Vice-PresidenI, Teri Young-Art Gallery Director, Ruth Byers-Assistant Art Gallery Director, and Sandy Arnoldson- Secre- tary. 2. Some Neff students enjoy the cartoon section of the winter art show. 3. The Art ( lub Members are: Steve ( alvan, Teri Young, Irene Angeles, Ruth Byers, Dawn Karer, F.va Dumjan, Sue Anderson, J ulie Mammano, Gina Mammano, and Matt Lawrence. 4. I he spring Art Show was a big success! Administration Sometimes we don ' t appreciate AH tliat tliey liave done. But looking bacli we ' re very proud Of our great Administration, Principal Assistant Principals r vw Mr. Les Billinger: Principal Mr. Stephen (Jertz: Assistant Principal; Attendance and Discipline. Mrs. ir inia Morgan: Assistant Principal; C urriculum and (iuidance. Mr. Luciano Ramirez: Assistant Principal; Student Affairs- Advisor to A.S.B. • 1 ■ 54 dminislrali()n Counselors 1. Mr. Billinger enjoys a midday conversation on the telephone. 2. Mr. Gertz and Mrs. Miller are always pleased to work together. 3. Mr. Ramirez tries to find out what Greg Jenkins is doing out of class. 4. Mr. Herd is slightly startled as the photographer snaps his picture. 5. Mrs. Miller explains some available classes to Mike Dyslhe. Mr. Joseph AVrmijo: Counselor; Attendance and Discipline. Mr. James Herd: Counselor; .Attendance and Discipline. Mr. Dick Le Grue: Counselor; Eighth Grade and Freshman Class, Advisor to Freshman Class. Mrs. Julie Miller; Counselor; Sophomore and Junior Class; Advisor to Sophomore Class. " 41 1 H » V J " i Mrs. Nancy Welborn: Counselor; Senior and Junior Class. Administration 55 Secretaries Staff 1. Mrs. Gillis and Mrs. Kruse show how photogenic they are. 2. Mrs. Cardon wishes it was Saturday. 3. Freddie Johnson, Ernest Sauceda, and George Dunn are some of NefPs janitors. 4. Lupe Castro, Betty Bryant, Sara Tafoya, Carolyn Dill, Marie Ridge, and Mary Martin work in Nefrs Cafeteria. Mrs. Gladys Base, Attendance Clerk Mrs. Joanette Carrico, Attendance Clerk Mrs. Sharlene Gillis, Work Experience Secretary Mrs. Patricia Kruse, Career Information Assistant Mrs. Royelle Hunter, Assistant Principal ' s Secretary Mrs. Mildred Miller, Discipline and Attendance Secretary Mrs. Lois Palmer, Activities Secretary Mrs. Ann Powell, Data Secretary Mrs. Joan Sanchez, Principal ' s Secretary Mrs. Ce Sansoneiti, Guidance Secretary Mrs. Mary Specht, Vttendance Secretary Mrs. Juanita Wagner, ( ounselors ' Secretary 56 Adniinislralion Ms. Ruth Randolph, Security Ms. Sandy Arnoult, Security Mr. Robert Lewis, Security Mrs. Judy Hamm, Library Clerk Mrs. Irene Cardon, Library Clerk Mr. Robert Coughlin, School Psychologist Mrs. Leia Lombardo, Gym Attendent Mrs. Amy Harakuni, Work Experience Coordinator Mrs. Virginia Booth, Instructional E.H. Administration 57 I-;- ■r- ' --. ' n ' . ' W ' ft t • Faculty 1. lr. Goodman shows Mrs. Blume some- thing they find very humorous. 2. Mrs. Tarbell and Mrs. Ralph discuss their last class. 3. Mr. Kuyper and Mr. Carlson ha e a good time at lunch. 4. Neffs promising student teachers for first semester were: Rick Alkire, Carl Abajian, and Phillip Flentge. Mrs. Aurora O. Agatep: I .S.C.; Ba- sic Science, Physical Science. Oceanography. Mr. James Angotti: C.S.L.L.B.; Earth Science, Basic Science, Basic Math. Mrs. Lorraine Anthonisen: L ' niver- sity of Kansas; Basic Literature, Language Arts. Ms. Suzanne Argo: C.S.L ' .L.A.; Ad- vanced Typing, Accounting, Read- ing. Mrs. Jan Blume: Eastern Washing- ton State; Coed P.F.., CJirls Varsity Tennis and Softball Coach. Mrs. F jeanor Bondurant: W hittier College; Reading, Consumer Skills. Mr. Nate Brewer: I .C.L.A.; Read- ing Lab. Mrs. Bette Brunner: C .S.L.F.; Coed P.K., Nolleyball Coach. Mr. Darrxl Bunlin: C.S.I .L.B.; liand. l § SX dniinislration Mr. Alan Carlson: C.S.I ' . L.B.; Ce- ramics, Ad isor to Art Club. Mr. I)a»id Carlson: Reed College; Careers, Algebra 1. Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Advisor to M.(;.M. Mr. John Crippen: Whittier Col- lege; Safety, I)ri er Education, Ba- sic Math, Asst. Coach Sophomore hootball. Mr. Cieorge Fagan: C.S.H.L.B.; Reading. Mr. .lack Kriedrich: C.S.I .F.; Art 1. Commercial Art, Ad anced Art, Drawing and Painting, Ad isor to Art C lub. Mr. Don I., (iibson: C.S.I .L.B.; Drafting, Woodworking. Mr. Arvel (lOodman: I ' niversity of Eastern New Mexico; Coed P.E. Mrs. Suzanne (ircen: rni crsity of Florida; language Arts-8, Introduc- tio n to Basic Skills Literature tools of Language. Mrs. Evelyn Hintze: C.S.U.L.A.; Reading. nislration 59 —1 .— »,„ ■ — ,- Mr. Milun Jablan: Illinois Slate lJni ersit ; Biologx, C hemistrv. Mrs. Naomi Jackson: Oregon ( oi- lege of Education; Pre-Algebra. Al- gebra- 1, Algebra-2. Mr. Eric Jordan: I .C.L.A.; l.S. History. Mr. Ar in Katlen: I ni ersitv of I o- ledo; (ieographv. Consumer Skills. Mrs. Helen Ka an: C ' .S.l.E.; Com- position, Science Fiction, Basic Skills Tools of Language. Mr. Walter C. I ell : rni ersit of e« Mexico; Creati e Writing. Popular Fiction, Oral Communica- tion. Mr. Mike Knapp: Eastern Michi- gan I ni ersit . I .S. Histor , Asst. arsit Football C Oacb, arsit Baseball C oach. Mrs. (.abriela Kolias: Indiana I ni- »ersit ; English. Mr. John E. Ku per: L ni ersit of Northern lov a; l)ri er Education, liealth. Basic Science. 1. Mr. Mill- and Mr. illiams seem to haie soniilhinj; ilst on Ihiir mindsl 2. I lachers hate a lot to discuss during thtir break. . . Mr. 1 e(.rue hands out information in his careers class. 4. Teachers cnjo a restful lunch. Mi (lniinistration Mr. Olaf Lee: C.S.I .I.B.; Pholog- raphv. Mrs. Rissi Lewellen: C.S.H.L.B.; Anatomy Physiology, Basic Sci- ence, Language Arts-S. Mr. Ed Little: C.S.LI. L.A.; Learning Disability. «S " ' Mrs. Doris Littrel: Kansas llniver- sity; Psychology, Sociology, Advi- sor to Kalagathians. Ms. Gayle Loesch: C.S.H.F.; Visual Resources. Mr. Dick Maertz: St. Cloud State Teachers College; European Civil- ization. Ms. Mona Mazon: (Jeorge Peabody College for Teachers; Etymology, Science Fiction, Oral Communica- tions. Mr. Bob McCJuire: Stanford Llni- versity; American (Jovernment, Track and C ross C ountry Coach. Mr. John A. Mele: VVhittier Col- lege; C oed P.E., Asst. Coach Foot- ball. Adminisrralion 61 Mr. Dan Merritt: Purdue I ' niversi ty; European C i ili alion. Mrs. Elizabeth Midyeft: Pittsburg " V , ,i, State Iniversity; Careers, .Sh (-» V hand, C-Cube, Business Machines. V J Mr. Darrel Miller: long Beach - State; Consumer Skills, Geograp Mr. ,lon Miller: C.S.l.E.B.; Annu- al, Newspaper, Journalism, Careers, Photo. Ad isor to Annual and Newspaper. Mr. Ray Mooshagian: Whittier College; Health, Safety, Varsity Football Coach, Asst. Track Coach. Mrs. Frances Purkiss: C.S.U.L.A.; Special Education. Mrs. Barbara Ralph: C .S.l .I..B.; Master I)etecti e. Spanish I, Basic Skills Composition. Ms. Arlene Reid: Oregon State I ' ni- tersity; Spanish 1-4. Advisor to Sen- ior Class. Mr. Robert M. Riddar: C .S.l .I..B.; Careers, Aulomoti e Mechanics. 1. Mrs. Lewellen and Mr. McGuire have a small discussiun during their conference pe- riod. 2. Mrs. Samuels. Mrs. Anthonisen and Mr. Merritt listen attenti el during a teachers meeting. .V Mrs. Jackson explains a math problem to her class. 4. Mr. Brewer and Mr. Maeriz enjo) peace and quiet. Mr. George Robillard: I ni ersitv of Buffalo; Pre-Algebra. Basic Math. Mrs. Lynda Ruth: C.S.I.L.A.; Foods. On our Own. Clothing. . d- isor to Junior Class. Ms. Barbara Samuels: I ' .S.C; Ac- counting, (ieometr). Faculty Presi- dent. Mr. Bob Sessions: North Dakota Iniversity; Advanced Drama S- tage. Careers, Drama 1-2, Oral Communications. Advisor to Thes- pians. Mr. Edward Stice: r.S.C; Math. Consumer Skills. Ms. Cecelia Tafoya: C .S.l.F.; RAP. Advisor to Girls League. Mrs. Carol Tarbell: Northwestern I niversity; Reading. Department Chairman. Mrs. Barbara F. . Wilcox: C .S.L .L.B.; Coed P.F. Mr. Ed ilkins: Lniversity of I ' ex- as; Geography, Math. Administration 6. ' O ' ini - " ' High School •79- ' 0 94.7 8th Grade Officers Ruth Abrams Charlene Aguilar Tracy Aho Klaina Allen Maureen Allen Patricia Alvarado Lisa Alvarez Victor Amel Dolores Anguiano Barbara Arnold Charles Bailey Pete Banuelos Roland Barksdale Stacy Barron Datid Baxter Tammie Bean Timothy Bean Teri Becker V - V ' m ■ k. Lorl Bessey Scott Black Peggy Blackstock Jessie Blanpied Cheryl Bloss Berry Blosser . J 1. Eighth Grade Officers: Row I: President: Laurice Martinez, Vice President: Sherry Veloz. Row 2: Secre- tary: Susan Robertson, Treasurer: Laura Martinez, So- cial Chairman: Mary Ann Cochnour. 2. Steering Committee Members: Row I: Todd Bales, Dena Nida, Ruth Abrams, Robby Lea, Teri Reifensteim. Row 2: Carolyn Koseff, Jesse Blanpied, Tammy Mitch- ell, Jill Taylor, Diane Kieselburg, Sharon Koch, Patri- cia Slights, Patty Leis, Becky Outlaw, Stephanie Dona- hue, Deanna an Ess. Row i: Renee Stewart, Gretchen Oertel, Dala Browning, Barry Blosser, Karia Panchot, Eric Brown, Debbie Sheffer, Mark Cardenas. i. Advisor: Mrs. Hintze. 8th Graders 67 1. Theresa Dees and Marcie La Cava are on their »ay lo class after break. 2. The Eighth Graders are surprised at the fun of the pep rallies. Bruce Butler Cheryl Caherl Fernando Camacho Dennis Carlton i Delane Carroll Carlos Caslelao Maria Castelao Danny C hong Michelle Churchman David Collins David Compton Scott Cooney Tim Corhett Darian Courtemanche Billy Cox Dennis Cross Todd Cude Chad Davis Jim Davis Anthony De La Cruz Theresa Dees (iary Dodson Stephanie Donohue Darren Dovvd Freddie Dumias Kalhy Dunn Dawn Dunlun ( ind Duvall Tracy F.llis Rodni ' v Fngland Paul Lnrique (iiihv Filch Slephan hi:uuii)si Richard ( anilxM K Klh (.radcrs Henry Garcia Rich Gardner Steven Giguere Trina Gleason Steve Goben Mary Ann Gochnour Tim Golden Mark Gonzalez Steven Goodrow John Gorman Tia Grammer Karen Groveau Danny Guerrero Richard Hacker Susan Hancock Jamie Harris Darcy Haylock Barbara Hein C onnie Hensley Alfonso Hernandez Hector Hernandez Lisa Heywood Richard Hicks Donald Hildrelh Tcrrie Hoffman Troy Honeycutt Marilyn Hosman Heather Howard Jeffrey Huddy C ' elina Hurtarte David Irvine Sean James Daniel Jones Nathan Kerr Cheryl Kidman Diane Kieselburg 8th Graders 69 Keith Kimble Kris Kimble Carolyn Koseff Marcie La Cava Sheri l.amberl Robert tea Bryan Lebrun Patricia Leis Kimberly Lippincott Tim Lockhart Barbara Long Crystal Lulke Andrea Lux Nancy Lytch Vicki Martin Laura Marline; Laurice Martinez Vvetle Martinez Michele Mayo James Mc Carthy Bret Mc Namara Linda McAnarney Frank Meier Dean Melvin Michael Miller Scott Mitchell Tammi Mitchell Liz Molina Rochelle Montoy Mary Morrison led Moser Lori Neal Dena Nida Kory Nielsen Joyce Nies Krislina Norman Grelchen Ocrlel Theicii Ogle Ketin ()lle Becky Ouili« Karia Panch: Mike Paulsdii 7tl Hlh (.radirs W ho can Rene Perez, Berry Blosser, and James Mc Carthy be check- ing out, while Don Nildreth misses out? 2. Robert Simpson takes it easy in Reading. 3. Jill Taylor must have interesting answers for Dala Browning. Brian Payson Peter Perez Rene Perez Angel Petterson Juan Ponce Margarita Ponce Becca Powers Jeffrey Quillin John Rabe Alicia Ramirez Eli Ramos Janice Ralterree Theresa Reifenstein Mike Reyna Andries Rijnders Kevin Robertson Susan Robertson Christine Rodriguez Robert Rottweiler Kelly Rouse John Rudgers Mike Ruiz 8th (.raders 71 Tony Salcido Christina Sanchez Jennie Sa»ilskas Donna Schielelt Karen Schieleit Mike Schober Matthew Scager Eli Shadian Niki Shah Kim Shaw Debbie Sheffer John Shine Rick Simmons Bert Simons Robert Simpson Erika Siska James Stanfield Michael Start Rene Stewart Deborah Sumpler Sheila Swain Staci Tanner Jill Taylor Debora Thomas Tammy Todd Elizabeth lorres Mykel Trujillo 1. Pell ' artel. Dean Meltin and Date Collins must enjoy NefPs food. 2. The Nth rade officers are thrilled to hear their names called at the rally. i. Rich (iardncr learns an important lesson at the rail). ni ' iT underestimate the power of an upperclassman. 72 Klh (.raders 1 l.arry Tuff Deborah Turner Michael Valentine Ueanna Van Ess Brenda Van Schijndel Kurl ' annanian Jesus Varela Peter Varvel Marco Vega Sheri Veioz Lance Verdugo Daryl Vidal Andrea Vigil Kdward Villalba leresa Viscioni Christopher Walters Craig VVanam aker Jane Washowich Denise Weatherwax James White Suzanne Wildey C ' hristeen Williams Michael Wright Da id amashiro Mary Vovanovich James Vu Not Pictured 8th Grade Eileen Allemand Jeff Dingier Michael Moore Valerie Aufdenberg Angela (Jeorge Martin Mullins Todd Bales Terry Gilbertsen Ruben C ue ada Earlene Barker Mathe» Griest Brett Ribble Gretchen Bechard Lisa Huger Alex Ruiz James Blackwell Ciene Jones John Shaver Steven Bragg Sharon Koch Joseph Silguero Mona C abel Pamela Lawrence Patricia Slights Marcas Cardenas C ' harleen l eonard Jeannie Thorogood Tricia C ' onarruhias Valerie Lightman Stephen White Kellie Dawson Mary Lopez Shawna Zanganeh Hib (.raders ly I ! Freshmen Officers Jon Acree Oswaldo Aguirre Craig Aldcrete Jean Alexander John Allen Lisa Allen Cina Apodaca Shawna Aqueche Lisa Arnert Lisa Arnoldsen Tamara Austin Billy Bantau Denise Barrlnger Sam Barrios Leisa Barslow Missy Bauer Wendy Beadon Rodney Beard Kristin Bengard Jo Ann Bennett Raymond Bernal Holly Bird Frank Blackstock Kristy Blake Terry Blanford Bill Bloss Sheila Boehm Anthony Boggio Bavc Boswell Diana Boutin 1. Kreshmcn Officers: Row I: President: Julie Mendoza, ice [ ' resident: Kelly Sims. Row 2: Secretary: Sheila Boehm, Treasurer: Vanessa Henkel, Social Chairman: (iina Mammano. 