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) • I i J : :i ' [ .r -I, M (- I , ! TROIANI DpsVlO Cwirt ttti THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS C THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THI THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OU THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THII THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS C THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAF lURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS S THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR 1 EAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAF D THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS EAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAF S THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IE )URS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS 1977 Troiani Willian N. Neff High School La Mimda, California Advisor: Jon Miller Editor: Judy Hamilton Asst. Editor: Becky White •S OURS T This year is ours To have and to hold] To live for today j To look back on ' " l n inp fp nUI Remembering the plaees ive used To pass the time mvay ALL these times a part of our lives And important to every day ' i Iff i , i : ■ ifp ' ' mi ' ' . ji ' ir - - " 1 ; .J% -1 •«, I WWJ- ' - ' ' Sutttai ' ■ ■r . ill .A ak ' fc. » ! » KM I ' M -m ' Ta Ze of Contents Activities — 16 Classes — 56 Sports — 132 Administration — Ads —-188 174 %U: Ouj- rallies, classes, dances, games All are different yet quite the same Prompting spirit, building pride That once ivas hidden deej) inside ' The 1977 Annual Staff lakes great pride and pleasure in dedicating the 1977 Troiani to a persion who has added a great deal to Neff through the P.E. program and organiz- ing G.I.A. (Girls ' Interscholastic Athletics). Miss Sue Tisdall was born in California I and has .lived there all her life. Some of her hobbies include camping, backpacking, i : ' coaching, and reading poetry. She also gave much of her time to Girl Scouting and to -darrip, counseling and directing in Washington and Idaho. Miss Tisdall went to Milikin ' High- School and then she went on to Long Beach City College for two years and then to Vllorig Beach State to obtain her B.A. and later, her Master ' s Degree in Physical Educa- tion. In college she was very active, participating on the volleyball and basketball ■tearhs. A.fter graduating from Long Beach State, Miss Tisdall came to Neff where she has spent the last six years Teackijlg aTld COachiug. For the present girl ' s sports we have her to thank, for it was she that started and ] organized the present G.I. A. five years ago at Neff. The program has grown li immensely since then, and is growing and progressing even more every year. Miss Tisdall coaches volleyball, basketball, and softball. In the last five years she has coached two volleyball and one softball team to C.I.F. playoffs. She does an excel- lent job and dedicates many hours to this. In this dedication we express our thanks to our teacher, coach, and friend Miss Sue Tisdall. This year is ours with bright new hopes For every new tomorrow Our tears and fears we struggled through To share each others sorrow This year is ours ivith all its success I Victories ivhich take away the pain and cheerfully convinces us Our dreams are not in vain ■ ■ ,. , , , J ras year is ours w nuve for oiirsewes ■ ■ Jusl Jot us and no one else find the meaning of it all, like every passing season gh at noithing now and then, for no apparent reason Getting involved With time well spent All will seem worthwhile In reaching the end This year is ours ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES n NEFF TROJANS . 4 ' 1 : « . 18 A.S.B. Cabinet A.S.B. A.S.B. Cabinet worked very hard this year to keep our school organized and the students happy. Under the supervi- sion of the two advisors, Mrs. Jean Jerome and Mr. Bob McGuire, the cabinet was kept busy with A.S.B. sticker sales, peechee sales, running senate meetings and were especially busy for the big event of the year, our M m ©CO m I n y . when the Cabinet wasn ' t working at school they managed to get away on a field trip to Redlands University where they met with 66 schools to get new ideas. Being on Cabinet isn ' t an easy job but this years Cabinet made the hard job seem easy. 1. Mike Sumner - Vice President. 2. Adam Treff - President. 3. Mary Fet- ters - Secretary. 4. Denise Crawford - Treasurer. 5. Pam Frear - Publicity Chairman. 6. Mrs. Jean Jerome and Mr. Bob McGuire - Advisors. 7. Pam Sparks - Director of Activities. 8. Marc Camp - Sergeant-at-Arms. 9. Car- lene Hurd - Pep Commissioner. A.S.B. Cabinet 19 ■ jt - i ' .k ■ - y m Homecoming As halftime grew near the crowd grew more and more anxious. I t all started with 25 nominees out of which five were picked for the court. On that special night Katie Shively was chosen as the Homecoming Queen for 1976. It was a night no one could forget. Making that week special was the traditional Spirit Week. And to end that evening of t XL l Ly I I Ity I I L there was the Homecoming Dance after the football game. Homecoming 1. Queen Katie Shively happily accepts her crown. 2. Katie lakes the tradi- tional ride around the football field just after she is announced as the new Queen. 3. Last year ' s Queen Julie Van Horn crowns Katie as her court looks on. 4. One photographer caught Katie ' s reaction as she was announced Hom- coming Queen for 1976. 5. Princess Judy Hamilton with her escori Roy War- nock. 6. Princess Linda Nielson with her escort Carl Pino. 7. Princess Karen Lundquist with her escort Bob Brown. 8. Princess Valerie Gage with her escon Terry Beckman. 9. Mr. Joe Shively is the proud father of this year ' s Queen. 10 . Queen Katie with her escort Rob Jaimerena . Homecoming 23 v.% 4 , 24 Homecoming Queen Katie Shively Princess Linda Nielson. PrincessValGage Princess Karen Lundquist Princess Judy Hamilton Homcbming 25 Varsity Yell While our athletes worked for top performance and perfection, our yell leaders teamed up to sup- port them. Like the athletes they encouraged, they required not only skill, but coordination, timing, and group effort. The girls, led by Lisa Kruse, proved very O U L L t OO I U I at summer camp in Santa Barbara and in competi- tion. 1. Carla Scoit, Lisa Kruse, Denise Sanazin, Wendi Herbon, Roberta Telisio and Tina Riley walch the football players warm up before the game. 2. Val Gage and Wendi Herbon take time out from cheering for a picture. 3. The Varsity Yell Leaders march around the field to spread their school spirit throughout the stands. 4. The 1976-1977 Varsity Yell Leaders: Row 1: Carla Scott, Stepanie Smith, Roberta Telesio. Kelly Costello, Tina Riley, and Head cheerleader Lisa Kruse. Top: Wendi Her- bon, Doriann Luna, Barbara Beltran, and Val Gage. IT v P ' ' PH M H ■n C « ' -a K ' ' " i. ' ' . ' J K. 1 I H K JHk. I Em B V c lC SIHl l vt Mfl i: ' ! ' ' A ' mW 26 Varsity Yell ■S3 Song ' 76- ' 77 Songleaders showed their spirit at the pep rallies and Ol I t t I t J on all the athletes. With their high kicks and dance routines, our songleaders, led by Sue Reese, did very well at summer camp and competitions. One of their tasks this year was teaching the guys a routine for the traditional Exchange Rally. It was well worth all the work. 1. The 1976-1977 Songleaders: Bottom: Sue Reese - Head. Middle: Cindi Johnson, Heidi Iseli, Jeri Okuma, Terry Alexander, Lori Mackey. Top: Peggy Oppedahl. 2. Touchdown!!! 3. Heidi Iseli concen- traied on something else besides the football game . 4. The songleaders never said they weren ' t Hams! Songleaders 27 cheering on the football field with their pinwheels of black and gold, the girls never ceased to show their spirit. The girls, led by Teri Roberts, did very well at summer camp and during the yearly competitions as well such as taking third place in an Arroyo competition. This year flag was honored with the privi- lege of performing at the Ram ' s game, which is something they can all be proud 1. Keep up the good work girls. 2. Jeannie Reed and Anne Williams stop for a quick breath while per- forming at a football rally. 3. The 1976-1977 Flag Squad: Front Row: Anne Williams, Jeannie Reed, Terri Roberts. Middle Row: Tamis Thrasher, Elaine Cardon, Robyn Goldstein. Back Row: Wendy Bett 4. Always on the move. Flag twirls their flaS expenly while performing at noon-time . m 28 Flag Banner Practicing from morning till night it was all worth the work. They 0,OLvJUI IV-JtyvJI everyone with their near perfect routines. The girls, under the leadership of Carolyn Ernst, brightened up parades and brought home lots of trophies from camp and competitions. Keep up the good work! 1. Banner shows their great form at a rally. 2. Carolyn Ernst looks at the camera as the other banner carriers watch the game. 3. Banner performs during halftime. 4. Banner Carriers: Row 1: Den- ise Sarrazin, Kim Kunke, Carolyn Ernst. Row 2: Carre Mignot, Melinda Lange, Lori Prondzinski, Kathy Coie, Arlene Luna. 30 Banner 1 1 ■ ■ ■■ ■ -i ' H B P ppp4 J H 1 p H rj 1 mA;ji ' ' ' ' V T fMl t Bk Pj M 1 J 1 In m.: -: ' 1H9 1 H 91 Hh US ■ imiii ' i ' l it i Bi H IjPH Drill Team Marching in parades and performing at halftimes is not an easy job. It takes a lot of Vj I Clw L I wV and a lot of group effort to look good. Our Drill Team, led by Captain Ginny Shrewbury and Co Cap- tains Laurie Sorenson and Cheryl Ste- phens, placed very high in many of their parades. It was a job done very well. 1. Drill Team does a different thing. 2. Captain Ginny Shrewsbury shows her spirit. 3. The Drill Team shows perfection at a halftime performance. 4. Drill Team Members: Row 1: Laurie Sorenson - Co-Captain, Ginny Shrewsbury - Captain, Cheryl Stephens - Co-Captain. Row 2: Patty Pidilla, Terri Inness, Darla Griffin, Lisa Torres, Diane Miller, Ilene Shrewsbury. Row 3; Tammy Gilbenson, Carol John, Judy Gary, Denise Bernier, Chris Talvera, Nancy Ponzio, Linda Coie. Row 4: Julie Reynolds, Debbie .Movak, Diane Nothwang. Rose Leith, Jamie Dickson, Brenda Doyle. Drill Team 32 Rallies Rallies Spirit Week The rallies this year proved to be the best ever. One of the best loved rallies is the Exchange Rally. It provided the crowd with a lot of laughs as the foot- ball guys tried to be cheerleaders. Skits, Trojan of the week and class competition kept the rallies exciting. During Spirit Week there were many contests rang- ing from yU Z-III ly rootbeer on western day to a cross country big wheel race on tourist day. Other days included Old Folks Day, Halloween Day and Trojan Day. A.S.B. provided prizes for the best costumes each day. 1. Representaiives from each class participaied in a pie eating coniest in ihe rally before ihe Gatii game. 2. Sandy Sclafani sits on her ice cubes for violating senior privleges. 3. The La Mirada exchange Rally left Randy Mills with a sour taste. 4. The new var- sity cheerleaders do their thing. 5. The sophomore cheerleaders yell their loudest in order to win class competition. 6. Terry Alex- ander prepares to give Trojan of the Week Steve Chambers a vic- tory kiss. 7. Cindy Olson, Mary Fetters and Sandy Kinkaid wished they were Oscar Meyer Weiners on Halloween Day. 8. The Juniors participate in Tourist Day. 9. Donna LaFond and Bob Hagoort take a slow stroll on Old Folks Day. Spirit Week 33 If you like to hear and play music, then band is for you. This year the band had the honor of peforming down Main Steet in L lol lvZ?yiC3.l J , That was an experience never to be forgotten. Along with all the fund raising events and many performances, they had time to place 4th in the Santa Monica Parade and place 5th in the Riverside Parade. Also the Drum Major Jim Figueroa placed 2nd in the Drum Major Competition at the Riverside Parade. Marjorette Sue Reese, who did a ter- rific job, placed 3rd in the La Habra Christmas Parade and helped brighten up the band with her perfect twirling. 34 Band 1. Row 1: S. Plew. S. Winston, A. Stodola. S. Hamak . C. Morin. D. Du Rivage, M. Rector, L. Vasquez, ]. Peel, J. Foster. Row 2: P. Ingles, L. Guiier- rez. J. Cahill, S. Lake, R. Figueroa, T. Greulich, D. Naines, D. Searls. K. Niederhauser, L. Reissig , E. Osterhues, J. Wagner, B. Rohrig. C. Ulibarri , P. Allen, C. Thorsell, M. Allen, J. Mammano, E. Domjan. T. Moore, T. Uli- barri. Row 3: J. Metro. K. Shively, M. Gasser, D. Murphy, G. Sandberg, S. Vanderford, T. Ulrich, J. Marcano, E. Shanebeck, T. Tefteller, I. Klenk, C. K ' uran, D. Mueller, S. Siricklin, C. Bellak, M. Barrett, D, Fisher. D. Carter, R. Moulton. M. Klusk, D. Larson. 2. Drum Majors Jim Figueroa and Sharon Howard take time out to pose for a picture. 3. Majorette Sue Reese. 4. Sharon Howard conducts the band among the football players. .5. Band and Drill Team perform at Disneyland. 6. The Band parades down Main Street. 7. Band Council: Row 1: ]. Figueroa. S. Winston, S. Plew, ]. Foster, S. Howard. Row 2: C. Uli- barri, K. Shively, T. Ulrich, B. Rohrig, E. Osierhues, L. Reissig. Jazz Festival On March 5lh the Neff Jazz Festival went under way. Over 34 bands participated coming from as far as Palm Springs. The festival ended at 5:00 and at 7:00 there was a concert performed by the winners. Bill Kirk, Festival Chairman, sized up the whole thing by saying, " We are seeing the most outstandinq high school musi- cians on the West coast. " Everyone who saw them I ' m sure would agree. The Neff Jazz Band attended many other festi- vals and has done a very outstanding job. March of Dimes This year the students and faculty of Neff really showed their school pride and opened their hearts to a good cause. On March 6, 1977, 145 students and faculty walked, ran, or hiked up to 40 miles for the National Foundation of the March of Dimes. This was the most participants from any school that participated. The event was highlighted by Neff ' s own Bob McGuire r U n ni riQ 17 of the 20 tough miles and walking the final 3. John Albright was one of the leading fund rais- ers biking 40 miles to raise $260.00 by himself. 1. In the display above are the trophies that many schools competed for in the 5th Annual Jazz Festi- val. 2. One of the many bands entered in the festival competes for the 1st place trophy. 3. Neff High Jazz was one of the 34 particpants in the festival. 4. Alan Takemoto. Mr. McGuire and Rick Smith were the first three to cross the finish line. 36 Jazz Festival, March of Dimes Jon Miller - Advisor Jeff Fierro - Editor-in-CJiief Pam Frear - Page 1 Editor Terri Moses - Page ' 2 Editor Roda Whedon - Page 3 Editor Mike Sumner - Page 4 Editor It ' s nOI doy being on this staff. They try to cover all the activities within and about the school. But sometimes it gets a little difficult when there are more stories than there is space in the newspaper. This years newspaper staff did a great job in keeping the students up to date with all the news. :. Kevin Ostlei works on the latest scoop while Terry Kelly works on anoihei. 2. Carla Anderson begins proofreading her final pages. 3. Reporters: Row 1: Vicki Sherwin, Terry Kelly. Kevin Osi- Icr. Carla Anderson. Michelle Krotinger, Kathie Myers. Row 2: Donna Long, Jamie Dickson, Ron Pineira, Steve Madden, John Tefieller, Allison Brown, Ray Robinson, Siepanie Smith, Gus Thei- son. Newspaper 37 Hearts and Flowers This year ' s Hearts and Flowers Dance was a great success for Girls ' League as well for the students who went. The dance was held Saturday February 5 at the Holiday Inn in FuUerton. The students danced to the delightful music of organized Of Mil " . The most exciting event of the evening was the crowning of the Queen and King with the crowns going to Tina Rosen and Randy Mills. 1. Our Hearts and Flowers King and Queen Tina Rosen and Randy Mills. 2. Tina Rosen with escort Craig Curry. 3. King Randy Mills with escort Debbie Sallade. 4. Senior Princess Linda Nielsen and Eric Aranda. 5. Senior Princess Wendi Herbon and her escort Augie Delgado. 6. Karen Rogers, Mike McCarthy, Debbie Ray and Ron Martin take a break. 38 Hearts and Flowers 1. Prince Mike Sumner with escort Heidi Iseli. 2. Couples pose outside the Holiday Hall. 3. Prince Ray Robinson with escort Andera Mills. 4. Junior Princess Lori Olemacher with escort Raul Villasenior . 5 . Sophomore Princess Sherrie Holt with escort Wayne Jones. 6. Freshman Princess Julie Pepper with escort John Pyburn. Hearts and Flowers 39 The Gazebo The first production of the 1976-77 season was the hilarious comedy The Gazebo. This play centered on the lives of Elliot and Nell Nash. In the play Elliot plans to murder a blackmailer that will ruin his wife ' s reputa- tion since Nell is a well known actress. What eventually develops from these plans is total chaos. Elliot ends up mUr Qeriny the wrong man, and has no place to put him. The Gazebo was a play that had everyone wondering what was going to happen next. With a surprise ending to climax the show, the Gazebo was a great choice to open the season. " 1 ■ ■ f Elliot Nash John Albright Nell Nash Val Cain Harlow Edison jim Moore Mr. Thorpe Mark PruU Mrs. Chandler Diane Whitman Matilda Jenny Lamben Dook Steve Madden Louis Jim Ely Detective Jenkins Terry Haave Dr. Wyner Don Layton Delivery Boy John Routh Mr. Beacher jim Elklns Druker Terry Kelly A Cop Ron Moore 40 The Gazebo From opening nighi to closing the motto for M ' A ' S ' H was " Mash is a Ol I Idol I , and so true it was. The drama department ' s second play of the year was a complete sell out. Mash told the story of two very unconventional, unortho- dox surgeons by the names of Hawkeye and Duke. How they turned the Mobil Army Sur- gical Hospital grounds into a play ground kept the audiences entertained and laughing each night. The cast was by far the largest of the year. With unique scenery, fine detail and great acting " Mash " was for sure a " Smash. " General Hammond Dave Cox Pvt. Boone Terry Kelly Lt. Colonel Henry Blake Dirk Golden Capt. Bridget McCanhy Kelly Adams Lt. lanice Fury Ian Yost Sergeant Devine John Tefteller Pvt. Donahue Bill Myers Lt. Louise Kimble Carrie Washowich Capt. Frank Burns Mark Wilhelm Father Mulcahy John Thomas Capt. " Walt " Waldowski Brian Lane Capt. " Trapper " John Mclntyre Kevin Miller Capt. " Ugly " Black Jim Bernard Corporal " Radar " Reilly John Routh Capt. " Hawkeye " Pierce Tom Sherer Capt. " Duke " Fonest Rick Shelton Ho-Jon Ron Moore Pvt. Lopez Don Layton Korean Woman 1 Devika Guenewardena Korean Woman 2 Susan Jacobs Lt. Nancy Phillips Renia Faircloth Major Margaret Houlihan Marsha Mcintosh Klinger Jim Ely Congresswoman Goldfarb Kathiyn Haave Dean Mercy Lodge Astrid King Miss Randazzle Devika Guenewardena Mitzi Judi Martin Fritzi Siacey EUig Agnes Barbara Kent Lt. Connie Liebowiiz Stacie Sides Capt. " Spearchucker " Jones Jim Leslie Major Ruth Haskell Lisa Maria Padilla M°A°S " H 41 Diary of Anne Frank The Diary of Anne Frank tells the story of two Jewish families I I I vJ I I I y from the Nazis during World War II. They lived in a secret attic above a warehouse and office. The play was taken from the real diary of Anne Frank. The play shows the changes that Anne had to go through while growing up. The cast and crew performed to sell out crowds almost every night. The last play of the year, Who Goes Bare, was scheduled to run in April. Mr. Frank Mark Milliard Miep Terri Young Mr. Van Daan Jim Leslie Mrs. Van Daan Catherine Haave Peter Van Daan Mark Prull Mrs . Frank Jenny Lambert Margot Frank Jill Woolhouse Anne Frank Karen Sherer Mr. Dussel Neil Madden Mr. Kraler Mark Wilhelm Who Goes Bare Tom Sherer Eddie Kevin Miller Brian Carrie Mignot Nancy Val Cain Joan Mark Wilhlem Angus Marsha Mcintosh Minnie John Albright Maxie Lisa Padilla Mrs. Couribending John Tefteller Mr. Butcher Mark Hilliard Cop 42 Diary of Anne Frank, Who Goes Bare Girl of the Month A girl who is chosed for girl of the month has lo be something oLJoOldl . These young ladies are selected monthly by the Girl ' s League Cabinet based upon their involvement in school and community activities. All the girls that have been chosen have maintained a high G.P.A. throughout their years at Neff. Congratu- lations and many thanks to these girls for all their hard work. 1. Tina Rosen accepts her flowers from Karen Seymour Miss September Cathy Ulibarri Miss October Jeanie Reed Miss November Tamis Thrasher Miss December Anita Moos Miss January Karen Lundquisi Miss February Tina Rosen Miss March Melinda Lange Miss .■ pril Katie Shively Miss May Sharon Howard Miss June Carolyn Ernst Girl of the Month 43 Karen Lundquist - President Tina Rosen - Vice President Val Gage - Secretary Judy Hamilton - Treasurer Linda Nielson - Social Chairman Jo Anne Morgan - Historian Jenny King - Publicity Chairman Katie Shively - Senior Representative Cindi Dalton - Junior Representative 1. Todd North. Mike Burgner and Brian Dougherty sing us a song at the Talent Show. 2. Mrs. Lewellen, advisor of the Girls ' League, gives us a big smile. 3. Lori Mackey models a , pullover jacket at the Fashion Show. 44 Girls ' League Karen Seymour - Sophomore Representative Julie Pepper - Freshman Representative Anita Moos - Golden Circle Representative Kelly Beach - G.A.A. Representative Pam Frear - Pep Club Representative Michelle Krotinger - Kalagathians Representative Arlene Luna - Campus Hostess Representative Girls ' League Being one of the busiest clubs on campus. Girls ' League is kept active throughout the whole year viith the help of their advisors Mrs. Lewellen and Mrs. Buzard. Due to an illness Mrs. Buzard was not able to complete this year so Mr. Minski took her place in January. Girls ' League started out with a Homecoming Mum sale, which was very successful. One of their other activities was the I Q. I " I I L show. Here are the winners for thai night: Magic show - Jim Moore and Karen Sherer; Dancing - Tahitian Dance - Stacy Caslinger; Musical - North and Burgner Band; Pantomime - Tom Sherer: Best over all - Dirk Golden and his puppets. Around Christmas time they had their traditional Candy Cane Sale and sponsored a Christmas Dance. Girls ' Leagues ' s biggest event was the Hearts and Flowers Dance which was held on February 5th at the Holiday Inn in FuUerton. To end off the year Girls ' League planned the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance which was held in Neff Gym. And for a new end of the year activity they sold flowers for Mother ' s Day. Girls ' League 45 Art Club Remember the Art Gallery Shows during snack and lunch? The selling of printed tee shirts, posters, pottery? Well the Art Club was in charge of all of this. The money they made went to activities like field trips to the Rennaissance Fair. At the end of the year they honor someone with an Art Scholarship. ThePres- ident of the club is Robin Terry and the Advisor is Mr. Friedrich. The main pur- pose of the Art Club is to get the students involved with art. 1. Terri Innes demonstrates her artistic abilities. 2. A silk screen done by Jane Stapleton. 3. Row 1: Gil- bert Guzman, Ravi Gunewardena. Davika Gune- wardena, Kathy McCarthy, Annette Slodola. Row 2: Mr. Carlson, Rick Kendall. Jim Boyer, Bob Cle- ments, Larry Cairo, Kim Johnson, Robin Terry, Jim Bernard, Christy Avery, Lisa Padilla , Mr. Friedrich. 