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is - 'Zi V' '15 'if ' r 'A 7 L 1 1 U s 1 l ' 1 .1 I 1 . 4 'v il V- 1l -, l3A ,l .M ' .f-7 .fgffj 1 mg' 4 , znxl.,-F Q-'-' :v., ... , .,-1 1- , V L, 5.73 3 " , .. -.f-.-1- - ,' -' .,., - ...,. 6, ..w'.f:. f: uni- . 5. -,gjijf 1,3 .g ,Er , , ,, V-,1g'5:, ,Q P, '21?'s L vp . '- W? , . Q. .Vt- 5 li' f.fQ,f ' 1 .-,N. , Li- fl, ,, .,-.-5: 'F 2-. gang -L in-W'-fvlr., QT -Af :i-?- '- r tjigf 4, ' ,fjl , 5 JE, - J' -Q--A F J rg .Y - -. - - MY --.--Y inf- YN,f--1 - 'V - -- 4' - rw N: Y- , '- - ,-,.,,..'.f- ., ,,,,,.k- ,.. f. - , V-vt.: S-X . ,, X f:zf,V.Q,-51' ' -' 'Tig L ' g 1-.V , . - 1 A -- 51 4 , - '1:,:-,-1..:fp+"-"-' ' '- 1 2. ., . xv.:-Q. ,A .- T .g ' -in-21, L Y 4 , :A 5- A-sz -Y, Hfffc- i f H- - ir: 4 ,451-4' ' ' ' L" . . -Q 5 . -1.5 3e,:..,. ' 4: 1 .ff .-1 :FI 1 av. , pf-. V- . ,. . , , ,V . .f ' F: The HILL TGP Publzkhed by Senior Class Uf 1954 DEDICATICDN l. V R., , -f leksia lfrffrfwma Gertrude Hert Mailyn Hostetter Billy McFadden Because of the impression these three who are now de- ceased have left upon us the seniors of 196A gratefully dedicate this yearbook ADMINISTRATION Trustee H y L H 1 Superintendent William H W g Advisory Board Claude Owens E111 Ritt Jer y M Pik School Treasurer Gail Franklin Senior Class Advisers Prinozloal Raymond Jones Helen Denny - Ray Fry S- le? Faculyf John Blevins Patricia Stevens Dale white Raymond Jones Ray Fry Marilyn Yeckey Helen Denny Morris Chambers Rowena New Gladys Sargent Aela Younger Jeanette Cobb Mary Grimes Jocelyn Brooks Annetta Diehl Arthur Fortner David Swango Elda Johnson Coval Tumey Russell Blackburn SENIORS N15 A 1 Ujjqcers President - Dennis Ray Fry Vice President - Timothy Lynn Stewart Secretary - Barbara Elaine Ikerd Treasurer - Trudy Ann Deckard Faculty Sponsors Helen Denny - Ray W. Fry TRUDY ANN DECKARD FHA 2,3,hgDramatics Club 3gSecy 23 Trees M: Chorus 3,hg Basketball Queen Candidate 3: Booster Club l, 2,3,hg Girls State 3: Times Mail Reporter 3: Prom Committee 33 Drum Majorette Mg Senior Epitaph. DENNIS RAY FRY Basketball l,2,3g Statistician kg Baseball 1,23 Lettermen Club 3,h: Chorus ug Dramatics Club 33 Speech Club 35 Spanish Club 3gSenior Epi- taphg Booster Club lg Pres M. TIMOTHY LYNN STEWART Baseball l,2,3g Student Manager l, 2,3,hg Prom Committee 3gTrack l,2g Letterman Club 3,hg Pres 33 V-Pres ug Senior Epitaph. BARBARA ELAINE IKERD FHA 2,3,h3 Dramatics Club 35 Prom Com ittee 33 Booster Club l,2,3,hg Treas 1,23 Secy h:Basketbal1 Queen Candidate hg Senior Epitaph. ff DONNA LOU HOLLARS FHA 2,3,hgDrematics Club 3gBooster Club 1,2,3,qg Chorus 3,hgProm Com- mittee 3g Senior Epitaph. MICHAEL LEE MANZENBERGER Bend 1,2,3,Mg Chorus ug Drametics Club 35 Pres 2: V-Pres 3: Senior Epitaph. LINDA LOU MORRON FHA 2,3,hgProm Committee 33V-Pres 1. BRENDA KAY HUNTER FHA lg Prom Com ittee 33 Booster Club 1,2,3,hg Senior Epitaph. L '17 lx' N df .13 no C Our Class Class Colors Lavender - White Class Flower Lavender Tinted Carnation Class Motto Today We Anchor, Tomorrow We Sail r fy fx NN ' Commencement Salutatory John Holmes uAchievement Through Strugglen uTo The Futuren Patricia Davis nLeaders Or Followersn Mike Manzenberger nFreedom Is Not Enoughn Trudy Deckard Valedictor Dennis Fr y H y HYour Heritage MICHAEL RAY MANION CONSTANCE ELAINE MEADOWS Band 1,2,3,hg FHA 2,3,h3 Drematics Clxb 33 Chorus hgBooster Club 1,2, 3, - MAMIE JEANETTE SCALF FHA lg Prom Committee. SHARON ROSE MARTIN FHA 2,3,h:Dramatics Club 3gBooster slug 1,2,3,hg Secy 33 Senior Epi- ap . ff PATRICIA ANN TURNER Band l,2,3,h3 Chorus 3,hg Booster Club l,2,3,h3Prom Committee 3gSan- ior Epitaph: Basketball Quenn Can- didate l. JOHN MICHAEL HOLMES Basketball l,2,33 Baseball l,2,3g Track l,2,3g Cross Country l,2,3: Letterman Club 2,3gChorus Mg San- ior Epitaphg V-Pres 25 Prom King. DENNIS VERNON SARGENT Basketball l,2,3,hg Baseball l,2, 3,hg Prom Com ittae 33 Track 1,23 Cross Countr 2,33 Letterman Club 3,h: Chorus Hg Senior Epitaph. KAREN ANN ENGLAND Dramatios Club 35 Chorus 3,hg Prom Committee 33 Booster Club l,2,3,hg Senior Epitaph. ff 1 J N 3 E Q A K A w 1 IL Qxxx xx Class gf 1964 wa'ra the seniors of '6h, We won't be here anymore. when you see us walk out the door The class of '6h. To the teachers, we'll miss you. To the students we'll miss you too Remember us when we're through, Oh, we'll miss all of you. We love you Needmore -' Oh yas, we