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'f ',,f,:L . XX X .fl- ' K 'V . Nr V - . J f x ,ET-.fff1VfXf. ge 'JI- "' W. Vg. - , a, - . .w... V, V, X,, , 1- XV. EV ':. - Tx --,n , ,ff-.I , ,il . TIIE ISS! RIIIIKET NEENAH HIGH SCHOOL NEENAH WISCONSIN - F O01-an f 1 TH I4 X fee gV' 0' 6' Sc 'Im 'IQ- Q, oo' Ho Jw O I 4g ol, N 'Ps J.-5 Q Q Q 'Ya fax hr,Q-TA 6. 4, Q-?1-ac? lu ' '0 A 9 g 1,10 ,av . ' 5035 'Isp 'SEL o ew xqyvf loeklgl, A 'vGQA L", fr" F 0 4 Qglb-T echo If No 9 v S Gx'4"T r' 1 Q, N5 9.7: ef CQ 5Q MN" ' Cover I3CS"fyn by Kuff Haan- Til, Wi' - 4 My A Foreword As you glance through the pages of this 1951 "Rocket,,' may you be pleasantly reminded of the many happy days you have spent at Neenah High School. is,-ww MNSNM.. Mw.,g . W, 2 ' , ,isa at 1 er . ' 5 biipf rv- YY'-4 . Q 12" Mn. OLE IORGENSEN Dedication This year Coach Ole Jorgensen is observing his twenty-fifth year as a teacher in Neenah High School. During this timc, our athletic program, under his direction, has grown steadily and has indeed proved very successful. Ever since he began teaching in his home town of Neenah, Coach Iorgensen has placed an emphasis on good sportsmanship and fair play, both determining factors in everyonels life. He has made Neenalfs teams, basketball, football, and track, teams of which we can be proud, this especially being true of basketball, always the sport in which Neenah has excelled. In 1930, Neenah won the state basketball championship. Ten times Neenah has won or tied for first place in the Northeastern Confer- ence. These are only a few examples which prove the success of our athletic program. To show our appreciation to him and to prove we are and have been his loyal supporters during his quarter century of teaching, we, the students of Neenah High School, dedicate to Coach Ole jorgensen this 1951 i'Rocket.', 3 Table of Contents SECTION SECTION SECTION SECTION SECTION SECTION ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATION ADVERTISING 4 Q' 0 6 ' 5 sv, ,luring 50 'mp lp -., lb ' X - -f -Q , . Z N-USG x 45 Q g 0 0 ! I lM WJ FW- - H. Eixnfl. wl , wr' 12+ F F l'l l Q - 6 WJ, 5 I f 5 Q A4 N X Q! Qv H xml IN MEMORIAM MR. RIERLIN L. RIDGEXVAY June 29, 1950, marked the passing of a loyal friend of Neenah High School and a faith- ful member of the Board of Education. Mr. Merlin L. Ridgeway came to Neenah in 1937 from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to join the staff of the Equitable Reserve Association. A year later he became assistant secretary, and in another year took over the actuarial duties. In April of 1943, Mr. Ridgeway be- came secretary, the position he held until his untimely death. On july 1, 1950, he would have become vice-president, an office to which he had been elected twenty days pre- viously. Mr. Ridgeway, born at Plymouth, Iowa, November 4, 1894, a graduate of Coe College, served in the United States Army in France during VVorld War I. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Neenah Ro- tary Club, a Thirty-Second Degree Mason, and a member of the Board of Education for six years. Although Mr. Ridgeway was not well known to some Neenah High School students, his influence was felt through his work on the Board of Education, and his loss to the com- munity has been greatly felt by all who knew him. Board of Education MR. MOLZOVV, MR. EPPS, DR. QUADE, MR. SUND, President MR. IIRUBECKY, MR. IIOCIIIIOLZER, M. MORTENSEN Administration 2 is MR. HAROLD B. MENNES Superintendent of Schools MR. BoncEN, Mn. CHRISTOPH, As in the past, Neenah High School has en- joyed the untiring efforts of an able and hard-Working administration. The responsibility of supervising Neenahis entire educational program from the grades through high school falls on the school board and Mr. Mennes, our Superintendent of Schools, who also acts as executive officer of the board. Mr. Borgen, Principal, directs and advises both students and teachers, decides upon general school policies, and advises the Stu- dent Council. This year, he also served as an executive member of the State Secondary School Principals' Association. Checking the attendance of the boys, direct- Miss CRIFFITHS, MR. STONE ing the parking of bikes and cars, and super- vising the hall monitors are the duties of our Dean of Boys, Mr. Christoph. Miss Griffiths has given Neenah High School cause to boast of a distinguished faculty, for she received an invitation to the President's White House Conference on welfare which was held in Washington, D. C., in December, Miss Griffiths has shown through her work as Dean of Girlsi, through her counseling, and as advisor to the Girls' Senate that this dis- tinction is well-deserved. Mr. Stone, a newcomer this year, has capably performed his duties as Guidance Director, advisor to the Psychometry Club, and as freshman football coach. 'v. im li f LILA ANDREVV KENNETH BEGER JOSEPH BRAUN B. S. University of Illinois B. E. Milwaukee State Teachers B. E. River Falls State Teachers M. S. University of VVisconsin College College Shorthand Ig Typing Ig Advisor to M- A' Lawrence CUHQSC General Mathematicsg General Cub Civicsg VVorld Historyg Advisor to Scienceg Assistant Football Coachg Senior Class Baseball Coachg Advisor to junior Classg Assistant Noon-Hour Ac- tivities Fm EDITH BROETZMAN DOROTHY BURGDORFF EDITH CUMMING B, S. Eau Claire State Teachers B. E. Whitewater State Teachers B. S. WVhitewater State Teachers College College College English Ig English IIg Core-Cur- Shorthand Ilg Typing IIg Office M' A' Northwestern University riculumg Director of Spring Playg Advisor to Forensics qt?" s WILLIAM DUNVVIDDIE B. A. University of Wisconsin M. A. Ohio State University Social Problemsg Track Coach, De- bate Coachg Advisor to Pep Club General Businessg Typing Ig Typ- ing II Practiceg Cafeteria Finances . ..y. . 1 Vi. Qlh, . . ..: :,. . ARMIN GERHARDT KATHRYN GULLIKSON B. S. Stout Institute B.S. Central State Teachers Industrial Artsg Conservation Club College Advisorg Stage Production Home Economics, Advisor to Home Economics Clubg Cafeteria 3 Personnelg junior Counseling JOHN GUNDLACII B. S. University of Wisconsin M. S. University of VViseonsin Biologyg Advisor to Biology Clulug Projection Cluhg Director of Au- dio-Visual Aids EDNA MAE HARRIS B. A. University of WVisconsin English Ig English IIIg Advisor of Forensicsg .Assistant Senior Class Advisor HELEN HUGHES B. S. University of Minnesota Ph. M. University of NVisconsin NVorld Ilistoryg Advisor of Extern- poraneous Speakingg Assistant Dc- bate Coach VERONICA IANECEK B. S. La Crosse State Teachers College Physical Educationg Advisor to Girls' Athletic Associationg Cheer- leadingg Girls' Tennis Team. lg OLE IORGENSEN B. E. La Crosse State Teachers College Physical Educationg Athletic Di- rectorg Intramural Dlrectorg Coach of Basketball and Track FANNYBELLE KISER B. A. DePauw University M. A. University of VVisconsin Latin I and II5 Spanish I and IIQ Advisor to Latin and Spanish Clubs LENNARD KRAUSE B. A. Northland College M. S, University of Wisconsin General Seienceg Cheinistryg Phys- icsg Advisor to Science Hobbies Clubg Honor Society Advisor HARVEY LEAMAN B. E. Oshkosh State Teachers College Ph. M. Lawrence College Civicsg American Historyg Advisor of School Electionsg Freshman Counseling LESTER MAIS B. A. Lawrence College Band ANN Mc NEILL B. A. University of VVisconsin B. L. S. University of VVisconsin Libraryg Advisor to Library Clubg Senior Counsclingg Assistant Iunior Class Advisor LA NORA MEYER B. E. Oshkosh State Teachers College M. A. Northwestern University English IIIg Remedial Readingg Rocket Editorial Advisor, junior and Senior Counseling MRS. HELEN POWERS HELENE PETERSON B. A. Pe Pauvv University B. E. University of Minnesota M. A. University of Wisconsin English II and IV. Advisor to Specchg English Ilg English IIIg Rocket Echoesg Forensics Chairman of Forensics, Director of Fall Play, Senior 'Counseling : . if 5 , 'v-if t - I " .f f .311 - AL POELLINGER B. S. Stout Institute KENNETH POULTON B. E. Northern Illinois State Printingg Draftingg General Shopg Teachers College School Printing Productiong Fi- Ph- M- UHiVCTSifY Of WiSC0USiU nancial and Printing Advisor to Geographyg Special Education Cub 1 0 A ARTHUR PAFF B. S. University of Wisconsin Physical Educationg Head Foot- ball Coachg Freshman Basketball Coachg Assistant in Track KENNETH PETERSON B. E. Whitewater State Teachers College Business Administrationg Business Lawg General Businessg Bookkeep- ingg Business Mathematicsg Treas- urer of School Activities Fund 51" LELA RAINE Ph. B. University of Wisconsin M. S. University of Wisconsin Algebrag General Mathematics Sophomore Counseling hu- X . CHARLES SHEPARD B. A. Ripon College RUTH ROPER B. M. Lawrence College M. M. Northwestern University Geometryg Solid Geometrys T1-ig- onometryg Advanced Algebrag As- sistant Football Coach, Advisor to Rocket Vocal Music F . A iv- w S if ' Wtfw EDWIN W. ZENISEK B. E. Oshkosh State Teachers Ph. M. University of Wisconsin College IVAN WILLIAMS Ph. B. University of Wisconsin American Historyg Tennis Couchg Industrial Arts Assistant Basketball Coach PHYLLIS STROCHAN B. S. University of Wisconsin Art I if Y 5 I1 wi A fwg F, 1 nf Q 15 Sf Mami- J' -:-- x - . ,M 'S Q Q ' ' f, '2- 5 i N fGW :f S'," d -If: A 4 f , 9' 'fx' .J L5 3 .1-If S ' if . . , 1 1 Q1 wg X yswg " si A Y Q Fw! L Q' ,K 1 4 6 ME as s g? 5 F y E 3, W gig , 3 71,15 f ix b w! H 1 R Nl 4 ,S gi Wg? Qs? 2? E F Q 'R s f 1 if 4 ' si + A N , , 1 if N i W g , , , . . X ' ff-ww- - M. ,"'V"., . 'N . I ' .J K 1 :,. i.-., X 2 1 3 5 4 jaw, If 4 ' V is w . - 42' NYM' 1 V' k 3' X g F 1' T s 2 V Q K S if 59 as 5 ' 5 , , Q! ,-S . QV mb X, ,A , fi E. 51 fi? S5 'E Q fi'-:E -E 1 , .'Ey,, ' I - :lf. fa:." " rg aw 'Q i Seniors For several years, Neenah High Schooi was gifted with extremely large classes, but in 1948 the class of "51,' arrived, very small in number. XVe made up in ,other Ways what We lacked in number. After the first shock, the Cub Mixer, we really got into the swing of things. To get started, we elected john Cundlach, president, james Shannon, vice-president, Mary Os- borne, secretary, and Carol Berens, treasurer. With these competent officers to lead us, we had a successful first year. We joined the various clubs, the boys went out for sports, and the girls cheered them on. In October, the freshman girls gave a tea for their mothers. It was the first of its kind and started a successful practice. By Christ- mas, we were ready for a vacation to forget our school work and have fun. After Christ- mas, we all enjoyed the CAA "Hawaiian Hol- idayv dance with Tony Winters, orchestra. In April, we had a freshman party. Music was provided by "ray-cordingf, It really pro- vided a good time for everyone who attended. Many members of our class participated in the annual band tournament in Sheboygan in May where they made a good showing as usual. In june we waded through our first final exams, all the while looking forward to a three months' vacation. We were no longer "greenhorns" and would be back the next year to gain the prestige we would need as upperclassmen. In fall, we returned to school to resume the activities started during our ,freshman year. . t QL' r Q, ggi gx ight ix ilgim . 'HI Class Officers Robert Schmidt, President, Melvin Blank, Vice Presideni Melba Steen, Secretary, and Georgian Kopvlas Treasui We started by electing some efficient lead- ers who were William Gresenz, president, Dean Wistoff, vice-president, Mary jean Rut- ter, secretaryg and Charleen Brandt, treasurer. We chose wisely and started out for a good year. That year we began to become more active in the various clubs in school. The boys took over the B-squads in sports while the girls gave their loyal support. After basketball games that year, TABS began sponsoring dances at the 'Reef' These proved very en- joyable and became the meeting place after games. The sophomore girls held a tea for their mothers in December. Some of the girls en- tertained by singing or playing musical in- struments with Christmas music being fea- tured on the program. In April, we held an all-school dance the theme of which was "April Showers." The gym was transformed to an April day. Every- one had a good time and went home think- ing of April showers and May flowers. Mr. Kenneth Beger, Class Advisor Awards Day brought the end of school and an- other vacation. When we left school for our sum- mer vacation, we had begun to show signs of so- phistication. In September we returned to school with the air of sophistication that marked us as upper class- men. We were ready to take our places as leaders in school. When the election returns were counted, we found Richard Kresse as our president, Ronald Lange, vice-president, Shirley Mickelson, secretary, and Donna Bastar, treasurer. VVe looked ahead to an active year when we chose these leaders. To start the season, many of our boys played on the varsity football team. The girls again gave their loyal support by cheering and playing in the band. We were very active in the clubs in school and had some juniors in important oflices. In Oc- tober we ordered our class rings. A good choice was made by the ring committee and everyone was happy. Several junior boys, john Gundlach, Deon Wis- toff, and john Gieger, played regularly on the var- sity basketball team, where they made a good showing. Early in the year we started work on the prom. The committees worked hard and had everything underway early in Ianuary. The theme was a "Mariner's Dream." It pictured an underwater scene with a ceiling of waves. When the day final- ly came, May 6, we danced to the dreamy music of Tom Templeis orchestra. It was really a suc- cess, and everyone had a good time. James Levan- dowski and Olive Salmeen made a charming prom king and queen. Our Iunior class president, Rich- ard Kresse, and his partner, Marjorie Tulis, were the attendants. Awards day came and the end of the school year with it. We saw many juniors go forward to re- ceive honors scholastically and athletically. VVe left school thinking of our vacation and returning in the fall as Seniors for our final year. Considering the importance of the occasion, we elected good leaders for our final year at Neenah High School. Robert Schmidt was elected presi- dent after a vigorous campaign. His running mate, Melvin Blank, was made vice-president. Our sec- retary and treasurer were Georgian Kopvlas and Melba Steen respectively. Our football team, led by Seniors, tied our Blue- jay rivals to end their season happily. Many other Seniors were taking an active part organizing the various clubs in which they took an active lead. Christmas vacation brought fun for all. There were many dances and also some basketball games where our team proved its high caliber. Shortly after Christmas vacation, the G.A.A. held its annual dance. It upheld the tradition of fine C-.A.A. dances. In February, the band gave its winter concert. For many Seniors in the band, it was their final concert showing. A Girls' Senate dance was also held early in F erbuary. Early in March, Senior Career Day was held. This gave many Seniors the inside view on what was coming after graduation. Later in March, the Sen- ior girls had a banquet for their mothers. The next big event of the year was the prom. We danced to the music of jimmy James' Orchestra in the gym decorated to the theme of "Blue Moon." King Bob Schmidt and Queen Larena Behm led the grand march. On May 24, the annual Senior Banquet was held. It was held at the Valley Inn. A few days later many Seniors went forward to receive honors for the last time at Neenah High School. This was for Awards Day. Those much dreaded Senior exams came on May 31 and June 1. The end of school was at last in sight. Baccalaureate was June 3 and graduation was Iune 6. We left school thinking about the many things we did and the things we would remember the rest of our lives. Neenah High School will not long remember us, but we will long remember Neenah High School. sw - ev f, if 4 ee I .Mu 'T 'I Y? ke Q . 