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I n WW 2 of Q Q 3 3 'L Edito rs' Whe B o Dees dvisor: Lynn BNO noon EVER cLosEs, BUI ANOTHER oN: oPENs . . . Ce rvo ntes .P i , W 9 l 3 2 5 'Q' f' Q i 1 ,B J .X gr 3 K n lv A ' 4 . A, R 4 , , I 1 2 1 Geor B. Broughton High School North Carolina Volume LI yu. , 41X " No door ever closes, but another one opens . . . During the past fifty years Needham B. Broughton has maintained the highest academic and athletic accomplish- ments, making Broughton a standard for the capital city. However, with the passing of our fiftieth anniversary, we have closed the door to our illustrious past. This does not mean that Broughton's exceptionally high standards will be forgotten. Rather, it means that we are opening the door to an exciting, promising future. Not only a promising aca- demic future, but the start of a new decade - the l98O's Broughton's next half century holds the assurance of reach- ing ever higher goals. To facilitate this achievement, Broughton is undergoing the process of reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleg- es. We are also undertaking rennovations that will prepare the building itself to meet the needs of future generations. The door to the future stands open before us. 2 . J'f7w"' 3 UU Er UI 3 .,, - K a '?g - V W 1 - 5 ,Q K '- in 7 rfA , ' .' P A J- , . X 8 ffl va , ' -. N 3' ' K n' Y s Q . I -. L 'E , i 1 Q Q 3 K x- Q 9 I N. 8 JJ . -' s , -. 1 A ' A ' xr u , " ,Q 2' YK ' up 1 H S 3 X I , - ' it F' : 8. " " . 'S - 5 if-Q q7c"' 'ii 3 L Q i"'f4 . Y 41 3.1f,1s- 'z . , 3 W- gjkvxw' .'.-.4 l' 5 V K Y, -,.' 484. . , i' K - ,m'9!nP . Ghtgml,-.5 if Q .V Q -,gig 'lf K r ixhg, 5 l " .,,' fm - ' - ' ' - -', ' 1 1 T5 5 w.-- ' ,- ' 1. Vvnl . h I , U i. .Sb 0 1 x ...V 1, I, lx ' , .'. . v N T -. F , K-':, .Qw' ,gif , 5.'N ,Q if 1 f". ' X ffl. , f x V 5 5' . 'V . ' . 3, J A F A A is . we 1 K A ,get-n 1. ,.A v-an ,, ,QW .N ' ' sf ' ,.K 'CRL 'M' lfw. .AW-f ' -vi Q95- w .QQ 3 'rs ,vw LA . inf '45 H-nr' Broughton is, wos, and will be "Wishing I wos o sophomore ogoin every time I trudge up those three flights of stairs." - Mory Funderburg X .. .W , -ggs-:un ,Q , r P. in -A ,Q -, 92 "Every dcuy watching the clock until 2:30 ond then regretting it ot the end of the year." - Harriet Burgess , ..., 2a""f2' wg, ',-, fl' ., , ,rf .. N V an-ski ,-nav A" 'W' ' Jef? . X .4-u....,..If+ f, -,,-me I a , W , . . . W , ' - -WI nf' I J, i an MW ' M. " ,f.w,f3, . fy mf Ml, ., , Q..-gy ' ,L , ,Q ' ., t.,,,,, ...M , , ww W ,-,..5.q,.- Wg- we ' ' ,m,'l i' ' ,N 'f::.,,.m ,, . ,,g.1.-M,.....,,,,,Q I . , A3 ,Q ,,g,,,,,,.,...e M . unan- , J 4 W A awww . . 1' I Q?:f+s1p-xmas-elmq ' f V I P "fi ' I wwf - flf' wr V 1 QI . , 5 wrmgfyxay . ' - H X 8 'X mu' "M W - .W nf 1 ww. ,L an w ii-.... ..- us-par f--v- gg, - no ...v.-:-sfo -4-n-- ' J. ' -fu Nk l ,,,-J", .J .r Q gp "' of f A .M V. W N A ! -.. -swag other .wwf .,,. f s mils mn. .nd .MJ 1? - .W-.yy-1 Q-M-H wk .ww X y f" w v. '. I 'if 6 4 A "'1'x' ' - i -...ul :Q s?4' 4 U .wx fi 1 " " . j 9 L .4 -ufzglil " 4 if r I W M 14' Q... k , 'inf 'M i .MW .,'? ' '1 4. .,.,. , , 4' ,b Q W an ' w- Vit sw7"'lq-. If v " ,. I qf v "Fun making me what i wili be, and later cherishing the memories That made me what I am." - Maria Pilos ' ' I .Nw .1 in fir . W A.-mm ,V Q ,Asi- 'PW' :Q Q'1,,,x Lx 1 wr 4 i if . 1 X i ' 5 , il f mm X , . 'W W ,J nfl L i ' ,im 4 t W in U "Gomg through five o'cIock traffic OH dcy long . . " Ashley McKinney ' ills., 'ff . v. EJ ,me 1-' X '- , .W 0 S r .5-'f:"'Uw ' 316: 'ef , .., 4, 5 .Wiki MM,-M. ,,,....uo-w N... W--wma 2 '-Hunan-A Q Il Q- . 5 9 r jg h ,M K . hw A, .. A5,,,,, W Vu' 4, WV qu-'G .1- -.-Q a ' sf arf-114 ivgmxs .fur W,- s . SA-5 N'Qj"qv'1' FJ U ffm'-5 1' . -W ,Q ,-A, .-. sv v -H, W. ., M fzf'a -QQ H . K wg-V-1 A 2 V, s - Ag, ' X R N .f,M 5 ' R, tw. 341,43 2 '-Q ,- -L, , Mi, ' ., 45. VW N. 1 ,-A 1 .. Hz' if-1"fv.s' 12513 4 QE? r g QU W "Belonging to 0 group of the best high school students in The state." I4 Chris Crew 2 Wed Q Mx I 'EH 1 "Meeting o lot of reolly greot people - on op- portunity to meet friends l'Il keep the rest ot my lite." - Joey Morris 5: i , 'it 'fag IM, ,T 5,33 f' Sgt, .ja s ig ' 1 wiv a n Nh: Inf: if 'xi ' r.' e."'f wgii 2' My 089' 5 H5415 frii f 4 I5 -QXAXCXH HI IW! lH HI ll ig? VZ , E A V n . lox N I 80 1 Q Q A jfm! 1 W, Q.. r I'D SELL MY SOUL FOR ONE LONG BALL HITTER ! . . . and that's exactly what loe Hardy, Brent Wilson, did in the 1979 spring musical "Damn Yankees." The musical was performed May 7, 8, and 9, and at- tained fantastic success. Mrs. Timothy di- rected, while Mrs. Terri Elliot, Gair McCullough, Glenda Mackie and I8 Caroline Chavasse choreographed the production. The devilish Mr. Applegate, David Iones, and the bewitching Lola, Sharon Lawrence, shared supporting roles with Mrs. Hardy, Linda Bradford. All these talents were combined for a memorable performance. 5 S 5 . it E E BROUGHTDN STUDENTS HIT PRIME TIME Most Broughton students spent the evening of August 30 glued to their television sets. Brent Wil- son's fast food fontosy, Burger Baby, come on prime time TV. B30 This snoppy musical was written, composed, ond directed by se- nior Brent Wilson. It wos per- formed ot Broughton Morch l7, 18, ond l9. Toro Brown ond Neal Fowler ployed the Ieods with support from ci French fry cirmy, singing McArnold's woit- resses ond doncing homburgers. A student McBond provided the music. "Burger baby got G quor- ter pound of our heorts." .v-rv ,ifmvww f nv' K n E! uni Q. WQWMKMQEWM - 11 nnliluxanul-ll' pawn Broughtonites strolled down Memory Lane the night ot April 28 at the i979 Junior-Senior Prom. The Class of '80 spent many weeks beforehand painting murals and building sets to put on this traditional event, Stu- dents walked in through Bloomsbury Park and past a huge mural of Broughton painted by Catherine Thomas. Sets throughout the cafeteria were modeled after various eras: a family living room represented the 20's and 3O'sg an empty bed- room reminded people of the war-ridden 4O'sg students sat on the spinning stools of a soda shop and remembered the rock and roll 5O'sg a peace rally scene represented the turbulent 6O's. Keith Johnson chaired the mas- sive undertaking. Sophomores were recruited to help serve re- freshments. All in all, the Hands ot Time served as an appropriate theme for Broughton's 50th Prom. ,XX ' 14 bg- N59 .i-We J HI' I Cl!! W fl o ' J o wp Q H ,O in I X E 5, 'T' N KB O I I X Q? o db K 554-ohbi' 9 1 -"i Fl!-rl llc ed!! 2 "The Darkest Hour" by Charles George John Madison ..... .... A dasdair McGregor Mrs. Madison . . ......... Risa Poniros Ellen ........... ........ M ary Motfit Prison Guard .............,....... Kevin McKinney "Professor George" by Marsha Sheiness Professor George ............... Caroline Chavasse Philip Richards . .. ........... Joey Morris John Wilson ...... ..... A lasdair McGregor Elizabeth Oliver .... ............ B eth Day Carmella Grazzio .... . . . ...... Mary Moftit Shirley Preston .................... Noel McDaniel "The Marriage Proposal" by Anton Tchekov Ivan Vassillevitch .... .... K evin McKinney Natalia Stepanoya ..... . . . Noel McDaniel Stepan Stepanovich ................... Joey Morris Q., . W... 1 8 AM 1 EQ "" J l 22 ' -r , I A 22301, M V X7 1421 2 it 5 2 iw: 38,4 Q' M ,.g...a - i."::.:... N nun In t'gM'if- 3 .453 1: .. . ix R. 23. 1 Wm WW v-mum., S' ba n fr 'I I w ff 15' Q: qihk i if , 1 5 V Ni, cwx t 'lax V r 45? ! 4 . 4, . ..k. , ,..., ,x.,,.. eww. r X X ...-Q7"Xvs. an , "Get Fired Up" and "BHS is the Best" rang through the back courtyard Monday morning, October 29. The cheerleaders staged a frosty, but rousing, pep rally to start off Needham B. Broughton's 5Oth homecoming week. The band played the fight song and en- thusiastic students cheered. Monday, the first day of spirit week, had been designated Cap Day. Broughtonites dug their zaniest hats out of the bottoms of their closets to show their spirit. Danny Yelverton, Maria Giles Rusty Disney, Louisa Andrade Delia Taylor crowns Dwayne Greene, Sherri Cochran looks on ,,,, Mike Witt, Karen Fairchild Keith Johnson, Gair McCullough nm W W " f, M- --, ,... ,..... 11.1 ls Mike Law, Tara Brown Ben Frazier, Wrenn Hayes is 4 4 Spirits flamed high at Thursday night s bonfire pep rally The cheer leaders accompanied by the band started the evening with chants and the fight song This ended and mournful palm bearers carried out a mangled Spartan effigy. Dwayne Greene presided over the mock fu- nerol. When the pep sermon was finished, the Spartan was tossed into the flames. Broughton students cheered as the bonfire blazed up. f X AA QC A .. -Afff fii'-iw 26 Sports fans, three weeks before the big event, grueling practice began - not for the Altanta Fal- cons, or even the mighty Cops varsity team. This folks, was powder puff ball - that tradition almost as old as Broughton it- self. As a highlight of homecom- ing week, lovely young ladies donned cleats and jerseys while muscular guys put on cheerlead- ing skirts - complete with volley balls. Several new traditions began this year: the big game was played under the lights of Gregson stadium, a homecoming King's Court was elected from the se- nior Class. At half time, Dwayne Greene was crowned the i979 king, and when the final buzzer sounded, the combined forces of the sophomore and junior girls hacgtrampled the senior class l8 to . JK 27 fre-- ,L . fe '-..- 'll 1"lyx"- -f r , " X 1' ' l l l If YT- rl I ll Y b tl! .il .lil .. l l . V . , l ,i y. . . .5 ri ' i . .. I . , l Friday afternoon Broughton's 50th home- coming activities came to a climax. The first event, a pep rally, began with Master of Ceremonies Joey Morris presenting the homecoming courts. Afterwards, the winning spirit chain was broken. Senior Guy Harris became the recipient of a ten dollar cash prize. The next event was the pie eating con- test. The two student contestants proved to be no competition for Mr. Teel, who won hands down. The pep rally culminated with a competition cheer between the three classes. Though the gym rafters shook with the re- sounding chants of each class, the seniors and sophomores proved to be no match for the iron-lunged juniors. The downpour that evening resulted in the disappointing post- ponement of the football game, but the spir- ited students were undaunted. From 2:00 until 7:00, juniors and seniors slung barbecue at the annual juniorfsenior barbecue. The traditional homecoming dance was held later that evening, and proved to be quite a success. After dancing to a mixture of pop, disco, and beach music, students and faculty waded Q 20 .A W- "' n I 4 .5 gt Q if m M., ...Y K . T if it 3 'W ifmhrw- 2""'W ff' f 1 2 K2 Q B ' ' " . ,W 'X " MZ! Mill" M T , 2' -,f -.iw , -'.,. ,iz ,,, ' -, ef ., ,. . 2. 5, -uae'-3 -.45 s,r,',,v -10 L 21 if through the flooded parking lot to their cars. The extended homecoming week had its finale the following Monday night. The tradi- tional homecoming motorcade assembled in the back parking lot. After the class floats were judged, the stream of cars roared off to Sregson Stadium amid a fanfare of horns and cheers. The homecoming court was presented at walftime, and Barbara Allen was crowned queen. The class floats were then exhibited, :ind first prize was awarded to the junior :lass whose float was entitled, "Flush the Spartans." The evening ended as the football team overcame both Smithfield-Selma and the bitter cold with an emotional fourth- quarter rally. n retrospect, Broughton's 50th anniversary homecoming proved successful for all. The unwavering enthusiasm of the student body turned an unusual tide of events into a 'nemorable homecoming. Amid tears and excitement, Barbara Allen was crowned Needham Broughton's l979 queen by Mayor-elect Smedes York. The senior class elected the queen. The entire school elected the court: Gair McCullough and Keith Johnson, Sissie Twiggs and Brian Smith, Chelle Johnson and Donnie Driver, Lana Helms and Mike Law, Laponda Bridges and Von Allen, Natalie Dorset and Marcelle Sharp, Beverly Hicks and Mike Hall. PW' ff 4 9 O 1 s 4 s ' Do 1 is 0 ,'. ,Q v ' lg. , in-1 O 1'xsQ ,Q 44 Q 00.9 0 5,4 s'0 C HRT I , NL ww :E-' 't , - 'gig , ,VA x ,IA ,M ., 'r ,' Jn' w A X. ,xv ug. "1 V 'Q' fnvffilf , xy-fw, - --rt A..w'v. '. z,. ' L'.,Q,H. ,,.nc,s 42 , . - . 1 . S s' ' vw x wk' s' 90:6 ,x ' V A 0' x '00 ,G 1 h ,s 0 .- .- xv s .- go 9 ,Q x Q - x , 1 ' " Q' 0' Que, 'i ,ol , 1 4424, hz W Z . 5564. x GV 4 '-: 'W' Hagar? -, '. 3 ,,, 5 f f,.-v 1' V - 7 V'1Fif', I 1 F THE FIRST TO COME. . . 'N I' I fffifx s. 1 ,,...f 32 Q ,Q 1 f x X AND THE LAST TO LEAVE Long before boys began to con- template whom they would ask or girls began eyeing formal dresses in the store windows, work on the i980 Queen of Hearts began. Several months beforehand, Keith Johnson and Stephanie Calloway were ap- pointed overall chairmen. Then, with the help of the i980 class advisors Miss Patterson and Mr. Bullock, the following major re- sponsibilities were delegated: Eddie Hodges, overall decora- tions, Anita Weinstein, refresh- ments, Kelley McNamara, court and mascots, Gair McCullough, entertainment, Cynthia Clack, publicity, Janet Link, backdrop, Sarah Kendall, racks, Jim Gaines, grass hut, Kathryn Reynolds, flowers, Chris Dow- ney, waterfall. Nothing could have gone any further, however, without the help of the rest ofthe senior class. Every weekend dur- ing the month before, members of the class of '80 gathered at houses to paint murals and fold paper flowers. When the final week came, work went on every afternoon in the gym. Then Thursday, the 2:30 bell rang and the whole praradise began to go up. All afternoon and into the night, seniors worked at building the grass hut, laying down the gym floor, and hanging the huge murals. The last dedicated few left the gymnasium about l:3O. But when they walked out, it was no longer the boys gym where basketball games were played. lt was an Escape To Paradise. TROPICAL PARADISE Tropical dreams entranced Broughton Students on February fifteenth. The floor of Holliday gym was abloom with a romantic garden of palm trees and Hawaiian flowers. Then, l4 of our prettiest girls emerged from a South Pacific grass hut. Ac- companied by soft music, they were escorted down a flower lined path toward their island court. As Lana Helms, l98O Queen of Hearts, stepped into the royal garden, the court rose to watch her gracefully parade down the aisle and ascend her throne. After the presentation of the court, the band, Four Easy Pieces, struck up and the Queen of Hearts dance began. A kaleidescope of colorfully dres- sed belles danced in the arms of their dashing beaus. When couples tired of dancing they could retire to the opposite bal- cony where quiet candlelit ta- bles, perfect for intimate conver- sation, had been set up. AI- though this dream came to an end at the stroke of midnight, the memory of this escape to Paradise will hold a place in our hearts for years to come. . I K . ,...:.- . ,., ..,., Q watery ia, 2 .- i I ',-- 4 .fr l R -eq f -Q gy: -' ff.- ,si i.-Q ff-,..A 'i1.' 'it , ' if x Y P A .E .LE . f. -W nf.. .. ,Q : f ail . . steer 5? I...,.,..,.EQr.2Eg.i,-lg. i ii' SZ 7 i : Q - iiiiiibeelfrf' 5 .fm S -if -1. 4 .11. ,gp W , .. .. . M ns' . w..153,w - ucv 8,5 S'-lx as Ns 31 X Queen ot Heorts Lono Helms Escorted by Keith Johnson Moid of Honor Lopondo Bridges Escorted by Dwoyne Greene f r ...N 1. i J,-.1-"" ln. yr X X y :M N vs. . us-.5-. c zu 3 O .c 4. an cn x L 3 S if .- Q :x I an cv .. O an KD an Q .. U .r: in 2 Ti U .. 3 C, o 'O r: .. an I .Q i. if o P Eddie Hodges, Anita Weinstein Wrerm Hoyes, Jim Gaines on Allen ki Brown, V 5 JO Sybil Smith, Joe! William nc. is L17 be 4- i. 3 CN E 3 I be U c O Z x Q5 LJ U E .E 5 U Q ge U E O Z U 2 x if In 54 2-Q21 Q' We in 3,4 f , ,wx x: O +- X 3 LD 4-f +-1 O U ua 0: if rc .C an .Q c U .c rl cv 4. an x .. c cu I TQ r O G i O ,. LL T: +- U1 x .. .c U an 1 .Q I .Q .C +- C PN U uf if :N -x Ln .2 45 E as Q 1. CU an O .J I O L.L1 C o U .. o LD an .S x. cv .c 4. C1 U . CD no 5 5 sa 8-9 E33 Egg! 3 L c. 255259 W- W in E3 SSH? 'tim Q22 3 FEB Q2 :cgi Q50 E S3 P' U ,Q-324 PQ r-4 53 'C FQ G., U, M as UE Q Ea 'gd Q3 mg 233 H Ei Q: Begin 3552? 'QQ 552333235 2. QQPSQQQQ Wiiggg Baggage' 'L' Z QE Q0 .26 3 ,Qi '55 Cv, :J 2 f-4 0 D6 ZE Z ED: 1 Cm Q CLI .cf-4 IN ZZ 5' 8 if UN E3 S? E 2 is v 93 Lf N d 55? ,S E 5 :-' 532 3 ci 4 z fn 5 Z tl' 2-II 55 5 ,5 Q5 9, -E 01 525' Q3 'LE Q 1.7 +I : gg 3-5 'og EE:-E EQ? Eg., Boa gn'-2 Ze? 'SE' o -E-QS Q.. 135 :::'5 E0'cTa'l-'N 5 Q: :S-30' 5 E 5? Sr: 'Q cu mf-9.15 5 D- 'UQ 5 wp: 3 frugal, B ' +4 ff? SE cv is 2 E-'EEE 5 M 4C 53 CD C3 S r-4'-Q 45 5' '11 3 US QQ' QQ 2,8 "' Q Q E30 353 is is Q 't .g-E3 C5 2.1 -P Q5 -I 5- '! 'gr S11 3019 N 52,1 wwz asggf cr 'SP m .92 E2 ,.al"' . wif: K 'Nqr- libheve is an hour' In each manfs h-Pe appointed be make his happiness 142 fbakuhtmeaf- THE .FA MIL? FAVORITE FROM Ins T-HIGH CHAIR UP CAFEITEBIA: BALENIINES, AN tms'r'rm1'IoN .szavm C, THE FINESTIN VARlE7Y FOODS AT REASONABLE emcfrs'-'1'ms 5T74TE'E'1EN'T' BACKED BY 34 'YEARS' EXPERIENC -bhen he Seize Hs. H -Fleischer' -sf , I'U'aSS1D,9eP U GOU9f'3'BlLI3.'l'IOl"13 CAMERw' . ' Glass e-F :LCIBCDI A Hosmzz mi'2'i'25.212.'f.23?o2Z'E F0l"H'1G wade PAMILQ STORES 9 9 Cr6b1:rcc1Ve11cjT'lal1 Gek more for Your money OIL OUI off Y at Guam purchase just bf inqn your Lak ipac to Phe Store, Offer Qod mrousgl Auqbui-bk 1,1980 ,when you make epurcbase of 915 or more Thjnxa you For Shopping dl Counky Sent! To Show OU-T 5PPYCCmhOn' wed like ko 03116 V011 NOR ' PM 5fOux,NOn5y! Tusk bring Your - ODYOUT Vi it dn wail CQXTC You 230 Def on cmY felgllfbf p1'1CciL II1erchaLnd.15e. X l O 2 A161471 'J' if l s. R. ffm' -I' - . , 'ff-N 415211, When the outside environ- ment is "frightful," keep the inside environmen' truly "delightful" with 0 stove from Raleigh Buclf Stoves. 