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 - Class of 1948

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Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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WQxxNx wyjbhmef yfwf lf jff27iaTZi,,5Z?fT5'4 qw 1 MW W 23,3 1 f ,MW fm xg -,QQ M32 QF? Y , Q lPf,gWwQWf is ffwiff M,, iM WWW rf 4- fi .,g It V, .vnffirr 1 I ,fgfji if 71-I " f f X fr, ,V t I Y A ff U' Q ff - v- fff' ' + fy V A ' Y X, gf X f ff an 5 I X 0 X, , 1 gs 15 ., 7 "f ' ' ' ' .' n . ff y,, 6, l 1 . q JP. . If - :J I ' u 'S . A xg V , -, KU N 1 .. f 0-I X . 4 ., L ffvl 3 i X Ii Q ' Y N.. f A ' , f v V .g ji" A' ,eff fi' aww- 3 if -2 A , 'rx K' . , ' .f Y X5 1 .,g,n.l'4-vm. Irv.-cP,,,,i, xxg ,Nga . Us 5 A ,VN XLS - . if. ', "5 If-is A, ""'VYL,- A 7" ,v A 1 .f ff ,U Ana-A We , 1 f 1' ' fi? ki A444 , J' , ' ff ,4,' gf,-' 1:51 I 0 4 i W 4 nxt. ,, I -i .Q W . if . J 1' y M Q Q JJ' irq!! " .Af if yi i . ff 4 Ziff' ' f'f Vfxy ffxf . Qin, jf!! ,Aw ily ' 'lAf'l. . 15 ,MDX ffyw K l ' ' ix W in - h DOUGLAS PRUDEN ........ Business Manager MARY LU DRIVER .... Advertising Manager f Q X, ' N1 x 1- N . EI M X KS QN SUSAN DICKENS ..,..,.......... Editor in Chief 9 M W rl x W F ' J' sf N 1 X gi Nl I f I W P, ' , W ,jfz x vi fl 77, 1 w Wg! fff W F gffffffiif ' W, S1QQJu0I. fi J,,f" W MW 9, E goreworcl If we have made this volume of the LATIPAC a cherished record of our happy high school days, we will feel that we have accomplished the height of our purpose in editing it. lf, when the days have lengthened into years, this book shall help to recall the pleasant days spent in Broughton High, our efforts will have been duly rewarded. As the years pass, our lives will be richer and fuller because of the ex- periences we have shared and the lessons we have learned here. We have endeavored to present naturally and vividly some of the sunshine and the shadows of our last year at our Alma Mater. In hopes that we have done so, we present this the 1948 LATIPAC JANE AND JIMMIE BAKER Zin jllllemnriam 4 ,becfica leaf io We dedicate this 1948 edition of the LATIPAC to one who has worked untiringly in the interests of our school band and of our class. His enthusiasm and his faithfulness have made many of our activities possible. We proudly dedicate this Volume to MILLARD P. BURT 5 CSCIEOOI 5061111 Back row: MR. LEWIS H. POWELL, MR. LEROY MARTIN, MRS. W. C. PRESSLEY, MRS. W. B. AYcocK. Front row: MAYOR P. D. SNIPES, MR. H. C. GILLIS, DR. J. D. CLARK, SUPT. JESSE O. SANDERSON. alcfminiatra tion JESSE O. SANDERSON HENRY A. HELMS Superintendent of Raleigh - - H- hs h I public Schools PrznczpalB'roughton zg c oo . I F , U, H 1 7",.g,,7,Q-2-.Lf ,f 6 We .Li Seated: Mrs. J. Fletcher, Miss Annie Smaw, Mrs. Betsy Coble. Standing: Miss Beaver, Mr. M111er, Mrs. Hite, Mrs. Hendrix, Mrs. Banks, Miss Hendricks, Mrs. J. C. Root, Miss Julia Barrett, Mrs. Fonville. . .c - 'fu D MRS. J. E. FLETCHER, A.B. MRS. R. L. HENDRIX, BST English and Latin Physical Education MISS ANNIE SMAW, B.S., M.S. MRS. V. C. BANKS, A.B. Mathematics Eighth Grade MRS. BETSY COBLE, A.B. MISS ANNE HENDRICKS, B.S. Eighth Grade Eighth Grade MISS JOSEPHINE BEAVER, A.B. MRS. JOHN C. Roor, A.B. Mathematics General Science MR. N. A. MILLER, B.S MISS JULIA BARRETT, A.B. Physical Education Eighth Grade MRS. KENNETH HITE, A.B. MRS. N. G. FONVILLE. A.B., M.A. Music Eighth Grade gaculiy 8tlt and 9th grade Seated: Mrs Ladu, Miss Sparks, Miss Barber, Miss Cogdell, Miss Savage, Miss Strothcr. Standing: Miss Hodges, Miss Ezell, Miss Reynolds, Miss Blalock, Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Cartier, Mrs. Jayne. Mr. Blakeway, Mr. Holliday. MRS. TORA T. LADU, A.B., M.A. Spanish MISS DORIS SPARKS. B.S. Dramatics and English MISS MARY WILMONT BARBER. A.B. English and French MISS LESSIE COGDELL. A.B. Geometry MISS HANNAH SAVAGE. A.B. English MISS MELISSA STROTHER. A.B. Latin MISS JACQUELINE HODGES, A.B. Commercial Course MISS CAROLYN EZELL. A.B. Journalism. Mathematics, Commercial Course MISS LUCILLE REYNOLDS. B.S. Mathematics MISS VERONA BLALOCK. A.B., M.A. World History MRS. MAURICE CLAYTON, A.B. Social Studies and English MRS. WARREN CARTIER, A.B. English and Public Speaking MRS. BETTY H. JAYNE, B.F.A. Art, American History MR. EDWARD G. BLAKEWAY. Engl change Teacher Mathematics MR. JOSEPH HOLLIDAY. A.B. Civics acufly 10th and Hill grade ish MRS. YVONNE DELLINGER, A.B. Secretary MISS LAURA HELEN PASCHAL, A.B., M.A. Biology Miss HELEN RUNNION, A.B., M.A. Social Studies Miss CELESTE PENNY, A.B., M.A. English Miss ELLA B. MCDEARMAN, A.B., M.A. Physics and Chemistry MRS. J. C. BRYAN, A.B. Home Economics MISS VIOLA JONES, A.B. Supervised Study MISS NANCY BURGE, A.B. Librarian acuity 12th MR. FRED EASON, A.B. Dean of Boys, English MRS. J. J. SANDLING, A.B. Dean of Girls, French Miss FANNIE PEARL FULCHER English MR. JAMES E. BULLOCK, A.B. English MR. MILLARD P. BURT, M.A. Band MRS. JOSEPHINE KEY, B.S. Commercial Course MRS. JAMES W. REID, A.B. English and Math MISS EMILY WATTS, A.B. Eighth Grade grade , A.B. Seated: Mrs. Dellinger, Miss Paschal, Miss Runnion, Miss Penny, Miss McDearmain. Standing: Miss Bryan, Miss Jones, Miss Burge, Mr. Eason, Mrs. Sandhng, Miss Fulcher. ss S9 gm Al ' X Left to right: Robin Scroggs, Sgt.-at-Arms: Robert Wiggins, Vice President: George Paulson, Presiclenlr May Stone, Treasurer: Nell Sims. Sec1'e1m'y: Miss Fannie Pearl Fulcher, Adviser: Butch Leonard, Mascot. enior Clan of 1948 We seniors this year have seen the accomplishment of many projects which have been developing throughout our five years at Broughton. We have seen installed the trophy case for which all of us worked steadfastly, commemorating our boys who gave their lives while fighting for our freedom. We have seen the growth within our school of fellowship among upper and lower classmen and also of better cooperation between our school and Hugh Morson. This has been the project of our senior class which we hope will be furthered even more by the seniors to come. Along with our work we have also had play. All of us will remember planning together the senior dance, the theme of which was very appropriately made a winter wonderland. Also we shall look back upon the joy derived from presenting our senior play 'tAll Thru The Night." All in all this has been a most successful year which all of us will remember even though each of us will follow his individual path in life. 10 s U -I , -. 4 7, ,swf 1 ' I n 14 I f J I .1-J '--f V'-L , , f- , " 1.-we .. Gb Oh First row, left to right: Barbara Ann Ballenger "B.B." . . . wit . . . "whew" . . . "Bat" Student Council representative 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Secy. Spanish Club 3, 43 High Times Rep. 43 Jr. Y-Teens3 Chair- man of Service Comm.3 Sr. Y-Teens 43 Little Theater 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Vice Pres. 11th Grade Homeroom3 Secretary 10th Grade Homeroom3 Prompter "All at Sea." Faye Marie Barbour Smile . . . speedy ltalking that isj . . . Bill Girls' Athletic Association 13 Commercial Club 3, 43 Secretary of Commercial Club 4. Charles Barham "Red" . . . "the Beaver" . . . basketball . . , Baseball Pres. Latin Club 1, 23 Vice Pres. Student Council 33 Sports Committee Chairman 43 N.H.S. 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 High-Times 3, 43 Sports Editor 43 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 43 Treas. 43 Vice Pres. English Clubs 33 Monogram Club 3, 43 Home- room Pres. 9th, 10th grades3 Pres. Sophomore Classg Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 43 American Legion Baseball 2, 33 Versatility Sophomore Superlative3 Resolution Committee State Stu- dent Council 33 Delegate to Boy's State 33 All-City Basket- ball 33 A.C.C. All-Tournament Basketball 4. Joseph Beach "Joe" . . . brain . . . clarinet Band 1, 2, 3, 43 All-State Band 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Pres. English Club 33 Homeroom President 33 Page in N. C. Senate. Senior Clan Second row: Barbara Herrell Beale "Bohn . . . those curls . . . sweet Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Office Assistant 23 Com- mercial Club 43 Government Club 4. Jesse Jordan Beale, Jr. "J. J." . . . shooting broach . . . Forest Hill Independent Ahoskie High School 1, 23 Student Council 2, 33 Mono- gram Club 23 Football 1, 23 Baseball 23 Basketball 23 French Club 3, 43 Government 43 Homeroom president 43 Class president lj Football 1, 23 Baseball 23 Basketball 2, David Augustus Bergeron, Jr. "D, A." . . . clarinet . . . "Square" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Government 33 Band Club 33 Eighth Grade Chorus3 Eighth Grade Band3 Drum Major Junior High School Band 4. John Wesley Boles "J. W." . . . basketball . . . baseball . . . smilin' Spanish Club 3, 43 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 English Club 33 Mono- gram Club 3, 43 Government Club 43 Jr. Basketball 1, 23 Eootball 2, 43 Baseball 33 Basketball 33 Captain Basketball . 4 Je enior Cla.4.4 f - T 4 su, J '- Lf 1 . xx, - . V 4 N-' 'E' , , A M -3 flu' " ' V fi 'fx 2 I HQ , C" ' Q g .m"Y.a ' I lr ' T ACfLWllliamLll1Iurray Bsogzrxm "Booker" . . . cloiun . . . pantomimesx. . . cmldQJu1rk Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Sgr.-at-Arm5'8f-uf 1'hearg43, 43 Government 43 Vice President of Art 1llb,18Q T asurer of Homeroom 33 Boy Scouts'1. 2. I ' , . ' '-Q, 'fan N, Sara Rush 'Bust A 1. ' "Don" . . . bangs . . . smjl6y:,338 Buiclgfw, French Club 3, 43 Lating J 2, 33 Biiory Club 33 New York City Trip 33 Co- Q of Homeroom 4. 'Ct si Helen Marie Britt "Rie" . . . Georgia . . . Studebaker . . . typing Hugh Morson High School 13 Hugh Morson Glee Club 13 Secretary Homeroom 13 Spring Concert 2: "Gay Nineties Review" 23 History Club 33 English Club 3: Spanish Club 3. 43 Points Committee Chairman Spanish Club 43 Mizpah Devotional 3, 43 Chorister Mizpah Devotional 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Raleigh Little Theater 4. William Ellington Broach '-Bulyi' . . . "Flattop" . . . that :ie Latin Club 1, 23 Civil Air Patrol 2, 33 History Club 33 English Club 3. Warren Cloud Brannon "Our Wit" . . . jealous . . . Lord Chancellor . . . ham! Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Sgt.-at-Arms 23 History Club 33 Little Theater 3, 43 "The Arrival of Kitty" 33 "The Valiant" 33 "Glamour in the Poconas" 33 "The Great Magician" 33 Government Club, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Golden Masquers, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 "All at Sea" 43 "And Came the Spring" 43 Co-Chairman Senior Play Committee 43 Vice President of Homeroom 4. Robert Houston Broome, III Library. . . "mop" . . . Broom . . . French accent . . . mad rush. French Clubs 3, 43 Government 43 History Club 33 Library Club 43 English Club 33 Audio-Visual 3. Margaret Dena Brown Fickle . . . that voice . . . Majorette Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Jr. Y-Teens 13 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Little Theater 4. James E. Carter "Jimmy" . . . seen with Jeannie Latin Club 1, 23 History Club 2, 33 Mizpah Devotionals 33 Government 43 Secretary of Homeroom 43 "All At Sea" 4. I A A E + . l lx J. X x X 3 1 13, .f 3 -Ay I, ,. ' '13, ,,N, J 1,1-'-'V' . , , , I ,J 3 3 . , ,c, , ' 4 ie 7' - .,,.-vigrx. Q 44' -'-" X- 'W ' -, 5 ' .' 5.3 . l ,mf ,Litih . . 1 L- '+3,,..'n 1' .. William Branson Caviness xg : .M "Billy" . . . Naval Reserve . . . car? X Treasurer of Glee Club 13 Sgt.-at-Arms of Spanish Club 23 Spanish Club 43 Sgt,at-Arms of History Club 33 Treas- urer of English Club 33 Public Speaking Club 4. William Norman Clement Bill . . . Naval Reserve . . . twin sisters Treasurer of Homeroom 1, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 History Club 33 Government Club 43 Naval Reserve 4. Dolores Eugenia Clement Mizpah President . . . "D" . . . shortie Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 History Club Vice President 3, 43 Spanish Club 33 Co-Social Chairman 43 English Club 33 Raleigh Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "Belle of Barcelona" 13 "The Gay Nineties" 23 Spring Concert 1, 23 "All At Sea" 43 Raleigh Little Theater 43 Mizpah Devotional Group 3, 4. Edwin Eugene Clifton "Scooter,' . . . nice . . . quiet Govemment Club 13 History Club 13 English Club 13 Industrial Arts Club 1. Martha Sue Coltrane ."'ck . . . "Seedy". . . Cheering . . N. H. S .... cutting up Eighth grade band 13 Pres. of Eighth grade Homeroom Student Council 1. 43 Chapel Chairman 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Treasurer 13 Social Chairman 23 Vice Pres. of Freshman Class3 Freshman War Stamp Representative3 Decoration Chairman of Freshman and Sophomore Dance3 Secy. of Sophomore Class3 Jr. Y-Teens 13 Program Chairman, Jr. Little Theater 13 Treasurer Spanish Club 13 Cheerleader l, 23 National Honor Society 3, 43 Vice President 43 Hi-Times lj Headline writer, Robert Ezekiel Cooper Smile . . . wonderful pianist Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Secy. of Homeroom Jr. Class3 History Club 33 Government Club 43 Hi-Times 1. Charles Carson Correll "Chuck" . . . engaged? . . . girls, plus! Auburn High School, Auburn. Washington 13 Byrd High School, Shreveport, Louisianna 23 Spanish Club 1, 23 His- tory Club 33 Vice President and President of History Club 13 Baseball 1, 23 De Molay 1, 2, 3, 43 Sea Scouts 1, 23 Boy Scouts 13 Vice President of Homeroom 23 Bar Teens 23 Sgt.-at-Arms of History Club 33 Band 43 U.S.N.R. 4. Roger Dennis Cox Motor bike . . . lean and lanky . . . that laugh Eighth Grade Chorus3 Vice President of Homeroom 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Sgt.-at-Arms 13 History Club 13 Govern- ment Club 4. . I Clan of 194 First row. left to right: Sandy Thomas Curlee "Shirley" . , . De Soto . . . "Blister" President Homeroom 13 Football team 33 Latin Club 4' and Sgt.-at-Arms of Homeroom 4. Barbara Orr Daniel "Dimples". . . Tommy . . . Versatility , . . poise Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Social Chairman Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Latin Club 13 Secy. Latin Club 23 Student Council 23 Secretary Sophomore Classg Secretary National Honor Society 33 Treasurer National Honor Society 43 Vice President Spanish Club 43 Secretary History Club 33 Treasurer Junior Classg Little Theater 3. 43 Football Sponsor for Junior Class3 Hi-Times Staff 43 Government 43 D.A.R. Citizenship Pilgrimageg Versatility 4. Barbara Lou Davis "Bobbie" . . . Al Jolson . . .witty . . . State Hi-Times Staff 43 Vice President French Club 33 French Club 43 Jr. Y-Teens 1. 23 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Latin Club 13 Government Club 43 History Club 33 Little Theater 3, 43 English Club 33 Little Theater play 4. John Frederick DeV0gt "I kid you not" . . .State . . .Nancy Student Council 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer Spanish Club 3, 43 History Club 33 Little Theater 43 President Eng- lish Club 33 Homeroom Vice President 13 Secretary Home- room 23 Raleigh High Schools Glee Club 1, 43 Vice Presi- dent 43 Recreation Chorus 43 Opera in Concert Group 43 "Gypsy Rover" 13 "Belle of Barcelona" 23 "All at Sea" 4. enior Clay Second row: Robert Leon Doster R. L .... oyster . . . athletic equipment Government Club 43 Homeroom President 1, William Burton Dowell "Willie" . . . casanoua . . . good looking clothes History Club 43 English Club 1. Mary Lu Driver Bill . . . Hi-Y Pin . . . incessant talking . . . flirt Jr. Y-Teens 1. 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Hi-Times 43 Sr. Y-Teens 43 Little Theater 3. 43 Make-up Chairmang Golden Masque-rs 43 Points Chairman3 LA'ru-Ac Staff 43 Advertising Manager: Raleigh Glee Club 43 "All At Sea" 43 Jr. Dramatics Club 1, 23 Little Theater play 3, 43 Senior Class play 43 Hi-Y Minstrel, make up, 4. Marilyn Ann Emory Zestful . . . Tommy . . . chemistry , . . laughing Glee Club 13 Junior Y-Teens 23 Latin Club 13 Secretary of Homeroom 13 "Belle of Barcelona" 13 Secretary History Club 23 Decoration Committee for Jr.-Sr. Dance 33 Treas. Commercial Club 3, 4. I I M I .3 4. . V nu f ' gl f ,Y J x X '1,1 11 f1', .. 3 . i J K " 11 :3 Q V 73 . F, f. A 3 , First row. left to right: Peggy Anne Evans Cecil.. . . Up sweep . . . "Peg" . . . "Tabby" Eighth Grade Chorus: Jr. Y-Teen 1. 21 Latin Club 1. 23 Little Theater 2, 3, 43 English Club 3: Ht-Times Reporter 3. 43 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 4: Treasurer History Club 33 Vice President Commercial Club 43 Advertising Staff LATIPAC 4. Nancy Elizabeth Fairley Wreckless driving . . . Madame Pres .... hard worker Latin Club 1. 23 President 23 Y-Teens 13 Junior Little Theater 13 President Y-Teens 2. 43 Vice President Home- room 2: Intelligence Superlative 2' Student Council 33 N.H.S. 3, 43 Vice President 3: Quill and Scroll 3: Copy Reader Hi-Times 3: Spanish Club 3, 43 Vice President 33 History Club 33 Social Committee 3: District Student Council Convention 33 Chairman Points Committee 43 Government Club 4: Library Club 4: Little Theater 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Copy Editor Hi-Times 4. Lamont Newton Fitzgerald "Monty" . . . shadow . . . wrecks . . . senator President of Homeroom 13 Boy Scout 13 "Belle of Barce- Iona" 1: Glee Club 1, 2. 43 Member of the Latin Club 1, 2: Boy Scout 23 "Gay Nineties Review" 2: Treasurer of Glee Club 33 President of English Club. Second Se- mester 33 Member of Government Club 43 "All at Sea" 4. Katherine Bysshe Forrest Charles . . . Peggy Hale's . . . Ford Y-Teens 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Raleigh High School Glee Club 2, 33 "Gay Nineties Review" 23 Little Theater 43 5 3 2 - : 3 5 Clan of 1948 Second row: Charles William Gaddy Bob sled . . . that car . . . Cheerleader . . "Charlie" . . . Gaddy Homeroom President 2, 43 Vice President Homeroom 13 History Club 2, 33 Student Council 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 English Club 3: Little Theater 3. 