2. Steering Committee Members: Row I: Lisa Watts, Debby Cogley, Shelly Strait, Terry Blanford. Row 2: liffany Mott, Sam Barrios, Wendy Tucker, Debbie Co- don, Darcy (Gilbert, (;ina Apodaca, Lorraine Virgil. Row 3: Mike Dunphy, Pam Davis, Lisa De La Mare, Lisa Arnelt, John Allen, Craig Alderete, Desiree Mauer, Terri ( leveland. . Advisor: Mr. Dick Le Crue. 1. Mike Dunphy, Mario Ruiz and Jean Alexander try to find an exciting book to read. 2. Who said only the F.gyptians could build pyramids-look at what our " Jlh grade football team managed during the exchange rally. O0(?i Donna Brandt Joe Brooks Eric Brown Gordon Brown Kim Burnett Krisly Buslos Christine Butler Angela By on Noel Cabrera John Campbell Ken Carlton Lucy C ' asillas Frank Catlaneo Lisa C hadick Bobbie C berry Mike Clesceri Terri Cleveland Debbie Codon Debby Cogley Becky Collins Jason Costello Lauri C ross Mike C ross John Daleiden Pam l)a is Mike Day Lisa De la Mare Da id Delmuro Greg Dolan Suzanne Dossey Tony l)o»( Mikr Dud.k Kalhy I ' lmhani Mike IJ i ' | h Joy Duninn Klliot Duran All a •fr O,0i?irl Robbie Durkin Julie Eagle Ber( Elwell Kirk Fercherl Jeff Figgins Jobn Figueroa Shawn Fitzpatrick Deanna Fournell lami Fowler Kelli Francis Steve Frilot led (iarza Kim (iay Darcy (iilbert Derric Godfrey Aaron Graham Dean (irey Jimmy (ireen Pam (Jreer (ilenn (iroveau Mary Ann ( lierrez C ' aryn llaave Darin llamak Debbey llarned Lisa Marl Pat Helm anossa llenkel ( larence IlighloHcr John Hong Dawn Hooper icki Hosford Jeannie llrapchak ( ary llurlocker Kim Husband I, ilia Ibarra Jon Ireland Freshmen 77 Cindy Jones Mike Julien Frances Kalisvaart Janine Karrer Kirl Keilh John Klinefelter Robert Krahl Cheryl Kramer Frank Kratofil Cindy La Rock Roger Lance Erin Lanctot Dan Lang Chris Lange Peggy Laughlin Cindy Lee Eddie Lewis Tammv Lourick Jerry Lowe Darrell Luzzo Angela Magill Jim Maley Kelly Maloney Cassandra Malveaux Cina Vlammano Doug Marshal Rachael Mateoiich Desiree Mauer Ken Mayes Kelly Mc Carthy Robin Mc Donald Ed Medina Molly Menage Hilda Mende Julie Mendoza Bert Metzger Andrea Mi.haels Tammy Miilcr Mike Moll Gerald Montejo Ray Moreno Steve Morgan a: 1. Caryn Haate is camera shy, while Julie Eagle and Karen W itieman ham it up. 2. Suzanne Dossey found her little lamb on Kiddie Day during Spirit Week. 3. Valerie Surface, Marie W ' ortham and Mr. Robiilard discuss the analytical processes of fundamental mathematics. lony Morin Tiffany Mott Jean Mullin Doris Mullins Jeff Munger Jeff Myers Sylvia Nunez Jamee Nunn Tammy Parrish Helen Payne Andrew Phelan A! Plouffe Bobby Ponce Lori Poon Geoffrey Power Dave Putz Krank Ramirez Christine Rangel Diane Ray Scott Reinerl ( raig Reynolds Norman Reynolds Kenneth Richardson Kevin Rohbins Shelley Roberts Mike Robinson Takao Robinson Tonya Robinson Nick Rodrique; Kristi Rogers Joey Rollins Scott Rouly Mario Ruiz Karen Rullidge Ron Sackilt Abbie Schaal I.ori Sha» Jim Shipley Lori Shipley Dean Sides Becky Sifuentes Kellv Sims Bill Skay Patty Stark Shelly Strait alerie Surface W Don Szarmach Shawna Tate 1. Lorraine irijil, Jerr I (i»e and Jeff li|;ui " s » " rk bard in Mrs. I e»ellans class. 2. One of Neffs common freshmen classes is reading. .V I isa rnell and I crri ( leveland lr to pro e that the class of S. has the most spirit b drissinc u;i on Sd ' s da . IT 4 ' S : r ■ H(l I reshnun Diana Thomas S e»e Thompson Julian Toriz Juli Torres Wendy Tucker Kerry Llfholtz Richard Vasquez Ralph Villasenor Lorraine Virgil Randy Vrieling Paul Waibel Mike Wanamaker Bob Warrick Mark Weafherly John WeJzlcr Kim Whitcomb Bonnie Whitehead Karen Witteman Terri Woods Jeff Woronels Marie Wortham Paula Wright Shelley Yeary Brian Young John Zaccaria Sue Zavala Not Pictured Freshmen Angela Anderson Betty Andrade Cwen Bechard Don Blankenship Jennifer Caron Randy Caster Abigail Cowart Michele Daves Mark Davis Rodney Dirks Debbie Feltnor Jimmy Fink Kathy Fitzer (fuillermo Garcia Dawn (Jeorge Michael Glanm Kelly Green Lisa Gurrieri John Hambleton George Hamil Kenney Hulsey Gretchen Ice David Jackson Gina Kosmicki Kellie Kraby Brian Leffingwell Robert Masters Donald Mattingly Joanne Neumeicr Teri Newby Ronald Newcomb C ' athryne Palmateer Robert Phillips Craig Powell Desiree Price Joel Remender Richard Renshaw Shari Reyna Thomas Schneider Richard Sherrill Stephen Steckbauer Shawn Stroh Julie Sulitzbaugh Lisa Tuggle Lisa Uva Diane Vanbussel William Verzella Lisa Watts Louis White Sandy Wilkinson Scott Williams Robert Williford Paul Wilson Tina Wong Becky York Freshmen 81 1 L ! :- . maJMf ' ' J nir E JHH tsi S ' sj ' ' i- I Sophomore Officers H2 Sophomores IP ' • ' l Terri Abbas Robin Adams Marlcne Aguilar Vincent Allen Ellen Amos Daniel Anderson Michelle Andrews Sherrie Angelo Mary Asenbauer Dale Austin Michael Barr Michele Barr Dan Bassett Mary Baxter Robert Baxter Kelli Becker Larry Becker Adam Bell Helen Bessette Dana Bessey Kelly Blake Sheila Bollet Tracy Bond Mary Boulanger Herb Bowden Paula Bowker Debbie Brandt Anthony Brannon Jane Brennan Cathy Brewster 1. Sophomore officers: Row 1: President: Kelli Gardner, Vice President: Diane Duquette. Row 2: Secretary: Sue Fox, Treasurer: Kim Hum, Social Chairman: Celeste Martinez. 2. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Sharyl Ste- phen, Laurie Smith, Vicki Real, Kathy Merrill, Cindy Padilla, Leslie Max. Row 2: Paula Palladini, Sue Ya- mashiro, Michelle Barr, Debbie Brant, Laura Strieker, Maria Varela, Julie Prondzinski, Lorraine Ramirez. Row 3: Isabel James, Marie Rush, Paula Bowker, Tim Drews, Paul Santamaria, Juan Escudero, Ruby Alarcon. 3. Advisors: Ms. Mona Mazon and Ms. Arlene Reid. Sophomore 83 Renee Brinnon Andrew Brooks Datid Brooks Sharon Brown William Brown Michael Burchetle Kelly Oltert Alida Camacho Sofia Camacho Andrew Camero Mark Campbell Sheri Campbell Al Cardenas Robert Casillas Coleen Chambers James Chancey Nadine Chandler Sheri Chanlland Shawn Church Jeff Cle eland Bob Coie Cigi Coman Vince Contreras Tonya Cook 84 Sophomores 1. Maria arela. Dawn Meddy, Sherrie Angelo, Melinda Kuhn, and Julie Prondzinski show Iheir spirited smiles to e eryone who attends the rally. 2. Diana Rodela and Janet Kelley try to look sexy for the camera. 3. Mitch Pyburn and Robin Tarrant get close for a picture. 4. Sue Namashiro, Kim Hum, and Renee Karrer hope to win first place in the contest on Halloween Day. 5. Mrs. Reid ' s Spanish 2 class really works hard. Nathan Cordova Colleen Costcllo Lala Covarrubias Mike Dolney Sherri Dolney Randy Dominguez Tony Draper Tim Drews Francisca Dumais Pam Duncan (jlenn Dunn Jeff Dunn Diane Duquette Mike Dysthe Margaret Edwards Sophomores 85 1. Ron Hinkley shows Mr. Goodman who has more power. 2. Randy Stephen and Hugh Henley smile for (he camera while Jeff Henley shies away. Ben Eggan Erik Enriquez Juan Escudero Mona Eeltnor Joe Fetters Robin Figgins Kathleen Fisher Dollane Foster Susan Fox Robert Franciosi Desiree Frilot Kathryn Fry Eugene Caddis Lisa Garcia Kelli Gardner John Garza Nolan Gasser Maryon Gaston Donny (iauthier Glenn Georgieff Ilarln (Jielow ( athy (ileason Mona Gomcr Douglas Goodrow Kimherly (Gorman Karen Gossen Julia (irammer Cheryl (Gregory Sheri (ircgory Diana ( utierrez l.ance Hargis John lliirris Julie llaiiiMrl I aur;i lla l.. Mike lUin- l.isabclh llencehold fa dUlM i mw Xh Sophomore Hugh Henley Jeff Henley Ron Hinkley Jill Hirschl Karen Holbrook Mary Holmes Shannon Honeycult Datid Huerta Kim Hum Colleen Husband Wayne Hutchens Renee Inness Irene Jenkins Danny Jones Eddie Jones Marcie Jones Datid Kalpakoff Renee Karrer Tammy Kasold Janet Kelley Tammy Kelly Julie Kemp John Koo Melinda Kuhn Jason La Fay Richard Lake Cindy Lange Perri Larson Roger Laslie Chris Lea ( ail Lee Leslie Leonard Mike l.ireras Jackie Luna Sophomores 87 ! Rod Macie Amado Madrid ' icky Marcoly Brian Marsh Celeste Martinez Chris Martinez Diana Martinez Luis Martinez Ste en Mateo ich Jason Mauer Leslee Max Amy McAtee John McCoy John McDonald Melody McDowell Kim McNamara Dawn Meddy Richard Mecina Kathy Merrill Tim Metro Doug Mitchell Eric Mitobe Brenda Molina John Moreno Holly Morgan Dan Morin Mary Moses Gregory Munger Deborah Nelson Michael Newton Scott Nielsen Conny Niemann Datid Outlaw ( indy Padilla Paul Patterson Melanie Pease I.aura Peralta Deborah Perez Melissa Pikrs ( lisabcth Plouffo Lark Poindexler Moises Ponce KH Sophomores Augustine Porras Kim Power Julie ProndzinskI Milch Pyburn Rosa Quezada Jodi Quillin Marti Ragsdale ( nthia Ramirez I ini Rattelman Rodney Rauch iki Real Debbie Reber Krik Reder Debbie Rienert Dee Dee Reisinger Kim Reyna Dceann Robinson Latisha Robinson Kachael Roccio Diana Rodela Chris Rodriguez Sharon Roskam Marie Rush Stella Salazar Duane Sallade Luana Sanchez Paul Santamaria Robin Sapp Ronnie Suuer Susan Schlapper . I k Mf Elisabeth Schwartz Da»id Sebring De Ann Shenk 1. Laura Strieker and Maria Varela go back to their childhood days on Kiddie Day. 2. The sophomore football players show their stuff at the exchange rally. Sophomores 89 lynn Shine Roger Shiplev Alice Silguero Robert Simmons John Slivkoff Laurie Smith Phyllis Snider Steten Speakman Ralph Springer (iary Squirek Mark Start Deborah Stehr John Stein Randy Stephen Sharyl Stephm Patricia Stephens Renee Stephens f athleen Stillman (jabriel Stine Laura Strieker Steven Swift Brenda Talatera Dee Dee lanner Robin larrani Joy laylor Paul Teensma Randy lice Sherry Tice Krnie Torres Michelle I (.u Mark hix.ta Mark I ripler W Sophom.ire 1. Tim Cude, Erik Reder, John Koo and Rod Macie learn all about fixing cars in aulo class. 2. Melanie Weaver, Tammy Lourick, Robin Tarrant, Diane Duquette, Kathy Merrill, and Paula Palladini shon off their California suntans. 3. Kim Mum seems to be having lots of fun in Mr. Black ' s Knglish class. £L Hi n Enrique liribe Maria Varela Pedro Varela Not Pictured Sophomores Brian Vidal Terry idal John Vindedahl Amy Viscioni Lisa Wallace Kellie Weatherton Mary Weaver Melanie Weaver Daria Weeks Miriam White ic Whiting Creg Wise larrv Wissler Jeff Wolfe Mike Wright I heresa Wright Sherry Nankowsky Ron Nniguez Davvn ount Carole ovanovich Helen u Sally Zaccaria Johnny .amora Leonard Zini Ruby Alarcon Lorraine ( ranado Boyd Ribble Herb Barnes Kimberly ( uthery Su anne Robson Terri Bowman Dennis Helms Alex Rojas David Bryan Judy Hi a Eleanor Ruiz Steven Buntc Isabel James James Smith Mark Burnett Dale Kern Sherrie Stewart Billy (alder David Lvtch Michael Sweeney leresa C ambroli) Paul Marlines Daniel late Erica C ardelli Ronald Mc Allisler C hris lavlor Janean C leveland David Mendibles Randv lerry Sammv Decker 1 eresa Montenegro Richard 1 smanv Randy Duncan A i Nazi Michael Whalen Kevin Ellison Roberta Newmeyer elva VMIkinson Sean Eares Steven OIley Suzanne Namasbiro Rita Era ier Paula Palladini Een Nan Aurelia (iarcia James Perez James .ahrl (.ahino ( arcia Michael Plevv Sophomores 91 Junior Officers Robin Abrams Mary Adams Rosalee Adams Michael Aldrich Tammi Allen John Ambrose Norma Amos Karen Anderson Albert Angelo Lisa Antisdel Charles Arocha Cheryl Barringer Susan Barron Michael Bartels Ronald Beaver Terri Bellak Gerard Bengard David Bennett le andra Bernal Randy Bernard Scott Betty Steve Betty Gail Blanpied Laurie Bobier Robin Brinnon I eo Briones 1 ori Brown Riley Brown Tammy Buster Tony Bustos © - ' 91 a •■ ■ " ■ " :. ■ • 1 i i h ' 1. Junior Officers: Row I: President: Terence Lawler, Vice President: Angela Terry. Row 2: Secretary: icky Ledbetter, Treasurer: Terri Bellak, Social Chairman: Kim Finuf. 2. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Rita Robert- son, Jill Terry, Laurie Carr, Robin Brinnon, Artie Jur- ado, Sheri Seager, Lisa Antisdel. Jolene Bird, Marie Weatherly. Row 2: Ruth Johnson, Kim Datis, April Dunton, lony Kalistaart, irginia Proiencio, l. ' u y Otero, Donna Thomas, Tammy Buster, Michelle Mc- Namara. Row M Marie Pi zorno, Pegi Young, Mike Jenkins, Kim Ridgley, Louise Cheery, Shelly Leslie. }. Advisors: Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Ruth. Ruth Byers Gary Cantu Laurie f arr Bradley Chalmers Dana Chandler Louise ( herr Tea Cisneros ScotI Clements Kathleen Clinton Ronald Coke Bill Collins Curtis Crigler Rebecca Cross»hite Cindy Daleiden Kimberly Da is Richard Davis Greg De La Mare Carrie Dean Vicki Di Martino Karen Dixon Roberto Dominguez David Dopudja Jerry Douthil Robert Dowty L Mark (;omer. Tonv Kalisvart and Robby Krantz talk about what happened oier the vveekend. 2. Marie Weatherly and Ruth Byers enjoy Mr. Knapps lecture in I .S. History. 3. Joe Turgeon takes time out from shop to pose for the camera. 