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' A lO O -- S I f : I .. Tt - W cr . - ' n - ' X " rs e£6 e ?r ye- (j r corj c ( t n bs .x l meo R. foRGer THE Ttr fES US mO l GETHG U (rH THE G J6,n e Y L S STtLL THef so UET S:c 1£T r?E, Oa £ T V6 T ' li. hJ£ue Fb G T IS UJl-f £• ALL fGHT oF uS PC QLJE,-OoUi L£i 1 THC PRXif flh f ) G V S SUCH Pfif TY PC oPH )0 C i yQe You CauuUi hf oe. KfSS€ e i H C TVEI OtJ TH Uf A?e o TH £L (Ti Y. r je O f ZOi ; _ ; Mm ' Coie • ' iHmp ' N. Neff High Sdhool rii ' iiiJJiiiilfM: " Itl.l i. n 1 ii. if i i a We ' ve come upon a time of changes. A time to grow; a time to learn. It ' s time to evaluate ourselves; Search for our inner most meaning. Throughout our lives we will be faced with new and interesting situations. To expand our ideas; to wonder; to create. Changes, so important to our lives, and yet we wonder why. Our lives began, what seems so long ago, when our bodies were not our own. We were dependent on others to live and grow for us. Then we went through a time of change when we were dependent on only ourselves. Our minds and bodies were soon our own. So this is where our life begins! The beginning of our many changes. The years pass on and our school days begin. Remember how eager and vulnerable for knowledge we were? Everything was so new; so different Changes were happenning all about us. New styles; new faces; new ideas. We speak of changes. The changes are now unlimited. Annual Staff Dedicates The 1978-79 Troiani To Mrs. Jean Jerome The 1978-79 Troiani annual staff has proudly chosen to dedi- cate this annual to a very wonderful lady by the name of Mrs. Jean Jerome. Her concern for the school and her active partici- pation in this year ' s changes were the bases for this dedication. Mrs. Jerome was born in Hemstead Long Island on April 1, (April fool ' s day) where she spent her early childhood. From there Mrs. Jerome moved with her family to Kalamazoo Michigan. Her parents bought a summer home on Gull Lake about one half hour ' s drive from Kalamazoo. Mrs. Jerome spent almost all of her weekends and summers at the lake where she loved to swim and sail. In the winter the lake would freeze over and she would go ice skating. Mrs. Jerome moved with her family to Redlands California where she spent her senior year at Redlands High School. After graduation she went to the University of Redlands for four years. One semester, while at Redlands University, she went to school in Salzberg Austria where she brushed up on her German. Mrs. Jerome then went to the University of California where she got her teaching credential. She was married to Bill Jerome on July 31, 1971. She now resides with her husband in Tustin. Mrs. Jerome came to Neff in 1970-71 where she taught a variety of English Classes and her major, German. Mrs. Jerome received the title of Activities Director and A.S.B. Advisor in 1974- 75. In turn she had the chance to work with all of the clubs, class and A.S.B. officers. Any activities that took place, Mrs. Jerome was there to follow them through. Mrs. Jerome, retiring from this title this year, was handed a new responsibility as Accredidation Chairman. As you can see, Mrs. Jerome has devoted many hours to our school. This dedication is just one way for us to say, " Thank You Mrs. Jerome! " What ' s changed? Look around. They have added a new class to our school; new teachers; new ways. Recognize new leaders; old friends. The familiar way of life changed. We see double lunches; double rallies. We see segregated time schedules; segregated sports. Are the changes going to stop here? 10 11 Every year there seems to be more and more changes made. Yet, this year seems to have had the most. But that ' s what makes this year so special. Many changes are being tried for the first time. So we are the ones given the credit. 12 13 When we speak of changes, we speak of improvement With the help of the entire student body we can keep making changes. Changes that are essential to all our lives. We change; our friends change; even the seasons change. The whole world revolves around changes. For without them, life has no meaning. 14 15 Activities As we change from year to year the memories of the activities we were involved in are captured by a photograph to remind us of our many good times. As we grow older our good times change. This year ' s change resulted in spirited rallies, enthusiastic games and great delight in all activities. A.S.B. Has A Great Year 78-79 was a fantastic year. The hard working A.S.B. cab net really got involved in creating a fun atmosphere here at school. They were in charge of the rallies, assemblies, and the senate meetings. Parents Night was also sponsored by them. They attended Redlands University seminars for ideas on how to make this year a memorable one. Mr. Gertz also did a remarkable job as advisor this year. They worked as a team to deliver a year full of laughs and excitement. The A.S.B. officers deserve a lot of credit for making this year one of Neffs ' best yet. 18 A.S.B. 1. Bruce Yoder- President 2 Mr Steve Gertz- Advisor 3. Keliey Cox trys to get A.S.B. to sing the Alma Mater. 4 Pep Commissioner Keliey pleads to the eighth graders to participate in the rally. 5. Linda and Humberto try to sell A.S.B. stickers " door to door " . 6. Sherrie Holt- Vice President 7. Michelle Kozak- Secretary 8 Linda Coie- Treasurer 9 Keliey Hull- Director of Activities 10 Tony Sherwin- Sargent at Arms 11 Keliey Cox- Pep Commissioner 12. Humberto Briones- Public Relations 13 Sherrie accepts the Pep Unit trophies at the La Mirada Rally A SB 19 Jon Miller Advisor Linda Coie Editor Colleen Weatherton Assistant Editor Janine Reese Activities Editor Chris Curry Activities Martfia Ortiz Activities Melanie Kuran Classes Editor Kurt Dunn Classes Kelley Hull Classes Liz Keul Classes Kevin Miller Classes 20 Yearbook Staff Karen Seymour Classes Ginny Cohen Sports Editor Jolin Repka Sports Dave Rush Sports Karyn Weinstein Administration Editor Carol Heese Ads Editor Cam Hum Photo Editor Joel Crawford Photographer Tim Young Photographer 91S-79 Yearbook Staff ' Books ' ' This year once again in a return perfor- mance the Yearbook Staff has produced a fantastic book. All twenty, including the advisor, Mr. Miller, worked extremely hard to make this 1978-79 yearbook dif- ferent. Congratulations Staff, job well done. 1. Chris Curry talks to a Watson Studio Photogra- pher about getting good candids at the Rally. 2 The Yearbook Staff has " CUSS! " Yearbook StaH 21 Neff Rallies Crank! Rallies always brought about excitement and laughter, especially by having crazy con- tests, senior privileges, class competition, and the exchange rally. But rallies were also very informative. Players of the week. Girl of the Month, Homecoming nominees, and team members of all sports were intro- duced. Rallies are a special event that every- one should always be a part of. 1. Neff football players look on as Coach Mooshagian talks about them. 2. Pep Commissioner Kelley Cox always adds pep to the rallies. 3. Song leaders bump during the exchange rally. 4. Melissa Vigil almost loses her gum when she is an- nounced Miss October. 5. Kevin Ostler becomes " King of the Mountain. " 22 Rallies Trojans Go ' ' Wild ' ' During Spirit Week Neff can sometimes be dead but it always seems to come alive during Spirit Week. Spirit Week consisted of 60 ' s Day, Halloween Day, Military Day, Cave Man Day and Toga Trojan Day. It is a five day long celebration honoring the Homecom- ing Court and it is tipped off with the Homecoming game and dance. Spirit Week is one week at Neff High that no one will ever forget! 1. Playboy bunny. Jan Springer, and dead bride. Kim Seager, pose on Halloween Day. 2. Greg Jenkins lets Mrs. Brunner have rt on Military Day. 3. Who PS that scary ghost? Could it be Melissa Vigil? 4. Vicki Real shows off her Toga at the homecoming rally. 5. Cave-women. Sheri Seager and Jill Terry, visit Mr. Gertz during lunch Spirit Week 23 24 Homecoming 10 1 n im u mL% i x n m 1 Queen And Court Are Honored The Homecoming Game, as usual, topped off an exciting Spirit Week. The climax of the evening came when the an- nouncer stated that our 1978 Homecoming Queen was Sherrie Holt. Sherrie reacted by saying " I could hardly be- lieve it was my name that I heard. It didn ' t hit me until I saw my name in fireworks. " Queen Sherrie was escorted by Wayne Jones. The four princesses were Linda Coie with escort Rich Ortega. Kelley Cox with escort Hendrick Bright- man, Kelley Hull with escort Mike Ferlita, and Vicki Renaud with escort Art Armendariz. The traditional dance after- wards held many memories for all who attended. 1. The top 15 Homecoming Nominees are Row 1: Diane Thorpe. Sherrie Holt, Shelley Stephen. Karen Seymour. Michelle Kalte. Chen Dalton. Kelley Hull and Michelle Kozak. Row 2: Linda Coie. Chris Gochnour. Andrea Mills. Vicki Renaud and Kelley Cox Not pictured: Debi Hancock and Melissa Vigil. 2. The princesses pose with their fathers before halftime 3 Linda Coie was escorted by her father Ronald Coie and her stepfather Ronald Rouse. 4 Kelley Cox was escorted by her father Samuel Cox. 5. Kelley Hull was escorted by her father Hank Hull. 6. Vicki Renaud was escorted by her father Bernard Renaud. 7. Sherrie Holt was escorted by her father William Howard. 8. Sherrie is shocked to hear her name announced. 9 The 1977 Homecoming Queen. Lon Ohiemacher, crowns our new queen Sherrie. 10. Sherrie receives congratulations from the princesses. Homecoming 25 Queen Sherrie Holt 26 Homecoming Princess Linda Coie «£W Princess Kelley Cox A ' ' 4fc •sw ■ Princess Kelley Hull Princess Vicki Renaud Homecoming 27 Varsity Yell Leaders Are The ' ' Top Box ' ' Cheerleaders Our Varsity Yell Squad really walked away with the trophies this year at summer camp. The 11 hard working girls took first place all three days of competition. They were co-winners of a Spirit Jug and also received the overall trophy for Spirit. Hard Work and Improvement, the Sweepstakes Trophy. They went on throughout the year to compete at competitions and perform at all of the Varsity games. Thanks girls for keeping up the Neff spirit! 1. Seniors Patti. Janine. Vicki and Chris curtsey for the camera. 2. Varsity Yell sings the Alma Mater after the 16-0 win over La Mirada.3. Janine and Chris present trophies for first place and Sweepstakes at the LM Rally. 4. Juniors Kelley, Lindy, Carolyn. Teri and Sherry march around the field in the pre-game performance. 5. The 1978-79 Varsity Yell Leaders are-Row 1: Seniors Patti Padilla, Janine Reese (Head), Chris Gochnour (Co-Head) and Vicki Renaud. Row 2: Juniors Carolyn Waterworth. Suzanne Beattie. Ten Blackstock, Lindy ( 1ignot, Jamie Hancock. Sherry Williams and Kelley Ferguson. 6. Varsity is " stacked " at the Rally. 28 Varsity Yell Leaders ' ' v ' ( t)l ' ,, . . rf m( . ' ' - V 4M- AJ .::-. %f % t Songleaders Are ' ' Lollipop ' ' Kids This year Song had day uniforms which made them look a little like ■Lollipop " Kids But besides eating lollipops Song went to camp during the sum- mer and got a third, a fifth and a first place trophy. They were also awarded as the first place hardest working Song unit. They competed throughout the year at competitions besides songleadmg at all Vai- sity games. The 1 1 girls continued the tradition of proving that. " Neff is l! " 1. Elyse. Shelley. Lynda and Melanie hold streamers for the football team to ' Break Through! " 2 The 1978-79 Songleaders are-Row 1: Seniors Jamie Dickson. Denise Bernier. Liz Keul (Co-Head) and Lynda Reissig Row 2: Juniors Cyndi Lugo. Joann Mollis. Debbie Brown. Michelle Verdugo, Shelley Durkin and Elyse Levy (Senior Melanie Kuran (Head) is not pictured.) 3 Debbie. Liz. Michelle. Me- lanie and Jamie seem to be enjoying themselves at the Rally 4 Songleaders show their true personal- ities at the Bellflower Rally 5 Melanie presents a first place trophy at the LM Rally 6, Melanie and Liz prove to us that Neff is 1. Songleaders 29 Flag Girls Know How To Twirl During the summer Flag also attended camp. They received second and fourth in competitions and a first place trophy for be- ing the number one hardest working squad. Besides twirling at games, Flag too, compet- ed in the various competitions throughout the school year. Flag has once again proved to represent Neff in a winning way! 1 . Susan, Kim, Gail, Robin and Vickie twirl their way into our hearts. 2. Gail and Carol do a flag toss for us. 3. Diane and Gail present their first place trophy. 4. Mar- garita, Kim, Gail and Robin hold streamers for our foot- ball team to run through. 5. Robin, Vickie and Diane twirl, twirl and twirl. 6. The 1978-79 Flag Twirlers are- Row 1: Seniors Lisa Torres, Diane Miller (Head) and Carol John. Row 2: Juniors Margarita Gonzales, Kim Sims, Susan Eagle, Gail Corcoran (Co-Head), Robin Beard and Vickie Sherwin. 30 Flag Twirlers V. Yell Leaders Are The Dutiful Dozen Once again J.V Yell was always kept busy this year attending all of the football and basketball games as well as going to competitions. In the summer the 12 sophomore girls went to camp and got a second, third and a second place on the three days of competing. Due to their enthusiam being on a squad here at Neff for their first year, they also received a Spirit Jug the first night of camp. These great statistics were the chief reason they were the co-winners with Varsity Yell for the Sweepstakes Trophy on the last day. Great job girls. Congratulations! 1. The 1978-79 J.V Yell Leaders are-Row 1; Leslie Gil- key, Laurie Bobier, La Reina Weaver (Head), Vickie Led- better (Co-Head) and Lori Lamb. Row 2: Robin Brinnon, Laurie Carr, Pegi Young, April Dunton, Kim Davis and Tammy Warr. (Sue Rhodes is not pictured.) 2. La Reina and Laurie B. prove to our photographer that they ' re not camera shy. 3. La Reina presents the sweepstakes trophy at the La Mirada Rally. 4. Tammy. Lori, Leslie. Laurie C, Robin and La Reina show how photogenic they can be. 5. J.V. Yell ' gets high " at the Rally. 6. Pegi. Laurie 8. and Sue practice football cheers for the big game. J.V. Yell Leaders 31 .M WEIF BJ ,; t ,y Banner, Tall Flag And Drill Do It To It These three units all practiced last summer and really worked hard. They showed us what school spirit really is. Banner being very dedicated, practiced until they had their routines super looking. This year marching right along with the Band proved that they really are a hard working squad. Tall Flag, being a new squad here at Neff, proved to live up to expectations. Having to devote most of their time to practice, they did a fantastic job of carrying the flags with Neff pride! Drill Team has once again marched on with more spirit and pride than ever! These girls practice in the morning along with the band in order to perform as sharp as they look. Drill Team, Tall Flag, and Banner really deserve the thanks for performing at half-time during football games and for all the effort that was put into this year. 32 Banner, Tall Flag 1. The 1978-79 Banner Squad Members are- Seniors Nancy Ponzio (Head). Ilene Shrews- bury (Co-Head). Juniors Rhonda Novae. Stacy Sides and Sophomore Mane Weatherly. 2. Banner poses for a " quickie " 3. Banner parades around the track in the pre-game march. 4. Kathie and Mane relax during snack. 5. The 1978-79 Tall Flag Members are-Row 1: Juniors K C Clinton. Julie Byerley (Head). Lynn Payment and Kathie Mcintosh. Row 2: Sophomores Ruth Johnson. Mane Pizzorno and Karia Waldah (Co-Head) 6. Tall Flag seems to be a little excited over Neffs touchdown. 7 Pam. Manam. and Dee Dee clap along dur- ing a rally. 8. Drill Team members show that they ' ve got the spirit because Neff is 1 9 Lark. Sherry. Lisa and Stephanie show us their stuff 10 The 1978-79 Drill Team Members are- Row 1; Freshmen Colleen Cosfello. Mane Rush. Karen Holbrook. Sherry Angelo. Lisa Garcia. Missy Peters. Lark Pointdexfer. Sally Zaccana. Kim Reyna. Connie Neiman. Mar- lam White and Dee Dee Resinger Row 2: Eighth graders Mane Wortham. Karen Rut- ledge. Pam Greer. Kristi Rogers. Sophomore Becky Reynolds (Head); Eighth grader Julie Torres (Co-Head). Senior Kathy. Kennedy. Sophomores Becky Joseph and Rosalee Ad- ams. I Tall Flag. Drill Team 33 34 Band Neff Band Marches On Bands are a very important part of any high school. They pep up football games by per- forming at halftime. provide musical entertain- ment at rallies, and represent our school in parades. Being in the band is a memorable experience for all involved. We are proud of our band and thankful for their help in bringing out spirit. 1 Row 1: David Kluck, David Brooks. Cynthia Ramirez, Tammy Kelly, PerrI Larson. Gina Mammano, Monica Slow, Julie Mammano. Dawn Timberlake. Brenda Luetger, Deeann Robinson. Paula Prieto. Shawn Church. Jon Acree, Jon Stem. Eric Mitobe. Norman Reynolds. Sheri Ward. Tom Gutierrez. Tammy Uhbarri. Terry Blandford Row 2 Steve Tagami, Richard Lake. Pat Aldrich. Chris Butler. Gary Strait. Margie Arrington, DeeDee Tanner. Todd Moore, Steve Stricklin. Richard Davis. Bill Knoth. Tim Worcester, Don VanDyken. Jay Carter, Don Larson. Dennis Murphy, Mike Kluck. Scott Lake. John Peel. Mike Barr, Norma Amos. LouElien Amos. 2 Mr Buntin, the band director, joins in during band re- hearsal 3 The band marches around the track before halftime 4 Burt Metzger shows his talent with his tuba. 5 Ed Louis. Ron Sackett. Tod Moore and John Peel always livened up the rallies with the drums. 6 Sharlene Wornets shows off her Trojan horse Band 35 New 8th Grade Dances Are A Success! The first 8th grade dances seemed to have been enjoyed by all who at- tended. These dances gave the stu- dents a chance to have a great time and listen to some really good music. Because of the fact that many attend- ed these dances it is certain that these dances will continue next year and all the years to follow. 1. Yes even 8th graders know the new disco style. 2. These girls wait patiently for someone to ask them to dance. 3. 8th graders boogie to the sounds of popular records. 4. Everyone is having a great time at their first high school dance. 36 8th Grade Dances Butterflies Are Free Neff ' s first play this year proved to be another product of Neff ' s excellent drama department. This drama-comedy takes place in an apartment where a blind man, played by Mark Prull, is trying to cope living alone. He then meets his wild and crazy next door neighbor, played by Marsha Mcintosh, and they seem to fall m love. Trouble begins when his mother objects to the idea, but love conquers all and they live happily ever after. All the actors did a fantastic job and started the drama season off right! Don Baker Mark Prull Jill Tanner Marsha Mcintosh Mrs Baker Debbie Nothwang Ralph Auston Terry Kelly Butterflies Are Free 37 Drama ' ' Does It To Death ' ' The Drama department ' s second play of the year was a comedy, " Done to Death " . This play told the story of a group of producers trying to come up with a brainstorm of a television show. The com- edy in the play kept the audience interest- ed and laughing. The long hours of reher- sals paid-off in the end, because it has been one of the best plays yet. Jessica Olive Wendy Johnson Whitney Olive Dennis Ridgley Mildred Z. Maxwell Heather Duffy Brad Benedict Bill King Rodney Duckton Don Layton Jason Summers Nolan Gasser Stagehand Erin Lancotot George Larry Becker Man Rodney Rauch Martha Karen Anderson Girl Karen Dixon Monster Eugene Gaddis Stephanie Muldar Stacey King Secretary Theresa Wright Box office girl Elizabeth Plouffe Gregory Neil Madden Jane Kerry Kesting 38 Done To Death Abby Brewster Kerry Kesting Martha Brewster Nancy Rocha Teddy Brewster Mark Trippler Officer Brophy John Stem Elaine Harper Karen Dixon Mortimer Terry Kelly Jonathan Brewster Mark Prull Officer Klein Gene Gaddis Officer OHara Bill King Mr. Gibbs Jim Silvey Dr. Einstein Alan Lee Lt. Rooney John Veazey Dr. Harper Mike Dunphy Arsenic And Old Wraps Up The Year " Arsenic and Old Lace " , the final play of the year, was the best one yet. The Drama department ' s second comedy of the year proved to be a success. The sto- ry IS about two sweet old ladies and their three nephews. These old ladies misguide their kindness by killing off men that had no next of km and doing it as a favor to the men. One of the nephews is a criminal and IS an outcast, one thinks he is Theo- dore Roosevelt and is always causing some kind of trouble, the last one is the only sane one and tries to hide all the mishaps that go on in the house from the police and save the family name. The play was witty and very funny, and was a great way to finish up the year! Arsenic And Old Lace 39 Shelley Stephen President Karen Seymour Vice-president Chris Gochnour Secretary Karyn Weinstein Treasurer Sandy Arnoldsen Social Chairman Teri Blackstock Historian Robin Gordon Publicity Chairman Liz Keul Senior Representative 40 Girl ' s League Girrs League Creates ' ' Moments to Remember ' Girl ' s League worked hard this year to raise money for the Hearts and Flowers dance. They had a car wash, two bake sales, the Christmas dance and they also sold Candy Canes. These girls gave their all to make the 1979 Hearts and Flowers a memorable one. Thank you girls! 1. Santa (Lonnie McConnell) boogies at the Christmas dance. 2 Shelley Stephen sells Candy Canes 3. Chris Gochnour solicits to the 8th and 9th graders. 4. Girls en)oy telling Santa Claus what they want for Christmas. Sherry Pyburn Junior Representative Becky Morgan Sophomore Representative Sharyl Stephen Freshman Representative Carol Cowan G.I. A Representative Sherne Inge Kalagathians Representative Girls League 41 Hearts and Flowers is ' ' Primo ' Hearts and Flowers turned out to be a very exciting event for all who attended. The Girl ' s League Cabinet puts on this dance every year and " Moments to Remember " this year was no exception. Couples danced to " Primo " in the Ana- heim Convention Center, Anaheim Room. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Glen Buhr as Hearts and Flowers King and Melissa Vigil as Hearts and Flowers Queen. Congratulations to Glen, Melissa and the whole court! 