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f,g Q A AME fwfl f ffl ,ff'3fp:f9,2 x ,K I I 3 , gf' MQ' A f X , l siiiim 3 -If Um K 3, X 7, 2 W9 2 iw M fifgfffow I f1j?'M v- ' - N7 s gp SQ S igxfg VJI Q35 Q Q95 S5 K3 EQ N 4555? WX' S C9 , Q61 is Ei' x wa 3- Qndugwvvkp r.'l""59'U.. aa.- sg' .P ,A. A g, . Q wvxiwbywi' ZW ?Qf 3 4 . l W wwf f ' A 4 ,, A , 'A4 i i ,S , w" A . , Lf 9' .1l ' f Q QQ I k i : ' S k'-1-, 2 Q'bA , D , , .4 .f ' l ,A',. 1 Y , q . '. W ,A Q. I Vq , V .A Z 1 V Nga W 'gg .. Q Ba 4'Vq' ,, . ' , v Wg 'hg, l' Q 1.'h i- , , X I , M l . r of XMVQ-JQZQ, 1 W mf'M M mf, v VQQK' QBGMW W ' . NMFS W! M KWWMZTW-QW' wviifkf W "MMM Wk VJ , vgfmwwf A M56 ?QfgAffjJfW'QffMQJ,3f , WW hm eq -135 if 4' 335 g f EG if Qi, -WM va QP9 Q4'QxM.VQf ' xl 'S mf' 135457 if imff N i W X V .Nia Q' 5 , x Ei A , , , Nqgtjj- Xie- vu 'ta fi 4 Sk' E Si WW WU f - -4 'QQ 'A T' X1 .' q ' SX Q 45 4- W 17. SW TPL - 1 N 'fx N -Q Ni ,L - 1 4 A Zgx 533 332 Ik' M, 532 MQ WWW go - GHWUWPJ Lwfdddvww oc: gf -Nf Q -, W --,Q - s Ki' x XWNXXX' 'XJ J XXL -5 '- 4, " -,iv 'X s X -. .- x ' 5 ' x ,- X. ' C VN' KQX 1 A . VW' Lg .154 ff -'V X- .fl - ' "-f kf f' ' ' L "Q, , ,-,J ft -f f 2- ' J, ' A 'X - - X X. I Q. I H H 4 A ,I A f , , '- A f x f . X J' X - ff 4 - , afzecaafzcl H Q 4 , ,, ,f A7 . Q, 1 A.---' 1 1' J fi - , r, r ' gl H , 5 as ' . NVQ lulxc grunt fmriclc in p1'0scv1ling this lxoolfllmpilmg than wc muy not Forgot c othcr :xml thc lmppy cluys wc spent all IYCCIILIII High. sy Hi Wi ' 1 .V '-F " .'-xi, t in f tm t-twxtfe s DEolcA1loN 1 tv f s W I xt 3 , , 2143 X235 saw' a J p J , V I I " W l A 'GB ' ' v r 5 f l f' fl f MR. S. F. SI-IATTUCK We, the Senior Class of 1953, hope that in dedicating this book to Mr. S. F. Shattuck, We may show our appreciation for all his services and his splendid leadership and ability. His exemplary character, his continued interest and work with young people, his philanthropy, and his unsellishne s have . , given us a guide to a successful life. We salute him beca se we l he ' an outstanding citizen and lives the motto 'cr states- ' , "There is no end to the good a per oi o if he n ind ge s the credit." ' f 3 ' ' 7! ff ff! 341' V l I l J 1 l ' ' s O ,,, il W, ,fy A . A , WN , .Qin f A fy A fp X elf? ' I F j A lux' x M X I , L cll L of A N H x .14 'fit PRDERH HL .gr -'O 'X' VXRJV 'xxky X,-X X' xxx "Xvx.,x M Hx X Producer ond D ir E c:+ovgw Xwxxw W! 7 BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. MGLZOVV, MR. EPPS, DR. QUADE, MP.. SUND, President MR. HRUBECKY, MR. HOCIIHOLZER, MR. MORTENSEN f 1 MH. HAROLD B. MENNES, S'l4pCl'il'Z1CVl0ZCHf of Schools 6 t J 1, Xt' r 3 X l l x l MR. BORGEN MISS GRIFFITHS MR. SPOO MR. CHRISTOPII Neenah High School is under the able direction of the administration which includes Mr. Harold B. Mennes, Superintendent of Schoolsg Mr. ll. O. Borgen, Principalg Miss Grifliths, Dean of Girlsg Mr. Christoph, Dean of Boysg and lVlr. Spoo, Guid- ance Director. Mr. Mennes is in charge of all of the Neenah Schools. He meets with the school board to discuss the needs of these schools and secures appropria- tions to keep them going. Mr. Borgen directs and advises the teachers and students. He makes the decisions concerning school, policies and serves as the advisor of the Student Council. s The Dean of Boys is Mr. Christoph, who, in addition to being the advisor of the senior class, must counsel the boys, direct the parking of cars and bikes and advise the hall monitors. Miss Grilltiths, the Dean of Girls, helps the girls with their problems and aids in the direction of the Girls, Senate, a group which she started. Mr. Spoo, the Director of Guidance, helps place students in jobs and aids them in choosing the col- lege they wish to enter or vocation best suited for them. He is the advisor of Psychometry Club and also teaches English. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT First Hunt Miss Kiscr-Spanish. Latin Miss Bructmian-English Miss I'Iarris--English Miss Meyer-English Miss PCtCI'S47IlfEl1glISlI Second How: Mr. Harris-English, Speech Mr. Spun--English COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Miss Nixdurf Miss Burgclurfl' Miss Cunnning Mr. Peterson INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Poellingcr-Printing. General Slnwp Mr. Zcnisck-Mziciiinc Shim, Ccncrul Slmp Drafting Mr. Carlinrch-VI'ooclwflik, Ccncral Shop 8 MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Mais-Hemel Miss Roper-Clnmir MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. Shcpalrcl- Miss Raine PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Jorgensen Mr. -ITIIUIHPMJII Bliss Millard 9 EY ' -I fs. ., i:rmg, t Mr Mr. DIL Mr SOCIAL STUDIES Cfhristoph-Generali Scicncu ClumIIacI1-I3irvIogy BTQILIIIYYQICIICIQII Sciuncu IQIYILISC-QIIICIIIISITY, Physics SCIENCE DEPARTMENT First How: 6 Mr. IJunwicidic-America:n IIistury, Problems Miss Iluglws-Wwrlcl IIistm'y Miss Gi'iIIilI1sfS11ciuI I'mIiIc1nf Mr. Bcgcrfliivics Seccmol Hmv: Mr. WIIIIZIIII5-f.AlllCl'ICil11 History Mr. PuuIton-Gcograpliy, Special Classcs Mr. Thuxnzis-Civics, VVorIcI Histury Social First How: Miss Gullikson-V I Iumc Ilcunmiilu NIiSs SI1Cl'X'Cf'fAl'l Second Row: Mr. BLlI'lIiCI'fI,II7I'kII'IliI1 Miss YULlIlgfS13CCCI1 Cor1'cctiu11 5eWff?W MMW : ff! 47,fff ft W i fffl ZQNU ,T ff Z ig ---- ff df j WH- Z X! CH Y 9 cv, 6-D Q ' NMNMML4, N f ZFWKW HKYU' X , JW: 11 uv' ' N' N5 W WN fjffif SENIORS Fond memories of the past four years with all of its enthusiastic events have now come to an end, and all too soon has time marched on. We were welcomed into Neenah High School at an exciting Cub Mixer, and were designated as "Greenhorns" by painted green noses. ln October, we chose our class officers to guide us ably through the year. Bill Wiesner was President, Dick Prine- Vice-President, Gail Loehning-Secretary, and Elaine Joyce-Treasurer. On October 18, the freshman girls held a mother- daughter tea. Our boys entered many athletic activities. Rosemary Salm and Jean Parker were the freshman co-attendants to the Homecoming queen. We had our class party on January 29 and sponsored our first dance on April 15. The time passed quickly, and soon summer vacation arrived. After three exciting months, we were anxious to return as"Sophisticated Sophomores," Cas the saying goesj,having passed the crisis of our freshman year. We felt as though we had really achieved a place in Neenah High School now. We chose Tom Kaufman to lead us. The other ofiicers were Bill Kutscher-Vice-President, Rosemary Salm- Stggetary, and Kathy Hoover-Treasurer. etty Wojcik represented our sopliomofe cEiss as at- tendant m the Homecoming queen. ,. We worlEf'1ia17dTthrouglTmagazine sales to earn money with which to sponsor our spring dance on January 27. The girls cheered while the boys participated and won in many athletic activities. On April 24 we held the Sophomore-Junior Mother- Daughter Tea. Vacation rolled around soon, but those three months passed quickly. We returned in the fall of 1951 and worked earnestly earning money in order to sponsor a very successful Junior-Senior Prom. We chose Don LaHin as President. Tony Koehn-Vice-President, Judy Dixon-Secretary, and Mary DuBois-Treasurer, to accomplish a successful junior vear. Carol Bowman was the junior attendant to the Home- coming queen. On the evening of May 3, several hundred couples danced to Tony Winters' Orchestra in an atmosphere of an "Oriental Dream." To reign over a memorable evening, Dick Jorgensen was crowned Prom King and Madelyn Johnson was crowned Prom Queen. The sophomore-junior girls entertained their mothers at a tea sponsored by Girls' Senate on May 13. ' Our boys became a dehnite asset in all sports while girls and boys alike were filling in as officers of many clubs. Some of our boys and all of our classmates participated in the State Basketball Tournament at Madison. Mary DuBois, Pat Spiegelburg, Carol Thiel, Judy Dixon, Jean Parker, and Marlene Lee were elected to the Girls' Senate for next year. Marilyn Werling represented the girls at Badger Girls' State and Dick Bine, Bill Wiesner, and Jack Schiebler represented the boys at Badger Boys' State. Gail Loehning went to Norway during the summer, under the American Field Service Plan. She had many interesting facts to tell upon her return. The year came to an end and we realized that our senior year would be our last together as a class. We elected our class officers Jack Schiebler-President, Keith Olski-VicefPresident, Mona Lauritzen-Secretary, and Kathryn Bisel-Treasurer. Kathryn Bisel was our choice for Homecoming Queen. On Senior Career Day, October 29, we heard various speakers to help us determine the vocation we would enter. Our successful senior dance, "Winter Wonderland" was held on December 19. The boys on the football team helped lead their team- mates to a conference co-championship-the first in the history of our school! Mona Lauritzen was chosen to receive the annual D.A.B. award. Many seniors participated in the annual choir and band tournaments, held March 21 and April 25, respectively. On the evening of March 24, the Girls' Senate sponsored the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet for the senior girls and their mothers. Judy Dixon served as toastmistress. A varied arrangement of talent completed the program. On April 9, Jack Schiebler and Aubrey Fowler traveled to Milwaukee and were on a television program to receive a National Award given to Neenah High School for the program the students presented during National Education Week. The American Association of University Women in- vited the senior girls of the Twin Cities as their guests at a lovely tea at the YWCA, on April 14. The evening of May 2, the Junior-Senior Prom was held in the gym. We entered into an "Enchanted Castle" for a royal evening in an enchanting atmosphere. The reigning couple was Jack Schiebler and Mary DuBois. We studied hard to prove our ability on our final exams on May 28 and 29. The Senior Banquet was held at the Valley Inn on June 1. Baccalaureate was held Nlay 31 and only one more big event of our school days was in store for us. To the familiar strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," we took our places on Graduation night-June 3. Chairmen of the various committees included: Darlene Peterson, Ralph Kinzel. Gail Loehning. Lois Elmgren. Rosemary Salm, Judy Dixon, Marilyn Werling, Carol Bowman. Gloria Dorn, Dick Bine. Nlona Lauritzen. Cyn- thia Albert, Sandi Nixon, Louis Erdmann, Kathy Hoover, Walter Drew, Bill Wiesner, and Tom Kaufman. VVe. the class of 1953 are looking forward to our futures at college, at jobs in industry, or in homes of our own, so we can put to work for us the lessons that we have gleaned so diligently from our teachers and from experience. To be sure, we will often recall the fond memories of this part of our life we are leaving behind, never to return to again. RUTH AGGERS-Entered as a senior from Prince- ton, Indiana, Band 4, Commencement Cap and Gown Committee 4, Pep Band 4, Rocket FI yping Staff 4. CYNTHIA ALBERT, i'Cynth"fBand I, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Announcement Committee Chairman 4, C1411 Staff 3, 4, G.A.A. I, Girls' Senate 2, Hall Monitors 4, Rotary Luncheon 3, Safety Club Secretary and Treasurer 4. KRIS ANDERSON, "Andy,'-Commencement An- nouncement Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, 3, Football 3, Intramurals 1, 2, Mixed Choir 1, Science Hobbies Club I. ROBERT ANDERSEN, "Andy"-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Music Committee 4, Intramurals 3, 4: Projection Club I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2. ROBERT AVERY, "BobI'-Baccalaureate Nlusic Committee 4. JACQUES BAILLIEN, "Griz"-Foreign exchange student from Liege, Belgium. Biology Club 4. BETTY BENGEL, "Bangy"-Commencement Music Committee 4. KENNETH BEMOVVSKI, "lN'louse"-Entered as a sophomore from Stevens Point, Wisccinsili. Band 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Business Committee 4. BERNARD BESTLER, ''Bernie"-Conservation Club I, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 4, Senior Banquet Business Committee 4, Student Council 1, Track 3. KATI-IRYN BISEL, i'Kaa"-Band l, Biology Club 4, Class Treasurer 4, Commencement Decora- tions Committee 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Senate I, Hall Monitors 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Rocket Staff 4: Rotary Luncheon 4, Science Hobbies Club 4, Student Council 2, Secretary 4. SHIRLEY BLAJESKI, "Shirley"-Re-entered as a Senior from Racine, Wiscrmnsin. Baccalaureate Decorations Committee 4, G.A.A. I, lylixed Choir 4. ROBBIN BONNIN, Bonney"-Biology Club 2, Conservation Club 1, 2, 4, Cub Staff 1, 2, Debate l, 2, 3, 4, Flower, Motto and Colors Committee 4, Forensics 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, Projection Club 2, 3, 4, Science Hobbies Club I, 2, Track I. ATHLEAN BORESON, "Athie"-Band 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 3, Secretary 4, Commencement An- nouncements Committee 4, Conservation Club 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Latin Club 3. CAROL BOVVMAN-Band I, Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Cap and Gown Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Senate 2, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Library Club I, 2, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Rocket Echoes Associate Editor 4, Rocket Typing CtrEditor 4, Rotary Luncheon 2, Rotary Essay 3, Student Council 2. MARYLIN BREAKER-Baccalaureate Speaker Committee 4, Conservation Club 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Girls' Senate 3, Hall Monitors 4, Pep Club 1, 4, Rotary Luncheon 3. , -ppp Rss? is ff. M7 Ns kt tion Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Senate 3, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Library Club l. 2, Pep Club 4, Rocket Staff 3, 4. KENNETH BREDENDICK, "Curly"--lliology Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Conservation Club I, 2, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Memorial Committee 4, Pxotary Luncheon 3: Thespians' Treasurer l, 2, 3, 4. MARVIN BROEHNI, "Marblesn-Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, C1411 Staff 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Safety Club Vice President 4, Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee 4, Student Council 4. ROBERT BUIITS, "Bob'!Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra, murals 1, 4, Memorial Committee 4, Pep Band 2, 4, Safety Club 4, Science Hobbies Club 3, Spanish Club 4. DARLENE CHARRIER, "Tootie"-Class Song Committee 4, Cub Staff 4, Girls, Choir l, 2, Home Economics Club 2, Library Club 4, Mixed Choir 3, Pep Club 4. JOHNI COLEMAN, 'flrish'!Commencement Cap and Gown Committee 4, Conservation Club I, 2, Football l, 2, 3. 4, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 2, 3, Track 2. ROBERT COVVLING, "Bob"-Commencement Program Committee 4, Culo Staff 3, 4: Intra- murals 4, Hocket Echoes 4, Safety Club Presi- dent 4. JANET DARLING-Entered as a junior from Marshfield Iligh School, Band 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee 4. EDMOND DE KEYSER, "Eddy"-Baccalaureate Program Committee 4: Conservation Club 3, 4. KAY DENNEY-Conservation Club 2, Culo Staff I, G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, Girls, Choir 1, President 2, Girls' Senate 3, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Library Club 4, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee 4. JUDY DIXON, "Dick"-Biology Club 2, Vice- President 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, Class Will and Prophesy 4, Conservation Club 2, Board Mem- ber 3, 4, C1117 Staff 1, 2, Feature Editor 3, Co- Eclitor 4, G.A.A. I, 3, 4, Girls, Senate 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Rocket Stall l, 2, 3, 4: Rotary Luncheon 2, Student Council 4. SHIRLEY DOBBERKE, "Hona'!l3accalaureate Music Committee 4, Girls' Choir 3, Home Eco- nomics Club l, 2, 3, 4, blixed Choir 4. HANS-HENRICH DORMER, "Hans"-Exchange Student from Hamburg, Germany. Science Hobbies Club 4. GLORIA DORN, "Dee"ACheerleaders 2, 3, Cap- tain 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Girls! Choir 1, Rocket Echoes 4, Rocket Staff 3, 4, Senior Banquet Decoration Committee 4. ALICE DRACE, "Allie'I-Baccalaureate Program Committee 4, Biology Club 3, Conservation Club I, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, Projection Club 2, 3, Rocket Echoes 4. NANCY BREAKER, ''Nan"-Baccalaureate Decora- tions Committee 4, Biology Club 2, 4, Conserva- v WALTER DREVV, l'VVally"-Commencement Dec- oration Committee 45 Conservation Club 15 De- bate 15 Intramurals 1, 25 Latin Club 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Projection Club I, 2, 35 Rocket Staff 3, Photography Editor 45 Science Hobbies Club President 45 Tennis I, 2, 35 Thespians 4. MARY JEAN DUBOIS, "CiCi'!Band I, 25 Biology Club 45 Class Treasurer 35 Memorial Committee 45 C.