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QEx Iillfii f1d7.f fJuA'fN , IVA vf 1, 1F4Q'f' ' 1' I KV, Lf 1 Copyright 1936 I I, y N'S'1YI,1I.ilANl IIOSIJN, ICrIitorfimChic'F KN. T. ALFLMIN, l3u.s1ine.s.s Nlanager GI'QOFR'GflA KIRKPATYRIICK, Adviser l',lllli'lIl'Il.X' N lffllllffllfllll fn., Prinliny SiIlIlI'H'A' Sinrliu, l'l1nlr:yrapl1y lf!lV'fil'll.A' Sfurlin, l,ll0fUffl'lllIll'lf I 0151321936 Yiatipan Ruhlisbeh Qnnuallp hp the Senior Qlllass uf t aaeehbam 38. Igruughtnn ilaigb bcbnul Raleigh, forth Giarulina W Because me feel a beep appreciation for ber unfailing Iopaltp, ber tontinual strihing for the aobanretnent of Beeobam B. Broughton Bigb btbool ano a spmpatijetie unoerstanoing of stuhent problems Qlibe Senior Ctlllass Beoirates the nineteen thirtpzsix latina: to Miles. Bertram fllflli. wells MRS. BIEIRTIRAM W. WELLS Ht 'T-15' Andnrcw .JIohnson's Home N A I lluf hi.-:fury nf any people rfzwfr ruse, pffrhapx fo .vurlz zlisfilwliull from .vo hunll I 1 1 Ulibeme Qin present 3KaIeigh,tbe Qllity of QBaks, in its simplirity anh beauty, as one of tbefulh tapitals nf the South, ann to acquaint you with the bisturital sbutn plates anb utber points of inter' est anim beauty in anh aruunh the capital tity of Barth Glarnlina. Gin The beninrs Captain Ashe, who at 95 is finishing Life's School, sends greetn ' ing to the class of '36 just entering it. In 1870, when I, a young lawyer, came from Wilmington to Raleigh, as a member of the first Democratic Legislature after the War of 18614 65, Raleigh was a small town with large gardens and yards around the homes, and where everyone knew everyone else. Then as now it had fine schools. As the Capital and home of the Governor and State officials, it was the center of the political and social life of the people. l-lere, at this time, were gathered the men whose task it was to lift the State from a den pression far deeper than that of the present time-with no friendly Federal CA1P'l'AlN SAM A. ASHIE government to lend aid. Let me hope that young men and women of today will serve our State as faithfully and guide her toward prosperity as surely as did the men of those days. gi 1 W SAMUEL A. ASHIE. lkalsigifs Zbonureh Zlizarber Mrs. .l. M. Barbee Llennie .lonesb is a graduate of Chowan College, Class of 1871. The College was then known as Chowan Baptist Female Collegiate Institute. In a day when many collegiate young ladies were chiefly engaged in the making of wax llowers and the learning of intricate variations on the pianon forte, Jennie Jones was laying the foundation for her mastery of mathen matics, the subiect which she has taught in the Raleigh Public Schools for MRS. JI. M. BARBEIE the last fiftynfive years. Mrs. Barbee celebrated her eightynsecond birthday on February 22. She is at present teaching in l-lugh Morson High School. During all the years of her service, she has been an enthusiastic cruu sader for the underprivileged children of Raleigh. W W W- A-.M .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,..M t il ran Y A , INURTH-CAROLINA READER wx NUMBER II. Q Y- s 2 f 3 - AL amxxsaa 'ro 'nm whims nn an MTU Si!2LRB'iH or Nw mnoxnxu. wma -zu: LNHX or um: surunxswnnxst or counter fitlifftfid. HY REV. il. HUBBARD. ru-Brannon or umnvall A 'YW' N 4" """"?"""" 'F X wx!! ummm. A wmfwwnv, ,.M..,,..A.M V A NEW YORK: - f A, s. ixsaxiiss .Q Co, an gf ! 1'1' fh' x f ,pg-ngvuu: 1. 4. un: 4 ws. . E:::,f,, f 9- 3+ ' ' he ff' R f-: "-' V5 Q- t 5.2 -, M I L, W ,, W ,..