42 Hearts And Flowers i Kii 1 K ] B 7 " H 1 L -r 9 W v r ■ ' Hq sS i B Eri l i " ' i ' ' ' ' H i 8 1 Couples dance the night away at the Hearts and Flowers King Glen Buhr escorted Becky Morgan Senior Prince Dave Rush escorted Kelly Ferguson. Senior Prince Bruce Yoder escorted Chen Dalton. Queen Melissa Vigil was escorted by Mark Sanchez. Senior Princess Karen Seymour was escorted by Joe Metro. Senior Princess Shelley Stephen was escorted by Don Weaver Junior Princess Sandy Arnoldsen was escorted by Scott Speakman. Sophomore Princess Alice Figueroa was escorted by Leo Briones. Freshmen Princess Cindl Padilla was escorted by Steve Gurley Queen Melissa and King Glen dance " their dance " after being crowned The 1978 Hearts and Flowers King Raul Villasenor crowned our new king. Glen Buhr 13 The 1978 Senior Princesses Carol Smith and Cathy Guitterez crown our 1979 Queen, Melissa Vigil Janine Reese. Tim Leeman, Linda Coie, Ron Scott. Cam Hum and Stacie Sides pose (or a snapshot during a band break. Students enter the Anaheim Room and are amazed at the Girl ' s League ' s decorations Couples wait patiently in line for pictures. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the sounds of " Primo. " 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 Hearts And Flowers 43 Each month of the school year a Senior girl is announced as a Girl of the Month. These ten girls have been involved not only here at Neff but outside of school also. Girl ' s League chooses ten girls with the most activities and in- volvement in community affairs. Congratulations girls and good luck in all you do! 1. Sandy Arnoldsen congratulates Miss September, Karen Seymour, at the La Mirada rally. Row Miss Miss Miss Miss Row Miss Miss Miss Miss Row Miss Miss September- Karen Seymour October- Melissa Vigil November- Kay Litwin December- Dar ia Griffin 2: January- Shelley Stephen February- Linda Coie March- Joanne Cahill April- Lisa Maria Padilla 3: May- Michelle Krotinger June- Karyn Weinstein 44 Girl Of The Month J ' ' Trojan Shield Staff Writes On This year ' s Tro)an Shield Staff did a great job. District funds were once again very low combined with increased publishing costs. This forced the staff to only produce seven issues. However, these seven issues were the best ever written. Thanks Staff for getting us the news! Row 1 Mr Jon Miller. Advisor: Michelle Krotinger, Editor in Chief; Janine Reese, Page 1 Editor; Jamie Dickson. Page 2 Editor-lst semester Row 2: Chris Gochnour. Page 2 Editor-2nd semester; Vickie Sherwin. Page 3 Edi- tor; Ron Pineira. Page 4 Editor- 1st semester; Kevin Ostler. Page 4 Editor- 2nd semester Row 3 Jamie Nestor. Photo Editor. John Repka. Exchange Editor-lst semester; Robin Terry, Exchange Editor-2nd semester; Mary Moskun. Typist. The reporters are Row 1: Shelley Stephen, Humberto Briones and Martha Ortiz. Row 2: Linda Coie and Melissa Vigil. Newspaper Staff 45 Jazz Festival Is Hot On Saturday, February 24, bands from all over the area participated in the 7th annual Jazz Festival. The event lasted all day with continuous music. Mr. Buntin, the jazz director, was very pleased by this years turn-out. All the bands were excel- lent which made the day worth while for all who attended. 1 . The NeH High jazz band performed at the festival. 2. Mr. Buntin listens to the band at a final rehersal. 3. Jill Mammano plays a piece on her saxaphone. 4. Don Larson plays a solo. 5. Here is one of the many bands that performed at this years festival . 46 Jazz Festival C.S.F. Is At The Top! C.S.F. stands for California Scholar- ship Federation. To be eligable you must obtain a G.P.A. of 3.6 in academic subjects only. C.S.F. is one of the finest organizations that is recognized throughout the state and country. Congratulations scholars. 1 The 1st semester C,S F members are Row 1: Daria Griffin, Kay Litwin, Melanie Kuran, Linda Coie. Sherry Wayne. Janine Reese, Gabriel Wurzler, Terry Wayne, Kevin Ostler, Cathy Jones. Ron Scott, Michelle Kozak, Michelle Krotinger, Darlene Mouradian, Regina Dumais, Julie Mam- mano and Yasmine AlHissin, Row 2 Mike Kluck. Richard Figueroa, Vince Outlaw, Chris Lux, Jose Chong, Ron Sandberg, Matt Kelly, Steve Tagami. Ted Slowiaczek, Cam Hum, James Vogel, Jeff Wrede, Mark Yniguez, Jim Sass, Debbie North- wang. Tammy Ulibarri, Ted Haupert, Betty Bulli- vac, Dave Rush, Karen Anderson, Joanne CahiM. Jtll Mammano and Sherry Hackek 2 1st semester President, Michelle Krotinger, conducts a typical C.S F meeting 3. Mr Black, C S F advisor, speaks at the C.S.F. meeting about fundraisers. 4. The 2nd semester C.S F members are Row 1: Kay Litwin, Janine Reese. Sherry Wayne, DarIa Griffin, Cathy Jones, Ron Scott, Terry Wayne and Tony Sherwin Row 2: Xavier Alderette, Melanie Kuran, Joan Harris, Joanne Cahill. Debbie Noth- wang. Tammy Ulibarri. Linda Coie, Cam Hum and Jeff Wrede C.S.F. 47 Our Senators Lead Us At the beginning of each semester all second period classes elect a Senator. These representatives go to meetings ev- ery few weeks to discuss school business. These students then take this information to their classes. Thanks for doing such a great job! 1. The 1st semester senators are Row 1; B. Yoder. Row 2: M, Holmes, D. Meddy, S. Rouly, M. Clesceri, M. Guiterrez. N. Cabrerra. A, Brannon, B. Sifuentes, R, Hurd. Row 3: J. Nestor, M. Mcintosh, T. Sherwln, C. Gochnour, L. Mignot, P. Young, E. Morgan, S. Ellig, A. Jarnagin, K. Ridgley, D. Brown, S. Inge, S. Arnoldsen. Row 4: D. Riesenger, H. Gomez, K. Cox, J. Mammano, T. Ulibarri, J. Lee, A. Figueroa, J. Whit- ney, T. Bellak, K. Young, C. Hamilton, J. Torres, K. Franceo, K. Gardner, K. Hum, S. Holt. Row 5: S. Boehm, L. Hart, C. Gauthier, P. James, J. Austin, T. Warr, J. Metro, G. Luque, M. Orwall, D. Hancock, C. Jones, K. Rush, J. Ireland, L. White, H. Briones. 2. Sherrie Holt. A.S.B. vice-president, is the senate leader. 3. These senators know where the camera is. 4. The 2nd semester senators are Row 1: S. Inge, T. Lara. D. Virgil, R. Stephen, S. Reed, H. Bird, B. Ar- mendanz, K. Cox, B. Yoder, T. Blackstock, M. Ver- dugo, S. Williams, C. Daleiden, K. Dickson, V. Real, T. Sherwin, E. Torres. Tow 2: C. Gochnou, D. Weeks, J. Dickson, E. Valverde, S. Camacho, D. Castillo, P. Young, D. Rodela, F, Kalisvart, L. Poindexter, R. Gor- don, L. Gilkey, J. Torres, R. Brinnon, L. Carr, T. Clsneros. R. Adams, H. Mendez, J. Moore, J. Coffin, B. Sifuentes. Row 3; M. Freeman, M. Norred, D. Robinson, G. Mammano. L. Garcia, L. Weaver, S, Sides, L. Maston. Row 4: T. Draper. A. Figueroa. J. Whitney. S. Leslie, A. Terry, M. Krotinger, D. Griffin, P. Aldrich. D. Adams, J. Allen. R. Brooks, R. Mauer, J. Woronets. R. Robertson. H. Briones, M. Vigil, R. Ortega, B. Bullivac. T.Dowty, S. Frilot. B. Young, K. Hum, D. Morin. 48 Senate -i n Neff Produces Artists Our art club is a group of real talent- ed people. Their main projects of the year are putting on Art Shows and sell- ing their pieces of work. Good Luck Art- ists in everything you do! 1 How 1: Tom Larsen. Herman Martin. Dean Fukawa. Lisa Ruth. Julie Mammano. Sheila Gor- man and Jill Mammano Row 2 Daria Griflin. Michelle Krotinger. Lynda Reissig, Sandy Arnold- sen and Rita Cernigha Row 3 Advisor Alan Carl- son. Robin Terry, Mike Freeman. Lisa Padilla, Arlene Benveniste. Eva Domjan and Advisor Jack Friedrich. 2. Terrence Lawlor admires a ceramic pot 3 Barbara Junges drawing catches Don Alex- anders eye 4 Which picture will these girls buy? 5 Some students decide which pieces of art they want to buy for their Christmas presents during the Christmas Art Show and Sale ' .if- K Art Club 49 Kalagathians Continue Helping Others Kalagathians is a group comprised of girls willing to help other people. They have been an active group this year helping decorate for the Hearts and Flowers dance, serving at various ban- quets, serving refreshments at Bacca- laureate and having social events of their own. Neff is very proud of the Kalagathians club! 1. Row 1: Michelle Krotlnger, Stacey Skare, Daria Griffin, Sfieila Gorman. Alison Gregorik. Row 2: Joanne Cahill. Arlene Benveniste, Sherri Inge, Ten Vnellng, Tracey Woodward. 2. President DarIa Griffin conducts a meeting. 3. DarIa disscusses tfie Hearts and Flowers deco- rations with the girls. 4. The group plans an up coming event. 50 Kalagathians Neff High Speech Club Says It All To some being in a speech club doesn ' t sound too exciting. But Neff students who chose to be m the speech club were taught to speak well in front of others, express their feelings and ideas about certain subjects and were given the opportunity to win indi- vidual medals and trophys. Speech club is a great opportunity and a re- warding experience for all involved. 1. Row 1: Daria Griffin, Ted Slowviaczek, Michelle Krotmger. Jill Mam- mano. Karen Anderson; Row 2: Rita Cermglia, Eva Domjan. Row 3 Troy Johnson. 2 Jill Mammano and Rita Cernlglia proudly display the trophys they have won 3 Karen Anderson practices her speech. 4. The group takes some class time to work on their speeches. Speech Club 51 Journalism Gains Experience The Journalism class is involved in learning the techniques of putting together the " Troiani " and the " Trojan Shield " . Cropping pictures, making layouts and writing copy and captions are a few of the many things they are taught. They also learn how to write feature stories and editorials. The people of this class will be chosen to be on next years yearbook and newspaper staffs. Thespians Act On This years Thespians kept very ac- tive. During the summer they had beach parties and they also had a Christmas party. They attended " Annie " and " The King and I " . They gave us three plays and a great year of acting. The first play of the year was " Butterflies are Free " which ran through October. The next play, " Done to Death " ran in February and March. The final play was " Arse- nic and Old Lace " . They finished off the school year with an awards ban- quet to credit all those talented peo- ple. T ' W [ 1 b ' ■ ' ■ i 1 Hm? 4 ii ' ' I ' " M r » I .r._.- ■• Fvr m ' • t fe h I 1 ■ 52 Journalism. Thespians " sT- • " ■■;. ■ G.I. A. Stays Alive G.I. A. worked very hard this year to show us that girls ' sports can be as excit- ing as boys ' sports. These girls are in- volved in Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. Tennis and Track. Hours of after school practice make G.I. A. the very best! 1 The members of the Journalism class are Row 1: Vickie Sherwin. Charlie Leonard, Carolyn Water- worth, Tea Cisneros, Rita Robertson, Jill Terry, Kel- ley Ferguson. Shelley Durkin, Elyse Levy and Heather Duffy Row 2: Sherrie Inge, Deanna Plouffe. Angela Boehm, Sally Fuentes, Todd Lara. Suzanne Seattle, Denise Meddy, Gail Corcoran, Lindy Mignot and Ten Blackstock. Row 3: Jim Whitney, Sherry Williams, Diana Miller, Caria Carpenter, Susan Haave, Vickie DiMartino, Sheila White and Christie Bernard Row 4: Barbara Ortiz, Cathy Goodrow, Su- san Jacobs, Astrid King, Mike Freeman, Don Adams and Advisor Jon Miller. 2 The Journalism Photographers are Steve Galvan and Don Alexander 3 Some Journalism students ask Mr. Miller about their protects 4. Mark Prull concentrates on his work. 5 Larry Becker is surprised by the camera 6. The members of G I A are Row 1; Debbie Terry, Georgia Bolanger, Sheri Seager, Brenda Talavera and Kelley Cox. Row 2: Tammy Ulibarn, Pam Nel- son, Karen Manuputy, Carol Moore, Jill Terry, Rita Robertson, Joan Spinosa, Laurie Gaston, Missy Newgent and Kathy Lundquist 7. Sue Fox returns a serve. 8 JoJan Hieda bumps for Kathy Lundquist and Jill Terry. 9 Kathy Lundquist looks for someone to pass to. 10 The 1978-79 Thespians are Row 1 : Debbie Noth- wang, Mark Prull, Astrid King, Neil Madden, Sue Ja- cobs and Lisa Maria Padilla Row 2; CarIa Ford, Lou- ise Cherry. Heather Duffy, Karen Dixon, Don Layton. Terry Kelly, Debbie Swit. Stacey Ellig and Kerry Kesting Row 3: Advisor Mr Sessions, Betty Bullivac. Jim Haskell, Lori Brown, John Ruth and Wendy Johnson. Thespians, G I A 53 T». r s » .■■xw lI , i. - -, ir K ' y ' Classes v-: The people we ' ve known and the places we ' ve seen are interwoven in our high school years. The changes we ' ve been through and the people who shared our experiences are the beginning of our lives and the foundation for which we ■ have to grow on. Classes 55 Senior Activities 1 . The Top Ten Seniors of the 1979 Graduat- ing Class are: Row 1: Dave Rush and Bruce Yoder. Row 2: Daria Griffin and Valedictorian Michelle Krotinger. Row 3: Richard Figueroa, Joan Harris. Joanne Cahill. Jeff Wrede, Linda Coie, and Cam Hum. Not pictured is Valedic- torian Kay Litwin. 2 Sherry Wayne and Ron Scott enjoy a game of pinball at the Wonderbowl. 3. The Senior All-Night Party will be held at the Wonderbowl in Downey on June 14, 1979, 4. The class of 79 lets us know exactly how they feel. 5. Ron Scott. Sherry Wayne, Melanie Kuran, and Janine Reese shoot some pool at the Wonderbowl, 6. The Junior-Senior Prom will be held on June 2nd at the elegant Registry Hotel in Ir- vine. 7. Ron Scott and Dave Rush display their plaques they received from the National Foot- bail Association Hall of Fame. 56 Seniors IriE ,; E Seniors 57 m . " 1. Class Clown - Billy Bozo and Loony Lucy (Glen Buhr and Kelley Cox.) 2. Most Service To School - Dedicated Darrell and Loyal Laura (Bruce Yoder and Diane Thorpe.) 3. Most Athletic - Mike Macho and Andrea Athlete (Glen Buhr and Missy Newgent.) 4. Best All Around - Fantastic Fred and Wonderful Wilma (Bruce Yoder and Sherrie Holt.) 5. Best Dressed - Veronica Vogue and Theodore Threads (Debbie Hancock and Chuck Salazar.) 6. Most Likely to Succeed - Betty Bucks, Wealthy Willie and Mildred Money (Michelle Krotinger, Ron Scott, and Linda Cole.) 58 Seniors 1 Best Personality - Sweet Susie and Kind Kenny (Vicki Renaud and Tony Sherwin ) 2 Biggest Flirt - Kissing Kasey and Get around Greg (Michelle Kozak and Mark Sanchez ) 3. Best Figure Physique ■ Carol Curves, Bobby Bulges and Sandy Sexy (Michelle Kozak, Kenny Woodburn and Chris Jones.) 4 Most Bashful - Wally Wallflower and Cindy Silence (Nick Chekmi- zoff and Diane Miller.) 5 Best Looking ■ Pretty Petunia and Righteous Redford (Sherrie Holt and Kevin Ufholtz ) 6 Best Smile - Denny Dentures, Farrah Floss and Pearl Drops Paul (Billy Jenkins, Chen Dalton and Craig Gauthier.) .1«V: .-v t 1 ■ r . ' . -. fjurj Seniors 59 . ii - ■ ' ' ■ L msmL W9M BAMBANG ABOEBAKAR: Ambition: Computer Programmer. Will never forget the first time I came here and going to NeH High School on Oct. 7. 1978 KELLEY M ADAt S: Ambition Architect Activities Drama 1-3; Thes 2-4, Pub Ch 3, Rose Float 3. 4; Pnn Hon Roll 1, 2. 4; f A.S.H 3; Nom Best Sup Actress 3 Will never forget all my super friends in Drama, R.J S.. Mazatlan 78. L R . and esp. Dodee. XAVIER ALDERETTE: Ambition: Commercial Artist Activities: C S F : Art Club: Wrestling: Band: Track: Pnn Hon Roll. Will never forget the torture from eating the cafeteria ' s food for four years. YASMINE AL-HISSIN Ambition: To own a camel ranch In As- pen Colorado Activities: Fr. Club: Cam. Host: Kal.; C.S.F.: Tennis: Pnn Hon Roll Will never forget the wild and crazy discotheques I went to with P A . L.R.. and C.K. SYLVIA REYES ALVARADO: Ambition: To be with Tony forever and ever Will never forget Dec 4. 77. my parents for the help they gave me. my friends, and, of course. Tony KIM AIVIBROSE: Ambition: To go on to college and become a nurse Will never forget the time it was raining and I was trying to beat the bell and I ran into Mr Sessions class and slid flat on my back! DAVID ANTISDEL Ambition Undecided. LORI JILL ARMSTRONG Ambition: Cosmetologist. Will never forget March 11. 1978. baseball with L.D . C.R . and V D . and L D face to face with G G CHRISTI AVERY: Ambition: To see the world. Activities: Art Club 1. 2: St. Comm 1. 2. Will never forget Dec 21. 77. Palm Springs with Lis. the ultimate max. and S D and R and R 1 Senior Officers: Row 1 Secretary Cathy Jones. President: Diane Thorpe. Vice President: Dave Rush Row 2: Treasurer: Melissa Vigil, So- cial Chairman Linda Dowd 2 Steering Committee Row 1: Brenda Dowd. Daria Griffin. Michelle Krolinger. Sheila Gorman. Row 2: Nick Chekmizoff. Chris Gochnour. Janine Reese. Gabnal Wurzler. Mike Wilson. 3 Senior Advisors Mr Lonnie McConnell and Mr. Bob McGuire Seniors 61 1. Ron Scotf and Melanie Kuran take it easy at lunch. 2. Martha Ortiz and Chris Curry accept all the applause for their performance. CHRIS BACA: Ambition: To fly to Ork. Activities: Ftb. 1-4, All Lge. 4: Track 2: Ex. Rally 4. Will never forget the bute in N.M., and all the people I met at Neff. JEFF BANAS: Ambition: Ski Patrol. Will never forget all the good times I ' ve had with everyone and most of all Lori. CINDY ANN BARNHART: Ambition: To move out of La Mirada. Will never forget Shawn, K.D., J.R., S.P., the gifts and notes from W.N., Boston, Woosh, and the bum. RICK BARRERA: Ambition: Plan to further my education at the University of Thailand. Will never forget to remember. JAMES RAMOND BASSETT: Ambition: To raise African Sea Monkies in Ethiopia. Activities: Soccer 1-2: Wrestling 3-4: Track 1-4. Will never forget the great paint heist of 78. CINDY L. BAXTER: Ambition: To find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and to be the wife of a rock star. Will never forget Rosemarys cabin with the gang, summer of 76, Big Bear, New Years 78. J.S.. N.W., and M.L. TERRI ANN BEATTIE: Ambition: Dental Hygenist. Activities: Alt. Sen. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget ftb. games, the hill, and all the great times with D.W., and friends and M.S. ARLENE BENVENISTE: Ambition: Admin. Secretary. Activities: Kal. 1-3: Cam. Host. 1-3: Art Club 1-4: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all my friends, fights, )oys, and pains of growing up. JIM BERNARD: Ambition: Radio Technician. Activities: Sen. 1- 2: Drama Club: Art Club. Will never forget Mersh, C.T., and R.C.. Mazatlan 75, and San Onofre. 62 Seniors DENI SE MARIE BERNIER: Ambition: Own a Fergy Farm Legal Secretary Activities: St Comm. 2-3; Pep Club 1-2: Kal. 1-2; Cam Host 1-2; Dr. Team 2: Banner 3: Song 4; Jr Hon Grd.; Hon Roll 4 Will never forget 4-13-76. 12-19-76. Banner. Prom 1-4. Nanc. Ron. CIF 78. good times w Terry. and CBBD. RANDY BLANTON: Ambition: Welder Will never forget Marty ' s Party. DARLA FRANCIS BLOSSER: Ambition: Florlstry and to accept what life gives me withi a smile. Will never forget Skaneelo times with Gen the KFC gang. 9-22-78. 10-7-78. BPHS. SVNHS, Hey Baby! DON BOWKER: Ambition: Forestry Activities J V Golf; Var. Golf 2-4; Var Wrestling 2-3: Fbt. 1-2: Var Ftb 3-4 Will never forget ail the times with the golf team. Lge Champs. Ftb CIF in golf and ftb. and MS JAMES BOYER: Ambition: Illustrator. Mountain man Activi- ties: Frosh Track: Var. Track 2: Soccer 1. MVP: Art Club. Will never forget Kings Canyon with Kerry and Art. Brian and his jeep. Art and the good times RUSSELL A BROOKS: Ambition: Photographer. Activities: Sen 1-4; Ftb 1-4: Track 1-2; Sr. St. Comm. Will never forget Coffins Camper. Carlsons Alg. 1 classes. 76-77-78. and all the characters at Neff. GLEN BUHR Ambition: To make the USA Olympic Beer Drink- ing Team and to be as cool as the Rifleman. Max and 007. Activities: Hon. Roll. Will never forget rollin ' . hangovers, river trips, keg parties. I ' m gom ' home. Takillya shots, and the " Stallion " , DAVE BUONO Ambition: To conquer Red Ant Empire Activi- ties: P I W Will never forget Gib ' s steak and eggs. P.I.O.W.. Wilkie. Spores. My Zigot and Reck. JIM BURBECK: Ambition: Entertainer. Activities: P.I.O.W. Will never forget T.H s Chevy on Alondra. havin ' fun with K.R . K.S.. DC. and L.H . and Ants. OPAL PAULINE BURNS: Ambition: Preschool Teacher Activi- ties: Pep Club 1 -2 Will never forget when Tammy and I went to K C s Party and Mr McGuire DENISE BUSTOS: Ambition: To be a snowsniffer Will never forget 78 Prom, Kabs. Jeb. Rab. Carb. and Mib. CT and Van Halen and Ortho Day at Crescent Bay JOANNE MARIE CAHILL: Ambition A successful life Activities: Pep Club 1 . St Comm 2-4; Prin Hon Roll 1 -4; CSF 1 -4: MGM 2-4: Girls Lge. Kal Rep 3: Cam Host 2-4: Kal 2-4. Pres 3; Band 1-3: Sen. 1. Alt. 2; Var. Track 3-4 Will never forget Year 75. " MR and rollerskates " . the gang, the teachers, and the good times MARTY R. CAMP: Ambition: Photographer Activities: Var. Tennis 1-4: Ski Club Will never forget going skiing, getting my Camaro done, and most of all. meeting Pam N GREGG CAMPBELL: Ambition: To raise Sasquatches Activi- ties: Soccer 1-2: Frosh Track. Will never forget summer of 78 at Mobil and skating all the parks with Rod JOHN CAREY Ambition Engineer Will never forget sixth peri- od with P D and I C and all the high times we had in there. Seniors 63 LAURA DIANE CARPENTER: Ambition: To go and do what makes me happy Will never forget Bubble mints, dial-a-ride. Apt. girls, M.K.. Jr. Hon. Grd, party, Milba, peaches, and E.L.T. DAVID JAY CARTER: Ambition: Own a peanut farm. Activities: Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Jazz Ensemble 1-4; Basb 3-4; Soccer 4. Will never forget Fata D.M,, STONED PONY, the gang, the girls, all my friends and my moms. KELLY CARTER: Ambition: Dental Assistant. Will never forget Sept. 9th when D.B. Introduced me to B.M at K.S. ' s party. PETER CAVIN: Ambition: Undecided. MIKE CHANCELLOR: Ambition: Merchant Seamen. Activities: Ftb. 1. 2. 4; Bktb. 1-4; Basb. 1-4; Snack Bar 3, 4. Will never forget the Prom of 78 and 79 with E.M. JOSEPH CHANCEY: Ambition: Undecided. DAVE L. CHAVEZ: Ambition: To make a few million so Elaine and I can party. Will never forget all the good times I had partying with the 3 T.W. ' s and esp. Elaine Young. IVAN CISNEROS: Ambition: Gourmet Chef. Activities: Var. Ftb. 3. Will never forget all the outrageous times with Terri, Dec. 19, and partying with the boys. ROBERT CLEMENTS: Ambition: Illustrator. Will never forget the crash landing on Mc Fadden Ave., my vacation at San Onofre and P.P. MIKE COELHO: Ambition: To travel the world. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2, Var. 3, 4; Basb. 1. Will never forget the time Ken, Ruben and I went to Mex., the Tequilla, Boamia and the 5 dollars I paid a cop. VIRGINA ■■GINNY " R. COHEN: Ambition: News Reporter. Ac- tivities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1, 2; Ann. Staff 3. 4; Sp. Ed. 4; J.V. Volball 1, 2, M.V.P. 2; Var. Volball 3, 4, L.M. All Tourn. Player 3. 4, All Lge. 3, 4; J.V. Bktb 1; Var. Bktb. 2-4, All Lge. 3. Will never forget the times after V.B. games, B.B. parties, V.B. parties, V.B. 78 and esp. M.N. and my piano. LINDA M. COIE: Ambition: Degree in Bus. Mng. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Sen 1-3; C.S.F. 1-4, Sec. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Pep Club 1. Pres. 3; Pub. Class 2; Ann. Staff, Asst. Ed 3, Ed. 4; Dr. Team 2; Girls Lge. Treas. 3; A.S.B. Treas. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Homecoming Prin. Will never forget F of A, my Sr. year, friends esp. the Kuran ' s, R.S., S.H.. and Pinky but most of all home- coming! ED COLLINS: Ambition: World Chess Champion. Will never forget our crazy times after Neff games, pushing the Edmo- bile, and the R.H.P.S. LARRY A. COMBS: Ambition: Forester. Activities; Frosh. Ftb. Will never forget Mr. Herbst english class in the 9th and 10th grades. GEN CORDOVA: Ambition: To travel and meet a lot of people and make everyone happy. Will never forget Skaneeto Daria, the K.F.C. Gang, M.K. and T.H., B.P.H.S., S.V.N.H.S., N.K.Y., and 10-7-78. 64 Seniors ROCCO CRAIG COSTELLO: Ambition: Undecided Activities: Sen 1. 2; St Comm. 2: Frosti Basb ; Ftb 1-2. Var 3. 4 Will never forget CI F 77, all ttie good times, all ttie imitations and gimicks. Mele. the mind boggling lime in the " fog " , and the out of town girls. I ACI LINN COTTRELL: Ambition To live a life of happiness Will never forget my buddies. Summer " 78 " . High Tops, hunch, parties. An;- Co R CC Spunk, sis. J J. Bs. and 6. CAROL EDITH ELIZABETH COWAN Ambition To be happy and some day become a nurse Activities J V Volball 1 2 4 Var 3: J V Bktb 2: J.V Sftb 3. 4: G I A Soc Ch 3. Pres 4. ' Girls Lge Rep . Jr Hon Grd Will never forget all the crazy things I did in my four years at Neff. my friends and Mike DAVID COX: Ambition: To rid the world of spores Activities: IVIGM 1-4: P I W 2. 3. Pres. 4; Prin Hon Roll 3. 4: C A C C. 4 Will never forget Herbst class. RHPS. nitric. Carlson (UGH). Maggot and all the pythonians JIM BOBO COX: Ambition: Biker Activities Soph Ftb.: Basb 3. 4 Will never forget all the punks I hung aroung with, and my girlfriend KELLEY F COX: Ambition: Truck Driver Activities Sen 1-3; Pep Comm.: Homecoming Prin Will never forget LP. Hawaii. AS. M T . Wives. B.P . Bufferhead. D T . Homecoming. 202. the gang and Henrik. JOEL CRAWFORD: Ambition Little, if any. Activities: Frosh. Ffb : Track 1.2; Var Ftb : News Staff; Ann. Staff Will never ' ■! Uncle Jerry ' s madhouse. Miller ' s Darkroom. WC. s.Minming to Fresno. K.S.. and C.C. PEARLY L CREUTZ8URG: Ambition Business Management- Legal Secretary Will never forget life in Europe, skiing. Hearts and Flowers 78-79. Steph. and Ralph 12-3-77 RALTH E. CURATOLA: Ambition: Computer Technology. Ac- tivities: C.C. 1.2; Track 1 . 2 Will never forget waterskiing with Bob. 12-31-77, vega days, and Pearly. CHRISTINE LOUISE CURRY: Ambition: X-ray Technician Ac- tivities St. Comm 1-4; Pub Class 3: News. Staff 3 4- Ann Staff 3, 4; Jr. Hon Grd : G.I.A. Var Sftb 3. 4; Var. Tennis 1-4 C I F 4. MVP 4. Will never forget sisters. Meatloaf the hill Naugles bin, (F-Fs Virg). Gail, and Tennis (MMMKDDSMRPCT). 1 Vicki Renaud give s Patty Padilla a kiss for good luck. Seniors 65 CHERI DALTON: Ambition: To sail around the world with someone special. Activities: Frosh Hearts and Flowers Prin.; Soph. Soc. Ch.; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Newport ' 78. skinny dipping with A.M and K.S., and the nights out with the girls. MAUREEN M. DANCA: Ambition: Stewardess. Will never forget the Prom of 78 and later at the beach. CATHERINE LEE DAVIS: Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activi- ties: J.V. Yell 2: Var. Yell 3: Alt. Sen. 2-3: G.I. A. Volball 4. Will never forget JR.. Tony. 11-1-75. sisters S.R.-J.S.. Ontario- J.R. and J.S.. dances and Ftb. 3-4. RODNEY DAVIS: Ambition: Undecided DINO P. DE MARCO: Ambition: To be head of the Class. Will never forget getting small, quality friends and )ust quality. L.B.S.. O.Z.S.. G.R.S.. and IVIr. Carlson. LYNETTE MARIE DEVILLIER: Ambition: Cosmetoligist. Activi- ties: Prin. Hon. Roll 2. Will never forget cheek to cheek with G.G. and ton ' s front lawn and all the good times. LORRI DIAZ: Ambition: To marry a rich man before Kathy does. Will never forget D.P.. K.G.. J.D.. C.S., K.D.. M.P.. party- ing with friends, brothers. D.I.S.D., K.B.F.. and Cosm. JAMIE DICKSON: Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: Frosh. Soc. Ch.; J.V. Volball 1; Pep Club 1. 2; Dr. Team 2; St. Comm. 2. 3; Sen. 4; Song 4: Hon. Roll 1. 2. Will never forget skating Whit. Blvd.. Song. Maci ' s. B.B.. the times spent with friends esp. Linda. Bonita. Maci. and of course Joe. MITCHELL DINSMOOR: Ambition: Undecided. 1. Andrea Mills, Kim Seager and Cheri Dalton prove again what hams they can be in Psychology class. 2. Sherrie Holt demonstrates what she does in her private life. 65 Seniors PATRICK DOPUDJA: Ambition: Undecided. MELISSA M DORITTY Ambition; Pediatrician Activities: J V Bktb 3, Var 4. J V Tennis 3. 4 Will never forget Junior INC . Kab and all the little " tweens " . the snack bar. and Tatoya BRENDA LYNN DOWD: Ambition Accountant Activities Sen 1. 2: St Comm. 1. 3, 4; Will never forget my friends, before game parties at M.K s. the mountains, V B F Lin, and MM LINDA LOUISE DOWD: Ambition: Computer Technician. Activi- ties St Comm 1, 3. 4; Sr CI Soc Ch , Jr Hon Grd Will never forget my friends, all the great times we ' ve had. the mountains, V.B F , Bren, and MM TERESA D DRAPER: Ambition: To always be happy Activities: J V Volball: Jr Hon Grd Will never forget all my parents love. all the happiness I ' ve found with Allen, and 11-3-78 WENDY L DUBRALL: Ambition: Cosmetologist Activities: Kal.. Thes.: St. Comm 3: Jr Hon Grd Will never forget Hearts and Flowers 77. partying with T F , KM, M T , football games and Mark. RON DUNCAN: Ambition: Fireman. Will never forget the foot- ball games and Whittier Blvd , and the Maverick KIRT DUNN: Ambition: To own a motorcycle shop Activities: Ann. Staff Will never forget summer of VS " , football games. Wyatt ' s class. Millers darkroom, beach parties, and friends. RONALD J DUQUETTE: Ambition: Construction Engineer: Ac- tivities: Bktb 1-4: Basb , 3-4; Sen 2: Prin Hon Roll 1-4. Will never forget the last week of my junior year, and L S. KEITH ELLSWORTH: Ambition: Undecided ED ENNIS: Ambition: Plantation owner in Taiwan Activities: Sen 3 Will never forget the river. May ■ ' 77 " with T W and A J . A J learning to ski. May " VS " , and Tina. RHONDA ANN FELTNOR Ambition: Veterinarian Will never forget my honey Michael and all of our moments together, my sweet family and friends. CINDY L. FERGUSON: Ambition: A professional water skier and to love Don forever Will never forget Con-wan (my best- friend). V Saint Mane, Sis Lori, Tre, " Don my love ' . 5-27. and 6-11 ERIC FERGUSON: Ambition: Undecided DANIEL L FIELDEN Ambition: Engineer Activities: Sen 2; Band 1; MGM 1-4 Will never forget wrong foot of the year award, all my nicknames, and the physics flex. Seniors 67 1. Rich Ortega is totally stunned wtien Mr. Robillard starts his lecture. 2. Kevin Ostler and Ron Scott seem to have trouble cheering at the exchange rally. 3. Debbie Rader, Michelle Kozak, Sherrie Holt, Cathy Jones and Marsha Mc Intosh show how close the senior class is. RICHARD MIYAZATO FIGUEROA: Ambition: Engineer. Activi- ties: Sen. 1: C.S.F. 1-4: Con. Band 1-4, Pres. 4: Drum Major 4; Hon. Roll 1-4: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget the Physics Flex, the P.O,, Tourism, the kid, the yacht, and the good times. JAMES FITZPATRICK: Ambition: Undecided. MARIA GORETTI FLORES: Ambition: Clerk Typist. Activities: Volball. 1, 3. Will never forget 1977 and 1978 Christmas Eve ' s and my junior year. RON FLORES: Ambition: Undecided. ROBERT FOLLIS: Ambition: Undecided. THERESA JOANNE FRANCIS: Ambition: Burger Queen. Activi- ties: Band 1: G.I.A. Sftb. 1-3: Tennis 1, 3: M.V.P. 1: M.I. MP. 3. Will never forget all the good times I had with my friends and the Summer of ' 78. TERRY FREAR: Ambition: Butcher. Activities: Ftb. 1. Will never forget C, J. ' s bug, the walkway at Lucky ' s, and all the crazy things we did. PENNY T. FUJITA: Ambition: Pharmacist and to see all of Europe before I am 25. Activities: Bktb. Stat.; Prin. Hon. Roll 2. Will never forget Germany ' 78, driving home from K.B.F. with S.K., B.J.C. with J.W., and L.V. with S.D. DEAN KEN FUKAWA: Ambition: Sumo Wrestler. Activities: Art Club 4: Var. Wrestling 2-4: Track 2: Prin. Hon. Roll 4. Will never forget the time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at L.M. HOWARD GASSER: Ambition: Undecided 68 Seniors CRAIG JAMES GAUTHIER: Ambition: Kick back and be a Mil- lionaire Activities Ftb 1-4; Basb 1-4; Sen. 1. 4. Will never forget summer of 78. beach trips, all tfie out of town girls, and R C , R T , R N , C H . and esp S.N. GREG L GOBEN Ambition: Doctor. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; Band 2 4; Con Band 2-4. Asst Drum Ma) 3. 4. Will never forget " Kluck are you crazy? " and the P CHRIS L GOCHNOUR Ambition Fashion Designer Activities: J V Yell 2: V Yell 3. 4: Girls Lge Sec 4; News Staff: Pub. Class. Prin Hon Roll 1. 2: Hon Roll 1. 2: C S F 1; Jr Hon Grd : St Comm 3. 4: Sen. 4. Will never forget Vicki R getting stuck in the closet, winning sweepstakes, and my friends JACQUELINE GODFREY: Ambition: Undecided. RICARDO (GONZO) GONZALEZ: Ambition: Engineering. Activi- ties: C S F 1 . 2: Prin Hon Roll 1 . 2: Track 1 ; FOP 1.0 W. 3. 4 Will never forget Eds pens, Carlson ' s jokes. R H.P.S . Bonzo. LM, 9-10-78. 11-27-78, EC and Robin T. SHEILA R GORMAN: Ambition: Computer Programmer. Ac- tivities: St Comm. 2-4: Kal 1. 2. V.P 3. 4; Cam. Host 1-3 Art Club 4: SEC 1; F L C. 1: J.V Tennis 1-3: G.I. A. 1-3 Will never forget working on the Rose Float, and going to the football games with our gang. ALISON GAY GREGOREK: Ambition: Own a ranch. Activities: St Comm 2. 3: Kal 1-4: Sen. 3: Pep Club 2: Rose Float 1. Will never forget 1-1-78 in the desert. 11-12-77. 7-28-77. Jr. Prom . and Mrs Jean Jerome VERONICA GREINKE Ambition: C P A and to get the best out of life Activities: J V Volball 1. 2. Var 3. 4. Var Sub 1: Sen 1: Alt Sen 2: Pub Class. Hon Roll; Jr Hon Grd Will never forget the party on 4-2-78. Hollywood ' 78. the Prom, and skiing DARLA JEAN GRIFFIN: Ambition: Math Teacher. Activities: C A C C 3: C S F 1-4. V P 4; Dr Team 2: G I A Volball 2: Jr. Hon Grd : Kal Cam Hos 3. 4. Pres. 4; MGM 1-4: St Comm. 3. 4: Prin Hon Roll 1-4. Sen 2; Spch Club 2-4. Track 1. 2 Will never forget my best friend Michelle, and all the fun times being " little people " . Seniors 69 DIANE MICHELLE GURLEY: Ambition: Physical Therapist and to live a happy life with a certain someone. Activities: Sen. 3. 4; St. Comm. 4. Will never forget my crazy friends, Maz. 77. 2- 23-78, and hi times with Judy and Champion R.D.S. LUKE NASH GUTIERREZ: Ambition: To drive a vet and have a boat. Will never forget November 12, 1978. KAREN E. HAASE: Ambition: To find out why I ' m on this planet. Activities: Jr. Hon, Grd, Will never forget Soph, year, MS. ' s Cranker, Summer of ' 77, the Beatles, and of course, Eugene. JON HADDAD: Ambition: To buy half the cars and bikes Ed did this year and win a cow trailer event at Saddleback. Will never forget the night at IVIotor with Ed. Bob, and Vic, and Ed ' s new four wheeler on it ' s side. DONALD HAINES: Ambition: Undecided. DEBRA DEE HANCOCK: Ambition: Fashion Merchandiser and to be on time! Activities: Frosh Sec: St. Comm.: Sen. 1-4; Bullock ' s Teenboard Rep.: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget our crazy gang. Hoss ' s boxgerm. the Bora ' s, weekend lines, NY 78, Fuze, and J, P. JOAN KEIKO HARRIS: Ambition: To help and work with sick, disabled, or handicapped children. Activities: C.S.F. 1-4: MGM; C.A.C.C: Prin. Hon. Roll. 1-4. Will never forget 2-18-76, my freshman year, friends, TOPITPT, Christmas 1978. J ' s and T ' s of A, and most of all Timothy Allan Murphy and OFK, KATHY HASERT: Ambition: To marry a millionaire. Will never forget my best friends Paula and Robin, P.K.P.. and finally graduating from Neff. JIM HASKELL: Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Tennis 1-4; Drama 2-4: Thes. 3-4; St. Comm. 3. Will never forget R.S. and D.L., 11-14-78. and most of all I ' ll never forget my love for Lori, 70 Seniors 1 Laura Maffei must really enjoy her art class 2 Chris Koseff. Doug Wriss. Bob Inge, and Kerry Carson (ind the camera very amusing. 3 What are Tony Sherwin and Mark Sanchez talking about? EUGENE HATTORFF Ambition: Undecided THEODORE DWIGHT HAUPERT: Ambition: Undecided Activi- ties: Bktb 1-4; Basb 1-4; Ftb. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget the friends I ' ve made, sports, parties, and Midnight Raiders CAROLYN HEESE: Ambition: To live a happy life Activities: Prin. Hon Roll 1-4: Hon. Roll 1-4; C S F 1-2: Jr St Comm.; Pub Class 3; Ann Staff 4 Will never forget summer of 1978. Shell Gas Station with Maryanne. and all my friends. MIKE WM HELM: Ambition: To tour the highlands of Thailand Will never forget Van Halen at the Whiskey, good times, bad times. Stowes summer of 78. RWTD. Led Zepplin. and sum- mer of 77. CARIE MARIE HENSLEY: Ambition: The greatest girl waters- kier Activities Frosh V P.: St. Comm 2; Sen 1-4: Var. Track 1-3, MVP 2; Var C C. 1-3; Sftb 3; Jr Hon Grd. Will never forget the hill, Newport. C.S. and all his shirts. PS Penny DH; and Err 1st love W.B. ERIC HERMAN Ambition: To be rich. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1; Track 2-4; Sr. St Comm Will never forget Cliff diving at San Clemente. Sherwins New Years Party and all my friends TRACI LEA HERMAN: Ambition: Neil Youngs live-in compan- ion Activities: Sen 1; Ski Club. Will never forget San Clem . Ray, N and L. snowmasses. concerts. Ken ' s, the lone bug. and Neil almost TOD ANDREW HEYWOOD: Ambition Fleet Admiral. Activities: MGM 1-4; PLOW. 2-4. Sgt At Arms 2-4. Will never forget P I W and all the gang, even maggot and Dave and Gib. and J.J JO JAN N HIEDA: Ambition: To own a New Bepsi Activities: Prin Hon. Roll 2; G LA J V. Volball 2. Var MVP 3; J.V Bktb 1-2. Var 3-4; J.V. Sftb 2-4; G I A. Pub. Ch 3 Will never forget Fwys with M K . being gruesome with Mibby. and pals Julie. Kal. Gin. Miss, and Cow. DONNA HILDRETH: Ambition: To graduate and be a Dental Asst. Will never forget Kay ' s party and all my friends at Netf. and Tim! RICHARD HILL Ambition: Undecided TERRI LYNN HOLCOMB Ambition: Airline Ticket Agent. Activi- ties: J V Sftb. 1-2 Will never forget my best friends C R , J S . C.P.. T.D.. EM. and the good times I ' ve had with them. Seniors 71 1. Ron Torres kicks back and waits for dinner. 2 Melanie Kuran feeds Linda Coie wfiiie Cam Hum looks on SHERRIE ANNE HOLT: Ambition: To be punctual. Activities: A.S.B. V.P.: Sopti. CI. Pres.; Girls Lge. Jr. Rep.: St. Comm. 1-4; Sen. 3: Frosfi. Bktb. Stat.: Hearts and Flowers Prin. 2: Home- coming Queen. Will never forget Homecoming, ttie hill, Kevin ' s Birthday Kiss, the foursome, and times with Wayne. JUDITH LYNN HRAPCHAK: Ambition: Interior Designer and to live a happy life. Activities: Sen. 1-3: St. Comm. Will never forget our crazy gang, the Norm. Soc: Hi times with Di and champion: $62 and — Bob. JOHN HUERTA: Ambition: Undecided. KELLEY LEE HULL: Ambition: To have my own lion. Activities: A.S.B. Dir. of Act.: Soph. Sec; Jr. Treas.: Frosh. St. Comm.; Frosh Bktb. Stat.: Pub. Class; Ann. Staff; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Home- coming Prin. Will never forget all my friends, Pasha, the hill, my loves. Class of 79 and Homecoming 78. CAIVIERON PAGE HUr l: Ambition: To be Pope Cam-Paul IV. Activities: MGM 1-4; C.S.F. 1-4; Pub. CI. 3; Ann. Staff; C.A.C.C. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget Midnight Raiders, S.C. 77, 78, Gorkos, or Air borne on the 605- 11 11 78. TERESA R. INNES: Ambition: Business and Travel. Activities: Kal. 1; Cam. Host. 1; Pep Club 1; Art Club 1; Dr. Team 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the crazy times with I.S., and the parties, games, dances, and the river. FRIEDA ISELI: Ambition: To marry my man Brown. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the Blvd., Grad 76, Shattering, G and W. ABPP, 5-6-77, and most of all Bobby. PHILIP B. JAIVIES: Ambition: Musician. Activities: Sen. 3, 4. Will never forget Jimi Hendrix, " James-Gang " , Soccer 72-78, and all the cars I jump over. ANNA JARNIGANA: Ambition: Undecided. MARK JAYCOX: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; J.V. Golf; Frosh. Basb. Will never forget being on the 1 football team, and all the dances and parties after the games. 72 Seniors WILLIAM JENKINS Ambition Undecided CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY JESSING Ambition Butcher Ac- tivities: J.V Wrestling; Band 12: Con Band 1-2 Will never forget the crazy things we did. T F , my bug. the walkway at Lucky ' s. and esp Rachelle CAROL LYNNE JOHN: Ambition: Fashion Designer Activities: Pep Club 1: Dr team 2: Flag 4: Jr Hon Grd Will never forget Green M and Ms. Steve Martin Tapes. " We stayed out ' till ten O ' clock " , and mostly O.K. TROY RICKEY JOHNSON Ambition: Bus Admin Major Activi- ties: Hon Roll: NFL: Spch Club: Tennis: Basb : Bktb Will never forget the times that I have had to switch from High School to High School, then to Neff. CATHY LEE JONES: Ambition: To someday be with S A J for- ever! Activities: Sr CI. Sec ; Hon Roll 1-4: Prin Hon Roll 1. 3. 4: C S F 1. 3. 4: Sen. 1-4; Sftb. 2-4: Jr Hon Grd Will never forget Monsanto. BB ' s on the Blvd . ABPP. the hill. Naugles TB. Gin and Wink, parties. 7-16-77 and Shattering JEFFREY JONES Ambition: Chief tester at the Cola Factory Will never forget great times I had with all my great friends. LISA JONES: Ambition: To try everything once. Activities: Sen. 1-2 Will never forget the nights we never came home. Sept. 25. D B.. ultimate Max. S D. and R, and R. BARBARA KAY JUNGE: Ambition: To live for Jesus Activities: J V Yell: Var Yell 3 Will never forget my best buddie Rhonda. the good times in the snackbar and the summer of " 78 " . MICHELLE KALTE (MICKI): Ambition: To be His!! Activities: G I A Volball . J.V. 1-2. Var. 3-4: Bktb. 1-2: Wrestling Stat 2-4: Jr Hon Grd. Will never forget the times caught by P with Kim. the Cliff, the Fwy with J.H . the DR Gang, and my Wayno. HUSSEIN KASSIR: Ambition: Undecided. COLLEEN LEIGH KEEGAN: Ambition: Raise Reindeer in Egypt. Activities: Pep Club 1-3: Kal 3: Cam Host 3: Fr Club 2: St Comm 2 Will never forget that certain disco with Y.A. and PA. San Onofre. and especially Terence-Jay! Seniors 73 BRENDA KELLEY: Ambition: Legal Secretary Will never forget the time me and LR pulled a joke on LA our sophomore year, also someone very special to me. J.H. SUZANNE KELLISON: Ambition: Comp Programmer. Activi- ties: G.I.A. Volball J.V. 1-2, Var. 3-4. Will never forget Ike and Mike, the gang, dancing at Icks. moped and Blvd with KM. Hollywood, and Bungo. TERRY KELLY: Ambition: Undecided. KATHY ■■GIGGLES " KENNEDY: Ambition: To marry Brent and live by Gods Word. Activities: Sen. 3-4; Dr. Team 4; Pep Club 3; Cam. Host. 1-4: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the fun in 21 1. D. Team and all my crazy friends and B.S. and G.L. DANIEL LEWIS KERN: Ambition: To own my own ranch in Montana. Will never forget the time Mark G.. Tim C. and I went shooting and I almost got shot by Tim. ELIZABETH MARIE KEUL: Ambition: Commercial Artist. Activi- ties: Song 3-4; Girls Lge. Sr. Rep.; Ann. Staff; Pub. Class; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-3; Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1-2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; St. Comm. 3-4; Basb. Stat. 2; C.A.C.C. Will never forget Song. Jam I and II at Grandma ' s Pad. the fun times with Chris, my pal. and all those fantastic times on song with my twin. Me- lanie. DONALD L. KINKADE: Ambition: To stay up while Snow and Water Skiing. Activities: Fr. Club 2. Will never forget Mrs. Bigh- ips and the great times I had with S.S. MICHAEL RAYMOND KLUCK: Ambition: Architect. Activities: C.C. 1-4; Track 1-4. M.V.P. 1-2; C.S.F. 1-4 Hon. Roll 1-4; Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4. Will never forget Friday night at P.O. ' s and all the good times I had with my friends. RHONDA LOUISE KNERR: Ambition: To live a long and happy life with the ones I love. Will never forget my good friend Barbara, the Snack Bar. Prom 78. and my escort Dan. 74 Seniors MICHELLE KOZAK: Ambition Mr McConnell ' s woman Activi- ties: A SB. Sec. 4; Jr CI Sec ; C S F 4: Sen 4; Prin Hon Roll 1. 3. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd Will never forget the hiill. grad nigtit 78. my toga, KM. Pudgy Pictiard, my friends, and esp 1 1-4-78 MICHELLE KROTINGER: Ambition Business Woman Activi- ties: St Comm 2-4; Sen 3: Girls Lge. 2. 3; Kal 1-4. Pres 2; Cam Host 1-4. Pres. 3: C.S.F 1-4. Sec. 3. Pres 4; MGM Spcti Club 1-4. Hist. 2; News Staff 2-4, Ed 3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3. Prin Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget being shorter than the " Hobits " , " Whiskers " , and my blond buddy. DC. RICHARD R KRUSE: Ambition: Proctologist Will never forget suing Morgan Equipment Company GREGORY KUNKEL: Ambition: Accountant Will never forget the week at Carlsbad, and the times I ' ve spent with Wendy. MELANIE JANE KURAN: Ambition: Business Management Ac- tivities: Sen. 2. 3 Pep Club 2. V P. 3: Var Bktb Stat 1; Pub. CI 2: Ann Staff 3. CI Ed 4: MGM: C.S F. 1-4; Prin Hon Roll; J V. Yell 2; Song 3. 4: Jr Hon Grd Will never forget Song jams at Grandmas pad. laughs with Liz. my junior year, and my five year friendship with Linda SCOTT ALAN LAKE Ambition: Photographer Activities: Band 1-4; Con Band 1-4: Jazz Band 1-4; Band Treas 4 Will never forget getting caught on the sidewalk near the P.O s house one night THOMAS LARSEN: Ambition: To be a wild and crazy guy. Ac- tivities: Art Club. CONNIE LARSON: Ambition: To marry Mick Jagger Will never forget B D and M D in my frosh year, and all the good times with Carrie and Danny, DONALD A LARSON Ambition: Computer Programmer. Ac- tivities: C S.F. 1. 2; Band 1-4; Con Band 1-4; Stage Band 1-4: MGM; Soccer 4; Hon Roll 1-4; Prin Hon Roll 1-3 Will never forget all my friends, the women. FA TO DM., and my good times at Neff. BILL LAUGHLIN: Ambition: To get rich. Activities: Wrestling; Band Will never forget all the parties I went to. my good friends S M . C C . T P . AY. and Mr Goodman. DONALD LAYTON JR : Ambition: Money. Money. Money. Ac- tivities: Thes 1-4; St Comm 1; Sen. 1-2; MGM; Tennis 1-4; Rose Float 1-4 Will never forget Mazatlan. R.J . Jim. Larry. 10- 3-77. 2-12-78. 5-20-78. and all my love for LJRB HAROLD PHILLIP LIGHT: Ambition: Exhibitionist Activities: Spch Club 1; C.A.C.C ; C S F 1-4; Hon Roll 1-4; Prin Hon Roll 1-4. Will never forget Neff. unfortunately. 