32, f I U r A we Q 1 K-Sim. ' Fa n !in-.. SI' si ,em MARY ABENDROTH Band I, 2, 3, Commencement Committee 4, Conserva tion Club I, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2, Pep Band I, 2, 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4 Psychometry Club I, 2, Rocket Staff I, 2, 3, 4, Rocke Echoes 4, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Rotary Luncheon 2. DIANNE ANDERSON "Andy' Biology Club 4, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I 2, Hall Monitors 3, Home Economics Club 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, Rocket Staff 2. WAYNE ANGERMEYER "Spike' Basketball I, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectiol Club 4, Science Hobbies 4, Tennis I. FRANKLIN ARNDT "Frank' Football I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. RALPH BARFELL "RaIpho' Conservation Club 4, Projection Club I, 2, 3, 4 Science Hobbies 4. DONNA BASTAR Band I, Maiorette 2, 3, Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4, Con servation Club I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls Senate I, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4 Rocket Staff 3, 4, Treasurer of Junior Class Hal Monitors 3, Commencement Committee 4. DENVER BEHM "Denny' Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 LARENA BEHM Biology Club 2, 3, Commencement Committee 4 Conservation Club 3, 4, Cub Staff 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3 4, Girls' Senate 3, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3 Rocket Echoes 4, CAROL BERENS Biology Club 3, Commencement Committee 4, Con servation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4 Psychometry Club I, 2, 3, Rocket Staff 4, Rocke Echoes 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Thespians 3, 4, Treas urer of Freshman Class. LESTER BEYER "les' Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 2 Cub Staff 4, Science Hobbies 3, Vice-President 4 EMII. BIGALKE ".lunior' Football I, Intramurals I, 4. CARITA BLANK Biology Club 3, Commencement Committee 4, Con servation Club I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hal Monitors 3, 4, Library Club I, 2, 3, Class Presiden 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Staff 3, 4, Tennis I, 2 3, 4, Rotary Luncheon 3. LOTUS BLANK "l.ottie' Biology Club 3, Cheerleaders I, 2, Captain 3, 4 Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club I 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 2, 3, 4, Forensics I, 4, G.A.A. I, 2 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Library Club I, 2, 3, Pep CIUI: 2, 3, 4, Rocket Staff I, 2, 3, Co-Editor 4, Studen Council I, Badger Girls' State 3, Rotary Luncheon I MELVIN BLANK "Mel' Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3 Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 4 Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Cluk 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President of the Senior Class RICHARD E. BLANK "ltch' Basketball I, 2, 3, Conservation Club I, Intramural' I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, N. Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Foot ball I, 2, 3, 4. I8 I HARD N. BLANK "Bernie" lasketball 'l, 2, 3, Conservation Club I, 2, Intra- nurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Foot- iall I. ANNE BOEHM "Jo" Ionservation Club 2, Cub Staff 4, G.A,A. I, 2, Girls' Ihoir 2, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Home Economics Club 2, l, 4, Mixed Choir 3, Rocket Staff 4. .VIN BORK "Mel" Iommencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 4, ntramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 2, 3, President 4. ARLEEN BRANDT ,iology Club 3, Commencement Committee 4, Con- ervation Club 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sirls' Senate 4, Hall Monitors 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, locket Staff 2, 3, Co-Editor 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 'reasurer of Sophomore Class, Rotary Luncheon I. KE BRAUN ,iology Club 2, 3, Commencement Committee 4, Ionservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 2, 3, 4, 3.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Senate I, Mixed Choir 2, 3, 'ep Club I, 2, 3, Rocket Stafl 4, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. INNETTE BREAKER "Net" Ionservation Club 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors l, 4, Library Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Pep Club l, Rocket Echoes 4. EDRICK BREITENBACH "Fritz" land I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3, 4, Commencement Iommittee 4, Conservation Club 3, Football I, 2, 3, 'lall Monitors 3, 4, Intramurals 4, Pep Band 4, Pep :lub 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. ROLYN BROOKS "Carrie Lyn" BY BUTTERFIELD Iommencement Committee 4, Entered as a Senior rom Weyauwega High School, Weyauwega, Wis- :onsin. 'NNA CARLSON "Snookie" land l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Commencement :ommittee 4, Conservation Club I, G.A.A. I, 2, 'lome Economics Club 4, Latin Club 4, Pep Band 2, I, Rotary Luncheon 3. JIIENCE CHRISTIAN "Flossie" liology Club 2, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, Z, 3, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Psychometry Club 4. TRICIA CLARK "Pat" Biology Club I, 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club 'l, 2, 3, 4, Forensics 4, Girls' Senate 4, President 4, Pep Club I, Z, 3. ZEN CLOUGH "Haze" iootball I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. 'NALD COWLING "Don" Iommencement Committee 4, Debate 2, President 3, I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Science -lobbies, Secretary 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Rotary Lunch- eon I, Rotary Essay 3. PNNA CRAWFORD Ioin Club I, Conservation Club 3, 4, Cub Staff I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Ushers 4. I ,ff it ii if 34? I Q In 3, ,S X X ,K A JM 3 g New 6 S .sr Us 5 Fi x is is i Q l I , ,2q, , P5 Xl , ,I lltb f ix. ' .R 'r.'::'- f , qi- .3 'gzillaiyiiii 'fees 20 DORIS DIETZ "Stuffy' Home Economics Club 4, Proiection Club I. ROBERT DORN "Bob' Basketball I, Biology Club 4, Conservation Club I 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Ushers 2 DARRELL EAKE "Stan" Baseball 4, Football I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD FAULKS "Eddie" Basketball I, Commencement Committee 4, Conser- vation Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, "N" Club 3, Rotary Lunch- eon 3. G.A.A. I, 2, Girls' Choir I, Latin Club 2, 3, Mixed Choir 2, Pep Club I, 2, Rocket Staff 3, Thespians 2, 3, 4. JOHN GAUGER "Jack" Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4. GARY GEHRMAN Conservation Club I, 2, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Ushers I. JOHN GEIGER "Ernie" Basketball I, 2, 3, Biology Club I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, Tennis I, Track I, 2, 3, "N" Club I, Student Council 2, 3. FREDERICK GERHARDT "Joey" Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, Captain 4, "N" Club 3, Student Council President 4, Rotary Lunch- eon 3. MARJORIE GIESE "Margie" Commencement Committee 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Hall Monitors 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Ushers 4. BETTY GREEN Conservation Club 2, G.A.A. I, 2, Girls' Choir I, 2, Hall Monitors 4, Home Economics Club 4, Mixed Choir 3, Secretary. WILLIAM GRESENZ "Bill" Basketball I, 2, Biology Club 3, Commencement Committee 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, Rocket Staff 4, Science Hobbies 3, President 4, Stamp Club I, 2, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, "N" Club 3, Badger Boys' State 3, Rotary Luncheon I, Rotary Essay 3. CAROLYN GULLICKSON "Carol" Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Rocket Staff 2. JOHN GUNDLACH "Buck" Band I, 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Captain 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, "N" Club 3, President of Freshman Class, Badger Boys' State 3, Rotary Lunch- eon I, Student Council, Vice-'President 2. KURT HAGEN "O. E." Commencement Committee 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, President 4, Rocket Staff 4, Track I, 2, 3, Rotary Luncheon 4. I 1 KATHERINE FRAZEE "Katie" Conservation Club I 2, Debate I, Forensics 2, 3, 4, NYNE HALVERSON Sand 1, 2, Commencement Committee 4, Conserva- ion Club 2, Forensics 3, Intramurals I, Latin Club 3. LAN HARDING Biology Club 4, Commencement Committee 4, Con- servation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,.Mixed Choir 4, Rocket Staff 4, Stamp Club 1, Ushers 1, 2. mem HARTZHEIM "Bubbles" G.A.A. 1, 2, cms' choir 1, 2. :JLA Heiosn '-role" Conservation Club 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Home Economics :lub 4, President 4, Mixed Choir 2, 3, Assistant Director Proiection Club 2, 3, 4. DREY HENSEN "Short-stuff" Hall Monitors 4, Entered as a Junior from Appleton High School, Appleton, Wisconsin. PWARD HINTERTHUER "Howie" Sand 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Rotary Luncheon 2, Student Council 3. EEN HOEPER "Lee" Cheerleader' 2, 3, 4, Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Choir 1, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Home Economics Club 1, Secretary, Latin Club 2, 3, Library Club 3, 4, Mixed Choir 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Staff 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Student Council 4. HN HOFFMANN "Jack" Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Track l. RLTON HOPPE "Hop" Basketball Manager 1, Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 2. RNON JANKOWSKI "Bones" Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, Stu- :lent Council 4. .ROLD JASPERSON "Charlie" Intramurals 2, 3, 4. iTER JOHNSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Proiection Club 1, 2, 3, Stamp Club 1, 2, 3. IRION JOHNSON Conservation Club 1, 2, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Home Economics Club, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Ushers 4. .THLEEN JONES "Kathy" Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Cub Staff 2, 3, 4, Forensics 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Library Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Proiection Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Ushers 4. :HARD JULIUS "Itchy" 5, - Ni W as iQ'l"'f fe? I .nw .. bm 9:5333 W' if PEARL JUNGENBERG Band l, 27 Home Economics 47 Student Council 4. DARLENE KELLETT Conservation Club 27 G.A.A. l, 27 Girls' Choir 1, 27 Mixed Choir 37 Psychometry Club 4. JUNE KEMP "January" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 47 Commencement Committee 47 Cub Staff 47 G.A.A. I, 27 Hall Monitors 3, 47 Home Economics 47 Pep Band 3, 4. DONALD KEMPS "Don" Basketball 17 Conservation Club l, 2, 3, 47 Football I7 Hall Monitors 47 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 47 Mixed Choir 37 Pep Club 47 Ushers 'l. MARJORIE KEMPS "Margie" Conservation Club l, 2, 37 G.A.A. I, 2, 37 Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 47 Rocket Echoes 4. - CARMEN KENT "lrma" Band l, 2, 37 Biology Club I, 27 Conservation Club 2, gf G.A.A. 'l, 2, 37 Hall Monitors 47 Pep Band I, 2, 37 Pep Club 2, 3. GORGIEAN KOPVLAS "Georgie" Band I, 2. 3, 4i Biology Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice-President 47 Commencement Committee 47 Conservation Club I7 Cub Staff I, 2, 3, 47 Forensics 27 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Senate 27 Pep Band 'l, 2, 3, 47 Rocket Staff 3, 47 Rocket Echoes 47 Spanish Club 37 Stamp Club 27 Treasurer of Senior Class. GLEN KOROTEV "Skip" Band l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball I7 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 37 Pep Club 4. RICHARD KRESSE "Dick" Band I, 27 Basketball I7 Biology Club 2, 3, 47 Con- servation Club I, 2, 3, 47 Football I, 2, 3, 47 Hall Monitors 47 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 President of Junior Class. SHIRLEY KRUSE Conservation Club I, 47 G.A.A. 'I, 2, 37 Pep Club I7 Rocket Staff 37 Science Hobbies 3. RONALD KUCHENBECKER "Kuckie" Commencement Committee 47 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, President 47 Football I, 2, 3, 47 Hall Monitors 47 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 3, 47 "N" Club 37 Student Council 2, Vice-President 4. MURIAL KUEHNL "Kanellie" Biology Club 47 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 47 Foot- ball 27 Hall Monitors 47 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA KUETHER "Barb" Barrd l, 2, 37 Biology Club 47 Commencement 47 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Senate 47 Library Club 27 Psychometry Club 47 Rocket Staff 27 Spanish Club 47 Rotary Luncheon I. LAVILA KUETHER "Vi" Band 'l, 2, 37 Conservation Club 47 G.A.A. I, 2j Home Economics Club 47 Mixed Choir 4. BEVERLY LABEDA "Bev" Biology Club I7 Coin Club 2i Commencement Com- mittee 4j Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 47 G.A.A. I, 2, 37 Girls' Senate 27 Hall Monitors 3, 47 Pep Club I, 2, 4. YL FAYE LAFLIN :nd I, 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 4, Forensics I, 3, 4, G.A.A. , 2, 3, Pep Band I, 2, 3, Rocket Staff 4, Rocket :hoes 4, Thespians I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4. QUELENE LANDERS "Jacque" iology Club 3, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. , 2, 3, 4, Girls' Choir I, Secretary 2, Hall Monitors , 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, 4, Vice-President ,Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Staff 3, Tennis I, 2, 3, ,Mixed Choir 3. 'IALD LANGE "Skipper" iology Club 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club I, 2, 4, resident 3, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, 'utramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Pep Band 2, 3, ep Club 3, Tennis 3, Track I, 2, 3, "N" Club 3, otary Luncheon 3. ITON LEE "Mert' and I, 2, Cub Staff 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. BERT LEMKE "Bob' -and I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 'ep Club 3. NNA MAHONEY "Irish" Liology Club I, G.A.A. I, 2, 3. ZABETH MARTIN "Betty" land I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2, Girls' Choir 3, 4, Treasurer 3. RY MASSEY ROL MEARTZ land I, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Committee 4, Cub itatf 2, 3, Co-Editor 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Point Secretary I, 4, Girls' Senate, Secretary 3, Latin Club 3, 4, .ibrary Club 3, Pep Band 3, 4, Thespians I, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Student Council I, Rotary Luncheon I. NIEL MEYER "Dan" Sand I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band I. IRLEY MICKELSON Biology Club 3, Conservation Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Psychometry Club 4, Rocket Staff 3, 4. RBARA MILLER "Barb" Psychometry Club 4, Entered as a Junior from Hor- tonville High School, Hortonville, Wisconsin LEN MILLER "Stub" Girls' Choir I, 2, 3, Library Club 4, Mixed Choir 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Spanish Club 4, Stamp Club I. CQUELINE MILLER "Jackie" Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club I, 2, Cub Staff, Business Manager 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Girls' Choir, Secretary I, Assistant Director I, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Mixed Choir, Assistant Director 4, Spanish Club 4, Rotary Luncheon 2. ERRILL MILLER "Buster" FootbaII'I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4. 