-.,.,.....x.,, Title page of l'luIblJard's 1858 Reader. Plxfotos graph from copy owned by Nlrs. C. C. Warren, Durham. Flor rs! Qtf 5 E as , 'xox .ima a. ,Q I tf3s'f .i 'Z'-.uhm-x 41 YSWP E F, Li me B 0 0-IPS? 3 , . - f Q 1 W , 4 1 1 Q N - s:fnn.u-.n:4c Q Y ,, g ag ' 5 Tm: l1un1.m:N'x'es l fil I Z fa 2 - x owns: 2 uv . . IIGEIBB I-AN GUAGD, 3 YO!! Till 1 UBB or sfzmmlwx IN 'rl I P: U:.:x'I'uD STATY5, r nw Noam ' iovizmswszn, mei, 1 , Qi F f -nu annex: IIPKBJSXKWH 'dxf 04194111 1 Vlblllll rlchq, A 4 . I .. ..q,,i..a ,.-4111 :fy ,Jafi af . A if ff 'sxula-rffnwllfhll UNL! at E X. .h'Z'fVfHIlL'ACSlVICIf1'ffLf' fW'f'f 'I' 'I' V' gi PUBI.-181020 H1 1'ls1IL5U'Nt. H LITQQK. , H,gf,...4...,... - it me A Title page of the famous Blue Back Spcller, widely used in Raleigh and North Carolina. This plate was made from a copy of the book owned by the North fCa'ro1rirma Hall of l-llistory. Left to right: A1-rchailnalnl ID. Mum-phey, the 'father of pulblritc etdlutcatnion in North Carlolina, and for whom the Raleigh Mtlrphtey school was namedg Willianl NV. Cherry, the author of the 'first school machinery act in N ortih Carolina. UUIBIII Zliuukl Raleigh Monk II The School Bunk III Zlctihities ZLBUURIV jfeatures The first graded school which was completed in 118114, was originally the govem-nor's mansion until April 112, 11865. lt was next used in September 1876 prior to the Centennial School as the first graded school in Raleigh. 10 U A L A. N I Y:-Q74 : -A lf: . Ji' '- AA llc A '5'ii"l3f55f55f:?f- M Q :'4Aif:5,2- Mr' V WA I f 35.-v jf.1, LA-jf.:-133' - ' A A f A'-4,1-AL F4-59? sais:-A -Q f- ' 'A 1?-zfiiilsffa-:ELH.'-' qf W' 'f'-.' Q . .JK Fw.-r-'QAM 'V '-.-. rw.,-2 '- ' , V w-'AvN!L.f.f1A'-,-,f- .- ' " A 'X--rx . .A .."r:1-Y' -T" L . . . 'W As?-I ' A fe'f?iS2ff34i-ff'-:QE H gf- f- 4-2-' as A 4g,w,:f-Ah...-pQ?.,r?,"'i-.g.,!f"'1f -' - ,A s.iA..,x A- , A-A:--,,:5:,3:3A:,3j1-qi.' V- -A 'STH T , Y ' -2'7:?55f-'9.?1L?"i A ' rf - ' 'f--'.'t'3'- f,-,:.:. A ,,,,-A-1 'jfa A . -Q2 ' .,:1,.F'f-"'.,j' .- gl , vijgfifgi-?Mf2.4i,:,E445egQg!?dn,L-H VL Agafg-:,:i V , V' I t It .- 53' 3:7 ,I N 'A A , -.-., ,,.g,f,q nf.. W . ,. - F- A A- A. H , f-1' 4.1-!A,,.,1w-3.A'm- Agp L - - 355 . 'mifsi l I1 Twp J -'f w ia 'diff ' 'Ar vJ1:.'1,-:IlJ-Q-Qe'b1- "wx-A' ' , "' A " E 'TA'3fi5g'l: V -, -jq!,f' 1 Zffl' ,.,, 5 Q 45,31-f . A A . A AA A...--A ., ve q , - M. 'ex '.aAf-Fifi:-' 'i"73'J9"'-.' ?A- ? ' ' ,' - MAL Ziffuwf '- ' ,v l gfwglisr'-i n U , f,:3E3,f1:1Lg-,?1- A.. gin ', r A ::1iQEQ.g.f,L54j,,,?' 1g'2g, :A-F LA . IAM-if V.-SA , Q J fzrfggnzizfc- .5525 iw. v A wzafggy L K4 widlgigfzs Ax .- ' A:, ge'. A.: 5-wi-.1 3 4 ' Q, 'Tm' 3 ' A wif' 1--1: .-'JL 'Biff V 0 --1 ' - ,j ' ' . .--:.--'--"'-'j,".--' " A-1' ,A -" , A' - ' 51. "' L, A-'.-Hvj -4, M A, g. A sf xgi wig,-,gpf Q T- 1 3Q'.1,'fEiW.5"5?3'3+L'ffc" A' i'N?f tae. :.f:A - S11 1 49" " '2Wf:A A 7 ff HQ ri ff, lf' - ii ,ATE A5923 -ag? ig . fl? 1'-21i'f'4"'-'uf' Af' ' A .. 1 '13 'Af' ' I. "" '- TA 'E?5' Ay?f5'11?1a' 'lli' V- 5' N tv-k5'7"?fT'h?f"V'h f: Ae'!3,AS i2H1- .S:i1 :A.i'iff2fL55262-"QE 239' f4afffi'5e?:q 'ff i-ti!--Flf' A A- ii j -3 .AAQ'9f?e::?'1Sf"35' A Il" '.-- .9".iil""f3 ' ' ' ff A' -. -47'2"' I3?'f- ' A-f',I"-5'3:?E?i'3fn Lilffi' fiflf wi-I -Z-f 131221 fwfyif' Z' Tf44:1Zi3137A" F' Eli- :Bk .. fry? ' 'QM yr.-1 A-, A j35.,A - X-7-A'j3-Afgvrg-11' -2355 A, 1' '. gzrfyrfv I 'fi -1, .I -' g,'fl3ff'g- ff'i-fai- 5:3 x,A L3:f-7- 1 A-3,1 gg- I ' Ui V 1' ,,,g'.A,e: j,., , A .'gAfA,'f.,H-,.:?Eqg5f.' -Q 4, 1519315 A- A -5524. 11- 11, QQ? " ge. T'-5? 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A' - 'EJ A 5-i2fw51Evv-f-'f-5'?'12s2'A.4-rf .D-fn 'Z' H- mx '-1 wvfi'-QA x- , A Ali. ,fu Af . -,-,,,..Q.5'?ibfg6,:4.2,3g'!' QQ . n v -Q:-Qi-',g,,Q?, J -F, ug ,LSA 4 , . 