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Senate President 45 Latin Club 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Rocket Echoes 4. ESTHER EHLERS-Commencement Speaker Com- mittee 45 C.A.A. I, 25 Home Economics Club I, 2, 4. JOAN ELLIS, 'floanie"-Commencement decora- tion Committee 45 Conservation Club I5 C.A.A. I5 Girls' Choir I, 2, Treasurer 3, 45 Projection Club 4. NANCY ELLIS, "Name"-Band I, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club I5 Nlemorial Committee 45 Cub Staff 2, 3, Exchange Editor 45 G.A.A. I5 Hall Monitors 45 Pep Band 45 Rocket Echoes 45 Safety Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Thespians 4. LOIS ELIVICREN, "Loie',-Band I, 2, 3, 45 blem- orial Committee 45 Conservation Club 25 Cub Stall 2, 3, Front Page Editor 45 G.A.A. 1. 2, Point Recorder 3, 45 Girls' Senate I5 Latin Club 35 Library Club I, Vice-President 2, President 45 Pep Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, Vice- President 45 Rocket Stall 2, 3, Business Maniger 45 Rotary Luncheon I5 Rotary Essay IIf'n'1rable Mention 35 Science Hobbies Club 45 Thespians 2, 3, President 4. DAVID ERDMANN, "Dave"-Baseball 2, 45 Con- servation Club I, 45 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Banquet Decoration Committee 4. LOUIS ERDMANN, "Louie"-Band I5 Bacca- laureate Speaker Committee 45 Football I, 2, Manager 3, 45 Latin Club 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 45 Rocket Echoes 45 Rotary Luncheon 45 Thes- pians Treasurer 45 Track Manager 2, 3, 4. ROGER ERICKSON, "Rog"vCommencement An- nouncements Committee 45 Conservation Club I, 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Nlixed Choir I5 Rotary Luncheon 3. ROBERT FAHRENKRUC, "Fahre"-Band I, 2, 3, 45 Class Song Committee 45 Football I, 2, 3, Co-captain 45 Intramurals I, 2, 45 Pep Band 45 Pep Club 25 Track 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. DONALD FISHER, "Don'.'-Band I, 25 Basketball I, 25 Conservation Club 2, 3, 4, Football I5 Hall lVIonitors 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Tennis l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Banquet Entertainment Com- mittee 4. DONALD FOTH, "Don"-Basketball 15 Conserva- tion Club I5 Flower, Motto and Color Commit- tee 45 Football I5 Hall Monitor 45 Intramurals 45 AUBREY FOWLER, i'A.R."-Band I, 25 Com- mencement Speaker Committee 45 Culo Stall 2, Sports Editor 3, 45 Debate 2, 3, President 45 Forensics 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Pep Band 25 Rocket Staff 2, 3, Co-editor 45 Rotary Luncheon 25 Science Hobbies Club I, 2, 35 Student Council 45 Track 2. RALPH FRAKES-Baccalaureate Speaker Commit- tee 45 Conservation Club 1, 45 Culo Stag l, Sports Editor 25 Debate I, 25 Forensics I, 25 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. DELORES GAUGER, "Laurie"-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Commencement Music Committee 45 G.A.A. I5 Home Economics Club 3, 4. WAV 4 . 5 - ' fir' K, . . .r . ,.,.. , ...... . 1. 15 W2 iraq? J vv ' ""' : 555555 A .353 , 15.5. . , ,' " ' 3' ..,. . .. "' , ' .,,. 2 ' b i' '3"f:52f2f:2eff.1, '41,-W m W" me DAVID GERHARDT, "Dave"-Cap and Gown Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4. LOIS GERRITS, "Loie"-Commencement Speaker Committee 4, Conservation Club 2, Cub Stall' 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Pep Club 2. ROBERT GINNOW, "Bob"-Commencement Speaker Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4, Intramurals l. LESTER HANSEN, i'Les,'-Basketball I, Football l, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Safety Club 4, Senior Banquet Decoration Committee 4. CAROL HAUFEAConservation Club 2, 4, Flower, Motto and Color Committee 4, G.A.A. l, 2, Mixed Choir 2, Psychometry Club 2, 3, Rocket Echoes 4, Rocket Staff 3, 4. DIANA HEINZ, ''Pickles''-Commencement Music Committee 4, G.A.A. 1, Hall Monitor 4. CAROL HOEHNE-Band I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Commencement Announcements Com- mittee 4, Conservation Club I, 2, Cul: Stal? 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Nlonitors 3, 4, Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Projection Club 3, Student Council 4. MARGARET HOEHNE, "Toot"ABiology Club 4: C1410 Staff 4, G.A.A. I, Girls, Choir 1, 2, 3, Hall Nlonitors 4, Home Economics Club 4: Senior Banquet Decorations Committee 4. RICHARD HOEPER, "Dick"-Cub Staff 2, Intra- murals 3, Senior Banquet Decorations Committee 4. IAMES HOFFMAN, "jim"-Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Commencement Program Committee 4. KATHRYN HOOVER, "Kathy"-Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Commencement Caps and Gowns Commit- tee 4, Conservation Club 3, 4, G.A.A. I, For- ensics 4, Girls' Senate 3, Hall Monitors 4, Latin Club 2, Pep Club 2, Rocket Echoes 4, Rocket Staff 2, 3, 4, Rotary Essay 3: Rotary Luncheon I, Science Hobbies Club 4, Student Council l. KATHARINE HRUBECKY, "Herbie'i-Band 1, Biology Club 4, Flower, Motto and Color Com- mittee 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Latin Club 3, Library Club 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes Editor 4, Rocket Staff 4, Rotary Luncheon 4, Thespians' 2, 3, Secretary 4. JOYCE HRUBESKY, "Red"-Band 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Senior Banquet Entertain- ment Committee 4. SHIRLEY JACOB- CHARLES JEROME, "Chuck"-Baccalaureate Music Committee 4, Science Hobbies Club 3, Spanish Club 4. NIARGERET JENSEN-Biology Club 2, Com- Illcllcelllelit Speaker Committee 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, IIaIl Monitors 4, Pep Club 2. DOREEN JOHNSON-Baccalaureate Music Com- mittee 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, Hall Moni- tors 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4. ELAINE IOYCE-Band I, Biology Club 4, Class Iireasurer I: Class Song 4, Commencement Cap and Gown Committee 4, Conservation Club 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Girls' Senate Treasurer 2, Hall Monitors 4, Latin Club 3, Li- brary Club 2, Pep Club I, 3, 4, Psycliometry Club 4, Rocket Typing Stall Co-Editor 4, Rocket Art Staff 4, Rotary Luncheon I, Student Coun- cil Treasurer 4, Tliespians 4. SUSAN JURY, ''Suzie"-Baccalaureate Music Com- mittee 4, Band I, 2, 3, Conservation Club 2, 3, G.A.A. I, Girls' Choir 4. THOMAS KAUFMAN, "Moose"-Baccalaureate Program Committee Chairman 4, Badger Boys' State Alternate 3, Class President 2, Conserva- tion Club I, 2, Board Member 3, President 4, IIaII Monitors 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Rotary Lunclieon I, Safety Club 4. RALPH KEMPS, "Tiff"-Basketball I, 2, Con- servation Club 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Memorial Committee 4, Mixed Clioir I, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2. RALPH KINZEL-Baccalaureate Music Chairman 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Com- mencement Cap and Gown Committee 4, Debate I, 2, Football I, IIaII Monitors 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band I, 2, 3, Director 4, Pep Club 3, Projection Club 2, 3, 4, Rocket Stall 4, Rotary Luncheon 4, Safety Club 4, Science Hobbies Club 4, Tbcspians' 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY KNAACK, "Proxie''-Baccalaureate Pro- gram Committee 4, Home Economics Club I, 2. ANTHONY KOEHN, "Tony"-Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Memorial Committee 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Rocket Echoes 4, Tennis I, 2. 3. 4, Track I, 2. RICHARD KOERNER, "Dick"-Band I, 2, 3, 4, Class Song 4: CIHI7 Staff 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Pep Band I, 2, 3. DONALD KONITZER, "Spike"-Football I, 3, 4, Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. ,IANICE KREUTER, i'.Iannie"-Conservation Club 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Girls' Choir I, Library Club 3, Memorial Committee 4, Psyclioinetry Club 2, 3, 4. JACK KUEHL, ''Key-hole''-Commencement Dec- oration Co1n111ittee 4: C1411 Staff 3, Intramurals 2, Rocket Echoes 3, Safety Club 4. ROBERT KLIEHL, "Bob"-Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, Senior Banquet Business Com- mittee 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. ANTOINETTE KUETHER, "Toni"-Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club 2, 3, 4, Culv Stall 2, 3, Copy Reader 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Mixed Choir I, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Rocket Staff 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Decoration Committee 4, Spanish fu 1 4. 1761 if 2 18 VVILLIAM KUTSCHER, "Kutch"-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Class Vice-President 2, Connnencement Decoration Committee 4, Con- servation Club 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall lN'1oni- tors 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 4, Pep Club 1, Rocket Art Stall 4, Rotary Luncheon 3, Student Council Vice-President 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. MARJORIE LABRE, "Margie"-Biology Club 4, Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club 2, 3, Flower, Motto and Colors Committee 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes Associate Editor 4, Rocket Sta1'15 3, Rotary Lunch- eon 2, Science Hobbies Club 4. 1 1 " "-Baccalaureate Speaker iommittee , an 1, 2, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, Football Manager 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, Rocket Echoes 4, Rotary Luncheon 3, Student Council 3, President 4, Track Manager 2, 3, 4. STEVEN LANDIG, 'ASteve1'-Commencement Pro- gram Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 1, 2, 4, Projection Club 1, Science Hobbies Club 3, Student Council 3. MARILYN LARSON, ''Merlien-Baccalaureate Program Committee 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Hall Moni- tors 3, 4, Home Economics Club 4, Library Club 3. RAMONA LAURITZEN, "lV1ona1'-Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Class History 4, Class Secretary 4, Con- servation Club 2, 3, Cuh Stall 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 4, D.A.R. Representative 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Historian 3, President 4, Girls' Senate 1, Hall Monitors 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Rocket Stafl 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3. MARIETTA LAZOTTE, ''Lizzy''-Baccalaureate Program Committee 4, G.A.A. 1, Cirls' Senate 2, Home Economics Club 3, 4. MARLENE LEE-Baccalaureate Speaker Commit- tee 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Conservation Club 2, 3, 4: G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Home Economics Club 2, President 4, Pep Club 4, Rocket Stall 2, 3, Spanish Club 4, Thespians' 3 4 STANFORD LEVY, "Stan'!Biology Club 1, 2, President 3, 4, Conservation Club 2, 3, Football Manager 4, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Enter- tainment Committee 4, Thespians' 4, Track 1, 2, 3. CAIL LOEHNING-Badger Girls' State 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 4, Class Secretary 1, Commencement Music Committee 4, Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Latin Club 3, Pep Band 3, 4, Backer Echoes Associate Editor 4, Rocket Staff 3, Co-Business Editor 4, Rotary Essay 3, Rotary Luncheon 1, Thespians' 2, 3, 4. SHARON lX'lART1NY-Band 1, 2, Biology Club 2, 4, Commencement Program Committee 4, Con- servation Club 2, C1411 Stall 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Girls' Senate l, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Psychometry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Staff 1, 2, 3, Co-Editor Editorial Stall 4, Rotary Luncheon 3, illhespians' 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES MILLER- SHIRLEY MUCHA, "Slim"-Entered as a junior from Antigo High School, Antigo, VVisconsin. Commencement Speaker Committee 4. HAROLD MUELLER, "1larry"-Commencement Announcement Committee 4, Conservation Club 1. 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. EILEEN NENNIG, '1Lee"-Entered as a sophomore from St. joseph School, Appleton, VVisconsin. Baccalaureate Program Committee 4, Girls' Choir 3, Home Economics Club 3, 4. SANDRA NIXON, "Sandi"-Biology Club I, Point Recorder 2, 3, -lg Commencement Cap and Gown Committee Chairman -lg Conservati'on"CIub I, 2: Cul? Stall' 2g G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, -lg Girls' Choir lg Hall Monitors -lg Latin Club 3g Library Club -lg Mixed Clioir 2g Pep club -lg Rocket Stall 2, -l. KEITH OLSKI, "Luke"-Baseball l, 2, 3, -lg Class Vice-President -lg Commencement Cap and Gown Committee -lg Conservation Club 3, -lg Cul: Stall -lg Football l, 2, 3, Co-Captain -lg Hall Monitors -lg Intramurals l, 2, 3, -lg Pep Club 3g Rocket Echoes -lg Rocket Stall -lg Student Council 4. CLARENCE OSTROVVSKI, "Nick"-Football 3, -lg Intramurals 1, 3, -lg Projection Club Ig Senior Banquet Business Committee -l. JEANNE PARKER, "Jeanie"-Band lg G.A.A. I, 2g Girls' Senate -lg Ilall Monitors -lg Rocket Echoes -lg Senior 'Banquet Decorations Commit- tee -l. DONALD PARKS, ",lirn"-Band l, 2, 3g Class Song Committee -lg Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Football l, 2g llall Monitors -lg lntrarnurals l, 2, 3, -lg Pep Band 2, 3g Pep Club I, 2, 3, -l. IJARLENE PETERSEN, "Pete"-Baccalaureate Decorations Committe -lg Band Ig C1411 Stall: 1, 2g G.A.A. l, 2, 3, -lg Hall Monitors 3, -lg Library Club 2, 3g Rocket Stall 3g Rotary Essay Honor- able Mention 3g Safety Club -l. ANNE PEUGEOT-Entered as an exchange stu- dent lrom Versailles, France. Biology Club -l. SALLY PIIILIPPI-Band I, 2g Biology Club -lg Conservation Club l, 2g Cul: Stall lg G.A.A. lg Girls' Choir 3, -lg Hall Monitors -lg Library Club 3, -lg Rocket Echoes Art Editor -lg Senior Banquet Decorations Committee -lg Spanisli Club -l. JAMES POTRATZ, "I'oltey"-Baecalaureate Dee- orations Committee -l Biology Club 2, 3, -l. ELLEN REICIIEL, HEI"-Biology Club 3, -lg Con- servation Club I, 2, 3, -lg Cub Stall -lg G.A.A. l, 2, 3, -lg Girls' Senate 2g Hall Monitor -lg Library Club l, 2, 3, Latin Club 3: Pep Club l, -lg Rocket Echoes Art Editor -lg Senior Banquet Decorations Committee -l. DAVID REILLY, 'lSwede"-Entered as a senior from Mellen lligli Scliool, Mellen, VVisconsin. Band -lg Baseball -lg Commencement Caps and Gowns Connnittee -lg Intramurals -lg Tliespians' -l. BEVERLY REVVEY, "Bev"-Biology Club 2, 3, -lg Commencement Caps and Gowns Committee -lg Conservation Club 2, Secretary 3, -lg G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Girls' Clioir 2g Mixed Clioir l, 3, -lg Usliers Club Treasurer 3, President -l. RICIIARD RINE, "Dick"-Badger Boys' State 3g Baseball 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Vice- President Ig Football I, 2, 3, Co-Captain -lg Ilall Monitor 4g Intramurals l, 2, 3, -lg Latin Club 3g Pep Club 3g Rocket Echoes -lg Rotary Luncbeon lg Student Council Vice-President 3g Senior Banquet Business Committee -lg Tennis l, 2, 3, Captain -l. . 