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an. 4fv is :JI ?' ', f if W 5 ,,k,: k v A X k ..,,, . f it Z f :W 'E 4 A? J , f V 'X I fam W W E ,.. . ' J , Q VV V V we 13 2QfKQl5M-v A 4 4 M, fr 'Q 4 QR -Q ,Q Y 3 "-F aff? 4 !jj T1 A Vi H754 V N VT af-if "ff QTQ A ' A af?"-'wi A ig if , 2 4 W ll, mm W an 3 k M , fr li" yilfqlfv x f 1, 'V 35 W, ,M xv 1 'Mm MW nm. X Af l I , ,.. i ' ' 'M MA 5 f W H ' pp, fwf,,,4 in U 5, , if M , , ' A R ,mmf-KW Vnwr 2.26 N if . ef- S 0 wow? okgfffi 964, xX6QfzfQ! Ao 6500 l . QS' X9 09 Q0 'Q Q T9 53 'bi 59 Q81 -S QQ? Q7 ,fo Q7 ANZ 42931 W of CNG YD f G19 90 QXUQ wb Vp! Q! X Cp PX DOXAVQ6 ww , fi Q Y fx -qpafx Ogg QL QC? 6 I O Joi GVXQK Q, 47 V40 ,Zvo Q95 X S550 Five O QKWDQ 4? U2 -aw fp- , dx W9 566 QP 9 , X, x wiv Em E f Mlififi WWQWLZ 322123 Qgfpwwwm www v is QM JH Qi, N if Qwff af . EEK r pf' 3 KX15 ,-X, 1 f . x 'H K M A-5 3- X XM ' '-,1,XX'X T ' . K- f X ' ' X "R r' f KJ N ' , K v X X T! X , X, T' .T gulf m X Q ,X E q 1 .ff ' Q T 44 x XJ- xx W ju fs! Q' A M3 ,J ,A in Q.. X f . ' , A 'Af X ' . -XX 1 X N 6'1" E-,Y O A E . -JW' N V f f J N, X, I My , 4 W .V lx, J, T 3 , g J? KE XL: V-,Vx XL' , W 8 J - ML X " Q ', AV N X' X 'W K N - f. x .A X X yxxxf' 'N I 'Nj 5 xj KVDAXN W ,lx ,J Q K, X fx NEENAH HIGH SCHOOL X V NEENAH - WISCONSIN VOLUME 50 ,my .W XX lj. .X X YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES TITLE PA GE A . X . f TABLE OF CONTENTS XX? Q9 6UKgU Y DTSRKS X5 Q55 SJR ' XQHQQXQX X w fit. . 16 '15 Q Nl L Jw me 69 V, FQ wb Q55 wb 5 J 5 QQ C59 CX XQSJX 0 4' QNX PS CW Q aww -- . ,A l or 4 OPENING xv Q ii "2 , Aggagqw X, 5 Q, 5 , A Top left: A real whistle stopper. Center left: I seem to have this craving for flies. Center right: Do YOU know what day it is? Top right: Where do I sit? Bottom left: The eye of the camera knows all, sees all. Bottom center: Shoo-be-doo-wah!! Bottom right: Do you pick and save? A . 1 'Q ff' ,, f .K A-N,-,--' 4 I f -fx., 3' ,-355, 7,7 "" - .Q gr E", 'X "Cf 'Zi-J X , --Y f 5,3 1 ' ' --, , 1 . , 'v ' , 21 XX A Q lx Dk K r K, - 1 TM- -Xl K J: - , i X 5 Vx" -ff -' 45:-1' , if -ff f - W' xx 'Q J x, X ., f I .wr . , - 1 R N .. 'V ., ,ff:.., R K , - 2- ,. 7 X y , X' 'X 'Q Nj 3. -J ,f X IN YN X X , H 2 3-X . i X - 71 X 1 1 .am ' fr' A 27 LN. - X j f " Xfj' X A ' fry,- ' A 42 X xg, X K ,QQ f .,v 7,3 3 3X Wh 2 ' 4 x x V X.., ..........,, , Y 35 f v. -f X -, x Q, , R -x , " X g- '- y' -. ., OPENING 5 ,- ,. X X, Maw' ,. 2 E Q rl 5-E O in-sun-N.. uw ,.....-ww.-V-W ,,,, . r TN l I I 6 OPENING ,whit KULKU ,, 10,1 Top Left: If I press this button ..,. I blow up the school! Top Center Left: Oh boy, do I need help. Top Center Right: A real pro in the science lab. Top Right: I say Watson, that's profound Bottom Left: Camera shock! Bottom Center: What an advertisement for us! Bottom Right: What are you looking for, Sam? FOOTLOOSE QX, P55 3 ww we 3 2 Z , C . 8 OPENING 'cf K A ,h, Top Left: Rising to new heights. Center Left: It went up. When is it coming down? Center Right: Hats off to graphic arts. Top right: Put your head on my shoulder. Bottom Left: Erik likes older women. Bottom Center: Get a little closer. Bottom Right: jennifer, you want a bite? A A A BACK TO SCHOOL 419' OPENING STUDENT LIFE g g In the summer you can't wait for school to come around so that you can see all of your friends. Then, when you get back to school you can't wait for summer vacation. It is even difficult to wait until 3:03. Student life is a time to have fun and not to get caught. Making a fool of yourself to show school spirit, looking forward to week- ends, and being with friends de- fine student life. Student life is worrying about the next test, get- ting wet during passing time, fall- ing on the ice, running to get to class after lunch, and trying to find a parking space. Student life has hardships like staying up until 3 a.m. to do a 10 page research paper. It is the fear of having to stay up late to do homework and wake up early to get ready for another long day of brown-nosing your teachers. But the life ofa student is the greatest! ,NN I 1 . Left: Three cheers for school. Center: Fire! Right: Neenah students always make a big splash. filmstrip: What's the big secret, Letha? Good friends stick together. Late night entertainment. Don 't fall down. 10 STUDENT LIFE will nil, f' STUDENT LIFE M F! M G L" f ' Q ' ' , ' ' 6 B, , nr-' W rf ' .,.M ff. ww 'W ' .M m a y W X 6 'NNN X.. gsm "vuvf XX X if S Q S F x Ki K ,XE i S R . N M X X - ww X . SENIORS PICK FAVORITES rf' All Kings, and all their favorites, All glory of honors, beauties, wits . . . Most Handsome Couple Amy Votava and Steve Camber Most Winning Smile lay Cartwright Best Boy Athlete Steve Camber Best Girl Athlete Amy Zimmerman Most Challenging Class Government Senior Most Likely to Succeed joe Bachman Senior With Most Pleasing Personality Tara K oplien Best Student joe Bachman and Suzanne Suprise Favorite Sports Team Milwaukee Bucks Favorite Comedian Eddie Murphy Favorite Television Program The Cosby Show Favorite Movie Top Gun Favorite Song "Twist and Shout" Favorite Album Slippery When Wet Favorite Band U2 Favorite Singer Bono Favorite Radio Station WAPL I S TUDEN T L IFE 13 AH - HOMEWORK chance Homework may not kill me but why take the ll Let's face it. We cannot really have all of the fun of school without some of the pain - classes and home- work. After all, the taxpayers may object to supporting this institution if we do not at least pretend that we are learning something. So - off we go to class - day after day after day. We do have to admit that at least our classes do offer somevariety. In our labs we get to play at being mad sci- entists and in the shops we can begin building for the future - one that we might not have if the mad scientists have their way - the real ones not the ones at NHS. Choir and band also give us a chance to let off steam and be at our best - making noise, that is. Of course, we have to make up for the crushing silence during all of the boring lectures. Top: We are all making beautiful music, aren't we? Left: Oh, come on now, that's not nice. Center right: Now that's what I call being engrossed in a book. Bottom: lust to prove that the Rocket aims to please, we were able to get senior Todd Allen 's picture into the book with just two weeks to deadline. 14 STUDENT LIFE PLAY MOVIE TRIVIA 1. What was the name of Scarlet O'Hara's plantation in Gone With the Wind? 2. Who does Humphrey Bogart say "Here's looking at you kid" to in Casablanca? 3. What famous American starred in Bedtime for Bonzo? 4. Who was Humphrey Bogart's co-star in The African Queen? 5. In what two movies did Paul Newman star as Fast Eddie Felson? 6. Who were the two directors of Indiana lones and the Temple of Doom? 7. What was james Stewart's occupation in Rear Window? 8. What was the name of the town in lt's a Wonderful life? 9. What famous blonde starred in Some like it Hot? 10. What was the profession of Warren Beat- ty's in Heaven Can Wait? 17. What three actresses starred in Crimes of the Heart? 12. Who was the leading lady in the 1976 ver- sion of King Kong? 13. How did lack Nicolson die in One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest? 14. What endangered species was saved by the crew of the Enterprise in Star Trek IV? 15. What movie star was john Hinckley infatu- ated with? 16. What happened to Dudley Moore when he smelled the roses at Bo Derek 's wedding in 10? 17. Who played the role of the president in Dr. Strangelove? 18. What is the name of Han Solo's ship in Star Wars? 19. In the movie, where did Butch Cassidy and 29. What role did Robert Redford play in The Great Gatsby? 30. Who co-starred with Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief? 31. What is the name of the mouse in An American Tail? 32. Who starred as a teacher for the deaf in Children of a Lesser God? 33. What movie, named after a well known Ben E. King song, was based on a Stephen King short story? 34. What did Eddie Murphy have to carry when he went into the pit in The Golden Child? 35. What character did Harrison Ford play in Witness? 36. What does Robert Redford do in the mid- dle of the night when he can't sleep in Legal Eagles? 372 What was the name of Ferris Bueler's friend in Ferris Bueler's Day Off? 38. What character is portrayed by Anthony Perkins in Psycho? 39. Name the movie that teams Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in a story about a fishing boat captain who reluctantly gets in- volved in fighting the Nazis? 40. What movie won the 1961 Academy Award for best picture and enhances the Ro- meo and luliet theme? 41. What movie stars Sally Field as a news re- porter and Paul Newman as a mobster's son? 42. What is Dan Akroyd's favorite food in The Blues Brothers? 43. What movie starring Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard involves a night of chasing girls, racing cars and hanging out at the local drive- in? 50. What handicap does the butler have in Murder by Death? 51. For what Movie did Dustin Hoffman win an Academy Award in 1979? 52. Who wrote the screenplay for The Odd Couple? 53. Who directed Ordinary People? 54. In what high school sport did Micheal L Fox excel after he became a Werewolf in Teen Wolf? 55. What colorful movie starred Oprah Win- frey? 56. What kind of hat does the lawman chasing after Butch and Sundance wear? 57. What movie teamed Sean Penn and Timo- thy Hutton working as spies against the gov- ernment? 58. What actor won an Academy Award for best actor in High Noon? 59. What movie was directed by Steven Spiel- berg and stars Richard Dreyfuss? 60. What song does Michael I. Fox sing in Back to the Future? 61. What year will the last Friday the 13th movie be made in? 62. Name the ruthless comedy in which Dan- ny DeVito is all too happy to find that his wife has been kidnapped. 63. What word did the young girl see written in the mirror in The Shining? 64. What movie won the Academy Award for best picture in 1965? 65. What was the name of the computer .in 2001: Space Odyssey? Answers on page 176. the Sundance Kid get killed? 20. What was Robert Redford's named in The Sting? 21. What was the name of the villian in The Three Amigos? 22. What movie portrayed Timothy Hutton as a troubled teen trying to cope with the death of his brother? 23. Which branch of the armed services did Tom Cruise fly for in Top Gun? 24. Who did the soundtrack for The Gra- duate? 25. In what college town was Back to School filmed? 26. What magazine did Michael work for in The Big Chill? 7. In Footloose, what team was Kevin Bacon icked off? ,8. Who wrote, directed and starred in Wis- om? 44. What song did Frankenstein and the Mon- ster sing in Young Frankenstein? 45. Who starred as Calamity lane? 46. Where were the Olympics held in Chari- ots of Fire? 47. What occupation does Freddy take up in Nightmare on Elm Street ll? 48. Who wrote The Godfather? 49. Who directed Cocoon? ff STUDENT LIFE 15 "ff !K'Q F 1 . H B g"ai"G Top: I can't believe I ate the whole thing. At left: For some students weekends mean going to . 1 ' 'eh bv- W W ,Av-v-I If ' j is ww l 6 4 A K "' Y ZH' A or working at the movies. fb.,-A Center: Whooping it up on Saturdays. Bottom: What kind of Rocket power are we discuss- ing here? 16 STUDENT LIFE Z ? 4, , ' ff? fl V? N X I 1 h X4 "' xii XA A :Nh I ily A ' .. X itil 5 v CROCODILE DUNDEE KARATE KID PART SHORT 2 WEEKEND MADNESS He hath no leisure who useth it not. What movie describes your weekends? Since at NHS we have a variety of students, there will obviously be a vari- ety of answers: from Animal House and Pink Floyd the Wall at the midnight movie to Stand By Me and Top Gun on a quiet date. Many of us spend our Fri- day nights getting hoarse yell- ing for Neenah Rocket teams. If the student does not lose his voice at the game, he can at the dance ofterwards. Some have participated in the well known mud-bowls with the Park East side of town vs. the West Side. Others at- tend concerts such as The Call or the Monkees. On the weekends in be- tween there were always ski trips sponsored by the Ski Inn or tobagganing runs down snowy hills. When the weather is bad, the shoppers hit the mall and, of course, the new Marshall Fields and Tj Maxx. Finally on Sundays we spend time think- ing about the past two nights and maybe even doing some homework. So have you figured out what movie fits your week- ends? Animal House? Re- venge of the Nerds? The Scandal Sheet? Hopefully, it is not Back to School. Top: Movies continue to be a big draw with students on weekends. Bottom left: Although most try to avoid it, work - especially the labor intensive kind - catches up with some students on weekends. Bottom right: At slumber parties catchin 40 zz's is the same as any port in the storm. STUDENT LIFE 17 LX' i V! Ji- ,Cx 2 5- V! A "J Q KF? 1:1 i'b,,f4 ff 'LV' S' Q 3. V -4 'V 3-af' ' " X 5, qfxf 1 x Nfmgn-Q V ,sax . TNS?---X Q1 mimi 1 .4-Wg il NJ' NHS SPIRIT MAKES FOR ZANY DRESS fx 'mf " 5 m.. 1, I' vp th X 2' -iw - X1 , ft, 4 s . Wa ii x If l Top left: I thought it was raspberry beret! gi Env Center left: The Preacher and the Gang5ter - what a movie that would make. Center right: What's in the bag, babe! Top right: Smile, kids, it's red and white day. Bottom left: We're real Cool! Center left: What a goal for a liberated woman! Center right: Clear for take oftf Bottom right: Foul ball! my 4'-P W Nu-1' 20 STUDENT LIFE ,"'y" 2 DRESSED TO THE TEETH observ d of all observers! The glass of fashion and the mould of form, The Despite the fact that our generation holds conserva- tive views, many of the styles and fads which are popular represent a liberal lifestyle. Far from traditional, hair- styles are often a variety of colors, spiked every which way, or pulled back with an abundant supply of styling gel. Girls like long, wavy styles secured at the back of the head in a banana bar- rette. Another hit is the line of clothing produced by the Coco Cola company. The product line includes ever- ything from jeans, shirts and sweatshirts to book bags and bandanas. Traditionally, there are the usual Tretorns, Reeboks, Mi- tresand Adidas, but older shoe styles have been re- vised to suit the fashions of today. Boots are reminiscent of black, lace-up wrestling boots. Also popular are slightly heeled western style boots, often complete with buckles or fringe. The staples of the Ameri- can teenage wardrobe have also maintained their grip. Oxfords and polos, particu- larly Ralph Lauren polos, and Guess jeans continue to be widely popular. The educa- tional scene at times even looks refined as students dress up wearing skirts, jumpers and dress pants. Denim also continues its popularity with rhinestone studded shirts and zippered jackets. Q , Top left: Does the hair come with the skateboard? Top center: An artistic achievement in hair and oil painting. Bottom left: Does coke pay you to advertise? Center left: Stylish sophs model new fashions. Center right: Punk styles abound this year at NHS. Bottom right: Aboard the good ship Lollipop. STUDENT LIFE 21 Top Ce Top left: Hi, Mom. nter left: juniors show their strength. Top center right: Old folks join in. Top right: Swaying to the music. Bottom left: Seniors take the Crown. Bottom Center: Am I having fun yet? Bottom right: Say Cheese. PEP REIGNS SUPREME X4 fk Jw. vm nf I . A 3 B -IT-Y ,A 1 l , 'x.N- V 4 X-.- If T82 V ' .. igtgegiwzi za, W R, ,J wi AS ATHLETES HONORED ,r"1"x-' X K f - K WE 'VE GOT WHEELS Each morning of the school year, students with- out driving privileges rush to their bus stops, manuever their bicycles out through cluttered garages, wait for a ride from a friend, older sib- ling, or parent, or simply walk to school. Although their minds may be cluttered with thoughts of the coming school day, there are few who do not envision, at least briefly, the time when they will no longer be utterly de- pendent either upon others for transportation or upon the weather for conditions suitable for biking or walking to school. This contemplation of the momentous day when one is the driver, instead of the rid- er, gives the student a pleas-, ant, hopeful feeling, which helps him or her tolerate having to be outside on dark, freezing, Wisconsin winter mornings. When the much looked forward to day finally arrives, students are at first over- whelmed at being able to ad- just their car or truck 's radio, temperature, and speed. They thrill to the thought of being able to pick their times of arrival and departure and fit them to their own prefer- ences. They have the free- dom of their own wheels - at last! It is not long, however, be- fore the new driver will ex- perience a journey into the darker side of transporta- tion. It might even be during the first outing that the stu- Top center: lt's got 2.9 written all over it. Top right: Where are the roller skates, Ryan? Bottom left: Hey, babe, do you want a ride? Left center: Chrysler's new hood ornament? Ri ht center: Where's the steering wheel? 8 Bottom right: No place like home. Filmstrip: Cheer up, Tammy, you own it. Nice car. Too bad I don't have keys. Hood decorations. 24 STUDENT LIFE dent is locked outside of his or her roadster lremember that day, lenny?i during the worst thunderstorm of the season. Or, perhaps there will be an encounter with the law, lost car keys, a dead battery, or an empty gas tank. In addition the student will suffer from perpetually empty pockets resulting from the strain of vehicle maintainence costs upon the teenage budget. Amid this sea of new wor- ries and responsibilities, the young driver may even long for the time when someone else provided the transpor- tation. Then even the old yellow bus won't look so bad. J 'X E 'F' wif' .v""""'-g' 1-f'uC'f-'hat STUDENT LIFE 25 '86 COURT, PARADE, DANCE Top Center: Principal Larry Lewis congratulates homecoming king and queen, Tammy Lepsch and Steve Camber. Court lflock wisei: Seniors Steve Laux and Amy Vo- tava, sophomores julie Borden and jason Neitzel, juniors Shelly Carlson and Rob Buksyk, seniors Marty Christensen and Lori Dickow, and seniors Sean Perry and Colleen Mcfarragher. Bottom left: Seniors think they're number one. Bottom right: Sopho- mores tromp on Oshkosh. I gxgsatv -I' M 1' w 5 ff H-5-4. ,sa L X , 26 STUDENT LIFE ,?.,,,-, . .,.- pf-p-nur' - + 121+ 4:- X. l ...J Y tx Agfyi ,L L ., ,is -1 what ...j I Q .WY . x BQQY. f.. 'q I 1 wa, ' A MQ, 1 , If 5 X YXXCBVUNX ,A gi' - XX . A u, .Lf ,H W J 33 ,U 6f X ,KX I '4 FX QA W XA: U4 . xx ,W 6 - -A ,,, lv? ' 4 gi f ' 3 Y, 'X mf 0 A . 934' Ile 92' ' ' . 4 X W. ll' v'h 'R M .f-, IIEGEII :sul -EWELERS ' 'S V V in ,iff f I K sifiviok s Class of '87, a unique one. We are the first class to spend three years at Shattuck followed by three years at Armstrong. There- fore, all our education has been directed by Larry Lewis. Our class was also the first to find driver's education no longer a part of the regular school curriculum. Being a senior has a serious side. In the summer every college floods the postal system with bro- chures amd flyers. Tests are taken and applications are filled out. Fortunately, acceptance and re- jection notices will not be re- ceived until April, when the sen- ior year unofficially ends as we look forward to skip day and graduation. As for school spirit, in spite of taking three third places in float building, we did win the 1986 spirit award and the cheering contest for two years. NHS, you won 't forget us. Left: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker do battle in chem lab, Center: On your mark! Get set! loe! Right: Another day in Mercury commons. Filmstrip: Swim team friendship. Crazy in the commons. What? Rachel helping with trig?! Aha! I know all the answers. 28 SENIORS Qiifrfrvl SENIORS NEENAH HIGH SCHOOL 'lard ffadf K' X 1 in 2 CLASS OF 7987 TIFIE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES Top: Come on, Pam, you can't be that tired. Center left: Going all the way to the top. Center right: Eyes that sparkle, Bottom.' Deep minds have deep thoughts. K.YF-'L'l:lf?lhS- 22 511' ' 32 SENIORS W K Barbara Adkins Beth Anderson Troy Armstrong joseph Bachman Keith Akstulewicz Greta Anderson Timothy Arndt Rachel Alsteen Wendy Anderson Michael Arps SENl0RS Robert Ansems 1 jill Aschenbrenner Craig Anvelink Sheila Ashley john Bam-Zak Patricia Basken jeffrey Bastar julie Bauer SENIORS 33 SENIGRS xl M ' x V 55 1 ' ' N- -L..tjj5., 1s. 1 - 4 f -. . E. In jennifer Bennetts Diane Beutler Richard Boardman 34 SENIORS Daniel Benson Catherine Biettler Lynn Bocek K arrie Becher Dedric Bergstrom jean Blackwell Mark Bogan 1 Melissa Bellin Christine Beringer Jeffery Blair julie Boha tschek Curt Bengel Christopher Bero jeffrey Blajeski Kristi Bollerman jane Bond john Bonnin Alisa Booker 5-:- james Booker Kelly Borchardt Sheri Borchardt Terri Borchardt X' e Terese Bresnahan Martin Brost Sean Brgwngon Todd Bfuge Amy Buck Shannon Brad Buksyk jason Burns Buckingham SENIORS fix ,' - f we B A .,,a.,Q M RS X , X Michael Brantmeier Kim Bucholz Tammy Burns SENIOR5 35 SENIURS mi Brian Bushman Richard Buss Dennis Capelle jeffrey Carew Cheri Charlier Terri Chartrand 36 SENIORS N Lucy Burr Michael Butt john Carlson Tammy Christensen jaclynn Burskey Steven Camber Steven Buser Michael Campbell jay Cartwright Keith Cason-Gossett Bridgett C hristofferson Theodore C hristofil Karen Ciriacks Elissa Coats Tamara Cox jennifer Crockett Al Cummings Paul Dahms Scott Day Peter Deboer Nathaniel Collins jeff Crooks 5 Katherine D'Amico janell Dedering SEN! ORS Cheryl Cross Mark Cross Laurie Davis Kelly Day Patrick Dennis D3 Wfl Devine SENIORS 37 SENIORS jeffrey Donato Nancy Dordel Arm DFHVGS Pamela Dube David Dunning Sharon Eake Brian Ehrenberg Ingrid Ehrlich Renee Ertl james Fahrenkrug Catherine Farrell jeffrey Fedenko 38 SENIORS joan Dodd I Michelle Duca yet will Steven Epley Melanie Felda Tammy Fellner Lonnie Fenner David Finger ill lliffl g Ann Figgher Kenneth Flafoff Pamela Florek Nicole Florence Carol Fluette I X Paul Fontecchio Glen FFHHCHFI Mary Francart Lisa Frazzell fill Ffefef Wendy Friedrich Wayne Fritz Ken Fuhrman 7'ffSh3 Funk AUTPHFO Gaffn SENIORS 39 SENIORSC Kyle Gawlick ii fa. ., 5. X 150 f.'?1--L f. e 9v,fi4i1'f' f .fi " 1' if " WL?" ' Silk? Farid Ghali james Gehrt Brian Gilbert Amy Garlock jennifer Gerhardt Cathy Gilmore R ,f s C S Q Q X , . W C 1 Rebecca Gaschler john Gerstner Dennis Girard as f' X i W -' Q X Eric Gauthier Brian Getlinger Kathleen Gleasner Laurie Click jennifer Glocke Luis Gonzales Christopher Green Christopher Gregory SENIORS l Michael Gregory Allen Guckenberg Kerry Hamilton jennifer Grinsel Lynn GFOSS SENI ORS if H W. 1 ,A ,s 3 Shannon Gumma William Gussert Matt Haase Scott Hall Kelley Hanrahan Brian Hans Melissa Harder Lisa Harding xx. N Q Teresa Hase Carolyn Heinen Christopher Shan Marie Herbst Troy Hietpas Herrbold SENIORS 47 SENIORS Kimberly Hirsch y Troy Howard Amy Ihde 42 SENIORS Laura ,Hitesman Shane Howe jill jack Sonja Hildebrandt Lisa Hohen walter Kelly Huebner Stacy jankowski Michael Hill Delores Hollibush Nadine Huebner Heather jansen Bradley Hinkfuss Lori Howard Scott Hughes Robert larosinski w k . . vi 5 SENIORS Anthony jensen Lori jesse Barry johnson Scott johnson jennifer jones Patrick jugo Shawn jurgella S Elizabeth justice Eric Kammer Daniel Kearny Kl'iSl'0Pl79f K elderman ,UQ x Keith Kemp jean Kempf Kristopher Kimball jennifer King ff. X Connie jury Rick Keller Lisa Kingston SENIORS SENIOR5 joseph K naack Melissa K nopp Jody K oeller Debbie K ofler Tara Koplien Donald Kortbein Tina Krahn 530' Kfamef 'niuug Bruce K lockzien Michael K onsek Tammy K rasin Tim Krogk Lynn Krueger Paul Krueger Paula Krueger Eva Marie Krutz 44 SENIORS Arden Kuhn Christine K uhnel Ann K unde .N ,,k. . ...,k 3. , 'EN I K It Ji' f f Kristi K utscher 'Lisa Labre jennifer Lace Dawn Laedtke Kristine LaMarche Vickie Landsverk Liga LaPierre Lisa Larson as is L E if it 'X L jim Lauson Steven Laux Katherine Lehman Scott Lehmann SENIQRS Melissa LaFlex Christine Last -.0 Scott Lehr SENIORS 45 SENICDRS Tra vis L ehrer Tammy Lepsch Timothy Lepsch james Lewis Christopher .M-X - . .rn sk, .N -'LX H egs.-' , xx A we ., ,. .L Penny l.U6'O'flCG Lundgren Lisa MacKinnis -jim Michelle Lemahieu Tami Liebhauser Lori Maldwin Glen Lemmert Bernhard Lind L Maryann Marinin Brenda Marotz Susan Martell Scott Martin Alan Mason l6'fH1if6f M-2IOWitZ SENIORS Timothy Mayo Kari Melto vaara Sarah Michalkie wicz Russell Moder Colleen McCarragher Dwayne Meverden julia Milazzo Dana Moede SENIQRS Bobbi-Lynn MCK eller john Meyer Shelby Meyer Theresa Meyer Ji, Charles Miller Jeffery Miller Mark Missall Lori Moede Chad Moen Letha Morrison SENIORS 47 SENIQRS james Nash Griffin Neubauer x. Tina Muth Charlotte Nagel Rolland Sam Nail Pamela Nash William Neal Kim Nelson Malee Nerenhausen Wendy Neumeyer Lara Nilson Cheri Noffke john Noll , . N.. : Tina Nollenberg jeffrey Noordyk Tricia Notzke Jeffrey O'Brien Erik Olson 48 SENIORS S52 SK james Omernik Lynda Orlando Lisa Osinski Connie Otto Doug Otto Michael Otto Greg Patovisti jeff Patovisti Gail Paulson Scott Pedersen jeffrey Pergolski Sean Perry SENIORS Nicholas Pachma yer Todd Paulson Mathew Peterik Michael Palmer Pa trick Pedersen Lisa Pfaff SENIORS 49 SENIORS Carolyn Piantek Darren Piette Lisa Piette Sheri Pilon David Platta Lisa Pottner Paula Prey Todd Price David Priest Laura Prindle Cory Quick l0di Quick T0dd QUff'eff6' I jennifer Quinn Martin Radue Brian Redfield Lisa Reichard Rhonda Reirlke 50 SENIORS If 2 S W s David Reiter Tori Remick Natasha Roal X sg Marty Robinson David Robak Laura Roberts .,s. at fi! ' kqb X ". R . Kent Rohde Ilse Rohrbach Thomas Romnek gf af s, Cfalg 53Ch5 Melissa Sahli Dale Sanders SEN! ORS Q F Shane Rogers Scott Roh Phillip Ruer jennifer Russell jodi Sauer Ricky Sauer sEN1oRs SENIORS Beth Sa wlsville Linda Schilling Da vid Schindler Terri Schmidt fi- K.. ' Patti Schmitzer Esther Schneider ff' Sandra Schneidewend justen Schultz Donald Schunk 52 SENIORS Kimberly Sch wandner Deanne Sawyer Brian Schmidtke '. 1 .. , . .A , , Sara Schroeder l Steve Schwandt Paul Schaper Daniel Schmitzer Da vid Schultz Leah Schwarz Alexander Scribner joseph Selwitschka Kimberly Sidbeck Craig Smith Laura Seager Cynthia Semrad Christopher Sievert Debbie Smith SENIURS Sara Seitz Kim Sensenbrenner jill Shannon Tracy Shukosky R A QX . 2 5: f Daria Simon Ron Smead Cha,-les ,Smith Wendy Smith Anita Sorensen Gwen Spang SENIORS 53 SENIORS john Speakes Cindy Spiegel SX. Tracy Steeber Thomas Steffen Russell Stern Adam Stichman Tom Stout Greg Strand Pamela Strebel Carl Sukanen Kathy Swanson jeffrey Swoboda joel Taylor Barry Tebon 54 SENIORS Michele Spiegelberg Kris Stockman Suzanne Suprise james Te ws S .I ja, ,, is . ,vii ii: 9. a 'mf - ,T T Lisa Thill Kelly Thorson Phuong Tran Blong Vang Todd Thompson Sharon Tilkens Scott Treml Brian Vanlerberghe SENIORS Todd Tischauser Stephani Toll Thgmag Towns Michael Turner Cory Ulbrich Stacy Ulrich i Vicki VanMarter Anne Vedra lody Ventura SENIORS SENIORS Kathleen Volkman Christopher Wasco Cin dy Westenberger SENIORS Amy Votava Tracy Waskie wicz Brian Westphal Matthew Verdon Patrick Wallace Angela Webster Stacey-Ann Whiting jared Vils julie Ward Shellie Weichbrod Tami Whitlinger A ,M - V Brian Vogt Daniel Warren , .., 1. 