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"Not clinching the Cap-8 title was disappointing," Coach John Thomas said, "but the 8-2 record was the best Broughton has had in years, and we're extremely proud of that." 46 W 3-3-Q un Nw me BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS EAST WAYNE O LEE COUNTY 22 DURHAM 6 GARNER 6 CARY IO ATHENS 6 SANDERSON 28 A MILLBRQOK 21 g SSAS SMITHFIELD-SELMA 20 SAASSS 'f A A S S ENLOE 6 J f if umm-Q., A- ,I CAIIS EXCITE CRDWDS I X-J' F . 3 ga Nl A. K. .N , . I , 1 R. .,, H3 ,,A. Q , , X A Z,i,.N, 5 X Q, M - " il ,, .V Q X 5lfi.!i1EjqS8i..Q it QM Q Row l: Herbie Lincoln, Chet Hinton, Grey Wilson, Rusty Disney, Dwayne Greene, Randall Laws, Ben Whitfield, Jerry Jackson, John Frazier. Row 2: William Crutchfield, Willie Blalock, Dilliard Andrews, J.J. Jackson, Ronnie McLamb, Rob Rogers, Clifton Smith, Altonzo Hedgepeth, Grover Clark. Row 3: Phil Moore, Bud Benson, Kent Chasson, Anthony Williams, Shelton McNeil, Mike Edwards, Dwight Davis, Stewart Scott. Row 4: Marty Smith, Robert Zucker, Greg Ford, Bobby Poole, John Daughtry, Webb Crute, Ricky Wall, Lee Singleton. Row 5: Mgr David Siles, Coaches Ed Baldwin, Dan Teague, Lee Mauney, Mac Caldwell, Jack Haskins, John Thomas, Mgr. Louis Capetanos. 49 J.V.'s NUMBER ONE This year's junior varsity squad, coached by Jim Mauney, put to- gether an impressive 7-3 record. Although the season began with two narrow losses, the team ral- lied to go 7-l in conference play and captured the Cap-8 title. Good receivers, a well balanced line, and several fast backs pro- vided a strong scoring punch. A tenacious defense pulled the Caps through many games, al- lowing an average of only six points per game. "There were not any real individual stand outs," coach Mauney stated, "the success was a team effort." The squad shows great potential for next season's varsity team. ,kgs X Row l : Terry Fair, Odeal Lambeth, Tommy Lamphere, Robert McCloud, Glen Scarborough, Nicky Pilos, Skip Portington, Mark Foster, Cornell Lamb. Row 2: Haywood Jackson, Rob Zucker, Ervin Womack, Rick Russell, Willis Hinton, Doug Hunter, Andy Whitley. Row 3: Randy Barksdale, Sidney Cooley, Tom Stevenson, Anthony Williams, Clem High, Mike Parker. Row 4: Jene Wright, Steve Potak, David Henry, Greg Bethea, Wayne Giles, Ricky Williams. Row 51 David Deyton, Louis Capetanos, Coach Mauney, Mike Edwards. ,x I BHS 6 LEE COUNTY 20 BHS 6 DURHAM 8 BHS l2 GARNER 6 BHS 7 CARY 6 BHS 20 ATHENS O BHS l4 SANDERSON O BHS 39 MILLBROOK O BHS 34 SMITHFIELD-SELMA O ,,, A -' 'iggfw A BHS 8 ENLOE I4 ' f 'gk Y ll' L W, 'Q ' Sw' 5 5 l SDCCER TEAM POSTS I0-2 RECORD The '79 team, comprised of many players new to Broughton soccer ut to ether an outstand I P 9 ' ing IO-2 record this season. De- feating archrival Sanderson and top-ranked Greensboro Grimsley highlighted the season. The de- fense, led by fullback Cannon Cameron and goalie Barton BHS 2 MILLBROOK I BHS 3 GRIMSLEY I BHS 5 HUNT O BHS 4 WILSON FIKE I BHS O CARY 2 BHS 5 BEDDINGFIELD O BHS 2 SANDERSON I BHS 2 MILLBROOK O BHS 5 ATHENS I BHS 4 ENLOE O BHS 6 ATHENS 2 BHS I SANDERSON 2 52 Armstrong, was a tough barrier to opposing strikers. Mid-fielder Tripp Coffey and forward James Parker led the team in offense. Although the team was defeated by Millbrook in the first round of tournament play, the year was successful, especially to new coach Scott Burton. , an 7 ft. :fbi :'1 ,,,, A 4- '- Q". W , , , A , ... , A , . . 7 - ' ' .a, P W . . V, .,f I W f, M, Q ,. I Ahh pw. V , f4.,,f4,,,d.'KMX'45ilf?1f-, ,AMW W N! -f ff ' ,ey . , 1 -,gg Va.-3 ' ,. , .f 5 in X ,. Q, 7 w , " it O . ' , .tw , ik, I Kneeling: Mike Law, Brad Thomas, Capt. Barton Armstrong, Capt. Tripp Coffey, Paul Carr, John Browning, Peter Lucey, Ritch Harr. Standing: Greg Christman, Dan Thompson, Mike Herndon, James Parker, Paal Parker, David Boney, Cannon Cameron, Craig Calhoun, Elvey Thomas, Brian Smith, Mike Witt, Ron Swaisgood, Greg Sanders, Peter Grainger, Carlton Pittman, Coach Scott Burton. Not pictured: Earl Loser. 53 YOUNG VARSITY SHOWS PROMISE IN KEEN CAP - 8 COMPETITION BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS DURHAM 69 HILLSIDE 65 DURHAM 55 HILLSIDE 58 GRIMSLEY 58 GRIMSLEY 52 HOKE 61 ATHENS 48 GARNER 71 CARY 70 ATHENS 58 SANDERSON 67 MILLBROOK 65 SMITHFIELD-SELMA 54 GARNER 58 ENLOE 81 CARY 59 ATHENS 55 SANDERSON 62 MILLBROOK 64 SMITHFIELD-SELMA 52 ENLOE 77 ,v 7 'K 55 VARSITY OVERCOMES SETBACKS The varsity basketball team kept up Broughton's tradition of moti- vation, hard work, and dedica- tion this season in a year of tough play and several bad breaks. The team compiled an almost even record, most of their losses being by one to four points, often in overtime. Com- posed of ll juniors and l senior, the team suffered from inexperi- ence and a lack of leadership. However, the talented, capable team started executing better towards the end of the season, improving their play defensively and under the boards. Outstand- ing members of the squad were Von Allen and Andrew Hinton, who led the team in scoring, and Mike Warren, Chet Hinton, and Hugh McLean. The last few games of the season found the Caps striving for third place in the Cap-8 and a shot at Enloe in the conference tournament fi- nals. ,VWJNN if , W U 5. ...A nw 1,1 " 1722? ,GHHREIEKE Vp Row iz Coach Mac Caldwell, Marty Smith, Hugh McLean, Andrew Hinton, Lewis McMillan, Tony Partin, Jon Schmidt, Coach Ed McLean. Row 2: Mgr. Mike Pittman, Paul Bitler, Reggie Bowens, Ransom Walters, Von Allen, Mike Warren, Chet Hinton, Ramon Hudson, Mgr. Louis Capetanos, Mgr. Ervin Womack. V i I " 57 5 , ,W .,u, . ,,- ,--wi-,Nm -ff,. i lmwmvffffm, .4--w..1,, I. f- ,2:f,,Qu,w,f,wgfwimei in----Q-W i-new ' Q-M. mfu.,.,f.i. wmmwwf ,ffm mm .l.V. BEATS THE ODDS Off to a slow start in out of con- ference play, the junior varsity basketball team pulled together as the year progressed and turned their record around. "About mid-season," coach Mac Caldwell said, "the boys started realizing each other's capa- bilities and started playing as a team. We'lI have to stay in top form, we can't afford an off night." The squad was down l-5 at Christmas, but by the end of the season they were playing be- yond coach CaldweIl's expecta- tions, winning a sure second and a possible first place in the con- ference standings. All the players performed well, the indi- vidual standouts being Clem High, Kent Otto, Scott Guyton, and Cal Moreland. ' ,, a..., - If - . 1- X W9 W . ' ,, 'W NS- H 3 . "' ' .l.,,. 'J ,yy s i , f N... ff - M. 58 imwws... W ....,. . moe saws GMl4UT!0.lAl5 ' "" ff3V'rfit3' S ' -rf r A 0, ,,,,,,.,.,-t...u..w..f..ewm-www-N' :'s""""""W'l'x .1 " 5 5 X! V it ,sg Ri rt. ,Q ... Ar is i an Q Q Y 3 1 4 KS .., ,... W . ,:', .,,, xzx, Kiii. ,zi gms: SF -img: S-mn: 21' FJ M 119 F i HP 3 fe Row l: Cal Moreland, Millet Boykin, Scott Guyton, Willie Hinton, David Matthews. Row 2: Coach Mac Caldwell, David Henry, Kent Otto, Chris Brooks, Jamie Reibel, Todd Kittrell, Clem High, 59 Z' r We Q i its ,I ' wg 4 3 GIRLS TOPPLE GARNER AN D MILLBROOK Although the girl's squad had a difficult schedule this season, a tenacious defense and enthusias- tic play helped the team perform admirably. Jackie Shaw and Rochelle Seawright lwho led the team in scoringl, and Brenda Allen were the three seniors who provided leadership during the season. Having been twice selected for the all-conference team, Jackie Shaw had another excellent season and will likely be all-conference again. Coach Baldwin stated near midseason, "lf you practice and play hard, not trying to be perfect but play- ing to the best of your abilities, you're bound to win some games." And that they did, put- ting together a winning season and defeating Garner and Millbrook for the first time ever Broughton girl's in basketball. The Caps are looking forward to next year with the return of most of their players. f f 5 ' e Miikgg-f i Q B ,, ,Q Q A . 1 J 9 A w f. , E ilf2Qi..yLL.L-J l.. EI E IIE C El L. . ' rflf' f""i""-iY !',f"'!" A "' W if la , nnnn J V V Azizfl V .,Q.A A' K H V r,k Z ., av fre-. in 'QLPS LKPS RPS ' Row l: Jenny Jones, Tanya Mattison, Beth Tyner, Man! Edwards, Dawn Leonard, Jackie Shaw, Coach Ed Baldwin. Row 2 Mgr, Elizabeth Flagg, Brenda Allen, Rochelle Seawright, Felecia Johnson, Rene Williams, Rogina Bond, Carol Conyers Linda Allen, Mgr. Mary Powell. 61 1 CROSS-COUNTRY AND TRACK TOUGH Competition was steep again this fall for the cross-country team. The squad suffered numerous in- juries, but managed to compile a .NN good record. Brent Marley and Steve Browdie led the team through the conference meets and sectionals. Another great season of track is expected for Broughton this spring. Hard workouts and long practices have produced a group of well- prepared athletes ready for con- ference meets. The team's strength lies in the shot-put, dis- cus, relays, and sprints. Key per- formances are expected from Dwayne Greene fwho tied the world record for the 60-yard dashl, Rob Rogers, Jackie Shaw, Brent Marley, Frank Godwin, and Shelton McNeil. The coaches have high hopes of win- ning the conference title. g x Q , Le:-,ill WM, it Kneeling: Brent Marley, Greg Murphy, Kenji Kojima. Standing: Fred Smith, Doug Champion, Beth Beck, Lewis McMillan, Scott Guyton, Hugh McLean, Steve Browdie, Tom Hooks, David Craven, Coach Bob Braddy. Row l: Candy Lewis, Thelma Mielenz, Sherry King, Lisa Clark, Elizabeth Grainger. Row 2: Teresa Bright, Beth Beck, Carol Conyers, Anne Fitzgerald, Tracey Cole, 62 Natalie Dorsett. Row 3: Mary Melcher, Blair Johnson, Emily Smith, Alison Dahles, Jackie Shaw, Carmen Borg. Row 4: Coach John Thomas, Coach Jim Mauney. I W Qsiks XXX L Row I: Chet Hinton, Jerry Jackson, Scott Guyton, Ricky Wall, Rob Rogers, Arun Prasad, Cal Moreland, Anthony Williams, Haywood Jackson. Row 2: Dilliard An- drews, Hart Huffines, Lewis McMillan, Mark Edwards, Nick Pilos, Willis Hinton, David Henry, Terry Fair, Chris Brooks. Row 3: Joey Glick, William Shoulars, Greg Ford, Lee Wilson, Rick Russell, David Craven, Altonzo Hedgepeth, James Lawrence. Row 4: Coach John Thomas, Jeffrey Tsai, Brent Marley, Fred Smith, Steve Browdie, Dwayne Greene, Skip Partirigton, Grey Wilson, Frank Godwin, Coach Jim Mauney. nh vig J ' E G sw. van-wg sf at M ki S it .WNV iE3ige,iiiiJ,.tte2f,a- if it J 63 s ,lLs ss4ss L, J GIRL'S TENNIS BEST IN THE CONFERENCE After several seasons of nearly clinching the conference crown, the girl's tennis team has proven itself number one. Led by team captain Chelle Johnson and number one seed Luisa Andrade, both undefeated in singles' play, the seasoned Caps put together a flawless lo-O record during the regular season. Undefeated in doubles were the teams of E Brakebill and Chelle Johnson, and Ashley Johnson and Jackie Shaw. The team won first seed in three out of six flights in the tournament, and came away with first place. Coach Pat Sulli- van said, "l'm extremely proud of the girls, this is the first year Broughton has gone undefeated and won the conference." J ll Q, ull 3 1 ,, 't"f1 s , M LA DY N ETT E RS ,Y X. W if f f L ff!! f 5 ,Y 1, l vi Y. P, . 'Q f f' ff f Y NUMBER ONE ...Ji -wiki -ew- i BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS Alai J.--A-,S Row l: Stat. Randi Palmer, Camino Andrade Blair Johnson Coach Pat Sullivan E Brakeblll Row 2 Ashley Johnson, Ann Fitzgerald, Laura Fairchild Alison Shoulars Captain Chelle Johnson Lynn Swann Jackie Shaw Noi' Pictured: Audrey Kopp. BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS BHS TENNIS TEAM TALENTED The l98O boys' tennis team has high hopes this spring as it has been picked number one in pre- season polls. The defending sec- tional champions are coached this year by Jeff Bullock. They will be Counting on first rote per- formances from .lim Gaines, Paul Bitler, Keith Johnson, Richard Bryant, and Bill Venable. ,a-ia,-.',Aug,,,,-g,4j,,,,fg,,, hs-isa-niuldpq 1 4 i,aci .N K Inf ' '- W'2 fw i5Q, 4. ,.. f,-, - - by 1 : E I I Al V We-we it s ,V 5 , T -if W cicii T E 'gp l l si 5 . kr Zi 2,,-liz., ,l,4 f ,,,i.. 'i l i Qgelgia li ve' WW W f""'N Row i: Steve Monteith, Richard Bryant, Keith Johnson, Jim Gaines, Paul Bitler, Bobby Harris, David Matthews. Row 2: Mgr. Susan Bass, Jimmy Wright, Laurin Graham, Adam Gelbin, Bill Venable, Reid Murphy, Eric Smith, Mark Everett, James Allen, Coach Jeff Bullock. Not pictured: Juan Gomez ii, 3 ,, I mx 0 slww my Huw- SLUGGERS DETERMINED TO WIN Loaded with experience, the l98O baseball team is looking forward to a successful season. After a productive spring train- ing and several early season games, the veteran squad looks impressive. Bud Benson, Marty Smith, Rew Nottingham, Mike Warren, and Kevin Gardner are the key players. The Caps have a strong bullpen and pitching staff, which is led by Malcolm Mac- Donald. There are eight seniors, eight juniors, and three sopho- mores on the team. Coach Has- kins stated near the outset of the season, "To be successful in the conference this yea r, the pitching staff has to come on strong. The other eight positions are as good as any other club's in the confer- ence." NBHS definitely has the potential for a winning season, hopefully, they will put it all to- gether. 68 Row l: Greg Taylor, Reggie Redd, Greg Murphy, Ronnie Mcl.arnb, Andrew Nottingham, Harry Whyte, Bud Benson, Eric Curry, Malcolm MacDonald. Row 2: Odell Lambeth, Glen Weaver, Kevin Gardner, Jack Claypoole, Mike Warren, Paul Carr, Marty Smith, Scott lsaacs, Mike Palmer. 69 YOUNG CAPS SHOW PRCMISE An erratic series of wins and los- ses, the volleyball teom's regular season play resulted in a 7-9 record. Comprised of one senior, Captain Harriet Scarborough, four juniors and five sophomores, the young team performed admirably against more sea- soned opponents, In first round tournament play, the squad de- feated Athens, but then lost o close match to Sanderson in the semifinals. The majority of the players will be returning next season, forming a tougher, more experienced team. 70 mmnnfmnu Row 1: Sallie Paar, Deanne Frazier, Mary Edwards, Jennifer Twiggs, Dawn Leonard. Row 2: Mgr. Teresa Bright, Mgr. Heather Warren, Trish Fisher, Capt. Harriet Scarborough, Tracy Cole, Tanya Mattison, Caraiine Watson, Coach Carol Bowen, Mgr. Patty Height. 1.-u--f Q22 atv? 71 WRESTLERS FACE TOUGH SCHEDULE Rebuilding the squad after the loss of ten seniors, the wrestling team has expressed great expec- tations tor the i979-80 season. New to the team are eleven wrestlers, as well as coach Ken Attaway, who is very enthusiastic about the squad. Many hours of training and conditioning are necessary for a winning team, and that is exactly what the Caps are striving for. Leading the team is Rusty Disney, the only return- ing senior. They expect an out- standing performance in the con- ference tournament. 72 Row l: Johnny O'Connell, Stewart Scott, Vern Hunter, Jim Curtin, Danny Hatch, Randy Barksdale, David Thomas, Bill Walters. Row 2: Coach Ken Attaway, Stat. Melanie Walden, Stat. Heather Warren, Rusty Disney, Tony Ha rtle, Jarvis McCullers, Gene Wright, Burks Crumpler, David Siler, Doug Fulp, John Eichenburger, Stat. Sally Hatch, Mgr. Melanie Morrison, 73 gal 1 N- GYMNASTS DISPLAY E CELLENCE The gymnastics team showed talent early on that should as- sure them an outstanding sea- son. In the first gymnastics com- petition ever between Broughton, Cary, and Athens, the Caps per- formed adeptly and won 93-87- 83. Winning performances were made by Hanah Moore on the vault and uneven parallel bars, and by Sissie Twiggs on the bal ance beam and floor exercises. Seniors Wrenn Hayes, Gair McCullough, Debbie Lee, and Stephanie Calloway also per- formed admirably, as did soph- omores Beth Howell and Mary Beth Tierney. Experience is ex- pected to be the key to the Cap's success. 74 471' ',:.4 ' , 4 -ef W , ig l bi 1 W X 1 1: 5 Z2 2 5 War: .: RWM' ff :YQ 4525 ,L. v K., ig S, gg , its Row iz Karen Matthews, Alice Gross, Mary Beth Tierney, Beth Howell, Sally Hatch. Row 2: Thelma Mielenz, Debbie Lee, Sissie Twiggs, Melanie Bulla, Wrenn Hayes, Row 3: Coach Carol Bowen, Hanah Moore, Cheri Bono, Miriam Lowery, Stephanie Calloway, Not pictured: Gair McCullough. F' GOLFERS EXCITED ABOUT SEASON The l98O golf team is ex- pected to have another good season with the return of ace John Joslin and other top per- formers Rob Rogers, Mike Herndon, and David Stanly. Coached by Ed McLean, the sport is more individual than team oriented. Before the season starts, the boys choose them- selves who will play for Broughton. John Joslin was cho- sen as the team captain. Home matches are played at Raleigh Country Club. f i ,r 'Z' - we? ,M J J rri J . . . . 11 ..m. W " Q1 ' ' it as V ' fgtmr E545 ,,., ,.:, , 44 , wi ,Q Q 12 A av f' is Q Q 2 ' f '7 , . . ' J E' ' ,J . fit sq' X .M X R I si ts ik ,,,,..Q an . 