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M d 'Maxx 43 fwiffw Mila ff M i Aw? B"' f'i3Mf QMQ NMR QQ J S' Ewifmf W9 H' WSQQN .ywwf Wg 5 , 'YQ' N '44 W WW M f 6 'Z Cz .M 2, W! lf? N KPUW 2 61 XT 3 WAWAQ ffffolkdgfjfd XWWKZMWWW W I UM 1 W V Wffw' WQ5?li? Y W f , X 4 KT, 1 ' ,1 .334 f N V, ,g , 61,51 i 2 -,7 'f' fl' I . ' I A' , X ,A ,Q-, I ll vwn.-Un -5. v.4, , M... '.-l1f:,"f.LKA We , 1941lAHPAB THE NEEDHAM B BROUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL 4 f rf I "b's-.,,,- I FUR Lyndon Mayer Raises the Flag e present to you, the Student Body, this the 1941 LATIPAC. For the past nine months We have photographed, written, rephotographed and rewritten in an at- tempt to preserve for you in picture and type, the story of a year at the Needham B. Broughton High School. R The pictures of the students and the events recorded here bring hack memories of life as we lived it in 1911-1. The annual is divided into five sections: Administration and Faculty, Classes, Organizations, Athletics, and Features. .H , Q 7 Q Q. ' fix., Q, , 1 . , X . 1 . p 0 F A , - ,. . . N -ff lt: lA'l'IPf The 1941 TIPAC Y ln October of 19-LO, a letter came to the school, telling us that the 1940 l,A'l'Il'AC had won Medalist Class. This was the third successive year that our annual had won such an honor from the judges of the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation. Here again we wish to honor the students, the adxisers, the photog- raphers, the printers, and the engravors because they are the ones that have made such a revord possible. The 1.91140 LATIPAC was tht- produvt of a group ol students that inet as a class, and they had the following ollivers: Eflilor, Hen Lawrenceg l'fllSl'IIt'SS Manager, Bobby lXPWL'UIIllJf", Srrlmol l'l10lograpl1er, ll. K. Witherspoong Husilzess Adviser, Ruth Burdetteg and Xlrlviser, Laura Helen Paschal. ra ffm in . As a part of the daily schedule, during second semester, a group of students 1net each day at the last period and worked on the annual. The 1941. LATIPAC is a product of their work. Miss Paschal directed the work of this group. Outside of class Miss Burdette and Henry Kitchen kept books and handled the money which came in from various sources. Once every two weeks groups of students, known as business and literary statins, met as clubs and discussed the plans for the annual. These clubs were made up of 150 students which shows how many were anxious to work on the annual. The merchants of the city helped Hnance the annual by buying advertisement space in the LATIPAC. The names of these merchants may be found in the back of this hook. The students who sold the most space are Doris Smith, Gerry Moore, An Godwin and Mabel Wiggiris. My Lefl to right, battom row: Julia Geiger, Gerry Moore. Mable Wiggins, Mildred Showalter, Doris Smith, Ruby Alleng Second row: Miss Paschal June Fouraker, Celia Rothgeb, Anne Godwin, Marjorie Soar, Margaret Jordan, Dora .lane Garrettg Third row: Betty Ruth Wiiimlm-s, .lean Morris, Carolyn Kenyon, Anne Lineherger, Hilah Wllllfi, Rosalie Fallon, Jane Clark Cheshire, Fourth rout: .l. C. Holland, Dan Green, Ben Armstrong, R. D. Guyton, liilly Ilidena hover, Ben 'IR-rrell, Eugene Wacle, Rolilly Nlurplly. Unphotogruplied: Daphne Dunn. .rf E H 2: 4 fi if is will v--, ' t'i,.,gnuv"""" From left to right: Miss Burtlelt, lh-nry Kitchen, Anne Lineherger, Miss Pasclial, and ll. li. Wilherspmion. THE L TIPAC STAFF H. K. Witherspoon, Jr., our student photographer, has done one of the biggest jobs in the publication of this annual. He has made almost all of the informal groups. His father, Mr. H. K. Witherspoon, aided hini in the development of the pictures and made some few of the pictures. Jean Taylor did a large part of the typing that was necessary in working on the annual. Mr. Hardison has again been our representative from Edwards 81 Broughton Com- pany. His help and advice enahled us to carry out our plans. Wie thank him. Mrs. Siddell superlative section. again made the class pictures, many of the cluh pictures, and the Lf -of ' X fy? j My" HEDICATION TO LAURA HELEN PASCI-IAL fn affyfpfzeciwiican af hw vwinmq MWWM4, hm miami m am- cfewh, mmf km excelfewi Jaime, we, Zfze Samoa glam af 79417, cfecffbaflleihdecfinkancvfike fdbpac. .aa MR. CADDY Mu. CLAUDE F. GADDY HA. Wiakn Fore-st Collegffg MA. tvniversity of North Carolina Supe1'inlemIe11l Raleigh City Svtmols NNW AD NISTR TIO Mr. ffurhly is f'il!ITf'l'llll1'l1Iil'IlI of tht- Raleigh Cily Scilools ixhivh is math' up ul' lvn grammar sviinuls for white- c'hihlrr'n. iiuur for f'olol'ml, :tml lhree high sr-limits for whilc- 4'iIiiliI'f'Il and fm:- fnr m'uhul'f'4t. The total 1-nruilnwnt of thvsf- svtnmls for the- FVIIUUI yt'ill' 1940-41 wuw 9234. 'l'ln-rf- wr-rf' ii4llIl'it'l'I1 prinvipals ami 276 teachers 4"lIlI7IlljPIl in this SySll'lll. From the preceding statistics We can sm- why Mr. Cufhly was suvh a htwy llltlll :luring thn- past. y!'Zll'. livery iluy fuuml him husy with affairs lhul vvffre In hm-mwfit us. Sunn-Iinu-s his husinf-ss rvsuhm-it in athiing a lf'il4'itQ'l', in getting Ll huihling painte-tl nr grruumls I't'I1l1Nit'iil'Ki, trunks or nfwwlvri mutvrial. On lhf' ullwr hanft Ur. Uuahly fuuntl lima- lu visit the svinmlx. ami attvnnl i lhf-ir fumwifms. and giw wimls of praisv zmil oiimlirugenlf-m. Fur ilu-sc rvusnns. 1-wry studs-nt at Brmightnni fveis than Mr, flzuldy is nhl Ihv Qlipe-r'ir1lr?i1flf-nt fat' tha- Pity :-rllmris. illli thv Nm-tthxlm Brullglltun SllIlHl'il'lif'lI1i1'l1i. V i . MR. PAUL A. REID B.A., lVI.A. University of North Carolina Our school, the Needham B. Broughton, is one of the high schools. We had an enrollment of 1,180 for the year 1940-41. Mr. Reid was our principal, and there were 41 teachers in our school. Nlr. Reid has worked to improve the under- standing between parents, teachers and pupils. He worked new courses into thc curriculum. In fact his record speaks for itself. Mr. Reid has done so well during his three years in Raleigh that in April 1941, the School Board of Elizabeth City, North Carolina visited our school and begged him to come there, not as principal, but superintendent beginning with school term 1941-42. Mr. Reid has accepted, and it is with regret that we see him leave, however, we are proud of his promotion. MR. J. F. BRYANT Mr. Bryant, as Business Manager, has handled the order for books, instructional supplies, school equipment and has had charge of the upkeep of all the school buildings and grounds in the city. ' '--1 3 MR. REID MR. BRYANT Q 9 Q91 fi l'i4'lL11'c-ll alum- am- lllt' lIl1"IHllPI'S of our svlmul lmard. 'I'lu-5 un- ut Illc In-all uf nur sf-lnml syslm-111. 4l'llll'll.' Mrs. ff. F. xll'CI'ii1'y. Maynr il. ll. Allalrm-ws. Mrs. XXV. U. Aycuvlx. Slunrffny: NIV. lllillltll' l". . . Y Q, , llumlmlv. Hr. l,1-rm' Xlllfllll. Dr. X. Nl. llwlxs, Xlr.A.lx. PP2ll'l'1'.ilIl1l Ur. X. f,. c.2llIIIllH'll. SCHOOL BOARD T111-so 1-iglmt purple- met as lll'C'i'SSllf mls-mantle-ml uml llilllflllifl ilu- ruulim- lrusiness l tml disrussi-rl plans for the imprmc-lm-nt of mln- svlwul systf-ln. 'lllw following X YOl'8liOIlS arc- rm-prc-sc-rlled on our sc-lmul lmoarcl: Mrs. lVIl'Cl'il1'f is il hmm- nulkr-rg Nlr. Andre-us is mayor of Ralf-iglxg Mrs. Ayn-ock is s1-1-11-lm'y for Assm-inlm-rl Cllarilif-s m the cilyg Mr. Caddy is our 1'm-pn-sf-lltalive frmn ilu- sr-howl: Xlr. .xlilfllll is u lLlIlliCI'Q Dr. Hicks is am 6-ye spa-viulisl: Mr. Peuxw- is an 4'I1gi1lE'6'I'Z Ur. Curnplwll is mlm-lor for Slam- College- and has ullir-vs in the 1-ily. FACULTY PAUL A. REID, AB., M.A., University of North Carolina, Principal. JANE BEATTY, BS., Poabocly College, M.A., Columbia University, English. MRS. B. B. BRAY, JR., BS., M.A., Peabody College, Y.M.C.A. Grad School one Sum- mer, Physical Education. RUTH BURDETTE, A.B., Catawba College, Salisbury, N. C., AB., Bowling Green College of Commerce, Bowling Green, Ky., Colnlncrce. MARY B. CANNON, AB., Vlfinthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C., MA., Columbia Uni- versity, New York City, Mathernatics. DAVID L. COZART, JR., A.B., Duke University, Social Sciencc C. R. CRAVER, Culver Military Acaclemy, N. C. State College, Band. RALEIGH TRAVERS DANIEL, BS., Vlfake Forest Col ewlzelziislry, Physics. CD xx taken, Newman, Starnes, lzllington K rf'- X. I L T Uriivcrsily of North Carolinag Mrzsic. NIARY OLIVER ELLINJTON, Peace Iuslitulcg 15.5. in iitilltllliijll, Stale Tl'il1'ill'I'S Collogcg Biology. - LJ , . MRS. J. E. Fl.15TLI11l-LR, AB., Columlnia. Collvgcg Latin. I "' ' 3 -an 4. .! 1-3' gs 'Mu 1 ' I X f fy r w' w . . v y 4 ,MI 'H MRS. NIARY blili FONVILLE, AB., W 0IT1ilIl7S Lollegc, l,ll1YC1'S1iy oi Norlli l,urol111ug , ,Social Studies. V. ' TIIOMAS VVILLMOTT FREEMAN, AB., Georgetown Colin-geg B.M.F., Uiiixcrrily oi Kun- , luckyg lmiuslrial Arts and Meclzmzical ljl'fLlL'1.lIg. x MRS. ELLEN R. GLENN, A.B., Guilford Collcgcg University of Virginiag Flllgfisfz. 8 u 1' i BETTY ELINOR GOSNOLDMAB., Lenoir Rhyme Collegeg BLS., Uni , ily of Norlll Carolinag Library,2 7' 5 K VX .f . , . f 'A 1LxYMoND CR15Cs0N,t3.B., Wake For-estg boczal Science. xo j 8. ,r x Davis. Fomiilc. Justice, Gosuoid, Gregson, Hall. Cozarl. Rumiion. Strotlim' C 'Q MRS. iViAl5l.IC K. DAVIS, MCl'l3dilIl Collcgc, liiliUigilQ HM. in Public Svhool Music, '93-V jr ff Daniel Smaw Root Cannon Bray Smith Jo ce "' 1 2 9 5 ,a 1 y L T HAZLII. GRIFFIN. A.I3., Chowzui Collcgcg Uniwrsity of North Catrolinzig English and Public Speaking. MRS. A. C. HALL. A.l3.. Oberlin Collegcg Iiniwrsily of North Caroliuzlg CCl'lIllll1, and Frclzclz. JUIIN A. HOLSE, tvniwrsitx of North Curolinug E11 'fish CUIQ llrzlfzrflrlalics li12ftg . S Social Science. IC. R. JOYCE, AB., University of North Curolirlztg Physical EflllCIlfl.fJlI. MHS. U. K. JOYNIQH. AB.. East Carolina 'i'C2lL'il0l'S Collcgu: TQ1ll'il0l',S fiollm-go, Colum- , L , , Iria lfniversityg lZylIf.Q'll'SlI-lJIYllIIflliCS. J. M. JLSTICI5. HHN.. MA.. l7niv0rsity of North Curolinug Social Sa'iw1fr0. Uttlx BLISS LICWIS. N. C. Diploma, Louishurg Colh-gag HA.. Uulwg f1'IIllllt?lIlllliC5Q liilzle. ,I. C. iViCCllMIKlfIN, l3.S., Wulw l"orc5tg Uuivcrwity of North Curolilmg fWULlll'IllILliCS5 Darin of Boys. L T ELLA BATTLE lVlCDE.-XRMAN, BA., W.C.L'.N.C., Greensboro, MA., Luiversity of North Carolina, CllCllliSI7'j', Physics. NIARY W. NELSON, BS., Meredith College, Diploma, Hai'cllJurger's Secretarial School, C0llllIlfl?fCC. MRS. CI. J. NEWMAN, BA., Baylor University, Waco, Texas, Secretary. LAURA HELEN PASCHAL, HA., MA., WllliS Forest, Elzglisll. XVILLIAM M. PAYNE, HS., Industrial Arts, C. State Colle-ge, lnzluslrial Arts tilt, Mathemalics CELESTE LANE PENNY, AB., University of Bortli Carolina, MA., Columbia Uni- versity, Cornell University, English, fournalisln. DOROTHY PIIILLIPS, AB., Mererlith College, Home E'C0lI0lllliCS. 1 ELIZABETH RICAVIS, HS., George Peulmocly College, Home l2'cf1l1o1nic.s. V A' , .. .. . , . v 3'xA1.ICE lil-ISKIH, AB.. Lake Erie College, Bb., 511111110115 Lollcgc ll,l'1IlC bchoolt, Djsl. 3: Ezlucaliun. ' Phillips, Sweat, Frecnlan, Payne, llesh. Nelson. Reavis, Burdette I 9 S5531 'M W1 f'5""' Y Griffin, Starnes, Fletcher, House, Glenn, Joyner, Taylor, Paschal, and Beatty FACULTY MRS. J. C. ROOT, AB., Duke University, General Science. HELEN RUNNION, M.A., Peabody Collegeg Social Science, Debate Coach. ANNIE SMAW, BS., N. C. State College, Mallielnalics. FREDERICK STANLEY SMITH, Music. MRS. D. E. STARNES, AB., Lenoir Rhyneg Summer Courses at University of North Carolina and N. C. State, English D. E. STARNES, A.B., Lenoir Rhyme, University of North Carolina, Frenclig Spanish. TVTELISSA STROTHER, AB., Duke University, One year graduate work, Latin. SUSAN SWETT, BS. in Home Economics, xXf0ll1ElI1,S College of U.lY.C'.g Cafeteria Manager. 1 ELIZABETH T. TAYLOR, AB., East Carolina Teachers Collogeg MS., N. C. State, English, Sociology. I L, Q 2 A -i 4. W . Sm-'11 7' .MS 'F Q04 41"-. L Q 1 X 43 "' f M , qi A i. H ,... L-- V 59 lax k , A W ' It '!v1TH' x ' Q ? W g we -af , V A ,,,, nw? he 5 W ., Q. , Y 0 f , A , - 1335 s ' -2g,5r.MA y - ', . g,,!giifQ,'f-2.735 f- I A ,fx . wi QQ X Q. N' S' it f -k V., l fw h 4h , 4 --Q 4 K 1 ' 4 . - .J f i 34 4 L K A Y . ,m.V KQ, 5: y. SI, ,kr 1 I Z A, L W md my , If Q K ? Qfgfagv, ffasfii' gf Q f - ,. .S Tgf mt 'H ,M L 5 mm,,, .Q WM U W X Q' 3 . Q Q 1 .' , f ,,-,v SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS I 1 X i ' ., 2, fr ' .I Left to right: Hlioclcs, Egerton, Green, Sour, A1'IIlSll'tbIlg President, JAMES RHODES Treasurer, COURTNEY ECERTON Vice President, DAN GREEN Sergeant-at-Arms, BEN ARMSTRONG Secretary, MARJORIE SOAR Mascot, RUSSELL BRAY Adviser, MISS OMA BLISS LEWIS There were 166 inmniwrs of the class of 1911. Many of these Seniors held ofiices in the various organizations of the School. They took part in the activities that the school sponsored. They earned for themselves a name of an outstanding class. .aw 'if' Cwot AH CMD 44 'li 1' t ' . Qswltw LERox' ALLEN, JR. Student Council Representative 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Treasurer of Class 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 4, 5, Science Club 2, 3, Taxidermy Division 3. RUBY ALLEN Little Theatre 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Fra-ueh Club 4, 5, President 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, LATIPAC 4, 5, Hi-Times 4, Science Club 3. BEN LINDSEY ARMSTRONG Carnival Court 5, Junior-Senior 4, Advertising Com- mittee, French Club 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Glee Club 4, State Contest 4, 8th Band 4, Assistant Director 4, LATIPAC 5, Hi-Times 5, Science Club 2, Hi-Y 4, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Band 3, 4, 5, State Contest 3, 4, 5, Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Eagle 4, Silver Bugle 3, Sergeant-ab Arms 5, Superlative 5, Beau. ROBERT ATKINS Typing Club 4. THE 1941 LATIPAC ,S .. RP" to PQ. Qwd l11ARJORIE STUART AvENT Student Council 4, Points Committee 4, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 2, French Club 3, 4, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, 1,A'I'II'AC 3, 4, 5, Hi-Times 2, Science Club 3, Girls' Athletic Association 2, Basketball 2, Tennis 2, Swimming 3, ,Iunior Play 5, A. ll. Hill Junior lligh, Richmond Va. 1. lNIA1tcAm:T ANN BACLEY Glee Club 2, 3, 5, Typing Club 5, Band 4, 5. CIHAnLEs Astray BALLANCIC Latin Club 4, 5, Glee Club 3, 8th Band 1, Orchestra 2, 3, 5, Band 1, 2, 4, 5, Solo 3, 4, All State Band 3, 4, All Eastern High School Orchestra 5. NTARY WKVILMOTH BARBER .lunior Dramatics Club 1, French Club 4, 5, Typing Club 5, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5, LATII-Ac 5, Science Club 4, 5. R. J. Reynolds High School, Winston- Salem, N. C., Choral Reading Club 3, Etiquette Club 3, Junior Girl Reserves 5, Sponsor 5, National Honor Society. S0236 'I-ss u fade awfw wwe. Ailxup. RICHARD D. BARROW Candid Camera Club 5, Printing 2, 3, 4, 5, Scouts 2, 3, 4, 5, Patrol Leader 3, 4, ,Iunior Assistant Scout Master 5, Den Chief 3, 5. WILLIAM ASHE BAsoN French Club 4, Typing Club 5, Science Club 5, Chairman 5 tChemistry Divisionl, Debating 5, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Hi-Y 5, Boy Scouts 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 5, President 5. JANE BEAMAN French Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 3, LATIPAC 5, Hi-Times 3. ELIZABETH DAVIS BHATY Student Council, Points Committee 4, 5, Chairman 4, 5, Marshall 5, Carnival Court 4, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 1, Glee Club 2, 3, State Contest 2, Typing Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 1, Hi-Times 4, Editorial Editor ttwo issuesl 4, Girls' Athletic Association 1, German Club 3, 4. New Hanover High School, Wilmington, N. C. 2, Delegate to State Student Council Congress 5, City Newspaper Club 5. W3 DOROTHY GILBERT BEDDINGFIELD Little Theatre 4, 5, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Typing Club 5, Girls, Literary Society 4, 5, Girl Reserves 1, 2. CHARLES FULLER BLANCHARD Student Council 3, Citizenship Committee 3, Secretary of Class 2, 3, 4, Marshal 4, Boys' Literary Society 2, 3, 4, 5, President 4, Vice President 5, Hi-Times Press Club 4, Vice President 4, Science Club 2, Hi-Y 4, 5, Treasurer 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Eagle 4, 5, U. N. C. Press Convention 3, Hi-Y Convention 5, Senior Superlative 5, Wit, Senior Play 5. JOHN BODWELL Student Council Alternate 4, Little Theatre 5, Chess Club 5, Glee Club 5, Typing Club 4, Junior Hi-Y 3, Science Club 3, Debating 5, Football, Junior 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, 5, Game Captain 2, Basketball. .lunior 2, 3, Tennis 4, Boy Scouts 1, 2, Patrol Leader 2, Cub Scout Leader 2, Track 1, German Club 3, 4, Monogram Club 5, Manager Book Room 4, 5. J. HORACE BRADLEY Candid Camera Club 4, 5, Science Club 3, 4, 5. SENIOR CLASS KATIIPIRINE ELIZABETH BRAY Latin Club 3, Girls' Literary Society 4, 5, Girl Rc- serves 1, 2, 3, 5, Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Drill Team 3. Romgm' HENRY BRIDGES Spanish Club 3, 4, Science Club 5, Chess Club 5. MARGARET BRO-CKWELL Typing Club 4, Girls' Literaly Society 3, 4, 5, Citizen- ship Committee 3. E. O. BROGDIJN, JR. Student Council, Elections Committee 3, Assembly Committee 5, Chairman 5, Latin Club 2, 3, Glee- Cflub 1, 3, Boys' Literary Society 4, 5, Program Chairman 4, Chairman of Membership Committee 5, Radio Club 4, Hi-Times 5, Reporter, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating Team 4, 5, Junior Play 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Patrol Leader 2, 3, 4, Scribe 3, 4, Junior Assistant Scout Master 5, Eagle 4, Delegate to Tar Heel Boyis State 5, President Pro tem of Senate 5, Debating Club 4, 5, President 4, 5, German Club 4, 5, Vice President 5, Program Chairman 5, Bird Club 3, Model Airplane Club 2, Chess Club 5. THE 1941 LATIPAC iii 23. 