Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC)

 - Class of 1938

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Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Y Ln...,A,.,T, ....,.....,.-.M-,-, 1-. T L- f the filungf-Ieaf1Bine bers the Sun 7Jn tb tn Strung, ahh the I, Ht the 419111 Sanrtb -v 1, ,,,, ,- ,Y , I ,- WILLIAM TT LUVELL, Editor ALICE Lum own 1, Business Manager GEUP1 l4IIIKI'1-ITBIUK, Adviser ...Al ...--..- . - ...fag ,lv Jn J . , . . I II..- if . 7 . I III , If , , I 'J I , - .7 - If -I I if ' .' ,v N Q" I I ' 1 ' ' 'f .1 ' - A I ' , f I . I I - . A , - . .' ' ' 0 i Q ." ff I . . . , w ' II , ' . X I .I . W K Rx I ' ff . ., " ' II I. I, I . , I . , II jg. . A' ' . ' .I 4 s . 7 . Lrg . f j ' , . ff ' , . ' , , A f I, 1 11, , .1 .- F ,J"d: I , . .III-I H' 7 . , 'i . , 1 - 3 .' - Jr" ' ' A NE x4 f -' ' ' J: "x 3: ,I I I . la .QIII 'INN III I k I ' by ' '- A VIN: . "SQ - ' -, xx . ,, . ,J mx 1 2-. IK -xy ,f r , .V .Y - A - . '-f., . , . , 2' I ' N. ! I .I .1.. I .UL II I. . 1, 1- ' f- ' - -'1...- 2. 4- 1 A , "L -' ' . 5 ,iff-4 . .54 . , I . .'.-,. Q4 f XI 9 I ' Ig-1 J a I ' w.?II ,I .LII - X . -t f: A : ' 'xj , H - ri, .,.. Q- -42, .. '-... '-H. 4 . ' ' .4 . " I.. 2 fybnif .XII .II , I A ,I :II . I TNIIIIII . I I.,.I..,II . I , ., 3" L Z. . . 1 , g ,I I -III , f I I Il , If ' - I EI ' 7 If' ' . f , .. ,V yi: I- 4, 1 I. I. A 1 . N ' , 14, gi ,X -ff'-9-...f ' ' l:Z......'l2-IL, -' I I I ,-J1,,..-- I j 1' H 'Q -- ' , .. , I 1.11. 1 I . , Ami? ,Z ff: s! I Y. .9 1 JH L .E -' v- - 51 t . v .f- V Q - H . J 1 ' . ,""'V f f 1 ni , f V Q. ' U 1 ' - -" " WHEN., - '- . . 1 A f' H . f .L. II, . . ,, . , .I -,I 1 Q -an-'Q ' 'KJ J ' '?'Q'3f:.,,' A. v' - ' , ' f . I ' ' X .. ' H. , .r :Jw-:..:" V 5" H v ' 1 A N ' 'N ' 14.5 - ' M... N -1' N.. Jf'f"'- " L-fx fg.5.u v,..,fQ,, I , - I -' - ' ikwvlhsbi ' A- " N. ' .. ga . ' ff' ' " I -og, II,-.,,IIII ,. I '.,.I. I -...,.f' H. .V-Az." --1 'f - va ' , ,. .,, ' . . I .- I . I1 fu. ,Yu - II 4 -I " '- . 'N 11" A " -...,.,.,,. .. I: qv-u", ff' 1' A- - -A' .-4.4 . . ,WQ -1- .M . ""-efifunuw-wnumdf " T2 . ,- I . ' 1 U F ,I lf nl " 1 4 .yi wmv' F '- ' . - ,, . -'X x y 799. ii , -1+ I. - 1 I ' 'f ' a f ' 1 55 27 -K" . ,Q .: , 1, , A 'Qflal ,..., 1 3-"'f I- nf f ' .sf - ' ,'!"' . .,- : . YJ , ,A Y'-,-412 12 7 fi' V' A --W I, .. I aff. -A A .1'ffi?H ' fig" " -1 fy ':-, ':f4.4,1, ' Y' ...wt ' ' .Q-wT'f'f"' ,vi ' , ..:442l'3l :P . x f f ' wma' ap-5"" - .-g"" - ,fm .J - ., 4, ' T1 '2wPKe.+ovH V , h --f,,,.jf,. I A, . lg-W 1- ' H--.,, ..,. ., , W1 ,nr 4. 55:11-..4. ' - 'HT' TT' ' fflfn . M ,A,,, ...,,. ., fl' .. ,.: . - :- NLM" ' ,pf -YA"-:,x..'....,.. - , . ,. . ,nl 2 "" in . ' . ' p "FJ . A 'wr-. v -A qw. lf, ' . -ug ,I . ,.,,. V-N, "- ....'j41, - -.Q-,:.,,. HMV- un- 1. f - ,-.,j, l, - ' ' E E IDR CLASS UF THE EEDH M BHUUGHTU HIGH URTH CABULI , NINETEE HU DRED THIHTY-EIGHT A1 4 V ' "' 5 If 3 1 . . U . , ,. Y f V , ' .' - "' 5 K' - , ' J" ,' uf: i. - , pf rp t With sincere appreciation and 3flIl1lI'Hll0ll ,A V TH 1 MRS her sympathetic er her patient guidance tireless helpfulness 'P i ' 'V ' Y -1-z--1-.-.---, ' A , . -.-" , , . ,-... , yif' - ug .- - :,., Y 7' ' v '4- 4..- L fusing - .ui x f. 1 W. 491.5 1 his f i A 5- Jf ,E ,. if-filth. 9.3'1f'fl" fi ,.:1'1' I fy, ' -.-.k i L 114351, pf fx, hh. .. .X ' -" 'A 'iilff .9 ,," -7, K , ' 55 -' 'P ' Af If " ' " aff , 4 ,r " ,jc ' ' A , I 4, ' gl' ffl! -' l 7 f ,. "" -. 131 7 "- L ax .qf f,. V. ,. i ,P , 'I n ' t A i ta- -U ,Z 'IA A Qi, Q y y jf . , L V1 J V A ,F r 2 X I i ! V. 4 lr! , ,Q 1 f w K F 5 l . l A . in .1 X1 We present NORTH CAROLINA, the land of the long leaf pine land of sunshine, flowers, and shady noolis . . . a region flourishing with nature's many charms . . . a State of golden opportunities. . us' I 4 . . . H ,. if 7' Y 1. I ,l G: gg," ' N qr' .C L . V ' , -qs I, kat- .4 Y fvgnf ,51 E :Q-4 Illini 'xf ' 0.4 'Wife' 4 ' nag. ' L 4,4-r' ' 52 5 DK' - 2 ' A., ' W . f 1' '. . .- QQ IP , -lfffd 'J L -,fs-IW' V "FP 5.52"-1' J! '. . .f . ' , -1- .1 ': ' ? 'V We - 'f ' " - '2 1 "I: I, ,gf , H L -,Q . .' yug , I I :F -- :is 4 1 - ' " f. y ,ir -- - , 1 Q 1- V - .A f A -. f- , . ' A5221 ' :' .' i ff." ' . -3" , ,I .ml ,ga . M ' Z:-. , ry 9 'Q F!! :,.' 1'2" Hdjiz ,I .' 4! '-"" -' , . :' - ' ,Q yu1g2y,' .4 is , 434. , dugg .swf ,i:1l'+ ,,,QfLfA ' K H w --I '11'-- 5- . , .5-, ,',u..x:' . , - -,, , , ,.,,,!pr-' . ' , w . , 4.-.-1x HAJK' lgfj, f aj: ,.-G jybx U -N ,Q t, -. . ., ,lk ,,. ,,,.. X J, ,n .. V , ,V A I , .4- ' ' ' -iw ' Wig ,.., fly pf-'H-'Pf .. . -,-- f.,-.K Ili, 2 , "V W . .A ai' 7 ' X -- QR., "it "wx , Hifi J ' 2' Z! JH' ' ' .1 ' - '- ff 4 'N .fv , . -z ' Kg ,ff my ,ffm .f 'A ,III . P x ,R 'M -' 6 -' J' .-1 .Lf-' '. I - I . . R-H f' .- , I AV : . ,T 'V .. V ., H, ,g. - 1 gg ,Q xr ,A ,mf f fig f ff ' - ' . " 1 Lv f- 1 1 - 45' '. 'Q c' ' - . 1: 2 f 1' 44 - .p .' , ,w - 4 -,I F., , 5 -in - . ,X f - ...W - "v ' . 'L . 1 ff '- 5- - . f -Sky V . Wxsm j -' ' ' - W 4 ' Y I ' 'IV ' ir 4' y , . wig-?Q.-,,. Y, R Jag,-..- ,A.,,,, DMI I TH Tlll CLASS S ACTIVITIE FE TUBE Y- f-0 1 ---fn-p ' - f "f - t . .. ' ' 'v','-- -- h ,Lis s,q,t,,x -1 I X I Y ,M , ' f ' I' 1 , H ' Y 1 Y 1 .t .1 . ,i i , . Y l' b 7. 1 7' u. . ' . V N, , - , ,, .t . nal, 1 I -.A -Q -' 4, ' ' IN Mismonmm EDNA METZ WELLS Scientist, Teacher, Counsellor, Friend Whose Life was an Inspiration ' Whose Memory is a Benediction J Q 2 - ---716. A.. -,-- - - , . 5 Y 1 L ! " ,www . 'W M , 1 , i H -6 ., 'x 4 ms. ' me . 95515,-, . 'fMQQA s 45: .4 WL. , . -wt M lf' ,An . ' f .i i mv.. 1. A ., 4. , ,. A . " .Q ' J"Mfwm .V fi- .w . m mw.1c1 w RA Xu 3251- ' 0. H I qpmfi-JU' fy, nr- I - Jhxgfuvgl .. - ,. " .114 ' 45.. , 3, A 'X "E, W ' . iw Q , 4- V i l Q Q f Maw.. 'fiif E ix 5 1 R 'If .- ' V ' , Af Q 'Q J' '91 3 U: Q. N Aw I Nr 'J L , .,,f.,,,, 9- . ,ww nk. V , V 1' xv-j,,,uLp , -MQ' A JLONCG JLJEAJF JPJINE Clem' cut beauty 015 vigorous life-the long leaf pine of North Carolina. Emblem of am eve1rl,mswt1img endurance, symlwl of an life tlmaut survives all cclmmgcs of time und lkrnrtunc. Even' green and lever living-firmly rooted in the soil of our land ami the lneanrts of our people. The majestic long leaf pine! fi 'JRE Schomll Board DR. A, C, CAMIPBEILJL DR.. V. M. HJICKS MR. JLEROY MARTIN IMIRS. C.. E. MQCRARY MAJ. W. E. MOODY lllnplhvofcfographefdlz MRS. JUNATHAN DANIELS ff? MAYOR GEORGE JISEJLEY MR. JACK BRYANT fChairrm,am, Ex Lo1HEncio Business MR. KCILAUDJE IF. GADDY Superintendent Raleigh City Schools BA., Wake 1Fon-est CCoIlllege MLA., University of North Carolina 12 MR. WMLLHAM HENRY SHAW Principal Needham IB. Broughton High School JB.A., M.1Ed., Duke University 13 A MlSS GEORGIA lKllilKlPA'l'RlCK Dean of Sltrumlents lB,A., Woman's College, TU.N.CC. lEnglislnalF1renvcla Lmtipavc Adviser MRS. W.. N. JHIIUCKS Director of Guidance IB.A., Coker Gollegeg MLA., Golumlbiax Social S-cienee Senior Class Adlviser 14 P ri, ' r"'. Ry J Q3 gr kip' X 'tw I- .. l 't V? , K. X ' . ,- glqgifttiil A -. ' M.. .-J g , it ' . K 555 , ' Y -f - A --' is , MISS JANE BETTY, BS., Peabody, M.A., Columbia Uni- versity, English-Journalism, Adviser, Hi-Times, Girls' Literary Society. MISS INEZ BECTON, lS.S., East Carolina Tenclic-rs College, Dietitian. MRS. B. B. BRAY, B.S., NIA., Peabody College, English- Physicul Education, Adviser, Girls' Athletic Association. MR. S. 0. BRANDON, B.A., XV:1ke Forest, M.A,, University of Michigan, Mutlieuiutirs, Conch, Basketball, Baseball, Assistant Footlmull Couch. MRS. C. P. DANIELS, B.A., East Crtrolinn Teachers College, English-Sociul Science, Adviser, Sub'Frcslnnan Class. MRS. .TACK DAVIS, B.A., Duke University, Mztthenmtics- Sociul Science. MISS MARY OLIVER ELLINGTON, B,S., Furxnville State Teachers College, Diplomat, Peace Junior College, Biology, Adviser, Science Cluli, Assistant Adviser, Girl Reserves. MRS. N. G. FONVILLE, BA., YVOUUIIIYS College, University of North Carolina, Social Science, Adviser, Girl Reserves. MR. T. W. FREEMAN, B.A., Georgetown Coll:-gc, B.H.E., University of Kentucky, Mechanical Arts. 1 5 'Q MR. -T. A. GEROW, B.S., State College, Diploma, Charles Atlas School of Physical Culture, Socinl Science, Music, Physical Education, Recreational Director, Couch Boxing, Adviser, Hi-Y, MRS. ELLEN R. GLENN, B.A,, Guilford College, English, Supervisor, Central Banking System, Supervisor, Student Book Store. MR. R. T. GREGSON, B.S., IVztke Forest, Social Science, Head Foothaill Coach, Junior Basketball Couch. MRS. A. C. HALL, B.A., Clmerlin College, German, Latin, English, Social Science, Adviser, German Club, Adviser, Student Council. MRS. ANNE HARRIS, St. Genevieve Preparatory School, University of Chicago, Art Gallery Director. MRS. ESTHER W. I-IUFFMAN, B.A., M.A., B.D., Duke, Rhode Island School of Design, John R. Frasier School of Art: Director, XVPA Art Center. MRS. 0. K. JOYNER, B.A., East Carolina, Teachers College, English, Dramatics, Adviser, Little Theutre. i T' Je n" .-Q4 ""'7"'-fLvl,3- l V Y MISS MATBEL KENYON, B.Mus., Meredith College, Music, Adviser, Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs, Adviser, Chapel Choir. MISS DORIS LASSITER, Secretary IVPA Art Center, Ad- viser, Pliotogratphy Club. MRS. FRANK LAWRENCE, Cliowmi College, English, Social Science, Assistant Laxtipuc Adviser. MISS OMA BLISS LEWIS, B.A., Duke, Diploma. Louis- ' burg College, Mathematics. MISS ELLA B. McDEARMA.N, B.A., W011lHH'S College of U.N.C'., M.A., U.N.C., Adviser, Science Club, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. MISS MOLLIE MITCHELL, B.S., VVonmu's College, U.N.C,, Home Economics, MISS MARY NELSON, B.S., Meredith College, Typing, Sliortlizmd. MISS DOROTHY PHILLIPS, B.A., Meredith College, Home Economics. MRS. J. C. ROOT, B.A., Duke University, General Science. Assistant Adviser, Science Club. MISS HELEN RUNNION, B.A., Tusculum, M.A., Peabody College, Social Science, Debating Conch, Adviser, Boys' Literary Society. MISS 'ANNIE SMAW, B.S., North Ciiroliun State College, Mathematics, Adviser So1iliomoi'e Class. MRS. D. E. STARNES, B.A., Lenoir-Rliyne, English, Social Science, Assistant Adviser, Girl Reserves. MR. D. E. STARNES, B.A., Lenoir-Rliyue, Frcucll, Spanish, Commercial Arithmetic, Business Mnlnnger, Athletics, Ad- viser, French Club, Adviser, Spanish Club. MR. M. B. STEPHENS, B.A.. Yllnke Forest, Muthenmtics, Adviser, Freslirnan Class, Adviser, Bird Club. MISS MELISSA STROTI-IER, B.A., Duke, Latin, Adviser, Latin Club. MISS MARY E. TUCKER, B.A.. St. Ilfl:Rll'fl'S and Meredith, B.A., L.S., University of North Czirolinn., Lihrziriamg Adviser, Junior Class. UNPHOTOG-RAPHED: Mrs. A. S. Stevens, B.S., lVon'mn's College, U.N.C., Dietitian. MRS. EDNA METZ WELLS Cdr-cvnsedi, BB., Kansas State Agriculture College, M,A., U.N.C., Biology, Adviser, "Science Club. 3:32 " f , Hgmgl., 1-.fx ' - ' --wf'n'vg'x 1'!-'r.-..j-13jJ.- 5 J 4' mr-uf . , .' 2' ,. M- I ,, . p w lr W X nb. ,, .- ,. . 3 V. --H..-Q A Q.. .A.1g ,.. V , 1- - ' , 1 ,, 4 :if . - N if V -9.2155 .-iii " 'J H" 5-Y -fi: W' " viz- Y "2Wi5f?' EE? 1? 'Q 2 2? ' -H' V .. ' " Wi - .fi 4 Y 3 Q ? Ei -E 4' V N V H ' . Em . , , , ' 'WW W , W" ,. .1 g.. 111' ' ,R -.1 V Li.. 43. ks m u. .2 . .. -N 3 1 v- - Y , if fi", V .nu vw . A - E . A . ,L n mg Q ' ,H , . ...H ,g ' 'X AE-zz 'A - . 5 Q 'Wg' 4252 N J, v,,.,,-11, ,: :W :x-1: . ff-zzgzti' 5 M ff ffl' ..,V Wx.. Lush.-gf 1,4 ,,,.. Q.- 'nlffl' "lf 'xl ' K 5 ?iS3?i53?i55E?w'if,.:.,,f2a?'r?:A-.s'fQ .f E-2,7,.g, CS. 4 - -yff ..- . 3,3 e. , ' Hffi'?Sf5iS3fis3Sis3?E'522335155 . ifiiiii 7 152152 1521595355: 1r.f: .,-.v-' ' ' ..--.u..n1'x. -.v ,,1 v 'A v Mffifk WIND PRINTS AT NAGS HEAD Sand dunes braced against the sea. Rippled, but unmoved, Eby the winds oil: time. Wigncttes of history once etched their slhadows :upon the svuurifaice of :these white sands: ally and silllenrt Indians, daring ful-arcs, stwrclyasouI.ed .coIonists, lbhleacoated soldiers ready to Iight King Geox-gIe's men-even their shadows now Iuave slipped away. Therc remain only siIent sand dunss by the sea. 5 Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEIIGH WILSON MARJORIE DIIDENHUWER Pre-S'i6le1lt Vice President IRTUTH DAVIUDSON LTUIRA SELJF Secretary Treasurer PAGE EATMAN MES. W. N. HIIYCKS Cla.s'.s' Day Chairman Adviser CLASS COLORS! Yellow and White EVELYN SPENCER Mascot 19 , , 1 - ff. I f v, I , fu . F Q7 A ' ,rf pt" ffl' M. i .LD, 1, ifeg,?.4.,f Mi sg, I 351 I lim ui 212 li yi lla. . 2.-vi li i ill FE 8: will i 1. i f Enwmm ANDREW AIJQKIVIS Boy Scouts 15 Literary Society 45 Bird Club 4. Eil is quiet anal 'lb7'L!b8S'lle1H.'l1l,fl 5 but, fwhen. there is a task to be zuvcornpl-isliezl, he may be countezl on to do 'il well. Ile is satilvhed with 'nutli-ing less than ihe best, mul we fare coujizlzmt that hz: 'will solve his future problems as 8'llfCCGSSf'llll1j as he has his past ones. J AMES ALVIN ALLEN Treasurer Freslima-u Class 25 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 President Junior Class 35 Hi-Y Sci-geantvait-Arms 3, 4.5 Monogram Club 3 4. , Jimmy Allen, "all stale center," "Senior Sport Super- lali1:e," Hyood Xt'llllB7ll,"' and "master of piano playing." All of our memories of lfT0llffllllUI1. will -include Jimmy for he has taken part in many school activities. Ronmucx Mclvnn ALLEN, Jn. Latin Club 1, 25 N. B. I-I. S. Cadet 25 Science Club 2, 3, 45 German Club. i To a casual lwquainlarure Mac is t1'1n.'ifl and reti1'iny5 bul to his close associates he is ri. lfeen., willy, jolly good fellow. The climnioal profession will gain a Sf: valuable rnember bevrluse he plans lo join. the ranlcs. KENNETH Guouun AI.'r1-IAUS Roosevelt High School 15 Art Club 45 Science Club 4. Keometh one who always looks on the sunriy side of life, and succeeds 'without any apparent eiorl. He has trairelozl widely, and hopes to he an army -J 1 iw an-1. officer. .His molto 'is "Small, but mighty." CLARENCE I-Iicmiy ANDREWS, Jn. Scouts 1, 2, 35 Latin Club J, 25 Cadet 1, 25 Science Club 25 Model Club, Vice President 35 Gernum Club 4. C. H. has been quite oulstamling lrevzrilse of his interest -in model n:i1'pla'rie crm.vl1'actio11.. Ile is 1:rm.s'i1lei'e1l u-n, authority by the other boys who yiursue this hobby. Good luck, C. Il., with your a.erona'atical career, mul h opp gf x, .0 C lam flings . JCIIN ALLEN Amar, Jn. Science Club 2, 3, 45 Pliotogrztplier for LATIPAC 35 President Camera Club 35 Literary Society 3, 45 President Photography Club 4. John htm been successful all UI.7'0'lbgll, his high school career because of his 'rare gift of apyilylriff himself lo his work. This same trait has given him IL prom- 'inewt place 'ln outsille fLCl'l:'l,7'll3'lI5S also. lllith th-is, asnrl, many other e-mvialzle qualities, 'we know that he will make ci success. Q treks SAMUEL Scirwmvrz Anoxsorr rf" fl Ee' 'ce C32l?lf"25J,iet'i1 Club 1, 2, '35 Glee Club 2, 35 . 1 , , ff' ittle 1 Ei 2gb3gk!,k"'Ca1clet 2 il'HMinlel Airplane -'Club 3',lGgT an Ch i, 45 L.x'r1vAe Slut? 3, 45 Ili-Times SQ A Mo' iiii Picture Committee 45 Sports XVriter, Sams zlily t at himself over is sure to carry hin far fire., iis wmjfl. If he is able lo out- f1f..l'isj.' 5 'l , ,oi ti , all oflfltis future oppoiienls 'in the some way that L he has lfiilelnlkerl fllwiqps, than he'll certainly win, case. 'J ' f ftr,-wi' MILDHIGD BEIINICE ASICISXV 5.4 20 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Science Club 25 Girls' Literary Society, President 45 Art Club 4, Secretary 45 Girl Reserves 45 Glee Club 45 Little Theatre 4. "Millie" 'ls charming, unayectezl, and sinzrera. She wants to be on zirlisl, and 'if she applies herself to the slzuly of url as she has lo her stullies ami J'-un at Broil-ghlon, she L'B'I'fILi'lll!l 'will sm-ceerl. The best of the best to our future, "Miss Rem.brcmrlt." Rxcnicocix Mnrrunws ATKINS Latin Club 15 Girl Scouts 15 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Science Club Z5 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 4. "Precious things come in .small lzunclle.v." Daesn't lhul flescribe Iieirlry perfectly? She'x prolly aml petite and full of jolly fun, mul vivfzcious frimirllin.ess, Bnfrsv 1-iAND AUSTIN Girls' A1.l1lc-tic Association 1, 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Girl Scouts 25 Oliice Assistunt 3, 45 LATIPAO Stuff 45 Hi-Times Stuff 45 Little Theatre 45 Girls' Glee Club 4. Betsy has been a valuable 'mmnlmr of the class of '38, Sim-erily, loyalty. and clepcmluliilily are her chief lflllll'lll'll'l'lSl'lt'N. Betxgfs Illlll4l'Il'llilll-ll0'llf to dn well 'lI"lIll!'Iff'1' she 'lUlIl0l'fHlCl'S makes us von-jizleut that sho will .mccf'1'1l in any Held of endeavor. EIIITII EI4IZiXl!li'FII BALLANCE Latin Club 15 Girls' Athletic Association 25 Senior Play 4. is alwaifx opllmislic mul elmerful in the fave Always 'l'6l'l1lJl will: ll helping huml, .she lll'I"ll'l'-S' Illl'll8'llfI'Z from aiding others, Teaclmrs mul sturlenfs alike 'reeng- nize her sinieerity a-nil ilepenclabilily. She has done youd work in clramulics. LAURA Pixn Klansox BA1un'oo'r Lau-ra yioxxexses 11. qu-ict yzlerlxilm niamrner aml alw slmfiun a vuillimiucsr, lo serve. Tlia'u,ghifuI of she has 'won' the :leap nllmirulion fuul regard fellow students and teachers. NANCY EVA Bixnwlcic Little Tliezitre 1, 25 Science Club 1, 25 Lutiu Club 35 French Club 45 LA'1'Il'AC Staff -15 Senior Play 45 Wit Superlative 4. "They gazcil anvil !lllf2PIl, mul still their 'umnirler grew That one small head could carry ull" she wanted to lnlk almut! "Sq'u1'a,lcy" has chatted her 'way into all of our hearts, but her co'n.1:er.w:li1m, is not ull lnlmoraus cliuttvi'-it lmspeulcs a depth mul 'intellectual power .seldom acquired by one so young. f-JILVILLE DllhNYI'lT ISEACIIAIVI Daring his xlay nt Broughton, 'llfllfllfllln has nys has otlwrs. of her been ai hard worker mul a loyal 8'llIllIDl'l147' of his class. He of the mast llilficulll s'il'u.ulionx. We wisli. hi-m, liwlc mul assure him thai, his ffulure will he fnlloumil with keen interest by all his classmates. MARY Sun BERRY Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 23, 4, President. Junior Club 15 Girls' Athletic Associntion 1, 2, 3, President 2, 35 Music Contest, Greensboro 2, 3, 45 LATIPAU Stuff 35 IH-Times Stuff 3, 4, Business Matnztgel' 45 Chapel Choir 45 Student Council 45 Ifllfllflgll Times Columnist 45 Girls' Basketball Team 4. For good sportsmfmshiya, Sue cannot be zmvcellerl. Add to that a friemlly rlixposilion, a liisely -inlerext in news' paper work, anrl you will hare a girl 'who 'will conquer the journalistiis -world. Uhilliout her, our UIIll'Tl7Ill!SH could not halcl its lmad quite so high. Vncourrn Lnls BOYKIN Cadet 15 Girls' Athletic Association 25 Girl Reserves 4. V'i1'g'i11,ia's ambition 'is lo be a stermgrayilzer. With he-r pleasant, 'lhllll-Yl5"lH'l'll:'Yl-fl fmzmner, and her highly efficient 'nature she will make herself inraluable to some future employer. . L, -"r,- . 1- 'x . 4 XA" .B f'f K f lvl' . " .I,,l i 1 Y 'GB 'Q fag, M Q 4 Q s Josnrulnxz Rrzmacca Bnausx-IAW Little Theatre 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Chapel Choir 4. "There are smiles that make us happy," and Jo's seems to rlo the triclc. 11118 she fuuml the secret of enjoying life? 1l'.9, "Bc yoicrself at all costs." JAcc.um1.YN Bxmxcu Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Girl Scouts 1, 2, Glee Club 4, Girls' Literary Society 4, Cadet 1, 2, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Little Theatre 1, 2, 3, C. A. R., President 4. "Jackie," is a 'model of what the mozlern. young' lady xhuulzl be. fl'h,o'uyh, 'morlml and reseruccl, .the has a, personality that is caplilratliny. Her gracious 'in- jluence will continue Lo be felt blt.'l'ULlIjll0llb the years to come.. ANNE Lewis Bimrrox Cadet 1, Girl Scouts 1, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Latin Club 2, Glee Club 2, LATIPAC Staff 3, Vive President Sophomore Class 2, French Club 4, Science Club 4. "Sires a laughing, pepmf flame, always joking, always game, never, never quite the same." Ami sn Anne with. her L'iU!lL'fUlLS7'l68S brings happiness into the lives of all her frieruls. Aacluu Baowx Boy Scouts 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, 4, Boys' Quartet 2, 3, Josephus Daniels Literary Society 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3. 4, Little Theatre 3, Chapel Choir 4, Coehusiness Manager Ili-Times 4, Hi-Y 3, 4. A1'chiP'x flashing .smile nml his sincere friz'1ulI'in1'ss are Lwo of his 'most inzllspnnsrible traits, They hare 'won for him life-long friciuls who are going to follow his career with interest. DOR0'I1'IY Manton BUNN Girls' Athletic Association 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Girls' Glue Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Little Theatre 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Chapel Choir 4, Girls' Literary Society 4, French Club 4. Dolly, the nlglltingale of Iiroagllton, has n prominent place in the mmals of our school. Iler inlelligvm-P, her friemlliness. her sweet rlisposltinn, and her fle- 71e-nzlability are her cliafraclcristics 'which we sincerely admire. ' CIIARLES GAINES CAFFIZIRY Oswego High 1, 2, Stamp Club 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Glee Club 2, Chorus 2, Boys' High 3, Little Theatre 4, Senior Play 4. Charles has many hobbies, we ma.rl'rl ul his hmrze- yrown nrclzifla and his first-crl-itiuns. Lillie, alert, mischievous-lhat's Charles in actual life mul as Billy in "New 1"lra.y." Ha has intellezrlsuul ability Ujlllfl' r'a:cellem'e." V1oLA Many ANN CANADY Girls' Ath'etio Association 1, 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, State Music Contest 2, 3, 4, Chairman Standards Committee 3, Chapel Choir 4, Chairman Program Committee 4, Student Council Representa- tive 4. Mary Ann-'x quiet poise is inrleefl an acconzplialmcl art. Anyone would be 71ro'u.1l to hnlrl so fine a, .wvlzolaslic record. .Her 'interest 'is not l'im.'ilezl, to books alone, she finals pleasure in being ca true frielml. FRANCES Cnownm. Calrrl-:R Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Vice President Science Club 2, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Chapel Chou' 4, French Club 4, Hi-Times Reporter 4, LATIPAC Staff 4, Treasurer Girls' A.A,A. In future years, we will all look back mul remember, "Shy-Girl," and recall her as being rt clLarm.i'ny dark- haired girl. Her personality and ability 'will have a definite place in o-utr memories. MekRGARET C.xs'rLnMAN Chapel Hill High School 13 Latin Club 25 Girls' Athletic Association 2, St. Mary's School and Junior College 3, Little Theatre 4g French Club 4. Peggy is a. girl that we'll never forget. When she left Saint MtLV1ly8 and came over here, it was their loss a-nd our gain. We 'wish the best of eve-rgtlrivugl to one of Broughto-nfs .sweetest blondes. I-I.xnm:I.1. Czrrns Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Quarter Master 2, Junior Assistant Scout Master 3, 4. Ha.rrell's life at Broughton has been quiet and imczssuming. But it takes the support of those 'modest folhx, loo, to 'i'7lS'1l'I'8 the .s-rzucess of any orlfaui- Z1l,f.'f07l-. 1Ie'.v sure to be fb creclflt to oizr class in any future thi-ng he undertakes. ll W lille C1-IAru.r:s GAIN1-:s Clu-:s'r1m 'N Beloit High School, Beloit, XVisconsin 1, 2, 3, Seiiiciryy , Class Play 45 Little Theatre 4g Office Assistant 4. fx Charles' urillingvzerm to try and his ability to conquer 1 are his greatest rmxets. Cami-ng to us lhix year he has Q, . plnyed an wlmporta-nt part in .school uetlu-ities and has ' won many friends. El.1zA1xr:'r1r ANN ClIRISTIiXN H'i-.'l' Reporter 1: Cadet 1, Science Club 23 Student Council 23 Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Treasurer Latin Club 23 Vice President 33 Tennis Club 3, Little Theatre 43 French Club 4, LATIPAC Staff 4. Arm with her wlmle.-rome, f-un-loving way is loyal ri-ml eaqzable. Ever willing Io do her share, she is a force in any unrlertuking. E LIZABETII GERTRUDE COLE Girls' Athletic Asscciution 15 Latin Club lg Grlee Club 2, 3, 45 Little Theatre 43 Girl Reserves 4: Girls' Literary Society 4, Chapel Choir 4g LATIPAC Staff 4. "Without rr song, the day would 'never end." All of our day sure happy and joyous when we have Eliza.- beth'.s cheery 'warble to spur 'us 0'Il'lUlH'd. HAROLD CAMACK Coma Baseball Tcnm 3, 4g German Club 4. Harold is modest and reserved. He says little, knows much, performs his task well, :mil 'Es a. challenge to all 'in IL part of 'ztpr-iglzt lining. Louis MPIIKCEII Corrzfron, Jn. Hugh Morson 1, 2, 3: Press Representative 1, 25 Purple and Gold 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, President 3, Glee Club 33 Science Club 33 Student Council 3. N.B.H.S. 4, 5: Chapel Choir 4, Science Club 55 H-i-Times 4, 59 Hi-Y 4, 5. Broughton II'igh School's publicity has been czrrefully guarded and written. for the newslzapers by ener- yetic Louis. His faithfulness both in his 'work and play have won for him friends at ererll turn. The "Hi4Time.s" stay' will remember Louis rm the mlm who did the work. ARTIiUR Coornn Latin Club 1, 25 Art Club 2, Boys' G1eejJCIulJ 2, 35 Josephus Daniels Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Model Club 3: German Club 4. E Arthur 'is ready to work, to serve, I-'to play when the time comes for each.. His chief dl:-L'87'87f0lL is making model airplanes. Who kno-ws but that it may lead to bigger and better airplaxnes for .irnnrieo in the future? we LELIA FRANCES CRAVEN Girl Reserves 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theatre 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 French Club 43 Science Club 43 Chapel Choir 43 Senior Play 4. Frances 'is' so full of music that -it just "lm.bhles 0'eri' and finds c1vpress'irm 'in her cla.n.c'in.g ,feetg and she has floncerl hm' 'way into all our hearts. We yarn- zlict ri brilliant stage career for our cum beloved "Po vlo'wu4." Girls' XVILLIAIVI MORING CRAVEN Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 2, 3, 43 dont 43 Tennis Club 33 Student Council 3, 43 Orcliestrn. 