Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX)

 - Class of 1950

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ff , K s f',"" H f f'7gf?Q-'- """""-n1u ff ! lf P -Ci l i -1? ' This has been a successful annual. The Blue jay of 1950 will bring out the activity that has made 1950 a successful school year. - This will mold the memories of your school years and will never fade from your memory. - May I congratulate the entire Student Body an a successful school year, filled with activity. Sincerely, LMLJ W. R. Wfomaclc, Principal Secretary Mrs. Dorothy jean Nordt SCHOOL BOARD Tom Snedecor Clifton Wenzel Herman Stehle H. H. Bartels A. W. Dannhaus C. W. Meyer W. L. Cranck W QR N N Q ,C iff 5, ag f f MRS. J. L. BOONE MISS ESTHER SCHMIDT B.S., S.H.S.T.C. B.A., T.S.C.W. l.. MR. HARRY L. HARRIS MR. ALTON BURGESS B.S., S.H.S.T.C. B.S., S.H.S.T.C. MR. JOHN KOLOJA MR. MELVIN MCBEE B.S., U. of Houston B.S., U. of Houston MRS B GOLDSMITI-I MRS J MANNING B S T S C W A B Wayncsburg Co'lc5e Penn MR. LeROY F. KAMAS M.B.A., U. of Houston MR. ERNEST WILLARD MR. W. R. WOMACK B.S., E.T.B.C. B.S., S.S.T.C. IF pst! " f ... 44 4... Zill- ll I' .'. llii iii U ll I . ll Ill III !!! !!! !!! !!!i intl' ilu' lllll' .Ill l!lil 'Ili' may llllll limp uw -I-, DIQI Cvllll III!-I QIQIS' .Ulu 'mi' 'ml' Band Building F. F. A. Building ll If 'UC ISU 11750 fL,,07ES e n ,- Qu A qv 9-1 1 'fffi N0 Q Rb M r 4!, if V 4.3.4 - - .Zz 6' www - .7 '- fig. J. if .. 'B 41"- - .xf .:,,. P: .4 U1 Q6 .. . WVQV6, ,ri kfwkif , . fm-,.f,1 ,g3,,vi3,1gg fu . . Q2 2' 5 3 5, LM .,,,a5755w K r M SEQ wi -' ,. 5 X ' 'ling' W fsr'f:j,f . 1 . X S ' ,ir V ' my up T312 . at 1,5-xii iwgfsx VN, "Qi 513' A' fi 'A L- Qi ' 111252 ASQ 4, Wlgxq 1 '13 Mui J5 .34 AW 'Y ffm' K tl? 'iid , 5 1" :Lin ,LW 4-Ay., ..v. fy L 5 vi. .4,, N, Lg ., KJ fm .44 742 We Wa Edited by THE ANNUAL STAFF of 1950 NEEDVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Needville, Texas M49 -50 X 74 X M This the X950 Yviue Say, is tuii ot memories or two years schooi Kite in this new schooi. 'Yhese memories are the works ot the ouoiis ot Neeriyiiie High Schooi. As time passes, your memories wih tade. 'Yhen you may use the Biue Say ot X950 to iiye in those memories again. WU e wish to congratuiate the Second Graduating Ciass oi Needyihe High Schooi on their achieyernents. Niay their hte A successiui. The Statt b e tuii an TA 9LE..QF EONTENT QR N 4 fBT.'7'.3TFLE5 flmmun L.gST FQ? WfHC.u.L..Ty CLAS lx- 555 HND THEIR I-nvoraf-rf-3 BCTIV11-,ESS lrXkL-ORTS 5NH1asHoI5,'j" "LMEf2nsf.1Q, W WJ ff! Jfd! M4 JW f W? lff KK 1 KW X M A' nf VMI iff! ll 0' vf Rf QNX W Xp X! :Q :L1ifN'7?f"" ig Ml: : m W F - ' 5 'Ti ?i.3f'Q-1 X i 7fW"lQXYAQQ ....' ' 1- 'f 1 R v-gi-9 h-if-:LV X Zi?