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LEO SCHUBART DEDICATION After serving on the Board of Education for nine years, seven of which he was the president, Mr. Leo Schubart retired from active duty. Mr. Schubart is not the native of Neenah that many people believe him to be. He was born in Denmark, but has lived in Neenah since 1905 and is a graduate of Neenah High School. Active in Boys' Brigade since 1919, he still serves in an advisory capacity. He also was a member of the Police and Fire Commission for twenty-four years. During his nine years on the Board, the Athletic Department was reorganized, a survey of building needs was made, the plans and specifications for Wilson School were set up, and Mr. Brien was put in charge of the school maintenance program. Among other things, Mr. Schubart was always on hand on Commencement Night to present the diplomas and extend a hearty handshake to each senior after his long trek across the stage. For his long period of service and for his genuine interest in the improvement of the Neenah public schools, we, the students of Neenah High School, dedicate this 1949 "Rocket." Page Five Page Six We're proud of Neenah High School! We're proud of our expansive athletic field, the field house, the beautiful trees, the lawn, and shrubs that enhance the beauty of the building. But these are all material things. Let us turn now to our "friendly facultyi' and the "studious students," the human element with t which no school can exist. .ff-ft""c-P infix W eff aWq SX , i f fyffW'V'fle c sw Y. N' A X ,gs Page Seven EDUCATIONAL MR. HAROLD B. MENNES Superintendent of Scboolx Our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. H. B. Mennes, has had a very active year, supervising the erec- tion of the new Wilson grade school building, along with all the other routine activities which keep him very busy. It is the aim of Mr. Mennes and the Board of Education to have more "ade- quate service" for Neenah students in the way of buildings and equipment. With this in mind, they have made surveys of population trends in our city, and they have made spot maps of the number of children in the age groups of one, two, and three. By doing this, it is possible for them to estimate and forecast what the schooling needs will be in future years. The members of the Board of Education, recog- nized leaders in the community, are elected by the citizens of Neenah for terms of three years. On the first Monday of every month these representa- tives meet with Mr. Mennes to discuss the many problems which arise concerning our school system. This year has been an extremely busy one for this group, too, because of the new school build- ing which is being erected. Each problem which would arise dealing with this construction had to be discussed and solved. It is the board which must give the final "okay" on all plans concerning the Neenah schools, sug- gested for their approval by Mr. Mennes. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Ridgeway, Mr. Bloom, Mr. Hrubecky, Mr. Epps, Mr. Sund, Mr. Vclte. Absent: Dr. Quade. ,,.fffW' x 'vi Page Eight EXPERTS The principal of our high school, Mr. Harley Borgen, is a very active man. His job is directing the activities of the students and of the teachers. He is adviser of the Student Council, thereby meeting with the students to discuss their problems and listen to their ideas on school life. With the help of the Council, he selects the assem- bly programs for the following year. Mr. Borgen de- cides policies of the school, helps students arrange theii programs, and is always ready to be of assistance. This year it has been among his aims to improve the curricu- lum, which has been done in the commercial depart- ment, home economics classes, and English classes. Mr. Borgen is a member of the Research Planning Com- mittee of the State Secondary School Principals' Asso- ciation. This spring he attended a meeting of the reviewing committee of the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges at Chicago. These are a few of the many things that the man at the "head" has been doing for Neenah High School. Mr. George Christoph, who acts as Dean of Boys in Neenah High School, has a very big job checking at- tendance, issuing make-up cards, excuses, and permits to all the boys. Under the direction of Mr. Christoph, the hall monitors must check to see if bikes are parked in the racks and if cars are parked in the correct places. This year hall monitors have been checking to see if students' lockers are locked. In addition to this, he teaches three general science classes. Mr. Christoph deserves a great deal of credit for his understanding work with the boys of Neenah High School as well as for his line work with the hall monitors. Miss Margaret Griffiths, who is our Dean of Girls, is of great help to the girls in Neenah High School. She not only checks absences, gives make-up cards, excuses, and permits, but offers excellent advice and help where it is needed. Miss Griffiths holds conferences with each girl individually, doing her best for better adjust- ment in high school. This year Miss Griffiths has tried to call at the homes of all freshman irls, so that eventu- ally she will have made contaclp sonally with all the parents. The Girls' MR. HARLEY O. BORGEN Principal mother-and-daughter teas and dinners. Miss Griffiths is also a senior counselor in cooperation with the guid- ance department. Mr. Floyd Cummings is the Guidance Director in Neenah High School. He talks with the students about their problems of social, educational, and vocational nature, and gives tests to determine intelligence, abilities, preferences, and aptitudes. This is for the purpose of enabling students to be better adjusted and to find a future vocation for which they are best suited. The seniors are given special attention along this line al- though vocational guidance is started with the freshmen. Mr. Cummings can also offer advice on iobs and help students End them. He spends much time talking to various community groups about his program of guid- ance in Neenah High School. He attended a meeting of the National Association of Guidance Directors in Chi- cago. The Psychometry Club, a group of girls organized for the purpose of assisting with tests and doing clerical ganization headed by her n more friendly con- Senate, she sponsors -Q Miss Griffiths tact with the work for the guidance department, is under his super- vision. He is the co-ordinator of all the guidance activ- ities of all the members of the faculty who are counselors. Christoph, Miss Griffiths, Mr. Cummings Page Nine PATIENT JOSEPH BRAUN B.E. River Falls State Teachers College General Science General Mathematics Assistant Football Coach, Baseball Coach, Adviser to Freshman Class, Assistant Noon-hour Activities JOHN GUNDLACH B.S. University of Wisconsin M.S. University of Wisconsin Biology Adviser to Biology Club, Projection Club, and Director of Audio-Visual Aids LENNARD KRAUSE B.A. Northland College Chemistry Physics Adviser to Science Hobbies Club and junior Class KATHRYN GULLIKSON B.S. Central State Teachers College Home Economics Adviser to Home Economics Club LILA ANDREW B.S. University of Illinois Shorthand Typing I journalism Adviser to Cub DOROTHY BURGDORFF B.E. Whitewater State Teachers College Shorthand II Typing II Oiiice Practice Cafeteria Finances Senior Counseling MRS. DORIS ARDELT B.E. Whitewater State Teachers College Typing I and II Business Training Business Mathematics Sophomore Counseling, Business Ac- counts, Assist with Pep Club, Vaude- ville Show KENNETH PETERSON B.E. Whitewater State Teachers College Business Administration Business Law General Business Training Bookkeeping Treasurer of School Activities Fund Treasurer of Athletic Association, Adviser to Sophomore Class BRAUN GUNDLACH KRAUSE GULLIKSON ANDREW BURGDOREE ARDELT PETERSON Page Ten BEGER LEAMAN STOUFFER SHEPARD PEDAGOGUES KENNETH BEGER B.E. Milwaukee State Teachers College M.A. Lawrence College American History World History Social Problems Adviser to Sophomore Class, Senior Counseling HELEN HUGHES B.S. University of Minnesota Ph.M. University of Wisconsin World History Adviser to Debate and Extemporaneous Spea ing R Y LEAMAN . Oshkos e Teachers College ' h. ce College F . Adviser to Senior Class, Ushers' Club School Elections, Freshman Coun- seling KENNETH POULTON B.E. Northern Illinois State Teachers College Ph.M. University of Wisconsin Geography Civics ROBERT STOUEEER River Falls State Teachers College Social Problems Pep Club Adviser, Senior Counseling IVAN WILLIAMS Ph.B. University of Wisconsin Ph.M. University of Wisconsin American History Tennis Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach, Junior Counseling CHARLES SHEPAIID B.A. Ripon College Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry Advanced Algebra Assistant Football Coach, Adviser to Rocket LELA RAINE Ph.B. University of Wisconsin M.S. University of Wisconsin Algebra Adviser to Coin Club, Sophomore Counseling Page Eleven HUGHES POULTON WILLIAMS RAINE BROETZMAN HARRIS MEYER PETERSON PATIENT EDITH BROETZMAN B.S. Eau Claire State Teachers College English I Core Curriculum Director of Spring Play, Adviser to Forensics HELEN FLADLIEN B.S. La Crosse State Teachers College Library Adviser to Library Club, Senior Coun- seling EDNA MAE HARRIS B.A. University of Wisconsin English I and III Adviser to Forensics, junior and Senior Counseling FANNYBELLE KISER B.A. DePauw University M.A. University of Wisconsin Latin Spanish Adviser to the Stamp Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Junior Counseling LA NORA MEYER B.E. Oshkosh State Teachers College M.A. Northwestern University English III Remedial Reading Rocket Editorial Adviser, Junior and Senior Counseling HELEN PAULSON B.A. DePauw University M.A. University of Wisconsin Speech English II Chairman of Forensics, Director of Fall Play, Senior Counseling HELENE PETERSON B.E. University of Minnesota English II and IV Adviser to Rocket Echoes EMILY OLESON B.S. Milwaukee State Teachers College Art Page Twelve .,-I1 FLADLIEN KISER PAULSON OLESON YYY' PEDAGOGUES OLE JORGENSEN B.E. LaCrosse State Teachers College Physical Education Athletic Director, Intramural Director, Coach of Basketball, Track, and Freshman Football Mus. OLE JORGENSEN B.E. La Crosse State Teachers College Physical Education Girls, Athletic Association, Cheerlead- ing Adviser, Girls' Tennis Team ARTHUR PAFF B.S. University of Wisconsin Ph sical Education Y Head Football Coach, Freshman Bas- ketball Coach, Assistant in Track ARMIN GERHARDT B.S. Stout Institute Industrial Arts Conservation Club Adviser, Stage Pro- duction AL POELLINGER B.S. Stout Institute Printing, Drafting Cub, Rocket Echoes, School Printing Production EDWIN W. ZENISEK B.E. Oshkosh State Teachers College Industrial Arts LESTER MAIS B.A. Lawrence College Band RUTH E. ROPER B.M. Lawrence College M .M . North western University Vocal Music JORIQEEJSEN JORGENSEN GERHARDT POEIGHEGER ZENISEK Page Thirteen ROPER SOPHISTICATED SENIORS We thought the class of '48 was largeg however, we surpassed it and came to be the largest freshman class to traverse the halls of dear old Neenah High School. Appreciating this fact, we elected very capable class ofhcers. For president we elected John Neubauer. David Martin, Peggy Blank, and Verlyn Thomack were elected vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. It was also at this time that we elected Mr. Leaman to be our class adviser. We were extremely immature, inexperienced and naive, but it wasn't long before the school began to depend upon us for our ideas and opinions. At last we had become orientated in the intricate life of Neenah High School. After a well-rounded freshman year, we returned in the fall, eagerly anticipating the majesty of our sopho- more year. During our second year at Neenah High School, we elected Frank Meyer, presidentg Thad Epps, vice-president, Joan Hagen, secretary, and Verlyn Thomack, treasurer. We not only proved ourselves to be able athletes but able geniuses as well. We likewise proved our ingenuity when we sponsored the sophomore dance on February 15, for it turned out to be one of the highlights of the year. It was also in our sophomore year that we became well-known for the laurels heaped upon us on Awards Day. When we came back in the fall for our junior year, we exhibited our new-found poise and became more stabilized academically as well as athletically. Almost immediately we began making plans for the prom. To carry out these plans we elected Richard Olson as our president, with Howard Palmer, Gloria Philippi, and Jean Zaumeyer completing the slate as vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. We then settled down to really working on the prom. To direct these activities we chose Kurt Gross to head the planning CLASS OFFICERS Earl Page, vice-president, Nancy Thorson, treasurerg Kirk Lawson, president, Lorraine Rohde, secretary. committee, with Patricia Ryan, jane Aldinger, and joan Hagen directing the orchestra and decorations com- mittees. Gloria Phillipi, Kirk Lawson, Eva Mae Mueller. Karlene Sawyer and Patricia Zenisek were chairmen of the chaperones, invitations, publicity, refreshment, and ticket committees, respectively. We always felt that the committees worked to capacity, for we had a wonderful prom. We danced in a paradise known as a "Night in Dreamland." We know that those who attended the prom will never forget the grand march and especially "On Wisconsin." By the end of our junior year, we had developed a large group of capable leaders so that when we came back in the fall, we were prepared to meet the many problems of our senior year. After the election returns came in, we found that Kirk Lawson had been elected presidentg Earl Page, vice-president, Lorraine Rohde secretaryg and Nancy Thorson, treasurer. School had barely begun when we realized it was time to start preparing for graduation. The numerous commencement committees started to function. We were measured for caps and gowns, and in almost no time we found our- selves preparing for graduation pictures, as well as or- dering our cards and announcements. By the time prom night arrived, which was May seventh, we began to fully realize that our school days were soon to be over. On the whole, we were quite proud of the many things our class had done for our school, such as the two representatives we had on the state debate team, Charles Diestler and Kirk Lawson. We were also very proud of the fellows who played on our Northeastern Wisconsin championship basketball team, not to men- tion the many seniors who helped make Neenah High School's numerous clubs successful. On May twelfth, the much-awaited "career day" arrived, a day on which we all received inspiration and information regarding the fu- ture. Our guest speaker, Mr. john Wrage, gave us some priceless information and valuable advice about the future, which was reiterated in the groups that followed later. Then came the senior banquet, that occasion when all the seniors gathered together for an evening of more dignified but genuine pleasure. On june fifth we donned our caps and gowns for baccalaureate, that solemn occasion with the entire class participating in a program of solemn reverence. It gave us a grand feeling of "oneness," and then more than ever we realized that school meant more than just books, classes, and education. It meant foot- ball games, dances, clubs, speeches, tourna- ments, the usefulness of semester exams, the wild excitement previous to the Neenah-Men- asha games, and last, but certainly not least, the prom. It meant that we had finally com- pleted those preparations for an adult life upon which we were entering. We had ar- rived at the cross roads. For some it meant the completion of one more step of education before continuing in college. For others it i meant the end of school days and the entrance into the "work-a-day" world. But for all of us it meant the building of friendships which will always be held dear in the years to come. i Page Fourteen CLARA ANNE ALBERT "Clare" Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 4: Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club 4: Cub Stal? 4: G.A.A. 1: Home Economics Club 2, 3: Latin Club 2. 3: Library Club 1, 2: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Psychometry Club 3, 4: Rocket Staff 1, 2, 3. Editor-in-Chief 4: Rotary Luncheon l: Badger Girls' State 3: Salutatorian. JANE ALDINGER Hfdlllen Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club 2, 3, Secretary 4: Cub Staff 2, 3, Co-Feature Editor 4: Girls' Choir 2: Hall Monitors 3, 4: Home Economics Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3: Mixed Choir l: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Science Hobbies Club, Reporter 4: Student Council 1: Rotary Luncheon 3. ANN ANDERSEN "Annie" Band 1: Biology Club 4: Commencement Committee 4: Forensics 2. 3: Hall Monitors 3, 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2: Mixed Choir 2, Card Chairman 3, Secretary 4: Rocket Stall' 4: Latin Club 2. Consul 3: Thespians 2, 3. 4: Rotary Luncheon 3: D.A.R. Delegate: Homecoming Queen 4. DALLAS ANDERSON "Dal" Band 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 4: Conservation Club 2: Intramurals 4: Mixed Choir 4: Pep Band l, 2, 3: Tennis l, Z. ROGER ANDERSON "Andy" Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Commencement Com- mittee 4: Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band l. 3, 4: Rotary Luncheon 2. MARY APLIN Girls' Choir 3: Hall Monitors 4: Home Economics Club 3: Mixed Choir l, 4: Pep Club 3. KENNETH ARNDT "Ken" Conservation Club 2: Cub Staff 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Rocket Echoes 4: Track 1, 2, 3. RICHARD BAER "Dick" Commencement Committee 4: Football 1. 2: Intra- murals 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Rotary Luncheon 4. JOYCE BARTEL "B" Biology Club 2: Conservation Club 4: G.A.A, l, 2, 3: Home Economics Club 4: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD BASKEN Biology Club 2, 3, President 4: Coin Club, President 2. 4: Conservation Club 1, 3, 4: Proiection Club 4: Neeniah-Menasha Council of Social Agencies Lunch- eon , JOANN BEAUDO Girls' Choir 2. 3: Home Economics Club 4. VELMA BEHM "Vel" Biology Club 2: Conservation Club 1: G.A.A. 1: Hall Monitors 4: Rotary Luncheon l. BRUCE BERG Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2. 3. Co-Captain 4: Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4: Student Council, Treasurer 4: Tennis 3, 4: Track l, 2, 4: Badger Boys' State 3. PATRICIA BISHOP "Pat" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Home Economics Club 3. 4: Pep Club 4: French Club 2, 3, AUDREY BLANK "Audie" Cheerleaders 2, 3: Captain 4: Conservation Club 4: Cub Staff 2: Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, Cabinet Member 3, Point Recorder 4: Library Club l, Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Mixed Choir 1, Scrapbook Chair- man 2, 3, Roll Taker 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Student Council 3: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Thespians 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Rotary Luncheon 2. ALBERT ALDTNGIER ANOERSEN ANDERSON ANDER-'ON APY IN ARNDT BAER BARTEI. BASREN BEAUDO BEHM BERG BISHOP BLANK Page Fifteen BLANK BLOOM BORK BROOKS CARON BLANK BLANK BONNIN BORGEN BOWMAN BRAUN BURR CAMPBELL CARON CHAGONOS Page Sixteen BERNARD BLANK "Bemie', Basketball 1, 2, 4, Football 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Pep Club 35 Tennis 1, Track 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. PEGGY ANN BLANK Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 4, Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club, Board Member 2 and 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Cub Stal? 2, Co-Feature Editor 3, Co-Editor 4, Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Senate, Vice-President 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes Assistant Editor 4, Science Hobbies Club 4, Student Council 2, 4, Thespians 2, Secretary 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Rotary Luncheon 1, Secretary of Freshman Class. ROBERT BLANK Basketball 1, Conservation Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 4. VALERIA BLOOM Biology Club 3, 4, Conservation Club 2, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Choir 1, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Rotary Luncheon 4. LOWELL BONNIN Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Conservation Club 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Pep Band 4, Track 1. CURTIS BORGEN "Curt" Basketball 2, Conservation Club 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Forensics 3, Hall Monitor 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Track 2, 4, Badger Boys' State 3, Rotary Luncheon 4. Entered as a Sophomore from Purdy Junior High School, Marshfield, Wisconsin, Lois BORK "Louie" Conservation Club 3, 4, Girls' Choir 3, Home Eco- nomics Club 4, Mixed Choir 4, Pep Club 3. ROBERT BOWMAN "Bob" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Biology Club 1. vice-president 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Hall Monitors 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Proiection Club 3, 4: Rocket Staff 4, Science Hobbies Secretary 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Rotary Luncheon 2. NANCY BRAUN Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Commencement Committee 4, Conservation Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Choir 2, Intramurals 3, 4, Mixed Choir 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Tennis 3, 4. JACQUELINE BROOKS "Jackie" Biology Club 2, Commencement Committee 4, Con- servation Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Choir 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Thespians 4, BRIAN R. BURR "Bunny" Conservation Club 1, 3, 4, Cub Stal? 