43 Glee Club 4: Per- manent Judge Traffic Court 43 Head Cheerleader 4. Mary Frances Gilbert Pretty eyes . , . blond beauty . . . vivacious Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Hi-Times 3, 4: French Club President 33 Vice President 43 Sr. Y-Teens 33 History Club Secretary 3: Little Theater 43 Homeroom Secretary 3, 43 Jr. Dramatics Club 1: Repgesentative at Girls' State 33 Member of Senior Coun- ci . Nancy Harmon Betty Ann Howe State . . . Sir William . . . typing Hamlet High School 13 Hugh Morson High School 1: Jr. Y-Teens 23 Latin Club 2: Sr. Y-Teens 33 Government Club 4. l' lsr 1 y. 1 J . Q i J., 3 l ' I N ,E D W' S 51453-LIQ, li'1':M ' air' 3 3 .F Q fx . 3X Q 4 fy ,Q J fi A 'J NJN X J I at as enior Clajia Polly Sheild Hendrix Yea Team! . . . our belle . . . skipping . . . "Pole Head" Student Council 1, 23 Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Vice President Latin Club 13 Latin Club 23 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Secy. English Club 33 Golden Masquers 43 Hi-Times 43 "The Arrival of Kitty" 33 "And Came The Spring" 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 French Club 3, 4, Vice Pres, 3, Treasurer 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Treasurer 4. Lillyan Lee Hill "Luke" . . . those blond curls . , . "what I mean is-" "Our Queen" Publicity Chairman 13 Latin Club 1, 2: Maid of Honor Queen of Hearts Court 23 Exchange Editor Hi-Times 3, 43 Senior Y-Teens 3, 43 Government Club 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Secretary-Treasurer, Golden Masquers 33 Student Council Points Committee 33 Member Queen of Hearts Court 33 State Y-Teen Conference 3: "Glamour in the Poconocs" 33 Student Council Publicity Committee 43 Financial Chairman Senior Class 43 Queen of Hearts 4. Mary Louise Hines "Weasel" . , . Med . . . Angora sweaters Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Glee Club, Vice President3 Vice President History Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Sr. Y-Teens 33 President of Glee Club 43 Spanish Club 43 Government Club 43 Little Theater 43 Raleigh Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "And Came The Spring" 43 "All At Sea" 43 "Gay Nineties Review" 23 "Belle of Barcelona" 13 Homeroom Secy. 1. Daisy Eloise Hodge Gilmartin . . . State . . . football . . . shorthand worries Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Vice President Homeroom 33 Com- mercial Club 3, 43 Government Club 4. Margaret McClure Holland "Dimples" . . . cute clothes . . . personality plus . . . blue eyes Hugh Morson High School 1, 2, 33 "Pickles" 13 Raleigh High Schools Glee Club 13 Jr. Y-Teens 1. 23 Ensemble Club 1, 21 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 Secretary of Homeroom 1, 2, 33 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 State Delegate to Y-Teens Con- ference 3, 43 State Y-Teens Treasurer 33 Soloist in State Music Festival 33 Little Theater 43 Hi-Times Staff 43 "All At Sea" 43 "And Came The Spring" 4. Arthur Leon Howard Cut-up . . . "Little Devil" . . . camping . . . grin President of Homeroom 13 English Club 1, 2, 33 Boy Scout 1, 2, 3, 43 Order of Arrow 1, 2, 33 President of Homeroom 23 History Club 33 Secretary of English Club 33 Mono- gram Club 3, 43 Eagle Scout 4. Richard Neal Howell "Nick". . . Greek . . . witty . . . school store Sergeant-at-Arms of Homeroom 1, 3, 43 Audio-Visual 23 Vice President of Homeroom 23 President of Civic Club 23 History Club 33 Football 43 Monogram Club 43 LA'riP.-xc Staff 43 Little Theater 43 Hi-Y 4. Joyce Carole Hoy Lonesome Yells , . . curls . . . witty Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Girls Athletic Association 13 Commercial Club 3, 43 Sergeant-at-Arms of Commercial Club 33 Gov- ernment Club 4. 441 Dorothy Elizabeth Humphreys Baseball . . . Jose Iturbi . . . office assis't. . . . sport Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Girls Athletic Association 13 French Club 2, 33 History Club 33 LATIPAC Staff 43 Government Club 43 Office Assistant 43 Senior Superlative, Sports 4. Robert Mullens Hunter Bobby . . . camera. . .flash Glee Club 1. 2, 33 Boy Scout 1, 2, 3, 43 Audio-Visual Club I. 2, 33 Audio-Visual Committee 13 Gypsy Rover 13 Civil Air Patrol 33 English Club 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 Govern- ment Club 43 "All At Sea" 4. Jacqueline Jernigan "Jackie" . . . Fallons . . . nose for news . . . "Head" Secretary Class 13 Jr. Y-Teens, Program Chairman 1. 23 Latin Club 13 Vice President 23 Dramatic Club 13 Vice President Homeroom 23 Y-Teens Conference 23 House Committee 23 Versatility 23 Hi-Times 33 Alumni Editor 43 Sr. Y-Teens, Vice President 3, 43 Spanish Club, Social Chairman 33 Treasurer 43 History Club, Secretary-Treas- urer 33 Little Theater 33 President 43 Publicity Committee S.C. 33 "Glamour in the Poconas" 33 Chairman Publicity Committee 43 Government Club 43 Golden Masquers 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Sponsor for Football Team 4. Barbara Ann Jobe Eddie . . . "piece of meat" . . . big bows . . . watch Treas. Latin Club 13 Jr. Y-Teens 13 Pub. Chairman Jr. Y-Teens 23 Latin Club 23 National Honor Soc. 33 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Secy. History Club 33 Secy. National Honor Soc. 43 Spanish Club 43 Library Club 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Art Editor Hi-Times 4: Secy. of Homeroom 43 Secy. of Girl's,Athletic Association 2. ' 1 3 v L Dorothy Ann Johnson Giglyle . . . planning dances . . . personality Secy.'Latin'Club 23 Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Service Chairman 13 Latin Club 33 History Club 33 Library Club 3: Little Theater 33 President Library Club 43 Secy. Little Theater 43 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Program Chairman 4. P u Robert D. Jones "', . . . short . . . blue eyes . . . Jo Ann Shop Club 1, 43 History Club 33 English Club 33 Govern- ment Club 4. Leonidas Merritt Jones, Jr. Intelligent . . . speaker . . . very nice Sergeant-at-Arms homeroom 43 Boy Scouts 13 President Latin Club 23 Circulation Man, Hi-Times 3, 43 History Club 33 Speaker of the House 43 LA'rxPAc Staff 43 Teen-Age Book Club 4, Vice President3 Radio Club Secretary 4. Phyllis Kelly U88-Keys" . . . jazz fiend . . . curly-Phil Glee Club 1, 23 Accompanist 3, 43 French Club 1. 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Vice President, Raleigh High School Glee Club 1, 23 Accompanist 33 Secretary 43 History Club 3, 43 Gov- ernment 43 Music Chairman Sr. Y-Teens 43 Hi-Times 43 Spanish Club 3, 4. - ,ie-fade Claaa o 194 5604 41 72 F11-st row, left to right: Mary Everette Kennedy "Stink" . . . "Mick" . . .natural beauty . . . that laugh! Student Council 1, 33 Constitution Committee 4: Points Committee3 Jr. Y-Teens 13 President 23 Latin Club 13 President 13 Vice President 23 Class Treasurer 13 Home- room President 1, 33 Jr. Dramatics Club 2, 33 Vice Presi- dent3 Hi-Times 33 Feature Editor 43 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Spanish Club Secretary 33 Vice President 43 Little Theater 33 Vice President 43 Golden Masquers 43 Historian: Teen- Age Book Club 43 New York Trip 33 Contest Play 33 "Arrival of Kitty" 33 Marshal and Stage Props Chairman3 Junior-Seniorg Girls State 43 "And Came The Spring" 4. Steve Rudge Kenney "Bunny" . , . "Steve" . . . cute . . . Miss F's boy Treasurer of Latin Club l. 23 History Club 33 Monogram Club 43 Football 3, 43 Baseball l, 23 Golf 3, 43 Boy Scouts l, 23 Red Terror Basketball Team 4. Charles Leonard Kimball Forest Hill Independents . . . crazy' . . . Broughton import French Club 43 Kenbridge-Football 2, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 33 "Sports"-Kenbridge3 President of Monogram Club 33 President ot' S. C. A. 23 Jr. Assistant Scout Master, Life Scout3 "Most Athletic' 33 "Most Popular" 33 "Cutest Boy" 3. Gordon Reece Latham Dances . . . crazy . , . backstage , . . "Chickery Chick" Government Club 33 History Club 41 Little Theater 43 Football 3, 43 Stage Crew 3. 43 Audio-Visual 1. enior Clan - . 4 Second row: Bobby Eugene Leonard Virginia . . . Track . . . bashful . . . smiling . Hampton High School l. 2. 33 Student Council l. 23 Monogram Club 2. 33 Hampton "A" Club 2, 33 History Club 33 French Club 33 Football l. 2, 33 Track 2, 33 Brough- tlon lkliglh School 43 Government Club 43 Little Theater 43 rac . Joanne Liles Midge . . . Cute clothes . . . "Jo" Y-Teens l. 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l. 43 Secy. Jr. Dramatics Club l, 23 Secy. Homeroom 1, 33 Glee Club 2, 3. 43 French Club, Vice Pres. 33 Secy. 43 Hi-Times 3. 43 Vice President English Club 33 Little Theater 3, 43 "Sugar and Spice" 33 Vice President Golden Masquers 43 Treas. Homeroom 43 "And Came the Spring" 43 Queen of Hearts Court 43 Football Sponsor 4. William Neal Lilly "Lilly" . . . helpful , . . nice . . . "Lilly Pad" Little Theater 3, 43 Library Club 33 History Club 33 English Club 33 Public Speaking Club 43 Civil Air Patrol 2, 33 Boy Scouts l. ,,1 3 . X , Janet" Xnqef inkeit Charlotte Lxiilwa fsillughging if iitterbug . .. at . . 3 Central High S onli Chgkflvotte 2. 3f4Piedmont Junior High School, Chariot , San nt Comme? Hi-Times 43 Senior Y-Teens 4: SB ish bs 3, 43QJGo ernment Club 43 Vice President f 'Histo y luh 33 ittle Theater 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 ,G d SIHJL Club 3, 43,G. A. A. 2, 3: Raleigh Glee Club. 43 onor- ciety of Piedmont Junior Qgh School, Char! 'LJVF .vf X . .f 'N -' nf' .'.f"'f."7 'X fx" 3 ,l If X . X '-'t fl, rv, A' Nix ' ' X E S N i 'ti P .ITZZTRFIIQQV H' A fair ing 53, 1 4 E 5 . : 5- 1 A-afxa - . guieiww' ' VMMJMM .. " 1 ' .., 4 5, '.'.,.J fe' f l I I First row, left to right: Mildred Anne Lynn Sweet . . . rosy cheeks . . . crazy Glee Club 15 Jr. Y-Teens 1, 25 Latin Club 15 Hi-Times Representative, Staff Member 45 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 45 History Club 35 Little Theater 3, 45 Secretary English Club 35 Teen-Age Book Club 35 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Secretary of Sunday School5 Vice President W. R. Gwendolyn McGhee Joe Harper Maddux Joe . . . State . . . "Maddure" . . . Forest Hill Independent Glee Club 15 Boy Scouts 1, 25 Latin Club 2, 35 English Club 25 History Club 3, 45 Homeroom president 3. Macon Edward Martin, Jr. That car! . . . "Pierre" . . . derby Glee Club 3, 45 Little Theater 45 Audio-Visual Club 3, 45 Mispah Devotional 3, 4. . 5 5 Clan of 194 Second row: Gordon Kennedy Middleton, Jr. "Garden" . . . chop sticks: N. H. S. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club, Vice President 1, 25 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 45 Order of the Arrow 2, 35 12nd degree memberj 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Radio Club 35 Track 35 Business Manager of Hi-Times 45 LATIPAC Staff 45 Eagle Scout 45 Superlative, Scholarship 4. I Robert Bryant Midgette "Bobby" . . . dimples . . . State . . , Forest Hill Independents Boy Scouts 15 Glee Club 15 Latin Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 15 Treasurer 25 Junior Dramatics Club 25 Radio Club 35 Student Council Representative 45 Vice President Teen- Age Book Club 45 National Honor Society. Eugene Mims "1VIimo" . . . Toughy . . . curly Spanish Club 35 Glee Club 45 Hi-Times 45 Government Club 4. John Charles Morris Charlie , . . tennis . . . Forest Hill Independents Latin Club 1, 25 President of History Club 35 Radio Club 35 Public Speaking Club 45 President of Homeroom 4. Marilyn Forest Morrissette John. . .pretty clothes . . . sweet Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 History Club 33 English Club 33 Glee Club 43 French Club 43 Secretary 3. Joyce Blue Morton "Joy" . . . those clothes . . . the new look Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Sr. Y-Teens 3. 43 Glee Club 43 Library Club 43 Secretary of Homeroom 13 "All At Sea" 43 Raleigh High School Glee Club 4. Audie Bell Murray Automobile . . . jitterbug . . . bowling History Club 3, 43 Little Theater 3, 41 English Club 33 Art Club 4. Ernestine Nance Brainy Belle . . . "Teenie" . . . "give you a clue" Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Latin Club 1. 23 Eighth Grade Glee Club3 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 President Spanish Club 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Hi-Times 43 Little Theater 3. 43 Treasurer English Club 33 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Raleigh Glee Club: Jr. Dramatics Clubg Student Council 43 National Honor Society. Harold Newman Forest Hills Independents . . . "Nemo" . . . "Jean" Latin Club 1. 2: Little Theater 4: Monogram Club 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Commercial Club 4: Member of Football Team 43 Homeroom Secretary 13 Page in 1947 Legislature. John Ellis Nicholson Forest Hills Independents . . , "Big Left" . . . Mr. President President Student Council 43 Latin Club Sergeant-at-Arms 13 Latin Club Treasurer 23 History Club Vice President 33 Library Club 43 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 43 English Club 33 Sergeant- at-Arms Public Speaking Club 33 Football Team 3, 43 Marshal 33 Class President 33 N. C. Boy's State 43 Boy Scout 1. 23 Constitution Committee 3: Homeroom Vice President 23 Homeroom President 13 Delegate to N. C. State Student Council 43 Delegate to District Student Counci 3. Bruce Malcom Olive "Big Left" . . . enough gas? . . . sledding . . . "B,O." Spanish Club Seargeant-at-Arms 33 Spanish Club 43 Eng- lish Club Seargeant-at-Arms 33 English Club Secretary 33 Football Team 2, 3, 43 Baseball Team 3. 43 Homeroom President 43 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 33 Homeroom Ser- geant-at-Arms 3. George Wesley Paulson Forest Hills Independents . . . "Bean" . . . "Very Good" Glee Club 13 Secretary of Student Council 23 Secretary- Treasurer Latin Club 13 Seargeant-at-Arms 23 President of Freshman Class 13 Tract 2, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Hi-Times 3. 43 Boys State 33 President of Spanish Club 33 Reporter 43 Little Theater 3. 43 English Club 33 Eagle Scout 3, 43 Government Club 43 Senior Hi-Y 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 President of Senior Class 43 Versatility 4. !1gQl4f.u...., wang S .. of f ' Y . ex. A N, 5.54, 51 pw' '-4-17"-!k,.7r5 Y , ,-,fo-sig, , -2 L -.X VL.-V-Y K". ' 3 ' 'S' J 3 I Ethel Grey Pearce Ray . . . Peggy . . . Homeroom Lunch 8th Grade Chorus3 Library Club Secretary 23 Jr. Y-Teens 23 Commercial Club President 3, 43 English Club 3. Ralph James Peeler "Squealle'r" . . . Arthur . . . trigolla Manager Football 1, 23 Boy Scout 1, 2, 3, 43 Eagle Scout 3, 43 Seargeant-at-Arms History Club 33 Treasurer English Club 33 Monogram Club 3. 43 Public Speaking 33 Junior- Senior Decorations. Jane Isobel Phinney Good-looking clothes . . . synthetic-senior . . . cute Hi-Times 13 Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Treasurer Latin Club 1, 23 Girl Scout3 Eighth Grade Chorus3 Patrol Leader3 National Honor Society 43 Sr. Y-Teens 43 Spanish Club 43 History Club 43 Little Theater 43 L.-vrirac Staff 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Decoration Committee Sophomore Dance. Mary Susan Pickens Hi-Y pin . . . "Thu" . . . our editor . . . plaid glasses Student Council Poster Committee 43 Band 13 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Hi-Times Representative 33 Jr. Y-Teens 23 Spanish Club 33 Chairman Social Committee Spanish Club 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Secretary History Club 33 Library Club 23 Editor La'r1PAc Staff 43 Program Chairman English Club 13 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Raleigh Glee Club 2, 3. 43 "All At Sea" accompanist and posters 43 Girl Scouts 13 Music Festival 43 Office Assistant 43 New York Trip 43 Lincolnton High School 13 Glee Club 13 National Honor Society3 Finalist for Duke Scholarship. John Pierce Teeth? , . . "Yank" . . , quiet Glee Club 13 History Club 33 Monogram Club 3, 43 Foot- ball 3, 43 French Club 4. Douglas Pruden "Curley" . . . Mary Jo . . . Business Manager . . , "Koko" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Jr. Dramatics Club 13 Raleigh Little Theater 1, 2, 43 "Belle Of Barcelona" 23 Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 "Gay Nineties Review" 33 Little Theater 43 LATIPAC Business Manager 43 "All At Sea" 43 "And 'Tame The Spring" 43 Boy Scouts3 Mizpah 23 Devotional Leader 33 New York Trip. Gloria Odell Purnell "Glo" . . . "Gloworm" . . . pageboy . . . coca-cola Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Eighth Grade Chorus3 Girls Athletic Association3 Commercial Club 3, 4. Emily Joyce Rhodes Viuacious . . . Paul . . . blond beauty . . . baby talk Latin Club 23 Vice President Civics Club 33 Little Theater 3, 43 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Secretary 43 American History Club 43 Queen of Heart's Court 43 Glee Club 43 Hi-Times 43 Little Theater 4. 3 J ' .I aff Q ,x. QI Clam of 1948 First row, left to right: Nora Emily Ritchie Office girl , . . dining . . . green DeSoto Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Jr. Y-Teens 21 8th Grade Chorus: Ra- leigh High School Glee Club 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 History gllub 33 Raleigh Swimming Team3 Raleigh Recreation orus 4. Jack Harrington Robertson Sue , , . the voice . . . good-looking Junior Little Theater 13 Sergeant-at-Arms3 Glee Club 1. 2, 43 Whip of Government Club 43 Little Theater 43 Golden Masquers 43 Football-Oak Ridge 33 Track-Oak Ridge 33 Cheerleader 43 Raleigh High School Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "Belle ol' Barcelona" 23 "Gay Nineties" 23 "Western Night" 23 "All At Sea" 4. Ned Ruggles Wrecked Buick . . . Alma . . . 88 keys . . . Carolina Band 1. 2. 3, 43 Glee Club 13 English Club 13 Latin Club 2, 33 History Club 33 Government Club 33 Secretary of Homeroom 23 Vice President of Homeroom 33 "Gay Nineties Review" 2. Joyce Barbara Sapp "Sapp" . . . scholarship . . . Miss Penny's helper Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Broughton Glee Club 23 History Club 33 Hi-Times 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Commercial Club 43 "Gay Nineties" 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Reporter 3: Raleigh High School Glee Club 23 Superlative, Scholarship 4. enior Cfada l . I r Sl Second row: Robin Jerome Scroggs "Eeeee" . . . Anne . . . genius . . . N. H. S. Latin Club President 2. 