4. What class has the most fun the f lass of " 811 5. John Perez, John Pruden, Dave Warner, Scott Gray, and Roberto Dominguez enjoy NefPs food. Jesse Duarte Regina Dumais Randy Duncan sf . v«4 Frank Ferrara Alice Figueroa kimberly Finuf Kimberley Fowler Robert Frantz Steven Frederlcksen (■lorla Frias ( arolyn (jarcia James Gartner I.auree Caslon Todd Gaston Irene (ioben Mark (Jomer Juliette (fon alez Dennis Gorman Scott (iray Bridgette Green Steven Gurley ! Charmaine Hamilton Ronald Hanna 1. Could high school be as happy as these Juniors make it look? 2. Luarie Carr, Lisa Antisdel, Kate Powers, Alicia Mesko and Sandy Stelzer prove that Neff has all kinds on Hallow- een Day during Spirit Week. Laura Gurrieri Anionette Gutierrez Roy Hanna Olga Hattorff Mark Haupert Chris Hayek Tom Hensley Jacqueline Hernandez Sean Hilliard John Holcomb Terry Holmes Diane Hosman Greg Hoivian Joan Hrapchak Michael Huerla Daiid Jami ' s Michael Jenkins Ruth Johnson Da id Jones Becky Joseph Gerard Julien Kcrr Keslinu l)»a ne Kint; Bill Kinc Donna Krisik Stephanie La Cour KimherU la Krance C harle s La Rock Laurie Lamb I herie Lantz Robert Larson (iordon Laslii ' rp m7m W Caylene Lawrence Matthew Lawrence Michael Le Blanc Vicky Ledbetter Alan Lee Paula Levine Rachel Lizardi Steven Lloyd Kelly Ludvik Kathleen Lundquist Fernando Luque Troy Mader Jill Mammano Florence Marsalla Tom Marschke Kevin Marshall lleana Martin Roger Mauer Michelle McNamara Angela Mearsch Rachel Melson Alicia Mesko Mona Monier Dennis Montejo Cheryl Montoy Carol Moore Suzanne Mort Pam Nathanson Gary Neal Jeannie Newmyer Randall Oakes Neil Olson Alexandre Ortega Lizzy Otero Paul Palladini Anthony Park Carolyn Pease Scott Pehike John Perez Steven Phillips Marie Pizzorno Robin Plouffe Ka(herine Powers Paula Prielo Virginia Proiencio John Pruden Dennis Rabe Michael Reinerl Christopher Reyes Rebecca Reynolds Sue Rhodes Vicki Rickard Kim Ridgley Debra Roberson Rita Robertson Richard Robinson Nancy Rocha Pam Rogers Carol Roskam Ken Rush Victor Salazar Ronald Sandberg Raymond Sarrazin Richard Sawiiskas Sheri Seager Ronald Searls Valerie Sedillo Michael Shenk Tamra Simmons Rodney Simpson George Sims Monica Siok Miklos Siska Michael Soranno Cindy Sossman Randy Spain Cindy Spaulding Elizabeth Spencer Jan Springer Joseph Squirek Ann S(eckbauer Linda Stone Gary Strait Mildred Sturhann Vivian Sun icki Swickard Steve Sword Steve Tagami Angela Terry Deborah Terry Jill Terry Donna Thomas Sherry Thompson Diana Tillinger Christine Timms Jeannetle Torres Joseph Turgeon Linda Valenzuela Don Van Dyken Tammy Vance Juana Varela Denise Vasquez Teresa Vasquez Janice Vcelik John Veazcy 1. Members of the class of ' XI show how much fun Miller ' s class can be during lunch. 2. Juniors show their spirit by portraying Flag at the exchange rally. 1. Kim Rodgley and Louise Cherry lake it easy during lunch. 2. Bill Collins, Steve Fredericksen, Ken Rush and Greg De l,a Mare shovi that Mr. Knapp ' s class isn ' t that bad. Celeste Velarde Mystica Velarde Mark Vest Julie Vetsch Susan Wagle Karia Waldahl Sheri Ward David Warner Tammy Warr Maria Washowich Marie Weatherly Lareina Weaver David Weeks Donna White Lois White Jeanne Whitney Matthew Williams Ryan Williams Chris Wilmot Barry Winston Julie Wittick Tina Woodward Timothy Worechester Sharlene Woronets Mark niguez Peggy Young Doug Vount Not Pictured Juniors Micah llen Art Armendari Robert Armendari Dana Armstrong David Arreguin Joseph Bailey Rhonda Barnard Keith Barnhart Jolene Bird Stephen Bond l)a id Boyd Matthew Buffum Steve Bustamonte lodd Buster Linda ( ano Bill ( arter ( ina Clesceri Rodger ( orcn Richard Doyle I honias Dura o John Kpan (iilhert Federico Walter Ford Rhonda (iarcia Rhonda (ieorge Randy (iuthery Sherry Hacker Peter llagoort Debbie Halstead Vince Hernandez Janice Hiza Michael Irvine (ilenn James Art lurado Anthony Kaiisvaart F.laine Kane Steven Lang Terence Lawlor James Le ar Shellv Leslie Timothy Lira Brenda Luetger (Jregory Marshall Lawrence Medina Jeffrey Menage Carolyn Mouradian Susan Murphy Bertha Navarro Deborah Newberry Doug Niggli Julie Nunez Robert Nunez Frank Padilla John Pagano Steven Parr Russell Poenie Rebecca Que ada Karinii Ramos Steven Robichaux David Salas Nina Santell Paul Schneider Robert .Schneider F.ileen Serna Georgia Stanfield Sandy Stelzer Lara Sulrisno Kevin lavlor Jerry I imhlin Brad Fucker Albert allecilla David incent (,lenn Walls Martin Watts Sandv Wcl lcr ( hris White Kevin W illiams Mike Williams Susan W ilshire Robert W ilnian In Memoriam Fernando Lugue And A New Day Will Dawn For Those Who Stand Long And The Forest Will Echo With Laughter And It Makes Me Wonder -Jimmy Page i First Annual Powder Puff Neffs first annual Powder Puff game took place January 31st at La Mirada Stadium. Both teams were allowed l(t practices before the game, most of which were held in rain and mud. Both teams gave it their all and had a great time. MVP ' s for the Senior Team were Lindy Mignot on offense and Darlene Castillo on defense. MVP ' s for the Junior team were Kim Finuf on offense and Rita Robertson and Kathleen Lundquist on defense. Senior Team cheer- leaders kept the stands roaring and entertained the crowd at half- time with their own football game. All in all it was a great night to remember with the Junior team coming out ahead 18-0. ' M :s -j: ' f f 1. The Senior Powder Puff Cheerleaders daunt Iheir beauty. 2. Quarterback Darlene Castillo looks for an open receiver. 3. Junior ball carrier Kim hinuf tries to make it through the Senior defensive line. 4. Senior halfback I ina Ibarra runs for extra yardage. 5. Senior l.ind Mignot charges through Junior defensive players. 6. Senior Team Players Row I: tonne " (io (Jet ' em " (Joff, " Radical Rhonda " Koch, " Jarhead Josie " Molina, " Studly Stacie " Sides, " Cran- kin ( olleen " Weathcrlon, " Crusin Snooiin " Susan Maave, Cathy " Low Blow " (Joodrow, " Iwinkle Iocs Tina " N barra, " Rough and Ready Irene " Angeles, (oaches Pal I angon and Jim Whitney. Row 2: " Komakasi Karen " an Kss, " Boom Town Barbara " Ortiz, " Tear ' em I ' p Teri " oung. Joan " Spinner " Spinosa, Pam " Knock ' em Out " Nelson, " king Kong " Kelley Kcrguson, Sheila " White I ightning " White, Kathy " Kick " ( hurchill, indy " Big Red " Dwyer, Kathy " Rocket " Reinert, Co- ( aptain " Dynamite " Darlene Castillo. Row k Coaches Steve (ialvan, (Jreg Jenkins, Don Alexander, and Pat Phelan, " Stingy lngy " Sheri Inge, Shelley " Sir Blurs Blonde " Durkin, ( o-Captain " Big Mean I. indy Jean " Mignot. " Bomb Shell Bette " Buliavac, " Jo Mama " Joann Mollis, Cyndi " loco " lugo, " Jammin Janet " lee. Coach Andy Jimenez, " Sherry Shaft ' cm " Williams, Mead ( oach liumberlo Briones, and Don Adams. 7. Junior Team Players Row I: ( hristine " Peanut " Timms, Angela " Trig- ger " lerry, Maria " (Jnarley " Washowich, Jackie " JJ " Hernandez, Shar- lene " Horse Power " Woronets, I aurie " Squirrel " Carr, Alice " Chip- monk " Kigueroa, April " ( oaches Pet " Dunton. Row 2: Cheryl " Half Pint " Montoy, Diane " Dillinger " lillinger, Kim " Big Pam " Davis, Peggi " Piggie Mo " oung, ' icky " Bedwetter " I.edbetter, Rita " Snida Manny " Robertson, Janice " Mushkin " Vcelik, Kim " Scooby " Kinuf, Jill " Avail- able " lerry, l.inda " Punk " Stone. Row . : ( oaches ( hris W ' illmont, and Doug lunt, Dana " Dana-Ma " (handler, Louise " Red " Cherry, Coach Mark niguez. Pow 4: Jill " Jell-O " Mammano, ( oach Leo Briones, Ruth " Rufus " Bvers, Kathleen " Baby Kace " I undquist, (oach Mike Jenkins, kirn " Butler Hy " Ridgley, (oach (Jreg De la Mare, Sheri " (Jletom " Seager, and l.ori (iaston. Not pictured Head Coach Scott Clements. K. Junior player Janice Vcelik runs for an opening in the line. 4. Junior (Quarterback Kim Kinuf races for yardage. III. I ori (iaston kicks off to the Senior Learn. Powder I ' uff i((3 KM Sinlor I uiiirilc s enior Favorites ' ■ ' -if: flawt V 1. Most Bashful - Pam Nelson and Scott Speakman. 2. Most Athletic - Dave Vcelik and Gail Domann. 3. Biggest Flirt - Paul oung and Debbie Brown. 4. Most Service to School - llumberto Briones and Sheri Inge. 5. Best Body - Darlene Denton and John C offln. 6. Class Clown - Sherry Pyburn and Tim C ' oyle. v Senior Favorites 105 Senior Spirit The class of 198(1 has been er spirited this car. Besides senior privilet;es, the seniors ha c been in ol ed at the rallies by performing in arious skits, competing land winning) in games and contests, and cheering their hearts out during class competition. During Spirit Week, the seniors used their imaginations and came up i(h man outrageous costumes to wear on the dress up da s. Ihey participated in the xarious events, such as the Sock Mop on 50 " s I)a , pie throwing at teachers, the Sla e Auction, and the contests for the best costumes. All in all, the seniors ha e been er spirited and in ol cd. They ha e put forth great efforts and have managed to bring back much of the dying enthusiasm of Neff students. All this goes to show that seniors are great at whatever they do! 1. Seniors shoH their enthusiasm at a rall . 2. Kric I ' icpho looks darling while showinji his Niff pride at the exchange rall . ' . Jim Whiint) kicks hack at a rall while Pal Phelan watches the song leaders with interest. 4. I iiid Mignot and Kelle Kerguson present the cheerleaders " sweepstakes lr(iph at the la Mirada rall . 5. I he class of X(l gets (.N ARIA at the Kvcelsior rall . 6. ( harlie I eonard is getting turned on by Pal l.angdon ' s sew legs before Ihej leaie the exchange rall . 7. Dean Simons, ( ath Anderson and Rhonda No ac clown around in Popu- lar Kiclion. 8. Sue Anderson doesn ' t seem to he afraid of the big bad monster, (harlie I eonard. ' ». Ragg d nn and And (Janet lee and Kalh Keinerti ha»e a swingin ' time at lunch on Halloween l)a . III. .lulie Pepper turns punk during Spirit Week. 1 1. Joann Mollis returns from the snack bar on O ' s l)a during Spirit U eek. 12. Debbie Mrown and Diane lorres won first place at the sockhop at lunch on 5() " s l)a . Senior Classes The Class of 80 finally made it through Personal Econom- ics, Oral Communications, and all those other classes new to Neff. Then came the inevitable American Government class, and the last semesters of English. Besides these requirements, we were on our own. College bound seniors struggled through Trigonometry and Chemistry, while others took it easy in Ceramics. Students anticipating leaving the nest took On Your Own and Cooking. Those who were artistically inclined put on their aprons in the Art class, while others opted for creating through photog- raphy. Psychology and Sociology classes ' expanded ' our minds, while occupational classes such as Typing, Drafting, and Retail Clerking expanded our business skills. All in all, these classes kept us going throughout the year. Although w e complained alot, looking back now we know it wasn ' t so bad in fact, it was sometimes even fun. 1. Sue Sturhan and l ' all ( Ino show us what efficient secretaries typing class turns out. 2. Seniors, such as these in American Goternment, feel that their last year is time for dedicated study. 3. Dan Allen has mastered the basic techniques of cutting wood without cutting fingers in Woodshop. 4. Mike Foley shows that not only can he read as well as Willie oder, he can blow bubbles at the same time. 5. Steve Henley works while Pete Hagoorl and Tom I.aeng proudly stand by their quarter project. 6. In Oceanography peace weighs heatiiy on the minds of Matt Allen and Date incent. 7. Seniors take advantage of their reading period in Science Fiction. 8. Autoshop fanatics Paul Morgan and Pat Aldrich show us how to remove a tire from its rim. 9. Stacey tllig studies unusual growths in her Biology class. Seniors 109 Seniors Activities 1. The Top Ten Seniors of the 1980 Graduating Class are: Row 1: Deanna Plouffe, Debbie Nothwang, Vale- dictorian Tammy I ' libarri, and Valedictorian Julie Mammano. Row 2: Valedictorian Jim Williams, Jim Whitney, David Brown, ince Outlaw, and Jose f ' hong. Not pictured is Valedictorian Lindy Mignot. 2. The 1980 C.S.F. Sealbearers are: Row 1: Stacey K.llig, Deanna Plouffe, Julie Mammano, Tammy I ' libarri, and Debbie Nothwang. Row 2: Susan Eagle, Jim Williams, Lindy Mignot, Betty Bullivac, Jim Vogle, and Jose Chong. 3. Deanna Plouffe, Susan Haa e, Diana Miller, and Cathy (ioodrow enjoy playing pinball at the Wonder- bowl. 4. The 1980 outh in Government participants are: Row 1: Gail Corcoran, Kelley Ferguson, Sheri Inge, and Sta- cey Ellig. Row 2: Terry Abbott, Mike Freeman, Lindy Mignot, Joe Metro, and Greg Jenkins. 5. Susan Haave, Cathy Goodrow, and Mike Freeman enjoy a " nip of coffee " and a " dash of salt " at the W onderbowl, site of this year ' s Seniors All Night Party. 6. The 1980 Junior-Senior Prom will be held on June 7th on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. 7. The room in which the prom will take place is the Queen ' s Salon on the Queen Mary. Seniors 1 II Senior Offfvers TERRELL KEITH ABBOTT Ambition: I ' ndecid- ed. Activities: CSF 3-4; J. . Bktb. 3; ar. Bktb. 4; Var. Golf 3; Prin. Hon. Roll. DOS M AD WIS: . mbition: Oceanographer. Ac- tivities: Ftb. 1-4; Bktb. 1-4. MVP I; Track 1,3-4: News Staff 4; An. Staff Photo Ed. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Alt. Sen. 3; Exchange Rall 4. IARTI CHARLES ALDERETTE Ambition: Get a Masters. Activitites: Spch. Club NFL Member. PATRICK M ALDRICH: Xmbition: Undecided. DOSALD E ALEXANDER Ambition: Cop. Ac- liiilies: St. Comm. 2-4; Sen. 1-2; V restling 1; Track 1; Bash. 2-4; Ftb. 1-4. Frosh Capt.: Jr. Hon. Grd. DA MEL S ALLE : Ambition: To be as smart as the old man. Activities: Soccer 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. MA TTHEW CRAIG ALLEN: Ambition: I ndecid- ed. S RA REYES ALVARADO mWn on: Secretary. CATHY AWETTE A DERSO : Ambition: Beautician. Activities: Track 3-4; Pep Club 1; Hon. Roll 3. .St5 TERESA ANDERSON: Xmbition: Artist and Pianist. Activities: Pep Club I; Art Club 1-4. IRENE GERALDINE ANGELES: Ambition: Art- ist. Activities: Art Club. PXTRICIA C A ? VOiD Ambition: I ndecided. S DRA JEAN ARNOLDSEN: Ambition: Pres. Miss Piggv ' s Fan Club. Activities: Frosh VP; Sen. I- 3; Homecoming Prin.; G. of Mnth; Jr. Hrts-n-Fwrs Prin; (;. l.ge Pres; Soph. Rep. G. Lge; Soc. Ch. G. Lge. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 4; Art Club 3-4; Bash. Bkb. Stat 2-3. A ,S D ASHKER: Ambition: I ndecided. SI E L AVILA: Ambition: To flv mv uvvn I earjet. Activities: Sen. 1; J. . olball; Jr. Hon. (ird. KARI S BALES Ambition: Swim Coach. Activi- ties: (,irls Bktb. 4; Band I; ar. Diving 1; J. . Swim- ming I; Solo Majorette 1. r 1. Senior (lass Officers: Row 1: President: Lindy Mignot. ice President: Steve (,alvan. Row 2: Secre- tary: C athy (ioodrow. Treasurer: Robin Gordon. So- cial Chairman: Kalhy Reinert. 2. Steering Committee: Row 1: Cindi Lugo, Stacey Ellig. Shelley Durkin. Anna Morin. Luis Flernandez. Row 2: Brendan Powers. Frank Rodela. Teri oung. iekic Sherwin. Robin Beard and Todd Lara. V Senior Advisors: Mr. Bob McGuire and Ms. Ar- Une Reid. 1. Rhunda Koch, Sherry Pyburn, Diana Steckbauer, Cindy Dwyer, Irene Angeles try to avoid the camera during lunch. 2. Yvonne Goff dances the night away at the Homecoming dance. DO ALD WTHONY BANAS XmbUUm: l» live in the stone age. STEVEN LEE BASSETT Ambition: lo join the Priesthood. Activities: Soccer 1; Ftb. 2. PAMELA M. B,4, T£ ? Ambition: I ndecidcd. ROBIN DA H V BEARD: Ambition: C PA or Medi cal. Activities: Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; ABIX) 4. Flag 3-4; St. Comm. 4. SLZASNE K BEATTIE Ambition: To see ( .R. happy forever. Activities: J.V. ell 2; Pep Club; ar. Nell 3-4. 5,AA V BtDOV 4 Ambition: Psychologist, clivi- ties: Pep Club 1-2; Tall Flag 4. CHRISTINE D BLR ARI) Ambition: lo remem- ber good times. Activities: St. Comm. I-.V Pep C lub 1-2; (;irls l.ge. Hist. 4. Pub. CI .3; An. Staff 4; .Ir. Hon. (.rd. 3; Kal. 1. MARK I BERKIITE Ambition: To become a Sumo Wrestler. Activities: Sen. I; .l. . Tennis 1-2; ar. lennis 4. IC II (iLENN HI SSI) Ambition: Welder Salesman. Activities: I tb. 2; Hash. 3. TERRY BEVACQUA mbilion: I ndecided. TERESA I. BLACKS! f n K mbition: Magician ' s Assistant. Activities: Pep ' ' uh I; J. . Nell 2; ar. Yell 3-4; (iirls I ge. Hist. 3; n. 3; St. C omm. 2-3. ANGELA l RIL HOI ll l ihition: Journalist. Activities: St. C omm. I; C SF 1-4. rin. Hon. Roll I- 4; Pep Club 4; (.1 1-2; MC;M; Bk . MIP I; J. . lennis 2; kal I ' res 4; Jr. Hon Ctrd. 114 Seniors (11 ORG I K BOUL ANGER: Ambition: Police Officer. Aclivilies: J.V. Volball 1-3; Var. Volball 4; J.V. Bktb. 1-3; Var. Track 4; GIA. CATHY LOUISE BOYER Ambition: To be " There. " Activities: St. Comm. 1-3; Pep Club 1-2. EDWARD IWIES BRENNAN: Ambition: To build great guitars. RICHARD BRINNON: Ambition: To own mv own Brewery. Activities: Bktb. 1-3; Basb. 1-4. HUMBERTO •BERT " BRIO ES: Ambition: l.aw- er. Activities: Student Bod Pres. 4; P.R. Dir. 3; Ftb. 1-4, Var. 3-4, Gulden Trojan, Def. Capt. 4; MGM; CSF; Prin. Hon. Roll; ar. Tennis 1; Bktb. 1; News Staff Sports Ed. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sen. DAVID MICHAEL BROHS Ambition: Gynecolo- gist. Activities: St. Comm. 4; Sen. 1; CSF 1; MGM 1- 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Bktb. 2,4, Var. 4; Tennis 2, 4, ar. 4; Ftb. 1. DEBORA L BROWN Ambition: Daddys Girl and to keep Joe. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Sen. 1-3; St. Comm. 1-3; Soph. Cl.V.P.; Ftb. Stat 2; Dr. Team 2; Song 3; Girls Lge. Soc. Ch. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Pep Club 1. ROSA DIN A BRUINSMA: Ambition: To play my harmonica. Activities: Sen. 1-4; Sec. 1; M(;M 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; Hist. BETTE ANN BLLIAVAC Ambition: Architect. Activities: CSF 2-4; Sec. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; Thes. 1-3; Pep Club I; Sen. 3-4; Sftb slat. 3; Best Minor Act. Norn-Lady Brockhurst; The Boyfriend; Jr. Hon. (Jrd. T IR SLE BURNETT Ambition: To live on Sugar Mountain. Activities: Spch. Club. 2-3; NFL 3. ( I I VV B f ?Z.f Ambition: Artist. Aclivi- liis: Pep C lub; Dr. Team 2; T. Flag Capt. 3; Thes. 3- 4; Jr. Hon. (;rd. Ih k- l l THERESA B)ON Ambition: Regis- tered Nurse. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll. DEBBIE CAIRO: Ambition: Undecided. ROSEMARY G C,lM,4CHO Ambition: flndecid- ed. MARITZA B CANCHOLA: Ambition: I ' ndecided. CARTA C CARPENTER Ambition: Journalist Activities: Var. C.C. 1-4, MVP 1, MIP 3; Var. Track 1-4, MVP 2; ASB C omm. of Pub. Rel. 4; Sen. 1, 4; News Staff Sprts.Ed. 4; An. Staff 4; CSF 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2, 4; St. Comm. 1-3. KRI CASS: Ambition: To own a Ferrari. ISTLllA DARLENE CASTILLO Ambition: To hi happv. Activities: Sen. 2; Var. Sftb. 2-4; J. . Bktb. 2-4; (;iA Pres. 4; Var. Sftb. MVP, All Lge. 2; Var. Sftb. Most Inspratn. 3; J.V. Tennis 4. I)A ID( AKI ( MV SfRi Ambition: To be hap- py and successful. Activities: St. Comm. 4; Jr. Hon. (;rd.; Art C lub 4; Bktb. 1-4, Var. 4; Basb. 1-4, Var. 3- 4. GARY R CHARLESWORTH Ambition: To photo Cheryl Tiegs. Activities: Basb. 4. GARY LEE CHILCOTE: Ambition: Flectrician. Activities: Sen. 1-3; Hon. Roll 1-4. JOSI ( ll ) (; mbition:C.P.A. Activities: CSF 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Av Tin CHURCHILL: Ambition: Hit it off in the slime age. ' IRK lA ANN CI NO: Ambition: Work with ani- mals and Memories. Activities: St. Comm; Svo. JOH P. COFFI Ambition: Aircraft Pilot. Ac- tivities: Sen. 1, 3-4; Ftb. 2: Track 1-2; Sen. 3; Hon. Roll 1-4. KERR YJ COMA N: Ambition: C ommcrcial Airline Pilot. Activities: Ftb. 1-2; Track 2; Sen 3; Hon. Roll 1-4. GAIL E CORCORAS Ambition: Lawyer; to be happv with S.S. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; CSK 1-4; Prin. ' Hon. Roll 1-4; Pep Club l-2.Treas. 2; Flag 3-4. Co-Head: J. . Sftb. 2; Pub. Class 3. An. Staff 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Rl VW 4 CO.STHitO Ambition: Knginier. Activi- ties; Tennis 1-2; Jr. Hon. Grd. TIM COYLE: Ambition: To forever party. STEVES MICHAEL CRUZ: Ambition: Rich pro- fessional gambler. Activities: Tennis 1-4, Var. 3, 4; Hon Roll 1-2. TO. Y CLRATOLA Ambition: I ndecided. STEVEN M. DACK: Ambition: Be happv vvith Carolyn W. always. Activities: Ftb. 2. TOSY DAlTO Ambition: Coas t Guard. DAROI D J DEAS Ambition: Carpenter. Activi- ties: Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4. DARLENE J DF TO Ambition: I ndecided. GAIL DOMAW Ambition: lo be ultra friendlv. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Sen. 4; ar. Tennis 1-4; MVP. Tennis 3; Sftb. 2-3. EV I RI DO fJA Ambition: Pulitzer prize vvinning author. cti ities: Sen. Alt. 1; ( SK 3-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; Band 1-2, 4; ( oncert Band 1-2, 4; Jazz Band 1-2; Kal. 4; Art Club .M; Spch. dub 3-4; NFL 3-4. JAWS RE EE DO OVALI Ambition: (,vm- nastics { oach. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Pep flub. JOSl I ' ll IH) TI Ambition: I ndecided. DO 1 ;( Rl WE: Ambition: (,o to I Sf for computer prog. Activities: Kal. 2-3; Marching and Con. Band 1-2; J. . Sftb. 2-3. 1. Sieve Itenlev and Ron Julin ■liylni; on campus during lunch 2. Tlie exctiansc rall V jrsilt ( h fiiolball plavrrs NChool spir allt biiih HEATHER fAlilE DLFFY Ambition: Stage Ac- tress. Play, Make up. Acli ilies: Thes. 1-4, V.P. 4; Norn. Best Sup. Act. 2; Norn. Best Act. 3; Girls Lge. Thes. Rep. 4; St. Com. 1-4; Sen. 4: An. Staff 4; Stu. Dir. 3-4; Kal 2; Cam. Host 1-2; Pep Club 1-2. SHELLE)- DA DL KKI Ambition: Medical Field. Aclitilies; Sen. 1-2, 4; St. Comm. 4; J.V. Vol- ball 2; Song .1-4; Pub. Class 3; News Staff Pg. 1 Ed. 4; Jr. Hon. (ltd. ERA K.I OtVVAii Ambition: To win 10,000 dol- lars at Mac Donalds. CYNTHIA GENICE DWYER: Ambition: 36, 24, 36. Activities: Tennis 1-4; Bktb. 2-3; Sen. 2; St. Comm. 1-2. Si ' SAN ELIZABETH EAGLE: Ambition: Me- chanical Engineer. Activities: CSF 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; MGM; Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; Flag 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. STACE) LYNN ELLIG: Ambition: Computer Tech. To be happv. Activities: MGM; Prin. Hon. Roll: Best Sup. Actress 1978; Thes. 1-4; St. Comm. 1- 4; Sen. 1-3; Var. Basb. Stat. 4; C.O.E.D. Sec 2. EVELYN CORINNE EMERY: Ambition: To al- ways be Happy! ROGER EVANS: Ambition: Petrolium Exchange Engineer. K EL LEY FERGUSON Ambition: Friendship with S.B. Always. Activities: Homecoming Queen; J.V. Yell 2; Var. Veil. 3-4; Sen. 1-4; Hearts and Flowers Prin. 2; St. Comm. 2-4; Jr. Treas; ASB Dir. of Act. MICHAEL JOSEPH FIT PATRICK Ambition; W aler Ski for WSA. Frosh. Bktb. Man. 2-3. MICHEAL P FOLEY: Ambition: Undecided. DAN FONTES: Ambition: To be on a BET and gel out at 80. Activities: Fib. 1-2; Basb. 1-2. KARLA SUE FA YE FORD: Ambition: Actress. Ac- tivities: MGM 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; CSF 1-2. MARY CA THERINE FOX: Ambition: To own the Calif. Angels. Activities: Sen. 4. MICHAEL JOSEPH FREEMAN Ambition: Inter- nafl Jet-Setter. Activit ies: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; CSF 1; Sen. 3-4; St. Comm. 3-4; An. Staff 4; News Staff Pg. 3 Ed. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Art f lub 2, Dir. of Art 3; Pub. Class 3. BUTCH N. FRITSCH: Ambition: Indecided. SALLY A NN FUENTES: Ambition: Psychologist. Activities: Var. Sftb. 2-3; Volball 3; Pep Club I. JERRYS. FUJITA: Ambition: F ' ngineer. Activities- Fibl. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. BRIAN KEITH GALLOP Ambition: Best Pilot. Activities: Sen. 1; Basb. 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. TRACIE MARIE GALLOP Ambition: Lawyer. Activities; J.V. Sftb. 2-3; Kal. 2-4; Pep C lub I. STEVEN MICHAEL GALVAN: Ambition: Unde- cided. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2; CSF 1-2; Frosh. Fib. 1: Var. Fib. 4; ar. C .C. 2-3; T.V. Tennis 2; ar. Tennis .V4; Jr. Hon. ;rd.; Jr. Class St. C omm.; An. Staff; ' .P. Art Club 4. MITCH fi,4«C " M Ambition: To forever parly at the Haaves. DEBORAH LEE GOCHNOUR: Ambition: Secre- tary. Activities: Pep C lub; Jr. Hon. Grd. YVONNE GOFF: Ambition: To be able to make up my mind. MELANIE SHERRY COMER: Ambition: Teach- er. HANK GOMEZ: Ambition: To Party Fore er. MARGARITA GONZALEZ Ambition: To marry my honey J.M. Activities: Pep Club I: Dr. Team 2; Flag i; MGM 1-4; Jr. Hon. Crd.; (iiris Ige. .P. 4. C THy GOODROW: Ambition: Pope, so Til slay single. Activities: CI. Sec. 4; News Staff 4; An. Staff 4; MGM; V. Ftb. Stat 2-4; CX . 1-2, 1IP; Irack 1; St. Comm. 2-4; Soph Bash. Stat. 2; Pub. (1. . ; Alt. ROBIS GORDON Ambition: (ompuler field; al- viays be with K.M. Activities: Sr. CI. Treas.; (iirls l.ge. Pub. ( h.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; ar. Tennis 4; J. . Tennis .V MIP; Sen. 4; All. Sen. 3. D ' - N 7: F GOR M N Ambition: To be it. Activi- ties: Soph. CI. Treas.; Pep Club 1-2; Cam. Host.; MGM; St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. Alt; Track 2-4, MIP 2. MVP 3; C.C. 3-4, MVP 3; Kal. SANDRA M GROAf fi ' Ambition: I ndecided. SUSAN HAAVE Ambition: Own groves in Thai- land with Mike. Activities: An. Staff 4; News Staff 4; Pub. 3. LES .1. HALSTEAD Ambition: To he rich and nut so famous. Activities: Sec. PlOW 1-4; J. . V restling 1-2; Var. Ftb. SASDRA JAMSE HAMAK Ambition: Medical Field. J A IIE LYNN HANCOCK Ambition: Worm and P.R. with B-S2S. Activities: J.V. Yell, Head, M .; . ell 3; Pep Club 1-2, Pub. Ch. 2; Cam. Host 2, Sec. Hist.; Kal. 3; MGM; St. Comm. 2-.V DIASE TR CY HAND: Ambition: To be success- ful and happy. ROBERT E HARRIS: Ambition: I ndecided. JETEREY RICHARD HAVPERT Ambition: (.old Fish Trainer. STE E I EROY HENLEY: Ambition: To be Moo- shagians son. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; (Jolf 2-3. LORI HENNE: Ambition: To have a good one. I L IS ALONSO HERNANDEZ: Ambition: I nde- cided. Activities: Golf; St. Comm. 3-4; Spch. { lub; Thes. TROY ERIC IIISOTE Ambition: Fish and (iamc. Activities: Frosh. Irack 1. RICHARD J IIIRD mbition: To surf the land of Thailand. Activities: Ftbl. 2: W restling 1-3; Track 1. JOA HOI I IS Ambition: Fashion Designer. c- titities: Pep C lub 1; Song 3; Art C lub 4. TWIIK IIOSIOKD mbilion: ( osmelologisl. J WHS RK HARD HI Din Ambition: Rich and happv, somehow? ctitilies: I ' rin. Hon. Roll 2; Hon. Roll 1-4: Bash. 1-4; Jr. Hon. t.rd. GABRII I I IB RR Ambition: I ndecided. c- livilies: Bash. 1-2: Fib. 1-2. SHERI I I I l GI Ambition: loorKanijecl. of HII. 60 viar Reunion. Vcliiilies: ASB .l ' .: Ir. CI. Pres; Soph, and Frosh. ( I Soc. ( h.: Sen. 1-4; Prill Team 2; Jr. Hon. (.rd.; (.iris l.ge. Kal. Rep. 3; An. Siaff 4; St. Comm. 1-4; Homecoming Princess. I IK Seniors JEFF IRFl WD Ambition: To stop Disco. Activi- ties: Track 2,4; Jr. Hon. Grd. SLSW -FTHEL ' JACOBS Ambition: To fuinil all my dreams. Activities: Sen. 1-2; Thes. 1-4, Hist. 3; MCM 1-4; Kal. 2; Camp. Host. 2; Pep Club 1-2- CSF 4; Hon. Roll 4; Fbt. Stat. 67? rr .IF KI S Ambition: High paving white collar tvpe. Acti.ities: ASB Sgt. at Arms; Jr. Hon. (.rd; Fbl 1-4, All Lge. 3, Capt 4; Bktb. 1-3; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; MGM; Ex. Rally. WORE PRIW JIME EZ Ambition: Prestidigi- tator. Activities: Track 2-4; Fbt. 1, 2, 4. RONALD WAYNE JOHNSOS Ambition: Unde- cided. Activities: Fbt. 1, 2, 4; Tennis 1-2. row -TJ " JONES Ambition: Jet Pilot; Turbo (arrera. Activities: Golf 1-4; Molocross Club 4. DAWN KARRER: Ambition: I ndecided. MICHAEL A.4SOtD Ambition: I ndecided. M TT J Kl:LL) Ambition: Engineer and own my own Business. Activities: Fbt. 1-3; Basb. 1-3; Wres- tling I; CSF 2-4; Hon. Roll 1-4, Prin Hon. Roll 1-3. STRID HE A THER ADAIR KING (L L O A Am- bition: Masseuse. Activities: Var. Ftb. Stat 2-4; MGM 1-4: Thes. 1-4, Sec. 3; CSF 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 4. BRIAN i KINKMD Ambition: To enjoy life al- ways. Activities: Wrestling l-.V CAROL ELAINE KISWIRD Ambition: Bio. Tech.; Wdlf. Mangmt. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd. alt. 1. Janon Donotall and Jose ( hong sieni In tnji ihtniselvrs in Iheir business class. 2. .Seniors always seem to be finding new ways to make use of Senior .Square. DON A R KLISEFELT[:R Ambition: To be rich; Tratei. KE T KLISGELBERG Ambition: L ' ndecided. JOY KLISGER: Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Pep Club. RHONDA LEE KOCH: Ambition:To move to I tah. Activities: St. Comm. 1, 2; Sen. i. MARTY KOUKOL ' TSAKIS: Ambition: To own VW. repair business. Activities: J.V. Basb. 2; Var. Basb. 3-4. KIMBERL Y KA Y KU KEL Ambition: Major in Business. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Pep Club 1-2; St. Comm. 1-2. RICHARD H LA FA 1 Ambition: To be alive and well off. THOMAS J. LAENG: Ambition: Painter. Activi- ties: J.V. Fbt. 2; Var. Wrestling 3. ROBERT BOYD LAKE: Ambition: To be happy. TERRENCEL. Z..4MS Ambition: To be a Fireman, own Business. Activities: Basb. 1-4. JULIE LAMBERT: Ambition: To be happv. Activi- ties: Sen. 1; Drama 2-4; Pep flub. Hist. 4; Thes. 4. 1. Darlcnc Denton has to peek when the Mad Flasher shows his legs durini; Sp Week. 2. The class of HI) celebrates the fact that they finally made it! aUL DA NNYALAN LA NGE: Ambition: Fish and game warden. Activities: Golf 2-3. PA TRICK KEITH LA I GON: Ambition: Construc- tion worker. Activities: Fbt. 1, 2, 4; Track I, 3. 4. TODD A. LARA Ambition: To live life successfully. Activities: Soccer 1; Track 1-2; Fbt. 2; Sen. 2-4; St. (omm. 1-4. STEVE LAUGH LI . Ambition: Auto body repair. Activities: Wrestling 2; Tennis 2. JANETS L£E Ambition: Accountant. Activities: St. Comm. 3; Sen. 3, alt. 1-2; C.C. 1-2; Track 1-4; J.V. Tennis 3-4; ASB Treas. 4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd; Track stat 3-4. EL YSE LEVY: Ambition: Medicine. Activities: C ' SF 1-2; J.V. Veil 2; Song 3-4; Pub. CI. 3; News staff 4, pg. 2 Fd; Pep Club 1-2; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2; Sen. 1-4. ,;( ) l ARDI: Ambition: Undecided. CHARLES LEONARD: Ambition: Undecided. CONNIE LLOYD: Ambition: Indecided. PENNl JO LUDFORD: Ambition: Political Sci- ence. CYNTHI MARIE LUGO: Ambition: Cosmetolo- gist. Acliiilits: Dr. Team 2; Pep Club. 2; Kal. 3; (amp Host. 3; Song 3-4; Sen. 4. 7 EDWARD MADDEN Ambition: Forestry or Agriculture. Activities: Thes. 1-4, V.P. 3. Prcs. 4, Best Supp. Actor 3. VVAV ' .Vf M ERTR S Ambition: Indccidcd. JULIBIAW IA I I ( Ambili(in:llluslnU( r. Activities: rl ( luh 2-4. I ' rts. 4: CSK 1-4, I rias. 4; Jazz Ensemblf 1-4: ( m. Band 1-4; Band 1-4. Pub. Ch. 4; Spttch Club 2: NKl. 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Pep Club 4; ar. Track .1; M(.M 1-4; Kal 4. kARI .l IA LPi r Ambition: To jump hack- flips. Activities: Pep Club 1; Honor Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2; CSF 2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; C.C. 2-i: Track 2- .1. TRACY DOVGLAS MARLOW Ambition: To go home and sleep! PAM MARTlhl: XmbiWon: To follow m dreams of tomorrow! V ' OVV f MARTISF Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities: Pep Club I; Hon. Roll 1, i: Prin. Hon. Roll 1. 3; Jr. Hon. C;rd. PATRICK . . MASCARO Ambition: Dentist. MIKE A M ASTRO: Ambition: To own my own bod shop. Activities: C.C. I; Band 1; Track 2; Baseball 3. KFWFTH MAYO Ambition: I ndecided. DEBORAH RESEE C ALLISTER Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Banner 2-.1; Sflb. 1-2; Hon. Roll: Cam. Host. SHUVV ,V C ' ATEE: Ambition: Olympic Diver or Prince. MAR) ' MC CARTHY: Ambition: To live a life of Happiness. Activities: Pep Club 1; Sen. 1-3. 1. l)au iilik ;i is lr. arlson bis undivided attention in Trigonometry 2. Susan Haave goes ' ape ' over Mr. Miller on Halloween Day. K THII- tC 1 TOSH Ambition: Actress. Actiii- ties: T. Flag - -4; Sr. St. Coitim.; (am Host. D : .S7 MIDDY Ambition: To work with kids and o»n an MC. Acli ities: St. ( omm. 1-4; Pep Club 1,2; J Sftb. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. JOH R MEIER Ambition: Forestry. Activities: Frosh Ftb.; Var. Wrestling 1-2; Track 1; C.C. 1-2. KATE MENAGE: Ambition: To be the last of Red Hot lovers. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 2; Sen. 1. 3; Pep ( lub 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. JOSEPH J METRO III Ambition: The Celestial Kingdom. Activities: Bktb. 1-4; Bash. 2. 4; Sen. i-4; Jr. Hon. (ird. L VDV . 1 MIGNOT. Ambition: Reporter. Ac- tivities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; CSF 1-4: Sen. 1-4; Pep Club 1; J. . Tennis. MVP; Soph. Pres; J.V. Veil; Var. Veil 3. Head 4; Jr. V.P.; Track 11P; Sr. Pres; An Staff Asst. Fd 4; Jr. Hon. (.rd; Miss October. Dl W I Mil I FR Ambition: Accountant. Activi- ties: Pep (lub 1; Annual Staff Administration Fdi- tor: ( ampus Host. 3-4; kal. 2-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. OS MOLINA: Ambition:Be happy always with (.ilbert. DAMEL JOSEPH MONCINO II: Ambition: Law- yer. Activities: CSF 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; Varsity Tennis. ROLANDO A. MORALES: Ambition: Mechanic. EILEEN RENE MORGAN: Ambition: To fulfill all my dreams. Activities: JV. Tennis 2; Var. Tennis 3; Senate 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Bktb. Stat 1. PAUL V 0RC;AN Ambition: Indecidcd. REBECCA LYNN MORGAN: Ambition: Cosme- tologist. Activities: Girls Lge; Sen. I; St. Comm. I; Homecoming Princess. ANNA JOYCE A OR V Ambition: Psychologist. Activities: Tennis Stat. 3-4; News Staff 4; T. Flag; Transfer from Excelsior; Volball 1-3; Bktb. 1-3; Sftb. 1; Track 2; Dr. Team 2, Capt. 3; T. Flag 3; Girls Lge. 1-2; NFL 1; News Staff 2-3; Interact. CARMEN JEAN VILLARREAI MORIN Ambi- tion: R.N. or L.V.N. Activities: St. Comm. 3; Band 1- 3; Con. Band 1-3: Mar. Band 1-3; Stage Band 1-3. DARLENE MOLRADIAN: Ambition: I ndecided. SHERII I ML RPIIY: Ambition: Lndecided. KATII) K NEILL. Ambition: Cosmetologist. PAMEI JEAN NELSON: Ambition: To love Steve forever. Activities: C.C. 3; Track 3. AM.V VV NORRED: Ambition: Lawyer, Hair like R. F. Activities: Ftb. I; Basb. 1; Sen. 2-3. 1)1 HOR Ml KA 1 NOTIIWANG: Ambition: Nurse. Activities: ( SF 1-4; MGM 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll: Pep (lub 4; Dr. Team; Ihes. 1-4. Pres. 3; Jr. Hon. (,rd. RHONDA PARI ENE NOVAC: Ambition: RN. Activities: Pep Club 1; Banner 3; Flag 4; Track 2-4; C.C. 4. rAlVNV.A MARIE NUNN: Ambition: Legal Sec- retary. DANIEL : ' R AC0t50 V Ambition: Funny car driv- er. Activities: C.C. 1; Track 1. JUAN Rt BfcV ORTEGA: Ambition: Success al- ways. Activities: Ftb. I, 2; Basb. .1, 4. BARBARA NAOMI ORTIZ Ambition: To go to Heaven. Activities: Sen. 1-4: olball J. . VINCE GLENN OLTI A Ambition: Radio Per- sonality. Activities: St. (omm. 4; Sen. I; Prin. lion. Roll 1-4; CSF 1-4; MGM 1-4; Jr. Hon. (ird.; Bktb. 1- 4, J.V. Capl. 3, Var. 4; ar. Ktb. Man. 1. JOHNNIE PADILLA Ambition: I ndecided. . V MARIE P y IE T Ambition: To be an Accountant. Activities: olball 1. . ' ; Kal. 3, 4; T. Flag 3. 4. Capt. 4; (am. Host. 3; (.lA 1, 3. JOHN EDWARD PI I I Ambition: Fngineer and (0 be taller. Activities: Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4; Jazz Ensemble 1-4; Band Jr. Rep. 3; Band Pres. 4; CSK 2- 4. Ji LIE RENEE PEPPER Ambition: Secretary. Ac- tivities: Hearts and Flowers Prin. 1; Gris. l.ge. Rep. 1, 4; Sec. Ch. 3; Homecoming Princess. RICHARD E. PER ALT A Amb t on: Airline Pilot. PATRICK PHELAN: Ambition: Corporate l.avv. Activities: Fib. 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Prin. Hon. Roll; Track 1,2. ERIC HALE PIEPHO Ambition: Physical Instruc- tor. Activities: Ftb. I. 2. 4; restling 1; Track 2. 4. DEANNA M PLOLFFE Ambition: Executive of a large firm. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; CSF 1-4; Frencb Club 1; KAl.. 2-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. BRE D P POWERS Ambition: Game Sho« host. Activities: Bktb. 2, Var. 3,4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1- 4; Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd. ALISON PRITCHARD: Ambition: To be happv with Steve. .M VIES XRTHLR PRONDZINSKI: Ambition: To succeed in life. Activities: Frosh C.C.; Var. C.C. 2-4; Frosh Track; ar. Track 2-4. JOHN ALAN PRONDZINSKI Ambition: Forest- ry. Activities: C.C. 1-4; Track 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll. SHERRY LYNN PYBLRN Ambition: To puncb (he keys. Activities: Frosh Treas.; Girls Lge. Jr. Rep.; St. Comm. 1-3; Sen. 1-4; ASB Pep Comm. 4. CAROL YVONNE RAMIREZ Ambition: l.awver. CAROLINA RVV R : Ambition:. Secretary. Ac- tivities: Track; Jr. Hon. Grd. K MIIY I ) RIIMRT Ambition: Teach the handicapped. Vctivities: Sen. 1-2; St. Comm. 2-i: Sr. Soc. C h.; Jr. Hon. ( rd.: I rack 1-4; Tennis 3-4; C.C . 2; Sub. l.ge. Irack ( bampions 2. JEFF A RIMI DI R mbition: Special Olympics Medalist. Activities: I ennis 1. 2. 4; Bktb. I, 2; Sen I. DENMS HOWARD RIDGLLY Ambition: Some- thing Medical. Activities: Thcs. 2-4; Jr. Hon. (.rd.: NFL y. JAMIE K ROBERTS Ambition: Cndecided. Ac- tivities: J.V. Volball 2. y FRANK RODI I mbition: To be successful in what I do. Vctivities: Fib. 1-2: Sen. 1-3; Man. Bktb. 2; Irack 1; Soccer 1; W resiling 3; Golf 2-3; Bash. 4: 77 ; ROMI hi) mhition: lech. Adv. to the Olym- pic learn. 1. Neff exchange rally Songleaders are not " good litlle girls " . 2. Mrs. IJtIrell ' s fourth period Sociology class ought to be studied h sociel instead of the other way around. VOHV ALAN ROLTH Ambition: I ndecided. .SCOTT L RLTLEDGE Ambition: To get into ad- vertising. Activities: St. Co mm. 1-4; Jr. Hon. (ird. TOM SA TA A: Ambition: I ndecided. MCK A THO Y SANTELL Ambition: Profes- sional Race Driver. () .S( U ARTZ mbition: Klectrical En- gineer. Activities: Ktb. 1-4; Wrestling 1-2. KEl I E SCH i:iBI Ambition: I ndecided. CHRIS SCOTT Ambition: Airline Pilot. ICKI RENTE SEARLS Ambition: To haie a Pea- nut Farm. Activities: Pep Club 1. JOM SEIDL: Ambition: I ndecided. MELODY ANN SHE Ambition: To marry P.M.(;. Activities: Pep Club 1; Art Club 1; Sen. C R) R Sin I 7()N Ambition: To get everything with nothing. Activities: Rose Kloat 1-4; Ktb. ian. 1; Thes. 1-2; Jr. Hon. (,rd. l( TORIA I SHERWIN: Ambition: lo keep up the tradition. Activities: News Staff 1-4. pg. . Ed. .1, Ed. 4; Pub. (lass .1; An. Staff 4; MGM; ( SE: Prin. Hon. Roll; ll m. Roll; Flag 3. Head 4; St. C omm. }-4; Pep ( luh 1; Kal. .V ITRRY SHINE Ambition: Proctologist. Activities: Bash. Man. .V Kl Rl JOSEPH SHIM I Ambition: Chief of ( onlriH. Activities: (on. Band i-M a Band 1-2; Bklh. l-. ; Sen. 1; Jr. Hon. (.rd. S7 ( l RII Sim S Ambition; To be 5 ft. and to he happv. ctivities: lt. Sen. 1; Sen. 2; Pep Club 2. 4; Banner V " M SH " 1. liOMI k Sll V Ambition: Undecided. DEAN EDWARD SIMONS: Ambition: To hi- a Bongologist. Activities: Basb. 1-4; Ftb. MVP 1; Sin. 4. KIMBERLYJ. SIMS: Ambition: Get Roger throuKh school. Activities: C.I.A. J.V. BIttb; Flag .V4; M(;M 1-4; Alt. Sen. M Pep Club !; Prin. Hon. Roll 4. MICHAEL SKOPIK: Ambition: I ndecided. LL ' BA SLIVKOFE Ambition: To become another Michelangelo. Activities: Pep flub I. GREGORY A- SMITH: Ambition: President of Ork. Activities: Frosh. Ftb. SCOTT ALLEN SPEAKMAN: Ambition: Kngi- neer. Activities: Bktb. 1-2; Sen. 3; Jr. Hon. (Jrd. JOAN E SPINOSA: Ambition: To live life to the fullist. Activities: G.I.A. Bktb. 1-4, Var. 2, 3, 4; Sftb. 4. DIANA LYNN STECKBAUER: Ambition: Phys- ical Therapist. Activities: Sen. 1-2; Alt. 3-4; St. Comm. 1-2; Prin Hon Roll 2; Tennis 1-4. MVP 2; Bktb. 2-4; MVP 3. SHELLI STELTZER: Ambition: Gel rich and travel the world. SUSANNE STURHANN: Ambition: I ' ndecided. DEBORAH DARLIN SW TZER. Ambition: Aero- nautic Tech. DIANE A TORRES: Ambition: Cosmetologist: To keep Marty. Activities: Prin Hon Roll; Sen. Alt. 2; Sen. 4; Soph. CI. Sec; Ftb. Stat. 2; Girls Lge. Sec. 4; Pep Club 1; .Ir. Hon. Grd. ROBIN L. TREGANOW AN Ambition: Indecid- ed. TAMARA ANN ULIBARRI: Ambition: To suc- ceed. Activities: Jazz Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4; Soph. Rep., Sr. Rep., Sec. 3, Inif. C h. 2-4; CSF 1-4, V.P. 3- 4; M GM 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.( . 3. MVP, Track 2-4, M P 3; Sen. 3-4; Pep Club 4; St. C omm. 1. KAREN VAN f55. Ambition: To marrv Mick Jag- gcr L YDIA ADELA VASQLEZ: Ambition: f osmelolo- gist. Activities: Sen. 1; Band 1-2; Flag 4. DA VII) CII Rl IS VCELIK: Ambition: Attend all girl college. Activities: Fib. 1-4, MVP 2; Track 1-4, M P 2; Wrestling 1,2. MKIIIIII V R )(60 Ambition: Pro- fessional Dancer. Activities: Pep Club I; St. Comm. 1-2; Drill I cam 2; Sen. 3-4; Jr. CI. Sec; Song 3-4, Head 4. DIANE MARIE VIDAI Ambition: Pharmicist. Activities: Pep Club; Jr. lion. (;rd. JONI VINDI DMII Ambition: I ndecided. DIANA VIRCII Ambition: I ' ndecided. JAMES OK l OGI I Ambition: ( ivil Fngi- neer. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll; ( SF 1-4; M(;M I- 4. TERI I.EANN VR lEL I NG: . mbilion: Marrv m Teddy Bear Jack. Activities: Pep Club 1-2; (J A i kil Stat. 1-2; Kal. Cam. Host. 1-4; Kal. Rep. to (.iris I ge. 4. UAIINDA WAI DMA Ambition: 1 ndecided. ioa CAROL) J WATERWORTH Ambition: To be happ «ith Ste e. Activities: J.V. ei 2: Var. Yell 3- 4; Pep flub 1; St. Comm. 2-4; Pub. . ; Ann. 4. F U A r50. Ambition; I ndecided. COLiFF WFATHFRTO : Ambition: To be " there " with ( B. BD, CR. Activities: Sen. 