2, 4. Presi- Willifmiz is one of our 1n'o1liyies. Ile duesn't le! "Rome burn" while he flrldlcs. 1119.9 too h-my cpvplorinyl thc 'wo-rulers nf thc 'llIlil'l'l'SP1Illll'l'I.-IT!fill? rw wall us nat-urolg National Scout Jrrnzlmrev, Worlrl Scout .lrwilzorefm Nolwurc trip, nnrl crmzping e.1v1.1e1l'iIion..s' from the moimlaimr to tha sen! CHRISTINA FVRIHDLIN Cnnmcmoma Athletic Association 1, 23 Girl Scouts 1, 23 Art Club 3, 4. Glee Club 4, President 43 Carnival Queen Attend- ant 3, 43 Tennis Club 33 Chztpel Choir 4: Student Council 43 Delegate to State Congress 43 Little Theatre 43 Team Contain for Magazine Campaign 43 French Club 4. We can always depend nn Chrislinu in help in any sclzool a,cti'uity. Poxsessiny lb 'wimvome persozuliify and ai .sunny disposition, she has ll, charm nrhicll. nurlces her ir1'c.sisti11Io to all. Homvnis NICIJEAN Cnooivii Burgnw High School 1. Greensboro High School 2. RUTH DAVIDSON illtlmugh he is zz. new student in our school, Holmes has cslfiblisherl II' place for himself through his 60'Ll.'l'l0O'ilS anal conxillerate att-itnzle. Then, too, hc has the wonderful record of 'never lLo'ui1ig been trnrily lhro'u.yli.u'ut his entire school cu.1'cer. Class President 1, 2, Secretory 3, 43 Girl Scouts 1, 23 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Science Club 23 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretory 23 Marshal 3, Little Theatre 3, 43 German Club 3, 4, T1'l?llSl11'E1' 3, Secietury 43 Senior Play 4. To one of the bvst 'l'IllN'IlSl?7ltll'fl'l7I'R of Broughton youth, we bow. Her keen. wit, her enmellmice 'in -S'4'ILOllb'I'.5',l.'lI7, and her fun loving 'nature lmvc gained for her one of the highest .senior honors, Miss N.B.H.S. DAVID MARTIN DAv1s Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Assistant Editor IIE-Times 3, 43 Chapel Choir 4. To Drwirl, ones ll ynafl yiartion. of the credit for the ealztrnor1lin.rm'11 s1lccr'xR of our "Ili-T'i1n.ns." His un- tiring cjorts cmd his frilfnlllil coiipe-ration II-Il'I'I1 'rr'- sultczl 'in u. fine 7IiH'lUSI7!l-INT. Ho luzsnft dejinitrrly de- cided 'wlmt lin nfunts to be, but he cozllfl 'really bc a yrmt j0'lLT71Cl-l'iSf. Ginvrnuon I'IAIKRIE'l'TE DAVIS Dancing 1, 2, 33 Girl Reserves 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Chapel Choir 43 Piano Teum 4. We CHHYL decide about Peggy. Pianist? Singer? Dancer? Well, 'rnaylbe shell fool us mul dance imrnuml lim' piano ox she plays the accmnpunimc-nt to her songs. Whichmfev' you take up, Peggy, youfre bound to make goorl. R onnlrr EDWARD DLLMAIN Model Airplane Club 4. Robm'l's amlzition is to bccrnne rr. hillyf-billy singer an 'ru.4lio. With his emcellent lcnowlmlgc of the vneclumics and 'intricrzcies of radio, he will always be cm'ta'in. of the right distance to stand from the "mike" when he soars ,forth with yo-ho-do-ledcly-oooouoooJ A WII.I1IiXhI MCIQINNEY DERBY Sound Crew Chairman 2, 3, 43 Stage Manager 3, 43 Motion Picture Operator 3, 43 Little Theatre 3, 43 Technical Department 4. To Bill, we 27'l'I!8ll'Ilb our lriyflcsb 117111 brighL1'sb 11'111vr1els. For 17'lfI1'1f4lH'i71Sllf1lll! service, for C1LOE7'f'l.Lb '1v'il1'i11g'r1es.v to 110 CL'l'LJlb1I,71'I1fI, for 11112 most 1-1111111119 811111115 m11,'n11.yc1' that 13r1n1yl1ton will 0'l?I"I' llllllf, we sing 107111 1ITIl11S1!3. JAMES EUGICNE DE Vocrr Fenton High School, Fenton, Michigan 1, 2, 83 Boys' Glec Club 1, 2, 43 Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Opcrcttn 33 Dranmtics Play 33 Junior Play 33 Hi-Y Il, 43 Dramatics Club Treasurer 33 Chapel Choir 4. A mgwggmgr has 10 wnrhz just ln lmcome 71071111111 in lt y1'1n',- yet this boy. 'wifh his plrfrminy pPrso1111'if1f, has done just 111111. Ile is 11, vnorlern "Don J'"g gmt 'wlum the smoke has 1'l1'11r1111, he 'is 111 home jI1'l'llfI?b'lCl'I'Ifl I1 tro mlm mf. IAJUISE J.x1'oUEr.1NE DICICIZNS l"ranlcford High, Philndclpllia, Penn. 1, 23 Girl Re- serves 3, 4. lV1!l1 h.1'1' 7Il'iSCll,fG1.70'llS, bro11"n rfyrs llfllll fb .c1,111'11t 1,l,"1'Il1l1lI!! smile, .lrlcqurfline 11113 B111fll5lL7'!'ll lzerself to 'lb-if 1111. S0f'1lL1I1l', lovable, 0,1111 1-11,p2t'1v11,ti1'1g-lim' lJOlII1Nl'llll 'ls sought by young 111111 0111 11l'ihe. M1KllJOI!Ili 1'1AI.liS IJIDHNIIOVEII Girls' Athletic Association 1, 23 Little 'Tlieatre 1. 2. ew, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Vice President 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Delegate to Student Council Congress 33 Junior-Senior Committee 33 LATIPAC Staff 3, 43 Chapel Choir 43 French Club 4, Semfretary 43 Vice President Senior Class 43 Senior Play Committee 4. Quiet 1111111 'lL'll1ll-881b'l11'i7lU, but It haw slf-111111111 ll'l'll1 frimul. th11t'.s- 11flI7'!l11! Hm' yay! gvosterx h11'1'1v 111l1n'n1f1I mm' lmllpiin bonrrls, 111111 her P.!'1'P11I?ll1 sturlenf l'0'U7l,1'f1 'worlc has 116111011 keep our school in Ihr frweirnnt. In spite of her 7lll7l1!'l'0'Ll8 r11'H1'iti11s, lllarryie has C07lSl'8b0?1fl1l Wlllf'Ilf!l'1'l'l6'lb 1lll7l01'-T011 Sbllillblllfj. FAN NIE 1cA'1'1II.EBN Drzon Girls' Athletic Association 13 Glee Club 13 Home Room Cadet 23 Cheer Leader 4. O111' C1U'11l'llIllTEIl Kal: is om' of B1'o11f1l1tan's s11'1'etest girls. Her surmy smile 111111 her sincere frie111ll'iness nlfrurt ull of us. TlLt4I'I5'S 11olhiny artificial llllllllb her -sh1"s true blue. JADIICS DAVID DODGE Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Cadet 23 Science Club 2, 43 German Club 3, 43 Orr-hestra 3, 43 Cub Den Chief 3, 43 Birrl Club 43 First: Honorable Mention, State Physics Contestg Daniels Literary Society, 4. To our future yiliysioisi, Brougliton, loolcx 'with I1Tl'l10. D11,1'i1l Dorlyr' wil' Il1'lL'f'1l'l br' 7'I'lIll'HlbI'l'I'l1 by Ihr class of '38 for Iliff 0'Uf5ffl.'l'lll'l7ly 'zvorlc in tho class- HA ZEL PAGE EIXTJIJKN room, lllllb his 11111111rin,1l frio111lIin1'ss. M A RGAR I-IT D U N A XYAY Girls' Athletic Association 1, 23 Little Theatre 1, 2, 4, Vive President 23 Glcc Club 3, 4, Greensboro Contest 3, 43 Chapel Choir 43 French Club 4, Treasurer 43 I.,vrII'.-xc Stal? 4, Costume Committee, Senior Play 4. D0l7971lIH11I1.llfjl. si111'1'rily. intelligence, 111111 ll 'm11gnet'i1: p1fr.s1m,11Iily, tI!1!!b'8 Jliriryiv. T11111-hm'.s' know that sh1f's 7'PfH1Jl for s1'r1ii1'0, lllllb all the stuzlcnts 111Zmi1'a her faith- ful frienriliness. Latin Club 13 Girls' Athletic Association 13 Little Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 43 Music Festival, Greensboro 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 33 Girl Reserves 2, 33 LATIPAC Staff 3, 43 Chapel Choir 43 Senior Play 4, Com- mittee 43 Senior Marshal 43 Versatility Supcrfutive 43 Contest Play 4. Vm's11lil1'-tl111l,'s our Pago. Pnssmxsirig Nf71l't'7'ifJl, frien1I1ine.s'x, 07211 1l1'pe111111bility, .she has fmmrl hm' 'way into the l1cc1rt.s' of stmlevlts llflll faculty. With hm' 'l'880ll7'l7l9f'lL1lll!SS and 7n11gneti1: personrrlily, success is her destiny. fy' , ' A 1 2 ll ' 1, , , " 5 . 47.11, ul! ' X, l 'I '-aff,-1""1 'Lf'l1'1' ,h,,!, 11, L if q , .1 V1 , l if-ffl jf -'x ,.. ,. 1 'T' 1 .fl ,' 931 1. of-Q5 BETTY 'WrrIiIYTE ELLINGTON Cathedral School 1. Girls' Athletic Association 15 Tennis Club 35 French Club 45 Spanish Club 45 L.A1'IPAC Staff 45 Senior Play Publicity Committee 4. Frlizolous cmd gay when the event is sociiillg serious and stlulious when stillrlies are in-rolveflg entlmsiustic and alert on all occrzxirms-i'n. fact, Betty is just a, whole- liemtefl, wide-awake girl whose company is eagerly sought by all her acq'1lai11ta,m:es. MAX FIERRELL Glue Club 15 Boosters Club 15 Latin Club 15 Little Theatre 1, 2. Quiet but llepemlable, Mar has won the esteem of the class of '38 du-ring hzlv tivo year sojou Brmigltton. We 'wish for him the brilliant which he so richly deserves. rn at future MAllG:KRIi'P YVONNE Flmizrmr. Girls' Athletic Association 25 LATIPAG Staff 4. Yvonne has the lumpy faculty of saying the right thing nt the right ti-me-in other words, she is diploma-tie mul clever. Her a,mbit'i0n is to be it secreturyg uml wiflz. hm- splenriirl q'ua.lific1it1'o11s arul 'winsnme person- ality, does zmyorie doubt that she will attain her goal? Aucn Jimx FINCH Girl Scouts 15 Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Athletic Association 25 Tennis Club 2, 35 Science Club 2, 35 Littln Theatre 2, 45 Glee Club 45 Treasurer Girls' Literary Society 4. Tall, strzlely, zllynifierl-tlzatis Jean.. There is u, lvzuinkle in her eyes that yiortrays an twirl sense of lfvmmor, mul a pteusnrlt smile for 0'l.l6'I'y0'llB. Friends? They are as 'numberless as the stars. Romani' EDWIN FINUH Varsity Football Tezim 1, 2, 3, 45 Swimming Team 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 4. Our yum.-el:ewiny, tvfm-heaclerl Bob is ri perfect ervample of easy yoiiiy foolball heroes. He received plenty of ylnry on the gridiron, but it l:a.m't spoilerl him. If he tackles all future obstacles as he did his football foes, th-en le.e's slatezl for fame. ELIZABllT1i Niamrs FLOURNOY Girls' Athletic Association 15 Girl Scouts 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 2, Secretary 25 Little Theatre 1, 2, 45 Cadet 25 Girl Reserves 25 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Cheer Leader 45 Office Assistant 45 Chapel Choir 45 Senior Play 45 Reporter Hi-Ti-mes 4: LATIPAG Staff, As- sociate Editor 3, 45 Music Festival, Greensboro, 45 Class Night Committee. Slzfs really a poppy little girl, liaL'in,fj prm:f'cl this as one of our most capable cheer leurlers. She's sure to "rise and slime," just its Angie did in "New F-tres," Act III, Scene Il! HARVEY Srnrnnnsox Fooo Glee Club 15 Football 25 Boys' Literary Society 35 Dramatic Club 45 Baseball 4. What would we do without Harvey? When skies 'were gray, he laughed aml brought back the sung when all of 'us were clown in the dumps, he kidderl and cheerecl its. IIe's o real doctor of the blues, mul 'we wlslz, him all the success in the world. JANE :ELIZABETII Fomans Greenville High School 1, 2: Girls' Literary Society Q if Glee Club 1, 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2. if eedham Broughton High 3, 4: LATIPAC Staff 3, 45 French Club 45 Little Theatre 45 Carnival Queen f Attendant 4. The saying, "Beauty is only skin deep," is wrong! Jane's beauty is famous, but it goes 'right doom to her heart. She'x sweet and sincere, mul IL student loved by all. l Sy, ,NJ 6 ,. cf Q Q. Xa CLARA Mnnonmsr Fonsrnn French Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Girl Scouts 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 45 Attendant Carnival Queen 45 Home Room Cadet. 2, 4. Utterly feminine is Clara, with talents variezl. She has the domestic touch, but the great out-of-doors attracts her. ller 'musical 'inclination gives her future bright promise. DIXIE CAnnoLL FRENCJ-I Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Science Club 2 French Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 45 Little Theatre 45 LATIPAC Staff 45 Attendant Carnival Queen 4 Senior Play Marshal 45 Health Room 45 Girls Basketball Team, Captain 45 President Girls' AA Dixie is dainty and darling. Sh.e'.s' fond of sports and like a true athlete, umleratamls the full 'meaning of the term ".vportemansl1ip." True to her na-mt, she is a real Southern Inelle. MARY Damn FULGHUM Girls' Athletic Association 15 Science Club 25 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. Life's sea is a calm one for Mary. Her days run smoothly and unhurrierlly, Fortune will surely smile on one xo capable, so consillerate of others, so serene and unpertiurbed. I,IIIFER FULLeNw1m:n, Jn. Glee Club 25 Junior Football Team 25 Hi-Y Club 2 3, 45 Band and Orchestra. 3, 45 Spanish Club, P1981 dent 4. Phifer, better lunown aa "Pretty Boy," is rlestmecl to be an outstanding sensation 'in the musical world IIere's hoping that in the near future we'll be dancing to the music of his 'world famous band. MAKCK LEIGIITON FULLER, Jn. Band 1, 25 Tennis Club 35 Art Club 35 Tennis Team 3, 45 Christ School, Footlmll5 Glee Club, Basketball, Tennis. Mars Hill, Science Club, Tennis Team, Foot- ball team 45 Spanish Club 4. Mac is one of these few people who may be classed aa 'vrrsallleg he is a rare combination of an artist and an athlete. We are imleczl proiul that he returneal to Broughton to grazlilate with the class of '38. MAXRION M101 FULLER, Jn. Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 25 Track Te Boys' Glee Club 45 Bird,Club 45 LATIPAC S Hi'Y Club 45 Co-Program Chairman 4. A tho'rou,r1hIy fine pal is' Marion. He is a -member of our class, ahunzfs eager to do his vhaw in any activity. Seldom do we see rn boy who has such ll choice combination of fine chalirmteristic-z Many FnANcns GIEIILING Cathedral School 15 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 35 Girl Reserves 35 Little Theatre 45 French Club 45 Girls' Literary Society 45 LA'r1P.-xo Advertising Staff 4. Sweet a-ml demure-these words describe her perfectly. Her f1'fl?1lllS, and even. casual acquaintances, are 'im- prexsezl by her sincerity. Tha-t ie her fortune. WILLIABZ A. GILL Boy Scouts 1, 2: Science Club 25 Manager Football 3, 45 Monogram Club 4. William Gil, better known as "Barkly," hm a smile and a greeting for everyone. All his friends and associates will remember him for his splenrl-id manage ment of the football team. lVho knows, some day he may be manager of the Green Bay Packers or some other professional football team. WILLIE CATHERINE GILLIS Hugh Morson High School: Girl Reserves 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 2, Morson Literary Society 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Art Club Secretory- Treusurer 3. Broughton High School: Girls' Literary Society 4, Little Theatre 4. Catherine is one of our most scholarly seniors ami, also, one of our 'most belovezl. Just us quietly als she nssames responsibility, she masters it, and goes se- renely on her way, always 'working towctrai greater goals. EDN4i MAE GILLIS Biscoe High School 1, 2, 3, Class President 3, French Club 4. Erlno, the tall 0lI.ll7'III.l7l!l yirl from Biscoe, has acquired nm-ny ,friends since she entered our school. She always has 11, .smile and a friendly 'word for everyone. May success crown her every ofurl! CIIARLES FIlAVIUS GOODNO Student Council 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Monogranl Club 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. Businesslilce and thorouyltly ejlicient, Cho-ries can ol- 'ways be 1lepmule1l on to measure up to his responsibili- ties. l'Ve believe in. you, Charles, and are expecting great things of you! THODIAS I. GRAY Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Tom is quiet and shy-never clrtshiny hither and yon, as so many of our "dignified" seniors do. He works consistently in anything he unzlertulres-always coming through with flying colors. . Enwoou I-IARPER Junior Football Tenrn 2, Football Team 3, Swimming Team 3. - "Nature nmfle him what he is, anll never 'made another." At no place but Broughton could one Jimi 11. ymrnon just like Eluvoorl. His frimully manner, plus his pleasant smeile and 'wrtrrn ll.!l7I.!lClIlf-911, has rlrawn to him 11, circle of close friends. A JENNILLE H.-mms - Alexander Graham Jr. High School, Charlotte, N. C., 1, 2. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, LATIPAC Stull' 3, Student Council Delegate to State Congress 4, Chapel Choir Vice President 4, French Club 4, Little Theatre 4, Chief Marshal 4, Carnival Queen 4. 1. Jennille speaks for herself. She is admired by all anal because of her beauty she was selected the "belle of our class." She will go far in anything, for her personality is as attr11eli'ue as her counte'nance. J ACK HOBBY Henman - We wonder if all the time Jack has spent in the library has been given to parallel read-ing! If so, he has 11, valuable store of knowledge-make the most of it, Jack! - ' Norvrn SIVIITII HINKLE Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, Boy Scouts, 1, 2, Tennis Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, German Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Chairman of Publicity Committee 4. Witty, athletic, fun-lorinvy, popular, original-in fact, practically every interesting worrl in the dictionary can be applied Lo North. As captain of the tennis team and wit among the Senior Swperlatives, "Hinky" has left lla mark that will be hard, for future Seniors to excel. 3 J 1 1 -.-.ff Ma-if , 1 1 .JJ .fda , uf , , fr LNJJQ ,fri Y gf, Agri' 25-f'f'i" " YA oxide, Q9 DANIEL M1SllSIIlYI.I. Honors, Jn. Winstou'Salem High School 1, 2: Boy Scouts 1, 2, Junior Hi-Y 1, 2. First Prize Slate Art Contest 3, 4, Literary Society 2, 3, Treasurer 4, LA'1'IPAr: Art Editor 3, 4, 5, Debating Alternate 4, Teiun 5, First Prize National Defense Viieek Contest 4, Art Club 4, 5, President 4, Deutscher Verein 4, President 5, Science Club 5, Suncrlaitive, Scholarship 5, Hi-Y 4, Secretary 5, Student Council 5, Little Theatre 5, Student Council Award 5. Dzmfs success in the art lleyartmevz-l is incomparable. His artistic ability is his biggest asset, will is llestinczl to carry him. to great lwiylzts. And his excellence in SClL0l!1.?'S,l?l1J has placed him, among our s'u,pcrlal'ives. Dan, is really the one of 'wlm-nz we're yoiny lo say, "I knew him. when-f' Jon Lmvnnxcn Honon Glee Club 3, 4, President 4, Chapel Choir 4, Little Tlieatro 4. Although quiet, in his mzmner, Joe is rt 'valuable member' to our class. As tenor in the Cleo Club and in the male quartet, he has proverl lilmsrlf lb second Richard Crooks. Maybe, someday Joe will step right into Richarrl's shoes. He has the ability, RUBY mcR:-:MA I-locus U Glee Club 1, 2, Girl Reserves 2. .X "To know her is lo love herf' Ruby cast her lot ui-itlz. sincere friend and o-ulstanzliny scholar. as last year, aml 'very soon grrooefl her 'worth iz? IRIVIA Honnnro " J! Hugh Morson 3, Girls' Athletic elssocitkii 1. Irma. is a zleinure little bloml. She is not geo? talking constantly, as are most yoimvg ladies Ain hzjh school, therefore, she is usually "seen rrnzl not heard except at the appropr-late time, than everyone stands at attention. CAREY I-I. I-Iomlowhy, Jn. Hugh Morson High School 1: Boy Scouts 1, German Club 3, Vice President 3, Model Airplane Club 3, Science Club 4, Art Club 4, Treasurer 4, Literary Society 4. Two years ago Carey whfizzezl down the hill to become the 'winner of Ruleiyhls K-rxt soap-bogv rlerby, thereby, proring what his friends hllll known for some time- that Carey 'is a "whiz." We flonfl: see how he ands the time to paint pictures, 'make automobiles, and slay on the honor roll month after month. W1I.I.mM Knniv IIOLOBIAN Latin. Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, 3, 4, L1tera1y Society 2, 3, Secretary 8, State Dramatic Contest 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, 1Ii-Times 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, Motion Picture Committee 4, Chairman French Club 4, High School Sports Reporter for the Raleigh Times 4. The boy with the infectious grin and the blo-rule hair 'who runs a1'ou.nll ljuoling poetry 'is 'not Longfellow- he's Kern, our "Hi-Times" editor. His accomyilish- ments are many: tenor, poet, seliolar, joa'r'nal'isl, and J ULf.xN SUTTON Honrox hivrriurist. He is truly a, genfleman. JACK Asmu. How' Boy Scouts 1, 2, Science Club 2, Baseball Club 3, Basketball Club 4, Spanish Club 4, Monogram Club 4. .lack is Brauyhtoifs blond flash on the baseball ilia- moml. His goorl looks and his athletic ability, are big factors in his poyiularity. Jack is the' ki-ml"of boy who helps put Broughton. on the anap, Little Theatre 1, Secretary of Class 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Boys' Choir 2, Boys' Lit.erury Society 2, Tennis Club 2, 3, Election Committee 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts 2, 3, Home Room Representative 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 4: Chapel Choir 4. Jul'ian's conversalilm., appearance, and comlfact on all occasions show the vnarks of ri true gentleman. Ilis occa.-rionnl good-'rmlureal tlirusls of humor are better appreciated because he is generally so sedate. Few Broughton slullenls enjoy such universal yooll will and esteem as he. Club 4. 03 wifi' 1. Sl' H 51 i . X .WJ A.A. 4. WV' ' 30 FRANCES Josrzmnxr: Hunsox Hugh Morson 15 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Girls' Glee Club 4. Fra--nces chose the quiet studious way of life, and by her perseverance and determination has 'marie it yoorl record for herself. She has many qualities 'which are admired by all who know her. JAIIIES Tnnon HUTCIiINS Latin Club 15 Orchestra 15 Boy Scouts 1, 25 Science Jim has 'won the respect aml tulmiration of students and teachers by his quiet, easy 'mann-er and his conscientious porformavnce of duty. He is truly a "man of his word." MARY Susnx J Acxson' Science Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 45 Latin Club 3, Secretary 35 Debating Alternate 35 Bird Club, 4, Vice P esidcnt, 4. Sl 'x x is ' and quiet, but in that small dark head there 1 a. world of knowledge. Her intense interest ature has marle those big brown eyes shine. MAMIE BONNER JnNNi:'1"rE Theatre 45 Girls' G-lee Club 45 LATIPAC Staff rls' Basketball Team 45 French Club 45 Hculth Room 45 Girls' A.A. 4. Anyone can look at that aniniaterl expression on Mamie'.9 face and know that she loves living! Her deliylztful humor has made her a lively member of our class. She has :lone her work well, entering into ' i it with spirit rarely found. H ' Mlmmnn MAE JENNETTE Athletics Association 25 Science Club 25 Little Theatre 45 Girls' Glee Club 45 LATIPAC Staff 45 French Club 45 Girls' Basketball Team 45 Secretory Girls' Mildred is dainty and quiet, sweet and reserved-"a lady of 'most diverse encha-ntmentsf' Her ambition is to become an interior decorator, and with her eye for color and harmony and her creative imagination, she will lend beauty and charm to any project 'whikh she undertakes. Envnv M. JOHNSON, Jn, Boy Scouts 1, 25 Baseball 45 Junior Football Team, 45 Hi-Y Club 5. Ervin has a broad grin, a witty remark, and a pleasant word for everybody. A famil-iar sinht is he, cramming for a chemistry quiz. 'Whether the cram- ming helped or not is unknowng but this is well known-that our ball playing Ervin is one of the senior favorites. MARY INA JOHNSON Litt'e Theatre 45 Glee Club 45 LATIPAC Staff 45 French Club 4. We have learned to depend on Mary Ina. Her modesty and ability, coupled with determination, have 'mazle her a yoofl student. With her admirable qualities and, high ideals, we are safe in Il7'01JlL8!7fIfi7'l,g a bright future for this member of the class of '38. AI.Ll-IN BANKHRT JONES Boydton High School, Boydton, Va., 1, 2, We wonder, when we see Allen -in deep meditation, if his thoughts are: "C'arry me back to ole' Viryinien -if so, he is 'very auccesxf'ul in keeyring his longinys for old frieml.v and acquaintances to himself. He ullaytezl himself to his new environment and has 'made many friends :luring his one year at Broughton. , .J-. . Fnnmc A. Jozms, Jn. Vero Beach Fln., High School 1, 2, Buys' Literary Society 45 Science Club 45 Photogrnpliy Club 45 l.4A'l'IPAG Staff 4. Frzmk rlesertezl lhe "Limit of S'lmshfin.o" to join 'lm livin your but he never seeowfl no st'ru11.ger in our w1.irlst." lmmecliately we 'recogrllzerl in him the fine cLtt'riZru,tos of loyalty, straightforwarzlness. mend truxtfwo'rtIL'i11.ess that made him ll. 'very welcomerl member of our class. HELEN :EI.IZABl:IT.lI Joiumx Block Mountnin High School 15 Ahoskie I-Iitrh School 2, 35 French Club 45 Girls' Literary Club 4. Fun loving is Helen, and a good sport-one af those persons who arld zest to life. We rlirl without her the first two years in N. B. H. S., but now she's 'made herself irulispensablc. MARY FMNCES JOKDAN Home Room Cadet 15 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 35 LATIPAC Stuff 35 Girls' Athletic Association 4. If there was any typing to be done, Mary Fra'r1.ees was always roruly. Her neat work 'lrfon her 11, mpulfl- tion as one of our best typists. Ilm' vnzmy friends are looking forward to the day when "Tea" will be some ea:ecutive's .9ec1'etm'y. CARLTON ELIZABETI-I KELLY Cadet 15 Girl Scout 15 Little Theatre 1, 25 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, B5 Girls' Literary Society 2, 45 Glec Club 3, 45 French Club 45 Chapel Choir 45 LATIPAC Staff, Associate Editor 45 Senior Play Prompter 45 Music Festival, Greensboro 3, 4. Elizabeth -is first of all a. good. 7llllf7lllUBl', twirl this qua!-ity has made her lb 'wilful-bln mrmzber to ou-r class. Sho is rt true frivfml, a'ul compri-nilorl, and can always be depended upon when she's neerlod. Wixnn F. KEMP, Jn. Boys' Glee Club 35 State Play 35 Little Tl1ent1'e 45 Chapel Choir 45 President of Glco Club 4. He forever looks ns though he jzmt escaperl from n co!ore1i plate in "Esquire." ll'adc's eazeellent tenor roice has uillerl him, in his capacity as the Don Juan of Needham Broughton. May he always take the same nfttlturle towurrl his career that he has taken in rcgurcl to his zzmulrelg he doexnft follow the fash-ions, lm creates them. JAMES THURMAN KENYON High School Band 1, 25 Science Club 1, 25 Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3. "All work mul no play 'mrmlces Tl:-ur'nm11 ri :lull lmy"-- aml so Th'ur-nmn 1loesn't work all the time! But dfm'l let htm fool you-he's as smart as he -is witty. CENTENNIAL C. KING Centennial is always ohliying no matter ho-zu Imsy hc may be. Ilia excellence in uviozlworlc makes us certain. he will "carve" for Irirrzself it p1'om'i'ne'nl niche in the world of ayairs. MARY iELIZABETII Knmy YValnut Cove High School 1, 25 Girls' Athletic Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2. N B. H. S. 3, 45 Girl Reserves 35 Girl Scouts 35 French Club 4. llIll.7'1l,S llfmfahle smile uml yenirzlily have 'IIN-l0l7h'!'ll many I4,ea.1'ls for her. In hor future leaching cmu'eer we know hm' biology 3l'lLtl!?'lllX will love her as much as 'we dv. 