Needham High School - Advocate Yearbook (Needham, MA)

 - Class of 1974

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4 v v advcbcate 1974 heedham high school heedham massachusetts is " lil l Theyzliame with the sun of morning, amid its webbed and , geldness r 1 i was one of light andprginise and and whispered hopes 'nnn 'lfheyfpainted Qolored windmill days filled of friends kindness and quiet That and nain brought them the comfort of'ismilif5's ,qsprinkled sunshine r . Through theirywanderecl days of search and forgotten days of aloneness. oii i l i t I iit'i 'i i through the timeless searchings and endless thoughts of years and days Tllieirlimintls grew and Came to touch wonderous and unknown andldreatmsgtfilled with to them in dedication Dr. Thomas Eastman He was a gifted teacher, a brilliant sci- entist and a concerned environmentalistg but so are other men. He was more - His greatness was found within, in those personal qualities which would challenge and inspires all who became associated with him. With the flash of a smile, he made the impossible seem possible. He asked no more than a hundred per cent and never gave any less of himself. He was the one who not only pointed out the path of undreamed of heights but helped those who followed fight every obstacle on the way up. Through those of us whom he touched he will live on in the lasting influence he has had on our lives, but in our hearts we will carry the memories not so much of an inspirational leader but of a con- cerned and compassionate friend. ,M W A X " ' V, ' V A V VA lwwnqum- Wim, ,V W, , L., , , , , ,- 00" 1'-In up 'A U M . . .Q - 5 " v- ' C 1 ...- - 'av I .. 'MA ,,k,4,,,,,,.., J...-.-.... ..vw MM .4 ,. , ,.......-M., 5 U .,-M..-,wi wfwuwnmmmw' h..,......'w--www-W-um-'M , , .mf . M., , 'K' W V Nm' uw , ' ,, , ' Www, Kbvvimbxg, , . ,i,.,,,W. . , . Mm,-Wyaygwm, ,M,,g,,,, M'?NW+M meauhww , A Y w ww ,w Gwggfsg A ' ' Aygffiff - ' V L , ,, 'za L g , : w ww-!1,X,-,,, -- - ...4w,.Q.. .f V' Q ' - .. 1 ff ,.g.J31M mmm.: ,W A' A6 ka,,,.,..,...,,,,,, N M f 4-fuuwf ,sawn-....,.., 1 'wWn.w" f X ,,J,L Ma h,.,, H 4 ,. - ' -fd 11' ' ' g Qr-asf ' WWC s 5, A MV AW. gs. wanna? M Maw fflwwiiilike '-my W. - ,. V www Wk, . we 11' ffa.lW'v '4f'l!.:e1,.v wfw, ,, A ' 'ww0nlw1:Q4""M'ww,.-1: X,,W!WWWW"'Wf5,'--xW, wmw,w.q wyxgypgmwmmv., V' Tu"K?'q'V W Wim ' N M A f 'Hbvwmwwwl-' ' , m.,gi"'fmwm:.vQ' "NM9w1M"y-W ,V , WW' H W Q N . ,Q A, mm., -31, I 1' -Q., -y 5 V H Aj ' ., .4 .1 m!,,MWa,,,'r: ' 1 .if an a,..mW,J,MWw, fm .4 X , f , W' 5 fw'wf-m.h,,, .. Q. H W L li , M .-qw N 1 w,,:1-- N Q N M " -, 11 -, M A " A 'fffb , wx ,MN ,K -.wa R ,E -M W... rw " -qs. fs-B ,W ,W ,Wm ' A, u MM' . X A X N Q ,I LW c V A ,xv "ff :..,"S-,fm - QA ' I g . X" Rv A ' ' if . ' Mg,-' , ff- J W . . . . , ffNIyW ggSeategtm +1,nsp?gz1t1Qn1fj1s awfchallenge up ara - iw, g11H,yf Lhe 1r11129SS 1b1Q2. .W ,f,,,, Albert A. Micljdlsbti Mm wmgwm .. .W M -up-n.. 'WM fwmvfm-,WWW ,WA 4 . . ...1 -1 H 'H I 'W' 'fy , autumn I O if K . W' .1 ff M W W ' W M M, W Q9 il!! ' In A V Q -- MM-V 'M ' H ,.,,..,,.x. ,,mg,wnggw..H,, mmvwmwmwumnvww M' WW'W" ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,Mwmww,,fM wqwww- Wand' W JMAMW M, , , ,MMM PN, " V " tl., ummm? K,-W-vwmlma yqgp-4-QP' 4 ,. -4 og -49" ,WW ,. --.. .A ' .,Wf xm--- x - uf , M. ,,,,.... ww . 'w muaalnvr-'W""'M"' ww 'A' " V My " ' ,,.w,,w- Wwww MAMA , 'mf -, ,., ' , ' ,A ff -A ,.,,-.-H-1 A ,push-w " " ...-.Q 4- M , M ' sm I A MWJWM ,dw M " Q, m""f'WMMW N-'A f-Mf"'- ,, ,My Y wy 1. lp , V ,M hw V, W. N WW' ' ""W'fM"N' M W F QW. WW ww ... 1 f Q A ,, . V.. mum, - . ' 'y .. Q f C .: - r 1 . , 5 A ' ,N X W. 1 1 agp .Jw 1:1-QQNQQ , M W V ,, M ,M I V 4, M ,ww A v 4" ' MA gp ,NM , V V ..,.- 'D' an wink 0 ' 4 i 4,4 .. , ff XP? ' 'W . W 44ffw"'m,,1 ' , ' 3-iv 5 . gif , ff., -f.! ,4pw.,g'j X , ' H K A ' ' ' ,S up I n H b , , - da'-W., N," , ,M M MWWRW , ,m, , .1 F3 1 C32 0' mf L.,,, ,,,, "5 W 'mi ,..q-w V W' '.,,.,,,,W, " 3 Mm A' T V"' ' ' W M .A 'V J- V! , h h, 'f"'!""' ..,, Q 4 y 'Fm I , K A fr gsm M , - M -du. , , , ,, , .A , W 'X ff fl W " 3! ' "+W- ,M . - 19" 1 ff ,, L, . if And they turned from their sheltered joy and warmth trywand reach to those whose lives were spun of darker stuff. , ' , i Z, 5 i rr r y s of running the days, who saw despair 5 etched songs oflgold en and laverrdered fields of sea and wind. ,lll l And for the bitter they crafted once tmore the beauty and joy off? hfeg, - V, ,r , r And to the sorrowful they showed i The running sunshine of the air and the rainbows of the sun. And him who was yet dreamless and hopeless They comforted with the promise ofthe rising dawns and dreams and tomorrows yet unborn. y -Mary Lemaire i filiefwi' " ' :elif : if I , SW it Q f vi' Q rf 5 an 1 J,-1""""x, , Edmund Fitzgerald Lee Allen, Director Janet Turner Robert Goodman Ellen Burke english fi rf Jan Geary, Secretary administration i George Skinner, Principal William Powers, Superintendent William Hunt, Asst. Prmcrpal Ralph Parmigiane, Asst. Principal J 01111 Griffin, ASS'f- PfiHCiPa1 7 Margaret Bates David Hamilton Samuel Zachary Ilene Neuman 9 Marion Finer english Cont. Bonnie Geller Y: Clare Curtin 4 NX Peter Brightman Joan Burbick ,fi Lawrence Johnson Stephen Sugrue l w l I w , , Y I Bethany Nichols Marshall Finn Charles Stauffer Kathleen Krueger Claire Greene John McKay language Richard Burgess Helen DeGere, Director Ingrid Vedie Betty Athanasoulas Leonard Maletz George Morse U' , . ,. .r.. - - B Carol Boyd Jane Mederos Eileen Kurt Heinrich Guna Anderson I .',,': ixik r r r neen r r Peter Gerbino Frederick Muir Richard Ngble Betty Helm, Secretary Venora Dow math Marjorie Sline ,fi Wai 1 -2' ai' .6 it a ii i v i Howard Hill Arnold Almquist Jane Purcello Richard Little Donald Brock' 14 John Chambers Charles Siegal Glorya Maccaione, Secretary Karl West, Director Merry Sue Ahlgren Sally Bellacqua John Walsh Neil DuRoss l 15 William Fidler Margaret Malen Sciewce Bruce Loughlin Peter Nelson Marie Baroni Richard McGuire Barbara LYOHS Richard Friend Bafbafa 0,Keefe Maxine Marcus, Secretary 'W Barbara Hindman Edmund Nevirauskas MOh8.mI1'16d Aziz Susan Moule !!'. l Renee LaFontaine Warren Tomkiewicz Patricia Waller Robert Lockhart social studies l S, Kendall Richardson Victor Stefanowicz Henfy Hicks, Difectof William McCarthy Pefef Fuchs Gordon Lind 18 Jacqueline Bloom A1 an Otis John O'Donne1l Sally Davis Kenneth Holt Ernest MaryAnn Leonard Wilkins Vivian Fagan, Secretary alternative SV v.' 'uf Janice Freeman David Svendsen Phyllis Wasserman gi.-f gi . ,Mr ' Dorothy Fitzgerald n U lf' S Q Phil Wallas Leslie Johnson 3.V. d rl S John Cosgrove media Center Sylvia Clark Florence Rasanen Maude Gauld David McGuire Ruth Tracy 2 1 Q- .. K - , D 'if - -- ': ' -1 We f 1 'W . ff -f -'r:.,: -, r'f, .h f,:- e a , e rrl 1 Q a a '12 all A . will - r lr i i-np., . l, . Helen YOl1l'lg -." Ifz Q - i i rlr il ' Evangeline Kinchla I1 0 m e e C 21 Harry Walen John Levangie James Ryan, Director Eva Gordon Counseling Center Salvin Affannato Judith Roth Dorothy Lombardo, Secretary 22 Ronald Pozzo aft Robert Enos IFW ,H I ISTQXK Marjorie Keary music: Marvin Karp Lawrence Gilbo V Robert Narducci gm Jane Tuohey Thomas Welch Carol Ross George Dennett John Freitas Corinne Maciejewski John Bamberry Judith Schoonover 24 , .W ,,,,,, N ' 4 4 " b V5 M A Edith Thompson Jacqueline Peterson 5 ,J i I Q r Ruth Moses Ruth Martin Helen Brown 5 e cg re t a r i e 5 X 25 Virginia Strong business .K Q Benjamin Gclj ni cc. Ellie Grose Chester Wallace Richard Barrett Hugh Gallagher Agnes Moore Rebecca Knight Doris Karlin in 3: Robert Irving Daniel Santry Lois Carley industrial arts sm.. 35? Edward Terrenzi Cafeteria Ladies Q Custodians Charles Ghiringhelli 27 Louise Triplett N Needham footba LLNeedham Needham 0 QLNNQ Wood Needham -saw. .LL - .L . ggegggggyf- - . ...x L., Needham Needham Q x L , .L K., 1 ede. '- 7? L A L V L L Lf .Lg.L.,LL,L:,g.-1 L. iid iiei 1 f LLL dddid fee A A A d'::iEif Eil 3 diid:L f R . dd1i2e-d'd:'ii: V3 FS I 2fe'e h j ldddd I el' ,L ,L L LL L1 A L e1eei . e Qle LLLL fu e I Id y f nel LLL1 ,,i2 L 1A1ee L L. m L L,LLLL Viizi dNeedhamiid did ,Needham L d L. K Needhzgn Needham? L 1 h Q LiL L7L Needham eNeeafmme 0 me edi . LLLL, LL,:: ,LL,.L,.,LLLL .L-1 Needhimiifd 1 ELLQLL ,kL. KL. LL 2 3 'E 5 Yi ii Q 3 i gs football FIRST ROW: Keith Dennehey Mike McCormack Rob Claus Dennis Hurley Mark Tully Rick Waterhouse Paul Manchester Paul Sammarco, capt. Roy Hefferan, capt. Peter Noll Scott Parsons Gary Pugatch Alan Rose Brian Kelleher Mike Dwyer SECOND ROW: Rich McEleany Jim Cass Bill Thompson Jim Gilligan Bob Barton John Condon Roger Torri Frank Carr Ken Csaplar Rich Olsen John Naughton J on Kjellman John Larrabee John De11'Erario Tim Hubley THIRD ROW: Terry Flannagan Paul Beaudet Steve Dalton John Griffin David Magida Don Greeley Don Keller Joe Hauptman Doug Ricciardelli Gary Cullen Glen Ricciardelli Kevin Trundley Chris Fassett FOURTH ROW: Pete Nelson, coach Robert Lockhart, coach Dave Remsen Fred Rowe Ed Lally Andy Hodson Aaron Goldberg Bob Johnson John Bamberry, head coach John Frietas, coach Richard Lyons, coach 30 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL - FIRST ROW: C. J. Coughlin, Greg Eadie, Rob Prescott, Paul Scheufele, J. D. White, Mark Rossi, Nick Schwartz, Jeff Rickoff. SECOND ROW: Terry Gilman, Jeff Waterhouse, Phil Marola, David Craft, Tom Nutter, Natt Carr, Jay Tedoli, John Santry, Mike Graham, Doug Reddington. THIRD ROW: Robert Lockhart, coach, Ken Barton, Mark Rye, Pete Smith, Tom Horihan. Dave Sahagian, Robert Cass, Scott Hlavity, Mike Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Steve Hilton, Mike Driscoll, Bob Cunnane, Dave Bradford, Richard Moss, Joan MacPherson, manager, Peter Nelson, coach. Where are your legs? . . . Bull the neck . . . spit on it and rub some dirt on it . . . Get tough . . . sprint . . . What did God give you hands for? . . . play it soft . . . Are you on rollerskates Get to the neck of the guard . . . Get the flippers up . . . win it for yourself gentlemen . . . put your face in the numbers . . . 1 sophomore football FIRST ROW: Todd Williamson, capt. Pit Martin, capt. SECOND ROW: Don Brock, coach Russ May Derk Schutmaat Payson Swaffield Brad Schmall Chip Melick Paul Tocci Ted Morin Doug White David Eicher Frank Setian THIRD ROW: J on Williams Jeff Hall Peter Carty Dan Horn Gary Brayton SOCCGI' , ,xw..1,-r.-. A mm.,. . Shell Virden Gary Middleton Rick Eaton Howie Wright Mike McQuillan FOURTH ROW: Dan Gallion Richard Kalweit Mark Alperin Eric Sulkala Peter Gerrish John Grabowski Joe Gibson Bill Mahoney Brian Norton Tom Nowak FIFTH ROW: . Howard Eison, mgr. Jeff Melick Neil Harvey Sam Davis Phil Mulvey Chris TenEyck Tim MacNamara David Hawes Bruno Riccitelli Greg Nanigan Arnold Almquist, coach SIXTH ROW: Will Temby David Faye Bob Byrne Chris O'Connell Ted Reed Don Dick Torn Virden John Ridge Tom Walsh, coach wi . Mg, mlm, K 4 , gan in " ' ' u 1 Q ' I .2-sg. "MV 'ir 'L ,ifif 'LVV fl - - is-fi .39 J---A lg- .x -,I if was 1 2 gl a ' -W r ,,,, 5 y f ' ,Q ,.. .f.. L,-,..Qr,Q,M if - V f - of Me i! 