33 N.H.S. 33 Pres. 43 President English Club 33 Vice President Class 33 District Winner Good Health Oratorical Contest 3: Chairman Poster Com- mittee 43 Pres. Government Club 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Sgt.-at- Arms Class 43 "And Came The Spring" 4. Martha Joan Sedberry "Jo An". . . ,future doctor. . . blue eyes and blond waves President and Treasurer History Club l3 Jr. Y-Teens 1, 23 Treasurer of French Club 23 Public Speaking Club 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 Senior Y-Teens 33 Little Theater 4. Mary Joseph Shaw Doug . . . "Red" . . . "Peanuts" . . . N. H. S. Sanford High School 1, 23 Latin Club 23 Vice Pres.. Treas. English Club 23 Mizpah Devotional 2. 3, 43 Y-Teens 2. 3, 43 Little Theater 3. 43 Chairman Points: Vice Pres. Spanish Club 43 Oflice Assist. 33 House and Poster Committee 33 National Honor Society 43 Committee Chairman Govern- ment Club 43 Homeroom Treas. 43 Representative, Hi- Times 43 Queen of Heart's Court-Maid of Honor 4. Betty LuFerne Shields Miss N. B. H .... jitterbug . . . "Puppy Dog" . . . lovable Glee Club l. 23 Jr. Y-Teens l, 23 Latin Club 1. 23 President Homeroom 13 Secy. Home1'oom 2. 43 Raleigh High School Glee Club: "Belle of Barcelona" 23 Y-Teen May Court 23 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Little Theater 3. 43 Secy. of English Club 33 Secy. Jr. Class 33 Marshal 33 Government Club 43 Hi-Times Staff 43 "And Came The Spring" 43 Social Committee 43 Miss Needham B. Brough- ton 4. -"l"'.l--.,, X Q -" 1" j ,Va .gf143? if, ' 3 A - .1 k - C , fn ,W ' i ' .- , 22" l x 1 .1 A 1 xr 0. 1 V f 61.4.4 0 K 1 Q I -v f . ' Y First row, left to right: ' 1 ' , Second rgwg Nell Morris Sims ' ' Frances Olena Smith Fahri . . . N. H. S .... drawiri' posters .Iohri . . . "Frankie'J . . . '38 Chevy Junior Y-Teens 1, 23 Vice President 23 Senior Y-Teens 3, 43 Publicity Chairman 43 Latin Club 2, 33 National Honor Society 3. 43 Secretary-Treasurer Teen-Age Book Club 43 Library Club 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Secretary 43 Senior Y-Teens 43 Hi-Times Staff 4. Winton Mercer Sims "Winnie-Penny" . . . troubles . , . Nell's sister Junior Y-Teens 2. 33 History Club 33 English Club 33 Government Club 43 Little Theater 4. Shirley Anne Sorrell "Ug" . . . love troubles . . . having fun . . . 'Blondie' New Hanover High School Latin Club 13 Broughton High School Glee Club 2, 33 Junior Y-Teens 23 Latin Club 23 History Club 33 Little Theater 3. 43 Public Speaking Club 43 Vice President of Homeroom 33 "Gay Nineties Review" 23 Raleigh High Glee Club 2. Betty Smith "Smitty" . . . Peace bound . . . Virginia Junior Y-Teens 2, 33 French Club 2, 33 Secretary English Club 33 Senior Y-Teens 43 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Commercial Club 4. Junior Y-Teens 1, 23 Girls' Athletic Association 13 Latin Slug if French Club 2, 33 Senior Y-Teens 43 Commercial u . George Lafayette Smith, Jr. Hollywood bound, . . . "G. L." . . . backstage Boy Scouts 1. 2, 3, 43 Audio-Visual Club 1, 2, 33 Secretary 43 Little Theater Historian 23 Vice President 3. 43 History Club 23 Golden Masquers, Points 23 Treasurer 3, 43 "West- ern Night" 23 "Ever Since Eve" 23 Library Club 33 Hi- Times 43 "And Came The Spring" 4. Janie Claiborn Smith "Pug" . . . Smitty . . . freckles , . . Mack Latin Club 13 Little Theater 2, 43 Library Club 2, 43 Junior Y-Teens 1. 23 Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 English Club 33 Senior Y-Teens 43 Government Club 43 Public Speaking Club 4. Walter Lott Slater "WL," . . . npursuiteri' . . . boxing . . . jightin' History Club 33 Monogram Club 43 Member of Football Team 4. 4 I enior Cxlan 'ln ., ,... l X ,A -v 24 Richard Clyde Spivey "Dickie,' . . . smile . . . the lake Latin Club 13 French Club 3, 43 English Club 33 Audio Visual Club 4. - Benjamin Seaton Starling "Bennie" . . . Violet . . , English worries . . . basketball History Club 33 Little Theater 3. 43 Audio-Visual Club 33 Reporter 43 Hi-Times 4. ,- ' I fd' -.- LQ .gg u-o4LA" L fy.. XV? .3 L' . - Q 2 IVA! u e4',,.,.4,' .11-.X-f',' n J. an A 11,4-'Ik Thomas Warwick Steed, Jr. Ann . . . hair . . . good looking clothes Band 1. 23 Sergeant-at-Arms Latin Club 13 Latin Club 23 Treasurer 8th Grade3 Treasurer Sophomore Class: Presi- dent Spanish Club 3, 43 Student Council 43 Little Theater 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 President Public Speaking Class 43 Chairman Audio-Visual Committee. Ralph Steele Margaret Jean Stewart "Stu" . . . Our Wit. . . "Big Wheel" . . .Peggy Junior Y-Teens 23 Hi-Times, Exchange Editor 23 Man- aging Editor 33 Editor 43 Latin Club, Librarian 23 Glee Club 33 Y-Teens 33 Treasurer 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Pub- licity Committee Member 3, 43 "And Came The Spring" 43 Government Club 43 Quill and Scroll 3. May Sloan Stone Senior Treasurer . . . our fine gal . . . Duke Y-Teens 1, 23 Service Chairman 3, 43 Latin Club 13 Treas- urer 23 Student Council 2, 33 Points Committee 43 Spanish Club 33 Treasurer, Reporter 43 Secretary-Treasurer His- tory Club 33 Treasurer English Club 33 Iii-Times Typist 43 Little Theater 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Office Assistant 43 Treasurer Senior Class 4. John Lawson Story Shelby . . . Homeroom pres .... personality Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Scout 1, 2, 3, 43 Scribe in Eagle Scout 33 Eagle Scout 43 Homeroom President 43 Crew Chief of Sea Scout 43 Went to Shelby High School 1, 2, and 3. Karl Dane Stuart "Square5' . . . drums . . . clown Glee Club 2. 33 Spanish Club 33 Sergeant-at-Arms3 Little Theater 43 Art Club 43 President3 Homeroom Sergeant-ab Arms 23 Vice President 8th Grade 13 Audio-Visual 43 Eighth Grade Chorusg Band 1, 23 Class Wit 2. Rachel Helon Summers Pretty hair . . . dances? . . . friendly Fenior Y-Teens 43 Junior Y-Teens 33 Latin Club 2: Little Theater 4, 53 Commercial Club 4, 53 Secy. History Club 3. Elinor Anne- Sykes ".4'nn" . . . Wilmingtoit . . . Small- Glee Club 13 Latin Club 1, 2: Government Club 4: Little Theater 43 English Club- 33 Commercial Club 43 Raleigh Glee Club 43 New Hanover High School 1,-2. x Thomas Ally Taylor "To1nmy,' . . . "Alley" . . , Catherine Homeroom Treasurer 13 Boy Scout 13 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 43 President of Homeroom 33 Sergeant-at-Arms of English Club 3: Senior Hi-Y 3: Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior Hi-Y 43 Football Team 3, 43 Sergeant-at-Arms of Government Club 4: Secy. and Treas. of Monogram Club 43 Sergeant- at-Arms of Public Speaking Club 4. William Moflitt Teague "Rubberlegs" . , . "yo-yo" . . . Julia Glee Club 1, 23 Boy Scout 1, 2, 33 Student Council 3: Hi-Times 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Sergeant-at-Arms of Spanish Club 3: Little Theater 3, 43 Sergeant-at-Arms of Little Theater 4: Track 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Senior Hi-Y 43 Library Club 43 Sergeant-at-Arms of Library Club 43 Clerk of Government Club 4. John Hooker Thomas "Jack" . . . "Fireball". . . Gilmartin History Club 3, 4: Little Theater 33 Football 3, 4: Govern- ment Club 43 Library Club 4: Senior Hi-Y 3. 4: Treasurer of Senior Hi-Y 33 Business Manager of Monogram Club 43 Football 4. Mary Watkins Thomas Marshal . , , Su.zie's girl . . . "Joe" . . . "eh . . . Shirley" Junior Y-Teens 1, 2: President of Latin Club 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Homeroom Vice President 1: Little Theater 3, 43 Secretary of English Club 33 LATIPAC Staff 43 Office As- sistant 4: Marshal. James Vernon Thompson Voice . . . Prori , . . acting "Belle of Barcelona" 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Raleigh High School Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: "Gay Nineties Revue" 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: Sergeant-at-Arms of Spanish Club 43 Little Theater 3, 43 Raleigh Recreation Chorus 43 "All At Sea" 4: "And Came The Spring" 4: Opera in Concert Group 4. Bernard Harris Thorn T-totler . . , eye lashes . . . leech . . . "Sonny" English Club 13 Eagle Scouts 3, 4: War Times Staff 13 Radio Club 2. 33 Audio-Visual Club 33 Sergeant-at-Arms History Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Sergeant-at-Arms Spanish Clhb 4: Little Theater 3, 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Base- ba 3. f- 0 5 --0 Clan of 194 First row, left to right: Alfred Small Varner "Skeeter" . . . "Al" . . . Head Manager Hi-Times 33 English Club 33 Monogram Club 2, 33 Basket- ball Manager 3, 43 Radio Club 33 Audio-Visual 33 Sports Writer for Basketball 3, 4. Larkin Tyler Wadsworth "Square" . . . "L. T." , . . Julie . . . "Buzz" Band 1. 23 Spanish Club 33 History Club 33 Little Theater 3, 43 President of Golden Masquers 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Head Cheerleader 33 gueen of Hearts Court 3, 43 "Arrival of Kitty" 33 "All At ea" 43 "And Came The Spring" 43 Government Club 43 Glee Club 43 Naval Reserve 4. Mary Madeline Ward Sergeant-at-Arms! . . . future commercial Junior Y-Teens 23 Latin Club lj Commercial Club 33 Sergeant-at-Arms 43 Homeroom Treasurer 4. William Henry Watkins "Bill" . . . strong, silent type . . . Packard Students Council 1, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 33 Sergeant-at-Arms History Club 43 English Club 33 Home- room Sergeant-at-Arms 3. en ior Clan ik pl 1 Second row: Joseph Moore White, Jr. P-irate King . . . "e1.'ahbody's" friend Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Latin Club 13 English Club 33 Boy Scout 1, 23 Star Scout: Homeroom President 13 "Belle of Barcelona" 13 "Gay Nineties Review" 23 "All at Sea" 43 "B" Natural Club 13 Eighth Grade Chorus. Patricia Jocelyn Whitford State . . . dancer . . . such driving' . . . South .Paw Homeroom Vice President 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Vice President 33 Little Theater 3, 43 English Club 33 Certificate of Honor Roll Morehead City High School3 Greenville High School, Greenville, Mississippi3 John McDonough High School, New Orleans, Louisiana. Robert Earl Wiggins "Skin" . . . H11-Y. . . basketball . . . those eyes Sergeant-at-Arms of Latin Club 1, 23 History Club. Presi- dent 33 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Govern- ment Club 43 Vice President of Senior Class3 Homeroom Pres. 1, 33 Boy Scouts 13 Basketball 3, 43 Manager 1, 23 gocaall Committee 43 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 43 Public Speaking u . Thurston Adger Wilson State. . . "wilclcat" . . ."Chevy" Latin Club 1, 23 Hi-Times 23 History Club 33 Laboratory Assistant 33 Boy Scout3 President of Homeroom 3. Jinx, v' f .1 Q X 1 ,jffffv x f I .2-F ,fry l"ffl' ral'- 1' r 43,0 Qfff E. ml X 26 t First row. left to right: Hunter McGuire Woodall, Jr. "Woodbaby" . . . Grey flash . . .Cow College . . ,football Latin Club 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Monogram Club 3, 43 Home- room President 33 Track 43 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 33 Order of the Arrow 2, 3. Peggy Lavonne Woodall "Peggy" . . . "Woody" . . . 4th period lunch Latin Club 1, 23 Junior Y-Teens 23 History Club 33 Com- mercial Club 33 Oflice Assistant 4. Ina Ruth Woodruff "Roos" . . . Red . . . Ambassador Junior Y-Teens 23 Library Club 23 Government Club 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Secretary of Senate in Government 43 Junior Dramatics Club 23 Girls Athletic Association 2. Charles Wooten "Gil Doods" . . . missionary bound . . . blush Glee Club 13 Latin Club 1. 23 Band 3, 43 Government Club 43 LA'ru-me Staff 43 Monogram 2, 3, 43 Teen-Age Book Club 43 Public Speaking Club 43 Track 2, 3, 43 "Belle of Barcelona" 13 Boy Scouts 1. 2. 3: Vice President of Home- room 33 Vice President of Mizpah Devotional Group 4. Clan of 1948 Second row: Millie Lou Wyatt Studebaker . . . M, C. fan . . . cute clothes Latin Club 23 English Club 3. Robert Gibbons Yancey Polly , . . beau . . . basketball . . . "Yanstey" Member of Hi-Times Staff 4: Government Club 4: Secre- tary of Hi-Y 4: Monogram Club 4: Basketball 4: Golf 4: School Store 43 Superlative. Beau -1: Treasurer of Student Council 4. Jeanne Elizabeth Yates Norfolk . . . attractive . . . socks up-sleeves down Granby High School, Norfolk, Virginia 1. 2. 33 Glee Club 1, 23 Senior Y-Teens 33 Homeroom Treasurer 23 Red Cross Representative 33 Home Economics 2, 33 Senior Y-Teens 3, 43 Homeroom Secretary 43 LATIPAC St:-11-Y 4. if Q if i ii 5 . 3 -vu as X . f ' 3 ' 28 vf' C W Front row, left to right: BHJLY AMMONS. Sgt.-ai.-Arms: ROBERT CAUDLE, Vice P'rcside11,t: DAVID ROBINSON, President. Back row: DORA ANN COOPER. Secretary: - MARY VKOODWARD, T'reasu1'erg Miss COGDELL, Adviser. 5 Ml'll0l' Cla!! THE JUNIOR CLASS began the year with the election of class officers. David Robinson was elected presidentg Bob Caudle, vice presidentg Dora Anne Cooper, secretaryg Mary Woodard, treasurerg Billy Ammons, sergeant-at-Arms. The class had an executive com- mittee composed of the class Ofiicers and the presidents of the junior homerooms. Several members of the class have achieved recognition in the field of sports. Dick Sommers, Charles Caldwell, Charles Lloyd, Billy Crocker, Ewart Easterling, and Billy Ammons were outstanding members on the football team. Active on the varsity basket- ball team were Mial Williamson, Dick Sommers, Pat Caviness, and Bobby Goss. The Junior Class was proud of its members who were elected to thc National Honor Society. They were Dick Sommers, Virginia Mowery, Mary Scott Daniel, Nancy Hobbs, Jean Denny, and Catherine Bikle. When the dramatics department produced "And Came The Spring? Norwood Pope and Alan Gordon represented the Junior Class in the cast. The junior marshals this year were Betty McAfee, Ewart Easterling, Dora Anne Cooper, and Bob Terry. The big event of the year for the class was the annual Junior-Senior formal dance. A Gypsy theme was used for the decorations, invitations, and floor show. Music for the dance was furnished by Herb Gupton's orchestra. The school year 1947-48 has been a year of oustanding success and accomplishment for the Junior Class. With our many leaders and honor students, we feel that our senior year will surpass our junior year in work well done and will reflect credit to our school. Our efTorts and achievements have been encouraged and inspired by Miss Lessie Cog- dell, class adviser. Her untiring interest and guidance were largely responsible for the many successes achieved throughout our Junior year. 30 ' ,J vi .4 .V I 3. my 't .. L. E wx W u S 1 .W if 5532 . . ,.., Wy., we ,g-ef 1 . , ' 'U x All 7 ,."a ir' 2 Q -A I' se f First row, left to right: William J. Arnmons John Anderson Patsy Andrews Tommy F. Ashcraft Eddie R. Askew Amelia Barbour Richard Beach Second row: John Beaman Gerald Bennett Clara Berry Elma Berry Bob Biggs Catherine Bikle Betty L. Bishop 1 J f B unior Cfaaa iz". f if i its it it ff . , ! 1 . Third row: 1 d "'071""" ,L " ,fl Joan Bishop ' Dan Blake Eth 1 B '- , . . e onner .ytzzl-jlj",,, ,lhyv I Alma Brigaman ., h I f Julia Ann Brown -I - f ,ll-v 4, A2 1 5 111' Clyde Bryan ,, Elizabeth Bryan 'JJJAZ '4.'1f5-ff -I Fourth row: 24,17 ' , Jeannette Bull " Charles C. Caldwell Howard Carnpen Betsy L. Carroll Bobx Caudle Charles G. Caviness ,,i-ug-11 fr Pat Caviness ,Q-1 I -J-V" ' ' 'K .ff f Xl, ,N f 'ff' .1 xJ J 6 .- . A yunzwfczaii .bw M. l A M fx ,J wwf T if First row, left to right: 'James Cheatham Andrew Clement Bob Coffey Alice Collier Dora Ann Cooper Barbara Jean Cox Winifred P. Culbreth Second row: Mary Scott Daniel Bill Davis John O. Davis Ann Deyton Jean Denny Tommy Dickens Grace E. Doar Third row: John Duncan Barbara Eacho Ewart Esterling A. Carolyn Evans David Evans Luke Forrest Patricia Fredricksen Fourth row: Eloise Fretz Julie Fulghum Jean Galton Karl Garrison Louise George Virginia Gilliam Ham L. Godwin 1 First row, left to right: Allen Gordon Bobby Goss Jeffrie Ann Grady Chick Grandy Ann Greene Pete Hairston Caroline Heath Second row: ', 4 J. John Hester Nancy M. Hobbs . Wiuiam Hobbs ' Cary Holliday Ann Hoots Sara E. Huneycutt Susan L. Ives 1 , Third row: Margaret Jackson ' union! Gene M. Johnston 'X i , Juanita Johnson 4 Sammy Jean Johnson I 4 4 Jean M. Jones Julia B. Jones Janet A. Keever N Fourth row: Ann Kelly Carolyn King Phyllis Kinder Robert Kost Richard Carl Lassiter Jimmy Benjamin Lawrence Henry Byrd Lewis S R E A if Mxggafg' wit it Q. tg f '. L1"'4' ,.,,-.ndll ,tr 1,...,w.,'il! X. ' 1 ,fri x 4 .' I --nal A.5'.,lx.f V-3...-4',n -V .Y . -,vi fs 4 33 'f S J ' V W- v X I ' ' I ' I ' ' -1 f ' L 7 . ' 1- X l vi ' A X 1 . J 414-li LJ 434 '44-'CLI ytlxtll union! JM-40 Q. ,jf Y V- W 1 b 1 21, ,tr . Qfikiik A st ,, it First row, left to right: Cora Jane Lilly Willard Bradford Litchfield Charles Lloyd Jane M. Lloyd Ann Clayton Long Wilma Lynn Betty Louise McAfee N I Second row: Jean Mann McGhee Elsie Dail Macan Robert Marshall Dorothy Mitchell Carol Moore Thomas Finch Moore Martha Elizabeth Morgan x aux x Thtrcfrow: Virginia Mowery Richard Muse Mary Josie Nelson Sara Martha Newton Wynne Norman Roger S. Otstot Joel Page Fourth row: Margaret Pearson Iris Cherry Pendergraph Elizabeth Lou Phillips Fred Vernon Phipps Rose Marie Poole Norwood Wesley Pope John Frederick Prescott l T l First row, left to right? Harold Bagley Rhodes' Mildred Rhodes ' A Virginia Ellen Richardson Robert Potter 'I ' ff' David W, Robinson Barbara Rogers J0'Ann Rollins 'A Second row: f Mattie Gore Rouse Mirlliqent Rouse Mddetyn Schreffler Edith 'Conyers Shanklin Anne Williams Simpson Gary Frpernan Singleton Judson Smith N l Third row: George Wallace Smith Sara Ann Smithdeal Richard Llewellyn Sommers Mary Lloyd Stallings Rosella Stanard Shirley Stough Daphine Stephenson Fourth row: Joanne Ruth Strickland Robert Jackson Stroupe Mary Stuart Robert Newland Styres Bromley O'Neal Sutton Charlotte Taylor Oscar Taylor un iam 0 film.: 1 'J rlaiv . my l' 'ir , 5 A l X X Q 0' as 'X B. as ff l? l i V- X Xpux, 'bag -aiu Xl , -A X v lg,-9" 'K' is 2' union! 'rf' "' .fl JP' f n. x 33 Y x ' Sf X ' 5 :fl Us u.. 'Z ? 9' - 1 .- , N 1 3. .ui--. J. use - . 'fx VI" - , -If ' 4- -I . f 'E .1-. 