4 vw. 1 . V ,. ,,,f1,,1 551 is ti? 'F' V92 ,QF fu' L, sm, - Shelly Weller 1 MZ 51 xii-le, . t L cf' ,, I Teri Whitlinger Ticia Wilden Stephen Willey Barbara Witt Matthew Woller E as W, S' if K' is Gregory Younk Brad Z emke SENIORS NOT PICTURED julie Adams Todd Allen Kelly Babbitts jeffrey Basler jeffery Blair Robert Braun Ed Budice Scott Cloutier Gerald Debroka aryn Douglas Tracy Duessing Cheramie Earl David Evenson Michael Flood jeff Graverson Kenneth Hella Leonard Hella Steve Kapitzke Laurie Knoll Scott K oerner Kelly Williams SENIORS jill Wollerman Antone Wolosek Kelly Yelmene lb m Amy Zimmerman Cathy Zolkowski Lynn Krasin Shawn Krueger Kristine K uehne Bryan Labby Kevin LaMarche Theresa Lehl jonathan Martin Heather Michalkiewicz Todd Mindorff jodi Nelson Karen Nilson Paul Palmer Anthony Pupp Dawn Ross Robert Rubsam Laurie Rucci john Sams joseph Scheffler Stacey Schug Troy Sennett Craig Sommers jennifer Soule Kurt Toeppler Michael Tuchscherer jim VanHandel Michele Williams Sandra Zeske SENIORS 5 an zhwm' Top left: Studying? In Trig class! Top right: Are commons meant for studying? Center left: How does physics look behind Venetian blinds? Center right.' Get your feet down! Bottom left: Climbing high! Bottom center: Hi, Liga! Bottom right: The wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood, "What beautiful eyes you have. " 58 SENIORS 'X SENIORS 59 Top left: Parrying the blow! Top center: Such studiousness in the commons. Top right: Let's see what happens when I add this. Bottom left: A shocking experience. Bottom center: Now if this isn't the picture of innocence. Bottom right: A new version of Prince Charming. 60 SENIORS s an ill? 'Q GROUPS Extra-curricular activities and organizations are an important part of the educational environ- ment at Neenah High School. The various groups cover the entire scope of student life. Some activities such as the for- eign language clubs re-inforce classroom learning. Many clubs challenge the intellectual abilities of their members. journalistic and photographic skills are gained in publication clubs. Helping other people is the goal of service orga- nizations. Co-ops train students for that all important first job after graduation. Musical students can improve their talents in jazz band, pep band, swing choir or pop strings. Organizations are, however, not all work. Good times, new friend- ships, and the chance to serve our school community are pleasant side benefits. Left: We got the beat. Center: And a one and a two ,., Right: Neenah's own 237. Filmstrip: The big N. Taken any good pictures lately? Brian is Neenah's drummer boy. Peeking in the teacher's gradebook? THE GROUPS HERE'5 LUOKI ' AT YOU Row 1: jodi Quick, jennifer Grinsel, Chris Beringer, joan Schaper, Laura Hitesman, Alesha Golden, Pam Dube, Kathy D'Amico. Row 2: Tori Remick, Lisa Labre, April Wiegert, Colleen McCarragher, Letha Morri- son, Pam Florek, Lisa Harding, Bren- da Velasco, Kristin lsaacsen. Row 3: Beth Anderson, jenny Kleist, Ron Lutz, Erik Rasmussen, Lynn Krueger, Mike Gregory, Chris Golden, Nat Collins, Tracy Shukosk y, Chelsea Coan, Eric johnson, Traci Karnopp, jody Harpt. Absent: john Carlson, jay Cartwright, Nancy Mattes, Eric Kammer, Scott Steinfort, Chris Last, Karen Ciriacks, Debbie Smith, Car- rie Oashger, Kim Palmer, Erin Rid- dell, jaymee Schubert. "You ought to be in pictures" is the theme of the 1987 Rocket. The movie potential of students, faculty and organizations is explored within these pages. To carry out the theme the staff has used film strips on many of the pages to give students a chance to see themselves as they would appear "on camera. " In addi- tion, movie titles have been used as headlines or sub-heads on the divi- sion, groups, and sports pages. One of the most obvious require- ments ofa theme involving the cine- ma is lots of pictures. Early in the fall, yearbook photographers began tak- ing the many candids that appear in this book. At least five additional photos are needed for every film- strip page. The photographers in- dustriousness resulted in an over- abundance of great shots. Editors, of course, are given the responsibility of making all of the major decisions involving theme, layout, and organization of the Rocket. The staff implements these decisions at the weekly meetings. Then the captions and copy must be typed into the computer and each page must be indexed. A new feature this year of the jos- ten's computer word processing disks is the addition of a page by page indexer. This is the first that the staff has been able to the laborious task of indexing Finally the Rocket staff recogniz debts to several people and orga zations The Post Crescent helps o each year with sport photograp and Classic Studios of Wausau to the group pictures. Camera an Card does all of the yearbook pic ture developing, and Milo Barnab the josten's representative, mee with the staff and helps solve ar problems that come up during tl: year. page by hand. , ' 4 n . . I h c -es 64 GROUPS 5? , WV? ,L f 1:1213 Rum ,n .mv-'Cf yt ' lm QL- Kim angel gg? A iw :fx x 'QQ' v 4 .. ., .A.. - ,Q W f 5545- A , mf NHS r PRESENTS Dr. Victor Frankenstein .,.... Erik Rasmussen Elizabeth Lavenza ,...,....... Ara Pachmayer Mrs. Frankenstein Shan Herbst Henry Clerval . Alex Wollangk Willa ........... jenny Larsen justine Moritz . . . Lisa Hoyman Igor ........... Tom Romnek The Monster .... Martin Day Felix ..........., james Tews Maria ........,.. Ticia Wilden A servant ..... Amparo Garin A nurse ...... jenny Schuerer Assistant Director ...... jenny Schuerer FRANK ENS TEIN SCORES A HIT NHS 's first production of the 1986-87 season enhanced the fright and excitement of Halloween with Franken- stein: the Monster Play. Sophomores and first time actors dominated the cast. Special effects produced by the technical crew added to the excitement of the play. Frankenstein 's creation, the Monster, came to life in the first act and began terrorizing the household and village. Victims included relatives and friends of Frankenstein. Mobs of villagers roamed the countryside in search of the creature who was finally destroyed as the Frankenstein mansion burned to the ground. He died holding Dr. Fran- kenstein 's fiance in his arms. Directed by Rod johnson, the play's special effects were guided by james Vorland. Above: Family friend Henry Clerval comforts Dr. Frankenstein 's fiance. Center: Mrs. Frankenstein will learn that she needs more than medica- tion. Below: An especially ferocious snarl for the cameras. 66 GROUPS NHS THESPIANS GIVEN SUPPORT Drama Club supports all dramatic activi- ties at NHS. Most of the students either act in or work behind the scenes of the major productions. In addition, club members sell tickets, usher at Pickard, and raise money for activities such as a trip to see a professional production. This year Lisa Piette is in charge of ushers and coat check. DRAMA CLUB Row 7. f0dl Noordyk, jenny Schuerer, Lisa Labre, Heather Hofslund, Amy Buck, Lynda Orlando, Lisa Hoy- man, judy McGinnis. Row 2: Pam Braun, jennifer Brown, Susan Franz, Katrina Anderson, Renee Wilhoit, Amparo Garin, Kathy Hinkfuss, Rhonda Rawls, Lisa Piette. Row 3: jenny Larsen, Emi- ly Mueller, Mary Shandonay, Tori Remick, Erin Riddell, jeff Blair, Alex Wollangk, jolene Or- lando, Laura Seager, Ara Pach- mayer, Kim Palmer. Row 4: Chris Grunwald, Tom Stout, Stacy Rogers, Russ Moder, john Bon- nin, jim Tews, Martin Day, Chris Last, Wayne Fritz, Tom Romnek, Erik Rasmussen, Rod johnson. GROUPS 67 "Music soothes the savage beast" or so the saying goes. But can this famous quotation apply to a marching band? Hardly! Stirring up the emo- tions of the home crowd while entertaining the fans is the pur- pose of the field performances and sideline music at football games. In addition, the banaj playing rousing marches, re- presents the NHS community at local and out of town pa- rades. 68 GROUPS THE BA D WAGON Row 1: jill Freier, Dawn K rotje. Row 2: Gerald Chara- pata, Carrie K uehl, Missy Laflex, Deanne Schmidt, julie Alatalo, Heather Hofslund, Brenda Velasco, An- gie Fahrenkrug. Row 3: Shawnelle Monson, Ann Fi- scher, Debbie Bletzinger, Alesha Golden, Shelly johnson, Linda VanDyke, Stacy Klapper, Brenda johnson. Row 4: Elizabeth Boland, Lynne Downs, Kristine Goltz, David Anklam, Angela Block, julie Peters, Lorinda Neerhof Row 5: Keri Hepp, Mary Kiesling, Scott Treml, Chris Kuhn, Susan Romnek, Kristin Stutzman, Sara Randall, Kim Hood. Row 6: Greta Anderson, Brian Redfield, Kathy Lewis, Carol Fluette, Harry Miller, Roy Park, Andrew Steffen, Matthew Zachek. Row 7: Pat Pedersen, joseph Wojtowicz, jenny Larsen, Lisa Hoyman, justin Freier, Shawn Kiesau, Kevin Klitz, Shawn Nelson. Row 8: Marty Robinson, Chris Wasco, Greg Chronis, Mike Brill, Ingrid Ehrlich, Heidi Andersen, Erik Olson, Troy Berndt. Row 9: Chris Rucci, joshua O'Mara, Kevin Davis, Thomas Terhorst, Brandy Mindorff Amy Bierman, Alyn Beckman. Row 10: Leland An- derson, Brian Boycl David K litz, Craig Tonagel, Mike D'Amico, Mark Hobart, Danford K ern. Row 11: Dave Dunning, jeff Roberts, Pat Fahrenkrug, john Steiner, Shane Roh, Kevin Voss, Mark Anderson. Row 12: Shannon Gumma, Dana Moede, Teresa Hase, Lori Moede, Charlotte Nagel. Row 13: Andy Wilke. Ab- sent: Kim Sugden, Kim Palmer, Cindy Spiegel, Gen Boland. 5 , 'w 9 552 vm' lg. ., fl ' ,V ' 5, 4 ,,,, , ,, 9 , scifi ,W X A sf nil' ,ggr W 'Z r'ffft5"if ,,, 'z Lh,,, ,, 1 4 4 s ' ' 5: ,VA , 'f 'gif ? Hi if Q l,X ,Q if Q I ?? 'f?AV E s fl! PM Y J c.. Q NMI! f2 aQ. W, 'J J W, f L " z, ,M , U, Q , - 1 4, f A: , A-,' ff W- A - 42 2' gfff' Mx, saw K sp g , , 1 va. P' Q ,k 1'-I: N 'J x , E' , - 3, ., si Row 1: Shannon Gumma, Angie Fahrenkrug, Deborah Bletzinger, Branda johnson, Stacy K lapper, Shelly johnson, Alesha Golden, junie Alatalo, Deanna Schmidt, Heather Hofslund, Linda VanDyke, Ann Fisher, Shawnelle Mon- son. Row Z: Lynne Downs, Lorinda Neerhoti Sara Randall, Kristin Stutzman, Mary K iesling, Stephanie Wojtowicz, Brenda Velasco, Kim Hood, Sue Romnek, Angie Block, Andrew Stephan, Beth Boland, Dana Moede, jane Bond. Row 3: Dawn Krotje, Lori Moede, Scott Treml, Dave Anklam, Mark Anderson, Harry t Miller, Brandy Mindorfh jane Brotski, Chris Rucci, Kevin Davis, Alyn Beckman, Tom Ter- horst, josh O'Mara, Amy Bierman. Row 4: Lisa Hoyman, julie Peters, Chris Kuhn, Kris Goltz, Pat Fahrenkrug, Gene Boland, Michael D'A- mico, Leland Anderson, David Dunning, Da- vid Klitz, Brian Redfield, Greta Anderson, Carol Fluette, Kathy Lewis, Matthew Zachek. Row 5: Brian Brost, Shane Roh, john Swenson, Kevin Voss, Chris Wasco, Dave K iesling, Greg Chronis, Pat Pedersen, Eric Olson, Andrew Wilke, Mike Brill, Marty Robinson, jill Freier, THE MUSIC MA Shawn Nelson, Heidi Andersen, Kevin Klitz, Shawn Kiesau, joe Wojtowicz, Ingrid Ehrlich, Jenny Larsen, Keri Hepp, jerry Charapata. Ab- sent: john Steiner, Danford Kern, jeff Rob- erts, Roy Park, Carrie Kuehl, justin Freier, Troy Berndt, Brian Boyd, Mark Hobart, Cindy Spiegel, jacqueline justice, Teresa Hase, Tammy Schmidt, Craig Tonagel, Melissa La- Flex, Dan Benson. Above: Don't the suckers get in the way of the reeds, mouthpieces, etc. ? At right: Neenah's music man strikes up the band. 70 GROUPS l AMADAEUS t Row 1: Shelly Spiegelberg, Cate Pi- chon, jenny Blanchfield, Stephani Toll, Eric TremL Andrea Heck, Amy Zimmerman. Row 2: Chris Breier, jennifer Gregory, Kelly K leveno, Wendy Friedrich, Sean jackson, Tim Manteufel, Amy Gloede, Patti Krueger, Scott Treml. Row 3: Lynda VanDyke, Heather Hofslund, An- gela Fahrenkrug, Shannon Gumma, Stephanie Wojtowicz, Lisa Hoyman. Row 4: Brian Redfield, Greta Ander- son, Kathy Lewis, Carol Fluette, Mike Brill, jill Freier, Marty Robin- son, David Dunning, David K litz, Le- land Anderson, Andrew Wilke. Row 5: Brian Brost, Mark Robinson, julie Ward Keri Puechner, Pam Strebel, Susan Franz, Amy Stafford, Len Han- sen. -V X. .. ,K 1, fl GROUPS 71 J , J 7 IV keg-Zccyele-K FHIWQITQ U I ,, l X I 4 ..6-,.. 5,1-5,-:iv - ,...,4' I M J Y ll !l , , F, l POP STRING MEMBERS: Row 1: Kelly Kleveno, Ann Henshaw, Bauer, Shelly Spiegelberg, Lisa Frazzel, Marty Robinson, julie Andrea Heck. Row 2: Susan Franz,-Eric Treml, Amy Zimmer- Ward, Kathy D'Amico, jenny Gloede, David Dunning. Absent: man, Tim Manteufel, Pam Strebel. Row 3: Scott Treml, Lori Steve Konsek. f IDOFMUSIC I THE SOU -1 . N4 U ,Ji , V ," :N X . LX' lfiv NH . it E I ' .WA A Q' -F i W 72 GROUPS SWING CHOIR MEMBERS: Rachel Alsteen, Leland Ander- Dawn Krotje, jim Lewis, jodi Maxymek, Mike Rieden, john son, Mark Anderson, Debbie Bletzinger, Mike Brill, Brian Robertson, Todd Schroeder, Dave Shultz, Laura Seager, Brost, Sean Brownson, Pat Fahrenkrug, jason Fellows, jill Sara Seitz, Katie Skeans, Amy Stafford, Suzanne Suprise, Freier, Wendy Friedrich, jennifer Goetz, Shannon Gumma, joan Tao, Sarah Tracy, jake VanderZanden, Tag Vine, Eliza- 1 Wendy Hanson, Chris joch, Elizabeth justice, Dan Kearny, beth Wilhelm. SINGIN' THE RAI CHOIR MEMBERS Beth Anderson, Shannon Buckingham, Tammy Cox, Tammy Darling, Mary Francart, Laurie Glick, Kelly johnson, Christine Kuhnel, Tami Llewellyn, Christina Maki, Heidi Oestreich, Christine Printz, Sara Tracy, Stacy Wetzel, Sandra Zeske, Pam Steele, julie Felsteoj Angela Sacco, Elizabeth Acton, Rachel Alsteen, Mark Anderson, Christy Armentrout, Sean Brownson, Keith Gossett, Brad Clark, Mike Connolly, jennifer Crockett, Heidi Ehrenberg, Amy Folske, jill Freier, Wendy Friedrich, Wayne Fritz, jenny Goetz, Shannon Gumma, Lori jesse, Chris joch, Connie jury, Elizabeth justice, Dan Kearny, jeff Koslowski, Melissa LaFlex, Kris- tine LaMarche, Lisa LaPierre, Melody LaPierre, jim Lewis, Traci Mathison, jodi Maxymek, Teri Meyer, Shelly Mueller, Kristine Muenzel, Kari Nollenberg, jim Northway, Kristine Peck, Scott Pedersen, john Robertson, Kent Rohde, Todd Schroeder, David Schultz, Laura Seager, Mary Shandonay, jennifer Sickels, Daria Si- mon, Robert Smith, Pam Sorensen, Amy Staf- ford, Sue Suprise, Dana Tans, Stephanie Taves, jody Ventura, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Vicki Young, Pat Fahrenkrug, Chris Michel, Linda Schilling, Lana Grev, Renee Willhoit, jim Buckner. Heather Ables, Loretta Adkins, Nanette Bu- genhagen, Laurie Canfield, jason Fellows, Becky Friedauer, jody Fuhrmann, Kristen Funk, Vicky Gambsky, jenny Godec, judy Hamilton, Wendy Hanson, jody Harpt, Craig Hass, Ann jensen, Greg Koller, Tina Krablean, Mark Lemke, Kathy Lewis, Lionel Llyod, Mike McMillan, julie Medsker, Heidi Meyer, Mike Neal, jason Olsen, Ara Pachmayer, Kim Laakso, Barb Paulson, Lisa Pawlacyk, Kris Pe- dersen, Scott Printz, Mike Rieden, Erik Roal, Ronnette Rubsam, Stephanie Sauriol, Mary Schmidtke, jennifer Schuerer, jeannette Scribner, Andy Semrad, Patty Shutt, Chad Siehr, Pat Sorenson, jenny Stark, Mary Stuart, Chad Strozewski, joan Tao, Dawn Tesch, jean- nie Tesch, Sarah Tracy, Sara Vanevenhoven, Tag Vine, Susan Weisshahn, Alex Wollangk, Bobbie Zeske, jacqueline justice. GROUPS 73 A HARD DAY'S NIGHT Row 7: jenny Ramsey, Laurie Lovedale, Alisa Knutson, jenny Godec, Andy Semrad, Kim Kitzinger, Claudia Weiland, Kristin Fetters, Alesha Golden, jennifer DeNicolis. Row 2: Eric johnson, Rhonda Rawls, Maggie McCar- ragher, Patty Shutt, Ericka Beck, Kristie Schmidt, Wendy Armstrong, Kelsey Geisler, jodi Van Marter, jessie Koeppel, Katie De- vine. Row 3: Wendy Hanson, jeannette Scribner, Sarah Tracy, Tammy Frank, Sonya Craig, Kathy Hinkfuss, Nanette Bugenhagen, Kim Sarnecki, Terry Biettler, jill Resch, Trista jacobs. Row 4: Michelle Breister, Karin Tans, Mike Porsche, Brad Miller, Mike Gerstner, Steve Brown, Drew Fesler, Steve Konsek, Pat Sorensen, jason Nietzel, jessie Bennetts, Dawn Tesch, SOPHOM OR E BOARD jUNlOR BOARD 74 GROUPS ' - -4 'f x Nw M ,t Nia' 51 fy A .Q ' - At left: Row 1: David Dubberstein, Todd Erickson, Andrew Paulus, Michael MCA voy, Greg Ansems, Rick Getschow, Robert Retzlaff Row 2: Kirstin Cox, Shelly Sturges, Dan Eckstein, Michael Darrow, Vicki Young, jamie Lau- tenschlager, jennifer Czeck, Traci Karnopp, Nancy Mattes. Above: Row 1. Dave Sebora, julie Felsted, Tammy Darling, jane Mueller, Shelly Carlson, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Cathy Andrew, Lynne Dawns. Row 2: Ken Zarda, Laurie Polaski, Bunky Brophy, Paula Barnes, Anne Gooding, Renee Wilhoit, Dawn Wollershein, Todd Kleinschmidt. Row 3: Matt Zehner, Rob Buksyk, Mike Connelly, Andrew McLandress, Tom Reinke, Chad K reikamp, Stacy Rogers. 'v SENIOR BOARD Row 7: Tracy Waskiewicz, Michelle Du cayet, Sarah Michalkiewicz, Colleen McCarragher, lodi Quick, Amy Garlock Row 2: Cathy Farrell, Anne Vedra, Chris tine Beringer, jennifer Grinsel, Amy Zim merman, Lisa Harding, Kathy D'Am1co Row 3: Letha Morrison, Pam Florek, joe Bachman, K arrie Becher, jeff Pergolski, Nat Collins, Paula Prey. ALL THE PRESIDENT'5 ME lj? fi i ' was n it , '1-Stieff' 'S , - ,ac V S H I xl K1 1 Row 1' Terry Bresnahan, jennifer Terrien loan Tao, Pat Be an. Row2 . , g : Phil Nordness, Craig Klatt, Steve Scherck, Tipton Brown, Greg Ber- VCU. Row 1: Amy Zimmerman, Dana Moede, Lori Moede. Row 2: Steve Brown, Chris Wasco, Bill Neal, Dave Sebora. GROUPS 75 SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS KEY CLUB l Key Club is Neenah High 's most service orien ted group. Some of the club's activities include helping with Career Expo, the Best Friends pro- gram, and the Special Olym- pics. The students also make nursing home visits, work with retarded adults, and aid the Kiwanis Club of Neenah when requested. Key Clubbers also partici- pate in fund raisers, ban- quets, and statewide con- ventions. Officers for the 1986-87 school year are jennifer Cowling, president, Ann Franz, vice-president,' Chris- tine Rucci, secretary, and April Wiegert, treasurer. Ann Franz, Kathy Lewis, jane Brotski, Dana Radtke, jennie Cowling. Row 3: April Wiegert, Row 1: Chris Rucci, Tracey Ales, Chris Voster, Laura Dryer, jason Patzlaff Mark Hobart Beth Michelle Kohl, Tracey Schultz, Sara Weinke, Pat Boland, Sue Franz, Kris Danielson Absent Sarah Bezella. Row 2: Anita Sorensen, Alyn Beckman, Nornberg, josh O'Mara Rich Witzke Chris Vos ter, Ellen Auchter. S TOP Students Take On Prevention, STOP, has as its goal the prevention of the use of drugs and alcohol by Neenah students. Presentations to 6th graders each spring emphasize the importance of values and posi- tive peers rather than negative peers. Under the guidance of Pat Bezella and Carolyn Schoening members also attend a conference with other Wisconsin prevention groups. Seated: Cory Ulbrich, judy McGinnis, Sue Rom- nek, Barb Raemaker. Standing: Chris joch, jeff Blair, Randy Meverden, Tom Romnek, Steve johnson, Carolyn Brown-Schoening. Absent: Caryn Douglas, Anita Sorensen, Pat Bezella, Rhonda jagla. Row 1: Kevin Klitz, jeff Blair, David K litz, Daria Si- Moder,.MatlZaCl18k, Mike D'AmiC0, Maffin Davey, mon, Dan Schmitzer, Michael Winterfeldt, james Tim Voigt. Klitz. Row 2: Michael Getzlafh Glen Lemmert, Russ S l CHESS CL UB two tournaments each spring ment. COMPUTER CL UB Computer hackers have found a home in Conant after school. There they work with Harry Blobaum ex- ploring the latest innovations of computer software and hardware. Demonstrations by outside experts have helped the group understand computer technology as have ex- changes with other high schools. Seated: Keith Cason-Gossett, Bernard Uhlig, Alex Wollangk, Keith Cason-Gossett, Nat Col- lins, Todd Bruce, Kathy D'Amico, Tom Strout, Mike Gregory. Chess Club members spend many hours honing their skills with practice. Under jim K litz's direction members challenge each other to duels of hard concentration. All of this prac- tice leads up to participation in the Northeastern Wisconsin High School Chess Association League and the Wisconsin State High School Chess Tourna- THREE LITTLE WORDS SUCCESSFUL DEBA TERS Neenah High School concluded its most successful debate season with a sec- ond in conference. The varsity team qualified for state. Erich Lassen, Glen Lem- mert, jeff Noordyk, Roy Park and Tom Romnek received 2,000 point awards. Special awards included Scott Breunig and Alyn Beckman for Hardest Worker. Most Improved was Glem Lemmert. The Spirit Award went to jim Tews. Nadine Huebner was Best Affirmative, Best Nega- tives were Erich Lassen and'Roy Park. The Coaches Award was presented to josh O'Mara and jeff Noordyk, Cartoons - columns - contro- versy: all are a part of the Neenah student newspaper. Under the di- rection of Scott Hutchinson, the Sat- ellite both reports and makes news. Cartoonist Eric Lassen brought a new style in editorial and feature strip Cartooning this year. In addition, co- lumists challenged old ideas and in- spired new ones. Photographers Caught the Special flavor of NHS in pictures. Above: Editors Nadine Huebner and Paul Schaper consult, 78 GROUPS Row 1: Bill McBride, coach,' Sue Romnek, Roy Park, Liz Bandy, Dawn K rotje, joe Wojtowicz, jeff Noordyk, joan Tao. Row 2: Kathy Burke, julia Wrchota, josh O'Mara, Nadine Huebner, Lorinda Neerhof Scott Breunig, joan Schaper, SATELLI Alyn Beckman. Row 3: Stephanie Wojtowicz, Tom Romnek, jim Tews, Paul Fontecchio, Matt Zachek, Gene Boland, Glen Lemmert, john Mueller. TE STAFF RECORDS, INSPIR ES THOUGH T Row 7: Sue Suprise, Chris Bero. Row 2: Nat Collins, joan Schaper, joan Tao, Ingrid Ehrlich, Beth Anderson. Row 3: Stephanie Wojtowicz, Kathy D'Amico, Marty Robinson, Nadine Huebner Paul Schaper, joe Bachman, Roy Park, Scott Hutchinson, GREMLINS 8' THE BIRDS BIOLOGY' CL UB Biology means more than just dissecting frogs. Support for the environment and special learning experiences are stressed in Biol- ogy Club. Field trips and projects dominate the club members' time as they learn to 'get along with Nature. " Row 1.' Advisor james VandeSande, julia Milazzo, Cynthia Semrad, Paula Prey, Amy Votava, jennifer Soule, Phuong Tran. Row 2: Rebecca Gaschler, Brian Westphal, Rob Ansems, joe Bachman, jeff Blair, lodi Sauer. CONSER VATION CL UB Conservation Club each year gives free bird feed to students to attract and feed birds during the win- ter. In addition, the club buys trees and shrubs from the DNR and gives them to the members for plant- ing on their own land. Field trips to Trees for Tomor- row, McKenzie Enviromental Center, Bubolz Nature Center, Horicon Marsh and the Lightfuss Tree Farm broaden club members' experience. To raise money the club operates concessions at the boys' basketball games. Row 1: jennifer Soule, Rich Witzke. Row 2: Scott Treml, Chris loch, Dale Lightfuss. Absent: jason Patzlaff GROUPS 79 BYE BYE BIRDIE Row 1: Pat Hetland, Doris Lappen, Greta Minks, Beth Wingen, jeff Miller, jennifer Gerhardt, Heather Ables, Penny Luedtke, joe Lund. Row 2: Dennis Parker, Tammy Martin, Mike Chick, Kim Nelson, jim VanHandel, Todd Arndt, Teresa Wilcox, Roger Seelow. Row 3: Dave Sebora, Patrick Wallace, Sue Muntner, Troy K ronberg, Lance K ues- AV CL UB Movies, filmstrips, slide shows, videotapes, com- puters - all of these technological teaching aids are available to the teachers with the help of the stu- dents and staff members who work in AV Club. Di- rector Craig Rider is ultimately responsible for these activities. However, even with two hard-working aides, the job would not get done without student help. The AV club members give up study hall and after school time to serve the school. Row 7: Debbie Kofler, Lisa Osinski, Dale DeCos- ter. Row 2: Barbara Willmington, janice Bruha, Kim Palmer. Row 3: Craig Rider. Absent: Gary Kramer, Scott K oerner. ter, Scott 'Stuckart, Mike Quimby. Row 4: jesse Alberts, john Ply- messer, Tim Arndt, Craig Sommers, Scott Lehman, Mike Sudgen, Ken Hella, Rob Rubsam. Absent: Roy Beyer, Connie jury, jody Koeller, Karen Nilson, Penny St. Clair, jenette Swenson, jordan Wolf Cristy Woodrow. Q y Nfl! 5 in,51WN7Gt,Qy Q l il .nil Row 1 Linda Madsen Tanya Beyer jennifer helm Sara Track Anu Raatikainen April Wie- Mary Shandonay. Row 4: Melissa Sahli, Cheri Bennetts Malee Nerenhausen Kathy DA gert Susan Franz Beth Wmgen Wendy Noffke, Lynn Krueger, Bernhard Lind, Kari mico Pam Braun Kelly Huebner Ingrid Ehr Helder Row 3 lodl Sauer Sara Seitz, Ticia Meltovaara, Scott Treml, julie Bauer, Laurie Iich Tammy Krueger Sara Weinke Row 2 Wllden Teresa Wilcox Lisa Larson, Laura Polaski. Kerie Puechner Brenda Cross Elizabeth Wil Seager Amparo Garln Katrina Anderson, WHE WORLDS CULLIDE The American Field Service Club at Neenah High School has a two-fold purpose: First, AFS welcomes each year our student visitors from other countries and tries to provide a social atmosphere where Ameri- cans can learn of others, and they can learn of us. Activities such as a picnic, a float in the Homecoming parade, a Halloween costume party, a potluck and swim at the YMCA, a trip to the Milwaukee Folk Fair help to give the AFS 'foreign students a sample of Ameri- can life. Second, Neenah High students learn from the foreign students of their countries through slides and question and answer ses- sions. AFS is open to all NHS students who wishwto learn more about other cultures. Row 1: Luis Gonzales, Ingrid Ehrlich. Row 2: Am- paro Garin. Row 3: Anu Raatikainen, Bernhard Lind, Kari Meltovaara, Ticia Wilden. GROUPS 81 SPANISH CL UB Row 1: Sara Weirwke, Kris Muerrlelf Kaffe C0unard,ler1r1ifer Terriern Laura Dryer, Jamie Brotski, james Dull, Tom Reinke, Chad Krei Crowe, Claudine Weiland, Jessica K06'PP6'l, Lautenschlager, Patty Shutt, Cory Counard, kamp, Heather Halverson, Catherine FarrelL Kalif? Devine, Cl1fiS!if16' RUCCL, Jennifer Kleist, Linda Schilling, Ann Franz, Ira Kleeman. Row April Wiegert. Sarah Nornberg. Row 2: Susan Franz, CHPPY 3.' Heidi Ehrenberg Amparo Garin, jane ARGU D THE WORLDI 80 DAYS GERMAN CL UB 82 GROUPS Row 1: Amy Buck, Vicki Young, Letha Morrison, Kelly joe Bachman, loan Evans. Row 3: Greg Ansems, Sea Huebner, Amy Garlock, Ingrid Ehrlich, Wendy Hanson, Powell, Bernhard Lind, Dan Sirola, Kari Meltovaar April Wiegert. Row 2: Keri Puechner, Erin Riddell, Da- Charlie Smith, Hans Hemes. vid Rause, Peter Spielbauer, Keith Becher, Sarah Ernst, FRENCH CLUB N ROW 7-'leflnifef D6NiCOliS, 5UZ3Hf16 5UPfi56, Melee NSFGH- Anne Vedra, lane Mueller. Row 3: Laurie Polaski, Brian hausen, lUlif3 MilHZZ0, Jill Ki6l65, Lynda Heinefl, lefmifef Westphal, john Sams, Michael Brantmeier, jeffrey Per- Ramsey. Row 2: Meg VanderZanden, jodi Sauer, Pamela golgki, Nathaniel Collins, lane Bond. Florek, Sara Seitz, Colleen McCarragher, Gail Paulson, With the purpose of expanding the ho- rizons of foreign language students, lan- guage clubs at NHS offer cultural activities outside the classroom. Holidays are em- phasized as is the opportunity to get to know the foreign exchange students. The French Club also assists the Neenah Com- munity French Program. ln addition, all of the groups participate in fund raisers to support their activities. GROUPS 83 ROOM AT THE TOP HONOR SOCIETY At right: Row 1: Catherine Arndt, Carrie Oashger, Pam Strebel, Roy Park, Shelly Spiegelberg, Kathy D'Amico, laymee Schubert, Suzanne Suprise. Row 2: Sarah Michalkiewicz, Marty Robinson, Erin Rid- dell, Kristin Stutzman, Sarah Ernst, Daria Simon, Stephanie Wojtowicz, jennifer Glocke, Colleen McCarragher. Row 3: Amy Stafford, Sara Randall, David Klitz, Paul Fontecchio, Bill Neal, Tom Steffen, Pat lugo, Chris Last, joe Bachman. Below: Seat- ed: Beth Boland, Nadine Huebner. Stand- ing.' Barry Tebon, Roy Park, Fritz Kidd. In- set: Cathy Gilmore. Honor Society members, selected in the spring by a faculty council, must demonstrate leadership, character, service, and scholarship. Each student must have held at least one position of leadership in the school or community. In addition, the initiates must have been active in at least one service organi- zation and must be involved in either extracurricular or co-curricular activities. Once selected, members participate in service projects such as the spring blood drive, the tutoring of students, Thanksgiving basket collections and 84 GROUPS providing Christmas gifts for patients at WMHI. The academic decathlon consists of 10 competi- tions in academic areas. Six competitions are multi- ple choice written exams in the areas of mathematics ialgebra to calculusl, science ichemistry 6? astron- omyl, language 8: literature fincluding sonnets, Ham- let, and Heart of Darknessl, economics, and fine arts Iincluding Renaissance artists, sculptors, composers, writersi. The other focus areas of competition are in communication skills and deal with the US Constitu- tion. These areas include: essay writing, speech iboth prepared and impromptul, an interview, and the Su- per Quiz - the only event that takes place before an audience. One hundred and eighty-one schools participated in the first elimination round in November. From that event 54 schools advanced to the six regional events in january. Neenah's team won the right to compete for the state title in March. During April, Wisconsin's winning team will compete in the Na- tionals held in Texas this year. ACADEMIC DECA THLON Row 1: Paul Schaper, Nat Collins, jeff Blair, Daria Simon. Row 2: Chris Bero, john Bonnin, jeff Pergolski, joe Bachman, Lisa Frazzell, Glen Lemmert. Not pictured: Stephanie Wojtowicz. 