'J ' "-' 5 - 2 '. A A121 . - " A' A " -A , 2 ' 'Q -" 4- -. f' if---Af ,. W N 1 gn 'f ,,!-,, -- iff' , ,uf - ,, , '3 h A A 'f " " 7 ' 'l4"'4-515'-:wif -' 'A-vi' 4:4 -- 'W '-.A 5 -- -e .A W4 ' 9 A . .V ' " , gn 'A f A 1."'f'2?f24.:'- ,Q FQ" -" ' ff--f. ,Av'?'w A, ' .fQ, fA ,B 1A 4 A the t i' - 1 A 3iT?'?f-121, .EMAL-fa 15. r V ' . - '-' A s"5fQ'ggg,ih0Hf 47-1 571 1 " Qlnb' A " il? f ' 33 'Fa f ,f5A'?f2-fgffgki,EQQQSE-f::.1if'i5:7i"'2.:2-" A iii pw? oygq A.-Wietely 7 .V L 5 .7?:i.,?:L,z1., LV LL,-4,-yQ?.,,1aE1v"AV Y 4. ' ,I W -I Nu A, .f Y I , -. A - A 'til' SA fb .84 f"'9A gf' f""9'- ai9'?"'?w31'5 f " .dA an:..17ftiie' 1'i?:--f useAAP',,1.f .41B1-Afan- ' ,f AQAf-p1bfi AS,afe-294564 A 'aslilvgf 1 ' f Aff'?2,.:fm1n5,bfh"Afwe:Q-gwsP Y 0"'f"'-'- 'P-' " W' . -- A? '1bAYi-"Nile s" 'GFS' 'f fa? f' ' " :.. - '- H- f, -A3gS9m1'-'h'F1- .6 P392 Jug 9' X , A , - A4 a, A .5369 ' alzx :Y ' lelgx A fsgaf- infk 1 A E" 5395-f"1'nQ!7f'f."' Ra' .'1ie" " -t.,p3 AN - --'Y U6-gf-, -3'-'GQQ-A. the , 5 A ' .A fl . gurl .Y 0,- nllfiQ - A 4 A . , -' wa -1 ' ' ff. ' ' N AQ'-ii, A A Asa? ."weh"-+L, eP,-4-- "wry -- + - A J A . f A . , C .. . A v . ' ' " .A ' ' N ' g 3 , if 'T-ililf 1-'if-ffCQ.. 'if' 1' A '- 1, Q 1 1d9F'g51eB -Awgf' u ' , 1 L .V A, .yalq Af I ,TZ-A, I I A f .5 4 .u n ,'xyf -A-a Y .- g A A ,I g,, I-'Af' A ' ' if yr?-4 ' .' 'A 1 ,V N - 'V' ' ' - nil- Q 5 ,Tx A 'U Af,A?T'- K 'A ' ,Af A, I3 23,7 A i ijt' J N . Q W Q If I . ' V J- ' avn ' X Q I' ,ill 'I M " v ' L' 1 F12 ' ,xf,J A A nf. 'v ,A-A I' V-"A-1--Q A ,114 Q' 1:1 ,tk L if , Z A',,,, Q , A, .1 A r A W' YA., 1. W A' ff? ig: A. .5 P' W' ' ' I ' . JA ' li 1.14. : A -' 1 ' A 4,7 1, :V - .Y A, ,'-5 ll! in l Ar 'A I , X", 'X I qw X 'Y s gx 1 'Y 'FWF 1-4 A , 5 but NJ, "'.-12, The .loel Lane home The oldest home in Raleigh, the Joel Lane home, is still standing after nearly a century. This home called the "best house within a hundred miles" was called the "First Capitol." lt is here that the General Assembly met in June 17811. Joel l..ane's estate, in the early part of the last century, was owned by Peter Browne, one of the first lawyers to settle in Ras leigh. William Boylan purchased it in 118118 and it remained in the Boylan family for many years. lt is now the property of the Bloomsbury Chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution. ll . X, z Y 4 , SM ,- Christ Church Rectory was originally the :First bank in Raleigh amd was known as the "Bank 1Between the Porch:-:s." The 'Hurst prrlesiclent was Cololnel Polk. This building was one of the .first th ree brick buixlrlings in Haleriglxh. if Christ Episcopal Church was organized in l82O, Rev. John Phillips of Calvary Church in Tarboro, being missionary in charge. ln 1822 a -vestry was elected, consisting of Chief Justice John Louis Taylor, Mfilliam H. Haywood, and Dr. 1Burgess. A wooden Church was built in 11329. The present beautiful edifice was erected in 11845 under the supervision of Mr. Upjohn the leading ecclesiastical architect ,of this period. The first rector was 1Rev.JIohn Tiavenscroft. The 'original 'vestrym-erm of the church were .John Louis Taylor, Dr. Burges, William H. Haywood, The State Capitol The present capitol, majestic and serene .among stately oaks, was completed in lf'5f1O after the old capitol was demolished hy ifire. The stone wa.s talsen from a quarry near Raleigh. William Nichols directed the lnuiluling, and lthiel Towne ol: New York City acted as architect. Silas Burns, who was for many years proprietor of the only foundry in Raleigh, was given the contract for constructing the iron ifence. The fence was ref moved in 1898 and now encloses the old City Cemetery. The capitol is