4. Rick Smith say ' s " Please Don ' t Touch the Art Work " to incoming visitors. 5. Larry Cairo demon- strates some of the Art Work. i iat. r.iiL. « " S ' XiiJtLj! SK5ifcsis«S%W s)»-iv i ' ««lSBS ' «i8i-r? ?SSi ' «iS- 23aSS !lb Clubs f f ; f f ; Thespians Hard-work, extra-effort, and good times made this year ' s Thespian Club an t AOl Lilly one. Not only did the Thespians put on four great plays, but they had time left over to see a taping of the Carol Burnett Show and Chorus Line. The Thespians are a select Club. You must have a total of 10 hours of work and 2 of these must be for technical work. The Thespians definitely did themselves proud this year, for they proved once again that they are one of Neff ' s funniest clubs. 1. Lights, camera, action? 2. Kevin Miller pre- pares 10 dim the lights for the next scene . 3 . John Thomas and Kelli Adams make sure none of the club ' s wardrobe is missing. 4. Row 1: Karen Sherer. Jill Woolhouse, Tom Shereer, Val Cain, John Albright, Mr. Sessions. Row 2: Bob Hornshu, Mark Wilhelm, John Tefieller, Jim Ely, Dirk lt ' U h ' ' Ujli ' k ' ifi t ' ' Golden, Jim Moore, Mark PruU, Rick Shelton. " ' Row 3: Don Layton, Mark Milliard, Jenny Lam- ben, Carre Mignot, Kelli Adams, Kevin Miller, Marcia Mcintosh. Row 4: Jim Leslie, Judy Mar- tin, Robyn Goldstein, Janet Spellman, Jan Yost, Mary Worcestor. Clubs 47 Kalagathians Golden Circle Being an active participant in Girls ' League. Kalagathians also take time out for I U I I . Some of the activities they partici- pated in were the fashion shows, candy cane sales, punch sales, serving at school functions, and making decora- tions for the Hearts and Flowers dance. The President, Michelle Krotinger, did her best to make sure all activities ran smoothly. Golden Circle is strictly a club for senior girls who have achieved a high G.P.A. and have been greatly involved in school activi- ties. This year ' s President is Anita Moos, and the Advisor of the club is Mrs. Blume . , J ' V ' I; 1. Row 1: Carolyn Ernst, Karen Lundquist, Lauri Fukawa, Melinda Lange, Kim Kunke , Jeaine Reed. Row 2: Tamis Thrasher, Val Gage, Linda Neilson, Vicki Dack, Sharon Howard, Tina Rosen. 2. Lori Prozinski, Michelle Krotinger, Theresa Leahy and Sheila Gorman were kept busy making decorations. 3. The Advisor of Kalagat- hians. Mrs. Kagy, also helped with making dec- orations. 4. Row 1: Pat Mendez, Michelle Kro- tinger, Sheila Gorman. Row 2: Cindy Fanning, Randi Greene, Jeanne Cahill, Gina Veazey, La Wanda Summers, Kathie Myers. Row 3: Allison Gregorek, Linda Yniquez. 48 Clubs Campus Hostess Being affiliaied with Girls ' League, Campus Hostess is one of the most ClL LIVvI clubs on campus. Some of their activities included the fall and spr ing fashion shows, candy cane sales, serving at the Football Banquet and Talent Show, and also selling punch at the dances. The President of Campus Hostess, Arlene Luna, has done her best, along with advisors, Mrs. Midyett and Mrs. Stephenson, in making this year ' s club the best ever! BS: . ' .J VtP ' . ' -• ' - - f ' ' W ' % ix ' 1. Row 1: Lori Prodzinski, Sheila Gorman, Pat Mendez. Row 2: Barbara Fuenies. Kaihie Myers. Lori Sorenson. Diana Williams. Row 3: Cindy Fanning, Chris Tala ' era, Brenda Doyle, Sandi Myers, Arlene Luna. 2. Kalagathian members, along wiih Girls ' League, helped decorate for the Hearts and Flowers Dance 3. Joanne Cahill , Arlene Luna, Therese Leahy, and Michelle Kro- tinger prepare for a school activity. 4. President, Arlene Luna. Clubs 49 1. The members of the A. A. C.C. listen intently as Mr. Carlson lectures. 2. President of the A . A . C . C . - Chris Kuran . 3 . Mr . Miller explains to his Journalism class the fine arts of making a Yearbook. 4. Row 1: Chris Chilcott, Val Cain. Janet Spellman, Lance Ackerson, Robyn Gold- stein, Sharon Bicker. Melanie Kuran, JoAnn Morgan, Ron Truelove. Row 2: Mr. Miller, Cindi Johnson, Virginia Cohen. Michelle Elias, Lori Mackey, Martha Ortiz, Janine Reese, Cresent Terry, Linda Maher. Renee Carroll. Row 3: Linda Coie, Judy Hamilton. Mark Wilhelm, John Diaz, Lori Sorenson, Chris Curry, Andrea Mills, Charlene Sanfillipo. Heidi Iseli. Cheri Dalton. Journalism A. A. C.C, If you are interested in the produc- tion and making of the " Troani " or the " Trojan Shield, " Journalism is the class you ' ve been searching for. They learn to make layouts, write copy, and captions, crop pictures, and also the basic fundamentals of putting together a newspaper. It is from this class the members of next years yearbook and newspaper staffs will be chosen. The A. A. C.C. (Advanced Algebra Country Club) is one of the I ICVVCol accredited clubs on Neff ' s Campus. Jt takes place second period. The A. A. C.C, under the leadership of King David Carlson, was created to promote interest in mathe- matical subjects and to provide a medium for further research and study in all areas of mathematics. 50 Clubs Senate Each senior is chosen by their second period class :o represent them at the meetings. They discuss problems and ideas brought to them by the student body. Many times problems have been solved and ideas used to better the school. Things couldn ' t be accomplished without these senators. (M a s M i si s : First Semester Senators: E. Aranda, S. Arnold- son, V. Brandt. B. Baxter, K. Beach, D. Brown, D. Brown, R. Bruinsma , C. Coie, L. Coie , M. Cottrell, M. Elias. M. Flores, J. Gaston, C. Gonzales, D. Griffin, D. Hancock, I. Hrap- chak. L. Jones, V. Kosmicki , K. Lajeunesse , J. Lambert, E. Levy, R. Ludwig, M. McCarthy, M. Mcintosh, R. Mills, A. Moos, R. Moulton, L. Nielsen, K. Niles, N. Pai, V. Peddicord, D. Ray. M. Real, B. Renaud, F. Rodriguez. J. San- chez, G. Shaver, K. Shively, C. Smith, S. Smith, M. Specht, D. Turner, A. Vermillion, S. Wade, W. Waterworih, D. Weeks. 2. Second Semester Senators: S. Anderson, I. Avela, D. Bowker, R. Brooks, R. Bruinsma, C. Coie, L. Coie. M. Cottrell. K. Cox. V. Dack. L. Delius. ]. Diaz. S. Durkin, P. Fleno, D. Gomez, T. Gomez, R. Greene, S. Jacobs, K. Jones, L. Jones, J. King, K. Lajeunesse, D. Lit- win, M. McCarthy, C. Melson, K. Menage, L. Mignot, S. Moore, R. Moulton, D. Newton, L. Olemacher, M. Orwell, J. Porras, M. Real. Renaud. J. Remender, C. Renee . J. Savino, M. Shea. C. Smith, C. Terry, D. Thorpe, K. Ufholtz, T. Vastbinder, M. Wilson. 3. The senators work together to make school more enjoyable. 4. The senators listen closely to all the discussions . Senate 51 speech Club The Speech Club started the year off with a progressive Dinner and Bike-A- Thon under the guidance of their new Advisor Miss Peggy Snyder. Contests included a La Mirada Debate Tourna- ment, American Legion Speech Con- test, Optomist Club Contest and for future the I U LUI I two Varsity tourna- ments, a UC Berkley Tournament and possible finals at Seattle. After Miss Snyder left, Mrs. Carol Tarbell again took over the task of coaching and helping with speeches. This years offi- cers are: President, David Gimpelon, Vice President and Treasurer, Edward Ely, Secretary, Ted Slowiaczek, His- torian, Michelle Krotinger, and Pub- licity Chairman, Larry Cairo. 1. Michelle Krolinger receives a firsi place award from ihe Presideni of the American Legion and Mr. Billinger for her participaiion in the American Legion Speech Contest. 2. Row 1: Don DuRivage, Dave Fisher. Row 2: Mic- helle Krotinger, Dave Gimpelson. Kaihie Myers. Ted Slowiaczek, Gina Veazey, Linda Yniguez. Row 3: Leslie Green, Steve Madden, Carol Fergu- son, Harold Light. 3. Michelle Krotinger, Ted Slowiaczek, Dave Gimpelson and Leslie Green are a few of the main ingredients of the Speech Club. 52 Clubs ?5 1 t ' - TtJ.z ' ' i Jits S i K m Pep Club ' .47 Selling spirit ribbons was Pep Clubs mosi P fOT I T3 D I fund raising event. Pep Club did a fine job this year by decorating the football stadium for Homecoming. They also helped decorate the stadium for regular football games. Along with their advisor, Mrs. Thalken, they ' ve done a fine job. Pep Club also helped spread the Christmas spirit throughout the community by caroling at the local Covalescent Homes. 1. Row r Vonnie Marunez, Melony Shea, Michelle Krounger. Pam Frear. Carla Anderson, Vicki Searls, Sally Bedoya, Cindy Lugo. Luba Slivkoff, Sue Jacobs, Liz Wilhelm, Julie Lambert, Row 2: Sylvia Hachey , Boniia Silvey. Diane Vidall. Joann Mollis, Karen Manupuiy, Margarita Gonzales, Beatrice Luque , Stacy EUig, Debbie Gochnour. Row 3: Sally Fuentes, Sheri Inge, Joann CahiU, Michelle Verdugo. Lori Heney, Mary McCarthy, Kim Kunke, Joni Bolbendahl, Christy Bernard, Denise Meddy, Debbie Zavala. Row 1 Eva Watson, Kathy Churchill, Sherry Williams, Cathy Boyer, Robin Berd , Heather Duffy, Gail Corcoran, Cathy Clenton, 1. Carla Anderson, Michelle Krotinger and Joann Cahill pose for a picture on their way to a meeting. 3. Carla Anderson sells Stephanie Smith and Allison Brown a spirit ribbon. Clubs 53 C.S.F. C.S.F. (California Scholarship Federation) is a club in which to be eligible you must achieve a G.P.A. of 3.6 or better in academic subjects. This year ' s activi- ties included seeing a Chorus Line, a field trip to U.C.L.A. Float and working on a Rose Parade The advisor of the club is Miss Samuels. 1. Miss Samuels conducts a C.S.F. meeting for new members. 2. The C.S.F. Officers for the First Semester are Row 1: Sgt. at Arms, Nelson Pai; President. Maling Lu. Row 2: Vice President, Linda Yniquez; Publicity Chairman. Robyn Goldstein; Secretary, Lori Mackey. 3. Row 1: V. Sherwin. E. Levy, D. Williams, M. Mcintosh, K. Litwin, S. Eagle, M. Nabors, S. Atkinson, T. Slowiaczek, D. Moncino. Row 2: ]. Foster, S. Howard. W. Betty, S. Bicker. R. Goldstein, I. Figueroa, K. Hall, I. Ely, J. Lambert. T. Thrasher, L. Fukuwa. F. Denton, I. Chong, I. Vogel, ]. Whitney, Miss Samuels. Row 3: M. Kuran, ]. Reese, R. Terry, I , Mackey, T. Ulibarri, E. Osterhues, G. Maertens, C. Mignot, M. Lange, C. Ernst, G. Veazey, L. Yniquez, N. Pai. Row 4: M. Barrett, T. Ulrich, E. Ely, D. Du Rivage , B. Wil- ier. J. Sass, T. Sherer. J. Tefteller, L. Cairo, B. Fuentes. C. Fan- ning, C. Ulibarri. M. McMuUen, C. Kuran. S. Madden. M. Hilli- ?rd. ■ 1 - .--. 1 ; .v ' - - ' sj ' .ri j.- " ■ ' - ,-5 -•■■ 54 Clubs Mazatlan Hawaii This year Neff studenis had the opportunity through two privately sponsored non-school related groups of going to Mazatlan or Hawaii. This is the first year there has been a trip offered to Hawaii, and through the A. B.C. School District the group spent seven exciting days and nights camping along the beach of Hanuma Bay on the island of Oahu. The Mazatlan trip, organized by Mr. Gomez, again proved to be a big success. The group left from L.A. landed in oU I If I V Mazatlan. The students filled their days and nights seeing the sites, going horseback riding, playing tennis and surfing. The daring ones even attempted the Parakite ride. Once again the Mazatlan trip proved to be an unforgettable experi- ence . Mexico Staff: Pete Gomez, Jon Miller, Bette Brunner, Sue Tisdall, Donna Schipper, Geroge RobiUard. Barbara Samuels, Mel Lewellen, Rissi Lewellen. Studenis Mazatlan ■■77 ' : L. Ackerson, J. Anderson, C. Baker, B. Battels . J. Bernard, S. Bone, C. Beyer, T. Bran dt, V. Cain, L. Carpenter. M. Casso, C. Chaff in, C. Chil- cott. K. Contralto, R. Davis, P. Draper, R. Duquette, D. Eggan, C. Ernst, V. Gage, R. Goldstein, D. Gomez, D. Gurley. L. Hancock, T. Herman. R. Hol- brook. C. Hurd. I. Ibarra, T. Ishii, M. Kozak, L. Kruse, D. Lafond.D. Larson, ]. Leslie, L. Mackey, S. Madden, M. McCarthy, N. McDonald, K. Meyers, M. Mcintosh, C. Mignot, K. Miller. R. Mills. A. Morey, I. Moss, ]. Okuma, P. Oppedahl. J. Ponas. R. Robin- son, K. Rogers. C. Smith, R. Smith. J. Stein. M. Sumner, T. Thrasher. R. Whedon. W. V ilhelm. Stu- dents Hawaii; D. Buente. G. Chavez, M. Elias L. Fukawa, ]. Gaston, J. Savino. J. Wittick , P. Wool- dridge . Mazatlan Hawaii 55 A Purpose in Mind Not So Easy to See Increasing Our Knowledge Forming What We Will Be This Year Is Ours f UGl BOO -UNIT OF LIP OCHOI » SlA;..t . LASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSE Senior Favorites W - ' ' ■W %? ■ ' 1. Most Service to School: Tina Rosen, Adam Treff. 2. Best Threads: Stephanie Van Ess, Joe Doughty. 3. Best Personality: Linda Neilson, Todd Gomez. 4. Brightest Smile: Karen Lundquist, Bob Hagoort. 5. Most Lii ely to Succeed: Cathy Ulibarri, Chris Kuran. 6. Sports Stars: Kelli Beach, Steve Chambers. 58 Seniors I J£T, VWK fflA!55 . ■X ' ViyS Tirr 1 Bcsi All i und Kai e Sh cl Enc Aranda Mosi • iiracme ]ud Hamilion Ra Robinsin o Biggest Flin Carla Sciu olcn Stephenson 4 Most Bashful Tina Rosen Aaron Valverde 5 Best Figure Dt Phs que Turn Moses Mike Swinne b Biggest Squirrel end HerbTn MiKc McCanh) Seniors 59 Senior Activities 1. Top Graduates of 1977 were: Row 1: Jim Ely, Craig Dunn, Kim Kunke, Caihy Ulibarri, Tamis Thrasher, Jane Siapleton. Row 2: Nelson Pai, John Kuel, Ken La Roche, Dan Litwin. Not pic- tured are: Laurie Fukawa and Anita Moos. 2. Some seniors anxiously await the evening of the all-night pany held at the WonderBowl on June 16, 1977. 3. Jenny Lambert and Jim Berklite stop to take a last minute picture as a reminder of graduation. 4. Colorful brocades and sparkling crystals enrich the Presidential Room of the Hol- lywood Palladium, where this years Junior-Senior Prom was held. 60 Seniors :s? . vWMCv «. ' oSJwtawK«rff:TPH¥i7e:Kmir :nn«-aR. .wao53 -:!M77«Tcns?ffKEsrs«¥jswT«. ' sv-.iri7K .T;c 4 X 1. The site of ihis years Junior-Senior Prom, held June 4, 1977, was ihe V% ' orld Famous Hollywood Pallidum. 2. The Seniors which participated in this years Student in Government were: Row 1: Denise Williams, John Thomas, Jeri Okuma, Cindy Fanning, Pam Freai, Karen Hall. Nelson Pai, Tina Rosen, Mary Fetters. Row 2: Marc Camp, Carol Ferguson, Cathy Ulibarri, Bob McMuUin, Chris Kuran, Terry Haave , Rhoda Whedon. 3. Dori Luna, Lynn Jones, Barbara Bel- uan, Mike Sumner, Carla Scott, and Marcia Nabors enjoyed themselves as Val Gage and Randy Mills took their turn bowling at the Won- derbowl. 4. These two Senior rings will always remind us of the good times we had at Neff . Seniors 61 Seniors After thirteen years of waking up at the crack of dawn, or sometimes an hour or two late, the year that has meant so much to these people has finally come! They are 1977 ' s Senior Class. There was a certain feeling being projected around campus. A somewhat anxious, yet unpredicting awareness. The Senior Class has been dreaming and I Cl I I LClol l I I vJ about this year and now they can remember and cherish it. Many memories were created when they participated in vari- ous activities throughout this year. Seniors try out their talents at the Senior No-Talent Talent Show. Other activities which are enjoyed by Seniors only are the Senior Breakfast, the All Night Party at Wonder Bowl and the giving of Senior Gift to the school . Through all the previous bake sales, car washes, dances, and even pizza sales, Seniors have always excelled to their fullest. Now the time has come to use their abilities on future dreams. PHILIP KEITH ADISHIAN: Ambidon: To be the next Tar- zan. Acdviues: Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 3, 4; Bktb. 2. 3. Will never for- get Mr. " C ' s " class and the Quasimota Raiders and W. W. 111. JOHN ALBRIGHT: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Hon. Roll 1, 2: Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; Drama 2-4: Thes. Hist. 4; Sen. 1 - 3; Best Sup. Actor of the Year 1976. Will never forget the dme 1 was suckered into being M.C. for the talent show and Nov. 11. 1976. MARTHA ALVARADO: Ambiuon: Undecided. AND! ANDERSON: Ambition: Counselor. Will never forget the weekend of Oct. 23 and backpacking. CARLA DEE ANDERSON: Ambidon: To be a loumalist. Acuvities: Ann. Staff; News Staff: Pep Club Treasurer: An club: Pub. Class: Sen.; Sr. St. Comm.: It. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Summer Breeze ' 76, my buddies Bixb. Twink. Mammy and the day 1 found myself. 62 Seniors ■?TWxaMi»m:iT f;rc« 7Rira:7-7r?iTa7K w A77iinL ' T» wr .r-Mcns 1. President Chris Kuran. 2. Vice President Jeff Fierro. 3. Sec- reiar) ' Jeri Okuma. 4. Treasuier Carolyn Emsi. 5. Social Chairman Ann Williams. JOHN ARAIZA: Ambiiion: Undecided. ERIC ARANDA: Ambiiion: To be co-owner of Uranus Bulgers in Foniana with Mike. Activities: Sen. 4; Bash. Frosh, I.V. , Var. 3, 4; Fib. 1, 2. M.V.P. Var. 3, 4 Golden Trojan. Will never forgel my friends, Mr. Mele , football and Planet .X. CARMEN JEAN AUSTIN: Ambition: Dental Assi. Activities: St. Comm.; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget summer of ' 73 or ' 76 with C.B. and Sai. nights. Sun. mornings and the Purina heads. MATTHEW BARRETT: Ambition: Undecided. ROBERT HANS BARTELS: Ambition: Hutch. Acuvities: Sen. 2. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Basb. 1, 3, 4: Bktb. 1 - 4. Capt. 4; M.V.P. 1, 2. Will never forget Mr. " C ' s " class and Q. M. Raiders. Seniors 63 DONNA BARTIROMO: Ambition: Undecided. JOSEPH BARTON: Ambition: Undecided. DEBBIE BAXTER: Ambition: To cmise the countryside in a Jag- uar. Activities: G.I. A. Bktb. Var. 1, J.V. 2; Var. Sftb. 1; V. Ball 2; Schools in Action 4. Will never forget " are you bothering us?, " all the good times with my friends and Ricky. ROBERT DAVID BAXTER: Ambition: To beat Wayne to J. C. ' s doorstep and live in luxury. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2, ).V. 3, 4. Will never forget Paula A., busting out, lawn driving and trash- canning. KELLY BEACH: Ambition: Optomeuist Asst. Activities: Pep Club; Sen. 3, 4; C.S.F. 3, 4: Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; Girls Lge. 4; G.l.A. Soc. Ch. 3, President 4: Var. Bktb. 1-4, M.V.P. 3: Var. Sftb. 3, 4: Var. Tennis 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Module and Boss at Papas and Mush pestering me about C.G. Knees or Turtles. ROBERT BECK: Ambition: To be a forest ranger. Activities: J.V. Ftb. Will never forget the water balloon fights against Flag in the exchange rally. CRAIG BECKER: Ambition: Undecided. BARBARA BELTRAN: Ambition: To own a jet black Turbo Canera. Activities: Var. Tennis 3; Var. Sftb. 3, 4; Var. Yell 4. Will never forget the mad flasher M. McCarthy, July 29,1976, Richard B. and W.W. Ill with K.M. JAMES BERKLITE: Ambition: Very little. Activities: St. Comm. 1; Wrestling 2-4. Will never forget all the good times. 64 Seniors ' . . l S5JSfv3?5 $«?ffiriffiftiwjH ffi?.T»w?««:iT: ea; :n;c:7»aa 1. Steering Commiiiee Members: Row 1; Jenny Lamben, Robin Swickard. Carre Mignot, Tamis Thrasher. Row 2: Cindy Olson and Carla Anderson. 2. Cindy Olson, Sandy Kinkade. Carla .Anderson, Mary Fetters, Denise Crawford and Pam Spark show their spirit at one of the football rallies. 3. Paula Draper sits in her tourist chair while Jeanie Reed, Susan Reese, Carolyn Ernst, Terry Roberts and Donna Lafond join in on the fun on Tourist Day. BILL CHARLES BERNIER: .Ambiuon: Become a legend on drums. Activities: Bowling Club: Band. Will never forget to wear my Levi jacket, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and to say " Hey Women. " MARY BLOEMENDAAL: Ambition: To travel the world and eventually go to school in San Diego. Will never forget the sum- mer of Cresent Bay, Holland and Patty. BECKIE C. BLOSSER: Ambition: Secretary or Business. Will never forget E.B. and D.H. and all the fun times with Debbie and Leslie. STEVEN BORICH: Ambition: Undecided. DANIEL H. BOUDREAU: Ambition: Underwater basket weaver. Activities: Frosh Bktb.; Tennis. Will never forget the lime Herbe was talking about water bottles for emergencies. DREW BOURGEOIS: Ambition: To ski 5 feet of powder at the Swiss Alps and buy another convertible, but never a Nova. Activi- ties: Ftb. 1, 2. Will never forget all the good limes in my garage and all those tied up days. LORETTA ANN BOWKER: Ambition: Live life to it ' s fullest. Activities: Hon. Roll 3; J.V. Tennis. Will never forget the summer of ' 76 and Mr. Frese ' s U.S. History class. CLIFF BOYER: Ambition: To be a success at everything 1 try and own a Turbo Canera. Will never forget Mr. Ridder ' s fascinat- ing lectures and frosh fondling in Auto Shop. JAY BOYER: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Fr. Club 1, 2; M.G.M. . Will never forget all the times after bowling. Seniors 65 1 SCOTT BRADY: Ambition: to own the largest naiion-wide |i. chain of head shops. Will never forget the time I put M.C. ' s fiie kj out at M . H . ' s pany and all the good times with I . B . and D . N . TERRI RENE BRANDT: Ambition: Data Processor. Activities: G.I. A., Sftb. 3, 4; V. Ball 3. Will never forget Bobby O. , Prom ' 76, ski trips, driving Tisdall crazy and the Dodger game. BOB M. BRENEMAN: Ambition: Photographer, Baseball player and funny car driver. Will never forget driver ' s training with Roussel and when I stalled the car 17 times in a row. JANE BROCK: Ambition: Brain Surgeon, Physician heal thyself. Activities: Hon. Roll 1, 2: Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4: C.S.F.: M.G.M.: Gold. Cir. Will never forget Minski ' s anatomy, all my fantastic friends and a few select enemies. ROBERT JOHN BROWN: Ambition: to buy Neffs snack bar. Activities: Frosh. Sen. : Var. Ftb. 4: Track 2-4. Will never forget anything, also the Neff panics and a cenain friend. TAMMY BROWN: Ambition: Recreational Therapist. Activi- ties: G.I.A.; Var. Sftb. 1, 2: M.V.P. 1; I.V. Bktb. 1: Var. Ten- nis 3, M.V.P. Will never forget the hard times I had learning to grow up and my friends who helped me out. NANCY BROYLES: Ambition: Undecided. DORTHY LYNN BUENTE: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Pep Club: Bowling Club 3. Will never forget Kiss Concen " ' 76, " and Captain Carmen ' s 1 volleyball team. BARBARA J . RUSSELL: Ambition: To become a forester or in an an area, Ahloa. Will never forget the time Cindy and I made the great escape to walk Mindy home . MARC " ROGER " CAMP: Ambiuon: To be like Mr. Mele. Activities: Sen. 1-4: Ftb. 1, 2, Var. Ftb. 3, 4; M.V.P. Anesia game: Var. Tennis 1-4: Basb. 2, 3; A.S.B. Cabinet: Sgt. at Arms; Golden Trojan; All League Ftb. Will never forget Planet X and doing crazy things with Mike, throwing up when 1 had the flu, and making M.V.P. in Suburban League . DANIEL CAMPBELL: Ambition: Undecided. 66 Seniors ! swinKjT 7t DENISE CANFIELD: Ambiiion; To be a Special Education Asst. for handicapped kids. Activities: Camp. Host. 1. 1: Bowl. Club 3; F.I.C. 3; G.I. A.; Bkib. 3; Secretary. 3. Will never forget forget Neff High School and it ' s teachers or rhe Jr. Sr. Prom ' 76. KATHY CARROLL: Ambition; Undecided. MICHAEL JON CASSO: Ambition: Dentist. Acuviiies: Ftb. 1, 2; Bktb. 1-4: Var. 3. 