'lANE'l' RIVET, ''lan"-Cominencement Committee -lg Girls' Clioir l, 2, 3, -lg Projection Club -l. CAROL ROBINSON, "Putsy,'-Commeneement Committee -lg G.A.A, lg Girls' Clioir 2, 3g Ilall Monitor 3g llome Economics Club 3, -l. JW! 6 CAROL BUTTER, "But"-Biology Club 2, 3, 45 Caps and Gowns Committee 45 Cheerleaders 2, 3, 45 Conservation Club 35 Cub Staff 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Choir 25 Hall Monitor 45 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 45 Psychometry Club 4. THOMAS RYAN, "Tom"-Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Conservation Club 1, 25 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Senior Banquet Business Committee 45 Student Council 15 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. ROSEMARY SALM, "Rosie"-Class Secretary 25 Conservation Club 2, 3, Board Member 45 Cub Staff 2, 3, Editor 45 Flower, Nlotto and Color Committee 45 Forensics 2, 35 G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 45 Girls' Senate 15 Hall Monitor 45 Latin Club 35 Mixed Choir I5 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Rocket Staff 3, 45 Rotary Luncheon 35 Student Council 1. MARY SCHINIIDT-Flower, Motto and Color Committee 45 Hall Monitor 4. JOHN SCHIEBLER, "jack"-Badger Boys' State 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Manager 45 Class Prseident 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club, president 35 Pep Band I5 Rotary Luncheon 15 Science Hobbies Club 45 Student Council 35 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS SCHNEIDER, "Doug"-Commence ment Music Committee 45 Cub Staff 4. CHARLES SCHULTZ, "Chuck'!Basketball I: Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club I5 Intramurals 45 Mixed Choir I. ROBERTA SCHULTZ, "Bobbie"-Biology Club I, 2, 3, 45 Commencement Speaker Committee 45 Conservation Club l, 2, 35 Cub Staff l, 25 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 4. HENRIETTA SCHWANDT - Baccalaureate Speaker Committee 45 Girls' Choir l. KENNETH SIEVERT, "Ken"-Band l, 25 Base- ball 45 Basketball Manager 3, Player 45 Bac- calaureate Speaker Committee 45 Conservation Club 45 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 35 Pep Club 35 Rotary Luncheon 2. JOAN SMITH, "joannien-Commencement Pro- gram Committee 45 G.A.A. l, 45 Hall Monitor 4. CHARLES SORENSEN, "Chuck"-Baseball I5 Caps and Gowns Committee 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramglrals 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Track l, 2, , 4. PATRICIA SPIEGELBERG, HPZIIH-CTOIIIIHCIICC' ment Speaker Committee 45 Conservation Club 2. 3, 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Senate 45 Hall Monitors 45 Mixed Choir I, 2. MARILYN STOEGBAUER, UMarla"-Biology Club 45 Conservation Club l, 2. 35 G.A.A. I. 2. 3, 45 Hall Monitors 45 Latin Club 35 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Banquet lfntertainment Com- mittee 4. DAVID STREY, "Dave"-Baccalaureate Music Cornmittee 45 Baseball 35 Biology Club 25 Foot- ball I5 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3. PATSY TAPPAN, "Pat"-Band I, 2, 3, 43 Class Song Committee 43 Commencement Caps and Gowns Committee 43 Conservation Club 33 Cub Staff 2, 3, Proofreader 43 G.A.A. l, 23 Girls' Choir Accompanist 2, 3, 43 Hall Monitors 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 43 Rocket Staff 3, Editorial Co-Editor 43 Student Council 4. AUDREY TERRIAN-Baccalaureate Decorations Committee 43 Biology Club 2, 33 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. I, 23 Pep Club 4, CAROL THIEL, "Toots"-Baccalaureate Program Committee 43 Conservation Club 2, Treasurer 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Senate President 43 Mixed Choir I, 2, 33 Pep Club 33 Rocket Staff 4. JOHN TOWNS, "Bud"-Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Pro- jection Club I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT VAN ALSTINE, i'Gooey"-Hall Moni- tors 43 Intramurals 4. DONNA VAN GOMPEL-Cub Staflf 43 G.A.A. I. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Choir 2, 43 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Ilome Economics Club 43 Mixed Choir 33 Pep Club 33 Senior Banquet Entertainment Commit- tee 4. ANNETTE VANISKY, 'iNet"-Entered as a Sophomore from Oshkosh, VV isconsin3 Commence- ment Speaker Committee 43 Conservation Club 2, 33 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Home Economics Club 33 Rocket Echoes 43 Rocket Staff 3, 4. MARILYN WERLING, "Lynn"-Badger Girls' State 33 Biology Club 4: Cheerleaders l, 2, 3, 4: Class Song Committee 4: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Choir Accompanist I3 Girls' Senate 3: Hall Monif tor 3, 43 Library Club I3 Mixed Choir Accom- panist 2, 3. 43 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 43 Rocket Echoes 4: Rotary Luncheon 2. ROBERT VVERTH-Baseball 33 Intramurals I. XNILLIAM VVIESNER-Baccalaureate Sneaker Committee 4: Badger Boys' State 3: Basketball I. 2. 3. 43 Class President I3 Football I, 2. 3, 4: Hall Monitors 43 Latin Club 33 Pep Club 23 Rocket Echoes 4: Rotary Luncheon 23 Student Council I, 2, 33 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. VVILLIAM WINGEN, "Wing Ding"-Flower, Motto and Color Committee 43 Hall Monitors 43 Mixed Choir I3 Safety Club 4. BETTY WOJCIK, "Betty Lou"-Baccalaureate Speaker Committee 43 Band I, 2, 33 G.A.A. I, 2. VVILLIAM ZITELMAN. "Bill',-Band I, 23 Com- mencement Program Committee 43 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 43 Football I, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 43 Pep Club 23 Science Hobbies Club 3. DAVID MILLER CNet picturedl, "Dave"-Bae calaureate Decorations Committee 4: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football I, 2, 43 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. MMM, I '-Q A ,.v.-wwmw vw R XXN A N W N? wx N X Nia, x -Maw ,-F vw :Q we as 9 ff 'N t ri. 4 . j Mi ..E. , - X. K lliziiz :,, ,:,,:, E ff X-ww " 2 5 s X f , Wiki A .V ,. :f x :WNW J ..... : my ...,.- RW as .,.,.,, ...W :5:5:5:5:5:,,,.S..:::::. X v , U 11, F' ..,. X gf A W 'igiijjif -rw ' .gzsasw Q. M , 'Ex -:-:,:-I,-:-sm. was Q, A i .,., z , ETV M.. , ,, M .- ,ii , W in I gif MSM 3 5 Y 5 A ::.,,i Wiz "":1::-- vvf'-'f f-1:: . S M 4 ww. ::. x,N b -" M, Mi Q 'z H' , 1 , if 4 S if i :"' 3 , 25: 1 I W? , A.,.,.,..,,,, , K E f Q f w J 1 A K 5 3 ,W . . :... ka ' .AMW www., df f 7f7' W , mm My NM' s mm Www Summon N-1-..,,.,,,,,,4 r Q ! g x x 1. Q I ' J xm f f1 7, If fl N - 'W 1 1' 7 1 K x , I -'X II Offbm B v 20111 L 57 I X 90 s F' 'La 4' ' fs Ji! J " In It X 4 yu, 0 KJ J , Jfdfjji Q w, PQ l I 4fJjm1,Q , 3-,gal '-5-5' I K X TSE' X! f Q! 167449, hai "' Qqv U X u ' Z 4 'ff , H fy? ,ALI fra., W Q ,QQI44 W 0 fm, f - 49 fx , 44 f" 1 '4'A4 CJ :Sr A f-I J H L Q 4 . A 2-.4 3 1: : aff ii, 3? ,M s' f i r .P Y is V as Q --E: - .g.AA "i' ::k'Q .,,' E,Z:5, I f .,:g 5 , 1 sf, ii 5 A ff., as-3' - av 1 E ,,,, 1 an M D A E is ,M JUNIORS First Rmli: Alexander Abel, Ruth Aebi, Marlene Allen, Bruce Ammerman, Betty Arndt, Thomas Baer, Alice Barnes, Gerald Barr. Second Bow: Richard Bartel, Larry Barter, Richard Bartes, Alvin Beyer, Alexander Biolo, Joseph Birling, Violet Bloom, James Boehm. .:,. qu, f 5- Third Row: Myron Borchert, David 'A "'-- I f E' - Vvbvb :" f ' Bouquet, Mary Boushley, Anita , , it ',:: Braun, Beverly Braun, . .Lorraine J , 5.5 as J Brooks, David Brown, Patricia Bunn. .. ,...V :VZ in ., A ' ,,:," ng- 51, :,: , , V f Fourth Row: Richard Burr, Janet Burr, ' ii +1 ,Q ,.,:, Q 5 .W Q ::' Constance Campbell, James Card, b fri? '-.Q , Q "-.,,, , 'S' . ' -- Kay Carey, Kay Carlson, Dale Case, 9 X ,,:, E ls? H -al Larry Christopher. , ' . I ,irpxegg ,,- f, 3 Sf' J 3 7 V Fifth Row: Peter Clausen, Leah up ' ' Q. - Clough, Wayne Cole, Richard Cowl' i 3 i Q I-N, wr, is ing, Bruce Davis, Robert DeLapp. ' F ' 4 , ..:,, in--ex ..,:,...A S Joan Doll, Harold Dordel. I -, V in r - In ., S , .W -.E ..,,, : Q x' E Ea " i c if W 22 . if ,aaa., . a Q ' , l Sixth Row: Marilvn Ducat, Janet Eake, s ' I , Robert Elwood, Robert Erb, Ellen Q iizi, ' . -A 'ag ---- -- M :'1 ,,-- M Evans, Curtis Falck, Jacqueline X, 1 " 1 '.,,:: ,J Fandrey, Barbara Fcnsky. W '2i'::' .,, img ' if B' Seventh Row: Douglas Frakes, Paul . . - . r i "'r':2i": I 5g1lfeS'sl2iiliertiEffCi1fQiiil,Baigr1l:if:a 1 1" ' W' Gehrlie, lhlarjorie Gehrke, Joanne ' a iiyi ... . ,, c ' ,Q ,,-'-- ,"' 732, , 1-' 1, lbby, ' W' ,W V' Eighth Row: Robert Gresenz, Shirley 'f P S M -'l-H, p 'A S f Griepentrog, Shirley Gullickson, Marie Gunther, Betty Haldemann, . , Nancy Haley, Donald Harness, -un M Cordon Harper. '-H J we A . M ' f P .....,-1 i " 'W',z YJ W Q 'X ::: ,' ' LW K , "::':'::i i I izii ' :IV Ninth Row: Thomas Hart, Sandra . ' X H t h. J 1 Heigl, Elsie Helein. . V " Iwi CHille5ii:, Lorraine Hoehne, Sig- ., V .L " in varth Houg, Virginia Kaun. '1-' . H 4 ?.A V f " " ,,.,,,,,, ..:, ji l" 'iii' I 'F th R Y: C' rl Jankowski. Lois Q 1, , ' 5 l . in g :12 is "" ginkins,0uDougtlas Jensen, Camille fiywi ' - Johnson. Howard Johnson, Frank li Jones, Charles Miller, Eileen Jung- ' L -is ' V V cnberg. -. in '15 ik H' ' 4,-rg, El ith Row: Mary Kalfahs, Robert Y if ., 'zii 1r-r ,fi "" ':'l' K .. , 'W dt' Kjezilett. Ralph Kiesow. Eugene Klas- . . f A X "':' 'l"' A ii sen. Donald Klitzke, Patricia Kools, . V 'Y W Rollin Kramer, George Kreiss. . I .,.: ,,, ' I T V lfth pn ig Krueger, Roy ji Z ..... J. xii 'lll 5 E l"" " if in lK,rueger, 1S1usan llrgrueger, John Ku- ' W ,W ',.,- logo, Larry Kyle. Jack Land, James if Ai L H ' ' L '1' as i Larsen, Patricia Larson. I. ,,,, ,,-: -V A . ,Q H 2 'T 28 r ' . f , HT , '--.,, , . ,, Q 'Z' Y' -' ,.,.,- 1 V , ':" av ' X- -':"". . 5 " K-1' ' , ,. JUNIORS First Row: Raymond Lewis, John Llewellyn, Kenneth Malchow, Shir- ley Marsh, Douglas Mathison, Rich- ard McCrory, Elizabeth McKinnon, Shirley Mentink. Second Row: Edythe Nleyer, Allen Roblee, Nancy Meyer, Sylvia Mik- kelson, John Millar, Harry Miller, Rcirr Miller, Paul Reilly. Third Row: Nancy Mortensen, Hazel Mueller, Patricia Muenzel, Elmer Minks, Cecile Nault, Janice Neill, Donald Nelson, Joyce Nelson. Fourth Row: Richard Neubauer, Betty Newton, Donna Nielson, Joyce Olson, Lyle Olson, Nancy Otto, John Owen, Judy Owen. Fifth Raw: Shirley Parker, Suzanne Parker, Robert Parrish, Robert Par- rot, Donald Paulson, Ann Pearson, Darlyne Petersen, Roy Peterson. Sixth How: Sally Larson, Audrey Pon- tow, Bonnie Porath, Shirley Porath, Jerry Prey, Donna Quick, Robert Raddu, Bruce Rae. Seventh Row: Ardis Raisler, Rose Ras- mussen, Ma nard Rewey, James Ritter, Ardytli Roberts, Allen Rob' lee, Mary Rouse, Sandra Rozelle. Eighth Row: Naomi Sanders, Patricia Schmidt, Eugene Schnasse, Audrey Schuette, Janet Schultz, Joanne Schultz, Sandra Schultz, Judith Selle. Ninth Row: Mary Severson, Arthur Shepherd, Arlene Sievert, Vida Skifstad, Darlene Snell, Darlene Sommer, Sharon Sommer, James Sorenson. Tenth Row: Jerry Springborn, Caryl Springer, James Steffen, Eugene Tesch, Patricia Thiel, Jeanette Tho- mack, Barbara Thorson, June Timm. Eleventh Row: Barbara Veeser, Pa- tricia Verhagen, Lisa Wichmann, Helen Wickham, Robert Wierschke, Thomas Willarson, Frank Wilnms, Elizabeth VVilton. Twelfth Row: Janet Wismer, Edward Wolff, Gordon Worm, Carol Young, Earl Zachow, Joyce Zachow, Richard lyn Martiny. K . g ,i"-t --e--'-' Q .r,., . J 7 J , 3 g J,....., , 3 if , 3' . A, . , , .I A 1 Tqgw w 'z.-ftf. t V J S "'. :,. ii fri y , ....,. ,,:,,:-:-::, :V 1a..,. ...., Z ,,, i gi :Q 1. Z 1 'I . R j A -',.. E ,..., t at - W - if XJ , ':" A Iirfzazssrf 1-' ' iii! v N A " Q ' NN, Q EEQI N ll W J 1 X Q 1, ,. 1 - J' :ll 'J -Q , L e C9 Ti J J if ii ' 3 , ig, .Q Q W- , X h , ,- V ' ' A 'lf '9 , . ' 5 ' t i f A t I A' , '- i 1 ,, if ' . 3 ii" " -rx Q . Q 4. 'ag Q S.. , . X, . , J wt' E if 1 as ! 29531533 Q Qi Q etb s 'rirrr e ..:. ":: st fr f tt t as A 'ib tii iii 'E 'ttet ie iiii e. ., t .aa, Q., 9 ti ' X s S K ulzuq uznuu xqzq, K P .. ... sit? da ys Q gl a . ,s s. ,.,s 'ft +8 Arndt. ljorgen. T Dordel. Haufe. lhde. 1 son. sler. vitt. . -: : Q Q,, Q:i :-. I QQ QQQQQQQQQQQ k,..:, Q-:QQ all, Q Q QQ .W 8 it s o P H o M o R E s , -- :zzz , F :ce r:rE IE.. '- Y "fx C .. g lirsl ilmv: Donna Abliold, Peggy Ag- , ' gers, Larol Anderson, Llonalcl Anclerf , ,,. ' QQQQ Qi, Q son, lveaux Anderson, Eugene S :IP 5 A ' Q ,' ,Q Q A Angell, hdward Arniatoski, 1i1Cll2iILl ' Q "" ' :'- 2 ,Q 'Q Q N,,,,, F' ..,...:ei5fa..-" tl: Q 1 - 2-: Q X -it Q sim ,-,ri,f l ft ii Q. Second Bow: joyce Arnold, Leslie Q l Babbitts, lzllen Barnes, Barbara Bart- "": " Q lein, Bernard liartlein, Marlene QQ ,PQ W: ,Q zl. Q , ,Q --1, rm , Beimborn, Lee Boy Blank, janet "':' ' -Q Q QQ .,:, " , "' :,, as X' ":: 'l" ' .Q F J P . 1 G ,-.,.., 9 ---- 5 I ' iv i k, s, Q hird How: Darlene Boushley, Bay- A Q I F M V inond Boushley, Marjorie Brezinski, Q Nlarlan brown, Sally Burr, Donald . " .a Q . ' Lnrrstransen, Barbara Lillf1SIOPl1Cf ' 'J' lqz' IQ M" N' - Q Ned Cochrane. Q Q is X.-V Q i QQ' Q , Q S E Q M , QQQQQ, ,:,, ..:b Q QQQQ Q , Q Fourth Row: josephine Crawford, Betty ' Y Aff-ii i A A G Llross, susan Darling, bhirley De Q Broka, AllCl12iCl De ljroux, l'llfflCltl Q . Doerrng, David Donrbrowski, Mary QQ :QIQ Q QQ Q53 .,,, -"', : N ii Fifth How: Charles Draves, Donald ,,g, ,.j ":" -.I,g,Qx .e -P -.... ,.,, . , lqzquu y 3, QQ, Driscoll, Gloria Eakc, jean Hake, Q rx' BN X i "" ' " Vernon Ehlke, Robert hiss, Donald lilrner, Donna Elmer. , , , . Q re .,., :-' kr- - gg-, i , Q- Sixth How: Mavis Erdrnann, Gordon xiii' N ,,.' 3 ' Q Q H Q ' Q Iralck, joan l'andrey, jerorne Faulks, lql' QQQQ I' ' Q """' . Mary Ann Faulks, Le Boy Fenske, , " F 2 ,,,,. F Kenneth Fischer, Barbara Forsythe. WN Seventh How: lhornas Fuzzard, Karen .,:,' 5' in . Q QQ Gibson, Leo Giebel, Bernice Goetz, ' el i "" A izz , ' '1-::,': . ,.....bbV.:. f Ralph Grundy, Alvin Grunske, Bar- ".. Q 'V .,:,,,::,:,, Q if QQ bara Grygny, Michael Haase. """ ::'----- " ,,,. 1 "": Q i . 1' -a Q ef ,.l. g a, H M , Q ,- Eighth Bow: Donna Haldeinann, Q rvlildred Halle, Buth Halverson, -V , , ' Nancy Hanunel, Carol Hansen, Lyle A A iiiiii Q ....,. QE, QQQ,, Q Q Hart, Biehard Harwood, Gene cw W fgiif. . Q '--.:.'.. Q N QQ 2 QQ "::: ' ':-- ' .:Q:.QQ Q, f- :- Q QQQ 'q ::':" - ' :ff :.. w iv ' i ,-., 99' 43' it ig! E' ':'1"' I . Ninth Roni: john Hessehnan, Gloria i iiiii F Hintz, Franklin lloehholzer, Clifford Q Q, Hoppe, Martin Houg, Frederick Q ' ., z , llrubecky, Charles Hutchins, Rufus ' ' ,-,. 'I' '::-:-:' i :I ,,.' 3" ,f A- y - Q" ' x-Y P -. W v ,,,,s va, ' ':':'::':' f z. ' ..::..: tai, g ' . if f' . 'rp is X' . 'w i Nzl: Q Q YEV., , zzp Q ID, QQQ Q ,.,. ,QQ af ..: Q bpzb Q QQ . Qnq. Q Tenth Row: Amber jenkins, Nona jen' B V '- Iii fig f 5 'l ' Ay sen, 'lhornas jensen, Lawrence johnson, Nancy johnson, Robert "2' jones, Vklilliain jones, Paul jorgen- Q Q Q3 ,., M Q? z ......, XQQ Q V. --,: 4- . W QQ Q . 2 , J f"'Q QQQ : WL QQ jf: f,QQ QQ QQ, , F , W, Q Q Q Ke' QQ lflevenlli Row: ihlary Ellen julius, Shir- A 6 IEA: 3 nik A fi FQ li -1 ,gig ley jury, Williaiii Kallin, john Kas- r ' Q A A " 'F ' 19' 8 ton, Nancy Kaufman, Betty Keber- lein, Bolwcrt Kerrigan, Richard Kes- Q Q Q .1 ., QQEQ, , ,. QQQ ,,Q 5 f . Q-Q5 QQ Q X lwelflli Bow: VVillian1 Klavetter, Don' , 'if' its . ald Kolnotka, Buth Koehn, Ronald I if fl ' ii- ' it . Koerner, Frances Krueger, Ruth Ann 2 A A Kruse, Alfred Krrehenluceker, jerry Lalrond. w QQ -- .Q .. , , ,,. 'Q-:1 'Q "" " 1 r r Thirteenth Iioir: Ralph Lamb, Karen QQW r Lange, Kay Larson, Lawrence Lar- ' ' i ,- if A s ...,. Z A if ii 5 son, Lavonne La Bue, Beverly if ' ' " -"-.. 2 Leach, David Leaman, Frances Le' l 1, s ,Q,Q ,Q QQQQ A Q Q QL K Q Q ....:. QQQQQ , ,. E , ti. ' if 3 'I ,M if M ' A ' - - ., Q, QQEQ. fx .. QQ 'R .Q .-A - -Qs,-:-f? Q Q , A Q A , .,.. . N ,ara 1 V "' 1 ,, lo, , .. i F ' ' il, " . lik Z zn' 5 --me ,, R t 9 Q :Ei V. J EEEE if R" Ilxan! ie qquv i n " V Q Inb, ag t S T 3 c it D New ..,--::,,, ..., b1 ' ,, 2 Y Q. if 8 at EE, ,I K i, iii, i ' E ef , ' ' :, , V - Iugzuli J If g : AA .,:, ,J .... 2.55, Qx I E li ,, eisr. ' ve lvlvv H Mg V ,::::E . 