'fi ,f ,Gu-I 1 23 I " 1 24 ALFRED MILLS "Al" Biology Club 2, 3, President 45 Commencement Com- mittee 45 Conservation Club I5 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club I, 25 Proiection Club I5 Science Hobbies 3, 45 Student Council 45 Ushers I5 Rotary Luncheon I. LOIS MORGAN "Loie" Biology Club, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Commencement Committee 45 Cub Staff 3, 45 Forensics 35 G.A.A. 25 Girls' Senate 35 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Mixed Choir 25 Rocket Staff 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Thespians 3, 45 Student Council, Secretary 45 Ameri- can Legion Essay 35 Rotary Essay, Honorable Menn tion 35 Entered as a Sophomore from Wh5efish Bay High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ALICE MUELLER Biology Club 2, 3, 45 Cheerleaders 3, 45 Commence- ment Committee 45 Conservation Club 2, 3, 45 Foren- sics 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Hall Monitors 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3. PATRICK MURPHY "Henry" Basketball I5 Commencement Committee 45 Football I5 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 45 Rocket Staff 45 Track I5 Student Council 4. SARAH MUTTART "Sadie" Coin Club 2, Commencement Committee 45 Conser- vation Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Senate 2, Hall Monitors 45 Pep Club 2. DUANE NELSON "Buzz" Conservation Club 2, 3, 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. NANCY NIELSEN "Nan" Biology Club I, 2, 35 Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 45 Cub Staff I5 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Pep Club 3. JAMES O'CONNER "Jim" Cub Staff 4. WILLIAM OLSON "Ole" Basketball I5 Commencement Committee 45 Conser- vation Club 45 Football 25 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 45 Band I, 2, 3, 4. LEROY O'NEIL "Junior" Basketball 2, 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 45 Hall Monitors 45 Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 45 Science Hobbies 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Thespians I, 2, 3, 45 Track I5 Rotary Luncheon I. MARY OSBORNE "Ozzie" Band I, 2, 35 Biology Club 45 Commencement Com- mittee 45 Conservation Club I, 2, 35 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Senate 35 Hall Monitors 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Rocket Staff 2, 3, Business Manager 45 Secretary of Freshmen Class5 Rotary Luncheon 2. KATHLEEN PARKER "Kay" Band I, 25 G.A.A. Girls' Senate I5 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 35 Psychometry Club 4. ELDOR PEAPENBURG "Peat" Conservation Club 35 Hall Monitors 2, 3, 45 Intro- murals I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Rotary luncheon I. ELEANOR PETERSON "Pete" Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club I, 3. MARIE PETERSON "Irish" G.A.A. I, 25 Psychometry Club 4. CAROL PORATH Commencement Committee 4, G.A.A. I, 3, Treasurer 2, Secretary 4, Girls' Senate 2, Hall Monitor 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Psychometry Club 2, Rocket Staff 3, 4, Rocket Echoes, Co-Editor 4, Tennis I, 2, 3. CORLISS PRINDLE "Corky" Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club I, 2, Forensics I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Proiection Club I, 2, 3, 4, Science Hobbies 4. INA RASMUSSEN G.A.A. I. FREDRIC REICHEL "Fritz" Conservation Club 2, 3, 4, Football I, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2. DOROTHY RITTER Hall Monitors 4, Pep Club 3, Psychometry Club 4. MARY JEAN RUTTER "Jeannie" Biology Club 2, 4, Cheerleaders 2, Commencement Committee 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Girls' Senate 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Stamp Club 2, Secretary of Sophomore Class. OLIVE MAE SALMEEN "Ollie" Band I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Cub Staff 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Girls' Senate 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Rocket Echoes 4. THOMAS SCHAETZ Conservation Club 4. ROBERT SCHMIDT "Schrnity" Basketball I, 2, Biology Club 4, Commencement Committee 4, Conservation I, 2, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 2, Ushers I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, 4, President 4. NANCY SCHNASSE "Chubby" Biology Club 2, Conservation Club 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Home Economics Club, Vice- President 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Ushers 4. BETTY SCHUELKE "Betts" Commencement Committee 4, Girls' Senate 4, Hall Monitors 4, Home Economics Club 2, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Rocket Staff 4, Ushers 4, Student Council 3. KATHERINE SCHULTZ "Katie" Band I, 2, 3, Biology Club 3, 4, Coin Club I, Cub Staff l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Senate, Treasurer 2, Latin Club 4, Pep Band I, Pep Club I. BEVERLY SCZENSKI "Bev" Band 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Home Economics Club I. GERALDINE SELLE "Bugs" G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Girls' Choir 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Hall Monitors 4, Home Economics Club 4, Treasurer 4, Ushers 4. JAMES SHANNON "Little Gem" Band I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Commencement Committee 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitors 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Tennis I, Track I, "N" Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Vice-President of Freshman Class. Is' fe x X Q. 1 QM.. X i E S MARGARET SIMONS "Leon" G.A.A. I, 2, 35 Girls' Choir I, 2, 35 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Home Economics Club I, Z, 3, 4. CONSTANCE SMITH "Connie" Biology Club 2, 35 Conservation Club I, 2, 35 Girls' Senate I5 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3. JAMES SMITH "Sport" Band I, 2, 35 Basketball I5 Conservation I, 2, 45 Football I5 Intramurals I, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, P, 45 Spanish Club 3. FREDRICK SOLOMON "Sally" Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Choir 35 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 35 "N" Club 3, CAROL SORENSEN Biology Club 45 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 45 Cub Stafl I, 2, 3, CofEditor 45 Forensics 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 35 Hall Monitors 45 Latin Club 25 Library Club I, 25 Rocket Echoes 45 Spanish Club 45 Thespians 3, 45 Ushers 45 Rotary Luncheon I. DONNA SPRINGBORN G.A.A. I, 25 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Pep Club 2. MELBA STEEN "Mel" Biology Club 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Girls' Senate 35 Hall Monitors 45 Pep Club 35 Rocket Staff 3, 45 Rocket Echoes 45 Secretary of the Senior Class5 Rotary Luncheon 45 Entered as a Sophomore from West Bend High School, West Bend, Wisconsin. PATRICIA STEFFEN "Pot" Band I5 Cheerleaders I, 2, 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club I, 2, 3, 45 Cub Staff 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 2, Secretary 3, President 45 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Library Club I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 35 Rocket Staff 2, 3, 45 Rocket Echoes 45 Spanish Club 35 Badger Girls' State 3. VERNON TANK "Tank" Biology Club 45 Commencement Committee 45 Con- servation Club I, 45 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals I5 Latin Club 2, 35 Rotary Luncheon 2. THOMAS THORSON "Tom" Commencement Committee 45 Conservaion Club I, 25 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals I, 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Rotary Luncheon 3. JAMES WEBB "Nicky" Intramurals 2. WALLACE WEBB "Whip" Baseball 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Hall Monitors 2, 3, 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. MARIE WEBSTER Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 Girls' Choir 2, 4, Treasurer 45 Home Economics Club 4, Secretary 45 Rocket Staff 45 Rocket Echoes 45 Entered as a Sophomore from Lansdowne High School, Lansdowne, Pa. MAE WHITNEY Band I, 25 G.A.A. 25 Home Economics Club 45 Pep Band I, 2. KAREN WILLIAMS "Willie" Band I, 2, 35 Commencement Committee 45 Con- servation Club I, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Rocket Staff 3, 45 Rocket Echoes, Co-Editor 45 Rotary Luncheon 3. WARNER WILTON in Club 1,25 Commencement Committee 45 Debate 5 Foobtall 1,2,3,45 Forensics 15 Science Hobbies 3, Tltespians 35 Track 1,2,3,4. AN WISTHOFF "Wisty" td 1,2,35 Basketball l,2,3, Captain 45 Bioligy Club ,45 Commencement Committee 45 Intramurals 'l,2, asident of Sophomore Class. ARGARET WITBROD "Butch" mmencement Committee 45 Q.A.A. 'I,2,3,45 Girls' oir 1,45 Hall Monitors 45 Home Economics Club 3,45 ned Choir 2,35 Pep Club 2. HN ZANDERS "Jack" nservation Club 35 Football 1,2,35 Intramurals 'l,2, l5 Spanish Club 45 Track 1. SENIORS NOT PICTURED JNALD AYRES El.VlN DELROW "Mel' sketball 15 Conservation Club 2,3,45 Football 1,3 rramurals 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 4. HHN ROTH 1 R 1 sv' 'xx 4 ew as for 1 5 L5 Pep Band 25 Track l,2,3,4, "N" Club 35 Vice- -li Q:-L 1 Xi' a I g I x x g ,Qs 1. 'K x E Wg r , i J' Q .pg if-P , iw QQ ' ' ' ' f ...s " . f ' X I ' Q K" 'QQ' N 1 .3 J V, - X' 'Wi' W A-rl af X fl QW! "' 'xwis M' 'Q A ' . me wif Qif t ix t K is f 1 . .-4 Q W 'mx , Q W is-'Q N- Jax I: Vx l V ' ,, , kay' .., .,,- J lx, wr-1' V il' 5 Q W :-,.Q '--'-, . W .,a,:: ill .. .i sr- - -- .A .. ,553 fq, N lv X . Q f- -u f ., - E i?' f 'ee 'lr ft i s 5 L me-J li x -' .5 ,Q J -N XA -1 , r g . K J .lllfi - Lift' '-:. li g 1, .: Ex wa. S sa ,Q M 'Q , ,. ,,::. L ., ,, L12 iii' .,,., K 13, J X. u A Q Lg H A 'M' f iw 'if' - Sagas: V 'S if W' Q x. ,i, - -ts, , 3 TQ A, are at 5,3 Bw an H, s A ' , . A i.,,.x ser' 5 M l WW' W' . p 'W , sew W .-Q', .,-' , .,.. .- my ,W , A ff t , "" ' 1 A wgsaggswa L' 'll-is Z Q :J 3 "J L .af 9 ik all ' Q Q- is -f we 'L 'fv ,' Q 1:.tizb - . an I is J QS. if NggL.5,, f st ' if' 1 Q li' ' ' -:rr , . I YW . V, kiihlfil Q EEE 'V 5, J - f .r .. iff' .Vbb sr M Q., fx , . x 'G . li at j 0""f J Q ii Mm.. if' is Jr - E, ' 'lnlb . .. ., mx . Q .. "" 'SQ ,I in? 3, ii Q5-if Q SL., F 'V l l I 53 ' ':" ':""': 4 ,W-3, YE. W s Mm W 3, muy EJ, ,X,, 3. Y KE J 4.-as' j ,W - - V r .' 'S' 1-V., , 'Q . xiii tsl, - , fa- ' f , . P it , f m? W9 3 Egwkgk s sn ii-vs' i',,wg ggi' H ..,... NS. Ar w H f 1 28 First row: Mary Abel, Pa- tricia Alferi, Carole Am- merman, Marlyn Ander- son, Roberta Arft, Jean Ar- nold, Floyd Ashley, Doug- las Barnes. Second row: Gordon Beck, Carole Bierman, Thomas Blank, Ruth Boushley, Marigen Braun, Richard Breaker, Barbara Brown, Marshall Brown. Third row: Joyce Bunk- er, Dorothy Burmeistcr, Wayne Burmeister, Donna Burr, Richard Capelle, Ce- line Carson, Russell Car- penter, Frances Costigan. Fourth row: Lillian De- Broka, Robert Craine, Ger- maine DeKeyser, Marilyn Denkert, Barbara Doane, Alice Dordel, Deloris Dor- del, Clyde Douglas. Fifth row: Rosina Elmer, George Elwood, Shirley Erdmann, Doris Feagles, James Foth, Joyce Freier. Verlyn Fuhrmann, Mar- garetann Ganzer. Sixth row: Ronald Garfield. Janet Gibson, Ralph Gie- bel, Carol Grunske, Claud- ette Gullickson, David Har- ness, Roydon Hart, Doro- thy Heckner. Seventh row: Charlotte Heinz, Barbara Hilde- brand, Lyle Hillegas, Hel- en Hoehne, Lillian Hovcl- son, Harold Holcombe, Wayne Holz, David Horn. Eighth row: VVilliam How- lett, Thomas Howman, Ronald Hunsicker, Mae Ihde, Joan Jasperson. Don- ald Johnson, Madelyn Johnson, James Jones. Ninth row: Carlene Jorg- ensen, Richard Jorgensen, John Kalfahs, Walter Kal- lin, Thomas Kerrigan, Floyd Kleinhenz, Yvonne Kleman, Daniel Knaack. Tenth row: Alice Koch, Vonnie Kuchenbecker, Jer- ry Kuehl, Lavcrna Le-May, Jane Loehning, Janet Los- se, William Lund. First row: Lois Marsh, Pauline Martin, john Mc- Connell, VVilliain McKin- non, Barbara Mertz, Don- ald Metz, Robert Metz, Yi- olet Miller. Second row: jocelyn Min- arik, Suzanne Mongan, Beverly Mueller, Eunice Mulvey, james Murphy, Idell Napuck, Allen Nol- lan, Kathleen O,Leary. Third row: Karen Olsen, Melvin Olson, Nancy Ow- en, Geraldine Pagel, Patri- cia Parker, Robert Payne, Herbert Pfeffer, Kathryn Pheifer. Fourth row: Carol Pierce. Peggy Plank, Marilyn Popp, Virginia Raehl, Jill- ene Raislcr, Lee Randall, Stuart Rasmussen, Mary Ann Reinke. Fifth row: Donald Rem- mel, Wayne Rewey, Averil Ribble, Ralph Rieclcmann, Wayne Rieckmann, Eunice Ritter, Carol Roeck, Aimee Lou Rohde. Sixth row: janet Sanders, Carol Sauer, Dorothy Scha- bo, 'lack Schaefer, Muriel Schneider, Duane Schroe- der, Donald Schultz, ju- dith Schultz. Seventh row: VVarren Sea- ger, Robert Snell, Donald Solomon, Doris Sorensen, Marlene Spoo, Sally Springer, Marian Staffelcl, Donna Stelow. Eighth row: Sally Stilp, Dennis Strey, Arlene Stru- thers, Blanche Struthers, james Sturgis, Shirley Seichtenberg, Kay Thomp- son, james Thompson. Ninth row: Peter Thomp- son, joan Tuchscherer, john Van Airsdale, Char- lotte Van Asten, Stephen Van Ouclenhoven, David Verhagen, Dorothy Wag- ner, Darrell Webb. Tenth row: Carol West- phal, Marlene Wierschke, Francis Wiesner, Richard Wikelund, janet Wilms, Conarcl Woerner, William Wruck, joan Zaumeyer. Eleventh row: Gloria Zeh, Carol Zeinert, Ralph Zein- ert, Delores Ziel, Keith Zul- eger. 31:15 ssl. K .., '11, fl? l xl 4 W 7:3 lyl I F 1 " ,xl fi 933 f 'A ,- gi, Q i 'M f gg. 3' W f , l' is A it 'ii " F i f -fi , it of-3. A 4 . 12 fa. T L' if -A ag , 9 I qi "' , 7, A f . P. this K ' A Lf., K ' ' ,V My A A y --f e , ml LX i QQM, nn. rg IFN! e U V l V' 3 fr qt' 7 ffgl "A r I ,t K 'W ' I 6, ' ,X ,,, If A Q: jp Q' i'i 1 ' , l P if, 'A A I k ft -ge if 3 L Fil .1 J. ln g,.Q fa R gy, , Y v ,exf'wtu. ,L lx 'er If I fa N- ' t A f' 1 - as ,K v 5 1 I X gf N -N X A 'QNX ,ea :rr ,X -2 -:fri 1+-. FTF 2 fr " 1 6.-,,..' f W ,Wx Y ,rn at as, M 'F Sy, z ' , f' :W I A . Y. , , , 4 1, M . Qs! l .JK-:Mgr -N I Ax f'-tl A .Lis I 5 , e "' 'P :Q :. - ,,, ,R A . f 5, gr 1 ji ,:- gf ,. . 'MP' 13. +R 'Z A ii' i, X - . v i R -s A . M xy nw I lei I 5 I 41 Q -3 ag: , 1, in 1 x A Z' 2:9 fi- Y 'Q 44 ,W 'L . I X Q xp K - , - ' Qu f4:"'- fl r ref-ff "'- f -guy-,t'l' fd, l , viii 'Fl - 24 9' is . .i - -1: ae l ,, ,-Q, ' ll A A 4 "' ' 1- J- fl f ,. ., ,. - -,--if .,, r W, rc ,- ' I Q is asf' A p i i yn- ,,. lit' 'S Q gills! Xb' my , S7 'S W i 1' "' ,, ' -fir I ' Q ' K, Q3 p, Qi I Q-1, -wrl M Sy nf W f A it .str A 4 X. A 42'- R ,,,,., V - . A 72, 'Ti ,-, p i? . ' "'5', E ,. -M V V 53 Q. t-:L XML gig I '- if ,gig ,fi gil -f , , -M - ile- z -1, 1 fr 1 f-5 f-ff ef X 1 K -:' f A If 4 j A 4 1- juniors not pictured: Eu- r gene Bruss, Diana Burr, '53 'S p ,.-f ' L p A in 29 Darlene Christian, William r ' Hein, Janice Handy, Nan- pgi cy Llewellyn, Beverly Manteufel, Alice Page-l. Rx, Junior Class Officers 5 ' wh' X Q I 1 V 2 X"fmg:4.,.--Y . W f J ,.,Q,Q,A 3 f ' YW ffl My MA! X is an V, W , j,,.....,..f-' N s ff , , V ,. A -- 1 ,,, A LW gf IERRY KUEHL IAMES STURGIS NANCY OWEN DENNIS STREY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 30 Sophomores Class Officers I Q F ..:.j , W F-.21 t V, 4 .s is - W ' 1 V '-... Q THOMAS KAUFMAN WILLIAM KUTSCHER ROSEMARY SALM KATHRYN HOOVER President Vice-President Secretary Tl'CLl.Sl1I'CI' ,Ji 'f 'E Y M Q ,, ,W A---'ra im Fi rr ,lm ef ww- , Q, ., QM , , M.. ., . f ,,m,,if J, Xww .' X X 'W' A ' R ll, M Q c V , --. J g Wi' X X .-.,. X A XX X ,mix XLXX ,- ,W ,,,, ,,.-' K Xa Xiu 71 WX iw my Xb X ,ia xas-my f 5 'K KJ W- J, W' 'Q X ,A 1,1 I ' A X if r , fm Q f - ' ' M , X X ...N if'-vs .,,,,.. 1 Q sm ,,., ' X X gi XX E--A ... JSR Xa y vii' my XX.-xv iv: fax? Q, I K :X , x.N' , X . ' ,X XIX is MW A VX 2 I X it T, e sas- 3 ,K so 7' Nr. .SYN ,A 3 1 X , X XX A I X ..,' Eg- Q-XA . 4 NR 2 1 3 , .J '-sq-, L ., .7 ' ,ffl - - 'Q 1 --f - ' t. 'X 'Q fi X - X tr' 1 VX Mix Awffgwy A ai a 5 ,Wim J t , ,,.. . ' 1-129 ' R ,, -f le rf qk' M' M W W :F " or may -Q at F' WL, ' P rf iff - N - 7 X? 5 X :rf -.., , W, SX. R . 4 XX .. .-gg ftfzr Egg ,, . , Q . " - -,.' , ' t . X 'X X W J. ,J -b X, ,X t X 4 XX M , ,M X X, X' Q ,W B, - f --rs - ' 7' X T - , T. of at Q A f-av :iw M Q- V, v ,.. M ' W, ,gr r-A ,,,,, , Q rea- .. , M X fXXXyX".."' rr-W' aff yrs to Q K' Q ' ,g, Q M. , ,t J H+-4 Y N We f fy, iw L 5--A-A .W wwf XT- .,,, X f W A -X .,,, X X t , at -t t t , is, K L. fl. ,Vg "' Lx gi: Q -. - , ,,.: Q V wave ' X, " - X f, X 'll X XX XX XX Q, yr Q , 4, i. - , V f Q, , A X I lv? :Q li , W malty S3 5 fa' v'-:XX fm? Yi LL ' Q W .W ,.