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 - Class of 1952

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' '4 ' L -A A-f-,MM f A A . ,rj d A T 14 lf? QS' ' "" 'MLM ' E ,W C y Q! f " - Q 5? 5 V J is !DZ5B.Em13J"iT fl 4 V ' ' Y 9 UM ,J "FMS ff W, 0 yi!! 'G cn A MMZQ 5 MM., , ,Mg U "5'od'1' FAQ' V' .- MN xi Mig? if Wgwikil E f Wy' xcrf7'L nMf3 iw OEM' Jqgvwfgf ?!iijf7 9f'fW '11 N f '35 0 A95 V' 1 'iv " 1 ig? W 525,44-344-'fi'-J Wqgsy ' Ei I . WWNW 358 MXH f gf s'5.1?"+JbJ,ZM674' Qfigfgff' m?,fg,ffToo,?,:fL:sf22T.i 495 S Vi Wfw? 2 WH ef ' 1 ' PM A H - 2 , WMf?M AME? 19 AML ZWILMJL WW? g XJ . i C35 Q . H V f ffff If ,,g.'.'Z, ' , K .YN W V A Wm ww, i Q' '1 , ' w A- 'M W ., .vw 'Q-.. A., A T K Y ,A K b Q VL N t t . 1 4 Y M 4 ,ii I. ur' , - " ll L 6 ,f . Ag Bu. Y 9-'UHLG M" W Wt' fb Q.,.g2E-ot-I .'TXC"TfeQ,rfw3f Q M7 'f4fW411'- ri .- 0 2f'Q,,'MwqQyaJ Wye? " :zdJ....,,o,t,, Nk 'gif 77457 9..,...e.f.J w....u..-.,, 4 9 X "3"-'win' + Loud ' Mg, 95 rf db W Y-QM-J GJ ' is X90 ' . ss K ""-wwf,-,-A """'7" D if QN ,6f,ef,fC7f,g,,1Q, YE emmtkimww bf 'Eff Sfadiq ffgwlkrjfm ffm! MM 7jQQIL7fM'E M J M, WJ? wewmlfl Q? idk Q MQW "N ?f 5 !:qg5y.??"pvY,XN E Kg QWZ9 -R1Nw,w"" ' eq U52 2 1 ,. A 403, PF-'UA .. sv ff M 1 MM ww M ss -1. 1,4 "1. nw 1 ans . 4 1 Q Q .fi ' 14 1 1 a ..f, ,L 'E 'Ph 1 fa .' ,Z r ,4 ., 5 gil' it 4 .g, f 1 5 . A i , rm I Q 4 J., E Avg. "Tiff .J-. ,F .. 1 . , ..' W if '. QQ, .W . :mg W Mm fr f.,. 2 5 'www .-- A W. 4 . . ,,. ,, .Qi ' Nfl: if 'fi' 1 1, ' 45. ' Q J ' .J 5 wt! , fa... . qu' Y r r :ft :fi Q J N , ' "if: A ' in .-'57 . f 'i v mg' 5 ...MT ,..,,.N., , ,- ,Q-,,-A ,J Ii ,,, V., xi q. , 'Z I ,V wi 1 f 5 4 . . ,MM "TF ii 55 .v ,mit Y., JW: A '10 Y'-,I ef . 's ,,, - v 51 A 1, ffl Ii, ,f,,. rv vw '9. 5.9, .., ,vw , r Y. za.. . ,. iff 1 243 mn V , al 18 Qsl-1? ' 'A X, an ? fm -X he A ! 'X aL, 5 -K-'NN.Ss1'S - . J ,F , gif? x In 9 , , 1 'Egg " A 5 m'Vi'f:f'WQf R' 59 ,, A f"W-' J - , 'Rf' . 7 E A m, - Q '1 P A i Iv, l'nl1lf,wln'rf My flu' Agfllifll' f'l11.s-,v wif Xl,l,lllIXNl li. liliUl'lQIl'l'UX llliill SVIIUUI li:Ll1'ig'l1. Yrr1"l1 f1Sll'l7IiIlil 'Q Q X W Fi 3:':.f1'.!'i21:-f W 5: Ei . . s X-iq ? X - 3 .. i Q Q kv 3 TX, MM ' 'ww is M X ,Q ml If lil 3' f 5 X My l :'- ,t W"'f3' S Ni Nm ix ,, vb' A nk , . - + X S N Ss 31 1 5 is a X be Q 4 K 3' J W f-if ik! 5 Um A , E W ,qt ,Av .L - M., - ' E ea . -- rx Qwa-ME 'QE ,Q K mf if 5 ,I X ifi..1g.,. 0. .S "' a- Q H ag X' N Q . waxy W if 'M ' 'J' 0 -79 ,N ,, 35 , - 'Ks - ' gif- Ki A 'bzl X .. J W Q' gg " I 3 w 1 b -. , if lg 2' gg f ,fl-'Sf L- . .v..N..V.,x f' 'xi vs' 'Fi ' ' K an u 'Q A 4 In . my W ' A r Qui bw- :fy l A up , ,. lf i, A- .jf I 4' ,wx 4 Q. -Quint R, 1 w ff..-' fiffwl 1,-,'f 1"1- fe,,A-ill if, 1 4 f ,, ,. fi , A If ,f fjzfff My 1, v , f I J f 1 3 , Jf"f,f J Az jf, , Jg ff,, W Ai vi!! H3 nz -5 5 x S ix Y sf Y A Aw. 1 'if if FOREWORD This annual represents the efforts of many persons who have endeavored to bring you a picture of this year at Needham Broughton through the 1952 I.A'1'I1-Ac. It is unusual for the I,A'rIPAC' to be dedicated to two members of the faculty, but this year the Senior Class wanted to honor jointly two outstanding leaders. A history of the Senior Class has been added to complete the high school memories for some, and just begin them for many others. At the end of this book are the advertisements, without which our annual could not have been published. 4 5 , S . M 'N N 2 s 1 rw,L...,4 1? Ea 5, 4- E1 w ,A H, X m -f ui, 7 ' "lm K ' 4" ff W 'YW .A .i 1,24 V 4,,,, fy.. .Wwe ' ,, iw, . fm, v ,N x ' A f X Q.. it 4,,,,.,13"f ADMI I TRATIO Left to right: Mr. Gale, Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. Sandling, Mr. Holiday. FACULTY LISTING BIRS. V. C. BANKS, A.B. Miss MARY B. CANNON, A.B.. M.A Eighth Grade Mathfmatics MR. ROBERT A. BARNES, B.S., M.A. MRS. NIAURICE H. ChLAYTON, A.B. Band American History, IVorld History Miss JULIA B. BARRETT, A.B. Miss IJQSSIE COGDELL, A.B. Eighth Grade Plane Geometry INIR. HAROLD A. BELLO, A.B. MRS. JOHN A. IQBERHART Eighth Grade Dietitian MR. FRANK E. BRILEY, B.S. MRS. J. E. IFLETCIIER, A.B. Industrial Arts English, Latin MRS. MARY SUE B. FONVILLE, A.B., M.A. Sociology and Economics 6 mu. lwfl In riyhf FI ex.. Miss lwlllllltlll, M Iss C LAIIHC liinlngy Miss FANNI11: If nglixlz M Ir. xVAI.'l'lCl! IJI'iIIl'i1JlII e Miss JXNNIC Ill l Ifiglzfh Grad Miss NAN1'Y' Lilzrrzrian me LTY FACULTY Mus. AIILDRI-Ill .louNs'roN, AJS. Mus. Kvru NICSXVAIN, 13.5. Pulxlic S111'!lL'iIIfj, Ifnglisli Phyxical 1fl1IlCHfi07I Mus. NELL KAum', A.l5. Mn. Jo11N J. LII'I'ClIl-II., A.B. lfightli fiflllll' fllafhffnzatics Miss NIAIITIIA I,ANus'roN, ILS.. KLA. DIR. HOLLA C. NI-:LsuN, B.S.. KLA. lfighfh Grrulf' Phyxiuv, Gffnvral Scizfricr Mn. Al:Ms'ru0Nu MAI.'l'1si1f:, 15.5. Bliss LAURA HPZLPIN PASCIIAL, Ali.. M.A. Gmrwrnl .Vaflivnlnfiz-.v, illgvlnrn .lournaIi.s'm, Iinglish Miss ELLA Ii. Mc'lh1AmlAN, BA-X.. MAX. Mics. l'lrYL1ss Pr3AC0c'K, B.A.. MAX. f'III'IIIiSfI"If English A di Filling. loft In righf: Miss VVOItz, Miss Sl1g'fZ'S, Miss Barrcit, Mrs. Kahdy, Miss Lzmgston, Miss Hendricks, Mrs lfllwrlmrt, Mrs. Poitvr. Sturzdiny: Mr. Bello, Mrs. Banks. Mr. Holyfie-ld, Mr. Underwood. 8 FACULTY ing. lvff In rigflllf Mrs. Julmsou, Miss Mary l,l'Illly. Miss Flli1'ilC'!', Miss Sfroflicr, Miss f'i'l1'Sil' P4-lmy, IN V . - , sun. Nfllllfllllflf Miss lnsulml. Mr. Smith, Miss Spairks, Mrs, l'c-zlwwk, M rs. VVHIM-r, Miss 'l'uurh', Mrs. l"l4'h'in r Miss i'ial.r:s'l'l': IHQNNY, ILA.. M.A. Mus. .ioux C. Rmvr, A.l5. Iflzglixlz Xafurnl Sl'iI'Ill't', Iiifllragy MARY PENNY, BMX.. M..-X. Miss l"iS'I'l-II.I.IfZ ROS!-I, B.S.S.A. If nglixh F0111 IlII'I'I'il1l Mus. Cln's'rAI. U. Pn'l"I'mc, B.S. Miss IIELI-TN HVNNION, AJS.. M..-X Ifighih Grrulr' Social Sciwrzcrf Mn. Nmvrznl. l'mr'i-2, 15.8. Mus. I,x1.L1Ax SANDLING, A.l3. .Vr1fh1'n1afi1'.v IJFIIII of Girls, I"7'f'IIl'll Mu. J. U. liINGGOLlJ, 13.5. Mus. JENNIE SHARP, A.B. Social SCiI'IIl'l' f'lI7I17IIl'7'CiI1I 9 FACULTY Miss 1XNNlE SMAW, B.S., M.S. Mus. VIRGINIA S. SWAIN, B.S., M.S. .-Ilgrlzra Home Ifconomicx MII. Nonwoon G. SIIIITII, B.A. MLLIII. YVONNI: TOI'II'I'I:, l7.I'i.S. If 11 glis 11 FrI'11,vh Nhss Iloms SI'AIIIis, ILA. Mus. MAIIIAN YV.xI.'I'IcII, A.l3. l'IlIg1i.YlI, 1,TIl1llllfiC.V Spanish Mus. IiII'I'II N. S'I'IcI'III:Ns0N MIss EI,INoII VVoI.'I'z, A.B. S1'!'I'l'f!lT'If Eighth Gradf' Mlss JANI4: Sums, Ali. Mus. FIIANCI1:s ZAII, 15.5. 1'lI'I1.vir'a1 lf1I'1l!'I1fi07L Art lmfl In riyhf: Miss MC'I,l'3lFlll1lll, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Howard, Mrs. Clayton, Miss Frm-0III:In, Mr. Ringgold, Mrs. Swain, Miss liIIIIIIi0II, Mrs. Rout, Mrs. Fonvill e4f!vw.J.e,uUa, f 140 M30 'Nfl .' , " I IAJA, I HA-U I' 7 ' 6 K 10 CHOOL BO RD ani row, lrff fo riglzi: P. ll. Snipvs. Nluvor: M rs. lv. C. Pm-ssly. lq1't'UHtl mrs: Lcwis II. Pow C. Clark. and .lm-ssc 0. b2lllKlt'I'S0ll. Third row: IA-Iioy Martin. J. l". l':1rl1:1gt'. :md H. if Gillis .ll-:ssl-: O. SANDERSON Szlpffrillfzfrzzlrrzf of Ifalriglz Public Schools 11 IJFNRY A. l'Il1:1,Ms Supfrzyisnr of Sr-hnolx 11 Alma Mater 1 Aliha Mater, we salute thee, Bouuteous giver hear our praise For within thy walls weflve garnered Gifts enriching all our claysg Opportunity for friendship, Guiclzuiee in our quest for truth Faith through all ou1' grave endeavor, lv!lClCl'St2l1Nllllg love of youth. These our gifts, U Alma Blater, VVe shall cherish through the days Striving still through high endeavor Thus to render thee our praise. 12 ig af , ,,, , X 3,5 . L il v Us 4 rf' 1 1, . v 3, ir? 5 ' gs Q l .i f : ?"5a', -al" 33-in l : , .L 1, 5 W a-""' 2 gf fr W f Q ,, V 1 2? J .gqrxbtiy v fe 'ill- Senior Class of '52 Imfi fo right: CElllN'I'llll' Colry, Miss Cannon, David Smith, Clyde Robinson, Bill Russ and Joyce- Ulrpin lvc, lho senior Class of 19525 stancl looking hack over the five years of school life. XVQ roinclnhcr cspcvially our senior year. Boing inoasnrc-rl for caps and gowns and Taking aptitude tests inaclc us rvalizc That at last wc were scniors. The Quccn of Hi-arls was more inlcrcsling than nsnal hocansc wc- wcrc rvprcscnlcfl hy l'iv0 girls. Unr last Junior- Svnior will rcniain an unforgettable lllClIl0l'y. Now wc rcalixc how ninch our tc-ac-llcrs have nn-ant lo ns. vVll2liCVl'l' sum-css we may gain will hc chu- lo their patient instructions. 'l'o ns Broughton is companionship anal work. lvl- will 'fry to hc gooil CX21llllJlCS of what wc have lcarnvrl. You can hc snrc lhat no Illillllill' whcrc wc arog in college, al work, or in the service, W0 will nvvor forgot our alma lll2llCl'. Jorvi-1 C',xn1-if:N'1'r:n, S1'1'1'vt11ry of Senior Class 14 Senior Class flfascof SKIPPKR S'rANsm'm' Bl'llt'l' Sl'l'l'll ADl,l'lR Ilurn rims . . . Spanish rvorrivs . . . friffildiy French Club 43 Spanish Club 33 History Club 23 English Club 43 Library Club 13 Camera Club 33 Junior Science Club 13 Upper Science Club 23 Little Theater 33 Public Speaking Club 33 Plays 3. lIAltlill'l'l"l' LAIJD ANDREWS Typing i'.1'p1'r! . . . irim . . . plenty of poixe . . . .vw1'r't Spanish Club 43 Office Assistant 43 Music Apprecia- tion Club 2, Vice-President3 Little Theater 33 Y-Teens 43 Sociology Club 4, Vice-President3 Future Home- makers of America 1. MARTIIA Jl".AN Al'l'l,l'l 1','z111'ie . . . braidiflil hair .... 9 Tf,'t'l't French Club 3, 43 History Club 33 Government Club 13 English Club 2, 43 Music Appreciation Club 23 Little Theater 43 Social Dance Club 13 LATIPAC Staff 43 LAT1- PAC Representative 33 Hi-Times Staff 3, 43 Dramatics Class 4, Secretary3 Decorations Comm. for Jr.-Sr. 3. MARY C'Hl'lS'1'l'llt Al'l'I,l'lYVHI'1'l'l Suufiivrn rlratvi . . . Y'l'.I'll.V . . . "Chappe1u'i1ife" Green Thumb Club 13 Mizpah Devotional Group 1, 2. 3, 4, Vice-President 33 Photography Club 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Library Assistant 33 Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 3, 43 Winged Words 33 Student Co-operative Com- mittee 4. CAROL ANNE BAGLEY l'l1f'n1i.vfry 'zcorrizuv . . . s1c'f'f't . . . quiet English Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Social Dance Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Religious Chairman 43 Mizpah Devotional Group 1, 2, 3, 43 Fu- ture Homemakers of America 1, 23 History Club 23 Future Teachers of America 23 French Club 3, 43 Gov- ernment Club 3. 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 43 Assistant Writing Editor of Winged Words 4. VIRGINIA Cl.Ylll'l BAISH "fiir1ny" . . . cutting up . . . twinkling wyrnv . . . llIiSt'Ilil'1'0llS . . . "Ic'if,' English Club 23 Photography Club 23 Social Dance Club 23 Y-Teens 2, 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 Vice-Presi- dent 33 Secretary of History Club 33 Little Theater 3. 43 Glee Club 33 LATIPAC Staff 43 Make-Up Committee for Men Are Like Street Cars 4, MARTIIA Alll3ll.lNl3l COUSINS liiililililt 1,I'l'H.If . . . lfivharzl . . . .view-I and lozwly . . . gvfiing adx Latin Club 13 Social Dance Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 English Club 23 Latin Club 1, President of Latin Club 23 Little Theater 2, 3, 43 Nose for News Club 23 As- sistant Advertising Manager of Hi-Times Staff 23 Span- ish Club 3, 43 Make-Up for The Baby Sitter 33 Program Committee for The Baby Sitter 33 Make-Up Committee for Miss Jimmy 33 Business Manager of LATIPAC 4. ALIDA M Il,Ll'1lt BARN 1+l'1"l'l'l Our rdifnr . . . .v7c'z'r'f . . . "Hull" . . . vjicient . . . Styne Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer of Green Thumb Club 13 Office Assistant 2, 3, 43 Little Theater 33 LATIPAC Staff 3, 4, Editor 43 Service Club 3, 43 Hi- Times Representative 33 Hi-Times Staff 3, 43 Winged Words 3, 4, Typing Editor 43 Newspaper Reporter 3, 43 Girls' State Representative 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 3. CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS B 1 nr 16 BILLY S'I'L'AR'I' BA'I"I'S Jlrx. Sharpfs' l1l"I1I!'I' . . . vuiiin' up . . . lfllglixh frnulzlffs Upper Science Club 23 Maintenance Club 1. YVILLIAM FRANKLIN ISHLI, "Tim l1aL'r'r'.v .WIND . . . tin' quid fypr' . nice' English Club, President and Secretary 33 Good Lis- tening Club 23 Latin Club 1. 21 Maintenance Club 13 Social Dance Club 33 Hi-Times Representative 2. R E BHCCA GAY BLACKARD "Su.vuif"' .... v lim 'ii' trim . . . Hulilwr . . Spanish rvorrirnv . . . pretty Spanish Club 3, 43 Good Listening Club 2: Music Ap- preciation Club 13 Little Theater 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Operettas 1. 23 Future Home- makers of America 1. JOII N B LOXTON "l3rufu.v" . . . cuiiin' his arf . . . gift to 7l'llIII1'll . . . "Hr0a1l11.s"' Government Club 33 Library Assistant 33 Office As- sistant 3, 43 Audio-Visual Club 23 Football Team tVarsityJ 33 Queen of Hearts and Courts 3. NANCY l'lI.I,RN RUNNER SIc'f'af1'r.s' . . . L'I"lflP0!llYl hid . . . Ullyifff of Iwaxillg . . . lifflr' lzailzlx Spanish Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 43 Good Listening Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theater 43 Social Dance Club 13 Student Council 33 Glee Club 33 Hi-Times Staff 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Winged Words 43 Operettas. An Old Fashion Charm, 13 Decorating Committee of Jr,-Sr. Prom. RL"l'll ANN BOONE .luycr".s chum .... v 1'c'r1'far'y-In-In' . . . s7ve'r't Library Assistant 23 Office Assistant 33 English Club 33 Library Club 23 Public Speaking Club 33 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 1. KATH li R l N Ii l'll,liANOR BRANFII ".llr1i0rz'Hr", . . . ".s'rc'1'r'fir"' . . . ruff' . . . l1!l7'L' r'y1'.v Hugh Morson 1, 2, 33 Library Assistant. 13 Library Club 23 Sewing Club 13 Travel Club 23 Music Appre- ciation Club 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Majorette 2, 3. 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 33 Girls' Athletic Association 13 School Store 23 Sponsor 3. MARILYN .I UN li li R I IJGRRS G.,l..I .... prfffiy hair . . . Il!'1Jl'II1I'II1IIf' . . . fnivr' French Club, Vice-President 43 History Club 3, 43 Li- brary Assistant 3, 4: English Club 33 Junior Science Club 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Monogram Club tGirlsb Vice- President and Treasurer 3, 43 Social Science Club 4: Student Council 23 National Honor Society 43 Hi.- Times Staff 23 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Winged Words 3, 43 Girls' Basketball Team 33 Home- room Officer 1, 2, 33 Mizpah Devotions 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM J. BROGIDON. JR. Hill . . . Svlmnl stun' worker . . . teasing Billy English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 Maintenance Club 1. 23 Hi-Times Representative 23 School Store 4. HLHANOII KANH BYHU "l1ur.vf- laugh" . . . "sl:-.wh-.vll1u'L'.s"' . . llarfl n'0rkr'r .... v nozvlnird English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 History Club 3, Secretary3 Of- fice Assistant 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2. Secretary 1, Vice- President 23 Teen-Age Book Club 1, 2, Secretary 1, 23 Little Theater 13 Secretary of Sophomore Class3 Student Council 1. 2, 3. 4, Hospitality Committee 43 Service Club 43 Glee Club 2, 3, Reporter 23 Hi-Times Representative 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Winged Words 33 Operettas 33 Secretary 1, Treasurer of I-Iomeroom 2: Student Council Corsage Committee. t'RHIGll'l'0N LEE CALHOTQN "Spt'r'.v" . . . "f'0nn" . . . lzrain English Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Spanish Club 3. 4, Treasurer 43 Junior Science Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Operettas 1. PllIl.l.l 1' 'l'll0ltNWl'lI.l. t'ARl,ISl.H Phil . . . l'tITl'lDtI.I1 lumix . . . ultl car English Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Library Assistant 2. JOYCE ANN CAltl'l'lN'1'14lli Our .Vt'l'I'!'l!1l'.If . . . ".31cr"' . . . "Grin1'1f' . .v1L'1'f'I1'.v1 rm 1' English Club 1. 2, 3. 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Government Club Secretary 43 Music Appreciation Club 23 Secre- tary of Senior CIRSSQ Member of Publicity Commit.tee3 Member of Hospitality Committeeg Glee Club 1. 23 Hi-Times Representative 33 Y-Teens 1, 43 Operettas 23 Future Homemakers of America 1. VIC RN li STRU IJVVICK CAVIN HSS X.II.S .... 1z'z'1'rylmrI'y's frimlfl . . . projvcf 7c'o1'riv.s' . . . Him' as flllzlf vmm' English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2, President 1, 23 Good Listening Club 2, President3 Psychology Club 13 Monogram Club 3. 4, Secretary 43 Sgt.-at-Arms of Student. Council 43 Member of Executive Council of Student Council3 National Honor Society 3, 43 Service Club 3, 43 Marshal 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Stage Crew 3. 43 Football Team, J. V. 23, Varsity 3, 43 Track Team 2. 33 Queen of Hearts Court 2. l' li ISC I l.I.A J EAN NE CHAl"l"l'lE 0f75'z'r icvlrkwr . . . Jinmzy . . . l1t'1161llIllblt'3 French Club 3. 43 History Club 33 Government Club 43 English Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Music Appre- ciation Club 23 Little Theater 43 Future Homemakers of America 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 43 Usher in Plays 43 Operettas 23 Broughton En- semble 43 Senior Council Representative 4. FICRNANIJO CI-IAMORRO RAPPACCIOIJ Polilz' . . . AYll'I1l'I1l1Ill1 . . . I1t"llII'1, worries CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS MARY SUSAN C"llAl'Pl'iI,l, Jimnzly .... v ivnplrf and .viwzff .... v vm: with "Lou" . . . "Salty" . . . prwtty English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, Vice-President 23 History Club 3, President3 Office Assistant 3. 43 Fu- ture Homemakers of America 13 Music Appreciation Club 13 Student Council Member 13 Service Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 Marshal 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 13 Vice-President 3, President 43 At- tendant in May Court.: Corsage Committee 43 Inter- Club Council of Y-Teens 3, 4, Secretry 3. MAliGAliH'1' CAROLYN C'l,EMl'1N'l' fllajorrfftz' . . . Ilfllllflflll hair . . . 'vocalist Spanish Club Member 3, 43 History Club Member 33 Government Club Member 43 English Club Member 1, 2, 3, 43 Little Theater Member 33 F.H,A. Member 13 Student Council Representative 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club Member 1, 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens Member 43 Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3, 4. C'A'l'Hl'lR1Nl'l PA'l"1'F.RSON POLICY Quiet .... v ivz'1'fr'.st one' ..., 1 lm- Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club Secretary 33 Office Assistant 33 Travel Club Secretary 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Music Appreciation Club 23 Little Theater Make-Up Committee 3, Member 43 Treasurer of Class 43 Stu- dent Council Hospitality Committee 43 Y-Teens 1, Secretary 2, Member 3, 43 May Court 2. HAROLD IDOWNY COLHY "Chris" ..., s 'IIIITUIIIIIII . . . blur' 1'yf's . Sf ll rl English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 3. 4. Vice-Presi- dent 43 Good Listening Club 1, 23 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Senior Class Representative to Student Council3 LATIPAC Staff, Committee Head 43 Hi-Times Representative 13 Hi-Y 4, Junior Hi-Y 1. 23 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 13 Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Co-Captain 43 Track Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Swimming Team Manager 3, 4. Sl LAS COLICY Iivllllillgfllll . . . tlm.s-1' mrs . . .wvn with "Slugg0" Latin Club 1, 23 Music Appreciation Club 23 Pyschology Club 1, 4. EIJXVARD HARRISON COTH RAN Ifzlzliz- . . . goml Ioolring clothvx . . . Kay sweet Spanish Club Sgt.-at-Arms 33 History Club President 33 Government Club President 43 English Club 13 Good Listening Club 1, Sgt.-at-Arms 23 Marshal 33 Hi-Y 33 Executive Council Treasurer 43 Junior Hi-Y 2. BE NJAMIN P E R RY COX "Gay Parf'1"' . . . quirt and nice . . . dry wit . . girlx English Club 33 Industrial Arts Club 23 Swimming Team 3. CHRIS'l'0Plll+lR GALE CROWSON Chris French Club 3, President 43 History Club 43 Civics Club 13 Good Listening Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Main- tenance Club lj Order of DeMolay 3, Senior Standard 4. IIAItIiII'I'I"I'l'I SVZANNIC CLIRRAN fvllffllll, Ilarrivfi . . . Jlyrflf' Hvaclz, S. l'. . gown'-Iuokillg rlnflzfnv . . . I'vgg'q'.v r.-hum French Club 43 History Club 43 English Club 43 Glee Club 43 Y-Teens 4. C'AIiOI.YN .IOANNIAI C'L'IiItY "l"r1!-1ir111y" . . . l'11l'4'I'iIlg . . . "mm of flu' flII'l'l',, . . . 1Il'l'.VUII!I1il4.lf Spanish Club V.P. 3, Member 43 Office Assistant 13 Future Homemakers of America Secretary 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Student Council 23 Executive Council of Student Council. Member of Sports Committee 4: Hi-Times Rep 13 Hi-Times Staff 23 Y-Teens 13 Secre- tary of State and Treasurer 2, Member 3, Co-chairman of Social Committee 43 Girls' Athletic Association Secretary 23 Cheerleader J,V. 1, 2. lSE'l"I'Y ORR IDANIICI. Skatrr . . . rlrrm'ir1g pi1'furf'.v . . . Iuril1'nf'cL' STd'f'lIft'I'.V . . . Furrrnvi Sociology Club 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 2, 33 English Club 33 Knitting Club 33 Music Appreciation Club 3, 43 Psychology Club 43 Current History Club, President 43 Y-Teens 1. 2. I'A'I'ItIC'IA I,Ut'II.I.l'I DAVIS .'IlIIf!1'.S' CIIIIIII .... s '7c'f'1'1' ax flzvy vmnr . . . aln'11'y.s' .vniiling French Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 43 English Club 3, 43 Library Club 23 Teen Age Book Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Y-Teens 1, 3, 43 Operettas 1, 23 Home- room Treasurer 4. RIUIIARII t'ARI.'I'0N DAY Prvsirlrrzi IJl'.'II0l!1.11 . . . good luokillg cfofluzv . . . girl frnulzlzzv History Club 3. President3 Government Club 43 English Club 43 Photography Club 23 Latin Club 1. 23 Future Business Leaders of America 1. Secretaryg Band 3. 4. .IOIIN TIIONIAS III'ISI'IItN "Touki1"' . . . Illllllllfffl' . . . 1'z'f'r'yIm11y'.v friffnd . . . nnfun' 110,11 Spanish Club 4, Treasurer3 Government Club 2, Presi- dent3 English Club 2, Secretary3 Industrial Arts Club 13 Monogram Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Treasurerg Service Club 3, President. 43 Glee Club 33 Hi-Times Representative 1, 23 Hi-Y 3, President 4: Junior Hi-Y 1, Treasurer 23 Football Team, 1, 2, 3, 43 Manager3 Track Team 1, 2, 3. 43 Newspaper Reporter 33 Spon- sor 4. ANN NIAC'l'llliRSON DIVINE "Snmm'I1if"' . . . cutting up . . . fIlll'7'i1' . . lI'ilminginn Spanish Club 3, 4, Secretary 33 Latin Club 1, 2. Treasurer 13 Hi-Times Representative 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 23 Attended New Hanover High, Wilmington, Fresh- man and Sophomore Years. ROB Ii HTA IIA RY Ii Y IJIXON Har! . . . Nh' A'f"I1.V . . . grimy .vtvrzdy . . . bran: English Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Secretary 1, President 43 French Club 3, 4, Reporter 43 Latin Club 1. 2, Secretary 1, 23 Music Appreciation Club 23 Teen Age Book Club 13 Secretary of Eighth Gradeg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Ac- companist 4, Secretary of Eighth Grade Chorus, Y-Teens 13 Winged Words Staff 3, Editor 43 Operettas 1, 23 Homeroom Representative to Senior Council. CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS DORIS NI lI,I,l'1R DOZIH R Beautiful hands . . . .s'c'1'n with the' tzvins . . picture of poixr' English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Teen Age Book'Club 13 Little Theater 43 Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 43 Hz-Times Representative 43 Y-Teens 1. 23 Girls' Athletic Association 33 Operettas 1, 2, Usher 2. VVILLIAM BIICMAN N DOZIE R School store . . . friwlrlly . . . f'ar0lyn . . . tall English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club Treasurer 33 History Club 1, Sgt.-at-Arms3 Executive Council of Student Council 4, Treasurer3 Band 1. 2, 3, 43 Hi- Times Representative 23 Junior Hi-Y 23 Manager of Baseball Team 23 School Store 1. 2, 3, 4. Manager 43 Model Club 1. FRANCIS DUNBAR "Shot fflllf, . . . Trivia . . . lvvvlz . . . SlIf'IIL'lII, arounfl Spanish Club 33 Government Club 43 Music Appre- ciation Club 1, 23 Hi-Times Staff 3. l'lVl'll,YN CAROL DUNCXAN fl1ll'0ll7ld-llflllllll . . . nurw-to-lu' .... w zc'1'1't aml friendly French Club 3, 4, President 33 History Club 3, Presi- dent: English Club 2, 3, 43 Letter Exchange Club 23 Latin Club 2. 33 Make-Up Mistress 43 Glee Club 23 Y-Teens 13 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 43 Future Homemakers of America 13 Sociology Class Club 1, Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior DOROTHY HIJXVARIJS Quivi . . . .s'r'1'n with Billy . . . nicr' Sewing Box 13 Art Club 23 Glee Club 1. 2. 33 Y-Teens 1. C'HARl.l'lS I'A'l"l'HRSON lil, DRI Ilfili Cowl looks . . . f!1lIA'l'7' . . . vm girls allrmwrl . . HF. Nf' . . . that zlrnrcl Spanish Club 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4: Government Club 13 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Social Dance Club 13 Home- room President 23 Homeroom Secretary 33 LATIPAC Staff 43 Hi-Times Staff 43 Junior Hi-Y 1, 2. Vice- President 23 Hi-Y 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 J.V. Football Team 23 Varsity Football Team 43 Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 Hi-Y Minstrel3 Key Club 4 MARY ICLKINS ".lI1'rt,' . . . collzwriilnlf' , . . Ufflrff' r1.v.s-ixfrznf . . STC0l'f French Club, Treasurer 3, Member of Program Com- mittee 43 Office Assistant 43 Little Theater 43 "Nose for News" Club 23 Social Dance Club 13 Student Council l, 33 Hi-Times Staff 43 Y-Teens 1. 