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' .S £ s mmmih wA ' 1 im , iM M William N. Neff High School La Mirada, California Advisor: ]on Miller Editor: Kim Kaford 1976 Troiani ■ - :H ■ " " ' ' " ' " - ' " ui r i i m mi i f J 2 1 •» — n 1 Pj m H PI mn HI hhh jfe B- ' 4 . fl m Fa • vB N B ■V K- y[ i ' K , , n f m 1 ■ yLn iM 1 H|. m -i: Jw 3 |C? Liii k 1 m It J ■ J? 3 I - V ' 7 If L • i Jsst S0 - , Friends you ' ll Never forget. Times that Linger forever . . . Those were the days ' -J -dTT JiiFdJiiaii lfea iiMc ' .M i . ijs- x ? -iW " - 5 r V i ' l. ii iiamntumsiistmtiiismua. v•». . ■.; vJ ■y T — ' — I IM SS: • « - m F • iri ■ m « 3 --I L- , i a Einpty hallsy Grpwded hails r J Thinking hack Oh the class That wasn ' t so bad Afterall . . Those were the c|ays mmK ' 11 ' ' i-fli 1 1 1 1 ,.;f| I ' JSr- J -I j» «tf.:- l ' is ' ■. ' 9 aK?ii9 _ 4kiP ' ( ' 1 . ' ,, ' 1 1 " - -Vj ' ' u z - 1 r Sii • • . . • , ' J » , . » ' ♦ • r w « ' » w ww i i ijM W ' a !» ' wy ' ' ' W ' »iiw« •V % j a ip i fp W I MMIiWWt ' % ' -« ijWfl SW ' ! ' i« «w1- fii f.. ' fi m SecliGatibii , ; This year ' s anmial ' staff takeS:greM;;:; and; jay ' m ' ;(iedicating,:thei 1976 Trpiani to " ; a manHwhd. helps make the production of ' our yeafbobk ppsMble Mr. . Olaf Lee .was born in New Orleans Louisiana on luly -- 12, 1936; and: was the second; of two;boys; ;3 inhisfamily,:;; !; : - - - . , ;: " : ' He ; attehdeci Laf ayetie; lElerrientaryi :aijd; :■■-- Frontier High School; both in New Org- ans, thelfe he wias active in football.:: After graduation he joined the army for six months active duty . Upon discharge . , he worked for FreHport Sulfer Cornpanyi Mr. Lee was drawn to Galiforhia because of his great interest in owning and racing .motorcycles. Here h raced ;■ and worked for Pacific Telephone . After getting married he returned to cbilege-on a part-time basis , .completing r both his :|A aiid MA at CSULB. - :;; :; He started .teachihgi at Neff: High " jii :: 1967 and w as the annual staff advisor fpt; that year. Mr. Lee npw teaches all l vell: ' - of photogfaphyv:; ■ :, :•;:■ - i: ; : : Mr. Lee ;; has : three ;;ehildreni:-LMa " :8t Karin 7 :;arid ;Ghristian 5 . -They:;; ill ■think; :: their dad is teiiific and so .do. the stiidirits: ' ■: ;::Gf ' Neff High Schppl.T:,; - ' :: . :-;:■;;;:;;■ ;kC:i - : • rThank :;ye«|;:MTl Lee::fdf:;aliyy6uivS arid ' dediGatiori; to ■ ■makferNeffl a beiierii ' : schooiji. :: ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■■■ ' ■■■ ' :■■:. ' ■::::.. ;,:[: " ■: " ; [-■■iv- ' ' ---- --!- «K--=.i?= ' lse;t2£i:T f-:-= yO m iiitiiM ' i)». ' hiiii!i£,.A. ' -la ■•f " " !•■ " ir- i . ■I I K 41) 11 From long ago : To far away ' r We share the dreams Of our Ancestors. :. They crossed the seas To build a nation So ftieir children Could be free . . Those were the days r:- ' - life ' ' [iLiaM?«4ji c y . - ] v -Si- siV- : j t ' i « s , ' Si, ■« P M. A ■ ' ■■ ' i H». JZ S ' J " • — Lettirigyour .cA -i, •:-?►- : an i-yi;.%;- fi " ; J : telSfeii sr JMff. . - ' " ' - nM I Vic m k ' :: Loolcirig Back Upon pur peers V All the smiles j And all the fears - i Reflect the joy Throughput the years Those were the days 1 iiiifliiiia . : mm iiift n- t : A toim:sti: ' tip|i;; li- ;. Activiti!es-- ::3:0:;: i: ' ;Giia seS ;- Sii|;B ISP it " iii . ' .j nr t-i (--{J-r; J ' C isSsS? Mr- Mud- M li IlM L-ii Li tr ■ ' " ' ' " iqjmasKg ? ' 3 " t s ' •i .y ;. a: i A iM Mi MM - P ' ii! 8» )»is«rc; g M . .» «:» ' .flimPbiijSiili mf- ' ' 9LJ ' ' --- 7 ■■■fi ' I ' I r t •• - , i!. •■ ii- ' i. ■- ' " PiB!. . iliK fiJt- ' Jl Principal We are proud to welcome Mr. Les Biilinger to Neff. This is Mr. Billinger ' s first year at Neff and already he has shown much GHtilUSlS-Sm and pride. Well trained in his field, he has been Principal at Norwalk High for 3 years, coun- seled and taught for 15 years. He also coached Varsity Football at Excelsior High. Mr. Biilinger received his Master ' s at U.S. C. A native Cali- fornian, he now resides in Long Beach with his wife and two sons. We hope that Mr. Billinger ' s first year will kick-off a full and successful career at Neff . Assistant Principals We also welcome an old friend to a new position. Mr. Stan Thomas now serves as our Assistant Principal, Student Services, Curriculum Advisor. Even with a busy schedule he stills finds time to coach a winning football team. Ms. Geraldine Smith, Dean of Pupil Personnel Services, continues in her Assistant Principal posi- tion. • . ■ ■ ■ , : ■ ,, ' ■ ' ;■ .; ■ ' .■:- ' ■ : " : is needed for these jobs and Mr. Thomas and Ms. Smith work hard together to help solve the unusual problems that occur on campus. Keep up the good work. 1 8 Administration Counselors This group of dedicated people work with students and parents to advise and counsel on anything from schedule problems to emotional heartaches. llGipiIlii us make the best decisions for now and the future is just one of their many jobs. Specialized in iheir field, they help guide us with open ears and minds. Our welfare and happiness is their first concern. Sometimes forgotten, but when a problem arises we always know where to go and they ' ll be there. Iv!i. Ron Ternquisi, Seniors, Auend- ance. Kit. Ed Fitzpauick, Juniors, College Scholarships. Mis. Julie Millei, Sophomores, Spe- cial Education. Mi. Jim Herd, A-H Freshmen. Crisis Counselor. Mr. Dick LeGrue, I-Z Freshmen, Career Counselor. Secretaries You can ' t miss these ladies in the iffice with their desks piled high with work. ' ithout ihem there would be total CHAOS. They help organize and keep everyone from CrS-Zy. Their talents include answering the phone, taking minutes, typing a letter and helping a student, all at one time . Not bad ! ! Their warm and friendly personali- ties that are easily detected, make the hustle of the day go by a little nicer. Mis. Becky Wilson, Principal ' s Secreiary. Mrs. Carol Cunning, Assistant Principars Secre- tary . Mrs. Ce Sansonetii. Assistant Principal ' s Secre- tary. Adminisvrcition Mrs. Virginia Ashley: Counselors Secretary . Mrs. Joy Davis: Finance Clerk. Mrs. Sharlene Gillis: Work Experience Secretary . Mrs. Mildred Miller: Book- room Clerk. Mrs. Dona Moseley: Attendance Secretary . Mrs. Ann Powell: Data Secretary . Mrs. Mildred Rhodes: Library Clerk. Mrs. Mary Specht: Attend- ance Secretary . Mrs. Katherine Taylor: Braille Transcriber. Mrs. Juanita Wagner: Counselors Secretary , 20 Administration Cafeteria ™ Custodians — - Security A group of hard-working people that can ' t go forgotten are those who spend their time cleaning up and looking after us . FniStrS tCQ but determined to do their best , these ladies have the task of preparing food for snack and lunch for the mass mob that hits every day. The cafe- teria staff includes Pat Rehm, Mae Pierce, Marie Ridge, Mary Martin, and Lupe Casuo. V ho could forget Sara Tafoya who labors hard in the snack bar. George Dunn, Ed Porter and Bob Harkins, oiu: custodiariS, have a job fit for an army. Cleaning up the tornado-liit lunch area, setting up for rallies, and fixing " those little tilings " that always seem to break, are only a few of their jobs. Shirley Gray and Ruth Randolph are our security officers here at Neff. Mrs. Lee Lombardo and Mr. Bill Parke have the task of passing out gym clothes and equipment and listening to the usual excuses as our gym attendants. At W ' ■■. ' i.- H 6 1. Pat Rehm, Mae Pierce, Maxie Ridge, Mary Manin and Lupe C mo.2. George Dunn, Ed Porter and Bob Harkins. 3. Pat frosts some tasty delight- fuls for us. 4. Shirley Gray and Ruth Randolph. 5. Lee Lombaro. 6. Bill Parke. AdminiotraKoii .■::7nr;v ;a i? -5;. ' Faculty Broken pencils, empty Excedrin bottles, gray hairs and tons of ungraded papers, sometimes teach- ers wonder if it ' s all worth it. V ith a firm chin and armed with an ever-ready red pen, they face us every day v ith the challenge of spreading their knowledge. The hours are long and the rewards are few but they continue to teach us with their best ability and dedication. The burden doesn ' t seem so heavy when the teacher can grasp that air of satisfaction knowing that they reached us. For we appreciate them in our own way . They are tlie foun- dations, and without them we wouldn ' t have a school. Mr. Kenneth Balma: C.S.U.L.B., Space Electronics 1, 2, 3, 4, Wood 1, 2, 3, 4. Mrs. Jan Blume: Eastern Wash. State, Co-Ed P.E., Girls P.E. Advisor to Golden Circle, Depart- ment Chairman. Mr. Nate Brewer: U.C.L.A., Co- Ed P.E. Advisor to Sophomore Class . Ms. Carol Brown: Midwestern Uni- versity, English. Mrs. Bettie Brunner: C . S „ I) . F . , Co- Ed P.E. Advisor to Drill and Pep Units . Mrs. Geraldine Buzard: Clarion State College, Visually Impaired. Advisor to Girls ' League. 22 Administration Mr. Alan Carlson: C.S.U.L.B. , Ceramics 1, 2, 3, 4. Advisor lo Ait Club. Mr. David Carlson: C.S.U.L.B., Algebra 1, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra. Advisor to Stu- dent Exchange Club, Cluistian Ath- letes. Department Chairman , Mr. John Crippen: Whittier Col- lege, Western Civilization, Sopho- more Football and J.V. Tennis vCoach . Mr. Ray Ditzler: University of Wyo- ming, Basic Business, Accounting, Western Civilization. Mr. Mark Embrey: Biola, Health and Safety, P.E., J.V. Basketball and Girls Tennis Coach. Mr. George Pagan: C.S.U.L.B. , U.S. History, Recreation in Our Society. Mr. Hank Frese: University of Min- nesota, U.S. History, Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach . 1 ' . ' Mr. Jack Friedrich: C.S.U.F., -i) Exploratory and Com.mercial Art, Freehand Drawing and Painting. Advisor to Art Club . Mr. Don Gibson: C.S.U.L.B, Drafting 1, 2, 3, 4, Vi ' oodworking 1, 2, 3, 4. Mr. Pete Gomez: Loyola Univer- sity, Spanish 1, 2, Varsity Tennis Coach. Administration 2.: Faculty Some people say a teacher is made out qf steel , Their minds can think , but their bodies can ' t feel, Iron and steel , and hickory trees , Frowns and gripes, from 8:00 to 3:00. You teach six full hours and what do you get? Cuts and bruises and dirt and sweat. I got two black eyes and can hardly walk. When I turned my back , then came the chalk! 84 kids I got (J ' it JS-lLli? and 42 seats, Sixty are talking while 24 sleep , 1 can hardly get ' em all through the door. If I don ' t watch out, they ' ll send me more . Mr. Arvel Goodman: Eastern New Mexico University, Co-Ed P.E. , Athletics Director, Department Chairman . Mr. Ron Holtz: Colorado State Uni- ve rsity, Work Experience Coordina- tor. Mr. Milan Jablan: Illinois State University, Algebra. Advisor to Math Club. Mrs, Naomi Jackson: Oregon Col- lege , Algebra 1 , Geometry . Mrs. Jean Jerome: Redlands Univer- sity, German 1, Science Fiction, Leadership, Advisor to A . S . B . Cab- inet, Senate. Mrs. Carol Kagy: C.S.U.L.B., Co- Ed Foods, Clothing 1-4, Interior Design, Child Development, West- ern Civ. Advisor to Kalagathians and Campus Hostesses. Depanment Chairman. 24 Adrpinistration Mr. Bill Kirk: Eastern Michigan University, Marching and Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Western Civ. Advisor to Band. Department Chairman . Mr. Richard Kirkpatrick: La Verne College, Biology, Calif. Outdoors, Earth Science, Life Science. Advisor to Science and Engineering Club, M.G.M. Coordinator. Mr. Mike Knapp: Eastern Michigan University, U.S. History, Varsity Football and Frosh Baseball Coach. Mr. John Kuyper: Northern Iowa University, Chemistry, Science Survey, Basic Math. Advisor to Athletes in Action. Mr. Olaf Lee: C.S.U.L.B., Pho- tography 1-4. Mr. Richard Leiby: C.S.U.L.A., Physics, Earth Science , Basic Math. Advisor to Science and Engineering Club. You teach six full hours to 84 brats , And all of them yellin ' like dogs and cats. They ' re cutting on seats and writing on walls. Hugging and kissing in the upstairs hall. The last bell rings and I start for the door, My head ' s a-ringing and my feet are sore . I taught six full hours , my day is made - But I still have 300 papers to grade. You teach six full hours and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt, I ' d go to St. Peter, but I just can ' t stay , I gotta come back for the P . T . A . 1. Mi. McConnell lakes " Time Out " from H his 3id period class for a pictuie. 2. Mrs. Stephenson helps Janene V ' oodwajd stir up something good in cooking . Adminisfra ion 25 Mrs. Rissi Lewellen: C.S.U.L.B., Biology, Life Science Basic Math. Advisor to Girls ' League. Mr. Ed Little: C.S.U.L.A. . Learn- ing Disabilities. Miss Darlene Logan: Minnesota Uni- versity, Advanced Composition, English 1, Reading. Advisor to F.T.A. and N.F.L. Mr. Lonnie McConnell: U.C. Santa Barbara, American Government , Psychology Socio logy , P.E., Frosh Football and Varsity. J.V. Golf Coach. Mr. Bob McGuire: Stanford Univer- sity, American Government, Var- sity Cross Country and Track Coach. Advisor to Senior Class. Mr. Dick Maertz: C.S.U.L.B., Western Civilization, Varsity Wres- tling Coach. Advisor to Sophomore Class . Mr. David Martinez: U.C.L.A. , Law Enforcement. Mr. John Mele: Whiitier Colle ge, P.E. , Varsity Football. Mrs. Elizabeth Midyett: Kansas State College of Pittsburg, Typing 1, Shorthand 2, Business Machine, Office Procedures. Advisor to F.B.L.A. Department Chairman. Mr. Paul Miler: Macalester Col- lege, Etymology. Mr. Jon Miller: C.S.U.L.B. , Span- ish, Annual, Newspaper, Journal- ism. Advisor to Annual, Newspa- per. Mr. Frank Minski; C.S.U.L.B. , Biology, Anatomy Physiology. Department Chairman. 26 Administration Mrs. Shirley Neai: Nebraska State, English 2, Reading, E.S.L, Advisor to Junior Class. Department Chairman. Mis. Nelda Ortiz : U.S.C, Librar- ian. Department Chairman. Ms. Liz Painter: C.G.U.L.A., Typing 1, Shorthand 1, Record- keeping. Advisor to Freshman Class , Ski Club . Mrs. Frances Purkiss: Michigan State , Emotionally Handicapped . Depanment Chairman. Mrs. Barbara Ralph: C.S.U.L.B., French 1-4, English 2. Advisor to Foreign Language Club, Student Exchange Club. Mr. Jay Rasmussen: Idaho State University, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4. Department Chairman. Faculty Praying for strength, I greet a class. Whose special feature is their mass; A sea of faces follows m.e , Expecting iO V G, security. My task ahead is large indeed; To serve each pupil ' s private need. To teach them v. ' ell. This is my hope . Where am I now? End of my rope. For how can they learn properly? There ' s hardly classroom space for 1. Mrs. Tarbell knows a good way lo gei her English class ' aiteniion. Adm:nistrc!icr. 2 Mr. Robert Riddar: C.S.U.L.B. , Automotive Mechanics. Mi. George Robillard: Buffalo Uni- versity, Algebra 2, Pre- Algebra. Mr. Joseph Roussei: Cal Poly- Pomona, Health Safety, Varsity Basketball Coach. Advisor to Pep Club, Basketball Club, Athletes in Action . Miss Barbara Samuels: Clarion State, Algebra, Geometry. Advisor toC.S.F. Miss Donna Schipper: C.S.U.L.B., Co-Ed P.E. , Modern Dance, Health and Safety. Advisor to Dance Show- case , Bowling Club . Mr. Robert Sessions: North Dakota University, Theatre 1-4, Stage- craft, English. Advisor to Thespi- ans. Mr. David Shehorn: New Mexico University, Arts and Crafts 1, Nee- dlecraft, Jewelry 1, Ceramics 1. Advisor to Art Club . Mr. Jerome Smith: Gonzaga Uni- versity. English 1, Reading, Philos- ophy Humanities. Mrs. Ruth Snow: Colorado Univer- sity, Money Management, Business English, Typing. Advisor to F.B.L.A. 1. Peace, love and a coffee break. 2. " They sure don ' t make cats like they used lo. " 28 Administration Faculty Remember how we uied to snow GUI teachers with lines like " But I can ' t get my locker open " or " Late! I ' m not late, just early for tomorrow! " If that doesn ' t sound familiar what about " I can ' t take the test my arms are paralyzed " or " Book! I didn ' t even know we had a book for this class . ' ' Remember how we thought we were getting away with murder when the whole time they knew exactly what was going on. Remember the time when you couldn ' t tell the students from the teachers. These crazy, nutty, bril- liant, helpful, nice people that make up many of our best memories here at Neff . Mr. Dick Spry: Cal. Poly., Metal 1, 2, 3, 4, Welding. Depanment Chairman . Mrs. Patricia Stephenson: C.S.U.L.B., Effective Living, Foods, Homeliving, English. Advi- sor to Campus Hostesses . Mrs. Carol Tarbell: Northwestern University, Speech, Debate, Soph. English, Reading. Advisor to Speech Club, N.F.L. Miss Sue Tisdall: C.S.U.L.B P.E. 1, 2, 3, 4 Advisor to G . I . A . Mr. Carl Wade: C.S.U.L.A man 1-4, Frosh Football Baseball Coach. Mr. Peter V right: Photo, Crafts, Autc Girls ' Athletics. Ger- J.V. C.S.U.L.B. Adm-r.i5trcticn % jjiii " " " " SI ' MM t3i ;iffi||iliti|f|||i||i Have all passed a - tt- •!! ' 1 tti If 1«5- i; iltid i ' F 1. Banner Caiiiers Row 1: Lynn Jones, Kim Ufholtz, Kim Kunke, Tammy Newell. Row 2: Diane Hasen, Melinda Lange, Carolyn Ernst, Donna Ediger, Janis Marcius and Audrey Phelke. 2. Imponant game discussion. 3. Banner per- forming during half time. 4. Audrey Phelke and Diane Hasert Iteep up school spirit during half- time at the Sonera game. 5. Tammy Newell shows the crowd at the rally one of the trophies Banner has won. 6. Drill Team members Lisa Olson Captain, Yolanda Macias, Lori Prondzin- ski, Elaine Wagle, Jennie Stein, Anne Williams, Dawn Eggan, Ginny Shrewsbiuy, Wendy Betty, Jeanne Wittick, Jill Gaston, (across back) Pam Spark Co-Captain, Elaine Cardon, Denise Sar- razen, Terry Alexander, Lori Mackey, Cheryl Stephens, Arlene Luna, Kathy Cole, Carla Smith, Laurie Sorenson, and Pam Phelke Co- Captain. 7. Pam Phelke marches during half- time. 8. Captain Lisa Olson discusses the routine with some members of the Drill Team. 9. Drill Team performing at one of the rallies. 32 Acfivilles Banner Driil Team Banner came thiough once again triis year placing at many of the competi- tions in which they were involved. They never let the school down when it came to making the rallies more enjoyable. Marching to the music and keeping the beat are only two of the things that the Drill Team does well . There is an aw-ful lot of vVOF JK. involved like performing at halftime, rallies, parades and getting to school early in the morning to practice with the band . i - - ' igl futu- .a: Activit-e= 33 " ' ffi Miw -irfi tTrFr ' IfCEt ' --ii M Act; " ;i;-r- " " .-J frr ,t Sf ■ ' ' v - ' ,.. y -S- ' K ' - " % W % ' %: w L yi 1 . TiTSBSsSSSSffi;!! mount . Heidi a. d Tli ' sun to get ihiags gotng. 3. Can ' t always bs petfect! 4. JV takes a bteak. 5. JV S uaci Peggy Oppedahl, Susan Tunssi, Stobetta Tel- lesis, IJetdS IselS, Tina Riley and Charlcne SamiSlipg . 6 , Chris and Patty got the crowd ckeeiing. 7. Twirl those flags! 8,. Flag does their thing. 9. Flag vinSt Front Row; Heidi Stouffei, Chris Haaemaa. Back. Sow: Patiy Fitzpstttcl; , feaanfe Seed, Taixsls TlirasJier, and Teri Eobens. 10, Ix!t ' s go, let ' s go, let ' s really !•= ! i ' Ik I ■ - ««cww «W»J r c ' A 4- . t» 36 Activities ,i f :- ' " ■ ' Going to all the JV, Freshman . " f fj aat Sophomore games, plus perfonnung in the rali: ' es, is what look up most of JVs time. Yet they found time to praciict and show Neff ' s pride . With twirling their flags and keeping wp school spirit, Neff ' s flag unit had their hands full. Working hard to make their unit great they carried through with the Neff tradition . The A!iB cabln ffiSBinRm s year. Each me til ber was enrolled in a leadeiship class. Every day the cabinet (iisciissed new projects to complete and what should be done to improve Neff. The ASB cabinet, iilong witii a fev. ' others, kept us informed of upcoming events by changing tlie marquee often. Thanks, you all deserve a aimwawfflitHmwi " ' ■M HhDlu ■.™ Vml W a ! aB«HH hImBHII MHbHl V ' v B HIBI HK mm V I ■. ( ! ■ .. ... ■■■— Xi: ' ' l . 1 " K ' ' " tS nsi.. y . ........ , . _. .iro:; .Li,d Dcuna, 9. Kic ' l sKJSS vmsed Nrt;. 13 fwith Dbaxi2 Eve: dailies, lj?0,gO go for it was die echo of ifeij crowd when Tiie Trojan of the V. ' eel kissed Ms most recej I which got everyone j Spirit Week piov§ , Kiddy Day , F ' iftil e had many skits and coniesu ijf.as we featuied jiaj Day and Ts u 1 »n 1 ' Jfr-k ' t tMl.1 I i n WiTli The usual amount of excite- ment as the night wore on, the announcement of Julie Van Horn as the 1975 Homecoming queen topped off a week of spirit at Meff. Five canJidater. were, chosen out of 25 nominees for the court. The tradi- tional dance after the game made it a night of memories never to be forgotten. y 1) ' if .rd - t li ' ci Bn Da!,?Mi- - A ST! nan I ?dno- ' 3 y GastnTj - Aclm. ' -iitiaa aon FJiioi ' ' r .i .. ji Vp mad; It S iir I limes v e wondered how but. our vrork was! =ilntty ' rrii| h ie " If you finish yoiii pages early we cat) have a pauy wa he L JiO " of our Advisor Mr. Miller, oU.erwise known di jon ti i.il wa;; a lot of hard work and dedication but ii. VI i ' disc fi n. In our oi ' e time, which v as seldom, you could find tn. st.iil er-nng c murs, having parties, laughing and having a p I t ine. Ken AKchison - Fhotogiapher Craig Ma«oii - Photographer Patti Cuny - Class Editor t irn Ufhoitz - Classes Patty Fltspatrick - Classes Chris llageman - Cla.sses ' »«««) iue Holt - Classe.s C heri Borski - Classes ■ f Wendy Carlson - Classes ' " ' Ac ' Ivitits ' 47 III! ' ' Newspaper Staff With writing their stories and getting the issues out on time, the Trojan Shield Staff keeps very busy. Keeping the students informed on sports and i ' ' C ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' " - Te " i °«e=; ' - , ° " °- r ■ 1 e a f Scott Allen, and Cindy Howard. 2. Trojan Shield staff Other school OSjiO is a lot of hard work, yet they always came through. I., . ■ " ■ ,;. • ■,■,.,■, I ,■■; , I ■ Cindy works hard on an upcoming issue . 