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Rocket Echoes 4, Ushers 4. ROBERT CAMPBELL "Bob" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Committee 4, Con- servation Club 1, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 1, French Club 2, 3. IRENE CARON "Spuzzie" G.A.A. 2, Home Economics Club 4, Mixed Choir 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, French Club 2. JO ANN CARON "Mickey" Cheerleaders 4, Home Economics Club 4, Rocket Echoes 3, French Club 2. JOHN Cl-IAGANOS "Jobnny"' Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 4. NEIL CHRISTOFFERSON "Nngelr" Basketball 1, 2, 3. Co-Captain 43 Commencement Committee 43 Football I, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals I, 2, 3. 4g Tennis 1. 2, 3. 43 Rotary Luncheon 3. JERRY CHRISTOPH Basketball 13 Biology Club l, 2, 3, Treasurer 4g Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 33 Rocket Echoes I3 Rotary Luncheon 3. RUTH PATRICIA COGHLAN "Pat" Biology Club 3, 43 Commencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Hall Monitor 3, 43 Home Economics Club 3: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 43 Rocket Staff 4,3 2Rocket Echoes 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 French U . 3. RICHARD CRoss "Dick" Conservation Club 3, 43 Football 33 Intramurals 33 Projection Club 3, Vice-president 43 Baseball 4. HAZEL DAI-IL Conservation Club 23 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Vice-president 43 Girls' Choir 2, 33 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club l, 23 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, 4. ARLENE DAHLKE "Brownie" Girls' Choir 2, 33 Home Economics Club 4. NANCY DIECKI-IOEE "Nam" Biology Club 43 Commencement Committee 43 Con- servation Club 3, 43 G.A.A. Point Recorder l. Cabinet 2, 3, 43 Girls' Senate Secretary 43 Hall Monitors 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Choir 2, 33 Pep Club l, 2, 33 Girls' Program Chairman 43 Student Council Secretary 4. CHARLES DIESTLER "Chuck" Band I, 23 Conservation Club I3 Debate 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3. 43 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Spanish Club 3, 4. RWNALD DIETz "Boris" Coin Club 4: Conservation Club 43 Hall Monitor 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS DORDEL "Phyl" Girls' Choir 23 French Club 2, 3. JEANNETTE DORN "Janie" Conservation Club 3. 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Senate 3, 43 Hall Monitor 3: Mixed Choir I, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. BETTY DRACE G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL DREW "Mike" Basketball 13 Biology Club 1, 23 Cub Staff 23 Foot- ball I3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 43 Stamp Club 13 Tennis 1, 23 Track 3. ROBERT DULIKLOW "Duck" Band 1. 2, 3, 43 Commencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- murals l, 2, 3. 43 Pep Band 43 Pep Club 43 Science Hobbies 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT EBERT "Bob" Biology Club 2, 33 Steering Committee 43 Com- mencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 43 Cub Staff 1, 23 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Mixed Choir 23 Pep Club 3, 43 Rocket Staff 43 Spanish Club, Pres- Ident 2, 33 Student Council 3. CHRISTOFFERSON CHRISTOPH COGHLAN Cnoss DAHL DAHLKE DIECKHOEE DIESTLER Dug-1-Z DORDEL DORN DRACE DREW ITIICKLOXV 1235111- Pnge Seventeen MARY ENGEL Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Commencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 2, 3, 43 Forensics 1, 43 G.A.A. l, 23 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Home Economics Club l,2,33 Mixed Choir l, 23 Pep Club 3, 43 Psychom- etry Club 2, 3, 43 Rocket Staff 3, 43 Student Council 2, 43 Badger Girls State 33 Rotary Lunch- eon 2. THAD EPPS "Tad" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 13 Biology Club 13 Commencement Committee 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Intramurals l, 2. 3, 43 Pep Band 2, 3, Student Director 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Projection Club 13 Latin Club 2, 33 Science Hobbies 2, 5, Treasurer 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3 Thespians 43 Badger Boys' State 33 Rotary Luncheon I3 Council of Social Agencies Luncheon 43 Vice-president of Sophomore Class. FREDERICK FLOOD "Saxie" Chairman of Aviation Group 4. KENNETH FOSTER "Kenya" Conservation Club 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43. Mixed Choir 43 Pep Club 43 Student Council President 43 Thespians 43 Track 4. RICHARD FRAKES "Dick" mmittee 4 Football l 2 3 4' Commencement C0 3 , , , . Hall Monitor 43 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Student Coun- Cil 4. PAUL FRANK "Berto" Baseball 43 Basketball I3 Football 23 Intramurals l, Z, 4. PAULINE FRANK "Six" G.A.A. 23 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LEONE GANZER "Lee" Forensics 3, 43 G.A.A. 3, 43 Girls' Senate 3, 43 Rocket Stal? 3, 43 Thespians 4. Entered as a sopho- more from Wausau High School, Wausau, Wxs. ERNEST GAUGER "Ernie" Conservation Club 2, 3, 43 Cub Stal? 4. LAVONNE GROFF "Bonnie" Ielome Economics Club 43 Mixed Choir 2, 33 Pep lub 2. KURT GROSS Band 1, 2, 3, 43 gy 3 3 Staff 2, Feature Editor 53 Debate 1, Forensics l, 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 5. 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Projection Club, President 2 and 3, 43 Rocket Staff 1. 2. Photography Editor, 3, 43 Rocket Echoes l, 23 Stamp Club 31, 23 Thespians 3, 43 French Club 2, Secre- tary . Biolo Club 4 Coin Club 2 Cub JOAN HAGEN Commencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 2. 3, 43 Cub Staff 2, 3, Managing Editor 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Senate Executive Board 43 Home Economics Club 13 Mixed Choir 1, 23 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Psychometry Club 33 Rocket Echoes 43 Student Council 33 Thespians 3, Treasurer 43 Rotary Lunch- 900 . JOAN HANISCH "Jo" Home Economics Club 3. Entered as a freshman from Madison East High School, Madison, Wis. JAMES HARNESS "Lulfi' Conservation Club 2, 3, 43 Hall Monitors 43 Intra- murals 3. NANCY HARNESS Home Economics Club 3. Vice-president 43 Rocket Staff 43 Rotary Luncheon 2. ENGEL Eppg FOSTER FRAKES FRAN K GANZER GROFF GROSS HANISCH HARNESS Page Eighteen FLOOD FRANK GAUOER HAGEN HARNESS HASE HASE HAWLEY HEIDER HOFFMAN HUTCHINS KEMP KENT KOCH KRENGER HATCH HoEPEIt J ENSEN KLOEHN KIIIEG Page N ineleen GERALDINE HASE "Gerry" Biology Club 49 Commencement Committee 49 Con- servation Club 49 Forensics 3, 49 G.A.A. 1, 29 Home Economics Club 29 Intramurals I, 2. 39 Library Club 2, 3, 49 Pep Club 39 Psychometry Club 3: Rocket Staff 2, 3, Assistant Editor 49 Rocket Echoes 49 French Club 2, 3. ROBERT HASE Coin Club 39 Hall Monitors 3, 49 3, 49 Pep Club 39 Stamp Club 3, Lois Biology L Qc' "Ligbtnin' " 3, 49 Library BEVERLY "Bev" Cub Staff 49 Forensics "Barbs" 49 G.A.A. Club 49 ff-lim!! BRUCE HUTCHINS "Hutch" Basketball 1, 29 Commencement 49 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 49 Mixed Choir 2, 3, President 4g Science Hobbies 3, Vice-president 49 Rotary Luncheon 2. WILLIAM JENSEN "Bill" Conservation Club 2, 3, 49 Football 2, 3, 49 Intra- murals 2, 3, 49 Track 1, 2, 3. JEAN KEMP Cu? Zta? 49 Hall Monitors 49 Home Economics Club DAVID KENT "Dave" Cheerleaders 39 Commencement Committee 4g Con- servation Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Hall Monitors 49 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 49 Pep Club 2, 3, Vice-president 49 Track 1, 2, 39 Latin Club 2, 3. JOYCE KLOEI-IN G.A.A. 2, 39 Hall Monitors 49 Intramurals 2, 39 Pep Club 2, 3. JORETTA KOCH "jelly" G.A.A. 2, 3, 49 Hall Monitors 4. LOWELL KRENGER "Smokie" Pep Club 49 Track 2. Entered as a freshman, mid semester, from Fairview High School, Memphis, Tennessee. JEAN KIIIEG "Jeanie" Home Economics Club 39 Mixed Choir 1, 2, 39 Pep Club 3. 4. KRIEG KRUSE KUCHENBECKER KULOGO LARSON LAUX l.AUx LAWSON LAZOTTE LEE LEVERANCIE LOBE LUNO MALLAN NIARKOVITCII Page Twenty JOANN KRIEG "joan" Hall Monitors 45 Home Economics Club 3: Mixed Choir 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 3. 4. JEAN KRUSE "Jeannie" Coin Club 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Girls' Senate 3. 43 Home Economics Club 3, 4. Entered as a sophomore from St. Joseph's Junior High School, Appleton, Wisconsin. GERALD KUCKENBECKER "Whitey" Conservation Club 25 Football I5 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. Ev x KULOGO Home Economics Club 25 Mixed Choir 1. CHARLOTTE LARSON "Char" Biology Club 45 Commencement Committee 45 Con- servation Club l, 25 Cub Staff 45 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Home Economics Club, Secretary 35 Mixed Choir l, 25 Pep Club 15 Latin Club 1, 2. DOLORES LAUX G.A.A. 1, 25 Home Economics Club 35 Pep Club l, 2. 3. 45 Rocket Staff 4. LA VONNE LAUX Band l, 2, 3, 45 Conservation Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Cub Staff 45 G. A. A. 1, 25 Home Economics Club 2, 35 Pep Band 3, 45 Rocket Stat? 4. KIRK LAWSON "Kifl" Basketball 15 Biology Club 25 Coin Club 1, 25 Com- mencement Committee 45 Cub Staff I, 2, Co-Editor 5-45 Debate 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Forensics 15 Hall Monitor 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 25 Rocket Staff l, 25 Student Council 25 Stamp Club 1, 25 Tennis I5 Track 2. 35 President of senior class5 Badger Boys' State 3: Rotary Luncheon I. WILBUR LAZOTTE "Will" Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. MERLYN LEE "Gene" Band 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Biology Club 45 Con- servation Club 3. 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Hall Moni- tors 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Science Hobbies 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3. AIBERT LEVERANCE "Al" Basketball I5 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 25 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 4, JOANNE LOEB "Jeannie" Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club 2, 3. 45 Cub Staff 2, 3, Co-Editor of feature page, 45 Debate l5 Forensics 2, 35 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Choir, Stage Manager, 25 Mixed Choir 15 Pep Club 2, 35 Psychometry Club 45 Rocket Echoes, Co-busi- ness manager, 45 Science Hobbies 45 Thespians 2, 3. 45 Sentinel Essay Winner 4. ROBERT LUND "Squirt" Banid 42, 25 Football 1, 25 Mixed Choir 45 Tennis I, SHERRELL MALLAN "Sherry" Biology Club 3, Point Recorder 45 Conservation Club 1, 25 G.A.A. l, 25 Home Economics Club 3. 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Rocket Staff 4. MARY MARKOVITCH Band 1. 2. 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Hall Monitors 45 Pep Band 2, 45 Pep Club 3. 4. DAVID MARTIN D ' "Dave" Basketball 15 Biology Club 1. Vice-president 2, 3. 4: Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club 15 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Rocket Stal? 3, 45 Science Hobbies 45 Student Council 35 Thespians 3, 45 'I'rack'l, 2. 3. 45 Latin Club 2, 35 Vice-president of freshman class5 Rotary Luncheon 2. HAROLD MENTINK "Swamp" Basketball 15 Conservation Club 35 Football 15 Intra' murals 15 Mixed Choir I5 Track 1. DORIS JEAN MEYER "Teddy" Band l, 2, 3, 45 Biology 2, 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Pep Band 2, Co-director 3-45 Pep Club 2, 3- 4- FRANK MEYER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 45 Conservation Club 45 Football 45 Intramurals l, 2, 5, 4: Pep Club 45 Student Council 25 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Presi- dent of sophomore class. NETTIE MILLER "Net" Conservation Club 35 G. A. A. Z, 3, 45 Home Economics Club 5. 4. VIOLET MILLER "Vi" Completed the course in three and a half years. WILLIAM MILLER "Bill" Basketball 15 Commencement Committee 45 Football l, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, Z, 3, 45 T.A.B. lTabsJ Vice- president 4. EVA MAE MUELLER HEAVEN Band 15 Biology Club 3, Secretary 45 Conservation Club 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Hall Monitors 45 Home Ecoinomics Club 45 Mixed Choir 35 Pep Club 1, 2, PATRICIA MURPHY "Pat" Biology Club Z, 3, 45 Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 45 Home Economics Club 35 Intra- murals 2, 35 Mixed Choir l, 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 2, 3, 4. NANITY NELLER "Nan" Band 1, 25 Commencement Committee 45 Conserva- tion Club l, 2, 3, 45 Cub Staff 1, 2, 35 Forensics 1, 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 Girls' Senate 35 Hall Monitors 45 Home Economics Club 15 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Rocket Stal? 1, 2, 3, 45 Rocket Echoes, Editor-in-chief 45 Thespians 45 Latin Club 2, 35 Rotary Luncheon 35 Badger Girls' State 35 Valedictorian. THOMAS NEWCOMB "Nuck" Basketball 35 Football 3, 45 Hall Monitors 35 Intra- murals 3, 45 Library Club 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Pro- jection Club 35 Ushers 3, 45 Entered as a junior from St. Mary's High School, Menasha, Wisconsin. BONITA NEUBAUER "Bonnie" Biology Club 25 Conservation Club 15 G.A.A. I5 Girls' Senate 35 Mixed Choir 1. 2, Treasurer 3-45 Latin Club 4. JOHN NEUBAUER "Nike" Band l: Baskebtall I, 25 Biology Club 2, President 3. 45 Football 15 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, Captain 45 President of freshman class. BEVERLY NIELSEN "Bev" Conservation Club 25 G.A.A. 2, 3: Girls' Choir 2, 35 Hall Monitors 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. HAROLD NIELSEN "Teddy" Basketball 35 Biology Club 45 Commencement Com- mittee 45 Conservation Club 45 Football 3, 45 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 4. MARTIN MEYER MILLER NELLER NEUBAUER Page Twenty-one MENTINK MILLER MUELLER NEWCOMB NIELSEN MEYER MILLER MURPHY NEUBAUER NIELSEN RICHARD OLSON "Dick" Basketball 25 Commencement Committee 45 Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Hobbies 45 President of junior class5 Rotary Luncheon 2. EARL PAGE "Red" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 3,. 45 Science Hobbies 45 Student Council 45 'Iiennis 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Vice-president of senior c ass. WALTER PAGEL HOWARD PALMER "Frizz" Basketball 15 Biology Club 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Football 1, 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club, Boy's Chairman 45 Rocket Staff 45 Science Hobbies 45 Track 15 Vice-president of junior class5 Rotary Luncheon 3. JANET PARKER Biology Club 3, 45 Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN PARMENTER Band 1, 3, 45 G.A.A. 25 Pep Band 3, 4. GORDON PAYNE "Nappy" Basketball 15 Conservation Club 2, 35 Football 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 25 Tennis 2, 3. 4. Lols PAYNE Conservation Club 45 Pep Club 3, 4. JOHN PEARSON ."Smnley" Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club 4g Hall Monitors 45 Intramurals 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Track 45 Spanish Club 35 Entered as a junior from Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. GLORIA PHILIPPI Band 1, 25 Biology Club 2, 3, 4: Commencement Committee 45 Conservation Club 1, 2. 3, Assistant Secretary 45 Forensics 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 45 Rocket Echoes, Art Editor, 45 Tennis 3, 45 'Iihespians 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Secretary of junior c ass. ORRIN PRINDLE Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hall Monitors 3, 45 Iintramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Projection Club 3, 45 Track BOYD RADCLIFFE "Duxty" Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4. HARL RAISLER Conservation Club 2, 35 Entered as a freshman from Peckham Junior High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. JOYCE REDLIN Band 15 Biology Club 3, 45 Commencement Com- mittee 45 Conservation Club 3, 45 Cub Staff 2, 3, Girls' Sport Editor 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 4. EDWARD REISS "Eddie" Conszrvation Club 15 Intramurals 45 Rotary Lunch- eon . OLSON PALMER PAYNE PHILIRRI RAISLER Page Twenty-two PAGE PAGEL PARKER PARMENTER PAYNE PEARSON PRINDLE RADCLIFFB REDLIN RE1ss REMMEL ROESLER ROSENOW SALMEEN SAUER RIECKMAN RITTER ROHDIE ROHDE ROZELLE RYAN SANDERS SARAFINY SAWTELL SAWYER Page Twenty-lbree MARY REMMEL Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club 2, 3. 43 Forensics 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 2. 3, 43 Girls' Choir l: Hall Monitors 3, 43 Mixed Choir Z3 Pep Club 1, 3, 33 Rocket Staff 43 Rocket Echoes 43 Latin u , . WILLARD RIECKMAN "Willy" Conservation Club 2, 3, 4. ARNOLD RITTER "Arnie" CARLYN RoI5sLER Conservation Club 43 Home Economics Club 2, 33 Pep Club 43 Entered as a freshman from Washing- ton High School, New London. Wisconsin. CARL ROHDE "Kip" Basketball 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 43 Tennis 13 Track 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE ROHDE "Larry" Girls' Senate 33 Home Economics Club 33 Mixed Choir 23 Pep Club 3, 43 Rocket Staff 43 Senior Class SECFCTHFYQ Rotary Luncheon 2. EDWIN ROSENOW "Ed" Conservation Club 3, 43 Cub Staff 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Rocket Echoes 3, 4. PATRICIA ROZELLE "Paz" Biology Club 33 Conservation Club 23 G.A.A. 2: Hall Monitors 43 Home Economics Club 33 Mixed Choir 1, 2, Assistant Treasurer 33 Rocket Staff 4. PATRICIA RYAN "Patti" Biology Club 43 Conservation Club 1, Board Mem- ber 2, 3, 43 Commencement Committee 43 Cub Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Choir 1, Treas- urer 23 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Choir, Music Chairman 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Student Council 23 Tennis 1, 2, 33 Thespians 3, 43 Rotary Essay 3. NILo SALMEEN "Ni" Conservation Club 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Pep Club 2. NANCY SANDERS Commencement Committee 43 Girls' Choir 3, Music Chairman 43 Hall Monitors 4: Home Economics Club 3, President 43 Mixed Choir 13 Pep Club 3. JAMES SARAFINY "Sm-y" Basketball 13 Commencement Committee 43 Con- servation Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Science Hobbies Club 43 Spanish Club 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2, LE ROY SAUER "Sweep Conservation Club 13 Cub Staff 43 Intramurals l, 4. SUSANNE SAWTELL "Susie" Commencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Forensics 33 Girls' Choir l, 23 Accompanist 33 Hall Monitors 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 4. KARL SAWYER Conservation Club 2, Board Member 3, President 4: Football 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 2, 3, 4. SAWYER SCHUETTE SCHULTZ SCHUMACHER SELLE Skim-TA SMITH SMITH STE1NToRT STELLER STILP TEW5 THOMACK THOMSEN THORSON Page Twenty-four KARLENE SAWYER Biology Club 3, 43 Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club 2. Assistant Secretary 3. Board Member 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Choir 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DARLENE SCHUETTE "Dfw" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 43 Cheerleaders I3 Conservation Club 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 33 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Band 2, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN E. SCHULTZ "K4tie" Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Commencement Committee 43 Conservation Club 2, 3, 43 Forensics 3, 43 G.A.A. 1. 