2 - .il K, . im,-,ef 1 dm W ' Third row: Norman Wiley B. Wilmer Sara E. Wilson Paul Winslow .5 f'4Akv x 1 X N U Y X Cam He, XJ 3 B96 ie Lee Upchurch NSE fa, fvlomer Upchurch W rv Second row: W Doris M. Vaughn X. Janice Walker A. 4. Joe Neil Ward James Waters Caroll Weathers Mary Ann Williams M. Mial Williamson Sarah Frances Woodall Mary Lila Woodward Kenneth Woodruff Fourth row: Alice May Young Mary Ruth Yow Anne Zappa Patsy Zeigler Robert Louis Zucker Julia Upchurch I - ' ' i A " 1 ' 'N 1 s ' , P Left to 1'ight:.VIRc.INIA CLAYTON, Secretaryg PATRICIA ALPHIN, T'reastwe1',' PETE , JENKINS, P'res1dent,' LYMAN KISER, Sgt.-at-Armsg MR. HOLLIDAY, Advzserg LOUIS PARHAM, Vice Preszdent. Sophomore C'la4.4 THE SOPHGMORE CLASS elected Pete Jenkins as their president for the 1947-48 term. The other officers were Louis Parham, vice presidentg Virginia Clayton, secretaryg Patri- X cia Alphin, treasurerg and Lyman Kiser, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Holiday was the adviser of the class and the tenth grade council, which was composed of the class officers and homeroom officers. 1 The Sophomore class sponsored a dance on November 21, 1947. The purpose of the P dance was to raise money for the Junior-Senior prom to be given next year. A Thanks- giving theme was carried out. The class had as its project the cleanliness of the cafeteria during the fourth period lunch. 37 . X 'X K, Sopltomorea l h First row, left to right: Phil Allen Pat B. Alphin Marvin W. Andrews Nancy Apple Barbara A. Arnold Buddy Asbill r John Askew Second row: Mary Jane Bailey Donnie Baise Betty Barker Gilmer C. Barker Craig L. Barnhardt Jane Bashford Fred Bost Third row: Barbara Jane Buchanan Barbara J. Bullard Bobbie Burch Margaret Burch J. G. Carter Nancy Caveness Jon Caudle Fourth row: Stephanie Chapin Catherine W. Chapman Gertrude Chappell Jackie T. Clarkson Dail N. Claridge Donald Coates Virginia Clayton me 'Y' 1 , fe: - QQOPIEOHQOFBJ M' M 'Qi Nix . . NV' First row, left to right: Martha Combs 'Bobby Connelly 'V Robin Conrad Frances Crabtree Margaret Crawford Claire Davis Jimmy Davis Second row: Patsy Davis Libba Darris Betty Eatman Leon Edwards Jean Edwards Patricia Eberhart Dayton Estes ' . . 1' ' Thwd vow. Thad Eure QQ, . Archie Fairley A: ' John Fletcher 4' 4 Nancy Jo Fox Y Daphne Franklin " if Mary Evelyn Fuller Donald Gargis V Fourth row: Mary 'tPatsy" Gattis James H. Gill Peggy Grady Freddye A. Greene Joe Hardison Barbara Harrell Virginia Harrell jgtyr C' iv J 2155 gf' Soplzomorea 'fn XJ 0' ff! . i , Y ml! f .f l .v 'f , S ll ,wa - - 'll . x.,, ' '- J '51 'Z ll 'x Nx- J TJ X 'N 'v X 13'- XJ h U' "4 I 'x e J a xx c J First Tow, left to right: Janet Harris Ann Hartzog Rebecca Haynes Leah Hendrix Robert Hershberger Rudy B. Hill iimlny Hilton W l' 5 K.. row: 'BQtie Gene Hines Calw7ln Holland Laura Holornan Virginia Hudson Phyllis A. Hurst RL. W. Humphreys Mary Huneycutt J DC 3 ,,.E: 5- eu. Y W ff? D91 W' 1 if s E553 5 'Q' Third row: Betty Lou Jenkins Homer L. t'Pete" Jenkins Edgar Johnson Jean Johnson Peggy Johnson Bobby Jones Dawson D. Kelly Fourth row: Kent Klyman Wesley Ledford Nancy Lee Ralph A. Liles Barbara J. Mallard Anne McDonald John "Bo" McEachern QQ S ei J XXX X l Q s Q X 8 G Q x v Q x n 'ji 5 D J ANI' lb, s J, E wh JD., I' V ' ff h ' Jw MJ Y op I J QU MJ' ' A1 0I1'l0l'eJ vs, 'Wf- mf 1' 1 5.3 55525 if :,. 'f 5 x .lc . Q J W 'D 1 , ,ay Q Xt it ., T W J lXFt'rst row, left to right: Patricia McLean Ann Merriman Celia Middleton Betty C. Minshew Jackie Mizelle Anne C. Moore Elizabeth Moran Second row: Nancy A. Murray Jeff Newton Billy Oliver Nancy Overton Betty Lou Pace Lewis Parham Lewis Powell Third row: Ann J. Pruett Jean P. Pulley Mary Ann Rainey Clara Ray Barbara Reynolds Doris Robinson Mary Ann Robinson Fourth row: Ann Rothgeb Mary Frances Ruggles Marjorie Sheppard Elaine Shumaker Wood Smethhurst Robbin Singleton Genie Smith . 4' -'5'xf7-01.4, , :L-f,,c,f,f' f'V,-'--A - " Q 4.. -Q, fx -ink'-VC,-.:1,f1',. .4 U, 4.7. 'L rg .V 13. ,,- 1 Soplwmorea f, ,A . -, . ,A V , A .., ,,,,..,4..., l -1 il 1" 'I f' I if First row, left to right: Second row: Q 5 A Q X, Isabel J. Smith D Dick Steininger XVNIJ Kenneth R. Smith Aloma P. Thomas l 5 Robert Smith Mary Watson U ' Susanne M. Smith Pat A. Weems I ix Ninn + Bettye Springle Peggy A. Whitley I 'v Lucy Staton Helen Willard 'xx Y Tommy E. Steele Third Tow: Grace Wyatt Peggy Yancey Billy Carter John Collier 42 I Alex Wilson I x ,Lv --N Je v -.QQ 4-:uk 'mf-1-A, Ng, vax' .o,,. ,,,J. u 0 , -LB VL, we-'L ill. '7u"' ' I x i , , Ili! n , 'yi-24" af' 'I ,fr ' ' 4 A r 1 5' 'A 'ff 19, uf' U ' N ' T 5 3' ff uf- 7 I TL .X I . I! ,ry ., X. wg v ' Y' ',,. - Q I intl, grade officer, First row, left to right: TOMMY DUNLAP, Presidentg ANN CROOM, Treasurer Second row: SKIPPER MCMILLAN, Vice Presidentg THEODORE BALLENGER, Sergeant- at-armsg MARTHA COPE, Secretary: MRS. HENDRIX, Adviser. 43 5' I 1 , 5 J f f' " if N . I 1 -x y , I in 5 L -A mill grade , w ' ,, ff . , ' J' , I , I .I if 1 'J lu, t A. 4 ' Q' "Jl if 4 1' ' gl Q J- J - l : M at Al' :rf-J F X .. 5 X5 x 'J 1 Q , Q S F I ...i DE. 'K gf ck XN 4 5+ , , W B V V ml 9 ..., . . 5 3 x. - ,xx " A .A 4 x 2 x 2 ' . 'f '. ' lt- h , . Xu 5 X g X A 3 J 3 1 .A 1 N K 's X J: s I -A V . vs' lax ---.v . S ll ff' fa 4 92' f A 3. A ' A ,J s xl i ,A it Q T -I . ,,.' ' il0:,, " Q ....,,- f Q it K I I X' . Q X. "..,,,fQ Q :sg ',,,kb' if 1- .L A 3 xl fs X .4 K V 'W aft 1 'V ,' 1653? . X'-, . ,. F W g E- E ' . Q ' f 'l'il A A 1 . A it ' 7 T D, I U" , in-if L 1 y gag vi " gl A I A I "I 5 , 1 I ' B Ia 1. D' , D x C ' L - ' C ft fri 1 N .. ' V- 1, 1-, f Q . ' l ' Q A 1' J k N QW K dujllbff 44 ' , 1 3 ff' QM!" Barbara Anderson,- Nancy Sanderson fa- Gay E. Arthur Gene Austin fy LaVerne Bagley Marion Bailey K 'I Rebecca Barnharslt' Carolyn Briggs Barbara Brown l Theodore Brown - Cidney J. Cain ' Norwood Carrol ' K, Lorraine Carroll - Diantha Carter Lynn Caviness Charlotte Clement ' William Chunn Linda C. Clem t li x st -x Rachel Coffy . Bette Campen X Wade Cooper x' Martha Cope Rene Crabtre Ann Croom ' ' o I Mary Culbreth John H. Daniel Pats Daniels Fra Day Ha Deloache 1? 'cia Dowell Bet Drennau Junl Driver Ma Duke B. Duke T as Dunlap Margaret Duncan E Edward Avent ' Frances Green x Anne L. Edwards 3 Shirley Habel Julia Harrill Robert Higginbothom Robert Hollis Peggy Holt Bob Hook June Jones Peggy Jones Virginia Kime Thelma King Eleanor Lancaster Frances Lancaster Jimmy Lassiter Joyce A. Lewis Elizabeth Lynn X I x I I - Q l N .4 1.11 Ji ,, W. .sv , ,IL Iillt -It . .L-4 S ' NJ I 'pil S A x. KX of I X, Q I rixi L KN. : X ' x X AAJQIN ' , , 4 . f tl 017 'fig . A 4 9, X - 16 ' L I f ,Mg 4 he QW . .N -,L,,as9- . e L' -is ', . ,A y yt: ,-xx Y y 4 ' . h4kv,, f l,.f.4w nfl f ff-tv, 4 'J ij L X , ' ' ' Ki' XX, Robert aKcDonald J X N.KJa sb acMillan X A1 N- X r en'-P. Mann X' , L5 Dia Q'MBtth8WS we .. ...ff H, N ' his 'L 1 X X-I v X Ede ,Matthews I f X Jirnmy cCulloch " jx 5 ' 'u Lv ' L K m ' - 1 - . A.,, J A x D o S' Meek' . rf f -' ' Y g Pitts J. Mills My ,Q If -1 , , , X- . . x W Inky Pegg itghigjs, .Q f 1 ku if tg X . X A Edward P+ M f , if .1 W ,,,. J Q x 3 it G-and-Mo nge!! A l' ' I . 4 i i '5-xx "Q I L 1 us? rs .' tt, fir: "" ., X an A X : 1 7 K :L V , ' ' vu V X In S , U SE, , Q XB J U X l evae - h K i , YJ 5' li H Obie ' ' Q if N5 U rker V," 'E P g i 9, N' x Ne Pearsall ' , 5 , N .E . L Q' -X llimrny Peebles 3' ' X xi 35' ,.k. Q 1 S Bess Peeler : , ,. ',A 5 'V' y, Eric Potter 'f . ' V Dorothy Powell V ' X . N1 Mary Ann Powell . ' x M Q . Beck, Powers ' " X Reynolds E. Price ' 1 A m " ' t it 1 4 . 5 gl. u Tomtny Prickett 1 Rosexlvlarie Pruitt - A QLD , Eugepe Raney Z' " ' Patricia Roberts Q 1 L 5 'K fi N5 X Howard G. Satterfibfd , X X i ' Mary Satterfield J . J X . I, .Q ' v QV . . 9 K x J . Sylvia Satisky by N S " ' Jane Savage . " f 5 Q tk Katherine Sexton ' 4- , J g H QQ N Martha Snow f 't , " S x 5 Joyce H. Sparger W -' Q, ' , I ,, 4 Evelyn Spencer! I1 I . ' K A 3 1 -N Jean Spivey Q .I J if Nannette Starling X X i A Jackie Steed ' ' John Stephenson l i -5 , , J Ann Stevenson V . 'F L so cg' - 9 Florence c. Swindle l H, H ' " h .xx 5 - i J J f f ' David Terry X I fx to in J , . gf T N V fs ,- I Lawrence Tipfzad I 'A , - 'H .-, 4 3 Ann -Trent 1 v ., 3 l ' Becky W. Upchlfrcli L Q A' j V ' " A Perry B. Veazey 4 P fy.. ' .2 : ,Egg I 'Patsy west r ' ' . , ,. ,,.. if ' f f ' of lisl sri e J X L ,Li f . if 'Q' ' L' Ei e i l , , X williams K W P M e e 1, f George, L. Winchester f , .ii 5 'A ' ' I 4 f21',4,.!f? 4 If 1 1 Hugh Young ,f rm' ,N :N T E 3 f f ,V x " ' -, TYR ,' . ff 17' .,4 A, ' L . .f - -' 1 4' JVV Q4 nf-'L , ,X f , J N ' if f A .. , , iff Lgtjki I Y, Xvtlvk' X .4 X X If' ' l 1 W M 5 1 x I 1 ' . 1 , I I T! ' 73 I, r - 1 . f ' A V - fk. 4 . ' 'Y I 7 - . V I I , Y , . KH- Y? I-Q I ' 45 l J ' ' . - K 'K r 1' . , I, ' . . I Y L 1: . ' n U a- P . Q Eighth grade Officers! First row, left to right: Chris Coleyg Winkie Nelson: Billy Terrell. Second row: Pat u Eldridge: Roberta Dixong Mrs. Coble. l , 15' , J- ' 9 - ':, ' ' ' . 'H ' so W- v Q ' N X i A. X 2 ,, 5 YI x xx y f yin Y 3 , 1 4 5? Y 'Q . L M . A .. . N: My A ., ,. . . .-. N I iii . is J Qin if J in X f Q, 'X ' W Carol Bagley Frances Dunbar Phil Johnson Mary E. Bonner Robin Fuller Patsy A. Paulson . Eleanor Byrd Sara A Fuquay Phyllis Poole . W x Joanne Curry Bobby E. Gaddy Elizabeth Swain .' Betty Daniel Millard D. Hill Warren Willard Roberta Dixon Maxine Howell Boyd Watkins I X K I ,-' .f - ff, 'if .".f P 'L , 'gf "il ff' J V 'ff' 4'5i6-'ll J .5 'f 7,4 9 'Eff fr 'X 1' 14-NU . Q , , I X . . K ,f ' ,f ,- , iff s .- . ,f E I i , X , !:'ff,Qf, ,,y45 ac Q? "Jw "I" if?"-41'x ,,l,' 1 ' ,..,,,v" ci lf' I J , " 1 A I J y .. 1' l ' ' -if 'J ffagfifk Self' ULQ -1 Q ,jggb .fyfyz-. 4 Eleanor Byrd Helen Maynard Betty Hicks Robin Fuller Holt Fleming A. D. Robinson Jimmy Stanford Shirley Habel Diantha Carter Barbara Perry Skipper Mclviillan is Q' L,-Q55-f f 0 -1 W W-"" Q .1 I .wb KS. A 1, 'r W. - 52.5 A - f jt i yx-1 f A 'Wy 3 t 9 -. x as 17: , ' ' if 'A YRS' 4 ,mm ,if gf R -is lk 'M,,E . fi. g'f?.?. G Q E2,f'1iM? . ' 4, ' ."' , rv, J . Q fl H' , 'H 1 an V F at i ff f A ex 1, .- K.. M. rganization Becky Barnhardt Anne Stephenson Anne McDonald Kenneth Smith Archie Fairley Jeff Newton Patricia Alphin Lyman Kiser Jeannie Lynn John Duncan Jeffrie Grady Peggy Stewart George Williams Dicky Tippett Eloise Fretz Red Pope Dick Sommers Mial Williamson Dora Ann Cooper 7 'Alma Brigman 4 on , Bob Biggs Nancy Fairley Bob Yancey Sfucfenf Counci Dot Johnson Jackie Jernigan Tommy Steed Charles Barham Sue Coltrane George Paulson Charles Gaddy Ernestine Nance John De Vogt Joe Beach Bobby Midgette t F, X ,J Q ,' 1 , r , Mi.2 9 Q uf Left to right: John Nicholson, Pres.g Bob Yancey, Treasurerg Mial Williamson, Sgt.-at-Armsg Elizabeth Moran, Secretaryg Dick Sommers, Vice P1'es.g and Mr. Eason, Adviser. tucfenl Ciouncil Officem Each homeroom elects a Student Council representative at the beginning of the year. It is the duty of this representative to keep the homeroom well informed of the functions of the Council. There were four delegates sent to the Central District Student Council Convention in Greensboro this year. A discussion was led by Jackie Jernigan on the topic, "School Spirit." Three delegates were sent to the State Student Council Con- vention at Elizabeth City this year. At this meeting Dick Sommers was elected president of the Convention for the year 1948-1949. 48 SOCIAL: Dot Johnson, Chairman: Betty Shieldsg Bobby Wiggins: Ann Greeneg Jeff Newton. During the previous school year this committee served as adviser for all school functions connected with the student body. Two teas entertained the new students and teachers at the beginning of the year. The school gymnasium was the scene of danc- ing after home football and basketball games, Home-coming weekend featured a parade, sponsors, and a dance. The annual Student Leaders Banquet and a spring dance were sponsored by the Council. A social for Student Council members concluded the activities of the year. POSTER: Chairman, Robin Scroggs. I The purpose of the Poster Committee is to pro- mote and publicize the activities of all the student council by making attractive posters to put on the various bulletin boards in the school. STANDARDS: Chairman, Dick Sommers. The organizing of the Trafiic Committee, of which this chairman is a permanent member, was one of the more important jobs of this committee. Other jobs were the granting of club charters and keeping the Stars and Stripes flying over Broughton. PUBLICITY: Chairman, Jackie Jernigan. The main job of the publicity committee is the writing of a weekly column in the local newspapers about school news. Pictures of school activities were placed in the newspaper. The committee is also in charge of selling school handbooks to all people. LOST AND FOUND: Chairman, George Paulson. This year the Lost and Found Committee has moved from the ticket window to the school store so as to serve better the most students. SPORTS: Co-Chairman, Red Barham and Dora Ann Cooper. Under the guidance of this committee the first successful intramural program in a number of years was completed. During the football season this group also decorated the goal posts with crepe paper. HOUSE AND GROUNDS: Chairman. Charles Gaddy. The members of this committee in cooperation with the Traffic Committee, sponsored by the House Committee, conducted a campaign to stress the traffic rules of the school in the halls and on the stairs. This committee was also instrumental in the final installation of the showcase. 'M --...A-Q' 'rw afionaf .Honor ociefy THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY consists of the juniors and seniors four standards of character, leadership, service, and scholarship. The lected by thc votes of a committee composed of faculty members and who excel in the members are se- members of the Honor Society after the vote by the student body and faculty. This year the Society had two main before school as office assistants. When the absence of a faculty member. Other who had high scholastic averages, and a in scholarship. turns in helping projects. The members took needed, they were available to take charge in activities were a tea for the eighth graders contest among 9th and 10th grades homerooms At the fall tapping ceremony 3 seniors and 6 juniors were taken in, spring term. 3 seniors, and 4 juniors. The oflicers for the fall term were Red Barham, president, Sue Coltrane, vice presi- dcntg Barbara Jobe, secretary, Barbara Daniel, treasurer. The members are Charles Barham, Sue Coltrane, Nancy Fairley, Barbara Jobe, Gordon Middleton, Jane Phinney, Susan Pickens, Robin Scroggs, Mary Jo Shaw, Nell Sims, Robert Midgette, Ernestine Nance, Joyce Sapp, seniors, Catherine Bikle, Mary Scott Daniel, Jean Denny, Nancy Hobbs, Virginia Mowery, Dick Sommers, Myron Banks, Dora Ann Cooper, Eloise Fretz, Sammy Jean Johnson, David Robinson. juniors. Mrs. Tora Ladu is the adviser of the chapter. 50 Raleigh .High Sclwof Jgancl FIIIKBS Floyd Bostian Lee Bostian Camille Turner Violet Byrum Oboe Jimmy Stanford French Horns Dick Beach Bobbie Lee Upchurch Betty Hardy Clarinets Joe Beach Ned Ruggles Myron Banks Cary Holliday Gerry Wall D. A. Bergeron Helen Stokes Jimmy Cheatham Charles Wooten Roy Denkins Susie Carter Ann Glenn Gordon Middleton Dayton Estes Ronald McKinly John Fletcher Bobby Jones Saxophones George Costa Archie Fairley Chuck Correll Burton Garr Elsie Branch Jean Galton Bass Clarinet Freeda Charles Bassoon Evelyn Kutsis Trumpets Frank Day Jackie Daniels Oscar Taylor Billy Wright Tommy Steele Leon Edwards Billy Lee Billy Ransome Bill Hobbs Joe Ward Billy Williams Leon Jordan Jimmy Huffstetler Bill Watkins John Story Clyde Bryan Fred Bost Baritones Charles Doby Bill King 51 Dl'lllhS Charles White J. B. Bagwell Bill Collier Tommy Prickett Jerre Slaunwhite Bobby Hook Basses Guilford Boykin Bill Stevenson J. B. Bergeron Pete Jenkins Trombones Ed Sumner Jimmy Davis Lonnie Poole Alfred Wienstein Dickie Tippett Nick Davis Vernon Harrell Drum Majors Norman Goldin Bob Stroupe Majorettes Grace Wyatt Jeannie Lynn Dena Brown Betty Jean Hines Barbara Deen Barbara Bullard Director Millard Burt glee club THE NEEDHAM BROUGHTON Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. K. G. Hite, is composed of one hundred and twenty-five members. Participation in several of the as- sembly programs and P.T.A. meetings was one of the main contributions to school life. An operetta, "All at Sea," given on December 5th was a successful production. Christmas carols were sung in the halls on the last two days before Christmas vaca- tion. In March the mixed chorus entered the State Music Contest Festival for high schools. The highlight of the spring was in the form of a spring concert by the Glee Club given in May. Many students in the music department sang in the Raleigh High Schools Glee Club under the direction of Frederick Stanley Smith. This group sang for various civic clubs, and it also participated on several radio broadcasts. Officers of the Broughton High School Glee Club were Mary Louise Hines, presi- dent, Susan Ives, vice president, Tyler Wadsworth, secretary, Charles Gaddy, treasurer, Jack Robinson, sergeant-at-arms, and Phyllis Kelly, reporter. il ,si 52 i- imea .t 'wififlf ,. is 1 h 14 9, tl A J i -ff.. -is ' ,, S. ' is I t x if g lfghw- N .1 , 1 ' A' " X 5 First row. left to right: Anne Simpson, Emily Rhodes, Gordon Middleton, George Williams, Nancy Fairley, Peggy Stewart. Mary Kennedy. Charles Barham, Merritt Jones, Jackie Jernigan, Lillian Hill, Nancy Hobbs. Second row: Jean Denny, Julia Jones, Sammy Jean Johnson, Daphne Franklin. Nancy Jo Fox, Pat Eberhart. Betty Shields. Barbara Daniel. Janet Linker. Ethel Bonner, Wynn Norman, Juliet Fulghum. Joan Bishop, Eloise Fretz, Jane Lilly. Jean McGhee. Virginia Mowery. Third row: Joyce Sapp, Ernestine Nance. Mattie Gore Rouse. Anne Lynn, Phyllis Kelly, Mary Frances Gilbert, Joan Liles. Nell Sims, May Stone, Catherine Bikle, Elsie Macon. Miss Ezell. adviser, Fourth. row: Jerry Caviness, Gilmer Barker, William Teague, George Paulson, Margaret Holland. Mary Lu Driver, Sue Coltrane, Polly Hendrix, Bob Yancey, Pat Caviness. The Hi-Times has just completed a very successful year. Under the editorship of Peggy Stewart and the mangership of Gordon Middleton, the staff worked diligently to publish a paper which would be acceptable to the students and also deserve a number one rating by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Others who should be commended for their untiring cooperation and work are Eloise Fretz, managing editorg Mary Kennedy, feature editorg Charles Barham, sports editorg George Wil- liams, advertising managerg Merritt Jones, circulation manager, and Miss Carolyn Ezell, adviser. Every Thursday afternoon there is a regular staff meeting. At this time assignments are given out, "Porky Portraits" are elected, the paper is criticized, and improvements are suggested, The Hi-Times is affiliated with the National Scholastic Press Association, the Quill and Scroll and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Without thc help of Mr. Barrow at Edwards and Broughton, where the paper is printed, put- ting out The Hi-Times would have been impossible. His valuable assistance with make-up, head- lines, and all other phases of publishing a paper is priceless. 