'il 1 , -- 4 ' - f k W 1 ,km gr-fr fa ' , S f Q -1,45 ,WW - -5- 'gg' fi I I fn: K. K,-,if K fn -S, ,Wk H .- 1-,W' w x if - 5-1iW"'-ii ' aff' - Ari K L 9,1 6 Q hi L .- W: f's,,p-V.-Axx, f T 1 - of K E., ,J , ,.,,,,Q,. - 8 f Y ..-M 5 2511 A ' " -f3ff'7'if' V ,,,, ' - i,Q"Qfi"f , R lf' 1 ,5 1-. g 'pgifrgifisf , af 1, , . - - - iw-89-Q:'f"'-.1-gl 5'-bl. 1- Q -sf ' Q ,N-f.,.y--5E.,, -k- ' '- - - ra ' ' - r- V ,--QM -' ' 45.55.-+ L 'Q::,,,.i,g ,in , 1. rv--Q - -P fs .2 . . Q . . . ,il .. :r .lsawaffil Q- x-,'- will im, .a.g.-fsfr-f Q- 3 1. 6 wi ,- w -'i""'.Q."'-blizriq Ib' .J ' 1 - 'A .X 'Tk -QS'-N53 -'1'7"Ef 4-?.i"' my-,, . , G. A ., ,. -N, ,. Q-,li N-., v :-M-ull,-W .-wr--... X. .- .-.. - M 3 -. ., 'F r - 4- - ' N A t ,iid 'Q-.Q .Q A r w litgm . K. t. h , f - 1.- gn: fn ."N'f1:.4 --: .--, , -if mg M' - f asf- -J ' -J - ' 1 1322i H if f fr .ffl "P V1 L , s ' Q I 9 ' ..g-- ' , 'L ff' ,ani f---4L.a,- ff? ', A an -I ' Q' V.-if Q. ii i L in - xg-fl, i P - f ., rf. gi - V t L- - Y :wx Q ' 1' ' fi 'w r I 5 it ?ff'm"'g '- L "ig 'jaw ".' "' 3. fi- -fire r yyryi s ys- r r Q in HQ -a 2 T' , L' i g ' l. -- ' 'ww 'Wa ,e ,- - g:4':":r'. ' .g1,,g""1 T 345, xv? -:zz-iff , 'W' .,.,' 'Q' 1 . - RCW' a sf, -i ,,....,, W- -,f - ,. K -- . . is - or ,--- ,, .-M W- .-fm- .-2---Q - . me R , . .,, ,L ae... ,iff-W -5- ' .. , i --h. . r ..-, .- a a . or . - ,--. 5 g: X f-iY,wefJx.w . C iv .- - r , 5' W ' 1 1 Q'-.. 'L L ' -'L, -,,- -A i ,..k liifzlf-H31-'4-M 51- . . 5--ff fr L ' .Q 'FW ., .W .iigg ',,- .---..1-fp '-3--iffy jyjgizk - ,V '33, - -'m i . - - -- - an f - -r ,Q V Q '-'.- ,,.. X. ---- ---' X Todd! . . . Lead us on the no ball circuit . . . Horny . . . O.K. Four laps .. . Swishy .. Wherels Pit? Forbsy Franco Everybody on the line Chipper . . . J.V. Jonny . . . Yea, Yea, I scored a goal! . . . Tocci's I.Q .... '668,' played in pain . . . 33 varsity field hockey FIRST ROW: Sue Anthonsen Gail Eaton Barbara Thorpe Mary Ellen Kelly, co-capt. Sue Underwood, co-capt. Donna O'Duggan Liz Lewis Judy Schoonover, coach Tami Voudouris, manager SECOND ROW: Joanne Lambert Denise Roane Kathy Rice Clare O,Brien Kris Eaton Carole Tripp Jorie Ftorek Judy Banks Nancy Briggs, manager FIRST ROW: Janet Lenihan, Lynne Eaton, Denise Maccarone, Jane O,Leary, Barbara DeWitt, Karen Lueders, Martha Miceli, Cindy Mernick, Carol Keating, Carol Maley, Betsy Billings, Trisha Sampson. SECOND ROW: Miss Maciejewski, Ingrid Johannesen, Carol Nuccio, Jeanne Kurtz, Diane Kelley, Carol O'Duggan, Emily Wheeler, Peggy Scanlon, Betsy Mullen, Midge Kirby. THIRD ROW: Lisa Olson, manager, Martha Gaudet, Cindy Horn, Jeanne Petrillo, Nancy Patterson, Beth Peterson, Nancy O'Neal, Nancy Wayne, Sheila Martin, Suzanne Paulin, Chris Cox, manager. junior varsity field hockey .X I. . H, FIRST ROW: Mike Berger Mike Goon Eric Kilburn, co-capt. Steve Ridge, co-capt. Bob Kalayjian SECOND ROW: Tim Goon Jay Cleary Chris Laucks Steve McMorrow Phil Prescott Tim Flanagan Bill Couglilin Scott Inglis John Harrington 20 straight . . . Kung Fu . . . Leg lifts and groans . . . Forgotten shoes . . . Goonis VW . . . The Gospel according to Ridge . . . Atheism . . . Guitars . . . Old Man . . . 6th in the states . . . Where were the cheerleaders when we needed them? . .. Hoards of spectators . . . Remember the Wellesley meet! . . . It came like a dream . . . We just wanted it more than they did . . . The Needham runners seemed cocky . . . "' W - ,m.,i""1'9' ' 3 :E Q Mfg " Fffll' "5f.2',,f' i,,,2:'7i5i'V-if , f- Y ' Q f'f"i '31 523 1 . K - Q-A S ..f. ii ' ll- 'L' -1 : 3' ig .. 1 rv NE 2 i l x t 'Ss -J 5.-ft ' ,gf .LL LL L L L Qi . .5 W ' " r e .f '1e.g-e.g--':".ETr."-Ia'f':..'i'.'- '22-Ei?f,.2s1gam,, ,i . 'S' '-e-e-'..g'e:':.z-:-:.':::.f::::,-'nw"-",',L.'n,r.':w.l W Q .gl l .. 2 in-,,,,, 1?:'l.- i,,.-- -- -1'-, , ,R,.'m?.......-mfg-N.X X: .-glial ' ' ' 'ft ' Y' X - , N ll . 2, - - N S Q' :wie 3 ' - I ,5 95 QE. " - rgeiizs 5 V fx.. K 2 ,. Q... tt . --.. A ., ' . 4 J W ' i , f L ' -ai we 3 , .. A 5"'i E tm. ' "lf ' "PHY I L ' 9fT"ilQ'f'51 Nl: , ' :Liga 153' -fv ..,, 1 I y - . i ' 'W i f 1 , N A ' , - - T, . ' Mi 1 4,-or A 1 .Z s - '7".""2'3.""' ' - . ' .. K - . f5:f!"'-K W er- 'eh-es-f-f-'- .. 1 - K., . " .. "' ...Yi . ,A ..,..,,.,,, ,. . ' - ' g I -. .r -- -s . Q -fvyi W.5ggj!f+3,z:z,:.7fg1y r., W. ' reee if - A , ,K ,, e -f'. its as vf-- - W :nsE'fS,1-exsmsqiim-.H .. .W ' or A e, . ... 37' varsity Cheerleaders M31 Ci Hyman Joanne Anthonakes Kathy DOWIUHE Kathy Cunningham Faith Cook, co-captain Donna Kyech Robin Pineo, captain Kerrie Totaro Sue Emerson Bev Engel Sue Pineo Chris Cadigan T1'lSl12. L0g3.11 Mary J0 Lynch Nancy Bennotfi Carol Ross, coach Debbie Krech Franks . . . bombed at BC . . .Pep Rally Balloons . . . Rabbits feet . . . Big Spender . . . TLC . . . take 2 . . . Toccils car . . . Sleep CU overs . . . This is WRKO . . . Cook residence? . . . "skeeters" . . . Merm 8L derm . . . smuggling at PPP . . . TV STARS Rec see double . . . K-E-R-R-I-dot-E . . , birthdays . . . COMPETITION 1974 . . . N i Marianne Walsh, capt. Cindy Bardizian, co-capt. Mary Alice Ford Renee Sugrue Barbara Fitzgerald Laurie Schneider Tricia DeMig1io Patty Kane Tricia Ford Patricia Waller, coach majorettes Act as if it were impossible to fail Dorothea Brande 40 Only one person in a thousand knows the trick of really living in the present. Storm Jameson 41 5 3 f ,, 2i?i'2Wf',nff,A ,hy fs qwifx, , 397 5 ,gggwffq 3 .- W"ffexb,f'XF 1 WSH" WW KN .M 53: JL EW , M? 'X NC WW MM W ...f-N, " - New Mx, ' kiwi M K " "Yf3' - 4-1' Mm., Q: ,Y iff! 9 ' -v 4 gy 3 'ff' 'bl Q, , .rf it 4- Hi' ,Q ga ! ,ang X-Q' .'1?-let?-E-'11, I ny 4 ,Uh ,f.fzQZ2.L3L .H ' 4 'E AA' 'Wk Q RFQ I fm ,fix K Y 5 i 3 I' w ' 1 K , 5 Q Q85 A-gms S 5 "x,"x n ,N R .L 3. K fi - x ,R A A Ma A N x Q. ,. WX 44 My "'i'W" M LQ 1w.: e' Tj'-05 W, gwfafj 'A ggi-4 , 33 5 rf 1 1,y , s 4 . . iK ' 4-'vs X f 1' .Q, x M NNW Q 5 . Qzff 2, 40s 45 iw fi., Q 2 - 3 -fu 1 i vc A..." 11 51 Ne? a , !' V. 1 'W .. Wx-emu WN W 1 , ,, A - , Afiihm-P' f W 'nw w ' WM 1 J., Af 4 ' "1 1 n I Y I , X b T I B W 'W W 'M' M Aw I y A-X X , 'N Wm A X M ,L ' " M , 0 f , f i 3 'sr Aa: 0 XX X 1 ' 74" M, I , U1 Q I "' V Q ' 1' Q 1' A m,,M,, X www 'MK W ,K , , ,M "4 f wfwmy I 9-'Epi ual: t 'K 4,4 L. 'mv .' Q 'a SA f N - 1 ,A 'lv .f':',"X 1 ,+.,.m,w..M ww -"W ' K in 'K 2, 45 ,am , 'S' MW Q w7gFw,g':L?w', W, 1 ' V W XM I m '+R 'M + M5 . 41 -" ' , Ae-,. ., . 8, IW 1 M KW Wiggah ,V .W ,J N l' Mg' NN M551 J. ' WW' h 'W , W W A 'YF N 1' fm aw W 33: W Mn Www xwnw,w H1 R QW- LAW W A K W " If MMA W wi '-'ie rs V wg J V 3 W f ff? if KD n W. if F, w if Q v 12' 'F ' 'L ,ul Q1 , R,-Si 6 E I? Gif' 'Ha wa 1 sg, .. . - ,ww It is now and in this world that We must live. Andre Gide 48 Press on to higher and better things - at all events to other thingsg and be assured that the right way can never be that which leads you back to the identical shapes that you long ago left behind. Onward, onward, onward! Nathaniel Hawthorne l P' F, my ,C I' ,N y. w NX f' F! 1 Am, SW . K fi WIN G In O 1211 J' 'OM M, If 9' 4 'M B, Aff? 'IFR mx, .ef , . Y 4'-.1 3.1-"WW"v. fi .-W ra ' Wwww wit-if G aear ' Q i 2f1 tser ty U H.: :big - 11ff.:,af1:,- 11- -- -: f, 1:f1-it--atf:-.iw-:a::a-:-fi-1 i i i . in.145-f,a,3gr,.1gr,ElEr551,,,' . A , . . . ., .W,...,. K.,..K,...,,..W,.. ,,...., ..,. , . ,. . ..,, .. ,,.. .. .W,. .... ........,,x.., , ...,....,. ,. .,T:,,, L . l, m.1 : l 1 at eyage 'Needham or rlte 1rNeedham N N Needham ' Needham Ne dh 6 Zim Needham Dedham ddhd 95' Framingham Framingham N Walpole Milton Norwood Braintree Natick Wellesley Dedham t gl Framin gh Walpole Milton Norwood e Needham Framm lam am N i'7lfiNB6ill13m Needham F Needham Needham Needham Framingham S. Framingham N Walpole Milton Norwood Braintree Natick Wellesley im S. am N Milton Norwood 196661121111 Needham Needham Needham Needham Needham Needham Needham juni or varsity has I Needhamt e Needham datoofaa y Newston S. Wayland M p .,t, , .1.1-1 11 l5Al2onquin Brainu-ee Framingham Nfl Perkins pg t,l359.CktOU l ee 48,4 ieee l e t"r dd eedl ee N N at t t t 31 Wellesley Framingham N lief n Needham at N l5.f'flSgf3i'Cll'121IT1 Needham Needham Needham Needham Needham Elm Newton S. Wayland Algonquin Braintree F Weymouth N. Framingham N. Scituate Natick Stotfghton M effiham t F Norwood Walpole llell tlfdildeedham Needh 1 Zim Wellesley junior hockey Needham Milton Needham Needham Needham Needham Needham 1 0 4 girI's 2 1 2 Needham Needham Needham 37.29 51.1 57.4 8750 '44e00 Needham 42.95 Natiekttyeijfgff eeo Needham 41.4 WalpQ1gggi5.gQ Q Q,5g i F Needham 47.1 . g Needham 55 -1 0 4 fi Needham 50-20 x l ifff Needham 44.55 aeeee Needham 59.55 Milton Needham Needham .... . -' 2 f i n d o track Needham 59 Natick Needham 59 Braintree Needham 62 Dedham 7 Needham 63 Framingham N. Needham 63 Framingham S. Needham 62 Milton Needham 74 .Walpole Needham 50 Norwood- 4 at Needham 69 Wellesley g 62 iff? V . 2 4 5 4 4 6 6 2 0 4 0 4 1 4 6 4 7 0 3 - fmmef-leap ...,,... ,,,...,,.. id .. .. .. . FP -- - '--- --metreEifzelze--:w r :1:m2!5'if!2'e2:.r1L::e552E555i8?!N!iii3ff55859!5:fe-F . ,,,...,,... ,.....,. . ... sityr key Dedham g 5 Braintree 4 Walpole 1 Norwood 9 Framingham N. 1 2 Milton 0 Natick 1 Framingham S. 7 Dedham 2 Walpole 1 Braintree 1 Wellesley 0 Norwood . .6 4 Framingham N, g g Milton 7 4 ' g 35 e Natick 7 g at -4 Framingham S.' 5' .lf Wellesley 1 hoy's gymnasticsi' 27 27 24 23 23 24 l l 36 17 . f-5 Needham 69.10 Framingham N. F eeed fj,-.5 Needham 72.9 Framingham S. 1 e he 7 7' Needham 79.50 Winchester Needham 39-5 Ndfiek - Needham 86.3 Milton .lti Needham 88.65 Brookline .f g?f Qg 2 g g g g Needham 93-2 Ndfwedd' Needham 91.15 Braintree . P Needham 95.85 . 1e5iingtong gg. g 51g gg..g Needham 94-45 h o y ' 5 Needham 5 3 Lexington ' 31 Needham 52 Catholic Mem. ' 31 Needham 84 Brockton 88 Needham 49 Norwood 27 Needham 43 Seekonk 40 Needham 88 Wellesley 84 Needham 94 Attleboro 78 53 VARSITY FIRST ROW: George Rodakis, coach Barry Heald Bob Doherty Pete Rivoira, captain Bill Meany Roy Heffernan Kevin Riccardelli SECOND ROW: Phil Demeo Neil Devlin Jay O'Connor Charlie Baker Rich Perry Jeff McGraw Chris Cuneo Bob Whalen Neil Futran Snake in the grass . . . "Hey Fluge! JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: John Levangie, coach Ron Stoloff J. D. White Mark Rossi Mike Healy, tri-capt. George Demos, tri-capt Chris Jantzen, tri-capt. Mike Driscoll Barry Morin John Grabowski SECOND ROW: Jon Baker Ken Lipman Phil Carty Phil Mulvey Greg Riley Paul Clifford Pete Smith Mike Tedoldi 1111 gsvmv ,r aw H ram fi H411 V x, U nu sz H4 , WA QSSJSHAQ tl 'f' xgfffgyd, -Wffff .g1:nH4f, nm --1 'rn ,una lf' ilu. "5 1 will ,,,,.. ,,,,,...