9to5 OFFICE PRACTICES Row 1: Tammy Lepsch, Cathy Biettler, Bohatschek, Ann Draves, Heather lan- Tammy Christensen, Sonja Hilde- Cheri Charlier, Tina Nollenberg, Kris sen, Patti Schmitzer, Bridget! Christof- brandt, Tina Muth, Kathy Swanson. Stockman, Vickie Landsverk. Row 2: ferson, Pat Buesing. Row 3: Rhonda Stacy jankowski, Terri Borchardt, julie Reinke, julie Bauer, Cheri Pilon, DA TA PROCESSING Row 1: Trisha Funk, Lisa Larson, Ann K unde, Kathi Gleasner, Beth Sawlsville, Barb Adkins, Vicki Van Marter, Lynn Krasin. Row 2: jennifer Glocke, Shelly Weller, Wendy Champeau, Laura Prin- dle, Tracy Steeber, Troy Hietpas, Cheri Noffke, jim Gruber. GR OUPS 85 AUFO CINDP GRAPH. ARTS Row 1: Karen Ciriacks, Debbie Smith, Christine VanHandeI, Katherine D'Amico, Scott Span- bauer, Steve Reuss. Row 2: Rich- ard Paske, lim Lewis, Craig Schmidt, Mark Coenen, Don Kortbein, Erik Kammer, Brian Lundgren, Lester Zehner, Brian Vanlerberghe, Dan Larson. 86 GR OUPS MA POWER Row 1.' Tony Pupp, Martin Radue, Doug Otto, Kurt Toeppler, Glen Francart, lim Fahrenkrug. Row 2: Dick johnson Darren Piette, Scott Martin, Shane Rogers, Ken Mulvey, Brian Getlinger, Scott Hughes, Ken Fuhrman, Chris Green Row 3.' Dennis Girard, Tim Lepsch. E WSFRON Row 1: lean K empt, Lisa Thill, Sheila Ashley, Kristi K utscher, jennifer jones, Renee Ertl, Brenda Marotz, Pam Braun. Row 2: Gwen Spang, Micheal Barth, Kristine Danielson, Scott Olsen, jason Burns, Mike Huxley, Teri YOUNG AT HEART DECA SPURS O COMPETITIO FOODS COOP TRAINS Row 7: Theresa Lehl, Kim Sid- beck, Deanne Sawyer, janell De- dering, Terri Chartrand. Row 2: Kathy Volkman, Stacey Schug, Kristie LaMarche, Tina Krahn, Lisa Osinski, Cindy Spiegel, An- gie Webster, jodi Nelson. Ab- sent: Shelby Meyer. GROUPS 87 PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM THESPIA NS PER FORM Weekends spent on school buses in high-powered competition is old hat for Neenah's forensics team. The students participate in speech areas such as 4-minutes, impromptu, and demonstrations. Drama categories include humor- ous and dramatic memorizations, in- terpretive readings in prose and po- etry, and one-act plays. Highlight of the year is the com- petitions that come in the spring in conference, regionals and state competitions. Row 1: Stephanie Wojtowicz, Alyn Beckman, loan Tao, Kristin LaChey, Nadine Huebner, Row 2. Bill McBride, Vicki Young, Tom Romnek, loan Schaper, joe Wojtowicz, jann McBride. Row 1: jim Tews, Chris Last, Sue Franz, julie Medsker, Matt Zachek. Row 2: judy Shwonek, jenny Godec, Brenda Velasco, Amy Eaton, Chris Flanner, jessica K oeppel, Kristin Isaacsen, Alicia Olson, Sally Wollangk. 88 GROUPS For the fourth year Neenah High has entered a team in the Mock Trial tournament sponsored by the Wis- consin Bar Association. The Bar sets up a hypothetical case which each school team in the state prepares with student defense and prosecut- ing attorneys, defendents, plaintiffs and witnesses. This year's case centers around the death of a prize show horse in a car - horse trailer accident. The owner of the horse is suing a Morgan Nash at whose home a drinking party was allegedly held. The underage driver of the car had been drinking but is not being sued. The pertinent questions involved are: Was there indeed drinking? Did the parent, Morgan Nash, know that the party involved drinking? Was the parent present at the party? The last question hinges on exactly what time the parent came home. Mock Trial team members prac- tice each week in preparation for MOCK TRIAL TEAM Seated: Brian Westphal, Tom Steffen, loan Tao. Standing.' Diane Ostrand, Alyn Beckman, loan Schaper, Stephanie Wojtowicz, Steve Epley. team competitions againt area schools. Attorney Phillip Monroe of Neenah and advisor Diane Os- trand work with the students. Local, sub regional, and regional contests lead to a state contest in April. The national contest will be held in Washington D.C. in May. Since this year celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Constitution, the Supreme Court will judge the na- tional contest. GROUPS 89 jU IORS .EUROPEAN VACATION junior year is often said to be the most active in high school. ju- niors are past the sophomore year of survival, but are not yet seniors whose eyes are turned toward the future. juniors are supposedly be- coming better citizens, but they still find ways of having fun. Some are experiencing the freedom, and trouble, of having a car while others are still subjected to the horrors of busing. juniors experience just how un- fair parents are: predawn curfews, no allowance because the kids have jobs, babysitting tasks - imagine taking little brother to homecoming, and rules such as no stereo at 3:00 a.m.! And yet, there is a good side to the junior year. juniors are not prime candidates for burn-out anymore, and they aren 't plagued with senioritis yet. But most im- portantly, we can look forward to being number one next year. Left: Neenah High is giving Madame Curie competition, Center: Rocket cameras are everywhere, Right: juniors are always on vacation. Filmstrip: Athletes hit the books, too. juniors just like to have fun. A pretty girl is like a melody. Got cha, Courtenay! 90 jUNlORS iz xg! gmc., ar. fya ,navy JUNIOR5 Elizabeth Acton Mary Adkins julie Alatalo Tracey Ales Christopher Allen Kelly Allen David Amond Heidi Andersen Katrina Anderson Mark Anderson Cathy Andrew David Anklam Gregory Ansems Angela Arend Christy Armentrout Sandy Armstrong Catherine Arndt Ellen Auchter lenelle Baker Susan Banczak 92 IUNIORS I' t' ' IUNIOR CLASSE A Rob, one of the home- coming attendants, enjoys the prospect of younger women, but it looks like he has some competition. Or does the sophomore just want his picture taken. Yi' . it .x 0 . ' 5 .,.,t..x .,...w'L"" "' I ff-v Elizabeth Bandy Mark Barbiere Paula Barnes Michael Bartel jennifer Bartelme Micheal Barth Richard Basler Lisa Baumann joe Beard Keith Becher Robyn Becker Scott Bellile Gerald Bellin Dehnna Benson jeffrey Berge Troy Berndt Dale Berry Annette Berton Arnold Berton Gregory Berven Elizabeth Boland Tammy Bork Dominia Bortoluz Patrick Boswell Mike Bramer Pam Braun Tonya Bricco jeff Brighum Michael Brill Lawrence Brophy IUNIORS 93 ZI Brian Brost lane Brotski Tiplon Brown james Buckner Rob Buksyk Kathryn Burke Shelly Carlson Trevor Chaney Roger Charlier Todd Christensen Gregory Chronis Chris Cianciola Timothy Clapper Bradley Clark Chelsea Coan Mark Coenen Cathie Conradt Cappy Counard Cory Counard jennifer Cowling 94 JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASSE Hold one to your stock- ing cap, Todd. And don't let your breezers get away. Poor Todd is obviously reacting to the burden- some junior work load. Re- member, school is worth- while. W7 SM f"'V -a 'C .7 ,Q Q7 xv WN M ik C. 9 aw E E -- . V sw -W? , .nf Kirsten Cox Stephen Crane Kim Curry leremiah Curtin jennifer Czech Kristine Danielson Kerri Danner Tammy Darling Michael Darrow Martin Davey Richard DeGroot Kevin Dennis Ann Dimmock Craig Donaldson Lynne Downs Catherine Draves Laura Dryer David Dubberstein julia Ducayet Daniel Eckstein Heidi Ehrenberg Patrick Eifler Patrick Engelbreth Kenneth Erdmann Randy Erdmann Todd Erickson Sara Erickson Sarah Ernst Pat Fahrenkrug ' ll Christopher Farre IUNIORS 95 Christopher Feldmann julie Felsted Karen Fetzer Steven Flater Amy Floriano Shawn Foley Amy Folske Michelle Forrest Ann-Marie Franz Michael Fulcer Tracy Fuss Shayne Gauthier Brett Gawlick Kurtis Geisler lodi Gerdin Michael Getlinger Brad Gilbert Nicole Glunn jennifer Goetz Chris Golden 96 IUNIORS IUNIOR CLASSE Without these three and others in the junior class, the yearbook would not have been completed. Say thank you, seniors. juniors, these girls will need help next year. ,jf "Q, e., V., iz-1' 5, fl 2 I QW,-,. ' H A 'sw 22 ,ff 2: 1 , 1 1 'fa 1. W 1- fiE,"v' ww ' . 'Wh' ., - 3 A - ,fn X, I a av' . H4 ' v Kristine Goltz Annette Gooding David Gorny Todd Gorshe Sara Gossen Lana Gray Nancy Gray jennifer Gregory Daniel Gressler jeffrey Griesbach julie Griesbach Tracey Griswold Andrew Gross jeffrey Grubb Kelly Gunz Tina Guyant jeffrey Haase Marc Haase Rayan Hacker Lori Hadler Robert Hafemeister Stacey Hagen David Halverson Heather Halverson Steven Hansen Haley Harbor Haley Harpt Patrick Hartmann jodi Hayes IUNIORS 97 William Hayter Margaret Hayward Andrea Heck Erick Hedtke Wendy Heider Lynda Heiner Hans Hemes Heidi Hemes Travis Hietpas Bruce Hildebrand Kimberly Hilliker Kristen Hoffman Heather Hofslund David Honer Douglas Howe Mark Hultman Dan Hupf Mike Huxley Heidi Jacobson Allen lankowski 98 IUNIORS IUNIOR CLASSE Peace or victory or what- ever the sign means, ju- niors learn to relax, have fun and be at ease with ad- ministrators, teachers, classmates, and the world. QW' sun? ky K ' gi v T 'if ' , A .Fd , 4- -, Q 3 , 1 X Y 4 " e 1, f t m , , R Q t , , Z . 5 3 x ' M I Q-4 -LL 1904 52:2-r 'scdvfyv M94 .,-av' Christopher joch Kelly johnson Matthew johnson Renee johnson Steven johnson Todd johnson Steven jury Todd Kaehler Carla Kapitzke Traci Karnopp Brian Kaye Lana Kempf Fritz Kidd jill K ieliszewski David Kicsling Mary Kiesling Chad Klapper Craig Klatt Todd K leinschmidt jennifer Kleist Kevin K lepps Richard Klesmit Kelly Kleveno Christopher K naack Stuart Knight joel Knorr Mark Koehn Paul Kofler Michelle Kohl Christine Kohlbeck iuivioies 99 Christopher K opeck y leffery K oslo wski Paul Kramer Peter K ram er Lyn da K ra us Chad K reikamp Michelle K ronberg Troy K ronberg Da wn K rotje Patti Krueger Brent K ubik Constance K uhr Thomas K uhr john K uka Courtenay Lace Kristin Lachey Melody LaPierre Katherine Larsen jeff La5age Eric Lassen 100 IUNIORS ' rs JUNIOR CLASSE Beyond the academic field, juniors learn job skills in drafting, graphic arts, woodworking, tech the- atre, accounting, and a host of courses offered at NHS. af hu' iw.,- Christopher Laswell jamie Lautenschlager Thomas LeBoeuf lody Lee john Lee Vernon Lee Robert LeGault Scott Lehl Chad Lehmann Paul Lehrer Tad Lepsch Todd Lepsch David Lindenberg Tami Llewellyn Linda Luka Brian Lundgren Christina Maki jeffrey Malchow Timothy Manteufel james Marohn Tammy Martin Tracy Mathison Nancy Mattes loellen Maxymek Kelly Maynard julie McAllister Michael McA voy Rebecca McFadden Andrew McLandre5s Heather McLaughlin iuivioks 101 Timothy Mertz Randy Meverden Christine Meyer Kaye Meyer Christopher Michel Andrew Millard Arthur Millard Michael Millard Harry Miller james Miller Marissa Mills Melissa Mitchler Paul Moder james Moderson jason Moede Shawnelle Monson David Moyle jane Mueller Shelly Mueller Kristine Muenzel 102 IUNIORS IUNIOR CLASSE What Could be the pur- pose of this pose? A mod- ern thinker? An updated Charles Atlas? A runner distracted as the race be- gins? Whatever. 19' Q-1 ..-ev' nl -f K n!.' M129 fy, 4 ,yffni ,ff 4 f fi f ,455 , ' Magi ,rf V- ,-: Sr, wif 1 Qgijp a 4? Q wwf A . ,ff 1 ,g "' 'Y 4 if ,,,, V .,y,, . .,.-r 1:-j ' f Z '1 Y f if fin! sri .,.a..f-- ,ff-,qwf-mf' ' l,--wf' ek ll 'fe-v--' ff" Carrie Murphy Connie Murphy Todd Murphy Stephanie Myers Tamra Nault Shawn Nelson jay Newhouse Kari Nollenberg Sarah Nornberg Philip Nordness james Northway Carrie Oashger james O'Brien Michael O'Conner Amy Oehmen Heidi Oestreich David Olsen Kim Olson Ron Olson jennifer Owens Robert Owens jennifer Pack Kim Palmer Paul Palmer Roy Park Samuel Paske jason Patzlaff Andrew Paulus Matthew Paulus William Payne IUNIORS 103 Kristen Peck Michelle Peterik Morgan Petty jason Piette Tracy Piette Laurie Polaski Sean Powell Angela Pratt Jayme Prey Christine Printz Angela Pupp Brian Pupp Michael Quimby Christopher Rada Dana Radtke Sara Randall David Rause Francis Reagan Thomas Recker jeff Reeve 104 IUNIORS IUNIOR CLASSE Still attacking the girls? For shame. juniors shoud be suave and debonair. They should certainly know the rough stuff doesn't work. Or does it? 'f."'7Y 'QIX N . ai T R..m Paul Reichel Mark Reinhardt Rebecca Reinhardt Thomas Reinke Clay Reisler Robert Retzlaff Tammi Rice Erin Riddell Matthew Ritter left' Roberts john Robertson Tammy Robinson Stacy Rogers Susan Rohrbach Christine Rucci Kevin Rust Tracey Rymer Scott Sanger Mike Sauer Shawn Savka Paul Schiller Timothy Schinker Deanna Schmidt julie Schmidt Michael Schmidt Doug Schneider Sandy Schneider Patricia Schoo lay Schraufnagel Kelly Schroeder IUNIORS 105 Todd Schroeder laymee Schubert jona Schultz Teresa Schultz Rebecca Schussman Timothy Schwandt Marnie Scovronski Melissa Scovronski Cynthia Seelow Melissa Shallow Mary Shandonay jennifer Sickels Angela Sincere Dan Sirola john Slowatyniec Michael Smith Pamela Sorenson Christine Spang Peter Spielbauer Bryan Springborn 106 IUNIORS IUNIOR CLASSE Any bit of freedom drives juniors wild. Here a group practices for the rel- ative freedom of next year when they'll have open campus, the last senior class with such a privilege. fi tx,- YZ, 'V mf -Q sy Amy Stafford Cheryl Starr Pamela Steele Scott Steinfort Steve Stevenson Troy Stichman Stacey Stielow Dawn Stinski Todd Stone Michelle Sturges Karen Sturm Kristin Stutzman Kim Sugden julie Swaab Thomas Swanson john Swenson Amy Syverson julie Talens Dana Tans David Tanvas Stephanie Taves Amy Tipler Craig Tonagel julie Totten Sara Tracy Marc Truebenbach Kelli Tucker Bernard Uhlig Paul Valentine Linda VanDyke futwotzs Kristine VanHandel Catherine VanRooy Paul VanWychen Barbara Veeser Christine Voster David Watters Sara Weinke Stacy Wetzel Carey White Bradley Wiegand April Wiegert Teresa Wilcox Elisabeth Wilhelm Renee Wilholt Eric Wingrove Morgan Wiswall Richard Witzke Tim Wockenfus Stephanie Wojtowicz jordan Wolf 108 IUNIORS IUNIOR CLASSE IUNIOR POWER! These girls are ready to take over the world. Watch out for next year when their power becomes senior power. Should be an interesting year. .L Ay' Q--::' S 1' I , Lf- nv-.-ix nu- ...X ,4--"' 5. t's xf t"N. jUNlOR5 NOT PICTURED jesse Alberts Troy Babbitts Matthew Baumann Deanna Berendsen Roy Beyer Sean Briggs Sandra Bunnell Michael Chick Michael Connolly Michael Cronin Richard Getschow Robert Gilman cs ccee ir ' - Q fi N V -1, ,' .tx 5 '5'ffg9. l ,fa Q. 1 ' t I- wi 3 3, ' Emanuel Gutierrez Tammy K use jesse Malone Kelly Monday Marie Morey Dennis Parker Todd Pierret john Plymesser Steven Prosek Susan Roberts Timothy Scheider Dyan Schindler gnu 'VR ,hw Above left: Greg ferociously attacks another assignment. Above right: Planning ahead for the future at the Educational Fair. Below left: Pay attention to the teacher, jaymee. Dawn Wollersheim julia Wrchota Vicki Young Ken Zarda Daniel Zehner Matthew Zehner Gregory Ziegert Beth Zimmerman Angela Zoglman Ni 5 :at fit Q- is IUNIORS 109 SP OR TS gzergg t...:zf.-fs 225:15 e.fix::s,a:::,:se:,:xf,:.f:::1::r:fa ,rsiMS"i?,.' Q A 55 W P ss af. Q :fs Q s www? Aj S, twig M2 Jaw an we 2 igfl 5 gigm We 2' V' Kzamdfw jwegfivnb v g1:1:f:.1.:g,...s..-:v:4.::.g.51m3S, M, te,a:fm.Y.M.M.W-1 K f-wsgzeepsymxmxxm Wsszsrgixgstsxtzttzmszams ztsezaeawas fs a.z',t. .fs ,, :Q msg . 2: :,. f if J , 5 ESE:szisymwmfimmftaaifxszzavsssggxfafgzegfigswww if SL t W : Ei 2 F 5 52 Y was wwf:-ws: szsfszatfsfsxtsm ts, its :tt ' efsgwggt fssmzma sm.. at , , ,. ,..awMss:1..,,.,..w..m..Wiagyf... . , .,.m.,.a,a:m,sE..wg. gf, .2n.2..t..,.aW.m3g.. Being an athlete in Neenah takes dedication. What kind of dedication? The kind that re- quires long hours of practice: staying after school to shoot that extra basket, to practice on the balance beam, or to lift those ex- tra weights. Playing sports in Neenah means expecting teachers to understand when the athlete leaves class early or when he falls asleep because he was up late doing homework after a game that lasted until 10:00 p.m. These problems allow the teacher and the student to work as a team. Faculty and students alike know that Neenah has pride. However, behind the hard work there is a sense of accom- plishment. Smiles from teammates keep a Rocket going. Best of all, there is 'no pride like that felt when an athlete puts on a Neenah uniform. ff,,,,., ,, ,ft.f,,t,,, -1 ,1,,,, f f '11 r I . , j "' -A+, . , , Y .'.',, 7, .... .,.,,,,,.' I Left: Opponents beware, another smashing return. Center: Practice makes perfect. Right: The ultimate date for prom. Filmstrip: So homores have spirit. P Running the last mile. Please, God, don't let it come to me! Security isn't really necessary, or is it? 110 SPOR TS -Sk fisirfg 'sk ,X .K x -5 of -as ag, ,vw Q v 'w 1 3 ka.,,..,- Q, gan SWK ff-af 5 .i ,xy JN Q xaxl ,Q MQN 'S it ,QQ f L,L. s.-wfl' 1 3 Q , x.., SPOR TS Row 1: Maggie McCarragher, Tami Whitlinger, Amy Zim- merman, Cathy Farrell, lenni- fer Sickels, jennifer Salisbury, Coach Ben DeDecker. Row 2: Kim Sarnecki, Teri Whit- linger, Michelle Ducayet, lodi Strebel, Katie Skeans, Susan Rohrbach. ..-,pu ROCKETS DOM! ATE STATE For the Neenah Varsity Tennis team it was an exciting weekend down in "Mad" town during the WIAA state tennis tournament. Although Neenah took 1st in both singles and doubles, they placed 2nd to Brookfield Central, losing by two points. For the fourth year in a row, Tami Whitlinger captured the state title in singles competion. ln her four years she has accumulat- ed 105 singles victories. She easily took first with winning sets of 6- 1, 6-0. Teri Whitlinger has also won four state doubles titles, with three different partners. This year she was paired off with Cathy Far- rell. They managed to beat a Brookfield Central duo 6- 1, 6- 1. This year's state tournament marked the realization of a goal 112 SPOR TS LOVE is that the Whitlinger twins set four years ago - four straight titles. They equaled the record of their Uncle john Whitlinger who also won four straight state champion- ships for Neenah High. Senior Amy Zimmerman and lodi Strebel, a Shattuck freshman, also participated in the doubles tournament. With the Whitlingers leading the way, the Rockets dominated conference play placing no. 1 in the F VA. Neither Whitlinger lost a conference match in their four years at Neenah. At the end of the season, Tami and Teri shared the Most Valuable Award. Catherine Farrell was named Most Improved and Mi- chelle Ducayet won the Team Spirit title. Amy Zimmerman was named team captain. Q gy State champion Tami Whitlinger won 210 straight sets her four years of playing for the Rockets l DOUBLES CHAMPS 1 . in '7 ' .,1, 'VVVV J E- ',AVV 5 Q, 5 Farrell Whitlinger SCOREBOARD Neenah Quad Appleton East Oshkosh North Kimberly Menasha Nicolet Quad Appleton West Neenah Triang. Kaukauna Oshkosh West Madison West Quad Conference De Pere Sectionals State jV'S KEEP NHS TRADITION At left: jennifer demonstrates Rocket power. Below: lodi keeps her eye on the ball. 1st Won Won Won Won 3rd Won 1st Won Won 1st lst Won 1st 2nd t. .vs Keeping the tradition of Rocket supremacy alive, the IV girls ten- nis team took a first place in the Fox Valley Association with 9 wins against no losses. In their two games against Appleton West, Neenah won lop-sided victories, 15-0 and 14-3. Kaukauna was also shut out by the Rockets. Row 1: lodi Crinsel, Kelsey Geisler, Kari Harold, Claudia Scherrer, Tiffany Werner, Susan Herzberg, Nicole Frola. Row 2: Marilyn Spoehr, coach, Tracy Bartlett, Salli Fischer, Kristie Smith, Ann Henshaw, Kathy Wasco, Christy Berven. Absent: Carey Flanagan. SPOR TS 1 13 -www guan- MEET THE ROCK E TS Row 1: john Gerstner, jay Cartwright, john Banczak, Mike Brantmeier, Charlie Smith, Sean Perry, Todd Thompson, Scott Hall. Row 2: Keith Cason-Gossett, joe Knaack, Chris Bero, jerry Vils, Arden Kuhn, jim Fahrenkrug, Chris Sievert, 'Steve Camber, Steve Laux. Row 3: Dick johnson, Bruce Rasmussen, Ted Kevin Rust, Bunky Brophy, jeff Brighum, Mark K oehn, Al jankowski, Kevin Dennis, Dan Sirola. Row 6: Todd Stone, Clay Reisler, jim Marohn, jim Northway, Sean Powell, Mike Connolly, Brian Brost, joe Knorr, Shayne Gauthier. Absent: Mike Millard, jeff Carew, Glen Francart. Thomsen, Craig Sachs, Tom Swanson, Mike Palmer, Troy Armstrong, Dan Kearny, john Gilmore, Gary Parker. Row 4: Keith Becher, Randy Erdmann, Greg Ziebert, john Swenson, joe Beard Matt Zehner, Phil Nordness, Roger Charlier, Dave K iesling, john Robertson, Greg Berven. Row 5: Steve johnson, Stuart Knight, WILDCATS CLOSE GAMES FOR ROCKETS Three Rockets were named to the All- Conference first team: Steve Camber and Mike Brantmeier at running back and Steve Laux at linebacker. john Gerstner was named to the second team at defensive back and received hon- orable mention at wide receiver. Also named to the second team were joe Knorr, Chris Bero, and Charlie Smith. jim Northway, Chris Sievert, joe Knaack, and Shayne Gauthier received honorable mention. Camber, Smith and Laux shared the captain's honor. Camber and Brantmeier were named M VP's. Other awards includ- ed Smith as lineman of the year, Bero as defensive player, Northway and Dan Sir- ola as most improved linemen, Bunky Brophy as most improved back, Laux, Spirit and Big Play Awards, and Bero, Big Hit Award. 1 14 SPOR TS in No peeking at the camera. You should be paying attention to the coach. ,,,n,,L WWW . way. At left.' Get ready for the hand off Below left: Practicing the rush, Below center: Blockers lead the Below right: Great kicking form. Row 1: Tim Lund, Rod Callum, Kevin Gilbert, Bret Donaldson, jason Hartfiel, Ryan johnson, Dan McClone, Simon DeRuyter, Craig Hass, Mike Rieden. Row 2: Coach Bob Totten, Rod Hayward, Tom Moe, Eric Rasmussen, Scott Gawlick, Scott Printz, Greg Koller, Kevin Da- vis, leff Paske, Ryan Wubben. Row 3: Coach Lew Zielsdortj lohn Mueller, justin Freier, Eric Schweitzer, Brian Sawyer, Mark Hobart, Bob Mittelstaedt, Tag Vine, Mike Gerstner, Brad King, Mike McMillan. Row 4.' Brad Gilbert, Shane Roh, Gregg K uhlow, Tom Gehrt, Bret Carley, Kevin Rule, Dave McLaren, Kevin Voss, Scott Hooyman, Rob Reilly. SPOR TS 1 15 ROCKETS WIAA CHAMPS For the second straight year Neenah became the WIAA state soccer champi- ons in an overtime win over Madison West 1-0. After 80 minutes of regu- lation play and two over- times, the Regents and Rockets were locked in a scoreless tie. By WIAA rules such contests are then de- cided by sudden victory penalty kicks. When Sam Nail stopped Madison West's third kick, the Rockets were declared winners. Neenah ended their sea- son with a 22-2 record, a 12 match winning string, and 11 straight shut outs. Two Madison teams, West and Memorial, were the only teams to defeat the Rockets. To reach the finals, Neenah defeated Home- Row 1: Pat Boswell, Sam Nail. Row 2: Coach Kel- derman, Fritz Kidd, Todd Gorshe, Mark Cross, Tip Brown, Chris Cianciola, Hans Hemes, james Nash, Pam Florek. Row 3: David Lindenberg, David Priest, Ron Smead, Matt Willey, Mark Bogan, Scott Roh, Mike Konsek, Kris Kel- derman, Mike Hill, K irstin Cox. 116 SPOR T5 stead, Brookfield East, and Milwaukee South in the se- mifinals. In conference play, the Rockets again defeated all Fox Valley comers. Eleven conference contests were shut outs as Neenah contin- ued its domination of north- east Wisconsin soccer. Scott Roh, Matt Willey, Mark Bogan, and Kris Kel- derman shared the season's Captains Award. K elderman was also named Most Valu- able Player and Willey re- ceived the Spirit Award. All conference first team members include Rob An- sems, Bogan, Chris Cianciola, Mike Hall, Kelderman, Nail, jim Nash, David Priest, Roh, Ron Smead, and Willey. Da- vid Lindenberg was named to the 2nd team. Above: just a friendly word of advice. At right: The joy of victory. lllllllllllllllllll'lllllllllllll -ss wi W 11,4 fwf .. ,Q .X A A-I .w Q 1, -gli iff .QI y M -' f, K 7 at . K g K. - f p L r' Az. y A ' 'f' f f ' ,L fa N ,-Pgff A nl A., ,Qi 9 KN.. R H K W" 'ug f -'--' L Q , 51 f n S ' I -i.1,,,i- W Kj V VW-1, l , , 22 'fx ,f 'F ' ' 1 ff? g . i X Q QL ?.....7,.,,N X :g il W I- ,L Q . 11 wg, K K :L 1 K- -M Q 4 fx ,J V - f f' -fi! - S. 1: Q X, X 9 Q 4 -A . f 7 f I 1 1 1 " H Q. V Xi J .. 'QI I " 'f' , if ff: V ' ' ,, Q wk QM .. ,,v., x-,E-JP Z: W 'C wir' ' W 5 if . - QLZEW' H? ww 13' 2 b. ., . ., L I QQ at . U5 Row 1: Lisa Hohenwalter, Shelly Sturges, Teresa Hase, Melissa Harder, Dawn Wollersheim, Kristin Stutzman Tara Koplien Carolyn Piantek, Dawn Krotje. Row 2: Coach Ken Boivin, Kathy D'Amico, Angie Sincere, Tracey Rymer Sara Randall Lynn Krueger, Lisa Harding, Jodi Quick, Heather Halverson, leni Baker. SE TTERS, SPIKERS BUILD With six wins and eight losses, the Rocket varsity team placed below .500 for the sea- son. ln the Neenah Invitational, the girls took a 4th place. Teresa Hase garnered three of the end of the year awards as captain, Outstanding Hitter and Outstanding Blocker. Carolyn Piantek was named Outstanding Setter, and Man- ager Kathy D'Amico received the Coach's Award. Melissa Harder, Lisa Harding, D'Amico, Hase, Lisa Hohenwalter, Tara Koplien, Lynn Krueger, Pian- tek, jodi Quick, Sara Randall, Angie Sincere, Shelly Sturges, and Kristin Stutzman all let- tered. 