'il' 1 'Q sf" L4 414.414 . if X ,ln f Cipbilbl' A' " L F L JJ TRW I I .Nigel ' ZWII wa- L gg in no i wifi., i . iv lv 51,1 . F ,f I HENRY ARTIIER KLiU1'1'Z lIe'nry's years at Broughton have been clevotcll to service and to mo.stery of the tools of learning. He ltas been failliful in the performance of every task and loyal -in his support of every class a.eti'uity. MIXRTIN Blum Konx Boy Scouts 1, 23 Hugh Moi-son 35 Junior Football Team 33 Science Club 4, Josephus Daniels Literary Society 4g Business Stalf of LATIPAC 4. Mm't'ly.'s fricnlls in the Joseylltus DlL71i1'El,8 Literary Society will testify that his effective stump .speeches have Izelyezl elect 'numy of the ojiicers of the society. His ability to ihinlc clearly and argue convincingly fit him for a responsible place on "the Globe." TIIOJNIAS WILLIAM :LADIBE Elections Committee 1, 2, 3, Clmirnmn 43 Student Council 1, 2, 4, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, Vice President, Science Club 2, Tennis Club 3, Tenm 3, Co-Captain 4, Truck Team, Co-Captain 3, Junior Marshal 35 German Club 3, 4g Hi-Y President 43 Prophet of Class 4, Student Council Award 4. Because Billy is capable, we hare lomlell him, 'with re- sponsibility, because he -is original, we have welcomed his ideas, because he is clever, we have enjoyerl his company. Hcre's to a forceful leader, a, superior scholar, aml a. jolly pall EDITH CAROLINE L1-:AvIs'rER N. B. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 4. Sunforil High School 4. p "I fave the 'whole world," seems to be Eclithis phil- .' 0, '1 of life, aml her luminous brown eyes reflect - ought a.rr1e1z.lly. She hasn't been with its these ' ew -months, but all the goozl-'will which she y as rarliatezl has come home to hor. , V' JULIA Rooms Lm: l Scouts 1, 25 Transferred from Hugh Morsou 23 'rl Resijiiives 1, 2, 49 Girls' Glee Club 2, 43 Chapel oixj-ij Little Theatre 4, Clxuirniuu of Music Gom- teeg,Girl Reserves 43 Carnival Queen Attendant 43 lfrencx Club 43 Superlxitive, Scholarship 4. Our scholarship superlati've's looks 'woulrl betray her intellectual self. She has laughing blue eyes mul zlimplerl clierks which many girls envy. That eye-r'1:esce'nt personality will make her a favorite wherever she yoes. J OHN XVALTEI1 LI-:Is Cary High School 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Football 15 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, President Monogram Club 43 Hi-Y 4. Needham B, Broughton High School: Football 53 Monogram Club 55 Spanish Club 5. Goorl looking, athletic, frieaully-Tllalter crasliell his 'way to the from ranks of our class in one year -in the some .9portsmm'Ll'ilce 'way that he crashed the lines of every opponent on the football field. His rletermi- 'nation afml pers'istc1zce have brought him fume on the grizliron mul 'in eirery phase of school life. SUSAN!-Us GIlISNVOIlD Lmxsrun Glee Club 13 Little Theatre 2, 3, 4g Frencli Club 4. IL was a break for B'l't7'lL,UlLt0'I1 'when Susie tlecirlell to come back from. Hrmvaii a-ml gflllbltllvfd here. Her "come hither" look and her magnetic ways hare en- zlearerl her to all of us, cmd she may rest assu-rerl she will always remairz. o pleasant memory to Brouylilon.. DOIKOTI-IY MAE LLOYD Girls' Reserve Club 1: Science Club 1, 23 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Cafeteria 2, 3, Girls' Basketball Team 43 Girls' A.A. 4. Dorolhyis Incoming smiles allrl to the 'wealth of the worlll. Slzc's 'wide awake and alert on the basket- ball court-aml her game of life played in the same 'wholesome spirit as her baslccllmll-clean and fine and sportsmanlike. WILI,IALI FIGGATT LOVELL Little Theatre 1, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Sergeant-ab Arms 3, Marshal 3, Tennis Club 3, 4, L,-KTIPAC Stuff 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Student Council 4, Carnival Attendant 4, Hi-Y Club 4. Pral.s'es to om' LATIIIAC E1I'ilor-in-Clrief! He has oriy- ivmlily, tclcl, exueculive ubilifly, mul paliemze. He ls cu si'nce1'e frieml mul ll very poyrullm' 'll'lf'7ILll0l' of the class of '38, ,haf N . , . Q - - 5 , ,, 5 . . In V l,,.'H'- 5' Jil 7's.'.'i... ,H 35 lj ,bs -1 5, V ., - , , . . 41 N - f" .' ji X N ,iff .1 ALLAN B. MACINTYRE Sound Crew 2, 3, 4, Assistant Stage Manager 3, Motion Picture Operator 3, 4, Stage Blilllllglll' 4. .llonor uilmre honor is clue! Alla1I's C07lflil'lb'lll'l07215' to Broilgliton have been 'onlimble bayoml descrip- tion. ll'h1'lher .stage scenery is to be bwilt, clocks mill bells lo be ucljuslcd, rucl'io.s' lo be inslullerl, or 'niolizrn 1Ill'h'1lI'BS tn be slmu.-n-Allaiv, ns rl. memlzer of the .stage crew, is right there to help do the NANCY VIRGINIA MCCRiXRY job. Fnixxcias ELIz.xmc'ru MCCAKRY Girl Reserves 3, 4, Little Theatre 4. Elizabeth M1:Cury came from the city of Durham. in 1935. Her ambition is la become a designer. She is lzllraclive, C0'7lifj8TI'llll, sturliouar, and ambitious. Ax a rlexiyner, we lhink th11.l xhe will yo fur, lnzcculse she has fi Irivicl 'ivmzylnriliovn good lusle, ami good jwlg- ment. J. L. MARKS, Jn. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Chairman Social Committee 2, 3, Girl Scouts 1, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, O1l1'l1lV2lil Maid of Honor 4, Ollice Assislalit 2, Latin Club 2, 3. Nfmugl seems always to be bubbling orer 'wilh the joy of lining. Wlloleheurlezl 01lh'l'll'l'lSTIl and enthusiasm elm-1'fmle1'ize her every Imrlertnking. As 7n'4's'irlenl, of the Girl Reserires, .she has 1lem.onst1'ale1l that her skill ns an e.veculil:a is cavceerlezl only by her ability to make friends. Glce Club 1, 2, Literary 1, 2, Baud 1, 2, 3, Football 2, Little Theatre 4. A drum xlich: 'in one hand, fl fmvliion book in- the other, u mop of blonde curls, unrl IL smile that spreads from mr to ern'-lhut's J. L. Ilils ubilily as master of the drums, his stylish clothes. mul his lively persmmlily will bri-ny him fame. Xp M AnGAnIc'I' KENIJIK LI. M1XIl'F1N LIELEN ELIZAIII-:'I'II MIxn'i'1N Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Girls' Glce Club 1, 3, Dancing 2, 3, Piano Team 4. To Brouglil0n'.v red-Im-l1'erl fE7ll'l1l'l7I6 Pfl1le1'eIL'.s-ki, we bow. Iler I4'yl1l11'i1Iy syeezl at the li'f'jjlIllfl.7'1l has hriyl1lom'4l mlmy an lL0'llfl' for us. Helen is leaving for the for 'north soon. Illllmimh her 711'e80i1.ce will 'no lomlm' he felt, memories of her will 7'U7l'llLl7L- jiivall 'in our llefc'rt.5'. XVILLIADI T, MLXRTIN, JR. Girl Reserves 1, 2, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Cadet 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, LA'rI1'A0 Staff 2, 8, Committee for Footballs 3, Cheer Leader 4. lf "Pretty is as pretty does," lhen the-re's 'no question hs to Marymelx' beauty. lShe's friemlly and sincere mul It girl fwhrrm, c'1.iev'yone likes. And her looks-well, she'o bouml lo mulue IL success of her f''w1'e if loolca mean anyllzinyl Student Council 1, 3, 4, 5, President 5, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, Literary Society 2, 3, 4, 5, Ring Committee 3, Tennis Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Ili-Times 3, 5, LA'I'11'AC Staff 8, 4, Business Manager 4, Honor Sooiely 4, Triangular Dolmtiug Team 4, German Club 4, 5, Slate Student Council Congress 4, 5, Little '1'lioat1'e 51 Senior Play 5, Mr. N, B. 1-I. S. 5, Tennis Team 5. Seldom ix IL sfurlent body so jnrlmmle as lo lirzve a lemlvr 'wilh the 'L7'l8lU7L, lhe poise, and the 'insight llllll Tl". T. luis. Under his able guidavvzce, the Sluzlrfnt Council has promolefl mrmy projects for uw fm. rich-ment of student life. Rep1'ese'nt'in,qJ lhe jinesl 'ideals of Brrmgllton slurlcnls, he 'wus u-nlmimously elected Mr. Needham Broughton. ,F as -I.. , "gifs , X' V ,X I .9- p,. K-. 4-'lv - X X YQ.: N -u .- 54. 5' 'H-. Q4 ,I E is -i WDA ,l XMLJ , lv' K- ,114 X , I lf x I,-,1 , I , J. X f 1 G -V 1 A-.LJ fl P7 1 LU - I1 'C V i f ' ' "L li' of ' U J .IW 1 3.4" 4 f - 1 l .,' 0,7 J , 1 Ji ,,, l'f'f4'H H J ' I l Y ,xg 'ass , . .5 , f 'i ...EQ . I - ,tri . V 1? im .4 5 :ii l. 'V -1 .Y ggi? -. 3 .tm glmij-ilt l M 3475 Q ' nailz' -1 5 ' 'Lf A 'Q ' : J , .-W1-33-121g iii '4 fy . -'zqglgt ,547 E- avg . 3 ki, -:wig were MAnoAnE:r JOSEPIIINE MEDLOCK Girl Scout lg Girls' Athletic Association 1, 23 Girl Reserves 33 LATIPAC Staff 43 Vice President Home Economic Class 4. "If you would have a friend be one" is Ma.rgaret's motto. Her quiet dignity, delightful and unfselfish. rlis- position. and her high ideals combine to make her one of Broughtouhs finest students. CIIAm,o'r'm EVA MII.I,Ell Glee Club 1, 23 Student Council 23 Little Theatre 2, 33 Treasurer Class 33 French Club 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Senior Marshal 4. Her charming personahftg, her sparkling sense of humor, and her entire self-each has 'made Charlotte, otherwise known as "Nigga," one of our 'most refreshing seniors. SAM ISARTLETTE MILLER, Jn. Band 1, 23 Boys' Glee Club 43 Little Theatre 4. If you 'want tickets sold, call on Sam.. Or 'if you irish to buy one, he will sell it to you and take you to the performance all for the price of the ticket. No wonder our Senior Play and District Contest were financial successes with such eyiciency on the part of this clever salesman. Josnrl-I WILSON MO0NEYIii1hI, Jn. Garner High School 1, 2, 3. Joseph -is a. "go-getter" who refuses to give up If the problem is ha-rrl, then he u'restl4's with it until -it -is solved. Although. he has been at Broughton for onlyilgs Senior year, he has made us all sit up and take motive! I' 5 , Aunrmy MAI: Moonr: .. N Central Hjigh School, Washington, D. C., 3. Girls' Glee Club 4: LATIPAO Staif 43 Little Theatre 4, Girls' Basketball Team 4. A'Lulrey's cheerfulness aaul ability to do her work well has made her a popular 'nzemlmr of our class. We know her- as the girl with the "laughing blue eyes." ' .A PAUL M1L'1'ON Moonn Rifle Club 13 Student Council 1, 23 Glec Club 1, 2 3 Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 33 Music Con test 33 Orchestra 3, 43 LATIPAC 43 Hi-Y 53 Head Cheer ' Leader 5. i The proprietor of the gaudy, one-'wheeled trailer we have seen rolling aroimd, is curley-hai-red Paul. The handsome Mr. Moore is the originator of the popular "Swingmaster Band" that has brought: him. renoun from far and near. GEORGE WASIIINGTON Mormnciu, Jn. Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Assistant Scoutmasterg Science Club3 Swimming Team 3, Treasurer3 Bird Club 43 Sea. Scouts 4, COXSXVHIII. life shall always rcm.ember George as a quiet, reserved, young man with a. smile so friendly and warm that no one can resist its ma.gnet'L91r1l. He is a consistent, ambitious student, 'who -imqzresses teachers and class- mates 'with his 'many sterling qualities. SAIIIUEL Fox MORDECAI Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 4g Basketball 3 4 Class Historian 4. Sam's quiet nature, his fricrirlliness, arul his lore of living, have characterizezl his life at Broughton Without him, our basketball team would have been lost. Sam, make your future as bright and clean as yo-ur games have been, and remember that you have an army of friends behinzl you. r HowAnn MOBGAN Baseball Manager 23 Basketball Manager 2, 33 Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. "In the spriny 11. young mnn'x fancy lightly turns to thoughts of l0'U6n-lI.0'll'B'l?BT, the season scams not to bc 11. factor 'in IIowr1rrl's case. But aside from thc ujfrtirs nf the heart, he has fozmrl time to be 'manager of the basketball and baseball teams. MARY :ELIZABETH NAs1I Murphy High School, Mobile, A'alJnmu 1, Vallejo High School, Vallejo, California. 1. YVilson High School, Portsmouth, Vu., 2. Science Club 3: Girl Reserves 3, 4, Treasurer 45 LATIPAO Stuff 4g Little Theatre 45 French Club 4. Many adjectii-es are needed to describe Mary Elizabeth. She is very clwable and an honor roll student, but we like her 'most because she 'ts such lt line friend to to everyone, and sn very 'much fun. MARY ALICE NICHOLS Girl Reserves 1, Secretary 15 Girls' Athletic Association , 1, 23 Science Club 2, Girls' Glec Club 3, 45 Music Con- test, Greensboro 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Chapel Choir 4. Q ' Crrzlit 'where credit is !l'IAl'1HIl'll'Jl Alice has won rt place V, of honor mul respvct at Broughton because of hcl' lllllh ideals mill flue school spirit. "Service" is her motto. JJ NANCY DAVIDSON NISIVONGIKR B QL Girl Scouts 1, 2. A congenial attituilc characterizes Nancy. Enthuxirzslic X, in 'LUlLl1l8'UB7' she unrlcrtakcs, fLi1l'!l1lS 'winning frien-ds. she will be -!l'll'I'6 of lb 'welcome though she iuanrler for and wide. GI-:RALDINI-: EI.IZiSllIi'l'li PADGETT I ,l Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 G-lee Club 2, 5 an. 1 J Choir 4. , ,ug 1 " "S'iny! Keep your spirits bright! Si? Iliff H A good for vnu!" Thut'.s why G6'I'lLlIlil'tZ'8 sn.ilp'1lx sm L a-11l"lx .l , , I1 llpllll ll ml b right, u ml 'why everybody likmfwei' so Ibzljl , f much. She believes in singing her tl'01tbl8Sfl11'lUll1l. J UANITA ESTELLE PAnGi:'r1' Glee Club 2. "With a smile and a song"-that's her motto. She's gracious and maynfzni-mnus-pleuslmt und 'ilfll8l!lflSlL, uml can she sing? Well, just turn on your radio for a program sponsorerl by some proniincnt business firm and you will hear the Padgett Sisters. DAvm CLARENCE Przmxcu, Jn. Wnlcelon High School: Science Club 1, 2, Footbnlhyf 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 1, 2, f.. , , 3, 43 Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Bnscbnll 2, 3, 47' , , Physical Culture Club 3. Needham B. Broughtonz, iw, Foot-bull 5Q Basketball 5, Monogram Club 53 Baseball 5g Dick is afnother of our 'newcomers this year, but 'we I.-'now he will break through life's obstacles just as 'he broke through the line on the gridiron-. A surc wlvrfter , I anywhere! , 'ff if 1 . jfffa w Donorur RUT11 Pmnczc Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Little Theatre 4, French Club 4, LA'r1PAc Staff 4. By her erlirricst-nrfxs mul rliligence, Dnrntlzy has at- tained a high rank as a student, by he-r sincerity and loyalty, she has wan 'many friends who would say with the poet: "Ilere's to the ,qirl with a. heart mul a smile, That ma-kcs the bubble of life worth while." 35 :Bi l J, ,fx ,J J ll 1 cv GEORGE DIAL PENICK Science Club 2, 35 Tennis Club 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 LATIPAC Stuff 45 Student Council 45 Tennis Team 4. How fine -ll woitlll be if there were more boys like Georye! The easy calm 'way in which he rrmste-rs any situation mulces its all erwlous. To be his frieml is a privilege. Emise Hlclis PEXNY Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 35 Little Theatre 45 LA'lFI1"AC Stair 4. She 'may be a "Penny," but her 'value to the class of '38 cavmot be measured in dollars and cents. Eloise has proved her 'worth in WLll1l,7j phases of school life, and 'wc 'wish for he-r thc best of everything when she leaves Broughton for bruzuler yields of activity. AUB1uaY Pinmv Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 55 Band 25 Tennis 3. How quiet! How dependzmble! 1Io'ru co6pm'ali'ue! These are egvclctmatirms we often hour 'in reference to Aubrey. He has the rare gift lmiong Broughton Seniors of 'we'ighing his words carefully before he speaksg hence when he talks, we all listen. CELESTE MiXCEiXC1IEIlN PERRY Girls' Athletic Association 25 French Club 45 Little Theatre 4. Celeste is rm u.rt'1'st of 'unusual lcbilltyl, rt scholarr of emnizlble rmilc, and at frieml of true worth. A sweeter alisponitlon the gods could not have bestowed on anyone. CAREY ALVIN IPIIILLIPS Cary I-Iigli School 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Football 15 Athletic Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 1, 25 Monogram C.nb 4, 55 Hi-Y 45 Baseball 45 Basketball 55 Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, 5. "Cottontop" receiverl the trophy for lhe most imlzmble member of our football teanzi, but we think he should receive one just for the services he has rzmderetl to the school in his one year with us. Here's to "our football hero !" AUBREY H Amour P11'l'MiXN Junior Basketball 25 Student Council 2, 35 Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Tennis Club 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Assistant Cheer leader 35 Spanish Club, Treasurer 45 Manager Football 45 Hi-Y 45 Monogram Club 4. B7'0llgllfU'Ily8 "Beau Bruvrimellu mul one of the zipplrfxt dancers that ever suuntererl onto a lmllroom floor 'is Aubrey. Aside from his social uctioitiefe, .iulzrey has found time to Im mafnnger of the football tealm and to star as forward on the bflsketbull team.. Donoruy Louise REDMOND Girls' Athletic Association 25 LATIPACI Stuff 4. Many of us will remember "Dot" for her witty re- marks. Others will remember her for her pemomzlity. But ull of us will remember her for her thoughtfulness of otlmrx, and her w'ill'i'nyne.9s to Zenll ct heljriiig lumrl. JEANNE RYrmn Rmxrnow ,A Latin Club 15 Girl Scouts 15 Girl Reserves 1, 2, Little Theatre 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Gee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 35 Mixed Quartet 35 Chapel Choir 45 LAUPAU 45 Senior Play Entertainer 45 Senior Pluy Committee 4. . Our little somlbircl is lllU.'IlQllS IL jolly frieml. Never a. dull 'moment when Jean-ne 'is aroundg her wit and laughter brighten any clay. v fi 2 IIACIIEL BELLE RIDDLE Science Club 1: Girl Reserves 1, 23 Little Theatre 1, 2, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3g Glee Club M K A 2, 3. ' Ravliel really liven up to hm' 'middle 'lllllllf-Sll8,S m "balle''--chm"m,in,g, pa-iserl, and lovely to look at. Sim finrls joy in friemlsllips, thus Ii'lfllf'l'llifl hw' firiamls arlo-re her. Douoruy Fimxcns RIGGS Pinelund Junior Col'ege 1. Glare Club -lg Little Theatre 4, French Club 4. Consrfienlioux, xv-rious-mfimlccl, flajmiiflizlile-tliis is lhc fine combimzlio-n wliich 'um finrl in. Doroth-11. She lwlieifes -in lining wall flvlurlcwer' .vim funzlertakes, H:- yarzllr-sx of how small the task. Rurrzirr RILEY Scienve Club, Stage Crew 4. Rap:-rt has beml, an inrlislmnsable memlrer nf our 'in- flixymiwrzlzle stage l'7'l!'LU. C'aaxelr'ss liours of ifaluable xarriee lirwe been 7'tl'lL1lZ7'l4tl Broughton by this quiet, l'I1Ill1lr"lf'7'lf mwralaar of our class. ALICE Imursn SCOTT Trensurm' Sophomore Class 2: Science Club 23 Latin Club 3, Tennis Club 3, LATIPAG Stall' 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Grounds Committee Student Council 4, Calendar Committee 4, French Club, President 4, Little Theatre 4. Lo-ulse is a girl of orlgioral 'i1Z1'a.w. Baca-use of lwr efuzwutizfc aibililyl, she hax 'Nlllllli the LATIPAC rl mnsl able lI'lI8i'Yl?3R manager. Gracioizs 'in manmw, sincerrv, anrl loyal, har personality 'l'lIlzlI1.f0S an alert and able cllaractar. Z,- LURA Cowmus Slam-' ki . . 3:5 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Progrnnl Clm11'n1u11g Student Councilf -"'- 2, 3, 43 Chnirlnnn House Committee 33 Trizmgulm' l'Jeluai.e 'Temn 3, LA'1'II'AC Staff 3, 4, Cllairumn Social fi , X Committee 43 Senior Play Chairman 41 Treasurer ' Senior Class 4, Senior Play 4: Carnival Attendant 4, I ' f' f Little Theatre 4, Trezlsurer 45 French Club 4. ff Lara-fl 1I'l'lf12lIlI'6 of izivnrrity, lu'a1lly, l?llll.'l'H1-, mul' intellect. To her many friml-fls, she is lnrable, faitlii-I ,L fill. and si'nr:e1'r:, A truly fine clmrnctm' is Lum, anal If I. wif yiwrlicl fur hrr a brill'ia'nt f'illim'0. ' ,' ELIZABll'PII LOC1'lRIIlGI'l Snx'roN -v Girl Scouts 15 .I-Inmlet High School 2, 3. Little Theatre 43 French Club 4, Give Club 43 Senior Substitute Cheer Lender 4. We l4.ll'l?e 'IlIH'H'I' known a 'marc sincere and attractive girl than Batty. Everyone enjoys hm' company ba- cause of her 'refreshing 71e1's1ma.1ity and her jovial 7LfLt1l-TG. Har 177'II71lGf5' have llecn ll source of cuhstzml anzusement for us all. Josrsrn G. SHANNONHOUSE, III Joe believes in the old adage "All work mul 'nn play malms Joe a :lull bogf' so he works wilh a. will and plays with a 1'im. His 'interests are lfaricrl and his ability -unbounrlezl. MARTHA Silowmxrnn Girl Reserves 37 Debate Alternate 33 Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Oilice Assistant "'EflC'l6'I1ff'!lH is her pass wo1'1Z-"accu.rncy" hm' trarla- mrirk. Her cfvncutive ability 'will' "take her place,-V' in the b'u,-ihinsx worlrlg her quiet charm and poise and hm' vnpavble lirmdling nf money will make her the envy of all future Izozweavlres. 37 Wjjfh' ., I i 'V 0, 1 ' up if nge .f if if if rf' , ,' Q f ',L F f' 4 fl' in-'Z gif. 38 JAMES BARTLEY SINCLAIR Student Council Representative 3, Special Committee Clinirmun 4, Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4. A brourl smile will last the whole day through- Jim1ny's lasts forever. It is as well known as his perky bow ties. Besides being our clzeerful Jimmy, he is also our serious Jimmy, having proved it by his ine cooperation in the Student Council anrl in Hi-Y work. Enoxsiz CULLOBI SDIITH Girl Scout lg Campbell College 1, 2. Broughton High School 3, 4: Home Economics Club 35 Lsrxesc Staff 4, Hi-Times Staff 4, Little Theatre 4. Eloise come to 'us from Oainpbell College, With he: we have come to associate an attractive, amicable manner. Her energy and industrious nature are certain to make her the most competent of slenog raphers. J OHN Runnin' SMITH J. R., our tall, handsome blonde, faces every situation with calmness anrl composure. He 'm.ani,fests at all times a will to work and a determ'lnat'ion to master. Moy success crown his ejorts in the future as in the past. Nixxxm EI,IZABIGTH SNIPES Fmnklinton High School 1, 2, 3: Athletic Club 1 2 Dramatic Club 1, 2, Secretary, Gfee Club 1, 2 3 Although Elizabeth. hu-s been at Broughton only one year, her friendly disposition and congenial nature have -made us all love her. A 'Ulll'llIlbi6 addition she has been to the class of '38, RUBY LEE Svislcur Girl Reserves 13 Girls' Athletic Associiition 1, 2, 3. Itnby is small of stature but large of heart. Fortunate are those 'who have enjogefl her friendship, which is sincere, constant, and rleifotell. RICIIARD PAYNE S1-ences. Latin Club 13 Scout Cub Leader 1, 2g Science Club 1, 2, 33 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 25 Literurv Society 2, 3, 45 German Club 3, 43 Dramatic Club 45 Glec Club 45 Hi-Y Club 4g Carnival Attendant 4 Junior Assistant Scoutmuster 43 Grounds Committee 4, Hi-Times Staff 4. Everyone knows Bronghtonis blonde Robert Taylor --he needs no introduction. His personality his looks, mul his humor have carried him far during h is school days-right into our superlative section We know he's going to keep right on going. JAMES Evmuzn' SPIRES Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. When Everett is a member of 11. group, everyone present has a good time. His carefree, happy disfmsition, and his rarliant smile add zest to every social gathering. Our accomplisherl saxophonist is a great favorite with the girls, and well-liked by all the boys. J AmUEL1Nm Lvcrnuz Srscrm New Albany, Ind. High School 1, 2: Girl Scout 1, 25 Band 2g Glee Club 25 French Club 43 LATIPAC Staif 4. A refreshing and agreeable flispositiion and so re fined, but still this d0esn't describe Jac. She has lots'of "yankee intellect" and will surely succeed in anything she undertakes. WOODLAND McAnoo STYRON Boy Scout 1, 23 Spanish Club 43 Glee Club 43 Little Theatre 43 Senior Play3 Basketball 43 Baseball 4. Woodland is one who helped make our Senior play the best yet. His friendliness and cooperative spirit will win him success. HELEN Canon Swzuvr Girls' Athletic Association 1, 23 Glee Club 43 Little Theatre 43 Girls' Literary Society 43 Girl Reserves 4. Carol is the type of girl e-oeryo-ne likes-symipm thetic, sincere, and loyal. She is noted for her good dispositiori. and her czvcellent academic record. TYith her many fine qualities we feel confident of success for Carol. 2 El Z EMMA DALE TAYLon ovfdf Girls' Athletic Association 1, 23 Science Club 23 French Club 43 Little Theatre 43 Glee Club 4 LATIPAC 43 Girls' Basketball Team 43 Girls A.A. Emma Dale's good sound judgment is sought by all her friends. She is sympathetic, understanding, and always a 'willing helper. When you 'want a job 'well done, call on Emma Dale. FRANCES Osnonme TEDIPLETON Little Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 43 Ari: Club 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 LATIPAC Staff 3, 43 French Club 43 Glee Club 4. All hail, a great artist comes! Frances' fame has grown rapidly, and we are proud of the record which she is making. Besides her artistic talents, 'we have the capable, practical Frances full of determination and pep. BETTY RUTH T1'IOMPSON Fairview Junior High School 1: Girl Reserves 13 Science Club 1, 23 Girls' Literary Society 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Little Theatre 2, 3,.4Q Art Club 33 Girls' Glce Club 43 Senior Play 43 Chapel Choir 4. Rosy cheeks, hazel eyes, and blonde curls-that's our Betty Ruth. She's a, great little actress and 'will lzrigliten any scene upon which she enters. Good luck, Betty Ruth, and remember we're all for you. GRACE CATHRYN '1'1vP1c'1'r Minor Lake Junior High School 1: Athletic Club 1. Science Club 23 German Club 4. The secret of O1llherine's success in 'w'inn'ing friends and holding them, is her steadfast loyalty, ayable manner, and personal attractiveness. She is ever l70'll8'lll6l'!llE of olhers and is riohtfully placed in the front ranks of Brouyh.ton's popular girls. HARRY TUCKER, JR. 1 X. German Club, Program Chairman, 43 Daniels' Literary Society, Program Chairman 3, 4, President 43 Boys' V' Giee Club 3, 43 Hi-Y Club 4. 3'- Harry has a, thoroughness that is akin to brilliancyf We 'wish that he would lose that calm dignity just one lime, and get excited and perhaps a little angry. But f never would we have him lose that renowned accommo- dating nature! KA'rHn1Nr: SUSAN 'FURNEIL Girl Reserves 1, 23 Little Theatre 23 Student Council 2, 3. 