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 2; Hon. Roll 2-3; Kal. 3; St. Comm. 2-4; Ann. Staff Asst. Ed. 3; Ed. 4; News Staff 4. ANNA MARIE WEBER: Ambition; To be rich. KEWETH S WHEELER Ambition: To live b the beach. FlIZABETH WHITE: Ambition: Own a vet. and make m dad happv. KFSSFTH WILLIAM WHITE Ambition: Chem- ist. SHEILAH l RIF WHITE Ambition: CHP Offi- cer. Activities Var. Track 2; ar. C.C. 2-4; MIP 2; Track State. 3; Pub. CI. 3; An. Staff 4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4. JAMES EDWI WHITXE) Ambition: Spaced Shuttle Pilot. Activities: Ftb. 2-4; Track 1-4; Soph. MVP; Jr. Hon. (,rd.: MGM; CSF 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; n. Staff. Sports Ed.; News Staff; Sen. 4; St. f omm. 3-4; Exchange Rally 3-4. JIM U MS: Ambition: 1st Millionaire from Neff HiRh. Xclivities: J.V. Soccer; CACC; MGM; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; f SE 1-4. MIKi: WILLI WIS Ambition: Meet m perfect " 10 " and stav voung. SHERK) I WILLIAMS: Ambition: To be happy and keep Herb. Activities: Var. Yell; J.V . Yell; St. f omm. 1-2; (am. Host. 1-2; Sen. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4: Pep Club 1-3; Jr. Hon. Grd. 1. Joni Seidl and Pam Nelson are caught loitering in (be halls during class time. 2. Kellev Dunn and Evev Emery show that vour Senior year is the time to share with friends. iE4 VVf WILLS: Ambition: Always be with Doug. Own 450SL. Actiiities: St. ( ' omm. 1-2; Sen. 1-3; Bltlb. 2-4; GIA V.P. 4. DOUG J. WILSO : Ambilion: I ndecided. Actiii- ties: Frosh. Fib.; Frosh. Track. KFWETH VAUaH VV 5i ' Z.tR Ambition: Ge- ologist. Activities: Tracli 1-4; W restling 2; Soccer 1; C.O.E.D. Club; Art Club; MIP Track 3. SHELLY AW WORTS Ambilion: To Marry Mr. Bill. ASDREW T WRICHT Ambition: Undecided. TINA MARIE )BARRA: Ambition: To keep Dad and Mom Happy. Activities: C.C. I; Track 1-2; Sen. 1-2. MICHAEL W VODER: Ambition: I ndecided. KAREN JA E VOL VG. Ambition: To understand changes. PAUL A. YOUNG: Ambilion: Undecided. TERIA. VOfNG. Ambition: Plaster DEVO glasses on Tommy T. Activities: GIA 1-4; Track 1-4; C.f . 1- 2; C.C. Slal. 3; lion. Roll 3-4; Sen. lt. 1-2; Sen. 4; Drama 1-3; Art Club 3-4; News Staff 4; Pep f lub 1; Sir. Comm. 1-4; Pub. Class 3. LIZA M. ZAMORA: Ambition: To always be happv in life. DEBBIE J ZA VALA: Ambition: To be rich and be Bob ' s wife. Activities: Pep Cluh 1; .I.V. ulball. 4. I 1. Jim Huddy, Mike Freeman, and Jerry Shine remove Iheir masks for Spirit Week. 2. Seniors smile for (he camera in their American Gov- ernment class. .1. Tina N barra and Cathy Goodrow are Neffs " tough " bike riders on Halloween Day during Spirit Week. 4. Is reading the favorite pass time of Seniors in Soci- ology? Take a close look at the books. 5. Seniors C yndi Lugo and Charlie Leonard and Junior Maria Washovvich show how sludly our football players are and how feminine our songleaders are. But which are w hich? 6. The crowd waits impatiently as Humberto Briones and Mr. Ramirez announce the Homecoming Court during the rally. Not Pictured Seniors Kelly Aguilar Dennis Bailey Lorena ( arey Mark Drake Randy Llwell Tracy Fredrick ( hris lux Sandy Macias Hermen Martin Lombardo Mendez Mary Persi Barbara Peschke Samuel Ponce Rebecca Quezada Manuel .Sierra Robert Siow (•eraldine Stremski mi mmmmmir " " 2.r i ?..-,- -. ?J« Sports Remembering our pride Of the old and black. We think of dedicated athletes As we re looking back. I » ) A M Wiry ' W llT? ' ' ' 1- »r - ■ ' " ti r ' :i Varsity Football The opening game for the 1979 Trojan Football Team against Cerritos came right doun to the wire. Steve Henley scored on a pass from Mark niguez and Ro- berto bominguez kicked a field goal to put the Trojans ahead 10-0 at halftime. However, Cerritos came back strong and scored early in the third quarter to narrow the Neff lead. Then Humberto Briones blocked a punt, grabbed the ball, and dashed into the endzone.The Tro- jans now led 16-7. In the fourth quarter Cerritos scored again and then tried to muster a last minute drive, but time ran out and Neff continued its winning tradition with a 16-14 victory over the Dons. For the third straight year the Trojans shutout the La Mirada Matadores for the City Championship. This time the score read 20-0. Dave Vcelik scored on a sweep. Steve Henley caught another touchdown pass, and Roberto Dominguez kicked two field goals to round out the scoring for Neff. I 2 ;irsil Koolhiill Gahr proved to be too tough for Neff. The only Trojan score came when Don Adams scooped up a Gladiator fumble and ran it in for a touchdown, but the lone score was not enough as the Trojans took a bitter loss, 28-7. The league opener against Mayfair saw the Trojan offense fail to do much damage. A field goal in the first quarter was the only scoring for Neff and when Mayfair answered in the fourth quarter with a field goal of its own the contest became a draw at 3-3. 1. Coaches Mooshagian and Mele discuss the game plan for the closing minutes of the Cerrilos game with quarterback Mark Vniguez. 2. Johann Schwartz, Dave Vcelik, ( reg Jenkins, and Humberto Briones are the (iolden Trojans for the Xtlt season. 3. Date N ' celik says a few words to the team before the La Mirada game. 4. The Neff offense lakes a knee during a timeout in the Mayfair game. 5. Don Adams covers C ' erritos ' top receiver stride for stride. 6. Dave Vcelik. the Trojans leading rusher, turns the corner for a big gain against la Mirada. 7. Steve (iurley, l.eo Briones, and Flumberto Briones swarm Mayfair ' s lony Kemp, one of the Suburban League ' s top runners. Varsity Football M The following week the offense put it all together against Norwalk, scoring three touchdowns and a field goal. Dave Vcelik had two touchdown runs and Pat Langon caught a pass in the endzone. Roberto Do- minguez added a 32 yard field goal to round out the scoring in the Trojans ' trouncing of the Lancers, 24-8. Neff took a hard loss to the Bucaneers of Bellflower, who came into the game unde- feated in league. A blocked kick after one touchdown and an unsuccessful two-point at- tempt after another left the Trojans with a two point deficit, 14-12. Dave Vcelik scored both touchdowns for Neff. They came on a 12 yard run in the third quarter and a 15 yarder late in the fourth. Bellflower ' s scor- ing came in the second and third quarters. ' " » " ■ mmmmmmmi 134 ViirsiO Koiilball For the second week in a row the Trojans lost by not being able to score on their point-afters. Neither team scored until the fourth quarter when Artesia went ahead 7-0. Then Dave Vce- lik returned a punt 50 yards for a touchdown to narrow the Pioneer lead to 7-6. But that was as close as the Trojans got as the kick was blocked and Neff lost by one point. Wide receiver Jim Gartner and tightend Don Adams each brought down a touchdown pass from Mark Yniguez in the Homecoming (Jame against Kxcelsior. Neither pointafter was suc- cessful, but this time it didn ' t matter because the Pilots defeated the Trojans with an impres- sive passing attack which brought four touch- downs and a 27-12 victory. ii ' ndai ■ pun alk de( . ( oach Modshagian discusses slralegy . I he Ni r vall quarlerback is (»t ' r vht ' l . I he defense is sel In lal e on Nornall . Roherli) Domingue altempis the PA I . ( uarlerhael Mark Waiguci looks fur ilh QR (;re|: l)e la I ' d in Ihr backfield. laniion up as the Arlcsi ». Mark Vnieue hands oil lo sopho 1. Humherlo Brinnos carries on Ncfrs Iradilion by s hack. Id. tailback l-al I an on carries the hall up the nii( Varsity Foolball 1.15 Ro« I: R. Dominguez J Kuji.a, M. Reincrf. S. (;,U,„. I). Alevand.r, A. mol. I ' . I anyon, f oach MooshaKian. Ro« ■. Cach Ulc R Robinson S Jimenez. S Be.ty, S. lagan,,. Rov 2: ( oach Popouch. (. Leonard. S. lUnlo. P. I ' helan. (.. Dela Mare. S. Kredericksen A Arm nZz " j ' Clements. J. Carlner. D. celik. I). ounl. K. Piepho. R. Johnson, C. Wil- tueriiKsen. a. Armendariz. J. f c sS s J M . 1 " . JT-.,I looihall Sch»arl7, J. hilne . Coach Knapp. Row 4: S. ( urle . (;. Jenkins. R. Row 5: T. Hensley, M. Hauperl, H. Br oncs ' ,D. aili« ' s. ' T). Adams, (;. Ibarra. Mauer. M. Jenkins. M. niguez. 1). King, D. Jones. J. Menage. R. illiams. M. Serrano. L. Briones. f. ' ? r vv ' 4 Paramount was undefeated, had posted four shutouts, and were ranked third in the C entral Conference of CIF, but that didn ' t stop the Trojans from embarassing them in a stunning upset. 32-0. Pat I.angon had a 46 ard run and Art Armendariz returned an interception 59 yards to put the Trojans ahead 13-0 at the half. Neff scored again on an niguez to Adams pass to extend their lead. Then Humberto Briones picked up a Pirate fumble and ran 32 yards for a score. The climax of the Trojan scoring came with 1:31 remaining when the offense ran a " special " play in which niguez hit Armen- dariz laterally. Armendariz then found Langon downfield for a 51 yard touchdown pass and a 32-0 victory. Pat Phelan led the defense in their second shutout of the season by sacking the quarterback seven times. (;ienn took an early lead in the first quarter, 7-0, then the Trojans went to work. They scored 33 points in the second quarter to defeat the Eagles, 33-7. Lou Jack Martinez, Art Armen- dariz, Greg Jenkins, Pat Langon, and Leo Briones all scored touchdowns for Neff in a variety of ways to complete the scoring for the evening. Neff OpponenI .Score 16 ( crrilos 14 20 l.a Mirada (1 7 Gahr 28 3 Mayfair 3 24 Nor»alk H 12 Bclinower 14 6 Arlcsia 7 12 Kxcclsior 27 32 Paramount (1 33 (llenn 7 1. I he I riijaii difinsc is ri-ad to slick the I ' araniount offcnst. 2. I ' mI I ' ht ' lan awails (he snap in the (ilenn (iame. 3. I, CO Briones sc . on a 35 yard run against (Jenn. 4. lohann Sch»art and Tom llcnslcv drop the I ' iratc quarterback for another loss. MX arsil liMilhall eff Opponent Score La Mirada 12 Gahr Mayfair Norwallt 28 3 Bellflower 13 Artesia 6 win Excelsior forfeit 6 Paramount 12 win Glenn forfeit Sophomore Football This year the Sophomore Football Team had a learn- ing season. They gained a lot of experience under the direction of coaches Arvel Goodman, John Crippen, and Phil Carricco. Richard Lsmany and Pablo Santa Maria were just two of the standouts for the team. 0m " % ' -ii y ' % -, ; r- . - mi ' - - 1. Jeff Henle brings down a pass against Norwalk. 2. The sophomore defense denies a Norwalk runner any yardage. 3. Richard I smany out maneu»crs his opponent. 4. Row 1: R. Springer, D. Morin, S. Nielsen, R. Is- many. B. V idal. T. idal, C. Rodriguez. Row 2: M. Dolny, B. Kidder, A. Cardinas, P. Santa Maria, G. De I.eon, G. Dunn, R. Stephen, T. Drews, Row 3: Coach Carrico, I.. Zini, H. Henley, J. Henley, D. Salladay, L. Martinez, J. Kscudero, J. Dickson, Coach Goodman. Row 4: ( oach C rippen, J. Fellers, J. Mauer, R. niguez, R. Ilinkley, J. Keul, A. Camaro, G. Wise. Sophomore Football 139 Freshman Football The 1979 Freshman Football Team had an outstand- ing season this year. Their record in league was 6-1, which gave them a second place in the Suburban League. They shut out their opponents seven times and held them to a total of 36 points in nine games and one scrimmage. The running of Scott Reinert was the core of the Trojan offense as he scored ten times for Neff. Receiver Ray Moreno was the second leading scorer with seven touchdowns. Coaches Don Cauthier and Mark O ' Neill did an excellent job of coordinating the team and have prepared a number of exceptional ath- letes for future play at Neff. % Neff Opponent Score 26 Cerritos 24 La Mirada (1 Cahr IK 26 Mayfair 34 Norwalk 20 Beimower 12 Artesia 6 40 Excelsior 7 Paramount 12 20 (•lenn 1. Scott Reinert and Kerr t fholt lead Bert KUell around the corner on a QB sweep. 2. Coach (iauthier gives Jim Green instructions for the next pla . .1. The hreshman defense drops a Nor»alk runner for a loss. 4. Row 1: S. I hompson, d. Ilurlocker, 1). ( ra , B. Banlau, C. HightoHer. I). Bos»ell, R. Bernal, (;. Brown Ro» 2: S. Krilol. J. lorri . R. illasenor, A. I ' helan, K Strait, T. Morin, I-. Ramirez, K. Rohhins. .1. Kigueroa Ro» V T. l)o»l , I). DelMuro, B. Ska , I. Boggio, I) l.ang, R. Moreno. B. oung, J. Hong, ( oach O ' Neill Row 4: (oach (.aulhier. (. Alderele, S. Reinert, .1 Acree, B. I ' once, R. asquc , S. Sleckhauer, .1. (irecn (.. Dolan. Row 5: K. Medina, M. ealherl , B. lUell N. C ahrerra, B. erzella, M. Cross, R. Durkin, K. I f hollz. ' • w 140 lrcshm;in I hall - - ■J. ' -.rM- ' m!i . ' - M Z% ■ : ■ • .iftj 1 w = ' M 4i 5 Neff Opponent Score »in (;ienn forfeit forfeit Mavfair »in 27 Norvvalk 28 30 Belino»er 26 28 Artesia 27 27 Excelsior 28 18 Paramount 37 Isl Nortvald-La Mirada District 3rd Suburban League Girls Varsity Cross Country The Neff (iirls Varsity Cross Country Team asain had a successful season finishing third in league and qualifying for CIF for the second year in a row. 1 he lead runner has changed three times over the past four years. Ihis year D ' Anne (iorman was number one. She was backed up closely by Julie Grammar and C aria C arpcnter. Other Varsity runners included Sheilah White and Debbie Terry. Inder the dedicated coaching of Mr. Bob McCiuire, the V ar- sity Team successfully took the Norwaik-La Mirada District C hampionship for the fourth year in a row. 1. Ihc i earn: Debbie I err , Julie (Jrammar, (aria ( arpenter, [) ' Anne (Gorman, Sbeilah White. 2. .lulie (Grammar drites up " Agon Hill " ahead of her Kxcelsior opponent. 