118 SPOR TS No fair holding the ball! 'ew ,nga "' ff? Muwm ROCKET GOLFERS IMPROVE CA DDY SHACK ,L Row 1: Sharon lermstad, Tammy Burns, Annette Berton, Cory Ulbrich. Row 2: Missy Shallow, Katie Larsen, jenny Busche, Alison Aarons. 120 SPOR T5 SCOREBOARD Opponent Resul Horton ville Wil Appleton East L os Appleton West L os. Oshkosh Los. Horton ville L os: Appleton East L os: Appleton West Los: Conference Fiftl Regional Fiftl Top left: Concentration is the key to any good drive. Bottom left: A wood shot from the trees always requires skill. Center: Offering advice is the coach 's job. Right: Checking the opposition's drive. Row 7: julie Milazzo, Lori Moede, Gretchen jensen, Renee Weyenberg, jill Meuller, Cheri Charlier, Teri Bresnahan, Erika Kinzler, jodi Wuethrich, Ingrid Ehrlich, Tammy Krasin, Turi Kalfahs, Erika Beck, Shelly Mueller, Liz Falk, Missy Bellin, Sheri Pilon. Row 2: Katie Perry, Cappy Counard Shawn jurgella, Cory Elizabeth Payne, Lisa Shulfer, jennifer Czech Counard Kim Hood Amy Buchanan, Marga- Karin Tans, Kim Sugden, Heather Ely, Laurie ret Hayward Kori Kutscher, Patti Shutt, Katy P0li1Skf, Kim Curry, Sue W9fSSl73l'lf7, TfiCf3 Vine, Chris Spang, Amy Eaton, Katie Crowe, Notzke, Lori Schuelke. Row 4: Lisa Kingston Tina Zenisek. Row 3: Mike Schuelke, Sandy , ROW 55 Dana MO6'0'6. Schneidewend, Marti Schreier, Katy Draves, SWIMMERS THIRD: FVA Panther Relays D.C. Everest Eau Claire Memorial Oshkosh West Sheboygan South Two Rivers Terror Relays Appleton West Ashwaubenon Invit. Appleton East D.C. Everest Invit. Oshkosh North Ashwaubenon Conference Fourth Win Loss Win Win Win Fourth L oss Fifth Win Fifth Win L oss Third Rocket swimmers took third place in the Fox Valley Association with four wins and two losses. In the conference meet, Neenah also finished third with a winning performance by the 200 medley relay squad of Cappy and Cory Counard, Shawn jurgella, and Katie Perry and Cappy Counard's record breaker in the 100 breaststroke. At the sectional Neenah took a fifth. State WIAA participants, Cappy and Cory Counard, scored nine points. Cory placed 10th in the 100 butterfly and Cappy was 15th in the 100 breast- stroke. End of the season award winners included the Counard twins as Most Valuable Swimmers. Cheri Charlier received the Spirit Award' Shawn jugella was named Most Improved. Dana Moede and Lisa Kingston were honored as Captains and Sandy Schneiderwend received the Coach 's Award. SPOR TS MONARD, OWEN5 AT STATE I ., 4, Row 1: Kim falmer, managerg Chris Flanner, Cathy Pichon, Kari Vedder, Kay Monard, Dawn Swanson, julie Totten, manager. Row 2: jeanette Scribner, manager, Renee johnson, Cheryl MacPhetridge, Lori jesse, Carolyn Heinen, Cathy Gilmore, jenny Owens, Amy Garlock, Ron Fedenko, coach. Kay Monard and jenny Amy Garlock, Monard and Owens represented Neenah in Owens were named to the Fox the WIAA state meet in Fond Valley Association all-confer- du Lac where Monard finished ence team. Cheryl MacPhe- 19th and Owens 8th, Owens tridge and Lori jesse received was named to the all-state honorable mentions. Garlock team. and Cathy Gilmore were In the Class A Sectional named co-captains. Carolyn Owens finished 4th and Mon- Heinen received the Spirit ard 5th to lead Neenah to a 6th Award. Lori jesse shared the place in team standings. In the Most Improved Award with Fox Valley Association race, the Monard, and Owens won the Rockets returned to a first Most Valuable Player Award. place finish. btxk 215- ...Z 'Ks . Q SSSQNXSXK . ,S X S 'Sl A' saw is N sf? ees A if 535333 .xibggi QM q , . Q ,sa g a F - at S A K. . L, V , I ' 5- -V 'NNE V :e r m ..: f .,,,, t awk . as Qt A .?S2.Sv- 5 ' - t . -. 1 . . K at . A ft. s .. VV' - Q X Q 'wif . 32, anemia R X At left: Leading the pack. Above: Sticking together means points for the girls who finish in the top ten. 122 SPORTS GIRLS SCOREBOARD Opponent Result Menasha Rhinelander lnvit Shawano Invit Wauwatosa Invit r Kettle Moraine lnvit Quad tSept. 301 Quad lOct. 71 r Crusader Invit. Conference Meet Sectional Opponent Menasha BO YS SCOREBOARD Rhinelander lnvit Shawano Invit Wauwatosa East Invit 13th Kettle Moraine lnvit Quad. lSept. 302 2nd Quad. fOct, 7j Crusader Invit. 10th Conference 3rd WIAA Sectional Result ROCKET BOYS THIRD I FVA Row 1: Pat Eifler, john Paske, Steve Scherck, john Hodges, Reid johnson, Row 2.' Aaron Pues, Todd Kriese, jeff Reeve, Alex Scribner, Barry Tebon, Coach Tom jensen. Taking third in the Fox Valley As- sociation conference meet, Neenah harriers continued a building pro- gram. ln the WIAA Sectionals the team took a 9th place. jeff Reeve was named aII-confer- ence after a 4th place finish in the conference meet. Aaron Pues was named Most Improved, and Reeve, the Most Valuable Player. Alex Scribner was named team captain, and Barry Tebon received the Spirit Award. Scribner won his 4th letter, Todd Kriese, Reeve, and Tebon won their 2nd, and Steve Scherck, Pues, john Paske, Reid johnson, and john Hodges their 1st, .74 ,aff K ttf, A . , f Q I I' Xtr' 1 473,'-' 'V . ::,,4,.1f. I f Y , Wa- ,- awww. L n- Qwest vw vffagff I 1' f .Wait ' f , 1 5. ,gzffw WN: ' E " ,. A ,' - 'M 4 7. U't?,,r'm.', ' . Above left: Gaining ground. Above right: Hitting the wall on the final sprint. Center: Holding off the competition. SPOR TS 123 CHEERING FOR THE ROCKET5 RED AND WHITE VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD: Row 1: ' Carrie Oashger, Shelly Carlson, Stacy Whiting, Kim Olson, laymee Schubert. Row 2: lane Bond, Kelly Day, Gail Paul- son. 124 SPOR TS VARSITY SOCCER SQUAD: Row 1: Letha Morrison, Cathy Arndt. Row 2: Amy Floriano, Mimi Krutz. - .. fx- ff- ww' ,, , x X . ....---- W, as . ,, f, 5' , is !4f S Q ,M 4 , x, N ' D K xxx' - D' Support for athletics at Neenah High is provided by N-Club. Fund raisers such as the Friday night homecoming dance, sale of state soccer t-shirts, sale of programs at the state soccer tourna- ment, coat checking at basketball games, and the Winterfest dance pro- vide the money needed for projects. This year the club bought frames for the track records in the fieldhouse and team towels for the swimmers. Officers are Kelly Day, Tracy Waskiewicz, and Karrie Becher. Row 7: Michael Schuelke, Chris Printz, Sarah Tracy, Jody Harpt. Row 2: Kelly Day, lane Bond. Row 3: Tracy Waskiewicz, Karrie Becher, TEAMS E IOY SUPPORT 'Y C0295 O gi 200 One of the most impor- tant aspects of any game is the support that parents give. Several sports at Neenah enjoy the help of booster clubs. But for any sport, fans and parents are often one and the same. SPOR TS After defeating Two Rivers in the WIAA sectional tour- nament, the Rockets fell to Fond du Lac 62-60 in the first overtime stanza. The Rockets, first in Fox Valley Associ- ation conference play, ended the season with a 21-3 re- cord. The all junior starting line up won the Class A WIAA regional championship with a 52-49 win over Oshkosh North, the only conference team to defeat the Rockets during the regular season. Two Neenah players were elected to the All-Fox Valley Association first team which was also dominated by ju- niors. Craig Donaldson and jerry Curtin joined the six member team. Paul Valentine was elected to the seven player second unit. Coach Ron Einerson was selected coach of the year for the sixth time. Donaldson and Valentine were elected co-captains. Valentine also received the Spirit Award. ln addition, Donaldson was elected Most Valuable Player and received the Rebounding Award. Greg Berven was named Assistant Leader. At right: Getting ready to strike! Below: Now that's good rebounding position ROCKET5 THIRD IN STATE i 128 SPOR T5 Kneeling: Greg Patovlsti lohn Gerstner Greg Berven Paul Valentine john Carlson Kent Rohde. Standing: Rich Paske Sam Paske Dave Halverson Kevin Rule Craig Donaldson jerry Curtin, jim Lauson, Ron Emerson Don Flunker , I A Q A 'V , 5 . W R lm? VN - v f A .L , fi Q , A , if , 1 . l , 7 Cas: E- 511 ' 'XlG5iEifR7'?Sb. E At left: A mighty leap! Scoreboard: Collision on the Court. Below.' Hey, where's the ball? Y. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A4 MWA, ,,WMwfw I f 'V f 5 CONFERENCE SCOREBOARD ' E , Opponent Result 9,0 , , Appleton - East Win 9, fi, ' Oshkosh-North Win V -' .V 3 W wg at Kimberly Win in ,gy fi my V' 'J I' , it Menasha Win E " Q, , km' Appleton-West Win ' if A 4 ,", Oshkosh-West Win , , E ' I Kaukauna Win A 4 ' :,.2 V E' Appleton-East Win V ,R-if Oshkosh-North Loss w h. ,,.,. ' in 'Vg W Kimberly Win :ug ' " .rf Menasha Win .Il I . 4 Appleton-West Win ,-R ff' Kaukauna Win ' ' - EY LLM., A -S ig A III I I IIIIIIII I I Row 1: Rich Klesmit, Tip Brown, joe Knorr, Art Millard. Row 2: Sam Paske, Andrew Mclandress, Morgan Wiswall, Rich Paslce, jeff Paske. JUNIOR RESERVE BASKETBALL SPOR T5 129 SOME CAME RUNNING I LEARNING TO PRODUCE I jV GIRLS' TEAM Kneeling: Shelly johnson, Kari Leuthold, Sharon Bachman, Cathy Schaidler, Kim Sarnecki, jodi Strebel. Stand- ing: jennifer Terrien, Lisa Breitrick, Heidi jensen, Lisa Kreklow, jenny Schultz, Christy Berven, jenny Larsen. IV BO YS' TEAM Kneeling: Mike Porsche, Pat Sorensen, Mike Neal, Mike Gerstner, Brad Miller, Andy Semrad, john Paske. Standing: Coach Don Flunker, Dan McClone, Kevin Rogers, Drew Fesler, Martin Day, Andy Wilke, Brett Donaldson, Brad Duchaine, justin Freier, Manager jeff Paske. 130 SPOR TS Kneeling: Vicki Stanke, Dawn Wollersheim, Shelly Sturges, Carolyn Piantek, Pam Florek, Amy Zimmerman, Cathy Gil- more. Standing: Kim Palmer, Bob Totten, Patti Schoo, Terri Schmidt, Lori jesse, Paula Barnes, Angie Sincere, julie Totten, len- ny Baker. HERE COMES THE FUTURE At left: That's not really a thumbs up sign from the opponent. Above: Tangles of arms fight for the ball. Is there a foul there, ref? SPOR TS 13 1 ROCKET GRAPPLERS BUILD REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT Row 1: Tim Schinker, Bob Donato, jason Burns, leff Don- Bugge, Shane Howe, Ron Schemmel, leff Carew Coach ato, Sebastian Sample, Tim Wockenfus, Row 2: Brian Dris- R011 K Ubiak. coll, -Dave McLaren, Russ Stern, Bob Mittelstaedt, Sven Neenah's grapplers ended their season with one conference win, five losses and a tie for a sixth place finish in the Fox Valley Association. In regional competition the team was fifth and at sectional 12th. jason Burns and leff Donato were elected co-captains. Donato also scored the most pins at 12, and Burns had the most take- downs. Burns was also selected the Most Valuable Player. Letter winners include Dave Berry, jeff Carew, Bob Donato, jeff Donato, Shane Howe, Dave McLaren, Bob Mittestaedt, Ron Schemmel, Tim Schinker, Tim Wockenfus, Sven Bugge, and Sebastian Sample. 132 SPOR TS L A new type of piggy-back ride. ,xx ARSITY SCOREBOARD tford L 055 aukee Win wa ukee Marquette L oss lington Win berly L oss lin Loss enah Invitational 6th upaca L oss kosh West Loss w London Win leton Tie leton -East L oss kosh North L oss W nasha Win V' ders In vitational 5th aski ln vita tional 7th Row 1: Nathan Novak, Gary Swanson, Matt Mueller, Lance Thompson, Robert Donato, Craig Hass, Scott Vanoutenhoven. Row 2: Coach Chuck Wheaton, Mark Kofnetka, Darin Hyrdahl, Trevor Davis, Tom Swanson, Sven Bugge, Chad Strozewski, Scottie Zander, Coach Ron K ubiak. :N-A5553 F136 33 Sw xdt C 51 if FJ 63 V At left: Getting ready for a pin. Below left: That's tellin' 'em, coach! Below right: Ouch, now that hurts. IU IOR VARSITY F Q. J XKQ 'bl egg?-lui C 5 U X' L, 5355 Q99 i QL. Qi: WH CQTQ Q C,5XJQeJ'w L6-. Q X' ,S Q3 -5-S-Q5-fi T K 'DXSPORTS 3 g, Neenah High's. gymnastics team placed eighth in the WIAA state competition in Wisconsin Rapids. Haley Har- bor finished seventh in all- around competition. She placed tenth in vault and 20th on the balance beam. Kristine Muenzel was 22nd on the un- even bars. The Rockets qualified for state with a second place in the WIAA sectional meet. Harbor placed second in vault, third on balance beam and second in all-around competition. Muen- zel took a fifth on the uneven bars. julie Behnke was named the Most Improved Gymnast, and Muenzel received the Most Valuable Player Award. Sally jack was elected captain, and jenny K leist, co-captain. ff, Row 1: Kristine Muenzel, jenny K leist. Row 2: lill Ackerman, Sally jack, Kari Harold, Haley Harbor Angela Parker. Row 3: Coach Beth Diedrich, Kelly Brownson, julie Behnke, Angie Barbiere, Wendy Hildebrand Becky Barley, Collette Smith. HANDS TANDS FOR ROCK E T5 A 1. Above Up up and away' At right: Fun on the bus'lightens up those long trips. r J 134 SPOR T5 POM PONS E TER TAI VARSITY SQUAD Row 1: Tracy Waskiewicz, Andrea Heck, Stephanie Taves, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Kelli Tucker, jennifer Pack, Dawn Devine, Patti Krueger, Sara Weinke. Row 2: Shelly Kron- berg, jenny Goetz, Christy Armentrout, Haley Harpt, jennifer Quinn, Maryann Marinin, jane Brotski, jamie Lautenschlager, Marissa Mills, Karrie Becher. IV SQUAD Row 1: Sarah Collins, Laurie Lovedale, Sara Collar, Amy Malchow, Katie Devine, Terri Gill, Kelsey Geisler. Row 2: Wendy Arm- strong, Marybeth Olson, Sonya Craig, Peggy Seitz, Lisa Shulfer, jodi Grinsel, Kate Gorny. 135 bww :gi Ref if Ria... .. . f ! ., X.,-. 83 hw? ' 4 Q k . E . ,Y 2 , i gi 3 A K lf? fhf f 9 MI- ' , Q I .ff - 9' X., . Ju. ,. Q Ni king 1 'E 11 t x if 449. 1 K X 1 M .f Vg .QQ ' j 0 . . in Sgswivi " 138 SPOR T5 -N -SX X -f Rx N xx , ON Y 'fs 'X XNX X I xi 5 'ff X x W' 5 . . S ff' Y4 4 Q "vw-nw4 ,mrs EU as A-il. SPOR T5 SOPHO ORES Sophomores. In Greece we would be considered "wise mo- rons." At Armstrong we are con- sidered scum and told to 'go back to Shattuck. " Despite being the butt of every joke in school, life at Armstrong has proved to have some advan- tages over life in junior high. Be- ing able to cross the parking lot, however deep the snow is, how- ever many times a girl's hair goes flat, or however her mascara runs, certainly is better than the feeling of spending time at Alcatraz with parole on weekends. We will be the first class not to get open campus when we are seniors. Our style has also been cramped by new requirements such as health and speech classes. Despite whatever obstacles get in our way, the class of '89 will tri- umph. My-f,taww Left: Era plus . . . friend. it Center: Math is just soooo much fun. Right: just like Rocky, sophomores will win at last. Filrnstrip: Oh, come now. l'm not that gullible. Smiles from a Rocket backer. The last of the big foots. Really, dahling, check out those specs. 740 SOPHOMORES QW '+ 4 Ln-. SOPHOMORE5 747 Heather Ables jill Ackerman Eric Andersen Leland Anderson Michael Anderson Mari Armentrout Wendy Armstrong Patricia Arndt Lori Arrowood Sharon Bachman Carrie Baehman Victoria Balbach Angela Barbiere Anthony Bartman Mary Baxter Erika Beck Alyn Beckman Patrick Began jessica Bennetts Polly Bergner jason Bergstrom Tanya Beyer Tammy Beyer Amy Bierman Terri Biettler Tina Blair jennifer Blanchfield lason Blank Corby Blansette Deborah Bletzinger 142 SOPHOMORES K. eo- fr ,Q mn -..n,,, ,-,yy - W 4 , nk lik U Hfiw . if 1 f. -tf ,,' ,any .1 f If SOPHOMORE ANTICS Piling together keeps the sophomores warm in English after another trek across the parking lot. Some tenth grad- ers make the grueling trip four to five times a day. Angela Block Frederick Block Laura Block Eugene Boland Tina Bonnell Cynthia Bonnin julie Borden Scott Bork Brian Boyd Christopher Breier Michelle Breister Lisa Breitrick Scott Breunig Diane Brouillard jennifer Brown Stephen Brown Patrick Bruss Laura Brygger Gregory Buckingham Nanette Bugenhagen SOPHOMORES 3 Tim Buhrandt Louise Burnside Laurie Canfield Bret Carley Kristin Case Amy Ciske Nathan Ciske Lisa Clough Sara Collar Sarah Collins Renee Conant jeffrey Cox Sonya Craig Brenda Cross Katherine Crowe Paul Czap Michael D'Amico Mary Danner Kevin Davis Lisa Davis Martin Day Dale DeCoster Dennis Delrow jennifer DeNicoIis Scott Dennis Simon Deruyter Leonard De5antos Katie Devine Brett Donaldson Robert Donato 144 SOPHOMORE5 0 Vw' ,, 'M' fi! -.fav ' 3 15.17 vrwr M., x ff W,- SOPHOMORE ANTICS Friends make coming to school worthwhile. In fact, many of us wouldn 't be here if we didn't have their support through study halls, biology, Western Cultures and speech. Chad Dorton Brian Driscoll Bradley Duchaine Charles Duchateau Tracy Duessing james Dull Scott Dunsirn Amy Eaton Ross Elertson Angela Fahrenkrug Elizabeth Falk jason Fellows Pamela Fenner Andrew Fesler Kristin Fetters Carey Flanagan Christine Flanner Wade Fletcher Timothy Fluette Shannon Folske SOPHOMORES 145 Tammy Frank Susan Franz justin Freier Becky Friedauer Kristen Funk Victoria Gambsky Keith Gauger Scott Gawlick Thomas Gehrt Kelsey Geisler jennifer Gerdin Michael Gerstner Michael Gelzlaff Theresa Gill jennifer Gloede Georgia Gmeiner jennifer Godec Alesha Golden Erin Kate Gorny Sheri Green Timothy Gregory jodi Grinsel Alison Griswold Rebecca Gruetzmacher Linda Grunske janet Hadler Donald Hahn Kelly Hall judith Hamilton Rebecca Hans 146 SOPHOMORE5 wear.-xx f . 'V X Qu? SOPHOMORE ANTICS Kelsey's vacation made her miss a test., Now she has all that makeup work to do. ls the hall really the best place to work? Trip anybody up, Kel- sey? Y? iff Gwendolyn Hanson Jody Harpt Todd Harrington jason Hartfiel Craig Hass Scott Hauser Rodney Hayward Tina Hendriks Shannon Hering jennifer Hill Kathryn Hinkfuss Mark Hobart lohn Hodges Troy Hoffman Tammy Hohnberger Kimberly Hood Elizabeth Hooper Scott Hooyman Scott Howard Lisa Hoyman SOPHOMORES 147 Kristin Isaacsen Sally Jack Sean jackson Stephanie Jacobs Trista Jacobs Katie Jacobsen Bonnie Jarosinski Ann Jensen Heidi Jensen Michael Jesse Brenda Johnson Eric Johnson Jill Johnson Pamela Johnson Ryan Johnson Shelly Johnson Steven Jones Turi Kalfahs Phillip K eberlein Brian K eddell Danford Kern Shawn Kiesau Kelly Kilpatrick Bradley King Kim K itzinger Tony K labunde Stacy Klapper Jennifer Klein Kevin Klitz Patricia Knoll 148 SOPHOMORES TL-,f'X-"x, ,,p, 6 'fe SOPH OM OR E ANTICS Fred is absolutely awe- struck by the dimensions of his lab problem. With all the help that Brad can give, the group should be able to mud- dle their way through. ,..f"' Wki, fo ..--f"""'JQ J' w i f n Alisa Knutson jessica K oeppel Michael K ohanski Gregory Koller Steven Konsek Brian K on winski Tina K rablean Michael K rasin L eann Kraus Richard K ra use Todd K riese Brian Krueger Gwen Krueger Tammy Krueger Carrie K uehl Kimberly K ugler Gregg K uhlow Christine Kuhn K ori K utscher Mark Lamb SOPHOMORES jenny Larsen Dan Larson Beverly Layton Steven Leboeuf Mark Lehl Donald Leibold Nancy Lella Mark Lemke Aaron Lenius Pamela Lenz Kari Leuthola' Kathryn Lewis Lionel Lloyd Kevin Londerville lennifer Lotzer Laurie Lovedale Ronald Lutz Giang Luu Khou Ly Cheryl MacPhetridge Amy Malchow Patricia Marinin Kelly Marquardt Eric Martin jennifer Martino Todd Martzahl Margaret McCarragher Daniel McClone ludy McGinnis Eian Mckinley 150 SOPHOMORES ...eps -fx L Msffgm .A .... ' - , :N R- Sf-2 e LV 1 ivy-.L -q. k 2. :gk -...f h kk K . ,ILAA ,,,. tzez 5 as v MW 1' Ii,-r nf' , f N, Q79 V' S OPHOM ORE ANTICS One thing that the sopho- more class is not short of is pretty girls. Right, juniors and seniors? Every fall the upper- classmen observe the new beauties as they arrive at NHS. --Q. D' 'QM .Qs 5 Xl a.....u x ,X David Mclaren Michael McMillan Sean McQuillan julie Medsker Anthoney Meyer Heidi Meyer Kimberly Meyer Sheila Meyer Bradley Miller Dennis Miller joel Miller Brandy Mindorff Greta Minks Robert Mittelstaedt Tom Moe Tammy Monahan Kayann Monard Brenda Morgan johna Mosher Emily Mueller SOPHOMORES 151 john Mueller Susanne Muntner Matthew Muthig Tara Nack Michael Neal Lorinda Neerhof Eddy Nehring jason Neitzel Lana Newhouse Michael Noll jodi Noordyk Heidi Oehmen Brian Olinger Chad Olsen jason Olsen Marybeth Olsen joshua O'Mara jolene Orlando justine Ortiz Scott Otto Ara Pachmayer Chad Pagel Andrew Parker jeff Paske john Paske Barbara Paulson Lisa Pawlacyk Michele Payne Kristine Pedersen Vicki Peotter 152 SOPHOMORES fe' X .4-f V www SOPHOMORE ANTICS Lunchroom frolics in the fieldhouse help break up the drudgery of the day. Al- though 29 minutes is not much time, the students make the most of what is allowed. K me X, fvTx5 mpg, 'W sltt, ,RQ fpfyvp Katie Perry julie Peters Glenn Peterson Robert Peterson Tracy Peterson Keith Phillips Catherine Pichon Frank Pivonka Shane Plath Greg Polley Chris Popp jeffrey Porath Michael Porsche Amanda Price Tracy Price Scott Printz K erie Puechner Aaron Pues Monica Quinn Anu Raatikainen SOPHOMORE5 153 jennifer Ramsey Erik Rasmussen john Rathert Christine Rause Rhonda Rawls Kathy Reese Robert Reilly Kelly Reinert Ryan Relien jill Resch Kelly Resch Steven Reuss Daniel Reuter Michael Rieden Eric Roal Ann Robertson Kevin Rogers Shane Roh Susan Romnek jamie Root Sherri Ross jarrod Rubick Ronnette Rubsam Kevin Rule Wendy Ryder Kim Sarnecki Stephanie Sauriol Brian Sawyer Catherine Schaidler joan Schaper 754 SOPHOMORES Na! X if, saw' QM, 1 SOPHOMORE ANTICS Dawn looks up to give a smile, but just like the other sophomores, she gets right back to works. Sophs soon learn that being an NHS stu- dents means lots of responsi- bility. Roxanne Schavet Steven Scherck Lisa Schinker Kristy Schmidt Robert Schmidt Thomas Schmidt jonathan Schmirler Sadie Schroeder jennifer Schuerer jennifer Schultz Scott Schwartzkopf Eric Schweitzer leannette Scribner Peggy Seitz Douglas Sell Matthew Sell Rohnda Selwitschka Andrew Semrad Anthony Shukosky Lisa Shulfer SOPHOMORES 755 Patricia Shutt David Siedlecki Chad Siehr Katherine Skeans Collette Smith Kristin Smith Matthew Smith Todd Smits Patrick Sorensen Jamison Soule Scott Spanbauer Shem Spiegl Chad Stanelle jenny Stark joel Stearns john Steiner Andrew Stephan Mary Stewart Chad Stromberg Chad Strozewski john Stumpf Michael Stumpf Robert Stumpf Martin Swoboda Karin Tans loan Tao Thomas Terhorst jennifer Terrien Dawn Tesch Jeannie Tesch 156 SOPHOMORES Y l if sr" SUPHOMORE ANTICS Steve looks confident, but Mike seems a little tentative. Research is a big demand on the sophomore's time in both speech and history classes. Term papers - what a drag! Q 'Yi ,. XJ gi' Q--tw' 3' L 1:2 M Michael Tesmer Moua Thao Kathy Thiel Ananda Thorson jeffrey Thorson Ronald Timm Michael Tobin Andrea Towsley Sarah Tracy Eric Treml jake VanderZanden jill VanDusen Sara Vanevenhoven Lisa VanHandel jodi VanMar!er Amy Vanryzin Gregory Veeser Brenda Velasco Tagen Vine Chandra Voss SOPHOMORES 757 Kevin Voss Robert Warren Molly Weber Claudine Weiland Michelle Weisgerber Susan Weisshahn Kevin Welsh Brian Wieland Andrew Wilke Misty Williams Michael Winterfeldt Dennis Winton Denise Wirkes Paula Witak Laurie Witkowski lennifer Woelfel loseph Wojtowicz Ryan Wubben leannine Wyman Matthew Zachek Scott Zander Lester Zehner Mark Zemlock Bobbie Zeske Ann Ziesmer lonathan Zimmer Cynthia Gullickson 158 SOPHOMORES 'Q-gf ...ff I Q-4-J fr ,116 wf f ..f"',l M NEENAH 'J N Q At left: Talk about putting the lady on a pedestal! Center left to right: A beauty, braces and all Friends forever or at least through high school The eyes have it. All those directions can be confusing. Bottom: Homecoming couple at the first of the big high school events. TE X 'Q FLA Z ,N SOPHOMORE5 NOT PICTURED Loretta Adkins Kelly Baumann Scott Broeske Shannon Dennis David Earl Brent Ely Lance Engleman lody Fuhrmann David Goeser Leo Grimes Richard Gruber Reid johnson Kim Laakso Doris Lappen Timothy Lund Eric Mushinski Brian Piette Shelly Plymesser james Saegert Craig Schmidt Mary Schmidtke Roger Seelow Lana Siebers Patrick Sorensen Penny St Clair Michael Sugden Scott Tate Michael Tesmer Dave Westphal Daniel Wichman Alexander Wollangk Tami Zimmerman SOPHOMORE5 59 tt 4. A I tr STAFF NHS 's faculty plays a major role in the life of each student. Some- times this role may include hours of confusing assignments and homework and, at other times, a few hours of detention. However, the teachers and ad- ministrators at NHS are a positive influence on us as well. Each teacher adds a bit of his or her individuality to the classes throughout the day. Whether he brings a warm hello, a thoughtful word, or a sense of humor to class, he makes the long hours seem a litte shorter. At Neenah we have a staff who cares about the students. We can find counselors and administra- tors who are willing to listen to our problems as well as teachers who help us out when we are completely lost. The faculty sets high expecta- tions for Neenah students. We are challenged to be the best that we can be. N-W-...aff .1 ,gJli?i,9'W'1vww' ' rf - f f i we I A Q' hlh ' l gy-4 I Left: What big muscles you have, Mr. Roherty. Center: Even teachers pick on sophomores. Right: Minds over malice. Eilmslrips lFrom left to rightl: Ain't English fun? The work never ends. Uh-oh, they've caught me. Grades that bad? I ' f 760 STAFF -1,1 5...--A. k'-v :ION AVE GRUSIN JNALO L SCHWARY :vnucv om 1 Arne STAFF 761 GUIDANCE DEPAR TMEN T 162 STAFF lohn Mulroy Austin Wheaton Richard Bruha jake Stoesz Caroline Brown-Schoening HEAL TH DEPAR TMENT Not Pictured: Mike Schuelke HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT min SOC Wilson Scribner, chairman of the So- cial Studies Department, teaches American Government and economics to seniors. ln his class, students know immediately that they ha ve a challenge, for Scribner strives to bring the best out of his students.'He pushes his stu- dents to use their abilities to the fullest. His enthusiasm and encouragement make the work worthwhile. Scibner done. they ha ve Jenged. Because he encourages his students to be the best that they can be, they are proud of their work and proud to have had Scribner as a teacher. 5 if ti i L Zi J 5 it ? ' 5 Louis Meyer Thomas Jensen Thomas f- rx-at 4 x...-0 f X l 1 A I 4 Mi, ' 1 I ,Ni ohn Mary Lindgren Judith Rateau Not Pictured: Robert Totten ART LIBRARY, AV DEPAR TME T jody Harrell Not Pictured: Da vid K uecherer STAFF f fn I r21'l?f'2 Craig Rider Colleen Barley Marlene Zacher Meg but r Madame says that if there was one France with Madame. s RQTQVQ l4HSKHLEDUCAHONINTARWWHVT gr. ,L Q. V! . W INDUSHUALARTSDHWMWNENT fl f...,MM? ,I 3 I l f Hl F Lewis Precourt Robert Lee Richard johnson Richard Paske Ronald K ubiak FOR LANG teach, With her shares her enjoyment become mo and ac- of the language, art, an ceptmg of and their France Through her, the people. Th of the come more aware of the Country- French student's yea is the trip to loan Evans Kathy Paulus Karen Teetz Y Dorothy Kleeman AD -z:- 'I66 STAFF Par Seybert Linda Madsen Eugene Palermo jimfiruber B USI If you ever ESS DEPAR TMEN T COITI- get along in the business world. ing from the has an Her joking, from the her class, james Piepenbrink Shirley Dohmann Pat Buesing Not Pictured: Phil Cocker SPECIAL EDUCA TIO Laneh Johnston David Sebora Marj Murphy Susan Littmann Barbara Ramaeker Karla Sheehan Not Pictured: Thomas Slavin how to The business education teachers mean business, too, as they have a con- test to see who can pick up the most change. If you ever see any of the busi- ness teachers, maybe you could toss a few pennies to them, and if you have any good jokes, maybe you could toss them Miss jones' way. fe as 5 S. k.t... K 3 Ns t, l use X s at set' ' Mi' xx ,- 519 MUSIC DEPAR TME T jim Vine Len Hansen jerry Charapata NN Not Pictured: Don Lehmann Robert Radrke Robert Malinoski Harry Blobaum Dale Lightfuss 5 jane Tornow Armand Linzmeyer , Judy Mott Gary Parker STAFF 16 BOARD OF EDUCATIO PRODUCTION DIRECTORS Row 1: Clerk judith Ward President Carol Stanke, Vice-President Dr. jan Sarnecki. Row 2: Lewis Wilhelm, Dr. Howard Kidd Treasurer David Ellis, Terrence MacPhetridge. lnset.' Scott Butler. Absent Thomas Payne. DISTRICT ADMINIS TRA TORS 168 STAFF , i s . , . i Above: Row 1: Assistant Superintendent-Instruction Richard Carlson, Coordinator of Special Edu- cation David Brotski, Athletic Director Mel Northway. Row 2: Supervisor of Building and Grounds Dean Budde, Superintendent of Schools Dr. George Grigsby, Assistant Superintent-Business Dr. lames Clark, Director of Pupil Personnel Dr. jeffrey Zdrale. At left: Reading-Language Arts Consultant, john Lautenschlager and Director of Instructional Materials Mel Selle. 