--1-x 'wma' ,-..., 1- 2 VARSITY FIRST ROW: John MacDonald Randy Jones Billy McNamara Tom Smith, captain John Peters, captain Brian Adams Brian Kelly Danny Wallace John Chambers, coach 'FE SECOND ROW: Steve Parlato Teddy Lambert John Snyder Tom Dwyer Mike Barton Berni Bussell Mark Robinson Rich Kalweit Mark Newcomb Eddy Lally Dennis Plaster Gerard Peters .. .J JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW Ron Pozzo, coach Bob Johnson Frank Setian Steve Benson Keefe Bailey John Del1'Erario John Judge -x,qSX'n SECOND ROW Bob Cunnane Alex Prohodski Tony Nannini Steve Dalton Terry Gilman David Eicher Tim McNamara Gary Newman s - ' S -, 'IM ,imqir N Xxx: JN mzgewe 'i'fsf'flz.- 4 Q 5g!i3!.fM is 34 - '15 qw -5 -- -I 'gf ff .N . R 5 55 I :J it ,,: . HQ ,p 4 ' I 'QW 'MWQ--if X. 'B m' 1 "" A :Vf in 5 'i'- V' ,. 5 Q 'V' I -B 1 i f I ' 3 MIIIJG0' :V 'W,1f+wgy,Q . . Q ,fs A ' R e S1 ffiagf,l'1'ZQQ"'e.g2g:+Zf,g:Qif I ,-.. .,,. , , A I J1i?'fG'W" f'nn'x"'55 'il' ffilg Cf: I I ,.v:..,: - 5 :., mf, ff,m'l,'Mg, f,5v'Is,,'x- 55? A fl L,,: E .,,::,. ,gf 1 I 4 HQ 5543-1, 3giifsfgfgqligi'Fi gig 5 -1,' ei., my .f"Z':isfgQf5f5i f'69QJfJW.1ssxs'fi'gnf5i29ilf.QfliJ 1. Q ' I ,,.:. .,,..., ..o. k,,V X -.Q f5HtQLM5,l5v1:i6gQvafbygggifggnyzfjihkggkgg 5 6 ' ,ei 'v W ' 'af iii? Ui, H Q? ,ii Q .":- 'f-gif' pf "-,,-: 11- I: wwf!! lj l41J6,Q4'1.?'i,qg1 '.i- iw ,g55Q....,g2ieQg-I I S I S ,ffref gy: ' ,ff S ' gugwr '+ve' -- , izfgyig -f 'fi'-G e' wwglg mir: 4' iff' S " I fatifwke J if .-,,.1i T'i7W?f535?2f .i'i,i: V' - 'I kV.V-, -. . A -L:. . ll - I Q .Veany-jgfggiatagltfgifij: LL,, .". A L? , 'ef-S A V ,EQ 1, .. '4"5v' 1 'r, 5 q,Y,UH,4 ' v5,DH4f 16 iff-QS' 17 2, Bluffs '.. ,e,, , I if .az ,r 5 I we 2 as-:I--1w1Qfifz1fii,Z ,,,, x ,:-X 31 basketball FIRST ROW: Judy Schoonover, coach Joanne Mason Linda Coombs Donna O'Duggan, co-capt. Clare O'Brien, co-capt. Nancy O'Neal Ingrid J ohannessen Claire Lombard Mary Moses SECOND ROW: Ellen Kearney Mary Ann McCaughley Denise Roanne Barbara Hackett Beth Peterson Mary Varley , Lurch . . . a comeback season . . . Flipper . . . 'cl Don't like spiders and snakesn the dinner . . . we donlt mess . . . Is Clare mad? Do We care? . . . lighting Irish . . . monthly mitten . . . dynamite lJV,s . . . grids . . . shels got legs . . . uKnees', .. . little + big O . .. bunny hop . . . pretty girl . . . 58 JUNIOR VARSIT FIRST ROW: Corinne Maciejews coach Suzanne Paulin Jeanne Petrillo Sheila Martin Kathy O,Brien Joanne Lambert SECOND ROW: Carol O'Duggan, n Karen Brodeen Carol Wadsworth Jackie Long Rita Muir Michelle Milligan Sindi Martin 3 I, 4 boy's g mnastics FIRST ROW: Bill Crocker Paul Tocci Ricky Raymond - cpt. Louis Tiberi - Cpt. Gary Gosh Ralph Chamberlin SECOND ROW: Dick Seibert - coach Brad Stein Steve Peck Brad Pinta Eric Sukala Tommy Thompson Terry Flanagan THIRD ROW: Frank Murphy Brian Salvaggio John Ridge Jay Cleary Tony Funari girI's g mnastics V ' ' 6 Qi ,L Y ' N Patty Kozak, capt. Janice Finan Eileen Murphy Lisa Dratch Jane Tuohey, coach Mardy Dagdigian, Capt. Susan Ryan Lynne Salvaggio Elaine Isherwood Karen Star Linda Benson Alicia Riclley Kathy Ricker Lisa Moore Chris Cox Kathy Logan Brenda Sherma.n Martha Micelj Q Y 1-2-3-4 stick it Marianne's cartwheel . . . squeaky rossin . . . procrastination . . . tears . . . oranges . . . chalk up . . . jelly beans . . . Kathy's laugh . . . our mono girl . . . get psyched!! . . . no heat in this gym pizza Chicago . . . Pattyls socks! spot soooo good . . . that night meet and Macs . . . these uniforms have got to go . . , our faithful coach . . . radio . . . winning isn't everything . . . states of what? dream routines ...C.S.N. 8L Y. FIRST ROW: Dick Case - coach Bob Sylvain Scot Dube - captain Greg Fingar Paul Mahoney SECOND ROW: Tom Nowak Ed Neville Steve Chapin Tom Kenefick Mark Lazuk David Hoffman boy's varsity swimming 6:00 morning practices . . . grab starts . . . Wheat germ . .. towel lights on the Wellesley bus . .. atomic sit-ups . .. Webster St. drag races . . . beer blasts!!! EASTERN MASS. STATE CHAMPS! girI's varsity svvimrcing FIRST ROW! Suzanne Hoffman Mary Herlnigan Joan Neill, cpt. Elaine Isherwood Cathy Flanagan Cindy Jenson Carol Wadsworth Tricia Hogan, cpt. Rosemary Howard Amy Titus Suzanne Gerard Donna Gross Sharon Henze Missed the boat: Kathy Logan Mary Howard Sheila Toohey THIRD ROW: Betsy Heffernan Annie Donohue CD Sandy Stficklin Betty Heger Jackie Long Lindsay Cudworth SECOND ROW: Katie Tully Cheryl Bugley, coach Michelle Milligan l ktyxb K M-.. . K-.- . 6 am practice . . . "oh my hair!', . . . breakfast "Cindy! You didn't steal that soccer ball did you? .. . Friday nights starts and turns . . . Mrs. Bugley, my stomach hurts" . . . Special K awards The Wellesley Bus 'Tm hungryi' . . . Butterflyers make the best lovers! . .. Katie 8a Anne, are you leaving shortly? 63 varsity Wrestling FIRST ROW: Jim Keefe Peter Bailet Brian Chew, captain Charlie Reynolds Scott Downer Julio Fontecchio SECOND ROW: Dave Wade, coach Tom Bartzokis Jeff Swartz, asst. captain Paul Scheufele Bob Barton Stanley Sugarman Ted Muir Dana Mosher N wx? if 335'- xxx f NY, 'risk x...! X59 'Xl A .af 'tml . a .v. Cheerleaders Joanne Lambert Cindy Wallace Cheryl Cohen Ellen Gitelman Lynne Dunton, Capt. Sue Bliss Tracy Harris Jennifer Simons Helen Bartzokis Carol Hasenfus, capt FIRST ROW: Nancy Middlebrook Cindy Mernick Barbara DeWitt Linda Coombs Elaine Carroll Jill Bliss Karen Leuders Jill Eicher Sue Emerson Sue Miller Ellen Kearney Karen Burke SECOND ROW: Joanne Anthonakes Kris Eaton Jean Muir Lisa Donovan Donna Kreen Tami Voudoris Nancy Lyons Marcy Levy Barbara Biber Ingrid Johanneson THIRD ROW: Miss Ross Sue Dyson Debbie Krech ' l I I d Linda Bubendorf Carol Flanagan Rita Beckman Joanne Lambert g I r S Q 3. Q r S Lindsay Cunningham Carol Nuccio Cindy Horn Peggy Scanlon Chris Cox Sue Bliss Iris Godes Sheila Martin Mary Dorneman Diane Kelley Lisa Olson Carol Hasenfus FOURTH ROW: L6Ll1Il6 DUIUIOH SENIOR student activities council CLASS President: J on Williams Vice-President: Roy Heffernan Treasurer: Sandy Levin Peter Carty Dan Horn Sue Schofield Robin Pineo Danny Reddington Brian Kelleher Jimmy Fleming Advisors: George Morse Carol Boyd SOPHOMORE CLASS President: Lisa Olson Vice-President: Peggy Scanlon Treasurer: Carol Hasenfus Sharon Pugatch Sheila Martin Michael Healy Mary Dornemann Mark Pederson Michelle Milligan Martha Miceli Advisor: Judy Roth JUNIOR CLASS President: Anne Donohue Vice-President: John Dell'Erario Treasurer: Debbie Krech Donna Krech Sue Dyson Alice King Michael Cohn Debbie Godfrey Tricia Hogan Karen McCormick Advisor: Marie Baroni STUDENT FACULTY BOARD FIRST ROW: Sue Schofield Y Asst. Moderator Mr. McGuire W Secretary Fred Rowe - Moderator Miss Keury SECOND ROW: Mr. Fuchs Donna Miculi Mr. Stauffer P. J. Amyouny Mr. Enos Walter Wright Mr. Tonrkiewicz Jay Cleary Kevin Berger S.A.C. OFFICERS President - Robin Pineo Vice-President - Peter Carty Secretary 4 Debbie Godfrey Treasurer - Dan Reddington Wi rag Edito r-in-chief: Robin Randall Asst. Editor: Sue Wey Staff: Dena Cherenson Andrea Matthews Harriet Mermes Martha Gaudet Julie Cohn hilltopper 'SRF' FIRST ROW: Dave Baxter Paul Howard Dick Tranfaglia Mary Howard SECOND ROW: Doug Brunke Lee Manning Richard Pace Mrs. Johnson Oliver Edwards Steve Buttrick Payson Swaffield 715 Editor-in-chief: Steve Ridge Business Editor: David Lintz News Editor: Lenny Davidson Feature Editors: Mike Berger Ken Fine Sports Editor: Jim Goldman Art 8L Layout Editors: Kathy Brosnan Margaret Morehead Photography: Wayne Robbins Faculty Advisor: Mr. Ed Fitzgerald band Sue Allison Connie Anderson Nancy Jane Bailey Robert Barton Nancy Baughman Peter Bayman John Bent Michael Berger Larry Brier Berni Russell Ronald Camire Mark Canning Karen Carleton Cheryl Cohen Carole Coleman Louise Criscenti Debby Crocker Philip Demeo Mary Domico Mary Dornemann Howard Eison Paul Elkins Julie Ellis Martha Erickson Carolyn Fader David Fay Sally Fish Bill Fratkin Jon Freese Neal Futran Sue Gerard Aaron Goldberg Paul Goldsmith Ellen Gordon Judy Gordon John Grabowski Steve Gruverman Patricia Harris Charles Hartford Sharon Henze Elaine Isherwood Steven Jacques Dennis Kaplan James Keefe Lynn Kennedy Sara Ketchum Midge Kirby Gene Kucinkas Roger Lacy Carol Liddell Kathleen Logan Jeanne MacPherson Joan MacPherson Phil Merola Karen Mills Joe Mulcahy -"tt If Kevin Mumper Mike Murphy Gary Nagle Joan Neill Vicki Nelson Barry O'Toole Kathleen O,Toole Paul Papadonis Dave Parker Susan Patriarca Nancy Patrone Helen Raymond Wayne Robbins Wendy Sandner Jan Swymour Miles Paul Shore Julie Shuman Lynne Stanley Russ Stanton Lorraine Sullivan Patty Sullivan Payson Swaffield Robert Taylor Chris TenEyck Barbara Thorpe Amy Titus Stephen Trieble Bill Turner Greg Turner Mark Turner Nancy Twombly Dave Webb David Weiner Julie Whitaker Todd Williamson Becky Wilson Matt Woodruff Barry Yogel 4: l ,ad gmmmwzwwwfzfmqr iir 5, Ex 'f ll , E ,fi A 1. a I 'm1Q. . K , A .. 5 , VVV V t K ,,.,.... W li W t i ' A V-J . A K 2 ,....,A....'.:fE:i.. 4.5 AM View ' 3 .. k,,. .lx X , 0 . l pf 'Nx QF' D' senior breakfast ' 1 i z ,g M r f '14 if 1L.E ,si ' , Q5 ww' i if orchestra gd xv--1 s X Mark Barton Betsy Berman Greg Birne Larry Brier Berni Bussell Karen Carleton Mark Chen Philip Demeo Howie Eison David Fay Sally Fish Ellen Gordon Steve Gruverman Charles Hartford Sharon Henze Elaine Isherwood Sue Kelson Sara Ketchum Roger Lacy Sandra Leabman Sue MacKenzie Ted Morin Gary Nagle Joan Neill Barry O'Toole Susan Patriarce Helen Raymond Wayne Robbins Jan Seymour Peter Smith Stanley Sugarman Patty Sullivan Robert Taylor Chris TenEyck Mark Turner David Weiner Julie Whitaker 74 xxx ... .. ' K .M Of' Yr? ' .fx l. 1 az Hd E gftif . . M 8 fn Y . QA 4 6 'gn ,Q Q f , . K . . ,J V 'K 7- , . rf 3 'Q . fy ..ff,,4f.,f- ' 1 .-Q. 1 ',':,?.Z, Mlvfm is .- '2- 1 K. 'Q SJ QR K ,I 1 , V 'xfXhxgw, M ' I , I n K. xx 1 fx 'C I ' K jak X 51.5 b 1 ' xx I X xl? K-NK, E . x . ,.xf:1Qfg:.. -,, . , '--s,-f.j'---Q., 1 .f '--7'-f..,.... -"' K ...uv . 5 -5,15 1 A S1 w mg Mgt M4 W,,,...-.-r 3- .fu W"9-M... L Nw my 1 gf ..nF' if Q W ,ff f X i 'tunn- -. ggnllill' ,W fu ,A mg ,.W,,,.. 'www' 4 15 1 Z I 1 i -JWQQ ,gf 1, ff N 'W 'X ig? ' 1 'f ' U F1 fm 1- X A 55 'E J ju X ,tw in . , Qi :wwf 1' 'W 6 M -, S' Mm Mm V W A Y , f wx. , 2 ' X A, f X A MV' 4 , Y . MX 1 ' 'M' wx V J X A , 1 'ii' x ' wif ' 1 v Ml? ' M rank..." , in n veg A M: 2: if , :EM .Q 'v gy ,ry 'fa W , H Lx,- MH-uwf"' x XR' A gy, X Mfg! I, I , ,,-U-...,MWM A 5 1 2 5 5,-no. E 2 2 2 E if a 2 E E 1 fi E S s Many thanks to Ani Donohuel, Edward Cherensc Joel Baker, Bruce Bonste Charlie Cleary and Way Robbins for the photographic contributioi and very special thanks Wendy at Westwood Studi: Look to this day! y For it is life. the very lilie ol' lite . For yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision: But today, well lived. makes every yesterday A dream ot' happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. From lhe Sanskrit ',-- 'wu- mag .m,W.,W , A t .Rf- spring '59 w T .nn .f N ww bw' .M ww -K H nn MARK ANDERSON October 24, 1956 I SCOTT W. ANDERSON December 26, 1955 BRIAN W. ADAMS January 21, 1956 JEANNE L. ALLISON January 15, 1956 MARYANN M. ANDERSON August 6, 1956 ROBERT R. ANDREWS January 30, 1956 94 GARY R. AJAMIAN Have tunes will travel OK Pete MARISSA J. ALESSANDRINI July 5, 1956 zowie PATTY JO AMYOUNY BRIAN J. ANDERSON Ecstasy is to love 8a be loved Be-mu-da. The bleachers. SEEDM Q' ff. '-,ff I ., .5 in ' -af J: .gl if? f . 