22 ss ,Q 3 JUANITA LANIICR CATES W3 Little Theatre 4, 5, French Club 4, Spanish Club 5, Glee Club 2, Girls' Literary Society 5, Girl Reserves 2, 3, LATIPAC 4, Hi-Times 4, Girls' Athletic Association 3, 4, Girl Scout 1, 2, 3. EMILY SHIELL CIIESHIRE , Latin Club 2, 3, French Club 4, 5, Girl Reserves 4, LATIPAC 4, 5, Science Club 3, Drill Team 3, New York Trip 5. , JEAN MARIE CLARK , French Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-chairman of Publicity 3, Chairman of Publicity 5, Science Club 2i I i Rostznr CLIFTON i i i t I FRANK CLINE Spanish Club 5, Tennis 4, 5. LUCILE COLEY Girl Reserves 3, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. MARY BRIDCERS CORNICK Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 2, Science Club 1, 2, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion l, Drill Team 3, Columbia Scholastic Press Con- vention 5. Mrrzn-: COVINGTON Junior-Senior 4, Refreshment Committee 4, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 4, Typing Club 5, Girls, Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Secretary 5, Girl Reserves 1, 2, LATIPAC 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association 2. PATTY Cox Little Theatre 3, 4, 5, Junior Dramatics Club 1, 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 5, Glee Club 1, 2, Girls' Literary Society 4, 5, Hi-Times 4, Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1. SARA ATWATER CROWDER Student Council, Points Committee 4, 5, Cheer Leader 4, Junior-Senior 4, Little Theatre 3, 4, Latin Club 1, French Club 3, 4, Typing Club 5, Girls, Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, LATIPAC 3, 4, 5, Hi- Times 3, Girls, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, Swimming 3, Junior Cheer Leader 3, Columbia Scholastic Press Convention 5, Office Assistant 3, 4, 5, Home Room Cadet 5. GERRIE DAWKINS Junior Dramatics Club 1, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Chairman of Music Committee 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association 1, German Club 3, 4, Chorister 4, Girl Scouts 1, 2, Operetta 3, Greensboro State Music Contest 3, 4. IDA ELIZABETH DESERN Girl Reserves 1. SENIOR CLASSST X K i M 4 LK X' J ' J X J ? X X13 L ,ft F- A ?3J0l WIIiI.IAM HALIIS DIm:NItovrR Vice President of Class 2, LATIPAC 5, Hi-Times 4, 5, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Debating tlixtemporaneous speak- ing? 4, Hi:3Y 5, Basketball 3, German Club 3, 4. DoItoTIIY Dtzort Little Theatre 4, 5, Typing Club 5, Girls, Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 3, LA'rIPAc 5, Citizen- ship Committee 3, Home Room President 5. EDWARD G. Donsizv, Jn. Hugh Morson 1, 2, Junior-Senior 4, Chairman of Re- freshment Committee, French Club 2, 3, Typing Club 5, Boys' Literary Society 5, Hobby Club 2, Science Club 4, Football tJr.l 3, National Honor Society. CLYDI-1 A. DOUGLAS, ll Latin Club 2, Boys' Literary Society 3, 4, Junior Hi-Y 4, Hi-Times 4, Science Club 5, Audio-Visual Committee 5, Hugh Morson Debating Club 1. THE 1941 LATIPAC DAPIINE, DUNN Marshal 3, Cheer Leader 3, 5, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 1, 2, Girls, Literary Society 3, 4, 5, President 5, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, LATIPAC 4, 5, Science Club 3, Drill Team 3, German Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Senior Play. COIIRTN ICY Ect1lt'r'oN, JR. Student Council Representative 2, Poster Committee 5, Vice President of Class 3, Carnival Court 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Boys' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, President 4, Junior Hi-Y 3, President 3, HL-Times 3, 4-, Assistant Editor 3, Co-editor-in-Chief 4, Hi-Y 4, 5, Secretary 5, Tennis 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-captain 5, Junior Football 2, 3, German Club 3, 4, Hi-Y Conference 4, Junior Play 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Treasurer of Class 5. EIJZABILTH llflAlC EI.I.t NGTON Student Council Representative 3, Member of Social Committee 3, Junior-Senior 4, Member of Refreshment Committee 4, Spanish Club 5, Glee Club 1, Typing Club 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 5. KATHERINE Vfxss Enom' Latin Club 2, 3, French Club 4, 5, Girls' Literary Society 4-, 53 Girl Reserves 2. AWS? RUTH ERSKINE E Nroic E. Lvxwoon FALLWELL ' Carnival Court 5, Little Theatre 3, 4, 5, Latin Club 1, Latin Club l, Science 1, 3, 5lQim1essfClub 5. J Spanish Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, ltA'l'll'AC 5, Hi-Times 5, Science Club 2, Girl Reserves 1. FRANCES ELIZABIQTH l'lltWIN Latin Club l, 2, Vice President 2, Girl Reserves 3, 5, Science Club 3, 5, Debating 5, National Honor Society. PAUL 1f'l'm:nlnt:1c, Jn. Eighth Band 1, Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, Band 1, 3, 4, 5. ROSALIIQ lVlARllf1 FAI.i.oN Little Theatre 4, 5, French Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3. 4, Girls, Literary Society 3, 4. 5, l.A'lIl'AC 5, Cathedral School 1: Notre Dame Academy 2, Senior Play. t Nl l' DUREMA GRESHAMA ' FITZGERALD Co-chairman of Audio-Visual Committee 5, Historian of Class 3, Little Theatre 4, 5, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, 4, Girl Reserves.: ll," 2, 3, 4, 5, Music Chairman 1, Treasurer 2, Service C5nimittee 3, Band tAccompanistf, in State Contestl 3, 4, 5, llugh Morson High 1, 2,'3,, National Honor Society. BETTY JUNE FOURAKER Little Theatre 3, 4, 5, French Club 3, 4, LATIPAC 4, 5, Debating 4, 5, Vice President 4. JAMES FULGIIUM Ring Committee 4, Latin Club l. 2, German Club 3: Glee Club 3, Boyis Literary Society 4, 5, Hi-Times Sophomore Assistant Managing Editor, Co-managing editor 4, Tennis Manager 4, Hi-Y 4, 5, Boy Scouts 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, 5iC'hess Club 5. l 1. Nw i 'i il. ' 9'!. 'fill X i' N vii wt' . td T . l' ' jd' rlv- ' ' SENIOR CLASS I wal. I .Pl- Sqt. we '44 Ma we NO., -os R DORA JANE GARRETT French Club 4, 5, Girl Reserves 4, 5, LATIPAC 4, 5, Science Club 3, 4, 5, Junior Girl Reserves 5, Student Adviser 5, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Patrol Leader 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Assistant Leader 5. Hillcrest Junior High, Burlington, N. C. 1. JULIA DIxoN GEIGER Little Theatre 5, French Club 4, Glee Club 3, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Chairman of Service Committee 4, 8tlI Chorus 1, LATIPAC 5. ANNE MARIE GODWIN Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, Typing Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 4, Girl Reserves 2, LATIPAC 4, 5, Science Club 4, Columbia Press Convention 4. DAN Huon GREEN Vice President of Senior Class 5, Marshal 5, Typing Club 5, Boys, Literary Society 5, LATIPAC 5, lli-Y 5, Hi-Y Conference 5, National Honor Society. THE 1941 LATIPAC MAURICE WILLIAM GRIFFIN Spanish Club 4, 5, Glee Club 4, 5, Treasurer 5, Candid Camera Club 3, Science Club 3. ROBERT DELMAR GUYTON, JR. Student Council Representative 5, Member of Citizen- ship Committee 5, Memher of Audio-Visual Committee 5, Boys' Literary Society 5, Secretary 5, Candid Camera Club 2, Orchestra 1, LATIPAC 5, Science Club 3, Band 2, 4, 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Eagle 5, Student Council Congress 5, Cornet Trio 4, 5, All State Band 4, Silver Bugle 2, Cornet Solo 5. HILDRA VIRGINIA HALL Typing Club 4, 5. RALPH NICHOLAS HARoRovE Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Boys' Literary Society 4, 5, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 5. ,Wg vital of , AHF wo JOSEPH HARRINGTON Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 4, ,lunior lli-Y 3, Operetta 3, Greensboro Music Contest 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts 1, 2, Designed Broughton Seal 4. OscAR HAY Student Committee, Social Committee 5, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 4, Science Club 2, 4, Band 3, 4, 5, German Club 5, Treasurer 5, Autlio-Visual Committee 5, State Music Festival 3, 4. ANN HENDRIX Latin Club 2, Glee Club 2, Typing Club 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5. Greensboro Senior High, Greensboro, N. C. 1, 2, 3, 4. GREIG LEE Hicks Virginia Episcopal School 1, 2, Florida Military Academy 3, 4, Science Club 5. Inmn l1lAIlIE Honctc Girl Reserves 1. NIARY Cmms ll0I,I.IDAY Typing Club 5, Girl Reserves 4. 5. Clinton, N. C. National Beta Club 3, Library Club 4, School Store 4. SAIIAII AIARIE HOI.T Junior Dramatics Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Typing Club 5, Girl Reserves 3, 4, 5, Science Club 4, Girls' Athletic Association 1. Lutz RAwI.INcs Hoon Spanish Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. 5, Boys' Literary Society 4, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Science ClIIb 2, 3, Hi-Y 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2. 3, 4, .lunior Football 2. SENIOR CLASS Wilt A I..' EUGENE THOMPSON HORD, JR. Latin Club 2, 3, Boys, Literary Society 5, Hi-Times 4, 5, Science Club 4, Tennis 4, 5, Citizenship Committee 3, Audio-Visual Committee, Monogram Club 5. GORDON BERT HOWELL Latin Club 2, 3, Boys' Literary Society 4, 5, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Team 4, 5, Hi-Y 5, German Club 4. 5, Debating Club 4, 5, Vice President 4, 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild 4, Delegate to Boys' State 4, N. Ci. State High School Debating Champions 4, Chess Club 5. FRANK MOORE IRWIN Radio Club 2, Art Club 1, Candid Camera Club 3, Science Club 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Tennis 2, Swimming 2, Golf 3, Biology Club 2, Monogram Club 5. NIARIE JENNETT1-1 Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, Typing Club 4, 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Girls' Athletic Association 1. THE 1941 LATIPAC ROBERT VERNON JETER Student Council, Chairman of Grounds Committee 5, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 1, 2, Hi-Times 5, Science Club 1, 2, Hi-Times Press Club 5, Vice President 5, Cathedral High School 3, 4, Audio-Visual Committee 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Senior Play. JAMES TILLERY .JOIINSOV Marshal 2, Junior-Senior 4, Co-chairman of Decora- tion Committee 4, Boys' Literary Society 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 4, Vice President 5, Hi-Times 5, Sports Editor, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Science Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 5, Football fJr.J 1, 2, Basketball 1Jr.J 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-captain 5. lV1ARCARET ROSE JOHNSON Little Theatre 4, 5, Latin Club 2, Glee Club 3, 4, 5, Girls' Literary Society 4, Girl Reserves 1. 2, Chair- man of Social Committee 3, Science Club RVERETTE JONES Junior-Senior 4, Latin Club 2, Typing Club 4, Art Club 5, Science Club 3, Basketball 4, 5, Baseball 5. Tis 1' Wu: Q?"- lib' 915- 'bv HELEN LIARGARET JORDAN Latin Club 1, 23 French Cflub 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 53 Girls' Literary Society 33 Girl Reserves 3, 4, 53 LATIPAC 53 Science Cltlb l, 23 Public Relations Committee 53 Girl Scouts 2, 3. Highland Park High School, High- land Park, N. ,l. 43 Tri-Y 43 National Honor Society. LOUISE KELLY Little Theatre 43 Typing Club 53 Girls' Athletic As- sociation l. ' WILLIAM F. KELLY Treasurer of Freshman Class 23 Treasurer of Sophomore Class 33 Carnival Court3 Spanish Club 3. 43 Boys' Liter- ary Society 2, 3, 4. 53 Art Club 23 Junior Hi-Y 3, Secretary 33 Candid Camera Club 53 Swimming 2, 3, 4, 5. CAROLYN GRAY KENYON Student Council, Chairman of Citizenship Committee 4. Member of Standards Committee 3, Audio-Visual Committee 53 President of Class 13 Marshal 53 Carnival Court 53 Junior-Senior 4, Chairman of Deco- ration Committee 43 Little Theatre 53 Latin Club 1, 2. President 23 French Club 3, 43 Glee Club 4, 53 Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Program Chairman 4, Treas- urer 53 LATIPAC 53 Science Club 23 Sophomore Dance 3, Chairman of Entertainment Committee 33 Girl Scout 1, 23 Greensboro 43 D.A.R. Citizenship Award 53 Senior Super-lative, SclIolarship3 New York Trip3 National Honor Society. Qs-A NXOJUNS Oo enema HENRY KITCHEN Student Council Representative 2, 3, Chairman of Citizenship Committee 53 Spanish Club 3, 4, President 43 Typing Club 4, 53 Candid Chimera Club 2. 3, 53 LATIPAC 5, Business Manager 53 School Store 3. Salesman 33 State Spanish Contest, First Place 43 State Bookkeep- ing Contest, First Place 43 National Honor Society. ROBERT TYLER KOIIL Student Council Representative 3, Co-chairman of Motion Picture Committee 3, 4, Audio-Visual Coin- mittee 53 Senior Superlative, SclIolarsbip3 Little Theatre 3, 4, 53 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 53 Radio Club 3, 4, President 43 Science Club 3, President 33 Stage Crew 33 State Student Council Congress 4, 5, President 43 Golden Masquers 4, 53 Contest Play 43 Operetta 33 State Music Contest Soloist 3, 4, 53 Senior Play3 National Honor Society. lxllI.DRED WESTER LANIER Little Theatre 3, 43 Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5. WILLIAM PARKER LAWRENCE, JR. French Club 23 LATIPAC 5. SENIOR CLASS Il! 0 A 4' . J. ,ZJBU ire., A12 L1J,l ,....,. Q- iff' RAYMOND BRUCE I.r3nI-'onn Spanish ClIIb 3, 4, Typing Club 4, 5, Science Club 5, School Store 3, Football 5, Swimming 4, 5. Axx I-1 SIMPSON LIN I:Iu:II1:I:II Student Council Representative 4, 5, Chairman ol' Special Committee 4, Member of Handbook Committee 4, Member of Standards Committee 4, Marshal 5, Junior-Senior 4, Decorating Committee 4, Ring Com- Inittee 4, Chairman 4, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 2, Chairman of Program Committee 2, French Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, LATIPAC 4, 5, Editor-in-Chief 5, Hi-Times 4, 5, Science Club 2, Press Conference 4, State Student Council Congress 5, Chairman Nominating Committee 5, New York Trip 5, Senior Superlative 5, Versatility, Na- tional Honor Society. DORIS WYNONA LLOi D Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 4, 5, Girl Reserves 2, 4, Girls, Athletic Association 1, 2, Student Council 1. MILDRED LEE LI.o YI: Latin Club l, 2, German Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. 4, 5, Typing Club 4, 5, Hi-Times iTypingJ 5, Girls' Athletic Association 4, 5, Co-point Recorder 4, Presi- dent 5, Drill Team 4, 5, Student Council 5, Co- chairman of Intramural Sports, Raleigh High School Chorus 4, 5, Library Page 3, 4, Senior Superlative 5, Sports, National Honor Society. THE 1941 LATIPAC GI-:RTRIIDE BALI. Loxc Little Theatre 4, Program Chairman 4, Latin Club 3, Spanish Club 4, Citizenship Committee 4. Asheville, N. C., Let' lftlwards High School 2. Charlotte, N. C. Piedmont Junior High School 1. VIQRTIE EI.I.IaN Lvnoon Little Tlu-atro 5, Junior Dratnatics Club l., Latin Club 1, 2, Glee Club 5, Girl Reserves 3, LA'rII'Ac 3, Hi-Times 4, Debating Club 4, Secretary 4, Hi-Times Press Club 4, German Club 3, 4, Student Council G1'UlIllllS Committee 5. JACK lViCCAltY French Club 4, 5, Science Club 5, Boy Scouts 4, 5, Patrol Leader and Junior Assistant Scout Master 5. Troop Scribe 4, Assistant Patrol Leader 4, Senior Scout 5, Explorer Scout 5. EDNA Ross lx'lCDlJFFlE Girl Reserves 1, 2, 4, Girls' Athletic Association l, 2, 3, Drill Team 2, Distributive Education Club 5. 1 NWS Bsrsr BARBARA McM1r.r.AN Latin Club 1, 2, French Club, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 5. Reporter 5, Girls' Literary Society 4, Girl Reserves 5, Candid Camera Club 4, Hi-Times 5, Editor 2, News Editor 2, Secretary 5, Public Relations Committee 5, N. C. Scholastic Press Convention 5, National Honor Society. ROBERT LEROY RTCMILLAN, JR. Student Council 4, 5, Vice President 4, President 5, Vice President of Class 1, President of Class 4, Marshal 3, Latin Club 1, Boys' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Vice President 3, Secretary 4, Hi-Times 4, Sports Editor K3 issuesi 4, Science Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Football 4, 5, Track 1, .Junior Football 2, 3, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Eagle 3, Junior Basketball 2, Senior Superlative 5, Mr. Needham Broughton, New York Trip 4, 5. PENN MARSHALL, JR. Little Theatre 3, Junior Dramatics Club 2, Latin Club 3, French Club 5, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Typing Club 5, Hi-Times 5, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 5, Vice President 3, Golf 3, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Troop Scribe 2, 3, Junior Boys' Literary Society 3, Operetta 3, Columbia Scho- lastic Press Convention 5. RUTH CORNELIA lVlART1N Carnival Court 5, Little Theatre 5, Junior Dramatics Club 1, Girls' Literary Society 3, 5, Girl Reserves 1, 2, LATTPAC 5. NIQLL MAsoN Junior Cheer Leader 2, Little Theatre 4. 5, Latin Club 2, 3, French Club 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Typing Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Girl Reserves 3, LATIPA-C 4, Science Club 1, Girls' Athletic Association 1, Drill Team 3. W. LYNDO-N MAYIQR, JR. Little Theatre 2, 5, Latin Club 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Candid Camera Club 2, 3, Orchestra 2, Science Club 2, 3, German Club 4, 5, Operetta 3, Greensboro Music Contest 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Senior Play. WILLARD BROWN MIDCPITTE Junior-Senior 4, Drinks Committee 4, Boys' Literary Society 4, 5, Secretary and President 5, Candid Camera Club 4, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Science Club 2, 4, Hi-Y 5, Debating Club 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, High Point High School 3, Radio Club 3. CORNELIA PARRH Mnvrs Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 2, 3, French Club 4, Spanish Club 2, 5, Girls' Literary Society 4, 5. SENIOR CLASS GEORGE MOFFITT Lvnm BTAE NIOORE Student Council, Calendar Committee 3, 4, 5, Co- chairman 4, Chairman 53 Carnival Court 5, Queen 53 Girls' Literary 2, 3, 4, President 43 Ollice Assistant 53 Little Theatre 33 Cihristmas Pageant 43 Home Room Cadet 23 Marshal, Junior Play 4. RUFUS MOORE Spanish Club 4. ELLEN MOR,DPlCAl Latin Club 2g French Club 3, 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3. 4, 5, Vice President 4, President 53 Science Club 2, 43 German Club 43 National Honor Society. THE 1941 LATIPAC -MRM JEAN ANDERSON MORRIS Latin Club l, 23 French Club 33 Glee Club 43 Girl Reserves 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 5. Social Chairman 43 LATIPAC 53 Science Club 2, 5, Chairman Nature Group3 Repre- sentative to Girl Reserve Conference 4. FRANCES MOWEIIY Latin Club 23 Typing Club 43 Girl Reserves 4, 53 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 5. DOROTHY WILKPIRSON bTURDO'CK Girl Reserves 4. ROBERT D. MllRI'HY Spanish Club 4, 53 Orchestra 4, 53 LATIPAC 53 Science Club 33 Band 3, 4, 53 Junior Football 43 Scouts 2, 3, 43 All State Orchestra 5. 'ir 'W' PRISCILLA CLAIRE NA vcr: tudent Council, Member of Citizenship f,,ommittee 4, atin Club 4, 5, French Club 4, Girls' Literaiy 4, 5, ii-Times 4, 5, Hi-Times Press Club 4. Secretaly 4, lity Newspaper Correspondent 4, 5, Public Relations llub 5, Chapel Hill Press Conference 4. Harding unior High School, Oklahoma City, Okla. 1, 2, Na- onal Junior llonor Society 2, Classen Senior High chool, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 3, National Honor ociety. ELIZABETH NIVEN Chairman of Social Committee of Student Council 5, Senior Superlative 5, Belle, Carnival Court 4, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 2, 3, French Club 4, 5, Girls, Literary Society 4, 5, Girl Reserves 2, LATIPAC 4, Hi- Times 5, Advertising Manager, Sales Manager, Science Club 4, Girls' Athletic Association 3, State Contest Play 5, Delegate to State Student Council Congress 5, Little Women 5. BERNICE 0,DAN1liI, 'yping Club 4, Girls, Athletic Association 3, Drill 'eam 3. ELSIE LEE PEARCE Glee Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 5, Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1. . ! RACHEL HAWKINS PEA1'noss Little Theatre 4, 5: French Club 4, Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, President 5, Girl Reserves 1, Radio Club 5, Girls, Athletic Association 1. 