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1- i ' •• -f- " - ' ., _! f- ;. ' ■ ' .J -f,- ' i „. ' ' ' , . ' ■ ..-•« i ' ■• , --J- ' r " " " ' • . j " ■ ' ' f ' l " 1. . i- ■ - - - A T M - " J ' r ' t . " •f ■ -f r- l - . .D ' ' . ' ■■r- .r i,v_c : b»46C bMl oocj c -p tHxj fu f ' E o- ' X oo dici V 6 0--V . cclV -.V 5- u " A you 1 Av. booL v ooe. -Hll 6 y % - f s ,J fS W , , m 0. (-•rf f j Wi y» ' m aS !. prood times gone tat n6£ forged j Iemories stay within our iiiinds pur future now aheadnpf us i)ur high school years are left behind i fi ' IP1IR21 S,T E) ' A ' V- ' ' H ;r - ' pemember all ttie daiiees |rhe games aiitf artiet tOQ 5 hese times are gone biit not forgotten jbur high school days are through civ fUffifti f-» M r1 I k " ifW m t ' ] .- ' i T ' - y: ' i-S% -lilt I Good times gon Jl iMi f |In rallies, beijigWiihM ItiOoking bac )0B S yi an p We wished wotild never erid - J Dedication - Mr , Bdb 1 The 1977-78 Troiani annual stafT tafea; great pri ete dedicating this annual to a person ;w lot of school responsibilities, biiV also- ig Cwell-l%e students here at Neff. This person is iioiie other than Bob K McGuire. ■ ■ ■ ' " ■V ' ■■o;. ■; , V;■:;■-v i ;Mr. McGuire was boi iii Seattle ori:0c He then moved to Sari Franciiseo nd theji t fcHgh School and goiiig n to Mt. San Mitonjo G was very active in track aiul cross epyntry during his h school and college years, and seeM 1;0 tiirJbegoir ihithis area of sportSiJia he «)adieS;theer6ss count track teams here at Neff; He was also active in scouting and worked on the ariiitial a ■ ;. :After two ' .yeai ' SAatv;;Mtiv:;Saii| his exceptional athleticfai®l|p?|fi letic scholarship So off tb ' Si |l Gal State Eiillertbn to get his%afeh;iiji| ,. , ,.,. ,. married in 1965 to Kathy Beririett :W(Pit|pSffi hobbies include: Backpacking, camjping, , ! ball, and Indian Art. He cjui alsb be uiid hbrev teaching ' American Government ami riinriingxiihbl s meetings. The 1978 annual Staff takes great j catirig this book to a very worthy persoriy. Bob McGui m 3 H !%■ ' m " " " W ' r fe ' Sometime 3 W:wte,sb|neti iWe take tfo liteeelto To live eacK mc i|i i i These times Mil ne i. ftfe-:pj i ifcS S ■ ;? lv :iii8ISI9? ' Each person is so different Each playing their own role The days are few but in the end We ' ll reach our final goal w.vOt U fSSy 4 U- 1-! .---- £9 a ■ 7 f 4 U aaii««liiaiil iTO iMiiilM. r :s? . ,« •«- .-, e » V . 1 I r S5W- ' ' J. ' W § . - f .WF sa4;S •fx » ' " l- - J M-fM Wl ( t ' r. pood times gone but hot forgotten gur spirit ha not die(} S time for almost anything time to laugh a tiiie to cry ft ' - ■JslKi- ' .TP " " ' l» hW ) 1 !■ ' i , ' - 4J- .;(|()0 -rti .e :::g Oiir tegu:j)iera.sh0 wed:-:; t - - ' ■ IliK We ' re almcfettliere, v These Tnembrieswn can stoe gli r .J. 1 1 Principal Assistant Principals A great deal of effort, patience, enthusiasm, and JLjii0.t goes into being Principal, and Neffs Prin- cipal, Mr. Les Billinger, is certainly no exception. After receiving his Master ' s at U.S.C., he coached Var- sity Football at Excelsior High, counseled and taught for 15 years, and served as Principal for Norwalk High for three years. He has now completed his third year at Neff. Our Assistant Principals, Mr. Stan Thomas and Mrs. Virginia Morgan work together around the clock to solve problems for individuals and the entire school. We cer- tainly appreciate all the time, effort, support, and en- couragement they give us all. Mrs. Joan Sanchez, Principal ' s Secretary. Mrs, Kay Solem, Assistant Prin- cipal ' s Secretary. Mrs. Ce Sansonetti, Assistant Principal ' s Secretary. 18 Administration Counselors With this dedicated group of people working with us and for us how can we lose? These five counselors help us through x lSo-SLGiSe help solve our problems, and give us the boost we need to keep us going. We thank them for their understanding and concern for our happiness. 1. Mr. Billinger takes off from his busy schedule to enjoy conversation and good food during a break. 2. Mr. Herd and Mr, Lee discuss the upcoming year at the annual teachers ' luncheon. 3. Mrs. Welborn reaches for one mure piece of cake! Mrs. Julie Miller, Senior Coun- selor. Mr. James Herd, Junior Coun- selor. Mrs. Nancy Welborn, Sopho- more Counselor. Mr. Ed Fitzpatrick, Freshman Counselor. Mr. Dick LeGrue, Freshman Counselor. Administration 19 ' • ' ' - ■ " ■ ■ II ' li " - Mrs. Gladys Base, Attendance Secretary. Mrs. Joy Davis, Finance Clerk. Mrs. Sharlene Gillis, Work Ex- perience Secretary. Mrs. Louise Haggins, Braille Transcriber. Mrs. Vivian !vie, Teacher ' s Aide Library. Mrs. Pat Kruse, ROP Secretary. Mrs. Mildred Miller, Counse- lors ' Secretary. Mrs. Ann Powell, Data Clerk. Mrs. Millie Rhodes, Library Clerk. Mrs. Mary Specht, Attendance Secretary. Mrs. Juanita Wagner, Counse- lors ' Secretary. Mrs. Jean Wright, Teacher ' s Aide, Reading Lab. Secretaries Our secretaries and clerks not only work behind the scenes organizing the offices, keeping the attendance records straight, and managing the money, but they also work directly with students, counselors, and teachers. Their warm personalities and felllillj ' smiles, along with a lot of " patience, make everyone ' s day a little patien easier. 20 AdminLstralion A group of ladies and gentlemen we always seem to take for granted but with- out whom we could never manage are our staff workers. Ruth Randolph and Colin Anderson are our security officers. They do their best to protect us and keep us out of " trOUDiS. Our won- derful cafeteria workers, Marie Ridge, Mae Pierce, Pat Alexander, Pat Rehm, Sara Tafoya, and Mary Martin, slave and cook for us, not to mention cleaning up after the daily tornado that hits the cafe- teria! Last, but certainly not least, are our custodians, George Dunn, Roger Eye, and Bill Harmon. They work hard and long cleaning up our messes and fixing all of those " little things " that always seem to break. 1. Joy Davis gives us her best pose. 2. Mrs. Sansonetti and Mrs. Base swap jokes over coffee. 3. Ruth Randolph and Colin Anderson. 4. Faculty and staff members enjoyed the tradi- tional back to school luncheon put on by the Neff P.T..S.A. 5. Marie Ridge, Mae Pierce, Pat Alexander, Pat Rehm. Sara Tafoya, and Mary Martin. (i, George Dunn, Roger Eye, and Bill Harm.on. .Administration 21 li4M MMiM Ml ' rilfll I ' iriiiii It ' s not always easy being a teacher. It takes a lot of skill to teach a class of 45 efficiently, a lot of preparation to teach that class thoroughly, a lot of patience to actually help students under- stand and gain knowledge, and a lot of enthusiasm to make the sub- ject fun and keep the students interested. We ' re grateful to know that at Neff, we certainly have teachers who fill the bill. How about all the CA. " CllSGS they had to put up with: " It wasn ' t my fault that I ' m ten minutes late, there was a train! But my book ' s in Joe ' s lock- er and he ' s absent today! But to- day ' s Monday — you can ' t give us a test on Monday! " Oh yes, it ' s not always easy being a teacher. But when students begin to un- derstand assignments, use skills and thank you for all the help you ' ve given them, teaching can be very rewarding. Mr. James Angotti: Humboldt University; Geology, Oceanography, Earth Science. Mr. Ken Balma: C.S.U.L.B.; Basic Math, Pre-Algebra. Mrs. Jan Blume: Eastern Washington State; Girl ' s P.E., Coed P.E., Athletics. Varsity Tennis Coach, Girl ' s J.V. Softball Coach, Department Chairperson. Mr. Nate Brewer: U.C.L.A.; Reading Lab. Advisor to Junior Class. Mrs. Bette Brunner; C.S.U.F.; Coed P.E. Girl ' s J.V. Volleyball Coach, Advisor to Pep Club. Mr. Darryl Buntin: C.S.U.L.B.; Marching and Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble. Advisor to Band. 22 Administration Mr. Alan Carlson: C.S.U.L.B.; Ceramics 1-4. Advisor to Art Club. Mr. Dave Carlson: C.S.U.L.B.; Careers. Algebra 1, Trigometry, College Algebra. Advisor to Sophomore Class, Department Chairperson. Mr. John Crippen: Whittier College; Reading. Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. Ray Ditzler: University of Wyoming; Typing 1, Geography, U.S. History. Mr. George Fagan: C.S.U.L.B.; Reading. Mr. Hank Frese: University of Minnesota; U.S. History. You know you ' ll be too old to teach when. . . . . . You need students to help you out of the bleachers. J. Jerome . . . Mazatlan goes dry. B. Samuels ...Theonivprepara- Lion you need is Prepara- tion H. A. Carlson . . Barbara Ralph ' s complaints at faculty meetings start making sense. B. Samuels ... I run out of white short-sleeved shirts. D. Carlson . . .The boys stop flirting with me. R. Lewellen . . .You start demanding " excel- lence " from students. L, McConnell . . . Your " absolutely not " is only good for about 10 mJnutes. Anonymous 1. Football Coaches Mr. Mooshagian. Mr. Crippen, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Knapp, Mr. Mele, Mark Beckman, and Rick Bar- man intentively watch the rally with in- terest. 2. Mr. Minski always enjoys correcting papers! A.dministration 23 s ssiammmaiaimmmmim Mr. Jack F ' riedrich: C.S.U.F.; Advanced Art Commercial Art, Freehand Drawing and Painting, Exploratory Art Color De- sign, ROP. Advisor to Art Club. Mr. Don Gibson: C.S.U.L.B.; Careers, Drafting 1-2, Wood 1-3. Department Chair- person. Mr. Peter Gomez: Loyola University; Spanish. Mr. Arvel Goodman: Eastern New Mexico University; Softball, Tennis, Weight Training, Athletics. Athletic Director, De- partment Chairperson, Varsity Football Coach. Mrs. Jewel Huntley: C.S.U.L.A.; Short- hand 1, Typing 1. Mr. Milan Jablan: Illinois State Univer- sity; Pre-Algebra, Biology, Chemistry. Mrs. Naomi Jackson: Oregon College; Geometry, Algebra 1. Mrs. Jean Jerome: Redlands University; German 1-2, Science Fiction and the Supernatural. Director of Activities. 24 Administration Mrs. Carol Kagy: C.S.U.L.B.; Careers, Clothing 1. Geography. Advisor to Kala- gathians. Mr. Walt Kelly: University of New Mexi- co; Oral Communication, Intermediate Composition, English 2. Mr. Mike Knapp: Eastern Michigan Uni- versity; U.S. History. Asst. Football Coach, Baseball Coach. Mr, John Kuyper: Northern Iowa Univer- sity; Drivers Education, Health. Depart- ment Chairperson. Mr. Olaf Lee: C.S.U.L.B.; Photo 1-4. De- partment Chairperson, Advisor to Photo Club. Mrs. Jeanne Lerner: C.S.U.L.A.; Reading Resource. Mrs. Rissi Lewellen: C.S.U.L.B.; English 2, English 4. Mr. Ed Little: C.S.U.L.B.; LDG Reading. Mrs. Gavle Loesch: C.S.U.F.; Visual Re- L ' ' Peace, coffee, and donuts! " says Mr. Brewer as he and Mr. Fagan enjoy their coffee break. 2. " What can I say? " asks Mr. Goodman, when Val Cain and Sharon Bicker each take an arm. Administration 2.5 Mr. Dick Maertz: State Teacher ' s College, St. Cloud, Minn.; Geography, Wres- tling Coach. Department Chairperson. Mr. Lonnie McConnell: U.C.S.B.; Ameri- can Government, Psychology, Coed P.E. Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Golf Coach, Advisor to Senior Class. Mr. Bob McGuire: Stanford University; Careers, American Government. Cross Country Coach, Varsity Track Coach, Ad- visor to Senior Class, Advisor to Student Senate, Advisor to Student Cabinet. Mr. John Mele: Whittier College; Coed P.E., Boy ' s P.E. Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Baseball Coach, Mrs. Elizabeth Midyett: Kansas State College; Typing 2-4. Department Chair- person. Mr. Paul Miler: Macalester College; Ety- mology 1-3. Mr. Jon Miller: C.S.U.L.B.; Careers, Spanish 1, Newspaper, Publications, Annual. Advisor to Trojan Shield, Advi sor to Annual. Mr. Frank Minski: C.S.U.L.B.; Biology, Science Survey, Anatomy Physiology. Mr. Ray Mooshagian: Whittier College; Health, Safety, Athletics. Head Varsity Football Coach, Asst. Varsity Track Coach. 26 Administration Mrs. Nelda Ortiz: U.S.C .; Librarian. Mrs. Liz Painter: C.S.U.L.A.; Careers, Recordkeeping, Business Machines. Ad- visor to Junior Class. Mrs. Frances Purkiss: Michigan State University; Emotionally Handicapped. y MJi foJ ■ ' ' . .. . ' ' - Mrs. Barbara Ralph: C.S.U.L.B.; Compo- sition 1, French 1-.3. Mr. Jay Rasmussen: Idaho State Univer- sity; Careers, Spanish 2-4. Department Chairperson. Mr. Bob Riddar: C.S.U.L.B.; Careers, Auto 1-4, American Government. 1. Mr. Knapp and Mr. McConnel! show off their cheerleading talent at a rally. 2. Mr, Rasmussen is " caught in the act, " sneaking away for another Pepsi. 3. Mr. Miler listens to another wrong an- swer in Etymology. Administration 27 messumaammmm Mr. George Robillard: Buffalo University Algebra 1, 2, Physics. Advisor to M.G.M. Miss Barbara Samuels: Clarion State; Ac- counting 1, Geometry, Algebra 1. Mr. Robert Sessions; North Dakota Uni versify; Careers, Theatre 1-4, Oral Com munications, Stagecraft. Advisor to Thes pians. 1. The annual teacher ' s luncheon signals the end of summer and the begin- ning of a new school year. 2. Mr. McConnell is caught off guard while giving a lecture to his class. 3. Mr. Friedrich shows a student what his finished work should look like. Mr. Jerome Smith: Gonzaga University; Etymology 1, English 1. Mrs. Ruth Snow: Colorado University; Work E:vperience. Mrs. Pat Stephenson: C.S.U.L.B.; English 2, Single Survival, Coed F ' ood, Home Ec. Department Chairperson, Advisor to Cam- pus Hostesses, Advisor to Kalagathians. Miss Cecelia Tafoya: C.S.U.F.; Basic Skills 1, 2, Girl ' s P.E. Girl ' s Varsity Soft- ball Coach, Advisor to Girl ' s League. Mrs. Carol Tarbell: Northwestern Univer- sity; Reading. Advisor to C.S.F. Miss Sue Tisdall: C.S.U.L.B.; P.E. 1-4, Athletics. Girl ' s Varsity Volleyball Coach, Girl ' s Varsity Basket ' oall Coach, Advisor to G.I.A. Administration 29 So many different |)|iG»i fe| p || But so many dif r2S rallsl nia ef s BKsi b b IKiSiiiisisillBjSiLiBiinK W WQll ' l I Q ; Rallies The rallies were full of enthusiasm, spirit, and just plain fun. There were many incidents that made the rallies so much more exciting, for instance, the different skits, the D9. tLlG of class compe- titi on, the unusual exchange rally where each pep unit became a different unit, the alumni rally, and the exchange rally where the football players be- came cheerleaders and vice-versa. There were many contests that everyone enjoyed and many ways that seniors got revenge on underclassmen who broke the senior ' s priveleges. 1. The undercisssmen find out that going into senior square is wrong as song throws pies in their faces. 2- At the exchange rally, Varsity showed they are 1. .3. Flag did a fantastic job at the exchange rally. 4. Some cheerleaders show how loud they can yell for their class com- petition. 5. Sugi Garcia, Jo Ann Morgan, Linda Maher. Lori Ohlemacher, and Carol Smith do a skit at the rally. 32 Rallies CA - SA ' Spirit Week n :4; i y ? As you might have guessed, the students of NeffHigh 161 IOOS6 for a fantastic week of fun. The festivities were in celebra- tion of the Homecoming game and dance at the end of the week. On Monday, you ' d see stu- dents dressed in a style that hasn ' t been around for 20 years or so on 50 ' s day. On Tues- day, Tourist Day, Neff looked like the sight seeing capitol of the world, when students car- ried maps, cameras, sunglasses not to mention the crazy hats they wore! On Movie Star Day, the students came dressed as such stars like Cher, Farrah, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, Marilyn Monroe, and any other of the well known stars around. On Halloween Day you could walk down the halls and see anything from martians to clowns, guy ballerinas to girl army men, and even pumpkins or your favorite ghouls. To end the week on Friday, Trojan Day, spirited students dressed in the tradi- tional black and gold. 1. Jan Yost, Janet Spellman, Val Cain and Lori Mackey eat their delicious picnic lunch on Tourist Day. 2. Some students show their dancing abilities on 50 ' s day by doing the bunny hop. 3. On Halloween Day, Andrea Vermillion and Renee Quig- ley came as martians from, outer space, while Jenny King and Denise Sarrizan came as Star Wars heroes. 4. Jo Ann Morgan and Leslie Metro decided rhey v.ouid come as " Pebbles and Bamm Bamm " on .Movie .Star Day. Spirit Week .33 Homecoming After a fantastic week of visiting alumni, crazy costumes and ridiculous contests, the 1977 Homecoming Spirit Week ended. But it ended in CJlcl llll fireworks and a very excited crowd as the announcer an- nounced the new queen. The stands went crazy when Lori Ohlemacher was given the title of Neffs Homecoming Queen. Lori couldn ' t believe it, and said later that she was the happiest and luckiest girl in the world! Lori was chosen out of thirty-eight nominees and then five princesses to be crowned by last year ' s queen, Katie Shively. The whole court consisted of Queen Lori Ohle- macher, and Princesses Stacy Caplinger, Cindi Dalton, Sugi Garcia, and Ginger Mor- gan. The traditional dance afterwards, in honor of our new queen and her court and all of the visiting alumni, held many memories for not only Queen Lori, but for everyone who attended. 34 Homecoming 1. The 38 Homecoming nominees: Row 1: Linda Maher, Debi Ray, Ginger Morgan, Elaine Cardon, Wendy Betty, Carla Smith, Lori Ohiemacher, Roberta Telesio, Tina Riley, JoAnn Morgan, Cathy Gutierrez. Row 2: Becky White, Teri Beamish, Kay Carlson, Gladys Simpson, Carol Smith, Robyn Goldstein, Janet Spellman, Elaine Herman, Linda Fraser, Jenny King, Denise Sarrazin, Terry Alexander, Kelli Costello. Row 3: Stacy Caplinger, Cindi Dalton, Jan Yost, Lori Mackey, Karen Sherer. Val Cain, Trade Westgard, Carol Nisbet, Terese Wagner, Peggy Oppedahl. Not pictured are: Sugi Garcia, Vicki Horn, Francine Denton, and Cariene Hurd. 2. Lori Ohiemacher and her proud father. 3. Queen Lori takes a ride around the stadium in a Corvette. Lori was es- corted to the dance by Lance Ackerson. 4. Last year ' s queen, Katie Shively, crowns Lori. 5. Princess Stacy Caplinger takes a ride before the game. She was e.scorted to the Homecoming Dance by Tom Pontias. 6. Lori ' s face shows her surprise as her name is called. 7. Princess Cindi Dalton rides around the stadium. She was escorted to the dance by Kent Currie. 8. Princess Sugi Garcia rides in a Corvette. She was escorted to the dance by Jack Silvev. 9. Princess Ginger Morgan takes a ride before the game. She was escorted to the dance by Ernie Vanier. Homecoming : 5 f Siieen JCm Oklemacket ?L A]A±ilYlAx.liU?- fi- ■ ' ' , h« : ■ t ' ) ' " . ■ ' : )0l ' " " I ■y - ' ■ ' K . v- :c «ii. « • ■x Si ■ft - ■ ' f Prmcess Stacy Capllfi er rrmm0 6mMSMlm Princess Sugi 0atci(i WmcMiMi igmM0t§ : Varsity Yell The 1977-78 Varsity Cheerleaders are unbeatable when they show the spirit of Neff High School. They have the Neff FX iLlfc? and also have the know how be the best. When the pep units went to camp at Pt. Loma University, Varsity brought us back a first place trophy for their big competition and a second place for another competition. Even with having to break in a new advisor, Varsity, as well as every other pep unit, managed to be on top and really on the move. Along with the rest of the pep units, they made din- ner for the Varsity football team, which the guys really enjoyed. These girls show us what spirit and leadership can bring you. 1. Roberta and Tina show their enthusiasm after a touchdown. 2. The 1977-78 Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1: Ga- briel Wurzler, Barbara Junge, -Janine Reese. Row 2: Roberta Telesio (Head), Cathie Davis, Tina Riley. Top: Kelly Costeilo, Vicky Renaud, Chris Gochnour. 3. Vicky rides high on Roberta ' s shoulders. 4. Varsity performs at a rally in one of their best stack-ups. 38 Varsity Yeli " Song Talented! This word is one that can best describe our 1977-78 Songleaders. They really have the talent to entertain their audiences with their smiles that show that they have the pride to wear Neffs black and gold. While at- tending camp, our songleaders brought us back two second places and they also won the spirit jug. Overall, they were voted by the judges as being the second most spirited song team at camp. Also, along with flag, they were invited to per- form at a Rams game. 1. Song kicks up a storm. 2. The 1977-78 .Songleaders: Bottom: Carla Smith. Middle: Jenny King. Terry Alexander (Head), Lori Mackey, Tvleianie Kuran, Liz Keul. Top: Denise Sarrazin. 3. Carla and Melanie wave the team on at a game. 4. Song jumps for joy! Song Flag The 1977-78 Flag twirlers are on top showing their school they are number one. When they attended camp they brought us back a second place in their big competition. They also brought home a first place in one of their per- formances. They did so well that the judges let them go home with sweepstakes proving that our flag twirlers are No. 1 in every way. They also were considered one of the most spirited flag teams at Pt. Loma University when they won spirit jug. Outside of camp, flag has done a very good job cheering at the games and rallies. Flag was honored to cheer at a Rams football game. They enjoyed themselves, but even better, the fans loved their performance. 1. This years flag squad: L to R top row: Jan Yost, Linda Maher, Diane Miller, Jo Ann Mor- gan, Elaine Cardon. Bottom row: Robyn Gold- stein, Wendy Betty. 2. Flag stops their busy practice to pose for a picture. 3. Wendy, Jan, Jo Ann, and Linda hold their flags in pride 4. Flag ends their award winning routine with a smile. 5. Linda and Elaine show their love for flag. U - J.V. Yell Outstanding! Thats the feeling people get about our 1977-78 J.V. yell when they watch them. They really should be given a lot of credit for cheering at the fresh- men, sophomore, and J.V. football and basket- ball games. While attending camp, our J.V. Yell brought us home a first place trophy in their big competition and a second place in a smaller competit ion. They put a lot into every- thing they did. At the rallies they gave excel- lent performances. Their contests at the rallies were crazy! In fact, they had a contest where guys and girls had to take ice cubes through their clothes! Alongside of all of the fun, J.V. devoted all of their time to being fantastic! 1. The J.V. Cheerleaders show how loud and .spirited they are by yelling at the Neff vs La Mirada game. 2. The J.V. ' s ham it up for a picture. 3. The J.V. cheerleaders were a huge success when they performed this cheer at the Big Sister Little Sister Picnic. 4. The 1977-78 J.V. Cheerleaders are: L to R bottom row: Terri Blackstock, Jamie Hancock, Elyse Levy, Lindy Mig- not, Sherry Williams. Middle row: Suzanne Beattie, Kelli Ferguson, Carolyn Waterworth. Top row: Liz Wilhelm. J.V. YrJl 41 BANNER Dedicated, stunning, and hard working. This is how you could best describe this year ' s Banner Carriers. At camp, they won 4th place in their competition and they were voted sec- ond place for most improved banner carriers. They really earned these honors byCl V J L ilig most of their time to practice. Ai one of the rallies, they kept the .seniors satisfied by decorating underclass- men ' s faces. These girls really showed their spirit for the black and gold they wore. 1. The 1977-78 Banner Carriers: Row 1: Nancy Ponzio, Denise Bernier, Ilene Shrewsbury. Row 2: Laurie Sorenson, Lisa Tor- res, Brenda Doyle (head). 