54 econcl year renal: "LE CERCLE FRANCAIS" enables all students interested in France to appreciate and understand the French language. It also presents an opportunity to study the social life, customs, and habits of the French people. The club strives to give its members practical experience in conversational French. Students study current events in relation to France and sing various French songs. Efforts are made to have French speakers. Ofhcers are Gene Johnson, president: Mary Frances Gilbert, vice president: Joanne Liles, secretary: Polly Hendrix, treasurer: and Buddy Clements, sergeant-at-arms. gint year renclz THE LAST PORTION of the Friday French class is set aside for a meeting of our club, "Le Petit Cercle Francais." All business is carried on in French. The main purpose of our club is to combine business with pleasure: there- fore, programs are selected that will be both interesting and helpful. Club members are able to buy club pins when they have earned ten or more points. These points are obtained by participating in class activities. The officers of Miss Barber's French club are Joan Bishop, president: Alex Wilson, vice president: Madeline Shrefiier, secretary-treasurer: and Jimmy Lawrence, sergeant-at-arms. The ohicers of Mrs. Sandling's class are Dora Ann Cooper, president: Virginia Mowery, vice president: Ann Hartzog, secretary: Barbara Mallard, treas- urer: and Ham Godwin, sergeant-at-arms. enior - een.4 LEADING EVENTS FOR the senior Y-Teens this year were the State Y-Teens Convention for which many of the girls were hostesses, the City-Wide Recognition Service, the Christmas tea, and the annual spring card dance. OFFICERS Nlmcy IFAIRLEY i.i,. .......... P resident EMILY RHODES ,...c. v...i,, S ecretary ALAM BRIQMAN ...,, ...,. V ice President PEGGY STEWART e,Y.... e,.... T reasurer Front row. left to right: Nancy Fairley, Peggy Stewart. Jeane Yates, Emily Rhodes. Jean Denny, Catherine Bikle, Julia Jones, Elsie Macon, Wynne Norman, Juliette Fulghum, Nancy Hobbs, Carolyn Evans. Caroline Heath, Patsy Andrews, Peggy Evans, Janie Smith. Second row: Jane Phinney, Nell Sims, Janet Linker, Millicent Rouse, Sammy Jean Johnson, Barbara Ballenger. Virginia Gilliam. Mary Scott Daniel, Grace Doar. Dora Ann Cooper, Shirley Stough. Mary Woodward. Jane Lloyd, May Stone. Betty Shields. Anne Lynn. Third row: Mary Kennedy, Ernestine Nance, Mary J. Shaw, Dena Brown. Elsie Young, Ethel Bonner, Ann Greene. Jean McGhee, Alma Brigman, Virginia Mowery, Ann Kelly, Sarah Martha Newton. Mary Lloyd Stallings, Sara Wilson, Alice Collier. Fourth row: Barbara Jobe, Jo Ann Rollins. Carolyn King, Barbara Eacho, Barbara Rogers. Louise George, Janet Keever, Carol Moore, Mildred Rhodes, Connie Shanklin, Jeanette Bull, Zeffrie Anne Grady. Patsy Phillips. Margaret Pearson, Betty Smith. Top row: Phyllis Kelly. Joyce Morton, Mattie Gore Rouse, Daphine Stephenson, Betty McAfee, Charlotte Taylor, Phyllis Kinder. Madelyn 'Sch1'efHer, Margaret Pollard, Mary Jo Nelson, Jackie Jernigan, Sue Coltrane, Luke Hill. Barbara Daniel. Dot Johnson, Miss Hannah Savage, Miss Mary Barber, Anne Simpson, Eloise Fretz. , CABINET OFFICERS Nancy Fairly Phyllis Kelly Alma Brigman Emily Rhodes Grace Doar Dot Johnson Peggy Stewart Nancy Hobbs Barbara Daniel ,M V uk-dm-v-f ,sag A, n X 56 unior - een.4 OFFICERS TRIANGLE LEADERS LIBBA Domus .,.,,.,.... ANNE MCDONALD ...... MARY HUNEYCUTT... FREDDYE GREEN,,. .. TooT CoMBs ....... Patricia Alphin Nancy Apple Barbara Arnold Betsy Axe Marion Baily Betty Barker Rebecca Barnhardt Jane Bashford Barbara Brown Bobby Buchanan Barbara Bullard Bobbie Burch Margaret Burch Sidney Cain Diantha Carter Nancy Caviness Catherine Chapman Gertrude Chappell Jackie Clarkson Virginia Clayton Charlotte Clement Linda Clement Martha Combs Martha Cope Rachel Coffey Frances Crabtree Margaret Crawford .,.........President ,......Vice President ...........Secreta'ry ....,,T'reasure'r ......Sgt.-at-Arms Ann Croom Patsy Daniels Claire Davis Patsy Davis Hazel DeLoache Libba Dorris June Driver Mary Elizabeth Duke Betty Eatman Pat Eberhart Jean Edwards Daphne Franklin Mary Forrest Jo Fox Mary Fuller Patsy Gattis Fran Green Freddye Greene Shirley Habel Peggy Haithcock Barbara Harrill Julia Ann Harrill Janet Harris Ann Hartzog Laura Holoman Peggy Holt Frances Howell HELEN WILLARD... ELIZABETH MORAN BETTY LOU PACE. PEGGY YANCEY .,.,.... BARBARA HARRELL .,,,4,l Mary Huneycutt Jean Johnson Peggie Johnson June Jones Virginia Kims Thelma King Eleanor Lancaster Frances Lancaster Joyce Lewis Elizabeth Lynn . J Barbara Mallard Ann Merriman " Ann McDona1d3""-Rv ,,,.,,,........,.,....,...,,.,,.,..P1ogram .....Music ..,.,Se1'vice .......Social ...,.,Publicity Doris Robison Ann Rothgeb Mary Frances Ruggles Nancy Sanderson Jane Savage Genie Smith Isabel Smith Suzanne Smith Martha Snow Joyce Sparger Evelyn Spencer Jean Spivey Ella Mae Squires Mildre g H , 2 I Lucy Staton y inshew I, ' ackie Steed Peggy Mitchnerit, JmbAnn Stephenson Melissa Morse ' ilomria Thomas Elizabeth Moran - , nn 'rent Nanc Murra ,Y-a4ANJBecky Upchurch . Y y Marilyn Mease . U Alice Noble f Noah Nancy Overton Betty Pace Dorothy Powell Mary Ann Powell Becky Powers Mary Ann Raney Ann Warner Jeanette Weaver Pat Weems Patsy West Marion Whitener Helen Willard Margaret Williams Peggy Yancey X A - ., 'ff X ' 57 X N"5 N Q 1' ' " .f I , - I 1 a s panialz i i . i i H . First row, left to right: Daphine Stephenson, Phyllis Kinder, Betty Bryant, Jane Phinney. Jean Denny, Julia Jones. Ethel Bonner, Juliet Fulghum, Ann Smithdeal, Anne Simpson, Sara Martha Newton, Betty Morgan, Mary Wood- ward. Second row: Mattie Gore Rouse, Jo Ann Rollins, Barbara Jobe, Mary Jo Nelson. Caroline Heath, Patsy Zeigler, Katheryn Bikle. Charlotte Taylor. Mrs. Ladu, Millicent Rouse. Jeannette Bull, Rosella Standard. Margaret Pear- son, Sammy Jean Johnson. Janice Walker. Mary Williams. Third -row: Robert Zucker. John Duncan, Dick Sommers, Red Pope, Gary Singleton. Willard Litchfield. Robert Stroupe, John Beamon, Richard Muse, Henry Lewis. Tommy Dickens. Eugene Pearson, Norman Willy. Fourth row: Gaston Perry. Mial Williamson. Robert Caudle. Karl Garrison. Paul Winslow. Carroll Weathers, Billy Caviness. THE SPANISH CLUB, "Los Amigos," is composed of three first year and two second year sec- tions which meet every two weeks during the regular class periods. Through its activities the club seeks to acquire an appreciation of the common heritage and ways of living of all Spanish- spcaking peoples, and thus to promote good will toward our neighbors to the south. During the year members of the club have corresponded with students in various Spanish- speaking nations. Programs have included a number of films on Latin American countries, guest speakers, short plays in Spanish, reports, games, and contests to afford practice in using Spanish. The culmination of the Day program in chapel. dances learned in club Many students this club has a merit System pleted during the year. The club activities year's activities was the c1ub's presentation of its annual Pan American The program "Latin American Fiesta," consisted of typical songs and meetings and showed costumes made by students during the year. year earned the right to purchase and wear the Spanish Club pin. The by which students can earn points for various activities and projects com- closed with a banquet in May. 58 egpanidlz ij. H, First row, left to right: Susan Pickens, Mary Louise Hines, Nell Sims, Janet Linker, Betty Shields, Mrs. Ladu, Sue Coltrane, Martha Sedberry, Patricia Whitford, Helen Britt, Dolores Clement, Nancy Harmon, Emily Ritchie. Second row: John DeVogt. Dena Brown, Mary Jo Shaw, Ernestine Nance, Mary Kennedy, Barbara Daniel, Phyllis Kelly, Barbara Ballenger, May Stone, Nancy Fairley, J. W. Boles, Sonny Thorn. Third row: Vernon Thompson, Charles Gaddy, George Paulson, Bruce Olive, William Teague. Jackie Jernigan, Joyce Sapp, Tommy Steed, Bobby Hunter. OFFICERS OF FIRST YEAR CLASSES FIRST PERIOD: Pres., Bob Caudle, Vice President, Julia Jones, Secretary, Jean Denny, Treasurer, Bettie Morgan, Sgt.-at-Arms, Paul Winslow. SECOND PERIOD: President, Mial William- son, Vice President, Sarah Martha Newton, Secretary, Mary Woodward, Treasurer, Bob Zucker, Sgt.-at-arms, Dick Sommers. EIGHTH PERIOD: President, "Red" Pope, Vice President, Sammy Jean Johnson, Secre- tary, Jo Ann Rollins, Treasurer, Caroline Heath, Sgt.-at-arms, John Duncan. SECOND YEAR CLASSES FOURTH-FIFTH PERIOD: President, Ernes- tine Nance, Vice President, Mary Jo Shaw, Secretary, Barbara Ballenger, Treasurer, John De Vogt, Sgt.-at-arms, Vernon Thompson. SEVENTH PERIOD: President, Tommy Steed, Vice President, Mary Kennedy, Secretary, Nell Sims, Treasurer, Jackie Jernigan, Sgt.-at- arms, Sonny Thorn. I 1 ,Ca fin THE LATIN CLUB was composed of four first-year sections and four second-year sections which met twice monthly during the class period. The purpose of the Club was to acquaint the student with Roman legends, divinities, and various phases of Roman life. The members took great pride in their library which has been built up from year to year to meet the needs of both ninth and tenth grade students. Those books best suited to the ninth grade were put in Mrs. Fletcher's Library, those for more advanced students, in Miss Strother's. Celia Middleton was appointed head librarian and she had several assistants. They operated on the same plan as the Broughton Library. With its dictionaries, its reference books, its Fiction, its myths and fables. Broughton now has one of the largest and best high school Latin libraries in the state. SECOND YEAR LATIN CLUB First row, left to right: Peggy Yancey. Genie Smith, Virginia Clayton, Helen Willard, Celia Middleton. Combs, Pat Eberhart, Phillip Allen, Lyman Kiser, Ann McDonald. Tommy Ashcraft. Libba Dorris. Elizabeth Second row: Pat Alphine. Peggy Johnson, Phyllis Hurst, Pat McClein, Mary Evelyn Fuller, Kenneth Smith Overton, Joanne Liles, Ann Warner, Frances Crabtree. Betty 1 Jenkins, Leah Hendrix. Dail Claridge Shumaker, Bobby Connelly, Jeanette Poole, Nancy Apple, Ge de Chappell, Bobbie Burch. Margaret Martha Moran. Nancy Elaine Burch. Betty Jane Barker. Bobbie Jane Buchanan, Nancy Lee. Thi: w: Virginia Hudson. Peggy Johnson, Adele Hicks. Fred Bost, Aloma Thomas. Marilyn Nease. Ann Moore, Past We s, Claire Davis, Catherine Chapman. Isabel Smith. Fourth row: Laura Holoman, Betty Eatman, Suzanne. S 'th, ean Johnson, Dayton Estes, Leon Edwards. Billy Oliver, Wood Smethurst. Marshall Feimster, Murray- mer, ohviy Fletcher. Mary Ann Raney. Barbara Arnold. Margaret Crawford, Mary Ann Robinson, Lucy Ella ayto . Fift row: Lewis Powell, Jimmy Jenson, Robin Con- rad, Willard Wynn. Howard Twiggs, Bill Blackwellj rl Q ltch. mmy Hilton. Jack Harvin. Gilmer Barker, Pete Hairston, John Anderson. Dan Blake, Ann Merrim , Retty can es, Juanita Johnson. Sixth row: Jackie Clark- son, Nancy Jo Fox, Wesley Ledford, Bobbie S:9st,T?liss, 0 er. arian Whitener. Dick Steininger, Jeff Newton. Walter Noneman. John McAllister, Lee Bostia ,C Buddy S il Jo Caudle, Craighead Barnhardt, Lloyd Bostian. .. it . ." W F V K ' . A," rf. . ' ' V ' B 60 ! 1 bl K 'QU' K, .1 V ' 1 SECOND PI-:RioD: President .,...vv,,,,,.., Vice President ,.,.,,. Secretary .,.,,,....... Treasurer .,,,,,, ,.,., FIFTH-Six'rH President ...,,,,,,.,,. Vice President ..... Secretary . ..... Treasurer ..,....... PERIOD : Martha Bagley Marion Bailey Theodore Ballenger David Bauer Barbara Brown Ted Brown Barbara Bullard Sidney Cain Diantha Carter Lynn Caviness Norma Jean Chambers Ruth Champion Charlotte Clement Linda Clement Barbara Cox Ann Croom Kit Crittenden Mary Culbreth Sandy Curlee Patsy Daniels Frank Day ,Ca fin SECOND -YEAR OFFICERS ,.....Anne McDonald ...,,,,Celia Middleton .,,,,..,,,,Pat Eberhart ,ii..,.,.....Phil Allen ,,,,,,,,,,Joe Hardison ,.,,,,..Peggy Yancey ...,,....Patricia Alphin .....,..Bobby Connelly Hazel DeLoach Caryl Dixon June Driver Mary Elizabeth Duke Tommy Dunlap Diesel Ferguson Holt Fleming Mary Forrest Tobby Goodman Shirley Hable Julia Ann Harrill Janet Harris Bob Higgenbother W. D. Holoman Calvin Holland Peggy Holt Robert Hook Barbara James Blair Jenkins Annette Johnson Kenneth Jolls SEVENTH Przaion: President ..,.......,,,,. Vice President .... .. Secretary ,.....,,,,..,, , Treasurer , .....,.. . EIC.:-iri-1 Pizmonz President ,,,............. Vice President ....,, Secretary ,.....,,,,.., Treasurer .......,.. Robert Jones Walton Joyner Virginia Kime Bill Kohn Faith Lassiter Billy Lee Harvey Lee Jerry Lewis Elizabeth Lynn Bob McDonald Jimmie McCullock Dorothy Meekins Peggy Mitchiner Melissa Morse Nell Newell Alice Ann Noble Jerry Pearsall Barbara Perry Eric Potter Dorothy Powell Mary Ann Powell George Pressley Hugh Young .,,,.,....,,,Libba Dorris ,, ..,,,,...,,, Helen Willard Elizabeth Moran .. ..... Kenneth Smith Tommy Ashcraft Virginia Clayton ,,..,,,,Genie Smith ,..,,,,,.Lyman Kiser Reynolds Price Tommy Prickett Alfred Purrington Eugene Raney Jack Reams Herbert Ridgeway Nancy Sanderson Jane Savage Lynn Shepherd Dick Smith Martha Snow Joyce Sparger Jackie Steed Ann Stephenson Florence Swindell David Terry Terry Thomas Larry Tippett Becky Upchurch Burt Veazy Jeanette Weaver Kenneth Woodruff Mak Y ' 1a,,.m...,.. if h.,3Qai 2 ouernment Cxfubd rw' Wulf? FIRST PERIOD The U, S. House ol' Representatives OFFICERS: Speaker, Merritt Jones: Clerk. William Teague: Sergeant-at-arms. Warren Brannong Adviser. Nliss Helen Runnion. THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES is patterned after the larger branch ot' the Congress of the United States Its purpose is to further the understanding and interest in our government. The ofticers and duties are similar to those ol' the House of the United States. having a speaker, clerk. sergeant-at-arms. and floor leaders for the two parties. Nationalists and Capitalists. The tloor leaders are Peggy Stewart and Charles Wooten. A regular session is held each day with committee reports. news reports, the introduction ol' hills, in addition to the textbook work. THE U. S. SENATE Second Period OFFICERS: Speaker. Robin Scroggsg Clerk. Ina Ruth Woodruff: Sergeant-at-arms. Tommy Taylorg Adviser. Miss Helen Runnion. MISS RUNNION'S SECOND PERIOD government class. in order to gain a better understanding ot' national and international problems and events. organized a mock United States Senate. This Senate is composed of the President of the Senate and Senators of the two parties, the Liberals and the Conservatives, Be- cause of the limited number of Senators, each Senator represents two or three states. In addition to discuss- ing news and events and enacting laws. the Senate also studies the divisions ol' the national government. V2 li A a, ,Hiaiory Cfubs w . Julianne Brown Betty Bryan Ronald Buchanan Charles Caldwell Eloise Fretz Billy Ammons Gerald Bennett Joan Bishop Ethel Bonner Bob Caudle Jerry Caviness Pat Caviness Billy Davis Billy Dowell Carolyn Evans Julie Fulghum Charles Grandy John Hester Ann Hoots 7th PERIOD HISTORY tAmeric!anJ Jean Galton Vernon Harrell Bill Hobbs Jane Lloyd Dot Mitchell Audie Belle Murray Glenn Newton John Peebles Jack Pegram Betsy Phillips David Robinson Jack Stoudenmire 8th PERIOD AMERICAN HISTORYf4th-5th Period Gordon Latham Joe Maddux Thomas Moore Joel Page Gary Singleton Dick Sommers Irvin Tingen Alice Young Mary Yow Ann Zappa Betty Robertson Patsy Andrews Bobby Ballard Albert Boone Alma Brigrnan Jeanette Bull Jimmie Chatham Jeffrey Ann Grady Joe Terrell Luke Forrest Jimmie Eubanks Eddie Dunbar Jean Denny Ann Green Susan lvres Carolyn King Jimmy Lawrence Anne Long Bobby Styrcs Joe Ward Carroll Weathers Mial Williamson Paul Winslow Jane Phinney Iris Pendcrgraph Cedric Noell Richard Muse Jean McGhee Elsie Macon Fred Prescott Madelyn Schrefller Mary Lloyd Stallings Jane Lilly Jimmy Waters Bill Watkins Camille Turner Patsy Zeigler Jvlid tory Club! First row, left to right: Betsy Carroll, Virginia Gilliam, Shirley Stough, Connie Shanklin. Bill Caldwell. Mrs. Jayne. Sv:-mid row: Rosella Standard. Ann Smithdeal. Daphine Stephenson. Third row: Bill Stevenson. Norman Willey. Elton Adams, Bob Terry. Fourth row: Howard Campen, John Be-amen. at F' First row, left, to right: Miss Runnion. Adviser: Betsy Phillips, Joe Neil Ward, Eloise Fretz, Charles Caldwell. John Peebles. Ser-mid row: Jean Gallon, Audie Bell Murray, Julianne Brown, Betty Bryan. Jane Lloyd. Third row: Ronald Buchanan, Vernon Harrell, Glenn Newton, Mial Williamson. Carroll Weathers. Fourth row: Bill Hobbs. Jack Stoudenmire, Paul Winslow, Jack Pegram. Fifth row: Bobby Styres, and David Robinson. 