Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC)

 - Class of 1939

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Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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N J WN 5 , 'ff f ' A fz l lgf ' flag ' ' I 53? The latina: SARAH Lbclm I'IARDISON, Editor . GIZORGE WILLIAL-1s XV0li'FII, Busivzess Dlzmager GEOIQGIA KIRIil2ATRICli, Aclzfiser B !N,.i fffww S fp U55 1 ll 1939 X any-3' .X latina: Q.. Vi- Baleigb, ganrth Qllarulina, 39' a o ' 'Y' 1.41.- - 3 x--L-w. 1 - -.5 . "Ln-x4 '.,- A .24 . ' f if 771. :ff ' 1 1 2 .f . ,' ' ,' . ,- 1 Qin N Y'-'r .- , . ,f ff ff - . X .91 . . ' Diff ,f 5- ' - fm -11' Zf NX 1 as I , ...if l J in if . '1 Vx! X K .Q ' S, ' . X 1,2 1' iff 'l N 'jgff 'g Q x - '1.'.f J' 4 3 - 5 C L f' NX vm - 1 ..,-- .. ,f--x.. lg XS- ffm ,QL ' .,, ff:-B' ,fx x . .fggg-' ,... . -...xx ,gf K if Q Ligr fi, ,f ,Maw R 4' Y X' 'h U HMT Q I:-Mn K J xv' ., . , K 'ya Vik N I il ik H J' . 1 ali f "' Ai. ,N . -fx ! 2 AV-M-... I JP v-M ' ,. lj, . , '!'.Y A ff' . I fi "r X lp' 513' L"' 'X V 51 f . f ff' - .ff fr ' ' - . i . 4. Af A ij 2 M" 5 Vx 3' g X. I . V . KJ , . . .XWMJ-Y: H-dm-igxght is 1 .nv If wg 'V I X6 f 'J .4 f 'IJ . I 51,13 r. 'TX iff j' Xt -ff. I ,N W . 2' V' 'GP' H V!! ' x. rf.. - 4- H. !. if flffi? Q 5 w N s . z N . ,. X2 X XXX gy fx!! W X yi N Q' T ff j V -CN. em 'X C RORTOW 'W W whag.-."fg.,,.g,3 g3:.wff 5Evz"2wim ,q an wvfve,e:?w:- vY "' 2' ihqzuf J- .fr-yi ,yvapv ,fl 9115 gg' M iff? JE ' ' .K 'rwib M vw 14 f " fffi s., 'F 3' '1 ii 42. ohv 1 sehbam E Ernugbtnn Engb 5:5001 en ilaunhteh anh Zlfblrtp nuns 'xml K ' f If g I x H X '- "Z 5 . X 4 U ' I ft 1 fl ' I K f ' -'Q . . 1 Q H. j l A . xg V. . . at . v 1 x 3 .- 1 YI - , ' .IX al N . 'z , . 1 Vu, HW .H R - I , 1, 'X ,5.,.,- ...PV Y b .x F , E 3 ' Q.: . , -5 . 1 . . 1 Q KJ! j ' Ni ffl? 2 . ' 1 . . . YJ 2 . 4 f A . v Q ' V .L J- vm - I f- '. 1'T' x7!'sx',:i'1'Z .. X if X I .. 'MU . jAV,nlW "1,.A5,, ' Y E". 'Ee .531 1' fl - -ff "- f " ' ':if"'Ei ,ff-7 WT?m3c"ifh W 1- Q., f' . , .:.4jQ',.-- QQ." 'Eff --,Qi-'j:1i"""' E , i Eh X " . 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This was the grail, the living light that leapt- Speak gently, gently on these muted tongueless shores." C0WUllW10RA'1'I0N of the LOST COLONY, by Paul Green wi ho clipped his pen into the soul of America and created at living nionunient to the Genesis of our state and nation-we present this, our 1939 LA l IPAC 'l'1-1 iam-1 nrfNn1cif:n Axim l"l,l4"1'Y years ago in England was conceived the idea of building a new nation in a new world, and on this very site was laid the first foundation for it. Here these pioneers of a new order, of a new forin of governnient lived and struggled, suflerecl and died. And in the symbol of their endurance and their sacrifice let us renew our courage and our hope, and by doing so prove to ourselves and to the world that they did not die in vain. For as we keep faith with them, so shall we keep faith with ourselves and with future generations who demand of us that a nation of liberty and free nien shall continue on the earthf, E71 8 PALTI, GREEN 11 voice of our age-the truth of 117lZBTiCl1f7L literature-that rises from the depth of a close association with life, in a soaring Crescendo to the stars. 4.1 Mark' X. t fr' Q -..,-2 5 -XM , u, K 3 XX I X f Av , . m.. . 524 'N ' 47 75 fir UW 1 w L V pf 1' IW' xg, V ,j XX X xxx. X Vx 71 coynigfc-.G E: Aghigklx 5 Et., -. Rx Ywxff k" -F W DQSQTE 5 1 'Y 1"f1,1kpnfN' iqxfi . ff, , Sk ,.fN P . KN Rf x' X K Q 'S' 2 if! WS A -. f X NX 1' H - ' as - v' -' Q if 78 ki- 1 5 ff? -X 15 cyzsw' c fx- fu, f ffm! jf ' Q iff 5? 'A X if E555 YB 5 xx ,-K N I cgi. sul:-1,fl'q'f' ,gif A A Q i-1 1 X -.Q-wg f f wzzf -xp 5 , W N111 J. lp ,f V K K "'-236470 j 5 I I .K Q V 1 X - V ik X, ., I 3 .1" ' X' -L I. l sv 6 -., ! G I v A . I A s V W, . 5 ,-.' I 1 ., , ik f,'Af1 af ,, if "1 5 VS p , 'x-" --1' . ' ' ,f ' - I , V --lin.. N... -H'-1 5-he ,,-:-- Ji it , .ll - ' , -K Y ' S14 .4 Q- ' 4 f h ' Q, g' I -W ' f A N ...f 77' " r? L ,swan WM' , g 051 ,,, ' 1 E Q 5 -I X Xxx 1 f lv -U 5 ff- wk :jx ,,.' .ij 3,5 , QR Q., 5 " f " 1 ' 1' ' M L u 1 . ix ff' :Q 1 ' 'Q Q 5 4. fe Xxx ff fl is . A 15:-M fj f E ti J Toxllni , V M J W J 'aflfi'-mrlag-gjgff .-. H-A ' - ,I ,, am., ,.,. , .. - " 'j - 'r -f, , -.,,.,.,.. , .1 I ' x ,,Qj5f'57?E ,:J:cgpp7g,,,,-if-gh---f. X - . l , - ifwf ' .1..g::l:g'2:'.,. , " - , 0 - -egfm . A3 -'.QCSs3J'.f , , 1, ...f Vrrdesuyigl . , v .4 If Q Z L, " -.,,7.,:..,,.f:gy,1g.,,15g.. , Y ' ' Z , " ' ffwse- 41-fl-sap-'-:w+g.7gg,91'wS::t W' "M - ' If f - ff' Qhministratinn Conscious of the great worth of our loyal servuvzz-t, Sir Wfalter Raleigh, and of all those bwwe and clzwiozg subjects who crossed the vwzkuown sea' to spread the mmzc mul conquest of En-glmul farther, I accept this defy the tokens of their loyalty and S6'l"Ui-CC. Ami I clo de.s'igmate and order that from this time forth the view 'ZOL?St6'?"7'l' empire shall be vumzecl 'Vfirginiaa in honor of myself, Euglecmdk virgin queenf, Mn. CLAUDE F. fl'A'DDY B.A., VVake Forest Colloge 1NI.A., University of North Czxroliuu Superintcndeont Raleigh City Schools Ill! 1 92: ii 1 "" . MR. 1,AUL A. REID U 1 I121 B.A., M.A., University of North Czlrolina Prfiozycipal 1' ing SCHOOL BOARD Du. A. C. CAh'II'BICI.L Mu. Lmnov INIARTIN Du. V. M. HICKS MRS. C. F. IHCCRARY MAJ. VV. F. Moom' Unplzvfngraphcfl: MRS. YV. B. ff , Y, , 1, ..1v.!,1fv.:5'a,I , , ' ., , .. 4 BIAYOR KQIKAIIAM II. ANDlmws C'lmir1nrm, Em UMNO IXYCOCK I' Lg A s BS Q 'fi fs? F - 'h- ' 3 ' ' Mn. JACK IERYANT 13u.vil1rs.s' lW1fNlvlLgf'7' E131 FAC LT Bliss GEOIIKEIA K1miPA'x'1ucI Dean of Studfnts B.A., Womanfs College U.N.C E11gllSll-1?l'CIlCll LATIPAC Adviser ,Mns. W. N. HICICS Dircfcfor of Guidance B.A., Coker Collclrcg lNl.A., Col umlmia U' Social Science .- . . . ENoL1sH4Foxn1:io N I,ANouAGr:s Meeting in the professional library the members of the English and foreign language Meeting in the professional library the members of the English and foreign of activity. Mus. CHARLES CQLENN, B.A., Guilford Collcgcg Iinglislz.. Miss LAURA I'IELl+IN PASCIIAL, B.A., M.A., WVz1ke Forest College, Englishg Biology, .f1s.s'istant Aflz:i.s-cr, Science Club, 11d'UiSf'7', Public Speaking. Miss ciEORGIA KIlllil'A'1'IlICli, B.A., WO!l1ll1l,S College, University of North Curolinag English, French, .f1clvisr'r, Senior French Club, Allvisw, I1A'1'IPACQ Demi of Siudents. Miss BIELISSA S'rno'rI-mn, B.A., Duke University, Latin, Azlzziser, Latin Club. Miss JANE B1cA'r'rY, B.S., Pcabodyg M.A., Columbia Universityg English, J0'll7'71-Ill' ismg i-lclvisrfr, "Ili-Zl'i1111'.v"j .'ldvi.w'r, Girls' Literary Society. Mus. A. C. LIALL, B.A., Oberlin Collegcg Gzfrfnzang English, Arlvi.s'er, Gerinan Clubg Arlzfisz-r, Student Council. Mus. O. K. .l0YN1cn, B.A., East Earolinn Tcuchcrs Collegeg English., Dmmzzticsg ,-lrlvisw, Little Theater. Mn. DEWEY E. S'rAnNics, B,A., Lenoir-Rhyncg Frcnchg Spanish, Business Zllanager, Athletics, Arlvixrr, Junior French Club, .A1rl7Ji.v1'r, Spanish Club. Mus. CQRAHAM PONDEII, B.A., VVoinan's College, University of North Curolinag ,'1rI1Jiser, Tenth Gruclcg Advisw, Junior Drnmatics Club, rlssistant Adviser, Girl Reserves. Left to right: Mrs. Charles Glenn, Miss Laura Helen Paschal, Miss Georgia Kirkpatrick, Miss Melissa. Strothcr, Miss June Beatty, Mrs. A. C. Hall, Mrs. 0. K. Joyner, Mr. Dewey E. Sturncs, Mrs. Gl'?ll1H,m Ponder. zfzlfw , Myjf fi W SCIliN'Cl'I--'M A'r1ir:1x1A'ri es-CA i'nT1c1u,x The science and l1'1i1i'JllCIJl1ll2iCS teachers gather in the biology laboratory to examine student notebooks and exchange ideas. Mn. M. B. STEPHENS, B.A., lVake Forestg fllathem.atics. Miss IJUCYE I'IAZLEXVO0D, B.A., Randolph-Macong M.A., Duke Universityg Blathe- maticsg Adviser, Standards Committee of Student Council. Miss ELLA MCDEARMAN, B.A., WOHIHIISS College of University of North Caro- linag M.A., University of North Carolinag Chcmi.s'try-Phlysics,g AcI'0i.s'z'r, Science Clubg zldzziser, Senior Class. Miss LIARY OLIVER ELLINGTON, B.S., Farmville State Teachers Collegeg Diploma, Peace Junior Collegcg Biology, fldriisefr, Science Cluhg A.s'.s-istemt Aclviser, Girl Reserves. Ins. J. C. Roo'r, B.A., Duke Universityg Gzfnrfral Science, flssistant .f1rl''r, Science Club. Miss ANNIE SMAW, B.S., North Carolina State Collegeg Dflathmnzztics. Mn. DAVID L. Cozmvr, Jn., B.A., Duke Universityg General Science-Saffftyg Super- visor, Central Banking System, Supervisor, Student Book Storey Adviser, Motion Picture Connnitteeg Adviser, Eighth Grade. Miss SUSAN Swn'r'r, B.S., W01Ddll,S Collegeg University of North C!l1'01illi1Q Ilia-nager, Cafeteria. Miss OMA Buss IJCXVIS, B.A., Duke Universityg Diploma, Louisburg Collegeg il'I!lthC7II!lfiCSj f1.s'sistmzt Aflvisrfr, Girl Reserves. Left to right, smfad: Mr. M. B. Stephens, Miss Lucyc- Hazlcwood, Miss Ella Mc- Dearxnan, Miss Mary Oliver Ellington, Mrs. J. C. Root, Miss Annie Slnaw. S'L1n1fli11g.' Mr. David Cozart, Miss Suzanne Swett, Miss Omar Bliss Lewis. . . L . V V I A ..,,.. we 1 I V-YV 4 lu, sv H.:-'i-12.41. f . ' A 1 5' V ig' ig! -ff' , A4-x ,.-.., -ff' .iraq .4 l Luft lo right: Mr. Frederick Stanley Smith, Miss Dorothy Phillips, Miss Mabel Kenyon, Miss Molly Mitchell, Miss Ruth Burdette, Mrs. B. B. Bray, Mr. T. VV. Freeman, Miss Mary Nelson. T N70CA'1'I0NS The vocational faculty pause in the teachers' room to rest 21, hit and talk things over uftcr a busy day. MR. FREDERICK S'rANLI1:Y SMITII, A.A.G.0., Lebanon Valley Collegeg Director lllusic, Rnlcigll Schools. MISS IDOROTHY PI-IILLIPS, B.A., Meredith Collegeg Ilome Economics. lNIIss LIABLE KENX'0N, B.Mns., Meredith Collegeg Dlusicg Assistant zlrlviscr, Girls' and Boys, Glee Clubs. hllss LIOLLY MI'rcI-IELL, B.S., WODlH1l,S Collcffc of University of North C2l1'Olil'12J.' Ifome Ecovzomics. 'O . 3 BIISS R,U'l'IfI BURDETTE, B.A., Catawba Collcgeg B.A., Bowling Green College of COUIIUCFCCQ Slmrthamlg 13'lISi'ILC.S'.S' .flrithmeticg BllI1klCFF1Ji7lIg. MRS. B. B. BRAY, B.S., BLA., Peabody Collegeg Ifealthg Physical Educationg Azlziiswr, Girls' Drill Tezung Arlviwr, Girls' Athletic Club. MR. T. VV. FREEMAN, B.A., Georgetown Collcgeg B.M.E.,, University of Kcntuckyg DIl?C1ll17I,iCflZ A 1't.s', Miss BIARY NDILSON, B.S., Meredith Collegeg Tgpefwitirzgg Slwrthmzrl. P' u.-.:s-.,. ,i,,,,,.- 4 . C Socmr. S011-:NCB--I ,imma Y The social science faculty make extensive use of the library, which has been greatly enlarged this year through the splendid cooperation of students and Parent- Teacher Association. Mus. N. G. FONVILLE, B.A., W0lD3l1,S College, University of North Carolina, Social Scicncej Arlviser, Girl Reserves. Miss HELEN RUNNION, B.A., Tusculumg M.A., Peabody College, Social Science, Arlviser, Boys' Literary Society. Miss MARY E. TUCKER, B.A., St. Mary's and Meredith College, B.A., L. S. Uni- versity of North Carolina, Librairiang flrlviser, Junior Class. Mu. JAMES Grzuow, B.S., State College, Diploma Charles Atlas School of Physical Cultureg Social Science, Physical Eclucationg Recreational Director, Coach, Boxingg Adviser, Hi-Yg Adv-i.scr, Ninth Grade. Mn. JOIIN Hovsm, B.A., University of North Carolinag ZVlaihematicsg Social Science, English, Coach, Swimming Teamg Adviser, Junior Hi-Y. Mn. R. T. CHZEGSON, B.S., VVake Forestg Social Science, Head Coach, Footballg Aflviser, Monogram Club. K Mus. W. N. HICKS, B.A., Coker College, M.A., Columbia University, Social Science, . Student Alclviser. KN 'X - ll? iq ,fi Udo! QMJJ .1 .J . K :W ff j f MX i '- Lcfl Io right: Mrs. N. G. Fonville, Miss Helen Runnion, Miss Mary Tucker, Mr. James A Gerow, Mr. John House, Mr. ltaylnond Gregson, Mrs. W. N. I-licks. .,.w ."--q5E'-- --. W 'J . Y gs .'.. . ff M gg Jgiikgs.. , 7? N51 Tx nl' ' . , ffl? H4 15 sie f ,V 1 : Q ' , ' ' 3 j359 f .1 g ff 1' 'M k' 4' , Agn 5 5 4 1- ' 4' - 22 . IE V' . gf' -L. I X r :I 5 .- 4,,l , , A'.3: .. . -A 1 . f . ' ' - .fx . gfaw- ,N1f"J I . 3 'Y 5 fi -Y 525 i - ' ff x. 'Sf 12 'V ' 1 1 .gg HE lg 1 T 1 1 :V H 3 ' ' ' , ' ff -' V3 H+' ' Q 2 2 - Q 1 rf A ,QM if Q 5 5 is K 5. ? e ' 3 3 i 3 . ' . f I' 3 U 5 2 i W 'Q-1, 5 Egg , i 1 5 f 5- 1 ' 5 .ff ix 5? SSA 55 1 72' 7? s ? 62- , . g 5 Zi. 9 5 E . 4 35 if 2 i .4 ' g i' X R J fiiifii T 1 "1 5 I . PQSFQ-'55 E 55 :iffifff 5' ' 1 A 212221 51 - Fi .sf Ts- - . '1li5f5fx'.f - . 1.1 'QQ Rf ,+A age ' , -f '11, :rx Y- Lg. v -X5 I 535 , V X1 . , 33,5-tizxgx 1. Q, '- XF" 'gif' ' ,351 - 1-.N 'MEff' Y-1' . 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I Y , 1 F f 5. M1 i5S"'?f'FW?'"V-iff''-'ff'fi?E2?EZ1g:a5?,gv1f: 7 , 3 ' ' " X X, X .2 if 'X .. fl I 1, 3' 1 i X Z H ' ,1 - V k V TA . , ' ' ' 'r Q. p. ' . ' V ' . V 1 ' 'V ' H- 1-Q1 '- 1 r ' J' ' D " - "'1 fM?LEaSasffnssi-141-111-:in-ffh 1 -. - .. ' ff' f qw ,FH .. .4 4 wi:-5-'M-' f'f ' 4:r'ii'25f,. , ' ,,-M-up .. - . .----1f:..xf'L-Q:V-lhv.,--51.1, ' -- f-. I---fvkfnfewvzwy b , ,f . WM -f -ef . ' .fzsfiay QL , , , V . A511 Y ' V 'I 31' , , v' 'X' .""' A, ' - ' , "'1?:'H- H, Q., . 'rf:5"4'1 1'-1 - f- fr! ' ' ' 73" A ' 'ff lf.. ..1Ife:Zvf'6f:.5i?5'?f2'i.7-?52m?2'if:m "?43JiH?,v2f35'i"'f 4. L - I X1 ' if A .:.--7 4' '- "H " , " 1,-1f-,-?i'4Z- - Q ' . gk A P .., . 1. 4 f .- 1 L V . x,m,,f.xf'5a:u1-5,--w- 11 4- '- " iz- ' 3: 'A . . ' '-----+,f,i ' ' -em, . '51, ' xg, L- ,.-v. A ,VMh,,:Fi,, - V.: A A 755.6 ,- , ,S . ,-..,,...-.-,4::::-57e.q..-"- -'gh xhih , r -W-L. 1 .t x ' ' t '1p.g.:35?f . . "F Y '.,, 1 ,- .,,-- V K' ' " I: I . .. .- ' - -' 6,3553 -T, "FE'25!?fT-1i'?1" ..:...,...z, V . -' 'fw:E"."E L-sm . . . -.... "s:1'i. 'gf M 4... .. , K..-rsitjggzjjlg-F..vfbikh-Li'hn?v:-ff.,-34.'H.,.,,,!GikgliY.'.i:i::h. A bw ..-. X J ,U .,.,f.n ,.ef.fnna-wigs' J P.:'Xi5?3i'1',,'f - '-2f.,:.T.:, z H 9 .V-f., fx 2 gl I 1 v -1--. . - - . ' , 1. L . gx ,V 0 . yy' , J .Z -bl , - 1+ ' A A Q at :x.r3,, N, ,. I .1 jikg-5-me 'V ' V ,MI 14,1 , ' ,, , , :,.'5'f"'A7L'L L I ,, - . 1-f -T-E125-,P --H?---pa-..f,.l.. .515 A, I .l , ..-,. ,. ..L.-,g,f. -FVJLN: ..,- .4 1 ,. 1 "3-2.321 .. , ' - ,Z ' - 2 ---vhs 'W L . . ' .1 Y' ww'--' Y r ' ' 'ww I ' ,.:.....:,:.-1Z'f A ' , 'wr' ' si A-.1., H ,W .. L REX'14Ilil'INlJ RIARTIN "Dmrly beloved, 'infzfswmch as our H ezwcvzly Further has scan ft to bless us with this child, thereby scnclilzg us ct token, of his fzwor mul rrzmhivzg this 8f5ttZC'77lC7lt with the sigh of pcrrzlzmlvcrz-cfc, we do ?'6't'llf?"IL thwnlvs for his bozmzty cmd mercy. Covzscious 'wc are of this great czrmzt-to be wmrkerl and set down- in history for all time to colmc. This the first English child to be born, in- the new world. H N mrw this child. J OHN BfDRD.lCN and J OYCE lXRCHARD HV't'l'g7:'7l'itt', in honor of this our country." ' as ., -1- --, -.E ,- vig: , In II , '- ,J,...E21 I'I2lSSlllfIC1' Clark Allen Kennedy Fletcher Tuttle Stockard MCI,JC2lTIIlZ1l1 SE IOR C JAMES ALLEN N.ANCY TUTTLE LASS L, I.. V flu-,,,1"l Prz'.s-ide-nt Ilistorian JIIIIIIY STOCKAIID BILL FLETCIIER Vice President Sz'1'g1fa11.t-at-z1r1r1..v VIRGINIA PIASSINGER s ELLA BICDEARLIAN Secretary f1d'vi.9er Doms CLARK Ton-IMY KENNEDY fl'rz'asurer Mascot J K ff, K - ,ELQPTQ ff f ' 'xg f f J, I 1' I .235 ' I . .I Nut, ,A pf IX- L, A- y f -L, , I J Q E-,,,,.f I ul' ,f Ig- I-:Zi I M, v, ,WJ , fx , .12 mf- f-7-I If - ,- If 4555-Lx I--Vg iz .-M "X --Qfir ,ff N- Il -J., Jn-1 . T., ' X-:X x f - Lf-11. 2 If' I wm' ' , 1' M1542 fi, ' Q fgkwwf fx ' 2, 'X 1' 3 ' k. w 4 .L 1 Jdi' X. 1 , ' Jig IJ ff ,if --2 111. XI '41 I 1 -,fy :1.UI 'In 9 .- , gf :fbi I .J - E: g -. 4 , xl . npvwgx XVQX 7 r 1 BIARY LILY AREY Science Club lg Girls' Athletic Association lg Girl Reserves 15 Latin Club 2-34 Girl Scouts, Secretary 2-34 Girls' Literary Society 3-:Lg Little Theater 45 Hi- Tinzmr Staff -ll. EDWARD UTLEY AUSTIN Science Club 1-2-34 Latin Club 2g Boys' Literary So- ciety 3-il, Sergeant-at-Arms'4'g LA'rn'Ao Business Stal? 3-lg Ili-Times Business Staff 3-444 Junior Football 43 German Club fig Student Council -tg Senior Play 5. v. GRACE CAROLYN BAILEY Girl Reserves 1-25 Latin Club 1-2g State Latin Contest 2g Chapel Choir Sq State Music Contest 3-+4 Mixed Chorus 3-4-4 Mixed Quartet 3--Lg Girls' Glce Club 3-4-, President fig Little Theater -tg Citizenship Honor Roll Committee 4g "Belle of Barcelonaj' Operetta 4g Senior Play Musician 5. VVINONA RUTH BAILEY Cadet lg Girl Reserves 1-2g Girls' Glee Club 3-41, Treasurer 43 Chapel Choir 3-Lg Mixed Chorus 3-415 State Music Contest 3-'Lg Little Theater flg Operetta 4. ,- . ENI ED A. ADAMS Boy Scouts lg Latin Club 2-34 Bird Club -Lg Daniels Literary Society Ll'-5. HAZEL JUANITA AIKEN Girls' Athletic Association 1-24 Girls' Glee Club 1-2- '3-4.-5g Citizenship Committee 5. JAMES ALVIN ALLEN Treasurer Freshman Class 13 Football 2-3-4-5, Captain 5g Monogram Club 3-4--54 Hi-Y 3-4-5, Sergeant-at-Arms Ili, Vice President 53 Orchestra 44-5g Sports, Superlative Senior Class 4-, President 55 Mr. Needham Broughton 53 All-State Football Selection 4-53 Most Valuable Football Player 5g Senior Play 5. WILLIAL-I ANDREWS es 12- fd ef ff? ff' -. " R 1 5 '-"4 A 1- H ,Mx Q. "vi l "3 ,gg-CN ' Cx 'l'1f....,f- V "" X-fqxf, Y 5 5' xy, X uk L f 1 xx-, xiii '- 1. llc N x .,, 1 Tx fe-' 1 -N , ' - A , , 4,f"' . Xl If 'Af if xl I f , qi 1' I E221 a afzfl .f 4 , iii? HW CLASS OF .-9,251 5+ 5 M, Ka, gm . ll .1 5 ,- :LAYVHENCE EARL BALL A JL difilvi 'L -. Al px get A German Club -1-5 Little Theater 45 Senior Plzgvggjf' f . V ' f ,wf 1, -J g 5, yjjyf' ,hx ,-b' '-" , gg 5 JULIAN BLARELY j V '15 J , " ' I V - iff 'L '-N cw' Little Theater 45 Glee Club 45 Operetta 4-5, Cameo xlr ggigf "' i' ri f 5" 'ii Club 2-35 German Club 2. - L-aft' ,IQ i L, W -in-.ici-4 -, .3 JOIIN ROBERT BOITRNE ' ' if ' 35 Latin Club 1-25 Science Club 1-25 Boy Scouts 1-2-35 Junior Football 35 Boys' Literary Society 3-l-5 German Club 3-4. JOSEPIIINE REBECCA BRADSIIAXV Little Theater 1-55 Glee Club 2-35 Chapel Choir fl-5 Spanish Club 5. 