one of the architectually perfect buildings in this country. The column and entalylature are Grecian Doric and were copied from the Temple of Minerva, commonly called the Parthenon, which was erected in Athens about 500 years before Christ. Interior State Capitol f.r .f 1 ..,-f l"AYlETTIEVlILl,lE STlfKIEIE'l'-SCIENIE OIF VIIICTOIRY PARADIES The history and romance in the development ol: Raleigh has been preserved in the naming of its streets. llayettevmille Street, pictured above, was not named for the town of 1Fayetteville as many tlminls, but for one of the eight jutlicial claistrnitcts existing in the State at that time. Halifax, lEnlenton, l-lillslnoro, Wilnmington, New Bern, Salisbury and Morgan were likewise named for each of the remaining clistricts. Jones Street was named for Willie Jones, of ll.al1ifax, one of the commissioners who laid -out the town. The other commissioners also received the honor of having a street named for them. They were McDowell, Martin, Person, Dawson, Blount, l-largett, Harrington and lllootlworth. IG 1 li' ,, J.. - 3 JI' 3'1 p f ' Iffifthfiewgferoiw 0r'Pi1Hi1i9f'Sf1!9o!S1'hf1 Rileigh wily 1 :ariilimetih awhfh faughf- 'fit WGS i1h!i' T1mirbiii1i10pv th .am lfioqisgaim lm-in iggfl gfiikjs, 'ahdh .by2 bi-qqlp"syghi3gl14 was gagh.qrg Q1 fp1y4prnpf4s an pqqiffairg ihtgtiivils ,r , ..r' NK, 'mu Ii ' 'V j,,' w , ., A: , - I - - l.4i',, ' ,gil , . 1, ' ,L . "F K 'li 015' b A . fl 3.5 ' ,Q X f fx ' .f ,-A .',' ,, V 'L '?f.q,X ,i'-1. , r EI .f. '-I SH f , A' " IX 1 I? ' A -1 ft? .. ' 1 In ? --'v ' 1' Qu' Q ' 'fx' , w .YI ,, u ,J . 7 , , f 4 Y iwniilfling xainili fwifli gugiilibd fm? dbh" 1 S W Lf, s .X I' '1 Y I 1 A, Q ,J .N 'S I s. A milestone in the development of Raleigh was the opening o1F the tlrst school, the "Raleigh Acaclemyf' :in 1802. ln il841l the iflrst public school was estahliishefdlg in 1876 the first graarlevdl school, the "Centennial," was openetl in what was formerly the governor's "palace," Previously, education had not been public although there were numerous private schools, Amo-ng the best known oi? these were Loveloy's Academy, foundleldl in 118412, Saint MIary's School in 1842, and Peace lnstitute in 11868. I ,V ,H as s f E , up ' C' , ,-fmff-ini" f :ff-zgugpgj v 'J' Hifi 'Q E3 x gTh'l1:,-Y . l ' ,1 ,Q 1,'T',f5 1, ' ' sur vc' Q -df ,A -. M as-1 911- Y .kwa fm - . 'F ,-'A " '-' fm 1' ,A T '. W"bu"',4.':1 I , -' Af' Q 7' 'Viz ' A .4 f. ' ' av ' f 'fl .,' ak ' - f . U, - . - Q A . 1? .-- -A "- Raleigh's newest high school was named for Mr. Needham lB.1BII'1OL1Q'hTOI1. It was constructed in 1929 of native stone. 17 4.-l The Raleigh Memorial Auditorium was opened August 4, 11932 and was dedicated to the men and women in North Carolina, who served their country faithfully and courageously during times of war. The graduation exercises for the Raleigh High Schools are held each year in this building. 18 SCHOOL BOARD Mrs. W. A. Withers Mrs. W. A. Upchurch Mr. Chester O. Bell Mayor George A. Iseley Dr. A. C. Campbell Dr. V. M. Hicks Major W. F. Moody 19 MR. Im-MUIL S. DANIEL, Amis., MLS. Supen-ilmcmmulcnwt, Raleigh 'City Schools '20 MR. WILLIAM HENRY SHAW, A.B., M.Ed. Principal, Needham B. Broughton High School 'Z 1 MR. JI. IF. BRYANT Business Manager of Raleigh Schools MRS. MARY POWELL BIRANTLEY Raleigh High School Curriculum Advis Member of Hugh Morson H. S. Faculty MISS FRANCES LACY Raleigh Elementary Superviser ask kvkw N Wu 63 T' LXMISS GEORGIA KIIRKPATRICK Dean of Girls-Needham B. Broughton H. Social Science Department Latipac Adviser MRS. W. N. HICKS Vocational Director-N. B. H. S. Social Science Department Senior