-fQ f f"f , 5- m T X Exam ilr -55 ifljgftit Y Ei? XA Ji Y v ggsgffigj hz? T ' Y agxg-ggi 'IRA , ' -' V:-A1 ' :'f" ' f 1 ygsyiiiln-if!-lat i tg g' P. X7 U neu I f Q ,M mf XXNXQ V If U Q, ZWXVWN auwv ftfyf! ff WNW 'f W f , vw K Q U85 W A .. tv 0 ,- .-" fb: "J 'H ' . F.-gf, . -y. 1. 6 N, X XM--...K'.1r va- - .1 3.- 5 4,'g'f--e.',,.,-'.Q,'x'.ffg,, ffl., e -., - - -' -1. . " '-If?"'.':Y-. '41 "'7"fx-1 Qfl I .T ,.'.t.H'e!. -A-.'..x ...u ' Rgkfg, :-1-,Q E 7'r.i-. L CE? ' : tu xe XXL muh px de ue 'mduaumg dxss S SK Hmm 58 X we U1 cms A Xeedx Me Huh Qehoo Axe me M V750 Nue 3 Xxmud Uxese memorxes WM be eherxshed m wars to eome May wmv Emma we happy and max eaeh Erxend be time M50 to eaeh person xx ho xx as hurt because of am schoci amvxq x e dedxcate thxs Annum 74 Mg C x ' z".- . .xi '-' Qi? 5.-lr F: Y .-:A-1-1 AL...- I AL aw: '.',g'J ., . . . 1:55 " ' 'x ' QU yay KX' -- 5 ' X , ' ' 1 ' ' Llf 0 . . yu" K 5 C.1Xgg dexxte, 'hm' 1. V A 3 1 A 'I ' 1 I ' 1 . ' gl ' 1 v v . , Y - , . V V ni' 2 .ry ,iff 4.5. -"I , . ,I '-'.-j., r .11 fv,.fjL,.'-V, 211, ..- 1'-."-'3'i'K'2,f'1'- :- . .. , . U. in 1 1.51 .' E-.Lvi . , Q-3,95 -2 3 ,Af P V ..,rug-f.?'i'-:'T1?.r4FLA--Vu I H l Q E --M A ' "-T.- f,",-gill' L3'-fij,.- , if 4731- H .g.w ,ff :,,,,:. imumls Izdzlof III Clue All I Edflor Bznnzew 1VIaz1ager A v I Bm Mgr Ar! Editor AulA11Ed1lo1 Auf Ar! Edzfor Photographer' .,,,, . Ar--1 Plmm. Sporiv Editor Arr 1 Sporty Edjfor' Dorothy Beard Pats Young, Robert Vnlt Marlon Gregory Damel Mladenka Pcarlene Tcykl LaRoy Slaqalelt Leslie Hurta Dolorous Gorka . Iris Nell Teykl B. Goldsmith Spomor ........ Mr. W. R. Womack mfg: . ff' K my f- Main Building Gymnasium K as A ' . x ,ffl , 4, 5 "E, ' s. ,C+ 7 us - . I 4 I 'M' - . Ill Ill ni ' W' ' 'i 7 an un Ill ,,, Ill Ill Ill an Ill Ill ' Ill III Ill In In In , Ill Ill Ill nn nn Ill ll f ..-. , -....... A -E .W , . ..- Qafmmmfza 225044 -N , X -g-,,!,,, J K J' ff K +145 igvfxbfi , gg ?-14,12 ,S iffa A It liwff 'M ! +6 4 'hx fd!!!-, f- x Qxbf 'ff if f f O f "iM ' LA, H fi A Z'44Z?:i, My congratuiations to the Paiue jay Staff on the successtui compietion of the X950 edition ot the Annuai. The many hours of iabor which you have spent in re- cording the events and situations which you teei wiii bring the most pieasant memories, in future years, to those who oiayed a part in their making, wiii bring added satisfaction to you who gave of your ieisure time that ' ht become a reaiity. this record mig Sincereiy, :B I Sames L. Boone fog A o A gf' fm, NYT! Q "ft M' 5, .v.A. ,M vw-'m f 7 Ng +A' as 1? Yao. 1 W' ,x Y Senior Beautiful and Handsome Emma Westbrook and Daniel Mladenka if 3.4. F 723 f ilyf ,Q !75'W 51 YOU: DELMER BALUSEK Athletic Club-2 Football-25 Co-Captain-1 