43 Marshal 33 Cheer Leader 3, 43 Sports Superlative 43 Literary Staff 4. Katherine's delightful personality makes her the life of any party. She is always happy and, quite naturally, is one of our most popular girls. There is a fineness about her character which makes us proud to call her our friend. ' . MARY LOUISE TURNER Oliiee Assistant 8, Hi-Times Reporter 4. Louise is one of the steruliest :xml most dependable l7l.l'Illbf?'I'S of the class. She is known for Iwi' f'rie'n11I1l rlisposit-ion mul the 1l'ign,ity of her mlm, poi.-:ell op- peornmrrf. Doxus MAE Tvxrm Girl Reserves 1, 2, 4, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 3. Vfiny though. she may be, "Mousie Mae" lives her life fo its firllesl, "Gul all you erm toriog, for to- moi'ro'w all may be gone" is a -molto 'well-rzrlaplell to this rl'iminzLt'iv:e bit of h,ot-temyiered blonde mischief. EDXVARD EvANs Umucn, JR. Baltimore High School 1, 2: Glce Club, Annual Play, Cliristnuis El'lN:'l'Z2!llll'Il9llf. Needham Brougliton: Swimming Team 3. Erlworrl is energetic mul umbilious. His ability to fhinlc 1-leorly, reason luyieolly, mul argue convincingly molre him an 'inIe1'est'l1z,g stuzlent in any classroom. II1' is Il person of strong conrietions 'who 'is always really to zlefeiul his stand on any question. R OSE DIARY U'NDEIlXVO0D Girls' Athletic Association 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 33 'Tennis Club 35 Spanish Club 45 Hi-Times Staff 43 LATIPAC Stuff 4. Bubbling orei' Qvilh wit, miscliief, anrl energy is Iifosemnry. Thorough ejlirvieiirwy, a. magnetic 1?0I'S07l- olily, mul rt genuine desire to scvrne, have 'won for her cm important place at Broughton. ANN11: LEE Urcnuncu Glcc Club 1, 23 Office Assistant 4. We admire Annie Lee for her engaging. iznayecterl perse-nrzlilg. With her quiet chorin and eyiciency she is 'llfll0.'lSCi?llI31l ns on ogice assistant, RosAL1Nn ELIZABETII Urcuuncu Girl Reserves 15 Little Theatre 43 Girls' Glce Club 45 LATIPAC Stzii 4. "Pei'siste'nl: 'in zlfuty, loyal lo right, Fzlitliflll mul kind of lll2IL7't.u These lines describe Rosuliml perfeelly. Ever gentle mul 'w'iimfi'rig, she has given '1ms1ro1'i11-gly of her time and talents tu her Alma. Mater. CLYIIIG MANN VVAni-: Little Theatre 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Girl Reserves 2, Girls' Athletic Association 23 Chnirnuin Ring Committee 3, French Club 4. Clyfle is the type of girl 'whom everyone likes. She is sgniputlmtilr and imrlerxtonzliny at ull times. Her lovely manner mul 'imselfisli-ness have 'won for her many frievuls. .Y I , . it ,Vi EAIDIA IQATHERINE W4XRREN . irieweii High School 1, 2. Glue Club 2, 4, Little ' 'Theatre 4,v Historizm, French Club 43 LATIPAC Stuff 4. :She is pretty to walk with., mul 'zritlgg to trllk with., IVVLZLQ plecmlmt, too, to think on." Kfztlierine liens a s'u,n,ny smile and fi friendly greetiiw for every one. - We don't know her goal, but surely it -in-ust be o "worthy one. L I , . 5 l u fx x - 40 . x www GUlI.P'ORD LAWS VVATSON, J R. 0.4 Boy Scouts 1, 25 Ui-Times 35 Assistant Manager iw School Store 3, lV.lIHHlgE1' 45 Latin Club 45 Studentn. Council 4, Tren.su1'er 4. J-'V' If ability lo lmmlle mniwy wncrlns nnytliing, Guilfnrll will surely be a fin11n,4:'i11l s111rr'1'.v.-1. He has lnvnught thu .vclmol store th roluylz It very s1.m'c1'.vsful year, mul we vu111f1'utulate him an this llC'l'UlIljlllNllIll?lll. Rmsmcax BUNN NVI'l'IlERS1'O0N Girl Scouts 1, 25 School Cadvb '25 Science Club 2, 45 LATIPAO Stall' -15 French Club 4. In Bnclcy, 'wel yinzl IL girl full of school silirit. Shzfs alwnus wrmly to help lzvifh any flmrlerhrlviny mul has been one nf Rru-ughlun'x 'must able ojlive rzss'istanl,s. A truly fine person 'is our Rvclfyl DAVID SABLUEL VV1-:.w1-:ln Lntiu Club 15 Science Club 3, 45 Assistant in School Store 3, 4. Davirl 'is fl lIl"llllft'llf svimilixt 111111 11, linen 'lllflllhflllfl' ticirm. With. his high aspirations for cn chemical gfutuw, the 'il'0l'll'l can lmlrl 'nolhiny but xiztriezess fm' him.. Those who lrnow him best will lrfslify flint his Ttfilllll 'wit is agvcemlml only by his .Ytf!'H7ll'll. 1'rien.1lsl1i11. EL1z.x1s1:'r11 YVQNNE VVEAV1-:R Girl Scouts 1, 2, 35 Little Theatre 25 Girls' Alh- letic Association 2. We 'IT!ll'l'l'I'l that xuch a .small jm'rxnn cnulrl have such a big lzeurl! Alwu41s linppivsl, in serving olllvrs. I"vo-nm' has matic mrmy Iusling frizfmls at Brnuylzlon. who will 1.ur1,l4'li. hm' f'Ill'll'l'tf uccnrrzplislianv-nts will: sifncere 'inLc1'e.-ft. PEGGY WYESTICIIFIFEJQ A Galllesburg, Ill., 1, 2. Little Theatre Vli1,?llCl0'lLR! Bulibling nl-1"r with life rmfl entlzusinsm, PMI!!! 'rarliates joy mul lmppin1'.v,v 14'lim'Pve1' she gnc.-r. Slm came ln us from Guilesburg, lllinuix. Their lass was um' gain. MCALLlS'FEll XVIIILDEN, Jn. In CIIZITIZR. 'wp finrl rm quivl follow 1411111 is erm' rrfnrly and 'willing nhl only to axsizrrzrr Il, 1'cs7zo1m'il1ilily, but In 1111:-sim' 'il us well. His I'lIl'11l'St, 1111111 pur1msay'ul 8l7"lL'l7liQ' fm' lim best l111-'ive lawn 11 limi e.u11.mplc to all of us. ANN11-: CATIIERINE WILI.IAlISON Little Theatre 1. Calluerinn is qui:-L, llfflllilflfll, uml steadfast. Sim is alwrzya U, delightful f'nm7m.nirm., bccrruse of her U7'llL!fIIll8 mfmner, her syfmpallietic 'llTlillC'7'Sf!l7lll'lIL!l, and hm' lovable rlispositian. Har nary 7n'e.s'em'e girex one a senate of .s'ac'u'rity. 1?vAIlRETT DALLAS XVILSON, Jn. High School Band 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Football 1, 25 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 35 Little Theatre 45 Literzwy Society 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 High School Oi-crhestm 45 German Club 3, 45 Science Club 45 Chapel Choir 45 Baseball 4. Barrett has just 'what it takes to 'make a success in life-rIele1'm'i'nation and ambition. As cm expert trumpet 'player in the Swingmfrlclr-r's Brnul, he is much in zlemnml rrnzl when the call carries to join Benny Goozlmanfs 07'6lL6Sl7'll,--lvllllf He'll be ready! l r ,li J q ith jj .bl AK MN l l l t v STEWART LEIGII W 11.soN Class Vice President 1, Secretary 2, President 4: Boy Scout 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Literary Society 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-arms 2, 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Junior Marshal 3, Carnival Escort 3, 4, Track Team 33 LATIPAC Stal? 35 'Versatilily Supuriutivo 45 Senior Play Committee 4, Little Theatre 4. Om' xzmlo-r floss presi'Ie'n.t! Amt a Sfllfflldifl one l1e's mazlc too. Here ix at lumpy l'0ll'Il1illfllilTlH'l' of 'wllliny serr- iee, loyalty. rrnrl sane jzulymv-nl. His lerulvrslzip in so many yzlzasex of school life 'won for him reeoynitiovt us the "most 1J1'l'salile boy." XAIILLIA M S1oN14:Y XV1N1ms Boy Scouts 15 Scienre Club 25 Track Team 35 Gerinan Club 3, 45 Golf Team 4. Billy merits the znvterem mul rzexpect of evlfrsxmaffes mul lzraclwrs. His acrulemic 'work has been above 7111-r. juxt ua his golf has. Bz'l1y's amlzilirm is to become u l1l'll.'1ll7'I'-ll line ambition for a fine young mari. Lr:'1"r1n LEE VV1 NFIU-:iz Home Economics Club 23 Gloe Club 4. Lottie Lee 'ix fl lumpy yo-lucky girl. No one mu be rlvspnrizlmrt nromul lzm'-slze 'is so optimistic mul witty lhat she nmlues one laugh his troubles away. IJILLIAN M.m'r1N VVINSTON Girl Scout 13 Girls' Athletic Asociation 1, 2, School Cadet 2, Little Theatre 4. Lillian. has the happy fzurvllly of fulnptiny lmrself to any situation. Wlzatmvez' the rlenmmls nf the oc- casion fl'l'G, she srermis to lm able to meet them with that calm poise and xelf-possession flvlvirrh are hers at all times. PAUL KIQNNETH Vtloon Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 1-Ii-Y 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 4, President 4. I?ei'n.g strm' yuarrl on the footlmll squorl and guard on the buslcetlzall team, has helimzt put "Babe" pretty much, in the limeliylrt in the !lfll'll'8 of Broughton High. May he shi-ue as brightly at Georgia. Tech! Doms Mmuozv WoonA1.r. Cary High School 1, 2: Home Economics Club 1. Little Theatre 4, Glue Club 43 Girl Reserves 4. Loyal, tr'u.':l'LLfo'rtll'?l, mul sinrere are 'mo1'fI.v '1oh.'it'h clm1'rmte7'ize Doris in. yrork, in play, 'in f-rvTemlslu'p. We 'wish for her all the joy mul lloppi-azzss that life can give. EllIT1'I XVILLIALISDN WOOTliN Girls' Athletic Association 1, Little Theatre 1, 2, 33 Girl Reserves 35 Ring Committee 33 Girls' Glee Club 35 LATIPAO Stuff 33 Science Club 1, 43 French Club 4. Gaiety persrmifiarll A trurf and loyal frieml 'ls our Eel-tllz.. Amt is she intellectual? Well just take an look at her recorrl and sae for yourself! 1Ie1'c's to the brlllicmt future that is suwely Erlitlafs. ANNIE CATIIERINE WY.N'fT Latin Club 1, 2, Vice President 23 Girls' Athletic Association 2, Reporter 25 Music Festival, Greensboro 2, 3, Glce Club 2, 3, 43 Little Theatre 2, 45 French Club 4, Vice President 4, Senior Play 4, Student Council Representative 45 Chapel Choir 4. Loyal, depemlahle, lovable-Kzztlmrine is all of these mul more. She has zemceplionnl dramatic ability, poise, ct cliarm-in,r1 manner, aml rt lovely face. SENIOR HJISTURY Histories reveal facts concerning men and nations. Only through a careful review of our achievements, mistakes, joys, and disappointments are we inspired to new endeavors and higher accomplishments. Let me present then, a panorama of the events of the past five years for the bcneHt of our class and friends. Briefly, let us turn back to the year nineteen thirty-three, when, as bewildered Sub- freshmen, the class entered Needham Broughton High School. Leigh VVilson, chosen president of this group, piloted us safely from one unfamiliar task to another and we soon acquired that self assuring feeling of being an indispensable part of an organization. The following year most of ns returned, no longer lowly rated Sub-Freshmen. The beginning of the Freshman year found the members of the class being divided into groups according to their respective interests. Ruth Davidson was elected president and served in an efiicient way throughout the year. By the time our Sophomore year rolled around all of us were entering whole heartedly into the activities of the school. VVc offered enthusiastic suppo1't to the exceptionally fine athletic teams, which won state championships in football, boxing, basketball, and baseball. Our Junior year passed rapidly by, as we advanced in scholastic and athletic achievement. Jimmy Allen was our able and popular president. The highlight of tl1e year was the annual Junior- Senior dance, featuring Bill Darst and his orchestra. The gymnasium was transformed into a Bohemian night club where guests danced gaily and were entertained with an elaborate floor show. Early in our Senior year we nominated and elected class oflicers. The presidency was again placed in the capable hands of Leigh Wilsoii. In addition to routine tasks many of us participated in extra-curricular activities. VVe were well represented in varsity sports by such athletes as Philips, Lee, Allen, VVood, Pierce and Alford, who have done much to make our various teams successful. The Senior play, "New Fires," a lively three-act comedy was presented in February and proved a signal success. A well-chosen east played to the largest audience ever to witness a Senior Play at Broughton High School. "The Duchess says Her Prayers," won second place in the district dramatic contest. Q The outstanding social event of the year was the Junior-Senior dance in April, at wl1icl1 the Seniors were guests of the Juniors. This lovely affair planned and executed under the capable direction of Miss Mary Tucker, their adviser, will be remembered by every Senior present as one of the happiest events of the year. Dan Hodges and Julia Reams Lee have led the class constantly in scholarship, although closely followed by several others. 43 Our student government, headed this year by YV, T. Martin, has rendered many valuable services to our class and school. The leaders, advisers, and members of this group deserve much credit for their hard work. Today, as we leave the school and our fellow students, each of us thinks back Cnot without regretj over the years just passed. Many of the class entered "subs" while others have come from far and near to join us from year to year. Many who started with us as Sub-Freshmen have moved away or dropped by the wayside. VVe have chosen our courses, played, worked, and prac- ticed as a great unit, but now we are on the threshold of individualism. The doors of college and business firms are opening to us, and we are to enter them as men on our merit. And thus, Needham Broughton, the class of nineteen thirty-eight bids you 'Tarewellf' UNPHOTOGRAPHED SJENIORS ALFOIID, llIAYNAB.D LIATTIIEIVS, LIURPIIY BARBER, BIILDRED BIAYNARD, BIAYBELLE Bnooxs, ARCHIE BIORGAN, EDITPI COOK, BETTY, post graduate BIOILRIS, SAM, post graduate GOULD, ToM SMITH, XVILLIARI fl JoNEs, MARGARlC'F WYALIKEII, JIMMY, post gI'aduatel,,f?0,j4j, vtiyf' LLOYD, IDA, post graduate YEAGER, JOELLA ,Y V fjli !f', 3' -, I I . J I I 1 A 44 660553, Qi' uns Qs ' len, W er JUNIOR CLASS Hx w 'j-M ' j ,WJ f fr ,, - . Ik' i ' ,W A - f + 4 ,, 'i NYG Adj E 1 my U J , A'.f J - , I jj!! CFFICERS DAVID WILLIS JERRY STOCKAIRD President Vice President DOIIIS CLARK JIM OLIVER Secretary Treasurer ANNETTE SPISITUILL LAWRENCE HOLDING Junior-Senior Chairmen GIRIOVEII POOLE MISS MARY E. TUCKEII Ring Committee Chairman Adviser 45 'f 1 C., .Www , 1, 'J44 I 'r'5af.-C-Jim' l 'S T '7 sf us ,JF f JIlUNll0lHiS First row: Arthur Alexander, Jack Alford, Billy Andrews, Helen Andrews, Ben Armstrong, Edward Austin, Bill Baker. Second row: Grace Bailey, Jim Bailey, Ruth Bailey, Lawrence Ball, Lucille Belvin, Helen Bobbitt, Elizabeth Bolton. Third row: Bob Bourne, John Bratton, Harriet Browning, I-lelen Broughton, Melville Broughton, Jack Bryant, Cale Burgess. Fourth row: Margaret Callahan, Martha Capps, Carolyn Carlton, Ann Castleman, Roy Caviness, Doris Clark, Betsy Ann Clendenin. Fifth frow: Mary Coggin, Bruce Corner, Margaret Cromartie, Frances Crowder, Dorothy Durfee, Rodney Ann .-. Eatman, James Edwards, Mary Faucette. , Juniors Not Photographed I 'Uuanita Aiken, Arthur Alexander, Mary Lily Arey. Hubert Barbour, Bill Beckwith, Bos Beckwit ifton Beckwith, Julian Blakely, Catherine Brannon, Kathleen Braxton, Everette Briggs, Nell Brown. Pau Clpps, Harrell Cates, Stewart Cooper, Ralph Crews, XVinifred Cross. Linwood Davis, Robert DeVogt, Elsi pree. .Arthur Edwards. Earl Farrell, Mary Faucette, Max Ferrell, Rebecca Ford, Margaret Fowler. it M55 4 ' ,. ! .-. Q, .351 if "Q, ., f or of My it 1 . R . ' . ' , - - 6 e C l zJ,r..L'f 3 r" N ilulril, Q , ' X fkiixi ' Z . , - ia "' er - . .-fe-f ,, I ,I ' Q -wt f' ef" . he f - , si- E f' 4' ', ' I, . iz -......... . A' -......-.,,., ., , e JUNIORS First row: Betsy Fields, Vllilliam Fletcher, Rebecca Ford, Albert Foster, Blanche French, Pope Garrison, Flora Goetz. Second row: Cala Goodwin, Elsie Gupton, Margaret Hairston, Sarah Locke Hardison, Anne Harris, Ida Dunn Harris, Virginia I-Iassinger. Third rom: Emil Hilker, Harvey Hinnant, Grallam Hobbs, Ann Hodges, Lawrence Holding, Ruby Holder, H. H. I-Ioneycutt. Fourth row: Grace Horton, Joe Hunt, Campbell Irving, June Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Albert Kelly, Cyrus King. F-iflh 'r0w: Katherine Kirby, Sidney Knott, Charles Kulm, Mildred Lanier, Ben Lawrence, Carolyn Lehman, V iolette Lcveridge, Walter Lewis. Juniors Not Photographed Lemoine Fyne. Madeline Grandy. Naomi Harmon, Thomas Harrell, Kenneth Haskins, Harvey Hin- nant, Ruby Holder, Erma Holton, Grace Horton, Charlotte Houlder. Burt James, Anne Johnson, Kathaleen Johnson, Virgie Johnson, Mattie Jones, Helen Jordon, Harold Joyner. VV. B. Knight, Jr., Marjory Koonce, Nell Koonce. J. R. Latham, Blake Lloyd, Joe Lowe, NVilliam Luck. Elbert Martin. Elizabeth MeCrary, 47 I f J . ' I . , ..:U9V.4 K-.M fj f - ' . , -- f' ff-,,f Y R N 1 .,,,f X , f!N.fJ ,G -1.4 I 1 -- ,JLV V.-, ' 'f'-,.' - K , I , " ' .,, . ,, . V. - NL JJM or . . r U' Ns 40 V 4 Q,, 'T K. I ' ' ,4 warms " 'R s,iNr1:,!. F'i1'st row: Martha Lynch, Jane Manning, Doris Marshburn, Catherine Martin, Margaret Massey, EdnaxEarl ,J May, Arthur McCabe. I 6i4.1,.g-.,, Second row: Earl McCrary, Mary Katherine McDuflie, Virginia Melvin, Beverette Middleton, Betty Jean Miller, Carl Miller, James Mitchener. Third row: Clifton Moore, Hugh Moore, Frank Mordecai, Mary Ellen Morgan, Bobby Newcomb, Jack None- man, Catherine Norman. Fourth row: Jim Oliver, Ed Padgett, Rebecca Perry, Grover Poole, Ihrie Pou, Mary Frances Powell, Julian Rand. Fifth row: Horace Rawls, Owen Reeves, Robert Reynolds, Edith Lynn Roberts, Billy Ruffin, Lila Saunders, Fred Schmidt, Russell Senter. Jlumuioirs Not Photographed Dorothy McGhee, Margaret McLean. James Meade, Frank Mordecai, Mildred Morris, Buddy Murray, Mary Lee Murray. Carl Napowsa, Betty Joe Newsome. Oren Palmer, Harold Pate, David Pattishaw,'D. R. Ponton. Julian Rand, Drexel Renn, Mable Rhoney, Mary Rhoney, John Riddle, Billy Robertson, Dorothy Roberts, Elizabeth Rogers, Norma Ross, Charles Rue, Lila Saunders, Phylis Schwarts, Virginia Seagroves, Mary Ellen Senter. - 48 9' 7 DD JIUNIIOIRS First row: Dorothy Shannonhouse, Jeanne Shelton, Billy Siddell, Merle Showalter, Betty Smith, VVilliam F. Smith, Annette Spruill. Second row: Mary Lou Stephenson, Jerry Stockard, Sheldon Stripling, Vance Swift, VV. T. Thomas, Mary Bell Thompson, Bcn Thrift. Third row: Reynold Tucker, Nancy Tuttle, Virginia Upchurch, Graves Vann, Eleanor Vereen, Cornelia Walker, Billy lNalton. , Fourth fro-w: Elizabeth VVarren, NVilliam Watson, Dorothy Mae VVedding, Floyd XVhite, Mac VVhite, Lois WVllllil!IlS, Bailey Williamson. Fifth row: David Willis, John VVo0drufl', George Worth, Ruth Wyman, Audrey Yates, VVilliam Yoder, John Young, Edna Yow. Jluniors Not Photographed Dorothy Shannonhouse, Merle Showalter, Elizabeth Shumaker, Billy Siddell, Dorothy Stoudenmire, Lolita Stoudcmuire, E. C. Sykes. Ruby Thomas, Ben Thrift. Harry Upchurch Katherine Wall, VVesley VVallace, Martha Ward Marita WVarner, Pauline VVatkins, Harry XVebb, Martin Weeks, Floyd White, Irene VVh e, John VVillard, Dorothy filliams, Mamie Buck Wilson, Helen Wright. lx L. 49 . f Smith, Elsie . Charles Vestal. Nviiy, Virginia Lee Vtfilliamson, 1 14,2 Jr, t ,9 I ifjfl r CQ ,af n !'QJLi,f'f.i,ilL' gl V? uf ,-'-1.1 . 'ai.ft.J-5 p,f.4vz,. wfzfl- L f ,612 ,J 5, " 3 ' yi IHUISTORY OIF TIHUE JUNIUR CLASS Four years ago the Juniors, eager-faced and willing to participate in all school activities, entered Broughton. Under able leaders the class has developed steadily i11to a strong and infiuential group of the school. Interest in elections has been a feature of the Junior Class. Class loyalty illld sincere friendship have developed under the leadership of the oflicers and advisers. With enthusiasm the first meeting of the Sub-Freshman Class was called to elect the oflicers. The first president was Bill Upshaw, who was fol- lowed by Bill McGruder and Albert Kelly, Freshman presidentsg Reynold Tucker, Sophomore president, and David VVillis, Junior president. Members of the class have taken an active part in the work of the Student Coun- cil. Besides serving as officers, they have worked on the various committees and as chairmen. Frances Crowder was Secretary of the Student Council last year. This year Reynold Tucker is Vice President of the same organization. One of the beauty spots at Broughton is the lighted clock in the tower at night. The Junior Class was responsible for having it repaired during their Freshman year. This year the Juniors honored the Seniors at a dance in the gymnasium of the school. Every member of the class cooperated in making this a memorable event for Juniors a11d Seniors alikeg Miss Tucker, our adviser, gave unsparingly of her time and energy in planning this lovely social event. And now as the year draws to a close, the Juniors look forward to assuming leadership in Broughton in all phases of thc school program. Doms CLARK. 50 1 W SUPHOMURIE CLASS Lira, Jffuilfjf fl . K1 OFFICERS E CARL SAPP BILLY DIIDIENHOVIEIR President Vice President CHARLES BLANCHAIRD BELLY KELLY Secretary Treasurer MISS ANNJUE SMAW Adviser 51 7 4.7 A-"'rf'tfJ'f ww Af' fn!! , if A ' '- .r TI'N'ggl. 5 'lf I!! fl?-'g,.J SUPHUMORE CLASS First row: Clifton Andrews, Marjorie Avent, Charles Ballance, Elizabeth Blakely, Charles Blanchard, John Bodwell, Joe Bostick, Second row: June Bourne, Bobby Bridges, Arthur Burnap, Betty Caifery, Mary Cornick, Mitzie Covington, Sarah Crowder. , Th-ircl 1-ow: Billy Didenhover, Grover Dillon, Mary Anne Dixon, J. D. Dorsett, Daphne Dunn, Courtney Edger- ton, Grace Forster. Fourth row: Jimmy Fulghum, Bill Furr, Julia Geiger, Anne Godwin, Bobbie Hart, Betty Hilker, N. H. Hodges. Fifth row: Mary Jean Hooper, Marie Jennette, Jimmie Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Catherine Jones, Margaret Jordan, Billy Kelly. Sixth row: Carolyn Kenyon, Henry Kitchen, Bruce Ledford, Anne Lineberger, Gertrude Long, Ruth Martin, Lyndon Mayer. 52 L SUPHUMURJE CLASS First row: Nell Mason, Lelia MeKimmon, Robert McMillan, VVillard Midgett, Lydia Moore, Ellen Mordecai, Bobby Murphy, Kenneth Perry. Second rozcv: Mary Elizabeth Phinney, Jule Phoenix, Nancy Poe, Frank Poole, Ben Rhett, Jimmy Riggs, Peggy Rowell, James Rowland. Tlzircl row: Carl Sapp, Adelaide Scales, Bobby Schmidt, Eleanor Self, Jack Spain, Anna Belle Stancil, Betty Stonebanks, WValte1' Stuart. Fourth row: Jean Taylor, Ben Terrell, Cornelia Tongue, Mary Bryant Upshaw, Martha Vllallace, Jimmy Ward, Betsy VVarren, Frances WVells. Fifth row: Hilah VVhite, Sydnor NVhite, Alfred XVilliams, Carl VVilliams, Earl VVil1iams, Frances Wfilliams, John VVilson, Frances Vlfyatt. 4 53 Olive Alford Geraldine Alford Fred Allen Roy Allen Ruby Allen William Anderson Ben Armstrong Robert Atkins Dick Barrow Gift EIR-ll " 1lii.J'.ySally Barker N tv fl ef' 'J Dorothy Beddingiield Linwood Betts Horace Bradley Margaret Briggs Margaret Broekwell E. O. Brogden Juanita Cates Frances Chandler Jean Clark gf Robert Clifton G Lucile Coley Patricia Cox Thomas Crews Joseph Daughtry Geraldine Dawkins A. J. Dorsett Alma Doster Willie hlae Doster Clyde Douglass Bill Dozier Elizabeth Ellington Katherine Emory Paul Etheridge Lynwood Fallwell June Fouraker Martha Fyne Dora June Garrett Virginia Gattis Mickey Gould hlaurice Griffin R. D. Guyton Hilda Hall SOPHOMORE CLASS Net Photographed Nick Hargrove Joseph Harrington Oscar Hay Monroe Hodge Sarah Holt Lee Rawlings Hood Eugene Ho1'd Gordon Howell John Hunter La Verne Jeffries Robert Johns Mildred Johnson Everettc Jones Richard Jones YVilliam Joyner Louise Kelley Frank King Robert Kohl Charles Lambert Roy Little Nell Lloyd Mildred Lloyd Robert Lloyd Ellen Lyndon Bruce Massey Jack lVIcCary Betsy McMillan Sylvester Meade Rogers Moen George Mofiitt Ralph Moore Rufus Moore Jean Morris Frances Mowery Dorothy Murdock Bernice O'Daniel Jim Panton Elsie Pearce Rachel Peatross Herbert Peebles Dorothy Penny Wzrlter Perry Archie Phelps 54 Wiz, ., , , Estelle Privette D. R. Ponton Rebecca Pool Laura Powers Ruby Powers James Reeves Marion Riddle Lois Mfae Risley Aldert Root Frances Rowe Bessie Russell Donald Russell Laura Russell Rena Bell Russell Frank Ruth Gordon Sauls Forrest Shuford Frances Shnmaker Ann Smith Ransom Smith Marjorie Soar George Speight Kenneth Speight Davis Stanton Mary Ella Stephenson Betty Stevick John Swain John Tannery Gladys Taylor Inez Thompson Francis Thurston , Mary Lee Tomlinson Betty Tudor Craven Turner Frank Turner Williarn Turner Mable VViggins VVhitmel XVilley Lorraine Vvilson Jimmy Woodall Dick Woodwvarcl Billy Yates JFIRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS IBRAXTON SKCHEIUL BENJDIIYCIKSON President Vice President JOHN SPIINIKS BIULIL STOREY Secretary Treasurer MR. M. IB. STEPHENS Adviser 55 f? A iii , - , Jie fffwaf' L1 V .J. -jfcbcf 7,1-rv 'J I-I! RTTA4 ' 4, 'J f. .7 W. .55 17, wi - ,V -ffff'-ff!-2344" , f5,J32Y'..Z-- 's cf Lfiefx ,. A. lawn, psf OJ irniEsHMAN ctasskaaiss ,, Ji, KD ' . H First row: Mary Louis Abernathy, Billy Allen, Joyce Allen, Virginia Atkins,'sKli'tlfEihH6'Aiistell, e"Vann B ,li bour, Betty Barringer. - Z Second row: Eloise Basemore, John Baskerville, Jane Bell, Katherine Bray, Jean Brown, Joe Burn, Virginia Cohoon. Third row: Alexa Carroll, Emily Cheshire, Jane Cheshire, Agatha Chipley, Anne Cloyd, Ben Dickson, Dorothy Dizor. Fourth row: Betty VVhitt Durfey, Ruth Enloe, Richard Fields, Virginia Fulk, Margaret Fulton, Lorena Gaddy, Bill Garrison. Fifth row: Anne Goehagen, Helen Hall, Oliver Harris, Holloway. Sixth row: Charles Hostetler, Frances Irwin, Thomas J ames, Charles Johnson, Sarah Jordan, Katie Klyde Kemp, Pearl Koonce, Florine Ledford. . Freshmen Not Photographed Jack Allen, Patricia Allen, James Altman, Mary Anderson, Corah Askew, Ben Bundy, Capitola Barbour, Alta Barnes, William Bason, Jane Beaman, Keith Beckwith, Elsie Mae Bennet, Bill Berry, Bobby Blackborn, Mildred Blackman, Frances Bland, Margaret Bagley, George Bolen, Edward Bostiek Jean Bostiek, John Boykins, Tom Broughton, NValter Brown, Dorothy Bruton, Thomas Bunn, Margaret Caldwell, Owen Campbell, Paul Campbell, Mary Alice Charlton, Jimmy Christian, Rosa Lee Cleaver, Doroth lifton Frank Cline, Jack Goble, Rex Collins, Ralph Coltrane, J. T. Cox, Billy Craig, William Crocker, Arthur Davis, t,l1 Elizabeth Desern, Harold Dickens, Henry Dodge, Hurry Douglass, Furman Dowd, Jean Dunbar, Proctor Earp, 1' 157515 rwin, Gilbert Farrior, Mary Ferguson, Dorothy Flory, Ann Foxworth, Mofiit Fuller, Bob Fyo, Charles Gardner, Evelyn Gnrgis, Norman Gargis, Virginia Gibson, Billy Godwin, Lois Godwin, Hazel Goodwin. Elizabeth Grimes, Bill Hailey, Robert Hairston, Ellis Hamilton, Olivia Harmon, Dorothy Harper, Marie Harper, Carmen Harris, Josephine Harris, Charles Hicks, Richard Hinton, Irene Hodge, J. C. Holland, Barbara Horton, Charles Honlder, Bob Howell, David Hunter, Bill Hunnicutt, Catherine Jackson, Joe Jarnagin, Thomas Jernigan, Dorothy Jessup, Albert 56 - Thomas Hart, Betty Hicks, Pemberton Hobbs, John . 