3 1 W ' , Q if f .,--'1 ' i , : 1 X t T t i 1: . J 'R ,:+-, a at t ' :f' ,,, " SOPHOMORES First Row: Alice Mahoney, Gary Nial- chow, Thomas iWalchow, Dale Klart- in, Estelle Marty, Donald McCor- mick, Kathleen McCoy, Yvonne Nleunier. Second Row: Beverly Metz, Diana Mil- ler, Ronald C. Miller, Ronald Miller, Clayton Moersch, Gary Mopgan, Thomas Murphy, Barbara Murh. Third Row: Robert Neubauer, Joyce Niemuth, Susan O'Lear , Nancy Onsrad, Gloria Otis, Barbara Pail, Robert Pansch, Thomas Parker. Fourth Row: James Parrish, James Pavvlowski, Ruth Peapenburg, Mari- etta Pelton, David Petersen, Floyd Peterson, Wayne Peterson, James Pierce. Fifth Row: Joanne Pierce, Pauline Pitsch, Carol Popp, Joan Popp, Ruth Pyott, Faith Qluade, William Rather, Gregory Rein ardt. Sixth Row: Dorthea Reuss, Joyce Rob- inson, Glad s Roblee, Nona Roesler, Mardee Rohde, Byron Ross, Robert Sauer, David Schaefer. Seventh Row: Barbara Schiebler, Fred- rick Schmidt, Jerry Schmidt, Nancy Schnieder, Arden Schroeder, Ellen Schultz, Howard Schumacher, La- vern Schwandt. Eighth Row: Gerald Seelow, Betty Seggeling, Charles Selle, Judy Sharp- less, Roberta Skibba, Vincent Spring- er, Diane Steen, Bruce Stelow. Ninth Row: Joseph Stier, Mary Stin- ski, Carol Stoegbauer, Jacqueline Stoegbauer, Maryelyn Stuebs, John Sturgis, William Sund, Nancy Syl- Vander. Tenth Row: Donna Terrain, Nina g. , - . . .fl he Thermansen, Thomas Towns, Wil- - V I , ,,,,, , , ."' 3-jj" " "" 1 wg liam Tyriver, William Ulrich, Virgil if i "i V 'T :': liiii' ., ..:1' -J - Van Asten, Herbert Van Ouden- ' it --"'::" :" 1 '::" at :i"i se ..,.,,..--,.: " "':i hoven, Carol vmgf. lrxw'-T 'A iilli ii I ilii T l"l:: ' ' 'iii in Eleventh Row: Yvonne Wallerman, Jon Wauda, Catherine Weinman, . f 3: T M W , , Richard Werth, Marjorie Wicinske, . fs, Q, , " if Aj A": 1 " ,I ,ll 'fi ' 25- ' Mary Wiita, Bruce Williams, Rich- ff. 5 aza' 'e ,.. ' .,,,,, A M EN ard Williams. flag Q- , 5 M Twelfth Rowg Wallace Wilms, Helen " , A , Winter, John Worm, William " ,,,, E . Young, Beth Zabel, John Zaumeyer, - In W uzzuu A Harland Zietlow, Warren Zingler. ,f 3, ,L '- ,..,, f l or P 2? 1 zzt A 21 "- - -tzl r t -."' , .- 1 .wifi-Vt S rl In ,,,.,,, V1 ,.,-, ks M: ,Y ,O I 'i,v, -5 Q . s yupp ,o,, so -,, J J ,,ai. 2 Q , zz' t --:":' :JI Q ,.::: "Z ,.': 7. ., in ll ' Q W ,.,b A 1 if V -.., E. I' '.,,. .. 32 1 if f i f --Q2 ,y f J ,.,. Q 1' 'tif S A- s. fi?3i: M .... :,., sw 'QF' --.., n Iluztint T z ,f by wir . :NL Q AW' 5 QIEE QEE: s ' At ,fi-3.3 .,..,::e fg?.Zgsa 11'- EAA' ,..V: ,1..1 , Q ' 'ti' ae' f -':' , Ilztz. Vita LR. , f V X. Y . ,f . ' ' . :,,.,, , ,: , -A L Q . , i 'EAQ fi- . ,L .,. . QT K , . QM, x A ..:...: K rag " WE. jx .Tig Y V . . ' it is 1' 1 ::.- --f'- , Y ,,,:,: 1. ,X ..,.,. . .. . . In W swewillftz, fwewaw 1 - W as-sem-vswxa wi:-1 unzm sm- umu FRESHMEN First Row: Barbara Abendroth, Marv Albert, Joan Alferi, Gilbert Alfertig, Ronald Arndt, Ronald Babcock, Rob' ert Backman, Gale Balthozar. Second Row: David Barnstable, Dick Barnstable, Dederick Baster, Carol Beach, Robert Beger, Mavis Behnke, Jerry Behrens, Emogene Below. Third Row: Robert Benedict, Beverly Beyer, Lois Pingel, Carol Birming- ham, Bruce Bisel, Robert Blenker, Richard Boelter, Betty Jane Boelter. Fourth Row: Donna Bork, Carlton Brockman, Lloyd Bruss, Mary Bu- chanan, William Buchanan, Audrey Bull, Margaret Bunker, Ronald Buser. Fifth Row: Thomas Card, Casey Case, Walter Casperson, Randall Heider, Susan Chudacoff, Joyce Cihlar, Joan Clark, Herschel Clough. Sixth Row: James Coenen, David Courtney, Jean Cross, Barbara Cum- ings, Bernard Dahl, Evelyn De- Keyser, Robert DeKeyser, VVilliam DeKeyser. Seventh Row: William DeLapp, Doug- las Dixon, LeRoy Djupstrom, Charles Drace, Peter Deutsch, Sue Landig, Judith Ehlers, Mary Elliott. Eighth Row: Floyd Elmer, Marcia Falck, William Flesch, Beverly Frakes, Judy Francart, Douglas Freund, Walter Gauger, Edward Genert. Ninth Row: Shirley Genett, Rollin Gerold, Ray Gerrits, Burton Gibson, Duane Gibson, Nancy Gorges, Ale berta Graham, Shirley Graham. Tenth Row: Ronald Gregory, Gerald Griepentrog, Eugene Grudy, Robert Grunska, Patricia Haase, Judith Haber, Darlene Hammel, JoAnn Hammill. Eleventh Rout: Neil Hansen, Theodora Hartzheim, Janice Haufe, Maureen Heider, Rita Heigl, Bonnie Heinz, Robert Heinzkill, Becklyn Hilliker. Twelfth Row: Roy Holz, Jon Hopkins, Nancy Horn, Janice Jacob, Suzanne Jahns, Nancy James, Darryl Jensen, Martin Jensen. Thirteenth Row: Donald Johnson, Ron- ald Johnson, Donald Judd, Jerry Julius. Mary Keating, Terry Kelly, Paul Kemps, Leland Kimball. 34 FRESHMEN liirst Row: Anita Kleist, Claudia Koep- lte, jean Koller, Barbara Krablean, Beverly Krause, Norman Krause, Rachel Krenger, Thomas Kress. Second Row: Sharon Krueger, joAnn Kuether, Ronald Kuhr, Susan Kurtz, Diane Landskron, judith Larson, Margaret Larsen, Rodney La Rue. Third Row: Patricia Laursen, Mary Lauson, Elizabeth Leaman, Lorraine Lemlte, Carla Loehning, Donald Losse. jerry Lund, Sally Lyon. Fourth Roni: judith Malchow, Robert Manteufel, Margaret Mathewson, Monica Marines, Sherman Marty, David hlentink, Peg Metz, Peter Miedke. Fifth Rong VVilliam Millar, Donald E. Miller, Donald P. Miller, Susan Mil- ler, Tom Molzow, Stuart Monard, Cordon Mortensen, janet Mueller. Sixth Row: jacqueline Mueller, Ruth Mueller, john Nelson, jerrv Nennig, james Neubauer, Kay Nielson, Ann Norman, Carol Page. Seventh Row: judith Page, Francis Palrnbach, joAnn Pasternock, Diane Patton, Virginia Pantton, Audrey Paul, Mae Paulson, Mildred Peter! Sen. Eighth Roni: Sandra Petersen, Shirley Perltette, Paul Pfal'l', Marcia Pheifer, Ronald Phelps, Patricia Pierce, VVayne Pingel, Donna Pomrening. Ninth Rout: james Ponzio, Mary Po- tratz, june Powell, Robert Prindle, jerry Pues, Shirley Rae, james Ras' mussen, Paul Rasmussen. Tenth Row: Patricia Reetz, David Rernmel, Beverly Richardson, Henry Ritter, james Roberts, Robert Rose- now, Sandra Rouse, Olive Rowe. Eleventh Row: janis Ruthven, james Salin, Barbara Sauer, RoseMarie Schloemer, Roger Schmitz, Richard Schramm, Terry Schroeder, Gene Schultz. Twelfth Row: Richard Schultz, Mary Schulz, Susan Severson, Hallie Shadduck, Sandra Shinners, Mau- reen Skibba, Maurice Sltibba, Rich- ard Snyder. Thirteenfh Roni: Richard Sorensen, Marilyn Spielbauer, Roberta Steff- enson, Lyall Stilp, Robert Strauser, Carol Swentner, james Swentner, Marvin Swichtenberg. 35 3 ., . . . t s ta t r. t t , ' A ..,.. " if .,, , ,ja tttt t i ti 1 uzizu , Isa f S ix X J Aqlj .:jb.jj X i .,,. J S L. ... P ,ra yt- 1 2. i f QEVZE: 5 x t it I Q llzzilii zi. , ' S ii: F 'it' 5 Q tr i it-w e s in . dl . '... ' . N-is Q .::.. N 4a.,l i' A 'ii i A 5 ':" i . K 'i., ":i' 3 Q- ' .3 'v.. N, it ..3.. ,,-: X t i 3 i..- :QQ :.i" stt is i aaae aaaee , xi.: -V i E il.. X ., A ,'--1- Q L 99' .ac S . -,lf ,. tisi? iii it,,fs Q .N. NI eil 'Q' Q 'P , mi' or an iiii a 9 -izi , 3 - ' V,V,,,,' :IE , . :., i E 3 qulu i b' A' 1QQ ZV' a rr r i i f E i i i r 1 4.5! iiii rrri irai iiii i FRESHMEN Firs! How: Lloyd kiicscir, Kari Tiiuvp mn, Paul Tlwiiiscir, Yliuiu Tulli-ml, liwmas Voigt, Edward Vuigtiiian, Karun Voikrnan, Karen VVcnnuci1c. Second How: Patricia Vvuriing, Carol VVcstpl1ai, Patricia Vificckcrt, David VViiiiams, VViiiiam VViiling, Ciklllliyll Vvuiiiers, VViiiiam Vvuif, Roiwrt Xxitiifgflllll, Tliirzl How: Rose Marie Yuung, james I I Zarlmtii, Paul Zcinfrt, Sandra ic 1- ncr, Richard Aiartiny, iiiciun Skii' stacl, lhrlwara VVL-igt. W J f A I I 'I f W 9' 720 ff' QW, f-'-'fx M, M' ' K ' ' ,MI , ,fx . l,,A - 'J 'pas 5' nam ff' l '-4' if .""1J S5-" NEHV4 AYHL vue 5 I U Q fd l.'gQN Q. 950' Q..Q"Q4 mo Q' OQUQOQW . . ' "9-"' 5 Q15 N . I 4 4 V 3 Q nr 9 X W A 3 ., ' V 0 ..-5 f U - ...- ' O ' K 4 , 1 1 ' . Q A I QL. U' ul IN . 0 ,Ryu t T C I, , . P - E' 51 I ln - 1 4. Grass: Stan Levy, john Owen, Don Lallin, Louis Erclmann, 'lack Schiehler. First Row: Roy Krueger, Alexander Ahel, Tony Koehn, Bill Zitclman, -lim Parrish, Keith Olski, llohert l5ahrenlo'ug., Vllilliam Kutseher, liernarcl Bestler, Dave Gerharclt. 3 Second How: Cfoaeh lhonipson. Cflitliorcl Hoppe, llohert larrott, l,yle Ulsen, llarry Miller. llonalcl KUI1lIlL'I'. lion alcl Foth, Bill Klayetter, llayicl Miller, Richard lline, liranlclin lloehholner. Coach Braun. 'lilzird li0ll'j Coach Shepard, Clarence Ostrowslci, Kenneth Malehow, Boh Kerrigan, loin Malehow, l7retl llruheeky llowarcl johnson, Vililliam Rather. Robert Eiss. Rufus lhcle. lfourtlz Row: llerhert VanOuclenhoyen, Bruee Ammerinan, Vllilliam Vi'iesner, Doug liralees. Vl'illiam Sunil, -loh Coleman, Charles Sorensen, Donalcl Nelson. lyeaux Anclcrsen. VARSITY 'lihe Neenah lloeltets eame out on top this year hy taking lirst plaee in the hlitl-ljastern eonterenee. tying with hlenasha. lt was the lirst eonlierenee ehampionship in the history ol' the sehool. The lirst game playecl was a non-eonlierenee tilt at Shehoygan Central whieh we won 13-O. The lirst three eonlierenee games saw Neenah defeating their opposers and leaving them scoreless. On a very sandy, windy lielcl at Clintonville two points were raeliecl up hy the opposers. Our homecoming this year was with New lion- clon who managed to seore twiee, but lost hy a clefinite margin. ln the hig game ol' the season Neenah heat hlenasha on their iielcl lior their home coming. Wle met Shawano for our last tilt with a FOOTBALL 647 reeortl only to lose the harcl liought hattle hy 1 point putting hlenasha in a position to share tht eonlerenee title with us. XfVe can well he proucl ol' our lighting Hoe ancl ol their coaches. lhompson, llrann, anal Sh 1 a rci. T as lc he final Tl lows: Neenah N eena li N eenah Neen a li Neenah Nee nah Sha wa n seores Iior the eonlierenee -liaulxauna . -liiniherly , .. -Clintonyille . -iliwo Rivers .. -New London . fhlenasha . . . o-Neenah . USUN 2 l-O 1943 1472 21-O 5-l ll 1470 2625 X -Q .... Aa 14 Q ,. 1 ,. t First Row: David Hoffman, Robert Wege, Bob VVolfgram, Lyall Stilp, Gilbert Beamer, Jim Roberts, Marvin Swichtenberg, Paul Thomsen, Jimmy Salm, Dick Bellack, David Remmel, Dick Barnstable. Second Rmvg Coach Jorgensen, Donald F. Miller, Donald E. Miller, Daryl Jensen, Ronald Gregory, Edward Rene- dgct,'Gordon Mortensen, David Williams, Norman Krause, john Nelson, Douglas Freund. Ronald Kuhr. Mr. arris. Third Row: Dick Schultz, Robert Grunska, VVilliam De Lapp, KVilliam Millar, Gene Schultz, Tommy Voigt, Torn Molzow, Rodney La Rue, Dick McCormack, David Courtney, Dale Martin, Manager. ' Fourth Row: Terry Kelly, Dick Schramm, Donald Johnson, Tom Kress. Richard Sorensen, .lim Neubauer. Ron' ald johnson, VValter Gauger, Bob DeKeyser, Richard VVhitehouse, Bill VVilling. The biggest "little" group ever, turned out last lull lor freshman loothall practice. Wlieii linally The scores for these games were as follows: , , , l . 2 , ' Q ' - ' 7 7 uniformed, the group of small men was still quite QctffhW,Qh0",ll1"110' lllgll """ large. In the six games they played, winning three au 'Tumi Com I ' """' ' ' 3 , d I ,f h X I , d , I , . lWGCI1klll-ROOSCVCI . an osmgt ree, tiev s owe a ot o promise or , 3- the teams in the next three vears. lx?CKmlCyiNcCnLh ' 'TO ' lNeenah-Kimberly . . I3 0 Nenasha-Neenah . . 127 A large group ol' junior and sophomore boys com lows: prised the UB' team this year, practicing under Neenah'lXlenasha .. ll-6 Coach Shepard. They received very little publicity NeenahfxXppleton .... . . I3 0 and an even smaller amount ol backin 1. Des 'rite Neenah-Clintonville .. ISO , 3' . l . these lacts they played hard and won all live ol XleenahfNew London -loffl their conierence famcs. These scores were as lol- Neenah-hlenasha .... .. ll-7 3 .Q W as xxxk ,, W Q-P 2 V .::as': - N 5 i .Tii???fkf' A x QS 5 W' we x NK 5255 kv 'Q S First Row: jack Schichlcr, Anthony Koehn, Thomas Ryan, Rufus lhclc, Richard Rinc. llonalcl lallin. Secomi Row: Coach Jorgensen, Rohcrt Kuchl, llowarnl johnson, llayicl Brown, ilihonias Nlalchow. 7 7 Tlzird Row: Douglas Fralycs, KL-nncth Rcinoyyski, Kunncrh Sicycrr, William Hicsm-r. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Rockets this ycar coppccl thircl place in thc Micl-Eastcrn conlicrcncc following up hlcnasha and Shawano. After thc season they qualiliccl for thc Rcgional mcct only to losc out to lXlcnasha 73 62 aftcr a long, harclfliouglit 32 minutcs. ln conlicrcncc play this ycar Nccnah won 7 games ancl lost 7. These scores were as lolloxys: lXlcnasha-Nccnah . . ....... 68-63 Shawano-Nccnah . . . 58-52 Clintonyillc-Nccnah 6l-46 Nccnah-Kaulxau na . 46--H Two Riycrs-Nccnali . 48-47 Nccnah-Kinihcrly . . . 47-44 Nccnah-New Lonclon 50-58 lxilCI1llSl1ll'NCLxD2ll1 . . . 56-54 Shawano-Nccnah . . 68-47 Nccnah-Clintonyillc 67-6 I Nccnah-Kaulxauna , 72 60 Nccnah-Two Riycrs . 73-50 KimhcrlyfNccnah ..... .. 7062 Nccnali-Now lonclon ..,.. .... 5 7-48 ln non COl1l'L'l'L'l1CC play tlnring anal lucliorc season thc tcani tools two ganics ancl lost two. csc scorcs wvrc as liollo Wfisconsin Rapicls-Nccnali .. .. lYccnalifRipon ...... Applcton-Nccnali .... Nccnah-lioncl clu . 50 46 64-57 54-42 6 l'-l l Althougli in tournaincnt play wc lost to Mtn asha. wc toolx Consolation hy winning thc ncxt tno games. FI hc Iinals xvurc Nccnali-New lonclon m -H and Nccnah-l9oncl clu Lac 57-53. Tom Ryan was choscn lltllllllllf C iptaln incl Diclx Rinc tht- Most Valuahlc Player. A you ol thanlts goes to Coach ,lorgcnscn who proinotccl in other succcssliul Roclact season. f I f" I 57 ff to I .iw g iiii A ei First Row: Clifford Hoppe. Robert Eiss, Robert Kerrigan, llarland Zietlow, .Iohn Owen, Alexander Riolo. Second Row: Richard Neuhauer, lveaux Andersen, Thomas l'arl4er. Mr. Shepard, VVilliam Sund. Rarry l:I'klI1lCl1. Richard Zenisela. "B" TEAM BASKETBALL and Kimherlvg and lost to iliwo Rivers and Kau- kauna. ln non-conlerenee play Neenah heat Ripon, YVisconsin Rapids, and Fond du Lac, and lost to Appleton. The Rocket "R" team played I8 games this past season winning 14 and losing 4. Most of the scores were close hut our hoys tried their hest and usually came through on top. In the conference they were rated second with a ll-3 average. .ln conference play Neenah delieated New lon- ahlc coachn-Coach Shepard. don, Clintonville, Shawano, Menasha, 'liwo Rivers, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The freshman haslxethall season got underway 7 and lost 5 games. 'lihev defeated hleliinlev, VVilson, Menasha, and Kaullaunag and lost to Kim with Coach Thompson as coach and fifteen Fellows hcrlv, Roosevelt, and Kaulxauna. comprising the team. During the season they won lfirst Row: Coach ilihompson, David Remmel, lfVilliam Millar, Richard Schultz, Paul lihomsen, Rohert Raclunan. Second Row: Rohert Reger. VVilliam VVilling, David YVilliams, Donald li. Miller, Gordon E. Mortensen, Douglas Freund, james foenen. 