48 Activities HEFF JAZZ FES£iV iL Jazz Festival Neff s 4ih Annual Jazz Festival was held on Saturday, February 28. The festival 3 .trr3.CrGQ some fifty of the finest high school jazz ensembles from all over Southern Cal- ifornia. Also featured in the evening concert was the premiere performance of the All -Southern California High School Jazz Ensemble. NEFF ' S JAZZ BAND - Row 1: Cathy Ulibani, Ron Scott, Russ Moulton, Deb- bie Cllngman, Don Larson. Row 2: Steve Reed, Louie Trujillo, Glenn Sand- berg, Gary Bellak. Row 3: Teiry Weis, Chiis Kuien, Tom Ulrich, Sam Van Horn , Jeff Brown , Mark Bales . 2 . One of the many bands panicipating in the festival performs for the audience. 3. Terry Weis plays the drums for our band. 4. Mr. Kirk congratulates one of the trophy winners. Activiltes 49 in school Band This year the band started something new. They visited the elementary schools in this area in hopes to promote involvement activities . The band , along with the drill units put together a show for their enjoy- ment. The band played at rallies and games, peformed at halftime, and marched in parades. We are proud of our band and are grateful for their help in making Neff a number one school . 1. The band even makes outside rallies lively. 2. Mr. Kirk gives the word. 3. Our Trojan Band proudly displays their new jumbo banner. 4. Clear the road, here comes the mighty Trojan Band! 5. Rod McKuen and his balloon perform for us at halftime . 50 Activities A jr « = i l||ili|M|af i4 Neff High Band Personnel Xavier Alderette, Pam Allen, Mark Bales, Matt Bar- rett, Gary Bellak, Jeff Brown, Joanne Cahill, David Carter, Debbie Clingman, Paula Draper, Carrol Ferguson, Dan Fielden, Rick Figueroa, David Fisher, Jeannette Foster, Terry Francis, Howard Gasser, Tony Gonzales, Tom Greulich, Luke Guti- errez, Tracy Gyngaid, Donald Haines, Brian Holmes, Pam Ingles, Chris Jessing , Jon Klenk, Linda Kluck, Mike Kluck, Scott Lake, Don Larson, Joe Marcano, RussMoulton, David Murphy, Dennis Murphy, Kris Norton, Diane Nothwang, Eileen Osterhues, Stephanie Plew, Mike Reed, Steve Reed, Lynda Reissig, Bev Rohrig, Kay Sandberg, Glenn Sandberg, Dale Scott, Ron Scott, Don Searls, Eric Shanebeck, Annette Stodola, Steve Stricklin, La Wanda Summers, Joan Tefteller, Carlyn Thorsell, Luis Trujillo, Cathy Ulibani, Tom Ulrich, David Unfiled, Richard Van Dyken, Sam Van Horn, Julie Van Horn, Steve Vandeifoid, Jim Wagner, Sharon Winston, Jeff Wren. Activities 5 1 Julie Van Horn - PRESIDENT Patti Torres - VICE PRESIDENT Kim Ufliohz - SECRETARY Kim Kaford - TREASURER Wendy Carlson - SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Linda Maher - HISTORIAN Chris Hageman - PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Sue Holt - SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Karen Lundquist - JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE Girls ' League Were you wondering who those girls were, running around wearing black, white and gold sweaters? Well, they were the Girls ' League Cab- inet, the most active club here on campus. They had a busy year spon- soring the Big Sister Picnic, Fall and Spring Fashion Shows, Talent Show, flower sales. Hearts and Flowers Dance and several other activi- ties. Mrs. Buzard did a great job as Girls ' League Advisor and Mrs. Lew- ellen did a fine job co-advising the club. The cabinet enjoyed their ■s- 1 work and deserve a little appreciation. 1. Mis. Buzard. 2. Girls ' League Hearts and Flowers Dance was held at Diamond Bar. 3. Several members making decorations for a dance . 52 Activities Shelly Stephen - FRESHMAH REPRESENTATIVE Teresa Wagner - SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Angela Grienke - GOLDEN CIRCLE REPRESENTATIVE Pam Frear - PEP CLUB REPRESENTATIVE Michelle Toyota - G.A.A. REPRESENTATIVE Donna Peni - KALAGATHIANS REPRESENTATIVE ls:f C Activities 53 Hearts and Flowers Held at the Diamond Bar Country Club this year, the Hearts and Flowers Dance added a new position in the court by adding a King chosen by the Senior Class. The couples danced to the music of IshCabible in the roman- tic atmosphere . The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Queen and King , with the honors going to Corinne Norton and Nick Sherwin . u. . 54 Activities 1. The 1976 Hearts and Flowers Coun: Linda Neil- sen, Katie Shively, Ginger Morgan, Nick Sherwin, Corinne Norton, Susan Holt, Linda Pybuin, Cherie Dalton, Bill Hernandez and loe Novak. 2. Karen Lundquist and Mike Valverde spend a quiet moment together. 3. Friends talk over after dance plans. 4. Couples take a moment to rest. 5. Everyone relaxes while the band takes a break. 6. Anxious people wait in line to get in the dance . 7 . Everyone twists to the music. 8. A couple takes time out for a pic- ture. 9. Couples dance romantically to the Theme Song " Photographs and Memories. " Activities 55 It Happened at Midnight Adventure, excitement, and espionage were the three elements contained in the drama department ' s first play. Tak- ing place in a dark, deserted old house one would expect strange things to happen, and they did. A band of villainous spies were hold- ing a girl hostage. A mystery serial writer was finishing the last 2000 words to his story , and an eccentric medium was trying to contact a spirit named Burpee. The result, a three ring circus. Yet, the play turned out enjoyable, funny and a real success . mrnf mwrnm THE CAST Kumzoff Jim Moore Sylvia Turner Jenny Lambert Putzoff- Jim Bernard Hatta Mari Capre Mignot Madame Zonga Kathryn Have Robin]. Hood Dirk Golden Hemingway John Albright EliseDuheney Karen Sherer Mrs. Smythe Sue Young Winona Smythe Marsha Mcintosh Frank Turner Mark Hillard Kate Purdy Kay Litwin Abner Purdy Rick Lake 56 Activities s««s : The Miracle Worker Far different from the first play presented , the second play put on by the drama depart- ment was the old time favorite " The Mira- cle Worker. " The story of Helen Keller ' s life and how Annie Sullivan, her teacher, miracles helped to work 11 E.X1 ClV-l CJ in it. Taking the leading roles of Annie and Helen were Cyndi Klenk, and Jill Woolhouse. Their performances, coupled with that of the supporting cast were great! All who had a part in putting together The Miracle Worker will indeed admit it was a real chal- lenge, but those who saw it will have to agree it was one of Neff ' s best. THE CAST Doctor Mark Wilhelm Kate JuJi Manin Keller Mark Hliliard Helen JiU Woolhouse ManJia Barbara Kent Percv Kevin Miller AuntEv Jan Yost James Brian Lane Anagnos Dirk Golden Annie Sullivan Cyndi Klenk Viney Mary Worcester Blind Girls Karen Shere, Janet Spellman, ValCain, Jane Eispo, Diane v ' atman Voices Kelly Adams, Denise Bernier , Melanie Kuran. Roben Sessions, Crescent Terry mi Activities 57 Dirty Work at e Crossroads To wrap up the 1976 season, the drama department presented an old time melo- drama, " Dirty Work At The Crossroads. " The play contained everything from tying the hero to the railroad tracks to the das- tardly villain getting his comeuppance. The play also presented special acts between intermission. One interesting thing about the show was that it was directed by Neff alumni Dana Rojas. To sum it all up, " Dirty Work At The Cross- roads " was a real riCd-L to watch and a perfect way to end the season. THE CAST Nellie Lovelace Karen Sherer Adam Oakheait John Albright The Widow Lovelace Michelle Krotingei Mumo Nurgaiioyd Tom Sherer Ida Rhinegold Jenny Lambert Mookie Maguggins Diik Golden Mrs. Upson Asierbilt Ian Yost Leonie Janet Spellman Fleuretta Marsha Macintosh 58 Activities Girls of the Month Each month a girl is selected for the title " Girl of the Month. " The girls are chosen by their activities here at Neff and throug! h extra-curricular accomplish- ments in the community. These girls were presented with a flower, an article in the school newspaper, and many thanks for all they have done. MISS MARCH Chiis Hageman MISS DECEMBER Kim Ufholtz MISS APRIL Kim Kaford MISS JANUARY Kayleen De La Mare MISS MAY Sue Holi Activities 59 Art Club Neff s art club this year put on many successful shows in the art gallery . One of silk the many things added was the screen t-shirt enterprise where students could get their t-shirts silk screened in many different designs. All in all this proved to be a very successful year. i M i7 ' I ' ' Ml, 1. Siaiue done by Arnold Ruiz. 2. An Club Members Row 1: Mr. Carlson (advisor), Kaihy Benvenisie. Steve Lyons, Carla Anderson, Teresa Innes, Mr. Freidrich (advisor). Row 2: Mark Rogers, Carol Gorman, Mary Fetters, Ana Pin, Chris Talavera. Row 3: Darel Rosen, Robin Terry, Christy Avery, Tammy Shea. Row 4: Dan Dougheny, Dave Reed, Brad Howard, and Susan Kopcho. 3. Many of the designs on display in the Art Gallery. 4. Open Wide! 60 Activities Pep Club -,7fH Selling spirit ribbons is not what Pep Club is all about. They kept busy this year by the stadium for foot- ball games, painting posters, decorating the gym for basketball and keeping up spirit at Neff. 1. Row 1: D. Poats, M. Elias, M. Kioienger, C. Talaveia, P. Fieai, B. Morrial. Row 2: D. Beiniei, T. Inness, L. Torres, M. Moskun, C. Anderson, M. Taylor, M. Vigil, R. Whedon. Row 3: S. Smith, M. Fetters, and K. Becker. 2. Mary Fetters and Pam Frear work on a sign to help deco- rate the stadium. 3. Pep Club member Kim Becker sells a spirit ribbon to Patty Mollis. Activities 61 SEC Foreign Language Having the study of foreign customs and ideas as one of their main pursuits, SEC and Foreign Lan- guage Club combine many of their activities even though they are separate organizations. The main goal of SEC is to send a student d. Dl OdlCl to experience another type of life and to share it with others. The main goal of Foreign Language Club is to better understand the lands abroad by experienc- ing their foods and histories here at home. The SEC and Foreign Language Clubs have gone on many field trips and have had several fund raising projects. The officers of SEC are President Cindy Howard, and Vice President Denise Williams. The officers of For- eign Language Club are Co -Presidents Cherie Odell and Karen Vogel, and Secretary Lori Mackey. Mrs. Ralph is advisor for Foreign Language Club and shares the rest of the responsibility with Mr. Carlson for SEC. 1. Row 1: Carol Gorman, Michelle Kortenger, Kathy Benveniste, Cherie Odell, Lori Fukawa. Row 2; Shiela Gorman, Mrs. Ralph, Linda Yniguez, Gina Veazey, Jan Block, Karen Vogel, Pat Aro- cha, Carmen Morales. 2. Row 1: Dan Litwin, Cherie Odell. Row 2: Chris Lundahl, Denise Williams, Mrs. Ralph, Cathy Clarke. 62 Activities Modern Dance Again this year, the modern dance class was composed of two classes. Miss Schipper advises the girls and teaches them many StUntS. These girls learn to move with grace and style as they practice many hours throughout the year. 1. Row 1: Michelle Kozak, Sugi Garcia, Carol Nes- bii, Marilyn Adishian, Carol Smith, Debi Ray. Row 2: Katie Den Ouden, Lori Carpenter, Terese Wag- ner. Row 3: Linda Dowd, Patti Dunn, Cindy McAdams, Debbie Roberts, Kathy Fritsch, Cindy Dahon. Debbie Gomez, Wendy Weise, Teresa Cox, Diane LaViegne. 2. Modern dance students create expression in their dance. 3. Row 1: Barbara Fuentes, Linda Riesig, Kathy Donavall. Row 2: Mic- helle Elias, Debbie McCany, Pam Nelson, Sandi Meyers. Row 3: Kathy Jessing, Leslie Green. Row 4 Mari Quattrocchi, Michelle Krotinger. 4. Row 1 Paula Newton, Ofelia Flores, Mary Specht. Row 2 Tammy Hendrickson, Sandra Sclafani, Ginger Mor- gan, Tracy Westgard, Karen Slivkoff, Karen Wein- stien. Row 3: Debbie Newton, Rosalie Centeno. Activities 63 F.T.AV Journalism FTA is an organization devoted to the study of teaching as a profession, its opportunities and faults, as well as investigating different colleges regarding their requirements and costs . Its activities have included participat- ing in the UCLA Student For A Day Program, a trip to the University of California, Irvine, a trip to the Queen Mary, numerous fund-raising projects, and speakers. Its officers are Presi- dent, Karen Vogel; Vice President, Michele Toyota; Secretary, Kathy Benveniste; Public Relations, Sam Moses . The advisor is Miss Logan . Learning how to make Idy OU-tl!) write copy, cap- tions and putting up with Mr. Miller is what the journalism class is all about. This is a new class which teaches the students how to put a yearbook together and from here next year ' s staff will be chosen . 1. Row 1: Jan Block, Karen Vogel, Gina Veazey. Row 2: David Mullen, Carol Gorman, Sam Moses. Row 3: Michele Toyota, Linda Kluck, Kathy Benveniste, and Sabrina Goodson. 2. So much enthusiasm in this class. 3. At least some work in here. 4. The journalism class. 64 Activities The Speech Club began the year with a progressive dinner and car rally for 40 members and prospective mem- bers. They kept busy thru the rest of the year with such things as presenting assemblies for junior high schools, participating in many tournaments and hosting two tournaments at Neff. Their activities included a bike-a-thon, car-wash, holiday party, mountain trip, Irvine Park picnic and a beach picnic. Of TttE URilEfi 1. Mrs. Tarbell watches as students prepare for a debate. 2. The speech club listens intently to the speech being given. 3. Mike Beck, president of the speech club, gives an imponant speech. 4. Rov? 1: Mike Beck, Gina Veazey, Steve Madden, Anita Moos, Joy Gaston. Row 2: Ted Slowiaczek, Leslie Green, Cindy Howard, Michelle Kro- tinger, Ed Ely, Tom Carlo, Sharon Howard, Mrs. Tarbell (Advisor). Row 3: Kathie Myers, Carrol Ferguson, Brad Wilier, Linda Yniguez, Rod Terry, and Don Durivage. Activities 65 Science and Engineering Golden Circle Being a newly formed club on campus, the purpose of the Science and Engineering Club is to better pursue the quest for knowledge that cannot be done in a classroom situ- ation. Its activities have included a paper- drive to raise IllOricy speakers, and field trips. Its officers are Co-Presi- dents, Dave Wortham and Mike Cox; Secretary, Dave Schott. The advisor is Mr. Leiby. Affiliated with Girls ' League, Golden Circle is for senior girls who have achieved a high G.P.A. and are greatly involved in school activities. The club this year has participated in activities that have included providing desserts for the Talent Show , an aluminum can ULllVt- to provide a seeing eye dog for a blind person, and other events. Golden Circle presi- dent is Angela Grienke and the advisor is Mrs . Blume . 1. Row 1: Carol Gorman, Karen Vogel, Mark Savinske, Sam Moses, Dave Wonham, Dave Cox, George Medica, Young Whang. Row 2: Dave Gim- pleson, Brian Davis, Mike Cox, Bob Brown, Cathy Ulibani, Mr. Leiby. 2. Row 1: Kim Ufholtz, Lisa Olson, Cherie Odell, Kathy Benveniste, Linda Kluck, Karen Vogel. Row 2: Susan Mulqueen, Angela Grienke, KimKaford, Wendy Carlson . Sharon Dey, Donna Peni, Michelle Toyota. 66 AcJiviHes Kalagathians Campus Hostesses Kalagathians and Campus Hostesses lived through another year of work and fun. Some of the activities they partici- pated in were fashion shows, cane sales, decorating, campus tours for new stu- dents, and serving at needed functions. The presidents. Donna Petri and Sharon Dey, experienced a year of dV-LiOll coordinating the activi- ties. Mrs. Kagy, the advisor, saw that everything ran smoothly . 1. Row 1: Michelle Krotinger, Rachel Van Cleave, Gina Veazey. Row 2: Carol Gorman, Shiela Gor- man, Arlene Benveniste, Terri Inness. Row 3: Denise Bemier, Kaihy Myers, Donna Perri, Julie Van Hom, Kay Sandberg, Linda Ygiguez, Sharon Dey, Chris Talavera, Pai Arocha. 2. Pat Arocha decorates for a school activity. 3. A member models in the Fall Fashion Show. 4. Kalagathians doing their thing. Activities 67 Thespians Helping out the drama classes, having Odl LlC.C and working on t he Rose Float were what kept the Thespians busy this year. Each year the Thespians work hard and help the drama department put on three plays. This year was no different as they put on three of the most success- ful. ' 1. Row 1: ]ill Woolhouse, Tom Sherer, Craig Humm, Care Mignot, Mr. Sessions (Advisor). Row 2: Mark Wilhelm, Jan Yost, Mark Milliard, Karen Shere, Gina Veazey. Val Cane, Kay Litwin, Brian Lane, Jim Bernard. Row 3: Michele Toyota, Donna Skelton, Janet Spellman, Robin Goldstein, Dirk Golden, Judy Martin, Rick Shehon, Bob Hornshoe, David Unfried. Row 4: Mary Worcester, Steve Palmer, Jenny Lam- ber. Row 5: Jim Earl, Mark Pruell, Jim Moore, Rick Lake, Kevin Miller, Jane Bispo, Jim Sass, John Albright, Jim Ely, John Tefteller, Jeff Weinstein. 2. Lights, camera, action! 3. The stage crew works hard to put the production together. 66 AcJivities C5F To be eligible foi the California Scholarship Federation you must achieve a G.P.A. of 3.6 in academic subjects. CSF is a state -wide organization and is recognized throughout the coun- uy. This year CSF students went on a field trip to UCLA and worked on a IVOSG 1 S-TS-QG float. The advisor for CSF was Miss Samuels. Congratulations to all CSF members. 1. CSF members and others work on a floai for the Rose Parade . 2. A typical club meeting. 3. Row 1: Pam Fierro, Marion Delius, Val Gage, Kim Kaford, Steve McCanhy, Kim Ufholtz, Donna Peril, Sharon Dey, Pam Strait, Mary Worcester. Row 2: Ron Scott, Melanie Kuran, Chris Kuran, Lisa Olson, Becky White, Jan Block, Pam Arocha, Carmen Morales, Jan Yost, Jenny Lambert. Row 3: Jeff Wrede, Jim Figueroa, Kathy Benveniste, Dave Wonham, Anita Moos, Cherie Odell, Michele Toyota, Linda Kluck, Robyn Goldstein, Lori Mackey, Laurie Fukawa. Row 4: Richard Figueroa, Mike Kluck, Michelle Krotinger, Janet Spell- man, Craig Hum, Steve Palmer, Jim Ely, John Teftellor, David Unfried, Cathy Ulibarri. Row 5: Rod Terry, Darla Griffin, Gina Veazey, Mike Beck, Linda Yni- guez, Larry Cairo, Don Du Rivage , Ed Ely. David Fisher, Steve Madden. Activities 69 Senate Senate is made up from repre- sentatives from each second period class. Each senator voices the opin- ion of the class they are representing. As one of their projects this year they sold stationery that was made from recycled trash. Senators are changed each semester and this year both semesters ' senators did a fine job. 1. Row 1: Brenda Renaud, Mike Sumner, Val Gage, Carie Hensley, Debi Hancock, Debbie Thompson, Kelley Cox, Mark Wilhelm. Row 2: Chiis Kuran, Jeri Okuma, Audrey Phelke, Manvin Saver, Mike Medrzycki, Pam Strait. Row 3: Sharon Howard, Crescent Terry, Ron Scott, Robin Terry, Dave Wonham, Anita Moos, George Medica. Row 4: Mike Beck, Rich- ard Figueroa, Joann Goody, Bob Hogan, Craig Hum, Steve Palmer, John Albright. 2. Lisa Olson picks up the money for the stationery that Senate was selling from Julie Van Horn. 3. Rhonda Weadon and Pam Doughty show the t-shirt they received for being two of the top sellers of the recycled stationery. 70 AcliviHes Mazatlan Gel it on in Mazatlan! This year Neff stu- dents and teachers headed for the sand and surf of Mazatlan. This is one of the activi- ties offered by the school for learning and experiencing away from campus. The group stayed at the Hotel Siesta. The crew kept busy partying, playing cards, swimming, taking it easy and having a good time . Some people fou nd time to take tours, attend the bullfights, shop, go on parachute rides and ., hot deep sea fish. Mazatlan, lll L city, proved to be an experience not to be forgot- ten. 1. Chaperoning proved to be a difficult task. 2. The crew from room 329 - Jim , Eddie , John and Steve . 3 . A popular place at the La Siesta was the balcony overlook- ing the ocean. 4. Nay! Who! Me? OOPS! 5. The 1976 Mazatlan gang. Mazatlan ' 76 Chaperones: Bette Brunner, Pete Gomez, Jon Miller, Donna Schipper, Lance Ackerson, Tammy Beard, Sandy Calderone, Wendy Carlson, Gina Chavez, Terri Clark, Sharon Dey, Jim Dre er, Darrell Edquist, Michelle Elias, Sue Englen, David Enriquez, Denise Epperly, Dave Fischer, Susan Frantz, Kathy Fritsch, Barb Fuentes, Sandy Garcia, Kathy Glahn, Debbie Gomez, John Gomez, Dolores Gonzales. Yolanda Gonzales, Terri Gurley, Chris Hageman, Janis Hut to, Coral Jacoby, Kim Kaford, Wayne Marshall, Yvonne Mayer, Arthur Moncrief, Sandi Myers, Steve McCarthy, Tammy McConnell, Jill Nemeth, Mike O ' Dowd, Shel- ley Page, Donna Petri. Meri Quattiocchi, Karen Rogers, John Savino, Don Smith, Rick Smith, John Spinosa, Debbie Sweeney, Ronnie Truelove, Sandi Wade, Jeanne Wittick, Terri Wright. Acfivifies 7 iSlasses ITomorrow s dreams ; 5 ! iBegiri to foi in realities, The past becorn s . -i Memories of oiir Those vyere the days 74 Seniors 1. Best Smile - Dorothy Dimples and Tommy Teeth. {Corinne Nonon and Marty D ' Am- ico). 2. Best Figure - Sharon Shape and Bobby Bod. (Teresa Jones and Mike Greene). 3. Most Bashful - Shawn Shy and Betty Blush. (Tim Baker and Kathy Jensen). 4. Most Likely to Succeed - Celest Smart and Bartholomew Bright. (Karen Vogel and Dave Wor- thom). 5. Most Off the Wall - Dexter Different and Samantha Strange. (Jeff Weinstein and Tami Beaver). 6. Best Dressed - Shirley Chic and Desmond Duds. (Cheri Borski and Tim McKay) . 7 . Best All Around - Gary Great and Sally Superb . ( Nick Sherwin and Kim Kaford). 8. Best Looking - Brian Babe and Farah Fox. (Joe Novak and Laura Fraser). 9. Most Athletic - Jerry Jarhead and Susie Sport. (Craig Kulonis and Angela Grienke). 10. Most Friendly and Best Personality - Nathaniel Nice and Betty Bubbly. (Nick Sherwin and Linda Schweitzer). 11. Biggest Flin - Harvey Hands and Wendi Wink. (Dirk Hull and Kayleen DeLaMare). Seniors 75 Seniors The Senior Class Officers, under the advise of Mr . McGuire , kept up the spirit and repUtS tlOn as in the previous years. This year ' s officers held a dance, decided on graduation announce- ments, and made the ever so important decision on the gift the Senior class would present in the fall. The work is over for all of the Seniors, who now will go their separate ways. May the future hold hap- piness and love for all . Good Luck class of ' 76. 