do. We love you Needmore - And wa'll miss you. when wa're parted, we're blue. Oh Needmore we love you. 95 NNN Xxx N 1 Moments to Remember May 25, 196k - The day we got our diplomas. Third grade railroad trip via the Monon from Bedford to Bloomington Senior trip to Washington and New York. Biology field trips in the woods back of school building. Those shows we put on at carnival time. Our often held class parties. First sectional championship and going to Jeffersonville regional. MICHEAL JOE LITTLE Dramatios Club 3gProm Com ittee 3: Chorus kg Booster Club 2,3,hg Sen- ior Epitaph. CATHY ELAINE RIVERS Band l,2,3,hgBooster Club l,2,3,hg Dramatios Club 3gProm Committee 3: Senior Epitaph. SHARON KAY HOLMES Band 1,2,3,hgBooster Club l,2,3,h: Dramatics Club 3:Prom Committee 33 Majorette hz Secy lgSenior Epitaph: Basketball Queen Candidate 2. TIMOTHY CHARLES KIRKMAN Basketball 1,23 Baseball l,2: Prom Committee 33 Track 1,23 Chorus up Senior Epitaph. If , i PATRICIA DALE DAVIS FHA 2,3,hg Booster Club 1,2,3,h: Prom Committee 33 Senior Epitaph. JAMES DOUGLAS COBB Booster Club 1,2,3,hgSenior Epitaph. JANIE CAROL STAGGS Dramatics Club 3: Senior Epitaph. BRENDA PEARL TURNER FHA 1,2,3,hg Prom Committee. ff X! X Af o :Jr Q , Grade Teachers First Grade - Anna Stansbury Second Grade - Rowena New and Aela Younger Third Grade - Gertrude Hert Fourth Grade - Gladys Sargent Fifth Grade - David Davis Sixth Grade - Elda Johnson Senior? Last Wz'!l and Testament To Teaehefs s-, I -if kill R.. A Beetle record to Mr. Blevins Broken bat to Mrs. Yockey Sympathy card to Mr. Jones Nerve pills to Mr. Blackburn Measuring cup to Mrs. Stevens Government papers to Mr. White Bent compass to Mr. pry B01 of used bubble Bum to Mrs' Danny- Old typewriter ribbon to Mr. Chambers Senior Superlatives MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL ROUND D01'1Y1iS 5912955 Mike Manzenberger J8T1i8 515854515 Donna Hollars MOST STUDIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUGCEED Denny Fry MOST FRIFNDLY Sharon Mart in ' ' Tim Stewart Jim Cobb Trudy Deckard Patty Turner n ' wmu 13-I U air J 1 5 xv uw' 5 .. W a. 1 . NJ ff., Wg: .b W s ' v wr' ' f Q Q . ll 17' ,9 9 ,H .Gai 4 will mam files X i if A ,.,, ,. N K E ' 42539- f A 1 x My :Q UW: .- . -Q- 'P '-3' ML "NF COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Salutatorian Va lea'icto1'z'an Trudy Deck rd Mike Ma nzenberger Patty Davis v :-:m,, .- .,1:. N -1. ' ,f 71-:EL Q nnn:mmw 1w Senior Class Day Denny Fry, senior class president, entrusts junior president, Gary Deckard, with the senior key. ny Fry and John Holmes. fu! N Patty Turner and Sharon Holmes, in behalf of the seniors, reed the class wi11.......Denny Fry and Tim Stewart present the senior composite picture to Mr. Jones The Beetle craze hits NHS via the Bed- bugs - Mike Mgnzenberger, Tim Stewart,Den- CLASSES 7.2 V Q Q.' 1 ' in , QP' ma . 1, fy , . V N. gzw. l UPS? ,,f ff? g.Q'f'xx,4 fb s :sy gf V1 . ww ' ,V ,V Q S .9 Mx, L- VE X XM . 73 X X. Kim. X w-'kms , Q' A W .s 'Q K XT, .X A. gf 5335 V5.3 xr A : .. gg QNQEXXI wx Mn .XX H., , -ff . .X 'fs B X :bmw if f xi.SQ igygiq XL gs -. W 2, ' Q X W Wfkw. NQQHT ,X XXX HQQ EHQ 51:52 Q f..tfef5 ,-JS, . .W -... w v YV. vwgwfw f,X4 XXWNS . ?wX , N'4xu. X sgwii NX . - Q., 'Ww5?uw E mgifef: G ::...,: ki f mix-A ..V, aa- F 5 X .X . LY? fi X 43:1 up wX,? X NMF1-O .mg XX gS,'gS i i rf? 1 MX. Q. X fQi:M ,KXXEQL -X 'L X --4,-..-X E, RX , Q X . A. is .5 . GN ,M fx E3 XXXQQN f ,fig wg . ?E?3L ,Q ME: s,. EYXX ' mx J: XXX 1 X ,X Q ,X 3 .. . KX! K Egga Q' - ' . wfw- gi., QE. X IXQPGL 'X ' 1 Mgiis 'TY A, 'Q xX 1 'Ns Fi WE? X? S 3 5 A H3 R e E L W- f Q Egdwywmwvw QL 5 3' 315 4 4, 7 M , S Nw X! 4 sis- ' - Freshmen Jill Giles Timmy Clements Sandy Hicks Terry Turner Patty Mitchell Billy Soalf Lana Judah Ricky Sherrill Lynda McMillan Terry Lee Rita Manion Danny Lynn Polly Kirkman Danny Miller Lena Wells Paul Allen Cathy Kelly Daniel Stafford Shirely Childers Eddie Chasteen Cathy Lewis Bruce Lester Judy Lessig Teddy Stansbury Debbie Holmes Robin Spaulding Janet Wilson Dale Cheek Gail Goodman Terry Bartlett Linda Holt Phil Meadows Becky Diehl Mike Smith Cathy Underwood Freshmen Dana Lee Susan Weaver David Hanners Judy Chorley Roger Butcher Danny Barnard Boyd Godsey Danny Sykes Ronnie Pace Ray Hoskins This page sponsored by BLOOMINGTON SALE BARN Grade Ezlght Kathy Morron Mike McLaughlin Delores