51,1 NEE AH HIGH ADMINIS TRA TORS Above left: Principal Larry Lewis and Assistant Principal joseph Minskey. Below left: Assistant Principal Mark Roherty and Dean of Students john lustman, Seated: Eileen Monard, Lucy Lineburg, Shirley Plier, Carol Willems, Mary Yan- kee, Janice Bruha. Standing: Barb Willmington, loyce McClone, judy Bartz, Darlene Engstrom, Ruth Anderson, and lean Christian. SUPPOR T STAFF Seated: Nancy Geissler, Phyllis NolL Barb Hansen. Standing: Barb Pilon Lillian Faulks, lo Thiel, Pat Hetland. STAFF 169 1 ,O -fx M. A ,Q ff, - 9 O g Q? 1 Q VA' f, QA KH75 O! iv 1 'S+ 6 ,,fQi2'i '95, QW O fm-Q ,fi X 4 4', T Q , .g,e,,,f,, ,gi Tgjw A f Q 3' -.-'7'ii'Q N x49 fff"v'W! o't 1' X if f ,4' 91 M":'-iw 5 N gan, x'v"",0 .UB X jg, ., A SA 1 Tar 1 A YIEEIAI sww f YEAH Y ax :: 'a stsxsrfggwf I ,xzjsxkixb Top left: Thumbs up for 1987! Top center: Now here's a couple of mean dudes. Top right: Somehow it doesn't seem to be a fair match. Center left: Now there's a happy kid. Center right: Read any good books, Stacy? - Bottom left: My what big teeth you have! Bottom center left: Philosophical discussions abound in Bottom center right: Finally got your attention. Bottom right: Let's make beautiful music together. World Lit. CLOSING ,4iiQgy 5 Hvlyonle W C5 u SEEN THE OTHELQHALI' Sdlenoe G-fPERnMenJT? 'R ks. ly lr ,fffmxf HH if f fw 19 WJ fam? ! I "4 ' .. K HK!!! 725 FRIEND S 7775. HAL. N504 51.e,CT1Qll'2e,p 6 T'H E. SCOTPS , , . ,X II' ?-x 5 H , Q1 WV? Drawings by E 174 CLOSING oxny HOW Bae' was TH IS HL-LEG-ED ELF? L 1 gueny yeow- ffheg seem 0L.D-E12 HND 01-Dill! Xvf JCCVV1 CJlAM5'eV-okvvb . 2 ,yowujev-I H? f I c, VA i V SS ,f, ' ' fue 'W lame 7-new W 'n . '1 3 ,v . X 'Q W! QRIGHTX WHO T-'OO K 'RHDIOACU Ve -1-P L.FXu.u DRY DETERG-EIN CL OSING LQNC' A-uf' Top left: Play it again, Sam - or should that be Samantha? Top right: We're really going to miss one another next year. Bottom: ls it music that makes the world go round? 176 CLOSING TRIVIA ANSWERS Tara Ingrid Bergman Ronald Reagan Kathryn Hepburn The Hustler and The Color of Money Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas News photographer Bedford Falls Marilyn Monroe Football quarterback Sissy Spacek Diane Keaton and jessica Lange jessica Lange He was smothered with a pillow Humpback Whales lodi Foster He was stung by a ee Peter Sellers Millenium Falcon Bolivia lohnn y Hooker El Guapo Ordinary People The Navy Simon and Garfunkel Madison Wisconsin People Gymnastics Emilio Estevez Gatsby Cary Grant Frevel Mouskowltz William Hurt Stand By Me A glass of water john Book Tap dance in the bathroom Cameron Norman Bates To Have and Have Not West Side Story Absence of Malice Dry white toast American Graffetr Puttin on the Ritz Dons Day Paris Bus driver Mario Puzo Ron Howard He is blind Kramer VS Kramer Neil Simon Robert Redford Basketball The Color Purple A white skimmer The Falcon and the Snowman Gary Cooper aws johnny B Goode 1993 Ruthless People Redrum The Sound of Music Ha 1, 33. 2, ' 34. . 3, 35. 4, 36. ' . 5, 37. I 5, ' 38. 7, 39. 3, 40. ' 9. ' 41. ' 10. 42. ' 11, ' I ' I ' 43. ' ' 44. ' ' ' 12, ' 45. ' 13. ' ' . 46- ' 14. 47- ' 15. ' 43- ' 16. b . 49- 17, 50. ' ' . 13. ' ' 5 7- 19. ' ' 52. ' ' 20. 53. 21. 54- 22' ' 55. 23. 56- ' ' 24. ' 51 25' . ' . . 58, 26. 59- I 27, ' 60. . 28. " 67- 29- 62. 30, 63. 31. ' ' 64- ' , ' ' 65. I SENIORS ACTIVITIES Alsteen, Rachel Pom Pon Squad 9, Student Govt. IShattuckI 9, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, Solo 81 Ensemble 9, 10, Swing Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Sophomore Choir 10, Cham- ber Choir 11, 12. Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it was. Anderson, Beth Science Olympiad 12, Acappella Choir 12, Chamber Choir 11, 12, Satellite 12, Rocket 12. Good bye, Chow, Adios, no es hasta luego! Anderson, Greta AFS 11, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Orches- tra 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 10, Pop Strings 11, Pit Orchestra 10, Musical Production 11,' Basketball 9. Our minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open. Ansems, Robert Biology Club 12, German Club 11, Drama 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Basketball 9, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12. Pan down Muff Armstrong, Troy Biology Club 10, Chemistry Club 11, IOU 9, Weightlifting Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Close Up 9, Sophomore Board 10, Student Gov't !ShattuckI 9, Drill Team 9, 10,' Acappella Choir 10, Or- chestra 9, 10, Pep Band 9, 10, Shat- tuck Yearbook 9, Baseball 12, Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, Wrestling 12, National Honor Soci- ety 10, 11. Will Peach get a tan this summer? Party at Boot's Kennel! Aschenbrenner, lill Drama 9, Senior Board 12, Shattuck Yearbook 9, Rocket 10, Vollleyball 9. Weekends are made for coolers and teddy bears. Ashley, Shelia Co-op 12, DECA 12, Sophomore Choir 10, Basketball lManagerI 9, Wrestling IScore K eeperl 10, DECA lTreasurerI 12. Bachman, joe Biology Club 10, 11, 12, Chemistry Club 11, Conservation Club 10, 11, 12, German Club 10, 11, 12, Aca- demic Decathlon 12,' Debate 9, 10, Forensics 11, junior Board 11, Sci- ence Olympiad 11, 12, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Swing Choir 9, Sophomore Choir 10, Sat- ellire 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12,' National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society Vice Presi- dent 12, Satellite News Editor 12, National Merit Commended Stu- dent 12, Rotary Honor Student 10, Neenah High School Honor Student 12,' Debate Coaches Award 9, Bad- ger Boys State 11. Man is the hunter, woman is his game. - Lord Tenny- SON Banczak, lohn AV 9, IOU 12,' STOP 9, 11,' junior Board 11,' Sophomore Board 10, Rocket 11, Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 11. Ride the Maltese Flamingo! Bauer, julie AFS 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-op 12, junior Board 11, Marching Band 10, 11,' Concert Band 9, 10, 11, Pit Orches- tra 11, Volleyball 9, 10, 11. Becher, Karrie N Club 11, 12, junior Board 11, Pom Pon Squad 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10,' Shattuck Yearbook 9, Rocket 11, 12, N Club Secretary 11, N CLub Vice President 12, Pom Pon Co-Captain 11, Pom Pon Co-Captain 12. Peace 8: soccer players be wfv. Love to CB, Dot, Ann, Mike, Cuffs. Bellin, Missy Spanish CLub 12,' Swimming 11, 72. Thanks to all my friends especially Lisa. l'll miss you all! Bennetts, lennifer AFS 12,' Cheerleading 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sopho- more Board 10, Marching Band 9, 10, Concert Band 9, 10. "PRIME" Beringer, Christine French Club 11, 12, junior Board 11,' Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Marching Band 9, Concert Band 9, Rocket 12, Basketball 9, Track 9, 10, 11, 12. 11 together 11 forever class of 87 I luv you for my own! Bero, Christopher Debate 9, 10, Drama 9, 10, Forensics 9, 10, Science Olympiad 11, 12,' Sat- ellite 11, 12, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 9. Man has not evolved an inch from the slime that spawned him! Beutler, Diane Chess Club 10. Biettler, Cathy Co-op 12,' Track 9. Blair, jeff Biology Club 12, STOP 10, 11, 12, Academic Decathlon 12, Drama 11, 12, Science Olympiad 12. Merry Christmas, Mr. VandeSande, Now is the time for wisdom. Blaieski, jeff In despair the Hemi hunter will be there. Bocek, Lynn German Club 11, 12, Drama 9, Shat- tuck yearbook 9. You're young you'll adjust. Bohatschek, lulie Co-op 12, Sophomore Board 10. Bonnin, john Biology Club 11, 12, Conservation Club 10, 11, Academic Decathlon. 12, Debate 9, 10, 11, Drama 9, 10, 11, 12, Science Olympiad 11, 12, Con- cert Band 9, Shattuck Newspaper 9. As I look back, life's been good, and hey, Morning Glory says - Borchardt, Kelly What are you nuts! Good God! Brantmeier, Mike French Club 10, 11, 12, Weightlift- ing Club 9, 10, 11, 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Student Gov't lShattuckj 9, Student Congress 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Na- tional Honor Society 10, 11. Never slap a man who is chewing tobacco! Bresnahan, Terese N Club 10, 11, Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, junior Board 11,' Sophomore Board 10, Student Gov't lShattuckj 9, Student Congress 9, 10, 11, 12,' Rocket 10,' Softball 9, 10, 11, 12,' Swimming 12, Student Congress Secretary 10. lt's time to move on. But you, NHS, will be missed. Thanks for making me what I am today. Brost, Martin Football 9, 10, 11, Track 9. An artist can be a prisoner of neither reputa- tion nor style. Brownson, Sean Computer Club 10, Weightlifting Club 11, 12, Drama 10, 11, 12, Solo 8' Ensemble 10, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10, 11, 12,' Sophomore Choir 10,' Cham- ber Choir 12,' Baseball 9, Football 9. Be the best that you can be. Bruce, Todd Computer Club 10, 11, 12. Buck, Amy AFS 11,' Drama 9, 10, 11, 12, Drill Team 10, Shattuck yearbook 9. Life is a stage and we are the actors so go out and break a leg. P.S. Thanks Tina. Buckingham, Shannon AFS 11, 12, Key Club 10, Sopho- more Board 10,' Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, Acappella Choir 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12 Burns, jason FBLA 12, Golf 9, Track 9, Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12. So what are you saying! l'm a graduate, I bet! Take off hoserl Burns, Tammy French Club 10, 11, 12, junior Board, 11, Senior Board 12, Sopho- more Board 10, Golf 10, 11, 12, Soc- cer 10. Burskey, jackie Chess Club 9, 10, Computer Club 10, STOP 10, 11, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10. For those who peep in my win- dows I knew you were there all along. Buss, Richard Biology Club 12, Spanish Club 10, Drama 9, 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10,' Marching Band 9, Concert Band 9, Solo 8: Ensemble 9, Basketball 9, Golf 9, 10, 12. Four years ago I dreamed school flew by, No, it was last night. Camber, Steven N Club 12, Science Olympiad 9, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, 11, 12,' Track 9, 10, 11, 12. Campbell, Mike Conservation Club 10, Spanish Club 9, 10, Golf 12, Track 9, 10, ,11, 12. When the world is running down - make the best of what's still around. Carlson, john junior Board 11,' Senior Board 12,' Sophomore Board 10, Student Govt.lShattuckj 9, Student Congress 10, 12, Rocket 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Graduation Committee 12. Don't you forget about me! Especially SGAjjjBCKMSTWM happiness and success to ALL. Cartwright, lay N Club 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Rocket 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, 12,' Track 11, 12. The one who ends up with the most toys wins - Hey guys birds die. The Best of the Best will survive! Hey Vicki your're one of the Best! Cason-Gossett, Keith Computer Club 12,' Science Olym- piad 12, Sophomore Board 10, Chamber Choir 11, 12, Solo A? En- semble 10, 11, 12, Sophomore Choir 10,' Shattuck Yearbook 9, Satellite 12, Rocket 10,' Basketball 12, Foot- ball 11, 12, Track 11, 12. juniors we leave you with the senior upper- classmen tradition. Champeau, Wendy Co-op 12, Drama 9, 10, 11,' Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Drill Team 10,' Rocket 10, Track 9. For all the good times to come, don't forget the past at NHS '87, Charlier, Cheri Co-op 12, junior Board 11, Sopho- SENIOR ACTIVITIES 177 SENIOR ACTIVITIES more Board 70, Sophomore Choir 10,' Softball 9, 10, 11,' Swimming 10, 11, 72,' Basketball 9,' Volleyball 9. Well hello doodles, girdles, and buddies. Have a honking life! Christofil, Theodore The other day I saw a guy with artifi- cial legs and real feet. But then there was Woody. Collins, Nathaniel AFS 71, 72, Computer Club 72, French Club 77, 72, Academic De- cathlon 72, Debate 9, 70, Forensics 9,' Science Olympiad 71, 72, Senior Board 12, Shattuck Yearbook 9,' Sat- ellite 11, 72, Rocket 72, Football 9, 10. Crockett, jennifer Cheerleading 9, Drama 9,' Sopho- more Choir 70,' Chamber Choir 77, 72,' Gymnastics 70. 'BZ Madison, Party in my and 007's room your're all invited' ah. D'Amico, Kathy AFS 12, Computer Club 72,' Graphic Arts Club 12, Close Up 17, Debate 9, Drama 77, Forensics 9, 10, 77, 72, Senior Board 72,' Pop Strings 77, 72, Shattuck Yearbook 9, Satellite 12, Rocket 72, Basketball 9,' Track 9, 70, Volleyball 9, 70, 77, 72,' National Honor Society 12, AFS Correspon- dence Secretary 72,' National Honor Society Executive Board Member, Chairperson of CBA 72. Always re- member that complexity is just sim- plicity in detail. Davis, Laurie Does Carlos have a cute? Day, Kelly N Club 70, 11, 12, STOP 10,' Cheer- leading 10, 11, 12, Senior Board 72,' Sophomore Board 70, Shattuck ,Yearbook 9,' Softball 9, 70, 71, 72, N Club President 12. As school comes to a close we realize we face a new beginning. DeBoer, Pete Marching Band 9, 70,' Concert Band 9, 70, Basketball 9, 70. Pat Pedersen pick-up-you'r-check. Dennis, Rick Woody and his day live on: Sept 19. Woody rules "kraut" Devine, Dawn N Club 77, Debate 9, junior Board 77, Pom Pon Squad 10, 77, 72,' Sen- ior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Track 9, 70. The important thing is to have fun. Dobish, Amy Senior Board 12, Basketball 9, Vol- leyball 9, 70. Draves, Ann Co-op 12, junior' Board 77, Senior 778 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Board 72, Sophomore Board 70,' Student Govt. IShattuckj 9, Volley- ball 9, 70. To my special friends! Fol- low your heart and you will know the answer! Ducayet, Michelle French Club 77, junior Board 77, Senior Board 72, Sophomore Board 10, Shattuck Newspaper 9, Rocket 71, 72,' Tennis 9, 70, 71, 72. You're the greatest friends ever Tracy, Ann, Karrie, and DeDe. Dunning, Dave Drama 9, Marching Band 9, 70, 71, 72, Concert Band 9, 70, 7 7, 72, Pep Band 9, 70, 77, 72, Solo 8' Ensemble 9, 70, 11, 72, Swing Choir 9, 70, 17,' Pop Strings 72, Wind Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12,' jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' Pit Orchestra 70, 11, 72. Come on you guys, don't do that, that's darn in- considerate. jjC Eake, Sharon STOP 72. I enjoyed high school. I loved the people and the teachers. I will miss my friends. Neenah High is the best that there is. The class of 7987 is the very bestlll Ehrenberg, Brian I is a high schul grajuate and disco lives. Ertl, Renee DECA 72. To the past with pride - to the future with promise. Farrell, Catherine Spanish Club 70, 77, 72, junior Board 71, Senior Board 72, Sopho- more Board 70, Gymnastics 9, 70,' Tennis 9, 70, 77, 72, Track 77,' Span- ish Club President 72. Stop making sense, everyone is an exception. Fischer, Ann Sophomore Board 70, Marching Band 9, 10, 77, 72,' Concert Band 9, 70, 77, 12,' Pep Band 9, 12, Cross Country 70, 77, Track 70, 17. The past cannot be changed, but the fu- ture is what ever you want it to be. Flatoff, Ken Army, Lauxy, Buss, Carl, and Carty Rule IBozl Florek, Pamela French Club 77, 72,' junior Board 77, Senior Board 12, Marching Band 9, 10, Concert Band 9, 70,' Solo 8' En- semble 9, 70, Rocket 72, Basketball 9, 70, 77, 72, Soccer 70, 77, 72, Track 9, Soccer-Boys Manager 77, 72. 77 together 77 forever. Never surren- der your dreams - NEVER! Florence, Nicole Graphic Arts Club 72, junior Board 77, You are my world, my song, my life. I luv ya A.W.K. 11 forever! Fontecchio, Paul Chess Club 70, Debate 70, 77, 72, Forensics 7 7, 72, National Honor So- ciety 10, 17, 12. To know yourself is the ultimate form of aggression. IFreudI Francart, Glen Co-op 72, Football 9, 70, 77, 72. Frazzell, Lisa Chemistry Club 77, 72,' Academic Decathlon 12, Debate 9,' Science Olympiad 72, Sophomore Board 70, Marching Band 9, 10, Concert Band 9, 70, Symphony 9, 77,' Solo 8' En- semble 9, 70, 17, 72,' Swing Choir 9, Pop Strings 71, 12, jazz Band 71, Pit Orchestra 70, 77, Gymnastics 9, 70. Be generous and delicate and pur- sue the prize. - james Freier, jill Cheerleading 9, Drama 10, 77, 12, Drill Team 72,' Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 9, 70, 17, 72, Pep Band 9, 70, 17, 72, Solo 8' Ensemble 9, 70, 77, 72, Swing Choir 9, 70, 77, 72, Wind Ensemble 9, 70, 71, 72, jazz Band 9, 70, 77, Sophomore Choir 70, Cham- ber Choir 77, 72. Friedrich, Wendy AFS 72,' French Club 72,' Drama 9, 72, Forensics 9, 70, 77, 72,' Pom Pon Squad 70, 77, Drill Team 70,' Cham- ber Choir 77, 72,' Orchestra 9, 70, 17, 72,' Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 70, 71, 12, Swing Choir 72, Pop Strings 70, 77, Sophomore Choir 70,' Pit Orchestra 77,' Merit Semi-finalist 72. When patterns are broken, new worlds can emerge. Fritz, Wayne Drama 72, Science Olympiad 72, Acappella Choir 17, 72, Solo 8' En- semble 9, 10, 72, Swing Choir 9, 11, Sophomore Choir 70. Live fast, die young. Circle jerks. Funk, Trisha Co-op 72, FBLA 72. Be yourself Who else is better qualified? - Frank Giblin Garlock, Amy German Club 72, N Club 72, junior Board 11, Senior Board 72, Sopho- more Board 70, Student Govt.!Shat- tuck! 9, Student Congress 9, Rocket -72,' Basketball 9, Cross Country 9, 10, 77, 12,- Track 9, 10, 11, 12. To the world you are only somebody, but to somebody you are the world! Gaschler, Rebecca Biology Club 72, Sophomore Choir 70, Basketball 9, 10 Volleyball 9, 10. "Zim" will lead us and move mountains. Gerstner, john N Club 72,' Senior Board 72, Sopho- more Board 70, Student Govt. IShat- tuckl 9, Basketball 9, 70, 77, 72, Football 9, 10, 71, 12, Tennis 9, 70, 77, 72. You have to push your limits as far as you can. - Walter Payton Gilmore, Cathy Close Up 70, 71, junior Board 77, Senior Board 72,' Sophomore Board 10, Student Govt. iShattuck! 9, Con- cert Band 9, Solo 8' Ensemble 9,' Bas- ketball 9, 70, 71, 72,' Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 70, 71, 72. 77 together, 77 forever. I'll never forget NHS! Especially jDG!! Glocke, jennifer Co-op 72, FBLA 72, Pom Pon Squad 9, 70, Marching Band 9, 70, 11,'C0n- cert Band 9, 70, 77,' Solo 8 Ensemble 70, 77, 72, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12. Gregory, Michael Computer Club 70, 77, 72, March- ing Band 9, 70, Concert Band 70, Pep Band 70, Rocket 72. To boldly go where no man has gone before. Gross, Lynn Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 70. Many great memories. Thanks dimples and scoop. Gumma, Shannon Pom Pon Squad 9, 70, 17, Sopho- more Board 70, Chamber Choir 77, 12, Drill Team 12, Marching Band 9, 70, 71, 72, Concert Band 9, 70, 77, 72, Orchestra 9, 70, 77, 72,' Pep Band 9, 70,SoIo 8 Ensemble 9, 70, 77, 72,' Swing Choir 9, 72, Sophomore Choir 70,' Pit Orchestra 70. To jill Grande Fiesta! Harder, Melissa Basketball 9,' Volleyball 9, 70, 77, 12. Thanks to all the friends who made high school a blast! Harding, Lisa junior Board 77, Senior Board 72, Shattuck Yearbook 9,' Rocket 12, Basketball 9, 70, 77, Track 9, 70, 17, 72, Volleyball 9, 70, 71, 72. 77 to- gether 77 forever. Class of '87, we luv you for our own. Hase, Teresa Cheerleading 70, 77, 72, junior Board 77, Senior Board 72, Sopho- more Board 70, Drill Team 72, Marching Band 9, 70, 77, 72,' Con- cert Band 9, 70, 77, 72, Basketball 9, Volleyball 9, 70, 77, 72. Special friends make special memories. Thanks NHS. lt's been great. Heinen, Carolyn AFS 77, French Club 72, junior Board 77, Orchestra 9,' Cross Coun- try 72,' Track 71, 72. Believing is the beginning of a dream come true. Herrbold, Christopher Football 70, 77. Time flies when you PRING EDITION 7987 ROC K E T BLOUDLI iw aw H dw ,z ,f 6,6 X .-f ' -K 'q"'iils2:.azM..,, Center Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Top left: Giving with a smile. Top right: Has the party started yet? left: Setting up for the gift of life. left: One way to spend a morning. center left: Are you sure about this? center right: Great painting! right: Who says NHS students have no artistic talent? OPENING 3 ,Sv X ga 3' wx wx. V., SPLE DORI THE GRASS I 1 1 1 P Top left: This is more fun than the classroom stufH Top center: Boys will be boys. Bottom Bottom right: Sun gets in your eyes. Q, ,M Top right: just sittin' on the curb waiting for a ride. Bottom left: School's almost over! Bottom left center: Who's reading the story to whom? right center: Pals forever - see you at the class reunion. OPENING 5 L f, v E M ' X ' XIN' 15. M? Vg. mf 51" M Q93 , V M5 , , f Wi Lis SMS ff , ?'.1 sf ' SPRING SPORTS ROCK E TS 7987 M111Y:1113I1W11,,!,NN111 11111 -11 1 11 ,1 -- ,kt3u11,1w,111,11,,'L vggg.,1,11-11gg,1,111,111111q13,11,.' 1, 111 If 1,111.1 1 11. ' 1 --11 1 , ,.1 , 111:151g111'11u,1111111,1,Z1151111'111-, ,1,"1,'1,'111111.111 131111 11 1. 1 1 1,11 ' ,11 1 1- 1,,11.1,1.1,g,, ,1 X., 1 , 1-. ,1 1111 -1-,-1-111511-,..1-E.11,1-11.11111.1,1:1,11:,.1-1-11- 1:1g1.1-,1,- -111.1-,. 11-11111 ' 111111 1 1, 1 ,1 1 , 11,'Q,-,,:' '1111-111,1,11,-,1-11-111,1111-113-151-11.,:-'1111.1-1,1 1,-11 , - , 1 W1 WWWNW1W111111!1N1M1M1'1!1'1!1'!1111!1X1 1' 1 W ' 1111111111113111','1.151'1!1M1711u1'1I1W1'1,1'1!111111WQV11111M11111111111111M1111111MM111111WU1111'!1'11111l111111111111T111111111131F111111111'11111.11111.1f1121111111111M5121111F1115Q151I1!F15111l1l1!1'111121W1M1111WM!W1WMM111111111111111W11111!1111111111111111!1311I11l1l111E11111111E1M111H1-11111,.11111.1s111111111111111111151111515111111111111111WW'NMWJM1!MM1N1N1N111M1N11111wW11 111 ,, 1, 11.1 ,111 1,. ,1,..... ,,, 11111, ,1 ,. . , , , 1 1.11,., ., , ,. Y, 1 H11 1 "' 1 1 311,111"' 111111,11.1'1 1 1' Q' W MNEN1 11Vj1'1,'1'111 111111111 1111111111 ,.'1i 11 1'V1 v1'1'1'!1'1 11 1111 W1W11'11 WIWW111 "W1Uf111'1 111' 14" 1 1 -iE331T.151.21wf,f11i1fU1':151''5"1f11fl'13:11'f11'l"' WWf'1WN75l'1W' '51 W' "' ''if1f!',15111'1-11411'1135?f31f'1-:'11,1111.1-11,111--12211a1'1:.-1:1111-,few,1"1, 11111' 111"1f11'1f1"'115,,1"11'1"1""1'151WW1H V 11 111-rr P111'??fF1'1111'1111'1f11,1'1111f1111,1'1111 1111111W1111f11111W1111131111111U11F1f11MWM!131f141,11f1?1??11511f1:11111f1111i1121 1111111111112'1111111111111'1'11'113111311111115111111111M1131 1f1f151 13111!11fi13111'111'1'11111111111-15111?11111111T1 '1i1j1'11 11'1 11"1111'1'11111'1'111111111'1121'1111111111if1j11111111 ETTERS 3RD IN STATE MEET VARSITY TEAM Kneeling: Roy Park Andy Semrad Pat Began Brian Westphal Mike Smith Craig Klatt Standing: Greg Berven lohn Gerstner Tip Brown Dan McClone Ted Thomsen Pat Boswell lim Dull Dan Kearny Finisiiingj with 14 points, Neenahfs netters took third place iinQgU'lri5 A WMA state tennis Eiei sto urnament.g Nieglet placed first. with 26 2 poin ts, iandiwookfield E East nailed downseeond with 16 points. T E The not 2 doubles team of Tip Brown and Pat Began reached the quarterfinals where they lost to last year s third place finishers. The no. 1 tandem of T john Gerstner and Pat Boswell were eliminated in their sec ond match. Greg Berven, the sectional singles champ, lost his second match, and Andy Semrad was defeated in his:1st match. Q it tiilti . ' ln .conference play the Rocigetsgplapedr numbeiffone as theyeciidsat both thetregiorialseandsectionalsgAtfstib sectionalstheteam scored the maximum 16 points and qualified the entire team. At sectionals they scored.35 of a possible 36 points. , g E All-EVA tennis singles players from Neenah areiSern raaL Boswell, and Brown. Tedfffhomsen and Dan Kear ne were honored on the doubles first unit. Berven Boswelirandt Gerstner reeeiyediihonorable mention At right: Gerstner delivers a running cross-court return 8 SPOR T5 as 'alkwyl At left: Greg Berven, no. 1 singles player. At right.' john Gerstner and Pat Boswell, no. 1 doubles players. Filmstrip: Ready, set . . . Below: Go! ,, at Tr IV TENNIS TEAM Leland Anderson, Mike Anderson, Brian Boyd, Matthew Germanprez, Mike Gerstner, Scott Hauser, jeff Kearny, jason King, Mark Lemke, Mike Marquart, Scott McNeely, Andy Parker, Kevin Rogers, David Rohrbach, Tom TerHorst, lon Tipler, Christopher Turoski, Daniel Wheeler, Coach Ben DeDecker SPOR T5 9 ROCKETS LOOK TO FUTURE Thirteen losses and only three wins made for a disappointing season for the Neenah Rocket nine. In tournament play the Rockets lost to Menasha 5-3 in a rain-delayed game that was suspended in the third inning with the Bluejays leading 3- 1. The next day Neenah scored three runs but were un- able to keep the Jays from scoring two more runs. Pat Pederson was named to the All-F VA first team, and jim Marohn received honorable men- tion. Pederson, the team's Most Valuable Player, was named co-captain with Todd Price. He also received the Silver Bat Award for a .366 season. Brad Wiegand received the Gold Bat Award with a .368. VARSITY TEAM Above left: lnfielders: Kneeling: Dave Anklam, Mark K oehn, Rick Keller. Standing: Paul Valentine, Brad Wiegand, lim Marohn. Out- fielders: Above Right: Pat Pederson, jeff Brigham, loel Knorr, Rich K lesmit, Bob jarosinski. Pitchers and catchers: Below right: Kneel- ing: Rick Sauer, Todd K leinschmidt, Rick Keller. Standing: Todd Price, Shayne Gauthier, Dave Halverson. Absent: Lawrence' ' Brophy 10 SPOR T5 sewn yqmiml 'Xi' W 4 VARSITY SCOREBOARD Result Opponent Appleton West Loss Oshkosh West Loss Kaukauna Loss Kimberly , Win Appleton East Loss Oshkosh North Loss Ashwaubenon Win Ashwaubenon Loss Appleton West Loss Oshkosh West Loss Kaukauna Loss Menasha Loss Menasha Win Kimberly Loss Appleton East Loss Oshkosh North Loss IV BASEBALL TEAM Scott Amond, Simon DeRuyter, Brett Donaldson, Brad Du- Chaine, justin Freier, Thomas Gehrt, Eric Hohenwalter, Kevin Klitz, Tom Moe, Robert Reilly, Shane Roh, loe Schwei, Andrew Stephan, jason Webster, jon Zimmer, Coach Lew Zielsdorf ra., Above left: Coming off the mound with a strike. Above right: Is he throwing or ducking? filmstrip: It's a hit! SPOR TS 1 1 RUCKETS ZND l FVA After placing 2nd in the FVA with a 13-5 record the girls' softball team was de- feated in the WIAA regional tournament by Kimberly 6- 5. Shelly Sturges and Lisa Ho- henwalter were named to the All-FVA first team. Sec- ond team Rockets were Teri Bresnahan, Kelly Day, and Kathy Swanson. Hohenwalter, Day, and Bresnahan were elected tri- captains. Day received the Coaches' Award, Hohen- walter the Defensive and MVP Awards, Sturges the Leading Hitter Award Kathy Swanson the Spirit Award, and Tammy Lepsch the Most Improved 1. ' Kneeling: Karen Fetzer, Tami Llewellyn, Tammy Lepsch, Dawn Wollersheim, Teri Bresnahan, Steph- anie Armbruster, Shelly Sturges, Kathy Swanson. Standing: Bob Wagner, Mike Schuelke, leni Baker, Tracey Rymer, Kristin Stutzman, Kelly Day, Katie Larson, Stacey Hagen, Angie Sincere, Lisa Hohen- walter, Sara Gossen, George Scherck. 