2, Sop. Solos 4, Junior Play 4, Operetta 3, Senior Play. KEN NETH HITNTFIR Pillow ljoysi Literary Society 4, Hi-Times 4, 5, Managing Editor 4, 5, Junior Football 3, Distributive Education Club 5. IRIS PHILLIPS Little Theatre 5, Spanish Club 5, Cary High School 1, 2, 3. 4, Girls, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 4. Jtvuus W. Prroiixivc Student Council Representative 3, Motion Picture Committee 3, 4, Chairman of Class Picture 3, Audio- Visual Committee 5, Chairman 5, Carnival Court, Little Theatre 3, 4, 5, President 4, Typing Club 5, Candid Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Or- chestra 2, LATIPAC 5, Science Club 2, Band 3, 4, 5, Golden Masquers 3, 4, 5, Pledge Captain 3, 4, Presi- dent 5, Operetta 3, Little Women 5, Junior Play 4, . s Contest y 3, 4, Senior Play, National Honor Sbcxiitg. iw- 'ffl " 'R'-' Nav? 'swf ,.,f. rf - ' N 'T Xqm, ' 'ir' .1 f ' selziiown CLASS ' v , . sw 1 Q.:- CARL P1KE DoRoTHY PITTMAN Little Theatre 4, 5, Secretary 55 Junior Dramatics Club 1, 25 French Club 45 LATIPAC 55 Science Club 35 Girls' Athletic Association 15 .lunior Play 45 Hugh Morson 1, 25 Audio-Visual Committee 55 Senior Play5 National Honor Society. JAMES RANKIN Spanish Club 4, 55 Art Club 45 Hi-Times 55 Junior Football 15 Junior Basketball 15 Chess Club 5. Beau- mont, Texas 1. Cleveland, Ohio 1. St. Kitts, British West Indies 2, 35 Boy Scouts 1. JAMES CORNELIUS Rl-ZEVES Latin Club 1, 2, Treasurer 15 Science Club 1, 25 Junior Football 35 German Club 3, 4, President 45 Dance Committee 25 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3. THE 1941 LATIPAC rg, see JAMES KP1N'f RHODES Audio-N isual Committee 3, 4, 55 Vice President of Class 45 President of Class 55 Carnival Court 5, King 55 Hi- Y 55 Band 1, 2, 3. 4, 55 Tennis 45 Senior Superlative 5, VerSatility5 National Honor Society. JAMES ROBERT Rlccs Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 lioy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4. Patrol Leader 2. 3. Lois BIAE RISLEY Student Council Representative 55 Little Theatre 35 Junior Dramatics Club 35 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 45 Typing Club 55 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 LATIPAC 5. EUGENE HtTN'r1,EY ROBERTS, JR. Student Council Representative 35 Junior-Senior 4, Refreshment Clommittet-5 Little Theatre 45 Typing Club 55 Orchestra 45 LATIPAC 55 Band 3, 4, 55 Sons of American Legion 5, Captain 55 News and Observer Carrier 3, 4, 55 Citizenship Committee 35 National Honor Society. CATHERINE E. ROIIGICIIS Student Council Publicity Chairman 4, 53 Little Theatre 4, 53 Latin Club 2. 33 French Club 43 Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Reporter 43 l.ATIl'AC 3, 53 Hi-Times 43 Science Club 2, 33 Cirls' Athletic Association 2, 33 Drill Team 3g Swimming 33 Public Relations 5, Presi- dent 53 Office Assistant 53 New York Trip 53 National Honor Society. JAMES Rowmwn Basketball 2, 3, 4. . l'lltANCl-IS Howie DONALD BARDEN R11ssELL RM- tx.-it-F F LAURA R1,ssE1.L Student Council Representative 53 Distributive Educa- tion Club 5. RENA BELL Rl 'ssEI,L CARL F. SAPP Student Council Representative 1, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms of Student Council 3, Chairman of lntramural Sports Committee 53 President of Class 1, 23 Senior Play 43 Marshal 43 Carnival Court 53 Little Theatre 53 Spanish Club 4, Treasurer 43 Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, President 53 Football 33 Basketball 3, 4, 5, Captain 53 Monogram Club 53 Junior Basketball 23 ,lunior Football 2g 'Hi-Y Conference 53 Senior Superlalive 5, Sports. ROBERT PERRY Scuivuor Treasurer of Student Council 43 Senior Superlative 5, Scholarship 53 Junior-Senior 4, Program Committee 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Typing Club 53 Science Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice President 3, President 43 Debating Club 5, President Cspring terml 43 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Scribe 1, Patrol Leader 2, 3, Quartermaster 4, 53 Chess Club 5, Vice President 53 German Club 3, 4, 53 Orator Wake Forest College 53 National Honor Society. SENIOR CLASS P1-if M fvk swf FORREST H. SHUFORD, ll Little Theatre 55 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Debating 4 falternatelg ,lunior Play 55 Chess Club 55 German Club 3, 45 Debating Club 4, 55 Boys' Literary Society 55 Senior Play. LUCILLI: SMITH Marshal for Junior Play 45 Little Theatre 3, 4, 5, Vice President 5, Program Chairman 55 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 35 Glee Club 35 Girl Reserves 3, 45 LATIPAC 4, 55 Science Club 15 Girls' Athletic Association 25 Drill Team 25 Audio-Visual Committee 55 Senior Play. RANSOM WILTON SMITH Junior-Senior 4, Decorating Committee 45 Glee Club 35 Radio Club 55 Hi-Times 5, Assistant Managing Editor 55 Science Club 1, 2, 4, 55 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, Assistant Manager 35 Audio-Visual Committee 2, 3, 4. MARJORIIE ELIZABETH SOAR Student Council Representative 3, Member Citizen- ship Committee 3, Member of Standards Committee 4, Audio-Visual Committee 55 Secretary of Class 55 Marshal for Junior Play 45 Junior-Senior 4, Decora- tion Committee 45 Little Theatre 4, 5, Historian 55 Latin Club 25 French Club 3, 45 Girls, Literary Society 3, 4, 55 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5, Publicity Chairman 3, President 4, Program Chairman 55 LATIPAC 4, 55 Science Cflub 1, 45 Representative to Girl Reserve Conference 35 New York Trip5 National Honor Society. THE 1941 LATIPAC - I 111ARY ELLA STEPHENSON Latin Club 25 French Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 55 Typing Club 55 Girls' Literary Society 35 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 4, 5. BETTY BL AIR STEYICK Grounds Committee 55 Glee Club 2, 45 Typing Club 55 Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Assistant Secretary 55 LATIPAC 55 Girls, Athletic Association 35 Girl Scouts 1, 2. SARAH ELIZABETH STO NEBANKS Student Council Representative 45 Carnival Court 55 Junior-Senior Decorating Committee 45 Latin Club 1, 2, Vice President 25 Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, 5, Vice President 55 Girl Reserves 45 LATIPAC Club 55 Hi-Times 5, Co-editor Twice, Headlines and Editor 55 Debating Club 45 German Club 3, 4, Secretary 45 Columbia Scholastic Press Convention 55 New York Trip 5. PAUL DENNY STRICKLAND Little Theatre 4, 5, Treasurer 55 Latin Club 35 French Club 45 Glee Club 45 Radio Club 55 Science Club 35 Junior Play 45 Charlotte Schools 1, 25 Senior Play. Wi. .1 Gul lf WWQYM . D Nl 0-mm JOHN P. SWAIN, JR. Latin Club 2, 33 LATIPAC 5: Science Club 5: llantl 3, 4, 53 Football 53 Junior Football 33 German Club , . ., . 4, QQ Boy Scouts 1. 2. .wi til-H2llil'I'S 4. GLAINS li. TAYLOR Little Theatre 53 Clee Club 43 Typing Club 53 Girl Reserves 5. JEAN TAYLOR Chief Marshal 53 Senior Superlative 5, Bliss Needham Bl'0LlgllIOYlQ French Club 3: Typing Club 53 Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, Xice President 43 Girl Reserves 23 LATIPAC 4, 53 Science Club 23 Home Room President 53 Citizenship Committee 33 Columbia Scholastic Press Convention 53 Office Assistant 53 llome Room Catlet GLORIA TIQNIPLL: Stuclent Council Alternate 43 Spanish Club 3, 4. Press Reporter 43 Glee Club l. 2, 53 Girls, Athletic .Xs- sociation 3, 4, 5, Program Chairman 4, 53 Drill Team 4, 5. Sacred Heart School 1, 23 Girl SCUIIIS l, 2, 4, Patrol Leader 2, Secretary and Treasurer 4. ,-,-M flv BENJAMIN P. TI-:Iuu:I,L, JR. Member of Social Committee 53 Class Treasurer 13 Junior-Senior Orchestra Committee 43 Latin Club 1, 2, Program Committee 23 Spanish Club 43 Typing Club 53 LATIPAC 53 Science Club 2, 4, 5, President 53 Hi-Y 4, 53 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Scribe 1, Assistant Patrol Leader 2, Patrol Leader 3, Eagle 4, 5, Junior Assistant Scoutmaster 4, 53 Hugh Morson lg Lewis Literary Society 1. FRANCES AN YI-1 THURSTON French ClIIb 3g Typing Club 4. 53 Girls' Literary Society 33 Girl Reserves 1, 23 Girls, Athletic As- sociation 1. NIARY LI: I1 TONILI N s0N Little Theatre 53 Typing Club 43 National Honor Society. CORNHLIA TONGUE Little Theatre 53 Latin Club 13 Glee Club 4, 53 Girls' Literary Society 43 Girl Reserves 1, 23 Science Club 2. SENIOR CLASS .f Lk . Bl'I'l"I'Y TUDOR Little 'liheatre 3, 43 .lunior Dramatics Club Club 3, 4, Typing Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 2, l, 2, French FRANK R. TLRNER, JR. Typing Club 5, Candid Camera Club 5. EIICICNE WADE Little Theatre 5, Orchestra 4, LATIPAC 5, Band 4, 5, Hi-Hatters 4, Broughton Gas Model Club 5, Vice President. Tennessee 1, 2, 3. CORNI-ILIA WALKER Little Theatre 5, French Club 3, 4, Glce Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Typing Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, LATIPAC 3, 4, Science Club 2, Girls' Literary Association 1, 2, Operetta 1. THE 1941 LATIPAC 33, NN? MILAN WALKPIR New Bern l, 2, 3, Vice President of Class 2. Science Lluh 4, 5, Chairman of Chemistry Club 4, Junior Foot- ball l, ,lunior Basketball 1, 2, 4, ,lunior Baseball l. llrlARTHA Lomsi-1 WALLACE Junior-Senior 4, Little Theatre 3, 4, 5, Latin Club 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, Girls, Literary Society 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, Junior Play 4, Audio-Visual Commit- tee 5, Operetta 3, Golden Masquers 5, Senior Play, National Honor Society. JAMES HUGH WARD Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys, Literary Society 5, Science Club 3, 4, Debating 5, Hi-Y 5, Band 1, German Club 4, 5, President 5, Vice President 4, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, Eagle 3, Chess Club 5. Bisrsr WARREN Little Theatre 5, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 4, Glee Club 5, Girls' Literary Society 4, 5, Girl Re-serves 2, 3, LA'nPAc 3, 4. 38 owfgalw JJf"f,L'1fff1"' ,JM NX' Ptlxl' ZW. ,, DUNALIJ Mt Not: XVATSON Junior-Senior 4, Refreshment Committee, Latin Club 2, 3, Boys' Literary Society 4, 5, LATIPAC 4, 5, Science Club 3, 4, Junior Football 2, 3, Assistant Athletic Di- rector 3, 4, 5, Ticket Seller. THELMA LEE WPIATHERS Latin Club 1, 2, Typing Club l. FRANCEs LoIiIsE GAY WELLS Chairman of Social Committee 4, Acting Home Room Representative 4, Marshal 3, 4, Carnival Court 4, 5, Maid of llonor 5, Latin Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4. Secretary 4, Girl Reserves 3, LATIPAC 3, 4, Hi-Times 3, Science Club 3, Secretary 3, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 2, Office Assistant 5, Delegate to S.CQ.C.C. 4, Miss Needham Broughton in 6'0ld North State", Delegate to Annual School Meeting in Goldsboro. F1rAxCEs Hicks TVYATT Audio-Visual Committee 5, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, Girls' Literary Society 3, Girl Reserves 1, Hi'Tinzvs 4, Editor-in-Chief 2, Editorial Editor 1, Advertising Manager 2, City Newspaper Club 5, First Place Dramatic Contest Raleigh Public Schools l, Operetta 3. CHARLES WIKIGIIT Grounds Committee of Student Council 5, Assistant Chairman, Little Theatre 4. 5, Stage Manager 4, Candid Camera Club 4, Science Club 3, Audio-Visual Coma mittee 4, 5, Stage Manager 4, Radio Plays 4, 5, Musical Director 4, 5. DICK WoonWARD Audio-Visual Committee 4, Subcommittee Chairman, Little Theatre 5, Junior Dramatics Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary 4, Radio Club 4, Candid Camera Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Model Airplane Club JOHN R. WILHON Secretary of Class 1, Junior-Senior 3, 4, Little Theatre 5, Latin Club l, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, 5, Art Club 5, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 5, School Store 2, 3, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball 5, German Club 4, Hi-Y Conference 5, State Music Contest, Greensboro 1, 2, 4, 5, Second Place Boys, Unchanged Voice 1, 2, First Place Dramatic Contest Among Raleigh Schools 1, Book Room 4, 5, Manager 5. ' FRANCES BAGWIAZLL WII,I,IABiS Carnival Court 5, Cheer Leader 4, 5, Head Cheer Leader 5, Little Theatre 4, 5, President 5, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Girls' Literary Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman 3, Radio Club 5, LATIPAC 4, 5, Science Club 1, 2, Junior Play 4, 5, Contest Play 4, 5, Golden Masquers 5. SENIOR CLASS I , -Y JAN' IM, ,Lu ,al I A put,-4011 '. '93 BIABLE CI..-kllt Wtotcixs Latin Club l. 2g French Club 3, Typing Club 3: Girls' Literary Society 3, 4-g Girl Reserves 1. 2, LA'llI'-XII -1. 5. lisruiga liugxta hhlll'IEl-'lt-II.D Burgaw High l. Pemlerlea High 2. Durliani lliglr 3, 4g Frenvh Club 4. 5, Typing Club 5g Girls' .hllllt'lit' Association 4, 5g Girls' Recitalion 4g Comrnercial Club 4g Girls' Literary Society 3. 4. Vice Presitlent 4g Hi- Rurkcl 4g National Honor Society. X ta-'A H , , I'iILAlI XVIIITE ' 1 Student Council Representative 5, Grounds Committee M 5, Social Committee 5, Carnival Court 5, Junior-Senior 4-, Decorations, Committeeg Little Tlieatre 53 French Club 3, 4g Latin Club 1, 2. Treasurer 23 Glee Club 3. 4, 5. M State Contest 4g Girls' Literary Society 3, 4g Girl Ke- serves 1. 2. 3, LATIPAC 5g Hi-Times 55 Science Club 3, f 53 Girls' Athletic Association 25 Swimming 3g Junior Cheer Leader 3g Head Cheer Leader. Greensboro 4g ' ,FQ Senior Superlative 5, Wit. 5 J NIARJOIHIC Yituzlxli Warts Stutlent Council Representative 5g Junior-Senior Little Theatre 5, Glee Club 3, 53 LA'r11'Ac 4. West High, Cleveland, Ohio. Glee Club 13 Hook Club 1 Parkersburg High, Parkersburg, W. Va. New York High, N. Y. City 2. East Orange High. East Orange N. J. 2. THE 1941 LATIPAC Q K J Q x 5, Sggf as D aww 64'-1.-+ A-A fm T f xy. 'raw ' ,ff Q5 A A .ww .A Sfifgi I ifimgfm K Aigffwy 1. .. SVSMCXL K 3 uf- -ztien-.gxs '- fi 2 S as D f: K Z 2 xi, 'N J 5 R 5 3 fn - K K ' sf .sf Y My 5 K -in if in ff G R?0f'.K2l?0?l MGB YIECTEI A I H323 V 'kwa .. ,W nw on -,:NX!l1il M ILLMCK YDWPEQIW ' 'Z 'Y 1 F CY! MESH. C1i.klb!1lx'x , ..,. ,ifl ,g,Q . . HW .M N. 2,..,, m,.,. Mw- u .M ,. lu. P- , X I , Wk ,, . U 5 -3, ,, ,ff-, Q 1 X 9 9 Q3 W H 111 iv' Q ? 1' H5425 2-A,-3 .PX A if K.-'Y I +9 Q fir" ,N fav, vw-fmmxxw 4 i ff SALUTE T0 ALMA MATER Alma Mater we salute Thee, Bounteous Giver hear our praiseg For within Thy walls we've garnered Gifts enriching all our days. Chorus Opportunity for friendship Guiflance in our quest for truth, Faith thru' all our lrrave endeavors Understanding Love of Youth Second These, thy gifts, U Alina Mater We shall cherish through the days, Striving still throl high endeavor Thus to render Thee our praise. 42 JU IOR CLASS OFFICERSQ' .. ,W ,,,g,,, ar.,.Z-L1 .9-L.: Storey, llarris, Could, Swift, Davis, Utt This year the Juniors elected as their class oliicers the following students: President, Mickey Cvouldg Vice President, Jack Swiftg Secretary, Bill Storeyg Treasurer, Oliver Harrisg and Adviser, Mrs. Mable K. Davis. In the fall, Mr. Barbee visited our school and took orders for rings. This was the first concrete evidence that there is to be a class of 194-2. ln December the juniors sponsored the play, Little Women, under the direction of Mrs. O. K. Joyner. Jane Clark Cheshire, Paul Campbell, Tom Broughton, and Jack Swift served as Junior Marshals throughout the year. On May 9, 194-1, the biggest social event of the school year-the Junior-Senior! was held. Harold Thurston and his orchestra played for the dance. The gymnasium was transformed into a Mexican street and dancing was enjoyed until twelve o'clock. Nosegays were given to all the girls. Refreshments were served throughout the evening by girls dressed in Mexican costumes. A program of Mexican songs and dances was presented. Jacqueline Yelverton, Alexa Carroll, and Ruth Kost were largely responsible for the success of the dance. 43 7 , Y V .5 za' IW C, ,Miz CCA-off 'T oo-voagaiu 0-4-"J ff ., ,,C,. I1 ' Gt-414' , P l Lxf, E. Z- ELA' . .f r' J ' f i we . l ,A A THE 1941 LATIPA w , .1 Allen, Billy Allen, ,lack Allen, Joyce Allen, Pat Altman, Jimmy Atkins. Virginia Austell, Catherine Anderson, Mary ,lane Barbour, De Van Barnes, Alta Baskerville, John Bell, ,lane Bazemore, Eloise J U N I O R C L A S S Bliltfklllklll, Mildred l' Bland, Frances Bostick, ,loeann Broughton, Torn Caldwell, Margaret Campbell, Paul Burn, ,loe Carroll, Alexa Chalmers, Lester Cheshire, Jane Clark Cloyd, Ann Cohle, Jack Christian, Jimmy Crocker. Williain Douglass, Harry IQ Durf?r, Betty Whit Ellen, Edna K-N. iv- .ff at 4,5 , :if f mm Af - H 133' 365. M N THE 1941 LATIP YQ v 5 Ferguson, Mary Fields, Richard SAA 3-444 Foxworthglnn G1-6', tQXek t ank , lVlary Lois W Q J 3 Fulton, Margaret kovi Gaddy, Lorena U Lx 0 li Garrison, Bill Giles, Elsie May Glenn, Lorraine Goodwin, Hazel J U N I O R Graham, Peggy C L A S S Groseclose, Janet Hall. Helen Harris. Carmen Harris. Nell Harris, Oliver Hairston. Robert Hart, Thomas Hicks, Belly Hinton, Richard Hobbs, Pemberton Holland. J. C. Halloway, John Holman, Jean Hostetler, Charles Hunter, David Jeffries, La Verne Johnson, Morris Jordan, Sara 1, 4 47 L '- L I' L Jif-.." ., - X fl w"uf SY-'lf xl QA? 1 y'1,Q'L vtxifib fyxoaxi rw? -fix 'lin 'WH---v Q Q i l -F? -'Uh 'IST' idk libre. aww "Cf THE 1941 LATIPA Kemp, Katic Kost, Ruth LanrlJert, Charles Leclford, Florine Lee, Flora Ann Lemon, Austin Lewter, Alvin Lovelace, Mary Katlirine Marslilmurn, Earl Moen, Roger N I 0 R Moore, Jerry C L A S S Moore, Julie Morris, Carlyle Myatt, Shirley McDonald, Miriam McLachlin, James Mclver, Alton Nance, Mary Alice Ott, Robert Lee Overstreet, Patsy Panton, Mary ,lerman Parker, Margie Parker, Weslcmrl Pearce, Robert Peatross, Martha Pierce, Mary Pike, Carl dh ,V QSM Ramsey, Claucle Z Rothgeb, Celia Schell, Braxton 49 , NM 123 1 u S 1 wi 3 K, E M- - JFHE 1941 LATIPA M, ww 50 Senter, Guy Smith, Doris Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Warren Story, Bill Stradley, ,lean Swift, ,lack Temple, Carol J U N I O R Tippett, Dorothy C L A S S Underwood, lVlarjorie White, lack White, Park Vann Lear, Blake Vann, George Varner Elizabeth l ' eaver, Donald Wheeler, Herman l My Vg! White, Evelyn Q! fir? ' White, Evelyn Ann jj CJ9 X White, i 3 M f ' liams, Earle ji Williams, Helena My O6 Willis Thomas Wilson, Hugh Windes, Betty Ruth Yelverton, Jacqueline 4 51 TE TH GRADE OFFICERS N5 Allen, Joslin, Williamson, Stacy, Strother, Kenyon ln the fall of the year the Sophomore Class elected the following oflicers: Bill Kenyon, President, "Hinky" Joslin, Vice President, Betty Stacy, Secre- mryg Jolm Williamson, Treasurerg Jimmy Allen, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Miss Melissa Strother, Adviser. Their main social function of the year was a Valentineys Dance. Marguerite Worth and Hardy Mills were elected "Sweethearts of the Sophomore Class." 