2, Secretary 3, 43 Girls' Senate, President 43 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Rocket Echoes. Assistant Editor 43 Science I-Iobbies 43 Student Council 13 Tennis 3, 43 Thes- plans 3, Secretary 43 Latin Club 2, 53 Rotary Lunch- eon 23 Badger Girls' State 3. BRUCE SCHUMACHER Biology Club 4g Debate l, 23 Hall Monitors 43 Intra- mUl'HlS 1. 2, 3. 43 Pep Club 4g Projection Club 43 Track 3, 43 Rotary Luncheon 2. MARIANN SELLE Mixed Choir, Birthday Chairman 3. Entered as a sophomore from Wyndmere High School, Wynd- mere, North Dakota. JUANITA SKIBBA "Su-uh" Conservation Club 23 G.A.A. 1, 23 Girls Choir 1, Z3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Choir 3, 43 Pep Club I, 2, 3. BEVERLY SMITH "Bev" Home Economics Club 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. JOAN SMITH Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-president 43 Conservation Club 43 Cub Staff 43 G,A.A. 1, 23 Home Economics Club 2, 33 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Rocket Staff 43 Rotary Luncheon 13 Student Council 4. JEROME STEINFORT "Sane" Basketball Manager 3 and 43 Coin Club 1, 23 Commencement Committee 43 Hall Monitors 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Science Hobbies Club 43 Track Manager 1, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET STELLER "Maggie" Biology Club 43 Commencement Committee 43 Con- servation Club 3. 43 G.A.A. l, 2, Vice-President 3, President 43 Girls' Senate 33 Hall Monitors 43 Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Rocket Staff 1, 2, 3, Assistant Business Manager 43 Student Council 43 Tennis 2, 3. 43 Latin Club, Consul 43 Rotary Luncheon 4. JAMES STILP "Tiny" Conservation Club I, 43 Intramurals 1, 3. PHYLLIS TEWS Girls' Choir l. 2. 33 Home Economics Club 43 Intramurals 13 Pep Club 3, 4. VERLYN TI-IOMACK "Bob" Basketball l, 2, 3, co-captain 43 Conservation Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, C0-captain 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Science Hobbies Club 43 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Track 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Treas- urer of Freshman and Sophomore Classes3 Rotary Luncheon 3. THoMAs THOMSEN "Amos" Band 13 Basketball 13 Biology Club 1, 2, Vice-presi- dent 3, 43 Coin Club 13 Commencement Committee 43 Debate 2, 33 Football 23 Hall Monitors 43 Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, President 43 Science Hobbies 1, 2, 3, President 43 Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 Thespians 2. 3, 43 Ushers Club 43 Rotary Luncheon 13 J.C.C. Luncheon 43 Council of Social Agencies Luncheon 4. NANCY THORSON "Nance" Commencement Committee 4g Cub Staff 43 Girls' Choir 13 Girls' Senate 33 Hall Monitors 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 43 Rocket Staff 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 43 Rocket Echoes Co-Business Manager 43 Student Council 2, 33 Rotary Luncheon 43 Treasurer of the Senior Class, BILLIE LOUISE TI-IRONE "Bill" Band 1: Biology Club 2. 3. ffl G.A.A. 2, 5, 41 GlI'lS' Senate 4: Home Economics Club 5, 4: Intramurals 1, Z. 5. 4: Pep Club 5, 4: Rotary Luncheon 5. En TOURTELLOTTE "Bud" Conservation Club 2. 5, 4: Football 2: Intramurals 1, 2. 5. 4- DONNA VOLKMAN Conservation Club 5. 4: Hall Monitors 4: Home Economics Club 2: Mixed Choir I, 2: Pep Club 4: Psychometry Club 4: Rocket Staff 4. DORIS WEBB "De" Conservation Club 5, 4: Home Economics Club 5: Mixed Choir 5: Pep Club 5, 4: Entered as a sophomore from New London High School, New London, Wisconsin. ALICE WEDEWART "Allie 10" Biology Club 2, 5, 4: Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club I, Z. Board Member 5. Treas- urer 4: G.A.A. l, 2. 5. 4: Hall Monitors 4: Intra- murals 5. 4: Library Club 2, Secretary-treasurer 5, -i: Mixed Choir l: Pep Club 1. 2, 5, 4: Rocket Staff -i: Rocker Echoes 4: Latin Club 5, 4. .IIEANETTE WESTEAHL "Jeanie" Biology Club 2. 5, 4: G.A.A. 1. 5. 4: Hall Monitors 4: Home Economics Club 5, Treasurer 4: Intra- murals I. 2, 5, 4: Pep Club 5, 4. WILLIAM WIBERG "Bill" Band 1, Z. 5, 4: Basketball 1: Commencement Com- mittee 4: Conservation Club 2, 5: Intramurals l, 2, 5, 4: Pep Band 5, 4: Science Hobbies Club 4: Ro- tary Luncheon l. EMANUEL WOERNER "Gus" Biology ClIIh 4: Commencement Committee 4: Con- servation Club 5, 4: Football 5: Intramurals 5, 4: Pep Club 5, 4: Science Hobbies Club 4: Student Council 4: Track 4: Latin Club 5. Entered as a junior from Mt. Lebanon High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. JEAN ZAUMEYER Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club I. 2, 5. 4: G.A.A. 1. 2. 5: Cub Staff 2. 5: Girls' Choir l. 2: Hall Monitors 5. 4: Pep Club l, 2. 5. 4: Psychometry Club 4: Rocket Echoes Assistant Editor 4: Latin Club l. 2: Treasurer of the junior class. PRICILLA ZEI-INER "Perky" Conservation Club 2: G.A.A. 1, 2: Home Economics Club 5, 4: Mixed Choir 4: Pep Club 1. 2, 5. PATRICIA ZENISEK "Patti" Biology Club 4: Commencement Committee 4: Con- servation Club l, Treasurer 2, Board Member 5, Vice-President 4: Forensics 5: G.A.A. l, 2: Girls' Choir 1: Hall Monitors 5, 4: Intramurals 5, 4: Pep Club 5, 4: Rocket Staff l, 2, 4: Rocket Echoes 4: Student Council 2. 5: Rotary Luncheon 5. HARLAND ZIEMKE I "H,1fly" Commencement Committee 4: Conservation Club 5, 4: Thespians l: Track 4. PATRICIA ZIETI,ow "Paz" Girls' Choir 5: Home Economics Club 4. RITA ZIMMERMAN "Irish" Band 1. 2, 5, 4: Pep Band 5. 4: Pep Club 4. RICHARD ZINKE "Zeke" Band l, 2, 5, 4: Biology Club 2: Conservation Club 1: Football 1: Intramurals I, 2. 5. 4: Pep Band 2, 5. 4: Projection Club 2, 5, 4: Science Hobbies 5. li l THRONE WEBB WIBERG ZEHNER ZIE1'I.oW Page Twenty-five Dm 3 TOURTELLOTTE WEDEWART WOERNER ZENISEK ZIMMERMAN VOLKMAN WESTFAHL ZAUMEYER ZIEMKE ZINKE JACQUELINE ZUEHLKE "Jackie" Conservation Club 2, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2. 3: Girls' Choir lg Home Economics Club 2. 3, 4g Library Club 2, 3: Mixed Choir 2, 39 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. . SENIORS NOT PICTURED FREDERICK CHURM "Fritz" Entered as a senior, second semester, from Glenbard High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. ZUEHLKE C L A S S H O N O R S Valedictorian . NANCY NBLLER Salurarorian . . CLARA ALBERT B Y E L E C T I O N President . . KIRK LAWSON Vice-President . . . 1 EARL PAGE Secretary . LORRAINE ROHDE Treasurer . . NANCY THORSON Faculty Adviser . . MR. HARVEY R. LEAMAN ATTENTION SENIORS! CLASS REUNION The Time: November, 1953-the evening before the Neenah-Menasha football game. The Place: Neenah High School auditorium and gymnasium. Who'll Be There? The class of 1949. What'll We Do? There will be class movies in the auditorium and dancing in the gym. Watch for Further Announcements Later! Page Twenty-six BACCALAUREATE june 5, 1949 8:00 P.M. CLASS OF 1949 N. H. S. AUDITORIUM MUs1c Processional Coronation March from "The Prophet" . . By G. Meyerbeer, Arranged by Lake Medley of Selected Hymns . ..... .... . By C. Barnbouse Neenah High School Band Mr. Lester Mais, Director INVOCATION . . .The Rev. Arnold H. Andersen Pastor, Our Saviors Lutheran Church SONG-"All In An April Evening" .......... . By Robertson Neenah High School Mixed Choir Miss Ruth Roper, Director PRAYER . . . . The Rev. Roy W. Berg Pastor, Our Saviors' Lutheran Church SONG-"Child jesus in His Garden" ......... . By Tscbnikowsky Neenah High School Girls' Choir BACCALAUREATE SERMON . . The Rev. Roy W. Berg SONG-"One World" . ............. . By O'Ham Neenah High School Combined Choirs BENEDICTION . . The Rev. Arnold H. Andersen MUSIC Recessional "War March of The Priests" ...... By F. Mendelssohn, Arranged by De Lamater Neenah High School Band Page Twenty-seven COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Wednesday, June 8, 1949 N. H. S. Auditorium Processional-"Pomp and Circumstancen . ...... By E. Elgar Overture-"Strade1la" ...... . By Flotow, Arranged by Lake INvocAT1oN . . The Rev. Joseph P. Glueckstein Pastor, St. Margaret Mary Church MUSIC Trombone Duet-"Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms" . . By Smitb-Holmes Doris Meyer, William Wiberg LaVonne Laux at the Piano ADDRESS or WELCOME-NHUCY Neller . . Valedictorian WORDS or APPRECIATION-Clara Albert . . Salutatorian MUSIC-"MLlSiC When Soft Voices Die" ....... . By Cain Seniors from both Choirs INTRODUCTION OF THE SPEAKER Mr. H. B. Mennes .... . Superintendent of Schools COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS The Rev. E. S. Hjortland . MUSIC Clarinet. Duet-"Two Little PRESENTATION OF CLASS Mr. H. O. Borgen . PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr. Chas. H. Velte . . CLAss SONG Class of 1949 MUSIC March-"March of Time" . Central Lutheran Church Minneapolis, Minnesota Bullfinchesn ........ . By H. Kling Clara Albert, Robert Campbell Gloria Mortensen at the Piano Page Twenty-eight Principal, Neenah High School President, Board of Education . Arranged by Richards VR eil is : ' 2 0 M.. if 7 ,W .... w Q a ee s., aar t Xin + 5 ---: -,,,. , M, ya? 7 i ,-- . . 7 V in Q , ,1,.: Q, a is R ,- at , . , en, fzz 2 5. :'f 'I . fx'- Q A,-.:s2 i A W S. ' A , f 5 - X Q AE? .1 7 f ., .rw 't-lv . aQ..f.. iii ' R W e a W . , ,Q N Q Gy gg am gh, ' " 1. ' -. ix g e-M we-1, 'X-. - S' i - 'ob fill. vw Saw T-K. . 4' we f Q , aging - F . A Q ,V g A . . 1 t ' 3 I fees f 'f it-am' ' 51-' V A ,Rik af- " ,,,. , ,, 12, R fs' Q- fi Sal' I 4Q:!?'f 3.7, fi'-7 N, O, N L Q awmmQevc of e R g I, F., ,, E. 4. , W X I A! fi, , f E . .. X ,J fir gy? 5 jf V CLASS OFFICERS: Douglas Paff, vice-president, Howard Heckner, presidentg Natalie DeRoche, secretary, Ce- cilia Dyreby, treasurer. Page Thirty JOLLY Row 1-Shirley Anderson, Elizabeth Arft, Donald Ayers, James Backman, Gretchen Beglinger, Howard Berendsen, Louise Bethke. Row 2--Eugene Beyer, Earl Bierman, Don- na Bishop, Ronald Blohm, Beverly Boush- ley, Donald Breaker, Orrin Bredendick. Row 3-Richard Broas, Carol Buchanan, Carole Burr, Al Carpenter, Gladys Chap- man, Hazen Clough, Phyllis Cole. Row 4-David Cooper, Duane Cowling, Richard Cramer, Robert Davey, Delores DeBroka, Edith Dempsey, Wayne De- Meuse. Row 5-Natalie DeRoche, James DeWolf, Nancy Doane, Kenneth Drace, Donald Ducat, Cecilia Dyreby, Marilyn Eckstein. Row 6-Shirley Elmer, Basil Everson, Ray Foelker, Marilyn Fisher, Joan Forsythe, Keith Forsythe, Robert Frank. Row 7-Terence Furman, Donna Geiger, Joyce Genett, Nancy Gerhardt, Patricia Getschow, Richard Gibson, Laroy Gil- bertson. Row 8--Rita Ginke, Donald Hagman, John Hahn, Nancy Hall, Marilyn Hansen, Nancy Hawkinson, Tom Hawley. Row 9-Daniel Haufe, Joan Haufe, How- ard Heckner, Delores Hovelson, James Hrubecky, James Jacobson, Robert Jan- kowski. Row 10-Richard jelinski, Carol Johnson, Kendrick johnson, Nancy Johnson, Pa- tricia jones, Betty jury, Gene Kalkoske. Row ll-Helen Kissinger, Glen Kleman, Roger Kleman, Charles Knaack, Russell Knack, jerrine Koepke, Leorman Kon- itzer. Row 12--Douglas Kramer, Carol Krempien, Nancy Kress, Dale Kuchenbecker, Duane Kuehl. JUNIORS Row 1-Daniel Kuehnl, Neil Laflin, Donna Lange, Robert Larson, Merton Lee, james Lewandowski, Sue Lyon. Row 2-Sally Madsen, Sam Markovich, John Marquardt, Sue Martin, Laverne Martin, Glen Mikkelson, Harold Miller. Row 3-Jerry Miller, Tom Miller, John Mills, Jean Monard, Marilyn Morrill, Gloria Mortensen, Robert G. Mueller. Row 4-Gloria Muenzel, Merlin Mulvey, Ronald Neilson, junior Nelson, Barbara Nixon, Eugene Nollan, Nancy Olski. Row 5-Rosalie Olson, James Owen, Doug- las Palf, George Paul, Ruth Pedersen, Mary Peterson, Roy Peterson. Row 6-Joyce Pheifer, Patricia Phillips. Lyle Pingel, Germaine Pitsch, David Plank, Evelyn POPP, Douglas Potratz. Row 7-Marian Raehl, George Rasmussen, Kenneth Ratzburg, Nora Remmel, Rich' ard Ruthven, Patsy Sanderfoot, Donna Schabo. Row 8-Gene Schramm, Leila Schmidt, Richard Schmidt, Vivian Schultz, Robert Seager, Joan Shepherd, JoAnne Smith. Row 9-Eugene Spielbauer, Harold Spoo, Don Stilp, Charles Stroemer, James Sund, Carla Sylvander, Betty Taves. Row 10-Marjorie Thomack, Charles Thompson, Waldemar Thorson, Richard Toeppler, Robert Ulrich, Sylvia Vought, Marion Whitpan. Row 11-Phillip Wilms, Robert Winter, Allan Wohlers, Ronald Zachow, Kenneth Zeinert, Jack Ziegert. Page Thirty-one SOCIABLE Row 1-Mary Abendroth, Dianne Ander- son, Wayne Angermeyer, John Arm- strong, Franklin Arndt, Ralph Barfell, Donna Bastar, Larena Behm. Row 2-james Behnke, Carol Berens, Les- ter Beyer, Carita Blank, Lotus Blank, Melvin Blank, Richard E. Blank, Richard N. Blank. Row 3-Emil Bigalke, Denver Behm, jo- anne Boehm, Melvin Bork, Glen Bowers, Jeannette Breaker, Charleen Brandt, Faye Braun. Row 4-Fred Breitenbach, Carolyn Brooks, Wayne Burmeister, Robert Burroughs, Valderine Burroughs, Donna Carlson, Mabel Carlson, Florence Christian. Row 5-Gerald Clark, Patricia Clark, Don- ald Cowling, Donna Crawford, Melvin Delrow, Doris Dietz, Robert Dorn, Lee Driscoll. Row 6-Geraldine Dunn, Darrell Eake, Jeanne Fandrey, Edward Faulks, Kather- ine Frazee, Jack Gauger, Gary Gehrman, Jack Geiger. Row 7-Marjorie Giese, Fred Gerhardt, Betty Green, James Greenwalt, William Gresenz, Carol Gullickson, john Gund- lach, Wayne Halverson. Row 8--Kurt Hagen, Clilford Hanagan, Allan Harding, Noreen Hartzheim, Sally Hearden, Etola Heider, Bernice Helein, Howard Hinterthuer. Row 9-Eileen Hoeper, john Hoffman, Carlton Hoppe, Vernon jankowski, Charles Jasperson, Lester Johnson, Mari- on Johnson, Kathleen Jones. Row 10-Richard Julius, Pearl Jungen- berg, Darlene Kellett, Don Kemps, June Kemp, Marjorie Kemps, Carmen Kent, Audrey Konow. Row 11-Georgian Kopvlas, Glen Korotev, Richard Kresse, Gilbert Krueger, Shirley Kruse, Ronald Kuckenbecker, Murial Kuehnl, Barbara Kuether. Q1 FSL - J it .J ' ' ' ' -, N ,, ' e " , - 7 , f , Q V- . - ' . . M EA, -N. 4 N-.., , . M , s ,. , . -, .,,, -,.-. . .' 4 , 4 I 4 A ,M , , Q, 1 ,iv .X E Q s ss,s , s s b. 4435-F N 2 if I H if X' is ' f , Y' 4 . M. I .M if ' -W-' ip.-K ,.,jg,-',f,,,f-V 'rg' . if . Q 5 - WWW 5,33 ':9": 'Q f i f 5 ,. -,- Vg- ,XM 5 .. 4 L ez' K tx, , C tase R w w Q A .. N s a nf in I I x .Wh A JVM, - - li D 4 M W k i " f "" A ' '.sf..s?d '92, ,my r, .,., 2 K ii. y .,,. A L V . ' f f i I ..., : fe r! ,iii it 'ii 3' 5 ' " A is ll . B B l ,ygt - r .,,,, , - ,, ' K, , .,., r. x E: :HIHV In M33 it ML.l 'I' Pj, -af xi " . , K 4 . f ' is elter e "fl .li t ff sg ,A ,.,i s Q, , .T ,.,., ,.:" I r , . 1 fi: "": T ' ll so ,,.,- -' - f ":" " ' 'ia s I ":' Biiglf :..: QI . , ,..' 1 PM 1' M" A 'A .lgfii f "h, up Ivy.: 4 g W A . . fifi - .. i 'P " : , , ' 2 592? 3 1 .,,: C - ., V , , , C A - M ,.,. fa f af ftf. 3 45611 C ,hf C5-1 1 M' ft, V 5 L 4 5 G ,. if n i jfffi' ,f , L iyt iii - e C w i g g - ,V I. . - an E4 llzlg 5 .A,. I A V ., we et f 'ata " 1 ... Q i,,, 5 i2-.., W '-" , ,,, s " v'f7 '4i'1' 3i .. -f ,,.e f Page Thirty-two V. , L av Q Q 2 wi., L3 If E H" ,sw 1:3 . J' " X., gtk Kf- J ?gff,?y 'Q 'XF ' iv! JJ sf CLASS OFFICERS: Dean Wistohf, vice-president, William Gresenz, presidentg Mary Jean Rut- ter, secretary, Charleen Brandt, treasurer. Page Thirty-three SOPHOMORES Row 1-Lavila Kuether, Beverly Labeda, Caryl Laflin, Jacqueline Landers, Ronald Lange, Robert Lemke, Rose Luedtke, Donna Mahoney. Row 2-Betty Martin, Mary Mas- sey, Carol Meartz, Daniel Meyer, Shirley Mickelson, Helen Miller, Jacqueline Miller, Merrill Miller. Row 3-Alfred Mills, Gloria Mos- eng, James Moseng, Alice Muel- ler, Patrick Murphy, Sarah Mut- tart, Nancy Neilsen, Duane Nelson. Row 4-James O'Connor, Junior O'Neil, William Olson, Mary Osborne, Keith Otto, John Pa- gel, Kay Parker, Eldor Peapen- burg. Row 5-Eleanor Peterson, Marie Peterson, James Ponto, Carol Porath, Corliss Prindle, Ina Ras- mussen, Fred Reichel, Dorothy Ritter. Row 6-Wayne Robinson, John Roth, Mary Jean Rutter, Olive Mae Salmeen, Tom Schaetz, Robert Schmidt, Nancee Schnasse, Betty Schuelke. Row 7-Katherine C. Schultz, Beverly Sczenski, Geraldine Selle, James Shannon, Margaret Si- mons, Connie Smith, James Smith, William Smith. Row 8-Fred Solomon, Joan Sper- berg, Donna Springborn, Mel- ba Steen, Patricia Steffen, Vernon Tank, Tom Thorson, Richard Volkman. Row 9-Mae Whitney, Karen Wil- liams, Warner Wilton, Dean Wisthoff, Margaret Witbrod, Jack Zanders, James Webb, Wallace Webb. Row 10-Marie Webster, -Roy Zimmerman. D a-' an ,,, , .. , A J -Y fr, .4 V -,greg V A ., , ,ci fy was " M :fe f A :-, A 2,33 A V ,gr ' , bi lity I ,E . I . . v I f A r W .ri g -.-' -'.-- 3' , . . J . Z . .,, A :AV ,H binll i rkwr W r l 9 xv- A if ,rf ml ' if A 53 Q15 . In "I . I V .- -..- F -Q, I LQ-gi A a - N ,...,-- 1 e S J - a f it an K ',.- A -, p 3' M kng x j ' Lil 'I jeff Iqf I , fa- gin' y ui ' no fa ,Ma 1 me 1 Q E kl ' A X if V 1 V ,- W . , ' ,, - . sre , r, A A q., ,ff Q J " :, W "Ti" A - ' 44 J ' Sf ,- V , R V, A 2-:iw :v- Q:-E:-Z :-- Alll . , . A f ..,.. .. s ff' -ft' . a 6 A A. "ii,i ":" , Q r A Q- -'-,' : - .,:- 9 . , ,.,' . I, ,H,:.- , 25,4 :"' 7 '-': Si- ' l M ..., 5 5 CLASS OFFICERS: John Kalfahs, president, Jack Schaefer, treasurer, Marlyn Anderson, secre- taryg Frank Wiesner, vice-president. Page Thirty-four FRISKY Row 1-Polly Abel, Patricia Alferi, Carole Ammerman, Marlyn Anderson, Roberta Arft, Jean Arnold, Shirley Artley, Floyd Ashley. Row 2-Douglas Barnes, Richard Beattie, Gordon Beck, John Beringer, Carol Bierman, Tom Blank, James Blume, Ruth Boushley. Row 3-Marigen Braun, Richard Breaker, Barbara Brown, Marshall Brown, Tom Buboltz, Joyce Bunker, Dorothy Bur- meister, Diana Burr. Row 4-Donna Burr, Beverly Carlson, Celine Caron, Russell Carpenter, Deane Clough, Francis Costigan, Judith Croy, John Dahlke. Row 5-Lillian DeBroka, Germaine De- Keyser, Marilyn Denkert, Barbara Doane, Alice Dordel, Delores Dordel, Clyde Douglas, Rosina Elmer. Row 6--George Elwood, Shirley Erdmann, Doris Feagles, James Foth, Joyce Freier, Verlyn Fuhrmann, Margaretann Ganzer, Ronald Garlield. Row 7-Janet Gibson, Ralph Giebel, Carol Grunske, Claudette Gullickson, Janice Handy, David Harness, Roydon Hart, Dorothy Heckner. Row 8-Betty Heider, Charlotte Heinz, Barbara Hildebrand, Lyle Hillegas, Helen Hoehne, Lee Holcomb, Wayne Holz, David Horn. Row 9-Lillian Hovelson, Tom Howman, Ronald Hunsicker, Mae Ihde, Joan Jas- person, Donald Johnson, Madelyn John- son, James Jones. Row 10-Richard Jorgensen, John Kalfahs, Walter Keller, Tom Kerrigan, Joan Kiefer, Lloyd Kleinhenz, Yvonne Kle- man, Daniel Knaack. Row 11-Alice Koch, Lyle Kronberg, Von- nie Kuckenbecker, Jerry Kuehl, James LaFond, Laverna Lemay, Nancy Llew- ellyn, Jane Loehning. Row 12-Dean Londo, Janet Losse, Wil- liam Lund, Earl Madgic, Beverly Man- teufel, Lois Marsh. FRESHMEN Row 1-Beverly Martin, Pauline Martin, John McConnell, Wil- liam McKinnon, Barbara Meartz, Donald Metz, Robert Metz, Bev- erly Miller. Row 2-Violet Miller, Jocelyn Minarik, Lois Morgan, Eunice Mulvey, James Murphy, John Myhre, Beverly NaGreen, Idell Napuck. Row 3-Eugene Newcomb, Allen Nollan, Kathleen O'Leary, Mar- vin Olsen, Karen Olson, Nancy Owen, Alice Pagel, Geraldine Pagel. Row 4-Kenneth Pagel, Carol Palmbach, Barbara Palmer, Pa- tricia Parker, Robert Payne, Kathryn Pheifer, Arthur Pitsch, Peggy Plank. Row 5-Marilyn Popp, Donna Porath, Virginia Raehl, Patricia Raaen, Jillene Raisler, Lee Ran- dall, Stuart Rasmussen, John Reese. Row 6-Donald Remmel, Wayne Rewey, Averil Ribble, Ralph Rieckmann, Wayne Rieckmann, Eunice Ritter, Curtis Robinson. Carol Roeck. Row 7-Raymond Rogers, Rober- ta Rogers, Aimee Lou Rohde, Janet Sanders, Carol Sauer, Dorothy Schabo, Jack Schaefer, Muriel Schneider. Row 8-Duane Schroeder, Donald Schultz, Judith Schultz, Warren Seager, Robert Snell, Donald Solomon, Doris Sorenson, Har- lin Spiegel. Row 9-Marlene Spoo, Marion Staffeld, Donna Stelow, Sally Stilp, Dennis Strey, James Stur- gis, Frank Sweetalla, Shirley Swichtenberg. Row 10-Kay Thompson, Peter Thomsen, Joan Tuchscherer, Jack Van Airsdale, Charlotte Van Asten, Steve Van Ouden- hoven, David Verhagen, Dor- othy Wagner. Row 11-Darrell Webb, Marlene Wierschke, Frank Wiesner, Jan- et Wilms, Conrad Woerner, Donald Wolff, William Wruck, Joan Zaumeyer. Row 12-Gloria Zeh, Carol Zeinert, Ralph Zeinert, Delores Ziel, Keith Zuleger. fag? il 1 , K Q, s ., wi ,,, , , , I fy I if ,,,..A.,,. M L -1- K A -tsi, is ,a-' P , , " ,,,, 1 -" , L- , t ff 1 ---- "'- ' 4 ffh ,,, V ' fi x 'Q xi IF- ' 'A' P' --, .