1 I 4 LL . A ' -R9 ' .. J fl- H -1--2. - -M. .T.-51291. . . if .f..,... .--' 1-V, - 1., .. .1 1 . ,. ,if Q' " '1s'?:iz?Y' JOANNE ANTHONAKES KAREN A. ARDUINO SUSAN B. ATKINSON October 31, 1956 Io Laughs RTGT TT Cheers S,M8f.K August 1, 1956 LOIS B, ARMSTRQNG KATHLEEN M. ATKINSON September 13, 1956 0Cf0be1' 31, 1956 'Mm' LISA G. BACHYNSKI PETER D. BAILET KEEFE W. BAILEY A perfect day for bannanatish. April 26, 1956 Ace O.H.A.J. "Less" KIM J. BALDELLI Hate this, always Kevin I BRAD S. BALZER LESLIE A. BARBER SHEILA A. BARR Gabe Katiefsf Louiejbudfcrutches Sleeping women - now arise!! Shirley, I hate this school 95 MARYLOU BARTHOLOMEW August 22, 1956 KATHLEEN A. BARTON April 24, 1956 ROBERT B. BARTON Where's your legs?! Pound 'em SUSAN BATES NY B.B.B., Dances, Cabaret PETER B. BAUMAN PAUL R. BEAUDET MARY BECKMAN CHARLES E. BELL Saturday nights at my house, AJ! August 25, 1956 Mare, Squish, SNIFF, 40 times, Kit Gooch GI Bikes Flying Sootch JAYNE H. BENNETT STEVEN P. BENSON MICHAEL A. BERGER KATHLEEN BERGIN Dreams are for those who sleep Baseball Hockey SOMF FS PC CS December 1, 1955 May 9, 1956 MARYLOU BERUBE CAROL A. BIELSKI HEIDI A. BLATT H May 21, 1955 right! Hot Tuna! Bielsk madmob Bomber Gigi West "Hitch your wagon to a star Spb . "QQ-I 3 fx Qfvfi 'sf JILL W. BLISS STEPHEN E. BI.OOM LESLIE R. BLOOM June 5, 1956 Yoo hie - ooo - SOMF BOA CA MARSHALL J. BONNEY LORI B. BLUM August 18, 1956 November 14, 1955 Pizza Lowville Track "GMAB" S GEORGE J. BROWN July 28, 1956 JANET A. BROWN Is this place at your command? EILEEN G. BOWLER Ski, Michael, Birds Hill MARGARET A. BROGAN Mickey GLENN M. BROWN J.H.A.C. 84 New Years, G blue SUZANNE BROWN Member of Dennis drinking team 98 X . 1 JACK J. BOYAJIAN Spook, SOMF Yellow Jacket Gusto BARBARA A. BROSMAN The Gang-O sb Tango 3T's friz AMY BROCK February 23, 1956 KATHLEEN A. BROSNAN Musicals Hilltopper Love Son - ...V a.W....,M ..,., .gmmw i- JEANNE BUCCIGROSS DEBORAH L. BURGESS KAREN A, BURKE CYO boomboom BARW RPSM NMH MDC November 9, 1955 April 14, 1956 w ELIZABETH A. BURNS KATHLEEN J. BURNS WILLIAM T, BURNS October 21, 1956 "Point of order!" ECMUNC 1974 Bw-nsy, Maria, Gym Period 3 Eng. ANTONY S. BURT CHRISTINE M. CADIGAN October 18, 1956 Hello? Enga RNKM USCG LA Morris ' ELIZABETH A. CAHALANE THERESA CAHALANE March 7, 1956 March 7, 1956 99 l l x NATALIE M. CAREY PAUL E. CARLSON TJV Ruth Moracco 110mi MRA February 3, 1956 1 JOYCE B. CARMEN FRANCIS D. CARR September 10, 1956 SOMF Frogs Hills Golden Iron MARYBETH M, CARR JANE C, CARRE ELAINE CARROLL BEVERLY J. CARTOOF February 4, 1956 How's Dinger do it? Chico S.P.D. Apfil 30, 1955 GEUCS, RabS+Red 0SB+DM PETER F, CARTY JOANNE CASC10 BRUCE A. CEFALO RICHARD A. CHAPIN Swahili SOMF Splint Rowdy Brew Bob 4Ever Maine skidoo Guitar September 3, 1955 100 Q '07, 35 in ffm 5121 Q ROBERT J. CLAUS Rob, clutch, fy, Dads, Walpole CHARLES F. CLEARY Chucki3lcs track JS MJ MTK Wally JULIE B. COHN CAROLE A. COLEMAN February 9, 1956 ca.rol.Eg band, theyg staff g PARTIES BRIAN P. CHEW January 20, 1956 DENA J. CI-IERENSON Colour my world with hope . . . SANDRA CHRISTISON October 26, 1956 DAVID CHRISTOPI-IE May 12, 1956 DEBRA L. COHEN August l, 1956 JANE E. COADY January 1, 1956 NANCY J. COLEMAN JOSEPH C. COLLINS The gang Debs bomber less Dana October 12, 1954 101 GERARD J. CONDON April 13, 1956 CAROL A. CONTE What a bore JOHN D. CONDON January 31, 1956 ULMANNA CONTI In the office of "Aw Pat, Sharon 102 BRIAN CONNERS Skipper, I've got a deal for you PATRICE E. CONLEY Friendship is - Ulman and Sharon FAITH E. COOK KATHLEEN A. COPPINGER U: DB forever - deamingduo evils BC RE DD and AB RE JG 11 15 55 MARY J . CORCORAN April 26, 1956 SHARON L. CORNICK April 20, 1956 VIRGINIA S. CRAIG August 2, 1956 MICHAEL A. CROWE May 26, 1956 Lacrosse SOMF! VIRGINIA J. CU LLEN KATHLEEN V. CUNNINGHAM Ginny Always Bart Nursing SMTCM lagers PARR-ty! Sally LAURIE J. CUTLER MARJORIE E. CUTLER October 6, 1956 October 4, 1956 KENNETH R. COX August 13, 1955 KENNETH A. CSAPLAR Ratso-Lenny-for lunch-wow-hole JOANNA H. CURTIS SUSAN CUSACK Cagey the tank yes8mo Curtfeld January 17, 1956 DAWN P, DAGANHARDT MARJORIE J. DAGDIGIAN m8Lm's AB Rudy Paines Hartwick! 0Cf0be1' 3, 1956 103 D., SABINE K. DAVID HILLARY S. DAVIDSON LEONARD M. DAVIDSON JOHN P. DAVIS what a bummer! the fank RKLC X BIZUHUCC Jack Still Only 4fI- 10 in- 'LLenny" Hilltopper Carnival May 18, 1956 JONATHAN M. DAVIS MARK L. DAVIS REGINALD DELINE DIANA J. DELL'ERARIO IT VC BB DP . . . Doctor!!! This school is foul! Scorpio, pistachio Am I right? JAMES P. DEMEO JOANNE P. DEMIGLIO 30 spaces, give me a break!! Y KEITH T. DENNEHY JOHN E. DEPACE December 25, 1956 March 27, 1955 E 'f ' I 104 V J 1 1 A 4 4 Vk,, 1 ix Q if I 4 LYNNE L. DILANIAN CAROLYN DITULLIO Roches Laughing fits Kidder January 19, 1956 TODD O. DOLLIVER PATRICIA M. DONAHUE Need Iask what you are doing? October 17, 1956 DALE E. DEVOE October 23, 1956 BARBARA A. DEWITT June 7, 1956 ROBERT DOHERTY Doc B-Ball Baseball May 25,74 ROBIN DOOLEY Free 105 STEVE L. DEWEY July 22, 1956 MARY G. DIGAN December 9, 1955 PAUL R. DOISNEAU May 9, 1956-June 1974 SCOTT A. DOWNER October 20, 1956 LISA S. DRATCH VICTORIA M. DREISBACH Gymnastics 8-3-1 or what campQ February 18, 1955 LAURA E. DRITT Hold on to what is good 7-5-56 VALERIE M. DUTRA MICHAEL P. DWYER July 7, 1955 HP F+B Ball Lynn 2-15-71 13 CW KRISTINE E. EATON MERI J. EDELSTEIN Eattie Field Hockey CCC Tull December 6, 1956 106 BETH S. EATON September 5, 1956 STEVEN EICH April 25, 1956, July 20, 1973 v SGJT J. DUBE 4-13-56, swimming, karate, Kay!!! GAIL A. EATON Geaton, It fits, Keys, EYC, Hocke JILL EICHER plans no, dreams I've plenty of BRUCE S- ELDERT JULIET E. ELLIS Debbie Stark and the Rebel Juls Flute Filenes L'il Peach BEVERLY A. ENGEL BEVERLY G. EPSTEIN RCKPT RN Cheer YI Munchkin Memoriesg Art Drama Apple-Diet SUSAN E. EMERSON Aug. 24, 1956 Cheerleading CC DEBORAH A. EVANS 1018155 Bill See you at five MARY E. FARRELL My place at the sand bar - JOY DOROTHY J. FERRITER HR Art The Ends near Great Yrs 107 VERONICA A. EMERY Happiness lies in one's self JEANNETTE T. FANTONE Tunatish! I luv you Andy! Do it! SARAH J. FEICK Forget me, for nowl move on. ARTHUR J. FICCARDI School is a waist of time DAVID L. FITZGERALD Golf, Grand Tetons, Kerrie CATHERINE M. FLANAGAN Scot! Swimteam O.S.B. 3-20-56 1 KENNETH R. FINE GREGORY C. FINGAR SALLY C- FISH September 14, 1956 Freedom at last SU3Wbef1'Y 123 SDDRWB Befggifl CHERYL FISHBON NANCY L. FISHER A E E. FITZGERALD 1-24-57 A dozen yellow roses. 25,28,J,W,M,M,T.F.A.D.F. Two ro ds diverged in woods . . . KEVIN FITZGERALD MARTIN FITZPATRICK February 5, 1955 Whatever it was I didn't do it TRALEE P. FLANAGAN JAMES E. FLEMING Love Limericks + Lost Memories very tasty S.O.M.F. GREGORY P. FLYNN July 27, 1956 JAMES R. FOX MARY ALICE FORD MAFBaton CYO Ski BH June 6 BONNIE E. FRASER Kenberma, BBg, Lee Shops, Sabados VALERIE D. FORGE October 20, 1956 HEIDI C. FRENCH Mau Soph Yr 91672 Always Paul! JULIA N. FRIEND Class of 19732 In NEAL D. FUTRAN Existentialism is a humanism!! 109 1995 J ORIE A. FTOREK Wolfboro "You've got a friend" NANCY E. GABRIELE Food! Going out Fellowship F+P i PATRICIA A. GABRIELE ROSEMARY H. GAGNE MARYANN GAUDET BARRY S- GELLER December 12, 1955 The heart IS a lonely hunter September 28, 1956 l . JAMES F. GILLIGAN MARK S. GINSBERG JAMES W. GOLDMAN ROBIN E. GOLDMAN May 2, 1956 September 2, 1956 I came, I saw, I conquered The sun sets, the gulls fly . PAUL S. GOLDSMITH MICHAEL J. GOON September 28, 1956 Run for fun x-Country JUDITI-I R. GORDON GARY GOSH Band The Girls room OD+PC VOFR 110 Jn?"-'M JANIS L. GOTTSMAN , BRAD GOVERMAN Ch1ckenShavePretty LegsInKansas BARBARA A. GREENBAUM Que sera sera . . . SUSAN L. GREENLEAF Miss Sue Animal Guess what? TA STEVEN J. GRUVERMAN April 2, 1956 GARY A. GUCCIONE Chuck Gi Flying Bikes SCOTCH PAUL K. GUYON . JEFFREY JOHN HALL Chl1Ck Tequila Sl1l'11'IS6 Mailtruck goes west RENEE M. GKASSO WARREN M. GREEN X August 10, 1956 KERRY J. GREER JAMES E. GRIMES Papa Golf Turkey Buckin for yardage Chumma Iron an MICHAEL HALL Cliff hanger, gumby HOWARD HAMMOND Good ol' Comrade Govart! LORRIE HANSEN PATRICIA C. HARRINGTON CHARLES HARRIS JONATHAN H. HARRIS The museum Peas on E day no. 5 RJ Salvation ala mode BARRY S. HEALD ROY HEFFERNAN SHARON G. HENZE SUZANNE L. HOFFMAN Kare-14 July 27 Get it on! Bball Kahuna 44 Lax 13 club M8LM Heff Sheh-he Practice? I'm starved February 22, 1956 Where's 112 an H! CHERYL A. HOLLAND TIMOTHY J. HOLLORAN DAVID HOOTSTEIN AHS January escapee White Bird uBozo"g Bauman's House MARGARET E. HOPKINS DANIEL J. HORN MARK A. HOVSEPIAN August 7, 1956 Horny Demo-Derby Soccer Hemi-Belvedere Carphotog Magic PAUL HOWARD ROSEMARY HOWARD July 7, 1955 You guys GS 6AM Practice Bomb STEPHEN E. HOWARD DEBRA W. HUCKINS December 29, 1955 June 13, 1956 113 BRENDA L. HURD Bernie LAURIAN HUTCHESON June 5, 1956 JUDITH A. HURD November 29, 1955 MARCI HYMAN November 27, 1956 DENNIS K. HURLEY Hurl, weekends, Lacrosse, Cape PATTI ISAACSON February 27, 1956 LILLIAN M. HURLEY Lily, AJ , pools, Birds Hill, Pink WILLIAM J. JACOBS January 27, 1956 JUDY S. JAFFE To dream of the world as one CYNTHIA J. JOHNSON Sam! AJT Musicals, flute, Mr. A 114 RANDALL B. JONES August 21, 1956 1 . ELLEN M. KEARNEY April 29, 1956 BRIAN J. KELLEHER Kel Football Dads F4 Golf 13 SUSAN L. KELSON November 26, 1955 ROBERT C. KALAYJIAN May 14, 1956 MARGARET A. KEELER May 26, 1956 PATRICIA A. KELLER MARY ELLEN KELLEY Treash RTGT, JA-Rafe Art K MJ Kel, Hockey, Strike out, P+R, S.P .BRUCE H. KEMPTON SARA F. KETCHUM Whiz Kid Vectorhead Ski Utah March 5, 1956 115 N-1 I 1' I BRIAN KELLY Snooks, Depot, Hockey, Lacrosse ERIC C. KILBURN September 13, 1956 SARAH M. KNEALE EILEEN M. KNEELAND CAROL A. KNOWLES SUZANNE L. KOSMENKO Convenient chin woof sm-621 '72 MB-DB SNFF 4:30 Cape WK Faxout Februaiy 15, 1956 Suzy Skiing Yellow Mustang 4. y Mf'1w14g1vm4eaW fi fx ' '55, 1 PATRICIA M. KOZAK DONALD K. LATER ANNA M. LAVALLE SUSAN E. LEACH July 24, 1956 Sooner SOMF Ski 93 -IUHC 17, 1956 A.H.S. JAMES R. LEAVITT MARIE LECHNER March 25, 1956 June 5, 1956 CYNTHIA C. LECLAIR MARIE E. LEEBER Cindi The pyramid 96 tall EYC Reezo Sat. Nights Always Tom 116 MARTHA L- LEGG THOMAS A. LEMAIRE Marti EYC Harem Jelly FIA Orr PETER B. LENIHAN ANDREW LENNERTZ November 23, 1956 KEITH LENNERTZ CARL H, LEONE November 23, 1956 Play Lacrosse Outrageous MICHELLE C. LESUEUR SANDRA F. LEVIN Feb. 29 56 Theatre Cape Cod sm . . . as my soul goes dancing by ELIZABETH R. LEWIS CAROL J. LIDDELL LizlEuropel sifpooplMarkl sports What a bummer AFS Band Ted OD! CYNTHIA J. LINGLEY DAVID S. LINTZ Cindy Mustang NNB Hello? Hilltopper Math Team IRENE M. LOMBARD MARY E. LONGLEY JOANN M. LUCCHESE I KAREN A. LUEDERS Tau Phi SOMF Vince Checker August 1, 1956 October 12, 1956 Apnl 13, 1956 Schmut Tweeders 4 . 