52 TENTH GRADE Allen, Clowson Allen, ,lill Alexander, ,lohn Allen, Rufus Anderson, Juanita Andrews, Elizabeth Armstrong, John Armstrong, David Askew, Martha Brown Atkins, Betsy Atkins, Sammy Barbee, Claude Batchelor, Gloria Van Bennett, Elsie May Bell, Bill Betts, Wilmer Burden, Al Burgess, Edith Lee Brooks, Sybil Broughton, Bettie le in Campbell, Lib Carswell, Billy Carter, Anne Carter, Betsy TENTH GRADE Carter, Betsy Carter, Frank Cates, Thomasene Caudle, Beverly Crews, Virginia Chamberlain, ,lack Cole, Marjorie Cordon, Betsy Lond cmri Cox, Betsy Ann Crowder, Dorothy Da-vie, ' Dillon, C. A. Eatman, Jewel Emanuel, Bobby Ferguson, Emily Fisher, Hilbert Fleetwood, Seth Gardner, Lucy George, Marguerite Gill, Anibell Goodman, Caroline Goerch, Sybil Goldston, Thomas Gray, Ruth TENT H GRADE Harrill, Jean Hamilton, Geraldine Hamrick, Martha Hawkins, Jackie Hicks, Charles Hilker, James Hilker, Jerry Hicks, Lewis Hodges, Grace' Hogland, Frances lsenberger, Charles Jeffries, Nellie lobe, Elizabeth Johnson, Lavern Kenyon, Bill Klyman, Katherine Kutz, Anna Lou Lancaster, ,lack ,ff-Y Linzey, Doris cpl- Love, Anne McGee, Nadine Mahler, Barbara Massey, Laura Martin, Pansy TENTH Maxwell, Betsy Dell Mears, Martha Mitchener, Calvin Morgan, Duke Moss, Virginia Napowsa, Vivian Newcomb, Allan Page, Ernest Parks, Ralph Pearce, Barbara Peebles, Penick, Charlie Perry, Nancy Perry, Raymond Pizer, Morton Powers, Katherine Rhodes, Jean Reynolds, Dorothy Rowe, Lois Roy, Patty Sandlin, Vivian Savage, Russell Shaw, Billy Showalter, Mildred oft' 10 ll col Q, V4 9 TENTH GRADE ,V-A. 71" Simmons, Virginia Simpson, Billy Smiley, Shirley Spence, Barbara Stacy, Betty Sutton, Betty Swain, Dorothy Taylor, Horace Taylor, Joe Thomas, lean Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Hilman Turnbull, Robert Trentman, Jean Marie Upshaw, Nancy Vlfade, Anne Wade, Clay Watson, Anna Katherine Wvbite, Louise Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Mary Helen Wilson, Robert Winifree, Jerry Worth, Marguerite Yelverton, Betsy Wetmore, lVlary Badger N NTH GRADE OFFICERS Ashby, Bl:-ares. Root, Curnick, '1'erry, Hampton 'ln the early fall the Ninth Craflu ell-Vli-ml the fullowing officersg Pl'l'.Y1-116111. ,lack Ashhyg Vive l'I'l'.YI'll6'IIf, Rolwrl llornickg S!'!'I't'llIl'-V, Bnsiu llamplong Trvflsllrvr, livlly Tel'ryg SvrgvflnI-111-Arnlx. Sammy Mvursg AII1,'I-SPF, Nlrs. Nanvy Howl. The Ninth Grade sponsored a Barn Dance on March 21, 1941. Tln- hill hilly rerzmxliiiga that were usa-ml lo furnish thc music in lhc gymnasium that had helen transfurinvfl to take on lhe 3.1lH0!4pllf'I'C of a huge ham, made the students and teavlwrs look natural in their exaggerated custuines for the ocvasion. Frances Jones and Joe Norwood received a pair of hanlam vluivkm-ns as a prize for living the most app1'op1'iately dressed. 58 Adams, George Aronson, Arthur Ashby, .lack Blanks, Warren Bason, George Bell, Elizabeth Bland, Helen Bishop, Gladys Rae Bobbitt, Betty Bowden, Millie Lou Brockwell, Barbara Brice, Annie Brown, Belly Bryant, Betty Burns, Doris ,lean Campbell, Virginia Cothrane, Anne yoiybzci Carlton, Nancy ' 1:'1V,JCQ-1, 1' Carter, Louise , ' M411 ' Caveness, lVl3l'j0I'lC 'UJZSZJJ a Chambers, Gladys Cooper, Phyllis Copley, Anne Cornick, Robert NINTH GRADE Ill- I l 59 561' 'W not l l "ff .al-A. QIL q 'vllvl - ' n 'das' ZZ.?'2"' 31 -lag :ff E . NINTH GRA 0 ,f 7 0 1 ,I , x I 1. ,,s, vtlpig ,fJZl" ,af fl Q r K cj NWA r 60 Chandler, Martha Ann Crabtree, John Crocker, Lizette 43 Crocker, Bobby mffl- www Culbreth, Betty Jean Davis, Frank Davis, Peggy 'X Noiuffy Dickens, John, Jr. Drew, Floyd Enloe, Gilmore Fulhzi, Roy Gardener, Randolph Giles, Bobbie Gill, Douglas Godwin, Mitchell Goodman, Martha A Goodwin, W. J. Grinnells, Doris T' Groseclose, Robert Gupton, Emma Hales, William Hall, A. G. Harrill, George Harris, Betty Harris, Doris Helms, Frances Hicks, Jane Hodgens, Jean Holl, Frank Holt, Lillian Hornhuckle, Ellen Ivey, Raymond Jeter, Jane Johnson, Betty Johnson, Rebevca Jones, Joyce Jones, Mary Elizabeth Kellog, Theodore Lane, Jean Lee, Rose Marie Lineberger, Henry Love, Armistead Marshburn Sherlyn Martin, Leroy Matthews, Joy May, Richard McAfee, Sue McKale, Doris NINTH GRADE Q r l LM NINTH GRADE Mears, Sammy Morgan, Anna Joe Moore, Tommy Morris, Geraldine Newcomer, Fred Norwood, Josephine Parker, William Parker, Florence Park, Suzanne Powell, Miriam Proctor, Doris Ramsey, Jimmy Richardson, Lucy Riddle, Hannahlyn Robinson, Newton Sapp, Baxter Sapp, Peggy Singleton, Dorothy Simpson, Esther Simpson, Jeannette Smith, Lee Stathacos, Esther Suddreth, Mary Rose Sutton, Nancy Taylor, Elizabeth Terry, Betty Thomas, Eloise Thoinas, Ruby Brown, Anne Thompson, Mary L. Thorn, Florine Underwood, Mary Ellen Wayne, Gertrude Wieddington, ,lean Wedding, Jessie NVellons, Mary Ellen West, Mary Evelyn White, .lean Whitefield, F. Jane Wienges, Barbara White, Billy Vtfhite, Dorothy Wilforig, Charlie Wilkins, Gene Vlfilliams, Billy Wood, Jimmy Wooten, Bobby Wyatt, Candace Lee Yates, Carson NINTH GRADE C 2 3 1 15" , ,L Ox f X, 9. Q 1 I it ft ffl fs' , 5 J V 1 ' i rx.. ffl - ' EIGHTH ',G'RADE0 NEIEERS ,f ll ' 1 s Stacy. Lassiter, House. Parker, Skaale-, flaudle 1,l'l'Sill671l, 0. N. LAss1rEn Treasurer, BETTY ANX SKA.-xtt-1 Vice President, JANIEN LEE PARKER Sergeant-nz-flrnzs, Ftrz CAllllI.E Secretary, RACHEL STACY Adviser, Mu. JOHN HoUsE During the past year the Eighth Grade sponsored two events. The first was their dance, held on Dccemher 13, 1940. They entertained themselves hy playing games, dancing to recordings and holding quiz programs. Refresh- ments were furnished hy the parents. The second event took place on April 1, 19411. On this night open house was held at the school. This enabled thc parents to visit the school and see a little of what their boys and girls had done during thc year. The program was held in the auditorium. The chorus sang, the girls modeled their clothes in a fashion show, the ,girls danced and the boys lumhled. Then all adjourned and visited the classrooms to see sonic of the work that had heen done with subject matter. 64 fo' 'fflvrr' 't"'ffrfL2,g,,, MJMAJJEVIGHTH GRADE PM Alle11, Walter Anderson, Vance Ashby, Dan Baskerville, ,lean . -,Q-5-5-D Bell, can M? ,T Bell, Victor BA: -5-'S' L- Betts, Betty S...- ett, Frances Byrd, Betty Lou Blake, Bill Broughton, Jewel Brown, Barbara .. WM ,,, M. Bull, Miriam 4.4!- Caudle, Fitz ,M Cauldwell, ,lack Chandler, Mary ffl qflfjf , Crabtree, Doris Creekniore, Thomas !', fu-f Dewoe, Lillian d. jf", nf ce Deyton, Edith Dresser, Sara ,lane Duncan, lVIartha Edge, Leona lilthridge, Doris M42 EIGHTH GRADE Quad' ,,f"1lf Fahnstock, Josephine Ferguson, Frances Foxworlh, Eugene Fulghurn, Bell Caddy, Jean Garrett, Josephine Gift, Carol Hamilton, Betty Lou -r Harrell, Doris . Hobbs, Alfred Holdir1g, Katherni iw' ' l'lungerfo1'd, Anna Hunicutt, Sallie Ann Keever, ,loe , Kitchen, Herman Klyman, Nell A Koonee, Marvin Lee, Bobby i Lee, Robbie , Leighton, Henry 'If x Lewis, Verena Lloyd, Harold Lovelace, Daniel - Martin, Sidney lVIcClamrock, Catherine awww FF 'f Tw,'v'1' f ,, 1. .4 ,. 'Ja Q, ltxx-I 'TQ' Iv, , I 1 . r' .asv ' f v f in ff 2' A V X, 5 ' '4 -' A., U mf i if, J U W :A Jes' 4, fy ff' -1 ' A . .2 e' s 5 . r , fin," May , ee QJEIGVHTH GRAJJUE . - v x x X f 1 - - . fl - 6 5 s, lx. N J If A g X J X 'Fl J xnxx f ' K li Mfr! ' J I - f -' 4 . ' ,,... ,K- X xl- , 4 f A McDonald, David Miller, Frank Miller, Geraldine Jg Moffie, Bonnie A 14. ' ---, ZVGOVUJA " . - r -J 'lf:,vf-a0' -lPfAf'rl4?!v Montgomery, Bobbie ,,Qs.,.r1L Moran, Harriett Morgan, Betsy Nance, Joan ff f' , jb' Q H2 :K IJ f Neal, Natalie " X- Newton, Iris i' ' ' :A S Noneman, Robert QV :Wx A .Xlx Parker, Jannie Lee ' 53-4 4- V iffy r f , n iffaffjerfya Haines -V ' Perry, Charlotte " ' "'lw1f"f"' 'lx 0 i . 'vi .. ,M . e if I Jai? Y Q ,Y ,, . " ff, " Q George . 1 . , ,V ,J ,J i x Jr ,ff M' S, A to wade y ee , H, 1- +V, W. ,1Huth, Iblin N P ii . L M. ' 7 uf' lizabeth W' , Self, Billy T' ' 'Cf Sh f, Bet Anriegig, avx sy I T. fi gy Shuford, Harry x ' x ref. ,S X W -it 'A rw F44 'wriril " f 'lr H "Q :"u.y,,W-'Q Q , r N 1 'Q Q' A -5 4 it 7 ff--JL.-'V' ' ' Wy.. 1-Neg . 5' ' 'v 'X' 1 L5n:'Ev'u5-gang' s 6-1' 5 gp, il, N 'fl - MH 1 J EIGHTH Silver, lilizulivtll Skaale, Betty Ann S ' ,Atn S M1505 cl Snlilhvlmflljlj Sm ' 0: iiue Sta f, ll. el N s, Gvorgia K. ,Lf-16 Stone, Myra llutlijdd A0026 Af Qjjggwd Sumner, Luvy -4-04160574496 Tayl 1m1', Henry mlm IJ -, Taylor, Ji WMS? jg .X-424'39' 4' 'T',Tll1'UWCl'. l'ut1'im'iu .f ' 'I' X4 'lloligllfg Bon KX Upclumfli, lfclwalrnl If iflliglff'-V.9'a' Vanin, jackie White, Bvaman Vilhitley, Doris Wiggins, Ruth 4. Q". Q wif Wilkie, 1s.xtt, Vifilliams, Ammo Williams, Charlotte Williams, Jfllin C. Wilsoil, lVlz1rie ,twtffb cv GRADE.. i, dx J 1 -ai. . my it 'UP' 0 ,X Exim ..x.Q VN ,, it X , y S YN . xx X K" xx V X Cf WLS' -, A Fl LP-ft to rfgllf. firxt r01c': Anne I,lHPlN'l'QIPl', Ellen Hurfls-cui, Mary Wvllllllllll liurlwr. Claire Nanvv, l'll'klI1l'PS Erwin Xlargaret Jordan. Camlyn Kenyon. Ilumllly Pittman. Xlurjuriv Soar. Sucorzd roup' lluln-rl Schmidt, listlwr Wllitefivlll, Alilfy Im- TIJHlllHrlPl1, lJlll't'I1lLl Fitzgcralml. Nlilflllil Wallacfc' llf-Isy 1IcMillan, fQ'utllel'ii1e Rogers, fNlil4lrvcl Luyfl. Tfzirrl row: l":lI,LZf'l1f? Roberts, ,lunws Hllmles, Dan Crm-n, Hub Kulil, llvnry Kill'llI'I1, ,lule l,llH1'lllX, lfnl llmsf-y, THE NATICNAL HO OR SCCIETY QUALIFICATIONS: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Service. 'l7he 7fpmgA We Ea" 69 1 x .., gg, The Council in Session THE STUDE T CGUNCIL lVl0TTO: Approve Ye the Things Thai Are Excellent IIIIIISU-f-,IDC Burn. Jacqueline Yelvcrtong Grounds Xt'I'l1t!ll Jeter: I.'lIlt'lIfl!1f' Lydia Xloorcg lfll'l'fl.lIllS""Rlty .Xlleng Sovfal-Lila Niven, Plzblieity--CatIn-rine Rodgers: Poinls- l.ilJ lieatyg Stamlrzrrlx-'lllnunits Willis, f41l1lio-V1,v1ml . l,lll'Sl1lZl Fitzgerald, lloh Kohl, IIIIIYIIIIIITIIZ Sporls Carl Sapp, Mildred Lloyd, Cilizensllip7HenI'y Kitchen, Chapel Pregrant-li. O. Brogden. ROBERT lVIcMII-LAN, P r e s iz! e n 1: THOMAS YVILLIS, Vice President, JACKIE HAWKINS, Secretary, DONALD WEIAVER, Treasurer, ROY ALLEN, Sergemzbat- firms, MRS. A. C. HALL, Adviser. l3roughton's student council has served the school in numerous ways this year. l.ed hy its president, Rohr-rt McMillan, the council, through fits committees, has encouraged intra- mural sports among the students, sent repre- sentatives to other schools in order to make our council more efficient, established u hostess system in the cafeteria, and rendered many other services to the school. The outstanding event of the fall was the State Student Council Congress, to which we sent a large delegation, and over which Bob Kohl, a member of our student hody, presided as president. The following are the chairnten of the stand- ing committees of the student council: vga I-""" e 3 Sit if The Social Committee HOME RUUM REPRlCSl'fN'l'.'X'l'lYES: llilzlh Wvhite. Marjorit' W4-lls. Anne- l,lIll'llt'I'Qt'l'. R. ll. Cuy- ton. Lois Rislvy. Huck Bunn. llratxton Schell. Oliwr Harris. .lat-kiv Ye-lu-rton. Kliwlwy Could. iftirolinv Uoochnan. Burlmura Spf-tivo. Huth Cray. ,lohn William- son, Miltlrml Sll0Willl't?l', black llt-ste-r. llzivitl oloonvyf ham, Henry lJll1Blti"I'QfCl', l,1-roy Marlin, lit'l'ZlllllI1t' Morris, Mary lflixalwtll .lout-s. filutrles Bugg. llvtsy Bucllanon, Bc-tty Ann Smile. Sitlnvy lxlurtin. Cllurlottt- W'illiatns. llivk llunarly, Bvtty llc-tts. Betty l.ou Hamilton. Jam' lie-me l'arkcr. SOCIAL lfUXlXIlTTllE: Une- ol' the Inost urtiw groups of tht- 1-ouncil, the soviul 4-onunittee has mlono much this your. l.ih Niven. vlmirtnan. tlirctxtctl hor Corrnnittee in the fall in giving: tht- Student Lczttlt-rs Banquvt anxl tt tea lor the new stuzli-nts. During thu entire your this group was host to the Visitors to Hrougltton. SCHOOL STORIC: This organization furnishes tht- stuclents with lli'l't'S5Ei1'y school sttpplit,-s. An zicltlvtl feature of the storc is the lost zintl founfl tl?Ilkll'l- ment. The storos rnanagvr is uutontatically Stutlvnt Council tn-usttror. THE HOl SIC AND CROI NDS iIONlKll'ITl'flfS: Together tht-sv two committt-cs haw greatly lI11pl'0Xt'tl the appearance of the School hufltling antl grountls. The main project of the ltoust- Ulbllllllllllfff llcatlttl lly Joe Burn and Jacqueline Yelwrton has lnecn to initiate the hostess systvtn in our rwufetmizi. The grounds committee with its chairman, M-rnon Jeter. has been of II1llK'lI vulttc- in its work to iinprow our grountls. gXlfDlU-X l5llAl. COBlXllTTl'llf: Eclttctation Lllltl vntertainnwnt these two nortls It'll ht-sl of the work of the Autlio-Xisual Cominitlw-: t-tlucation in tho form of tiltns untl rvcortls for clussrooln use. :intl vn- tertainmonl lrrought hy ten llt'kllllI't' pictures pmsm-tilt-tl to the stutlvnt' hotly. Thr- ootntnillvv, affiliated with the D.X'.I. ol tht- HlllilIH4'll ncw iclvas for its work luy svmling a Cllblfagiilltbll to at national visual instruction conf:-fence-. In atlmlition to Financing its usual avtixitif-s. the Cllll1IlliiN'f' lDllI'ClldSL'Ll st-w-ml pieces of t'lllIljtlllt'Ill for tht- pr-rmatnt-nt possession ol' the svhool. ss ,P V. '- ge iii' if ff A 3 K, Sfwaagis... . www M-.,ff..4ii2igg.4.Qi ,F 1' 4 ...IS " Parent-Teachers Association The Queen of thc flaruival H. Moore, P. Wells, L. Moore, .l. Rhodes OFFICERS: PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION 1040-4I+Presi1Icrzt, Mrs. R. J. Pearse: Vice Presiflent, Mrs. B. L. McMillan: Recording Secretary, Mrs. YV. T. Martin, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. A. D. Soar: Treasurer, Miss Oma Bliss Lewis, Historian, Mrs. Ivan D. Jonc, Plll'HlII7'l6I1.fl1fi!III, Mr. Paul A. Reid: Auditor, Mr. A. T. Carroll. ROOM REPRESENTATIVES-Eigluh Grade: Mrs. W. Z. Betts, Mrs. J. C. Baskerville, Mrs. D. B. Anderson, Mrs. A. B. Chandler, Mrs. Rufus llunter, Mrs. Lelioy Martin, Mrs. B. F. 3Tf'ClEJ.Illl'Hl'lC. Mrs. Ceo. Pickett, Mrs. R. E. Paschal, Mrs. l.. Noneman, Mrs. R. O. Sell, Mrs. J. E. Stone, Mrs. Il. M. Wllite. Ninth Grade: Mrs. J. R. Chambers, Mrs. W. H. Jones, Mrs. R. V. Coodman, Mrs. F. H. Jones, Mrs. J. V. Dickens. Mrs. Marshall Thomp- son, Mrs. C. D. Grinnells, Mrs. J. Y. Hornlauckle, Mrs. L. E. Canady. Mrs. VV. J. Spain, Mrs. ll. M. Neal, Mrs. J. S. Mcares, Mrs. D. ll. Sutton. Tenth Cradc: Mrs. H. ll. Reynolds, Mrs. ll. P. Yclverton, Mrs. ll. A. Fisher, Mrs. J. V. Batcherlor, lNIrs. B. C. Allen, Mrs. lil. A. Penicli. Mrs. A. C. Campbell, Mrs. C. L. NVilliamson, Mrs. Evert-It Briggs, Mrs. B. R. Cole, Mrs. ll. F. Powers. Mrs. C. lf. Turnbull, Mrs. F. W. Eatman. Eleventh Grade: Mrs. Claude F. Caddy, Mrs. Nance F. Swift, Mrs. J. B. Cheshire, Mrs. XV. R. Vllindes, Mrs. lf. JH. Hosteller, Mrs. F. L. Cloyd, Mrs. Blake Van Leer, Mrs. .l. W. Bunn, Mrs. H. W. Brown, Mrs. H. J. Perry. Twelfth Grade: Mrs. Il. P. Williams, Mrs. T. S. Johnson, Mrs. J. ll. Ward, Mrs. W. H. Enloe, Mrs. W. P. Lawrence, Mrs. J. A. Clark, Mrs. li. P. Terrell, Mrs. John E. Beaman. Objects of P.-T.A.: 4'Thc olmjects of this association shall he: To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community: to raise the standards of home life: to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. "To hringl into closer relation the homc and the school that the parents and the leachcrs may cooperate intelligently in tl1e training of the child and to develop between educators and the general public such united 72 M7 .W L .W efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education." Theme of the Programs for the Year: "Secondary Education in a Changing World." Activities: During the year 1940-4-1 the Needham Broughton P.-T.A. has sponsored the annual Broughton Carni- valg given more than 32,000 in student welfare work lincluding the allocation from the National Youth Administrationl g provided Christmas baskets and clothing for eighteen Opportunity Families, valued at 35708.16 thy special donation from home rooms at Christmasl g furnished the living room at the Devereaux Club Houseg established the Broughton- Devereaux Parent Education Clubg replenished the linens in the school health room, adding an electric healing padg aided in getting medical assistance for needy youthg given a membership to the Junior Literary Guild of America to the school libraryg organized a Bicycle Club to teach safe riding practices, as well as promoted other safety measuresg secured a promise for a stop-light at the intersection of Peace and St. Mary's streetsg landscaped the inner court of the building and continued the development of the S54-,000 WPA grounds beautification programg recurtained the four executive olhces, printed yearbooksg given a Founders' Day gift and one to the Katherine Mavity Martin Memorial Fundg aided in securing educational legislationg acted as one of numerous patrons for the lnstitutte of Religiong cooperated with the Mental Hygiene Course taught by Dr. James Watsong received state recognition for work in Audio-Visual Education and Parent Educationg given radio series over local stations with state hook-upg called or sent cards to patrons notifying them of all P.-T.A. meetingsg checked attendance at all meetings and given prizes for rooms with winning attendanceg prepared and met the lmudgetg used the Parent-Teacher Magazine in study groupsg had fine publicity from the Raleigh News and Observer, and the Raleigh Timesg cooperation from the radio stations WPTF and WRALg members in the Mothersinger Chorusg given six gold keys to students in debate, ora- tory, and extemporaneous speakingg entertained Parents from Hugh Morson High School P.-T.A.g home room representatives cooperating with association and faculty at all times, purchased the hve books recommended by the state chairman for the Social Hygiene workg extended monthly courtesies to the teachersg won a blue ribbon at the annual State Congress for its Scrapbookg received the state award given associations who meet the Standard Requirementsg cooperated in national membership campaigng enjoyed the programs given by the school departments tmore than 400 participated in the Christmas pageantg the sectional prize-winning play in the Dramatics Contest "New School for Wives"J. Cooperated with social welfare agencies: The P.