1 2- 4, V 1, ,.., 1 -4551, is-9,92 i W? My QP! KA'l'IILEEN KITE BRAXTON - Girls' Glee Club 2-3-4+-55 Chapel Choir 3-415 Mixed -J I.. Chorus 45 High School Chorus Al.-5. EIVERETTE ICDXVARD BRIGGS Band 1-2-3-145 Orchestra I-2-3--i5 Junior Football 2-35 Junior Basketball 35 Boys' Literary Society 35 Glec Club 35 Spanish Club, Vice President 415 Football -l--55 Basketball 4,-55 Baseball 55 Contest Play 5. HEI.EN BELL BROUGHTON Central Junior High School, Greensboro 15 PFCSlCll'Ilt.S Cabinet 15 Girl Reserves 15 Library Club 1. Needham Broughton High School 2-3--L5 Science Club 2-35 Critic 35 Girls' Glee Club 2-3-4-5 Treasurer 35 State Music Contest 2-3-45 Stuclent Council 2-4, Chairman Social Committee -Lg Delegate State Student Council Congress 3-445 Chapel Choir 3-415 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Marshal 445 l.,vr1PRc S'tafl'f4f5 Little Theater -I-5 Citizenship Committee 445 Senior Play 4-5 Versatility Superlative -L. NELL GRACE BROWN Science Club 1-25 Girls' Athletic Association 3-41-55 Girls' Drill Team 5. .N 1,-ix., ff of 5 0' - 4, P '--- f' 5 ' lu, vi YL,-f x Q, Ivjxiigfx ff-'N 'JYN E f - 'QC' 'x-, X-.NJ :X ,ji ' ' , 1 -X4 XJ xi 1. Wg- A p -'x Q ' 'Z' fagk' ii X Q. ll , , U aj 1, f.,,f ga ,- : -l i231 .4, X 513' r . i',, ': V-N, 1. no I E I-JORIS ELLEN CLARK Girls' Athletic Association 2g Secretary Junior Class 3g Girls, Literary Society 4, Chairman Program Committee 5g Treasurer Senior Class 5g Dramatic Club 54 Home Room Representative to Student Council 5g Lli-Ti-mnx Stal? 54 Senior Play 5. JENNI+:'1"rE VVARRIQN CLARK Transfer from Wiilson. Junior Dramatic Club 2g Glee Club 2-53 Girls' Chorus 5g Girl Reserves 5g French Club 55 Operetta 4--5. EDGAR TNIAUNEY COOPER Kings Mountain High School. Class Reporter 1g Paper Reporter 34 Band 1-2-3-4-3 Assistant Librarian 15 Class President 2g Debatcr 2-41 CAlternate Mg Orator 2 fN.C'.F.A.lg Secretary Dramatic Club 3. N.B.H.S., 'Fr nch Club 45 Latin Club 4.4 Little Theater 3-4-g Liter- ' H ANNIE XVINIFRED CROSS ' athletic Association 1. 4 li J L wp. 9 ar Society 44g Opcretta 5. X7 ,f X. ,- 7 x ,, V ,f N Wi gwwrff CALL: KIIQIIT BURGESS Boy Scouts 1-2-3-sl-g Junior Football 34 .lunior Basket- ball 35 German Club 3-11-5 Football ll-. LIARGARET SNOW' CALLAIIAN Chairman of Home Room lg Home Room Committee 29 Girls' Literary Society 35 Little Tlleater 3g Girls' Literary Society -tg Little Theater -I-4 Attendant of Queen's Court 44 Cheer Leader -1-g Editorial Staff of Ili- Tinms +3 Senior Play 4-. CAROLINE RICHARD CARLTON Little Theater 1-49 Latin Club 2g Science Club 24 Girls' Glee Club 35 French Club 4-g I1A'l'll'AC Staff -tg Girls' Literary Society 4g Columbia University Press Con- ference 54 U.N.C. Press Conference 5. ROY OIILANDO CAVENESS, JR. Science Club 2g Student Council 25 Latin Club 2-35 Boys' Literary Society 3-fig Ili-Times Business Staff 43 IUKTIPAC Business Staff 41. -fa. V "BQ ,411 , . I -3717, -xx, N, gt U F .L h g, . - "' .-,ix 5 fx . Q"4"H'lf,lN ' ,ff Nl - F--.'7'-XJ' x"Jx Nl Sf. 25x ' '- -213' My fx I B-gklgx '-X E., .X g KF' .f il V 'ff il 4 ' l24l , 1. ' - I CLASS OF '39 CHARLES EARL FARIUCLL Ili-Times 3g Football Al-g Track -Lg Boys, Glee Club 64 Mixed Chorus fig Science Club 3g NVorked After School Last two Years. MARY ELIZABETH FAUCETTE Girl Reserves 5g Girls' Athletic Association 2. ELIZAIIETI-I ALLEN FIELDS Cadet lg Science Club 2g French Club 3g Little Theater 45 Latin Club 41. VVILLIAM STEWART FLETCHER Boys' Literary Society 2-3-44 Presidents Boys' Liter- ary Society 3g German Club 3-fl-4 Student Council, Home Room Representative 3g Junior-Senior Committee 3g Senior Dance Chairman 3g Little Theater 41. -116-9' ll Q- L "fb A . ,: ' JJ 'A yt? E Aff! It . if!!! r - . I x J 4 5' , ij 1 J ' ,bf ' 1 J X , J CV! WJ ' ' .rf L V fr, kj . ft- L JI' - 'ff ' Lf" J' M V JJ., 'id In XVI! fo ,qfiq X ' ALRERT WIJITE FOSTER J . , ,,-'lj A ' Xi" !'Boy Scouts 1-2-3--iq Science Club 25 Junior Football f 35 Boys' Literary Society 3-414 Hi-Y 45 Varsity Football A fl-5 Varsity Basketball 45 Eagle Scout 4. +3 11' ff: BLANCIIIC CATHERINE FRENCH Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-34 IA-XTIPAC Stai 3g Little Theater 3g Girls' Basketball Team 35 Girls' Glce Club Sq Girls' Tennis Team 35 French Club 3-445 Sports Superlative 5. LEMOINE GRIFFIN FYNE Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-35 Little Theater 3. WILLIE CATHERINE GILLIS Hugh Morson, Girl Reserves 1-25 Student Council 1-2-34 Class Secretary 24 Morson Literary Society 2-3g Dramatic Club 3g Art Club, Secretary, Treasurer 3. Broughton, Girls' Literary Society Jig Little Theater 415 Drill Team 54 Girls' Glee Club -5g Mixed Chorus 5g Opcretta 5. . a iv ,Af"hHi gs., fxf' ' If "fu ' ,"' f ..-rg Q GL,--f ylif , AQ ,, f 3 f-1 fy - A I ,---Q C, Jcj "U A X Xt-J1'I'l9. - Xxxi.-,I,. if- X fy N ' x J' LC 4' ' ' 'S , ,I A, fry: .. XX . TI, V lj :h eff Sign? E251 . . i 1 .VQ YA I. P N P ,' --rx A i , - Us I vt " ' -41.1 1 X X , - 'Nfl ZQ. --.XX-x H L M , . an 1 al.: CJ' rd' , NAOMI ADELAIDE HARDION Girls' Drill Team 54 Girl Reserves 4-. KENNE'F1fI EIDXVARD HAsIi1Ns Science Club 2. VIRGINIA RUTH HASSINGER Girls' Athletic Association 24 Girls' Literary Society 44 Izfi-Times Staff 4g Tennis Team -1-4 Cheer Leader 41-54 LA1'II'AC Stal? 4-4 Press Club 4-4 Senior-Play Committee 44 Editor-in-Chief Ili-Times 54 News and Olrscrzvm' Columnist 54 Secretary Senior Class 54 Co-chairman Intramural Sports Committee 54 N.C.S, Press Institute, President 54 Student Council 54 French Club 54 Colum- bia Scholastic Press Association 44-54 Miss Needham Broughton 5. LAWVIQICNCE FRIERSQN HOLDING Student Council 1-2--tg VicdLPresident Freshman Class 1g Latin Club 14 Co-chain' Zlfi.'JllI1lOY-Sl?I1l0I' 34 Hi-Y 3-L4 Baseball 3-44 Athl tiU iLnG"3-A14 .Spanish Club, President 3-4.4 Ar' nt pkrts i' ' of Hi-Ti-mm: 4. Nl" . .- "'Jy 4 ,J 1 .ff N , 4 K 'i LY: 2 A f t 7, , , fl-I D 'L ,', ff " K J .v , Da f it X -' V ' av 1 I Cy!! H, ic Q s , ,- , . .- E261 E I 0 S FRANK FARRIER Gao:-aEcLos1s Blacksburg High School 1-25 Junior Hi-Y lg Vice President 24 Dramatics Club 1-24 Latin Club 1-24 The Tatllc Tale 2. Chapel Hill H.S., Senior Hi-Y 34 Secre- tary-Treasurcr 44 Dramatic Club 3-4-4 l7l'Uf'0II'i0ll 44 Glcc Club 41. N.B.H.S., Little Theater, Vice President 54 German Club, President 54 Glee Club and Chorus 54 Hi- Ti-mes 54 Senior Play 54 Operetta 54 L.A'1'Il'AC Staff 5. E LSIE BEATRICE GUPTON Girl Reserves 1-2-3-14-54 Publicity Chairman 24 Cadet 24 Girls' Athletic Association 2-3. CAROLYN IVA HAPPEL Vtfashington Town, XVKIYIICSDOFO, Pa., Debating Club 14 Dramatic Club 1-2-3, Secretary 24 Orchestra 1-2-34 Band 1-2-34 Debating Team 2g Secretary of Forensic League 2g YVashington Spectator 1-2-34 Junior and Senior Chorus 3. N.B.H.S., Little Theater 444 Ili-Times -L. SARAII Locum LIARDISON Cadet 14 Latin Club 1-25 Science Club 1-24 Girls' Athletic Association 1-23 Hi-Tinms 2-4-4 Student Coun- cil 3-444 House Committee 3g Social Committee -1-4 Girls' Literary Society, Vice President 3-44 Delegate to North Carolina Scholastic Press Association 3-444 L,x'1'II-Ac 3-4-, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4-4 Carnival Queen's Court 4g Columbia Scholastic Press Association 4. 1 - ,qi- CLASS GF '39 CAIHCY I'IAMlLTON LIOLLOWVAY Hugh Morson 1, Boy Scouts lg Aeroplane Club 3g German Club, Vice President 33 Science Club -1-3 LATIPAC Staff 4.3 Art Club 4-, 'Treasurer -Lg Literary Society 4-5g Chairman Citizenship Committee 5. HAYWAHD I'IINTON HONEYCUT'P Treasurer of Class Ig Boy Scouts 1-2g Athletic As- sistant 3g Track Team 35 Spanish Club -l--5. CI'IARI,0TTE HOULDER Glec Club 1-2g Girls' Athletic Associatioon 1-2-3-4-53 Science Club 2-34 Little Theater 2-4-5. 'S' ...uv-L A-4 I 1 n yu.. 'NJ 'Hn :Fl Hgh Qc 1 'L' LIATTIE WINIERED JONES Girl Reservesg Girls' Athletic Association. Q7 iaflt U , A 0 .fgfsviiv 5' K X' ALBERT YOUNG KELLY President Class lg Latin Club lg Boy Scouts 1-25 Y 'I'reasurer Class 24 Swimming Team 23 Spanish Club 3-4. KA1'IAIEIlINlC RUSSELL KIREY Girls' Athletic Associationg Hugh Morson 1-24 Girls' Literary Society 34 Girls' Glee Club 3g Cheer Leader Q 3-44 lutralnural Sports Committee 4g French Club 4. MARJORIE KOONCE Charlotte, N. C.. 1-2-3. Little Theater -tg Girl Re- serves 4ig French Club 4-. ' NELL RUSSELL KooNcE Little Theater lg Girls' Literary Society 2g Glee Club 2-3g Ili-Ti-mes Business Staff 3g North Carolina Music Contest in Greensboro 3g I.iv1-IPAQ Staff ig Student Council 4-g French Club 45 Representative to Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention 5. fi .-'X V1 nfl' , if 4 c-Ai?-fl P-P31 . "'tL,,?f'-4 L f ' .L - A 5 - J: " 1 ' N. 7? ., -V 3' .- N ' f 'Me-.q,f I 1 X f . , . W ' 1 -X w 1' 1 ,f ,,,fX4-xl!! X5 ,I . its Xi U L 5-H' ill!! I271 A AI .,'..Tl V '-.1 -. X - 1 K Ykwvvogg ... 'X-5"'J'-'ici-+11 V- as -Q. ..k' lx ll i 1, ii i.,,1.,K.. ,xx X. Avi"l'..fg,5l,. 1, X XA " 1-Mfr DOROTI'IY' .NICBIUNN Tuuson High School, Bziltimorc, Md., 1-2-3g Math Club 1-2-34 Dramatic Club 1-2-3g Science Club 1-2g Latin Club 1-23 Glee Club 1. N.B.l-l.S., Little Theater fig Girl Reserves 4-g Operetta Prompter 5. JA NE STILLMAN INIANNING Girls' Glee Club 1-2g Latin Club 1g Dramatics lg llasketball 25 Senior Play Li-q French Club 4-g Girls' Swimming Team 4g Senior Play 5. CATHERINE JANICE BIARTIN Girls' Athletic Association Ig Girls' Literary Society 3-4-. JAMES JEROME NIEADE, Jn. Science Club 2. 1 I J 752, 2 ,Q'iX1I'. f AQ,-X EQ A lx Qi Jkt? 1 1 ,5 ,J if H1 xi wif, spa- graft, xl i231 R S izmi ,J . W ' A - MARY CATHERINE lNICDUFF1E Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-3, Treasurer -L-55 Vice President Girl Reserves I-2-3-Al--54 Little Theater 44-54 Tennis Club 4-5 Citizenship Honor Roll Committee 5g Home Room Representative to Student Council 53 Senior Play 5. DOIlO'P1'IY GIIAY AICGI-IEIC Secretary Home Room 3--ilg Girls' Basketball Team -ig Girls' Glee Club 3-ii--5g High School Chorus -L-54 Drill Teaun 445 Girls' Athletic Association li. IVIARGARI-:'r Howfmn RICKENZIE Science Club lg Ui-Times Staff lg Peace: Pi Theta Mu 35 Little Theater 4-4 I,A1'1luxc Staff 41g French Club Treas- urer -i-g Carnival Queen Attendant +5 Columbia Uni- versity Press Conference 5g U.N.C. Press Conference 5. lVIARGARET IRENE NICLEAN Girls, Athletic Association 3--L. gi -il CLASS OF '39 JAMES SAMUEL lxIITCI'lENElt, JR. Boy Scouts 1-2-35 Science Club 1-fi-5 Latin Club 2-35 Junior French Club -1.5 Boys' Literary Society 45 LJATIPAC Business Stull' 4. Bu'r'rY JEAN BIILLICR Girl Reserves 15 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Girls' Glee Club 25 Latin Club 35 Little Theater 3-1145 l,,A'r1rAc Staff 35 Girls' Literary Society 3, Secretary 4-5 Junior French Club 4-. NIILDRED FRANCES LIORRIS Girls, Athletic Association 1-2- Latin Club 1. 7 FRANK FAISON AIORDIGCAI Orchestra 2-35 French Club -15 liasketlmll 3-4-5 Swim- ming Team -L5 Boy Scouts 1-25 Sea Scouts 3-ll. ff -'17 i DIARY LEE MURRAY Science Club 15 Home Economics Club 1-25 Girls' Athletic Association 1-35 Saint Mary's School and .ginior Colle te X B -A 3 -...+-.. AQDVJSYK 'Ka-1, C ARL MANCII NAPOWSA QQ -oo . Football 15 Baseball 25 Latin Club 25 Science Club 35 R. J. Reynolds High lg Band 15 Track 35 Spanish Club 3--l-, Vice President -145 Citizenship Committee 5. Glee Club 4. EDWARD GII,BER'I PADGE'r'r DAVID HICNIIY PA'r'rIsHALL Glee Club 55 Greensboro Music Festival 55 Little Theater 5. fl' AX 925: ff -. Zip, 4-rr - J .igii 454. 1, -'j-its SN 1' x 5 ff 5 5 1. A sa Ji sm .is f .X 5 ' -.-- 5-N er. , Fld I-ff, If ' 4 ff U' 'Xl 2 E291 JULIAN AREY RAND Marshal 445 Science 1-25 Latin Club 25 Boy Scouts 1-2-5 Camera Club 4-5 German Clubg Citizenship Committee 41. HOIIACIC DARR RAWVLS Science Club 15 Latin Club 2-35 Little Theater 3--L5 Ili-Timex Business Staff 4-5 LA'r11'Ac Business Staff 4-. NIARY EVELYN R1'1oNEY Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-35 Girl Reserves 1. :EDYTHE LYNN ROBERTS. Student Council 15 French Club 35 Little Theater 3-45 Glee Club 3-445 .LATIPAC 3--L5 Mixed Chorus -1-5 Citizen- ship Committee 4. S E I DAVID CLARENCE PEARCE, JR. Football 3-fl-5 Monogram Club 3-4. Gnovmn DUc1cET'r 1,00LE Latin Club 1-25 Boy Scouts 1-2-35 Golf Team 1-2-3--1-, South Atlantic High School Golf Champion 45 Student Council 1-4-, President 45 Boys! Literary Society 2-3, .Program Chairman 35 Science Club 2-3, Marshal 35 Chairman Class Ring Committee 35 LATIPAC Staff 35 Hi-Y 3-4-5 Parliamentarian 445 German Club 3-4-5 Dc- bating Team 3-4-, State Championship Debater, Wake Forest 4-5 Carnival Court 45 Delegate to S. C. Congress 445 Delegate to I-Ii-Y Convention 4-5 Publicity Manager for Magazine Campaign 4-5 Advisory Board for N.Y.A. 11-. CAROLYN I1-lim: POU Glee Club 15 Girls' Athletic Association 15 LA'r1PAc 3-45 Ili-Times 3--L5 French Club 4. DIARY FRANCES POWELL French Club 35 Little Theater 3-445 Glee Club 3-415 LATIPAC 3-'l-5 Mixed Chorus 45 Student Council Calenda Committee 415 Scholarship Superlative 5. e X? .-" . Nl bij., X44 K I I A47 - J.,-X "5 t 'J f-'fx ji"'N 4 - fr- if X221 145 ' IJ, 2' V' 5 : ,if NAVY Nl U A I Nl. ? 'f E301 at , T C L A S S O F ' 3 9 CHARLES VICTOR RUE Science Club 1-25 Spanish Club 3-LL5 Chemistry Club 45 Senior Play Ticket Chairman 4. LILA IRIS SAUNDERS Girl Reserves 1-25 Student Council 3. Pl-IYLLIS SUZANNE SCI-HVARTZ Cadet 15 Oflice Assistant 3--1-5 L,x1'II'Ac Staff 4. ALICE LOUISE SCOTT Treasurer Sophomore Class 25 Science Club 25 Latin Club 35 Tennis Club 3-45 LATI1-.xc Staff 3-fl--5, Business Manager 45 Grounds Committee of Student Council 45 Calendar Cornmittee of Student Council 11-5 French Club, President -L5 Little Theater 45 Student Council 55 Office Assistant 44-55 Columbia University Press Con- ference 5. T ' Y ,Y ig :,, ' ' N1 AM! C VIRGINIA BIAE SEAGROVE' JEANNE CORAL SHELTON NVashington, D. C., High School, Art Club 15 Dra- matics Club 15 Art Club 25 Library Club 25 Music Club 2. Needhmn B. Broughton High School, Little Theater 3-4-55 Spanish Club 3--L5 Senior Play 5. MI9IIlI.PI RoBEu'1's SHOXVALTER Boy Scouts 1-2-3-L5 Patrol Leader 35 Band or Or- chestra 2-8-445 Bird Club 3. Joi-IN ROBERT SMITH Baseball 55 Basketball 5. K? K ff ini 4 I Fil,-i IZ- jk ,-. . 1 .1 J,-X X44 if X I , , . Gtr! Ill ill. if ll E311 SJ- ' wee rw.-JQ,'a-Q0-,5 'A-ul' S. 0- ,-' ' .n,- GICOIXGE LOGAN THOMPSON Apex High School 1-2-3-44 President Student Body 3g President Glee Club 24 Chairman Program Committee 44 Basketball 2-3-4--54 Baseball 3-4-54 Football 3-44 Monogram Club 5. ADAM REYNOLD TIiCliER - Boy Scouts 1-2-3-415 Junior Football 2g President of Class 24 Swimming Team 2g Science Club 2-34 Boys' Literary Society 2-3, Treasurer 34 Junior Basketball 34 Team Captain in Magazine Campaign 34 Hi-Y 3-4-4 German Club 3-44 Student Council 3-4-, Vice President 3g Chairman Points Committee 4,4 Football 4. NANCY TU'r'rLE D.I-I.S., Durham, N. C., 1-24 Girls' Glee Club 1-24 Library Society lg Athletic Association 1. N.B.H.S., 3-4-4 Glee Club 3g Latin Club 34 lLA'1'lI'AC Staff 3g Hi- Ti-mfex 3-4-, Managing Editor 44 Ti-mes Correspondent 44 Historian 44 Senior Play Prompter 41. HARIIY EDWARD UPCHURCH Football4 Bascball4 Science Club. . mN.,.,. 4 V' '-.. D - H F f 'il ' 1 fa? 1 Af s X 5 f .X .-- X X I X I f , X- X iw,-4 . ' - ,sf 'N .K 4 Vs' . ix 'Lf' , X, K I 321 A xl. Qf, A Qu E I R S ELlzA1sE'rI-I MAY SMITH Girl Scouts 1-24 Science Club 132-34 Girls, Glee Club 2-44 Bird Club 34 German Club 3-414 Little Theatre 44 Girls' Literary Society 4-4 Girls' Chorus 4. GEORGIA ANNETTE SPRUILL Girls' Athletic Association 2g Student Council 34 Girls' Literary Society +1-4 Tennis Team -L4 Cheer Leader 4-4 LA'1'1rAc Stal? 4-4 Little Theater 4-54 Ili-7"i'nws lie- porter 54 French Club 54 Beauty Superlative 54 Senior Play 5. PIENRY JEROME STOCKARD, III Latin Club 1g Boy Scouts 1-24 Track Team 24 Treas- urer of Motion Picture Committee 34 Vice President of Junior Class 34 Athletic Assistant 3-414 Debating Team 3-4-, Secretary 4-4 Citizenship Committee 4-4 French Club +4 Hi-Y Club 44 Vice President Senior Class -11. SI-IELDON ALLEN STRIPLING Boy Scouts 1-2-3-4-4 Science Club 24 Sea Scouts 3-44 Spanish Club 3-4-. L.-. ..L,t W--- ... 1 CLASS OF '39 VIRCEINIA IONE UPC!