2. Banner climbs to the top. 3. Banner, along with the Alumni, shows how to get it to- gether. 4. At a game. Banner helps to cheer the guys on. 42 Banner 1. Drill Team shows their great form at a rally. 2. Sharlene Woronets leads our mascot down the field. 3. Ginny Shrewsbury and Judy Gary explain a contest for a rally. 4. The 1977-78 Drill Team; Row i: Judy Cary-Co-Captain, Ginny Shrewsbury-Captain. Row 2: Tammy Gilbertson, Cindy Lugo, Sue Wagle, Tammy Warr, Joni Vindahl, Mar- garita Gonzalez, Debbie Brown, Laurie Lamb. Row .3: Laurie Bobier. La Reina Weaver, Sheri Inge, Debbie Noth- wang, Michele Verdugo, Marie vVeatherly. Robin Beard, Dianne Nothwang, Julie Byerly, Kim Kunkle, Becky Rey- nolds, Marie Pizzorno, Sue Eagle. Drill Team The 1977-78 marching Drill Team is on top with their spirit and Neff pride! This was Neff s first year for allowing freshmen to be on the unit. It proved to be a wise decision, be- cause our drill team is HI CO. t i At camp, they placed second as the hardest working drill team. Our drill team also had a raffle. This unit really deserves a thank you for all of the hard work they have given to our school. :v ' : .y ■■■ . " . t- -ff ' O,:. " ' -, ;?» : .- ; : Drill Team 43 A.S.B. Cabinet The 1977-78 A.S.B. Cabinet was very involved. They were in charge of the rallies, senate meetings, assemblies, and the changing of the marquis. They sponsored the Weicorae Dance, which started the year off. Parents Night was another ctCLlVlLy they took over. They conducted the Homecoming elections and an- nouncements. They attended Redlanda University semi- nars which helped them with new ideas to bring back for oijr school. This year our A.S.B. officers really cared about our school and really tried to make it a better place for the people who will attend Neff in years to come. ' V. - (, Jon Miller Advisor Becky White Editor Linda Coie Asst. Editor Val Cain Administration Editor Sharon Bicker Administration Linda Maher Activities Editor Jo Ann Morgan Activities Karen Rogers ' ' Activities Janet Spellman Activities Robyn Goldstein Classes Editor Heidi Iseli Classes t Meianie Kuran A Classes Janine Reese Classes John Repka Classes Laurie Sorenson Classes 46 Annua! Staff Ron Truelove Classes Chris Chilcott Sports Editor Lance Ackerscn Sports Ginny Cohen Sports Chris Curry Sports Lori Mackey Ads Editor Martha Ortiz Ads John Diaz Photo Editor Kenny Carpenter Photographer Danny Galvan Photographer Rick Smith Photographer Mr. Miller shows Linda what ' s wrong. Annual If you were wondering who took the time to put this annual together, it was none other than the 1977-78 Troiani Staff. Everyone worked hard to make this annual the one ever. best 1, Publications students, Jim Boyer, Tim Young, and Joel Crawford, were other photographers for the Troiani. Annual Staff 4 ' , ' Newspaper Our 1977-78 Trojan Shield Staffs job has been none other than excellent keeping us informed about campus news and other outside activities. They did a remarkable job of tlgllting for the normal amount of newspapers. With all the hassles this staff has gone through, they kept Neff well informed about everything. 1. The 1977-78 Trojan Shield Staff is: Row 1: Chris Curry. Martha Ortiz, Sharon Bicker, John Repka, Janine Reese, Chris Chilcott. Row 2: Heidi Iseli, Peggy Oppedahl, Karen Rogers. Jamie Dickson, Becky White, Vicki Sherwin. 2. Newspaper staff goes all out on Spirit Week. 3. The staff works hard to meet their deadlines. Janet Spellman i Page 1 Crescent Terry Page 2 Michelle Elias Page 3 Ron Pineira Page 4 48 Newspaper - . iU. ' iii . .-.. ' ?sr ' Plaza Suite Neffs first play " Plaza Suite " opened the season with a touch of Cidoo This light comedy took place in one room of the " Plaza Suite " Hotel in New York. There were 3 different acts, each with a different cast, and each with a different story. The first act dealt vvith a middle aged married couple on their anniversary. They stayed in the Plaza Suite for their anniversary, but problems erupt when the wife finds her husband is having an af- fair. The second act deals with a married woman who goes to the Plaza Suite to visit her high school boyfriend. She becomes drunk and stays much longer than she planned. The third act deals with a Brooklyn couple whose daugh- ter locks herself in the Plaza Suite bathroom a few min- utes before her wedding. It was an excellent way to start this season! - 2S2 i jf-f I - « ; ' Z- ----isr, sii -K. fwrn J Karen Nash Karen Sherer Sam Nash Neil Madden Jean McCormick Astrid King Jesse Kiplinger Mark PruU Muriel Tate Val Cain Room Service Ron Moore Roy Hubley Neil Madden Norma Hubley Wendy Johnson Mimsey Hubley Carla Ford Borden Eisler Larry Maston Plaza Suite 49 The Boyfriend Neffs second production of the year was a musical titled " The Boyfriend " . It was performed one night only at the La Mirada Civic Theater, making Neff the first high school to use the theater. " The Boyfriend " took place in a girls school in Nice, F TSIlCBj in the 1920 ' s. It was the story of the loves of the girls, one in particular, and it contained many exciting musical numbers. The play was a complete success, and a production Neff will be proud of for a long time to come. Hortense Kerry Resting Maisie Marsha Mcintosh Dulcie Karen Sherer Nancy Astrid King Fay Julie Lambert Polly Brown Debbie Nothwang Marcel Bob Dowty Pierre Terry Kelly Alphonse Don Kinkade Mme. Dubonnet Valerie Cain Bobby Van Husen Kevin Miller Percival Browne Larry Maston Tony Mark Prull Lord Brockhurst Jim Leslie Lady Brockhurst Bette Buliavac Waiter Gary Shelton Pepe Mark Wilhelm Lolita Kim Nichols Chorus: Kim Davis, April Dunton, Sue Jacobs, Liz Wilhelm, Karen Dixon Heather Duffy, Don Layton, and Neil Madden. 50 " The Boyfriend " The Women Have you always wanted to know what lurks in the minds of women? Well, the third and final production of the year, " The Women " , answered all of your ques- tions. This play starred an all-girl cast, and an excellent one, at that. This play told the story of Mary Haines and some of her supposed friends, and their lives, loves, and losses. " The Women " was a breakthrough for the Drama Department, and was a fantastic to end their very successful year! Jane Karen Sherer Nancy Kim Ridgley Peggy Carrie Washowich Edith Marsha Mcintosh Mary Kerry Kesting First Hairdresser Bette Buliavac Second Hairdresser Kim Nichols Pedicurist, Helen Becky Scully Olga Karen Dixon Miss Fordyce Diane Hosman Little Mary April Dunton Mrs. Morehead Karen Anderson First Salesgirl Kim Davis Second Salesgirl Louise Cherry Crystal Allen Janet Spellman Exercise Instructress Lisa Padilla Helga, Lucy. Cig. Girl Vai Cain Miss Trimmerback Karal Ford Miss Watts Michelle Krotinger A Nurse Lori Brown Countess DeLage Heather Duffy Miriam Aarons Debbie Nothwang First Cutie Lizzy Otero Second Cutie Tammy Vance First Society Woman , . Rosalee Adams Second Society Woman - - Shannon Lee Sadie Lisa Padiila Dowager Sandy Peralta Debutante Becky Scully A Girl in Distress Karen Sherer " The Vv ' omen " 51 Jo Ann Morgan President Linda Maher Vice President Cindy Dalton Secretary Linda Coie Treasurer Cathy Gutierrez Social Chairman Shelley Stephen Historian Karen Seymour Publicity Chairman Terri Bellack Freshman Representative Sandy Arnoldsen Sophomore Representative Girl ' s League This year ' s Girl ' s League Cabinet kept uj, the tradition of being the busiest club here on campus. They put on different functions such as the Christmas Dance and the Big Sister Little Sister picnic. They had successful fund- raisers like the Homecoming Mums, the See ' s suckers, the candy canes, and the Valentine carnation sale. Their biggest project was to plan the Hearts and Flowers dance. This was a S|])6CLQ.CU.iHr event that every- one who attended enjoyed. It was held on Feb- ruary 18 at the Anaheim Convention Center. A big thank-you to these girls for all of their hard work. « !aw ' VVv ' - ' CL • 52 Girls League Sherrie Holt ■Junior Representative Tina Riley Senior Representative Gabriel Wurzler Pep Club Representative Pam Dolan G. I. A. Representative Jo Anne Cahill Kalagathians Representative Michelle Krotinger Campus Hostess Representative :«isi4 3tevif ?: ' _ : : i« ■ n 1. Girl ' s League members listen intently to their President, Jo Ann Morgan, about the upcoming events. 2. Girl ' s League members stop for a pic- ture after a meeting. 3. Miss Cecelia Tafoya, Girls League ad- visor. 4. Girl ' s League members put together center pieces for the upcoming Hearts and Flowers dance. Girls League 53 Hearts And Flowers This year ' s Hearts and Flowers dance, Simple Dreams, was a i " o lI V G and very exciting event. Put on by the Girl ' s League Cabinet, this dance turned out to be one of the best dances Neff High School has put on. It was held at the Anaheim Convention Center and the students danced to the music of Elephante. The most memorable part of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen, with the honors going to Raul Villasenor and Carol Nisbet. Congratulations to the whole court, especially Raul and Carol. 54 Hearts and Flowers 1. The crov.d goes v ild over the music of E!e- phante. 2 Couples wait patiently in line to enter the dance. 1 Last years queen, Tina Rosen crowns, excited Carol Nisbet as this year ' s queen. 4 King Raul Villasenor is being crowned by last years King Randy }Aills as Raul ' s escort, Lisa Dailey, looks on. .1. King Raul and Queen Carol reigned over the dance. 6. The 1978 Hearts and Flowers court: Row 1: King Raul Villasenor, Queen Carol Nisbet. Row ' 2: Sophomore Princess Kelly Ferguson, Junior I- ' rincess Shelley Stephens, Senior Princess Carol . " mith, Prince Steve Monderine, Prince Lance . ckerson. Senior Princess Cathy Guitterez. Jun- ior Princess Diane Miller, Freshman Princess Angela Terry. 7. King Raul Villasenor escorted Lisa Dailey. ■K Queen Carol Nisbet was escoretd by Mike Casso. 9. Prince Lance Ackerson escorted Heidi Iseli. 10. Senior Princess Cathy Guitterez was escorted by Mike Slominski. 11. Prince Steve Mondarine escorted Roberta Telesio. 12. Senior Princess Carol Smith was escorted by Don Weeks. 13. Junior Princess Diane Miller was escorted by Bill Burger. 14. Junior Princess Shelley Stephens was es- corted by Don Weaver. 15. Sophomore Princess Kelly Ferguson was es- corted by Ronnie Truelove. 16. Freshman Princess Angela Terry was escorted by Jim Whitney. Hearts and Flowers 55 Band Neffs band has always been superb. Every year our band has had it ' s own sound. Even this year with having to break in a new band director, Mr. Buntin, our band is really great. This year, along with La Mirada High School ' s band, our band performed in the La Mirada Civic Theater for the very first time. The lli lill ilL of that evening ' s performance was when the two bands com- bined as one, forming a spectacular band with over one hundred members. That was probably one of the few times you will ever see Neff High and La Mirada High join together. The Neff Band has also played at rallies and games, and per- formed at halftimes and in parades. Mr. Buntin has really showed our school that he has the ability to take over where some- one else left off. 56 Band 1. Row 1: Ron Sandburg, Richard Figuroa, Eric Shanebeck, Jim Wagner, Glen Sandburg, Stephanie Plew, Tammy Ulibarri, Eileen Osterhues, Gary Bellack. Row 2: Jeanette Foster, Sandy Hamak, Lydia Vasquez, Julie Mammano, Norma Amos, Eva Domjan, Jill Mammano, Scott Lake, Pam Allen, Garlyn Thorsell, Cindy Acree, Melinda Rector, Karla Wardahl, Gaylene Law- rence, Carol Roskam, Carmen Morin, Monica Slow, Sheri Ward, Toni Guiterrez, Donna DuRivage, Vicky Swickard, Paula Prieto, Julie Vetsch. Row .3: John Peel, Gary Strait, Don Haines, Mike Kluck, Dennis Murphy, Jay Carter, Don Larson. Lynda Reissig, Pat Aldrich, Don Van Dyken, Dave Fisher, Steve Strickland, Joe Metro, Kurt Shively, Richard Davis, Ryan Williams, Todd Moore, Greg Goben, Neil Olsen. 2. The band can be seen in action at a halftime performance. 3. Mr. Buntin and Drum Major Gary Bellack lead the band. Band 57 Jazz Festival Neffs 6th Annual Jazz Festival was an event that was really successful. It was held on Saturday, February 25, and it lasted all day. The finest high school jazz ensembles from all over Southern California par- ticipated which made this a very out- standing attraction. 1. The Neff Jazz Band plays as the host band before the final winners perform. 2. Mr. Buntin, Neffs Band Director, introduces the bands at the Festival. 3. Ron Scott plays a dynamic solo on his saxo- phone. 4. Gary Bel lak also gives a solo on his trombone. 5. Mr. Buntin directs the band in it ' s final per- formance of the night. 58 Jazz Festival Girl of the Month is an honor that only ten senior girls share. This ii ii l is based upon these giris ' G.P.A. and their school and community activities. The Girl ' s League Cabinet selects these girls monthly. Congratula- tions and thank you to these girls who worked to make our school a little bit better. 1. Karen Seymour and Sandy Arnoldsen present to Miss October, Robyn Goldstein, the traditional tlower. Row: 1 Miss September, Gina Veazey Miss October, Robyn Goldsetin Miss November. Linda Yniguez Row: 2 Miss December, Val Cain Miss January, Lori Mackey Row: 3 Miss February, JoAnn Morgan Miss March, .Judy Gary Row:4 Miss April, Jan Yost Miss May, Linda Maher Miss June, Terry Alexander Girl Of The Month .59 Art Club What is Art Club? The Art Club is an organization at Neff where a student can be creative, inVentiVG, and really get involved with art. They have had many art shows and sales in the Art Gallery, including their annual silk screen sale. These were all very success- ful. MacK BULLDOG , SCREEN PRINT 1. Row 1: Xavier Alderette, Kathy McCarthy, Ravi Gunewardena, Jill Mammano, Devi Gunewardena, Julie Mammano, Jan Stanscheit. Row 2: Mr. Carl- son, Lisa Padilla, . ' rlene Benveniste, Larry Cairo, Robin Terry, Roberta Telesio, Sean Hilliard, Shelley Page, Jim Boyer, Gilbert Guzman, Mr. Friedrich. 2. Art Club displays it ' s talents. 3. Art Club had it ' s annual sale with silk screens for 25t. 4. Jim Boyer displays his expressions. 60 Art Club C.S.R CSF is an honor that only special peo- ple can obtain. CSF stands for the Califor- nia Scholarship Federation. To be eligible for CSF you must flClllGVG a G.P.A. of 3.6 in academic subjects. CSF is a statewide organization and is recog- nized throughout the country. The advi- sor for CSF is Mrs. Tarbell. Congratula- tions to all CSF members. 1 Hi v 1 ' ' lie I VVavne M Kuran J Reese, G Veazev L Ynigue? L Mackev Cain J ijbt J Spellman W Bett Row 2 S Wavne G Wurzler h EUig T Unbarn D Nothwaiii; V Shrewhbury Row 3 G Corcoran V Sherwm F Denton S ■ t kinson J Cahill C Carpenter S Eagle B Luque Row 4 J Foster E Osterhues J Peel J Chong R Fi ureoa M Klunk J ass Row 5 D Fisher T Ulnih D DuRi age E Elv M Krotmger S Shickhng R Guenwardena T Slowiacek Row b J Wrede C Hum D Gnften K Litwin G Maer tens J ogel 2 CSF Utficers Row 1 J ost L Macke L ni guez Row 2 M Krotinger V Cam i Phi Beta Kappa Row ] R Goldstein J o t L Mai.ke L niguez T Ulnch Row 2 R Guenwar dena J pellmar V Cam D Fisher 4 Seal Bearers Row 1 F Denton J ost L Mac ke L niguez D Dunvage T Ulnch E Oster hues J Spellman R Guenwardena J Foster Row 2: D. Fisher. S. Atkinson, V, Cain, G. Veazev. E. Elv. CSF 61 Campus Hostesses Kalagathians This year ' s Campus Hostesses and Kalagathians worked together often on their projects. They had a very busy year with many exciting projects. They made lOnGiinGSS Boxes for Senior Citizens, tray favors for Meals on Wheels, and helped decorate for the Hearts and Flowers Dance. They also served refreshments at school functions, and helped usher at the play at the Civic Theater. The Campus Hostesses and Kalagathians advisors are respectively Mrs. Mid- yett and Mrs. Kagy. These two groups have been a great help to our school this year! 1. The Campus Hostesses and Kalagathians work together to make Loneliness Boxes for Senior Citizens. 2. Here are four of the Campus Hostess and Kala- g athian officers: Michelle Krotinger, President of Campus Hostesses; Jo Ann Cahill, President of Kalagathians; Sheila Gorman, Vice-President of Kalagathians; Liz Wilhelm, Treasurer of both groups. 3. Teri Vrieling shows some of the girls how to fold the paper the right way. 4. Campus Hostesses and Kalagathians: Row 1: Cathy Hancock, Sherri Inge, D ' Anne Gorman, Jamie Hancock, Liz Wilhelm, Cindy Lugo, Wendy Dubrall. Lisa Ruth. Row 2: Michelle Krotinger, Kathy Kennedy, Debbie Gochnour, Heather Duffy, Stacy Skare, Jo Ann Cahill, Cindy Acree, Yasmine Al-Hissin, Sheila Gor- man, Colleen Weatherton, Daria Griffin. Row ?,: Gloria Frias, Trade Gallop, Lynn Philbrook, Alison Gregorek, Lori Mackey, Jan Yost. 62 Camp. Host. Kalg. |l» ay»j«;; Ujyjtg Pep Club Under their advisor, Mrs. Brunner, Pep Club did a great job of promoting spirit by CJ. " C ' OrSLin the stadium for all the foot- ball games. One of their fund raisers was selling spirit ribbons. This club deserves a lot of appre- ciation for their time and hard work. f ' l JT!?? i .%:€ A • ' - , s.- . v; 1. Pep Club officers: Pres. Linda Coie, V. Pres. Melanie Kuran, Sec. Ja- nine Reese, Tres. Gail Corcoran, and Girls ' League Rep. Gabriel Wurzler. 2. Pep Club: Row 1: Cheryl Barringer, Stephanie La Cour, Kathy Hancock, Row 2: Rosaiee Adams. Michelle Krotinger, Jamie Hancock. Julie Wit- tick, Diane Hosman, Laurie Lamb, Sue Rhodes, Patty Martin, Terry Ho- lmes. Kathy Kennedy. Row 3: Gabriel Wurzler. Janine Reese, Linda Coie, Donna Thomas, Gina Veazey, Lori Mackey, Melanie Kuran, Linda Yni- guiz. 3. Pep Club President, Linda Coie, conducts a meeting. Pep Club 63 1. The A.A.C.C: Ed Ely, Bruce Yoder, Karyn Wein- stein, Cheri Dalton, Cam Hum, Karen Seymore, Liz Keul, Mr. Carlson, Dave Fisher, Jeff Wrede, Lori Mackey, Kay Litwin, Daria Griffin, Jan Yost, Don DuRivage, Tom Ulrich, Curt Sibley, Ravi Gune- wardena, Josephina Byron. 2. The Publications Class listens to Mr. Miller as he discusses writing copy. 3. Mr. Carlson helps Karyn Weinstein, Liz Keul, and Karen Seymour with their math problems. 4. The Publications Class: Row 1: John Diaz, Co! leen Weatherton, Kirt Dunn, Val Cain, Tony Sher- win, Veronica Greinke, Karyn Weinstein, Beatrice Luque, Row 2: Jamie Nestor, Chris Gochnour, Liz Keul, Carol Heese, Karen Seymour, Robin Terry, Veta Mora, Dave Rush. Row 3: Cam Hum, Kelly Hull, Shelley Stephen. i ««ri Publications A.A.C.C. The Publications Class is about one of the most interesting classes around. This class learns the basics of putting together the " Troiani " and the " Trojan Shield " . They learn how to make layouts, crop pic- tures, write copy, and write captions. They also learn how to write editorials, feature stories, and profiles for the school ' s newspaper. It is from this class that the members of next years yearbook staff and newspaper staff will be chosen. The A.A.C.C. (Advanced Algebra Country Club) is a fairly new club. It started last year and is very oLili » It takes place sec- ond period and is under the leadership of Mr. Carlson. It was created to promote interest in mathematical subjects and to provide a medium for further research and study in all areas of mathematics. 64 Publications A.A.C.C. Thespians This year ' s Thespians had a very ex- citing and active year. Besides putting on four plays (including a III0.I musical at the Civic Thea- ter), they also had many other activities. During the summer they went to Magic Mountain and Disneyland. During the school year they attended two television show tapings (Dinah! and Three ' s Com- pany), went to several plays, and just had a great year! " i% 1. Mark Wilhelm and Gary Shelton work the light board during one of the plays. 2. Stacey Ellii; make.s sure Liz Wiihelni ' s costume fits. 3. The 1977-78 Thespians: Row 1: Mr. Sessions, Val Cain, Marsha Mcintosh, Karen Sherer, Kelly Adams, Janet Spellman. Row 2: Sue Jacobs, Mark Wilhelm, Don Layton, Kathryn Haave, Carrie Wa- showich. Rick Shelton, Astrid King. Row 3: Stacey Ellig, Wendy Johnson, Jan Yost, Lori Mackey, Kevin Miller. Lisa Padilla, Mark Prull. Row 4: Gary Shelton, John Routh, Neil Madden, Larry Maston, Bette Buliavac, Terry Kelly. Debbie Nothwang. 4. These girls don ' t need a beach to play with beach balls! Thespians 65 SENATE Senate is made up of representatives from each second period class. The sen- ators meet and discuss different subjects ranging from 1. Second Semester Senate: Row 1: A. Yovano- vich, D. Weisi, W. Waterworth, S. Seager, R. Brinnon, V. Provencio, K. Seymour, S. Turner. Row 2: R. Telesio, W. Betty, L. Cairo, M. Mcin- tosh, A. Vermillion, D. Nothwang, N. Amos, T. Coyle. Row 3: S. Inge, K. Reinert, C. Carpenter, D. Cairo, L. Wills, C. Dwyer. Row 4: A. Lee, D. James, J. Reese, M. Kuran. 2. Mr. Thomas is the Senate advisor. 3. First Semester Senate: Row 1: T. Altizer, R. Telesio, D. Gomez, B. Luque, K. Seymour, M. Kuran, R. Scott. Row 2: S. Holt, S. Stephen, A. Brown, S. Turner, P. Fierro, K. Seymour, T. Layton, M. Krotinger. Row 3: R. Widing, E. Merati, E. Moreno, C. Pruden, C. Hensley, S. Pyburn, C. Weatherton, T. Allen. Row 4: D. Mur- rillo, C. Doughty, B. Follis, M. Garcia, P. James, D. James, K. Ferguson. Row 5: K. Kidman, J. Bird, S. Jones, V. Ledbetter, J. Birg, F. Rodella, W. Waterworth. lems prob- that the school has to changes that they want to better the school. Without these senators, many things couldn ' t be accomplished. ! H 66 Senate PTTTJTTTCTrilTrvri i MAZATLAN ' 78 r ■ •»?■■ ' - .. ■4- " " Once again students from Neff High, under the direction of tour director, Pete Gomez, headed for the sand, sun, and surf of Mazatlan, Mexico. For the third year. Neff students were invited back to stay at the Hotel La Siesta. Just some of the activi- ties that kept this group busy were sightseeing, horseback riding, surfing, parakite riding, shopping, or p3.rtyin .But most of the time, everyone just kicked oack and soake d up that fabu- lous Mexican sun. IS 0% This Mazatlan group consisted of these 48 counselors and students: Director Pete Gomez, Counselor Alan Carlson, Counse- lor Barbara Samuels, K. Adams. V. Cain, J. Chancey, B. Dowtv, C. Dunham, B. Gallop, T. Gallop, N. " Godfrey, C. Good- row, S. Jacobs, D. Jones, L. Jones, C. Kelley, A. King, D. Layton, V. Ledbetter, L. Mackev, N. Madden, M. Marshall, M. McMullin, R. Mitchell, D. Mitts, L. Ohle- macher, K. Oshann. C. Pierce, M. Prull C. Salazar, B. Scully. G. Shelton. M. Shelton, R. Shelton, K. Sherer, 3. Skare, C. Smith, R. Stallings, C Taiavera, R. Terry, C. Thomas, T. Tovey, E. Valverde, C. Washowich, M. Wilhelm, D. Williams, J. Woodward, and S. Zapka. 1. Neff students shake a leg in Mazatlan. 