-T.A. was represented at all Raleigh City Council Meetings, the Dis- trict Zone Meeting at Henderson, the State Congress at Asheville, and at such special invitation meetings as the State Follow-Up Meetings of the White House Conference, The Regional Conference of the Educational Policies Coni- mission of Washington, D. C., Vocational guidance, Family Welfare Service. Social activities of the year were sponsored by the hospitality committee, committee chairman, and executives of the boardg reception to the faculty in the fall, reception to the new officers and the senior class parents in the spring, tea to room representatives, library tea, Fine Arts tea, luncheon for the executive board, annual dinner complimenting the faculty and administrative staff. Speakers: Dean Carson Ryan of Chapel Hill, Dean R. B. House of Chapel Hill, Dr. R. S. Crispell of Duke University, Mr. John A. Park, Dr. J. Henry Highsmith, Dean Blake R. Van Leer, Mr. T. Carl Brown, Mr. Marion Justice, Mrs. John W. Goodman, Mr. Claude F. Gaddy, and Mr. Paul A. Reid. Ministers: Rev. H. M. McLamb, Rev. Newton J. Robinson, Rev. C. Lee Sheppard, Rev. James H. Overton, Jr., Rev. G. Norman Price, and Dr. John C. Glenn. High School Departments contributing to the programs: French, Spanish, Latin, German, Music, Dramatics, Home Economics. Attendance, Mrs. W. C. Fitzgerald, Mrs. C. ll. Andrewsg Budget, Mrs. John P. Swaing Bulletin and Yearbook, Mrs. W. L. Nonemang Finance, Mrs. R. E. Fuller, Mrs. Barrett D. Wilsong Fine' Arts, Mrs. Broadus Wilsong Founders' Day, Mrs. T. S. Johnsong Grounds, Mrs. R. B. Reevesg Health, Mrs. R. L. Garrison, Hospitality, Mrs. W. L. Spencer, Mrs. J. M. Broughtong House, Mrs. R. M. Rothgeh, Mrs. l. 0. Schaubg Juvenile Protection, Mrs. Eugene W. Wade, Dean E. L. Cloydg Legislation, Mrs. N. L. Walker, Library, Mrs. Clyde A. Erwing Membership, Mrs. C. F. George, Mrs. T. L. Youngg Mental Hygiene, Dr. Bessie E. Lane, Consultantg Movie and Visual Education, Mrs. Ellen R. Glenng Music, Mrs. J. F. Bryantg Parent Education, Mrs. Carlyle Campbell, Publications, Mrs. J. Benton Stacy, Publicity, Mrs. R. O. Moen, Mrs. W. W. Jonesg Publicity Book, Mrs. W. L. Mayerg Radio, Mrs. D. S. Coltraneg Room Representatives, Mrs. George H. Adams, Mrs. A. P. Loveg Safety, Mrs. Merle F. Showalterg Social Hygiene, Mrs. John W. Goodmang Student Aid, Mrs. John W. Glenng Teacher Courtesy, Mrs. Thomas W. Ruffin, Teacher Dinner, Mrs. Jule B. Warreng Telephone, Mrs. Thomas Moss, Mrs. Lawrence E. Blanchard. 73 The Band in front of Broughton High School THE RALEIGH HIGH SCHOOL BAND There is a shouting of voices along the street and then all is quiet except for the snappy beat of the rhythmic drums as the Raleigh High School band dressed in purple coats and tan trousers and skirts march by. Mr. Curtis Craver, in the absence of Mr. Millard Burt, conducted the Raleigh High Band through another successful year winning State Honors in marching and in concert playing at the State Music Contest in Greens- boro. The band accepted many invitations to play at college football games and to march in various towns throughout the year. We are proud of our band and its con- ductor. Members: NEEDHAM BROUGHTON-Jule Phoenix Eugene Roberts, Jesse Wedding, Don Ethridge, Earl Williams, Charles Saunders, Baxter Sapp, Closson Allen, Jackie Vann, Jeanette Simpson, Rufus Allen, John Swain, Paul Ethridge, Oscar Hay, Thomas James, Emma Gupton, Bobby Montgomery, Beverly Caudle, Margaret Fulton, Herbert Peebles, Warren Smith, Joe Taylor, Curtis Fitzgerald, Ray Fuller, Charles Eisenberger, Buck Ward, Charles Ballance, Eugene Wade, Lamar Roberts, Laird Holder, Barbara Thomas, and Bob Murphy. Members: HUGH MORs0NfDonald Knight, F. M. Mann, Josh Slaughter, Edwin Woodell, Harold Burt, Carl Mims, William Teagan, Stacy Holland, Betsy Vaden, Charles Smith, Fully Davis, Talmage Spence, Virginia Whitaker, Billy Hamilton, Ruth Rhodes, William Murray, Ernest Myatt, Charles Grady, Douglas Holland, Bob Sawyer, Billy Neal, Guss Davis, Evelyn Williams, Richard Richardson, Louis Wilkerson, Charles Williams, Jimmy Hall, Billy O'Neal and J. T. Keesee. 74 ww '1 FORENSICS Wake Forest Forensic Tournament sponsored by Wake Forest College. QUERY: Re- solved, That every able-bodied man in U. S. should be given one year of military training before he becomes twenty-three. AFFIRMATIVE: Frances Erwin and E. 0. Brogden, Jr. NEGATIVE! Gordon Howell and Charles Hostetler. Ben Dixon, alternate. FOREN SIC ACTIVITIES On April 24, 25, and 26 Wake Forest College sponsored its third annual High School Speech and Debates Tournament. Twenty-eight high schools having a nine-month year participated in this tourna- ment. Broughton sent its affirmative and negative teams. In the preliminaries, our negative team beat Kannapolis, Reidsville, and Durham. They lost one debate to Fayetteville. Our affirmative team de- feated Asheville, Lenoir, Greenville, and Cray High School of Winston-Salem. Since both teams were entitled to participate in the semifinals, they were forced to draw in order to decide which should enter. The affirmative won the draw and defeated the Fayetteville negative. Again, both teams were qualified for entrance into the finals. The result of the draw privileged our affirmative to debate Greensboro over Radio Station WPTF. Our team lost the decision. Robert Schmidt represented Broughton in the oratory contest. He advanced to the finals before he was defeated. Robert Johns took part in the extempore speaking contest. Miss Helen Runnion, sponsor and coach for the debating team, through her untiring work and splendid guidance, has had three successive teams to reach the finals. 75 , -V GLEE Firsl row: Martha Wlallace, Lorraine Glenn, Betsy Wz11'ren, Margaret Bagley, Emma Gupton, Betsy Atkins, Carolyn Kenyon, Evelyn Anne White, Margaret Jordan, Mildred Showalter, Ellen Lyndon, Hilah White, Marjorie Wells, Joeann Bostiek, Margaret Bieh- ardson, Gerry Morris, Martha Peatross, Jackie Yelverton, Laura Massey, Leah Moore llelen Bland. Second row: Frances Wy'illt, Durema Fitzgerald, Betsy McMillan, Sybil Brooks, Ann Cloyd, Lorena Gaddy, Jane Morris, Gladys Chambers, Janet Groseclose, Mildred Lloyd. Third row: Dorothy Beddingiield, Barbara Pearce, Virginia Campbell, Jean Clark, Cornelia Walker, Dorothy Peoples, Margaret Johnson, Patty Boy, Gloria Temple, Hannahlyn Biddle. Mary Ann McLeod, Bose Marie Lee, Sherlyn Marshhurn, Mary Ellen Underwood, Peggy Sapp. Fourth row: Torn Broughton, Bob Kohl, Maurice Griffin, LaVern Jeffries, Billy Simpson, DeVan Barbour, Dick Woodwalrd, Lyndon Mayer, Billy Allen, Joe Harrington, Andrew Goodwin, Bobby Geile, John Sykes, John Dickens. CLU First row: Nell Hunter, Gertrude Vlfayne, Mary Vtfillis Bain, Sara Jordan, l,ois Mitchell, Joyce Jones, Nancy Hunter, Caroline Goodman, Frances Helms, Ellen Horn- buckle, Rachel Peatross, Marguerite George, Esther Stathacos, Marie Striekler, Florence Parker, Peggy Davis, Hilrnan Thomas, Mary Cornick, Doris Grinnells, Ethel Jones. Second FOIL? Candanee Lee Wlyatt, Betty ,lean Culbreth, Nellie Jeffries, Iris Phillips, Cornelia Mims, ,lean Hodgens, Cornelia Walke1', Doris Harris, Anne Brown, Martha Bryant Clark, Isabel Rowland. Third row: Grace Younger, Dorothy Gay White, Marjorie Underwood, Eloise Thomas, Doris Howell, Margaret Allred, Mary Sue Middleton, Doris Linzey, ,lean Rhodes, Josephine Norwood, Lucie Richardson, Miriam Powell, Olivia Harmon, Katherine Davis, Carolyn Hudson. Fourth row: Robert Johns, Robert Kuettner, Bobby Ott, Frank Goodwin, Eddie Mangum, Ernest Page, Hubert Holding, Charles Hicks, Alton Hathcock, ,lames Leveridge, Theodore Kellogg, Ray Hodge, LeRoy Martin. E"-if 'F' t, First mir: Claude Ramsey. Ben 'xI'IIlSII'ltItgI. .lack Spain. Carl Sapp. Courtney lfgertmt, Charles Blanchard. Lester Chaltners. Secoml rmr: Ben 'l'v1't'ell, William Basins. .litntny Wartl. Jim J1ll1l1S1tIl.,lltllI1 litttlw-Il, ljraxttvn St-ht-Il. Dan Green, Billy Didenltnver. Third l'0Il'.' Oliver Harris. Wiillartl Mitlgellt-. ,laek Nllvn. Gtmlmt llt-well. Ralph Nltmrt-, Xliekt-y Could, Tum Wlinstftn. Walter Stuart. Billy Shan. Faurlh, rout: Paul tiamphell, Bill Hailey, l,ee I'It,md. Nivlx ll21l'Q1'1tYf'. 'liltutnas Willis. Ruin-rt Nlvxlillan, .lflvli Swift. Bill Spurlin. .latnes Rlmtlt-S. Nlr. Nlvllratvken. l,illlIlI0f!IfHlYlII11U11.' .litntny Fulglttttn. Blake Nan Leer. ,lultn Wil-mt. J 5 . K L .n lift. ,f,' Q '.v.Jsr i, 3 ,. IJ I' ,qs i -v',"' s -,i!,.. " ,, :- THE HIY-f 't -e f - 4 OFFICERS: CARI. SAPV. l,I'l'Sli!ll'lIfQ Juju SPAIN. lim' PfH.Yl'll1'lllI Coturwzx Ecmrox, Secretary: l.lttARt.i3s I3I.ucHARlw. 7'1w1.m1-wg lim Antusrnotw, Sergeant-ntrarntsg Mit. .losigmt McCttAcKi:N, fttlviser. The purpose of the Hi'Y is to vreate, maintain, anfl extend lllfttllgllltllll the selltml and cunununity the high stantlartls uf Christian elturattter. The Hi-Y was compusetl of seleete-tl Juniors and Seniors who try to live up to these principles. Since the club was sponsors-tl hy the Y.Nl.C..-X.. the Ili-Y heltl its meetings there on Tltursday nights. Often during the meetings, nut- standing men came to talk to tht: lli-Y metnhers on interesting subjects. The buys vwent with Mr. Xlefiraeken to Cltarlutte for the State-witlv Hi-Y Conference in the fall. In the winter, the Hi-Y sponsuretl a few of the informal dances he-ltl in the cafeteria each month. Later in the spring the Hi-Y heltl its annual tlanee for which Ted Ross played. This was ont- nl' the must outstanding social events of the year. Arn 78 tatrtmg. ligt-rtttn. Spain. Sapp and lllat THE JUNICR HI-Y OFFICERS: I-inxKY JUSLIN, Pmsizlvzzlg ,lonw W1i.I.iM'Is0N, Vice Prvsiflenlg JACK 4XsHin', S!'f'I'r?lflI'j' .llclmv H1I,Kl'Ili, TI'l'!ISllI'l'I'g CIIHIYXNI SIWIYSICIK, Sl'fgf'IIIlf-III-!1l'l7ISQ MR. .ll S'l'ICl'I. Adviser. ROLL: llinlxf-y Joslirl. .lurry llillwr, .lack Aslilxy. .lulin Wlilliainson. Cfilllillll Spenser. Nlullil Fuller ,lavkie Hawkins. Calvin xlilt'llPHl'I'. Frank Anderson, l.uwrenc:e Parka-r. llc-urge Basun. .luinu-s lluslvr Floyll Drew, Iiusie- llzunpton, ,lolln llulmling. Turn Xlnurv. Frccl Scfnlvr. lJunz1l1l While, Billy While: flllHI'lf'S l W ilfong, Xlurlml Pill-I1 CAMERA CLUB llnracc Brzullvy, Dirk Barrms. Frank Turnvr, Celia linrlmgelw, 3l21I'QLi1I't'I Fulton. XxlE:llAI4t'I1 lilunks. Clllill Pegram, Bull Emanuel. J. B. Kimlnl. Nlurlliu A. Cumlnlan. Ira Svhaulm. ,lurk llliamlverlain, ffharlvs jones, William Covinglun, Doris Jones, Sunnny Mears, .lou Nnrxwml, Milf-s Hairl, llffnry Kitvllvn. .luv Barns, XVPSIUI1 Parker, ll. K. Wlitlierspuun, llilly Kelly, Donzilfl Wvavvr, Willz1i'1l Ylillgcttc, Vlfilliuni flrucker, llervert Fislivr, Carson Yalvs. fllzly Walla, Szuninic Lung, Syrlnur Stvulcy. joe Taylor. xxltlflll While, Baxtor Sapp. Nr. l'lUll5t', Adviser. a LATIN CLUB A lir.lzus1c'r1I fl,xx11'm-11.1. l'r'vs1'1lerzt Anmv Nlewcomlsl-I l'ir'z' Prcsirlvlzl lil 'ru Gnu' Sl'!'I't'f!IlA,V fIAIi0I.INI'1 Commun Tl'l'llXllI't'I' ll:-:Nm L1Xlcm:lu,141n Sw'gz'1I11L-111-,41'l11s Hmmm BRc1l1:1l'mx R1'p0rIHl' Xllss S'r1m1'1ir1lc fiflrisvr LATIN CLUB B Bum. K1cNx'rw I'IAt'Sl'I1t'lIf Hl41'l"l'N LINUX Vine l,l'f'SIfll'Ill Dmmls BICHALI-1 Sl'!'l'UIlIl'-Y .llmw Nonwmmln 7'rc'f1s11rul' llxx Hxlvrlx Sv1'g01111I-al--Irms XWXIAN NAPUWSA Kffporler Nllss STR0'1'H1alc Adviser LATIN CLUB C JILL ALLEN I'l'L'.Yfflt'I1f Tom Bli0l'lLll'lllN Vim' Prvsirlcnl I'wI.iHi:X Axx 1.141141 St?!7fCfIIl'y C. A. DILLUN Tl'l'llSllI'l'l' Mus. F1.xL'1'culau Arlriser LATIN CLUBS The Latin Club is the largest club in the school. Its 120 members are divided into three groups, A, B, and C, advised by Miss Strother and Mrs. Fletcher. The purpose of this club is to learn more of Roman beliefs and customs in an interesting manner. This year the Latin Club has secured interesting as well as educational books and club material dealing with the Romans. LATIN CLUB-A: Closson Allen, Juanita Anderson, Bobby Broughton, Al Burden, Edith Burgess, Lib Campbell, Anne Carter, Marjorie Cole, Betsy Cordon, Bobby Geile, Marguerite George, Sibyl Goerch, Thomas Goldston, Caroline Goodman, Ruth Gray, Jane Hart, Ramon Ivey, Ralph Knight, Henry Line- berger, Doris Lloyd, Anne Love, Barbara Mahler, Leroy Martin, Betsy Maxwell, Martha Meares, Virginia Moss, Allan Newcomb, Ernest Page, Barbara Pearse, Charles Penick, Morton Pizer, Jack Poole, Kath- erine Powers, Lucie Richardson, Jeannette Simpson, Lee Smith, Betty Stacy, Virginia Stager, Dorothy Swain, Hilman Thomas, Mary Helen Wilson, Marguerite Worth, Betsy Yelverton, Louise Worseley, Armistead Love, Nancy Self. LATIN CLUB-B: George Adams, Martha Askew, Charles Ballance, Barbara Brockwell, Betty Brown, Virginia Campbell, K. R. Cotton, John Crabtree, Lizette Crocker, Edith Deyton, Margaret Edwards, Betsy Emory, Emily Ferguson, Geraldine Hamilton, Betty Harris, Jane Geter, Rebecca Johnson, Mary Eliza- beth Jones, William Jones, Bill Kenyon, Josephine King, Katherine Klyman, Ruth Kutschinski, Betty Lundy, Doris McHale, Dan Martin, Jimmie Morgan, Margaret Morley, Vivian Napowsa, Jean Perry, Jean Norwood, Raymond Perry, Doris Procter, Dorothy Ruffin, Dorothy Reynolds, Dick Salter, Dorothy Singleton, Peggy Smith, Mary Rose Suddreth, Coralie Thomas, Gertrude Wayne, Barbara Wienges, Carl Yelverton, Grace Younger. LATIN CLUB-C: Jill Allen, Arthur Aronson, Wilmer Betts, Anne Brown, Tom Broughton, Thomasene Cates, Nancy Carlton, Ann Cothran, Martha Bryant Clark, C. A. Dillon, Gilmore Enloe, Mary Lois Franks, Doris Grinnells, Doris Harris, Martha Hamrick, Jean Hodgins, Ellen Hornbuckle, Ella Hutchins, Mary Elizabeth Jobe, La Verne Johnston, Theodore Kellogg, Robert Kuettner, Flora Ann Lee, Grant Moen, Bobby Nance, Claire Nance, Nancy Peery, Charles Pearch, Floye Smith, Florine Thorn, Alex Veazly, Mary Ellen Wellans, Gene Wilkins, Robert Wilson, Geraldine Winfree, Bobby Wooten. 81 SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS President ....... .... L ESTEII CIIALMERS Secretary--- ..... 'CHARLIE LAMBERT Vice President ..... ---MICKEY COULD Treasurer ---- ----- J IMMY ALLEN Sergeant-at-Arms .------- EVELYN WHITE Adviser ---------- ------ M R. STARNI-gs Alta Barnes, Kyle Bowie, Jack Coble, Frank Cline, Peggy Graham, Maurice Griiiin, Mickey Gould, Betty Hicks, Billy Kohn, Charlie Lambert, Austin Lemon, Al Mclver, Jerry Moore, Robert Murphy, Doris Smith, Warren Smith, Lester Chalmers, Joyce Allen, John Armstrong, Eloise Bazemore, Dorothy Bruton, Hannah Davis, Gilbert Fisher, Margaret Fulton, Annabel Gill, Nellie Jeffries, Calvin Mitchiner, Mary Pearce, Billy Simpson, Mary Stevenson, Fred Taylor, Carol Temple, Jeanne Trentman, H. K. Witherspoon, Herman Wheeler, Earle Williams, Evelyn White, James Allen, Jimmie Allen, Mary Jane Anderson, David Armstrong, Bill Bell, Joanne Bostic, Juanita Cates, Mary Alice Cfbarlton, Patty Cox, Dorothy Crowder, George Dawkins, Elizabeth Ellington, Ruth Enloe, Lorena Caddy, Stanley Hassinger, Robert Kennedy, Bill Kuhn, James McLachlan, Martha Peatross, Chan Pegram, Shirley Smiley, Barbara Spence, Bill Storey, Bill Thompson, Julia Webb, Ralph Moore, Hilbert Fisher. LA TERTULIA ESPANOLA 'Ta Tertulia Espanola" was made up of students that were interested in learning something more of the life, customs, and habits of the Spanish speaking people the world over. Natives and travelers talked to the club. Games, songs, and S'The Man on the Streetw programs were held. At Christmas time the Spanish Club also took part iI1 the Christmas program given in assembly and before the Parent-Teachers' Association. 82 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS President ..,........ - ---RUBY ALLEN Treasurer --------- ---- B omsr LEE OTT Vice President ------------.- JANE BELL Program Chai1' ----- AGATIIA CHIPLEY Secretary ---------.-- CHARLES Nonwoon Adviser -------.------------ MRS. HALL Le Cercle Francais was made up of fifty-four students that met once every two weeks to study the social life, the customs and habits of the French people. ln order to obtain experience in using conver- sational French, games were played, songs were sung, and "Man on the Street" programs were con- ducted. Papers were prepared on important figures in French history. As a part of the Christmas program at the school, Le Cercle Francais, presented a pageant showing some of the French customs at the Yuletide Season. This pageant was also given at a meeting of thc Parent-Teachers' Association. On May 14, 1941 a picnic was held for members of the club. ROLL: Ruby Allen, Patricia Allen, Roy Allen, Jill Allen, Billy Allen, Catherine Austell. ,lane Beaman. Frances Bland, Nlary Wilmmntli Barber, Mildred Blackman, ,lane Bell, John Boykin. Emily Cheshire, Jane Clark Cheshire, Ann Cloyd, Agatha Chipley, J. T. Cox, Betty Whit Durfey, Edna Ellen, Katherine Emory, Elsie May Cyles, Dora ,lane Garrett, Charles Gardner, Robert Hairston, Carmen Harris, Nell llarris, Jean Harrell, Sara Jordan, Albert Johnson, Tom Kirby, Mary Kathryn Lovelace, Florine Leclford, Bill Law- :-rence, ,lack McCrary, Miriam MacDonald, Shirley Myatt, Penn Marshall, Charles Norwood, Patsy Overstreet. Bohhy Lee Ott, Robert Pearce, Bill Patton. Claude Ramsey, Jack Spain, Betty Sutton. Helena Williams, Evelyn Ann White, Tom Winston, Esther Whiiefield, Henry Wheeler, Margaret Wilson. Cora Lynn Young, Jackie Yelverton. 83 l 1 3 I t ,J Front row: Miriam McDonald, Cora Lynn Young, Celia Rothgeb, Virginia Atkins, Dorothy Tippett, Hazel Goodwin, Helen Hall and Mrs. Hall. Second row: Thomas Hart, Richard Southern, Roger Moen, David Ratcliffe, Jack Allen, Oscar Hay, and Jimmie Ward. Third row: Paul Moore, Williarrr King, Thomas Willis, Gordon Howell, E. 0. Brogdcn, lien Dickson, and John Swain. DER DEUTSCHER VEREI OFFICERS President ...... ...... J IMMY WARD Secretary ..... .... C ELIA ROTHGEB Vice President--- ------- E. 0. BROGDEN Treasurer --------- ---- C ,SCAR HAY Adviser --.----------------- Mus. HALL Der Deutscher Verein supplemented the class work by giving an opportunity for further use of conversational German. This year programs have included talks about famous men of Germany, their customs, their dances, and their songs. Of particular interest Was the program NOberammergau.,7 The club portrayed some of the German customs in a Christmas program before the student body and the Parent Teacher Association. A Christmas party was held before the Christmas holidays. In the spring a dance and picnic rounded out the social activities ofthe year. 84 GIRLS' LITERARY SOCIETY SECTION A Joyce Allen, Dorothy Beddingfield, Margaret Brockwell, Alta Barnes, Jane Kestler Bell, Frances Bland, Eloise Bazemore, Alexa Carroll, Agatha Chipley, Mary Cornick, Juanita Cates, Betty Wltit Durfey, Katherine Emory, Betty Hicks, Ruth Kost, Mildred Lanier, Cornelia Mims, Jerry Moore, Ruth Martin, Shirley Myatt, Claire Nance, Mary Pierce, Helena Williams, Evelyn White, Doris Smith, Betty Stevick. ' SECTION B Mary Jane Anderson, Catherine Austell, Marjorie Avent, Jane Beaman, Catherine Bray, Margaret Caldwell, Mary Alice Charlion, Jane Clark Cheshire, Jean Clark, Dot Clifton, Mitzie Covington, Patty Cox, Dorothy Dizor, Daphne Dunn, Ruth Enloe, Rosalie Fallon, Ann Foxworth, Carolyn Kenyon, Florine I.:-dford, Miriam McDonald, Nell Mason, Mary Alice Nance, Pat Overstreet, Catherine Rodgers, Marjorie Soar, Betty Stonelmanks, Carol Temple, Dorothy Tippeit, Betty Ruth W'indes, Cora Lynn Younff. The Girls, Literary Society, or the Exerion Society was divided into two sections and was made up of girls from the Junior and Senior class. The group n1et once every two weeks and had programs consisting of reviews of current hooks, short plays, lectures and brief debates. S5 JOSEPI-IUS DANIELS' LITERARY SOCIETY ,lack Allen. Uifvan Barbour. Cll21I4ll'S Blancllurcl. E. U. llrogflen, Tom liI'lPlIQlllUI1, Paul Cznnplu-ll, Lester Cllalmm-rs, lffclward Dorsey, llmirtnoy Egerton, R. ll. Uuytun, Dan Cr:-cn. Nick llargrove. Ulivvr Harris, Oscar llay, Lee Hood, lfllgvlte llurfl, Charles lluslc-tlcr. Conlon llnwt-II. ,lilllllly Johnsnn. Billy Kelly, Rulmcrl Nlclllillan. Willa1'Ll Mitlgr-llv. Ralph Xloure. Clulnlt- Ramsay, ,lann-s Higgs. Braxton St-In-Il. Walter Stuart, Forrest Sllllfflfll. lilalw Nun Leer. Dnnalml Wulsmi. Tom Winston. H, K, Witln-rspnun. limmy Ward. 