-- as A fi- " ss- M XA ' X "AV ' 4, J I wx ,-if 32 First row: Robert Ander- sen, Loren Anderson, Rob- ert Avery, Betty Bengel, Kenneth Bemowski, Kath- ryn Bisel, Robbin Bonnin, Athlean Boreson. Second row: Carol Bow- man, Marylin Breaker, Nancy Breaker, Kenneth Bredendick, Marvin Broehm, Robert Burts, Robert Buser, Bernard Bestler. Third row: Wayne Cole, John Coleman, Norman Collier, Robert Cowling, Donald Cross, Joyce De- Braal, Edward DeKeyser, Marlene De Meuse. Fourth row: Kay Denney, Judith Dixon, Shirley Dob- berke, Gloria Dorn, Lyle Dorow, Alice Drace, Wal- ter Drew, Mary Jean Du- Bois. Fifth row: Esther Ehlers, Joan Ellis, Lois Elmgren, David Erdmann, Louis Erdmann, Roger Erickson, Robert Fahrenkrug, Don- ald Fisher. Sixth row: Donald Foth, Aubrey Fowler, Ralph Frakes, Delores Gauger, Darryl Cenett, David Cer- hardt, Lois Cerrits, Robert C-innow. Seventh row: Richard Haase, Lester Johnson, Carol Haufe, Diana Heinz, Doris Heinz, Bertram Helms, Carol Hoehne, Margaret Hoehne, Eighth row: Richard Hoep- er, Kathryn Hoover, James Hoffman, Joyce Hrubesky, Katharine Hrubecky, Mar- garet Jensen, Charles Jer- ome, Doreen Johnson. Ninth row: Joyce Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Elaine Joyce, Gilbert Julius, Su- san Jury, Thomas Kauf- man, Rowland Keck, Ralph Kemps. Tenth row: Ralph Kinzel, Shirley Knaack, Anthony Koehn, Charles Koepke. Richard Koerner, Donald Konitzer, Janice Kueuter, William Krieg. irst row. jack Kuehl, Rob- 't Kuehl, Antoinette Kue- 1er,VVilliamKutscher. argie Labre, Donald Laf- Li, Steve Landig, Marilyn arson. :cond row: Ramona Lau- tzen, Marietta Lazotte, larlene Lee, Stanford Le- v, john Lisk, Gail Loeh- ing, Gilbert Losse, Shar- 1 Martiny. hircl row: joan Meyer. harles Miller, David Mil- r, Timothy Morgan, Har- cl Mueller, Eileen Nen- g, Sandra Nixon, Richard ollan. ourtlz row: Keith Olski, larence Ostrowslxi, Jean arlcer, Donald Parks, icharcl Peapcnhnrg, Dar- ne Petersen, Jeanette Pet- rson, Joanne Peterson. iftlz row: Sally Philippi, :an Pomrcning, james P0- atz, Hilda Rasmussen, El- 'n Reichel, Beverly Rew- y, Richard Rine, Janet ivet. ixth row: Carol Rohinson, Tarol Rutter, Thomas Ry- n, Rosemary Salm, Rose chaetz, jack Schiehler, lary Schmidt, Douglas clmeider. eventh row: Charles chultz, Roberta Schultz, erold Seager, Kenneth ievert, Ioan Smith, Iharles Sorensen, Patricia piegelherg, Marilyn toeghauer. Iighth row: David Strey, 'atricia Tappan, Audrey 'errian, Carol Thiel, Iohn 'owns, Margie Tulis, An- ette Vanisky, Donna Van lompel. lintlz row: Lizaheth Weh- ter, Marilyn Werling, Bob Vcrth, Allen VVestfahl. Villiam Wiesner, VVilliam Vingen. Betty Wojcik, Richard Wolfgram. 'enth row: William Zitel- ian, Dolores Zimmerman, Jdrlene Charrier. oplzomorcs not pictured: Ivnthia Albert, Kris An- lerson, Nancy Ellis, Al- red Capelle, james Miller, Jorman Wolff. X JMX A mn ,Q I' IL 'L xx, W3 1, . . ,,,, TM if 7' 1' X, 2 Q , -K qv UVM , . N ' , I an M if f A , pf W Kev! i 195' 6 or r QI K .L ,I Q H x 1: Q X -Q ie x My 12 71-M N 5: "l f mme, f ,,,, it - gi, S fn R ' 1 - f 1 jr-if fruit 'M . 5 xv ' --aff' l 1:-I' M 1WD A -owz-, ?h w If A Q ' nag, I M A 5 i , f7!':',, Q-.-L t 5 x H " .glut ft A' A K. q , 3 - -.. 1, " V, , Y ly Q' W l 1 j'f X ' ,K 1 K if .,, it Q at a fl ef ft M if 5 .+L eff- :Q -1 1. s'-ff " ' 'A + 5, y f. 5. 1 ,my ,je ' i 1 Q i 1 4 , :,:f.1l W at A W ia 14, A -V, -.V V r M K ' rx fi, ri. f, ff :YQ 1 sg' it Q- ey if - M- iff' 'if-.1 -W F-'F 5 , , j n , Q , Q., V t , K , A --ff' l J M- 5,-f 'Ld 'f -Q. -:Q 'F' X' J :K -S, -iw '-ff "J fi 'Ziff' - M' ,,, ' ' -et We .W if A -at S fri'-ffm 41 Chrn jg-,Q-as g 5 Q b A Q it I .,... ., S do K r Aa N L , 5 V -. , -.Q . if ' T' ,, ff f' X 5 -- i iq 1 V Z5 PD 43 .az 543,335 F1 IQ an ,Ji 'Zh ,gli 'ff pq K' fl QQ., , W A ' ,Nl L, f 3, N: ix , , A kk., I ,X 'Crm in A 9, fir 14 1- l 5 I 'Sgr 4' f 'ng . XI ns! J A eq 67' Q ' "F S K- L4! D 're l fmt Q I ' A it 33 x 3, -Q. 2 Q Ya ll? ,pl J ,Sis-fi ,X Ash Q. l1" if 49 i A r . a S s . gy Q, L, ai Z4 it r.a,Vg,,,,.- isa? 1 W A, ig 1+-1 'r A . 'sa l r yt 1 -aj . 9.-AM.. tr 15 ' L7-I as 7. fm w,:Q,2 n f.. 1 as hw- "' V R .Wy A Wy' W? K' My . V EQ, 'Q gi 'Aff ,Y Y V, K ww J V fig is., . . - I A rw D K gp. is km f an L' 1 J : W t, R-1. . ..,, . JA ,M J s V 7 .i t If al if B Q "',"':1' 3 if J' "' W W Q wr 'M if Stiff mf' gi - 5: 3 f s J Jw -W-sf ' .N a Q swfmjgwiiig A rfb A .I tm ' all-,..,.. . ggi? J ,qesvlxi vw we K A -y we Nl in ,154 ul 4 weft - r -A t A f 'Q in 1 Y .3 6: ess :J fg W fs- Lktfl E .14 A X wa-+1 -g f-Q A 'i ' is 55' W K J l. 3 M, lv, K . RJ' JT ,Y aa? ea , , F f .nw J 4. 1. J. -Q ,Q 5 'E' i. ..-. l 'N 4' , . n v N ffa W . gg. fa, . , ' 5 if-5 1 gtg. - , .Q ' - J aff! If A x We ,if A at Q ,V it , F ,af it Q, A. J Lf fi' fi- "' iiffi 53, 'ff iifgf. l A J Q' 'C ,M , , , M f,,,,.T . ,W ,M M , R x JL 'W' X if , ' K 5 AL aa 4 All f at t 'If wr ,We t "N 'D - , ,. 1 La -0 W Q '.. ,I ,Q gm V ua up fa 1,., ' ,gm t 3 M ggi to . L J 'lt L 4. , .I ' .al as f ' '2 f X -,iv M52 , . 'Q f S1 i , -1- ' .ll Q .i',Q,'f,ggi Q.AA li gy an :"' W 4. .A IRES 3 .-" 5155.4 l e W mia Vi-if' 'ta rl lr 15.24573 ,A , R , ,i 4 iw' gtg. - -we 8 " ' "'qh" J ff 1 First row: Alexander Abel, Ruth Aebi, Robert Albers, Marlene Allen, Bruce Am- merman, Betty Arndt, Thomas Baer, Alice Barnes Second row: Jerry Barr. Richard Bartel, Richard Bartes, Elizabeth Beglin- ger, Alvin Beyer, Alex Bio- lo, Joseph Birling, Ronald Bishop. Third row: Shirley Blaje- ski, Violet Bloom, James Boehm, Myron Borchert, Roy Boucher, David Bou- quet, Mary Boushley, Ani- ta Braun. Fourth row: Beverly Braun, Paula Brazeau, Lorraine Brooks, Robert Bruce, Rosemary Bruce, Patricia Bunn, Janet Burr, Richard Burr. Fifth row: Constance Campbell, James Card, Mary Carey, Kay Carlson, Dale Case, Larry Christo- pher, Peter Clausen, Leah Clough. Sixth row: Shirley Collier, Richard Cowling, Bruce Davis, Robert De Lapp, Joan Doll, Harold Dordel, Marylyn Ducat, Janet Eake. Seventh row: Lester El- mer, Robert Elwood, Rob- ert Erb, Ellen Evans, Cur- tis Falck, Jacquelin Fan- drey, Barbara Fensky, Douglas Frakes. Eighth row: Paul Frakes, Barry Franzen, Sally Fred- rick, Russell Freier, Kath- leen Cehrke, Marjorie Ge- hrke, Joanne Gorr, Robert uresenz. Ninth row: Shirley Crie- pentrog, Shirley Gullick- son, Marie Gunther, Betty Haldemann, Nancy Haley, Donald Harness, Cordon Harper, Thomas Hart. Tenth row: Edward Hartz-- heim, Sandra Hatch, Joan 'Heigl, Iva Hillegas, Lor- raine Hoehne, Shirley Ja- cob, Roselyn Jorgensen. Eleventh row: Carl Jan- kowski, James Jasperson, Lois Jenkins, Douglas Jen- sen, Neal Jensen, Howard Johnson, Robert Johnson, William Johnson. Twelfth row: Frank Jones, Helen Julius, Eileen Jun- genberg, Mary Kalfahs, Arthur Kanter, Robert Kel- lett, Ralph Kiesow, Eugene Klassen. Thirteenth row: Donald Klitzke, Rollin Kraemer, George Kreiss, Cordon Kronberg, James Krueger, Roy Krueger, Susan Krue- ger, John Kulogo. First row: Larry Kyle, James Larson, Patricia Lar- son, Sally Larson, John Lle- wellyn, Kenneth Malehow, Norman Manteufel, Doug- las Mathison. Second row: Jacklyn Mar- tiny, Shirley Marsh, Don- ald McKee, Elizabeth Mc- Kinnon, Shirley Mentink, Ronald Meunier, Edythe Meyer, James Meyer. Third row: Sylvia Mikkel- sen, John Millar, Harry Miller, Roger Miller, Nan- cy Mortensen, Hazel Muel- ler, Patricia Muenzel, Ce- cile Nault. Fourth row: Janice Neill, Darlene Nelson, Donald Nelson, Joyce Nelson, Don- na Nielsen, Richard Neu- bauer, Joyce Olson, Lyle Olson. Fifth row: Nancy Otto, John Owen, Judith Owen, Shirley Parker, Suzie Park- er, Robert Parrish, Robert Parrott, Donald Paulson. Sixth row: Ann Pearson, Roy Peterson, Dolores Plank, Gene Plank, Audrey Pontow, Bonita Porath, Shirley Porath, Jerry Prey. Seventh row: Robert Rad- du, Ardis Raisler, Rose Rasmussen, Patricia Rein- ders, Maynard Rewey, James Ritter, Allen Roblec. Mary Rouse. Eighth row: Harlow Rowe, Sandra Rozelle, Naomi Sanders, Betty Sauer, Pa- tricia Schmidt, Thomas Schmitzer, Eugene Schnas- se, Janet Schultz. Ninth row: Joanne Schultz, Sandra Schultz, Audrey Schuette, Judith Selle. Mary Severson, Arthur Shepherd, Arlene Sievert, Vida Skifstad. Tenth row: Frederick Smarzinski, Darlene Snell, Darlene Sommers, Sharon Somxuers, James Sorensen, Jerry Springborn, Caryl Springer, James Steffen. Eleventh row: Eugene Tesch, Donna Themer, Jean Thiel, Jeannette Tho- mack, Barbara Thorson, June Timm, Mary Jorgen- sen, Patricia Verhagen. Twelfth row: Robert Wier- sehke, Lisa Wichmann, Helen VVickham, Thomas Willarsor., Franklin Wilms, Elizabeth Wilton, Janet Wismer, Thomas VVolfe. Thirteenth row: Edward Wolff Cordon Worm, Car- ole Young, Earl Zachow, Joyce Zachow, Donald Zeinert, Richard Zenisek. 5 ,M ,- ik 3 an r it 33 ' M .si sc . lx H f K ' ' if-f L ' S L fi 3 .2 -L A ' . Q, 'Sf' may ,ip ,1 J W' I use ,A M ee p-I Y l A 4.L'.41"' Wx 16" V , 'T ,,...,. M an ':- -M 1 fl it i vs. il 4 - 4 W F ni f 1 i 4 A W ,fit .IZ " Quia ' gf' 'if ms, by 25 ii 4 Nu F z, L Q ,X V.- Jirykkysy irewwkt 4 A ' aka. -A 1 V71 df? T f' 2 "" if- is 'if T 1' '51, N.- , 'rm 45, Q V, M U , X. In WA , ., , Ji, " fr QA B ual at ki. 2 fm? .P ,' ' ,t N T' x Vx Tc! -dh-:A UTA . 'fi ti f ' 4 is " ikzj EI' "'i3"'t',A I V ' We J C he 'J - , x PM I ii J -P iv! AVI 4. W fs-, -if is A f, , W 5 :rp 1 , .. gi. GQ A K 4 A D ., ,A MM :M '1 fr , tvs r- JA fri -f . 'K '15, f,.,Q, f ' x ati ,aa t -A-Fa T S' 4 A , f' .. 1 A fi P lr A A A 1 as J qwlwitt fi 4, A M A 3' " 'ji PM Ft es ' . " -ff Q rf' WU' 'lx It A A 1. : f, .. 5 ., 'WL J -ff' 'W ,I I 5' tr K f I S Q T . K Q , , , TJ L33-,J rv 1 , ,J 2 A , 4 ., J 3 I , 'X QV 1 M M44 afisnsa A ' Q17 J W . ik' iw M .k I .M l W hx W 7' J' Y " A' J' 'J' p ti P' r' 55' x ' 'Qi in ' 'W :P ' ..::.. f , A F- A ll tiff sr l Freshman Class Officers RICHARD ZEINSEK BARRY FRANZEN JOAN HEICL JOYCE ZACHOW President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer 36 Mb' REQ Q I Q Q1 ,bzv ,I ' a Q1 I S ' s W 'H .iii V W , f ff 1 an .I ,, W JJWW 2 4 , M, Q 2 Iwi , , W , xg f -1 ---- l ,. 5- 4 .,.,. ,W 2 f gal? S Q a 2 E i 1 4 4 o ' E " QQ? , M' 'W 'C 'H , ,Haj 1, 6 , A www ' writ 4 .A L' 4 xx 'Wm-.QA Af tw M um""'w'.f1Ls.u"x is ' N I 'Z X I , Lu UAAI . N ., X .R v ATHLETICS X I W' J V + , ,G , 5 f J AI 39 ff 5.351 l , xxx W X , geifw we Varsity Football COACH PAFF COACH BRAUN COACH STONE COACH SHEPARD at-Te yr-ffvli 3 1 Q, aid gm 5 a , - Q'--: ,f,gf,Q17f"W'f ,Wg t"'f'99 'V fdglggs 91:4 Kari ..,.,f lb Qfl., me re A La ta Q, W FW will v -Q Buck row: Donald Laiiin, Verlyn Fuhrmann, Dan- iel Knaack, Donald Breaker. Fifth row: XVilliam Kutscher, Fredric Smarzinski, VVilliam VViesner, Iohn Lisk, Tony Koehn, jack Schieliler, Cyrus Sczenski, George El- wood. Fourth row: Merrill Miller, NVilliam McKinnon, Robert Fahrenkrug, Keith Olski, David Cerhardt, Ralph Kemps, John Coleman, Coach Paff. Third row: Coach Shepard, Charles Sorensen, Con- sa rad VVoerncr, Frank VVicsncr, Ronald Car- field, Robert Parrott, Cyldc Douglas, Gary Cehrman, VVarner VVilton. Second row: Coach Braun, Richard Alorgenscn, Donald Metz, john Kalfahs, Floyd Ashley, James Shannon, Vernon Iankowski, Rich-- ard Kresse, Melvin Blank, Allan Harding. First row: lohn Cundlach, Richard E. Blank, Fred- ric Ccrhardt, John Hoffman, john Geiger, Ronald Lange, Robert Schmidt, Dean VVist- hoif, Rowland Keck, Ronald Kuchenhecker. VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1950 football season of the Neenah Rockets resulted in a 2-2-2 Northeastern Wisconsin Confer- ence standing and a 3-2-2 season record, A fine season, coached efiieiently by Coach Art Paff and paced by john Cundlachis sixty points, was on the roster for Neenah High School football. Robert Schmidt, fight- ing guard, along with john Cundlach, were named co-captains. The first game of the season, a home game and a non- eonferenee tilt, was against Kewaunee September 16. The Rockets tripped them 27-14, starting the season with a bang. The following week the Rockets met Clintonville in their first game on the road, their first NEW tilt, and their first loss of the season. In this game it is well to mention that the Rockets outdid and outplayed their opponents, but a few bad breaks lost the game. On September 30, the Rockets played their first NEW home game against Two Rivers and won their first victory against one defeat in NEW play. B FOOTBALL Neenah reserves had a successful season winning two out of their three games. 'l'he "B" team, coached by Mr. Charles Shepard, heat Clintonville 6 to 0 on Frank VViesner's touchdown. They won over Appleton 24 to 6 with touchdowns by jorgensen, Rine and IViesner, but lost to Nlenasha 8 to 12. Ralph Kemps made a touchdown in the game on a pass from Donald Metz, the other two points were scored on a safety. Then the Rockets ehalked up their second victory in conference play with an overwhelming 33-0 white- wash against the New London Bulldogs October 6. The biggest and best game of the season then fol- lowed, the Neenah-Menasha tilt. Played on October 13 under the rain and lights of the Butte des Mortes Field, the underdog eleven from Menasha held the favored Rockets to a 13-all deadlock. In this battle, john Cundlaeh made the longest NEW run of the season, a 98-yard sprint. A week later, October 20, the Rockets as the under- dogs pulled the cat out of the bag to tie Shawano in the last two minutes of the game, making two touch- downs in two minutes for a 20-20 tie. The last game of the season, Saturday, October 28, the Rockets lost to Kaukauna in their homecoming game on the Rocket gridiron. Kaukauna tied with Clintonville for the Number One spot in the confer- ence, thus ending the season for the Neenah gridiron boys with a fine record and some excellent playing. FROSH FOOTBALL This past season our freshman football team was coached by Xlr. Dale Stone. The frosh played six games winning four and ending in third place for the season. They defeated Roosevelt, Kimberly, McKinley, and Kaukauna but lost to XVilson and Menasha. During the season there were two casualties as Barry lfrazen and john Owen were both lost with leg injuries. Freshman Football Baflc Row: Larry Christopher, james Sorensen, Peter Clausen, Robert johnson, Robert Bruce, David Bouquet, john Owen, Thomas Malchow, Russell Freier. Third Rafwz Clifford Hoppe, john Llewellyn, Roy Peterson, Frank jones, Douglas jenscn, Roger Miller, Donald Klitzke, Ronald Meunier. Second Row: Mr. Stone, Ralph Kicsow, james Parrish, john Miller, Bruce Ammerman, joseph Birling, Howard johnson, Douglas Frakes, Dale Case, jerry Prey, Carl jankowski. First Row: Rufus lhdc, Neal jenscn, Richard Burr, Alex Biolo, Harry Miller, Sandy Abel, Kenneth Malehow, jerry Barr, james Meyer, Eugene Schnasse, jerry Spring- born, Roy Krueger. L I I A , ,, X Us ,521 J .A 4 f I , 4 gm 5 ,aa af .www M 4 , 'SBP' OACH JORGENSON NORTHEASTERN WISCONSIN CONFERENCE Won Lost Menasha .......... 9 3 Neenah ..... . . . 9 3 Shawano ...... . . . 7 5 ' Clintonville .... . . . 6 6 Two Rivers .... . . . 5 7 New London ...... 4 Kaukauna ..... . . . 2 10 Cundlach. The Neenah Rocket basketball squad opened its conference season with a win over Clintonville on December 1 at Neenah. The final score was Neenah 53, Clintonville 46. John Cundlach took scoring honors with a total of 16 points. In the Rocket's first out-of-town game, December 8, they defeated Kaukauna by a score of 61-42. Metz was high scorer with 10 baskets and 4 free throws for 24 points. Wisthoff and Metz shared scoring honors against Shawano here on the 16th of December with 18 points apiece. The final score showed N eenah on top, 63-50. The Rockets defeated Two Rivers at-Two Rivers on December 20 by a score of 54-45. Wisthoff topped the individual scoring with 18 points. New London bowed to N eenah, 71-47 in the N ee- nah gym on January 5 when VVisthofFs 24 points were high in the individual scoring column. The Rockets suffered their first conference defeat on January 12 at the hands of the Menasha Blue Jays by a score of 62-57. Gundlach copped Rocket scoring honors with 18 points. Neenah edged Clintonville 65-63 in the Truck- er's gym January 19 with Wisthoff being high scorer with 18 points. John Gundlach collected 25 points against Kau- kauna as the Rockets triumphed by a 10 point margin, 58-48, at Neenah on the 26th of January. Varsity Basketball Back row: Coach Jorgenson, Dean Wisthoff, Donald Metz, Donald Schultz. 