4; J.V. Capt. . Best Defensive; Basb. 1 - 4, Var. 4. Will never forget Dr. Pepper. STEVEN MICHAEL CAZARES: Ambition; To be number 1 in speedway. Activities: Frosh, J.V. C.C: Track; Bktb. 1. Will never forget David, my brother and all the times in San Ofre and my Van. STEVE CHAMBERS: Ambition; Geophysicist. Activities: Randy Tylor Award: Golden Trojan; All Lge; Bktb. 1-4, Capt. 4; Basb. 1 - 4. All Lge.; C.S.F. 3. Never forget Easter ' 76, T.T. , T.T. at Carls and T. A. GEORGINA CHAVEZ: Ambition; Pharmacist. Activities: Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Bowling Club; C.C. 4; G.l.A. Bktb. 4; Sfib. 4. Will never forget Sept. 30 with Stacy and John and Mazatlan ' 76 R.R.D. RANDY COE: Ambition; Undecided. RUDY COHEN: Ambition; Undecided. KATHRYN LOUISE COIE: Ambition; Fashion Coordinator. Activities Pep Club. Hon. Roll 1-4; Sen. ' 2, 4; Drill Team 3; Banner 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. DAVID CONN: Ambition; Counterfeiter. LILLIAN CORDOVA: Ambition: Undecided. ROGER COWAN: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget the time I got busted for getting a drink of water behind the 200 build- ing. 1. Todd Gomez cracks up at his own joke. 2. Football players dis- guised as Flag twirlers spin their way through the rally . Seniors 67 TERESA LYNN COX: Ambition: To be happy, tall, and rich. Activities: Dr. Team; Soph. St. Comm.: Jr. St. Comm.; Sen. 3. Will never forget me and Sandy floating to school, rallies with the gang and most of all Jim. DENISE CRAWFORD: Ambition: to live a long and happy life in Iowa with Steve Abel. Activities: Sen. 3, 4: Leadership 4. Will never forget August 13, 1974 and all my friends at Neff. CYNTHIA ANN CYR: Ambition: To be free and to be just me. Activities: Pep Club 1. Will never forget the time that Bar- bara and 1 made our great escape to walk Mindy home . STEVEN JON D ' AMICO III: Ambition: Undecided. Activi- ties: Bowl. Club; Fr. Club 1, 2. Will never forget my third period English class. VICKI L. DACK: Ambition: Policewoman, Medical Science. Activities: Pep Club 1; Gold. Cir. 4; St. Comm. 4; Thes. 3. 4; Sen. Alt. 4; Var. Bktb. Stat. 1, 2; G.I. A. Bktb. 2-4; G.l.A. Sftb. 2 - 4; G.l.A. V.ball 4; G.l.A. Sec. 3, 4. Will never forget Grand Canyon with Moondoggy and Hotlips, Ixiwer Lip Club and Saliva Sisters. PATRICIA DANEHY: Ambition: To experience all there is. Will never forget the summer of " 76, ' K.C., V.C., J.S., and most of all Wane! BRIAN CHARLES DAUGHERTY: Ambition: Musician and buy my mother a mansion. Activities: Sen.; Art Club. Will never forget all of the friends I made, the Bacardi Bros, and the years ■■76 ' and ■ ' 77. ■ JOHN J. DE LEON; Ambition: Undecided. PAULINE DETRICK: Ambition: To become a Professional Bowler. To make something out of my life and to live in the coun- try. Will never forget Mr. Miler, the panies at Susans, 6 10 76 and Peter Frampton. ROSEMARIE M. DIAZ: Ambition: Undecided. 1. Bob Haggort turned into the Groovy Grandpa on Old Folks ' Day during spirit week. 2. Mike Casso tries to prove to Andrea Vermil- lian that he ' s a senior. 3. This spirited cheerleader, Lisa Kruse, likes to cut up magazines for her An class. 53 r.Wl,.. " J.! VlBht. ' -J T ' .imrf-mi,ibi ' ?:.-iV i ' -:.Ti.:-tJK :rT:!Z ' T ' .:i . ' Ai t K ' : ' ii-;ii ' - l r MARION DINSMOOR: Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: S.E.C. 1 - 3; F.L.C. 1 - 3; Back Pk. Club 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4; Ir. St. Comm.; Gold. Cir. Will never forget my entire freshman year. Chris and Nov. 6. 1976. SCOTT DIXON: Ambition: Forester. Will never forget the library panies. KATHY DONOVALL: Ambition: Commercial Anist. Activi- ties: Hon. Roll; Ir. Hon. Grad . ; Modern Dance 1-3; Showcase. t£. - - .-; .._. m SSi (:, NICK SAMUAL DOPUDJA: Ambition: To be head Mafia syndicate leader. Activities: Ftb. 2-4; Bktb. 2. Will never forget the undefeated Banner Bombers and waking up early for J.V. games. JOE DOUGHTY: Ambition: To go back to my own planet " Neptune, " meet all the people that 1 can, and just live each day as it comes. Will never forget Terri M., Neptune kisses, taking Pub. pictures with Roda and all the great times. PAULA J. DRAPER: Ambition: To surf and ski. Activities: Var. V.ball 4; Var. Sftb. 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2: C.S.F. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Band 1-3; Stage Band 1, 2; Jr. High Hon. Band. Will never forget Puff, oui F.F. and S.S. gang, the beach party, Fubsey and making the Var. V.ball team. DANIEL DURIVAGE: Ambition: Public Accountant. Activi- ties: Ftb. 1, 2; Track 1. 2; Sen. 1, 2. CRAIG DUNN: Ambition: Veterinarian. Activities: Basb. 1-4; Ftb. 1 - 3; Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1. Will never forget Fiosh. Basb. and Ftb. champion teams and second period Anatomy in Minskis ' . KERRY GLENN EDQUIST: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Ftb. 1,2; Basb. 1.2. Will never forget the time Jeff and Paul and I got in a fight on the way home one night. Seniors 69 KEVIN B. EDQUIST: Ambiiion: Undecided. DEANA M. ELWELL: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget my Soph. year. S.S. and all the good times I had. JIM ELY: Ambition: Physician. Activities: Hon. Roll 1-4: Prin. Hon. Roll 2 - 4; Band 1: C.S.F. 2-4: Thes. 2-4. Will never forget being a Thespian and The Miracle Worker, DAVID ENRIQUEZ: Ambition: To be a Cop and confiscate the goods! Activities: Var. Ftb. 3, 4. Will never forget the time my van got hit at Baby Becks ' house and the girls! CAROLYN ELIZABETH ERNST: Ambition: Medical Tech- nologist. Activities: Band 1: Bktb. Stat. 1; S.E.O. 1, 2; F.L.C. 1, 2: Fr. Club 1, 2; Dr. Team 2; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; C.S.F. 1, 3. 4: Pep Club 4: Gold Cir.; Banner 3, Head 4; Sr. CI. Treasurer. Will never forget the raisin gang, 1183. Baimer ■75- ' 76, Hearts and Flowers ' 75 and all my pals. CINDY FANNING; Ambition: Own a Banana surplus stort . Activities: G.I. A. Sftb. 2, 3: V, ball 2: Bktb. Stat. 3: Kal. Sec. 4: Bowl. Club 1, 4; Hon. Grd . ; C.S.F. 3. 4; Hon. Roll 1, 2: Prin. Hon. Roll 3. 4. Will never forget falling for the Animal (Tim), putting ' Gay ' on Migs car and my friend Healthy. CAROL DIANNE FERGUSON: Ambition: Medicine and liv- ing the way God planned for me to live. Activities: N.F.L. 3, 4; Spch. Club 3. 4; Band 1 - 3; Con. Band 1 - 3: Hon. Roll. Will never forget my sophomore year, summer of ' 76 ' and the friends thai I ' ve met. TERESA ADELE FERNANDEZ: Ambition: To make a lot of money as a Professional Horse Jockey and use it to help other peo- ple. Will never forget the Cosmic Day with T.P. and the difficult time I ' ve had trying to stay in Neff . MARY CATHRYN FETTERS: Ambition; Social Worker. Activities: Dr. Team 2; An Club 3: Pep Club 3. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.: Ann. Staff 4; A.S.B. Secretary 4. Will never forget the radical McGuire, my bestest pals. Six. Twink, and Carly. and THE LET- TER! PATRICIA D. FIDDLER: Ambition: Professional Model. Activities: At Jordan - Bktb. 2: J.V. Swim Team: L.B.C.L.O. Musical Unsinkable Molly Brown - Maria; Water Polo Stat. Will never forget my living in Hawaii for the summer and the Neff vs. La Mirada game ' 75. ' JEFFREY J. FIERRO: Ambition: Teach English Lit. and spre.id The Word. Activities: St. Comm. 2, 3; Sr. CI. Vice-President. News. Staff 2 - 4, Ed. 4: C.S.F. 2, 3; Hon. Roll 1 - 4: Will never forget Mr. Smith. Miss Moore, Randy, Jeff, Dirk and their friend- ship, and P.T.L. 70 Seniors JAMES MIYASATO FIGUEROA: Ambition: Demist CM. Activities- Band 1-4; Dr. Major 3, 4; V.R. Bank Council; Hon. Roll 1-4. Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; C.S .F. 3 , 4; Var. Ftb. 3 . 4; Var. Track 3, 4; Var. Soccer 3, .4. Will never forget Sharon, the sum- mer of ' 76. ' Knotts Casino, and the kicks with Joe and CM. at Escolona . OFELIA FLORES: Ambition; Secretary or Probation Officer, and just to be happy. Will never forget October ' 22, 1976 with B.C. . and all the crazy times with R.C. . Y.G. , E. Y. , D.C.. , and O.L. DEBRA LYNNETTE FOLLIS: Ambition; To be totally free and happy. .Activities; Sr. Si. Comm.; Hon. Roll. Will never for- get the crazy times with Tam Bam. River, Victorvile , MTS., K . K . and stop the war Ian . KATHY FORD: Ambirion; To own the lies; Soph. Sen. All.; G.l.A. Var. Sftb. Bktb. 3. Will never forget summer ' 76, ' Busch Gardens, .■ ctivi- : - 4. Var. V.ball 3. 4; warmspois ai Yosemite and Shelbert running into the wall at Moms. CHRISTOPHER JAY FORREST: Ambition; Electrician. Will never forget Spry ' s class and 1977 year. PAMELA JEAN FREAR: Ambition; Registered Nurse. Aciivi- lies: Pep Club 1-4. President 3, 4; Girls ' Lge . 3,4; Pub. Class 3: News Siaff 4. page 1 Ed.; A.S.B. Public Relations 4; Jr. Hon. Grad.; Ftb. Stai. 3. Will never forget Starsky and Hutch, rear of the year ' 76, ' the N.B.L. A. and all my buddies. RICK FREDERICKSEN: Ambition; To be as good a teacher as Mr. Robillard. DANIEL R. FRIDAY: Ambiti on: Undecided. PAULA J. FROGG ' E: Ambition; To live in the mountains, have a lot of animals and hopefully go to college. Activities; St. Comm.; Sen.; Back Pk. Club. Will never forget P.K.P., 5-19- 74, summer of ' 76. ' 1-23-77. 6-17-77, Neff. and most of all Mr. Lee . BARBARA FUENTES: Ambiiion; To marry Davey-poo. Aciiv- ities; Pep Club 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2; C.S.F. 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4: Kal. 4. Vice-President; Cam. Host. 4; Mod. Dance 1-3. Showcase 2. 3. ' iU never forget pulling ' Gay ' on Migs car, the concerts and my pal The Animal ' s girlfriend . 1 At the exchange rally, the boys tried to impress the student body as Banner carriers. 2. Eat your bean out Donald Duck. Bar- bara Beliran is right behind you ! Seniors 71 LAURIE FUKAWA: Ambition: To become a prosperous bum. Activities: Back Pk club l;Ski Club; F.I.C. 3; Bowl. Club 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Golden Circle; C.S.F. 1 - 4: Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Psycho-analyst of A. A. C.C. 4. Will never forget Kiss Concen - Aug. " 76 ' . Joshua and his tomatoes. A. A. C.C. and Carlson Day. LINDA EILEEN GACKSTETTER: Ambition: Physical Ther- apist. Activities: S.E.C. 2; Play 2; Band. Will never forget meet- ing L.F. for the first time and all the friends I ' ll leave behind me. VALERIE RUTH GAGE: Ambition: Dentist. Activities: Ann. 4; Sen. 3: Sftb. 3, 4: M.V.P. 3; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 3; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Homecoming Prin.; Golden Circle; V. Yell 3, 4. Will never forget Bowie Concert. Prom ' 76. ' Homecoming ' 76. ' MASAGRO. W. W. III. B. A. ' s. Dodgers and Terry. THERESA ANN GALLAGHER: Ambition: Airline Steward- ess. Will never forget the time 1 went to the Career center. KEVIN D. GAUTHEIR: Ambition: Fuzz. Activities: Ftb. 1 - 4; Basb. 1 - 4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; M.V.P. La Mir- ada Game. Will never forget the stick and P.T. . The Quasimoto Raiders. W.W. Ill and of course Stephanie. JAYNE MARIE GILLETTE: Ambition; To be a Legal Secre- tary or Bank Teller. Activities: Pep Club. Will never forget Hot- dog. Bimbo. Spacy. May 31 . 1975 and my love " Bonehead. " DAVID GIMPELSON: Ambition: Medicine. Activities: Frosh. Soph, Jr. steering Comm. ; Speech Club 1-4. President 4; NFL 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4: Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Sc. Engr. Club 3. Will never forget helpful guidance I have received. DIANE ROBIN GLAHN: Ambition: Photographer. Activities: Pep Club, Cam. Host. Will never forget the good and the bad times, my great friends and my love Gary. ANTHONY C. GODFREY: Ambition; Undecided. DIRK LANE GOLDEN: Ambition; Prof. Puppeteer. Ventrilo- quist and Christian. Activities: Band 1. 2; Thes. 1-4. Will never forget my Mom. when 1 met Jesus Christ and Judi, Jeff, Randy. Jim. Dan W. and P.T.L. 1. Is this how the " Battle of the Sexes 72 Seniors •vrBnsaw: ;- ..,--,. i. . ' .-i.-„- TODD GOMEZ: Ambiiion: Charley in C. Angeles. Activities: Ftb. 1. 2. 3; Bktb. 1, 2; Frosh. Trk; Sen. 1, 2; Var. Wrestling 2 . 3, 4. Will never forget the summer of ' 76 and when Ray, Ron, Jr. and I went out of town. DELORES ANITA GONZALES: Ambition: To have a happy, healthy life and to be a receptionist. Will never forget the trips to Mazatalan, disco and sneaking to panies after bedcheck. ELIZABETH DIANE GONZALEZ: Ambition: Designer of jewelry. .Activities: .An Club ' 76; V.Ball; Girls ' League. Will never forget the times Jayne. Stacey. Kim and 1 had together par- tying and my school hoppin ' . KIM GORDON: Ambition: Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor - but most of all to marry J.B. Will never forget the day of the noses and Martians and a very special friend . N . C . JAMES E. GORMAN: Ambition: Undecided. RANDI GREEN: Ambition: to go to college and get married. Activities: Sen. 1, 2; Pep Club President 2: Bktb. Slat. 1, 2; G.l.A. Sftb. 1-3; Kal. Pub. Ch. 4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4. Will never forget Jan. 31, 1975, Rick Alkire, dances, and my thrills and spills in dresses. TOM A. GREULICH: Ambition: Dentist, Get richer and marry Karen. Activities: Frosh Bowl. Club: Band; Con. Band 1, 2, 3. 4. Will never forget Mr. Miler ' s Etymology Class with Perelman third period . TERESA RENNA GURLEY: Ambition: Dental Hygienist. Activities: Pep Club 1; Ski Club 1, 2; Sen. 1-4. Will never forget Prom ' 74; June 13, 1974 and ' 75; Mazatalan ' 75: slumber pany for J.H. ; friends: and my Sr. Yr. TERRY D. HAAVE: Ambition: Astronomer. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1, Hon. Roll 2-4; Track 4. Will never forget meeting Denise Bernier and my troubles with gasoline and the star panies. JOHN J. HACHEY: Ambition: Major in Forestry and Profes- sional Baseball player. Activities: Frosh. J.V., Var. Baseball, Frosh. M.V.P.; Frosh Ftb., All League; J.V. Cross Country: Frosh V.P.; Ann. Staff, Pub. Class. ROBERT STEVEN HAGOORT: Ambition: To be a Body Man and Custom Painter. Activities: Snk. Bar: Sen.; Ski Club. Will never forget wearing my old man mask to the ' 76- ' 77 Homecoming game . Seniors 73 ' - " I 1. " I ' m sure! , " says Brenda Reouad and Ten Brandt as Tina Riley tries to pull a fast one. 2. Mike Sumner. Gus Theisen, and Mike McCarthy looked darling on Halloween Day. KAREN MARIE HALL: Ambition: Ph.D. in Technical Engi- neering. Activities: Frosh. St. Comm.: Sr. St. Comm.; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. 4: C.S.F. 3. 4. Will never forget Ml. Carlson, the most wonderful, dedicated teacher and person I know. JAMES R. HAMILTON: Ambiuon: Undecided. JUDY HAMILTON: Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities: Bktb. Stat. 1. 2; G.I. A. Softb. 1; Vol. ball 3: Soph. CI. Soc. Chi. 1; Jr. 01. Secretary: Dr. Team 2; Pub. Class 3: Ann. Staff 4: Girh ' Lge. Treastuer 4; Homecoming Prin. Will never forget the " Dub. " Cmising La Capelle. the " Raisin Gang " and Homecom- ing. LISA JEAN HANCOCK: Ambition: A night on the town with Rod Stewart. Activities: Soph. Ftb. Stat.; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all the friends 1 made , typical Friday nights and someone vtr special. MARK HAND: Ambiuon: Undecided. DINAH HANKINSON: Ambition: Doctor. Will never forget lots of things but mostly P.H.S. . my friends and fun times there. LYNNE HARRIS: Ambition: Undecided. RALPH DONALD HARRIS: Ambition: Undecided. ROSE HEATON: Ambition: To uain and breed horses, never forget the day of the noses. Will SANDRA LOUISE HEIN: Ambition: Undecided. RON HEMPHILL: Ambition: Landscape!. Activities: Frosh Ftb.; Soph Ftb.; Soph. Bktb.; Var. C.C. Will never forget library par- ties and running to Huntington Beach. WENDI JEAN HERBON: Ambition: Professional Dancer. Activities: Sen. 1; WrestUng Stat. 1. 2, 3; J.V. Yell 2. V. Yell 3, 4. Will never forget Rousell ' s Class. Nip, Summer of ' 75, Cat- alina and Otto and my friend David B. 74 Seniors av ' A r .: . ,V LS VOJ?r .V ....i.-l i ..A- ., . iii-l Sftrfiivl ' - ' lOTP. " !: sr, 7W7F;TZ»je: .-.111 ;,T aV..-.; :;...sr t.v. MELODY ANN HILL: Ambiiion: To become a Physical Thera- pist and to live a happy life with someone special. Will never for- get the friends I lost and those 1 found. Summer ' 76 and my special friend . MARK A. MILLIARD: Ambition: Undecided. DEBBIE LYNN HIRD: Ambiuon: Pre-School Teacher. WUl never forget 5-18-74. Dean Beck. 10-4-76 any ray wonderful par- ents. MICHAEL ALLEN HODGES: Ambition: To light ' em up going across autoshop in front of Riddar without getting busted. Will never forget Donna and that goes for the future too. RICHARD M. HOLBROOK: Ambition: 10 M.P.G. Aciiviues: J.V. Soccer; Soccer Club. Will never forget Frampton with Linda, ' 76 Prom, limches at Tom ' s and parries in Laguna. DEBBIE LYNN HOLLIS: Ambiuon: Stewardess and work in a Pie-School. Will never forget all the good times with Beckie , Les- lie. July 3, 1975 and the meering at S.P. BOB HORNSCHU: Ambition: Professional Degree. Acuviries: J.V. Golf 1; Hon. Roll 1, 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; Thes. 4. Will never forget Mr. Minski ' s gesturing, lighring T.M.W. and Photo with O. Lee. SHARON RUTH HOWARD: Ambition: Band Director. Acuv- iries: Drum Maj. 3-4; Band 1-4; Secretary 3: F.T.A. Secretary 2; Sen.; S.E.C.; F.L.C.; Spch. CI. Var. N.F.L. Debate; G.I. A.; C.S.F.; Hon. Roll; Prin. Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Gold Cii.; Perfect Attendance. Will never forget Jim. being Neff ' s first girl drum major and being nominated for Homecoming. MIGUEL JOHN IBARRA: Ambition: Computer Tech. Acrivi- ties: Var. Ftb. 3. 4; Wrestling 1. Will never forget Hell Week and Friday nights after the Ftb. games. STEVE K. INGE: Ambiuon: Undecided. TRAGI LYNN ISHII: Ambiuon: Jack-in-the-Box Manager or Doctor and to repay my parents for all the love and understanding they ' ve given me. Acuvities; S.E.C. 1; Pub. Class 3; Annual 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget not coming home, E.M.P., Par- ties at J . I . B . , J . V . , M . W . M . and growing up ! Seniors 75 KEVIN IVERS: Ambition: Undecided. THOMAS IVERS: Ambition: Undecided. LAUREE JACOBS: Ambition: Undecided. KATHIE JESSING: Ambition: Executive Secretary. Activities: Showcase; Dance 1-3. Will never forget Oct. 30. 1976 and story- telling with Cindi. CINDI KAY JOHNSON: Ambition: Model. Activities: Pep Club 2LSen. 2. 3; G.I. A. 2 - 4: Sftb. 2-4; Var. Tennis 3: Song KIM LARAE JOHNSON: Ambition; Cosmotologist. Activities: Ann. Staff; Pub. Class; Hon. Grd. Will never forget the time I got straight A ' s. Carolyn Tackett and Aug. 30 with Ron Rosa. STEVEN JOHNSON: Ambition: Undecided. GARRETT JONES: Ambition: Undecided. LAURA JONES: Ambition: To own Hollywood Park. Activities: G.l.A. 2: S.E.C.; Sftb. 1, 2: M.l.P. 1; G.I. A. Bktb. Stat. 1. Will never forget those long walks to school, Manwell, Chino and all ray dopey friends. 76 Seniors r : ' .. ' A .»..Lyi nijl : ■ -A! 4 J ' v. ' i vrvn ■ V; iV a5,-A " 1 ' ..: . j-it.-xufc il T Sf tv 7fr.-«i ' ,- .- ' n_ LYNN CHRISTETTE JONES: Ambiuon: To be a disco dancer and marry a very special person someday. Activiiies; Pep Club 1; Sen. Alt. 1. 2; Soph Frosh Stat; Dr. Team 2; Banner 3: Pub. Class; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Ann. Staff 4. Will never forget 2-13-76 with Dori, my pany. F.F. Gang, ' 76 Grad. and July 3-5 with Dave Arm- strong. RICK J. JONES: Ambition: To surf all the Islands. SANDRA JONES: Ambition: To be happy. Will never forget my Frosh year with Mark, the Prom, and all the great times at the WAYNE A. JONES: Ambition: To elope with J. C. Marr before she marries Baxter, he can have any fish in the sea. Activities: Ftb. 1-4. Will never forget lawn driving, pinning Mele at wres- tling practice and Sept. 18, 1970. KURTIS D. KAUFMAN: Ambition: Undecided. MARLENE ADALB KELLY: Ambition: To be a leading lady in a movie with Michael Landon and Elvis Presley. RICK KENDALL: Ambition: Yes. BARBARA DESIREE KENT: Ambition: Nun. Activities: Thes- pians; Matchmaker; The Miracle Worker; M.A.S.H. Will never forget the time John T. and I called Mr. McConnel ' s class every day for the whole year period 5. DAVID KERN: Ambition: Undecided. JOHN KUEL: Ambition: Some. Activities: Tennis 3; Prin..Hon. Roll 3,4. 1. Mr. Minski examines Mark Camp and Eric Aranda ' s slide for Biology. 2. Randi Greene likes to play secretary during school. 3. Linda Neilson begins to ' crack-up ' through the chug-a-lug contest on Western Day. Seniors 77 SANDRA LEE KINKADE: Ambition: Drive cross country. Activities: Sftb.; G.I. A. 2; Bktb. Basb. siai. 3: Hon. Roll 2-4; S.E.C. 1. Will never forget Lurk . Loop. Laslo. Mam. Ish, Twlnk, Carlie, and THE LETTERS. JONATHAN SCOTT KLENK: Ambition: Computer Techni- cian. Activities: Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4. Will never forget the 75-76 Drill Team and the " fun " after the parades. JIM KLINGER: Ambiuon: Playgirl ' s luly centerfold. Activities: Bktb. 1. Will never forget the time I had amnesia. LISA PATRICIA KRUSE: Ambition: Commercial Artist. Activities: J.V. Yell; Var. Yell. Head 4; Ir. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the E.J. Concert, 74 Comp, Camp, masagro, C.I.F. 74, nlng. R.G.. V.G.. D.L. . A.H.W., Y.H.R. and Feb. 28. KIMBERLY JEAN KUNKE: Ambition: To be happy with myself and with a cenain someone. Activities: Gold. Ctr. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4; Dr. Team 2; Banner 3. 4. CHRISTOPHER G. KURAN: Ambition: Naval Architect. Acuvities: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3-4; President A.A.C.C. 4; M.G.M.; President Sr. CI.; Bktb. 1. 2, Var. 3, 4: M.V.P. 2; C.S.F. 2-4. Will never forget the formauon of A.A.C.C. , Freshman Band and Mr. Carlson ' s chalk. KIMBERLY SUE LAJEUNESSE: Ambition: Court Reponer. Activities: Sen. 4; Stat. Will never forget the first time I saw Doug and met Cathy and all the good times at Alfa Loma. KEN LAROCHE: Ambition: To play golf with Nicholas and beat him. Activities: C.S.F. 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2-4; J.V. Golf 1; Var. Golf 2-4, M.V.P. 3. Will never forget skiing Easter of 1976, league finals 1976 and being M.V.P. of the 1976 golf team. JERI LADD: Ambition: To attend San Diego State and become a Dental Hygenist and to make my dad happy. Activities: Ski Club 1; Modem Dance 2, 3. Will never forget my Frosh year, skiing, Mins. . Mike and all the fantastic times (Mar. 3, ' 75). DONNA GERETTE LAFOND; Ambition: ski instructor. Activities: Pep Club 1; Sen. 1; F.T.A. 1: Dr. Team 2; Soph. CI. Secretary; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 4; Bktb. Stat. 1, 2. Will never forget the raisin gang. Emie Moto. ice cream in Russ ' face, 1183, K.L. and T . T . 1. Brian Daughtery helps Jim Edwards figure out who this anony- mous love letter is from. 2. Adam Treff, A.S.B. President, keeps the students happy by playing music at lunch time. 3. Mike McCarthy and Mike Sumner try to look brave for the photographer but are really too scared to move . r 78 Seniors KM v ' RICKY LAKE: Ambiiion: Undecided. JENNY LEE LAMBERT: Ambition: Chiisiian Counselor or Acuess. Aciiviiies: Speech 1; C.S.F. 2. 3; Thes. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2. 3: Ann. Staff 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Gold Cii.; St. Comm. 4. Will never forget the Theatre, Prom 1976. First open- ing night, lunch 1976 and all the neat people. MELINDA JO LANGE: Ambition: OB. Nurse. Acdvides: S.E.C. 1; Dr. Team 2: Banner 3. 