1 ff- . Q . .. VJ? Cv? qgfg ,, l S ,v l 4: f.5 ' 1 ' ii ii . ' N H , ,. . i ' i i 13 'ii . 'J F, , -s 'U-. X A,,, 5 I FRESHMAN CLASS First row: Austin Lemon, Doris Lloyd, Dickie Manning, Errol Marshburn, Miriam McDonald, Edna Rose McDuiiie, James McLachlan, Second row: Cornelia Mims, Susan Newnham, Jean Newton, Elizabeth Niven, Charles Norwood, Patsy Overstreet, Margie Parker. Third row: Robert Pearce, Mary Pierce, Margaret Richardson, James Rhodes, Eugene Roberts, Katherine Rodgers, Celia Rothgeh. Fourth row: Braxton Schell, Nancy Scott, Virginia Smith, Betsy Snipes, Barbara Spence, John Spinks, Bill Storey, Fifth row: Jack Swift, Carol Temple, Dorothy Tippett, Beatrice Tucker, Beverly Tucker, Blake Van Leer, Russell Walton. Sixth row: Cornelia Watkins, Donald Weaver, Evelyn WVhite, Evelyn Anne WVhite, Jack White, Betty Ruth NVindes, Sarah Wfooten, Jacquelyn Yelverton. Freshmen Not Photographed Johnson, Norwood Keel, George Kennedy, YVilliam King, Tom Kirby, Billy Kohn, Harold Lassiter, Don Lawrence, XVilliam Lawrence, Virginia Lee, Alvin Lewter, Dorsie Lewter, Harold Lloyd, Al Melver, Jake McLean, Edward Mangum, Oscar Massey, Penn Marshall, Mary Lee Maynard, Marion Meade, Mary Frances Mitchell, Jerry Moore, Julia Moore, Phil Moore, Carlyle Morris, Ethel Lee Morris, XVilliam Morris, Mary Alice Nance, Doris Nichols, Kathleen Nicholson, Carl Odom. Martha Poatross, Olivia Perry, Carl Pike, Brooks Poole, Bruce Poole, Jarvis Proctor, Davis Radcliffe, Eugene Richardson, Oliver Robinson, Thomas Sanders, Vliihna Seagroves, Guy Senter, J. P. Shepherd, Bill Smith, Doris Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Louis Smith, Lucille Smith, XVarren Smith, Angela Snell, Marshall Southern, Clara Lola Staten, Julia Sullivan, James Sykes, Reid Towler, Robert Turnbull, James Tuttle, Marjory Underwood, George Vann, Donald Waxtsoii, Anne VVeaver, Julia Webb, Park VVl1iLe, VVorth Vlfhite, Billy YVhil.ley, Nathan NViggs, Harold VViley, Ed VVillard, Betty VVi1liams, Helena Williams, Thomas Willis, Hugh Wilson, Tom Winston, H. K. Witherspoon, Marie Wood, R. O. Wright, Wallace Yates, Cora Lynn Young. 57 Sagem, UMM WM all lab-.Blink SUBQJFIRIESHMAN CCJLASS OFFICERS BIULILY KIENYON President JOAN WVIESTQIEIRIFIUEILD Secretary JAMES AILILIEN Sergeant-at-A rms GRAHAM SPENCER Vice President HILMAN THOMAS Treasurer MRS. CC. P. DANIUEILS Adviser ,-7',f,f' ..w , " 1- i"1-1'.1',-g,". SUBKFRESHMAN CLASS 3 5 . First row: Elizabeth Andrews, Ruth Anderson, Betsy Atkins, Sammy Atkins, Wilmer Betts, Helen Bray, Bobby Broughton. Second row: Al Burden Edith Burgess, Ann Carter, Willizirn Clary, Ed Crane, Marjory Cole, Betsy Cordon. 7'h.irfl row: Thomas Cooper, C. A. Dillon, Betsy Fox, Muilitt Fuller, Marguerite George, Sybil Goereh, Caroline Goodman. Fourth row: Ruth Gray, Martha Hamrick, Joe Harris, Jackie Hawkins, Louis Hicks, Billie Kenyon, Roger Kirchofer. Fifth row: Harrlette McMillan, Laura Massey, Betsy Dell Maxwell, Marion Nelson, Allen Newcomb, Jean Nor- wood, Billy Parker. Sixth row: Charlie Penick, Morton Pizer, Dorothy Reynolds, Dorothy Scroggs, Nancy Self, Billy Simpson, Graham Spencer. Seveutlz row: Hillman Thomas, Jean Thomas, Nancy Upshaw, Ann Wacle, Joan Vlfesterfielcl, Marguerite lVorth, Betsy Yelverton. 59 Frances Abbott John Alexander Thomas Alexander Closson Allen Jill Allen Herbert Allen James Allen Jim Allen Rufus Allen Frank Anderson Juanita Anderson Marie Andrews David Armstrong Martha Askew Sheldon Austin Gloria Vann Batchelor Sickel Barbour Vivian Barrow Mabel Baucanl Thomas Briggs Sybil Brooks Betty Jean Broughton Elizabeth Campbell Frank Canter Thomas Capps James Carroll Betsy Carter Billy Carswell Thomasenc Cates Beverly Caudle Jack Chamberlain Jim Chandler Billy Childress Margaret Coley Benny Collier NVilliam Covington Betsy Ann Cox Jack Crabtree Virginia Crews Hubert Cross Glenn Daughtery Foy Davis Hannah Davis George Dawkins Verna Lee Desern Robert Emanuel Donald Etheridge Emily Ferguson Carl Ferrell Hilbert Fisher Seth Fleetwood Carl Geunes Annabel Gill SlUlBSalFllEltlESlHllMIAN CLASS Not Photrograpihed Joyce Godwin Thomas Goldston Geraldine Hamilton Eugene Hamm Stanley Hassinger Alton Hathcock James Hilker Jerry Hilkcr Frances Hoagland Ruth Houlder VVilliam Howell Nancy Hunter Edwin Hutchins Frances Jacobs Robert Jacobs Nellie Jeltries Mary Elizabeth Jobe Bobby Jones Charles Jones Ethel Jones Thomas Jones Hinsdale Joslin Robert Kennedy J. B. Kidd Jean Kiger Raymond Kimball Charles Kirby Ralph Knight Billy Kohn Jack Lancaster Rose Lawrence Linette Little Sammy Long Ann Love Betty Lundy Anne Malbourne Barbara Mahler Elizabeth Martin Ben Matthews Earlcen Mathews Shirley Ann MeCaudess Nadine McGhee Henrietta McMillan Sheldon Meade ,- Martha Meares - - ' ' ' " Myra Miller Calvin Mitehener Grant Moen Duke Morgan Paul Moore James Morgan Virginia Moss Vivian Napowsa 60 Charles Newcoinbe Bill Newsom Herman Nichols James Oliver 'William Olsen VVilliam Padgett Ernest Page Ralph Parks Barbara Pearce Carl Pearce Dorothy Peebles Betty Jane Penny Jean Perry Raymond Perry Vtialter Peterson Tommy Poole Hazel Potter Grover Renn Jean Rhodes James Riddle Morton Roberts Proctor Ross Pattie Roy Alex Russell Vivian Sanderlin Fred Senter Mildred Showalter Evelyn Sinclair Dorothy Slaughter Eugene Smith Virginia Stager Mary Steel Joseph Taylor Billy Thoxupson Jeanne Trentman Robert Tucker J. B. Upchurch Arthur Van Camp Jutsey NVall Robert XVard Lila XVatkins Anna C. NVatson Mary urCtHllJFC Louise XVhite Sam WVilder C. D. xVllll2llHS J'ohn YVi1liamson ,Margaret NVilson Robert VVilson Eddie Vtlinston Carl Yelverton Roy Yelverton Grace Younger -1 :ir ,ln N 1,11 X?-N11 " :" 'Vim2'i?5?i':f'fiQEfi'11n ' ,5f13fif1f11 1 "' "'11.fiIi?1i H 1 11 1, 1 "Q , ,, 1,1 1.2: 1 111, 1,5 511l1'11'1115?1.1 W, 1 1 1- 11 M '1 ' 3 1 Q11 1 AY 11 1 T Y 1 ' ,, 1 1 ,,i"'12f51 ii,i'l'1 1125111 111,111 Lx' ' 1 Q, 111 11511 1 11 ' 1 x1 11111Q19f:f1H11 fffki '1 11' 11191 15-'11' iii? 1152251151 :'i,?3fS,u1E1v4Kf1 1, .. w11Q31,,q1 .,-f-1101 11511111-11111 .-1fff,1lf11'1 -A178 ' " ' 11-11, 1115-1 1 fi 1113952 "wif 1'.v9g1r11g52E" 111 11, ,ii11,1'g' ,Hifi:I1:i'5Ff5aigQ211X411f2i3g 1,1gg13T'111siEE's1Z1 ,f1?411z'?e,g 'fE.Vf?,g111q11Q5i11f19'1f 11':::1'1l1i11f?i1s 1g1:1111s:'1l'11 'i 1q23fQ5' .41 " 1sf'.g'11,gs111111f'?111IE1,5!11.,,111,'21 L1 2 1 11 N 1 1 11, 'f11111111L11,"- H 11,19 ' 1 1, 11if11L1 5 11 rw 1- 21 1""11 1 1,.1- 11 M 1 11 JN ,1 1112, 11 W 1 11 A--' 11 1 my M11 N 411, LM-11 11M 1 1 111,-v1111Z111f11W-JS 1 Fig 1.1111 1,51 11 11111--111 11, 112 1 4Al.1f'fff 1 -. 1- 111111,-111 111,131,111 11 ,Ma nw 111121 11511, 11 1 1111531 11:51 1 11 111112-aa? wif' 151111 ,1111,11ss111511,wfw1 sai11f,131e1ff-A 11 1121151111 11111111111 . 1 111 113Q:211,111,1f4e,m 1 11.1 , ,nw 111 ,,,,, 111 Avg., 1, -wh . ,1 111.341 11 111.111 - www V M .,..1.i.1,1.11s,1.,, V1 M ,AJ 11. 1,11 111, 111111 . ,mm 11Q1,,,,1,1 1 ,... 1.11111 .1 11 ,,.. 111, 1,1,1f1,,,M11111, 11 ff , ,win 1 .. 1 11:.111mfL 311 111911111111 ,141-W 11 513111111111 z, . lp . qi-1151 11,1-111171111371 ' ,.1-1162A 1111111111-51 11111 m1.,u. 11.1 gvwf-511:10 1, Ag1,.-51- 11. 1191-1.111 11-11, .5111-11 Q, -1111f.,1A11A1.1w M 111111111 11 "sal 1111 -1 1112111511 1512121121 11 1111-1115111121511 11,411.11 151.1121-11151511111-1 111 11 1 M 1111111111 :af 1113113 img 1131-1 1-1111f'fw A 1 1111111211 21119 1,111 J51111., ,132412z1,,f1'11"' 1 " 11'x",11"Fw11,6g?1i5g5-535111411111111178512-Q1f12ss121s1z1 11,,11??1s:g QW: ,1ii11i1Qf1fgi11 iiygkl 1715335155321 1351111 K- 11"1111z11sfz511'1g1111,,11f'1111111ef,211.11 1,1 "V,f'li5Pl1X1'X" '1 1 BW A ' 11 '1 6 , ' , 5 M ,, 31 1 1911, ,111 1111, 1,1 111111 1 , , . 11, ,, V , 1. .W ,. 1121 ,151 111111 33 .. Wm. Km ,V V 1 , .11.1,5,1, , ,, ,mm ,11 1 E111-?Q.11Mfff11 1.- 22119 11 1:11 may 11 1 11 1111112111111 1 122112211 11 11 1111ffmz.1Q1:1g 1111191511 51f1Eg'52:-1 V 1 111,,'5L:Q:-ii '1H1111a15?E1s?f111111 1112E:'1,a1Jxf1m 41.51211 111521121es?zsg,1 P31211 gr, 1. .1 2,1111 .Twfmici QQQSQQX1 nf111f1,e151115111111111111-121 gn- 1em:1'!Mf,i115r1m11,1 22511111 1 411311. 11 121 isssisaszsae 1- M -'EWR 1' Ni' 111"1 '1'12S1222'X11'111 1111111 112711224511 1123 31212455111 E 1,1 1541 115 . 15-MQLEYX '!S'we2225f H'1f11QZ-'1' Q? 12'3EH1'W'f1Vf'1 ifywffk " 1'ff5r-1113121115 5112Y1Wi1's111i1 111-'11-lzfsmkg-1113311 1f' z11e-sh?-155W - in 31 1 4 111 1 A111 , f ggi, I '1 1. 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 11 1 "V e 1 W 1 .1 1 ' Qs 11 1 4 gx Em' 12 if za .5 Q 1 x X12 f- N 111,13 .. 11175 2 A- 1. asa, M: 1,11 .5 1, ,. J wg , 1 fzlfv' 1 ,V .EMM 11, 1 311, . 1 1 611,551 5 .wf 1 ,112 , ff ga 21, ' If .qs Af. jr 1 e 1 1 K 1 ' 1 1 , i E EEG V11 ' PG -Q3 1 3 HOMIE FROM 'JFIHUE SJEA Lwmppimg W.El'fXBTS of the gmealft sea - Peafclefml anal quiet. The dayis work is donfeg and the boats have come home. Fish: ing boats and their simple taiclsile - small bw: sturdy and strong. Here life goes fozn, quietly famdl evemily. Little waves that cfurll m"o11mdl these Hshirng lbfoalts may Jhame waslheadl bloody samdls on cotllmer sIlmmrm::s. Here them is peace. 13' Q -14212 ALZ tgp! ., 9.647 M l V STUDENT CUUNCTT. OFFICERS W. T. MARTIN REYNOLD TIUYCKIETK GIROVIER lDlULlLfON President Vice President Secretary fGlUlIlLlFOlRlD WATSON BILLY ILANUBIE MRS. A. C. lHIAlLlL Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arrns Adviser Morro: Approve Ye the things that are Em-ellent In all activities the Student Council has attempted to encourage the students to live up to the standards established by its motto. It is hoped that the students will apply it to all their undertakings. The Intramural Sports program which was initiated and sponsored by the Council, has proved to be the most helpful, and most outstanding achievement of the year's work. The Point System, which has been enforced this year, has been revised to include every activity in the school. A gold medal is to be awarded by the Council each year to the two seniors having the highest number of points. Through the untiring efforts of the Motion Picture Committee, the Council has been able to pay over five hundred dollars on the projector which was purchased last year. One of the outstanding accomplishments of the Social Committee was the Student Leaders banquet, given at the beginning of the year. The officers of all clubs and organizations in the school were the guests of the Student Council. 63 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MARY SUE BERRY Chairman Intramural Sports Committee U ANNE HARRIS. .Co-Chairman House NORTH HINICLE, Chairman Publicity MELVILLE BROUGI-ITON 1 DAN Holmes. . .Chairman Calendar Co-Chairman House Committee KERN HOLOMAN CHRISTINA CREEKMORE Co-Chairman Motion Picture C0-Chairman Motiolrz Picture Committee LITRA SELF. ...... Chairman Social RUTH DAVIDSON. .Chairman Grounds Committee LEIGH WILSON. . . .Chairman Points HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Bobby Broughton Martha Hamrick Nancy Poe Edith Lee Burgess Joe Hunt Celia Rothgeb Mary Ann Canaday Thomas James Carl S9-PP Mary Coggin Katherine Jones Lila Saunders Ben Dickson Henry Kitchen Beverly Tucker Courtney Edgerton Doris Lloyd Ilgatgry ,Tf1c,i,ier Bill Fletcller Bill Lovell Diwvisffgzllisufllef Moftit Fuller Arthur McCabe Catherine Wyatt Ruth Gray Jule Phoenix 64 Betsy Yelverton 0-J W5 555561 NJ ,M lPARlEN'll'eTlEAClEIlElR ASSUCIATIUN Firsll row: Mrs. J. A. Clark, Mrs. XV. Lzuvrenee Blnnellzlrd. Seenml ro-zu: Mrs. M. M. Fuller, Mrs. E. C. Murphy, Mrs. N. C, Ms-Donzzld. TIIFIDTIL raw: Mrs. Vnnre Swift, Mrs. R, Fourth, row: Mrs. Ernest, Lovell, Mrs. WV Harris. Mrs, XV. L. Moyer, Ilrcxizlenlg Mrs. Erwin, Curresponrling Secretary, Mrs. L. Nonenmn, Mrs. Clyde Erwin, Mrs. XV. L. Moyer, Mrs. A. D. Sour, Mrs. J. F. Bryant, Mrs. John Swain, Mrs, Barrett XVilson, Mrs. C. D. Edgerton, Mrs. O. Moen, Mrs. L. O. Armstrong. . F. Morris, Mrs. R,13.Reeves, Mrs. Jule B. VVz1rren, Mrs. R. H. Garrison, Mrs. R. F. EXECUTIVE BOARD Lawrence B'anclmrd, Vive Presialenrg Mrs. XV. L. Nonenmn, Scc1'z'la1'yg Mrs. Clyde John Swain, fl'rcnsLn'er, Mrs. J, A. Clark, Ilistorian. CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Mrs. lVill Lawrence, Mrs. Fred XVZLX, Mrs. R. H. Garrison, Mrs. M. M. Fuller, Mrs. E. C. Murphy, Mrs. NVill Lawrence, Mrs. C. D. Edgerton, Mrs. R. F. Harris, Mrs. R. L. McMillan, Mrs. Robert Schmidt, Mrs. A. D. Soar, Mrs. Vance Swift, Mrs. J. D. Vnnn, Mrs. Broudus Wilson, Mrs. Julian Ruud, Mrs. B. YV. lVells, Mrs. A. S, Oliver, Mrs. B. D. NVilson, Mrs. R. H. Crowder, Mrs. Vlfude Lewis, Mrs. R. I-I. Garrison, Mrs. W. F. Upshuw, Mrs. NV. Worth Mlhite, Mrs, H. P. VVillil1ms, Mrs. J. H. NVurd, Mrs. R. O. Moen, Mrs. L. O. Armstrong, Mrs. J. F. Bry:z,nl:, Mrs. N. C. McDonald, Mrs. R. B. Reeves, Mrs. D. S. WVeuver, Mrs. Jule B. NVi1l'1'L'l'l, Mrs. YV. F. Morris, Mrs, E. J. Lovell, Mrs. E. F. Hilker. PROGRAM SEPTEMBER: School NightQFor Everybody. Brief ad- DECEMBER: School ELlllC2ltl0flElfl Activities. dresses of! welcome by Superintendent Guddy and JANUARY, The Gmwi,,g C,,mnm,,5tv, Show. Teachers in home rooms to greet FEBRUARY: Fqunflers' Dey Program. CjCTOBIgIQ,: S,,c,,,1 Hygiene. MARCH: Mental Hygiene. NOVEMBER: Juvenile Delinquency and Crime. APRIL: A program of Child Growth, Leisure Time, and Responsibilities. GRADE MOTHERS MRS. A. D. SOAR, CfLfllI'H'Ill7l, Mrs. A. E. Burden, Mrs. Roy Cau-ter, Mrs. Roy Tliomns, Mrs. R. A. Reardon, Mrs. G. M. Norwood, Mrs. R. B. Reeves, Mrs. Arthur McCabe, Mis. ll. fl. Powell, Mrs. lfl. H. Roberts, Mrs, G. W. Mordevai, Mrs. V. M. Stonelumks, Mrs. A. P. Love, Mrs. C. K. Mahler, Mrs. H. P. Xlfilliauns, Mrs. Lzxwrenre Blzmelmrd, Mrs, J. G. Venn, Mrs. C. G. YVillnrd, Mrs. R. C. Maxwell, Mrs. C. L. Williamson, Mrs. A. C. Eutinnn Mrs. F. E. Miller, Mrs. R. H. Garrison, Mrs. Ben Lawrence, Mrs. J. M. XVilliams, Mrs. VV. E. Bolton, Mrs. J. H. Rawls, Mrs. J. H. XVnrd, Mrs. G. W. Forester, Mrs. Cllhomas Hurt. Mrs. R. H. Crowder. Mrs. H. A. Carlton, Mrs. R. F, Harris, Mrs. N. F. Turner, Mrs. H. R. Niswonger, Mrs, J. E. Niven, Mrs. H. YY. Minis, Mrs. YV. L. Spencer, Mrs. B. D. lVilson, Mrs. C. F. George, Mrs. R. F. Pearse, Mrs. E. J. Lovell, Mrs. M, E. Davidson, Mrs. Grnlnxnl Hobbs, Mrs. C. B. Moore, Mrs. M. E. Gardner, Mrs. Thonuls Creekmore, Mrs. F. J. Forbes, Mrs. R. H. 1N'0llI'C0, Mrs J. A. Clark. Mrs. Xvlllllllll lllyntt, Mrs. I. M. Proctor, Mrs. C'l:1ude Guddy, Mrs. J. H, Fye, Mrs. J. S. Bourne, Mrs. R. M. Oorniek, Mrs. VV. XV. Wfilliams, Mrs. H. M. White, Mrs. VV. T. Anderson, Mrs. XV. S. Bridges. Mrs. J. J. Fynu. 65 I.,A'lFIlP'ACC S'I'AlFlF WILLIAM JFIGXGATT I.O-VlEI.I.. Eclitor-in-Chief SARAH lL0fClKlE I'IAlRDISON Assistant Editor MISS GEORGIA KIIKISPATIIICK Adviser Associate Editors Betty Ellington Rosemary Underwood Ihrie Pou Jacqueline Stager Ann Christian Rodney Ann Eatman Elizabeth Kelly Nancy Barwick Elizabeth Flournoy Literary Strif Susanne Leinster Page Eatman Nancy Tuttle Margaret Dunaway Katherine Turner Frances Crowder Bob Kohl Ben Lawrence Christina Creekmore Charlie Penick, Sub-fr 0.-rhmon Editor Art Stczf Frances Templeton, A Dan Hodges Marjory Didenhover Carey Holloway Lura Self Dorothy Durfey Ben Armstrong Margaret Cromartie Kenneth Althaus Ann Hodges rt Editor Louis Connor, Sports Editor North Hinkle, Joke Editor Marion Fuller, Club Editor George Penick, Subscription Mem cage r 66 lBlUSllNlESS S'll'AlFlF:lLATlIiPACC Dorothy Redmond Margaret Mecllock Mary Flllglllllll Dorothy Bunn Mary Nash Frances Carter Mnry Alice Nichols Eloise Penny Rosalind Upchurch Eclythe Lynn Roberts Mary Frances Powell Betty Jean Miller Dorothy Slmnnonlionse Murlclene Grzincly Lillian NVinston Dorothy Penrcc Becky Bunn Witherspoon Anne Harris Martha. Capps LOUISE SCCUTT Business Ma-rivager SAM AlRfONSfON Advertising Dlanager Kathryn Norman Surah Locke Hin-Alison Mury Frances Gcrlinfx -lc4liil0l'i!lG 'Wairrun Hzirry Vl'ny D. R. Ponton Mary Inn Johnson Yvonne Ferrell ltodney Ann Eaxtnizui Jlnnc Manning Mary Coggin Carolina Carlton Noll Koonce Dixie French Mildred Jennuttu Bill Lovell Marion Fuller Audrey Moors: Einniu Dale Taylor Murgziret Hairston June Johnson .Turk Alford l'lilwurd Austin George xV0'l'lll Grover Poole Ilnrrict Browningf Cornelia XVnll:er Margaret Cronmrtie Betty Ellington Jane Forbes Ann Ch1'isti:in Friink Jones Martin Kohn Mamie Jcnnettv Blanche French Mary Catherine McDnt'fie Doris hV001lilli Betsy Austin Eloise Smith Ida Dunn Harris Betsy Ann Clanrlenin Miirtlm Lynch Elizabeth Cole Kuthrine Turner Harvey Fogg Bill lVelJer Max 14'er1'oll '11 G7 'a ,, I APPRECIATION The toil is over . . . the fun begins. After weeks of long hours and hard work on the part of the staff, the LATIPAC is back from the printers and is ready for your enjoyment. Besides the regular staff, many others have assisted in the publication of this book. Mrs. W. N. Hicks and Mrs. D. E. Starnes have burned the midnight oil with their proof reading and Miss Mary Nelson very graciously has turned extra typing over to her classes .... The art work is especially outstanding. This fact may be explained in that our art staff has had the expert advice, council, and constructive suggestions of Mr. George Fairbanks of the Raleigh Art Center .... The anuual's theme is one near to the hearts of all Tar Heels. Two seniors J. R. Smith and Alan Jones, and a Junior, Ben Lawrence, under the direction of Mrs. O. K. Joyner, wrote the lines for the theme which is presented in the front of the LATIPAC .... Mrs. Joyner's Senior English classes have also made valuable literary contributions. If you have read the in- teresting facts about North Carolina which are presented in this book, you will realize that it required time and effort to accumulate them. The credit for this study goes to Mrs. N. G. Fonville's Civics group which was headed by Hugh WilS0l'1, Eugene Richardson, and John Spinks .... Then, thereis Mr. W. H. Shaw. He was a sort of "Jack-of-all-trades" for the yearbook. He assisted in ways, too numerous to mention .... The staff is forever singing the praises of Mrs. Ben Lawrence, for Mrs. Lawrence was ''Johnny-on-the-spot'' when a car was needed for transportation to some "Picture Taking" spot .... And this leads to our photographers. The Photography club, under the direction of Miss Doris Lassiter, Adviser, and John Arey, President, and H. K. VVeather- spoon, contributed excellent shots for the Life Section. H. K. did the unusual Life cover .... And, then, to the club pictures. Mrs. H. A. Siddell combined patience, skill, and a mastery of photography for the unusual groupings. She outdid herself with the lovely picture of the Girls' Glee Club .... Mrs. Bayard Wootten, outstanding North Carolina photographer, used her inimi- table style in making the excellent superlative pictures. And the beautiful North Carolina scenes are among her best k11own .... After all the material was compiled, Mr. J. H. Hardison, of Edwards 8: Broughton, gave many extra hours to the school, going over every detail with Bliss Kirkpatrick and the editor, and furnishing the services of an expert, with a ruler, pencil and calendar. And now, it is finished. Miss Kirkpatrickis office is once more in order and all the notes, papers and folders have been discarded. The LATIPAC is placed in your hands for your inspection and your approval. We hope you like it! Eloise Smith Mary Frances Jordan Mary Frances Gerling 68 , .QJMV CCANDIID CAMERA CLUB Members in the club picture, left to right, front row: Hugh Wilson, Donald WC3VC1', John Arey, James Edwards, Ann Hodges, Devan Barbour, and Miss Doris Lassiter, Club Adviser. Secoml row: Henry Kitchen, Jule Phoenix, Dickie Woodward, Ernest Page, Jimmy Tuttle, and Joseph Burn. Third row: Bill VVeber, Campbell Irving, Frank Jones, John Alexander, Elizabeth Blakely, Nancy Self, Sammy Long, John Young and H. K. Witherspoon. The Camera Club was organized December 6, 1937. The officers are: President, John Areyg Vice President, James Edwardsg Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Hodges. The purpose of the club is to learn to take, develop and print better pictures. The club has been fortunate in getting professional photographers to speak and give demonstrations at the club meetings. Through the sponsorship of the Federal Art Center and the cooperation of Mr. Shaw the club has set up a dark room which enables the members to learn developing and printing. The students have found the club an interesting and educational hobby. 69 - 'Qi .ri- VW-i1'4.IFE II in I -Q Q, I 5, E f If J, ,Cf-lgfift ,, 'lr 1 r! :Tiff ' 'n Qylgfliif l Q 1571 2 ff? if V 3 1 , fi filfff 41. I lf, mmm HOLOMAN LOUIS Common MAIN SUE BEVZIIY ' 'f4j" LDIIOQIIN-CHIEI MANAGINQ Emworz euanms-5 fvmwnonm Efdlirmriml Staff DAVID DAVIS Assistant Eflilor ROSEMARY UNDERWOOD News Erlifrrr VIRGINIA HASSINGER Junior Ezlilor FRANCES CARTER Sncifly Editor NANCY TUTTLE Critic ,ff ZD- f' a X, Business Stlaifif A RCHIE BROWN C'r1-l?ux1'11f'sx Jlrnmyer BILL XVEBER . Y 1 -,4 7 ! - I IV, A5 ' f'f7fffff,,,, VVA IJE KEMP f I ' 163. ' "- I S, i . V,-Lin - Q , I I' , , f , IHRIE POU MARGARIGT CIEOMARTIE KA'1"1-IERINE TURNEP- - - 4 ' ' D Npnior Eflitm' X f - I I Jw ft QL:XU'1jE IQLAIQE CAMPBELL TRYING 51717: Y I '1 ,' Swarm Editor nljvg v -I ROSEMARY UNDERXVOOD RICHARD SPENOER X , K I "wif-ff., f Y , , Assistant Sporls Editor J yflflfi - G7"ffL,' UARVLY 1000, AUBRIEY PITTMAN I 'I' ELOISE SMITH Ass'ism1It Sports EIZUO7' " I g ' IAYVRENCE BALI 'M' 'I . D' L Jzinior Sym-ns E'flifL:1' A LK L LOUISE TURNER 5 1 Reporter U. W X " ' X ', lj I MAX FERIIELL U j.2,,f jf A Reporter I fl 4, 1 U, U . IILOISD Fowmm 2' ,eff sy 7' , , Iieporlev' f V1 I '-, ,fly , AA :IT I' I' f, III ' I I H ' ' C - - I f f m y I I I wg , ,,,,, ,I I I I , V , .V -, , ,,II -- I I I I g-5 I ' 1 rcell ful I 'ls-lvmevm ,I ,I QI 3 I, II II JUU I oftllffffqgy Cvwntrw- I II Egwwced D I lLll'll"lI'lLlE THEATER OP'1"ICliIlS - PAGE EATMAN lLlUlRlA SlEll.llF President Treasurer FRANCES TEMPLETKON KATHERHNE WARREN Vice President Historian DURIOTHY BUNN MRS. KCHRISTHNE JOYNER Secretary Adviser STAGE Cin-:w Blu. Dicxmr, Dlannger Bon Kour. lturl-:n'r ITILICY JAMES ,EINVAIXDS ALAN .lVIcIN'rY1na Jolrx Youxo The Little Theater is an organization composed of students interested in dramatics. The club has general officers, and also committees which are appointed as needed. The members learn as much as possible about costuming, make-up, current plays, stage setting, lighting cfects, and, in general, anything connected with the art of the theatre. The Little Theater is open to juniors and seniors and is under the direction of a faculty adviser. M mrlzlms Betsy Austin John Arey Samuel Aronson Kathleen Braxton Dorothy Bunn Betty Cuffery Charles Cnffery M:u'g111'et Callahan Ann Christian Patty Cox Frances Craven Christina Creekmore Mm-garet Dunawuy Page Entznan Rodney Ann Eatnmn Elizabeth Flournoy Jane Forbes June Foreager Blum.-lie French Dixie French Bill flllfl' Lemoine Fyne Martha Fyne Mary Frances Gerling Katherine Gillis Jennille Harris Ann Hodges Dan Hodges Mamie Jennette Mildred Jeanette June Johnson Elizabeth Kelly .lnlia Remns Lee 1tIl't1'g'll,1'EJ1I Martin VV. T. Martin Lynwood Moyer Elizabeth McCa1'y Mary Kathleen McDuliie Betty Miller Sum Miller Audrey Moore Lydia RING Moore Mary Elizabeth Nash Kathryn Norman Dorothy Pearce Eloise Penny Celeste Perry Mary Frances Powell l' Rawls Dorothy Riggs Jeanne Renfrow 71 Lois Mao Risloy Edith Lynn Roberts Louise Scott Lura Self Betty Sexton Eloise Smith Annette Sprnill Frances Templeton Betty Ruth Thmnpso Rosalind Upclmureh Eleanor Vereen Katherine XV:u'ren Lois lVilliams Leigh Vlfilson Lillian XVinston Doris YVoodall Edith XVo0ten ll 5. ik Y. k57..f1L,L ' ' 5.-I-6-u X x S J is 'i i f GI R LS' LTTE RARY SOCIETY Mlnnlmn Asmiw, P1'P-9'i!ll'lIf,' SARAH Locim IIARDISON, Vice P1-esiflenbg ANN CAs'rLimAN, Secretary, JEAN Fxxvn, Trmsurm-, CLARA Fonsmian, Progrmn Chairman, CAROL SXVART, Publicity. M1'ml1e-rs: Arey, Askew, Brnnuh, Browning, Bunn, Callulxan,. Capps, Custlemun, Clendeuin, Clark, Colo, Durfey, Finch, Forster, Forster, Gillis, Hairston, Ilurdison, Harris, Hassingcr, Hlllccr, Hodges, Hohler, Johnson, Kelly, Lzmier, Mnrslihurn, Martin, Melvin, Miller, Newsmne, Perry, Sauter, Shzmnonhousc, Smith. Swurt, IJIlClllll'Ch, Verevn, XYzl1'cl, Warren, Wzirren, NVehb, XVhit1-, VVillinms. 5,1 l f i If . , is , .. 192 wEi5l ifsif' JOSEPHUS DANIELS LITERARY SOCIETY BILL FLETCHER, President, JOHN Alamy, Vice President, BOBBIE Niswconm, Secrelary, MAC XVHITE, Treasurer, GRAIIARI Homxs, Sergeant-at-Ar-msg Mlss RUNNION,'. Zllembws: Adams, Arey, Austin, Buily, Blanchard, Bourne, Bralton, Broughton, Bryant, Caviness, Cooper, Cooper, Dodge, Douglas, Eflwarcls, Fletcher, Foster, Hobbs, Holloway, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, Kohn, Lawrence, Lewis, Lovell, McCrnry, Newcomb, Noneman, Oliver, Pittmzm, Ponton, Poole, Reynolds, Spain, Spencer, Tucker, XVhite, Williamson, Willis, Worth. 72 GROVER POOLE 1, J. D. DORSETT JERRY STOCKARD DAN HODGES FORENSICS Each year more lllld more interest is being aroused in the debating department. Under the capable advisership of Miss Helen Runnion, this activity is growing into one of the most important factors of the school. The Broughton tea.m competing i11 the 1938 triangular debates was outstanding in that it was composed of one senior, two juniors, and one sophomore. J. D. Dorsett, '40, and Grover Poole, '39, upheld the affirmative against Jerry Stock- ard, '39, and Dan Hodges, '38, of the negative. Alternates were Billy Wiiides, '38, and Mac Wliite, '39. The query: "Resolved that the several states should adopt zz u1z.ica'nze1'al system of legislation," was debated throughout the state of North Carolina by high school enthusiasts. Broughtorfs teams debated against Fayetteville at Durham, and against Durham at Fayetteville, while the school at Raleigh was host to Durham and Fayetteville. MISS HELEN RUNNION Forensics Instructor 73 in ELCA 1 i ' 'E l ..ji?,! ,,,i,,i' mfg-:H-,,"ii gg? 