1. Bruce Yoder. Glen Buhr. Eric Herman. Kevin Ufholtz. and Ted Haupert show how graceful they can be at the exchange rally 2. Mark Sanchez makes the big exchange with Melissa Vigil and Diane Thorpe 3. Debbie Rader doesn ' t seem to enjoy her sewing class. Seniors 75 KAY ALLISON LITWIN: Ambition: Jazz Dancer on Broadway. Activities: C.S.F. 1-4; A.A.C.C. 3; Thes. 1-2; Fr. Club 1: MGM 1- 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3. Will never forget being Ms. Nov.. Jr. Hon, Grd., and the better teachers esp. BR, T,C,. F,M,. D,L, GRACE LOPEZ: Ambition: Beautician. Will never forget all my friends, and that I didn ' t get to graduate a year early, RONALD THOMAS LUCKER: Ambition: Own a Casino, Activi- ties; Ftb, 1; Tennis 2-4, JENNY SANTOS LUNA: Bookkeeper, Activities: Hon, Roll. Will never forget the first time I met Nacho and friends L.R., L.V., L.G.. M,F,, ME,, C,V,, L, and Apr, 20th, JOE LUNA: Ambition: Aviation Pilot, Will never forget the sum- mer of ' 78, GABRIELA " 86 " LUQUE; Ambition: Child Psychologist, Activi- ties: Sen, 4, Will never forget all my friends. Summer of ' 77 and ' 78. " the River " and Bobo, DUANE LUZZO: Ambition: Real Estate, Pro, Soccer, Activities: Spch, Club; J,V, Basb; Soph, Bktb; Var, Soccer, Will never forget all my friends I made at Neff, Mazatlan ' 79, Devo and Rocky Horror, and Ed ' s pens, NANCY CHRISTINE MAC DONALD: Ambition: Undecided, Will never forget San Clem,, Concerts, Snowmasses, T and L, The Lone Bug, Ken ' s, Catalina and Scuba, LAURA M, MAFFEI: Ambition: Fingernail sculptor. Activities: St, Comm; Jr, Hon, Grd, Will never forget when the sprinklers came on at Graduation and becoming Chuchi ' s girlfriend. hndl f 1, Bobo Cox IS totally jazzed with his artistic skills, 2, Eugene Hattorff, Traci Herman, Bruce Yoder, Ke- vin Ufholtz and Glen Buhr cook up a storm, 3, Kelley Hull. John Repka and Karen Seymour do their thing while Kevin Miller poses for a picture. 4, Liz Keul and Eric Herman enjoy each others com- pany at lunch. 76 Seniors MICHAEL MALONEY: Ambition: Undecided. JERRY MARSCHKE: Ambition; Coast Guard. Activities: Soccer 2: Snack Bar 2-4 Will never forget ST. for being so helpful and nice, and all the nice people at Netf. SUSAN MARSHCKE; Ambition: Physical Therapist. Activities: Volball 2, 3: Sftb 3, 4. Will never forget all the fun times I had with my friends. MICHAEL J MARSHALL: Ambition: Public Relations. Will never forget Mazat., Chuck, Pat. Rich. C.C. M.V., Aeros Killer 5, festivities, and good times. DALE MASON: Ambition: To take my team to the Olympics. Will never forget San Clemente, Carlsbad, and being coach of the B L team. LARRY MASTON: Ambition: Olympic Javelin Catcher. Activi- ties: Prin Hon Roll 2. 3: Thespians 2-4. Will never forget Rocky Horror, fondling, and the football games. MIKE D. MC DONNELL: Ambition: Truck driver and Profession- al Race Car Driver. Will never forget Martys party, and party- ing in the parking lot. PATRICK ROY MC FARLAND: Ambition: Busboy Activities: Ftb. 1, 2: Varsity Bktb Will never forget running the 1000. Milobaby s 4th per.. Comp 1, and my first referal MARSHA MC INTOSH: Ambition: To get a standing ovation on Broadway Activities: Thes. 1-4. V.P. 3; C.S F. 1-4. Sgt. at Arms 2. 3; Hon Roll 1-4; Sen. 2-4; Jr. Hon. Grd ; Rose Floats; Best Minor Actress 75-76 Will never forget Maz ' 77. Eur ' 78. K H . Idaho ' 79. A B Openings. Bob. Rissi. KM. Mr Muffet. and Pee Seniors 77 MICHAEL MC MULLIN: Ambition: Undecided. RONALD L. MEDLIN: Ambition: To be able to stand up while snow skiing and not look like a beginner. Will never forget Mrs. Bighips. woodshop witti D.K., summer of 78, J.S., anchovy pizza, and table 2 food. EDWARD JAMES MERATI: Ambition: Business Man. Activities: Soccer; Sen.: Hon. Roll. Will never forget back-to-back hole- shoots and 1st place overall at saddleback summer series. KIM MERRILL: Ambition: Marry a rich old man. Will never forget Mac Aurthur Park, the times caught by P.O. with Mick, the cliff, and the moped with Sue. ALEX MESKO: Ambition: Architect. Activities: Soccer. Will nev- er forget how fun it was on the banquet day with all the soccer players of Neff. DIANE JANETTE MILLER: Ambition: Sec. Activities; Flag 3, Head 4; Dr. Team 2; Kal. 1, 2; Camp host 1, 2; Pep club; Art club 2; Spch. Club 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; C.S.F. 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3; Hearts and Flowers Prin. 3. Will never forget We are 1; H and F Prin, ' 78; " Green M and M ' s; My rock; P.T.C.H.; Fig. BBQ 78; and S.M. Tapes. KEVIN J. MILLER: Ambition; To understand M.K. Activities: Ann. Staff 4; Pub. Class 3; Thes 1-3; Prin. Hon. Roll 4; St. Comm. 3; Senate 3-4, Rose Float 1-4; Best Mm. Act. 75-76; Nom for Best Act. 3, 4. Will never forget Candlelight drink. Max. 76, Pasha, Inda. 78, M.M., M.K., W.G.B., Fri. nights with K.M.. A.B. with buddy M.M., and the Lime. ANDREA J. MILLS: Ambition; To grow out li ke Dolly Parton, Activities: Soph Treas; Ftb. Stat 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Newport 78, skinny dipping with CD. and K.S., Mt ' s Old Grads, Mr. M, and C.B. ' s kiss. ROBIN L. MITCHELL; Ambition; Accountant. Activities: Ftb. 1; Track 1-4; C.C. 2-4, M.V.P. 4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; C.S.F. 3. Will n§ver forget Miler ' s cancer cell, making a movie for U.S. History and Mazatlan 78. TONY MOLINA; Ambition: Masonnary and to continue moto- cross racing. Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 4; Ftb. 1. Will never forget my friends and all the good times I had my school years. ELAINE MARIE MONTGOMERY: Ambition; Professional Cake Decorator. Will never forget my parents love and support, and times with T.D.J.D.A.B. and all the rest. 78 Seniors CHARLENE MOORE: Ambition Undecided VETA RENEE MORA: Ambition: To become a Naturalist or Worlds Champ Womens Motocross Activities MGM: Pub. Class: GIA Volball. 1. 4; G I A SItb 1 Will never forget ■Geo " , ' Lu " . ■Minkey " . " Tam " . and the trash fight at the Boston concert STEVE MORALES: Ambition: Undecided. BARBARA MORRILL: Ambition: To live a happy life, and be successful. Activities: Pep Club. Cam. Host. Will never forget all the good times I had with all of my friends. MARY HELEN MOSKUN: Ambition: Sec. Bookkeeper Activi- ties: Treas Pep Club 1. Soph St. Comm.; Prin Hon Roll 1. 2; Jr. Hon Grd : Tro|an Shield Typist 4. Will never forget Ike and Mike, Hollywood, Ick ' s. the old gang, 12-28-76, and my one and only, grf. STEVEN LEE MULLINAX; Ambition: Chief of Control. Activities: Ftb. 1-4. MVP 2. MVP Off Back 3: Bktb 1-4. MVP. 1, 2: Basb 1, 2 Will never forget B.L. ' s at D M.s, Point Magoe ' 77. Mothers Hg . all my partners, J.S. and esp. Andge. DENNIS JAMES MURPHY: Ambition: Photographer. Activities: Band 1-4: Concert Band 1-4: Jazz Band 3-4. Will never forget the day that milk was cold at school, J.W for Pres. and my friends. JEFF NELSON: Ambition: Firefighter-Paramedic. Will never forget riding around in my dad ' s ' 65 chevy. JAMIE H NESTOR: Ambition: Stuntman. Activities: Ftb. 2-4; Track 2-4: MGM: Soccer 2: Exchange Rally 4. Will never forget S.C. 78-79, Feb 18. ' 78. B ' s Mersh. B L s. Airborn 79, and Midnight Maniac ' s. 1. Cam Hum and Ron Scott sweep Linda Coie off her feet. 2 The senior class rises for the Star Spangled Banner at the La Mirada 3 Gabriel Wurzler and Terry Wayne are stunned at the centerfold in U.S. News Seniors 79 MELISSA NEWGENT: Ambition: To marry Robert Redford. Ac- tivities: G.I.A. 1-4. Fr. Rep. 1, Hist, 3. 4: Volball. 1-4. Var. 2-4. M.I. 2. All-Lge. 3. 4. Capt. 4. M.V.P. 4: Var. Bktb. 1-4. Capt. 4; Sftb. 2-4. Var. 3. 4. M.V.P. J.V. 2; Hon. Roll. 1-4. Will never forget Gin. playing the piano. Volball ' 77. ' 78. and smilin ' on a certain summer night. JERRY NIELSEN: Ambition: Undecided. ERIC OLSON: Ambition: President of the New York Stock Exchange. Activities: Bktb. 2-4; C.S.F. 1. Will never forget all the scandles and conspiracies, and burning down the neigh- bors house. RICHARD A. ORTEGA: Ambition: Physician. Activities: Sen. 2. 4: Stage Craft 1: Ftb. 1. 2: Bktb. 1. J.V. 2. Var. 3. 4: Var. Track 3. 4. Will never forget Tony ' s and Rich ' s scandals, pudgy. B.H. talks with Bruce, K.S., S.H.. KDCMLM. Pat. Mike, and Chuck. MARTHA ORTIZ: Ambition: To be successful in life. Activities: J.V. Volball 1, 2; Var. Volball 4; Soph. St. Comm.: Jr. Hon. Grd.: Sen. 3; Pub. Class 3: Ann. Staff 3. 4: News Staff 3. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1. 2. Will never forget Meatloaf. Queb 1. 6-10- 78. Buck, times with Sis. Dave, M.C. with Chris. Greg, and the Ghia. MATTHEW FREDERICK ORWOLL: Ambition: Astronaut. Activi- ties: Sen. 1. 2, 4, Alt. 3: Snackbar 2. 3. Will never forget the M ' s and K ' s. Bubbles, and GPOBCWKN. KEVIN PATRICK OSTLER: Ambition: Journalist. Activities: Ftb. 1. Co. Capt. 2. Var. 3. 4: Track, M.V.P. 1. Var. 2-4: Hon. Roll 1- 4, Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4: C.S.F. 2-4; News. Staff 2-4. Will never forget the GANG and our activities. C.I.F. ' 77-78. the Mtn. Trip; S.D. and the Great CI. of ' 79. LISA MARIA PADILLA: Ambition: Work in the Arts. Activities: G.I.A. Var. Tennis 1-4; G.I.A. Var. Sftb. 3, 4. Thes. 2-4. Pub. 4; G.I.A. Pub. 4; Art Club 1-4. Pub. 3, V.P. 4; M.I. P. Tennis 3; Best Min. Actress 2. 3; Outstanding Jr. Eng. Stu. Will never forget London-Paris ' 78. Lost in the Louvre. " La La La Mirada " . and " Who Goes Bare? " PATRICIA L. PADILLA: Ambition: To own my own business. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Var. Yell 4. Will never forget making V. Yell, my Z. Camp, my 3 kegger party and esp. Mark Sanchez. ANTHONY PAGANO: Ambition: Undecided. LAURA PALMER: Ambition: Stenographer: Activities: Pep Club 1: Cam. Host. 1-3; St. Comm. 2. Will never forget D.W.. C.T.. the rock, the coke incident and all my good memories. 80 Seniors 1 Seniors show what fun rallies can be when you get involved. 2 How can Andrea Mills handle Don Weeks and Bruce Yoder at the same time 3. Kirt Dunn is really looking forward to the great Neff food. SUSAN PAYNE: Ambition: Undecided. MICHAEL PEASE: Ambition: Undecided. VICKI PEDDICORD: Ambition: To be Willie ' s Angel. Will never forget LP.. K.C. AS., the calico, and most of all my love for my one and only Willie. MIKE AUGUST PEHLKE: Ambition: To become a ski instructor. Activities: Frosh. Ftb.: Frosh. Track. Will never forget going skiing 76 and 77, working at the station and meeting Carol. BRIAN PEPPER: Ambition: Firefighter. SANDRA KAY PERALTA: Ambition: Secretary. Activities: J.V. Volball Will never forget B G . K.R , S.W., and going to the football games with Jeff. LORl PESCHKE: Ambition: To be happy in life. Will never forget AS. V P . K C . and our crazy times in Hawaii with K C. and my love for Jeff Banas. KIMBERLY KAY PETERS: Ambition: Business Admin. Activities: C S.F 1-2; Hon Roll 1-4: Prin Hon Roll 1-2 Will never forget Mexico 1977 with Linda, being called Morticia. summer of 78. and Pat LYNN PHILBROOK: Ambition; Undecided. Seniors 81 1. Don Weeks. Vicki Peddicord and Ann Senn show that to- getherness in the kitchen is better. 2. Laura Maffei gives Robin Terry that special phone number. 3. Jenny Reyes makes herself at home in the Career Center. MARTIN B. PHILLIPS: Ambition: Welder or Photographer. Will never forget crazy man Herbsts ' class, days in photo and esp. M.C., J.G. and Olge. CANDICE S. PIERCE: Ambition: To live the rest of my life with C.B. Will never forget May 25. 1978, at Whittier Blvd. with T.D. and the great times with C.B. RONALD STEVEN PINEIRA: Ambition: Journalist. Activities: Basb. 1. Var. 2-4: Ftb. 2, Var. 3; J.V. Bktb. 2, Var. 4; News. Staff 2. Sports Ed. 3-4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; MGM. Will never forget our frwy mishap, the little excursion we took, all my friends, and the class of 79! ROGER LAWRENCE PLANK: Ambition: Fisherman. Activities: Ftb. 1; J.V. Golf 1-2; Bktb. 2-4. Will never forget Snavelys ' " car " , the conversations at lunch, and bktb. coaching from R.W. STEPHANIE DIANE PLEW: Ambition: Dietition. Activities: Band 1-3; Con. Band 1-3; Stage Band 2; Soph. Rep., Treas. 3; C.S.F. 1-2: Basb. Stat. 3; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll. Will never forget being stuck in the rain, lights at W.W., mountains 75, T.U.. and the island. JUVELINA R. PONCE: Ambition: To be a Teacher and Psychol- ogist. Will never forget my high school years at Neff, friends, 10-11-78, D.C., X-mas of 77, and Mom and Dad. NANCY LYNN PONZIO: Ambition: My 20th Birthday Stewar- dess. Activities: Pep Club; Basb. Bat Girl; Soph. St. Comm.; Dr. Team; Banner 3, Head 4. Will never forget the parties, the gang, C.I.F., D.B.. T.M., J.S., 8-10-78, and " I Spy " . LAURA PORRAS: Ambition: Live, Love and Laugh. Will never forget the fairhope and San Estaran, good times, muddy short cut, biology and 21. PAGE CHARLES PROCTOR: Ambition: To enjoy life. Activities: Bowling 1-2; Var. Track 3-4; Var. Ftb. 4; J.V. Soccer 2. Will never forget fort Wickham. Thanksgiving 1977, and good friends. 82 Seniors CATHLEEN M. PRUDEN Ambition Cruise Director Activities; Sen 1. 2: Jr Hon. Grd Will never forget the hill, the good times with ' frr " and Jones and all R T s hastles MARK W PRULL; Ambition: Actor Activities; Frosh. Bktb Will never forget plays. I azatlan 1978. all the friends I ' ve made. my Jr year. S C . ML and R J DEBRA JEAN RADER Ambition: To surf like Rocky Will never forget all my beautiful friends, the hill. Pasha. Gin and Wink. Rocky and Craig. JOHN REBER: Ambition: Truck driver. Activities; J.V. Track 2. Will never forget when I broke Dave Cox ' s arm in volleyball in 1977 MELINDA GALE RECTOR: Ambition: I don ' t want much. I just want everything Activities; Band 1-3; Marching Band 1-3; G I.A. J.V Tennis 3; J.V Bktb 3; Var, Track 2-4. Will never forget C.B and H U . winning B T. in Rac. Ball, my ups and downs, to smile, and T P till 3 am. CYNTHIA CHRISTENE REED; Ambition: Airline Stewardess Ac- tivities: Bktb. 1. 2. Most Improved 1 Will never forget T H.. J.S.C.P.. my other friends, all my loves, and crazy times. JANINE RAE REESE; Ambition; Registered Nurse Activities; C S F,. Prin Hon Roll. MGM. Pep Club 1-3; Pub, Class 2. J V. Yell 2 Ann. Staff 3. 4; News. Staff 3. 4; V Yell 3. Head 4. Will never forget friends. J.K P D.. F of A. 8 14-20. 26. 30 77. 9 4 77 and especially Timothy Christopher Leeman. LYNDA J REISSIG; Ambition; To marry a tall, good lookin. Rich Man!!! Activities; Band 1-3: Con Band 1-3; Song 4; Var Track 3. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.: Art Club 4 Will never forget lights at WW., stuck in the ram. " flash your lights Eileen " . and T.P till 3 am VICKI GAY RENAUD: Ambition; To be happy in whatever I do Activities; Sen. 1: St Comm 3. 4; J.V Yell 2; Var. Yell 3. 4: Homecoming Prin Will never forget V Yell. J V. Yell, my buddy C.G . Queb. Sis. Homecoming, and especially Art JOHN DOUGLAS REPKA; Ambition: To get smart. Activities: Ann. Staff 2-4; News Staff 1-4; Ftb. 4; Bktb 1-4. Var. 4: Tennis 1-4. Var 2-4. Will never forget the family, selling ads. New Years at the Mts.. Airborne on the 605. Curry ' s party, friends and the Class of ' 79 JENNIFER REYES; Ambition: To graduate in 1979. Will never forget Mom Dad. Springers. Ontario with J.S., CD.. Prom 77 and 78. and especially Jim Soranno LYNN REYES: Ambition; Fashion designer and coordinator. Activities; Tennis. Will never forget the time me and B.K. pulled a joke on LA., and S.A. Aug. 4th. 1978 DAVID W RHODES: Ambition: Porsche Salesman Activities: Sen. 1. Will never forget losing my license, being chauffeured by MR and racing a Porsche and winning. Seniors 83 LINDA MARIE ROBERSON: Ambition: Teacher. Activities: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1. 2: C.S.F. 1. Will never forget Mexico ' 77 with Kim. Being beat up by friends and June 15, 1978. DEBBIE ROBERTS: Ambition: To be a good Morman. Will never forget 7-4-77 when I got thrown in the lake, my friends, my flat, and Rodger. PATRICK W. ROBSON: Ambition: To live a healthy and happy life and go skiing every chance I get. Will never forget all of the good friends, and all of the great times I had. RICH (MAD MAN) ROEDER: Ambition: Custom Air Brusher. Activities: Ftb. 1. Will never forget Bessy, my friends and getting busted every Friday. KENNETH ROHRIG: Ambition: Psychologist. Activities: P.I.O.W. 2-4: Sci. and Eng. Club 1: M.G.M.: Elec. 3. Will never forget Homecoming ' 78. when me and D.C. blew up a T.V. in English and " ants " . GERALD ROMANELLO: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget roaming around campus during class and getting away with it. DAVID E. RUSH: Ambition: Wildlife manager. Activities: Sen. 4. Alt. 3: Sr. Class V.P.: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4: C.S.F. 4: Ann. Staff 4: Bktb. 1-4: Track 3, 4: Ftb. 1-4. Will never forget Deegers, hangin ' ten in B.C. ' 77, ' 78, Midnight Raiders, Prom night, the Gang, and Kelley. LISA RUTH: Ambition: Ski Instructor in the Swiss Alps. Activi- ties: Track: Soccer: Kal.: Cam. Host; St. Comm.; Art Club: Ski Club 1. Will never forget soccer ' 76 and good friends like Y.A., M.C. and H.E. BEATRIS SALAZAR: Ambition: Undecided. CHARLES " CHUCK " SALAZAR: Ambition: Physician. Activi- ties: Frosh Ftb.: Track 1-4; Cross C. 2. 3: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget " Stooge " . gang-Mike, Rich, Pat, " Big 5 " at Aero, gang dances, Mazat. and esp. V.L. RONALD SALAZAR: Ambition: Undecided. NANCY LEE SALDANA: Ambition: Own a Ritzy Boutique. Will never forget the Green Machine, my B.B. and all my end of the Sem. cramming. D.G. and the fun. MARK SANCHEZ: Ambition: College Grad. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Track 3-4. Will never forget S.C. quarts at Dales. Patti Padil- la ' s party, and Patti Padilla. ADAM SANDERS: Ambition: Undecided. JAMES STEPHEN SASS: Ambition: Occasionally. Activities: C.S.F. 2-4- Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; M.G.M. 1-4. Will never forget Rocky Horror, Hendrix films at the Wilshire, and of course, " The Gang " . 84 Seniors RONALD LINDSAY SCOTT Ambition Engineer Activities: MGM 1-4; C S F 1-4; Prin Hon Roll 1-4; Ftb. 1-4, Track 2-4; Band 12; Stage Band 1-3; Sen. 1-3; C A C C. 4; Var Track M V P. 1978. Will never forget S.S. ' s Xmas party. Lie. Ex. rally 78. and the Bad Company. WILLIAM SCOTT SCRUGGS: Ambition: Electrician Activities: Wrestling 1.2; Tennis 1-3. KIM YVETTE SEAGER: Ambition: To be on the cover of Cosmo- politian and own a Turbo Carrera. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sen 2 Will never forget good times with my friends, skinny dippin with A.M. and CD. and Stevie D. DONALD JAY SEARLS: Ambition; Truck Driver. Activities: Band 1. 2 Will never forget all of the people at Neff and all of the Mushes. ANN SENN: Ambition: Russell Queen and T.P. Eng. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd Will never forget wires at river, girls the police are here, all the crazy times and Gary. KAREN MARIE SEYMOUR: Ambition: Rich programer and give Karyn my extra 2 inches Activities: Girls Lge Soph Rep Pub. Ch. 3. V.P. 4; Sen 3; Ann Staff; Prin. Hon Roll; St. Comm. 3; Pub. Class; Jr Hon Grd.; A A.C.C.; Basb Stat Will never forget Stat. P E with K S . Polka with S.A.. G.L., S.R.. W.C. and our 5 year struggle. GLENNA SHAVER: Ambition: Undecided. DAWN MARIE SHAW Ambition: To marry a rich man. Will never forget New Years 78 when Nanci made it rain beer. special people, and the Boat 1 Crescent Terry practices her F-J-F space. F-J-F space. 2 Rich Roeder looks extremely enthused with his magazine. Seniors 85 1. Tony Sherwin quiets the crowd down before the rally be- gins. 2. Earth to Chris Baca . . Earth to Chris Baca. ANTHONY TROY SHERWIN: Ambition: To enter some field of Communications. Activities: A.S.B. Sgt. at Arms 4; Hon. Roll 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1. 4; Ftb. 1. 2, Var. 3, 4, 1st Team All Lge. 4; Basb. 1. M.V.P., Var. 2-4. Will never forget going to C.I. F. 77-8, my parties, Rich ' s Scams, Nov 1, 1975 and Cathie D. ILENE MICHELLE SHREWSBURY: Ambition: To be happy, rich, and married. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Banner 3, 4; Var. Bktb. Stat. 1: Jr. Hon. Grd.Will never forget all the crazy things Terri and I did, the football games, and Camp 77-78. CURT SIBLEY: Ambition: To be black. Activities: Frosh. St. Comm.: C.A.C.C. 3: MGM 1-4; P.I.O.W. 2-4. Will never forget Carlson (Ugh) P.I.O.W. and all my friends. JAMES SILVEY: Ambition: Write songs and become a success in the movies. Will never forget Hearts and Flowers ' 78, party- ing with all my friends and Kelly ' s Bums. PAUL ACE SIMON: Ambition: Dealer. Activities: Sen. 1; Jazz Band; Golf 1-4; Bktb. 1-4, M.V.P. 3. Will never forget when Young ran over Jones ' foot with his car twice, and Miler ' s " Bucks " . STACY E. SKARE: Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities: Kal. 3, 4; Cam. Host. 3, 4. Will never forget getting my cast off after 2 ' i yrs., Mazatlan 78 and just being crazy. JOHN J. SLATER: Ambition: To remain a wild and crazy guy. Will never forget the fun times with M.S., R.M., D.K., V.M., R.S.. K.R., Kitchen II, and Well. Honey. TED SLOWIACZEK: Ambition: Javelin Catcher. Activities: C.S.F. 2-4, Sgt. at Arms; MGM 1-4; Speech Club 1-4; N.F.L. 1- 4; Tennis 1-2; Golf. Will never forget R.H.P.S., crazy times after the game, Mr . J ' s Class, " Otis " , and good friends. MATT WAYNE SMITH: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Ftb. 1- 4; Basb. 4. Will never forget the good times with M.W., DA., and RP locker. ■ 86 Seniors TERRY V SNAVELY: Ambition: Trash bag Murderer Activities: Sen 1; C S F 1; Hon Roll 1-4: Prin. Hon Roll 1-4: C.A C.C, 4; Bktb 1. Var 2-4 Will never forget lunchroom conversation. Basketball 1-4. and all of our classics. RANDY SNIDER Ambition: Pro Motocross Racer or Rock Star Activities J V Bktb 3 Will never forget being pulled over by the police in my toga after a toga party SHARON SPAULDING: Ambition: To be richer. Will never for- get my 4 years. Mr Carlson. T P . D D.. M T . D K . Mrs Paint- er. Oct 26th. 1978, and Mr Herd MARY E SPECHT: Ambition: Airline Stewardess Activities: Frosh Treas.; Sen 1-3: G.I.A. Tennis: Jr Hon Grd Will never forget my party: San Onofre ' 78: B.F F E with C H : J W and meeting L W ' 78. SHELLEY LYNNE STEPHEN: Ambition: To get out of Calif and major in Interior Design. Activities: Girls Lge . Frosh Rep. 1. Hist 3, Pres 4; St Comm. 1-4: Sen 1-3: Pep Club 1: Pub. Class 3: News Staff 4; Jr Hearts and Flowers Prin Will never forget Sr Cabin Trip 79. Corrente. D W . T.B , DR. M V.. D. T . S H . K H . K.O . EH. J.N.. T H.. DR.. and Don. NEIL STEVENS Ambition: To be successful and happy Activi- ties: Bktb. 2. Will never forget trying to forget everything I tried to remember but forgot. KRISTY GAYE STORLIE: Ambition: To always be by J A l.s side in his 450SL Will never forget " sneaking out " with Carol, Summer 77 with D G . R.O.. 2-26-78. L M Prom 78 and Jim. KERRY STRAUSS: Ambition: Typist. Will never forget all of my friends at Neff High and my nice teacher in the V.H. class STEVEN LEE STRICKLIN: Ambition: Engineer. Activities: Band 1-4: Con Band 1-4: Stage Band 2-4: Band v.p 4: Bktb 1: Hon. Roll 1-4: Prin Honn, Roll 3. 