23 Junior- Senior Prom3 Homeroom Treasurer 2. JOYCE lCl.I,l'lN lfllglixll fl'OIllJll'S . . . Igllllflllf , . . var 1'a1111r'if'1f 1l7Ill7l1llf'!1 . . . jiftzfrlmg French Club 2. 3, Secretary 23 Library Assistant 2: English Club 23 Photography Club 23 Library Club 23 Little Theater 33 Social Dance Club 13 Future Home- makers of America 1, President 13 Glee Club 33 Hi-Times Representative 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Hi- Times Staff 43 Sgt.-at-Arms 23 Queen of Hearts Court3 Junior-Senior Prom. .I I NIMY I'lI,I,IS Jininiy . . . flI'!ITL'ilIg picfurruv . . . tallest om' . . . .wail with I.. II. . . . frimizily Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 English Club, Vice- President 33 Green Thumb, Treasurer 23 Audio- Visual Club 13 Social Dance Club 13 Glee Club 3, 43 Homeroom President 13 Homeroom Vice-President 2. .IOYCIQ I'II,I,IS .loyvv . . . l'UII1IIIl'l'l'iHH'If irzciilwrl . . . Urwsham . . . ojhvi' :t'urf.'r'1' Library Assistant 13 Office Assistant 2, 3. 43 Health Room Asst. 13 Green Thumb 23 Future Teachers of America l: Public Speaking Club 33 Glee Club l, 2. JCI", I"l1lIiGUSON Joi' . . . Ki! . . . lmxx zinivr' .... v inging . . . fallrr than man' Spanish Club 3: English Club 23 Upper Science Club. Secretary 23 Maintenance Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Operettas 1. 2. 4, A X I TA l"I.l'I TC I I li It .lnifa . . . .vhi-jzimp lime . . . gift for gala . . . brain .... v :wifi Spanish Club 3, 4, President 43 Library Club 23 Mono- gram Club 3, 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Golden Masquers 43 Glee Club 1. 23 Hi-Times Staff 43 Y-Teens 1, 2. 3. 43 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 43 Winged Words 4, Publicity Editor 43 Plays 1, 2, 43 Decoration Com- mitteeg Junior-Senior Prom3 Corsage Committee3 Pub- licity Committee3 Chairman Scrapbook Committee. l'lI,IZAl3l'1'I'II I"I.OYID l'fli:a1n'th . . . In-autiful hair . . . "Hugo" . . .vtlirlyirlg hard . . . "1l'KI"' Spanish Club 3. 43 Government Club 43 Office As- sistant 3. 43 Photography Club 23 Green Thumb 13 Little Theater 3: Glee Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, Service Chairman. 3. 4. Program Chairman3 Winged Words 4, Writing Staff: Operettas Riding Down The Sky. ROBIN I"UI,I.l'1R Robin .... X '.II.S .... 1li'p1'r11111i21r' . . . calm . . . r'u111'vfi'11 .... v TC't'l'f Student Council 23 Executive Council of Student C. 4, Chairman Publicity Comm.3 LATIPAC Staff 4, Co-author of Senior Storyg National Honor Society 33 Service Club 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, President 3, 43 Newspaper Re- porter 3. 4. Raleigh Times: May Court. 2, Y-Teens May Court: Senior Class Sponsor 43 Delegate in 3. 4 to North Carolina Scholastic Press Convention3 Delegate in 4 to Southern-wide Press Editors. Brenau College, Ga., I'A'l' I"L'ItI.0NG Pai .... v mall and .v7cw'i'1 . . . Sunh . . . clotiiifx Roundtable. . . . 'i'I'l!'Ill1I.lj French Club 3, 4. Sgt.-at-Arms3 Little Theater 3. 4: Y-Teens 3. 43 Winged Words 4, Business Manager3 Scrapbook Committee 43 Publicity Committee 43 Bald- win High School, Pittsburgh, Pa., Newspaper Re- porter 1. 23 Glee Club 1, 21 Office Assistant 2. BOBBY GADIJY Jlr. I'ri'.vi11c'nt . . . "Un . . . lah" . . . Imizurif . . . 1'f'1'f'r.yIm1ily'.v Pai Spanish Club 33 History Club 4, Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms3 Office Assistant 43 English Club 33 Monogram Club tBoysl 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Business Leaders of America 23 Public Speaking Club 33 Student Council 3, V.- Pres. 4, Pres.3 Executive Council of Student C. 3, V.-Pres. 4. Pres.: National Honor Society 3, 43 Service Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 1. 2, Sec.3 Swimming Team 1, 2. CLASS UF 1952 SENIORS MONROE GARDNEP. "Snake" . . . frifllrlly . . . 1iI'IlII '11' Lanky . . lVill1ur's vlzum Industrial Arts Club 1, 23 Junior Science Club 13 President of Spanish Club 3. Member 43 Library Assistant 3, 4. MAHGIE El.IZABE'l'H GARN E R Bryant . . . tlzirzl finger, left lzanrl . . . .vvvevt Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 English Club 3, Secretaryg Little Theater 3, 43 "Nose for News" Club 23 F.H.A. 1, Parliamentarian3 Y-Teens 1, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 3. GORDON LEE GARN E It allot rods" . . . acting . . . mechanic History Club 33 Teen Age Book Club 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Plays 3, 4. JEAN CAMERON GILLIAM Quiet . . . Brain . . . zlwpcrulalnlff French Club 3. Vice-Pres. 43 Office Assistant. 43 Art Club 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Monogram Club lGirlsJ 43 Little Theater 33 Glee Club 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Plays 33 Operettas 1. PAULA SCZANNE GILLON Pr0.riw . . , Ilairruf, S. 1' .... one of the three . . . school 1101113 English Club 23 Good Listening Club 23 F.H.A. 13 Psychology Club 43 Y-Teens 13 Greenville, S. C., Future Business Leaders of America 33 Dramatic Club 3, Secretaryg Play Little Women 33 Hi-News Representative. SANDRA JAN E GOE Pretty f'yl'S . . . z'loflu's .... v rwfrft Latin Club 1, Vice-President. 2, Secretary3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Homemakers of America 23 Psychol- ogy Club 23 Operettas 2, The Magic Charm, Cornilita3 Spanish Club 4, Treasurer3 Little Theater 3, Vice- President3 Member 43 Plays 4, Men Are Like Street- cars. WILLIAM IIOOVE R GOODMAN Billy . . . quiet . . . nice Travel Club 1, 2. LENORE GREEN Holzli-y . . . llzoxv eyes . . . 7'icaciou.v . . . lovely to look nf. "Nose for News" Club 1, Secretaryg Student Council 1, 2, Secretary 33 Hi-Times Representative 13 Y-Teens 1, Secretary 2, Program Committee 3, Publicity Chair- man3 J.V. Cheerleader 1, J.V. Head Cheerleader 2, Cheerleader 43 Newspaper Reporter 13 May Court 13 Future Homemakers of America 2. Secretary3 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Queen of Hearts and Courts 1, 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Marshal 33 Hi-Times Staff 43 Service Club 43 Secretary of the Ninth Grade 2, Chairman of Student Council Social Standards Comm. 43 LATIPAC Staff 3. NAXVY t'0OI'lili GltliliN "1Ium1'r" . . . ".Yr'nm" . . . low' life' . . . fl'H.V1'I',N dcliglzf English Club l: Social Dance Club 13 Y-Teens l. 23 Good Listening Club 2, Sgt.-at-Armsg Spanish Club 33 Little Theater 33 Hi-Times Representative 3. 43 Hi- Times Staff 3. 43 Social Standards Committee 43 Student Council Sponsor 43 Student Council Poster Committee 3, 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Decoration Committee for Jr.-Sr. 31 Homeroom Secretary 2, Treasurer 4. XIQLSON Glilfli fiom! lmrlm . . . cutting up . . . 1,.l'. Latin Club l, 23 Social Dance Club 13 Photography Club 23 Glee Club 3. 43 Student Council Representative 43 Government Club 4. .XliI,liNl". l'1MlI,Y GRISIVI' Ili-Timznv llvlliffil' . . . grffin' ncrcnv . . . t"yIll'il'PIf Junior Science Club 13 Hi-Times Representative 2, 3. Editor-in-Chief 43 Y-Teens 2. Publicitv Chairmang LATIPAC Staff 3. Jr. Editorg Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 43 Little Theater 3, 43 English Club 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 43 Student. Council 43 Winged Words 43 Men Are Like Street- cars 4. JO ANNE ll.-XlI,l'lY Liltlv "Jo" . . . Buick . . . 111111011-If . . . Hill. . . . good l rmki II g Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Student Council Representative 23 Future Homemakers of America 23 Hi-Times Staff 3, 43 Operettas 23 Y-Teens 33 Hi-Times Representative 33 Social Dance Club 13 Homeroom Secretary 4. VII.-Xlil,l'lS lIAl'l'llC'0f'K carrot top . . . Nash . . . that llllil'l' fypr' . . fl'il'IIlll'lf Good Listening Club 13 Upper Science Club 2: Span- ish Club 3, 43 English Club 33 Industrial Arts Club 33 Audio-Visual Club 3. l".l,lZAlll'1'l'Il llAlNlIl,'l'0N .YIITNV tu In' .... x 'fwn with Bcity Spanish Club 43 History Club 33 Library Assistant 41 Latin Club l, 23 Girls' Monogram Club 3, 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Y-Teens l. 2: Girls' Ath- letic Association 2. 43 Future I-Iomemakers of Amer- ica 43 Junior Civic Council 3, 4: Girl Scouts 2, AN N Ili l,l'l li HAR MON Silwnf Inu! Stlfillllll' .... v llllfflllllld ic'11i,:' . . .v7c'4'1'I Library Assistant 4: Letter Exchange Club 23 Music Appreciation Club 33 Glee Club l. SIQSAN IIAYHS Sruvwf .vnzilr . . . qufvf . . . crvntizw' ivritirzg Spanish Club 43 Letter Exchange Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Music Appreciation Club 13 Little Theater 4' Glee Club l' Girls' Athletic Association 4' Win ed V . V Q Words 3, Writing Editor3 Plays Comniittee3 Operet- tas. Riding Down the Sky. CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS SALLY l'll'lA'I'II 1'l'0lllIll'.V . . . hwrv, flzvrff, aml f'z'rrly7c'l1crf' . gift for gnli Spanish Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 25 Future Home- makers of America 1, 23 Little Theater 2. 3, 43 Execu- tive Council of Student C. 23 Y-Teens l, 2. 3, 41 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Sponsor 3. GICNIC IIICKS Quint . . . 1-rfrc'-4-111 . . . f' . . . .vlzorfif'Q?j French Club 33 History Club 4: English Club 33 Art Club 33 Model Club 23 President Homeroom 3. .IO ANNE IIIUKS Rwl hair . . . typing 1c'm'rif'.v Music Appreciation Club 1.2. MILLARIJ IIILI. "liulzl1a" . . . Imp rloilzznv . . . "Kool" . .Uargarwt . . . rlry wif Spanish Club 43 Government. Club 43 Latin Club 13 Psychology Club 43 Social Dance Club 13 Vice-Presi- dent Homeroom 43 Hospitality Com. 4. MORRISON IIOGWOOIJ, JR. Santa Claus . . . frimzflly , . . Public Slwalcifig Government Club 43 President of Green Thumb 23 Jr. Science Club 13 Little Theater 3, 43 Public Speak- ing Club 43 Glee Club 43 Vocal Ensemble 4. BOBBY HOLLIS nlslllgglln . . . on flu' gn . . . rlr117c'ing "pin-lu'r.v" . . . 0D'7'1'r' n'r1rL'f'r Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 Office Assistant 2. 3. 43 English Club 33 Industrial Arts Club 13 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Good Listening Club 23 Maintenance Club 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 33 Little Theater 3, 43 House Director for Little Theater 43 Student Coun- cil Poster Committee, Chairman 33 Service Club 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Hi-Times Representative 33 Junior Hi-Y 23 Stage Crew 2, 3. BILLY IIOLOMAN "l7lzr'r'falL" . . . II'h11r'l lflll . . . Billy . . . Ifuivl' Spanish Club Pres, 33 Secretary 43 History Club Pres. 33 Government Club, Vice-Pres. 43 English Club Pres. 33 Industrial Arts Club 23 International Relations Club 43 Good Listening Club 23 Latin Club Sgt.-at.-Arms 13 Vice-Pres. 23 Boys Monogram Club 3. 43 Jr. I-Ii-Y 23 Track Team 3, 4. JOHN IIORTON NA' L'0'qr's . . . Flllllll, up . . . full of fun . . . fIl'lIlll.Yfll' ialvs Cathedral High 1. 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Varsity Foot- ball 23 French Club 33 Government Club 3, 43 Music Appreciation 33 Maintenance Club 33 Little Theater 3. 4. Business Managerj Hi-Times Staff 3. Advertising3 Newspaper Reporter, 33 LATIPAC Staff 43 Golden Masquers 43 Hi-Times Staff 4, Sports Editor3 Men Are Like Street Cars 4, Student Director. DAVID llOS'l'l'l'l'I,l'llt "IIuxfif"' . . . NJLS .... t"WL'lf'IIf . . . l1l'1H'llII't1IIll' Junior Science Club 13 Upper Science Club 23 Spanish Club 33 History Club 3, President3 Student Council Representative 33 Hi-Y 33 Spanish Club 4. Sgt.-at- Arms3 Executive Council 4. Chairman of Lost and Found3 Hi-Y 4, Secretaryg President of Homeroom 43 House and Grounds Committee 4. BILI, IIOWHLI, Hfvtlllllflxlju . . . cars . . . nrzylmzly gn! ll razor? Boosters Club 1, 23 Teen Age Club 1, 23 Science Club 13 Monogram Club 23 Outdoor Sports Club 23 Hi-Y 23 Varsity Football 23 Science Club 23 1Clinton High School 1, 233 French Club 33 Library Assistant 33 Eng- lish Club 33 French Club 4, Sgt.-at-Arms3 Government Club 4, Sgt.-at-Arms3 Little Theater 4, Vice-Presidentg Cast of Men Arc Like Streetcars 4. NIAXINV. llOlVl'HI.l, l'z'4'il . . . "I,ifll1' lfiiu . . . l'!Ifl'ft'l'iIl l1r'lp1'r . . . zlinmmlzl on lirr .f1.llgt'I' Teen Age Book Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Cast ot' Riding Down The Sky lj Library Assistant 2, 33 Library Club 2, 33 Office Assistant 33 French Club 43 Little Theater 43 Usher for Men Are Like Street Cars 4. i'AltOl,YN llL'N'l'lilt lfe'x1'rz'f'1l . . . flllilj hallllx . . . quirf, but win' Latin Club 1. 23 Y-Teens 1. 2. 3. 43 Future Home- makers of America 1. Secretary: Travel Club 2, Secre- tary3 French Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 43 Winged Words 3 4 FRANK HUSKIN Ifloridrl-1111141111 . . . lIIll1'f Social Science Club 13 Latin Club 2, 33 Psychology Club 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 Track Team 3. 41 Order of DeMolay 3, 43 President of History Club 4. l'lYlrlI,YN JAN li J ICN KISS Swwn with .lo llnnz' . . . quivl, but lIll'1' . . . lmnrl Future Homemakers of America 13 Band 1, 2, 31 Music Appreciation Club 2. MARY AN N .lOlll'1 Voir-1' . . . Igfllllgllfflll 1'fr1.w'11111Ic' . . . "Jo-IIN' Social Dance Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Y-Teens 1. 2. 3: Cast of Riding Down The Sky 13 Nose for News Club 23 Latin Club 3, 43 Little Theater 33 Sociology Club 43 Broughton Ensemble 4. Pllll, JOHNSON Shui up . . . fl'0lIlI1f'.V . . . ".I1'f"' . . H.l1IlSl'll'.S'U . . . all flu' girls' lifflv 1111.11 English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 4, Vice- President 33 Good Listening Club 1. 2, Treasurer 23 Little Theater 43 Public Speaking Club 33 Sgt.-at- Arms of Sophomore Class3 Junior Hi-Y 1, 23 Track Team 43 DeMolay 2, 3, 45 Member of J.V. Football Team, CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS ANN HOWELL JON ES "Boo 1300" .... v hart . . . gigglrs Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 33 Library Assistant 43 English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Hi-Times Staff 3, 4, Circulation and Advertising3 Hi-Y Minstrel 33 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Operet- tas 1, 23 Future Homemakers of America 1. DOROTHY AN N JON ES Dm' . . . that lajff . , . nmr1'.' . . . nice and neat Spanish Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 3, 43 Vice-President English Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theater 33 Student Council Representative 3, on Executive Coun- cil 43 Co-Chairman Sports Committee 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Committee 1, Presi- dent Inter-Club Council 2, Vice-President of Group 23 May Court 23 Basketball Team of Girls' Athletic Association3 Varsity Cheerleader 43 Newspaper Re- porter 1, 23 Corsage Committee for Student Council for Homecoming: Decorating Committee for Jr.-Sr. Prom3 Decorating Committee for Sophomore and Freshman Danceg Homeroom Vice-President 1, 2, 3, DORVAL T. JONES lyping whiz . . . mrxxing nrnunrl . . . "Doodle- bug" English Club3 Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 Library Assistant 43 Photography Club 43 Junior Science Club 13 Little Theater 33 Audio-Visual Club 2. ERN EST JORDAN "Iful1lwr" . . . n.'lI'Illf'U . . . curly lilonrl locki- . . , Suzie . . . runnin' armuul French Club 3, 4, Vice-President 43 English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Appreciation Club 13 Maintenance Club 13 Public Speaking Club 33 Service Club 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, State Contest 2. 33 J.V. Football Team 13 House and Grounds Committee 43 Hospitality Committee 43 National Guard Band 2, 3, 4. lVAl,'l'Eli EDXVARD JORDAN. JR. "1fu1l1l'y" . . . flmsf' wyrhv . . . J0'ljl'I' , . . giving vzfil looks English Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Maintenance Club 13 Audio-Visual Club 23 Decoration Committee Junior-Senior. PAUL S'l'Al"I"ORD KELLY "I3url', . . . frmflmll . . . thrilling thc' girls . . zrrarlle rolilnfr? English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3. 4, Treasurer 33 Industrial Arts Club 1, Foremang Good Listening Club 2, Vice-President: Monogram Club 3, 4. Vice- President 43 Public Speaking Club 33 Social Dance Club 1, Vice-Presidentq Sgt.-at-Arms of Freshman ClaSSQ Junior Hi-Y 1, 2,3 J.V. Football Team 2, Varsity Team 3, 43 J.V. Basketball Team lj Track Team 3, 4. THOMAS BRYANT KENNEDY "Rally Faczfv . . . clolllrfx will! class . . . I,I'7lCl? . . . Sally Government Club 43 Good Listening Club 23 Latin Club 1, 2, Treasurer 23 Social Dance Club 1, 23 Treas- urer Freshman Class3 Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 43 Junior Hi-Y 1, 23 J.V, Football Team 1. 23 DeMolay 3, 43 Key Club Treasurer 3, Vice-Pres. 4. ETIIEI. HELEN KING Jimmy .... Q TE'l'f'l . . . lwlpflll . . . lVil.v0n English Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 33 Library Assistant 43 Future Business Leaders of America 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Hi-Times Representa- tive 43 Hi-Times Staff 4, Advertising3 Y-Teens 13 Operettas 13 Future Homemakers of America 1. BARBARA KINNRY Pwtitf' . . . flirt . . . vutf' . . . frirmtly History Club 33 Office Assistant 43 Sewing Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theater 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Queen of Hearts Court 33 Operettas 23 Future Homemakers of America 1. PATRICIA GRAY I.II,l'lS Pat . . . rlranzntizzv . . . prwtty hair . . . Little' Ttzvrztvr . . , l'ro.vl1'y Spanish Club 3. Vice-President 43 Library Assistant 43 English Club 1, 2, 4, President 23 Knitting Club 23 Music Appreciation Club 2, Treas. 3: Little Theater 3, Secretary 43 Golden Masquers 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Y-Teens 4, Plays, Men Are Like Streetcars, 43 Dramat- ics Club 2, 3, Vice-President 33 Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 23 Decoration Committee Junior-Senior. CARI, JOHN I,INIlHRERG, JR. Flirty hair . . . quiet . . . f7hr'z'if' Government Club 43 English Club 33 Industrial Arts Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Audio-Visual Club 13 Public Speaking Club 3. NANCY LHR I.INVII.I.l+l "f'r0px" . . . mort' nzvn . . . "Jil," . . 111110- rywrl Iwll .... w zcwt History Club 3, Secretary3 English Club 3, President3 Little Theater 3, 43 House and Grounds Committee 3, 43 Hospitality Committee 43 Hi-Times Staff 3, 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 Decorations Committee for Jr.-Sr. 33 Y- Teens 3. MARY ANN I,I'I"l'Ll'l Ilflpful . . . cutting .vtrncils . . . dI'1I!'7IlI'lIblff English Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Good Listening Club 1, 23 Operettas 1, Prompter in Operetta 23 Glee Club 1. Librarian of Glee Club 2, Member 3. 4. MARC IA AN N Mc-KERINIAN Turnml up .wvlfx . . . Cuff' as a button . . . 0710 of thf' thru' . . . Desoto C07l'l'l'7'tilIIf' French Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 43 Gov- ernment Club 43 Latin Club 23 Nose for News Club 2, Treasurerg LATII-Ac Staff 3, Senior Co-Editor 43 Hi- Times Staff 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 43 May Court 23 Homeroom Vice-Pres. 33 Decorations Committee for Jr.-Sr. 3. NANCY I.I4lI'l BICNAIR Semi with Carol . . . tzailx from Durtzam . . . f'rir'n1ll,'11 Library Club 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 33 Future Homemakers of America 2, 33 Make-up Com- mittee for Men Are Like Street Cars. JOIIN MILTON MARTIN Cr1r.vQ?j . . . Iflzgtixtz rvorriffx . . . sf'z'l1 with "Slim" . . . liullwt hear! Maintenance Club 2, 3. CLASS OF 1952 i SENIORS l'lUGENl'l IIAROLD MA'l"l'llHWS. JR. Hefty Carol . . . band . . . nivr . . . grzrzrl-lzzrnkirzg clotlunv English Club 33 Travel Club 33 Music Appreciation Club 23 Social Dance Club lj Band 1, 2, 3. 43 Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Operettas 2. I-lA'l'llI.lCliN NIIC'lIll'l 3lA'l'lll".lYS nllI!ll'l'!lUIIi!I,, . . . Gworgr' . . . G.,l..1 ..... v TL'l'1'f Government Club 43 Green Thumb Club 2, President Latin Club 1, 23 Monogram Club fGirlsb 3, President 43 Girls' Athletic Association 2, Treasurer 3, Captain 43 Winged Words 3, 4. Wll,l3LfIt l'L7l.l.l'lN MA'l"l'lll'lWS. JR. I"rif'nr1ly . . . ,wvrz with Jlonrm' . . . fallrsf our Spanish Club 3, 4, Reporter 43 History Club 33 Junior Science Club lj Travel Club 2. Secretary. lll'll.l'1N liII,lil3lIi'l' NIAYNARIJ .V.II.S .... getting nr'n'.v . . . rvnrryillg Spanish Club 3, 4, Office Assistant 43 Sewing Box 23 Latin Club Vice-President 1, 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Student Council of Student C.3 Chairman of Chapel Comm.3 National Honor Society 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 Newspaper Re- porter 3, 43 Operettas 23 F.H.A.Q Homeroom Secretary 23 Raleigh Junior Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JU ANN INIICACIIAM fiU'Z'l'l'IINIr"Ilf 7c'0rri1'.v . . . p1'r.s'm1a1il'11 . . . rar Spanish Club 3, 43 Sewing Box 23 Latin Club 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Student Council 43 Lirrnmc Staff 43 Y-Teens 2, 43 Plays 33 F.H.A. SHIItl.l'lY LUIS NIPIRRIMAN "Sal" . . . hard rvrlrkvr . . . cI.oth1'.v with vlaxx . . . .v7c'f'1'f1'.v1' 01111 . . . "llarr'L"' Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 33 Sewing Box 13 Little Theater 33 Future Business Leaders of America 23 LATXI-Ac Staff 3, 43 Glee Club3 Hi-Times Staff 3, 43 Plays 3. 43 Operettas 33 House and Grounds Com- mittee 43 Senior Council Rep. 4. KATHARIN H Kll,I.IAN MlllDl.l41'l'0N True blondf' .... lavlr . . . lfnglixh 'whiz Spanish Club 3, 43 Government Club 43 Sewing Box 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theater 3, 43 F.H.A. lj Hi- Times Representative 1, 3, Hi-Times Staff 2, 4: Y- Teens 1. 2, 3, 43 Plays 3, 4. HAROLD SAMUAI, MON'l'AGL'li "Sam" . . .grinning . . . cutting up . . . 'nice .IAl'QUl'll,YN B ROWN MOOR li .l.I3. . . . prwtty .vmilv .... v ffm: with "Sal" . "Slow p0k1"' . . . lvgs Government Club 43 Library Assistant 23 English Club 3, Pres., Library Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Psy- chology Club Secy. 23 Little Theater 23 LATIPAC Staff 43 Hi-Times Rep. 2. LOUISA MORDICAI ,Y.II.S .... .v7c'f'f'1' xmiff' . . . prvtfy ax I1 17it'fIlI'l' . . . "1,o11', French Club 3, Secretary3 French Club 4, Reporter3 Government Club 4, Office Assistant 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Music Appreciation Club 23 Social Dance Club 13 Class Officer 3. Secretaryg Student Council 2, Representative3 Member of Hospitality Committee 43 National Honor Society 43 Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4, Chair- man Service3 May Court 23 Homeroom Pres. 1. 3. Secretary 4, WARREN XV. fNlURItlSSl'l'1"l'l'i "Slim" . . . Hzrnxz' 1'11r.v.' . . . Fllffill, up in 1'fl1gIi.s'l1 MAR IAN MYERS Short hair . . . Him' aiul :wat . . . .v11'f'1'f Spanish Club 43 Government Club 4, Office Assistant 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Music Appreciation Club 23 Social Dance Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 2. 4. l",DlVAllll lilti-XNKLIN NICXVSOKI I'vI'l1lIlu' . . . 11l1c'11'1f.s' smiling . . . fllllf 1111i1'1' typr' . . . .v1'1'n with iV1mrly French Club 3, Sgt,-at-Arms3 History Club 4, Sgt.- at-Arms3 Library Assistant 33 Junior Hi-Y 23 Stage Crew 1. 2, 3. Sgt,-at-Arms 4. lIl".ltBl",R'l' S'l'F.l'IIF,N NORTON "SI1'1'i1-" .... w inging . . . fooiiulll . . . ruxlzing 111311111111 History Club 3, Vice-Pres.3 Mongram Club 1BoysH 33 Forum and Debate Club 3, Pres.3 Audio-Visual Club 23 Public Speaking Club 33 Student Council 33 Executive Council of Student C. 33 Glee Club 3. 43 Hi-Y 1, 2. 3. Vice-Pres.3 Tennis Team 13 Football Team 1. 2. 3. 43 Basketball Team 1. 2. 3, 43 Swim- ming Team 33 Baseball Team 23 Operettas 3, l",Yl".I,YN FAYE Ol.lVl",R. "1"1111'i1',' . . . 1111111111 . . . Il 111111111 ll minuff' . . full of fun . . . nm:-1' fnzwn Spanish Club 3. 4. Sgt.-at-Arms3 Government Club 4, Secretary3 English Club 2, Secretary 3, President Good Listening Club 23 Psychology Club 43 Little Theater 23 Student Council 13 Glee Club 1. 23 Hi- Times Representative 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Sponsor for Rocky Mount Operettas 1. 23 F.H.A. 13 Dec. Committee for Junior-Senior and Ninth Grade DHDCSQ Corsage Committee: Treasurer of Homeroom 33 Hospitality Committee 4. .VAVK PARKER u1,0Ilf'lIUU . . . vapx . . . jo11rl111li.vm 1111's Spanish Club 2. 33 Government Club 33 Green Thumb 31 Music Appreciation Club 33 Forum and Debate Club li Track Team 2. CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS memxfi PATSY PAULSON N.II.S .... scatter brainf?j . . . f'rif'ndly . pretty "Ivey" Ffrench Club 3, 43 Government Club 4. Office As- sistant 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theater 3, 4, Presi- dent3 Class Officer Treasurer 23 Executive Council of Student C. 33 Social Standards Com. 43 National Hon- or Society 43 Glee Club 23 Hi-Times Staff 1, 2, 3, Program Chairman 4, Secretary: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 23 Winged Words 4, Staff3 School Store 43 Vice-Pres, of Homeroom 4. CONSTANCE ALICE PEARCE "D.B." . . . Hobby .... Allways laughing . 