Track Basketball-2 Baseball-2 Outstanding Football Player '50 DOROTHY BEARD Editor Annual-25 D.A.R. Award Vice Presidentg junior-Senior Senior Favorite Volleyball-M35 Captain-'50 Cheerleader-'50 Football Sweetheart-'50 iw 41 I ALICE DIRBA H.E. Club-Reporter 4' Volleyball-2 Dancing Club-2 Library Service Club- Secretary-Vice President Interscholastic League-Typing YVONNE Doss Volleyball Dancing Club Paper Staff Senior Play Lols BUSHNELL Library Service Club- President-Reporter Pep Squad-2 Dancing Club Salutatorian XVILLIE Coumr. F.F.A.-23 Song Leader-2 ,P"'N 2 RAYMOND Fniitzmu F.F,A.-2 Athletic Club-2 Football Track GEORGE GANSKIQ FootballiZ Basketball Track-2 Athletic Club-2 Dancing Club GILBERT DVBSTERHOFT Athletic Club-President-2 Dancing Clubf-2 Asst. Editor-infchief of Paper Football-23 Co-Captain+f2 Basketball 3 Track'-2 Baseball-4 VERNON EMsH0FF Band-Z F.F.A.-3 Q, FLOYD GRAEBER F.F.A.-2 HENRY GRETSCHIQL F.F,A.-Choral Club Dancing Club WARRIQN HALL Athletic Club-2 Dancing Club Football--2 Basketball MARY ANN HORAK junior Class Favorite Dancing Club-2 Reporter-Senior Class DANNY KOSTEI.NIK Paper Staff Football Mgr. Football '50 Track Softball-2 Athletic Club Dancing Club DOROTHY MAROLYL Library Service Club 'Q' ,f-' A wamffii Q K V -5 , eww' 311 . W aw f Y U M' - .VL .fzzgfgff K 'w LESLIE HURTA Annual Staff Paper Staff Football Track Baseball if j ' 6' W 5 'K 56 F.F,A.-2--Vice President DELORES KUECK Library Service Club 'er Wm his DANIICI. lN'lI.AIbliNKA Annual-A-Art Editor Basketball--5 Football Softballf5 Paper Staff F,F.A. Mgr. Football 719 MARIE PRIHOIBA Library Service Club Reporter Dancing Club Pep Squad Kifrrn hlfissifx' Football--2 Basketballfl Athletic Club-2 Lizxmrfx NICVUHORTIER Library Service Club Reporter Loiuaxii Snsxx' Dancing Club-Z Library Service Club Handicraft Club Lows SCHOPPIZ BasketballA2 Track-2 F.F.A. Athletic Club Dancing Club Music Club AILIZEN SHIZFCIK Library Service Club-President Pep Squad-2 GEORGE SNEDIICOR junior Class-President junior Class-Favorite Annual Staff-Asst. Art Editor F.F.A.f2 Mgr. Football '49 Athletic Club .15 'S DOROTHY Nlzu. THOMAS Volleyball-'S Pep Squad Coral Club ROBERT VILT Valedictorian President-Senior Class Annual Staff-Sports Editor Football-2 Basketball-3 Softball-23 Track-Z l,ORliTTA S'x'12FF15K Secretary -juni Volleyball R W-1 Baseball Band Club DONALD 'I'1aYRI, wi' or-Senior Class EMMA Sm, Wnsi BROOK Cheer Leader- 50 Most Beautiful-Senior Class Volleyball-'48 Basketball Coronation Princess-'49 Halloween Princess-'49 PAT5Y WASKOW Cheerleader- 50 Dancing Club .Q.1.:.4'.' hifi 4 W! M p . , ' sv .9 " ,ufrv 'in' H33 n ' , 'fa V: KM ,st ir 21,63 3? JM its J UNIOR OFFICFRS Pear ene e ec.