-Iuncll Girls' Athletic Association lg Girl Reserves 34 Girls' Literary Society 35 Girls' Chorus 44. RUBY IQATIIRYN WALL Tennis Club lg Girls' Athletic Association 1-2g Science Club 1-2g Girls' Literary Society 3. VVILLIAM EDYVARD WAI.'FON Boy Scouts 1-2-3g Band 2-3-4-g Orchestra 2-3-413 Camera Club 3. lNIAl!'l' 1-IA FRANCES WARD .Girl Reserves lg Girls' Athletic Association lg Girls' Literary Society 44-53 Glue Club 5. ,--tg ' M13 PSP 4-16' --137' 4 As? 552-'if' if 5 M 'aint H ii My ,ifif 7' Jjqdf, .ffi?Sli.J 444414-1' 1 M ,Mi ,bb-P .haf fbvcafa-WJJJQ41 X. fly.. 2- Qfnqri E: 0 fall ,f 1 -Lk M441 -Ms '42-aJ it vawfza-Q, LUCILLE FILIZABETII VVARREN Girls' Athletic Association 15 Girls' Literary Society 3--l-g Citizenship Honor Roll Committee 4-. HAIKIRY THOMAS WAY Boy Scouts 1-23 Scricnce Club 24 Little Theater 35 Spanish Club -Lg Glee Club 23 lVit Superlativc 4. ERIMA XIIHGINIA DARE WEBB Latin Club 24 Girls' Literary Society 34 French Club 1 -I-g Girls' Chorus 414. , i LEANOIKC3 LOUISE VVELLS YVcst Junior High lg President Book Club lg Glec 1 Club 1. Parkerslnxrg High 2g Glee Club 2. Wialton High 1 3. East Orange High 3. VVcst High Llfg Glee Club -1-. W Broughton High 53 Glce Club 55 Ili-Times Staff 5g Chapel Choir 54 Mixed Chorus 5. F1 ' 1 . , X' . ' ' ' jlr-,. as A AQ. 1 L it -L ,X -,fx 3 ,'.,,x .. I 1 ,1'X1fI'U'-V ,Af xx! K -ij.. i 17X vii " '45 ii I 'bl xl V fy !', 11 fl'i33'l J Q. A XA. N. 5 , P 'l In X RX 3 BAImE'r'r DALLAS WILSON Glee Club 1-2-3-4-55 Dramatics Club 414 Literary So- ciety 3g Assistant Manager School Store 2-34 Band 1-2- 3-4-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-414 Football 14 President Home Room 54 Science Club 2-34 Latin Club 24 German Club 3-4-. WILLIAM SIDNEY WINDES Boy Scouts 14 Science Club 24 Track Team 34 German Club 3-HL4 Debate Alternate 44 Golf Team 4-. JOHN THOMAS WOODRUEF Junior Football 34 Camera Club 4-4 Spanish Club 4. GEORGE WILLIAMS WOR'1'I-I Boy Scouts 1-23 Latin Club 1-24 Science Club 1-2-34 Junior Basketball 34 Boys' Literary Society 3-4-4 Ger- man Club 3-44 I,1A'1'Il'AC 3-44, Business Manager 44 Carni- val Court LL4 Hi-Y 4-. SENIORS FLOYD WHITE Boy Scouts 1-24 Junior Football Team 24 Boxing 2-3- Spanish Club, Secretary 44 Hi-Y 4-54 Sergeant-at-Arms 4--5, Co-captain 54 Monogram Club 3-4-54 Glee Club 3-54 54 Little Theater 54 Beau Superlative 5. HAYES MACMURRY WI-II'FE Petersburg, Va., High School 14 Model Airplane Club 24 Latin Club 24 Science Club 2-34 Boys' Literary SO- ciety 2-3-1-, Treasurer 34 Boy Scouts 2-3-44 German Club 3-4-4 Debating 3-4-4 Photography Club 4-4 Student Council- Motion Picture Committee 44 Scholarship Superlative 414 Invitations Committee 4-4 Swimming Team 414 Citizenship Committee Alt. CLAIIEICE MARGIJEIIITE Wioos Girl Reserves li Girls' Athletic Association 14 Latin Club 41. JOHN CLIFTON VVILLIAMS Science Club 1-24 Dramatics 24 Drawing and Dra- matics 34 Christ School, le Circle Francais 4. if fl! .- sjf-su-51 'fix' K-fx' Y f' -, 'im' ' 1 f 4. 1 1 Y if' 7-If 4 if 1' K I4 ul . ie..---X al , f rj- ' - . xg jr 7 f-. 1 'P QL -I X-.J A. iran it ' Y I 1 N .,-XW I X' s 4 I i - -V, 4 E.. , , X ' X I ffgff X 1 ij, ,Ili V .Nfl -,U XI, V I341 1. CLASS OF '39 HELEN CQLANA WRIGHT Girl Reserves 15 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Glee Club 55 Little Theater 55 Spanish Club 4-. RUTH lb1AURIE YAIIBEIL Dramatics Club 4--55 French Club fl-5 Latin Club 55 Glee Club 1-55 Chapel Choir 55 Girls' Literary Society 55 Little Theater 55 High School Chorus 55 Conducted Sale of Ited Cross Christmas Seals in Home ltoomg Art Club 4'-55 Committee for Designing Costumes, Stage Sets and Building Sets for Senior Playg Ramsay High School, Birminghain, Alabama 5. IXUDREY BIARIE x7A'I'If1S Girl Reserves 15 Cadet 15 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-4-5 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4-5 State Music Contest 1-2-3-445 Chapel Choir 35 Operetta 4. WILLIAM LA Rosle Yomcn Boy Scouts 1-2-35 Science Club fl. JOHN EARLY' YoUNG N.B.H.S. Cadet 15 Latin Club 1-25 Sound Crew 2-35 Stage Committee 2-3-4-5 LA'I'II'Ac Photography Stai 35 Candid Camera Club 3-45 Motion Picture Projector Operator -1-5 Little Theater -lv-55 Mixed Chorus 55 French Club 55 Student Council, Co-chairman of Motion Picture Committee 55 Delegate to State Congress 55 Boys' Glee Club 55 Student Announcer 5. EDNA MAuuAn1s'I' Yow Girl Reserves 1-25 Health Room Attendant 3. had N ig-34:3 if giAifLr:z--"'- X, CC: 'df K seg' 11.551 K , N- f yjwi. K X, . .' 2 x, as ' ,K X I Vqg ,fix - 455--1' ws vi tb l I l E351 4' banks For the Memories" June 1939 Dear Broughton, Since our live-year visit with you is nearly e11ded, and since we had such a wonderful time, we're going to be very incorrect and write our "bread and butter letterl' before we leave. You've been a most wonderful hostess, Broughton, and we owe you more appreciation than we could ever express for all the fun you've given us. VVill you ever forget that first day? Such a bewildered group of boys and girls have never been assembled in one place before! And you, Broughton, were so gracious and charming that you quickly put us at ease and helped us rind our- selves. One of our Hrst moves as a class was to elect Billy Upshaw as our president, and a good one he was! The next year, we repaired the lighted tower clock, and a small thing it seemed in return for all your kindness to us. Our leaders that year were Bill. MeGruder and Albert Kelly. Then we returned Sophomores, and how we looked down ou the lowly under- elassmen! For the first time, we felt ourselves a necessary part of our school. Eagerly, we followed the example set by the upperclassmen and joined heartily in all school activities. Our Junior year, we realized the importance of being upperelassmen and became very serious-minded. We chose David VVillis as our president. In the spring, we gave the seniors the Junior-Senior dance. It was held ill a star-lit garden, which, before its transformation, was your gym, Broughton. And now, we're Seniors! All our years have been wonderful, but this one has been best of all, under the leadership of .Timmy Allen and guidance of Miss Ella BfIC1DC2ll'Il1l1l'l. And weren't we proud when our Senior play, "Smilin' Through," directed by Mrs. O. K. Joyner, brought one of the largest crowds you've ever had! As if our beautiful costumes and scenery wereult enough, we had two heroes and heroines! Then when members of our class began to bring back various musical, literary and athletic awards, we were so glad that we could repay you in part for your many kindnesses. Then came that wonderful night when the Juniors gave us our Junior-Senior dance. It was perfect-a dance we'll never forget. lrVhen the '38 and '39 classes combined to present you with the lovely stage curtain, we felt that at last we had done something big, something you could remember us by. Then, all too soon, graduation exercises will be begun. For the last time we will march down your aisles singing in subdued voices a farewell to our beloved Broughton. We want to thank you once more, dear Broughton, for being a friend in all ti1ne.s' of nccrl, for always having a ready shoulder for us to cry upon, and most of all, for what you've taught us during our visit. Before we become alumni, we want to one final farewell. Sincerely yours, THE CLASS or 1939, - NANCY TUTTLE, Historian. . A , ' 1' f X - ' ' E 3361 I f? .1 ' 17. A A , I 2'3, Q L' Zip :., , Z 5 Hx .::4,-,Q-' V- In C, -. w... is ,,...7-Xct " X fx-I ,-,.,. AC X flex-SQN Nadi , X xp - ju' ', X95 ,sun i"1vU, ir i ggfog a r 2' mei re !-as at ' W ' r - A :N - V ,fs N-sc. i f ' rr i rm xl ,I 'T .rf eg. ,1 - ff N! V 'ff 1 " ll , l . 4 ' - K' 4 'WQSQ5 QQ! I J E I I fu .Kg QQQ, K wa MM X W Brxlttull ISI-ollgrlmhnl Miss: Tuckn-r Williamson VVilIis 9 s X I O R C L ' .gb M Sl Ujyicmnv M1':I.vrLL14: B1aoUGu'roN P1'P.vir1f1zt BAILEY VVILLIAMSON JOHN BRATTON Vice Prffsirlvnt T1'c'asurr'r DAVID VVILLIS Miss LIARY Tucrucn S'0c'1'v1ary flrI7Ji.s'er fir' f'-,"-:sf f xK""i?V5, A 7 ,1 gf if f 'f V gym -.ff--V::J gy fgixv- ,,N5X9,x 'fe 4A - , Wiz? ,X L31 rx- Y -J xv f 'Nl-A -"u-74191 V f , Q f-. 'JI I x' N 1 k .flxbmx-fi, K' ' 'BV -1-, , 'J f'K.f --'X' K 'Ania V .- Ln -Xl In A 'Ml' X5 yr L-YH, 1.51, J- I X1 9 m,fyM new A 1 fc, A K ' 1 JZ' 14 D p Ml' 'LP 5 J Xi lf' S97 Q-4 " 'K 5 X- A 1 , 1 J U 0,215 XJ 1 - Qi K Fir: 1' J lr". right: Sc d ro' KK . MM ,J .L'V ' 4 V ,T len nclre s - utheri-f1e'Jl-ir l1l1 if 5 ,VII ,KJ Jimi y livailicy O lmny ratton 'Qx :XX " X15 V 1 Ba 1' N ille Broughton U X w 5.3 hm-1 - Ballgmge T rriet Browning m Eliz ll Blakely l Jack Bryant Xxx Q' KJ X9 elen Bobbitt 2, Anne Castlcma I ' NX 91 Of Eliza! etl1 olton 2 Virginia Cl eu. R X - TR Thi' 11 mid" , - Fourth row: ' l X3 1 ' 1 sy ende ill Margaret Hairston A ' ' Iary Co 11 3 A1111 Ha59is lg ly ' ll gat! 1' I artiziff Evelyn Hart ' ? 'unc 'Cro der Ida unn ar s -N , Do u 'y IJ 11 Iji ks . dIl.eyE3tl 1 ctty il 11- race Fors 1' f gg ' k r E381 I i 4 J f af M W 'lf A :, 'ff 1 f '-fin, 4 Q 1' , ,, V if- nfx, 'Wx wx' CS, f 'X ' , .LJ1 -7 - A 1 3- b N ,Ah 1 A ,J'2f'i'a3'Q: A I I ff 5 WX ' N , X , 'QLUXLQ Ml aj iffy N". U 5 1- ,V if 11 ml. f '-J ,' ' ' ,. f " ' ' A FJ ' ' 01 4 E E M Ji lv I 0' tl ,- fc 7 l GQ Y ' I l .a .vl LC""I4" dv ' J If ' 1' J A L V V , "" A V721 'dy'-"7 ' H ' fl ' fi Aft- ,-J . ,',, l i ff Y .x I x.,VJ,fxl IV If V, , AI r, ., f . FH , l ljfx1,,, fy QL!! fy V r f , M 359 WK M , ,w .yr X . , ,La -7 9' L 139' RS QL, My ff .1 self l ,vyk ' 1 J? ll l ff 1" J! ' df fd' I v f Vx g'S'O fgw, Ei' EIN' l 'lx L 2 l Cf fgl M E Ov. l.19l'S First 79 , eft to right: Second row: -lil ' Harvey Hinnant Charles Kuhn I Graham Hobbs Ben Lawrence :VLAN- Ann Hodges Carolyn Lehman Grace Horton Ben Leonard Mary Elizabeth Johnson Violet Leveridge June Johnson Walter Lewis Cyrus King Mfartha Lynch Third row: Fourth row: Doris Marshburn Mary Ellen Nlorgan Margaret Massey Buddy Murray Edna Earl May Bobby Newcomb Arthur McCabe Jack Noneman Earl McCrary Katherine Norman Beveretta Middleton Jim Oliver Clifton Moore Oren Palmer I 39 l '. L , I LJ-T 1. ,V L gg 1 Aw 4iY!f l:' ' ,,,f ll L""f,S lazl '- V f' NTL? X xl sri ,, A E f . 1-.-A 3923 . 1 2 3 L or L f 'ffeffqf L Q L, E Q eff Q or 4 ff rd as N '- 1 V' 5 "' 'sive es::?1'NXf" - sf,-' z, g s me N '0:'iME,Lk'JX 'iw' w. , 1 2. 'Q X A 4.'w ' mx 'O mtv? s 'L 4' ,f L fiwfi Ji wb f jjjffld dl WJLJW QL7 MKXV-1121! , lcoyjjfljdvvpysj NJ U Mya 7-'H' wb 13 .- 'Ii aff N10 .. First row, aft 1"r t: Rebecca - FYZLIICCS 70 Virgini Laura Po rs Owen Reeves Robert Reynolds James Riggs Third 1-ow: W. T. Thomas Graves Vanin Eleanor Vereen Cornelia Wallicr Jimmy W31'd William Watscmli Dorothy Wecldi11g '49 R S Second row: Mary Ellen Senter Russell Senter Dot Sll3l1110llll0l1SC Betsy Sllumaker Frances Sliumaker Billy Siddell -N L- 5 T Mary Lou Stephenson Fourth row: Irene Wliite Carl Williams Lois Williams Bailey VVilliamson David Willis Buck VVilson Lorraine VVilson Ruth YVy1nun I 401 L, I ' . 6:2531 ffl," ' x ffl' !V,, - if' I fx ki, ,fx F ll ,Dx s'Ssl,x 4 H Elf- KL xi ff, 4'lig,?f,4i Nil' -,ge XQ- Y "v'y,xx f""", 4. ,f' XQ 'U gk : X-J i.,"Q- YL Z N -' kill -1, ,A X N if . V., H, Ji. . . " ,"T f. so if 'f' ' . f a l Q, ' I S NE li 'X ki-X ly' ,f ,J f- ' h ,f lr. an gl 1 if if ,J if 'if' .- O Q if 1 ' 'Y F ' xs- L .'!, '3 hifi., R , X :pf +5 if-M rl V213 xl 5 . 'W' 'KJV M' X V Q Lf, av x VX- If fl 7 , x . ' n - 1 u f 'W XJ r W 1' ' hx U X JN ' Nix X ' f'- J 0 ' . , Xu I, ,P my , ' R J X' Loft In riglrt, .vmtwI.' Allen, Blzmclxurd. S'lm11I.'11g.' C. Edgerion, Mrs. Ponder, Dorsett. ! T E l R A D E 0Z5ECl?T'4S' J. D. DORSE'I"l' CHARLES BLANCIIARD President Sc"CI'l'f!L7'1 J COUHTNEY EnGEn'roN ROY ALLEN Vicl' Prrfsidevzt Trffasurrfr Mus. GRAHAM PONDEI: Azlviscr f '- .ffl Q X 'lj f , jf. ' 'T JT-- sis? ,X Q L -ai - A ig wg? , - Sw ,, .by A - gy ' gifggy lifv' Y YL: 'ui 1 gif DD, - ,xfifxx X--V1 'TW-,V fx.. ' ' ' :. Rf" 'Vw ' i" 'N 1 'f' 2,1 1' x 99-. .'-: 5 P? 3- VY fl 1:67p-f. at - R .A -N: K N ' A ' 'fl'-fx-AMN fx' ' X "Q -' ' f' fi' ,AN -3 " ' 'XD xv Q of ea xr V ,if 1 v Af A- X ,J 1' V I ' F, V " ,, 4 V ' - I eww' C Jyww f ' , f- Wm" ' 'UW WWW tl ng ee, if X 33 .f 2,964 , .div--4' ' f'LfJ"r,4.,L 742, QQ HEP' 94? First row, left to right: Second row: XX RubY Allen T E N T I-I June Bourne is Ben Armstrong Bobby Bridges X Marjorie Avent Margaret Briggs Jane Beulnan G R' A D E Margaret Brock Elizabeth Beatty Betty Calfery Charles Blzincliarcl Martha Chase John Bodwell Emily Cheshire Third row: Fourth row: Fifth row: Jean Clark J. D. Dorsett June Fouraker Frank Cline Ed Dorsey Billy Furr Bill Collie Clyde Douglas Dora .lane Garrett Mitzic Covington Daphne Dunn Julia Geiger Putty Cox Courtney Edgerton Anne Godwin Sarah Crowder Ruth Enloe Nick Hargrove Mary Anne Dixon Rosalie Fallon Jeane Holman l 42 l I 2 J If W,,- I .. if ffm -N? 'j l Sw lxxxff , 'il Q-16,2-,fl ixsf H, "Lf, xxf:-' I " 1 - .ff -, , - -. N fs fv Q fwix f gb 1 , ' . " J 'L ' w "' . K . Cl If Q K X fix-N frblxi y xi I ,fx , I XT Qt! , . 'L Xxj hi XX-l ,f llgf- , " I ,ox ' ' ff' , I. .l '.. fm , , 1 , -, 4 , 1, h I X ., J ,xl 7 fyjinjtij ,f -A Qx -xv I K l , X sh, f N . v-,C x W 'JNL-Hi XE !, 4 Xl if!! 'Nw xl -f De: 'X' w S 1 1 1 Q w , f X v '71 'lf Aw' "Q 1, 1w',,,1 .hzfy 'B I, W wr W 5 M , Q K - df f' 1 N f.l - ' D - Firxi row, left to right: ig h K ' ,- 'pk 'X . 1 Spcond row: g Surah Holt ' I-I 1 Y hfildred Lanier . fi Lee Rawlings Irlooghk' 'l 5 ll ' ,A Bill Lu :ence XS Mary Uean Hooper e-GX,,'1R if V E ' Brute N dford lhlillqilfflt .lqmnson 2 -,- r I ' N 5..A11nclX 'neberger I Mhrgargt J0l'dilll ' fy' A J ., if ,XJ Dor's ' loyd ae' ,5Billy Ikelly ' I . ,l X A-fl" X' N1 ' NJ Ehen Lyndon ' .J CllT0l3'11.KCllf'0ll j N THB! . Ruth Martin . X -J Thirzl :wr ' Alf! 1, hfozzrtlmifore'-:V Fifth row: VlNell uson -l 1 F- Helen Moore Mary Phinney 'xx if- llylxiclgyx Mayer A' 1 fin! Hxiilllllll Moore Jule Phoenix l N A Yf.lX11ri" lNIcCli mgllglln Ellen llffordecai Dorothy Pittman ff 1:5121 lwfxillllllllxlfff N Jean Morris Nancy Poe lgvetsgyyffllfclllilllnliy 1' if Bobby Murphy Frank Poole ' rrlrilia Minis ,I Elizabeth Niven James Reeves 'lv' Jgioger Moen Rachel Peatross Peggy Rowell A fr' E431 ff ' .ff ' ff J ,ff " f if ll SH , ' 3 , .fi Q .llfiidl xl 3522 fl L ii? A' ir: K Xin ' M xl 'Q xl Q 1, 'ff' Af? Q 'fi 'Q 'YET ' 1 ,AW xx. R .. 534W QVWW W A.. , 'Q W C7 fa. VCP' TENTH GRADE Firm! row, left to right: Bobby Schmidt Eleanor Self Forrest Shuford Clarence Smith Second rom: Mary Stephenson VValte1' Stewart Betty Stonebanks J0ll11 Swain ii Lucille Slllltll Gladys Taylor N Marjorie Soar Jean Taylor 5 Jack Spain Ben Terrell Third rom: Fourth row: A Frances 'llllHl'St0ll Hilllll lfVl1itC Cornelia Tongue Mabel Wiggins Martha, YVallace Alfwd Williams Russell VValton Frances Willialiis Bgtgy WVg11'rg11 DlCli W00dYVdl'd Anne Vvti?.ltllCl'SPO0Il l"runces VVyatt Frances YVclls Mary B- UPSh21W w l 44 l . fx, l ,A-, 'ir ,"Ni'., '2?j 7 I sf X I -, K W x w -' I . , gf , 1 ,Mi A ' , wx, ,X , .rf few a 4 iff 'wi , H 5.5, -ff -i SEA ' . JK:-rx . .-,l ,,X!, , . N 1 ,X . N . 1-fx. . Kg,- f"'X xv' 5 f xx ' rf',,x ' X XS clF',x . 7' ff XS U xNQ j. l fr, Y, N4 . J b X 4 KM . , Xl li f SUM vm f K l A , . l A i .N 4 X ' V fic 'A f7f"1i"'3T? ' , ' K. 'N fb X, 'f-' 1' .QI W xiii. X5 1, ,fix-Z V 13 g, xl 1, , xl bpmx bu lit Julmson NVi1llS 'Vlr Gcrou CHARLES Jo11NsoN Treasurer Mu. JAMES Gnmow Adviser f ..,x 5 mf 7' z ' b.. ,. .' '5..v..,.. xx: L " ' xi L xl Z X Nj X ,f X X X151 x x 'V ' 4 xx 1 1 x 'F 1 U, x K ry! f - 1, 1A 1 X J, fm-, Nyffj f X X 'LN f ' 1 x f R' r --'XX' " x fr I l fr H xx ,I f lx xv D ff VI XW R I " I 1 QT Ai, I efkvr-ova-1 Ha-a-uf-55-s-Sy I .fig h "' 6, V -J' QUQ.. an q-7 '99 Yi' ivg, M lr fe 75? ,Ha aiu G' ' it .1 if-25 '7'1- mr e if .X lr Ci '1 Eff J il,.g,A,Q,fnjil6 tn F. , . 1 ef- , 'lrst row, left to right: 0.91111 row: Mary Louise Abernethy N I N ' 'L' -Pjohn Baskerville Billy Allen " Jane Bell Jack Allen Frances Bland Joyce Allen G R' A D E Tom Broughton James Altman Al Burden Catherine Austell Joe Burn DeVan Barbour Alexa Carroll Alta Barnes Beverly Candle Third row: Fourth row: Fifth row: Jane Clarke Cheshire Betty Ferguson Elsie Mae Gyles Agatha Chipley Anne Foxworth Helen Hall Anne Cloyd Margaret Fulton Thomas Hart Virginia Cohoon Lorena Gaddy Henrietta Hampton Ralph Coltrane Bill Garrison Betty Hicks A Betty Whit Durfey AIIIIC Geogliegan John Holloway Frances Erwin Elizabeth Grimes - Gilbert Farrior Hazel Goodwin I 45 l , "1 .'.11:-- ' , 1- Razr- fff' ff' , f f' rf! .4 " 'X , ' f A W K: f-ftfy I I A 1 . A 51 gg .fa , fx " 5:25. 1--if , -:A K '1i:T.414- ,- Xa " Ji 1 H-1 it , 1, RQ?-AL, .W any 1 -1 .' V xfg, ff", 1 it ,ff-'ihw-.IQ R ,X A .1 ' rx X fi J' A 'v 'X ' ""- ,C.l'qJ"'x ' 1. ,f ,xnxx 1. 1 f A 1- A 1, .rilfj 1-an 1 - aff 1-A, 1 Q we it YW W5 it I-Wagga, 431-el M -ii zfjxli, iii: hLU'fi-9 4-5 1:7 'Cf T 5,y,j,gQM ,, I I I Q ' DJJ. I :QQ-ive Q- Q' if g Y Y I an 'rw my W 5, , V iff f 4 :ZZ i .. W :'- Eli K A A - T R ' ff' - ' i .Q 5 N - I 5 h U V fl! it F , U V L kgvwumxsr W 4 1 . L an W 1 15 - af " In f First row, left to -right: Second row: Pernon Howell N I N T H Geraldine Moore Robert Johns Susan Newnham Sarah Jordan Patsy Ovcrstreet Pearl Koonce G R A D E Mary Jerman Panton Florine Ledford llflargie Parker Miriam McDonald Mary Pearce Kate McKimmon Martha Peatross Jim McLacl1lin Olivia Perry Third from: Fourth row: Fifth 1-mpg Catherine Rogers Bill Storey Helena Williams Jack Rogers Dorothy Tippett Rosa lVinbourne Celia Rothgeb Blake Van Leer Betty Ruth Windes Thomas Sanders Braxton Schell Doris Smith Betsy Snipes Annabel Stancil George Vann Don VVeaver Evelyn Ann Wliite Jack White Thomas Willis Sarah Wooten R. L. Wrigllt Jacqueline Yelverton Cora Lynn Young 'LS'-vgllnzlf I 47 l ,, ' 2, if . ' ' ff' f "" ff' ,ff HL? ,Kia ff X , '-if-' ', " Ag . 5" I f .9 ' " . V . - lf , ix' 5 Q-'X ' fl l 'S'-V '. . 'N S l "4 , f X R inf? l 1 Z' xx 'Six' ggi 4 if X ju , X .-Q X iw V f te X51 ,Nmffl Q 4 f Kew. Yr- . X iff. X3 -. X. - i 3, - X. I : V-I .gg ' 7 --xx A ,I ' N, 7 5f'f"'e X " -'A ff' xv 1.'lEf'f T' vxfix l 'X C ' 7 v - to 5' VU 1 'Q-by X' ,if viii: X1 Q fx, xl 9 fy - 2 Ill xl I 41 . ' , .4 ,. fr 4. Thomas Allen Powers Cozart Hawkins .gr- m,,,,, .-. EIGHTH GRADE Officers JIMMY ALLEN Pwsicleizt JACK HAw1c1Ns KATHERINE Powmns Vice Presirleizt Treasurer HILMAN T1-IORKAS Mn. CozAR'r Secretary Adzfiscr 1'Il!ll' 49, first row. Nfl to righl: Closson Allen, Jimmy Allen, Jill Allen, Elizalzutln Amlrews, Juanita Anderson, John Armstrong, Blilftllil Brown Askew, Nvllfll0l' Betts. Sfwouliy raw: Ann Cewtei-, .luck UlliLll1lll!l'lH,lll, Marjorie Cole, Betsy London CIOITIOII, C. A. Dillon, Jr., Bulaby Emanuel, Soft Fleetwood, Betsy Fox. Third- row: Marguerite George. Sybil Goevch, Ruth Gray, Mnrtlla Hzimrick, Jackie Hawkins, Lewis Hicks, Billy Kenyon, .lean Kigcr. Fourllf row: Roger iKlI'Cll0f6l', Anna Lou Kntz, 13il1'b1l1'fl Rfl2lllll5l', Pansy Martin, Betsy Dell Maxwell, Nadine McGhee, Mnrtlm Menrcs, Harriet McMillan. ff' .fi ffl' fi ff f f -N-W A . f 'f fl A A ,i -ei-1 ff .A L- if iw Q iff . iw . , 1 if x J 'Y AATQXLL4 if if CL ix rg -X -'iii-5 -in f":,lX,ifF "QNX, .Q yy, . w N4 ij X . H --Q R . ww 1 - ' W A mi ' v' x If .A Q A 5. , f X il, N, Ai ,K-SX X fx XXQ, ff If ii .J 'frfr in ll ,fl ' ll -EX i Y! I Y 'fr ,. N N .lf .2 5.4.4- Xg.. X ik. 