4; C.S.F. 3. 4: St. Comm. 4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. 4; Gold Cir. 4. Will never forget Banner 76-77. teaching the 76 Banner boys and my Soph. year. .!•.__ SCOTT LARSON: Ambition: Undecided. OLGA LATIOS: Ambition: Secretary, Nurse. Will never forget the 1976 Halloween Party and all those crazy times with D. C. , R. C. D. F. and K. C. MARK LAURIE: Ambition: Undecided. DIANE LAVIGNE: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Jr. St. Comm. ; Modem Dance 1-3. Will never forget my Frosh year, my good times with Rick and all the good times 1 had. GERALDINE F. LEIS: Ambition: Cosmetologist. Activities: Dr. Team 2: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Conference 74, Laguna 76, and all my accidents in the parking lot. EDWARD LEVARIO: Ambiuon: Undecided. Seniors 79 k ' 1. Sandi Wade. Teni Gurley and Kevin Edquist try to find some- thing good to do during lunch. 2. Anne Williams tries to prove to Audrey Pehlke her figures are correct. GREGORY MARK LEZIN: Ambiuon: Mechanical Engineer. Activities: J.V. and Var. Tennis 2 - 4; J.V. Cross Counuy. Will never forget the ski trips, the four really good years here at Neff High and L.P. JOE LIPP: Ambition: Undecided. Activities; Ftb. 1-4, Var. Capt. 4; Track 1-4; Bktb. 1, 2; Wrestling 4. Will never forget winning C.l.F. in 1974 and coming in last place in 1976. DAN LITWIN: Ambition; Rock Star Part-time Engineer. Activities; Thes. 2-4; M.G.M. 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget the great hypnosis, the tin can , and Mr. Carlson with chalk on his face . JOHN LOMBARDO: Ambition: Carpenter. MARYANN LOMBARDO: Ambition: Undecided. DONNA JEAN LONG: Ambition: Win a hundred dollar bet. Activities: Jr. Hon. Guard. Will never forget being a chiquita, yhiak, summer of ' 75, Siaisky, Nov. 1, ' 76 and Darrell. JESS MATTHEW LOPEZ: Ambition: To be happy. MALING LU: Ambition; Psychiatrist. Activities: Frosh. Presi- dent; St. Comm. 1, 4; Sen. 2; Hon. Roll 1-4: Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; C.S.F. 2 - 4, Hist. 3, President 4: Gold. Cir. 4; Dr. Team 2. Will never forget Ana ' s Cuban temper, Jana ' s death and the Lord ' s love and blessing for me . ARLENE RUTH LUNA: Ambition: Court Stenographer. Activ- ities: Dr. Team 2, 3; Banner 4; Cam. Host. 4. Will never forget dressing up for Spirit Week, serving pie for Miss Tisdall and Oly. DORIANN L. LUNA: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Frosh St. Comm.; Soph, and Jr. Sen.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; V. Yell 3, 4. Will never forget the F.F. Gang, Feb. 13th with Lynn, beach parties, and most of all Doug. 80 Seniors KAREN LUNDQUIST: Ambiiion: Miss Swedish Cookie. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1; Hon. Roll 2-4; Soph. CI. President; Basb. Stat. 2; Sen. 2; Gills ' Lge . ]r. Rep., President 4; Golden Cir.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; G.I. A. V.ball 1-4; Homecoming Princess. Will never forget M.V. , when a bee attacked me in Pagans, " My secret admirer, " and my friends. RANDY LUTKE; Ambition; To help show everyone how to find it because " I found it. " Will never forget when D. P. changed his life. STEVE C. LYONS: Ambition: A career in art. Activities: Art Club; Fr. Club. Will never forget Dorothy, Missy, Joyce, Elaine, Judy and Laura. YOLANDA MACIAS: Ambition: To be 5 ft. 2 in. Activities; Dr. Team 2. 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Barbara ' s " Pea- nuts! " , all my friends and Oct. 16th, ' 76 with Dan (and Cheryl). STEVEN A. MADDEN: Ambition; Soldier of the cross. Activities; Spch. Club 1-4, Vice-President 3; C.S.F. 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 4; Sen. 2; News. Staff 4. Will never forget good friends, good times, and four long years. CYNTHIA MALONEY: Ambition; Airline Stewardess. Activ- ities; Hon. Roll. Will never forget Graduation ' 76, a certain friend named Todd and my 3 sweeties Ardy, Elsie and P. J. JULIE ANN MANN: Ambition; Accountant. Will never forget my Soph, year and July 13 and 16 , 1976. JODELLE LYNN MARCHESI: Ambition: To work with chil- dren at a Pre-School or in some other capacity. Activities; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Dec. 5, 1975, June 5, 1976 and the fun camping trips. JOAN MARSCHKE; Ambition; Volleyball or Basketball Coach. Activities; G.I. A. Hist. 3, 4; J.V. V.Ball 2; Var. V.Ball 3, 4: J.V. Bktb. 2; Var. Bktb. 1. 3, 4; Var. Sftb. 1 - 4. M.V. P. 2, All Leag. 2,3. Will never forget Volleyball " 76, " Bktb. and all the help from Tisdall, Goody, Bmnner and friends. 1 1 H J Bi " - ' - iH I j f ' - hH m 1 " JF " k wm -— m p- 1 JUDITH " JUDY " LYNN MARTIN: Ambition; To teach handicapped children. Activities; Hon. Roll 4; Thes. 3, 4; St. Comm. 4; Transfer from Rim High; Dr. Team; Ski Club Treasurer; V. Yell; Hon. Roll 1,2, 4; C.S.F. 1,2. Will never forget leaving my friends in the mins. and the beautiful people I met at Neff . KEN MARTIN: Ambition; To learn how to shift. Activities; Soccer Club; Var. Soccer 2. Will never forget the first time I ever drove my car and starting out in reverse. Seniors 81 RONNIE LEE MARTIN: Ambition; To wake up with a wine glass in my hand on Sugar Mountain. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Basb. 1 - 4. Will never forget Rancho School, Tiger, Oct. 1st, Ron and Colleen and Karen ' s party. BARRY EDWARD McADAM: Ambition; To get a job I ' m happy with that will make me rich and to own a V-S Z . Activities; Bowling Club. MICHAEL J. McCarthy III: Ambition: Raise worms or slaughter Santa Claus ' elves. Inky, Pinky, Stinky, and Kinky. Activities; Bktb. 2-4: Track 1: Sen. .3, 4. Will never forget watching Ray and Ron try to water ski, Quizimotos, W.W. Ill and B. Betltran ' s B. A. 1 . SiKiF ' ROBERT LEE McMULLIN: Ambition: Receive a Major in Bio- logical Science. Will never forget the time I got kicked out of the library with some friends. CLIFF McPHAIL: Ambition; Deputy Sheriff. Will never forget the wonderful time 1 spent fondling things in tlie excellent Auto shop. CINDY " DR. PEPPER " MELSON: Ambition; To be a Truck Driver for Kojak ' s Lollypops. Activities; Sen. 2. 3. Will never for- get cutting, friends. Donna M., G. Buzard, Joy Davis, S. Neal and 1977. PATTI MENDEZ: Ambition: To be 34 - 24 - 36. Activities; Mecha 2: Pep Club 2, 3; Ski Club 2, 3: Spch. Club 3: Sen. 3; F.E.C. 3; Kal. 4: Camp. Host. Will never forget everything I for- got. KENNETH RAY MEYER: Ambition; Professional Athlete. Activities; Bktb. 3, 4; Basb. 1 - 4; Ftb. 4. Will never forget McCanhy ' s mad flash to Barb, Tina 1976, exchange rally, Quazi raids and Mr. C. DAVID JOSEPH MIGLIORINI: Ambition; To make it to the top of everything I pursue. Activities: Tennis 4. Will never forget the Friday night tags with the boys and the headshot over my hedges. 82 Seniors CARRIE A. MIGNOT: Ambition: To be a well rounded per- son. Acuviues: C.S.F. 1. 3. 4: Si. Comm. 1. 3. 4; Pep Club 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 4; Best Aciress 2; Besi Supporting Acuess 3. Will never forget 1183, Prom ' 76, Saliva Sisters and " Seitz Babe. " KEITH GORDON MILLER: Ambition: Accountant. Activi- ties: Bktb. 1-3. Var. 4; Frosh. Basb. . Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget Nov. 22, 1975, and Nov. 20. 1976. RANDALL LYNN MILLS: Ambition: Prof. Body Builder. Activities: Sen. 4; Ftb. 1 - 4; Bktb. 1, 2; Wrestling 3; Track 4; Basb. 4. Will never forget Planet X, My love of " 76, " Melba T. and skiing. ELAINE MONCINO: Ambition: To be 5 ft. tall. Activities: Bktb. 1 - 4, M.V.P. 2: Sftb. 1-4, All Lge . 2, 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; Hon. Roll 1 - 4. Will never forget Softball ' 76, Olympics ' 76 and Tiz . DANNY BOY THOMAS MONTGOMERY III: Ambition: To make Judy happy forever and to be a team rider for Timmy B. Good Surfboards. Will never forget the river in ' 76, Farrells and the Wizard of OZ . JIM ANTHONY MOORE: Ambition: To fight for the preven- tion of Crime, the preservation of peace and the pursuit of truth and to weigh 125 lbs. .■ ctivities: Bowling Club 1; Stage Craft 2 - 4: Drama 2-4; Thes. 2-4. Will never forget the good times with the Little Theatre group and R. J. S. STEPHEN MOORE: Ambition: Mathematician or Ditch Dig- ger. Activities: Band 1. 2, Con. Band 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4. Will never forget the conversations on the bus to and from Rockwell. ROSALIND " ANITA " MOOS: Ambition: To funher my education and someday write a book. Activities: Thes. 1-3; Best Min. Acuess 1. Spch. Club 2, 3: S.E.C. 3; N.F.L. 2, 3; M.G.M. 1 - 4; Sen. 3. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4; Girls ' Lge. 4; Gold. Cir. . President 4. Will never forget squeezing in a P.E. sueet locker. August 11. 1976 and Larry. CRISTINA MORALES: Ambition: To be Marcus Welby ' s M.D. substitute. Will never forget the persons whom 1 love and all the great days of my life in 1975. ANNE E. MORAN: Ambition: Undecided. VICTORIA E. MORENO: Ambition: To accomplish every- thing I dream of. .Activities: Hon. Roll 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1. 3; Dr. Team 2; St. Comm. 3; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; Gold. Cii. Will never forget ' 74- ' 75. my Senior year. Annual Staff, and the hits in the lot. ADELINE TERESA MOREY: Ambition: Real Estate Broker. Activities: Campus Host.; Jr. Hon. Gid. Will never forget the class of 77 , going out with the gang every weekend. O. D. and W. C. 1. The football players give their full attention to Mr. McConnell in American Government. 2. Rich Wiwel tries his skill at pottery in his Ceramics Class. 3. This is what Seniors do at Senior Table . . . EAT ' Seniors S3 TONI MOSELEY: Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Sen. 1-3 Pep Club 4: G.I. A. Sftb. 2, Tennis 3. Will never forget 4-26-74, the winter of ' 75 with Mike and working in the snack bar. TERRI MOSES: Ambition: Learn the Gujarati language and rev- olutionize the Gujarat with a McDonald ' s franchise. Activities Frosh Soc. Chairman; Sen. 2 - 4; M.G.M.; S.E.C. 2; New. Pg. Ed. 4; Honor Roll 1-4. Will Never forget Eric ' s LONG parties, Bogsley, Chiquita and Palm Springs with Queen Elizabeth. RUSS MOULTON: Ambition: Fireman. Activities: Con. Band 1-4; Jazz Band 1-4; Sen. 4; Soccer 1; Var. Ftb. 4. Will never forget the night before Christmas vacation following B. A. ' s with C. K. and K. L. CINDY (B.B.) MOYER: Ambition: To have my own art museum. Travel, and be happy. Will never forget 4M years with ]. B , , all my neato friends , P . W . N . H . , the gang ! , Turtle and Dad . JAMES HILTON MULLEN: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Track 4. Will never forget the Hearts and Flowers dance 1976 and my friends here at Neff . LARRY MULLIN: Ambition: Undecided. LEIGH MYER: Ambition: Undecided. KATHIE MYERS: Ambition: Forest Ranger. Activities: Drama 1-4; St. Comm. 1 - 3; Spch. Club 2 - 4; Kal. 3, 4; Camp Host. 3, 4; N.F.L. 2-4; News Staff 4; N.F.L. Apch. Club President. Advisor 4; G.I. A. Tennis 3,4. Will never forget all the friends I found at Neff, students and teachers alike. MARCIA K. NABORS: Ambition: TogetanM.D. in nursing. Activities: Pub. Class 3: Annual Staff 4; Honor Roll; Prin. Honor Roll: C.S.F. Will never forget H. P. 75, the Planter, S.H.S. , and most of all the special night of 1-31-75. DARYL NEWTON: Ambition: To own a Chem. Lab and make my own glass sculpters labeled Glass Head Inc. Will never forget the plans we made, the laughter we had and the good times with ]. B. and S. B. LINDA DIANE NIELSEN: Ambition: To own a Trans Am. Activities: Soph, and Jr. CI. Treasurer; Senate 2-4; Girls ' Lge. Soc. Ch.; J.V. Yell; Song 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; Gold. Cir.; Hearts and Flowers Prin.; Homecoming Prin. Will never forget Homecoming 1976 , M . P . ' s party and October 24th . LINDA HUDDA NOVAK: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Frosh St. Comm.; Senate 1-2; Pub. Class 3; Annual Staff 4; Dr. Team 2. Will never forget my bestest friend Rhoda, Kevin ' s party, Dec. 25, 1975 and mostly Anthony. STEVEN OAKES: Ambition: Undecided. JERI ANN Y. OKUMA: Ambition: To do everything there is to do. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Song 3-4; Sen. 3; Pub. Class 3; Ann. Staff 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sr. CI. Secretary; Hon. Roll 1-4; Gold. Cir. 4. Will never forget Song Camp ' 76 and all the trouble we got into and my four years at Neff. CYNTHIA KAY OLSON: Ambition: Physical Therapist. Activities: Dr. Team 2; St. Comm. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3; Hon. Roll 3-4. Will never forget Arrowhead 75, 76, all the years at Yosem- ite. Mammy, Bix, Carly and the letter. 84 Seniors , . ...k.LAi. i[L.J, 1. Linda Novak helps a smdent in Mr. Miller ' s basic maih class. 2. Joe Lipp and Joe Sanchez debate whether diey are really ■ ' THAT ' ' hungry. Onhodoniist for Jimmy . 4: Hon. Roll .3. 4. Will MICHAEL ORLOWSKI: .Ambiiion Carter and family. .Activities: Tennis 1. never forget my 4th period trig class. LEISH.A ORR: .Ambition: Secretary. Will never forget my soph year, working in the snack bar, and meeting Paul, July 22, 1975. RUDY ORTIZ: Ambition: Undecided. NELSON D. PAI: Ambition: To be successfully happy. Activi- ties: Sen. 4; C.S.F. 2-4: Sergeant At Arms 4: Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Band 1; Track 1; J.V. C.C. 2, 3; J.V. Wrestling: Var. Wres- tling 2-4; Most Imp. 3: Var. Capt. 4; Vice President A. A. C.C. 4. Will never forget Ikthus, Wrestling practices and K.M.H. being such a munchkin. DOUGLAS PAYNE: Ambition: Undecided. AUDREY RENEE PEHLKE: Ambition: To be Martin ' s wife and to live a happy life together. Activities: Sen. 1, 3: Dr. Team 2; Banner 3: Jr. Hon. Grd.: Ann. Staff. Will never forget Sept. 20, 1975 when Martin came into my life and made me very happy. % DAVE PEPPER: Ambidon: To suif the Pipeline at 30 ' . Will never forget my third period English with Mr. Herbst. It was like Welcome Back Kotter. DAN PERELMAN: Ambition: The Business. Activities: Steering Committee 4; Foreign Language Club 2, 3; Fr. Club 4; President 4: Hon. Roll 3. 4; Frosh Ftb; Bowl. League 1-3. Will never forget Mrs. Ralph, the greatest French teacher, and all the concerts I went to. GAYLE PERLUSS: Ambition: Undecided. Seniors 85 1. Linda Novak, Vicki Moreno, Debbie Jones, Jeri Okuma, and Traci Ishii were the ghosts that haunted the campus on Halloween Day. 2. Joe Sanchez tries to con Scott Smilowitz into sharing his " munchies " during his daily rounds at snack. JON A. PETERSON: Ambition: Go to Ausualia and do nice things and maybe a commercial artist. Will never forget my hairy dropin at school. What an experience. STAGEY LYNNE PETERSON: Ambition: Fashion Merchan- dise. Activities: Ann. Staff; G.I. A.: Var. Track 1-3; Sftb. Will never forget Jane Estep, Steve Lilly and memories of St. Paul High. PAMELA M. PHILLIPS: Ambition: To be happily married and have a successful future. Activities: Senate 1. SCOTT ALAN PIERCE: Ambition: To own a Peanut Farm. Activities: Basketball 3, 4. will never forget the time that Slim went on a diet , it lasted one whole hour. ANA PIN: Ambition: To be a javalin catcher and to once and for all keep Maling Lu ' s temper under control. Activities: Art Club; Spch. Club; N.F.L.; Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 3; Hon. Roll 1 - 3; C.S.F. 1 - 3. Will never forget the Cuban versus the Chinese tem- per, and the Chinese Temper winning. TERESA ANN PIPER: Ambition: Be the best in whatever 1 do. Activities: Var. Tennis 3, 4; Var. Basketball 3, 4; Var. Softball 4. Will never forget Cosmic Day with Ma McCrab, meeting Ana and Ms. Murchison talks. LORI PITSENB ARGER: Ambition: Pathologist. Will never for- get Anatomy and the time I caught the bone cutters in the cats brain nor S . S . THOMAS PONTIUS: Ambition: Undecided. JESUS PORRAS: Ambition: Starsky. Activities: Frosh. J. V., Varsity Baseball; Frosh Cross Country. Will never forget Easter of " 76 and the dog on Casso ' s films. LORI JEAN PRONDZINSKI: Ambition: Window Fashion Designer. Activities: Bowling Club 1; Pep Club 2; Cam. Host. 4; Dr. Team 3; Banner 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3. Will never forget Banner ' 76 - ' 77, ' 76 exchange rally and our gang. 86 Seniors ». -4- i.....,3 yrT? JACQUELINE LEE RAPP: Ambition: Restaurani owner. Aciiv- iiies: G.I. A.; V.ball 2, 3; Bktb. 2. Will never forget my four years at Neff , Mrs. Painter, Halloween ' 76 and S.R. WILLIAM RATTERREE; Ambition: To be a millionaire. Will never forget getting busted by Columbo for getting a drink of water. MIKE REAL: Ambition: To own Uranus Burgers in Fontana. Activities: St. Comm . 1, 2; Sen. 1 - 3: Ftb. 1, 2; J. V. Ftb. : Var. Ftb. 3, 4; M.V.P. in Gahr game. Will never forget doing crazy things with Aug and Marc. Planet X, My parties, Lite and lacey . JEFF REBER: Ambition: Undecided. JEANIE LEE REED: Ambition: Dancin ' and Singin ' is all 1 really want to do. Activities: Sen. 1; Soph. St. Comm.; Hon. Roll 1 - 4: Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1-4: Pep Club: Dr. Team 2; Flag 3, 4; Miss Oct.; Gold. Cir. Will never forget Big Bear ' 75, my Knott ' s fascination-summer of ' 76, the curse of ' 77 and TAE. SUSAN ANTOINETTE REESE: Ambition: To make my life worthwhile and live in Aspen. Activities: S.E.C. 1, 2; Hon. Roll 1, 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 3; C.S.F. 4; Maj. 1: Dr. Team 2; Song 3, Head 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Minski and the cat class, Grad. ' 76. Song Camp, scheming and Ray. STEVEN REHNBLOM: Ambition: Argiicultural Engineer. DONNA REISINGER: Ambition: Working in an office. Activi- ties: Pep Club; G.I. A. V.ball. Will never forget Mickey, Tiny Tina and the help Ms. Painter and Mrs. Snow gave me. BRENDA JOY RENAUD: Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activities: Ski Club 1, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2; Sen. Alt. 1, 2: St. Comm. 1, 2; Sen. 1; Fr. Club 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all of my happy friends, my patient teachers and winning the wagon race with Sis! CLIFF ROBBINS: Ambition: To roam the universe in my space- ship in search of the twilight zone. Will never forget Mr. Wright ' s auto class and watching Jeff Weinstein perform. TERI ROBERTS: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: S.E.C. 2; Basketball Stat. 1; Hon. Roll; Prin. Hon. Roll; Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; Flag 3, Head 4. Will never forget the Raisin gang, the Scrambled Coronet, ransom notes and TCOB. Seniors 87 RAYMOND CURTIS ROBINSON: Ambition: Town Drunk. Acilviues: Ftb. 1-4; Bash. 1, 3; Sen. 1-4. Will never forget Patty F. , Auto and the night before the dance with R.M. LEE REODER: Ambition: To live in Siberia and grow snow. Activities: Sen. 3: Frosh Ftb. , Var. Ftb. . J. V. Track. Will never forget what 1 was suppose to remember, except 1 forgot. OSCAR ROMERO: Ambition: To be a rich businessman. Activ- ities: Soph. Ftb. TINA SUE ROSEN: Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities: St. Comm. 3: Girls Lge. 1.2, Vice President 4; G.l.A. Tennis; CSF: AACC; Jr. Hon. Grad.: MGM; Golden Circle; Hearts and Flowers Piin.; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget summertimes, adventures in " The Dub, " Dutten, Jude and my friends. ARNOLD RUIZ: Ambition: Professional Head Hunter. Will never forget all the things 1 got away with in woodshop and being Mr. Balma ' s TA. JOE SANCHEZ: Ambition: To be successful in business. Activ- ities: Var. Ftb. 3, 4; Bktb; Soccer; Tennis; ]. V. Ftb. Capt. Will never forget the summer of ' 76, going to Knotts, and the 73 yrd. punt in J. V. game. JULIE SAPP: Ambition: Secretary, and to make Stephen Scott Weisel happy and to go cross country. Will never forget 4-27-75 and June 5, 1976. MARVIN SAUER: Ambition: Accountant. Activities: Var. C. C. 1-4; Soph. Ftb.; Track 2 - 4; Frosh Bktb. Will never forget Darla, Coach McGuire and All League every year. JOHN SAVINO: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Senate; Ski Club; S.E.C.; An Club; Bowling Club 3, 4; Back Pk. Club 1. Will never forget Mazatlan ' 76, Sept. 30, Hollywood Blvd. with Cindy, and the night with S . S . and C . M . 1. Lisa Kruse and Val Gage listen attentively to Carla Scott about the weekend activities. 2._ Terri Brandt and Eugene Urcis work on the enlarger in Mr. Lee ' s Photography class. 88 Seniors CARLA SCOTT: Ambition: To get a special guy settled down. Activities: Pep Club 1; Sen. 1. 3; J. V. Yell; Var. 3, 4; Ir. Hon. Grd.; Pub. Class; Annual Staff; Sr. St. Comm. Will never forget the summer of ' 74, Grad. ' 76. Prom ' 76, 2-20-76. Ir. Year, S.M. , M.P. . M.M. , Apt. 620 and 135. TAMMY LYNN SEAGER: Ambition: To surf naked in the Hang Ten surfing championships. Activities: Fresh Secretary: Ski Club 1, 2. Will never forget Jeri in Frosh, Soph, Jr. and Senior years, and of course Rosa. JOHN C. SENN: Ambiuon: Undecided. TOM SHERER: Ambition: Actor. Activities: Thespians 1-4. Vice President 3, President 4, Best Supporting actor 1. Best Actor 2, 3; Honor Roll 1-4. Will never forget Neff ' s great Drama Club and when Craig Hum missed his cue in Rainmaker. KATIE SHIVELY: Ambition: To be six feet tall. Activities: Soph. Vice President; Jr. Soc. Ch.; J. V. Yell; G.I. A. V.ball 3, 4; Bktb. 1. 3; Girls Lge.; Sr. Rep.; Hearts and Flowers Prin. 3; Homecoming Queen. Will never forget the summer of ' 74, Jambo, and Jack in the Box, Homecoming ' 76 and J. H . ' s Slumber Pany . RANDY P. SHUMATE: Ambition: Undecided. JIM SILVEY: Ambition: To be on my own and live it up and to go into the service. Activities: St. Comm. 1-4; Band; Basb. equip, man. Will never forget the one special person, M.A.B. and the Hearts and Flowers when we called her Boinge . DONALD RAY SIMONS: Ambition: To get all the gusto I can. Activities: Sen. 2, 3, 4. Will never forget Jackie, Crystal, Kathy, the Best girls in my life, and November 9, 1976. JEFF SIMONS: Ambition: To be Black. Activities: Track 2. will never forget Oct. 9, 1976 when I didn ' t get nothing all night, dingy Ms. Painter and apt. 104. RICKY SIMPSON: Ambition: Undecided. SCOTT STEVEN SMILOWTIZ: Ambition: Pro Athlete. Activities: Sen. 2, 3; Sen. Alt. 4; Ftb. 1, 2. Var. 3. 4. Will never forget Dec. 13, 1976 and all the good times spent with Anne. STEPHANIE SMITH: Ambition: Steve C. Hairdresser. Activi- ties: Sen. 1 - 4; Pep Club 1-3: Bowl. Club; Var. Yell 4; Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget my friend YoYo, 12-29-74 with A. B. Suckerland U.S.A., and of course Kevin G . TED SNAVELY. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Soph. Bktb. 1; J. V. Bktb. 3; Var. Bktb. 2-4, Capt. 2, 4, M.V.P. 