76 - 'M' is e ergi. l e J 7 , :kt ,, ,, J Q is E we bfi, e .J , if I? M yr,r I yyy ., ,,,,. ,, M43 x Q 91 K :rr , , Q' 5 , J' rs. r is-nr K . V , J "" V - ,, " 4 f 'i - , o e, Dove Stevens, Brod Thomos, Tim Fetner, Mike Herndon, Rob Rogers, Capt. John Joslin, Lee Singleton, David Zucker, Kirby Wheeler, Dove Stonly. ,,e or ,, 77 if .,, 3, an SOFTBALL LOOKS TOWARD WINNING SEASON The l98O softball team has high expectations for a winning season. Leading the team are the Allen twins, Brenda and Linda, coaching the squad is Anne Pupa, a teacher new to the Broughton faculty. Coach Pupa stated at the outset of the sea- son, "We've got a highly tal- ented squad of girls who are de- termined to have a good year, and with this type of enthusiasm Broughton is the best bet in the conference." The team is com- prised of nine underclassmen and four seniors. Although young, the squad expects to prove their coach right by stick- ing to the basics and playing tenaciously. 78 1 . K. Leu' we ,x ,, ,T Rig Ay nan, ' 4 H, I l 4 Vg? 5 'Z' 1 ,4 f A h ., WM nr 4 ni- NL, ' A, 1 f ffm , .f , 1 , W f. , .Q A, 'my U fu, Y , ' ,K ,aw X. V .f W- ' 1 3. 1 . . f , . Q . 3 N 'Vf mph-f '17 2, nl Y Q . A. , ,,. , "" 1 ,, nf" Q, K , I Q 1 'l 'H -fi' -ff ,Qs 3 J, 5' 1 Q ' 4' .f M- ' l ,- aj 9 , , ' .V Wy , ' , ' - I , .-4 'Q 1 A uu- INTRAMURAL PARTICIPATION BEST EVER Broughton intrornurols, o highly competitive extrocurricu lo r octiv- ity, involves enthusiostic student porticipotion in footboll, bosket- boll, ond softboll. Porticipotion this yeor wos greoter thon ever before, os Hog tootboll took in more ployers thon oll of the toll vorsity sports combined. Amidst steep competition, "Extra Crispy" compiled o IO-2 record ond wos crowned tootboll chompions. Also competing wos B.L.T., the first oll-girl flog toot- bcill teom. Bosketboll is ployed in December oncl Jonuory, ond softboll tokes ploce in Morch, April, ond Moy. Coordinoting oll of the ospects of intrornurols, Cooch Mike Krol ron o very effi- cient ond successful progrorn. 41 'av ,Y X iii 73 w. 80 viCf'f'1y'9' :.9"s:" it 'I' 13 we I , ' " or I ff Mb W A J 5 , qs sf- ,sit fi V 1. A ,WvQ"',f,,'v4,8Y "R qv - it, my ,f WL. .QV 5, , I ,,, f V 7 NV,,,, 1 i A. E A 'L fiwit X ,Q f W-W -"""Ni5f"Yf"I'4f 049 ,. .4 , nv f ., , . 5 g. - r- A - XI, -mf --f ff-H .-V+6 , . , 1 jf ' M , ,K ,f , 1' X :SIMM 'T 'VY 7 , 2 1- ' 2' 1,1 , ,iff f' gk ' 1.1, ' W W' ti ' 1 Y it -ff :fs 3' f- .I 1. .1 V Vs fm J "-,v.,,,.aw of w, 9 H Q '-i ,,u?..1,,, 1 -1 f. f .. Wy, y SQ LAW . , 7 , hc. W,-mm, 1 , qi' sl 11-.,. A , -v . i.,,' . f ,I W- 'Nl' , iw I it - fe- Y swf , vu, 1 5-f ,,,v, .. ,, ,W -,N s . , ew ,V , h , .3 , 1, .W , , , ii' . .V Y , 5 iiwf -'Pi ' 'W .ge , 517' -. , nl We 'Wi ff,,,,kW,4 f,-, 'im , ,Mtv -mf 5.41, ,f . Y 4 , rtt A ' iv- .- ,I . . . -W Q ,' ,f 3"'.Z f r . , ...Q wry, .f .fa S., AKHIRF' if , .M Q W, , , i .. - 1' I W ' .'i A B A' 'nhl' 29 I xv W .,,, .I W M M A 5.5 xx, f- .. ,,," .' A ' we-Y 4, ,gi iiifwcffsw " U ,h M41 M . .ww Q? 'W sg' ' ff ',,i Ly r A 'i M it if VE ,, ,, .1 'Mylar K H f ll ' I lll l l al ' ' 1: 1552- 29 M82 5: lm a'+m1 KA ', nf-fagw--i-1f,gw , x ' ", 'M - Mft x .f wp, V 1 lf bra -, ,'i'2-,1 ""f-M N M "" iw- A a ,W Vyymz' l w?flgff2gf,fi,ggM '3'W915?i V1 , f . ' V llaa J 4 gf, ,ilu ,,, ,. k -323 A ,X V , 'f L72 l' 'V' Q' 1 T'-, tw? lax 4' 'ML 4' 'N 'V ' gywjgif 1 N X g 21- Tw' 5 v. .If 'GQ Y ' J' Q.fI1', .' , ' 1 'lf f X K iff, A 'Y ' 6 fx, T 4 2 aall N f all f fl, all H ,. 5 'WA 3 5, af? gl . Q lf ff. l v-.vp .f wx, 4 'K I. ,yyk ., 7 ' If VI 1' ki' I - ,, , , ' 2 Q4 ,krk K 'Xj,"W H j ., fre! , gy ,,,. , KX V V1 I Q, ,fy will ' 1,. L Q 1' l L Y . "'i' 5 l U E lg w 4 I ez? a 4 fu l l ll . a l l l l -,,, - ' ' 0. N7 l. , Q Q l a ll 4 a I 131132, ff, , 7 """,l H 'L 3:"jll?I"f!f'Q2 w ail. . L - Extra Crispy - Flag Football Champs s ' l XM. WX,- 4- X A Q F? -Q 'Es 9? vw. a ,fl K J, , f M- .. " fi , 1 F " lf. 5, ' 4 , , 3 ' ' 1 ,- X . as -' 1 'I 141.1 x 'S K , ff 4 W-. ..,. 4 fl ,elf -A . . x. x, Txlunn x fl, lf 1,11 X v'P"P ,ff 82 -G-ZUUI All RRI IGZLUI LW! F1 N A ,ff .J X , +f f.ff Hg ff D I XV gl . I gig, Y QQ gf X -N 3""' CURRICULUM .ff Stacfczi dab: sam 0 13,0 rg gs Q3 5 0 1 0 1 81. 1 6 .L ...... "Learning to work with computers not only aids in math, but in other courses as well. You can test yourself on problems in chemistry, physics, and con- sumer education, as well as in math." This is one student's reaction to the Algebra ll- Computer Programming course offered by the math department. In I979, a seminar was given by Dr. Robert Hammond, a profes- sor of graphics at North Carolina State University. The seminar was entitled, "An Introduction to Graphics." Dr. Hammond was very pleased with the outstand- ing work done by our students in this course, which is usually in- cluded as part of a sophomore graphics course on the college level. Math is a diversive area, and there is a wide assortment of courses to select from, including algebra, geometry, advanced math, calculus, and trigonome- try. 84 I' 31.7 ? 'L'LL f ,- tif Students enrolled in the ad- vanced chemistry course had the opportunity for a totally new ex- perience this year. Not only did they study the different aspects of chemistry, but also had the chance to learn computer pro- gramming. Graduates who plan to pursue an engineering career benefit greatly from this course. Basic courses that are offered by the science department include physics, advanced chemistry, bi- ology, biological projects, anatomy, and physiology. For students wishing to learn about the current problems of energy and their solutions, the Depart- ment of Energy has given our science department pertinent films. 85 35 ' Oo ai. bs . 2' , E THE, 09 PEQPW gffiff f 4' iss-ffif lw Q, BAUGET Y "Our department offers four years of Spanish, Latin, German, and French, which is unusual in high school," commented Senorita Gibson, head of the foreign language department. New textbooks are being used in each language. Students with an interest beyond the classroom may join the various foreign lan- guage clubs. These clubs engage in field trips to "ethnic" restau- rants and art museums, invite guest speakers from foreign countries, and plan trips abroad during spring break. Banquets are held during the spring and awards are given to outstanding students, Mvgw - E.-:new-fs fn it I ex, ,Y .Q-'fi MF f to "Team teaching", new to the so- cial studies department, was used in the World Civilizations course this year as three teach- ers combined their efforts to give the students a broader under- standing of the course. This method was enjoyed by the stu- dents and was well accepted. Students in other courses, though not participating in the "team teaching" situation, did have opportunities for other in- teresting activities. For those in- terested in the operation of our nation's government, courses are offered in this area, as well as a special program. The pro- gram is called "Washington, Close Up," a first hand look at the government and its personalities. During spring break students in- terested may make this trip and visit Washington, D.C. for a week. Numerous guests visit the vari- ous social studies classes during the year. The department offers in depth studies of the world's different cultures, political be- liefs, and advancing technology. Q ' 'l X llllll. , ii im Z' Qt 49 uw lk! - - 1' E00 '- I . Q00 , 'fa '42 'ZW f 4 The English curriculum offers a wide variety of courses including drama, speech, journalism, and creative writing. This year, place- ment in English classes was largely determined by scores on the California Achievement Test. While some juniors were busily reading The Scarlet Letter, seniors were acting out scenes from Mac- beth. Sophamores enjoyed Edith l-lamilton's Greek Mythology and Julius Caesar. l --V - --Q-..... , 5 j ld l i l 5 2 T l l ' l vl yl e QF' ,4 11 1. W .X , l i -4-MW-mnmmwwqw M, 88 Working in conjunction with the honor society, a statewide quiz bowl for students showing exper- tise in library skills was intro- duced this year. The locol com- petition was held in Februa ry, the regionals in March, and the state competition in April. According to our two fine librarians, Mrs. Wolfe ond Mrs. l-lackenburg, many of our students could be successful in this competition. The sophomore introductory unit was used for the second year, again producing good results. The sophomore students are in- troduced to the library and its books, reference material, and special features. A highlight of these features is the microfilm and microfiche machines that present back issues of magazines as well as films. I. 1 1060 ff Q dqgf LF ." of ss: J.. .f f 3 This year the main industrial arts project was woods. This covers several woods projects such as making guitars, cedar chests, and grandfather clocks. The students enter their work in both local and state contests. ln addi- tion to these contests, the stu- dents have the opportunity to hear guest lecturers who speak to the classes on subjects such as fiddle and banjo construction. Vocational arts involves classes in electronics, graphic industrial communication, auto mechanics, masonary, and technical draw- ing. This year was marked bythe addition of o new printing press and comp-set to the graphic communications' curriculum. This addition makes it possible for the school newspaper to be printed at school, saving time, and teaching the students a us- able skill. During the year, many contests are open to students. Students involved in auto mechanics may enter the area Trouble Shooting contest. Also a contest tor tech- nical drawing and graphic com- munication is arranged by Mr. Thomas Newsome, the course instructor. -i v ,411 Q. :no -+w o-':rnH+mww-H -'U-'msow-'-no rn : 3-Sig-3.333-gQ.:'Qc"':O-3'r5'E'1'O'39.13Oo'OfD52'gX'U g.OO7+mQhm3.3C--+2FrCQ.3O-C-'Lg 240-x'O23m-'Cin 35.3 +m5'f3,'l9h3r"'mmQ,v-0--oT35fv M FS- . -l"'V'3' 2 -mo 3 3"OOO.1cn Q- -o-om 3fl3-OQ':,'!l'-OQrl3-3'm:'.QQr6,,Q'x4-13m5'EClQ. 523-5-mai. QSQQTQUQ- N-5263832 -33-vitvs, gmiifzfvg 35 0120.903-Z.:-lON:2Q..,.5N4fDmQ!'n5-Q, 30550, gmm 3w3,:COOr'HOQ- QQCDEMQK . 33-m,,,3'0.:-Q-.31fr 33335531332'Qn33'mQ.3gg'.U5"o-338S"U9.Q-3-SEL QMSQ,-.M3293GE-aeggOgQLP35w'223g6zm ro 3- -, N- :s ,-- cn-wo I.-'QD C33-19-+ mF"V'9.3.CC5-2Q.,Qr 52'OO0f'DLf'lQ,,0fDmQ," Z." On3""" 10:93 mgm 'H--S of-,OCOC mil jwc ""f0OO'+Q, Omg, j"+mO --+ If-1-.IO'f' "Q -QPOQ. 0 C Cbprj' LD O1 3-Q --3 Q 3 1Dogr:.SQ3-,iggoqng :v-5ag3a'o.Q5,mgU2'5LOgDn 3-5-'O :OZQ5 U1fD'U:'-93:"5' QC'3m33T uw 03 UMNO ro C -fam 03 O 083Lo9l"E+5v'S"fQLB 329-1U'f+6'U'5'l'D"Q,'3--3 -.'l S -. Z N 0 3:1225-S2g,fO2 g2'g 2-gsazglisggggiog-?w -. "P 23-97co33?.'C?'?n'-'ECL 'io.'3t3?w6'?9.o.m3m9'4-TTO I-I Y 1 qv x 0416 1+ The pressing matters of econom- ics and surviving the crunch of inflation are good reasons to learn the skills of the household. Courses offered by the depart- ment teach skills such as sewing, money, management, and meal planning. ln addition, many courses are designed to prepare students for marriage and family life, Students interested in a career on business administration have the opportunity to get an excel- lent start in our business de- partment. Courses taught range from basic typing, accounting, and shorthand to advanced courses in these skills. One of the department's newest acquisi- tions, an IBM Electronic 60 typewriter with limited memory, will make students even better prepared to succeed in the mod- ern business world. This course is also very helpful to students going to college. , A w . . xi-, x RP -'M f - vmmefm'-1-::Qss,se:11sz1:- L T Q tx, CNY: an .. A wx N ...L,,,. L3 Qxugmw eh T ski Lark Oi Ymarw 'No-.. "nun, Mn.. dm.. zg.. . ""W"'wuam,, 0 1- d KN 0 l tri-7 Q Z, fig f 006 f 19 "Music challenges the student's total ability, demanding mental concentration, physical preci- sion, and the intensity of emo- tional expression and creativity," expressed Ms. Janet Reed, direc- tor of choral music, and the de- partment's newest member. The quality of our musicians was clearly demonstrated by the ex- cellent choral music production, "Friends and Lovers," per- formed this fall. This production, which involved popular music, was presented as a variety show with acting and dancing in addi- tion to singing. A new course, Harmony and Theory, was added to the de- partment's curriculum this year. In this course students learn to compose their own music. Out- standing student work was per- formed in the spring concert. The girls ensemble sang for the annual school Thanksgiving din- ner while the mixed ensemble performed for the Division of Principals of North Carolina As- sociation of Education at the 335- gl Q-S+ 'F' .-n Southern Association dinner, and other concerts in the com- munity. This year the chorus took part in the Oakwood Candlelight Tour. A Christmas caroling party was given by the members too. Also many of these talented students were in- volved in our spring musical. Our ideal location in the Capital city, enables students in the art department to have an advan- tage over art students at other schools. They have access to both the North Carolina Museum of Art and the School of Design at North Carolina State Universi- ty. In addition to the full year courses of Art I-IV, a course in ceramics is now offered. These students study the techniques of hand building, glazing, firing, and operating a potters wheel. In the future, printmaking will be added to the department. Out- standing student work is dis- played in North Hills Shopping Mall each spring. Student work is also displayed at school during the Fine Arts Festival. 4-asun4.,,,, In recent years, many students have won recognition in city, state, and national contests. ln l979, the department's entry in the National Scholastic Art Awards won honorable mention. At this year's State Fair, the de- partment's entry won first place. Student work has also been exhibited in the annual Women's Club Exhibition. Students who have a flair for the dramatic have an outlet through the drama department. During the year, the department super- vises the production of three one-act plays, a spring produc- tion, and the traditional spring musical. This year the three one-acts plays were entered in state and regional competitions. Broughton Players and Company produced the fall and the spring performances. The early spring production of The Crucible was totally produced by the students. The drama classes also per- formed various plays at area elementary schools, junior highs, and our on special assembles. ' . ,vt L. gf?-CE SVU U ,,--, 5 f" L 'V , COD! R2CfP7n!:xXI1ll l74!,:XH H! ICODI I VS T .pq5aE? Uao43v2a"'a5.sebLGfi 05' fi 'W S QQQQ5 R Aariepoissvgtmb lol: 152353 -1'4'I5LgQi Ovfwwf . . - D ' H - H' ww af I H fi? 055 Q 5 " f .V fbdbf wcggm k, '5 H r Y' - ' x 9 UM 'm '1 -WW?-iw --'Aw--. v-.a Tune --A. -' .37 'PEZ' X fVy' ,hh ,.,1L,: - ,.p..,. E J.- J- gigs!-.i w WSDL? ' I hh' N. Q E C., O Q I N " a' ' G 4 """' Wi U N 1 if 'S lr A ! X j f- ,V vi - 1 Nm ' i A 555' -.. ' 1 . v , .