'Y , us W , . if: . . . . . . 'A a s t , , vf:'wfMw,s4.1:Q. ., .,:ff.Q-gsi.,,j1-lIQi' 114. Above: Protecting against the base runner is an infielder's job. . ' l -. l " ' 1 , f 1 3' . ' xi v f fm- M' :S +P-'ru -V4 At right: Ah, come on, ump, she's safe. ' 'l " ' ' ,LVV V-fwlzfllif'-rfil lfe 12 SPOR T5 ' '- 4 VARSITY SCOREBOARD Opponent Result Appleton East Loss Menasha Win Sheboygan South 122 Win Appleton West Win Kimberly Loss Appleton East Loss Fond du Lac KZ! Win Appleton West Loss Oshkosh North Win Oshkosh North Win Menasha Win Kaukauna 121 Win Kimberly Loss Oshkosh West Win Oshkosh West Win Filmstrip: Must have been a good play,' the Coach is applauding. Below left: Consultation lays the game plan. Below right: Another hit for Shelly. 7 " 5 ,N ,, , L Yet. ' L' IV SOFTBALL TEAM Seated: Kim Kitzinger, Sonja Craig, Alison Griswold, Heidi Meyer, lenny Lotzer, Kari Leuth- old, Carey Flanagan. Standing: Molly Weber, Kim Hood, Lisa Shulfer, Lisa Breitrick, Mike Mol, jenny Shultz, jenny Woelfel, Brenda johnson, Katie Perry. SPOR TS 13 Below: Long Distance: Kneeling: Kevin Voss, Reid johnson, Steve Scherck. Standing: john Paske, Alex Scribner, jeff Reeves, Todd Kriese, Aaron Pues, Tom jensen. SE Eiisiif Above: Weightmen: Kneeling: Coach Uslabar, Charlie Smith, Stuart Knight, Mike Brantmeier. Standing: Phil Nordness, Drew Fesler, jim Northway, john Hodges, Dave McLaren. NHS TRACK TEAM WINS FVA Neenah 's boys'track team took the F VA con- ference title defeating second place Appleton West in the conference meet with 118 points. Kevin Rule won the A100 hurdles, and Charlie Smith was second. Mike Bran tmeier took a Hrst in the 100 j yard dash, and Dave McLaren won the shot put. In bothithe 400 and 1600 relays, the Rockets tookilafsetond ' Q g Sophomores flfevinijiiulerand Dave McLaren represented thekocket team in the WIAA class A state tournament, A A Smith and Craig Sachs shared the co-captain award. Smith was also a 1000 point winner and co-Most Valuable: Sprinter with Brantmeier. Alex Scribner was named the Most Valuable Distance Runner, and jim Northway received the Spirit Award. DaveiMcLaren, the 2nd 1000 point winner, was named the Most Valuable- Field Events. c 1 S S Above right: Sprinters: Kneeling: Keith Becher, Ron Schem- mel, Kevin Davis, Kevin Dennis, Ryan Wubben. Standing: Gary Parker, jay Cartwright, Steve Camber, Craig Sachs, john Swen- son, Matt Verdon. Below right: Field Events: Kneeling: Steve johnson, joe Bachman, Tag Vine. Standing: Clay Reisler, Char- lie Smith, Kent Rhode, Morgan Wiswall, Kevin Rule, Sean Perry, Mike Campbell, Glenn Severson. 14 SPOR T5 THREE GIRLS PLACE AT STATE 0 Patti Schoo capturedi,gthe.QQWlAA Class A ,A girls' track ghigh jump AAAE I erm y Gwens took second in the'3200frneter run, and Lori jesse was fourth in the 400. The girls' 1600 relay team of Amy Garloclc, Cathy Gilmore, Lori jesse, and Cheryl MacPhetridge placed fifth and Tracy Shukosky was 13th in the 100 hurdles. Scoring 70 points, the Rockets took Hrst place in the WIAA Class A track and field sectional In the FVA conference meet the Rockets placed second behind Kaukauna. 5 Garlock, Gilmore, and jesse shared the co- captains honors. Gilmorelalso, received the Q .Coaches'Award.s jesse,faY1t700ipoints winner, . was chosen MostxValual?lQf5PCints. Owens, - also 1000 points, twasfMQStQ.Valuable-Dir tance, and Shukosk y won .both a 1000 points award and was selected Most Valuable-Field Events. Schoo was the final 1000 points win- ner. L GIRLS TRACK TEAM IUNIORS AND SENIORS Top left: Kneeling: jona Schultz, Lynda Heinen, Patti Schoo, jenny Owens. Standing: Chris Beringer, Lisa Har- ding, Cathy Gilmore, Lori jesse, Tracy Shukosky, Amy Gar- lock. SOPHOMORES AND IUNIORS Center left: Kneeling: jeanette Scribner, Stacy Klapper, Cate Pichon, KayAnn Monard, Sheri Green, Sara Tracy. Standing: Coach john Gilmore, Kelly Resch, Cheryl Mac- Phetridge, Sharon Bachman, julie Borden, Coach Gertz, Coach Ron Fedenko. At left: Crossing the finish line with baton held high. Above: Going for a long one. SPOR TS 15 BOYS TRACK SCORE- BOARD Opponent Result Appleton Schools 3rd Neenah Invitational 5th Wauwatosa Invitational 6th Stevens Point Invit. 3rd Fond du Lac Loss Fondy Relay 3rd Nicolet Invitational 5th Oshkosh North, Kaukauna 15? Oshkosh West Invit. 3rd Appleton East, Menasha 1st Oshkosh West 1st Conference Relay 1st Conference Meet 1st Regionals 3rd Sectionals 6th GIRLS TRACK SCORE- BOARD Opponent Result Titan Invitational 3rd Neenah Invitational 2nd Triangular 1st Wausau Invitational 3rd Triangular 1st Triangular 3rd Stevens Point Invit. 3rd Triangular 1st Homestead Invitational 8th Oshkosh West 2nd Conti Outdoor Relay 3rd Conference Meet 2nd Regionals 2nd Sectionals 1st State 7th Above left: Straining for the lead. Above right: Up and over the bar. Below left: Coming out of the blocks. Below right: Crossing the tape. 16 SPOR TS I L , STRA D SIXTH IN STATE MEET u Kneeling: Doug Howe, john Sams, Greg Strand, Bob Retzlaff Dan Eckstein. Standing: Kurt Danielson, Andy Hendricks, Dave Schultz, Mike lugo, Keith Phillips, Dan Sirola, Rod Hayward, Mike Darrow, Bill McBride. Absent: Pat lugo, jason Neitzel. ' VARSITY SCOREBOARD Opponent Result Kaukauna Win Kimberly Win Appleton West Win Appleton East 1,055 Oshkosh West Win Fond du Lac Invitational 1st Oshkosh North Win Kaukauna Tie Appleton East Loss Quadrangular Win Neenah's Greg Strand finished among the top six medalists in the WIAA state boys golf tournament, losing a playoff for fifth place. His tournament score was 155. Bob Retzlaff had a 161 total, Doug Howe 169, Dan Eckstein 176, and Pat lugo 185. The Rockets earned their state berth by taking a first in the sec- tional at Oshkosh. At the regional in Appleton, Neenah placed sec- ond. In the FVA tournament Neenah outscored Appleton East 320-324 to take the conference title. They also captured the league's overall crown with 22 112 points. Strand shared conference medalist hon- ors with a low of 77 and was suc- cessful in the' playoff. Strand was honored as the it1 golfer at the yearend banquet. Pat lugo received the Don Bartelt Award, and Dan Eckstein was cho- sen Most Improved Golfer. filmstrip: ls he giving any good advice? Above.' Greg shows his excellent putting form. SPOR TS 77 Neenah's girls' soccer team placed third at the WIAA state tournament, losing to Hartland Arrowhead 1-0 in the semi-finals. ln the quarterfinal game at state, the Rockets dropped Brookfield Central 1-0. Unbeaten in conference play, Neenah again won the FVA crown, la feat they have accom- plished each year since the league was formedl, placing six players on the All-FVA first team: Amy Zimmerman, jill K ieliszewski, Pam Florek, Amy Votava, Nancy Gray and Amy Buchanan. Second team members are Susan Rohrback and Vicki Stanke. Shannon Bucking- ham, Heidi lensen, and Cathy Schaidler received Honorable Mention. Gray received the Best Forward Award, K ieliszewski Best Defend- er, Votava Best Midhelder and Zimmerman MVP. A Seated: Pam Florek,1'Heidi Hemes, Paula Waite, Amy Buchanan, Claudia Scherrer. Kneeling: Brenda Morgan, jill K ieliszewski, lodi Strebel, Shannon Buckingham, jenny Hill, Amy Votava, Nancy Gray, Cathy Schaidler. Standing: Ade Van Geffen, Susan Rohrback, Kathy Wasco, Heidi lensen, Chelsea Coan, Christy Berven, jenny Larson, Vicki Stanke, Patty Shutt, Sara Erickson. KICKERS THIRD AT STATE Filmstrip: Form for a successful free kick. At right: What soccer is all about. 18 SPOR T5 SOCCER SCOREBOARD Opponent Result All Conference Meets Wins HeartlandfArrowh ead Win Grafton Win Brookfield East Win Ashwaubenon Win Madison Lafollette Win Madison West Win Edgewood Win Brookfield Central Win HeartlandfArrowhead Loss TH-L? PRIZE DON'T DRI K THE WATER Neenah's thespians 'ylfeayturdd t et 2 Woody Allen 's comedy Don't Drink tion. Set in an American embassybef ,ooo 1 i the Water as their final g7987produce' hind the Iron Curtaingl thespley aegis- e A tered on a family trapped behind the o L 2 l embassy walls. s i i o v o ooo Starring Katie Crowe, iScott,Roh,t and Sarah Tracy fas the family, the- drama also featured joe Beard as the 1 f beleaguered ambassador? rsonb handy Tom Romnek as a priest whose long l exile leo' him to an interestyin magic, Rod johnson directed thesproduce at tion with of lim Vorlandi technicfal tttli director. t ? ' Above right: The embassy cheh lim Tews, has trouble dealing with the family's proletarian tastes. Below left: Two housewives, from very different lands, chat away. Below right: Even in times of danger, love conquers all. ewf7i??" GREA Under the direction of Rod johnson, the Neenah High theatre returned to the 1950's in their production of Grease, back to poodle skirts, pony tails, hot rods, and the beginnings of rock and roll. "5hakin'at the High School Hop," NL ook at me, I'm Sandra Dee, "and "Freddy, My Lovenblended with "Alma Mater" and "Beauty School Dropout" to recall a seemingly simpler era. Cast members included Dan Kearny as Danny Zuko, jill Freier as Sandy Dumbrowski, jenny Crockett as Frenchy, Kathy Lewis as jan, Patty Shutt as Marty, Rachel Alsteen as Betty, Scott Roh as Roger, jake Vander Zanden as Doody, and jim Lewis as Sonny. Rounding out the complement were Heidi Meyer, Shannon Gumma, jason Fel- lows, Mike Connolly, Bill Neal, and joe Beard. Orchestra members were Dave Rouse, Dave Dunning, Mark Anderson, Pat Fahrenkrug, Eliza' beth justice, and jeff Roberts. Student Assistants, julie Ward and Steve Scherck, aided technical di- rector Jim Vorland. jim Vine and Len Hansen guided the vocal and instrumental music. The production staff included Lynda Orlando, Lisa Labre, john Bonnin, Russ Moder, Lynn Bocek and Kim Palmer. Staff members Barb Willmington, Chris Grunwaloh and Craig Rider also added their expertise. SE 5 1 f ,lik Qi xs X Q:-N Nw +A 9, -ur r K ,kQ,M.,wf-'Y Sysgwigg 5 3 P ks 2 2 sl "K, v'?v :CS Ks STARRING AT GIRLS STATE Four Neenah students attended Badger Girls State in june, 1987, in Madison. S The-girls duplicated the bodies of Wisconsinsffgovernment 1 W A is NHS rijuniorsriliweirei 'lss 3 pensored. by several Neenah fcornrnunityiisorgani- zations. NeenahvRotaryyfClub spon- sored Shelly iCarlsonQ Cappy Coun- ard was sponsored bythe Optimist Club of Neenah-Menasha. American Legion Post 433 1 sponsored Cory Counarci and OB-G YN Associates of Neenah sponsored Sarah Ernst. Al- ternates were Margaret Hayward Nancy Mattes, Carrie Oashger, and jaymee Schubert. r S GIRLS STA TE REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Sarah Ernst and Shelly Carlson. Stand ing: Cory Counard and Cappy Counard. FEATURED AT BADGER STATE Neenah's representatives at Boys State, held at Ripon, includ- ed Greg Berven, sponsored by Neenah-Menasha, Elks, Lodge lf676g Fritz :Kidd ...sponsored by American ' Legion g Postsfss?gi323," and A Roy ,Park, sponsoredsibyweenah Rotary Club. Alternatesfqwere Tip Brown, Erich Lassen. and Paul Val- entine. For one week, 1000 Wisconsin boys formed the "51st" state and learned about local and state gov- ernment. BOYS STA TE REPRESENTA TIVES Roy Park and Greg Berven. Absent: Fritz Kidd. 22 GIRLS, BOYS STATE BOUND FOR GLOR SCIENCE OL YMPIAD TEAM Seated: Scott Steinfort, Roy Park, Chris Bero, joe Bachman, Beth Anderson, Russ Moder. Standing: Advisor Dean Wisthofti john Mueller, Erich Lassen, Glen Lemmert, john Bonnin, Paul Palmer, Pam Braun, Heidi Ehrenberg, and Advisor Larry Lemmert. EXECUTIVE SUITE Y SCIENCE OLYMPIAD TEAM Competition is the 'name of the game in the 4 ,Science Olympics - A mind power rather than physical prowess are re- quired. This year's team I participated in local l meets, competing in the knowledge and creation categories of the contests. Then on to state competi- tion! NHS finished fifth among 44 teams. FBLA , Carolyn Piantek and Beth Sawis- ville took Hrst-place honors in the ,Wisconsin Future Business Lead- ers of America competition. Both 77 represented Wisconsin in na tional :competition I in Anaheim, Califor- M nia,in1luiyQ is Y Ti A Jenny, Glocke, Chris Kohlbeck, in iands lScortt Steinfort participated Withf the other competitors at the regionals Kathy Swanson also re I presented Neenah's FBLA at state. if The purpose of the FBLA con- A I tests is to help students who are in interested in 'business increase their ,skills by competing against A the best in the state and nation. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA 11. S Seated: Advisor Pat Seybert, Rhonda Reinke, Carolyn Piantek, Chris K ohlbeck. Standing: Laura i V f Dryer, Shelly Sturges, Kathy Swanson, Mike Darrow, and Beth Sawlsville. A- SCIENCE OL YMPIAD, FBLA 23 YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE With the theme "Your Precious Love, " the class of 1987 celebrat- ed at the NHS prom. Steve Cam- ber and Amy Votava reigned as King and Queen. Senior atten- dants were Terese Bresnahan, Marty Christensen, Nicole Flor- ence, Troy Howard, Tammy Lepsch, and Pat jugo. junior at- tendants were Shelly Carlson, Rob Buksyk, Amy Floriano, Christo- pher Farrell, Tracey R ymer, Craig Klart, Stephanie Taves, and Mark Koehn. At left: Making an entrance. Below left: Posing in prom finery. Below right: Music man croons a number HIGH SOCIETY FRANCES SA WYER HEFTI SCHOLARSHIPS Kneeling: Daria Simon and Nadine Huebner. Standing front: Marty Robinson, Cathy Gilmore, Sue Suprise, Pam Strebel, Carolyn Piantek. Standing back: David Klitz, Nat Collins, Brian Ehrenberg, joe Bachman, Bill Neal. Absent: Greg Patovisti. -' NEENAH COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIPS Above.' Marty Robinson, Anne Vedra, Karrie Becher. Inset: Russ Moder. SENIOR AWARDS PROGRAM In the joint spring orchestra-sen- ior awards program, Neenah teach- ers, administrators and community members honored those seniors who achieved the best in scholastics, I music, service and athletics. Individual academic deapartments honored their outstanding students. The music and athletic departments named the recipients of their many honors. Most of the awards were present- ed by community members associat- ed with businesses and organizations that traditionally honor Neenah 's graduating seniors. Many of these awards involve money grants and scholarships that are designed both to reward good students and to help them with their collegiate expenses. All recipients of senior awards are listed on page 28. NATIONAL SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ASSOCIATION AWARD Pam Strebel A WARDS PROGRAM 25 W mr,"M qw, ' "QQ-M , ,ww H 2 , M ,1,. mf. . , W, ',,W ,W W, M, ,, ,I "1',qh'w,'1N'W umwt,""':ww we 1 'W MLW M 'W 1 W , r , H f ,y sum, , ,uw an xr swwvrgq L ww' r 4' Q Q MYXJXIF 5 ' W N 'S -'I ,, is St, ,gg i V 'Q j is f 'fwg 5 W 'Q - Q QW axtgpv X 'Ei CLASS OF 87 GRADUATES THE GRADUATE june 9, 1983 marked the "com- mencement" of the Class of 1987. The graduation ceremony intro- duced to the community the Dis- tinguised Honor Students: loe Bachman, Sue Suprise, Marty Robinson, Nadine Huebner, Con- nie Otto, Bill NeaL Daria Simon, Carolyn Piantek, David Klitz, and Pamela Strebel. Lori Moede and jeff Pergolski were featured as class speakers. Top: jeff practices his speech with Mary Lindgren before the ceremony. Center left.' It's a-one-and-a-two. Center right: All kinds of surprises lurk under those graduation gowns. Bottom left: While the Class of '87 celebrated their classmate, Marne Keller, who studied in Denmark this year, was with them in spirit. Bottom right: Now, Chris is ready to take on the world - but is the world ready for Chris? GRADUA TION 27 Achievement Rotary-Fine Arts Awards ........ Carolyn Heinen Outstanding French Student I .... Suzanne Suprise Michelle Ducayet Amy lhde National Merit Finalists ...,,...,,.,. Daria Simon Outstanding German Student .,.... joe Bachman Pam Dube Martin Brost Neil A. Armstrong Shamrock . . . Paul Fontecchio Outstanding Spanish Student . . . Carolyn Piantek Twin City Business and Outstanding Mathematics Student . . Daria Simon Professional Women's Club ......... Barry Tebon Outstanding English Student ........ Anne Vedra Neenah Faculty Wives Scholarship .. john Carlson Outstanding Social Studies Student Paul Schaper Neenah Police Wives Scholarship .... David K litz Carolyn Piantek Neenah-Menasha Noon Optimist Club -- Pat lugo Outstanding Science Student ...,.. loe Bachman Winnebago County Bar Association . - Amy Votava Outstanding Business Student . . Esther Schneider UW-M,-gdigon Fox Valley Alumni Katherine Damica Music Rachel Alsteen National School Choral Award ..... Dave Schultz Larggn-Winchester Li0ne55 Club I h . Tracy Shukosky National School Orchestra Award . . . Pam Strebel N-Club Awards ..........,,.....,. Karrie Becher Special Recognition Tracy Waskiewicz DAR AW-ifd ,...................,. 108 B3Chl'I'laI1 NAPA Auto P3r15 Scholarghip ,,,,, Kurt Tgeppler Academic Scholarships I.B.A. College of Cosmetology .... Dawn Laedtke L. C, Roeck Memorial Scholarship Barbara Adkins Kiwanis Scholarships ..,,.. Michelle Spiegelberg Norma M. Mayer Memorial ..., Brian Ehrenberg Chris Last AAL Vocational School Scholarship . THFBSH H856 Luther College Certificate ........... Lisa Frazzell Frances Sawyer Hefti Scholarship Brian Ehrenberg Carroll College Certificate ...... Carolyn Piantek IOS Barhman Athletic Awards Sue Suprise Senior Plaques .........,........ Cathy Gilmore Nadine Huebner Amy Zimmerman Marty Robinson john Gerstner Carolyn Piantek Terese Bresnahan Bill Neal Pam Florek Daria Simon Lori jesse David K litz WIAA Scholar Athletes ........,.. john Gerstner Cathy Gilmore Carolyn Piantek Nat C0llinS Marlon Batterman Memorial Trophy. .Steve Camber Pam Strebel Female Athlete of the Year ,.... Tami Whitlinger Greg Fatovisti Teri Whitlinger Menasha Corporation Scholarship ..... Kathleen Male Athlete of the Year ......... john Gerstner G'6HSfl9f Bradley University Scholarship ...,,. Cathy Farrell Nicole-t Clinic Memorial ............ Pam Strebel U. of Virginia! Scholarship ....... Kris Kelderman Neenah Community Scholarships . . . Karrie Becher Soccer Award - U.S. Army ..... Kris Kelderman Marty Robinson UW-Green Bay ...............,......, lim Nash RUSS M0d6f Stanford University Scholarships Tami Whitlinger Anne Vedra Teri Whitlinger Modern Woodmen of America ....,..., Bill Neal University of Minnesota ........ Cathy Zolkowski Rotary Scholarship ......,.,..... Kathy Swanson Commencement Beth Anderson Senior Speakers ................... Lori Moede jeff Pergolski 28 A WARDS . ,r4. 'IZ' Y""?f 3 don't know what you're doing! Hietpas, Troy Co-op 12, Baseball 9. Hinkfuss, Bradley Football 9, Wrestling 11. And then there were none. Hitesman, Laura Rocket 12. Love life andlive it to the fullest. Hohenwalter, Lisa Softball 9, 10, 11, 12,' Basketball 9,' Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12. I'd like to thank the two greatest friends: Lynn and Dimples. Hollibush, DeDe Forensics 9, Pom Pon Squad 9, 10,' Acappella Choir 9. Thanks to our four best friends Ann, Mike, CB, and Cuffs love Dot and Heather. Howe, Shane Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Huebner, Kelly AFS 11, 12, German Club 11, 12, Bas- ketball 9, 10, 11. Seasons will change, you must move on. Follow your dreams. - GTR Huebner, Nadine AFS 10, 11, 12, French Club 10, 11, 12, Close up 10, 11, 12, Debate 11, 12,- Drama 9, 10,' Forensics 9, 10, 11, 12, junior Board 11, Sophomore Board 10,' Shattuck Newspaper 9, Satellite 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, AFS Secretary 11, AFS President 12, Newspaper Co- Editor 12, National Honor Society Secretary 12. Life is copacetic. jack, jill Spanish Club 10, Sopho- more Board 10,' Volleyball 9. Yester- days come and go it's the memories that last forever. jansen, Heather Co-op 12, junior Board 11,' Sopho- more Board 10, Volleyball 9. jesse, Lori Marching Band 9,' Acappella Choir 12, Solo 8' Ensemble 9, 10,' Sopho- more Choir 10,' Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 12,' Tennis 9, 10, 11, Track 9, 10, 11, 12. All it takes is all you've got. jugo, Patrick Drama 9,' Forensics 9, Senior Board 12,' Sophomore Board 10,' Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12. You don't know what you have until you lose it. jurgella, Shawn junior Board 11,' Rocket 11,' Baseball 9, Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12. To D.F. Never let the past get in the way, the futures always brighter. Luv UI .Q Ji f 3 If , , f 1 , jury, Connie Key Club 12, N Club 10, Sophomore Board 10,' Acappella Choir 10, 11, 12,' Solo 8' Ensemble 9, Swimming 10, Volleyball 9. Too Penny L. 8' Tammy C.- the two chicka's who helped me make it through- re- member- always party with Boston! Kammer, Eric Graphic Arts Club 11, 12, Rocket 11, 12. Where NHS lea ves off reality be- gins. To all my friends . . . Good luck - I'Il be around Kearny, Daniel Solo 8: Ensemble 9, 11, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10, 11, 12,' Sophomore Choir 10,' Basketball 9,' Football 9, 10, 12, Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12. Two Three Four Stop! . . . Danz Macabre! Play well, Danz Macabre. Keller, Rick Conservation Club 12,- Acappella Choir 9,' Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Foot- ball 10, Wrestling 9. Scribner tried his hardest, but I still passed!! Kemp, Keith Chess Club 9, 10, Track 9, 10. Born to be wild. Steppenwolf Everybody got to elevate from the norm. RUSH. Klitz, David Chess Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' Symphony 9, 10, 11, 12,' Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 12,' Solo 8 En- semble 9, 10, 11, 12,' jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pit Orchestra 10, 11,' National Honor Society 11, 12. Each new day is the first day of the rest of your life. Live it smartly- because unfortu- nately it also may be the last. Knoll, Laurie I am happy to graduate but I will miss my friends. Kofler, Debbie Neenah High School has given me a good education. I have met many nice people. Krasin, Lynn C o -op 12. Krock, Tim Go for it! Krutz, Mimi N Club 10, 11,S TOP 10,' Cheerlead- ing 9, 10, 11, 12,' junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10,' Marching Band 9, 10, 11,' Con- cert Band 9, 10, 11, Pep Band 10, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10. The memo- ries are mine forever. Thank you NHS. P.S. Pan down Muff Kunde, Ann Co-ops 12, Basketball 9,' Tennis 9, Track 9. Anytime, any place, any- where, I'll never forget what we've SENIOR ACTIVITIES shared. Kutscher, Kristi DECA 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, Pom Pon Squad 11,' Sophomore Board 10, Volleyball 9, DECA Secretary 12. Labre, Lisa Drama 9, 10, 11, 12, Sophomore Board 10,' Shattuck Yearbook 9,' Rocket 12. Everyone keeps telling us this is the best time of our lives, was it? Lace, jennifer French Club 11, junior Board 11,' Senior Board 12,' Shattuck Yearbook 9, Rocket 11,' Track 9. All roads lead to where you are. Love comes tum- bling. Bono. Larson, Lisa AFS 12,' Co-op 12,' N Club 10, 11, Pom Pon Squad 9, 10, 11. Mis, Vick, Ter, the Gomers, and Spuds - Thanks for everything. Last, Christine Chemistry Club 11, Drama 10, 11, 12,' Forensics 9, 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, Marching Band 9, 10, 11,' Pep Band 9,' Solo 8 Ensemble 10,' Wind Ensemble 10,' Shattuck Year- book 9, Rocket 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 9, National Honor Society 11, 12,' Rocket Editor 11, 12. Friendship is the bread of life . . . The Big Chill. Lauson, lim Shattuck Yearbook 9, Baseball 9, 10,' Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12,' Football 9. To Mr. Scribner - a great guy! Laux, Steven junior Board 11, Senior Board 12,' Sophomore Board 10, Student Gov't. IShattucki 9,' Student Con- gress 9, 10, 11, Basketball 9, 10, 11, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 9, Student Gov't President 9, Student Gov't Vice President 11. Aussie here I come. Don't conform - rebel. Surf nude-ok. Don't peace. LeMahieu, Michelle Chess Club 9, 10, Computer Club 10, STOP 10, 11, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10. It's been a hard road, edge of an overdose. No matter how high you get you're still too low. Lemmert, Glen Chess Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Computer Club 10,' STOP 11,' Academic De- cathlon 12,' Debate 9, 10, 11, 12,'For- ensics 12,' Science Olympiad 10, 11, 12,' Shattuck Newspaper 9. Live fast and die young. Circle jerks. Liebhauser, Tami Good grades, close friends and fun times is what Neenah High's all about. MacKinnis, Lisa French Club 9, junior Board 11,' Senior Board 12,' Sophomore Board 10, Pom Pon Squad 9,' Shattuck Yearbook 9,' Rocket 12. jac Mac rules the road and always will. The engine is the mind. Marinin, Maryann N Club 10, 11,'S TOP 10,' Cheerlead- ing 9, 10, 11,' Drama 9, junior Board 11, Pom Pon Squad 12, Sophomore Board 10. True friends will always have great memories to hold onto. Marotz, Brenda Co-op 12,'DECA 12. Mason, Alan Biology Club 9, Spanish Club 9, 10,' Weightlifting Club 9, 10, Softball 9, 10,' Soccer 9. If or when you drink, don 't take the wheel! Live and learn. McCarragher, Colleen French Club 11, 12, junior Board 11,' Senior Board 12, Rocket 11, 12, Vol- leyball 9, 10,' National Honor Society 11, 12. Best friends are the nicest things that could happen to you be- cause out of all the people in the world, you've been lucky enough to find each other. McKellear, Bobbi Lynn ' FBLA 11. Dreams brought into the light of day come true. McLeod, Eliza Hey bean l'm gonna toss you to the dogs. Meltovaara, Kari AFS 12, German Club 12. Meyer, lohn To boldly go where no man has gone before- Star Trek. Michalkiewicz, Sarah junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Shattuck Yearbook 9,' Rocket 11, National Honor Society 12. Free- dom is intoxicating - it's a lizard in your hand - INXS. Milazzo, julie Biology Club 12, French Club 11, 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Rocket 11,' Baseball 9, Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon .... Pink Floyd Moder, Russell Biology Club 11, 12,' Chess Club 12,' Conservation Club 10, 11,' Debate 9, 10, 11, Drama 9, 10, 11, 12,' Science Olympiad 11, 12, Orchestra 9, Shat- tuck Newspaper 9. Go now: Live long and prosper - Spock. Moede, Dana N Club 10, 11, Cheerleading 12,' ju- nior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10,' Pom pon Squad 10, 11,' Student Govt. lShat- tuckl 9,' Student Congress 9, 10, 11, 12, Drill Team 12,' Marching Band SENIOR ACTIVITIES 179 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8' Ensemble 9, 10, Wind En- semble 10, Basketball 9, Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Board President 12, lunior Board President 11, Soph- omore Board Vice President 10. Thanks to all my close friends who made the years special- Tres, Terri, GaiL Lori. l'lI miss you NHS. Moede, Lori N Club 10, 11, Cheerleading 12, lu- nior Board 11,' Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Pom Pon Squad 10, 11, Student Congress 10, 11, 12,' Marching Band 9, 10, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8' Ensemble 10, Basketball 9, Swim- ming 9, 10, 11, 12. If u can't be with the one u love, love the one you're with. Moen, Chad Golf 9, Wrestling 9, 10, 11. We now say good by and prove we can stand on our own. Time will tell the truth! Morrison, Letha ' German Club 12, Cheerleading 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Rocket 11, 12, Track 9. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through. Nagel, Charlotte Cheerleading 10, Drill Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Softball 9, Basketball 11. You only live once, so live it up!! Nash, Pamela Computer Club 9, Conservation Club 9, Rocket 9, Gymnastics 9, Tennis 9, Volleyball 9, Wrestling 9. Neal, Bill French Club 11, Debate 9, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12,' Student Gov't fShattuckl 9, Student Con- gress 12, Concert Band 9, Acappella Choir 9, Solo 8' Ensemble 9, Swing Choir 9, Basketball 9, 10, 11, Nation- al Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Society Executive Board 12. Nerenhausen, Malee AFS 11, 12, Drama 9,' Forensics 9, Pom Pon Squad 9, 10, 11, Sopho- more Board 10, Drill Team 10, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, Orchestra 9, AFS Treasurer 12. Keep your feet on the ground but reach for the stars. Neubauer, Griff French Club 9, 10, Drama 10, Soph- omore Board 10, Swing Choir 10, Baseball 10, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Football 9, 10, Golf 9, Track 12. just say YES! Noffke, Cheri AFS 10, 11, 12, Co-op 12, Pom Pon Squad 9, 10, Sophomore Board 10, 180 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Drill Team 10. It was only just a min- ute but eternity was in it. C.S.CN. Nollenberg, Tina Pom Pon Squad 10, Senior Board 12. Olson, Erik Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 9, 12,' jazz Band 9. jimi Hendrix is coming back in four years. Get experienced! Orlando, Lynda Drama 10, 11, 12. To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty of life. Thanks: TR, LL, TS, C W Pachmayer, Nick French Club 12, Orchestra 9, 10, 11, Tennis 9, 10, 11. Live fast, die young. Palmer, Michael Football 12, Track 11. Life can be only what you want it to be. Patovisti, Greg Senior Board 12, Baseball 12, Bas- ketball 12, Golf 12,' Track 12,' Nation- al Honor Society 11, 12. Patovisti, lelf Baseball 12, Golf 12. What a dream costs in courage it gives back in glory. Paulson, Gail French Club 12, N Club 10, 11, Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, lunior Board 11, Senior Board 12. No comment. Paulson, Todd Life is too precious to waste in school Pedersen, Pat Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Con- cert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11. Pete Deboer, pick up your check. Perry, Sean Football 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12. Pfaff, Lisa When all else fails go shopping! Piantek, Carolyn FBLA 12, Close up 11, 12, Concert Band 9, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12. The good we do today becomes the happiness of tomorrow. Piette, Darren W-O-O-D-I-E That's the way we spell WOODIE, WOODIE's get Woodie! I The year of the Woodie!! Piette, Lisa STOP 10, 11, 12, Drama 12, STOP Co-Chairman 11, STOP Co-Chair- man 12. Life's worth the pain? No, but if gooal cherish and preserve it. Pilon, Sheri Co-op 12, Spanish Club 10, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Drill Team 11,' Swimming 12. Love is a social disease - Bon lovi. Pottner, Lisa Key Club 9, Spanish Club 10, Drama 9,' Rocket 11, Volleyball 9. Prey, Paula Biology Club 12, Senior Board 12. One does not fall in or out of love, one grows in love - Buscagilia Prindle, Laura co-op 12. os, LA, Di, os, LA, DA life goes on Bra LA LA how the life goes on. lLennon 8' McCartney! Quick, lodi Senior Board 12, Marching Band 9, Rocket 12, Softball 9, Basketball 9, Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12. 11 together, 11 forever. Our goodbyes are just the beginnings. ' Radue, Martin Co-op 12. American Spirit, Chevro- let, and Harley Davidson. Redfield, Brian Marching Band 10, 11, 12,' Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Symphony 12, Pep Band 10, 11, 12, Wind Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8' Ensemble 9, 10, 12, Baseball 9, 10, Basketball 9. Rau- shi!! Fire up Mr. C thanks to every- one! Hi there Binkyll Reinke, Rhonda Co-op 12, FBLA 12, Key Club 9, Marching Band 9, Concert Band 9, Volleyball 9. Memories of the past, dreams for the future. Remick, Tori Drama 9, 10, 11, 12, Sophomore Board 10, Shattuck Yearbook 9, Rocket 12. The trick Ito lifei will be to avoid the pitfalls, seize the op- portunities, and get back home by six o'clock. - Woody Allen. Roal, Natasha Sophomore Board 10. Ralf Robak, David Chess Club 9, Spanish Club 9, 10, Weightlifting Club 9, Soccer 9. When you say BUDWEISER, you've said it all! Roberts, Laura French Club 10, 11, Marching Band 9, 10, Pep Band 9. Friends are there through the good and bad. Thanks, SV, LS, KS. Robinson, Marty Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Con- cert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Symphony 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12,' Pop Strings 12, Wind Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, Pit Orchestra 10, 11, State Solo 8' Ensemble 9,10, 11, 12, jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12,' National Honor Society President 12. You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky. - Philippians 2:15. Roh, Scott Drama 10, 12, Senior Board 12, Solo 6' Ensemble 9, 10, Swing Choir 9, 10, 11, Baseball 9, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Girl's Varsity Soccer Manager 11, Chamber Choir 11. Nothing is so good it lasts eternally. Rohde, Kent Key Club 10, 11, 12, N Club 9, Span- ish Club 9, STOP 12, Weightlifting Club 10, 11, Forensics 10, 11, Soph- omore Board 10, Student Govt. fShattucki 9, Student Congress 9, 10, Acappella Choir 9, 11, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10, Shattuck Newspaper 9, Shattuck Yearbook 9, Baseball 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 9, Track 10, 11. Football was my game but now it's women, Led Zeppelin, Friends. Romnek, Tom Chess Club 9, STOP 11, 12, Debate 9, 10, 11, 12, Drama 9, 10, 11, 12,- Marching Band 9, Concert Band 9, Pep Band 9, Football 9, 10, 11. It was real and it was fun but it wasn't real fun. Good Luck. Ruer, Phillip Here comes the ocean and the waves, crash 'n in, down by the sea. Russell, jennifer DECA 11, Volleyball 9. To KB, ML, lB,- Petey Rules and so does the donger. Sachs, Craig N Club 12, Senior Board 12, Football 9, 10, 11, 12,' .Track 9, 10, 11, 12. I hate it when that happens! Sahli, Melissa Thanx for everything- Cisa, Vix, Ter, Spuds, and all the gamers! Sams, lohn French Club 12,' Football 9, Golf 11, 12, Tennis 9. Sauer, lodi AFS 12, Biology Club 12, French Club 12, Spanish Club 10. Hey! Wait a minute . . . Iget itll Sawlsville, Beth Co-op 12, FBLA 12, Shattuck Year- book 9, Soccer 9. Schaper, Paul Ars 10, 11, 12,- French Club 11, 12, Academic Decathlon 12,' Close up 11, 12, Debate 9, 10, Drama 11, - Forensics 9, 11, 12, Mock Trial 12, Shattuck Newspaper 9, Shattuck Yearbook 9, Satellite 10, 11, 12, Newspaper Managing Editor 12, 12, 1 1, Newspaper Assistant Editor 11. "I know myseIL" he said, "but that is all. " Schilling, Linda Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Acappella Choir 12. So many men, so little time!! Schmidt, Kerri lunior Board 11, Sophomore Board 10, Student Govt. !Shattuckl 9, Bas- ketball 9, 10, 11, 12,' Tennis 9, 10. Thanks for the great years. We're through, so be yourself! Schmitzer, Dan AV 11, Chess Club 11, 12. To all those who hehwed me, I thank thee. Schneider, Bther Swing Choir 9, Shattuck Newspaper 9. I think, therefore, Iam confused Schneidewend, Sandy Sophomore Board 10,' Basketball 9, Swimming 11, 12, Volleyball 9, 10. You know how special friends are once they're gone. Miss u all! Schultz, David Drama 10, 11, 12,' Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Sophomore Choir 10, Chamber Choir 11,12, Basketball 9, Golf 9, 10, 11, 12. Raushi!! It was overused Mr. Bell was an inspiration. Thanks. Scribner, Alex Weightlifting Club 12,' Senior Board 12, 'Marching Band 9, Concert Band 9, Satellite 12, Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12. Winning isn't everything, making the effort to win is. Schwarz, Leah Orchestra 9. Have fun next year without us, Stacey Stielowl Seitz, Sara AFS 11, 12, French Club 11, 12, Close up 11, 12, Debate 9, Sopho- more Board 10, Pep Band 10, 11, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, Swing Choir 9, 10, 11, 12,lazz Band 9, 10, 11. I am me, I am not you, don't change me but accept me as I am. Sennett, Troy Spanish Club 9, 10, Student Gov't !ShattuckI 9, Sophomore Choir 10,' Track 9, 10. Be an individual. Open your mind while there is still time. Shulroslry, Tracy Gymnastics 9, 10, Volleyball 9, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, ROCket 11, 12, Rocket editor 12. The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Simon, Daria Chess Club 11, 12, Academic De- cathlon 12, Science Olympiad 12, Solo 8 Ensemble 10, Sophomore Choir 10, Chamber Choir 11, 12,' Track 9, National Honor Society 11, 12, Merit Semi-finalist 12, Chess Varsity 11. Thanks, guys, for making the last 3 years so great! Luv you! Smith, Charlie German Club 12, N Club 12, Stu- dent Gov't !ShattuckI 9, Basketball 9, Football 9, 10, 11, 12,' Track 9, 10, 11, 12. Yo Womp Eddie what's a frush? Run DMC rules word man my sho later. Smith, Craig STOP 9, 10, 11, 12, Swing Choir 11. We're ready now. Smith, Debbie Graphic Arts Club 12, Key Club 9, Debate 9, Forensics 9, Marching Band 9, 10, Concert Band 9, 10, Rocket 10, 11, 12. Soule, lenny Biology Club 12, Conservation Club 12. -The best is yet to be. Spiegelberg, Shelly STOP 10, junior Board 11,' Sopho- more Board 10, Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, Pop Strings 10, 11, 12,' Basketball Manager 9, Football Manager 10, Track 9, 12, Volleyball 9, National Honor Society 11, 12. Friends not left behind are friends for a lifetime. Stern, Russell Cross Country 9, 10, 11, Track 9, Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12. -Life is a beach then you go swimming. Stichman, Adam Baseball 9, 10, Track 12. Iis a hi skule gratuate! Disco Lives! Stout, Tom Computer Club 10, 11, 12,' Drama 12, Wrestling 9, 10. Since pleasure is unique to reveal it is a unique duty Bang!! Stand, Greg Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, Tennis 9. Who said this was a waste - I enjoyed the golf - Thanks ES-MS-SS. Strebel, Pam French Club 12, Sophomore Board 10, Student Gov't IShattuck2 9, Or- chestra 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8 Ensem- ble 9, 10, 11, Pop Strings 10, 11, 12, Tennis 9, 10, Track 9, National Hon- or Society 11, 12. Give others a piece of your heart, not a piece of your mind. Sukanen, Carl Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Baseball 9, 10, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Track 12. Everytime you cry, I cry just a little bit, cry just a little bit. When you say, Goodbye! I die just a little bit, cry just a little bit more! - Tony Lewis SENIOR ACTIVITIES Suprise, Suzanne AFS 11, French Club 11, 12, N Club 10, Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, Sopho- more Board 10, Student Gov't. !ShattuckI 9, Acappella Choir 11, 12, Orchestra 9,' Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12,' Swing Choir 9, 11, 12, Sopho- more Choir 10, Satellite 12, Track 9, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12,N Club Secretary 10, Student Gov't Secretary 9. God bless you, friends. Cherish our memories-they'll never die. Swanson, Kathy Co-op 12, FBLA 12, Marching Band 9, 10,' Concert Band 9, 10, Solo 8 Ensemble 10, Softball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Golf 11, Volleyball 9, 10. Memories of today, dreams of tomorrow. Thank you SCOOP 8 LMC. Tebon, Barry Cross Country 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, National Honor Society 12. Kill or die trying. Tews, lames Debate 9, 10, 11, 12, Drama 9, 10, 11, 12, Science Olympiad 12,' Orchestra 9, Shattuck Newspaper 9,' Satellite 10, 11, 12 Newspaper Editor 9. The yellow chair in my dream house clashes with my right arm. Thorson, Kelly Cherish yesterday Dream to- morrow Live today. Toeppler, Kurt Co-op 12, Football 9. Another four years useless energy spent. Toll, Stephani STOP 10, 11,' Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8 Ensemble 9. Tran Phuong Biology Club 12, French Club 11, Sophomore Board 10, Orchestra 9. Treml, Scott AFS 10, 11, 12, Conservation Club 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 12, Concert Band 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8 Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Pop Strings 12, jazz Band 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, AFS Treasurer 12. FIRE-UP! was a great year. Ulbrich, Cory STOP 12, Orchestra 9, Sophomore Choir 10, Softball 9, Basketball 9, Golf 11, 12, Volleyball 9, 10. One school down and just one more to go. Ulrich, Stacy AFS 12,' Gymnastics 10, 11. Yang, Blong Thank God for a helping hand and all the nice teachers I have! VanMarter, Vicki Co-op 12,' lunior Board 11,' Senior Board 12,' Drill Team 9, Rocket 12. Vedra, Anne French Club 11, 12, junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Rocket 11. 11 to- gether, 11 forever! Today may be the end . . . but tomorrowis just the beginning! Ventura, lody STOP 10, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, Swing Choir 9, Sophomore Choir 12, Chamber Choir 11, 12. One lives in hope of becoming a memory- a Porsche 1968. Verdon, Matt Golf 9,' Track 9, 12. I is finaly gradjat- ed. I is gonna be a collge student. Vils, lerry N Club 12, Weightlifting Club 11, 12, Basketball 9, Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9. I think it's time for a ROADTRIP boys! Vogt, Brian Basketball 9, 10. Votava, Amy Biology Club 12, junior Board 11, Student Gov't. !ShattuckI 9,' March- ing Band 9, Concert Band 9, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, Basketball 9, Soccer 10, 11, 12, Tennis 9, Track 9. How far I go, how much Isee, how high laim, depends on me. Ward, lulie Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Debate 9,' junior Board 11, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10, Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12, Solo 8 Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12,' Swing Choir 9, Pop Strings 10, 11, 12,'Pit Orchestra 10, 11, Track 9, Badger Girls State 12. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Wasco, Chris Student Congress 11, 12, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 9. Waskiewicz, Tracy N Club 11, 12, STOP 10, junior Board 11, Pom Pon Squad 9, 11, 12,' Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 19' Shattuck Yearbook 9, Rocket 11, 12,' Track 9, 10, N Club Secretary 12,' Pom Pon Co-Captain 12. Thanks to my four best freinds. Luv always! Feeding Time!! Weller, Shelly Co-op 12. All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. Westphal, Brian Biology Club 12, French Club 12, Senior Board 12, Sophomore Board 10,' Golf 9, 10, 11, Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12. Who knew huh who knew? What did we know? We made a big goof What? - A. Einstein. SENIOR ACTIVITIES 181 Whiting, Stacy French Club 11,' N Club 10, 11,' Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12,' junior Board 11, Sophomore Board 10,' Marching Band 9,' Concert Band 9,' Solo 8' Ensemble 9,' Swing Choir 9,' Football Manager 10. If you love something set it free, if it comes back it is yours, if it doesn't it was never meant to be. Whitlinger, Tami junior Board 11,' Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12. Eleven together, eleven forever. Williams, Kelly Concert Band 9,' Basketball 9, 10, 11. Witt, Barbara Sophomore Choir 10,' Chamber Choir 11. All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you. Woller, Matthew Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. Neenah High School has provided many memo- ries - good and bad, Younk, Greg Teresa, perhaps one day you will see the light, Zimmerman, Amy junior Board 11,' Senior Board 12,' Sophomore Board 10,' Student Gov't tShattuckl 9,' Student Con- gress 10, 11, 12,' Orchestra 9, 10, 11,- 12,' Solo 81 Ensemble 9, 10, 12,' Pop Strings 10, 11, 12,' Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12,' Soccer 10, 11, 12,' Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12,' Track 9,' Student Con- gress President 12. 11 together 11 forever. Good friends are in my heart, always. L S BEGANNG CLASS OWNG WO R DS .ARDOUS TO HEALTH IOT USE' Inf rnlly y-gg! pnpln hiny A 182 SENIOR ACTIVITIES SENIOR ACTIVITIES Undetohnmstbepmua K ' 11 v .1 J. mf WK 'NNN Top: Neenah students react to the fame of the Whitlinger twins whose family has put Neenah on the tennis map. Center left: jenny is always in a good mood. Center right: He's either shocked by the camera or the experiment. Bottom: Chorus Line INDEX Aarons, Alison 120 Ahles, Heather 73, 80, 142 Ackerman, lill 134, 142 Acton, Elizabeth 73, 92 Adams, lulie 57 Adklns,- Barbara 33, 85 Adkins, Loretta 73, 159 Adkins, Mary 92 Akstulewicz, Keith 33 Alatalo, lulie 68, 70, 92 Alberts, lesse 80, 109 Ales, Tracey 76 92 Allen, Chrlstogller 92 Allen, Kelly 9 Allen, Todd, 14 57 Alrleerr, Rachel 93, 12, 73 Amond, David 92 Andersen, Eric 142 Andersen, Heidi 68, 69, 70, 92 Anderson, Beth 33, 64, 73, 78 Anderson, Greta 33, 68, 70, 71 Anderson, Katrina 67, 81, 92 Anderson, Leland 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 142 Anderson, Mark 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 92 Anderson, Michael 142 Anderson, Ruth 169 Anderson, Wendy 33 Andrew, Cathy 74, 92 Andrews, Clalre 163 Anltlaln, gavid 68569550632 A059551 P98017 1 r Amems Robert 33, 79 Anvellnk, Craig 33 Arend, Angela 92 Armentrout, ,Christy 73, 92, 135 Armentrolrt,-.Ntarlg 25, 137, 142 ,--- , Armstrong, Sandy 92, 136 , x f i Armstrong, Troy 33, 114 ' Armstrong Wendy474 135 142 Armin, callrerirra , 92, 114, 196 Arndt, Patricia 119, 142 Arndt, Timothy 33, 80 Arndt, Todd 8 Al-pr, Michael 33 Arrowood, Lori .142 Ascllenbrenner, llll 33 Ashley, Sheila 33, 87 Auchter, Ellen 76, 92 Babbltts, Kelly 57 Babbitts, Troy 109 Baglman, loseph 13, 33, 75, 78, 79, 82, Bachman, Sharon 119, 130, 142 Baehman, Carrie 142 Baker, lenelle 92, 118, 131 Balbach, Victoria 142 Baltz, Iason 117 Banczak, Iohn 33, 114 Banczak, Susan 92 Bandy, Bizabeth 78, 93 Barblere, Angela 134, 142 Barbiere, Mark 93 Barnes, Paula 74, 93, 131 Bartel, Michael 93 Bartelme, lenniler 93 Barth, Micheal 87, 93 Bartlett, Tracy. 113 Bartman, Ant ony 142 Bartz, lrrdy 169 Basken, Patricia 33 Basler, lelirey 57 llasler, Richard 93 Bastar, lellrey 33 Batley, Colleen 164 Bauer, lulie 33, 81, 85 Bauer, Lori 72 Baumann, Kelly 159 Baumann, lisa 93 Baumann, Matthew 109 Baxter, Ma? 142 Beard, loe 3, 114 Becher, Karrie 34, 75, 126, 135 Becher, Keith 82, 93, 114 Beck, Erika 74, 121, 142 Becker, Robyn 93 A yn 68, 69, 70, 76, 78, 88, I Bern, Patrick 75, 117, 142 Be nke, yulie 134 Bell Dav d 163 Belllle, Scott 93 Bellin, Gerald 93 Bellin, Melissa 34, 121 Bengel, Curt 34 Bennetts, lenniier 34, 81, 136 Bennetts, lessica 74, 137, 142 Benson, Daniel 34, 69, 70 Benson, Dehnna 93 Berendsen Deanna 109 Berge, lelllrey 93 Bergner, Polly 142 Bergstrom, Dedric 34 Bergstrom, Lawn 117, 142 Be llger, C ristine 34, 64, 75 Bern t Tray 68, 70, 93 Bero, Chri ogher 34, 78, 84, 114 merry, Dale 9 1 Berton, Annette 93, 120 Berton, Amold 93 Berven, Christy 113, 130 Berven, Gregory 75, 93, 114, 128 Berven, Thomas 164 Belltler, Diane 34 Beyer, Roy 80, 109 Beyer, Tammy 137, 142 Beyer Tanya 81, 142 Bezella, Patricia 76, 162 Bierman, Amy 68, 70, 142 Biettler, Catherine 34, 85 Biettler, Terri 74, 142 Blackwell, lean 34 Blair, lellery 34, s1, 61, 16, 11, 79, aa Blair, Tina 42 5 Blaieski, ietlrey 34, 57 Blanchlle d, jennifer 71, 142 Blank, Iason 142 Blansette, Corby 142 Bletzinger, Deborah 68, 70, 72, 142 Blobaum, Harry 167 Block, Angela 68, 70, 143 Block, Frederick 143 Block Laura 143 . lloardlnan, Richard 34 Bocek, Lynn 34 Bonn, Mark 34, 116 Bo tschek, lulie 34, 85 Bolvin Ken 118 Boland, nlaabaur sa, 70 16, al, sa Boland, Eugene 66, 111, 16, ua zrkollerman, - Bond, lane 35,-70,f83,.124, 126, 136 Bonnell, Tina 143 3-1'-l Bonnln, Cypthla 143 Bonnin, lo n 35, 67, 84 Booker, Alisa 35 Booker, james 35 Borchardt, Kelly 35 Borchardt, Sheri 35 Borchardt, Terri 35, 85 Borden, lulie 26, 143 Bork, Scott 143 Bork, Tammly 93 Bortoluzzi, ominia 93 Boswell, Patrick 93, 116 Boyd, Brian 68, 69, 70, 117, 143 Bramer, Mike 93 Brantmeier, Michael 35, 83, 114 Braun, Pam 67, 81, 87, 93 Braun, Robert 57 Breier, Christopher 71, 143 Breister, Michelle 74, 143 Breitrick, Lisa 130, 143 Bresnahan, Terese 35, 75, 121, 136 Breunig, Scott 78, 143 Bricco, Tonya 93 Briggs, Sean 109 Brin um, lell 93, 114 Bri , Michael sa, 69, 10, 71, 12, 93 Broeske, Scott 159 Brophy, Lawrence 74, 93, 114 Brost, Brian 70, 71, 72, 94, 114 Brost Martin 35 Brotski, David 168 Brotski, lane 70, 76, 82, 94, 135 Brouillard, Diane 137, 143 Brown, lennifer 67, 143 Brown, Stephen 74, 75, 117, 143 Brown, Tipton 75, 94, 116, 129 Brown-Schoening, Carolynn 76, 162 Brownson, Kelly 134 Brownson, Sean 35, 72, 73 Bruce Todd 35, 77 llrulraf lanice so, 169 Bruha, Richard 162 Bruss, Patrick 143 Bryglger, Laura 143 Buc anan, Amy 121 Bucholz, Kim 5 Buck, Amy 35, 67, 82 Buckingham, Gregory 117, 143 Buckingham, Shannon 35, 73, 117 Buckner, lames 73, 94 Budde, Dean 168 Budice, Ed 57 Buesing, Pat 166 Bugen agen, Nanette 73, 74, 143 Bu ge, Sven 132, 133 Buhrandt, Tim 144 Buksyk, Brad 35 Buksyk Rob 26, 74, 94 Bunnell, Sandra 109 Burke, Kathryn 78, 94 Burns, lason 35, 87, 132 Burns, Tammy 35, 120 gumsilde, Lgglise 144 llff Burslleytclaclynn 36 Busche, lenny 120 Buser, Steven 36 Bushman Brian 36 Buss, Richard 36 Butler, Scott 168 Butt, Michael 36 Callum, Rod 115 Camber, Steven 12, 13, 26, 36, 114 Camfpbell, Michael 36 Can eld, Laurie 73, 144 Capelle, Dennis 36 Carew, leflrely 36, 114, 132 Carley, Bret 15, 144 Carlson, Iohn 36, 64, 65, 128 Carlson, Richard 168 Carlson, Shelly 26, 14, 94, 124, 136 Cartwright lay 12, 13, 36, 64, 114 Case, Kristin 144 Cason-Gossett, Keith 36, 77, 114 Cavanaugh, Rodger 162 Champeau, Wendy 85 Chaney, Trevor 94 Charapata, Gerald 68, 69, 70, 167 Charlier, Cheri 36, 85, 121 Charlier, Roger 94, 114 Chartrand, Terri 36, 87 Chick, Michael 80, 109 Christensen, Martin 26 Christensen, Tammy 36, 85 Christenson, Todd 94 A , Christian, lean 169 Christollerson, Bridgett 36, 85 gzristrytilagheodoag 3769 94 ron s regory , , Clanclola, Chris 94, 116 Ciriacks, Karen 37, 6411-56, Ciske, Amyn125, 13731144 I g Clske, Nat n 144 f I f"s 2,5251 Claprer, Tlmothcy 94 s'l- T . Clar , Bradley 7 , 94 Clark, lames 168 Clough, Lisa 144 Cloutler, Scott 57 Coan, Chelsea 64, 94 Coats, Elissa 37 Coenen, Mark 86, 94 Collar, Sara 119, 135, 144 Collins, Nathaniel 37, 64, 75, 77, 78, 83 84 Collins, Sarah 135, 144 Conant Renee 144 Connolly, Michael 73, 74, 109, 114 Conradt Cathie 94 Cnunard, Cappy 82, 94, 121 Counard, Cory 82, 94, 121 Cowling, lennifer 76, 94 Cox, le irey 144 Cox, lohn 164 cox, llirslirr 14, 95, 116 Cox, Tamara 37, 73 Craig, Sonya 74, 135, 144 Crane, Ste hen 95 Crockett, Ilenniler 37, 73 Cronin, Michael 109 Crooks, leil 37 Cross, Brenda 81, 144 Cross, Cheryl 37 Cross, Mark 37, 116 Crowe, Katherine 82, 121, 144 Cummings, Al 37 Curry, Klm 95, 121 Curtln, leremiah 95, 128 Clap Paul 144 Czech, lennifer 74, 95, 121 D'Amico, Katherine 37, 64, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 86, 118 D'Amico, Michael 68, 70, 77, 144 Dahms, Paul 37 Danielson, Kristine 76, 87, 95 Danner, Danner, Darling, Kerri 95 Mary 144 Tammy 73, 74, 95 Darrow, Michael 74, 95 Davey, Martin 77, 95 Davis, Kevin 68, 70, 115, 144 Davis, Laurie 37 Davis, Lisa 144 Davis, Trevor 133 Dawns, Lynne 74 Day, Kelly 31, 124, 126, 136 Day, Martin 66, 67, 130, 144 Day,2,Scott 37 De er, Peter 37 Debroka, Gerald 57 DeCoster, Dale 80, 144 DeDecker, Ben 112 Dedering, lanell 37, 87 DeGroot, Richard 95 Delrow Dennis 144 DeNicolis, Iennifer 74, 83, 144 Dennis, Kevin 95, 114 77, I Dennis, Patrick 37 Dennis, Scott 144 Dennis, Shannon 159 DeRuyter, Simon 115, 144 Desantos Leonard 144 Devine, Dawn 37, 135 Devine, Katie 74, 82, 135, 144 Dlckow Lori 26, 38 nirdrzd. near 194 mrrrrrrrrfi, Ann 95 Dohish, Amy 38 Dodd, loan 38 Dohmann, Shirley 166 Donaldson, Brett 115, 130, 144 Donaldson, Craig 95, 128 Donato, leilrey 38 Donato, Robert 133, 144 Dordel, Nan? 38 Dorton, Cha 145 Douglas, Caryn 57, 76 Downs, Lynne 68, 70, 95 Draves, Ann 38, 85 Draves Catherine 95, 121 Driscoll, Brian 145 Dryer, Laura 76, 82, 95 Dubberstein David 74, 95 Dube, Pamela sa, 64, ss Ducayet, lulia 95 Ducayet, Michelle 38, 75, 112 Duchaine, Bradlely 130, 145 Duchateau, Char es 145 Duessing, Tracy 57, 145 Dull, yarrres az, 145 Dunn ng, David aa, 66, 69, 10, 11, 72 Dunsirn, Scott 145 Eake, Sharon 38 Earl, Cheramie 57 Earl, David 159 Easton, Larry 167 Eaton, ,Amlyi88, 121, 145 , Eclrrtelnpg, nlel 74 95 Ehrenberg,.8rlan 38 Ehrenberg, Heldl 73, 82, 95 Ehrlich, Ingrid 38, 68, 70, 78, 81, 82, 121 Eiller, Patrick 95, 123 Einerson, Ronald 128, 164 Elertson, Ross 145 Ellis, David 168 Ely, Brent 159 Ely, Heather 121 Engelbreth, Patrick 95 Engleman, Lance 159 Engstrom, Darlene 169 Ep ey, Steven 38, 89 Erdmann, Kenneth 95 Erdmann, Randy 95, 114 Erickson, Sara 95 Erickson, Todd 74, 95 Ernst, Nancy 163 Ernst, Roger 163 Ernst, Sarah 82, 84, 95 Ertl, Renee 38, 87 Evans, loan 82, 165 Evenson, David 57 Fahrenkrug, Angela 68, 70, 71, 145 Fahrenkrug, lames 38, 86, 114 Fahrenkru , Pat 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 95 Falk, Elilagelh 121, 145 Farrell, Catherine 38, 75, 82, 112 Farrell, Christopher 95 Faulks Lillian 169 Fellenko, lellrey 38 Fedenko, Ron 122 Felda, Melanie 38 Feldmann, Christopher 96 Fellner, Tammy 39 Fellows, lason 72, 73, 145 Felsted, lulie 73, 74, 96 Fenner, Lonnie 39 Fenner, Pamela 145 Fesler, Andrew 74, 117, 130, 145 Fetters, Kristin 74, 145 Fetzer, Karen 96 Finger, David 39 Fisc er, Ann 39, 68, 69, 70 Fischer, Salli 113 Flanagan, Carey 113, 145 Flanner, Christine 88, 122, 145 Flater, Steven 96 Flatolf, Kenneth 39 Fletcher, Wade 145 Flood, Michael 57 Florek, Pamela 39, 64, 75, 83, 116, 131 Florence, Nicole 39 Floriano, Amy 96, 124, 136 Flllette, Caro 39, 68, 69, 70, 71 Fluette, Timoth 145 Flunker, Don 130 Foley, Shawn 96 Fols e, Amy 73, 96 Folske, Shannon 145 Fontecchio, Paul 39, 78, 84 Forrest, Michelle 96 INDEX 183 Francart, Francart, Glen 39, 86, 114 Mary 39, 73 Frank, Tammy 74, 137, 146 Franz, Ann-Marie 76, 82, 96 Franz, Susan 67, 71, 72, 76, 81, 82, 88, 1 Frazzell, Lisa 39, 72, 84 Freier, lill 39, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 johnson, lohnst Freier, lustin 68, 70, 115, 130, 146 Friedauer, Becky 73, 146 Friedrich, Wen y 39, 71, 72, 73 Fritz, Wayne 39, 67, 73 Frola, Nicole 113 Fuhrman, Ken 39, 86 Fuhrmann, lody 73, 159 Fulcer, Mlchae 96 Funk, Kristen 73, 146 Funk, Trisha 39, 85 Fuss, Tracy 96 Gambsky, Victoria 73, 146 Garin, Amparo 39, 66, 67, 81, 82 Garlock, Amy 40, 75, 82, 122 Gaschler, Re ecca 40, 79 Gauqer, Keith 146 Gaut ier, Eric 40 Gauthier, Shayne 96, 114 Gavvlick, Brett 96 Gawlick, Kyle 40 Gavvlick, Scott 115, 146 Gehrt, james 40 Gehrt, Thomas 115, 146 Geisler, Kelsey 74, 113, 135, 146 Geisler, Kurtis 96 Geissler, Nancy 169 Gerdin, lennlfer 146 Gerdin, lodl 96 Gerhardt, Iennifer 40, 80 Gttitlter, lohn 40 114, 128 oernner, Michael'74, 115, 130, 146 Getlinger, Brian 40, 86 Getlinger, Michael 96 Getschow, Richard 74, 109 11 , Getzlafl, Michael 77, 146 Ghali, Farld 40 Giese, lulle 163 Gilbert, Brad 96, 115 Gilbert, Brian 40 Gilbert, Kevln 115 Gill, Theresa 119, 135, 146 Gilman, Robert 109 Gilmore, Cathy 40, 84, 122, 131 Gilmore, lohn 114, 162 Girard, Dennis 40, 86 Glasner, Ann 163 Gleasner, Kathleen 40, 85 Glick, Laurie 40, 73 ' Gloclre, lenniler 40, 84, 854 Gloede, Amy 71 Gloede, lennlfer 72, 119, 146 if Glunn, Nicole 96 Gmelner, Georgia 146 Gocker, Phll 166 Godec, lenniler 73, 74, 88, 146 Goeser, David 159 Goetz, lenniter 72, 73, 96, 135 Golden, Alerha 64, sa, 70, 74, 146 Golden, Chris 64, 96 Goltz, Kristine 68, 70, 97 Gonzales, Luis 40, 81 Gooding Annette 74, 97 Gomy, avid 97 Gorngg Erin Kate 135, 146 Gore , Todd 97, 116 Sara 97 7 Gossett, Keith 73 Graverson, left 571 , ,cnyp-'una 73,e97 A , Gray, Nancy 97 Green, Christopher 40, 86 Green, Sheri 146 Gunz, Krw 97 e K Gussert, rlltam-41-7-ing .