'Vi li X N jx nl fffw f-H 111. X. l .L Rl' -na 'n E WW! 1 l A - M .nf 5 A V !,. H. ,, 13-w v, v " F I . - E, r .-W 59? -v,r-gm ... M, -Q. Ps rl. -pf -- YH' .,. . 1 5' diff? wwwff ' K 'W JZTSZQSSEEA 4u- 1. l nd ff' f fa' I l L- ' K M l b .- ' " ' . ,mf .1 E l QU - , ,2.. M " 'ff 475, 5 Q 5: .- Q.- ,JW nm 2 vw rg 'f'?'V.5 . . X ,wx Fifth. row: Myra Miller, Calvin Mitcllcncr, Allah Nf'XVl'0'Il'lllL', Billy Pm'lcvx', Ralph l':1rlis, I5Ell'bi'll'2l P1'Ill'l'l', lhwutlly ,l"L-ulmlcs, Kullwrim- l'owurs. ' Sllrflz v'u1I': IDLIPOIIIX .Rm-yuulvls, Vivian Sn,mlr't'lin, Mihlrcxl Sllfmwallllw, Billy Simpson, Evelyn Sinclair, lllllllilll Tllunms, -Ivan llI':u'ir1 'Pl'1'llfll'IIZlll, Nunvy UI!!-1llll,XV. Nwrrfrzlll rnzv: Ann XVQNIH. Joan, XVl'NlL'l'filJld, luill'L'll.l'Uf, lVilson, H0lIL'l'f NViIs0u, f:P0l'Kl,lL1lllG XvlIll'l'l'K?, 1xfill'f.YllL'1'il.L' xvtllfll, Betsy Paul 17ClYL'l'tUll. 1 wh Hi: ' ' s X- :Ex ' .X w wx l' I-i9l P 1 W. f 'if , fi ,A . W. . f.. 'A- ,f ' . ' l ' ' A ' : -N, fu K ,f 'X- 322 1-1L,f Kg we , MN: ,A fx f'4L-ff ' , -1,-f-X , X f ,xfj f, , ,K 5 , XMA. ,N . . ,xxfff U, . Sl V21 ' x4x-4 Afkfzx L25 ,V XX i xl lrlv 'Q R4 X,l7X-xx. Xb 4x 1' 14"w- fxx .. -'ffl 1 'P' 4 7 fx . I lx fu' f wf 7 -' N l Ji A ' X 4' , , - ff . f' fl-.Q lf' " x ' A f V" ' 'I 1 ff 'df Ni' W 'I I ' I' ' X 5 I f' , xl if if ff ., Nl y lf 1' N, y 1 lf We ,J Message from the Principal To the Students: My first year at Broughton has been one of genuine pleasure. Students, faculty, and parents have made this possible. I could not have expected better cooperation and a better spirit. Students have led the way in making this a happy year for after all we are working in the interest of youth. The Broughton spirit has become a part of my being and in this spirit I live to work for the betterment of the school. Our purpose is to enable students to develop into well balanced personalities. In order to do this we offer a broad program of work to provide for the varied interests of all boys and girls. New conditions and circumstances make it necessary to add new courses from time to time, thus broadening our program even further. Progress is made this way. It is our purpose also to offer a broad extra-curricular program. VVe believe there is a need for student participation and expression in experiences which are more essentially like out-of-school and daily life experiences than are the usual classroom procedures. Our school endeavors to provide an environment conducive to the favorable growth of these experiences. A student body of over one thousand has many and varied interests. Additional activities as well as an activity period in the schedule have been provided this year. Other activities will be added for the next school term. Aside from the value of individual and group participation, many honors have been achieved by Broughton this year in extra-curricular activities. The senior class is publishing and making possible this animal for us. To this class We extend our hearty thanks. It would be impossible to measure the fine con- tributions whieh this group of students has made to the Broughton school. The school is better as a result of their having passed through. Many examples have been set for other groups to follow. Now that we bid them goodbye and God-speed, let other groups move up, fill their places, and press on toward even greater achievements. In concluding the work of the school year of 1938-'39, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to you, students of Broughton high school, for your splendid cooperation and loyalty-students of whom the World knows no finer. Sincerely, PAUL A. REID. ffl. , r ' .Q"'f ' -jfiif' ' . ' V-rf , lx 1 T-,-' V I I I tty,-NxL50:l 4 I g,f,,i Q Q .EJ 1 L,-Y!! 4 5 , off'-ftx 4 J.---2 'Vg--1' .sf-'A f-fel -f Q 4.4 X f--ff xt ,ff ' fs v ' , N, mf . n -A . ef. sag, i J ii -r 'avi -' w i..frls. X4 X, 2. as , . N M fa f K., 1 X wg, .V ' - I 1 N 1 i s 3: i 4-fa. '- X N, I e . 1- c rs. - f 11.7 4, Urifl W, .fjf-f 'gif X5 V 1 ,,f,f9 L 1 yy ' 11 ' ' ' I , 1 'axfj - X 1 ,I ,',- M- ,png W V fy: .gy Miz 11 - 1 .111 1 --'- ,h-'sg-fuzz-H-'xr "fe3s1a,ff11'1'.11--'w41'-wxwagqapssff 11 ' "www,- " M- A211172 .1.1.:1L.5g,'L:'.--111',1:,f.'1f1M11 f., -1-11 '- 'Ju-. .1 ,.. K , " .- , 1 1- N.. E2?1H'L:f.L,' -55,,L'YQ'-3!7"K?ff, .z-f1.'f'i"'1f:. 'T'ft5'71'- 115: -, 'Hi - ' '11 '.f,'-- ' 1F"',- -:1gi'iz,'L,9:7.1w ' fr' ' ,V -r"' , ,.,,, . 'iff g . , , , . Z L ' :W :. .. . ' ,-,-fn -' ' 1--Sim. ' 1 'MW - ' 1' . . -. . 1- - 1..,w ,1 , xe-az,-1., '- ,, ..,. . ' f . '1 1541.115 , 1175:-gf1u,g,g1i-,1g,m,.f, 1 3 .- P6 ,, -Lv ' 91,11 -I -- N, , .V y-,.:,,z,-gsfryq, - , 1 1' ig . ,,,.,'fij , ' 1 4- . 1 ':Zf,'fQf.l",-'Ti' 1:15:41-r' Lg'1.M.. QL-..,f ,,.1, gf -5-1:1 611. 4. A 1 , Ww:3,n-QQ,-1-xv-e,,.. -.,. ,f1. -11'f 1 1 ,1 1 ll-'lf'-' . 1 - -,P-::z.1QTi,,g,g2 ' " '. M5 3 51 ' 11fggp1'1"' , - 1,153 Q3 3- 4, - .nf 1- 1-, , m..-J 5 A f - 1 A 51' 5' x ,Q-' V I .6 . M g ki, 1 , . .Z I: 1 f 5 5 , t ,.,1 ' ,Lg if . if -1 y aw w -- , ,G v ' . ' ' HH ' wi? T- 1- 1 li . X 1, J ' fl! lf' '4 51, , ' ' 1' 'K : N 1 'Pfkx fr -Af.1'e1. fl' 11. 1 W1 11 1 .Af 1 - f., H,-7521-'.4' 3'i1 .:,f1n11-15 Q- '3 - 1 X 1 ,, ,. Y . Q '11",: .31 1 -- . , f 1. 1 , x - 1 ff if M Q '- ' f- 1- 'iiihi ,L 1 . 2 Y, , I ., ,, . up-. ' fy- . ,K . . .. , ,I .QI - ,- , , . . 'Q ., ,J 1. X' L- 1 1 fx 1 234 msg 1' A 1 1 . 1 , . . 1 3 1 . V x I 1 - 1 ., " --12:4 ' H11 1 fsqgiigvffikklmxyq, ,, Y ,E 1 75, If fv H 1 1 M1 1- 4 . 1 . -345,11 KJ-yi g1.,15,fg5gig3f:?z" '15iQ is '.. , n. 1 fig , 1 ' HN g 11.: - , X A--Q 2-,pg 1,1 -ws . , 11' 4:15 . 1 , 1 1-111411.-Z11,'. 1 . , 5 - , 1, 91,4 .f.1:, 13.5.1 N45 .4 1 L , . ,VJ , IM11, ,, .V U., 1. , .L .K A ,ih.i1!L:-Tf1ffg hj1 L.. 5 I V - 4' 5::,xuy1k111l1,3 . L 4 Q1 -',13,,-3 if 11 , , , 1 ', - - Q1 A 1 1:1 1 Rx , Q1 33 11 .4 sth Q.. ,14 5 ' Ve' 3 , ni M , --4 1' A -, -1 ..g5.f.,5:,-gf' I--41 .1 Q f J Ly ' fs ' av '1 ' f '1 ' 1- , 1,3 J ' l ,. A -5 " X 'Q ' ' 'MY 7,1 1 1, ,4 , , X A 1 i 1 ' ' Se, 'f .5 54 T.,-ga. ,f S,..ff . ,IA . . , . , , vb J 1 I ...f I W! I z:'::r.",,- X. X ???g51..'1 - 7 I M +L .25-551 iff '1 "- 1 - ii " ,-S' 1' -11' ' ' I sfWr125F!'fi"1' 7,3515- .- 3 '1 Q.. -, '11, I, 12.3 A 1, Ir , fi-533' fi' ' I ,,., 42:5-,. , , ""'i . , ...U-A 7,.,1gij I , 'R.Q1L1.v2'1i:,g 11, if ' I-4451 ,I -Lg.: f u f x X 1 JOYCE: "How is the work goin-g the-re? OLD TOIU: "W'0rsc rmcl worsu, which is to say more fmd more.. Jolm Borden is Cl demon or lrlbor. The mwzf-the f cdfmts the P Q 93 bullies, the fmzorosi, the 7IZ'lllC0'IZ1ll31l'lS, the S6T'Z7l7'Lg-'77lC?71f, the gclolcrs-all gr2l1n,ble and growl, but he laughs and sings. And wnftor--wa-ter-water. Vffcll, well, well, when tho springs of the world run dry I shall restf' .f J .M ,X 'qt ,My . ,-1 all AQ-I. xi ,fs ,, ,A mp: 'ilu 4 H we? Left to riglzt: Mrs. A. D. Soar, Mrs. R. B. Reeves, Mrs. V. E. Bell, Miss Jane Beatty, Mrs. WV. L. Noneman. Parent-Teacher Association EXI+lCU'l'IVE BOARD Mus. R. B. IIICEVICS, Pwfsiclmrl Mus. A. D. Soma, Vive 1,l'0Sl1'f'llf Mus. XYICTOII Bl-:r.I., Trmaszuwr Mus. Cnvm-1 IBRXVIN, 1e1il'UI'lIlll!l S!'l'l'l'lIU'-lj Mus. XV. I.. Noxmmx, llislorinn Miss JAN1-: B1-:.x'1'rx' Oor1'esmmlin.1 S!'l'I'l?f!H'l Mu. Pant. Rinn Pnrliunwulnrinn J . . . CI-IAIRMEN OF STANDING COlVIMI'I"l'lClflS Mrs. C. F. George, Mrs. John Swain, Mrs. Jule B. XVarren, Mrs. XV. WV. NVhite, Mrs. C. D. Egerton, Mrs. R. I.. McMillan, Mrs. R. Il. Crowder, Mrs. J. A. Clark, Mrs. J. F. Bryant Mrs. R. J. Pearse, Mrs. Broadus VVilson, Mrs. R. H. Garrison, Mrs. NV. I... Spencer, Mrs. Roy VV l I vis Mrs N I W"Llker Mrs H P YVilliams Thomas, Mrs. VV. L. Mayer, Mrs. are .ev ', '. . 1. f , . . ., I ' ' ' " ' l rg. H 'Q' Rawls, Mrs. N. G. Mrs. B. C. Allen, Mrs. R. O. Moen, Mrs. Julian Rani, M s or ue Fonville, Mrs. B. J. Lawrence, Mrs. George Goeghegan, Jr., Mrs. XV. P. Lawrence, Mrs. N. C. McDonald, Mrs. David NVeaver, Mrs. E. F. I-Iilker. GRADE MOTHERS Mrs. R. D. Ledford, Mrs. R. M. Rothgeb, Mrs. XV. NV. 'VVilliams, Mrs. J. J. Vann, Mrs. H. VV. Minis, Mrs. S. L. Stealey, Mrs. NV. L. Mayer, Mrs. E. E. Briggs, Mrs. Dewey Dorsett, Mrs. L. E. Blanchard, Mrs. Thornton Chase, Mrs. R. M. Corniek, Mrs. D. G. Cox, Mrs. VV. S. M D R Ponton Mrs Vince Swift Mrs. Stuart, Mrs G P Hood, Mrs. Jule NVarren, rs. . . , . . - , Ben Lawrence, Mrs. C. B. Moore, Mrs. R. H. Reynolds, Mrs. A. P. Love, Mrs. F. V. Crane, Mrs. Carl Goereh, Mrs. Ralph Park, Mrs. VV. E. Olsen, Mrs. H. A. Fisher, Mrs. B. C. Allen, Mrs. J. L. Emanuel, Mrs. C. K. Mahler, H. Powers, Mrs. J, WV. Goodman, Mrs. " ' I "1 1 -' I M C :han Hobbs, Mrs. V. E. Bell, R. 1. Newcomhe, Mrs. F. VN . lemple, Mis. J. XX . Bunn, is II'l 1 Mrs. R. I-I. Garrison, Mrs. C. T. XVi1larcl, Mrs. W. E. Jordan, Mrs. N. C. McDonald, Mrs lord Mrs NV F Bolton Mrs E H Roberts Mrs. R. H. Garrison, Mrs. J. I-I. Rawls, E.L.C,',. .. .J. , .. . . ., . Mrs. A. M. McCabe, Mrs. J. VV. Mordecai, Mrs. A. D. Soar, Mrs. S. H. Hassinger, Mrs E. H. Spruill, Mrs. A. 'I'. Allen, Mrs. H. K. NVitherspoon, Harris, Mrs. F. C. Tuttle. I --..:,ff3 ,X ,' ,- - , ,f 1 ' ws'-Pr. in -gifs . ,. 1.31 fl, ' 'U f.. J,,..f" 'xx-14, ,A Q K-'T-iii H sf., ,, X I 'vilgwfx DFI ,,f f as .L ' ff' ,NX nf ff-f'ff', ef' f. ' f 6L"k..,g s,A,., Vx Q,-XX V. ,q,,kr3 J ,iffr is A ,.wl.' lyfl I ww " ,Q . rr .1 . ff , ,gal -Nj f-X fs. I ,cf-se I I sb .s, , Mrs. C. VV. Bradshaw, Mrs. R. F. X? f . Y. --,xx xi Qi, M 4Q' X ,1 V 1 -. . 3 N - .. f. L., rw. W Ki N.!'7 ll 5- Student Cozart VVatson Poole Hull Sapp Dorsctt Willis Olivers Gnovun POOLE THOMAS VVILLIS President Secretary WILLIARI WATSON Treasurer and School Store Ma11,a,ger J. D. Donsn'rT Vice Prcsizlefrnt School Store iflSSlKlll1If.5' Vtfilliam Watson, Mmmym' Courtney Edgerton Bruce Ledford Donald VVeaver Henry Kitchen Bobby Schmidt John NVilson Mns. A. C. I'IAI.L Mn. DAX'lll Crnmnvx' Adviser' School Store Allzfiscr The Student Council is the one organization in the school which reaches all students and in which each student has a part. Keeping the motto, "Approve ye the things that are excellent," constantly in mind, the council endeavors to set up high standards of conduct and scholarship, to satisfy all student needs, and to improve conditions around the school. In addition, it conducts all major elections, and grants charters to clubs organized in the school. This year our school, as usual, was represented at the State Student Council Congress in Kannapolis by a fine group from the council. We were proud, indeed, of our own Vice President, J. D. Dorsett, who was elected Vice President of the State Student Congress. m fl' ff fl f", 2515? T 'fT"'l541 T T f' -is if r,f4:w- Li! our 4 iff i 'f 1 -f 2 'W r 'F fl' A -SSS'-QWXTH. X xx-31 X If C X24 aff it 1 it X, ef we X eff: - A l fs - .ff lp . , F- ,gf ,i x I K . ljgjixf ,,,x 1 c, ,ic X c ,fu V. for o -fi S. o 5,1 'ff H .. o i 9 if 1 1 ,I " ' Q. ' Y ,- ,ouncil The Council sponsors three social functions during the year, a tea for new students at the beginning of the year, a "Student Leadersu banquet in the fall for all oflicers of clubs and classes, and a party for the members of the council in the spring. One achievement of the past two years of which the council is very proud has machine, which has been been the purchase of a thousand dollar motion picture paid for in full. A new curtain and cyclorama for the stage and new drapes for the auditorium windows were also objectives realized this year. The Citizenship Honor Roll, a unique plan for recognizing the outstanding student-citizen was conceived and made a reality by the council. This pro- gressive inovation has been widely praised by parents and students. Activities in the school will surely achieve a greater ctliciency in the future be- cause of the splendid work which the council has done. COUNCIL Right row, bottom. to top: Eugene Roberts, Anne Harris, Helen Andrews, Nell Koonce, Virginia Melvin, Bob Kohl, Henry Kitchen, Melville Broughton. Second row: Helen Hall, Marjorie Soar, Raymond Kimball, Florine Ledford, Elizabeth Ellington, Lawrence Holding, Jim Oliver, Carl Sapp. Third row: Helen Broughton, Billy Kenyon, Betsy Carter, Ann Cloyd, Anne Hodges, Edward Austin, Graham Hobbs. Fourth row: Betsy Fox, Hilman Thomas, Thomas VVillis, Charles Penick, John Young, Ida Dunn Harris, Reynold Tucker, David VVillis. Fifth row: Charles Blanchard, Bill Story, Betty I-Iilker, Oliver Harris, Braxton Shell, VVilliarn XVutson. Standing are: Mrs. Hall, Aflviserg J. D. Dorsett, Vice President. f c-ef: ,fu as ff 'S ff' . .- --J T fe - 4, we . f -Xi fx '3f""C!N-ill' S is ' lf' fi A-47 ffl 351 iggfk , Q wx - , J.. u xx- Q .nfs It 1.6 x fybyi JL, - X P XSS, gA!'1Jl14 ' - N, 5' AGN.: X y f , "' Ni' -Xi J MCI, Avg, XJ 6. I V, iff "5-ml , Xl ll H - -- - - " - " THE G roseclose Hardison Kirkpatrick Worth SARAH Looms PIARDISON Edifol'-i1L-Clzief BEN I.Aw1ucNc1s Amistzzrzt Editor HI?ILPIN JORDAN GEORGE YV. VVORTH , Typmt B1l8l7lfC.S'h' Dlalzagrr H. K. W'1'rHmzsPooN BILLY SIDDELL Phntogmplzers FRANK CQROSECLOSE Literarty Editor Miss CQICORGIA Klulirxriucli iLAXVRENCE BALL A1l'visc'r Sports Editor In presenting this LATIPAC to the student body, we hope that we have approached in some ineasure the excellent stalidairds set by the staff of lust ye:nr's IJATIPAC, which received an honor rating from Columbia University and the National Scholastic Press Association. We have tried sincerely to produce an annual, that will please the entire student body. If this has been accomplished, we ask no more. LATIPAC Mary Coggin Margaret McKenzie Nell Koonee Carolyn Carlton Louise Scott on-r Snap' Lefl' lo riyhf, fra! row: John I-Iolloway, Dorothy XVil1iams, George Fairbanks, .1dz'i.w'r. Svc-and row: Carolyn Happell, John Riddle, Dorothy Hooks, .-l rl'zrisw'. Siuff Jlrzzzbers Rosemary Unclerwood Helen Broughton Leila Mcliimmon B usfnzfss Stay' Ihrie Pon Cornelia XVa1ker Harriet Browning Phyllis Schwartz Laura Powers Top rom, left lo right: Ida Dunn Harris, Martha Lynch, Ed. Austin, Miss Georgia Kirkpatrick, James Mitehener, Sarah I-larclison, George XVorth, Katherine Rogers, Mary Anne Dixon, Marjorie Avent, Elizabeth Niven. Secoml row: Roy Caveness, Harriett Browning, Margaret McKenzie, Lydia Moore, Dot Shannonhouse, Elizabeth Bolton. Third row: June Johnson, Nell Koonce, Kathryn Norman, Caroline Carlton, Margaret Briggs, Dorothy Durfey, Cornelia Vliallier, Betsy VVarren. Fowlrllz row: Peggy Rowell, Louise Scott, Helen Andrews, Margaret Massev, Frances Crowder, A 1111 Foxworth. I Aliikf loxmdu Silofwzf X. Qu.L..,.,,.,, :Shaw 'i ' v5-,Q,,..l,-J V N 'J O1 Qld, to Hwy G, ww rf' J fvv-FC. . JAMHTL . N Q 6.Lu.u Donald Weaver The Candid Camera Club Ojicers H. K. WITIIERSPOON DEVAN BARBOUR Presizlent Secretary-Treasurer JAMES EDWVARDS Miss Doms :LASSITER Vice President Adviser A spring exhibition of photographs, in the school art gallery, featuring still- life, landscapes, and action pictures, was the outstanding event for the Candid Camera Club. Viforking towards the goal of understanding their photography better, the members have equipped a room in the school with all the necessary materials for making good pictures. Many products of the club's dark room were used in this yearis LATIPAC. Throughout the year, under the expert guidance of Miss Doris Lassiter, this enthusiastic group has become more and more proficient in the art of taking pictures. Illustrated lectures--demonstrations of printing and enlarging-all have given those students who selected photography as their hobby, a broader view of this field. Sammy Long Mac White Margaret Lassiter Jule Phoenix Dicky NVoodward John Baskerville Joe Burn John Tannery Ann Castleman Mary Coggin Ralph Coltrane VVorth White Park WVhite Henry Kitchen Charles Blanchard Jerry I-Iilker Virginia Steiger William Olsen Hugh XVilson Tom Briggs Martha Meares VVeston Parker Margaret George Dorothy Swain Hilman Thomas Lyndon Mayer John Woodruif Billy Ruflin Buck Wilson Pope Garrison Betsy Atkins Jeanne Trentman Harriet McMillan Alfred Xvilliams Betty Lundy Billy VValton Anne Love Lewis Hicks Betty Stacey '-,Munn-' I x 3 ff fa.-is X , In ,, . V '- ,xbi If , i ' xxx, '7,, J' : 1 it ,. -e!ff5'i eff! i Q x NYE QA .REL-up ,P X, xxfi NN , x .1 .e p y . - e, ' A! ,, 1 ,JN ml- Q V2 ' X he X i ' A 1 ,Xb X5 f ,I --riff, U X' J fl if YN, Xl ,ll 7 I Xl 1 ti Hi-Times VYIRGINIA HASHINGER Editor-i'n-Chirfj' NANCY TU'r'1'I.E Mavzagivrg Editor me MAllCiAllIC'P CnoMAn'1'IE U Bu.s'im's.s' lllanagrr Miss JANE l3IsA'r'1'Y A 1121 is 0 'r Hassinger Cromartie Tuttle 1 Seated, left to right: WV. T. 'llllOIllilS, Betsy Anne Clendenin, Davis Stanton, Roy Caviness, Miss Jane Beatty, Margaret Cromartie, Jean Hicks, Louise VVells, Margaret Callahan, Carl Miller, Nancy Tuttle. Smvicli-ng, front row: Walter Lewis, Jim Oliver, Ihrie Pou, Graham Hohbs, Frances NVells, Jimmy Fulg-hum, .lane Beaman, Helen Babbitt, Lelia McKimmon, Helen Wright, Ann Hodges, Virginia I-lassinger, Carolyn Happell. Back 1'o'w: Courtney Egerton, Buddy Murray, Melville Broughton. Q ,1 ' I I! 1' V' I W - ' VA! ,ff I 'ff J ,ff AQ , ft lf.f:i' 1 ew f url fi f SSL, '- Lx? .F - , was 'I I + ., p Q.. Q N , "-' X13 m- :mai in 1 'X13' - -19'-' . I I . - + , I - . XX I ,. 