- '-1, i." -.-' ' --,. V , ..,.,. r . it . a , Zi' f .. . , -Q'-'Zin ' -:.l V. ict' f c L7 J' . f ..,. , 2 :- if Q ' g - " .,,. f "'. " X ,, J " 2 y 2 t s ,wif ici "" ' q I f , ia . , ., ' A f '- fm 4 "1' -- '- .M , , . M A ' -.,: f Q N jg fw- i f I - ,,s Yi sr ,.,. 4, g .. ---- ' - V iiii ,. ":" ' ' - Q ' 'S W' ' ' 3' "" :i': , i QQ .,. ir l :ml ""' ,G l .sa. Qxw W , , , .,.. , - ,,,, H B , . W i S in -f" - - '. Q 'Wi I' ,i """ . ----: - fig? , M as .- fm Z - . ,,, .. if ----. , S p A ' f - f 5' A : A A d,', ku, in LM M X ' ' e '- x R, t f " -i"" iff ii,-, l -.,.:,.,,, :W L, ',--- 3 , H 737 .. . 17 -Q , fl ,L wg f .,: , M ,. ci, ffgmmy ,......,,,, s y 4:- A x W W ..,, fl? ,551 I ,nf 0,5 13 fdtrwvjg gi, -H wifi: Mi lf. AZ 1 -L :gi , ' ' A - , I A 3- "" 2 . "".. llli . ' e ' A ' A ,,, "'. Q ' , 'fi r f i . A - .,., g V ccr rc W , i 4 'Ali-,sn ag V, 7 A 4 A' 'if "" " "':1 Sf 1, W ,V ' E, ., . , . t aa., Q FZZ., ,,,,, W J? , . , .,. .V 2 WWZLYZSQQYZT W 'C'-P' . ,-'- i --,, ' ",.. :":' i - 1 W "" "" Y . f V , .'-- 2 Q , A' I .,.- ...,,. . -'fi 25.1 y ' xg,g,:g3ggf3:2 sf:iQ2igg::t2, ' X ' f-' 2's Q 4 c iz-M' ,. iw- av' itil. -:..... . ,wif W 1" W4 .- -- I ez- 11- ,.,.4 s i'-'-'i:- R ----- Page Thirty-five Now come the outside activities. Remember the Con- servation Club party where we nearly froze to death? The Biology Club hikes and the exhibit? The Candy Ball where we had such a good time? How about the Halloween party with its polkas and flying Dutchmen! I can't possibly mention them all here, but come along and we'll find the rest of them. cf J .lf fn se M e M ' 3 O Page Thirty-seven At the close of the school year, the thing the students look forward to most is the "Rocket." This perhaps gives one of the most accurate pictures of school life from all angles. Not all the work put into this publication is known to the students. They donft realize the many tasks which have to be done before it is placed in their hands. Our new "Rocket" adviser is Mr. Charles Shepard. Miss Meyer is the capable editorial adviser. She has the immense job of checking and editing every printed word in the Rocket. The work of editor was done very efhciently by Clara Albert. The associate editors were Mary Engel and Geraldine Hase while other members of the editorial staff were Natalie DeRoche, Howard Heckner, Merlin "ANNUAL" Mulvey, Marilyn Eckstein, Carol Gullickson, Mary Abendroth, Mary jean Rutter, and Barbara Kuether. The official "Rocket" work period was fourth hour in the morning in Mr. Shepard's room. There, the students could work on whatever had to be done toward the publishing of the annual. Unlike the other groups, the business staff finishes its work early in the year. They gather advertisements from the local businessmen who cooperate with us in every way possible, and are a contributing factor in the pub- lication of the annual. Members of the business staff are Nancy Thorson, business manager, Margaret Steller. Nancy Hall, Leila Schmidt, Charleen Brandt, and Mary Osborne. All of the pictures in the annual comprising student life are taken by our own photography staff. Kurt Gross heads this, assisted by David Martin, Sue Martin, Carla Sylvander, Dianne Anderson, and Shirley Kruse. Among the many mysteries concerning the "Rocket," the biggest is that of the cover. Only vague hints are given out as to the colors of it or for the theme of the book, for the cover usually reflects the theme of the complete annual. But no matter how great the mystery we are always assured of wonderful results, for our art staff is one of the very best. They do an excellent job of designing the cover and also the small drawings scattered throughout the book. Members of this group are Ann Andersen, Leone Ganzer, Richard Cramer. Patricia Coghlan, Nancy Neller, Doloros Huebner, and Lotus Blank. We sincerely hope you enjoy the "Rocket" as much as we enjoyed publishing it for you. ASSEMBLERS Back Row-Merlin Mulvey, Robert Ebert, Richard Cramer, Kurt Gross, David Martin, Howard Heckner, Robert Bowman Third Row-LaVonne Laux, Mary Osborne, Dianne Anderson, Clara Albert, Dolores Laux, Sue Martin, Ann Andersen, Donna Volkman, Patricia Rozelle, Nancy Harness. Second Rau'-Mr. Shepard, Rosina Elmer, joan Smith, Carla Sylvander, Sherrill Mallan, Patricia Zenisek, Margaret Steller, Nancy Neller, Carol Gullickson, Shirley Kruse, Nancy Hall, Miss Meyer. First Rau'-Lotus Blank, Mary Abendroth, Evelyn Popp, Natalie DeRoche, Donna Lange, Barbara Kuether, Leila Schmidt, Mary Engel, Nancy Thorson, Geraldine Hasc. Doloros Huebner. 4,15 Vin Page Tb irty-eight A surprise issue of the Cub was issued during the first week of school for the benefit of the freshmen, giving them information on the extra-curricular activities of the school. At the Cub mixer, the first big event of the school year, it has been the custom to initiate some of the freshmen. The initiations were as follows: joan Tuch- scherer directed the orchestra, james La Fond recited a serious poemg Clyde Douglas had to sit on the dunce stoolg a group of freshman girls were asked to wear football helmets all evening and those caught without them were made to sweep a portion of the floor with toothbrushes. The Cub sponsored a design contest for the purpose of getting a new insignia. Mr. Borgen, Mr. Poellinger and Kenneth Foster were the judges and they liked the de- signs of Richard Cramer and Richard jelinski so well that they combined the two designs and divided the award of five dollars between the two winners. At Christmas time, with holly wreaths and pine houghs and a gaily decorated Christmas tree furnishing the atmosphere, the Cub staff officially ushered in the Christmas season. This is an annual affair, the party being held in the cafeteria on December 14. A good time was had by all as the group played party games includ- ing charades and several novel relays. Entertainment was furnished by the members of the staff also. A clarinet quartette presented a medley of Christmas Carols. Other members of the staff presented skits and stunts, but the highlight of the party was the exchanging of humorous gifts. Light refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. On April 1, the Cub published a typical fool's paper full of foolishness and printed on gaudy pink paper. At the annual spring party the ofhcers for the next year are revealed. They are chosen by the advisers, Miss Lila Andrew and Mr. Al Poellinger. The officers for the past year included the following: co-editors, Peggy Blank and Kirk Lawson, front page editor, joan Hagen, Kirk Lawson, sports editorg jane Aldinger and joanne Lobb, co-feature editorsg business manager, Leila Schmidtg co-advertising managers, Nat- alie De Roche and joan Smith, Doloros Huebner, copy readerg proofreader, Clara Albert, Patricia Ryan, special feature writerg exchange editors, Duane Kuehl and Sally Madsen, there were fourteen reporters, eight typ- ists, and a mechanical staff of five members. jOVIAL jDURNALISTS Back Rau'-james Lewandowski, Duane Kuehl, Donald Hagman, Kirk Lawson, Howard Heckner, Kendrick johnson. Third Row-Carol Sorensen, Donna Crawford, Katherine C. Schultz, Leila Schmidt, Clara Albert, Patricia Ryan, LaVonne Laux, joan Smith. Second Rau'-Miss Andrew, Natalie DeRoche, Sally Madsen, Vivian Schultz, Louise Bethke, Carol Krempien, Charlotte Larson, jean Kemp, Mr. Poellinger. First Row-Doloros Huebner, joyce Redlin, joanne Lobb, Donna Lange, Nancy Thorson, Patricia jones, Peggy Blank, Evelyn Popp, jane Aldinger, Georgiean Kopvlas. ...M-..- F2 Page Thirty-nine Buck Row-Jacqueline Brooks, Alice Wedewart, Jean Zaumeyer, Patricia Zenisek, Gloria Philippi. Second Row-Margaret Steller, Joan Hagen, Mary Remmel, Nancy Braun, Nancy Neller. First Row-Geraldine Hase, Joanne Lobb, Nancy Thorson, Kathryn E. Schultz, Peggy Ann Blank, Patricia Coghlan. COMPOSITION THE "ROCKET ECHOESU STAFF Adviser-Miss Helene Peterson Editor-in-Chief-Nancy Neller C0-editors-Jean Zaumeyer, Peggy Ann Blank, Kathryn E. Schultz Co-luuifzess managers-Joanne Lobb, Nancy Thorson Art editor and cover-Gloria Philippi Advertising committee-Patricia Coghlan, Claairmun, Jacqueline Brooks, Geraldine Hase Typists-Margaret Steller, Nancy Braun, Alice Joan Wedewart, Joan Hagen Mechanical Staff Adviser-Mr. A. J. Poellinger Assistants-Kenneth Arndt, Ernest Gauger. Brian Burr, LeRoy Sauer, Edwin Rosenow CREATORS Discovering the literary abilities of Neenah High School students was the purpose of the "Rocket Echoes" staff. They selected the best short stories, essays, picturesque speech, poems, editorials, and black-and-white sketches that were written and drawn by the students. This year's publication, as in previous years, contained contributions from all the students whereas last year the book contained only articles written by seniors. An art section was introduced as a new feature this year. There were full-page illustrations selected from entries during a contest at the end of the first semester. The "Rocket Echoes" staff has expressed the hope that this art section will become a permanent feature of this booklet as an incentive for more creative drawing as well as writing. Much credit goes to Miss Peterson who guided the staff and helped them select the best articles and sketches. After Miss Peterson and the staff finished, the book went to Mr. Poellinger and the printing staff, who did a fine job getting the book ready to present to the students. Honors go to Gloria Philippi for her cover design. "Rocket Echoes" contained a number of articles, in- cluding contributions as varied as Christmas poems to the last word about life at Camp Onaway! By publication of their literary efforts, recognition was given to the following: Jane Aldinger, Donald Ayers, Richard Baer, Gretchen Beglinger, Peggy Ann Blank, Marigen Braun, Jacqueline Brooks, Germaine DeKeyser, Charles Diestler, Jeanne Fandrey, Joan Ha- gen, Kurt Hagen, John Hahn, Lester Johnson, David Kent. Charlotte Larson. Carol Meartz. Nancy Neller, Junior O'Neil, James Owen, Gloria Philippi, Kathryn E. Schultz, James Smith, Charles Stroemer, Robert Thomack, and Jean Zaumeyer. Page F orly Every girl is automatically a member of the Girls, Senate when she enters school. Because of the difliculty of the entire group meeting, five girls are elected to represent each class at board meetings. This term, be- cause of a tie, the sophomore class was represented by six girls. The board elected the following officers: president, Kathryn E. Schultzg vice-president, Peggy Blank, secre- tary, Nancy Dieckhoffg treasurer, Katherine C. Schultz. The girls on the board are divided into the following committees: the Sunshine Committee whose chairman is Billie Throne, the Activity Committee with co-chair- men Nancy Dieckhoif and Peggy Blankg the Getting- New-Students-Acquainted Committee whose chairman is joan Hagen, the Scrapbook Committee with Donna Schabo as chairmang and a Sellers Committee. Under the able direction of their adviser, Miss Griiiiths, the Girls, Senate has done many things. Early in the year a "pot-luck" supper was held for the board members. Later in the year, the freshman girls had a tea for their mothers while still later on the sophomore girls also entertained at a tea for their mothers. The juniors entertained their mothers on "junior Night" with a style show and refreshments. The senior girls gave a dinner party for their mothers on St. Patrick's Day. A "Big and Little Sister" party was held for girls acting as big sisters to the freshman girls. The "big sisters" helped their "little sisters" get acquainted, and many of them displayed their talents by dancing, sing- ing or doing skits. The Girls' Senate's main event of the year was their dance, the "Candy Ball." Red and white streamers formed a false ceiling, with paper peppermint sticks and cotton candy at the main entrance. There was a candy shop with peppermint sticks around it, and the walls were covered with paper gingerbread men, candy canes, lolly-pops, gumdrops and lemon drops. The king, elected at the dance, was Roy Petersen who chose Patricia Getschow as his queen. The "gingerbread" dance prize was won by Al Leveranceg the "lucky candy bar" was won by Glen Klemang and Janice Handy won the door prize. Kenneth Foster was master of cere- monies. james Retson's orchestra from Lawrence Col- lege played for the dance. SERIOUS SUFFRAGETTES Back Ron'-Marilyn Eckstein, Joan Hagen, Beverly NaGreen, Mary jean Rutter, Donna Schabo. Third Ron'-Katherine C. Schultz, Donna Lange, joan Zaumeyer, Carol Porath, Kathryn Pheifer. Second Rou'-Beverly Labeda, Peggy Ann Blank, Kathryn E. Schultz, Billie Throne, Sarah Muttart. First Rau'-june Reynolds, Nancy Doane, Muriel Schneider, Nancy Dieckhoff, jean Menard, Georgiean Kopvlas. Page Forty-one Back Row--Gilbert Krueger, Kenneth Foster, Leorman Konitzer, George Rasmussen, Earl Page, Warner Wilton, Richard Frakes, Emanuel Woerner. Second Row-Nancy Dieckhoff, Peggy Blank, Joan Smith, Duane Kuehl, Bruce Berg, Ann Andersen, John Gundlach, Mary Engel. First Row-Dolores Huebner, Judith Croy, Beverly Martin, Shirley Swichtenberg, Mr. Borgen, Robert Schmidt, Ronald Kuchenbecker, Richard Jorgensen, Tom Kerrigan. CANNY COUNCILORS Our student Council is the democratic reliection of the students' opinion in Neenah High School. The adviser of the group is Mr. H. O. Borgen, principal. President of the Council is Kenneth Foster, vice-president, John Gundlachg treasurer, Bruce Berg, and secretary, Nancy Dieckhoff. Each of the home rooms has one representative, ex- cept the study halls, which have two. Representing them this year are Peggy Blank, John Gundlach, Earl Page, Richard Frakes, Robert Schmidt, Richard Jorgen- sen, Judith Croy, Joan Smith, Beverly Martin, Warner Wilton, George Rasmussen, Kenneth Foster, Tom Kerri- gan, Shirley Swichtenberg, Bruce Berg, Nancy Dieck- hoff, Ann Andersen, Emanuel Woeriier, Mary Engel, Margaret Steller, Leorman Konitzer, Ronald Kuchen- becker, Doloros Huebner, Duane Kuehl. This group meets each week during a different period. The Student Council has been responsible for many projects during the year. One of these was a very suc- cessful tea given for the faculty just before Christmas. Council members were responsible for the collection of the "Rocket" subscriptions and for their distribution at the end of the year. The Red Cross drive was taken over by the Council, as was the filling of Red Cross boxes. Each home room filled as many boxes as it could, the total being 84 boxes. As you noticed at Christmas, the halls and front entry of the school were colorfully decorated. This was an- other project of the Council members. They did this during their free time and had fun doing it. One of the most popular drives during the year is that for the senior scholarship. The Council sponsors at Tag Day when every one is given the opportunity to contribute toward the scholarship fund which helps a deserving senior finance his college expenses. Any stu- dent in the upper third of the class who really needs it is eligible. The Council makes the decision, but it is subject to a final check by a faculty committee. The Student Council was also instrumental in the formation of the Teen-Age Advisory Board. This group was formed with the idea of getting more and better recreation for students. Our assembly programs have been very ably announced by members of the Council this year. As in previous years, the Council has sent delegates to the Wisconsin High School Student Council Associa- tion convention. This year our representatives were Ann Andersen, Kenneth Foster, Nancy Dieckhoff, and Bruce Berg. Page Forty-tu-'o FORENSIC COACHES Back Row-Mr. Poulton, Miss Broetz- man, Mr. Stouffer. First Row-Miss Harris, Miss Peterson, Miss Paulson, Miss Hughes. When the call came in December for contestants for the forensic contests this year, many Neenah High School students responded. After the contestants had practiced and had been coached, an elimination all-school contest was held in january, and the following students were selected to continue: extemporaneous reading, Carol Buchanan, Marigen Braun, Gloria Mortensen, Nancy Neller, Mary Remmel, Donna Lange, and Rosalie Olson, serious declamation, joan Hagen, Ruth Pedersen, Gloria Philippi, Leone Ganzer, and Peggy Blank, humorous declamation, Audrey Blank and Kathryn E. Schultz: extemporaneous speaking, Geraldine Hase, Howard Heckner and Robert Jung, and oratory, Charles Diestler. In the latter part of February, another all-school conference was held and the following participants still continued: extemporaneous reading, Carol Buchanan, Marigen Braun, Gloria Mortensen and Nancy Neller: serious declamation, joan Hagen, Ruth Pedersen, and Gloria Philippig humorous declamation, Audrey Blankg extemporaneous speaking, Geraldine Hase, Howard Heckner and Robert jungg and oratory, Charles Diestler. At Appleton, Kaukauna, and Menasha, there were league and conference contests at which all the Neenah High School contestants were finally eliminated except Audrey Blank, who gave a humorous declamation, and Howard Heckner, who was in extemporaneous speak- ing. These two represented Neenah High School at the State Forensics Tournament. Accompanied by Miss Paulson and Miss Hughes, they went to Madison where Audrey Blank received an "A" rating and Howard Heckner received a "B" rating. Several of the Neenah High School teachers gave their valuable time to coach the students who were partici- pating. These teachers included Miss Helen Hughes, who coached extemporaneous speaking, Miss Edna Mae Harris, who coached extemporaneous readingg Miss Helene Peterson, who helped with declamationsg Miss Edith Broetzman, who coached declamationsg Mr. Robert Stouffer, who had oratory as his coaching assignment, Mr. Kenneth Poulton, who helped with extemporaneous reading, and Miss Helen Paulson, who coached declama- tions and was chairman of all Neenah High School forensics. Forensics really play an important part in Neenah High School activities for they teach the students to have more poise and assurance when speaking before a group. The forensic students are deeply grateful for the time and effort their coaches spent with them, for without their aid and guidance, it would not have been possible for the students to advance as far as they did. SCRUPULOUS SPEAKERS Back Rou'-Charles Diestler, Howard G. Heckner, Robert Jung, Joan Hagen, Marigen Braun. Second Row-Donna Lange, Mary Remmel, Ruth Pedersen, Gloria Philippi, Leone Ganzer, Gloria Mortensen. First Rau'-Geraldine Hase, Carol Buchanan, Peggy Ann Blank, Kathryn E. Schultz, Nancy Neller, Audrey Blank, Rosalie Olson. l l Page Forty-three Early in September, the senior band started practicing marching maneuvers to do on parade. The band per- formed at home football games as well as at Clintonville and Menasha. This year the band marched in new uniforms identical to the ones bought in 1937. Now the hand can completely uniform 115 members. When the football season ended, the band settled down for its concert season. The first activity was pro- viding the music for Miss Paulson's fall play. The next appearance was made at the Christmas concert given for the students at an assembly December 21. After Christmas, the band started work on its mid- winter concert. Both the Kimberly Junior High School band, with fifty-five members, and the Neenah High School senior band, with ninety members, participated in this annual event. The junior band did not participate because they were working on band fundamentals and toward promotion to the senior band. Mrs. H. K. Stuart and the Kiwanis Club were instrumental in starting the lirst band in Neenah twenty years ago and this concert marked the