1'y1flashr'.s' . . . ugly Gillespie Park 13 Newspaper Staffg Cheerleader 13 Homeroom President 13 Superlative, Best Dressed 13 Spanish Club 2, 33 Government Club, President 33 English Club 23 Music Appreciation Club, Secretary 23 LATIPAC Staff 43 Hi-Times Staff 4. HEATH l'EMBl"lR'1'0N Qulrf . . . Ill-Y . . . nlcr' . . . lJa.vL'1'ilJall Spanish Club 3, 43 Government Club 4, Sgt.-at-Arms3 Industrial Arts Club 23 Good Listening Club 13 Hi-Y 43 Junior Hi-Y 1, 2, Sgt.-at-Arms. ANNA PERRY Slim 'n' trim . . . nflluffetv . . . rlvpvrzzlalnlrr Spanish Club 3, 43 Photography Club 43 Sewing Box 13 Music Appreciation Club 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Winged Words 33 Operettas 1. LINDA PILANIJ bfdllltlflll lzazr . . . 1J!lIT'Z, A111111 .... 9 Wu 'wlfh Palsy . . . .s"zc'1'1't French Club Program Committee 3, Secretary 43 Treas- urer of French Conversation and Literature Club 43 Government Club, Clerk of House 43 International Re- lations Club 43 Music Appreciation Club Secretary 13 Little Theater 3, 43 Student Council Hospitality Committee: Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens Civic Council Representative 2, Y-Teens Treasurer 43 G.A.A. 23 Winged Words Corresponding Editor 43 Chorus of gilding Down the Sky 13 Chorus of An Old Fashioned ' arm 2. BARBARA POOLE Gffmnefry TC'!I7'Tll'.S' . . . natural curls . . . szcfct Psychology Club 23 Glee Club 1. SHIRLEY POOLE That laugh! . . . pretty clothes . . . r11l7l,8 chum Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 23 English Club 33 Psychology Club 23 Little Theater 33 Glee Club 43 Winged Words 3. .IO ANNE POVVELI. G.f1.lf1 .... red on the head . . . out-up . . majorette Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 1, 23 English Club 33 Monogram Club iGirls3 3, 4, Treasurer, Vice-Presi- dent: Forum and Debate Club 13 Band 2, 3, 43 Hi- Times Staff 4, Reporterg Y-Teens 2. MARION I.OIS I'RI'ISCO'I"l' lV.II.S .... curls in rainy TL'l'llfht'l' . . , vjficirfzzl . . . Gull..-I. IJI'l'SI!1I'llf Spanish Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2, Vice-President 1, President 23 Psychology Club 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Sociology Club 4. Presi- dent3 Executive Council of Student Council: Social Standards Committee 43 Nat.ional Honor Society 3. 43 Band 1, 2, 3. 43 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 3. President 43 G.A.A. Basketball Team 2, 3. 4. .IOIIN WIIIIAM RAGSIlAI.I'1 IIIIHIIIIUII zcorrirzv . . . 1I.Y'IfC'lIUl0gINf . . . .vllpfrinr History Club 33 Government Club 43 English Club 33 Junior Science Club 13 Latin Club 2, 33 Little Theater 43 Future Business Leaders ol' America 33 Winged Words 43 Plays 4. ANN li RAVVLS ".lakr"' . . . r1',vf'r1'1'rl . . . Izrvlfy hair . , . poixf' Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 23 English Club 33 Little Theater 33 Glee Club 43 Hi-Times Representa- tive 43 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Winged Words 3. ALVIN DANNAIKAU R M ROBINSON ".'l.IJ." . . . Inflrr than mr' . . . nice 'zfofcf' . . . nvnlzlllarwf' !lI'I'Z'l'I' English Club 1, 2, 33 Latin Club Pres. 2. 33 Social Dance Club 13 Student Council Rep. 13 President of Homeroom 43 Band 1, 2. 3, 43 Drum Major 4. I'I.YIll'I ROBINSON N.ll.S .... Sr. I'r1'.virl1'nt . . . llllfll u'ork1'r . . . IJIIIIIII History Club 2, 33 Good Listening Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Senior President: Student Council 33 Execu- tive Council of Student Council 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Service Club 43 Marshal 43 Hi-Times Staff 4: Stage Crew 3, 43 Baseball Team tVarsity or J.V.b 3. 4: Student Co-operative Committee 3. 43 Elections Committee 43 Social Standards Committee 33 Delegate to 1951 N. C. National Honor SOCietyQ Dele- gate to 1951 Student Council Congress. .IRAN ROBINSON I,0'1'r'ly . . . 1"z'1'r'1fI1mfy'.9 frivnrl . . . .v7a'c'1'1 . . . harfl Tl.'UI'L'l'I' Spanish Club Pres. 3. Secy. 43 History Club 33 Office Assistant 33 English Club 33 Good Listening Club 23 Latin Club Secy. l. 23 Music Appreciation Club 13 Social Dance Club 23 Student Council 1, 23 LATIPAC Staff 35 Glee Club 2, 33 Hi-Times Rep. 33 Social Com.. Student Council 1. IiII,I. KISS N.II.H .... " ugly" ...I I 'rr'f'lrlf'.v . . 'niw' . . . livfiy Government Club Pres. 43 Latin Club Pres. 1, 23 Maintenance Club 1, 23 Monogram Club fBoysb 43 Student Council 43 Executive Council of Student C. 43 National Honor Society 3. 43 Service Club 43 Hi-Times Rep. 23 Hi-Times Staff 43 Junior Hi-Y 23 Stage Crew 3, 43 Golf Team 3. ANN SIIAW Frirrulllq . . . 1ll'f.VUIlIIHfy IIIIIN . . . HSIIUTIIIIIIIU . . . 1'1'r.w1fiIf' French Club V.-Pres 3, Pres. 43 History Club 3, Office Assistant 23 English Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Psychology 23 Public Speaking Club 43 Executive Council of Student C. 43 Student Council 43 Hi-Times Rep. 3, 43 Hi-Times Staff 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Pres. of Live Y'er 23 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Stage Crew 2. 3, 4. Co-Chairman 43 Cheerleader 3, 4. CLASS OE 1952 SENIORS JOHN M. Slllililllili, JR. That clrawl . . . "lint mtl" . . . lfrwr Government Club 43 Current Science Club 13 Latin Club 1, Secretary3 Psychology Club 43 Future Business Leaders of America 23 Public Speaking Club 33 Football Team 13 Baseball Team 1. Hl4lRl5llR'l' NICIIOLAS SIIIGARIN "Nicki," . . . quifft French Club 3, Sgt.-at-Armsg History Club 3, 43 Li- brary Assistant 33 English Club 3, Secretary and Presidentg Industrial Arts Club 43 Football Team, 1, 23 Basketball Team 1, 23 Baseball Team 1. 2. DOROTHY l'lllIZAl3l'l'l'lI SMITH N.U.S .... prvttly lmir . . . Il1'1Jl'lI!I!Illll' . altvays rvrnrkirlfj . . . Galalzy Future Teachers of America 13 Psychology Club 1. 23 Library Assistant 23 Student Council 2, 33 Make Up Committee of Little Theater 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Hi-Times Representative 43 Secretary of French Club 43 Clerk of Government Club 43 Library Assistant 4. CIIAHLPIS V. SMITH "l"fmt.vi1"' . . . 1512" . . . l,01'r'r . . . gwiting mls . . . smiling English Club 1 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3. 43 Good Lis- tening Club 23 Social Dance Club 13 LATIPAC Staff 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Manager Football Team 3. DAVID F,lTGl".N li SMITII Hsllllllllfv . . . I'vl'I'Ill'lIll' . . . vutlin'-up . . . guml looking French Club 2, 3. President: Library Assistant 43 Good Listening Club 23 Seeretary3 Monogram Club tBoysb 43 Social Science Club 33 Junior Hi-Y 23 Hi- Y 43 Football Team 4. Varsity Football3 Treasurer ot' Homeroom 43 Sgt.-at-Arms of Senior Class. DONALD SM I'l'II 1,011 . . . 8l'l'lI with John . . . N LS- O Government Club 13 Teen Age Book Club 23 Industrial Arts Club 3, 43 Library Assistant 3, 4. I,liMLTliI. II. SMITH "Sl1orfit"' . . . nirf' .... v 1'1'n with Billy . . . 1,.I1. Good Listening Club 1, 2: Glee Club 2. 33 J.V. Foot- ball 23 Escort for May Court 23 Spanish Club 33 Varsity Football 3. 4. l'liGCiY S'l'Al,I.INGS Tlzirrl fingrr, left lzanrl . . . Julian . . . .vwcffft . . . .vrmi with Pzfggy English Club 1, 2, 33 Music Appreciation Club 13 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 In Cast of Operettas 1. 2, Usher 43 Nose for News Club 23 Vice-President of Spanish Club 3, in the Club 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Business Man- ager on Hi-Times Staff 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Usher for Men Are Like Street Cars 43 Sub-Freshmen Editor of LATIPAC Staff 43 Hospitality Committee of Student Council 4. WAl,'l'l'llt ll. S'l'Al,l,lNtiS. JR. "1f1ui1f'1f" .... N '1IIll"lj . . . quiwt Q??l . . . ,l111.vl'fr'.x' Glee Club l, 33 J.V. Football Team 13 Varsity 23 Cast of Operetta 13 Monogram Club 23 1Lived in Albe- marle 1, 213 Government Club 4: International Re- lations Club 43 Little Theater 4. JAMICS SlIl",l,'l'ON S'l'ANl"OltlJ l'ri.vr'illr1 . . . JI11111111 ..., N '.II.S .... 1'ff1'r'i1'11t . . . j'1'if'11rfl'1f Music Appreciation Club l3 Secretary of Audio-Visual Club lg Glee Club l. 3. 43 Cast ot' Operettas 13 Presi- dent of Latin Club 2. in the Club 33 Student Council 23 National Honor Society 3, President 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 Chairman of Sports Committee of Student Council 4. Zl".l,lliX S'l'.'XNSlll'liY "T011I.vi1"' . . . Staff' . . . "ll'.T." . . flllklllg . . . 1111-11 fl'0ll1Jl1'.V Latin I, 23 Future 'Teachers ot' America 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 43 English Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Government Club 43 Treasurer of Lit.tle The- ater 4. XVI l,I,lAM DAVID S'l'A'l'ON fvllfflllfl up . . . !'IIl'c?D . . . UlllTt'I'U Good Listening Club l. 23 Glee Club 2. 33 Junior Hi-Y 23 Swimming Team 2. 3, 43 Psychology Club 3. 4. l,l'iONlll.XS llAi'US'l'.3X S'l'l'll'lll".NSON lirnin . . . fluivl and inicr' Government Club 43 English Club 33 Jr. Science Club 13 Latin Club l, 2, Upper' Science Club 2: Swimming Team 33 Elections Committee 4. TOMMY STH lt'Kl,AN ll T1111111111 , . . ,Illll!'11.If . . . "T1'1'11m" . . . l1111-L'.vIr1g1'- IIIIIII French Club 3, 43 History Club 43 Government Club 43 Treas. English Club 13 Latin Club Vice-Pres. 1. 23 Little Theater 33 Public Speaking Club 43 Student Council 1, 23 Hi-Times Rep. 13 Stage Crew 2, 3. 43 J.V. Football Team 23 J,V. Basketball Team 2. PICISGY ltl"l'Il SUCQG lirahrznz . . . gigglvx . . . clnflzcxv with clzixx . . . cuff' Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 33 English Club 1, 2, 33 Music Appreciation Club 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Forum and Debate Club 13 LATIPAC Staff 43 Glee Club 1. 2, 33 Y-Teens l. 2, 3, 43 Plays Usher for Men Are Like Street Cars Operettas l, 23 Hospitality Com- mittee for Student Council 4. l5li'l'SY AX N li SYVAIN t'ra:y . . . "t'111'l.1f" . . . 1flIH.V'If . . . f'z'f'1'.1f1u1fl.1f.s' frlrnrl English Club l. 2. 3, 43 French Club 1, 2, Secretary 3. Vice-President. 43 Teen Age Book Club 2, Treasurer3 Little Theater 3, Vice-President Student Council Rep- resentative 43 Student Co-operative Committee 43 Hos- pitality Committee 43 Corsage Committee for Student Council 43 Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 At- tendant for May Court 23 Treasurer of Senior Class. CLASS OF 1952 SENIORS ANNIE MARGARl'l'l' SVVAIN "Annie" . . . Jimmy . . . I,1'az'hif' . . . Nom' for news Spanish Club Secretary 3, 45 History Club 35 Govern- ment Club tCivicsD V.-P. 25 Photography Club Secre- tary 25 Good Listening Club 25 Music Appreciation Club 15 LATIPAC Staff 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Hi-Times Representative 3. 45 Y-Teens 1. 2, 35 Newspaper Re- porters 35 Operettas 1, 25 Secretary of Homeroom 2. BARBARA TYSON Ilalf the twins . . . Billy . . . pretty as a picture' French Club 35 Government Club 45 Office Assistant 45 English Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y- Teens 15 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Operettas 1. l5RVRltl,Y TYSON S'zc'r'r't "nf friendly . . . Doris' chum . . . the other half Government Club 45 Office Assistant 35 English Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Teen Age Book Club 25 Little Theater 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 Operettas 15 President of Homeroom 15 Secretary of Dramatics Class 4, VVOODROXV TAYLOR TUCKIQR Typing troubles! . . . curly 011fl'ltl8ll!?S.' . . . quivt, but nice! . . . "IVoo1Iy" Spanish Club 35 Music Appreciation Club 2: Social Dance Club 15 Hi-Times Representative 25 President of Class 1. ICRNICST l"l,l'lTClll'llt UPCIIURCII "Goochi1f" .... 9 hater . . . 7lIl'SSl7l' arouml Current Science Club 25 Music Appreciation Club 15 Monogram Club 45 Public Speaking Club 35 Basketball J.V. 25 Track Team 3. JACK B. UPCHURCH Nice . . . Spanish worries . . . gettin' in trouble Spanish Club 3, 45 Music Appreciation Club 25 Band, 3. 4. BURT VRAZHY Pontiac . . . fl'I1f'Sf of fri1'n1l.v . . . pompairlor . . always willing to work Monogram Club 3, 45 Little Theater 3, 45 President ot' Class 35 Parliamentarian 45 Chairman of House and Grounds in Student Council 45 Sport Staff of LATI- PAC Staff 45 Service Club 45 Glee Club 15 Sports Editor of Hi-Times Staff 45 Hi-Y 35 Junior Civic Council Rep. 45 Swimming Team 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 45 Key Club 3, President of Key Club 4. MARIANA VVARH lVAI,Kl4ZR Frcvklcs . . . xwrwt . . . friwvldly Spanish Club 3, 45 History Club Secretary 35 Library Assistant 25 Junior Science Club 15 Teen Age Book Club 25 Social Dance Club 25 Hi-Times Representative 35 Hi-Times Staff 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Future Home- makers of America Treasurer 1. L pl 1 RAY JOHNSON lVAl,l.ACl'1 Brain . . . Georgia . . . accent M l'lI.l3A AN N NVHBB 1fIl1H'I'f .... v wen with ,Inna film' Spanish Club 3, 43 Government. Club 33 Music Ap- preciation Club 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Henderson: French Club 2. Vice-Pres.3 Monogram Club 1GirlsJ 23 Little Theater 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Cheerleader 1. 2. ICSIILY J I-BAN YVEEBIS "JIunL"' . . . clofllruv . . . ",llnIassa's" . . . 'llc"!lf . . . good lrmkivzg Spanish Club 33 History Club 3, Pres. and Sec.3 Camera Club 23 Little Theater 3, 4, Vice-Pres.3 Social Dance Club lj Student Council 2. Alternate Rep.3 Hi-Times Staff 3, 4, Asst. Advertising3 Y-Teens 13 Decorating Jr.-Sr. Dance Committee 3. SllIlil.F.Y ANN YVIIITE Spalzish rcrzrrivx . . . .VTl'1'I'f . . . quiet Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 43 Civic Club 13 Office Assistant 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Music Appreciation Club 13 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Winged Words 4: Mizpah Devotional Club l, 2, 3, 4. SARAH l.I N COLM Wlll'l"l'I ICR Slwrtfzvi mn' .... v lzzmhvr pariifnv . . . "l'1111vhy" French Club 2. 3. 4, Secretaryg History Club 43 Civics Club 13 English Club 33 Latin Club 1. 2, Treasurer: Music Appreciation Club 13 Little Theater 3. 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 23 Winged Words 4. TIIOMAS liOYS'l'l'1lt YVILLIAMSON "lia'Imp" . . . cat clr11l1f'.v . . . jitivrlmg . . Illllillfifqlf man Green Thumb 23 Junior Science Club 13 Little The- ater 43 Student Council 1, 43 Executive Council of Student C. 2, 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Service Club3 Band 43 Glee Club 13 Hi-Times Representative 1. 2. 3, 43 Swimming Team 4. OLIVE PITTMAN YVORTII Swwf . . . ul'0IllIfl"lf,, . . . 1'.U .... flwpelzdalilc French Club 3, 43 History Club 13 Civics Club 13 Latin Club 1, Treasurer 23 Little Theater 3, 43 Social Dance Club 13 Student Council 23 Golden Mas- quers 43 Glee Club 2. 3, 43 Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Plays 33 Baby Sitter, 43 Student Director of Men Are Like Street Cars. J OH N NV RAY lvllllfllllll . . . Spanish rcorrirzv . . . Turkey Spanish Club 3. 4, Pres.3 History Club 2, 33 English Club 1, 3. 43 Photography Club 2, Sec.3 Monogram Club Boys! 3, 43 Forum and Debate Club 13 Band 1, 23 Hi-Y 43 J.V. Football Team 23 Varsity 3. 43 Track Team 3. 43 Newspaper Reporter 33 Plays 3. JANI-I YARBOROLTGII ".lanif',' . . Hzosv 1"1fz'.v . . . full of fun . parties . . . 1'f1111'if: Spanish Club 3, Secretary 43 Library Assistant 23 Sewing Box Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Teen Age Book Club 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Decoration Committee for Jr.-Sr. 33 Student Council Sports Committee 43 Home- room Treasurer 4. 35 CLASS OF 1952 ff. Junior Class JVNIUR CLASS UFFIUERS. Swafwrl, lwff In iriyhf: Rivlmrrl Pinclc-ll, lizirliziru Fliiircliill, Ira llzurdy, Eclgrur l"islu-r. SM:m'iuy: Don Kirliy, Mr. Milvlwll, 'l'l1Q Junior Vlziss vloclorl ns its lczulcrs for llic year: liflgzir Fislmcr, president, Rick Pimlc-ll, YlCC-IJl'CSlll0IllI, l32ll'll2ll'?l Cliurcliill, secretary: Ira Hardy, 'l'l'C21S- urorg Donzilcl Kirby, scsi1'gcm1'c-at-:i1'1iis1 :incl Donzilcl lllillcr, P2ll'll2UIlCllt2ll'l2lll. llr. lllilclicll was the class zulviscr. Tlircc of H10 main projccts of llio class were selling slurlvnf plionc- books, sm-lling drinks :it all scliool functions, and selling Illf1,QZlZll1C sulmscriplions. 'l'l10 main event of llio your was llic Junior-Sc-nim' Prom. Karon Jenson, l,0Dz1rc Hursl. .loc lloocly, :incl 'l'onnny Newton scrvofl as inzwslials from tlic .junior class. JUNIORS Firxl rrm' : Alu-rmitliy. .lolin Clifford Ali. .lzifzir Alimzull Amlrm-ws. l'lI'2lIll'0S Mario Artlillr. l"lllZ!llXl'tll Luc Avviit. Robert Ray Ayilli-tt, Abner I,Illll'Clli'i'. Jr. Bezity. YVillizim Dick Third rmv: Briggs. lrlvclyn Stom' Briggs. Illlllllllly Brown. lictty Cirvy Brown. Hilnzi Fziyi' lgI'0XVlllllQI. .loliii liolwrt llrymi. llorotliy .lm-1111 llullurcl. licrnin' lfroust Szfcmul mic: Bull. l"ldVV2lTd Kcstlvr liisliop, .lanic-0 Ruby Boom-V, Jlllilllllll' Bowen. Mary llilnn Bowling, Nellie .lnnv liruilforil. Sarah G. Bzirlwr. .loan C':1mill:1 Fnurlh row: Bynum, James .lorrlun Byrd. l':1trivi:1 Amie Bntcs. Alfrcrl Hilwzird Cziliipln-ll. Gillwrt B. Uarlton, Peggy .l. Carroll. Otis VV:ir4l Qirtcr. Mary li. JUNIORS First row: Caveness. Shirley R. Coll, Jack VV. Chappell, Jesse Chesson, Marion R. Cllurcllill, Barbara L. Clark, R. Louise Cline, Robert C. Third row: Culbreth, Olga Marcie Dawkins, Janice Anne Dick, Margaret McDowell Duster, Bobby Neal Dunn, George Robert Elkins, Betty Jean Ellis. Vvilliain Second row: Clement, Betty J. Clements, Nelda M. Cooper, Alice C. Covington. vvillilllll H. Cox, Sue Carolyn Crisp, VVilliam F. Cross. Diary Helen Fourih ro: Estes, Frances Eubanks, Lynwood Bury, Ann Carolyn Fisher, Edgar Fousliee, .lean Courtney Frazelle, Jael-1 George, Patsy Anne JUNIORS First row: Glover, Malvin Lee Godwin, VVortl1 L. Goodwin, Megan L. Graves, James Griffin, Margaret L. Griffith. Angela K. Grover, Elliot B.. Jr Third row: Holomon, Clxreston Holt, Townsend Houchins, Philip Howell. Joyace A. Hurst. L. Le Dare Jones, Shirley Ann Joslin, Ivan L. Second row : Hall, Paul N. Hardy, Ira N. Henson, Harvey B. Hilliard, Peggy B. Hitchcock. Don F. Hodge, Shirley J. Holleman, Ric-hard Fourth row: Jones, Jean Allen Jones, Glenn Clark Jones, Gerald Jones, George Hdwa rd Jensen, Karen Jeffrey, Charles Frank James, Marian A. JUNIORS Firxf row: Jackson, Patsy R. Juvl-zson, Harry R. .l0llllS0ll, Imnnox I. Kalnslcr, I.eon:1rd Knrvvcr. Roy Monrom Knight. Mildrvtl Kirby. lion Tlzirn' row: l,im'lwrgcr. John Link. Nancy BIc'Lc'od. Xlarilyn Xfclmoml, NL-il M cfm ry . B stty .l can NIcNuir. Ton: llfancss. Sully Svc-111111 row: Kcith, Don Keene, Max Lassiter. H. J. Lzlssitcr. liolwrt l". Lassiter, Bob Lloyd, Betty Carol Lloyd, Betsy cltlflil Fourth row : Marslmll, Earl Mvrritt. Rep Millcr, Donald Moody. .loc Moreadith, Phillis Moxlcy, Bill Mitcllclll. Bob JUNIORS Firxt row: Ni-lson. Yvinky La Ncwton. Tom Nvwmznn. Dorothy Nyluml. Shirlvy Nolilc. lirml K2 Nordstrom, Nancy Ouklvy. Klflllletll Third row: Y Pugc. Jimmy Park. 'l'ommy l,t'2ll'C't'. Clyde Pm-rry. Cll2ll'll'S Pc't1'rso11. John lhillips. Ncttic Suu l Pindi-ll. Rll'll1lYll JA Srvo II 11 row: Pcurmf. Vvallzlcc Palmer. Parka-r, Shirley Min Patrick, Annette: Pearce, Graco PPIIIIUY. Alma Ann Perry. Carolyn Fourth row: Powell, John Powlcdgc, Fred Pressly, James P riclgvn, LCC Piirycnr. Charles Rupcr. Ricllurcl Pwgristvr. Sylvia 41 l'llC2lll0l' Ann JUNIORS First row: Riggshee, Joan Rowe. .lziequeliile Rogers, Edith Stephenson, Betty .lane Slocum, Shirley Small, Bradley Spainhour, Pntrieia Third row: Shirley, Lemuel Smith, Carroll Smith, Bobby Smith, Harold Sneeden, Clifton Spears. Robert Starnes, Alvin Second row: Spikes, .loan Spikes, Jenn Satisky, Rita Stevens, Sch-ta Strickland, Peggy SchrefHer, David Sears, Wvoody Fourth row: Stine, Don Stephenson, Matthew Steviek, Bert Sutton, Glenn Taylor, Herman Teague, Tommy Tew, Blargaret JUNIORS Firsl row: Thomas, Danny Thompson. Leo Tisdale, Jimmy Tunstill, Ann Turlington, Sonny Upchurch, Bobby Vick, Jane Third row: Wilson, Janet Womble, Elizabeth Woodward, Ann Yarborough, Phil Yelvington, Patricia Second row: Voorhees, Diary Alys WVarlick, Carolyn Watson, Miranda Weems, Joan Willett, Sue Williams, Mary Page Williams, Verna Lee 43 ophomore Class Irfl fu riylll: l.1-mum-I Jvnkins. .lx-rrv Pzlrkvr. Mr. lluwzlrrl, lgl'I'lllil .lulm 'lllll' Sopllmnoro vlzxss of 1951-52 clue-tml mv following as its lvzlclvrs: Clmx-les Morris, l l'l'Sllll'llll Millrm l'l:1.x'nvs, xvll'C-lll'CSlflClll1 lin-1"fl1:L Jolmson. S0l'l'l'l'2ll'.Yl fll'l'l'0 l'zu'k01', l l'L'2lSlll'0l'2 :xml lA'lllll0l .Il-nkins, Scrgczuxl- .xl-zwlns. 'l'l1c main IHOIIUQV Illillilllg Ill'0'lCCl of flxc NCZII' XVZIS illl UPON Il2lllCC l'2ll'ylllg Olll tlll' ,cup Yuen" lllClllC. mn, Milton llnynvs, Flmrln-s Murriff. llllll' class also lmcl fwo sm-1'x'ic-v lll'Ulll'l'lS. Uno was :L nafivify scene on Tllc fronl , . . lawn lmcforv flll'lSlIll2lS ll0ll4l2lYS, :xml lllc ollwl' was :ln lnfornlzxl Il2lllCL' om' fo llclp lllv lxI2ll'Cll of llimcs llllS lzxsl p1'o.jvc'f was C!ll'l'll'll 'flu' co-upc1':1flo11 of flu' H15 .Xurlio-Visual flulm. 2ll'lL'l'llU0ll Cillllllillgll. out with :xml fllc SOPHOMORES ,. ff. . L, WWW! q P-, Q, b,. , y y 3 t it Q:,.:. Ag - :3 I - K .. y J ..e. J- r ' . ss' J J ' . , x 5 . .,, 'f f ' - if J . L J 'J J" 'S ls Q. E "2' 5' J V. il A N, is . Z 5, . 5 Z V v.L 5 1... X g,,.,g Z K . A , um: I 1: Q. ,fi .7 ,j 'vw-H, wi" ,. 42? fr B ' L-LLA I V ' - if . r J J y ,mm- J Amly ' y . gg . 5 AA ii he 5 AN ",- . "Emil kKmA' ' , A ' Firxi row: Second rote: Third rms: Allen. lievely Barnes. Molly Blaeliwell. Jolln Anderson. Carolyn Bziucom. IAEIIIUIIII Blackwood, David Anderson. Jimmie Beasley, B. F.. Jr. Blaloek, Robert Anderson. Dianne Bell. John Bone, Arthur Andrews. Jerry Bennett, Joe Bostian, Gene Baird. Lynwood Baker. Billy Barker. Betty Fourth row: Britt. Lillian Britt, Mary Lou Broome. Claude Brown, Charles Brown, Susan Bryan, Max Bullard. Vvllyllif Cmrxplmell. Carol Bethune. James Biekett, Caroline liikle. John 45 Fifth row: Cainpeli. Margaret Carpenter, Barbara Czirtwrigllt. Gloria Casey. Catherine Czxviness. Betsy Caviness. Bobby Chambers. Jimmy Chamblee. Paul Boykin. Clarence Bradford, Alan Brawley. Barlxzira X mi' '...Ll bv JJ 'v--N-nr Q , L U-0.50 ,VV M' f-rv... U.. ,- --1 5- OPHOMORES 3 ., a is i in Q I s ' h J all F , V ,, 2 ,1 4 , ., -f i, :X I ,E Y Vyf, 4 ,X ' N '?V' it ' C Y 1 it A Q K, y Qq, 5 Q, Q vbl , -. C r L at -,- ff V. -,QQ ::. i - f C J W . as ' A 2 s f ia AJQ Z , 12 A,,q E ,E 11. . . 2 A, ' , X First row: W XL Champinan, Bobby ' 1 C ioate, Connie '. f X lark, Barbara H fClement, Mary Jane ri tingham, Charles R01 J! Copley, Tounnie ox, Anthony A , Donald f K Fourth row: Ellis, Larry Lee ' ' Elliason, Diana Ethridge, Harry Eubank, Manly Eubanks, Nancy Evans, Randolph Fairbanks, Georg Fisher, Gary Second row Crater, Julia Ann Crawford, Joan Crittenden, Crosby, Joan Davis, Arnold Davis, Hubert Davis, Jane Davis, Sarah Jean e F. 46 Third rorc' : Dennis, Ellen Dennis, VValton Robin Dorris. Ann M Doar, Barbara Ebcrhart, Pete Edwards, Frazi Ellen, Barbara Elliott, Erie D Fifth row: Folk, Frances E. Foskey, Kay Jane Fox, Peggy Ann Franklin, Jim Fulghum, Jack Garner, Peggy Ann Gaskill, Carolyn Drue Gibson, Earl Foster Cl' La MMJUWNMLWW fl, WWW SOPHOMORES 'WF C l Second row: Firxt row: Giles, Yvallace Lee Harrill, James VV. Gooch, Fred Douglas Harris. Leon Spence Graham, Alina Eleanor Harrison, Kathryn Anne Green, Carolyn Ann Hartzog, Gerry Gray, Betty Rouse Hartsock, Kathleen Elizabeth Gullette, Sarah Chalnrey Haynes, Alfred Milton Gupton, Catherine Frances Henson, Margaret Anne Hardy, Katheyn Anne Hester, Eleanor Cuthrell Fourfh row : Huskin, Joyce Elizabeth Johnson, Ingle, Patricia Johnson, Ives, Sally Jolmson, Jarman, Laura Jolmson, Jones, Danny Johnson, Jones, Gordon Jenkins, Jones, Algerrie Jones, Robert 47 Fifth row : A 'UPL Third row: Hicks, Boyd Bernard Hines, Bobby Hodges, H. Wallace Hollowell, Virginia Ann Hood, Betty Clark Howard, Richard Onslow Howell, Wiley Eugene Hunter, Jimmy Pickle N 1 ,fflf t ., v Bertha Donald Ellen Jimmy 1 1 Timothy Lenucl King, Rebecca Kennedy, Joe I Q SOPHOMORES ,Q hw! A er -. 1 . E. if . ,, A 1 x A J s - , ,I - ' , if - It , A I., 'x First row: Lambert, Joy Lancaster, Alicc Lancaster. Shirley Lassiter, Rebecca Lemons, Shirley Leonard, Patricia Sccmld row: Lincberry, Dorothy Lonnsberry, Katherine Low, Sally L Ioyd, Lynda Lyndon, Jimmy Ludwig, Nancy Third rorc: Matthews, Hubert Maynard, Charles McLean, Anna Maria McConnell, Dorothy Meekins, Iqdllllllld Xliller, Patricia Lewis, Catherine Li Nlakepeace, Bil Frnlrih row: Mitchell. Elaine Mizellc. .linnny Moore. Betty Carol Moore. Patricia Ann Morris, Charles Morrow. Garrett Morse. Mike Moseley. Bill Lynch, Robert llillcr, Seth ly Nlills, Fifth row: Moseman, Leslie Nippcr, Cora Newton, Bruce User, Frances Palmer, Art Randolph Parker, Norwood Parker. Jordan Paris, Neal L. .l acqucline SOPHOMORES A 'FI S I:-:lil 5-, : in .1 - 5 t if Q in 3 ., , V wx. V, kk.h DJ . X X as sw X . -' 4 5 u 6. . 