Class Adviser el' S. MRS. W. L. BEASLEY Social Science Subnlfreshman Class Adviser JANE BEATTY English Girls' Literary Society Adviser MRS. JI. C. CASPER Commercial Department .lunior Class Adviser MRS. C. P. DANlELS English .lunior Dramatic Club Adviser HAROLD DEWYEA Social Science HinTimes Adviserg lliuY Adviser MYRTHA FLEMlNG Latin Latin Club Adviser FLORENCE EITZGERALD Mathematics Freshman Class Adviser MRS. N. G. FONVlLLE Social Science Girl Reserves' Adviser T. W. FREEMAN Mechanical Arts RAYMOND GREGSON Social Science Athletic Coach MRS. A. C. HALL Language Student Government Adv s fy MRS. H. H. HIUTCHINSON Physical Education Girls' Athletic Association Adviser MABEL KENYON Music Girls' Glee Club Adviser MRS. F. W. LAWRENCE English School Accompanist .l. V. McCALL French On leave of absence ax Q Qi S . W Y XJ I l . MOLLY MlTrCllELL Home Economics Girl Reserves' Adviser ALLEN NELMS Physical Education, Athletic Coach MARGARET NlClCELS English, .lunior Class Adviser MlLDRED l3'lTTMAN English Dramatic Director, Girl Reserves' Adviser W. A. POTTER Music Boys' Glee Club Adviser Director of Spring l" 5 E. C. POWELL H" ural Science, Tennis Cluh Adviser MRS. .l. C. ROOT Natural Science Science Club HELEN RUNNTON Social Science Debating Adviser ANNlE SMAW Mathematics Sophomore Class Adviser S. R. SMlTl-lEY Mathematics MRS. D. E. STARNES EnglishaMathematics D. E. STARNES MathematicsnSpanish Business Manager Athletics MRS. C. C. TRIUPIPLET Cafeteria Superviser MARY ELEANOR TIUCKER Librarian MRS. B. W. WELLS Natural Science, Science Club ,ar IFACIULTY NOT PHOTOGRAPHED MRS. ELLEN R. GLENN English School Store Adviser P. l-l. JIETER Science Science Cluh Adviser, lsliaY Adviser l-lANNAll MOSES Erench lQATlHIERlNE 'WRlGl'lT Home Economics, IP.sT. A. Diatetics Class SENIOR CLASS CHARLES WOOD President . ROBERT LITTLE Vice President HENRY. JENKINS Secretary BRUNO MANGUM Treasurer BARBARA THOMPSON Reporter MRS. HICKS Honorary Nlember BETSY TOM LAWRENCE Mascot Col.ous: Green and White FLOWER! White Rose Ruleighis motto is: "Let no one be a slranger but once." 25 MARY ELIZABETH AVERILL ' Girl Reserves 1-2-3--L, Secretary 2, Vice President 3g Girls' Athletic Association 24 Little Theatre 3g Glee Club 3-4-g Alternate for Debating Team 35 Triangular Debating Team 44 Music Contest 3-4-g LATIPAC Staff -tg Senior Class Historian 4-. ANNE BEVERLY ALLEN Girl Reserves lg Little Theater 3-4: Athletic Association 4-. AUGUs'rUs T. ALLEN, JR. Science Club 1-2-35 Literary Society 2-3g Hi-Y 3-4-g Band 1-2-33 Chairman Ring Com- mittee 3g Business Manager LATIPAC 4. ELSIE MAY ANDREWS Girl Reserves 1-2-34 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1-24 Student Council Standards Committee 44 Little Theater 4.3 Girls' Liter- ary Society 24 Science Club 2g Student Assistant 3. BETTY GREEN ASHBY Girls' Athletic Association l-2-3-4-g Girls' Literary Society 2g Science Club 23 Glee Club 2-4-g Little Theater 4. MARY ELIZABETH BAILEY Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4g Girls' Literary So- ciety 2g Girls' Athletic Association 2g Little Theater 2-33 Music Chairman Girl Reserves 3-4-g Music Contest 3-4g I.A'r1PAc Staff 44 Girls' Glee Club 3-4. The first court was held on the Fourth of June 1771 at Bloomsbury or the Wake Courthouse. ONA ELIZABETII BAILEY JAM:-:s RUFI-'IN BAILEY Boy Scouts lg Literary Society 23 Science Club 23 Band 2: Hi-Y 3-43 International 1 Relations Club 4. EDNA EARLE BAnNEs HELEN Imam: BAY John Marshall High School 1 CRichm0nd, Virginialg Hugh Morson High 2-34 Dru- matic Club at Hugh Morson 34 N. B. H. S. -ig Little Theater 4-g Glee Club lg Girls' Athletic Association 4-5 Carnival Queen 1. ANDREW M. BECK, Jn. SAM BELL, JR- Boy Sqoutg 1-2-35 Science Club 23 Golf Glee Club lg Boy Scouts lg Science Club Team 2-8-45 Junior Football Team 8-4-. li F00fb'-in 1- In 1781 Joel Lane was voted the sum of 15,000 pounds for the lodging and food of the General Assembly and the pasturage for their hofrsea. 