- 7.7 'f rW,, m w -Q - 64 f 49' 97 STUDENT GOVERNMENT: A NEW BEGINNING To launch its second titty years, Broughton began last spring by writing a new school constitu- tion. This constitution stream- lined some of the existing orga- nizations and added some new groups. At the end ot last year, sophomores and juniors elected class councils and members of the Executive Cabinets. This tall, the incoming sophomores did the same. At the head ot Broughton's Stu- dent Government is President Norma Day. Assisting her are Vice-President Joey Morris and Secretory Maria Pilos. Allen Bin- gham, Parlimentarian, sees that the Student Congress meetings run smoothly and according to the rules. Cabinet Members are each reponsible for a certain number of committees and act as communication links between the committees and the student government. On each grade level, class councils coordinate the group activities of each class. Effective student government members, in addition to a strong constitution and supportive stu- dent body, made this year an ex- citing and productive one. EXECUTIVE CABINET Norma Da Joe Morris, Maria Pilos, Allen Bin- 5 Y, Y gham. 98 SENIOR CLASS CABINET: Mike Witt, David Eichenburger, Jeff Kersey, David Zu walt. Not Pictured: Carol Carter. P' ssh? JUNIOR CLASS CABINET: Kim Balentine, Catherine Conway, Kevin McKinney. SOPHOMORE CLASS CABINET: Antonio Caldwell, Crystal Fray, Martha Foster. QL, , ig .. J .J maftg, J- ! le- MARSHALS: Row lx Bobby Hopenburg, Willie Rogers, Peter Lucey, Camino An- drade, Kurt Gombatz. Row 2: Nita Greg- ory, Rick Russell, Sherri Nagle, Kelly Lynn, Anne Fitzgerald. Row 3: Sonya Spence, Phil Moore, Kenny Holmes, David Thomas, Kirn Smith. Row 4: Brent Marley, Barbara Allen, Beth Day. Row 5: Holly Britt, Ma ry Beth Owen. Row 6: Guy Harris, Mike Law, Von Allen, Paul Bitler, Marty Smith, Sissie Twiggs. PAC: Row l: Beth Day. Row 2: Joan Hol- der, Susan Burgess, Allen Bingham, An- tonio Caldwell, Sherrie King. Row 3: Harold Hodnett, Jan Main, Mitch Levine, Beth Beck. Row 4: Kim McCall, Leslie Walker, Donnie Driver. HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Row l: John Winn, Jennifer Twiggs, Kendall Guthrie, Karen Cochran, Mary Beth Owen, Sher- rie Pope, Crystal Fray, Sidney Cooley. Row 2: Donna Benton, Peyton Reed, Catherine Gordon, Kim Hailey, Anne Steele, Kim Duncan, Cynthia Hicks, Blair Johnson, Row 3: Kathy Little, Kent Otto, Susan Worseley, Barbara Allen, Carol Carter, Henry Jarrett, Kenji Kojima, David Zucker. Row 4: Kathy Russell, Les- lie Walker, E. Brakebill, Alison McPipkin, Bette Wiley, Mona Russell. Row 5: Brenda Jacobson, Sherrie Bono, Patty Hight, Mike Warren, Paul Bitler, Cheryl Erskine. The Broughton Marshals, elected from each class, serve to escort classes to assemblies, usher at plays, and direct par- ents who visit at certain Broughton functions. ln this ca- pacity, the marshals are repre- sentatives of Broughton and its standard of excellence. The Principal's Advisory Com- mittee or PAC is designed to create a bridge between faculty, students, and administration. lt gives the students an opportunity to voice their concerns on vari- ous issues. Members represent a cross section ot students to en- sure that the views of all Brough- tonites are expressed. To further the link between stu- dents and government, each homeroom elects a president in September. Homeroom Presi- dents attend Student Congress meetings and report to homerooms about what has been accomplished. The rela- tionship ot student to govern- ment afforded by the election of homeroom presidents has an im- portant place in our democratic process. OUR BEST TO YOU: THE LATIPAC One of our photographers. .mp-'MOH' ' 'M STAFF r t !l'P3 1 ff 1 , - .ini , 1' l , 5 9 4gft'f?'rE 4' LATIPAC STAFF: Row l: Chris Crew, Kendall Guthrie, Beth Day, Baxter Hunt, Greg Christrnan. Row 2: Paul Carr, Guy Harris, Mike Law, Ernie Seneca, Janice Pliner, Susan Albright. Row 3: Ta ra Brown, James Pa rker, Kelley McNamara, Sally Smith, Sarah Kendall, Carol Carter, Astrid George, DeAnne Johnson, Ma ria Dunson. Row 4: Scott lsaacs, Kyle Ward, Renee Turner, Janet Link, Stacey Secreto, Barbara Dees. lOO A , .TXA Lg Q -f ' Once upon a time, in room lO7, there was a group of young, tal- ented, dedicated individuals. They sat around doing nothing until one clay one said, "Hey, l've got an idea! Let's put out an an- nual -JUST FOR FUN!" So, for the next six months, all the bright and talented youths worked their bright and talented derrieres off. Mrs. Misenheimer, the advisor, tried to keep the section editors from ripping the photographers' eyes out. She helped them think of ways of making row after row of portraits seem appealing. The senior editors, DeAnne Johnson, Astrid George and Barbara Dees, exhibited a great deal of patience and foresight, espe- cially on the nights before dead- lines. Renee Turner, the business editor, told everyone to go out and "SELL, SELL, SELL!!" How many ads did you sell, Renee? Everybody else worked really hard too. They filled page after page with lots of interesting things about Broughton. As they looked back on the year, they decided it really was a lot of fun. "lt looks so good in print!" one said, and they all lived happily ever after. XIV, , f L X 'X- Q, kwa.,-st, X Mg - .X X . , , X M 5' as if U5 K CURRICULUM Scott Isaacs Sarah Kendall AD STAFF: Sally Smith, Chris Crew, Kelley McNamara. lOl IE, fm , ,e In SENIOR EDITORS: Astrid George, DeAnne Johnson, Barbara Dees. ADVISOR: Mrs. Misenheimer, I' Deadline BIues Brother. ...ui ACTIVITIES: Kendall Guthrie, Beth Day, Baxter I-Iunt, 5, PORTRAITS: Janet Link, Carol Carter, Susan Albright 4 X, Qg.gss, ,, 4 s. ,L .X-Q., KE .f,,1-if' Q My 333 92 -ug .b,,. jf is ,,,- f i X 5 X, X. - Glimz My uw E, "7 EDITORS - Elizabeth Hudson, Mike WHT, Kathy Litfle, Barbara Edwards, Lisa lager, ADVISOR - Mrs. Jane Norton. I , E , 1 , ,,., , if Hur ...H 4 I Row l: Kathy Little, Anita Weinstein, Gloria Griessman, Pam Lucey, Juli Turkel, Barbara Edwards. Row 2: Mike Witt, Elizabeth Hudson, Jennifer Creasy, Ashley McKinney, Risa Poniros, Kim Balentine, Mary Hubbard. Row 3: David Grigsby, Jim Curtin It's hard to make the compe- tency test sound exciting or to in- spire high school students to take part in a CROP walkathon, yet that is what the Broughton HI TIMES staff does twice a month. The staff is characterized by those very words - EXCITING and INSPIRING. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Jane Norton, the artists and writers comprising the staff meet every day, seventh period, in room ll2. With Elizabeth Hud- son as editor, Broughton's biweekly periodical rolls smoothly off the presses and into the hands of the student body. Lisa lager, Elvi Thomas, Amanda Kilburn. Row 4: Jim Buchanan, Robert Singletary E Q- ga iv. 45 2- ,sf 1' ff , LL .39 ? ,L QL Y.. fs 3 as -Q --3 L4 ,. ' 'J' 5, .u A ff Q :Mi 5 4 S s 5 X i 1' v sf Q Q - - 5 " 'mv ali ' K , 4 1' L , L Sig f .Lffgh f X L 'QL A L hh,L egg -, -Q 5 1 ynQy3L Q :' '-ff,-j N if 2 L - , , L M -1 ,V ,. LN 3.0 ' s , ' 5' W ' 'f'fiQLf1:1 Q L ' if M sf eiimw M ,A ' g"u4g3'-Lia, vfliff f . AE L, L Qijf gl., . 2:3f8'E3+,a V -5 .uf Gif S1213 3-TJ' K' 3 U' LL he L . , K U' C .MFL L L --'Ellis-5 ' ff?-5 EcE 'Q52. if :L 'i2fS1'seQ i f"sL t Nu' 340 f ,Li -1' .ci L M f fi is kg? W ' 1 aL, U Q- L is L2 54153 ,qa3 952455: Lf xv? ',f', "i.Elg,Q-5 " 'US .g :ffm r?yJ'L" ?M'- QH1f-2.-. News 559. 'hi-'F 2 f ,573 .-'ig L f L :QW L FB If f .j " Qz.5JgFg5i?d?5 J EL L . E 3 52 f :L in L23 my L 1-es Q C :Ez 5 , 's Li- -' , L, fg.2fQL-E' - L, Lf2?'Z2f Saga? v Us ' ' 1 ,,k , M i '3tH ..,-gg. L. xzgnf' ,L -A ,e Lg, 2 u,ggJi-,,.L"j L, I xL,j,,' L 5 L , Lg , wk .KL We ' ff: m' W . .K 'K ...V N e w S F' 'Vi 5 ' i g. Q FV Q L-44' nik? 'H , V kL.k -5 K ' f 1 , 0 5. m 2 Iwk x L 1, 'f ,w g L 'I-cg-LfLL-LL:L L ' -, Ljyl 2 -Kgs jj w L , -Q, ,W -A J -f -V ., J LL- ' F ' f1.,...w , W' L Q-'Xiu , ' 'X , i' -- - Q yay ,W L - , .v xg I , f Cclockwisel NBHS Color Guard, Drum Majors and Majorettes. THE BHS gf, 'Z' This year's MARCHING BAND, led by Mr. .I.R. Richardson, played an important part in boosting school spirit, The marching band's activities in- cluded performing at pep rallies and presenting a half time show at football games. Participation in various contests in which the band earned grades of excellent and superior has in- creased the band's skill. The band's prowess enabled Broughton to be well- represented in the Raleigh, Cary, and Apex Christmas parades. If this year is any indication, Broughton can look forward to an outstanding marching band in the years to come. lO7 BROUGHTON ENSEMBLES DON'T MISS A NOTE , ' M44 . F ' 'WfJ,.,,' f MIXED ENSEMBLE: Row l, left to right: Jim Storey, Tara Brown, Ben Alexander, Natalie Dorsett, Pam Lucey, Row 2, left to right: Reid Jenkins, Lana Helms, Mrs. J. Reed, Jan Goodsong Row 3, left to right: Eva Phillips, Risa Poniros, Ma ria Pilos, Ernie Seneca, Chris Crew, Catherine Conway, Allen Bingham, Nancy Dosher, Row 4, left to right: T.J. Jackson, Catherine Thomas, Kelly Wall, Marci Capps, Mohammed Mohammed, Scott Paul Glenda Mackie' Row 5 left to right: Tim Bradley, Dan Benghom, Julie Clemmons, Chris Downey, Pam Capps, Ouita Davis, Row 6, left to right: Mark Dillon, Lisa-Marie Slonders, David Wilson, Ricky Osbeck. l 5 , S l i rt i l GlRL'S ENSEMBLE: Row l: Lavon Martin, Amy Liles, Linda Petit, Ma ria Tucker, Jennifer Greene, Ta ra Cooper. Row 2: Karen Matthews, Janet Law, Annette Weinstein, Colleen Gillette, Theresa Bright. Row 3: Jean Parrot, Nita Gregory, Wendy Jones, Ami Simmons. Row 4: Sheri Pope, Zapere Lee, Cheryl Erskin, Elin Bogfjelldal, Marsha Turner. l CONCERT CHORUS: Row l: Janice Harrington, Donna Benton, Amy Kostick, Jesse Mitchell, Mike Tallarico, Jimmy Buchanan, Micheal Hines, Elsie Banks, Martina Yelverton, Renee Poole. Row 2: Erin Rudder, Tammy Poole, Ricky Sanderford, Albert Thomas, Ricky Evans, Kimberly Robertson, Anthony Williams, Tonya Frye, Artemis Blessis. Row 3: Faith Bailey, Teresa Rogers, Pam Troublefield, Laura Cattle, Sheila Smith, Pam Graham, Gelva Liles, Teresa Bryant, Karen Williams, Erika Williams. The Choral Music program at Broughton has a longstanding tradition of excellence. Benefit- ing from the disciplined effort and the pride of the students over the yea rs, the department is recognized as one ofthe finest in the state. Opportunities to per- form many types of music are afforded the student who elects Choral Music. A major work from the classical repertoire is learned each year. ln addition, students participate in the spring musical production and give per- formances throughout the com- munity and in the schools which provide an appreciative audience for popular music including jazz, rock, and soul. Three performing groups allow the student to audition for and elect the group that best suits the needs of his schedule. The CONCERT CHOIR continues the sequence of choral skills begun in the preceding grades. Admis- sion is by audition. This group performs for the Christmas As- sembly, on the Spring Concert with the Band, and presents pro- grams for the middle schools in the Wake Public School System. The GlRL'S ENSEMBLE is selected by competitive audition. This treble chorus demands dis- ciplined work and superior musi- cianship from its members who present many programs in the schools and community. The Girl's Ensemble presents a Fall Concert with the Choral Ensem- ble and participates in the Solo and Ensemble Contest. The Broughton CHORAL EN- SEMBLE is the most prestigious choral organization in the school. Chosen by the most stringent competitive auditions, members of the Choral Ensemble must demonstrate superior vocal skills, excellent musicianship and academic achievement. These are the required steps for a group which presents as many as forty programs a year. Key per- formances are the Fall Concert, the Christmas Assembly, and participation by members in the North Carolina Honors Chorus and All-State Chorus. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Cleft to rightl lst Row: Mary Hubbard, Kim Smith, Sherry Cochran. 2nd Row: Ashley Johnson, Kendall Guthrie Kathy Russell, Jaki Brown. 3rd Row: Anita Weinstein, Lana Helms lhead cheerleaderl, Robin Nuhn. ' may -.,,,.. Eff A if if With nineteen spirited CHEER- LEADERS on Broughton's side, it's easy to see how Broughton athletics were so successful. The ten varsity and nine junior varsity cheerleaders, all selected last spring, formed a closely knit group united in its effort to sup- port "BHS as the best! !!" Rain or shine, there was always a rooting section of purple and gold clad girls cheering Broughton on to victory. Both squads, while relatively small in number, were grand in voice and spirit as they attended football, basketball, and soccer games and kept student spirit high. Wigwam Ma Miugyym? 3? I -w ki l Af. sf. V 1 V as ,ix JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: fleft to rightl lst Row: Ruth Ellen Hodges Regina Mottison Sandra Rodgers Ann Douglas. 2nd Row: Melony Nye Chead cheerleaderl. 3rd Row: Stephanie Shifflet Cynthia Hicks Susan Worseley 4th Row Kim Hailey. 1 A ,,.,. fb S? . E' Q 3 i ,4q Lama C Adding even more excitement to Broughton's already exciting basketball games is the NBHS PEP BAND. Band members sign up for the band which is made up of about twenty people. Drums, cymbols, and trumpets are some of the instruments that accom- pany the cheerleaders and get the crowd rocking. The Pep Band has also played at several college games including a Campbell College game at the Civic Center. Broughton's Pep Band also backed up Broughton in this winter's Holiday Festival Tournament. Broughton's CONCERT BAND is made up of those students who wish to prepare themselves for the Symphonic Band. In as- semblies and concerts at Broughton they perform with the Symphonic Band and accom- pany the choral groups. One of the highest honors an in- strumental musician can achieve while at Broughton is to be a member of the SYMPHONIC BAND. The group is selected through auditions to insure the best overall musicianship and a good, solid instrumentation. Du r- ing the past year the Symphonic Band, under the direction of Jeff Richardson, has performed pro- grams here at Broughton and at surrounding junior high and elementary schools. ln March, the band participated in the symphonic band competition in Rocky Mount, where they re- ceived important criticism from expert judges in the music field. May marked the highlight of the band's year as they returned to Florida to participate in the Great American Band Contest. MUSICIANS: lCounterclockwisel Pep Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Band M.. PEP, CONCERT AND SYMPHONIC BANDS PEP BAND: Flutes - Alexa Hines, Angela Sorrell, Julie Jones, Clarinets - Evelyn Cowling, Cynthia Cummings, Sarah Campbell, Debra Elleman, ZiZi Zaalouk, Sandra Williamson, Karone Peace. Mellaphones - Charles Millsaps, Arthur Koop. Alta Sax - Chris Hinkley. Tenor Sax - Dave Burris. Trumpets - Chris Downey, David Thomas, Mark Stalnaker, Steve Bullard, Paul Fordham, Bill Venable, Fred Lorber. Trombones - Steve Perrin, James Lundy, Randall Laws. Tuba - Joey Morris. Percussion - Richard Ragland, Tim Jackson. CONCERT BAND: Flutes - Karen Nickerson, Michelle Marlin, Bly Boyers. Clarinets - Sarah Campbell, ZiZi Zaalouk, Cheryl Jordan, Greg Taylor, Karone Peace, Sandra Williamson, Elizabeth Woodbury. Alto Clarinet - Othella Owens. Alto Saxes - Allison Dahle, Harold Evans. Tenor Sax - Reggie McDowell. Trumpets - Donald Campbell, Jim Sabitsch, Gene Harris. Trombones - Randall Laws, Greg Parker. Percussion - Terry Percival, Odell Lambeth, Steve Gallup, Kenny Sanders, Robert Jaynes. SYMPHONIC BAND: Flutes - Angie Bostrom, Liz Prescott, Carol Holland, Jackie Shaw, Julie Jones, Amelia Hanson, Karen Collins, Alexa Hines, Patti Pickard. Clarinets - Chris Hinkley, Andrea Correll, Evelyn Cowling, Cynthia Cummings, Jeff Strickland, Michael Pittman, Joey Marris, Wanda Capps, Debra Elleman, Laura Gibbs, Mary Ann Jones. Oboes - Carla Wiser, Julie Clemens. Bassoon - Angela Sorrell. Low Reeds - Amy Lile, Alasdair McGregor, Marion Johnson, Susan Bass, Josephine Lee. Alto Saxes- Mona Russell, Zeb Overton. Tenor Sax -- Dave Burris. French Horn - Arthur Koop, Charles Millsaps, Dwight Bishop, Steve Bullard. Trumpets - Darwin McCaffity, David Thomas, Mark Cummings, Chris Downey, Bill Willis, Fred Lorber, Paul Fordham, Mark Stalnaker, Bill Venable. Trombones- Steve Perrin, James Lundy, Eric Curry. Ba ritones - Rachel Gelbin, Tom Hooks, Jamie Schauer, Tuba - T.J. Jackson. Percussion - Wonder Forrest, Peele Wimberly, Richard Ragland, Chris Barton, Peyton Reed, Zachary Smith, John O'Connell. ll3 POLLSTE RS AN D POSTERS THE INTERCLUB COUNCIL is made up of club presidents. They meet to exchange ideas and plans with each other and serve as the governing body for clubs. Authors and poets find haven in room 206, the site of WINGED WORDS club meetings. Ot the projects they held this year, the Winter Poetry reading and liter- ary magazine were most noteworthy. Meetings are held approximately twice a month and give members a chance to view and display creative writing at its best. INTERCLUB COUNCIL: Row lz Alison McPipkin, Pam Lucey, Brent Marley, Mike Witt, Kevin McKinney, Alisdair McGregor. Row 2: Jim Storey, Steven Perrin, Kim Mangum, Beth Day, Lisa Campbell, Kathy Little, Anita Weinstein, Al Boyers, David Wilson, Patrick Caple, Chanetta Lytello, Kelley McNamara. WINGED WORDS: Row l: Mike Dunn, Jennifer Greene, Janice Pliner, Kendall Guthrie, Chris Crew, Sharon Overby. Row 2: Caroline Chavasse, Karen Cochrane, Lee Willoughby, Ashley McKinney, Patrick Caple. Not pictured: DeAnne Johnson, president. ll4 K i 2 i 4 g. W il , l, ww .Ann L -qev-an-H49 LEADERS AND LAUREATES The ELECTIONS COMMITTEE conducts all Broughton Student elections. Divided into various sub-committees, this large group prepares ballots, polls homerooms, and counts votes in such elections as Homecoming and Queen of Hearts courts, and Student Government. The PUBLICITYXPOSTER COM- MITTEE makes posters for dances and pep rallies, adver- tises for sports events, and par- ticipated in welcoming the reac- creditation committee to Broughton. Their creative and colorful posters keep Broughto- nites posted about happenings around school. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: fleft to rightl Row l: Denise Palmer, Janet Stranahan, Row 2: Kevin McKinney, Tara Brown, Manal Afiffy, Lynette Weinstein, Ashley McKinney, Jan Goodson, Mary Beth Tieny. Row 3: Baxter Hunt, Maria Pilos, Heather Warren, Harriet Burgess, Cooper Falls, Virginia Beatty, Astrid George, Susan Burgess, Chris Crew, Mark Harper, Katherine Langley, Sheila Seneca. Row 4: Karen Cochran. Inset: Carrie Lanning. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: fleft to rightl Row l: Astrid George, Melanie Walden, Karen Cochran, Bettie Wiley, Karen Matthews, Alison McPipkin, Sherry King, Virginia Beatty, Teresa Burnett, Brenda Jacobson, Mike Law, Doro Taylor. Row 2: Chanetta Lytello, Susan Johnson, Jen- nifer Frazelle, Annette Howington, Karone Peace, Natalie Dorssett, Cathy Hanford, Jaki Brown, LaPonda Bridges, Barbara Dees, Carol Matthews, Sheila Seneca. Row 3: Katherine Merriman, Kendall Guthrie, Keith Lawson, Sibyl Smith, Harriet Scarborough, Cheri Bono, Dawn Warren, Patricia Boyd, Thelma Mielenz. Row 4: Janet Stranahan, Lisa Frye, James Nunn, Kate Brickell, Robin Nuhn, Sherry Pope, Lisa lager, Phil Moore, Denise Palmer, Susan Worsely, Beth Howell, Libby Pinkerton, Becky Sis- son. Row 5: Eagle White, Mitch Levine, Marie Tucker, Patti Pickard, Eva Phillips, ZiZi Zaalouk, Laura Aiken, Melanie Bulla, Rene Lemons, Catherine Thomas. Row 6: Zipporah Lee, Gail Simmons, Mike Pittman, Chris Downey, Karen Jar- nigan, Brian Loseke. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ,M MEMBERS: lleft to riahtj lst Row: Lana Helms, Gair McCullough, Mike Law, Bettie Wiley, Melanie Walden, Karen Fairchild, Susan Johnson, Sally Smith, Wrenn Hayes. 2nd Row: Tara Brown, Anita Weinstein, Eva Phillips, Libby Bent, Brent Marley, DeAnne Johnson, Kim Mangum, Elizabeth Hudson, Mike Witt. 3rd Row: Guy Harris, Alison McPipkin, Ouita Davis, Pam Capps, Stephanie Calloway, Nancy Humphries, Linda Patton. 4th Row: Keith Johnson, Michael Pittman, Jackie Shaw, Eddie Hodges, Jeffrey Kersey, Alicia Zumwalt. INDUCTEES: Cleft to rightl lst Row: Mark Harper, Angie Bostrom, Ashley Johnson, Sissie Twiggs, Gail Hamner. 2nd Row: Pam Lucey, Kendall Guthrie, Jennifer Greene, Louisa Andrade, Jan Maine. 3rd Row: Carla Wiser, Barbara Edwards, Greg Murphy, Jan Goodsan, Nancy Dosher, Sandra Main. 4th Row: Jill Suskind, Pam Donegan, Kevin McKinney, Ron Swaisgood, Kim Smith, Denise Palmer, Karen Cochran, Kevin Gardner. Sth Row: Jeff Strickland, Robert Singletary, Mike Dunn, David Wu. ...,.,,.. F... Being a member of the National I Honor Society is the highest ac- ademic honor awarded a Broughton student. lnductions are held twice a year with eligibil- . ity coming as junior or senior with at least 90.0 average. Members must also have given service to the school and this continues once in the Honor So- ciety with group service projects such as the Christmas Food Do- - nation. Members enjoyed get- togethers which began with a new member welcome at Sportsworld in December. SERVICE CLUB lnduction into The Service Club, the greatest non-academic honor at Broughton, requires lead- ership, and "outstanding and ' unselfish service to BHS." Be- sides aiding in school clean-up, the Service Club undertook vari- ous projects throughout the year. Seniors are inducted in the fall and spring. Faculty and ju- niors may be inducted in the spring only. Y li 5 fm .,,,, L... K4 SERVICE CLUB: Row l: Kelley McNamara, Keith Johnson. Row 2: Mike Law, Tara Brown, Lana Helms, Melanie Walden, Barbara Allen, E. Brakebill Barbara Edwards, Anita Weinstein, Lisa Campbell, Kathy Little. Row 3: Sherry Cochrane, Cheryl Erskine, Sybil Smith, Stephanie Calloway, Reid Jenkins Mohamed Mohamed, Jim Storey, Dwayne Green, Norma Day, Eva Phillips, Astrid George, Kim Mangum. Row 4: Guy Harris, Mike Witt, Patty Hight Wonder Forest, Jeff Kersey, Allen Bingham, Marty Smith, Chris Downey, Louis Capetonis, Gair McCollou h, Rene Lemons. Advisors: Mrs. Norton, Mr Rainbow. Not Pictu red: Catherine Thomas, Jackie Shaw, Barton Armstrong, Julie Clemons, Karen Fairchild, Clathy Hanford, Wren Hayes, Elizabeth Hudson DeAnne Johnson, Risa Piniros, Sissie Twiggs, David Zumwalt. Q' x L ! I 41 ' 1 fAN ESTABUSHED ekouv OF LOCAL Sopms .x :ig 1 X 6 'jf J 7' 'S .Q SME 1979- TICATES -QS' il G :A v .J x ww, -'17 Vx , HN., ' fe l'p. ,l'Q- gt ll' f x 6' 1, X M iki WZ? A , M z a 7f '1' g ' ff' V f ' ' , :ff 'W O ' I ' 1 3 ff xxx!! '7 X f ff Yylflf X 15, X mw ! wld hu W" 'f f , , X Q 7 QM ,1 U y I fffmfiu 'nb' 1 S754 f Wi All '. ,, .Q lwlyfv' ww. O -Aki X '61 Y X f ff ' V ' I I , i f 71 Aw' INTERNATIONAL FLAIR 4 'izwi' Q' fi 's LATIN CLUB: Row l - Robert Singletary, Mike Witt. Row 2 - James Nunn, Andrea Correll, Norma Day, Jeff Strickland, Jaki Brown, Beth Tyner, Anne Fitzgerald, Randi Palmer, Caroline Watson, Linda McCullough, Jennifer Greene, Tim Little. Row 3 - Beth Beck, Guy Harris, Dave Diehl, Peyton Reed, Tracey Cole, Robby Scott, David Grigsby, Steve Perrin. Row 4 - Karen Smith. Mr. T. Cunnigham was the advi- sor for this year's Latin Club. One of the many projects they sponsored was a'very successful tea for the faculty on a teacher workday. ln the spring they held a Latin banquet in which the stu- dents sang songs, danced, and performed skits. The International Club gives Broughtonites a chance to study the cultures of different peoples. Many of the foreign Exchange students participate in this club. Among its activities, the club holds an annual Christmas party at which many customs are ex- changed. INTERNATIONAL CLUB: Cleft to rightl lst Row: Colleen Gillett, Kim Garner, Maha Saleh, Porukeo Xoum- phonhphakdy. 2nd Row: Juan Gomez, Cathy Hanford, Hong Truong, Elizabeth Valachovic, Vandinh Nguyen, Beth Mauzy, Huyen Cao. 3rd Row: Roberto Gomez, Sam Harrell, Enrico Spina, Jimmy Wright, Eddie Master, Peter Grainger, Ashley McKinney, Elin Bogfielldal, Arni Liepkaln. FOREIGN FLAIR Hola! Que' tal? The answer that this year's SPANISH CLUB FIESTA BRAVA would give is "muy bienl" meaning "very good". BHS's Spanish Club gave members a chance to study and enjoy the culture of the Spanish and Mexican people. Among its activities was a visit to Su Casa and participation in the lan- guages festival at N.C.S.U. in March. Another foreign language club deserving merit is the GERMAN CLUB, fearlessly advised by Herr Watts. Members sponsored and played on an intramural basket- ball team and met frequently in room 2lO. SPANISH CLUB. fleft to rightl Row l - Cathy Hanford, Anita Weinstein, Catherine Conway, Lisa lager, Kim McCall, Kathy Little, Margaret Parker, Becky Sisson, Lynette Weinstein. Row 2 - Lisa Frye, Janet Stranahan, James Bond, Rebecca Levine. GERMAN CLUB: lleft to rightl Row l - Brent Marley. Row 2 - David Wilson, Harrison Lancaster, Gail Hamner, Libby Pinkerton, Karen Paar, Rachel Griffith, Conrad Wiser. Row 3 - Gus Grosch, Ron Swaisgood, Jan Goodson, Ken- ii Kojima, David Kindsvater, Angela Hinton, Michael Luh. Row 4 - Robert Posner, Sallie Paar, Paul Fordham, Eric Smith, Arun Prasad. BRAIN TRUST Robert Singletary. Row 2 - Brian Gur- Jerry Alvis, Dave Diehl, Michael Luh. SCIENCE CLUB: Row l lleft to rightl - Guy Harris, Robert Singletary, Steve Per- rin, Kenji Kojimo, Ron Swaisgood. Row 2 - Mike Dunn, Mark Gurley, Jan Moin, Colleen Gillette, Julian Bond. Definitely kings of their game, Broughton CHESS CLUB mem- bers enjoyed a very successful year. Besides meeting every Monday after school, many chessman played matches at lunchtime, often drawing large rooting sections. Even Einstein had to start some- where . . . It could quite possi- bly have been in a SCIENCE CLUB much like Broughton's. This select group of budding sci- entists met to exchange views on the world of science and many developed projects of their own. CHESS CLUB: Row l Ileft to rightl - ley, Al Boyers, Gus Grosch. Row 3 - ACTIVE STUDENTS INCREASE SCHOOL PRIDE PEP CLUB: Row l: Elizabeth Granger, Lee Willoughby, Jim Storey, Ashley Moglnicki, Mohamed Mohamed, Kathryn Langley. Row 2: Sharon Over- by, Lee Hottaway, Dawn Warren, Lyndll Douglas, Cathy Hanford. Row 3: Anne Stone, Lisa Clark, Lana Helms. CAFETERIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Row l - Jimmy Buchanan, Ricky San- derford, Deneen Terrell, Kevin Christian, Mrs. McLaughhorn, Felicia Laws, Kim Trice, Ellen McLawhorn, Dwayne Greene, Mr. Curry. An especially active group dur- ing Broughton's athletic season is the PEP CLUB. This group, led by Jim Storey, performed skits at pep rallies, attended all games, and significantly increased school spirit by their enthusiastic support. The CAFETERIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE serves as a link be- tween the cafeteria staff and the student body's taste buds. Be- sides beginning a cafeteria week during which prizes of food were won, the club chose to decorate the cafeteria during the Christ- mos season in order to make the cafeteria more pleasant. NINE TO FIVE w 015' .,,f. COO, another of Broughton'S career-oriented clubs, helps place students in jobs and in- structs participants in operations and functions of the business community. FSA, Future Sec- retaries of America, also helps career-minded Broughtonites who are sure of their future oc- cupation prepare themselves for their job. FSA lleft to rightl Row l - Laurice Faison, Janice Mickens, Tina Perry, Val- erie Herndon, Lisa Terry. Row 2 - Wanda Smith, Lonnetta Williams, Jan Perdue, Maria Hewitt, Beverly Hicks, Pat- ricia Twining, Marcia Jeffreys, Julia Lan- caster. COO lleft to rightl Row l - Tina Perry, Beverly Hicks, Valerie Herndon, Patricia Twining, Janice Mickens. Row 2 - Lon- netta Williams, Bryan Cherry, Annette Medlin, Lisa Terry, Jan Perdue, Marcia Jeffreys. ll f l WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK This year Broughtonites were given the opportunity to join sev- eral job-oriented organizations which aid students in preparing their careers. DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, provides in- formation on today's competitive society and marketing and dis- tribution sales. Students involved in VICA, Voc- ational lndustrial Clubs of America, are also in the lndust- rial Cooperative Training Pro- gram. Included in the programs are speech making, chart graph- ing, and leadership skills. HERO, another job-oriented club, gives students on-the-job training in food-related occupa- tions. DECA: Row l: Cheryl Tifft, Linda Pattee, Cheryl Perkinson, Lindo Sirn mons, Connie Barnes, Michele Kelly, Sonnia Evans. Row 2: Terry Partin Linda Birch, Donna Dolen, Deborah Pattee, Mona Andrews Audrey Robertson, Charlyne Thomas, Rosalie Wright. Row 3: Alena Kloss Kim Wendell, Robin Perry, Teresa Wilcox, Beth Pindell, Rochelle Seawright Harriet Scarborough, Stephanie Holding, Miss Patterson, Trung Huynh Row 4: Ronald Cannon, Kim Gay, Lorna Starling, Howard Harris Dwayne Mullins, Debbie Lee, Carolyn Nealy. VICA: Front row: Billy Locke, Jerry Hodge, Rick High, Joe McElveen Chip Carter, Nickey Lamm. Back Row: Lawrence Clayton, John Burnette Shel ton McNeil, Tommy Bunch, Wilber Holt, James Grady, Mr. Joyce HERO: Row l: Janet Yelverton, DeAnne Oglesby, Connie McKenzie Betty McDougal, Kinna Pennington, Teresa Purdee, Dianna Goudi. Row 2 Emma Bostic, Dwayne Gay, Vanessa Kornegay, Regina Royster, Dennis McClain Michelle Reavis, James Allen, Lisa Brantley. ROLL 'EM This year's BUS DRIVERS couldn't get up at 7:45, throw on clothes, and dash to school at 7:58. lt was their responsibility to pick up and deliver at least one, and often two, groups of stu- dents to school every day. For their hard work, bus drivers re- ceived one class credit and wages. Under the direction of Mr. Reid, A.V. ASSISTANTS handled and maintained expensive films and sound equipment. This small, but select, crew was yet another example of the important jobs students hold at Broughton. BUS DRIVERS: lleft to rightl Row l - Bill Andrade, Reggie Lane, Belva Liles, Cheryl White, Donnie Driver, Mark Neal. Row 2 - Ransom Walters, David Eichenburger, Mike Tallarico, Becky Lanning, David Singleton, Wesley Mon- tague. Row 3 - Reggie Laws, Elsie Banks, Leisa Moore. Row 4 - Creighton Currin, Greg Smith, Cindy Darden, Mar- cel Sharpe, Dawn Warren, Brian Hanson. Row 5 - Art Patterson, Alan Patterson, Mike Lane, Sherril Hodge. Row 6 - Joel Williams, Billy Lane, Paul Gessner. ' w Q -. Pi i .13 A.V. ASSISTANTS: lleft to rightl Ronald Dendy, Jeff Curtis, Brian Bliss, Anthony Johns. 2 P 35 3 .- 12 THE ASSEMBLY CREWS STAGE CREW: llett to rightl lst Row: Brenda Buffaloe, Ronnie McLomb, Mike Watkins. 2nd Row: Chet Hinton, Harry Whyte, Kevin Gardner, Wil O'Neal, Jim Gaines, Joan Preston, Chipper Hackler. 3rd Row: Marty Smith, Donnie Driver, Grey Wilson, Ben Frazier. Not Pictured: Wrenn Hayes, Becky Lanning, Janice Pliner, Denise Palmer, Willie Blalock, Jenny Jones, Bud Benson, Dillard Andrews TECH CREW: Cleft to rightl lst Row: Henry Jarrett, Lee Hattaway, Ben Alexander, Sharron Overby. 2nd Row: Alasdiar McGregor, Mark Neal, John DeBoskey, John Liberty. 3rd Row: Eric Curry, Paul Marsland, Bill Ott. l26 Assemblies and dances wouldn't run so smoothly without the aid of The Stage Crew. This Com- mittee sets up for assemblies in the gymnasium beforehand and stays when they are through to push in bleachers and straighten up for classes. Need sound and lighting assis- tance for your assembly or dance? The Tech Crew is the right committee to go to. The Tech Crew also provides the technical support for plays held at Broughton. THE GREAT OUTDOCRS f"""'T-T TTTT5 ,J A brand new, Broughton Ski Club engaged in many activities this year. Among them were films and guest speakers, high- lighted by a weekend trip to Sugar Mountain. President Kevin McKinney was very pleased with the outcome of this Year's projects. The outlook for the Broughton Ski Club in years to come is promising. The Sports Committee, spon- sored by Mr. Rainbow, Mrs. Sul- livan, and Mrs. Smith, promotes the spirit of the student body. They show support for each team and their coaches by de- corating team lockers, providing refreshments for players on spe- cial occasions, and making ban- ners for games. They sold der- bies and caps, pom poms, and stickers for fund- raising projects. SKI CLUB: Cleft to right lst Row: Ritch Haar, Kathryn Langley, Charlie King Kevin McKinney, Denise Palmer, Sally Garrett, Robin Nuhn, Rachel Harmes 2nd Row: Beth Mauzy, Joan Preston 3rd Row: Lisa Frye, Leslie Pruneau, Catherine Conway, Patti Pickard, Trish Fischer 4th Row: Mark Cummings, Alison McPlpkin Lana Helms, Chipper Garnett. 5th Row Emily Smith, Lori Ann Bono, Paul Butler Mike Herndon, Lewis McMillan, Rob Ro gers. 6th Row: Chris Downey. SPORTS COMMITTEE: lleft to righti lst Row: Kelly Lynn, Sheila Seneca, Sharon Burt, Paulette Cannady, Phil Moore Lisa lager, Karren Matthews, Tara Brown Lana Helms, Rob Rogers. 2nd Row: Janet Creasy, Virginia Beatty, Susan Worseley Sharron Overby, Lee Hattaway, Hannah Moore, Lisa Frye, Janet Stranahan, John Winn. 3rd Row: Katherine Gordon, Har riet Burgess, Mary Moffat, Manal Afify Camino Andrade, Trish Fischer, Beth Mauzy, Robin Nuhn, Denise Palmer Thelma Mielenz, Donna Goodwin 4th Row: Lori Shropshire, Anne Douglass Anne Fitzgerald, Kim Duncan, Kathy Lit tle, Eva Phillips, Susan Burgess, Jim Cur tin, Sherri Nagle, Doro Taylor. 5th Row Kathryn Merriman, Tracy Cole, Ann Morrison, Beth Beck, Maria Pilos, Glenda Mackie, Caroline Chavasse, Karen Coc hran, Kendall Guthrie, Kathryn Langley 6th Row: Jamie Reibel, Peter Lucey, Lynn Swann, Jane Patterson, Patti Pickard Sherry Pope, Elizabeth Musslewhite Kim McCall, Sally Garrett, Karen Smith, Mary Hubbard. 7th Row: Kim Mangum, Pam Lucey, Lee Willoughby, Catherine Thomas, Will Shoulars. Broughton Players And Co , BHS thespian society is composed of a bunch of enthusiastic ded: cated crazy actors devoted to putting on a good show Aided this year by Mr Attaway the talented group produced an en tertaining season of theater tion for students by students en tertains those students who choose to remain in the cafeteria during lunch DJ s played a montage of musical selections to ensure eveyone s listening taste is Satisfied THE ENTERTAINERS WBHS, Broughton's radio sta- BROUGHTON PLAYERS: lleft to rightl lst Row: Kevin McKinney, Salley Garrett, Doro Taylor, Joan Preston, Gair McCul- lough, Melanie Walden, Paul Marsland, Noel McDaniel, Alasdair McGregor, Beth Day, Patrick Caple. 2nd Row: Michele Mignacci, Sally Mines, Marcie Capps, Caroline Chavasse, Karen Cochran, Noel McDaniel, Mimi Ferraro, Heather War- ren, Sharron Overby. Bryan Bliss, Donna Horn. 3rd Row: Laura Fountain, Mary Moffat, Mitch Levine, Rene Lemons, Mr, Attaway, Tate Renner, Melanie Morri- son, Rolin Barrett, Lori Ann Bona, Liz Prescott, Kenji Kojimo, Allen Bingham. 4th Row: Beth Mauzy, Kathryn Langley, Scott Paul, Glenda Mackie, Joey Morris, John Anderson, Dan Bingham, Lee Hat- taway, Reid Jenkins. RADIO CLUB: lleft to rightl lst Row: Carrie Harris, Scott Adams, Jeff Watson, Mark Neal, Bryan Bliss, Paul Koop, Dwight Bishop, Ronald Dandy, Beth Day. 2nd Row: John Liberty, Dorothy Dunn, Regina Bonds, Anthony Johns, Gentry Dunham, Colleen Gillette. 3rd Row: John DeBoskey lPresidentJ, Bill Ott lVice Pres- identl. OUT OF THE ORDINARIES 6 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Cleft to rightl Melanie Walden, Lana Helms, Be- ttie Wiley, Sarah Kendall, Sally Smith, Kelley McNamara, Allison Mcpipkin, Leslie Walker. SPECIAL PROJECTS: Cleft to rightl lst Row: Brenda Buffaloe, Mike Witt, Becky Lanning, Mike Law, Chelle Johnson, Kel- ley McNamara, Sara Kendall. 2nd Row: Mitch Levine, Mohamed Mohamed, Ben Frazier, Donnie Driver, Lee Singleton, Julie Turkel, Lana Helms, Kevin Gardner. 3rd Row: Marty Smith, Debbie Lee, Kathy Little, Eva Phillips, Anita Weinstein, De- nise Palmer, Sally Smith, Kim Mangum. "This is a test, only a test, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - the preced- ing announcement has been brought to you by the Emergency Preparedness Committee." Dur- ing emergencies, it was the duty of this committee to ensure the safety of all the students. To ful- fill this responsibility, committee members organized exit routes for fire drills and prepared pro- cedural outlines for dealing with natural disasters and civil emergencies. From Queens to snowman, the Special Projects Committee kept Broughton students entertained this year. The activities included a fiftieth anniversary Homecom- ing and a Snowball dance, which was Sadie Hawkins style. Both of these events were fabulous suc- cesses due to the ha rd work and determination of this committee. PURCHASES AND PUBLICATIONS Amidst piles of student names and addresses, newspaper clip- pings, and glue, the members of the Publications Committee could be found. These dedicated students were the guardians of Broughton nostalgia, I979-80. Committee projects included or- ganization of the student tele- phone directory and the school scrapbook. Where did a student go at 7:58 to buy a typing eraser for his first period typing class? The SCHOOL STORE, of course! Broughton's school store did a booming business this year sel- ling needed supplies at reasona- ble prices. Pencils, paper, pens, protractors, and other "life- saving" equipment were always available to the student in need. Culminating the school store's activities were various sales that featured bargain basement prices. Sitting: Dawn Warren, Ms. Vire, Cathy Hanford. Standing: Guy Harris, Lee Willoughby, Jim Storey, Randy Ba rksdale, Tim Jackson, David Timothy. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE: Row l: Janet Stranahan, Lisa Frye, Sharon Overby, Kelly Evans, Nancy Dosher, Lee Hattaway, Elizabeth Hudson - Co-Chairman, Catherine Thomas - Co-Chairman. Row 2: Manal Afify, Heather Warren, Kathy Little, Lisa O'Hara, Ann Morrison, Harriet Burgess, Caroline Watson. Raw 3: Angela Hinton, Becky Sisson, Melanie Bulla, Eva Phillips, Arine Steele. Row 4: Othello Owen, Gail Chavis, Audrey Robertson, Mona Whitaker, Laura Fountain. l3O BROUGHTON AT ITS BEST HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE: Row I: Ann Morrison, Lisa lager, Lisa Campbell, Melanie Bulla, Hannah Moore, Donna Horn. Row 2: Sherry King, Laura Hale Sally Hatch, Debbie Lewis, Donna Coley. Row 3: Harriet Burgess, Denise Rogers, Pam Donegan, Becky Scaggs, Anita Weinstein, Donna Benton. Row 4: Mrs. Finlator, Thomasina Smith, Caroline Watson, Kate Brickell, Elizabeth Drewes, Angela Hinton, Sarah Campbell. Broughton's House ond Grounds Committee plays an important role in keeping the school grounds and building in top shape. Much time and energy goes into maintaing Broughton's reputation as the all-around best. The Hospitality Committee rep- resents Broughton at formal school functions by greeting guests and preparing and serv- ing refreshments. They work hard to make visitors and guests at Broughton feel welcome. HOUSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Row I: Angela Hinton, Marie Tucker, James Robenolt, Tony Hartte, Chris Downey, Mohamed Mohamed. Row 2: Terry Percival, John Inman. AFROTC uniform once a week. The N Squadron of AFROTC ha reputation as the first ROTC in North Carolina and the unit in Wake County to up Being a member means daily in such things as Ieade training, flight princip: aerodynamics, weather, an tory. ROTC members can ticipate further by playing lt's much more than wearii ' l t ' c i d i I in the Color Guard or Drill Te These a re extracurricu la r tivities. RQTC cadets are lresponsiblt C raising and lowering the flag the front lawn each day. ROTC'ers direct traffic at It school functions. by student Jeffrey Kerse cadet major who is squa commander. Classes and are held under the directio Colonel MacQueen. Leadership is provided in Rt c c perience in leadership tra: and is an important possibl reer choice. AFROTC is an enlightening . . . E 132 14. S miiiisiisiirlcoirsiisncs , , l i, ...., . 2:,,:. nzsi . ,,,.,., ' AFROTC: "A" Flight - Ed Capps, David Craven, Johnnie Frazier, Blake Hiott, John Inman, Kenji Kojirna, Ray Mclntyre, Joyce McLeod, Johnnie Morrison, Terry Percival. "B" Flight - Shunita Allen, Mike Arnold, Hugh Bredbenner, Tony Caldwell, Kevin Christians, Carol Cone yers, Sylvia Davis, Mike Gaither, Elaine Gewin, Pam Johnson, Todd Kittrell, Mike Lane, Neal McCrancy, Ken McHugh, Monty Montague, Robert Pascale, Willie Rogers, Jennifer Royster, Senetta Shaw, Angela Smith, Jessie Smith, Thad Terrell, ,S H Nita- Pat Walker, Ricky Wall, Ricky Williams, Godbey Willis. "C" Flight- Von Allen, Thomas Bradshaw, Adrienne Brooks, Carol Conyers, Ronald Dandy, Laurice Faison, David Gibbs, Felicia Johnson, Jett Kersey, Reginald Laws, Jarvis McCullers, Alan Patterson, James Robenolt, Regina Royster. "D" Flight - Traci Arnold, Doug Champion, Natalie Dorssett, Dwayne Greene, Janice Harrington, Tony Hartle, Reggie Laws, Keith Lawson, Chanetta Lytello, Brent Marley, Mohamed Mohamed, Charlotte Pickett, Phillip Pulley, Mike Ransdell, Gene Shackley, Marcille Sharpe, Cheryl White, Joel Williams, Charlene Young. "E" Flight - Charles Alvarez, Char Boswell, Rebecca Bunch, Eric Colvin, Eddie Evans, Ricky Evans, Jessie Fields, Wayne Giles, Roberto Gomez, Corrie Hines, Gina Hin- ton, Sonya Howell, Antonella Jones, Bonita Kearney, Vincent Kerr, Sherry King, Steven Mack, Ashlyn Morrison, Kenneth Morrison, Kenneth Rowland, Pat Thorbes, Wanda Thorpe, Norma Wil- liams, Sharon Peters, Timothy Davis. SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA: ARTISTS STRIVING FOR PERFECTION SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA: FLUTES: Angie Bostom, Liz Prescott, Carol Holland, Jackie Shaw, Julie Jones, Amelia Hanson, Karen Collins, Alexa Hines, Patti Pickard. CLARINETS: Chris Hinkley, Andrea Correll, Eveyln Cowling, Cynthia Cummings, Jeff Strickland, Michael Pittman, Joey Morris, Wanda Capps, Debra Elleman, Laura Gibbs, Mary Ann Jones. OBOES: Carla Wiser, Julie Clemens. BASSOON: Angela Sorrell. LOW REEDS: Amy Lile, Alasdair McGregor, Marion Johnson, Susan Bass, Josephine Lee. ALTO SAXES: Mona Russell, Zeb Overton. TENOR SAX: Dave Burris. FRENCH HORN: Arthur Koop, Charles Millsaps, Dwight Bishop, Steve Bullard. TRUMPETS: Darwin McCatfity, David Thomas, Mark Cummings, Chris Downey, Bill Willis, Fred Lorber, Paul Fordham, Mark Stalmaker, Bill Venable. TROMBONES: Steve Perrin, James Lundy, Eric Curry. BARITONES: Rachel Gelbin, Tom Hooks, Jamie Schauer. TUBA: T.J. Jackson. PERCUSSION: Wonder Forest, Peele Wimberely, Richard Ragland, Chris Barton, Peyton Reed, Zachary Smith, John O'Connell. ,,...,,. L I l34 The SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA performs at various special as- semblies, most memorably at the Christmas assembly. The Sym- phonic Orchestra and the com- bined Ensembles and Ensemble alumni perform the Messiah, a work that is presented every year by Broughton's music depart- ment. The Symphonic Orchestra, led by Mr. Southwick until his re- tirement in January, is presently directed by Mr. Harold Link. we-1 ku.,- Susan and Ken Attaway Dr Danlel Kent Bailey Tum Bevaqua Mr and Mrs Mlckey Brock Mr and Mrs Douglas A Bryant Mr and Mrs Bobby E Helms Governor and Mrs James B Hunt Samuel Johnson Just A Mother Mr and Mrs Eugene Langley Jr Mrs DIXIGC Porter John S Rhodes Satterfneld and Haakenson M D P A Mr and Mrs RobertA Sharpe Mrs SallyW Smusson PATRONS Mr and Mrs Ivey L Clayton Howard Cunnlngham Mrs WW Flnlator Monroe E Gardner Jr Mr and Mrs Robert L Guthrie Rev and Mrs Thomas L Law and Mrs D T Lucey and Mrs Darwin McCatflty and Mrs F M Musenhermer and Mrs Hugh H Murray Wade and Ann Smnth Mr and Mrs ThomasG Wlllus Donald C Yount Jr Dr and Mrs Henry Zaytoun Dr. U . J . . A Dr. . ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' , J Mr. . . Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood Mk M I Mn f E, yi ,gl Q6 W 2 ff YN Xf ff X N ' T E S N E: n ew Cl . m K 33 C C0 SW E ffl Ujcxgfz U-1 N w -M12 Cf 2, E migffg F 9 - ILI Z H1236 LL ff W ' ch " x form CDM" E -5797 q,L,1Q 3 S '52-1 F0553 '5f1'1g5 ' 5 Z-E sa, a nim 33 Ea? S k "3EOf.'fE' 5 GY ,J .. xf Q '5-.sw -5- 955442 ep I- QEN c 'Q agiilfizi fff . X. K X, 1 si-,333 Q Q:-fa . N M 'E'.-gd' Lu .1'51ND 333.0 215 C 25,559 bmi? S5312 fo WSF Zhloiuai C 'Q 2252 Slit EQ ,-Q' 58 UJQ?i'I"LU 5 fi' ,,,gEE2'n?UZ 'EDO pg a-'nj-3g.EgfgNE,?ccfr5 Q 5655 w-:ees-22, M U ENKEHLSCO .2 C f was Eff:-if Q EQU QQ LL Zi 5 S N Eau? EE 58 0 51.53 fe 2, 0 O .CSE ' 57' :Jo if Q11 8 o f-92? fm E Sf E ZS 3 3 E. ' Cn W Q gf-3' .gf Q 2? I-5'-.lilo 1-3 U5 gf 0 33 do XQ5 '53 Q2 in 3 Q-' it 44 l Q7 Cf 'E 3 25:5 QQ Y E if Q: -13: 40 I gg fzj Q Q Q C? 'vw CQ 'S ' go! .J GX 2 En 53 23 LO z 3 552 5 3 0.1539 E5 miifg Q0 Q0 2.93 5 H3 ga 2 ca ,I ku O O G gf z 5' 5 if 'Q Q Q5 Z E Z I-U HALEILTH scuooLoFoATA Paocessnmcgzmf. OOL OF- DAWL7 1173 cflagqpug sugzLfTelepru1eB5+10ob1Qo,6oX 7Z1lRo1e131,M.L 7.7610 cf D 5 Q 'rue computes 5 CED uununnn ff f HE EBREER B ci ' 9 1 , 667 yy Q - THE lqsn S s.N8c,SHEDlHHs . . INC BRE VCU LDDWDB FDR B 1' GFCEBS E-FIQQURDU EITIEBT BUD SEDURBTVY IF SQ CONSIDER COMPUTER PROGRRITDIMDB HUD DRT6 YRDCESSIDB RS H TRAIN nv 6 +0 35 weevis' SDECIQLILED TRAININCQ. PLACEMENT 553,155 DAY Amo NLGHT CLASS FEATURMT mumps ,Nz ACREDITED scuom. O4fa'iionaf'0qssoc'ai' af -422,122 :s'.s.0:Pac':w:.41.H.m.2:'JA P"0C'fS'NG fm. and Smwfs CG4VD'fER pRiR5P4F4lNlqXAIkTH coMDu'Ttil CQNCE DT5 mm: Z5535QTiT21Q'L' Wm' 'af PUNCH Zfelewwe 3 Area Code 919 CALL Jcgodq -For rYwOr'-EL 854-1000 1 TW -Poxfwx 5-H 0 rw 233'-8?ffI M Home or-vices, PARTS msmauvnon AND .senvlce r1acu..-mr.S,Hwy-:oe SERVTTTQ NURTH CfHaOL1MA'S 'VRUCKIMG TNDUSTFTV Jfhf-o PARTS di SERVICE. A 1513961 alfsts Mow IN L+ CONVEN IEMT LOCATIONS RALEIGH GREEINLSBOQO CHARLOTTE vvzuvzzmarou U57 2123 WAY SLQNORWALK SF 1soeW.MoRl2l-NAD 109 SHIPYIWDBIVD ST qlqllql-'95IL 7041351-0011 qfq cm Q. - , , lm-Svbl N'C:Qla-23231155 'CM 6520215 Mew 4s2fbqb1 N-0-ewan-ws INSURANCE . . . . for your car . . for your home . . . . for your business DURFEY-HOOVER INSURANCE AGENCY 508 Raleigh Building Phone 834-6239 Paul A. Hoover, Class of '35 Paul A. Hoover IH, Class of '67 Paul A. Hoover IV, Class of ? A beautiful bride . . . she wears a warm and glowing smile because she knows she can depend on her favorite store, Bridesworld, located in North Hills Mall. Come and let us outfit you in any attire for any occasion. - l Q , ,,-.. it -fl- W,,i,ii ,,, iii ,itritt ,i,, W ' I f Khrkb f .1 V . , , . , tl , it X H Tired of fiddling with your old sound system? Stop by our store and let us show you our large selection of stereo equipment. Just remember Soundhaus, located in the Cameron Village Subway. 4 1 l l QW DN THE MALL. DONNTOVYN'OPCl"'i VIOY7.-F'r'f. L T1.O1OO'4:il 5330 CPIAETREE VALLEY MALL, Opch CIQHY IDIOQQIY qf3o.Our ward Ioca-Hon in can, Village -5"7OPPi"3 Cerw-l-,cfi Hove 0 Coke and cm smile. Cooc-Colo in Raleigh. E T P ' I F I ' I - P3651 R25 H! WAI IH HS S LW Jane Alexander Kenneth Attaway Edward Baldwin Judith Barker Barbara Baird Kathleen Becker Audrey Benrud Timothy Bevaqua Wilhelmina Bishop Vickie Blackman Carol Bowen Robert Braddy Jeffery Bullock Clotilde Burcher Scott Burton Mocfie Caldwell Archie Clark Elizabeth Clarkson Goldie Coates Gail Colbert I46 is Y l W ,. Rosalia Covington Frank Crawford Howard Cunningham Thomas Cunningham The great Greek philosopher, Aristotle said that all men natu- rally desire to know. Aristotle, himself a teacher, no doubt ap- preciated the role of the teacher in fulfilling the human desire to know the why's and how's of the universe. This rich tradition of the exchange of knowledge be- tween student and teacher con- tinues today at Broughton. Broughton's instructors and ad- ministrators ore dedicated pro- fessionals. They attack their task with enthusiastic fervor. They conscientiously reward their stu- dent's search for knowledge, while deftly whetting their appe- tites for continued learning. With the proper instruction and nuturing, a young person moy 'ti M ll ll lit ' i A ' vii ' attain great heights. Alexander the Great, a pupil of Aristotle, conquered the world. Likewise, Broughton's teachers could be aiding tomorrow's conquerors of cancer, Nobel prize winners, ar- tists, writers, and musicians to- wa rd their destinies. fig Q. 1.34 1' 1? 7 Q L. , 'n Q ,f - eff 1 an- L' . fl '- , 'X K. "0 1 2 1 . . "V Xt :' 5 -M ' Lf' ' 51525 Q 7 U. " ' 5 is J i if V., fi li l .1-g ... w1..m.f ' -my - Ejiiiv- ---- iii H , A , 'lilli ,Q W Z if " i. H tl MQW . tw iii l ll i llil ll iilllllllll , il ill lll WW! W W nw ml iw will lil i -if' it l H' l ill ull H ,W ii L , i H-1 i ', Will- 0. H i ,W ' lf ll ..... . i .. Nxt l 'lil' , l l " l il l U, F R. . i lt ,,f., , , 'gall '- ' -lil 1 ' 1 5 lil ,, "' ' ' -.1 in ,e ' . , lfi ' "l W' """'f will :ei ., ,, . .N i - time ' '-ill, .. VY, i M FACULTY AND STAFF ' ' Jane Currin William Curry 'Q' 4' ls Margaret Davis Mary Davis J ,gg ' F Q. Hew Dorset? Senora English 'Q ll V x li Q Jessica Farrell Mary Finlator ltop leftl Mr. L. Roy Teel Assistant Principal lbottom leftl Dr. Richard Jewell Principal Janice Fisher Josephine Gibson Stephen Gunter Joan Hackenburg Jack Haskins Pauline Hendrix Eloise Hilliard Eleanor Holding Nancy Hudson Delrnous Ingram Nancy lredell Roy Joyce The ron Keen Michael Kral Paula Long Naomi Lovelace ii , ,i 'ii,1lli,W, 'iii 3 ',i. 'N if i i il , ' lil ,. L,,3l1llll "'l"1I3,! W 5-:N 'i ' , iz 'i w i 'l K wfi' M..:,5.i, - l"'wiiiiil,!,Li X llllll l lllil -llll ,,,lllll 'i , , ,W-all ll ii M.. .U all 1 ,Q lv! lullllllllg iii ll iiiiii I Jil ll' ll ll fi lllll H ill- N lllll il time il lll Q ll lil la lil. will 'Wg i i i i llllw if M i l MW 'Wi 'N 1 M " ' V ' iii! NNNN U who ii l ii ll l i l 'E 5 Mrs. Elvia Cole Assistant Principal Il .li -i-.,,, 3 ,xwxwxllllllll llll fl ' , "l"'ii:ilil-' 5 r x 'ml A "" ' """"" " l !+'l"ff' i ,...:ffff H ' Ll V ' s ww WWW ffl ' miss F rv 5 'NIH' " ,,m- . fs K V' W,'. ' 'k'LL J -fill: ' 'L"h i, " ,,,.. . ..,, f W, QW W V Cafeteria Staff 1 X ' Monty Mauney Carol Mezaros Zelota Miller Lynne Misenheimer Roscoe Murdoch Thomas Newsome Jane Norton Jacquelin Nutt Rufus Owens Jane Paige Debra Patterson Annette Penland Dixie Porter Ann Pupo William Rainbow l49 i Sammy Small Sally Smisson Constance Smith Richard Southwick Alice Sprinkle Ruth Stephenson 150 Janet Reed James Reid Jeffrey Richardson Francis Roberts sd' F' Helen Roberts - Carolyn Rose Patricia Rhyne y Helen Schwall ' I X 'x 41 1 W1 'F .H " " Eliza, ,, ,, Q 1S!9"N ' 23, lg l v , Nh 'Z"""'f"' ' ex 'iw 'ef W., wx: 0-ve-4. i Janet Stevens Jayne Sullivan John Thomas Ruth Thompson Marian Timothy Wilhelmina Vire Angela Vurnakes Philip Watts LuElla Webster Gregory White Shirley Wolf Ma rgoret Wooten Sora Wright -Agf- i mania - RSS OF' SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL: Anita Weinstein, Gair McCullough, Eddie Hodges, Kelley McNamara, Barton Armstrong, Stephanie Calloway Keith Johnson. Aloha oe, the traditional Hawaiian saluation carries many and varied meanings - greet- ings, love to you, and even farewell. The Class of l98O, the Aloha Class, has brought the same sentiments to the Broughton community during the past three years. Greetings! As sophomores, the class of l98O descended on Broughton with anticipation and enthusiasm. From the initial class projects, it was evident that the class was dedicated to their alma mater. Their homecoming float won first prize and their candy sale was highly profitable. The Class of l98O had arrived! Love to you! During their junior yea r, the class continued to show their love for their school. They showed seniors how the hands of time keep moving at the Junior- Senior prom, and made "Mmmm-good" the password for their class barbeque. The Class of i980 was flying high! Farewell! As their final year at Broughton drew to a close, the senior class of l98O had many fond memories - The Queen of Hearts pageant, which cele- brated a return to paradise, the gala prom given for them by the juniors, and finally graduation. The class bids their alma mater a fond farewell without regrets. They had given Broughton their best and Broughton had given them her best. The Class of l98O was ready for the future. Aloha oe! ,QL , Ex ii? if K 1 ,pus Jennie M. Abplanalp Brenda J. Allen Luis W. Andrade Traci L. Arnold I PM Spencer A. Adams James L. Allen Mona L. Andrews Jacqueline A. Baines Benjamin T. Alexander Barbara K. Allen Harriet K. Anderson Louisa E. Andrade Raymond Archible Barton P. Armstrong Elsie M. Banks Brad H. Bardin 23 i M' . 3 Constance L. Barnes Elin M. Bogfjelldal Craig G. Bridges Tara S. Brown 154 . if? , f f ll i t i S 4 1 si X B Br . S iw C+ F Q fr .g g .S i' .... i , Leslie D. Barnes Rolin F. Barrett Chris-T. Barton Leamon D. Benson Lori A, Bono Emma J. Bostic Craig W. Bowers Albert S. Boyers Greg G. Bridges LaPonda R. Bridges Deborah L. Britt Holly A. Britt John M. Browning Teresa P. Bryant Brenda L. Buffaloe R. Keith Bullock F ii' 'Km 4 zz! 'Cum ' .2 1 Bobby L. Benton Yvonne F. Brakebill Adrienne S. Brooks Nancy E. Bunn William A. Bingham Linda V. Birch Lisa A. Brantley Annette T. Bridges Marion Y. Brooks Stephen C. Browde Coy R. Burchtield Harriet C. Burgess "Gas and albums." James Gould "Anything I can afford." l.uAnn Fisher ll ' ' II Flxin m MG. Q y Bill Andrade "Clothes and the weekends." Holly Nagle "Many exciting activities during the weekends and pumpkins!" Marty Smith "What Money?" Freddie Smith "l spend money on expensive things like gas and this yea rbook." kl d Jeff Stric an us-ic. , avoribe-5 "Teddy Pendergrass" Beverly Hicks "zz Top, Jimmy Buffer, Ted Nugent." Bob Fuchs "Supertramp" Linda Birch "Marshall Tucker Band" James Walker "Chaka Khcin" Sonnia Evans "l.l1"fle FGCITH Nancy Bunn I I Iesll Cheryl Erkine "Derek and the Dominos, Cream, Eric Clapton" David Fulton "James Taylor" Ellen Gardner Beatles ond Jimmy Buffet" George Huntley is Craig S. Calhoun Stephanie C. Calloway Lisa D. Campbell Paul C. Chamblee Douglas R. Champion A. Kent Chosson Sherry T. Cochrane Karen L. Collins Reginald W. Cooper Mark B. Cummings Beth O. Day Norma L. Day box Leonidas C. Capetanos Kathy A. Chavis Belinda A. Coppeg Joey D. Davenport 'HB-f 'QW 5.-C to QQ 5 . S F . 