'i""Q'rf:- ,.". t Q Qlg' Q ik .s AL , f '1 ', I"ir.vf row. llvarson. lilsie May Peebles. Julian D. Perry. Donald G. Peterson. Martin H. Peebles. Rohm-rt Phelps. lVilli:nn YV. Phillips. Chase Poolc, .lean wa' we SPFUIIII rare: Third row: Powell. lvilliain Lee Richardson. Katie Pressly. Dorothy Ritchie. Jennie Purrington. Nella Robinson, Robert I.. Quarles. Rflflillll Robinson. Sue lfranm-s Rawls. Carolyn ltaper. l.ouise Raynor. Mary Alice Rhoney, liohert Rvaves. Dale Rothstein. Gilhert Rhodes, Charles Rowland. .lean I Four! h row: Roy. Donald Henry Russell, Norman Sanderson. .lo Ann Saparilas. Chris Nick Sasser, Dorothy I.. Satterfleld. Benton Sapp Scott. Barbara Ann Sessoms, Bohhy Lee Fiflh row: Sharpe. Susan Herring Sink. Joanne Elizabeth Slater, Betty Sue Smith, Alice R. Smith. Joanne Deloris Steele, Edward Beeson Stevens. Sandra Stephenson, Rohert Rex 49 SOPHOMORES Rauf U , W., , ,S 'asf V A M. I 5 T K 5' f E Q First row: Stephenson, Joyce hlarie Stone, Sarah Elihaheth Suiter, William O. Taylor, Donnie M. Tharington, Eddie B. Thompson, Betty F. Thompson Eugene E. Thompson, Vvilliaxn T. H 'riff as lx if' ll t B M . Q ,,N TM S 3 T -. it ,,., W as 1' ggi 7, nf , .,:. N. u. O . f 1 - Sf' 0 row: 1 Tl nton liy' pfutor, , .lie n W? U l ch 1 U uart, 1n1a L 'arne ilaurice V n, Joyce rhees, Donald orhees, Ann Fourth row : Weatiiers, Sue Wendorf, Sherry Whisnant, Billy Whitehead, Mary Ann VVilliford, Billy Wilson, Nancy Lou Wool'dridge, Sherry VVorktnan, Mary Young, Shiela 50 fi W W xg ,, Third row: YValker, Hilda VVall', Frank Wallace, VVilliain Wallace, Nancy Wardlaw, Martha VV.-arner, Jack Warren, Glenn Yvatson, Leslie 1, .kr . Left to right: Mr. Smith, Lynn Courtney, Boh Alphin, Marjorie Linzey, Rieliarcl Hay, Van Fulton. we 31 Es 'K Freshman Class P , Q- . The Freshman class elected oflicers as follows: Bob Alphin, Presidentg Van Cul- ton, vice-presidentg Lynne Courtney, seeretnryg RIa1'.jorie Linzey, treasurerg Richard Ray, SCI'gC2Illt-2lt'2ll'lllS. Mr. Nor- wood Smith was the adviser. TL, cgi, 9-,X gag, N XX. There were two projects carried on during the year. Une to raise money for the class and the other :L service project for the school. The main event was the spring dance held in April. Q - 6 -1 Wi f7Z'Jj.f 4441954 "L""' ""' 4V-ff'-M115 1'-11p4f,' a ,wffyyef VJ'-ff 'WJ 0'7""' " "Y 1"-MJ. 31144 59-,WJ is s , B ff if X , V K Nr . YK3, Q, - , y x .. C, W 1 ENE ii X V55 , , , ':'Q AXE. 'X .Q L, Al ag it L , nk - in Q, 2 B J ' Q N3 tt, 3 M, . C -SE ii - ' , ' B H J ,r i t , Q. if 2 ' B 7 'btghm ht if 5 it Farid ' , ,N V7 ,C K .klk xii: H i x Q Xa ti, , . A V N2 W M f gs., f Q 3 i 1: H Q V 0 ' , g' Q1 7194-Z FRESHMEN B NQAA, ,J N .5 . e N . ' x ,X S . it .pf xg ku V X s vi f ' "' i x .X ' s cy C 1 xt Q x -' Q .Z V Q ' 5 fx - '. . xl X .Y f Q 3 . S Ny! ,-X Q5 X lx li N Anderson, Glenn Elwood Andrews, Herbert Kemp ' Armstrong, Bdwina Clark Balentine. Betsy Fourth row: Brian, Betsy Brian, Lota Leigh Brickhouse, Billy Bridgers, Joanne Brown, Betty Browning, Nancy Buchanan, Ronald Burke, Rita Anna Second rozvjstbsa 5 f Barker, Buddy Barnette, Gretchen Barnhardt, Ann Barrett, Burt Barksdale, Bill Baskerville, Graham Beattie, Margaret Beck, Elizabeth Fifth rofw: Bernstein, Page Bynum, Frank Calton, Kenneth Campen. Thomas Caviness, Sue Cell, Howard R. Cella, Johnny R. Cherry, James S. 52 Third row: Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Hugh Beverly, Robert Blake, Phil Bowen, Johnny Branaham. Bucky Bray, Russell Brewer, Philip Jayan fl ' - av, ' ,gl J ff 'va- I . if 1 . I K ga A . . . . mim:wA X ' ... w. r' - Q Q-mmf KW? 'xi' Q wif ' Ti? QM lx if . .iQ 'awe F ' i 'W gi f,iF5fly, I ' qi! . " lf-3 W4 rw? ,, j r M, if , Q K .fy Xixzxnzigzx Z " N. iii. x x M aj - ,J CH is , X 5 . ., . I X Q E 2. . - X- Q. 3 5 if X 4 X as ll if? if b N L.. , If ll 1V'.."f2erl 135 ' I First ow: Cole. Mary C. Collins. Barry E. Collins. Bobby Connell. Mary F. Courtney, Lynne Cox, Camilla Cox, Eleanor 3' - ,V '-VYKL l x Cromley. Robert I. Fourth row: Second row: Crump, Nancy Crumpler. Robert Curlee, Richard Davis, James Ueberry, Fred VV. Denmark. Anne Desern, Vvaltvr Disekev. Mildred F. Estes, Marjorie Eddins, C. L. Frazier, Sammy Kindly Ferrell, Cleste .Tune Ferrell, Patricia Ann Fry, Donald Klein Gaddy, Elaine Gargis. Barbara 53 Y, S .f f 74 . If 4.4, fr' x Si . XX? X Y' A e ,, x 3 X X FRESHMEN Third row: Uozier, Arthur Dozier, Gary F. Dunn, VVilliam Eaton, Ben Edwards, Anita Edwards, .limmy Ellington. Donna Ellis, Mary Lou ' , I Fiffh row: Z flu .ig I Gay, Jimmy If , 4, , f., , 4, , Geile. Mary Lon '76 Ar" JLG' 1, I George, Critz Glover, Leon Goldin, Lea Godwin. Faye Grice. Camille Grisettc, Anne ' 1 J' "L f fy' , ff,-,- Cilf-ff'-ffz, 5 EK Q '1- f - 5 fi F +1-If rf Eff M5 'ii 5 .. gh: xx GJ! 4 .Q 4 . in ' H Q i 2 my , A . - ,fry F. ., - . . X fr. , . 'N 4 jr X is 5 ' QL X . , wi S4 N 'Q gym. y , , qqq y p i M is, 4-it SQ' ,bzb V ' L N L J , L . fm xc ' 4 -nk s,- ' X . vm . ,L - , , .. ' K N R' 'J' HU" ' o ffs Art? iff- X? E A i ,A 7, kkyk J we . - A t - ' 1 'N K, ' ix 5. , - is K Q iLAL , , . , X X N it 5. qi X w L f M7 Jie? Z4-7 K 'fly-'Y' IWZFV FRESHMEN 'fl--Q T, QU- 1WrOf"'f', ,'f"f"'L7,N" Q uf frsfffgxlpif .PLVPVA-4YC44p - H!-3 ' fjb., . . First row: UI vgiccorzrl rmv: if 0 ff J, Tfiird row: I : r , ' I I - 1 --r - ' Q Hardin, Billy M ayes, Stephen 273- 'I J' Hagwood, Henry V' Harmon, Betty l elms, Henry ' ll' Holleman, Jerry Harper, Eddie Herndon, lfyron ,,,,i,ll' 3f'XHolt , Johnny Harris, Carolyn Herring, Mary Sue 'J JN x , Horwitz, Burton Harrison, Bobby Hester, Ginger XM-5 .55 Howe, Duane - 'Y Harrison, Dickie Hibbard, Bob Hudson, Neil A' Hatcher, Kiln Q Hitchcock, Billy .3 W Hull, Ben -X J, Hayes, David Hilliard, Angela Huscin, Faiz .. - .NJ-X" T' . I' V 1 Fourth row: R Fifth row: -J alibi: , 2" 5-K. Jeffries, Tommy Joslin, Arnold L F' '. sy ji is Johnson, Betty Lou Lawrence, John , J . . , , v . A ,, , . lohnson Betty que -' X I evi Indy VJ! ku' ' QQ Johnson, Randolph 'ff Lehew, Dorothy Jones, Jerry. fd f, 6 JPY Leach, Jean. , Jones, Morris SX Qs Lmsey, BIHTJOFIC Jones, Nancy Little, Joyce Jones, Patricia 54 Lohr, Lawrence We , . mf . 1 Milky ,Y egg, ,g,.,.,, gb Juuu-7' M-1, ,,.,m"3Wf fi,2,"j.f',,g,L.a.pfo eq.. Q-I sr i - ny- : ,S C rcii f -. A f X N gg C , -f Y Q ,. . A vt in C iQQl lit if -X C A lizgggfg qi, Qbymwl ' 7512 0' F' 'xt ' rc: it ,Gia rv: .lilillkilil Gary 71 NI ii:.?l, .lean Low. .lane Kendall. .lohn Strayhornc Kershaw. Nell Victoria Kilpatric. Sylvia Ann King. Roht. R. H. King. Ralph Merton Kirkland, James Bryant Y, Macon. llary Lou Mallard. Carolyn Mann. Matilda Manning, Landrum Matinos, Katina Matthews, Sylvia Maynard, Edward FRESHME Third rare: lNIcClai11, Harold McKeeman. Courtney McCracken, Gene hlehlich, Elfrieda Miller, Eugene Moreadith, Freddy Merriman. VVilliam Mirman. Stephen Z I"ourfh rare: Fifth rnrv: akf Merritt, Samuel Moore. Alexander Ross lt' X Miller. Hal hlorgan. William Victor , I k. , t Mintz, Colon Shaw -kpgn na' Morris, Barbara rljhl 'N C' , Mitchell. Howard 851, IT., W Mountcastle, Marian fl ni if' N Mitchell, James ' I Mumford, Nancy , dj , W K9 yy Mitchel-1, Sonya ' Mundy, Phyllis ' f, . U 5 tg, Nfontague, Edna Myers, Carolyn :if L A 6 kv QI!" gf Moody, Mary Lynn Owens, Mary Sue I lb , I L 1 I - fl Q KP l l J' . H u rl X A I ld J 'J ,. if vw LN 55 li Lf l ,I 4 y fQrflfi,figffifg,w ' N uv ' x Q E? 42 3 slag l r K, F r X .KL , if s h 5,1 I K ' .J AQKN a y 1'w uf Qfw m K- 1 lf 'X lm- ' 0 J ta- erefif M 'I 41" if'-4T!A" - , faf 1414.44 '43 '5 4,5 .gg J X ff,,, Lu JAA14' 9-' llffw-0416 1 ,as-A - 'I rj 5 ' .5 f , , f, at J.. ,. .f ,ra !'r..A.- cf :-1,- ff"-1'-A-4 C "M 'V' t""' fc " -1' ! 'K ' . X., "',c1w'!l .4-.,-C1k. I! wif., . , 4 .- 'f - H" " " ' ' , X 5' 'x Q . f , -' rg K-ui' K 01.-I N1 k r A A, K A -I J -- 7 .. i f P135 -W P J R' KVVA WVK: Q fir K 5 1 V'- A 11 1' 4. 91 fall' .Aj 'am FRESHMEN ' ' N J Q af o ' . f I . f, bw W . 'Fzrst row: Second row: Third row: ' , Nielsen, Michael J. Norris, Jessie Allen Pearce, Sammy y' l K Nelson, Patricia Park, Richard Pearson, Catherine ff! , X- ' ' . Ai - fNewberne. Elinor Dare Park, Margaret Peterson. Susanne 1" 4-sf ' ' n' sr' Newell, Kathleen Parker, Bob Phillips, Kitty Ann ' " Newton, Jackie Lou Paris, Margaret Phillips, Jack "'fF,'1 t Nichols, Durwood Parrish, Frances Phyler, Joan 'R -' QNiCll0lS0ll. Sarah Jane Paschall, Barbara Porter, James I " Niwiison, Arthur Edward Pearce, Ann Pratt, Janet 1 l-V U " , . P, Fourth row: Fifth row: , . . ,L l A Preston, Jerrie Ridou ' L ' . Prickett, Ethelyn Ridgeway, li 51 ' U . '. 4' Prickett, Saralyn Robinson, Burton 6 f" 5 Purcell, Betsy Rollins, Bruce Q ' ' QL Renfrew, Katherine Rouse. Hyman ' Rhodes, John Roy. Ronnie ' ' Rice, Dewitt Ruark, Sarah gf Rice, Janet Russell, Charles wwf! WM - "al 1 1 1 I . A 1: R 5 J , 3 fg , ' Q 'if,f 3 , :: " ,f it rf , i :g A V Lylyh V at 4 ,, m J v J If V V x by 'V fi, ,MV . .5 V J Q on S ---' ' iw me Mir' N? 'J X1 ' J' A Z U 51 3 if pw , iw. ' 'ff Ji ' ' V f' ,Q i 5 . i 'S r I V fs V J - r X- lg ..: , ..,': i 5 - - E Q : ., ,Q if AAAAA V 4 VVVVV F S Yffbfa , A g F? " - , ff W' in A A f - X NQAIJ N KI . X1 43- AW- W gg - L? A i i. fs' M 6 1112, .l 4. 'H .f "rv k,L' "' H283 .3 M ' , ' .'-.. 3, j "I," .V ij- X I ' , it r r H w J J , I t 1 " . . A V . V E V 2 X . , .V .i W J .5 V Vw rw Q ,L A ., VV V ,. , V V ,L -V . - , rf ff S i eg S J J 1 St ' ' X I -LLL A , V1 V i in 'ff . lr io L X' 'J S' V 3 f x E ,,-yrs g ffufl UW, . e, ',,ff'J., 7. f Hifi-, ',7+?f- ft rw X f , 1 . -.-M--f f , FRESHMEN l lr. ',' . f'7 ' I lf I 1' , f t 7 i lf' sp .1K I LCA ' First r01Z': ' f , i Second rdb: " ' ,VA fo Tlzirzl row: E a I :ef ' Raines, Barbara ,L ' Sanders, Doris Ann Smith, Phil 0 . Raper, Lois - ' Sanders, Johnny Slmits, Zigrida Raper. Marilyn Shanklin, Jule ln ' 5 ' llings, Kenneth Raper Sidney Shoffner, Bobbyky V V If amey, Nicki Ray, Richard Sink, Robert Starnes, Margaret R. ' Reavis. Charles Sloan, Ann Mf 9 Stevens, Nancy J. Rcebals. James Small, Donald I Stephenson, llavicl Saylor. Barbara J. Smith. Kenneth U ' Stephenson, Mary Sue W N . 1 0 5 , f X. V , V1 . Stewart, Robert ll-9 . Sutton, Billy . Stone Richard ' " s '11, Bills 9 Ny Wd! Fourth row: 2 W lFifth row: MILK! ' . U Stone, Tommy 151' lf' P"""Jiidell, Vvinfield up Streb, Bart gg, ffzf Taylor John Strobel, Roger 'J 'X ATeal, lilartha yi J l Strong, Billy 7 af.,-Q, .' harrington, Harold ' Sullivan, Peggy . ' A Thomas, James E. i Sullivan, William 'J-f'f.f. K0-3.ThompsonV, Jimmy ' Q S X 4 I X fff.,d15z,QO, . L 'af' wal "gf A, f QQ ,L3xsb,,,,n,. D091 J'-vk...fM'i4J.4.-v 0 4 . . v I ML, 4 'I AI, , V Albfzf ' 9 G46-C4 0 ,rt C i f L .1 f 'iff 7 i -- i M K fr .4 .A -. ' i '23 i . 'H' I " ' ,, ,L -4-5 3 ' v , 5 Z an ,R fl X43 1,111 A, N. Ifl, E S , I H .5 W I ' A C1 'Ili if f,f,,1 1 I LA 'ia Q ' I -i f -4 - it 1. i. txt "L r iff , 1,6 -, .lf ' gp A Q X I W , X jg, Q k.uu'k.2.xA.r X ' b ' ND FREsH1vi5fNf4',-o 't f 4 :W V, , kffvUn ll7p W ' A' f we r WN First row: -V LAX Svcond ron? Third row: ll-1012-Q, Tolar, Gray VV:1ll. .linnnie W'ing, Cynthia Tripp, Joanne V Turlington, Lynda Q? Tunncll, Nancy Turner, F. Vance Underwood, VVilli:n Upton, Patricia Vvztyhurn, .lane Q J . il l 5173 lf R 93 irffgiifzff lvnll, Phyllis lVard, Paula Vurren, Bobby WVutkins, Ruth VVhitc, Louise VVi1kerson, Pats f Yvilliams, Bohhy Fourth row: Wright, Ada Wynne, Bob Zeig r, Kay W,-1 ya . M J-PQ' jk: 50171: 7. J' 'ww F04 VVinklvr. Edwin YVinton, Elizabeth VVood, Polly VVoodruff, Betty WVoodruff, Harold VV0olery, James I VVork1nan, Richard I 'K' 51129 Lbmlww p- I .4 , I P ,7y 1 ' K .f ,,, . 1 I , v vw QS ll ffl, uf - - M9 vf"s lmff fo riylll: Lou Davis, Helen Arendell, Gray Pool, XVhirley Huxley, Bobby Asher. Sub-Freshmen The sub-freshmen eleetecl 1Vhi1'ley Box- ley as their president for the 1951-1952 term. The other officers were: Bobby Asher, vice-p1'eside11tg Helen :xl'CllilCll, seerefuryg Lou Davis, fl'CZlSU1'C1'Q and Gray Poole, SCl'g02llIt-211-Zll'lIlS. 1NI1's. Pot- ter was mzule zulviser in Jilllllklfy, and the o1'ga11izz1tion:1l meeting was helcl Then- The eighth grade eouneil was composed of the officers, the zulviser, and the follow- ing 1'Cpl'CSOIltZltlVCS from The homerooms: Ha.1'1'iet Habel, 111111121 lNIeGee, David Parker, Amy 1Va1'ne1', and Bobby Noble. X "sr-.:::.. -awry .fi ! SUB FRESHMEN First row: Second row: Third row: Adams, Maynard B. Asher, Robt. D., II Bassler, Melissa Agsten, Jane Austin, Sheldon C. Bates, Sylvia K. Albright, Carolyn Babb, Robt. A. Beam, Anne Allen, Williani G. Bacon, Betty Sue Bernstein, Morris Allsbrook, Reggie Bailey, Anne Betts, James A. Anderson. Anne Baker, I. V., Jr. Beverly, Sarah Anderson, David Barden, Betsy Rand Bowden, Thomas E. Arendell, Helen Barnes, Jimmy Boxley, VVhirley Clivie Fourth row: Boykin, Bruce Brady, John R. Bridgers, Eugene Britton, Mar ' W. 3 Brooks, Eloise Brown, Bernard Browning, Donald B. Byrd, Gloria D. Fifth row: Caldwell, Ann M. Campen, Sonja Carson, Carol A. Carson, Carol J. Combs, Harry Capps, Shirley Nay Chaffee, Rebecca Chimos, Neena N9 "! t : Qi, 'Q :'H I Q, , a i i Q, fag. , .. Q, , f ly ,vii W Q., X , . X . k L' it ,, My 11-2 ,,.g. 5.3, K M i Q ey .. , 4 Q., y U N wg, , K ly if 'Ss Q., Yu . in Vx - . t . A k A I V X V- ig ,V is 'ff fi bxxx A C m W V S. K ,wa L E X M' X Q, . . . N x is 5- . 5 X ii s iii J t H f A r -an li. M or M -' '- - 1 1 It 'f .4 Bt - QV' , Q C I a ff ' f rrea A 5 r f t M Y at at Q M Q C -nv K - .. I 'ww My -. xvfh- . K ,f . ' h X glg. . jr 1 ' " 'ia 1 'f-f gl -y j K 1 , f C , yr M A V r Y First row: Clement, Betsy Clements, Steven Collins. Eddie Collins. Philip Connelly, Jenny Coss Stanley Covington, Betty Covington Robert Second row: Cox, Mary Alice Cox, P. D. Crittenden, Ann Crosby, Roddie Lee Crumpler, Carol Cummings, Ralph Daniels, Mary Cleves Darden, Buzzy SUB-FRESHMEN Third row: Daughtry, Frederick Davis, Allen Davis, Betsy Lynn Davis. Louise Davis, Mary Mac Davidson. Barbara Dearsley, Ann Denton, Patsy Fourth row: Denmark, Andrew Derr, Martha Dixon, Walter Reg. Duke, Billy Dupree, Bill Rakes, Patsy Edmonds, Mary Catherine Ellis, Ann 61 Fifth row: Ellisberg, Jerry Evans, Eleanor Ewell. Sarah Fontaine, Catherine Fonville, Fred Foskey, Larry Franklin, Williai Furlong, William -L -., .. V tg N725 in r, .A R SUB-FRESHMEN First TOZUJ Fussell, Sally Gainey, Carolyn Gasper, Rose Gault, Sara Gibson, Clifton Goodman, John Gould, Terry Graham, Leonard 8- 'H J' W f at 1 no L '-ooi Q ., Jr I .ff if onb it ,L A 'lf, .Q L , ig". A rf, Q. L , M., is . 5.45 . . E ., . .xy , Q G . G lonl so - fir' 2 1 :,, 1 Second row: Gresham, Geraldine Greene, Elizabeth Gresham, Mary Nell Grifiis, Richard Griffiths, Phillip Gupton, Herbert Gurkin, Louis Habel, Harriett Third row: Haigh, Lois Handy, Fred Hanverker, Sandra Hardy, Martha Harley, Patricia Harrell, Randolph Harris, Henry Hayes, Rosemary Fourth row: Henderson, Patricia Hester, Marie Hicks, Monty Hillman, Jim Holoman, Edna Hollowell, Gail Holmes, Dwight Honeycutt, Stephen Fifth row: Hooks, Maria Horton, Rebecca Houser, Patricia Hutchins, Bettie Hudgins, Douglas Hudson, .lo Anne Hulick, Dorothy lager, Audrey x M. K. 2? . .,.,. . 5 - . 1 ,f Wx, .M to First mtv: Irving, Donna James, Stuart Jarrett, Bill Jenkins, Jenky Jolmson, John Second rare: Jones, Carolyn F. Jones, Fred Jones, Luc-ia Jones, Lynwood Jordan, Buddy Jones, Barbara Keller, Judy Jones, Billy Kelly, Martha Jones, Carolyn li. Kelly. Mary Fourth row: Lineherger, Mary Louise Maki, Wima Martin, Thomas Martin, Zeno Maxwell, Colette Mayo, Bobby L. McCall, Carl McClamroch, Barbara 63 SUB-FRESHMEN Third row: Kennedy, Jimmy H. Kennedy, Jimmie M. Langford, Sally Leonard, Faye Liles, Bobby Little. Tommie Lloyd. Joan Longest. Frances F ifth row: McClamroch, Gwen MacDonald, Margaret McGee, Lynda McLawhon, Leroy McLean, James McNair, Norma Meredith, Carolyn Miller, Charles . g -gyms tr bfi, f' . ,X v - In E'-fvgig 1 NW' Q 1 -1-T-fi 5,1 f P iwggx SEE? 1 0 Q I M I A Wu ag, Iggga Y gs Elgghisggg Aviu fwhl f lr QVN SUBFRESHMEN MW E, ...qg Lhia Q ,,. . l bf. 1 - . :. . P lQ ,,,wMw Zi ssset d i M l zz' ls i mn' . ,Q ,Q ,,L, Page il .3 me eev aw z . ie- Q '1," g in' A ' 2 First row: Milner, Ann Minis, Vllilliam R. Minis, Charles H. Minieh, Sue Minter, John D. Moore, Betty Lou Moore. June H. Second row: lllorgan, James Lee Morse, Catherine E. Nludge, Harley L., .lr Mulligan, Patricia Nance, David Nehns, Margaret Ann Newton, Early Third row: Norton, Bobby Norton, Everett Nylund, Nancy E. Olive, Fred A. Orders, VVilliarp CBillj Overman, Tommy Page, Norris N. Moore, Lois Noble, Fourih row : Parker, Frank VV. Parker, Mary Gilmour Patton, Elaine S. Peacock, Robert Peden, Melissa A. Peeler, Susan Pemberton, Ellen Phillips, Mary Ann Parker David N Fifth row: Pindell, .lack Poole, Grey Poole, Joe Powell, Betty Powell, Eddie Powers, Mary Miller Preston, Martha Radford. Bill 4... , fs 'N SEE F First row: Ratlield, Roger Raslierry, Joanne Rawls, Elna Ray. Carolyn Raynor. Jackie Reicl. Margie Risdon. Bunny Richardson. Bill I"0ur1h rorc' .' Sinnnons. Peggy Singleton, Robert Slllltll. Bruce Smitli. Jeannette Somers, Riellard Southern. Ann Springer, Diane Starlnlek. l'olly SUB-FRESHMEN Svvou 11 ron' .' Richardson. Rose Marie Riddle. Peggy Rideout. Benny Rite-her. Paula Rogers, Lois Ellen Rogers, Marilyn Ross, Derry Rouse, Rex Fifflz row: Third rozv: Rowland. Allen Russell. Margaret Sandlin. Sue Saunders. Roberta Sc-lieilmler. Catherine Slianlcle, Naney Sllirlcy. .lean Simons. Martha A. Starling. Nlary R utll Staton, Peggy Stearns. Relief-ea Stevens. Billy Stevens. Carolyn Suiter, Cliristopli Sutton, Helen Tabla, Charles 65 Cl' SUB FRESHMEN First row: Tabb, Hugh Tarlton, Barbara Tolar, Claire Toney, Reid Towncs, David 'I'hon1:1s. Florine Stephenson. Jimmy Turner, '1lll0ll1I1S Second row: Tyson, Robert Yarbrough, Robert Yoder, James Upchurch, Donnie Vinnik, Don Voorhees, Nancy WV:1lker, Katharine VV:1lker, Nancy Third row: Ellen. VValter Warner, Yvatson. VVeaver, VVeaver. Weaver, Amy Jerrold Alvin .l ack Kay Webb, Steve Wilder, Patricia Fourth row: Wilk1:rs0n, Butch VVilliams, Sandra VVilliamson. Harry VVo0dard, Jane VVoodard, Nell Vvorkman, Alice VVray. Sarah 9' 9 isiqaefsiw-4f,N: ,xv-mwww R? ' ff Ei 523' VW 23, if .. , 2 ff .-.-. i zz Ii ix. . . YE by ,Q , A -S N' . if' Imfl lo riluhf. xlrulrlilly: Verne Cavincss, .lcssc Fliappel, Hill Dozicr.Srfnlwi',' Bolmliy Ciadcly and Caroline liickctt. Student Council ln tlic spring of 1951 tlic Student Council licgan preparing for the 1951-1952 season. Ullicers were electccl and committees appointeml. lloliliy Caddy was elected president on nomi- nations and tlie following ofliccrs were elected in tlic 1"ll1lA0l'l.SI .lessc Cliappell. Vice-presitlentg faroline lliclcett. secretary: and Verne Cavi- ncss. Sl'1'gIl'Jllltilt-2lI'11lS. A faculty committee appointed liilly llozicr treasurer and manager of tlie scliool store. 'l'lic olticers and appointed committees were soon installed witli eacli mem- liei' of tlie executive council of tlic previous year summarizing liis cluty anrl introducing liis SllK'C'l'SHUr. 'lllll' Stuclcnt Clouneil started inaliing its plans for tlie new year in late August before scliool began liy liaving an cxceutive council mcetingg aiul also potted plants of welcome for :ill tlic tcaclicrs were placed in the rooms lmy tlic llospitality Committee on tlic first clay of scliool. By latc Scptcnilicr tllc Student Council liacl given a welcome party to tlu- eigjlitli grade and llad sponsorcil tlic successful 1l1'lVi' of tlle sell- ing of atliletic season tickets. A clean-up campaign. tlie selling of Ili-Times Vovcrs. a cafeteria good-coinliict clrivc. anil tllc sponsoring of tlic many festivities of llomc- coming made interesting projects in Octolier. November anrl Dccenilier were tlie montlis tliat one of the niajor projects of the Founcil was accomplisliccl. 'l'llis was tlie issuing to tlie stuclents of the Student Council Evaluation Ballot on wliicli tlicy could criticize tlicir foun- 1-il. Tlicsc ballots gave to cacli student tlie opportunity to liave a voice in liis government. 'l'lic results were excellent and proved to tlic Council tliat the students were capalilc of many responsilxilitics. Also during llccemlicr a lioli- rlay clean-up campaign was sponsored and a gay Cliristmas llancc licld that increased the intercst alul cntliusiasm of all. After tlie lioliclays were over tlie founcil sponsorccl a Student-Faculty llaskctliall Gann- wliicli was enjoyed liy everyone. During tlie year many otlicr projects were sponsored liy tlle Council tliat few stiulcnts recognized. Some of tliese were: 'l'lie Charter- ing of luiscs to atlilctic games. tlll' assembly programs. the scliool store, tllc sponsoring of elections. tlie student tcleplionc. and many alaily tliings tliat were taken for grant:-ml. ln conclusion tlie Student Uouncil is an organiza- tion wliicli is essential to Broughton and wliicli is responsilmlc for tllc many pleasures wc. tllc students. enjoy. Student Council Representatives e K dnl. uk hh. it is 'ii ,.,' -- ,KN " J' "'- ' , ' if tte f l l . Q- ., f it J at ft 5 . , in 'ty' t, , J . , sl tt 5 .. K I J Q, if - it -Q , -,ixis A if 2 S ' X "" Q , 9 Q. k,.. w tw. 4 'X iw ,L it in ' i ' nf f 15-v -. f -. 'Qi ' X . ex if f . K 5 eete i 0 Q -Q X Q -t,t S 1 X W . .' 1, - y i A qxAQQ uf- ,MJ af 4154, I tnnn J MM ,wpwfl s J M ' a -tt f J J -no 'f L A , lf V K Q ffyy s lax-2, : f, V ,WJ Jlvmlnfrs: Faye Arnold, Billy Beaty, Carolyn Biekett, John Blackwell, Billy Briekhouse, Gloria Byrd, tileanor Byrd, Verne Caviness, Jesse Chappell, Barbara Clark, James Davis, Billy Uoxier, Mary lfllkins, Donna lflllington, lileanor Evans, Gary l"isher, Robin Fuller, Bobby Gaddy, John Goodman, Nelson Griee, Angela Gritlith, Arlene flriset, Joann llaley, llarvey Henson, Ginger Hester, Angela Hilliard, Betty Hood, David llostetler, .linnny Jeffries, Karen Jenson, Charles Johnson, Dot Jones, Bobby Liles, llelen Maynard, Jo Ann Meaehani, Ned Meek- ins, Charles Miller, Carolyn Myers, Neil Mel,eod, Margaret Paris, Jerry Parker, Barbara Pasehall, Fonnie Pieree, Linda Piland, Jaek Pindell, Riehard Pindell, Miriam Quarles, Catherine Renfrew, Clyde Robinson, Billy Russ, Naney Shankle, Susan Sharpe, Ann Shaw, .linnny Stanford, Betty Stevinson, Peggy Sullivan, Betsy Swain, Leo Thoinpson, Robert Tyson, Burt Veasey, Frank XVall, Jane XVayburn, Tonnny NVilliainson. Student Council Committees ational Honor Societ Imfl lo riyhl: llill Realty, Juniee Bishop, Marilyn liridgers, Mary Carter, Verne Cuviness, Robin Fuller, Holilmv hzulcly, lluvul llosleller, lX1lI'l'll Jensen, Neill MeI.eozl, Helen lVlziynurcl, Louisa Morale l,ois l'reseoH, Clyde Robinson, llill Russ, Helly Snlilli, Jimmy Stanford, June Viek. eui, Patsy l,4llllS0ll, Marion Spring: Mc-lnlwers fNof Pliotogrzlpliedj: Ann XVodwnrd. lfllimbelli Floyd. l,ind:i Piluncl. Marion fliesson, Dueoshi Stephenson and Fred Powledgre. Meinlmers of the National Honor Society were eliosen on llle lmsis of seliolursliip, lCEllll'l'SllllJ, Cll2ll'2lCtCl', Zlllil service. Uflieers of flue Bronglifon l'l1zip'fer for 'Elie fall fern: were Jinnny Sl2llll.0l'4l, presiclenlg Billy Russ, viee-presiclenfg lxI2ll'l0Il l.ois Preseoli, seereluryg and Belly Slllllll, lreasnrer. Uflieers eleelefl for flue spring lerin were Ulycle Robinson, presiclenlg Dnvicl Hosleller, viee-presiclenl: Marilyn Briclgers, seere'fzn'yg Palsy l,2llllSUll, ll'CilS- nrer. Ollier nienilmers were Rollin Fuller, David Hosfeller, Louisa Morrleeui, Janiee Risllop, Bill Beaty, Karen Jensen, Jane Viek, Neil llIel.eorl, and Helen lllzlynnrcl. Tlie long range serviee project of tlle Society is to lizlve lIlCllllDCl'S working in flie office every morning lmefore seliool. In llle spring six were tapped info 'tlle Soeiely. lmff Io right: llill Russ, Bobby llollis, lim-rt Yeuzey, 'l'ookic Deseru, Verne Cziviuess, Billy Dozicr, Ernest Jormluu. Alialzl liilI'll0itl', liobiu lfuller, 'l'ouuuy VVillizliusou, Mary Chappell, Fllezauor Byrd. l.enorc Green, Clyde liolviu- son. :mil llolvby Gmlily. Service Club l'r1'sirlenf .... . . .Tooiiirz lJi1:sif:uN Vi:-1'-I'r1'.vi1I1'11f. . . . .ISILLY lloziicu Sl'!'I'l'f!II"lf'7lI'1'!l-YllI'l'I'. . . . . .MARY CIIAPPELL Sergemzf-at-,lrnzx. . . .lloixiw HOLLIS 'lllie Service Club was orgzinizecl by tlie Stuclent Council to give recognition to stuclents wlio lnul clone outstzinrling work :incl lizul not been recognized for it. 