'liliird Row: Thomas Kress, Terry Kelly, Rollin Gerold, Ronald johnson, Richard Sorensen. The team owes its victories, in part, to a verv First Row: Bert Helms, Keith Olslci, Verlyn Fuhrmann, Richard Rine, Harry Miller, John Owen, Roy Krueger. Second Row: Rollin Kramer, Dave Miller, Dave Strey, Jack Schaefer, William Klavetter, Rufus lhde, james Meyer, Alvin Beyer. Third Row: Eugene Angell, Ralph Kiesow, Donald Metz, William Sund, Coach Braun. BASEBALL ln the 1951-52 baseball season, the Neenah Rockets won 2 out of 8 games played. The lirst game was against Ripon, and was played here at Washington Park. Neenah got 2 runs while Ripon got 5. The next game, against the Blue lay rivals, was played at Menasha. The score was Neenah 7 Menasha 19. At Shawano we lost a heartbrealcer 5-6. Following that were our victories over Clin- tonville 16-2, and Kaulcauna 8-5. May 10th Two Rivers came here. The score was Two Rivers 7- Neenah 4. The last two games were played against Kimberly and New London, the respective scores being Kimberly 10-Neenah 6 and New London 10-Neenah 2. Fx' 1 The W.l.A.A. District Tournament was held at Menasha May 19-24. Neenah played Winneconne, and was defeated in a close, exciting game 0-l. Dave Strey and Eugene Angell led the batters with a strong .500. Rufe lhde followed close behind with 375, and John Owen with 300. Others in- cluded Harry Miller with .296, 'lim Meyer with .292, and Dick Rine with .28l. Letter winners were Rufe lhde, Harry Miller, lim Meyer, Dick Rine, Burt Helms, lack Schaefer, Keith Olski, Verly Fuhrmann, and Don Metz. The co-captains were lack Schaefer and Verly Fuhrmann. First Row: Maynard Rewey, Jack Beck, Franklin Hochholzer, Francis Costigan, Donald Foth, Robert Kuehl, Ber- nie Bestler, VVilliam Kutscher, Robert Fahrenkrug, Charles Reese, Carl Jankowski, VVilliam Kallin, Clifford l loppe. Second Row: Conrad VVoerner, James Sturgis, Floyd Ashley, James Parrish, Ken Malchow, Sandy Abel, Dave Cerhardt, Allen Roblee, Lyle Olson, Robert Parrott, Edward VVolff, Ray Lewis, Coach Thompson. Third Rout: Louis Erdmann, Douglas Jensen, Walter Kallin, Jack Van Airsdale, Kaare Weieriued, Robert Pansch, LeeRov Blank, Peter Clausen, Robert Parrish, Douglas Mathison, Roy Peterson, Willitiiii Hein, John Kalfahs, VVilliain Dunwiddie. Fourth Rout: Donald Laflin, Bruce Ammerman, Joe Birling, Donald Schultz, Iveaux Andersen, Ken Sievert, Don' ald Metz, Chuck Sorensen, Ralph Kinxel, Richard Breaker, Tom Kerrigan, Jerry Barr, Coach Jorgensen. Af .ri TRACK Our 1952 track team came through with another successful season by working hard with the help of the coaches Jorgensen, Thompson, and Dunwiddie. The Rockets were undefeated in all of the dual and triangular meets in which they participated. They took second place in the hlideastcrn Conference meet, second place in the district events, and sent several fellows on to Madison where they took sev- eral honors in the state meet. Our first dual meet saw Necnah heat Ripon 72' -ll while later we faced hlenasha and won 6251. ln our first triangular meet, Neenah hcsted hoth Kim' herly and Kaukauna here on our own track. ln our next triangular meet at home, our Rockets took first over New London and Clintonville. Dick Jorgen- sen and Ronnie Carlicld took the honors in the meet. The lXlideastcrn Conference meet, which was held here, saw Shawano steal Iirst place followed hy Neenah in second and hflenasha third. At the Sectional tournament we lost out to hlenasha who took first. ln this contest Dick Breaker, Tom Kerrigan and Dick Jorgensen quali- fied for the state meet. Our relay team, composed of Bill Kutscher, Tom Kerrigan, Bob Fahrenkrug, and Don Schultz, also qualified for state competi- tion after taking first place in the sectional meet. Near the end of May our trackmcn went to Madison to compete. Dick Jorgensen came out with a second in the pole vault and fifth in high Jump. Tom Kerrigan captured fourth in the Class R 400 yard dash while Dick Breaker came in fifth in the milc. The relay team was disqualified. Throughout the season a few records were broken. Ronnie Carfield set a new record in the high hurdlesg Don Schultzf200 yard dashg Dick Rreakeremileg and Dick Jorgensenfpole vault. Dick Breaker, a graduate, was captain. First Row: Alex Biolo, Jack Schiebler, Robert Kerrigan, Richard Rine, Tom Ryan, Tony Koehn, Harland Zietlow. Second Row: Dave Leaman, Donald Fisher, Willianu VViesner, To-m Parker, Ned Cochrane, Coach Williaiiis. Third Row: Barry Franzen, Frank Wiesner, Pete Thomsen, James Foth, Richard Jorgensen. TENNIS The 1951-52 net season produced another top team for Neenah High School. The team continued its winning streak by taking all eleven meets. For three years the squad has been undefeated, winning 37 matches. This is believed to be a state record. This years scores were as follows: Kimberly .................. 7-0 7-O VVauwatosa . . . . 6-3 Menasha .... 7-O 5-2 Shorewood . . . . . 7-2 Manitowoc . . . . . 6-1 Shawano . . . . . . 7-O 5-2 Neenah won the Mid-Eastern Conference championship with 31 points. Shawano had 21, Menasha 19, and Kimberly O. Pete Thomsen lost to Dick Weber of Shawano in the finals 5-7, O-6. Dick Rine and Dick Jorgensen won the doubles by defeating Dave Schultz and Dennis Erickson from Menasha in the Finals 6-1, 6-1. Neenah won the runner-up trophy at the state tournament with 19 points. Fond du Lac led the 32 participating schools with 24 points. Rine and -lor- gensen won the championship by defeating Vallin and De Metz of Fond du Lac 6-2, 6-Og while Dcntice of Boys Tech, Milwaukee, won over jim Foth and went on to win the meet. f "fwfr NOQ ' Wk F W M E ff 5 K k W K, , ' 35: ,, H' WFP? kxem eff- L0 WSJ .XNXPQP gl! ,RAI - SJ I aw A 2 fs n I ,4 K4, W A K I 1 6 0 H U T D 5 Q , l L A v + .. A f Q I EBAQZEQ 2322155 BIOLOGY CLUB First Bow: Sally Burr, Gloria Hintz, Carol Hoehne, Ellen Schultz, Jacqueline Stoegbauer, Francis Levitt. Margaret lloehne, Pat Laursen, Audrey Schuette, Sally Philip pi, Janet Burr, Carol Swentner, Barbara Forsythe. Second Bow: Lois Jenkins, Delores Gauger, Gail Loehning. Lorraine Hoehne, Karen Gibson, Donna Terrian, San' dra Nixon, Janet Borgen, Nancy Onstad, Ellen Beich el, Marilyn Stoegbauer, Judy Dixon, Mr. Gundlach. Third Bow: Anne Peugeot, Helen Winter, Gladys Boblee, Beth Zabel, Elaine Joyce, Marietta Pelton, Katharine llrubecky, Sharon Martiny, Mary DuBois, Susan Darling, Athlcan Boreson. l-'onrtli Bow: Bruce Aminerman, Richard Barrel, Jacques Baillien, Donald Fisher, Ralph Kinfel, Fred llrubecky. Kenneth Bredendick, James llolvfmann, Fred Schmidt. Ihis year the Biology Club, under the direction of Mr. Gundlach, had a membership of ninety. The officers of this club were Kenneth Bredendick, president: Elizabeth VVilton, vice-president, Athlean Boreson, secretary, June Timm, treasurer, and Nancy Haley, point recorder. The purpose of the club is to further biological hobbies. llu- members work toward points which are awarded tor participation in the various activities. The activities are both educational and social. fhe educational activities ine clude group participation in hikes, and the two day trip to Chica o in the sirin , on which thirty members with the g l . highest number of points visit museums and zoos. The nutrition experiments with rats and mice, heredity experi- ments, growing plants in the greenhouse, microscope work and raising animals were some of the biological activities. Among the social activities were the Christmas party and a club sponsored dance. ln the spring the Biology Club held an exhibit which was open to the public, and which was one ol' the biggest and most important projects of the year. This twelfth year of the Biology Club has been very successful. First Bout: Ellen Evans, Hazel Mueller, Pauline Pitsch, Kathryn Bisel, Vida Skifstad, Marilyn Werliiig, Carol Butter, June Timm, Judy Selle, Elizabeth Wilton, Betty Arndt, Marjorie Labre, Roberta Schultz. Second Bow: Stan Levy, Patricia Verhagen, Janet Wisme r, Sandra Schultz, Marilouise Stinski, Nancy llaley, Gloria Otis, Patricia Schmidt, Joyce Nelson, Nancy Schneider, Barbara Muth, Howard Schumacher. Third Ilmv: Nancy Mickelson, Sharon Sommer, Beverly Bewey, Mary Dordel, Estelle Marty, Catherine VVein' man, Frances Krueger, Carol Vogt, Barbara Bartlein, Carol Hansen, Joyce Olson. Fmtrtli Bout: Betty Seggeling, Karen Lange, Antoinette Kuether, Mona Lauritzen, Marian Brown, James Potratl, James Boehm, Nancy Breaker, Marlene Beimborn, Kathryn lloover. First Row: Alice Mahoney, Mary Buchanan, joan Alferi, Ardis Raisler, Barbara Forsythe, Naomi Sanders, Gloria Otis, Karen Wenneche, Joan Doll, Pat Tappan. Second Row: Nancy james, Gail Loehning, Janet Burr, Camille johnson, Estelle Marty, Barbara Cumings, Nancy Mortensen, Cynthia Albert, Karen Volkman, Donna Terrian. Third Roni: ,luciy Haber, Prichard Martiny, Barbara Paff, Sandra Sehultl, llay Lewis, Nancy Ellis, Mary Kalfahs, Alice Barnes, janet Darling, john Schiebler. Fourth How: Carol Hoehne, Nancy Gorges, Delores Gauger, Monica Marines, Nancy Onstacl, janet llorgen, Carl Janltowslci, Ronald Koerner, Ruth Halverson. BAND First Row: Alice Mahoney. Barbara Forsythe. Nancy Ellis, Gail Loehning, Nancy Mortensen, Donna Terrian, Pat Tappan, Janet Darling, Nancy Onstarl. Second How: Carol Hoehne, Lorraine Brooks, Doreen johnson, Diane Patton, Richard llartel, Lois Elnzgren, .lean Doll, Mary Kalfahs, Betty Seggeling. Third Row: Ronald Koerner, Sanclra Sehulu, Eugene Angell, Robert liurts, Bruce Davis, llalph Kinzel, llutli Aggers, Bill Kutscher. innior antl senior bantls. lfirxt Rona Diane Patton, Mary Albert, Lorraine Brooks,'Lois ElI11gl'CU,S2lI1t'lI'2lPCICTSL'I1, Emogene Below, Patricia VVieckert, Donna Bork, Etiytbe Meyer, Sue Cliuclac-ott. Seeoml How: liicliarcl Koerncr, Doreen -Iobnson, Dick llartel, Peggy Aggers, Robert liabrenltrug. lietty Seggeling. David Petersen, Nancy Horn, Lorraine Lemke, Barbara Vlleigt. Mr. Mais. Iiliirtl limr: Eugene Angell, Robert Andersen, Robert Strauscr, VVarrcn Zinglcr, llutb Aggers. .lackie Antlerson, Gordon Mortensen, Bill Kutscber, Prank llocliolzer. liU1ll'llI How: llarbara Krablean, llonaltl Koerner, bruce Davis, llalpb Kinfel, Robert Hurts, Dave Reilly. llicbartl Zeniselt, Diane lianclskron, llicbarcl Snytler. Not picturecl: Don lilmer, Bruce Stelow. B A N D llirougbout tbe class rooms ol' Neenab lligli School lmniecliately alter tbe concert, worlt startccl in picpara t-.ich tbirtl anti Iourtb periocl music coultl be bcartl lrom tion lor tbe annual bancl lestival bcltl at Menasba on Ibe auclitorium. lbis music was tbe tlaily practice ol the April 25. After tbe tournament a select group began work on :lit- Hw wwnd dm, uf SL.h,,,,l the Scnim- lmml l,lk,wd it, concerts for Baccalaureate anal Clraclnation wbile tbe entire lirst concert ol' tbie year. 'librougbout tbe liootballiseason lmml mufflwll in lim imnuill MCm""i4ll D-'Y IW"4'lll'- the group was trainecl to 'mark time and make lormations ilibrougliout tbe year tbe Pep llantl nntler ilu- tlircction to be presentecl at eacb ol our football games at bome. Ut Ralph Kinlcl and Mr. Mais l,l2,yCd Im. L,cM.,nl,1il.,' baslietball games, antl otber occasions. Again at Cibristmas tbe stuclent botly bearcl a boliclay concert antl on Nlarcb lst the nlitlwintcr Concert was pre All in all tbe bantl bail a very successlinl year xvitb scntetl in tbe autlitorium lor tbe public. plcnty ol lun anti music. Fin-sr Bmw: Carol Bowman, Susan Krueger, Shirley DeBroka, Gloria Dorn. Second, Ilmv: Margie Lalvrc, Marilyn VVerling. Nancy Hummel, Carol Rutter, Marylyn llucat CHEERLEADERS Firsf How: Susan Landig, Patricia VVerling, Patricia Wieckcrt. 56 First Row: Ellen Schultz, Audrey Terrian, Carol Thiel, Rosemary Salm, Ellen Reichel, Pat Spiegelherg, Carol Popp, Jean Eake, Joyce Arnold, Marjorie VVicinski, Ruth Peapenhurg, Ruth Mueller, Rose Rasmussen, Nancy Meyer. Second Row: Sharon Sommer, Barbara Krablean, Marlene Lee, Karen Volkinan, Janice llaufe, Mildred llalle. Antoinette Kuether, Marietta Pelton, Pat llaase, Judy Sharpless, Mary Dordel, Sandra Nixon, Catherine Weinma n. Mr. Gerhardt. Third Row: Bill Klavetter, Myron liorchert, Alfred Kuchenbeckcr, Robert Francart, erry Lund, llill lilesch. Ken Malchow, Larry Christopher, Jim Sorensen, Roh Gresenz, Clifford lloppe, Ciarlcs Hutchins. Fourfli Row: Allen Roblee, Lyle Olson, John Hesselman, Robert Parrish, Gerald Seelow, Doug Frakes. Kenneth Remowski. Roh- Ginnow, Donald Fisher, Tom Kaufman, Rob Kuchl, Vllarren Zinglcr, Don Pliner. CONSERVATION CLUB The Conservation Cluh was one of our school's largest and most active groups. This year the club reached a high total of 2l5 memhers. The oflicers of this year's cluh were: president, Thomas Kaufman, vice-president, David Gerhardt, secretary, Jean- ette Thoniack and treasurer, Carol Thiel. The hoard mem- hers were: Keith Olski and Rosemary Salm, Seniors: Joanne Gorr and Dick Zenisek, Juniors, Barbara Muth and Gloria Otis, Sophomores and Paul Zeinert and Judy Larson, Freshmen. Each club memhcr received a ll rating for every 60 hours of actual work he did and an A rating for IZO hours of work. These rating were entered on his report card. Every member gets I5 points per year just for Joining the club. In this way an inactive member can accumulate a R rating in four years. The main activities of the cluh were rahhit trapping. hird feeding, tree planting, the photography and art group. hiking and other fields pertaining to conservation. lfirsi Row: Amher Jenkins, Marylyn Ducat, Barbara Veiser,Nona Jensen, Vida Skifstad, Peggy Bunker, Joanne Gorr, Peg Metz, Janice Kreuter, Bonnie Porath, Darlene Snell. Mary Ann Faulks, Lois Jenkins, Ronnie Heinz. Second Row: Reverlv Rewev, Audrev Paul, Ann Norman. Nancy Rreaker,'Retty 'Haldema'nn, Marvelyn Stuebs, Third Row: Ronald Ruser, Carol llaufe, Marvlin Rreaker, lloover, Eliyaheth Lcaman, Joyce Robinson: Marilouise Schroeder. Fourth Row: VVilliam Buchanan, Richard Christianson, Roy llarold Mueller. Rollin Kramer, Jim Rasmussen, Robbers 57 Rarhara Ahendroth, Ann Pearson, ixlarian Rrown, Marlene Reimhorn, Retty Seggeling, Karen Lange. Judith Larson, hlarcia Pheifer, Kay Nielsen, Kathryn Stinski. Susan O'Leary, Nancy Kaufman, Arden Krueger, VVilliam Kutscher, Keith Olski, Ralph Kemps. Ronnin, David Petersen, Greg Reinhardt. Rohert Jones. First Bow: Sally Burr, Patricia Wieckert, Jo Ann Hammill, Donna Pomrening, Sandra Bouse, Barbara Thorson, Kathleen McCoy, Shirley Debroka, Mary Rouse, Shirley Gullickson, Judy Owen, Susan Krueger, Lois Gcrrits, Sue Chudacoff. Second Bow: Barbara Forsythe, Betty BlcKinnon, Sally Fredrick, Joan Alferi, Helen VVickham, Nancy Mortensen, Carol Vogt, Joyce Zachow, Patricia Kools, Betty Newton, Susan Kurtz, Buthann Kruse, Judy Nixon, Nancy James. Third Bow: Don Harness, Jim Krueger, Ed De Keyser, John Kulogo, John Kasten. Bill Tyriver, Earl Zachovv, Bruce Bae, Paul Beilly, Wayne Pingel, Lavonne La Bue, John Llewllyn. Fourth Bow: Bob Kerrigan, Jerry Springborn, Bill Zitelman, David Erdman, Bichard Zenisek, John H. Coleman, Kenneth Sievert, Don Parks, Dave Brown, Charles Schultz, Don Foth, Harry Miller, Dave Cerhardt. CONSERVATION CLUB The club put on an all school dance. They also held a Club Party to which each member brought a guest. An- other feature of the year was the chili supper. At this supper, the members that caught the most rabbits were credited and awarded. Last spring, twenty-two senior boys and girls attended the Trees for Tomorrow Camp at Eagle River, VViseonsin. This was the third year that students from this school have attended the four day session. There the campers were given instruction in everything from iire-fighting to tree planting, Each camper gained a better understanding of the importance of conservation of natural resources. This group of students did a great service For their school and their community. Their fine work could not he accomplished without therunderstanding and able guid- ance of the club's advisor, Klr. Gerhardt. First Bow: Janet Burr, Betty Keberlein, Nancy Sylvander, Barbara Muth, Audrey Schuette, Barbara Schiehler, Jeanette Thomack, Nancv Hammel, Joanne Schultz, Gloria Otis, Nancy Mickelson, Hazel Mueller, Pauline Pitsch, Ellen Evans. V Second Bow: Bita Hei l, Janis Buthven, Buth Halverson, Donna Haldcmann, Estelle Marty, Donna Terrian. Jackie Fandrey, Jac lyn Martiny, Beverly Braun, Mary Kalfahs, Joan Heigl. Nancy Schneider, Mary Schull, Buthie Pyott. Third Bow: Bay Gerrits, Arthur Shepherd, Jimmy Salrn, Mike De Broux, Carl Jankowski, Daryl Jensen, Tom Jensen, Eugene Klassen, Ehner Minks, Bob Beger, Carlton Brockman, Dick Barnstable. Fourth Bow: Bruce Stelow, Richard Burr, Paul Frakes, Neil Hansen, Ned Cochrane, Balph Frakes, Jerry Prey, Steve Landig, Fred Schmidt, Robert Eiss, Paul Zeinert. First Row: Darlene Charrier, Susan Krueger, Carol Hoehne, Margaret lloehne, Rosemary Salm, Ellen Reiehel, l,ois Gerrits, Judy Owen, Miss Nixtlorf. Secoml limit Mr. Poellinger, Helen VVickham, Joanne Schultz, Donna illerrian, llarbara Sehiebler, Mary Wliita, Nancy llammel, Kay Carey, Cynthia Albert, jucly Dixon. Third Row: Autlrev Schuette, Carol Rutter, Sharon nlartiny, Antoinette Kuether, Nona Lauritfen, Mary lyalliahs, Lois Elmgren. Pat Tappan, janet Burr. lrflllffll llmv: Franklin llochholzer, llobert Cowling, llob CLFCSCHI, Douglas Schneicler, Marvin llroehm. Dick Koerncr, Richard lloeper, Aubrey Fowler. VVe hall the pleasure ol' coming out fifteen times for the enjoyment of the stuclent botly this year. VVe startetl out the year with a new editorial aclvisor, Miss Nixclorf. She hatl never workecl on a printed paper before. She came in with spark and gave us a shot in the arm. Mr. Poellinger headed the printing, circulation, and linaneial tlepartnients of the Cub. llc saw to it that the Cul: kept up its high stanclartl. l,,ois Elmgren hanclletl the front page very well, making it look like a professional job every issue. llelen VVickham ancl .loanne Schultz were co-feature etlitors ancl presentecl all the features of school to the students. Aubrey Fowler was the heacl of the sports page, with Bob Cresenv anti Frank Hochholner as his writers. Susan Krueger reportetl C.!X.A. news. Mona Lauritlen was the business manager. She paitl all the bills and eontractecl the acls. llutly Owen, as advertising manager, solicitatetl the acls for the Culv. ilioni Kuether was copy reatler. She came tlown antl CUB checkecl prool' everytime the the typists typetl stories. Pat Tappan. as proof reacler. reeeivctl, the proofs lirom the linotype company ancl checketl them for mistakes. Paula Braxeau entertained us all year with her column from Si to Mort. Nancy Ellis and Ellen lleichel were the exchange etlitors, who saw to it that neighboring schools rcceivecl the C1411 in exchange for their papers. Those who hacl hatl thirty-live inches ol' type in the paper were given the rating of reporter. They were Donna ilierrian, llarbara Sehiebler. Mary VViita, Nlary lyalliahs, .lanet llurr, Autlry Sehuctte, ancl Kay Carey. A superb job of printing the C1412 was clone by our very able print staff. The printers were Marvin llroelnn. llob Cowling, Dick lloeper, Dick Koerner, ,lack Lantl, Keith Olski, .intl Doug Schneider. The job of seeing to it that the C1411 came regularly ancl took the blame for any mistake ol' irregularity fell on us: We the etlitors, Rosemary Salin anal jutly Dixon. 