Chaney Robert Blackburn Becky Sherrill Cecil Phillips Linda Johnson Sherman Knight Shirley Meadows Ricky Diehl Linda Owens Danny Kirkman Alice Cummings Roy Ritter Glenda Cheek Steve Deckard Patty Underwood Randy Spaulding Carol Younger Joe Goens Gary Thomas Grade E zglzt Darnella Turner David Childers Martha Kirkman Mike Hicks Sandra Enochs Joe Mosier Christina Baker Paul Skirvin Nancy Vint Keitn Morrow Sue Childers Mike Baker Marian Kimmel Denny Kirkman Diana McFadden Stephen.Maddox Sandra Reynolds Dennis Maddox Pamela Lynn Phillip Tolliver Gary Ritter Becky Sowders Phillip Morron Marsha McLaughlin Ronnie Bartlett Nancy Prunty Mark Morrow Loretta Frazier Toby Sykes Peggy Inman This page sponsored by BEDFORD BIBLE Boox s'roRE Grade Seven Jean Hirtz David McFadden Marian Stevens Charles Riggs Glenda Donica Raymond Reuter Carol Childers Larry Kirkman Cathy Canada Gary Henderson Diana Goodman Larry Ritter Charlotte Jordan Ward Stillions Pixie Judah Billy Davis Shona Goodman Donnie Godsey Shirely Graves Keith Hughes Ronnie Pritchett Betty McFarland Farrel Charles Reva Ikerd Bobby Scalf Parker Spaulding Franklin Bartlett Connie Ham ond Penny Renae Kathy Donna Karen Turner Christina Cheek Carolyn Stewart Gail McFadden This page sponsored by ERWIN'S GROCERY k SINCLAIR helix Grade Six Teacher - Mr. Johnson Diana Maddox Lee McFadden Mitchell Keithley Bobby Crulo Grant Stewart LeAnne Jones Jon Clements Emma Lee Shake Priscilla Skirvin Roger England Vivian Hoskins David Covey Lynn Thomas Julie Evans Rex Diehl Leah Myers Joyce Godsey Jerry Ritter Diana Anderson John Hirtz Michael Knight Roger Hamilton Laurie Fry Alan Phipps Janice Mitchell Phillip Allen Darlene Conner Larry Walton Sharon Cheney Claude Stafford Cathy Baker Grade Szbc Teacher - Mr. Tumey David Morrow Tim Turner William Dugger Jimmy Chorley Bobby Stultz Debra Phillips Rinnie Craig Farrel Norman Donna H111 Dee Meadows Linda Pace Howard Prunty Lloyd Godsey Sondra LuA11en Kenny Fields Debra Kelly Sheila Hammond Donald Cahill Mary Haley Steve Martin if we.lE ??aeiii Q57?Q we X. ex: e e l. X .1 3131 we 551122 1 An fwfr? ly N of S2 will Q A ef' , , " .1 gy. 2 ae f ea , iiaewwewzeww N N H Ex 3 df E-s K NS 2 mx -. X? 3 Steven Berger Theresa Smale Curtis Sherrill Diana Goodman George Enochs Brenda Cobb Ricky Turner Betty Covey Stephen Ritter Connie Davis ,F me . , Y we wwediwl ee ., ' .5 .gf -x 1 ,, G- L' Q.-1:-X X E953 digg 5 -awe -'1 Saw: wwe Y eafnxge if xvxw ,Q ui-an-.air W cnegamnfwfn . Grade F ive Teacher Noble McFadden Bobby Covey Clifford McGuire Billy Rodman Dennis Prunty Paula Turner Steve Henners Linda Tolliver Cherie Deckard Joe Berger Debbie Spirea Alan McA1haney Patsy Graves Joe Adams Lisa Meadows Ricky Enochs Chr Dev - Mr. Swango is Judah Edna Wells Richard Dugger Carol Holmes id Roach Susan Kirkman Ernie Cobb Vicki May Mike Bartlett Kay Lee Grade Five Teacher Mrs. Younger Carolyn Hawkins Bruce Morrow Cherri Phillips Jay McFadden Larry Craig Rexanna Shake Denny Cobb Diana Keithley Anita Rodman Steven Donica Becky Dye Steven Kinser Eddie Franklin Lana Meadows Donald Buher Cindy Cheek Barbara Hoskins Randy Wever Claudia Stafford Mark Turner Jan Graves Steven Baker Cathy Sherrill Philip Ritter Sheila Meadows Grade F our Teacher - Mrs. Sargent Joe Pritchett Debra Prince Ricky Stewart Sherry Deckard Tony Siedl Sherry Childers Joseph Hirtz Rita Spaulding Gregory.Sykes Vicki Colvin Timothy Kirkman Debra Fleenor Ronald Reynolds Beth Adams Jeff Fry Debra Sowd ers David Stalker Charlotte Scalf Jackie Hughes Debra Elliot Jan Owens Pamela Martin Duane Mosier Brenda Miller Scott Kirkman Lorie Cox Joe Younger Debra Hoskins Tony Allen Beatrice Lynn Vestal Cheek Pamela Donica George Fields Rebecca Strauser Gaye Ann McDowell Sherry Covey Debra Hornocker Gay Ann Tumey Jackie Little Mary Fields Grade Three Teacher - Mrs. Wallace Beverly McAlhaney Ricky Eads Beth Cox Michael Fleenor Mildred Martin Brian Davis Janet Hirtz Robert New Debbie McGuire Clint Stannard Donna Baker Billy Maddox Sandy Graves Keith Patton Janice Holmes John Blackburn Pamela Jones Terry Morron Wanda Godsey Tevin Meadows Pamela Tolliver Allen Donica Jill Turner Gerald Cummings Debbie Morrow Timmy Ritter Cathy McFarland Billy McLaughlin Vicki Deckard Phillip Kirkman Connie Lewis Thomas Underwood Teresa Stinee Jay May Rita Lagle Michael Turner Pamela Maddox Randy Bartlett Sherry Ritchison James Amick gg , as 5- . ., M L. U., ef. X 4.1 eeMaeaee.1kee we r-M.. .2 :ea we 1 ,,. :QQ "" - ,J an - ..a,,-- my , '-.' Q., QQ? V :f,5::.:: yew W ,one,e N dee ae. J. .. New .eww ,...., M L, N my 5 Q K he F is walk 5,53 N5 fs? 4 X Q . a f g Sie: L W Waite at tag de WS ,we 'aff . , , ,,. ..., A . A it klixf K EEE, ff se: :rs I may Q K- W gy me Za QM . B an X N 'QM X Y a in W A S . Q 3. i . Q a 1 24 w if Q 2? 