1 - -. - 1 X ' , ' - X -1 - W., 1? , x ki I Y. t L7 YQ r ' 3, 0.1 V I 1 I lg F - i K X, -I 5 .fx Nj - -st , --'- . ,X' I 5. " 'E ff' ,Q VN. N u I' ' Si, X ' , 1 ,AV-kt:-. f " ,ff-I SQ- U 1 N-X.. N? 9-f ff W ff I, u ve -.f I in vw- v rw, ' 611112111 Coggin Joyner MCMllllll Groseelose Eatman The Llttle heater Ojfcers KA'rn1aRINE No11MAN BIARY COGGIN P1'e.s'i1Im1t Treasitrfr JFRANK GnosEcLosE DonoTHY MCMUNN Vice I-'resident Ifislov-ian RODNEY ANN EATMAN Mus. O. K. JOYNER Secretary Adviser Mix well one hundred potential playmakers and a dozen one-act plays. Add one operetta, a dash of spirits of reorgzinizzition and you will have a picture of the Little 'lll1CZl.tCF,S activities this year. Through all its productions, whether presented before the Workshop group, in assembly, or to tl1e general public., the club has tried to give every student interested in drzxinuties I1 chance to realize his abilities either in stageeraft, make-up, eosturning, acting, or directing. The continued interest of the inemhers testify to tl1e success of this endeavor. Because of tl1e ever increasing number of junior high school students who mani- fested :1 mighty enthusiasm for dramatic work, a second or junior club was formed which will supply their needs in the future. Orgznuized, also, for the first time, within the senior club was "The Golden B'Iasque1's," an honor society to recognize outstanding Work in dramatic art by stu- dents and to promote interest i11 all dramatic activities in the school. ur 601 n Frrml row, Iafft to right: C'a1'olyn 1-Inppel. Lois XViiliillllS, Dorothy Sliannonlwnse, 3iill'gill'Pf Lassitc-r, Marscarut Hairston, Jean Hivks, Grave Bailoy, Jvanno Sltc-lion. Margaret Callahan, I-lt-lon Bronzltton, Mary hon Stoplu-nson. Ifnvillv Smith. Bon .Lawrvm'v, Ellytln- Lynn Roberts. Smvnul row: Annu-ttc Spruill, Bolsy Ficlrls. Ruth ltlnloe, Llvlon Wright., Anno Harris, Harrivt Browning Jliiiliiblfiil Bolton, .Innu Johnson, M:tt'g:11't-i, M4-Kunxio, Georgia liussos. lrmna Rnssos, Virginia Clcninivns, Marjorie Kooncv. - Tlrirtl row: llmlnvy Eaiman, Elf-aimr Vurvcn. .lost-pltine Bt'aclsl1:1n'. llurntlly 1l'm-Mttnn, Laura Nav Powvrs, Doris Marsltburn, Helen Bubliitt, 1i?ll'LZ'ill'l'l Massey, Halen Antlrows, Mary Lily Arvy, 'Virginia Mt-lvin, Noll Mason. I"ourll: row: Mary FFZIIIIQQS Puwc-ll, Martha XVallac-4-. Alan Maclntyrr-, Eilgar Coopr-r, Doris Clark. Kathryn Norman. Betty Smith, Mary Coggin, Caroline Carlton, Ruth Bailey, llnrothy Butlzlinflivltl, Rin-ltztral Fiolcls, ,i"1'ill1k Grosoulosc. Fifllt. row: Mrs. Joyner, Floyd W'l1ite, Bill Dvrhy, Jimmy X'Vl'l'lll1, Harry Goodwin. Julian liilalu-ly, Jule Plmcnix, NVarrt-n Chester, XVl'slcry VVallavc, Bob Kohl, John Young. Artlnu' ltlnfflallm, Lawrence Ball. THE GOLDEN MASQUERS 'T' 1-...-.fd B3-ani' "'f'f?5'.j. , i ff, 1-11. X .' N' 1 1 Seated: ICiI,tilCl'iIlC Norman, Harry Goodwin, Jule Phoenix. Stcmrliu-g: Frank Groseclose, Dorothy McMunn, Bill Derby. f61J Junior Little Theatre The recently organized Junior Little Theater has already become a vital and en- thusiastic center of dramatic activity for the Junior High School students. Work thus far has included original play writing, student acting, directing, staging, and make-up demonstrations. With the training and development they receive in this club, the students will have a splendid foundation in the interpretation and produc- tion of plays on which to build when they join the senior group. The ojicers are as follows: John Alexander, Presidenig Katherine Powers, Vice Presidentg Jane Bell, Secretaryj Caroline Goodman, Treasurer. The members ara: Jill Allen, Betsy Fox, Charlie Hostetler, Jean Kiger, Betsy Paul Yelverton, Betsy Carter, Wilmer Betts, Billy Bradley, Betsy Dell Maxwell, Ruth Gray, Emily Fergerson, Marguerite Vllorth, Betsy London Cordon, Al Burden, Margaret Caldwell, Dorothy Peebles, Closson Allen, Fred Senter, Nellie Jeffries, C. A. Dillon, Agatha Chipley, June Freeman, Betty WVhit Durfey, Margaret Agnes, Barbara Mahler, Jean Tliomas, Betly Lundy, Jack Lancaster, Ann Lee Kutz, Pansy Martin, Geraldine Hamilton, Grace Younger, Edith Lee Burgess, Virginia Moss, Joyce Godwin, Nancy Upshaw, Mary Alice Stell, Katherine Klyman, Laura Massey, Elsie Mae Bennett, Julia Moore, Martha Meares, Sybil Goerch, Elizabeth Jobe, Hilman Thomas, Sybil Eve Brooks, Betsy Atkins, Martha Hamrick, Thomasine Cates, Mildred Showalter, Anna Vtfatson, Barbara Pearse, Celia Rothgeb, Nadine MdMw,Pmm MmMmH,BMmy1hmgMmnlMmm:QMkn.hm1Anmhmm,Jm Hdmy Annabelle Gill, Susan Newnham, Robert VVilson. Pattie Roy, Alexa Carroll, Beverly Candle, Ann Wade, Jean Norwood, Elizabeth Grimes, Margie Ann Gregory, Marie Andrews, Dickie Manning, Bill Storey, R. I.. Wright, Joan W'csterfield, Ann Carter, Marjorie Cole, Reid Towler, Paul Campbell, Graham Spencer, Ralph Coltrane, Juanita Andrews, J. C. Holland, Moiiit Fuller, Turner Gray, Carlyle Morris, Betsy Snipes, Patricia Allen, Charles Hicks, Joe Burns, Frances Hoagland, Jean Perry, Mary Helen Wilson, Hazel Potter. E621 First row, left to right: Catherine Austell, Ruth Kost, Helen Hall, Hazel Goodwin, Edna Earle May, Austin Lemon, Frances Erwin, DeVan Barbour, Sarah Jordan, Betty Barringer, Dorothy Flory, Dorothy Tippett, Nell Harris. Second row: Jim McLachlan, Thelma Nveathers, Betty Ruth NVindes, Carol Temple, Jaequelyn Yelverton, Evelyn White, Frances Bland, Eloise Bazemore, Martha Peatross, Jimmy Christian, Vllilliam King, Jack Goble, Lyndon Mayer. Third row: Billy Kohn, Doris Smith, Patsy Overstreet, Ann Cloyrl, Miriam McDonald, Lorena Gaddy, Mary Ferguson, Mary Jane Anderson, Lucille Smith, Grace Horton, Mary Alice Nance, Nell Mason, Anne Foxworth, Peggy Gattis, Rex Collins. Fo-uurth 1'o'w: Jack VVhite, Elizabeth Fields, Florine Leclford, Evelyn Ann VVhite, Margaret Fulton, Lorraine Glenn, Julia Webb, Mary Pierce, Olivia Harmon, Carmen Harris, Susan Ncwnharn, Betsy Snipes, Elizabeth Grimes, Jack Swift. StIll1llf'li.1I.' Strotber, Aclvi.-re1',' Frank Poole, Donald VVatson, Thomas Hart, Eugene Hurd, Robert Johns, Edgar Cooper, Blake Van Leer, Braxton Schell, Jack Allen, Bill Garrison, John Holloway, Robert Pearce. Latin Club Ojfcers FRANCES ERWIN DEVAN Bnnnoun SARAH JonDAN Vice President President Secwffzzry AUSTIN LEMON Miss MELISSA S'r1io'r1rEn Trerr.s'u,rer Aldvisei' U 71 photogm plied M 0 mb ws Alta Barnes Patty Cox Cornelia Mims June Bourne Jane Clark Cheshire Lucy Rountree Agatha Chipley Dickie Manning Nancy Scott In their informal meetings, the members of the Latin Club have an opportunity to learn in an enjoyable manner many things about the ancient Roman civilization for which there is 11ot suflieient time in class. Interest was greatly aroused by thought-provoking plays and discussion on such subjects as K'W81', in Caesar's time and in our own day." i631 7 ,Ez.:,f'4,uM'f"'-9 ,ga 711+-ww? .G A1- v I---,:. Left to riylzt, front row: Ben Lawrence, Bobby Schmidt, Roy Allen, Mac White, Robert Reynolds, Betty Jo Newsome, Geraldine Dawkins, Lois VVilliams, Betty Stonebanks, SIWOIICI row: Ellen Lyndon, Stuart Cooper, Arthur Burnap, Lawrence Ball, Jim Oliver, Bill Fletcher, Ann Hodges, Calla Goodwin, Dora Jane Garret. Third froze: Virginia Melvin, Betty Smith, Bill Baker, Jimmy Reeves, Bobby Newcomb, George VVorth, John Bodwell, Robert McMillan, Forrest Shuford, Daphne Dunn, Elizabeth Beatty. Fourtlz 'r0'w.' Jack Bryant, Cale Burgess, Reynold Tucker, Bob Bourne. Owen Reeves, Harvey Hinnant, Edward Austin, Jimmy Bailey, Jimmy Fulghum, Emil Hilker. eutscher Verein Officers FRANK GnosEcLosn Presiflcnt RonEn'r REX'NOLDS PEGGY Rownu. Vice Presilleizt Treaszarcr MAC VVI-II'l'E Mus. A. C. HALL Secretary Arlvism' Si11ce Germany has figured with increasing prominence in world affairs during the last fevii years, the Deutscher Verein is one of the most vital and important clubs in the school. To give its members a clearer picture of Germany today has been the aim of the club in its programs for the year. Motion pictures were shown which presented Germany, its resources, people and customs. Several outside speak- ers gave talks which helped to make for a better understanding of the psychological characteristics of the modern Germany. Other programs were given over to the study of German music, and literature. At all meetings, the members experimented with conversational German, sang German songs, and discussed current affairs in relation to the present-day Germany. - ' E641 4,4 lnpal. YY,Y Smfml, Irfl, tn riylzl, first rom: Billy Kelly, John hVO0l.i1'lliT, Alfrc-ll NVilli:uns, Lziwrm-nee Holding, Mr. D. lfl. Stan-nos, ,fl1lr'im'1'g Eclwzircl lkiclgott, Nick TIm'grm'v, Betsy Sluoonmker. Smzlwl, left in riyflzl, Slflfllllll row on sh-lm: Dorothy i,Clll'Ci', llurotliy Durfey, Gloria Temple, Josephine Bmdsliziw, Laura Ayres. Scmlrrfl, Ihirfl run' on xlvpx: l+'r:inr'is Slioeuizxlwr. Mzulelinu Grundy, Jeanne Shi,-lion. Stmuliiul, Inf! fo rigfhf: Charles R-ue, Uni-l Mw:Le:1n, Hobby Iiriducs, Il. II. Honeyenti, 'Vance Swift, Henry Kita-hen, Ben Terrell, David Willis, Frunees Wells, PL-lu Kelly, Bruce licslforil. Spanish Club Newest of the iilllfllil. 'e clubs in the school the SJ?llliSil froui has been most ra iid in , I ainin' an acc uointance with the colorful buck "round and customs of the S manish-5 meukinf , A 1 i- D . countries. Painless education in the torni ot zunusing oral quizzes and spelling bees has formed ai. lar 'e mort of irofrauns further endowed bv interestinr short lectures. l . 011ic1'l'3 L:1n'renee Holdinsr, l'r1'x'i4Z1':1Ip lid. Paulgetl, Vice I'rwzsi4lr1zf, Dorothy lfJiii'fey, S4'er1'll1ryy David NVillis, TI'UIISlII'l'l'j Mr. Dewey Sturm-s, .-irlrfxvr. W5 r 5 if ALLAN Mm'lN'rYRI-2, Blllll Iliaizisr, Jlolm Youxu, Boi: KOIIL. adio Staff' The Radio Staff was organized in the spring of 1939 for the purpose of giving students the experience of producing actual radio broadezists. The first program was presented over the air on March 23 und regular twice-weekly broziclcasts were presented over the two local stations throughout the remainder of thc spring semester. I 65 II . ,N-1 5244.4 L, I .Qf if 2 1 ' ' f 0 1 -of-,rf Mo-a 'fi r V4 ,A f "ff I 'Left' fu right, ffllllff row: lvinrtlm Lynch, Idzi, Dunn Harris, Mnrg:n'c1, MI-Kcnzic, Mary Coggin, Pwxizlrrilg Virginia Pon, Kntlicrine Kirby, Jean Hicks. Svcnnfl rnzv: Mary lflliznbcth Johnson. Eleanor Ve-11-1:11, Ann. Harris, Annette Spruill, Bc-vcrcltv Middleton, lSI:II'gr:1rot, Massey, Ruth Wyinun, Harriet Browning. Tlzirrl 'rou': XVultcr Lewis, Ann Czistlenum, Marg:1I'et Cronmrtic, Virginia Hazssingcr, Laura Mae Powers, Sarnli Hsu-clison, Carolyn Ciirlclon, Jeanette Clark, Gcorgrifi Kirkputi-ick, Arliiixr-r. I'0llHl'fhl row: Cornelia XV1l.llCGl', Jerry Storlmrcl, Ed Dorsey, John Young, Melville lirougliton, Frank Morrleczii, Arthur McC'zibe, Ben Leonard, Maury Ellen Sumter. Le Cercle Francais Ojicers .NIARY COGGXN President IDA DUNN HARIIIS lM:AIiGARET MCKENZIIQ Vice President Treasurer VIRGINIA POU Miss GEORGIA KIRIIPATRICK Secretary Aflviscr Profitable to a student of French, in addition to :1 thorough acquaintance with the language and its literature, is :In understanding of French civilization and its cou- tribution to individual and social culture. Since limited class time docs not permit many discussions on subjects of this sort, Le Cercle Francais is a specific means of accomplishing this end. Through the activities of this club, the members are able to gain a greater facility in expressing themselves in French and to acquire informa- tion which will enrich their cultural background. E661 , ,,-.WY -9.1, . , 1"r0n,l5 row. lcft lo rigfhb: 1iIlLl'g'2lil'0i7 Jordan, Carolyn Kenyon, Murg:u'et Hairston, Betsy McMillan, Bon Arnlslzrong, Ann Godwin, Anne Wcnthcrspoon, Mary Jean Hooper, Lonnie Alford, Jenn Taylor, Frances Viillinms, Morj orio Soar. Srcnnrl 1'nu': Nancy 1'oc. Hilnh White, Surah Crowrlcr, Helen Andrews, Betty Jean Miller, June Johnson Mary Lon Stevenson, Anno Linebcrgur, Mable XViggins, Eleanor Self, Hclen Moore, Ellen Mordecai. Third Tllllli 'Betty Caiffury, Jean Morris, Virgrinicm lVcl,ih, Leila McKimnxon, Louise Stanley, Lois Risley Elizabeth Blakely, Juliet Groseclose, ll'ln.1'y Bryant Upshnw, Betsy Vlfnrron, Anno McClenughn, Betty Tudor, Mary Stevenson, Marjorie Avent. l'0'Ill'Hl, row: .lean Clark, .Tunnitn Cates, Mary Phinney, Clarence Smith, WVnlter Harris, Mr. Storncs .izlriiswg Juno Fourulier, Oscur Huy, Harold Joyner, Rosalie Fallon, Frances Xllyutt, James Mituhcner. Je Petit Cercle Francais Officers IXNNE WEATI-IERSPOON LONNIE ALFORD Presirlcnt Treasurer MARY JEAN H0O1'Ell BEN ARMSTRONG Vice President Sergeant-at-Arms ANNE GODWIN Mn. DEWW'EY STARNES Secretary Adviser In providing an interesting prograin for beginners in French, Le Petit Cercle Francois has had many interesting meetings devoted to word games, using an elementary French vocabulary and short talks on French foods, castles, and other subjects of equal interest. If67l sys.: Raleigh High School Band The sound of brasses-woodwinds-tympani, a waving baton, two hundred feet niaking rhythmic patterns on the grass. Behind the precision of these moving figures were the many afternoons of concentrated practice and drilling, which gained for the hand the highest possible rating at the State Music Festival in Greensboro. Mr. Millard Burt, the band director, has been untiring in his efforts to produce an organization of which both high schools and the community may be proud. He has been instrumental in obtaining engagements for the musicians at various local and state functions. Furnished with new uniforms hy the proceeds from a concert in the city audi- torium, the well trained bandsmen have lent color and beauty to all events in which they have participated. Rufus Allen Ben Armstrong Charles Ballanee Helen Bobbitt Jack Bryant Tommy Briggs Edgar Cooper Ed Crane James Edwards Don Etheridge Charles Eisenherger Broughton Nlembers Paul Etheridge Margaret Fulton Charles Gardner Pope Garrison Oscar I-Iay Mary Jean Hooper Bill Howell Tlioinas James Charles Kuhn Hobby Murphy Oren Palmer Jule Phoenix i Eugene ltoherts James Rhodes liverettc Spikes John Swain Joe Taylor Buck VVard Billy VValton Hugh Vllilson H. K. VVithcrspoon Carl XVllll1I.IllS Ruth NVyn1an E531 ff Science Club Oflferfrs Hon Koul. BUBISII-I SClIlx1In'r Prrfsirlwnf View l'rrfsi1Ire11f l'n.xxcr:s XVI-:l.Ls I'Il'1I.I'IN I-IAL1. Serrrzflrlry 7'r1ms1::'m' .-I rl'vi.vrfrs Miss Ellingrton Mrs. Root Miss MCIJlf2ll'IllillI Mr. Cozztrt The Seienee Club is at direct outgrowth of the various seienee classes in the school. It enables the student to follow up in detail scientific activities that are impossible, because of certain limiting factors, to curry on in regular classes. Its chief aims are to make the student more conscious of Science, and the part it plays in his life and in the life of the community about him, :ind to develop and further his interest in science. This yenr the club is divided into tive specialized groups, eneh ot' which concentrates on some particular phase of Science in which its lneinhers are interested. These groups come under the folowing.: lieadings: Chemistry, Nature Study, Tnxiderxny, Model Airplane, and Field- trip. NATURE GROUP Clifton Antlrt-ws, Sannnlie Atkins, Torn lironghton, XValtex' Brown, Ilot Flory, Doral Qlnne Gnrrettz, Helen Hull, Edwin Ilutehins, ltlveretl. Jones, lluth Kost. Penn Malrsllzlll, Kate M4-Kinnnon, Dorothy Pittnntn. llorothy Tippett, Cora Lynn Ymuig, llosn IVinlrorne. CHEMISTRY CLUB F'l't'll Allvn. Jlohn Hotlwell, li. 0. lirogden, Arthur linrnnp, Lynwood lfznrwell, .linnnie lfnlghzun. R. IJ. Guyton, Niek IIttl'gl'UX'l', Len Ilood, Gordon Ilowell, lloh Kohl. Qlrunes Mitellencr, Oren ll!lllllt'l'. lirnnlc Poole, tfluu-los Rue, Forest Slllllllbftl, Graves Ynnn, .linunio AhViI,l'tl, T501-kv Bunn W'itlu:rspoou, Dick XVoodw:n'd, Ull2ll'll'S lVright, Iiuth 'tVynum. MODEL AIRPLANE GROUP Rufus Allen. .lnnn-s Barbour, Hornve Bradley, XV. T. Cooper, l'ld Crane, lien Ili:-lcson, lioh lllmuntwl, Seth Fleetwood. Bill G':n'rison, Joe llnrris, -Iuuk Hawkins, Joe Jzlrnngin, Roger Kit-ellotor, Us-orre Mitehell, tlztlvin Mit:-llencr, Duke B'ltll'LQ'tl,ll, Allnn Na-n't'oinbe, Ernest. Pzugge, liillllil l':u'l:s, Billy Simpson. TAXIDICRMY CLUB Roy Allen, James Altnnin, l'ltl. liostieli, Rulpll Coltrane, tllmrlus tiau'dner. Jaunns Hilker, Dnvitl Hunter, Thomas James. Huy Mansfield. lirneo Massey, tllmrlos Norwood, Bobby Sfdllllltll., Thonuls XVillis, Roy Yelverton. FIELD TRIP Joan NYC-sterfielcl, Nancy Upshnw, t'lrn.nt Moen, Billy Kenyon, Sybil Gooreli, Ann C'urtor', ltlnhle Buueoln, Surah Wooten, Mario XVo0d, JilL'lIlI0lXll Yi,-lverton, Beisy Snipt-s, Doris Smith, IVilnm St-ngroves, Nora Let- Russell, l'luL:0ne lflt7lliI1'tIS0ll, Patsy Over- street. Susan Newnhaun. Marion Mt-:ult', Toni Kirby, IIGlll'l0ll1! I-Iunipton, lilizftbotln Grinues, Iluzol Goodwin, Betsy Fox, Mary i'vt?'l'f.Q'lISU'll, f,iill,llt'I'lllt' llnvis, 1tltl,l',lOl'llS Clole, Utility Bnrringvr, lvrnnk Anderson, Robert Wfilson, Sydnor Steady, Morton Pizer, Iitlj'll'l0llll Perry. C'hnrles Pt-nielr, C. A. fllillon, Jim Clmndlor, Al Burden. Xvlllllil lietts. Sum Atkins, Dorothy Swain, Virginian. Steiger, Betty Stn:-y, Lney Moors-, Harriet McMillan, Ann Love, Rnlph Knight, Dorothy Burton, .Tonn Bostiek. .Tenn Thomn,s, J. B. Kidd. Peggy Rowoll, Clnsson Alton, Mitzie Covington, Charles IIostetlvr, .lflrunc-es XVells, Marguerite XVorth. Cutlwrino Rotrers, Betsy Cordon, Ann lllaxlone. l'lvl'lyn Sinelnir, Elizzlboth Cmnphell, Ann Foxworth, Ilailton Carroll. .Y W7 rf C ravi Cui. it., Lfvfiffm to stiff 'tvs ..w.nA4., 01132 Srlmtval, lrft In right, from row: Miss Helen Rnnnion, :llI'l.YfX!'7'j Bill Dozier, Jauues Mitchiner, Ben Lawrence, Alfred YViIlian1s, Mae Yifliito, James Riggs, Ed Austin. SI'1!0'llfIL row: James Edwards, Courtney Egcrton, Jimmy Bailey. Shnnling, left to wiylit, front row: llob Bourne, Sl?Gl'i'ftH',Ilf Johnny Bmmon, VValter Lewis, Prfsirlvntg Albert Foster, Jael: l'Si'y:in'r, Ralph Moore, Jim Johnson, ll. li. Pouton, Pope