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2. Will never forget C.I. F. and the Bktb. Games 2 - 4. DENNIS SOUTHERN: Ambiuon: Undecided. PAM SPARK: Ambition: Pediauic Nurse. Activities: Pep Club 1: Drill Team 2, Co-Capt. 3; A.S.B. Director of Activities. Will never forget the day of the nose , the Invasion of the Manians and the Broad Squad . Seniors 89 JAY SPINNER: Ambition: To hum and capture the Bonakita. JANE M. STAPLETON: Ambition: Medical Secretary. Activities: Pep Club 2: Bowl. Club 1 - 3; Hon. Roll 2-4. RON STECKBAUER: Ambition: To join the Coast Guard and to get another great car like my Rambler. Activities: Var. Ftb. 4. Will never forget my Senior year at Neff and all the dumb things Ron Martin and 1 did . JERRY EUGENE STEIN: Ambition: To beat Bjom Borg at Wimbledon. Activities: Ski Club 3, 4; Frosh Bktb.; Track; Soph. Fib.: Var. C. C. . M.V.P. 1; Var. Tennis 2-4. Will never forget the tennis team and all the hard workouts in C. C. and Ftb. and Chest Mitchell. ANNETTE KATHLEEN STODOLA: Ambition: Art Teacher. Activities: Band 1-4; Jazz Band 4; Art Club 4. Will never forget Nov. 5, 1976, halftime show, Mr. Friedrich, Mr. Kirk and Mark . MARGIT STURHANN: Ambition: To travel and see the world while I have the chance. Activities: Sen. Alt.; Pep Club; G.I. A. V.ball; Schools in Action. Will never forget July 5, when 1 met Chris and all the fim I had with my friends. MICHAEL JEFFERY SUMNER: Ambition: Trubo Carrera. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2, Var. 3, 4; Punt returner; Golf 1, 2, Var. 3, 4; Sen. 1-3; A.S.B. Vice President 4; News Staff 3, Sp. Ed. 4. Will never forget WW 111, getting thrown in jail cuz 1 rode my 6 foot unicycle on the Blvd. and Quasimotos ' s. SUSAN MARIE SWARTZENDRUBER: Ambition: Secretary. Will never forget the Duplicating Dept. in office practice and Shorthand with Mrs. Painter. ROBIN DIANE SWICKARD: Ambition: Police Officer. Activities; G.I. A. Var. V.Ball 1 - 4, M.V.P. 3, AH League 3; G.I. A. Bklb. 1 - 4, M.V.P. 3. 4; Var. Softball 1 - 4; All Lge. 3, 4; G.I. A. Treasurer. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3. Will never forget my years at Neff, being Suburban League Champs and all the help Tis gave me. KAREN MARIE SWIFT: Ambition: Medical Receptionist. Activities: Pep Club 3; Bowl. Club 3, 4. Will never forget Kiss concen. Summer of ' 76 and getting an award for last place in Bowling. JAMES L. SWINDELL: Ambition: Undecided. 90 Seniors MICHAEL GROVER SWINNEY: Ambition: To drive a sprint car for Max. Will never forget the time when 1 . . . CAROLYN ELAINE TACKETT: Ambition: To be success- ful. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.: Hon. Roll 2, 3. 4. Will never forget Mike, locker bay 2000 and Homecoming 1976. ROBERT M. TAIT: Ambition: Hospital Administration. Activities: C.S.F. 2. 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 2: Jr. St. Comm.: J. V. Golf 1, 2, Vat. 3, 4, All Lge. 3. Will never forget Skiing at Easter ' 76. League Finals, all Homecomings. F.M. and T.L. ALAN " TACO " TAKEMOTO: Ambition: Samurai Warrior. Activities: Frosh St. Comm.; Var. C. C. 2, 3, 4; Var. Track 2 - 4; Pub. Class 3: Annual Staff Photographer 4. Will never forget the Moldy cat I had in Anatomy and M. Saying 1 never get Dmnk! MICHELE TAYLOR: Ambition: To find Elmer. Activities: Pep Club 2; Hon. Roll 1-4; G.I. A. Var. V.ball 3. 4; Bktb. 3; Var. Sftb. 2, 3. Will never forget Summer of " 76 hiccup. Yosemite, looking for Elmer and finding walls with my nose. JOHN TEFTELLER: Ambition: Recording Engineer. Activities: Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. 4; C.S.F. 3, 4; Thespian 2 - 4. Will never forget Groucho, Chico, Harpo and all the wonderful times working with Groucho. GUSTAVO WALDEMAR THEISEN: Ambition: To follow in Ray ' s footsteps. Activities: Tennis 1-4; Bktb. 1. 2; Wrestling 4: Sen. 1, 2; News. Staff. Will never forget the Summer of ' 76, Oct. 22. 1976. Rays parties, Minski. L.F. . L.T. , D.B. , and Rosa. JOHN E. THOMAS: Ambition: Psychiauist. Activities: Fr. Club; S.E.C. 1, 2: Spch. Club 2 - 4; Play M ' A ' S ' H. Will never forget the teachers, Ms. Ralph. Ms. Snyder, and Mr. Sessions, who made it all worthwhile. MELINDA THOMPSON: Ambiuon: To be successful and live a happy life. Activities: Hon. Roll 2-4: Caf. Worker 2-4. Will never forget Mr. Friedrich ' s Art classes. My Orange and everything else I can ' t remember. TAMIS JEANNE THRASHER: Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities: Band 1. 2; S.E.C. 1, 2; F.L.C. 1. 2: Fr. Club 1, 2; Back Pk. Club 1; M.G.M. 1-4; Ir. Hon. Grd.; Flag 3, 4; Sr. St. Comm.; Gold. Cir.; Pep Club. Will never forget the Raisin Gang, 1183, my fellow Disney girls. Steve and the Summer of ' 76. 1. We caught Randy Mills and Jesus Parras dancing together because they couldn ' t find anyone better to dance with. 2. Jeannie Reed depends on her walker when she hears she received best dressed male on old folks day. Seniors 91 I " " RICHARD TORRES: Ambition: Undecided. ADAM SPENCER TREFF: Ambition: Cenified Public Accoun- tant. Activities: Sen. 1, 2: Jr. CI. President 3; ASB. President 4. Will never forget music at lunch and the Prom. RUSSELL JORDEN TRINQUE: Ambition: To just kick back and prepare for the future or become a pararescuer. Activities: Sen. Will never forget Oct. 30. 1976 with " GHT, " Mr. Lough- miller and Mr. Mele and May of ■■ ' 77! " CHRISTOPHER ROBERT TRIPET: Ambition: Electronic Technician. DEBBIE TRIPLER: Ambition: To lead a happy and fulfilling life with the one I love. Will never forget drinking Bill ' s and Matt ' s cokes at snack during my Jr. year. LUIS HUMBERTO TRUJILLO JR.: Ambition: Forestry. Activities: Band 1-3; Frosh Rep.; Jr. Rep.; Jazz Band 2-4; Soph. Ftb.; Soph. Wrestling; Alt. Sr. St. Comm. Will never forget Mr. Kirk telling me 1 act immature at times and meeting R.F. my Frosh year. BARBARA TUGGY: Ambition: To marry Brad, move to Namia or Oregon and photograph animals. Activities: Art Club: G.I. A. V.ball. Will never forget Woofie, Yes and Wakeman Concert, and telling Yolanda about Peanuts! RICH TURNER: Ambition: To be another Baretta. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2, Var. 3, 4: Wrestling 1; Hon. Roll. Will never forget all the parties and all the good drinking times I had with friends. CATHERINE ULLBARRI: Ambition: Veterinarian. Activities: C.S.F. 1-4; Pub. Ch. 2, President 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; N.F.L. 1 - 4; Spch. Club 1 - 4; Gold. Cir. 4; Con. , Jazz and Band 1-4; S.E.C. 2. Will never forget getting girl of the month, and getting my hair stuck in my Sax. 92 Seniors 3- s; 1. Some hungry Seniors wait in the senior line for their lunch. 2. Randy Lutke , Hale Atchison . Bob Jorgenson and Scott Pierce find a moment for amusement in Mr. Herbst ' s English IV class. 3. Tiaci lishi and Jeri Okuma find they are once again running late to Mr. Miller ' s annual class fifth period. DAVID UNFRIED: Ambition: Undecided. EUGENE D. URIS: Ambition: To live on Planet X. Activities: Fib. 1-4: Sen. 1-3. Will never forget all the good times. THOMAS A. VALVERDE: Ambition: Undecided. STEPHANIE VAN ESS: Ambition: To be a coun-stenogra- pher, have a house on the beach, and one in the mountains, to be myself and to live happily ever after with Steve. Will never forget April 26 or any other minute that I ' ve ever spent with Steven Lee. SANDRA LYNN WADE: Ambition: Med. Sec. and Doctor ' s Assistant. Activities: Pep Club: Ski Club: Sen. 1-4: Jr. CI. Vice President: Girl ' s Lge. Bktb. Stat.: Frosh Hearts and Flowers Prin. Will never forget Mike G. , Nov. 3, 1973 skiing, my friends, being baptized, and Mazatlan. LAURIE JO WAKEFIELD: Ambition: Draftsman. Activities: Girl Lge. 1: G.l.A. Tennis 4; Hon. Roll 3. Will never forget Mr. Fiiedricks Art classes, the Gruesome Twosome, Squeezebox, and shopping. ROY JOSEPH WARNOCK: Ambition: To be a radical teddy bear like Mele. Activities: Ftb. 1-4. Will never forget mellow- ing out with Meggro, too much cake, and all the poker games. DONALD R. WEAVER: Ambition: To uy and find my ambi- tion. Activities: Track 1-4; Soccer 2 - 4, M.V.P. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget all the people I overcharged at the snack bar, my friends, and Shelley. CRAIG P. WETZEL: Ambition: Undecided. RHODA JEAN WHEDON: Ambition: To be strong enough to live my life the way it ' s been planned. Activities: Hon. Roll 1; Bowl. Club 1-3, President 2, 3: Pep Club 1 - 3: Treasurer 2. Soc. Chr. 3; Jr. St. Comm . : Jr. Hon. Grd.: News. Staff 3, 4; G.l.A. Sftb. 2. Will never forget growing up and my great friends. Also, the wonderful times with my Lalito. Seniors 93 1. Ron Steckbauer and Tamis Thrasher tiy to break the record for the longest victory kiss at a rally. 2. Some Seniors go over the answers to the test for the next period . TERRI LYNNE WHITE: Ambition: Teacher. Will never forget the summer of ' 76 and Whittier locals. VANCE VAUGHA WHITTING: Ambition: Editor for OUI. Activities: Bktb. 1-3; Basb. 3,4. Will never forget my 8 cars. Salt Creek, Malibu. Oceanside, Sunset, Seal. Blacks, Th ' Ranch, and MaiMai. CAROL WHITMAN: Ambition: Nurse, and to live my life with Rick. Will never forget Oct. 27, 1976, falling in love with Rick, and all the times spent together. ANNE MARIE WILLIAMS: Ambition: Pediatric Nurse. Activ- ities: Dr. Team 2, 3: Flag 4; Soc. Ch. 4; Alt. Sen. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Dec. 13, 1975, Flag, the Raisin gang. Rams game, TCOB and S.S.S. my lover. DENISE WILLIAMS: Ambition: To be F. Lee Bailey ' s succes- sor. Activities: St. Comm. 1-3: Cam. Host. 1; Ski Club 1-3; Secretary 1-3; Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3: FLC. 1-3; Sen. 1 - 3; Jr. Hon. G d.; Ann. Staff; Girls Tennis Team 1 - 3; Var. Tennis Stat. 2, 3. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget the time we got picked up by an old man on Old Folks Day . ROBERT D. WILSON: Ambition: Undecided. SHARON DIANE WINSTON: Ambition: Uwyer. Activities: Band 1, 4; Concert Band 1, 4; Pep Club 1. Will never forget all the good times I had with R.D. , all my friends and Feb. 7, 1976. JEANNE WANDA WITTICK: Ambition: To be myself. Activities: Drill Team 2. Will never forget Oct. 2, notes flying, all my good times 1 had, and especially all my friends. RICHARD E. WIWEL: Ambition: Undecided MICHAEL WOODIE: Ambition: Undecided. 94 Seniors i _i;Vi niK KFlI»?!W9BST?i»7nv«- -WTK X rKK GREG A. WOODWARD: Ambiuon: Undecided. PAMMY LOU WOOLDRIDGE: Ambiuon: To get everything out of life I can and to always be T.T. Activities: An Club. Will never forget all my dreams, my ciazy friends, the good times, L.R. , the gang, CM. , 4 16 76 and -le- ' ll . JILL A. WOOLHOUSE: Ambition: Policewoman. Activities: Thes. 2. 3i Pub. Ch. 4; Vice President: S.E.C. 3, 4; Si. St. Comm . Will never forget fighting with Cindi Klenk in the Miracle Worker. STEVE WORCESTER: Ambition: Glasser and shop owner. Will never forget Oceanside . P. Wright ' s auto shop class. Team Waf- fle, the Crew, and " Jeffin ' Out. " DARCY M. WORTS: Ambition: To be in a Mark Eden Ad. Will never forget my Frosh year, Jacey Man, the summer of ' 76, Suzabelle. Chip and Dale and Dennis. THOMAS WREDE: Ambiuon: Dept. of Quality Control Schlitz Brewing Company. Activities: J. ' V. Bktb.: M.G.M. Will never forget New Year ' s ' 76, my mutilated Felis Domesticus and all the times with K.M. CHARLES HANS WURZLER: Ambition: Deutschland ' s Nachsten Fuhrer. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 2; Hon. Roll 1, 2; Soccer Club; Var. Soccer 4; Tennis 4. Will never forget the Friday Nights with the boys and the flying projectiles! Right Dave ' ' ROBERT EDWARD YOUNG: Ambition: Pool Shark. Activi- ties: J. V . Soccer. Will never forget staying home sick. SCOTT YOUNG: Ambition: To be head photographer for Play- boy or become the first American to take a World Motocross Championship. Will never forget when Mr. Balma (The Lizard) ate a fly. Not Pictured Seniors HALE ATCHISON JEFFERY COX PAUL DIAZ TAMARA DUNN ROBERT JAMES EDWARD TONY FRAIRE RAYMOND GUZMAN ALAN HADDAD NATHAN HARTT MARK HELM DEBORAH JONES GREG KALTE KIM ANN LA MOTHE RAY RONALD MADDOX JANICE MARR MARIE YVONNE PEREZ CHRISTOPHER PETERSON LYNETTE REED MONICA RITACCO HECTOR RODRIGUEZ DAVID SCHULER LONNIE SHAW GLEN STEPHENSON MARY VELDUSEA ANTHONY VOLPE CINDI WHALEN GARY WOODS Seniors 95 Juniors Under the dedicated hard work of Mr. Joseph Roussell and Jun- ior class President Cathy Gutierraz, the Junior class was kept very busy this year raising money for the big event of the year , the Junior- Senior Prom. This year the Prom was held at the Hol- lywood Paladium on June 4, 1977. It was an vJUll QytyvJUo evening for all who attended. The fund raising activities included a run-a-thon, the annual pizza sale, car washes throughout the year, and a car raffle. The Juniors have been very successful this year and proved a lit- tle work by everyone can go a long way. Terry Alberts Donna Aldrich Teny Alexander Pam Allen Randy Allen Alice Alvarado Ron Araiza Sidnie Atkinson Paula Audetle Cathy Bailey Collin Baker Mark Banas Steve Banning Debbie Barnhart George Barr David Barstow Darrell Bash An Basher Rich Bassett Jim Baxter Steve Belardes Cary Bellak Auggie Bentsen Wendy Betty 96 Juniors 1. President Caihy Gutierrez. 2. Vice President Carol Smith. 3. Secretary Stacy Caplingei. 4. Treasurer Carol Nisbet. 5. Social Chairman Lori Ohlemacher. Sharon Bicker .Alison Bierly Ken Bilbrey Cathy Bobier Sue Bone Michele Bourgoine Larry Bowles Cindy Bowman Robert Boyd Greg Brannon Dorothy Brewster Henrik Brightman .Allison Brown Jeff Brown Sheri Brown Don Buchrucher Ken Bunte Michael Burgner Bret Burns Dean Byers Josephine Byon Valerie Cain Larry Cairo Kerry Calzaretta Juniors 97 Connie Campbell Steve Campbell Dennis Canfield Reuben Cano Evelyn Camu Stacy Caplinger Elaine Cardon Kay Carlson Sandra Caron Kenny Carpenter Lonie Carroll Judy Cary Mitch Cavallaro Rosalie Centeno Chris Chaffin Chris Chilcott Jeff Clark Randy Clements Joyce Cohen Nichole Coman Doug Cooper Kelli Costello Robin Cowan Dori Cox Gordon Cummins Kent Cunie Cindi Dalton Lori Daniel Scott Davis Mary DeLeon 1. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Andy Vermil- lion, Jan Yost, Marci Shelton, Jo Ann Morgan, Mary Worchester, Janis Hutto, Mark Wilhelm. Row 2: John Diaz, Sugi Garcia, Cathy Gutierrez, Lori Mackey, Karen Sherer. 2. Lisa Trigonawan, Christine La Roche and Lance Ackerson find that Mr. Minski ' s Anatomy class isn ' t all play. 98 Juniors Kelly Dejong Marion Delius Yolanda Del Muro Katie DenOuden Francine Denton Sergio Di Marmo Ijiuis DiManino Evette Diaz John Diaz Julie Diaz Vince Dixon 1 Sheila Dobson Pam Dolan Louis Domjan Mike Doriity Pam Doughty Brenda Doyle Mike Duffy Richard Duquette Don DuRivage Kim Dwyer Herb Edwards Dawn Eggan Jerry Ekberg Michelle Elias Martinho Elicker Crystal Ellsworth Ed Ely Renia Faiicloth Ava Federico Helge Ferchert Terry Ferdinand Pam Fierro Melanie Fisher Karen Flattre Loretia Flores Juniors 99 Jeanneue Foster Linda Fraser Kaihy Fritsch Phil Gackstetier Danny Galvan Rudy Garcia Catherine Garza Jill Gaston Tammy Gilbertsen Mike Gillig Kathy Glahn Ron Goad Nina Godfrey Robyn Goldstein Debbie Gomez Yolanda Gonzales Leslie Green Lauri Greene Jerry Greulich Debbie Groves Ravi Gunewardena Cathy Gutierrez Gilbert Guzman Charlene Gyukin Raelyn Hamak Scott Hamilton Leslie Hammer Keith Hammonds Kathy Hancock Steve Hasert Laura Haupert Terri Hayek Don Helm Carol Henderson Tammy Hendricksor Elaine Herman 100 Juniors Darryl Hieda Robert Hinote Tom Hodgson Debbie Hofmeistei Lany Holbiook Vicki Horn Cindy Howard Judy Huena Carlene Hurd Pam Ingles Heidi Iseli Alan Ivar Joe Jaimeiena Brad James Chris James David Jones Gina Jones Jon Jones Linda Jones Loretia Jones Terry Jones Tim Jones David Junge Maria Kalisvaan Cindy Kelley Kaihy Kern Kevin Kidman Jenny King Larry King Susan Klingeiberg Linda Knerr Craig Koseff 1. Juniors Richard Wright and Al Torres display real " team work " during Mrs. Stephensons co-ed cooking class. 2. The Junior cheer- leaders take the place of the football players at the exchange rally. 3. Charlene Hurd, Shannon Nisbei, Heidi Iseli, and Karen Rogers stop for a quick " pix " on Tourist Day. Juniors 101 Bob Lafaye Brian Lane Veronica Lavigne Bill Lawhead Jackie Lawrence Tom Layton Dave Lechuga Donovan Lee Rose Leiih Lester Leonard Jim Livingston Vincent Lopez Lori Mackey Gary Maenens Linda Maher Mark Marani Joe Marcano Colleen Mans Rex Marsalla Rick McCanhy Kevin McClain Tammy McConnell Shawn McDonnell Ralph McKinley Mark McMuUen Allen Melaserdoff Ed Metro Leslie Metro Alan Meyer Blake Miller Donna Mitts Steve Monderine Eddie Moreno Ginger Morgan JoAnn Morgan Bill Morrison 1. Varsity Football players try to keep the " beat " on banner at the exchange rally. 2. Peggy Oppedahl and Heidi Iseli show their love for the Trojan. 102 Juniors Ralph Moseley Dirk Mueller Tammy Mullen Marlene Murillo Larry Narhanson Debbie Neill Rick Nelson April Newland Carol Nisbei Shannon Nisbei Myke Nold Man Norred Todd North Dianne Noihwang Debra Novae Lori Ohlemacher « ; i % Joseph Oliver Peg Oppedahl Kevin Oshann Eileen Osierhues Ernie Oiero Renee Padilla Shelley Page Bob Paolina Rudy Parra Charlene Parrino Regina Perez Judy Peterson Denise Poats Steve Ponca Philip Powell Geoff Pritchard Juniors 103 i Cunis Proctor Jonny Pyburn Renee Quigley Jerry Rader Vicki Rapp Bonnie Raiterree Debi Ray Jerry Ray Bob Reaney Laurie Reinert Tammi ReinJioid Julie Reynolds Debbie Richards Tina Riley Linda Rodela Felicia Rodriguez Frank Rodriguez Karen Rogers Mark Rodgers Bev Rotirig Darel Rosen Chris Rouly Jim Routh Adam Sanchez k- Glen Sandberg Char Sanfillipo Denise Sarrazin Steve Shickling Sandy Sclafani Becky Scully Steve Secrets Trace See Luis Segovia Ken Seymour Eric Shanebeck Carrie Shaw 104 Juniors 1. This is Ginger Morgans way of saying, " Howdy " on Western Day. 2. Lance Ackerson and Senior Randy Mills swing on song. 3. Gilbert Guzman is busy at work during his ceramics class. Tammy Shea Marci Shelton Rick Shelton P aren Sherer Virginia Shrewsbury Jack Silvey Gladys Simpson Robert Simons Suzi Slate Gloria Slater Karen Slivkoff Mike Slominski Carla Smith Carol Smith Rick Smith Rod Smith Kirk Snyder Jim Soranno Laurie Sorensen Eugene Spaulding Roger Speakman Janet Spellman Shelly Sprague Linda Squires Chet Staley Jan Stanscheit Jennie Stein Cheryl Stephens Eleanor Stephenson Barbara Stevens Gary Sumey Brent Sun Gary Swinney Juniors 105 Jeff Wamock Warren Waierworth Corey Wesi Tracie Wesigard Young Whang Doug Wheisell Becky White Bill Wiemer Dave Wildey Mark Wilhelm Brad Wilier Gordan Williams 106 Juniors i. .It... Truelove and Jack Silvey show iheir enihusiasm at lunch. 2. Jerry Rader. Jim Leslie and Ron Truelove dance iheir way into our hearts during the exchange rally. 3. Sandy Scla- fani, Marilyn Adishian, Linda Fraser and Charlene Sanfillipo sing the .Alma Mater after a rally. 4. Mr. Nixon (Rick Smith) gets apprehended by a policeman (Donovan Leei on Halloween Day. Gregg Williams Larry Williams Diane Whitman Michelle Woodie Janene Woodward Tracy Woodward Mary Worchester Jeff Wren Richard Wright Eva Ybarra Linda Yniguez Jan Yost Jeff Young Susan Young John Zimmerman Not Pictured Juniors Vickie Abbate Crystal Heuser Kelly Niles Lance Ackerson Janis Hutto .Alex Payne Marilyn .Adishian Bob Jorgenson Andrew Peat Andrew Allen David Kelly Gilbert Pineira .Ann Marie Armendariz Vanessa Kerr Gregory Remender Kathy Armendariz Keith Kinkaid Karla Romero Daniel Barnard Jeff La Mar Jesus Sanchez Robert Barnes Christine La Roche Greg Schlarbaum Teri Beamish Tim Lawlor Paul Smith John Bruinsma Steve Lasken Jotin Stract Jeanette Bussell James Leslie Ron Truelove Tom Busios Joe Lipps Donna Turner Sandra Calderon Bob Lizardi Susan Turner Tracy Dubia Donald Mauch Donna Vincent Eddie Elwell Robert McDaniel Terese Wagner David Fisher Doug Morris Mark White Cheryl_Garcia James Mullen Ian Williamson Celeste Grefsrud Sandy Myers William Wong Kathyrn Haave Juniors 107 Sophomores The Sophomore class organized the first dance of the year. Seeing it was such a success they willfully sponsored another one, this time with a theme of " The Fifties. " Remember when you saw a bunch of envelopes with pink and blue plastic rings floating around campus, that was the eager Sophomore class ordering their class rings. Soon there was a display of kjl CJUvJ hands and smiles. It was a good beginning for the spirited class of 1979. They went on, under the direction of advisor Mrs. Painter and President Sherrie Holt, succeeding in the selling of spirit ribbons and class tee-shirts. Kelly Adams Yasmine Al Hissin Xavier Aldereue Kim Ambrose Dave Antisdel Lori Armstrong Christi Avery Chris Baca Perry Backes Mark Bales Jeff Banas Cindy Barnhan Rick Barrera Jim Basse u Cindy Baxter Kaye Beal Terrie Beattie Mike Beck Ailene Benveniste Jim Bernard Denise Bernier Randy Blanton Darla Blosser Don Bowker 108 Sophomores 1. President Sherrie Holt. 2. Vice President Briice Yoder. 3. Secretary Kelly Hull. 4. Treasurer Andrea Mills. 5. Social Chairman Cheri Dalton. lim Beyer Vickie Brewer Russell Brooks Stacie Brooks Mike Bruch Scoit Bruner Ivan Cisneros Roben Clements Cheryl Cochian Mike Coelho Virginia Cohen Linda Coie Larry Combs Rocco Costello Maci Cottrell Carol Cowan David Cox lames Cox Kelly Cox loel Crawford Teresa Crease George Croce Ralph Curaiola Chris Curry Cheri Dalton Bob Davis Caihie Davis Rod Davis Dino De Marco Rick Delgado Lynette Devillier Beatriz Dimarmo Loni Diaz lamie Dickson Mitch Dinsmoor Pat Dopudja 1. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Denise Ber- nier, Joanne Cahill, Michelle Krotinger. Alison Grego- rek, Mary Moskun, Melissa Vigil, Janine Reese. Row 2: Robin Terry, Martha Oniz, Vicki Renaud, Chris Curry, Debi Hancock, Renee Carroll, Shelley Stephen, Chiisti Avery. 2. Jim Boyer works hard on his painting in his Advanced Art class. 110 Sophomores Missy Doritty l:rc:nda Dowd ' . inda Dowd Teresa Draper Duane Dudley Ron Duncan Kirt Dunn Ronnie Duquette Jim Earl Jim Elkins Keith Ellsworth Roxanne Epan Rhonda Feltnor Cindy Ferguson Eric Ferguson Dan Fielden Richard Figueroa Jim Fitzpatrick Maria Flores Ron Flores Bob Follis Dave Fontes Caria Forbes Mark Fowler Terri Francis Terry Frear Penny Fujita Dean Fukawa Robbie Gaffey Howard Gasser Craig Gauthier Cheryl Gibbons Chris Gochnour Jackie Godfrey Doug Goettsch Debra Gonzales Rick Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez b Good Sophomores 111 1. Terry Beattie and Jamie Vastbinder look for a pattern to make in iheir 3rd period sewing class. 2. Sherry Holt, Kelly Hull. Karen Haase. Melissa Vigil, Chris Curry, Debbie Hancock and Judy Hrap- chak look like typical tourists as did most Neff students on Tuesday during spirit week. Sheila Gorman Alison Gregorek Darla Griffin Cindy Groff Connie Groff Diane Gurley Luke Gutierrez Linda Guzman Karen Haase Jon Haddad Donald Haines Debi Hancock Joan Harris Jim Haskell Eugene Hattorff Ted Haupen Matt Hayles Carol Heese Diane Heirston Mike Helm Shawn Helms Carie Hensley Eric Herman Tracy Herman Jojan Hieda Tod Heywood Leonard Higgins Donna Hildreth Eddie Hill Rick Hill 112 Sophomores Jim Hoagland Linda Hodges Jean Hoggau Terri Hoicomb Sherrie Holt Ken Howard Judy Hrapchak John Hueria Kelly Hull Cam Hum Bob Inge Terri Inness Frieda Iseli Steve Jacobson Philip James Bill Jenkins Chris Jessing Carol John Lissa Johnson Caihy Jones Chris Jones Jeff Jones Lisa Jones Barbara Junge Michelle Kalte Brenda Kelley Pam Kelley Sue Kellison Terry Kelly Kathy Kennedy Mary Kennedy Danny Kern Liz Kuel Donald Kinkade Michael Kluck Rhonda Knen Sophomores 113 Michelle Kozak Michelle Krotinger Richard Kruse Greg Kunkel Scott Lake Tom Larsen Connie Larson Donald Larson Don Layton Steve Leslie Maria Levario Mari Larson Harold Light Kay Litwin Ida Lopez Ron Lucker lohn Lueker Gabriela Luque Duane Luzzo Nancy MacDonald Alan Mader Laura Maffei Mike Maloney Jerry Marschke Susan Marschke Mike Marshall Billy Martinez Dale Mason Jim McDaniel Michael McDonnell Patrick McFarland Mary Mcintosh Mike McMuUin 1. Senior Citizen Dwane Doudly barely manages to get off the rally platform after the Senior Citizen Day judging. 