1. Vice President Donna Ediger. 2. Treasurer Wendy Carlson. 3. President John Spinosa. 4. Secretary Michelle Toyota. 5. Social Chairman Pali Curry. 6. Steering Committee members: Row 1: Donna Ediger, Michelle Toyota, Janet Kinon, Debbie Salade, Jimi Zahrt, Shari Ciko, Kalli Holmes. Joy Gaston. Row 2: Wendell Farney, Darlene Bird, Sandi Casey, Peggy Hamilton, Cheri Borski, Lisa Henderson, Sherri Sill , and Chris Hageman . 76 Seniors JIM ABBAS: Ambition: To be King Nanook. Will never forget Saint Alfonso and my little brother ' s king snake. CINDY ALBERTS: Ambition: To marr ' Scott Macedo and meet Alice Cooper. Activities: Sen. 1, 2, 3. Will never forget meeting Scott 1973, Rose Parade witfi S.M. 1975. and the A.C. Concert with S.M. June 1975. JOSEPH ALESSANDRO: Ambition: Undecided. SCOTT ALLEN: Ambition: World ' s greatest rock climber and clim- bing instructor. Activities: C.C. 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Most Improved Var. C.C. 3; Sen. 2: Hon. Roll 2, 3; Band 2: News. Staff 4. Will never forget Bob ' s workouts, Betty ' s spikes, and K . S . DAVID ALMANZA: Ambition: To never forget K.A. ' s sea-side shower in Mazatlan, and all the good times with the gang. DANIEL ANDERSON: Ambition: To do everything possible to pro- tect and preserve Mother Nature. Activities: Frosh. Ftb.; Track 1. 2. Will never forget partying in the field my freshm an year. DAVID ANDERSON: Ambition: To be the chicken king of the world. Activities: Bktb. 1, 2; Tennis 3, 4; M.V.P. J.V. Tennis. Will never forget the weekend in San Clemente . DAVID RICHARD ANZURES: Ambition: Photographer for surfing magazine. Will never forget frosh. science class with Mrs. Lewel- len, and 3 years of photography with Mr. Lee, and Dec. 19, 20, and 21, of 1972. PAT AROCHA: Ambition: To develop my " Being " into something of significance. Activities: Kal. 3, 4; Cam. Host 4; S.E.C. 4; For. Lang. Club 4: Jr. Hon. Grd.: Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4: C.S.F. 4. Will never forget working my way through four years of perfect attendance. PAUL ASH: Ambition: Undecided. KEN ATCHISON: Ambition: To own a tennis ball factory with Debi Pan and a white TR 6. Activities: Back Pack Club 2; JV Tennis 3; V Tennis 4; CC 1, 2; Track 1, 2: Photographer Newspaper 3, 4. Annual 3. Head 4; Hon. Roll 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4. Will never forget Mr . Lee , the mortuary , the milk . the Minski , and my yellow blazer. TIM BAKER: Ambition: To be a scintillating success in some seg- ment of society. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2: V. Ftb. 3, 4; Randy Tyler Award 3; Bktb. 1, 2: Basb. 1; Capt. V. Ftb. 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4: Prin. Hon . Roll 2 - 4 . Will never forget Bktb . practices at G . A . M . DEBORAH BARD WELL: Ambition: Undecided. ROGER BARI TT: Ambition: To jam with Jimmer. Activities: Bktb. 1; Track 3. Will never forget the time I almost got killed in Shawns car at lunch in the parking lot when he took off and 1 fell out, and Sandy Schlaifani - my greatest summer was knowing her. CAROL B ARTELS: Ambition: To be a professional Bic Clicker. Activities: Sen. 2; GIA Track: Dr. Team 2, 3; Cam. Host.; Gold. Cir.; Hon. Roll; JV Stat; C.S.F.; Soph. Stat. Will never forget my friends and my two terrific years on Drill Team {Cough! Cough! i. Seniors 77 JOHN BARTIROMO: Ambition: To be a Fireman and lo be success- ful in life. Will never forget the last day of my senior year and when I get my diploma. TAMMY BEARD: Ambition: To understand the opposite sex, except Nick, Mr. personality. If I fail. I ' ll simply reach for the stars. Will never forget my best friend for 12 years, Chris Hageman, all of my other slightly tipsy friends, and the weekend wobblers! TAMI BEAVER: Ambition: To be a fullback for L. A. Rams. Activi- ties: Pep Club 1, 2; Flag 3: Ski Club 4; Modern Dance 2, 3; G.l.A. Softball 1,2. Will never forget Dec. 6, 73, Nov. 8, 75, Blue eyed blonde haired rocks, Michelle, The blue bomb. ART BECK: Ambition: To be a forest Ranger. Activities: Frosh. Soph. Var. Ftb. . Will never forget the weekend uip with my friends to Big Bear . KIM BECKER: Ambition: To be a roller derby skater. Activities: Pep Club 2; Kal 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget the crazy times in Hollywood and chasing my hubcaps driving down Imperial. TERRY BECKMAN: Ambition: To grow long blonde hair. Activi- ties: Wrestling 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Sen. 2, 3; MGM. Will never forget winning C.l.F. and cutting up Minski ' s cats. LINDA BENNETT: Ambition: To be a rock singer like Grace Slick. Activities: Concert Choir, Girls Glee, Speech Club. Will never forget how happy I made my dad, and how much he helped me to get through this year. KATHY BENVENISTE: Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Cam. Host.; Prin. Hon. Roll 4: An Club 2; C.S.F.; F.T.A. Gold. Clr.; S.E.C.; For. Lang. Club: Spch. Club; N.F.L. Hon. Roll; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget my big crush on Mr. Minski. DAFtLENE BIRD: Ambition: To be a lady wrestler. Will never forget Harry and the time 1 had to go get some pampers for Janet Kirton. 78 Seniors JAN BLOCK: Ambiiion: Registered Nurse. Aciiviiies: Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; Hon. Roll 2; F.T.A. 4; For. Lang. Club 4; S.E.C. 4. Will never forget the time at the ' 75 Neff-La Mirada Game how embanassed I was when I found myself in the boys ' bathroom with seven wide-eyed faces staring at me. Remember Janet? SHELLEY BLOSSER: Ambition: To get my beautician license and to be happily married in April and get all I can out of life. Will never forget all my friends and also how CM. makes orange cranberry bread and how M.M. could only sift the flour the whole sem. RICHARD BOARDMAN: Ambition: Undecided . DAVID BOBIER: Ambition: Undecided. STANLEY BOEHM: Ambition: Owner of Rockview Dairy. Activi- ties: Bkib. 1,2. Will never forget the first day of school. SHERRJE L. BOLLETT: Ambition: To design clothes. CHERI BORSKl: Ambition: Park and Recreation Director. Activi- ties: Ann. Staff; Pep Club; Soph. Treas.; St. Comm. 1. 2, 4; Sen. 2, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget July 4, 73, T.F.T. , The Gang, and all the good old times In the purple dune buggy. RANDY BORST: Ambition: Undecided. PAM BOWDEN: Ambition: To make someone happy. Activities; Dr. Team 2; G.I. A. Vol. Ball 3; Hon. Roll 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget when Debi and me got ripped off by K.K. and Rich Powers and his hat . JOELLYN BOWKER: Ambition: To take a walk with Richard on June 25th 1977. Activities: Sen.; Girls Lge. 3. Will never forget Oct. 25th, summer school ' 74 and R.O.P. with Patti and Delia. DANA BROOKS: Ambition: Undecided. RANDY BROUGHTON: Ambition: To be an honorary member of G.D.A.S. Activities: Sen. 1; Ftb. 1; Track 1: Bktb. 1 - 3; Golf 2, 3; JV Bktb. Most Improved Player; JV Golf M. V.P. Will never for- get all the parties at Kev, Joe, and Mag ' s apartment and all the good looking girls that were there . 1. Tom Henderson, Dirk Hull and Richard Van Dyken display their school spirit as Varsity Cheerleaders. 2. Debbie Sallade and Candy Brown can ' t find anyone better to dance with so they keep each other occupied. 3. Tammy Beard, Kayleen De La Mare and Rati Cuny exaggerate on how great this school really is. Seniors !•? WILLIAM BROWER: Ambition: To be a stud like Johnson. Activi- ties: Var CC 2. 3; Var Track 2: Var. Fbt. 4: IV Tennis 3; Hon. Roll 1. 2. 3, 4. Will never forget the time Duke Dopudja pulled his head out. CANDICE BROWN: Ambition: A dental hygienisi. Activities: Dr. Team 2: Basb. Stat. 2; Pep Unit Man.; Senate 4. Will never forget my freshman yr. with Patty: Hearts and flowers with Steve Wilson or the summer of ' 74. CHRIS BROWN: Ambition: Millionaire. Activities: Back packing Club 3: Ski Club 4. Will never forget when Mr. Ridder lost his moustache by putting his face over a carburetor. DANNY BROWN: Ambition: Undecided. LANA BROWN: Ambition: Undecided. ROBERT BROWN: Ambition: Go into hibernation, to play volleyball at BYU. Activities: Band 1, 2; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget the good English Miss Logan learned me, Dear old Mr. Lieby ' s nuclear power lectures, and Mrs. Brunners awesome spikes. SUSAN GAYLE BROWN: Ambition: To be independent. Activities: Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3. Will never forget outrageous Alice and my friends, those I ' ve lost and those I ' ve found. VAUGHN BROWN: Ambition: Undecided. ELEANOR BUENTE: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: Pep Club 3, 4: Kal, 3; Cam. Host 3. Will never forget the time my friends and I went to the mountains . 1 . Seniors rushing down to beat the underclassmen in the senior line. 2. Bob Orwall can be seen " doing his thing " with his friends at snack. 3. Darlene Bird works hard to improve her typing. 4. Jimi Zahrt and Laura Nestor get a big laugh over their senior pic- tures. 80 Seniors EILEEN BURNS: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forgei all the people I have met here . RANDY BURNS: Ambition: Undecided. STEVE BYRNES: Ambition: Engineer. Will never forgei celebrating the last day of school after each year and Ken ' s milk bath. VALERIE CANTU: .A.mbiuon: To be on the ten best dressed list. Will never forget when 1 slipped on the mud in front of the school . LINDA CARDER: Ambition: To be a checker at Lucky ' s. Activities: Kal. 3: Bowl. Club 1; Hon. Roll 2. Will never forget sneaking into the show, San Clemente, my dinner pany. Magic Ml., and LLMLM. MANDO CARINO: Ambition: Courtioom stenographer. Activities: Dr. Team; Hon. Roll. Will never forget when me and Leslie cut school and hid in some bushes, all the trouble we got into through our high school days , and all the B . S . we gave J . D . KENT CARLSON: Ambition: A left-handed screwdriver repairman. WENDY CARLSON: Ambition: To be a race car driver and attend Harrad College. Activities: Var. Yell 3, 4; Homecoming Princess; Ann. Staff 4: Girls Lge. Soc. Ch. 4; Gold. Cir.; Ski Club Pies. 3; Sr. Treas.; Frosh V.P.; St. Comm. 2, 3; Spch. 3; Sen. 2; Hon. Roll 2, S. Will never forget Mazatlan, Summer 75, and how much my friends meant to me . SANDRA (SAM) CASEY: Ambition: To be Mrs. Rod Stewart. Activities: Frosh. Sec; Senate; St. Comm.; Ski Club Treas.; M.G.M. Will never forget the gang, Canyon lake, all the all- night parties and the time Wally squirted lotion in my mouth. Seniors 81 STEVE CASS: Ambition: To get my sportster. Will never forget Sunshine and Sept. 28, 1974. RICHARD CENTENO: Ambition: Undecided. GARY CHERNACK: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget my Jr. year. KAREN CHURCHILL: Ambition: Rich man ' s wife. SHARl L. CIKO: Ambition: To be the next first lady. Activities: Frosh St. Comm.; Soph. Soc. Chair.; Fi. Club 2, 3; Dr. Team 2: Jr. St. Comm.; Hearts and Flowers Prin. 3. Will never forget the gang, the time at the plunge, and Aug. TERI ANN CLARK: Ambition: Legal Secretary. Activities: Frosh. St. Comm.; Dr. Team 2; Sen. 3; G.l.A. Sftb. 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all the good times; football games, dances, and meeting people but most of all the summer of 74. CATHY CLARKE: Ambition: Interior Decorator Designer. Activi- ties; Jr. Hon. Grd.; For. Lang. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4; S.E.C. 4; Pep Club 1; Kal. 1; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget Randy Brown, August 2, 1974, and being a T.A. for Mr. Thomas. MARK G. CONNETT: Ambition: To be a forest ranger. Activities: Track 2, 4; Sen. 1. Will never forget my Jr. year with Melinda, all the good times at the beach and my St. year in Auto 3-4 with Mr. Riddar. SEAN COONEY: Ambition: To grow an Eric Clapton beard. Activi- ties: Frosh Basb. Will never forget Mrs. Lewellen and Frosh. sci- ence class. ALICE CORONADO: Ambition: To get a job as a beautician. Activities: Hon. Roll. Will never forget Miss Logan who graded so hard and the time she came in the classroom with shorts on as a joke. ANTHONY CORTEZ: Ambition: Pro Athletics - Guitarist. Activi- ties: Var. Ftb. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 4. Will never forget the exchange rally, the weekends out with the boys and the night of Aug. 7, 1975. 82 Seniors VICKI COSTELLO: Ambition; Stewardess. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Sen. Will never forget the year we won GIF, the Friday night game and my love Steve. CAROL COX: Ambition: To be a music teacher. Will never forget the football games. Mazatlan trip, and runnin g around with Ethel and Agnes. DAVID COX: Ambition: To have the best ' 56 Ford truck in the world. Activities: Whit. Ch. High 1, 2; Basb. 3, 4; Sen. 4; Sr. Hon. Roll. Will never forget all those Elvin Bishop Concerts, espe- cially the Alman Bros. Concert with . . . you know who! MICHAEL COX: Ambition: To build bridges over troubled waters. Activities: Co-Pres. Sci. and Eng. Club 4; Var. Tennis 3, 4; MGM 1-4. Will never forget how Mr. Leiby " taught " physics and the Elton Leiby jokes he will never forget either. KELLY COYKENDALL: Ambition: To help and teach handicapped children. Will never forget how happy I was to return to the states, and Easter vacation of 74. DAVE CRAWFORD: Ambition: To become the world ' s largest midget. Activities: Var. Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Var. Fib. 4: IV C.C. 2,3. Will never forget Ellon Leiby and my buddy Mr. Frese. DOUG CUMMINGS: Ambition: To be a professional Road Racer. Activities: Frosh. Fib.: Frosh. Basb.; JV Basb. 2, 3; Var. Basb. 4. Will never forget the time when 1 was following Wendy Carlson and Corinne Norton to the beach and got hit by a track on my motorcy- cle. CRAIG CURRIE: Ambition; Undecided. PATRICIA LYNNE CURRY: Ambition: To be a professional Dancer with Rhoda. Activities: Hon. Roll 2 - 4; Soph. Fib. Stat. 2; CSF 2; Jr. Hon. Gtd.; Ann. Staff 3,4; Song 3, 4; Sr. CI. Soc. Ch. ; Sen. 4; G.I. A. Sfbl. 4. Will never forget the F.F. andW.W.. Dancing with Herb at Knotis, Lindy ' s and my birthdays ai Farrell ' s and all my friends and the different nicknames they gave me . 1 MARTY D ' AMICO: Ambition: To be just like Lucus Macane . Will never forget the first weekend of my Freshman year. 1. Richard k eeps Doriann Luna company during snack. 2. Take a big bite Pam. Seniors 83 BRIAN DAVIS: Ambition: Electrical-mechanical engineer. Activi- ties: Science and engineering club; Neff Survey Team. Will never forget the trips to the desen with nothing to drink but radiator water. CHRIS DAVIS: Ambition: To be a lawyer. Activities: Bowl. Club 2; Tennis Team 3,4. Will never forget my first and last day here at Neff and the train wreck. RICK L. DAVIS: Ambition: To be Ricky Racer. Activities: Frosh. Ftb.: Var. Soccer. Will never forget the time Mr. Ridder layed a scratch in autoshop compound. DEBBIE DAWSON: Ambition: Undecided. SANDY DeGRADO: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget the school I ' ll always remember. SHAWN E. DE JONG: Ambition: To reach out and grasp the world by the tail. Activities: Frosh. Ftb. Will never forget getting caught kissing by 3 teachers and being the best auto mechanic in school, at least in periods 3 and 4. KAYLEEN DeLaMARE: Ambition: To get mono every Christmas! Activities: Dr. Team 2; Banner 3; V. Yell 4: Grl. Lge. Treas. 3: ASB Treas. 4; Ann. Staff 3, 4; Gold. Cir. Will never forget Home- coming ' 74, parties - esp. Nicks, Survival on the Beach, Tom, FF, waierbeds, Nov. 21, 75 and Dirk! AUGIE ■•TIGER " DELGADO: Ambition: To play the field and be a bachelor. Activities: Ftb. 1-3; Sen. 2-4; Glee Club; Art Club. Will never forget all the dumb broads, the first night I slept on a waterbed, and all the times I couldn ' t remember! TERESA DENNIS: Ambition: Work with handicapped children. Activities: Pep Club 1; Fr. Club 2; For. Lang. Club 3, 4; Thes. 2, 3; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget the friends I found in the trash cans with the help of my brother and friends. SUSAN DEVILLIER: Ambition: Probation Officer. Activities: Hon. Roll 1, 2; Pep Club 2; Senate 3. Will never forget the conversation at the lunch table. Prom ' 75, and all my friends. SHARON DEY: Ambition: To own a " Corndog " stand. Activities: Grl. Lge.; Ann. Staff; Kal.; Cam. Host.; Gold. Cii.; C.S.F.; Hon. Roll; Jr. Hts. and Fls. Prin. Will never forget " The Mazatlan Experience , ' ' the marquis maniacs , and rides on the town . 84 Seniors 1. Paul Stevens builds up his big body with a canon of milk. 2. Kinderganen is now in session during lunch on kiddie day. 3. Giant Landre and Dennis Phalen discuss the upcoming events of the weekend. KATHRYN DIAZ: Ambition: To be a forester. Activities: Spch. Club 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4. Will never forget cutting school to help " The Brothers " move, Me and Roda ' s birthday party, and to remember not to forget. LORI DODSON: Ambition: To be successful in whatever 1 do. Activities: Sen. 1, 2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll 2; Art Club 3. Will never forget my four years at Neff . DEBBIE DOPUDJA: Ambition: To be a legal secretary. Activities: G.I.A.; Vol. Balis, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. ANDY OH AN DRAPKIN; Ambition; To see the golden gate bridge from one of my law offices. Activities: Hon. Roll 2; Sen. 2, 3; New. Staff 3,4: Page 3 Ed. 4. Will never forget the smoking situ- ations with D.M. and T.S. and the first period breakfasts at Bob ' s Big Boy, Denny ' s, Pancake House, and Sambos with Dave and Brad. JIM DRESSER: Ambition: Brewmaster. Activities: Bktb. 1-4; Golf 2-4; Prin. Hon. Roll; News. Staff. Will never forget the B.D. contest and the morning after. DOUG DURIVAGE: Ambition: Architect. Activi ties: Frosh. , Soph., Var. Ftb.; J.V., ' Var. Wrestling; Frosh., Soph., ' Var. Track; Jr. St. Comm. Will never forget all the friends I have made at Neff. PAM DWYER: Ambition: To have as much fun as possible. Activi- ties: Ski Club. Will never forget San Onofre with the gang and summer of " 75 " . DONNA EDIGER; Ambition: X-ray technician. Activities: Dr. Team Co-Capt. 3; Banner 4; J.V. Basb. Stat. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sr. V.P. Will never forget performing the halftimes at the football games. DARRELL JOHN " EDDIE " EDQUIST: Ambition: To be a boy cheer- leader at Notie Dame. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2, Vars. 4; Bktb. 1, Capt. 2, 3; Sports Ed. News. Staff 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4. Will never forget W. W. W. , B. Out, Marquis maniacs and the exchange rally and my name is Eddie and I ' m feeling ready because . . . , and Carla. Seniors 85 HOLLY ENGLERT: Ambition: To be a Fashion Coordinator. . Activities: Soph. Sen.; Thes. 1, ' 2, 3. Will never forget going with Mark and never talking while we were sitting on upper cam- pus. SUE M. ENGLERT; Ambition; Photographer for Foxy Lady. Activi- ties; Frosh. St. Comm.; Dr. Team 2; Bktb. Stat.; G.l.A. Sftb.; C.S.F. 2; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sen. 4; Gold. Cir. Will never forget Oct. 31, 74, my trip to England, Roach Coach par- ties. Mazailan and summer of 75, especially Aug. 22. DEMISE EPPERLY; Ambition: Occasionally (but I ' d sit down and it would go away after awhile). Will never forget gettin loaded with mom; four wheeling at Salton Sea; Apt. 3408, 620. JAIME ESTRELLA; Ambition; Undecided. Activities; Frosh Ftb.; Bktb. 1, 2, 3; Var. Bktb. 4; MVP Soph. Bklb. Will never forget getting my head shaved as a freshman. WENDELL FARNY; Ambition; To be Fleet Admiral of the U.S. Navy. Activities; Frosh Rep. Band; Band 1, 2; Frosh, Soph. Ftb., Var. Ftb. 3, 4; Sr. St. Comm. RICHARD FAULCONER: Ambition; To accomplish something in life. Activities; Frosh. , Soph. Bowl; J.V. , Var. Ftb. DEMISE FINUF: Ambition: Undecided. DAVID FISHER; Ambition: To go to Nairobi and film the Pigmy Arm Wrestling Championship. Activities: J.V. Soccer. Will never forget Photo, Mr. Lee, and the school ' s best art teacher, Mr. Fredrich. PATRICIA FITZPATRICK; Ambition: To always be best friends with Ray Robinson. Activities; Jr. St. Comm.; G.l.A. Vol. Ball 3; Dr. Team 2; Flag 4. Will never forget my crazy freshman year with the girls in Frosh Comer, our trip to Chico in ' 75, sitting in McDonalds in Carson City, and the summer of ' 75. KIMBERLY D. FLATTRE; Ambition: To be a secretary or a ticket- ing agent. Activities; Cam. Host.; Sec; Girl ' s Lge. Will never forget the time Pam and I went to see Elton John, and the night before in Hollywood when my starter went out and we had to be towed home at 1:00 in the morning. DENNIS FONTES; Ambition; To own a house high in the mtns. Activities: Frosh. Ftb., Soph. Ftb., Var. Ftb. Will never forget Ftb. , those Frydico Lous " OFRE " trips, and the 4 yrs. 86 Seniors DOUG FORD: Ambition: Agricultural Engineer. Activities: Hon. Roll: Soccer Club 2: Capt. Var. Soccer 3, 4; Var. Ftb. 3, 4; Var. Basb. 3, 4; Band 1,2. Will never forget working for Kin William " Blue Eyes " Parke also summers in South Dak. SUSAN FRANTZ: Ambition: To own the first flying pair of roller skates. Activities: Hon. Roll. Will never forget the mornings at Denny ' s, and the one time we planned a beach party but forgot the wood, marshmallows, blankets and Beer. LAURA ANN ERASER: Ambition: To be Playboy ' s head bunny and July ' s Centerfold. Activities: Frosh. St. Comm.; Soph. CI. Sen.: Jr. CI. V.P.; Homecoming Princess. Will never forget being nom- inated for Homecoming and Chris D ' Amico - the man in my life. GERRY FRAYO: Ambition: Undecided. ton: id FREAR: Ambition: To be a cosmetologist. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2; Kal. 2,3. Will never forget the good times at Taco Bell. LEWIS T. FREEMAN JR.: Ambition: To be the world ' s greatest hamburger eater. Will never forget the times B.S. put love letters in B.G. ' s locker and she got all P.O. and told me everything in his letters. RAYMOND FUKAWA: Ambition: To own the World ' s Finest Distil- lery. Activities: Back Pk. Club: C.S.F.; Prin. Hon. Roll; Track 2; C.C. 1, 2. Will never forget all my friends, the parties, the card games, and the concens I went to during my stay here. JULIE MICHELLE GAMS: Ambition: To live happily ever after. Will never forget what a drag school was, and the tickets I received trying to get to school . SANDRA GARCIA: Ambition: Undecided. JOY GASTON: Ambition: To beat Chris Even in a million dollar match - winner-take-all. Activities: A.S.B. Pub. Ch. 4; Ann. Staff: Spch. Club 3, 4 Hist. 4; J.V. Tennis 2; Var. Tennis 3, 4; St. Comm. 4: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; S.E.C.; Sen. 1, 4; Ski Club: C . S . F . : Fr . Club . Will never forget the Ah Nite Poker Pany, after game dances, the Wacky Weeny float, and the ' 73 and ' 74 talent shows. LISA GAVIN: Ambition: To be a plain clothes cop. Will never for- get my history class with Dirk Hull, and the time Mrs. Mosley called home when 1 cut and my mom cleared it knowing I wasn ' t home. KEN GAYLORD: Ambition: To become a CPA. Will never forget playing poker in recreation class. 1. Tom Bustamonte argues with Craig Kulonis about how great his parties really are! 2. This is how all the football players show their spirit on Halloween day. Seniors 87 SEAN GEARY: Ambiiion: To become ihe world ' s Greatest Guitar Player. Activities: Ftb. 1, 4; Track 1, 2; Tennis 4; Sen. St. Comm. Will never forget three beautiful women. Sue Kopcho. Chris LaRoche. and Teresa Jones. Thanks girls! ! ! LORl GONTKO: Ambition: To attend Gal Poly at San Luis Obispo and become a famous journalist by the name of Cory Leander. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sr. St. Comm.; An Club; News. Staff. Will never forget homecoming night when 1 backed into Laura Era- ser ' s dad ' s car and how much everyone laughed. CHARLIE GOSHEN: Ambition: Midnight Rambler, and to chew Coca leaves with Mick Jaggar. Activities: Frosh. Ftb. ; Ski Club 1. 4. Will never forget the many coke conventions, Kathy, and the 4 year stone . CATHY GONZALEZ: Ambition: Receptionist. Will never forget the great time the three of us have had our four years at Neff . SABRINA DENISE GOODSON: Ambition: To live my life as God has planned. Activities: Band 1-3; F.T.A. 1-4; Soc. Char. 2, V.P. 3, Treas. 4; Spch. Club 3, 4; N.F.L. 3, 4; An Club V.P. 4; Hon. Roll 2-4. Will never forget the prom, all the crazy things I did with my friends (never on Sunday), and having fun on the Ponde- rosa. loANN ELIZABETH GOODY: Ambition: To be an airline ticket agent. Activities: Band 1, 2; Dr. Team 3; Pep Club 3; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Spch. Club 3, 4; Senator 3, 4; V. Yell. Will never forget the trips that Yolanda Macias and I took to T.G. . D.G. , and J.G. house that they didn ' t know about. ANGELA GORHAM: Ambition: Undecided. CAROL GORMAN: Ambition: To teach small children. Activities: J.V. Sftb. 2, 3; F.T.A. 3, 4; Kal. 2, 3, 4; Cam. Host. 3, 4; Bowl. Club 2, 3, 4; Art Club 2, 3, 4; For. Lang. Club 3, 4. Will never forget the laughs 1 had in my 5ih period Art Class, and my Spanish 11 class. MIKE GREENE: Ambition: Onhodontist. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2; Bktb. 1 - 4; Golf 3, 4; Ski Club; Hon. Roll 2. Will never forget the night of Nov. 3, 1973, and the time Grant blew the contest. ANGELA GREINKE: Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Sen. 1, 2; C.S.F. 1, 2. 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1. 2, 4; G.l.A.V.P. 3; G.l.A. Var. Vol. Ball 2, 3, 4; J.V. Bktb. 2; Var. Bktb. 3, 4; Capt. Var. Vol. Ball 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Girl ' s Lge. Rep.; Gold Cir. Pres.; Ski Club; Miss November; All Lge. VB. Alt. 4. Will never forget con- ditioning and CIF. VB. 3, 4. SUSAN GUTH: Ambition: Undecided. 88 Seniors 1. Cathy Claike can hardly wail to see how her senior pictures came out. 2. Betty Boop (Lori Dodson) shows her school spirit on fifties day. PATRICIA M. GUTIERREZ: Ambition: To get away with as much as possible. Activities: Soph. St. Comm.; Ski Club 2, 3. Will never forget the good times at San Onofre with the gang, summer of ' 75 , my Ben and the fun times of my 4 yrs. at Neff . JULIA ANN HACK: Ambition: To have all of my dreams become a reality. Will never forget May ' 75 ' , Easter vacation ' 74, and ' 75, and most of all, all of those typical weekends spent at the Mal- veaux ' s. ANDREA J. H ADDON: Ambition: To get away with as little as pos- sible. Activities; Ski Club 2, 3. Will never forget the ups and downs with Mr. Cool and the Summer of ' 74 with the gang at San Onofre, also Neff High ' s Security. CHRISTINE HAGEMAN: Ambition: Not to end up on the other side of the mountain. Activities: Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4; Sen. 3; St. Comm. 4; Girl ' s Lge . 4; Ann. Staff 4; Flag 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Ski Club 2, 3. Will never forget the tree that ran into A.C. during the summer of ' 75, skiing with Deruse Epperly and of course Rob Truelove. PEGG.Y (WALLY) HAMILTON: Ambition: To always be happy. Activities: St. Comm.: Pep Club; Sen.; Ski Club. Will never for- get the crazy ole gang, all the times 1 thought " This is livin, ain ' t it " , and Lisa and the ivy leaves. STEVE MARK HAMMER: Ambition: To be a fireman. Activities: Var. Track 3, 4. Will never forget my Jr. year in my French Class, and Mr. McGuire ' s Government Class. DENNI HARP: Ambition: To gel the world high. Will never forget the U.T.H.G. and Miss Smith ' s amazing accuracy in calculating demerits. DIANE MARIE HASERT: Ambition: To be a Dental Assistant. Activities: Pep Club; Dr. Team 3; Banner 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.: Hon. Roll 1,2. Will never forget all the good times I have had ai Neff, the time when Audrey fell at the rally , and a cenain someone . SEAN L. HAYES: Ambition: Commercial Photographei. Will never forget the time , guess 1 forgot. VICKI HAYLES: Ambition: Undecided. Seniors 89 1. Tammie Newell, Kim Ufhohz and Kayleen De La Mare would never make it for the Ultra Brite Com- mercial! 2. It ' s back to the classrooms after another " too short " snack. 3. Monday afternoon the guys get together to discuss what happened Friday night! 4. Richard Boatdman will bet anybody he can blow the biggest bubble at Neff High School. MARY HEALY: Ambition: Undecided. DARRELL C. HALBERT: Ambition: To make the Navy a successful career. Will never forget my gym teacher - the smallest one ever, the football game with Baldwin Park that we almost got to play in C . I . F . and that Xmas party , right Bill ' ' WALTER HELMS: Ambition: Certified Welder. Activities: Hon. Roll; Ski Club; Back Pk. Club; Art Club. Will never forget the time 1 spelled boss backwards. LISA HENDERSON: Ambition: To live dangerously. Activities: St. Comm. 1, 2, Sen. 1, 2; Dr. Tm. 2; Jr. Soc. Ch.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Ski Club 3,4. Will never forget the gang and the wild times we had; Freshman year; Summer of 75; and the good ole time Kalli and 1 had behind bars. Oh yes, and the chilly night at L.M. plunge. TOMAS HENDERSON: Ambition: Professional water skier. Activi- ties: Ftb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. KAREN HENLEY: Ambition: Undecided. WILLIAM HERNANDEZ: Ambition: To get my hands on Linda ' s 36B ' s. Activities: Frosh Ftb.; Soph. Sen.; Sr. St. Coram.; Track 1, Var. 2, 3, 4. Will never forget locking my key in the car at the prom and the idiots that wrecked my car during my soph, and Sr. years. SUSAN HENRY; Ambition: Undecided. : ' TRUDIE HENRY: Ambition: Undecided. 90 Seniors GARY HICKS: Ambition: Take over my old man ' s job and become a millionaire. Aciivities: Soph, and J.V. Bktb.; J.V. Golf; Vai. Basb. Will never forget the day I drove through our new garage and house in my new Camaro. ROBERT HOGAN: Ambition: Undecided. CRAIG HOFFLUND: Ambition: To own a Porsche. CAROLYN JO HOFFMAN: Ambition: To succeed and be happy. .Activities: Ski Club. Will never forget Halloween ' 75 ' , Mr. Fried- rich, and my senior year. PATRICIA HOLLIS: Ambition: To be an anist and to work at a nursery school. Activities: Soph. Dr. Team. Will never forget my friends. BRIAN HOLMES; Ambition: Undecided. KALLI HOLMES; Ambition; Swedish Flygirl. Activities; Dr. Team 2; St. Comm. 2; Ski Club 3, 4; Jr. CI. Pres.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Sen- ate 4. Will never forget my old friend Debbie Biianshead, and the time Lisa and 1 got thrown in the can. CYNTHIA KOCH HOLSTON; Ambition; Medical secretary and to be a good wife to my husband. Will never forget the great conver- sations at the lunch table, Halloween ' 75, and Mrs. Painter. SUSAN M. HOLT; Ambition; Legal Secretary. Activities: Soph. St. Comm.; Senate 2; Jr. CI. Sec; Gills Lge.; Jr. Rep. 3; Jr. Hon. Gd.; Sen. Alt. 4; Ann Staff 4; Girls Lge Sr. Rep. 4. Vv ' ill never forget Scotiy, his winking shoes, our first sail boat lide in mission bay . and the summer of ' 73 . Seniors 91 LESLIE HOVER: Ambition: To find what love and life have in store for me. Activities: Show Case; Dance 1-4; Thes. 1, 2; St. Comm. 4. Will never forget Sept. 21, 1974, G.L. , and the guys at Neff who made a dent in my life . BRADLEY DEAN HOWARD: Ambition: To help make Los Angeles shine as it use to. Activities: Sen. Alt. 2, 3; News. Staff 3, 4; Editorial Page. Ed. 4; Hon. Roll 4; Art Club 4; Spch. Club 4. Will never forget Victorville, May 24, 1975 and all the crazy people that made good ol ' Neff great. DIRK HULL: Ambition: To own my own lawnmower shop. Activi- ties: Ftb. 2, 3; Var. 3, 4: Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget the time I was taken out of the dance and almost thrown in jail with Bill, Sept. 28, 1974, Nov. 27, 1975, and Homecoming ' 74. CRAIG HUM; Ambition: To see the world. Activities: Thes. 1-4; Pub. 3, Pres. 4; MOM 1 - 4: Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4, Pub. 4. Will never forget all the good times I had in Drama with my friends and missing my entrance in the play. JEFFREY ALAN JACOBS: Ambition: Professional cannibal and spearchucker. Activities: Frosh. Ftb. Will never forget my career of evil, my newspaper, the science dept. , all my friends, and how boring it was on Dec . 3rd . JAMES JARAMILLO: Ambition: To put the Jaramillo Ice Cream Bar into production. Activities; Wrestling 1; Bktb. 2, 3, 4; Ftb. 1, 2, 3,4. Will never forget winning C.l.F. in football in ' 74 and not winning it in ' 75. JIM JENKINS: Ambition: To be myself, be happy and live my life. Will never forget the people I have met, the good times I have had, and most of all the H.T.H.G. Favorite Teacher: Dan Woods- Rop. MITCH JENNER: Ambition: To go to college to seek my future. KATHY JENSEN: Ambition: To go to Hawaii and New Zealand. Activities: Pep Club; Ski Club 3, 4. Will never forget the great time at San Onofre with the gang, the ski trips and the bird that hit my shoulder at lunch. ANDY JIMENEZ: Ambition: Undecided. KEN JOHNSON: Ambition: To become a graduate from Neff. Activities: Frosh. Fib. Will never forget all the funny looking P.E. Teachers. 92 Seniors DEBBIE JONES: Ambiiion: Undecided. MICHAEL G. JONES: Ambiiion: Two cases in one night. Will never forget what I ' ll always remember. TERESA JONES: Ambition: To be a coun stenographer. Activities: Sftb. Will never forget the faces of the people who me and Susan walked in front of and made them think we ' re crazy and all the parties at Arco with the gang. RICK JUBER: Ambition: Undecided. KIM KAFORD: Ambition: Miss Idaho Potato. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 2: CSF 1, 3, 4; Frosh. Treas.; JV Yell 2; HTS. andFLS. Prin. 2; Jr. Treas.; Ann. Staff 3, Ed. 4; V. Yell 3, 4; Gills Lge. Treas. 4; Gold Cir.; Home. Prin. Will never forget yell esp. 74-75, Miler, Mazt. , and survival on the beach. JACK KALISVAART: Ambition: Undecided. LARRY JOHN KANE: Ambition: To lead a great life and to be a computer expert. Activities: Bowl. Club; Soph. Bkib.; Soccer 4; Tennis 4. Will never forget Kern River my Jr. and Sr. yrs. , and all my friends and teachers at Neff , especially Mr. Carlson. KRISTI KAUFMAN: Ambition: Nurse or dental assi. Activities: Pep Club; Dr. Team 2, 3; Basb. Stat. 3; Jr. Honor Grd. 3. WUl never forget all the good times with my friends, and Life Society Foiu 75. CHERRI " KEEGIE " KEEGAN: Ambition: Actress - psychologist. Will never forget the time when Rona ' s Bettsy ran into my Sherlock and the crazy times I had with my unbelievable friends. 1. Jim Jarmillo, Dirk Hull, and Bill Silvey think they ' re three of the toughest guys on campus. 2. This is only one way the guys pass the time during their high school days. 3. Dan Anderson, Roger Mitchell, Dave Saniana and John Furman escape the sun of a hot day during the fall of ' 75 ' . 93 PERRY KELLEY: Ambition: To ski Mt. Mammoihski in Poland because ihey have brown snow. Activities: Var. Ftb.; Ski Club. Will never forget the way everyone was always looking at J.H. when she walked by: and the Hearts and flowers dance. CYNTHIA KETCHNER: Ambition: Nurse. Activities: Pep Clb. 2, 3; Kal. 3; Cam. Host. 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget my friend and I going to the mountains. JANET KIRTON: Ambition: Nursery school teacher. Activities: Soph. Sen.; St. Comm. Will never forget all the good times I had with Dar and our Rambler Hot Rods, and my Freshman Year. CYNDI KLENK: Ambition: Office work. Activities: Pep Clb. 1; Hon. Roll 1: Dr. Team 2; Thes. 1-4; Thes. Sec. 4; Sen. 3. Will never forget fighting with Jill Woolhouse in the Miracle Worker. LINDA KLUCK: Ambition: Elementary teacher. Activities: Band 1 - 4; F.T.A. 4: Gold. Cir. 4. Will never forget writing poems to Mr. Carlson, leaving the apple on his door, and getting my braces off. GWEN A. KNIERIM: Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget: Bob and Sue in U.S. History, Buck- eye Canyon and Kenny in the tree, and bugging Mr. Minski for 3 years. i;_.,. SUSAN KOPCHO: Ambition: To own an apple orchard. Activi- ties: Jr. Hon. Grd.; G.l.A. Tennis; Art Clb. Will never forget Teresa and the Eclipedozoids, a couple of photographers and Cowpoke . CRAIG KULONIS: Ambition: To be a Professional Baseball Player or civil engineer. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; Bktb. 1-4; Basb. 1 - 4; M.V.P. J.V. Bktbl; M.V.P. J.V. Basb.; Hon. Roll 1, 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 3. 4; All Lge . Ftb. Will never forget the Burroughs game and weekend trip up to Big Bear. KATHRYN KUSSMAN: Ambition: Dental Assistant. Activities: Pep Clb.; S.E.C. Will never forget the good times with Bea James. 94 Seniors 1 . Our football players show iheii spirit when they are cheerleaders fox the day. 2. Linda Novak, Kayleen De La Mare. ShaiRoedei, and Pati Curiy will stick logethei no matter vrhat happens to them. 3. " Girls you ' re supposed to be playing this game, not watching the boys! " the speaker yells to Teri Clarke, Lisa Henderson, Shari Ciko, and Patty Fitzpatiick during lunch on fifties day. SEAN LAWLOR: Ambition: Architectural Engineer. Activities: Frosh Ftb.; J.V. Wrestling: Sen.; Ski Clb. 1, 2, 4. Will never for- get our trips to the Rose Parade, the River and S.K. GRANT LANDRE: Ambition: Owner of Rockview Dairy. Activities: Bktb. 1-3. Will never forget the pine tree. JOHN LAWHEAD: Ambition: Undecided. KAREN DENISE LAWRENCE: Ambition: The black Dahlia. Will never forget Elton John concert Oct. 25, 1975. Meeting Melanie ' s little green elf and my bl brown elf, my friends at Neff and Escondldo . TARA LEE LAYTON: Ambition: Attorney. Activities: Cam. Host. 1; Dr. Team 2, 3. Will never forget the Friday night Janice ' s cai caught on fire . COLETTE LeROY: Ambition: Professional Model. Activities: Sen. 1, 2, 3. Will never forget the friends I made and the few seniors that gave me a bunch of B.S. in my Jr. year, and how the teachers are helping me pass and most of all my buddy D . T . STEVE LEE: Ambition: To live by the beach and to own a St. Ber- nard . Will never forget shooting flying squirrels in South Africa and of course, April 26, 1973. DEBBIE LEIS: Ambition: Not Much. Activities: Di. Team; St. Comm. 2. Will never forget San Clemente and the blue eyed blonde hair rocks. Pickles, and coke and cruising in Herbie. RONA LEONARD: Ambition: Secretary, and to go all over the U.S. with my friends. Will never forget all the nice dudes at Neff, and being weird at break with Mildred and Agnus, plus my nicknam.e Ethel. Seniors 95 1. Rona Leonard jusi can ' t seem to get Larry Whit ' s attention during lunch. 2. Dave Oberg explains to his friends the A.B.C. ' s of Neff High School. 3. Craig Kolonis and Art Beck munch away on their " cranchy " Trojan Burger. THOMAS LEVESCY: Ambition: To be a vice squad officer. Activi- ties: Frosh. Bowl Club. Will never forget hoping Ruth would get floored and the panics in the field . STEVEN LUCKER: Ambition: To become a sports announcer or learn to ice skate and become a professional hockey player. Activ- ities: News Staff; Prin. Hon. Roll; Band 1. JAMES LUETGER: Ambition: Undecided. NEIL COOK MacDONALD JR.: Ambition: To win a Porsche and be successful. Will never forget Mr. McGuiies Government class and the school ' s food. HEIDI MADDOX: Ambition: Undecided. MARGARET MAGAZINE: Ambition: To be the next Playboy bunny. Will never forget the time CM. and T.H. went up to the stables one Friday night. DEBRA ANN MALVEAUX: Ambition: To be a Dental Hygienist and Mrs. T. Activities: Frosh and soph. Sen. Will never forget all my slumber parties and Easter Vacation " 75 " and June 27. JANICE MARIUS: Ambition: Medical Tech. Activities: Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3; Banner 4. Will never forget when my car caught on fire, Banner, Camp, Competition, and playing combat at J . P . ' s house . JAMIE MARLOW: Ambition: Undecided. CHERYL MASCARO: Ambition: To be an X-Ray Technician. Will never forget all the friends I have made at Neff and the time Tami, Maggie, and I went to the stables after a football game. 96 Seniors V WAYNE MARSHALL: Ambition: Marine Biology. Activities: Frosh. Ftb. Will never forget helping my sick friends home from parties. FRANK MASTERS: Ambition: Move out of California. Will never forget nothing. JULIE MARTINEZ: Ambition: Undecided. CRAIG MASON: Ambition: To be the Rollerball champion of the World. Activities: Ski Club VP 3, 4; Back Pk. Club 2; Annual Pho- tographer. Will never forget my trip to Mammoth and last summer in Colorado . JOHN MASTRO: Ambition: To be a stock car driver. Will never forget that time in the precision tool room in the Auto shop. STEVE MCCARTHY: Ambition: Professor at Harrad University. Activities: Sen. 2, 3. 4: Prin. Hon. Roll 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; MGM 2 - 4; C.S.F. 1, 4: Str. Comm. 2, 4: Ftb. 1, 2; Track 1, Var. 2 - 4; Bktb. 1, Var. 2-4 Capt. 3, 4; M.V.P. 1. Will never forget Carlson, Kuyper, Milei, Miller, Minski, and surviva l on the beach. r r- TIMOTHY McFARLAND: Ambition: To be center for the Lakers. Will never forget Voc. Auto. PATTI McHONE: Ambition: To live my life to the fullest. Activi- ties: Thes. 2, 3, 4. Will never forget the dirty talks at lunch time , Cindy Holston ' s wedding, and trying to make it through senior year. TIM McKAY: Ambition: G.D.A.S. Activities: Sen. 1, 2, 3: Frosh. Ftb. 1; Vi. Track 3, 4; Frosh Bsktl. , Var. Bskt. 2, 3, 4. Will never forget Prom 75, Roach Coach Panies, Summer 75, and survival on the beach. Seniors 97 SUNSHINE MEALY: Ambition: To be myself and to be happy in whatever I do. Will never forget Steve and all the great times we ' ve had together and also all the good people I have met and Sept. 28, ' 74. GEORGE MEDIC A: Ambition: To win Connors at Wimbledon. Activities: MGM 1, 2, 3, 4; Sci. Club 4; Ski Club 4; Sr. Sen.; JV Tennis 3; Var. Tennis 4. Will never forget Mrs. Jerome ' s German 1, Mr. Miler for Jr. Engl, and Etymology, or Mr. Knapp for U.S. History. CHERYL MILLER: Ambition: To be Pies, of the Honeycomb Hide- out. Activities: Dr. Team 2,3. Will never forget everyone telling me how spoiled I am. JANET " RATCHET " MILONE: Ambition: To be rich, healthy, happy and marry the World ' s greatest Guy. Activities: Hon. Roll. Will never forget the time Steve put glue on the cafeteria chairs. Everyone got in trouble but him. RODGER MITCHELL: Ambition: To get away from teen age waste land. Will never forget Sean taking those shoes on the other side, and that strange buzzing sound. ARTHUR A. MONCRIEF: Ambition: To be the no. 1 Sponge Sales- man. Activities: Frosh Ftb.; Soph. Bktb.: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget Brutes, Fri. nights, and the gang. LESLIE A. MONROE: Ambition: To indulge in the utilization of life ' s facilities. Activities: Pep Club 1; St. Comm. 1, 2; Sen. 3; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll 1, 2. Will never forget K.B. and moving with my buds and the great times with R.R. CARMEN HILDA MORALES: Ambition: To be an architect with Ana Pin. Activities: For. Lang. Club 4; S.E.C. 4; Hon. Roll 3, 4; C.S.F. 4. Will never forget my two years in Spain and Neff High School because of the times 1 didn ' t have understanding some of my teachers. KEVIN J. MORAN: Ambition: To enjoy life by doing what I want to do. Activities: Frosh. Basb.; J.V. Tennis 2; Var. Soccer 3, 4: Var. Tennis 3, 4; MVP 3; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 4: Frosh Eng. Award. Will never forget tilting with me drougies Niagia Wrede, my Mazatlan experien ces and Rancho Bernardo. ELIZABETH J. MORENO: Ambition: To remember the good times and look to the future. Activities: J.V. Yell 2; Hon. Roll 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3; C.S.F. 1, 2, 4; Jr. St. Comm.