- reas.g e orls G as 6 JOITCI' H" 4 X- N .H a JS QI A gn " Q ,1 V X, P C ' A x 1 l L' x .A -a . Mtg x at 4 " J gg,- Ru-.Q , , .1 3? , ,B Wah la Junior Handsome and Beautiful Marvin Wilke and Patsy Young Georgia Ann Baca LaVerne Bennett Walter Bremer Ouida Rae Burforcl Billy Cook jean Nell Dahse Isabel Davis Sedonia Englehardt Hugh Fergusen ,n na., rfgl df ' J, af JV 1 ,xo X i A-. L l 1 L. .S ft! Dorothy Flessner Irene Foytek Marvin Fojtik Leo Ganske jr. Barbara Wleczyk W. B. Goldsmith Dolores Gorka Elizabeth Gorka Joyce Graeber fix f P PHOTOGRAVH N07 AVAIL 451.5 'B gp f'f l ye Mary Lee Stavinoha Iris Nell Teylk Charles Tielke Joyce Tielke Frank Vojtek LaVernc Warncke Marvin Wilke joyce Wittneben Patsy Ruth Young Marion C. Gregory Effie Kallweit Gilbert Kettler Vallie Liebsher Allene Paehls johnnie Pokluda Marion Rosenbaum August Schuelke LeRoy Slacalek gzmcbz S 52- 0 375:35 p - Q 3 H N " -Tm' 'l'TPTx JAL QEC 65444 Uffccew ,fl 17 S' N W lk 4 2, 0 ' ' s Il l O I l I I lg I 3 ff I I lk' S R 0 T' A 'G if f Donald Gerkin E ff?- ellie Grabarkevtz ' ,ff W 'ibm W. R. Oman ' 0 Donald Cerkm eralme De Berrv cwautec SOIDIIUIIIOH' Btilllliflll and H2lIlllSIIlllL' Caroline Tielke amd Irvin Foytik Elizabeth Bishop Alvin Coufal Alois Cernoch jerline De Berry Regina Ellermann Barbara Ferguson Rosalie Hanicek Elsie Hartfield Dorothy Kettler Howard Krobot Wiliiia Mazac Nick Mosqueda Johnnie Petrusek Billy jack Rudder jack Robertson Nettie Scott Louis Smerek Loretta Stavinoha Benjamin Thuesen Caroline Tielke Q., Q fir ' 4 X Mists' vw KIEMADE -5 n 5 sf N , Eff, J.- - 13 ggfmle ,U Ly H0 X7 '21 ,X Nhegggggaii FRESI-IMEN 'N 5' sniff?"- ,,,f-- if ,ll F" VM' n""N frww-w"'f""" A,,,p--f i 1 I ' .... .vw b,. ' 'sf H it "DqQx FRESHMEN OFFICERS Leonard Grigar, Delbert Wendt, La Nelle Seiler, Tommie Lois Barfield, and Wanda Faith McCauley. X4 :Sli ...-.annul -sim l I 1 1 8 I V' . B QXT . . V.: ...ov ,,.. .3 --.QQNFCQ ,.-'- 57" y". Aff' n,.,,.,,..-rf 2 1 I ' lu In i J 1' X 8 , . if 1 pw , ' kW ,,,., M.. N1 ,nf D 1 I' 1-1' K, Q..-X ,Mi-nh milx 'im Ronald David Bible Beard ABSENT wueu Pucvuncs wezyxoe' . ik., li il ' 45' -f gg- , 4 f Q... YP' - vfmani illf I ' X fra ,, i as B f 11-93-i Y iv I 1 PM -ff -F, i X Jw f-+-- . ,E L . Dolores Carol Jean Davis Dubcek Foytik x .4 rf-ti fe' Delores Q, iii x' 0-0 1'7" Ab' Aileen james Carolyn Gaubatz Gorka Gregory i -f- , D ew- gi , 4 Wx or ,f X .- . tm' tl -X 4 O I li' - f f l I Ray Allen Curtis Hartfield I-lurta Kassler Betty Ann David 1 Gaynell Freudcnsprung Qi :Q-.A s' v i""' ff .gig 4 , 'S .fig Laddie Gureclcy ...1'.'L2 f' Raymond Kueck ,fq Marvin Galler :J Rf' 74 Leonard Gurecky N1 LaVerr1e Leissner ug. Beatrice Lois Esther Irvin Maroul McCafferty Mever Meyer 5... 