12- , PSQXPZ -5ggn:s:g.ggg.,,,,:,,ggigggg--g:gg K. . -- ' Pamela R. Capps Paul S. Carr Catherine A. Carrington Rodney L. Carroll Penny M. Childress Kevin L. Christians Greg S. Christman Julie A. Clemens Brian D. Core Karen D. Craig Jennifer L. Creasy Dwight A. Creech Ouita R. Davis Barbara M. Dees Ronald A. Dendy Stanley H. Denton l57 -5.4 ,, 'g M. 'S 1. r ziQf7Vi2W'Q F Qi fm.. Q ,Q l w... ,. , ,. ,..,, ..,, A ,.x,gX,.3 K..- X1 fi 'Y William l-l. Disney Donna J. Dolen Pamela J. Donegan Natalie Y. Dorssett Cynthia J. Dotson Dorothy M. Dunn Jean M. Dunn Barbara J. Edwards David A. Eichenberger Cheryl R. Erskine Marian l.. Faison Stephanie K. Feilds Mellisa G. Finch LuAnn Fisher Paul T. Fordharn Robert J. Fuchs David C. Fulton Mary M. Funderburg James A. Gaines Martha E. Gardner 158 M...- ff M, X ff M. 41 Lyndll R. Douglas Christopher V. Downey Donald W. Driver Donald R. Evans Sonnia Evans Karen D. Fairchild Wonder V. Forrest Bruce A. Fountain Benjamin A. Frazier Robert K. Gardner Angela D. Garner Kimberly A. Garner i spr ingreak plays ,.,...... .i...L.. ...-... ,,.....-.- ...-.....1., ---- Y.- ,.,... , - .L .,,, -- if ,...i. --LL... ,1 l l "Party as much as possibly possible." Carlton Pittman IIRESTII Renee Poole "Head on down to the beach with Don and the Juveniles." Jim Gaines "Atlantic Beach lookout for the class ot '8O." Becky Lannin "Atlantic Beach, where the rest ot Broughton will be." Mark Cummings "Go to the beach and relax." Pam Donegan "Building up tolerance for Rush Week next tall." lvgkelcgw and . WEE "i,OOO excuses to tell Mom and Pop why you're two hours late for your curfew. Amanda Kilburn ll I never can remember." Tommy Seay "Living, Loving, Laughing" Becky Lanning "Western Co rolino University and Dan." Barbara Dees "What don't I do?" Eivie Thomas "Zacks and skiing" Francis Ingram "Party and jam out with Little Feat." Roberta Aki "Study German" Paul Fordham ll I ll Edwa rds G roce ry Rachel Gelbin 2. 3111 ,,..,.., S Kimberly A. Gay Rachel S. Gelbin Lori L. Goudie James C. Gould Micheal W. Hall Aliso K. Hamilton Lacy W. Harris Kris S. Havner Astrid P. George John M. Grady Cathy S. Hanford Tina L. Hawkins Marie D. Giles Billy M. Ginn Pamela G. Graham Peter B. Grainger Brian R. Hanson Deirdre M. Harmon Helen W. Hayes Robert S. Hearn William F. Godwin David M. Godwin Juan M. Gomez Dwayne B. Greene Kenneth B. Gurley Chip M. Hackler Ben D. Harrington Janice Harrington Billy G. Harris Lana L. Helms Janice M. Henry David A. Herman lol .fy '1 Valerie A. Herndon Christine M. Hindley Elizabeth W. Hudson Anthony D. Johns l62 wr 'OF fffw Aubrey L. Herring Maria F. Hewitt Beverly F. Hicks Linda A. High Wendy P. Hinton Edward K. Hodges Harold B. Hodnett Stephanie R. Holding George H. Huntley Trung Huynh Francis Ingram Timothy D. Jackson DeAnne D. Johnson Jenifer C. Johnson Keith H. Johnson Kim Johnson t, 5m"'tl"i?i 5 it F' Patricia H. Hight Gary K. Hilliard L. Alexa Hines Sherol O. Hood Donna P. Horn Katrina Howard Gabrielle Jayes Marcia Y. Jeffreys Reid K. Jenkins Scot O. Johnson Susan L. Johnson Anthony E. Jones ration Wdlie-up 'll i . "I think students should have had a choice whether or not there should be undercover officers on campus." Lloyd Mielenz "Operation Wake-Up caught a lot of people asleep. Mike Witt "They caught the wrong peoplepf' atriciaT g "I think it was a successful operation to control excessive pot smoking." A nonymous HA, l "At least gas isn't as expensive as milk." Greg Ch ristman "lt's good in a way. Americans are lazy and could use the walk. lt doesn't matter to me because I walk everywhere. I don't think it's really real - the oil companies are hoarding it." Jennifer Creasy 'III l m in deep distress, just yesterday my family had to mortgage our house to till the tank up in our station wagon. DeAnne Johnson Clarence A. Jones Michele R. Kelly Robert M. Lambert Deborah C. Lee Gerald Jones Sarah O, Kendall Julia K. Lancaster Josephine Z. Lee Julia K. Jones Jeffrey Kersey Reginald K. Lane John Y. Lei gn. 47" it L 'U' Mary A. Jones Amanda C. Kilburn Rebecca L. Lanning Rene B. Lemmons K s c ., gf' if Sheila D. Jones Wendy M. Jones John H. Joslin Mary P. Kellum Joni L. King Sherri D. King Alena M. Kloss Dina M. Kostick Michael M. Law Reginald B. Laws James K. Lawson Thelma F. Leach Leslie l-l. Leonard Mitchell C. Levine Carl B. Liles Janet K. Link l65 we ..- J -we .X - f . H 'X X. Kathy L. Little Henry E. Massenburg John E. McDermott Phillip A. Michael 166 fs? sv. if .fx 5 -WWW' Terry W. Lockehart Tewana Lockehart Brian T. Loseke Chanetta G. Lytello Karen B. Matthews Barbara C. Matthews Stephen A. Matthews Darwin W. McCaffity Malcolm W. McDonald Dale H. McGinnity Alasdair E. McGregor Betty J. McKenzie Janice L. Mickens Lloyd R. Mielenz Ill Timothy L. Miles Mohamed M. Mohamed ' ' K 4 . if we fm zzv' T A kg? 2 W. Sandra K. Main Kim l. Mangum Anthony B. Marley Debbie A. McCargo Sandra Y. McCloud Carolyn B. McCullough Kelley R. McNamara Alison L. McPipkin Annette E. Medlin Leisa K. Moore Sharon Morning Dwayne A. Mullins Ot course, the look of Levi jeans, flannel shirts, sweaters, and tennis shoes was and will continue to be a widely accepted look. The Prep look, derived from the lvy League preparatory schools, was one of this yea r's tavo rites in fashions. For guys it was a classic and neat look consisting ot lzod corduroy pants, Polo button down collar shirts by Ralph Lauren, two colored belts, and penny loaters. The GQ. look was another popular style at Broughton this year. This look was very stylish and somewhat sophisticated. lt was characterized by pleated pants, mandarin collared shirts, unconstructed blazers, double belts, and shoes by Streeters and Players. , ,., at y M Holly M. Nagle Karen L. Paar Larry S. Paul Antionette Peterson 19' Karen R. Nichols Arthur C. Parker Karane Peace Eva C. Phillips if PM ,if SE' Y? Wikwgy, W Wt., DeAnn L. Oglesby Lisa M. O'HOFO Wil B. O'Neal Richard K. Osbeck Mary B. Owen Jeffrey T. Parker Elizabeth A. Pinkerton Tony R. Partin Linda Pattee Linda S. Patton Christopher L. Pennington Kinna G. Pennington Janet A. Purdue Cheryl L. Perkinson Otistine M. Perry Chorlotee M. PiCl4ef'f EllZOl3GTl'1 C- Pindell Carlton A. Pittman Michel A. Pittman Karen L. Ponder I69 I gk .. Risa Phippie Randy Maha l7O Poniros Bobby E. Poole Judith L. Poole T. Purdee Ella A. Quinn Michael L, Ransdell E. Roach Carmen G. Robinson Clara M. Robinson F. Saleh John W. Sanders Kenneth G. Sanders Kimberly R. Poole Michelle R. Reavis Claudia D. Rogers Lisa Marie Sanders Edlo J. Pope Samuel S. Reid Tim J. Rohrbach Harriet G. Scarborough 'S . si H ,W- John B. Preston James P. Privette Phillip W. Pulley Charles R. Reynolds Katherine A. Reynolds Jerry F. Richmond Kenny S. Rose Regina Royster Lisa B. Safron Hazel D. Scarborough Sterling N. Schultz Ricky Scott The outstanding characteristic of girls' fashions for the l98O was variety. Styles ranged from prep to western. The prep look was a favorite among this year's female population. The classic prep look was characterized by Skyr turtlenecks printed with tiny ladybugs or turtles, button down collar and Oxford cloth shirts in bright pastels, Dean sweaters in heathery pastels, Add-a-bead necklaces, wide-wale corduroy, knee socks, penny or tasel Ioafers, and moccasins by L.L. Bean. Color played an important part in achieving the look. Yellow and pink, blue and green, and yellow and green, all in the brightest shades possible, marked many for preppy outfits. This classic, neat, and comfortable style was embraced in some form by the great majority of Broughton's students. The influence of designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein popularized the Western look. While this typically macho style was most popular among males, a subtler, more refined version hit it big with females. The Western influence, or cowboy fashions, was characterized by leather cowboy boots with decorative stitching, western style shirts in bright silk, designer jeans and jean skirts, and of course, the obligatory cowboy hat. Clearly, some things never go out of style, especially if those things are t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans. These comfortable items even today retain status as the "uniform of youth." i...-..-.-.,..,.--,.... ,..-,,,.,,. ....-....-. .... .. Fashion C l n f' in W X if i x l Q Ox Robert P. Scott Stewort Scott Dcilphine Spencer Bryon Smith Susie L. Smith Zochory S. Smith Jeffrey E. Strickland Comi Lynn Stryker Mcircille E. Sharpe Donto A. Smith Bruce C. Sorrell Jill B. Suskind is ll .wh Q Jacqueline Shaw Tommy M. Seay Ernest T. Seneca Linda F. Simmons George L. Singleton Frederick A. Smith Jeanette B. Smith Marshall D. Smith IV Sally E. Smith Sibyl V. Smith Mark S. Stalnaker Lorna K. Starling William l-l. Stephens James M. Storey Sarah A. Storey James A. Swain Mike J. Tallarico Lisa E. Terry Catherine D. Thomas James E. Thomas l73 F SURE PLBDS "l like high school so much I think I'll stick around for a few more years." Brad Bardin "Hampton Institute and major in art. Eventually I hope to make a career in singing. Natalie Dorsett ll I plan to become a bum." Davis Harrington "Masters degree at Harvard University - then?" Catherine Thomas "Attend Atlanta School of Fashion." Sibyl Smith "Try to stay alive a few more years." Mr. Attaway i X N x W. g gf' S gg, 5 Patricia L. Tice Patricia E. Twining B I D W ever y . arren Jennifer L. White is 9 ., -N df an f I f an ill V J. Cheryl M. Tifft Deborah L. Tyner D ' IW W tk' anne . a ins William H. Whyte Melissa R. Townsend Elizabeth A. Valachovic J E W t ames . a son Theresa M. Wilcox xi' X , gk. l-long M. Truong Francis J. Verlinden Glen Weaver Debbie A. Wilder ,V Wy, 'i"i iiii 4 - . . 'iii J A iiii QQ f 2 'QV T! "LJ Jettrey C. Tsai Juli D. Turkel Machelle R. Turner Mary C. Twiggs Melanie J. Walden Kelly T. Wall Tanya L. Walters Benjamin K. Ward Anita G. Weinstein Anthony C, West Barbara B. West Cheryl D. White Timothey D. Wilder Bettie C. Wiley Debora A. Williams Joel S. Williams l75 2 in T- W: fi Lonnetta K. Williams Louis B. Williams Steve B. Williams Carla B. Wiser Mike P. Witt Celine M. Witfman Yates E. Wolff Leslie A. Wright Rosalie R. Wright Janet F. Yelverton Barbara J. Young Charlene D. Young l76 N. ffm 'Y 'Vw SN' IUX Vx- C- 'FT' Sandra D. Williamson Pamela J. Woodard Elaine Y. Wu Alicia A. Zumwalt Grey A. Wilson Alflea G. Woods Danny R. Yelverfon David L. Zumwalt John D. Winn Barbara L. Winston Tony P. Wirth FUTUB PLBFIS "l would like to become President ot the United States. Being President would give rne a chance to straighten out this messed up world!" John Winn "Professional Theatre Col lege." Alaisdair McGregor "University of North Carolina and major in sociology." Ta ra Brown "To be a millionaire!" Lee Singleto "To go into commercial art and advertising." Barbara Dee "To Graduate!" M.M l77 Outstanding - Cadjl immediately noticeable, distinguished, excellent. CWebster'sl The individuals who have been selected as i979-i980 Outstanding Seniors fit Webster's definition to a tee. They are the members of the senior class who have distinguished themselves through their character, scholastic achievement and service to the Brou hton communit I Q Y' Included among these prominent seniors are musicians, scientists, student government representatives, sportsmen, and sportswomen. They have continually pursued excellence in their areas of special talent and have also proven themselves to be versatile in their endeavors. T Kelley Jra and Wrenn THE CLASS OF I o 1980 PRESENTS Congratulations to the 1979-1980 Outstanding Seniors for a distinguished high school career. Best wishes for tutu re success! .z"" X P, 5 N. 9 F fi' ,,,. A F' I I Q 4 I 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM: Debra Lewis, Elizabeth Tillery, Greg Murphy. TOP: Jaki Brown, Angie Bostrom, Lewis McMillan, Thomasina Smith During the l979-l98O school year, the junior class ac- complished much and continued to contribute greatly to the Broughton Community. They got off to a "clanging" start with the selling of purple and gold cow bells. This original idea made it possible for enthusiastic students to show their spirit at football games. Another spirit-oriented activity was the after-the-game dance held in October. To top all this off, the Junior closs won the Homecoming float competition. Their theme was "Flush the Spartans." Also during Home- coming, the juniors in a spirit ef- fort with the senior class, spon- sored a Bar-B-Que. The money raised through this event went towards the senior prom given by the juniors. During the spring the class sold Hershy's Krackle candy bars to raise additional money. The result of this expert fund raising and junior class partici- pation was a very successful prom. The Juniors added excite- ment to Broughton's I979-l98O year. They continued to give ex- cellent service to the school with bright and original ideas. we iii 5 if -A i fi , ,T ' ig Q, t gi il , is 1 A N Q F K , 4 , 'N i o l o f is ill- X is fs Felicia Abdul-Robb Scott Adams Laura Akin Susan Albright Deborah Allen Linda Allen Von Allen Linnie Alston Margaret Amein -4 vc 3 ,, ..7 .. Q E Ss wi. ,.. . N .1 as iii K' i . XE, T? by ' at nfnl if Q" .. V ' ff -it i as R. J. ' . 4' x 1 - ' , . A x , 1 . . X V K ',' . . .W i . " .1 ' F W K' f v i ... fx, '- . i X . .x ii o' nn l B .V 4 .f,. .. ti if t Mn X , X if ' E1 'RQ ' li K A "J1'li1.'5- ' sh ' is .v X 7 ,ff R -. Vu if , . K " i Wi-. xi, l l K lk 1 X5 I . Q.: 7 Q, A " lim? G .lon Anderson Dillard Andrews Kim Archible Rickey Arrington Betsy Atkinson Mark Baker Kim Balentine Hiroko Ban Angela Banks Abdel-Raouf Barakat Randolph Barksdale Sandra Barnes Billiette Battle Michael Barnett Dan Bingham Virginia Beaty Paul Bitler Rob Blades Thomas Blanshaw Bryan Bliss David Boney Simon Bosch Angie Bostrom Reginald Bowens Sandra Boyette Tim Bradly Katherine Brickell Tom Browde Jaki Brown Kent Brown Dwayne Bryant Richard Bryant Jimmy Buchanan Angela Buffaloe Melanie Bulla l8l Steve Bullard Chris Burchall Susan Burgess Richard Burnette Paige Burns Tracy Calhoun Cannon Cameron Sarah Campbell Marcy Capps Gail Chavis Pam Chavis Jack Claypoole Karen Cochran Tripp Coffey Catherine Conway Carol Conyers Chester Cooper Tara Cooper Andrea Correll Evelyn Cowling David Craven Cliff Crawford Tim Crawford Janet Creasy Joel Cresimore Eleanor Cresswell Chris Crew Burks Crumpler John Crute Cynthia Cummings Laurie Cunningham Creighton Currin Jim Curtin Eric Daniels Sam Darrell Kyle DeBank John DeBoskey Carlos Decal Judy Denning Carol Dillard Mark Dillon Scott Disney Nancy Dosher Tim Duell Mike Dunn Linda Dunham Maria Dunson Kenneth Eaton Mark Edwards Michael Edwards Harold Evans Kelly Evans Cooper Falls Mimi Ferrara Tim Fetner Trish Fischer l82 A, X. ,,, f X ' ' 221 'N fa , 1 E' - - f .V ' ' " 1 an ii '-no ,5 it 'Y A wavassszzzs .. ,,,.: f I Jig :Sig x ii ' G ' a Q , 1 :ix wi J. f1-.i:,-siii:f x X sg as 9 X .i. X t 1 .1 ., f ' f ffl WT 'G . ,f , ,Y Ply x is ifiahfl liil , si -?'3'f" 'f 4 -s 1 3 5 5 was xi we I . Y ' xi ag iff? k ,g Q Sh- gf , if 'fbi 'kgjlsli l 5 Rifii . fr 'S M K , , 'H' T, i f' .. I ,Lil is X ff wi is K Rs N X X T: 1 1 l f, X 11, L: K ,, J S ,ess.,s so ' "5 ' 'ii Q cg,i...g an 5 1 fi F ' .Hefty A5124 xy Q ,,c Q st. ' I . fiififi 1? 5 'PK if 5 ,. -r 5 bf A Q- ' 1 f ' K . X ,. .v 1515 .ff J 'K :ri N 1 . ,. gl Y' I I in YR 4' x Q , it ' Fi IM S M' will L 3 . t . 16,5 5, 1 f 'F 6. wiki x 1 1 X f ge., 'SF I Q v l xl ?1:' ig in N SJ J . if K I X -fe 142:23 I LJ fb fs. if N. I I ' y 3 Q: i L ' ' f ri: Y fn fil . fx v J 1' 'B- Frank Fitzgerald Laura Fountain Chuck Fray Jennifer Frazelle Deanne Frazier Johnnie Frazier Lisa Frye Steve Fuller Kim Gallagher Jerry Galloway Tim Gardner Chipper Garnnett Sally Garrett Laurie Gayle Paul Gessner David Gibbs Colleen Gillett Mary Gilmore Tyler Glover Carol Goetze Jan Goodson Diane Goudie Pamela Graham Jennifer Greene 183 Angel Gregory Nita Gregory Gloria Griessman Susan Griffith David Grigsby Gustav Grosch Kendall Guthrie Ritch Haar David Hall Gregory Hall David Holperen Gail Hamner Amelia Hanson Thom Hanula Cathy Hardin Mark Harper Loba Harris Johnny Harrison Robert Hatch Lee Hattaway Richard Hauser 184 in W, i I ,- x - 1? if " l 5 K as - ,ei--ztssp: ,, 3 W '11 ggi I .g s . -fr fs HW , , , V X 10 .. 4 .rears V' i :Vl 7 llg x i L G i .gg-X. - ,S . w. ix 'v v,. VA v,1.1- W ,ssiigg x in ff i f if 'N 3 'D Q ,xii its ivy? ,gt Pi HE is Q e 5 r' it N S SE 'ar 4 4 1 1 iw-Q is iii mi, Q A My Q is We qw? si J , J ' ie l was .ig Q, Q 5? ft' J EL Q is .K ,M li si mean, ,zo , - di 533' ffl if 'ta s 5 sa. 'Fl ,P S kk X dia Q3 s 1 X it a 'Ni' IM :,, We is NX J fwdlngt. is --Q it Tom Hayes Anthony Haywood David Haywood Alphonzo Hedgepeth Mike Herndon Rick High Marshall High Samuel Hiott Glenn Hines Alfred Hinton Andrew Hinton Angela Hinton Chet Hinton Regina Hinton Sandra Hinton Teresa Hinton Jerry Hodge James Holdman Kenny Holmes Andy Holt LeAnne Holt Tommy Hooks Annette Howington Jimmy Howington Mary Hubbard Ramon Hudson Hart Huffines Baxter Hunt Vernon Hunter Nguyen Huynh Lisa lager Delmous lngram Jonathan Inman Scott Isaacs Jerry Jackson Timothy Jackson Karen Jarnogin Sandy Jarrell Henry Jarrett Robert Jaynes Danny Jones Ginny Jones Ashley Johnson Michael Johnson Mike Johnson Pamela Johnson Bernard Kamp Dennis Kearney Eric Keravaori l85 Patricia Kilmartin David Kindsvater Brenda King Charles King John Kirby Mike Knight Kenji Koiima Arthur Koop Vanessa Kornegay Georgia Ladd Coleman Lancaster Van Lancaster Brenda Lane Michael Lane Ursula Lane William Lane Kathryn Langley Carrie Lanning Tonda Lassiter Janet Law Randall Laws Douglass Lessard Candace Lewis Debra Lewis Apnis Liepkaln Amy Lile Belva Liles Herbert Lincoln Tim Little Jeffrey Lockhart Fred Lorber Pam Lucey Michael Luh Glenda Mackie Janice Main Eddie Master John Martin Paul Marsland Beth Mauzy Kim McCall Dennis McClain Robert McCloud Warren McCray Jarvis McCullers Linda McCullough Noel McDaniel Reginald McDowell Ken McHugh Ray Mclntyre I86 "9" gmt :dex xg ., . 