'l'liese students clirl voluntary work for tlie Student Council, oflice, publications, and closs. livery stuclent and tezielier luis the privilege of nominating soiueone for tlie Service Club. A ineeting is lielcl to cliscuss eucli czuirliclzite :intl tlien vote on tlieni. A unziniiuous vote nuist be receiverl in orcler to be zuluiittecl into tlie club. The Service Club liolcls two ceremonies before tlie student body, one in tlie full for seniors only, :incl one in tlie spring for juniors witli not niore tlnin two seniors being incluetecl. Tlie iueiubersliip never exeeefls 25. Tlie nzuues of tlie new uieiu- liers are not revealecl until tlie progrzuu wlien tlie nzune czircls are unfolclecl by present iueiubers. As the spotliglit bezuus on tlie neuue, tlie stuclent goes to tlie stage and ai suuunury of liis service to tlie scliool is rezicl. Winged Words 'l'he literary Magazine, Uvillfjffl lVor11s, was first. begun last year on the basis that all publications were to be completely original. Proudly, we sent many of our first issues to schools in other states. From these schools, we received much praise and in the spring of last year, lVingcd lVor1I.v was on display in the library of Columbia l'niversity. This year, under the direction of editor Roberta Dixon and writing editor, Susan Hayes, the staff began early in the fall to read and 1'eread manuscripts. llleanwhile art editor, 'l'ommie lvilliamson, was de- signing the cover for the magazine, niueli work was being done by publicity editor, Anita l"letcher, and corresponding editor, Linda Piland was busy answering letters from places as distant as Japan, request- ing copies of the magazine. After the manuscripts were selected, they were sent to Alida Barnett for typing and to Kath- leen Matthews for proofreading. Our layout editor was Marlyn Bridges and our Business lllanager was Pat Furlong. After the work was completed the first issue was sent to press with plans for it to be ready to be distributed by the middle of January. lve are, indeed proud of our original student literary magazine which this year received National acclaim by the maga- zine, IXYIIIJYC'-H07l'. Hi-Times Stor Ill f,l'1U1Jl'l', H10 1i1's1 of 0115111 1ss110s 111' H10 H1-7'1Ill1'.Y w0111 111 111'0ss using ll0WSlll'1ll1 111s101111 111' H10 l'0gll12ll' s111'11 llZllJl'l'. C'1y110 R1111111s1111 01111- 1l'11llI1'C11 1w11 01111111'1111s 1111 185110 1111 H10 lJI'01l1l'lllS 111 H10 S1ll' 110111s. B01101' 211111111102 s1'1111- 1111's111p, 111111 21 1101101' 1111-1'11111111 s1l1110111 XVCI1' 2lS1iC11 1'111' 115' l'1y110. A1'11-110 G1'1s1-1 11s 0111'1111', 111111 Miss l,2lSl'1l2l1 11s 1111v1s01', 110- 0111011 1111 1111 111'1g111111 111011 1'111' H10 f'1ll'1S1Ill2lS 158110. A f11111'- 01111111111 p1l'1lll'l' NVZIS 118011 111- l'1lll11llg 1111 111' H10 1'1111111'011 of H10 1'111'1111y 11101111101's 111111 1-021- '1111'111g M111'1'1s1111 H11gw111111 IIS S1111111 f'12LllS. F111' H11s 1ss110, S11l'1i 11111101' 111111 gn-011 Pl'1Ilt XVEIS 11s011. As f0111111'1- 01111111's, A1111 S1111w, J111111-0 B1s111111, N2lllC'X' lmff lo riyllf: lxllll VV111111- XVIIFK1, Chris C'11l1'y, K:1r011 .1011s011, Pvgrgry Grifiin, and S1l1I'1l'j' SI11011111. Lrffl to riyflll: C'1y111' l11111'11- s1111, A1'11-111- Grisct, l51'11y Smith. lS11r1 V1-11z1-y, lxllll .I11111-s, 111111 xvilyllt' 11ll11Jll'l1. Lrfl In I'1!llIf.' i'11r11Iy11 Rawls, Alys V1111r111'1-s, KilA 11Elll Mi1l1l11-11111, 'l'11111111y N1-W11111, 111111 J111' M111111y. Hi-Times Staff C2 'Q' c1l'CL'Il, 111111 J0:111 li11l1i11s1111 111111 i'll2ll'gL' of two 11z1g0s. 'lwlll' liltfl'l' Two girls 110111 H10 lilwll- 11111 01111111111 1111-'111-111110 wiH1 1'011111'1s 111' H10 11111-sf fzuls lll 1'l11H1111g 111111 '1011'0l1'y. T110 l'l'QlIl2ll' sports Ctlllllllll NSINll'l S1111Higl11" was i11 0l1:11'g'0 111' Blll'l' Yvusy. Assisi- 1 mg Wllll H10 1'0st 11fH10s11111'fs 1111110 w01'0 'l'11111111y N1-1111111. XV:1.x'110 lgllll2ll'Il, 111111 .1111- 3111111152 ,Xs 2lClYL'l'llSlllg' 111:11111g01' Hcp M1-1'1'iH, wiH1 llll' 11i1l 111' l1is :1ssis1:1111s l'1H10l King, clll2lSL' l'l1iIl1ps,Yi1'gi11i:1 lS11is0. 111111 l"1'111101s l,llllll2ll', 11111 :111 1-X01-110111 juli. KiIli1111 lxlllllllidllll as 110:111- lllll' 01l1'1111' w1'11'f0 mmf 111 H10 l10111lli110s 1111 llll' 1111111 IHIQU. Mrs. Sl1:11'11's s0011111l j'0:11' typing 0lz1ss0s lDl'l'IHll'l'll H10 01111y for 1'111w:11'1ls X li1'1111gl1- 11111, IH'lIll'L'l'S. , . . . 'l 110 April 1ss110 was 111 Cll2ll'gl' of llll' .i1111i111's wiH1 J:111i00 liislmp 111z111:1gi11g. Vllllk' SL'lliOl'S IlllllllSlll'll H10 lzlsf iss110 111111 H10 Ili-'l'in11',s' W0lll '111 1111-ss for H10 11151 H1110 H1is s1-1111111 yl'fll'. lmfl lu riylllf .111 .N11110 l'11w01l. fililllllt' l,1'2lI'l'L'. R011 Mvrrifi, Fllyl' flllVl'l'. liilly Russ, .xllll Sl1:111', 111111 N:1111'y I,1111'1ll0. Lrfl In riyhl 5 li:11'11:1r:1 k'l1111'1'l1ill, N'Iir:1111l:1 W:1tu1111, Frvil l'1111'l01lg:1-, J:111i1'1' liiship, .xllllil l'1l1'1i'lll'I', illlil .11-1111 liryun. lmfl in riylrlf l,1'sli1' M1150- 1111111, l'l1:1s0 Phillips, D111 lVll'fl0lllll'll, ilury l'1isllt'l'. l'1'g:g:y Shillings, illlll l'1-ggy Sllfly' Latipac Staff Slurtlm linrlwr .Xlirlu l3:n'in'tle Sliirlvi' xli'l'Y'llIliIll In early full witli tlie elee- I1A'l'll'.XC'. Following tlic elee- tor: XI2ll'l'll2l .Xpple :incl Peggy tion ot' Aliflzi lizirnette eclitor, tions, tlle supporting stnlt' Sngg soplioniore eclitors l'lllen Mairtlm Bsirlmer business man- was eliosen. Marcin McKee- Bonner was .joke erlitor. l':xt zxger, :incl tlie 2LIJp0lIll'lllCIll of nmn and Rolmin Fuller were lilclriclge was :ippointecl sports Shirley Merriman :ulvertising appointed eo-senior eclitors eclitor. 'l'lie staff wishes to IIIIIIIEIQCI' work was begun on :intl wrote tlle "Senior Story." tlninlx tlle IIlL'llllJl'l'S of Qiournnl- tlie l95l-592 edition of tlie .lzlcliie Moore was 'innior ecliv :intl typing classes wlio flifl Sealed: .Ioyee Ellen, Doris Dozier, Robin Fuller. Sfr1ruliny.' .lo Ann Meuelmlll Marvin Mc'KeeIn1ln. 76 lllllClI to lielp in tlie IllllJllC2l- tion of our zinnuul. l'ietures of tlie juniors :incl seniors were taken by XXvZlllL'l' :incl Slllltll. The unclereluss- IIICIISS pietures were taken by Delinzu' Sturlio of flizirlotte. Maury of tlie otlier lmietures were taken by IA'0ll2ll'il Kzuns- ler. Shirley Nlerrinuin :incl lier :ulvertising stall' luul :ln even niore cliflieult .ioli getting :uls tllis -Vezir witli ai new ruling' from tlle Merelmnt's Blll'C21ll to nizilie mlonzitions instezul ot' ,.v. ' ,,. . going auls. llns inzule it neeessziry to visit inuny niore lmusiness hrnis in orrler to nieet our zulvertising quota. In tlieir Novenilier eluss meeting tlie seniors voterl to flefliezite tlie l,.x'1'll',xc' to Hr. Joseph Q. llolicluy :intl Mr. lV:llter J. Galle. 'l'lie tinle spent writing zirtieles, taking pliotogrnplis, :intl eolleeting zuls took tlie few spare liours of nmny, :incl liere is tlie finisliecl profluet. YVe liope it eontains il eoni- plete :ieeount of tlie year 1951-1952. lVe wisli to express our lllilll-Y tlmnks to Miss Ii2llll'2l llelen l':iseliz1l. our zulviser. Xxvlllllllll' lier lielp zunl guicl- nnee tlus annual eoulfl not lluve lreen proclueecl. Latipac Staff 77 Junior Hi-Y l'frxl 1-nav, lvff In riyhl: li. I". llc-usloy, Arthur l'l:un0r, t'llZlI'l1'H Morris, Milhin llunm-5, ql'I'4lIlll' rum: Sc-flu Milli-r, liill Pnwc-ll, Huh Alpliin, John liiklv, I'hi1'1l 1'41Iu'.' Pctl- l'lln'rl1:1rl, Sn-ini Mintz, Billy Sirong, lA'IIl Jvnkins, Julian l,l'L'lllt'A, 'l'o1nn1y Slum-. Qfilllllillflf Danny .Ium-s, G4-rry llnrtmwg, Larry lillis, N4-tl Nlt'1'lilllS, Gary Fislwr, .lvrc Psirkvr. 0l"l"IC'HRS 'llllc Jllllllll' Hi-Y llzul nmny useful imzm' lIAn'l'Zou .. ..... Prf'.vid1'11I pl-0.104-fs during the yen,-' T110 Club af- 1 l - 911- J ,-l f . , l"l""l l"""" ' "" H" I r""'1"'l tcnclccl si clll'lc1'011'r l'lllll'Cll as El U'l'Ull 1 onu- 3 ,ANNIY .lnxicf .'l'7'l'fllTl , . . ' i A 'I il llllllllll. At C lll'lSllIl2lS :L mrtv was rrlvm-11 . 1 l . rw Xian NIICEKINS . . .Trmxlzrvr , , I for llIlKlCl'lJI'lVllCgCll clnlclrcn. Also, H10 lliltlif l'Aluiicn . . . . .Sgf.Aatnlr'111.w . , V I club took its Elllllllkll 'trip in :L lllSl'0l'lK' city, min' lwsnnn .. ...f 11011111111 ' zlnrl, :if 'fllc vlosc of H10 sclinnl your. H10 - - . v - clulm 111-.'-l1'tcl-ill' ml 'f tl - fs: l' 'lllll' lllll'll0Sl' nl flic elllllllll' lll-X is in l it I ' ul ll 0 K on slim mp' - - cn-icll of 'flu' VL"ll'. ll'C2llL', 1n:nn'r:nn, :incl 1-xtcml llll'Ullgll0lll ' - ' tlw S1-luml mul cmnniunify liigli siznulzwcls Mr. l'llllllIL'l'l l"onl:iim- is ilu- :ulviscr nf of l'ln'isfi:ln c'l1:il':1c'f01'. lllc clnlm. 78 Senior Hi-Y Tookie Descrn, l'r'e.vidwit,' Pat Eldridge, Sgt.-af-firms: Tomrny Kennedy, lYil'l?-,,I'PNll1I'lIt,' David Ilostetler, Sr'm'rflary,' Burt Vcazcy, Jr., Uiziie Uouncil If01H'!'SI'11ffIfi'L'l?,' Eddie Cuthran, Treaxurer: David Smith, Chris Coley, John VVray, Jesse Chappell, Don Kirby, .loc Moody, Heath Pemberton, Verne Cavincss, Bobby Gaddy, C'haplain,' Emmett Fontaine, Y. DI. f'. A. Adz'i.w'r. Recognized as one of the most outstanding chapters in the state, the 1951-592 Needham Broughton Hi-Y leaves a record worthy of its repu- tation. Because of the diversification of the club projects, they had only one thing in common, hard work. lNIucl1 time and effort went into the arrangements and execution of plans for the March of Dimes Campaign, the ltlinstrel and the dance. By sending delegates to the State Hi-Y Convention in Fayetteville, the chapter was able both to receive and give suggestions for future projects. However, the boys found opportunity to mingle social activity with their work. A club picnic was held early in December: church attendance as a body was a monthly activity: and the l"ather-Son Banquet produced the comrzuleship that only such an occasion can. First and last the Hi-Y had as its goal to be a Christian organization, Christian in speech, Christian in sportsmanship, Christian in daily living. 79 e Club Silliny, lwfi In riylll: .loc Moody, Johnny Abernathy, Bobby Gaddy, Jack Cell, Leonard Kamslcr, Chris Coley and Jimmy Stanford. Sfululilly lcfl fo riylil: Burt Vcazey, Tommy Kennedy, Jack Frazelle. Spring 1mfmlufr.v, Ned M4-ckins, Pete lflhcrhart, Jerc Hartzog, Jere Parker, John liikle, Pat lildridgzc, llud Kelly, Bill Russ. The Key Club, whose motto is t'VVe liuildf, is sponsol'ed by the Kiwanis Club. and fundamentally a serv- an international organiza- of l6,000 boys- the Broughton Key Chlb's It is primarily ice club. It is tion composed This year is been organized in Septem- ber, 1950. The club is the first in Raleigh. second, having The club's membership is composed of boys from the Senior, Junior, and Sopho- more classes, and they are chosen for having qualities of good character and leadership ability. XVith ten members, seven of which were charter members, the Broughton club started the year. Seven new members were received into the club in December. They are Verne Caviness, "Tookie" Desern, Richard Day, and David Hostetler, Sens 80 iorsg Lennox Johnson, Bill Beaty, and Tommy Newton, Juniors. In January, the Key Club was host to a division Key Club meeting in Raleigh. The club sold drinks at all of Raleigh High's home basketball games, with the proceeds going to the high school athletic fund. Several members of the club par- ticipated in the Kiwanis Minstrel last fall. as well as selling tickets and aiding in publicity. This year's officers were: Burt Yeazey, l'residentg Tommy Kennedy, Yice-l'resi- dentg Jimmy Stanford, Secretary, Johnny Abernathy, Treasurerg Bobby Gaddy, Senior Class Director, Joe Bloody, Junior Class Directo1'. The club adviser was Mr. Allen Norris, a member of the Raleigh Kiwanis Club. Senior Y-Teens Firxi row. lffl lo rigfhl: Eleanor Byrd, Joanne Curry, Naney Link, "'l'ootsic" Stanshnry, .laniee Bishop. Louise Clark, Rita Satisky, .loan Barher, .lane Viek, Marion Chesson, Barhara Kinney, Sally Ileath, Betty Garner, Lellare llnrst. .Indy Boone. Srronfl row: Carolyn Hunter, Sally Whittier, Franeis Estes, Mary Carter, Phyllis Mordeaith, Shirley Nylnnd, Betsy Lloyd, Anne Penny, Mary Page XVilliams, Elizabeth VVoinlvle, Karen Jen- son. Sue NVillett, Nelda Clements, Katherine Braneh. Third 1'o':c'.' Pat Fnrlongz, .loan Spikes, Megan Goodwin. Mary Ilelen Cross, Naney Nordstrom, Jean Spikes, Carol Bagley, Anita Fletcher, Nell Bowling, Beeky Knight, Patsy .lam-kson. Ann Bury, Sarah Bradford. Fourth -row: Olive VVorth, Pat Liles, Joan liiggsh exe- , Pat Spain- hour. -lo Ann Meaehun, Patsy Davis, Patsy Paulson, Sally Maness, Carolyn XVarliek, Janet XVilson, Mary Alys Y avmm rh i-4- s, Elizabeth Floyd, Janiee Dawkins, Harriet Cnrrian. Fiffh row: Dot Jones, Carolyn Clement, Priscilla Cliatfee, Mary Elkins, Killian Middleton, Shirley Ann WVhite, Eleanor Palmer, Louisa Mordeeai, Joyee Ilowell, Linda Piland, llarriet Andrews, Martha Barber, Ellen Bonner. Sixth row: Catherine Coley, Peggy Suggs, Betsy Swain, Ann Shaw, Bradley Small, Marion Myers, llelen Maynard, Margaret Diek. Adviser, Miss Suggs. 81 Junior Y-Teens LIVE Y'EliS ROLL GRUUP II iii-Hy llarkcr, Margaret Iii-attic, .loannc liridgers, Mary Colo, Camilla Cox, Ann Denmark, Anita Edwards lictiy Gray, Ann llardy, Kirn IliliC'lll'I', Mary Suc Herring, Joy Lambert, Dorothy Lcllcw, Judy Lcvi, Kay Lonnslicrry, Dot Mcfonncll, Lcslic Moscrnan, Sarah Nicholson, Franccs User, .lcrric Prcsion, licisy Pur- ccll, Susan Sliarpc, Mary Snc Stcvcnson, Marilia Tcal, Gray Tolar, Phyllis VVall, Marilia XVardlaw, Nancy NVil- son, lilizalicili NYinfon, .lanc VVayliurn, Patsy Lconard, BCl'tll?l Johnson, Farol flilllllllwll Bcity Suc Cavincss, .Ican Lcach, Fayc Godwin, Paula Ward, Julia Ann Crater, Susanne Pctcrson, Dot Prcssly, Ann Dorris, Patsy Lconard. Prcsidcnlg Carol flJlIlll1l!l'll, Vicc-Prcsidcnig Hcrflia Johnson, Sccrctaryg Joy Lainlvcri, Trcasurcr. GROUP III, VV. 0, NV, lfldwina Arrnsfron" Fayc Arnold Ann Lcc liarnliardi Barbara licnncit liarlxara Car bcnfcr, licisv Cavincss, l-s . v y a . LOIIIIIU Choate, Mary Frances Conncll, lfllcanor Cox, Joan Crosby, Mary Lou Ellis, Cclcstc Fcrrcll, Alina C-raharn, Carolyn Harris, lflllcn Johnson, Nancy Joncs, Paiiy Joncs, fatlicrinc Lcwis, Lynda Lloyd. .lanc Low, .lcan Mac- Donald, Mary Lou Macon, Matilda Mann, Sylvia Mattlu-ws, Mary Lynn Moody, Nancy Mumford, iithclyn Prickctt, Saralyn Prickctt, Nc-lla Purringrion, Miriam Quarlcs, Marilyn llapcr, .Ianct Rico, Shcron liidgcway. llarlwara Scoii, licttic Suc Slater, Ann Sloan, Alicc Slnitli, Margrarct Siarncs, .loycc Sicplicnson, Nancy 'l'unncll, Kay Zicgrlcr, Vonnnillc Gricc, lillcn Johnson, Prcsidcntg Nclla Purringrion, Vicc-Prcsirlcntg lictsy Cavincm, Scc- rciaryg Uonnic Clroafc, 'lll'l'5lSllY'K'l'. Uli0I'l' I, F. 0. G. Allcn llcvcly, 'l'rcasurcrg llcisy liallcntinc, Bill llickcti, Prcsidcnig liarlmara llrawlcy, llcisy Brian, Lota Lcc llrian, Nancy Browning, lictiy Brown, Rita llnrkc, Lynnc fourtncy, Mildrcd Disckcr, llarirara Doar, lilain Gaddy, Carolyn Gaskill, Sccrciaryg Mary Lon Gcilc, Anno Griscti, Gingcr Iicsfcr, llctty Hood, iiccky King, Marjorie Linzcy, .loycc Liftlc, Sally Low, Yicc-Prcsidcnig Sonya Mitclicll, Carolyn Mycrs, Kay Ncwcll, Margarct Paris, Barbara Pascllall, Margin' Park, Ann Phillips, .lanct Prall, Carolyn Rawls, Sllclliy llaynor, Snc Robinson, D Joanne Sink, Sandra Stcvcns, Joanne Trippc, Iatricia Vpton, Suv We-athcrs, Bcity WoodruH', Louisc YVhih-, Vhasc Phillips, Alicc Langcaster, Katina Matinos, Lea Goldin, Caflicrinc Winfrcy, Edna Moniagruc. 82 - 16-fo. Chorus Glenn Anderson, Page Bernstein, James Ellis, Bandolph Evans, Harold Matthews, Biehard Curlee, Robert Blalock, .lack Cell, Nelson Urice, Paul Hall, Edward Lassiter, Charles Lomhard, liohert Lynch, Julian Peebles, Bobert lihaney, VVoody Sears, Glenn VVarren, hvilliillll Powell, Gene Bostian, Bill Crisp, Tra Hardy, Tim John- son, Merle Kelly, Clarence Boykin, Bobby Collins, llohert Crumpler, Gary Dozier, Sonny Mounteastle, Kenneth Stallings, Allen Norris, Bert Streh, Bohhy Williams, Richard Workman, Bert Stevick, Phil Carlisle, Tookie Desern, .lack Frazelle, .lohn Martin, Harold Montague, Steve Norton, Joe Ferguson, Charles Smith, Manly Euhanks, Katherine Bernhard, Ellen Dennis, Frances Folk, Maxine Howell, Marjorie Linzey, Nancy Ludwig, Shirley Poole, Dorothy Pressly, Anne Rawls, Katie Richardson, Susan Sharpe, Margaret Swain, Ann Tunstall, Hilda Walker, Betty Daniel, Dianne Anderson, Edwina Armstrong, Katherine Branch, Barbara Brawley, Susan Browne, Peggy Carlton, Barbara Clark, Sue Cox, Nancy Crump, Joanne Curry, Mary Lou Ellis, Mary Ann Johe, Catherine Lewis, Nancy Linville, Betty Lloyd, Marilyn McLeod, Ann Pearce, Carolyn Perry, Peggy liidont, Peggy Sullivan, Patsy VVilkerson, Olive VVorth, Shirley Lancaster, Frances Andrews, Lemma Baueom, Carolyn Bickett, Faye Brown, Connie Choate, Louise Clark, Alice Cooper, Janice Dawkins, Doris Dozier, Angela, liritlith, Sara Gnllette, Kathryne Harrison, Eleanor Hester, Peggy Hilliard, .loyce Huskin, Algerri eJones, Joy Lainhert, Alice Lancaster, Shirley Lennnons, Patsy Leonard, Neill McLeod, .lacquelin Mills, Patsy Moore, Gar- rett Morrow, Cora Nipper, Nella Purringrton, Jennie Ritchie, Edith Rogers, Sarah Stone, Nellie Tutor, Eliza- heth Arthur, Ann Lee Barnhart, Margaret Beattie, Betsy Brian, Pat Blalock, ltita Burke, Anita Edwards, Marjorie Estes, Mary Louise Geil, Faye Godwin, Camille Grice, Anne Grisette, Betty llarrnon, Kim Hatcher, Mary Sue Herring, .lean Leach, .Indy Levi, Sonya Mitchell, Mary Lynn Moody, Eleanor Newlmerne, Sarah Nicholson, Mary Sue Owens, Margaret Park, Barhara Pasehall, Sarolyn Prickett. Betsy Purcell, Lois ltaper, Martha Teal, .loanne Trippe, Barbara Poole, Behecca Blackard, Bchecca Lassiter, Mary Bowen, .lo Ann Hicks, Priscilla Chaffee, Barhara Churchill, Carolyn Clement, Betty Elkins, Frances Estes. Boherta Dixon, Patsy Davis, Sandra Uoe, Katherine Uupton, Elizaheth llainilton, Carolyn Hunter, Marian James, Shirley Ann Jones, Bar- hara Kinney, Mary Ann Little, Betsy Lloyd, Sally Maness, Betty Moore, Marie Patrick, Grace Pearce, Elsie Pearson, Bita Satisky, Tootsie Stanshury, .loyce Stephenson, Barhara Tyson, Beverly Tyson, Ann Voorhees, Carolyn VVarlfck, Miranda NVatson, Melba MX-hh, Sally VVhittier, Mary Page M'illiains, Mary Elfzaheth NVork- man, Nancy 'l'nnnell, .lane Wayhurn, Louise M'hite, Polly VVood, Ada Wright. Wm' arm 5 ' 'VlQI"sf vvvvv ' 84 Chorus 85 Broughton Ensemble The 1gl'Ullgllt0l1 linseinhle is o11e of tl1e new groups in School. The group is coin- lmosecl of fifteen selected voices and two ' 'Y 2lCC0llllJ2lIllStS. lhey sang, for numerous groups, variecl progrzuns ranging from liralnnes "I,iehesliecler', to the lnusic of Frecl vV2ll'lllU'. 'l'heir first a 5 rcarcnce was 3 for the Raleigh Blusic Uluh in NOVClIllJCl'. Since then they have sung for Pl'0gl'2llllS in school, for banquets at the Sir VValte1' Hotel, and participatccl in the Choir Festival at BICIll0l'l2ll Auclitoriuni. Their work is all clone outsicle of school. Their clirector is Leon VV. Jackson. First row, lrff to right: Carolyn Clement, Mary Anne Jobe, Angela. Griiiith, Mary Bowen, Edith Rodgers, Katherine Harrison, Roberta Dixon, I.e-nnna Baueom, Mr. Jackson. Second row: Priscilla Chaifcy, Bill'Cr1sp, Jack Frazclle, VVoocly Sears, Jack Cell, Jimmy Stanford, Morrison Hogwoocl, Steve Norton, Mary Elizabeth VVork man. R:1leigh High School arching Band BlIl,l,ARl7 P. lgI'R'l' Valor Uurrrfl llornn .Xrtliur lione llalpli Grady llarry Forbes 1,l'llIll Jlrljorx A. D. ltoliertson Joc' Mims Glenn Jones .llflliowflruv C'arolyn lll0lllt'lll Katherine llraneli Peggy Slriekland Sylvia Register Forbes Pat Yelvington Jo Anne Powell Pegrgxy xvlllllll-CPI' Sue NVillett llurilom' llolvliy llunler Frank Farlow Jerry llolleinan Jolmny llpeliureli James Hagrwood lletty Lloyd Earnest Jordeu TI'Ulll,l0lIf'5' Scotty Singleton Arnold Joslin Nelson Hinton Ivan Joslin Ann Hollow:-ll Ronald Buelianau lirrsxws .limmy llarris ack Fulgrluun liugene Miller Di:-k Holleman Leonard Kanlslei' William Austin Drums Stacey Holmes NVilliam Rogers Bill Crisp David MeI.eau Richard Day lliwrfor I'llIlfl'S Dan Mattln-ws llardy Rotliroek Jimmy Vl'all lllarinof Xliee Ann Oliver Shirley liagrwell Allan Boyd Marilyn Zseliau Nettie Sue Phillips Rieliard Pindell Margaret llinsou Pegrgry Sullivan 'llolly Layton Joe Bennett fllflflllff Jimmy Pearee liilly Moxley June VVatsou Vliarles Jenkins Nelda Cleinents Marion Lois Prescott Clireston Holloman 87 Howard Cell Irving: Tliouipso liilly Suiter ll l'atlierine XVliitlev Sn.:-api: one Joe Cox Jack Upelmreli Bobby Akin fi lloli Stephenson l,addie YVatkins Jimmy Famlrers Purvis Boyetlv liugrene Knight llarold Malliews lloliliy Clay llieliard Telfair Glenn Poole Ernest Cliarles James llarrill Joe Pearee Freddie Horton IPVIII' Little Theater The Broughton Little Theater was composed of eighty-three students inter- ested in dramatics. The officers were elected by the members, except the vice- presidents. The presidents of the dramatic' classes became the vice-presidents of the Little Theater. ltfeetings were held six times a semester, composing of two dinner meetings, two program meetings, and the two business meetings. Among the numerous plays that were presented by the Little Theater, the most important was the three act comedy, Men Arc Like Street Cars. This production was under the direction of Miss Doris Sparks, the adviser for the club. l l LITTLE THEATRE OFFICERS First row, left to right: Danny Jones, Bill Howell, JeanWeems, Julianne Boon, Pat Liles, Zelda Stansbury Second row: Gary Fisher, Barbara Doar, Bill Crisp,John Horton, Patsy Paulson standing in front. Q I f' 'Left to righf. first row: Megan Goodwin, Arlene Griset, Olive VVorth. Seeoml row: Pat Liles, Lee Garner, Bill Howell, Anita Fletcher. Golden Masquers Broughton,s honorary dramatics society, the GOLDEN MASQFICRS, recognized students who have excelled in acting and the technical work of a production. Points are received for participation, and those eligible are selected by the members. Monthly meetings are held- Olive VVorth, Pat Liles, John Horton, and Anita Fletcher were chosen by Bliss Sparks, the adviser, in the fall because of the previous members, graduation. Arlene Griset, Bill Howell, Megan Good- win, Danny Jones, and Peggy Carlton were admitted after the Little Theater Play. The HIASQVERS sponsored the trip to the Carolina Dramatics Festival in Chapel Hill in April. They also sponsored the one act play presented there. Girls' thletic Association First rom, Irff fo riyhf: Mary Allll xYllltl'lll'2lKl, Nettie Sue Phillips, Carol Duncan, l.cslic Moscruan, llctiy llood, Palsy I.l'Ull2lNl, Louise Vlark, Nancy Link, .lanicc Bishop, Mary Jane flll'IIll'lIt, Jo Anne Powell, Susan Sharp. S1't'lHIl' Tore: Miss Suggs, Joyce Stevenson, Margaret Hinsou, Marie Patrick, Dot Al4'clUllllt'll, A1111 llardy, Carol Bagley, .lean Gilliam, Kathleen Mathews, llilda VValker Third row: Grace l'carcc Nellie Tudor, Susan Brown, Anita Fletelicr Dot Ncwniaii Shirley' Nvlund .lcrr '. ones 1 1 - . . - 5 a Marilyn Bridggcrs, Ylarion Lois Prescott. l"u1u'tl1, Tore: lfllizahctli llamilton, Susan Hayes, Joan liigrgxshce, Mary Carter, lvlllflllllil XVatson, Sally lvcs, lirlith Rogers, Shirley Caviness, Ann XAvllitl', Nancy XVilso11. I"iffl1 ro7e.' Shirley Slocum, Pcggry Fox, Arlene Griset. Frances Estes, Janicc Dawkins, Mary xVllliillllS, Betsy J D Loydc, Neil IVlcl,cod, Shirley larkcr, lcgrgy farlton. Any girl in tl1e tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade is eligihle for lllCllllDCl'SllllJ i11 the Girls' Athletic Association. This year the llllIlllJCl' of lIlCIIllJCl'S was sixty- one. These girls were then divided into four groups, who were l1eaded hy four captains. They were Kathleen lilathews, Mary Carter, Sl1irley l'arker, Zllld Sl1irley SlUClllIl. Tl1e teams held tournanients Zllllllllg' theniselves in basketball, volleyball, softball, hadniinton and to11cl1 football. Tl1e officers this past year we1'e lXIarion Lois Prescott, presidentg Jo JXIIIIC Powell, vice-president, lllarilyn Bridgers, secre- tary, Neill lileleod, treasurerg and Jo rAI1ll0I,0W0ll, and Shirley Slocizni, publicity chairmen. Two hiking leaders were elected for tilt' purpose of leading all tl1e l1ikes. The hikes were held on Saturday 111orning, and some of tl1e111 were to the Dairy Queen, Lake Johnson, Cary, Macedonia a11d lXlill- brook. A basketball team was selected early in January. Twelve girls composed tl1e tea111. The tean1 played several other schools in the city. A student-faculty gillllii was played, wl1iel1 was enjoyed hy everyone. Tl1e Inelnhers could C2ll'll forty points by participating in extra sports such as skating, tennis, walking, howling, horse- haek riding, golf, liadniinton, ping pong, SllllflLl0lJ02ll'll, and swinnning. Audio-Visual Club The Audio-Visual Club was faced with The heaviest schedule in the history of The eluh. This year we have shown approxi- mately five hundred movies: played records every Friday for the Physical liduealion dancing elass: operated the 'rape recorder praefieally every vveelx of lhe year: and played l'ln'islmas carols from the lower at l'hris'tmas. Another project was the instruction of inierested eighth grade lnoys in the operation of Audio-Visual equip' ment, and in the operation of the audi- forium sound system for ehapel. 