27 DAN L. BELVIN Science Club 1-2-3-4-g Latin Club 2g Teu- nis Club 3-4g State Mathematics Contest 3-4. SHERMAN W. BLOW' Science Club 2-34 Glee Club 2. ANNE BEATRICE BOSTICK Girl Reserves 3, Greensboro, N. C.g lu- ternntional Relations Club 4-. AGNES LOUISE BOYKIN Girl Reserves 1-2-34 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 2-34 Girls' Literary Society 2-3. Bl-:TTY BROWN . v . , AULE WIMON BROUGHTON Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4g Latin Club 1-2- Girls' Athletic Association 2-33 Girls' Girls' Athletic Association 2g Girls' Liter: Litcrary Society 2-3g Science Club 24 Girl flfy Sflciety 2"33 Little Theatre 45 Omce AS' Regg-rveg 3, SlSfliIlt 4-g S8Ill0l' Play 41. lV'illiam Ulwi.-rlmas 'ZUIIS the 37H"lJ0ylH' of Raleigh and was paid 8110 for his work. 28 1 .AJ A Eb' . J: , lf' . -U .kwiivvy W xr' VIRGINIA PEARL BUNN OAG' ,QB Girl's Athletic Association 3-4-g Girls' Literary Society 3-413 Girl Reserves 3-4-3 Home Economics Club lg Home Room Representative 34 Glee Club 4. WILLIAM NOELL CAMPBELL Band l-2-3-44 Science Club 1-23 Student Council lg Boy Scouts 1-2-3g Literary So- ciety 2-3g Orchestra 3g Tennis Club 3-4g Junior Class 34 Hii Timex Staff 4. HELEN FRANCES CANADAY Girl Reserves 2-3-4-4 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 35 Girl Scouts 4. Dono'rIn' CAPPS Girls' Athletic Association 1-2g Girl Re- serves lg Library Assistant 4. 1 EVERETTE Wim-ON CARTER E'1'III-:L fiRAY CLII"roN Buy Sgouts 1-23 Fgutbgll 2-3-44 Truck 3-43 Girls Athletic Association 1-24 Girls Boxing 3-4: Baseball 3-43 HLY 43 Mono- Literary Society 2-34 Little Theater 2-3 gram Club 4, Commercial Club 3g Carnival Queen At- tendant 4-. When Raleigh was Ill-ffl out il 'wmv one mile squrlre. 29 EVA CLo COTNER Girl Scout 1-2-3-43 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 23 Science Club 23 Student Council 43 Secretary Junior Class 33 May Day Attendant 4. JOHN EDWARD COMER Science Club 1-23 Boy Scouts 13 Glee Club 33 Little Theater 3g International Re- lations Club 4-3 State Music Contest 4. RICHARD PERSHING Comma Science Club 23 Glee Club 4. GEORGE MAR1oN Coornn, JR. Literary Society 3-43 Science Club 1-2-3-43 Latin Club 23 Boy Scouts 1-2-33 'Treasurer Literary Society 43 Hi Timex Staff 43 IAATI' mc Stal? 4g Senior Play 4. MARY EMMA Comm Girl Reserves 1-2-32 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1-2-3, Secretary 43 Girls' Literary Society 1-23 Girls' Glee Club 2-3-43 Student Council 23 Cheer Leader 43 Carnival Attend- ant 43 Advertising Staff LATIPAC 43 May Day Maid of Honor 4. VANN BUREN COVINGTON, JR. Boy Scouts 1-2-SQ Science Club 1-2-33 Literary Society 3-4, Program Chairman 4-. Hi-Y Club 4-3 Glee Club 4-3 Tennis Club 4. 21'--if M. -ff'-l?f5"j M gy The public squares were 'named for men to whom the state was indebted for comspicuous service. NANCY HOSKINS DALTON Girl Reserves lg Latin Club 1-2, President 23 Girls' Athletic Association 1-25 Student Council 24 Student Assistant Sq Senior Play 44 Girls' Literary Society 43 Little Theater 4. M1c'r'rAUEa DAVIDSON Student Council 2-3-4, Vice President 3, Points Committee 4-3 Boys' Literary So ciety 2-34 Science Club 2: Tennis Club 3-vt. President 4-4 Hi-Y 3-43 Little Theater 4. Louis EDWIN Dsvis Boy Scouts 2, Goldsboro High School. JUNE DICKSON State Art Appreciation Contest 1-2g De- bating 2-Bg Girls' Literary Society, Vice President 34 LA'rn1Ac Stal? 4. CHARLES W. Doax Junior Football 1-24 Student Council 2-4g Football 8-4-4 Debating 44 International Relations 4. B1-:'1"1-v OLIVIA DoRsi:'r'1' Skdled stone cutters from England and Scotland were brought over to assist with building of the present Capitol r -ff? S,u,1,l1-: l'lNGI.AND Girls' Athletic Association l-2-3: Dramatic Club 24 Ring: Committee 34 l.A'l'Il'.