1 . ,J . MARY J. LYNCH ALBERT P. MACCARONE JOHN S. MacDONALD SHERRY L. MaCEWEN 3119156 M.J.SC. no. 8 Choc,MS JPS February 15, 1956 "Speedy" Hockey, Golf, "Horseneck" MAQ Bad Meatbal PPtime The Me1 118 J EANNE M. MacPHERSON JOANN G. MacWHINNEY DAVID M. MAHR MARLENE A. MALEIZZ Bugs WB Deering JB Seagulls J oje,CCC,Bermuda,Yellow,Ju1y3O October 26, 1955 "I ve got a dream . . . CAROL MALEY DAVID A. MALINS SHARON A. MALOUF PAUL D. MANCHESTER Ride On Sailing Vermont I know which way to go ChewTEW NOVGHIUSI 23, 1955 September 29, 1956 BARBARA A. MANCINI JAMIE K. MANN My car broke again, Dubonet Jame,3-M,Ma.ine sailors-4 DE DEBORAH L. MARR PAUL B, MARTIN oday is tomorrow's memory . . . September 9, 1956 J OANN MASON Mase! Vermont-Maine Bowling!! ANDREA M. MATTHEWS O School of "Cabbages 84 Kings" MARY A. McCAUGHLEY January 23, 1956 KATHLEEN R. MCGUIRE January 23, 1956 SHARON L. MATFIS Best times ever Ulman and Pat LAUREL D. MAY Sam nothing! George JB Congo MICHAEL J. MCCORMACK Swoosh, what? Swoosh,What? PATRICIA M. MCKELLAR March 19, 1956 120 RICHARD H. MCELEANY CYNTHIA C. MCGEEVER Mac"Moondog" Watching the moon? June 16, 1956 BRIAN R, MCMORROW DENNIS J. MCMULLIN Red June 14, 1956 JOHN M. MCNAMARA 2:30 Pronto Fish Mac WILLIAM J. MCNAMARA , , Mac The Toy Oh Nice Wolf Man I kits-I f Q f 9 4 ' samantha-in JANE H. McNEILL Dare to dream WILLIAM C. MEANY Basketball SOMF Golf The House X KARL W. MEINCKE RICHARD P. MELICK JOAN H. MELONIS DAVID E. MEOMARTINO Hockey Bowling Girls-No.1 YAH! Soccer Ski Utah SOMF Friday PM They came on kitten's feet. July 14, 1956 VON, CYNTHIA A. MERNICK STEPHEN W. MERRITT MARK N. MESSIER LINDA METCALF Cince OhNo! FH Lacrosse TPG Iam June 9, 1956 beautiful people and things May 7, 1956 121 DONNA T. MICALI August 31,1956 SUSAN K. MILLER September 10, 1956 DAVID A. MONTT March 22, 1956 MARGARET M. MOREHEAD Track,Musica1s, Chorus, Lessons PATRICIA M. MOORE P,P.,D.B.,M.N.,K.F.C.,Roche's THEODORE J. MORIN June 5, 1956 - March 7,1975 122 HOLLY S. MICK NANCY C. MIDDLEBROOK Happy now that We are free J M Lake Winni Wa Skiing Sailing DAVID G. MILLS KAREN A. MOLLOY January 8, 1957 Summer '73 Roche's ANNE M. MORRISSEY GAYLE M. MORRISON August 18, 1956 February 21, 1956 AMY JO MORSE DANA R. MOSHER , Velveteen Rabbit Jam Yo Skiing Wrestling Collin s Telep 2 ELAINE L. MUIR Oct.20 56 - Pud Tiger Law P. MULDOON ortation Perry Rhodan FREDERICK R. MUIR BBall Wrestling Fourth Period MARGARET A. MULHERIN September 16, 1956 ROBIN A. MULCAHY April 4, 1955 THOMAS P. MULLINS Oldsmobile:Funtimes at Bergsns 123 JOREEN N. MURRAY November 24, 1955 DAVID R. NARDONE St Louis Bud Race Cars Robin PEGGY L. NAGEL Summers at NH KFC got the car LINDA J. NAHIGIAN Rebel, S.P.A.B. WDeaming Duo JOHN NAUGHTON Football DAVID C. NEAL Bauman's houseg junkyMOBIL,ga1 STEPHEN NANNINI Deep Purple Live! P.L.B. CKM EDWARD NEGOSHIAN JOAN M. NEILL THOMAS C. NELSON 6 am practice l'Oh fruitcakes!" Nelson wake up 12-26-56 W ff gf! MARK S. NEWBERT MARY T. NEWCOMB ewby those sudden urges! Penny JP Dennis drinking team Bill KIM NETTLETON August 10, 1956 PATRICIA S. NEWCOMB CHERYL H. NICKERSON Nick no problem Cape Peter Nl-I BRIAN J. NORTON Splint Norty melons oh yeah no ANDREA J. NEUMAN Andi-10130156 ski,C.C. twins Y MITCHELL S. NEUMAN June 15, 1956 PETER W. NOLL Football track sailing OH Lisa PATRICIA NOWLAN February 14, 1956 MARK V. NUCCIO Du Kommst Nie Wieder! WILLIAM F. O'CONNELL Okie Seriously what can I say? CATHERINE M. O'LEARY RICHARD R. OLSEN The 3 B'sit Matters! DYNAMITE April 30, 1956 X. JUDITH A. OLSHANSKY TRAUTE OLSON To die or to conquer the mt. Rambler Agustos Toady Tilly 126 JAN E. NUGENT Nuge The Suite The GR jjCNT BY MARIANNE T. O'CONNOR Mockg The Cape Nostn Sogm CLARE M. O'BRIEN Obie, B-Ball Cocapt, Hockey,CC DONNA O'DUGGAN Dug Dude We're outa here J 3-73 SUSAN M. O'SHEA BARRY M. O'TOOLE LEE ALLISON OUNANIAN Light Blue Choc Bunny Brighams June 30, 1956 May 14, 1956 THOMAS A. PALADINO JANET L. PALMER DONNA M. PAOLETTI know which way to go WP LGB Badge Girlsroom 65? The gang 8123173 WW Wolf Barbs JG BB8 A x ' A DONNA J. PAPADINOFF JAMES B. PARENTEAU out into savage wildemess March 29, 1956 5 5 Q ANNE PARKER PAUL R. PARSONS March 28, 1956 Tennis, X-Country "ATL Boy 127 WILLIAM L. PARSONS March 19, 1956 1 A' W.. , , NANCY M. PATRONE Band Private Girls room Steven RENEE R. PERKINS WILLIAM E. PERRY JOHN J. PETERS CARE 8112156 Winkies Debbie Kraut Capt. Hockey Dads F-4 WOW EILEEN PHANEUF JUDITH A. PIERSIAK ROBERTA M. PINEO human being no. 897969403 August 8, 1956 Fellclta e una lunga Vlta - - - 128 LYNNE M. PATNODE "Our dandelion days are done" KIM O. PECK February 4, 1956 DAVID PETERSON Let's go out to the grove now! LAWRENCE J. POTTS Potts'y Whats up Packey run KW THEODORE B, PQWERS PHILIP W. PRESCOTT August 22, 1956 GARY S. PUGATCH JOHN E. RAE Poogy, Kahuna, Walpole, ALCHIES September 8, 1954 wi? H , n 5 4 l wx vnu? 5 pp. 4 z MARTIN J. RAFFOL JOSEPH R. RAMRATH ROBIN A. RANDALL JANET S- RANTZ Phantom Baseball Olds 88 T November 4, 1956 Footprints in sands of time Ju1Y 6, 1956 sifw' KATHLEEN RAY HELEN M, RAYMOND RICHARD L. RAYMOND DANIEL J. REDDINGTON CCC, Scituate, Butter DJT Honey,The Cape, Music,You Jerk 00101191 18, 1955 May 13, 1956 KATHLEEN T- REDGATE JACK E. REEDER . BARBARA J. REILLY JOYCE M. REPETTO Gates, FCC, Gang, The 1301115 After school at B.C.'s SOMF Mixer wlGuinzo 8123173 Sandler Shopping,N,Y., duck,Florida WW Y. 4 rr. , Jenn 1. A DONNA RHEAUME DEAN J RICCI KEVIN RICCIARDELLI KATHRYN S. RICE 'C k K ElRie skiin Gang Debs hypo Fri nites Jay August 1-9, 1956 We never know till it's too late ROH1 OI , BI, C 0 E - A JW wx, J NN , MN-Q mu-K-My l STEPHEN E. RIDGE For God so loved the world . . . PETER A. RIVOIRA May 5, 1956 How to go FLUGE JOHN S. ROBINSON 12455 Blacky Track NANCY J. ROSE THOMAS G. REIMER June 13, 1956 WAYNE K. ROBBINS JANET E. RILEY The gang Debs hypo SCOTT! ANDREA ROBERTS July 19, 1956 Bambi, Pepsi, EYC, Shakes, Abe, WW MONA M. ROCKETI' December 12, 1955 PAUL A. ROSENFIELD EDMUND A. ROONEY Parasite "Thank God I'm out.', STEVEN H. ROSENFIELD ALAN M. ROSE That did it! KAHUNA Walpole! LEIGH M. ROSSI Rosebud Cape weekend No Jelly Music playing Guitar Sports Parasite, "It's not funny, but" J 01111, P2-IUGS, fIiCI1dS, C-weekend 131 ELIZABETH RYAN MARK S. SAHAGIAN Sahag LORI B. SANDNER tell me why people let go . . ." BRAD W. SBRACCIA August 29, 1956 STEPHEN W. RYAN ELIZABETH A. SALVUCCI Love is believing in tomorrow JACQUELINE D. SAVOIA April 20, 1956 LAURIE L. SCHNEIDER September 20, 1956 132 SUSAN J. RYAN THEODORE RYE "No I'm not going to H.C." PAUL SAMMARCO PATRICIA A. SAMPSON Sammy Cape FH Skiing Aletha Rd ROBERT P. SCOTT June 20, 1955 FRANK J. SETIAN Franco Utah Sat. Nite Gusto ELIZABETH J. SEIDENBERG December 21, 1956 AHS SUSAN M. SCHOFIELD May 16, 1956 Lotsa NP S+P PAUL H. SCHWEBEL abcclefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz 123 . . . NANCY J. SELIG ,'To live life is to love life" SANDRA T. SHAHEEN December 14, 1956 PAUL F. SHALDONE March 3, 1956 133 DERK W. SCHUTMAAT Dancin' Derk, Some Rowdy Brew f ROBERT C. SCOTT JR. MARIA A. SERPENTINO To all the good old days 8t fun RONDA L. SHAPIRO March 10 Strive to be happy JAMES P. SHARKEY 13 MJ L CC MT KE Wally the Du I , PAUL J. SHILO September 26, 1956 STEVEN J. SILVERSTEIN DANIEL SILVERSTONE GARY B. SIMON Percussion, Mudshark Life is too short to be small. Sie,Toastie's Boys, Ski 93 .sw I LYNNE R. SISKOWITZ PATRICIA E. SMALL STEVEN SMITH December 8, 1956 Tango Hill Ecc RB73 July 9, 1956 134 NORMA R. SHEAFE Brat Greaser 50s Alry Riding JULIE G. SHUMAN Band,Candy Sale J B LB Sandler ANNE M. SIMPKINS SNFF Priv Inv Dov Need Fight THOMAS E. SMITH Smitty Soccer Hockey Dads F4 LISA M. SOBEL Sobe 3M sailing my buddy Peter LYNNE S. STANLEY Charlie JB WB Parties NY Congo 4, I 1 P 5 5 I f 3 TJ' 5 I 1 "I I l I 5' " 51 5 rv. d I KENNETH D. SOULE Kill that Belvedere 283ci JILL IVY STANTON Memories begin right now tsunami, ,M.,,,Q-ff-vga M NM' J AMY BETH SPEERS December 8, 1956 DEBORAH A. STARK Bruce, Those lunch hours, Europe ANDREA L. STONE Somewhere over the rainbow . . . WNV! STANLEY M. SUGARMAN January 2, 1956 135 E ' i fi ly MARK THOMAS SPENCE "Why did I take Latin?" I CHERYL A. STEEVES Purple butterfliesg workg guitar RUTH E. St. ONGE Eddie Feb. 18 72' Zhen Natalie WILLIAM CHIP SUGRUE Jasper Lacrosse Hurl Pug Carty ANN M. SULLIVAN Phillyg Suite partiesg NeegCYO MARY P. SULLIVAN Mitsy CYO Calif Ski ESP Philly NANCY M SUSSENGUTH MARTIN J. SVELNIS Bobby WWW Chuck GG EYC Luck' 4 Jeep Vette 409 Ford RI NH VT DEBORAH L. SULLIVAN Riding Dances Parties Capewknd PATRICIA A. SULLIVAN Baby blue Budgiesg Lilacsg Band PAYSON F. SWAFFIELD August 13, 1956 JEFFREY B SWARTZ SANDRA L. SWEET Wrestling Tennis Syndlcate Bud October 27, 1956 136 THERESA A. SWEET Glou-Kits-Cove Nov22 Lib Jul27 LYNN A. TAGGART Tag,3M,Michael, 2-15-7 1 SUSAN J. TANNER Don't leave me waiting here MC ANGELO TERRAZZINO Pm out of stalag thirteen September 1, 1956 LAUREL A. THOMAS CHRISTINE L. TAYLOR Chris, CB-LH "Hi grysn NHB WILLIAM H. THOMPSON Willie Football 13 SOMF Track BARBARA A. THORPE LOUIS TIBERI ft Thorpy,EYC,Hockey, Band, Vermont February 14, 1956 VIRGINIA M. TIERNEY ANDREA H. TINKHAM October 15,1956 roar tf vcp give an award BG 137 PAUL T. TOCCI Guinea, groucho, Pete, BC,S ANN L. TRACEY July za, 1956 LINDA A. TOMACELLI June 11, 1956 JOANNE M. TRAMONTOZZI November 16,1956 138 ROGER TORRI CAROLE TRIPP Humarock,Jerry Owen's Farm CCC GREGORY TURNER I'm eighteen Bergsns Tom Clark SUSAN R. UNDERWOOD May 18, 1956 KATHERINE M. TOTARO Kerrie Oct 19 Neighbors David MARK R. TULLY KEE 13 Kahuna 68 CSRJJ JTMJ RAVEN E. TURNER KEVIN G. URBAN CLARK VALCOVIC The Fuff KENNETH P. VESTAL January 13,1956 .L PAULA R. VOLK September 8, 1956 SHARON M. WALLACE October 2, 1956 .NNW ELIZABETH VANBAARS March 9,1956 P. SHELTON VIRDEN Skiing Soccer 13 Winsy Boy DANIEL V. WALLACE Wally hockey I feel mental VW KATHLEEN A. WALSH Kathy BC nursing WDennis Tab GEORGES VEDIE Not soon to forget AMKB + MUNC MARY LYNN VANPELT October 13, 1956 JILL VIVIAN JAMES E. VOGEL FL,Fly-WOULD-YOU,Vermont,Jody April 12, 1956 139 MARIANNE WALSH Red gmaj orettesgYghockey gSunap PAUL M. WEAMER SUSAN D. WALTON ANN M. WASHEK e July 30, 1956 October 3, 1956 SUSAN M. WEBSTER THOMAS K, WEINER RICHARD C. WATERHOUSE October 5, 1955 ELISA A. WEINSTEIN April 11, 1956 May 29, 1956 October 27, 1956 Lisa Garagw Florida Loon Mt. 140 PETER WEST WENDY L. WHIPPLE December 11, 1955 JULIE H. WHITAKER Music lounge NYST Bergsons MATTHEW H. WHITE September 30, 1956 LINDA M WHITNEY SUSAN A. WILE JONATHAN R. WILLIAMS JADC Ifl had to do ll over August 23, 1955 Ragweed HP 13 LEP Fredy Toasty MARK L WILLIS KIRSTEN WINTER JAMES R. WOLFSON Aprrl 24 1956 NO BIGGY,My Party, 98 MPH,OTW September 28, 1956 SUSAN C. WORTHINGTON Football shirt Bug Cape Macki MARY A. YARDLEY 'waits for a change . . . and so,'SM Mem 142 TODD D. WILLIAMSON NB Circuit TOCCI! OB Express GEORGE E. WOOD February 23, 1956 DONALD W. YOKES SpongefYou're wastedllron EUGENIA A. ZALESKI December 2, 1956 JAMES S. YOUNG Arbeit Macht Das Leben Suss CATHERINE P. ZEPH GS-Ecmunc-World wide traveler! MAUREEN C. ZIMMERMAN KAREN A- ZOBEL Mau S0ph YI' 1019171 Heidi Bieio Steve-Zgb, N0 Biggie SNFF CAMERA SHY STEPHEN P. BOWES FREDERICK M. BROWN MARY BETH BURKE DIANE CERENDOLO JEFFREY S. COPE ANTHONY COSTA WILLIAM H. CROCKER CHRISTOPHER CROWELL BASIL DIAMOND JOHN ELLIS BETTY A. EVERSON PAUL L. GOVERNOR MICHAEL G. HECKLER KATHRYN E. HILLEGASS KIM A. KENNEY JAMES A. KERNER DAVID M. LEGGE JOAN M. MCNICHOLAS JAMES CASS EILEEN MULCAHY LEO R. MURPHY JAMES A. MURRAY VINCENT N. O,CONNELL DONNA J. PALTRINERI SCOTT C. PARSONS DAVID PETERSON MICHAEL PRINS JAMES M. RONCI STEPHEN W. RYAN BRAD W. SBRACCIA DONALD A. SHEPHERD DAVID A. SOUSA DOUGLAS K. SWEET JOHN N. VESPA CHERYL A. VILLANI THOMAS VOGEL GREGORY WILE MICHAEL KELLEHER 4 - '-W fe A, e:'.'fvr 4' 1 Q-.vale QQ, ,.m."'1-'gg ,'j5!',"' riff I e e e in ku."""".,E,-42 f bf' ' 'ff V75 E sf- ., ,QQ ,J vw vs A Q , ,ff ,W , L 2 s- s -AQ ,2i,f- 952.4 Yi A W' 'S I A D- A "Via, uv i ff' ,fi , 'S A ,Q S - . ,Li 23 ,fm +1 7 die . "l Qzfgl ffl-ib'uf'f1,2 63' ' ,ffgkti -.5 fix? Zn? fi'fg'Ej", 3 ""?,g 'U' W H225 'vi+?l??'if fm '5-f'5"l"eflf2!f"f 1' Q we 'Wai-ef Xie If f Q43 ER' 1 X xl .A gjiy, Q , Q 61:7 L L L I ig, .Q , II, 23. -I gg, A " 8 hm' H fl If A 'V Q' " ' V!" H" f f iisflf 5' 'X xii? A-3 1 mg pi' .4 2 . . 