3 if X A Q Je ,L NK vi a ee, f Y vi Q 4 Q 'x 3 e- ' X 5,3 il fe- f --sie ,. ,, ., ,.,. ,.,3,.E,, .,,-A .Wm if N7 we 192 s' Q25 eg ' m 1 1 at X N 'X aa N , ae e.f 5 , W-sw., S - ---- .gifl- 1 hwlmm ' QQ egiigj ge ed sagem M ga it l v rs 52A -,nys ':- MQ .E:' . 'WS . ':5':fYef'f , 5 V ,N 'W nkgsgwz Qi ?3i?e nw QR .ggegg 55 :V ---- ' 5 ' e gee Wwvenw ' W k.. '- Q "1 at iiiefegdw' f SWF? ewan Q, awkx e 'fmeaa Eg 2.2wWceee me 1 W aw e JW f e if , -A 3 K 331 55:5-'M ,if ' ,nz . X .ii 41 I 2 -.j L Q? Y f Qdfigwsxq? f f?-,fr 1 i -FP ss Q , h ., , i A ,5:,3g.w' r 1- ' QTEK, iaf-fs zffififm ' Q ip L M452 QR. 159 Y gg 2 me Y 5 ,X , .15 , f 5. , GZ S531 . Q A fa ? . ' file-gQf.' W, I I 1 i f 'Q K air ' ,gg qi J if Grade Two Teacher - Mrs. Brooks Paul Meadows Tracy Meadows Ronald Renter Lena Stannard Steven Hawkins Julie Lamb Jimmy Deatherage Michael Priddy Rita Smith Richard Wray Lisa Phipps Connie Ritchison Lonnie Hammond Linda Bass Greg Enochs Gary Godsey Suzanne Fields Doug Cobb Vickie Prince rsha Turner oel Clements Karen Lewis Donald Roach Grade Une Teacher - Mrs. Grimes Ruth Deckard Scottie Fleenor Leatrice Cheek David Beaty Betsy Bartlett Jeff Baker Randy Inman Jana H111 Leon Chappell Debra Diehl Timmy Kirkman Lloyd Barnes Janice Bass Brian Keithly Parker Judah Michelle George Michael Baker Linda Martin Danny Goodman Eddie Kidd Debra Donica Joseph Fields Beverly Kimmel Grade One Teacher - Mrs. Diehl Anita Maddox Debbie Phillips Cindy Patton Marilyn Stines Julie Perry Debbie Kinser Cathy Stalker Manuel Barnes Edna Shake Michael Reynolds Sheila Tanksley Janet Strauser Keith Phillips Debbie Stafford Danny Ray Russell Parrish Karen Younger Sammy McFarland Connie Morron Jenny Turner Danny Leach Sherry Lagle Denny Prunty Publications Publishing a yearbook requires much work on the part of many people. The seniors and Mr. Fry, faculty adviser, have done the job. Senior staff members were: editors -Mike Lit- tle and Trudy Deckardg circulation - Karen Englandgadvertis- ing - Denny Fry and Tim Stewart. if HSen1or Epitaphn editors - Mike Manzenberger, ren England and Donna Hollars The nSen1or Epitaphn, a mimeogra Phed paper was on sale :gigs 8 month' Editorials: 80SSip, sports and other inter- ng articles were featured. Each issue was a sellout. ATHLETICS ggi? y EQ ki? 1 env- 1 Q REQ wlgyj wLi59 1 f 1 f sw ii SE CTIONAL AND CO UJVTT CHAMPS Without a doubt this past season was NHS's most glorious athletic year. The To ers ti pp were s 11 in the running for the state championship when all but 32 teams had been eliminated. Seymour and Needmore met in the final game of the Jefferson- ville regional. The first quarter ended 20 - 19 in favor of Seymour, and at half time we were only 2 points down - 35 - 37. To start the second half Seymour scor- ed 8 quick points, and the Toppers were never able to catch up. The Toppers not only won their first sectional championship, but also won the county championship trophy. The season's record shows 21 victories and only M losses. In 12 of the games the Toppers scored no less than 80 points. A single game NHS record was set when we downed T 1 - unne ton llh 69. Also Rudy Spaulding set an individual game record in the Oolitic game. He hit 16 fielders and 10 of 15 free throw attempts for M2 points. Spaulding led all Topper scorers with 509 points for the season - an ever age of 20 plus points per game. lwmfvnswvi fwfffyw rye? . V W . - -M - Q,- ff :- 4, r-ff ,- gf- f ., fl F a r . 4M K 5 ,,,. ,IA gf. U ,,,,, V ., xr.. nf 5 W: 4- , V K' .gf XA V 5, I ,Q ,ziggy 5 Qvffkytllolycgayeofs f'Vw?1dH aff? ,.e 1 ,f,gfAp ig: 3 ' , 35- ----- . 