twentieth anniversary of the band. Some members of the first Neenah band live in Neenah and can frequently be seen at concerts and at other activ- ities of the band. Many instruments have been added and others replaced since the first band was organized. The alto and bass clarinets have been added while the mellophone has been replaced by the French horn: some of the metal clarinets have been replaced by wood clarinets, and the trumpets have been replaced by cornets. For the evening performance of Miss Broetzman's spring play, "A Date With Judy," a selected group of band members played a medley of teen-age melodies appropriate for the theme of the play. After the mid-winter concert, the band worked on music for the annual tournament which was held at Appleton High School. Many students played solos or were in ensembles while the senior band played in concert in class A. Another successful year can be credited to the band through the untiring efforts of their talented and patient director, Mr. Lester Mais. MUSICAL Back Rau'-A. Ribble, D. Meyer, D. Horn, D. Feagles, L. Johnson, R. Lemke, Wm. Wiberg, R. Jelinski, D. Hagman R. Zinke, K. Johnson. Third Row-J. Reynolds. J. Handy, J. Raisler. D. Heckner, M. Schneider, D. Carlson, K. Schultz, M. Anderson, R. Zeinert, J. Miller, R. Garfield, R. Kresse. Second Row-C. Roeck, C. Schabo, C. Kent, R. Zimmerman, G. Kopvlas, M. Whitney, M. Osborne, J. McConnell R. Jung, R. Campbell, B. Radcliffe, K. Gross. First Row-D. Bastar, D. Schuette, S. Vought, C. Burr, C. Dyreby, B. Kuether, C. Albert. J. Loehning, M. Whitpan H. Kissinger, M. Abendroth, P. Alferi. Page Forty-four Back Row-Richard Zinke, Kurt Gross, Lowell Bonnin, Willianm Wiberg, Jack Ziegert. Second Rauf-Mary Markovich, Thad Epps, Robert Campbell, Clara Albert, Roger Anderson, Robert Bowman, Joan Smith. Ifirst Row-Mae Whitney, Doris Jean Meyer, Peggy Ann Blank, LaVonne Laux, Jean Parmenter, Darlene Schuette, Mary Abendrorh. Carmen Kent. The members of this year's pep band consisted mostly of pep to our team for the home games. The band played seniors with a few juniors and sophomores filling in for between games, and at the half time periods, directed by the correct instrumentation. Their stirring music added a student director, Thad Epps. MARCHERS Buck Row-B. Berg, G. Korotev, L. Bonnin, R. Larson, J. Smith, C. Douglas, R. Ducklow, J. Kuehl, G. Beck, R. Anderson. Third Rou'-R. Bowman, D. Ducat, D. Barnes, J. Smith, J. Kemp, L. Kuether, D. Meyer, M. Blank, P. Huth, L. DeBroka. Second Ron'--R. Kinzel, J. Ziegert, D. Plank, J. Parmenter, C. Laflin, M. Markovich, M. Spoo, C. Meartz, L. Laux, M. Eckstein, F. Breitenbach. Firxt Row-T. Epps, K. Williams, J. Croy, N. Doane, N. Owen, J. Roth, J. Bunker, D. Burr, P. Blank, S. Markovich, Mr. Mais. Page Forty-five Buck Rau'-F. Braun, M. Selle, L. Bork, S. Martin, K. Foster, B. Blank, A. Andersen, K. Frazee, L. Morgan. Second Rau'-E. Madgic, R. Lund, R. Schmidt, M. Bork, B. Hutchins, G. LaRue, E. Heider, M. Aplin, B. Neubauer. First Row-J. Koepke, S. Elmer, E. Hoeper, P. Zehner, A. Blank, Miss Roper, G. Mortensen, C. Buchanan, J. Skibba, D. Bastar, M. Wirbrod. Under the direction of Miss Roper, the mixed Choir combined with the Girls' Choir to present several fine programs. The members of both choirs also attended the music festival at Two Rivers. Elected as officers by this group were president, Bruce Hutchins, secretary, Ann Andersen, treasurer, Bonita Neubauer. The accompanist was Gloria Mor- tensen. The Girls' Choir, under the direction of Miss Roper, played an important part in Neenah High School activ- ities. The ofncers were president, Ruth Pederseng secre- tary, Carol Bierman. The girls who assisted with direct- ing the choir were Janet Sanders, Jacqueline Miller, and Rosalie Olson. The accompanist was Barbara Nixon and her assistant was Nancy Llewellyn. C0-ED CHORISTERS WONDROUS WARBLERS Buck Row-D. Burr, S. Swichtenberg, B. Hoeper, D. Kellett, D. Sorensen, G. Moseng, R. Arft, C. Van Asten, C. Sauer, J. Landers, R. Pedersen, M. Denkert, C. Sylander, E. Dempsey, B. Hildebrand, C. Grunsl-te. Third Row-N. Hartzheim, C. Ammerman, B. Green, C. Bierman, M. Massey, S. Anderson, G. Pagel, B. Nixon, J. Miller, B. Martin, N. Sanders, S. Hearden, H. Miller. Second Row-M. Simons, J. Forsythe, G. Dunn, J. Freier, S. Stilp, V. Burroughs, M. Braun, P. Martin, J. Boehm, M. Carlson, R. Olson, D. Burmeister. l' Row-B. Manteufel, L. Hovelson, M. Webster, D. Hovelson, B. Carlson, H. Hoehne, Miss Roper, D. Clough, J. Losse, N. Llewellyn, S. Artley, J. Minarik, J. Sanders. Page Iiorly-six J i uf, 2 s , ay N3 Buck Rau'-james Harness, jerry Christoph, Richard Olson, Harold Nielsen, Tom Thomsen, Bruce Schumacher, Kirk Lawson, Orrin Prindle, Eldor Peapenburg. Tlaird Rau'-Curt Borgen, Robert Hase, john Pearson, Ronald Dietz, David Martin, Robert Ebert, jack Neu- bauer, David Kent. Secoml Rau'-Mary Engel, Charlotte Larson, Patricia Zenisek, Alice Wedewart, jean Zaumeyer, Ann Andersen, Mary Remmel, Patricia Phillips, Jeanette Westfahl, Mr. Christoph. lfirsl Rau'-jane Aldinger, Mary Markovich, Nancy Dieckhoff, Nancy Neller, Kathryn E. Schultz, Nancy Thorson, jean Kemp, Patricia Ryan, Sue Sawtell, Beverly Nielsen. MODEL MAGISTRATES Neenah High School had 69 efficient hall monitors, the halls during class periods, to assist any visitor to selected for their dependability and trustworthiness, building, to check lockers and bicycle racks, and whose duties were to check any students who were in deliver messages for the faculty and ofhce stall. Back Rau'-james Hrubecky, Donald Hagman, Orrin Bredendick, Richard Frakes, Gene Lee, Wallace Webb. Tlaird Rau'-Duane Kuehl. XValdemar Thorson, Paul Parsons, Ronald Zachow, james Lewandowski, Merlin Mulvey. Second Rau'-Mr. Christoph, Patricia jones, Eva Mae Mueller, joan Zenisek, Vivian Schultz, Donna Volkman, Margaret Steller, Hazel Dahl. First Row-Donna Geiger, Donna Lange, Marilyn Eckstein, Nancy Olski, Mary Aplin, joretta Koch, Velma Behm, Nancy Sanders. Page I"m'Iy-.ve1'er1 the to One of the largest, most active, and worthwhile organ- Many activities are offered to the club members. W g-- l Buck Rouf-Jacqueline Miller, Rita Ginke, Carla Sylvander, Dianne Anderson, Nora Remmel, Sally Madsen, George Rasmussen, junior O'Neil, Robert Blank, Robert Winter, Brian Burr, john Chaganos, james Harness. Third Row-Donald Ducat, Fred Gerhardt, Ronald Lange, jerry Miller, Ronald Blohm, Richard Broas, james Owen, Jack Marquardt, Charles Thompson, Curt Borgen, Robert Thomack, Frank Meyer, Robert Ducklow, Melvin Delrow. Second Row-Marlyn Anderson, Eileen Hoeper, Barbara Hoeper, joan Hagen, Patricia Zenisek, Carol Porath, Jacqueline Landers, Sue Martin, Donna Volkman, Carlyn Roesler, Patricia Clark, Carol Gullickson, Joanne Boehm. First Row-Karen Williams, jane Aldinger, Charleen Brandt, Mary Engel, Geraldine Hase, Katherine Frazee, Patricia Steffen, Carol Grunske, Barbara Hildebrand, Carol Berens, Shirley Mickelson, Lotus Blank, Margie Kemps. CAUTIOUS izations in school is the Conservation Club with 220 members. The following officers were elected to be responsible for the club activities: president, Karl Saw- yerg vice-president, Patricia Zenisekg secretary, Jane Aldingerg treasurer, Alice Wedewart. There is also an assistant treasurer, Richard Kresse, and assistant secre- tary, Gloria Philippi. The board members are Richard Cramer, Fred Gerhardt, Ronald Kuchenbecker, Sarah Muttart, and Karlene Sawyer. Members of the club elect the board members to control the activities because of the difficulty of the entire club convening at one time. The members get credit for hours of participation in activities of the club. This year each member got fifteen points as a starter to encourage them to participate in more activities. Seventy-five per cent or 165 of the members are in the "A" or "B" group. The "A" group includes people having credit of at least l20 hours, and the "B" group includes those having credit of at least sixty hours. There is the rabbit-trapping group. who traps rabbits and takes them to the rural areas so they can not do as much damage to trees and bushes in the city. The person who trapped the most rabbits received special recogni- tion. This year Audrey Blank trapped the most, eleven rabbits, and this year is the First year that a girl has won this recognition. Altogether seventy-four rabbits were trapped. The club's other groups include the horse-back riding, bird feeding, tree-planting, photography, seashell, scrapbook, art, archery, selling, and public school speak- ing groups. i Puge Iiorly-eight CONSERVATORS '. H -- - - Back Rou'-Wayne Rieckmann, Denver Behm, Al Carpenter, Richard Cross, Willard Rieckmann, Richard Ruthven, William Jensen, Richard Cramer, Raymond Foelker, Jerry Christoph, Ronald Basken, Gene Kalkoske, Nilo Salmeen. Third Rout'-Patricia Murphy, joan Zenisek, Eva Mueller, Sue Lyon, Joyce Pheifer, Valeria Bloom, Dolores Laux, Lois Hatch, Clara Albert, Sue Sawtell, joan Smith, LaVonne Laux, Kathryn E. Schultz. Second Rau'-Marjorie Thomack, Nancy Hall, jean Monard, Marilyn Morrill, Evelyn Popp, Donna Geiger, Beverly Labeda, Nancy Dieckholf, Audrey Blank, Donna Burr, Dorothy Heckner, Carol Sorensen, Marilyn Popp. First Row-Robert Dorn, Robert Metz, David Verhagen, Vernon jankowski, Eugene Newcomb, john Roth, Allan Harding, Robert Schmidt, john Gundlach, james Smith, Kurt Hagen, Carlton Hoppe. The horse-back riding group enjoys many rides with other members of the group. The bird feeding group places bird feeders in the general vicinity of the school and keeps them filled for the birds, especially during the winter season. The tree planting group procures trees to plant around their homes or other places where they might be desirable, but because of a shortage this year there were few trees to be planted. The scrap-book group keeps a scrapbook of pictures or stories of the club's activities while the art group makes posters for the club. The public-school speaking group gives talks to the public school children on conservation subjects. This year the subject was on pets. Sea shells are collected and named bY the people in the sea shell group. The archery group had many archery matches this year, and the group has had Rod Harmin, an "ex GI" who does exhibition shooting, to help them. This year the officers and board mem- bers received small gold pins as tokens for their time and effort spent in helping the club. Being a very active and aggres- sive group, the Conservation Club had stationery printed with its name, motto, oihcers, board members, and its adviseris name. Some people join the club but never do any of the club's activities, but most of the members have lived up to the clubis motto, "Be a good sport and you will be known as such." Under the capable leadership of its adviser, Mr. Armin Gerhardt, the Conservation Club has a full and varied program which has general appeal to students with a variety of interests and who otherwise might not be included in any other group. The Conservation Club is certainly to be commended for this achievement. Page Forty-nine xunfma... rf ., , Bacla Row-Emanuel Woerner, Edwin Rosenow, Gene Lee, Richard Frakes, Kenneth Foster, Harold Nielsen, Karl Sawyer. Bruce Schumacher, John Pearson, Robert Ebert, Harland Ziemke, David Kent, Ed Tourtellotte. Third Ryu'-Joanne Lobb, Donna Lange, Leila Schmidt, Edith Dempsey, Ruth Pedersen, Nancy Gerhardt, Jean Zaumeyer, Karlene Sawyer, Alice Wedewart, Gretchen Beglinger, Jacqueline Brooks, Gloria Philippi, Patricia Jones, Rosalie Olson. Second Row-Lester Beyer, Murial Kuehnl, Robert Jankowski, Alfred Mills, Richard Breaker, Orrin Prindle, Ronald Dietz, John Myhre, James Stilp, Daniel Kuehnl, Ernest Gauger, Richard Kresse, Ronald Kuchenbecker. First Razz'-Wayne Angermeyer, Corliss Prindle, Robert Snell, James Murphy, Ronald Hunsicker, Jack Gauger, Mr. Ger- hardt, Duane Kuehl, Tom Thorson, James Blume, Wayne Halverson, Howard Hinterthuer, Ralph Zeinert. CAUTIOUS CONSERVATORS Back Rau'-Patricia Ryan, Lois Payne, Doris Webb, Mary Remmel, Jeannette Breaker, Cecilia Dyreby, Sylvia Vought, Marilyn Fisher, Nancy Braun, Donna Schabo, Marilyn Eckstein, Nancee Schnasse, Nancy Kress. Third Rau'-Patricia Coghlan, Jeannette Dorn, Joyce Bartel, Janet Parker, Margaret Steller, Connie Smith, Donna Porath, Carita Blank, Nancy Nielsen, Faye Braun, Mary Abendroth, Donna Bastar, Laverna Le May. Second Row-Margaret Witbrod, Nancy Llewellyn, Peggy Blank, Vonnie Kuchenbecker, Kathryn Pheifer, Phyllis Huth, Marian Whitpan, Mary Osborne, Joyce Redlin, Marilyn Hanson, Sarah Muttart, Roberta Rogers. First Ron'-Jacqueline Zuehlke, Doloros Huebner, Carolyn Brooks, Betty Green, Mary Markovich, Darlene Schuette, Nancy Neller, Darlene Kellett, Florence Christian, Marion Johnson, Polly Abel, Carmen Kent, Olive Mae Salmeen. Page Fifty The club held its meetings on the first and third Mon- HAPPY HOMEMAKERS The Home Economics Club with a membership of about sixty students was under the capable direction of Miss Kathryn Gullikson. As the ofiicers for the club this year, they elected Nancy Sanders as president, Nancy Harness as vice-president, Eileen Hoeper as secretaryg and Jean- ette Westfahl as treasurer. that they gave their annual Christmas party for the less fortunate children of Neenah. The party was given on December 17, from three-thirty until five o'clock in the sewing room and included twenty children all of whom were eight years of age or younger. As they gathered around a large beautifully decorated Christmas tree, they sang carols, played games, and had delicious re- freshments of hot fudge sundaes and frosted animal days of the month at which they discussed their old cookies which the girls had made. business and made plans for future activities. . Santa appeared and gave each child a small gift of If you glance back at the first semester, you will find either a pair of mittens or stockings and a small toy or l l 1 Back Row-Jeannette Dorn, Patricia Murphy, Mary Markovich, Darlene Schuette, Eva Mueller, Priscilla Zehner, Lois Hatch, Sherrell Mallan, Patricia Zietlow, Lois Bork, Helen Kissinger, Arlene Dahlke, Betty Taves, Joyce Bartel, Margaret Simons. Third Row-Billie Throne, Shirley Anderson, Virginia Raehl, Jeannette Westfahl, Marlene Wierschke, Barbara Hoeper, Doris Sorenson, Beverly Mueller, Donna Bishop, Joyce Freier, Patricia Bishop, Jean Kiefer, Charlotte Heinz. Second Row-Beverly Smith, Mabel Carlson, Pauline Frank, Nettie Miller, Eunice Mulvey, Jeanne Fandrey, Nancy Harness, Eileen Hoeper, Celest Hearden, Betty Schuelke, Margie Kemps, Phyllis Tews, Jo Ann Caron. First Row-Yvonne Kleman, Celine Caron, Patricia Sanderfoot, Doloros Huebner, Irene Caron, Ruth Boushley, Janet Wilms, Miss Gullickson, Jean Kruse, Jacqueline Zuehlke, Dolores Hovelson, Bonnie Groff, Nancy Sanders, Joann Beaudo. game. The stockings and mittens were purchased by the club members while the toys were donated by the members. Each year the club finds a great deal of joy and pleasure in giving this Christmas party for these small children. On December 20, the club had a dinner for its mem- bers, served in the home economics room after which they had entertainment, and they also sang Christmas carols. Later in the evening, they journeyed over to Theda Clark Hospital where they sang carols for the patients. The club had several money-making projects this year to earn money for their treasury. The sale of "hot- dogs" after school on several occasions proved to be very popular as well as profitable. At an assembly program for all the girls on May 26, they presented a fashion show. For this program there was a total of one hundred and thirty models, all of whom were members of the home economics classes who displayed the clothing which they had made in their sewing classes. The models displayed night wear, including pajamas, robes, and housecoats. Carrying tennis rackets, roller- skates, and other sports equipment, they created a very pleasing picture with their beach wear and sports clothes as they were modelled along with cotton skirts, blouses, and slacks. As the girls modelled date dresses, school dresses, tailored dresses and suits, they wore hats and carried purses and gloves showing the general effective- ness of a complete costume. The stage was attractively arranged for the appear- ance of the models with potted palms and bouquets of fiowers adding to the general setting. With appropriate music as the girls entered, they stepped upon a green carpeted, elevated platform where they modelled their original creations" and then walked off stage followed by a hearty round of applause. Page Fifty-one BUDDING Each year the Biology Club has been enlarging its membership. This year there is a membership of seventy- five, fifteen more than last year. Along with the enlarg- ing of the club, its activities have increased too. The club year started with the annual fall hike to Nelson's Woods. Election of officers was held in the fall also. Ronald Basken was chosen president, and joan Smith, vice-president. The ofiice of secretary was held by Eva Mueller and Sherrell Mallang jerry Chris- toph was treasurer. In addition, there is a board of directors as a steering committee, composed of Robert Ebert, jack Neubauer, Nancy Olski, Richard Kresse and Billie Throne. Mr. John Gundlach, biology instructor, is the faculty adviser of the club. Members participated in many varied and interesting activities such as taxidermy, something new and different at Neenah High School. They started first with sparrows, then pigeons, and later to more complicated forms of animals. Bird study, wild flower study, tree study, and insect study and general experiments, are also new this year. Other activities are tropical fish raising, micro- scopic study, and the green-house project. Social life in the Biology Club consists of the fall hike and a "hot dog" roast at Nelson's Woods, the annual Christmas party, where it has become the custom to see how many "black cows" one can consume without be- coming green in the face, and at which there is an exchange of gifts and games are played relative to biology. Last but not least, is the spring hike to River- side Park, where the annual baseball game is played. Back Row-john Mills, Emanuel Woerner, Robert Winter, Dean Wisthoff, Bruce Schumacher, Dallas Anderson, jerry Christoph. Third Row-Jeannette Dorn, Joyce Bartel, Patricia Zenisek, Alice Wedewart, Karlene Sawyer, Sue Martin, Ann Andersen Lois Hatch, Mary Remmel. Second Row-Patricia Coghlan, Billie Throne, Kathryn E. Schultz, Jacqueline Brooks, Margaret Steller, Nancy Dieckholf Nancy Braun, Gloria Philippi, Janet Parker. First Row-Robert Burroughs, Howard Hinterthuer, James Shannon, Richard Kresse, Nancy Olski, Mary Jean Rutter Marie Webster, Leatrice Schmeling, Florence Christian. Page Fifty-two BIOLOGISTS It is traditional to be a place winner among the pep Q parade floats. This year their float received second place, Q ki my with the theme of "cooking Menasha's goose" and mga 1-PM "getting their goat." This year the club has added a point system similar to those of other clubs. The idea was designed to keep the students active in the various activities. Not that the members ease up on the job, but some do lose interest occasionally, and when they have something to work for, it usually encourages them to work harder and do better work. The upper one third of the club will receive pins at the end of the year for outstanding work. There are very few formal meetings of the Biology Club, never more than three during the year, the rest of the meetings are informal and of the small group ,Q ,I type. All meetings have a student chairman, and Mr. W ,EWR if -.,,I .. .llq A 5, ,III ,W Gundlach supervises all the groups either by lecturing I. x - A . , f-.. 1 - .- A. , or instructing in the club's headquarters, room 213. H . . . ,,,: J-,AM Q, '--- I Every year the club sponsors a Biology Exhibit. This -,1 ,1,, :.,,, In ,, yearls exhibit surpassed by far those of previous years. xi' "' There were many very attractive displays and interesting A Q biological specimens. 