'ur Shirley George Theresa Betty Francis Mladenka Nett Novak Prihoda Prihocla if i ,ga Mix K , 3X vg Ng Wvf 'I Alice Elbert Clarence Billy Allen Ray Psencik Rose Sutsky Schendel Schmidt Stephen Eugene Charles Francis LeRoy Schwettmann Shefcik Teykl Uherek Wgnzel ' x 3 Q 'vig ? ,, Q nf' -rf X , 9 5? if L N ,kv aye, -K n ' , , ,- -xv .3 ,f-:,-2 N Q ,745 wi' xg Q 'MQ ff ,I .V K 'Nw U ' 'tit' 'lf'--'Ma-nuns-..g --- ...vw ...A .1 ...JW .k....... ,'sFs K. fxxfxy, STH GRADE OFFICERS S za Qcwafzclea I I Doris jaege -QE. ii 1 s,f.wLJ.f, A Wmfwmi 'W W .f ,A in .T W,,A,, v! lm" -,. , Q,1. ' I fa' . 9 y Wk W Ei? l r a 1 'W a r 2 haf C .Wa . ,V j gg ,, wif W M Wm Wm Elghth Bm llllltlll and I'1dlldH0lllf' Shlrlex Glller md Rlch 1rd Hlrttleld I .4! I I S , ,J toss QHJ H, 0 11? . , . l9'h...'.f Vlasta Listak Lawrence Macha Irene Machacik Louise Malclclonado Robert Massey Gilbert Meyer Thomas Moore Franklin Schuelke Arno Schultz jr. Dorothy Schultz jeanette Schwettmann Marilyn Sheficik Lester Snedecor Shirley Steffen LaNelle Susan ., ..., ru ll '4 W . LV Rosella Baethe Pierce Beard Harold Beck Agnes Borowicz Raymond Buchta Irene Cernoch Roland Conrad Francis Dubec Earl Dean Emshoff lilverda Engeling Shirley Galler james Graber Lillian Gritzman Virgil Hartfield Ruben Krause Beverly Linclermann 1 1 L 'egg 11 Nl!! 7TH GRADE OFFICERS ROOM "A' 7TH GRADE OFFICERS ROOM "B Q11-nay" -.--S-1,.,.---'-M fx A' 2. ' J- 2 at 1 4, I " X M 'D f . Sam Acebo Howard Arlit Frankie Gorka Katherine Hanicek Geraldine Baca Roma Dell Bender Willie Mae Blinka Charlie Byrd Lorene H urta Dorothy lsleilv Margaret jablonski Betty Dahse Donald DeBarry Alma Dobesh Mary Ann Dubec james Edwards Gerald Feldhoff Helen jalulik Frank Kalonec Angelina Kure Normie Limmer Calvin Lubajacky joe Maroul Dan Matcheski Eugene Foygle i, gb' . . Cl Us in A wr XR 3 X Iv' NOT iaowm 1, if Gerald Schwettmann 5 , Leonard Sodolak ' fa' l'w- Alton Meseche Otto Lee Meyen Lorene Sodolak Dennis Stavinoha Ben Meyer jr. Janice Meyer Mary Ann Suchma Lillie Strazniclcy Vt jonelle Meyer -' r Annie Mae Novak " 1 Stella Svaboda , ' 'Q Heinz Thuesen i ., y xl '2 1 45 A dyyy Leonard Oberhoff yy, K " r LeRoy Pathum L Q' 7 Edgar Wendt ff" f Katie Wfetuske f. :jf m a l . A 1 ,3 V l, in . Q l L , .V-A-+'ir' Raymond Petrosky L Gloria Raska J E Wilborn Wiecker Y4' Willie wifek , - ha A I ik X Wayne Schroeder Dorothy Schultz Sedoma Zuronec George Zwahr s 4 Us q x lf,-!: XX A cQ,,,i6o-.0191 Q ,,f,U,.f6f-lk ,wif 5089? swf 00 S' Q nr FD if . Q XX 'gigs ' f Q -:-e. - V tniaggfq X f mf Y f , Q s A B I P , if X iQaw"'x' - f N ,ly 5 3 -A,, ,Q Z M' 9 Q X "gag ' ,,n . J X3 X. s Q 2 . N , ' ff 5 I f if . S 5"ffbwLbU 53-1'f'f"wL gagdww Football Sweetheart Dorothy Beard WHCLE SQUAD Back row: Coach