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Gold. Cir. Will never forget the summer of ' 73, Buzz budds, and Nov. 9, ' 75. 1. Diane Hassen and Susan Olge can ' t help being upset alter tne weekend they had. 2. Jeff Weinstein reveals his friendly personality 3. Andy Taylor and Sam Casey really pay attention when Mr Miler talks about the origin of words. 98 Seniors WAYNE MORIMOTO: Ambition: To win back all the money I losi in poker. Aciiviiies: Piin. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 2, 3. 4. Will never forget the Elton John Concert. LILLIAN MORRISON: Ambition: Secretary. Will never forget Mr. Wade ' s diny joke box and Mr. Kuypers ' s amm.onia gas. SAMUEL F. MOSES: Ambition: To be a Civil and Electrical Engi- neer. Activities: Con. Band 1, 2: Spch. Club 3. 4; F.T.A.; Thes. 3, 4; MGM 4. Will never forget the time I walked into Miss Logan ' s Class and she was doing an imitation of a choo-choo in front of her class. She then staned to sing about soap while danc- ing. i k ' DAVID MULLEN: Ambition: To teach and relive Walden. Activi- ties: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget my teachers, friends, students and studying the Bible during lunch. DAVID MURPHY: Ambition: To be a Ceramics teacher. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Con. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4; Piin. Hon. Roll 3; C.S.F. 2. Will never forget all the sour notes I played in band and all my pots that blew up in Ceramics. CRAIG MURR ELL: Ambition: To retire in Hawaii at 18. Acdvities: Ski Club 4; An Club; Whit. Chi. High 1, 2, 3; Bkbt. 1, 2, 3; Sr. Hon. Roll. Will never forget the Elvin Bishop Concerts, UCLA, and 56 Ford tmcks. JOHN MYERS: Ambition: Undecided. PAM NELSON: Ambition: To help others to come to know Jehovah and the wonderful promises He holds out to those who love Him. Will never forget the talks with Leslie about C.E. and Mr. Fried- richs temper tantmms (I ' m only kidding Mr. Friedrich). JILL NEMETH: Ambition: To move to Sonora. Activities: Soph. V.P.; Dr. Team 2; Sen. 2, 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget K.W. and R.S. , G.D.A.S. with Mr. and Mrs. E. , Sue and Den- ise, Roach Coach parties, Newport and summer of ' 75. Seniors 99 LAURA NESTOR; Ambition: Psychlogist. Activities: Dr. Team 2; Ski Club 3. Will never forget the Lake with Shaii, my friend Joey and the summer of ' 74 with Dennis O. TAMARA LEE NEWELL: Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activities: G.A.A. Track 1; Bklb. 1; Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 2; Banner 3, 4. Will never forget T.D.F., Orky the whale, banana man at the beach, taco nite, trout face, and Dec. 21, 1974. SHELLY NIELSEN: Ambition: Forest Ranger. Activities: Var. Bktb. Stat. 2; Dr. Team 2: Prin. Hon. Roll 2; Song 3; GIA IV Sftb. MIP 3, 4. Will never forget Heans and Flowers ' 73, the brotherhood dance and the day after, and the Prom ' 75. FLORA NISSIM: Ambition: Consultant. Activities: Thes. MARK NORRED: Ambition: To go into law enforcement. Activi- ties: Basb. Will never forget the day my car got smashed on the way to school . CORINNE ALICIA NORTON: Ambition: To twist the night away with Rod and room with " The Box " at Hanad College. Activities: Frosh Girls Lge. Rep.; Frosh. Hearts and Flowers Prin. ; Sec. 2; St. Comm. 2; Song 4. Will never forget the night 1 was kidnapped on Dec. 21, ' 74 and all those skinny dippers at LM plunge. KRISTINE NORTON: Ambition: Not much. Activities: Band 1 - 4. Will never forget Sept. 9, and falling in love with Bruce Brown. JOSEPH S. NOVAK: Ambition: Beer drinkers hall of fame. Activi- ties; Ftb. 1 - 4; Bktb. 1-4; CSF.; Prin. Hon. Roll; Soph. Class Pres. Will never forget my trip to England, my good buddy Adolph, and the yellow Corvair. SANDY LEE NUNN: Ambition: To own a Kentucky Derby winner. Will never forget my foiu years at Neff and the crazy things coke and 1 did. I will always remember getting smashed with coke at Gordy ' s party, Jan. 7, 1975, and a typical Friday night of cruisin the Blvd. DAVE OBERG: Ambition: To own a GG Corvette. Will never forget the 1974 last CIF game and the time at Kern River when it ate our fishing poles. Ambition: To live happily and succeed. Activi- Roll 1-4; Gold. Cir. 4; Fr. Club 2; For. Lang. 4; Ski Club 1; CSF 1 - 4, Sec. 4; GIA. 3, 4, never forget 5th pd. trig, my great teachers. CHERIE ODELL: ties: Prin. Hon. Club 3, 4; Pres Treas. 4. Will classes, and friends, and all the crazy things we did at Neff. ■ .-- " »-..Kv.. .. :,-. ' .v:-. . -.v.-. ij..»i«w .v. ' .xvv.v.---.i;.ji 100 Seniors MARK ALAN OERTEL: Ambition; To pursue a career in medicine. Activiiies; Ftb. 1, 2: Basb. 1, 2: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Prin. Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3; C.S.F. Will never forget the day Minski lost his marbles and they went all over the floor. SUE OGLE: Ambition: To be Tarzan ' s next wife and live in the jungle. Will never forget wrecking Bill ' s Mom ' s car, and getting ripped off walking down Trojan Way with Heidi Maddox. DENISE OLGUIN: Ambition: To go to Hawaii and Austrailia. Activities: Ski Club 3,4. Will never forget the great times at San Onofre with the Gang; and the summer of ' 75. LISA M. OLSON; Ambition: To be a CPA. Activities; Kal. 1; Dr. Team 2, 3: Di. Team Capt. 4; ASB Sec. 3, 4; CSF 2, 3, 4: MGM 3: Sen. 3, 4; St. Comm. Alt. 4; Gold. Cir.: Piin. Hon. Roll 1, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget April 5th and the won- derful people at Neff. These have been the greatest years of my life. ROBERT GIFFIN ORWOLL; Ambition; To finish college. Activities: Track 1, 2; Var. Tracks, 4. Will never forget Bebber, Tom, Rob, Darrel, Don, Ralph, Glumpy, Bio, Many, Steve, the locals, Lany, Tike, Heibie, Dione, Coaches Brady and McGuire, Mr. Carlson , Mr . Rassmusen , Mr . Bynny , and anyone else I forgot . JAMIE OSHANN: Ambition: To be Queen Munk on planet of the apes. Will never forget Mr. Goodman, and Mi. Fiese ' s History class, and the day Shelia Robeits pushed me in the Ivy when 1 was wearing a while dress. LORI OSTERMAN: Ambition; Undecided. PAT PACHECO: Ambition: Undecided. DOUG L. PAGE: Ambition: To be a Draftsman. Will never forget the time I went to Big Beai to go skiing with some of my friends , Mark Connett and John Mastio, in my Si. year and ihe paity in the uailer at the shop. STEVEN A. PALMER: Ambition; Lawyer. Activities; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4: CSF 1-4; Thes. 1-4, Thes. Pres. 3; Sr. St. Comm.; FT A 4; CSF Sealbeaiei 4; Nom. Best Sup. Actor 1, 2, 3. WiU never forget losing 3 times in a low and the theatre with Mi. Ses- sions and last but not least. Miss Logan. 1. Eveiybody rushes down to be the first in the lunch line. 2. Debbie Van Bussell woiks on filing cards in her office procedures class. Seniors 101 THERESA PARRA: Ambition: Be a better madame than Xavier Hol- lander and be the Roller Derby Queen of the year 2,000. Activi- ties: Sen. 1-4. Will never forget the last time 1 saw Will and New Year ' s Day of ' 75. JOE PAULY: Ambition: To accomplish my goals in life and be happy with them. Will never forget playing soccer after it rained. PAM PEHLKE: Ambition: To be a mommy and live happily ever after with John. Activities: Pep Club 1; Dr. Team 3; Dr. Team Co-Capt. 4: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll 2, 3. Will never forget last year when John and I got into a fight and everybody turned around and saw me running away from him with a dress on. DONNA PERRI: Ambition: To work with Sharon in her " Corndog " stand. Activities: Girl ' s Lge.; Kal.; Cam. Host.; Hon. Roll; C.S.F.; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Gold. Cir.; Ann. Staff. Will never forget Mazatlan, the marque masqueraders, and Saturday morning story - time. DENNIS PHELAN: Ambition: $2,000,000 of the Coast of Bermuda. Activities: Ptb. 1 - 4; Track 1-3. Will never forget all the spooks on Oct. 30, 1975, theB.O. Club, and the parties of ' 74. MONICA PONCE: Ambition: Undecided. CARL PINO: Ambition: To master all sports. Activities: Var. Ten- nis; Ski Club 3,4. Will never forget winning the Smirnoff at Wai- mea Bay. MARTY PONTON: Ambition: To be able to snowski 12 months a year. Activities: Frosh. Ftb., Frosh. Basb. , Var. Soccer 3; Ski Club; Var. Soccer Capt. 4; Ski Club Pres. Will never forget my Algebra teacher. Mr. Robillard and my soph. Ski trip to Salt Lake City. DOUG PORT: Ambition: Undecided. RICHARD POWERS: Ambition: To be a Champion Roller Ball Player. Activities: Sen. 1, 2. Will never forget making it to school and bumping with Debi Ray. LINDA PYBURN: Ambition: To be a full 36B or Mr. McConnell ' s girlfriend. Will never forget all the fun we had after the football games and changing the marquis. 102 Seniors 1 ■ oii think Tim McK i i giod in b sk;_ibill ii. can t i-vcn snnd on h s own iwo fed without tripping „ I I ' .s mi bib ' ' Richard Vin D ki.n a th oppo site sl P itt llilli uid h Ittn rirni ni 1 c siiil thu " o uiidircLi btn n ' ;it at ihtir nbk VIEkl lU ■ TTROi ' ( HI ni ibiti )n To b i stcw irdcss and k iin is man 1 in),ingi.« !■; p nsiblc ill ntvir tirgti DtCLiib r 1 ind Mondays. ALAN REDER: Ambition: Undecided. DAVID N. REED; Ambition: Magazine Journalist. Activities: Frosh Sen. Alt.; Elem. Sch. T.A. 2; News Staff 3, 4, Assoc. Ed. -in- Chief; Trojan Shield 4; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget my Jr. year attendance antics, Sept. 19, 1975 Neff football game, and all my fun and friends at Neff. VICKEY REYNOLDS: Ambition: Prune Picker. Activities: Kal. 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Hon. Roll 2-4. Will never forget being a fresh- man, the great parties, the Elton John concert at Dodger Stadium, all my friends, driving the teachers up the walls, and Mr. Miller ' s Basic Math Class. PAULA RICH: Ambition: X-Ray Technician. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll 1; Prin. Hon. Roll 2 - 4. I will never forget the dark room, Mr. Miler and the baseball games, bugging Mr. Minski for two years , getting Gwen as my best friend , and especially all my good friends. MIKE RICKERTS: Ambition: To become the first black president. Activities: Bktb. 2; Ftb. 2 - 4. Will never forget the game saving tackle . CAROL RODRIQUEZ: Ambition: Surgical Nurse. Will never forget when Jamie and 1 got our purses stolen on Whiitier Blvd., when Linda, Michelle and 1 were called Raisins, and when we went to Penn Park . STEVEN RODRIQUEZ: Ambition: To open a music shop in the La Mirada Mall and to run the Pikes Peak Mara than. Activities: Frosh. C.C. M.V.P.; Var. C.C. 2-4; Capt. 3, 4; M.V.P. 3, 4; Track 1; Var. Track 2-4: Band 1 - 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1; Hon. Roll 1 - 4. Will never forget being forgotten in the half time show. SHARLAN RAE ROEDER: Ambition: A professional dancer with Woody. Activities: Song 4; Dr. Team 3; Pub. Annual. Will never forget the FF and WW, Golfing with P.C. , the nights Hud was sup- posed to take care of RR, screaming in our pillows, and Miquel. Seniors 103 NEAL ROGERS: Ambition: Oral Surgeon. BOB ROHRIG: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: J.V. Bktb. 3: Hon. Roll 1, 2; Prin. Hon. Roll 3,4. Will never forget Oct. 4, 1974 and Mondays. JERRY ROLLINS: Ambition: Undecided. BETTY R. ROSEMAN: Ambition: To sell styrofoam snowballs to thi. Eskimos. Will never forget all the trouble Kim and 1 got into, all the busted parties we ' ve gone to, and the jay walking tickets. LARRY R. ROTTWEILER: Ambition: Recreation in Society major ai Cerritos. Activities: J.V. and Var. Wrestling; J.V. and Var. Ftb. Will never forget " Blue Strong " . ROBERT SAIEVA: Ambition: Undecided. DEBBIE SALLADE: Ambition; Interior Decorator. Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd.; Senate. Will never forget Feb. 15, 1974, and all the good times with the gang. KATHLEEN SANDBERG: Ambition: Park and Recreation Director. Activities: Band 1 - 4; Con. Band 1-4; Kal. 3, 4; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget all the half time shows, and two cheeseburgers and a medium coke. DAVESANTANA: Ambition: Undecided. MARK SAUTER: Ambition: To he Paul Bunyan ' s Apprentice. Activities: Ftb. 1-4; J.V. Wrestling M.V.P.; St. Comm. 3. M.G.M. 1 - 4; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget pinning Curi Oppedahl, going to motor in my Corvair, and my good friend the Brewer, Adolf. MARK SAVINSKY; Ambition: Marine Biologist. Activities: Ftb. 1. 2, 4; Wrestling 1, 3. Will never forget driver ' s training with Tami Beaver and Mr. Kuyper, the summer of ray Frosh. year to the beginning of my Sen. year, and the first party 1 went to. DAVE SCHICKLING: Ambition: Professional Gambler. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1 - 4; Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget winning ten thousand quarters at Lee ' s Casino. 1. " Hey, you gotta believe us, she ' s not good enough for you! " 2. Dave Young rolls up his sleeves to show he ' s ready to rumble. 104 Seniors FRED SCHOLTZ: Ambition: Professional 10 Speed rider. DAVE SCHOTT: Ambiiion: Accouniant. Aciiviiies: Ftb.; Prin. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4; S.E.C. Will never forget.. football practices, and the games. LINDA SCHWEITZER: Ambition: Psychologist. Activities: Ir. Hon. Grd.; Pep Comm. 4. Will never forget April 4, the night I was promised, and the Raisin Club. CHARLOTTE DESIREE SCOTT: Ambition: Night Club Dancer. Activities: Fresh Hon. Roll; Dr. Team 2; Sen. 2, 4. Will never forget meeting the basketball team my Soph, year, going to San Diego last summer and going to Anowhead with my Frankie dear. DALE SCOTT: Ambition: The next Jackie Stewart. Activities: Band 1-4; Con. Band 1-4. Will never forget the time I let half- pini drive my car in auto shop. KURT SHANEBECK: Ambition: Undecided. NICK SHERWIN: Ambition: To remain Co. Pres. of the W.W.W. with Rich Van Dyken and always be remembered as the founder of this world wide organization. Activities: Basb. 1-4; Ftb. Soph, and Var.; Prin. Hon. Roll. Will never forget the B.C. Club, get- ting M.V.P. in Basb. and the Marquis Maniacs. CONI SHIVELY: Ambition; Undecided. SCOTT SHOCKEY; Ambition: To be in Game Management. Activities: Frosh. Basb. V ill never forget when Rick Williams was fired from the snack line . SHERI SILL: Ambition: Cosmetologist. Activities: Pep Clb. 1; Dr. Team 2. 3: Basb. Stat. 3. Will never forget Dec. 19, 1974 and halfsheets, and Donna ' s help with Bob. BILL SILVEY: Ambition: Pro Football playei oi Corporation Law- yei. Activities: Football 1-4; Var. Capt. 4; A.S.B. Sgt. Al Arms 4; C.S.F. 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1-4; Sen. 2, 3, 4. Will nevei foiget winning CIF 2A Championship, passing 329 yids. in one game, and good times with Dirk, Rob, and Anthony with more to come. Seniors 105 TERRIE LEE SIMONS: Ambition: To travel all over the United States. Activities: Kal. 1. Will never forget out badminton class second period. DAN SLIVKOFF: Ambition; To be a photographer for Playboy. Will never forget to remember to forget all of my school days and walk- ing into Mr. Frese ' s class tardy. CHARLES M. SMALLWOOD: Ambition: To get rich quick. Activi- ties: Var. Soc. 3,4. Will never forget all the good limes at Neff . CURT SMITH: Ambition: Plumber. Activities: Soph. Fib.; Wres- tling 1, 2, 3. Will never forget Peter Wright ' s auto class. DON SMITH; Ambition: To inherit my Grandfather ' s vast financial estate and his seven corvettes, or a commercial artist or journalist. Activities: Ft. 1, 2, 4; Soccer 3, 4; An Club 1-4; News. Staff. Will never forget tilters, the 69 club, all the fantastic nights down in Mazatlan, ' 76. TOMSORANNO: Ambition: Undecided. ri TERRI SORENSON: Ambition: Elementary School Teacher. Activi- ties: Sen. 3: Song 4; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget the day I made Song, the streakers around Tasty Freeze, my soph, yr., and being a crazy freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior JOHN CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW SPINOSA; Ambition: Mahavishnu Johnny M. Activities; Frosh Si. Comm.; Sr. CI. Pres.; Frosh Ftb.; Var. Bktb. 2, 3, 4; Capt. 3,4, Ann. Staff 3V:; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 2, 4; MGM. 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget HH ' s and Tommy ' s. Also all the teachers I ' ve had, especially Mr. C ' s wild shirts. COLIN STARK; Ambition: Undecided. . i: " i- -.), 1 06 Seniors 1. Kim Kaford proves to Steve McCarthy that she has been v orking out to become " vfonderwoman . " 2. Andy Jiminez demonstrates the dissection of a frog. 3. Donna Edigei, Lisa Olson and Connie Shively discuss about hovj theii senior pictures turned out. 4. Can this be a normal snack time under the senior tree ' PATRICIA STEVENS: Ambition; Undecided. PAUL STEVENS: Ambition: Woody Allen ' s understudy. Activities: Bktb. 1; Basb. 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Arm. Staff 4. Will never for- get the many things I have already forgotten about this institute of higher learning. lULIE STIEGEL: Ambition; To buy the Stairway to Heaven. Will never forget watching everyone grow up, the open panics and walking to school from first grade through twelfth with Terrie S . HEIDI STOUFFER; Ambition: Registered Nurse. Activities; GIA Var. Vol. Ball 2,3; Bktb. 2; Hist. 2; Cam. Host. 2; Spch. Club 2; Thesp. 1; Glee Club 2; Dir. of Act. 4: Flag 4; Jun. Hon. Grd. 3. Will never forget my first true love which was Dirk Hull, Mike O ' Dowds fantastic dancing, and my beloved Alma Mater. PAM STRAIT; Ambition; To be James Caan ' s leading lady. Activ- ities: Soph. V.P.; Var. Sftb. 1; Girls Var. Track 2; News. Staff 2; Pep Club 2; Photo Club 2; Ann. Staff 2, 3, 4; C.S.F. 4. Will never forget the summer of ' 75, the night before the E.J. concert, and the night I met Danny . CYNTHIA LORRAINE SURFACE; Ambition; Legal Secretary. Activities: Kal. 3; Bowl. Club; Hon. Roll 2-4. Will never forget that hot summer night that I and six others sp ent in Norwalk, my sophomore year, and all the parties with my insane friends. ilEBORAH SWEENEY: Ambition: To be a Fashion Buyer. Will never • ' Drget my junior year with D.D. and my weekend nights, Dar, and my favorite thing - bugging Mi. Miller. ANDREA DAWN TAYLOR: Ambition; To go to and live in New Zealand. Activities; Ski Club; Sen. 4; Alt. 3. Will never forget San Onofre with the gang and the summer of ' 75, plus partying at the beach all summer long. TERRANCE THOMAS: Ambition; Undecided. 107 1. Here stand the football " studs " of the school. (These players received All League Honors along with not pictured Terry Beck- man.) 2. Aw shucks! I ' m growing out of my Big Wheel. Richard Van Dyken on kiddie day during spirit week. 3. Everyone bums out after eating Neff High School ' s food. MARK THOMPSON: Ambition: To be wealthy and live in the mountains. Will never forget the awesome spike done by Betty Brunner and the jumping of gates and fences to go to school. LISA THORNTON: Ambition: To be a pool shark! Will never forget the times at Taco Bell! SCOTT THORPE: Ambition: To reach and succeed all goals set in life, but most of all to be happy. Activities: Var. Bkbt. 1-4; Var. Ftb. 3, 4; Var. Basb. 4; Frosh. St. Comm.; Sen. 1-4; Stu- dent Body Pres.; Honor Roll 1-4; Sr. St. Comm. Will never forget Dec. 15, 1973, the day that would hopefully guide me on the way to a great life and happiness! ! ! PATTl TORRES: Ambition: To be the Eagles press agent. Activi- ties: Girls Lge. Pub. Ch. 3; Sen. 3; J.V. Yell 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3; Girls Lge. V.P. 4; Kal. Sec. 4. Will never forget Feb. 12, 75 and the party bathroom scenes with J.D. while Del was always getting sick! And G.J. MICHELE TOYOTA: Ambition: Teacher. Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; C.S.F. 1 - 4; C.S.F. Treas. 