-,,. 1 Gutierrez, Emanuel 109 guyanta 'l?:y9g7 5 aase e Haaie: hgh 417 H H:fllfr','1H 146 , 1 Hadler, Lori 97 -- Halemeistet, Robert 97 Hagen, Stace 97 Ha n, Donald 146 Hall, Kelly 119, 146 Hall, Scott141, 114 7 Halversonpbavid-97,-128 1 ,, e Halverson, Heather 82,-97, 118 i S Hamilton, ludith 73, 119, 146 Hamilton, Kerry 41 Hanrahan, Kelley 41 lambs, rrsna 74,1141 1 1 ffiacobson, Heidi-98 7 7lacolno11, Katie 148 7 7 lagla, Rhonda776 e ianlrovrslrl, Allen 98, 114 lankowskr, Stacy 42, 85 , Heather 42, as y laroslnski, Bonnie 148 1 1-Jensen, Hans, Brian 41 ebec Hans, It Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, V ca 146 Barb 169 11 len 71, 167 Steven 97 lilohnson, Gregory, Gfesvry, Gregory, Gregory, Gressler, Christopher 40 lenniler 71, 97 Michael 41, 64, 65, 77 Timothy 146 Daniel 97 Griesbach, lellre 97 Griesbach, Iulie 97 Grigsby, George 168 Grimes, Leo 159 Grinsel, lenniler 41, 64, 75 Grlnsel Iodl 113, 135, 146 Griswold, Alison 146 Griswold, Tracey 97 Gross, Andrew 97 Gross, L nn 41 Grubb, lleiirey 97 Gruber, lim 85, 166 Gruber, Richard 159 Gruetzmacher, Rebecca 146 Grunske, Linda 146 Grunvvald, Christine 67, 163 Guckenberg, Allen 41 Gullickson Cynthia 158 Gumma, Shannon 41, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73 784 INDEX Hanson, Gwendolyn 72, 73, 74, az, 147 Harbor, Haley 97, 134 Harder, Melina 41, 118 ttarding,,Lisa 41, 64, 75, 118 Harold,1Kari 113, 134 Harm, Haley 97, 135 Harp! Indy 64, 73, 126, 147 Harrell, lody 164 Harrington, Todd 147 Har-nfl ,1 lason 115, 141, Hartmann,-Patrick 97 Hare, teresa 41, sa, 70-e 118, 136 8 Hass, Craig 711, 11s, 133, 147 Hasse, Marc 97 Hauser, ,Scott 147 A Hayesrlbdl 97 ' I 981 531115551 1367 7, snrrr 1 11 :vw fida maref14 drare 7 7 sra Ha ardinndn 115' 7147 8 YW ri 17 Heck Andrea 7? 72, 98, 135 nedrte, :ner as 8 1 8 I-leider, Wendy 81, 98 11 Heinen, Carolyn 41 , Helnen, Lynda 83, i,'-i. f Hella, Kenneth Hella, Leonard 57 5 Hemes, Hans 82, 98, ' Hemes Heidi 98 Hendrlks, nna 137, 1477 Henshaug,-Ann 72,1137 ' Hepp, Keri 68, 69, 70 ij 7 L1 Herbst, Shan-Marie 41, 66 - Herlng Shannon 147 Herrbold, Christorher 41 I-lerzberg, Susan 13 Hetland,,l'at 80, 169 I-tietpas, Travis 98 Hletpas,,1'roy 41, 85 Hildebrand, lruce 98 7 Hildebrandt, Sonia 42,15 1 Hill, jennifer 147 Hlll Michael 42 116 Hllllker, Kimberly 98 Hlnktuss, Bradley 42 Hinkluss, Kathryn 67, 74, 147 Hirschy, Klmberly 42 Hitesman, Laura 42, 64 Hobart, Mark 68, 70, 76, 115, 147 Hodfes, lohn 123, 147 Hot man, Kristen 98 Hoffman, Troy 147 Holslund, Heather 67, 68, 70, 71, 98 Hohenwalter, Lisa 42, 118 Hohnberger, Tammy 147 I-lollibush, Delores 42 Honer, David 98 Hood, Kimberly 68, 70, 121, 147 Hooper, Eizabeth 147 Hooyman, Scott 115, 147 Howard, Lori 42 Howard, Scott 147 Howard, Troy 42 Howe, Doug as 98 Howe, Shane 42, 132 Hoyman, Lisa 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 147 Huebner, Kelly 42, 81, 82 Huebner, Nadine 42, 78, 84, 88 Hughes, Scott 42, 86 Hu tman, Mark 98 Hupf Dan 98 Hutchinson, Scott 78 Huth, Tina 85 Huxley., Mike 87, 98 Hyrda I, Darin 133 Ihde, Amyc42 lsaacsen, ristin 64, 88, 148 lack, lill 42 lack, Sally 134, 148 Iackson, ean 71, 148 lacobs, Stephanie 148 ,il'0llll8Kl, Robert 42,157 175115-77'1 8905301 lemen. lensen, lensen, rlfnnnr Ann 73, 148 5 - , Anthony 43 Gretchen 121 Heidi 119, 130, 148 Pat 11715 1 A Tl10ll1lS-123, 1641151-77,1 -71.- lel'lns1ad,.Sl1aio11 120, 1651? 1 ' jesse, lon 43, 73, 122, 131 ' lease, Michael 148 loch, Christopher 72, 73, 76, 79 johnson, Johnson, johnson, Iohnson, lohnson, Iohnson, lohnson, johnson, lohnson, johnson, johnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, , 1-lohnson, Barry-43 1 - Brenda 68, 70,.-1481 Cal1l183 7- -1.' , me 64, 74, 148 -loi lill 148 Kelly 71, ss 7 Matthew 99 Pamela 148 Reid-5123, 159 1 :,--, 1, V Renee 99, 122 f 'D Richard 86, 114, 165 Rod 67, 163 , Ryan 115, 148 Silas 438 70 130 148 9 1! 1 I7 Steven 76, 99,1114 Toddes 1 -,.. .1 ,99 on, lane 166 A lones, lenniter 43, 87 jones, Steven 148 logo, Patrick143, 84 -1 . lllrgella,-5ha1Qn143 121 l --i.. Jizlice, Hiuberh 43, 69, 71, 73 justice, lacrlgieline 70, 73 luttman, lo 169 Kaehler, Todd 99 Katlahs, Tufl 121, 148 1 Hfkarnrner, Erick 43, 64, as Kapltzke, Carla 99 xaKaPRzkn1ne'imFsi7 74 ss Ka 'i'ifan'3i1' ' ' ,11.,,,1 11 eliny, Daniel 43, 72, 73,1114 1 fi ,-1 gggberein1Pl1illip148 xedden, ilrzan 148 Kelderman, Harry 116 1 Kelderrnan Kristopher 43, 116 Keller, Rick 43' Kemp, Keith 43 Kempl, leang3l3,787 I Kempt Lana 99 ' 8 7 1iKern, banlotd ss, ro, 141 7 Kessl -I 165 Klddfliritsaa 99, 116 iltldd, Howard 168 Kieles, lill 83 , Kielislewski, Iill 99 Kiesau, Shawn 68, 70, 14837511 Kiesling, David 69, 70, 99, 114 Kiesllnf, Mary 68, 69, 70, 99 Kllpatr ck, Ke ly 119, 148 Kimball, Kristopher 43 King, Bradley 115, 148 King, lenniler 43 Kingston, Lisa 43, 121 Kinzler, Erika 121 Kltzinger, Kim 74, 137, 148 Klabunde, Tony 148 Klapper, Chad 99 Klapper, Stacy 68, 70, 148 Klatl, Crai575, 99 Kleeman, orothy 165 Kleeman, Ira 82 Klein, lennifer 148 Klein, Mark 44 Kleinschmidt, Todd 74, 99 Kleist, lenniler 64, 82, 99, 134 Klepps, Kevin 99 Klesmit, Richard 99, 129 Kleveno, Kelly 71, 72, 99 Klitz, David 44, 68, 69, 70, 71, 77, 84 Klitz, lames 77, 167 Kliu Kevin ss, ss, 70, 77, 148 Kloclrzien, Bruce 44 Knaack, Christopher 99 Knaack, loseph 44, 114 Knight, Stuart 99, 114 Kno l, Laurie 57 Knoll, Patricia 148 Knopp, Melissa 44 Knorr, Ioel 99, 114, 129 Knutson, Alisa 74, 149 Koehn, Mark 99, 114 Koeller, lody 44, 80 Koeppel, gessica 74, 82, 88, 149 Koemer, ott 57, 80 Kofler, Debbie 44, 80 Koller, Paul 99 Kotnetka, Mark 133 Kohanskl, Mlchael 149 Kohl Michelle 76, 99 1 Kohlbeck, Chrrstine 99 Koller Gregory 73, 115, 149 xnnselr, Michael 44, 116 Konsek, Steven 72, 74, 117, 149 xnnwinski, Brian 117, 149 Kopecky, Christopher 100 Kopllen, Tara 12, 13, 44, 118 1 Kort louis 165 Kortbein, Donald 44, 86 Koslowslrhrselfelg 73, 100 Krablean na 7 , 149 Krahn, Tina 44, 87 Kramer, Gag 44 80 Kramer, Pa 100 Kramer, Peter 180 Krasin, Lynn 57 85 Krasin, Mlchaef 149 Krasln, Tammy 44, 121 Kraus, Leann 149 Kraus, Lylnda 100 Krause, lchard 149 Krelkamp, Chad.74, 82, 180 Kreklovr, Lisa 138 Kriese, Todd 123, 149 Krock, Tim 44 Kronberg, Mlchelie 140, 135 Kronberg, Troy!! 140 1- - rome, mn ,7 69, 74, 72, 71, 141, Krueger, Brian 149 Krueger, Gwen 149 Krueger, Lynn 44, 64, 81 118 Krueger, Patti 71'f1l8, 135 . e Krueger, Paula 447 7 7 Krueger, Paid 44 Krueger, Shawn 51 Krueger, 'tammy 81, 149 Knrtzfiva Msr1e'44, 124 Kermit, nnnald 182, 111, ns 1 9 lrent,-1087 7:1 7 7 K11eel1erer,,uavid 184 Kuehl, Carrie'68, 78, 149 ' Kuelme, Kristine 57 zu'-"".m.,",., I 1 Gregg -115 71149 W V xnnn, Arden s, 114 1 1 Kuhn, Christine 68, 70, 149 1 KUDQGE Christine 45, 73 7 A " Ktltr stanc 100 xrr1rrf111ib'nras 100 Kulra John 100 Kendra Ann 45,2855 'rannny we 1 Enuclrer. Kort 13, so ll-ldllf Kllll ll:ab?..Ign1 rgi 159 ub1ef1usa74s, 64, sz, 777 5 1 KCDHFQQIII 'f-100' Laceflenniter Is 7 7 Lachey, xrluan as, 1oo Laedtke Dawn 45 7 . uner, lttellsra 45, ss, 70, 731 l0M!T'2lle, Ellen,163 1 g e Lalvlarrahe, Kevin-15121 1 . '- Lahdlarehe, Kristine 45, 78, 87 i7iii ilarnb, Mark: 1495 7 f 7 Landsverk, Vlckiel'45,185 l.antz,ll1n164:.-173 Y Laltierre, Llsa 45, 73 ,1 5 l l.aPierre, Melody 73, 100 "N 1 Lappen, Doris 8 , 159 Larsen, Jenny ss, 67, sa, 69, 70, 130, 150 Larsen, Katherine 100, 120 Larson, Dan 86, 150 Larson, Lisa 45, 81, 85 LaSage, Ielt 100 Lassen, Eric 100 Lara, Chrlstlne 45 54, ss, 67, 14, as Laswell, Christopher 101 Lauson, Em 45, 128 lautensc lager, lamie 74, 82, 101, 135 Lautenschlager, lohn 168 Laux, Steven 26, 45, 114 Laggn, Beverly 150 Le eul, Steven 150 LeBoeul Thomas 101 Lee, lodly 101 Lee, lohn 101 Lee, Robert 165 Lee, Vernon 101 LeGault, Robert 101 Lehl, Mark 150 Lehl, Scott 101 Lehl, Theresa 57, 87 Lehman, Katherine 45 Lehmann, Chad 101 Lehmann, Don 167 Lehmann, Scott 45, 80 lehr, Scott 45 Lehrer, 'Ill 181 Lehrer Travis 46 was 'S' I Lemahieu, icheBe 46 lemke, Mark 73, 150 lelllmert, Glen 46, 77, 78, 84 lernmert, Larry 162 Lenius, Aaron 150 Lenz, Pamela 150 Lepsch, Tad 101 lepsch, Tamm 26, 46, 85 Lepsch, 46, 86 Lepsch Todd 1 1 , un-i 134, 150 L , james 46, 72, 73, 06 Lewis, Kathryn 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 76, 150 lewis, larry 26, 169 Lielrhauser, Tami 46 Llghtiuss, Dale 79, 167 Lind, Bernhard 46 81, 82 Llndenberg,1David 101, 116 Lindgrlen, ary 164 Line rg, lucy 169 Llnzmeyer, Armand 167 Littmann, Susan 166 Llewellyn, Tami 73, 101 Lloyd, ionel 73, 150 lorrdrrey Robert 162 ton erville, Kevin 150 Lotzer, jennifer 150 Lovedale, Laurie 74, 135, 150 Luedtke, Penny 46, 80 Luctt, lune 16 Luka, Linda 101 Lund, joseph 80 Lund, Timothy 115, 159 Lundgren, lrian 86 101 Lundgren, Christopher 46 Luu, Ronald 64, 150 Luu, Giang 150 Ly, Khou 150 MacKinnis, Lisa 46 MacPl1etridge, Cheryl 122, 150 MacPhetridge, Terrence 168 Madsen, Linda 81, 166 Maki Christina 73, 101 Malclrow, Amy 135, 154 Malchow, jelfezz 101 Maldwin, Lori Malinoskl, Robert 167 Malone jesse 109 Mmreuiel, Timothy 11, 12, 101 Marlnln, Mamainn 46, 135 Marlnln, Pat 150 Marohn, lame: 101, 114 Marotz, Brenda 46, 87 Marquardt, Kelly 158 Marquart Mike 117 Martell, fusan 46 Martin, Eric 150 Martin, jonathan 57 Martin, sem 46, 86 Martin, Tammy 101 Martino jennifer 150 Manzalrl, Todd 150 Mason, Alan 46 Mathison, Traci 73, 101 Matowitz, jennifer 46 Mattes, Nancy 64, 74, 101 Maxymelr, joellen 72, 73, 101 Maynard, Kelly 101 Mayo Timothiy 47 McAllister, lu 6 101 McAvoy, Michael 74, 101 Mclride, jann 88 McBride, William 78, 88, 164 Mglaamgher, Colleen 26, 47, 64, 75, I McCarragher, Margaret 74, 112, 137, 158 McClone, Daniel 115, 130, 150 McClone, lriyce 169 Mcfadden, ebecca 101 McGinnis, judy 67, 76, 150 Mcltellar, loh i-lynn 47 McKinley, Elan 15 Mclandress, Andrew 74, 101, 129 McLaren, David 115, 151 Mclauahlin, Heather 101 McMil n, Michael 73, 115, 151 McNeely, Scott 117 McQull an, Sean 151 Medrker, julie 73, 88, 119, 151 Meltovaara, Kari 47, 81, 82 Mertz, Timothiy 102 Meuller, jill 1 1 Meverden, Der 47 Meverden, Rarx.76, 102 Meyer, Anthoney 151 Meyer, Christine 102 Meyer, Heidi 13, 151 Meyer, john 47 Meyer, Kaye 102 Meyer, Kimberly 151 Meyer, Louis 164 Meyer, Sheila 151 Meyer, Shelby 47, 87 Meyer Theresa 47, 73, 87 Michalkiewicz, Heather 57 Michalkiewicz, Sarah 47, 75, 84 Michel, Christopher 73, 102 Milazzo, Iulil 4 , 79, 83, 121 Millard, Andrew 102 Millard, Arthur 102, 129 Millard, Michael 102, 114 Miller, rradley 14, 130, 151 M ler, Charles 47 Miller, Dennis 151 Miller, Harry 68, 70, 102 Miller, james 182 Miller, jeilery 47, 80 Miller, loel 151 Mills Marissa 102, 135 Mindortl, lrandy 68, 70, 151 Mindorll, Todd 57 y Minlxs, Greta 151 , Minskey, joseph 169g Mirsall, Mark 47 Mitchler, Melissa 102 Mittelstaedt Robert 115, 151, 132 Moder, rn-l1o1 I Moder, Russell 47, 67,177 moderion, games 102 . oe, om 15, 151 Moede, Dana 11360, 70, 75, 121, 136 emoedff mi 41, sa, zo, 75, 121,,136 Moen Chad 47 1 Mona n Tamm 151 iv , v Monard, Eleen 169 Monard, Kaeylann 122, 151 Monday, K y 109 5 Monson, wne e , , Mil: all 68 70 102 Mo , e 1 Momn, lrenda 151 Morrell, Todd 117 Morrison, letlla 47, 64, 75, 82, 124 Mosher',Johna 151 Mon, 1 y 161 Moyle, David 102 Mueller, Emily 61, 151 Mueller, jane 74, 83, 102 Mueller, john 78, 115, 152 1 Mueller, Matt 133 Mueller Shelly 73, 102, 121 Muenni, Kristine 13, 82, 102 Mulroy, john 162 Mulvey, Kenneth 86 , Munroe, Phillip 89 ' Muntner, Susanne 80, 152 Murphy, Carrie 103 Murphy, Connie 103 Murphy, Mari 166 , Murnhyflodd 183 2 ' Mus inski, Eric 159 Muslch, Stott 117 Muth Tina 48 Murhis, Matthew 152 Myers, Stephanie 103 Nack Tara 152 md, Charlotte 4a, sa , Rolland Sam 48, 116 Nash, james 48, 116 Nash, Pamela 48 , Nault, Tamra 103 1 Neal, Michael 73, 130, 152 Neal, William 48, 75, 84 Neerhof, Lorinda 68, 70, 78, 152 Nehrlng, Eddy 152 , I Neltzel, jason 26, 74, 117, 152 Nelson, jodl 57, 87 , Nelson, Kim 48 R'-."""i:.s"""'r.'2!f,1'a1"'S1 83 ren usen ,, , Neubauer,iGilllln 48 W ,", Neumeyer, Wendy 48 Newhouse, jay 103 Newhouse, Lana 152 Nihon, Karen 57 V - Nilson, tara 48 1 Nofilre, Cheri 48, 81, 85 Noll, john 48 Noll, Michael 152 Noll, Phyllis 169 Nollenbergy Karl 73, ,103 Nollenber , Tina 48, 85' Noordyk, iellrgy 48, 78 Noordyk, jodl 7, 152 - Nordness, Phllin 75, 103, 114 Nornberg, Sara 76, 82, 103 Northway, land 73, 103, 114 Northway Mel 160 muse, nd. 44, 121 3'?i.'!'.:.""l.."!"..3 owne-' jeffrey 40 o'c6-Lf, Michael 103 a.....M' Hu. '.:' 1:v:,:S:,. Oelrrnanc lridiigi ' ' ' OCPIIPPCI ll Oestrelcli, Heidi 11, 103 Olinger, lrian 152 om, Chad 152 Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, David 103 jason 73, 152 Scott 87 Olson, Alicia 88 Olson, Erik 48, 68, 69, 70 Olson, Kim 103 124, 136 olmt, Marybeth 135, 152 Olson, lon 103 Onrernik, james 49 Orlando, jolene 67, 152 Orlando, Lynda 45, 67 Ortiz justine 152 osinsln Lisa 49, rr, 87 odnnd, name ss, 163 Otto, Connie 49 Otto, Dou'ga49, 06 Otto, Otto Mrc el 49 Scott 152 P Owens, jennifer 103, 122 Owens, Robert 103 Paclrmayer, Ara 66, 67, 73, 152 Pachmayer Nicholas 49 Pack jennifer 103, 135 Parel, Chad 152 Pa ermo, Eugene 87, 166 ralrsm, Kim 64, 61, 66, ao, 103, 122, 1 1 Palmer, Michael 49, 114 Palmer, Paul 103 Palmer, Paul 57 Park, Roy 68, 70, 78, 84, 103 Parker, Andrew 152 Parker, Dennis 80, 109 Parker, Gary 114, 167 Plske, jell 115, 129, 130, 152 Paske, john 123, 130, 152 Paske, Richard 86, 128, 129, 165 Paske Samuel 103, 128, 129 rawvinl, creg 49, 128 Patovisti, jell 49 Patzlalf, jason 76, 79, 103 Paulson, Barbara 73, 152 Paulson, Gail 49, 83, 124 Paulson, Todd 49 Paulus, Andrew 74, 103 Paulus, David 162 Paulus, Kathy. 165 Paulus, Matt ew 103 Pawlacylr Lisa 73, 152 Payne, Elizabeth 121 Payne, Michele 152 Payne, Thomas 168 Payne, William 103 Peck, Kristen 73, 104 Pedersen, Kristine 73, 152 Pedersen, Patrick 49, 68, 70 Pedersen, Scott 49, 73 Peotter Vicki 152 rergolslri, leltrey 49, 15, 13, 84 Perry, Katie 121, 153 Perry, sean 26, 49, 114 Petenk, Mathew 49 Peterik, Michelle 104 Peters, julie 68, 70, 153 Peterson, Glenn 153 Peterson, Robert 153 Peterson, Tracy 153 Petty, Morgan 104 Plat Lisa 49 Phillips, Keith 153 rlanrek, Carolyn so, 11s, 131 Plche, joan 64, 163 Plchon Catherine 71, 122, 153 Plepenbrlnk, james 166 Pierrel, Todd 109 Plette, Plette, Plette, Plette, Plette, Pilon, Brian 159 Darren 50, 86 jason 104 Lira 50, 67 Tracy 104 Barb 169 Pilotl, slllll 50, 85, 121 Pivonka Prank 153 Plath, shane 153 Platta, Davld 50 Plier, Shirley 169 Plymesser, john 80, 109 Plymesser, Shelly 159 Poechner, Kerie 82 Polaski, Laurie 74, 81, 83, 104, 121 Polley, Greg 153 Popp Chris 153 Porath, jellre 153 Porsche, Michael 74, 117, 130, 153 Pottner, Lisa S0 Powell, Sean 82, 104, 114 Pratt, Angela 104 Precourt, Lewis 165 Prey, jayme 104 Prey, Paula 50, 75, 79 Price, Amanda 153 Price, Todd 50 Price, Tracy 153 Priest Davrd 50, 116 Prindle, Laura 50, 85 Printz, Christine 73, 104, 126 Printl, Scott 73, 115, 153 Prosek, Steven 109 Pueclrner, Kerie 71, 81, 153 Pues, Aaron 123, 153 Pupp, Angela 104 Pupp, Ant on 57, 86 Pupp lrian 104 Quick, Cory 50 Quick, jodl 50, 64, 75, 118 Quimby, Michael 104 Quinette, Todd 50 Quinn, jennifer 50, 135 Quinn, Monica 153 Raatikainen, Anu 81, 153 Rada Christopher 104 Radlhe, Dana 76, 104 Radtke, Ruben 167 Radue, Martin 50, 86 Ramaelrer, Barbara 76, 166 Ramseiy, jennifer 74, 83, 125, 137, 154 Randa , Sara 68, 70, 84, 104, 118 Rasmussen, Bruce 114 Rasmussen, Erik 64, 66, 67, 115, 154 Rateau, judith 164 Rathert, Lohn 154 Rause, C ristine 137, 154 Rause, David 82, 104 Rause, Tina 119 Rawls, Rhonda 67, 74, 154 Reagan, Francis 104 Rec er, Thomas 104 Redlield, Brian 50, 68, 69, 70, 71 Reese, Kathy 154 Reeve, left 104, 123 Reichard, Lisa 50 Relchel, Paul 105 Reilly, Robert 115, 154 Rein, Mary 119 Reinert, Kew 154 Reinhardt, ark 105 Reinhardt, Rebecca 105, 136 Reinke, Rhonda 50, 85 Reinke, Thomas 74, 82, 105 Reisler, Clay 105, 114 Reiter, Davrd 51 Relien Ryan 154 nemiet, mi 51, 64, 67 Resch, jill 74, 154 Resch, Kelly 125, 137, 154 Retzlatt, Robert 74, 105 Reuss, Steven 86, 154 Reuter, Daniel 154 Rice, Tammi 105 Riddell, Erin 64, 67, 82, 84, 105 Rider, Craig 164 Rieden, Michael 72, 73, 115, 154 Ritter, Mathew 105 Roal, Erik 73, 154 Roal, Natasha 51 Robak, David 51 Roberts, lelt 68, 69, 70, 105 Roberts, Laura 51 Roberts, Susan 109 Robertson, Ann 154 Robertson, john 72, 73, 105, 114 Robinson, Mark 71 Robinson, Marty 51, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 78, 84 Robinson, Tammy 105 Rogers, Kevin 130, 154 Rogers, Shane 51, 86 Rogers, Stacy 67, 74, 105 Ro , Scott 51, 116 Roh, Shane 68, 70, 115, 154 Rohde, Ke t 51, 73, 128 Roherty, hllark 169 Rohrbach, Ilse 51 Rohrbach, Susan 105, 112 Rolando, Donald 165 Romnek, Susan 68, 70, 76, 78, 154 Romnek, Thomas 51, 66, 67, 76, 78, 88 Root, jamie 154 Ross, Dawn S7 Ross, Sherri 154 Rubick, jarrod 154 Rubsam, Robert 57, 80 Rubsam, Ronnette 73, 154 Rucci, Christine 68, 70, 76, 82, 105 INDEX 185 Ruccl, l.aurie 57 Ruer, Phillip 51 Rule, Kevin 115, 128, 154 Russell, lenniler 51 Rust, Kevin 105, 114 Ryder, Wendy 154 Rymer, Tracey 105118, 136 Sacco, Aniela 73 Sachs, Cra 5 51, 114 Saeferl, lames 159 Sah 1, Melissa 51, 81 Salisbury lenniler 112 Sams, lohn s7, as Sanders, Dale 51 Sanger Scott 105 Sameclri, lan 168 Sameckl, Kim 74, 112, 130, 154 Sauer, lodi 51, 79, 81, 83 Sauer, Mike 105 Sauer, Ricky 51 Sauriol, Stephanie 73, 154 Savka, Shawn 105 Sawlsville, Beth 52, 85 Sawyer, Brian 115, 154 Sawyer, Deanne 52, 87 Schaidler, Catherine 119, 130, 154 Schaper, loan 64, 78, 88, 89, 154 Schaper, Paul 52, 78, 84 Y Schavet, Roxanne 155 Schelller, loseph 57 Scheider, Timoth 109 Schemmel, Ronald 132 Scherck, Steven 75, 123, 155 Scherrer, Claudia 113 Schiller, Paul 105 Schilling, linda 52, 73, 82 Schindler, Davld 52 Schindler, Dyan 109 Schinker, Usa 155 Schlnller, Tlmotgll 105, 132 H Schmidt, Craig ,159 Schmidt, Deanna 68, 70, 105 Schmidt, tulle 105 Schmidt, Krlsty 74, 155 Schmidt, Robert 155 Schmidt, Tamm! 70 Schmidt, Terri 2, 131 Schmidt Thomas 155 schmldnlre, Brian sz Schmldtke, Maryu7'3, 159 Schmirler, lonat 155 Schmitzer, Daniel 52, 77 Schmitzer, Patti 52, 85 Schneider, Doug 105 Schneider, Esther 52 Schneider, let! 117 Schneider, Sand 105 Schneidewend, Sandra 52, 121 Ss::oo,'Patriflah10S6g31 rau na e , y Schreier, hdaltl 121 Schroeder, Kelly 105 Schroeder, Sadie 155 Schroeder, Sara 52 Schroeder, Todd 72, 73, 106 Schubert, laymee 64, 84, 105, 106, 124, 136 ,f Schuelke, lori 121 Schuelke, Mike 121, 126, 162 Schuerer, lenniler 66, 67, 73, 155 Schu , Stacey 57, 87 Schuhz, Dav d 52, 72, 73 Schultz, Ienniter 119, 130, 155 Schultz, Iona 106 Schultz, lusten 52 Schultz, Teresa 76, 106 Schunk, Donald 52 Schussman, Rebecca 106 Schwandner, Kimberly S2 Schwandt, Steve 52 Schwandt, Timothy 106 Schwartzkopl, Scott 155 Schwarz, Leah 52 Schweitzer, Eric 115, 155 Scovrontki, Marnie 106 Scovronskl, Melissa 106 Scribner, Alexander 53, 123 Scribner, leannette 73, 74, 122, 155 Seager, Laura 53, 67, 72, 73, 81 Sehora, David 74, 75, 166 Seelow, Cynthia 106 Seelow, Roger 80, 159 Seitz, Peggy 135, 155 sein, sm 3, 72, 01, ra Sell, Douilas 155 Sell, Mall 155 Selle, Mel 168 Selwitschka, Ioseph 53 Selwitschka, Rohnda 155 Semrad, Andrew 73, 74, 117, 130, 155 Semrad, Cynthia 53, 79 Sennett, Troy 57 Sensenbrenner, Kim 53 Severson, Glen 165 186 INDEX Seybert, Pat 166 Shallow, Melissa 106, 120 Shandonay, Mary 67, 73, 81, 106 Shannon, lill 53 iheihfkyn' Kfhhriss ss u , nt n 1 Shukosky, Tracy sl 64, 65 Shuller, usa 12 , 135, '155 Shutt, Patricia 73, 74, 82, 121, 156 Slnvonek, Iudith 88, 163 Sickels lenniler 73, 106, 112 sadbeft, Kimberly sa, B7 Siehers lana 159 sledlnl-l, David 156 Siehr, Chad 73, 156 Steven, Christopher 53, 114 Simon, Daria 53, 73, 77, 84 Sincere, Angela 106, 118, 131 simla, oamiy az, 106, 114 Skeans, Katherine 72, 112, 156 Slavin, Thomas 166 Slovvatyniec, Iohn 106 Smead, Ron 53, 116 Smith, Charles 53, 82, 114 Smith, Collette 156 Smith, Craig 53 Smith, ods ld ss, el, as Smith, Kristin 113, 156 Smith, Matthew 156 Smith, Michael 106 Smith, Robert 73 Smith, Wendy 53 Smlts, Todd 156 Smolarek, Michael 162 ' Summers, Craig 57 Sorensen, Anita 53, 76 Sorensen, Pamela 73, 106 Sorensen, Patrick 73, 74, 117, 130, 156 Solder llllllson 156 S0lttQ,lG'I1!lllET 57, 79 Spanbauerpscolt 86, 156 Spang, Christine 106, 121 Span , Gwen 53, 87 Speates, lohn 54 21150831 girl! gg 55, 70, 37 pieg rn gptegellierg, rgalcfyelslis-1, 71, 72 elberg, e Slilzhaauer, Peter 52, 106 Spoehr, Marilyn 113 Sprinaborn, 8ryan 106 St. C lr, Penny 80, 159 stlft0fd, Amy 1, 72, 73, ar, 107 an e, 2?"i"e6,'?1"1li6 Stanke, Victoria 131 Stark, lenny 73, 156 Starr Cheryl 107 Steeher, Trac!! 54, as Steele, Pame 73, 107 Steilen, Andrew 68 Steffen, rlldmas sa, lu, as Steiner, john 68, 70, 156 Steiniort, Scott 64, 65, 107 gtephara, Arldrarr 70, 156 tern, ussell Stems, loel 156 ff gtevenson, Stez?6107 tewart, Stichmanmm 54 Stichman, Troy 107 Stielovv, Stacey 107 Stlnskl, Dawn 107 I st0Chlflltl Kris 54, 85 scam, late 162 Stone, Todd 107, 114 ra r 2l"'la 'Em M5167 Sl bel lox 112 no fe r n Strebel, Pamela 54, 71,,72, 84 StromlD2:g1 Chad 156 Strozew , Chad 73, 133, 156 3"'2.."'2?.i'n uc r Stumpl, lohn 156 Stumpl, Michael 156 Stumpl, Robert 156 surges, Michelle 74, 167, 118, 131 Sturm, Karen 107 Slutzman, Kristin 68, 70, 04, 107, 110 Sudaen, Michael 80 Sug en, Kim 68 107, 121 Sutden, Manuel 159 Su anen, Carl 54 Sunise, Suzanne 13, 54, 71, 73, 78, 83, Sutherland Gil 164 swab, tulle 107 Swanson, Dawn 122 Swanson, Gary 117, 133 Swanson, Kat y 54, 85 Swanson, Thomas 107, 114, 133 Swenson, lenette 80 Swenson, lohn 70, 107, 114 Svroboda, leltrey 54 Swoboda, Martin 156 Syverson, Amy 107 Talens, lulie 107 T D 73 107 ans, ana , Tans, Karin 74, 121, 156 Tanvas, David 107 tan, loan 72, 73, 75, 7a, aa, as, 125, 156 Tate, Scott 159 Taves, Stephanie 73, 107, 135 Taylor, Ioel 54 r 11, amy 54, a4, 123 Teetz, Karen 165 Terhorst, Thomas 68, 70, 156 Terrien, lennller 75, 82, 119, 130, 156 Tesch, Dawn 73, 74, 156 Tesch, leannie 73, 156 Tesmer, Michael 157, 159 Tews, lame: 54, 66, 67, 78, 88 Thao, Moua 157 Thiel, lo 169 Thiel, Kathy 157 rtilll, Lisa ss, 87 Thompson, lance 133 Thompson, Todd 55, 114 Thomsen, Ted 55, 11-1 Thorson, Ananda 157 Thorson, lellrey 157 Thorson, Kelly 55 Tilkens, Sharon 55 Timm, Ronald 157 Tipler, Amy 107 Tischaurer, Todd 55 Tobln, Michael 157 Toeppler, Kurt 57, 86 Toll, Stephani 55, 71 Tonagel, Craig 68, 69, 70, 107 Tornow, lane 167 Totten, Iulie 107, 122, 131 Totten, Robert 115, 131, 164 Towns, Thomas 55 Towsley, Andrea 157 Track, Sara 81 Tracy, sarah 72, 73, 74, 125, 126, 157 Tracy, Sara 73, 107 Tran, Phuong 55, 79 I Treml, Eric 71,"72, 157 Treml, Scott 55, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 79 81 Truebenbach, Marc 107 Tuchscherer, Michael 57 Tucker, Kelli 107, 135 Turner, Michael 55 Uhlig, Bernard 77, 107 Ulbrlch, Cory 55, 76, 120 Ulrich, Sta? 55 Valentine, aul 107, 128 Van Gellen, Ade 117 Van Marter, lodi 74, 119 Van Marter Vicki 85 Vanderlanden, lake 72, 157 Vanderlanden, Meg 83, 165 VandeSande, lames 79, 162 VanDusen, lill 157 VanDyke, Linda 68, 71, 107 Vanevenhoven, Sara 73, 157 Van , Blong 55 Vanftandel, lim 57, 80 Vanttandel, Kristine 86, 108 Vanliandel lisa 157 Vanlerberghe, avian ss, as VanMarter, lodi 157 VanMarter, Vicki 55 Vanoutenhoven, Scott 133 Vankooy, Catherine 108 Vanwzin, Amy 157 Van ychen, aul 108 Veddar, Karl 122 Vedra, Anne 55, 75, 83 Veeser, Barbara 108 Veeser, Gregory 157 Velasco, Brenda 64, 68, 70, 88, 157 Ventura, lody 55, 73 Verdon, Matthew 56 Vils, lared 56, 114 Vine, lim 167 Vine, Katy 121 Vine, Tagen 72, 73, 115, 157 V , Brlan 56 V , Timothiy 77 Vo! man, Kat 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Williams, Mic e 57 Wllllarns, MMLIS8 , Willmington, rb 80, 169 Wlngen, Elzabeth 81 Wlngrove, Eric 108 Winterleldt, Michael 77, 158 Winton, Dennis 158 Wlrlres, Denise 158 Wistholl, Dean 162 Wlswall, Morgan 108, 129 Wltak, Paula 158 Witkowski, Laurie 158 Witt, Barbara 57 Witzke, Richard 76, 79, 108 Wockentus, Tim 108, 132 Woellel lenniler 158 wdlmwfu, losen ss, 70, ra, ss, rss Wogtowicz, Step nie 70, 71, 78, 84, 88, 8 108, 109 Wolf lordan 108, 1119 Wollangk, Alexander ss, 67, 73, 77, 159 Wollangk, Sally aa, 163 Waller, Matthew 57 Wollerman, lill 57 Wollersheim, Dawn 74, 109, 118, 131 Wolosek, Antone 57 Woodrow, Cristy 80 Wrchota, lulla 78, 109 Wubben, Ryan 115, 158 Wuethrich, lodi 121 Wyman, leannlne 158 Yankee, Mary 169 Yelmene, Ke? 57 Young, Vicki 3, 74, 82, 88, 109 Youn Gregory 57 Zacheli, Manned sa, 7o, 77, ra, aa, 1ss Zacher, Marlene 164 Zander, Scottie 133, 158 zarda, Kenneth 74, 109 Zdrale, lellrey 168 Zehner, Daniel 109 Zellner, Lester 86, 158 Zehner, Matthew 74, 109, 114 Zemke, Brad 57 Zemloclr, Mark 158 Zenlsek, Tina 121 Zeske, Bobbie 73, 158 Zeslre, Sandra 57, 73 Zlerert, Gregory 109, 114 lie sdorl, Lew 15 Zlesmer, Ann 158 . 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Suggestions in the Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) collection:

Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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