Harrison, Womack, Mosqueda, Massey Balusek, Fruend, Foytik, Bremer, L. Ganske, Duestrohoff Gorka, Coaches Ludwig and Porter. Middle row: Manager Tielke, Wenzel, Rosenbaum, Hall D. Teykl, Cook, G. Ganske, Hartfield, Thuesen, Nett Kettler. Bottom row: Goldsmith, Robinson, Beard, Shefcik, Schen del, Vilt, C. Teykl, Snedecor, Satsky, Ferguson, and Mana ger Kostelnik. ! FOOTBALL COACHES Porter, Harrison, L. E. Ludwig Duesterhoft Back Wolnack Massey n En Coach Porter Ganske Schefcik Mosqueda Back Tackle Back Rosenbaum Wenzel Gorka End End Back R!! 323 23 """"""' SH Z'i ,M 'NH X 'n H . Sf M- -N ,ms AQ .'NHS 2 faq ff50J - 4 s xiii ' 1 'L 1 H NS NH igfifal 5 av 'BNHSQNHS-Q M 1 Q ,mix-, N FOO D5 STEAK5 wiixuk H, 4 ll -mtg, .45 VW .ni is game! Un panda B 'ff' Qtgrffffi If 'Q K 77e,h Squad 4545, VA? J as 'AJ 471 1 i 1 y-3, 1 N J,' rf, l AQ Ex 95 m e ' . . I ff X . :X Q XX! pa QX-Q Q Q ,, ff 1 - 5 4 4 43 Q 151' ' y .QQ-fi " I x ' iff +51 4 0 ,Q . ik 53? . 4 W .fx mf- 1 -vy- ,....,M, 5 1. ' 5 A .5 K Q if 'ln A . , ,Q K .- , j .. V 4. , A 4 I 1. , g ? on , - , qi yu Q tx nr A . , x 5 QQ 1' A Ak IA ' ' d - ' 4 R 9 A ' f :A , Q. 'J , ,, ,D ' 5 A Q ' 3, . ' -. .-f 3 A , f -' W, V A 7 , ,e ' 4 - , 4 'Z ' If V4 4 y 451 s Q , 2 ' I- , ' 5 7 W ' M, . ' ' .3 I A. Q: Q 'QA ff M I 9. A" f f. 5 ' 3' Q 'Q' , 4 4 . 5 U Q I 'Y A V C h 5 X , 0 ,, , gun . 5 A - o ' Vw 3 5 H Af: ,, , A- ,, is .,- 5. J v f di x , ,1 V, M , , " -, N L H K .,,, .,+,,, . ,f"g4ff5,j ' .X EM Q D l a , 1 . A J, .5 V'-' 5 2 Y M....f 1 i 1 , a I ' J -ff f -A 'Q K A 4 Q Q' - . ip i ,rf 'gjfdz ,Wg my W L, , , W -. FV' K kiwi, ,,,?f 1 -Y ' 12344 x , ,, :AIM f, -, 5 ,MJTZQ K, 7 ' 11" vw Ui "yt r2"5'f!L5.ff9 ,rf jf.. ' ,-,- ,ff I xr-e'fff-?"fF1-""'f6iv' .9 Q ' 1 1, .w7':,Q M ,,f ., A 'f " :'i 2+ 4,., . A Y with ss'-gb. " . mfffff L21 ,.f"' :mu , ,,' ,M 'fM'F'f' 1 A V IT ,' ' M - ' iw ,L ' j", -l ...,Lg.. -3-N'Y"' " ' fymv 1 Qwi... My 1' h.M L .fo-4" 1 K Vrzwyw, w...T.- ,, ,..-r i H ,A Q ,,,..w--'W' Q I H Nw?-......, L fi , 1 1' .cr-"'! - , ' Q A V5 Ti M :ks 'E , . Q W' X11 NIL! . s Q 7 J' '5 far in u L. ky v k A' ' I i gf is N, .2 .' X ,ff U Irfan - 5 1 ef xx 'N , i .QQ x f if A ,rg f 1 4 s 7 l ,Ns , 2. A NX F N 'F Xxx- jf'-ti WANDA FAITH MCCAIILEY F. F. A. Sweetheart , W4-......,. ...,.n.f...,,..,,M.. GROUP ,Z fm-J avpu ru VF "ML 43 6 XQ gf? S' of WL afwclwd ' J X252 H, .f"' X sw, LJ F4 fy! cr fff . N IQQ 'IMlwwmmwgum..l1 - Q 'Q 4 5 4 ' x ' A xf A , ' fisg,-s I ', ' X A TAWI' SK X 4 -:V 927. 'f r i X , J ' TS 2 W --" f f 11 41 - Z f -3313? 5 ' fw X' V ll V U .V ' R" 1 Q If '1 L 'f' ' 'ilk X a 0 0 - I ff. am 6 X fffie. I f 167 , 1 f .r A, f A A 2 1 AW' 95 3 7. ' - I 'fx f n' x 1 . .Qfi E K .bg A fx "1 K 6 .4 M X A f 1 " 4 , , , J 'L f 6' f li Qi A6 ff M !! 