2. The 1978 Mazatlan gang poses for a pic- ture on their way to Rock Island. 3. Astrid King, Mark Prull, and Lor; Mac- key enjoy one of the many fine restaurants in Mazatlan. 4. Lori Ohlemacher shows Mark Wilhelm and Lori Mackev her fantastic tan. 5. Diane Williams wonders which way she should go. Mazatlan 67 m The ciays that seemed so 16i " f he work we t hought impossffile When eferythirig went wrong LANCE C. ACKERSON: Ambition: Airline Pilot. Activi- ties: Frosh. CI. Pres.; Soph CI. Pres.; A.S.B. Pres. 4; St. Comm. 3; C.S.F. 2-4; Frosh Ftb. 2-4. Capt. 4, 1st Team All Lge.; Bskb. 3; Basb. 14; Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 3. Will never forget Air born 76-T and J, all my friends, H and F ' 77, my green bomb, and Lori ' s night. CINDY L. ACRES: Ambition: Money, family, travel. Activities: Con. Band 2-4; March. Band 2, 3; Cam Host. 4; Kal. 4. Will never forget telling Mr. Frese I hated poli- tics without knowing he ' s a mayor!, J.C., and R-t-R. MARILYN ANN ADISHIAN: Ambition: Dental Hygen- ist. Activities: St. Comm. 4; Ski Club 1. Will never forget the window gang, Skate Whittier Blvd., 2-19-76, my Frosh year, and friends. 1. President: Carol Smith. 2. Secretary: Linda Yniguez. 3. Advisors: Mr. McGuire, Mr. Mc- Connell. 4. Social Chairman: Doug Cooper. 5. Vice President: Rick Bassett. 6. Treasurer: Brad Wilier. 7. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: John Diaz, Heidi Iseli, Robyn Goldstein, Larry Cairo. Row 2: Laurie Sorenson, Brenda Doyle, Roberta Telesio, Debbie Gomez, Jan Yost, Lori Mackey, Mary Worcester. Row 3 Gina Veazey, Jo Ann Morgan, Wendy Betty, Val Cain, Karen Sherer, Ginnj Shrewsbury, Brad Wilier. 70 Seniors CLASS DONNA MARIE ALDRICH: Ambition: To have a nice car like my dad ' s Trans Am. Will never forget all the fun and trouble I had with S.C. and D.G. and when I went to Dis- neyland. TERRY ALEXANDER: Ambition: Married Psychiatrist. Activities: A.S.B. Sec; Sr. CI. St. Comm.; Art Club 4; C.A.C.C; C.S.F. 1-4; F.L.C. 1, 2; S.E.C. 1, 2; Song 3, 4; J.V. Sft. Var. Sftb. 3, 4; Dr. Team 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4. Will never forget the good times with Denise and Jenny, going out with Becky, and Steve. ANDREW ALLEN: Ambition: Undecided. Seniors This years Senior Class has proven to be one of Neffs finest. Throughout their four years at Neff they have contributed quite a lot to this campus. This year, with the advisory help of Mr. McGuire and Mr. McConnell, they ' ve created many mem- ories for themselves. A few of the Senior activi- ties are the Senior Breakfast and Talent Show, the All Night Party at Wonderbowl and pre- senting their gift to the school. After f ourOutrageous years at ia5 js S « ' » Neff, the Class of 78 is now ready to make its impact on the world. Good Luck Class of 78. Watch out World! -, . Seniors 71 PAM ALLEN: Ambition: Farmer. Activities: Band 1-4. Will never forget meeting Mick Jagger, Blue Cougars, and our Football Team is missing! RANDY ALLEN: Ambition: Undecided. TERESA ALTIZER: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Jr. Hon. Roll; Sen. Jr. St. Comm. Will never forget my Jr. year Spirit week 1977, Christmas, and especially August 30, 1977. ALICE ALVARADO: Ambition: Undecided. RONALD ARAIZA: Ambition: Undecided. SIDNIE ATKINSON: Ambition: Intr. Designer. Activities: C.S.F. 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; Swimming 1-2; Soccer Stat. 2; S.E.C. 2. Will never forget Norm, F.D., D.V., and all my friends and the joys and pains of growing up. PAULA, AUDETTE: Ambition: Travel the world and have a great life. Will never forget the difficult time I had to get out of Neff and the great times with my friends. DONALD COLLIN BAKER: Ambition: To meet Jackie Fox Activities: C.S.F. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Hon. Roll 1-4, Frosh. Sen.; M.G.M. 1-4; Soothsayer of the A.A.C.C. Will never forget Carlson ' s chalk in A.A.C.C, Raima ' s Turkeys, Hypnosis, and Van Halen at the Whisky. MARK BANAS: Ambition: Undecided. STEVEN BANNING. Ambition: Pro. Motocross Rider. DANIEL BARNARD: Ambition: Undecided. 72 Seniors Rmi»!E1¥V« ' ATt 1. Elaine Cardon, JoAnn Morgan, and Robyn Goldstein are found singing in the rain. 2. The Senior Battle Cry rings out at a rally. 3. Linda Maher seems to be the only one who notices the camera is around. DEBBIE BARNHART: Ambition: Football Queen. Will never forget fooling with Bill Berry at Texaco and getting rid of " straw " berry. GEORGE E. BARR: Ambition: To own a Sporting Goods Store. Activities: Tennis 2-4; Bowl. Club 1. Sen. 3. Will never forget the finals of the Tennis team last year. DAVID L. BARSTOiV: Ambition: Foreman at GM. Activi- ties: Ftb. 1-3; Bktb. 4; Basb. 1-4. Will never forget the time we went to Cleveland National Forest. KIMBERELY KAY BARTLETT: Ambition: Cashier. Will never forget my best friend Leslie and January 1st of 1976. DARRELL BASH: Ambition: Undecided. RICHARD CRAIG BASSETT: Ambition: Contortionist. Activities: Sr. CI. V.P.; C.S.F. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; Band 1; Basb. 1; Var. Wrestling 1-4, Fresh M.V.P., Co-Capt. 4. Will never forget all the days of wrestling, my teachers, fri- ends, and all the great times. JAMES WESLEY BAXTER: Ambition: Punk Rocker. Ac- tivities;Var. Soccer 2. Will never forget Guy Courtney ' s ep- ileptic seizures, the Lyle, Univox combo., and Doctor Vort. TERI BEAMISH: Ambition: To Live a Happy Life. Will never forget Nov. 20, my one and only sweetheart Rick, Sum- mer ' 76, Punch out D.L., and good friends. STEVE EDWARD BELARDES: Ambition: Truck Driver. Will never forget " Oh I forgot " and Mr. Riddar ' s Auto Shop. Seniors 73 1. Sandy Sclafani and Cathy Gutierrez squirrel off on their way to class. 2. Ron Truelove, Jerry Ray, and Shannon Nishet show their creativity during ceramics. GARY BELLAK: Ambition: Undecided. AUGUSTINE BENTSEN: Ambition: Undecided. WENDY LYNN BETTY: Ambition: Forester. Activities: Sr. St. Comm., Hon Roll 1-3; Prin. Hon. Roll 4; C.S.F. 1, 4; Cam. Host. 3; Pep Club 4; Dr. Team 2; Flag 3, Head 4; Bktb. Stat. 2. 3; Sftb. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget We Are 1, R.R., fire extinguishing, making flag, our parties, camp, and Stevie. SHARON BIGKER: Ambition: To let His light shine! Ac- tivities: Sen. 3; Hon. Roll 1-4; Princ. Hon. Roll 3; C.S.F. 3; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; News. Staff 4; G.I.A. Var. Tennis 3; Jr. Hon. Frd. Will never forget R.F. and my nickname slip, lunches, Karen S., and most of all G.H.F.C. ALLISON BIERLY: Ambition: Self-appointed President of Jimmy Page Fan Club. Will never forget Planet X, the three- some in the street, R.H.P.S., and all my friends. KIM BILBREY: Ambition: Undecided. " CATHERINE E. BOBIER: Ambition: To live by the beach. Will never forget San Onofre " 77 " , Camping with the over- alls, and my little blue bug. SUSAN LEE BONE: Ambition: Cosmotoligist. Activities: Sen. 1-4; Back Pk. Club. Will never forget going across the border to Mexico, Kay ' s clunk, and going to the show with KSLDG. MICHELE ANN BOURGOINE: Ambition: Cosmotologist. Will never forget the time we broke out of school in ' 75, June 5, Dec. 5, 1977, and John. 74 Senii CYNTHIA BOWMAN: Ambition: Undecided. GREGORY JOSEPH BRANNON: Ambition: Physician. Activities: Sr. St. Comm.; Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; C.S.F. 1-4; J. V. Golf 2; Var. Golf 3, 4. Will never forget my favorite tea- chers, the great times with my friends, and C.A.S. DOROTHY BREWSTER: Ambition: Undecided. HENDRICK BRIGHTMAN: Ambition: To surf all the is- lands. Activities: Var. Soccer 2, 3. Will never forget Carlsbad 202! and mv two Saturday night parties, thanks to the band! ALLISON BROWN: Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activi- ties: Jr. St. Comm., Sen. 4; Pep Club 1; News. Staff 3. Will never forget Sept. 10, summer of ' 75, Dec 29, Turnball Can- yon, my ring, and Tom. JEFFREY BROWN: Ambition:Undecided. DON " ZIGGY " BUCKRUCKER ' Ambition: Mannequin. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2; Var. Soccer 2, 4; Ski Club 1. Will never forget who I am, why I am, where Pve gone, what Pve done, and loved it. MICHAEL WAYNE BURGNER: Ambition: Orthodontist. Activities: Soph. St. Comm., Sen. Alt. 3; Hon. Roll 1, 4; Soph. Ftb. Will never forget playing rock and roll at parties and school, good friends, and most of all J. P. BRET BURNS: Ambition: To own my own business. Will never forget the time in Carlsbad with S.S., R.M., H.B., J.P., T.N., D.S., and I can ' t forget Debbie. JEANNETTE BUSSELL: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget the time I put the " Kiss Me " sign on Evelyn and all the dumb things E.C. and I did. TOM BUSTOS: Ambition: Undecided. DEAN BYERS: Ambition: Undecided. JOSEPHINA BYON: Ambition: Undecided. VALERIE MICHELLE CAIN: Ambition: Fame and For- tune. Activities: St. Comm. 2. 4; Sen. 2; Prin. Hon Roll 1-4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Fr. Club 1, 2; M.G.M. 1-4; CS.F. 1-4; Pub Ch. 3, 4; Pub. CI. 3; News. Staff 4; Ann. Staff Adm. Ed. 4; Thes. 1-4 Sec 2, 3, Pres. 4; Hon. Thes. ' 77- ' 78 Will never forget W.A.H. 4, Mazatlan, R.C L., KIBS, Rose Float, T.T.R, 4-3-77, 0.0. A. K., S.T. and S.S., and Closing Nights. LAWRENCE ALLEN CAIRO: Ambition: Nuclear Physics. Activities: St. Comm. 4; Sen. 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; F.T.A.. 2; Art Club 1-4, Pres. 4; C.S.F.; Spch. Club; N.F.L.; M.G.M; Frosh. Track, Var. 2-4; Frosh. C.C, Var 2-4. Wil! never forget all the beautiful girls who let me do drawings of them, es- pecially S.C. and M.D. ;.■,■; Seniors 75 SANDRA CALDERON: Ambition: Married and Cosmetolo- gist. Will never forget meeting Huera and Eddie, or my fri- ends and all the times cruising E.L.A. KERRY CALZARETTA: Ambition: Undecided. CONSTANCE ELAINE CAMPBELL: Ambition: To be flat chested. Activities: Basb. Stat. 3-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Katy, Debi, all the boys, F.B. games, B.B. and 77, Jungle Love, the bus, and explaining. STEVE P. CAMPBELL: Ambition: Fireman, do what is best. Will never forget the minutes, hours, days, months, and years I have been here! DENNIS CANFIELD: Ambition: Undecided. RUEBEN CANO: Ambition: Seek new Foon-Foon. Activities: Ftb. 1-2; J.V. Basb. 1; Will never forget how stupid 1 was to go to the Prom in ' 77. EVELYN CANTU: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget the Frampton Concert, and all the dumb and embarrassing things that J.B. and I did. STACY CAPLINGER: Ambition: Tahitian Teacher. Activi- ties: Sen. 2-3; Jr. CI. Sec; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Frosh. Hearts and Flowers Prin.; Homecoming Prin. Will never forget our great Sr. CI.; Homecoming night ' 77; and the weekend in Crest- line with the gang. ELAINE CARDON: Ambition: Teach children. Activities: Kal.; Cam. Host; Dr. Team 2; Flag 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget working with Auto, Exchange Rally ' 77, making flag, and we are one. AL CARLOS: Ambition: To be a Rancher. Will never forget S.Y., K.C., and Vince and the Moleman, KK, The Rocky Horror Picture .Show, Allison, and Columbian. KAY CARLSON: Ambition: To assist Gladys in Turkey training. Will never forget when me, Carol S., and Albert T. went surfing in the fog at night, and Miss La Mirada. KENNY CARPENTER: Ambition: Photographer. Activi- ties: Sen. 1, 2; Ann. Photographer 3, 4; Var. C.C. 1-4; Var. Track 1-4. Will never forget Bonehead (Miller) and Little Miller (J.D.) in Annual. 1. Flagsters, Kevin Kidm an, Kevin Uhfoltz, Ron Truelove, and Kevin McClain, get their act together at the exchange rally. 2. Neff High is invaded by martians, Andi Vermillion and Rene Quigley, or Halloween Day. 3. Chris Chilcott and Jeff Young seem to be the only ones who enjoy Neffs food. 76 Seniors LORRIE W. CARROLL: Ambition: Pre-School Teacher. Activities: Jr. Hon. Guard. Will never forget Lorca Rd., fam- ily, and good friends that helped me get through the vear. JUDY MARIE CARY: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: St. Comm. 4; C.S.F. 2-4; Pep Club 2: Kal. 2; Drill Team 3, Co-Capt 4. Will never forget waterballooning with B.D., R.L., L.S., Drill Team, and of course C.B. MITCHELL LEE CA VALLARO: Ambition: Butcher. Activi- ties: Football 1, 2; Track 2-4. Will never forget June 20, 76, Mexico, the days I was not in school, and the Class of ' 78. ROSALIE ANN CENTENO: Ambition: Psychiatric Tech- nician. Will never forget the crazy summers of 7.5 and 76 and mv friends Daisy, Yolie, Lola, Ofie, and Olga. CHRISTINE ANNE CHAFFIN Ambition: Psychologist. Activities: Sen. 1, 2. Ait.; St. Comm. Will never forget par- ties, ftb. games, Victorville, Mazatlan, Al ' s parties-Nve, H.B., W. Blvd. D.R. and Aug. 23. KAREN CHESTNUT: Ambition: To roast chestnuts on an open fire. Will never forget Pink Floyd 77, Rocky Horror, and all the great times with my crazy friends. CHRIS CHILCOTT: Ambition: Business Admin. Activities: Pub. Class; News Staff; Ann. Staff, Sports Ed.; C.S.F.; Bktb. 1-4 J.V. Capt. 3, Var. Capt. 4; Hon Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget Mazatlan 77, J.V. and Var. Basket- ball and .Annual Staff. JEFF WAYNE CLARK: Ambition: Carpenter. Activities: Ftb. 1. Will never forget the seagulls letting loose at lunch time. JOYCE COHEN: Ambition: Photographer. Activities: G.I.A. Treas.; J.V. Volball 1-3, Var. 4; J.V. Bktb. 1-3, Var. 4; J.V. Sftb. 1-3. Var. 4; Most Improved Player 2. Will never forget when I got sick in Biology, mv buddy Kennv C, Weirdo Rapp, Var VB. and G.S. Seniors 77 NICHOLS COMAN: Ambition: Forester. Will never forget all my friends, J.W., K.D., J.H., P.A., D.M., and all the cra- zy parties we all went to. DOUGLAS P. COOPER: Ambition: Orthodontist. Activities: Sr. CI. Soc. Ch.; C.S.F. 2-4; J.V. Wrestling 2, 3, Var 4; J.V. Basb. 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4. Will never forget Lori M., June 4, 1977, and all those great wrestling practices. KELLI SUE COSTELLO: Ambition: Model. Activities: Var. Yell 3, 4; St. Coram.; Sen. 2; Pep Club 1-3; Will never forget Dec 4 and Trent Blood, GREAT, being a punching bag, Eddie, and good times. ROBIN COWAN: Ambition: Fireman. Activities: C.C. 1; Track 1. Will never forget being in Mr. Rasmussen ' s class and having to say our poems. KENT CURRIE: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2. Will never forget ping pong partie.= at Raul ' s and fun trucking on the way to Prom ' 77. CYNTHIA RENEE DALTON: Ambition: A successful life. Activities: St. Coram. 1-3; Var. Bktb. Stat.; Girls Lge., Jr. Rep, Sec. 4; Homecoming Prin. Will never forget Frosh. yr., Catalina, Summer of ' 7-5, old grads, Mts., the gang of ' 78, FDR, and the window gang. LORI DANIEL: Ambition: Artist, to be with Kelly forever. Activities: Art, Volball. Will never forget my raom and all the things she did for me, Kelly, Mrs. Miller, Ruth, and tcflchcrs SCOTT DAVIS: Ambiton: Undecided. KELLY DEJONG: Ambition: Street Freak. Will never for- get all the times behind Ford, my rear end on Alondra, and 10-12 with M.A.L. 1. In Carlson ' s thiru period Trig clas s Doug Cooper, Bob Lizardi, and Greg Brannon seem to bft the biggest hams. 2. Here comes Charlie ' s Angels, Karen Sherer, Lori Mackey, and Jan Yost. 3. Denise Sarrazin and Terry Alexander show the style of the fifties in the lunch line. 78 Seniors H7i:miII?rWrr.TnTVT! ' TVi ' mT, ™itTXimw-ra,«vtswrmsv:DnrK: MARION DELIUS: Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activi- ties: Sen. 1-3; C.S.F. 2; Hon, Roll 1-3; Will never forget my good times at Neff, mv best friends Pam F. and Ginger M., also G.R. and V.R. YOLANDA T. CASTILLO DEL MURO: Ambition: Fashion Merchandiser. Activities: Volball 2. Will never forget SPC, HB, Aug. 21, 1977, Dec 23, 1977, crazy terrific times with the entire gang, J.D., M.S., and M.M KATIE A DENOUDEN: Ambition: To own a Jaguar and be single. Will never forget skating down Whit. Blvd. with the gang, frisks at GW, San Clem., and fun with Terese. FRANCINE RENE DENTON: Ambition: Undecided. Activi- ties:C.S.F; Hon. Roll; Bktb. Stat. 1; G.I.A. Tennis, J.V. Most Improved Player; Var. Tennis. Will never forget all mv friends and all the good times we had, especially Sid, A.N., C.S., and D.V. JOHN DIAZ: Ambition: Business. Activities: Sen. 1, 3; St. Comm. 3, 4; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; J.V. C.C. 3; V. Track 3. Will never forget my good buddie, Hollyweed, running for A.S.B.v.p., and Thalken ' s math class. JULIE ANN DIAZ: Ambition: Grow up before Joey does. Activities: Sen. 1-3; Ski Club. Will never forget Kather ' s " little get togethers! " all the fun we had, my first love-Tom, and of course ' The Brothers ' . LOUIS DE MARTINO Ambition: To have my own Print Shop. Will never forget bleach burn out at the end of last year. ' VINCE DIXON: Ambition: Professional Flyswatter. Activi- ties: Bktb. 1, 2: Track 2. Will never forget the time I tried to climb a tree with my parent ' s car and all the parties after school with L.W. PAMELA RENE DOLAN: Ambition: Speech Pathologist. Activities: Sen. 2; Ski Club; G.I.A. Girls Lge. Rep 4; G.I.A. Pub. Ch. 2, 3 Pres. 4; J.V. Volbal 2, Capt. 3; Vai. Bktb. 1-4; Var. Sftb. 1-4, All Lge. 3; Hon. Roll 2-4. Will never forget when R.S. and B.P. had too much. L.G., L.S. R.M., 8. L., B.W., and the party. LOUIS DOMJAN: Ambition: World Freestyle Skiing Cham- pion. Activities: Art Club 3, 4; J.V. Soccer 1, 2. Will never forget the egg battles with art and the lizard in Mr. Balma ' s ' class. MIKE DORITTY: Ambition: To get married to M.D., fire- man. Activities: Ftb. 1, 3, 4. Will never forget P.E. with Marion and Lori 0. and what close friends we became. Seniors 79 BRENDA JOYCE DOYLE: Ambition: Social Worker. Ac- tivities: St. Coram. 4; Pep Club 1, 4; Cam, Host 3, 4; Kal. 3, 4; Banner Head 4; Dr. Team 3; C.C. 1. Will never forget when L.S., J.C, and I almost died from a waterballoon, Ban- ner, Bones, Boots, Berny, and James. MIKE DUFFY: Ambition: Professional Hangglider. Will never forget camping out in Idaho, 4 wheeling it, and Class of 78. RICHARD J. DUQUETTE: Ambition: C.P.A. or bust. Activ- ities: C.S.F. 3; News Staff, Photo Editor 4; Bktb 1-3, Var. 4; J.V. Basb.; Soph. Track; Hon. Roll 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. Will never forget Mazatlan 77, Lewellen, Miller, Naugles, my friends, and 4 great years at Neff. DONALD A. DURIVAGE: Ambition: Chemist. Activities: St. Coram. 3, 4; C.A.C.C. 4; C.S.F. 2-4; N.FL. 1-4; Spch. Club 1-3; Jazz Band; Ftb. 1-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget S.C. in S.D. with D.F., E.E. and B.W., and the great game at K.M. ' s. KIM DWYER: Ambition: To live happily ever after. Will never forget the gang, J.W., J.H., P.A., N.C., D.M. and all the good times we had and Danny Francis. HERB H. EDWARDS: Ambition: Exploration. Activities: Basb. 2. Will never forget lady friends and activities. DAWN MARIE EGGAN: Ambition: Math Teacher. Activi- ties: C.S.F. 1-4; Sen. 2, 3; St. Comm. 4; Dr. Team 2; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2, 3. Will never forget Mazatlan, games, dances, parties and the Victorville football game my frosh year. MICHELLE ANNETTE ELI AS: Ambition: Psychologist. Activities: Sen. 3; Pep Club 1; News. Staff Feature Page Ed. 3; C.S.F. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Ord. Will ne- ver forget Johnny, July 11, 1977, Hawaii 77, Mazatlan 76 and all my good friends. MARTINHO ELICKER: Ambition: Undecided. CRYSTAL LAVONE ELLSWORTH: Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Sen. 2, 3; Tennis 2. Will never forget when I met Carl, Susan on the last day of school 77, and all my friends. ED ELY: Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: C.S.F. 1-4; N.F.L.; C.A.C.C; Spch. Club; Ftb. 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Track 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget S.D. and S.C. with D.F. D.B., B.W. and the bombs we made. RENIA FAIRCLOTH: Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Hon. Roil 1, 2. Will never forget summer of 76, Peter Framp- ton 77, and August 8, 77. AVA FEDERICO: Ambition: Secretary and to be happy. Will never forget good times at the Blvd. with G.S., S.C, S.C, and most of all, the good times J.G. and I shared. HELGE H. FERCHERT: Ambition: Cabinetmaker. Will never forget when Jenny and I and David and Mary got lost on the way to the Prom 77. TERRY FERDINAND: Anihition: Undecided. 80 Seniors j tS b t flPj ' V- B Ka ft J! .JH| flBDK SH BK t K L. j KBSBSSBt 9BFW ! nB[ra| 1 ? v PAMELA ANN FIERRO: Ambition: Acct. and marry M.M. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Sen. 2-3; M.G.M. 1-3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-2; C.S.F. 1-2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the good times with M.D.. T.R.. and all the gang and of course my guv Mitch. DAVID FISHER: Ambition: Naval Officer. Activities: Ftb. 2-4; Track 2-4; Wrestling 2; Band 1-4; Jazz Band 1, 3, 4; C.S.F. 1-4; N.F.L. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.A.C.C. 4; Spch. Club 1-3; St. Coram. 1, 4. Will never forget S.C. in S.D. with D.D., E.E., and B.W. and all the bombs we made for risk. MELANIE J. FISHER: Ambition: Underwater Basketwea- ver. Ac tivities: G.I.A. Bktb. 1; Sftb 1-2; Bowl, club 2. Will never forget Feb. 12, 1977; backpacking, candles with Dave, L.R., and of course Kirk G. LORETTA LORRAINE FLORES: Ambition: to be free and happy. Will never forget the year ' 74, Partying, Savage my dog, Gregorv, Gail, Nina, and Seymore the Grub. JEANNETTE FOSTER: Ambition: to be looked up to. Ac- tivities: C.S.F. 2-4; Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4; Band Sec. 3-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never my surprise 16th birthdav partv at Farrells, McDonalds 7.5, and Nov. 1, 75. CHRIS FRANCIS: Ambition: Undecided. LINDA J. ERASER: Ambition: Head of Wackwack Sqbacks. Activities: Var. Bktb. Stat. 2; Sen. 3, Alt. 4. Will never forget my spagetti head dean, Apr. 12, ' 77, Jul. 12, ' 77, EH, SN, LO, Prom ' 77, and Wackwack Chubbies. KATHRYN LOUISE FRITSCH: Ambition: To own a 450 SL. Will never forget Maz. 75, 76, Carlsbad ' 77, Lis. Deb, my fa- vorite van, and most of all George. R.R. PHIL GACKSTETTER: Ambition: Owner of Nugandan Turnip Farm. Activities: Track 4; Hon. Roll 4. Will never for- get the Spanish poems I never could remember and Mrs. Pattersons Spanish class. 1. Linda Yniguez and Gina Veazey lift their glasses to Neff High School. 