51 1' 1 t -X x g I r- ivy fy assi , L, 'T ah' f' K I, v' My 4 sy E'HFAf'sJF1Jw71 Jfhlmu NQkimev'- N" L4- ' "--- 4---"-' '-9 - 3 Q P' lil' f' 'is s --f- , ml, a.,f""l cm11'iffyyi''wofwy-N-4-"y-'F-'seem'nf'-f' i,.:E ,swf c. - Many Topper fans saw the banner at top of page over the highway in Avoca the week preceding the regional.......More than 150 cars were in the caravan going to the Jeffersonville regional. Along the route we were happy to learn that Bedford Mitchell and Salem fans were rooting for the Toppers too...Trailing 52 - 56 when the last quarter started in the final game of the sectional against Paoli, the Toppers staged a scoring spree that only champions are capable. In the final 8 minutes the Toppers tallied 32 points. Of the 32 points John Holmes scored 17 on Lp fielders and 9 of 10 free throw aT:tempts......In the first game of the regional Needmore led Silver Creek at all quarters and ended with a 75 - 69 win. The IHSAA commissioner who saw the game congratulated Layne Holmes on his playing in this game.....Here John Holmes gets a shot over the heads of 3 Seymour players. J -if "' we-Q' X484 I .. P' 1 mf" , . ri 714 4. x W XMYK . . . 9 ' WR gy QFEEJSI Y K Q53 Q v is ik? ..,, , b Q 'I' FFS W, 1 ,, Ei' -Af' :A 1 A I 1 . . M X' My if .f s ' ff' I i W M Q 4 Azgl , Q .. g ig F Yi , 2 .PB f , if E ggi, 4 I Y 4 A Q, 3 ' J: is X 5 k A my A RESERVE RECORD Odon Cortland Eastern Fayetteville Shoals W-washington Heltonville Tunnelton Stinesville Fayetteville Brown County Unionville Worthington Oolitic Sbawswiok Heltonville Frichton Clearsprings They L13 M6 112 37 uf? 56 M5 26 M? 59 51 M2 E2 E3 36 M3 This page sponsored by CRULO TRUCKING CO. Tm ck INDIVIDUAL SCORING Hawkins Holmes, M Hannere Ramsey Ritter, D Craig Bartlett Enochs Sherrill Thomas New Spaulding Smith , if - ff f viv tW 'WY VQEQQWQYFC-Qi, ,Q SD N41 '64 F25 nw! Sfflll Mu ' 4 . ' 5 .wr 1 A-QI? 4,.". uc2X g Maw B! fwgf- Q fs. '24 V . ...f Qs, ' ' , v .WK ' '61 A S? X 34: . 'gin W1 Nwu QQJS -ll, six,-'-. .xg Xzk Q V' a ff? 42fwx 5 N xx. A QW tix? K LTAAQXKNXXXEQM- .Wiz f A ' - ,qv .. 3' F - 35 E' 1 kv! f m ,- Ek . l' GQ' A 5 4 "Q , 31, ' , -434 g,.,ff --. 5 V f l y X 2 W ,, -' dtaw. F ' ' S Y, 5 A I F , .saws , "iii xi , HI , qw? ' I -san? N 3 Q1 Q Q "' 1 1 THE RECORD we They Odon 68 72 Cortland 81 68 Eastern 63 61 Fayetteville 66 52 Shoals Bo 90 West Washington 97 73 Heltonville 55 Sh Tunnelton llh 69 Stinesville 92 75 Fayetteville 73 S6 Brown County 60 69 Unionville 85 72 Worthington 83 S8 Oolitlc 90 71 Shawswick 78 60 Heltonville 77 63 Fritchton 63 M9 Clearsprings Bo 72 County Tourney Heltonville 83 63 Fayetteville 82 6 Sectional Tourney Orleans 66 59 oeutic 59 So Paoli Bb 80 Regional Tourney 75 Silver Creek Seymour 69 68 87 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Rudy Spaulding Layne Holmes John Holmes Mike May David Goodman Dennis Sargent Ronnie Ritter Danny Ritter Benny Franklin Kent Hawkins Richard Ramsey 509 M03 322 286 169 58 53 39 31 L+ o FRESHMEN RECORD We Oolitio M2 Shewswick M2 Odon M3 Shoals 25 Mitchell hl Orleans 37 Oolitic 39 Eastern 33 They 37 36 39 31 28 2? 35 P43 Half time - refreshment time - at NHS WW! iz No dice game - somewhere in the crowd is John Holmes suffering from leg cramps following Paoli game. 'lyk 51 i' ge X SMT "vu, tw Q. I 'Q W , :LX X if ACTIVITIES .N 'BQ uniorfog Senior Prom Gary Deokard, president of junior class, crowns the prom queen and king, Patty Turner and John M. Holmes. .Lib -2 K 1 . if , 1 sz, ge -is -f Basketball QUWH Jean Owens reigned as this seeson's basket- ball queen. She was crowned during half time ceremonies of the Fayetteville game by Dennis Sargent. In the picture below you see the queen and her court. You get a closer view of the attend- ants in the far right picture. They are reading from top to bottom: Barbara Ikerd,Ann Stafford, the Queen and Shirley Childers.Jul1e Perry was flower girl and Parker Judah carried the crown. Members of the varsity squad escorted the queen candidates to the stage. They were: Benny Franklin, John Holmes, Mike May and Richard Ram say. .- Vi Senior Play ' , . f . N-"'-ll- Top Picture: The FHA has become a very active organization at NHS. Mrs. Stevens, home economics teacher, was faculty adviser. Picture at left: Each year two juniors are pick- ed to attend Boys' State and G1rl's State at Indiana University. Trudy Deekerd and Tim Stewart were select- ed for the honor. Bottom Picture: Biddy basketball brings into the gym each Saturday morning during the basketball season about 100 players and cheer leaders. .44 'Ui . W, TZ' r 11.1 ith: -"'H , "" Q1 I 1 - ' ' 'Q " V x I is" R5 Ry' 45 -,:1 11" I as ' H 35 1' :vw few a ' A Q , y a .ep y "Q- Q ' E fwiif A gg N113 1291 w al" f yn' HONOR A WARDS Honor