'l'lmmas Willis. ,lack Spain. Nllss R15 Nxlnx. fIlll'I.Yl'l'. JUNIOR BOYS' LITERARY SOCIETY Dan Martin. Ur-H1416 Adams, Sannnit' Nleares. ,ine Nmwsnml. Hubert Curnirlx. Cm-urge Eason. Crulialn Spencer, Billy Siinpsun. Wvortlt Xxltilv. Halpll Parks. llnruvn- 'l'aylur. Paul Nlmmrc. Fretl Sentcr. llulu' Morgan, Ruins Alle-n. Bo Ns-wcnmlw. Bobby Emanuel. Frank Anflf-rsnn. lllss SHAW. flflzfiser. THE GIRL RESERVES CLUB OFFICERS AND ADVISERS President .............. ELLEN MORIJECAI Mrss OMA Buss LEWIS Vice President L........, HAzEL GOODWIN , MISS MARY OLIVER ELLINGTON Secretary ..... .... J EAN Norawoou AdmSe"5'-- MRs. PAUI. A. REID Treasurer .... ..... J EAN MORRIS 'MRS. MARY SUE FONVILLE The theme of' the Girl Reserves Club for this year has been Relationships. At the regu- lar club meetings stimulating programs dealing with the relations of boys and girls, of Girl Reserves to their church, a girl's relations to other girls and a girl's attitude toward her health have been included. Worship services have been presented both in and out of the school by the club. The week preceding Easter, the club presented Holy Week services each morning at the school. OIIe of the most successful parties of the year was the tea given for the teachers. Favors were appropriate drawings and rhymes from uCheerful Cherub? Other social activities have included a tea for new members, a kid party, a Mother-Daughter banquet, and several Week-ends at camp. Both in the fall and spring very impressive recognition services were given. ln celebration of its sixtieth birthday the club presented a radio skit. ROLL: Cora Askew, Virginia Atkins, Lucille Atkinson, Mary Wilmoth Barber, Catherine Bray, Betty Cannady, ,lean Clark, Anne Cloyd, Laura Cole, Lorene Colcy, Betty Ann Cox, Virginia Crews, Jerry Dawkins, Elizabeth Desern, Elizabeth Ellington, Frances Erwin, Durema Fitzgerald, Margaret Fulton, Dora ,lane Garrett, ,lulia Geiger, Lorraine Glenn, Sibyl Goerch, Hazel Goodwin, Janet Groseclose, Elsie Mae Gyles, Helen Hall, Peggy Hamrick, Olivia Harmon, Nell Harris, Anne Hendrix, Gladys Holliday, Sara Marie Holt, Nellie Jefferies, La Verne Johnston, Lounelle Jordan, Margaret jordan, Sara Jordan, Carolyn Kenyon, Anna Lou Kutz, Rose Lawrence, Alice Liles, Mary Catherine Lovelace, Betty Lundy, Sue McAfee, Betsy McMillan, Ellen Mordecai, ,lean Morris, Frances Mowery, jean Norwood, Marjorie Parker, Elsie Pearce, Mary Louise Peebles, Celia Rothgeh, Dorothy Singleton, Marjorie Soar, Doris Southard, Betty Sutton, Gladys Taylor, Dorothy Tippett, Marjorie Underwood, Mary Ellen Underwood, Dorothy Varner, Mary Ellen Wellons. . f. I 7 sf .,. , ., . 1 sa 'r , ' I i 1 f I SP il A w- f ,i , if-W - 7 ,msg , , ..-,sv',.2i:a:f:a-,I--'W,ai,- , .Qf.,,s1,f,s,,,,,,,.,ff,11,iLW., From the GLNQEVN' School for Wives" Lffl to right: Phoenix, Williams, Bland, Sapp, Niven, Beatty, White THE LITTLE THEATRE Williarns, Strickland, Soar, Pittman, Moore OFFICERS FRANCES WILLIAMS--- .--- President LUCILL1-: SMITH-U ---Vice Presidenr DOROTHY PITTMAN--- ---- Secremry PAUL STR1cKLAND--- ---Treasurer MARJORIE SOAR ---- ---- Historian GOLDEN MASQUERS JLIl.t-J PHOENIX--- ---Presidenl H015 KOHL-,, ---Sf?CI'6lLll"y' Left to riglzl, Hrs! mtv: ljorotliy Pittman, llueliel Peatross. l"runr-e-s W'illiants, Paul Strickland, Marjorie Avent, Mrs. Joyner. Swronrl row: l.il1 Niven, Jule Phoenix, Martha Wallave, Rolf Kohl. Charles Wriglit. On December 6. 1940 the Little Theatre presented Little Women under the sponsor- ship of the Junior Class. The New School of Wives, after Winning Hrst place over Wilsmvri. llocky Mount, and Henderson in the district contest here was entitled to he entered in the state Contest ut Chapel Hill. There, it won second place. The Senior members of the Little Theatre did IIll.1Cll to help with the production of the senior play, Death Takes a Holiday. Golden Masquers, an honor society open only to those students who have done out- standing work in different phases of play production, is a very prominent part of the Little Theatre. 89 NINTI-I GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB George Adams, Mary Willis Bain, Barbara Brotzkwell, Betty Brown, Martha Bryant Clark, John Crulttree, Lizette ilrocker, Secretary, Betty .lean Cullmrcth. Edith Deylon, A. C. llull, Lillian llult. Doris Howell, R4-lwcuti Johnson, ,lean Lane, .larnvs l.4-veretlgc. Hue McAfee, Mary Ann Nleheoil, Xlz1l'g1a1'et Morley, Susanne Park, Gerultline Morris, Nliriunt Powell, lliillllillllyll Riclrlle-, ,Nlury Rose Surl- tlrvtll. Anne Smart TI'f?IISllI'6fQ Betty 'l'erl'y. Vive 1'lI't'Sl't1l'I7fQ Alex Neuzvy. ,lease XVFllllll1gL. Xlairy Evelyn 7.5 i .. lI'lb l ' Hy ll 0. ill' 1313 ICHQLCS. , lllly UU! . '.llQICI1f3' I l' S. . HXVC 511115. YM l Jean White lJm tly Q, WI I B l W lin XX I l W ll.un l JL l'rvx1'r1w1lg Bill Ward. Jimmy Hom-ll. Ellen Senay, Rag llotlgc. Mrs, Starni-F. Arlz'is0r. NINTH GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB Elizabeth Be-ll. Belly Bolllblll, Milly Lou Bomli-n. .Xnne Brown. Yirginia Camlilwll. Nancy Carlton. Louise Carter.,Cla1lys Clrambers, Anne Cothran. Phyllis Cooper, Peggy llaxis. Doris Crinells, Doris Harris. Frances Helms. Jean 1-lotlgens. lfllen Hornlluckle. Nell Htmter. ,lune Hylton, jam- Jeter, Lihlmy Jones, Bt-tty johnson. Ruth Kutecllinski. Rose Xlarie Lee. Sherlyn AlilI'Slllllll'T'l. Doris Alcllale, Kay Pleasants, Doris Proctor. Dorothy Ruffin, Eloise Thomas. Mary I.. 'l'hompson, Gvrlriitli- Wayne. Mrs. Taylor. Aafviser. I I EIGHTH GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB Betty Jo Berry, Betty Betts, Marguerite Bishop, Betty Lou Byrd, Martha Chandler, Doris ,lean Crabtree, Lillian Dewar, Martha Duntran, Nona Edge, ,lean Ellen, Doris Etltcridge. Josephine Falm' stofk, Nell Fulglium, .lean Caddy, Lillian Caddy, Carol Jean Gift, Doris Harrell, Sarah Anne Harris. .laniee Hart. Katherine Holding, Elixaltetlt Kiser, Nell Klyntan. Betsy Morgan. .lanie Nanee, Harte Xe Nolan, Jane Lee l'arker, ,lane Pointer. Barlmara Pope. Cecelia Price, Carolyn Rolnerts. Agnes Roy. lflizalteth Silwer, lflizalletlt Sltunli. ,losepltine Snow, Kaeliel Stacy. Georgia SlLllllLll'llS. Myra Btttlt Stone, Betty Wlilliie, Anne Wlilliarns, flllarlotte Williarits, Florc-nt'e Wlinfree, Hr-lieeea Yelverton. Nlrs. Slarnes, Aflmfser. TENTH GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB Jill Allen, Closson Allen, John Alexantler, Juanita Anderson, John Armstrong. Gloria Battzllt-lor, Wilmer Betts, liolulny Broughton, AI liurtlen. Edith Burgess, Lili Campbell, Ann Carter, Marjorie Cole, Betsy Corden, Caroline Goodman. Silmyl Coerelt. Doris Linzey, liarlmara Mahler, Betsy Maxwell, Virginia Xloss. Ernest Page, Nancy Perry, Charles Penieli, Horton Pizer. Kat Powers. Sytlnor Stealey, Dorothy Swain ,leanne Trentman Nancy I7 sliaw, Margueritte Worth. Margaret Wilson. Mrs. Ta lor, Adviser. Y 7 4 p y E'4.,.J r ,xA..,,b .QBCDQ E! Q' 4,,tt,-mf' 'bvxgjl " -..1....J F093 efjQ.!47f?"iN"'j -Iv ' lfjv'-1 577' l. n . - ' ' ., l ',r,.'.,-f,t5.4y O UNIOR GIRLS' LITERARY SOCIETY Frances Al1lrotl,.lllanita Anderson. lflizaln-tli Amlrews. Marie Andrews, lim-tsy Atkins, Gloria llatvhelor, Syhil Hl'oolis.lf4litl1 lltlrgvfs. l.ilm C21IIlIJllt'll, Betsy Carter, Beverly ilillltlllk Marjorie flolv, Betsy London Conlon, Emily Fergiwson. Marguerite George, Annahel Gill, Fihyl Uoertzh. Ceralilinm- Hamilton, Nellie Jvllirius, Katllerine Klyllldtt, Anna Lou Kiety. Doris Linzey, llarhara Wlahler. Pansy Nlartin, Nadine Nl1'Ulll'1', Xlurtha Nlears. Xirginia Moss. X ivian Napowsa, Marion Ne-lson. Barlmara l'var1't- Dorothy Ps-iflxlc-5. Kalltvrins' Pmveiw. .lean Hhoalvs. Patty Hoy. Betty Stacey, N irginia Stagir-i'. Betty Sutton. .lf-an Thoniax. ,lm-anne Trentinan. ,Xnne Xxbltlu. Marv Badger Whittnore. Louise' White, Xlargtwritr Y Worth, Betsy laul Yelvcrton, Mis, Smith, AIlL'l'S8f.' I I 1. 7 , ' . I I it B: if i ,yn S , A I I ' I rim, 'AL' Q fx . 'Z V ,'Y i I ' yy A .t A V A M. nl we I , V y JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Nita Ballengvr. lf'1'anc'es Bickett, Miriam Hull, Beverly Bullock, Mary Chancller. Frances Fr-1'gn1Nor1. Ann Fleinming, ,losvphine Garrett. lietty l.ou Hamilton. Mary Rose Hayes. 'l'm-:lily llowell, Anna Hungerford, Nellie Jacohs, Lauris johnfon. lilizahetli Jones, Margaret Jordan. Gloria Kohn, Jo Lana-. .lane Lassiter, Doris Lee, Xt-rena l,ewiQ. Xlarion Mrtlntosh, Iris Newton. Mary Ruth Reavis. Evelyn llenn, Dorothy Russell, Maxis Russell, Virginia Singleton, Betty Ann Skaale, Phyllis Smith. Miss Cannon, Faculty Adviser. i l fag 4.4!--J SCIENCE CLUB BEN TERRELL ..... ....... P resident JOHN HOLLOWAY--- ---Vice President RALPH PARKS--- - ----- Secretary JACK ASHBY ----------- ---- T reasurer ,flrlvisers Miss Ei.LiNcToN MRS. Roor MR. DANIEL MR. Comm This year the Science Club was divided into three sections. They were the Chemistry Group, the Nature Group, and the Field Trip Group. Each group tried to carry its interest in Science to things that could not be done in the regular class period. Meetings were held once every two weeks. FIELD TRIP GROUP OF SCIENCE CLUB Jack Ashby, Banks Bowles, Bobby Bynum, Lloyd Canady, .James Doster, John Holding, Joyce Jones, Fred Lloyd, David Mooneyham, Jo Ann Nance, Joe Norwood, William Parker, Roy Raines, Harold Sauls, Buck Taylor, Bill Ward, Mary Ellen Underwood, Jack Bland, Clyde Bryant, Vllilliam Hales. Mary Ann McLeod, Geraldine Morris, Marjorie Spain, Ruby Thomas, Betsy Buchanan, Douglas Gill, Sammy Mears, Bill Williams, Hannahlyn Riddle, Andrew Walker, Thomas Goldston, Ralph Knight, John Dickens. Hilbert Fisher. Lacy Moore. Allen Newcomb, Roy Fuller, Henry Lineberger, Armistead Love, Ramon Ivey, Lee Smith, C. A. Dillon. Jackie Hawkins, Grant Moen, Duke Morgan, Ralph Parks, Horace Taylor, Clay Wade, Charlie Bugg, Miles Hart, Billy Carswell, Lewis Hicks, Marjorie Underwood, Virginia Crews, Robert Wilson, Betsy Ann Cox, Bobby Groseclose, Margaret Albred. NATURE STUDY GROUP OF SCIENCE CLUB Marie Andrews, Mary Wilmoth Barber, Mildred Black- man, Betty Jean Broughton, Dora Jane Garrett, Annabel Gill, Jean Harrell, Elizabeth Jobe, Mary Kathryn Lovelace. Jean ,Morris, Marion Nelson. Mary Jerman Panton, Nancy Scott, Dorothy Scroggs, Jean Thomas, Lois Whitefield, Geraldine Winfree, Russell Savage. CHEMISTRY DIVISION OF SCIENCE CLUB Donald Weaver, Bobby Schmidt, NVillia1n King, Bruce l-edford, Jim MacLachlan, Ben Terrell, John Swain, Bill Bason, Rex Collins, Roger Moen, Warren Smith, Jack White, Lynwood Fallwell, Milan Walker, Clyde Douglass, Ben Dickson, Penn Marshall, Billy Allen, Cora Lynn Young, Jane Clark Cheshire, ,lack McCary. Charles Gardner, Charles Norwood, Robby Bridgers, Greig Hicks, James Altman, John Holloway, Sara Jordan, Austin Lemon, Ransom Smith, Frances Erwin, Joe Jarnagin, Jack Coble. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO lVl1LDRED LLOYD .... ...... P resident NADINE MCGHEE .... ....... T reasurer HAZEL GOODWIN .... L.., V ice President FRANCES ABBOTT ....... Sergeant-at-Arrns LOIS ROWE ..... LL... S ecretary BETTY PENNY .... ----I'0int Recorder HULL for Girls' Athletic Association: Frances Abbott, Ruby Almond, Vivian Barrow, Betty Lou Beckwith, Gladys Rae Bishop, Helen Bland, Helen Bray, Annie Brice, Marjorie Caviness, Peggy Clement, Laura Cole, Catherine Coley, Hazel Goodwin. Emma Gupton, Betty ,lane llicks, Frances Hoagland, Ruth Houlder, Ella Hutchins, Martha Hylton. Frances Jones, Lounell Jordan. Lora Dean Joyner. Anna Lou Kutz, Alice Liles, Mildred Lloyd, Nancy Lowder, Pansy Marlin, Joy Matthews, Nadine McGhee, Leah Moore, Anna ,lo Morgan, .lane Morris, Frances Mowery, Mary Alice Nance, Mary Louise Peebles, lietty Sue Pegram, Betty Penny, Lois Rowe, Nivian Sanderlin, Peggy Sapp, Alice Smith, Fay Smith. Mary Stephenson, Nancy Sutton, Florence Stoudmire. Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Temple, Ann Wlade. Edith Watkins, Anna Catherine Watson, Martha White, Esther Whitefield, Florence Whitefield. 9 4 4 I , 4 514644.-1 ffitwe fad? The Girls, Athletic Association sponsored many social events during the year. In October they had a tea for the new members and teachers. This was held in Mrs. Bray's room here at school. ln November, the members went on a Saturday morning hike to the Lead Mines. ln December, there was a skating party at Pullen Park. Many of the girls invited their friends to go with them. ln January, the members went in a group to the home of Mrs. Bray and enjoyed tea. In February, a Bug Party was held in the high school cafeteria. ln March, the members had a Box Supper and invited their boy friends to go along with them. Tn April the Association had a Treasure Hunt. ln May, the last social function of the year, a Wiener roast was held at Stewart's Lake. The Girls' Athletic Association was made up of girls from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. The club, under the direction of Mrs. Bray, met once every Bfwg1110'1 Members OH the Dun lcam week at the activity period. This organization played a large part in our sports program at Broughton. It spon- sored basketball, volley ball, softball, ping-pong, skating, bicycling, hiking, and camping. As the girls took part in these sports, both in and out of school, they received points towards their State Monograms and pins. The Drill Team was also under the direction of Mrs. Bray and was a part of the Girls, Athletic Asssociation. These girls, along with a number of girls from Hugh Morson, marched at the football games and in some ofthe parades in the city. OFFICERS Left 10 right: Row-. McGhee. Goodwin. Lloyd, Penny, llruy. Q ,.... it tx K N . ' - -, . 'V 95 0 x fa J QR 4 I xi 5, A 1. J I X :AW 1 2 K3 li x Il N 1335 xx V .qi X ff, xl , JUNIOR GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Xlarie Clemens, llariet Morgan, Natalie Neal. Christine Nucklus, .loyce Parker, Charlotte- Perry. Doris Pvrry. Helen Saparillas, Betsy Ann Shaw, Martha Shi-rin. Lucy Sunnner. Patricia Tlirowt-r. Florence Ttirm-r. Nlarie Wvilson. HI-TIMES PRESS CLUB lfifxvt ruzr, left Io riglit: E. O. Brogch-n, Penn Marshall, Vernon Jeter. ,lim Johnson, janies Rankin. illH.ll'lf'S lloulcler. Ransom Smith. Srfroml rozr: ,lean Straflley, Frances Hoagland, Edith Burgess, Betty SlllIIE'lJ31'lliS, Agatha Chipley, Jane Bell, lfmily Cliesliirv, Marjorie Cole, Betsy McMillan, Alexa Carroll, Sihyl Coerch. 96 THE LIBRARY This year, for the first time, a group of students known as Library Assistants organized themselves into a class. Their purpose was to help Miss Gosnold, the librarian, run the library. Before and after school and at each period throughout the day several of these students were on hand to serve as necessity demanded. At regular intervals all the assistants met as a class and studied their problems in Library Science. These students received unit credit for service rendered. They also deserve part of the praise for the added attractiveness that the library has had throughout the year. Dorothy Varner at the circulation desk. fTopl Gilmore Enloe choosing a book from a display table. A group of the students in the magazine room. ROLL of Library Assistants: Vivian Barrow, Elsie Bennett, Dorothy Varner, David Smith, Billy Shaw, Lila Watkins, Gloria Temple, Virginia Gibson, llubert Holding, Harold Willey, Carl Ferrell, Hubert Cross, Julia Moore, Elizabeth Varner, Jimmy Ramsey, Gilmore Enloe, Jeanne Holman, Bill Hailey, .lack Allen. 4. B' sf Un Zke Wad! af Sfwfzi ww I T. Briggs, E. Roberts, D. Etheridge, J. Wa-dcling, J. Phoenix CHEER, RALEIGH HIGH SCHOOL Chmwr, Raleigh High Sc-hool Raleigh must win. Fight lo the finish. Never give in! Rah! Huh! Rah! You do your best, hoys! W1-'ll do the rest huys Fight on to vivtoryi Rah! Huh! Huh! 99 Mr. Gregson and Mr. Dandelake FOOTB LL SEASOI Last September the football pros- pects were not at all good. Coach Raymond Gregson worked hard with the boys and the lxoys worked equally hard to get in good physical shape. The outlook for a successful 1940 season was dimmed by the graduation of many of the first and second string men from the 19239 squad. Besides having few holdovers, Raleigh faced one of the hardest schedules of its history and a schedule as hard as any team in the state. For two Weeks before school started, the squad held two practice sessions daily. After school opened they practiced from three-thirty until dark. Robert McMillan Ralph Moore Bobby Blackburn, Mmmber 3F 1940 The Hrst test for the Purple Hurricane came on the night of September 13. Fuquay Springs journeyed to the Capital City on this date to meet Raleigh. The Raleigh team was a little too eager to make a good showing for the local fans and coach. The MHurricane,, won the game 13-7 but the score does not tell the story of the game. Raleigh pushed the visitors all around the held but did not seem to have the final punch to ring up a large score. This game did prove one thing though. It proved that Holmes, all state end, could vatch passes to equal any end in the state. The following week the strong team from Greensboro invaded the Capital stronghold. Thousands of Raleigh fans turned out to Riddick Field to see this game. Greensboro was too strong for the ulocalsu and scored a 13-0 victory. Raleigh just could not get started. An interstate game with Petersburg was next on the schedule. Petersburg was de- fending state champions of Virginia, and Raleigh was definitely the underdog. The game was played up there on Saturday afternoon. Trailing by thirteen points, Raleigh began to play ball, scoring seven points, and were on their way to another touchdown when the game ended. The final score 13-0-in favor of Petersburg. This was a hard game to lose. Ralph Moore, star center of the team, was out of this game because of a fractured cheek bone. His loss was greatly felt. On October 4, Raleigh traveled to Wilsori to tangle with the Wilsoii 'cCyclones.7' Wil- son eame out on top of a 13-0 Victory. . Trai gy x l riI'!"iT. , ' I A Wilson, R. Stuart, Holmes, Moore, Shaw, Borlwell, Allen, Gregson, Corzclig Stuart, Capps, Parker, Martin, Holderheld, B. Sanderlin, Irwin, Joslin, Riddle, Dandelake, Tew, Mansfield, Spain, Chalmers, Parker, McLean, Wright, Y. Sanderlin, McMillan, Could, Williamstin, Coltrane, Speight, Black- man, llobbs, Hunt, Ashby, Wheeler, Senter, Haily. 