Garrison, Rollei-t Reynolds, George XVor1h, Bobby Neweonih, Stuart Cooper, 1'l'GllJ1'll!'Q"7'. Secoml row: Charles Blunvliard, Billy Kelly, Jack Spain, Earl Mcflrary, Roy Cavinoss, David XVillis, Frank Poole, Art-hur Cooper. Burk Tow: Roborli M1-Millnn, Virxe Prasirllfnlg Bniloy NVilliamson. Melville Brougliion, -Tack Noneman. osephus aniels' Literary Societ OWCGTS WALTER LEWVIS Prrmirlmzt ROBERT b1CBIILLAN STEWART Cool-lm Vice President Treasurer Bon BOURNE Miss HELEN RUNNIoN Secretary Adviser Since the society places special emphasis on public speaking and other subjects closely allied with this medium, most of the forensic material in the school comes from this im- portant organization. Miss Helen Runnion, the club's experienced adviser, encourages each member to take part in the debates which are a feature of the programs. This year, the society had the honor of presenting to the student body the Honorable Josephus Daniels, United States Ambassador to Mexico, for whom the society was named. E701 or I"irxt 1-nw. left to right: Margaret Hairston, Dorothy Dizor, Hilah WVlxite, Betty Tudor, Mary Lou Stevenson, Doris Clark, Sarah Locke Harclison. Vive' PI'0Sl'l1l'7lfg BL-tty Jean Miller, N0f'I'l'fllI'U,' Grave Foster, 1'r1'xi:hfv1fg Ann Hodges, Tl'l'llSllI'l'l'j Anne Godwin, Peggy Galtis, Nancy Poe, Margaret Snow Callahan, Marjorie Soar. Sl'!'0lilIl row: Mitzio f'ovington, Lydia Moore, Jean Taylor, Mary Ella Stevenson, Leila Melfimmon, .Tune Beumen, Martini xvillil, Betsy XVarron, ldleanor Self, Mary Ann Dixon, .Tune Johnson. l-Iarriet Browning, Helen An4lrm-ws, Mildred Lanier, Elizahetli Warren, Margaret Brom-lcwell. Third row: Pvwargy Rowell, Eleanor Va-reen, Betty Slonehanks, Anne Lim'-lrcrger, Ruth Enloe, Daphne Dunn, Marjorie Avent. ldlizahetli Niven, Mary Bryant Upshaw, .Tune Bourne, Ruby Allen, Dorothy Dnrfey, Betty Smith. Anne Foxwortll, Peggy Massey, Mary Coggin. Fourlh. rnw: Helen Moore, Julia Dixon Geiger, Lois XVilliunis, 1"ranc-es NVilliams, Elizabeth Beatty, Katherine Rogers, Mary Bridges Corniek. Margaret Jordan, Carolyn Kenyon, lfllizahetli Sliunmkor, Frances Shulnakcr, Catherine Martin, Mary Lily Arey, Betty Jo Newson, Frances Poole, Mary Ellen Senter. Fifllz 'rnwr Miss Jane Beatty. Al1l'l'Sl'l'j Margaret Briggs. Anne Mc-Clonaglmn, Anne XVeuthe1-spoon. Anne Smith. Betty Sim-viek, Frain-es Chandler, Elizalietli Blakeley, Anne Castlenian, Mary Elizabelli Phinney, Jean Clark, Nell Mason, Elizabeth Bolton, Mabel XVig:y.yins. Girl is iterar Society Ofvers GRACE Fosrlm PTK?.9llIF1lf SARAH Locum I'IARDISON ANN Honons Vice Pre.vifIcn.t Trzfasurer B12'r'rY JEAN RIILLER Miss JANE BEAT'PY Secretary Aclviser In the appreciation of good literature, thc practice of public speaking and thc study of oral and written composition, the Society has made fine progress, under the capable guidance of Miss Jane Beatty, who teaches English and journalism at Broughton. At successive meetings, the girls have participated in short debates, monologues and other dramatizations, and have taken a. course in hook appreciation under the direction of Miss Tucker, the school librarian. I71l V.. V ..- U an 3. onw- f'il5u?f :fig -1 1- , Frrml rnzv: Grover Poole, Miss Helen Runniou, alfI'l'lSl'l'j .l. D, Dorseit. Buch' ruzv: Billy YVindvs, Mac VVhito, Stewart Cooper, Jerry Stoukard. Forensics STATE TRTANGULAR DEBATE 4 Sponsored hy University of North Carolina QURRY: Rnsfili.-WI, That the United States should form an alliance with Great Britain. AFFIRMATIVE: J. D, Dorsett, Grover Poole v. Durham, Lost 2 to 1. Mm: XVhite. Alternate. NEGATIVE: Jerry Siockard. Billy XVindos v. Fayetteville, Unanimous decision. Stewart Cooper, Edgar Cooper, Aliernutes. DEBATES On April 6 und 7. NVako 'Forest College sponsored its first annual high school Speech and Debate Tournament. Over twenty of the larger high schools having a nine month school term 1lll1'tlCi1'Dlllf0ll in this tournnnient. Broughton sent its aliirniative and negaiive toums. Stewart Cooper, orator, and Mae XVhite, cxtempore speaker. In the ilelmtes, extempore speaking was stressed. Eur-h team debuted four times and the teams winning three out of four di-hates advanced to the finals, The Brou,9,-hton atlirinative and negative were the only teams to go undefeated in all their debates, The ailirmative, composed of Grover Poole and J. D. Dorsett, defeated the negative tennis of Lexington, Hendersonville, Durhnin, Hugh Morson and Rcynold's Hisrh School of VVinston-Salein. The ncgutivc team, composed of Jerry Stoc'kiu'd and Billy NVindes llufezited the 1lilil'll1ill'lVt! teams of Asheville, Lunihortun, Hugh Horson, Reynold's High School of Xvi11St011'Sl.lll'll1, and High Point, Because of this unusual record, the ,iudsros sf-leolml the Broughton affirmative and negative to clash in the iinal debate over radio station WPTl". A very close debate of Z5 to 1 gave the decision to the ullirnmtive, whieh as winner ol' the tournament, was given the Broughton Trophy, donuted by Mr. J. M. Broughton of Raleigh. In alddiiion to the Llel1ater's vieiory, Stewart Cooper won the orntorienl contest and line XVliite lilaced third in the extenipore spenliilig' contest. For hor brilliant work in 1'Il'0Klllf'lllZ two winning: teams, Miss Helen Runnion, coach, received the praises of the tournament otlicials and the deep felt, :appreciation of the students and faculty of Needham Broughton High School. l72l 'F 'Q Frnnf -ron: I:-ff Io riylil: linrl Na-Urzu-y. I-'luyd XVIiite, Jimmy Gr-row, .flrll-i.w1'g Jimmy Allen. David XVillis, I,I'f'8fIll'll'f lfravvn Turner. Cyrus King, Walls-r Lewis, George NVoi-th, Emil Hilkur, Robert Mc-Millan. Svvolzfl row: J. D. Durst-lt'. Ben ln-onurul, liill Bez-kwilh, Gralmni Hobbs. Robert Reynolds, Owen Reeves, I1':u'1'y Way Unrl Sapp. Melville Urouuliton, ll:-ynold '.l'ul-ke-r, Albert Foster, 'Buddy Murray, Jim Oliver, Buvl: Senter, Imwreiicv Holding. Third rnni: Hailey XVilli:unson, Bill Derby, Jerry S1ol'lc:u'd, Pete Kelly. l'Ulll'UI, row: Johnny liralton, .lim l"rer1n:xn. Hi-Y Ojficers DAv1D XVILLIS EMU. I-Ilmmu Prrns-izlmzt fl'1'!'IlS1l7'!'7' JIMMY ALLEN FLOYD WHITE Vice 1JI'I'SifIl'IIf SC'7'g6lL7Ili-6lf',.'1T7II..S' IVIELVILLE 1gROUGH'l'0N Mn. JAMES Gmzow Sfcrfiar-y Adviser In its effort to creatc, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character, the Hi-Y sponsored at the beginning of this year a "Join the Sunday school Campaign." At Christmas, the cluh sponsored at Broughton :1 drive for toys which were used as gifts for needy children. Through- out the entire year they have aided in civic and school activities and improvement programs. E731 Sl,II'Ill'ifll,!I. If-ft to right: Frank Poole, Russell Walton, .lohn Spinlcs. Thomas lVillis, Brzixlon Sm,-hell, Jack Spain, Guy SL-nter. SPIl1l'll, first row: Billy Kelly, Courtney Edgerton. Mr. .Tohn A. House, Arlrisfr: DeVan Barbour, Chu.:-les Hostetler, -.Tuck XVhiie, Billy Allen. Seated, second ro'u': John Boclwell. Grover Dillon. Ben Dixon. Clyde Douglas. Junior Hi-Y Officers COURTNIIY PLGERTON Pw'.9i1lf"rz.t TOMMY WILLIS BORAXTON SCHELL Vice Prmiclevzt Treasiwm' BILL KELLY MR. .lol-IN A. HOUSE Secretary A1I'ui.s-er Originated this year the Junior Hi-Y has made an C21l'llCSt effort to give to junior high school boys the advantages of the Hi-Y's valuable training until they become old enough to enter the senior organization. i741 Outside circle, left to right: Flora Goctzc. Hazel Goodwin, Kathryn Norman, Marjorie Soar, Margaret Johnson, Mary Joan Hooper, Harriet Mclilillan, Dorothy Swain, Barbara Mahler, Virginia Stager, Betty Stacy, Betty Stonehanks, Margaret Jordan, Naomi Harmon, Miss Ellington, Miss Lewis, Elsie Mae Gyles, Mary Frances Mitchell, Betsy Yelvorton. Dorothy Scruggs, Katherine Powers, Nancy Upsllaw, Jean Marie Trentman, Vivian Napowsu, Dorothy Clifton, Pearle Koonce, Juanita Cates, Mary Faucette, Mrs. Fonvillv, Olivia Harmon, Katherine Bray, Elsie Gupton, Elizabeth Ellingwn, Edna Earle May, Ellen Lyndon, Mary Ferguson, Henrietta Hampton, Katie Austell, Anne Carter, Marie Andrews, Celia Rothgeb, Betsy Atkins, Peggy Rowell, .lean Morris, Anne Goeghegan, Helena Williams, Jill Allen, Jean Clark, Geraldine Dawkins, Frances NVilliams, Ellen 1Nlorducai, Ann Linebcrger. ln.-rirlr' lriumflzf, left to rilyllit: Lorraine Wilsoii, Marguerite George, Virginia Moss, Ruth Gray, Grace Horton, Louise Smith, Betsy Dell Maxwell, Marjorie Koonce, Ann WVC2lltl'l0l'S'llO0I1, Clora Askew, 'Dorothy lVell,ding, Joan NVc-sterlielrl, Mary Catherine Lovelace, Dorothy Peebles, Jean Rhodes, liflargaret Caldwell, Lorraine Glenn, Betsy Fox, Julia Geiger, Elsie Dupree, Virginia Atkins. Sara YVoolen, Helen Hull, Betty Bnrringer, Mary Catherine McDui'fie, Jane Bell, Geraldine Moore, Joyce Allen, Mary Badger W'itmore, Juanita Anderson. 4 My irl Reserves 9' -Ojicers FLORA Gorrrzn HAZEL GOODWIN P1'C'SidlfHIt Secretary ANNE LINEBERCQER DIARY JEAN Hoorrzn Vice President Treasurer Advisers Miss MARY OLIVER ELLINGTON MRS. PAUL A. REID MISS OMA BLISS LEWIS MRS. NIARY SUI? FONVILLE To carry out a theme of Discovery in their programs, the Girl Reserves have studied with interest and intelligence many current subjects in their informational and instructional group nmetings. They have conducted services of worship and World fellowship and have participated in many worth-while community undertakings. In the recreational field, activities, such as camps, hikes, and various sports con- cluded a well-rounded program. E751 Q L5 sl A Q ,ff 1 ..azifL,: H5 Akk-f 1 1 1' - . N ,Qi ,A U ' X 'f Lf, N- , ,, 'WL gg W X ik Q lui rn . . e vf 3 Q ' ff L761 BOYS' AND GI Photographed in Tatton '14-Q E' "'iWf?fL F ,115- , V I ,,1j:'.' K-' M ,' ' - ,Q l 3, Y . 'X N ., , V L '--' " " . ,, :. J, , by 3533? .- .. ,. ,- 1-,.,--..-iz, ,., We Y? '. F' 3 ,. 91:5 A . ,. N -7 M 3 m ,' 3' Q 'Wx l 1 , Te? V ' Q. x M ,.: JK 5 xx Q . i S. ,, .. jlwgzpgurf-K 'Q CLUB of DIY. and Mrs. N. li. EdgL:1't011 ,LA i' A ,.. 1: ' , V Q54 Fl .f w It , f' K9 " digg ,L figkoff Lf- '1"5f'lff.7 givgl . 1 ,Q N 'ff-iff 645 ijjfgfemrfl V-pf .f 1' ,pfva Vfilff 1 f 77 1 , 'ff n ,,i4 .' 'ff -viii,-QL, ,fgfyggj ..f'Qff'4-5'L,-114: j 4 , ' '- L 7 A r vc iff ,M . f V, f'.,jJf-Ay - ',,L44.g4,, ,--K--v ,f7f47w2,7373,.:-'I .' ' 2, 4 m 'Q is Y, 45,52 in .Q:'i,U'-u:gfg,11 x :ffm ' lg- QEFESQZ- L'1lEh'divf , it ,ni :Ev Q N ff- - vwsfgh 1823 -' 5 'w'QZQglf3l2S"' ' 1-'f'?6fi3t,!iip ,J Y f' gg H Glee lubs To sing intelligently, to listen intelligently, but above all to develop taste and discrimination in music-these have been the aims of the Glec Clubs. Selections from the great con- trapuntal works of Bach and Palestrina, compositions of eontemporaries, Sibelius and Gretehaninofl, representative folk songs of many countries, and American Negro spirituals, make up an interesting and varied repertoire. The students who take part in this enjoyable medium of expression maintain that their musie class is the most relaxing and entertaining part of the dayg and at the same time they are building up a means of permanent pleasure for the future. Ojieers 130313 Girls Jnxus Enwaans, Presirleill Gxmer: l5.x1Li:v, Preslzlmzt Da VAN Banuoua, Vive l,l'0HlIll!llf H Annu' XVAY, Seerclnry Rxcnaan J ON ics, Trensu rm' DIISIIICXV EI.I,liN Eno!-:n'1'oN, fllaseol First Tvnorx Billy Allen Clifton Andrews Billy Bradley Lyndon Mayer Fred Sealer Billy Simpson Firxl Juanita Aiken Margaret Bagley Joanne Bostiel: F ra nees Ca rt er Mary Alice Carlton Jennctte Clark Ann Gloycl Doris Clark Margaret Crum a rl ie Rodney Ann Batman Rosalie Fallon Lorraine Glenn Martha Ilamrielc Barbara Mahler Jerry Moore Doris Nichols l7BQl Miss Man Seeollrl Tl'nurs fllossou Allen lie Van Barbour Bobby Broughton Bobby Emanuel Joseph Harrington Penn lllarsliall llavixl Patlishall Davis Stanton XV. T. Thomas John XVil1ard llflllln u Kathryn Norman Nlarlha Pealross Rachel QPeatross Nancy Poe Norma Ross Pattie Roy Marjorie Underwood Cornelia XValker Martha l.Vallaee Dorothy XVerlding Louise lVells Evelyn Ann XVbi1'e Hilah NVhite Irene Nllhile .laeqneline Yelverlon Ruth Yarber Many l5r:i.I. Tiionipsox, Vice Pmsirlmvt Ka'1'1l1zYN NUIKDIAN, RUTH l5AI1.l-:YJ Tre :FRANK GllOSl'JCLOSIi, ni. Knxvox, flclviscr Me ra If c rs Boys Firsl Bass .lobn Alexander Bill Berry .Lee Hood Robert Kohl Hugh Moore James Rigsrs .Timmy VV:u'd Harry lVay Dick XVood ward Jolla Young Members Girls Seeamrl S0lll'fl7lU lllary Louise Abernathy .lane Bell Helen Broughton Frances Clninsller Geraldine Dawkins Sibyl Goereh Maclalene Grancly Ruth Gray Mildred Jeanette Betsy Dell Maxwell Betsy MeMillan Bevereilr- lllidcllelon Mary Franves Powell Emlythe Lynn Roberts Belty Rumbaugh Betty Smith Louise Stealey Camilla Yllatkins Secretary fISN'l'!1l' 1-lcconipauisl Srfeoinl Hass lVarren Chesler Jannfs Edwards 'Frank Groseelose Elwood Harper Alton Hath:-or-lc Joe Hunt Rielnlrd Jones Thurman Kenyon ,Willi:1i11 Turner Alto Grace Bailey Kuth Bailey Elizabeth Bealy lloroiliy Befldinglield Kathleen Braxton Virginia Cohoon Calla Goodwin Catherine Gillis Mamie Jeanette Mildred Lloyd Margaret Mellloek Elsie Pearce fllorotliy Pierce Mary Bell Tlionipson Frances Wyatt T hifi ATHLETICS The many benefits derived from athletics in the form of group co- peration, better physical health, and greater muscular control, have drawn an increasing number of students into active participation in the many sports activities at Broughton. Under an able coaching staff and a faculty manager par excellence, several fine teams were developed and won outstanding honors in the field of com- petitive athletics. As the year progressed from season to season, a superlative football squad, which turned out three All-State per- formers, was driven out of the spotlight by the prize punching of Raleigh's boxers. Basketball again proved to be one of the most popular Winter sports and several intramural teams were formed among interested students. Producing an individual champion and providing one of the major sport ' GROVERQOOLE highlights of the year, the golf team South 'dtlantw Junior Champion brought thrills to the spring term. Baseball, tennis, and swimming were also prominent and created much interest among the members of the student body as days became warmer and thoughts turned to the out-of-doors. Those boys who were not able to make the varsity squads formed group teams and took part in a broadened sports schedule. The Girls' Athletic Association too provided a thorough program of activities. With a new athletic field and fresh material from the junior teams in prospect, the out- look for next year is very promising. V191 RAY GnEusoN IIHHIZ Fuoiball Coach y o urple Hurricanes on the Gridiron As usual, hopes were high as the 1939 Purple Hurri- cane, under the guidance of coaches Gregson and Brandon, started the grueling work of developing :mother splendid football team. The Hurricanes breezed through an easy 61-0 victory over Apex High to open their 1939 gridiron season. Edge galloped 99 yards for the feature run of the QZIIIIC. The following Friday night a record crowd of 8,000 fans watched Raleigh and Greensboro battle for 3 score- less periods. Midway of the final quarter, Greensboro completed a long pass for the only score of the game. lVilliamson, Senter, Dodd, Turner, and Allen, all-state center, starred for the Purple and Gold squad. The Hurricane's next encounter was with VVilson in VVilson, and the two squads fought to u scoreless dead- loek on a rain-soaked gridiron. 2 Led by "Smoky" Dodd and .Timmy Allen, the Caps jumped back into the victory column witl1 a 26-0 victory over Fayetteville. Envlx--lolin Borlwell, Johnny llolmes, .lan-lc Spain, Reynolds Tueker. tlflrziven 'l'uv'ner. Hailey Williznnson, Tru-ki:-.v-Xlf. O. Allen, Everettr- Brizgs, Melville l5l'0llHlliO'll, Paul Leighton, Diek Peziree, YVilhur Perry, Owen Reeves. ffllIlI'IfN1J0llll Brat- 7 ton, Tom Gould, lhuldy Murrziy, John Riddle, Hurry Smith, Kemp VVe:xver, Sinn Xlehhie. Qllllffl'I'bfH'fCN'?'i'L. M. Dodd, Monkey Foster, Andy Leselmk. Cfl'Ilff'I',Y-fl-Illlllllll' Allen, Bill Berry. FllllllllI'liS1'T0l'l'l'll Brooks, .Iohn Perry, llruion Riflflle, Frank Turkal, Drexel Wrenn. lInlj'Imrl.'s-J'ol1n Bizzell, lflveretto Dixon, Bill Dozier, llnlberil Edge, Bill llunnieuti, Curl Supp, Bnelc Senter, George Thompson. i801 'if 'iff' Allen B1'ig'gS Turner Sei ter ' W Reeves Riddle Perry Murray Foster illia -4 Tucker , Q The following week, Raleigh journeyed to Char . , S. 'nd ' gl back a 12-0 victory. Andy Lesehak, a new-comer to the Caps, - J . od YC the almetto City boys a taste of "Swing" football for the two touchdo s. The Hurricanes had little trouble in downing Wdlmington, 30-12 i11 their annual game played this year in Riddick Stadium. Raleigh continued their winning streak by beating a tough team from Spartanburg, S. C., by a 13-6 score. "Buster Buck" Senter and L. M. Dodd scored for the caps, and Allen, Briggs and Turner stood out in the line. Eight thousand spectators watched the Hurricane bow d0W1l to Columbia, S. C., 6-13, in a thrill-packed game played in Riddick Stadium. An intercepted pass and a last minute line buck gave the Durham Bulls a 15-0 victory over Raleigh in El Toro Park. Dodd, Turner, and Riddle shone for the Caps. Raleigh won their sixth game of the season by ' downing Rocky Mount to the tune of a 7-O score. "Smokey" Dodd scored in a pass from Bill Dozier early 1 is i11 the game. Traveling South for their final game, the Purple and Gold squad lost to Camden, S. C., in a close 12-111 en- A counter. Briggs and Allen, playing their last game for the Caps, starred. Individual honors for the season went to Jimmy Allen, All-State center, who was chosen as the most valuable player, and Johnny Riddle, guard, who was named as the best sport on the squad. V v ' . .:. gg gg Q" 'Z gi." ' rm EWQ333 EEE E as . K s W- E E E5 Bag nwggsshiilgi gg: EQM I gi- aww-ggffjeg' H 2 . QS 'Q -P , H S Q sr DE1V'EY E. STARNES 52355 7 .