64 ffibrarg The Library Club is composed of the student assistants of our school library. This club meets every Tuesday at third period under the supervision of the libra- rian Miss Nancy Burge and its officers. They are as follows: Dot Johnson, president: Sue Coltrane, vice president, William Teague, secretary-treasurer, Charles Cald- well, sergeant-at-Arms, and Elsie Macon, reporter. Other members of the library staff are Miss Viola Jones, assistant librarian, and student assistants Fred Prescott, Jim- mie Eubanks, Nell Simms, Barbara Jobe, Robert Broome, Mary Ruth Yow, Jack Thomas, Virginia Gilliam, Janie Smith, Nancy Fairley, Joyce Morton, John Nichol- son, Barbara Reynolds, John Whitaker, Bettie Ruth Springle, and Barbara Johnson. Each library assistant follows a regular schedule, which includes checking books, shelving books, making and delivering notices, decorating the bulletin boards, and keeping the magazine room in order. In October, the librarian and two stu- dent assistants Dot Johnson and Mary Ruth Yow attended the North Carolina Library Association in Winston-Salem. At this meeting the North Carolina Library Pupil Assistants Association was organized. Our club is affiliated with this new organization whose purposes are to promote closer re- lationships between the pupil assistants throughout the state and to help recruit future librarians. Dot Johnson is president of the North Central District. The library staff entertained at a book week tea in the fall. The parents of the members of the Library Club, library as- sistants from Hugh Morson High School, officers of the PTA, faculty members, and other special guests were present. LIBRARY STAFF First: William Teague. Nancy Fairley, Nell Sims, John Nicholson, Janie Smith. Second: Jack Thomas, Jay Morton. Elsie Macon, Barbara Jobe. Dot Johnson, Robert Broome. Third: Virginia Gilliam, James Eubanks. Miss Burge, Barbara Renals, John iRedb Whitaker, Sue Coltrane. Fourth: Barbara Johnson. Fred Prescott. Miss Jones, Betty Lou Springle, Mary Ruth Yow, Charles Caldwell. 5- f .-'. it Gig OFFICERS: First row, left to right: Jean Denny, Historian: Dorothy Johnson, Secretary: Jackie Jernigan. President: and Miss Doris Sparks, Adviser. Second row: Polly Hendrix, Treasurer: Mary Kennedy, Vice Presidentg and William Teague, Sgt.-at-Arms. ittle heater Under the leadership of Miss Sparks, adviser, and Jackie Jernigan president, the Brough- ton Little Theater has had a most successful year. The membership was composed of seventy- nine juniors and seniors. The weekly club meetings were high-lighted by skits, make-up demon- stations, and by speakers from the Raleigh Little Theater. During the fall the Little Theater and Music Department presented an operetta, "All at Sea." For its annual spring production the Little Theater presented 'iAnd Came The Spring." Several one-act plays were presented in chapel by members of the Little Theater in the dramatics classes. Among these productions were 'Bitter Wine" and "Call Me Millie." The Little Theater also took part in the annual Spring Play Festival in Chapel Hill in April. JEAN DENNY, Historian. 66 l e gofvfen Juaaquem The purpose of this society is to develop better plays and higher drama at Broughton. Eligible candidates for membership must have 20 points for seniors and 30 points for juniors. Applications for membership must be approved by members of the society. Meetings are held every two weeks at the S 8: W. In the spring the Golden Masquers entered a play at the Drama Festival at Goldsboro and Chapel Hill. Left to right: Miss Sparks. Adviser: Mary Lou Driver. Lillian Hill, Warren Brannon. Joan Liles, Jackie Jernigan, Mary Kennedy. Tyler Wadsworth, and Polly Hendrix. 67 i-ll The Broughton Hi-Y for the year 1947-1948 has been an active one. The purpose of the club is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the high standards of Christian character." This year the club has been very successful in their undertakings. A clean-up campaign just before Christmas caused a bustle by all the homerooms and provided a neat school in which to study. At Thanksgiving, tickets were sold for the Methodist Orphanage vs. Dunn High School football game. A lunch room project also went over successfully by helping to lessen confusion in the cafeteria. Some of the other activities that the club participated in were the printing of basketball programs, working with the grammar school playground teams, and giving supplies to a needy family for Christmas. In the spring the annual minstrel and dance were given. The club meets every week at the Y.M.C.A., and attends church as a group the fourth Sunday in every month. OFFICERS President Jimmy Lesane Sergeant-at-Arms Tommy Taylor Vice President Bobby Wiggins Reporter. .. .. .Eugene Ferrell Secretary , ...Bob Yancey School Adviser . . Mr. Holliday Treasurer .Charles Barham Y.M.C.A. Adviser Mr. John H. Joslin First row, legt to right: Billy Crocker. Jack Thomas, Ewart Easterling. J. W. Boles. Bobby Wiggins. Dick Sommers. Charles Barham. Second row: Louis Poole, Jimmy Lesane. Tommy Taylor. Bobby Yancey. Billy Ammons. Mial Williamson, Mr. Holliday. Third row: Eugene Ferrell, John Nicholson, George Paulson, John Duncan. William Teague, Robert Kost. 68 SAM AAJI 0 D 4,5 ,J Q-J uni r i- Z6 g, pa My 4.74-ff 'eifffeosn "To create, aintain, and extend throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian character." OFFICERS President ,.,,7,..,, ,,,,,,,, K enneth Smith Treasurer ...,,,7.,...,.... ....,... J oe Hardison Vice President ,,s,.. ,ii,,,, R ichard Rhodes Sergeant-at-Arms ...,.. ......,..... T had Eure, Jr. Secretary ,is,,,,.,, ,s,,,, L arry Tippett Adviser s......,,.,,.,,... ,.....,s M r. John H. Joslin The Junior Hi-Y has had several projects durring the year. It undertook the selling of Brough- ton seals and emblems in the fall. Its members also helped in keeping the building clean. Speakers and socials were included in the programs for the year. The annual Junior Hi-Y Dance was held in the spring. 1 K First row. left to right: Larry Tippett. Bobby Higgenbotham. Alec Wilson, Donald Desern, Billy Churn, Winkie Nelson, G. M. Wooten. Second row: Lyman Kiser, Pete Jenkins. Lewis Parham. Howard Twiggs, Bob Williamson, Joe Hardison, Richard Rhodes. Third row: Jeff Newton, Kenneth Smith, Thad Eure, Carey Holliday, Graham Anderson, Lewis Powell. 69 ,Ca lipac SUSAN PICKENS ..,,,.,,,.,,, Editor-in-Chief DOUG PRUDEN A,......... Business MARY LU DRIVER Advertising LIBRARY STAFF Susan Pickens Joyce Sapp Charles Wooten Robin Scroggs Gordon Middleton Barbara Ballenger Dorothy Humphreys Janet Linker Merritt Jones Mary Thomas Helen Britt Manage? Manager Can you imagine putting out an annual without those last minute rushes that made life at Broughton so interesting? Without the aid of John G. rGilmartin, that ish this remarkable LATIPAC would be fragmentary, illegible, impalpable, succinct, drastic, and paraphrastic! Nominations and elections of "big wheelsl' took place in October, and the work be- gan, headed by Susan Pickens, editor-in-chief, and Doug Pruden, business manager. Mary Lu Driver was appointed advertising manager. After the editorial and business staffs were chosen, everyone "dug in' and did his best. Amid piles of paper clips, pictures, write-ups, senior characteristics, and senior statistics, we found the diligent workers in Miss Runnion's little room every Monday. Mr. F. L. Johnson, who did a wonderful job with the photography, emerged from behind his little black curtain occasionally to encourage us to look "pretty," Then room 110 became an oflice for Broughtonites to obtain their pictures. Everything admirable in this volume is due to the hard work and wise counsel of our advisers, Miss Laura Helen Paschal, Miss Mary W. Barber, and Miss Hannah Sav- age. Mr. J. H. Hardison from Edwards and Broughton Co. worked with us in order to produce the best possible yearbook. ADVERTISING STAFF Mary Lu Drover, Joanne Liles, Jeanne Yates, Jane Phinney, Pat Whitford, James Peeler, Doug Pruden, Emily Ritchie. Nick Howell, Janie Smith, Peggy Evans, Arthur Howell, Dena Brown, Ernestine Nance. Joyce Morton, Bobby Leonard, Billy Lilly. l l , .vw ......... ...... ,.. ..L . .. . . V, . .'. . ,L . 71 First row, left to right: Mary Stewart. Juanita Johnson, Rachel Summers, Jean Jones, Dot Mitchell, Ina Ruth Wood- ruff, Eloise Hodge, Miss Hodges, Adviser. Second row: Amelia Barbour, Janet Keener, Frances Smith, Betty Smith. Faye Barbour. Ethel Pearce. Third row: Rose Marie Poole, Gloria Purnell, Elma Berry, Barbara Beale, Ann Sykes, Madeline Ward. Fourth row: Ann Emory, Doris Vaughn. Joyce Sapp. Mary Lloyd Stallings, Peggy Evans. Minnie Nipper, Julianne Brown. he Cxommerciaf PURPOSE The purpose of this club is to aid its members to become better shorthand students and stenographers. OFFICERS President ,,,,,.,, ,, ,..,., Ethel Pearce Secretary ....... ....... F aye Barbour Viee President ,,,,,, ,,,.,.,,,,,,,l P eggy Evans Treasurer ,,...., i,,,, ..,,, ...... A n n Emory Seargeant-at-Arms ..... ...,. M adeline Ward 72 1 Ile Zee!! 0498 500k President ........,.,..,., .,,,,, R obert Midgette Secretary-Treasurer .,......V,,,, A YV,........VV,V Nell S1mS Vice President , YY,,.....,.w .., .v.,A.A M erritt Jones Adviser ...............v........ii....,, lVI1ss Celeste Penny l y , First row, left to right: Elton Adams. John Anderson, Benny Starling. Second row: Calvin Holland. John Hester. Macon Martin, Bill Watkins, William Teague. Third 1ow:Bobby Hunter, George Smith, Tommy Steed, Jimmie Huh'- stafer, Johnny Spain, Hunter Woodall, Carl Stewart, Sonny Thorn. -L F x .. . V 4 t ' "' ' I I l ' . 5 ' ' ' s. I ' 1 ,ze dlucfio i.4ual J 0 73 0l'l0gl'al11 Under the leadership of President Bill Crocker. the Monogram Club took as its major proj- ects the fostering of good sportsmanship and the building of a sound intramural program. Dur- ing the football season members served as ushers at the games, and during basketball season members worked to promote good sportsmanship within the student body. As an aid to the in- tramural program, the club worked as officials of the contests. Highlights of the year's activities Were the club sponsored dance and the presentation of the cup to the "most outstanding senior athlete." All boys who earn varsity letters in track, football, baseball, or basketball are eligible for membership in the club, but they must be approved by the members before they are accepted. MEMBERS Billy Ammons Eddie Askew Red Barham Bobby Ballard J. W. Boles Mac Campbell Charles Caldwell Billy Crocker Ewart Easterling Eugene Ferrell .Iimmy Lesane Charles Lloyd Arthur Howard Bruce Olive James Peeler John Pierce Louis Poole Dick Sommers Tommy Taylor Donny Thomas Jack Thomas Al Varner L, T. Wadsworth Bobby Wiggins Hunter Woodall Charles Wooten Bobby Yancey Gene Austin Kemp Buchanan Billy Carter Peanut Carter Bob Caudle John Collier Wade Cooper Billy Davis Thad Eure Bobby Kost Stephen Kenny Pete Hairston Edgar Johnson Wesly Ledford Harold Newman Jett' Newton Dave Robison Walter Slater Bobby Styres Bromley Sutton Sonny Thorne Jimmy Waters Paul Winslow aff it l 74 ' . , zfflft fz 441 5 , -44' 1 If I-WVV V ,f M71 J Xlffvw I f Ugg fr. ' ! X-vtbt VL ,J S I df ' owf f. wi r, 4 K Q gjf ,' 1 gk ILL. ga ,gh wif, VCV' JZ, ff ' 'P KVM 'Jl,Q4Vf1 I UL " r ,Q ,- l 49 Lf?4C7, ua ,fff jj 1 Z1 UV! -, iff aa C ' "A ' f ' 17 cw ,ixifffd f , L44 X ll H ,Q f V f f pff N!-1 V, JL f , Coach Lee Stone, Charles Lloyd, Billy Crocker thletics goolbafl The 1947 edition of Raleigh's foot- ball team made a creditable showing, winning 4, tieing 2, while losing 3. The four wins came against conference teams, and a one point loss to Fayette- ville kept the Caps from the Eastern Conference laurels. Raleigh did cap- ture second place, however, with only the loss to Fayetteville and a 6-6 tie with Goldsboro to mar the record. For the fifth year Lee Stone, ably helped by N. A. Miller, was at the helm of the Raleigh gridders. Billy Crocker was the team captain. The Caps had their share of repre- sentatives on all-star aggregations. Charles Lloyd and Billy Crocker were placed on one all-state team, while Jimmy Lesane, Dick Sommers, Lloyd, and Crocker were selected by the con- ference coaches for all-eastern honors. Two players, Lesane and Lloyd-were chosen to play for the eastern squad in the first annual Optimist Bowl game. Stone, along with Leon Brog- den of Wilmington, was the coach of the eastern squad which whipped the western team, 12-7. GREENSBORO 20, RALEIGH 6 xl Gene Felrrell. Charles Lloyd With two starters injured, Raleigh 1 , , opened the s e a s o n by playing a Q favored Greensboro eleven. During the first half the pre-game rating seemed wrong as the Caps held the larger Whirlies' line and pushed across a score of their own late in the second quarter on a seven yard run by Jimmy Le- Sane, Alter intermission, though, Greensboro put on the pressure and tallied three times. Raleigh's half rookie outfit played well, however, and showed promise of brighter things to come. RALEIGH 0, DURHAM O Playing against a heavier Durham team the Caps were stymied most of the game and they failed to score: however, though the Bulldogs pushed Raleigh around most of the Charles Gaddy, Sue Coltrane. Polly Hendrix, Juliet Fulghum, Jack Robertson. time, the visitors also were unable to muster enough strength to push across a touchdown. RALEIGH 26, WILSON 7 Raleigh finally s h o w e d their strength by overpowering Wilson for their lirst win of the season. With Sonny Ussery showing the way, the Caps scored three touchdowns in the Hrst half. The tallies came on a line . buck by Sommers and on passes from Lesane to Lloyd and Ussery to Lesane. After half-time, Ussery made the final score from the three, climaxing a 100 yard drive. PORTSMOUTH 28, RALEIGH 0 LT I The following week Raleigh trav- ' eled to Portsmouth, Virginia, to battle X.. Wllfoodrow Wiison High School, This game was the first intersectional con- test played by the Caps in several years. The Presidents, annually one .N , the strongest prep schools in the 'W XV- south, overpowered the Caps for 1, x - 'Stones worst loss of the season. Ra- X 'highs only touchdown threat was 1. broken up when Portsmouth intercepted Ussery's pass in the end zone. hi 'lr Ni Osler Murray. John Nicholson N RALEIGH 12, WILMINGTON 0 , is X X. ., A surprised Wilmington team caught the Caps on the rebound after the loss to Portsmouth. A phases of Raleigh's game were improved, and the statistics showed the winner's superiority. if 'T e Caps led in first downs, 12-5, and yards gained rushing 189-82. Sommer's running and Us- x' seriys kicking were the outstanding features, but the whole team displayed a smooth, well-rounded 1,5 attack. Lesane and Sommers picked up the scores on short line plunges. Crocker, Shoemaker, X. and Nicholson spearheaded Raleigh's line. - ' RALEIGH 6, GOLDSBORO 6 Expecting little trouble from the smaller Earthquakes, the Caps traveled to Goldsboro con- Q3 Hdent of a victory. Raleigh was rudely surprised when the Goldsboro eleven outplayed the Caps U xf and scored first. A 55 yard pass from Lesane to Tyler Wadsworth late in the fourth quarter ' enabled the Raleigh team to come up with a tie. 4 x RALEIGH 38, OXFORD ORPHANAGE 7 'I Raleigh's offense hit the biggest stride of the year in capturing their third win of the season over a luckless Oxford team. Ussery and Lloyd scored twice, and Sommers and Louis Poole once in the runaway. Lesane sparked the winners and threw three touchdown passes. X I Jimmy Lesane Nick Howell, Ted Valias I FAYETTEVILLE 13, RALEIGH 12 16,500 people were present to see! Johnny Guiton score two touchdowns in the last half, en- abling Fayetteville to edge Raleigli in one of! the most thrilling huh school football games ever N- played in this city. On thi second play of Elie game Sommers dashed through a hole in the line and kept going for 64 wrds and a touchyown. Minutes later he returned a punt for 72 yards 7 x to the Bulldog's 17. Lesahe carried over from the one four plays later. After intermission Fay- , ' x 9 etteville took charge but did not score their final tally until two minutes from the end of the game. Sommers played great:-'foall for e backfield, and Crocker and Lloyd were standouts in , . the line. til 9 ' 5 A , i J fr RALEIGH 37, ROCKY MOUNT 12 The Caps sa d theirtibest attack of this season until the last game when they clicked well J in the air and on the groiynd to drub the. Elaekbirds decisively. Rocky Mount scored the first 1 touchdown eaflp in the Hrst quajter, but then Raleigh caught fire. Lesane, Ussery, Lloyd and Bruce Olive played oufstandirignballafor the Caps.j A 1-W. S 'J ,ff lx i , E ' 1' + f f j J L2 X , f , j , Q xg J MW J if Bill Crocker, Bruce Olive Howard Cannon. Billy Ammons. J. W. Boles. Wallace Hilliard 78 ffaaketbaff Broughton High. Raleigh's representative in the Class AA E ernmgnc , made a very creditable record in the 1948 season when the Caps won 15 while sing 6 in regul season com- petition. 'The team -coached admirably by Joseph Holliday, was a vastly i pr ed o -over gary? t 6 7 conference games while losing 5 a performance that net em ourth place in t spirite ly jd last year s outfit, whichcoulduonly manage to win 8 out b . ',TlQi,Zy contested Eastern race. The Caps did, however, come up th a win ov ilson, t c team that finally captured the laurels. , 1 ' ' f I-mg Broughton dropped the first game of the season to -46. and Gold hit a nine game winning streak that included a victory over Win on-Sale in a return X engagement. During the streak the Broughton five sh0wed,,a,pQte ' e ri 65 points against Henderson and 60 against Jamesville. f For the second straight year, coach Holliday brought- the city champion hip to Broughton when the Caps. whipped Hugh lvlorson, 43-37, in a game I ' ed y o a morial Auditorium Two victories over the Eastern Car ina eachers Cb ege av es, a tlrouncing over an intersectional foe, Ensley High of Birminghafmg and tw close losses t ur- am were other highlights of the season. Z f In the Hrst annual Class AA State Basketball Tour o4lTfsJfr 'l'i4o'top-seeded High Point in the first round. The Cap five bowed before the State Ch ion Tm 55-41, but not before giving the western team a terrific fight in the first half. ' 4 , The scoring honors were well divided with the starting five all placing abCgxy-le th 10 oint mark. However, sophomore center Kim Buchanan was most outstanding, hitt g the ets or 205 points. Co-captains Red Barham and J. W. Boles followed with 137 and 130 respective y. Gene Ferrell with 125 points and Bob Yancey with 106 rounded out the top five. One of the reasons for the successful season was the fact that Holliday had reserve strength at every posi- tion. Bobby Goss, tall 6'-5" center, Dick Sommers, and William Teague were the ones that saw the most action. Buchanan was the fourth high scorer in the Eastern Conference and won a first-string posi- tion on the All-City team. Barham likewise was on the first team of the All-City squad and added to that a guard position, also first string, on the All-Eastern Conference mythical team. Also sporting a successful season was the Jayvee squad. Coached by N. A. Miller, the team won 16 tilts while dropping only two. Three sophomores, Kenneth Smith, Bob Williamson and G. M. Wooten. led the Broughton juniors, ' .11-if I I h ,. . f"7' V0 i., .fgf V " M I ZTNJ-'JJ Lua Q ff A First row: Manager Earl Rowland. co-captains Red Barham and T. W. Boles, manager Al Varner. Second row: Pat Caviness. Dick Sommers. Bob Yancey. Coach Holliday, Bob Wiggins. Mial Williamson. Third row: Gene Ferrell, William Teague, Kim Buchanan. Bobby Goss. John Duncan. 