2. Psychology class " mellows out " during one of McConnell ' s interesting lectures. Seniors 81 DANIEL STEVEN GALVAN: Ambition: Photographer. Activities: Ann. Staff Photographer 3, 4. Will never forget my soph. English class and everything else at Neff. RUDY GARCIA: Ambition: Paramedic. Activities: Tennis 2, 4. Will never forget those long Friday and Saturday nights. SUGI GARCIA: Ambition: Computer Programmer. Activi- ties: St. Comm. 2, 3; C.S.F.; Prin. Hon. Roll; Homecoming Prin. Will never forget where ' s CASC, Whittier derby, ASB Cabinet, and most of all Christine. JILL CHARLENE GASTON: Ambition Pro. Beach Bum. Activities: Sen. 1, 3, Alt. 2; C.S.F 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Dr. Team 2. Will never forget Hawaii ' 77, my surfboard Sue owes me, mv friends, Crescent Bay, and Mike P. TAMMY GILBERTSEN: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Pep Club 2; Band 3; Dr. Team 3, 4; Will never forget Hearts and Flowers ' 77 and most of all Mae, D. J.C, J.C, K.K., J.O., E.B., T.M., T.S., L.D., E.D., and D.G. KATHY GLAHN: Ambition: Cosmotology. Will never forget Mexico ' 76 with Gina, Yolanda and Denise, parties at my house, Julie, Carrie, Diane, Lorrie, and the rest of the gang. RON G. GOAD: Ambition: Diesel and Auto Mechanic or Electrician. Will never forget New Year ' s eve parties of 1975. NINA COELLEEN GODFREY: Ambition: Interior Decora- tor. Will never forget the year of ' 76, M.G.P.S., and my best friends, Linda Jones, Karla, and Loreda. ROBYN GOLDSTEIN: Ambition: To be rich! Activities: St. Comm. 3, 4; C.S.F. 1-4; Pub. Ch. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Thes 1-4; F.L.C. 1, 2; M.G.M.; Kal. 3; Cam Host. 3; Flag 3, 4; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff CI. Ed. 4; Pep Club 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget W.A.H. 1, the rosefloats, 9 2 77, our flag parties and camp, the family, We are one, and my fresh- man year. DEBBIE RAE GOMEZ: Ambition: Social Worker. Activi- ties: Sen. 3, 4; St. Comm. 4. Will never forget Carlsbad ' 77, Mazatlan ' 76, ' 77, Hearts and Flowers ' 77, Bret, Lisa, and Kath. CATHERINE G. GARZA: Ambition: Banker. Activities: | Tennis. Will never forget the times with the gang and the times with B.C., V.K., S.B., S.S., and R.L . ■■ ■ ' ■; m . t: 3 , wm 82 Seniors «r YOLANDA MICHAELA GONZALES: Ambition: To go wherever life leads me. I will never forget Mazatlan and sum- mer of ' 76, my good friends R.C., E.Y,, and all my crazy times. LAURI " LA ■ ' ELLEN GREENE: Ambition: Rufusizer. Ac- tivities: G.I. A.; J.V. Bktb. 2-3, Var. 4; J.V. Volball 3, M.V.P. 4; J.V. Sftb. 2, Most Improved Will never forget D.E., L.N., P.D., and my other friends; Hastles, all my loves, Proms, and Hearts and Flowers. DEBBIE GROVES: Ambition: Help handicapped children Will never forget my Frosh yr. with D.H., S.C, and D.A., going to football games, and SS starting Neff. RAVI A. GUNEWARDENA: Ambit on: Architect. Activities: Thes.; Spch. club; V.P. Art Club; Fr. club; Nat. Hon. Soc; C.S.F. 1-4; C.A.C.C. Foreign Ambassador; Prin. Hon. Roll; M.G.M. : CATHERINE ANN GUTIERREZ: Ambition: Social Worker. Activities: Var. Bskt. stat. 2; Soc. Char 2; St. Comm. 2; Sen. 1-4; Jr. CI. Pres.; Jr. Hnr. Grd.; A.S.B. Cabinet 3; St. Comm. 3; Girls Lge. Soc. Chair. 4. Will never forget Catalina, Fr. Yr. sixer, Blvd. Skat., Pals, " 78 " , Mtns. and Summertimes. KATHRYN HAAVE: Ambition: Business Woman. Activities: Thes. 2-4. Will never forget my head if it remains screwed on. RAELYN HAMAK: Ambition Medical field. Will never for- get my mom and dad, the river, the parties, my friends, Ron, . . just everything. SCOTT HAMILTON: Ambition: Undecided. LESLIE MARIE HAMMER: Ambition: Legal Secretary. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; St. Comm. 4. Will never forget good friends, skiing. Wilt, C -l-C, T ' s 4.5.5, Vega, parties, Dippo, A.C.S., and all 4 yrs. KATHY HANCOCK: Ambition: Kindergarden Teacher. Activities: Cam. Host. 4. Will never forget the time we went ice skating. 1. Raul Villasenor sweeps La Greene off her feet during the Artesia Rally. 2. Farrah Fawcett look-a-likes, Carol Nisbet and Sugi Garcia, take time out from their tennis game for a picture. Seniors 83 JESSIE L. HARRISON: Ambition: To live in luxury. Ac- tivities: Hon. Roll. Will never forget L.M. telling me he was perfect also, and crawling on the grass with R.W. STEVE HASERT: Ambition: Undecided. LAURA HAUPERT: Ambition: To find happiness. Transfer from St. Paul H.S. Honor Roll 1, 2; Back Pk. Club 2. Will ne- ver forget coming to Neff in 76, Queen ' 77, Frampton ' 76 and Ronald McDonald. TERRI HAYEK: Ambition: To be happv in life. Activities: Thes, 1, 2; Hon. Roll 1, 2; Prin. Hon. Roll .3, 4. Will never for- get Frosh. Year, all the fun at the games and all the friends r.ve made. DON HELM: Ambition: To make a large production film. TAMMY A. HENDRICKSON: Ambition: To marry a multi millionaire. Activities: Frosh. CI. Tres. Will never forget me and Char ' s parties. Palm Springs, Gucci, Abby, Pal Joeys, the Greeks and D.S. MARY ELAINE HERMAN: Ambition: To be head bunny. Activities: St. Comm. 2; Sen. Alt. 3. Will never forget skating on Whit. Blvd. with the gang, my old man Jeff and Chubbys L.F., L.O. and S.N. DARRYL HIEDA: Ambition: Make Mom and Dad happy. Will never forget the days we never made it to school and the foolish things in ' 77. ROBERT HINOTE: Ambiton: Undecided. TOM HODGSON: Ambition: To own a ski resort. Activities: Ski Club; Tennis; Soccer 1-4. Will never forget the first time ! had a tut for my nose. DEBBIE K. HOFMEISTER: Ambition: Dentist. Activities: Sen.; Sftb. Will never forget al! the good times and bad times here at Neff with D.S., E.D., and T.J. 84 Seniors LAURENCE A. HOLBROOK: Ambition: Law Enforcement. Activities: Sen. 1, 2; J.V. Basb. 2. Will never forget the good weekends I had with all my friends. V7CA7 LEE HORN: Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Will never forget the way Tony loves me, Yosemite {in tent), fam- ily-friends, T-Tat, and Jan. 1. 75. JUDY A. HUERTA: Ambition: Forest Ranger. Activities: Sen. 2. Will never forget all my friends, the good times we had, and summer of 77. CHARLENE " AUTO " HURD: Ambition: To be Kenny Log- gins Lucky Lady. Activities: Pep Coram. 3; Dir. of Act. 4; Soph. Ftb! Stat. " 3; Sen 3, 4; Ski Club 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget P.S. I Love You!, Naugles, Frosh Gang, Catalina ' 75, The Shoes. PAMELA R. INGLES: Ambition: Cosmetologist Activities: Band 1-3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget my best friend Bev, good times at Huntington Beach, and Whittier Blvd. HEIDI ANN ISELI: Ambition: To find Mr. Right! Activities: Pep Club, Sec. 1; Sen. 4; St. Coram. 4; Frosh Ftb. Stat. 3, 4; J.V. Yell 2; Song 3; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; News. Staff 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the parties, Ftb. games, cruis- ing LM. Golden West the VW, the Blvd, the Gang, and P.S. I Love You! JOE JAIMERENA: Ambition: Undecided. DAVE JONES: Ambition: Undecided. GINA JONES: Ambition: Undecided. 1. Seniors show what four years at Neff can do to you. 2. A rally contest attracts senior ' s attention. 3. Seniors keep dry inside the cafeteria on a rainy day. Seniors 85 1. Groucho Marx (Laurie Sorenson) and Kojak (Brenda Doyle) are two of the many movie stars that visited Neff during spirit week. 2. Cathy Bobier and Loretta Jones rock out on their way to class. 3. Warren Waterworth shows off his talents at a rally. JON V. JONES: Ambition: Professional Tennis Player. Ac- tivities: Sen. 1; J.V. Tennis 1; Var. Tennis 2-4. Will never forget the drunk who almost hit my Dad ' s car and Friday nights at cata with Ernie. LORETTA LYNN JONES: Ambition:To Let His Light Shine! Will never forget San Onofre " 77 " , camping with the overalls, and the good days at G.H.F.C. DAVID JUNGE: Ambition: To Serve Jesus Christ. MARIA KALISVAART: Ambition: Millionaire ' s Wife. Ac- tivities: Bowl. Club 1-4; Sftb. 1, 2 M.V.P. Will never forget Sequoia and Three Rivers with the gang and the Blonde I m.et at Jalama! CINDY DIAN KELLEY: Ambition: Stewardess. Activities: Bktb. Stat. 3, 4; Track 2-4; C.C. 3. Will never forget going to San Onofre with LW. and M.K., the crazy times with Janene, and Prom ' 77. KATHY KERN: Ambition: V.P. of J. Page Fan Club. Will never forget all my super friends and the good times we had, concerts, parties, and R.H.P.S. JENNIFER I. KING: Ambition: to work with Lions. Activi- ties: Girls Lge. Pub. Ch. 3; St. Comm. 4; Sen. 3; Song 4; Basb. Stat. Will never forget always squirreling off with Denise and my good buddy Marci, esp. Steve. KEITH KINKAW: Ambition: Undecided. SUSAN D. KLINGELBERG: Ambition: To Let His Light Shine! Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Ski Club; Hon. Roll 3, 4. Will never forget summer beach days with B.O. and R.T., Dallas B., Art C, and the Joy I ' ve found in Christ! 86 Seniors r.INDA KNERR: Ambition: To find life ' s prize. Will never lorget Dorothy. Gina. Helge, Ziffle, my best friends, the good limes together, and Auto Shop. BRIAN LANE: Am bition: To be a Free Lance Writer. Ac- tivities: Thes. 1-3. Will never forget the time I fell off the stage in MASH and all the great people in Drama. STEVEN W. LASKEN: Ambition: Film Editor. Activities: Ftb. 2; Sen. Will never forget driving through the fence on Trojan Way with R.M. and R.S. BILL LAWHEAD: Ambition: Cropduster. Activities: Fr. Club; MGM. Will never forget the good times we had in Ha- cienda Heights and Fish Canyon. JACQUELINE K. LAWRENCE: Ambition: Legal Secretary. Will never forget Sunday nights and Fridays with friends, Aug. 21, Dec. 23, and June 16, ' 77. THOMAS RONALD LAYTON: Ambition: Undecided. Ac- tivities: Sen. 4; Ftb. 1-4; Wrestling 3, 4; J.V. Bash. 2. Will never forget JB and Toy the Bum, all the parties, and going to C.I.F. DONOVAN -CRAZY MAN " LEE: Ambition: Witch Doctor. Activities: C.S.F. 1-4, A.A.C.C. 3; Ftb. 2; Var. Track 2-4; C.C. 3. Will never forget learning to turn people into cock- roaches. C.E., or cooking mv first human. ROSE HELENE LEITH: Ambition: 1st row L.Z. ' 79. Activi- ties: Ftb. Stat.; Dr. Team 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget every day before school with K.K., concerts, parties, and R.H.P.S. Sat. nights- LESTER LEONARD: Ambition: Undecided. BOB D. LIZARDL Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Bktb. 1-3; Golf Will never forget all the great times hanging around being a fool. VINCENT LOPEZ: Ambition: Undecided. Seniors 87 EMMA LUETGER: Ambition: Auto mech. and child care. Activities: G.I. A. Soft. 1. Will never forget 1977 prom, my friends, Bonnie, Raelyn, and my bowling partners Karen and Laurie. LORI LYNN MACKEY: kmh t[on: IBTC Co-Pres. with Jan. Activities: St. Comm. 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1-4; Sec. 2, Pres. 3, 4; S.E.C. 1, 2; F.L.C. 1, 2, Sec. 2; Bktb. Stat. 2-4; Drill 2; Song 3, 4; Kal. 3, 4; Cam. Host. 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Ann. Staff 4; Thes. 4; A.A.C.C. Soc. Ch. 4. Will never for- get T.T.R., 4-3-77, my Soph, year, R.R., Song, Grad. ' 77, Double Dots, and Doug. DIANE R. MADDEN: Ambition: To live a long and happy life. Will never forget June 30, 1974, and the friends I had at Neff. GARY LOUIS MAERTENS: Ambition: Undecided. Activi- ties: Prin. Hon. Roll; Hon. Roll; C.S.F. Will never forget the time I was stuck in the snow in the High Sierras. LINDA MARIE MAHER: Ambition: Legal Secretary. Ac- tivities: Sen. 3, 4; Hon. Roil; Pep Club 1; Girls Lge. Hist. 2, V.P. 4; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Act. Ed. 4; Flag 4; Frosh. Ftb. Stat. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget cruising L.M., The Blvd., We Are 1, Beans, Sance, Bonfire, and Downey. MARK RICHARD MARANL Ambition: Take over Pop ' s business. Activities: Ftb, 1; Basb. 1-4. Will never forget the time me and T. Godfrey were buds and most of all Janet Lee, May 16, 1977. JOE MARCANO: Ambition: Actor, Camera man. Pilot. Ac- tivities: Band 2, 3. Will never forget the time I went to En- gland in ' 77, and Knott ' s ' 76- ' 77. COLLEEN ANN MARRS: Ambition: Probation Officer. Ac- tivities: Soph. CI. Sec; St. Comm. 1, 3; Frosh Ftb. Stat. 2. Will never forget my first date, certain cruises, skiing, the Carlsbad trip, and P.S. I Love You!! REX ELLIS MARSALLA: Ambition: Construction Worker. Activities: Frosh Ftb. Will never forget all the good times with Sherry and Family, and Carlsbad with J. P., S.S., B.B., and T.N. DOA ' LD AM f CK- Ambition: Undecided. RICK A. McCarthy. Ambtion: Retire at 21. Activities: Back Pk. Club; Frosh Bktb. Will never forget ping-pong par- ties at Raul ' s and Fun-Trucking on the way to the ' 77 prom! 88 Seniors .1 Seniors do their best during class competition at the ralHes. 2. Smile, Becky White and Robyn Goldstein, you ' re on can- did camera! 3. Kathy Fritsch and Debbie Gomez enjoy themselves in their Psychology class. KATHY McCARTY: Ambition: Famous Horse Trainer. Activities: Art Club; St. Comm. 4. Will never forget summer of ' 76 sunburn and my nicknames Okie and Casper. KEVIN P. McCLAIN: Ambiton: To be Mele ' s son. Activities: Spch. Club; Ftb. 1-4; Bktb. 1; Basb. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget Risk ' 77, BB Bunch, June 5, 1976, Physics, and mellowing out with Roy Megro. TAMMY LYNN McCONNELL: Ambition: Veterinarian. Will never forget the year of ' 76, the night I met Andy, and all my friends. NEAL McDONALD: Ambition: Undecided. RALPH E. McKINLEY: Ambition: Game Warden. Activi- ties: Ski Club; Ftb. 2; Golf. Will never forget all the good times at Neff with P.D., L.S.; S.L., R.S., L.G., M.N., and the party. ED A. METRO: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Soccer 2; Ftb. 3; Track 2-4. Will never forget U.S.G.P. ' 77, D.S., K.H., S.H., K.Mc, mellowing out, Mr. Knapp, and Mele. LESLIE ANNETTE METRO: Ambition: Dancer. Will never forget my parents, a special friend, Queen concert with J.O. and K., tR6, and Buddv. ALAIN LOUIS MATTHEW MEYER: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: C.C. 2, 3, Most Improved 2; Track 1-4. Will never forget chop hangin ' from my truck on the frwy., swap, good torpedos, women. Track and C.C. BLAKE MILLER: Ambition: Undecided. .Seniors 89 DONNA JEAN MITTS: Ambition: Veterinarian. Will never forget a!! the great times with the gang and the crazy times with J.W., J.H., and P.A. JOANNE MONAST: Ambition: To do everything I possibly can. Will never forget my high school BGHS, Rob at GIF wres- tling, and Jack Sheatz at Terbo. STEPHEN JOHN MONDERINE: Ambition: Firefighter. Ac- tivities: Sen. 1; Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1-4, MVP 1. Will never forget the Grand Canyon and Florida hicks with J.S. and L.A. driving skills. GINGER E. MORGAN: Ambition: Nail Sculpture. Activities: Frosh. 01. Sec, Soph. CI. V.P., Hearts and Flowers Prin. 2. Will never forget Lori ' s and my excitement on Homecoming Court, Christine L., and Marion D. JO ANN MORGAN: Ambition: Fashion Merchandiser. Activ- ities: Flag 4; Pep ClubSoc. Ch. 1; Girl ' s Lge. Hist. 3, Pres Sen. 2, 3; St. Comm. 2-4; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; Bktb. Stat. 2,3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget cruisin ' L.M. and by C.C. ' s, Gary A. and his " 1 BAD AM " and " We are one ' " DOUG MORRIS: Ambition: Undecided. RALPH MOSELEY: Ambition: Undecided. Activities 1-3. Will never forget the snack bar and Oceanside. TAMMY SUSAN MULLEN: Ambi tion: Nurse. Will never for- get my senior year, Christmas 76, Dec. 4, 1977, and Congratu- lations L.R. MARLENE MURILLO: Ambition: Fashion Designer. Activ- ities: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the Summer of ' 75, all of my friends, and the Beach Boys concert. 1. Gary Bellak finally goes all out and buys Judy Gary lunch. 2. Seniors always seem to be the center of attraction at the rallies. 3. Jenny King and Teny Alexander clap their way into our hearts during a performance at a rally. 9 Seniors SANDRA LYNN MYERS: AmhiUon: Archeologist. Activities: Kal. 1-3; Cam. Host. 1-3; Sen. Ait. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd., Prin. Hon. Roll 3. Will never forget Mazatlan ' 76, the bullfights, and the ride home in the old ice truck. LARRY NATHANSON: Ambition: Photographer. Will never forget the party at Marty ' s on June 10, 1977, and getting my 35 Ford running. DEBRA NEILL: Ambition: Undecided. APRIL G. NEWLAND: Ambition: X-Ray Tech. Will never forget all my friends. Lip, Car, Fran, Dorth, and Gina, and all the laughs we had. CAROL JEAN NISBET: Ambition: Computer Programmer. Activities: CI. Treas. 1-3; A.S.B. Treas. 4; Sen. 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget my friend ' Gut ' , the 6er, trying to find CASC, and skating on the Blvd. with the gang. SHANNON RAE NISBET: Ambition: To be a shotgun. Activ- ities: St. Comm. 1,2. Will never forget Mike, mv man, my pals, DR., L.F., E.H., L.O., T.B., R.B., C.G., Prom 77, Apr. 18 ' 75, and Wackwack chubbvs. MATTHEW NORRED: Ambition: Undecided. TODD NORTH: Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: Ftb. 1-3; Basb. 1, 2; Hon. Roll. Will never forget Carlsbad ' 77, lunch parties, night parties, parties, referrals, and the band. DIANNE NOTHWANG: Ambition: Christian Education. Activities: Band 1, 2; Dr. Team 3, 4; Hon. Roll 3. Will never for- get Christian summer camp of 1977, and my two best friends T.S. and J.B. DEBRA KIM NOVAC: Kmhition: Accountant. Activities: Dr. Team 3; Kal. 3; Pep Club 3. Will never forget my 75-76 school vear, Drill Team, and all the friends I ' ve made. LORI OHLEMACHER: kmh t on:MlenA San Diego ,St. Ac- tivities: Frosh. V.P.; Jr. Soc. Ch.; Pep Comm. 4; Sen 1-3; Jr. Hearts Flowers Prin.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Homecoming Queen. Will never forget the fun, love, and laughter I ' ve had with G.M. Friends. CIF ' 77, and Homecoming ' 77. ■JOSEPH L. OLIVER: Ambition: Be the first man on Saturn. Activities: Band 1-2; Var. Ftb.; Hon. Roll. Will never forget 4th with Marion; Partv at Barrels; Slidin in the brown bomb and BLS in D.R. PEGGY OPPEDAHL: kmhiXion: Liuquist. Activities; .!.V. Yell 1. Song 3; St. Comm.. 3-4; A.S.B. Pub. Ch.; News. Staff; Sen. ;. 4; Frosh Ftb. Stat. 3-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Gold- enwest and the " VW, ASB Cab., no tomatoe X-tra mayo, Gram- ma, and the gang. . Seniors 91 1. " We ' re inseperable " say Mary Worcester and Karen Sherer. 2. Senior Jerry Rader and sophomore Diana Steckbauer show that ' puppy love ' is everywhere. KEVIN OSHANN: Ambition: Undecided. EILEEN OSTERHUES: Ambition: Spec. Ed. Elem. Teacher Activities: C.S.F. 2-4; Con. Band 1-4; Jazz Band 2, 3; Band, Librarian 2-4; Sen. 1; Dance 1,2; Showcase 1; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; Jr. Hon Grd. Will never forget my Frosh and Sr. years, McDonalds 75, and K.T. for being a special friend. ERNIE OTERO: Ambition: Sports Announcer. Activities: Ftb. 1; J.V. Tennis; J.V. Soccer; Track 1,2. Will never forget my four years at Neff and Mrs. Tarbell ' s class my Jr. year. YVETTE RENEE PADILLA: Ambition: Lawyer or Legal A. Will never forget my friends at Neff, Tammy, Vicki, Felicia April 76, July 76, and R.M. SHELLEY ANNE PAGE: kmhition: Live with nature. Activ- ities: Art Club 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1. Will never forget T.P. Moriarty and the Summer of 77, Mazatlan 76, and N.S. ROOTI PARRA: Ambition: Sewer Inspector. Activities: Bktb 1-3, Var. 4; Bowl. Club, Capt. 3, Most Improved 3. Will never forget the big brawl my Jr. year where I knocked out five guys including myself. ALEX PA YNE: Ambition: Undecided. JIM PEAT: Ambition: To make a lot of money and spend it! Activities: Ftb. 1; Wrestling 1-3. Will never forget Winter of 77, all the snow we ran into, and Peter Wright ' s Auto Shop Class. REGINA PEREZ: Ambition; To be happy in life. Will never forget Dorothy, Linda, all my friends and all the good t imes we had, and Auto Shop. GILBERT PINEIRA: krahiiion-.V txAec AeA. • 92 Seniors DENISE POATS: Ambition: Undecided. PHILLIP J. POWELL: AmbxWon: To marry Linda. Will never forget the great times with Linda and T.A. 2nd period with Mr. Jablan. GEOFF PRITCHARD: Ambition: To go bald by the age of 20- Will never forget " Good old Mersh " , the darkroom, and Gramps. JOHNNY DALE PYBURN: Ambition: To make my band a success. Will never forget anything. MICHELLE RENEE QUIGLEY: Ambition: Veterinarian. Ac- tivities: Spch. Club; Var. Bktb. 3,4. Will never forget Sunset beach at 2:00 AM, Tisdall, Zurak, Maps, A.V., C.T., L.M., and others. JERRY ANTHONY RADER: AmbiUon: Pro Baseball Player. Activities: Sen. 1, 2; Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1-4, M.V.P. 2. Will never forget all the good timeo I had and especially Diana. VICKI RAPP: Ambition: Photographer. Activities: Ski Club 1; F.L.C. 1; Volball Mgr. 2,3; J.V. Bktb. 1,2; J.V. Sftb. 1; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all the Friday nights with my friends Maria, M.D., G.R., P.F., M.M., and " Hey LW, I Luv U. " BONNIE RATTEREE: Ambition: Auto Mechanic and Veter- inarian. Will never forget being the only girl in Auto 1 my Soph. Yr., Mr. Friedrich, and my friends. DEBRA RENEA RA Y: Ambition: Interior Decorator and to be happy. Activities: Sen. 1, 2. Will never forget Pieces of April, D.H., Whit. Blvd. Chubbvs, P.S. I Love You, Trud, Sis, B.H., C.G. and Sloev, C.C, Carlsbad 77, and Prom ' 77. JERRY RA y.- Ambition: To live on Mars and eat money. Activ- ities: Ftb. 4. Will never forgefR.S., GTWMM and R, BB Bunch, Starlite Ballroom, HWB, and driving Mike and Kevin nuts. LAURIE ANN REINERT: Ambition: To marry Ron. Vv ' ill never forget Ron, Oct. 13, 1977, Summer of ' 7.5, my nickname " Tingrin " , and Congratulations to T.M. Seniors 93 TAMMI REINHOLD: Ambition: Undecided. GREGORY SCOTT REMENDER: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Bstb. 1. Will never forget when J.S. and E.E. got thrown in jail and M.N., C.R., and I got away. JULIE ANN REYNOLDS: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget third period P.E. with C.S. and D.N. and the Basketball Stars. TINA LOUISE RILEY: Ambition: To work with Kids. Ac- tivities: Sen. 1; St. Comm 1; Girls Lge. Sr. Rep.; J.V. Yell 2; Var. Yell 3,4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget camp 75-76-77, J.V. and Var. Yell, LM game 77, GIF 77-78, and the Hearts and Flowers Dance of 1976. LINDA MARIE RODELA: Ambition: Legal Secretary. Will never forget all the good times with friends, funny little nicknames, Pintos, and esp. S.C. FELICIA RODRIGUEZ: Ambition: To go to Australia and to be Free. Will never forget the times with " Our Gang " , Summer ' 77, and those special people and times. FRANK DAVID RODRIGUEZ: Ambition: Physical Thera- pist. Activities: Sen.; Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1, 2; Track. Will never forget the Summer of ' 75, all of my friends, Dark R.M. and H.B., Football, and the DE Beatles Roll. KAREN ANN ROGERS: Ambition: To be just like Deeggers. Activities: Sen. 2; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; News. Staff 4; Frosh.