3. D ' Anne (.ornian sho»s determination Hhilc running at Regional I ' ark. 4. Sheilah White (nerpowers the pains of a arsilv runner. 5. NefPs leading runners begin the race at an easy fast pace at the District Meet. 6. Ibe arsity team takes every meet very seriously as shown here at the beginning of a race. (;irls Varsity Cross ( ountry 141 Varsity Cross Country The Neff Varsity Cross Country team suffered losses this year due to a small turnout. The dedicated runners worked hard under the excellent coaching of Mr. Bob McGuire. The Varsity team was once again led by the twins Jim and John Prondzinski. The twins have run on the Varsity team for three years and one year on the Frosh team. They have proven themselves to be two of the best runners Neff has ever had. Bill Skay a new and enthusiastic freshman, surprised everyone with his tough running and ended up as the third V arsity runner. Other runners are John Harris, David Kluck, Frank Kratofil, and Randy Tice. The highlight of the season took place at the Norwalk- La Mirada District Meet. The Varsity team took third place, with Skay placing second in the Freshman Division. .vVXaW- ' tt 1-12 ;irsil ( U-.-J -- U ' fw f :f. . Neff Opponent Score »in Glenn forfeit 40 Ma fair 21 39 Norwalk 22 win Bellflower forfeit 39 Artesia 22 46 Excelsior 16 36 Paramount 25 3rd Nor»alk-l.a Mirada District ' - t% 1. Jim Prond inski runs aniiinj; ihf lop runniTs in the liuyut from Kxcelsior llli;h ScIkmiI. 2. Jim Prond inski. John Harris and Rjnd I ice rclav before the District arsil race het;ins. . . Jim and John Prond inski lead the entire arstix race against Paramount ili h. 4. f reshman Bill Ska gains on his opponent up " Vyonv I Mil " at keyional Park. •;. kand I ice and Bill Ska work the middle of the three mile 0. John Prond inski. the number one runner, leads his oppo- nents b a wide margin at Regional Park. Striding it out is what Daiid Kluck does as he reaches the two and a half mile mark. X KoH I: I- rank hratofil. Bill Ska . Ro» 2: Jim Prond inski. John Harris. Datid kluck. Rand lice. John Prond inski. arsil ( ross ( (puntr U ' Girls Varsity Tennis The 1979 Girls V arsity Tennis Team had an excellent season this vear. I nder the di- rection of Coach Jan Blume the girls at- tained a 9-5 record which earned them a third place in the Suburban League. Junior Rachel I.i ardi had an outstanding season and led the team in singles pla . (.ail Domann also pla ed e ceptionall well in singles. The doubles team of Kim h inuf and Sharlene oronets, «ho are both juniors, led the team. The had their second success- ful season in doubles this ear and »ill re- turn next ear to gi e the 19S(I team a strong foundation. 1. Ruvt I: k. Kinuf. S. Worunets. I). Duquette. Ko» 2: C nach Blume. K. I i ardi. K. Gordon. C. I)» er. D. Steckbauer. (.. Domann. S. lurph . 2. (.ail Ddniann fcillcms lhrou) h on her sene. . . Sharlene V oronels eoneenlrates on her return. 4. kim hinuf Hails palientU as her ipponent chases the hall. 5. Robin (tordon is about to ace her competition. 6. Paula Paltidini returns this shot for the match point. 7. Janet I ee readies for the ser e from her opponent. K. kathv Merrill runs up for the ball. y. kalh Keinert returns a corner shot «jih a powerful hack- hand. III. Ro» I: S. Bernal. I). ( astillo. .1. I ee. ( . I imms. P. Palla- dini. Ro» 2: k. Reinert. k. Merrill. J Hird. II. Bird. I . ( Ice- land. II. .lolene Bird e .s the hall before her sene. U4 (.iris arsit lenni 4 A. .«- ■ Opponent 11 Kvcclsior 14 Paramount in rlesja s (.lenn t Nornalk s Heliriower K Maxfair 1 .Kinr l ' .iraniounl rlesia (.lenn N,.r«alk BelinuHer I) NLnfair " ' " ' ' 1 Neff 7 9 9 II »in 2 8 7 8 12 1.1 win 3 Opponent E celsior Paramount Artesia (ilenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Paramount Artesia (ilenn Nor»all Belirioner Mavfair Girls J. V. Tennis Coach Tafoya directed the Girls J.V. Tennis Team to a very successful season. They had a lot of fun and prepared many players for a future on the Varsity team. The singles play was led by Kathy Merrill who is a sophomore and has two more years to play for Neff. Darlene Castillo also did very well in singles play this year. The doubles team of Janet Lee and Jolene Bird was one of the best in the entire league. Janet is a senior, but Jolene has one more season at Neff and may move to the Varsity team next year. Score II 9 9 7 forfeit 16 10 II 10 forfeit 15 9 Is J.V. Tennis 145 Varsity Volleyball I he Ni ' ff arsil olk ball learn was coached by Ms. Bonnie Jones. I he team was not as strong as it has been in the past due to the fact that it «as a »cr young team. With onl one senior and the rest sophomores and juniors, the arsity Nollcyball Team gained much experience and knowledge for next year ' s season. Most of these girls »ill be working together next year in hope of a league cham- pionship. With team members like juniors Kathleen LundquisI, C arol Moore. Rita Robertson and Jill Terry, the rest ol the team can see coordination and experience to be gained and goals to be reached. I4h arsil cilU hall 1. Kathleen I.undquisI sets the ball for a quality spike. 2. Jill 1 erry poHerfully hits the ball while team members look on. . Rita Robertson, Jill Terry and Sheri Seager ham it up before the game while (arol Moore checks out the scene. 4. Carol Ioorc puts c ery thing she ' s got to attempt a perfect bump to set up a powerful play. 5. Rita Robertson and Jill Terry block the hall while also backing each other up. 6. icki Swickard is ready to back up the misjudged block of Kathleen lundquist. 7. Jill lerry jumps high to spike the ball at the beginning of the game. S. icki Swickard attempts the block as Kathleen lundquist eyes the hall. 4. C arol Moore bumps the ball while Rita Robertson backs her up. III. Row I: (ieorgia Boulanger. Row 2: Kim Hum, Kim Ridgley. Row M Rita Robertson, Kathleen I.undquisI. (arol Moore. Jill lerry. Row 4: icki Swickard, Sheri Seager. Varsit Volloball 147 Girrs J.V. Volleyball The 1979 Girl ' s J.V. Volleyball Team was not as successful this year as they have been in the past. They finished with a 9-5 record in league. Coach Bette Brunner helped many athletes gain experience for the future. Neff Opponent lost Excelsior 10-15, 15-13, 5-15 lost Paramount 3-15, 8-15 won Artesia 9-15, 15-7, 15-10 lost Glenn 6-15, 13-15 lost Nor»alk 4-15, 5-15 won Bellflower 15-12. 15-12 won Mayfair 15-7, 6-15, 15-12 lost Excelsior 6-15, 10-15 lost Paramount 4-15, 13-15 won Artesia 15-11, 15-5 won (ilenn 15-12, 16-4 lost Nor«alk 9-15, 9-15 lost Beimower 15-10, 11-15, 4-15 lost Mavfair 9-15. 15-13, 10-15 1. Kim Hum pla cd scteral games on Ihc J. . team before being mou ' d up lo arsil . 2. Row I: J. lendoza, K. Sims. Row 2: S. Aqueche. I.. Peralla, I.. Arnell. 1). Mauir. Row 3: R. Byers. I). Illlinger. I), aiala. D. Hooper. I), llosman, I . (iaslon. Row 4: S. Namashiro. .1. lorres. B. Talaura. . 1 edhiller. J. Vcclik. 1). Brandl. K. Whilcomb. R. Dumais. 3. Janice celik sils thi ' hall for a leammale. 4. Debbie .atala relurris a xillev. 5. Row I: S. Vqueche. K Dumais. B. lalat l)a»is. M. Jones. R. B rirs. M. Barr. 6. Rulh B ers goes up for ilu jump ball. 7. Brenda lalaiera shoots foi i " o points. 8. I he hall is pul in pla againsi Norwalk. • . Mithelle Harr hrings Ihe ball d.. n lourl. 148 (.irl ' s J. . ollt hall Row 2: oach GirVsLV, Basketball Injuries and a small turnout hurt the CirPs J.V. Basketball Team this year. Under the direction of coach Brenda Davis the under- classmen gained skills which they can put to use next year. Opponent Score 22 Glenn 44 It Bellflower 82 13 Paramount 57 21 Mayfair 62 23 Excelsior 30 forfeit Artesia win 12 Norwalk 68 13 Glenn S8 20 Bellflower 55 18 Paramount 28 30 Mayfair 65 21 Excelsior 29 22 Artesia 66 13 Norwalk 75 o Mjtk. a;...,,: - n % .i GirFs Varsity Basketball The 1979-80 Girl ' s Varsity Basketball Team coached by Al Uribe put forth great efforts during the season. Unfor- tunately, because of a small turnout and a streak of injuries during the season, the Trojans didn ' t catch a hold of a winning record as they hoped. All the players did their best and had a good time. Opponent 33 (Jenn 35 20 Bellflower 36 31 Paramount 36 27 1a fair 63 42 Kxcclsior 29 44 Artesia 53 M • Norwalk 45 16 Glenn 39 ' ,30 RellDuwer 53 42 l ' :ir:i mount 46 46 M ivfair 74 ' 27 1 xcelsiiir 25 .37 An.sia 57 45 Norwalk 39 IM) (iirl ' s Varsit Ba ikelball SiSiB 1. Vickie Swickard looks for someone to pass to. 2. Kathleen l.undquist shoots from outside the key. 3. Kim Finuf attempts to get two points. 4. Pow 1: K. Finuf, K. l.undquist, V. Swickard. Row 2: J. Spinosa, D. Steckbauer, I,. Caston, C. Bales, Coach liribe. 5. Kim Finuf gets a shot over her opponent. 6. Diane Steckbauer shoots a free throw. 7. Kathleen Lundquist shoots for two more. 8. Joan Spinosa shoots from the free throw line. Girl ' s Varsity Basketball 151 Varsity Basketball The 1979-80 Varsity Basketball Team played like a unit. Despite their total team effort they still finished fourth in the Suburban League with a 7-7 record. The team, coached by Roger Williams, was able to pull together in close game situations, but they were unable to pull off crucial victories in sereral cases. By defeating Glenn in the second round the Trojans increased their chances of getting to C.I.F., but a must-win game against Artesia was lost by a close margin and the Varsity hoopsters were no longer in the running. 152 Narsil) Ba kelball 6 4- , i K 1 i f . J 1. Vince Oullaw shoots for (»o. 2. Ro» I: T. Hensle . I). Chambers. Ro» 2: M. Buffum, M. Fole , I). Adams. .1. Mauer, ( oach W illiams, B. I ' owors. Ro» . f). Bro»n, T. Abbot, . Outlaw. 3. Daic f hambiTs passes the ball to a teammate. 4. Matt Buffum shoots from outside the ke . 5. Joe Metro scores aj ainsl (Jenn. 6. Don Adams jumps for a long two points. 7. ince Outlaw etades a BellfloHer defender. S. Tom llensle jumps for the hall. VarsiH Basketball 15.1 1. Don Adams readies to throw the ball in. 2. Vince Outlaw finds Joe Metro to pass the ball to. 3. Joe Metro lays it up for two. 4. Mike Foley shoots for the basket. 5. Don Adams breaks away from a Norwalk player. 6. Matt Buffum shoots over a Norwalk defender. 7. Joe Metro makes another two points against (ilenn. 8. Joe Metro and Don Adams wail to rebound Brendan Powers shot. " VBI uT 154 arsil Haskelball The team had many strengths in several outstanding ath- letes. Dave Chambers, a guard, was the Trojans ' outside shooter. Center Matt Buffum was an outstanding defensive player blocking many important shots and was also one of the main rebounders. Vince Outlaw had a large number of assists this season at his guard position. Forward Brendan Powers was the high scorer for the year and Don Adams, also a forward, was an all around player who helped the team in every way he could. The loss of forward Tom Hensley for the Bellflower and Paramount games definitely hurt the Trojans because of the loss of valuable rebounding. The season as a whole was a very productive one and held up Neffs tradition of quality athlet- Varsily Basketball ISS Opponent J,V. Basketball The J.V. Basketball Team, like other Neff teams this year, didn ' t do quite as well as they had hoped to do. Coach Eric Bangs helped this team, made up of under- classmen, to gain skills and experience which they will put to use next year. A few standouts for the team were Lou Jack Martinez, Scott Pehike and Chris Lee. 58 Glenn 59 56 BeilfloHcr 38 41 Paramount 69 44 Mayfair 74 46 Excelsior 60 50 Artesia 56 60 Nor»alk 31 63 Glenn 47 48 Belinower 75 38 Paramount 68 41 Mavfair 70 59 Excelsior 54 37 Artesia 69 Norwalk 35 1. Scott Pehike jumps for the ball. 2. I.ou Jack Martinez goes up for two. 3. Row I: ( . lee. K. Arocha, Nl. Stark. I), (ioodron. Ro» 2: J. Pruden. R. Shiple), J. ( hancev. I.. Martinez. |k " - 156 J. . Haskt ' tball - 34 35 33 33 39 34 46 38 25 31 47 38 6 Opponent Glehn Bcllflowcr Paramount NTayfair Kxcelsior r(ista Nornalk f. ' Iinn HrlirioKcr Paramount Ma fair Kxcelsior Artesia Norwalk Freshman Basketball Under the direction of Coach Phil Flentge, the freshman hoopsters gained a lot of valuable talents. Paul Wilson and Dave Del Muro were just two standouts who played well this season. 1. Paul W ' iUon shoots against Kxcelsior. 2. Andy Phelan passes the ball to a teammate. 3. Richard Renshaw jumps for the ball. 4. Rom ): B. krahl, B. Bantau. A. Phelan, M. Day, R. Renshavv. Row 2: R. (•arcia, K. Duran, J. Allen, I). Del Muro, P. Wilson, M. Dunphy, Coach Klentgc. 53 44 42 32 ■44 42 24 56 36 33 60 45 34 39 Freshman Kaskelhall 157 Varsity Baseball This year ' s Varsity Baseball Coach was Mr. Mike Knapp. The team had many outstanding players both returning and new. Some returning from last year were seniors Don Alexander, Jim Ashker, Dave C hambers. Dean Simons, and l)a e Warner. We also had many new and talented players who gave all they had for our team. A new pitcher who looks good for next year is junior (iary C antu. We hope to see many returning players and a lot of new talent for an equally exciting season in 1981. 1. Dean Simons gels ready to pitch. 2. Mike Soranno is ready for the pitch. 3. Don Alexander is ready for the ball. »hile the Sunny Hills player leads off. 4. Rich Brinnon takes a lead off third base. 5. Sunny Hills ' player is safe while Jeff Menage protects home plate. 6. Row I: T. Marlow, C (antu, D. Chambers, R. Ortega, D. Alexander, D. Yount, and S. Betty. Row 2: T. Lamb, 1). Simons, R. Brinnon, J. Menage, M. Koukoutsakis, D. Warner, M. Bartels, J. Huddy, M. Soranno, J. Ashker, Coach Mike Knapp. 