day is one of the most eventful days of the school year. Students who ex- celled in their studies, extra curricular activities and sports are recognized. They are presented awards. Pictures on the following four pages were taken during honor day ceremonies. The following captions correspond to the numbered pictures. C15 SENIOR BAND AWARD - Mike Manzenberger, Connie Meadows, Patty Turner, Cathy Rivers and Sharon Holmes. Q21 CHEER LEADER AWARD - Jean Owens, Ronda Hamilton, Lynda McMillan and Patti Houpt. C31 RESERVE BASKETBALL AWARD - Gary Thomas, Richard Ramsey, Mike Craig, Robin Spaulding, Mike Smith, Ricky Sherrill, Danny Ritter, Kent Hawkins, Jack Bartlett, and David Hanners, lk? hes. KST ner. 163 !7J 489 C95 1101 C111 Mike May, Benny Franklin, Danny Gary Thomas, Ricky Sherrill and ALGEBRA 2 AWARD - Rudy Spaulding, John Holmes, Benny Franklin and Reed Hug- COMMERCIAL AWARD - Janie Staggs, John Holmes, Beverly Diehl,and Denny Tur- VALEDICTORY AWARD - Denny Fry. SALUTATORY AWARD - John Holmes. BIOLOGY AWARD - Cathy Underwood and Ray Hoskins. , CO-ED CORRESPONDENT AWARD - Beverly Diehl. BETTY CROCKER AWARD - Patti Davis Caccepted for her by Donna Hollarsl. DAR AWARD - Trudy Deckard. SH?Rg?AND AWARD - Diana - 1 BASEBALL AWARD - Dennis Underwood. Sargent, Rudy Spaulding, Denny Turner, John Holmes , Ritter, Kent Hawkins, Robert Davis, Robin Spaulding, Phil Meadows. VARSITY BASKETBALL AWARD - Dennis Sargent, Denny Fry, Tim Stewart, Mike May, Rudy Spaulding, John Holmes, Benny Franklin, David Goodman, Ronnie Ritter, Richard Ramsey, Danny Ritter, Kent Hawkins, Pete Judah and Layne Holmes. CROSS COUNTRY AWARD - John Holmes, Allen Enochs, Jack Bartlett,Kent Hawkins, David Hanners, Rudy Spaulding and Tim Clements. TRACK AWARD - Ronnie Ritter, Rudy Spaulding, John Holmes, Danny Ritter, Kent Hawkins, Jack Bartlett, John Buher, David Hanners, Layne Holmes and David Goodman. HIGHEST BATTING AVERAGE - Kent Hawkins. FREE THROW AWARD - John Holmes, Rudy Spaulding and Layne Holmes. REBOUND AWARD - Layne Holmes, Rudy Spaulding and Mike May. SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD - David Goodman and Benny Franklin. SENIOR ATHLETIC AWARD - Dennis Sargent, Denny Fry and Tim Stewart. CROSS COUNTRY AWARD - John Holmes. MOST POINTS IN TRACK AWARD - Rudy Spaulding. f16, FOUR YEAR PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD - Sharon Martin. C177 ALL HIGH SCHOOL MATHEMATICS AWARD - Mike Manzenberger and Denny Fry. C182 HISTORY AWARD - John Holmes and Diana Underwood. fl9J 1203 AMERICAN LEGION AWARD - Mike Manzenberger. CURRENT EVENTS AWARD - Denny Fry mg '35 , A.,, . ,Q wi , Qffii Atfigfi f .ii ,wif " . 1.-. I !.. li wi f f QA - 4 1 ,mi me K, 1 1 5 A M V ' s fr: 3 Qf it Q 1 4' 0 :,."l5 if Q9 f X W 7 I Hn X' 'v Recipients of the coveted Alumni outstanding senior b oy and girl award were Trudy Deokard and Denny Frv This page sponsored by DONALD DAVIS Junior high coach, Ray Fry, presents best all-round junior high athletic trophy to Randy Spaulding. Recei 1 v ng dramatic awards were: Brenda Hunts r, student director: Tim Stewart,business manager, Knot in pictureJgMike Manzenberger as Zeke Bemisgand Patty Turner as Dynamite Ann. 1 4 5, 5 ' Aw . .,, N -,. ,v Q, ,V?S'3fggQ 337:14 4. ,fs - www -A , -'J 'ty QJ z 4 Q , . PX t, ,vis i W Q21 . S? . f SN' ' A 1 E gg, I k ni , 46 i ' ' fl ' I' ,if F 5 t Q , .F il I i f gf ' L. .. , I 35" -,ewwar W1 N. ?W'gm'WLwr . .. , , ' 7 f , A , -ff X cf, H if NEI 3 I I i ., J.. f 4 2 1 , f . - A J . uw- W A wx gist? 'af ,, 2: v i ,Mft it f E . X, Q Y 5' V t -api 1. i ,Q k A f IL. QL gQkf,?3 Ag Q QSCHOOL' iii' l i , " v S ,, U 1 aLOWg -I 1, , ,gn 5 1 1 Q Q S Qgg' IlliilRV 7 I f-- Q W- K x ,ff QP'- a . -Q. S, g g Q X 7,k,ffg., "jk fig f"ff"'fif xl? 7-ri 5-"'1f5i N. dv KQN ',f?,,inl5' i W"fw,'+y ,,fQ, 1 .- .- il Q gf. , 4!m-,. 4' :aff WS . 