8 I Second row: Daniel Knaack, Frank Wiesner, Junior O,Neil, Donald Laflin. First row: Melvin Blank, Richard Rine, Richard Jorgenson, James Shannon, John On February 9 at Shawano, Neenah defeated the Indians in a thrilling game by a score of 51-50. Wisthoff's 17 points were the high individual to- tal. The Rockets defeated the New London Bulldogs on February 17 for the second time. Cundlach scored 21 points as the Rockets triumphed 72-65 in the New London gym. On February 19, Neenah played a postponed game with Two Rivers when the Raiders upset the Rockets by a score of 58-53. Cundlach was high scorer with 15 points. The Menasha Blue Jays tipped the Rockets, 65-62, in a thrilling double-overtime game to close the conference season and make the Twin City rivals co-champions of the Northeastern Wisconsin Con- ference. In non-conference games, Neenah defeated Wis- consin Rapids and Brillion but lost to Appleton. Captain Dean VVisthof-f who scored a total of 98 points during the conference season was fol- lowed closely by John Cundlach with 95. In the regional tournament at Menasha, Neenah lost its first game to Kaukauna, won over East DePere in the second game, and lost to Kimberly for consolation honors, ending in fourth place, with Kimberly in third, Manawa in second, and our Blue Jay rivals in first place. "B" Basketball Back row: Coach Williams, Thomas Kerrigan, Kenneth Bemoski, Cordon Beck. Second row: David Miller, Stuart Rassmussen, Timothy Morgan, Donald Foth, William Wiesner. First row: William Kutscher, Robert Kuehl, John Schiebler, Donald Fisher, Thomas Ryan, Anthony Koehn, Once again our junior-varsity team had a success- ful year. Coach Ivan Williams led them to a sec- ond place position in the league, ranking second to Menasha. Out of the sixteen games they played, they lost only 6 while winning 10. Neenah got off to a bad start losing their first two games to Appleton and Wisconsin Rapids, but they soon came back with a 35 to 12 victory over Brillion. In the following game, the Iunior Truckers from Clintonville defeated Neenah 33 to 32 in a very close game. Once again Neenah came back with a flying victory over Kaukauna, scoring a total of 34 points to Kaukaunzfs 24. De- feat came again when they met the Shawano In- Freshmen dians, who defeated the juniors 33 to 28. The junior Rockets came back from their defeat breezing past Two Rivers 45 to 28. In the next game our boys defeated Ripon by the narrow margin of two points in a close 32 to 30 win. N ee- nah carried its winning one farther by whipping the New London Bulldogs 41 to 22. However, on the fateful january 12 the team had the wind knocked out of its sails at the hands of those Menasha Blue Jays who came through with a 43 to 25 victory. Once again Neenah came back, winning over Clintonville and Kaukauna by 6 point margins. In the next game, the junior Rockets edged past Shawano in a close 44 to 43 decision. Our boys came through in the following games with wins over New London and Two Rivers. The season ended with the Neenah-Menasha game February 22, Neenah being defeated 41 to 30. Thomas Kerrigan, Anthony Koehn, and Kenneth Bemowski led the "B" team in scoring. These, with the other members of this rapidlyimproved team, will make fine material for the varsity team next year. Lacking experience proved to be a decided handi- cap to the Neenah High School freshman basket- ball squad this past season. Although they won only two games and lost ten, they profited by their instruction under the patient and able coaching of Mr. Paff. I 5 ww. . saw? as EE in 43? 46 COACH BRAUN r' ' -V Q Baseball The 1949-50 varsity baseball team had a very successful season as the Neenah Rockets played their second conference season. In 1948, Neenah had a total of three wins, and five setbacks. This year they secured five victories with only two losses. In mid-April about 40 boys reported for the team, and Coach Braun had the diffi- cult job of cutting it down to only 18 players. Neenah made an impressive start as 16 of the 18-man squad played as Neenah trounced Ripon 15 to 5 in an exhibition game. The team went on to win from the old Blue Jay rivals, 5 to 3. Shawano also was defeated 13 to 9. Next, Coach Braunfs team went on to beat Kaukauna 6 to 5 and New London 4 to 3, two very close, exciting games. Then came Neenahfs first defeat, a close 6 to 5 loss to Clintonville. The powerful Neenah Rockets ended in a first place deadlock with Menasha, each having four wins and one loss. The big guns of Neenah kept the wins coming behind the great pitching of Tom Hawley. Keith Forsythe led the batters with a strong .-350. He was closely followed b Roger Kleman .304, and James Bachman .300. Other included Donald Metz .277 an Jim Shannon 273. John Cundlach came through with two homers in the Shawano gamf Tom Hawley was the leading pitcher. He has a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, but in 34 ii nings he allowed only 19 safe blows and struck out 43 batters. However, in the tournament Neenah failed to come through, and lost to Menasha 3 to 1 Letter winners were James Bachman, Roger Kleman, James Jacobson, James Shannoi Keith Forsythe, Douglas Kramer, John Gundlach, Thomas Hawley, 'Roy Peterson an Paul Parsons. Coach Joe Braun is going to be minus most of his players as the many valuable sei iors graduate. He predicts that pitching will be his weakest spot next year. After a very successful season, Coach Braun should be given a great deal of credit fc his tireless efforts used to bring baseball back to Neenah High School. Back row: Verlyn Fuhrmann, Keith Forsythe, Don- James Jacobson. ald Metz, 121014 SCh21CfGf, C1611 Kleman, Coach First row: Donald Remmel, Keith Olski, John Hoff- Braun. man, Richard Blank, Roger Kleman, John Gund- Second row: Roy Peterson, James Bachman, lach, James Shannon. Thomas Hawley, Douglas Kramer, Wallace Webb, 48 Track As usual, our 1950 track team had a successful season. Rocket cindermen won 2 of their 5 dual or triangular meets and finished as very strong competition in all of the rest. Even though we lost many of the lettermen from the 1949 track team, the coaches, Jorgensen, Paff, and Dunwid- die, did a spectacular job and produced another great team. The Rockets got off to a flying start by defeating our neighboring rivals, Menasha, by a score of 62 to 51 on April 28. Six firsts were won by Ger- hardt, Miller, Kuehl, Laflin, Marquardt, and Wist- holf. Our next meet was with Two Rivers on May 4. We came out second best as they won 6434 to 4835. Neenah had only one first, but we had many sec- onds and thirds. The next meet was a dual meet with Ripon, who, as usual was tough. Again we lost, this time 68 to 45. However, Laiiin, Cerhardt, and Wisthoff, came through with firsts. Next came the Northeastern Wisconsin Confer- ence meet on May 11. Out of the 9 teams Neenah came out fifth. Dean Wisthoff got Neenah's only first and Douglas Potratz and Kuehl came through with seconds. The Rockets returned to the victory column in a triangular meet with Clintonville and New Lon- don on May 15. Neenah took 6 firsts out of a pos- sible 12. Cerhardt, Potratz, Kuehl, Laflin, and Wisthoff came out with firsts. Final score: Nee- nah 8916, New London 6012 and Clintonville 46. A good job! Our next meet was the all-important sectional on May 19. Out of the 17 competing schools we tied for fifth Csame as last yearj. Fredrick Cer- hardt, in the 440, Doug Potratz, in the half mile. and Dean XVisthoff, in the high jump, all qualified for the state jump meet. Our last meet was a dual meet with Kaukauna on May 22. We lost it. 68 to 45. Cerhardt, Blank, Potratz, Kuehl, and WVist- hoff got firsts. Other individual stars were Joey Cerhardt who ran in both the 200 yard dash and the 440. He won 4 firsts and 2 seconds in the 440. Mel Blank and Ronnie Garfield were the "hurrying-hurdlers," both taking many seconds and thirds. Douglas Potratz took 2 firsts and 2 seconds in the half mile, and Duane Kuehl was our great miler, tak- ing 4 firsts and 2 seconds in the 7 meets. Neil Laflin took 3 firsts in the high jump. and he and Bill Labre were our leading jumpers. Dean NVist- hoff took 6 firsts and one second in the seven meets in the pole vault! Dick Broas was our shot- putter and A1 Carpenter and Eddie Faulks were our discus throwers. Our relay tearn was usually made up of Stilp, Laflin, Schultz, and Cerhardt, The only Neenah boy to place in the state meet was Ioey Cerhardt, who got a first in the 440. Thus, Neenah ended a very successful track sea- son. The captain of the 1950 team was Duane Kuehl. The lettermen elected Frederick Cerhardt the captain of the 1951 team. Back row: Coach PaH, john Kalfahs, Iames Hru- becky, Richard Broas, Robert Neuville, Ronald Lange, Donald Schultz, Donald Cowling, Donald Breaker, Richard Breaker, Richard jelinski, Curtis Robinson, Cary Cehrman, Ralph Kinzel, Coach Jorgensen, Coach Dunwiddie. Fourth row: Lyle Pingel, Duane Kuehl, John Cole- man, Waldemar Thorson, Cordon Beck, Vernon jankowski, Edward Faulks, Alvin Carpenter, Ken- neth Ratzburg, john Cundlach. Third row: Peter Clausen, Larry Hearden, Kend- rick johnson, Douglas Potratz, Rowland Keck, john Roth, Dean Wisthoff, Charles Sorensen. Second row: Daniel Knaack, William Labre, Neil Latiin, Ronald Garfield, Melvin Blank, Conrad Woerner, Donald Stilp, Frederick Cerhardt, Mar- lin Mulvey, David Cerhardt, Robbin Bonnin. First row: Norman Wolff, Floyd Ashley, George Elwood, Ralph Kemps, Donald Konitzer, William Kutscher, Robert Kuehl, Tony Koehn, Robert Fah- renkrug, Stan Levy, Richard Nollan, Douglas jen- sen. Back row: junior O'Neil, Richard Curtis, Robert Neuville, Donald Hagman. Third row: itunes Hrubecky, Richard Jorgensen, Frank Wiesner, Mr. Williams. Second row: Thomas Miller, William Gresenz, Peter Thomsen, james Foth, Richard Rine, Fred Solomon. First row: Anthony Koehn, Donald Fisher, VVilliam VViesner, Howard Hinterthuer, John Schiebler, Thomas Ryan. Tennis The 1949-50 tennis team, under the capable coach- ing of Mr. Ivan VVilliams, again put Neenah High School up among the leaders in state competition. In dual competition our squad was undefeated in thirteen matches for the season. This record in- cludes a clean sweep of the Northeastern confer- ence as well as wins over squads from larger schools, such as Appleton, VVauwatosa and Mani- towoc. N eenah defeated the strong Appleton team twice, 4-3 and 6-1, The Rockets were victorious over Green Bay VVest 7-0 and 6-1. ln these two matches Captain Tom Miller and Don Rondou, the event- ual state champion, each won once. Wauwatosa, always a strong team, was defeated 7-2. In a match between probably the two best balanced teams in the state, the Rockets defeated Mani- towoc 6-1, stopping Manitowocis string of twenty- COACH VVILLIAMS three consecutive dual match victories. The Rock- ets also beat Menasha 7-0 and 7-0. Milwaukee Country Day, undefeated during the previous sea- son, was bested 5-4. Other victims were Shawano twice, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac. Neenah walked away with the conference cham- pionship. Tom Miller defeated Fred Solomon in the singles championship, and Dick Iorgensen and Dick Rine teamed to win the doubles. ln the state tournament, with Neenah acting as a good host, we allowed Milwaukee East to pass us. We Hnished second in a field of twenty-eight schools with 21 points, one point behind the win- ner. Letter winners were Tom Miller, captain and number one singles player, Dick Rine, Fred Solo- mon, Dick Curtis, Iunior O,Neil, Dick Jorgensen, Bill Gresenz and Don Hagman. Much credit should be given Mr. Williams for leading the team through another successful sea- son. 1 fi-NM Intramurals began in the fall with tag football. The team captained by William Gresenz won first place in the Sen- ior League. Donald Konitzer's team was iirst in the junior League. The Gresenz team was also first in the Senior in Hashball. Konitzeris team again took the Iunior League. The fall tennis title was won by Frederick Solomon. In volleyball, Wallace Webb's team won in the A League, the Garfield-Zeinert team, the B League, and William Kutscheris team, the C League. The winner of the checker game between Robbin Bonnin and Peter Clausen was to play Alfred Mills for the cham- pionship. Howard Iohnson,s basketball team won six games and lost one to take the championship in the Freshman Basketball League. The teams captained by Ammerman, Biolo, and Zenisek tied for second, each winning live games and los- ing two. The results of many more sports, such as chess, basketball, ping-pong, shuilleboard, handball, and the shooting of free throws, were not available as the "Rocket', went to press 52 X T, fy I Vi , My - . ..., S , f .3 .. , ' . 'X ag. Q - it Q Q- . r ., .1 .. ':3" hh h I , x . . ,.... R . - M. r ., Ma ...Q K4 ., M, - M, .- , ' . . Je sr' - ' . f . .,.. . if f ,,rv.e,:,zwXa M Q .: ,- 2 - . Welt ' sw 'f . ' W1fffsffv,1,ijf?',?i:iW4iftsl A W, .s,.k.,waJw1, ,EL 5g,WAN43gg,QAN,F,g?Q: -wssf '-if -, .gg www 1 it 1 3' '1gF'f?sf'tvSt ' Q11,Q, ,,tu we . N, S 'Ni 1:52 I '35, Sf, .ig .ai . 2iiw:.fi3lff .,4gs,Lfif,yu, .wwzggtw ii,-,5'fwu fHxROY?:.Qfyr f' ft ' ' ' ' ffx1.lf.5 ' , ' " Q, .ra bg' 'fV ' S li1.a:g .f . X sm - fic. .. -,. ..... . 3 A --'-' f -' :ig ,V-545 3. .:-,'z,:,.-,.5,-mr,-QF ,E3,:,U,,.:,-.:-...-VA-fs5,::gf,5,.. .a,W,...,, . :Se2:E-2-2--E:f::: 45 fx Sw ' ,vias K .,,g 4' Wi ig, k 31 Y Q Q I ff We , my fn.-., M5 K. gbwg ww W is 54 L I L 4-v B-7, I 'F N4 1 1" Wf Jo, T Back row: Dorothy Schabo, Charleen Brandt, Barbara Hildebrand, Barbara Kuether, Elaine Joyce, Patricia Clark, Betty Schuelke. Second row: Cynthia Albert, Cecile Nault, Marietta Lazotte, Nancy Owen, Ellen Reichel, Carol Roeck. F irst row: Carol Bowman, Olive Salmeen, Judith Owen, Mary Rouse, Bonita Porath, Lillian DeBroka, Susan Krueger. GEMS' The Girls, Senate, with Miss Griflith as advisor, is an organization to which all girls in Neenah High belong. Because of its large membership, five representatives from each class are elected to the executive board. This year the Senate elect- ed Patricia Clark as their president, Carol Roeck, vice-president, Nancy Owen, secretary, and Elaine Joyce, treasurer. The purpose of the Girls, Senate is to try to give all girls a better chance to become acquainted with each other, talk over suggestions to improve the school, try to help parents become better ac- quainted With the school and its program, and to Senate express sympathy to any member should misfor- tune befall. The calendar of events for 1950-51 was as follows: Big and Little Sister Party-September 28, 1950 Tea for Mothers of Freshman-October 18, 1950 United Nations Assembly-October 18, 1950 Mardi Gras Dance-February 3, 1951 Pep Assembly-February 23, 1951 Senior Girls' Mother and Daughter Banquet- March 15, 1951 Eighth Grade Rural Day-May 9, 1951 56 '92-12 K -.1 EI- 9' N. 'YA Back row: Frederick Breitenbach, Eldor Peapen- burg, Thomas Howman, Pete Thomsen, Thomas Thorson, Ronald Lange, Donald Kemps, Wallace Webb, Robert Schmidt, Murial Kuehnl. Third row: Charleen Brandt, Patricia Steffen, Cari- ta Blank, Carol Porath, Constance Smith, Carol Meartz, jacquelene Landers, Melba Steen, jean- nette Breaker, Lois Morgan, Mary Osborne, Shirley Swichtenberg. Second row: Mr. Christoph, Carol Sorensen, Bev- GWR. erly Labeda, Carpl Gullickson, Larena Behm, Kay Parker, Nancy Nielsen, Sarah Muttart, june Kemp, Nancy Schnasse, Kathleen Jones, Katherine Schultz, Dorothy Ritter. First row: Ollie Mae Salmeen, Donna Springborn, Carmen Kent, Karen Williams, Lee Randall, james Shannon, Ronald Kuchenbecker, Eileen Hoeper, Margaret Simons, Alice Mueller, Marion johnson, Florence Christian. Hall Monitors Mm-M4 Q Q- 1 an .gun 'Q Back row: George Elwood, jack McConnell, Thomas Kerrigan, junior O,Neil, Donald Metz, Allan Harding, Donald Schultz, Lyle Hilligas, Rus- sell Carpenter, Vernon Tank, Lloyd Kleinhenz. 