'l'o guide the elulm this year we had Harvey Henson as chairman of the Audio- Yisual Coniniitlee of the student eouneil and Mr. Mitchell as adviser. Harvey Henson was reappointed as chairman for next year. lmfl fo riyhi, fronl: Donald Fry, VVorth Godwin, Chris Sapharillis, Fosfer Gibson, Ilarry lfltliericlge, Bill Ikrogdon, Larry Ayklette, Erie Elliot, Joe Kennedy, Jimmy Edwards, .lolm Bikle, Arthur Palmer, Jimmy Davis, and Jimmv Kirkland. Slunrliny: Benton Satlerfield, Eddie Tharrington, Tommy Briggs, "Mule" Shirley, liill VVaIlaee, Jlllllllh' Mlll'lll'. lllllwri Davis, Bobby Caviness, Billy Moscly, Gerry Hartzog, Claude Broome, Marvin Glover, Pele lflherharl, llurlierl Maftliews, llobhy Mitchell, Mr. "Long: John" Mitchell, llarry llenson. The Broughton High School Concert Band Left to right: Chreston Holomnn, Marion Lois Prescott, Lee Giles, Jimmy VVall, Carolyn Clement. Second row: Ervin Thompson, Richard Pindell, Glenn Jones, William Moxley, Nettie Sue Phillips, Betty Lloyed, Joanne Powell, Ernest Jordan, A. D. Robinson, Jack Upchurch, John Lawrence, Peggy Strickland. Third row: Allice Liles, Margaret Henson, Peggy Sullivan, Howard Cell. Jim Jolmson, David Stephenson, Jimmy Chambers, Harold Matthews, Townsend llolt, Richard Telfair, Jim Harrill, Thomas VVilliamson, Philip Yarbrough, Ann Hollowcll, Arnold Joslin, Donald Kirby, Ivan Joslin. Fourth row: James Stanford, R. A. Barnes, Director of the Bandg Leonard Kamser, Jack Fnlgrhurn, John Upchurch, Jerrold Holleman, Richard Park, Robert Shoifner, Richard Day. 94 Girls' Monogram Club 'l'l1is vonr is tlio sooonil in tlio liistory of .X point SYSl'Clll lms boon clovisorl, tlio nunl- tlio Girls Moiiogrnin Club. It was organ- lmors of points roqnirocl ns follows: first izoxl for tlio pnrlnoso of stimulating intor- ost in girls' sports. Kntllloon Mnttliows was olootoml prosiilont: .lo Anno l'owoll. vivo- prosirlont: Noill KIoI,oocl, soorotnryz nnrl Sllirloy SlUl'lllll, ll'l'2lSlll'Ol" 'l'l1o lirst your of lIlCllllM'l'Slllll. tllo girls roooivo :1 lottor, tlio soooncl your :1 pin, :incl tlio tliirml your El lottor witll two stnrs. vonr, two llllIl1ll'l'll pointsg sooonrl your, tour lllllllll'Cll points: zlnrl tlnrml your, six llllIlfll'Cfl points. In tlio pnst your, tllo lll'0.ll'C'l'i lmvo lnoont to tnko olinrgo of tlio girls' lonngo during all lionio lmskotlmll gzunos, sponsoring play-ilnys, G. A. A. 'l'0lll'll2llllClll'S., Olym- IJICS, illlfl El CEIIIIIHIIQ' 'tl'lp. Q lmfl Io riylif: .l2lllll'l' l3lNll17Il,.ll7 Anno Powrll, Marion Lois Prosoott, Pllizellwtli llumilton, Anita l"lotol1or, Joan Gillizun, Kutliloon Mntln-ws, Marilyn Bridgors. Noill Mol 1-oil Xrlcnm C ' Mis' I I Sl" ilvl r Is . ll 14' fl r, an 'si' . , 1 f ' lrisot, Sliirloy Slooum, Sllirloy lalrkvr, illlll Boys' Monogram Club If'ir.vl row, Irfft lo riyhl: Bobby Sessoms, Billy Station, Jack Cell, Joe Moody, Tommy Teague, Malvin Glover, Frank lluskius, Billy llolloman, Verne Caviness, Bill Russ, and adviser, Mr, Ringgold. SJ'!'0llIl, ':'ow: llud Kelly, Pat Eldridge, Lynwood lfbanks, Bill VVallace, llurt Veazy, Al Starns, Sonny Turlimrton, Jimmy Presley. Thirrl row: Utis Farrol, lid Steele, Davfd Smith, Bobby Gaddy, John VVray, 'l'om Newton, Jesse Uhappcll, Robert Spears. Fourlh 1'o'ze.' Lenox Johnson, Billy YVilliford, Charles Smith, Ned Meekins, Larry Ellis, Gerry Hartzog. lloh Lassiter, Jack Frazclle, Chris Foley. The hlonogram Club began its l95l- l952 school year by electing the remainder of its otlicers. Last year's club had 'pres viously elected Chris Coley to lead this year's club. The other officers are: Vice- l'resident, Bud Kellyg Secretary, Verne Cavinessg 'l'reasurer, Lenox Johnson, and Sergeant-at-Arms, Jerry Hartzog. 'l'he club opened its activities with its annual dance. From the money made on this project the boys bought food for the needy families of Raleigh. In order to supplement the supply the students of the school brought can food to a chapel program. The distribution of food this year was one of the widest in the past years. During the baskethall season the ltlono- gram Club helped to bring about good sportsmanship more keenly to the nnnds of the students Jlayers and other s recta- 9 . tors. The club sold tickets and served as ushers at all the games. ltlr. Ringgold, adviser of the club. supervised the project of keeping the cafeteria in order. At the close of the year the club elected the most outstanding senior athlete. Pat Eldridge was awarded this trophy, in assembly. Pat, co-captain of the swim- ming team, was selected for his excellent swimming ability. 1"IGll'l' SUNG Ho flu' func of "Sl1orlvuiu' Bra ilu-rr liulviglm Iligll School Tuclq lu your slurlluils, R ull-iglm must wiu Roll up your Inulls, 1 :glut lo flux fiuisll Go homo, A , , 'Novvr gin- lu Qliulm, rull. Hllll You :1iu'f gof :l Cll2lIlCl'. mu 4lo your ln-st, lroys You czuuo 'fo Ruloigll 1-'ll clo flu- rust, lmoys lVifl1 your lllgll-Hllllg lu-acl: l :glut ou lo victory Go homo, A lillll llulll Null! DROP DI'1.XUl ATHLETIC Football Imfl lo rfuhl: Watson Holyficld, Jayvcc Foachg Carroll Kingr. Head Couch: Jimmy Ringgrold, Backlit-ld Coacliq fhris Shay, l.ine foach. This year the Raleigh High t'aps experienced their best season since Carroll King took over the reins as head coach. The Caps met the usual liastern Vlass AAA oposition and also some tough outside competition. YVhen the season ended the l'aps had attained a record of five wins, four losses, and one tie. Doing an excellent 'job in the capacity of assistant coaches were Jimmy Ringgold and Uhris Shay and Junior Varsity Uoach Vllatson Holyfield. Some well earned praise is also due to Head Manager Tookie Desern and Assistants Ed Steele and Gilbert Rothstein. RAI ,l+1IGHv1"UQUAY The Raleigh Caps opened their 1951- l952 season in Raleigh against Fuquay,s Class A squad. i'oach King cleared the bench as the Caps rolled to an easy victory to the tune of 552-0. The entire team played good for the opening game which proved to be a valuable asset. The Caps gained some much needed confidence and added some more fire to their will to win. The highlight of the game was a long pass from Lenox Johnson to J. C. Thomas who caught the hall on the lfuquav one .vard line and went over to score. Jolmson served notice that he would be a tlu'eat in both the running and passing departments, and Junk Ilssery and Yerne Caviness led the fine Raleigh line play. The game served its purpose by giving the locals some experience before they met some tougher conference foes. RAI,l'11GIl-GRl'll'1NSli0RU RALICIGII-Ill 'KHAKI 'l'h0 Caps t:1st01l th0i1' first 1l0t'0z1t ot' By lxlllllllily tl10 loss to fil'00llSllUl'U was tl10 s0z1so11 Oll :1 w0t :incl sloppy night i11 history :111cl H10 Caps w01'0 looking t'orw:11'1l cil'C0llSllOl'01S l10:111tif11l st:1cli11111. I.110l4 1'ofl0 to th0i1' first l'l:1st01'11 Floss AAA t'o11t'01'- with tl10 lllSllll'Ctl YVhi1'li0s EIS 't'lIL'.Y s0o1'0cl 01100 0l:1sh with tl10 tough liullclogs of Dui'- il 12-0 victory ov01' tl10 visiting C':1ps. h:1111. I,lll'llZllllll2lfl'lllStllilllillilllg Vllllllllg 'll0lll'llilOWllS lw fll'C0llSl7Ol'0 i11 tl10 first Elllfl Sfl'02lli Sll2l'ftCl'0tl HIC W00li l10t'o1'0 illlfl w01'0 third qUm.h,l.g won, mough to NIMH HH. 0xp00t01l to ll0llIlCC hack ll2ll'Cl. .But Rnlcigh t':1ps Elllll allow flll' VVhi1'li0s to k00p lllL'll' 0011111 'ml llc 110111011 and hmllly mlm' String. of,S mm. linlcigh intact. thzough tl10 lzllllgll Zlllfl tlllllllll' 0o11t0st with l'lcl1li0 Yost l'!lll for H10 first tally 211111 liill ft l-0 ullscl Vlctoliy' In llw Sccmld tllmrlcli' uqulul hit Dick Rothlml with I scminu I1Cll0X Johilson follml 'l'o111111v N0wto11 i11 . . . H10 011rl zo110 'lllfl hit llllll with '1 ll'l'l.l'l'l pass 111 tl10 thlrml q11z11't01' tor H10 only 1 I l st1'1k0 tor tl10 Wllllllllg' to110hclow11. 'l'h0 play 0:11110 from cight y:11'1ls o11t. liohhy I,z1ssit01' :1clcl0rl tl10 0xt1'z1 point to C'0lllIlll'lC tl10 s0o1'i11g for tl10 night. I,lll'll2llIl t'o11gl1t . . Inu-k ll21l'Il III tl10 SL'COll1l lmlf :111rl t:1x01l tl10 flflllk 1l0t'011s0 to tl10 li111it. I11 tl10 flllill lllllllll'L'S tl10 li11ll1log,g's 111:11'0h01l to tl10 lin- s0o1'0s ot' tl10 g'z11110. Both 0xt1':1 points IlIlSSl'Il tllCll' lII2ll'li. flO'cl2lllt'2llllS Chris l'ol0y :1l1cl Junk l'ss01'y t111'1101l i11 goocl Il0l'l'Ol'lIlfllli'l'S for li:1l0ig'h along' with Burl Kvlly illlll l1L'Illll0l J011l4i11s. It was :1 llEll'fl gilllll' to los0 with H10 Ollly C'UllSOl2lllOll l10i11g tl10 l.?ll'l' that cil'L'L'llSlJ0l'0 is not il It-igh two V2ll'll lllll' Zlllfl H11'0:1t0110rl to ti0 C0lll.l'l'l'llC'0 Ollililllltllt. tlll' s0o1'0, hot H10y w01'0 11ot Zllill' to cross Sh-0l0 l,l'Sl'l'll ltothstviii 99 3-4 GJ -J-I W O 'B lv-I 3-1 rles Macon, Steve Norton, Cha Paul Chamblee, Cauldburg, ob B rt Spears, mgr., Chris Coley, be : R0 3 o s -Q. 7: 3: in sl bb S .. :A :u - C er E E J: -E E .2 5 Fil 'S ca 3 F' 'T' n-4 in Z' QJ M 'CS 5 M I--1 ra 'U O C 5 9 . f-1 M. U O fu I-4 : S .2 an U cd vw y Pu rye-ar, Tonnn Smith, Charles as, David Thom C. Johnson, CIIOX L mgr., hstein, ot R ert w: Gilb T0 0 nd L m W igr. II Lassitf-r, Ed S tvele, ob 'oorhe-es, I5 X 011 uel Jenkins, D Lem artzog, ewton, Gerry H X Q4 : Pa CU O- :Z x ln 5 :: : C '1 D. ,- 3 n.. Z. if .-. ,J E : CI U 51. ': ., 0 CD of an TE I- 'E L11 4-' x D4 .Q m .E ,ac CD :1 F11 .1 C LU I-1 If-4 FU. I-1 is E CQ L3 in C: E aa D-4 'U if-i iii Q x 'B .53 If N mgr. ead Desern, H Davis, Tookie ouis Daniel, L ighl, ly Kn Ray, J imn Richard Bob Ussery, Bostick, raham Crumpion, G HS illy Baker, mgr., Dall B F0101 F011 rlh E GJ i-4 rn 'J m : o Q W. 1: : LJ .L o CC 6 F- fe 5 ... .2 z: m Q C. aa BL F2 ln IL af Q. -I Chris Coley over into pay dirt. Junk l'ssery inter- cepted a fourth down pass to stop the threat. Lenox Johnson, Don Voorhees, Bud Kelly, and Verne Caviness were out- standing for the locals. The game was costly though, for Joe llloody, a standout back was injured and lost for the remainder of the season. RALICIGH-WILSON Raleigh seemed to be in for a rough night against the VVilson Cyclones when they fumbled five times in the first quarter and lost the ball on four of the five. Ra- leigh's defense held, however, and carried the Caps through until their offense started clicking i11 the second quarter. Bob Las- siter put the finishing touch on a 63 yard drive when he flipped a 10 yard pass to Chris Coley on the Wilson 36. Coley scooted down the sidelines to give the Caps their first score. Lassiter added the extra Bobby Ussery point and the Caps led 7-0. Raleigh cov- ered a fllllllllfl on the VVilson 412. Six plays later Johnson crashed over left guard for the score. The extra point was missed and the Caps led at halftime by 13-0. Raleigh took the opening kickoff of the second half and returned it to its own 46. In seven plays the Uaps covered 541 yards for the score. Coley carried the hall six times and covered 51 yards. He sco1'ed from five yards out. The light Cyclones were unable to sco1'e but did have some good moments in the second and fourth quarters with the use of their spread formation. King used his reserves sparingly and the entire bench saw action. George Rice was a standout for WilS0ll while Coley, Johnson, and the whole Cap line turned i11 sparkling performances. RALICIGH-CHARI.0'l"l'l'I A few shirt-sleeved fans watched the VVolfpack of Charlotte Tech throw a real scare into the Caps before the Raleigh attack started clicking late in the second half. The Caps scored first, but Charlotte, with its eight starting sophomores, roared right back to take the lead at T-6. Raleigh recovered the lead a few seconds before the end of the half when Tommy Newton pulled ill a long pass in the end zone. Bobby Lassiter converted and the Caps led at halftime by a score of 13-7. Char- lotte tied the score once again in the third quarter but only for a second. Their kick- ofi' went to Chris Coley and the tleetfooted Raleigh halfback dashed 92 yards for a six-pointer. Newton snagged two more touchdown passes to 1'un the score to 33-13 as Coach King cleared his bench in the final moments. Chris Coley turned in some excellent running and Verne Caviness, Gerry Hartzog, and John iVray were also helpful to the Raleigh cause. liAI,l'1IGH-lVII,MI NGTON The Raleigh Caps turned in their best performance of the season against iVil- mington's highly touted ivildcats. Ha- leigh led for almost the entire game and only a heart-breaking finish prevented them from scoring their first victory over VVilmington since 19-137. VVilmington tal- lied 111 points in the last seven and one half minutes to tie the game at 27-27. The Caps ran wild in the first quarter, scoring three touchdowns, and leaving the field at halftime with a 20-fi lead. The Caps took the opening kiekofi' on their own E5-L. Don Voorhees made 13 yards in two car- ries, moving the ball to the YT. Chris Coley took the ball on the next play and went the distance for six points. Bobby Lassiter added the first of his three extra Ifrwrflirly: Lee Pridgren, Joe Moody. Don Voorhees, Charles Macon. Sflllllfilljlf Chris Coley, Lenox Johnson. Paul Chamblee, Bob Caulbnryx. Boh Lassiter Jackie Murdock Gcrry Hartzog: points. Lenox Johnson hit Newton with a touchdown pass for the second score of the first quarter. Bobby Lassiter clinlaxed a long drive when he cracked over from the three yard line to supply the third tally. The third quarter had just begun when Gerry Hartzog pitched out wide to Coley and when Coley stopped he had covered 76 yards to the VVildcat goal. Vvihnington, however, kept fighting back, mainly through the efforts of Burt Grant and two of his targets, Julian Rogers and Dan Skinner. lVith little more than seve11 minutes left in the game they pulled with- in seven points of the tiring Caps, and with only a few seconds remaining, Burt Grant, passing from the Raleigh eight, hit Skinner in the end zone. On the next play, Grant calmly stepped up and booted the extra point to tie the sco1'e. Although it was not easy to take a tie instead of a vic- tory, there was some consolation in that it was still an upset and also the only hlelnish on State Champion VVihnington5s record. Burt Grant, Flo lvorrell and Julian Rogers led the visitors. l'hris foley, Bud Kelly, Junk llssery, and Bobby Lassiter stood out in a fine per- fornlance hy the entire Raleigh squad. RAI,l'lIGH-GULDSBURU Goldshoro's Earthquakes struck quickly and were ahle to hold their lead and pro- vide themselves with an upset victory over the Raleigh Caps. The hoys from Golds- horo were inspired hy a huge Hoinecoining celebration and won over the Faps in a hattle that saw tenipers Hare from the opening niinutes. Un the second play from scrinnnage, Goldshoro caught the Raleigh defense with its pants down and completed a pass good for 6-11 yards and a touchdown. The conversion gave then: a 7-0 lead. Ra- Uoach Shay Newton, Poole, Crumpton, Caviness, Wray, Jenkins, 'l'homas, Rldridgre, Euhanks, lluskins, Ward. leigh seemed to be getting back into the ball game when 'liClIlllC1 Jenkins recovered a fumble on the Goldsboro 23 yard line. The Uaps marched to the four but the1'e a fumble on a pitchout play ended their best scoring opportunity. Again in the second quarter Goldsboro scored on a screen pass. This play covered 62 yards. This concluded the scoring for the evening, for, even though the Caps had several chances in the second half, they coulcln't push the ball across. Bobby Bryan and D. C. Daughtry looked good for Golds- boro, while Lemuel Jenkins and Don Voorhees stood out for Raleigh. Final scoreg Goldsboro 13, Raleigh 0. RALEIGH-BURI'.INGTUN Raleie'h's Homecomin ' came to a ha 1 ' A rw 54. .Y ending when the Caps chmaxed a parade and llomecoming Dance with a l-lf-12 victory over Burlington,s lvcstern Class AAA Conference Bulldogs. The Riddick Stadium crowd cheered as Bob 'Lassiter put two perfect placements through the goal posts to supply the margin of victory. Jackie Murdock covered thirteen yards in two quarterback sneaks to give Raleigh its first score. A break for Raleigh came later in the game when the Burlington safety- man fumbled one of Junk llssery's kicks. Tommy Newton recovered the ball for Raleigh on the Bulldogs, 13 yard line and a few plays later Don Voorhees cracked over for tl1e score. Burlington came back to score twelve points but to no avail. These we1'e the first touchdowns of the year for both lllurdock Zlllll Yoorhees. Newton, Caviness, Thomas, lllurdock, and Voorhees were outstanding for the Caps. .lounnv Furry, l,olD:irv Cheerleaders .FN 43- 'T' kv' Frou! roxv: Dol .lonn-s, llursl. lim-If rmv: ,Knn Slizlw l,4'norv tire-cn. lmfl lo riyhl, jirxi row: Bonnie Gower, .luck Vl'zlrner, Toney D4-un, Vliris Supsirilzls. Billy Strong. Gary Laine, Glen Carroll, Arthur P2llIll0Y', Roddy Jones, GL-orgv K1llKlj'2llllll'KllS. Sworn! row: Bolmlvy Crvil, Norwood Park:-r, Vlmrles Morris, .lov lllvllm-0, Hal Stvinlwrgr, Clmrlvs Both-s, .lnlizin Pcvlmlm-s, Cliurles Mongrnni, Miki- Morse, S4-lla Miller, Billy Moscly. Tliircl row: Couvln Willson llolylivlxl, Billy XVillis, Capluili Pele- lilwrlizirl, Mvrlon King, Wra-nn Fowler, Wade Czllllwrgr, Lewis Anferml, Hurry Moore, Don Small, Max Bryan, Bill VVilli:nns, Billy Banker, Manager. 105 LD Sei sf, .V I' 3 GL 'fl-.. A JPN Basketball l'UAl'lll'2S lmfl lo l'i.IlIlI.' Watson llolyfielzl, l':lrol King. 'l'l1e ltzmlelgll f'2lIJlt2llS begun their most successful lmsketlmll season ln lfi years Vntliel' slowly. After clown- ing Kinston in tlxe opening gznne the Raleigh angers went into u slump zuul were overpowerecl by lvinston- , . . bnlenn, Burlington, nncl l'zu'ol1nz1 l"rosl1. lint upon tlle opening gznne ot' the l'l2lSl'0l'll cl0lliiCl'CllCC SCllCIllllC, tlle Hips tell into full stricle, zlnrl lmcgzln to knock over p1':u'tiez1lly every c-Imllenging tezun. 'l'l1e potential Ral- leigll squful beat every teznn in the 106 l.'lZLSt0l'Il C0l1fC1'CI1C'C twice witll tlic exception ot' vvllllllllgttlll who Wlllllllwl them only once in Vvllllllllgltlll. After winning ten out ot' eleven starts, the Cups founrl tllenlselves sc-llerluleml to play Durlmnl in tlle gznne wlliell woulcl cleternline tlle l'l2lSt'0l'Il Von- f0l'OIlCQ ClltllIlIJl0IlS. l'pon the start of the gzune, tlle Cups trziilecl Dun'- lllllll by several points. 'l'll0Il :Ln inci- clent oeeurrecl wllic-ll Raleigh fans will l'CIllL'llllJCl' for tl long tilne. A spectzltoi' tllrew il snowlmll onto tlle .111 lllf 1111111 wl110l1 1l1s1'11l1f01l H10 Qfflllll' 1 XH01' 11l:1.x' was 1'0s1111101l, H10 lillllclogs ftlllllll H1211 H10 s11owl1:1ll l1111l 011111011 H10111 1111 01111s11l01'11l1l.1', :1111l H10 1'0sf 111'11v01l 111'11Hh1l1l0 hm H10 C'1111s. l,ll!'- 1111111 saw il H1011 li2lIl'ig'll tt'2lIll pull 1 . . . 11'11 fUllfCl'L'lll'l' 0l1:1111p11111sl1111. r 1 ' H10 lJl'llll1l N11l01g'l1 tCElIll was H1011 1 'l'11111'11:1111011f ill lJ111'l111111. 'l'l10v w01'0 N1-11011 111 11l:1.1' .XSlll'YiHl' ill H10 1111011- 1:1i11111s q'1'11,11 lfff ln riyzlllf Jllllllllj' l'lll'lllll'l'l1, 'l', V, Nl11111'0. 111' I'1111l0. .1111-1110 xIlll'lllYl'li, 'IW11111111' Vlwt'1lj,l'll1 H1111 lXlI'l!j', .Yz11'k l0lI. I"UliW.'X RDS lrfl In rilulrl: fNl:1l1i11 f1IlH'l'l'. I,01111x .l11I111w11. 111-1':1I1I .I11111-5. .l. if 'l'l111111z1s. I71111 Slilll', i':11'I ll:111-x :1111l l"l't'll D1-H1-1'1'y I11101-li111:. 0:11l hu Will H10 g:11110 illlll H10 Nasi- 01'01l ill tlll' Stilfl' ftllfllllllilllldlilb . . , - - mg gilllll' of H10 .X.X.X l l1111111111111sl1111, 11011 lmy "ll111'l4y" lI:1y0s 111111 J. C' 'l'l111111:1s w1H1 18 lminiw 2lIPil'i'l' illlll ' 1 I.01111x J11l111w11 Wlfll 12, H10 1:1115 l11'00x01l H11'1111gl1 wiH1 illl 88 111 541 110 fory. 1111-i1l011f11llv, H10 C':1l1s lll'Ulil H1100 111111'110x' 1'00111'1ls 111 H11s Qilllll' 'l'l10 1'01l l111'1 laillldgll s1111:11l H1011 1 , . . 11101 cllIll'lUffl' fL'llfl'ill lll H10 s01111- finals. 'l'l10v f1'11111111l101l 56 lu 50 1111! WUVL' 01111l01l off 01111xi1l01':1l1ly fl'UIlI H10 111'01'11111s g111110. Vlvlll' lmoivs l1l:1-1011 an excellent clefensive game which provcfl to he enough to stop the Central oll'ensive. J. C. 'l'homas hucketerl 20 points and little Jackie Murdock colleetecl ten to leacl the Cap offensive. Raleigh then founcl that it was face to face with the greatest task of the season-the State Championship game. Clever playmaking, fairly ae- curate shooting, and a tremenclous spirit of determination to win were the main factors which lecl the Caps on to win the game hy a tight score of 51 to 49. It was a long see-saw hat- tle which saw Jackie Murdock lead his mates to victory. The game went "nip and tuekw all the way. Then Murcloek sank his one hanrl push with one minute remaining, stole the hall, and went into a cleep freeze until the final gun sounded. "Sparky" ltlurclock colleetecl 15 points while Hayes ancl Thomas clroppecl in 13 and 12 respectively. It was a very happy and enthusiastic team of lla- leigh Capitals who were crownecl "State Champs" for l952 basketball season. I I row, lrff to right: Johnny Upchurch, Fred DeBerry, Don Kirby, Tommy Teague. Second row: lukn lrclock, llohhy Usury, 'l'. C. More, Carl Hayes, J. C. Thomas. Thfrfl rozvi Coach Carol King, Roy Pooh on ini Thomas King, .lack Cell, Asst. Coach Watson Ilolyfield. Foizrlh row: Lenox Johnson, Gerald lones Richard Ray, Malviu Glover, Managers Harold Smith and Bill VVallace. Baseball The scasmfs SCllCflLllC is '15 lol lows : April April April April April April April April April May May llfay May May 1-VVilson 4-Faye'c'ccville+ 8-lvilmingtonek 10-14-Holidays 15--Golflsboroie 1 8-Rocky Mount' 22-Durlmlnqe 25-Wilsollw 29-Fayetteville 2-VVilmingt0n X 6-Open 9-Goldsboro 13-Rocky lxllllllltak 1 6-Durham " Home games. 109 Swimming I" row. lrffl fn riyhl: Dawoslzi St011l1e'11so11, lxllllllj' I.yll4'll, Larry Ellis, llltllllllly i'upl4-1, Jimmy Pri-ssly, .lulm l,l'll'l'SUll. Sm-will row: .lulm Puwvll, M:111:1g:4'rg .limmy J11l111su11, liussvll lil'Ilj', Jimmy l'l1:1111l11-rs, Julm l3l:1vlc11'n-ll, Iiuzzy Pk'll'I'SUIl. Thirll rmuf Nnrflm-vi I'111l1-1'11'm1ml, 1 ll1Hll'll1 N4-cl fVlvvki11s, lat Hlilriclgv, I,yllNVl7lKl l'llllHlIlliS, Nlillzlrcl llilli, llurl Vvzim-y, ll11l1v1'l Davis. I'lUlIl',ll row: K. R. S111ill1,.lim R1-1-ln illll' l21IlliCl'S wv1'0 H10 Slll'lJl'lSC fc-:1111 of lllll qYK'21l'. 'lllll'-V sl:11'h'fl H10 .v0:11' wiH1 only NUVCII l0lll'l'lllCll. A 111:1.io1'ilj' of H111 lmys 11'v1'v lust via gl'2LClll2lll0Il. 'l'l1c sc-:1s011 l1c- gzui slrmwllv. Ill tllllll' first Ill00l lllll INDI'- IllL'll 11'v1'c- s11':1111pc1l by G1':1111l1y High of Nurfollq. lYiH1 11111111 cxp01'i011cc, Hwy llL'g'2lll lo lIlllll'0VC. 'l'l1cy 0:11110 H11'c111gl1 H10 So11H1c1'11 I11fc1'sc'l1olz1sfic Ricci i11 H10 llllli slylv of 111'ovir111s yours :mel l11'1111gl1f llllllll' H10 ll'tlIJlly for H10 H1i1'fl sl1'z1igl1l ls, .lack l'i11flcll. 1'cz11'. Aflcl' lllflt, l'o:1c'l1 l'11cl01'w1111 511111111 c-1111111-cl H10 Slnlc Mcvl for H10 'H1i1fl -vom' i11 El row, :111cl H10 Duke I11vih1lio1. fm' tl IC l'UlIl'lll c'o11scc'11li1'0 1'c:11'. Vlllll' lmu - 1 1'c'z1lly cllrl :111 cxc'0llc11l .1ol1, :111cl ftlillll lvllflCl'W00fl, ill l1is firsf 1'0:11' as c'c1:1rl1 slmulcl l1c C'0lllIlll'IlIlCIl for :1 .iolm well clm I,y1111'oo1l l'l11l1:111l4s, ill!-Cillllillll lleil l'll clrirlgc, l,:11'1'y lillis, Zlllfl Nucl ixll'l'lilIlS wa-1'0 H10 lllillll cogs 1111 H10 l'll2lllllll0llSlll 1 l'cz1111. 1 l1:11 lmfl In riyflrlf l3lll'l Vvzis Pit lildrirlsri-, l.X'lIWl10ll l'll llx5. cl s 1111 Tenni Ag xx xx:- Rx N x xkrf X Track 111 1, X . HNVXX X x , "ini xxx -xx X ' KXKN X Q , W. Xi, x K K Girls, thletic ssociation XVitli tbe belp of tbe Girl's Monogram Club, wbieb aeteil as a planning boarcl, tbe activities of tbe G. A. A. got umlerway earlier tban usual tbis year. After cleyoting tbe first two meetings to tbe busif ness of eleeting oHieers aml flivifling tbe group into four teams. tbe girls began tbe year witb toueb football. Bat- tling away onee a weeli. 'l'be girls learnecl to appreciate tbe football team anrl to en! joy tbe games tbrougb better 1 . Q 4 unclerstancling of football. Following on tbe heels ol' football was volleyball. 'l'wo nets were set up to allow two games after sbort business meetings. Aiclecl by referee instruction elasses eomluetecl by tbe aflviser, Miss Suggs, G. A. A. members ottieiateil tbe games. 'llbese referee instructions were eontinuerl cluring basket- ball season. 'l'l1e girls began tbe year in basketball by play- ing Catberlral on January 44. Sinee tbe G- A. A. team bafl not been ebosen, any girls interesterl were allowed to play. Sixteen team members anrl two managers were later ebosen after Miss Suggs bail observed the girls fluring G. A. A. games anrl tryouts. Basketball praetiee was belrl on Tuesrlays witb regular G. A. A. meetings on lfriilays. Highlights ot' tbe year were the publication of tbe G. A. A. of tbe montb in tbe Hif'l'inu's, a pienie belcl in Uetober, play- clays in volleyball anrl basket- ball, tbe Olympics, aml tbe Margaret Henson, Susan Ilayes. Imff In riylrl, mirlrllrq' Louise Vlarlc and Arlene Griset, .lane l'lemenl. Jerry Jones. Imfl lo rfyhl, lop: .loan lliggsbee, lmfl lo Tfllllf. fwllnnl: Grave Pearce, two camping trips at Crab- tree Ureek. Some of the hikes this year were to Neuse River, liake Johnson, the Dairy Queen, l'ary, Macedonia, l,assiter's Mill, ancl Millbrook. Spring activities incluclefl harlminton, tennis anrl hase- hall. The ten top girls having over Q00 points at the enfl of the year were awarrlecl letters. Girls having alreacly won a letter earnecl 200 aclclitional points the second year for a pin, ancl those girls who hail earnerl hoth a letter ancl a pin hacl to have 200 points the thircl year to receive a letter with two stars. The girls prouclly wear these awards, for they sym- holize many hours spent in G. A. A. activities. Require- ments for awarcls are as fol- lows: T5 points for organizefl hiking Cone point a mile-H -110 outsicle points fpoint an hour for playing tennis, skating, walking, ancl other incliviflual sports.l The other points are earnerl hy participating in gym and G. A. A. tournaments, hy heing clectccl to offices, hy heing on the varsity teams, ancl hy participating in play- ilays. Une can easily see how the purposes of promoting inter- est in girls' sports ancl of pro- vicling the girls with a means of wholesome recreation are accomplishccl hy this wicle range of activities in the G. A. A. each year. lmfl fo Ffltlllf, lop: Janice Bishop, l'arol liagrley, Sandra Stephens. lmfl lu riyllf. lriirldlau' Marilyn Bridg- crs, JoAnne Powell, Marion Prescott, Neill lVlcl,eoll. Left fn riyhf, lfflfflllllf Anita Fletelier, Betsy Lloyd, Mary Anile NN'l1itcl1e:ul Joyce Stephens. 