-Soph. Ftb. Stat. 3,4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget cruising L.M., The Blvd., All the crazy things we did, and P.S. I Love You! MARK ROGERS: Ambition: Meteorologist. Will never forget ah I forgot. BEVERLY L. ROHRIG: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Band 1-3. Will never forget meeting D.S., Oct. 30, 76, and the fun times my best friend P.L and I had. KARLA ANN ROMERO: Ambition: Artist. Will never forget April 23, 1977, all my friends at Neff, and Mr. Friedrich. LILLIAN ROMO: Ambition: Beautician. Activities: Sftb. 3, 4. Will never forget May 30, 1977 at the Kern River when I met Mundo and the new friends Fve met. DAREL GENE ROSEN: Ambition: Auto Body Repair. Activ- ities: Art Club; Bowl Club. Will never forget the good times I had with Bear, Marsoupy, Pillowhead and everyone else. CHRISTOPHER JAMES ROULY: Ambition: Fuzzybumper. Activities: Bkth. 1-4. Will never forget basketball and Mr. " Joe " Crippen, the parties, and M.S. JIM ROUTH: Ambition: World Champ Motocrosser. Activ- ities: Ftb. 2. Will never forget Friday nights at " The Club " in front of Barny ' s house and C.B, 94 Seniors I ] 1. Junior Mary Ann Bradley and senior Jan Yost take a cruise on the f, dial-a-ride on tourist day. 2. The football players get psyched up during the La Mirada rally. GLENN DOUGLAS SANDBERG: Ambition: Veterinarian. Activities: C.S.F. 1-4; Basb. Stat. 3; Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4; Jazz Band 2, 3; Band Pres. 4; Track 1; M.G.M. 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget falling out of Bellak ' s truck, Mabel, ,ind Ulrich ' s used Christmas Tree lot. I ' HARLENE SHAROL SANFILLIPO: Ambition: To own (lucci ' s. Activities: J.V. Yell 2; Pub. Class 3; ' Sr. St. Comm. Will never forget my Soph, year, Homecoming ' 7.5. Tammy ' s and Karen ' s parties, and The Greeks. DENISE SARRAZIN: Ambition: Computer Programmer. Activities: Fr. Club 2; Sftb. 4; Dr. Team 2; Banner 3; Song 4 Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Going to P. Sprgs. with Wendy, me and Jenny Squirreling off, and June 5, 1976. STEVEN PAUL SCHICKLING: Ambition: Zymologist. Ac- tivities: C.S.F. 1-4; Sen. 4; C.A.C.C; Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1,2; Wrestling 1; Track 3, 4; P rin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget Vandalizing L.M. High, going to all the parties, going to C.I.F., and Wendv. GREG SCHLARBA UM: Ambition: To be in the Money within 3 yrs. Activities: Wrestling 1,2; Golf 1-4; Var. Ftb. Man. 3; Cageman 3. Will never forget everything that I was never sup- posed to forget. SANDRA LEA SCLAFANL Ambition: To be Rich. Activities; St. Comm. 1-3. Will never forget Oceanside 5-28-77, Irwindale with Cindi, Frank, Lance, Window Gang, and Bud. REBECCA L. SCULLY: Ambition: To Educate Small Chil- dren. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget my Jr. and Sr. years with my friends in Drama. STEVE SECRETS: Ambition: Drug Store Owner. Activities: Ftb. 1,2. Will never forget all the high times in High School. LUIS SEGOVIA: AmhiUon: Wine Taster. Will never forget the first time I got stabbed in the leg and getting jumped by other Gangs. Seniors 95 KEN SEYMOUR: Ambition: Dragon Slayer. Activities: Sen 4; Basb. 1-4. Will never forget all the dirty tricks I learned in school. ERIC SHANEBECK: Ambition: Hitman for the Mafia. Activ- ties: Band 1-4; Jazz Band 3,4; Band Sr. Rep. 4. Will never for- get Band and having campfires in Anatomy Physiology. TAMMY ' LYNN SHEA: Ambition: Accountant. Activities: Art Club 2; Band 1, Pep Club 3,4; Dr. Team. Will never forget Summer Church Camp 77, Hearts and Flowers Dance, and my best friends D.N., J.B., and E.B. MARCIANA SHELTON: Ambition: Flight Attendent. Activi- ties: Cam. Host; St. Comm.; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all my friends I made and the good times I ' ve had. RICK SHELTON: Ambition: Pres. of the Rose Float Wob- blers. Activities: Drama 1-4; Thes. 2-4; M A S H 3; Tech. Dr., The Women 4; Var. Swimming 2. Will never forget The Drama Wobblers and R.J.S., Notre Dame and esp. Carrie, esp. 11-11-77. KAREN KAY SHERER: Ambition: Actress (I hope). Activi- ties: St. Comm. 3, 4; Thes. 1, 2, Pub. 3, Hi.st. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Nom. Best Sup. Act. 74-75; Norn. Best Act. 75-76; Best Act. 76-77. Will never forget WAH 3, Gagit my name is Ed?, plays, discoing, Frosh-Soph times, and great friends. GINNY SHREWSBURY: Ambition: Physical Therapist. Activities: C.S.F. 4; St. Comm. 4; Basb. Stat 2; Dr. Team 2, Dr. Capt. 3,4. Will never forget 5-1-76, and all my good friends at Neff. JACK SILVEY: Ambition: To be happy and have money. Ac- tivities: A.S.B. Sgt. at Arms; M.G.M.; Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget the experiences 74-78, my friends, Florida Hicks, and Airborn 76. BOB SIMESTER: Ambition: Forest Ranger. ROBERT SIMONS: Ambition: Undecided. GLADYS SIMPSON: Ambition: Undecided. 96 Seniors if- m rjflHHj -ff- - " l 1 g- M fv . . rf? 4__i 1. Heidi Iseli and Auto Hurd shake a leg on fifties day. 2. We know who the ham is in Mc Guire ' s third period govern- ment class. GLORIA SLATER: Ambition: Receptionist and to be happy. Will never forget A.F., S.C, M.S., K.O., J.L.. M.F., all the crazy times with Y.D., C.S., A.F., and most of all R.R. KAREN SLIVKOFF: Ambition: To marry happy. Activities: Pep Club. Will never forget Prom and Halloween ' 77, lunch with S.B., P.F., and most of all Jim. MIKE SLOEy SLOMINSKL Ambition: To eat money. Activities: Ftb. 2-4; Wrestling 4; Basb. 2-4; Exchange Rally 3,4. Will never forget Jello Butt, R.S., BB Bunch andGTWMRJ, Mele, and all the other great times. CARLA ANN SMITH: Ambition: Dancer on stage. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Bktb. Stat. .3; Song 4; Tennis 3. Will never forget when I went to Scotland, my friends peeking over the wall, and G.J.B. CAROL SMITH: Ambition: Undecided. RICK SMITH: Ambition: Photograph a human sacrifice. Ac- tivities: Ann. Phot. 3, 4; Hon Roll; Ftb. 1; Track 1, Var. 2-4; C.C. 2-4. Will never forget sideways in Ventura, Mammoth, CD., C.H., J.N., and Mazatlan ' 7.5, ' 76, ' 77, ' 78. ROD SMITH: Ambition: To be the Consiliario. Activities: Sen.; Ftb. 1. Will never forget June 10, the night we drove through the fence on Trojan Way, and the party. KIRK SNYDER: Ambition: Real Estate Apraiser. Activities: Ski Club 1. .... JAMES V. SORANNO: Ambition: To be a jockey. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Track 1-4. Will never forget coming to Neff and Jenny Reyes. LA URIE SORENSEN: Ambition: To someday grow up Activ- ities: Dr. Team 2, Co. Capt. 3; Banner 4; Kal. 1, 3, 4; Cam. Host. 3, 4; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; St Comm. 4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget B.D., J.C, R.L., when I al- most died from a water balloon. Banner, Bubba, Bones, Camp ' 77, and E.M. EUGENE SPAULDING: P.mhition: Yes. Activities: Hon. Roll; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget the Summer of ' 77. ROGER SPEAKMAN: Ambition: Construction Engineer. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Bktb. 1, 2. Will never forget Summer ' 77, Prom ' 78, and D.T. Seniors 97 1. " They went that-a-way " says Lester Leonard, Mike Slominski, and Raul Villasenor during the exchange rally. 2. Senior Jim Wagner and Junior Richard Figueroa take it easy during lunch. JANET E. SPELLMAN: Ambition: To inherit $1,000,000. Ac- tivities: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1-4; Fr. Club 1; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; News. Staff pg. 1 Ed. 4; M.G.M. 1-4; Thes. 1-4, Sec. 4; Jr. Hon Grd; Best Minor Actress ' 74-75. Will never forget Craig, my Jr. year, 12-30-76, W.A.H. 2 Prom ' 77, Crescent Bay, T.T.R., Val, R.C.L., and KIBS. LINDA SQUIRES: Ambition: Bartender. Will never forget meeting Mick Jagger, Dec. 3, my buddies, green trucks, B.S. Sir, and Jiminy. CHETSTALEY: Amhition: To own a bar. Activities: Ftb. 1,2. LINDA RUTH STECKBA UER: Ambition: To join the service Activities: Sen. 2; G.LA.; J.V. Tennis 3,4; J.V. Sftb. 3, Var. 4. Will never forget the party with P.D., R.S., L.G., B.P., M.N., R.M., S.L., the good times with N.G., and June 4. JENNIFER ELAINE STEIN: Ambition: Business Major. Ac- tivities; Alt. Sen. 1, 3; Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 4; Dr. Team 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget going to Victorville, falling out of the bus, MAZTLAN ' 77 and Al ' s New Year ' s Party. CHERYL STEPHENS: Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Dr Team 2, 3, Co-Capt. 3. Will never forget J.R., D.N., and all my other great friends I had and will have at Neff. ELEANOR J STEPHENSON: Amhiiiom To learn to ski. Ac- tivities: Sen. 2. Will never forget my friends and the football games. BARBARA STEVENS: Ambition: Undecided. JOHN HERBERT STRACK. JR- Ambition: To be happy and live free. Will never forget Micheie, my friends, Mrs. Miller 6-7-77, 12-5-77, and Adams party Oct. 76. 98 Seniors E H I Hk ' . ' ' pplp 1 " f . :! mNtv 1sii ' ' t. v; GARY SUMEY: Ambition: Undecided. GARY SWINNEY: Ambition: Undecided. LAURIE ANNE T IGG; Ambition: Horticulturist. Will never forget the first football game, and racing with B.J. and E.V. JULIE TA YLOR: Ambition: To see the world and be an artist. Will never forget Sequoia and Dadama with the gang, and the days we never came to school in ' 77! ROBERTA TELESIO: Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activi- ties: St. Coram. 4; Sen. 4; Hon. Roll 1; Art Club 4; J.V. Yell 2; Var. Yeli 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget J.V., V. Yell, ' 75, ' 76, ' 77, H and F ' 76, ' 77, Ftb. games, CIF, all my friends, and especially Steve. ROD TERRY: Ambition: Electrician. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 2; C.S.F. 2; Spch. Club 2; N.F.L. 2; Ftb. 1; Track 2, 3; C.C. 3. Will never forget the Hearts and Flowers and Prom ' 77 and Soph, and Varsity track finals. DEBBIE THOMPSON: Ambition: A rich, famous lead vocal- ist. Activities: St. Coram. 4; Sen. 1, 2; Art Club. Will never for- get England, skiing with K.C., T.B., G.S., Sgt. Peppers,Sortoria ISM, Carlsbad, and Hussongs. CARLYN PAMELA THORSELL: Ambition: Rich Brat. Ac- tivities: Band 1-4; C.S.F. 1-3. Will never forget getting through Neff with the help of friends and getting trashed. AL TORRES: Ambition: Policeman. Activities: St. Coram. 2; Back Pk. Club. Will never forget Mexico, New Year ' s night, H.E., R.C., ray Mom and Dad, praying with Raul, and raost of all Kelly. LISA RENEE TREGANOWAN: Amhition: To be rich. Activ- ities: St. Coram. 1, 2; Ski Club 1, Frosh Ftb. Stat. 2. Will never forget Kevin, Christmas ' 76, Easter Vac. ' 77, Carlsbad ' 77, Kath, Deb, Sis, and Sandy JTC. DANIEL ALBERT TRIPLER: Ambition: Judge. Will never forget all my years at Neff and also the football gam.ss. RONALD L. TRUELOVE: Ambition: Fireman. Activities: Pub. Class 3; Ftb. 1-4; Track 2. Will never forget Mazatlan ' 74 with Mark C, and my brother the last night. CAROL LYNN TURLEY: Ambition; To be happy. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget friends, KBF Sat. night, adven- ture to Canada, April 6, and especially Mr. C. SUSAN AILEEN TURNER: Ambition: Stewardess, Activi- ties: Girls Lge. Frosh Rep., Soph. Rep.; Sen. 1, 4; Ski Club 1; J.V. Yell 2. Will never forget the skis that Hill owes me, Crys- tal ' s stupidness, and all of mv friends. THOMAS RICHARD ULRICH: Ambition: Mech. Engr. Activ- ities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1-4; Band 1-3, Treas 3; Con. Band 1-3; Jazz Band 1-3; A.A.C.C. Pres.; Basb. Stat. 3; Basfa. 4. Will never forget fainting off the risers at the Neff Jazz Festi- val. Seniors 99 ROCHELLE Y. URIBE: Ambition: Undecided. Activities. J.V. Volball. Will never forget the whole year of 77 when it all started on 1-12-77 with my number 1 football player, Buhr, Rick Harmon my pal, S.C. and the football surfers. SAM VAN HORN: Ambition; Undecided. DOROTHY VARELA: Ambition: To be happy with Ricky Will never forget my babe Ricky, Gina, my best friends, Jack S., Ron D. as Elvis, and Auto Shop. A GlNA GAIL VEAZEY: Ambition: Med. Technologist. Activ- ities: Spch. Club 1-4, Pub. Ch. 2; N.F..L. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2; Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 2-4; St. Comm. 3-4; The.s. 1-.3; Kal. 1-.3; S.E.C. 2; F.T.A. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Miss September. Will never forget San Diego, spagetti and Mr. Henry Ray Frese ' s Baseball cards pies. ANDREA VERMILLION: Ambition: CPA and Mrs. Dan D. Activities: St. Comm. 1-3; Ski Club 1; Sen. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Turak, Bike ride to Doheny, SF, RQ, TA, CT, RM, Dan, 5-12-77, M. Samuels, and PS tanx Mom. DAVID RAY VETSCH: Ambition: Professional Drummer. Will never forget Auto shop Mr. Riddar with the fondleing low intelligence. RAUL ANTHONY VILLASENOR: Ambition: To see Jesus. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Ftb. 1-2; Var. Ftb.; Hon, Roll; Sen. 2; Back Pk. Club. Will never forget the time I ,saw the light, the night of June 11, 76, most of all Lisa. BOB VINCENT: Ambition: To be happy and own my own Business. Activities: Ftb. i-2; Wrestling 1; Track 1. Will never forget the time me. Slim and the gang raided the mall, Naugles, and also August 30, 1977. ELAINE MARIE WAGLE: Ambition: Cosmetologist. Activi- ties: Dr. Team 2; Band 3. Will never forget Prom night 77, my loves S.Y. and L.D., and also when I ran into a pole talking. 100 Seniors IsS. 1. Val Cain downs her drink as Janet Spellman impatiently waits. 2. Donovan Lee thinks he ' s above Alain Meyer. 3. Could Jim Leslie and Rick Shelton really be twins? JAMES A. WAGNER: Amhition: Lawyer. Activities: Marching Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4, V.P. 4. Will never forget my fellow re- publican, Glenn Sandberg, and all the friends I have made. TERESE A. WAGNER: Ambition: To own a beach house. Activities: Girls Lge. Soph. Rep. Will never forget skating down Whit. Blvd., San Clem, fun with Katie, Frisks at G.W., E.E., and D.K.M. JEFF WARNOCK: Ambition; Undecided. WARREN WATERWORTH: kmhWwn: Undecided. ROXANNE WEATHERTON: Ambition; To reach five feet. Activities; Hon. Roll. Will never forget the people I ' ve met and places I ' ve been and the great times with D.B. and J.H. COREY WEST: Ambition; Undecided. TRACIE LEE WESTGARD: Ambition: Fashion design and structure. Activities: Sen. 4; St. Comm. 4; Pep Club 1. Will never forget small people, my 455, 4 years at Neff, and of course Nov. 21, 1975. KEVIN WHITCOMB: Ambition: To be happy. Will never for- get the time I got caught in the girl ' s gym buying Diet Pepsi for Mr. Lee. MARK WHITE: Ambition; Undecided. BECKY WHITE: Ambition: Newspaper Reporter. Activities; Prin, Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1,2 News Staff 4; Ann. Staff, Asst. Ed. 3, Ed. 4; G.I.A. V.P. 4; Sftb 2,3; Var. Volball 2-4, M.V.P. 3,4, M.V.P. League 3,4, M.V.P. L.M. Tourn. 3, Ali- Tourn 4, Capt. 4, All CIF 3, Var. Baskt. 2-4, All Lge 3, Most Improved 3. Will never forget the volleyball season, Prom 1976, my Junior year, and of course L.K. and Wolf-Wolf. Seniors 101 DAVE WILDEY: A.mh t on: Photographer. Will never forget when Mary took off without me in the elevator at the L M Prom of 1977. MARK CHRISTOPHER C. WILHELM: Ambition: Actor? Activities: Sen. 1,2; St. Comm. 1-4; Thes 2-4; Art Club 1, 2; F.L.C. 2, 3; Bowl. Club 4; Pub Class; Tennis 3, 4; Nom. Best Sup. Actor ' 77, Will never forget being on Am. Bandstand, 1 Thespus. T.T. Raids, Mazt. ' 77-78 ' , and K.S. BRAD W. WILLER: Ambition: Pvrotechnician. Activities: Sr. CI. Treas.; St. Comm. 3, 4; Sen 2; C.S.F. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Spch. Club 2, 3; C.A.C.C; Ftb. 2, 3, Var. 4; Golf 1, 2, Var 3, 4. Will never forget S.C. at S.D. with D.D., E.E., and D.F., ' Risk ' , and good times with G.S.T.S.C. GREGG WILLIAMS: Ambition: Business Management Activ- ities: Sen. 1; Basb. 1; Bktb. 1-4, M.V.P. 2. Will never forget the time my friends and I cut school and went skiing and Oct 7 with S.K. LARRY THOMAS WILLIAMS: Amhition: Yes. Activities: St. Comm.; J.V. Wrestling 1, Var 2-4; Golf 1-4; Ftb. 1. Will never forget partying during lunch and snack, third with V.D., Big, and smoke rings. DIANNE WITMAN: Ambition: Florist. Activities: Drama 2,3; Hon. Roll 3,4; Bowl Club 3. Will never forget Oct. 15, 1976 and the great times in Chemistry. WILLIAM WONG: Ambition: Chinese Mafia Leader. Will never forget coming to Neff High my Junior year and the fire- crackers at the C.I.F. games. MICHELLE E. WOODIE: Ambition: Medical Assistant. Ac- tivities: Drama 1; Ftb. Stat. 2. Will never forget all the great people I met, all the great times, and my love, Eugene JANENE WOODWARD: Ambition: Airline Stewerdess. Will never forget the crazy times with K.D., J.H., D.M., P.A., N.C and the 76-77 prom with Paul Coleman. i02 Seniors TRACY WOODWARD: Ambition: Undecided. MARY JO WORCESTER: Ambition: Work with children. Ac- tivities: St. Coram. 3,4; Hon. Roll 3,4; C.S.F. 3,4; Bktb. Stat 2-4; Thes. 1-4. Will never forget statting, the ' kidd ' , drama, and work buddies. RICHARD E. WRIGHT: Ambition: To be a millionaire. Will never forget Mrs. Schipper ' s Health Class in tenth grade and Mr. D. Carlson ' s ties. EVA MARIE YBARRA: Ambition: Stewardess. Activities: J.V. Sftb. 2. Will never forget the crazy times with ' Bud ' , Y.G., D.G., but most of all Bernard and Mar. 19, 1977. LINDA YNIGUEZ: Ambition: Physician. Activities: Sr. CI. Sec; A.A.C.C; Spch. 2-4; C.S.F. 1-4, V.P.; Prin. Hon. Roll; Tennis 1-4, M. ' V.P. 3,4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will- never forget A.A.C.C, San Diego, and Henry Ray Frese ' s Baseball cards and pies. JAN YOST: Ambition: IBTC Co-Pres. with Lori. Activities: C.S.F. 1-3, Sgt. at Arms 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Thes. 1-4; Flag 4; M.G.M. 1-4; Bktb. Stat. 1, 3, 4; St. Comm. 3, 4; A.A.C.C. V.P.; Pep Club 4; Kal. 3,4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Victorville ' 74, We are one, Double dots, Trig with T.B. and N.S., Drama, and F.M.J. M. JEFFREY YOUNG: Ambition; To be a Jockey. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Bktb. 1, 2, Var. 3, 4.; Basb. 1; Var. Golf 3, 4. Will never forget C.T. class my Soph. year. SUSIE yOLWG; Ambition: R.P. ' s wife. Psychiatrist, or Stew- ardess. Activities: Drama. Will never forget all my beautiful friends, the planet X, and I hope A.B. and K.K. meet and marrv Jimmy Page! JOHN MARK ZIMMERMAN: Ambition: Hypoeutectician. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; C.S.F. 2-4; M.G.M. 1-4; Bowl Club. Will never forget Donovan Lee standing on the roof of my car on the freeway. 1. The Class of ' 78 shows their spirit singing the Alma Mater. 2. Wouldn ' t you like to know what that smile on La Green ' s face is for! 3. Karen Rogers and Becky White play a game of tug-a-v, ' ar with Collin, the security guard. Not Pictured Vicki Abbate Jerry Alberts Arthur Bashor Robert Boyd Kenneth Bunte April Danca Evette Diaz Sergio Di Marmo Eddie Elwell Michael Gillig Gilbert Guzman Keith Hammonds Brad Jones Terry Jones Tim Jones Craig Koseff Tim Lawlor James Leslie Christ! Ludford Shawn McDonnell Alan Meloserdoff William Morrison William Ponce Curtis Proctor Adam Sanchez Suzi Slate January Stanscheit Donna Vincent Doug Whetsell xX 1. Most Service to School - Tommy Trojan and Nancy Neff (Larry Cairo and Cathy Gutierrez). 2. Best All Around - Terry Terrific and Olga Outragoeus (Lance Acker- son and Lori Ohlemacher). 3. Best Figure Physique - Flora Figure and Freddie Flexer (Sugi Garcia and Lester Leonard). 4. Best Dressed - Stephen Style and Fanny Fashion (Steve Monderine and Tracie Westguard). 5. Most Likely to Succeed - Sally Success and Milton Millions (Linda Yniguez and Brad Wilier). 6. Best Sense of Humor - Greta Giggles and Chucky Chuckles (Auto Hurd and Don Buckrucker). 104 Seniors 1. Most Athletic - Sylvia Superstar and Stevie Stud (Beckv White and Kevin Mc- Clain.) 2. Best Looking - Lola Luscious and Gary Gourgeous (Stacy Caplinger and Kent Car- rie). 3. Best Smile ■ Debbie Dimples and Paul Pearlies (Cindy Dalton and Raul Villasenor). 4. Most Bashful - Tam-my Tame and Timmy Timid (Carla Smith and Ron Truelove.) 5. Biggest Flirt - Randy Romance and Han- nah Hotlips (Jerry Ray and Connie Camp- bell). 6. Best Personality - Nora Nice and Freddy Friendly (Carol Nisbet and Herbie Edwards). Seniors 105 SENIOR ACTIVITIES - 1. Chris Chiicott, Becky White, Tom yirich, Glenn Sandberg, and not pictured Collin Baker have managed to maintain a perfect 4.0 G.P.A. all four years at Neff. 2. Elaine Cardon, Jenny King, and Wendy Betty show what fun the senior all night party at the Wonder Bow will be. 3. Playing pool is only one of the many activities that Seniors will participate in during the all night party. 4. Neffs Youth in Government participants are: Row 1: Ed Ely, Lance Ackerson, Robyn Goldstein, Janet Spell- man, Val Cain, Heidi Iseli, Linda Maher, Wendy Betty, Don DuRivage. Row 2: Terry Alexander, Jan Yost, Lori Mackey, Linda Yniguez, Gina Veazey, Karen Rogers, Brad Wilier. 5. This year, the Junior-Senior Prom will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Anaheim. H ' M . e;l! l|■■ ' . ■HHiHIMMi mm • " " -r. 7iV 1. The much-looked-forward-to Senior all-night party will again be held at the Wonder Bowl in Downey. 2. Everyone is glad to see that graduation night has finally come. 3. Here is the entrance to the greatly anticipated Junior-Senior Prom in the Sheraton Hotel in Anaheim. 4. Senior girls show their class spirit by wearing Class of ' 78 t-shirts. 5. This is what happens to all underclassmen who violate senior privi- ledges. ,)ors 107 Kelley Adams Xavier Alderetle Yasmine AI-Hissin Sylvia Alvarado Kim Ambrose Lori Armstrong Jessie Atchison Christi Avery Chris Baca Tammy Bailey Jeff Banas Cindy Barnhart Richard Barrera Jim Bassett Cindy Baxter Terri Beattie Mike Beck Arlene Benveniste Jim Bernard Denise Bernier vear: 108 Juniors Randy Blanton Lee Biazevich Darla Blosser Don Bowker Juniors The 1977-78 Junior Class again held the traditional Junior-Senior Prom. With the help of their advisors, Ms. Painter and Mr. Brewer, this years dance proved to be the one ever. They also had many fund raisers which included the sale of spirit buttons and baked goods. Our Juniors also sponsored the Homecoming Dance to help raise money for the prom. Congratulations to the Junior Class and have a great Senior •lames Buyer Maryanne Bradley Russell Brooks Scolt Bruner Gieii Buhr David Buono Jim Burbeck Opal Burns Anna Bustos Joanne Cahill Tom Cairo Marty Camp Gregg Campber John Carey Kerry Carson Dave Carter Kelly Carter Aaron Casey Pete Cavin Rita Cerniglia Mike Chancellor Joe Chancey Dave Chavez Ivan Cisneros 1. President: Diane Thorpe 2. Secretary: Kelley Hull 3. Advisors: Ms. Painter, Mr. Brewer 4. Social Chairman: Gabriel Wurzler 5. Vice President: Melissa Vigil 6. Treasurer: Michelle Kozak 7. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Lisa Ruth, Darla Griffin, Kathy Kennedy, Sheila Gorman, Michelle Krotinger. Row 2: Veronica Grienke, Robin Terry, Maryanne Bradley, Sherrie Holt, Nick Chekmizoff, Judy Hrap- chak, Chris Curry, Laura Maffei, Denise Ber- nier, Carrie Washowich. Row 3: Carol Heese, Chris Gochnour, Shelly Stephens, Debbie Roberts, Karen Seymour. Liz Keul. Joanne Cahill, Lynn Philbrook, Alison Gregorek, Teri Inness. Juniors 109 Chris Clements Randy Clements Cheryl Cochran Mike Coelho Virginia Cohen Linda Coie Ed Collins Larry Combs Lisa Cooper Gen Cordova Rocky Costello Maci Cottrell Carol Cowan David Cox James Cox Kelley Cox Joel Crawford Pearly Creutzburg 1 10 Juniors George Croce Gordon Cummins Ralph Curatola Chris Curry Maureen Danca Cathie Davis Bob Davis Rod Davis Mary De Leon Dino De Marco Lynette Devillier Gloria Dhain Lorri Diaz Jamie Dickson Mitch Dinsmoor Pat Dopudja Missy Doritty Brenda Dowd 1. Neffs ballerinas pose for a picture on Halloween Day. 2. Lisa Jones, sophomore Sandy Arnoldson, Liz Keul and Karen Seymour hit Neff with the latest styles on Tourist Day. 3. Juniors sing their hearts out during the Alma Mater. 4. Rocky Costello gives Sharon Ramos a lift during the Artesia Rally. Linda Dowd Teresa Draper Tracy Dubia Wendy Dubrall Ron Duncan Kirt Dunn Ron Duquette John Dysthe Keith Ellsworth Ed Ennis Roxanne Epan Rhonda Feltner Cindy Ferguson Eric Ferguson Dan Fielden Richard Figueroa Jim Fitzpatrick John Flanagan Maria Floras Ronald Flores Bob Foilis David Pontes Juniors 1] 1 Mark Fowler Terry Frear Penny Fujita Dean Fukawa Howard Gasser Mark Gaston Craig Gauthier Greg Goben Chris Gochnour Jackie Godfrey Rick Gonzales Tony Gonzales Bob Good Sheila Gorman Alison Gregorek Veronica Greinke Darla Griffin Diane Gurley 112 Juniors 1. Senior, Tom Layton, and Juniors. Bruce Yoder and Mark Sanchez, boogie down as songleaders at the exchange rally. 2. Our hardworking Pep Units save energy for goofing off after practice. 3. The camera catches Tony Sherwin and Ron Pineira off guard on their way to class after lunch. Jo Jan Hieda Donna Hildreth Jim Hoagland Linda Hodges Terri Holcomb Sherrie Holt Ken Howard Judy Hrapchak John Huerta Kelley Hull Cam Hum Robert Inge Terri Inness Frieda Iseli Philip James Bill Jenkins Chris Jessing Carol John Cathy Jones Chris Jones Jeff Jones Lisa Jones Barbara Junge Michelle Kalte Colleen Keegan Brenda Kelley Pam Kelley Sue Kellison Terry Kelly Kathv Kennedy Dan Kern Liz Keul Don Kinkade Michael Kluck Rhonda Knerr Michelle Kozak Juniors 113 Michelle Krotinger Randy Kruse Greg Kunkel Melanie Kuran Scott Lake Connie Larson Don Larson Joseph LeVar Maria Levario Harold Light Kay Litwin Grace Lopez Ida Lopez Ron Lucker Jenny Luna Gabriela Luque Duane Luzzo Nancy Macdonald Jim Machin Alan Mader Laura Maffei Mike Maloney Jerry Marschke Susan Marschke Mike Marshall Dale Mason Larry Maston Mike McDonnell Patrick McFarland Mary Mcintosh Mike McMullin Ron Medlin Fernando Mendez Ed Merati Kim Merrill Alejandro Mesko Shelly Mihalovic Diane Miller Kevin Miller Andrea Mills 114 Juniors Jim Milton Robin Mitchell Tony Molina Elaine Montgomery Cami Moore Veta Mora Steve Morales Barbara Morrill Mary Moskun Steve Mullinax Dennis Murphy Bill Myers Jeffrey Nelson Jamie Nestor Missy Newgent Debbie Newton Kurt Niederhauser Jerry Nielsen Eric Olson Rich Ortega Martha Ortiz Matt Orwoll Kevin Ostler Lisa Padilla Patti Padilla Tony Pagano Laura Palmer Tim Parker L Juniors go delirious at snack. 2. Neff creates its own Chorus Line at the Mayfair ex- change rally. :!. Mr. Miler ' s 3rd period Etymology class has that typi- cal intellectual look on their faces. Juniors 115 Susan Payne Mike Pease Vicki Peddicord Mike Pehlke Brian Pepper Sandv Peralta Lori Peschke Kim Peters Lynn Philbrook Marty Phillips Candi Pierce Ron Pineira Roger Plank Stephanie Plew Tim Ploeg Juvelina Ponce Nancy Ponzio Laura Porras Page Proctor Cathy Pruden Mark Prull Debbie Rader Sharon Ramos John Reber Melinda Rector Cindy Reed Janine Reese 116 Juniors 1. Cathy Jones and Mary Specht came as their favorite characters on Movie Star Day. 2. Janine Reese tries to get in on the action with Ron Pi- neira and Don Weeks. 3. Kevin Ostler and Mark Sanchez show their Junior spirit at the Excelsior Rally. Lynda Reissig Vicki Renaud John Repka Jenny Reyes Lynn Reyes Dave Rhodes Linda Roberson Debbie Roberts Jim Robertson Pat Robson Dennis Rock Ken Rohrig Gerald Romanello Dave Rush Lisa Ruth Beatrez Salazar Chuck Salazar Ron Salazar Nancy Saldana Mark Sanchez Adam Sanders Jim Sass Ron Scott Kim Seager Don Searls Trace See Ann Senn Karen Seymour Glenna Shaver Dawn Shaw Joe Sheperd Tony Sherwin Ilene Shrewsbury Curtis Sibley ames Silvey Paul Simon John Singer Dave Sisneros Stacy Skare Richard Slate John Slater Ted Slowiaczek Juniors 117 Matt Smith Terry Snavely Randv Snider Sharon Spaulding Mary Specht Randy Stailings Neil Stevens Kristy Storlie Robert Strack Kerry Strauss Steve Stricklin Brent Sun Judy Sun Christine Talavera Melinda Taylor Peter Teliez Crescent Terry Robin Terry Cricket Thomas Karen Thompson Diane Thorpe Tony Toriz Irene Torres Lisa Torres Ron Torres Tim Tovey Wanda Turnage " 0 8 Juniors 1. Gabriel Wurzler and Crescent Terry prove what hams they can be. 2. La Mirada Cheerleaders Kelley Hull and Michelle Ko- zak, invade Neff on Halloween Day. 3. Varsity football players " shake their booties " during the exchange rally. Not Pictured Carlos Alvarez Cathy Bailey Susan Barnes .lohnny Bond John Bruinsma Brian Brun Denise Bustos Nick Chekmizoff Cheri Dalton Laura Davis Fatima Dham Frank Dysthe Theresa Francis Douglass Goettsch Traci Herman Luis Hernandez Richard Hill Kevin Kidman Donald Layton Stephen Leslie William Martinez Ed Moreno Wayne Nathanson Tammy Pickett Craig Robinson Richard Roeder William Scruggs Shelley Stephen Bonnie Walls Bill Wiemer ( Wt T .-- - - - ' r v. " sw ; f-- Kevin Ufholtz Tina Uribe Edward Valverde Rachel Van Cleave Steve Vanderford Jamie Vastbinder Melissa Vigil Rene Vise Julie Wakefield George Walls Carrie Washowich DeeDee Waterworth Sherry Wayne Terry Wayne Don Weeks Karyn Weinstein Greg Whetsell Nanci Whitcher Roger Widing Dianna Williams Mike Williams Gregg Williamson Mike Wilson Mike Woodall Ken Woodburn Tricia Woodward Robert Woold ridge Jeff Wrede Gabriel Wurzler Bruce Yoder Elaine Young Fred Young Tim Young Andy Yovanovich Steve Zapka Teresa Zmuda Juniors 119 Don Adams Kelly Aguilar Martin Alderette Pat Aldnch Don Alexander Dan Allen Matt Allen Rene Al Obaidi Sara Alvarado Sue Anderson Cathy Anderson Irene Angeles Art Armendariz Sandy Arnoldsen : Jim Ashker S James Austin Jeanine Avila Dennis Bailey Karen Bales Don Banas Steve Bassett Pam Baxter Robin Beard Sue Beattie 120 Sophomores Sophomores With the combination of advisors, Mrs. Jackson and Mr. D. Carlson, the Sophomore class did a great job this year. The Sopho- more class was kept very OUISV rais- ing money and sponsoring dances. Their fund raisers included a car wash, Easter Egg sale, seat cushion sale and they also sold Valentine candy. ' ! he officers worked hard to earn money for their class, and they all deserve a big hand Saily Bedoya Julie Behney Jeff Belardes Mark Berklite Christy Bernard John Bessey Terri Bevacqua Teri Blackstock (Sail Blanpied Angela Boehm Tamie BoUett Georgia Boulanger Mike Bourgoine David Boyd Cathy Boyer Ed Brennan Richard Brinnon Huniberto Briones David Brown Debbie Brown Riley Brown Ronald Brown Rosa Bruinsma Bette Buliavac 1. President: Lindy Mignot 2. Secretary: Diane Torres 3. Advisors: Mr. D. Carlson, Mrs. Jackson 4. Social Chairman: Sheri Inge 5. Vice Presidnet: Debbie Brown 6. Treasurer: D ' Anne Gorman 7. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Liz Wilhelm, Rhonda Cook, Sherry Pyburn, Le- anne Wills, Cathy Boyer, Cindy Dwyer, Christie Bernard, Heather Duffy. Row 2: Sherry Williams, Carla Carpenter, Debbie Cairo, Stacey Ellig, Jamie Hancock, Carolyn Waterworth, Gail Cocoran, Debbie Gochnour, Denise Meddy. Sophomores 121 Julie Byerley Theresa Byon Deborah Cairo Maritza Canchola Linda Cano Julie Caplinger Carla Carpenter Tammy Carter Brian Cass Darlene Castillo Brad Chalmers Dave Chambers Gary Chilcote Jose Chong Kathy Churchill Patti Cino John Coffin Cathy Conger Gail Corcoran Ryan Costello Tim Coyle Cheryl Crawley Curtis Crigler Greg Crosswhite Steve Cruz Tony Curatola Steve Dack Tony Dalton Darold Dean Lilly Delias Darlene Denton Ed Dolan Gail Domann 122 Sophomores Eva Domjan Mail Dunaldson Jamin Donovall Joe Donti Mark Drake Heather Duffy Jeff Duncan Kelley Dunn Donna Du Rivage Shelley Durkin Frank Duvall Cindy Dwyer Sue Eagle Shareen Elias Stacey Ellig Randy Elwell Evelyn Emery Aaron Ennis John Epan Roger Evans Kelley Ferguson Mike Fitzpatrick Karla Ford Mary Fox Mike Freeman Butch Fritsch Sally Fuentes Jerry Fujita Brian Gallop 1. Shelly Dirkin and Terri Bevacqua show their together- ness on Halloween Day. 2. The sophomore cheerleaders show their Trojan Spirit at the exchange rally. 3. Margarita Gonzales, Sue Eagle and Robin Beard show that happy smiles go along with being on Drill Team. 4. Sophomores show their attentiveness in Mr. Rasmus- sen ' s Spanish class. Sophomores 123 Tracie Gallop Steve Galvan Mitch Garcia Dana Geoffroy Debbie Gochnour Yvonne Goff Melanie Gomer Hank Gomez Margarita Gonzales Cathy Goodrow Robin Gordon D ' Anne Gorinan David Green Jim Gregory Sandi Grommes Devika Gunewardena Susan Haave Sylvia Hachey Pete Hagoort Les Halstead Sandy Hamak Lisa Hamilton •Jamie Hancock Diane Hand Bob Harris Jeff Haupert Debbie Haworth Stacy Heirston Greg Henkel Steve Henley Lori Henne Troy Hinote Rich Hird Craig Hofrneister Keith Holcomb Joann Hollis 124 Sophomores 1. Liz White proves to be an intelligent sophomore; she can blow a bubble and walk at the same time. 2. Drill Team, eat your heart out! ' A. Aaron Ennis gets what he deserves from senior Elaine Cardun. 4. Seniors look on as sophomores. Wendy Johnson and Astrid King, ham it up. Jim Huddy Gabe Ibarra Sheri Inge Sherri Horn Tamara Hosford Danny Howard Jeff Ireland Susan Jacobs Greg Jenkins Eddie Jeremias Andy Jimenez Ron Johnson Wendy Johnson Tony Jones Jerry Joseph Dawn Karrer Mike Kasold Matt Kelly Astrid King Brian Kinkaid Ronald Klein Donna Klinefelter Kent Klingelberg Joy Klinger Rhonda Koch Chris Koseff Virgil Kosmicki Marty Koukoutsakis Sophomores 125 1.. Julie Caplinger and Karen Van Ess gossip about the Hollywood scene on Movie Star Day. 2. Sandy Arnoldson and Sheri Inge put on their bobby-sox and oxfords just for Fifties Day. 3. Jamie Hancock, Carolyn Waterworth, Suzanne Beatty and Kelley Fergueson take time out for a quick picture. Kim Kunkel Richard La Fay Robert Lake Terry Lamb Julie Lambert Danny Lange Pat Langdon Todd Lara Bill Laughlin Greg Lawce Pete Lawrence Bea Leahy Teresa Leahy Janet Lee Charlie Leonard Elyse Levy Judy Lightman Derrick Lippencott John Lizardi Mark Long Penni Ludford Earl Ludwick Cynthia Lugo Beatrice Luque Chris Lux Neil Madden Delores Madrid 126 Soohomores Wayne Maertens Richard Maholick Julie Mammano Karin Manuputy Tracy Marlow Pani Martin Vonnie Martinez Mike Mastro Shawn McAtee Mary McCarthy Kathie Mcintosh Alex McKinnev Bill McKissack Jeff McSmith Denise Meddy Larry Medina Ji hn Meier Ignatio Mendenhall Lomhardo Mendez Joe Metro Lindy Mignot Diana Miller Josie Molina Daniel Moncino Jim Monier Tammy Moor Ron Moore Todd Moore Rolando Morales Michelle Moreno Eileen Morgan Carmen Morin Darlene Mouradian Sherili Murphy Lisa Naddes Rick Navarro Sophomores 127 Kathy Ne Pam Nelson Mike Nichols Doug Niggl Max Norred Debbie Nothwang Rhonda Novae Tawnya Nunn Dan Olson Ruben Ortega Barbara Ortiz Kenny Ortiz Vince Outlaw Lynn Payment Connie Peat John Peel Julie Pepper Rich Peralta Mary Persi Barbara Peschke Pat Phelan Eric Piepho Sam Ponce Dee Plouffe Brendan Powers Alison Pritchard Jim Prondzinski John Prondzinski Sherry Pyburn Mark Rains Carol Ramirez 128 Sophomores Ron Ratterree Troy Ray Pat Reese Kathy Reinert Jeff Remender Jamie Roberts Brenda Robinson Frank Rodela Gerald Rodriquez Tim Romero John Routh Scott Rutledge Nick Santell Johann Schwartz Kelle Schweibinz Chris Scott Vicki Searls Joni Seidl Charles Shaver Melody Shea Gary Shelton Victoria Sherwin Jerry Shine Kurt Shivelv Stacie Sides Bonita Silvey Dean Simons Kim Sims Sherry Singer Bob Slow Luba Slivkoff Greg Smith Becky Snitselaar Dave Spaulding 1 I he J.V. Cheerleaders turn muscle m.en during the ex- change rally. 2 D ' Anne Gorman and Jamie Hancock find something more interesting than their lunch. J Sheri Inge gives a big " Howdy " during snack. Sophomores 129 Scott Speakman Bill Speckmeyer Joan Spinosa Scot Sprague Jan Springer Michelle Stallings Shelli Stelzer Diana Steckbauer Rene Strack Gerry Stremski Susi Sturhann Bill Terry Lorraine Thompson Diane Torres Richard Treganowan Robin Treganowan Tammy Ulibarri Karen Van Ess Dallas Varner Lydia Vasquez Tina Vastbinder ' il • - i M Dave Vcelik Michelle Verdugo Diane Vidal 130 Sophomores 1. The Sophomore Class yells their loudest during class competition. 2. Sheily Durkin, Gail Blampied, D ' Anne Gorman and Jamie Hancock eat their lunch " tourist " style. 3. Debbie Brown and Troy Ray show how much fun break- ing senior privileges can be. 4. Seniors give Milch Garcia and Sherry Williams a spe- cial treat at the Paramount Rally. Dave Vincent Joni Vindedahl James Voge! Teri Vrieling Debbie Waibel Malinda Waidman Carolyn Waterworth Eva Watson Marty Watts Ana Weber Dave Weeks Ken Wheeler Ken White Sheila White Bob Whitman Jim Whitney Liz Wilhelm Jim Williams Mike Williams Sherry Williams Leanne Wills Doug Wilson Ken Wissler Shelly Worts Mike Yoder Paul Young Teri Young Cindy Zainel Lisa Zamora Debbie Zavala Not Pictured Johanna Bond Kathleen Clinton Kerry Coman Danny Pontes Steve Kacer Myrna Lipps Muriel Meyer Karen Moss Johnnie Padilla Larry Postelwait Valerie Turner Dianne Virgil Daniel Walker Colleen Weatherton Elizabeth White Mike White Andrew Wright Tina Ybarra Sophomores 131 Mary Adams Rosalee Adams Ron Albright Mike Aldrich Tammi Allen John Ambrose Norma Amos Karen Anderson Albert Angelo Lisa Antisdel Bob Armendariz Charles Aroche Dave Arrequin Jamie Baatz Joe Bailey Rhonda Barnard Richard Barnes Keith Barnhart Cheryl Barringer Mike Bartels Susan Barron Thomas Beal Ron Beaver Carrie Bell Freshman With the help of their advisors, Mr. Le Grue and Mr. Fitzpatrick, the Freshmen class proved to be quite SUCCGSS " In M They showed their Trojan Spirit by sponsoring dances, selling pom-poms and other types of fund raisers. This year ' s Freshmen certainly proved to be one of the most enthusiastic classes. Good Luck to the Class of ' 80! 132 Freshmen -», TiMK — r j Terri Bellak Dave Bennett Randy Bernard Scott Betty Steve Betty ■lolene Bird Laurie Bobier Frank Boudnik Curt Bourgoine Denise Bowman Steve Brenner Robin Brinnon Leo Briones Lori Brown Tony Bustos Ruth Byers Gary Cantu Laurie Carr Todd Carroll Johnna Carter Louise Cherry Eun Chon Tea Cisneros Scott Clements 1. President: Angela " Tigger " Terry 2. Secretary: Alice Figueroa 3. Advisors: Mr. LeGrue, Mr. Fitzpatrick 4. Social Chairman: Sereese Jones 5. Vice President: Sharlene Woronets 6. Treasurer: Cindy Dunham 7. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Jolene Bird, Kim Finuf, Ann Jones, Vicky Ledbetter, Laurie Carr. Row 2: Cindy Daleiden, Gaylene Lawrence, Susan Goben, Tammy Allen, Rita Robertson, Peggy Young, Carol Moore, Valerie Sedillo, Stephanie Simmons, Shelly Leslie. Row 3: Robin Brinnon, Kim Davis, Sheri Seager, Becky Mor- gan, Virginia Provinco, Laurie Cherry. Cheryl ' Montoy. Freshm.en 133 1. Laurie Lamb (Chico) and Karen Anderson (Shirley Temple) get together on Movie Star Day. 2. Carrie Resting, Sereese Jones, and Ann Steckbauer take time out for a quick picture. 3. Senior Jerry Ray and freshman Laurie Carr, participate in a contest during the Arfesia rally. Darrell Cochrane Ronnie Coke Frank Collette Bill Collins Tracy Conway Becky Crosswhite Cindy Daleiden Kim Davis Pat Davis Richard Davis Sarah Davis Carrie Dean Shellye De Boor Greg Delamare Robert De Lorto Vicki Di Martini) Karen Dixon Roberto Dominguez Charles Doughty Jerry Douthit Robert Dowty Richard Doyle Regina Dumai.s Randy Duncan 134 Freshmen Cindy Dunham Belinda Dunlap Ricky Dunlop April Dunton Gaston Escudero David Ezra Gilbert Federico Alice Figueroa Kim Finuf Tracey Flanagan Walter Ford Kim Fowler H J m Rob Frantz Steve Fredericksen Sandy Furman Rhonda Garcia James Gartner Lauree Gaston Todd Gaston Cindy Gibbons Leslie Gilkev Mary Gill Susan Goben Mark Gomer Juliette Gonzalez Lesha Goodrich Lori Goodrich Dennis Gorman Glenn Granado Scott Gray Bridgette Green Steve Gurley Laurie Gurrieri Randy Guthery Toni Gutierrez Sherry Hacker Lynn Hamil Charmaine Hamilton Ron Hanna Freshmen 135 Roy Hanna Olga Haltorff Mark Haupert Tom Hensley Robin Hentges Jackie Hernandez David Hessing Donna Hewitt Sean Hilliard John Holcomb Larry Holden Terry Holmes Diane Hosman Joni Hrapchak Michael Huerta David James Glenn James Mike Jenkins Richard Jeremias Ruth Johnson Dave Jones Sereese Jones Russell Jorgensen Becky Joseph Gerard Julien Artie Jurado Tony Kalisvaart Kerry Resting Dwayne King Bill King Donna Krisik Stephanie La Cour Kim La France Laurie Lamb 136 Freshmen Steve Lang Brian Langley Cherie Lantz Todd Larsen Robert Larson Gordon Laslie Ray Lawce Terence Lawlor Gaylene Lawrence Matthew Lawrence Vicky Ledbetter Alan Lee Shannon Lee Shelly Leslie Jim LeVar Rachel Lizardi Kelly Ludvik Brenda Luetger Kathleen Lundquist Denise Mack Troy Mader Jill Mammano Florence Marsalla Tom Marschke Greg Marshall Kevin Marshall Patricia Martin Roger Mauer 1. The Fruit (Alice Figueroa on the right) and the Loom Ann Steckbauer on the left) are the most popular un- derwear at Neff High. 2. Underclassmen know that seniors mean business. 3. Sean HiUiard and Tom Beal tell Garard Julien how tough they are on the football field. Freshmen 137 1. Terri Bellak, Rita Robertson and J wear the latest styles on tourist day. 2. This is just another casual day for Angela Terry and Alice Figueroa. 3. Mrs. Huntley ' s Typing I class shows a lot of enthusiasm. 4. The freshmen keep up the tradition of wearing white socks. Michelle Mc Namara Rachel Melson Mona Monier Dennis Montejo Cheryl Montoy Carol Moore Becky Morgan Carolyn Mouradian Dave Murillo Pam Nathanson Gary Neal John Nesslin Ken Neumeier Jeannie Newmyer Brent Newton Tammy Newton Kim Nichols Steve Nichols Randy Dates Cathy Olson Neil OLson Alex Ortega Kay Ortega Lizzy Otero Frank Padilla John Pagano Paul Palladini Lori Parise Steve Parr Carolyn Pease Scott Pehlke John Perez Steve Phillips Marie Pizzorno Gerry Ploeg Robin Plouffe 138 Freshmen Kate Powers Paula Prieto Virginia Provencio .lohn Pruden Dennis Rabe Karimi Ramos Mike Reinert Robert Reyes Becky Reynolds Sue Rhodes Vicki Rickard Debi Roberson Jim Russell Victor Salazar Ron Sandberg Nina Santell Ray Sarrazin Sheri Seager Ron Searls Valerie Sedillo Sam Sheperd Tamra Simmons Stephanie Simons Rod Simpson Brent Sims Monica Slow Amy Snitselaar Mike Soranno Randell Spain Cindy Spaulding Freshmen l. 9 Elizabeth Spencer Susan Stallings Georgia Stanfield Ann Steckbauer Sandy Stelzer Lawrence Stevens Linda Stone Gary Strait Milly Sturhan Vivian Sun Vicki Swickard Karen Svvink Steve Sword Kevin Taylor Angela Terry Debbie Terry Jill Terry Donna Thomas Sherry Thompson Diane Tillinger Christie Timms Joe Turgeon Linda Valenzuela Don Van Dvken Tammy Vance Juana Varela Sheila Varon Teresa Vasquez Glendon Vastbinder Janice Vcelik John Veazey Mark Vest Julie Vetsch 1 1 1 ' Susie Wagle Karla Waldahl Glenn Walls Sheri Ward David Warner Tammy Warr 140 Freshmen 1. Leo Briones gets himself in cold water for going in senior 2. Lizzy Otero and Robin Brinnon show their spirit on Fif- ties Day. 3. Scott Betty doesn ' t know if he ' s coming or going! 4. Freshman Mike Soranno and sophomore Pat Aidrich are taking it easy at snack. Maria Washowich Marie Weatherly La Reina Weaver ■ lim Wetzel Sandy Wetzler LVinna White Lois White Jeanne Whitney Linda Wilcox Matthew Williams Ryan Williams Chris Wilmut Teresa Wilson rry Winston Robert Witman Julie Wittick Yvonne Woodall Tina Woodward Tim Worcester Sharlene Woronets .Vlark Yniguez Peggy Young Doug Yount Leslie Zmuda Not Pictured Robin Anderson Raymond Baker Gerard Bengard Stephen Bond Steve Boulanger David Dopudja Kathryn Dysthe Chris Hayek Rhonda Kindred Charles La Rock Debbie Maholick Kevin Moss Susan Murphy William Scott Virginia Shaver Freshmen 141 -%k ylfXtifM 5 i!-. " " -.9 . ' - L5SS ? . m The thrill of liard-fbiight: w W ;Th6; agony ■ .of ;defeat:fc:;;:-;--: Each athletjB striving pijshiiig|« | A goal he wanta to im el f4 n I ' . Girls Cross Country With most of last year ' s team returning, it looked as if Neff had a good chance of taking league. But incon- sistent running caused the girls to settle for a third place finish in league. Irene Torres and Carla Carpen- ter were running in the LU L) Lt Xl best runners catagory throughout the year. Under the fine coaching of Coach McGuire, these two girls along with Sheila Young, Sharon Ramos and Cathy Goodrow led the team to a first place finish in the Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet and important wins over Bellflower and Paramount. The girls were very competitive against all the schools, losing to Mayfair and Artesia by a point spread of just one and five points, respectfully. ' i Opponent Scores won « 27 ' I ' Gahr forfeit ' " Bellflower 28 30 Artesia 25 forfeit Excelsior won 23 Paramount 37 won Glenn forfeit 28 Mayfair 27 1st Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet ,i ■ Ai ■.. A ' jb - ftB i a» 1. Janet Lee and Cathy Goodrow follow close behind the leader Kathy Reinert. 2. Janet Lee edges away from a Paramount opponent. 3. Cathy Goodrow shows deep concentration as she runs. 4. Caria Carpenter shows the strain of running in a cross country course. 5. Team Picture: Row 1: S. White, K. Manuputy, L Torres. Row 2: K. Reinert, C. Carpenter, J. Lee. Not Pictured: C. Goodrow, C. Hensley, S. Ramos. 144 Cross Country Varsity Cross Country Opening the season with wins over Gahr and Bellflower and placing first in the Nor- walk-La Mirada District Meet, it looked as if this year ' s team would end up the number one team in league. But tough losses to Ar- tesia and Mayfair and a surprise loss to Ex- celsior dimmed their chances. Leading the Trojans to a fourth place finish was the number three ranked runner Ken Carpenter and the ' ' super sopho- ?? lllOXt Oj Jim Prondzinski, John Lizardi, Greg Henkel and Steve Galvan. Should these four runners return next year, Neff should have an excellent chance of taking league. ' . ' . " sr Ip S;.,. S»s-!§5r fi k :Ne4 23 ■ ■■ Opponent Gahr Scores 34 " - 21 Bellflower 39 32 Artesia 32 30 Excelsior 25 _ . 19 Paramount 41 y. ■ ' 22 Glenn no score ■ 34 Mayfair 22 ■ i. - 1st Norwalk-La Mirada Distriet Meet ,.. ' " ., . ' [, " ..?:■■.■: 1. Team Picture: Row 1: J. Prondzinski, J. Prondzinski, K. Carpenter. Row 2: S. Galvan, R. Mitcheli, R. Smith, G. Henkel. 2. Steve Galvan shows the style of a varsity runner. 