101 FUOTBALL SEASCP One week later the "Caps,' invaded Gaffney, S. C. for another inter-state game. This time the "locals" rode home victorious. After a hard fought game Raleigh came away with a 7-0 verdict. The story at Charlotte was the story of one boy. David Coates of the Queen City. If Coates had not played, Raleigh would have won the game. He did play though, and Char- lotte Won 19-7. Raleigh scored its first conference win against Wilmington. The whole team played a good game and came home with a 6-0 victory. Here again the score does not tell the story of the game. Raleigh won by right. . Columbia, S. C. cancelled their game with the 4'Caps,' so Raleigh had a weekls rest which was well earned. November 15 was a day that all Raleigh waited for. On this day, the uHurricane,' was to invade the "Bull City" of Durham. School was dismissed early so that local fans could travel over to Durham to see the game. This game was hard to lose. Every member of the Raleigh squad played his heart out to win. When the game was over, Durham had gained a net total of minus three yards. That gives an example of how hard the boys were fighting to win. Nevertheless when the smoke had cleared from the battleground, the Bulls had thirteen points and Raleigh had none. The last game of the season was with Rocky Mount. This game was played on Riddick Field. Rocky Mount had already won Eastern Class A honors. Raleigh was not given even an outside chance of beating the uBlackbirds.,, From the opening whistle to the final gun, Raleigh ran Rocky Mount ragged. On a group of passes and runs, the locals pushed over a touchdown and scored the extra point. It was at this time that the one big break of the game happened. After scoring the touchdown Raleigh kicked off to the '4Blackbirds." Buddy Luper of Rocky Mount took the kickoff on his own ten yard line and proceeded to run the entire length of the field for a touchdown. The con- version was good and the score was tied at 7-7. This is how the game ended. Rocky Mount had tied Raleigh. No one player should get all praise for the football he played. Each and every boy on the team deserves a salute from the schools and from the city of Raleigh. The following is a list of the boys who played the best ball during the year: ends, Holmes, Wilson, Bagwell, Spain, tackles, Sanderlin, Stewart, guards, Smith, Gould, McMillan, center, Moore, Shawg backlield, Allen, Stuart, Riddle, Joslin and Senter. Holmes makes a touchdown in the Rocky Mount game 102 DF 1940 Mario-n Riddle Jack Spain Mickey Could Walter Stuart Ralph Moore Hinky Joslin Robert McMillan Frank Irwin Bill Hailey Jimmy Allen Billy Shaw Guy Senter John Wilson Jimmy Holderlielrl Hinky Joslin P .W , Y ,XXX 3 ,N mil gl K I X 5 Q' 9 'R ig 3 'ii xi X 9b as First row, left to right: Swift, Jones, Riddle, Joslin. Second row: Schell, Senter, Sapp, Sauls. BASKETB LL The 19-10-.11 edition of the Raleigh basketball team completed ll1e most successful season of any local quint since 1936. With a glowing record of 16 victories in 20 starts. Raleigh traveled to Durham for the deciding game of the conference. Durham was ready for the locals, and superior team work led to the defeat of the Raleigh team, thus eliminating the Capitals from the state race. When the season started, basketball was at an all time low in Raleigh. From 1936 until the start of this year, the Capitals had not even made a good showing. The other teams in the conference were glad when it came time to play Raleigh. This year was a different story. Led by big Carl Sapp, Raleigh put a well balanced team on the court. After the locals defeated Fayetteville in the conference opener 315-9, Raleigh fans began to come to life. A few days later the Wake Forest Freshmen only beat Raleigh by nine points. At 7:55 p.m., on January 31, the Broughton gymnasium was filled to capacity. Basketball in Raleigh High School was at last back on the level in which it belongs. At 3:00 p.m., Raleigh was to play Durham. The game started and the two teams battled on even terms most of the game. Although when the smoke cleared, Durham had won 30-27. Both teams gave everything they had. It was a very fast game and therefore many fouls were committed. These foul shots were the edge that Durham had over Raleigh. The most thrilling game of the season was played against Vililson. WilSlJll came to Raleigh determined to beat the 4'Caps." The score went back and forth all night. When the final gun sounded the score was tied. This meant that a hve minute over time period had to be played. For five more minutes the teams raced up and down the floor. The score was still tied after the first over time period. After a few minutes rest the teams lined up again for the jump. From this point on, it was a matter of who scored Iirst. The hrsl team that scored, won the game. Raleigh got the center jump and held the bali. 104 They waited lor an opening. Alter sexe-ral minutes of passing the ball around. Carl Sapp decided il was time to win the game. Standing in mid-court. Sapp shot the hall toward the basket. 'llhat nas the end of the game. It was a heautiful shot, good lor two points and the game. Raleigh won the next games hut hit their trouhle in the last game with Durham. Durham had a record of no defeats lor the season and Raleigh had one defeat. This meant that if Raleigh won the game, they would tie with the Bull City for the Eastern Class A ehampionship. When the game started, there were hundreds of Raleigh fans sitting in the Durham Armory. The hoys from Durham were ready for the Caps and they stopped all Raleigh hopes ol a state rfhampionship. Carl Sapp led the Eastern Class A Conference scoring with 266 points. He would sink long ones and short ones with no apparent effort. But Sapp was hy no means a one man team. There were Cordon Sauls. Braxton Schell. Jack Swift, Car Hinsdale, Joslin, Exerette Jones, and jimmy Riddle. Ielllfigll Opponents Raleigh 26 Clary 21 43 33 lfuquay Springs 15 36 17 White Flash I2 27 35 llood-illodel 28 40 21 State Frosh 32 60 36 V.15.S. 22 56 33 Fayetteville 9 31 27 Wake For:-st Frosh 536 28 37 Fuquay Springs ISU 30 35 Sanford 241 24- 35 Charlotte 20 1 T12 First rozr, left to right: Gordon Fauls. llraxlon Fvln-ll. Wilmington Rocky Mount Durham Wilson Fayetteville Rocky Mount wvilson Crea-nsltoro Wil mington Durha Ill l Bunn, Guy Senter, Uppnnrwls 26 33 30 31 28 22 29 30 18 41 537 SUFOIHI ron 5 Tom Winston. Guy Senter. iarl Sa r 1. lfrz :ming llinsdale Joslin, jinnny Riddle. h l l I Third rolr: ,lack Swill. liveretle jones, liohhy S4'ill'ltI'Hlljlll. Fourth l'l7lt'.' Tom Xvillis, Rohm-rt Hairston. Billy Simpson. ., . .... .,-. n-1.1.2-plnrewwrammn March March March March April April April April April April " Home -X- As-Y flaw, First row: Walter Stewart, Marion Riddle, Raymond Stewart, Carl Bunn, Johnny Holmes, Earl Bennett, Curt Campbell. Seca-nfl row: Mac Andrews, John Ruth, Dandelake, Coach, McCracken, Coach, Bill Brooks, Guy Senter, Hinky Joslin, Chan Pegram, Bobby Crocker, Gordan Sauls, Tom Winston, Mr. Starnes. Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh game. BASEBALL Louisburg College Knightdale Washington Knightdale Rocky Mount Durham Dunn U.N.C. Freshmen Rocky Mount Wilson April April April May May May May if' M Raleigh Raleigh KR.-aleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Total 7 Wilmington 5 Rained out Wilson 1 Durham 2 4- -Dunn 5 2 l Wilmington 1 To be played Charlotte To be played Greensboro 87 Total 67 Won 9 Lost 5 To be played 2 as W . - . A,,.,.r.. Bac-lr rnlr, left In right: Mazinger James llilker, Courlz House. Bill Patten. Blake Yan Leer, Jerry Hilker, Billy Kelly. Middle row: Bobby Emanuel. Front row: David Armstrong, Paul Moore, Russel Walton. Moffitt Fuller. Frank Anderson, and Floyd Drew. SWIMMING Last spring as the Seniors received their diplomas, John A. House, swimming team eoaeh, saw nearly all of his state championship team graduate. He had to build a new team. The team this year had meets against such strong competition as Goldsboro and Dur- ham High Schoolsg and State and Carolina Freshmen. Broughton was defeated in these matches but there were several bright spots of the year. Billy Kelly set two new state records at the Duke University Invitational Meet in Durham. In the 100 yard breaststroke, Billy put the new time at l 1083. Billy swam the 220 yard free style in 2:3l,.7. 107 Miam- TENNIS Courtney Egerlon and Jim Johnson are co-captains of the team. The first ten boys on the squad are as follows: lf. Horde, F. Cline, D. Kennison, C. Egerton, J. Rhodes, D. Hinton, J. Johnson, B. Bunn, C, Ramsey, and C. Blanchard. W. N. Payne is the inFt1'uctor for the team. Billy White is the manager. "f ' M. ' r . , nv T' -' NA TRACK First row, left to right: Graham Spencer, Mickey Could, Jimmy Christian. Roger Moen, Donald Watson, Fred Senter. Second row: Kyle Bowie, Dick Barrow, Frank lrwin, Robert McMillan, llilly Kelly, Braxton Schell, Park White, Manager. 108 First l'UIl', left to right: Mr. Gregson, llunt, Chalmers, Xieliillan, Moore, Hilker, Stuart. Second mir: Gould. Sapp, lrwin, Wilson, Yan Leer, Spain. Third roiv: Shaw, Blackhurn, Hurd, Johnson, Hailey, Senter. Fourth row: Lefiforfl, Sauls, Williamscvn, Jones, Joslin, Kelly, Schell, Swift, Hollunrl. MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Cluh was reorganized this year. It was made up of boys that have Won letters in either of the major or minor sports. Meetings were held once every two weeks at the activity perionl. Mr. Gregson was the adviser. The officers were Ralph Moore. President: Bill Hailey, Vice President, Mic-key Could, Secretary, Braxton Schell, Treasurer, and Hiukey Joslin, Sergeant-at-Arms. CHEER LEADERS llevan Barhour l7ranees Williams Ann Foxworth lluplrne llumr B1'0l1f7i1lUIl was entitled to select hy Joiular vote four stuclents to serve us vheer lm-uric-rs Cl A Q D 1 1 1 for the Raleigh High Svhool foothull games. The slumlents that were chosen are plvturecl uhox e. Mr. omg .Miss weegkam .Bmuqlzfwz JEAN TAYLCR A ROBERT M C MILLAN Sckofarslzip LX BOBBY SCHMIDT ROBERT KGHL CARGLYN KENYON X R 'S 2 366LLL- BENQ V 6 We-P"" ELIZABETH NIVEN BEN ARMSTRONG "3'3LE'f4'3'F1"V WW MILDRED LLCYD CARL SAPP Sporfs Mrsa fifify ANNE LINEBERGER JAMES RHODES Cbmf HILAH WHITE CHARLES BLANCHARD i ml ww The group of students that attended the Columbia Press Conferenve in New York went to g'He-llza Popping and met OLSEN and JOHNSON. 117 W ,SESS ,S ,f QE 3 5.w -In N. OIT to class . . . we lirozulrfast . . . two uienibc-rs of the Class '13 . . . llw Cunwru Club of tlw Air . . . the Spanish Clulm ollivers . . . the Bullis Eye . . . Lee is prepared . . . in the Home EC Lulu . . . that drink that refreshes. Lazy Lunchers . . . Marshals . . . Broughton goes rural . . . Our star swimmer fKOHy2H . . . Mono- gram Club oHic'f11's . . . Jzmiv and Betty swinging in the park . . , Audio-Nisual experts . . . "W'h0,da thunk it," Mr. Starnes. Ruth Kost as Beth, Frances Williams as Joe, Marjorie Avent as Amy, Ann Cloyd as Mzirmee and Lili Niven as Meg in Costumes designed by Catherine .Austell for the play, Hijttle Wonwn.', In 1940-41 The time has come,' the Walrus said, 4To talk of many things, Of ships, shoes and sealing wax, and cabbages, and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings'." ua "Many thingsu did indeed characterize the year 1940-19411 for the students of Broughton High School. The new school year began on September 4-, 1940. There was the usual excitement of students seeing teachers that were to lead them for the first time as they went on to the battlefield to win for themselves the knowledge of the languages, of mathematics, of history, of science, of commercial work and of the vocational subjects. After a few weeks the campaign was well organized and groups learned to work well together. Throughout the fall, nearly every Friday afternoon, the students and supporters of the school would gather in the stadium to see Raleigh High boys display their strength and skill, not with guns and am- munition, butt with a ball made of pigskin. The crowds rose to their feet, yelled as loudly as possible, "Come on Raleighl' at the commands of the cheer leaders who were dressed in white uniforms. Every- body drank a Coca-Cbla, ate peanuts, or ice cream. Excitement from pleasure, not fear, caused the mob to go mad at a moment's notice. All eyes turned at times to another battalion, the band-a flash of purple and gold-and watched them as they played and marched together. The sound of their music meant that "football', and f'hap- piness" were in the air, not a farewell to boys bound for wars where return was not likely or afleast uncertain. Back at school "Tarzan,s Revengef, a free moving picture, entertained the student body and pupils battled with their superiors for a longer lunch period. They wo-ng five minutes was added. At the end of the first campaign, the Eighth Grades led the honor list. Beauty, also, has its place in our conquest. Lydia Moore proved to be a worthwhile investment. Her public made her Queen of The Carnival. Voting did not stop with a queen. For several weeks everybody was as interested in the Hrst "Third Term Candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt," a cripple, and in the "Wall Street Lawyer, Wendell Willkie," as if they themselves were to decide the fate of the nation on November 5, 194-1. The black clouds that brought rain on November 11, 194-1, kept the student body from marching in the Armistice Day Parade, sponsored by the American Legion. Still foremost in the thoughts of everyone was "Cod Bless Americaf, ASCAP did not yet have the power to keep the patriotic songs off of the air. ln the midst of the defense programs that carried many fathers, brothers, relatives and friends to camp, everyone prayed that somehow President Roosevelt could keep the United States out of war. "Mose,7, one of the janitors, carried the love of mankind even farther and wrote a song g'God Bless the World." Juniors-the class of '42-ordered rings to distinguish them as students that were at least able to say, "Our success in this quest for knowledge will be recognized next yearf, The student leaders, meeting in the high school cafeteria, not a bomb cellar, had a banquet and a love feast. To them "all was right with the world." Governor Hoey again proclaimed the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving. President Roose- velt has chosen the preceding one. Since ours was a democratic country, we did not obey our leader. However, many people in the city of Raleigh took two days-the Federal and State-to give thanks for their many blessings. Posters, advertising the sale of Tuberculosis Seals, appeared on the bulletins around our building. Each homeroom undertook to aid in the fight of the great white plague and again the students of Broughton came through on top. The Christmas spirit of love for our fellow manAthe spirit of love and sympathy for those less fortunate than wefushered in the pre-holiday season. Every homeroom, either alone or with another, took a "Christmas Opportunity." Clothes, food of all kinds, toys, and many other things to add to the happiness of the members of the "Opportunity" families were collected by the students and distributed by the Grade Mothers. Then followed the Christmas program in the auditorium. The carols of the Yuletide Season, which the Glee Club sang, were a little dearer to everyone than they had ever been before as they saw the ever-new story of the Birth of Jesus, The Saviour of the World, portrayed in shadow pictures. As the language classes presented the story of Christmas in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, stu- dents' minds went to the present conditions of these lands. The questions arose, could there be a feast of the Saturnalia in Ernest Hemingway's Spain, NFor Whom the Bell Tollsw? Could there be a Christ- mas tree in Hitler's "Mein Kampn? in ,lan Valtin's "Out of the Night"? in Ethel Vanve's "Escape Could there be f'Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men"? Could there be "Joy to the Worlrlv? For Christmas 1940, the students had much for which to be thankful. wg The bells of 1941 rang loud and long. J. Melville Broughton, the father of three Broughton students, two former, one present, was inaugurated as Governor of the State of North Carolina. A Ball followed in the Memorial Auditorium. Girls from our school were selected as sponsorsg boys, as marshals. Not one boy appeared in a war uniform. However, not many miles away, a camp, known as Fort Bragg, was fast becoming one of the biggest Military Training Posts in the United States. After all the teachers were becoming dictators, or were they? Examinations were at hand. Assign- ments that seemed too difficult and impossible were forced upon the Broughton students. The students took the commands in their stride. "They conquered." Girls again settled down to their knitting. lt was dolie everywhere and was of every kind. Some were knitting for the Red Crossg others were knitting sweaters or socks to be worn for a special occasion a few weeks hence. The Seniors chose the outstanding members of their class4the superlatives. "The March of Dimes" and cupid with a big Red Heart again played havoc with the week's allowance. ' The roaming fever struck Broughton with full force. Students represented the school in Atlantic City, New York, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Fort Bragg, Goldsboro, Washington, Greenville, and Wake Forest. Every time they brought back good reports. Broughton measured up in the Hght to get under- standing as well as knowledge. 