6100 SCHOg gil Ugly, maui. it A S e is . 4' GH' 5 HIGHSRYE KWH 0 gg i QBXXGH T04 mmol. sfsusyfq. YFH Scunap .,,,MpQ. ajorettes Imfl In riyyhl: Sylvia lic-griatu-r, l'rgrg:y Siricklzuld, JuAnm- Powc-ll, Carolyn f.l1'llll'Ilt, Kullwrim- lirzxnvll Willvfl, illlll l':1i xvl'lYillQItUll. .Xrv you IDl'Ullil of your svll mmmm I? XVl1zLf's HIL' lll?lttl'l' wiill H10 fuzun? XYUHII, mam! The t0illIl.S all right! .Xrv you lll'UlIll ul' .X'UllI' lczun? NVL-ll, who sznicl so? x,l'2lIl, mam! liillldgll lliglu! XYQII, gin- :1 'vcll fill' .Y0lll' sclmul, XVL-ll, In-tk give :L -vcll for llulciglm lllglm .Xml :L ya-ll fm' your fozun Hey, Rall, Hall, Rall, Rall, Hull! qc12lllSC lizxlvigll High Scl1ool's Hoy, Rall, Rilll, Hall, Hull, linlm! 1,11 H10 bcaunf Hoy, Rah, Rall, Rall, liilll, Rah! Fight, team fight! 114 X. - -- : A laiifiiisf- sf Qfew :M , 1 . ,- .- -. if -,. .fgwffa mxrveiff . f J Qin- .L ,M,.fqAyQ,fr:.fn-Q -, Wg,fQ5g1n,1g,ff,: M ,. W XM . X ,-..l L , - :3glf15,q:.Xk-M gw fgg K K .. 2 4.1:-we 1 Q ,X ? 'si ' -uf sz i -.Ls-QQ" .25"i 5f?Ezs::1 , 5 iwkaf Q fl V -Egg Pi 523 xxx .1 - v .3 H . f iw: F955 ' fi I-f3Mii:?iSi:+ . A 3 x M gg , . 'T , , F 5 fu C' Q . A i N. 8 KB' ,SA ,i,,,1,l' JW af ML. W . 35' M ...Q 1 Q 1 . 35 5 31,1 X 931 . f "'2s,f: ,rr . 4, Q uv. an M M..4 4 2-,. gf, AIA' NY' Y ' 'Q The bemor Stor "lu- full ul' l!llH l'ulnul ns l'1'1'ling ulnursl lilac Sllll- l llllllllk in l l'r1'shnu'n zugruin. During: llu' sinnnwr, luv .. llu' .Vwwx fum' Ulrsrrtwi' vuwl'Ll. NNY lirmlgxllllln lilly ' ' ' ' " 'il ' rwrinu' lmnnx ll Nvw llwul llus llle. Xlziy 5 llu' ln: l ,. wus Iu'r1', nlzlrling high svluml :ilung willi ns. liawli il lliwullgrlilunu wax Maury IS. l':nnuwn, our lu-w vlms ulviscr, wluv haul lu'vn in lflnglznul :ls llll l'Xl'll?lIllIl' lm':u'lu'r. K. 4 i Wilh lhzil slrs':ull'nl "sinh" lnlu-n :iwuy fron: unr lass, wc slnrlrcl our frm-slinizin yvur wilh K'lllllllSlllSIll nul :n ru-w unl-lnuk. llzul not l'riiu'ipul Chile' pruni- wrl, "'I'lu'rs"ll lu' wnu' 4'llElllgIl'S n1:ulm"'? lint wx' wvrm' lun hnxy cliungringr vlzum-5, gfllillllllff nvvr l,z1lin, lllllllllljl ulgrclirsu, :nul lziliing phys. ml. lu wurry Zllllllll l l"x'm'n unr luwnrx :lflrr scluuml wore' living: fillml lhu . , np: lIlI'l5jUlIlt'1l Y'll'l'l'Ilh :nul llu' l".ll,.'X.g luryf. lungrcml ln lu- in llu' Ili-Y ur lu pluy junior vzirsily AlHlI'lhQ J nul nmny jniiuwl llu'Gll'1' l'lnli. Nl1'lIllTl'I'N nl' llu' Cnlcc' l'lnlm p:n'li1'ip:lll'1l in llu- uiu'rl'll:u, Ilullugf Ilfmvu Ihr' Sify. lrlllylllll' nmin rulvs wvrm- nur liill Crisp :nul .llu' l'll'l'f,.Ylll'sllIl. .Xu nur l7llll'l'l'N fur nur lirsl yrzlr in high wluuul, ws' s'l1'c'l1'4l Xlulmrllx' llllIl'lil'l' lu ls':ul llu' Ulnms. 'l'lu' ullu'r l2llll'l'I'h wvrs' l':1l lilclrillgrv, hl'I'X'lllgI his svvuximl yn-:lr uf. Yl1'!"lll'l'Sllll'IllQ lA'llllI't' llrwn, hl'l'l'l'l6ll'y1 'l'unnny lil'xnu'rly, ll'4'JlSlII'l'I'Q :nul lhul Ks-lly, Sl'Y'fIl'5llll-!llA Ell'llIh, l.l'nurm' prml-ll quill' :ulupl ns. an Nl'l'l'l'lllI'y, for in llu' xpring llu' Slxulvnl liluly n'lcl'll-ll lu'r lu lu- Nl'4'I'l'l2ll'y ul' llu' Slllllt'lll l'mnu'il for llu' ruining: wir. 'l'lu' irlrsi nl' liuvingr :i Vlnli 1u'ri1ul lwn linux :I Fl wvvk clnring: wluml nu'l our zippruvzll, hnl XX'll2ll vlnli ro join wus :inollwr llllllllxf. XVA' nizull' llu' 1'luriCl', lrivrl lu lixul linu' lu mln such lhingrs :is lumnu-work, fnnnxl llml lu1nu'cunii1v" wus. lll'ill', mul 'l'l1:1nksg:iving: :nul llllflhllllllh wrrl- jnsl zirmnul llu' K'llT'lll'I'. Spun- suring Uni' vluw fur llUllll'l'UIlllIlgI wsu livlly llivlis, 'l'Iu' r:u':ilinn :il lllll'lNlIllllh was liru-, hnl llu' ligrhl llJIXVll1'll un ns wlu-n ws- rm'lnrlu'll: Wx' haul lu hiki- vxznns lhis yvur! 'l'lu' lllllllxl' L'l1lNSIlll'll llumk il hzirrlrr llmn wig fur lhix yvuv' m':u'li UXIIIII was lu lu' :ilnuwsl lwu luvnrs lung. .Xlmnl lwn wcvlcs nl' jlllllllll ill'hl'l'Illll'll npun llu' wluurl, lunl in nu linu' :ll ull wc wvrl' h:u'k in llu' usnul slnlns :nul looking: furwzircl ln ai slu'c'l's:-- ful lumlwllvsnll NUJISUII, l,?ll1'l'll ul' llrzlrls, :nul unr vluss 1l:nu'm'. Slll'K'l'NSl.lIl wzismx is :in llllill'Fhl1Ill'lIN'lIf for llu' l'1'NllllS ul' llu' llzlmlwllmll NPIISUII, for in lliul llll'llIUl'llllll' XVIII' llmligrlilmi haul il rlvaun slzulm' ul' 4'ig:hlcl'n l'Ul1Nl'l'lIllYl' wins :nul nam lrusws, llli'llllllllgI lwu wins nv:-r llngrli Nlurmni fur llu' vily Ullilllllllllllf ship. ll was ll4'1ll'lllI'l'2llilllg lhul lhzll grrvzil ll-:nn vunlxl nul play in llu' Slziln' l'lx:i1l1piulul1ips, for il wus llngrh NIUVMIIINA j'l'ElI' lu roprvwnl llulvigrli. Thus wus lxrmlgxlil ulmnl llu' l'l1:lng,rl' in llu' vily slllxlrliv syalvni for llu' j'l'2ll'H lu vunu- lhnl wunlll nut lvl lhis lizippvn :igrziin ll wus Jllbll llu' yvzir lhzil llu' Swim ming.: 'l's':nn won llu' Slslll' l'li:nnpiunsliip, :nul 5-l'Yl'l'2ll ul' unr l'rn'shnu'n lmys cunlll lu' funiul nn lhnl winning: mqnzul. l"ur llu' lirsl linu' in lgI'l!llf,Illlllll'5 Iiialnry junior rursily l'lll'l'l'll'Jllll'I'N wrra' i'll'l'l4'1l. Lvluvrl' fll'l'l'l1 Jtilllllll' Curry, :nul fhris Vulvy l'l'lH'l'Sl'llll'il our vluss nn llu' vigrhl nu'nllu-r sqnzul. ll'unlcl this liars' lu's'n wlu'rs' llu' niigrlily Culvy NlJll'll'll his :illilvliv l'ilI'l'l'l'?, l'l4lI'ly-llllll' wan llu' your for llu' Illt'l'llllgI nl' llu Slulx' l,l'f,l'lNl2lllll'l'. Pzlgrs fruin llu' frmlnnzin class wvrs' lliul lirlly znul Flycli' lhvlmiimm. Lefl fo riyhl: Clyde ltohinson, l.eDare Hurst, .loe Moody, Mary Chappell, 'l'onnny Newton, Karen Jensen, Verne t'aviness, Ann Shaw, Burt Veazy. 'l'he climax of our class activities eaine in April with our annual class dance. Of course, the theme was "April Showers." After that, most thoughts were turned to tinal exams, what to do during the sunnnerg and Ilooray, only one more year of l,atin and no more phys. ed!! Hy the fall of '49 we were heginning to feel like "oldtimers" at Broughton. Going hack to school wasn't so had after all . . . why, it was nice to he hack and see old friends, compare suntans, and go to the foothall games on Friday nights. By Uetoher, though, suntans were heginning to fade, and wc were confortahly hack in the "old grind." The campaign spirit popped out as our class elections hegan. ltohhy Caddy won the honor of heing our sophomore class president. Others elected were 'llll0lllZlS VVl1ite, vice-president, Eleanor Byrd, secretary, Patsy Paulson, treasurer, and Phil John- son, sergeant-at-arms. Selling pennants for all the athletic events was the class project. At homecoming Lenore Green was the sponsor t'or President Gaddy. Very early in the year we realized we had quite a writer in our midst, for Killian Middleton won four hundred dollars worth of prizes and a trip to thc YVorld Series hy giving the hest answer to the question, "I like hasehall heeausef' Gay Christmas holidays came quickly and were naturally followed hy the "not so gay" mid-term exams. Sophomore year is hiology year, and during the spring more than one sophomore could he found, diligently looking for a "ltanunenlus aeris" Cotherf wise known as the eonunon huttereuplj for his or her herharium. Election for Queen of Hearts was handled differ- ently that year. Voting was carried on hy the indi- vidual classes to choose their class representatives: and the Senior Class, sponsor of the event, received no profit, except from the foronation ltall. NVe were proud of the pulehritude displayed hy our two sophomore attendants when Ann Shaw and l.enoi'e Green walked down the aisle to meet their escorts, 'l'homas XVhite and Verne Caviness. St. Patriek's Day, March IT, was the oeeasion of the year for us. 'l'hat night sophomores and other Broughton students enjoyed dancing in a gym deco- rated in green and white with huge HllZllllTUl'liS, ln April the swimming team finished another suc- Svc-lws from .ll 1' Il vs-ssful st-uson. A list ot' tlu- sc:zson's honors llli'lllil1'd lirsl pluvvs ill ilu' high Hl'llUUl division of tlu' South- :-:istcrn lntm'i'svllolustir und tlu' Soutlu-rn Svllolzlstic' nu-m-ts, iirst plzuw- in tlu- llulu- lnvitutionul, :intl 'Iirst plana- in ilu- Stats- l'h:nnpionsliips. 'l'lu' llI'UIlliSlllgE young: soplunnoro nuwnlwrs were Put l'lldritl,f:v, Billy Stanton, Lynwood lfinlmnks, mul liolihy Ciudlly. li.X'l'll'.Xl' signing lillvcl thosv lust fvw days, znul, pi-rlmps, wa' lu-lil our lu-mls an littlm- hig:lu'r . . . Wltl Wlflltlfl NUW l'l'l'l'lltl'l,,-XSSNIICNl Wa- ra-turiu-tl to our junior yi-ur, tlu' lu-xt to lust vlinph-r of our livvs ut llrougrhton, with at nvw out- look, Nluturity :intl rn-:llity vnnu' :1 hit 1-lost-r wlu-n wt' saw oltl frivnrls lvzlvc' for "Dm-stillutioll Korvuf' or woiula-rm-tl wlu-rv tlu' hoy nvxt to us would lu- u yt-:lr or two from now. 'l'lu- lim-y Vlnli wus tH'gI2llliZl'li znul tllrm- junior hoys, liohlny lhuhly, 'l'onnny Kl'lllN'1iy, :uul .linnny Stsinfortl, lu-cunu' vliurtvr lIN'lIllN'I'S. Nllll'it'l'll lnnulrm-ml :nul fifty was Il yvur of cliullgvs, 4'l1:lng:m's, vlnlllgrcs vvvryu'lwl'm- ut lirougrhton. 'l'lu' illi1'l'l'Sl'l'tPl'1' suhjt-rt was linully llllll0Y'SiUtlll, hut just wlu-ro lo go on what cluys found us walking :nrountl lilu- Sllllri'l't'hlllllt'll again. lint tlu- lxigggrc-st inilignity wus sutl'1'r4-rl wlu'n wa- wt-rc told thut WIC llxill to tulu- gzyln. liirls thought, 'ulllllli nu'nns lllj' huh' will lu- straight lwim- :i wt-uk Jlfllllllwg :nul hoys g:ro:nn'1l with ilu' thought of, "Ulu-rlin Roald, hers' liflfrf Sfrvwl f'IIl'S. l C'onu'!" llowm-vt'r, tlu' lu-w llliUI'-I't!lIllllllllli'Jliltill wus n Ullllllgfl' that wus we-lconu-cl. 'l'lu- Studi-nt Coun- cil wus not to lu- outtlonm' hy clnlngri-sg it pl't'sL'lltvtl tlu- Stlulvnt Body with :I rt-viswl vonstitution, which wus promptly rzltiiim-cl. 'l'lu- rm-vist-cl vonstitution gave- hirth to :1 ns-w Sllllit'lli Counvil C'onnnitt4-0, ilu' Stu- clvnt l'o-opvrzltivv l'4nnn1itt4'4'. 'l'lu' purposv of ilu- volnlnittvt- wus to work with pupils znul fzlvulty in striving to luring: tlu- stuilcnt hotly to accept grontrr I'l'SIlUllSlllllll'l1'S with intm-grrity :nut clvpn-lulziluility. Not ei vlmllgrn-, hut cle-finit:-ly, nvw wus tlu- pulxlivsntion of tlu- lirougrhton litn-rziry nnlgzlxilu-, ll'ingw1l ll'nr1ls, Manny juniors not only lu'l1u'1l get tlu' issiu- rmuly for pul1lic'ution, hut :also Uontrilmtvcl t-xm-llt-nt pit-cvs of vrvutivt- writing to it. Svlc-vtions from tlu- "Mt'ssi:1li" hy tlu' Ulm- Vinh :nut at short conu-dy, "lDon't Ulu-n 'l'ill i'ln'istn1zis," hy tlu' l.ittlt- 'lllll'?Iit'I' wvrc' lbl'l'hL'llit'll lo ilu- school just lu-form' fllll'lhilIlJlS x':u'ntiong :intl juniors wvri- lvusy with hoth 1n'ochu'tions. In llu- play uw-rv Anita Fl:-tclu'r, l.4-norc Urs-4-n, Joannu' furry :nul lllivt' Worth. Ilvccrnlu-r wus ow-rllowing: with :u'tivit'1-s. licsiclvs lu'lping,5 with ilu' play :nut tlu' Ulm' l'luh progrrznn juniors wvrt- found on tlu' stugrt' :nt tlu- KlXVillllS lllillSll'l'l, tlvvorzltingr for tlu' xltllltljlflllll l'luh l,illN't' mul tlu- Stumlvnt founvil Vliristnius llniuw-, nssistini: tlu' Soviul Si1IlIliilI'liS :nul llospitulity l'olnlnilln-vs ut .lu' lou for nm-w sludvnls, writing: for flu' Ili-Tinuuv. Ind hringing food for ilu' Nlllllllffflllll i'luh's ll1'Q'lly fzunily pi'o'lm'l. X'1ll'2lii1lll would lu' ll wvlvonu' rcsl, hill vvvu lhul wus lille-d ilu' mzul whirl of dzuu'4's, pzlrlivs, lrns, und lrips just didn'l lwivn' any linu' lor 1'x:nn Nlllllylllg. Xl 1' lound ilu' :5illlll'lllfl'Jll'llllj' grunu' :Ind llu' l.llll1' l'lu':llm'r play, "'l'lu' Iiuhy Sitlvrf' g:rui4't'ul divvrsions lflvr lhul long wvvk of slaying: noun' wilh hooks, hooks, :ind morm' hooks. Uliw' Worth :ind Jimmy lliggms wore' ilu' only juniors in "'l'lu' lizihy Silh'r." llonorvd for llu'ir high slznulzlrds of 4'luir:u'h'r, lm'zidm'rsllip, sm'rx'ix-v, :md scholurslnp :it ilu' l"m'hruzlry lapping of ilu' llonor Sovivfy worm' Marion l.ois l'r4's4-ott, liohin Fullvr, Billy Russ, und llvlcn Melv- mrd. A Hur h:nslu'ih:lll loam conlinuvll to lhrill us with ls winning. .Xl llu' William Ncul liuynolds l'olis4'um, liuls'Eg,:l1 plnycd il grzlnu' wilh Rocky Mount to arouse' llu' vommunily inlvrvsl :ind spiril. liulvigrh won, 17-35. l.:il1'r, in NlJll'l'll, many lii'llllQIlli1lIiliL'S truv4'ln'cl lo llllfllillll lo sm' liIllt'ljIll pl:u'm' svn-oiul in ilu' Slade' l'luunpionships hy bowing: to Wihningrlon, G5-50, in llu- hnuls. Spring: nu'zinl flu' Jlllllllill Nvw York 'l'rip, which iuniors Alidu lillI'IlK'lli', filurviu Mc'K1'1'lil:ll1, und vlill'ill2l l5zxrlu'r mzulvg Svrvicn' l'luh ind1u'lion for iuniorsg :ind thi' Junior-Svnior prom. li1'4'og:nim'ml ror ilu-n' 0lllSiilllllIilgI :ind unsolhsh svrvuu' lo ilu' achool wcrn' 'l'ookiv lh'sm'rn, llohhy llauldy, Yvriu' .lilYilll'5S, Billy Dozicr, Maury l'll1lIDlN'll, und .Nlidu liill'lll'ii1'. Juniors :ind svniors cunu' on hoard tlu' 'S. S. lirougrhlon lin-lIe"' :ll ilu' class prom. 'l'lu' whoh' QIXIII was nnlgriczilly tr:lnst'ornu'd inlo an show- 'uml of ilu' old Soulh. ln April ilu' bludvnl QUllllL'Il ol lirougrhlon pluyvd uusl lo ilu' l'cntr:il llislricl Sludvnl CUllll1'll Con- :r4'ss. Juniors :lvlingr :ls otliviul hosls :ind hoslvssvs for llu' 1'x'1'nl wore' YiL'l'-IlI'l'5iLl1'lll liohhy lisiddy, Ann Shaw, Clydi' Robinson. llol Jonvs, Yt'l'llt' l'2lVill1'SS, l.1'norm' llrmu-n, llvlvn Al1lj'Il2lI'1l, :ind liohin Fullvr. Hur junior your was si working: yvzlr-c'sp1'c'ally vilh vlnss pro,im'cls. From housi' io housm' wvnl "lhos1' iunior hlllll'l'52lll'NlllK'llN l'IlillllhiilSlil'lllly svlling: nnlgzl- ciiu- sulnsi-riplions with thi' l'llK'Ulll'ZljIilljJf thongrlit that ':u'h commission dollar would lu' droppvd into llu' 'hiss il'l'ilslll'y. Ulhur dollars cunu' our way wlu'n wi' sold drinks all :ill llu' lmskcllmll grzinu's :ind plays. ll ith an sigh ol rm'lu't wn' illlIAlll'il lhvsa' pro,uu'is und pussvd llu'm on lo ilu' noxl ycur's junior class. April prowd not to lu' "tho czlhn hvforn' flu' storm," fVl:ly. .-Xl l':nr1'4'r lilly :ind follvgri' Night NYC wvrv llflhlljllll closvr lo llu' roulily of collvprv. 'l'lu' Shulvni L'oulu'il signin sponsorvd il Sludvnl l.m':ul1'r's liamquvl. 'Xlso1'nll'I'l:liuinp! on ilu' liZllllllll'i idvu wus ilu' Spanish Vinh. Playing in ilu' linlvigli l'i:xno l'lllS1'llllllL' wvrm' iuniors liolwrln Dixon :md Jimmy Slsuulford. A rig: vvrnl was llu' lli-Y minsirvl, "'l'lu' Spring: l"ollIm's nl' NSI," whosn' m'o-:iuilior wus Holm liauldy. ln llu' ninslrvl vhorus worm' lli-Y nu-mlu'rs 'l'ookic' llvsvrn, liohhy Gzuldy, llzlviml llosh-llc-r, 'l'ommy lil'IlIlt'1lj', llddim' l'olhr:1n, Burl x,l'llZt'j'., :uul Pall l'1ldridgx1'. During: llu' sumnwr wi' wclu' proud to svnd four wt' ilu' 0lIlSiilll1llllj1' nu'mlu'rs of our rluss lo l'l'lll'l'Nl'lll us :ll various l'llllli1'l'l'lll'l'h. .Nlidu liEll'll1'ill' wus choscn lo nllvnd Girls' Slallv. .'kiil'lllliHjI lioys' Shih' wvri' l'ooki4' livsvrn und liolbhy Gsuldy. liohhy was 'l4'4'h'ml li1'lliK'lIJllli-g'1lYl'I'llUI'1 und. :ls an rvsull of lhnl. he was one of two delegates from North Carolina to attend Boys' Nation in Washington, D. C. The Good-Fellows of Raleigh sponsored Verne Caviness on a trip to Washington, D. C., New York, and Boston. While in New York, Verne visited the United Nations Assembly. ' The Raleigh tankers again came through with flying colors. They repeated their past two year's records with the winning of the Southeastern Inter- scholastic and Southern Interscholastic Meets at Atlanta and Chapel Hill, the Duke Invitational, and the State Championship. "Greddy Wins Council Election on Nominations" ran a banner headline in the May issue of the Hi- Times. Again our Bobby had proven himself a leader among leaders and became the third person in Broughton history to win the Student Council presi- dency on nominations. Not to be forgotten for their share of Council honors were Verne Caviness, ser- geant-at-arms, and Billy Dozier, treasurer. "May the good Lord bless and keep you, Whether near or far away, May you find that long awaited Golden Day to- da . . . We sdyng those words to our farewell song written by Ellen Bonner at the last assembly. They were no longer seniors, we had taken their place. Our Senior Story, the last chapter of our lives at Brough- ton, yet remained to be written. Ronin' FULLER. One-hundred and 81 days have a way of passing very quickly, especially when you wish they would not. Another year at Broughton has become a chap- ter past in the history of a wonderful school and none realize the finality of this year quite so acutely as the Seniors. For them 1952 has shown progress, co-operation, and accomplishment. Do you remember? The story of our last, and perhaps our greatest year, began when .... A perfect summer had flown quickly by and 8:45 on Tuesday morning, September 4 came all to soon for most of us. Those long relaxing hours in the classroom which supposedly would not be so relaxing. As seniors, which we neither realized or felt, we began our last first day at Broughton with mixed emotions of sentimentality and relief. It couldn't be us to whom those new Sub-freshmen were looking up! How could we explain to them that we were almost as lost as they were, what with all the new improve- ments that had been made around the school during the summer. The library with its bright red circular seats took our breath away and so did the remodelel office, but for an entirely diferent reason. Everyone remarked about the row of chairs lined up against the long corridor wall-just the place to wait com- fortably for an important conference with Mr. Gale. The strains of "Pomp and Circumstancei' will haunt us forever, for it heralded our 'first official entrance to Assembly as Seniors. We tried to laugh like we were old hands at this, but with all eyes upon us as we marched slowly into the auditorium, many felt a lump rise in his throat. Every group must have its leader and when class elections rolled around we voted Clyde Robinson the person most capable and deserving of the posi- tion of Senior Class president. Joyce Carpenter was elected secretary, David Smith, sergeant-at-Arms, and Catherine Coley, treasurer. Later in the year when Catherine resigned, Betsy Swain filled her ost. p VVith a rousing "Yea, teamj' our vivacious senior cheerleaders, Lenore Green, Ann Shaw, Dot Jones, Y ----- -ZW ----- --Wi -- -1 -v-.-.--. and Joanne Curry led us into football season, a better season perhaps than Raleigh had seen in several years. True, we lost a few games, but even better, remember the night we all lost our voices when the Caps beat Durham or the night we tied VVilmington. When the end of the season rolled around, the awards came thick and fast to Brough- ton seniors on the team. Co-Captain, Chris Coley made All-Eastern, Bud Kelly received the Ambas- sador Theater's award for the "Most Valuable Player,', and Verne Caviness got the new "Sports- manshipn trophy. October was indeed a full month at Broughton. The first issue of the Hi-Times came out under the capable management of Arlene Griset, Clyde Robin- son created school-wide interest in the editorials which were definitely both to the point and quite controversial. While the majority of the girls in school were rejoicing because they did not have to take showers after phys ed due to the water shortage, the Seniors went ahead with their plans for the Little Brother- Sister Week. In order to make the sub-freshman feel more a part of the school, each one of us adopted an eighth grader and entertained them all at a dance in the gym one Friday afternoon and then later at a J. V. football game. October also brought Fair Week and Raleigh's panda bear population became greatly increased. The medical profession did a booming business the day after the holiday given to all the public schools. NVhy is it that foot-long hot dogs and cotton candy are always so conducive to tummy aches? We all wondered! Who will dispute that Homecoming is one of the outstanding events of the year? This year the parade was on Friday afternoon and we battled successfully against Burlington Saturday night. Enthusiasm was at its usual high peak around school and hard work and original ideas made the big parade a huge suc- cess. Another mark in our win column was responsi- ble for the success of the game. Need more be said? November found us holding our sides and laughing heartily at the Little Theater's production of Men Are Like Streetcars, directed by Miss Sparks, patron saint of the dramatics department. This comedy concerning teen-age love complications starred such seniors as: Arlene Griset, Bill Howell, Pat Liles, Lee Garner, Bill Ragsdale, Bill Crisp, Sandra Goe, and Anita Fletcher. Upon Mr. Gale's recommendation we accepted as our Senior Class project the sponsoring of a produc- tion of The Tempest, to be given by the London Touring Players. The performance was scheduled for February 4-, but later we had to change the date to March 4, due to some slight difliculties. However, the spirit of willingness and co-operation with which the class tackled the ticket sales for this was some- thing to be proud of. It was time to dedicate our annual and it took us only a short time to decide that no two persons were more deserving than Mr. Gale and Mr. Holiday, for these two men had guided our development as a class and as individuals. The hours that they had spent working with all of us extended far beyond those covered by the average school day, and we wanted to show our appreciation. After an impressive Thanksgiving chapel program, four days of welcome vacation followed. We all revitalized our little selves with lots of turkey, par- ties, sleeping and no books because the days from then to Christmas would be busy ones. When the Monogram Club erected their food bin in the front hall, it was a sure sign that Christmas was on its way. Soon the canned goods and produce began to pile up and as usual their drive to help needy families in Raleigh was a huge success: The Club also successfully held their annual Christmas dance in the gym. A week later we were all rolling crepe paper again for the Student Council dance which was informal this year and a bigger success than ever. Why even Santa Claus fMorrison Hogwoodj was there! The true meaning of the Yultide season filled our hearts as we rose to the Hallelujah Chorus, sung by the mixed chorus at the Christmas assembly. The organ, which was so kindly lent to us by Mr. E. R. Poole, greatly enriched our enjoyment of the pro- gram. VVl1en we returned to school on January 3, 1952, all we could say was "Now it's really our year." We had felt rather strange being Seniors in '51, but now the year had turned, the class of '52 was really on top. A few weeks later we toppled from our perch, exams had come. We plowed through these and happily found ourselves on top once more. A little late in addressing Christmas cards, but still definitely very useful was the Student Telephone Directory put out by the Juniors which arrived with the new year. Recognition came again to three Seniors when the Honor Society held their tapping in the second se- mester. Linda Piland, Elizabeth Floyd, and Dacosta Stephenson became the proud new owners of the gold pins with the torch on them. In much flourish and fan-fare, Lenore Green was crowned Queen of Hearts of 1952. For two days she reigned supreme with her maid-of-honor, Ann Shaw, and surrounded by her court. Senior attendants were: Louisa Mordecai, Faye Oliver, and Marcia McKeeman. Saturday night they danced under the light of a huge red heart which illuminated the gym. This was probably the biggest thrill of the year for all of these girls. It was difficult to pick out of our wonderful class, ten people who were exceptional in the five fields in which we elect superlatives. Bobby Gaddy and Patsy Paulson were chosen Mr. and Miss Needham Broughton because they so well exemplified the all- round student with the high characteristics that Broughton stands for. For their prowess in sports and their high standards of sportsmanship, Bud Kelly and Kathleen Matthews were elected Sports superlatives. To Clyde Robinson and Helen May- nard belonged the highest averages in the senior class and they automatically became our Scholarship superlatives. There wasn't much that Verne Cavi- ness and Ann Shaw couldn't do and didn't do to improve and support our school, so we voted them Versatility superlatives. With their fine looks and personality, Nancy Linville and Tommy Kennedy rarely miss a dance or party and they became our Beau and Belle. So much happened in March that we can't re- member whether it came or went like a lamb or a lion, but we do recall hearing about a group of students that went to New York like lions and re- turned awed and quiet like little lambs. Probably one of the most anticipated events of the year is the trip to New York taken every year by many seniors and journalism students. It is both educa- tional and entertaining, taking in several musicals as well as trips to the U. N. and the ferry boat ride to Staten Island. Those who didn't go to New York, invaded Durham that weekend as Raleigh played the State Tourna- ment there. With the tournament over, the weary travelers returned from New York laden with souvenirs fswiped and otherwise, and their Easter finery. April brought us Easter Sunday, spring, and among other things, the Hi-Y minstrel. We couldn't help but laugh at the hilarious slapstick that took place in a Gay Nineties "milk" bar room where the first act of the Minstrel was held. Bud Kelly, Bubber Jordon, Verne Caviness, Chris Coley, David Smith, John Wray, Heath Pemberton, and Bill Russ, all of whom had been initiated during the year took part in the show which will always be remembered as a tremendous success. As if this wasn't enough for one year, the Hi-Y dance followed two weeks later. We realized that our days of rolling crepe paper were over at Broughton as we watched the juniors decorate for the Jr.