2. Jamie Nestor and Kevin Ostler, better known as " The Flashers " on Halloween Day, prepare another escapade. 114 Sophomores Ron Medlin Mike Medrzycki Dino Mejia Fernando Mendez Ed Merati F.im Merrill Russ Merryman ■i Alejandro Mesko Shellv Mihalovic Diane Miller Kevin Miller Andrea Mills Robin Mitchell Tony Molina Charlene Moore Veta Mora Steve Morales Barbara Morrill Mary Moskun Steve MuUinax William Myers Bryon Nelson Jeff Nelson Jamie Nesier Missy Newgent Debbie Newton Jerry Nielsen Eric Olson Richard Onega Martha Ortiz Matt OrwoU Kevin Ostler Lisa Padilla Sophomores 115 Patdca Padilla Laura Palmer Tony Pasano Susan Payne Mike Pease Vicki Peddicord Brian Pepper Lori Peschke Kim Peiers Marty Phillips Candi Pierce Ron Pineira s.P. ir Rodger Plank Stephanie Plew Tim Ploeg Nancy Ponzio Laura Ponas Page Proctor Cathy Pniden Mark PruU Janet ( )iiiiii.-ro Debbie Rader Sharon Ramos John Reber j[. Melinda Rector Cindy Reed Janine Reese Devin Register Lynda Reissig Vicki Renaud Jenny Reyes Lynn Reyes David Rhodes Linda Roberson Debbie Roberts James Robertson 1 i " ■. T 116 Sophomores Ciaig Robinson Patrick Robson Richard Roeder Kenneth Rohrig Dave Rush Lisa Ruth Beatriz Salazar Charles Salazar Gladys Salazar Ron Salazar Nancy Saldana Mark Sanchez Adam Sanders Jim Sass Ronald Scott William Scruggs Kim Seager Don Searls Ann Sean Karen Seymour Dawn Shaw Joe Shepherd Tony Sherwin Uene Shrewsbury Curtis Sibley James Silvey Paul Simon John Singer Richard Slate John Slater Ted Slowiaczek Matt Smith Terry Suavely Sharon Spaulding Mary Specht Richard Sprague Shelley Stephen Neil Stevens 1. The Sophomores yell their lungs out in class competition at the Gahr rally. 2. Marsha Mcintosh. Debbie Roberts, Melissa Vigil. Renee Carol, Karen Haase and Tina Uribe show off their costumes on old folks day. Sophomores 117 Kristy Storlie Dennis Stout Steve Stricklin Lawanda Summers Judy Sun Christine Talavera Melinda Taylor Crescent Terry Robin Terry Madeline Thomas Karen Thompson Diane Thorpe Irene Torres Lisa Tones Ron Torres Tim Tovey Kevin Ufholtz Tina Uribe Edward Valverde Rachel Van Cleave Steve Vanderford Jamie Vast binder Melissa Vigil Rene Vise Ken Wagle Julie Wakefield George Walls Carrie Washowich Deana Waterworth Sherry Wayne Terry Wayne Don Weeks Karyn Weinstein Bambi Widener Roger Widing Nanci Whitcher Mike Williams Renee Williams Gregg Williamson 118 Sophomores 1. Don Weeks takes ii easy in his Health and Safety class. 2. The Sophomore football players stop to " huddle " for a picture at snack. 3. The Sophomore cheerleaders shout out their " bat- tle cry " during class competition. 4. The football players test their skill as cheerleaders in the exchange rally. Mike Wilson Mike Woodall Ken voodburn Not Pictured Sophomores Sylvia .■ lvarado Carlos . ' lvare2 Susan Boudnik Brian Brun Glen Buhr Renee Carroll Ronald Cassell David Chaves Brad Childs Darlene Collins Edward Collins Genevieve Cordova Wendy Dubrall John Flanagan Lisa Gallucci George Leonard Joseph Gibbons Veronica Greinke Kathleen Hasert Nancy Jenkins Colleen Keegan .Melanie Kuran James Machin Larry Masion James Milton Elaine Montgomery Dennis Murphy Vv ' ayne Nathanson Kristal Notarstefano Kimberly O ' Brien Patrica Ohap Mike Pehlke Tammy Pickett Danny Salas Glenna Shaver Stacy Skare Randall Snider Robert Strack Kerry Strauss Marie Varner Greg Whitsell Dianna Williams 119 Sophomores Freshmen Mass confusion surrounded the incoming Freshmen as they made their way through the first trecherous day of school. But uncertainty and confusion were soon forgotten as the year swiftly passed by. New faces became familiar ones and short-cuts to classes 1 through 6 were readily learned. Soon they were to establish places of identification on campus. Mr. Peter Wright, the Freshman advisor, challenged the class thousand dollars of 1980 to raise one The whole school participated in helping the freshmen meet their goal in various fund raising activities such as car washes and dances. Don Adams Kelly Aguilar Rene Al-Obaidi Manin Alderetie Patrick Aldrich Don Alexander Dan Allen Debbie Allen Man Allen Sara Alvarado Maithew Amorosano Cathy Anderson Susie Anderson An Armendariz Sandy Arnoldsen Jim Ashker Jay Austin Jeanine Avila Jim Bailey Karen Bales Don Banas Valerie Bandt Steve Bassett Pam Baxter a. l i aOf 120 Freshmen 1. Presidem Julie Caplingei. 2. Vice President Sandy Arnold- son. 3. Secretary Rosa Bruinsma. 4. Treasurer Sherry Pybum. Robin Beard Suzanne Beattie Sally Bedoya Julie Behney Jeff Belardes Mark Berklite Christie Bernard John Bessey Teri Blackstock Angela Boehm Tammie Bollet Georgia Boulanger Mike Bourgoine Cathy Boyer Ed Brennan Richard Biinnon Humberto Briones Dave Brown Debbie Brown Riley Brown Ron Brown Rosa Bruinsma Bene Buliavac Todd Buster Freshmen 121 Julie Byerley Theresa Byon Debbie Cairo Maritza Canchola Linda Cano Julie Caplinger Carla Carpenter Tammy Caner Brian Cass Darlene Castillo Emilio Cervantes Brad Chalmers David Chambers Gary Chilcote Jose Chong Kathy Churchill Patti Cino Kathy Clinton John Coffin Keny Coman Cathy Conger Gail Corcoran Robin Cordell Ryan Costello Tim Coyle Cunii Crigler Greg Crosswhite Steve Cruz Tony Curatola Steve Dack 1. Steering Committee Members: Row 1: Pam Baxter, Leanne Wills, Rhonda Koch, Debbie Brown, Jo Anne Baker, Conaine Espinosa. Row 2: Liz Wilhelm, Patty Cino, Heather Duffy, Shareen Elias, Scott Rutledge, Gail Domann, Gail Corcoran. 2. Freshman Pete Law- rence won an album in the Chug-a-lug contest against senior Katie Shively on Western Day during Spirit Week. 122 Freshmen Roben Dalion Lorenzo Deel Darlene Denton Ed Dolan Gail Domann Margaret Dominguez Eva Domjan Matt Donaldson Janon Donovall Joe Donti Mark Drake Donna DuRivage Terri Dudley Heather Duffy Jeff Duncan Kelly Dunn Shelley Durkin Cindy Dwyer Susan Eagle Sharon Elias Stacey Ellig Randy Elwell Evelyn Emery John Epan Corrainea Espinoza Roger Evans Kelley Ferguson Mike Fitzpatrick Danny Pontes Colleen Forbes Karla Ford Tina Fowler Mary Fox Butch Fritsch Sally Fuentes Jeny Fujita Brian Gallop Tracie Gallop Steve Galvan Freshmen 123 1. A few of ihe frosh guys stop for a picture at snack. 2. Daren Van Ness, Sherry Pyburn and Rhonda Koch are just a few of the freshmen that panicipated in spirit weel . Mitch Garcia Dana Geoffrey Debbie Gochnour Yvonne Goff Melanie Corner Hank Gomez Margarita Gonzalez Cathy Goodrow Robin Gordon D ' Ann Gorman Jim Gregory Sandi Grommes Frank Grovich Devika Cunewardena Susan Haave Sylvia Hachey Pete Hagoon Les Halstead Sandy Hamak Lisa Hamilton Jamie Hancock Diane Hand Bob Harris Jeff Haupert Stacy Heirston Greg Henkel Steve Henley L ri Henne Troy Hinote Rich Hird Thad Hiza Craig Hofmeister Keith Holcomb Joann HoUis Tammi Hosford Danny Howard 124 Freshmen i.i Mu-tm pi mj. ' j p Jim Huddy Debi Huebner Gabe Ibarra Sheri Inge Jeff Ireland Susan Jacobs Greg Jenkins Ed Jeremias Andy Jimenez Ron Jolinson Wendy JoJinson Diane Jones Tony Jones Jerry Jones Elaine Kane Dawn Karrei Mike Kasold Shawn Kelley Man Kelly Astrid King ■1 ' 1 Siacy King Brian Kinkaid Ronald Klien Donna Klinefelter Kent Klingelberg Joy Klinger Rlionda KocJi Chris Koseff Virgil Kosmicki Marty Kowkoutsakis Kim Kunkel Rick Lafay Freshmen 125 Louise LaRoche Roben Lake Terry Lamb Julie Lamben Danny Lange Pat L ngon Todd Lara Bill Laughlin Greg Lawce Peie Lawrence Bea Leahy Teresa Leahy Janei Lee Charlie Leonard Elyse Levy Rick Lippencou John Lizardi Rick Ludwick 1. Mr. Carlson explains some math concepts to his freshman careers class. 2. Another group of freshman students are hard at work in the drafting section of the careers class. 3. Junior Val Cain seems totally disinterested as freshmen Liz Wilhelm and Sue Jacobs study their map on Tourist Day. Lany Medina John Meier Kate Menage Ignatio Mendenhall Ix)mbardo Mendez Muriel Meyer Lindy Mignot Diana Miller Dave Miller Robin Mitchell Mary Mitchell Josie Molina Daniel Moncino Jim Monier Tammy Moor Ron Moore Todd Moore Rolando Morales Eileen Morgan Carmen Morin Darlene Mouradian Sherill Murphy Lisa Naddes Rick Navarre Kathy Neill Becky Nelson Pam Nelson Mike Nichols Doug Niggli Max Norred Debbie Noihwang Rhonda Novae Tawnya Nunn Dan Olson Ruben Ortega Barbara Ortiz Freshmen 127 Vince Outlaw Johnnie Padilla Tawney Parks Lynn Paynnent Connie Peat John Peel Julie Pepper Mary Persi Barbara Peschke Pat Phelan Bryan Pickett Eric Piepho Sam Ponce Deanna Plouffe Larry Postelwait Brendan Powers Jim Prondzinski John Prondzinski Sherry Pyburn Mark Rains Carol Ramirez Ron Ratterree Troy Ray Dulce Reade Mike Reese Kathy Reinert Jeff Remender Kim Richardson Jamie Roberts Tim Robison Brenda Robinson Frank Rodela Geraldo Rodriguez Tim Romero John Routh Greg Rundle 128 Freshmen Freshmen 129 1. Ten Blackstock, Carolyn Waterworth and Tammy Houseford are on iheir way to their next period class. 2. Suzanne Beattie and Kelly Fer- gesin show theii " Neff Pride " on Halloween Day. 3. A typical fresh- man class shows their interest. Scott Speakman Bill Speckmeyer lill Spinner Joan Spinosa Scot Sprague Shelli Stelzer Rene Suack Gerry Stremski Susi Sturhann Lorraine Thompson Donald Tom Diane Torres Richard Treganowan Robin Treganowan Mark Turlock Valerie Turner Tammy Ulibarri Daren VanEss Dallas Varner Lydia Vasquez Richard Vasquez Tina Vastbinder Dave Vcelik Michele Verdugo Diane Vidal Dave Vincent Joni Vindedahl James Vogel Teri Vrieling Debie Waibel Carolyn Waterworth Eva Watson Marty Watts Anna Weber 130 Freshmen Dave Weeks Yong Whang Ken Wheeler Liz While Sheila White Bob Whitman Jim Whitney Elizabeth Wilhelm James Williams Kevin Williams Mike Williams Sherry Williams lUona Williford Leanne Wills Doug Wilson Ken Wisslei Shelly Wons Andy Wri?ht Angela Grefsrud Dennis Hill Thad Itiza Francine Kirby Joseph Metro Isabelle Morna Daniel OUev Jerry Peterson Donald Ready Paul Rivas Tracey Thompson Diana Virgil Daniel Walker Tina Ybarra Freshmen 131 Using Our Time and Talents to Contribute to Our Team A lot to Give, but in the End We Meet Our Goals and Dreams This year Is Ours SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS S Varsity Football The Neff Trojans started the season on the wrong foot. Under the direction of a new coach, Mr. Mooshagian, the Trojans lost a closely fought game against cross-town rivals, La Mirada. Neff lost to the Matadors by one point, which seems to be becoming a L I Q.LJ I L I W I I • Then a week passed and the Trojans were to battle the Gahr Gladiators. The Trojan defense totally stifled the Gahr offense, letting by only 76 yards. Lance Ackerson made the only touchdown on a quarterback keeper from the two yard line. Late in the first half, Jim Figeroa added a field goal to widen the lead and cinch the game for the Trojans. 1. McCarthy. Martin, and Silvey take a short breather. 2. The team waits for Ackerson ' s signal. 3. Glenn Buhr tries to dodge a Mayfair player. 4. Lance Ackerson completes a pass to receiver Randy Mills. 5. Randy Mills waits for the snap from center. 6. Mike Real goes around the right side. 7. Glen Buhr proves he ' s one of Neff s leading rushers. 8. Ray Robin- son holds the ball while Jim Figeroa adds points to Neff ' s score. 9. Coach Knapp and tight end Steve Chambers go over some plays. 10. Marc Camp proves why he ' s one of Neff ' s Golden Trojans. 134 Football fesa - iiSS The next game brought the Trojans up against the Atresia Pioneers for another V I U LvJ I y . Neff took advantage of every scoring possibility deep in Pioneer terri- tory. The Trojans let Atresia score only one touchdown late in the game. The second league game put the Trojans up against the Excelsior Pilots. The highlight of the game was when Mike Sumner darted through the Pilots defense with a 70 yard punt return for a touchdown. This was Neff ' s second shutout of the season. Football 135 milovriiz,, J. Lip Cauthler, B. Baxter. Row-2:,.W i ■ • 1 . Real ,:;S V Monderi ' ' " A z,. w i ' 88 9 1 ' ■■N ,- ' i ► " SFl --.-., ■ ' t »i- " 1. Mike Real runs around the left side for a large gain. 2. Lance Ackerson hands the ball to running back Glen Buhr for more yardage. 3. Coach Mooshagian talks over the next play with quanerback Lance Ackerson. 4. Coach Knapp irons out some difficulties with offense. 5. This is Marc Camp, one of Neff ' s Golden Trojans. 6. Mike Real shows his ability as a rusher. 7. Joe Lipp gets some instructions from Coaches Knapp and Mele. 8. Glen Buhr shows his speed as he out runs a Glenn Eagle. 9. Jack Silvey and Steve Monderine plan their strategy for the game . Varsity Football Another week passed and the Trojans found themselves up against their toughest opponent so far this year, the Paramount Pirates. The Pirates were favored to win the league, but the Tro- jans had different thoughts. They held the Pirates to only one touchdown. A fine game was played by Jack Silvey, who knocked fumble. down 3 passes and picked up one I U I I I kJ I . This victory over Paramount gave the Trojans an overall record of 4-1. The Trojans were the only team to have won every game until they met the Glenn Eagles. This game was an especially important game to the Trojans because of our new coach Mr. Mooshagian, who had previously coached at Glenn. The game was closely fought but neither team could out score the other and the game ended in a tie. 138 Football ' The Trojans couldn ' t seem to put things together against the Mayfair Monsoons. Each team scored only once. With only 8 seconds left in the game, Jim Figeioa had a chance at a field goal which would have won the game for the Trojans, but a Ul t Clr LJUVvl I in the line let a Monsoon defender slip in and block the kick. For the second week in a row the Trojans had tied. The Trojans were totally bewildered by the Norwalk Lancers. The Lancers had no intentions of letting the Trojans go to the playoffs. The Lancers scored first, but Roy Warnock flew through the Lancers line and blocked a punt then fell on it in the end zone for a touchdown. The Trojans could only score one touchdown and a field goal which was not enough to beat the mighty Lancers. OPPONENT NEFF SCORE Football 139 Varsity Football The next game was for the championship. Both teams were tied for first, but the Trojans did not win. Due to II 1 1 U I I t O the Trojan offense made many changes in positions. Steve Mullinax did an admirable job as quarter- back for Lance Ackerson. The Trojans couldn ' t put it all together and lost their last and final game . This was the first time since 1971 that Neff did not receive the title of Suburban League Champs. It proved to be a short season for the players. For the seniors it was their last game, but for the juniors they have a chance at winning next year. 1. Glen Buhl runs for more yardage. 2. Golden Trojans Manin and Lipp hh hard against Mayfair. 3. Coach McConnell shows his exhaustion after a hard game. 4. Golden Trojans Marc Camp, Ron Martin. Scott Smilowitz, Steve Chambers, Joe Lipp and Eric Aranda. 5. Tight end Steve Chambers grabs on to another Ackerson pass. i[ ■JS 5 140 Football ' .n»i :..--k.-.K ' " i ' . - mz, 0 J. J.V. Football y NEFF sOPPONENT 12 ' LifVirada • 8 Gahi Ariesia 2 Pa?9TTf%mt y- 32 8 - 2 Mayfair Norwalk Bellflower SCORE 10 19 12 With alot of I ICll CJ WCJI r and determination the 1976 J.V. football team had an outstanding year out scoring their opponents 122-41 with only three schools scoring against them. Ending the year with a 7-2 record our J.V. team really put it together for a super-successful year. 1. Valverde fires upfield for a Neff receiver. 2. Rodriguez exapes a flock of Eagles. j;: 3. Everyone waits for Valverde ' s signal. 4. Neff waits for the snap from Glenn ' s cen- [ ter. 5. Joe Sanchez shows his form. : Football 141 ®J ?i °i i fP ' € M 6B " - j_«7a S Sophomore Football This year ' s Sophomore Football team under coaches Rick Har- (■ ' ■ man and Mark Beckman had a CJ " VciolclLI ' ICJ : m, year with only one loss to Paramount. The team compiled a 6- 1-2 record for the year. 1. Row 1: C. Gauthier, D. Bowker. B. Yoder, K. Osiler, E. Herman. T. Sher- win, M. Chancellor. Row 2: D. Antisdal, S. Leslie, I. Nestor. R. Onega. K. Ufholtz. R. Costello, R. Tones. Row 3: D. Rush, P. Dopudja, M. Smith. D. Weaks. F. Mendez, M. Sanchez, P. McFarland. Row 4: Coach Rick Harman, B. Cox. C. Baca, R. Scott, R. Pineira, M. Coelho, S. Mullinax, Coach Mark Bockman. 2. The offense blocks for Kevin Ostler. 3. Quanerback Steve Mulli- nax scrambles for extra yards. 4. The Sophomore defense hold their opponents to the line of scrimmage. 142 Football 4 t Opponent La Mirada Gahr Artesia Excelsior Paramount Glenn Mayfair Norwalk Bellflower TJl ■ h M AM . ■;:».■ M, Score Freshman Football This year ' s Freshman squad, coached by Mr. Mike Wyani and Mr. Steve Owings, Vj WlxC even with a 5-4 record. The big win over the Matadores was their outstanding game as the final score was 6-0. The squad hopes for an even better season next year. 1. The Freshman defense awaits the snap of the ball. 2. An Armendariz punts the ball away. 3. The Freshman defense goes into theii huddle. 4. Row 1: ]. Lizardi, M. Kelly. R. Hurd, R. Johnson. P. Langdon. P. Paddilla, M. Watts, S. Henley, R. Onega. P. Phelan. Row 2: J. Meier, S. Ponce. ]. Ashker, M. Drake, W. Yoder. K. Williams. I. Jospeh. C. Hofmeisier. G. Ibarra. J. Fugita, J. Monier. Row 3: D. Tom, E. Phiepo, A. Jimenez, G. Smith, D. Simons, J. Schwartz, G. Jenkins, R. Elwell, B. Fritz. D. Brown. Row 4: L. Deel. D. Velik, R. Adams. F. Crovich. H. Briones, M. Noned , R. Wilson. R. Al-Obardi. Row 5: R. Tudwick, T. Marlow, B. Speckmeyer, R. Alexander, S. Galvan, A. Armendariz, D. Pontes, E. Rolan, D. Geoffrey, M. Williams. iS js- ;1 ' 4 rj ' ! Excelsior — €- Paranipunt V - ; 26 , Glenn . ' . vS? Mayfair ' i i ' . 5 Norwalk ; " t-rM-tL. , 20» :7-;x....Bellf lo Football 143 NEFF 29 40 m ms OPPONENT SCORE Gahi " js. 26 Artesia : J : 19 Excelsior MBB 1 36% Paramoug H . 37 Glem is j P : ' 35 M a y f a i r ' IIIIIIP 1 26 N.Qiwalk f S; 46 Bellfiowei 21 Varsity Cross Country With three new tough schools, Bellf lower. Par- amount and Norwalk, coming into the Surburban League , the Troy runners really had their work cut out for them. With a big loss to Artesia, the Tro- jan runners chances for league and CIF were slim. But with pride and determination the Mack and gold bounced back and took the District Meet with Ken Carpenter leading the way. Big wins over Norwalk, Excelsior, Paramount and Glenn man- aged to place the Trojans fourth in League . » ' ;-.i jt. 144 Cross Country „ ■ , % .V ■ ti -- ¥ ' m - " i. - - ;«r« i£ -Xti3:S 1. Alan Meyer dashes for the finish line. 2. Row 1: M. White. L. Cairo. A. Meyer. K. Carpenter. Row 2: R. Hemphill. R. Smith. M. Sauar. R. Mitchell. J. Stein. A. Takemoio. 3. Jerry Stein pulls away from the pack. 4. Robin Mitchell shows the style it takes to win races. 5. Ken Carpenter paces himself throughout the race. 6. Alan Takemoto strains up " Agony Hill. " 7. Rick Smith rounds the final corner. 8. Coach McGuire surveys the standings in the race. Cross Country 145 J.V. Cross Country This year ' s team managed to place 3rd in League with big victories over Paramount , Glenn and Norwalk. The I 1 1 U f I I I Lj I I L of the year was placing ' 2nd in the District Meet. This year ' s J.V. team was led by the fine running of Duane Dudley and Mark White . ■ ■■ncwnw ■ ' -: ' r; jt. ' « tili .Jg iW» ' EU. MM ' M! isSSli - f,,) ii mh Opponem Gahr Artesia Excelsior Paramount Glenn 35 Mayfaii Win Noiwalk 50 Bellflower 1. Mark White rounds the lake. 2. Duane Dudley sprints to the finish line. 3. Row 1: J. Diaz. T. Cairo, M. Kluck, D. Haines, B. Good, S. Zapka. Row 2: W. Nathan- son, C. Salazar, J. Elkins, R. Curatola, D. Dudley, R. Terry. 4. Chuck Salazar picks up the pace on the final leg of the race. 5. Row 1: J. Bailey, D. Olson. G. Henkel, W. Maertens. Row 2: T. Ciuaiola. M. Mastro, ]. Prondzinski. B. McKissack. I. Prondzinski. 6. Coach McGuire starts the freshmen. 1. John Prond- zinski pulls away from Bellflower. 8. Mike Mastro races to the finish. 9. The Prond- zinski twins race up " Agony Hill. " t ■■■■ ' ■•■ ' 4 ' " 146 Cross Country yiML J Freshman Cross-Country This year ' s Freshman Cross-Country Team was led by two twins, Jim and John Prond- zinski, who both placed high in league. Due to lack of depth at the beginning of the year the Frosh Team oU I I v I OvJ losses to Atresia and Excelsior in a forfeit. But with the tough Frosh courage the Trojans came back to take the District Meet and place 2nd in League . Nef gl gggponent L fruScoie Forfeit Forfeit Excelsior M - Won Won Won ' Paramount Forfeit om •=!5 1enn Forfeit 3ffi ' Mayfair 27 27 Norwalk 31 31 Bellflower 27 i sMAi, Cross Country 147 Girls ' Crosscountry This is the first year the girls have had their own Cross Country team. For being such a young group the 1976 team has ' done surprisingly well. Under the supervision of Coach McGuire the girls took first place at the Norwalk-La Mirada District Meet. The Freshmen took first place at the M.S.A.C. Invitational. Strong running earned Carla Carpenter the Most Valuable Runner award and Cathy Goodrow the Most Improved Runner award. Three girls placed high in the League Standings. They are Carla Car- penter placing third, Irene Ramos fifth, and Cathy Goodrow sixth. The number two- runner on the team , Carie Hensley , was unable to compete in that meet due to injury. These and all the girls on the Cross Country Team should be commended for a super job ! 1. Caihy Goodrow pushes it up the hill. 2. Sharon Ramos heads for the finish line . 3 . The number one runner, Carla Carpenter, shows the agony of victory. 4. Team Picture: Row 1: M. Meyer, 1. Tones. S. Ramos. C. Hensley, J. Lee. Row 2: S. White, G. Chavez, C. Kelley, C. Goodrow, T. Young, C. Carpenter. 5. Carie Hensley quickens her pace to take the lead. J ■ Neff 31 Opponent Artesla ' Score 25 Win Excelsior Win Paramount Win Glenn 22 Win . 5 Mayfair Norwalk 37 18 Bellflower 41 148 Girls ' Cross Country ' sm. Girls ' Tennis As a whole the 1976 Girls ' Tennis Team didn ' t have a very winning season. In spite of this some key players really excelled. Chosen as the Most Valuable Player on the Varsity Team was Linda Yniguez who played so well she qualified for C.l.F. Chosen as the Most Improved Player on the Varsity level was Teresa Piper. She, along with Kelly Beach, were number one in the League in doubles play. For the J.V. Team, coached by Debbie Powell , the Most Valuable Player was Lindy Mignot with Kathie Myers as the Most Improved Player. Neff Opponent Round 1: Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair Artesia Excelsior Paramount 6 3 3 2 3 3 3 Round 2: 3. . Glenn ' i tlisiii;;;NorwaIk 2 Bellflower, 3 Mayfair | 5 Artesia 5 Excelsior 1 Paramount Score Varsity 1 4 . ' :: 4 ■■ ' : ' . - ' : 4 ' ■ 4 4 4 3 5 2 6 Neff-?;— -OppbrSlfl Roun " ! " : " - ' — -ifiio? . 