7. Players watch while Marty Koukoutaskis prepares to bat. 8. Jim Ashker leads off while a W hittier player covers first base. 9. Mike Bartels concentrates on the pitch. 10. Dean Simons gets ready to deliver his pitch. • f Neff 2 3 2 Opponent La Mirada Artesia Bellflower Score 3 2 9 Excelsior Norwalk 7 2 7 I 3 2 Paramount Mayfair (ilenn Artesia Bellflower Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair (ilenn 3 4 2 1 5 ISX Varsilv Baseball ■J 1 fn " b B ji ln il Varsify Baseball I59 w ■ fpO f rr J.K Baseball With outstanding; coachinf; b Mark O ' Niill and superh plaMTs this year ' s .l. . Baseball team shows a promising fu- ture. 1. Ro» 1: K. I fhi.lt . I), (.aulhiir, (.. Dunn, I). (.ra . l. l . nla, I. I)rt«s. (. ldirili ' , (. Rodri- Kui . R. Sprinter. Row 2: ( oacli O ' Niill. B. HaMir. K. Duran. I . Marlini ' . I), rroguin, I ' . Sanlamaria, 1. Siska. S. drav. I . ini. R. N nigurA. 2. ( alihi r I ' ahid Santa Maria is riad for (he pilch while Ralphie Springer hiiUK the runner at first. V I ' ileher Daie rretuin winds up fcir the pitch while I)cinn dauthier prepares fur the pick-iiff. 4. ( rai;; Mderele anviousls awaits (he pitch. 5. kerr I fliult scores easil) at;ainst Sunn Hills. IWI .t. . liasehall Neff Opponent Score 7 La Mirada 8 6 . rtesia 2 5 Bellflower 4 5 Excelsior 4 3 Norwalk 5 Paramount 4 4 Ma fair 6 1 Glenn 3 U . rtesia 9 Bellflower 4 13 Excelsior Nor«alk Paramount Mayfair (ilenn 2 35 . - - A .% A- • y js fi .•m y gg »V»v»- f Boy ' s Varsity Tennis The 1980 Boy ' s Varsity Tennis Team got off to a great start this season. The team, coached by Roger Williams, was chosen to be one of the top two teams in league this year. Returning lettermen are John Lizardi. Dan Moncino, Jeff Remender, and Mark Vniguez. Promising players include Jagdeep Batra, Da»e Brown. Darin Gielow, and Gary Shelton. 1. Row 1: J. Z.ahrl, M. niguez, D. Brown, J. Lizardi, J. Remender, J. Batra, C Shelton, Row 2: Coach Wil- liams, A. Brannon, J. Batra, A. Lee, D. Gielow, J. Fet- ters, G. Power, (i. Georgieff, J. Robertson. 2. Jeff Remender stands ready. 3. Darin Gielow shows good form while serting. 4. John Lizardi has a strong return. 5. Date Brown concentrates during his backhand. 6. Mark Vniguez is at the net ready to attack. Neff Opponent Score 12 la Mirada 16 I6 ' 2 Artesia 11 ' 7 Bellflower 21 14 ' 2 Norwalk I.V 6 Paramount 22 IS Mavfair 10 19 ' . Artesia Bellflower Norwalk Paramount May fair 8 ' ■ 6 saismwmtfi ' r Boy ' s Varsity Tennis 161 Varsity Track Neff continued its v lnning tradition in track this year. C caches Bob Mc(;uire, Ray Moosha- gian, and Carl Abajian put together an out- standing team. The Prondzinski brothers were again among the best runners in the league. Pat I.angon led the team in the sprints along with (ireg DeLa- Mare and Dave Vcelik. Jim Whitney was one of the top weight men in Neffs history. And Mike Jenkins was our top high jumper this year. These athletes and their efforts held Neffs arsity Track Team in the running throughout the season. Neff Opponent Score 62 El Monte 67 96 La Mirada 33 78 Norwalk 58 85 Excelsior 51 99 Glenn 28 82 Mayfair 54 70 Paramount 66 82 Bellflower Artesia 53 «iS«i3r.? ;«?■« " - wi i...»jfci Mr ' ' .ft -«, ' » ' ' 1. Dave Vcelik passes the baton to Greg DeLaMare in the 440 relay against La Mirada. 2. John Prnndzinski was again at the top of the league. i. Ken W issler shows good form in the discus. 4. Don Adams stretches for a long triple jump. 5. Row I: S. Krederiksen, (;. Leonard, M. Jenkins, P. Langon, R. Beaier, R. Robinson, M. Maupert. Row 2: J. W hitney, S. Tagami, R. V illiams, (i. Strait, A. Jimenez, V . Salazar, (i. DeLaMare, J. Prondzinski, E. Piepho, T. Law- lor, R. Dominguez, J. Prondzinski, K. Wissler. 6. Rich Robinson wins the 440 at Rl Monte. 7. Jim V hitney was one of the top shot put and discus men in Southern ( alifornia. K. Mike Jenkins clears a winning height against LI Monte. Varsity Track 16. GirFs Varsity Track After doing quite well last track season the girls track team nil! try to pull off an- other league championship with Janice Vce- lik, Dehbie Terry, Tammy Kasold, and Julie Grammer leading the way in sprints; Tammy Ulibarri, D ' Anne ( orman, and Kim Hum in the distances; and Sharlene Woronets and Maria Washowich holding up the field events. Newcomer Terri Blanford in the shot put, and Alice Figueroa and Angela Terry in discus will also have outstanding seasons un- der coaches Bob McGuire. Ray Mooshagian, and Carl Abajian. 1. Rot 1: I). Terry, C. Ramirei, I). Gorman, T. Blan- ford, ( . Bulter, P. Larson, T. Robinson, J. Crammer. Row 2: I . Kasold, J. celik, S. W oronels, T. Ulibarri, S. Reyna. 1. Miller, A. Terry, A. Figueroa, M. WasboHich, K. Hum. 2. Maria VVashowicb shows perfect style in the high jump. .V Sharlene Woronets completes her pass as Janici celik merges forward. 4. Shari Reyna, lammy Miller, and I isa I la are of and running in the 44(1 yard run. Neff Opponent Score XI Kl Monte 27 80 La Mirada 25 68 Norwalk 41 72 Excelsior 36 83 (;ienn 21 5. May fair 56 5. Paramount 56 73 BiJIfli.wer Artesia 35 Jk IA4 (.irl arsilN I rack Frosh-Soph Track Neff Opponent Score 82 El Monte 49 79 La Mirada 56 100 Norwalk 36 112 Excelsior 14 108 Glenn 3 84 May fair 21 72 Paramount 64 106 Bellflower Artesia 30 I ' nder C oaches Bob McCiuire. C arl Abajian, and Ray Mooshagian the Frosh-Soph Track Team got off to a great start. Ihcir outlook was very bright at the begin- ning of the season. Sprinters Jeff Henley and Duane Salade, 440 man Scott Reinert, John Harris in the pole ault. hurdler Richard I ' smany, and Jason Mauer in the long, triple, and high jump were a few who performed outstandingly. The shot and disc team including Date Kalpakoff, Paul Patterson, and (ireg V ise swept many of their opponents. 1. Ko» 1: .1. Kful, (i. (;r ) ( ' iu. B. Nazi, N. Cordova, J. Acree, B. Kidder. J. Harris. I). Kluck, B. Ska . A. Porras. D. Kalpakoff. Row 2: R. I small), K. Milohc, I). Salade. B. (alder, K. Medina, R. lice, P. Patterson. B. Pome, .1. Mauer, M. Dolny. ( . Hightower, .1. Henley. S. Reinert. (i. Ilurlocker. (i. Wise. 2. Hurdler Richard 1 sman heads for a victory against l.a Mirada. i. Dave Kalpakoff launches a good throw in the disc. 4. I ' aul Patterson gives his all in throwing the shol-pul. Krosh-Soph Irack 165 Varsity Softball llnder Jhe direction of Coach Jan Blume this year ' s Varsity Softball Team looks for a winning season. They started off by beating our cross-town rival, La IVIirada, and should prove to be a successful team. Neff Opponent Score 13 Artesia 19 1 Bellflower 4 16 Excelsior 6 1 Norwalk 4 5 Paramount 6 9 Mayfair 4 15 Glenn 5 Artesia 5 3 Bellflower 4 14 Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn 1 166 Varsil Softball " % . Neff Opponent Score 2 Artesia 17 2 Beimower 12 21 Excelsior 12 1 Norwalk 7 14 Paramount 15 4 Mayfair 1 7 Glenn 10 22 Artesia 1 1 Bellflower 12 17 Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn 8 Wmmi iM ' i ' ' mJM ).- ! ' y . " V ' ViJL !- . ij„ ' i ' ' .! ' JiU- " " ' - J,V. Softball Coaches Debbie Burkhart and Brenda Jones did a fantastic job in getting the J.V. Softball Team ready for a successful 1. Row 1: C. Timms. J. Torres, B. lalavera, D. (aslillo, . Swickard, R. Lizardi. Row 2: Coach Blume, K. Finuf, R. Robertson, K. I.undquist, I.. (iaston, I). Tillinger. 2. Kim Finuf looks amazed as the runner is called safe. 3. ( hris Timms attempts to throw the runner out from left Tield. 4. Darlene C astillo pitches another strike. 5. Rita Robertson gets ready to tag out the runner. 6. Kelli Francis eagerly wails for the ball. 7. Julie 1endoza calls for the catch. 8. Pitcher, Kalhy Merrill, puts one across the plate while .lulie Mendo a looks on. 9. Catcher Holly Bird prepares to throw out the runner. II). Row I: 11. Bird, .1. Mendo a, N. C handler, K. Sims, F. Kalis aart. Row 2: C oach Jones, K. Merrill, I). Ihomas. K. Francis. S. Iloneycutt, C . Blake, I). Ilosman, I). Duquette, Coach Burkhart. 8th Grade Football The Eighth Grade Flag Football Team didn ' t do exceptionally well this season, but they did de elop a lot of skills which will be put to use on future Trojan teams. Coach Phil Flentge directed a group of athletes who put out a lot of hard work. A few of the most enthusiastic players in- cluded receiver Shawn James, defensive back Eric Brown, and Mike Miller who did very well on defense. 1. Coach Flentge confers with his team. 2. The defense readies to stop their opponent. 3. Shawn James is just out of reach as he hrings do»n a pass. 4. Eli Ramos strips his opponent of his flag. 5. Ro» 1: B. Blosser, M. alentine, M. Schober, F. Meier, R. Perez. S. James. Ro» 2: D. Vidal, D. Hildreth, E. Brown, J. .Stanficid, E. Ramos, M. Miller, J. W hite. Coach Flentge, L. Verdugo. IhK Klh (,rade I oothall 8th Grade Volleyball The eighth grade class was represented on the olleyhall court this year by a fine group of girls. Coach Roger W illiams did an excel- lent job of preparing fourteen athletes for future play on Neff olleyball teams. A num- ber of these players ha e bright futures ahead of them in an e er-strengthening girl ' s athletic program here at Neff. 1. Ro» I: C. Hensle , P. Boutin, T. Ogle, C. Cahert, S. Nolo , C. Iluarlarle, I,. McArnarncy. Row 2: T. Aho, M. Lacata, t- ' . Siska, I,. Marlines, Coach Williams, L. Martinez, S. Robertson, I). Ilaylock. 2. I ' atl Boutin humps the hall up as l.aura Martinez :irid f hervl ( al crl look on. V Sheri eioz makes a great effort as she dives for the hall. 4. I inda Mc narne concentrates on where she wants her hump to go. Hth (;rade Volleyhall I6 » 8th Grade Boy ' s Basketball Steve McCarthy coached the guys to the District Championship Game this year against Excelsior. Un- fortunately, they lost and finished in second place. Eric Brown and Kory Neilson were strong on offense and Lance Verdugo, Rich Gardner, and Rich Hicks were outstanding defensive players who got the team to the championship game. 1. Lance Verdugo shoots from the baseline. 2. Eric Brown passes to a leammale. 3. Row I: A. Reinherl, I). Cross, V. Amet. Row 2: R. Hicks, R. Gardner, K. Nielsen. Row 3: J. Brown, I.. Verdugo, I . Bean. K. Brown. 4. Kory Nielsen shoots a free throw. 5. The girls are ready for (ilenn ' s offense. 6. Row I: 1.. Mcanarney.l. Keifenstein, N. (.amwell. Row 2: S. Koch, S. Veloi, I.. Marline . D. Weatherwax. 7. A lough defense prepares to stop (ilenn. 8. Sherry elo , Laurie Marline , and i.lnda Mcanarney await the start of the game. 9. Nori ( amwell jumps for the ball. 17(1 Xih (.radf Boy ' s Haskelball ; ' . 8th Grade GirVs Basketb all This year ' s girl ' s team was coached by Ms. Jan Blume. They had a season of developing skills which thev will use in Ihe future. Sherry Veioz and Linda McAnarney were two of the most aggres- sive players. jLL- m. 8th (.rade Girl ' s Basketball 171 8th Grade Soccer I ' nder the direction of Coach Phil Flentge the F.ighth Grade Soc- cer Team had a very productive sea- son learning skills and acquiring ex- perience that vill help them in their future years at Neff. 1. Row 1: M. Paulson, R. Rollweiler. A. Rijnders. D. Baxter, C. C ' aslelao. Row 2: J. Sha er, M. Ruiz, J. Ponce, K. Dumias, D. Carlton, Coach Klencle. 2. Carlos C ' astelao keeps the hall under con- trol. 3. Mike Ruiz keeps the ball awa from the C;ienn opponents. 4. Datid Baxter and Mike Rui protect the Neff goal. .»♦ . ' - 172 Kth (.rade Soccer 8th Grade Softball Headed by Coach Bette Brunner the Eighth Grade Girls Softball Team had a great time learning the basics of softball, and steadily im- proved their game throughout the season. ■ " V N «| ■j£ ■4 Vi l 1 ■ ' M t r i - -• f 1. Row 1: M. Ponce. N. Gamwell. M. Hos- man, L. Mc Anarney, C. Calvert, T. Reifen- slein, C. Hurlarle. Row 2: D. Thomas. T. Conarrubias. I,. Mardnez. S. Veloz. L. Mar- tinez. K. Shaw, K. Dunn. 2. Marilyn Hosman throws the ball in from the outfield. 3. I.inda Mc Anarney shows Glenn her pitch- ing techniques. 4. Laurice Martinez gets ready to bat. 5. Kim Shaw throws the ball in quickly to prevent Glenn from scoring. 6. Nori Gamwell tries her best to hit the ball. 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RICHARD HAUPERT MR, MRS, ABE HUM MR. MRS. JACK JENKINS MR. MRS. CLARENCE LEVY MR. MRS. JOHN LUDVIK MR. MRS. RICHARD MANUPUTY PEGGY JIM METRO MR, MRS, JOHN MIGNOT DIANA J, MILLER MR, MRS, GENE NEAL MRS, DEANNA PEPPER ALBERT PATRICIA PLOUFFE MRS. EDIE PRITCHARD MR. MRS. MAX PUTZ MR. MRS. GENE PYBURN MR. MRS. GLEN REINERT MIKE BARBARA BOBBINS MR. MRS. DAVID RUSH MR. MRS. BILLY SHELTON MR. MRS. WARREN WATERWORTH MRS. HELEN WHITE LARRY WHITE MR. MRS. ROBERT WHITNEY I ' XI ( losinK I -• i- N - » Looking Back We See The Things We Did And What We Left Unsaid. But Those Times Are Gone Closing 191 Ji e Must Now Stop, Look Forward tt ri 4 J( Continue Straight Ahead. ;y -X ■ .vs r . -ti ) 1 • D V . . A , ?-c i ft btcame ktiv |WTU(4. with vjo tlox o. i t woitJd do lOii iDui ( ou L.K.3 ' 4-4 ' ' + . 6o5h hou rn m Bo tim te maijbt uou can Ixh yk, vOfAlch nnM §uk1 ' . Ip : Wy H nanx ir IKi Dr. pf) ■inP ' 6. bicx W 3 + ' ' ■ r censt ukU goero6in ■ oeyzju- - J4iOKV 4jo j ( iKC) - . 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Suggestions in the William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) collection:

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