-.. A 5 I Business Nlananger 'K E3ii115M5.,5fiQ?i'i3QfES - V. l 31 l 1 N . ll. QA. R Junior Football First row, sitting, loft to right: Bobby Hairston, Robert McMillan, Jimmy Reeves, Carlyle Morris, Pemberton Hobbs, Carl McLean, Charles Kuhn, Charles Gardner, John Swain. Second row: Ed Dorsey, Jack Swift, Ellis Hamilton, Mickey Gould, Joe Bostick, Alfred Vlfilliams, Courtney Edgerton, Ralph Moore, John Vliilson, Bill Storey, Lester Chalmers. Third row, standing: Coach James Gerow. Joe Hunt, Earl Williams, Guy Senter, Kenneth Perry, Donald Watson, Jack Lancaster, VValtcr Stewart, Bill Mills, Robert Turnball, Grover Dillon. With only four veterans returning from last year's squad, the Junior Team of Broughton High furnished quite a bit of excitement during their '39 season. With nine wins out of twelve games, the "Juniors" are expected to he very strong next year. The "Little Whirlwind" is composed of eighth and ninth grade boys from Hugh Morson and Needham Broughton. Very few schools in this area have junior teams, consequently, the local squad had to be content with varsity competition. Coach Jimmy Gerow had around fifty boys out all season, however, the picture above has only the Broughton boys. Watch these boys "hit the line" and "make the tackles" in the future football in Raleigh. l32l ff Basketball THE SEASON The Broughton team, composed mostly of inexperienced players, made a credible showing against conference and non-conference foes, winning 6 out of 13 games played, the most exciting games being played with Wilson and Fayetteville. At several of the games, the attendance was the finest we have had at Broughton. Looking back over the schedule and the teams played we had iive boys who were outstanding. The offensive stars were Carl Sapp and Melville Broughton and the defensive stars were Everctte Briggs, John Perry, Craven Turner and Albert Foster. Front 1-0-zo: Albert Foster, Melville Broughton, Everett Briggs, George Tliompson, Carl Sapp, David Willis. Jfidflle 'rozcu' Couch Gregson, Owen Reeves, Craven Turner, Harvey I-Iinnant, John Perry, Kenneth Speight. Last row: Charles Kuhn, Mauagerj John Boswell, Grover Dillon, Guy Senter, Russell Scntcr. H531 X l N if .Nr '12 Fi, E341 Godwin, Gurnis, Shepherd, VVhitc, Elliot, Dodd, Bill Beckwith, Bos Beckwith, Gerow Boxing Prospects were hright as Coach Jimmy Gerow's 1939 edition of Golden Bears took to the squutd llllg., Such left-overs as L. M. Dodd, Floyd Vlfhite, J. P. Shepherd, and the lltllflllllg, ot the llglllflllg' Beckwith twins, Bill and Bos, after a years absence, added greatly to the high hopes ot Raleigh again winning' the State Championship. About L lll0llSllld fans gathered in the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium to see the Raleigh Pugs start their 1939 campaign with a 7-5 victory over Hamlet. Dyson, a newcomer to the Bears, and L. M. Dodd received T.K.O.'s to their credit. Raleigh very easily took their next encounter, a meet with Cary High School, by a score of S-2. The Bears next fights were with Bessemer City, and the Caps slashed out an SM: to lk victory. VVhiteville, next on Italeiglfs "black list" also went down under the Bears smashing victory march. Raleigh Pugs took their 'fifth straight win in XVil- rnington. Thus, with a clean slate of live victories and no defeats, the Golden Bears entered the ninth annual State Tournament at Chapel Hill, in hopes of bringing hack their sixth straight championship, hut a hit of hard luck and a new scoring system held the Caps hack. Bill Beckwith und Johnny Gournas failed to weigh in properly by only a few ounces, and were ruled out, weakening the team at great deal. Bos Beckwith and L. M. Dodd won individual honors and Leighton Elliott lost a very close decision in the finals. Even though the Pugs did not win the State Cham- pionship, Raleigh is proud of them and their line coach, Jimmy Gerow. Coach JIMMY GIE1t0WV aseball The Raleigh Caps started practicing for their 1939 baseball campaign with eight veterans of last yearls conference championship squad. Wel- come additions in the form of several crack hurlers gave an even chance for a repeat of the preceding team's victorious performance. Two practice games with Millbrook High were arranged an opener and the Caps came smash- ing through to win by scores of 15-5 and 18-1. Cary High School was first on the regular schedule to feel the power of the Raleigh teamls splendid offense to the tune of 1111-2. Besides putting the regular team through its paces, Coach S. O. Brandon has also been training a junior team, which will probably he heardlfrom in years to come. Coach Brandon, spending his third year with Raleigh, is doing, now as always. Coach S. O. BRANDON splendid work with a fine team. First Baseman-Craven Turner. Second Brcsenmn-Everett Dixon, George Tlionlpson. Tllirrl J?!lSL'7Il!?Il-J0lll1 Riddle, Buck Senna. Slmort Stops-Jolnmy Holmes, Marion Riddle. Uaicflzws -Gale Hodge, "Buddy" Murray. 011lfinldarx-George Davis, Halbert Edge, J. C. Goodwin, Ralph Heath, Alfred Horton, Frank 'l'u1'kal, Kemp WVeavcr. l,iLff,I.l?'l'S-CilI'l Bunn, Harold Cole, Lawrence Holding, Richard Jones, Hinkey Joslin, John Perry, J. R. Smith, XValter Stuart. "Q-3 " . . . ii" f 'HT-' ' "ffl ' ,:' - Y - 'r - , ' - 4 ., '-Y .. ' 3 ' .- .-' -' . . . ,ilk aan .. .Q ,,. , 4- 1-t A-- , ,, , ,, . I8-'51 Grover Dillon James Casper Grover Poole lteid 'Fowler State Golf Champions With months of l1eavy practice to their credit and the five veterans from last year's team, thc Raleigh golfers were able to make an enviable record in their matches with teams of various city schools. Their iirst important victory came when they walked off with top honors against very stiff competition in the South Atlantic Amateur Golf Tournament at High Point, and the State High School Golf Tournament at Chapel Hill for the second time. From these matches, thc champs journeyed to Tennessee for the South Atlantic Preparatory and High School Tournament. The team as a whole won fifth place, while individual honors went to Grover Poole, who took the South Atlantic Champ- ionship. By the narrow margin of one stroke, he dethroned Luke Barnes of Atlanta, who had held the championship for three years. i861 Vnnn. Ifurk row: Hinnunt. Broughton, .llizlzllr row: I5liu1elu1i'd, Johnson, Pnnton, North, Campbell. 1' rant row: Ball, Egerlon, Cuviness, Williams, King. ennis Though tennis is u coniparotively recent addition to the list of competitive athletics at Broughton, it shows fine prospects of becoming one of the major sport interests among the students. The team this year is larger than any of its predecessors and boasts a higher percentage of tennis talent. W ,Y Y, .L--'A ' ' .,. 8.9, CU-un., . I UL A54 1 . f re rr '-Ny. Slrrnrlinyl, Ivff In riylzl: Owen Reeves, ,llczriaywg Pette Kelly, Bill North, Frank Mordecai, Bob Hunt, Couch. J. A. House. Ifneclinrl: Billy Kellv. D. R. Ponlon, Arthur McCnhe. Co-rfnpluin Robert 'Reynolda .Tuck Bryant. Sitting: .Timmy Bniley, 00-Clljlfllflb Albert Foster, Emil Hilker, Moc VVlute'. K, . . bwimmmg' Under the direction of J. A. House, Raleigh Higlfs Swimming Team made an impressive showing. The Cup's gained two decisive victories over Durham, but were defeated twice by Goldsboro. ln the State Meet, Raleigh placed second to Goldsboro. Billy Kelly set El new record in winning the 100 yard breast-stroke. T371 5 "NU Tkftilf'-Yu. X ' .VX Yiixfl, ir , RLS X , . ual . . ' X' V-'J-vw g liiijs it rt inqxkga - M5535 time Clbvsil by-4.4.3 Girls' Athletic Association In an effort to promote a program of athletics that will be interesting, stimulating, yet suitable for high school girls, the Girls, Athletic Association has sponsored through the winter the organization of intramural teams to compete in such sports as basketball, volley ball and softball. To encourage leadership, Mrs. B. B. Bray, Jr., who directs the club work, has placed the majority of activities under student management, and stresses above everything, the enjoyment of sports and the de- velopment of sportsmanship and character. For girls who do not enjoy the more strenuous sports, recreational activities, such as ping-pong, skating, hiking, and camping are some alternatives. l The members of the association gain a wider experience each year by partici- pating in the State Girls' Play-day at Greensboro, sponsored by the State Girls' Physical Education Association, of which the Broughton group is a member. E331 . Ba! i wma awe gn! U-L 7,1441 an 4,04 9 -644-e,,4'zrf1J hw . jwaf., ffff,a4,Z4, 0 jfic 12 rs Maium Ji-:N1c'r'1'1-:, lJP'BSllll4'l1f,' lVIILDlll'lIl Jr:xE'1'r1a, S0!,'i'l?tfL'l'.l1 g Maxxum-nz1'ri-: XVIIITE, View President, jFItANCES Clxirrisn, Treas- aw'v'rg Gimcr: I'IOR'I'0N, Poinl lil?lf07'fl0'!'j VIRGINIA CLEDIENS, Ilrms Reporter. 'l'he members are as follows: Frances Abbott, Joyce Allen, Virginia Atkins, Helen Bray, Betty Broughton, Ann Carter, Juanita'Cates, Beverly Candle, Dorothy Clifton, Margaret Coley, Catherine Davis, Betty Ferguson, Emily Ferguson, Margaret Fulton, Nell Harris, Frances Hoagland, Charlotte Houlder, Elizabeth Jobe, Katherine Kyman, Margaret Kimball, Pearle Koonce, Ruth Kost, Lynette Little, Ann Lou Kutz, Doris Lloyd, Pansy Martin, Nadine McGhee, Marion Meade, Martha Mears, Mary Frances Mitchell, Virginfa Moss, Viviun Napowsa, Marjorie Parker, Barbara Pearce, Dorothy Penny, Nora Lee Russell, Vivian Sanderlln, Doris Smith, Gloria Temple, Nancy Upshaw, Ann YVade, Anna Catherine Watson, Joan VVesterfield, Lillian XVinston, Becky VVithcrspoon, Katherine Bray, Katherine Power, Marion Nel- son, Celia Rothgeb, Ruby Holder, Edna Ellen, Florine Ledford, Martha NVallace, Joyce Godwin, Betty Lundy, Marjorie Kutz, Hilman Thomas. K, lx . WW Nfl it Qixlfx Mus. B. B. BRAY, Jn. Director of Physical Education TOSS-UP H391 Y -1- 'H ,e - - ,,, I b ,Q mln...-:R-,, 'I-2- 1-ii: 7 - , .H ini, V I - ' Left to right, front v'oze1.' Mr. Ray Gregson, A41-visrerg Reynold Tucker, Craven Turner, Bos Beckwith, Bill Beckwith, Carl Sapp, Bailey Williamson, Floyd Vifhite. Srscolzzl row: Jim Oliver, Buck Senter, Everett Briggs, David VVillis, Johnny Bratton, Bill Luck, Albert Foster. Third row: Emil Hilker, John Perry, Jack Spain, Jimmy Allen, Bill Dozier, George Thompson, J. P. Shepherd. Fourlh row: Buddy Murray, Frank Ruth, Owen Reeves, Melville Broughton, Charles Kuhn, Laulrcnee Holding, Harvey Hinnant, John Riddle. Monogram Club OWCETS Blu. BECKWVITII P1'f'si11r'r1t I?LOYD XVIIITE Bos Bicckwrru Vice President fl'rea.9m'ff1' OWEN Rmavrzs Jnsmv IXLLEN Se1'gf'a11t-at-A rms B11sine.s-s lllawager RAX'NIOND GRLIGSON, .fldviser The Needham Broughton Monogram Club, reorganized after 11 year's inactivity, has tried to further good feeling and sportsmanship among the several athletic groups. The membership is made up of letter-men in the four major sports: foot- ball, basketball, boxing, and baseball. i901 ,fffi N . 5 -',n-WN.-.-Q-f f ' . in ff Qi:-A' " K A ' 1 ' " V F ..D' aRo1lnrVs4wa- Q95 ji,537,2?1ffaL'15f5 Q Wi lifgigl qi? fa 71+ The moclici-ne mmzx is 17C'I'fO7"77I'l"Il-Q' the corcmofny of tho corn hcorwest clcmcc. A wizcizccl spiniclly fmoieiit he is, mul -imlcul srwc for a breech clo-ut, his head fittccl with two ears of corn sh-ucks rcvliich stand 21, in like big ho'rn,s, cwicl aroimcl one eye fi Vaal circle mul zlroimcl the other Li white oiw. Ho ccm'1'ics ci fcfltlwrofl goilwl mttle mul fl blmit pzicki'n.g stick about two fact long. His body is bzithefl in the oil of sweat from his fll7'Clllly great 0lU67'll071-S. As the tempo of the orgfm music mul the swaying and berttiwig im21'eai.9e, he rezloilbles his eww'- tions firoimd the iclol. lfVhmi the tempo huts 'l'lZllClLL'll a climax, the mcclicine 'mimi flings up his hmzds with at wide souvmllcss gn-sp, falls mul lies still in front of his goal. The orgcwi 'l'L'l'lL7"l1-8 to fl slow tempo, the swayiizg zmcl boating likewise. 1 -A D Us '? 11N - 'L E' E -ii I X 'L vp - D 5 HQ I LE fi P3 - 32 H . ' L YF! AF 132' - F Ii 1 . fi w 1 .31 Q UZ! gf Y L A hu-"1 I 5? 1151 fl f F 'xx N, A 2 P1v. ,QM ' 4, , M fi U 9' 111, 1 Af 'A ' i, I A f 57 -5. 'I V M ,... 1 W - L 9 IIE' ., , 2 1 ":' :': ' 15: ' .V -1 , l A 1 'l wi 1 g W '11 S 385 A11fg5'E? f' . f -ubfv 1 111 1? 1 1 515fg1 E . . ,1 ee! A F ' h Q' -- an 'P ,, 5 1 'I h W 1 aegis' p 1 W W uv Q 1 1 E U' 1 E? X l"3f'l if E , ,,1,m 1 W C 1 1 1 1 2,511 1 ,.,Zfe.1.1, ,1 in A 3, A, , ' 1,l1wj?9J1' W 5 135553 1 W ? U M gl., 1 41 xxx 1 f! 1 1 E 1 11 . W , L " F5221 ' 11,- 5 Q55 J iv A fu. ' - I , '45 'uf ' :Wg ,, s ,H 95 vw , gxnxgfjibg 5 v Q 3 Q wzaggw -3? m 4. Q 4 . TLS wa" M ' 4, YI' 1 gg . 3 li I' If . 1 " F .ne I 1 Q Q l f ' O f "--r ti, YW ti 1' K f 'xv' :S .WV 5 2140" m "PDI W 33' 1, I , .,. , 4. 1 E, I, Q 1 EFA' ? . :frlf 1 L, . 5 1. A ,, 9: fn i J is J Q F, IZZ a...-w . 4 4.1. 'lil' 3' , X an , bf ,, W f, ,L ai is H Zz fi-,Q Nr. zu f' Wiiigxlg A 562, -.- V w ' vl- 2 J-A -- ii L- My f, 'j -.' i r :JJ '- xx fx N, A ' Y-.rf 5fjiQ' .... r eww- Jeff Y 1 .. Y . Jr' s M L'?""' JI x vga? ,F-FJ if gr Y' r1'V 03" 1 1' x hr! vi... P Cla MN ' ' . ' ' ,W lf, " -' ,. N' :SWE nk. 4 5 V EA' ZX 'L '43, R2 'QL XZ. Y, ,fi 4 ,, 1 , AX, ,VM f .,f 1 ' 1,' if-.' "gr . , 5... w glc ep S Q -.. 'fv- ws 'gr Q f fir fu Yi-E x, f gg, I' s -- vi. - B X - 6, ,. .' 1 W F 'F 1 . , .-Q 'J 4 p JL' ,.. 'F-Simca L '. N gr, . A... H T Q. 'C if 1: -SH x LLXQ WJJ' 'T' 9 1. Q'9of'J,f LY N4 3 ?'- s--fha ii will O ff- ' " ' -f . ,Q 1' W x ' 5,0 s P I 4, C Y' U " if 0 Q Qi , .'. 's xf' 1 ' " " in - x a , 5 ' 1 V3 741 4, 's h X 34,4 Q Q X Ei QQ? I x ima L 5' 3 , 4'-U ""'7f ' - .fi ,'f.!' A gAx"7i," ' - M Q F ,xx 4 x, x-M3527 J' ' 'VM V A f W' 'x .if gf '41 ...W W,--K -f - h f x ,uw x' f , wig, - v X., g-x A? x. x 1 9 . A J ' W , 5 . xr , 4 R ' 5 xxx" ' . w , ilffiixx V I X , x ' , , - G' f ,, is! xl ' V 5 ,JV A xxxwiiizfni j ' Jn- xxx i I 53 WG ' ,c 41 ,Q ZH 1- 91 x og MS 131 Q msg. Ai? Q: 'ig I-., ,,a,E,g5'm I, af. f , A' :S 'lil' X A 'I 'TYTJF5 ': 1 . 0 X fi 'iw ...ny ww : new , iw - y 21, U' . 3 ' 2714: ' EAW' --fi A - pn-1., w . , . 1 . ' if-24 W ' E Jr 'Q -., ' ' pf- 1, ,Q " I ff! 'E X ' 1 , U , J wwf " . glut iw , A as I' - ' 1 n Q. 1 ' 1 I S ,Lf, --"1" ., . ,X 1 Y ,fig M g Q if 1, X . i I f V . 1 1 'K ,T . . ll .4i"l' ,, 2' xx, , far? ff -f ' 'I-u -.51 ' ff Q1 J - , 1 ' 1 '- f"-2- 1 A. f 57" F? , 1 1 E , A - X 4 ,"' 4 1 1 " Q" 'f E I U, I , s Q . Z1 .M 4 , ,,f K' ? Q ' 0 'I F L JM -' 16' Aw X ii W ff Liv 3 '- .-Nl' 1 -5 Q52 :Y f 5 1 N' 4 " 3 5 ' 58 . K 'x lg. J ki w ffsufa . 151. 1, ,"" . 5235 , , -1, ,A ,M , wg, ,E ef, W? .U .N 'wx F ' ' 'kg ,V as ', if :L .vga QM- .,:fQ" siiiasiiw ,,' . .L H W v- Al' Eu 1 145.-4, ,mir-.Eg U5-,rf 55' -31 "i?T'E:'ff171f3f5' " :M--, I aa- 1.-'-'iii , Q, is '.3', ly! 19121. 'l ,V v 11 4 . ' ly 4 1 --x i -sf aww " ' 5: ' xii' V '11 .41 .3 P'-4 . VT: 1 E:E. , J ugh., 1.1 . 1-f ... ' f N- eh -.. s ?'1-.1 l. ,Ng Q , z :-, ', AM ,: fin- , rx ., 1 -J.. ?jigIY I:,r,'4- '. gs: ' ' im' ,' J' i J-'wg'-" 251, iii , 1 , I , I .I 1-ur I FJ' ' E , X: '- V . .I W . B , EZ V, 1 s in 'N 1 5 751 2 E f . P2 ' ' I ' E3 2' : I 'V ,, f '- A 1 2:2 sch 001 wu s named. 5 QS we 'Ya fa Versatility Miss Helen Broughton and Mr. Grover Poole in the south 11.111 bcucuth an oi1 painting of Needham B. Broughton, Miss B1'Ollg11t0l1,S g1'Z11ldfI1t1lCT: for whom the g4:gq?.E5 is 1 df aaa-..'