3; C.S.F. V.P. 4; G.I. A. Bktb. 3, 4; Sftb. 3, 4; Vol. Ball 4; G.I. A. Pres. 4; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Gold. Cir. 4; Thes. 1 - 4; Thes. Hist. 3; Girls Lge. 4; Sr. CI. Sec. 4; F.T.A. V.P. 4. Will never forget my junior and senior years and all the people I ' ve met at Neff. TERRI TREGANOWAN: Ambition: Undecided. BILL TRIPLER: Ambition: President of the United States. Will never forget being suspended for not smoking on the first day of school. ROB TRUELOVE: Ambition: Policeman and to be the next President of Red China. Activities: Ftb. 1 - 4; Track 1-4. Will never forget everything I have done that I can ' t forget. NANCY TURGEON; Ambition: A leader in the women ' s move- ment. Activities: Bktb. Stat.; Sen. 2; Jr. St. Comm.; Jr. Hon. Grd. Will never forget Mrs. Painter and her turkey sandwiches, the hearts and flowers dance 73, and when Richard H. walked through the sliding glass door. CRAIG TURNER: Ambition: Yes. Will never forget to turn my lights off in the parking lot. KIM UFH0LT2: Ambition: Teacher. Activities: Sen. 1, 3; C.S.F. 1-4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1 - 4; Dr. Team 2; Banner 3, 4; Girl ' s Lge. Sec; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Ann. Staff 4; Gold. Cir. Will never forget my love Ray Hill, all the great times I had with him, and all the spe- cial songs that mean something to me. DEBBIE VAN BUSSEL: Ambition: To be a stewardess. Activities: Dance 1-4; Showcase; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Jr. Sr. Sen. Alt.; Sr. St. Comm. Will never forget all those Friday nights, all the great times I had at Neff and the day a bird came along and bombed me in my hair. Yuck! 108 RICHARD VAN DYKEN: Ambition: To always be the Co-Pres. of the W.W.W. with Nick Sherwin. Activities: Ftb. 1 - 4: JV and Var. Wrestling; Frosh, Soph., Var. Track; Band, Con. 1-4. Will never forget my name and the sayings on the marque and after the Artesia game at Tic-Toe. JULIE VAN HORN: Ambition: Undecided. Activities: GAA Vol.; Bktb.; Track 1, 2; Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; Band, Con. Band 2; JV Yell ■2; Var. Yel 3; Jr. Hon. Grd. 3; Girls Lge. V.P. 3, 4; Kal 4; Homecoming Queen. Will never forget when John Jennings chased Donna by senior tables, when I spilled 7up on Sharon on my first day at Neff , and Feb. 20th. CHARLES VANIER: Ambition: Undecided. JOSEPH A. VIDAL: Ambition: Undecided. Will never forget having Mr. Sessions (Uncle Bob) for 3 years and the rallies. DELIA VILLASENOR: Ambition: To grow to be 5 ' 2 " . Activities: Jr. Hon. Grd. 3; Pep Club 2; Kal. 1. Will never forget Hearts and Flowers " 75 " , afterwards at Denny ' s with J.M,. G.J., P.T., being tardy to 5th pd. , Jr. Year because of ].S. , J.B. and driving and P.T. bitching. KAREN VOGEL: Ambition: English Professor . Activities: Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4; C.S.F. 1 - 4; F.T.A. 1 - 4: Sec. 3; Pres. 4; For. Lang. Club 3, 4, V.P. 4; Fr. Club 1, 2; Gold. Cir. 4. Will never forget my school activities, my friends, and the unique experiences we shared . MIKE WAGEN: Ambition: Pro Baseball Player. Activities: Ftb. 1 - 4: Basb. 1 - 4; Frosh. Ftb. M.V.P.; Frosh. Basb. M.V.P.: Soph. Ftb. M.V.P.; Prin. Hon. Roll 4. Will never forget Sho ' and the dangerous times with Alkire . BURT WALD: Ambition: World Champion in Motocross. Activities: Ski Club 3,4. Will never forget the ski trip to Utah, being in Mrs. Lewellen ' s Science Class, and when 1 rode for U.S. Suzuki. COLLEEN WALKER: Ambition: To go into nursing. Will never for- get being in Miss Tisdall ' s P.E. Class for 2 years and going to all the school activities. Seniors 1 09 GARY WARD: Ambition: Racecar driver and to own my own busi- ness. CHUCK WEBB: Ambition: To be a forest ranger. Activities: Sen. 3, 4. Will never forget Room 209, and Mrs. Purkiss likes Pam R. JEFFREY WEINSTEIN: Ambition: Advertising and the entertainment field. Activities: Frosh. Track; Spch. Club; Stage Crew; Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4. Will never forget Mr. Session ' s Drama 1, Mr. Ras- mussen ' s Spanish 2 and 3-4 classes, and the day my track shorts came down with my sweat pants by the starting blocks. WENDY WEISE: Ambition: To be rich, happy, rich, healthy, rich, successful, rich, and the quintessence of congeniality. Activities: Sen. 3; St. Comm. 4, Will never forget the day Mr. McGuire ' s American Government Class called me at home when 1 was sick, the summer of ' 75, and two bunnies in a bag! JEFF WEST: Ambition: To play Pro Football. Activities: Frosh. Ftb.; Glee Club; Jazz Ensemble. Will never forget Mrs. Lewellen ' s Freshman Science Class. CINDY WHALEN: Ambition: Undecided. LARRY PAUL WHITE: Ambition: To get rich, live my life as it comes and to drive an official Mafia Staff Car. Activities: Frosh. Fib. Will never forget the time 1 was a Champion Alligator Wres- tler and all my friends Tom, Bob, Mitch, Johnny, Steve, Brian, etc. LESLIE L. WHITE: Ambition: To be a Probation Officer or X-ray tech. Activities: Maj. 2; Jr. Hon. Grd.; Hon. Roll. Will never forget Jr. Hon. Grd. night and S.J. , the time Nel and 1 cut school and hid in some bushes, and bugging turkey about K.D. MICHIKO WHITE: Ambition: Future undecided. Will never forget pearl diving at the village. EDWARD WIERSMA: Ambition: Airline Pilot. Will never forget Elton Lieby, the Physics Wizard. KENNY WILLIAMS: Ambition: To be a Professional Punt Blocker. Activities: Ftb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget the happy days in Photo. RICHARD HARRISON WILLIAMS: Ambition: African Bushman . Activities: Frosh. C.C. 1; Track 1; Var. C.C. 2, 3, 4; Var. Track 2, 3, 4; Hon. Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Will never forget hunting and skin- ning my first human. Not Pictured Marshall Anglim Jeff Bauer Raymond Behney Karston Brightman Mark Bunte Tom Bustamante Paul Busies Dave Caplinger Bradley Crosswhlte Karen Dials Kim Earhart Catherine Elliot Harold Engei Mike Fleming Kary Forrest Dave Gibbons Anthony Gravelle Tami Helms Mark Hegewald Pia Hidalgo Ira Hodges Russel Johnson John Kasold Martha Keene Valerie Kerr Brenda Micneauli Beverly Miller Edward Miller Timothy Miller SJiirley Mistriel Colleen Montgomery Rudy Morris Susan Mulqueen Mike Newman Michael Odowd Ben Pantus Bruce Pawlisa David Poenic Emile Rabe Anna Remender William Rodriquez Albert Scott Elmer Simbola Edward Torres Cheryl Turner Micheal Vincent Charles Woodle Dave Young 1 10 Seniors 1. John Spinosa eats his usual popsicle of the day. 2. All the seniors enjoy those little bieaks of the day to talk about the weekends. .«y rm ' i! ANTHONY WILSON: Ambition: Undecided. JEFF WILSON: Ambition: Undecided. STEVE R. WITTEMAN: Ambition: To follow in the footsteps of Saint Alphonzo. Activities: Track 1.2. Will never forget my fan- tasies that never came tme, T.H. , Fridays, Columbo, and mostly my pans of speech. BYRON WOOD: Ambition: Undecided. KATHIE WOODWARD: Ambition; To make the best out of life with Bill Kelley. Will never forget getting my promise ring at lunch, and October 27, ' 75. DAVE WORTHAM: Ambition: Physician. Activities: Bktb. 1; J.V. Bktb. 2; Var. Track 2, 3, 4; Science Club Pres. 4; C.S.F. Sgt. at Arms 4; Frosh. St. Comm.; Sen. 4; MGM. 1, 2, 3, 4: C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; Prin. Hon. Roll 1-4. Will never forget Elton Leiby, being a Wizard, and being Suburban League 220 Champ my Soph. year. TERESA WRIGHT: Ambition: Zoologist and taking care of mon- keys. Activities; Frosh. Vol. Ball; Sen. Alt. Will never forget Spirit Week and the Raisin Club . BILL YOUNGER: Ambition: To roll a dooby to last me a IL ' etinie. Will never forget not getting caught smoking on campus and all my friends and panners at Neff . JIMI ZAHRT: Ambition; To be happy for the rest of my life. Activ- ities; Frosh. St. Comm.; Ski Club; Pep Club; Girl ' s Lge. Soph. Rep.; Sen.; G.l.A. Vol. Ball: Spch. Club; A.S.5. V.P. Will never forget the gang, the panies. New Years " ?4, and the joke of the week. Seniors 1 1 1 NEf F HIGH SGHOQ 1 1 2 Seniors " " ] Senior Activities 1. This sign advertises the fun Seniors will be having at the all night pany June 17. 2. Cheri Odell, Dave Wonhom, Kim Ufholtz and Linda Kluck managed to maintain a perfect 4.0 G.P.A. all 4 years at Neff. 3. Mrs. Davis is measuring Shar Roeder for her cap and gown. 4. Neff ' s top graduates are Row 1; Liz Moreno, Linda Kluck, Lisa Olson, Karen Vogel, Kathy Benveniste, Michelle Toyota, Donna Perri , Cheri Odell and Kim Ufholtz. Row 2: Steve Palmer, Ray Fukawa, Angela Greinke, Craig Mum, Dave Worthom, Paul Stevens, Joe Novak, Mark Oenel, Andy Jimenez and Steve McCarthy. 5. This is the marquis at the beginning of the year. 6. And this is what it said at the end of the year. 7. This year the Junior- Senior Prom was held at the Ambassador Motel in Los Angeles. 8. This ballroom, one of three at the Ambassa- dor, shows only part of the elegance of the hotel. 9. These are some of the an exhibits seen daily as pan of the senior an show . 10 . Craig Mason, Cheri Borski, Many D ' Amico and Debbie Sallade are seen enjoying themselves at the Wonderbowl. 11. These seniors are only a few of the many that will be celebrating at the Wonderbowl in Dow- ney, once again chosen the place for the all night pany. Seniors I 1 3 Juniors Following the advise of Mrs. Neal, once again the Junior Class held the Jun- ior-Senior 1 1 OIIl. Headed by Jun- ior President Adam Treff, the officers sold key chains and held a dance to finance the Prom. Their hard work and dedication made this year ' s Prom one of Neff ' s most successful. 1. Vice President Sandy Wade. 2. Treasurer Linda Nielsen. 3. President Adam Treff. 4. Secretary Katie Shively. 5. Social Chairman ludy Hamilton. 6. Steering Committee Members: Alan Sanders, Christine Lundahl, Rhonda Wheden, Kathie Myers, Bienda Renaud, Teresa Cox, and Diane Lavigne. 114 Phil Adishian John Albright Loreen Alconcel Cindy Alvarado Martha Alvarado Alben Alvarez Carla Anderson Andi Anderson John Araiza Kathy Armendaiz Terry Armsuong Hale Atchison Carmen Austin Denise Babbitt Lorene Barneti Matthew Banett Robert Battels Joe Barton Debbie Baxter Bob Baxter Debbie Baynum Meri Baynum Kelly Beach Merlin Bear Michael Beck Bob Beck Craig Becker Jim Bell Barbara Beltran Jim Berklite Bill Bernier Mary Bloemendaal Beckie Blosser Steve Borich Roberta Boulanger Loretia Bowker Clifford Boyer Jay Boyer Scon Brady Teri Brandt Bob Breneman Jane Brock Benny Brown Bob Brown Tam.my Brown Nancy Broyles Dorothy Buente Barbara Bussell Juniors 1 1 5 Dan Boudreau Pat Callahan Marc Camp Dan Campbell Denise Canfield Oran Carmona Mike Casso Steve Cazares Steve Chambers Georgina Chavez Mark Chenarides Randy Coe Debra Coffield Rudy Cohen Jr. Kathy Coie David Conn Lillian Cordova Roger Cowan Jeff Cox Teresa Cox Denise Crawford Marlina Crease Cindy Cyr Steve D ' Amico Vicki Dack Mike Danehy Pat Danehy Brian Daugherty Kathy Davis John Deleon Denise De Kay Pauline Detrick Paul Diaz Rose Diaz Cherie Dickinson Bill Di Girolamo mint THCKE ' S Lir 1 6 Juniors 1. This is a typical day in the fall of ' 75 at Neff High. 2. Niel Rogers, Craig Dunn, Mark Conner and Ed Le Varo work on their labs in Mr. Minski ' s 2nd period anatomy class. 3. Jay Spinner knows how to escape the strenuous activities of school. Marion Dinsmoor Scott Dixon Ken Donaldson. Kathy Donovall Nick Dopudja Joe Doughty Paula Draper Dan DuRivage Craig Dunn Tammy Durm Don Earhan Kerry Edquist Kevin Edquist Jim Edwards Deana Elwell Jim Ely David Enriquez Carolyn Ernst Pat Eschardies Cindy Fanning Canol Ferguson Teresa Fernandez Stephanie Ferrara Mary Fetters Jeff Fierro James Figueroa Ofelia Flores Ruben Flores Debbie FoUis Kathy Ford Chris Forrest Pam Frear Rick Frederlcksen Dan Friday Kim Fritz Paula Frogee Barbara Fuentes Laurie Fukawa Linda Gackstetter Juniors 1 17 Val Gage Theresa Gallagher Kevin Gauiheir Tom Gilbertsen Jayne Gillete Lynne Gilman David Gimpelson Diane Glahn Anthony Godfrey Dirk Golden Todd Gomez Dolores Gonzales Kim Gordon Jim Gorman Randi Greene Tom Greulich Terri Guiley Ray Guzman Terry Haave John Hachey Al Haddad Roben Hagoon Karen Hall Jim Hamilton Judy Hamilton Glenn Hamp Lisa Hancock Mark Hand Dinah Hankinson Mark Harmon Deiidre Harper Ralph Hanis Rose Heaton Sandy Hein Mark Helm Ronald Hemphill 4 .•. . :: ' ' -3Lf i::- f. ! 1 8 Jjjnioij Wendi Herbon Melody Hill Mark Hilliard 1. Darcy Worts wore one of the most talked about costumes on Halloween Day during Spirit Week. 2. Mr. Knapp ' s 4th period class is busy taking notes on the Chesepeake Affair . Terri Holmes Roben Homschu Sharon Howard Tammie Howard Mike Ibana Steve Inge Traci Ishii Kevin Ivers Tom Ivers Lauree Jacobs Kathie Jessing Robin Jimenez Cindi Johnson Kim Johnson Steve Johnson Debbie Jones Garrett Jones Laura Jones Lynn Jones Rick Jones Sandy Jones Wayne Jones Bob Jorgensen Phil Junge Dyan Karch Kun Kaufman Marlene Kelley Rick Kendall Barbara Kent David Kern John Keul Sandy Kinkade Jon Klenk Jim Klinger Lisa Kruse Kim Kunke 1. Mr. Frese ' s 4th period U.S. History class listens carefully as he lectures on the War of 1812. 2. Tammy Seager and Lisa Ruth wait for Jeri Ladd to finish her milk before they go to class. 3. Scott Lar- son was determined to win the big wheel race for the junior class which was held on Kiddie Day during Spirit Week. Chris Kuran Kim LaMothe Ken LaRoche Jeri Ladd Rick Lake Jenny Lambert Melinda Lange Scott Larson Olga Latios Mark Laurie Diane Lavigne Geri Leis Edward Levario Greg Lezin Vera Lima Joe Lipp Dan Litwin Maryann Lombardo John Lombardo Donna Long Jess Lopez Maling Lu Arlene Luna Doriann Luna Chris Lundahl Karen Lundquist Randy Lutke Steve Lyons Yolanda Macias Steve Madden Ron Maddox Cindy Maloney Julie Mann Jody Marches! Janice Marr Joan Marschke 1 20 Juniors ]udi Manin Ken Martin Tom Matott Yvonne Mayer Barry McAdam Debbie McAuliffe Mike McCarthy Robert McMuIlin Cliff McPhail Cindy Melson John Messner Ken Meyer Dave Migliorini Carre Mignot Keith Miller Randy Mills David Mistriel Elaine Moncino Dan Montgomery Jim Moore Stephen Moore Anita Moos Crisiina Morales Ann Moran Vicki Moreno Adeline Morey Mitch Morris Toni Moseley Terri Moses Sharon Mott Russ Mouhon Cindy Moyer Larry MuUin Becky Murph Jay Murray Leigh Myer Juniors 1 2) Kaihie Myers Marcia Nabors Carol Neumeier Daryl Newton Pam Newton Paula Newton Linda Nielsen Sonna Nobile Linda Novak Steve Oakes Diane Oberg Jeri Okuma Cindy Olson Mike Oilowski Leisha On Rudy Ortiz Nelson Pai Debbie Parr 122 Juniors 1. Joe Lipp, Eric Eianda, and Mark Camp make some pretty good banner carriers at the Excelsior Rally. 2. Pam Frear shows her spirit on Kiddie Day. 3. Kevin Edquist and Mike Swinney joke about last week ' s party. William Ratterree Mike Real Laura Recotta Jeanie Reed Lynette Reed Mike Reed Steve Reed Susan Reese Steve Rehnblom Donna Reisinger Brenda Rewaud Cliff Robbins Teri Roberts Hector Rodriguez Lee Roeder Oscar Romero Tina Rosen Gregg Rossi Arnold Ruiz Joe Sanchez Allen Sanders Julie Sapp Marvin Sauer Lance Sausser David Schuler Carla Scott Wanell Scott Tammy Seager John Senn Lonnie Shaw Teresa Shepherd Tom Sherei Katie Shively Randy Shumate Jim Silvey Jeff Simons Juniors 1 23 Rick Simpson Scoti Smilowitz Stephanie Smith Ted Snavely Dennis Southern Pam Spark Jay Spinner Jane Stapleion Jerry Stein Glen Stephenson Annette Stodola Margit Sturhann Mike Sumner Susan Swartzendruber Robin Swickard Karen Swift James Swindell John Swindell Mike Swinney Carolyn Tackett Robert Tait Alan Takemoto Roberto Tarango Michele Taylor John Teftekler Gus Theisen Melinda Thompson Tamis Thrasher Loii Torres Richard Torres Mona Towns Adam Treff Debbie Tripler Chris Tripet Luis Trujillo Barbara Tuggy Rich Turner Cathy Ulibani David Unfried Eugene Urcis 124 Juniors Aaron Valveide Stephanie Van Ess Holly Veilleux Mary Veldusea Tony Volpe Greg Vrieling Sandi Wade Laurie Wakefield Roy Wamock Don Weaver Craig Wetzel Rhonda Whedon Terri White Vance Whiting Carol Whitman Anne Williams Denise Williams Ian Williamson Robert Wilson Sharon Winston Jeanne Witiick Rich Wiwel Mike Woodie Gary Woods Greg Woodward Pam Wooldridge lill Woolhouse Steve Worcester Darcy Worts Tom Wrede Charly Wurzler Scott Young Not Pictured Juniors Dan Ehorn John Furman Katliy Gill David Johnson Cathrine Martin Ronald Martin Patricia Mendez John Pitts Ray Robinson John Savino Shannon Skare Juniors 1 25 Sophomores Under the advise of Mr. Meartz the Sophomore Class repeated last year ' s success. Led by returning President Lance Ackerson, the Sopho- mores sold book covers, held a 50 ' s Dance , and also was responsible for the selling of cokes and donuts at every dance held during the year. These officers have worked hard to earn money for their class. Good Luck class of ' 78. WJlSjiEWaSSEi! 1. Vice President Ginger Morgan. 2. Treasurer Carol Nisbei. 3. President Lance Ackerson. 4. Secretary Colleen Marrs. 5. Social Chairman Cathy Guiter- rez. 6. Steering Committee Members: Elain Her- man, Shannon Nisbet, Mike Burgner, Jo Ann Mor- gan, and Andrea Vermillion. 126 Sophomores Lance Ackerson Marilyn Adishian Bobbie Aguilar Jerry Alberts Donna Aldrich Terry Alexander Andy Allen Pam Allen Randy Allen Alice Alvarado Jeny Alvarez Ron Araiza Lonnie Arbaugh Marie Armendariz Sidnie Aikinson Paula Audene Caihy Bailey Collin Baker Mark Banas Sieve Banning Dan Barnard Debbie Barnhan George Barr David Barstow Danell Bash An Bashor Rick Bassen Jim Baxter Teri Beamish Steve Belardes Gary Bellak Auggie Bentsen Wendy Betty Sharon Bicker Alison Bierly Kim Bilbrey Tom Bingham Gathy Bobier Susan Bone Michele Bourgoine Larry Bowles Gindy Bowman Robert Boyd Greg Brannon Dorothy Brewster Henrik Brightman Allison Brown Jeff Brown Sophomores 127 Sheri Brown Don Buckrucker Ken Bunte Mike Buigner Bret Bums Jeanneue Bussell Tom Busros Dean Byers Valerie Cain Larry Cairo Sandy Calderon Kerry Calzaretia Constance Campbell Steve Campbell Dennis Canfield Rueben Cano Evelyn Cantu Stacy Caplinger Elaine Garden Kay Carlson Kenny Carpenter Judy Gary Mitch Cavallaro Rosalie Centeno 1 28 Sophomores 1. Sophomore girls show iJieir spiiii during Homecoming week prepar- ing themselves for the exciting Friday pdghi game. 2. These students listen carefully to Mr. Sess ions as he teaches them the parts of speech. 3. The class of 78 is getting it together and getting back to class. Gordon Cummins Kent Curie Cindl Dalton Lori Daniel Kelly Davis Scott Davis Mary Del on Kelly Dejong Marion Delius Yolanda DelMuro Katie DenOuden Francine Denton Sergio Dimarmo Louis DiMartino Evette Diaz John Diaz Julie Diaz Vince Dixon Sheila Dobson Pam Dolan Louis Domjan Mike Dority Pam Doughty Branda Doyle Don DuRivage Mike Duffy Richard Duquette Kim Dwyer Mike Eade Herb Edwards Dawn Eggan Jerry Elsberg Michelle Elias Martino Elicker Crystal EUswortli Ed Elwell Ed Ely Ava Federico Sophomores 1 2? Kelge Ferchert Terry Ferdinand Pam Fieiro David Fisher Melanie Fisher Stan Fisher Karen Flattre Lorretta Flores Jeannette Foster Linda Fiaser Kathy Fritsch Phil Gackstetter Danny Galvan Sugi Garcia Rudy Garcia Catherine Garza Jill Gaston Mark Gaston Tammy Gilbertsen Mike Gillig Kathy Glann Ron Goad Nina Godfrey Robyn Goldstein Debbie Gomez Yolanda Gonzales Leslie Green Lauri Greene Jerry Greulich Debbie Groves Cathy Gutierrez Gilbert Guzman Charlene Gyukin Kathxyn Haave Raelyn Hamak Scott Hamilton Tim Hammang Leslie Hammer Keith Hammonds Kathy Hancock iVj ) ' 1 30 Sophomores Steve Hasen Tern Hayek Dennis Haze! Don Heim Carol Henderson Darryl Hieda Tammj ' Hendiickson Barbara Henry Elaine Herman Roben Kinote Tom Hodgson Debbie HofmeUier Laiiy Holbiok Vicki Horn Cindy Howard Tim Huebner Judy Huena Carlene Huid Louis Hutchins Patty Hutchins Janis Hutto Pam Ingles Heidi Iseli Alan Ivar Joe Jaimerena Chris James Brad Johnson Terry Jones David Jones Gina Jones Jon Jones Linda Jones Loretta Jones Tim Jones 1. Sophomore guys now dominate the former Senior Tree. 2. George Barr works hard on his project in his wood class. Sophomores 131 David Junge Maria Kalisvaan Margaret Karch Cindy Kelley Kathy Kern Vanessa Kern Kevin Kidman Jenny King Larry King Sue Klingelberg Linda Knerr Craig Koseff Bob LaFaye Chris La Roche Brian Lane Tim I-awlor Steve Lasken Veronica Lavigne Bill Lawhead Tom Layton David Lechuga Donovan Lee Rose Leith Lester Leonard Jim Leslie Jim Livingston Bob Lizardi Don London Vincent Lopez Lori Mackey Cary Maertens Linda Maher Mark Marani Colleen Mans Rex Marsalla Robert Martian Don Mauch Rick McCarthy Kevin McClain Tammy McConnell 1 33 Sophomores 1. Jack Silvey, Linda Frasier and La Green take a break for lunch under the shady palm tree. 2. Lance Ackerson prepares for a stunning performance as a songleader in the exchange rally. Shawn McDonnell Ralph McKinley Mark McMullen Allen Meloserdoff Ed Megro Alan Meyer Blake Miller Donna Mitts Steve Monderine Ginger Morgan Jo Ann Morgan Kent Morley Bill Morrison Ralph Moseley Tammy Mullen Marlene Muiillo Sandra Myers Larry Nathanson Rick Nelson April Newland Kelly Niles Carol Nisbet Shannon Nisbet Matt Norred Todd North Dianne Nothwang Debra Novak ;-j Lori Ohiemacher j Joe Oliver Peggy Oppedahl Kevin Oshann Eileen Osterhues Ernie Otero Yvette Padilla Shelley Page Bob Paolina Sophomores ? 33 1. The Sophomores try to out yell the seniors in class competition. 2. Kathy Fritch, Gail Sanders, Ten Beamish, and Lisa Treganawan enjoy each other ' s company at lunch . 3 . lack Silvey finishes his cup of ice before going to his 3id period class . Alex Payne Jim Peat Regina Perez Judy Peterson Gil Pineira Denise Peats Steve Ponce Philip Powell Geoff Pritchard Curtis Proctor Johnny Pybum Renee Quigley Jerry Rader Alben Ramirez Vicki Rapp Bonnie Ratterree Debi Ray Jerry Ray Bob Reaney Laurie Reinert Tammi Reinhold Greg Remender Bill Reynolds Jim Reynolds Julie Reynolds Tina Riley Renee Rivas Randy Roberts Linda Rodela Felicia Rodriguez Frank Rodriguez Karen Rogers Mark Rogers Beverly Rohrig Karla Romero Darel Rosen 1 34 Sophomores Chris Rouly Jim Routh James Russell Adam Sanchez Glenn Sandbeig Gail Sandeis Chailene Sanfillipo Denise Sarrazln Scott Savinsky Steve Schickling Greg Schlarbaum Sandy Sclafani Carrie Shaw Tammy Shea Maici Shelton Karen Sherer Virginia Shrewsbury Jack Silvey Bob Simons Gladys Simpson Donna Skelton Suzi Slate Gloria Slater Karen Sllvkoff Mike Slominski Carla Smith Carol Smith Paul Smith Rick Smith Rod Smith Sophomores 1 35 Kiik Snyder James Soranno Laurie Sorensen Greg Southern Robin Sparks Eugene Spauldiiig Roger Speakman Janet Spellman Shelly Sprague Linda Squires Chet Staley Jennie Stein Cheryl Stephens Eleanor Stephenson Gary Sumey Brent Sun Gary Swinney Laurie Tagg John Taylor Julie Taylor Roberta Telesio Rod Teny Debbie Thompson Carlyn Thorsell Al Torres Lisa Treganowan Dan Tripler Ron Truelove Carol Turley Susan Turner Robert Tyler Tom Ulrich Rochelle Uribe Sam Van Hoin Dorothy Varela Andy Vasquez 1 36 Sophomores Scou Bebeau John Bruinsma Joseph Coella Kaihy Davis Dennis Hemphill Crysial Heyser David Kelly Not Pictured Sophomores Jeanneue Loneless Laurie Mack Miichell Misuiel Rudy Parra Ray Prieio Rebecka Robinson Rick Shelion Gina Veazey Andrea Vermillion Dave Vetsch Raul Villasenor Donna Vinceni Bob Vincent Elaine Wagle Jim Wagner Terese V agner Sieve Walker Jeff Wamock Warren Warerworth Corey West Tracie Westgard Young Whang Bill Wiemer Becky White Dave Wildey Mark Wilhelm Brad Wilier Gordon Williams Gregg Williams Larry Williams Michelle Woodie Janene Woodward Tracy Woodward Mary Worcester Jeff Wren Richard Wright Ron Wright Eva Ybarra Linda Yniguez Jan Yost Jeff Young Susan Young John Zimmerman -:: :k .K Sophomores 1 37 Freshmen With Mrs. Painter advising the Freshman Class, they couldn ' t have done a better job. All year they were kept busy selling banners, book cov- ers, stuffed animals and sponsoring two dances. We ' ve never had a more enthusiastic Freshman Class. They ' ve been very successful throughout the year. Good Luck class of ' 79. 