4 Will never forget the yacht, the P . and the good times I have had. JUDY ANN SUN: Ambition: To reach my goal in life and to be myself Will never forget " C.R.. C.P., T H. " the " New " EM., " friends " changing. Love and " my super John " . CHRISTIE GABRIELA TALAVERA: Ambition: Stenographer. Ac- tivities: Sen. 1. 2: Kal 1-3: Cam Host 1-2: Pep Club 1: Art Club 1. Will never forget D.W.. LP, the Rock, Mazatlan 78. Catalina 78, and most of all Sal. G. MELINDA TAYLOR Ambition: To live on Cola Mt Will never forget Catalina. River 78. Green Vally. Sequoia. Down South, the Gang, my Dad. and 1-21-75. CRESCENT TERRY: Ambition: To ski the sno-lines Activities: Sen 2. Alt 3; Prin. Hon Roll 2: Pub Class 2: Pg 2 Ed. News staff 3 Will never forget Fri-nites and S L . S C . Arby Girls. JKPD Deps. Chicken Gravy Nite, Mike, Tig. T.W.. Jim. Robby. and Melanie. ROBIN NIBOR " TERRY: Ambition: Satan Priestess Activities: Prin Hon Roll 1: C S F 1; Hon Roll 1-4: Sen 1-4: St. Comm. 1-4: Jr Hon. Grd.: G I.A.. Bktb 3. 4. J V 3. Var. 4: Art Club 1-4; Sec. 1 , Pres. 2. 4: Pub Class 3. News paper staff 4: Exchange Ed. Will never forget doing Do-nuts: hanging loose at practice. Mazatlan, the closet. Toga, and Tim MADELINE THOMAS: Ambition: Undecided. Seniors 87 KARON C. THOMPSON: Ambition: Psychotherapist. Will never forget " tween " , • ' ugly " . JG. ' s. Deb ' s and E.W. parties, the girls . . . and Tommy. DIANE LYNN THORPE: Ambition: Flight Attendent. Activities: CI. Pres. 1. 3, 4; Sen. 2: Tennis 2, 3: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget friends, grad. night 78, A.S.B. cabinet, toga, and " I want to go home " . LISA D. TORRES: Ambition: Stewardess or Corvette owner. Activities: Pep Club Sec 1, 2: Var. bat girl 2; Drill Team 2: Banner 3: Flag 4; Jr. Hon Grd. Will never forget pitchin pen- nies, skating on Whit. Blvd. " Green M M ' s " rallies and being crazy. RONNIE TORRES: Ambition: Fireman. Activities: Basb. 1-4; Ftb. 1-4; Hon. Roll; Sen. 1-4. Will never forget my favorite B.M., and the good times I had with C.P. at the drive in. TIM TOVEY: Ambition: Hotel Manager in Mazatlan, Mexico. Will never forget the outragous parties in Mazatlan and of course Linda. WANDA TURNAGE: Ambition: Undecided. KEVIN UFHOLTZ: Ambition: To be the World Champion in the twelve ounce curl competition. Activities: Ftb. 1-4. Will never forget rolling my car, the trips to Carlsbad, and the river, " I ' m going home " . CHRISTINA YVETTE URIBE: Ambition: To find someone who ' s turning. Will never forget the Bora ' s wada, the register, N.Y. 78. follow your nose, and the last of the wild. EDWARD M. VALVERDE: Ambition; Civil Engineer. Activities: Frosh. Ftb.; Track 1-3; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget all my friends, Milers class and Mazatlan. RACHEL VAN CLEAVE: Ambition: To be successful and live a happy life, and marry John Araiza. Activities: VolbalL; Pep ClutD; Cam. Host. Will never forget all the good times with B.M., S.A., L.G., E.Y., D.G., C.A., and especially Dec. 20, 1975. and J. A. 88 Seniors 1. John Repka never realized just how tall Ted Haupert really is. 2. What are Debbie Rader, Don Weeks, Kelley Hull and Sherrie Holt looking at? MELISSA D " VIRG " VIGIL: Ambition: Ph D in Psych. Acitiv ties Sr CI. Treas.: Jr. CI V P . St Comm 1-4; Sen 3. 4: Pep Club 1-3, Treas. 2; Miss October, Pub Class 3. News Staft 4; Var Tennis 3, J V. 4: Sftb 3-4. MVP. 3: J V Track, 1; J.V. Track Stat 1 Will never forget Sis, meatloaf. Blvd B B ' s, R.O.s, Gin-Wink, CDDKMMSS. Easters and my mom RENE MARKO VISE: Ambition: Undecided Activities: Wrestling 1 : Track 1,2; Soccer 1 : Prin. Hon. Roll 2. Will never forget the Alvin Lee concert of June 3, 1978. RENEA WAHLER: Ambition: To wallpaper my bathroom with all the love letters Ken Woodburn wrote on the schools pa- pertowels. Activities: Gymnastics 1, 2 : Will never forget the time Renee Vicary and I skated down Whittier Blvd. in Hula skirts. JULIE RAE WAKEFIELD: Ambition: Dental Hygienist. Will never forget times with R Q cutting, and the fork with LA. J.H. SB L.D and the bunny hop. BONNIE ANN WALLS: Ambition: Hair Stylist. GEORGE LEE WALLS: Ambition: Forestry Ranger. Activities: Atl Sen. DEANNA MARIE WATERWORTH: Ambition: Social Worker. Ac- tivities: Bktb Stat 1. 2: Alt. Sen Will never forget Rick. MM Russell gang, FTBG., and the crazy times with T.B., AS and SS SHERRY G. WAYNE: Ambition: Nurse Activities: C.S F 1-4; Prin Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Grad 78. G W.s crazy driving, H.C. 5a.m., all my friends, T O.P.I.T.P.T., and cranking friday nights. TERRY K. WAYNE: Ambition: Physical Therapist. Activities: C S F 1-4; Prin. Hon Roll 1-4; Jr Hon Grd Will never forget Gabes driving. Wed night Basb., Grad 78, J K.P D H.C. 5a m. and lammin parties DON WEEKS: Ambition: Lumberjack. Activities St Comm. 2 Sen 4; Football 1-4; Baseball 1-2; Exchange Rally 4; Pub CI. All League 4 Will never forget BLS in the Dr , the Buttle P P P ; N U C and MR Strait KARYN WEINSTEIN Ambition: To be a rich programer and take Karens ' extra 2 inches Activities: Basb Stat; C A C.C; Girls Lge. Treas ; Ann Staff; Pub Class; Prin Hon Roll; Hon. Roll; C.S F ; Jr. Hon Grd Will never forget Cecil, Spanish 2. unknown, Denny ' s, J. A problems. Stat, and our 5 year strug- gle Seniors 89 1. Neff Seniors for once take advantage of our library. 2. Bruce Yoder tells Rich Ortega about his swinging weekend but Kevin Ufholtz and Rosa Bruinsma don ' t seem to be inter ested. DOUG WEISE: Ambition: To be rich and easy going. Will never forget going to the parties after the games and meeting J.H. and all my good friends. GREG WHETSELL: Ambition: Undecided. NANCI L. WHITCHER: Ambition: To be rich and single, and to live in a brewery. Will never forget when it rained beer New Year ' s Eve 78, C.B., L.C.. D.S., E.Y. and all the great parties at R.J.B ' s. ROGER C. WIPING: Ambition: Construction. Activities: Sen.; Frosh Ftb. Will never forget the Friday Games with my old friend Seagram on AH. and S.I. DIANA WILLIAMS: Ambition: Court Reporter. Activities: Cam. Host. 1-3; Kal. 1-3. Will never forget the Coke incident, Mazat- lan ' 78 and all the good memories of my Senior Year. MIKE WILLIAMS: Ambition: To be rich and own a Porsche. Will never forget Vicki Lyn Peddicord, my love forever. MICHAEL DAVID WILSON: Ambition: Ski all the California lakes and rivers. Activities: Art Club 1-2; Sen. 1. Will never forget ski trips to King River with M.S., T.Y., J.B., J.F., and L.L. KENNETH C. WOODBURN: Ambition: To start a new religious cult of Hedonism. Activities: Sen. 3; Bktb. 3. Will never forget DR. gang. White Line Fever and Neil Young, Almost. TRICIA WOODWARD: Ambition: To marry Mark Szychu. Will never forget M.S., all the Utotum Buds, Fri. nights, S.S. and most of all, C.T. JEFF A. WREDE; Ambition: Dentist. Activities: C.A.C.C; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1-4; MGM; Frosh. Wrestling. Will never forget " The coming of War " , Coneheads, Hundertzwei, the Dances, and 7-29-77. 90 Seniors MARK D WRIGHT: Ambition: To play baseball and to be a Real Estate Agent Will never forget the time we got pulled over with our Togas on by the cops GABRIEL M WURZLER: Ambition: Naturalist. Activities: Jr. CI. Soc. Ch : C.S F. 1 , 2: J.V. Yell. V Yell 3: Pep Club 2-3. Girls Lge. Pep Club Rep 3; Jr. Hon Grd Will never (orget 3-12-76. 4-22- 76. 12-22-77. Wed. nite Basb., Grad 78. JKPD. F of A. HB Pier. H.C. 5a.m.. jammin ' . parties and trends. BRUCE ALLEN YODER: Ambition: To be a surfer. Activities: A. SB Pres : Soph CI V.P : Prin Hon Roll 1-4; Basb. 1.2, Ftb. 1-4. Golden Trojan, All League 4; Ex. Rally 3. 4 Will never forget going 9-0. friends, and after the game activities (esp the Mayfair game with S M.). ELAINE YOUNG: Ambition: To live in the mountains with my Rootin ' Tootin Cowboy. Will never forget New Years 78. L.C. cabin in Big Bear with G H P Gang and of course Sam. HAROLD YOUNG Ambition: Undecided. TIM YOUNG: Ambition: Professional Photographer for a sports magazine. Activities: Pub. Class; News Staff Photo ; Ann. Staff Photo Will never forget crazy man Wyatts Class, in the closet with R.T. at Toga 78 and Maryann. ANDY YOVANOVICH: Ambition; Airline Pilot. Will never forget Kern River with B.I.. K.C., and E.G., and also Columbo who busted me everytime. CINDY JOULANDA ZAINAL: Ambition: Psychologist. Will never forget Oct. 6, 1978 at football game and homecoming game 1978 STEVEN MICHAEL ZAPKA: Ambition: Airline Pilot Activities: J V C.C 2-3. Var 4; Frosh. Ftb ; Hon Roll 1-4. Will never forget Mazatlan 78 and 79, Mud Bowl, E.V.s Charms, P.N.. papering houses, and Cancercell. TERESA ZMUDA: Ambition: Undecided. Not Pictured Mike Beck Lee Blazevich Maryanne Bradley Renee Carroll Aaron Casey Rita Cerniglia Nick Chekmizoff John Dysthe Frank Dythe Mark Fowler Herlinda Guzman Shawn Helms James Hoagland Chris Jones James Machin Alan Mader Ferdinand Mendez Dennis Ridgley Jim Seal David Sisneros Greg Tate Seniors 91 Don Adams Kelly Aguiiar Martin Alderette Patrick Aldrich Don Alexander Dan Allen Matt Allen Sara Alvarado Brenda Anderson Cathy Anderson Irene Angeles Alfred Arce Art Armendanz Sandy Arnoldsen Jim Ashker Jamie Austin Jeanine Avila Donald Banas Steve Bassett Pam Baxter Robin Beard Suzanne Beattie Sally Bedoya Mark Berklite Christy Bernard John Bessey Tern Bevacqua Ten Blackstock Gail Blanpied Angela Boehm 1. Junior Officers: Row 1: Secretary Michelle Verdugo. President Shen Inge. Treasurer Kelley Ferguson Row 2: Vice President Lindy Mignot, Social Chairman: Julie Pepper. 2. Steering Committee Row 1 Cathy Goodrow. Debbie Brown. D ' Anne Gorman, Jamie Hancock. Gail Corco- ran. Denise Meddy Row 2: Mike Freeman. Kathy Rein- ert. Jim Whitney. Janet Lee. Paul Young. Todd Lara. Steve Galvan. 3 Junior Class Advisors: Arl ene Reid and Mona Ma2on. Juniors 93 Tamie Bollett Johanna Bond Georgia Boulanger Mike Bourgoine Cathy Boyer Ed Brennan Richard Brinnon Humberto Briones Debbie Brown Riley Brown Rosa Brumsma Bettv Ruliavac Tami Burnett Steve Bustamante Julie Byerley Theresa Byron Rosemary Camacho Maritza Canchola Julie Caplinger Caria Carpenter Brian Cass Darlene Castillo David Chambers Gary Chilcote Jose Chong Kathy Churchill Patti Cino Kathy Clinton John Coffin Kerry Comen Gail Corcoran Ryan Costello Tim Coyle Cheryl Crawley Curt Crigler Tony Curatola Steve Dack Tony Dalton Darold Dean Darlene Denton Ed Dolan Gail Domann 94 Juniors Eva Domian Matt Donaldson Janon Oonovall Joe Donti Mark Drake Heather Dufty Jeff Duncan Kelley Dunn Donna Dunvage Shelley Durkin Frank Duvall Cindy Dwyer Susan Eagle Shareen Elias Stacey Ellig Evelyn Emery Aron Ennis John Epan Roger Evans Kelley Ferguson Mike Fitzpatrick Karia Ford Mary Fox Mike Freeman Butch Fritsch Sally Fuentes Jerry Fujita Brian Gallop Tracie Gallop Steve Galvan Mitch Garcia Debbie Gochnour Yvonne Goff 1. Sheri Inge smiles for a picture while Denise Meddy and Susan Haave study 2 Senior Karen Seymour and junior Kim Sims pose as Batman and Robin on Halloween Day Juniors 95 1. Scott Rutledge and Colleen Weatherton are ready to the slopes. 2. Juniors gather inside for lunch on a cold rainy day. Melanie Gomer Hank Gomez Margarita Gonzalez Cathy Goodrow Robin Gordon D ' Anne Gorman Jeff Haupert Stacy Heirston Steve Henley Lori Henna Troy Hinote Rich Hird Sandy Hird Keith Holcomb Joann Hollis Tami Hosford Jim Muddy Gabe Ibarra Sheri Inge Jeff Ireland Susan Jacobs Greg Jenkins Eddie Jeremias Andy Jimenez 96 Juniors Ron Johnson Wendy Johnson Tony Jones Jerry Joseph Dawn Karren Mike Kasold Dave Kaynor Matt Kelly Astrid King Brian Kinkaid Ronald Klein Donna Klinefelter Kent Klingelberg Joy Klinger Rhonda Koch Marty Koukoutsakis Kim Kunkel Richard La Fay Robert Lake Terry Lamb Julie Lambert Danny Lange Pat Langdon Todd Lara Steve Laughlin Bill Laughlin Pete Lawrence Janet Lee Charlie Leonard Elyse Levy Rick Lippencott John Lizardi Cyndi Lugo Penni Ludford Chris Lux Neil Madden Wayne Maertens Julie Mammano Karin Manuputy Tracy Marlow Pam Martin Vonnie Martinez Pat Mascaro Mike Mastro Juniors 97 Shawn Mc Atee Mary Mc Carthy Kathy Mc Intosh Denise Meddy Larry Medina John Meier Kate Menage Joe Metro Lindy Mignot Diana Miller Josie Molina Daniel Moncino Jim Monier Todd Moore Rolando Morales Eileen Morgan Carmen Morin Darlene Mouradlan Sherill Murphy Lisa Naddes Rick Navarro Kathy Neill Pam Nelson Doug Niggli Max Norred Debbie Nothwang Rhonda Novae Tawnya Nunn Dan Olson Ruben Ortega Barbara Ortiz Vince Outlaw Johnnie Padilla Lynn Payment John Peel Julie Pepper Rich Peralta Mary Persi Barbara Peschke Pat Phelan Eric Piepho Deanna Ploutfe Sam Ponce Brendan Powers 98 Juniors 1 . Pat Phelan and Greg Jenkins enjoy their delicious lunch. 2. Lindy Mignot and Ten Blackstock recite their boyscout promise on Halloween Day. 3. Pete Lawrence enjoys his cool punishment. Alison Pritchard Jim Prondzinski John Prondzinski Sherry Pyburn Mario Rangel Ron Ratterree Pat Reese Kathy Reinert Jeff Remender Jamie Roberts Brenda Robinson Frank Rodela Tim Romero John Routh Scott Rutledge Nick Santell Johann Schwartz Kelle Schweibinz Chris Scott Vicki Searls Joni Seidl l elody Shea Gary Shelton Vicki Sherwin Jerry Shine Kirt Shively Stacie Sides Juniors 99 L Steve Galvan gets his camera while Don Alexander gets ready for the exchange rally. 2. Junior girls join together for a picture at lunch. Bonita Silvey Dean Simons Kim Sims Bob Slow Luba Slivkoff Greg Smith Twyla Smith Dave Spaulding Scott Speakmen Bill Speckmeyer George Spencer Joan Spinosa Jan Springer Diana Steckbauer Shelli Stelzer Gerry Stremski Sue Sturhann Lorraine Thompson Diane Torres Richard Treganowan Robin Treganowan Tammy Ulibarri Karen Van Ess Lydia Vasquez Dave Vcelik Michelle Verdugo Diane Vidal Dave Vincent Joni Vindedahl Diane Virgil 100 Juniors Jim Vogel Ten Vrieling Malinda Waldman Carolyn Waterworth Eva Watson Marty Watts Colleen Weafherton Anna Weber Dave Weeks Ken Wheeler Liz White Ken White Sheila White Jim Whitney Liz Wilhelm Jim Williams Sherry Williams Leanne Wills Ken Wissler Shelly Worts Andy Wright Tina Ybarra Mike Yoder Karen Young Paul Young Teresa Young Liza Zamora Debbie Zavala Not Pictured Terrell Abbott Patricia Arnold David Boyd Ricky Camacho Linda Cano Lorena Carey Bradley Chalmers Gina Clesceri Kathy Denny Randy Elwell Danny Pontes Dana Geoffroy Sylvia Hachey Lisa Hamilton Jack Harnden Carol Kinnaird Chris Koseff Constance Lloyd Herman Martin Alex Mc Kinney Lombardo Mendez Muriel Meyer Cindy Moore Paul Morgan Julie Nunez Brian Pickett Troy Ray Daniel Walker Kevin Williams Micheal Williams Douglas Wilson Rahlow Zangeneh Juniors 101 Mary Adams Rosalee Adams Ron Albright Mike Aldrich Tammi Allen John Ambrose Norma Amos Karen Anderson Albert Angelo Lisa Antisdel Charles Arocha Dave Arreguin Joe Bailey Rhonda Barnard Keith Barnhart Cheryl Barringer Sue Barron Mike Bartles Ron Beaver Tern Bellak Dav e Bennett Randy Bernard Sandra Bernal Scott Betty Steve Betty Jolene Bird Laurie Bobier Steve Bond Frank Boudnik Steve Boulanger 1 Sophomore Officers: Row 1; Secretary; Sharlene Woronets. President: David Jones, Vice President: Tern Bellak. Row 2: Treasurer: Jolene Bird. Social Chairman: Jill Terry. 2. Steering Committee: Row 1: Maria Washowich, Laurie Lamb. Carolyn Pease. Carol Moore. Sheri Seager. Tammi Allen. Sandy Stelzer Row 2: Shelly Leslie. Ken Davis. Bndgette Green. Diane Tillinger. Kim Finuf. Rita Robertson. Donna Thomas. Robin Brinnon. April Dunton. Ann Steckbauer. Lizzy Otero. Row 3: Bill King. David Dopudja. Lisa Antisdel. Laurie Carr. Sereese Jones. Ken Rush. Tea Cisneros 3. Sophomore Advisors: Mrs Susan Green. Mr Lu- ciano Ramirez. Ms. Lynda Ruth. Sophomores 103 Bill Collins Becky Crosswhite Cindy Daleiden Kim Davis Richard Davis Carrie Dean Curtis Bourgoine Eric Brandenburg Robin Brinnon Leo Briones Lori Brown Tammy Buster Tony Bustos Pete Calzada Russ Cameron Gary Cantu Laurie Carr Todd Carroll Johnna Carter Dana Chandler Louise Cherry Tea Cisneros Scott Clements Frank Collette Greg De La Mare Vicki Di Martino Karen Dixon Roberto Dominguez Dave Dopudja Jerry Douthit Robert Dowty Rich Doyle Randy Duncan Regina Dumais Cindy Dunham Rick Dunlop April Dunton Gaston Escudero Gilbert Federico Alice Figueroa Kim Finuf Tracy Flanagan 104 Sophomores 1 Carrie Dean looks like she really enjoyed hitting Miss Tafoya in the face with a pie. 2 Junior Carolyn Waterworth and sophomore Jill Terry prove once again what hams they are. 3 A few of the sophomores try to be J V. Yell for a day foni Gutierrez Laurie Gurrieri Randy Guthery Sherry Hacker Lynn Hamil Charmaine Hamilton Ron Hanna Roy Hanna Craig Harris Olga Hattortf Mark Hauperl Chris Hayek Sophomores 105 Tom Hensley Robin Hentges Jackie Hernandez Donna Hewitt Sean Hllllard Dianna Hitchcock Jotin Holcomb Terry Holmes Diane Hosman Greg Hovivian Joni Hrapchak Mike Huerta Dave James Glenn James Rita Jaycox Mike Jenkins Richard Jeremias Ruth Johnson Dave Jones Russell Jorgensen Becky Joseph Gerard Julien Artie Jurado Tony Kalisvaart Kerry Kesting Dwayne King Bill King Donna Krislk 106 Sophomores 4PC? Stephanie La Cour Kim La France Laurie Lamb Steve Lang Cherie Laniz Charles La Rock Todd Larsen Robert Larson Gordon Laslie Terrence Lawlor Gaylene Lawrence Matthew Lawrence Michael Le Blanc Vicky Ledbetter Alan Lee Shelly Leslie James Levar Paula Levine Rachel Lizardi Kelly Ludrik Brenda Luetger Kathleen Lundquist Fernando Luque Troy Mader Jill Mammano Florence Marsalla Tom Marschke Greg Marshall Kevin Marshall jleana Martin Patricia Martin Roger Mauer Michelle Mc Namara 1 Who says Sophomore football players don ' t gossip? 2 Cindy Spaulding and Pam Rogers dress up like pussycats on Halloween Day 3 Becky Morgan likes the idea of getting her picture taken. Sophomores 107 Angela Mearsch Rachel Melson Jeff Menage Alicia Mesko Mona Monier Dennis Montejo Cheryl Montoy Carol Moore Becky Morgan Carolyn Mouradian Dave Murillo Susan Murphy Gary Neal Ken Neumeier Jeannie Newmyer Tammy Newton Robert Nunez Randy Oakes 1. Sophomore girls seem to be taking over this class. 2. The sophomores gather at a rally to cheer the football team on to victory. 3. Alan Lee and Charlie Leonard show their true identity during spirit week. 108 Sophomores Robin Plouffe Russell Poenie Kate Powers Paula Pneto Sue Provence Virginia Provencio John Pruden Dennis Rabe Mike Reinert Becky Reynolds Sue Rhodes Vicki Rickard Kim Ridgley Debi Roberson Rita Robertson Rich Robinson Nancy Rocha Pam Rogers Carol Roskam Ken Rush Jim Russell Victor Salazar Ron Sandberg Nina Santell Ray Sarrazin Sheri Seager Ron Searls Valerie Sedillo Bill Shaw Sam Shepherd Tamra Simmons Stephanie Simons Rod Simpson Brent Sims Monica Siow Mike Soranno Sophomores 109 Cindy Sossman Randall Spam Cindy Spaulding Elizabeth Spencer Georgia Stanfield Ann Steckbauer Sandy Stelzer Christine Stephen Mike Stillman Linda Stone Gary Strait Milly Sturhann Vivian Sun Vicki Swickard Steve Sword Steve Tagami Angela Terry Debbie Terry Jill Terry Donna Thomas Sherry Thompson Diane Tillinger Chris Timms Brad Tucker Joe Turgeon Tammy Vance Donald Van Dyken Juana Varela Sheila Varon Denise Vasquez 1. Carol Moore enjoys eating lunch with her junior friends. 2. Steve Gurley shows his spirit at the exchange rally. 3. This looks life a typical class-hard at work. 4. These tenth grade boys find their Spanish class quite amusing. 1 10 Sophomores Teresa Vasquez Janice Vcelik John Veazey Celeste Velarde Julie Vetsch Sue Wagle Karia Waldahl Glenn Walls Sheri Ward David Warner Tammy Warr Maria Washowich Marie Weatherly La Reina Weaver Donna White Lois White Jean Whitney Matt Williams Ryan Williams Chris Wilmot Barry Winston Robert Witman Julie Wittick Tina Woodward Tim Worcester Sharlene Woronets Mark Yniguez Pegi Young Doug Yount Leslie Zmuda Not Pictured Robin Abrams Paul Adams Robert Armendariz Raymond Baker Gerald Bengard Denise Bowman Michael Brown Ruth Byers Lisa Carpenter Tracy Conway Lori Davis Patrick Davis Armando Escatell Wanda Eyselee Kelley Goff Bridgette Green Sereese Jones Steve Lloyd Andre Malave Suzanne Mort Pamela Nathanson Deborah Newberry Paul Palladini Gerald Ploeg Christopher Reyes Richard Sawitskas William Kelly Scott William Lloyd Scott Jerry Timblin Mystica Velarde Sandra Wetzler Thomas Wilson Sophomores 1 1 1 Tern Abbas Robin Adams Marlene Aguilar Vince Allen Max Alvarez Ellen Amos Danny Anderson Robin Anderson Sherrie Angelo Mary Asenbauer Dale Austin Barry Baker Michael Barr Michelle Barr Steve Barstow Dan Bassett Mary Baxter Robert Baxter Larry Becker Helen Bessette Dana Bessey Kelly Blake Sheila Bollet Tracy Bond Mary Boulanger Herb Bowden Paula Bowker Tern Bowman Anthony Brannon Jane Brennan y- T — ) 1. Freshman Officers: Row 1: Vice President; Laura Strieker. Secretary: Viki Real. Social Chairman Kelll Gardner Row 2:Treasurer: Melanie Pease. Presi- dent Kim Hum 2 Steering Committee Members: Row 1 : Nolan Gas- ser. Vince Contreras. Jason Mauer. Lo uis Martinez. Ron Ynigeuz. Row 2: Sharyl Stephen. Maria Varela. Sue Fox. Celeste Martinez. Dottie Cox. Lauralee Smith. Cindy Padilla 3 Freshman Advisor: Mrs Julie Miller Freshmen 1 1 3 Renee Brinnon Andrew Brooks David Brooks Sharon Brown William Brown David Bryan Steve Bunte Carole Burke Mark Burnett Steve Busse Kelly Calvert Alida Camacho Sophia Camacho Andrew Camero Mark Campbell Sheri Campbell Al Cardenas Robert Casillas Brian Chalmers Coleen Chambers Jim Chancey Nadine Chandler Sheri Chantland Jeft Cleveland Bob Coie Allen Cole Gigi Coman Tonya Cook Nathan Cordova Len Coronado Colleen Costello Byron Cowart Dortha Cox Larry Cox Joyce Crigler Tim Cude Shaun Cullens Neal Davis Allen Dees Gonzalo De Leon Deneen DeMarco Ken Dennis Robert Dennis Alex Diaz 1 14 Freshmen ' i wmM. Joe Dickson Suzie Di Martino Mike Dolny Sherri Dolny Randy Oominguez Tony Draper Tim Drews Francisca Dumais Pam Duncan Randy Duncan Glenn Dunn Jeff Dunn Diane Duquette Margaret Edwards Ben Eggan Erik Enriquez Juan Escudero Cheryl Evans Mona Feltnor Joe Fetters Robin Figgins Kathy Fisher Dolly Foster Sue Fox Robert Franciosi Barbara Frias Desiree Frilot Kathy Fry Ava Fulop Eugene Gaddis Lisa Garcia Kelli Gardner John Garza ' -■ 1 9th graders have a good time at lunch 2. MaryAnn Holmes finds Pam Duncan very humerous. Freshmen 1 15 1. Freshmen cheer Netf Trojans on to victory. 