'lim '23i11,ii,'l,i1,1il,Ng5g5ifi1,'i,:g,fi , , , . , ,, A M Mg, iii V ,ig in-i BOYS' GLEE CLUB Joi-: Honccrz, 1'rc'sizlmzlg Ammon Ai,1nxAN1nm, Secretcwy, KERN IAIOLOMON, Vice Pmsiziofntg AR,'i'1m12. Enwmms. T-rea.-mrer Me'mbe'rs: Arthui' ASll'XilJl1l0l', Du Vim Barbour, Dzivicl Davis, Jimmy Devogt, Artliui' Eflwnrcls, James Edwards, Marion Fuller, f Joseph Harrington, Joe Iiodgw, Korn Holomnn, Julian I-Iorimi, Riclmrrl Jones, WV:1clc Kemp, Tliurrnfui Kenyon, Bob Kohl, Lyndon Mayor, S. B. Miller, Aubrey Perry, James Riggs, Billy Sidtlell, Everetto Spikes, David Stanton, NV. T. Thomas, Hurry Tuclwr, lliilliznn Turner, James lVnrd, Barrett iVilson, Dick XVOUd!VIll'll. -X 1143 -LL-hi 1, LQL. Q- q,q.8.,f I3 Mi Ji THE ORCHESTRA mmy Gerow, Dirm'tor. Trumpets: David Dodge, Henry Dodge, Hubert Barbour, Jule Phoenix, Bob DeV0gt, Barrett Wilson, Billy F111-r, Phifer Fullenwider, Bruce Comer. Trmnlmnes: Charles BHll8.I1CC,ClllLYlCSKHlll1,-P0110 Ga1'r1son,Buck Vliard, Ben Bandy, Lyndon Mayer. Olarinets: Paul Etheridge, Jr., Merle Showalter, EVBTEUC SDUKCS- PMWIDI Jlmllly Allen, Jack Nonemau. .French Horn: Billy Walton. Sarnes: Arthur Alexander, Everette Briggs. D1'1Lm.s: Floyd White. Violins: William Craven, Frank Mordecai, David Pattishall, Walter Peterson, Herbert Peebles, W. T. Cooper, Russell Senter. 74 CClHIAlPlElL CHOIR The chapel choir is composed of sixty-five girls and boys under the capable direction of llfliss Mabel Kenyon. The choir was started only this year, but the students who compose this group have worked hard to give excellent programs. Tl1e making of vestments was supervised by Mrs. A. C. Eatrnan, and this vested choir has been a lovely addition to many programs both at Broughton and at several churches in the city. Boys: De Van Barbour, Archie Brown, David Davis, Jimmy De Vogt, Arthur Edwards, James Edwards, Joe Hodge, Kern I-Ioloman, Julian Horton, W'ade Kemp, Robert Kohl, James Riggs, Harry Tucker, James VVard. Girls: Grace Bailey, Ruth Bailey, Mildred Barbour, Sue Berry, Josephine Bradshaw, Kathleen Braxton, Helen Broughton, Dotty Bunn, Mary Anne Canady, Frances Carter, Mary Alice Charleston, Elizabeth Cole, Frances Craven, Christina Creekmore, Margaret Cromartie, Geraldine Dawkins, Peggy Davis, Marjorie Didenhover, Margaret Dunaway, Page Eatman, Rodney Anne Eatman, Elizabeth Flournoy, Madeline Grandy, Jennille Harris, Elizabeth Kelly, Julia Reams Lee, Ida Lloyd, Mary Ellen Morgan, Alice Nichols, Juanita Padgett, Rachel Peatross, Aubrey Perry, Jean Renfrew, Mary Thompson, Cornelia XValker, Catherine Wyatt, Audrey Yates. 75 '-'JY LATIN fClLlUB CAROLYN KENYON President BETTY STON EBAN KS Vice President MARY ANN DIXON Secretary HILAH WHITE Treasurer MISS STROTHE Adviser R The Latin Club, under the able leadership of Carolyn Kenyon, Betty Stoncbanks J Mary Ann Dixon, Hilah Wllite, and Miss Melissa Strother has been very active during the school year 1937-38. The heavy enrollment has been due in a large measure to the eiforts of Anne Lineberger, the chairman of the program committee, and her staff. There have been pageants, illustrated lectures, and programs ap- plicable to the season, such as Christmas and Valentine programs. The aim of the group is to make each succeeding club, a better one than it was the year before. To make this come true this year's club is purchasing some materials for programs and donating them to the Club of 1938-39. Patricia Allen Helen Andrews Mary Lily Arey Kathrine Austell Marjorie Avent Elizabeth Baltone Betty Barringer Eloise Bazemore Frances Bland Elizabeth Bolton June Bourne E. O. Brogdcn Alexa Carrol Roy Caveness Frances Chandler Anne Cloyd Members Jack Cobb Virginia Cohoon lllitzic Covington Patty Cox Jean Dunbar Elsie Dupree Frances Erwin Lynwood Farwell Jean Newton Mary Alice Nance Elizabeth Niven Mary Neely Norris Patsy Overstreet Oren Palmer Martha Peatross Rebecca Perry 76 Mary Elizabeth P lNIary Pierce Nancy Poe Frank Poole Horace Rawls Jimmy Reeves Catherine Rodgers Eleanor Self June Fouraker Anne Foxworth Jimmy Fulghuni Margaret Fulton Martha Fyne Bill Garrison Anne Godwin Hazel Goodwin hinney ,.- l, ,alma Margaret Hairston Helen Hall Olivia Harmon Carmen Harris Thomas Hart Oscar Hay Betty Hicks Betty Hilker Anne Hodges N. H. Hodges John Holloway Sara Marie Holt Erma Holton Charles Hostetler Joe Jarnigan Marie Jennette Marjorie Soar Adelaide Scales Angela Snell Betsy Snipes Jack Spain John Spinks Mary Ella Stephenson Mary Lou Stephenson Members John Swain Jack Swift Vance Swift Carol Temple Ben Terrell Frances Thurston Beatrice Tucker Betty Tudor Vernon Jeter June Johnson ltlargaret Johnson Mfargaret Jordan Sara Jordan Frank King William King Violette Leveridge Anne Lineberger Gertrude Long Ellen Lyndon Nell Mason Edna Earl Mfay Lyndon Mayer Jim Macllachlan Miriam McDonald 77 Betsy McMillan Cornelia Mims Beverette Middleton Betty Miller James Mitchemer Ellen Mordecai Clifton Moore Jean Morris Nancy Tuttle Mfary Bryant Upshaw Betsy Warren Guilford Watson Frances Wells Evelyn White Sydnor White Mabel Wiggins Frances Williams Helena Williams Betty Ruth VVindcs Sara Wooten Frances Wyatt Jacquelyn Yelverton Cora Lynn Young ..- .U fi 1 WJ 'Qx Q. N FRENCH CLUB LOUISE Sc0'1"1'. Prrsiflrnt, CA'I"IIER,INE WYA'l"r, Vice President, BIARJORIE D1D1cN110v1m, Secrz'ta1'yg INTARGARET DUNAWAY, fl'i'ezzs'z1'r-er, MR. STARNES, 1lll'l"l:S!47'. , Mcmlzers: Bnrwick, Bobbitt, Bratton, Bunn, Carter, Castleinan, Christian, Clendenin, Cook, Craven, Cl'9Lflil"Il0l'0, Davis, Diden- hover, Duiiziwuy, Eatinun, Ellington, Fields, Forbes, Forster, Gul-ling, Gillis, Harris, Hutchins, Jeannette, Jennettv, Johnson, '63 Jorclon, Kelly, Ki1'by,'Loc, Leinster, Miller, Nash, Pearce, Perry, Powell, Riggs, Roberts, Scott, Self, Sexton, Stnger, S Templeton, XVzulc, VVxu'ren, XV00fC11, Vlfyatt. 'ip 1 ' 1 , ,R C: ox, -QV-S QQ QQ ff" - 1, Q5 , L. Xf- Fx ,f!l'Q?vf'+U1sK2fp -1 1-re. N' ' SPANISH CLUB PH1FE1c FULLIQNWIDER. Presiflenlg Evnm:'r'rE BRIGGS, 'Vice President, FLOYD NVHITE, Sen-rm:-ry, AUBREY PITTMAN, 1"reu,.s- urerg MR. S'1'ARNEs, Adi-ixer. Members: Brudslniw, Brutton, Briggs, Diivis, Dux-fey, Ellington, Fulenwider, Fuller, Fulglinm, G:1'nncly, Holt, Holding, Honeycutt, Kelly, Lee, McCr:1ry, Nichols, Nouemun, Padgett, Pittman, Rue, Shumaker, Striphng, Underwood, Way, Wilson, NVhite, Vllilliznnson, VVright. .Ln GERMAN CJLIUB DAN HODGES President NORTH HINKLE Vice President RUTH DAVIDSON Secretary ROBERT REYNOLDS Treasurer - fi 'V ,'1""' J 'a,j-'VJ' J MRQ A C HALL .,,,. ,QA A, A , 1,1 ,s 1 'u ,. .": '. r- ' I ,x , ,,,..- . S - 'IFHE GIURJL RESERVES PURPOSE: To had and give the best SLOGAN: Tn face life squarely SYMBOL: Blue triangle witliin a circle OFFICERS CODE ADVISERS INUNTY MUC1'31'y Gracious in 1Tlll7Hll'7' Miss Laurel Erdman lx XUWYIQ Norman .I'INlIl'll'fl!ll in jlulffment Miss Mary Oliver Ellingrton Anne I-'m'3be1'ge1' RMU!! fOr sm'1iiz'c Mrs. Mary Sue Eonville MTW Nash 11011111 bv fl'ff"7UI-Y Mrs. Lucy G. Starnes N Y Remcliirzg t0'LI.Yflf7'fl the best J COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Isflffwsfwfil11fuVv'1135ff2 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN 'xcquelyn Branch . :wing ae wuuti u -, I Miry Anne Ganaday EfWb'1'.f0V 7071010100516 Lee 1101-a, Ggetzg Victorious over self Helen Han Ever depemlallle iS"in,ceru at all times Jlfmnlmrs: Joyce Allen, Ruby Allen, Helen Andrews, Mildred Askew, Betsy Atkins, Virginia Atkins, Rebecca Atkins, Betsy Barringer, Jane Bcuman, Jolie Bell, Dorothy Beddingfield, Elizabeth Blakely, Halen Bohbit, June Bourne, Margaret Brings, Jean Brown, Betty Calfery, Margaret Caldwell, Juanita Cates, Jean Clark, Elizabeth Colo, Mary Cornick, Mitzi Covington, Sara Crowder, Geraldine Dawkins, Jucquelyn Dickens, Mary Ann Dixon, Elizabeth Ellington, Ruth Enloe, Mary Ferguson, Clara Forster, Grace Forster, Ann Foxworth, Mary Fnlghum, Virginia Fulk, Ann Goehegan, Julia Dixon Geiger, Rath Gray, Sybil Goercli, Caila Goodwin, Hazel Goodwin, Elsie Gupton, Josephine Harris, Bobbie Hart, Sarah Marie Holt, Mary Jean Hooper, Marie Jennette, Margaret Johnson, Violette Lev:-ridge, Doris Lloyd, Ellen Lyndon, Margaret Massey, Betsy Doll Maxwell, Elizabeth MoCary, Edna Rose McDullie, Mary Catherine McDnflie, Lelia MeKimmon, Harriette ll'I:'Millan, Grerallline Moore, Ellen Mordecai, Susan Newnham, Patsy Overstreet, Rebecca Perry, Dorothy Reynolds, Celia Rothgeb, Lois May Risley, Eleanor Self, Betsy Snipes, Marjorie Soar, Frances Thurston. Cornelia Tongue, Virginia Upc-hurch, Nancy Upsliuw, Mary Bryant Upshaw, Betsy XVa1'ron, Dorothy May Vl'e1lclin2, Hilah lVhite, Mable Wiggins, Bettie Williams, Frances xvllllllIl'lS, Helena NVllllZl111S, Lorraine YVilson, Sara Wooten, Betsy Yelverton, .lacqnelyn Yelverton. S0 , HH I I .. .fi ff, 'ff-+ MJ' " '3 J . , V- f ,- ,fx ' lr 5 SV' . If 1 W -' ur' ' ,1 r -L"..f4 X. I ' 1 I, . ' ' v -. mn Tll-lIlE HEY BILLY LAMBE BOB FINCH DAN HODGES President Vice President Secretary JIMMY SINCLAIR IV. T. MARTIN JAMES ALLEN Treasurer Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arms MR. JAMES GEROW Aclzviser The I-li-Y is 21 cluh organized by the Y.M.C.A. and the high school. It is corn- posed of high school boys and meets every Wednesday night at the Y.M.C.A. Only seniors and half-year juniors are invited into the menibership of the club. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the high standards of Christian living." AIZTIYIIIET'-5'i Jimmy Allen, Bill Beckwith, Bos Beckwilll, Melville Broughton, Lewis Connor, Jinuny De Vogt Bob Finch, Pliifm- ll4'llllQl'lXVlfl0l', Marion Fuller, Jimmy Gerow, Clmrles Goodno, North Hinkle, Dun Hodges, Julian I'I0'I'l,4'lll, Erwin Johnson, Billy Limuhv, Bill Lovell, IV. T. Min'tin, Sam Mordecai, Paul Moore, Auln-cy Pittninn, Jimmy Sinclair, Riclmril Spencer, 1-Iarry Tuvker, Jimmy IV:1lke1', Floyd XYl1ite, L:-igli Wilson, Palul XVood, David WViIliS, Emil Hilker, Jim Oliver, Grover Poole, Rvyuold Tucker, Campbell Irving, Lawrmmce Holding. S1 I ,,. '- , if , ,,.,. Y ,ww-' 3,3555 M-7 VE-iv SClIlENClE ClLlUlB WVILLIAM Qnfxvns, I'-resilient: ll-um' Sum JACKSON, V-ian Prf-sidenig J,xr:QuianyN BnANon, Svlcrcturgpg Eim I-IILKER, lrcusizrerg Owens Rninvlcs, Semnazzl-:ft-A.v'vns5 I-IELIQN BIcoUon'1'oN, U-ritiv. This is one of the most active clubs in the school. Its members as a whole are from the science classes, although this is not compulsory. The Science Club meets every other Monday night. The programs consist of very interesting talks, usually by some eminent scientist who is outstanding in his field of research. This club put on no membership drive, and yet there are about seventy-five students who are attracted to a club whose purpose is to develop scientific interest in the school. Advisers MRS. ROOT, MISS MCDEARMAN, MISS ELLINGTON Me'mbe1's: Fred Allen, Mac Allen, Roy Allen, Kenneth Altlians, .Tohn Arey, Edward Austin, Julian Blakely, Charles Blanchard, June Bourne, Jacquelyn Branch, Anne Bratton, E. O. Brogclen, Helen Broughton, Frances Chandler, Emily Cheshire, Jean Clark, Louis Connor, Frances Craven, XVilli:un Craven, Sara Crowder, Billy Didenhover, Mary Anne Dixon, David Dodge, Henry Dodge, J. D. Dorsett, Daphne Dunn, Katherine Emory, Jenn Finch, Oscar Hay, Emil Hilker, Anne Hodges, Dan Hodees Carey Hollowuy, Mary .Tenn Hooper, Jim Hutchins, Mary Sue Jackson, Margaret Johnson, 2, . . Frank Jones, Margaret Jordan, Carolyn Kenyon, Cyrus King, Henry Klutz, Martin Kohn, Anne Lineberfrer Robert MacMillan, Nell Mason, Lyndon Mayer, Virginia Melvin, Nvlllilfil Midget, Jenn Morris, Mary Neely Norris, Jule Phoenix, Frank Poole, Grover Poole, Jimmie Reeves, Owen Reeves, Bl Sl nidt Fleanoi Self Bettv Smith Bill Smith Lnf-ile Smith James Riggs, Peggy Rowell, orby cn , J ' f , -, , . , , , Marjorie Sour, Betty Stonebanks, Jean Taylor, Cornelia Tongue, Reynold Tucker, Ben Tyrell, Mary Bryant Upshaw, Jimmie Vklard, Betsy Warren, David YVeaver, Muck 'White, Frances, Lois XVilliams, Thomas Willis, George YVorth, Carolyn Lehman, Marita YVarner, Mary Pliinney, Forrest Shuford, Ruth XVyman. S2 1 l i i l a- RAY GREGSON S. on BRANDON Ilmzl Couch, Football Heart Cuuafll, Brcxlrvllmll, Brmellfzll Needham B1'0Ugl1t0Il,S athletic program is broad in scope to provide healthful recreation for every student. Keen interest and rivalry have been stimulated in intramural sports for both girls and boys. Varsity teams in the following sports have represented Raleigh in Conference competition: football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, and tennis for boysg soft ball and basketball for girls. Junior football Zllld basketball teams for boys also met rivals with marked success. Although Raleigh teams have brought home only one state championship, boxing, they have splendid records of victories and fine sportsmanship. JIMMY GEROW ,X ' MRS. B. B. BRAY TJ. E. STARNES Haul C'arLulL, Qxrbskphrf Director, Girls' Athletics Buxiizvss Mzmagm' ' D ,, 83 fslf fe. RALEIGH I-11 SQUAD Rmfling left to riglzt: Lee, XVecks, Turner, Wood, Godwin, Finch, Edge, Gould. S'4'con1l1'u'u': Briggs, Rcuves, Wehie, Dodd, Dixon, Sauter, Phillips, Bxzxell. Thiwl row: Crocker fAsst. Mgi-.J, Allen, Chester, Holderfiehl, Smith, Holmes, 1-Ioncyrutt, Gill fMgr.J. Frm'rtIL1'ow: Gregson Ulead Coaehj, Braunlon CAssi'. Conchj, Murray 1Asst. Mgxtj, Riddle, Williamson, Allen, Pearce, Pittman Cliigixl. REVIEVVING THE SEASON After a month of l1ard practice the Raleigh Purple and Golds' opened the 1937 gridiron season with a victory of 27 to 6 over Apex on September 17. Over 1,200 persons were estimated to have attended the first game, which was held on Broughton field. ,T ..Te, 5.:vMQ W sa 537711 xl we Lys w 2----fi . use H f, f-get are .Msiaspfgg -we : L ' 1-Qi.-,ig saw-QMQX M, H, LM, M ...,.,,3-5.i.:3i,,sf- wi ,i M. rg: - ue eff. 'Q MARTIN XVEEKS Captain Raleigh High Team v The Capitals opened the season with three new outstanding players, Alvin Phillips, Dick Pierce and John Lee, all of whom were lettermen. Jimmy Allen proved to be the star of the first game, taking two enemy passes for touchdowns. Jim Mills, left end for Apex, scored their only touchdown, failing to get the extra point. Raleiglfs first out-of-town game followed on the next Friday when the Caps met Greensboro, which proved a loss to the Hurricanes with a score of 6 to O. The touchdown that scored was a pass from Weeks, intended for Smith, but intercepted by Wllite- heart of Greensboro. The following game, when Raleigh met VVilson, the Coon High School boys outweighed and out- played the Raleigh boys to a 12 to 7 victory. This was the first Raleigh victory for the WVilson boys in quite a number of years. Jimmy Smith's placement after a touchdown was the narrow margin by which the Capitals took Fayetteville to a score of 7 to 6. Halbert Edge and Toni Gould with Jimmy Smith were the stars. Before an audience of 2,500 Raleigh took the Charleston eleven for a victory of 13 to 0. Although Charleston led in first downs, the Hurricane team outplayed them throughout the entire game, of which Alvin Phillips starred. Journeying to VVilmingon, Raleigh was favored to win by a large margin in this conference game, but the boys of the coast played a surprising game. A pass from VVecks to Edge brought the only score to R:1leigh's victory, 7 to 0. Smith, star halfbaek, scored the extra point. One of Raleiglfs most exciting games was the victory that they took over Steubenville, Ol1io, with a score of 7 to 6. In the first half of the game Steubenville made their only touchdown, failing to get their extra 1 LEE BRIGGS ' is FSFZT-TWC' 'ii if s if we X, :fail 53 'Mag fm if W 5 , s E. ALLEN PHILLIPS - L -1 :fy PEARCE GODXVIN TURNER point. At the end of the fourth quarter the Caps Z1 touchdown, and the placement by victory for the Caps. One of the ever to attend a Raleigh football the Raleigh-Steubenville game that came back with Smith took the largest crowds game witnessed night at State College Riddick Stadium. By managing to push over two touchdowns, Colum- bia took the Raleigh Caps to a score of 111+ to 0. The Hurricanes held them oil' to the third quarter, when they crossed the locals goal line twice. Then came the time for the locals to meet Durham, when the score ended with Raleigh 6, Durham 0. A pass from Wfeeks to Buck Sentcr put Raleigh in position in the third quarter. The winning of this game put Raleigh up against Rocky Mount for the I FINCH SENTER 85 Eastern Conference title. It was a rainy afternoon in Rocky Mount that the Raleigh boys journeyed down to meet a team which overweighed the Capital eleven. Raleigh was stated to have played a marvelous game but came out on bottom with a 6 to O score. Alvin Phillips was the star of the game, which caused injuries for two mem- bers of the Raleigh eleven, Paul "Babe" VVood and Craven Turner. After winding up the football season the most valuable player was selected by the squad to be awarded the animal cup presented by the State Theater. The cup was presented to Alvin Phillips. So, the 1937 gridiron season for Raleigh High School passes in review. .'e'1r:tf".f':e . 9 WM ' 1 .,:f.r,fW.-.M-'M . , -W W Wigs -- :fshliww EDGE WOOD JUNIOR SQUAD B .Pixy Tow r',,mli"'l lpn 'U "WIN: q""l'l' GBVUW- Johllsmly B1'1lft0ll, Cooper, Berry, Alford, Broughtmu, Bodwcll, Starnes Cvuf. gr.J. bcfiovul raw: I:1oQd, 'lllIll'IGll'9', Lnssiltver, Edgerton, Moore, Bm-gussy Sturyy Browne, Kenyon, Third row: W-HYSOYI, -CYCWS, PUSWIU 511159, Stewart, luddle, bvnter, Dozicr, NVillis, Fourth row: Hunt Mr-Millanlx Spain McLean Nxcklcs, Gould, Holi, XVoor1rul'f. ' ' ' ' JR' K ,., ws H4 gy-2 ,. , - , F f- -...M . - V - -.515 7, ' A:-L ,M . .1afafrf'i1f75',,fg . . 1 W M ' 'Z -W 1- - . . .A 1, r J . 4-244 ' . CCIHUEIER JLIEADIEIRS Frcmt row: GKUIIIRIU1 Hobbs, :lSSiNflL7lt Head Cheer Laarlerg Pnui Moore, 111111.11 C'lIl'l'1' Lmulcrg Katluzrine Turner, As- sistant Urml Clwm' Lrfculcr. Serrnml row: Annette Spruill, Junior Cheer LF'lllll"l'g Virginia Hussinger, Junim' Cheer Leurlerg Elizabeth Flournoy, Sl3'H.'l'0'l' Ulmer Lmulcrg Betty Sexton, Senior Clreer Len,1l1e'rg Margaret Martin, Senior Cheer Leaderg Kathleen Dizor, Senior Cheer Lerulerg KRtfll01'il1C Kirby, .Pwnior Ulmer Lcculcrg and Dorothy Slumnoulxouse, Junior Cheer Leader. 86 First row: Mayard Alford, Everette Briggs, Aubrey Pitman, Dick Pearce, Craven Turner, Coach Brandon. Seca-ml raw: Jack Holt, Sam Morcleeai, Alvin Phillips, Martin Ylleeks, Buddy Murray. BASKETBALL Raleiglfs basketball Eve didn't offer many thrills for its fans this year as the Capital squad took only two games out of fourteen scheduled. Raleigh 141, Rocky Mount 33 Raleigh 21, Rocky Mount 36 On January 11, Raleigh opened its season with a loss to Rocky Mount of to 14-. The game that followed later, there, the Capitals lost to a score of 21 to 36. Stars in this game were Alford, ltlordecai a11d 'Wecks. Raleigh 19, Goldsboro 29 Raleigh 18, Goldsboro 244 Raleigh High journeyed to Goldsboro for its first out-of-town game where they lost to a score of 29 to 19. Later, Goldsboro came to Raleigh to take another victory of 24 to 18. The game, though a loss for the Caps, was exciting throughout. Raleigh 15, Fayetteville 42 Raleigh 18, Fayetteville 23 The leader for the Caps in the first Raleigh-Fayetteville game was "Red,' Alford who sank six points, but still the Capitals came out on bottom with a score of 412 to 15. The Fayetteville boys took the lead in the beginning of the game and continued it throughout. Later, the Ra- leigh Hve took another crack at the Fayetteville team to lose to a score of 23 to 18. 87 K 45" saw' PITTMAN PEAROE MORDECAI ALFORD TURNER BRIGGS Raleigh 111, Durham 55 fOnly o11e game, other forfeitedj Durhamis undefeated five defeated the Raleigh team to a score of 55 to 111. The game was the seventh win for Durham and the seventh loss for Raleigh. The second game with Durham was forfeited by the Tobacco city boys to the Caps. Raleigh 21, YVilmington 25 Raleigh 24, VVilmington 19 After a first loss with VVilmington of 25 to 21, the Raleigh five came back in the second game to take the Hrst victory of the season to a 24 to 19 score. The locals have had a very tough season but played a surprising game and left the fans spellbound. Raleigh 10, Greenville 32 Raleigh 23, Greenville 27 The Greenville team took the Raleigh five by 32 to 10. The Greenies came back in a second game again to defeat Raleigh in a Class A Conference match. The victory for the return game gave the Greenies a victorious score of 27 to 23. Raleigh 17, Wilsoil 41 Raleigh 13, YVilson 22 Raleigh played VVilson giving them a 411 to 17 victory, when they returned to VVilson they gave the Coon High School boys another victory of 22-13. Thus brought to a close the 1937 basketball season for the Raleigh high schools with one win, one forfeit and twelve losses. 88 JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM One of thc newly organized athletics in the school is the Junior Basketball Team, coached by Mr. Ray Gregson. The team came in at the end of the season with ten wins out of a schedule of fourteen games. The boys are looking forward to stepping into the varsity team next your and giving Raleigh another State Championship. Tim GAMES AND Jzmmwy 14, Raleigh 10, Goldsboro 18 flhorej. Jununry 21, Raleigh 21, Goldsboro 12 iherel. January 25, Rnleigh 31, Catholic Orplmnznge 29 Cpru.ctir:e gmuej . January 26, Raleigh 19, Garner 17 Qthercj. Febrnzwy Chereb. February Feh1'um'y 1, Raleigh 16, Catholic Orphanage 21 2, Raleigh 14, Garner 13 Chex-el. 3, Raleigh 32, Wendell 12 fthereb. R lasulfrs February February l5'eln'ua1'y f hercb February February Februn ry Cherel . February 9, SJ, 11. 14, 15 16 22, Raleigh 19, Holly Springs 4 Qherel. Raleigh 10, Vllvnclell 'T Cherel. Raleigh 13, Catholic Orplmnage 1-1 Raleigh 16, Holly Springs 27 Ctherel. Raleigh 35, NVilson 23 Qhereb. Raleigh 27, Catholic Orphanage 12 Raleigh 23, Wilson 21 Cthcrel. N iw 'ggi ,wg ' .1 " .H H" ri! 'ff' 'Z I "' an lllllillili M i so in is A ' an ll . U i r , I BOXING TEAM it STATE CHAMPIONS 1938 ALEX V ESTAI. ...,............Manayers - Evinzmn' D1xoN JAMES Gnnow. . . ,.... ....... Coach 85 Pownlls 95-Pounds V 108 Pou'nd.-1 115 Po-1u1.rl.'2 Julius Godwin Johnny Gournas George Fuller J. P. Shepherd Billy Godwin Pete Moras Sinclair Capps Billy Prcsslcy Louis Smith Harold York Emil Hilker - 1:25 IIQUIIIIS 135 l,0'lU1llS 145 Pounrls I.. M. Dodd Howard Maddrey Jimmy Holderficld Floyd VVhite Leighton Elliott Bill Hunnicutt Ferrell Brooks BOXING SEASON CILOSJES WITH SIXTI-I STATE 'VICTORY Raleigh 5, Wilmington 3. Raleigh High School opened its 1938 boxing season with a win over the VVilrningt0n pugs by live to three points. A crowd of over 2,000 persons saw the Caps take the first victory of the season when the Wilmillgtoil boys led at the'Hrst with 3 to 1 points. The two outstanding lights of the match were in the 125-lb. class with L. M. Dodd fighting against Delma Willialnsoli of Wilmixigtoli. Dodd received a technical after 1:45 seconds of the second round. Jimmy Holderfield, local 145 poundcr took a TKO over Bobby VVarters in the second round. Raleigh 5, North Charleston 3. The Raleigh boys journeyed to North Charleston to take the second game of the season by leading 5 to 3 points. Again, Dodd and Holderfield were outstanding fighters of the evening, each obtaining a TKO. 90 Y 1 A "i ,r if fl" fix i , We xg 0! X ' f .4 L, 411 i ' F my f h FULLER SHEPHERD XVHLTE L. M. DODD, Captain. ELLIOT GEORGE DODD CAPPS PRESSLY Raleigh 8, Burlington O. Of the nine bouts with the Burlington pugs, the Raleigh boys took thc hand throughout the night. The Capitals came out with an 8 to O score, a third victory for Gerow's boys. Raleigh 5, Durham fir. Over a thousand fans saw the Raleigh boys take the Durham Bearcats to a " score 0 to 4 points, at the Raleigh Armory. Of the nine bouts, two were taken as TKO's. The first was taken by L. M. Dodd when he floored Rose, of Wilmington, in the third round. Thus, the Raleigh boys became entries in the State Boxing Tilt in Chapel Hill. Capts Take Sixth Victory. The Raleigh pugs took the fifth straight victory and the sixth victory in thc past eight years in the Tin Can in Chapel Hill, in the State Tourney. The Raleigh Co-captains, L. M. Dodd and Jimmy Holderfield, both took individual titles. Charlott , ee oys in the finals to the two "Queen City" boys. Wilmington finished one-half point behind Raleigh. How- ever with such close com etit' th R 1 ' 'l , p 1011, e a eigi boys came out on top under the excellent guidance of Coach Jimmy Gerow. 91 e was leading the first day bv one-half point, but the Capitals had thr b 3 Q 13 l BASEBALL Raleigh opened its 1938 baseball season with the looks of a State Championship team. Those who reported to Coach S. O. Brandon and Assistant Coach Willy Duke, as the most promising players were: Pitchers: Bruce Brunton, "Preacher" Weeks, Arthur Edwards, Lefty Horton and Harold Cole. First Base: Craven Turner and Johnny I-Iohnes. Second Base: Jack Holt and Everett Dixon. Third Base: John Riddle and Ralph Heath. Shortstop: Aubrey Pittman and Marion Riddle. Catchers: Buddy Murray and Lawrence Holding. Leftfield: "Babe" Wood and Dick Pearce. Rightfield: Charles Goodno and Halbert Edge. Practice began early this year and the men who reported, along with some of last year's team, began work to make another baseball championship for the Raleigh High schools. 92 5 3 . I Uwlif .'.' an R A K IP A' 'Af 'ICR' . ' 'fr-,'i:f.i1,fffi:ff""vf " : , -'Q' ' -fs X4!tN X Hr 'J ,In M GOJLE TEAM VVINNERS OF STATIC HTGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP 1938 Left to right: Billy XVincles, Reed Towler, James Casper, Grover Dillon, Grover Poole. TENNIS TEAM Kneeling: Cyrus King. Stancl'i11g: George Penick, XV. T. Martin, North Hinkle, Bill Smith Billy Lambe. 