5' . 'Q 1,11 gg :X i :gg 355 fi, 45,9145 'di' 1 M bf if if ffsii 3' ,f-,Q 13' gay. 4, ,e 3. I - flee-f X4 5 X ya :-.Q ! JW' fzfa-.EQEwj4,g,F,e I, - an Mfg A .,5w f'?ffQ 9650 ?3:!6,g ' 1.'b 'la ' f'i-555: 1,5 P1 .I 1 vga-f, 'N ' I A Y 'A fy: H Q SQFQL 1" I 1- i ,. Q. ,M get .3"!9u'f-'gf' 3 f 'gqefndiffkwir e' ' f 11,9 .. 5 ,i 1 I ? 'EIS' L "..!? .. ,. IN MEMORIAM -annul-u-fe steven barton ' garrett Cullen i jeffrey wyke , I ? U' 1, 4, .B N325 3 S K 5 Q i Q Y 8 i i a I 5 Q ai E w I5 ai 4 2 5 S e E i Q Q 3 E 5 2 i v Q Q fi n F E f i 4 Mr. 85 Mrs. Chester P. Saul Adams, M.D. Mr. 85 Mrs. Chester F. Mr. 85 Mrs. Charles T. Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert W. SPONSORS Adams Ader Aj amian Anderson Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert R. Andrews II Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert E. Atkinson Mr. 85 Mrs. Lido Baldelli Harry Baver, M.D. Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert R. Bartholomew The Bauman Family Mr. 85 Mrs. William Beckman Mr. 85 Mrs. Robert W. Bell Dr. 85 Mrs. C. R. Berube Mr. 85 Mrs. Stanley B. Bielski Mr. 85 Mrs. Fred Blatt Mr. 85 Mrs. Willard R. Bliss Mr. 85 Mrs. Marshall Bonney Mr. 85 Mrs. Jack J. Boyajian The Bows Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Ralph A. Brosnan Mr. 85 Mrs. John S. Allison Mr. 85 Mrs. John Anderson Mr. 85 Mrs. John Anthonakes The Brosman Family Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs. The Brown Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Arthur C. Brown Dawson L. Brown Family Paul Burke Hugh Burns James Burns James P. Burns The Burt Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Paul E. Carlson Lewis Carr Peter W. Carre Paul B. Carty Richard S. Cass A. E. Cefalo Mr. 85 Mrs. Philip A. Christophe Mr. 85 Mrs. Ambrose J. Claus Sandra Cohen 85 Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. William H. Curtis Leonard Cusack George W. Cutler Winton E. Balzer George Bazer Arthur Carr The Chapin Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Donn Daganhardt Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Stanton Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo Dell'Erario Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Devoe Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas E. Digan Mr. 8: Mrs. Everett B. Horn, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank J. Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. William S. Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard J. Hurd The Hurley Family The Dube Family Leo E. Duprey, D.M.D. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Hutcheson Gordon B. Jones Charles Kalayjian Mr. 8: Mrs. Alden Eberly Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank A. Eich Mr. 8: Mrs John E. Eldert Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas H. Emerson, Jr. Dr. 8: Mrs. Theodore F. Engel, Jr. The Ellis Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. The Fisher Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Ficcardi Henry Fine Ralph W. Fingar Family James J. Fleming Samuel Goldman Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Helfernan Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward L. Holfman Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. John Doherty Richard Ellis Lawrence J. Ferriter Stephen Ftorek Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Kearney Mr. 8: Mrs. R. W. Kelleher Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Keller Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul V. Kelly Mr. 8: Mrs. Frederick M. Kempton Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward H. Kneale, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. George P. Kozak Dr. Stewart L. Leach Mr. 8: Mrs. Alexander LeClair, Jr. Dr. 8: Mrs. Merle A. Legg Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert L. Levin Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Maletz Mr. 8: Mrs. James Mayo Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Kosmenko Dr. 8: Mrs. George P. Kozak Mr. 8: Mrs. John Kenney Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs John K. Meany Merritt C. Stetson Mick David Mills Philip R. Molloy Mr. 85 Mrs Joseph H. Moore Mr. 85 Mrs Willaim A. Morrison Mr. 85 Mrs Robert J. Mulcahy Mr. 85 Mrs Edward J. Mullins Natalie L. O,Connor Mr. 85 Mrs. Donnel F. O'Duggan Mr. 85 Mrs. Frank R. Parker Mr. 85 Mrs. Dewitt C. Parsons III The Perkins Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs 4 William E. Perry James Pineo William M. Powers Herbert Pugatch John E. Rae Charles Ray Carl Rantz The Lennertz Family The Liddell Family The Lombard Family The Lemaire Family Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. The The The The 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. 85 Mrs. O. H. Reilly Frank Repetto A. Franklin Rice Joseph G. Ricci Edmund Roony Donald E. Rose Walter Roseniield Robert Rossi John J. Ridge Roland Ricciardelli David Riviora Noel W. Roberts James J. Ryan Thomas Ryan John J. Ryan The Sandner Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Charles M. Schofield Charles M. Schofield, Jr. Mr. 85 Mrs. Walter H. Scott 85 Mrs. Charles M. Seidenberg Selig Family Leone Family Lewis Family MacWhinney Family Daniel Silverstone Dr. 85 Mrs. Leslie Silverstone The Simon Family Mr. Charles Simpkins Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs Dr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Mr. 85 Mrs. Gerald Smith Isaac Sobel Richard F. St Onge Walter Steeves William J. Sugrue Paul J. Sussenguth Temby Edward B. Tracey Richard Tucker John L. Turner Willis Van Pelt Paul J. Vestal Prospere S. Virden, Jr. Don F. Webb The Weiner Family The Young Family The Zeph Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Jeremiah O'Leary Mr. 85 Mrs. Richard Randall The Raffol Family The Zobel Family Metal Goods Alcan Aluminum Needham Garden Center Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous The Redgate Family Mr. 85 Mrs. D Bradley Sullivan The Soule Family Mr. 85 Mrs. Nino N Tramontozzl H! XXX X American Field ServiceInternationalScholarships l 1 xx X , , wg X fi? -.ff ,.. .. 9 2 - 1 v fl , ,, K crecre, 1 .yawn f 1 Q N ,1 Y , f ' ., W , W ., . N XX M v 1 R we se ' .1 .W , eeee 1 1 Janet Eaton Bill PHTSOHS Linda Switzer Carol Liddell Sweden Denmark Turkey Germany 1970-1971 1972-1973 Summer - 1972 Summer - 1973 'x.1 LEND A HAND . qv nv! fi w GR A HOME Virgilia M. F aria Fernando de la Cueva Nirmala Jayasuriya Claudia Piccolini Brazil Spain Ceylon Argentina 1969- 1970 1970- 1971 1971-1972 1972-1973 if Te 1 1 E 1 jr.. f MUZI FORD CITY Your Big City of Fords 557 Highland Ave., Needham Heights Telephone: 444-5300 Pinto - Maverick - Mustang - Torino - Galaxie - Thunderbird NEEDHAM NATIONAL j A SHAWMUT AssocuAnoN B MEMBER mc. H AT NEEDHAM SQUARE AND NEEDHAM HEIGHTS 153 COLONIAL SALES CO. Compliments Of 10 Keamey Rd- APPLIED PHOTO SCIENCES Needham, Mass. WILLIAMSON ELECTRICAL CO., INC. 43 Fremont Street Compliments of Needham Heights, Mass. 02194 444-6800 Exit 56E rt L. Tilton Route 128 Congratulations from 444-4377 HIGHLAND AVE. MARKET 31 Fremont Street 54 Highland Ave., Needham Needham Heights, Mass. 444-1329 I1 L l el' 9 9 -nie slore The Penguin is Dead EOR THE WOMAN AND HER HOME GO FORMAL WITH PARIS Needhamlffjfachusetts 154 L E E 2 A ART SHADE CO. E 165 Chestnut Street git Needham, Mass. 02192 C6171 444-1908 Lamps ' Custom Shades ' Repairing 8: Recovering Compliments of FRIENDLY SERVICE Q' EARL MACPHER5ON.B.S,REG PH 444-esso Tet.. 444-assi Serving Needham since 1928 DONATI CITGO SERVICE ' Phone 444-9765 Next to First National Parking Lot 26 Pickering St., Needham, Mass. Compliments of FAVORS 8: GIFTS 1062 Great Plain 444-6953 Compliments of ANDERSON MACHINE INC 85 Machine Building and Repairing Toyota Needham Heights - 444-3410 444-5779 HUMPHREY Compliments of ASSOCIATES, INC. 3 REALTORS EATON s FUNERAL HOME 1243 Highland Ave. 444-6410 living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see it's getting hard to be someone but it all works out 156 Compliments of . . . CALVERT'S 938 Highland Ave. Needham Heights BEREJ IK MOTGRS INC. 126 Highland Avenue Needham, Mass. 02194 444-4797 Your Local Quality Oldsmobile Dealer For the Performance Buff: All New Speed 8: Performance Shop Stocking Hop-Up Items for All American Made Cars. Open Nites till 9 p.m. Sat. till 5 p.m. 157 l 7 vwwzcwzce 013111 SELL sf co W Julius F. Haller J. Deane Somerville! Francis J. Flynn Leif S. Larsen Arthur A. Morse C. Mitchell Draper, Jr. Herbert S. Tuckerman We Welcome an Opportunity To Serve You When You Are in Need of Insurance Counsel. One Boston Place Boston, Massachusetts 02106 Area Code 617 723-7100 West Suburban Oflice 1095 Great Plain Avenue Needham, Massachusetts 02192 Area Code 617 449-1134 New York 158 ROCHE BROS. SU PERMARKETS To Have You As a The Finest Name in Meats Happy Shopper . . . Is Our Greatest Ambition Pat and Bud Roche 159 , ' 1 1 ' L, sisxin- Q . O ' O ' o o 9 0 Q ICE CREAX Q J 1498 Highland Avenue, Needham, Massachusetts - 444-9530 CAREER RECRUITERS lllterllatimlal lhl llIC.lll IXNIJ -XXINL T ' Nll'lJll"xNl N1'XNSsXClllSlllwIl'llP-1 4447HHli C WINSLOW'S NURSERIES Compliments of The New PANELLA'S FOOD CENTER 50 Central Ave. New England's Largest Variety Growers Needham, Mass. Route 135 - At the Wellesley Line CROWN HOUSE xREALTY,lNC.' XAXQZX 1 Itiglslfiwe CLEANING Co. - -' 78 Fremont Street , "WP umm Needham Mass, 02194 ' ' REAL ESTATE REALTORI-1 92a GREAT PLAIN AVE TClZ 444-0052 MORTGAGES NEE.DElQ1Ng,2MASS. INSURANCE CUSTOM BUlL.DlNG TEL- 444-5140 E DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCH NG g ,Q-X RE-SETTING ENGRAVING REPAIRI - N k JEWELRY a GIFTS OFF THE RECORD 125 Chapel St. J. at R. TURCO, INC. 1496 HIGHLAND AVE. Needham 449-1064 PHONE 444-save NEEDHANI, MASS. 02192 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class JACKSON FABRICS 990 Great Plain Avenue 160 AIR CONDITIONED Qxmevican my ,meaufx 951 GREAT PLAIN AVENUE NEEDHAM, Compliments Of , MASSACHUSETTS BERGSON ICE CREAM mono my my HI ucREsr 4-0216 Congratulations Class of 1974 TAYLOR'S STATIONARY, INC. Needhamls Complete School Store With Compliments of NEEDHAM SPORTING GOODS THE BOOKSHELF, INC. 1037 Great Plain Avenue I 909 Gfeaf Plam Ave Needham, Massachusetts 02192 ?t .f" , A n ys Needham, Mass' tl, Tel. HI4-5356 Class of '74 THE GREATEST CLASS EVER Compliments of - OKX W. T. COLPITTS, INC. 1241 Highland Ave. Needham, Mass. Master license 1:7346 Plumbing Heating Gas Fitting KitchenAid Dishwashers 85 Disposers General Electric ' Major Appliances 444-8040 Compliments of 115 Fourth Avenue, Needham Heights, Mass. 02194 161 CONVENIENT FOOD MART Open 7 Days 9 A.M. to Midnite H. S. LOCKE Sc SON COMPANY BUILDING SUPPLY CENTER OF NEEDHAM 73 Chestnut Street 444-0022 444-5680 opposite the fire station BUCKLEY 8: SCOTT, WHETTON, INC. NEW ENGLAND'S OLDEST AUTOMATIC HEATING ESTABLISHMENT One Hundred-Fifty West Street Needham Heights, Massachusetts 02194 Area Code 617 444-8300 5 Congratulations Class of ,74 I T 0 P Route 9, Natick All sunny skies would be too bright, All morning hours mean too much light, All laughing days too gay a strain, There must be clouds, and night, and rain, And shut-in days, to make us see The beauty of life's tapestry. 