2. Cindy Lange tells John Garza a joke while Lance Hargis and Juan Escudero listen on. Nolan Gasser Maryon Gaston Donnie Gauthler Scott Geoffroy Glenn Georgleff Andrea Giguerre Darin Gielow Cathy Gleason John Godre Doug Goodrow Kim Gorman Karen Gossen Julia Grammer Cheryl Gregory Kim Guthery Diana Gutierrez Lance Hargis John Harris Julie Haupert Laura Haylock Mike Heins Lisabeth Hengehold Hugh Henley Jeff Henley James Hicks Ronald Hinkley Jill Hirschi Karen Holbrook Mary Holmes Shannon Honeycutt Steve Hudson David Huerta Kim Hum Colleen Husband Wayne Huthens Renee Inness Isabel James Irene Jenkins 116 Freshmen i Danny Jones Eddie Jones Marcie Jones Scott Jones David Kalpakoff Renee Karrer Tammy Kasold Janet Kelley Mark Kelly Tammy Kelly Jul ie Kemp Dale Kern Jeff Keul Bryan Kidder Ron Kidman Stacey King David Klenk David Kluck Jofin Koo Melinda Kuhn Jason LaFay Richard Lake Cindy Lange Pern Larson Roger Laslie Chris Lea Gail Lee Leslie Leonard Becky Levario Valerie Lewis f ike Lliteras Jackie Luna Rodney Made Amado Madrid Vicki Marcoly Celeste Martinez Diana Martinez Elisa Martinez Luis Martinez Paul Martinez Steve Mateovich Don Mattingly Jason Mauer Leslee Max Freshmen 1 17 Amy McAtee John McCoy John McDonald Kim McNamara Richard Medina Dawn Meddy Kathy Merrill Robert Messick Tim Metro Doug Mitchell Eric Mitobe Brenda Molina Michelle Montes Janene Moore John Moreno Holly Morgan Dan Morin Mary Moses Greg Munger Debl Nelson Michael Newton Conny Niemann Gilbert Nunez Steve OIley David Outlaw Cynthia Padilla Paula Palladini Paul Patterson Melanie Pease Laura Peralta Debbie Perez James Perez Melissa Peters Mike Plew Elizabeth Plouffe Lark Poindexter Moises Ponce Augustine Porras Kim Power Julie Prondzinski Mitch Pyburn Jodi Quillin 1 18 Freshmen 1 Milch Pyburn. James Zart, Herb Bovvden. and Randy Stephen at- tempt to out do drill team at the exchange rally 2 Randy Stephen and Mitch Pyburn get what they deserve lor breaking senior priveledges 3 Dan Lange, Derrick Lippencott. Ben Eggan. and Roger Laslie find lab work to be very interesting Marti Ragsdale Cynthia Ramirez Tom Ratlelman Rodney Rauch Vicki Real Debra Reber Erik Reder Sherry Reed Deborah Reinert Deanna Reisinger Kim Reyna James Robertson Deeann Robinson Latisha Robinson Sue Robson Rachael Roccio Diana Rodela Chris Rodriguez Manuel Rodriguez Sharon Roskam Mane Rush Stella Salazar Antonio Saldana Duane Sallade John Sallee Luana Sanchez Paul Santamaria Freshmen 119 Robin Sapp Ronnie Sauer Susan Schlapper Liz Schwartz David Sebring DeAnn Shenk Lynn Shine Roger Shipley Robert Simmons John Slivkoff Lauralee Smith Phyllis Snider Martha Spach Steve Speakman Ralph Springer Mark Start Gayle Steger Debby Stehr Jon Stein Randy Stephen Sharyl Stephen Patricia Stephens Renee Stephens Sherrie Stewart Cathy Stillman Gabriel Stine Laura Strieker Kelly Sullivan Steve Swift Brenda Talavera Deedra Tanner Danny Tate Joy Taylor Paul Teensma Randy Terry Randall Tice Sherry Tice Dawn Tim berlake Ernie Torres Michelle Tovey Mark Toyota Mark Tripler 120 Freshmen Enrique Unbe Richard Usmany Mane Varela Pedro Varela John Vest Brian Vidal Terry Vidal Alex Vigil John Vindedahl Amy Viscioni Lisa Wallace Kellie Weatherton Mary Jane Weaver Melanie Weaver Daria Weeks Mike Whalen Miriam White Vic Whiting Tom Whiman Graig Williamson Greg Wise Larry Wissler Cathy Wiwel Jeff Wolfe Lisa Woodall Mike Wright Theresa Wright Becky Wykoff Sue Yamashiro Sherry Yankowsky James Yarger Ron Yniguez Dawn Yount Carole Yovanovich Not Pictured Denise Anderson Robert Duster Kelli Becker Mona Gomer Catherine Brewster Melody Mc Dowell Paul Caronna Eleanor Miranda Shawn Church Tony Notarstefano Vince Contreras Alejandro Ramirez William Cook Steve Roberts Shane Daffin Robin Tarrant Sally Zaccaria James Zahrt Johnny Zamora Leonard Zini 1. Freshmen will be freshmen 2 Mark Burnett " sits on the ice " during a rally after breaking senior priveledges. Freshmen 121 Jon Acree Oswald Aguirre Craig Alderette Jean Alexander John Alien Lisa Allen Angle Anderson Gina Apodaca Shawna Aqueche Lisa Arnett Lisa Arnoldsen Margie Arrington Roger Audette Tamara Austin Billy Bantau Denise Barringer Leisa Barstow Melissa Baur Wendy Beadon Rodney Beard Kristine Bengard Ray Bernal Holly Bird Frank Blackstock Kristy Blake Terry Blanford Bill Bloss Sheila Boehm Dave Bowel! Sandy Bourgoine 1. Eighth Grade Officers: Row 1: Secretary Kelly Sims. Treasurer Dawn Hooper. Social Chairman: Kelli Francis Row 2 Vice President Julie Mendo- za. President: Julie Torres 2 Steering Committee Members: Ralph Villa- senor. Kerry Ulholtz. Pam Greer. Holly Bird. Jeff Figgins. Jeff Woronets. 3 Advisor Mr Dick Le Grue 8th Graders 123 1. Eighth graders will be eighth graders. 2. Christi Rogers, Gina Appodaca, Ricky Richardson, and Mane Wortham fake a break from their math studies. Diana Boutin Joseph Brooks Shelly Burke Kim Burnett Kristy Bustos Christine Butler Angela Byon Noel Cabera Tammy Cameron John Campell Scott Carpenter Frank Cattaneo Lisa Chadick Bobbie Cherry Mike Clesceri Terri Cleveland Debbie Codon Debby Cogley Becky Collins Jason Costello Cary Coutre John Daleiden Pam Davis Mike Day Lisa De La Mare David Del Muro Rodney Dirks Greg Dolan Jason Dorse Suzanne Dossey Tony Dowty Mike Dudek Kathy Dunham Joy Dunton Mike Dunphy Elliot Duran •• ' . . ' f- " ' . ' s ( 124 8th Graders Robbie Durkin Julie Eagle Bert Elwell I isa Epps Mike Eyselee Debbie Feltnor Kirk Ferchert Jeff Figgins John Figueroa Sfiawn Fitzpatrick Deanna Fournell Tami Fowler Kelli Francis Steve Fnlot Janice Gallegos Ted Garza Kim Gay Misty Geiger Mike Glafin Derric Godfrey Aaron Graham Dean Gray Jimmy Green Pam Greer Glenn Groveau Leesa Gurneri Mary Gutierrez Caryn Haave Darin Hamak John Hambleton George Hamil Debbie Harned Lisa Hart Pat Helm Vanessa Henkel Clarence Hightower Jon Hoagland Rich Holcomb John Hong Dawn Hooper Vicki Hosford Jean Hrapchak Gary Hurlocker Kim Husband 8th Graders 125 1. John Zaccaria, Kelly Strait. Danny Lange, Louis White and Albert Plouffe look like they really enjoy high school. 2, Eighth graders toast their new arrival to Neff High school. Liilia Ibarra Gigi Ice Jon Ireland Cindy Jones Gene Jones Mike Julien Frances Kalisvaart Janine Karrer Michele Kayner Kirk Keith Gina Kosmlcki Kellie Kraby Bob Krahl Cheryl Kramer Frank Kratofil Roger Lance Enn Lanctot Dan Lang Chris Lange Cindy La Rock Peggy Laughlin Susie Larracilla Cindy Lee Tony Levario Ken Livingston Jerry Lowe Damon Lugo Scott Luitweiler Darrell Luzzo Angela Magi Ben Malave Jim Maley Kelly Maloney Cassandra Malveaux Gina Mammano Doug Marsha -JS 1 1 126 8th Graders Bobby Masters Rachel Mateovich Desiree Mauer Ken Mayer Kelly Mc Carthy Robin Mc Donald Vance Mc Gee Eddie Medina Molly Menage Hilda Mendez Julie Mendoza Bert Metzger Andrea Michaels Tammy Miller Mike Mohs Gerald Montejo Angela Montgomery Kathy Montgomery Ray Moreno Steve Morgan Tiffany Mott Bill Mounts Jean Mullin Dons Mullins Jeff Munger Jeff Myers Timm Neal Sylvia Nunez Jamee Nunn Dean Nydam Tammy Parrish Helen Payne Andrew Phelan Al Plouffe Bobby Ponce Lori Poon Craig Powell Geoff Power David Putz Todd Ramirez Christine Rangel Dame Ray 8th Graders 127 Scott Reinert Joel Remender Richard Renstiaw Stiari Reyna Craig Reynolds Norman Reynolds Kim Rice Ricky Richardson Kevin Robbins Shelly Roberts Mike Robinson Takao Robinson Tonya Robinson Nick Rodriguez Jackie Rogers Kristi Rogers Joey Rollins Don Rouly Mario Ruiz Karen Rutledge Ron Sackett Mike Schmaltz Lori Shaw Annetta Shepard James Shipley Lori Shipley Dean Sides Becky Sifuentes Kelly Sims Bill Skay Dawn Stalder Patricia Stark Steve Steckbauer De Anna Stevens Kelly Strait Shelly Strait 128 8th Graders Valerie Surface Donald Szacmach Shawna Tale Diana Thomas Steve Thompson Julian Tonz Julie Torres Wendy Tucker Kerry Ufholtz Diane Van Bussel Richard Vasquez Don Vcelik Ralph Villasenor Lorraine Virgil Randy Vrieling Paul Waibel Robert Warrick Lisa Watts Mark Weatherly John Wetzler Kim Whitcomb Louis White Bonnie Whitehead Karen Witteman Tern Woods Jeffrey Woronets Mane Wortham Darrell Wright Paula Wright Shelley Yeary Not Pictured Anthony Boggio Doreen Moore Kenneth Carlton Joanne Neumeier Lucy Casillas ReneePoenie Kellie Dawson Rocanne Reiber John Klinefelter Abbie Schaal Edward Lewis Shawn Strok Tammy Lourick John Vega Ernest Marquez Tracy Young Johnny Zaccaria Suzanne Zavala 1 . Who says eighth graders are shy ? 2 Eighth grade girls gather for their daily gossip 3 Angela Magill shows John Hong how her comb works 8th Graders 129 The changes we speak of are also associated with the growth of our fnintsfiiKi imcWJiuMUBM ljSI mlllai dedicate themselves to becoming better, stronger and faster. They strive to compete for success that they may attain the title of ' Number One ' Sports 131 Trojans Are Tops In Suburban League The Trojans kicked off the 1978 season with a 16-0 whitewash of La Mirada. All the scoring came in the first half as Eric Herman scored on a pass from Steve Mullinax, Don Weeks returned an interception for a touchdown and a Rocky Costello field goal provided the scoring nucleus. The Neff defense recorded the first of many shutouts. The Tro- jans expected a hard fought battle with Gahr, but instead got a rout. The Trojans scored 8 touchdowns, 5 in the first half, 3 by halfback Glen Buhr, as the Trojans romped 55-6. Neff opened league with revenge on their minds. The Nor- walk Lancers must have not known what hit them. Before they could say " GIF champs, " they were victims of the Trojans. Eric Herman pulled down two touchdown passes, and Rocky Costello added two field goals as Neff won, 42-0. 132 Football 1 This years Golden Trojans are Glen Buhr. Bruce Yoder. Steve Mullinax. and Dave Rush 2 Ron Torres has been successful containing sweeps this year as shown here. 3 Ted Haupert grabbles for a few extra yards against Excelsior. 4. Craig Gauthier returns an interception in the opening game with La Mirada. 5 Steve Mullinax looks up as the referee gives a reassuring sign. 6 The unpenetrable defense sets up in the Artesia game. 7. Rocky Costello. an important factor in the kicking game this season, kicks a point after. 8 Steve Mullinax tries to break a run against the Artesian defenders. 9 The excellent running of Glen Buhr was the highlight of the Trojan offense. Football 133 Trojans Remain Undefeated Bellflower was next on the Trojan casualty list as the defense recorded their third shutout of the young season and the Trojans coasted for a 29-0 victory. Steve Mullinax and Ron Torres scored early touchdowns, and Glen Buhr scored on a 64-yard run that cinched a 27-7 trouncing of Artesia. The Trojans were caught looking ahead in the Excel- sior game and led only 3-0 after the first quarter on a Rocky Costello field goal. But before the night was over, Ted Hau- pert, Kevin Ostler, Dave Rush, Glen Buhr, and Mark Jaycox had scored touchdowns and Costello had added two more field goals and the Trojans ran away from the Pilots, 46-0. Neff next faced their toughest match to date in the Para- mount Pirates. The only score in the first half came on a 35- yard field goal by Rocky Costello. Steve Mullinax scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter which gave Neff a 10-0 lead. Pirate QB Scott Jones swept around the end for a touch- down in the final minutes, but it was a case of too little, too late as the Trojans won 10-6. The Trojans trailed Glenn, 3-0, early in the game, but it was all Neff from then on. Glen Buhr piled up 194 yards rushing and Rocky Costello kicked a school record 49-yard field goal as the Trojans coasted, 30- 1. Don Bowker leads the Trojan sweep. 2. Dave Rush makes a hard tackle on a Gahr runner on the opening play of the game. The Trojans pounded Gahr, 55-6. 3. The Neff defense makes a stop on a La Mirada back in opening 16-0 victory. 4. Kevin Ostler scores the first of many Trojan touchdowns in the big win over Gahr. 5. The La Mirada punter gets off a kick just out of reach of the Trojans ' Chris Baca. 6. The Neff offensive line looks impressive as they go for another touch- down. 7. Ron Scott makes a vain attempt to elude the Gahr tackier. 8. A 36.7 yard average made Danny Pontes one of the Suburban League ' s top punters. 134 ' 4 Football 135 • " t Row 1: K. Ostler, D, Alexander, J. Fujita, D, Vcelik, L. Halstead, M, Drake, G. Buhr, M, Kelly. Row 2: J. Schwartz, C. Leonard, C. Baca, D. Pontes, K. Ufhioltz, M. Sanctiez, D. Weeks, J. Nester, B. Yoder. Row 3: Coach Mele, 136 Football Coach McConnell, C, Gauthier, R. Costello, T. Toriz, T. Henley, P, Phelan, E. Herman, D. Bowker, Coach Knapp, Coach Mooshaglan. Row 4: M. Smith, S. Gurley. M. Coelho. E. Dolan, R. Torres. R. Scotf. A. Armendariz. P. Proctor. Mullinax. J Repka. M Chancellor. J. Dysthe. G. Jenkins. H Briones. D J Whitney. M Jaycox. Row 5: K Woodburn, R Brooks. T Sherwin. S. Rush, T. Haupert. Football 137 1 1 .. 1?4 -i« s ' • " ; ■•■ -•ft, V TI -f 5 ' : H £«i Trojans Lose In Final Game A near capacity crowd at La Mirada Stadium watched Mayfair take an early 3-0 lead on a 31yard field goal by Mark Coleman. But from then on it was all Neff, going 72 yards in six plays on the ensuing drive, capped by a 4-yard touch- down by Glen Buhr. Ken Woodburn scored on a 9-yard pass from Steve Mullinax to build a 14-3 halftime lead. Before the evening was over, Buhr had two more touchdowns. Rocky Costello added a 42-yard field goal, and the Trojans had earned their second consecutive Suburban League Cham- pionship. Buhr opened the CIF playoffs on the first play from scrim- mage with a 74-yard touchdown run and the Trojans never looked back. Steve Mullinax added an 80-yard run. Ken Woodburn scored on a 41-yard pass from Mullinax, Buhr added another touchdown, and the defense recorded their fifth shutout in 1978 as Neff romped, 26-0. Schurr led the Trojans 6-3 at halftime; first time any team had managed that all season. But Neff came out in the second half with fire in their eyes as Glen Buhr ran for 220 yards on 39 carries and Neff advanced to the semifinals against league rival Paramount with a 17-6 victory. On a freezing night in Paramount, Neff had no problem eliminat- ing the Pirates from the playoffs. Unlike the first game, the outcome was never in doubt as Paramount never threat- ened, and the defense had shutout number 6 of the season. It was billed as the battle of the unbeatens, and a battle it was, as the Trojans matched up with the CIF powerhouse, Temple City. Two second quarter field goals by Temple City ' s Senior Gary Riley provided the Rams with all the scoring it needed to give them a 6-0 victory. The Trojans set several records in 1978; they had the best winning streak in the history of the school (12-1), most points scored in a season (345), and least points given up in a season (31). 1. Glen Buhr leaves a trail of Mntebello Defenders as he breaks for a touchdown. 2. Tony Sherwin stops a Temple City Back as a host of Trojan defenders come to help. 3. Bruce " Killer " Yoder scares defenders to clear a path for Buhr. 4. Dave Richards was an inspiration to the Neff football squad. 5. Mike Coelho and Ken Woodburn stop the back short in the Temple City game. 138 Football Opponent 16 La Mirada 55 Gahr 42 Norwalk 29 Bellflower 27 Artesia 46 Excelsior 10 Paramount 30 Glenn 31 Mayfair CIF 26 Montebello 17 Schurr 16 Paramount Temple City Score 6 7 6 3 3 ' ' i ' : ' %l l -m 32_-70 y } ' H ' i ' i f ' 1 Row 1: A Angelo. T. Gaston, E. Arocha, M Reinhert. S Freidrekson. Row 2: U Sa- lazar. S Betty. C Wilmont. R Albright. B. Collins. R Beaver Row 3: Coach Crippen. D Yount. S. Betty, J Gartner, S. Gray, T. Larson, Coach Goodman, Coach Torres, Row 4: R Williams, G Escudero, B King, D Arrequin, G Delamore, C La Rock, K, Marshall, D. Jones Row 5; M Haupert. T, Hensley, M Sorrano. J. Veazey, R Mauer, R. Ynlquez. L. Briones. D. King. J. Perez, R. Doyle. 2 Neff IS ready for action 3 Ed Arocha takes instruction from Coach Goodman 4 Greg Delamare runs around the end for .) big gain against La Mirada Opponent Score La Mirada 17 Gahr 13 Norwalk 7 Bellflower Artesia Excelsior Paramount 6 Glenn 7 Mayfair 8 Sophomores Stay Tough The sophomore football team dropped their first two pre-season games, but came back during Suburban League play and were undefeated until the last contest with Mayfair, They lost in a close contest and finished second in league. The de- fense, led by tackle Mike Sorrano and linebacker Leo Briones. yielded only 20 points through the first six league games. Greg Delamare led the Trojan offense at quar- terback and had scored 102 points through the Glenn game. The Sophomores practiced and im- proved throughout the season and showed much promise for the future. Sophomore Football 139 Freshmen Are Impressive The Freshmen, under the direction of Coaches Popovich, Carrico, and O ' Neil, car- ried a 3-3-2 record going into the final game of the season. Offensive standouts include tight end Randy Stephen, who also doubled as a safety on defense. Other defensive stars are end Juan Escudero and Ralph Springer, linebacker. Close losses to Glenn and Artesia, and a tie with Paramount hin- dered their chances for a league champion- ship. eff Opponent Score LaMirada Gatir 6 2 Norwalk 18 Bellflower 6 6 Artesia 14 6 Excelsior 6 Paramount 6 6 Glenn 21 13 Mayfair 23 1. Lou Martinez sticks the Norwalk quar- terback, 2. Randy Stephen returns a kickoff against Norwalk. 3. Ron Yniguez and the offensive line are ready for action. 4 Randy Stephen eludes tacklers in 2-0 victory over Norwalk. 5. Row 1: J, Zahrt, H. Bowden. C. Rodri- guez, S. Bussell. M. Wright. R, Springer. Row 2: R. Sauer, V. Allen, D. Gauthier, S. Jones. G. Dunn, R. Stephen, D. Kern Row 3: Coach Carrico, A. Camero, D. Morin, R. Usmany, S. Bunte, B. Vidal, J. Koo. G. De- ' Leon, Coach Popovich. Coach O ' Neil. Row 4: B. Coie, J, Escudero, V. Contreras, W, Hutchens, D. Sallade, D. Kalpakoff. K. Dennis. M. Pyburn, J. Henley, A. Cardenas. Row 5: S. Barstow, J. McDonald, S. Ollie, T. Draper, J. Dixon, R. Yniquez. L. Mar- tinez. R. Hinkley. J. Mauer, D. Bryan. ' ! - ' ■ HtSti w i L ' 140 Freshmen Football %.- k Hi? " ffK Netf Opponent Score 19 Norwalk 39 23 Belltlower 32 26 Artesia 29 33 Mayfair 23 25 Excelsior 30 32 Paramount 24 15 Glenn 50 1st 3rd Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet League Finals 1. Sheila White struggles up " agony hill " 2. Tammy Uiibarri concentrates as she runs 3. The top runner. Caria Carpenter, races to fin- ish first. 4. Row 1: M Spack. P Nelson. D Terry. D Gor- man Row 2 S White, T Ulibarn. C Carpenter, K, Manuputy 5 Karen Manuputy " pours it on " to try to over- take an opponent. Girls Cross Country Qualifies For CIF With the help of Mr. Bob McGuire. the Girls Cross Coun- try team ran very well this year. The team was led by D ' anne Gorman, CarIa Carpenter and Tammy Ulibarn. These girls along with Sheila White and Pam Nelson helped give the Trojans a first place finish in the league finals. The girls had a record of 5-2 in league and they placed first in the Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet. Their third place finish in the league finals helped the girls qualify for CIF. And with the three top girls running for Neff, the Trojans should do very well. Cross Country 141 Neff Norwalk Bellflower Artesia MayUir , . Excflsicf Paramount Glenfi ' V— » -■ Lea Score 29 24 25 37 " 34 24 « 20 gue Finals ' jrf Varsity Frosh Cross Country Teams Do Well Despite Small Turnout The 1978 Boys Varsity Cross Country Team had a record of 5-2. The Trojans suf- fered a little because of a small turn out of guys this year. Robin Mitchell and Jim and John Prondzinski led the Trojans to a sec- ond place finish in the Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet and to a third place tie with Artesia in the league finals. One of the high- lights of the Trojans ' season was a win over Artesia. This was the first time Neff beat Artesia in ten years. The Freshmen team suffered tremen- dously because they did not have the re- quired five runners to score points. Because of lack of depth, the Trojans had to forfeit all of their meets. Coach McGuire commented that the Freshmen would have had a good chance in the league had they had a full team. Dave Kluck and John Harris ran well and should be excellent runners next year. 142 Cross Country 1 Several Neff runners race to stay in the lead. 2 Steve Galvan races away from an opponent. 3 Robin Mitchell and Jim Prondzinski lead the pack of runners through the course. 4 Row 1: M Kluck, S Zapka Row 2: J. Prondzinski, R. Mitchell. M Jenkins. J. Prondzinski. S. Galvan. 5. Dave Kluck runs hard 6, Varsity runner John Prondzinski shows good form 7 Dave Kluck and Randy Tyce race through the park. 8 The freshmen enjoy themselves as they run. 9 Row 1 M. Barr. D Kluck. R. Tyce. J. Harris. Cross Country 143 Varsity Gains Experience The Varsity Cagers opened their season on a cold night at La Mirada. Neff had a poor shooting night from the field and fell to the Matadores, 44-42. After a loss at La Serna, The Trojans went into the Bell Gardens Tournament against Col- ton. Terry Snavely poured in 32 points from the field and Neff advanced to the next round against Norwalk, whom they defeated easily, 58-50. Trailing by 13 at halftime, the Trojans played their best Basketball of the season in the second half, and edged St. Paul for the championship, 41- 40. Snavely was named the tournament M.V.P.. The Brea Tournament was a different story for Neff. After defeating University, 46-44, the Trojans ran into the hot shooting Brea-Olinda Wildcats, who had no trouble in downing Neff, 69-60. After losses to Garden Grove and Canyon, League started and the Trojans won easily over Excelsior, 49-42. A poor shooting night from the field caused Neff to fall to Norwalk, 52-43. The Trojans turned in their finest defensive performance of the season and they turned away Glenn by the score of 67-60. The turning point of the season came in the Artesia game. The cagers blew a 5-point lead with 58 seconds left and lost, 58-57. 