'S M' i"LTi" ' 'A ' With as large and versatile and active a group as this, Mr. Gundlach should be highly commended for the excellent work he has done and for the interest shown by these "budding biologists." ,, . t .. . ... . -1 Back Row-Robert Bowman, jack Neubauer, Curt Borgen, David Martin, Gene Lee, Harold Nielsen, Kurt Gross, Tom Thomsen, Robert Ebert, John Roth, Ronald Basken. Third Row-Georgiean Kopvlas, Natalie De Roche, Mary Engel, Roberta Arft, Clara Albert, Sherrell Mallan, Valeria Bloom, Charlotte Larson, Connie Smith, Nancy Nielsen, Patricia Clark, Donna Carlson, Katherine Schultz, Sarah Muttart. Second Row-Nancy Kress, Mary Peterson, Doris jean Meyer, Eleanor Peterson, Jeanette Westfahl, joan Smith, Patricia Ryan, Patricia Murphy, Peggy Ann Blank, ,Ioyce Redlin, Geraldine Hase, Sue Lyon, Sylvia Vought. First Row-Carmen Kent, Donna Bishop, Dorothy Heckner, Kathleen Jones, Barbara Hoeper, Darlene Schuette, Mr. Gundlach, Eva Mae Mueller, Beverly Labeda, Nancee Schnasse, Marilyn Morrill, Donna Mahoney, Olive Mae Salmeen. Page Fifty-three Back Row-Patrick Murphy, Robert Schmidt, John Gundlach, Richard Jelinski, George Rasmussen, James Sarafmy, David Cooper, Robert Ebert, Curt Borgen, James Greenwalt. Third Rau'-Joan Zenisek, Jean Kreig, Nancy Olski, Carla Sylvander, Rita Ginke, Richard Kresse, Tom Thorson, Lois Payne, Doris Webb, Joan Smith, LaVonne Laux. Second Row-Patricia Bishop, Carol Gullickson, Billie Throne, Donna Bishop, Jeanette Westfahl, Jacqueline Landers, Geraldine Pagel, Sally Madsen, Patricia Ryan, Beverly Martin, Nancy Dieckhoff, Nancy Neller. Firxt Rau'-June Reynolds, Marilyn Popp, Dorothy Schabo, Beverly Labeda, Kay Parker, Sylvia Vought, Patricia Getschow, Patricia Jones, Donna Crawford, Peggy Ann Blank, Jane Aldinger, Donna Springborn. PEPPY PEPSTERS Back Row-Lowell Krenger, Robert Ducklow, Emanuel Woerner, Kenneth Foster, Harold Nielsen, Bruce Schumacher, Tom Thomsen, Gene Lee, Dallas Anderson, Robert Thomack, Frank Meyer, Thad Epps, David Kent. Third Row--Beverly Smith, Audrey Blank, Priscilla Zehner, Betty Drace, Carita Blank, Valeria Bloom, Dolores Laux, Sherrell Mallan, Nancy Gerhardt, Mary Engel, Sarah Muttart, Hazel Dahl, Doris Jean Meyer. Second Rau'-Lotus Blank, Mary Abendroth, Carol Berens, Charleen Brandt, Patricia Steffen, Faye Braun, Jo Anne Smith. Mary Markovich, Sue Sawtell, Kathryn E. Schultz, Nancy Thorson, Nancee Schnasse. First Rau'-Betty Schuelke, Carmen Kent, Dorothy Burmeister, Margaretann Ganzer, Beverly Nielsen, Joan Kreig, Marilyn Denkert, Carole Bierman, Vonnie Kuchenbecker, Joyce Bunker, Marigen Braun, Jocelyn Minarik, Roberta Rogers. PEPPY PEPSTERS A pep club is an asset to any school, but when we have such a splendid group, such as we have in Neenah High School, we certainly can be proud. This is especially true considering the numerous obstacles they were forced to overcome in an effort to keep an adviser. In fact it was quite a while after Mr. Thom left that the club had to run without any adviser. Finally Mr. Stouffer came to the rescue. The officers and members likewise did a fine job in keeping this all important club operating. As chief executive, they chose Tom Thomsen, and their vice- president was David Kent. Nancy Olski and Carla Sylvander were secretary and treasurer, respectively. Doing an excellent job as boys' chairman was Howard Palmer. The girls' chairman was Nancy Dieckhoff who likewise did a Fine job. assembly. This year Mrs. Gundlach and Mrs. Martin presented a short skit expressing the "Mom's" view- point on football. As their names were called, the boys pinned roses on their mothers. Each year the fathers of the team members have a special day, so now the Club has instituted a method of honoring the mothers. However, merely sponsoring a "Mom,s Day" and a vaudeville show were not the only items of importance accomplished by the club. They also sponsored our annual pep parade. It is the duty of the club to arrange for the burning of the "M," the positions of the numer- ous floats, and to award prizes to the lucky entries. The club also takes care of bus arrangements for out-of-town games, arranges for "Mom's" and "Dad's" day, and last but certainly not least, plans for the weekly pep assem- blies. These call for ingenuity and hard work. We Back Row-Robert Bowman, Karlene Sawyer, Brian Burr, Kurt Gross, David Martin, Jean Zaumeyer Clara Albert. v Third Row-Gloria Philippi, Joan Hagen, Jacqueline Brooks, Polly Abel, Carlyn Roesler, Barbara Hoeper, Lorraine Rohde, Donna Stelow, Jacqueline Zuehlke. Second Row-Mr. Thom, Janet Parker, Margaret Steller, Nancy Braun, Alice Wedewart, Patricia Zenisek, Donna Volkman, Mary Remmel, Barbara Brown, Carol Roeck. First Row-Jeannette Dorn. Patricia Murphy, Lois Hatch, Joyce Redlin, Joyce Bartel, Carole Ammerman, Eva Mae Mueller, Darlene Schuette, Karen Olsen, Dorothy Heckner, Muriel Schneider. We are indebted to the club for establishing two grand institutions, the first being that of the vaudeville show. It was started in the 1948 school year, and it proved to be one of the highlights of the year. So again this year we repeated the performance. Extraordinary talent was displayed, and a good time was had by all. Their second institution was "Mom's Day." On this occasion, the mothers of the football team members were secretly brought to school to participate in this often groan at the jokes or complain because we feel the assemblies aren't peppy enough, but who, then, except we of the student body can make them more peppy? It is up to us to get behind the team and really cheer. How are they going to know if they can be sure of our support except by examples of our faith and enthusiasm? So next year when football season comes, let's come prepared, prepared to show the team and the Pep Club how much we appreciate their efforts. Page Fifty-five Back Row-James Lewandowski, David Martin, Tom Thomsen Kurt Gross Junior ONe1l Second Row-Sally Madsen, Katherine Frazee, Carol Meartz Ann Andersen Joan Hagen Joanne Lobb First Row-Caryl Laflin, Patricia Murphy, Patricia Ryan, Leone Ganzer Kathryn E Schultz Peggy Ann Blank Audrey Blank. AMBITIOUS ACTORS The president of the Thespians for this year was Howard Heckner. The secretary and treasurer were Kathryn E. Schultz and Joan Hagen, respectively. To become a Thespian, you must take an active part in dramatic activities or in committee work. At an initiation held in December, Leone Ganzer, Joanne Lobb, Junior O'Neil, Katherine Frazee, James Lewan- dowski, and Caryl Laflin became new members of the Thespians. Another initiation was held for the following stu- dents who became Thespians following the spring play: Jacqueline Brooks, Thad Epps, Nancy Neller, Gloria Philippi, Allen Nollan, Carol Sorensen, Sally Springer. The fall production, "Anne of Green Gablesf' directed by Miss Paulson, was the story of an orphan girl, Anne, played by Peggy Ann Blank, who got into many adventures due to her vivid imagination. The supporting cast included Natalie DeRoche, Carole Ammerman, Leone Ganzer. Joan Hagen, Mary Engel, Sally Madsen, Junior O'Neil, Katherine Frazee. Robert Ebert, Audrey Blank, Robert Lund, Mary Abel, and Dallas Anderson. The prompter for the play was Dianne Anderson. This play, a decided success, brought back mem- ories to many people who had read the book. The cast did a fine job as did the committees behind the scenes. Miss Broetzman directed the spring play, "A Date With Judy." Judy, a well-known teenager, was played by Sally Springer. Other well-known characters were Mr. Foster, the patient father, played by Thad Eppsg Mrs. Foster, the under- standing mother. played by Nancy Nellerg Randolph, the precocious little brother. played by Allen Nollan, and "Oogie" the boy friend, played by Patrick Murphy. Other members of the cast were Jane Loehning, Patricia Ryan, Jacqueline Brooks, Tom Thomsen, Kathryn E. Schultz, Ollie Mae Salmeen, Gloria Philippi, Curt Borgen and Nancy Llewellyn. The prompter for this play was Carol Sorensen. The play was very successful with full houses for both the matinee and the evening per- formances. Page Fifty sw Back Row-Warner Wilton, Robert Jung, Howard G. Heckner. First Row-Dorothy Heckner, Donald Cowling, james Lewandowski, Doloros Huebner. DAUNTLESS DEFENDERS Resolved: that the United Nations should now be revised into a federal world government was the debate issue for this year, and certainly an appro- priate topic because of its timely importance. Our "A" squad did an excellent job this year, for they were the first team in three years to have the honor of participating in the state tournament at Madison. They made a fine start by taking first place at the Northeastern Conference Debate Tournament at Kaukauna. Taking a step farther, they won first place at the district meeting in Appleton. Ad- vancing to the sectional meeting they won second place, thus winning the right to participate in the state meet, truly the goal of every debater. At the beginning of the year, which incidentally is August for some schools, one hundred-twenty-five Wisconsin high schools worked on debate, and of all of these schools only eighteen were chosen to go to Madison. After a hectic day in Madison, the judges finally turned in the decisions, giving our team a fine record. We certainly can be proud of our "A" debate team. This "A" team consisted of Howard Heckner and Robert Jung, the first and second afiirmative speakers respectively, with Charles Diestler and Kirk Lawson, first and second negative speakers. Our "B" team likewise did a fine job when they, too, won the title for the Northeastern Wisconsin "B" debaters. This is the team whom we hope will win first place at Madison in the future. This team consists of Dorothy Heckner, Donald Cowling and Doloros Huebner afiirmative, and james Lewandow- ski and Warner Wilton negative. Of course a debate team, no matter how good, would be impossible without a coach. Our debate coach, Miss Hughes, spent many Saturdays and Sun- days literally buried beneath newspapers in an effort to help the team find material. No wonder our de- baters did so well with someone as inspirational as Miss Hughes to guide them. Page Ififly-seven PERSISTENT PSYCHOMETRISTS Back Row-Jean Zaumeyer, Clara Albert. The Psychometry Club, a girls' serv- ice club which has twelve members, assists in giving standardized tests to students of the social problems classes. They also file material in student guidance folders, open new books properly, file college bulletins in the library and guidance oflice, type cat- alog cards for the card catalog of guidance information for student use, and check incoming mail. The art committee arranges displays of guid- ance material on bulletin boards in the library main corridors, and guid- ance oilice. Second Row-Mary Engel, Marian Whitpan, Donna Volkman, Carol Porath. Front Row-Mr. Cummings, Mary Abendroth, Joanne Lobb, Carlyn Roesler, Carol Berens. S T U D I O U S Many enjoyable and highly intellectual activities were undertaken by the forty members of the Science Hobbies Club. Oflicers included Tom Thomsen as president, Robert Bowman as secretary, Thad Epps as treasurer, and Jane Aldinger as the club reporter. Mr. Krause is the faculty adviser of the club. The bio-chemistry group conducted experiments in vitamin deficiency diets, using white rats and hamsters. Five-tube radio sets were built by members of the radio group, nrst constructing crystal sets and later SCIENTISTS Taking, developing, and printing their own pictures was studied by the photography group. They also learned how to make enlargements, colored photo- graphs, and to make colored slides. Before Christmas holidays, Christmas cards were made by the members, by putting favorite snapshots on cards. There was also a chemical analysis group who experi- mented with compounds, mixtures, and alloys, and later worked on the growing of plants without the use of soil. Members were responsible for the bi-monthly meet- ings at which time they demonstrated the different projects they had been working on. building more complicated sets. Later this group worked on aeronautic experiments. Back Row-Orrin Bredendick, Douglas Kramer, Kurt Gross, George Rasmussen, James Sarafiny, Earl Page, Tom Thomsen, David Martin. Third Row-Thad Epps, Kendrick Johnson, Bruce Hutchins, Terence Furman, Howard Palmer, Richard Olson, William Wiberg, Gene Lee, Robert Thomack. Second Row-Marian Whitpan, Sue Martin, Jerry Miller, Paul Parsons, Emanuel Woerner, Robert Ducklow, Robert Bowman, John Mills, Fred Flood, Jerome Steinfort. First Row-Jane Aldinger, Evelyn Popp, Peggy Blank, Joanne Lobb, Nancy Gerhardt, Mr. Krause. Gretchen Beglinger, Marilyn Fisher, Leila Schmidt, Kathryn E. Schultz, Nancy Doane. SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO In the school year of I947-48 a definite need was shown for assistance in han- dling the large crowds at the athletic events. Thus, the Ushers' Club was formed. Our school certainly is proud of the fine job they have done in help- ing to make seating arrangements much more pleasant. This admirable service group is ably guided by Mr. Leaman. The Ushers' Club is rapidly growing, and all students interested in helping others are invited to join. Back Row-Brian Burr, Tom Thomsen, Douglas Potratz. liirxl Rau'-Mr. Leaman, David Verhagen, Neil Laflin, Allen Nollan. MOVIE The aim of the Projection Club is to serve the schools of Neenah, the Parent-Teachers' Associations, and any other groups who need their services. There is a member of the Projection Club in the audio- visual ofiice every period of the day to issue and dis- tribute any materials needed during the day. They also help to control the use of the equipment so that it is distributed punctually and equally. Some of the members repair and clean the school's audio-visual equipment which consists of phonographs, catalogs of films and records, an opaque projector, a M AKERS combination phonograph and strip projector, a radio- phonograph combination, movie screens, silent pro- jectors, strip and slide projectors, a tape recorder, and the newest addition, an "A, M. and F. M." radio. The school has a library of records and one hundred ten film strips on various topics. The Projection Club elected the following oflicers this year to serve them: president, Orrin Bredendickg vice-president, Richard Crossg and secretary-treasurer, Merlin Mulvey. With their capable adviser, Mr. John Gundlach, directing them, these boys have done an excellent job. Buck Row-Richard Cross, Orrin Prindle, Kurt Gross, Orrin Bredendick, Tom Thomsen, Ronald Dietz, Vivian Schultz Richard Zinke. Second Rou'--Mr. Gundlach, Ronald Basken, Frank Wiesner, Dennis Strey, Douglas Potratz, jerry Miller, Neil Lafiin Sue Martin. First Rau'-Doris Dietz, Patricia jones, Kathleen jones, Merlin Mulvey, Robert Bowman, Lester johnson, Corliss Prindle Etola Heider, Ralph Barfell. Page Fifty-nine MISERS The Coin Club this year had a mem- bership of about ten or twelve stu- dents under the direction of Miss Lela Raine. At the beginning of the year this organization elected Neil Laflin as their presidentg Beverly Labeda, vice presidentg Sarah Muttart, secre- tary-treasurerg Katherine C. Schultz, reporter. At their meetings they discuss any business there might be, exchange coins among the members, and they also have exhibits. Each member ha" a chance at various times to exhibFr his collection of coins and to buf coins that he does not have. Burk Row-Robert Ebert, Warner Wilton, Ronald Dietz, Ronald Basken. Second Row-Allen Nollan, Neil Lallin, Donald Ducat, Sarah Muttart, Beverly Labeda. First Rou'-Miss Raine, Georgiean Kopvlas, Katherine C. Schultz, Margaretann Ganzer, Jocelyn Minarik. VOLUME VIGILANTES The Library Club ollicers for this year were Dolores Huebner, president, Evelyn Popp, vice-presidentg Donna Lange. secretary and treasurer. The girls in this club must maintain a 1.5 grade-point average and complete the library apprentice course. The girls are in charge of the library for the seven periods of the day. They are in charge of the desk and help students locate material in the library. There have been many new books added to the library and the girls have opened them properly, cataloged them and placed them on the shelves. They also took inventory of all the books in the library. At Christmas time the Library Club held a Christmas party at which they drew names and exchanged gifts during a noon-hour party held in the library. The Library Club also entertained the faculty at a Book Week tea which was held in the library after school. Appreciation is extended to this club for its fine service and to Miss Fladlien, the adviser. Back Row-Carita Blank, Alice Wedewart, Leila Schmidt, Donna Schabo. Third Row-Mary Abendroth, Patricia Stelfen, Gloria Philippi, Donna Lange. Second Row--Lotus Blank, Audrey Blank, Patricia Coghlan, Evelyn Popp, Geraldine Hase. First Row-Carol Sorensen, Beverly Smith, Carol Buchanan, Patricia Getschow, Rosalie Olson, Doloros Huebner. PHILATELISTS The Stamp Club, directed by Miss Kiser, chose the following oiiicers: Donald Hagman as their presidentg Lester johnson, vice presidentg and Gretchen Beglinger, secretary-treas- urer. The purpose of the club is to im- prove the stamp collections of the students, to try to obtain more in- formation, and to learn the value of stamps. With a membership of only eight students, the club hasn't been as ac- tive this year as in former years, but they did hold a meeting the second Tuesday of every month at which genuine interest was shown. Buck Row-Allen Nollan, Donald Hagman, james Blume, Lester johnson. First Row-Miss Kiser, Nancy Gerhardt, Gretchen Beglinger, Mary jean Rutter john Beringer. FROLICKING FEMALE FUNSTERS "The people in the bleachers and the kids in the crowd, We all get together and we'll yell out loud R-O-C-K-E-T'S, We want Victory, Yes! Yes! Yes!" The walls of our Alma Mater rang out as the loyal rooting Rocket fans cheered, led by our Varsity Squad, captained by Audrey Blank, graduating senior, and her returning crew, Lotus Blank, Donna Schabo, Patricia Getchow, Patricia Steffen, and Donna Geiger. Thirty-five candidates answered the first call for cheerleading issued by Mrs. Ole Jorgensen, adviser. After a few weeks of practice in cheering routines, the squad was cut by group vote to seventeen and later to eleven. Members of the "B" squad who worked at all "B" team games in- cluded: Donna Bastar, Eileen Hoeper, Mary Jean Rutter, Dorothy Schabo, and Carol Ammerman. The Varsity squad was newly uniformed this season, and live new cheers were introduced, swelling the repertoire to twenty-eight. Chief Stilp, in behalf of the Police Protective Associa- tion, rewarded our cheerleaders with three cardinal wool blankets. Back Rau'-Donna Bastar, Carole Ammerman, Mary jean Rutter, Eileen Hoeper, Dorothy Schabo. First Row-Donna Geiger, Audrey Blank, Patricia Steffen, Donna Schabo, Patricia Getschow, Lotus Blank. 'Q . Page Sixty-one Here are the sports! We may have lost a few games but what are those compared with the ones we won? Remember the Menasha football game? We won, 32 to 7. Basketball? We're the pions. We only lost one The Girls' Tennis team let's get going. Northeastern Wisconsin cham- game. had a perfect season and-well, Page Sixty-three ,c V L , -f :tv ' 4' .li .1 ar. . . .X Back Row-Douglas Paff, jack Marquardt, William Miller, jack Neubauer, Donald Stilp, Frank Meyer, Tom Newcomb, Gene Schramm, George Paul. Third Row-Gene Lee, john Gundlach, james Jacobson, Bernard Blank, Tom Miller, Kenneth Foster, Charles Knaack, Roy Peterson, Charles Diestler, Thad Epps. Second Row-Coach Paff, Robert Thomack, james Owen, Charles Stroemer, Neil Christofferson, Bruce Berg, Keith Forsythe, Richard Schmidt, George Rasmussen, Coach Braun. First Row-Carl Rohde, David Martin, james Sund, Robert Schmidt, Richard Frakes, Harold Nielsen, Robert Ducklow, Curt Borgen, Eddie Faulks, james Sarafiny. GRIDIRON GLADIATORS The 1948 varsity gridiron players participated in a total of seven games including non-conference play this year. They won three of these and lost four. Under Coach Paff, the team started practicing August 28, one week before school started. Their first game was a decisive victory as they defeated Wisconsin State High 19 to O. The victory was in a non-conference game. In another non-conference game held at Two Rivers, Neenah lost to the Purple Raiders' team by a margin of 45 to 32. Conference play started with a game at Shawano which the Neenah Rockets dropped to the tune of a Z0 to 0 defeat. Next Kaukauna traveled to Neenah and overcame the Rockets I9 to 0. Neenah visited the Clintonville Truckers and suffered a case of I9 to 0 defeat. The Northeastern Wisconsin conference picture brightened when Neenah took a thrilling, hard-fought GRIDIRON COACHES game from the New London Bulldogs. The final score rested at I5 to I2 in favor of Neenah. The final confer- ence game with Menasha was a walk-away for Neenah. This most important game of the year wound up with a final score of 7 for Menasha to 52 on Neenah's side of the scoreboard. Neenahis Rockets captured fourth place in the North- eastern Wisconsin conference by merit of their victories over New London and Menasha. In conference play the team had two victories and three defeats. In non- conference play they won one and lost one. The honorary co-captains of the team were Bruce Berg and Robert Thomack. The end of the season was highlighted by the football banquet held at St. Patrick's School in November. The team worked hard for their school this year and won the admiration and backing of the student body. Much credit should go to the coach, Mr. Paff, the team, and its backers for the fine season and cooperation which was evident. Many of the members of the team will be back again next year, and we are looking forward to seeing more of them. The senior members of the squad did an excellent job on the gridiron this year and well deserve our recognition for their efforts. Page Sixty-four 3 ? . 