162 Compliments of PERLIN' S Quality Brands of Men and Boy's Wear 1019 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, Mass. ALLEN HARDWARE CO. 1028 Great Plain Ave. Free Delivery HI 4-4000 Join the Boosters HI 4-4Q01 Needham's Largest and Most Complete Hardware Store "Serving Needham Since 1933" Compliments of NEEDHAM CINEMA Always showing Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 HOYT LABORATORIES "Leaders in Preventive Dentistry" 633 Highland Avenue Needham, Mass. 02194 Compliments of OWEN,S POULTRY FARM the finest in FIMBEL DOOR CORPORATION screen entertainment 55 Franklin Street Needham, Mass. 02192 Bus. Area Code 617 444-9300 Commercial and Industrial Overhead Garage Doors NEEDHAM CYCLERY 238 Chestnut Street HARVEY'S HARDWARE CO., INC. paint, Wallpaper, garden supplies 85 tool rentals aluminum Windows and doors sold and serviced complete glass and locksmith service 1004 Great Plain Avenue Needham, Massachusetts 02192 444-4515 Springdale Avenue 8: Whiting Road Dover, Massachusetts 02030 785-1230 A CONGRATULATIONS 4 - if -fl 444-3600 --- Tr T "YOUR TOTAL COMFORT HEADQUARTERS" Mob.. heatlng 355 CHESTNUT STREET ES . NEEDHAM, MASS. 02192 C 1' t f ALBERT MOTORS, INC. Omplmen S O . , . . Chrysler - Plymouth -Imperial Phil s Texaco Service Station 25 Chapel Street Next to Roche Bros. Market Needham 444-9100 399 Chestnut St. Needham, Massachusetts Daily Car Rentals 444-9524 164 , X SQQSI-19 I S B 4 a Joel H Bennett NEEDHAM U, f rg, I C 'Q 159' o QQ you 96:68 90, 3 O 0 fo 'X 46 X X, 4 if g 100 4 U" .' 9 41 00,34 rx X Q QQ' f,?5s name. A f THE NEEDHAM CO-OPERATIVE BANK Needham, Massachusetts Assets: Over Fifty-four Million Dollars Organized for and Dedicated to the Principles of Systematic Thrift and Home Financing Over eighty years of Community Service in Financing the Building of Homes in Needham and Surrounding Communities 65 I EADIE,S RESTAURANT COFFEE SHOP 1430 Highland Ave., Needham, Mass. 02192 892 Highland Ave., Needham Hgts., Mass. 02194 Tel: 444-1011 Tel: 449-4466 Fine Foods Home Made Rolls and Pastry I617l 449-4432 9 AU" ,. , mm LONDON Reconos NEW ENGLAND """"' HARBOR TOOL SUPPLY CO., INC. midfrigufing corp. 180 First Avenue Needham Heights, Mass. 02194 N 26 WEXF-ORD Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAM GORSE CO. INC. 31 Thorpe Road Needham Hgts. 20 Kearney Road CEdar 5-3021 W. J. HAMILTON CO. Frigidaire, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Drilling 8: Blasting Needham, Mass. Zenith ' Roger G. Hamilton YOUNGS FURNITURE CO., INC. 1036 Great Plain Avenue Needham, Massachusetts Four Complete Floors of Furniture 444-2278 Bedroom - Dining Room - Den Rugs - Mattresses Good luck and all the best to the Class of ,74 CANDY CANE CLUB Rexall Agency Exclusive Cosmetics Barlonk Chocolates Rusxell Stover Candies Needham Apothecary 24 hour emergency prescription service Q 2l4 Chestnut St. I tNext to Glover Hospitall 42720 052 Realtor 1093 Great Plain Ave. Call 444-0505 MENS STORE 3 002 NEEDHAM REALTY INC. 60 Dedham Ave. Needham 16 Eaton Sq. Needham, Mass. 02192 444-5454 REAL ESTATE 8: INSURANCE Alden Eberle Sally Stoops G ld Y. ' era Gumnan Charlotte Kennedy HOW211'd Whitaker In-nl SIVICE - ' ON All MAKB 1 CHROMASONIC- TV 121 Chapel Street Needham, Mass. 02192 Zenith Sales 444-1807 D. C. ALTON CO., INC. Hartz Mountain Dustributors JUSTIN'S Old English House of Good Food Featuring Sandwiches, Hot Dinners, and Ice Cream cgfslbfien - :Regent Beauty Salon 1085 GREAT PLAIN AVE. NEEDHAM. MASS. TEL. 444- l B65 1 First Avenue Needham 339 Chestnut Street HOWARD JOHNSONS RUNNING HORSE . Every Monday: Chicken Fry Needham 449-2510 Wed.: fish fry FINE FABRICS AND LADIES Fri.: clam fr 444-6360 ACCESSORIES DELICIOUS PIZZAS Open 7 days a week HOT OVEN GRINDER AND HOME STYLE SPAGHETTI 6'Cal1 Your Order In Before You Leave Home - It Will Be Ready When You Arrivel' Q THANK YOU! NEEDHAM HOUSE OF PIZZA 914 Great Plain Ave. Phone 444-1139 Needham, Mass. TAYLOR FREEZER of New England Inc. 1183 Highland Ave. Needham, Mass. Soft-Serv Thick Shakes Slush Ice Cream Machines 617-449-0041 1 168 Best Wishes LZ the Class of Best Wishes From SOUTH SHORE NATIONAL KIERULFF ELECTRONICS 14 Charles Street 1211 Highland Ave. Needham, Mass. Needham Heights, Mass. Thomas P. O'Riordan, Prosidpn! 16173 444-8519 444-8520 X ra boston-needham industrial cleaning company, incorporated 1329 highland avenuelneedhammass.-02192 X as Phone: 'mfLlae!5 .,. r I McDONALD'S wwwsm-on 14 w e ,S ai You deserve a break today :Qi ' I rsv' ii G If Pl 'K A l if if ' H are mn vo. S 1 ii ngltlia-F4i1iZa::'cU:1?? :R :Bla 6-2,1 N and Hair-cuts K- U U A E is A 1 All Success to the Class Of 1974 EDWARD L. DAVIS JR., INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Edward L. Davis, Jr. C.L.U. - Richard W. Davis '61 Complete Insurance 444-0347 1237 Highland Avenue 444-0892 Compliments of DUDLEY, GARLAND AND JENSEN, INC. 126 Gould St. Needham Heights NEEDHAM ARTS 8L CRAFTS ART 8: CRAFT SUPPLIES Custom Framing Hand Made Gifts Classes 1404 Highland Avenue Needham, Massachusetts C 449-3399 169 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES 669 Highland Ave. Needham 444-9760 Sun.-Thurs. - 7 A.M.-12 P.M. Fri. 8: Sat. - 7 A.M.-2 A.M. Best Wishes from STEVENS DOOR SALES CORP. 15 Kearney Road Needham Heights Tel. 244-5495 Overhead Garage Doors Electric Operators Purchasers of Dial 449 0717 , Estate 85 Home Contents '-2 145 aw EE as was . . . ,.,, . BODY SI-I P I . ec NELSON-LEWIS ANTIQUES EXPERT FRAME AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT 908 Great plain Ave. 69 F kl' S JEROME www LYNCH NeeJS2m'T4eSE?S Needham, Mass. 02192 Tel. 444-5710 Massachusetts 02l'94 JACOBS SHOE STORE 30 Chestnut St. Compliments ' of BIRDS HILL PHARMACY Dexter Thom McAn Florsheim for Men 8c Women Sperry Boat Shoes PAGE 8: LUGTON INSURANCE Needham NEEDHAM JEWELRY STORE 444-0853 Jewelry - Gifts WE INSURE Watch and Jewelry Repairing CARS TRUCKS MOTORCYCLES Personal Service 943 Great Plain Avenue Needham, Mass, 444-0230 ALFRED W. greymont BUILDERS AND EXCAVATORS CUSTOM HOMES - ROOM ADDITIONS 743 CENTRAL AVE., NEEDHAM, MASS. 02194 C6175 444-7800 THE BOWLING GREEN, INC. 380 Chestnut St. Needham, Mass. 02192 Tel. 444-9720 Open Sundays - Air Conditioned BOWL FOR HEALTH Compliments of a Babysitter UNIVERSITY HOME SERVICES 1332 Q v 1 1 I , A' sl! .'s.X.'l v', 5 4 1 4 - 1 fl.'.1l-'f,1,1,l1l Why not show us where your head is at? THE LOOKING GLASS SALON 906 Great Pln. Ave. R. C. MUIRHEAD, INC. Jeep Sales 8z Service 54 Mellen Street Needham Heights, Mass. 02194 Needham, Mass. 444-9582 444-2726 Open Thurs. 8z Fri. Eve. 444-9679 -1- Q TEL EMA Tl0N INA PRESIDENT EAS 1: INC. The Travel Center Incorporated 795 WASHINGTON sr., 927 GREAT PLAIN AVE It 10 Charles Street NEWTONVILLE, MASS. NEEDHAM, MASS. Needham, Massachusetts 02194 969-4240 449-4240 16175 449-3322 FRIENDLY ICE CREAM Compliments of DUZ'N DONUTS 260 Chestnut St. Needham, Mass. 444-8077 Compliments of HUMPHREY'S SERVICE, INC. 1401 Highland Ave. 444-2620 Needham, Mass. Compliments of NEEDHAM BOWLAWAY 16 Chestnut St. Bowl-for-health-sake Air conditioned 444-9614 Congratulations and Best Wishes From WHITTEMORE ASSGCIATES INC. Your headquarters for: Bibles, Books, Campus Crusade materials, Religious Jewelry, and Posters Whittemore Associates, Inc. 3 Wexford Street Needham Heights, Mass. 02194 Telephone 449-1500 Open Every Friday Till 8 P.M. Compliments of VITA NEEDLE CO. OPEN SUNDAYS TELEPHONE 444 9538 Needham Candy Mart USWEETEST PLACE IN TOWN" MURRAY GALPER 910 GREAT PLAiN AVENUE ROBERT eotoasrzc NEEDHAM, MASS. 02192 AKERS BQYVEN Compliments of BB , H0 S . FRANTIC FRAMERS INC. REALTORS. 935 Great Plain Ave. Needham, Mass. 02192 Phone: C6175 444-7400 947 Great Plain Ave. Needham, Mass. 449-4399 CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR 108 YEAR-OLD NEIGHBOR New wtf X 0 ff is-flW'W Yes, we've been a nationally known knitwear manufacturer for over a century, but we think young-young enough to truly appreciate the thoughts and talents of the "now" generation. Everyone at Carter's including these recent Needham High School graduates offers you his best wishes for success and happiness in the years ahead. If you're starting your career now, perhaps you'd like to be a part of the Carter's team. Call Eliot Olsen at 444-7500. He'll be glad to show you around and tell you about our on-the-job training, good pay and benefits which include tuition aid. And think of all the time and money you could save by not commuting! 9 Needham Heights 173 ,xx TO THE GREAT CLASS OF '74 THANKS FUR THE MEMORIES E AND BETTY HEFFERNA 174 CLASS OF l974 "You only go around once in life, so you have to grab for all the gusto that life has to offer? Schlitz There is no need to encourage the members of the Class of '74 to always search for the better things in life. This is but one last tribute to '74, hoping that you will always have the desire to grab each and every sip of gusto that life has to offer. 