1 '6. -Q if N Edzlor 111 Cbze Aff! 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Richmond, Texas MJ N Rosenberg, Texas COLE THEATRE COLE THEATRE RITZ THEATRE COLE THEATRE COLE THEATRE l LAMAR THEATRE GRAND THEATRE COLE THEATRE STATE THEATRE DRIVE IN THEATRE PALMS THEATRE Owned and Operafed by 1 I E OH Ph 40 Home People All Texans l Ice one Sl MART COLE Home Offwe MART COLE JR General Manager RQSENBERG TEXAS Asslsianl General Manager KNIPLING E JLJNKER M0225 fa Your Ford Dealer NEW AND USED CARS Phone 680 Rosenberg Texas COIIIPIIIIIQIUS Congratulations Sensors PIQKARDS and 6 HUGCSINS 61-Le Rexall Drug Store Rosenberg Texas Phone 35 BOX 75' Rosenberg, Texas Rosenberg, Texas Eagle Lake, Texas Yoalrum, Texas Hallef sville, Texas Wallis, Taxas Richmond, Texas Yoalum, Texas Needvllle, Texas Rosenberg, Texas Rosenberg, Texas Sugarland, Texas ... I 2, 1 I I ll ll I Of BUTAN E C-BAS CO. 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QQ OBINOWITZ BULLS FOODC RAFT SUPER MARKET "TRADE WITH US FOR BIGGER AND BETTER BARGAINS" MEATS-GROCERIES-FEED D Texas , ' ' ...:5::' MI 0 Richmond, Texas 4 7 Sugarland ,..I.......,...,..I..,...I.,.....,.....,I,I,........I..,....I......,..,. Texas - X93 E f' m i j '1 O QOLULMO WZ QQ!!! 522312 IB A N IK Ki EV f QS f ff - xii ff 1 fx -, 9 9 pw OI: I-ILJGO L.EY O ILLE, TEXAS DRUGS A FRIEND L GOLDSTON The Sensors of 1950 RS Colzzjvlillzezzfs of W. . To IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT A+ Th fr ff! NORBERT WARNEY 6 G S Best Wlshes to Sensors 'of 1950 KO!-ILEFF'-El..'S STATION cking nn copy Cornposmon Panelmg Pncfu ft? 1 W,':geJ'- vm Wy, cw- SCHOOL ANNUALS l Sa9zq1,b,9J,,MM I F L, - f - " ' y ' H A - ' , ' , , f - ., .U A , , A, Q N 'W 'N SKILLED CRAFTSMEN - MODERN EQUIPMENT and 35,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR AREA are combined +o produce FINE SCHOOL ANNUALS 'For I400 schools in +wen+y-Hnree s+aTes afar' '- f' -- LR' wi va "" ,., ' 3 I ' Ar? Work Masking ' Fi l1'sB'7-'v"'k"fY'x ' .-T'JMli54Z!ff'ff' fvrrfffwfro -F F J A A V nhl? Gafhering f "hi ffmf :. . - "YH, fr'-,r'f"Cf.v F X- X AVN ici f7 6 ' XX- ' .- - ' k".'v t'-Q ll 1k'5vf' 'wr f F' Q 9 4 49 Binding lnspechon 9 p"",.-. Q' iv ill

Suggestions in the Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) collection:

Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 53

1950, pg 53

Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 66

1950, pg 66

Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 49

1950, pg 49

Needville High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (Needville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 107

1950, pg 107

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