59 WV First Row: Paula Brazeau, Mary Buchanan, Gail Loehning, Susan Severson, Joan Popp, Donna Bork. Second Row: Rarbara Krablean, Mary VViita, Faith Quade, Susan Darling, Anita Braun, Nancy Mortensen. Tliiiwl Row: Peter Miedke, Aubrey Fowler, Robert De Lap p, Richard McCrory, Mr. Harris. FORENSICS Forensics has again played an important part in the Neenah fligh School curriculum. lt prepares young people for the task oi' speaking before an audience. These students are capable of expressin themselves easily: they point out to others their ways anti! beliefs, they display a leadership ability in any activity they take on. After receiving careful training from his coach the be- ginning forensics student participates in student contests. From high school contests they pass into league, district, and finally state competition. lhis year Gail Loehning, Peter Miedke, Anita Rraun, Paula Rrazeau, Retty McKinnon, Susan Darling, Donna Rork, and Marcia Falck participated in declamation, serious or humorous. ln the held of extemporaneous speaking Robert, Robbin Ronnin, David lseaman, Aubrey Fowler, Faith DE Resolved: lhat the Atlantic Pact nations should form a Iederal union. l'he debate squad this year took part in tournaments from November 15th until February 14th. Many, many Saturday mornings required our N.H.S. debaters to arise early enough to take a six o'clock bus to some distant place in the state. Of the 78 debates in which our teams took part we won 49 and lost 29 for a .630 average. llhis year's "A", "ll", and "C" squads consisted of BA Quade, and Richard Mcllrory took part. Kathy lloover and Elizabeth Vllilton participated in extemporaneous reading while Richard Mcifrory did the convincing in the oratory. Mr. Harris headed the group with the help ol' the fol lowing coaches: Miss Rroetzman, Miss Peterson, Miss Harris, Miss Raine, and Nr. Dunwiddie. Gail Loehning, Paula Brazeau, Robert, Robbin Bonnin, and David Leaman won A's in the League con- test held here at Neenah. They then advanced to the District contest which was held at New London. From this group Paula Rrazeau, Robert Delsapp, and Robbin Bonnin received A's and thus were qualified to compete at Madi son in the State contest. Robbin Ronnin and Robert Def Lapp carrie through with A's at Madison. Betty McKinnon received an A in the Mid-Eastern Conference contest. TE Robert Delsapp, Aubrey Fowler, Mary VViita, Robhin Bonnin, Faith Quade, lieth Zabel, llarbara fhristopher. Barbara Krablean, Lyall Stilp, Ruth Halverson, Rosemarie Schloemer and Marcia Falck. ln the discussion and debate tournaments they tied with Kaukauna for conference championship, went on through the district and qualified for the sectional competition. Only two of the squad have graduated so that we can be assured of another successful season this coming fall. First Row: Marcia Falck, Mary Wiita, Rose Marie Schloemer, Nancy Mortensen, Lyall Stilp, Barbara Christopher. Second Row: Rarbara Krablean, Faith Quade, Mr. Dunwiddie, Robert De Lapp, Aubrey Fowler, Beth Zabel. F- if 12 rrst B011 Lois Cserrits, Barbara Christopher, Carol lage, Joan Alferi, Mary Buchanan, Pat Laursen, Miss Millard, Margaret Larsen, Suzanne Jahns, Boberta Schultz, Donna Van Gompel, Marylyn Ducat, Jo Ann Kuether. Second Bow: Bonnie Porath, Rita lleigl, Joan Smith, Joan Heigl, Janis Buthven, Yvonne VVollerman, Susan Darling, Barbara Sehiebler, Mary Severson, Sharon Krueger, Mary Ann Faulks, Barbara Paff, Shirley DeBroka. Tlzirrl Bmw: Mary Ellen Julius, Betty Newton, Nancy H alnmel, Karen Lange, Betty Scggeling, Barbara Grygny, Jo Ann Pierce, Patricia Pierce, Carol Birmingham, Mary Keating, Ann Norman, Mary Elliott. Fourth Bow: Donna lerrian, Mardee Bhode, Joyce Bobin son, Beverly Metz, Carol Anderson, Peggy Aggers, Dianne Steen, Mona Lauritzen, Marlene Beimborn, Joan G . G.A.A. oflicers were elected the previous spring in 1952. Under the guidance of Miss Millard, the new advisor, work got under way very rapidly. Mona Lauritzen, a senior, was the president of the club with Elaine Joyce, also a senior, the vice-president. The oflice of secretary was hlled by Bosie Salm, and because of illness, Susie Krueger was substitute treasurer for Paula Braveau. Doll, Kay Nielsen, Darlene Hammel. A.A. Many things were carried out by the group, such as an initiation party, tournaments for hockey, volleyball, and basketball. Baseball was another event that brought out much enthusiasm within the group. A Neenah-Menasha pep assembly was given, a float for the pep parade was built, an inter-school play day was planned, and a big school dance, Bali Haii, was put on in January. First Bow: Carol Bowman, Mary Boushley, Margie Labre, Lorraine Hoehne, Annette Vanisky, Judy Page, Sally Fredrick, Ellen Schultz, Carol VVestfahl, Carol Beach, Judy Owen, Sue Chudacoff, hlarcia Falck. Second Bmw: Patricia Kools, Kay Denney, Helen VVickhan1, Marlene Lee, Joanne Schultz, Barbara Muth, Susan O'Leary, Kathleen McCoy, Barbara Krablean, Janet Borgen, Janet Burr. Third Roni: Bose Rasmussen, Nancy Mortensen, ovce Zachow, Nancv Schneider, Marilyn Swielbauer Marilouisc v - - v - . ' 7 . ' ' ' 1 Y Stinski, Sandra Nixon, Marilyn Vyerling, Nancy James. 62 liirsl. Row: Marv Boushley, Betty Qross, Donna Bork, Susan Krueger, Joan Popp, Susan Severson, Olive Rowe, Alberta Graham, Roberta Stellensen, Pat Reetr., Carol Swentner, Sally Burr, Patricia Vllieeltert. Set-oml Bout Patricia NVerling, Beverly Frakes, jutly Dixon, Emogene Below, Nancy Breaker, Mary DuBois, Marilyn Stoeghauer, Carol Rutter, Kathryn Bisel, Pat Spiegelberg, Shirley Gullickson, Carol lloehne. llliirtl llonw Darlene Snell, janet hlueller, llelen Vvinter, Gladys Roblee, jutlith Larson, Sally Lyon, Virginia Pantton, Monica Marmes, Nancy Horn, Marv Schulz, Susan Kurtz. lfourtli Row: Mary Rouse, Andrey Schuette, planet Darling, Kay Carey, Ruth Ann Koehn, Faith Quatle, Diane l.antlskron, Sanrlra Z4-liner, Santlra Petersen, Barbara Ctimings, Beverly Richardson, Joanne Gorr. G.A.A. l'he sportslicatls were janet Darling-basketball, Mary the sport-heatls and most important ol' all, the G.A.A. Kalllahs Vlioclxcyz Nancy llaley-noon hour baseball: Anne members themselves for the good sportsmanship they have Pearson-volleyball, Marilyn Dueat-noon hour volleyball: shown. It has always been the elub's policy to respect rules Susan Krueger-tennis, anal Anita Braun-ping-pong. and to live clean, honest lives. Sportsmanship is a must for . . . . ' b" tliC.A.A. Many thanks must be given to Miss Millartl, the cabinet, u ul mem U In M 1 liirsr' Rout: Betty McKinnon, Rosemary Salm, Ellen Reichel, Sylvia Mikkelsen, Margret Jensen, Athlean Boreson, Karen VVennt-che, Lorraine Lemke, Peggy Bunker, Camille Johnson, Mary Dorclel, Donna Nielsen, Nancy Onstacl. Scuoiztl Bow: Nancy Mickelson, Karen Gibson, Audrey Paul, Estelle Marty, Donna Haltlemann, Ellen Barnes, Marian Brown, Alice Drace, Elaine Joyce, Alice Barnes, Mavis Erclmann, Ruthie Pyott. llrirtl lion: Betty llaltleinann, aeklyn Martiny, Antoinette Kuether, Katharine Hrubecky, Ruth Aggers, Beverly Braun, Ann Pearson, lrois Ii mgren, Mary Kalfahs, Barbara Abendroth, Nancy Haley. 63 First Hmi':MPatricia Vklerling, Barbara Thorson. Judy Dixon, Audrey Schuette, Marylyn Ducat, Carol Swentner. Carol lhiel, Miss Griffiths. Second How: Rita fleigl, Mary ,lean DuBois, Kay Care y, Mary Keating, Rose Marie Schloemer, Patricia Schmidt, Mary Ellen Julius. 'fliiril How: Carol Vogt, Patricia Spiegelherg, Mary XViita, Marvelyn Stuebs, Nancy Kaufman, jean Parker. GIRLS 'lihis year will complete the 6th year that Girls' Senate, headed by Miss Griffiths, has been in existence. Every girl enrolled in Neenah fligh School auto- matically becomes a member of the Girls' Senate: thus, the members of' the four classes choose an executive board, composed of five girls from each class, to carry on its busi- ness. This year's officers were Carol Thiel, president for the first semester: Mary ,lean Du Bois, president for the second semester, Judy Dixon, vice presidentg Audrey Schuette, secretary, and Nancy Kaufman, treasurer. The main activity presented by the Girls' Senate this year was the assembly program given on Armistice Day for S E N A T E the parents during American Education VVeek. Other activities carried on bv the Girls' Senate the year were the following: A Big and Little Sister Party-September I7. Freshman Nlother's lea Senior Mother-Daughter Dinner Girls' Senate Dance juniorfSophoinore Night Rural School Day Concessions after school Get VVell Cards 64 during 1 t l A First How: Carol Hoehne, Iva Hillegas, Judy Dixon, Rosemary Salm, Kay Denney, hlarilyn Stoegbauer, Sandra Nixon, Pat Spiegelherg, Ellen Reichel, Joyce Hrubesky, Carol Rutter, Carol Bowman. Second How: Wlilliam VVingen, Darlene Petersen, Cynthia Albert, Athlean Boreson, Kathryn lloover, Ralph Kemps, Tony Koehn, Pat Tappan, Margret Jensen, Marilyn Vllerling, Marlene Lee, Bill Kutschcr. flrird Hows Janet Darling, Elaine Joyce, Sandra Hatch, Doreen Johnson, Antoinette Kuether, Keith Olski, James Krueger, Katharine llrubecky, Marilyn Larson, Nancy Breaker, Mary Schmidt, Sharon Martiny, Marylin Breaker. lfoiartli Row: Richard Rine, VVilliam VViesner, Lester Hansen, Don Parks, Ken Sievert, Don Fisher, Robert Cin' now, Don Lallin, Robert Van Alstine, David Strey, Robert De Lapp, Mr. Christoph. HALL MONITORS lihe lility-two hall monitors and their substitutes have been honorable and diligent in their duties this past yeari lhey have done a good job, and their varied services have been very helpful in making things run more smoothly throughout the corridors. At the beginning of the year the monitors were selected trom the junior and seniors by Mr. Christoph, their advisor, on the basis ol previous experience and past records. lfirst Row: Nancy Meyer, Lois Gerrits, Janice Neill, Rose Some of their duties were to supervise the hall tralhc during and between classes, assist and direct visitors, see that lockers were locked at all titnes, aid students who were ill, act as leaders during fire drills, and run errands for the teachers during the day. Cooperation and respect from the student body has made it easier for the monitors to carry out their duties successlully and very ethciently. Rasmussen, Cecile Nault, Joanne Gorr, Janet linrr, Sally Philippi, Kathryn Bisel, Shirley Gullickson, Barbara Thorson, Darlene Charrier. Second How: Diane Heinz, Janet Schultz, Sharon Sommer, Margie Labre, Delores Ganger, Lorraine lloehne, Mary Severson, Joan Smith, Carol Thiel, Margaret Hoehne, Gloria Dorn, Marie Gunther. 'Iiliird How: Donna Van Gotnpel, Alice Barnes, Beverly Braun, Allen Roblee, James Pierce, Dick Neubauer, Bernard llestler, Ann Pearson, Ruth Aebi, Violet Bloom, Jean Parker, Mr. Christoph. lfoirrflr Hmv: Robert Erb, Jim Pawlowski, George Kreiss, Earl Zachow, David Efillllkllill, John Coleman, vlionr Kaufman, Don Foth, lom Hart, Kenneth Bredendick. Sesmmaag 1. i t l ' r l x First Roni: Janice Neill, Carol Hoehne, Darlyne Petersen, Arlene Sievert, Barbara Veeser. Margaret Hoehne, Darlene Sommer, Delores Gauger. Second How: Esther Ehlers, Eileen Nenning, Donna Van Gompel, Marietta Lamtte, Pat Larson, Shirley Porath, Miss Gullikson. 'lliiwl Row: Kay Larson, june Potvnell, Marilyn l.arson, Shirley Dobberlte, Marlene, Darlene Snell. HOME ECO This past year the llome Economics Club elected the following as their ollicers: Marlene Lee, president, Arlene Sievert, vice-president: Darlyne Peterson, secretary, and Darlene Snell, treasurer. Miss Kathryn Gulliltson served as faculty advisor and directed the club's varied activities, Regular meetings were held twice a month. illhe purpose of the club was to promote and do charity work. They also helped the Home Economics Department in any way possible. lhis year they hemmed dish towels. The club, this past year, formed a handworlt group. -lhis group consisted ol girls interested in learning how to ltnit, crochet, and embroider. lhe girls and Miss Gulliltson also visited a candy store NO MICS CLUB and a bakery. During the year they held a number ol' parties. Continuing an annual afllair, the club, on December 15. made Christmas a little happier for some underprivileged children. At the Christmas party, Santa Claus arrived and distributed to each child presentsAa toy and another gift. such as a pair of mittens or a scarf. The gifts were donated by the girls. The most important event of the year was the style revue. 'lihere the girls modeled the clothes which they had made. 'l-here was much enthusiasm shown by the particis pants and the audience. VVith the money received from this event they bought a gilt for the llome liconomics Department. 66 First Row: Paul Rasmussen, Williarri Buchanan, Sally Fredrick, Beverly Rewey, Patricia Thiel, Miss Roper, Mari Iyn VVt-rling, Kay Denney, Shirley Blajeski, ,Ioan Popp. Second Row: Mardee Rohde, Reverly Metz, Joyce Robinson, Shirley Porath, Beverly Rratin. Ann I'earson. .Io Ann Pierce, Shirley Parker, Yvonne VVoIlerxnan, Ronald Kuhr. Third Rout IreRoy Djupstrom, Bruce Ammerman, David Schaefer, David Leainan, Bill Sund, Ilill VVoII'I', Ijicls Ilarivood, RoIIin Kramer, Paul Zeinert. , MIXED CHOIR Mixed choir had a very busy year. lt help put on the were adult clubs, service clubs, church groups, and assent' United Nations Ilrograin during National Education Vveek. bly programs. In all they gave over Iility programs. Ihe Iihe members also tools part in a music festival in March oflicers for mixed choir were Bruce .AIIIIIICTIIILIIL president, along, with eleven other schools. During Christmas time Ann Pearson, secretarv and Beverly Rraun, treasurer, " 1 'it' ' -' t "2 -ta ' . .1 - i . . dnl li'fm11W1 m Ught U ten puhhf' lppt 'rlmw mr Miss Ruth Roper is the director and Marilyn XI't-rling accompanied the choir. BOYS CHOIR various groups. Some ol! the groups they performed for Ifirst Row: Dick Rarnstable, David Rarnstable, jerry Pues, Robert Beger, Marvin Swichtenberg, Paul I'I'aI'I'. I.esIie Ilabbitts, Miss Roper. Seemrtl lionw Donald Miller, .Ierry Lund, Rodney La Rue, Don judd, jim Rasmussen, john Nelson, Dick SCIIIIIII. Vllrirtl How: Iliclv Schraintn, Ronald Babcock, .lim Neubauer, Ronald johnson, Richard Sorensen, Gene Schultz. 67 ' ..-.rc new .