'l'l1ir1l row: Alice Pagel, Aimee Lou Rhode, Geral- dine Pagel, Carol Zcincrt, Madclyn Iohnson, Eun- iee Ritter, Kathleen 0,Leary, Sally Stilp, loan Zau- meyer, Mr. Christoph. Seeoml row: Betty Schnelke, loanne Boehm, Betty Green, Doris Feagles, Joan Jasperson, Polly Abel, Kathryn Pheifer, Joyce Bunker, Marigen Braun, Donna Burr, Shirley Mickelson. First row: Helen Hoehne, Marilyn Popp, lanice Handy, Dorothy Schabo, Alice Koch, Carole Am- merman, Mary Abendroth, Geraldine Selle, Marjo- rie Giese, Margaret Witbrod, Andrey Hensen, Marie Webster. Back row: VVilliam McKinnon, Richard jorgen- sen, Donald Schultz, Donald Metz, Iohn Kalfahs, Donald Kemps, Peter Thomsen, Kurt Hagen, john Cundlach, Howard Hinterthuer, Frederick Breiten- bach. Third row: Cordon Harper, Ralph Frakes, Lois Elmgren, Vonnie Kuchenbecker, Katharine Rru- becky, Madelyn johnson, Donald Konitzer, Ralph Second row: Mary Abendroth, Charleen Brandt, Mary DuBois, Jacquelene Landers, Beverly Braun, Mary Kalfahs, Carol Berens, Lotus Blank, Alice Mueller, Mr. Dunwiddie. First row: Donna Bastar, Dorothy Wagner, Mary Ann Reinke, Carole Bierman, Carol Crunske, Mari- lyn Denkert, Muriel Schneider, Marilyn Stoeg- bauer, Carol Rutter, Marilyn VVerling, Shirley Mickelson. Kemps, VValter Drew, Anthony Koehn, Robert Dorn. Pep Club Unlike previous years, the Pep Club this year lim- ited its membership to thirty students from each class. Application blanks were filled out to deter- mine Who would belong. Each member received a card on which he agreed: 1. To support all school activities with enthus- iasm. 2. To promote good sportsmanship by example and influence. 3. To promote better relations between Neenah High School and other schools, Kurt Hagen was elected president, Peter Thom- sen, vice-presidentg Madelyn Iohnson, secretary- treasurer. S8 Pep Club Back row: Ronald Kuchenbeeker, Robert Schmidt, Glen Korotev, Richard Kresse, James Smith, Rich- ard N. Blank, Patrick Murphy, Melvin Delrow, El- dor Peapcnluurg. Third row: Marilyn Popp, Germaine DeKeyser, Joan Jasperson, Sally Stilp, Carol Porath, Garita Blank, Joan Doll, Ann Pearson, Barbara Brown, Jaeklyn Martiny. Second row: Beverly Labeda, Joyce Zaehow, Judy Dixon, Eileen Hoeper, Shirley Porath, Margaret Jensen, Nancy Mortensen, Helen Wickham, Joanne Schultz, Marjorie Gehrlce. First row: Mary Boushley, Georgian Kopvlas, Marylyn Ducat, Karen Williams, Donna Crawford, Janet Burr, Judy Owen, Marjorie Labre, Paula Brazeau, Susan Krueger, Carol Bowman. Back row: Ronald Carlield, Alfred Mills, Frank First row: Lois Morgan, Carol Bowman, Ron- Wiesner, Richard Jorgensen, Allen Nollan. ald Kuchenbecker, Frederick Gerhardt, Robert Second row: Kathryn Bisel, Pearl Jungenberg, Schmidt, lohn OWQU, Robert GFGSSUZ, ROY Krue- Clyde Douglas, VVilliam Wiesner, Keith Otto, gef,M11B01'se11- Harry Miller, Gene Plank. Student Council The Student Council, under the direction of Mr. Borgen, is the student voice in school affairs. Each Tuesday this group meets to discuss student problems. The Council is made up of one representative from each homeroom except for study halls which have two representatives, This year the Student Council chose these officers: Fredrick Cerhardt, president, Ronald Kuchenbecker, vice-president, Lois Morgan, secretary, and Robert Schmidt, treasurer. The Council sponsored the Junior Red Cross Drive, the Christmas decoration of the building, a faculty tea, and Tag Day. This is the main and concluding activity of the Council to procure funds for a scho- larship to help some member of the senior class to further his or her education. The Ushers, Club this year was an all fem- nine group. The girls did an eH'icient job Jf handling large crowds at Neenahis ath- etic events. Mr. Leaman, the advisor, ap- Jointed Aimee Lou Rhode chairman. Back row: Claudette Cullickson, Aimee Lou Rohde, Nancy Schnasse, Kathleen Jones. First row: Marion johnson, Carol Sorensen, Marjorie Giese, Betty Schuelke, Donna Crawford, and Mr. Leaman. Ushers' Club vi: Back row: Patricia Steffen, Carol Porath, Melba C1rolBerens M iry Abendroth Steen, Ieannette Breaker, jacquline Miller. First mw Ciryl Lifiin Mirjorie Ke mps Rm n Second row: Donna Crawford, Carol Sorensen, W1llllmS Mirlorie Clese Miss Peterson Ceorgiin Larena Behm, Charleen Brandt, Helen Miller, Kopvlas M1r1e Webster Olllt Silmecn Rocket Echoes The purpose of the Rocket Echoes is to encourage good writing by publishing poems and stories written by students and to discover the literary talents of the student body. The advisor, Miss Helene Peterson, chose Carol Porath and Karen Williams as co-editors for this year. The class editors were Charleen Brandt, senior editor, Ollie Mae Salmeen, junior editor, Melba Steen, sophomore editor, and Carol Berens, freshmen editor. Georgian Kopvlas and Marie Webster were in charge of art, and the publicity was managed by Donna Crawford and Carol Sor- enson. The copy readers were Helen Miller and Jacqueline Miller. Margie Ciese, the business manager, was assisted by Margie Kemps and Pa- tricia Steffen. The typists were Mary Abendroth, Larena Behm, Jeanette Breaker, Eileen Hoeper, and Caryl Laflin. The Rocket Echoes contains creations selected from the entire student body. Under the guidance of Miss Peterson, the staff has selected and as- sembled a very original 1951 Rocket Echoes. 6l Back row: Floyd Ashley, Jack McConnell, David Verhagen, Robert Buser, Timothy Mor- gan, Thomas Kaufmann, John Coleman, Junior O'Neil, Walter Kallin, Clyde Douglas, Edward Faulks, Vernon Tank, Steve Landig, William Olson. Third row: Donna Crawford, Patricia Clark, Katherine Schultz, Joan Heigl, Joyce Bunker, Donna Bastar, Patricia Steffen, Eileen Hoeper, Murial Schneider, Lillian DeBroka, Carol Roeck, Dorothy Wagner, Shirley Kruse, Marie Webster. Second row: Etola Heider, Joyce Olson, Lois Jenkins, Patricia Spiegelberg, Joyce Zachow, Joanne Gorr, Joanne Schultz, Sandra Hatch, Carol Pierce, Audrey Terrian, Marie Gunther, Lois Gerrits, Mr. Cerhardt. First row: Carol Bowman, Judith Owen, Mary Rouse, Alice Mueller, Carl Jankowski, Kenneth Bredendick, John Owen, Neal Jensen, Ralph Barfell, Wayne Angermeyer, Thomas Schaetz, Helen Hoehne. Conservation Club The Conservation Club is one of the schoolis largest and most active groups. This yearis membership of 246 is the greatest in fourteen years. The officers of the club this year are president, Ronald Kuchenbecker, vice-president, Vernon Jankowski, secretary, Sarah Muttart, and treas- urer, Mary Abendroth. The board members are Ronald Lange, David Gerhardt, John Gund- lach, Barbara Brown and Dorothy Schabo. Each club member receives a B rating for every 60 hours of actual work he does and an A rating for 120 hours of work. These ratings are entered on his report card. Inactive members receive 15 points per year just for joining the club. In this way a member can accumulate a B rating in four years. Rabbit trapping, archery, bird feeding, hikes and other fields pertaining to conservation are some of the activities in which students may participate. Last spring, twenty Neenah High seniors went to the Trees for Tomorrow Camp near Eagle River. It was the second year that students from this school have attended the four day session. There the campers were given instructions in everything from fire-fighting to tree planting. This group of students does a great service to our school and to the community. Their fine work could not be accomplished, however, without the able assistance of the club's faculty advisor, Mr. C-erhardt. 1 i Nfl Q? L, Back row: James Sturgis, Fredrick Gerhardt, Thomas Schmitzer, David Harness, Russell Freier, Stuart Rassmussen, Ronald Lange, Richard Jorgen- sen, Donald Schultz, Russell Carpenter, Howard Hinterthuer, Robert Cinnow, Robert Kuehl, Verlyn Fuhrmann. Third row: Judith Schultz, Carol Crunske, Marilyn Denkert, Mary Abel, Vonnie Kuchenbecker, Kath- erine Hrubecky, Madelyn Johnson, Alice Drace, Nancy Breaker, Mary Kalfahs, Antoinette Kuether, Lois Elmgren, Sharon Martiny, Kathleen O,Learv. Second row: Margie Labre, Audrey Schuette, Hel- en Julius, Nancy Mortensen, Claudette Cnllickson, Sally Springer, Beverly Rewey, Mary DuBois, Ath- lean Boreson, Charleen Brandt, Carol Ammerman, Dorothy Schabo, Lotus Blank, Carol Sorensen, Karen Williams, Marilyn Popp. First row: Susan Krueger, Lisabeth Webster, Car- ole Bierman, Janet Sanders, Nancy Owen, Jocelyn Minarik, ean Arnold, Roberta Schultz, Judith Dix- on, Caro Hoehne, Olive Salmeen, Celine Caron, Donald Zeinert, Donald Klitzke. Conservation Club Buck row: Cordon Harper, William Zitelman, Eu- gene Schnasse, Rowland Keck, Duane Nelson, Donald Kemps, Peter Thomsen, Melvin Bork, John Cauger, Ralph Kiesow, Lester Johnson, Robert Metz, Carlton Hoppe. Third row: Darlene Snell, Donna Nielsen, Mar- lene Lee, Patricia Tappan, Ann Pearson, Sally Stilp, Alice Dordel, Joan Zaumeyer, Barbara Hilde- brand, Barbara Brown, Kay Carey, Shirley Swich- tenbcrg, Eunice Mulvey. 63 Second row: Marion Johnson, Kay Denney, Mari- lyn Werling, Carol Rutter, Germaine DeKeyscr, Doris Feagles, Marigen Braun, Dorothy Heckner, Carol Berens, Helen Wickham, Violet Bloom, Jan- ice Handy. First row: Paula Brazeau, Laverna LeMay, Sally Philippi, Averil Ribble, Shirley Parker, Dale Case, Donald Fisher. Robert Cresenz, Donald Remmel, Robbin Bonnin, Judith Selle, Janet Schultz. Sharon Sommer, June Timm, Larry Kyle. ,, .,-- -. . M, Back row: Melvin Blank, john Cundlach, James Smith, Frederick Reichel, Douglas Frakes, Kurt Hagen, Richard N. Blank, Allan Harding, Donald Metz, john Kalfahs, Richard Breaker, Denver Behm, Wayne Rieckmann, Richard Kresse, Robert Schmidt. Third row: Vernon Iankowski, Roydon Hart, Peter Clausen, Melvin Delrow, Murial Kuehnl, James jones, Walter Drew, Ralph Kemps, David Ger- hardt, Sandy Abel, Ted Hoppe, Donald Harness, Richard Zenisek, Richard Bartel, Ronald Kuchen- becker. Second row: Stan Levy, Susan jury, Shirley Mick- elson, Carita Blank, Elaine Ioyce, Mona Lauritzen, Lavila Kuether, Geraldine Pagel, jacquelene Lan- ders, Betty Haldeman, Carol Porath, Faye Braun, Suzanne Mongan, Nancy Nielsen, Sarah Muttart, Larena Behm, Ralph Frakes. First row: Ellen Evans, Betsy Beglinger, Mary Ahendroth, Marilyn Stoeglxauer, Ieanette Tho- mack, Rosemary Salm, Aimee Lou Rohde, Nancy Haley, Alice Pagel, Darleen Sommer, Ellen Rei- chel, Katherine Pheifer, Patricia Schmidt, Joyce Freier. Conservation Club I L. V. , W, 1., an-nw 1,.,w,.......,,............. ,,,,.,.,,1,,, ,Num www A 45 WK 'nil' 1141111 lglllfli I'0lL7.' PLlll12l Bl'LlZL'llll, Av11ri1 11i1111111, 1111111111 1111-1111111 111ll'1l'1. 131111g111s 11ilI'lIt'S, 1.1115 1C1IllQl'L'l1, fxlll1i'l'Sl'I!, 11111105 1,lll'1xS, 111111111111 Zi11'11111111, 11111105 1111111111 11lll'1S, 1111111 1:l'Ll1xl'S, c1ill'1'1 1,1111i11, N111 Huis. L11'45""- 111117131 L1"11kf'1 LC51111' .lf11"1Sf1111 511511 .111'3" First 111112: N1111'1y11 AllC11'l'SUll, YVi11111111 C31s1111, 111-11- T11ir11r1111f:1211111111 1X1L'1'l'I', l3111'111'11 1111111s1111, 130111118 1111111 Sicv1'rt, 111111111 1i111z1'1, 111lll1l1C1 C111'111'111, l5111'1'1' Strvy, l111'11111'11 K111'1'111'1', C'f111'111 Xl1'111'tz, 13111111 131111- FI'llllZl'll, 111111111 Z1'i111'1't, 11111113111 Kll1SC1ll'l', X1lllA11'1 11111-1, 131111111111 13111111. S1'1111ci111'1', 1311111111 Cf111'1s1111. 511111111 I'UlL'.' 1x11lI'1Ul'1l' f1l'1ll'1il'. 11111111111 Z1'11is1'11, Band 1311111 l'UlL'.' N1111111i Si1IlL1CI'S, 8111111111 NI111'ti11y, Mary 1L'llIl l311li11is, N1111'y Scv111's1111, 1111111 Llsk, 13111111111 1"is111'1', c1VIl11I11l A1111'1't, NllllC,'y' 1NI111't1-1151-11, C1111 1,111'1111111g, N1lllL'Xf' Owcli. Tlzirfl row: Cl111111i11 CI1111111111'11, 13111111115 C1111g1'1', c1ill'1 111111111ws11i, 151'v1'1'1y Sz1'11ski, K11t111y11 C11111'kc. 1111111111111 131111151111 A1111 B111'111's, 1111111t Burr, C111111 1l111111111r, K1111111411 111-11111ws111. 500111111 r111L': 1111'1'y K1111111, 1.i11i1111 131'lir111111, 110111 XV11jCi14, 1311111111 1111111 .1llIll' K11111l1, 131111i1'1 K11'1'l'l' 1X1ill'1Clll' S111111, 1111111111 1'12l1lI'Cll1'il'llg, S1111111'11 S1-1111111 1111111 11t'ig1. Fir.s'fr111u: l311r11t11y 11111-k111'1', 111111110 11111511113 Al'1Jl'l'1 F11w1111', Mary Kil'11.1l1lS, 1111111 131111, 1111111 SC1l1l'1l1l1l' P11h'i1'i11 A1f1'1'i, L1-1' 111111111111, 11lIIl' 1,111111111111f, 111111- 1-rt C1'11i111', 111111111 111'll11CS1iV, N1lllL'1' Ellis. Pep Band K iq mia! A T .. ,dv . ..-tn, . sa- he , e Back row: Averil Ribble, Richard Zenisek, james Parks, Ralph Kinzel, Dennis Strey, Carol Meartz, Robert Burts. Second row: Donna Carlson, Marlyn Anderson, Doreen johnson, Douglas Barnes, Lois Elmgren, jerry Kuehl, Ralph Zeinert, Marjorie Cehrke, Mr. Mais. First row: Carol Hoehne, Aubrey Fowler, Georgian Kopvlas, Dorothy Heckner, jillene Raisler, Mary Kalfahs, jane Loehning, Patricia Tappan, Joan Doll, June Kemp. The Library Club The Library Club officers for this year were Clarita Blank, president, Lois Elmgren, vice- president and reporterg Xlary Ann Reinke, sec- retary-treasiirerg and Donna Bastar, chairman of bulletin board displays. There were twenty-six student librarians who worked in the library during their free periods each day. The girls belonging to this organiza- tion must maintain a 1.5 grade point average, he willing to work, have a love for books, and good handwriting. The purpose of the Library Club is to encour- age the student body to a greater use of books. to stimulate reading interest, and to improve the library service to the school. To be commended are Miss McNeil, the school librarian, who served as advisor and the club members for their services to the school. W3 I k ' . Back row: Mary Abel, Carol Crunske, Nancy Breaker, Elaine -loyee, Lois Elmgren, Mari- lyn Denkert, ,I1lL'1llllCIlC Landers, Katharine Hrubecky, Nliss Mt-Neil. iecrmzl HJILKS Muriel Schneider, Kathleen Iones, Carita Blank, Patricia Steffen, Donna Bastar. Doris Feagles. .lillene Raislcr. l"ir.x'I row: Carol Bowman, Lillian Dellroka, Margie Labre, Helen Miller, Mary Ann Reinke, Claudia Clullickson, Carol Roeek, .Ianiee Handy, Judith Owen. Thespians 'Cl rw Buck VOID! jack McConnell, Lois lVl0lQQ21I1, junior O'Neil, Carol Meartz, Katharine Ilru- hccky, Katherine Frazce. Second row: Sharon Martiny, jane Loehning, Lois Elmgren, Iudith Schultz, Sally Springer. First row: Caryl Laflin, Paul Frakes, Kenneth Bredelidiek, Carol Berens,-Gail Loehning, Carol Sorensen. The curtain rose on this Vearis Thespian season with the presentation, "All Kinds of Peoplef' directed by Mrs. james Powers. The entire ac- tion of the play took place in the entrance hall of the XVyatt family residence which had been converted into a "guest home." jane Loehning played the leading role of Priscilla VVyattg Sally Springer, Paul Frakes. Katherine Ilrubecky, john McConnell and Kenneth Sievert, the rest of the familyg and Caryl liaflin, Thomas Thor- son, lloydon Hart, lva Ilillegas, Xladelyn Iohu- son and l.ouis Erdmann, the boarders. Nliss Edith Broetzman directed the spring play, "Clementine.'i Gail Loelming was Clementine a typical tomboy, and Patrick Murphy, her boy- friend, Hank. Ralph Kinzel, Paula llrazeau, Alfred Mills, Kenneth Bredeudick. Allan Hard- ing. Jacqueline Miller, Susan Krueger. Kay Deuney. and Katharine llrubecky had the sup- porting roles. The officers of Thespians who led the group in a successful season, were Lois Morgan, presi- deutg Caryl Laflin. secretary: and Kenneth Bredendick, treasurer. 67 Cheerleaders Back row: Carol Bowman, Marjorie Labre, Marilyn First row: Lotus Blank, Donna Bastar, Patricia Vllerling, Alice Mueller. Steffen, Eileen Hoeper, Dorothy Schabo. Latin Club Back row: Thomas Howman, lack McConnell, Con- Crunske, Patricia Alferi, Marilyn Denkert, Kath- rad Woerner, Lyle Hillegas, Ronald Lange, Frank leen O'Leary, Mary Abel, Barbara Brown, Miss Wiesner, Douglas Barnes, Wayne Holtz. james Kiser. MUfPhY- First row: Ollie Mae Salmeen, Claudette Cullick- Third row: Sally Springer, Mary Osborne, Kath- son, janet Sanders, Nancy Owen, Dorothy Heck- ryn Hoover, Carol Meartz, Jacqueline Landers, ner, Marlyn Anderson, Donna Carlson, Alice Koch, I:-ue Loehning, Katherine Schultz, Lee Randall. Carol Roeck, Donna Burr. Second row: Carole Bierman, Judith Schultz, Carol 68 Projection Club ZWM., r""'. 'Suck row: Corliss Prindle, Robert Andersen, Ralph iinzel, Marshall Brown, Dennis Strey, Richard ireaker, Clarence Ostrowski, Wayne Holtz. Second row: james Krueger, Stan Levy, james jas- Jerson, VValter Drew, Alice Drace, Marvin Broehm, Spanish Club 1,1 Nancy Breaker, Kathleen jones, Mr. Cundlach. First row: Etola Heider, Averil Ribble, Roydon Hart, james Sturgis, john Towns, Verlyn Fuhr- mann, Ralph Barfell, VVayne Angermeyer, Rohbin Bonnin. PROjECTION CLUB Members of the Projection Club operate, during their free peri- ods, the movie machines and oth er audio visual equipment for teachers and students. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, whose pur- pose is learning more about Span, ish-speaking countries, elected the following officers this year: Robert Craine, president: Peter Thompson, vice-president: and Carol Sorenson, seeretarywtreas- urer. row: William Howlett, jack Zanders, Thomas Thorson, Peter sen, Robert Craine, lrow: Miss Kiser, Lois Mor fan, Barbara Kuether, oan Zaumever. L . nw: Donna Crawford, jacqueline Miller, Helen Miller, Germaine fser, Kathleen jones, Carol Sorensen. Science Hobbies Club Back row: Alfred Mills, Donald Cowling, Peter Thomsen, Bruce Davis, Junior O,Neil, William Cresenz. Second row: Allen Roblee, Corliss Prindle, David Verhagen, Aubrey Fowler, Lester Beyer, Ted Hoppe, Robbin Bonnin. F irst row: Larry Kyle, Harlowe Rowe, Ralph Barfell, VVayne Angermeyer, Robert Cresenz, Richard Bartel, John Llewellyn, Donald Paulson, James Boehm. The ollieers of the Science Hobbies Club are VVilliam Cresenz, president, Lester Beyer, vice- president, Donald Cowling, secretary, Robbin Bonnin, treasurer. Mr. Krause is the advisor. The members have been working in groups on photography, radio, aviation, soil testing, and bio-chemistry. The members of the Psychometry Club assist Mr. Stone, the Guidance Director, with the cor- rection of standardized tests and with the Filing and typing of guidance materials. Psychometry Club Back row: Darlene Kellett, Marie Peterson, Barbara Kuether. Second row: Mr. Stone, Shirley Mickelson, Kay Parker, Carol Haufe. First row: Barbara Miller, Florence Christian, Sharon Martinv, Janice Kreuter, Jacquline Miller. Debate First 70112: Ralph Frakes, Nancy Mortens Braun, Dorothy Heckner, Robbin Bonnin. Back row: john DeLapp, Donald Cowling, David Bouquet. Resolved: That the American people should reject welfare state was the debate question for this year and the subject of much contro- versy this season. This year,s "A" team consisted of Dorothy Heckner and Ralph Frakes debating on the negative side and jane Loehning and Donald Cowling on the afbrmative side. The team's combined "Af "B," and "Cn teams elected ofH- cers for the first time. Donald Cowling was chosen presidentg Dorothy Heckner, vice-pres- ident, and lane Loehning, secretary-treasurer. The season was begun with practice debates at Two Rivers, Port Washington, VVest Bend and Sheboygan Central. A conference debate was held at Neenah at which the Neenah "An team won four out of Five debates. On February 3 at the district tournament at Appleton, the "A" squad won four debates of en, Aubrey Fowler, jane Loehning, Beverly Ralph Kinzel, Timothy Morgan, john Millar, the six. This made them eligible for the sec- tional tournament at Stevens Point on Febru- ary 10. At this tournament the team failed to make the needed four out of six debates and thus was not eligible for the state tournament. Mr. Dunwiddie coached his "A" team on to a total of 21 wins and 21 defeats in seven tourna- ments. The "Bn team, under the coaching of Mr. Dun- widdie and Miss Hughes, won six out of six debates at their tournament at Kaukauna on February 17. At the same tournament the "C" team won three out of six. To round up the season the "AU team gave ex- hibition debatcs for several Neenah service clubs, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, and the Nee- nah Club. These served as a Fitting close for a very successful season for the Neenah debate team. BTW R593 'll' Back row: Katherine F razee, Beverly Braun, Bruce Davis, jane Loehning, Ralph F rakes. Second row: Dorothy Heckner, Rosemary Salrn, Carole Ammerman, Sally Springer, Rohbin Bonnin. First row: Marlene Allen, Caryl Laflin, Gail Loehning, Nancy Mortensen, Carol Soren- scn, Lotus Blank. Forensics After much practicing and coaching, a large number of students participated in the forensic contests this year. Work was done in four differ- ent fields-humorous declamation, serious dec- larnation, 4-xtemporaueous speaking, and ex- teinporaneous reading. The contestants includ- wl the following: humorous declamation, Mad- elyn johnson, Caryl l,aflin, Gail Loehning,1ane Ii04'lllllHg, and Nancy Mortensen, serious dec- larnation, Lotus Blank, Margaretann Canzer, Rose-:nary Sahn, Carol Sorensen and Sally Springer, extemporaneous speaking, Robbin Bonnin, Bruce Davis, Ralph Frakes, Katherine Frazee and Dorothy Heckner, and extemporan- eous reading, Marlene Allen, Carol Ammer- man and Beverly Braun. Much credit goes to the coaching staff headed by Mrs. Powers. Miss Broetzman, Miss Peter- son and Miss Raine worked with declamations, Miss Hughes with extemporaneous speaking, and Miss Harris with extemporaneous reading and declamations. -Q if Back row: Murial Kuehnl, Wayne Holz, Robert Schmidt, Alfred Mills, Donald Schultz, Allan Harding, Marshall Brown, Ralph Kinzel, Dean Wisthoff, Peter Thomsen, Vernon Tank, David Strey, James Potratz, Frederick Breitenbach. Third row: James Hoffman, Kenneth Bredendick, Mary Jean Rutter, Barbara Kuether, Mclba Steen, Lois Morgan, Carol Meartz, Alice Dordel, Antoinette Kuether, Ramona Lauritzen, Aimee Lou Rohde, Stan Levy, Robbin Bonnin. Second row: Judy Dixon, Ellen Reichel, Sandra Nixon, Beverly Rewey, Margaret Jensen, Nancy Breaker, Dianne Anderson, Jean Arnold, Sharon Martiny, Kathleen Jones, Mary Osborne, Carol Sorensen, Georgian Kopvlas, Mr. Cundlach. First row: Claudette Cullickson, Roberta Schultz, Alice Mueller, Laverna LeMay, Kath- ryn Hoover, Carol Rutter, Dorothy Heckner, Dorothey Wagner, Patricia Clark, Katherine Schultz, Joanne Peterson, Lisabeth Webster, Carol Hoehne, Ollie Mae Salmeen. Biology Club For this year's activities, the Biology Club, un- der the direction of Mr. John Gundlach, elected Alfred Mills, president, Ceorgian Kopvlas, vice-president, I.ois Morgan, sccretary-treas- urerg and Sandra Nixon, point recorder. The club activities, both social and educational, are based on the club pilrpose which is to fur- ther biological knowledge. These included hikes, walking and bikeg projects such as grow- ing plants and raising fish and animals, field trips to museums and biological points of in- terestg and social activities such as the annual Christmas party and the picnic in the spring of the year. On Sunday, January 14, the club sponsored a Tropical Fish Show with entries from both Neenah and Menasha and in the spring had an exhibit which was open to the public. J , ,,, ' ,LQ M ki ,- , N, . 4 I rw 1 A rlxiifi bf' F, Buck row: Nancy Ellis, Nancy Llewellyn, Marigen Braun, Marlene Lee, Gloria Zeh, Ramona Laurit- zen, Antoinette Kuether, Alice Drace, Vonnie Kuchenbeclter, Joyce Bunker, Mary Abel, Ann Pearson, Donna Crawford, Lillian DeBroka. Third row: Claudette Gullickson, Lotus Blank, Katherine Schultz, Patricia Steffen, Carol Porath, Jacqueline Landers, Madelyn Johnson, Charleen Brandt, Shirley Mickelson, Carol Robinson, Mary Abendroth, Judy Dixon, Roberta Schultz, Georgian Kopvlas. Second row: Janet VVis1ner, Sandra E. Schultz, Shirley Porath, Betty VVojcik, Beverly Rewey, Rosemary Salm, Nancy Haley, Jacklyn Martiny, Joanne Schultz, Joanne Gorr, Janet Burr, Alice Mueller, Janet Sanders, Eunice Mulvey. First row: Yvonne, Mary Boushley, Judy Owen, Dolores Plank, Betty Arndt, Joyce Olson, Sylvia Mikkelsen, Lorraine Hoehne, Patricia Verhagen, Audrey Schuette, Marjorie Gehrke, Donna Nielsen, Marylyn Ducat, Betty McKinnon, Marion Johnson. Girls' Athletic Association Buck row: Sandra Nixon, Mary Osborne, Lois Elm- gren, Betty Haldemann, Barbara Knether, Carol Zeinert, Jeannette Breaker, Katharine Hrubeclcy, Geraldine Pagel, Alice Dorclel, Nancy Breaker. Vir- ginia Baehl. Third row: Kathryn Bisel, Ellen Reichel, Carol Grnnslte, Kathleen O'Leary, Jane Loehning, Joan Zanmeyer, Elaine Joyce, Sally Stilp, Sharon Mar- tiny, Karen Olsen, Marlyn Anderson, Patricia Tap- pan, Donna Burr. Secoiizl row: Dorothy Heckner, Marilyn VVerling, Marilyn Stoegbauer, Janice Kreuter, Kay Carey, Mary DuBois, Carol Haufe, Shirley Mentink, Joyce Johnson, Germaine DeKeyser, Joan Jasperson. Nancy Owen, Eileen Hoeper, Donna Bastar. First row: Lois Gerrits, Gloria Dorn, Dorothy Schado, Shirley Parker, Darleen Sommer, Joyce Nelson, Shirley Swichtenberg, Geraldine Selle, Marlene DeMeuse, Muriel Schneider, Idell Na- puck, Carol Ammerman, Janice Handy, Carol Roeck, Doris Feagles. 74 Brick row: Jillene Baisler, Mary Jean Rutter, Sally Springer, Suzanne Mongan, Donna Stelow, Jean! ette Thomack, Patricia Thiel, Darlene Snell, Doro- thy Burmeister. Third row: Shirley Cullickson, Helen Hoehne, Sharon Sommer, Betsy Beglinger, Carole Bierman, Cecile Nault, Mary House, Elisabeth VVilton, Con- stance Campbell, Joan Heigl. Second row: Mary Severson, Carol Bcrcns, Joyce Zachow, Carole.Young, Athlean Boreson, Patricia Spiegelberg, Carol Thiel, Kay Denny, Ellen Evans, Audrey Tcrrian. First row: Dorgothy XVagner, Carol lloclme, Anu- ette Vanisky, Jeanette Peterson, Niomi Snaclcrs, Nancy Mortensen, Paula Braxcau, Barbara Doane, Arclis Baisler, Carol Bowman. Girls' Athletic Association l.ecl by Patricia Steffen, president, and Miss Veronica Janecck, atlvisor, the Girls, Athletic Association hacl an active and interesting year. The objective-to promote interest ancl partici- pation in athletics and to support athletics with enthusiasm, were successfully met. As a result, competition was keen and sportsmanlike with most of the girls participating. Back TOIUJ Darlene Petersen, Anita Braun, Marylin Breaker, Jacqueline Fanclrey, Carol Meartz, Doreen Johnson, Beverly Braun, Mary Kalfahs, Joan Doll. Tlzirtl row: Alice Kock, Margaret Jensen, Patricia Alferi, Marilyn Denkery, Faye Braun, Judy Schultz, Deloris Dordel, Nancy Nielsen, Sarah Muttart, Alice Pagel. Second row: Sally Philippi, Susan Jury, Karen WVilliams, Clarita Blank, Nancy Schnasse, Joyce Hrubesky, Jean Parker, Kathryn Phieter, Barbara Brown, Carol Cullickson, Mar' jorie Tulis. First row: Marie Gunther, Lizabeth Webster, Barbara Thorson, Margaret Witbrod, Sally Fredrick, Averil Ribble, Margie Labre, Gail Loehning, Donna Van Compel, Susan Kru- ger, Janice Neill, Suzie Parker. Back row: Coral Haufe, Virginia Raehl, Robert Kellett, john Coleman, Allan.Harding, Melvin Bork, VVilliam Howlett, Lavila Kuether, Helen Miller, Dorothy Burmeister. Second row: Donna Stelow, Antoinette Kuether, Sanclra Nixon, Steven Lanclig, Robert Parrish, lames Steffen, Frank jones, Carole Ammerman, Patricia Spiegelberg, Iacqueline Miller, Carol Thiel. First row: Larry Kyle, James Boehm, Nancy Owen, Charlotte Heinz, Lizabeth Webster, Miss Roper, George Kreiss, Duane Schroeder, Janice Hancly, Carol Pierce, Marilyn VVerling. Mixed And Girls' Choirs Back row: Beverly Rewey, Anita Braun, Nancy Haley, Shirley Porath, Patsy Tappan, -lean Pom- rening, Beverly Braun, Ann Pearson, janet VVismer, Doris Sorensen, Pauline Martin, Betty Sauer. Tlzird row: Carol Robinson, Helen VVickham. lo- anne Boehm, Marian Staffeld, Carol Rutter, Violet Bloom, Patricia Thiel, Sandra Rozelle, Sally Fred- rick, Vida Skifstacl, Miss Roper. Second row: Margaret YVitbroacl, Marlene De- 76 Meuse, joan Ellis, Lorraine Hoehn, Darlene Snell, Kay Denney, Shirley Parker, Auclrey Schuette, Sandra Hatch, Diana Burr, Donna Van Gompel, Geraldine Selle. First row: Janet Rivet, Rosemary Bruce, Lillian Hovelson, Darlene Charrier, Marie Gunther, Bar- bara Thorson, Roberta Schultz, Margaret Hoehne, Marie VVebster, Helen Hoehne, Shirley Monclav. Darlene Christian, Beverly Manteufel. ' I 5'-it Back row: Carol Sorensen, Katherine Schultz, Kathleen Jones, Carol Meartz, Jack Cauger, Merton Lee, Jack McConnell, Lois Morgan, Lester Beyer. Third row: Dorothy Heckner, Marlyn Anderson, Rosemary Salm, Faye Braun, Madelyn Johnson, Aubrey Fowler, Ramona Lauritzen, Lois Elmgren, Charleen Brandt, Carol Berens. Second row: Mr. Poellinger, Muriel Schneider, Nancy Ellis, Patricia Steffen, Jillene Rais- ler, Sharon Martiny, Donna Burr, Sandra Nixon, Larena Behm, Joanne Boehm, Miss Andrew. First row: Lotus Blank, Ollie Mae Salmeen, Georgie Kopvlas, Roberta Schultz, Judy Dixon, Jacqueline Miller, Beverly Labeda, Donna Crawford. Gloria Zeh, Betty Schuelke, Paul Frakes. Cub Staff The first edition of the "Cub," a special mimeo- graphed copy, came out on the first day of school to greet the returning students and give ominous warning to the nfreshiesv about the "Cub Mixer." As usual, the first Saturday of the school year saw a trembling freshman class initiated into N.H.S. school life. Carol Sorensen, one of the co-editors acted as emcee for the Mixer. December for the "Cubn staff meant the special six-page Christmas issue and the party for staff members where ridiculous gifts were exchang- ed. Next came the popular April Fool edition which brought to light many hidden facts and fancies about pupils and teachers alike. Participation in the State Tuberculosis Essay Contest earned an honorable mention for the "Cub" The annual "Cub,' picnic was held to conclude the year at which the 1951-52 staff was an- nounced. Special mention should be made of the capable iob done by Carol Meartz and Carol Sorensen, co-editors, the advisors, Miss Andrew and Mr. Poellinger, and the entire editorial and mechan- ical staff. an BQ Back row: Darlene Snell, Shirley Collier, Eileen lungenberg, Shirley Knaaclc, Lavila Kuether, Di- anne Anderson, Ioyee Freier, Shirley Porath., Alo- anne Boehm. Third row: Geraldine Selle, Donna Carlson, june Kemp, Doris Dietz, Marlene Lee, Nancy Sehnasse, Shirley Dabberhe, Darlene Sommer, Margaret VVitbrod, Marie VVebster. Second row: Carol Robinson, Darlene Nelson, Home Economics Club QV' 'la If Esther Ehlers, Lillian DeBroka, Delores Cauger, Betty Green, Pearl lungenberg, Helen Iulius, Bev- erly Sczenski, Marjorie Kemps, Miss Cullickson. First row: Rosemary Bruce, Shirley Criepentrog, Betty Arndt, Mae VVhitnev, Margaret Simons, Lois Jenkins, Marion Iohnsonf Arlene Sievert, Darlene Charrier, Etola Heider, Shirley Culliekson, Bev- erly Manteufel. i The Home Economics Club's purpose, to help the community on a charity basis and to learn by do- ing, have been successfully met during the past year. Etola Heider, presidentg Nancy Schnassc. vice-president, Marie YVL-bster, secretary, and Geraldine Selle, treasurer have led the group in various activities. The Il11ClG1'Pl'lVllGgCCl children had a Christmas party given especially for them hy the club mem- bers. ln the spring a fashion show was presented, each girl modeling the clothes she had made. Two utility tables were purchased for use in the home economics room with funds earned by the girls. Under the direction of Miss Kathryn Cullikson, the club had an active and successful year. ir. 'K 5 78 Rocket Officials CHARLEEN BRANDT PATRICK MURPHY LOTUS BLANK Co-Editor Photography Editor Co-Editor K MARY ABENDROTH MARY OSBORNE CAROL PORATH Editorial Editor Business Manager Typing Editor MR. CHARLES SHEPARD KURT HAGEN MISS LuNORA MEYER Faculty Advisor Art Editor Faculty Advisor 79 U 4 1 . EDITORIAL: Back row: John McConnell, Antoinette Kuether, ART' Joanne Boehm' Mane Web' Jane Loehning, Ramona Lauritzen, William Gresenz. Stel' I Third row: Marlyn Anderson, Patricia Tappan, Sandra Nixon, Mary Ann Reinke. Second row: Carol Ammerman, Katherine Hoover, Judith Schultz, Ralph Frakes. First row: Georgianna Kopvlas, Judith Dixon, Donna Burr, Marlene Lee, Marigen Braun. BUSINESS: Back row: Marilyn Denkert, Melba Steen, Lois Morgan, Polly Abel. Second row: Muriel Schneider, Sharon Martiny, Lois, Elmgren, Eileen Hoeper, Nancy Llewellyn. First row Marian Staffeld, Alice Cock, Shirley Swichtenberg, Carol Bierman, Janice Handy. TYPINC: Buck row: Patricia Steffen, Joan Jasperson, Sally Stilp, Joan Zaumeyer. Second row: Donna Bastar, Kathene O'Leary, Geraldine DeKeyser, Barbara Brown. First row: Caryl Lafiin, Idell Napuck, Elizabeth Schullke, Marilyn Popp. PHOTOGRAPHY: Carol Berens Peter Thompson, Karen Williams Shirley Mickelson. Calendar SEPTEMBER 5-6-The old grind began for the teachers with a two-day planning session. 7-THE DAY!! School opened, heralded by the mimeographed edition of the "Cub," Reign of terror began for the freshmen. 