93 INTRAMURAL SPORTS One of the outstanding' things that the Broughton Student Council started this yeur was its Intramural Sports Committee, headed by Mary Sue Berry and Jiunny Allen, which have stxirterl under the direfzlnionship of Mr. Jimmy G-erow n boys all-gym lnisketbzill team nnd n girls softball team. Teams were selevted aireording to rooms and much interest was token in the sehool's new i.f'l1tlll't?, Members of the teams are: ' BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Pos. First Team Second Team F ...,. Jackie' Hawkins ...... ,..... B illy Simpson F ..... Jimmy Allen ...... ..,.. D eVan Barbour C ..i... I nike McLean ,...,. ,,,,,,,,,, C hiy Sentor G ,.... Thomas XVillis ......, ,,,,,, R eid 'Fowler G ..... James Riddle ...,,. ...,,.. I ack Swift Pos. Tliirrl Team Fo'm'H1 Team. P' ..... James Hilker ...... .,..... B ob Hairston F ..... Jerry Hllker ,..... ........ D on Beckwith C ...., Furman Dowd ....,.. .,...... E ddie Wiiistoii G ..... Brooks Poole ........ ..,.... C hai-les Johnson G .,,.. Ellis I-Iumilton, .,,. ,.... ........,.. ...,. ....,. ..,... T c 1 1 1 i lVinston Players on the class team with the periods are: Sane1iUi periofl: Bob Hairston, Jack Swift, Guy Senter, Reid Towler, Don Beckwith. -Eighth 2H!'l'1'04li Toni Winston, James Riddle, Jimmy Allen, Fred Senter, James Hilker or Eugene Hamm. Fourlh perioil: Hinsdale Joslin, Brooks Poole, Juke McLean, Eddie Winston, Charles Johnson. Serentli periorl: DoVan Barbour, Ellis Hamilton, Thomas WVillis, Bill Story, Blake Van Leer or Moffett Fuller, Eighth period: Jerry Hilker, Jackie Hawkins, Furman Dowd, Billy Simpson, Stanley Hussinger. GIR LS' SOFTBALL TEAM Room 203, Fifth Pm'-iorl: Ruby Allen, Mitzi Covington, Patty Cox, Dora June Garret, Nell Mordecai, Dorothy Murdock, Inez Thompson, Betty Tudor, Hilah YVhite, Mildred Lloyd. Room 214: Tomasene Cates, Annu NVntson, Marie Amlrews, Marion Nelson, Barbara Mahler, Jean Kizer, Virginia, Crews, Jenn Trenton, Betsy Paul, Frances Hoagland, Louise White. Room 216: Vivian Burrow, Lynette Little, Mildred Showalter, Sybil Goerch, Ruth Grey, Betty Jenn Broughton, Beverley Candle, Mary Alice Stell, Mary Louise Peebles, Nancy Hunter, Mnrthn. Askew. Room 309: Agnthai Chinley, Bettie YVhit Durfey, Frances Eurine, Anne E, Foxworth, Ann Geohcgan 03061, Jean Newton, Merimn McDonald, Juanita Anderson 43155, Nancy Scott, Surah Ylfooten 43061. Room, 205, Sixth period: Florine Ledford, Helena Wiiillimns, Julio Moore, Margaret Caldwell, Celia Rothgeb, Margaret Richenson, Catherine Davis, Marion Meade, Nora Lee Russell, Doris Nichols. Room 211: Marie Harper, Margie Parker, 1lrfli11'gIl,l'6iZ Fulton, Sarah Jordon, Angela Snell, Ann Cloyd, Catherine Rogwlrs, Cornh Askew, Ruth Knight, Marie YVood, Clmrlotte Holder. Room 306: Doris Smith, Sum NVooten, Virginia. Fulk, Gerry Moore, Olivia Perry, Jane Bell, Elizabeth Grimes, Joyce Allen, Elsie Bennett 12015. 1: .f lf? GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I W 22? DIXIE FRENCII, Prresidentg IIATHERINE IYICDUFFIE, Vice Presirlentf BIILDRED JENNETTE, ,S'acvretaryg FRANCES CARTER, Treasurer! C1x1.xur.o'wrr: I-Iolmm-zn, Ifrms Age-nt, Mus. B. B. BRAY, Adviser. GYM CLASS IN ACTION 95 4-J L v L rll, l Q ll V GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM First raw: Anzibel Stencil, Mzirgoriue Avent, Mililrecl Jennetle, Dixie French, Mamie Jonnetiv, Elizabeth Xlfilliams, Ann Foxwort-ll. , Second row: Mrs. Bray, Coachg NVillie Mae Duster, Emma Dale Taylor, Catherine Jones, Dorothy I'Iarper, Adelaide Scales, Blanche French, Martha NV:1llucc, Cliurlotte Honlfler. GIRLS' TENNIS SQUAD Sealed: Elizaihetli Kelly, Betty Elling.,'1'on, Anno Christian, Louise Scott, Sue Berry, Anne Hodges, Dorothy Perry, Dixie Frencli, Marjorie Avont. Stunzlinu: Elizabeth Grimes, Mary Catherine Mrlluilio, Sm-uh XVootun, Anne Goelizlgzxn, Blum-lie Frm-nuh, Rosemary Underwoocl, Mitzie Covington. Grace Horton, 1xI2ll'gl1I'k5f Crrnnsirtie, Dorolliy Bunn, Mu1'y Nash, Jean Finch, Christina Creekniore. Betsy Fields, .le-anne Rvnfrow, Jacqueline Branch, Mary Bell Thompson, Eloise Smith, Virginia Hassinger, Annette Spruille, Hr-len Mnrtin. 96 4 N45 H' 1' dtiim 91:-Zgw ff' iff X 5 f-ififwfg, 'A cg? we ai? ' A'f7?-EK ' ' E? 4-+,. F EATU RES ' , Q , P -' 'O' ' X ff" gf af fy fi 3 1 Q 5f4"u1?f RW .1 ,rbhi x .M 3 X .54 S-.5 flkf 1 vw 'S w .W L-gg? - x I S S u V s X W -Q ,F I 5 i Il I I I WHITE STAIRS CHF ENCHANTMJENT Plrimevfmll blemmy and ifreshmxess of ,am ever rezturmlinug spring White stmrs fm? enxchauxmtmemt deep in the green mi? the wo-od. Nrzvrmth 4Cm1r011im.fn'.s :own - Il-oveTl1i1n.ess nL1m.a1fcHonmAed and wumc1In.a1m,g.edl Iby mmm. Easy it is to believe that fairies, vemmfchaumfteul by the misty bllowoms, inhabit the ,grexenwo-o.d1. lG1rfoves of white blooms- affew spots sfo Ibeautiful .along the paths of the wvorllrll. A Senior Group Posed by Miss Louise Scott, Mr. Louis Connor, Jr., Miss Lura Self, Mr. William Lambe, Miss lllary Ann Canady, Mr. William Derby, Miss Jane Forbes, Mr. Willis 1111 Lovell, and Miss Mary Sue Berry on the lawn of the beautiful Cameron home in Raleigh. This mansion, built more than a hundred years ago, is typically anti-belluln. 99 Mr. and Miss Needham Broughton Posed by Miss Ruth Davidson and Mr. W. T. Martin, Jr., on the lawn of the Raney home with the State Capitol in the background. One of the arcllitecturally perfect buildings in America, the capitol was designed by Ithiel Towne and was completed in 1840 of native North Carolina stone. 100 lBcauu1alBcll1lc Posed by Miss Jennille Harris und Mr. Richard Spencer in the garden of J. R. Weatllerspooii in Raleigh. This lovely spot is a typical North Carolina garden, its climbing Wisteria, proud dogwood, stately pines, and burning azalias, creating an aristocratic Southern air. A 101 Scholarship Posed by Miss Julia Reams Lee and Mr. Dan Hodges at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. This college was the first state university in America to open its doors to the general public. It was under this tree and by this well that the first plans for the organization of the college were formed. 102 Versatility Posed by Miss Page Eatman and Mr. Leigh VVils0n at Duke University in Durham. The chapel is one of the best of English examples of Gothic architecture, the lines being faintly reminiscent of the famous Canterbury Cathedral in England. The stone for the chapel was quarried near Hillsboro from the Duke University quarries. 103 , , , QQYW Sports Posed by Miss Kathcru Turner and Mr. James Alle11 in a grove of pines. These tall trees with their regal bearing cover most of the state, and it is with no little pride that every Tar Heel calls his home "The Land of the Long Leaf Pine." 104 .5251 on .H N, ' lr,-L -v- . 17 , ' yn? 43 ,xfflh ,. K, . 53:6 , , W, r .- 1' J -g. -4 - In . , 'Wim Posed by Miss Nancy Barwick and Mr. North Hinkle at the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh. The mansion, designed by Samuel Sloane, was started in 1883 and was completed six years later. The historic home is built of bricks that were made by hand by State prisoners. 1 105 Q24 'Qs WSE Q 5.-2-1. Girls' Giles Club Posed in Tatton Hall, home of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Edgerton CGIRIJS' CGIJEE KCIJUB CHRISTINA CCREEKMQGRE MARY SUE BERRY President Vice Presizlent DURUTIIY ETUNN IIEEEN EROTUGI-ITUN Secretary Treasurer CATHERINE WYATT MISS MAEEE IKENYON Reporter Director Juanita Aiken Mildred Askew Rebecca Atkins Josephine Bradshaw Jacqueline Branch Helen Broughton Harriet Browning Dorothy Bunn I Frances Carter Ann Castleman Frances Chandler Mary Alice Charlton- Betsy Ann Clendenin Elizabeth Cole Frances Craven Mildred Barbour Mary Ann Canaday Juanita Cates Geraldine Dawkins lllargaret Dunaway Elizabeth Ellington Dorothy Beddingneld Mary Sue Berry Caroline Carlton Mary Coggin Page Eatman Grace Bailey Ruth Bailey Kathleen Braxton Peggy Davis Eirst Sopirsmo Christina Creck1no1'e Margaret Cromartie Kathleen Dizor Rodney Ann Eatinan Elizabeth Flonrnoy Claire Forster Julia Geiger Ida Dunn Harris Frances Hudson Mary Ina Johnson Margaret Jordan Elizabeth Kelly Katherine Kirby Nell Koonce Nancy MeCrary Seceml Soprano Blanche French Dixie French hfadaline Grandy Mildred J ennette Mildred Lanier Julia Reames Lee lFixi-st AIrt0 Calla Goodwin Anne Harris Ida Lloyd Mildred Lioya ' 5 Margaret ltlartin ' Second Aihtzo Jean Finch Jennille Harris Mamie Jennette Audrey Moore 107 Beverctte Middleton Mary Ellen Morgan Kathryn Norman Nancy Poe Norma Ross Elizabeth Shumal-:er Frances Templeton Betty Ruth Thompson Nancy Tuttle. Rosalind Upchurch Eleanor Vereen Cornelia VValkcr lliartha Wall,ace Dorothy IVedding Catherine W'yatt Betsy McMillan lNIary Frances Powell Dorothy Riggs Edythe Lynn Roberts Carol Swart Ruth Wyniail Emma Dale Taylor Mary Bell Thompson Frances VVyatt Jeanne Renfrew Katherine Warreii Audrey Yates mwoxaw QAROUNA Fl rms' .1-" Q 'i V4 fztiylm, 4111711 I 7 , f N 4 - X' y MQ 6' X E5ffr:.11 X f x ' In , I f Q, QDDDU f First Child oy Enqlisfh parents to be born in Qmersca was Virqlvfma Dare,on Roanoke Ishnd, , J if : '15-QZ,.'f'f.-IA, 'f' ff ' r W , ,, X - V4 ! ' .,, Af f' gf--, " 'Q 'a The firsi colored school f. or Mind and aaa? was openea by the state ad: Rakeiqh on January W,X'K6q,vvith twenty six QUFHS. ff ffff Fast Declaratmon af- Iysglependence by Hmerncan miuzens was sufqvxad Bi Chavubzte, may 10,11 751 hiv!! l 2 First successfmd a,,Kx-Plane fhqwf mach. 1100K plaicr. on Dzc2mberl'1,l'l 05,512 Kvtiy Hawk on KUX DeviX HHN - by WxXbuY am! Orville Wriqhf. 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A1111111 fb w,X15'1.1111111-311 ' X . ,'11 1- 'C' if fp- 1 ,KX 11 fg:a,"111'11 111111 11 ?g?51Q111111X,XX,111151 ,X ,X XX X .A X. XX, R X511 1, -rot E K1 '1jXQ1,L'111f1 H1 w ag-1 1 'MQ 1' -fn l .5 4153511 5 f E. ,Q1 ,1 1 1 1 11 111441111 ELL V af .11 1 11 111 ,,.1.111 11 L X . 1 ' W 1 - 154' UWK11 1"w11I11M'H'WT,..R1111f3fL M inf! ' M, 1 1a 1 114' ' . 1 - , 1 '. L ,iii ' ' 4' ,F -1 9 f B5 . .5...- .- 1 ' 1' "1 1 1.11 1' 111 Z 1"11,f 1 1.2 X H XXXX 1 1 111111 11 1- 1 11 Q 11 1 .1 1 11 -111 'E1111111111 1 VL. 111111 11 . 'W 11 111 1 11115 2:35 '1111111 Vol. 9, No. 2 L I I E May 10, 1938 14:45- ' ,, .:' sf: 'W . PRINCIPAL AND FACULTY IVIEMBERS WATCH GAIWES A SUUTHERN HIGH SCHIIULZ N.B.H.S. UF RALEIGH, N. C. The Needham B. Broughton High School of Raleigh, N. C., one of the city's two secondary schools, has a student body of 1,130. Built of native stone and surrounded by ten acres, it is conceded to be one of the most beautiful school buildings in North Carolina. Needham Broughton has adequate science laboratories, gymnasium, cafeteria, little theater, art gallery, motion picture equipment, room telephone system, amplifier for auditorium, printing shop, photo developing room, acoustically treated commercial department and music room, spacious playgrounds, and athletic fields. A majority of the students hold membership in one or more of the eighteen chartered clubs. Classes and clubs stage dances, banquets, teas, and picnics at intervals. The curriculum includes basic academic courses, vocational training, and creative arts. Sixty-six per cent of the 188 members of this year's graduating class plan to attend collegeg 13 per cent, business school, 3 per cent, to enter nurses' training, 8 per cent, to seek immediate employment, 10 per cent are uncertain as to future plans. I LIFE on THE BRIIUGHTUN NEWS FRIINTZ 4 ...Qu I 'of' 1' 8:00 AT N.B.H.S. MR. SHAW INTERVIEWS ABSENTEES LIFE UN THE BRUUGHTUN NEWS- FRUNT: me num rua swim: The lilJl'a1'y offers inspiration and interest to many Broughton students with its 3,000 books, 20 monthly magazines, and 2 daily papers. A new feature which has been added this year is the magazine room. Miss Tucker, the librarian, has twelve student assistants who help with thc routine work. The g'l'06llll0USO is part of the biology set up of the school. The students, under the direction of Miss Ellington, have the opportunity here to see in actual operation many of the principles learned in their biology classes. This course is a very popular one with the students and few Broughton pupils are willing to omit biology from their schedules. The Cufetelia is a busy place during the two lunch periods. Mrs. Stevens directs the preparation and the serving of the food, and about 600 pupils eat here daily, The cafeteria serves not only as a place to cat but also as a place for social contacts. The cooks at Broughton work efficiently and busily to serve hot lunches to the hungry students. Sally's pies are famous, but all the cooks at Broughton are good cooks. The menus are pre- pared under the supervision of Miss Frances Moore, who arranges a variety of well balanced meals. The Raleigh Federal Art Center was established in the schools, February 1, 1937. It consists of a gallery and five teaching units which offer courses in design, block printing, drawing, painting, lettering, layout, and weaving. The students working under the direction of the Art Center received many of the awards offered to high school students in the contest sponsored by the University of North Carolina. In the health 1'oom at Broughton Jean Kieger stands on on the scales while Dixie French checks her weight. Student assistants 'take charge of the health room at regular periods, and eapably care for minor accidents. LIFE UN THE BRUUGHTUN NEWSFRUNT: FINDING FIELDS or GREATEST INTERESTS UFF FUR NEW YURK. Representing the Ili-Times, Broughton's monthly newspaper, three students and one adviser left for New York City to attend the fourteenth annual Columbia Press As- sociation convention. In the group were Louis Connor, managing editor of the Hi-Times, Virginia I-Iassinger, Rosemary Underwood, Margaret Cromartie, and Miss Jane Beatty adviser. The class also entered copies of the paper in the contest sponsored by thc con- vention. Copies of the Ili-Times were dis- played in John Jay Hall along with papers of high schools from 24 states. The Broughton Press Club, composed of members of the journalism class, combined with the Daily 7'awr Ilecl of the University W of North Carolina sponsored thc second annual North Carolina High School News- paper Institute April 29 and 30. The Insti- tute drew a large number of students and proved a success. In the 1938 art contest sponsored by the University of Noi-thCarolina art department, Frances received iirst honors in the wate color division. She also took first and second place in water eolorin the contest sponsored by the Federated VVoman's Clubs 0 North Carolina. Dan took first honors in pictorial painting in theState IVoman's Club contest. To this award he added the thre honors which he received in the local VVoman's Club contest. Danalso took second place for water color and honorable mention fo stage design and commercial poster in the University contest. The pencil drawings in this edition of the Irwrimc are splcndidexamplcs of Frances' easy, sweeping technique, and the lovel printing which appears in the introductory pages of the Lrvrlrrxc isnn illustration of Dan's clear pencil style. i ' Graceful Frances Craven, Frances Templeton mul Dilll Hodges have unusual talent for artists so young. popular senior dancer. 'gif rf 5' Sew ive? is 'CIW s E, ,V . - v . . LIFE DN THE BRUUGHTUN NEWSFRUNT: Gulnlm: mm vncAnoNAL urs Sewing C1-asses Attract Many Girls. All seventh grade girls are required to take Home Economics but it remains such .a popular subject that the enroll- ment for 1937-1938 reached a peak of 230. Besides the splendid training in Child Care, Interior Decorating, Foods, and Home Making which the girls receive, the department has the facilities for preparing for the various teas, luncheons, and parties that are given throughout the school year. The girls also present style shows in which they model the clothes which they make. Molly Mitchell and Miss Dorothy Phillips are the directors and teachers in this department. 265 Students Seek Business Train- ing. The Commercial Department is one of the most up-to-date in North Carolina. Due to the great demand for typing, only juniors and seniors are privileged to receive instruction. Miss Mary Nelson has a busy sched- ule teaching two classes of shorthand in .addition to all of the typing. The department has an accoustically treated typing room with fifty type- writers, a. bookkeeping room, an office practice room with a. mirneo- graph machine, adding machine, and other office equipment. Two years of typewriting and one year of shorthand is offered to the commercial students. Boys Learn Use of Tools. All sev- enth grade boys receive instruction in inechanical arts. Many older boys elect advance woodwork and mechan- ical drawing. R-esoureeful Mr. NV. T. Freeman supervises work in both. Since a large percentage of the NB.- H.S. boys continue their higher edu- cation at N. C. State College and pur- sue engineering courses, these depart- ments are especially popular. Commercial Art Student Renders Valuable Service. Robert Demain snapped by L,v1'ir,xC photographer. let- tering the entrances to oitiees. gymna- sium, auditorium and special rooms. This :field of vocational training is taught by Mr. George F.a.irha.nks of the Raleigh Art Center. M . 1' A . I r 1 PLAYS UF THE YEAR: sf Q Vi Q '86 M6 665.4 e. E7 4:1 f J 0, , i K Jeff glam emi' For the past several years, Broughton has been an interested partici- pant in the State Dramatic Contest. Alternating, comedy and tragedy or serious drama are the two types presented. The new director, Mrs. Christine Joyner, chose for presentation this year, a one-act tragedy, "The Duchess Says Her Prayers," by Miss Cass Canfield. This is a story of confiiet of emotions in the lives of three people. Cecilia Gallerani, a lady of the fifteenth century Milanese Court, is deeply in love with Lodovico Sforza, the famous Duke of Bari. He also loves Cecilia and the two are blissfully happy, unaware that Beatrice d'Este, the Duchess of Bari, knows of the affair. The Duke, having fol- lowed Cecilia to the chapel of a cathedral, is again telling her of his great love for her, when the Duchess arrives for vespers. Not daring to be seen together, Lodovico goes into the main cathedral and Cecilia stands motionless in an empty niche. The Duchess, upon entering, thinks that Cecilia is a waxen Madonna and makes a heart-hreaking prayer for the love of her husband. Cecilia is deeply touched by this poignant prayer, and with her own heart breaking and against Lodovico's will, her stronger character comes to light and she gives up the only one she has ever loved to the woman to whom he rightfully belongs. Kathryn Norman, as tl1e young Duchess, played upon the heart strings of all who saw the play, Bill Smith and Page Eatman, as the Duke and Madonna Cecilia, interpreted their parts with ease and ability. "Pray for Me to God that he may change the heart of my husband," pleads lovely Katherine Norman in a stirring prayer, one of the most dramatic moments in "The Duchess Says Her 1'rayers.', .....f' All UIll'Bll0il1'S0ll Scene of the "New Firesu cast-senior play for '38, Dorothy Bunn, make-up artist, supervises the application of grease paint to three definite character types. First, there is the young girl of twenty or so, then the matron of forty-five, and at the right is the old character type: elderly, old fashioned, and funny. Fifteen seniors were Well cast and played their parts in a splendid way. A ., PAGE EATMAN Ann BILL SMITlIiGIllE IillItiIA'NTTTPFRFURMANTCE " ,S "Listen, Blessed Virgin, have mercylv And Page Eatman, as Cecilia, mistaken hy the Duchess as am waxen Mzulonzl, held this dif- ficult pose for fifteen minutes, never moving or clmnging her ex- pression. 1 "I C:1n't Lose You. That is incrcdiblc,', cries hcurt-broken Lodovico CBill Smithj in n desper- ate but vain appeal to Cecilia. FISIIICBS Templeton with her mastery of water colors gave an air of reverence and solemnity to am authentic fifteenth century chapel window design. STAGE CREW PLAYS IMPURTANT RULE LIGHTS! SPOT! CURTAIN! ACTION! Alan Macintyre is ready to let the curtain go as John Young, with the stage directions, stands with his hand on the main switch ready to black out all the lights. Rupert Riley has control of the footlights, the borders, and the dimmers, and Bill Derby is ready to place the spotlight on the star of the performance. ,X X . Q, e : aw fa J QWZZFJ' Jennile Harris Walked in beauty as Queen of the annual Broughton Carnival on October S, 1937. Preceded by nine lovely belles with their handsome beaux, Jennille was escorted by W. T. Martin, Jr. to a, flower trinuned throne on the stage of the school auditorium. Below. f1'001?f left to ?"i.07lf- f'1'0?1I T010-' Clara Forster, Edith Leavister, Mar- guerite Worth, Jackie Hawkins, Elizabeth Andrews, and Lura Self. S6f'0?1Il 'VOYIUS Dan Hodges, Julia Reanis Lee. Dixie French, Nancy lVIcCrary, Jennille Harris, Christina Creekniore, Jane Forbes, .lane Manning, and Archie Brown. Th.i1'cZ row: Richard Spencer, Marion Fuller, Leigh Wilson, W. T. Martin, North Hinkle, Billy Lambe, and Charles Chester. nv-vru V Hi-Y Qlintertains. With the coming of spring, dance tunes were in the air, Little Applers were warming up -and the Hi-Y gave a dance. It was given in the Brough- ton Gymnasium which was gaily decorated for the occasion. Below: Paul Moore, capably directing his Swing Masters. made the "music go 'round and 'rounclg" at Paul's right is a hird's-eye view of all the guests-at his left is the Hi-Y President, Billy Lainbe, with Miss Jane Forbes, The danc- ing must have been too strenuous, for perched along the wall and taking no part in the festivities are seven digni- iied Broughton seniors. Down in the corner are two popular chaperones who seein to enjoy watching the fun. They are Mr. a11d Mrs. W. N. Hicks, who enter into the spirit of any party. qe qzunnaff Qgzkwfmbm The Sub-Fresllmen Party was held in the gymnasium at Broughton. There are 216 sub- freshmen and each one contributed something to make the class party a success. This "younger set" showed remarkable depend- ability and talent in planning the entertain- ment, making booths, and decorating the gym- nasium. Dancing was the special feature of the eveningg and the boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the Big Apple, the Little Apple, and other dances. Boys danced with girls, boys danced with boys, and boys danced alone. With the money made from the party the sub- freshmen are planning a gift to the school. The interest in this gift has created in the sub- freshman class a. true school spirit-a genuine interest in Broughton. Five Sub-Fresllmen-Nancy Upshaw, Gill Allen, Elizabeth Andrews, Alf Burden. Wilmer Betts are And ofl' in the corner they do the Little Apple- dividing refreshments. Two popsicles won't go Alt Burden and Wilmer Betts are the boys. very far. , ,, xl.- P -in , .', S V . if fda K ai E .uf W M9345 .l.4-s . 4: . ' V - - 1 W' 2 s f l , , ,, N s ' ' 1 k l . , L x qi- ig KK an NNW. ,, v 39533 an 1 -A ,A 1 xy .N -R f . , QA , ,V 1 4 T4 1? -V' V wx, aff + N ,' mkggufg. u A .7,.,. . .,.-,Y f . Q.. -Qi, .: ' A . 4, . J ' A 'WEL " "f11,,E'x,. V., X 'Ik 1 Lqgz , I New-??? 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Unfclistnrhed are they by man and his petty tricks. Monnrxchs 015 natrure - lending tn little humans inspiration for nobler acts. The rnnuns tains of North Carolina - more wonders ful than the people, more wonderful than their leaders - eternal grandeur! Miss Nelson: Louis, you should have been here at 8:45. Louis Connor: Why? What happened? "I KNOW RALEIGH" J. GRIFF NELSON R E A L E S T A T E Rentols ond Property Adjustments - Phones: 3736 - 986-J 22016 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH 1 NORTH CAROLINA RALEIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Trains Stenotype Court and Convention Reporters, Stenotype Secretaries, Ma- chine Bookkeeper-Typists, and Comp- tometer and Mimeograph Operators. Only experienced, college-trained instructors. Latest ofiice machines and devices for training. Graduates uniformly successful and located in many parts of the United States. Low rates. Girls' dormitory in exclusive residential section. Enroll any time in this modern school which offers training to meet the demands of present- day business efficiency-training that brings results. Telephone, write, or visit THE RALEIGH SCHOOL OE COMMERCE Professional Building Annex, 20916 South McDowell Street, Telephone 2209 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA WE DELIVER PHONES 100-101 THE HALIFAX STREET GROCERY Choice Meets - Quolity Groceries - Fresh Fruits ond Vegetables 445-41-1-7 HALIFAX STREET RALEIGH, N. C. The first permanent English settlement. in North Carolina. was made about 1650, alone the Chowan River in Northeastern Carolina by people from Virginia. The frugal Scot was taking his small son for at walk. Sud denly he said thoughtfully: "Sandy, have you got your Sunday boots on?' "Aye, Father," was the reply. "Well, take longer steps." 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Capital Club Building Brantley and Sons, Inc. RAl.ElGH'S EXCLUSIVE LADIES SHOP DRUGGISTS Where Smart Inexpensive Apparel I9 B 10 "Always Keeps School" Masonic Temple Phone I4 J E A N I S Service to Every Part of Your Car 24 HOURS EVERY DAY Wrecked Cars Completely Rebuilt John W. Evans' Son Morgan and Blount Streets Phone: 13320 for Wl'CCkC1', Day or Night RALEIGH, N, C. Corner Wilmington and Exchange Sls. Specializing in Men's, Boys' and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Prices to Suit the Pocketbook The growing' of cotton was first introaluced into North Carolina. by Sir John Yezunm amlong the Capo Four River, about 1685. The f orgotteu man: Last year's herog this year's assistant coach. PROTECT YOUR VISION with ETTER LIGHT At school, work or play avoid the harmtul ettects ot eyestrain by making sure that the light is right . . . remember Sight is Priceless - Light is Cheap! , B CAROLINA POWER 6' LIGHT COMPANY Electricity is CHEAP - Why Wait? DURHAM LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE: RALEIGH, N. c. PROTECT THE FAM In our line ot contracts there is a plan for every need and every purpose tor any amount. Through its easy deposit plan lite insurance Otters every one a sate and convenient system ot savings plus protection. XX! E l LETUS HELP YOU FACE THE FUTURE WITI-IASMILE The territory called "Carolina" was divided into North and South Carolina Ill the year 1728. LY I sueezed a sneeze into the air: k t WIIBIQ It fell to ground I now no ' , But hard and cold were the looks of those In whose vicinity I snoze. The Shop That Every Girl Knows "-l'Illllll.l"' -rg lElII.II.II!l'lIIlElIIIIMW1IiI js ""lllluulIl"'1o Everything the school girl wears. Always new, smart things at sensible prices. COATS - DRESSES - HATS UNDIES and ACCESSORIES Roleigh's Smartest Shop l26 Fayetteville St. PRI ll BYNUM NTING COMPANY Z B E T T E R P R I N T I N G " Q? PHONE 692 - 693 RALEIGH, N. C. JANTZEN- The Swim Suit that lends youth and grace to the girlish figure - and to the young man, an ath- letic: form! Z SEE TH EM NOW df L E W I S Sporting Goods Co. B. B. BENSON, President R. T. VICK, Sec.