3. The number one runner. Ken Carpenter, races through the park. 4. One of the " super sophomores " , .John Lizardi shows his style. -x Cross Country 145 J.V. Cross Country The J.V. Cross Country team did a good job this year. The J.V. ' s are merely backup men for the varsity. It de- pends on how each guy runs from week to week. Chuck Salazar, Jim Bassett, Mike Kluck and Steve Zapka led the team in taking an GXCGllGrit second place in league play and a first place in the Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet. These four guys helped the team greatly with their superb running. 1. Larry Cairo and Mark White strain up " agony hill. " 2. Mark White picks up speed as he nears the fin- ish line. 3. Neff runners take an early lead. 4. Jim Bassett shows the style of one of Neffs leading -J.V. ' ers. 5. Team Picture: Row 1: T. Cairo, J. Bassett, Row 2: M. Kluck, B. Dominguez, C. Salazar. 146 Cross Country t 1 Neff Opponent Scores forfeit Gahr won 32 Artesia 23 no score Excelsior won won Paramount forfeit 28 Glenn 27 no score Mayfair 19 t -- J Frosh Cross Country The Freshmen Cross Country team, led by Bill King and Jim Gardner, had a com- mendable season. Due to lack of depth, the team 811116160. losses by either forfeits or not having enough run- ners to accumulate enough points to win. Coach McGuire added that if they had three or four more guys oui, the freshmen could have been a tough competitor for the league championship. 1. Kevin Marshall seems to enjoy himself as he runs. 2. The freshmen pace themselves. 3. The freshmen are at the starting line. 4. Team Picture: J. Gardner, B. King, K. Marshall, J. Lavar. U ' ' - ji A -V; .- Cross Country 147 Varsity Football The Trojans opened up the 1977 season against their cross-town rivals, the La Mi- rada Matadores. Steve Monderine made some excellent catches and Lance Acker- son had two six-yard touchdown runs as Neff steamrolled the Mats, 14-0. Gahr was a 7-point favorite over Neff but the Trojans would have no part of such a prediction, downing the Gladiators 16-6. Glen Buhr (103 yards rushing) and Steve Mullinax led the offense while Ken Woodburn headed the defense with three interceptions. The Trojan defenders let Gahr gain only 36 yards rushing. League opened at Bellflower the fol- lowing week, and the Trojans beat the Hues, 13-3. Neffs defense stifled the Hues in a battle that was marred by an end zone brawl. Steve Mullinax ran for 98 yards and scored both touchdowns. ' B ' m-, , 148 Football .Jk js- u si. v- The Trojans were underdogs for the fourth straight week when they met Artesia. When the contest was over, they were also victors for the fourth straight week as they squeaked by the Pioneers, 7-0. A 35-yard sweep by Steve Mullinax provided the only touchdown of the night. The tough Neff defense was again very stingy, allowing only 18 yards rushing and 77 yards passing. Glen Buhr carried for 120 yards and three touchdowns on only eight carries as the Trojans buried the Excelsior Pilots, 36-0. One of the many defensive highlights was Kevin McClain ' s end zone tackle of the Pilot punter, awarding Neff a two-point safety. The top-ranked Trojans next traveled to Paramount to face the favored Pirates. The Paramount squad boasted an explosive offense, but Neff seemed to have it shut dowiij leading 21-3 in the final quarter. The Pirates, however, refused to die, and closed the score to 21-18. At this point, the Black and Gold shut the door and hung on to a three-point victory. Ken Wood- burn had an interception and returned a fumble for a touchdown. 1. Lance Ackerson goes around the end for a gain against Norwalk. 2. The 1977 Golden Trojans are Lance Ackerson, Jack Silvey, Kevin McClain, Jim Soranno, Steve Monderine and Mike Slominski. 3. Don Weeks takes a Glenn Eagle to the sky. 4. Glen Buhr piles up yardage at Bellflower. 5. Ken Woodburn tackles a La Mirada runner m the backfield. %■■ " -: Football 149 1. Jack Silvey proclaims the Trojans Number 1 after the victory at Bellflower. 2. Steve Mullinax shows good throwing form as he passes against the Gladiators. 3. Jim Soranno lines up against his opponent at Gahr. Varsity Football The return for Homecoming pitted the Trojans against the Eagles of Glenn. The opponent had a reputation of being a SCrO-PPy tough ball club, and they lived up to their billing. Glenn got on the board first with a field goal, and the Eagles were holding their own in the early going. Lance Ackerson ' s 20-yard touchdown run gave the Trojans a 7-3 lead, and Glenn couldn ' t score again. Rocky Costello kicked two field goals and Steve Schickling returned an interception 40 yards for a touchdown, making Neff a 20-3 winner. Ssi?s; 150 Football Lance Ackerson ran for tyvfo touch- downs as Neff defeated Mayfair 16-8. Ron Scott contributed two in- terceptions to the victory as the de- fense played another fine game, al- lowing Mayfair only a single touch- down in the final quarter. The stage was set; the 8-0 Trojans would have a showdown with the undefeated Norwalk Lancers for the league title erone with the ranking on the line. 1. Jerry Rader and Steve Monderine line up before the play. 2. Steve Mullinax leads the offense against La Mirada. 3. Rocky Costello kicks an extra point. 4. Coach Mooshagian looks over the action. 5. McClain and Silvey put down a Pirate. ! ,, i™ - ■ JS - h - -Mm -t 1 ' J Football 151 %k- L» ' C. ■ ' u fc.ustfcltj :3- Ne io ' : ' RodTi ;iiii: - " Kidman, 6. ' Bu , M anA z ' rf«,Ay ' |B: B " w3X " a:ii ' 152 Football l|e:. ' W Fi lj r, ' IJ (;DiiRit:k, Wi ' j ?!S%f-:J rV- ■ ' ,■:■ ' • ■■ mt % • h ' MM s ■i •»9 58 .1 J», -■ i nM - K u •;■■ .--». ?»j. ' mc n l J.;Cis eros: R. TruelOT?. A. ' ' McC ain J; Rav ' M. ' i ' r ■M ' Ddrrity, J. Dysth 4|®W kiASj:J fedenne, i. Olke ' i , » ' ad WH( r, ' Coadi- Knapp,.; ' ' ' ; - ■burn, J. Soranifo, S: 1 , ■, jLayton J. Crawford e- R; BrooJk%, MuJHnax, C , D. Barstow. 3.5chiG Sta ' ley, kiing R ' o 6t A. Torres, D K. WVd- Rush, T. ■ y yi ' s . -f ' - j:xi--. k ' .. Football 153 Varsity Football A Steve Mullinax to Glen Buhr 18-yard scoring pass with 23 seconds left in the first half was all the Trojans could get against Norwaik as they tied the Lancers 7-7. The defense did a fine job against a power-packed Norwaik attack. The Tro- jans headed to GIF as Co-champs of the Suburban League. Steve Mullinax ran for three touchdowns on the ground and passed for another as Neff put away Alemany, 35-7. Jun- ior Mark Sanchez rushed for 102 yards and Kevin Ufholtz and Don Weeks each had an interception as the Trojans ad- vanced to the second round. Miraleste High, the Trojans ' next opponent, had an explo- sive running game and a hard-hitting defense. Neff took a 7-0 lead in the second quarter on a 2-yard Glen Buhr run. Mira- leste scored later in the quarter but Kevin McClain blocked the try for the extra point, one of his many fine plays in the game. Neither team could score in the second half and the Trojans nabbed a 7-6 victory. The Trojans relied on a pair of Mullinax-to-Monderine touchdown passes to put away the Esperanza Aztecs. The hook-ups were good for eight and thirty-five yards, and both followed Esperanza turnovers, a tribute to our fine defense. Jack Silvey had ten unassisted tackles in the first half alone, and Steve Schickling grabbed two interceptions, carrying Neff to a 14-6 triumph. The final round was a rematch of the Suburban League Co-champs. The Trojans trailed Norwaik 9-0 in the second half but scored ten points within 1:11 of the third quarter to take a 10-9 lead. A Rocky Costello 41-yard field goal put Neff up 13-9 with eight minutes left. The Lancers, however, scored on a 45-yard touchdown pass with 2:18 left in the game and took a 17-13 lead with their two point conversion. Neff mounted a powerful drive but was stopped when Steve Mul- linax was sacked at the seven-yard line with time expired. The Trojans accepted the tough loss gracefully, proving them- Neff Opponent Score 14 La Mirada 16 Gahr 6 13 Bellflower 3 S 36 Excelsior 1 21 Paramount 18 . 20 Glenn 3 ' 16 Mayfair 8 7 Norwaik GIF 7 35 Alemany 7 7 Miraleste 6 14 Esperanza 6 13 .....Norwaik 17 selves a of. classy team that Neff High can be proud Ale 1. Steve Monderine gets behind an many defender to haul in a pass. 2. The Trojans passed effectively to their backs to help defeat Alemany, 3. Steve Mullinax scrambles through the Norwaik line for a big gain. 4. Mike Coehlo helps Kevin McClain rip Lancer quarterback Davis to the ground. 5. Glen Buhr paves the way for Lance Ackerson against Norwaik. 154 Football JV Football . O Neff Opponent Secore 21 La Mirada win Gahr forfeit 8 Bellflower 12 9 Artesia 8 40 Paramount win Glenn forfeit 14 Mayfair 6 - v This year ' s JV Football team had a season very similar to the Varsity in one important respect; it was very successful. Compiling a 6-1 record, the squad was a group that executed well. Kevin Kidman was the quarterback, and he led the offense along with running back Mark Sanchez. Tackle Tom Layton and center-guard Don Bowker helped anchor the line. Middle guard Chris Baca and defensive back Don Weeks both did fine jobs on defense. The whole team deserves congratula- tions on a IbLl yi season which should be a stepping stone to a CIF berth next year. k 1. Kevin Kidman sets up to throw against Bellflower. 2. Mark Sanchez drives for some extra yardage. 3. Trojan defenders keep the Mayfair quarterback company. 4. Ron Pineira fields a punt at La Mirada. ' :1vtz7-v r ii i .a.ji . Football 155 Sophomore Football The sophomore football team was inex- perienced from the start due to the loss of eleven starters from the Freshmen of ' 76. This year was a learning process for many first-year players on the team, and the tJixCJX L displayed was outstanding. Improvement was reflected in the scores to- wards the season ' s end. Dan Fontes ' gutsy running, Dave Vcelik ' s powerful running and Ed Dolan ' s tough tackling led Trojans to a successful year. JUJjaMt ' SSSS SJ» ' !K£» ' » ' ¥ tKU£ S9SS ' .:£fAi :S«£: :;£::i2SS2SS aifi2£d££ %. «L]SS:.J2s !£U 3 eff Opponent Score La Mirada 13 Gahr 8 8 Bellflower 14 Artesia 20 7 Excelsior 16 Paramount 21 20 Glenn 13 12 Mayfair 6 28 Norwalk 8 1. Fontes punts his opponents deep into their own territory. 2. Briones and Fontes execute the handoff well. 3. Neffs defense prepares to attack. 4. Row 1: S. Hensley, S. Kacer, A. Jiminez, F. Rodela, J. Schwartz, J. Fujita. Row 2: R. Ortega, R. Johnson, E. Piepho, G. Rodri- guez, C. Leonard, M. Kelly, T. Lara. Row 3: Coach Goodman, M. Drake, D. Vcelik, D. Alexander, K. Coman, P. Langon, M. Gar- cia, Coach Harmon. Row 4: L. Ennis, G. Hofmeister, J. Whitney, S. Bassett, P. Phe- lan, J. Coffin, D. Fontes. Row 5: D. Adams, J. Bessey, R. Ludwig, G. Ibarra, S. Dack, E. Dolan, H. Briones, G. -Jenkins. 156 Football Frosh Football The Freshmen dropped their first two games, but have shown improve- ment throughout the season. They finished with a record in the .500 range, and the only problem the coaches see is a lack of experience. With more experience, this group of athletes is capable of carrying Neff s yf i. - -t. J tradition. The hustle of running back and linebacker Leo Briones and the lead- ership of Mark Yniguez shone as bright spots of the season. When the Freshmen put it together, they dom- inated their opponent, as shown by lopsided scores against Bellflower and Excelsior. -t»- • 1 " m .1 ■ It r IBt ' VJ ' ' Nef Opponent Score La Mirada L5 , 6 Gahr ,. ,, 28 - 22 Bellflowef CI | . Artesia 14 ' ' 33 Excelsior Glenn 6 Mayfair 22 20 Norwalk 20 rSS». " ' 1. Row 1: S. Betty, R. Sarrazin, C. Wilmont, M. Gomer, A. Angelo, A. Ortega. Row 2: T. Larson, F. Padilia, -J. Holcomb, D. Baker, T. Geston, Scott Betty, R. Spain. Row 3: Coach Wyant, S. HilHard, D. Yount, R. Albright, M. Reinert, G. Granado, S. Frederickson, Coach Owings. Row 4: G. Escudero. .J. Nesslin, D. .Jones, R. Williams, C. LaRock, G. DeLaMare, J. Pagano. Row .5: M. Soranno, S. Gurley, R, Robinson, G. Cantu, R. Mauer, M. Yniguez, i. Veazey. Row 6: R. Doyle, T. Beal, M. -Jenkins, L. Briones, D. King, L. Stevens, T. Hensley. 2. Rich Robinson looks on as Leo Briones scores against Paramount. 3. Gary Cantu kicks an extra point in the Paramount game. Football 1.57 Varsity Basketball The Varsity Basketball team opened up its 77-78 season at home with the rival La Mirada Matadors. The Trojans had three starters in quick foul trouble and they had to watch from the bench as the Mats opened up a 12-point lead in the second quarter. The Trojans still could have been in the game but due to poor free throw shooting they lost, 50-40. The Trojans played good basketball in pre- league but never seemed to be able to pull out close games. The squad ' s won-loss record was not as good as expected but they were optimistic as league rolled around. Neffs season started auspiciously with a 70-50 C0nC}U.6riIlg of Norwalk. The Trojans then came home and did everything right for three quarters as they led Glenn by as many as 18 points before holding off an Eagle rally to win, 56-54. Neff traveled to Artesia and received their first loss, a 71-68 overtime setback. The Trojans came from eight points down in the last period to tie the Pioneers, but were outscored in overtime. The return home found Neff losing 59-45 to sixth-ranked Bellflower in a game that was close until technical fouls hurt Neff at the end. The Tro- jans then suffered a 76-55 drubbing to Mayfair in a game where the Monsoons did nothing wrong and Neff did little right. 158 Basketball 1. Chris Chilcott concentrates on the basket as a Matador defender fouls him. 2. Terry Snavely fires over a La Mirada guard. 3. Jeff Young goes up high to shoot over Glenn ' s center. 4. Gregg Williams shoots an open jumper as the opponent looks on. 5. Row 1: G. Pineira, T. Snavely, R. Duquette, R. Ortega, Gregs Wil- liams. Row 2: Coach Crippen, D. Barstow, C. Chilcott, J. Young, S. Mullinax, T. Haupert, Coach Williams. 6. Ted Haupert pulls up for a short jumper against Artesia. I V r MKk ' i LAS i i 1 [ K ' -n. . .- f Neff suffered a loss at Paramount before defeating Excelsior 58-51. The Trojans came back home to down Norwalk 57-48 in the opening game of the second round of league. Neff s record went to 5-4 after beating Glenn 53-79 behind the jJ J W 1 of a second quarter where the Trojans outscored Glenn 28 to 6. One of the most exciting games of the season came when Neff tried to avenge an early season overtime loss to Artesia. The Trojans were down by 12 points in the first quarter but came back to lead by 2 at halftime after an inspired second quarter. Artesia came back to win the close contest, but the loss did nothing to diminish the Trojan comeback. Basketball 159 Varsity Basketball The Trojans lost road games to Bellflower and May- fair and then dropped a decision to Paramount at home before their season finale with Excelsior. Neff closed out with a win, dumping the Pilots 64-56. Not making the playoffs was somewhat a dissappoint- ment especially since Neff had talent that was basically equivalent to the league ' s other teams. The Trojans found out that it is proper use of talent and ability to blend to- gether as a team that wins games, and they sometimes came up short in these departments. As well as the team victories, there were individual highlights. Jeff Young was top scorer, followed closely by Terry Snavely and Chris Chilcott. Young also led Neff in rebounds, and Chilcott was second in that category. Gil Pineira played tough defense, and Gregg William ' s shooting and quickness helped Neff. Ted Haupert, who came up from the J.V. in mid - season, did a fine job. Desire was always present and the team always played with intBnSlty and hustle. The Trojans, even when facing adversity, never folded, upholding the Black and Gold Tradition. 1. Jeff Young towers above the Bucs for a basket. 2. A Norwalk defender can ' t get close enough to block Gil Pineira ' s shot. 3. Rich Duquette advances the ball upcourt with a pass. eff Opponent Score 70 Norwalk 50 56 Glenn 54 68 Artesia 71 45 Bellflower 59 55 Mayfair 76 65 Paramount 82 58 Excelsior 51 57 Norwalk 48 73 Glenn 59 73 Artesia 85 44 Bellflower 71 67 Mayfair 87 54 Paramount 77 64 Excelsior 56 c 160 Basketball 1 Mdtadors give futile chase as Don Adams lays the ball up. 2 Kow 1: P. Simon, R, Duquette, R. Parra, M. Chancellor. Row 2: R. Plank, J. Repka, D. Adams, D. Rush T, Haupert, E. Olsen, C. Rouly, Coach Williams. 3 Ruoti Parra goes in among the big men for a rebound. :j W«pni t i :{ " -(K -Ls.. Neff Opponent Score 36 Norwalk 32 50 Glenn 38 52 Artesia 54 48 Bellflower 49 57 Mayfair 65 52 Paramount 75 57 Excelsior 52 62 Norwalk 44 60 Glenn 71 56 Arteisa 62 43 Bellflower 57 52 Mayfair 70 65 Paramount 96 45 Excelsior 43 JV Basketball The JV Basketball team finished with a record similar to that of the Var- sity. They lost their top scorer to the Varsity squad early in the season, but they never quit, playing C gXt ooiVt basketball against teams bigger than themselves. Coach Williams ' team was led in scoring by Paul Simon and Rooti Parra, and in rebounding by Dave Rush and Don Adams. Chris Rouly and Ron Du- quette moved the ball well at the point, and John Repka and Mike Chancellor played steadily. The reboudning help of Roger Plank and Eric Olsen rounded out this team with a good Varsity fu- ture. Basketball 181 1. Row 1: S. Speakman, D. Chambers, V. Out- law, K. Shively, A. Armendariz. Row 2: Coach Uribe, G. Jenkins, P. Young, B. Powers, M. Williams, R. Brinnon, S. Galvan. 2. Paul Young fires over an Excelsior de- fender. 3. La Mirada ' s center can ' t block Brendon Power ' s shot. 4. Rich Brinnon pulls up for an uncontested jumper. Neff Opponent Score 57 Norwalk 36 53 Glenn 39 55 Artesia 48 59 Bellflower 39 43 Mayfair 50 46 Paramount 49 50 Excelsior 49 59 Norwalk 38 58 Glenn 25 52 Artesia 63 63 Bellflower 32 43 Mayfair 47 39 Paramount 69 40 Excelsior 47 Sophomore Basketball The Sophomore squad, led by Coach Al Uribe, was a unit without any superstars. Rather, they had many good team players and worked well together. Their teamwork kept them in the title race all year. Rich Brinnon led the scoring while Brendan Powers topped the rebounders. Paul Young played tough defense and Vince Outlaw was a good passer, leading the team in assists. Joe Me- tro and Kirt Shively were steady players and Mike Williams sparked the club off the bench. The Sophomores ' good record and tough play fore- tell success for Neff Basketball in the years to come. 162 Basketball iuM liSiat jiiisi; Frosh Basketball The Freshmen team improved greatly during the season, and were able to finish league with a winning record. Tom Hensley and Scott Pehlke were the top scorers with Frank Padilla and Doug Yount directing the team on the floor. Mike Soranno, Tom Hensley and Rich Robinson were tough rebounders while Ed Arocha and Scott Grey played 11 1.1 ST 1 111 defense. Coach Bangs feels that the squad lacked experi- ence previous to this year, but their hard work and enthusiasm is a strong base for future competition. -•■ " " ■ .,• ■ v , . • ' - -..■- 1 2 Neff Opponent Score 43 Norwalk 42 42 Glenn 30 39 Artesia 61 43 Bellflower 36 42 Mayfair 71 46 Paramount 69 53 Excelsior 48 46 Norwalk 45 38 Glenn 25 34 Artesia 55 40 Bellflower 36 51 Mayfair 62 40 Paramount 52 51 Excelsior 50 1. Tom Hensley follows through after a juroper against La Mirada. 2. Rich Robinson drives inside for two. 3. Row 1: S. Pehlke, D. Yount, F. Padilla, J. Pruden, E. Arocha, S. Nichols. Row 2: Coach Bangs, G. Escubero, M. Soranno, T. Hensley, R. Robinson, S. Gray. Basketball 163 1. Missy Newgent goes above the net to spike against Cerritos. 2. Ginny Cohen concentrates on where she wants her bump to go. 3. Coach Tisdall explains the game situa- tion to the team. 4. Team Picture: Row 1: S. Kellison, M. Kalte. Row 2: V. Grienke, C. Cowan, J. Hieda. Row 3: J. Cohen, G. Cohen, M. Newgent, B. White. 5. MVP Becky White picks up a spike as teammate Michelle Kalte and Coach Tis- dall look on. Round 1: lost won won won won won won Round 2: lost won won won won won won C.I.F. lost onent Varsity Artesia Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Paramount Artesia Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Paramount Los Amigos 8-15, 8-15 Girls Varsity Volleyball The 1977 Varsity Volleyball season was what Miss Tisdall called the rebuilding year. With only two returning players, the girls were optimistic about this season. But with the help of set- ters Becky White and Carol Cowan and the excellent spiking of Missy Newgent, -Joyce Cohen and Ginny Cohen, the Trojans everyone by ending up with a 12-2 record and earning a berth in GIF. Unfortunately, the Trojans drew the GIF number three ranked Lobos of Los Amigos. This game was one of top highlights of their season as the girls exceeded their normal play by far. But their lack of height and experience was evident as they lost. With eight players returning next year, Neff should go far in league and GIF. Named as the Most Valuable player by Coach Tisdall and her teammates was Becky White. She was also named the CO-MVP of the league. Also named to the All-League team was Missy Newgent and receiving an Honorable Mention was Ginny Cohen. Named as the Most Improved Player was JoJan Hieda. 164 Voileybal) 15-6, 1-15, 15-1, 15-6 15-6, 15-6 15-7, 15-9 15-11, 15-2 15-8, 15-9 15-5. 15-6 15-3, 10-15, 1145 15-7, 15-12 12-15,18-16, 15-12 15-2, 16-3 15-2, 15-11 15-8, 15-12 15-9, 15-9 L . :jia fcg. ' iaii a , : ;LT» 7 ?. v tKP,v y« vtntf! 1: Neff Round won won lost lost lost won won Round 2: won lost lost won won won won Opponent Artesia Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Paramount Artesia Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Excelsior Paramount r??? ;wrav?-T3fXT:: s :CT:= ' yrr: ;v:?j????i cz " " ?!- yf ' Scores 15-4, 11-15, 15-7 15-9, 6-15, 15-6 13-15,15-6, 10-15 7-15, 3-15 12-15, 15-11, 14-16 12-15, 15-10, 15-12 15-13, 13-15, 16-14 15-9, 15-6 2-15, 18-16, 14-16 15-4, 4-15, 7-15 15-3, 7-15, 15-13 15-5, 9-15, 15-12 13-15, 15-13, 15-4 15-8, 10-15, 15-8 Girls J.V. Volleyball The 1977 J.V. Volleybail team, under the guidance of Bette Brunner, did a great job. With most of the team being freshmen and inexperienced, it didn ' t look too good for this young group. 5ut their Oldolli and eagerness to play enabled them to end the season with a 9-5 record and a second place in league. Freshmen Kathleen Lundquist, Jill Terry, Rita Robertson and Carol Moore showed great improvement as the year progressed. With a year of experience, these girls should lead this young team to a great season next year. Named as the Most Valuable Player for her overall leadership and ability, was La Greene. Most Improved Player was Jill Terry. She has greatly improved in all areas of volleyball. 1 Team Picture: Row 1: L. Greene, M. Floras. Row 2: R. I ' nbe, J. Roberts, V. Swickard, J. Avila, G. Boulanger. Row f K. Lundquist, C. Moore, J. Terry, R. Robertson, S Durkin, L. White, S. Peralta. 