- First Row: ,Janet Rivet, Darlene Boushley, Mary Boushley, Alberta Graham, Pat Laursen, Jo Ann Kuether, Judy Francart, Roberta Steffenson, Shirley Johnson, Dolores Plank, Sally Burr. Second Row: Maureen Heider, Donna Van Gompel, Elizabeth Leaman, Patricia Pierce, Joan Ellis, Rutliann Kruse, Pauline Pitsch, Bonnie Porath, Fran Levitt. Third Row: Beverly Beyer, Susan Jury, Janice Jacob, Jean Hake, Carol Birmingham, Patricia Haase, Betty New- ton, Vida Slcifstad. Fourth Row: Darlene Snell, Pat Tappan, Shirley Dobherlce, Shirley lNlucha, Sally Larson, Ruth Ann Koehn, Mary Keating, Sally Lyon, Pat Doering. GIRLS' CHOIR The Girls' Choir again played a very important part in Pat Tappan. Some girls were chosen to help Miss Roper our school activities. lt is under the able direction ot lXliss in directing the choir. They were Roherta Schultz and Ruth Roper. This past year the organization was com- Janet Rivet. posed of scventyefour members. The officers elected to head it were Janet Mueller, president, Roberta Schultz, secretaryg and Janet Rivet, treasurer. lhe accompanist was These girls, working together, have completed another successful year and have heen appreciated by all. 1 . sz Q , ,HM B tw, mt, First Row: Betty Lou Cross, Jo Ann Hammill, Nona Roesler, Betty Keberlein, Margaret Nlathewson, Carol Page, Susan Miller, Mildred Peterson, Carla Loehning, Pltricia Werliiig, Beverly Kraus. Second Row: Mary Potratz, Joyce Arnold, Sally Philippi, Sandra Rozelle, Beverly Fralces, Sharon Krueger, Bonnie Heinz, Hallie Shaclduck, Rachel Krenger, Barbara Veeser, Miss Roper. Third Row: Janet Mueller, Shirley Perkette, Beverly Leach, Ann Norman, Judy Larson, Ru Anne Reimer, Beverly Richardson, Ruth Mueller, Roberta Schultz. Fourth Roni: Gladys Roblee, Helen VVinter, Peg Metz, Mary Lauson, Audrey Bull, Marcia Pheiter, Marietta Pelton, Marv E liott. 68 l First Bmw: Donna Bork, Susan Chudacoff, Donna Pomrening, Bonnie Heinz, Sandra Rouse, Susan Severson, Bev' crly Richardson, Beverly Fralaes, Ioan Popp, Susan Landig, Barbara Palf, Patricia VVerling, Patricia VVieckert. joAnn Hammill. Second Bow: Nancy Sylvander, Janis Ruthven, Rita Heigl, Donna Terrian, Karen Gibson, Nancy Schneider. Barbara Sehiebler, janet Borgen, Nancy Onstad, Darlene Hammcl, Mary Schulz, Barbara Muth. Susan O'Leary, Kathleen McCoy, Mr. Dunwiddie. 'liltird Row: JoAnn Pasternock, Emogene Below, Virginia Pantton, lean Kofler, Mildred Halle, Marietta Pelton, Carolyn Vllohlers, Janice Haute, Betty Newton, Audrey Paul. Peggy Bunker, Ann Norman Barbara Aben- droth, Nancy Horn, Elizabeth Learnan. Fourth Bmv: Nancy Hammel, Patricia Pierce, Audrey Bull, -loyce Robinson, Louis Erdmann, Harry Miller. Bob Neubauer, Marian Brown, Dianne Steen, Mary VViita, Mavis Erdmann, Estelle Marty, Douglas Dixon. P E P C I. U B l'he Pep Club ol' Nccnah lligli School with Mr. VVil- ants were chosen and all necessary arrangements for liam Dunwiddie as its advisor has been one ot the most the game were made. Kathryn Bisel was chosen queen by active groups in school. The members ol the group agreed the senior boys while her attendants were Susan Krueger, to live up to the lollowing aims: junior attendant: Mardee Rohde, sophomore attendant: and I. 'Io support all school activities with cnthusiastn. Sue Lilmllilv ffCShmi'H ilffcnflimf- ' 1 , . V l , 1 , ' ,, - ,. -' , ' . . , ' ' , . 'Y 2. Io support good sportsmanship by example and in- A llw ICP Club N115 responsible lor oiganmng the tradi rlllclmcv tional pep parade before the Neenah-Menasha tootball rivalry, including the burning of the UM". 'l'hroughout the , . A . . . Nl . .1. . .W K. M., . , w o promote acttcr tclitionship between Nccnth High YUM they Put cm assemblies for thc Smdcm body. School and other schools. , During the basketball season they sponsored busses tor out-of-town games, distributed basketball programs at home games, and served lunch to the participating teams, their coaches and referees after each hottie game through the Inter-school Relations Committee. 'l'his year the club chose Harry Miller as President: Lois Elmgren as Vice President: Joan Heigl as Secretary: and Ccle Nault as Treasurer. Under their leadership the club has had a very active year. ln the tall the homecoming dance was put on by the All in all the organization proved a worthy contribution Pep C lub. lhrough the club, the queen and her attend' lor the welfare ot the whole student body. First Burr: Darlene Charrier, Nancy Meyer, Audrey Terrian, Margie Labre, ludv Dixon, Marlene Lee Rosemary Ealm. Sally l'redrick, Cecile Nault, Mary Rouse, Roberta Schultz, Betty McKinnon, Susan Krueger, Carol owtnan. Second Bow: Marilyn Stoegbauer, Joanne Gorr, Elaine Joyce, Mary DuBois, Kay Carey, Lois Elmgren, Betty llaldemann, Ann Pearson, joan Doll, Nancy Mortensen, ,loanne Schultz, Pat Tappan, Kay Denney. Donna Van Gompel, Aludy Owen. ilihird Bow: Rose Rasmussen, Nlary Ann Faulks, Bonnie Porath, .loyce Zachow, Nancy Mickelson, .loan lleigl, Marilouise Stinski, Beverly Metv, Mardee Rohde, Donna Haldemann, Katharine llrubecky, Antoinette Kuethcr. Mary Kalfahs, Sharon Martiny, Sandra Nixon. lfoitrtli Burr: Ellen Rcichel, Marilyn VVerling. Carol Rutter, Alvin Beyer, Rollin Kramer, Ralph Kemps, Don Rzflrlrs, Ralph Fralces, Earl Zacbow, Bob Gresenz, Kathryn Bisel. Mary Severson, Marylin Breaker, Marlene en. l 'al 'mul' il -l All ' mtl s31s.ui1f1.ll M lim X as fx Q MQ 2 , 1, 11, 52 Ea' W if 52 X 6, M M59 6 x 2 gi .Sf xx Q f B 1383 , im x Si Q, . EK vw 2355 ::'vI N , . PSYCHOMETRY CLUB Aulnu ,,3Qr M Carol Rutter, Sharon Martiny, Elaine lloycc, Janice Krcutcr USHERS First How: Beverly Rewey, Arlene Sievert, Janet Brogen, Patricia Verhagen. Secmzd How: Sandra Schultv. llalel Mueller, Ellen Evans, Vida Skifstacl, Pauline Pitscli, Planet VVismcr, Nina Tliermanscn, Mr. Bcgcr. 7 I First Bow: Carol Bowman, Susan Landig, Sally Philippi, janet Schultz, Margie Labre. Darlene Charrier, Sue Chudaeofii. Second Bow: Peggy Bunker, Nancy Horn, Margie Brezinski, Carol Birmingham. Audrey Paul, Emogene Below, Marv Schultz. 'fltircl Bow: Ann Norman, Barbara Abendroth, Lois Ehngren, Mr. Bunker, Sandra Nixon, Carol Anderson. Kay Denney. LIBRARY CLUB Al the organirational meeting that was held on October l-lth, the members ol' the Library Club chose the club's ofiiccrs for the year 1952-53. The new oilieers of the club elected were Lois Elmgren, president: Carol Bowman, vice president: Marjorie l.abre, secretary: and Nancy llorn. treasurer. ilihere xx ere twenty student librarians who worked dur ing their lree periods each day. A student librarian must maintain a I5 grade point average and be willing to work. ilihe main objective of the librarians is to improve the library service to the school. ln May the club held a Senior Dinner for the gradual' ing librarians and a picnic lor all the librarians of this year. Mr. llugene Bunker was the new faculty advisor lor the l.ibrary Club, and his service has been deeply appreciated by the school. , SAFETY CLUB lihe Safety Cilub was Uligilllilljil this year by Mr. Cihris toph and interested students. The ollicers included Bob Cowling, president: Marvin Broehin, vice-president: and Cynthia Albert, seeretatyftreasurer. The membership was divided into four committees including the School Build ing--Nancy Ellis, Chairman: Car ci!tlIlllliUCC--'Al2ll'Vill Broehni, chairman, lihe Bike CYmtnmittcc-Balph Kinfel. chairman: and thc Grounds forumittec-Bobcrt Elwood, chairman. The club's purpose is to promote better saiiety in school. Students must become aware of the growing importance of safety in industry and every day life. Besides supervis ing and reporting and hazardous conditions. the committee has sponsored safety tallts in other schools. l7irs1 Bow: Mary Albert, Nancy Ellis, VVilliam .l. Wlingen, Bobert UI. Cowling, -lr., llarleoe l'ctcrseo, Cynthia Albert. Second Bow: Marvin Broehin, Torn Kaufman, jack Kuehl, Faith Quadc, Diclt llarwood. Third Bow: Lester Hansen, Bob Burts, Balph Kinzel, Bill Tyriver, Mr. G. F. Christoph. cts. t s is + First Row: Carol Bowman, Gloria Dorn, Margie Lalnrc, Jucly Dixon, Annette Vanislcy, Marilyn Vvcrling, Nancy Ellis, Sally Plmilippi, Gail Lneltning. Second How: Carol llaufe, Jean Parlaur. Muna Lauritlcn, Katharina' llrulmccky, Katliryn llum'ci', Mary Dulluis. Ellen Rt-ichul. 'lilzinl Ilmv: Alicc Draco, llrmy Km-Im, Louis lfrclman, llill Vllicsncr, Don l.aflin. Diclt llinc, lxllllbllllfilk' lyllL'Il1L'I'. ROCKE Ihr- linglisli IV classes. lwlcl first aml fifth pt-rimls umlcr tlw instruction of Miss Peterson, nnclcrtuulq tltc DI'OLlLlL'TlUl1 ul tlw traclitinnal pulrlicatinn ul' tlic Rocket lfclzncs, nlis' trilvutccl cycry May. llliis magazine Contains llic uutstancl- ing material nl' Ncunalt lligli sCl1t7UllS literary talent in tlu' llmrm ol' pncms, sturics anrl cssays. lvlw cclitur tliis ycar was Katharina' llruluccky anal un Iwi' stall' wcrc Cfanml l:HXX'Il1ilI1, Margie l,alJi'c, Gail inclin- T E CHOES ing, Kathy llnm'c1', luclv Dixon. Nancy' lfllis, Nlarilyn 7 Lim Bill VK crling, Louis liflllllillillz Dun Lallin, 'litany Ku' , i' Dick Rinc, Sally Pltilippi, 'limi Knctlwr, am VVicsncr, Ellen Ilciclmcl. Also playing an important part was tln' lnmlwurlti typing stall' wliicli incluclctl .loan llarltcr, Carol llaull' Mary Du Huis, Gloria Dorn, Alice Dracc. IXIIIICIIL' Yanislty aml Nlarlcnc lux ng, First Row: Margie Labre, Kathryn Bisel, Larry Kyle, Alexander Biolo, Edward Voigtman, Maurice Skihha, Gregory Reinhardt, Gale Balthavor, Gerald Griepentrog, Paul Second Row: joyce Nelson, Beth Zahel, Sandra Hatch, Rasmussen, Mr. Krause. Reverlv Braun, jacklvn Klartinv, Faith Quade. Katharine Hrubeclty, Lois Elmgren, Mary DuBois, Kathryn Hoover., 1 4 Third Row: john Llewellyn, john Rasten, jim Krueger, Gordon Harper, Richard Mcfrory. Foiirtlv Rmv: jack Schiebler, Paul I7raItcs, Hans Dormer Earl Zachow, David Leaman, Rohcrt Strauser. SCIENCE HOBBIES CLUB Photography, chemical analysis, and radio were the main projects of the Science Ilohhies Cluh this year. Olliccrs for the year were VVaIter Drew-President, Alex Riolom-Vice' president, David Leaman-Treasurer, Rcth Zabel-Sccre tary, and Paul Frakes-Reporter. Regular meetings were held on the lirst and third Iliurs days of each month. Group meetings were held when needed, and the radio group had scheduled meetings for Monday evenings once a weelc. Advisor to the cluh is Mr. Krause. Ed Armatoski, Richard Rartel, james Roehm, Tom Mollow, Ralph Kinzel, jim Ncuhauer, Rarry Iiranzen. VVaIter Drew. PROJECTION CLUB The aim ol' the Projection Cluh is to operate the movie machine, the tape recorder, and the Iilm strip machine. Some ol' the older memhers ol' the club repair and clean the school's equipment. Ihis year the cluh consisted ol' twenty live hoys and girls Linder the guidance ot Mr. john Gundlach. the clubs advisor. On Awards Day the mcmluers received certilicatcs in appreciation lor their services. Iiirst Row: Dick Martiny, janet Rivet, joan Ellis, Gordon Iialclc, Lyle Ilart, Ulilliam Rohert I'rindIc, Nancy johnson, Dorothea Reuss, Mr. Gundlach. Second Row: Rohlmin Bonnin, LeRoy Fenske, Myron Rocchert, Tom X'ViIIarson, Larry Christopher, Rollin Kramer, james Krueger, Richard VViIIiams, Tom Molzow, Stan Levy. Third Row: Robert Strauser, Earl Zachow, Robert Andersen, john Iowns, Ralph Kinzel, Marvin Rroehm, 'Iom Voigt, Eugene Feseh, Lyle Olsen. l " i i liifkf How: Marlene Allen, Caryl Springer, Marlene Les. Sally Philippi, Roberta Sehultl, Miss Riser. Su-f:11d How: Charles lerome, Tom Hart, Robert Burts, Antinette Kuether, Elisabeth Vllilton. SPANISH CLUB The oilieers of the Spanish Club this year were: presi- dent, Elizabeth VVilton, viee-president, Robert Burts, anal secretary-treasurer, Caryl Springer. The eluh met on the thirtl Friclay of eaeh month tluring elass time. The purpose of the elub was to learn more about the Spanish speaking Countries in the worlrl. Miss Kiser is the iaeulty aclyisor. Each year they holcl a Christmas party as the Spanish or Xlexieans mio, ancl at their spring pienie they usually invite a speaker. LATIN CLUB vlillis year, as in past years, the Latin Club is eomposecl ol' Lvitin ll stutlents. 'llhe elub eoncluets its meetings in eliss on the thircl Friday of eaeh month. Ufheers of the lfiurth period elass were two eonsuls, lva ilillegas ami Alex Biolo, with Lisa Vlliehmann as seeretary. l'he seventh periods eonsuls were Beverly Braun and Bruce Davis. Nanev Mortensen was the secretary. llvhe purpose oi' the club was to learn more about the Romans. Christmas parties are helcl each year. In the spring the semi-annual Latin Banquet was helil. ilihe Latin ll stu clents portrayed noblemen, while the Latin i students aetecl .is slaves. First Row: Susan Krueger, Iva Hillegas, jucly Dixon, Helen VViekham, Mary Kalfahs, Miss Kiser, joan lleigl. Nanev Mortensen, loanne Schultz, Lisa VViehmann. 9 Cf1'ILl lime: Mary Severson, Helen VVinter, joAnn Pierce, ,loan Dall. Sandra Hatch, .laeklyn hlartiny. Estelle hlvty, Marv Vlliita, Mariorie Gehrlce -lucly Owen. 'liliird Rite: Diek Burr, Gortlon llarper, -loan Fanclrey, Ann Pearson, Faith Quacle, llvgggy Aggers, Beverly Braun, 1 lohn Owen, Alexancler biolo, Vciirfh Rue: Robert DeLapp, Dave Bouquet, john Millar. liruee Davis, Louis Erclmann, Bill Zitelman. Neil Urehra ne. First Row: Dave Remmel, Cecile Nault, Kathryn Bisel, Pat Tappan, Elaine Joyce, Estelle Marty, Judy Dixon, Carol Hoehne, Sue Chudacoff. Second Row: Stuart Monard, Dick Burr, Keith Olski, Aubrey Fowler, Rufus lhde, Terry Kelly, Bill Kutscher, Roy Krueger, Mr. Borgen. Third Roni: james Meyer, Don Lailin, Marvin Broehm, VVilliam Sund, Charles Sorensen, Richard Whitelicvuse, Paul Fralces. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council elections for the year of '52-'53 were held in each homeroom on October 2nd and 3rd. One representative was selected from each homeroom with the exception of two from each study hall. The advisor to the council is Mr. Borgen, Principal ol' Neenah High School. Don Laflin was elected president ol' Student Council. Bill Kutseher, as vice-president, Kathryn Bisel, as secre- tary, and Elaine joyce, as treasurer. Projects sponsored by the Council were the junior Red Cross Drive and gift boxes, Christmas hall decorations, the faeulty tea, and Tag Day. The proceeds from Tag Day are used to help some senior to further his or her education. W Neenah lligh Schools Student Council is a very success- lul and worthy organization. First Row: Iva Hillegas, Gail Loehning, Marietta Pelton, Barbara Schiebler, Helen Wickham, Nancy Horn. Second Rout: Elaine joyce, Lois Elmgren, Katharine Hrubecky, Sharon Martiny, Mr. Harris. 'I hird Row: Paul Erakes, Louis Erdmann, Ralph Kinzel, VValter Drew, Alexander Abel. THE 'lhis year the Thespians added the gala "ll'hespian Pre- miere" to its featured attractions along with the spring and fall play. lhe fall play was a humorous autobiographical sketch of a teen-age girl whose madcap antics caused her family quite a bit of worry. Taking the parts in "VVe Shook the Family Tree" were Nancy Horn, Beverly Frakes, Sherman Marty, Marietta Pelton, Ralph Kinzel, ,lon Hopkins, Rich- ard Martiny, Patricia Haase, Monica Marmes, Elizabeth Wlilton, Peter Miedke and Marcia Ealck. ln january several student directors along with the advisors Mr. Harris and Miss Broetzman put on three short plays, Gail Loehning and Louis Erdmann directed "lhe Best There lsn by Marian Wefer. lncluded in the cast were Mary VViita, Rosemary Salm, Barbara Ghristo- pher, john Coleman, Richard Snyder, Rachel Krenger, and Mary Keating. "Sugar and Spiceu by A. A. O'Keeffc was directed by Marlene Lee and Ken Bredendick, while Sandy Abel, hlarian Brown, Barbara Sehiebler, lylarietta Pelton, Margie Labre, Judy Owen, and Dick Koerner took the parts. Katharine Hrubecky and Lois Elmgren were directors of "Seeds of Suspicion" by Dorothy Sagers with XValter Drew, lva llillegas, jackie Martiny, VVilliam SPI ANS Kutscher, Lois Gerrits, Mary Kalfahs, Gordon Falck, and Peter Miedke in the cast. The spring play was "Our Town" hy Thornton Vvilder. The cast included David Reilly, Richard McCrory, Lyall Stilp, Ken Bredendick, Marietta Pelton, Nancy Ellis, Bruce Ammerman, Marcia Ealck, Sherman Marty, Sue Severson, David Leaman, Louis Erdmann, Ray Lewis, Gail Loehn- ing, Williaiii Zitelman, John Coleman, Mary Kalfahs, Anita Braun, Bruce Davis, Robbin Bonnin, Larry Kyle, Mildred Halle, Pat Tappan, Elizabeth Leaman, Nina Thermansen, Beverly Frakes, Fred Hrubeckv, Peggy Aggers, and Tom Toilette, Mr. Harris was the director. The ollicers of Thespians were Lois Elmgren, president: Katharine Hrubecky, secretaryg and Louis Erdmann. treasurer. . Along with regular business transactions fifteen new members were initiated into the group. VVinning this high honor were David Reilly, Bruce Ammerman, john Cole- man, Dick McCrory, Peter Miedke, Kay Carey, Nancy Ellis, Sue Severson, Nancy Horn, Sandy Abel, Walter Drew. Elaine Joyce, Stan Levy, Marietta Pelton, and Elizabeth Wilttmti. Maxxum ROCKET EDITORS First Row: Carol Bowman, Carol Haufe, Elaine Joyce, Pat Tappan, Gail Loehning. Second Row: Kathy Hoover, Sharon Martiny, VValter Drew, Aubrey Fowler, Lois Elmgren, Mr. Thomas. EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Kathleen McCoy, Joyce Zachow, Rose Schloemer, Susan O'Leary, Joanne Gorr, Joanne Schultz, Violet Bloom, Sue Chuclacoff. Second Roni: Barbara Schiebler, Nancy Mortensen, Mary VViita. Sharon Martiny, Pat Tappan, Cele Nault, Helen Wickhaiii. Third Roni: Antoinette Kuether, Mona Lauritzen, Uiclc Barrel, Richard McCroy, Beverly Braun. ART STAFF First How: Shirley DeBroka, Fran Levitt, Nancy Sylvancler, Annette Vanisky, Ruth Pyott, Gloria Dorn. Second Row: Ann Norman, Bill Kutscher, Keith Olski, Elaine Joyce, Carol Haulie, Marylin Breaker. 