1. Row 1: Coach Crippen. Row 2: T. Snavely, R. Brinnon, P. Simon, R. Plank, B, Powers, T. Haupert, D. Adams, E, Olson, J. Repka, R. Ortega . 2. Rich Ortega shows the perfect shooting style. 3. Terry Snavely powers in the key for a lay up. 4. Ron Pineira shoots a free throw in the Artesia game. 5. Don Adams concentrates tor a extra point. 6. Neff cagers get ready to receive the tip from Ted Haupert. 144 Basketball Basketball 145 Varsity Will Be Ready For Next Year After consecutive losses to Bellflower, Mayfair, and Para- mount, the Trojans went into the ' Pit ' to face the Excelsior Pilots. Neff once again blew a 5-point lead with a Little over a minute to play and fell in overtime, 65-63. Contrary to the previous week, the Trojans swept the next two games by defeating Norwalk and Glenn by the scores of 67-49, and 67- 57, respectively. Artesia and Bellflower had no trouble in downing Neff, 76-56 and 51-42. The Trojans gave Mayfair a battle before the Monsoons pulled away for a 14-point victo- ry. In the final game at Paramount, Neff was really no match for the playoff-bound Pirates, as they coasted to a 76-61 victory. With four lettermen returning for next year, the Trojans hope to be headed for C.I.F. when February rolls around. 1. Terry Snavely beats a Matador defender to lay up a basket. 2. Richard Brinnon shoots over an Artesia defender. 3. Ted Haupert stops for a jumper, 4. Ted Haupert catches Artesia defenders off guard as he shoots. 5. Rich Ortega takes a sideline shot. 6. Artesia defenders can ' t hold Brendon Powers back. 7. Brendon Powers towers over defenders to shoot in the key. 8. Don Adams takes a jumper from the top of the key, 9. Richard Brinnon works the passing game. Neff Opponent Score 49 Excelsior 42 43 Norwalk 53 67 Glenn 60 57 Artesia 58 42 Bellflower 55 50 Mayfair 68 63 Paramount 80 63 Excelsior 65 66 Norwalk 49 67 Glenn 58 56 Artesia 76 42 Bellflower 51 56 Mayfair 70 61 Paramount 76 146 Basketball Basketball 147 J. V. ' s Begin League With Four Straight Wins The J.V. Basketball Team started the sea- son off with four wins in a row. In their victo- ries over Excelsior, Norwalk, Glenn, and Ar- tesia they looked unbeatable at times. The cagers then suffered two tough losses at the hands of Bellflower and Mayfair. In the final game of the first half, the Trojans faced the speedy Paramount Pirates. Neff had a poor shooting night from the field and fell for the third time this season. The Trojans finished in 4th place behind Paramount, Artesia, Mayfair, and Bellflower. With many of this year ' s juniors already playing on the varsity level, the Trojans figure to be top contend- ers for the Suburban League Crown next year. 4 Neff Opponent Score 52 Excelsior 32 44 Norwalk 31 53 Glenn 44 45 Artesia 37 40 Bellflower 46 41 Mayfair 48 53 Paramount 77 50 Excelsior 43 51 Norwalk 33 52 Glenn 47 44 Artesia 66 86 Bellflower 51 41 Mayfair 46 71 Paramount 83 1. Row 1; D. Chambers. F. Padilla. B. Tucker. V. Outlaw, C. Aroche. Row 2: J. Metro. T. Abbot, P. Young, T. Hensley, G. Jenkins, R. Robinson, S. Pehlke. 2. Scott Pehlke shoots an uncontested jumper. 3. Vince Outlaw drives up the middle for a layup. 4. Coach Williams tells his players to play good defense as well as offense. 5. Kurt Shively fires from the baseline, 6. Joe Metro ends the fastbreak with two. 148 Basketball - =-w- Frosh Place Fourth The Freshman Team, under the direction of Eric Bangs, fin- ished 8-6 and placed fourth in the Suburban League behind Arte- sia, Excelsior, and Bellflower. Jason Mauer was the team ' s lead- ing scorer and Ralph Springer and Juan Escudero moved the ball very well at point and Jim Chancey did a fine job for the frosh. With their quickness, they figure to be big assets to Trojan basket- ball in the future. 1. Ralph Springer shoots a lefthanded layup. 2. Jason Mauer outjumps an opponent 3 Juan Escudero shoots a jumper from the freethrow line 4. Row 1; D Goodrow. R Springer. J Vmdedahl. C Lee. M Start. Row 2: J. Escudero. J Mauer. D. Brian. M Plew. J Chancey. L Martinez. 5. Juan Escudero shoots over the zone Neff Opponent Score 39 Excelsior 48 43 Norwalk 34 41 Glenn 39 47 Artesia 56 26 Bellflower 23 43 Mayfair 29 45 Paramount 26 34 Excelsior 60 41 Norwalk 34 56 Glenn 53 40 Artesia 64 53 Bellflower 57 40 Mayfair 44 48 Paramount 46 149 Varsity Volleyball Enters GIF For 6th Straight Year! The 1978 Varsity Volleyball Team had a tough time trying to stay alive in the race for a CIF berth. But with the great coaching of Sue Tisdall and the determination of the players, the Trojans managed to win their last two games against May- fair and Excelsior qualifying them to represent the Suburban League as the third place team with a 8-6 record. The Trojans found themselves matched against Alta Loma, the number one team in the San Antonio League. The girls played a fantastic match, winning the first game, 15-9, but losing the next two, 1 1-15, 1 1-15. This game was by far the best game the girls played all sea- son. The team was loaded with individual talent. J.V. players Jill Terry and Kathleen Lundquist earned starting positions while Rita Robertson and Vicki Swickard did a good job coming off the bench. Seniors, Missy Newgent and Ginny Cohen, led the offensive attack with their excellent spiking. Mi- chelle Kalte stood out with her great setting while Sue Kellison played well defensively. 4 IHk Neff Round 1: won lost won lost lost won won Opponent Paramount Artesia Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Paramount Artesia Glenn — - i Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Score 13-15. 15-5, 15-7 11-15, 12-15 fPrt 11-15,5-15 Nnm 6-15, 9-15 15-4, 15-5 . 15-5, 15-10 14-16, 12-15 13-15, 12-15 15-2, 15-2 15-17, 16-14, 15-5 6-15, 15-12, 13-15 15-11, 14-16, 15-3 15-11, 13-15, 15-6 15-9 11-15, 11-15 150 Volleyball 1 Missy Newgent gets high off the ground to spike it over the Bellflower blockers 2 Sue Kellison •eyes " the ball as she receives it. 3 Kathleen Lundquist goes to the floor to pick up a spike 4 A spiker escapes blockers Rita Robertson and Missy Newgent. 5 Hitters Missy Newgent and Kathleen Lundquist await the set from setter JoJan Hieda. 6 The team listens intently as Miss Tisdall explains the game plan 7 Missy Newgent makes a perfect pass up to the setter Michelle Kalte. 8. Jill Terry blocks an opponent ' s dink 9. Row 1: J Hieda. M Kalte Row 2: S Kellison. V. Swickard. C Cowan Row 3 G Cohen. R. Robert- son. M Newgent. J Terry. K Lundquist. 10 Senior Ginny Cohen spikes the ball. 1 1 . The mam setter on the team was Senior Michelle Kalte. 12. Total concentration is needed to make a perfect pass as Rita Robertson demonstrates here. Volleyball 151 J.V. Volleyball Takes Second Place With almost all new players this year, the J.V. Volleyball Team, under the guidance of Bette Brunner, did a great job. The Trojans placed second in league with a 10-4 record. Doing an outstanding job as hitters for the team were Carol Moore, Veta Mora, Cathie Davis and Georgia Boulanger, while Carol Cowan and Jamie Roberts looked good in the setting department. Freshman Kim Hum and Sophomore Sherri Seager did an excel- lent job as first year players and should help the team a lot next year. Named as Most Valuable Player by Coach Brunner and her teammates was Carol Moore. Georgia Boulanger was named the Most Improved Player on the team. 1. Row 1: T. Castle. D. Rodela, L. Pay- ment. Row 2; J. Vcelik, L. Sctiwartz, V. Swickard. S. Fuentes, S. Seager, J. Roberts. Row 3: K. Hum, V. Mora, K. Ridgely, C. Moore, C. Davis, J. Whitney, G. Boulanger. 2. Carol Moore spikes it over for a point. 3. Carol Cowan bumps the ball up as Sherri Seager backs her up. 4. Jamie Roberts gets down low to get a good pass up to the setter. 5. Cathie Davis hits over a blocker. 152 Volleyball K iuM: ' 1 Dona Steckbauer shoots over an Excelsior op- ponent 2 Darlene Castillo drives around a defender 3 Cindy Dwyer " lays it up " for two 4 Regina Dumais takes a baseline |ump shot 5 Georgia Boulanger takes an uncontested jump- er 6 Row 1: R Dumais. B Talavera. G. Boulanger. Row 2 C Dwyer. D Castillo. V. Swickard. Row 3: D Steckbauer. L Wills. J Terry J.V. Basketball Gains Experience The 1978-79 Girls J.V. Basketball Team, coached by Sue Tisdall, had a league record of 8-6. The Trojans played better than their re- cord suggests, losing many of their games by just one point. Coach Tisdall feels that her team was fairly strong defensively, but their offense lacked the consistency needed to win the close games. Leading the team in scoring were Diana Steckbauer. Vicki Swickard. and Cindy Dwyer. while Steckbauer. Leanne Wills, and Jill Terry dominated the boards. Darlene Castillo and Georgia Boulanger did a great job hustling on defense, leading the team in steals. Girls Basketball 1 53 Inconsistency Hurts Trojans The 1978-79 Girls Varsity Basketball Team, under the guidance of Al Uribe, had a com- mendable season. The Trojans participated in two tournaments, one of which they hosted. In this tournament, the girls played very well one game, but bad the next. This seemed to be the pattern of the entire season. One of the Tro- jans ' best games was the consolation finals in the Neff tourney, in which they were matched against an excellent Sonora team. The girls played great, winning 67-60. As league play started, the Trojans were very confident, winning their first three games. But good fortune turned into bad as they began their long losing streak of five games. The girls ' first loss was against league rival Artesia. This game was close up until the closing minutes when turnovers plagued the Trojans. The final score was 31-41. Against Belflower, the Tro- jans were never in the game as the Bucs proved to be too tough for them, winning 70- 43. Against Mayfair, the Trojans committed too many errors, losing 41-50. What really hurt the girls were losses against lowly ranked Para- mount and Excelsior. Determined to end their losing streak, the girls ousted Norwalk and Glenn and were out to get the three top teams, Artesia, Bellflower and Mayfair. All the Trojans could do was get close, but not close enough to pull out a win. The Trojans ended league with a 6-8 record and a fourth place finish. Leading scorers for the team were Ginny Co- hen and Missy Newgent, each averaging about ten points a game. Newgent and Carol Moore dominated the boards. Kathleen Lundquist played well at both ends of the court while Jojan Hieda and Kelly Cox did a good job com- ing off the bench. The playmaker of the team was Ginny Cohen, passing off for the most as- sists. 1. Ginny Cohen puts up a shot as an opponent attempts to block it. 2. Missy Newgent shoots for two. 3. Missy Newgent draws the foul as she goes up for a jumper. 4 Kelly Cox dribbles down the court. 5. Row 1: K. Cox. G. Cohen. Row 2: J. Hieda, M. Dorrity, C, Moore. M. Newgent. J. Spinosa. L. Gaston. 6. Laurie Gaston shoots from inside the key. 7. Jojan Hieda is shown shooting a freethrow. 8. An Artesia defender tries to steal the ball from Ginny Cohen as she drives toward the basket. 9. Carol Moore takes a baseline )ump shot. 10. Members of the varsity team listen to Coach Uribe as he analyses the first half action during halftime. Neff Opponent Score 51 Excelsior 42 57 Norwalk 49 52 31 Glenn ■ ' gtfK Artesia K 48 41 43 Bellflower 70 41 Mayfair 50 31 Paramount 35 35 Excelsior 40 47 Norwalk 37 41 Glenn 34 39 Artesia 47 42 Bellflower 68 50 Mayfair 65 50 Paramount 49 154 Girls Basketball Girls Basketball 155 Varsity Baseball Gives It Their All This year ' s Varsity Baseball Team was headed by Coach Mike Knapp. The team was well equipped with many fine ath- letes. Some of the key returning Varsity lettermen were Seniors Tony Sherwin, Craig Gauthier, Ron Torres and Ted Hau- pert. A few of the exceptional new comers to the Varsity Squad were Senior Jerry Neilsen, Junior Jim Ashker and Sopho- more Rich Doyle. We hope to see these and all other new players back next year for an equally fine season in 1980. 156 Varsity Baseball Neft Opponent Score 2 BelKlower 10 2 Excelsior 7 4 Norwalk 3 1 Paramount 2 4 Mayfair 9 2 Glenn 3 3 Artesia 2 2 Bellflower 2 Excelsior 3 3 Norwalk 4 2 Paramount 9 8 Mayfair Glenn Artesia e 1 Tony Sherwin throws some practice pitches as 2nd baseman. Rich Brinnon, and 1st baseman. Ted Hauperf. look on 2 Coach Knapp coaches from first base during the La Mirada game 3 Don Alexander stretches for the ball to force the runner out 4 Row 1 D Alexander, R Duquette. D Warner. R Torres. C Gauthier. J Cox and D Chambers Row 2: D Simons, f Wilson. M Smith. R. Doyle. T Sherwin. M Chancellor. T Haupert. R. Brinnon. R Pineira. J Neilsen and J Ashker 5 Coach Knapp gives the players a pep talk. 6 Rich Doyle follows through on his swing at the La Mirada game. 7 Craig Gauthier. pticher. fires a fast one 8 (Wlatt Smith is tagged at home plate by a l onte Vista player 9 Ted Haupert awaits a grounder at first base. 10 Don Alexander. Rich Doyle. Ron Duquette and Tony Sherwin wait their turn to bat. Varsity Baseball 157 Neff Opponent Score 4 Bellflower 3 6 Excelsior 1 Norwalk 2 Paramount 4 8 Mayfair 6 4 Glenn 1 2 Artesia 7 1 Bellflower 2 4 Excelsior 2 14 Norwalk 3 10 Paramount 11 5 Mayfair Glenn Artesia » 4 J.V. Baseball Is Able To Swing It J.V. Baseball shows promise to Neff ' s Future. With their outstanding players and superb sport- manship they had a winning season. 1. Row 1: B. Gallop, S Betty, T. Marlow, M. Koukoutsakls. Row 2: M. Kelly, H. Martin, R. Ortega, D. Yount, G. Cantu, J. Bes- sey, T, Lamb, A Ortega, Row 3: D. Jones, S. Gurley, M Bar- tels, M. Soranno, S Pehkle, J Pruden, J. Huddy, L. Briones, M Toyota. 2. Mr. Mele is a patient Coach. 3. Terry Lamb gets anothier base hit. 4. Ruben Ortega, the shortstop, waits anxiously for the ball 5. Gary Cantu pitches another strike. jm 158 J.V. Baseball Girls Softhiill Looks Good The 1979 Varsity Softball Team, under the direction of Coach Jan Blume, had only four returning players. This young team had a lot of talent, but inconsistent playing blew many games they should have won With only two players graduating, Coach Blume looks to have a very good team next year. The J.V. squad had more success than the varsity did. Under the coaching of Cecilia Ta- foya and assistant Pam Dolan, the girls went 3- in preseason and had a lot of success against league teams. 1 Row 1 D DuRivage. J Bird, D Tilhnger, B Talavera. D Hosman Row 2 D Thomas, D Krisik, C Cowan. S. Marschke, T Gallop, R Byers, R Li ardi 2 Lisa Padilla, Ctiris Timms, Katliy Merrill and Diane Du- quette listen to Mrs Blume as slie calls out the batting order 3 Diane Tillinger is seen pitching (or the J V 4 Chris Curry gets a piece of the ball against Brea 5 Varsity pitcher Darlene Castillo warms up (or the 1979 season 6 RowlC Curry, G Domann Row 2; D Castillo, K Finuf. 1) Duquette, C Timms Row 3 L. Gaston, L. Padilla, M. Newgent, C Moore. R Robertson. 7 Missy Newgent stretches for the ball as the runner is called safe Softball 159 Neff Opponent Score 105 La MIrada 24 77 El Monte 50 107 Excelsior 20 101 Glenn 29 70 Mayfair 66 8 Paramount 55 16 Bellflower 60 65 Artesia 71 120 Norwalk 14 160 Tracf Viirsity Truck Stays On Top In staying with the past tradition, this year ' s track team will dominate, and possibly take the Suburban League title. With many returning Varsity letterman along with some strong new talent, chances are better than average. The 440 team. Pat Langon. Phil James, Kevin Ostler, and Ron Scott, will again be one of the fastest ever. Robin Mitchell and Jim and John Prond- zinski will dominate the long distances with strong sup- port in the field events by Mike Kluck in pole vault, Page Procter in long jump, and Jim Whitney and Dave Rush in shot put and discuss. 1. Row 1: M Jenkins. T Lawlor. A Jimenez. P Langon. R Scott. K. Ostler. P. James Row 2: Coach Mooshagian. S Zapka. R Mitchell. C Salazar. J Prondzinski. J Prondzinski. K Wissler. D Adams, J. Whitney, D Rush, P Proctor, J Nestor. Coach Mc Quire 2 Kevin Ostler hands oft to Ron Scott in the 440 yard relay. 3 The 440 IS led by Chuck Salazar 4 Page Proctor helped the team with his high jump. long)ump. and low hurdles 5 Phil James flies over the high hurdles 6 Jim Whitney was the top shot putter in league this year. 7 Mike Kluck shows perfect style in the pole vault 8 Terence Lawlor reached new heights as a junior 9 Jim Prondzinski, John Prondzinski, and Robin Mitchell go 1,2,3. in the mile. Track 161 Girls Follow Footsteps With The Number One Team After winning the League Championship last year, it looks as though the girls track team will capture another one this year. With stars like Caria Carpenter, Tammy Ulibarri, Shar- lene Wornets and D ' Anne Gorman, how could they lose. 1. Tammy Ulibarri shows no sign of stopping In the 440. 2. Sharlene Warnets starts fast in the relay. 3. CarIa Carpenter and Irene Torres lead the long distances. 4 Irene Castle hands off the Debbie Terry in the 440 yard relay. 5. Row 1: J. Cohen. D. Gorman, K. Gorman, G. Lang, D. Terry, M. Mc Intosh, J. Grammer, I. Gastle, S. Wornets. Row 2: S. White, K. Anderson. I. Torres. K. Reinert, J. Lee, M. Spock, G. Carpenter, K. Hum, L. Reissig. T. Ulibarri, L. Mignot. Neff Opponent Score 53 La t irada 54 76 El Monte 27 97 Excelsior 12 64 Glenn 44 42 Mayfair 67 26 Paramount 83 61 Bell 48 53 ' 2 Artesia 51 ' 2 82 Norwalk 27 ( ' r 1 rrisk 162 Track ♦• •f ?L« •• Neff Opponent Score 88 La Mirada 28 57 El Monte 73 79 Excelsior 56 83 Glenn 48 38 Mayfair 97 55 Paramount 80 78 ' Bellflower 50 ' . 42 Artesia 90 64 No rwalk 71 Frosh-Soph Maintain Tradition Although the Frosh-Soph didn ' t fill every event, they seemed to win. In the first league meet, they showed their strength by wiping out the Excelsior Pilots. This years outstanding speedsters were Greg Delemare, Bill King and Robert Dominguez with support in the field events by Gary Straitand and John Harris. 1 Row 1; B. King, R. Dominguez. V Salazar, R Albright, G Delemare, R. Robinson, J Veazey, B Kidder Row 2 J Harris, R Tice. D Kalpakoff, R. Usmany, J Henley, D Tate. B Straptoff. R Williams. M Haupert, G. Straight, P Patterson. A Porras. G Wise 2 Bill King takes a big lead in the 440 yard run 3 In securing the 440 relay. Bill King hands the baton to Greg Delemare. 4. Scott Pehike takes a low hurdle Track 163 Varsity Tennis ' Talent Doesn 1 Show In Record The Girls Varsity Tennis Team had a lot of good experienced players this year. Al- though their record was 6-8, the Trojans played extremely well, losing a lot of their matches in tie breakers. Coach Blume com- mented that, " Our doubles were very strong, but the singles were shakey because of inexperience. And with scoring being di- vided equally between doubles and single sets, we couldn ' t depent only on the doubles to win our matches. " The team was helped greatly by the num- ber one doubles team of Gail Domann and Chris Curry, winning 30 out of 36 sets. The two sophomores, Kim Finuf and Sharlene Woronots, combined their talents to win 22 out of 36 sets. These two girls should rip the league apart next year. Next year Neff should be a tough contender for the league title as many talented girls will be coming up from the J.V. tea m and more than half of the Varsity will be returning. 1. Row 1: S. Woronets, K. Finuf. Row 2. R Lizardi, L. Padilla, M. Dorrity, Row 3: C. Dwyer, D. Steckbauer, G. Domann. C. Curry, Coach Blume. 2. Gail Domann demonstrates the way to produce a powerful serve. 3. Rachel Lizardi moves in for a forehand shot. 4. Kim Finuf demonstrates the trick to a fine backhand shot. 5. Sharlene Woronets gets ready to receive a serve. 6. Chris Curry shows perfect form. Neff Opponent Score 10 Paramount 8 14 Artesia 9 6 Glenn 12 7 Norwalk 11 5 Bellflower 13 5 Mayfair 13 13 Excelsior 5 10 Paramount 8 12 Artesia 6 5 Glenn 13 8 Norwalk 10 4 Bellflower 14 5 Mayfair 13 13 Excelsior 5 164 Tennis 6 ' T Parifmount 14 ' jfe Artesia 12 Glenn 6 Norwalk 5 Bellflower 8 Mayfair 15 Excelsior 6 Paramount 16 dk Artesia 14 Glenn 8 Norwalk 6 Bellflower 10 Mayfair 1 1 Excelsior Score 12 — 4 6 12 12 10 3 12 2 4 10 12 8 7 " •; -• .v».- -s 1 Shernll Murphy pounds a shot past her opponent 2 Jolene Bird and Miss Tatoya enjoy a walk to the tennis courts before a match. 3 Eillen Morgan serves hard for an ace. 4 Sherry Thompson casually returns a forehand shot 5 Diane Duquette follows through after a cross court shot 6 Row 1: K Gardener. S Fox. D Du- quette, M Weaver. K Merrill. J Bird Row 2: J. Lee. R Gordon. S Murphy. E Mor- gan. M. Vigil. K. Reinert. S. Thompson. ► •- • MA I % . J.V. Tennis Has Potential But Inexperience Shows The 1978 J.V. Tennis Team did well consider- ing nearly all of the members were first year players. Their record this year was 6-8. Says Coach Tafoya. " We had trouble getting the girls to believe that tennis was a competitive sport and not just a P.E. class. This was the main reason the girls didn ' t place higher in league than thev did! The doubles team of Robin Gordon and Sher- rill Murphy did an outstanding job. winning 21 out of 33 sets. The singles players all were good players, but inconsistency in their play caused them to lose a lot of close matches. We should look for an awesome team next year as most of the J.V. ' s are returning. Tennis 165 Tennis Hopes For C.I.F. Bid The Varsity Tennis Team, under the di- rection of Roger Williams, returned four lettermen from last years ' 9-5 third place team. Led by two-time M.V.P. Eric Fergu- son, the team recorded early season vic- tories over Monte Vista, La Mirada, Arte- sia, and Excelsior. Early season specula- tion had The Trojans battling it out with Bellflower and Norwalk for the Suburban League Championship. Other singles play- ers were Rene Vise, Ron Lucker, and Scott Scruggs. John Repka and Troy Johnson were the Number 1 Doubles team, and although they had troubles early in the season, they figured to be a strong combination as the season went along. Dan Moncino and Steve Galvan al- ternated with Mark Yniguez as the second doubles team. rr B K Neff Opponent Score Ht win Glenn Forfeit K " ' Artesia 13 ' 2 S s Bellflower 20 M 23 ' 2 Excelsior 4 ' 2 ■r 12 Norwalk . 16 r 17 Paramount 11 won Mayfair Forfeit 16 Glenn 12 11 Artesia 17 15 ' 2 Bellflower Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair " I 1. Eric Ferguson shows a nice follow through on his forehand. 2. Ron Lucker warms up with a La Mirada Opponent. 3. Troy Johnson rallies with a teammates before the Norwalk Match. 4. Rene Vise ' s topspin forehand was a key to his success during the season. 