4 , 1 V2 . x, 1 l ,' -2 "' -Q as -.WV A rf . if 2 Q 7f'QQ'A, 'X I N, il JMD? W S 6--Q B US DRIVERS 1-f K CA FE TERIA ,war 52 efiiff ms. Left to right: Lawrence Younger Harold Turner Teddy Bartlett Bill Thomas Donald Davis Sammy Bartlett George Whitmill Elmer Butcher Jerry Deckard Charles McFadden Peggy Whitmill - Ilene Houpt TWO TIMER Some of our basketball players play in the band. With the time limited between games you often see band players as you see Mike Craig here ADVERTISING CRULO TRUCIUNG Indzana Lzmestone C0 COMPANY' I? . Hmi! H1 x ' ' -V' EEE:-SVA W X t ll I F x , ' -1-:'i-a""f..1,S:f,,'ML., RAINEY BROTHERS BEDFORD BUILDING SUPPLY Scrap, Iron, Metal 91h Summit Lane B R5-M522 17th R J BR 5-MMEB B R B SHOES MIDDLETON MOTORS East Side Square Bedford Orleans Indiana GILSTRAP RADIO McFADDEN GROCERY 1126 I St BR S-5511 Judah Indiana K a L ENTERPRISES SMITTY'S HI-WAY M T Avooa Indiana Oolitic Indiana S COBB'S MARATHON S 4' 3 A oxm sToP SERVICE STATION e Mufflers 81: Shock Absorbers Batteries 8a Accessories B. F. Goodrich Tires Washing Sc Polishing Lubrication Pick Up 8s Delivery Corner of 15th and Lincoln W 'IQ one J L-I y z Ph BR-9 9933 W ,I 14' uv:-' . Bedford BEDFORD AUTO CO. Oldsmobile-Cadillac Garage Sales k Service DENNY MOVERS INC. 1uo2 H st. Local E Long Distance Movers ASBELL EQUIPMENT CO. l East SO H 'QEQEQQ 1'.Ana ' R R T E WHEELER an FoU'rcH -1, I ' 5' HQT 55 EE 1' i f F 153 T . .- . u gh Q- ,I :- MITCHELL'S SHOE STORE "Better Shoes For Less" Operated by Robert and Lois Mitchell Oolitic BR 9-2620 820 Norton Ave. Bedford MANIQNIS 66 BEDFORD FEED E SEED STORE Tires Batteries Accessories GRANE'S MARATHON Tires-Batteries-Accesseries Oolitic Indiana Oolitic BR 9-9080 HALE'S FURNITURE JIM DAY APPLIANCE CREST MOTEL west Side of square BR S-7593 Hwy 37 North BR 9-2228 WILLIS W. HAWKINS WINDMILL DRIVE-INN General Contractor Open 7 Days A week Route PI, Bedford BR 5-6226 Sandwiches Ice Cream Malts R Shakes Fries a Salads Fountain Service STANDISH FEED STORE 1028 I St. BR 5-3563 A GEL 4-,x :J avg' W FORTNER PEST CONTROL J 4. , , :FQ A on 1 B df 6' Oldest ' I- 'V xH ',QN- O 4g e or s , .: l4f .g1 .h 21' 5 , A .,'s Ti, 2302 I St. Bedford ' Lx f fig? ..,', -, , 2 . V. AIIIIIIA-S 65 I-Y 4 ,I l RALPH'S AU'ro PARTS ' 2' State Rd 37 North BR 5-6807 HWY 37 BR5'6503 CORRINNA'S BEAUTY SHOP Fpgg Delivery lull Stalker Avenue Compliments Of , GAHAFOLA'S BODY SHOP I M, R I -EEL' j 15:3 ?:'f222I3g:fg., r E ggi., 5 E ,Gl u I n lsmx Sltxvl' E , 1 h i l KHANS cLo'rH1NG - 43 ,Y, Y Hi- A '-"- N "' --5I'I 'B Bloomington Indiana ALDENS 1320 Sth St. BR 5-3121 Bedford Indiana ADAMSON AGENCY BROGLIN LAUNDRAMAT Oolitic Indiana BEDFORD OFFICE SUPPLY CO. ER '4 2 5 '?7g'f2 lean I St. BR 5-7595 25 ,A 53- 2 Aaah -3 JL: ,l,5i55,, , BRoADvIEw BOWL ::' !555 1 '- -O h. I f A Good Place To Bowl Rd Bedford Indiana SMALLWOODS STORE Bedford Indiana Oolitic Indiana FORD AU, KDE U5 ERD BEDFORD FORD GALAXIE FALCON FAIRLANE THUNDERBIRD FORD TRUCKS WAMP'S RESTAURANT LAWRENCE COUNTY PHARMACEUTICAL ASSN. Crowders Drug Store Sterling Drug Store Edgewood Pharmacy 601 Lincoln Ave. Bedford Professional Pharmacy City Drug -- Mitchell CRAWFORD - MORRIS LUMBER CO. Established 1901 Mitchell OWENS ELECTRIC CO. INC. WHEELER -- FOUTCH CO. New k Rebuilt Motors Wholesale Grocers Bedford FRIENDLY TAVERN Bloomington 118 South Madison ED 6-M351 1008 Sth St. Bedford PUBLICK'S AUTO PARTS Compliments Of Dick Mills Automotive Parts John Dixon Don Mclver 8th R Lincoln Ave. Bedford Carroll Ritter Jim Hensinger Jim Williams BRUCE TINSLEY' s Mr. Buker 1013 15th St. Bedford Seniors Of Bedford High School Compliments Of YARN AND LINGERIE SHOP University Sporting Goods 820 16th St. Bedford WAMPLER TRUCK STOP 200 North Walnut Bloomington Junction 37 - 50 Bedford LAWRENCE COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. East Side Square BR 5-5331 TRI-ANGLE CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. smomz cmz Nm-1oNAL BANK 1 I if .sf 9 Thx ,N VQ 1.-- PUFFIES PooL Room ws ooiiifdlxe-fFff+'J ,X fyf ,EEQSSJ 'HYEESSS fl--' F T J-'Tv ' .Y ' f-!"A gg.. Aff,"-1 12 Air Conditioned sort Drinks jg3m+a9,L -h,LuegjT' if,1g,:f4ff+ M 3-rsfizfq 'f 'fiimfggk DIVINE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY I St. BR 5-3381 Bedford Compliments of HAVERLY'S DRIVE-IN 'll' fi!'NV' wjWHkXN 1 242452 1 L 'lf , ' Q A A xfxk Bedford JONES AND JONES AGENCY INC. EVAN'S GROCERY Needmore Indiana BLACK-CARMICHAEL-KLEIN LUMBER co. 1132 I st. BR 5-3387 VANITY SHOP Hats-Jewelry-Gloves-Handbags Masonic Temple Bedford JOHNSON CREAMERY MILLS MARKET Pasteurized Milk Products Grade "A" 606 Lincoln Ave. BR 5-5112 1 SCHLOOT - DOUGHERTY H5Q"l,u.iiEE' had fig: JH I V, SM "H gh 'l!'f ""', 'Q 1 ,, ',, ! ' S '-1' : A . 