-Sr. This dance was in honor of us. We were the Seniors. It was so hard to realize. Realization hit us hard as wc finished our final exams and Senior week began. Our caps and gowns arrived, pictures were being taken madly and every- one had a party. This was what we had been looking forward to all year, but it came so fast. Our gaiety was intermingled with moments of reminiscence and sadness. VVe voted for Bill Beaty to succeed our own Bobby Gaddy. We received our annuals before all the rest of the students and we put out our special and our last edition of the Hi-Times. Class night and senior assembly were perhaps the saddest moments of all because for the first time we felt the finality of it all. Graduation would be just an anti-climax. We hoped and prayed that Bobby and Clyde would express in the farewell addresses the deep emotions and the appreciation that we all felt in our hearts. However you seldom realize how much your high school years mean to you until the last few days and then they pass as quickly through your thoughts as they did in reality. What does the class feel as it realizes that it will soon have cut its last caper in the Broughton halls? That's hard to say, but a group of people, even if they never spoke a word to each other, could not spend even a year together without feeling a certain aflinity. When a group has spent two, three, or four years working towards the same goals and sharing common interests, there's a very strong bond. Natur- ally it is difficult to realize that next winter the members of this bond and team will be scattered all over the country, each working for a different team and purpose. Naturally it is also diiiicult to realize that Broughton will continue to exist after the departure of ",52." By the time the Senior class graduates it has had its finger in practically every school activity, and it is strange to think that the dyke will not break when the finger is removed. But our chief emotion is that of thanks to Broughton, for Broughton has opened to us so many new vistas, mentally, physically, and spiritually. As one we raise a voice which says, "Thank you Broughton, for you have given us something rich and rewarding for the past and present, but what is so much more, you have touched our hearts with fire and we shall look upward and climb." Mancm MCKEEMAN. C+ """f' Queen of Hearts f ,Rims f - V lmfl In riyflll: Skipper Sf:lnsln1ry, Ulydm- liolvinsun, lm mu- Urs-4-n, Judy I+'ri1-rllu-rg, l lrul nm I run 123 MAHCIA Mc-Kl'1l'1MAN FAYIC Ul,IYl'1li ANN SIIAYV lllrcill of flflllfll SU 141 VV1LLE'l".l'E KAY ZEIGLER LAN DROM MAN N I N G 124 I,0l'ISA BIURDICVAI MARY IIl'lI,l'1N CROSS K A J Kl'll.I.Y ALICIC SMITH NICLLA l'l'RRING'1'UN BARBARA DAVIDSON 125 Mr. and Miss Needham Broughton I'A'1'RlCIA ANN PAVLSON ROl3l'lR'l' EIJXVIN GADIJY, .IR 126 Versatility XXX 3I.X1i'l'IX SHAW YICKNIC S'l'Rl'IlWIl'li LXXYIX 127 Beau and Belle XFX' l.l'1l'l I,INYII,l,l'1 TIIONIAS l3RY.XX'l' KICNN 128 Scholarship RT NIAYNAIID l'I.Yl7l'l UDICLI. ROBIN 129 Sports is KA'l'IIl,l'll'lN MICIIIIC MA'l'IIl'1 WS I'XlI SIXIIURDIUIIX 130 Wit BLAIR JOHNSON VIRGINIA I'I,YDI'1 IS 131 'Y I and some of the things they do Telephone girls enjoy interesting and important jobs in a growing industry. 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S. BowERs President BOWERS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Incorporated WHITEVILLE and RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA M. WATERS Secretary-Treasurer F. W. DICKINSON Vice-President R. E. LEACH Vice-President Billy D.: Does your girl know much Richard D.: Goodness, no. She asked me if I cooled my c about automobiles? ar by stripping the gears. Harriet A.: Did you write this poem yourself? Ellen B.: Glad to meet you, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I thought you had been dead for a hundred years. -I-he MITCHELL Co. of Georgia - Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Leads, Oils, Enamels, Brushes, and Painters' Yozfll Like Our Servicen Equipped to Handle Any Size Job Wedding Invitations Specialties Book Binding Ruling 302 S. Salisbury Street RALEIGH N. C. 115 West Hargett Street Dial 8821 THE DRIVE-IN GRILL Open From 7 A.M. to I2 P.M. IIO CAR PAVED PARKING J O H N N Y' S Enjoy the Hours from 5 P.M. to I A.M. On U.S. No. I, North of City Limits RALEIGH, N. C. Don't marry for money: you can borrow it cheaper. Tommy K.: Do you think that I am stuck up? Admiring girls: No, why? Tommy: People as good-looking as I am usually BTC. WALLER AND SMITH OAK LEAF and PHOTOGRAPHERS H LATIPAC OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 12 East Hargett Street DIAL 7708 RALEIGH Compliments of D. P. WATKINS Distributor Tom Huston Peanut Co. Try Our Peanut Butter and Sweet Sandwiches They Always Taste Better Always Ask for Toms Simply Superior . . . For Those Who Can't Be Bothered with Second Best . . . Maslercraft Stage Equipment Draperies - Shades National School Supply Co., Inc. NATIONAL FILM SERVICE 14-20 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh PEACE COLLEGE Courses Offered 1 2 3 4 5 6. For Catalogue . Standard Junior College Courses. . General Junior College Courses. . Two-year Standard Courses in Home Economics. . One- and Two-year Commercial Courses fCregg Systemj. . Two Years of High School Work. Special Courses in Art, Music, Etc. A fldress WILLIAM C. PRESSLY, President PEACE COL Raleigh, North LECE Carolina I Morrison H.: What is the difference between ammonia and pneumonia? W M.: S h . arren earc me ' ' Morrison: Why, ammonia comes in bottles and p neumonia comes in chests. L. H.: What has eighteen legs and catches flies? Clyde R.: A baseball team. Compliments of Public Service Company of North Carolina, Inc. THE GAS COMPANY 217 Hillsboro Street 1 Raleigh Serving- Asheville Dallas Kannapolis Chapel Hill Durham Raleigh Concord Gastonia Statesville "Naturally It's Gas" Congratulations From "Kassins Linen Shop" JACK KASSIN STONE'S PARKING LO'I Fayetteville and Cabarrus Phone 3-7522 Best? Wishes Jefferies Jewelry Co., Inc. l'0l'l'l CAPITAL CLUB SODA 137 S. Salisbury Street SHOP RALEIGH, N. C. KRAMER'S Best Wishes to The House of Diamonds Martin-Salisbury St. The Seniors of 1952 PINE DRUG COMPANY The Best of Congratulations Wishes To The Class of '52 MeLEOD 81 WATSON MORRIS JEWELRY Thanks for Your Potronoge ond Best Wishes to Closs of i952 MlRIAM'S 16 West Hargett Street : Cameron Village RALEIGH, N. C. Joyce: Why are you wearing your socks inside out? Buddy: My feet were hot and mother told me to turn the hose on them. Jimmy S.: My, that's nice perfume you have on. What is it called? Precilla C.: Woodue. Jimmy S.: Would you??'?'? Best Wishes Congratulations To the Class Class of 1952 of 1952 SOUTHERN BUILDERS THRIFTY FOOD AND SUPPLIES MARKET INC. RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY DESOTO PLYMOUTH 4-O5-7 Fayetteville Street Congratulations DIXIE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY From SMITH-MELVILLE ' DAIRIESI INC. 510 W. Martin Street Raleigh II Phone 3-4431 Where there is a will, there's a relative. Charles S.: Did you kiss that beautiful doll last night? Billy S.: No. After taking her to a mhow and to eat, I thought I had done enough for H Sz H TIRE . RETREADING CO. C0"g""mla"""s RECAPPING 1 VULCANIZING to the DIAL 2-0492 Class of 1952 119 East Davie Street McCreary Tires and Tubes N C FOR ANY AND ALL ' ' TYPES OF WOODWORK PRODUCTIONS W, CORP. MARTIN MILLWORK co. 200 Harrison Avenue RALEIGH, N. C. RALEIGH OFFICE SUPPLY CO. "Complete Ojice Equipment and Supplies" P. 0. Box 261 FIRST-CITIZENS 118i52EL1Zi.?fii?3?tfeet BANK as TRUST Phone 4-133 Compliments of WILSON UZZLE, INC. ,, 421 Fayetteville Street Same Block as Sir Walter "Complete Banking Used Car Dept. Servicev DIAL 3-8083 I Can anyone remember 'way back when an automobile parked and people got out? Miss Cannon: Why don't you answer when I call your name? Sleepy Student: I nodded my head. Miss Cannon: You don't expect me to h ear it rattle all the way up here. do you? VISIT THE NEW WAKE CAFE Air Conditioned "For the Best in Foods" South Wilmington Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WARREN'S RESTAURANT 301 West Martin Street "Air Conditioned for Your Comfort" Congratulations Seniors 3" 'cgi T45 H516 33? our THE BORDEN COMPANY WHITE DAIRY PRODUCTS Division RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Com limen s of For F. c. "IgOC"t JONES Quality Printing Service Blu-'ARD PAR'-OR PHONE 6574 PITTMAN PRINTING CO. PRINTING and LITHOGRAPHING 4308 Western Blvd. RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 219W S. Wilmington Street MELVIN'S PHARMACY COMPLETE FOUNTAIN and PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Dial 5834 1217 Hillsboro Street Matthew's Shade Company "Ask Those We've Sold" Manufacturers of Venetian Blinds Shades : Awnings 104 Glenwood Avenue Dial 3-5503 John S.: They had to shoot poor little Fido today. Bill R.: Was he mad? John S.: Well, he wasn't too pleased. There was a man from Nantucket, Who kept all his cash in a bucketg But his daughter, named Nan, Ran away with a man, And as for the bucket, Nantucket. JOB P. WYATT 6' SONS CO. HARDWARE -:- PAINTS FARM MACHINERY SEEDS -:- INSECTICIDES 325-331 South Wilmington Street Phone 2-2831 P I N E S T A T E MILK.. .DAIRY PRODUCTS . . . ICE CREAM "Build Better Healthn With Nature,s Most Nearly Perfect Food PINE STATE CREAMERY 426 Glenwood Avenue DIAL 2-3911 Silas C.: An awful lot of girls are stuck on me Eddie C.: They must be an awful lot. "And what foreign language is that Broughton halfback studying in high school?" "Senior English." Compliments of VICTORY RE TAURA T Finest in Food and Beverages CHRIS DAVIS, Proprietor MEREDITH COLLEGE ACCREDITED liberal arts college: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, American Association of Uni- versity Women, Association of American Universities. PROGRESSIVE educational program in terms of Christian character and service. Distinguished record of student honors. Excellent library facilities. Effective honor system. ATTRACTIVE location in Raleigh, uthe educational center of the Statef' Beautiful campus of 170 acres. Modern fireproof dormi-' tories with generous provisions for social activities. Write for catalogue and folder of views CARLYLE CAMPBELL, President RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA A shoulder strap is a piece of ribbon worn to keep an attraction from becoming a sensation Bobby G.: Lcnore, dearest. l'm burning with love for you. Lenore G.: Come, now, Bobby don't make a fuel of yourself. A M B U L A N C E CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MITCHELL FUNERAL HOME SHOE SHOP 'lr 222 W. Hargett Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA DIAL 8328 "Raleigh's F inest" South Salisbury Street HENRY CAUDLE, Prop. Oak City Laundry ODORLESS DRY CLEANING HATS CLEANED and RUGS SHAMPOOED 436 S. Salisbury Street PHONE 2-4478 wil" HEAR AGAIN? Ask about the Revolutionary New K Q MONO-PAC ln-llnll lloarlng All Beltone - MADDREY CO. ODD FELLOWS TEMPLE RALEIGH, N. C. Phone 32231 Barber Qto Jimmy EJ: What will you have, a haircut or just the oil changed? Miss Cogdell: A fool can ask questions a wise man can't answer. "Sluggo": No wonder we failed our examinations. NATIONAL PURE FOOD Conizfggfgfons MARKET, INC. UNDERWOOD DIAL 2-4186 CORPORATION 208 East Martin Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 1211 Hillsboro Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA GUS RUSSQS Cangratulations HATTERS - CLEANERS S-mfs '2.i,5'.'E2?:,ii:.S5?d W- M- LYNN Compliments of J. S. KOONCE FURN. CO. Compliments of Faires Trailer Co., Inc. DIAL 3-1874 . Ill Martin Street 5212 HlllSb0f0 Rd- Congratulations CARY BILLIARDS To The Seniors of 1952 When in Raleigh Visit B' JOHNSON TERMINAL BILLIARDS In Cary- CARY BILLIARDS Best Wishes to the Seniors G. G. S. DEPT. STORE Compliments HOLLOWAY'S FLORIST Say It With Flowers- Say lt With Ours WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY DAY PHONE 8831 Nite-Sunday 4-2917 Special Discount to Students Mrs. E. H. Holloway, Floral Artist 1201 Hillsboro St. Raleigh, N. C. Compliments of TAYLOR BISCUIT CO. Makers of Famous TAILORED TO TASTE PRODUCTS Robin F.: I ate bullets so my hair would come out in bangs. Frank H.: Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are? Sally H.: I don't think anyone ever did. Frank H.: Then l'd like to know how and when you got the idea. l PHQN E 2-402Q- - fza, . PHO dr NE 7178 Congratulations Compliments of to the Senior Class of 1952 SUPERIOR "f STONE COMPANY PET and HOBBIES Inc. 109 W. Martin Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA PATRUNIZE CIUR ADVERTISERS Mrs. Walter: I see in the paper where nine teachers and one student were killed. Pat E.: Poor fellow! 'ZZ' feat' fv fe!! 144 70lfl,Z6 00 Ulfllflj We don't believe it either. You are not too young to take your place in the progressive economy that distinguishes America. You are not too young to plan and work to make a future dream come true. Part of your plan should be an early decision regarding life insurance because rates are relatively low when you're young. Your own business future might lie in the field of insurance service to your friends and neighbors. We, here at Occidental, know that it's a mighty satisfying way to make a good living. Meanwhile, whether it,s on to college or the business world - our best wishes for your success go with you. UEIIIIIENTAL - INSURANCE COMPANY RAl..ElGH.NORTH CAROLINA LAURENCE F. LEE. PRESIDENT John W.: She said she'd be faithful to the end, Decosta S.: Well, that sounds good. John W.: Yeah, but I'm the quarterback. Q. F GLASSES j ig ..AGIRL'S ' ,T I .f BEST ERIEND1' 1 :T Q See better - feel bfttef - Q 1 k h , it 1 'L W A T illaijsses Simiinineelll lc lToday's iasllion-designed glasses will accen- tuate your lsest features, and help you soften the others. . d RALEIGH GREENVILLE NI S e ul ag,s CHARLOTTE GREENSBORO Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of 1952 Congratulations WOODARD S To The Senior Class of SERVICE STATION 1952 Paggonize UNITED ARTS ur INSTITUTE Advertisers 1 If , ,.'.a2rfgfffftga,g., tg E li'ft7'?W'.l4''Jw-'f2vT2. "Wil ll"lii'f:ililwi .7 .,, ll,l,.f f,.' it ,... T L N jf :ln..g ,:.-A SAUSAGE COMPANY "The Ham Makes it Different" A lot of automobile accidents occur from a driver hugging the wrong curves. W I G.: You look like Helen Brown. ry E.: I look even worse in grey. Sponsors WAYSIDE FURNITURE CO. KIMBRELL'S FURNITURE CO. MONTGOMERY-GREENE CO. DR. A. R. TUCKER MOTHER AND DAUGHTER STORES SANITARY LAUNDRY 7 UP BOTTLING CO. NEIMAN'S JEWELERS J. E. PEARSON dn' t tb nice to be a calendar and have a date every night? e student gets the LATIPAC, e school gets the fame, e printer gets the money, e editor gets the blame. I PATRONS AMERICAN ZORIC CLEANERS LANDS, INC. BRAWLEY JEWELRY Co ECKERD'S DRUG STORE T. I-I. BRIGGS AND SONS, INC JOHNSON'S JEWELERS BERNI-IARDS JOI-INSON-LAMBE FIVE POINTS SODA SHOP IVEY-TAYLOR CO. JEAN'S EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE FIEILIG-LEVINE A FRIEND A FRIEND FRIENDLY FRUIT STORE LEON BYRUM WAYSIDE FURNITURE r. Kinney: Did I hear the clock strike three when you left last night B ll C.: Yes sir. lt was going to strike eleven, but I stopped it b f t ld k y h all the Mexican drunkard? Mrs. Walter: What did t ey c Bud K.: Souse of the border. You Are Never Too Young To Plan Your Own General Electric Kitchen With MATCHED APPLIANCES GENERAL ELECTRIC The Appliances Most Young Wome n Want Most Visit Your Nearest G-E Dealer M40 ' 1 o Authorized Distributors RALEIGH CHARLOTTE GREENSBORO ASI-IEVILLE INDUSTRIAL MACHINER Equipmen DILLON 1: Supplies Repair Parts SUPPLY GUMPANY R k Mount Goldsboro Raleigh Durham oc y Jean R.: Did you hear what the burglar got that broke into the Pik Virginia B.: Yeah, pledged. a house? Father: Are they strict at Broughton? Son: Well, one fellow died in class, and they propped him up until the lecture ended. PACKARD THE DNE FUR '52 POWELL-STEWART MOT0lI 00. GUARANTEED USED CARS Sales and Service 419 S. Wilmington Street PHONE 7214 PHONE 2-2131 CIRCLE OIL CO., INC. PURE OIL PRODUCTS BROWN'S FUNERAL HOME Service Since 1836 AMBULANCE SERVICE DIAL 8839 115 Hillsboro Street ROBERT W. WYNNE, JR., Manager E F. D. CLINE For the Very Latest in all Types of CONSTRUCTION SPORTING EQUIPMENT COMPANY Come to PAVING and CONCRETE HILI-'S' ACTORS CONTR South Wilmington Street 6 East Davie Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA DIAL 3-1918 DIAL 8172 Richard D.: Did you put the cat out? Betty D.: No, is it on fire? Miss McDearman: Can you tell me anything about the great chemists of the seven teenth century? Steve N.: They're all dead ma'am. Compliments of W. H. King Drug Co. 0 Wholesale Druggists Bell Bakeries, lnc. i The House of Friendly and Dependable Service Bakers of Sh fl BELL BREAD op ""' and Confidence at Your Neighborhood CAKE Drug Store Thirst, too, seeks CAPITAL CDCA-COLA COMPANY CONN-GOWER PONTIAC COMPANY PONTIAC Sales and Service She: l'm Suzette, the Oriental dancer. He: Shake. A son at college wrote his father: "No mon, no fun, your son." The father answered: "How sad, too bad, your dad." :al B Compliments of HONEYCUTT FRUIT 81 PRODUCE CO. W H o L E s A L E TELEPHONE 5 817 CADILLAC -:- OLDSMOBILE USED CAR DEPARTMENT DIAL 3-8083 WILSON UZZLE, INC. 421 Fayetteville Street Same Block as Sir Walter Hotel .li Ferg uson's Hardware 2904 Hillsboro Street 2-3030 : PHONES : 2-4877 Best Wishes Gene Moring Florist 2008 Fairview Road DIAL 7666 ALEXANDER WELDING fr MANUFACTURING CO. STEEL PRODUCTS 518 Pershing Road Raleigh, N. C. MANLY C. BRITT CO. Property Management Real Estate Sales - Hazard Insurance Raleigh, N. C. CITY WIDE DELIVERY IDEAL CLEANERS FOR IDEAL CLEANING EVERETT DIXON 8: L. M. fSm0kieJ DODD, Owners 3108 Hillsboro Street PHONE 3-3286 Raleigh, N. C. p ' I Z I ARTCRAFT SIGN CO. Lettering - Displays - Offset Silk Screen Phone 5058 Raleigh, N. C. HARDBARGER BUSINESS COLLEGE "A Select School Since 1924" Fall Term-September 1 and I5 Late Fall Term-October 6 Dot J.: What kind of husband would you advise me to get? Susie B.: You get a single man and let the husbands alone. Bud K.: Mr. Gale says he is going to stop smoking in the school. Phil J.: Huh! Next thing he'll be asking us to stop it, too. flllfeft 126 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. Raleiglfs Smartest Shop CANTON CAFE A ir Conditioned We Specialize in CHINESE and AMERICAN FOOD 408 Hillsboro St. Raleigh, N. C. PHONE 9224 - 7867 POWELL Er GRIFFIS GROCERY 2414 Hillsboro Street Phone 2-2847 Compliments of CLARK ART SHOP AWNINGS VENETIAN BLINDS SHADES PICTURE FRAMES GROCERIES MEATS CARPETING Free Delivery 300 Glenwood Ave. Phone 8319 Dave Humphreys FLQWERS BY FALLON'S Village Bakery and Dairy Bar Cameron Village Phone 4-18 I 2 ARE DISTINCTIVE J. J. FALLON Co., INC. "We Grow the Flowers We Sell" COMMERCIAL PRINTING COMPANY SALES and RENTALS PRINTERS RULERS i BINDERS 210 South Salisbury Street PHONE 2-3727 OFFICE FURNITURE 219 South Salisbury Street A wedding is a funeral where you smell your own flowers. NEWEST OF THE A NEW CHAMPIUN in the low price field A NEW COMJ!L4NDER 120 -horsepower V8 Exciting jet-streamed styling! Spectacular '52 performance! Remarkable gas economy! MERRIMAN MOTORS, INC. 116-128 East Morgan Street RALEIGH, NURTI-I CAROLINA Phone 3842-43 ,wp Miss Penny: Tell me one or two things about John Milton. Billy R.: Well, he got married and he wrote Paradise Lost. Then his wife died, and he wrote Paradise Regained. Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1952 D U RH A M L I F E INSURANCE COMPANY "We Protect the Familyi' HOME OFFICE RALEIGH, N. C. - v i Miss McDearman: Bebop, what does HNO3 signify? "Bebop" W.: Well, ah, er'r-I've got it right on the tip of my tongue, Miss McDearman. Miss McDearman: Well, you'd better spit it out. It's nitric acid. Mrs. Sandling: Carol this is the fifth day this week you'vc been late. What have you to say about this? Carol B.: l'm glad this 1 Friday. fs it f'N 20 GRADUATES CAROLINA POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY Shirley M.: Why do gangsters go to school? Tommy K.: To learn their triggernometry. t take my umbrella this morning. Miss Runnion: Iforgot 0 Billy H.: When did you miss it? Miss Runnion: When l reached up to close it after the rain stopped. 'Wiki 3, ELSIE sAYs- f If lt's BORDENS -A, SQ It s got to be good! 5- White Dairy Products Division 'QMS 0 ALL FORMS OF TITLE INSURANCE H24 Hour Service" ' I Standard Title Insurance Agency, lnc. Commercia 2016 Cameron Street Cameron Village RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA BOYLAN-PEARCE HOLLOWAY'S Raleigh's Shopping Center "Your Happy Motoring Store Hayes Barton Grocerteria Comer of Oberlin Road SUPER VALUE MARKET and Clark Avenue in C'l,' W'I D I' Q Phone 2-3917 ' 'fzfjzlflegizxiew Cameron Vfffagf I Mr. Desern: Would you ever tell me a lie, son? Tookie: Yes, father. ' You are truthful after all. Here is a dime. Mr. Desern. a , G Miss Strother: Mary Anne J.: Miss Strother Mary Anne J.-: When was Rome built? At night. Who told you that? You did. You said Ro me wasn't built in a day. J. M. EDWARDS I Compliments of . . . SHOE STORE A it . QW 12 East Martin Street rmso ron rms msulamr DIAL 2-3620 DALEIGH N0l?TlI cnkoulva Congratulations to thc Class of '52 Krispy-Kreme Doughnut Co. Compliments Person Street C HAM B L E E Morrissett's Esso Service "Our Care Saves Wear" Atlas Tires, Batteries and Accessories 28I2 Hillsboro Street Dial 9241 INSURANCE AGENCY Congratulations to the Seniors J. MARSHALL BARBER Insurance Counsellor 304 Raleigh Building "Your New Yofk Life Man is a Good Man to Know" Compliments of DIAL 1356 M I L KY WAY Gpposite Broughton High School on St. Mory's Street SEALTEST ICE CREAM 54... ,ur Headquarters for SPAULDINC LOAFERS 8: SADDLES Jane Y.: You remind me of the ocean. Tommy S.: Wild, romantic, and restless? Jane Y.: No, you just make me sick. Ann S.: What was your brother in college? B tV.: A h lf-b k. ur a ac Ann S.: I mean in studies. Burt V.: Oh, in studies he was away back. Compliments of HoIden's Amoco Service 429 Salisbury St. Patronize ur Advertisers Carolina Builders Corporation Building Materials 219 N. Dawson St. Phono 75 Autographs Q-4041 U ' f ,gf -4Z,644ang Aafav' Mjvflilqk ' 221954 .7444 ' ,fl?Lf.1f',,7ft2', U. au .abt Q! 54' ,Aw JQXLZLMJ - . 5 , ' A ls Mrs. Fonville: Who's the Speaker of the House? Chris C.: Mother. BUILDERS D ' , . X 'Nt-ig iii 'll I. C wx A C M15 Rx Six Illini x 'iii Di ' iii"i-N Mi V A H Vt W lluii The LATIPAC Staff and the EDWARDS Sz BROUGHTON COMPANY Cooperated to produce this Annual. I Printed or Lilhographeri Annuals prmiuccd in Our plant in Ralrigh. 0 Finest Quality Engravf-ci Commencement invitations Engravvfl Visiting Cards Engraved and Lithographed DIPLOMAS Write for Samples and Prices I EDWARDS 81 BROUGHTON COMPANY Established in 1871 RALEIGII, NORTH CAROLINA ALITEIERAPI-IE AUTOGRAPHS M' 4254? CQ:-fif,'f"'f".if ffvkig N -fzwa Qfmwef Q, 101W gggwj 'G fri ZZ if ow-X M . ,ff .M-'gM3wS .X new 4 Qf:f1'Q-'M MJ JW? iw 541- M U ZW Oy' Q., dv -mf jg of X W Q3 ff iffy YQ fbfig QQQQ Wgggigwifoi ljjjfv fr U A o q gag aa: 0m d ToDk.tg3gnE'HYEil' M Wd- lx f D 11'?fj'Bg-KBPE 5 7? 95W7Qf35?'W Q' M1211 An.J:z..,Lx'2ffJ-Mi mM7 .yawtmtfeifl . al., pffm , o f 47, Sgilgm if 7 : W? QI' 'L,ffLeM""QLAiJ1L Gm Had mnQ'1Tfi.mdKe li ,XM pin. U k --w?f'o" v rv., .1 X'uM9"yM Glam www, 7'-147 - -' H711 'f ,xf.,.f.7' ,, iapwj 91 -ickl QAM? IQ? Jfwwymj u ,b 4" EEN X fi , Mbovefgw ,f,v7,4351Q, K Smgfbi i, A ax M7 2, 6 - Fwy , 6 LOMQ7! ' ' N so 65:15 20 B C9 Q9 Wiiff t90"p9dfA051J 4. I-Q U . g p'y6fffX'Mw,1fp,'f Z! is MM Wgjfw wwwfffxixgx My W ., QIWZZQJMJXQQQJJ Q92 " 4+ ' ' 423 ' - . ' V, Wu wglfiwwfl QQ ,fM fff'9i'ffQJ4Cffi,.3U A, X- ,I WJ Qifgww 'Rwfiiw gp! pl:-N" .- x 9 vs A X -2-f 0 ' ,,' ' v L. ' "1.0VE'BI ' l Ux B W' 9, .y 1 X X 0 19' - f .. V K ' YYA . R I vi du.,-Q 99 2 CQ f 2 I W Wifw . ' ' Q KV 1+ 5 PM bf Q Q

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