-fxyuf 7' X 'Him Q ' fgn Q Haw-ff? 115 Sports Miss Blanche French and Mr. John Biddle on the steps leading to the front terrace. f A WP' -Bi 'iii xXL. 51 HUTTERBUG IQ1001 Designed to show f7lC Cla-ss mul cwtwz-U11 l'1'i-CIIZIIJ' uctiz'itic.s of Nccrllurm 137'0'1l-g7l't0H- in fm! iIl'f07'7lNlZ fmrumw, this section, HI-7'O7.Lg7L the worlu of StIlfflC'7Lt 11,10f0g7'Il'IIII'C'l'.S', gives IL brief, concisc pictzlwlzf of Il ycm' at the szfofzw school ou, the hill. he Famil of T. B. H. H'-WSF , , ' U FULL HOUSE The auditorium, complete with u fresh paint job, new drapes at the windows, and student body, numbering devoted Bronghtonites, has been the scene of many enjoyable assembly programs, held weekly through- the school year. Movies once 21 month und other student ITlllSiClll and drznrmtic activities of merit and st were pleasant additions to an interesting schedule. THEY LEAD, WE FOLLOW 1-i.:Qx.apf-:ffl A President Poole, Principal Reid, Journalist Hussinger, and Editor Hardi- son inuke up this collection of school lead- ers who :irc sunning themselves on Bronglitoifs front doorstep. These four, :1 potent force in the formation of school policy, have made excellent strides in their efforts to produce u progressive school program. f1011 Serious usiness CAUGHT SPEEDING The hu11t-:ind-peck typist has become as extinct as the dodo at Broughton since the advent of the splendid C0ll11llCl'Clill classes. Ele111er1tnry and zidvzmced typing, SllOI'tlHllld, :ind bookkeep- ' 0 l s noxidc for those 'scekino' hnsincss tr'1ini110' as well as for students who find that these 1115 1 ' ' 1 . . C, . .1 D courses make their work i11 other fields more cfhcicut. These lusty tcnors and stalwart hassos are giving their vocal Beloved 111ccl1a11ic.z1l arts iiistruc- cords :1 workout ill o11c of the six daily inusic classes in which tor VV. T. I"1'cc111z111l1z1s Sti1l'tCflII1lllly upproxiniately half of thc entire student body participzxtcs. hoys 011 an C1lglllCC1'lllg career. YAYVNING IN THE MAVVNING "LOOK HERE, BOY" l1021 'I Broughton Misses Learn the Art of l-lomemaking THEY MIX AND HOPE A well equipped cooking l:ibo1':1tory furnishes splendid opportunity for ex- perience in planning and prepariiig menus for ull occasions. BUT THEY HAVE TO EAT IT The study of this departinent also includes tuhle service and :11'r:11'lge- ment. In the luho1':ito1'y dining room the girls gain training i11 the roles of guest and hostess. THEY SNIP AND PIN Besides lCdl'l1Il'lg how to design and make smart, tasteful clothes, the :unutenr seannstresses present style shows in which they gain poise and self-coiificlem-Q hy modeling their creations. l AND LEARN TO PLEAT IT , 51021 Senior Thespians SPIRITS IN I-IOOPSKIRTS I1'lL'll0liff' Spruill as Sarah VVayne and -I!"fL'll'lIfI' Shelton as Mary Claire created an inoocl of wistful sweetness in the prologue to the Senior Play, nS'llIIII'll', Tlirouglif' C01ltClHlJlHtI11g their dominoes, John Carteret and Dr. Owen I-Iarcling, otherwise Frank Grosv- closv and Harry Goodwin, are just before having one of the ill'gU1llC1ltS which so :unused the large audience that saw the play. OLD FOGIES- James .flllrn and flIa.1'garef Callalzmzi were very convincing as the romantic leads :ind added many enjoyable moments to the plz1y's action. Other fine 1JCl'fO1'!!'l2l.l1CCS were given by Wfesley lvnllnce, lvillilllll Luck, .lane INIIIIIIIIIIQ, Helen Broughton, :ind Doris Clark. VVEDDING PARTY The splendid stage setting, an old English garden with I1 Queen Anne house in the buck- ground, was designed and executed by Bill Derby, Allan INI:1cIntyre, and Bill Fletclxcr. The entire production was cupahly directed by Mrs. Christine Joyner, drznnutics instructor in the school. IIAPPX ENDING MOP-UP Leisure Time ART-PHOTOGRAPI-IY-VVEAVING Since the project was established in February, 1937, Federal Art Project Direc- tor James McLean, with the aid of several capable assistants, has made the Broughton student body art conscious. Confronted at the first of the year with such trite remarks as "I can't draw a straight line" and "I don't know a thing about art, but I know what I like," this excellent staff has discovered promising talent in each of the center's five teaching units. , Courses offered included design, block Director llrICLEAN , , , , , ', printing, drawing, painting, lettering, lay- out, and weaving. One of the bi-lnonthly exhibits hung in the school art gallery this year was a showing of outstanding student photography, products of the Well-equipped school darkroom. Talks on these gallery exhibits and studies in art appreciation completed a well- roundcd curriculum. WE DEVELOP THEM WE STUDY THEM WE WEAVE THEM W 3:15 csca wists . . . "YVl1izzc1"' 13l'OlIQllt0ll,S acc SC!lI1lStl'CSS, zim xiiw' off il softball 3 A , B base or two . . . gzib fest on tlm CLIUIPIIS . . . still life-vine with stulfed fowl . . . fifth period: softball for dcscrt . . . 1950 operatic timber . . . weed-g1':1pplers in the greeulmouse . . . Viloe, the poor microbel aff-, mf 1 wig.. W' . Q59 HW .5 1: 4 1 .. J f. . + l 1 2. I ,-x X. L 45 fm- xx ,V fn., -5 ,pw 15,5 wr, -X k N W, mf f' ,I-,rg .F , mf, , .qw 'K--Q. ' -mea QQ.. 2 fps 1 . QM! N w ' 'Wm M ,. r PM as fm. . 51.4. , , X -- . 'F ' 'riff K hfsfi nu H .y 1 4 .ah an . .1 .W , is v N . w N 1 X X ff--ff--- ...V in-.1 Nw an :iv wif'-' wg 'fe 1: ff. 3559 QQ: LW - Wiz. ,if ,nV. , e w N W . .3 i nf. Qm 1. 1 up . . . . W.. . 'A - gk C ' grim in W, 'E' SS-H-5? Kgs, 7 CR 13325 P2 19" Y XE -MSS, A 5. " f if-'B . . ll Q "YN Era' A . f .s f2f,Q,, wg 53 ', . Y-'W as Q: Q Q . 1 5 '22 x. ! 5 A Nh" .q' . ,.,. 4, I W'-Q12 of 5' .1 f K . f . 5333! A .Q 'ffif22iiA7? ' -Wg L milf .1 iii 52' 'mf EP, - f. .. ' is. HQ. 'J " 2- V. J u i.. 19 as .uv ef-ff? wxxj, ,Z ... Q .U 4.: . .Q .1 x .1 42.5. N r .V ,E 'J 'asa 1 I , S' ' W H f Ea A I' 3 Lp' gh xv sw-111151 3 ,Inv K gm . 71. A F ,gl . V .A J E Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students, Faculty, and Friends of Raleig,gh's High Schools May continued Success and Happiness be your lot in Life. H udson-Belk Co "RALElGH'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE" Class Rings Invitations Medals Trophies WALTER B. ANDERSON L. G. BALFOUR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PRINTING... distinctive mul persuasive Could you ask tor more? Printing tnat attracts attention and compels action on tne part ot prospective customers. ...Tnat's tne class at printing tor vvnicn tliis snap nas been known tor many years. Next time, ask us to nelp you vvitlri your printing and advertising problems. 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R ,ssl X Y X .EX . gn S k WAKE THEATRE ON SALE ESR EDDIE HOUGH, Mgr. EVERYWHERE WILSON UZZLE, Inc. OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC LA SALLE Sales ancl Service 421 Fayetteville Street SAMPLE SHOE STORE 218 S. Wilmington Street We I-lave Always Been a Favorite for the I-ligh School Boys and Girls "Just thc Kind of Shoes They Like" RALEIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE . . . -Df H Trains Stenotype Secretaries, Stenotype Court and Convention Reporters, Machine Bookkeeper-Typists, and Comptometer and Mimeograpli Operators. Only experienced. college-trained instruc- " tors. Latest office machines and devices for training. Graduates uniformly suc- cessful and located in many parts of the United States. Low rates. Girls' Dormi- tory in exclusive residential section. En- -5' '.,",""' 1'oll any time in this modern school which -"' -'l' - - - ' - f - I .VVI 99.19, ,,.,,, ,-', ...,, OIIGIS Uilllllllg, to meet the demrtnds ot .JN 1'1 present-dary business efficiency-training ff "' that brings results. Telephone, Write, Visit THE RALEIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Professional Building Annex, 20995 S. McDowell Street. Telephone 2209 Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina Equipment coivieuivieurs Company - QI - Road Machinery Construction Equipment ond HOTEL Supplies RALEIGH WILLIAMSTON STATESVILLE C 4 1 '21 ,Pam- Kffsik , - 2 it p .1-L: big MEREDITH GLLEGE A CULLEGE F011 YUUNG WOMEN HAS FOUR CHARACTERISTICS: l. A standard institution, heing a member of the Southern Association of Colleges, on the approved list of the Association of American Universities, member of the American Association af University women. 2. A small college. Student body approximating 600. Large enough for enthusiasm and college spirit, small enough for individual attention. 3. Curriculum-for culture, for vocation, for life. 4. A Christian Institution with Christian atmosphere, motive, freedom. For catalogue or further information write CHARLES E. BREWER President 3. 1. tkzf x -Q-43 'ga' , fl ' ,C , 'Ea Tx O "J vm., 4.-.. Y. di . LL 3:12. fx "Q - PHONE 9262 - "Stevens Esso Service" "We Give Road Service" 505 Hillsboro Street, Raleigh, N. C. - Happy Motoring - SAY . . . B A M B Y B R E A D Royal Baking Company Roleigh, N. C. Compliments of FETNER'S MARKET Cbrner Oberlin and Fairview FANCY GROCERIES AND MEATS OF QUALITY Phone 3205 - Free Delivery i'Wlzerc Quality and Price Have No Cnrripetiliorf' Try Our Vegetable Pluto Lunch - 25c and 35C - Walton's Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Specializing in Home Remedies Corner Salisliury and Jones Streets RA LEIGH, N. C. Tire Sales and Service 401 Hillsboro Distributors of Goodyear Tires - Exide Batteries American Oil Products ALLEN'S SERVICE "Come in if you con- Phone if you con't." Phone 94 WHITING-HORTON 10 E. Marlin Street l-ligh School ond College Men Like the Newest Styles in Clothing Alvvoys Found in this Store RALEIGH NASH CO. SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2850 324 S. Salisbury Street Raleigh, N. C. Over a HALF CENTURY HARDWARE PAINTS SEEDS FARM IMPLEMENTS I JOB P. WYATT AND SONS CO. I RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE : RALEIGH, N. C. WE PROTECT THE FAMILY In our line of contracts there is a plan for every need and every purpose for any amount. Through its easy deposit plan life insurance offers every one a safe and convenient system of savings plus protection. LET US HELP YOU FACE THE FUTURE WITH A SMILE PATE'S SEA FOOD MARKET Rnlcighfs Sea Food Center Lurgosl and Best Equipped in the City We Guarantee Quality, Weighl, Measure and Price Compliments of HOTEL CAROLINA 309 Blake Slreet Phone 2514 M I-EOD d Exclusive Fashionable C an Tailoring l-laberdasliery The Home of HART SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHES - STETSON HATS MANHATTAN and WILSON JACK RAGLAND 405 Security Bank Building BROTHERS FURNISHINGS Raleigh, N, Q, phone 2415 Mirror Plate Table Tops and and Window Class Auto Glass RALEIGH GLASS AND of MIRROR co. A F R I E N D 110 W. Davie Street RALEIGH, N. C. C. L. HIGBEE Phone 4914 Compliments of GAYLE J. cox, Manager W A T K l N 5 Metropolitan Life Tire and Battery Co. Insurance Co. PHONE 573 Rooms 906-9 Raleigh Building Raleigh, Norlli Carolina Fisk Tires Willqrd Bqfferieg PHONE 234 PEACE, A JUNIOR COLLEGE EOR WOMEN RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA For the Education and Culture of Young Women l. JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK o. Two Yeor College Teoeher Courses. b. Two Yeor Courses with l-lome Economics Electives. C. Two Yeor Stondord Course in l-lome Economics. d. Two Yeor Stondord College Courses which Permit En- tronce to Junior Closs in All Our Leoding Colleges ond Universities. Il. COMMERCE AND SECRETARIAL COURSES o. One Yeor Commerciol Course-Gregg System. b. Two Yeor Commerciol Course--Gregg System. Ill. l-HGH SCHOOL COURSES iv. sPEeiAL INDIVIDUAL CouRsEs in ART, ExPREssioN, PIANO, voice, AND viouixi. An invitotion is extended to oll Morson ond Broughton girl grod- uotes to investigate Peoce before moking their plons to ottend college. We hove odeguote tocilities for their comfort ot Peoce ond our lorge number ot Roleigh girls in ottendonce from yeor to yeor is o source of pride to us. Opening Date T939-40-September l4, 1939 For Literoture, Address WILLIAM C. PRESSLY, President PEACE, A JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Raleig h, North Ca rolina WE DELIVER PHONES 100-101 THE HALIFAX STREET GROCERY Choice Meats - Quality Groceries - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 601 HALIFAX STREET : RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA STROP TAXI The DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Each Stop is ci Full Trip City Drug Store WM. E Towson, Emp. REASONABLE RATES EOR OUT-OE-TOWN TRIPS RALEIGH, N. C. , O Phone 3800 Alwqys Ready RALEIGH, N. C. For Quick Delivery Service PHONE 2236 Comer Blount cmd Martin Streets Drink PINE STATE MILK - I-Ieolthful 1-xllexxfoys - ICE CREAM THAT EVERYBODY LIKES PINE STATE CREAMERY Glenwood Avenue - :- Phone 3910 Montfort Plumbing and Heating Company NORGE REFRIGERATORS ELECTRIC RANGES WASHERS AND IRONERS 128 S. Salisbury Street Phone 126 PINEVIEW DAIRY L. M. SMITH, Proprietor "Quality and Service" PHONE 3710 POOLE ROAD Meet HUDSON for I939 We Specialize in Wreck and Paint Work WASHING - GREASING Vile Walll Your Business SWAIN MOTORS SALES and SERVICE 4115 S. Blount Street, Raleigh, N. C. PHONE 1680 FOR GRADUATION GIFTS THAT LAST LOCKETS - LAVALIERES Latest designs in Kropp and Sons Watclles - Elgin and Waltliuln Quality at Reasonable Prices KROPP 6' BRAUN, Inc. Capital Cluh Building Phone 3165 T. P. Poole, Prop. Poole's Beauty Shoppe "RaIeigh's Permanent Wave Center" -- Estahlisltetl 1926 - 7 W. lilurgctt St. New Raleigh Bldg. RALEIGH, N. C. BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE Ctmranteezl Furniture Burgfzins SOUTHERN AUCTION FURNITURE CO. 113-115 South Wilmington Street Featuring High Point Samplesi COMPLIMEN TS OF Person Street Sandwich Shop SODA FOUNTAIN - CURB SERVICE 610 N. Person Street COMPLIMENTS OF J. M. Edwards Shoe Co. Home ol FINE SPORTS SHOES FOR STUDENTS and ADULTS 12 E. Martin St. Telephone 863-M ix I Hrv- - if , ij We 4. LM P' lg Il tx 'U Xl, 'lg R R ll? 53 is X YV. X ll mga ,viii x x Compliments of CORRELL COAL CO. Joi: S. Co1uua1.L, Owner HIGH QUALITY COAL For Every Purpose We Specialize in Stoker Coal 304 North West Street 'Phone 385 You will enjoy shopping at reslqgg COMMERCIAL PRINTING co., Inc. Printing - Binding - Ruling Blank Book Illmzufrzoturers RALEIGH, N. C. CONNELL REALTY AND MORTGAGE CO. 308-9-10 Otld Fellows Building REAL ESTATE - MORTGAGE LOANS RENTALS - LEASES FIRE INSURANCE HILKER BROS. H' STEINMETZ Florist TAILoks-CLEANERS-FURRIERS Te,egm,,,,, ,M,e,,, FUR STORAGE DYUNG CUT FLOWERS DESIGNS 511 Hillsboro St. 16 W. Hargett Sl. PHONES 4-060 and 2985 BANQUETS DEcoRA'1'10Ns 305 Halifax Street PHONE 113 ' FLOWERS ART FLOWER SHOP 24- West Hargett Street PHONE 207 Quality Tells - Teague Did I t Ali f 'I I 'J DRY QEANING' Phones 722 - 723 1624- Glenwood Avenue AUTOGRAPHS MMWA! WL M7 K A W YZMJ' QM, MMC. .fi 3 K 5 I ,A Q, t I HX' ,V A ,fu 'Reba :wif f,,-,,, ,,cfu,. 5Cl,'Qcff'f7f0 I A! ' 6 -r ffxlfffploo Lo-C0141 f 4,0 . f O fx www C .l.G.BAl.L5'COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS ICE CREAM Phones 553 - 554 320 Wm Dime Sweet There IS 0 Difference Raleigh, N. C. S l L G es Dans Compliments of REAL ESTATE - ,NSURANCE Fortune Shoe STOIC L A W R E N C E Specializing in BROS- CO- BOYS' AND MEN'S RENTALS SPORT SHOES Property 'fff Management 4- East Marlin Street gui CVMAQJ Q0 Me Cfau 0 fQ3Q EDVVAHDS 8 BHUUGHTUN CU. llldest Annual Printers in Nnrtll Carolina l5sTAnusHEn 1871 RALEIGH, N. C. The Latipal' printed in nur plant. , ,an-. . Y The 1939 LATIPAC is the result of the generous help of a counnunity of people rather than the p1'oductio11 of its staff. In the school, to lllr. Reid and llirs. Hicks and our very own Miss Kirkpatrick, of the faculty, and to H. K. VVitherspoon, J 1'., Billy Siddell, and Frank Groseclose, of the student body, we desire to express our deep appreciation. Hon. A. J. lllaxwell, lllr. Ben Dixon McNeill, and hir. Bill Sharp have given invaluable assistance in working out the his- torical background for our art, while lllr. George Fairbanks and Miss Dorothy Hooks, through their supervision, have enabled us to set a high standard in its execution. There is no way for us adequately to thank lN'Ir. H. K. VVither- spoon for his advice Ellld active help in the preparation of our student photography section. The aid of Miss Helen Jordan in typing and re-typing has bCCl1 lll0St gCllQ1'OUS. We are deeply grateful to the University of North Carolina Press and the North Carolina Historical Commission for pictures and permission to reproduce. To the N was mul 0bsw'zJe1', Th-0 Iiroleigh Tiwws, The State Magazine, and Station VVPTF our sincere thanks, and to the merchants of Raleigh, whose financial support has niade the book possible, again, we thank you. VVe think our class pictures are excellent, and for this we desire to thank lllrs. Siddell and our printer. Signed, SARAH Locmf: HfXRDISON, Editor. GEORGE VVORTH, Business llflmz-agar. "AMI thus tlzc Lost Colonzj flzszzppuuafl mto the mst 1111 lL'7L-0"ZU7l'--Ollvl of our sight olczmr ?07lL o than: to be 8lIlf1lfgl1fl5C7'l?ll by the Sprzflzzzlfrla, Olllcli to clzl m the oust, fmfl still cz, few otllwns' to lwt for gottln fvzth tlu, Inrlmns But from om' 'l7Z6"7ll07'y they llczzm not prlswcl Now clown, the tralcklcss hollow ycnwrs Of flzc sommg spzzzt wznqul alo f TllfllllS'ICYl1ll0'ZQ?tfll tlwm but not tlzci-V song fjll flu' IJIZITIIFS of agony and flcntlz We seml rcspovase- Hem us, 0 lzunf 'O lusty stfzzgw, d7'6!l'7IICT, plo'1we1', Loral of the wi-lclemoss, the urmfmicl, Twmw' of dl,l7'lC'llf6SS, fire and flood, f 4 - ' ,W 4,1 A :"'-. ' is, .1 gl 1' . .r ,. -V 'iff' ,ffm Qi - if J' . 'R V, .-.,, Y .- rf X ' . ' ' ei ' ' -. , -4 ' -1-5 ' ' ' i 1-.T . ., ' 'Ulf ' ., .X V, . Q it 'K faunoorj, ' ? . ., '-1 ' --,-3.: . . . . f. M. ' - '--'-'f J lu- ' 1 'A I gh 'f.u 56 H P l 'b K 1 af gr 3 'ff x 1 'e ,jf 3 . 'ff' 4 ,- O lb! 5 'I ' x I ' mn ii , ' ' Zi - .-1, l y J , 'ch ,Q ff, s x gif' le F' s fi ' Y .. .- - . . . ,, 1 1 f '1 aufi - YC ' 1' al - . 'v4if" - I.. 4 , -wa ni X 1 57 A lf' .W Qff,fW jf w 'M .1 A .. A an ' - " , g,:,T:1f , .Q ii j vi Mnggqnxuid Y :Y 5 , .. -V ,L r ' w - A P ri 5 453- 1 N r '31, P' X " 9 Q' 5 1, 9 ' E 0 . -F Q 1 . " 5 x. 'ul A ,. A Q Q .f G ' . 1 I F ""'T,ax'oQu r, g :"2ffyq, 6 T7- T" ' 'J ' 1' ' ,-La , 1 'V V ' 1-L' il? Sknroaf ,, . , 33 , -. 5' 1 ' f .V -5' '. ' F -- ' ' ' " '.,-y - .TQ H. - ,Lila F I v E , C M if ' - V Xu 'C Tam M A4 Q .555 W ,Z K 1 I X F I 4 . lfwfggre 'HI' , Q -f 'E' f awww r' E 4 i f 5 , p m. M A .K 'ESS-' - Vulf ' l . ,g ,, 1 .fi 1' " -.,4- 4. . fl??3a 1:09 T730 , .. " ' f ' 5'?15,'4 F"'17A V - f 1 , 1 - fl: t' 'Q A f, ' . ly' JJ . ,- ' ' , X ' . "' 'Q , ' Q -sf-N'-'x ' ,3 V-'f :'e?1' ,?nf'9' - f"'5fY ,ww .-- m f- -, X , ,N ,, ' 1 L',5L..,ff -1' JK .f'.L. x -V., os," s--1.-, U, 4F at f- H. " "1 '-Q5 in ff ' ' 5 5 . -' K " H A1 ff.- a:,.-1--,..: N 4 ---231 Q- Aiffjf.'fg 1? ,Q J ap- a.-Wk: I 2 5:-'N ---Jr' .n J , ."n...,4 A'-.,-H ' 1, '14, - -1 M. kW Q 'fM.M- - gQffNhqf . , sg fa: 1 5316133 EPTENTRIO ' " 1 '- ' wg'-2 fwffmfgggp ff ' fulnffew-10 f ' I.-ax.,.aA t- :riff m ,. din? LQ, -,F T . Lfxk-'i"?'f A7 - '-35' . ' 3 1 ,H .-.- Q, -L - T2 f+'r1-...Th'fi-gvlffix' ' A W, ' ' f'iv,,1'fgfL L, f",',k-E',.-'Qt-nv ,f Q uh, fl' I. w I -A" si if it J 2Q'igw1l+?iH Xu " +2WvQfv- . A , K s' w...-'Yy' .r Y .'. f .' ",- fu 'QL . .1 ,... V -, -s .-V 1 -.,,f.-44 Q ' 'f " 1 1 , ,V " - '. 2, , -f. , Z :xx "VI -Z"'.-"5' 'VV' ...J fl-'-.A ,Jw ' f"'-'Wag 'lf' N Y if I , ' ' . . .,, , ... 44. :iw vs ,-if 1 .gi P . 1 1 A -1, 5'. ' 1 ',.' ..- . ni 'Q A T V. -., H., , . 49-,,.. ., , . ' """m.- 113.-x 'nf-V-Las, .:.'1E.,,.:.4v..h.41--,.." ' 1 :-EQ. , TA--Q 'f"f'ws-J'-'-1' . ,I fl-H ff '34-Az, H-1' " i' "fha 135 -'-ef .Q:2vaz'zf " fl- - i '-f -N -- WT- 1-,L-1' -uzzv' i

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