1973-1974 S.A.C. 175 3 Our Best Wishes to the lass of l974 if K Qefezey eww - G' .df .8 X-, 1 Q X .X t 1' .XX VVIINI - DECO DISPLAY com .0 0' 1' - -l .0 .cf , ss, Ill IL .cf WIIKNAUUNAZ UISPZA1'f0ll!P11,.'11l'f1.S'S01'14l'f.S' W6 A - 136 Brookline Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02215 - 1' et IA rea Code 6171 266-4332 CIDEAJ .cf .9 .cf .cf All-AMERICAN DISPLAY C0.,INC 19' Hartford Hilton Hotel, 10 Ford Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06103 . Tel. tArea Code 2031 525-4265 t 176 It . a Big Wide onderful World Judging by the headlines, the problems of the world seem to be increasing. Pollution, war, disease, poverty, racism, crime, injustice and a thousand other specters haunt our lives and beat away on the drums of despair. And yet, in the midst of it all, life flourishes. Somehow, there is still love, and happiness, and beauty, and all the other good things. Best of all, there are the millions and millions of people who still care about our world and who are doing whatever they can to make it better-- helping others, respecting the environment, speaking out when they think somethingis wrong, helping to preserve what is good, and to change what is not. Because of them, it's still a big wide, wonder- ful world. With your help, it always will be. Donft let the headlines beat you down. Find the good things and make them better. ESG EASTERN DIVISION NEEDHAM HEIGHTS, MASSACHUSETTS EXPERT CUTTING BLO-CUTS 8L STYLING NEIL'S HAIR F ASHIONS 44 Chestnut St., Needham 449- 1628 444-9729 VICTOR GATTO REAL ESTATE REALTORS 1034 Great Plain Avenue M. Catherine Bachynski Jean F. Sullivan RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL Compliments of HEIGHT'S PHARMACY 444-0503 Competent Confidential Counseling Compliments of R. D. BURNHAM CO. INC. Compliments of EEAE EEEAEE TAU PHI GAMMA 938 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, Massachusetts 02192 444-3020 , ik 9 - all .E E, O x I E, CHARLES MORRISON ' 'I FLORIST I 1658 Great Plain Avenue Needham, Mass. 02192 Pl'1011C 444-3051 rw- 7 5 FTD f Y" ' . I 1'-Law s . .-" ' 'V 178 WEST'S Men's and B0y's Wear "Jeans to Tuxedo Rentalsv 1016 Great Plain Avenue 444 Open Fridays 'till 9:00 p.m. -8945 Bodgfuj WALLY wALLAcE's 'H -f Auro sonv SHOP f NNMM M H EIGHTS 5 1 W GARDEN STEPHEN'S CHINESE RESTAURANT 250 Chestnut Street, Needham H Take-Out Service 444-9737 449-1450 Compliments of CASEY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 444-4472 There are places I remember All my life though some have changed Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain SORROTA CLUB WITH BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE FROM: Maclntyre E ay 85 Thayer Inc. l Wells Ave. Newton TELEPHONE 332-5100 c'The insurance agency which offers complete service for the youthful customer. Our specialists know your needs." 180 DOWNTOWN NEEDHAM HEIGHTS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Needham Heights, Mass. Requirements: If you want a choice position You must have a cheery disposition Rosy cheeks, no warts Play games, all sorts You must be kind You must be witty Very sweet and fairly pretty Go on outings, give treats Sing songs, EAT SWEETS! For further information contact: The Dean of Admissions Downtown Needham Heights Community College Needham, Mass. 02194 An unequal opportunity institution compliments of some friends 181 WH fi 'QQ 'qbv 5 1 ag-I , 1' V, ,mr 1 5. 8' 12227 Q .fl fly 5 :Q -4 gg. X fx fi 'i .4 . GIRL'S TRACK: FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sparks - coach, Barbara Biber, Kim Kenny, Lisa Olson, Debby Marr, Lynne Salvaggio, Brel Hurd - co-capt., Sharon Heinze - co-capt., Nancy Sussenguth, Claire O,Brien, Kim Mosher, Ann Naughton, Cindy Martin, Robin Pin Jill Bliss, Nancy O'Neal. SECOND ROW: Martha Miceli, Alicia Reilly, Carolyn Fader, Jane Quigley, Donna Krech, Sherry Kezele, Phy Squires, Trisha Logan, Sue Pineo, Sue Bliss, Kim Newman, Margaret Judge, Joan Goffi, Martha Gaudet, Carol Danek, Terry Tierr THIRD ROW: Patricia Harris, Lindsay Cunningham, Carol Wadsworth, Marianne Bachynski, Debbie Krech, Harriet Rosenbaum, Sue E Peggy Scanlon, Midge Kirby, Sue Linton, Anne Morris, Barbara Cliff, Roxie Roethlisberger, Sue Ryan, Nancy Bennotti, Patty Kozak. ,J , k Track GIRLS' LACROSSE - FIRST ROW, Mrs. Judy Schoonover - coach, Renee Sugrue f manager, Barbara Thorpe, Mary Howard, Carol Bielski, Elaine Carroll, Maryann Anderson V co-captain, Jill Eicher A co-captain, Sue Emerson, Cindy Mernick, Nancy Patrone. SECOND ROW, Gail Sussenguth, Denise Roane, Cindy Reynolds, Eileen Murphy, Sue White, Janet Russell, Karin Gustafson, Tricia Hering, Judy Banks, Carol Rowley, Heidi Kucinkas, Mary Varley, THIRD ROW, Karen Zobel, Joanne Lambert, Lisa Carter, Julie Harvey, Dorothy Logan, Mary Worthington, Diane D'Orlando, Jean Hackett, Cindy Horn, Lynne Willis. Missing from picture - Sheila Barrett - manager. BOYS J.V. LACROSSE - lst ROW: Mr. Pozzo, Paul Scheufele, Tim Cusak, Timmy McNamara, Rick Churchville, Barton Bloom, Alex Prohodski, Robert Sudhalter, Dave Hawes, Dave Weiner, Edmond Snyder. 2nd ROW A Stan Zafferin, Greg Nanigan, Scott Sparr, Gerard Peters, Buzzy Mahoney, Tom Nutter, Dennis Plaster. 3rd ROW: Mike Grahm, Bob Johnston, Norman Welch, Tom Hourihan, Will Temby, Ron Stoloff, Ted Bowler, Phil Merola. 4th ROW: Steve Noll, Dave Coughlan, Richard Moss, Nat Carr, Steve Parlato, Timmy Flanagan, Dave Magida. l Qi, : 212 2 1ef i is L a CI. O S S G i . J ' f.'aW ' rrtt , ,R , - 11 N -'li 17 . , - va :Qi j I Q-1 1 55 :aa BOYS' VARSITY LACROSSE f lst ROW: Jim Gilligan, Dave Montt, Jim Cass, Mike Hall, Shell Virden, Brian Adams, Dennis Hurley co-captain, Roy Heffernan, co-captain, Paul Martin, co-captain, Mike Crowe, Chip Sugrue, Carle Leone, Paul Tocci, Brian Kelley, Paul Sammarco. 2nd ROW: Keith Dennehy, Billy McNamara, Bruce Engel, Dave Eicher, Terry Gilman, Doug White, Danny Horn, John Judge: Lyle Schlager, Don Greeley, Tim Cahalane, 3rd ROW: Randy Jones, Ken Csaplar, Paul Beaudet, Gary Thomas, Peter Hurley, Glenn Ricciardelli, David D'Orlando, Larry Baker, John Griffin, Mr. Pozzo M coach, Mr. Bamberry - coach. 4th ROW: Joe Emmott, manager, Bruno Riccitelli, Chuck Cahill, Rob Prescott, Mark Anderson. Baseball BOY'S VARSITY BASEBALL - FIRST ROW: Ted Muir, Mike Dwyer, Marty Raffol, Gary Pugatch, Steve Benson, Bob Doherty, Jon Williams, John Davis. SECOND ROW: David Dunn, Don Keller, Neil Devlin, Jeff McGraw, Ted Dolan, Rick Zwetsch, Chris Cuneo, Bob Whalen, Mr. Muir A coach. LUH4, ,NikiUll4,?,,5v6j,llH44n?gJ.llH4,,Z IUl44f gunlqix 's-- 1 .., 'll-2 3 di Siil J.V. BASEBALL - FIRST ROW: Chris Jantzen, Walter Wright, Gary Nagle, Walter Cary, Mike Healy, Paul Reddish, Ricky Davis, John Harrington, Jim Malzone. SECOND ROW: J. D. White, Terry Reddington, Richard Radley, Phil Brown, Steve Schneider, Robert Mercer, David McNamara, Steve Shenkel, Mr. Freitas - coach. 1 LES. b. . 1 We are proud of the part Westwood Studios has played in the production of your yearbook. It is with this same pride in our work, and our interest in producing better portraits and candids, that we hope you may call upon our services in the future. '4 STUDIOS 218 Chestnut St., Needham, Mass. 02192 Telephone 444-0042 Portraits, Wedding Candids, and Yearbook Photography SPRING 1974 , i it-4 It '.,,,, J- - '-',ff - ,,' I--iz -,g, , ,. ,, 2? Jig 44W5'2?ff?W5 M , 'S - fu' fa A 'W , , ' ...,, 1 " ,af Matte-waives. gift-at ,, Q ef, 1- 4 , ',fQ., ,. f Q 1, .,,,.,,,,, M.. . ,U , M .ef iw, ,,-HV , -fm-,, -my Mg V, ,. ifflawcwff X L ff J' H' -,'e2"w3.arr., SoHbaH GIRLS' VARSITY SOFTBALL A FIRST ROW: Carol Tripp, Maryann McCaughley, Andrea Roberts, Mary Ellen Kelley, Margaret Mulherin, Liz Lewis, Sue Atkinson, Lynne Delanian. SECOND ROW: Miss Ross - coach, Denise Maccarone, Carol O,Duggan, Alice Tuceri, Kathy Davis, Jeanne Petrillo, Beth Peterson, Karen Brodeen. GIRLS' J.V. SOFTBALL - FIRST ROW: Lynn Eaton, Jeanne Kurtz, Chris Cox, Marianne Walsh, Diane Dellierario, Helen Bartzokis, Kathy Logan, Jayne O'Leary. SECOND ROW: Miss Maciejewski - coach, Donna Gross, Nancy Gallagher, Lisa Donovan, Sharon Difino, Marie Renard, Iris Godes. THIRD ROW: Tami Voudouris, Nancy Walton, Sheila Toohey, Kathy Doherty, Tia Terestre, Judy Carey. A +W ' I E' I l I , nt i g: . I V:i ?V g , U I f 1. ,, y GIRLS' TENNIS - Ist ROW: Kathy Rice, Kerrie Totaro, Barbara Dewitt 4 captain, Linda Coombs, Karen Lueders, Suzanne Hoffman, Miss Lyons - coach. 2nd ROW: Betsy Mullen, Chris Everett, Emily Wheeler, Suzanne Paulin, Betsy Billings, Phyllis Rhodes, Sandi Stricklin. GIRLS' TENNIS: RECORD: 7 wins, 2 losses. 5 0 Walpole 4 I Dedham 5 0 Milton I 4 Framingham North 5 0Norwood I 4Wellesley 5 0 Natick 3 2 Framingham South Team: finished third in their league. All School Play X L A View from the Bridge Eddie Beatrice Catherine Marco Rodolpho Alfieri Louis Mike Tony First immigration officer Second immigration officer Mrs. Lipari Directed by Gary Arvedon Jackie Savoia Beverly Epstein Doug Richards Steve Glassman Mark Nuccio Berni Bussell Joel Baker Martin Barrett Phillip Murphy Martin Barrett Kim Kenney Mr. John McKay .Hs L. zrzi , My 3 5 K.- A - :sk Q S' N i, iw Q . , X, 453.5 29-vi? S A I ,. A i 4 1 vs'-'B' fuk . ,Q xi .A W g fs! vi? Q X ' ff' ' V F' -Q! 3 V H 55" df' x Q Y ,v 11 XXKM14 ,fy The Senior Class of 1974 of Needham High School welcomes you to the Senior Prom Friday Evening the third of May Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-four Senior Prom GOLF RECORD: 6wins Zties Olosses 6V2 ZW Dedham 9 0 Milton 4Vz 4M Walpole 7 2 Framingham North 3 6 Braintree 9 O Norwood 65 ZV2 Framingham South 42 4M Wellesley 7M lb Natick wieiffwyi r- . 9- if 15 N w E get BOYS' GOLF - lst ROW: Brian Kelleher, Phil Prescott, Dave Fitzgerald, Richard Olsen. 2nd ROW: Dana Burke, Jeff Page, Steve Setian, Jack MacDonald, Mr. Wallace - coach. BOYS' TENNIS - lst ROW: Larry Newman, Michael Goon, Jeff Schwartz, Payson Swaflield, Steve Smith. 2nd ROW: Rick Eaton, Michael Cohn, Michael Everret, Bruce Kempton, Mr. Shea 4 coach. fs, . BOYS' TRACK - FIRST ROW: Nancy Patterson - manager, Peter Bauman, Bob Kalajian, David Christophe, Jon Davis, Steve Ridge - co-captain, Charlie Cleary Y co-captain, Scott Anderson, Jim Wolfson, Pete Rivoira, Peter Noll, Nancy Briggs - manager, SECOND ROW: John Ridge, Steve Jacques, Jim Hart, Mike Barton, Dave Gould, Bill Coughlin, John Stewart, Steve McMorrow, Charlie Baker, Heinz Brinkhauser, Terry Flanagan. THIRD ROW: Tom Walsh - coach, Dwight Bartholemew, Jay Cleary, Steve Rockwood, Mark Rossi, Chris Laudes, David Chazen, Tom Walsh III, Mike Murphy, Scott Ingles, Scott Walters, Mr. Shields - coach. K 3 15 W 3 i Q 2 X W O fis Ni . kk v Q Youth is a fast gallop over a smooth track to the bright horizon. . . . The time of great expectations for yourself and expectations of others for you - to be fulfilled at an unspeciiied time called f'Someday.', M, 1, -4' vi if W4 'Wi ,sf I?" Af s., ww F V f fi' 'W ,fl .1-K X,-4. 1 1 - ' -I'-1'-J e: PMWIUIWWQ ,wwf A, ,L J R., Q ,fs , Riu 1 Wink., ' 1 v Af 'farng' I' gi 4 Q19 "'e,' .4 ' U 314 wif - 1. "' es: ' "" " f QW? 1 ff I ' ' ' 7 1 o HJ , 4 2, , ' I 1 . .. aa. , 11 T! Nd , A gi! if H - -6 ,Ap is Q fl 1--, f . 1 1- V.-Q4 N.. ! 3 5. a - 1 f 'S 571 3' G . "ff "7,0"vf -. . , M fy ia., Qi? k W M, 1 N. , iv,-t ' ,4-. .X Jr x 4 4 5 . . 1 xl u' L-

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