-XC Staff -1-3 Carnival Queen Attendant -L. J 1-:ANNE REB:-:CCA Dozngn Lee H. Edwards High School, Asheville l935g Student Council 3g Glee Club 2-33 Raleigh Glee Club -ig Broughton Inter- national Relations Club 4-. SARAH WVILLA Dm-:w Science Club 1-24 Girl Scouts 1-2g Latin Club 24 Little Theater 2-3-41g LATIPAC Stat? ig Cap and Gown Committee fl-4 Assistant Adviser Junior Dramatic Club Ai. lbIARJ0lllE J 1-:AN EMANUM. Girl Reserves lg Girl Scouts lg Girls' Athletic Association 2g Girls' Literary So- ciety 24 Science Club 2: Little Theatre 3-4-q Junior-Senior Dancer 3-44 May Day Dancer 4. NIAmnr: Lm: ENGLAND Girls' Athletic Association 2-3-il-,g Pres- ident Horseback Riding Group 3.7 Junior- Senior Committee 33 Glee Club 2-3: Liter- ary Society 2-3g Sportsmanship Superlativc -ig Attendant Carnival Queen -tg Littlc Theatre 23 May Day Attendant. WVARR1-:N S. FImm'soN Boy Scouts 1-24 Boys' Literary Society 3-44 Student Council L The urcl1il1'r'l of flu' jirxl Uupiful was lfhnrly .Hkin.v, ROBERT N. FLoUuNoY Boy Scouts 1-23 Boxing 1-2: Science Club 1-23 Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class 23 Treasurer Sophomore Class 33 Literary Society 2-33 Hi-Y 4. DORIS HvN'rx-:R FREEMAN Girl Reserves I3 International Relations Club 4-. Sffffiiqqjf My O Milfs CHESTER HOLMES GETTEL Science Club 2-33 High School Band 2-3- 43 Literary Society S-fl-. HAL ALLEN GILL, JR. BILLIE CHARLOTTE CllLLlAM Girls' Literary Society 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3-4-3 Latin Club lg Science Club 1-23 Glee Club 33 Student Assistant 33 Girls Athletic Association 2-33 Lxrinc Staff 43 Little Theater 8-4. JosEPH O. Gonwm Boy Scouts 1-2-35 Science Club 1-2-33 Student Council 13 Junior Football 1-23 Junior Basketball 1-23 Art Club 23 Student Assistant 33 Tennis Club 33 Varsity Foot- ball 3-43 Junior-Senior Committee 33 Glee Club 8-43 Track 43 LATIPAC Staff 43 Mono- gram Club 4. The county seat of Wake was originally Bloomsbury. Doxus GOERCPI Washington High School lg VVashington Girl Reserves lg Washington Basketball Team lg Broughton Latin Club 2g Little Theater 24 Chairman Program Committee international Relations Club 44 Alternate for Debating Team 3g Triangular Debating Team 4-g Class Testator 4. FRANCES ELIZABI-:'rH CQOODMAN Latin Club lg Student Council 2g Home Economics Cluhg Glee Club lg Senior Play -L Hoamrr ERNEST Goonwm Science Cluh 1-24 Boy Scouts 1-23 Foot- hall 2-3-4: Monogram Club 4. 3 Iloms GRAIIAM K NIARGIE IACE Gizmos EVELYN AMELIA HAM, , wadesbmlo High School: Civics Club 15 International Relations Club 4-g Girls' Glee Secretary Dranlatlc C lub 2-3. Club 2 The -"ZVf'1c' Stuff' Il0u.w"' mst North Carolina -wzonon. 