79 new U""11lS1Hlm1 O17DfJ7lG1ll 46 Winston-Salem . 50 60 Jmnesvillc 23 42 E. C. T. C. Jayvecs 32 37 Wilson 34 33 Winston-Salem 32 65 Henderson . 29 44 Fayetteville , , 24 'W ' X 37 Rocky Mount 28 Tim' 49 Birmingham . 27 42 E. C. T. C. Jayvees 33 26 Wilmington 34 40 Goldsboro 34 57 Henderson 27 5 33 Felyettexfille 31 32 Wilson 43 ,fr M, f'h'A M 36 Durham 38 K A D 27 Wilmington .. 47 lil Goldsboro . 33 41 Durham 42 43 Hugh Morson .,., 37 46 Rocky Mount .. 24 N. A. Miller. Joe Holliday M, ' r 'IA .x X l 03 ' 9 Fvr07I jzmtlanflcft lofiglllp Twiggs. M. Holder. M. Wooten. Anderson. D. Coates. Second royv: C Holliday. J. la rl. .I. Newt n. B. liiamson. .I. Harvm, Tlnrd row: J. McMillan, A. Wllson. D. Desern. K. Smith, L. Powell. T., jglyonas. Tuggrim: Manager Varncr. Coach N. A. Miller, and Manager Nelson. 4 n , t J l ' so ' +- J X V , . I K V W, ,W y ,wbffei fo-'U ,J ' I finaeeyszvf f f f f X' 0 Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Jfaaebalfi BASEBALL SCORES FOR 1948 l Sanford 3 U Rocky Mount 5 5 Durham 2 7 Wilson 10 16 Fayetteville 6 6 Wilmington 4 0 Sanford 8 10 Goldsboro 3 1 Rocky Mount 4 6 Durham 7 2 Wilson 4 3 Fayetteville 5 4 Wilmington 5 10 Henderson 3 10 Goldsboro 2 13 Henderson 3 ., - - l " ' -J XJ-.5--lj, .4,., ,.,' f' , K , J .5,1'Lf'. - 0,1 ' ' 4 -. Q. ?. N , lu ' Q. ,J f fbgsfil' A K ,M g em, Hr ? George Paulson Crowns Queen of Hearts Lillian Hill 'ik 5 K .. W NM X xg NFS 1 A, R 5 . Xxx, l .rw v wi? .v u V.,- WIT XVARREN CLOUD BRANNON K.. Q K H A S . .Q i K' R. T X 1244 Q 4. 5 gi- S . S F 'Q k SNA 5 Q a A ,xX,1Eg,f ggwlhf wx K 4 A if x 4 - , -Q QM w- Q X, xx AN ' X , WL. ' 'A , Q ,"" fi ' Q Z, ,M QM' . N 5 , Tyr ' , 2 2 ' f "' , A , ! ,nf W , ' if' W H ,,, ' 1 X "4'77,"ff" 1 V, ,N , www y M ,, 7 'Tw W I A 4 f I f V , " 2 ' ' "74"hZf L , TV E lV1.uu:Am:'1' JEAN S'1'EwAu'1' 1 4 , , I , s N i x g 1 5 X E .X 3.5 wht Q 5? vm. xx. S L X 5 Q K gi? W 2' hz V' . swf, gf 'g i ' f x K f E ' , ,x if . z, xil: 3 . -W L 'Q f ' ""WQQQN fg NNN , if ,, A A -Mk S. "1f9'X-1. s w .. -.X 3, g KA .C -.A . ,.1 A 3 BEAU AND BELLE Rom-:RT GIIZIIKJNS YANCEY. JR. POLLY SHIELD HENIJRIX JOYCE BARBARA SAPP R 3 . i , R , ,, L i . R if 2 3355551 ."5fi2'?i E5 S QAA 33+ ,Wi , ,- K, SCHOLARSHIP GORDON KENNEDY MLDDLETON, JR ow i4 flue Hour By MARY LOUISE HINES Now We are leaving you friends, We hope that it's not the end Soon we will leave all of you But we will think of you too. Now is the hour When we must say goodbye Soon we'll be leaving Dear "ole" Broughton High Tears will be shed For memories retained Now we will bid farewell But thoughts will remain. All that is past Will linger and will last We will remember Fun at Broughton High Teachers and friends Will look at us and sigh Now we'll be leaving soon We say goodbye. 89 WILLIAM DANIEL'S CAMERA SHOP PHoToGRAPHlc suPPLlEs Scientific Photo Finishing Dial 8595 DIATTHEWS THE NEWEST IN SHADE C0- 5Pol:'1'sWEA11 "Ask Those Weave Sold" For the' Young Mllll .llrlrilrfrlrfllrvrs of 7 Your-lian Blimls : Sllll4lf'S : Awnings S llll- Ulvlmuuml Xvv. Dial fl-5503 S Rulr-i-wh, N. lj, Zlll l"ayc'tlvvillf- Street Congratulations Dr. Pepper Bottling Company Raleigh, North Carolina Mr. Burt Ceating dinnerhz Where's my sugar? Mr. Eason: I haven't seen your wife. POWELL 8: GRIFFIS MARKET Free Delivery 2-L11 Hillsboro St. : Dial 2-2847 1700 Glenwood Are, : Dial 7561. O R.CHURN . Compliments of 9 Wffwfl FRESH MEATS 'A' PRODUCE CROCERIES 113 Fayetteville Street 205 E. Whitaker Mill Road DIAL 4635 PHONE 592-L 9 EFIRD 5 The Shop That Every DEPARTMENT GM Knows STQRE t I M2075 We Appreciate Your patronage Raleigh's Smartest Shop 'k 'A' 208 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. 126 Fayetteville Street Mr. Helms Cto cafeteria cookbt Why do you always make cakes and bread? Cook: I need the dough. Compliments of if ' ' uk 51.0.4 afih ' ' 129 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To the Students, Faculty and Friends of Raleiglfs High Schools U gk "EASTERN CAROLINA'S LARGEST" , v Mrs. Kent: You work at a laundry, why don't you put a cover on your uniform Charlie Dobie: The boss doesn't like for me to go out with his old bags. HEILIG-LEVINE 'A' Fine Furniture 'lr 137 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, N. C. MARTIN,S, INC. 305 Fayetteville Street SMART APPAREL for MEN and YOUNG MEN SMALL'S CITY GARAGE CO. 107 South Salisbury Street TIRES Z BATTERIES ACCESSORIES "More than a quarter of ll cenlu y with Satisfed Customers" BICYCLES : TRICYCLES HOWARD HOUSE NA Good Place To Eat" TWO LOCATIONS 2404 Hillsboro Street 209 West Morgan ADAMS-TERRY REA LTY C 0 . Sales and Rentals 210 South Salisbury Street PHONE 2-3727 F L 0 W E R S COMMERCIAL By Fallonfs PRINTING COMPANY Are Distinctive PRINTERS RULERS l BINDERS J. J. Fallon Co., Inc. "We Crow the Flowers We Selly, OFFICE FURNITURE 2l9 South Salisbury Street What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You're too young to smoke. W Quality Fashions for Women RALEIGH 1901- KING'S BUSINESS COLLEGE - 1948 School for Secretaries School of Accountancy and Business Administration NIFIIIIJCI' of National Association of Arcreflileml Connnercial St-hools Charter Memlwr National Council of Iiuzfiiwss Schools Summer Term 0pens June 7 and 14 Fall Term 0pens September 6 Ask for Catalog and Application. Make your Reservation early. CAROI,INA'S PIONEER SCHOOL O17 BUSINESS 412-I6 Fayetteville Street Dial 6713 Raleigh. N. C. What did one eye say to the other eye? There's something between us that smells. IVIELVINIS BOYLAN-PEARCE PHARMACY COMPLETE FOUNTAIN and 'A' PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Roleiglfs U For Prompt Service 5liOPP"W9 Dial 5834 Center l IZI7 Hillsboro Street BRANTLEY 6' SCN Pharmacy "Your Family Drug Storev 508 Hillsboro Ph0ne 8834 Raleigh, North Carolina "Tons of Satisfactioni' C0mPlim9mS 01' BETTS COAL 5 OIL co. FRIENDLY 1 FRUIT STORE E550 Fuel 051 Fruits and Produce DIAL 5869 601 Hillsboro Dial 2-3212 Why did the little moron take sugar and cream to the show with him? Because he heard there was going to be a cereal. MARTIN MILLWORK COMPANY "lf lt's Millwork, We Can Do lt" 200 HARRISON AVENUE PHUNIC 2-2824 1-IALIQIUIL N. C. JAMES H. ANDERSON Cleaning Supplies NIMIHINIC AWD HAND SOAPS, l7ISlNI"ElI'l'AN'l'S AND IIISHWASHING NlA'l'EHlAl,S l"l,0UR AlAlN'I'ENANlIl'I NIAFAS BLOCKS AlA'l'HRIAI,S RALICIGH. N. lf. HIM. Z3-2730 P. U. ISUX S512 What did George Washington say when he cut down the cherry treo? 'Timberf' INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY EQUIPMENT REPAIR PARTS SUPPLIES 'A' IHLLON SUPPLY COMPANY Raleigh : Durham : Rocky Mount : Goldsboro Saint Mary's School and Junior College Richard G. Stone, President Raleigh, North Carolina l-ligh school graduates are offered two years ot standard college work. The curriculum also includes llth and l2th grades of high school work, All academic courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. Excellent Courses in Art, Business, Expression, Home Economics and Music Departments with Tuition included in General Charge Twenty-Acre Campus -ee Field Sports A - Gymnasium ee- Tennis indoor Tiled Swimming Pool -- Horseback Riding - Golf RESIDENT AND DAY-STUDENTS Write for Catalogue and View Book Old man: fishing, son? Little boy: No, just drowning worms. Jamie filmcwuf fl Exclusive Lincoln - Mercury Dealers for Raleigh and Vicinity 'A' HARMON MOTOR CO. 3623 HlLLsBoRo STREET RALEIGH, N PHONE 33648 0 . Plumbing I D . W Y A T T and Heating Contractor .l . Pho-ne 5559 Raleigh, N. C. Newton's nose is the biggest thing in the world that the Russians haven t tried to get. Phone 7248 Compliments GLENWO0D CAPITAL ICE 5' COAL SIl0E SIIOP II1C. Service Prompt and Courteous 309 Glenwood Avenue 600 West Hargett Street Raleigh, N. C. DIAL 5589 BYN UM PRI NTI NG COMPANY Better Printing PHONES 6417 - 6418 RALEIGH, N. C. ART FLOWER SHOP I4 West Horgett Street Flowers for All Occasions WlIITE9S GROCERY Fresh Meats - Fancy Groceries Vegetables 703 West Peace Street Dial 7240 Raleigh, N. c. PHONE 3-5161 THE GRIDDLE lIENDEBSON'S LUNCHEUNETTE Fine Foods 1 3116 Hillsboro Street 2500 Hillsboro Street ' Raleigh Phone 5209 Miss Paschal: Bo, what is a worm? Bo: It's a caterpillar with its fur coat off. F. D. CLINE CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Raleigh, North Carolina Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 'k T. H. BRIGGS AND SONS, INC. "Hardware Since 186559 Compliments of L A N D ' S RaIeigh's Leading Credit Jewelers I37 Fayetteville Street DIAL 23751 Compliments of MITCLAZLFIAPAITLIJNTING CLARK ART Sll0P . Equipped lo Handle Any Size fob AWNINGS VHNETIAN BLINDS SHADES gala IZIJIPQIGIES PICTURE FRAMES RUUNG GUILITAIN BUGS WEDDING INVITATIONS 300 Glenwood Ave. Phone 8319 15 W, Hargetl St, Dial 8821 Miss Blalock: Have you ever seen the Catskill Mountains? Downie: No, but I have seen cats-kill mice. Phone 7646 Night 8533 RAINBOW FLORIST 1201 Hillsboro Street Raleigh, N. C. J. F. WILLIS SHEET METAL WORKS Peoce Street of I-Iolifox Phone 6921 Cut Flowers Potted Plants Corsages Funeral Designs Raleigh N. C. Weflding Decorations I FERGUSON'S HUNEYCUTT, INC. HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES and GENERAL HARDWARE We Deliver 2904- Hillsboro St. Phone 4-877 - "Fashions for Menu 1914- Hillsboro St. Raleigh Compliments of RALEIGH LAUNDRY Corner of Dawson and Cabarrus t The epitaph on an atheist grave: Here lies a man-all dressed up and no where o go. g DIXIE CLEANERS 'Through our doors pass the finest people on earth, our customersf' We Call and Deliver I Beautiful Cleaning 512 W. Morgan St. Phone 3-4431 First Furnish Your Home . . . It Tells What You Are 'k KIMBRELIPS Inc. Raleiglfs Leading Furniture Store 124 E. Martin St. Dial 7739 MOORE'S TEXACO SERVICE Complete Automotive Supplies Pick-up and Delivery Service 1641 Glenwood Ave. Phone 3-1300 Compliments of McLELLAN'S Music Department 230 Fayetteville Street Dial 4228 For Well Known Furniture and Electric Appliances See Your Friendly Dealer CARTEIPS INC. 19 East Martin Street Phone 4163 Compliments of BABBOUR,S ESSO STATION MUTUAL AUTO SERVICE 1627 Wake Forest Road General Automotive Repair Telephone 8142 Compliments of HUMPTY DUMPTY HOUSE Wo ke Forest Road DELICIOUS HAMBURGS and SPUDS Bobby Yancey: Do you know why they buried the pigeon-toed, cross eyed nigger, on the left hand side of the road? Polly: No. Bobby: 'Cause he was dead. I RALEIGH CYCLE CO. Expert Lawnmower Sharpening Columbia C1 Schwinn Bicycles 3003 Hillsboro St. Phone 3-4072 Compliments of FRIENDLY CLEANERS i'We Clean Clothes Cleanv 2910 Hillsboro Street Phone 2-0888 FIVE POINTS VARIETY Incorporated COMPLETE Sc 6' I0c STORE 2010 Fairview Road DeVan Barbour, Agent MUTUAL INSURANCE Fire : Automotive : Tornado 103 Security Bank Building Dial 3.1271 Phones 7565-66 Raleigh, N. c. CAROLINA HARDWARE COMPANY Incorporated Ju o B B E R s 233-35 South Wilmington Street PHONE 2-0531 RALEIGH, N. c. ECKERD'S DRUG STORE 222 Fayetteville Street l -.. Drugs : Sundries : Cosmetics George Paulson: I could shower you with pedals, Ah! Emily Rhodes: Oh George-gosh! George: Bicycle pedals. When Yozfre on Your Way Stop in at the MILKY WAY Opposite Broughton High School un St. Mary's Sm-er SEALTEST ICE CREAM Compliments of GOULD MORRIS ELECTRIC COMPANY Five Points Pharmacy I'n's1'riptim1s Called For and Delinerecl Store Hours: Daily-8:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Sunday -12:00 Nunn to 7:00 HM. DRUGS 2 COSINIICTICS : SODA 1620 Gienwomi Ave. Phone' 4-644 P. W. GRISSOM Trucks for Hire ir Agent for Alias Power Co. Raleigh, N. C. FAMILY LAUNDRY SERVICE Xa I qw Qin SQ 9 J ,J 'Ss f 9 Q .,Lgi'Q'm.-" J , .J x I ' of .W I if f . -4.1 fo 9 EO fJJb4 o-' 'U io ' 6 OL O. 3,1 for the convenience and pleasure of the home - Let us do all your Laundry - PHONE 8873 Capital City Laundry IIS West Martin Street Jack Thomas: Do you neck? Jeanne Yates: That's my business. Jack Thomas: Oh! S0 you make a profession out of it. FOR STRUCTURAL STEEL and P A T R 0 N ' Z E ORNAMENTAL IRON O U R Visit ADVERTISERS PEDEN STEEL C0. 6630116 with Sleelv Dial 8828 Raleigh HAYES BARTON PHARMACY 2000 Fairview Road PHONE 4641 Air Conditioned C A P S Phone 9224 P 0 0 L nl' ll 0 0 M CANTUN CAFE We Specialize in CHINESE John W. Evans' Son, Inc. and COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE AMERICAN FOOD SERVICE iv UPHOLSTERING PAINTING Dial 4673 408 Hillsboro Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Excited man: Hey Doc! I bit my ear. Doctor: But sir, that's impossible. Man: But Doc, I was standing on a chair. . ,WI fly.. 4 ' WWWZM f 1 ry 9 wr ...G Mv- JL-f my x 5 i W ..IllIl..B.,H..U..l'll,.El...llec ., l K-1'1" ACHHE Never gained easily - the graduate's diploma is a symbol of a truly great Achievement - one in which every graduate may take pride for all his life. The Achievement of gaining the confidence and friendship of students and faculty is one in which we not only take pride, but which we cherish and guard with constant vigilance. XUMZWWQ 1. Retail - Wholesale FISH -:- OYSTERS -:- SHRIMP Live Maine Lobsters 'k RALEIGH SEA FOOD COMPANY Dial 7748 'k 410 East Davie Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 1 Tyler was telling his mother about the day in school. "Mother, today our teacher asked me whether I had any brothers or sisters, and I told her I was the only child." "And what did she say?" asked his mother. She said, "Thank g0odness"! WlLSON'S MARKET C. T. W1Ls0N, Proprietor WESTERN and NATIVE MEATS Prornpt Delivery PBESTON'S, INC. "The Store Ahead With Fashions Ahead DIAL 44400 , 112 Fayetteville Street City Market Raleigh, N. C. RALEIGH N C C In f Compliments of amp :ments 0 SNAKENBURG WARLICK'S TAI LO RS SODA SHOP 4 Insurance Building CUSTOM TAILORING AT ITS BEST Compliments of RALEIGH 0FFICE SUPPLY C0. Complete Ojice Equipment SGSINGER . . and Supplies SEWING -1 118 East Martin Street Phone 8714- anal 36781 RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments of "Candy Makers for Over 80 Years A Standard for Quality Candies Since 1865 DIAL 4228 .I. E. STATHACOS, Manager RALEIGH, N. C. 230 Fayetteville Street The Scotchman learned to swim when he came to a toll bridge. W. H. KING DRUG COMPANY Wfhe House M Friendly and Dependable Servieew Manufacturers of WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 'A' RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Jim: Did you hear about the row down at the bakery last night? John: No, what happened? Jim: Some stale bread tried to get fresh. EREDITH COLLEGE U-'W 2-L Fo-Y'YY3 ACGR DITED LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE FOR P-so QLS I. Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools I 19213. 