'a On every side war was a timely subject. Broughton's debating team fought over the question of compulsory military training, Congress decided that the United States should give all aid short-of-war to Great Britain. The factories of our country were booming with defense orders, yet every day the papers were filled with stories of strikes. The Greeks fought a losing battle wilh the Germans. News flashes, radio speeches, and newspapers brought the war ever closer to us. Students were glad when Spring arrived in its full force at Easter time. Boys wrote on the board, "ln the spring a young manis fancy lightly turns to thoughts of baseball." Attendance fell off at Broughton. An enemy, too small for the naked eye, invaded our camp and took many students un- awares. Yellow quarantine signs, MEASLES or CHICKEN POX, or MUMPS were posted on some house on nearly every street of Raleigh. One sign even found its way to a classroom door. While stu- dents continued to conquer mathematics, many were forced to bow before one of these enemies and take a few days off. May found the school Senior conscious. Everything was for the Seniors, even the Juniors entertained them. They gave a playg they were measured for cans and gownsg they listened to vocational speakers with a little keener interest than the rest of their fellow studentsg they had class meeting after class meeting. They argued. They celebrated. They were to receive their diplomas. They were to graduate. They had won what they set out to do. They were to go out on a new battlefield, the Battlefield of Life. They were to help make the world safe for democracy. LAURA HELEN PASCHAL. "lines that lltllif' ever kick you?" the young oflit-er asked the Negro mule driver. '6No, suh,', was the reply, Hhe ain'l yet, lint he frequently kicks de place whar 1 recently was . p X x K el 5 S S" iv' -5. V Q . f ZZ .Wi lf l X4 I 1 x x. ' k Your ELECTRIC SERVICE Company Operating a large business and successfully serving a large num- ber of patrons requires a highly trained and thoroughly competent organization. Such a group can- not he Created overnifrht-it takes .. f D -'MQIQLQ-ffzjgl. 1 lL. a long period of years. The affairs of our company are handled by that kind of an organization . . . experienced employees under the direction of seasoned executives. This statement is supported by the fact that our em- . I. . Q" ployees have been with us an average of over IX 1 , . 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HUDSON-BELK CO M ss Penny: "Children, there will he onlv a hall-mlav of sclmul this mi l 1 l lx tl Wl 1 l ll yDidenmver in mac sea :M iomuee. 'urraylw Nl s Penny: 4'5il0m'e- -wi-'ll have the other half this afternoon." 11 111-lgllt ui i1ml1sl1111'sQ lr ll 111111111 gurl llII'lHIlg Ll mlvaf 1-ur tu u lvlmml 111116, CONGRATULATIONS from Lynnvs Service Station DEALER IN ATLANTIC PRIDDUCTS 223 West Morgan Street DIAL 4841 1111 IJ 11 1 1 ly 1 111 111 111 B11 ll 11 ll ll 1 Charles B.: SLWIIHE would you say to a girl WI sIIe's frightened?" lillgene W.: "Ill say 'BOOT' s so ne vous she jumps into the nearest man's arms GAS IS YOUR TOLEDO SCALES QUICK- RETAIL and INDUSTRIAL CLEAN- u. S. SLICERS, ENTERPRISE ECONOMICAL- CHOPPERS, COFFEE MILLS SERVANT SALES and SERVICE THE RALEIGH GAS CO. P. E. YOUNG, Manager NlAIlTlfU9S, IFUC. 305 Fayetteville Street SMART APPAREL for Men and Young Men. RALEIGH NASH CO. AEII-Il 324' South Salisbury Street Raleigh, North Carolina DIAL 4449 North Carolina Equipment Company Road Machinery 2 Construction Equipment Contractors Supplies RALEIGH, N. C. Dial 8836 STATESVILLE, N. C. Phone 34 SAY BAIVIBY BREAD ROYAL BAKING COMPANY RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Policeman flo drunk crawling around lamp posll : HWIIHI are you looking for?" Drunk: "A quarter I lost." Policeman: g'WIIere did you lose it?" 'J' k' 'SAI ou blork I ok l' liun. J ta , Ja.. Policeman: I'Well, why Lltbll-I you look for it hack there?', Drunk: "TIN-I'e's no light hack tlierefi Bohhy M. Cat almond uounterl: LLWIIIIJ attends to the nuts?" Clerk: "Be patient. I'Il wuit on yan in a rninutel W. H. KING DRUG COMPANY WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS RALEIGH, N. C. Manufacturers of COUNCIL,S MARKET Fresh and Cured On Il. S. Nu. 1 Rulvlglt, N. f.. Opposite State Cullege Welcome to the COLLEGE GRILL MEATS 2410 IIILLSISURO STREET Free Delivery Try Qu,- DIAL 6272 Delicious Western Steaks City Market : Stalls ll and 12 YOU CALLDIAL 2-BEE DELIVER DAVID I. FORT, Agent FIRE : TORNADO AUTOMOBILE and Other Lines of Insurance 103 Security National Bank Building RALEIC H, N. C. Office Phones: 7565 and 7566 Residence 5728 Compliments of H ERBERT ROSENTHAL I29 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, N. C. DIAL 7329 Grandmother: 5'There are two wurtls I wish vnu wuultln't use. They art- rotten' and 'lousy' Susie Q.: NAII right, Gran. Wltat are the morris?" Noi Bill: "Have you seen one of those instrumen ich can tell when a man is lying?" Hank: "Seen one? I married one!" BROGDEN 1881-1941 P R O D U C E Sixty Years of Service C O M P A N Y HARDWARE - PAINTS O SEEDS - PLANTS FARM IMPLEMENTS WHOLESALE FRUITS ' PRODUCE JOB P. WYATT ' and SONS CO. RALEIGH RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of LAZABUS STOBE Home of Fine MERCHANDISE 217 South Wfllllllllglflll Street When You Want the Very Best Goods at the Lowest Possible Price COME TO OUR STORE Satisfaction Guaranteed G. 5' S. DEPT. STORE I0 E. Hargett St. 208-210 Wilmington St. For the Best in Staples Compliments of and I For the Freshest in Meats J E A N S The Shop of Individuality Patronize EDWARDS GROCERY 118 Fayetteville Street DIAL 4635 Voice fon stagel : 'iRome0, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" ce ffrom afarl : 'Tm in the balcony-it's cheape rss What did the termite say to the bartender? "Beat me daddy, I ate the liar." I37 South Salisbury Street GIFT Raleigh, N. C. 30 Years Successful Experience WE HAUL for the A 6' P STORES WHO SELL FOR LESS CROWDER TRANSPORT CO., Inc. Raleigh, N. C. Compliments of ECONOMY DRY CLEANERS DEPENDABLE SERVICE 103 East Morgan Street DIAL 7538 BIEMANN Er ROWELL HEATING AND PLUMBING CONTRACTORS DIAL 5927 40I West Martin Street It is a problem knowing what to give the young graduate. Why not a gift that will grow with the years? Inquire about the plans created for young people by the Metropolitan. Their features will appeal to you and lo the young graduates. CLYDE A. MASSEY Assistant Manager 906-9 Raleigh Building Office 8687 Residence 2-II98 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Hilah White: '4Rosalie, have you heard this new joke?,' Rosalie: "If it is bad, I have, but if it isn't bad, I haven't." Carl Sapp: "Since I met you I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't drink." Shirley Myatt lcoylylz "Why n0t?,' Carl Sapp: "lim broke." Dairy Products PASTEURIZED MILK BUTTER : EGGS BlRELEY'S ORANGEADE TAYLOR'S The Showplace of the Carolinas SHOULD BE YOUR 'Ce Cream SHOPPING AND at MEETING BETTER DRUG STORES and SODA FOUNTAINS This Good Store Strives to Please in Clothing, Novelties, Price, Pl N E and Service. CREAMERY , Glenwood Avenue Dial 2-3911 S Martin Millwork Company WOODWORK OF ALL KINDS 200 Harrison Avenue Dial 4024 nlf Ifs Woodwork, We Can Do If, STUDENT JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS You are assured of QUALITY STYLE and VALUE If it comes from ' I INC J ELU ELE RS-SILVERSITIITHS RALElGH.N.C. Expert Wafch Repairing Daphne: "All men are fools." Courtney: "Yes, dear. We were made fools so y girls wouldn'l be old maids." What did the chocolate soda say when it heart "I hear a rap-sodyf' fllirmrs, Plate Table Tops 'md 'md Watches : Diamonds Ifznrfozt' Glass Auto Class Raleigh Glass R Mirror Co. 110 West Davie Street RALEIGH, N. C. C. L. Ilicuiziz PHONE 8732 All Kind Jewelry and Luggage Raleigh Loan Uffice 223 South Wilmington Street RALEIGH, N. C. I a knock at the floor? RAWLS MOTOR CO. Headquarters for PLYMOUTll and DESOT0 Best Place To Buy New and Used Cars Strop Taxi OLDEST and MOST RELIABLE if D I A L 5 81 I A ALWAYS READY We Sell, Service and Install MIDLAND POWER BRAKES "Any Repair To Any Car" DIAL 8379 YATES AUTO SERVICE 24 HOUR SERVICE GMC Person an TRUCKS Davie Street What is the case of wasted energy? Telling a hair raising story to a bald-headed Joe: Miss Ellington, climl you ever hear u rabhit lnarlx? Miss Ellington: RHl5illlS ilu not hark. ,loc Jov: This lnolugy hook IS wrong ilu-n. It says that "ral.1lmiis eat 1-alllmagv anal lmarkf' Nash-Steele Motor Co. Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Service 423 S. Wilmington -Street Dial 5571 Raleigh, N. C. WATSON'S 0YSTER BAR '60ysters Any Stylev Corner Jones and West Streets DIAL 9176 CARTER ELECTRIC CO. Everything Electrical Conzplinlcnts of Raleigh Orange Crush Bottling Company Dial 2-084lM wk You Plmne fur Us-We 11 fre fur You I Y 221 East Davie Street 424 South Dawson Street, . RALEIGH, N. C. R0le'9l1, N- C- Compliments of Compliments WRIGHT'S of CLOTIIING STORE ul' W. T. GRANT 127 Fayetteville Street FINEST QUALITY LARGEST VARIETY GREATEST ECONOMY See at Least One Good Show Every Week and of Course at the if AMBASSADOR BIG STAR STATE in PALACE RALEIGH, Ni CQ THEATRE Carl Sapp: Sir, I want your nlaughlcr for my wife. Father: You go home and tell your wife that she calf! have my iluuglilur. int to Speakers: "lf you tIon't strike ni l in the first tu t mu d better Atop Im The Honeycutt Fruit and Produce Co. WHOLESALE ONLY A Complete Line of Fruits and Vegetables Bananas 0 Specially Halifax and Lane Streets PHONE 5817 RALEIGH, N. C. .Wake Sure Your Laundry is in the Hands of SANITARY LAUNDRY CLEANERS AND DYERS, Inc. DIAL 4624 WHITE DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. 'A' There IS Q Difference H0011-MODEL DRY CLEANING C0. Delivery Anywhere in City Dial 2-3015 Main Ollice: 13 S. Wilmingtimn Street Plant: 606 N. Person Street SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Compliments PAI NTS, gf GILBERT PAINT H EADQUARTERS WA R E E N IS 15 East Martin Street DIAL 9521 CUSTOM CLUTHES Individually Designed to Suit Your Compliments of SMITH DAIRY ,,e,s,,,w,i,y PRODUCTS co. By Dial z-0351 SNAKENBERGSS Pool Road Lf Insurance Man: Iluw about a straight Iii' policy? M Brown: Well, III like to step t once in a while. Paul C: Do you know a man clown your day ssi ,lean T: Well, l'1n not sure. Whats the name o 1 Ill one leg named Wilson? f Ile other leg? Bowl for Health ManMur Bowling Center Call for Reservations 2510 Hillsboro Dial 2-3533 Compliments of WAKE CAFE Congratulations from your Oldsmobile and Cadillac Dealer 'A' WILSON UZZLE, INC. Opposite Professional Building SMITH SERVICE STATION EXIDE BATTERIES PUROL PEP PRODUCTS CHAS. W. SMITH, Prop, Congratulations to the Compliments of G"""""eS CITY SANDWICH STATE DEPARTMENT Snnp RESTAURANT ' All Kinds of Dm' 5181 SANDWICHES : DRINKS l23 North Salisbury Street and BARBECUE Visi' Warren's Cafeteria THE MANHATTAN Air Conditioned LUNCH Open All the Time 525 Hillsboro Street C U R B S E R V I C E Special 25C Plate Daily Open Sundays Miss Nelson: Can you type? Penn Hobbs: Yes mH.lll. I use the llolumllus sy I ni Miss Nelson: What's that? Pem: I discover a key, then land on it. 'roud Xlotlierz Yes. Shirley is taking l'1l't"I1l'll amrl ivtulllllll NI ginnl mm I III Nl rnes in gemm-try, darling. lllllliGEL'S Feminine Apparel l24 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, N. C. Oak City Laundry 4-36 Suulli Salisliury Slreet TRICLENE ODORLESS DRY CLEANING Hats Cleaned and Blocked Rugs Shampooed Phone 4478 Compliments of TERMINIX COINIPANY BONDED TEBMITE INSULATION 333 FAYETTEVILLE STREET RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA The TOWN HOUSE CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH Compliments of PERSON STREET STEAKS BARBECUE t Soxlfl Fountain - Curb Service 2510 Hillsboro Street OIU North Person Street DIAL 2-0732 DIAL 57:54 0DDITY BEAUTY Sll0P Operated by Mus. J. A. CIIMLR1' IVIANICURES PERMANENT WAVES and Other Beauty Services DIAL 4154 Odd Fellows Building The Toddle House "Home of the World's Best Hamburger" Steaks and Ice Box Pies 603 Hillsboro Street Dial 9526 lunes: I certainly do miss Brown. Fino fellow---lie ue-ed In l,lll'UWN' lIimsell with such vigm I c erything he Iindertmik. What happenea Smith: He undertook to dig a well. l Io llllll? Y T atlierz Who broke that chair in the parlor last eiening? rances: ll just collapsed all of a sudden, lallier, luul ni-itlier of us was liurt. SAINT MIIRY'S SCHOOL AND IUNIUR CUILEGE MRS. ERNEST CRUIKSHANK, A.M., President RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA High school graduates are offered two years of Grade A College Work. The Curriculum also includes IOth, llth, and I2th grades of High School work. All Academic Courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. EXCELLENT COURSES IN ART, BUSINESS, EXPRESSION, HOME ECONOMICS, AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS With Tuition Included in General Charge. Twenty-acre Campus - Field Sports - Gymnasium - Tennis Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool - Horseback Riding - Golf Annual Sessions-Mid September to June Provide Thirty-five Weeks of Classroom Work WRITE A. W. TUCKER, Business Manager for Catalogue and View Book CO GRATULATIO Market Service Station 228 East Martin Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA A Broughton IGHCIIPIYLI man-- complaim-'rl lo the rluctor that his liair was C,l out. MW 1 give me z-somethin to keen it in?" lie begrerl. Q l I- S ako thief' the doctor said kindly, and he hand:-Il tlir- le3l'llC1' a pill lrox. Lh arlz-s Houlclerz ll is u gxrvat mlny lor the- ravi' Billy Kohn: What race? Charles H: The human race ANIBULANCE! DIAL...8328 MITCHELL FUNERAL HOME 222 W. HARGETT STREET HARLOWE W. MIMS, Manager WRALEIGIPS FOREMOST', -DAMS air TERR REAL ESTATE 210 SOITH SALISBUIY STREET DIAL 2-33727 RALICIGH, NORTH CAROLINA RALEIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE An Accredited School of Stenotypy Train, Slcnotype Secretaries. Steno- lypc Court and Convention Report- ers. Macliine liookkct-per-Typisls, and Conmplorneter and Mime-ograph Operators. Only experienced. college-'traim-tl in- Arrnn-lors. IAIIPNI ollice n1:u'liinvs and tlevim-s for training. Uruullxailm-s uni- 'c ' I' 'nr '--" ' rd 1 0-11 Ll i Iliilly fum y s ussful .il o . 9 n 1 partx of tho ITnitwl Status. Low rates. liirlx' lborinitory in exvlnxive rvsiden- tml M-mation. Iunroll any time in this g to inollm-rn M-hool whim-Ii offvrs lrninin rnvvt thi- tl:-nrnndx of pn-st-iii-ilziy huxi- nem 4-ttis-in-1:1141rziining' that brings rexultm. Tvlvpliolzc, II"riti', I'1'sfI THE RALEIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE II6 I-2 S. Salisbury Street Dial 99l6 Pine State Building RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Nlr. fllr. Heirlz Mr. xIl'lil'21Clit'Il. who was Illlll lady I saw yollqwith lust night? iNlcCrat'lu-nz Thai wasrft any lady. That was my wilv. R. E.: What did the little school say to the big school? Bohhy O.: lli-school. MEREDITH COLLEGE Accredited Liberal Arts College for Women l. Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools H9213 2. American Association of University Women f1923j fl. Association of American Universities lQ1928j PROGRESSIVE educational program in terms of' personality development. Distinguished record of student honors and achievement. Iflnfective honor system. Excellent library facilities. Special advantages in art, music, speech arts, home economics. Provision for supervised teaching in lialeigh schools. AT'I'HACTlVIf location in Raleigh, Nthe educational center of the Statef, Beautiful cam us of 182 acres. lVIodern fire Jroof dormitories, with .Ps n I I - I generous provision for social activities. REASONABLE rates--H6450 for the year Wrile for catalogue and other information CARLYLE CAMPBELL, President : Raleigh, N. C. SMART 1 ALERT : DEPENDABLE McLEOD 8: WATSON 1941 FORD V-8 Tl H f SANDERS MOTOR CO' HART SCHAFFOHIERO st MARX SERWCE Z FORD I SALES CLOTHES 1 STETSON HATS Corner Iilount and Davie Streets MANHATTAN and WILSON R'TTl'If"!fIN- C' BROTHERS FURNISHINGS J , '-1351 MISS HARDBARGER'S SECRETARIAL and BUSINESS SCHOOL Intensive and Practical Business Training HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES HAHDBARGER BUILDING TELEPHONE 2-0628 Helena: You look awful unhappy today. Marion: I caught my hoy friend flirting. Helena: Well. how do you think I caught Billy? Tom B: Are you the llronp from the troop? Bill Dozier: No, I'm the champ from the camp. PE CE JUNIOR COLLEGE RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA For the Education and Culture of Young Women I. JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK a. Two Year Standard College Courses Which Permit Entrance to Junior Class in All Our Leading Colleges and Universities b. Two Year General College Courses c. Two Year Courses with Home Economics Electives ll. COMMERCE AND SECRETARIAL COURSES a. One Year Commercial Course-Gregg System b. Two Year Commercial Course-Gregg System III. SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL COURSES IN ART, EXPRES- SION, PIANO, VOICE, AND VIOLIN An invitation is extended to all Morson and Broughton girl graduates to investigate Peace before making their plans to attend college. We have adequate facilities for their comfort at Peace and our large number of Raleigh girls in attendance from year to year is a source of pride to us. For Literature Address WILLIAM C. PRESSLY, President PEACE JUNIOR COLLEGE RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 4 lfirst Student: What is hay? Ser-ond Student: It is what we feed the horses at home, and what w at in the cafeter BUILDERS ISIONS created by the lmagmation precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment T e ability to weave the threads of imagi n ilion into the hm-,hed fabric is equally important It has been the privilege of the LlJWAlKDb Si Bnoucuioiv QOMI ANY to co operate with the staff in creating their vision lnlo material form Such cooperation ' one of l visions which precede the building, of a successful business, and is a part of 1he'wo1-king policy of the EDWARDS Sz Bir0UcH'1'oN COMIANY. To those Staffs desiring complete co- operation, we offer unexcelled service. You too, may be proud of your annual. Correspondence is Invited EDWARDS Sz BROUGHTON CO. RALEIGH, NORTH cAnor.INA A ' , , V ' . , tb,-. , Wy,i51L:,zZf? MFM H621 W sh L04?ff ' Mpff izfyy ' i , A , 6 + U .f U, W, t .,, X k Q 1 . nwuwlw QWfW I 'Q 1 ' , 1 I J My 7 .1 ?'j xgffl , ,f Y. j My.: I 'vghmjjfxxf W ,1 , AUTOGRAPHS ?74?40'j"1f" , J .J Ja, iz , "1f QM:. f1 ,w fffm .1 M wza Mwjw 4, Q M Wldrevv fx ' Z I XSTXS ' ' UWM! ' ' ' 44vf 6Wv A 14- QVf'34".gE- 'ig A ff U ,P Cfqff! r' ' ' -"'. " 1 ' ' . ' ' ' A ' ' ' 'f 'A - - ' , A 7. 2,5 f ?-Wm 410,64 I Q E!FwH,5 Af,i+-P 92fWf'Mi,2Zy 9bJ,?,3 'fgvufff ygffwyfiff 5-WW Wg? Zfzjwjifnfyfg 4 Q 'f fb " W . ,Qggg , A Q . , - ' , f A 7 l b - -4Q , f 1, . L , Q . f V ' ', 4 f. 3j'f7?g ?iTf , ff f flax xQ M -7 MW, Q KW QW MW , M0 QR .AW??f wU Wwfaff, Q 4 Wffiflhpf-C WW 'L - A , , , . , , . , I , 'X6,,.Qaf . . ,y,,,,4:,1zea,1. .. , , 1 ..,.L,4 ., , ,E ,W ,l,1ge9p-,-,Qg,,u, A i 1,53 Q , W 2 - ,QQ , ii. M YA N6 5 4 1 2512, .wiigw ,

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