9 "ii ,. I 9 v 4' Qt 55 W? ,Y Q A 54 .35.'?l EQ 'S Buck Row-Vernon Jankowski, Robert Mueller, Eugene Beyer, Junior Nelson, Dean Wisthoff, Gene Kalkoske, James Shannon, William Labre, Richard E. Blank, Ronald Kuchenbecker. Secoml Rau'-Mr. Shepard, James Greenwalt, William Olson, Fred Gerhardt, Paul Parsons, Richard Broas, Jack Zanders, Charles Thompson, James Ponto, Jack Hoffmann. lfirst Ron'-Al Carpenter, Warner Wilton, Melvin Blank, Richard Kresse, Richard Ruthven, John Geiger, Leorman Konitzer, Tom Hawley, Donald Breaker, Ronald Lange. Mr. Shepard taught the fundamentals of football to sive, much valuable experience was gained and the many of the boys who played on the li squad this season. team worked hard. More will be heard of these boys Although the team's list of victories is not overly impres- next year. "B" SQUAD FOOTBALL-FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Under Coach Jorgensen, the freshmen enjoyed a good Kimberly High were defeated by the freshmen. They 1948 football season. The team participated in six tied with Wilson Junior High of Appleton and lost to games, won three, tied one, and lost two. McKinley and Kaukauna and Menasha. Roosevelt, Appleton Junior High Schools along with Buck Ron'-R. Jorgensen, F. Wiesner, D. Schultz, A. Zuelke, Mr. Jorgensen. Third Ron'-D. Johnson, C. Woerner, D. Horn, R. Carpenter, F. Ashley, R. Breaker, T. Kerrigan. Second Run'-W. Holz, C. Douglas, J. Foth, R. Hunsicker, J. Myhre, R. Koeck, G. Elwood, K. Zuleger. First Rau'-D. Knaack, R. Garfield, J. Schaefer, D. Metz, J. Kalfahs, P. Thomsen, S. Van Oudenhoven, D. Rernmel, L. Kleinhenz. TS ! Page Sixfy-five This was a very exciting and successful season for the Neenah varsity basketball team. Coach Ole Jorgensen led the Rockets to their tenth Northeastern conference championship in the twenty-two year history of the loop. Verlyn Thomack and Neil Christofferson, both seniors, captained the Rockets to their championship. Neenah took its opening tilt from Ripon in an over- time 35-26. In the next game, Oshkosh defeated us with 56 points for us, and 44 for the Oshkosh team. Two Rivers fell in defeat as Neenah beat them with the score 38 to 35. In other non-conference tilts through- out the season, Neenah was defeated by Appleton 28 to 47, by Two Rivers 39 to 44, and by Shorewood 57 to 45. When the Northeastern conference play began, Nee- nah defeated the New London Bulldog team 41 to 30. The next week saw Neenah nipping their foremost rival, Menasha, by the score of 58 to 55. The Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts fell victims to the mighty Neenah "five" by the score of 48 to 58. The Shawano Indians were driven out of their first place tie with Neenah when the Rockets defeated them 55 to 43 in the Neenah gym. The next week, the Rockets downed the Clinton- ville Truckers 55 t0 39, to end the first round of confer- ence play. Beginning the second round, Neenah humbled the New London Bulldogs 53 to 54. Menasha, in a closely contested match, was edged out by the Rockets 52 to 31. This win put Neenah's conference record at seven wins and no losses that far. Kaukauna then put an end to Neenah's hope for an undefeated season by tripping our Rockets by a score of 43 to Neenahis 41. This was really a heartbreaker for the Neenah boys. The next week, however, the Rockets resumed their winning ways and downed the strong Shawano team by the score of 43 to 40. This put Neenah in undisputed first place. In the final conference game, Neenah crushed the Clintonville Truckers, 52 to 54, to take undisputed possession of the Northeastern conference basketball crown with a record of nine wins and one loss. Neenah entered the regional tournament at Menasha and began by defeating the Omro entry by the score 63 to 57. Menasha was then defeated by Neenah for the third time this season, 41 to 33, and then Neenah went on to play Kimberly. The tall and speedy Kimberly boys outclassed Neenah, but barely edged us out 45 to 40 in the final minutes of play. Kimberly went on to win the regional tournament and the sectional tourna- ment to qualify for state. At Madison, they took fourth place. All in all, Neenah had a very successful season and deserves the praise of all the Neenah High students for so ably representing them on the basketball court. N. E. W. CONFERENCE CHAMPS Back Row--Tom Hawley, Earl Page, Bernard Blank. Second Row--Douglas Paff, Keith Forsythe, Neil Christofferson, Bruce Berg. First Row-Coach Jorgensen, Tom Miller, James Jacobson, John Gundlach, Frank Meyer, Verlyn Thomack, Jerome Steinfort. Page S ixly-six Buck Row-Richard Schmidt, Jack Geiger, Dean Wisthoff. Second Row--Richard N. Blank, Donald Hagman, junior O'Neil, William Gresenz, james Hrubecky. lfirsl Row-Mr. Williams, Richard E. Blank, Melvin Blank, james Shannon, Fred Solomon, Neil Laflin, Don Stilp. "B" CHAMPIONSHIP CAGERS This year, the Neenah reserves took the conference championship by winning eight out of ten conference tilts. Altogether, the "B" team won twelve games and lost four. Coach Ivan Williams' boys showed that they have what is needed to make next year's varsity a cham- pionship team. Neenah opened with a win over Ripon, 55 to 21. The next game brought defeat from Oshkosh. The score was 23 to 30. The following week, however, they retaliated with a win over Two Rivers, 41 to 37. New London went down in front of the Neenah jayvees, losing 24 to 22. Neenah then threshed the Menasha Blue jays, 31 to 21. The Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts defeated Neenah in the following game with a score of 24 to 21. The next week Neenah again whipped the Two Rivers team, winning by a score 31 to 26. Appleton barely edged the Junior Rockets and beat them by the close score 33 to 32. Defeat came again in the next game at the hands of Shawano. The Indians beat our boys 31 to 25. Neenah bounced back from these two defeats to wallop the Clintonville "B" team 54 to 25. Neenah then breezed past the New London Bullpuppies, licking them 37 to 19. The reserves kept on winning as they put the Menasha "B" team down, defeating them with the score 40 to 28. Resuming their winning streak, the reserves crushed Kaukauna, who beat them earlier in the season, 44 to 24. Shorewood fell before our boys, losing 31 to 35. Revenge was sweet for Neenah as they put down the Shawano reserves, who had beaten them at their previous meeting. The score was 32 points for Neenah and 24 for the Shawano team. Winding up their success- ful season, they clinched the championship by getting the edge over Clintonville, winning 28 to 26. COMING CAGERS Page Sixty-seven Bach Ron'-G. Bahrke, W. Cramer, P. Bredendick, W. Lieber, J. Sarahny, A. Pheifer, B. Blank, G. Brooks, L. Konitzer, M. Frazee, J. Owens. Fifth Row-J. Quinn, W. Mahan, R. Broas, David Wisthoff, B. Schumacher, D. Paff, D. Martin, D. Colson, M. Lee, K. Forsythe. Fourth Row-Dean Wisthoff, M. Blank, J. O'Neil, K. Ratzburg, C. Stroemer, J. Dedering, J. Hrubecky, J. Gundlach, T. Jape, E. Johnson. Third Row-M. Mulvey, M. Drew, R. Ducklow, D. Kuehl, W. Labre, R. Baer, K. Johnson, J. Neubauer, H. Miller, G. Kleman, F. Meyer, J. Steinfort. Second Row-R. Schmidt, N. Laflin, D. Potratz, W. Thomack, A. Carpenter, P. Parsons, J. Pagel, R. Peterson, R. Kleman. G. Paul, V. Jankowski, P. Murphy. First Row-A. Leverance, D. Stilp, J. Jacobson, W. Wilton, K. Arndt, R. Lange, A. Wohlers, J. Backman, G. Rasmussen C. Knaack, J. Sund. TROTTING TRACKSTERS Although enjoying a very successful season in 1948, the teams in the order of their finish were Sturgeon Bay, Neenah track team opened with a loss at Ripon in a dual meet. Ripon took 9 of the possible 12 first places and the meet ended with the Rockets on the short end of a 58 to 55 score. Kaukauna, Menasha, Oconto Falls, Shawano, New Lon- don, and Clintonville. The following week, the sectional track meet was held at Neenah, with the Rockets competing in the a In a dual meet with Menasha at Menasha, Neenah took an impressive victory, winning 76 to 57. Kimberly also fell victim to Neenah in a dual meet. Neenah followed with a win over Kaukauna and Clintonville at home. The Rockets garnered 104 points while Kaukauna took 71 and Clintonville was last with Zl. The Neenah thinclads placed second in another triangular meet with Appleton and Oshkosh at Neenah. Only eight of the scheduled events could be completed because of a heavy rainfall. The Neenah boys rated a victory over New London and Clintonville as they scored 125W points to SGW for New London and 54 Clintonville. Eric Johnson broke the school record the mile, set by Lyle Stanton in 1931, by running four laps in 4:42.2, which was 5.8 seconds faster than previous school record for the mile. for for the the In the Northeastern Wisconsin conference track meet, which was held on the Neenah oval, Neenah took top honors with 53 points. Two Rivers, the defending cham- pions, placed second with zt total of 41M points. Other Page Sixty- class B division. Neenah won this meet with 27M points. Second place went to Two Rivers, who finished close behind Neenah with a 26M point total. Ripon, who finished ahead of Neenah in a dual meet at the beginning of the season, was third. A total of eighteen teams competed in this meet. Trackmen who finished either first or second in their respective events in the sectional were eligible to enter the state meet at Madison a week later. Neenah boys who entered the state meet were Eric Johnson in the mile, George Bahrke in the broad jump, Alan Pheifer high jump, and Robert Williams in the low hurdles. Of these boys, only Johnson placed in the state meet with a fourth place in the mile. William Cramer captained the Neenah 1948 North- eastern conference championship team which was coach- ed by Mr. Jorgensen, Mr. Braun, and Mr. Paff. The 1948 track lettermen named Bernard Blank and Jack Neubauer as co-captains for the 1949 track season. eight s Back Row-Mr. Williams, john Harwood, Tom Thomsen, Earl Page, john Hefti. Second Ron'-Neil Christolierson, Donald Hagman, Tom Hawley, Verlyn Thomack, james Jacobson. First Row-Gordon Payne, Tom Miller, Pat Casperson, Robert Williams, Fred Solomon. Robert Lund. ROCKET RACQUETEERS The 1947-48 tennis team won 15 non-conference matches losing only 4, besides winning the Northeastern Wis- consin conference and tying for fifth place at the state tourney in Madison. A very successful season is evident in this very impressive record. Under Coach Ivan Wil- liams, the boys started practicing in the gymnasium in March. The net team opened their season with 4-5 vic- tory over a strong Manitowoc squad. This match was decided by the final doubles match which was played in near darkness. The squad followed this victory by sweep- ing over Two Rivers 7-0. Reserves were used in this match but all the Neenah players won easily. The Rockets continued their winning ways as they traveled to Shawano and came home with a 6-1 verdict. Then they played host to Appleton and won by a 4-3 margin. The squad posted a victory over Menasha on our courts by a 7-0 score and followed it by defea'ing Wauwatosa, the previous year's state champions, 7-0. Next they traveled to Fond du Lac and came back wi h a 7-0 victory. Later, Coach Williams used a team of reserves which toppled Kaukauna 7-0 without the loss of a single ret. 'l he varsity then turned back the Lake Geneva squad 5-0. On May 6th the Rocket netters went to Two Rivers and gained a repeat victory over the squad. Shortly af er- ward, the team went to Kaukauna and scored another victory over the inexperienced Ghosts. The Rocket tennis team met its first defeat of the season when they dropped a 6-1 decision to St. Mary's at Menasha. Most of the matches went into extra games or sets as the play was close all the way. Neenah scored its lone victory in the number 5 single's position. With Pat Casperson winning the single's title and the team of Earl Page and Tom Miller taking the double's honors, Neenah took the North- eastern Wisconsin conference championships held in Neenah on May 15. They amassed a total of 27 points to 18 for Shawano and Menasha, 14 for Two Rivers and none for Kaukauna. Verlyn Thomack, the other Neenah entrant, was defeated in the first round, but he then went on to take the consolation honors. In the State Tourney Friday and Saturday May 21st and 22nd, the squad tied for fifth place. Of the four boys entered, the double's team of Miller and Page ad- vanced the farthest as they captured third place honors. Pat Casperson was defeated in the quarter finals by the lad that went on to take the single's title. Pat forced him to go three sets in a very close match. Fred Solomon played hard but was defeated in the first round. Neenah turned back the teams of Menasha and Shawano but was upset by Appleton in post tournament play. The Rocket net team completed its season with matches against St. Mary's and Oshkosh which it drop- ped 4-3. The final tally on this impressive record stands at 15 wins to only 4 losses in non-conference play. This ex- cellent team certainly deserves our sincere congratula- tions and praise. Page Sixty-nine INTERESTED INTRAMURALISTS A form of recreation for all, no matter how athletically inclined, or whatever students like to do, is intramurals. The purpose of this program is not only to provide recreation for those students who remain at school dur- ing the noon hour, but also to help everyone develop into stronger and better individuals. It offers a large variety of activities throughout the school term, both indoor and out, and for individual and team competi- tion. The faculty adviser of this activity is Mr. Ole Jorgensen. The first activity that was started in the early fall was tag football. This year there were two leagues, with the juniors and seniors taking honors. Tag foot- ball evolved into flashball in which Robert Hase and Waldemar Thorson led the two leagues. Next came the fall tennis tournament under the direc- tion of Mr. Ivan Williams. Earl Page defeated Fred Solomon for the single's crown, while Earl Page and Tom Thomsen outpointed Gordon Payne and Fred Solomon to sweep the double's victory. Moving inside, class basketball got under way as winter succeeded fall. The tourney ended with the juniors, sophomores, seniors and freshmen winning in this order. This year basketball was divided into four leagues. Three leagues played after school in our gym while the freshman league played at the Roosevelt gymnasium. Frank Wiesner's team was freshman champs while Gor- don Payne's team took the senior crown. Charles Thomp- son's team and Fredrick Gerhardt's team took the junior and sophomore honors respectively. The freshmen went all out to beat the sophomores while the seniors defeated the juniors, leaving the freshmen and seniors in the finals. The championship finals turned out to be an exciting and close game with the seniors taking the crown by a narrow two point lead. The score was twenty-six to twenty-four. In the basketball free-throw tourney, the senior cham- pion was Bruce Berg, with james Jacobson, Jack Geiger and Donald Schultz winning the honors in the junior, sophomore and freshman classes respectively. Basketball golf honors went to Gerald Kuchenbecker, senior: James Jacobson, juniorg Fred Solomon, sophomoreg and Donald Metz, freshman. The rapid-fire crowns went to Harold Mentink, Keith Forsythe and Fred Solomon. senior, junior and sophomore winners respectivelyg the freshman title was shared by Peter Thomsen and John Kalfahs. In checkers, the class champions were as follows: Gene Lee, seniorg Harold Miller, juniorg William Gresenz, sophomore, and Melvin Olson, freshman. Har- old Miller defeated Gene Lee in the finals to take the school championship. Page Seventy INTERESTED INTRAMURALISTS In chess, William Wiberg and Warner Wilton advanced to the finals. Lloyd Kleinhenz, Warner Wilton, Robert Jung, and William Wiberg were class champions from freshmen to seniors, respectively. In the shufffeboard tournament, Ronald Hunsicker, Robert Schmidt, Phillip Wilms, and William Wiberg won in the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes respectively. Ronald Hunsicker defeated Robert Schmidt and William Wiberg defeated Phillip Wilms for the preliminary round. In the finals Wiberg topped Hunsicker for the school championship. Champions have been determined in all four classes in the ping pong single's tournament. Richard Jorgen- sen took the frosh event while Fred Solomon took the sophomore crown. Daniel Haufe won the junior title, and Edward Tourtellotte was the finalist in the senior class tournament. Playoff for the all-school champion- ship ended with Jorgensen defeating Solomon, Edward Tourtellotte defeating Daniel Haufe, with Edward Tour- tellotte winning over Jorgensen for the school cham- pionship. The noon hour volleyball tournament drew a large number of boys. There were three divisions, A. B, and C. The winners of A division were also grand champions for the school. This honor went to Bruce Schumacher's team. B division honors went to Ronald Blohm's team while C division honors were shared by Merlyn Lee's and Waldemar Thorson's teams. An activity that was very popular was the noon hour mixed volleyball tournament. The winners of the eight leagues were as follows: Verlyn Thomack-Audrey Blank, John Gundlach-Carita Blankg Donald Hagman- Carol Berensg Michael Drew-Nancy Kressg James Shan- non-Mary Abendroth, Donald Metz-Margaret Stellerg Richard Jorgensen-Patricia Steffeng and Richard Schmidt-Marjorie Thomack. The winners in the semi- finals were: Verlyn Thomack-Audrey Blankg Richard Schmidt-Marjorie Thomackg James Shannon-Mary Abendroth, Richard Jorgensen-Patricia Steffensg while in the finals James Shannon-Mary Abendroth defeated Verlyn Thomack-Audrey Blank for the school cham- pionship. The activities that were popular in the spring were horseshoe, handball, wrestling, softball, track, archery, and spring tennis. As can readily be seen from this account, the intramural program provides healthful recreation for a large number of students. Page Seventy-one Back Row-Eunice Ritter, Jeanne Fandrey, Barbara Kuether, Lois Morgan, Carol Sauer, Jeannette Breaker, Carol Meartz Jean Zaumeyer, Alice Wedewart, Mary Remmel, Jacqueline Brooks, Nancy Braun, Margaret Steller. Third Row-Donna Bishop, Marilyn Eckstein, Peggy Ann Blank, Kathryn E. Schultz, Marilyn Fisher, Jacqueline Landers Faye Braun, Jeanette Westfahl, Billie Throne, Charleen Brandt, Nancee Schnasse, Barbara Hoeper, Joan Jasperson Second Row-Ruth Boushley, Marian Staffeld, Mae Whitney, Janet Sanders, Donna Carlson, Darlene Kellett, Marie Peterson, June Kemp, Kathleen Jones, Carol Buchanan, Eunice Mulvey, Joan Kiefer, Patricia Bishop. First Row--Doloros Huebner, Jean Kruse, Audrey Blank, Mary Abendroth, Patricia Steffen, Carol Berens, Nancy Kress Patricia Getschow, Lotus Blank, Donna Crawford, Nancy Doane, Donna Springborn, Carmen Kent. GAY AMATEUR ATHLETES 205 G.A.A. members had a banner year in athletics, service, and social activity, led by Margaret Steller, presidentg Hazel Dahl, vice-presidentg Carol Porath, treasurer, Betty Drace, secretaryg Audrey Blank, point secretary, Doloros Huebner, point recorderg and Mrs. Ole Jorgensen, adviser. During the football season, about 100 girls shared in the selling project at home football games and two noon hours a week to earn funds for the year's program. A major project was the purchase of perpetual challenge trophies for hockey, volleyball, basketball, and softball to be presented on Awards Day to the captains of winning teams. Indi- vidual awards were purchased for ping pong, shuffle board, free-throwing, archery and tennis winners. G.A.A. aims were carried out in the following manner: Aim I. To support all school athletic activities with interest and enthusiasm. 