78 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF First How: Margie Labre, Mary DuBois, Estelle Marty, Mary Kalfahs, Kathryn Bisel, .ludy Dixon. Second Row: Katharine Ilrubecky, VValter Drew. jim lioelim, Nancy Breaker. TYPING STAFF , l I-'irsl How: Margie Labre, Carol Rutter, Carol Bowman. Sucoml How: Elaine juycc, Ruth Aggers, Mona Lauritzen. BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING STAFF First Row: Susan Miller, Audrey Schuette, Betty Arndr, Gail Loehning, janet Burr, Nancy Meyer. Second Row: Barbara Schiebler, Mavis Erclmann, jackie Fandrey, Mary VViita, Lois Elrngren, Judy Owen. Illvird Row: Kay Carey, Frank Hochholzer, Prichard Mclfruy, Doug Dixon, Alice Barnes. 79 WSW wk CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 4 5 13 18 19 20 23 25 27 School began once again and the poor, hope- less "Greenhorns" wandered about the halls frantically looking for their classrooms. lCourteous seniors helped them whenever they could.D First general assembly at which rules and regulations were discussed and a few words of welcome by Mr. Borgen and Mr. Mennes. In the opening football game of the year Neenah traveled to Sheboygan to soundly lick the Sheboygan Central squad l3-O. An interesting assembly in which Mr. C. E. Jones talked and pointed out some of the uses of the Gyroscope. Great majority of the students went to the ballot boxes and chose their candidates for the class offices. Pep assembly in preparation for the big Kau- kauna game the following day. Coach Thomp- son presented the football team to the stu- dent body and gave their names and posi- tions. The mighty Kaukauna Ghosts fell to our Nee- nah Rockets in a terrific gridiron tussle 21-O. That night a "Victory Dance" was put on by the Conservation Club and Dick Rine was elected Football King. He chose Carol Bow- man to reign with him as Queen. ln a very close game the Neenah "B" Team tipped the Menasha JV squad 12-6. The Rocket Frosh continued the "winning ways" of Neenah High as they swamped Wil- son of Appleton 28-7. Neenah played the part of a "poor host" as it dropped Kimberly into the defeated column l9-O to extend their season record to three straight wins. OCTOBER l 2 Students got afternoon off! Teachers had ln- dustry Education Day. Neenah Frosh traveled to Kaukauna and came out on the short end of a 22-O score. Student Council held election of officers. Don Laflin, Bill Kutscher, Elaine Joyce, and Kath- ryn Bisel were chosen to lead the Council this year. 4 Neenah Rockets traveled to Clintonville for a big gridiron tussle and whipped the Truck- ers soundly 14-2. 6 An assembly was held in which the "Uni- cycle" was demonstrated. 7 Hundreds upon hundreds of smiles that day as individual pictures were taken. 8 "Rocket" pictures were taken today and on the 9th. A bit cold at times for some of the stu- dents in short sleeves! 9 Freshman Tea held, big success, everyone had a wonderful time. l l "Dad's Day" as the Rockets played host to the Two Rivers Raiders, sending them home de- feated by a score of 21-0. l4 Seniors took field-trips, touring some of the Twin City industries. 16 The Frosh football squad travelled to Kimber- ly, winning l3-O. I8 The big "Homecoming Game" was perfection as Neenah swamped the hapless New Lon- don Bulldogs 54-l2. That night the Pep Club held a dance in the NHS gym for an overflow crowd of students to put an end to a "perfect day"! 23 The Neenah Frosh closed a very successful season by beating the Menasha "Jays" 12-7. 24 ln the big "game of the year" the Rockets traveled to Butte des Morts field to tip the Blueiays l4-O in a hard-fought contest. 29 All the seniors came to school dressed up for one of their big "days" of the year, Career Day. 31 That night the Neenah Police sponsored a Halloween Party at the NHS at which every- one had a good time. NOVEMBER l Neenah traveled to Shawano and was upset by a strong Indian football team 26-25. 6 Happy Days! No school! Teachers' Convention. 'll Armistice Day program given for the stu- dent body. Huge success. l2 Same program put on for the parents. Parents had a chance to visit with the NHS teachers, 13 "Romance of Words" assembly put on by Mr. Meyers. NHS honor students went to Rotary Luncheon. 17 The play "We Shook The Family Tree" was a smash success as Nancy Horn starred in the leading role. Play put on for parents in the evening. The Neenah Rockets lost to Wisconsin Rapids 50-46 in the opener of basketball season. 26 Rockets played host to the Ripon Tigers, beat Them 64-37. 27 Two days of Thanksgiving vacation. 28 ln a Thriller Menasha edged out The Rockets 68-63 in The Mid-Eastern conference opener. 18 22 DECEMBER 4 Neenah Frosh dropped Their basketball open- er To Kimberly 30-20. 5 Rockets played host to Shawano Indiansg lost a Thriller 58-52. 7 On Sunday afternoon a Christmas program was given by The NHS choral groups. 11 Mid-Eastern conference debate Tournament aT Clintonville. The Rocket debaters, paced by Mary Wiita and Bob DeLapp, brought another Trophy home as They Tied for first place. Nee- nah Frosh tripped up The McKinley cagers 49-38. Something new aT NHS! Assembly Sing! Students enjoyed iT! 12 Neenah Traveled To Clintonville for a cage tilt: came out on The short end of a 64-46 score, 16 In a very interesting assembly, Mr. Park from China spoke on international affairs. 18 Roosevelt of Appleton managed to Tip The Rocket frosh 40-30 despite a late Neenah rally. 19 Christmas band concert put on by Mr. Mais and his 4th period band. Very good! Rocket Varsity basketball Team upsets The Kaukauna Ghosts 46-44 in a nip-and-tuck affair. Christ- mas vacation began! JANUARY 5 Christmas vacation over and school began once again! 8 The rigors of Arctic Travel were explained in detail by Mr, Scott in a very interesting assembly. 9 Neenah Traveled To Two Rivers and after a valiant fourth quarter rally fell short, lost by The close score of 48-47. 10 The Neenah Rockets played host To The Kim- berly cagers and won on a Thrilling last- second basket to tip the Papermakers 47-44. The Rocket Frosh went up against the Wilson squad, winning 51-48. Kaukauna's Frosh team beat Neenah 39-33 in a close game. Gym tests! "Ohh, my aching back!" The Rockets held down high-scoring Don Kroll To go on to swamp the hapless New London Bulldogs 50-38. One of the biggest dances of The year was held - the annual G.A.A. Dance! The dance was a terrific success! Yikes, hang on! First day of semester exams! More exams! Rocket Frosh played the Mena- sha Blueiays and beat them 48-44. Mrs. Duvall spoke to the entire student body on Teen-age problems. Kimberly beat The Rockets in a Frosh tilt 54- 31. Report cards came out! Thespians put on three one-act plays which were highly enter- taining. In the first game of The second round of Mid- Eastern conference Neenah was beaten bythe strong Shawano Indian team by the score of 68-47. FEBRUARY Our Rocket Frosh Traveled to Appleton to play Roosevelt, coming home on the short end of a 37-30 score. The remainder of the "ROCKET" pictures were taken, Led by Tom Malchow who netted 22 points, the Rockets trampled over the Clin- tonville Truckers 67-61. Kaukauna suffered a setback after an encoun- Ter with the Rockets, This time the score be- ing 72-60. The Neenah debate team walked off with first place honors at the Sectional tournament held at Menasha with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss. Robbin Bonnin led the way with three best-speaker ratings. Girls' Senate sponsored a dance which turned out To be highly suc- cessful. Neenah whipped Wilson in the Frosh basket- ball conference 44-30 without any difficulty. Coach Thompson's Frosh cagers continued their winning ways by mauling Kaukauna 40- 32. Two Rivers became the next victim of The 21 23 25 27 Rockets as the Raiders lost 73-50. Captain Tom Ryan and Dick Rine, forming one of the best guard combinations in the Mid-Eastern conference, were instrumental in this victory. Kimberly managed to best the Rockets 70- 62 as a Rocket rally fell short in the fourth quarter. NHS students were treated to a highly enter- taining assembly - "The Aristocrats of Song". Menasha Frosh took a licking from Neenah 51-49. In the final game of the conference season, the Rockets ran rough-shod over the hapless New London cagers 57-48. MARCH 1 4 6 7 10 16 17 24 26 27 Mr. Mais and his bands put on the Winter Band Concert before parents and friends in Nothing but the high school auditorium. praise can be said about this program. Once again we met the Blueiays-this time in the Hrst game of the Regional basketball tournament. Although the Rockets fought hard all the way, they lost 73-62. ln the consolation semi-Hnals Neenah ran up against the New London cagers and defeated them in a thriller 46-44. Fond du Lac provided the opposition for Neenah in the consolation finals. In the finale of the year the Rockets "pulled the game out of the fire" in the closing seconds of play to win 57-53. Bruce McFarlin, Negro baritone, sang for the student body various spirituals and popular songs in a highly entertaining assembly. The NHS Thespians presented a play for the benefit of the students entitled "Our Town". Many regarded this play as one of the best that NHS has had for over six years! St. Pat's Day! Everybody wore green! Mothers and teachers were treated to a won- derful meal at the Senior Girls' Dinner. An interesting program followed the dinner. Hang on to your hats, guys and gals! And l mean that! The annual April Fool edition of the "Cub"! Spring Vacation Started. fWhere's my tennis racque-t'?l APRIL 7 Yippee! School starts! 8 Report carols. CA!! the teachers were very sympathetic. Wish our parents were!! 11 Freshman Dance. Everyone had a gala time. 13 Carroll College Choir put on an assembly for the students. Very good! 16 The Latin classes put on their Roman Banquet. "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears." Slaves and everything! Everyone had a gala time. 17 Tag Day. This was for the Student Council Scholarship. 21 Neenah tennis team set a new state record as they beat Appleton 7-0 for their 40th con- secutive win. 22 Biology Club Exhibit. 25 Band Festival at Menasha. Neenah band mem- bers received high honors for their efforts. 28 The 3rd Assembly Sing of the year. All the Bing Crosbys and .lonie Jameses had them- selves quite a day. MAY 8 Biology Club took a trip to Chicago. It turneol out to be quite a time. 12 Forensic Banquet. At that time all the awards were given out. 15 Conference Track Meet. NHS students had the afternoon off! 22 All the printers took a day off and went on a Held trip to Milwaukee. 25 Big day for the "Big Wheels"! Awards Day! 27 Wow! Home Ec. Style Show! Wow! 28 Study! Study! Study! Senior Exams! 31 Baccalaureate. Wistful sighs. "The end of an era!" JUNE 1 Senior Banquet. The end is soon in sight! Exams for freshmen, sophomores, and iuniors. 2 More studying! More exams! 3 Commencement. Sadness and happiness pre- vail on this solemn occasion as the Class of '53 graduates from the ranks of Neenah High School. 4 Rotary Luncheon for honor students. 5 Well, here goes! Report cards at 10:00. School closes. My P , . T "Roc "si er than The ollo In vertisers for rousTFonTr' uting full d : , Q' JN XfQ, ST QM AM N M fm 4915! ,PU KIM R -C O O ION If V I T,,4 ,PMAPATHQN CQRPORATION X WU My 1 "P fig? P P H TEP-,Pi K P RIEENAH PAPER COMPANY WW! A fb A 15 , X 4 ' ' W P 73? C ' Q , XX Aff' ylgga X3 3 P ' z 84 j Z X 4 ZZ?-,ffzfl Half page ads were generously contributed To The "Rocket" by the following advertisers: ATLAS TAG COMPANY N 'x N' X N RoERIvI'S MARKET OF-is gr KW Q CENTRAL PAPER COMPANY A PADNER STUDIO A I I S GILBERT PAPER COMPANY N X? I E ISLAND OLDSMOBILE ' S .S ly A f QQ I lk IERSILD KNITTING COMPANY Q N L S NEENAII BRASS WORKS xl xl g I QP-Y IT' NORTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY I l? I 'Qi ll, I, . NSS S A PR I SQ, 3 NX IoRN STRANGE PAPER COMPANY ,. YS 'x A l NQX' .. 'Q' Q A S, F KN 'A Xl SS SUTTER CAMERA COMPANY ,NW Q- Fx. A Y xt Sb X Nl Al I 85 To Hnancialnly support The "RockeT" The ads: I ' A. H. ANGERMEYER I CHUDACOFF'S GROCERY - ,, HAASE, KLINKE, and RHOADES HEWITT MACHINE COMPANY, INC. THE JANDREY COMPANY JOHN'S FOOD MART JERROLD'S foIIowing contgributed one-fourth page MUELLER'S ICE CREAM NEENAH MILK PRODUCTS COMPANY RED OWL SUPER MARKET THIEDE GOOD CLOTHES - APPLETON E. FLWIECKERT LUMBER COMPANY F. W. WOOLWORTHXQMH1 K... mx: 'A I :I 'MATT Li Q.. I l H., I V . EY.. The following helped To make the "Rocket" possible by contributing one-sixth page ads: ATLAS OFFICE AND scHooL SUPPLIES ' Biocics SERVICE STATION 'I DRAHEIM'S SPORTING Gooos HAERTL'S JEWELRY STORE I HOPFENSPERGER BROTHERS ISLAND MEAT MARKET A ' KRAEMER'S GREENHousE WM. KRUEGER COMPANY LARSON AND SCHRIEITERIFURNITURE COMPANY MECARTT-iY's JEWELRY STORE LAVELLE MOTOR SALES... - 86 MENASHA WOODEN WARE CORPORATION MEYER'S FLOOR COVERING COMPANY MORTON'S DRUG STORE NEENAH HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. POND SPORT SHOP - APPLETON RA1SLER'S HOME EQUIPMENT STORE TUCHSCHERER'S TWIN CITY CLEANERS, INC. TWIN CITY NEWS RECORD THE VALLEY INN WOECKNER'S JEWELRY SHOP Il f fflk -1 .rf NM, ,'x , 'I' My. - .11 X , A ' ' Il J . . N . N , Y v I... 1 For the financial support of the . the following: AL LAFLIN'S SUPER SERVICE A 8: P SUPERMARKET BARNETT PHARMACY COMFORT BEAUTY SHOP CO-OP FOOD STORE 8. FILLING STATION ELWERS DRUG STORE HAMMEN'S FOOD MARKET " HOME FUEL AND SUPPLY LAKEROAD LANES JOSTEN'S - OWATONNA, MINNESOTA LORRAINE'S BEAUTY SHOP "Rocket", contributions were re iv d MEYERS BOOTERIE NEENAH SMART SHOP NIXON FUEL COMPANY PANTTON'S APPAREL SHOP SAWYER PAPER COMPANY SCHULTZ BROTHERS COMPANY STEFFEN'S GROCERY SUNLITE DAIRY TIPLER'S SPORTING GOODS TEWS DRESS SHOP TWIN CITY MONUMENT WORKS .0 Oar, Wgilfffl 52" f' W' I if Ji wiki WI Jfnm V IJ' 7' P61 .ww fl ,,j,Alf7fij4flff'fJ9 f fy! lf, Q I f 177 X fl J- Af' I 'VJ ,tifyj l fffwfflzl, - A j lg fv 4 it'S U inf!! If ,ll MII fi fx J ,X ,LL J jf kj "Llp ' ,, N f 1 'T jjj, H91 XJ!! if LIL " ' 'wx L til' CJ. fldiilf lf X3 ,W 24 ff ' N iz J W!! ,xlll 'Xxx' 4, J! If F51 I I' 55 of I xl' I 87 uf J W l . Au1osnArHs In 3' "xy ' ' ,I , ly V o A 1. 4 ,, ' 1 gf: K -,vjfgw , ' 5' fCdvze,. ,dz ,awp I 4' Z.: W I , 7 f217'22WQf6 ' QL-14.646 Vdauvrufcgiouy 960 MMM, lc 046.54 , f 72-Zia JA g 7 , 4, Z , Z ,R Y 5: 4 '.. Zigi-Qgb W lee ' QLWLQQMJM64-A ' 42 ff ,, wfwW +W9W'f ., zlwwfw M' Wm 5359 W M QW as 1 -UVTAQ4 B WJ if 9R34-f .L s DJ-if Jdxfq-,Vx ff Carb bww 1 SQ-biff . fn fAI:,f"'fK gt-QA-git. ull 'krm , MMM ,E Xkwwhulwfgggggmkug' OQJQQ , x-QMQQSC 'XNN-5 U' .s fQ-w...'Qs'L-R fa MWKM QAWEM-52 Gkxghfgkx 'adv'-9-SL QCSL1'MH"N NQDYYXQ-9.Q,9., xmkzil X . 'WQJAWQWJ Cwqbjsfxzgjx S9qJW'QL .ww M ,mp H N' 'fn 3 1 , , I 'Uv ,, 'J INN, 'L ,xh u 2,2 f,.fj, 5 ' . ' ' V "IVY dgfwhii ,ff WW ' I A f '5fgfffwfQ1 0' ifv'fZ3fMwWf M , jyffnafgfiwv Uppvil Atv M 54 My QM jf fig Q5 . l q A ,.Q 7 HM10f'y.QbfV- fy 562' yr? iii W vM M H i is WSLfiff X we ff ff ,Ny Q25 lfqj, ' LL VEDoigLiEl ,'-W- Q. L, 5517 p a. N 1-f 5557 B5 E film ASQ Q' bvj, Wm, M ,ff :inf due, JW Q 'K , I 'f AQ?-W1 MW!!! W ffflz. ff? if 4 f 741437, Cum-,J as I! L A N, 5 C " H - f A Q WMM 4. ' wvwwffgxwyg, MMM MJwbf5 i,,,J " wwf W1 M frat, f f , 'X jigw A MW ' ' x,Q525qlffiQ?'2f5 Lf LIE MJ - MM ,.f5,f-Q gl QP L?Z'5ff" 5ixkV'L9 If mfiff Af ,A ky Xa Y 3-fa

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