1. Vice President Carrie Hensley. 2. Treasurer Deb- bie Hancock. 3. President Diane Thorpe. 4. Secre- tary Mary Spect. 5. Social Chairman Jamie Dick- sen. 6. Steering Committee Members: Kirt Sibley, Kelly Hull, Shelly Stephens, Melissa Vigil, and Linda Coie. 1 38 Freshmen Yasmine Al-Hissin Xavier Alderette Sylvia Alvarado Carlos Alvarez Kim Ambrose Dave Antisdel Christi Avery Warren Babbiti Chris Baca John Ball Jim Basset! Cindi Baxter Kathiey Beal Terri Beattie Dick Bebeau Jim Bernard Eric Bingham Janie Bispo Vicky Blankenship Randy Blanton Don Bowker Jim Boyei Vickie Brewer Stacie Brooks Scoit Brunei Glen Buhl James Burbeck James Burgess Opal Burns Anna Busios Joseph Castro Joanne Cahill Marty Camp Gregg Campbell John Carey Lauri Carpenter Renee Carroll Tom Carson Dave Cane 2 Kelly Caner Aaron Casey Pete Cavin " Mike Chancellor Joey Chancey - ■. " " N. Dave Chavez Brad Child Ivan Cisneios Barbara Claude Frefhmen i 39 Chris Clements Mike Coelho Virginia Cohen Linda Coie Maria Cole Larry Combs Genevieve Cordova Carol Cowan David Cox Kelley Cox George Croce Katherine Cruz Ralph Curatola Chris Curry Cheri DaUon Cathie Davis Bob Davis Rod Davis Stephanie Davis Beatriz Dimarmo Jamie Dickson Missy Doriity Brenda Dowd Linda Dowd Teresa Draper Duane Dudley Ron Duncan Kirt Dunn Patty Dunn Ronnie Duquette Jim Earl Jacki Eastburn Keith Ellsworth Roxanne Epan 140 FreshrTien 1 rM Owen Eschardies Robert Eschardies Cindy Ferguson Donald Ferguson Eric Ferguson Dan Fielden Richard Figueroa Jim Fitzpatrick Maria Flores Ron Flores Bob Follis Carla Forbes Mark Fowler Terri Francis Terry Frear Perry Fujiia Howard Gasser Craig Gauihier Leonard George Chris Gochnour Doug C-oettsch Debbie Gonzales Bob Good Pam Green Darla Griffin Cindy Groff Connie Groff Diane Gurley 1. Early in the school year several freshmen could be seen " Brown Baggin It " around the rally platform. 2. Kelly Hull and Debbie Rader seem to find some- thing very amusing about their jeilo. 3. Mr. Carlson teaches the imponant steps involved in Algebra I. Freshmen 141 Chiis Gutierrez Luke Gutierrez Tracy Gyngard Kaien Haase John Haddad Donald Haines Debi Hancock Chiis Hams Joan Hanis Kathy Hasert Jim Haskell Eugene Hattorff Ted Haupen Matt Hayles Carol Heese Diane Heirsion Mike Helm Shawn Helms Carie Hensley Eric Herman Traci Herman Tod Heywood Jim Hoagland Terri Holcomb Sherrie Holt Kenny Howard Judy Hrapchak John Huerta Kelley Hull Cam Hum Bob Inge Terri Inness Frieda Iseli Steve Jacobson Phillip James Chris Jessing Cathy Jones Chris Jones 142 Freihmen »NSi« s - s A 1. The freshman boys always lake over their table at break and lunch. 2. Some freshman stu- dents try to do a great job as an upperclassman observes. 3. Mr. Gomez enjoys teaching his 3rd period Spanish class . Lisa Jones Barbara Junge Michelle Kalte David Kanahele Colleen Keegan Susie Kellison Pam Kelly Kathy Kennedy Liz Keul Donald Kincade Michael Kluck Rhonda Knen Michelle Kozak Randy Kruse Gregory Kunkel Melanie Kuran Scott Lake Tom Larsen Marl Larson Don Layton Bruce Leonard Tina Lindsey Harold Light Kay Litwin Ron Lucker John Lueker Gabriela Luque Duane Luzzo Glenn MacDonald Nancy MacDonald Jim Machin Alan Mader Laura Maffei Mike Marshall Billy Marlines Dale Mason Freshmen 143 1. The class of " 79 " compete to win class competi- tion at one of the football rallies. 2. Kathy Davis and Barbara Claude can ' t seem to understand the football techniques Larry Combs uses. 3. Connie Groff, Elaine Montgomery and Judy Sun are seen together at snack every day . Cindy McAdam Mike McDonnell Claudia McDowell Patrick McFarland Lisa Mcintosh Ron McLaughlin Mary Mcintosh David Meadors Mike Medrzycki Ed Merati Kim Merrill Russell Merryman Alejandro Mesko Shelly Mihalovic Kevin Miller Andrea Mills Anthony Molina Elaine Montgomery Charlene Moore Barbara Morrill Mary Moskun Steve Mullinax Dennis Murphy Bill Myers Wayne Naihanson Byron Nelson Jeff Nelson Jamie Nestor Missy Newgent Debbie Newton Jerry Nielson Patty Ohap Richard Onega Martha Ortiz Matt Orwoll Danny Osterman I ' M Froshmen Kevin Osiler Lisa Padilla Lauia Palmei Vicki Peddicoid Mike PeUke Brian Pepper Debbie Rader Sharon Ramos Cindy Reed Janine Reese Devin Register Lynda Reissig Vicki Renaud David Rhodes Linda Roberson Debbie Roberts Craig Robinson Patrick Robson Richie Roeder Kenneth Rohiig Dave Rush Lisa Ruth Charles Salazai Ron Salazai reshcT en ] 45 Mark Sanchez James Sass David Schonder Marty Scott Kim Seager Donald Seatls yi tK-- ' «f-a-: Richard Slate Matt Smith Terry Snavely Mary Specht George Spencer Richard Sprague Daren Stacy Shelley Stephen Neil Stevens Dennis Stout Steve Stricklin La Wanda Summers Judy Sun Itv Christine Talavera Melinda Taylor Crescent Terry Robin Terry Madeline Thomas 146 rresbme Karen Thompson Diane Thorpe Lisa Tones Ron Tones Tim Tovey Kevin IJfhcltz Edward Valverde Rachel Van Cleave Marie Vamer Jamie Vastbindei Melissa Vigil Friiz Vise Ken Wagle George Walls Canie Washowich Sherry Wayne Terry Wayne Karyn Weinsiein Nanci Whitcher Bambi Widener Diana Williams Renee Williams Gregg Williamson Mike Wilson Mike Woodall Ken Woodbum Leann Woods Tricia Woodward Roben Wooldridge Jeff Wredel Gabriel Wuizler Roben Yamashiio Bruce Yoder Elaine Young Tim Young Steve Zapka Not Pictured Freshmen Judy Abel Kelly Adams Lori Armstrong Jessie Atchison Mark Bales Jeff Banas Marilyn Barnett Cynthia Bamhan Richard Banera Mike Beck Arlene Benvenvisie Denise Bernier Darold Blosser Susan Boudnik Russell Brooks Micheal Bruch Phillip Bruch Brian Brun Thomas Cairo Danold Canfield Ivy Chloros Rocco Costello Maci Cottrell Bobby Cox James Cox Joel Crawford Teresa Crease Dino DeMarco Richard Delgado Lynette Devillier Lorri Diaz Mitchell Dinsmoor Pauick Dopudja Ronald Duster Ronald Dwyer Chronda Feltner Jeanie Fenara John Flanagan David Pontes Dean Fukawa Cheryl Gibbons Joseph Gibbons Jacqueline Godfrey Angle Goodin Sheila Gorman Allison Gregorek Veronica Greinke Herlinda Guzman Diana Hemphill Jo Jan Hieda Leonard Higgins Lisa HutcMns Mark Jaycox WilUam Jenkins Carol John Joyce Johnson Teresa Johnson Jeffrey Jones Brenda Kelly Michelle Krotinger Daniel Kum Connie Larson Donald Larson Julie Leffingwell Stephen Leslie Maria Levario Micheal Maloney Gerald Marschke Susan Marschke James Masters Micheal McMuilin Ronald Medlin Secundino Mejia Ferdinand Mendez Diane Miller Robin Mitchell Steve Morales Scott Motley Eric Olson Su an Payne Michael Pease Tammy Pickett Timothy Ploeg Lauia Proctor Laura Ponas Jennifer Reyes Lynis Reyes William Russell Adam Sanders Erilt Schultz Ronald Scott William Scruggs Rochelle Seidl Gleima Shaver John Slater Theodore Slowiaczek Randal Snider Sharon Spoulding Kristy Storlie Kerry Strauss Irene Torres Christina Uribe Steve Vaudeiford Julie Wakefield Deaniia Waterworth Donald Weafa Kim Tiedou Roger Widing Michael Williams Mark Wright Harold Young Freshai n 147 iiill! %-i «,w . i %m iiii ' ' ' iii ft ' if If s A mat; a track; f " ■vAllSeparate :■■ ' , - v- " ; ;j ' ,B ttiefii[ds: ' ;w ' ;: :; Varsity Football The Neff Trojans began the year in much the same as the ' 74 season. Opening their schedule with cross- town rivals La Mirada, Neff started their season on the wrong foot by losing a closely-fought battle by a single point. This proved to be only the third loss in eight years of football against " Big Brother. " The following week provided an equally exciting contest where Neff came up against the powerful Fighting Irish of Kennedy. This doubleheader game was played at Angel Stadium where the Trojans made a near-comeback by scoring three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. One of these touchdowns included a ninety-two yard scoring pass to Richard Van Dyken. Nevertheless, Neff CHITIC Up losing 28 to 35. Bill Silvey had a great game hitting sixteen out of twenty-two pass attempts and getting 328 yards aerially. The next game pitted the Trojans against a top- notched Pacifica team . Neff gave the appearance of not quite being mentally ready, which reflected the score, somewhat. Although the Mariners fumbled three times, we failed to capitalize and went down in defeat by a single touchdown. Against Sonora Neff showed some signs of coming out of their slump during points in the game .. But the loss of three fumbles caused " Big Black " to go down in defeat for the fourth straight week. j:150 Football ■ ;i : ;■■■•■■■ firi - HV ' . N. 1 ::•;:::. ' ■■ ' :|Km • ■ ■■ ' : ' - ' :iii P f •■ l i Perhaps it was because we were beginning league play that brought a turnaround in the struggling Tro- jans ' play. This turnaround proved to be very timely. Knocking off arch-rival Gahr, who was ranked number nine in C . I . F . at the time , restored much of the team ' s Ul li iU-OIlCC . Because of a six yard average on the ground Neff was forced to throw only seven times. A tough defense and a strong ground game was enough to take the Gladiators by surprise. ' Ms msfi 1. Row 1: S. chambers, J. Jaramillo, A. Beck, M. Rickerts, D. Duiivage , M. Sauter. Row 2: J. Figueroa, R. Van Dyken, S. Thorpe, I. Lipp, B. SUvey. M. Wagen, D. Santana, A. Conez, ]. Novak. 2. Mike Wagen heads around right end for a big gain. 3. Neff s defense tightens up as Joe Lipp blocks Gahi ' s exua point attempt. 4. Row 1: D. Edquist, R. Boardman, C. Fonest, T. Hen- derson. T. Baker, R. Truelove. Row 2: T. Beckman, M. Swinney, E. Aranda, C. Kulonis, 3. Novak. A. Beck, B. Wood. 5. Defense gets a short breather against Kennedy . Football 151 1 52 Footboll Football !53 Varsity Football Although the Gahr victory was a very valuable one, the Trojans may have been riding a little high going into the Mayfair game. Losing the contest in front of a packed Bellflower Stadium crowd the Neff gridders dis- covered that league play would not be easy-going. That, compounded with the loss of starting halfback Mike Wagen, brought us another close loss and an over- all record of one win and five losses. Neff ' s second league victim was a much-improved Glenn team. Defense was the name of this game. As Glenn was held to two yards per carry on the ground and only one pass completion for the night. Lance Acker- son , a sophomore , had a good game averaging ten yards a carry on the ground and a nineteen yard pass reception average, along with two touchdowns. Our fourth league game was against Excelsior, a newcomer to the Suburban League. They attempted to put the Trojans out of the running , but our gridders were too inULCn. Neff again relied on a strong running game , spearheaded by Mike Wagen who gained 157 yards on only nineteen carries. A lot of credit is due to the offensive line where 314 total yards were gained on the ground. Defense again shined through registering their first shutout of the year. ' « 154 Football The last league game was the most crucial for the Trojans, who were in a three-way tie for first place along with Gahi and Artesia. Against this strong Artesia team Neff exploded for five touchdowns. For the third straight week the defense of Neff was cXC6pLlOil3.i holding Artesia to a mere three yards rushing. They also came up with three interceptions and two touchdowns. Leading the defense to their great performance was junior linebacker Joe Lipp, who scored fony-two defensive points and earned him the defensive " Trojan of the Week. " 1 . Defensive backfield coach John Mele , defensive line coach Hank Frese , offensive line coach Mike Knapp. head coach Stan Thomas. 2. Bill Silvey out- runs a Kennedy defender. 3. Coach Knapp irons out some offensive difficulties. 4. Mr. Frese shows his concern for one of his only " both-way " players, Joe Novak. 5. Steve Chambers catches one over the middle for a big gain. 6. Coach Thomas talks with play-carrier Scott Thorpe. 7. Craig Kulonis and Rob Truelove halt an Artesia ballcarrier at the line of scrimmage. 8. Jim Jaramillo is ready for the hit against cross-town rival La Mirada. Football 1 55 Varsity Football Neff Opponent Score ,13 La Mirada 14 28 Kennedy 35 7 ' ■ Pacifica 13 14 Sonora 25 17 Gahi 6 7 Mayfair ; 14 21 Glenn 7 14 Excelsior 32 Anesia C.I.F. Playoffs 1,0 42 Lennox 21 Azusa 29 The defending C.I.F. champs appeared to look a little weak as the season opened but by the time league rolled around Neff managed to receive a share in the league co-championship with Gahr. Going into the first round of C.I.F. the Trojans drew a first place team in Lennox, which they handled readil y. Qualifying for the second game, we drew the tough 4 rated Azusa Aztecs. Although Neff played a very solid game , a few key turnovers resulted in the loss that eliminated them from the playoffs. 1 . Behind the blocking of Gary Forrest , Joe Lipp returns an inter- cepted pass. 2. Mike Wagen rans off tackle for yardage against the Azusa Aztecs. 3. Craig Kulonis and Rich Boardman await the snap from the opposing center. ) 36 Football JV Football Led by a suong defense, this year ' s J.V. ' s finished the year with an over- all record of eight wins and only one loss. Neff also had an offense which featured a Si liiJ- ground game I and a good passing attack. Leading this offense was junior quarterback Mike Sumner. eff Opponent Sc ore 6 La Mirada 13 Kennedy 6 12 Pacifica 14 ■- Sonoia 7 Gahi 2 Mayfalr 32 Glenn 21 Excelsior 2 Anesia 1. Ray Robinson holds for our excellent place- kicker Jim Figueroa. 2. Mike Real breaks through the middle behind the blocking of a tough line. 3. Ray Robinson fires upfield for a Neff receiver. Fcotbal! 1 57 Sophomore Football Neff s Sophomore football squad , under coaches Goodman and Crippen, compiled a 6-3 record for the year. A SLllTlS ' y defense and a steady offense greatly contributed to the success of this team. After three straight victories to open the year, they dropped two in a row to the tough Sonora and Gahr teams. Undaunted , they came back to win three straight but then lost a crucial game to Artesia, 13 to 6, to close the season. Neff 34 Opponent La Mirada 14 18 Kennedy Pacifica 8 Sonora 6 Gahr 42 24 Mayfair Glenn 24 Excelsior 6 Artesia Score 16 8 3 13 1. Lance Ackerson finds an open receiver for a Trojan first down. 2. Row 1: J. Rader. R. Villasenor, D. Barstow, J. Silvey, L. Ackerson, A. Torres, S. Mondeiine, K. McClain. Row 2: K. Seymour, E. Ely, G. Sumey, D. Buck- rucker, T. North, M. Doritty, D. Durivage, T. Layton, R. Truelove. Row 3: J. Soranno, D. Jones, G. Pritchard, K. Currie, B. Burns, R. McKinley, D. Lan- don, J. Roih. Row 4: A. Ivan, D. Fisher, S. Schickling, B. Wilier, M. Slomin- ski. M. Burgner, D. Lee, J. Humang. Row 5: ]. Oliver, C. Staley, M. Caval- laro, R. Cano, S. Laskin, S. Secrets, F. Rodriguez, S. Campbell. Coaches Crippen, Torres and Goodman. ; fc m . ' Uk t : T l-L W Jhi 1.; .. t i ' LMk.T;.. H . ■i V=-.« ,»• ! 58 Football Freshman Football Under coaches Lonnie McConnel and Carl Wade, the Freshman football squad took the Suburban League title with an impressive 5-0 record. Neff ' s strong point was their 3. vV GSOlXTC defense which allowed only 9 points in league play, while the powerful Trojan offense stacked up 62 points . This offense featured a powerful running game which left opposing defenses stunned , sff Opponent Score 6 La Mlrada 21 Kennedy 13 Pacifica 9 Sonora 12 7 Gahi 13 Mayfair 14 Glenn 14 Excelsior 14 Anesia 9 1. Row 1: M. Majeski, K. Ostler, F. Mendez, K. Woodbum, C. Gauthier, T. Sherwin, R. Cosiello, R. Ortega, R. Torres, D. Pontes. D. Bowker. Row 2: M. Marshall, E. Herman, C. Gulterrez, D. Rush, M. Ccelho, C. Baca, R. Whiting, M. Cha.ncelor, B. Yoder, J. Shepard. Row 3: R. Mitchell, B. Brooks, R. Plank, M. Smith, R. Scott, M. Jaycox, E. Valverde. C. Salazar, T. Frear. Row 4: D. Canfield, D. Weeks, M. McMuUen, D. Antisdel, S. Helms, T. Molina, J. Crawford, E. Bingham. Row 5: M. Phelke, M. San- chez, S. Leslie, G. Buhr, L. Combs, M. Scott, S. Mullinax, P. McFarland, R. Lucker. Row 6: R. Roeder, S. Zapka, Coaches Carl Vv ' ade, Lonnie McConnel, and Rick Harmon. 2. Craig Gauthier shakes tackiers loose for a long gain. 3. Kevin Ostler heads for daylight and another Neff first down. roofball 159 160 Crois-Countrv m f an f i i ' Varsity Cross-Country The Varsity team gave a fine perform- ance this year. Although they were a young team, they 1X13.113.26(1 to place third in league . Steve Rodriguez became as good a cross-country runner as Neff has ever had. Steve took second in league for the sec- ond year in a row. He also received fifth place in C.l.F. finals. Keeping pace with Steve this year were Ken Carpenter and Marvin Sauer. These runners helped carry the team through their season. 1. Alan Takemoto is shown fighting for position in an invitational nneet. 2. Steve Rodriguez moves on to C.l.F. finals. 3. Ken Carpenter strides out the final stretch of the race. 4. Row 1: S. Rodriguez, K. Carpenter. L. Cairo. M. Sauer. Row 2: S. Allen, ]. Stein, R. Smith, R. Williams, A. Takemoto. 5. Coach McGuire talks over a bit of strategy before the races begin. Cross-Country 161 V V N X ■ V X X ' ■ • :r:-% JV Cross Country Neff Opponent Score 34 Pacifica 25 60 University 15 26 Gahi 31 32 Mayfair 27 19 Glenn 36 24 Excelsior 31 50 Artesia 15 1. Alain. Meyer is shown here running a long dusty race. 2. Coach Bob McGuire makes announcements of upcoming races. 3. Front: A Meyer. Back: N. Pai, J. Jones. 62 Cross Country Frosh-Soph Cross Country Score 22 42 22 19 15 1. Row 1: T. Cairo, B. Good. Row 2: R. Curatola, R. McGlauflln, D. Dudley. 2. Ralph Curatola relaxes coming imo the final few yards. 3. Bob Good shows the smooth style in running needed to win races. Neff Opponent 33 Pacifica 18 University 1 Gahi 1 Mayfair 35 Glenn 36 Excelsior 50 Artesia Cross-Country 163 Giris ' Tennis This was the first year of compe- tition for the girl ' s tennis team at Neff. Being a young team they appear to have a L i Isillt future. Leading Coach Embry ' s team were Tammy Brown and Cindi Johnson in singles play. Kelly Beach and Elaine Moncino teamed up to make the number one doubles team in the Suburban League . Neff 6 Opponent Anesia Score 12 11 Excelsior 7 18 Glenn ' ' 18 Compton Gahr 16 .m 4 4 Mayfair Anesia 14 14 la Excelsior 6 16 6 6 Compton Mayfair Gahr o 18 12 1. Row 1: E. Moncino. T. Francis, C. EUswonh, T. Mosely, B. Beltran, C. Curry. Row 2: Coach Embry, F. Denton, T. Piper, T. Brown, T. Rosen, K. Beach, C. Johnson, C. Fadilla. 2. B. Beltran moves in for the volley. 3. From the back line, Kelly Beach makes good contact with the ball . ■■??!3; SSSSSI- ■«Wp51 1 64 GIA Tennis Girl ' s Volleyball Neff Opponent Scores Round 1: Varsity Lost Anesia 15-10, 6-15, 15-6 Lost Excelsior 12-15, 15-10, 7-15 Won Glenn 15-11, 16-14 Won Compton 15-8, 18-16 Won Gahr 15-6, 14-16, 15-3 Lost Mayfair 10-15, 9-15 Round 2: Won Artesia 15-10, 15-8 Won Excelsior 1-15. 7-15 Lost Glenn 15-7, 15-5 Won Compton 8-15, 15-13, 6-15 Won Gahr 2-15, 15-7, 15-17 Won Mayfair 5-15, 15-6, 9-15 well. Considering t hey had only three returning varsity players, this year ' s G . I . A . volleyball team did remarkably They finished in a 3 way tie for sec- ond place in the Suburban League with Glenn and Artesia. Selected for All League were Robin Swickard and Becky White. Angela Greinke received Honorable Mention. Coach Sue Tisdall named Robin Swickard as the team ' s Most Valua- ble Player and Katie Shively was named Most Improved. The J.V.s, coached by Janice Cozens, fought for a tie for first in the league standings. They were led by Cherie Odell, named the team ' s Most Valuable Player, and Pam Dolan. 1. VARSITY; Row 1: C. Shively. Row 2: J. Marschke, K. Lundquist, K. Shively, M. Taylor. Row 3: B. White, K. Ford, A. Greinke, R. Swickard. 2. J.V.; Row 1: J. Eastbum, G. Cohen, M. Kalte. Row 2: D. Dopudja, J. Cohen, C. Odell, S. Kellison, M. Toyota. Row 3: P. Dolan, L. Yniquez, M. Ortiz, J. Rapp, M. Newgent, T. Draper. 3. Row 1; 1. Tones, D. Griffin, T. Brandt. Row 2: T. Tuggy, R. VanCleave, C. Cowan, D. Reisinger, J. Hamilton. Row 3: Y. Del- muro, J. Reese, J. Dickson, P. Doughty, C. Ulibarri, P. Draper. Neff Opponent Scores Round 1: J. v. Won Artesia 10-15. 