'S x I ,. Q E ' I JJZ- L J ll it iii Yi I 'Eli W V""" K my ssii C' wand 2. Z 4 is t l iw , , in CLF' T ml ..: V- ,li A . 15534 - 7 or Q11 sax: -s. A I .1 ,g :ii xg: ' L 1, ,N it by ,Ph CK D Q Il V94 is -- N2 -:nailz - 11122 , . , -,Q W , F lx 'C 7 .. ,aria ' N .:, if Q A 4 f Y. be X 1 gm Tie XF-w. - . wi, 'J , X ah Hg get K 5' if A J -- 'US f S Q 574 ' W tx Q. J me--f f fps U if X sa ' ef"-ff, ceflw- W' In ..,,,... an - wigs 55 ,.. f.::- MW: is i X J .2 X, ,,,,,,,,m,,,,. m.,,,A L ,f A ,kg K , ..,,,.. , .. ,,,.... 5,,.M. lli as +8 ' 'Q 9-L .-uf? sl at . . of NL Bei f use lf is Q ss: f ' Z is? as fu 2 file rj ,fs ig ia 1 ft a 5 N Nr i , a ,Qs is , 'l if .X Q X l r X .Q Kevin McKinney Ashley McKinney Hugh McLean Regina McLean Deborah McLeod Lewis McMillan Lisa McNeill Sharon Merritt Keith Miller Charles Millsaps Gregory Mitchell Wesley Montague Steve Monteith Christy Moore Hannah Moore Phil Moore Lisa Moon Joey Morris Ann Morrison Joanne Morrison Greg Murphy l87 Kathy Murphy Reid Murphy Elizabeth Musselwhite Mark Neal Elizabeth Nelson Karen Niikerson Greg Noble Catherine Northrop Robin Nuhn James Nunn Ernest Oakley Johnny O'C0r1nell Thomas Ogburn William Ott Sharon Overby Othella Owens Sallie Paar Denise Palmer Michael Palmer Randi Palmer Robert Parker l88 V I . this X Hit X ire, A - 11 , . I it if ' X , -r in H Q l i" 2... ' ' -. 11 Y'-liiiimllii eeeeit it i . E x 1 me 213 N 1 I it gg, ri' s . A is li fi K M i . ' 3 5 Q . 1 X, g M ' ' 4-M. w x N, fem, ef-.W ,. ,If i ear nr- ,W E r 'ma Yfr .V his X Q ,. ,.,..hmm:e:fx'.: l , 'mm ,1 B '91 BHS? M ,A gf if ii- is --gift f r em P fi X ik 3 ,J .JC 1 1321 --1-1 A 1 , wifi, ff :E e E E .. Zi ., . 2, "Qi 33? - x ' fv'f-'fly-.ti l as " H rrisefmggfs QL 3 f i .V Q: ,...L 5 KX J Q. ,Q ye g ' his gs is ' -1 ' i Q Paul Parker Robert Parrish Terry Partin Carol Pascale Deborah Pattee Alan Patterson Art Patterson Jane Patterson Peter Pediaditakis Terry Percival Steve Perrin Robert Perry Robin Perry Gene Peterson Georganne Pickard Perry Pickett Maria Pilos Janice Pliner Marcia Ponder Sherri Pope John Povazsay Arun Prasad Joan Preston Janice Prevette Leslie Pruneau Richard Ragland Lee Rawlings Lawrence Reeves Caesar Reid John Reuer lvey Richardson James Robenolt Audrey Robertson Barbara Roeske Courtney Rogers Rob Rogers Teresa Rogers Edward Root Kenneth Rowland Kathy Russell Ronnie Ruth Greg Sanders Tommy Sanders Jamie Shauer Jon Schmidt Stuart Schwartz Senetta Shaw Stephen Shea Will Shoulars 189 David Siler Ami Simmons Robert Singletary David Singleton Beverly Smith Emily Smith Gregg Smith Karen Smith Kim Smith Michael Smith Nanci Smith Shelia Smith Stafan Smith Thomasina Smith Tracy Smith Wanda Smith Debra Sorrell Sonya Spence Bryan Stallings Greg Stanley Cheryl Stewart Mary Stone Janet Stranahan Victor Sutton Ran Swaisgood Lynn Swann Doro Taylor Greg Taylor Laura Taylor Jane Telfair David Thomas Lisa Thomas Patricia Thorbs Elizabeth Tillery David Timothy Kim Tippett And rea Towns Kim Trice Marie Tucker Mary Tully Marcia Turner Beth Tyner Leslie Walker Ricky Wall David Walser Ransom Walters Heather Warren Mike Warren Mike Watkins Caroline Watson Jeff Watson Radford Watson Kim West Ben Whitfield Erika Williams Kent Williams l9O , l . .sg-:ig iii. - ,XS if " E Lx vs lf, N 3 5 ig E ,. L Vg as ex.. L jvw , - ,! ,K S A X Y? W ? hi f 1 . "' 54 1 1 a tt W. x X f AI. tg fr-xx X gist N. 1 I 1- fs-fa K '-,Q XX. Q it X i l' tt jf A f4ff:'.. 'Ht i if 1 1 -., :st 4 TX x.. ,- i 'Wh X I' Elf mv-iiuigi u Z ll 5 S. 1 , ,- 1 " - fa, X 1 .Q li i l if at A .9 'N M lil If at ,, A lr,tit ,iii i in I' ."'J? o Q X t i i 'S-it . , x RQ K .tv x ii X -T ts ' - l X 1 Q?" .ii X , if yrs i olfioo 1 its ' gs j SPOT 0 'Z x . ,A 5 T, Y g if L 1- -3 l A gf ' ' G fi fx , ai ' W , f 'VVS 1 is ' ti' W me Marcus Williams Norma Williams Wendell Williamson William Willis Lee Willoughby Regina Wilson Tom Wilson Conrad Wiser Thomas Wolfe Alex Wolfrom Jay Wright Jimmy Wright David Wu Kiley Wunderlich Pornkeo Xoumphonbphokdy Martina Yelverton David Zucker Rob Zucker an .MW CL SS OF 82. lm?" LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM - Blair Johnson, Mary Moffett, Beth Cella. TOP - Cynthia l-licks, Catherine Gordon Our newest class at Broughton made a bold imprint in the l979-80 year. The sophomores started out strong with a candy sale. They sold M8tM's to the student body to help raise money which the class will use for the prom and other activities. Their originality showed through with their first float. They par- ticipated enthusiastically in all homecoming events and helped make it an exciting week. The sophomores' loyalty to the school was demonstrated by their par- ticipation in the grounds cleaning project. Their efforts helped keep the school beautiful and helped earn money for student ac- tivities. They ended the year with ci spring social that was enjoyed by all. We look forward to the up- coming impact they will have on Broughton in the next two years. ,.-, ev. M in Cx 'S J 1 1 Ji-4 p. 'U K . 'n ge u x 4 4 ,iv 1 A i f yr . xi, 1 f 4 Z X' gg Q' 4 ' 4 , - .X , ,,.,., x v. X 1 Xml 2 1? lx 5- X fr i : 9, vs , ly - x G Ci v- I , . I I 2 11' X . Lisa Adams Vicky Adcock Manal Afify Sandy Albea Larry Allen Richard Alling Charles Alvarez Jerry Alvis Camino Andrade Michael Arnold Carol Asenbauer Nancy Bailey Jesse Baines Walt Ballinger Allison Barnette Vermille Ba rnette Susan Bass George Batten Beth Beck Rosa Beckwith Edward Bell Howard Bentley Donna Benton Mike Bishop Bruce Blackford William Blalock Artemis Blessis Susan Bolling Regina Bonds Cheri Bono Sara Booth Carmen Borg John Bostic Greg Boston Charles Boswell Patricia Boyd Bly Boyers Cynthia Brantly Larry Braxton Hugh Bredbenner Michelle Breeden I93 Brenda Bridges Theresa Bright Christopher Brooks Joy Bryant Rebecca Bunch Sammy Bunch John Burnette Sharon Burt David Burris Antonio Caldwell Donald Campbell Paulette Canriady Huyen Cao Patrick Caple Wanda Capps Molly Castelloe Sandy Cote Jeff Caviness Beth Cella Mary E. Chin Mansung Cho Kim Clanton Lisa Clark Bill Clay Lawrence Clayton Robert Clegg Martha Cockrell Tracy Cole Donna Coley Eric Colvin Sidney Cooley Grady Cooper Jon Courie Daniel Crawford Kathryn Crawford Pat Crawford Ricky Crenshaw Laura Cattle Vernetta Cummings Eric Curry Jeff Curtis Lisa Cotrell George Dahir Allison Dahle Harvey Daniels Sylvia Davis lan Deangelis Diogo Decal Dorretta Devine Sandy Devine David Dexton Dave Diehl Veronica Dixon Donald Donald Anne Douglass Clara Draughn l94 Q' x P , A ' . ,A f I xx I ,gf f A . -t I ' s it I - - , f 5 ll lllril K . C ,r N 2 Z 4' i f t f C gy " I- " . ' '03 dz x my N4 'fy X ..wvf'3Z"f . X 1 A 1 Q fp Q14 'r' ,rf In ,,, . , . R S ,f I ,..,,'1m, .Zn t Q, .- '- y n ' , A Y, I C . 5 x , X igszff J A Q. Zig, X Q Q Q ' Q if-rv , 1 Qgz.-u,f51'4.-.. EM 'R C' 4' -, 'ff"fl'9Q l "'. 'R i it A m V, , my f 1 ' i-2 in W., re y r. " ,-" 'Q ff x if i -i , D' ' ..-' 17 3:1 ' ' I Q 'Jul A X 73 I 1, 31 Akiva g N K ,yir -'Inu :?ifE5ii3,:l252!'1f 352 s y qi i H t mia , fl t - , J' V , 7' .1 44' -4 'Alll ",. V' ' V , M :ff "' 'g ,x ii - . 4 .Q y r y i L 5 f L , fl t ' 2 - a i W X fc , 2 as A R ,,, 5 X l u mf I 2 cif- su gf I J '- www ' - J ' J J we . ,. .- ., 4- 1' ,gg ,E W, 'tk W 5 , Ut' 9 1 f' W A, ima -Tfff 'i QQit1z'.1 W i - 'Wf' 'Q ' xx' A 2 :V J V lags . E i y yyyyi fe N 1 ,Li " , V55 'ZW 1 9 fi 5- H ' J li ' W , . ,.,. -,,LL f- Q .gllifg f? ,, ,XAI e - ' E ' I - ,, - 4 uf ,fn , , .,- f - ff , V M L, gk 'Y Elizabeth Drewes Julian Drew Kim Duncan Antonio Dunn Sharon Dunn Sony Dunn John Dunning Maron Edwards Mary Edwards John Eichenberger Debra Elleman Nathaniel Elliott Tom Elliott Barbara Emerick Mark Emery Mickey Ennis Edwarth Evans Mark Everett Phil Eycke Laura Fairchild Joe Farmer Brandon Fentress Jesse Fields David Fisher 195 Anne Fitzgerald Bill Fleming Paula Fonville Mark Foster Martha Foster Marshal Fowler Chrystal Fray Felicia Frazier Tonya Frye Carl Fulp John Fuquay Michael Gaither Lisa Gallagher Sieve Gallup Randy Garreti Jerry Gause Adam Gelbin Laura Gibbs Betsy Giersch Rob Giersch Wayne Giles Kurt Gombatz Roberto Gomez Roger Goode l96 .X ., Q , 5 i N 11 Ki .. - H .4 . E X I A .f V X y ' y X A ' Si Cl 3 Ax X A vi il 'Q' -X v v Y !r QR 'R' H fi, , .. m 3 ,Wa -. f. seam., as i i l J 4' FWS. x Q' i! Y if e f . ,g 5 ,Q X i , , . xx ,f Fl Xi. fix x 1 S H, M ,ef is 6. + mi Q. 3 EE n, ,, Q ff? .. 51- 1' . "P l W 'U G J A 'P' po' fl .-44' " ' are W' hilary, J? X sw. hx Q' Q4 1' Q , If L? if N.. .ary ., il V. . ia Q ' L y at . K 'Se f" t .- ill 'U 'W 2 isles I' R .. K vt iq f H .ll ll 'U- i -4" IQA l i It . at i H S all J 'ti Q 1 ' ,' . 1 fe. M.- 'R I 3 Qt S stil, ,i i f' Q X S Y -1,4 Af 5 4 4 ' at l 1 ills I ex uf- - W 2 l Q . x I I O X f , .p ?, gf it gg Q , rg, Q .3 S , A t G ,:?. he " :kE i' 5 in Ei 1w .. J 1f1 l R ti JQ 1 lil R ' , l "" ' J f J G 1 j g 3 lv is mm-1 y V r Z by X .. itei J he i is 5 3 1 J v 1- it Q 1 J - J C .45 ,C , .3 f . . N K J n K , xh, L V K -:4 W i K f N.. --2 o r 4 G it t f i l ' , ll x 'f . ' .fe ' gi if - -t ffzri-' gh- '. , A 3 'Q 'K A 4 SY, 1 A ,W , . '. Donna Goodwin Shari Goodwin Catherine Gordon James Grady Laurin Graham William Graham Elizabeth Grainger Rachel Griffith Wayne Grimsley Alice Gross Lee Gudal Linda Gurkin Ana Guyton Kim Hailey Laura Hale Lawrence Hanford Gregory Hantsfield Carrie Harris Howard Harris Larry R. Harris Robert Harris Steven Harris Sally Hatch Mark Healy David Hedgepeth James Hemdon Sharon Henderson David Henry Susan Herring Shirley Herring Cynthia Hicks Richard Hicks Roy Hicks Clem High Shirl High Mike Hines Cathy Hinkley Alma Hinton Cathy Hinton Robert Hobson Ruth Hodges Joan Holder Barry Holem Carol Holland Junior Holt Bob Hopfenburg Beth Howell Sonya Howell Doug Hunter Sharon Hunter Scott Hughes Ramsey Ingram Haywood Jackson Brenda Jacobson Blair Johnson Reggie King l97 Elizabeth Johnson Amy Johnson Marion Johnson Antonella Jones Charles Jones Frankie Jones Hunter Jones Jim Jones Sherwood Johnson Cheryl Jordon Paul Jordon Steve Kamp Bonita Kearney Sand ra Kearney Vincent Kerr Richard Kilby Melissa Kirk Todd Kittrell Jay Klogg Michele Knott A Kopp Paul Koop Amy Kostick Charles Lambeth Nickey Lamm Robert Lancaster Rebecca Lane James Lawrence Felicia Laws David Lemons Dawn Leonard Becky Levine John Liberty Jim Link Gary Little Allison Logan Earl Loser Miriam Lowery George Lucas Joyce Lucas Peter Lucey Kelly Lynn Rebecca Mabe Elizabeth Madison Luisa Manruquez Chris Martin Lavon Martin David Matthews Regina Mattison Tanya Mattison John Matula Matt Mauney Denise McClain Neil McCraney Alexis McCoy Joe McElveen l98 sl .,,, .,,, , k. f S if 3 Q sz 'Y' r Q f 1 if 1 "f an dw . 92, lil! 'A 'ii X2 . 1 J 1 Q J i . ,, -- ,iv . 2 1. W Q wi .,, HA' ai. fr-,- N Y N i A ,. A ' . r, . , , 4 9 , J or ,gg if , " we ' ,J 1 X f ' . ,-'f.""""f.....- J i'iV' EM i Y . V ,yt, Z 4 4- 'E ' Qi!" " 'ii ' Q ., -f Q. L 4, A K 4 ,I r 1 ef l 4 X VJ J 3 , y ,L l 8, I r W ,i X , L it J L fp ,L,,, fw- 'x J A 4 N. - '1 ,ia i .. ,t X E fi f fi lf ,X , -i l is .rr-t bf J Q 1 1. 5 'X J 1 " 5, or T U' 5 i M . i , f ll 2 in 'W' in f sf if Z 'Yi ' . "' .1 if M I ll by M Q: N. M 1 gl 1 -f,::f ,,, - V LH , 1 W"k vt :af ' 'W r 1 ' 'VJ fin, F 2 . me f ,vyzv 1: ,, , -- ' Q Wfh 2 JE? Q Ziilf' l J , 'F ,C ' to r J M J J fl 'rf it J -E J ifqgage l'l!!,l 5 , I 'W ,A llli 1 Q A., If 2 4- 9 !a ff-f,7,,,1t,-f Q- to , , C if ' 17 gif n J W f N E 3 rf 1,5 ,N E f -' i 'kh' ,' g g 1'-ff 'H 1 Nr J 1 , R cyycc N A , i , g i K l tt .1 14' ,J UD fl- at ., 5 in 1. A 7 , -Aw , Marie Mclntyre Ellen Mcl'lawhorn Joyce McLeod Zoe McLean Melinda McNeal Laurinda McPeters Mary Melcher Catherine Merriman Thelma Mielenz Michele Mignacci Sally Mines Darryl Mitchell Grigory Mitchell Jesse Mitchelle Ashley Mogilnicki Medhat Mohamed Clarence Moore John Moreland Melanie Morrison Stephan Moss Ashlyn Morrison Cynthia Murphy James Murray l99 Todd Murray Shari Nagle Jane Nance Ava Neal Vandinh Nguyen Chris Nichols Debre Nipper Shannon Norris Virginia Norwood Melony Nye Cindy Orr Kent Otto Zeb Overton Bill Parker Margret Parker Michael Parker Jeon Parrott Skip Portington Robert Pascale Russell Pearson Burton Peebles Robert Perry Betsy Peters Linda Peterson 200 rv v, it ,,,. ' cw A J as X . x 5. , Q - x. 3 fi iii,,i I 's J f- xit 'ill' P init?" '. ,I xv u 9 X 1 fi, A xi xwxfn 1 S X Z if xx ig . N. .. 5 w ...-4 lf.. ui v L as 5 'G gl W I x X ik xc 1 ,y 5 " l fi , Q i ,o . "' ,i 'S 5. l 2? f Fi 5' ' 'fi J Q ' tiirl fl -' s t st t at -' fl H 5 ., 1. . 3 x ll C ' N 1 V4 it X i .,.. A X -, 'iii 3 l v. ' , 'kt w -x X s J 5 iw- BP i lil ll? . M, N 'Axe ,, S' i, v in .my "" . ..:E,kk , :,4 gg .r 0, l 5 , 1 i,t - 3 t a 1. gvin' if ss Ks if 1 f, sf f -v. mg H sf 1 A , i-ww 3 is i v x X: . J - A Sfff. X ,A '15 :Q 1 5 . - "' . 1 'L Y N ,Y at 4 f" 7' N X M y .K 515 ' '- 153, W sv u, is W 1 lie 'ji g gan sri 6 . Ag, P x , L X M, t, .- V. s i L . f Q l 3 s X ri 9 E , 5 x .. 1 ' fi ' 1 ,f 1 - .V R i f ,U J . 'ff fit 1 1 We 9 X i 5 6 Q V4 I K i P , isgi ii r K' N I H L ' . f X 'fi it " Ui at xg ,,, LQVL -l 1' , ,ti , XLII N A P . 5 -Q T, 'K - i r 4: 'f i Y' K' K - , is ' L +8 i agar 1 K S rr H P ii X . x K L A' Chris Petes Arthur Phillips Dorothy Phillips Beverly Pike Nick Pilos Tammy Poole James Poterfield Steve Potak Mary Powell Liz Prescott John Price Antonio Rand Andrea Ray Lisa Reavis Payton Reed William Reese Reggie Redd Whit Regal Jamie Reibel Tate Renner Gardner Reynolds Percy Richardson Donna Robertson Kelvin Robertson Kimberly Robertson Teresa Robinson Sandra Rodger Lori Roger Melanie Rogers Willie Rogers Reidonna Rogers Linda Rohrbach Paul Romeo Susan Rose Anthony Ross Lydia Ross David Rowland Ronald Roy Roy Royster Erin Rudder Mona Russell Rick Russell Michael Ruth James Sabitsch Andre Sanders Jackie Sanders Richard Sanderford Artemis Scandalios Robin Searcy Licia Secreta Sheila Seneca Cynthia Shaw Stephanie Shifflett Alison Shouldars Lori Shropshire Elsora Shuler 201 Gail Simmons Becky Sisson Rebeca Skaggs Alisa Smith Angela Smith Eric Smith Harriet Smith John Smith William Smith Richard Snyder Angela Sorrell Charlsie Spence Enrico Spina Melissa Stainback Anne Steele David Stevens Christine Stevenson Susan Stevenson Amy Stuckey Adonna Tanner Jerald Ta rt Martha Tarver Maria Taylor Aleshia Teasley Deneen Terrell Brenda Terry Brad Thomas Dan Thompson Wanda Thorpe Mary Beth Tierney Neal Tierney Kim Tippett Pamela Troublefield Jennifer Twiggs Stephanie Valachovic Athena Vangelos Rose Vaughn Bill Venable Kim Vincent Britt Vice Berdenia Walker Patricia Walker William Walter Tina Walters Lois Watts Tammy Webb Lynnette Weinstein .lenny West Kirby Wheeler Eagle White Stacy White Andy Whitley Malcolm Whittaker Sherry Wilder Patricia Wilkins Amy Wilkinson 202 xl? .mf r , A W 'E 3':T'tQ .al l , 4 X - . i ,Q ,. 1. is 2 X .4 i siisy -A .: l 2, as Q' il S, T sz-Qf.,., QE' 4 4' f N 5, .w:,, 3 I X it K 'A 'uf A Q , ! . Wg, 1 ,ov Q 'X 'X 61 . A ax 'l X '::. X W .X I Q X N fl T W ' A 'SA EXPN. ' m '5 S IH" R Q R at a SA fi sd -B ll - Xi: V if J, N I 1 Lf. A bzbl l- - w e JP . ,, rm 1 ,,:: sf. :Lg A T gg.: :g,,k Y it Q 'WEE , I ,,,. .. .,,, .. ,,.L,,, I. ..,, K 'izgpg mf .. inf ':5?:52i-2'1f7: . ..... :fits ' , . i .K ,, 5 X l "-- 5 -,f tt t ,..,,,....d isi i W N , Q3 v Vg H We Anthony Williams Gene Williams Rene Williams Ricky Williams Wayne Williams Angela Wilson Denise Wilson Lee Wilson William Wirnberly Charlie Winn Diana Winstead Quincey Winston Elizabeth Woodbury Susan Worsley Gene Wright Charles Yates Denice Young , ,.ni.vf4..,,' aw... mu, ,ex f 1-4500 WEITERI BLvd. +3 STYLE .Sl-169 ' LIT' LD.. ' comma-r m.n'nons RQ3?! FREE GONSUL 'fA'I"lC7lV HAIR REPLACEMENTS Au was ou: mms, bow WMS. 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'fl IIIIIXIIII Let Us I E Arrange Your I Travel I . . .BUSINESS OI' E Pleasure E Susan Parker Chris Flannagan E Lisa Hart I LiandaTaylor A Full Service Travel Agency ll "1R4El. INCORPORATED na nu 101271 momma ligh, num canine mas nupmmm-vu-an 03 For the Broughton athlete who knows where to go for the best, . . . Johnson and Lambe. We specialize in all sports equipment. Located in Cameron Village. J 4 81? 5a,gr1.207'-5? ve 6? - ROTI-IERS PIZZA PALACE F -M 9 .EgQuR:5x'je' ITALIAN OPEN po u ' A " Cussme . mga E ee .M wwf? I A in 1 'QUE AMOSPHCPQE FRQDAX QSATVKMY EVERY DAY. 'Q . xxam-llfwvm AQ p, 3 ' SPAGHEITI Q I 22 -1 K- 5 -f f , Q 0 Qgnfwmn-Nwnmwn.1 f,,.v ml F' K 'SANDWRCHES 25054 vxhbrmn uses Bowl. . L NUVB nmlmlunn 1 gb i qmmm .44 mf? fm 11: 'Eff rl. i u H ang, . c I- mmm 1- r-1 Cfllfi 11112111713 HWY' ons 'N .Soul Norris was if taunt' 'ar Janice Paws: Abhlul Nekinnfg Gnd! 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Suggestions in the Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) collection:

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