5. John Repka serves an ace against La Mirada. 6. Row 1: Scott Scruggs, Ron Lucker, Dan Moncino. Row 2: Coach Roger Williams, John Repka, Troy Johnson, Mark Yniguez, Eric Ferguson. r ■■ni ■ HU ' ML— - - 1 166 Tennis Golf Swings Into Action The 1979 Neff Varsity Golf Team got off to a great start this season, and accord- ing to coach Lonnie McConnell, they will do great through league meets as well A lot of dedication and skill makes up a suc- cessful team, and this years golf team has got It in the bag! 1 Row 1 Don Bowker. Tony Jones. Mike Ervine, Steve Betty. Danny Lange. Steve Henley, and Coach Lonnie Mc Connell 2 Don Bowlker practices up before a match 3 Jerry Abbott follows through on a great drive. 4 Rick Hill chips If up on the green 5 Steve Betty catches the eye of the camera on this swing. 6 ' Nobody ' s perfect!! " exclaims Steve Henley 3 1 |B ■ i -m H ■ : 4. Neff IM 199 221 Opponent Score •! Cerritos 250 i LB. Poly 213 220 Cerritos 260 200 LB Poly 208 Mayfair J H Artesia 1 308 Paramount 270 m 326 Bellflower 349 M 474 Mayfair Paramount 511 M Artesia 199 H 203 Paramount Bellflower Mayfair Bellflower Artesia « Golf 167 Eighth Grade Sports Arrive On Neff Campus Neff s new eighth graders have arrived on the sports scene by competing in Interdistrict athlet- ics. The sports both girls and boys participated in were volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, track and cross country. The fall seasons were volleyball and softball. The Girl ' s Volleyball Team, coached by Roger Wil- liams, did great, defeating Glenn and La Mirada to take first place. The Girls Softball Team also took first with a 3-0 record. The team was coached by Pam Dolan. Look for these girls to lead future Neff teams to victorious seasons. — rii . 1 . The Girls Volleyball Team: Row 1 : S. Reyna. D. Boutin Row 2: S. Aqueehe, A. Anderson, K. Burnet, J. Mullin. 2. Kim Burnett serves to the opponent. 3. Sheri Reyna receives the ball as her teammates look on. 4. The Girls Softball Team: Row 1: M. Gutierrez, H. Mendez, J. Torres, H. Bird, S. Burke. Row 2: D. Bar- ringer, K. Sims, D. Hooper. J. Mendoza. 168 Eighth Grade Sports 1 The Boys Softball Team: K Ufholtz. D Nydam, B Ponce. D Gray. B Elwell, R Villasenor. B Durkin 2 Mike Robinson follows through after serving 3. Darin Hamak hopes his bump will get over the net 4. Joel Remender swings high to get a bump 5 The Boys Volleyball Team Row 1 J Shipley. M Robinson Row 2: D Hamak, 8 Bloss. J Remender. R Vneling Boys Volleyball And Softball Teams Take First Place The Boys Volleyball Team was led by Randy Vrieling and Mike Robinson. They came in first place by remaining undefeated throughout the tournament. Coach Williams did a great job in coaching these guys. The Boys Softball Team posted a 3-1 record, losing only to the Glenn Eagles. Ram Dolan also coached the boys team. Eighth Grade Sports 169 Eight Grade Shows Potential The Eighth Grade Basketball Team, under the guidance of Coach O ' Neill, didn ' t do quite as well as was expected, but they gained a lot of experience for next year as freshmen. This year was a learning experience and next year ' s freshmen team should have an advantage over previous freshmen teams with more exper- ience and knowledge. 1. Row 1: B. Bantav. J. Figgins. A. Faland, J. Remender, D. Ricon, J, Shipley, M. Day. Row 2: D. Lugo, D. Grey, R. Rewshaw. D. De Mueler, M. Smultz, F. Catanio, M. Weatherly. E. Duran. J. Rawlons, Coach O ' Neil. 2. Mike Smultz gets fouled in the process of shooting, 3. Ed Duran is closely guarded by a Glenn defender. 4. The team is ready for IVIike Smultz ' s rebound. 170 Eight Grade Sports A ii- IMfl ' TB I O 1 Row 1 M Ruiz. D Lugo. B Krahl. B Bantau. S Frilot. R Villasenor, M Day R Vneling, R Moreno. D Marshall Row 2: Coach Marschke. K Ufholtz. A Graham, T. Dowty, C Alderette. J Hambleton, G. Hurlocker. D Elliot Gray. E. Duran. B Young. F. Cantaneo. Coach Luzzo. 2 Craig Alderette moves the ball closer to the goal line 3 Elliot Duran steals the ball from the opponent 4 Craig Alderette shows good foot- work against Norwalk 5. Neff sets up for a goal. 8th Gniders Do Well The Eighth Grade Soccer Team, coached by Seniors Jerry Marschke and Duane Luzzo, did very well against district teams. They have experience from playing in the City league so things look really good for this young team. Look for these guys on future Neff Soccer teams. Eight Grade Sports 171 1 Row 1: S Aqueche Row 2: D. Brandt, K. Sims, J. Torres, S, Dossey, T, Fowler, 2 Kelly Sims out|umps her opponent 3 Kelly Sims shoots a baseline drive, 4 Nefl drives towards the basket, 5 Julie Torres beats her defender and drives baseline, 6 Shawna Aqueche waits for her team to set up the offense % N S Eighth Grade Girls Don ' t Win, But Gain Experience The Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Team, under the fine coaching of Laurie Wakefield, didn ' t win many games, but they did gain a lot of experience and knowledge. Donne Brandt and Shawna Aqueche led the team with their fine athletic ability and knowledge of the game. This eighth grade team should improve the girls bas- ketball program immensely with their ex- perience of playing competitive ball at the beginning of their high school years. 172 Eighth Grade Sports Neff Athletes Shine In 19 Neff High School has experienced sev- eral changes this year, one of which in- cludes the sports program. The Junior Varsity level in football, ten- nis, cross country and track, the sopho- more level in basketball and the entire wrestling team have all been eliminated. Eighth grade sports have been added to the sports scene, while the girls program remained the same. Neff saw the football team go to the finals in CIF, and the Girls Volleyball team entered CIF for the sixth straight year. Girls tennis had a very successful year, going far in league finals. Basketball at all levels had a fair season, while the cross country and track teams turned in win- ning seasons. The Softball and baseball teams did well, while the eighth graders gained valuable experience for next year. Whether winning or losing, Neff showed the infamous pride that never faltered, and proved again that, " We ' re No. 1! " o — m ]■ 1 Ted Haupert throws to second during a varsity game 2 Don Adams executes the long j jmp well. 3 Tom Hensley shoots over a defender in a J V game 4 Rita Robertson stands alert In a varsity Softball game 5 Eric Ferguson prepares to return a backhand shot 6 DAnne Gorman races through the cross country course at Regional Park 7 Jill Terry looks to pass off as Mayfair defenders close in on her. Sports 173 v: I 7 «. . i Administration Watching us change from year to year, teaching us the basics of life, our teachers, counselors, and administrators who have done their best to see us through these years, are constantly regarded by the success of their students. AdfT I ' i ' - Principal Assistan t Principals ro 1 Mr Les Billinger, Principal. ' Mm 1 i- Mr. Steve Gertz, Assistant Principal. Mrs. Virginia Morgan, Assistant Principal. Mr. Luciano Ramirez, Assistant Principal. 176 Administration Counselors 1. Mr. Bilhnger looks surprised as the photog- rapher snaps his picture 2. Mr Gertz and Mr Ramirez discuss what they ' ll have for lunch 3 Mrs Welborn discusses a problem with a student. 4. Mr Herd counsels with the students. 5 Mrs Morgan and Mrs. Wagner have a short conversation between work. Mr. Jim Herd, Senior Counselor. Mrs. Nancy Welborn, Junior Coun- selor. Mr. Joe Armijo, Sophomore Coun- selor. Mrs. Julie Miller. Freshman Counsel- or. Mr. Dick LeGrue, Eighth Grade Counselor. u, Administration 177 Mrs. Gladys Base, Atten- dance Secretary. Mrs. Joy Davis, Finance Clerk. Mrs. Sharlene Gillis, Work Experience Secretary. Mrs. Judy Hamm, Library Clerk. Mrs. Pat Kruse, ROP Secre- tary. Mrs. Dorothy McKeon, Braille Transcriber. Mrs. Mildred Miller, Counsel- ors ' Secretary. Mrs. Ann Powell, Data Clerk. Mrs. Joan Sanchez, Princi- pal ' s Secretary. Mrs. Ce Sansonetti, Assis- tant Principal ' s Secretary. Mrs. Kay Solem, Assistant Principal ' s Secretary. Mrs. Mary Specht, Atten- dance Secretary. Mrs. Juanita Wagner, Coun- selors ' Secretary. Secretaries 1. Mrs. Miller is working hard, but there is always time for a picture 2. Freddie Johnson and Ernest Sauceda. 3. Colin Anderson and Ruth Randolph. 4. Mary Martin, Peggy Jones, Sara Tafoya, Mane Ridge, Carolyn Di Lupe Castro, and Pat Alexander. 178 Administration if tl Staff Mr. Phil Carrico. Gym At- tendant. Mrs. Lee Lombardo, Gym Attendant. Administration 179 Faculty 1. Mrs. Lewellen and Marsha Mcintosh find that grading tests are funny. 2. Mrs. Green helps her students with their assignments. 3. Mr. Jordan points out the problem to the students. Mrs. Aurora Agatep: U.S.C; Basic Science, Earth Science. Mr. James Angotti; C.S.U.L.B.; Oceanography, Geology, Earth Sci- ence. Mrs. Jan Blume: Eastern Washington State; Coed P.E., P.E. 8, P.E. 9. Mrs. Eleanor Bondurant: Whittier College; Reading. Mr. Nate Brewer: U.C.L.A.; Reading. Mrs. Bette Brunner: C.S.U.F.; Coed Bowling, Coed P.E., Girl ' s Volleyball Coach. 180 Administration Mr. Darryl Buntin: C.S.U.L.B.; Band. Drivers Education. Mr. Alan Carlson: C.S.U.L.B.: Ceram- ics 1 , 2, Advanced Ceramics. Advisor to Art Club. Mr. Dave Carlson: C.S.U.L.B.; Ca- reers, Trigonometry, College Alge- bra, Algebra 1. Advisor to M.G.M., Department Chairman. Mr. John Crippen: Whittier College; Safety. Drivers Education. Athletics. Sophomore Asst. Football Coach, Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. Ray Ditzler: University of Wyo- ming; Geography, Social Science 8. Mr. George Pagan: C.S.U.L.B.; Coed P.E.. European Civilization, Reading. Mr. Jack Friednch: C.S.U.F.; Art -4, Freehand Drawing and Painting, Ad- vanced Art, Commercial Art. Advisor to Art Club. Mr. Don Gibson: C.S.U.L.B.; Drafting 1-4, Careers, Wood 1. Advanced Wood. Mr. Arvel Goodman: Eastern New Mexico University; Drill Team, Coed P.E., P.E. 8. P.E. 9, Athletics. Administration 181 Mrs. Suzanne Green: University of Florida; Reading. Mrs. Amy Harakuni: C.S.U.S.F.; R.O.P., Careers, Typing 2-6, Busi- ness Machines, Recordkeeping. Mrs. Evelyn Hintze: C.S.U.L.A.; Reading. Mrs. Jewel Huntley: C.S.U.L.A.; R.O.P., Shorthand 1, Typing 1. Mr. Milan Jablan: Illinois State Uni- versity; Chemistry, Biology. Mrs. Naomi Jackson: Oregon Col- lege; Geometry, Algebra 2. Mrs. Jean Jerome: U.C.I.; German 2, Science Fiction, Literature. Director of Activities. Mr. Eric Jordan: U.C.L.A.; U.S. Histo- ry. Mr. Arvin Katlen: University of Tole- do; Geography, European Civiliza- tion. 1. Even teachers eat from the school ' s cafe- teria. 2. Mr. Katlen tells the girls how to do their assignments. 3. Mr. Angotti observes a student ' s experi- ment. 182 Administration Mr. Walt Kelly: University of New Mexico; Basic Literature, Creative Writing, Oral Communications. Mr. Mike Knapp: Eastern Michigan University: U.S. History. Mrs. Gabriela Kolias: Indiana Univer- sity; Spanish 1, Basic English. Mr. John Kuyper: Northwestern Iowa University; Basic Science. Mr. Olaf Lee: C.S.U.L.B.; Photo 1, 2. Advanced Photo. Department Chair- man. Mrs. Jeanne Lerner: C.S.U.L.A.; Reading Resource. Mrs. Rissi Lewellen: C.S.U.L.B.; Biol- ogy, Anatomy Physiology, Basic Science. Administration 183 Mr. Ed Little: C.S.U.L.B.; Reading. Mrs. Doris Littrell: Kansas Universi- ty; English. Ms. Gayle Loesch: C.S.U.F.; Visua Resources. Mr. Dick Maertz: State Teacher ' s College Minnesota; European Civil- ization, U.S. History. Department Chairman. Ms. Mona Mazon: George Peabody College for Teachers; Science Fic- tion, Language Arts 8. Advisor to Ju- nior Class. Mr. Lonnie Mc Connell: U.C.S.B.; Eu- ropean Civilization, Psychology. Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Varsity Golf Coach, Advisor to Senior Class. Mr. Bob McGuire: Stanford Universi ty; American Government, Athletics Mr. John Mele: Whittier College Coed P.E., P.E. 9, P.E. 8, Athletics Football Coach, Baseball Coach. Mr. Dan Merritt: Whittier College Basic Language, Social Science 8. 184 Administration Mrs. Elizabeth Midyett: Pittsburg State University; Typing 2-6, Office Occupations, Office Productions. Department Chairperson. Mr. Paul Miler; Macalester College; English Composition 1. Etymology 1- 2, Mr. Darrel Miller: Basic Math, Intro- ductory Math 8. Mr. Jon Miller: C.S.U.L.B.; Algebra 1. Careers, Journalism, Yearbook, Newspaper. Advisor to Trojan Shield. Advisor to Annual. Mr. Ray Mooshagian: Whittier Col- lege; Health, Athletics. Head Varsity Football Coach. Mrs. Jo O ' Connell; U.C. Riverside; Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1. 1 This IS the workroom in the teachers lounge. 2 Mr Friedrich patiently helps a student with his art work. 3. Mr Sessions tells his students to come to class. Administration 185 Mrs. Nelda Ortiz: U.S.C; Librarian. Mrs. Frances Purkiss: Michigan State University; Emotionally Handi- capped. Mrs. Barbara Ralph: C.S.U.L.B.: French 2-3, Introductory Language Arts 8. Ms. Arlene Reid: Oregon State Uni- versity: Spanish 2-4, Careers. Advi- sor to Junior Class. Mr. Robert Riddar: C.S.U.L.B.; Ca- reers, Auto 1-4, European Civiliza- tion. Mr. George Robillard: Buffalo Uni- versity; Physics, Algebra 1. Mrs. Lynda Ruth: C.S.U.L.A.; Ca reers. Foods 1, 2, Clothing 1, 2, Ba sic Language. Department Chairper son. Ms. Barbara Samuels: U.S.C; Ac counting 1, 2, Geometry. Mr. Bob Sessions: North Dakota Uni versify; Advanced Drama Stage Careers, Drama 1, 2, Oral Communi cations. Advisor to Thespians. 186 Administration 1 Mr Miler has his classes attention. 2 Mr Lee, Mr Maertz. and Mr Carlson relax on their break. 3 Everyone seems to be ignoring Mr. Bunlin today. Mr. Jerome Smith: Gonzaga Univer- sity; Composit.on 1, Etymology 1. Mrs. Ruth Snow: Whittier College; Work Experience. Ms. Cecelia Tafoya: C.S.U.F.; Coed P.E., P.E. 9. Advisor to Girl ' s League. Mrs. Carol Tarbell: Northwestern University: Reading. Ms. Sue Tisdall: C.S.U.L.B.; Coed P.E., P.E. 8, Athletics. Girl ' s Volley- ball Coach, Girl ' s Basketball Coach. Mr. Ed Wilkins: Cumberland Univer- sity; Math 8. Administration 187 COMMERCE WAREHOUSE COMPANY 14659 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, Calif. PATTERSON CHEVROLET 15737 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada (714) 523-3420 Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 Adam and Eve Health Club Serving this La Mirada Mall Area For 20 years These are the people who help and supply us with jobs. They change over the years to add variety to meet our wants and needs. Key Rexall 15843 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada. Calif. 943-3781 15104 Rosecrans 1 714 521-0358 1 Ads 189 BankAmericard Financing Available Master Charge ke T ateeSedzoom Eluganf Waferbed Furniture J oitie ' iOnisf-ort, OUgr. 133 La Mirada Mall La Mirada Blvd. :7141 994-281 1 La Mirada, Calif. 90638 J. EDMIND WATSON STVMO ftr fiC ' Your Official School Photographer 8354 Secura Way Santa Fe Springs 213 698-9624 GIFTS • DECORATIVE ACCENTS • ADULT GAMES • ART 169 LA MJRADA MALL. LA MIRADA. CA. 90638 (714) 994-1016 Cata Liquor 15510 La Mirada Blvd. 521-3454 Straw Hat PIZZA 12739 Valley View La Mirada 921-3537 190 Ads Valley View Farms 13907 Valley View La Mirada 213 921-2561 Good Luck To The Graduates Of 1978 Castle Auto Parts 13944 Valley View La Mirada 521-3991 12764 LA MIRADA BLVD AT IMPERIAL LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA (213) 943-9111 15056 Alondra Blvd. la Mirada, California Phone (213) 523-9917 Ads 191 REPAIRING - WELDING L-AWNMOWER SHARPENED BIKE RENTALS SPENCES BIKE SHOP standard racing bikes Accessories - tricycles - Hobbies SCHwiNN Bikes - New a used Bikes 15816 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada, Calif. 943-2116 MEL LUBMAN VERA LUBMAN Diamonds - Precious ft Seml-preelous Stones Expert Watch ft Jewelry Repair - Remountlngt COUNTRY CLUB JEWELERS Designers Manufacturers of fine gold jewelry McComber Center 5418 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, California 90621 (714) 522-4150 li H.P.I. Hydraulic Pneumatic Inc. 14640 Industry Cir. Suite A La Mirada, Calif. 90638 523-1041 fri-Marcos Flor«bcin7 (714) 523-9002 Topy 7rl-Marco I ERCURY DIVERSIFIED SERVICES FACILITIES MAINTENANCE 12415 Los Nietos Road • Santa Fe Springs, Calif. 90670 BUDDY WEINSTEIN, Pres. (213) 696-9393 PERFORMANCE FROM EXPERIENCE 192 Ads Phone (714) SZI-SS LA ONDRA DRVGS 1503e AuoNDRA Blvd. J. Alton Chinn. pmarm. d la mirada. cal. 9063a Phone 521-3848 PICK UP a DELIVERY Prim Cleaners Laundry Ditcfi Dxim until Piim Apartment Drapes Oud Specialty 150-J9 Alondra Blvd. L.A Mirada Hacienda Coin Gallery 1619 S. Azusa Hacienda Heights 921-2046 Con nituhitions Class Of 1979 Kelly ' s Flower Pot QuiiUty Flowers For nil occasions at Prices everyone can afford 14401 Valley View 213 921-7774 Santa Fe Springs 714 994-0162 Valley View at Rosecrans Ads 193 Congratulations Class of 79 Senator William Campbell The Foot Affair 153 La Mirada Mall 714 994-3752 A Time to Remember Qat bfs Together is a lovely word. Getting together is a beginning. Being together is happiness. Thinking together is unity. Working together is success. Borrowed Heff High P. T.S.A. Les Glauberman Don Buntrock 172 La Mirada Mall La Mirada, Ca. 714 994-1831 VENUS de MILO Ladies Reducing and Figure Salon 15022 Mulberry MULBERRY CENTER Whittier, Calif. Phone 944-0090 owner ■ WILMA MclHTOSH 194 Ads Ads 195 A-W Engineering stamping 35-600 ton capacity piercing-blanking forming-drawing die making 8518 Dice Road Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 945-1041 Congra tula tions to the class of 1979 Master Runner 1841 W, La Habra Blvd. La Habra, Ca. 90631 697-9823 : -, Yi-i EVERYTHIN Sidewalk Cafes, warm brick pathways, fountains, , fine restaurants, cocktails, danciiig, four cinemas, Civic Theatre, bowling, tennis, banks, supermarkets, leisurely browsing: COME EN JOV THE SPECIAL WORLD OF THE la mirada ROSECRANS LA MIRADA BLVD. 196 Ads w 11 The school year of 1978-79 has been noted by the Annual Staff as the " Year of Change " . The purpose intended tor this year ' s Troiani was to point out the many good changes that took place throughout the year. Hard work and dedication by this year ' s staff Is what made it all possible For this, I would like to thank my entire staff My special thanks is given to my section editors: Melanie. Janine. Ginny. Karen. Carol. Cam and my assistant editor. Colleen and our photographers Jamie Nestor and Kirt Dunn should also be noted for helping the photographers Thank you Miller tor all of your experience, dedication and support which also contributed to this fine yearbook Because this yearbook contains a part of each of you is why III always treasure it May any future changes benefit all of you in the utmost ways. Linda Coie Annual Editor Pictures taken from PTSA Winter Wonderland Dance held January 26th, 1979. THIS PAGE MADE POSSIBLE BY SUPPOR TERS OE THE 79 TROIANI Mr. Mrs. Harold Alexander Mr. Mrs. Warren Booth Mr. Mrs. Humberto Briones Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Doyle Mr. Mrs. John Draper Mr. Mrs. Donald Gauthier Mr. Mrs. Robert Gregorek Mr. Mrs. Ronald Haase Mr. Mrs. Abraham Hum Mr. Mrs. Jack Jenkins Mr. Mrs. Donald Layton Mr. Mrs. William Nothwang Mr. Mrs. Bill Outlaw Mrs. V. Phillips Mr. Mrs. Glen Weather ton Mr. Mrs. Robert Whitney Mr. Mrs. William Zapka Ads 197 Rainbow Records 15035 ' -2 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, Ca. 90638 Best Wishes 1979 Trojans Ads 198 THE PET SET YOUR ONE STOP PET CENTER " DOG AND CAt GROOMING f MON THRU FRI 10-9 SAT 10-7 SUN 2 ■ i 1 51 32 ROSECBANS Ave. LA MIRAOA CALIF (714)523-4010 Mulheam Kgally Rg ster 15532 La Mirada Boulevard La Mirada. Cabfomia 96638 Bus. (714) 994-6800 Bus. (213) 9210022 Res. (714) 994-5469 118 L.A MiRAOA MALI- UA MIRADA. CA. 9O630 room RECORD TAPES POSTERS PARAPHERNALIA POT-POURRI. LTD. 71-». 523-2411 H And I Realty 1 5053 AloncJra Blv(d. La Miracja, Ca. r ' s 1 «r 1 fc . r .. II LaMirada Bowl Inc. 15001 A(delfa Dr. La Mirada. Ca. 199 Ads Williams Appliance Center 12171 E. Firestone Blvd. Norwalk, Ca. 90650 868-2259 Owner: Marvin Peddicord FOLLOW THE CROWD TO CICEROS RESTAURANT Enceptionol Italian Cuisine and American Dinners We feature a fine selection of Wlnei l5843 ' 2 Imperial Hwy. La Mirada. CA 90638 (213) 9-43-8035 Pina Food To Go The Rotary Club of La Mirada The Four Wuy Test Of Things We Think, Suy Or Do 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendship? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? The Rotary Club Supports The High School In These Ways Sealbearer Scholarship Outstanding Scholar Plaque Recognition of Special Honors Contributions to High School Youth Projects 40 SPRAY BOOTH STEAM CLEANING DERBY DINKS TRUCK PAINTING SPECIALIZING IN OVERNIGHT SERVICE TRUCK DETAILING Bob, Tom and Harold 12131 5791940. 1213) 443-5884 PICKUPS, DELIVERY 9831 E. Rush Street South El Monte California 91 731 CASE DISCOUNTS ;.A MIRADA LIQUOR MIKE GUY JIM PHILLIPS 15058 ALONDRA BLVD. LA MIRADA 522-1431 WE DELIVER 200 Ads Congni tulii tions Class of 79 And welcome to the world of Taxpayers If you feel you are paying too much remember, we hate taxes too call Superior Tax Service (714) 521-0314 TROPHIES t!2IIWhiiner8M mulliei. n.,1,1 90606 GiitGwuy Tuxedo Rentals 15536 La Mirada Blvd. (714) 521-9940 Rich Sunseri OWNEK THK ounJ llible A rBANCHIBl OPERATION OF THE HOUND TABLE FRANCHISE CORPORATION 12820 LA MIKABA BLVD. LA MIRADA. CALIF. 90888 (218) »«7-26B7 Owner: Larry Sherwin Business Phone: 693-0731 15214 E. Whittier Whittier, Ca. 945-2361 526-7293 adettiJet A Complete Home I 111 prow men I mid Do-It- Yourself Center! AUs 201 Our memories of our school years are possibly our most important The changes we go through can help us better understand ourselves and the ways of others. The fun we have makes us realize just how happy our lives can be. 202 203 A ' • .1 • ' ' • .• V ' ■-■J .t. ■j fi iMii Mj jf " ArJf) (,ac t LUCK £vr yc Th ii y M K l 6 Acc hoc Mv } I Kti. y :SvAu£l- " q . 0. ' 9 x ' b o 6 e G " - O . . " . r o 7 e l avje, it v " p A i c i rT V .-.-xvS ;. rj. vc ; -- D.C cJoi cXX?t3Ul - X. ■pfiv t X■ S bee feailv yeqt JC ao«2. ' JO ' U . laad soma acod - vwe Vic ssfiw Clqs ' se s -k QoAWv " rvepV W( so vue. 6 i j i v e Q Call ff ucj ' 2 ' ' ' T ' Ijy ztlLeJ yc£aa , ' -aiy Z - .y UcO - ia »»wt Jtdi " c: . (4?cA ovv f r t i - c m»K pp tf 3 ' ?u;0 ' ' :; .. , d . 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