-Treas. CAROLINA BUILDERS Co ZI7 R. CORPORATION al : Lumber : Millwork Building Material N. Dawson St. Phone 2360 Raleigh, N. C. L. Moore I-I. L. Myatt Clifton Benson St. Thomas Episcopal Churcli at Bath, which was built ill 1734, is the oldest church ln North Carolina.. Teacher: "Mary, what are the three parts of the Decalaration of Independence? Pupil: "The first part, the second part, and the Lhird part." Teacher: "Mary! You are the most stupid person I've ever seen." Pupil: "But teacher, you ought to see my brother. he's more bent-over than I 21111 GRADUATION GIFTS R I N G S W A T C H E S J E W E L R Y B O W M A N ' S T5 WEST HARGETT ST, RALEIGH, N. C. HENRY FAUCETTE B R O G D E N REAL ESTATE P R O D U C E C O M P A N Y X IO4 West Horgeii Street WHGLESALE RALEIGH, N. C. FRU'-I-S PRODUCE Z yi PHONE 2872 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA AT HOME - AT SCHOOL - AT PLAY ENJOY THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES D ri n k in Bowles THE CAPITAL COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY North C:ir0lina's signers of the lloclamition of lndvpelulcnce were Joseph Howes, John Penn, and William Hooper. We suspect that a tuba quartette would be known as a tuba four. HUDSON-BELK CO. Raleigh's Largest Department Store Pzffi We appreciate your patronage and stand ready to serve you in any possible way. We Carry a Complete line of Eur- nisnings tor Men, Wornen, and Children. X REMEMBER Wnere Every Dollar Bays More Satisfaction. HUDSON-BELK CO. Edenton, New Bern, Bath, Wilmington, Hillsboro, Halifax, Snlithlield, Fayetteville, and Tarboro served as colonial or state capitals, or as meeting places of the Legislature, before the stale government was established at Raleigh. Ruth Davidson: "How did you happen to oversleep this a.1n.?" Marion Fuller: "There are eight of us inthe house and the alarm clock was set for only seven." CAPITAL ICE Er COAL CO. HILKER BROS. I C. N Tailors - Cleaners - Furriers 600 West I-largett Street F ST D V LII' OVCI G - SIU RALEIGH, N. C. Q Y Q ICE,COAL,COLD STORAGE Sli Hillsboro St. I6 W. l-largett Phones: 4060 and 2985 BIEMANN and ROWELL HEATING and PLUMBING CONNOR and RUFFIN Bonds and General Insurance CONTRACTORS First-Citizens Bank Bldg. 40I West Martin Street Phone 2595 PI-IONE 2637 Cothran Motors, Inc. Packard Sales and Service ll2 East Davie Street Raleigh, N. C. CITY GARAGE l07 South Salisbury Street G. B. Cooper, Proprietor Storage, Repairs and Accessories G and J Tires PHONE 2848 Phone 1235 ' P. o. BOX 2323 A. T. ALLEN e COMPANY QUALITY MEATS inc. ATTRACTIVE Pmces ceimrisn Pusuc PTONE B34 AccouNTANTs COX 5 MARKET Asheboro, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Choice Western and Native Meats Cured l-larns and Bacon Stalls 9-I0 City Market lhe famous pirate who figured in the early history of North Carolina was HB1 10k Beard," whose real name was Eclwnul Teach. Jane Forbes: "Bob, have you lived in Raleigh all your life?" Bob Finch: "Don't know, haven't died yet." EVERYTHING FOR THE MILL General Repairing in Our Modern Shop "Machinery- Mill Supplies" DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY RALEIGH, N. C. DURHAM ROCKY MOUNT I l I distinctive and persuasive Could you ask tor more? Printing that attracts at- tention and compels action an the part at prospective customers? That's the class of printing for which this shop has been known for many years. Next time, ask us to help you with your printing and advertising problems! CAPITAL PRINTING COMPANY I IO West l-largett Street Phone l35I The State Capitol, which was built in 1840, ranks fourth in the United States from az standpoint of 2l1'0llit60tlll'Ill perfection. Some men smile in the evening Some smile at the dawn But the man worth while Is the man who can smile When his two front teeth are gone. SIDDELL'S Carolinafs Finest Portraitist Q Ofticiol Photographers for THE OAK LEAF ond THE LATIPAC VISIT OUR STUDIO 1261712 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. SMART - ALERT - DEPENDABLE The things that make a Champion are found in the 1938 FORD V-8 See and drive this remarkable car be- for you buy any car. You will find it will measure up to your fullest ex- pectations regardless of what you cle- mand in a motor car. Sanders Motor Co. Service Soles Corner Blount and Davie Streets - Phone 405 - Raleigh, N. C. Showers Baths UNION BARBER SHOP First Door South ot Western Union UNION BARBERS 31114 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, North Corolino COMPLIMENTS - of - M I T C H E L L PRINTING COMPANY I SERVICE AND QUALITY I II5-I I7 W. I-Iorgett Street Raleigh, N. C. The State Museum in Raleigh was started in 1851. Today more than 200,000 people 11511: the Il1llS0llIll yearly. Miss McDearman: "Give me an example of wasting energy." David Weaver: "Telling a. hair-raising story to a baldheaded man." Say it with flowers Say it with ours Spencer Floral Co. 415 E. I-Ian-gen Street Raleigh, N. C. - PHONE 4-205 - Try Our Vegetable Plate Lunch - 250 and 35c - Walton's Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Specializing in Home Remedies Corner Salisbury and Jones Streets RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments ot ROYSTER'S "Candy Makers for Over 70 Years" 207 Fayetteville Street Baldwin - Knabe - Hardman Peck Weaver : Kilgen Organs JOHN IVIARSHALI. LAKE, Mgr. NEW DEAL PIANO COMPANY 500 W. Iiargett st. PHONE 41678 W. E. Cooper Furniture Company 121 East Martin Street Raleigh, N. C. PHONE 686 Compliments of WRlGHT'S CLOTHING STORE 233 Fayettevll le Street Whiting - Horton 10 E. Martin Street l-ligh School and College Men like the newest styles in clothing always found in this store W. F. MOODY, President H. W. MIMS, Manager A. H. NIOONEYHAM, Treasurer Mitchell Funeral Home FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ambulance Service 222 West Harget Street Telephone 4288 Lady Assistant North Carolina was the last of the Confederate States to secede from the Union, Mag 1861. Harry Way: "Got a match?" Paul Moore: "Yeah!" Harry Way: "Well, d011't start any tires." Plate and Safety Auto Glass Radiator Repairing The Alexander Welding Service 'four Wm-if speaks for nsezfi 1201-131,18 Electric Illlelding Phone CDayD 9103 - fNightJ 1201-W 11-14 S. McDowell St., Raleigh, N. C. The CITY DRUG STORE WM. L. JOHNSON, Prop. For Quick Delivery Service PHONE 2236 Corner Blount and Martin Streets RALEIGH, N. C. YVC Handle Best Qualities of Anthracite and Bituminous COAL Regurzlless of Your Requirements S. J. FERGUSON Two Yards to Serve You 700 N. Dawson - 1115 W. Lenoir CALL 3714 CAlso Known as Price's Coal Yardl CALL 2285 Alia conoirionine by Y O R K General Appliance Company RALEIGH - CHARLOTTE Compliments ot . , . TEAGUE'S Dry Cleaning 1624 Glenwood Ave. : Phones 722-723 POPA JOHN'S Barbecue 'ihfleeting Place for Young and Old" Wa ke Forest Road "The Family Laun- - H55 eff : U dry Service that we Compliments of Sig . A? are now using is . Vx-3 -.3545 The Capital Billiard Parlor Fine and my shirts are just right." '6Yes dear, I wish I ll had known of the Ca ital City Laun- IN 1 dryijlong ago." You Y too, can enjoy this Q7 l line laundry sewice, just call 74. 0 'gli ,4iFa ,. .s ' 1 The name "Tar Heels," it is thought, was given in derision by Mississippinns, to il brigade of North Curolininns, who, in one of the great battles of the Civil War, failed to hold their position on a certain hill. The former taunted the latter with having forgotten to tar their heels that morning. We'd like to know if you co 1 1 u d say that a man with tw a ongf' but we'11 shoot the T o wooden legs "just luniberecl net. sap who says he "wooden know." Compliments of W H I T E ' S Munns' Tailor Sho P ict CREAM 3075 Fayetteville Street Phone LIOI I THERE IS A DIFFERENCE MONTFORT PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY NORGE REFRIGERATORS .ELECTRIC RANGES WASHERS AND IRO Custom Clothes . . . Individually Designed to Suit Your Personality Bv SNAKENBERG'S NERS 128 S. Salisbury Street Phone 126 WAT K I N S A Tire and Battery Co. PHONE 573 Ei sk Tires 1 Willard Batteries When in Durham Be Sure to Stop at The Young Men's Shop 126 and 128 E. Main Street Durham's Shopping Center for Raleigh High THE AUTO ELECTRIC AND BATTERY COMPANY Automotive Electric Sales and Service Speedometer and Key Service Telephone 294- 114 E. Davie St. Raleigh, N, C WE SELL . . . Yvatches - Diamonds - All Kinds of Jewelry and Luggage Raleigh Loan Office 207 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, N. C. The present constitution of North Carolina was date. adopted in 1868 with amendments to Courtship consists of a ma.n's running after a girl until she catches him. COmDlimeHfS MARTIN MILLWORK ...of . .. COMPANY Woodwork of All Kinds P.O. 723 - 200 Ilarrison Ave. SIR WALTER PHONE 451 "lf l'r's Woodwork We Con Do li" Meet HUDSON for STROP TAXI I938 Day ond Night Service . . . . . . Each Stop is o Full Trip Reasonable Rates for out-of-town trips RALEIGH, N. C. PHONE 3800 ALwAYS READY Three Brilliant New Cors Be Sure to See The Electric Hand We Specialize in Wreck ond Point Work Woshing - Greosing We Want Your Business SWAIN MOTORS SALES and SERVICE 4-12 S. Blount Street Raleigh, N. C PHONE 1680 011 the flag of North Carolina, which was adopted by the General Assembly on March 9 1885, are two dates. 0ne-May 20, 1775 Ulleckle nburg' Declaration of Independencej, and the other April 12, 1776 Q'1'he Halifax Resolvesj. Miss Lewis: "Before we begin the examination, are there any questions? Julian Horton: "Ye-aah! What's the name of this course?" STUDENT JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS You are assured of QUALITY STYLE and VALUE -if it comes from ' ff' Jzwstsns-sltvsnsmlms RALEIGH.N.C. Expert Watch Repairing MISS HARDBARGER'S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL INTENSIVE AND PRACTICAL BUSINESS TRAINING I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL GRADUATES Hardbarger Building Telephone 2453 Over a HALF-CENTURY HARDWARE - PAINTS - SEEDS FARM IMPLEMENTS Job P. Wyatt 6' Sons Co. Raleigh : North Carolina PoweII's Market Corner Glenwood and Fairview Road Quality Meats and Groceries - We Deliver - PHONES 1926 - 1927 NORTH CAROLINA EQUIPMENT COMPANY Road Machinery, Construclion Equipment and Supplies RALEIGH Williamston Statesville Walk a block and one-half Save 0 dollar and one-half Wake Shoe Store 127 East Martin Street RALEIGH, N. C. Three Presidents of the United States were born in North Carolina, Andrew Jackson born in Union Conntyg James IC. Polk, born in Meoklenbnrgg and Andrew Johnson born Ill Wake. Cat Byrd: Don't you know wlry I won't inarry you? Mary N.: I can't think. Cat B.: That's it exactly. McLeod 6' Watson MANGEL'S The Home of - For - Hart, Schaffner Sz Marx Clothes Dresses - Lingerie - Blouses Stetson Hats Fan Tan Hosiery - Sweaters Manhattan and Wilson Brothers Skirts Fl1miShing5 1241 Fayetteville Street Raleigh Beauty Shop Compliments of 109V2 Fayetteville Street A FRIEND Raleigh, N. C, Phone 2006 W. H. KING DRUG COMPANY WHOLESALE DRUGGIST RALEIGH, N. c. Manufacturers of l The motto of North Carolina is "Esse Qnam Viclerij' which means "To be, rather than to Seem," from Cicer0's Essnry on F1'ie11dsl1ip. Harry Belo: What is the best way to open oysters? Buster Poole: Let Mr. Smith tell a joke and they will yawn themselves open. Pate's Sea Food Market See at Least . . . One Good Show Every Week Roleigws Seo Food Center and of Course at the A M B A S S A D O R STATE or PALACE Largest and Best Equipped in the City We Guarantee Quality, Weiglxt, CAPITQL Measure and Price T H E A T R E 309 Blake Street - Phone 251114 Th . . . . e I, C C Oak City Laundry Quo 'ty reamery 0' oooRLE5S DRY CLEANING The Home of QUALITY PRODUCTS l-lots Cleoned and Rugs Shompooed A2 Cones tor Sc Phone 314-7 4-36 S. Salisbury St. Phone 180 108 South Wilrninglon Street Phone 9262 . Compliments ot Stevens Esso Service We Give Road Service 506 Hillsboro Street, Raleigh, N. C. HAPPY MOTOR! NG Visit THE MANHATTAN LUNCH OPEN ALL THE TIME 525 Hillsboro Street C U R B S E R V I C E North C2lI'0llll5l.,S state song is "The 0141 North State"-coniposod by William Gaston, I It wa ado ited by the Legis- prominenl: tlairoliniaun for whom Gaston County was unmet . l ' s 1 lalture in 1927 as the oiiicinl state song. Va. Brooks: Well, I must go draw my brains s o I can hand them in tomorrow. Sample Shoe Store 218 S. Wilmington Street We Have Always Been a Favorite for the High School Boys and girls - "Just the Kind of Shoes They Like" Phone 3165 T. P. Poole, Prop Poole's Beauty Shoppe "Raleigh's Permanent Wave Center" Established 1926 7 W. 'Hargett St New Ral RALEIGH, N. C. eigh Bldg The Log Cabin lnn South Fayetteville Street Fruits and Soft Drinks Mrs. Mary Wehbie ixiemey, P1-Op. Compliments of Thomas H. Briggs 6' Sons Co., lnc. The Carolinafs Oldest Wholesale and Retail Hardware Store Pineview Dairy L. M. SMITH, Proprietor "Quality and Service" PHONE 3710 Poole Road THE VOGUE Shop For Men "Always Something Nea " Clothiers - I-latters l-laberdashers 213 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, N. Compliments of RALEIGH HOTEL YOU WILL ENJOY SHOPPING -. Qt ... reslon IJKIIZ. The oldest towns in North Carolina are Butl 1, New Bern, Edenton, Beaufort, Bruins wick, and Wilmington, formerly known as Newtown. C. Billie Mae: I wonder. Mary Baker: Wonder what? Billie Mae: If cigarette is the feminine of cigar. Compliments of BOYLAN-PEARCE, INC. "RALEIGH'S SHOPPING CENTER" GA S is YOUR - Q U I C K - A C L E A N - C E C O N O M I C A L fS"iZ?3"E" . s ERVA NT I The Raleigh Gas Co. Compliments of Compliments of Quality Cleaners SILVER CAFE lnlotters ond Dyers No. 3-5 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, N. C. Office 14- IV. Martin Street Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. North Carolina has eleven niembers in the National House of Representatives. Stranger: ls Wake Forest in Raleigh? Halbert: Yes, most of the time. PEACE, A JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA For the Education and Culture of Young Women I, JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK a, Two Year College Teacher Courses. IJ. Two Year Courses with Home Economics Electives c. Two Year Courses with Electives in Music, Voice, Violin d. Two Year Standard College Courses which Permit Entrance to Junior Class in All Our Leading Colleges and Universities II. COMMERCIAL AND SECRETARIAL COURSES a. One Year Commercial Course - Gregg System IJ. Two Year Commercial Course --- Gregg System III. HIGH SCHOOL COURSES IV' SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL COURSES IN ART, EXPRESSION, PIANO, VOICE, AND VIOLIN An invitation is extended to all Morson and Broughton girl grad- uates to investigate Peace before making their plans to attend college. We have adequate facilities for their comfort at Peace, and our large number of Raleigh girls in attendance from year to year is a source of pride to us. Opening Date 1938-39 - September I3, I938 For literature, address WILLIAM C. PRESSLY, President PEACE, A JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Raleigh, North Carolina The state does not lmve an official flower but the ox-eye daisy has been accepted by common consent. The goldenrod has sometimes been listed as the official flower. Gypsy: I'11 tell your fortune . Miss Coffey: How much? Gypsy: Twenty-five cents. Miss Coffey: Correct. RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY I-leodquorlers for PLYMOUTH and DeSOTO Best Place To Buy New ond Used Cars Soy- BAMBY BREAD ROYAL BAKING COMPANY Raleigh, N. C. Drink . . NEHI TRUE FRUIT ORANGE Heallhful and Refreshing PLAZA LUNCH They Serve the Best - No More Than 25c Try a Plate Lunch just Once Then You Are a Steady Customer FAMOUS HOT DOGS 200 E. Marlin Street Compliments of Raleigh Piggly Wiggly Stores RALEIGH NASH CO. SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2850 324 S. Salisbury St. Raleigh, N. C. The Cherokee Indian Reservation in Western North Carolina contains 63,000 acres and is the refuge Of more than 3,000 Indians. Jimmie Smith: Women are all alike. Donald Knight: Yes, each one's different. Compliments at VA N ITY SLIPPER sHoP PARIS FASHION SHOES S299 and 53.45 AAA to B Guaranteed by C0011 Housekeeping as Advertised therein Smart Sports tor the High School Girl at Sl .99 114 Fayetteville Street More Miles - - - U. S. TIRES - - - More Safety PHONE 792-793 Rogers Tire Company Corner Wilmington and Davie Streets Compliments of Person Street Sandwich Shop SODA FOUNTAIN Curb Service 6lO N. Person Street For.. QUALITY DRY CLEANING at Moderate Prices - CALL 4l8 - Raleigh French Dry Cleaning Co. Make Sure Your Laundry is in the Hands at Sanitary Laundry Cleaners and Dyers, Inc. Phone ZSI 6 Fifty Senators and one hundred twenty Representatives compose the North Czuollnft General Assembly. Cat B.: I once loved a girl, and she made a monkey out of nie. Buster P.: Gee, what a lasting impression some people make, SAINT MARY'S SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE MRS. ERNEST CRUIKSHANK, A.M., President Raleigh, North Carolina High School graduates are offered two years of Grade A College work. The Curriculum also includes IOth, Ilth, and I2th grades ot High School work. All Academic Courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. EXCELLENT COURSES IN ART, BUSINESS, EXPRESSION, HOME ECONOMICS AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS WITH TUITION INCLUDED IN GENERAL CHARGE Twenty Acre Campus - Field Sports - Gymnasium H Tennis Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool - Horseback Riding - Golf ANNUAL SESSIONS - MID-SEPTEMBER TO JUNE PROVIDE THIRTY-FIVE WEEKS OF CLASSROOM WORK Write A. W. TUCKER, Business Manager, for Catalogue and View Book Tire Sales and Service ,mist on 401 Hillsboro Distributors of L A N C E ' S Goodyear Tires - Exide Batteries American Oil Products "Pop" Graham, Distributor Drink PINE STATE MILK - Healthful All-Ways - ICE CREAM That Everybody Likes PINE STATE CREAMERY Glenwood Avenue 2 Phone 39I O The governor oi' North Carolina is the only governor in the United States who has no power to veto a legislative act. Angus S. farrested for speedingj : But your honor, I am a college boy. Judge: Ignorance doesn't excuse anybody. Wake Drug Company Opposite Post Ofhce .IULIAN E. WHITE, Prop. oteuas, clams, and oiaue suuoizies Phone 228 THORN'S SUITS Sports and Plain Models THORN'S MODEL CLOTHES Raleigh, N. C. Start Now- MAKE TAYLOR'S YOUR STORE Porter Candy Company Wholesale Confectioners 3l3 South Blount Street Largest Assortment Finest Quality A guarantee with every Garment Sold: That Prices are as low as any other Store. T A Y L O R ' S The Show Place of the Carolinas U Dm Robinson NASH-STEELE MOTOR Oddity Beauty Shoppe COMPANY Distributors All Lines of Beauty Culture Reasonable Prices Tuesday and Friday Evenin s By Appointment M Phone 2370 - 202 Odd Fellows Bldg. Raleigh, N. C. Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks Phone 603 - 604- - 603 4123 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, N, C. NICK RUSSOS C1 SON, Inc. HATTERS Sz CLEANERS 30 Years Satisfactory Service All Garments are Insured Against Fire or Theft Plant Phone 197 - 308 S. Person St. Olhce Phone 3158 - 313 Fayetteville St. RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments ot GAYLE J. COX, Manager Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Rooms 906-9 Raleigh Building Raleigh, North Carolina Phone 234- North Carolina now ranks twelfth among the other states in population. Nancy Barwick: "1 heard a new one the other day, I wonder if I told it to you? Charlotte Miller: "Is it funny?" Na11cyBa1'Wick: "Yes." Charlotte Miller: "Then you haveu't." MORTGAGE CO. 309 odd Fellows Building J- G- BA'-L COMPANY REAL ESTATE - LEASES WHOLESALE GROCERS Mortgage Loans Prornpt, Courteous Service Phcme 553 - 554 Phones - West Davie Street COlTlDlll'Tlel'll'S of "Your Health Food Center" J. J. Dawson Street at Morgan FLORISTS PHONE 592 Seven Free Deliveries Daily Uwe QVOW the flowers We Sell" 0- W- G-UPTON Ai.LEN's SERVICE SHEET METAL WORK "Come in if you can . . . Roofing of All Kinds . 1 ,, phone If you can t. FURNACES and REPAIRS 221 vv, povie si, Phone 385 PHONE 94 Compliments of A coRRELi. COAL COMPANY 5' PPELL 5TUPl0 Joe S. Correll, Owner photog mphers l-ligh Quality Coal for Every Pur- pose - We specialize in to S lc C l. to G' OO THE LATI PAC 304 N. West St. Phone i953 North Carolina. was next to last of the Thirteen Original Colonies 117850 to entex the Union. Billy Lambe: "May I borrow one of your shoes for the week-end?" North Hinklez "What do you want a. shoe for?" Billy Lambe: "I'm going on a week-end trip, and I lost my suit case! Thirty-seven years TODAY'S BUSINESS IS Seeking Competent Secretaries, Accountants, and Executives . . . And you will choose wisely it you decide in favor of BUSINESS as your lite's work. BUSINESS Otters more opportunities than any other vo- cation, because it is universal and is diversitied enough to employ all vvorlcers who have specialized training. Choosing the proper school in which to obtain a business training is ot paramount importance. investigate thoroughly before you invest! Call or write for booklet, "Planning Your Future' nf f W f ff einem C dm mem WW M mhwwmmw m cuARLaTTE RALEHEH GREENSBQRC Business T raining. CLASS RINGS ' INVITATICNS MEDALS TROPHIES WALTER B. ANDERSON L. G. BALFOUR PRODUCTS Richmond, Virginia The first cotton mill in the South was established in Lincolnton in 1813, by Michael Schenck. Mis L'1r'i,bee What shall I do to keep my husband from going out so much" Mxss Bm den Try going out with him. MEREDITH COLLEGE Raleigh, North Carolina A COLLEGE FOR YOUNG WOMEN HAS FOUR CHARACTERISTICS: A standard institution, being a member ot the Southern Association ot Colleges, on the approved list ot the Association ot American Universities, member ot the American Association ot University Women. A small college. Student body approximating 600- large enough tor enthusiasm and college spirit-small enough tor individual attention. Curriculum-tor culture, tor vocation, tor lite. A Christian Institution with Christian atmosphere, motive, freedom. tor catalogue or turther information Write CHAS. E. BREWER President 110111 a siuidpoint ofthe two leading comlncrcial truck crops grown in B01 th f1ll'0llIl'l are st1 nvbexucs and snap beams. Miss Herring: Buster, are you chewing gum? Buster: I'n1 sorry Miss Herringg this is my last piece. MOORE SIGNS Phone 2875 Moore Sign Company R E S T A U R A N T Good Food - Quick Service PEOPLES CAFE All Kinds of Sandwiches - Cold Drinks 317 S. Wilmington Street BEER WV. T. Moons, Manager -' MEA'-S 25C 1 Rolei hi C. 305 South Wilmington Street 9 RALEIGH, N. c. - The - EAST END GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET 524 East Davie Street - Telephone 3564 - We Deliver - Vile Assure Service and Quality Merchandise for Your Satisfaction Open Lore ot Night GUS MATINOS AND SON GROCERIES HEAVY AND FANCY GROCERIES All Kind of Important Products Quick Delivery - PHONE 3931 - Open Every Night 'Till 11:30 p.m. CORNER OF HARRINGTON AND HARGETT STREETS BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE ot Guoronteed Borgoin Prices SOUTHERN AUCTION FURNITURE CO. 113-115 South Wilmington Street Featuring High Point Samples I ,limmy O,NCIll, Mgr. Phone 1811 RALEIGH LETTER WRITERS, Inc. Direct Moil Advertising Printing, Vari-Typing, Multigraphing and Mimeographing 307-8-9 Capital Club Building Compliments of The B. Cr B. RESTAURANT - Telephone 9123 - Raleiglfs Oltlest and Most Popular Eating Place Geo. N. PAPSON, Owner and Manager 221 S. Wilmingloii Street RALEIGH, N. C. The HONEYCUTT FRUIT AND PRODUCE CO. WHOLESALE ONLY A Complete Line of Fruits and Vegetables Boriorios A Speciolty Halifax and Lane Streets Raleigh, N. C. Phone 5145-6 Gaston, which has more than 100 textile plants, leads the nation in, the number of cotton mills. BUILDERS ISIONS ueated by the imagination precede the achievement of anv X really great accoinplislnnent. The ability lo weave the threads of imagi- nation into the finished fabric is equally important. It has been the privilege of the Euwvmms 8 Brrouci-HON COMPANY to co- operate with the staff in creating their vision into material form. Such Luopeiatlon is one of the visions which precede the building of K7 f Z if .nl a successful business, and 15 a part of lhc working policy of thc EDWARDS Si Buoucmom COMPANY. To those Staffs desiring complete co- operation, we oller unexcelled service. You, too, may be proud of your annual. Correspondence is Invited EDWARDS 81 BROUGHTON CO. 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Suggestions in the Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) collection:

Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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