2 Glenn ' ■ " 3 __ -Norwalk 6 " " aSB lsioi j 33 ■1-, i JS i-Round ' 1 ■ ' ■■ " ■ 3 .,.,.; ; -■■ 6 1 Mayfair Bellflower Glenn Norwalk Bellflower Mayfair ' .Excelsior ..-. Anesia PaiaHTOunt m mMM. 6 4 1 6 1. Varsity Team Pictuie: Row 1: L. Padilla, C. Smith. F. Denton, C. Curry, T. Rosen. Row 2: Coach Debbie Powell, T. Piper. K. Beach, L. Yni- guez, S. Bicker, G. Dormann. 2. J.V. Team Pic- ture- Row 1: C. Waterworth, K. VanEss, L. Bowker, L. Jones, D. Thorpe. Row 2: Coach Debbie Powell. L. Wakefield. L. Mignot, C. Swyer, K. Meyers, S. Gorman. 3. Tina Rosen shows good form under pres- sure. 4. Sharon Bicker returns the serve. 5. Teresa Piper concentrates as she returns the volley. 4 Girls ' Tennis 149 Varsity Basketball The 1976-77 Varsity Basketball team did not have what would be called a winning season, but they showed that the Trojans give up. Neff started the first round of league play with a win against the Glenn Eagles. It was five games later before the Trojans could put it together to beat the Excelsior Pilots and the Norwalk Lancers. At the end of the first round the Trojans were 3-4. 150 Basketball The second round of league put ihem up against the Glenn Eagles again. This time it was not the Trojans who won. Bouncing right back, the Trojans beat Artesia. This was probably the M I U ! 1 1 I U I 1 L of the year when coming from behind Neff won in overtime by two points. Neff lost the next three games, but they were closely fought. The next game brought them up against the Excelsior Pilots. It was a very well played game by all. The Trojans outscored the Pilots by twelve points. The last game of the season against Norwalk was very close up until the last second, but the Tro- jans couldn ' t seem to get quite enough points to win. There were wins, losses, triumphs and disappointments, but the Trojans put forth an effort that we can be proud of. 1. Row 1, T. Snavely. K. Miller, T. Snavely, M. Casso, J. Senn. Row 2: M. McCarthy, C. Kuran, S. Chambers, J. Young, K. Meyer, B. Banels, Coach Roussel. 2. Bob Banels gets ready to shoot for two. 3. Coach Joe Rous- sel shows how he feels about the last play. 4. Ted Snavely shows his good form. 5. Bob Battels goes up to add two points to the score. 6. Ken Meyer saves a loose ball for the Trojans. 7 . Gil Pineira shoots for a long one . m I III wawMwui . ' ' ♦■ ' ■ n ..SS, a Basketball 151 Varsity Scores Neff Opponent Score 56 Glenn .- . _ ™_, 54 37 A nesia;, [ f jj W 59 44 Be 1 If lo wer Kj |3;, 45 Mayfair ' feaH - 64 43 Paramount 77 X 61 Excelsior 56 65 Norwalk 53 X::: 60 Glenn 74 66 Aitesia 64 35 Bellflower 40 60 Mayfair 63 43 Paramount , 70 77 Excelsior 65 73 Norwalk :,.-,77 ( ' 1. Ken Meyer battles for a rebound. 2. Steve Chambers shows his ability to dribble. 3. Jeff Young goes up for two. 4. Bob Bartels attempts to add two more points to the score . 152 Basketball atlJt f 3 r .», f n? J.V. Basketball This year ' s junior-varsity team was a little more fortunate than the varsity squad. Coached by Roger Williams, the Trojans opened league with a win against Glenn. The next game brought them up against Artesia. They TOUQnl n3rQ, but couldnt man- age to accumulate enough points to win. The Trojans came back in the next game to beat Bell- flower. Neff completed league with eight wins and six loses. All in all this proved to be a good year for our junior-varsity team. Score 40 51 36 63 80 48 35 36 46 34 71 65 50 44 Neff Opponent 47 Glenn 42 Artesia 37 Bellflower 56 Mayfair 50 Paramount 50 Excelsior C8 Noiwalk tt ; ' Gleun ■ Sitesia i Bellflower Mayfair 51 Paramount 49 Excelsior 64 Norwalk 1. Row 1: L. Ackerson, C. Rouly. R. Duquette, R. Parra. Row 2: R. Pineira, G. Williams, K. Wood- burn, C. Chilcott. R, Ortega, A. Tones, Roger V ' illiams. 2. Ron Pineira makes a lay-up against Glenn. 3. Ron Pineira adds two more points to the score. 4. Ken Woodburn tries lo outjump his oppo- nent. 5. Ken Woodburn shoots a sideline jump. 6. Coach Roger Williams approves of the penalty call. Basketball 153 Sophomore Basketball Under the capable leadership of Coaches Alfred Uribe and Rick Harmon the 1976-77 Sophomore Basketball Team has played a season in which all who have participated have benefited . Although the team ' s season record has not been the best in Trojan history it is still one that we can look back on with pride. This season has been one of vJ I W VV L I I and development for the young Sophomore team, a team that has potential to be very successful . Named as the Most Valuable Player was the teams leading point-getter, Steve Mul- linax. The Most Improved Player of the sea- son was Mike Chancellor. 1. Row 1: R. Duquette. D. Luzzo, P. Simon, R. Flores, M. Chancellor. Row 2: Coach Harmon. S. Mullinax. E. Olson. R. Plank. T. Haupert. N. Stevens. D. Rush, J. Nielson. Coach Uribe. 2. Ted Haupert attempts a shot for two points. 3. A Neff player stretches for possession of the jump ball. 4. Dave Rush moves in for a shot at the basket. 5. Steve Mullinax shoots over a Glenn opponent for two points. Neff Opponent 36 Glenn 43 Anesia 28 Bellflower 49 Mayfair 46 Paramount 75 Excelsior 63 Norwalk 31 Glenn 52 Artesia 54 Bellflower 35 Mayfair 39 Paramount 63 Excelsior 65 Norwalk Score 34 61 48 62 56 59 43 66 63 60 40 58v 37| 35;| 154 Basketball Opponent Score Glenn 43 Artesia 49 ' W Bellflower 32 Mayfaix , 47 „, Excelsior 33 Paramount 65 Norwalk 32 { Glenn 51 :;A m Artesia 61 1 Bellflower 41 Mayfair 71 Paramount 55 1 Excelsior 47 Norwalk 31 M . K Freshman Basketball The 1976-77 Freshman Basketball Team has finished out their season with few wins, but close losses. The team ' s record shows nothing of the vJ I CO. L advancement and improvement made by it ' s inexperienced members. Coach Crippen is optimistic about the team ' s future and feels that the members of the 1976-77 Freshman Basketball Team have better seasons ahead . The Most Val uable Player named by his teammates was Don Adams with Paul Young chosen as the Most Improved Player. 1. The warn gels last minute instructions from Coach Crippen. 2. Don Adams attempts to move the ball. 3. Joe Metro jumps high for a shot at the basket. 4. Trojans jump for possession of the ball. 5. Row 1: M. Fitzpa- trick. S. Galvan, J. Remender, D. Tom. Row 2: Coach Crippen, C. Shively, D. Chambers, J. Lizardi, J. Metro, V. Outlaw, S. Speakman. Row 3: D. . dams. R. Vasquez. M. Wiliams. P. Young, H. Briones, G. Jen- kins, R. Brinnon. 6. Paul Young manuevers past a close opponent . Basketball 155 G.I. A. Volleyball The 1976 Varsity Volleyball Team has proven that teamwork is essential to hav- ing a winning group. Experience showed through with many returning players, most having advanced from the l.V. team the year before. Their strategy of teamwork made the team Suburban League Champs and led them on to the U U d I Lt I finals in C.I.F. It is evident though, that without the competent and efficient coaching of Sue Tesdall at the Varsity level and Colleen Cross at the J.V. level there could never have been such successful teams. Named by Coach Tisdall and her team- mates as Most Valuable Player on the Varsity Team was Becky White. She was also named the Co-M.V.P. of the All- League Team. Also on the All-League Team was Joan Marschke with Robin Swickard and Katie Shively receiving an Honorable Mention. Named as the Most Improved Player on the Varsity team was Missy Newgent. She has developed into a fine dinker and spiker. On the Junior Varsity level Ginny Cohen was named Most Valuable Player because of her leadership. Named Most Improved Player was Sue Marschke. Neff ' ™ Round 1: Won Opponent , Varsity Noiwalk Won Bellflower Lost (aMKWon ' " . ' " " ' " Won Mayfaij Excelsior Paramount Won Artesia J.. Won Glenn Roun " d- 2:t " Won •J ' Norwalk Won Bellflower |v Won Mayfair WExcelsior " - Paramount .. Won Artesia . Won Glenn " ' Cl.F.. Woff p Won Lawndale Upland Los Altos t 156 Volleyball cores 15-5, 15-4 14-16, 15i 13, 15-8 10-16, 13-15, 7-15 16-14, 13-15, 8-.15 .15- .6, 15-7 i2-15,l5- ' 7% - 15-0, IS-l " 10-15, 15-5 15-12, 11-15, 15-11 15-12, 13-15, a5-2 15-12, 15-8 15 ife»,:i5-5 15-11, 15-7 5-15. 15-10, 15-5, 5-15, 12-15 ■fe,_ 4s=SS-™8« m. B L . fe S K E M 1 I HBP F iH r m M H mm i m H li j - H rb 1 r HHl i ' jp .--- — ■■ ' ■■■ Neff Opponent Scores Round 1: ].V. Won Norwalk 10-15. 15-6, 15-4 Won . Bellflowel :-■ 15-11, 8-15, 15-4 Won Won Mayfair 15-11, 13-15, 7-15 Excelsior 8-15, 15-9, 15-4 Won Paramount 8-15, 15-12, 15-12 Won Artesia 15-8, 15-12 Won Glenn 15-5, 15-10 Round 2: Won Norwalk 8-15, 15-1, 15-11 ;.LpSt Bellflower 11-15, 11-15 Woii: ' ■ Mayfaii 12-15, 16-14, 19-1 Hoa »»- Excelsior 15-3, 15-12 Lm ..,. Paramount 15-11, 13-15, 7-15 Won Artesia ;s ' 15-8, 15-12 Won Glenn " ' ' :rj .. , 15-1, 15-3 1. Varsiiy Team Picture: Row 1: P. Draper, K. Lundquist. B. White, K. Ford. Row 2: M. Taylor, J. Marschke, K. Shively, M. Newgeni, R. Swickard. 2. Robin Swickard attempts a spike. 3. Michelle Taylor sets the ball up for the spike. 4. Becky White and Joan Marschke anticipate the serve. 5. Coaches Sue Tisdall and Colleen Cross look on at a winning team. 6. Joan Marschke spikes it over again. 7. Coach Tisdall calls the team in for a conference. 8. Veronica Grienke and Jolan Hieda set up for the block. 9. Sue Kellison hits the ball over for the point. 10. J.V. Team Picture: Row 1: M. Kalte. Row 2: L. Greene, C. Cowan, I. Hieda, S. Kelli- son, V. Grienke, J. Baker. Row 3: G. Cohen, M. Ortiz, S. Marschke, P. Dolan, V. Dack, J. Cohen. Volleyball 157 Varsity Wrestling This year ' s Varsity team, coached by Dick Meartz, really pulled through a tough year. After tough defeats against Artesia, Paramount and Bell- flower, the Trojan wrestlers really had there 3rmS TUII but with great Trojan pride, individually the Troy wrestlers did great. Led by team captain Nelson Pai they came back taking 7 medals in the Neff Invitational. This year ' s squad had several outstanding wrestlers such as Keith Kin- kaid, with the most points: Joe Lipp; Rick Bassett; Todd Gomez; Greg Kalte; and Dean Byers with the fastest fall. Coach Meartz hopes for even a better team next year. 1. Larry Williams forces his man for a pin. 2. Rick Basseti tries hard for a two point reversal. 3. Todd Gomez forces his opponent down to the mat. 4. Row 1: T. Gomez, N. Pai. L. Williams. R. Bassett, S. Scruggs. D. Fukawa. Row 2: L. Segovia. K. Kinkaid, D. Bowker, E. Fly, J. Peat, J. Lipp, Coach Maenz. Monte Vista Villa Park Arroyo Artesia Bellflowe Mayfair Paramount Excelsior Glenn Norwasy 8 21 33 55 38 30, 45 19 11 41 e«? v ' vy.- »AW.,x- . ??J y«W!iKCJ!r 158 Wrestling ■■ ■.fTT ' irxL- J trss K - . - J.V. Wrestling This year ' s J.V. team, coached by John Mele, had aboui as much luck as the Varsity did, with tough opponents in league and lack of depth in the team, the Troy wrestlers placed fifth in league. nOIVIClUQIly the Troy wrestlers did well led by team captains Jim Berklite and Ron Tor- res. Jim Berklite led the team in scoring with 31 points and went undefeated in league. Closely behind Jim was Doug Cooper, with a record of 5-2 and 25 team points. Others fanning out the team are Tom Carlo and Tom Layton. 1. Row 1: D. Cooper. G. Brannon, B. Kinkaid, X. Aldereue, T. Cario, M. Drake. R. Hird, J. Padilla. Row 2: Coach Mele. M. Kelly. R. Torres. A. Takemoto, D. Alexander. D. Vcellk, ]. Berklite, L. Deel. T. Layton, J. Meiel. 2. Ron Tones shoots behind for a 2 point reversal. 3. Jim Berklite tries hard for the pin. 4. Dave Vcelik pins his opponent for 6 points. Wrestling 159 G.I.A. Basketball Varsity The 1976-77 G.I.A. Varsity Basketball Team has played out a I Cll I LcIoLIL season ! Under the supervision of Coach Sue Tis- dall all the players have showed great improvement in their abilities. Leading the team with points scored were Joan Marschke , Pam Dolan and Theresa Piper. Also playing super well were Kelly Beach and Becky White. With having so many juniors at the Varsity level and with such a fine J. V. squad we can look forward to having an equally good team next year. ■ !■■ 1 H - L _:ffl l M d9H BH apKOppontjni ■ H Hh R 47 Paramount ' H 55 Excelsiar - .. HH 66 Norwalk S H 73 Glenn ' .s». n H 37 Artesia • ' " 7 " ' ' H 38 Bellflowei mm MBa 52 Mayfair ; , Sbb Bj m 53 Paramount " " fl H 58 9 1. Kelly Beach pops the ball In for two points. 2. Joan Marschke and Becky White grab the ball away from a Cerritos opponent. 3. Theresa Piper shoots for two. 4. Kelly Beach dribbles around a Cenitos opponent. 5. Team Picture: Row 1: B. White, E. Moncino, P. Dolan. Row 2: K. Beach, ]. Marschke, R. Quigley, M. New- gent, R. Swickard. 160 G.I.A. Basketball •■:.7..T, ' - „- ae;gimgft-,- . [ ! Pi. . ' it- iww 1 1. Neff 39 40 Opponent Paramouni ,., 37 Norwalk Glenn C i Anesia " - ' 31 23 18 BeUflower 31 . Mayfair 37 Paramount 30 Excelsior G.I.A. Basketball J.V. With fine shooting from Vicki Dack and Jojan Hieda and great defensive rebounding from Cindy Reed, the 1976-77 G.I.A. J.V. Basketball Team played a oUpUl season. Coaching the Junior Varsity squad for the first year was Terri Houser. With her guid- ance and supervision the team made great advances in every facet of strengthening their abilities and should have many players being put up to the Varsity level next sea- son. 1. Team Picture- Row 1 ]. Baker. Row 2: L. Greene, G. Boulangei, ]. Hieda, C. Cowan. A. Rodello. Row 3: v. Dack, V. Cohen, K. S ms, L. Yniquez, G. Chavez, ]. Cohen. 2. JoJan Hieda shoois for two points. 3. Vicki Dack reaches up for the p.jisession of the ball. 4. JoJan Hieda steps for a shot at i le basket. 5. Michelle Kalie makes an attempt for two points. 6. Becky While jumps for a sure shot. « »§ ' " Si j Varsity Baseball The 1976-1977 Varsity Baseball Team has had a very successful season. Each member has benefited from their involvement with the team . Under the guidance and supervision of Coaches Hank Frese and Tony Corinti the team was led to mSny WiflS and few , but very close , losses . With key playing from Steve Chambers, John Hachey and Kevin McClain and with every member working together, the entire team has played a season in which they can be very proud and one they should be con- gratulated for! 162 Baseball 1 1 3 6 Opponent Score Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn Artesia Bellflower Excelsior Noiwalk Paramount ' Mayfair Glenn Artesia Bellflower „«4:S ' Excelsiors.:.,™..:..-.. 5 1. Team Picture: ]. Rader, R. Torres. J. Hachey, M. Casso. M. Sumner. Row 2: Coach Fiese. R. Pineira, K. Myers, S. Chambers, ]. Nielson, S. Monderine, Coach Corimi. Row 3: K. Gauthier, E. Aranda, K. McCain, P. Adishian. M. Slominski, C. Dunn. 2. Ron Manin misses the pitch. 3. Good hitting from John Hachey was a big factor in the team ' s success. 4. Coaches Frese and Corinti anxiously watch as the game progresses. 5. Jerry Radet thinks quick to get rid of the ball. 6. Catcher, Craig Dunn, throws the ball to second to get a man out. 7. Mike Slominski reaches over to catch a ground ball. 8. John Hachey steps into the pitch for a base hit. 9. Steve Monderine is too late in tagging his pitch. 10. Eric Aranda gets ready for the pitch. 11. Steve Monde- rine anticipates a ground ball from Norwalk opponent. 11 Baseball 163 OB — rrrr.-j- J.V. Baseball Under Coach Wade the J.V. team showed great potential. The team WL I ixt U very hard and it seemed to pay off, as the team had a very successful season. 1. Row 1: J. Cox, T. Sherwin, D. Weeks, M. Coehlo, C. Gauthier, L. Martin, M. Marani. Row 2: D. Barsiow, K. Seymore, R. Pineira. S. Mullinax, B. Yoder, ]. Nielsen, M. Chancellor, T. Haupon. 2. Luis Martin gets ready to hit his home run ball. 3. Craig Gauthier awaits a ground ball. 4. Mike Coehlo is just releasing one of his fast balls. 5. Don Weeks warms up as he awaits his turn at bat . «• i ■ - v I « l T: 1 Neff 12 2 5 5 1 5 forfeit 9 8 9 7 1 10 Opponent Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn Arrest ' s Bellflower Excelsior Norwalk Paramount Mayfair Glenn Artesia Bellflower EAelsiai Score 6 3 4 6 5 6 1 3 8 14 3 1 164 Baseball " JilKPlKiTSlT:- ' fl K-.— f % ffi j ' X f£ M? ' i ' — « Frosh Baseball Coach Knapp and his freshman team showed they could keep up the LrSQIIIOn of a good winning team. They worked hard and put things together for a very successful year. 1. Row 1 M. Kelly, B. Gallop. ]. Huddy. ). Metro, D Chambers, J. Donti , R. Elwell, A. Armendaiiz, T. Lamb Row 2: D. Fonics, G. Ibbara , T. Marlow, S. Ponce, ] Ashker, E. Biinnen. D. Simons. M. Norrid, E. Dolan. 2 Danny Fonies attempts to throw out a runner at home. .3 Joe Metro attempts to steal second base. 4. Ed Dolan trys to throw a man out at second. 5. Dean Simons awaits his next batter. ' -s ... «i»Kv «.2--i. •.,AW %:i$s -$9)U ;f N»4.1 " J P ,... iR ' y- ' M ' } ' M .;.;,■■ Opponent Score ' ■ NoTwalk 4 Paramount 3 , Mayfaii, :;. -: i -Q, Glenn ■■.. ,. ' Artesia; ; . ' i ' n Bellflower " ,.:4i» ' 5 . Excelsior 3 I NBrwalk 4 ' Paramount 5 Mayfair 4 Glenn 4 Artesia ' -- l " Bellflower • 4 Excelsior •, ■ A: ' I M Baseball 165 1 ' A-! ' Varsity Track In Neff s eleven years of track it has produced 137 wins and 32 losses, producing 19 titles and 8 seconds of a possible 32. With just four returning seniors this year , the task of keeping this nt t xO O I I V I iL record was difficult. This year ' s Track relied on many sophomores to add depth and score needed points. This year the strength was in the distance races led by Ken Carpenter, Robin Mitchell and Alan Takemoto. The sprint group was led by sophomore Kevin Ostler and first year out sen- ior, Wayne Jones. In the hurdles, Donavan Lee, Mike McMuUin and Rick Smith led the way, while Don Weaver took care of the pole-vault going for one of the oldest school records of 13 ' 6 " . The weightmen were led by Joe Lipp and Jim Sorano, while Glen Buhr, Bill Morrison, and Rod Terry handled the jumps. i ♦«, ►. - f J 4 Opponent La Mirada Villa Park Mayfair Paramount Bellflower ' C Artesia " ' Norwalk Excelsior 166 Track f © f fiff 1. Glen Buhr stretches for extra inches. ' 2. Randy Mills and Steve Schicking drive hard for the finish line. 3. Don Weaver clears the 12 ' 6 " mark. 4. Dona- van Lee drives hard for first place. 5. Dave Fischer throws for a good toss. 6. Row 1: G. Buhr. T. Lawlor. K. Ostler. F. Rodriguez. Row 2: D. Du Rlvage, D. Fischer. E. Ely, J. Basset. A. Ivar. R. Scott, W. Jones. Row 3: F. Men- dez. E. Metro. 0. Weaver. ]. Diaz, M. McMuUin, R. Mitchell, K. Car- penter. D. Lee, R. Smith, M. White. L. Cairo, S. Schickling, A. Takem- oto. 7. Rick Smith shows the perfect form it takes in the hurdles. 8. Larry Cairo and Robin Mitchell take first and second place. Track 167 ar Girls ' Track This is the firsi year of Girls ' Track. In the previous years the Girls had to compete at the J. V. level against faster and stronger guys. But due to the tremendous turnout of girls, a girls ' track team was formed in our league. The girls were Q6 Lt3 I I I I I I I ty U to run their fastest and jump their highest. Carrie Hensely led Neff with her outstanding talent for running, and Sharon Ramos showed excellent form as she ran sprints and jumped hurdles. Due to the enthusiasm showed by all the girls, they ended up with a very rewarding season. Neff Opponent Score 43 La Mirada 47 39 Villa Park 53 33 Mayfair 74 39 Paramount 65 51 Bellflower 49 59 Artesia 48 _ Norwalk Forfeit 53 Excelsior 55 98 : Glenn 8 1. Tina Ybana leads the pack while lanet Lee follows. 2. Kaihy Reinen shows agony as she crosses the finish line. 3. Canie Hensely pushes ahead in the Villa Park meet. 4. Sharon Ramos jumps the hurdles for the lead in Track competition. 5. Row 1: M. Rector, T. Young, ]. Lee, K. Reinert. Row 2: C. Hensely, S. Ramos, T. Ybarra, C. Carpenter. 6. Don Alexander shows a look of determination as he does his best at the long jump. 7. Ralph Curatola stretches toward perfection as he clears the low hurdles. 8. lim Boyer reaches for the sky as he tries his ability at pole vaulting. 9. Kevin Uhfoltz gives his all as he reaches the finish line. Ai- 168 Girls ' Track -rrT ' i:nTCTs-rvT.ri.-rT,-- artg?MKV4rrw«j- . -117 %. v„» tBfrrA r. ' ' ? trsEii r r 8 Frosh-Soph Track This year ' s Frosh-Soph Track Team was a very exciting one. Led by Jim and John Prondzinski, Greg Henkel and John Lizardi in the distance races, Neff really showed their strength. In the sprint group Pat Langdon led with Kevin Ufholtz backing him up. The field events were led by Pat Phelan and Jim Whitney in the shot and discus; Jim Boyer and Jim Basset in the pole vault; and Don Alexander in the jumps. Team Picture: Row 1: K. Wissler. R. Brooks, E. Herman, M. Watts, P. Lang- don, E. Herman, M. Sanchez, G. Henkel, S. Zapka, L. Deel, J. Crawford, M. Kluck. Row 2: D. Adams, P. Phelan, R. Curatola, M. Marshall, R. Vise, ]. VsTiiiney, D. Vcelik, T. Lara, J. Prondzinski, M. Masiro, K. Ufhotz, ]. Nester, C. Salazar, J. Prondzinski, E. Valverde, G. Rodriguiz. Track 169 Neff 12 ].V. Scores Opponent Norwalk Score 16 4 Paramount 24 18 14 Mayfair Glenn 12 14 18 Artesia 10 7% Beilflower iOVi Tennis Varsity Scores Neff Opponent Score 21 Norwalk 7 91 2 Paramount 18% 81 2 Mayfair 19V2 141 2 Glenn 13V2 16 Artesia 12 4 2 Beilflower 23V2 Excelsior 2 m i Tennis for 1977 was a year in which the Varsity strengthened their abilities and the J.V. tried theirs out. Both teams had good team spirit which added to their success. Coach Gomez both praised and criticized his players, helping them to become the best tennis players pos- sible. Congratulations tennis " you were a smash. " 1. Marty Camp and Ron Johnson check out iheir strategy with Coach Gomez. 2. Ron Lucker returns a fast one. 3. Row 1: Coach Gomez, M. Camp, B. Miller, R. Lucker. Row 2: E. Ferguson, G. Ban, J. Stein, J. Jones, H. Brines. 4. Row 1: D. Moncino, R. Johnson, S. Cruz, M. Berklite , D. Layion, ]. Haskell. Row 2: R. Ludwick, S. Scruggs, M. Wilhelm, E. Otero. K. Shively, R. Costello, M. Orlowski. . ' " wm. 170 Tennis 3r7K:nr!7 -::Ei, " :J ' jjgy ■r« g;saBii: i i v ;;: .v Varsity Scox Opponent ip - Seoie Gahi 1 ■ ' : " 225 _ Artesia , t-t- ' ' - ' 229 ° Ekcelsior 17 ;: 270 Paramount " ' ' ' brfeit BgUflower ; ; 350 Glenn ■ Mayfair ■ ■ 1 -. ST. t;3 229- J. V. Scores " . Opponent Vj_ " - - i Seflie Artes i ' " ■ 200 Golf Golf is a game of patience, coordination, and skill and is in its 10th year at Neff under the coaching of Lonnie McConnell. The varsity Squad had a very successfu season, led by Ken LaRoche and Bob Tait on Varsity for their second year. The J.V. ' s also had a good year. Both of these two great teams !;ept Neff the defending champs of the league . :. D. Dower, K. LaRoche, G. Brannon , S. Jacobson, R. Hill. B. Tail, Coach McConnell. 2. Row 1: A. Jones, R. Roeder. L. Williams, P. Simon, A. Sanders, J. Machien. Coach McConnell. Row 2: J. Young, R. Plank, F. Giovich. G. Schlanbaum, D. Jones. 3. Ken LaRoche shows good form while pulling on ihe 18ih gieen . 