9-At the annual Cub Mixer, the trembling class of '54 was formally initiated into the social life of Neenah High. The evening was highlighted by trips to the cemetery and any nearby bub- blers. 11-Calling all bookworms, rabble rousers, gossip mongers-library opened. 12-F or about an hour, girls lost sight of boys and vice-versa. Separate attendance assemblies were held. 13-Treatment started for goiter ills With those familiar small brown pills. 14-The racket began as the fall tennis season opened. 15-The walls of N.H.S. resounded with cheers. The first pep assembly was held. Freshmen learned who those aloof muscle men were as Coach Puff introduced the gridiron gladiators. 16-Rockets shot over Kewaunee 27-14 in the first football game of the season. 20-Students were told about Rotary Luncheon. Code of ethics pamphlets were distributed. Girls organized. The G.A.A. CGood and Anxious Athletes! held its first meeting to plot activities for the year. 21-22-Campaigning paid off for popular politi- cians. Class elections were held. 26-Food, fun and females took over Riverside Park as the G.A.A. picnic was held. The unoffi- cial program included learning the Charleston followed by ankle massage. 28-Big day! Magazine sales began. The first printed edition of the "Cub" came out. Girls! Girls! Girls! A large part of the female population, of N.H.S. turned out for the annual Big and Little Sister Party. 30-Neenah defeated Two Rivers 44-13. OCTOBER 3-All students anxiously waited in line to have their pictures taken. Girls flocked to the auditorium to try out for the fall play. Conversation Club members voted for officers for the year. 4-Home rooms elected student council represen- tatives. 7-Neenah whipped the New' London Bulldogs 33-0 on our gridiron. 9-Debaters held first meeting of the ear. Third period was' set aside for statistic study. 10-Ho hum. Boring day. 11-Hooray! Business men and educators got to- gether, and students got out of school. 12-Shivering students wandered around all day and finally ended up where they were supposed to be-in back of the school for Rocket pictures. 13-The day finally arrived for the traditional Nee- nah-Menasha football game. It ended in a dead- lock, 13-13, on Friday the thirteenth. 14-About 600 students representing several differ- ent schools took over N.H.S. An enjoyable and educational time for all at the Speech Institute. 16-Betty Button held every student's interest as she presented an assembly program at 8:30. 17-"Take a deep breath. Fine. Thank you." All students took advantage of the trailer T. B. clinic. 18-Freshman girls proudly escorted their mothers to the Freshman Tea. 20-Another tie. It was the Shawano-Neenah game, 20-20 on the 20th of October. 23-Appropriately during United Nations Week, the Girls' Senate sponsored a very impressive mock Security Council meeting against a back- ground of flags representing all the nations in the UN. 28-Kaukauna defeated Neenah at our homecom- ing. A disappointing score to end an otherwise perfect day-score: 19-13. NOVEMBER 2-3-A refreshing vacation as teachers attended the annual convention in Milwaukee-but-it rained. Maybe better luck next year. 8-The Library Club held a tea for the faculty. 13-14-"All Kinds of Peoplev was presented by the Thespians, in the afternoon for the students and in the evening of the following day for the pub- lic. 15-Report cards, hmm! Oh well, we can do better next time. 18-Neenah defeated Wisconsin Rapids in basket- ballg it was rated the No. 1 team in the state. 19-Basketball again. We suffered our first defeat at Appleton. 22-Colonel Davies talked to us in an assembly. 23-26-Thanksgiving vacation, one day to eat and three to recover. 25-Rockets defeated Brillion here in a non-confer- ence game. CHo Hum-weire just good.l DECEMBER 1-Rockets started off the month by hi-jacking the Truckers 53-46. 2-Conversation Club really clicks With a rural party for city slicks. 8-Rockets haunted the Ghosts with a 61-42 score at Kaukauna. fWe did it again.j Tabs Dance followed. 10-Choir concert cancelled-Miss Roper ill. Things started humming as vacation approached. 11-Debate tournament held here. Social studies classes treated to the performance. 12-Nosy Newsies got together for the annual "Cub" Christmas party. 16-Shawano Indians visited us. They received a 63-50 setback. 20-Home Ec. Club Christmas Party. Rockets Hooded Two Rivers 54-45. 21-Christmas edition of the Cub came out. CSanta got all the inside informationj 22-Band presented its Christmas concert. C Sure sign of the season.J 23-Nothing new. Incidentally, vacation started. Merry Christmas! JANUARY 1-New Year's Day was quiet. fStarting 1951 right.J 2-Rocket cagers ripped Ripon. Wasn't that a tearing shame? 5-New London dropped in and dropped down in conference standings as Rockets triumphed 71-47. 8-Guess what started? Could it be school? 11-Betty Beyer entertained us in an assembly. She also had her big moment-Johnny Gundlach let her wave at him. 12-It was those Jays again! By some fantastic quirk of fate, the Rockets were defeated 62-57. 13-In spite of our defeat, the G.A.A. Balloon Dance was a huge success. Tony Winters pro- vided the music. 14-Tropical Fish Show enjoyed smooth sailing. 17-Shutters clicked as smiles stretched. Rocket pictures were taken. 18-No. 7 came out. C The "Cub" of course!! 24-25-26-Midnight oil is burned-we cram So we can pass those tough exams! Um hum! Semester exams were administered. 26-Rockets were hosts to the Ghosts and defeated them 58-48, FEBRUARY l-Rotary Luncheon. Eight students were hon- ored. 3-Double Duty Day-Dance and Debate. The Girls' Senate invited us to "come to the Mardi Grasf' 6-We learned about Abraham Lincoln at a spe- cial assembly. 9-Rockets traveled to Shawanois Happy Hunting Grounds and won the game 51-50. 10-Sectional Debate Contest was held. 16-Two Rivers game was postponed. Old Man Winter won by 20 degrees. 17-Rockets faced New London and came out with a 72 to 65 win. 18-Midwinter band concert. 19-Two Rivers finally got here. Result: Rockets were defeated 58-53. QThat,s one of the games we'll forget about., 23-Blue Jays fly across the boulevard and upset the Rockets, 65-63 in a double overtime game. fWe're still protesting that one.J 24-State debate contest was held. Neenah debat- ers conducted themselves favorably. 28-Band went to Ripon to present a concert in the morning. At night the Rockets were defeated by the Kaukauna Ghosts at the Regional Tourn- ament. MARCH 1, 2, 3-Regional tournament. Neenah defeated East DePere on the 2nd but lost to Kimberly on the Srd. Menasha went to state, but we don't talk about that. 6-Don Crawford showed us a movie of his ex- periences as cook on the "Yankee Clipperf' 8-Seniors graced the halls in suits and spikes for Career Day. Speakers advised our graduates- to-be. Sectional tournament opened at Menasha. 12-Thespians presented "Clementine', for stu- dents at 2:10. In spite of the fact that we missed classes, we managed to enjoy it. 15-Senior girls entertained their mothers at a ban- quet sponsored by the Girls' Senate. Thespians presented "Clementine" at 8:00 P.M. for the public. State basketball tournament began. 16-The choirs presented a program of solos, duets, ensembles and group singing. We're out! School was dismissed for Easter va- cation. Eager little eggheads vanished at 3:41. .l7-26-WVelcome sweet springtime! Vacation was wonderful! 27-We returned at 8:14 as school started again. 29-A Youth Hostel meeting was held at noon for busy bikers. 31-Freshmen were hosts at the first dance after Easter. The evening was highlighted by fun. 83 APRIL 1-Did someone put sugar in your salt shaker to- day? 2-All those interested in roller skating plus the rest of the student body watched "The Skatersn whirl at an assembly in the gym. 11-Repart cards again. 24-The annual junior Night was held for the girls and their mothers. Everyone came dressed in her best. MAY 2, 3, 4-The underclassmen decided on next yearis subjects as the seniors sat back and gloated. 5-Cirls in filmy formals and boys in their white jackets danced to the theme of "Blue Moon" at the junior Prom. 9-Eighth grade students from the rural schools learned how N.H.S. functioned as they spent a day here. 11-The conference track meet was held. 28-Awards were presented and proudly accepted at an all-school assembly. 30-A short vacation before the real one-Decora- tion Day. 31-Ah yes! The end finally was nearing. Seniors struggled with their last exams. JUNE 1-Another day for senior tests! 3-Seniors attended their Baccalaureate. It was a serious moment as they looked ahead to gradu- ation. 4, 5-Unclerclassmen faced final exams. 6-Graduation-and a new life ahead for the sen- iors of Neenah High School. Proud friends and relatives watched as the seniors stepped for- ward to receive their diplomas. 8-Report cards and students both out!! S The "Rocket', sincerely thanks the following advertisers for generously contributing full page ads KIMBERLY-CLARK CORPORATION MARATHON CORPORATION NEENAH PAPER COMPANY Half page ads were generously contributed to the "Rocket" by the following advertisers FADNER STUDIO BOEHM'S MARKET ATLAS TAG COMPANY NEENAH BRASS WORKS CENTRAL PAPER COMPANY GILBERT PAPER COMPANY JERSILD KNITTING COMPANY To financially support the "Rocket" the following contributed fourth page ads: 'Chudacoff's Grocery Wm. Krueger Company De Keyser and Rasmussen Larson and Schreiter Furniture Co. Equitable Reserve Association Menasha Wooden Ware Corporation Haase Klinke and Rhoades Neenah Milk Products Company Hewitt Machine Company, Inc. Red Owl Super Market The Jandrey Company Sawyer Paper Company Jerrold's Thiede Good Clothes-Appleton F. W. Woolworth Company The following helped to make the 'Tiocketv possible by contributing sixth page ads: A. H. Angermeyer Meyer's Bootery A 81 P 'Super Market Meyer's Floor Covering Company Atlas Office and School Supplies Morton's Drug Store Barnett Pharmacy Mueller Ice Cream Company Block's Service Station Neenah Hardware Company, Inc. Draheim's Sporting Goods O.K. Lumber and Fuel Company Ferron's-Appleton Olene's Shop Haertl's Jewelry Store Pond Sport Shop-Appleton Hopfensberger Brothers Raisler's Home Equipment Store John's Food Mart Schaller Furniture Company Kiefer Men's Wear Schultz Drug Store Keil and Werner Electric Company Tew's Hardware Kraemer's Greenhouse Tuchscherer's Al Laflin's Super Service Twin CNY Cleaners I-'Welle Motor Sales Twin City News Record L0fff1ine'S The valley Inn MCC0ffhY'S -leWelfY 5i0"e E. F. Wieckert Lumber Company For the financial support of the "Rocket,', contributions were received from the following: Co-op Food Stores Neenah Floral Greenhouse The Clothes Shop Neenah Theatre Lear Cosgrove Stetfen's Grocery Hammen's Food Market Sunlite Dairy Josten's-Owatonna, Minnesota Tew's Shop Larson Cleaners Woeckner's Jewelry Shop 86 if W Fst fg- ,V W VU'-fe .1-v ww. il-'J y U ' In ,H AJ-T ,WWML , 1 5 ,1.,. m:+ 3.1" '1': '1Q,,J-.-,"-AM' -' M? .f1.i1c,. , .. ,. ..--.,.A ' . -1 lg, ,S -1 I . an ,JI '1 nf, n .1 L' I - x ,, v- . ' 1 ,ar W-1 -4.v , "1'k,k'sw M-ik E v Y y Q msc- mx k w - f A X 1 1 w 1 - 1 v -I . x 1 4 .r f 1 I 1 I Y v 1 1 x x. r f I '- I 1 .5 1. vs 4 .f fm J ,V .1 L 1, . 1 L 1 fxvu h Q--. fi? 'I " .T '. A, f ,N ' Q 87 1 Fw.: I ' ' x ,' ' '.. .. , X . ., ', 4'.' ,. ' .yn H. ' .Q , W - . X --,, ,gy .-, N... ,V .. r v 'mid v,.' A ' f ,uhh 4 T ,MH 4" 11' r''z.fE WSH? YL, 1: I E w. 4 249' ,f ' 5 aw 1,, f. A t A I , :W I V 'I r lf A 'fb 1 r ,f NI., ,uwxgwpx ' r . 1 xdf 1 l,l'n" A's 1 W- - ' I , . .. ., ' " .,wwz'. . - '- ,. -. V w"'4- x1'.ly""12" 1 -HV' 'X '1 . ' '- Q. M, Q., .1 . :J gun- 4. V ' E ,-4.1 rn uw ,fwy - .sv .. 2 ,, ,M . ' - ., - .:, -.5 -. Ar-Q, V A .N 41.-,. '-. ,,f.5' 1 . - :nf . - I' fc, - ' ,. .. . If Q, .' .M 11 4' -1 ,. M 11 Lf,-1 ' I. . - A , .'1. " " D , wr ,iffif f' " if fsmlw -""Qk 1fv-1 1-. L 4 .-by wwf-gf'-"ww,'Yvx3Y,-.KA 35,24 KA. X ', , u. G, ' JI - ' k I , ., .1 . , ,,.' .fy .,-f S. I, - . ,,, ,.,,,.,. , ,e 5.2 14- .. . .. -, .,..'M,:,. H , Ah A, . 31, .. '- 5 " ' ' N Y' x- " ' f 59 'l'1"'. - 1- .. ,' -' F' "ev-tk ,- ni- 1 ". .'. Uv -Cl" '11 . M .M 1. X A ' 1 " f - I' -""" --I 3- Fl QU - ,- ,',,-f'.y7wnx,,,.F"-,- 'u WK- ,, xml' 1,1 ,I 1, J , V T va-, N x . A . . H. , UQ I., .,.. .- ,, + 1 .ef-, , ' Wx, 1' ,ev '- 5 . ,. -.-1- f ' , -, . ' A f' "F -V5 '- .P ."--yu. ,1 . 'Y fl 'x "iw: ,- 51 "+A" 11-pr" r za' ,H -M, 1 .. , ., -: 1, . .1 1 .,.j,,s V q -1 A, ' .N , 'M ba .. ' 1 , . ,.N - . -.M-: ,. .. Lfzgn ' I V X- L , f X. AH V 4 Align! , J, M, t., VA WUg:gr J Y.: - ,, ' ' ' "1 .eJ,,:. Q, W. ' 'J g ' - - ' ' ' 1 ' 1 -'W' . ,KN -f,Wg f.l,,4'- ' A 0 ' 1-N . EQ . -1 1 , 9 Aqxgw ... V, N-Q'-Q., -4., uw V,-,E 5 v , 4 23. '.F xr., ,WL Swv-1-,Z : 'A u f " 1,,,,f- V 5. , A. X 5 ' - ,ml ,, , ' ' L - V , -X 5 ,- 4- , .,, 11 fx ' , , ' 'J' ,- . 3 - 11, ' A ' J f 4 ' X ' 'ru ., Z U - .- ' ' V ,, ' 'Jw- it , - , ' . Q . I .' M , . 4 . , , v ,. . . . , 1. ,l Wy ' .Y ,X ,, ' . A , K, , I ' 1- H -r" I' A ' M ' 7. ' W .x. VX , 3 ' rf - Q p, X X . KT ,C ak J , VL , ' n v, Y' ' .' -.,. 191, .Q Pk 'f' 1-1 ' - , v '- f ' ' ., ,'-" ' , M-' ' - ' ' . '. .3 'T ' mv " .' xi I 4 A V If r ffm 1. 'M -- ' ' "fb Y 'ya . ' A ty - " , ni V ',-fr' .' Wy",-1 ' '1' ', , A X V- ' '11"f'f , ' . I h 1 V ' I. Y v J- KV: 1 3 H: A , N , , 1 4 5. , V ,L . ' f- " f . N I-" ' 1 ' 1 ' -T, 3 I X. u N ,f ' ' - 5-1 - ,, . 4 5 tal S . at . K . Q , ' ' "- . , W' . I , X I I , '. - .. , ,J ' t ,- . I xv VV ' - , ' ' H v l I .1 ' A , . , . V, ,, Q - F - 1,,s V I' . I v ', f F . N 1' ' " ' ,. 1 'I X -' . ' , i, " o - -- V -1 - . . - U . . ' . Q vw 'Q' -. Y '. .F . - ' ' ', . ,' T1 ' , Y, .a 1 -' 1' , ' I, ' .' ,. - V .' " ' ' lf", r u ' - . , - r f 'L - j 4: 1 Y ' I I V v K w 1 ' -J L ' 4. . I , A , .V , H , V 1 ' 4 -- 1 " '4 ' , l .rl in A V W , . I l ' '..- W ', I' .. . - . 1 ' f - - , - .f v - M 1. . f 4 V - ' ' ' ' s s 5 f. f 1' Q M V ' ' - A , . . A , V ' L 4 Q ' "' " y , . . ' - A - A . , V - , . , A. , -4 V 9 , .' - 4, 1 : . ' ' ' 4. . ,r., R, L , ' .. A W , ,K I -V " . , . W . V lv 1 W' - " ' , Q " n I -",. , . K V A --' , 1 , A ' I 4 - -1 -' ' .V ' .V . 1 , - V , . , -' .K I , , .1 5. . , - ,r . , 1 Y , L- v V ,J ,E V Y l if I' px. ., Q R V . Y, L 1, uw- ff' 1 'g.f..'3-, ,,-,,q,:,,!lH'f 1 .mfg-Mf f " 'mu 4++amz,y,-v.fuf.n.!:'513 A --ww-:Af ' 'I . Q - - fp. J' , 1. in Ji? , x .4 1 . ug. f, sg J, V "..":1:'. pp:- ,,. 1-Z ' . y,W,,1 X- ! A WilQ4.'f" x ' . - 3-X C f ., -J' ,-ii , F, HJ gif ' .K Y AM - 1. , 1 'Hg ,, , ,, I "Jr If ,. 'W .F T' X W. x ' K 'r , ,- r.,f A r - - ...- , -'- , 1 1 , s gf V M"":.- - 7 . .1 L 4.-1' ,M , V ,.'- ,5-5:5 ii , 3.54 1 . . 7 3, A '- -fan M., s -"H V- J. Q' -f 4, 4 Q . ,W- -. 1 ,- Ly .fl r V' . .1 . ,' 4' ui, - 1 -- , N I. -,, 'I ' -...V 4 . , - .,.,, i, 1, gf, a"" 0 . 1 E , .,,. 5 , 4 " .1 '-5 .. .,, f A J' U1 ' N.. 1 1 , Y X , , .up .HE 52 .-,I .1 1 L- 3 r,:,g 53 Fi 1 ' 'wir .vl -xi. 1 52' -1 f ' 1- x 1:9- 9 1: ' fg , ' ,..f ..y - . X, 1 '!"!V . L. ' ' . , ng ' 5 1 1 if " .ng -',, H" air' j" E+. ..,.L 'Ll , iq- lil: .. .Mig , ' J , ,gg Y' V. -i clfiatf bufzllx Q '. fi 1 "1 , -g :ii we ': 'wfa . ,G .. ' .Q X! ' L-Q ., .11 . ,N , .,,. ' ' T-,L " 'EY -hug , .-,QQ . !,- Y .J wig. ,542 . wg ga -Ny ,ff ' 'I Miata ,-'wg' I ,, .1 ,Q if - V ,'-v '. rff fe K I -QU? Q ':"' -if 1 P 3 :- 1 .1 ,125 a v i 1 Y 1- " ,A . . A vi. ,fwifg-, v 1 A -ru 4 I 5 9 fig:-' 4 oh 'Lai J 1. 4 fm'- .sf wa,-J-pd' F' mv pf- 41..- ...le A ,Stu-ns -f rl v.. A fu -an-1 ,,.-. . vffiivf' fi ug. V: if 1 ' - sf, -1, L- ' 4'-Y ' 1 ,5115 .,V. .1 , , " "i 'y,,k 2 :Wig 'f 'T f H i? ' iii?-a :J I s .1,- ,,-mia ,- ,J-ff?-3' ' --3 'L .Q-. atv,-55. - Sig' A Q:-T, -'11 .Ly-.QM - N'f'l'11-4 CL' , . X 1.3:-1 A ' -4 W ., M, .H-bf---r-'f' -'Q - AMG! iw 1 A K- Aw- W" wr, pu- ' Y 'T 2 -2- , A-, - - .w. .Q H' ' rg ' ki 2, ,fr " 4 ,F . 1 V 2' 'f-ff, 7'3'.."T 'K ..,, , 3 -x .-f. ,, . T41-S: F 1' ,-x f -4 .rd G... 1-.9 it aff 9 I iz. ' :ir Q , f

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Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Neenah High School - Rocket Yearbook (Neenah, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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