1. G.A.A. served the N.H.S. gridders and Wisconsin High football team at a noon luncheon and six o'clock dinner given by the Athletic Association. 2. At the request of the Quarter-back Club, G.A.A. decorated and served at the football banquet on November 5 at St. Patrick's Church. 3. Their float won hrst place in the Pep Parade with its "Push Over" theme. 4. G.A.A. sponsored a pep session for the Neenah- Menasha game, featuring senior boys with a comic mural, original songs, and a rousing Rocket dance. Aim 2. To promote interest and participation in ath- letics among all girls of the school. A varied intramural program reached an all-time high participation of 1600, opening with a field hockey tournament under student manager Hazel Dahl. Joyce Redlin's junior-senior "Neekets" dribbled a 4-l victory over Gloria Mortensen's junior-senior "Hockey Hom- bres." The champions were Joyce Rcdlin, captain, Audrey Blank, Margaret Steller, Nettie Miller. Gloria Philippi, Nancy Braun, Jeanette Westfahl, Dolores Huebner, Evelyn Popp, Patricia Getschow, Joanne Lobb, Hazel Dahl, Patricia Ryan, and Alice Wedewart. Late fall brought a series of volleyball tournaments under student manager Jeanette Westfahl. 140 volley- ball artists competed in the intramural volleyball tourna- ment. League A winners were Kathryn C. Schultz's sophomores. In League B, Eileen Hoeper's sophomore team and Kathryn E. Schultz's junior-senior team tied for first place. In the play-off, Eileen Hoeper's sopho- mores were first, while Kathryn E. Schultz's juniors and seniors were second, and Kathryn C. Schultz's sopho- mores placed third. A lively noon-hour league with 120 girl entries ended in a championship for Mary Abendroth's sophomores, defeating Lotus Blank's sophomores in a 15-ll, 15-12 play off. Members of Mary Abendroth's team were Nancy Kress, Jean Zaumeyer, Jacqueline Brooks, Jacque- line Landers, Polly Abel, Larena Behm, Marjorie Giese, and Barbara Doane. The inter-class volleyball tournament was awarded to the unbeatable sophomores led by Carol Porathg second place went to Margaret Steller's seniorsg third place went to the juniors with Leatrice Schmeling captain, the freshmen, led by Alice Dordell, trailed in fourth. An 8 league 50 couple noon-hour volleyball mixed- doubles tourney, won in '48 by Esther Lemke and Wal- ter Bredendick, holds a great feminine fascination. Mid-winter, with basketball at fever pitch, found 150 cagers entered in an 11 team 2 league tournament under student manager Margaret Steller. Betty Drace's juniors and seniors emerged winner of League A and Carol Zeinert's freshmen topped the B League. Page Seventy-two Back Row-Roberta Rogers, Carole Ammerman, Kathleen O'Leary, Joan Zaumeyer, Barbara Brown, Joyce Bunker, Barbara Palmer, Germaine De Keyser, Aimee Lou Rohde, Gloria Mortensen, Natalie De Roche, Kathryn Pheifer, Jean Monard. Third Ron'-Virginia Raehl, Jane Loehning, Alice Dordel, Beverly NaGreen, Lois Hatch, Karlene Sawyer, Gloria Philippi, Sally Madsen, Patricia Ryan, Nancy Dieckhoff, Janet Parker, Patricia Murphy, Jeanette Dorn. Second Row-Beverly Carlson, Bernice Helein, Margaret Simons, Claudette Gullickson, Carole Bierman, Marilyn Denkert, Audrey Konow, Patricia Clark, Connie Smith, Noreen Hartzheim, Sally Hearden, Diana Burr, Etola Heider. Ifirxl Rau'-Yvonne Kleman, Lillian De Broka, Averil Ribble, Jillene Raisler, Marlyn Anderson, Dolores Dordel, Dorothy Heckner, Shirley Erdmann, Janet Wilms, Margaret Witbrod, Geraldine Selle, Florence Christian, Helen Hoehne. GAY AMATEUR ATHLETES In the play-off, the seasoned Drace squad downed the Zeinert squad 17-9. Betty Drace's champions were Margaret Steller, Nancy Dieckhoff, Joyce Redlin, Lea- trice Schmeling, Nettie Miller, Natalie DeRoche, Nancy Braun, and Donna Bishop. Next on the sports, calendar was the hotly contested inter-class basketball tournament with four classes al- most equally matched in ability. The sophomores, cap- tained by Larena Behm, won the coveted basketball trophy over the juniors, captained by Sylvia Vought. in a 23-21 victory. The freshmen, led by Dolores Dor- dell, eked out a 23-I9 win cinching third place over the seniors, captained by Nancy Dieckholf. The sophomore champs were Larena Behm, captain, Mary Abendroth, Jacqueline Landers, Carol Porath, Patricia Steffen, Eileen Hoeper, Lotus Blank, Faye Braun, Mary Jean Rutter, and Sarah Muttart. Basketball season closed with a 66 entry free-throw contest which was won by Sylvia Vought, with Lotus Blank in 2nd place, Patricia Steffen and Hazel Dahl tied in 3rd, Carol Porath and Barbara Meartz tied for 4th. A field of l6O table tennis artists aimed for top honors in the ping pong tourney, won last year by Patricia Coghlan, with Rita Baer in 2nd place. l26 shuffle board aspirants aimed for the school title, won last vear by Natalie DeRoche with Patricia Steffen in second place. Spring brought tournaments in archery won in '48 by Lotus Blank first, and Patricia Steffen second, as fresh- men. The sophomore group winner was Donna Schabo with Patricia Jones in second place. Last vear's softball championship went to Gloria Muenzel's sophomore team. Ina Rassmussen's sopho- mores took second and Mary Abendroth's freshmen placed third. Aim 3. Social Activities l. G.A.A. initiated 80 members at a dinner and stunt night November I9. Prize for the best stunt, "Amacidia's Imagination," was won by Madelyn Johnson's group. 575 students danced to Tony Winter's orchestra at "Danse Moderne," January 8 in a gym transformed by modern design, modern dance murals, and mod- ern art in a truly "moderne" manner. A spring picnic at Riverside Park with food "de- lish" and games galore brought to a close a suc- cessful year due to the excellent cooperation and enthusiasm of 205 G.A.A. members. Page Seventy-tb1'ee Back Row-Margie Kemps, Beverly Sczenski, Mary Markovich, Judith Schultz, Polly Abel, Donna Pora h, Dianne Anderson, Mary Jean Rutter, Carita Blank, Donna Bastar, Shirley Mickelson, Alice Mueller. Third Rau'-Shirley Artley, Pauline Martin, Shirley Swichtenberg, Vonnie Kuchenbecker, Geraldine Pagel, Barbara Hildebrand, Roberta Arft, Barbara Mertz, Betty Drace, Nettie Miller, Joretta Koch, Margaretann Ganzer. Second Row-Dorothy Wagner, Carol Gullickson, Beverly Labeda, Sarah Muttart, Donna Burr, Patricia Alferi, Mary Osborne, Betty Green, Jacqueline Miller, Joanne Boehm, Katherine C. Schultz, Carol Sorensen. First Row-Carolyn Brooks, Barbara Doane, Karen Williams, Nancy Owen, Jean Arnold, Muriel Schneider, Eileen Hoeper, Katherine Frazee, Lavila Kuether, Carole Porath, Larena Behm, Marjorie Giese. GAY AMATEUR ATHLETES Hack Rau'-Nancy Llewellyn, Donna Mahoney, Marie Webster, Leatrice Schmeling, Hazel Dahl, Marilyn Popp, Rose Luedtke, Marion Johnson, Charlotte Heinz. Third Rau'-Jo Anne Smith, Donna Schabo, Joyce Pheifer, Cecilia Dyreby, Sylvia Vought, Marilyn Morrill, Marjorie Thomack, Donna Geiger, Evelyn Popp, Olive Mae Salmeen, Second Row-Joyce Recllin, Joan Hagen, Patricia Jones, Nancy Gerhardt, Edith Dempsey, Karen Olsen, Marigen Braun, Rosalie Olson. First Rau'-Jocelyn Minarik, Janice Handy, Joan Tuchscherer, Doris Feagles, Joanne Lobb, Donna Lange, Sally Stilp, Dorothy Schabo, Carol Roeck, June Reynolds. Page Seventy-four SEPTEMBER 8 N.H.S. our Alma Mater greeted us once more! 10 General assembly for all students. ll Cub mixer-initiated the poor freshmen! 14 Dean of Boys and Girls discussed attendance with students. 17 Junior Varsity football team played Winneconne. Pep assembly beforehand. 18 Madison Wisconsin High game here. We were victorious 21-7. 20 Girls' Senate had organizational meeting. 21 Hall monitors were once again on duty. 22 Rotary assembly. 23 Class elections under direction of Mr. Leaman. 24 Two Rivers football game at Two Rivers-a lost cause. 27 Individual pictures taken of each student. Biology Club organizational meeting. Z9 Magazine sales campaign got under way. 30 Freshman football at Roosevelt Junior High of Appleton. OCTOBER l Assembly with George De Mott, iuggler. Shawano football game at Shawano. We were defeated 20-O. 5 Conservation Club elections. 6 Fisher Body Corporation movie for boys during noon hour. Student Council elections 7 Kimberly freshman football at Kimberly. . 9 Kaukauna football game here, another defeat 19-0. ll Assembly with Mr. Spooner and his trained dogs. 12 Assembly with Mrs. Shoemaker. She discussed marine and deep sea life. 15 Clintonville football game there, a loss and a repeat score of 19-0. Page Seventy-five I8 Trailer Clinic at school to x-ray students. 19 Freshman girls had tea for their mothers. Juniors ordered class rings. 20 Seniors elected Ann Andersen homecoming queen. 21 Kaukauna-Neenah freshman football game at Neenah. 22 New London football game at Neenah, victory at last-I3-12. junior class dance 28 Milwaukee Art Museum movie in assembly. 29 Neenah-Menasha football game at Menasha. We did it again 52-7. 30 Speech Institute at Appleton. Halloween party given by Police at high school. Student Council did decorating for the dance. NOVEMBER l-2 Students elected Dewey in national elections. 5 Banquet for football players at school. 4-5-6 State Teachers Convention. Hooray!! Vacation!! 6 A "Rec" dance to break the monotony. 11 Assembly with Mr. Sloan-liquid air demonstration. 13 Conservation Club party at N.H.S. 15-16 Thespian play-"Anne of Green Gables." Page Seventy-six Freshman basketball-Neenah versus New London at Neenah We won with an up and coming team I7 Report cards issued, much to the sorrow of many. 18 Students attend Rotary luncheon. 17-18 Seniors measured for caps and gowns. 19 Election of "Rec" advisory board. Trophy and football letters awarded in assembly 20 Ripon basketball game here. We are victors. 25 "Big and little sister" party. 24 Basketball game, Oshkosh here, first defeat. "Rec" dance afterward 25 Thanksgiving-breathing space with vacation. 26 Two Rivers basketball game here-another win. "Rec" dance DECEMBER 1 Seniors ordered cards and announcements. 2 junior prom preparations were beginning. Cub held contest for a new insignia to be used on the paper 5 Elections were held for new student advisory board. 6 7 Red Cross drive started by Student Council. Student Council decorated halls for Christmas 10 Pep assembly for Neenah-Menasha game. A close game, but we won' IZ Choirs broadcast a program of Christmas music over WNAM 14 Thespians held initiation for new members. Cub Christmas party 15 Ice, sleet, more ice! We all slid to school. Sophomore girls had tea for their mothers 16 Biology Club Christmas party. The Mississippiam, Negro vocal quartet for assembly. Junior advisory directors of recreations selected new name Teen Age Advisory Board KTABSJ 20 Student Council gave a tea for all faculty members. 21 Christmas vacation began. Page Seventy-seven n Page Seventy-eight JANUARY 5 Students voted for D. A. R. representative, Ann Andersen selected. 8 Dance Moderne given by G. A. A. 9 Neenah High School featured in Milwau- kee Sentinel, Schools on Parade. 12 Extemporaneous reading contest at Neenah 13 Serious declamation contest at Neenah. 14 Humorous declamation at Neenah. Senior graduation pictures taken. I5 Debate held at Sheboygan. I6 Recreation Building open for Sunday en- joyment. I7 '49 Memorial Committee meeting. 19 Student Council packed Red Cross boxes. 20 Assembly with Merle Evans, band director. Try-outs for spring play, A Date With Judy. 21 Conservation Club began work on educa- tional talks to grade schools. 24 Rabbit trappers began work. 26 Semester exams began. FEBRUARY l Forensic elimination contest at Menasha. 2 Report cards issued. 3 Students attended Rotary Club luncheon. 4 Massed band concert at Oshkosh. Received dictionaries and stands from the Class of '47. B-Debate at Kaukauna. 7 Student-teacher counseling well under way. 9 Rocket group pictures taken. 15 junior class rings arrived. 16 Debaters presented assembly. "Rocket" subscriptions started. I9 Girls' Senate held dance, "Candy Ball." 20 Winter band concert at Neenah High School. 25 Pep session for Neenah-Menasha basket- ball game. Repeat performance. We won again. 26 State debate contest at Madison. Neenah took fourth place. 28 Senior banquet committee meeting. MARCH 7 Spring play-"A Dale With Judy." Q I0 English IV classes attended "Hamlet" at Lawrence College. I0-12 State Basketball Tournament. 15 Conservatory players for assembly. i 19 Art classes went to Madison for exhibit. l 26 League Speech Contest. APRIL I End of another nine weeks. just nine more to go. 2 Choirs went to Two Rivers for festival. 4 Carroll College Choir here. 6 james Lynch presented assembly on arch- ery. Biology Club exhibit. 7 Rotary luncheon for students. 9 District Speech Contest. I0 Vacation! Spring at last! L0 Lawrence College Choir evening concert. 22 Sophomores hold all school party. 23 State Speech Contest. 28 Rubinoff, the great violinist, performed for us. 30 Bands attended festival at Appleton. MAY 3 Lost to New London in baseball, 7-l. 4 Beginning of registration for next year's classes. 7 In a real southern setting, we danced at the Junior Prom. ll junior girls had tea for their mothers. 12 Senior career day. Spanish Club banquet. 13 Conference track meet. 14 Pep Club vaudeville show. 16 Cub staff banquet. 17 Thespian banquet. 21 Sectional track meet. 22 Choirs presented a "Spring Concert." 23 Assembly with George Campbell. 25 "Eighth grade day" for rural students. 26 Senior banquet. Style show given by home economics students. JUNE l Awards day. 2 Senior exams-means the end is in sight. 5 Baccalaureate, the seniors' one and only religious gathering for the class as a whole. 8 Commencement--the grand finale. 9 Last Rotary luncheon. 1 I0 Report cards and the end of another year. Page Sevenly-nine Congratulations, Class of '49 And Welcome to those who will begin to share in the work of our community. KIMBERLY-CLARK CORPORATION NEENAH, WISCONSIN Pg Eshy COMPLIMEN TS NORTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY MENASHA, WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF "-49" lEAR COSOROVE Modern Photography 114 W. 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SHOP THE EASY WAY THE CATALOG WAY MONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Office N eenah Phone 2- 1 531 218 N . Commercial COMPLIMEN TS of the TWIN CITY MONUMENT WORKS, INCORPORATED Page Eighty-five ATLAS TAG COAAPAIIY Manufacturers of TAG'S LABELS DECAL TRANSFERS Factories at Neenah, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois JERSILD KNITTING CO. NEENAH, WISCONSIN if Manufacturers of High Grade Sweaters Since 1895 Page Eighty-six Buy SAFE DAIRY Products Our milk, cream, and other dairy products are pasteurized for your protection and produced by selected herds under rigid inspection. Try our FULL SWEET CREAM BUTTER The Best in the City NEENAH MILK PRODUCTS CO. Phone2-7741 BERGSTROM PAPER Manufacturers of VELKYRIE BOOK PAPERS NEENAH, WISCONSIN Page E gbty seven When you see this "M and tree" trademark it means "packaging by Marathon," one of your home town industries. You'll find it on some of the most attractive dairy, bakery, frozen food and meat packages in the United States . . . and on the Waxtex box . . . and on many other cartons. Marathon has impressive facilities for manufacturing and an outstand- ing record in the development of protective packaging. It's a growing company, and the jobs it has to offer are varied and interesting. MARATHON CORPORATION MENASHA, WISCONSIN Protective Packaging for Amerieds Finest Foods Page Eighty-eight 'W 54'-M 'WAT I C f',4,gy NEENAH PAPER COMPANY NEENAH, WISCONSIN Best Wishes HARDWARE HOUSEWARES APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS GIFTS TOYS BOOKS WM. KRUEGER COMPANY Neenah, Wisconsin Featuring . . . ZERO KING SPORTSWEAR JERSILD 8: CATALINA SPORTSWEAR MALLORY 8: DOBBS HATS ARROW 8: EXCELLO SHIRTS INTERWOVEN HOSIERY C U R T S M I T H "Horne of Society Brand Clothes" Menasha Phone 2-1601 FADNER'S THE POPULAR STUDIO FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Artistic and Characteristic Poses, Proper Treatment of Light, Beautiful Tones and Finishes, Harmonious Mountings, together make a FADNER PORTRAIT We have specialized in photography for high school year hooks, for more than forty years Fluhwz fuclto Neenah COMPLIMENTS of H E W I T T M A C l'l I N E C 0 . I N C . Neenah Page Ninety CENTRAL PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of GUMMED PAPER TAPE Menasha, Wisconsin GILBERT PAPER COMPANY MENASHA, WISCONSIN Page N inety-on GROVE'S Clothing MEN 'S AND LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR COMPLIMENTS of the VALLEY INN MEYER'S BOOTERIE Exclusive Footwear SHOES BAGS HOSIERY COMPLIMENTS of MORTON'S DRUG STORE CHAS. MORTON, Proprietor 'WVALGREEN SYSTEMH N eenah, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '49 WOECKNER'S JEWELRY STORE COMPLIMENTS MURPHY'S DAIRY Page Ninety-two COMPLIMEN TS of KEH 8 WERNER ELECTRIC COMPANY Home of RADIO ' PHONOGRAPHS All Makes of Records and Sheet Music Bl0CK'S Service Station 216 S. Commercial Street WADHAM'S PRODUCTS There is much satisfaction in wearing clothes with that distinctive styling. THE CLOTHES SHOP Menasha Twin Cities' Finest Store for Men A. H. ANGERMEYER PLUMBING ' HEATING OIL BURNERS I sToKERs - AIR CONDITIONING Repairs Phone 2-6021 119 N. Commercial COMPLIMENTS of HOPFENSBERGER BROS Incorporated MEATS H A E R T l ' S "RELIABLE JEWELERS SINCE 1879' Neenah Page N inety-three MENASHA WOODEN WARE CORPORATION Manufacturers of PAILS, TUBS, KITS,. AND KEGS JUVENILE FURNITURE, TOYS CORRUGATED AND FIBRE BOXES SCHALLER Furniture Company 132 W. Wisconsin Avenue Phone 201 PERIOD FURNITURE Neenah, Wisconsin SUNlITE DAIRY THE NEENAH FlORAI. J, IL im Sim W My W . X MPLIMENTS x W , ff!! of ,LJQIIJUELLER ICE cnum co. Neenah, Wisconsin , 9,7-f 6' ,iff K fL,' lf4f,6Z jf-fx j' ' I V V, X ENPS iujjii Q 52" I, fu 11, of Of YY: II 'I 1 2 J ,Da I if , gf . MW qgngiwb R T-H ii whim PAN Y f Z f fi? i L, 0' X Aj l O R R A I N E' S HAMMEN'S FOOD MARKET Page Ninety-four COMPLIMENTS TUCHSCHERER'S of S ho e S 1 o r e SHOES FITTED BY X-RAY Menasha, Wisconsin S T E C K E R ' S Gilt Edge Ice Cream 326 N. Commercial Phone 2-4051 Neenah POND SPORT SHOP, INC. 133 E. College Avenue Headquarters for SPALDING ATHLETIC GOODS Phone 3-1056 Appleton, Wisconsin LARSON CLEANERS CHAS. LARSON Phone 2-4161 WALTER LARSON Neenah LARSON 8. SCHREITER FURNITURE CO. 320 N. Commercial Street Phone 2-8031 Neenah, Wisconsin We Specialize in FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME RUGS ' CARPETS 0 LINOLEUMS ASPHALT TILE ' WINDOW-SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS 0 TRAVERSE RODS MEYERS' RUG SHOP Phone 2-2854 129 W. Doty Avenue Neenah, Wisconsin Page Ninety-five EVERYTHING FOR SPORTS D R A H E I M ' S Sporting Goods Neenah, Wisconsin COMPLIMEN TS of J E R R O L D ' S MEN'S APPAREL ' LADIES' WEAR YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING AND SPORTSWEAR 112 N. Commercial Neenah, Wisconsin TEWS DRESS SHOP HOME FUEL 8. SUPPLY CO. COMPLIMENTS of MEYER BURSTEIN 8. SONS 132 E. Wisconsin Avenue Neenah, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS of ATLAS OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES STEFFEN'S GROCERY NEENAH THEATRE ,E A 7,1 12,-W Zfw 1A.wzf m7W'4,,5i?WM'?f.,g," fffrff, M. 'Q ia4'f,gZo4!J"w4-1144 4,0613 tgj A3045 ffimtzhmmwfm Za! ,MLQIJ 5 'W " H- -Q QOH S

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