1022 15th St. Bedford Bedford -- Mitchell Groceries - Meats - Produce M 3 F VENDING SERVICE MULLIS PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Your Candy Vendor S 1018 J st. BR S-6221 ...tlfii-i L 3 L QiE?mWmmFMU ggliiu' Qua i Compliments Of no U " ' fl 5 L CARPENTER BODY worms INC. Bedford BR S-6M3O Mitchell RYANS AUTO SALES Buy - Sell - Trade HO0VER'S CANDY SHOP The Home Of Caramel Apples Lincoln Ave. Bedford IDEAL SHOE STORE 'Sl ,m East S'-ide Square Bedford I'.,H.' l, Q f '7'Ex Compliments or N- . yi! ' 'E 4 B JERRYvs : P . E3 gr Bedford Indiana W XEEQEESEEN HOBBIES INN Finest Of Foods Bedford Indiana Englewood Shopping Center .xiffvyg miie? Wai? RQBER TS STUDIO B V, A--41 Egggggg AQR .Q vf V rg 4 A V A 4 P 77 Ak YF Compliments Of INDIANA PETROLEUM CO. Bedford CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Drive-In Banking BRIDWELL MUSIC AND APPLIANCE CO. PHILCO Televisions Refrigerators Freezers Appliances Radios MAYTAG Washers and Dryers P H I LCC Wlwftgwwfiifgm Since 1891 Bedford Bedford BR 5-SNZ3 BOB'S MARKET 1 N There s a one and only" Home of an refreshment, too Good Food and Quality Meats 4L4, oonnc BR 5-6332 ANDERSON'S ROLLERLAND The Friendliest Skaters On Wheels Bedford Indi BDE DAY E CARTER MORTUARY KAISER ALUMINUM R CHEMICAL SALES INC- Funeral Service at Every Price Level EMILY'S BEAUTY SHOP Bedford Indiana JAMES POOLE Garage R Used Auto Parts Compliments of East 16th St. BR S-M326 O. E. TRUEBLOOD DECKARDS CUSTARD DIP Sea Food ---- Short Orders 2h00 South Walnut Bloomington Bedford Indiana BOB'S NORTH END GULF WRIGHT BARBER SHOP Class of "60" 14.01 Lincoln Compliments of JIM RODENBERGER Q fffg if Ii 2:44 MORRISONYS HARDWARE Sporting Goods Oolitic Indiana Get Ybur Hair Cut The SOUTHERN SPORTING GOODS uwright Wayn 116 North Rogers Bloomington 113 East Kirkwood Bloomington Compliments of Ryan's Barber Shop Drs. John E Bob Medlock Harrison Standard Station Ralph Mikels' Sinclair Alfred's Lunch Bell Cleaners Model Lanes Stone City Signs Reistter Petroleum Service Charlie's n66n Lewis Upholsterlng Co. BEDFORD MACHINE CO. Hwy 37 E 50 South JIM MAGNUS GROCERY Your Complete Food Store Oolitic BR 5-5312 TINDAL HARDWARE INC. 1h26 I st. BR 5-628k FERGUSON M LEE FUNERAL HOME Bedford Compliments of BEDFORD NATIONAL BANK The Friendly Bank Member FDIC Bedford Oolitic LITTLE TILE E MARBLE CO. 102k 25th St. BR 9-2190 NICK'S TIRE SERVICE Tires-Tubes-Auto Supplies Oolitic INDIANA FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 1917 I St. BR 5-2863 Compliments of PROFESSIONSL PHARMACY Compliments of BILL'S AUTO E SPIEGEL Floral Arrangements For All Occasions HIRSCHER FLOWER SHOP 707 16th St. BR 5-6556 THREE PIGS RESTAURANT 512 Lincoln Ave. BR 9-9033 WAGNER GARAGE Oolitlc BR 5-2322 vvr- , 3 W 'A . , .. -- ,f 5. . - , ., . ., ,EA I ,. .. ,- ' , C-1 ., f ,, . - . , . WWE-L fax- ' 1 :N 42 ' 1 -ng.-4 .. 0- '- cf " . , 744'-4', W N' v 'QR f,315.:.... - 'W , fc 195 wx' ' ' ' . -t'4v.'-.,i':.6g:-1 nfl' 1 'zrhii . z -. -Jer ' -'-f ,J .- , .1 . - ' 1 - " '- 5 43: f "Q 1:21412 A- - gy N. ' it 5' , 5: 2 ,Q f I ,.. V ,A .1 - ' A - - . Nfl, 5 A we ' . V, 'L'- xl H.. Q, L ' 1 A H 1 L, P ' 1- 4, Q' MM 'L i, pn, fa" ' ' +4 K 4 W ar , if .k PQ K., , ..,,,,y' fi? aww vf , '13 42 'mar QW Q -A ww v 'Ve hu QM Q -... - -.3 , 31- Q' ' w a. .1 . 'if ' - , 1 4 ':'- s, I '-iv J ' K-4 'ii-'Ev , , I4,,g J . -'Jr-. . n3.p,lQ, 3' . 1 Q" 1' u ' ' ,wgxw..A.f2g. nf. 'f . ,- as 'LJ ' 'fag Mtg' J? ', . .- -. ' -, ,MJD U ff ' 5 "X1!,il,5f 1 1 1 wwe M.. -nr. ' U ' u iw-ewan x .,.,, -M... ' ,Jr-'fggxgxnggfzzuznf -ix U 112 gi S V' ff l f 1 ze' sl , , , 4 1 . . ,A , ,4 X TV ' ' , . , e 1 ,I 9 K' H., .fl II1IllllllIll'IIIIIIJIIIIIllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllflllll, 21 22 23 1545 v - WH-V vw---1fH-www-Nf?-.T-.---qfmmffq-H-,men---.-.,....,-, , .. . MLmjJ1mKwUl IH .A 51 n, . 1-. I-

Suggestions in the Needmore High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Bedford, IN) collection:

Needmore High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Bedford, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 5

1964, pg 5

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1964, pg 50

Needmore High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Bedford, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 21

1964, pg 21

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1964, pg 47

Needmore High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Bedford, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 58

1964, pg 58

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