4 . Greg Brannon concentrates on his pulling dur- ing a practice game. 5. Bob Tail hams it up on the golf field during the varsity squads practice. Golf 171 Soccer This year ' s Varsity soccer team was coached by John Gowan from Biola. tough Being in a LWUIV I I league the Trojans did quite well. The Trojans had a strong offense led by team cap- tain Nathan Hart, Charlie Wurzler, and Alex Mesko. They maintained a scoring average of 3 goals per game. On defense Steve Jocabsen did an admirable job as goalie. This year ' s J . V . soccer team was led by team captain Alan Mader, who played goalie, and defensive player Fritz Vise. Being a young team this year, the J.V. squad really faced a tough season. Going against tough teams such as Excelsior and Mayfair the Trojans really had their work cut out for them. The highlight of the year was tying Mayfair, one of the top teams in league . 1. Row 1: F. Young. A. Benisen, A. Mesko, D. Buckmcker, J. Basseri, N. Han. Row 2: Coach Gowan, H. Brighiman, S. McDaniel, D. Mul- ler, J. Marshkle, D. Weaver, R. Mosely, S. Jacobson. 2. Row 1: ]. McDaniel, ]. Robertson, A. Molina. D. Moncino, ]. Williams, L. Ruth, J. Haddad, T. Lara. Row 2: P. Proctor. K. Wis- sler, A. Sanchez, R. Vise. S. Basset. A. Mader, S. Leslie, D. Allen, G. Campbell, E. Merati, Coach Summers. 3. Nate Han attempts a goal. 4. Charlie Wurzler sprints to retrieve the ball. 172 Soccer ilZt- i ' : G. I.A.Softball ' iih girls rapidly gaining recognition in the sports world, softball is no exception. These girls work long hard hours to produce a winning team and their efforts were proven worthwhile. With all of the Varsity players and most of the J.V. players returning, experience was the contributing factor that helped these girls work .eir ultimate together for their L4I Lll I IClLvIy goal, a winning season. But besides all that talent on the field you still need a devoted coach to coordinate all that talent and Miss Sue Tisdall is that coach. Considering all the players and the super coach this year promises to be the very best. 1. Row 1: V. Gage. B. Beliran, E. Moncino, B. While. L. Greene, T. Fiances, T. Holcomb. Row 2: T. Alexander, J. Piper, T. Brandt, K. Beach, R. Swickard, P. Dolan, V. Dack, J. Marsche, P. Dra- per. 2. Kelly Beach hits the ball lo bring in another run. 3. Val Gage shows her fine pitching form to the opposing batter. 4. Pam Dolan shows great enthusi- asm during a game. 5. Barb Beliran anxiously awaits the pitch so she can hit yet another homerun. .Vjw r-V ; MW Softball 173 Each One an Individual With but One Job to Do to Help Us Learn, to Help Us Grow to Push Us on, to See Us Through This Year Is Ours ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION Principal Assistant Principals This is Mr. Billinger ' s second year as our principal. He received his Master ' s at U.S.C. and has much experience in his field being principal at Norwalk High for three years and counseling and teaching for 15 years. He also coached Var- sity football at Excelsior. Mr. Stan Thomas and Mrs. Virginia Morgan help Mr. Bil- linger hold the Fort together as our two Assistant Principals. When this U V I I O. I I I I O couple get together they can really get the ball rolling. Team work is needed to help solve the problems of Neff from day to day. 1. Mr. Thomas uies to discuss some important matters with Secretary. Becky Wilson. 2. Reading Coordinator, Mr. Allen, speaks with Mrs. Morgan about the Reading Lab. 3. Mr. Herd and Mrs. Miller take time out for a picture. Mrs. Becky Wilson. Principal ' s Secretary . Mrs. Kay Solem, Assistant Princi- pal ' s Secretary. Mrs. Ce Sansonetti, Assistant Prin- cipal ' s Secretary. 176 Administration -I;-.? Counselors Mr. Fitzpa trick, Mr. Herd, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Tern- quist, and Mr. LeGrue are five people whose main task is to keep us happy. They are harassed during the first days of school , forgotten when not needed, and admired greatly when they solve a Oo. Lciol lO D 11 G . Our Counselors help us through our years at Neff, making sure we get what ' s best for us as individuls. We thank them for their work and marvel at their bravery. Mr. Ed Filzpairick, Senior Coun- dor. Mrs. Julie Miller, Junior Counse- lor. Mr. James Herd Sophomore Coun- selor. Mr. Ron Ternquisr, Freshman Counselor. Mr. Dick LeGrue, Career Counse- lor. Administrarion 177 Secretaries What would we do without our secretaries and clerks? With their desks piled high with work, they help orgainize and keep everyone from going crazy. Who else could answer the phone, take minutes, type a letter, and help a student all at the same time? They are very dedicated to their work. These wonderful ladies are not oLI I 1 V with their time. They always make the time to listen to what students of Neff have to say. With these ladies back- ing our counselors, managing the money and keeping attendance records straight how can we go wrong? Mrs. Gladys Base, Attendance Secretary. Mrs. Joy Davis, Finance Clerk. Mrs. Sharlene Gillis, Work Experi- ence Secretary. Mrs. Louise Haggins: Braille Tran- scriber. Mrs. Mildred Miller, Counselors Secretary. Mrs. Dona Moseley, Attendance Secretary. Mrs. Ann Powell, Data Secretary. Mrs. Mildred Rhodes, Library Clerk. Mrs. MarySpecht, Attendance Secretary. Mrs. Juanita Wagner, Counselors Secretary. 178 Administration ' ( ' l. --_j staff A group of hard working people can ' t be forgotten. Security does their best to keep us in school and out of trouble. Our cafeteria work- determined to do their best preparing food. Our custodians have the job of keeping our campus clean and of keeping everything in working order. Our locker attendants do their best to keep everything running smoothly. 1. Keep smiling, Mrs. Powell. 2. Atiendance Sec- retan ' . Mrs. Spechi, keeps very busy. 3. Ruth Ran- dolph. 4. Dan Gardener. 5. Shirley Gray. 6. Clare Sherman , Lupe Castro , Mae Pierce , Sara Tafoya . Marie Ridges. Mary Martin. 7. Roger Eye and George Dunn lake a break. 3. Roger Eye. George Dunn. Bill Harmon. 9. Lee Lombardo. Administration 179 Faculty, YOU KNOW YOU ' RE A TEACHER WHEN . . . . . . You can say BE ni 1 1 FT " Vj w I I I loud enough to quiei down a stadium of people. . . . Your students begin to think for themselves; to pick up related facts and unrelated facts and try to fit them together. . . . You can go ' one to one ' with forty people at the same time. . . . You try to convince the girl in the third row that the boy in the fifth row isn ' t as important as X- x 2 = 34. . . . you help students realize that all stars shine, not just the bright ones. 1. What kind of talk goes on around this table on Monday Mornings we will never know. 2. Mrs. Painter proves that Mr. Gibson has snack duty all week long. Mr. Tim Allen: Humboldt University, Read- ing Coordinator. Mr. James Angotti: C.S.U.L.B., Earth Sci- ence, Oceanography Geology, Advisor to MGM. Mr. Ken Balma: C.S.U.L.B., Careers, Pre- Algebra. Electricity 1-3, Photo 1. Mrs. Jan Blume: Eastern Washington State, Co-Ed P.E. Advisor to GIA, Golden Circle. Department Chairperson. Mr. Nate Brewer: U.C.L.A., Co-Ed P.E. Advisor to Sophomore Class. Mrs. Bette Brunner: C.S.U.F., Co-Ed P.E. Advisor to Golden Circle . 130 Administration Mrs. Geraldine Buzard: Clarion Siate Col- lege, Visually Impaired. .Advisor to Girls League . Mr. .-Man Carlson: C.S.L ' .L.B., Ceramics 1- 4. .Advisor to Art Club. Mr. Dave Carlson: C.S.U.L.B., Careers, Algebra 1, Advanced Algebra, Trigonome- uy. Advisor to FT A. Department Chairper- son. Mr. Jack Comini: San Jose State University, teaming Disabilities. .Mr. John Crippen: Whittier College, Western Civilization, Basic Math. Girls Tennis Coach, Frosh Basketball Coach. Mr. Ray Ditzler: University of Wyoming, Personal Typing, Basic Machines. Mr. George Fagan: C.S.U.L.B., U.S. His- tory, Western Civilization. Mr. Hank Frese: University of Minnesota. U.S. History. Varsity Baseball Coach. Mr. Jack Freidrich: C.S.U.F. , Freehand Drawing, Advanced Art. Advisor to Art Club. Mr. Don Gibson: C.S.U.L. Wood 1, 2. 3. Drafting 1-3. Careers, Administration 181 K Mr. Arvel Goodman: Eastern New Mexico University. Weight Training, Athletics Director. Co-Ed P.E. Department Chairper- son. Mr. Pete Gomez: Loyola University, Spanish 1.2. Varsity Tennis Coach. Mr. John Herbst: Brigham Young University, English 2, Grammar, Literature. Mr. Milan Jablan: Illinois State University, Chemistry. Science Survey, Department Chairperson. Mrs. Naomi Jackson: Oregon College, Geom- etry, Algebra 1,2. Advisor to FT A. Mis. Jean Jerome: Redlands University, Ger- man 1-4. Activities Director, Advisor to Student Cabinet. Mrs. Carol Kagy: C.S.U.L.B. . Child Devel- opment, Clothing 1-4, Home Living, West- ern Civilization. Advisor to Kalagaihians. •emcTo, own ,oi no n««e Mr. Walt Kelley: University of New Mexico, Advanced Composition, English, Intermedi- ate Composition. p5! v4 !S !■■ feigisi:: : a i " H t -i 182 Administration -iUr Mr. Bill Kirk: Eastern Michigan University, Marching and Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble. Western Civilization. .Advisor to Band. Depanmeni Chairperson. Mr. Mike Knapp: Eastern Michigan Univer- sity, U.S. History. Asst. Football Coach, Frosh Baseball Coach. Mr. John Kuyper: Northern Iowa University, Drivers Education , Safety. Department Chairperson . Mr. Olaf Lee: C.S.U.L.B. , Photography 1 - 4. Advisor to Photo Club. Mrs. Rissi Lewellen: C.S.U.L.B.. Biology. Life Science. Advisor to Girls League. Mr. Ed Little: C.S.U.L.B., Reading Clinic. Reading Lab. Mr. Ray Loughmiller: C.S.U.L.B. , ROP Bike Repair. 1. Teachers don ' t always have the answers - right Mrs. Painter? 2. Mrs. Buzard and Mrs. Haggins discuss the days work over lunch. 3. Coffee and plenty of conversation fills the teachers lounge before school . Administration 183 Mr. Lonnie McConnell: U.C. Santa Barbara, American Governmem, Psychology Sociol- ogy, Athletics. Assi. Football Coach, Golf Coach. Mr. Bob McGuire: Stanford University, Careers, Leadership, American Government, Athletics. Cross Contry and Track Coach, Advisor to Student Cabinet and Senior Class. Mr. Dick Maertz: C.S.U.L.B. , Reading Lab, Western Civ. Wrestling Coach. Depanmeni Chairperson. Mr. lohn Male: Whittier College, Co-Ed P.E.. Athletics. Asst. Football Coach, Wres- tling Coach. Mrs. Elizabeth Midyette: Kansas State Col- lege, Office Practice, Shorthand, Intermedi- ate Typing. Advisor to Campus Hostess. Mr. Paul Miler: Macalester College, English 4, Etymology. 184 Adminisuation _L4r Faculty That special teacher is the one we all seem to remember the most. Sometimes they are the ones who are appreciated the least. It may have been that band-aid that saved our blister in the third grade, or that last ounce of encouragement in a It OLUl O that made you come to class. That special teacher will give their all to try to teach you something that you can ' t learn in books . . . responsibility, understanding, confidence, and patience. Qualities like these are all found in our teachers at Neff. They ' ve all got different ways of expressing their talents and all are special in their own way. 1. The coffee in the lounge makes Mr. Gib- son a Statue. 2. Miss Samuels laughs while Mrs. Lewellen gets camera shy. 3. Mi. Kelly gives Mr. Brewer the word. Mr. Jon Miller: C.S.U.L.B., Basic Math. Annual, Newspaper, Journalism. Advisor to Annual and Newspaper. Mr. Frank Minski: C.S.U.L.B. , Biology, Anatomy Physiology . Mr. Ray Mooshagian: Whittier College. Health. Head Varsity Football Coach. Mrs. Nelda Ortiz: U.S.C., Librarian. Ms. Liz Painter: C.S.U.L.A. Careers, Record Keeping, Typing 1, Advisor to Sopho- more Class. Mrs. Frances Purkiss: Michigan State Univer- sity. Emotionally Handicapped. Administration 185 PE Mrs. Barbara Ralph; C.S.U.L.B., English 2. French 1, 2, 3. 4. Mr. Jay Rasmussen: Idaho Siaie University, Spanish 2, 3, 4. Departmeni Chairperson. Mr. Bob Riddar: C.S.U.L.B, Auiomotive Mechanics 1-4, Careers. Mr. George Robillard: Buffalo University, Algebra 1,2, Physics. Mr. Joe Roussel: Cal Poly Pomona, Co-Ed P.E. Safety, Drivers Education, Health. Var- sity Basketball Coach, Advisor to Junior Class. Miss Barbra Samuels: Clarion State, Account- ing, Geometry, Algebra 2. Advisor to CSF. Mr. Bob Sessions: North Dakota University, Careers, English 2, Theatre 1-4, Stage Craft. Advisor to Thespians. Mr. David Shehorn: New Mexico University, Reading Lab. Advisor to Art Club. 186 Administration Mr. Jerome Smiih: Gonzaga University, Phi- losophy Humanities, English 1. Depanmeni Chairperson. Mrs. Ruth Snow: Colorado University. Money Management, Typing 2, Work Experience. Advisor to F.B.L. A. Miss Peggy Snyder: C.S.U.F., Speech, Eng- lish 1,2. Advisor to Speech Club. Mr. Dick Spry: Cal Poly, Metal 1, 2, 3, 4. Mrs. Pat Stephenson: C.S.U.L.B., Careers, Co-Ed Foods, Single Survival. Advisor to Campus Hostesses. Mrs. Carol Tarbell: Northwestern University, College Reading Skills, Reading Improve- ment, Reading Lab. Department Chairper- Mrs. Toni Thalken: C.S.U.F., Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Basic Math. Advisor to Pep Club, Drill and Pep Units. Miss Sue Tisdall: C.S.U.L.B., P.E. 1 - 4, Girls .Athletics. Advisor to GIA. Mr. Carl Wade: C.S.U.L.A. , English 2, Health. P.E. I.V. Baseball Coach. Mr. Peter Wright: C.S.U.L.A., Crafts, Jew- elry. Advisor to Freshman Class and An Club. Administration 187 r T TELEVISION APPLIANCES SALES • SERVICE Since 1950 TELEVISION STEREO APPLIANCES ItSi-| S ' l Bi. ' ,il1i BiiukA.iid L,i H,ihi i, (...lilMinui ' )(»)■! I IIW J VAMASHITA 21 Jl 943 17 17141 623 2321 The people here have helped us Showed an interest in this wa And we in turn will try to give Our business from day to da This year is ours JESSOPSTEEL OF CALIFORNIA 14420 Marquardt Ave. Sania Fe Springs, California Photo Finishing • Cameras • Film Supplies JOE DE MAINE Owner Phone S21-070I 6300 Beach Blvd. buena park. calif. DS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS Phone 521-3e-lS PICK UP a DELIVERY Prim (gleaners Laundry D Etti Jxim with if- ' zim Apartment Drapes Our Specialty dOA9 Alondra Blvd. L_4 Mirada COTTON GOFF 6750 Manchester Buena Park Congratulations Class of 1977 WHITTIER CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INC. 13840 Whittier Blvd. Whittier California 698-9456 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 77 From J. A. MAYNEW-HINDS and WHITTIER CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH STRAW HAT PIZZA 12739 Valley View La Mirada 921-3537 H G.I. TRUCKING 14727 Alondra La Mirada 523-1122 GOOD LUCK TROJANS FOSTER ' S FREEZE 15054 Alondra Blvd. La- Mirada Phone (714) sai-55-44 LA ONDRA DRUGS 1S03S Alondra Blvd. J. Alton Chinn, pharm. d ljv mirada. cal. soeae BONUS MEAT DIST. 13958 Valley View La Mirada , Calif. Top Quality Meats for Your Table or Freezer H. G. " HOPPY " HOPTON 941-6265 Albert A Boyce, |r. Vice President S( M.in.iyer 15006 La Mirada Blvd hA icvir-»A ▲ La Mirada, Calit 90638 ' ' ALItNOA 4 in-i ' K i, . THE rHITSl (714)523-3300 o, cal.fobm SUBISHI BANK (213) 635-8133 A an M Auto Parts J 5055 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, CA 90638 Congratulations to Neff High School Seniors ROLLED ALLOYS Heat and Corrosion Resistant Alloy Specialists 14424 Marquart Ave . Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (213) 921-4333 Ready When and Where You Need Them Picture Yourself as Part of A Whole New World . . . A Whole New Navy NAVY OPPORTUNITIES 14000 Pioneer Blvd. Norwalk, CA 90650 864-6556 Ask for: Joe Bulisco Paul Vogelsong Rony Romasanta JKEL (213) 943-6737 DISCOUNT WATERBED CENTER Corner of Imperial Hwy. and La Mirada Blvd. 15025 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada, Calif. 90638 MARK JOHNSON Manager The Ver Latest in CouOR ArjD Style Gpoon ' Free in party of B or More Oateway Cleaners 3t Tuxedo Rentals Alteration a Specialty 15536 LA r IRAOA BLVD. (Corner Santa Gertrudes) V1 521-SS40 Daily 7:30 A.M.-e:oo p.m. SAT. e:3o A.M. -5:00 P.M. THE ROTARY CLUB OF LAMIRADA The Four Way Test of Things We Think, Say oi Do 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3 . Will it build good will and better friendship? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? The Rotary Club Supports the High School in These Ways Sealbearer Scholarship Outstanding Scholar Plaque Recognition of Special Honors Contributions to High School Youth Projects WALTER WHITE DRAPERIES 15017 E. Imperial Hwy. U Mirada, Calif. 90638 (213) 947-2579 MCDONALD ' S CICEROS 15843V4 Imperial Hwy. La Mirada. Calif. AHERICAM CUISINI CATA LIQUOR 5900 Beach Blvd. Buena Park. Calif. 15532 La Mirada Blvd. La Mirada, Calif. Good Luck to the Graduates of 1977 COMMERCE WAREHOUSE COMPANY 14659 AlondraBlvd. La Mirada, Calif. 90638 Food to Go TIMPONE ' S REST. Hours, 11:00 A.M. -9:00 P.M. Mon. Through Sat. G. A. " WILLIE " DENIZ Manager (714) 521-6377 5307 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, Calif. (213) 941-2757 HAPPY GROOMING Aa Breed Dog Groominif Mr. Groom Diitributor VALLEY VIEW FARMS 13907 Valley View La Mirada, Calif. 90638 14938 Leffincwell Road La Miraoa. Caufornu JUDITH FOSTER Own m Allied heatrical 521-1517 LMlarrit — Ti«hta — Sh D«nc n AccMMrin DANSKiN Gamba 15012 M ««•• Mall L« Mirada Skaypinf Cantar La Mi.ada. Calif . 90131 Repairing - Welding Lawnmowei Shaipehed Bike Rentals SPENCE ' S BIKE SHOP Standard and Racing Bikes Accessories - Tricycles - Hobbies Schwinn Bikes - New and Used Bikes 606 W. Chapman Ave. Placentia Phone 528-1555 15816 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada, Calif. 943-2116 LA MIRADA BOWL INC. 15001 Adelfa Dr. La Mirada, Calif. 90638 PATTERSON CHEVROLET 15737 E.. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada (714) 523-3420 Congratulations Class of 1977 LAMBERT STEEL CO.. INC. Complete Reinforcing Steel Service BERT LAMBERT. Mgr. Res. (213) 865-6646 (714) 639-6922 950 No. Batavia St. Orange, CA 92667 LA MIRADA CLEANERS 15216 E. Rosecrans La Mirada, Calif. 90638 (714) 521-9265 QtlJ ckming Qm i 15053 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, California (714) 994-4731 10-6 - Tues.-Fri. 10-5:30 - Sal. HOME OF FASHION 15061 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, California (714) 523-2770 10-6 - Mon.-Fri. 10-5:30 - Sat. Congratulations tothe Class of 1977 5?? V ' . " Best Wishes Class of ' 77 CASTLE AUTO P ■4 0 d 13944 Valley View La Mirada, Calif. 90638 RED CARPET REALTORS 12808 La Mirada Blvd. La Mirada , Calif. 947-2821 THE BUCKLE GALLERY 188 La Mirada Mall La Mirada. Calif. 90638 714 532-5441 New and Antique Buckles Unique Leather Goods Great Gifts Congratulations Neff Grads! THE jRpunc) Table A ii; M_ni-i. f.ii ' Ei; i iu. . r iKf- itt_.L " XLi " lAr.i.r: 1 i; VN L llJ■ I: «. oiu ' Oi;atiux 12820 La Mirada Blvd. La Mirada, California (714) 947-2557 J. EDMUND WATSON STUDIO Your Officia! Sch®®! Phofegrepher msmm m KELLY ' S FLOWER POT " Quality Flowers For All Occasions A: Prices Everyone Can Afford " 9 14401 Valley View Santa Fe Springs 213 921-7774 714 994-0162 Free Delivery KEY REXALL 15843 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada, Calif. Ph. 943-3781 12810 la Mirada Blvd. at Impariol Hwy. la Mirada, CA 9063 (213) 943-5S58 LA MIRADA LIQUOR MIKE TIM GUY 1S05S Alondra Blvd. LA MIRADA S22- 1.431 ARTISANS IN AiL METALS JOHN V. SAVING 17926 S. Broadway Gardena, Calif. 90248 321-8373 327-8660 MASTER RUNNER 1301 N. Beach Blvd. La Habra, Calif. 947-1073 Iwnnn ? ' " ' ! ' isi -««:=» :_-:Si NICK ' S ARCO SERVICE 15005 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada, Calif. " i ; 1 «J«MS««: --::S FARMERS INSURANCE THE PET SET 15057 Alondra Blvd. La Mirada , Calif. 944-8482 or 523-1360 J In La Mirada Mall (714) 523-4010 " Your One Slop Pet Center " Complete Line of Pets and Supplies Cat and Dog Grooming ;;or 5c-fvtct ' " BIMBO ' FRESH a SALT WATER FISH AQUARIUMS - SUPPLIES LIVE FROZEN FOODS ical m v GREG a BILL Phone (3131 94d-9103 1421S E. ROSECRANS Ave, UA MIRADA. CALIF 90638 NOTARY PUBLIC m U KATAMEBlCAft im t STATL eCj LYNN BECKER BROKER. OWNER LA MIRADA OFFICE 12 1 31 943-0204 (213) 694-2044 245 E WHITTIER BLVD LA HABRA CA 90631 {213) 941-6S11 MIKE ' S HOBBY SHOP Model Rocketry - Decoupage Balsa Models - Macrame Plastic Models - Crafts Trains - Classes 13954 Vallev View La Mirada ' For homumade pizza at Its best " DINING BOOM OS TAKE OUT THE WHITNEY FAMILY Bod Bartiua Bob Jf Ru95 Fttturing PIZZA • SPAQHErri LASAONA • RAVIOLI ITALIAN SUBMARINES ANTIPASTO SALAOA WINE • BEER ON TAP ' 31 944-9765 11525 La Mirada Blvd Corner of La Mirada and Leffingwell PATRONS ADS 1. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Madden 2. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Novak 3. Mr. and Mrs. David Okuma 4. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Gage 5. Mr. and Mrs. Don Wllllanns 6. Mr. and Mrs. Harry FrI+ch Best Wishes Neff Seniors THANK YOU I ' d like to take the time now to thank all the people who helped us throughout the year to produce a successful year- book for 1977. Thanks to: Taylor Publishing Company, Watson Studios, our photographers Alan Takemoto, John Hachey, Kenny Car- penter, Danny Galvan, and Rick Smith. I would also like to thank, Mr. Lee and his photography classes, especially Darrell Rosen for his hot ski photos, and Mr. Miller for seeing us through. A special thanks to the entire annual staff for meeting all of our deadlines: Becky, Jeri, Barbara, Denise , Vicki, Val, Lynn, Traci, Jenny, Kim, Marcia, Car-la S., Mary, Jim, Carla A. and especially Linda and .Audrey who gave me this k page . But most of all I ' d like to thank you the students and fac- ulty here at Neff, because you are what this book is all about. 1 hope this yearbook will bring back good memories for all because . . . This Year Is Ours. Judy Hamilton Editor The Times We Shared Togethei Both Serious and Fur Will Leave Their Marks Within Our Lives Our High School Years Are Done This Year Is Ours The Times So Unforgettable Memories These Hajis Withhold We Can Relive Within Our Minds All That Is Left Untold This Year Is Ours - I- - o A o t e; , ' , - o ,t. -C ' .A . 1 p o 7 ' o _ J ' -e, o " - - ' t) • ■ ' % . " ' 6 ' ' - o : V 4. " -f • ' Z-. ' C 1 7? -Vc •i 5- -3 ; - r. v " c r ' !i ' [ ' ly- " H ?- ' -t-a , v 5c . - . t©- d - . { ; . ' : f) K ' iiv m j hi-- ■ ' i M? ' Xl k X . o o o iN Jli T-- ' THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAf THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THI! THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OL THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THI! THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS C THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAF OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR S THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS rEAR IS OURS THIS YE S THIS YEAR IS OUF JRS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS IS OURS THIS YEAR 1 5 0URSTHISYEAF THIS YEAR ISO 5 0URSTHISYEAF r EAR IS OURS THIS YE =iS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAH IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS YEAR IS OURS THIS I

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