8-15 Won Excelsior 15-6, 15-12 Won Glenn 15-12, 15-7 Won Compton 15-3, 15-12 Lost Gahr 8-15, 7-15 Lost Mayfair 9-15, 13-15 Round 2: Won Anesia 15-11, 15-3 Won Excelsior 14-16, 7-15 Won Glenn 4-15, 6-15 Lost Compton 15-13, 15-3 Won Gahr 6-15, 13-15 Won Mayfair 6-15, 10-15 GIA Volleyball 165 Varsity Basketball Although a team always wants to win their first game , Neff was unable to do so against a powerful La Mirada team. The Trojans came into the game much too nervous to play a controlled game. Inside a crowded Biola College gym the Matadores defeated us in a game that was full of mistakes. Our cagers bounced right back in opening the Nor- walk Tournament with a win over Nor- walk High. The next night Neff was again victorious. However when the Trojans faced the Pacifica Mariners in the finals of that tournament they fell short and had to settle for a second place in the eight-team tourney. Next came the Edge wood Tournament, in West Covina, which the team rolled through defeating Bonita, Edgewood, and West Covina. Following Christmas Neff opened against a tough Sierra team, where we squeaked by with a 73-70 win. The strong 4- A Alhambra Moors were next and were too much for our Trojans. Playing for third place in this Pioneer Tournament, Neff defeated El Rancho handily. We then got our sec- ond chance at Pacifica and played in our gym . by The dismayed Mariners were blown out by twenty points. Neff dropped the next two before entering league against the heavily-favored Gahr Gladiators. Our team couldn ' t seem to quite get-it-together and lost. Next came Artesia, where the Trojans shot a very poor field-goal percentage and lost a close one in overtime. Following their four consecutive losses, Neff awoke by defeating their next three opponents. The second round of league was more productive for our team. Meeting Gahr at home we lost a heartbreaker to the Gladiators , despite excellent crowd support, in overtime. 166 Basketball At Artesia we evened up our record with them after defeat- ing them by twenty points. Again we won our next three games after beating Artesia. The teams, Glenn, Excelsior, and Mayfair, fell rather easily. This league record of 7-3 enabled us to tie for second place with Artesia. Coach Rous- sel ' s team attained the best record ever for a Neff Varsity Basketball Team. 1. Row 1: B. Bands, R. Johnson, J. Estiella, C. Kulonis, J. Dresser. Row 2: T. McKay, ]. Novak, S. Thorpe, C. Kuran, S. Chambers, ]. Jaramillo, J. Spinosa, S. McCarthy, M. Greene, Coach Joe RousseJ. 2. Jamie Esnella pas- ses off during a fasi-break againsi Mt. View. 3. People on the bench watch as Jim Diesser puts one up in the Norwalk Touiney. 4. Noiwalk High defenders attempt to stop a penetrating Craig Kulonis. 5. Powering toward the basket, John Spinosa uies to get a thiee-point play. 6. Steve McCarthy outreaches the opponent for two points . Basketball 167 Basketball Goes to C.I.F. Although Neff succeeded in making the C.I.F. playoffs, they did not go a s far, perhaps as they would have liked to. This was only the second year a Neff basketball team has ever made the playoffs. This season, like last, we lost the open- ing game and were eliminated. Opening at Eldo- rado, in front of a very large crowd, Neff held their own most of the game. At half-time the score was tied with the help of I lO L " SllOOtinS Craig Kulonis and Scott Thorpe. But as the game wore on, Eldorado ' s fine shooting and lack of turnovers proved to be enough to win. Scoie 49 43 49 63 48 61 48 52 57 66 57 1. Russ Johnson tries lo bring Eldorado out of their zone defense. 2. Picking up an offensive rebound, Steve Chambers, attempts to get a well-earned two points. 3. Ted Snavely beats an Eldorado man around the corner going to the basket. Neff Opponent 38 Gahr 40 Atresia 63 Glenn 68 Excelsior 58 Mayfair m Gahr 61 Glenn 70 Atresia 74 Excelsior n Mayfair " C.I.F. 50 Eldorado 168 Basketball Junior Varsity Basketball The Junior - Varsity squad opened the year winning their first six games in a row. These games included an exciting win over La Mirada. Also among these victories came a f ilSt piaCC in the Edgewood Tournament and a second in the Lowell Tourney. Leading the team to their successful opening were Jeff Young, Robert Lizardi, and Ted Snavely. The next win did not come until four games later, though, with the league- opener at Gahr, where the J.V. ' ers won in overtime. Neff completed league play with three wins and seven losses. All in all this proved to be a great year for our junior - varsity team. Score 53 66 50 64 58 49 37 58 49 53 1. Row 1: M. Casso, S. Fierce, P. Adishian, K. Miller, R. Lizardi. Row 2: J. Senn, T. Wrede, C. Kuran, J. Young, K. Meyer, R. Robinson, M. McCarthy, Coach Embry. 2. Jeff Young banks one in over some Excelsior Pilots. 3. Scott Pierce takes an uncontested jump-shot. Neff Opponent 57 Gahr 52 Atresia 40 Glenn 48 Excelsior 42 Mayfair 43 Gahr 36 Glenn 35 Anesia 52 Excelsior 61 Mayfair Basketball 169 Sophomore Basketball The Sophomore Cagers battled hard this year, but faced defeat more often than they would have liked. There was a very balanced scoring attack led by Greg Williams. Not far behind, though, were Chris Chilcott, Roger Speakman, and Dobie Pini- era. Coach Williams felt that the team played up to their potential in many games, but due to the loss of two starters, who went up to the J.V. squad, the team xOUciri L I Ldl CI to come up with as many wins as they did. Neff 46 41 43 49 36 28 36 48 38 32 Opponent Gahr Artesia Glenn Excelsior Mayfair Gahi Glenn Artesia Excelsior Mayfair Score 67 59 49 42 37 41 40 44 41 48 1. Ed Elwell penetrates toward the basket beyond an Artesia defenseman. 2. Row 2: C. Rouly, R. Pana, V. Dixon, R. Duquette, E. Elwell. Row 2: Coach Wil- liams, C. Chilcott, R. Speakman, D. Piniera, D. Junge, G. Williams. 3. Roger Speakman moves to the basket in position to score . 1 70 Basketball Freshman Basketball This year ' s Freshman Team recorded one of the finest records in Neff ' s basketball history. With 18 wins opposed to only 4 losses, Coach Wright ' s team DdLLlGQ. for second place in league. The team was made up of an excellent starting five and fine sub- stitutes. This team depth, along with sound coaching, combined for a very successful season. Neff 63 54 59 61 73 52 62 36 49 76 Opponent Gahr Anesia Glenn Excelsior Mayfair Gahr Glenn Artesia Excelsior Mayfair Score 53 46 38 35 45 50 36 37 55 46 1. Ken Woodburn shoots for two points amidst a crowd of Artesia defenders. 2. Row 1: M. Guterrez, R. Piniera, T. Snavely. R. Duquette. Row 2: Coach Wright, M. Chancellor, S. Mullinax, T. Hoppert, K. Woodburn, R. Ortega. shows good form in raking a baseline jump-shot . 3. Steve Mullinax Bosketboll 171 Varsity Wrestling Wrestling this year depended heavily upon their returning letterman. Rich- ard VanDyken led the way with thirty points, earning him the " Most Valua- ble Wrestler " award. Another Senior, Tom Henderson, was close behind with twenty-seven points and WOIl six of his nine matches. Next year ' s (1976-1977) captain-elect. Nelson Pai, received the " Most Improved " award and attained the most points in one match with thirteen. 1. Row 1: T. Caino, R. Basset, L. Williams, N. Pai, D. Schickling, E. Ely. Row 2: Coach Maenz, T. Gomez, T. Henderson, R. Van- Dyken, L. Rottweiler, D. Meyer. 2. Tom Hen- derson gels two points for his takedown. 3. At Neff ' s own invitational , Nelson Pai reverses his opponent. 4. Richard VanDyken seconds before pinning his opponent. : ; .. 1 72 Wrestling Junior Varsity Wrestling Coach Mele ' s team was led by stiong wrestling by captains, Ron Torres and Jim Berklite. Together they compiled a 7-3 record. Pacing the team in points were S LaLllClO U iS Scott Dixon and Dave Fisher, each with thirty points. Varsity and J.V. Schedule Neff Invitational Glenn Gahi Mayfair Anesia Siena Excelsior Bosco 1. Row 1: A. Vasquez, ]. Berklite, D. Cooper, G. Schlarb- aum. Row 2: Coach Mele, R. Tones. C. Jessing, S. Dixon, D. Fisher. 2. Scott Dixon tries to wiggle out of a hold put on by a Bosco wrestler. 3. One of Neff ' s wrestlers is shown toying with the opponent. 4. Ron Tones is about to score a takedown at Bosco . Wrestling 1 73 Varsity Baseball At the outset of the season things looked bad for the Trojans. But after the basketball players who played baseball came out , things began looking up. After being trampled by Kennedy and Bellflower we began WOrK.in2 harder on our hitting. Being led by all-leaguer Craig Kulonis who went three-for- three at the plate and Mike Wagen who gathered two hits, Neff scored five runs against Cerritos, more than the previous two games combined, but still fought a losing battle. Against La Mirada the Trojans found themselves up one to nothing, going into the fifth inning but lost four to one in a rain-played game. With their tough pre-season schedule Neff ended up with a pre- season record of 0-5. 1 7 A Sasebail Opponent Mayfaii Excelsior Glenn Gahi Anesia Mayfair Mayfair Excelsior Excelsior Glenn Glenn Gahi Gahi Artesia Anesia Score 1 4 5 10 2 10 6 5 3 4 5 1. Row 1: K. Gauihier, S. Cooney Slominski, D. Saniana. Row 2: McClain, N. Sherwin, S, E. Aranda, Coach Frese. J. Hacney, M. Wagen, C. Dunn, M. Coach Conenie. D. Cummings, K. Chambers, C. Kulonis, P. Stevens, R. Martin, Nick Sherwin takes a lead against Kennedy . 3. Mike V ' agen cranks a base hit against Cerritos. 4. After a Bellf lower batter wiffs Craig Dunn throws the ball around the infield. 5. The oppos- ing first base coach looks on while Dave Santana winds up. 6. Kevin Gau- thier attempts to pick off a Kennedy runner. 7. John Hackey fouls off a pitch. 8. Craig Kulonis looks on while awaiting his turn at bat. Baseball 175 Under Coach Wade many J.V. players showed great potential and displayed many qualities of a winning team. Strong hitting and Z? LvfdCl y pitching are the main reasons this years team enjoyed so much success. Neff s 10 3 2 6 5 2 4 7 2 1. Row 1; H. Edward, J. Rader, T. Seymour, R. Cano, P. Adishian, L 2: B. Brenneman, T. Layion, M. day, D. Baisiow, K. Edquist, R. gle. 3. Rader strikes out an oppos pletes an attempted pick-off play. Opponent Score Mayfair 1 Excelsior 3 Glenn 5 Gahi 4 Artesia 3 Mayfair 5 Mayfair 2 Excelsior 4 Excelsior 5 Glenn 5 Glenn 4 Gahi 3 Gahi Anesia Anesia Godfrey, L. He A. Payne L. Roede r, K. . Ackerson, D. ]. Porras, M. Casso Row Milliard, S. Sc , S. Monderine, D Fri- niz, M. Marani ve Monderine lines a sin- ing batter. 4. F ;man Kerry Edquist com- n 76 Baseball K ' , x Freshman Baseball Coach Knapp has had good baseball teams in the past and this year was no exception. Good pitching by Tony Sheiwin and Mike Coehlo backed up by bU.p ' t.lllJl fielding prevented the opponent from scoring many runs. Sharing the hot bat this season were Steve MuUinax, Craig Gauthier, Tony Sherwin and Jerry Nielson. 1. Pitcher Tony Sherwin is just releasing one of his fast balls. 2. Mike Coehle swings at what looked like a good pitch. 3. Rocky Cos- tello reaches to hit an outside ball. 4. Row 1: R. Piniera, D. Weeks, R. Torres. K. Ufholtz, R. Costello. C. Gauthier, R. Duquette, B. Yoder, M. Coehlo. Row 2: J. Nielson, T. Sherwin, T. Hoppert, D. Rush, S. MuUinax, E. Herman, D. Register, M. Chancellor. Baseball 1 77 1. Row 1: A. Takemoio. D. Young, L. Cairo, S. Rodriguez, M. Sauer, R. Smiih, J. Gonzales, D. Schickling, K. Carpenter, S. Allen, R. VanDyken. Row 2: J. Lipp, B. Wood, B. Silvey, A. Cortez, T. McKay, R. Truelove, D. Durivage, D. Weaver, S. McCarthy, R. Williams, J. Allesandro, S. Hammer. 2. Bill DiGirolomo hands off to Byion Wood going into the second leg of the 440 relay. 4. Rich Van- Dyken shows excellent form in the 330 low-hurdles. 5. Don Weaver aims high after planting his pole. 6. Keeping a sizeable lead Ken Carpenter holds off his opponent. 7. Dave Wonham drives forward to win the mile relay against Villa Park. lM«|£2i Miiu i 1 78 Track n- ' -jr " " Varsity Track and Field Coached this year by Bob McGuire and Al Carlson, the Trojans continued to have a successful Track and Field team. For the third year in a row Gahr proved to be the class of the league . Neff did hold the winning edge against the other league opponents and fought to the finish with Gahr. Our strong areas were Sp)G3.rilC3-ClGCl by Dave Wortham in the sprints; the distances with Steve Rodriguez, Ken Carpen- ter, and Tim McKay; the weights with Joe Lipp and Rob Truelove; Steve McCarthy in the triple-jump; Rich Van- Dyken in the high-hurdles; pole-vaulting was handled by Don Weaver; and Bob Orwall and Anthony Cortez handled the long- jump e cnt. Track 1 79 ' » i? f?!! 1. Row 1: C. Hensley, V. Dixon, E. Metre, J. Basseu, A. Meyer, T. Cairo, R. Vice, M. Kluck. B. Morrison, B. Good, C. Salazar, S. Zapka, S. Ramos. Row 2: C. Forbes, M. Sanchez, P. McFarland, G. Campbell, E. Valverde, M. Fowlei, K. Ostler, M. Marshall, R. Curatola, R. Mitchell, C. Kelly, M. Vigil. Row 3: J. Lee, K. Dwyer, G. Buhr, F. Rodriguez, S. Campbell, M. McMullen, T. Lawler, R. Brooks, J. Boyer, T. Ferdnand, D. Fischer, D. Durivage, D. Byers, E. Ely, J. Seranno, F. Mendez. 2. Bill Morrison clears the bar with room to spare. 3. Jim Soranno follows through for a fine toss. 4. Glen Buhr puts his all into the long-jump. 5. Mike McMullen attempts to overtake a Villa Park hurdler. 6. Alan Meyer breaks for the pole position. 7. Fresh - Soph shot-putter David Fischer heaves the shot for a good mark. 1 80 Track Frosh - Soph and },V. Track This year was a very exciting one . We encoun- tered one of the largest Freshman - Sophomore groups, as well as one of the smallest J.V. teams in a long time. The powerful Frosh - Soph team was comprised of freshman standout Glen Buhr, who did most of the field events along with a few assorted running events; Matt Norred, a top Sub- urban League high-jumper, Tim Lawlor, who has breakinj a good chance at L l CClXS-ll lii a six year old school record; Kevin Ostler leading the sprints; Dave Fischer chipped in with the shot and discus. Holding the freshman record and compet- ing this year as a Sophomore on the J.V. team is Jim Soranno who specializes in the shot-put. yficffSL Track 181 Tennis Under Coach Gomez, Varsity Tennis was paced by Kevin Moran and Carl Pino in singles, and in doubles by the team of Linda Yniguez and George Medica. This was a team of great dcpLll which proved to be a deciding factor in many matches. Mr. Crippen ' s J.V. corps was led by Chris Davis in the singles division and by Blake Miller and John Kuel in doubles. 1. Row 1: S. Moses, G. Ban, J. Jones, K. Moran, L. Yniguez, C. Pino, G. Medica, Coach Gomez. Row 2: M. Camp, K. Atchison, M. Cox, J. Stein. 2. Row 1: J. Haskell, B. Miller, M. Camp. Row 2: Coach Crippen, Y. Whang, E. Ferguson, I. Keul, G. Lezin, L. Kane, B. Wiemer, C. Davis, S. Moses. 3. Marc Camp prepares to ace his opponent. 4. Carl Pino hits another forehand winner. ■ . ■ " IBh m ' Ik £_.. : W WI " K ur . 1 82 Tennis Golf league cham- Leading this year ' s varsity squad through their successful season were Jim Dresser, Ken LaRoche, and Bob Tait. Their consistent play enabled the team to beat four out of five of their league oppo- nents easily. The only team that pre- sented any problem to Caoch McConnell ' s squad was Mayfair. Beating them would preserve Neff ' s traditional pionship which our varsity golfers have won the last nine years in a row. Bob Simons and Brad Williard kept the J.V. ' s in the picture . The J.V. ' s also had some - thing to fight for, after winning league seven out of the last nine years. These two great teams continue to prove Neff ' s dominance in golf within the league. 1. R. Broughton. K. LaRoche, ]. Diesser, D. Edquist, M. Greene, K. Edquist, B. Tait, Coach McCormell. 2. Randy Bioughton is aiiempiing lo show the proper form when pitching . 3 . While on his backstroke , Darrell Edquist concentrates on hitting the ball properly. 4. L. Williams, G. Schlanbaum, R. McKinley, A. Saunders, G. Brannon, B. Wilier, R. Hill, B. Simons, Coach McConnell. 5. Jim Dres- ser sizes up his shot before putting . te: Golf 183 Girl ' s Softball This year ' s GIA Softball team appeared to be one of the best by far. With most of the players returning from last year ' s team t.-A.[JcIltrllC_t- showed through in various areas of the game, such as fielding, hitting, pitching and base -running. Miss Tisdall says " All of the opponents will be tough competitors giving the team a very challenging 1976 season. We do have a good chance of taking the title but that comes after many hours of hard workouts and would be the result of fine teamwork . ' ' »■■■ is y " 4 1. As Paula Draper shows her skill at the plate, Kelly Beach acts as the catcher and yells ■■STRIKE ONE. " 2. Cindy Fanning throws the ball from center field to get the runner crossing home plate. 3. Kathy Ford scoops up the ground ball that ' s been hit to the infield. 4. Barbara Beltran runs hard to catch the high fly ball hit to the outfield. 5. Row 1: K. Beach, K. Ford, C. Fanning, M. Taylor. Row 2: J. Marschke, P. Dolan, V. Dack, R. Swickard. Not Pictured: T. Brown. T. Alexander, E. Moncino, B. Beltran. 184 GIA Softball Girl ' s Basketball The girl ' s varsity team, although a young team, had many excellent individual performers. The team was led by sharp-shooters Joan Marschke and Cheri Odell, each of whom averaged about eight points a game. Another tough competitor was Pam Dolah, who is probably one of the best around players in the league. And who could forget the " little hustler, " better known as Elaine Moncino, the most exciting player on the team. Neff Opponent Score 63 Excelsior 16 37 Anesia 48 32 Glenn 37 39 Compion 55 47 Gahi 51 32 Mayfaix 47 25 Anesia 38 42 Excelsior 14 57 Glenn 45 46 Compton 45 45 Gahr 41 40 Mayfair 54 1. Row 1: T. Piper, B. White, E. Moncino, A. Greinke. Row 2: M. Newgent, P. Dolan, C. Odell, J. Marschke, K. Beach, K. Shively. 2. Shooting freethrows takes con- centration , as Elaine Moncino shows here . 3 . Pam Dolan looks to pass inside to one of her teammates. 4. Row 1: J. Cohen, K. Ford, M. Toyota, J. Cohen, J. Heida, L. Greene. Row 2: Coach Cozens, V. Dack, M. Taylor, C. Reed, R. Quigley, V. Rapp, R. Swickard. Neff Opponent Score 35 Excelsior 26 22 Anesia 35 45 Glenn 15 31 Compton 56 22 Gahr 35 60 Mayfair 31 28 Anesia 31 29 Excelsior 26 32 Glenn 20 25 Compton 47 27 Gahr 38 33 Mayfair 26 This season ' s J.V. team was led by top scoring guard Robin Swick- ard . In the forward department Michelle Taylor and Vicky Rapp shared the lead in point totals. For defense , Kathy Ford and Vicki Dack handled the front court, v hile Rene Quigley and Cindy Reed took care of the post positions . GIA Bosketball 185 Soccer This, being Neff ' s Soccer team ' s second season, proved to be a rather successful one, fin- ishing third in league play. Led by forwards Steve Hearlbert and Mike Janosz , both of whom attend La Mirada High School, and Don Weaver, Neff grabbed a 5-8-2 overall record. Goalie, Marty Pon- ton, obtained four shut-outs over the season . VARSITY SCORES w Neff Opponent Score m 1 Gahr 1 1 Artesia 1 ■•BSt 3 Glenn o mm Excelsior 5 .A Mayfair Gahr 3 1 1 Anesia 2 6 Glenn Excelsior 3 1 Mayfair 2 i i This year ' s J.V. squad did a fine job under Coach Donelly from Biola College. Leading the team in goals were forward Bob Young and wing- man Tom Hodgeson. Behind the Strong play of Chris James, fullback, and half-back Jim Basset the Trojans wound up with a league record of 2-8-1. 1. Row 1: A. Jimenez, D. Weaver, M. Jansz, S. Hearlbert, H. Brightman, J. Bax- ter. Row 2; O. Carmona, L. Kane, D. Ford, K. Moran, M. Oertel, M. Ponton. C. Small- wood, B. LaFaye, R. Mosely. 2. Row 1: E. Metro, B. Taylor, T. Molina, E. Otero, J. Basset, C. Campbell. Row 2: C. James, Y. Wang, B. Young, T. Hodgeson, D. Smith, R. Holbrook, J. Boyer, F. Young. 3. Mike Janesz dribbles past a defender. 4. Ernie Otero attempts to steal the ball from a Glenn player . 1 86 Soccer His courage was beyond the most courageous His hope was brighter than the sun So brave are the words of a young man " Dear God . Thy will be done . " mm VALLEY VIEW FARMS 13907 Valley View La Mirada, CA 944-1735 Phone (714) 521-5544 LA ONDRA DRUGS 15038 Alondra Blvd. J . Alton Chinn , Pharm . D La Mirada , Cal. 90638 A- 1 KOTZIN JOEL SHIRTS KENNINGTON 172 La Mirada Mall La Mirada , Calif. 90638 (714) 994-1831 §at§bfs Bonus Meat Dist. 13958 Valley View La Mirada, Calif. Top Quality Meats for Your Table or Freezer H. G. 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Phone; (714) 521-9265 (213) 941 57 HAPPY GROOMING " AU Breed Dog Grooming ' Mr. Groom Diatrlbutor 14938 Lefhncwell Road La Mibada, CAuroaNU JUDITH FOSTER OWMEI Do Beware, Yes It ' s True My Friend and I are " WATCHING YOU " (Find Your Name) Sponge Yummy Doornob USSD Nueve Nuevo Quack Whittier Fishing Pole You know who we are see ya. All-right? Suffragette SOS Retardo Lumber Yuc Futero Elbows Sheriff Deputy yes, you ' re right, Yo-ho-ho Boca The Crew Hot Doggies Jumping Bean Wind Puppy Dog Little Sponge Little Doornob I have a nice summer and we ' ll Patron Ads CORDIAL LIQUOR Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ufholtz Mr. and Mrs. Hal Gage Jean K. Curry The Bel+rans Bea+rlce A. Edquist Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kaford PIPELINE SURF STUFF Thank-You With all the work that goes into the annual every year there are many people who are not on the staff that help us get the book put together. 1 would like to thank the following people: Watson Studios. Taylor Publish- ing Company, The Neff Faculty, and Mr. Lee and his phoio classes espe- cially Richard Van Dyken, Rick Smith, Scott Allen, Ed Miller, Sean Hayes, David Anzures, David Almanza and Nelson Pai. Kim Kaford Ads 201 x - . S3S3K - . rii fV,-. ' ' ]|ve tlie lif e WeciiLOose We fight and: Neverlose . . . Those were The days ... 46 56 ,25 • . •••• •••• • • • • M!NIJT£5(_ •M • • HOMEjM VI IDOWN lilTOil • ' ' V W " i Those vvfei ' e the days n Im i ' ,J ' V.: " ¥ l- i. - .u ■yi ' r ' ■ ■ Ji , " - ' t£ ■i v o fW i: ' ! ' , V L VP V i - .v - ■A ,x -_ ,tc i V . y ' liv ' rv 4? ' i " " A lZ ' !.. ' ' ' y= ' € ' 2) r - v2

Suggestions in the William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) collection:

William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


William N Neff High School - Troiani Yearbook (La Mirada, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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