1 uki Swickard passes the ball to the setter as Jill Terry rii ' hes in to back her up. 1 Humping requires alot of concentration, which Kathleen Lundquist demonstrates here. 4 La (ireene tries to dink over a Bellflower opponent. h Carol Moore spikes the ball over for a point. Volleyball 165 Wrestling Neff Opponent Score 28 Montebello 27 38 Cal Hi 22 3 Norwalk 45 14 Artesia 50 12 Bellflower 54 6 May fair 48 15 Paramount 48 36 Excelsior 33 42 Glenn 27 The 1977-78 Varsity Wrestling Team, led by Co-Cap- tains Keith Kincaid and Rick Bassett, had a good sea- son this year. Despite the fact that the team was not full and had some forfeits, the team ended up with a 4-5 record. Coach Maertz feels that " a full complement would have put us in the title race " . Keith Kincaid and Larry Williams led the team in scoring, while Kincaid and Don Bowker had the fastest pins. Juniors Don Bowker, Jim Bassett, Todd Waugh, Mark Yergenson and Dean Fukawa did well this year and Coach Maertz should have a contending strong- team for the league title next year. The J.V. Team, which had a very small roster, was led by sophomore John Padilia. John was the leading scorer on the Junior Varsity level. Others rounding out the J.V. squad were: Dave Vcelik, Mark Drake, Johann Schwartz, Ken Wissier, Jerry Rodriguez and Les Hol- stad. 166 Wrestling ' S15W««4i ' -S 3SC? ' SiS 1. Varsity Team Picture: Row 1: D. Fukawa, T. Waugh, R. Bassett, J. Bassett, B. Cooper, L. Wil- liams. Row 2: Coach Maertz, M. Yergensen, K. Kin- caid, D. Bowker, E. Ely, M. Slominski, T. Layton. 2. Tom Layton holds his opponent in a headlock. 3. Doug Cooper tries hard for a pin. 4. Todd Waugh struggle s to pull bis opponent to the mat. 5. Dean Fukawa pins his opponent for 6 points. 6. Don Bowker goes for a fast pin. 7. Mark Yergensen " throws " his opponent to the mat 8. J.V. Picture: M. Drake, J. Rodriguez, L. Holstad, J. Schwartz, K, Wissler. Wrestling 167 Girls Varsity Basketball The 1978 Girls Basketball Team had a very successful season. In pre-season play, the Trojans were 4-3. The girls also finished an impressive second place in Neff ' s first Girls Basketball Tournament. Under the super coaching of Sue Tisdall, this year ' s team overcame their height disadvantage by playing aggressive basketball offensively and defensively. Not one person can be given complete credit for the team ' s victories be- cause the team was well-balanced and every player contributed to every win. At the end of the first round the Trojans were 5-2, losing to Mayfair by one point and a tough Artesia team. As the second round started, the girls needed a win over Mayfair to enter GIF, but this hope was shattered when the Monsoons overcame a Trojan spurt in the third quarter to take the game, 45-49. Leading the team in points scored were Becky White and Ginny Cohen while Renee Quigley and Missy Newgent dominated the boards. Passing off for the most assists was the playmaker of the team Pam Dolan. Neff Opponent Scores 40 Mayfair 41 58 Paramount 31 51 Excelsior 35 57 Norwalk 24 58 Glenn 32 37 Artesia 60 48 Bellflower 41 45 Mayfair 49 40 Paramount 33 44 Excelsior 36 54 Norwalk 35 52 Glenn 25 41 Artesia 44 52 Bellflower 55 1. Row 1: L. Greene. B. White, J. Hieda, J. Cohen, K. Lundquist. Row 2- G. Cohen, R. Quigley, M. Newgent, J. Spinoaa, P. Dolan. 2. Ginny Cohen attempts to steal the bail in a game against California. 3. Pam Dolan pui ' s up for a medium-range jumpshot. 4. Becky White foUows through after a jumper. 5. Ginny Cohen is surrounded by a trio of Wilcats as she fires from close- range. 168 Girls Basketball ■ -■l»TC-.V V«ftV»S VCT.-.«V. ' l. V- Scores Opponent Scores 42 Mayfair 33 35 Paramount 15 26 Excelsior 20 32 Norwalk 31 30 Glenn 19 29 Artesia 32 24 Bellflower 28 30 Mayfair 34 31 Paramount 27 44 Excelsior 20 42 Norwalk 27 27 Glenn 28 46 Artesia 41 21 Bellflower 47 1. Diana Steckbauer shoots over tough defensive pressure- 2. Pam Dolan and a Cal High opponenl jump high to gain possession of a jump bal!. 3. Row 1: C. Timms, A. Boehm, J. Vcelik. Row 2: G. Boulanger, M. Rector, L. Gaston, V. Swickard, D. Castillo. Row 3: R. Terry, S. Thompson, C. Moore, L. Wills, D. Stetkbauer, C. Dwyer, M. Dorrity. 4. Missy Newgent gets high off the floor to shoot over the opponent. 5. Carol Moore takes the ball inside against Brea. 6. A Brea defender can ' t stop Darlene Castillo ' s shot. Girls J,V. Basketball With a totally new squad this year, the 1978 Girls J.V. Basketball Team did a Iflri " Lclo Lie job. Coaching the J.V. squad for the first year was Athletics Director MR. Arvel Goodman. Under the guidance of this fine coach, the Trojans finished league in third place. Coach Goodman feels that " the girls had enough individual talent and team enthusiasm to be number one in the league, but lack of confi- dence and never really reaching their full poten- tial held us back. " Leading scorers for the team were Carol Moore and Diana Steckbauer. Sherri Thompson and Cindy Dwyer showed a lot of improvement as the year progressed and should be a prom.ising pair for next year. With this year ' s team con- sisting mainly of freshmen and sophomores, we can look forward to an even better team next year. Girls Basketball 169 1. Rou, 1 R Duquette M Marani R lorrei C. GTUihier K Kidman R Pineira Row I J. Rader T I ' lrich I Sherwin J Young T Haupe ' ' S Mondfrme M Sl()niip -I(i 2. Craig (idutrier makes contdtt aydinst Lowell 3. Ton Sherwin inake the putout a la v illie Mavs 4. Ted Haufjert holds the opoonent dose to the bag 5. Kevin McC lain prejMros to pitch against Lowell 6. Steve Monderine I elds a ground ball er ses La Mirada 7.F{on Pineira connects off the Matadore pitcher 8. Mike Slominsk. hits, a shot againts Ken nedy. 9. Jerry Rader throws to a Lowell batter. VARSITY BASEBALL Varsity Baseball was Neffs mystery team in 1978. The team had strong individual talent and seemed headed for a winning season. In pre-league action, the Trojans beat Brea while getting an extra-inning tie with Kennedy and losing in extra innings to La Mirada. soon replaced optimism, however, as the hitting that was expected to come around never did. The Trojans lost some close games, and couldn ' t push across the key runs needed to win. Neffs season was tough and frustrating, but a good nucleus of juniors are left behind to get Trojan baseball back on the track in 1979. 170 BaaebaJl ;ai t--:ja=sji: : -ir rvsvj:i:: xjj: i3:j x --: n % ys n 5 li t(,. ' S| ' ;7 ' Z --ST JSgU r - ... - i ■M- i ' =%».ii »- 4 (k •■. 6 7»7 ;-«: J® i vSi v ■.% ' ■■•a v. Neff Opponent Score 2 Excelsior 3 3 Norwalk 9 2 Paramount 1 Mayfair 3 Glenn 3 Artesia 8 Bellflower 5 3 Excelsior 4 3 Norwalk 7 3 Paramount 7 1 . Mayfair 7 7 Glenn 8 5 Artesia 6 4 Bellflower 5 Baseball 171 J.V. BASEBALL J.V. Baseball is that middle of the road squad which is not quite Varsity status but yet a step up from the Freshmen level. This team consists of sophomores and juniors and was excellently guided this year by coach Mike Weyant. Neff v as once again repre- sented by these players in a winning and sports- manlike manner. This squad has earned a well deserved pat on the back. Congratulations boys on a job well done. Next years Varsity team should prove to be a big success. Neff Opponent Score 1 Excelsior 10 3 Norwalk 10 Paramount 1 1 Mayfair 2 3 Glenn 10 Artesia 4 2 Bellflower 1 5 Excelsior 9 5 Norwalk 9 4 Paramount 1 1 Mayfair 5 5 Glenn 1 2 Artesia 3 5 Bellflower 7 1. Row 1. R. Snider, M. Chancellor, J. Huddy, D. Carter. M. Kelly, P. Law- rence, J. Metro, R. Brinnon. Row 2: J. Cox, M. Koukoutakis, U. Chambers, T. Lamb, B. Gallop, D. Pontes, J. Ashker, Coach Weyant. Row 3: E. Dolan, G. Ibbara, D. Luzzo, D. Alexander, T. Marlow. 2. Catcher, Danny Pontes, is ready for a Trojan curve bail. 3. Richard Brinnon shows good form while pitching his fast ball. 4. Don Alexander awaits a line drive on first base. 5. James Cox throws the third strike against a Kennedy batter. 172 Baseball -•-I - lH-■ -.. la- ■ ■l,v.•tv v■.T : -A • t ■w w V i FROSH BASEBALL ■■ " " " -■ S ' - ' ' S-, ' vjx -« ;; v, xv.v-04v;,,; Vi - " ;. With the help of Coach Mele and Assist- ant Coach Porras, the freshmen team came through with their Trojan de They worked hard and showed great potential. The experience they gained this year should certainly help them in their future winning seasons. Neff 5 1 6 5 6 6 8 7 4 10 Opponent Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn Artesia Bellflower Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn Artesia Bellflower Score 4 1 2 .7 4. 1 2 9 4 2 1 1 11 1 J-, i r ' -- ' j :i iji .j A s u - " -3 a .» v 3 , . ' ' . ' . -i r- J :5 J f I M .h ' ,.1 V. Z J. AC« ifct ijiat wj aSr!E« .jr.A « i» . 1 Freshmen look on as catcher Leo Bnones, goe-, into action ■ Pitcher, Rich Do !e fires a fast one at a Ken nedv hatter 1 RoA 1 R Doyle E Arocha, T Henslev, D Jones G Cantu Asst Coach Porras Row 2 S Gurle D Yoant M Barte!» J Nesslin D King Coach Mele Row i J Menage A Ortega, ' • " B»ttv D Warner S Gra J Priidcn 4 Mike Bartels displays good form Vihile t)atting 5 Jeff Menage is safe on first base Baseball 173 1. Row 1: D. Fisher, R. Ortega, R. Scott, G. Buhr, K. Ostler, E, Herman, E. Ely, D. Durivage, P. Gack- stetter. Row 2: J. Prondzinski, P. Procter, R. Mitch- ell, M. Kluck, C. Salazar, E. Metro, K. Ufholtz, D. Rush, R. Brooks, F. Mendez, J. Boyer, M. Mc Mul- lin. Row 3: J. Prondzinski, K. Carpenter, B. Domin- guez, J. Nestor, D. Lee. 2. Jim Prondzinski crosses the finish line with ease. 3. Glen Buhr soars through the air as he plunges for a long jump. 4. Dave Rush uses all that he has to throw the discus the farthest. 5. Glen Buhr strives forward as he passes off to an- chor man, Kevin Ostler. 6. Kenny Carpenter completes his pass as Ron Scott merges forward. 7. Richard Ortega struggles to clear the bar in the high jump event. 8. Rick Smith stretches over the low hurdles as he defeats La Mirada. Neff Opponent Score 97 La Mirada 36 2nd Olympian Relays 57 Mayfair 79 101 Glenn 19 79 Paramount 57 86 Bellflower 50 63 Artesia 73 97 Norwalk 37 96 Excelsior 40 174 Track - " ■ ' - ■ • ' ' ■ " =iJJ!-aEer-, - V v■ ' ■ ' ■V|■.■ JI■t»W AS: .ll«■. v« » W - ., 1 " ' J ' " - " j;- ' ,! p |5f „-.:-L n 1 « K- .4-,. :.vv V Wi»» Vy.v y.y y rWgffliS5SteV ?.- v:-, fi r s i , IT. VARSITY TRACK AND FIELD One of the sports that Neff is said to be the strongest in is Varsity Track and Field. In producing a winning team such as this one, coaching is an important as- pect and, of course, Neff has two of the best, Coaches Bob Mc Guire and Ray Mooshagian. Coaching may be important i. X - ■ A but team effort is t important. The athletes who deserve rec- ognition in their events are: Kevin Ostler in the 100 yrd. dash, Ron Scott in the 440, Ken Carpenter sn the 880, Robin Mitchell in the mile, Jim and John Prondzinski in the 2 mile, Rick Smith in the low hurdles and Donovan Lee in the high hurdles. The field events were led by; Rich Ortega in high jump, Glen Buhr in long and triple jump, Jim Bassett in pole vault and Jim Serano in discus throw and shot put. For you to believe the amazing abilities of these athletes, you have to attend one of their track meets. Your school spirit and support is greatly appreciated ' Track 175 GIRLS TRACK The Girls Track Team hoped for a good season following a O.ULife victory over the cross-town rival Matadores of La Mirada. Carla Car- penter, Irene Torres, and Cindy Kelley were just a few of the people who contri- buted to the Trojans ' success. The girls were coached by Mr. Bob McGuire and Mr. Ray Mooshagian. t: cv ■ - ' - It 1. Girls Track Team: Row 1: Angela Terry, Kim Fi- niif, Sharlene Wornets, Alice Figueroa, Lisa Ruth, Jeanette Foster, JoAnn Cahill, Debbie Terry, Rhon- da Novae. Row 2: Carie Hensley, Tina Ybarra, Kathy Reinert, .Janet Lee, Cindy Kelley, Jean Whit- ney, Carla Carpenter, Irene Torres, Sheila White, Teri Young, Tammy Ulibarri, and Karen Manu- puty. 2. Carla Carpenter keeps a steady pace as she runs the 440 relay. 3. Janet Lee has a look of determination on her face as she begins the race. 4. Irene Torres keeps a good distance between her and her opponent. 5. Deanna Gorman gives it all she ' s got to win. ■Jeff Opponent Score 64 La Mirada 44 4th Olympian Relays 59 Mayfair 50 82 Glenn 26 58 Paramount 51 73 Bellflower 35 50 Artesia 59 84 Norwalk 13 64 Excelsior 45 176 Girls Track lia;Si t=i3i£i.1X Neff Opponent Score 98 La Mirada 10 45 May fair 85 67 Glenn 59 68 Paramount 68 77 Bellflower 54 49 Artesia 85 86 Norwalk 48 81 Excelsior 36 . v- M iii: FROSH-SOPH TRACK Under the direction of Mr. Bob McGuire, the Neff Frosh-Soph Track Team had high hopes for a good season. The Trojans ' O V t3i " whelming victory over La Mirada proved that they would be tough to beat in Suburban League competition. Individually, Jim Whitney in the shot-put and discus, and Dave Vcelik in the sprints were just two reasons why the Trojans threatened Artesia ' s reign on the Frosh-Soph crown. 1. Frosh-Soph Track Team: Row 1: Scott Clements, Ken Wesslor, Andy Jiminez, Eric Repho, Robert Dominguez, Terrence Lawlor, Todd Lara. Row 2: Ryan Williams, Vic Sala- zar, Glen Granado, Jim Gartner, Gary Strait, Mike Reinert, Lombardo Mendez, Pat Phe- lan, Jim Whitney, and Dave Vcelik. 2. Ryan Williams runs away from La Mirada in the mile. 3. Chuck Salazar takes the lead in the Bas- sett Relays. 4. Dave Vcelik, Lombardo Mendez, and Ron Albright are off and running in the 100-yard dash. 5. Jim Gartner gives his all in the Long Jump. •.■y ttctto, .. . Frosh-Soph Track 177 BOYS VARSITY TENNIS ¥ Under the coaching of Roger Williams, the Varsity Tennis team was led by John Jones in singles and John Repka and Humberto Briones in doubles. The squad will only be losing 3 players which proves Neff ' s Tennis will be iC in the future. Other singles players for Neff are Ron Lucker, Blake Miller and Eric Ferguson. The other doubles players are Scott Scruggs Ron Johnson and George Barr. Neff Opponent Score 221 2 Excelsior 5 ' 2 15 Norwalk 13 2 Paramount 26 leva Mayfair 11 ' 2 26 Glenn 2 1.3 ' 2 Artesia 14 2 7 Beliflower 21 23 Excelsior 5 14 Norwalk 14 6 Paramount 22 W i Mayfair 12 2 25 Glenn 3 17 Artesia 11 13 Beliflower 15 1. Row 1: Scott Scruggs, Ron Lucker, Blake Miller, Ronnie Johnson. Row 2: Coach Roger Williams, John Repka, Eric Ferguson, George Barr, Humberto Briones, John Jones. 2. John Jones eyes the bail as it reaches the racquet. 3. Blake Miller lunges to return a volley. 4. An excellent follow through is shown here by Ronnie Johnson. 5. Eric Ferguson stretches to make his follow through complete. 6. A dynamic serve is displayed by Ron Lucker. 178 Tennis ) ITV ' .■ t- «CiX ' . Vr rg»- V ny.-i» -vi!7«!;-:.5?- Neff Opponent Scores 9 Artesia 12 ' A 7 ' : Glenn 15 9 Norwalk 13 ' i 5 ' 2 Mayfair 16 31 2 Bellflower 17 15 Paramount ll ' a 11 Excelsior 71 2 10 Artesia 12 ' 2 5 ' Glenn 17 3 Norwalk 19 ' 2 2 ' Bellflower 19 «ZW5K»«!f -. ' 5Sf 7B -0 f: i ■■■,■■ GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS Leading this year ' s Varsity Tennis team was the number one singles player, Linda Yniguez. Linda was undefeated and was seaded number one in the entire league. The number one doubles team was (iail Doman and Chris Curry. Over the season, they won 20 out of 29 sets. Other members of the varsity squad were Lisa Padilla and Ilene Morgan in singles, who also did a good job in league. Mary Specht and Kim Finuf performed well in doubles play as did Melissa Vigil and Sharlene Woronet. The team is still young and building and prom- ises to have an excellent season next year. Most of the team will be returning so the girls will have ex- in tough perience place well in league. " competition and should 1. Linda Yniguez shows her good form and concentration. 2. Chris, Melissa and Mary take time out for a picture. 3. Mary Specht reaches to get a cross-court shot. 4. Coach Blume gives the girls a pre-game pep talk. 5. Team Picture: Row 1: L. Morgan, K. Finuf, S. Woronet, M. Specht, Row 2: Coach Blume, L. Padilla, L. Yniguez, M. Vigil, C. Curry, G. Doman. Tennis 179 ■ r.-?IP: ' 7, ' WV ' W!»»(fN J? ' SW. ■ ■ J.V. TENNIS This was the first year that Eric Bangs had the honor of coaching the boy ' s J.V. tennis team. Having a team with much l O.l ' CllL he was able to switch his team around in order to com- pete successfully against other schools. Another rookie at coaching was Cecilia Tafoya. She was in charge of the girl ' s J.V. squad and did a great job for her team. She feels that they will have an even better season next year because both players and coach will have more experience. xwm ' ■f ' " !™ r J.V. Boys Scores Neff Opponent Score 22 Excelsior 6 211 2 Norwalk 6 ' 2 10 Paramount 18 16 Mayfair 12 wm Glenn Forfeit 9 Artesia 19 20 Bellflower 8 28 Excelsior 21 Norwalk 7 9 Paramount 19 18 Mayfair 10 win Glenn Forfiet 6 ' 2 Artesia 21 ' 2 5 ' 2 Bellflower 22 ' 2 J.V. Girls Scores Neff Opponent Score 13 ' 2 Excelsior 9 5 Norwalk 17 15 Paramount 7 9 Mayfair 12 11 Glenn 11 7 Artesia 15 4 Bellflower 18 10 Excelsior 7 4 Norwalk 18 9 Paramount 13 6 Mayfair 15 10 Glenn 14 13 Artesia 8 5 Bellflower 17 1. Row 1: Mark Yniguez, Ryan Costello, Jeff Remender, Steve Galvan. Row 2: Dave Brown, Ernie Ortero, Mark Berkiite, John Lizardi, Coach Eric Bangs. 2. Beatrice Luque concentrates and shows her good form on her forehand. 3. Jeff Remender returns with a backhand while teamate Dave Brown looks on. 4. A good serve is necessary in tennis as shown here by Linda Jones. 5. Row 1: Bea Luque, Angela Bohem, Terry Frances, Linda Stecbauer, Diane Thorpe, Bea Salazar. Row 2: Coach Tafoya, Liz White, Yas- mine Al-Hissin, Missy Doritty, Diana Steckbauer, Cindy Dwyer, Melinda Rector, Shieia Gorman. 180 Tennis T P- ' l v ■ ' o , 7 ' V ■- :- ' " - ■l j -rnV ML ' tta 3? . ,j r-v? Varsity Scores Neff Opponent Score 198 Paramount 211 203 Bellflower 205 205 Mater Dei 215 396 Paramount 404 317 Bellflower 319 283 Mayfair 287 Win Artesia Forfeit 423 Bellflower 419 413 Paramount 400 Win Artesia Forfeit ■ ft4 -Jsi GOLF Once again Neff ' s golf teams had a terrific season. The e o llll Ol CoSi V Varsity team played a better game each match, making their coach, Lonnie McConneli, especially proud. Varsity was led by outstanding members Don Bowker, Brad Wilier, and Bob Lizardi. Coach McConnell ' s J.V. team also played a successful season of golf. They promise much future success for next year ' s team. 1. Greg Brannon tees off another winning match. 2. Dave Jones lines up a great swing. 3. Brad Wilier concentrates on a successful putt. 4. Don Bowker finishes through a bea ' utiful drive. 5. Varsity team members; Greg Brannon, Don Bowker, Dave -Jones, Brad Wilier, and Bob Lizardi. Golf 181 GIRLS SOFTBALL With most of last year ' s team grad- uated, an entirely new team repre- sented Neff in the Suburban League. Also new to Neff ' s softball program are Coaches Jan Blume and Cecelia Tafoya. Under the guidance of these two coaches, along with the great amount of potential this year ' s team has, the Trojans should be no exception totheimeof excellent teams that have come from Neff ' s campus. Coach Blume com- mented that with aggressive base- running and good defensive fielding, the Trojans should be a tough com- petitor for the league title. 1. Coach Tafova shows Terri Hokomb how to field the ball. 2. Sally Fuentes catches a pitch thrown by Jolene Bird. 3. Varsity pitcher Terri Alexander warms up for the 1978 season. 4. Darlene Costillo tags out Melissa Vigil at first base. 5. A fast pitch eludes Cathy -Jones. 6. Team Picture: Row 1: G. Corcoran, D. Meddy, D. Thomas, C. Mouradian. Row 2: C. Bell, b. DuRivage, S. Marschke, M. Vigii, T. Gallop, C. Jones, J. Bird. Row 3: L. Padilla, G. Doman, C. Curry, S. Fuentes, L. Steck- bauer, T. Frances, T. Holcomb, D. CostiJlo. Not Pictured: P. Dolan, M. Newgent, ..). Co- hen, C. Cowan, T. Alexander. i 6 182 Girls Softball In Mfemorm Riek Jliriiioii s ' i . WT ' , 14659 Alondra Blvd. La Mlrada, Calif. CATALIQiPR 3|M GONGRATOLATIQNS sflffl iia§jfIiJieo»; ; PMces we; wenlii g J V Good ' tiiiies :;:goii ; ' § iS M SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA REALTY 15(M6 alondra blvd. ; la niirada,:california:.9l)638: tf . otOnsddnd oberated ] ' : . GEORGE G.eOURTNEY, JR: broker bus. (213) 944-6159 : -% , bus. (71 4); 994-4200 . :;;;: res. 1213) 943 3466;; " Quality FloT ei-s PQrm -V ' -;.- ' ;0cGasi6ns ' . ' :::■ : ' ' }] " : At Prices Evetyorie Cah- Siiiw .t j J ' ■ ' t j t ir 1 w rf " - r h . ■ ' io ■ . -.- ' - 4s :5. ' , r% P We Buy Homes Bus. 943-3779 (714) 521-3281 ED MOORE REALTOR 15826 E. IMPERIAL HWY. 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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members on the staff: Linda, Robyn, Chris, Ginny, Chris, Linda, Janet, Karen, JoAnn, Heidi, Janine, John, Sharon, Lori, Martha, Vai, John, Laurie, Melanie, and our photographers. Rick, Tim, Joel, Jim, Danny, and Kenny. Thanks especially to Kenny and Danny for those special favors, to Robyn for doing such a good job, to Kenny for helping me in everything, and to Heidi for helping me meet that last deadline. I also can ' t for- get the teachers who were so cooperative in posing for us. A " special " thank you to Mr. Miller for giving me all those pages to proofread. One last request. Please don ' t give Linda all the work you gave me. I wouldn ' t wish that on anyone! All joking aside, thanks for giving me the chance to be your assistant editor and editor. I really learned a lot from you and I thank you for making my last two years a lot more fun than they would have been, had you not given me a chance. Thanks again, Miller, and good luck next year. Thanks again, annual staff, for putting up with me and meeting all your deadlines. Good luck also to next year ' s staff, especially Linda. Becky White Annual Editor ■ ' ■ X ' ■ " ' " f.i " ' - ¥5 ' j. Lc- .IP ' r ■tiK-l ' W ' v»4 n.... jfr , M M A h . Wi ' ' ;. i»W i Ads 201 So much now lies ahead of us The future times we ' ll spend We ' ll still look back, but our school days Have finally reached an end !»» ' j ' v m ' 6 U lo ' .Oy t t zfc iui (? iWfp cImL du -4- I. 7 . zc aio j . 1 ; ( t (H£ fe te Z H ' i o , : , ' 5 been . gfa.f r ' f ' ' ' " ' ' ' JaS « to f Q fS7; fy ] ee von Q oc 0 ' " ,n h sehl C£ef.j t ee yon -f j-he 5Qnmer and 5i ' (Zv PW v T rrr ffryn w v r ' 9 r.i -f r o- :, y 9 Vsc v you kit T B ceA tesi X(05A-Ne g v r ( . BoT YOUR. suiL 4 teAT ffeasO YoUiZ, 40 (Wf fe er Tpsvic r cz. the fe fcE Al T Ail Uv cu 5S6.S. Call ujE. — r ll hoX 4- " n Tl tk X ' ' OA t S ' J - ' - ■: H y Ql O : _ f , ' ' V M Dai € , 73 a yoii you : yOtC 8 A d N § O . V o V w S ' (fi --A. ' %- w - .-i; - .i f fs - n -( -v y [r-J i " - aO ' W r M ' V " " ' - h " ! ' ' e A 1 AMERICAN YEARBOOK 4 4% t? g ' ■4 ' . 4r i --r ' f h -fe - e- d ' ' .j«»«fr -If-. ,, .r, i |r % V- . i-- 1? •5: ' ■ v? " L. S- ■ i,r . ' ' .•4 J ' v « ' - , ' ' T:.- r tH •■1 - r VI-., -;. t»« ' - " " ;|;,.-v : - • - i ;i ' • ' V-I. ■-i - - ' -t ' • _ ,■ ' " iii J. r ■ ry -l " ' ' T, ' % V , ■ ' " iv if - ' ' ■ ' ■ - ■ r ■ - ■ ' ' ■ ■■ ' - - , ' ■ , ■ . r %. ' f ' ,d f-r

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