2. American Association of University Women fI923J. 3. Association of American Universities 119281. PROGRESSIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM IN TERMS OF PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Distinguished record of student honors and achievement. Effective honor system. Excellent library facilities. Special advantages in art, music, business, ho-me economics. Provision for supervised teaching in Raleigh schools. ATTRACTIVE LOCATION IN RALEIGH, 'ITHE EDUCATIONAL CENTER OF THE STATEI' Beautiful campus of 170 acres, Modern fireproof dormitories, with generous provision for social activities. Write for Catalogue and Other Information CARLYLE CAMPBELL, President RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Did you hear about the honey bee that got mad at the bumble bee 'cause he took his honey and nectar? PE CE COLLEGE FOR THE EDUCATION AND CULTURE OF YOUNG WOMEN I. JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK a. Two-year Standard College Courses which permit entrance to Junior Class in all our leading colleges and universities. b. Two-year General College Course. c. Two-year courses with Home Economics Electives. II. COMMERCIAL AND SECRETARIAL COURSES a. One-year Commercial Course. Gregg System. b. Two-year Commercial Course. Gregg System. III. SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL COURSES IN ART, EXURESSION, PIANO, VOICE, AND VIOLIN An invitation is extended to all Morson and Broughton girl graduates to investigate Peace before making plans to attend colloge. We have adequate facilities for their comfort at Peace and our large number of Raleigh girls in attendance from year to year is a source of pride to us. For Literature Address WILLIAM C. PRESSLY, President PEACE COLLEGE He who laughs last has found a dirty meaning to a clean joke. Compliments of W. E. COOPER FURNITURE COMPANY 121 East Martin Street lIILL9S, INC. 105 S. Wilmington St. Raleigh, N. C DIAL 8172 HARLEY-DAVIDSON SALES Bicycles - Fishing Tackle Sporting Goods Boats and Outboard Motors DIAL 2-3146 Repairs to All C""""i"'e"'S of souTHERN AUCTION THE FURNITURE COMPANY SUB - DEB CLUB 1 t For Furiture Hugh Morson High School 0! Quality and Distinction SMITH'S MEAT MARKET Western and Native Meat Choice Cuts Phone 2-35110 for Free Delivery City Market Roy G. Smith, Prop. Compliments of Ddirll MARKET 603 SOUTH STREET Compliments of THE BRITT C0- "Wholesale Groceries" RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments of THE RALEIGH SANDWICH SHOP 'll' "Visit Us Often" Man to little girl making mudpies: You're pretty dirty aren't you. Ann H.: Yes but I'm prettier clean. I Compliments o f MANHATTAN RESTAURANT ul' "Choice of Western Steaks and Sea foodv ul' 525 HILLSBOR0 STREET TRY OUR HAMBURGERS, CHEESEBURGERS AND OUR I8-oz. MILK SHAKES 'lr WHISPERING PINES DRIVE INN 'Ir Located 2 Miles S. Fayetteville Highway OVER 5,000 REELS ENTERTAINMENT Congratulations EDUCATIONAL from RELIGIOUS Films for Schools, Churches, I IJ , Ho C u S mes JEWELERS NATIONAL 'I' 1904 Hillsboro Street I4-20 Glenwood Avenue Dial 3-3232 Tel. 32824 - 32825 i CAMERAS Projectors - Screen Accessories RALEIGH, N. C. Mlss Ezellz Why aren't you taking notes? Bob Yancey: Fm using my grandfathefs. CONGRATULATIONS from WILSON UZZLE, INC. OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC Sales and Service l i- 421 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, North Carolina STREETER'S ' MARKET G L 0 5 E "Choice Meats and MENIS AND BOYS' G,0ce,ies,, CLOTHING FURNISHINGS 705 Georgetown Road RALEIGH, N. C. ATKINS BARBER Sll0P 608 North Person Street 'lr "lt Pays to Look Well" Cor. Wilnmingtrm SI. and Exchange Place RALElGH'S OLDEST CLOTHIER "Since 1898" - ADAM HAT DEALER G L O B E A County-agent asked a farmer why he potato patch. had a roadroller on the edge of h1s The farmer said, "So I may grow mashed potatoes." Waller and Smith PERSUN STREET t Portraits - Commercials C0mPlf?f9 Fvlmwin and School Annuals ' Prescription Service ik Dial 7703 Dial J-6641 FOR PROMPT SERVICE 12 E. Hargelt 119 W. Parrish DIAL 6432 Raleigh Durham 620 N. Person Street 301 South Wilmington PHONE 8033 RALEIGH, N. C. BYRUM LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS 1: HARDWARE 1: MILLWORK 737 West Hargett Street PHONE 7825 RALEIGH, N. C. Miss Cogdellz You canlt go to sleep in my class! Jack: I could if you'd talk a little softer. DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY 4 INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY EQUIPMENT : REPAIR PARTS : SUPPLIES FARM MACHINERY and EQUIPMENT 4 Raleigh - Durham - Rocky Mount - Goldsboro Congratulations and Best Wishes To All 1948 Seniors S. M. YOUNG HARDWARE 20th CENTURY PAINT AND VARNISH SEED : HARDWARE : GLASS 130 East Martin Street Mr. Eason: Why were you late to class? Slopz I don't know, I guess the bell rung before I got there. 66 99 ea er QQ Speec To you, who each day Take on anew your tasks Along the lines that speech will go Through city streets or far out Upon some mountainside Where you have blazed a trail And kept it clearg To you there comes from all Who use the wires A tribute for a job well done. For these are not just still And idle strands That stretch across a country Vast and wide But bearers Of life's friendly words And messages of high import To people everywhere. Not spectacular, your usual day, Nor in the headlines Except they be of fire, or storm, Or flood. Then a grateful nation Knows the full measure of your skill And worth. And the fine spirit of service Which puts truth and purpose ln this honored creed- "The message must go throughf' SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORATED RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY DeSoto -:- Plymouth 405-7 FAYETTEVILLE STREET RALEIGH Compliments of W. T. GRANT COMPANY 'k RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Father: Son, it's time we had a little talk about women. Pete: O.K. Pop, what do you want to know? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 194-8 9A-ul.lnlbl14f ye' v tmgga. Q 77 M ' xf. . 1, 'Y Z7 ay JEWELERS 14 East Hargett Street RALEIGH MARION B. MEDLIN REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE A General Real Estate and lnsurluzce Service Residence-Old Trinity Road Phone 67083 Office Phone 4958 RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments of SIR WALTER BARBER SHOP In the Basement of Sir Walter Hotel Y E L L 0 W C A B RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION 5 H1511 Miss Savage: Tell me, Tommy, what are man's three basic needs? Tommy Ashcraft: Blondes, Brunettes, and Red-heads. Motor Bearings 6' Parts Company of Raleigh, Inc. JOBBERS OF STANDARD BRANDS OF REPLACEMENT PARTS Phone 2-3961 RALEIGH, N. C. 415 S. Salisbury Street Mack Trucks Packard Cars We Cater To The Young Man 'k Powell-Stewart Mack Distributors NOWELL SALES and SERVICE CLOTHING CO. t 201 West Martin Street F3YffUf'Vi11f' Slffffl PHONES 7214 - 2-2131 RALEIGH FRIENDLY BARBER J. M. THOMPSON G' CO. SIIOP General Contractors ,k Since 1921 C. D. WOODALL I. R. STREETE Mr. Bullock: What did you see in the fossil section of the Smithsonian? Pat Caviness: Teachers. N EW WAY GRCC E RY GROCERIES and MEATS We Deliver PHONE 20516 Southern Dairies Inc. I O Sotlthcrnbalnes 24... if "'llunmll""' G. and S. Dept. Store When you want the very best goods at the lowest possible prices COME TO OUR STORE Satisfaction Guaranteed 18 East Hargett St. 208-210 S. Wilmington St. Mc Leod-Watson ar The Home of Hart Schaffner Cr Marx Clothes Schoble Hats Manhattan, Wilson Brothers and Arrow Furnishings Donald: Do you know what the fly said when he ran into the windshield of a car? Dale: No, what did he say? Donald: I bet he don't have guts enough to do that again. Compliments of The Gas Company Public Service Company of North Carolina, Inc 217 Hillsboro Street : Raleigh Serving .' ASHEVILLE DALLAS KANNAPOLIS CHAPEL HILL DURHAM RALEIGH CONCORD CASTDNIA STATESVILLE Congratulations Seniors! 'A' SAM YOUNG'S ESSO STATION Person Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of DIXIE DRY CLEANERS DIAL 3-4431 RALEIGH Son: Mother, this cake is hard as a rock. Mother: Well son, didn't you hear the cook say 'ttake your pick." MOBLEY'S "RaIeigh's Art Center Martin Street 113 Salisbury Street RALEIGH MECCA CAFE Paints and Artist Supplies R. E. QUINN 81 COMPANY FURNITURE and STOVES 'A' Dial 4471 A' RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA FIVE HUGH MORSON GRADUATES WISH ALL OF YOU THE BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE. Smith's Dairy Products, Inc. Poole Road Raleigh, N. C. Slopz Mr. Blakeway, have you heard the joke about the bed? Mr. Blakeway: No! Slopz It hasn't been made up yet. MRS. W. LOUIS SUMMERS, Prop. R. C. Mi-ALEXANDER, Mgr. "Summers Service Satisfiesv SUMMERS ELECTRICAL COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS MAZDA LAMPS : FIXTURES 127 S. Harrington Sl. RALEIGH, N. C. Dial 2-1082 NATIONAL PURE FOOD MARKET, INC. Complete Line Quality Meats Fancy Groceries : Produce Dial 4-186 208 EAST MARTIN STREET RALEIGH, N. C. DIAL 3-4686 DIAL 3-4686 Stephenson Appliance Company 225 South Wilmington Street Best Wishes Compliments of from Poole s Beauty Shoppe WO0DAllD'S SERVICE STATION 598 W. South Street RALEIGH "For 21 years serving as Raleiglfs Bestv Dial 4904- 7 E. Hargett RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA I Doug: Why did the boy throw the butter out the window. J e :I ive u wh ? am S S D, Y Doug: To see the butterfly. North Carolina Equipment Company CONSTRUCTION, INDUSTRIAL, LOGGING EQUIPMENT 'A' RALEIGH Q .Ai-ifi-1"F' i' CHARLOTTE 'ii 'k WILMINGTON 'A' ASHEVILLE "International Diesel Poweri' CONN-GOWER PONTIAC COMPANY PUNTIAC Sales and Service E. R. Poote Music co. H fr H TIRE RALUGH RETREADING co. Recapping - Vulcanizing "Everything for Band and s Orchestran DIAL 2-0492 119 East Davie Street Phone 4-364 110 W. Martin St. Mccreary Tires and Tubes Miss Paschal: Everybody bring in three kinds of twiggs. Howard Twiggs: Oh! no! PEERLESS MASTER CLEANERS and DYERS Main Plant 516-518 Fayetteville Street PARKER HOUSE RESTAURANT i' Deliglzljully Dijerent 'A' HOTEL RALEIGH McDowell and Martin Streets RALEIGH, N. C. Raleigh Neiman's Jewelers WATKINS Tire and Battery Co ' Diamonds 'A' ' Watches . Phone 6679 ' Silver ' i 109 Fayetteville Street Dayton and Fiske Tires RALEIGH Willard Batteries Squeelerz Did you hear about the moron standing on the corner with a knife d 9 an a gun. l Doug: I a1n't sure! Squeeler: He didn't know whether to cut across the street or shoot up the alley. WT V t Wffio 1' 1 ' QV? is ORRI 'A' DIAMONDS - WATCHES JEWELRY LUGGAGE 1 SILVERWARE : RADIOS 'A' 9 East Hargett Street DIAL 3-4016 MITCHELL MELVW5 Complete FOUNTAIN and 'A' PRESCRIPTION SERVICE AMBULANCE 1- 'lf Dial 5834 For Prompt Service 222 West Hargett Street Dial 8328 1217 Hillsboro Street Joe W.: Do you know Why Indians wear feathers in their hair? Ruth C.: No, why? Joe W.: To keep their wig-warm! ba: Do you nkey: No w Compliments of THE CITY DRUG STORE "YOUR NYAL DRUGGIST" CORNER OF BLOUNT AND MARTIN STREETS COIIIIIIIIIIIBIIIS of Bowers Construction Co. RALEIGH, N. C. STATE DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION QUALITY FOODS ond BEVERAGES DOMESTIC ond IMPORTED RESTAURANT SUPPLIES ir IIZ South Blount Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA lgmow why the paper doll committed suicide? y? ba: She found out her mother was just an old bag. Snow White Laundry Pick Up ana' Delivery Service STUARTS BEAUTY BASKET MRS. RUTH STUART i' Uver 14 years of Beauty Experience 520 Fayetteville Street PHONE 5739 PHONE 7534 1215 East Hargett Street Quality Groceries and Meats 4'Trafle Where You Savei' PHONE 7191 701 East Lane Street Compliments of GEORGE'S GRILL Raleigh Beauty Shop GENE MORING 1 Florist 109W Fayetteville Street Oppofjle Points PHONE 2-3645 ost Ce DIAL 7666 H. E. LIPFORD, Prop. FLOWERS FUR ALL Stephenson Music Company The Latest Hits In Music and Recordings Fayetteville Street PIANOS Raleigh, N. C. ORGANS English teacher: Kim, what is an antonym for the word wise? Klm B.: Glg Lloyd, SUPER SERVICE GARAGE 415 South Blount Street Phone 2-0561 Distributors for FEDERAL TRUCKS and FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT TRAILERS 1k We Specialize in Body, Fender, Wrecks and Paint Works on Any Make of Car or Truck Headlight Testing, Wheel Balancing, Front End Work and 24 I-Iour Wrecker Service FRED E. WEAVER ROBERT L. BRASHER Frankie Crabtree: Ralph, I dor1't know what to give you for your birthday a book or a kiss. Ralph Liles: I can't read! CAPITAL Roofing Company DILLON MOTOR Residence and Commercial FINANCE Roofing COMPANY DIAL 7821 ii ak ESTIMATES FURNISHED ' RALEIGH II9 E. Lenoir Street BEN L. RHUE 81 CO. DECQRATORS PAINTING - : - PAPERINC DISTINCTIVE WALLPAPER Dial 7300 614 South Salisbury Twinkle! Twinkle little star what on earth you think you are a Hashllght The Montgomery-Green Co. INC. "Food Service Equipment" 125 E. Martin St. : Raleigh, N. C CHINA . . . GLASS SILVER 'Complete Equipment for lhe Preparation and Serving of Food" KILLO Exterminating Co. 'IAII Work Guaranteed . . . Experienced Workman PHONE 2-3750 30-'lf South Salisbury Street Cnnlplimelzts of THE ROAST GRILL We Specialize in S'I'I'1AK SAINDWICHI-QS and IIIIIIIC MEAT XVEINERS GHUIIGIC CHARLES. Pl'ltItl'II'IUl' 7 5. West Slrr-el FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Sales and Service For QUICK SERVICE Call Us Phone 2-3568 Raleigh, N. C H. L. MARTIN : I308 Courland Dr. X GNQQ 9 .V.4. V,,. l . -' :si2:.::.1t:Z'T """""" " "'-'-'- - -- ,'----. 1 .2 ..-,' --2 --" .1-:1:ff4'e1+fL"'. 1" '--' 15225222 ,,," 11-:is-1:12212-' Hi'hn?QiWRej?WEeWeQWE ' " :' fR ooii 5 ost 2 ' A-"', I "A' 'NIP 2 'fy asia X I N' - .. ,T tg, .. . 'W ,, qimwny ..,A. mwi ':g,.-- :tj 1-153, ,.-, Q ,..'-.11-2'1-rfr-.V -A ,igE5E1:115:3:3:g:rg:21,j,gs ' . ..,. ,.,., ,,4A,.4,,.,,., . ,,q.4 , , ,.V.,., I ,Z,Z,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.q.,.,,,.,., , , .,A,..,... ,... , .. ,,,. ,.,.,...,,.,. , 5 'T 4 7 1 xl " rw vu A ' 4 -' v gig V' 'YW K 4 f Yagi, f ., ,, I. 1 ,,,-,A , 4 , I 6,3 , ,N 1? ,, ' I Nj 4: 29 'ff P 4,,.,.,.., , x5 EE53?E52EiiEE?5525523?if5iiEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEESEE? . .:12.3555155i35E:E?EEEiEQf55. ' ' 2135521 ,- -1 I 5:QEEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEQEEEE NEW HORIZONS A new world awaits those of you who leave ta face higher education or the business world. A new world is waiting tar all who have faulty Visione Hidgewagjs VISIT THE SHORR9S PASTRY COTTAGE WEDDING, BIRTHDAY and PARTY CAKES Out-Htters for the Entire Family T01 Georgetown Road 229-31 S. Wilmington Street J. M. BURNETT, Owner VE- 9Rl W0 I-Iuneycutt's London Shop BURGERS C U KES Hillsboro Street w 45 - I 4 1 - Qxko. 'P alll b fi, . 4lfIc:n.'x k Why.did the little moron get off the street car backwards? He heard a lady was go1ng to grab his seat when he got up. X - 5- N 55 ' tr ii Y There's a your future! 1 I r XX--W-sg ,f ' Sanders Motor Ca. Sales Service Parts Daive and Blount Raleigh, N. C "Sanders Service Satisfies" i Two men were walking down the beach in their bathing suits. First man: You remind me of Napoleon. S d ' Wh ? econ man. y First man: I can see all your bony parts! GGME IN TUDAY. . . RESERVE Y0llR MARTIN "60" ALTERNATE FIRING TWIN OUTBOARD MOTOR for early delivery Outstanding features you'll find in a Martin: 0 Exclusive Mechanically-controlled poppet valves, adapted for the Erst time in a 2- cycle outboard. Allow eveqjiel distribution, sputter-free transition from low to high speeds. 0ExcIusive Full Swivel. Permits pivoting of propeller end right into the boat. Facilitates checking lower unit or removing weeds without having to reach into the water. 0 Exclusive Vertical Stern Adiustment. Allows correct vertical positioning of motor by turning a knob. Adjustment can be made while underway. OExcIusive Combined Filler Cap, Air Vent and Spare Shear Pin Clip. Contains extra shear pins, can't come loose. Streamlined. Can't rattle. Springs open at flip of latch. 0Full 3600 Steering. Makes possible com- plete maneuverability forward, backward, around and sidewise. Assures flexible, safe steering. 0Centralizod controls. Three control knobs centrally located simplify starting. Easy to operate. S P E E DI SLOW TROLLINGI INSTANT, FLOOD-PROOF STARTING' STREAMLINED, COMPACT-WEIGHT 43 LIS. POWERI-7.2 CERTIFIED l'l.P. Carolina Hardware Company RALEIGH She was busier than a bubble dancer with a ping pong ball. ry: ow? St ve: When you Wh you marry it l Seq Qangn' YOURE ALWAYS WELCOME -AT THE- LOUISBURG ROAD NUT SUNDAES CHEESEBURGERS MILK SHAKES St ve: Life is 11k d k of cards. M H 1n love it is hearts. When yo g g d ubs. When you die it is spad Restaurant Good Food - Quick Service PEOPLES CAFE ALL KINDS OF' SANDWICHES and COLD DRINKS 305 South Wilmington Street Telephone 9276 We Sell WATCHES - DIAMONDS All Kinds JEWELRY and LUGGAGE Raleigh Loan 0ffiee 223 S. Wilmington Street RALEIGH, N. C. Visit the WAKE CAFE The Best in Foods 108 South Wilmington Street RALEIGH, N. C. Gresham's TEXACO SERVICE 11 South Blount Street RALEIGH, N. C. RE-ROOF AND RE-SIDE GIVE YOUR HOME A COMPLETE BEAUTY TREATMENT CALL 5255 E. 7 QM Give your home A BEAUTY TREATMENT X l 'sl f', ' Q to -f 2 fff' f . nu 'f ' 1 Security Roofing 6' Supply Corporation South Blount Street at Hoke Wesley: We're out of gas! Murf: Why what a coincidence. It just so happens I have a gallon of gas in my purse. N I C K R U S S O S Hatters and Cleaners 'A' 36 Years Satisfactory Service All Garments Are Insured Against Fire or Theft 'A' Office Phone 7746 124 SOUTH SALISBURY STREET RALEIGH SCHUOL OF COMMERCE Complete Courses in ' Slenotype fmucliine Sll0l'l.llZlllIlD ' Convention and Court Reporting ' Typing ' Business English, Spelling and Aritlnnetic ' Business Machines ' Mimeograph Training Ill LQ EAST MARTIN STREICT DIAL 9916 Pat A. CMaking book reportbz "You all know Robert Benchley. Well, you have all seen him in movies and comical shorts." Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1948 'A' ROYAL BAKlNG COMPANY Retail Store : 109 South Wilmington Street Plant and Offices : Hillsboro Road 'k Say BAMBY BREAD to Your Grocer John Mc.: You 1 ok like Helen Gre Pat Mc.: You ought to see me in Red READ THIS . . I before you decide on your U profession not-fllillllgq K' .4 K - .""'4ii'8-is wf vi URING the next six years, half a million teach- ing positions will be available in the United States. Thousands of men and women are needed to replace inadequately prepared teach- ers now in the schools, to fill the vacancies caused by normal turnover, and to meet the needs of the five million additional children born during wartime. There is a need for ele- mentary and high school teachers, college in- structors, principals, superintendents, and edu- cational specialists of every kind. Now you know the law of supply and de- mand. When your kind of training and ability are needed,-oHers for it are made more and more attractive. That is what's happening in the teaching pro- fession. Many communities are taking steps to improve their local school conditions-some are granting salary increases-some states are establishing definite miniinuni salaries for teachers. The ability to teach is a special gift, a valued talent, and no profession provides greater per- sonal satisfaction than teaching. lf you are a "born teacher"-make your decision now to join this honored profession. For "Our Teach- ers Mold Our Nation's Future." and Americas future has need of you. Printed as a public service by EDWARDS 8: BROUGHTON COMPANY Printers : Stationers : Lithographers : Engravers Raleigh, North Carolina ,MMM-,-21m-12..JL Mm-fb WAHM Qhwffipfm s ,- mm' .lb L U! Nj 5-ww J au-4.v.A,,p'ffuA. ,'1','-lA.lJ. 1 , I gil-o,,,,,.,,LfX.A. , - gf' ' ua.-.--f-My 16 ,4f,.,Q LAW. HMJ. I AUTOGRAPHS of' , ,ff 1,39 ff! ff fff , Q Yx 955,31 if if Qfjdn PR 0 A ' NVQ' p . My fv J 5 A fir. J XP' x J" W Ji x, SMIWX jg V' 1 4 nr f AUTOGRAPHS f E Y! X nf a V1 fo I 1 ,V- !" Rh- J 1 ' 9. X , N ,gf ,nf I xx! ' . ,J l in I afof X . 4 V." 4, . lftgcc. SJW, i , Acc, ,DW 4, Lf? '77 QL'-1,20 QV, ,1 ifm, 57119 f " ' If ,Qfpvcta af , ,J - f iizffgfff ff-'Je , 7 .rj M -- XJ Lvl? 65 14146 g 1 KZ 4 aft? 2-bi, I . , ,- 'N .in ,- 1, X

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