341 Anfrmva Exviom' Huuus Science Club 1-2g Literary Society 2-3-4 Football 3g Hi-Y 4-. EDNA COOPER HATHCOCK Girl Reserves I-2g Girls' Literary Society 23 Science Club 24 Glee Club 4g International Relations Club 4-. THoMAs 'l'mf:onoru-: HAY Boy Scouts 1-2: Tennis Club 4. CHARLES Hovu: Hom' Science Club 2g Boy Scouts 3. . xVlLLlAM SIDNEY Hon'roN Science Club lg Boy Scouts 1-23 Football l-2-3-4-g Baseball 2-3-43 Track 2-4-3 Hi-Y 2-3-4, Snrgcant-at-Arms 3, President 4-g Pre- sident Older Boys' Conference of North and South Carolina 4-g Monogram Club 4-, Sec- retary and Treasurerg Senior Play 41g Stu- dent Council 45 Triangular Debating Team ig Beau-Belle Superlative 4-g Representative to Memphis Young Peoplc's Conference. Z KAIH. fililldll llunsox, Jn. Student Council l--L, Publicity Chairman fig Science Club 1-2-3, Vice President fig Ili- Tinmx Staff 2-3-4-, Assistant Editor 2, Editor- in-Chief 3-4-g Literary Society 2-3-ei-g Class lteporter 2g Class President 3g Baseball 3--tg Marshal 3-4-4 Tennis Club -tg Hi-Y 3--L, Vice Prosident Al. In 17114 Ihr firxl rnwftiny nf the fffflllfl Imflyz' of QlIn.wm.v TCUN helll. ALPHoNso VVALLACE JEWELL Rutherfordton-Spindale High Schoolg Boxing 1-2-3. Runs PnEs'roN HUGHES Dramatic Club 14 Science Club 2g Girls' Literary Society 24 Student Assistant 2: Little Theater 3-4, Treasurer 44 Marshal 3-44 Glee Club 44 May Day Attendant 4. LORENE HUMPHREY Girl Reserves lg International Relations Club 4. JAMES ALLEN INGRAM Glee Club 3-44 Boxing 1. ITENRY EDWARD JENKINS Science Club 1-24 Council Representative 14 Boxing Team lg Literary Society 2-33 Junior Football Team 24 Tennis Club 3-4-4 Hi-Y 3-4, Treasurer 44 Football 3-44 Secre- tary Senior Class 44 Hi Tim,e.w Staff 44 Senior Marshal 4-4 Boy Scouts 1-2-3-4. M AimAnlc'r'r11: J OIINSUN Garner High School4 Basketball 1-24 Glen- Club 1-2-34 Dramatic Club 2g Girl Reserves 24 Science Club 2g Girls' Athletic Association 3g Broughton High School 44 Girls' Athletic Association 44 Library Assistant 44 Otiicc Assistant 4, Governor Ashe was the first governor tor make Raleigh his permanent residence. BIAE Toxo JONES Glee Club 44 Girls' Athletic Association 2-34 Home Economics Club 2-3. WILLIAM CHARLES JoNEs Varsity Football 1-2-3-44 Glee Club 1-2- 3-44 Monogram Club 4. WILLIAM JOSLIN Latin Club 14 Literary Society 2-3-4, Secretary 3-4-4 Hi Times Staff 2-3-4, Assist- ant Editor 34 Student Council 2-4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 44 LATIPAC Staff 3-4, Junior Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 44 Science Club 24 Tennis Club 3-44 Hi-Y 4-4 Superlative Committee 44 Student Faculty Committee 4. ALBERTA KELLY Girl Scout 1-2-34 Athletic Association 1-2- 34 Girls' Literary Society 2-34 Girl Reserves 2-34 Glee Club 2-3-4. BERTIE B. KELLY Football Junior Team 24 Varsity Football 3-44 Basketball 2-3-45 Monogram Club 44 Glee Club 84 Baseball 2-3-4. In IN06 t'- h WILLIAM Hoon KENNEDY Boy Scouts 1-24 Science Club 24 Hi-Y 4. 1 a wa er w cel worked from a pond in front of Diafs Hill. Th' h engineer was Samuel La.-rh, 37 ui was t e first water works system and its I 4 M ATI: 1-:NA Grxnnxss Loma 1-1 Aim' Little- 'llllt'!ltt'l' 3--ig Ulm- Club ir. CHARLES ROBERT LINK Bow' Scouts 1-2-3, Patrol Leader 2-34 Hi-Y 2-3-43 Science Club 3g Basketball 3--tg Inter- national Relations Club 4-. Roux-:wr IJICKSON IJITTLE Science Club 1-25 Student Council 1-2-3-4, Sargeant-at-Arms Fall Term 4-g Literary Society 2-3-4, President 4-3 Ili Times Stat? 2-3-4-, Circulation Manager 3, Co-Business Manager -tg Vice President Class 23 Vice President Class 3g Tennis Club 3-4-g Marshal 33 Hi-Y 3-44 Vice President Class 43 Chief Marshal 4: Class Prophet 4. Atvmncv Li-nc Lnovn XNAYLON HPIRMAN LLOYD Boy Scouts 1-2. IMOGENE I4ONGMlllE Girls' Athletic Association lg Science Club 2: Home Economies Cluh 2. l ' d ffllllill eurriugaf wa.-r fl In llnf rurly yvnrx of the nin1'frfrfnth r'r'11l1a ry 'l'l'htl'll'-V were f'1lIIfllH'll fo 'wagons am gags, an a ,1 ' -' 1' H' ' H 1- ff n 'ri' I I If .Iv 1"vII for u long .l01ll'lI0jl me for a .vhorl mul. Holly. lfznynnr uprrf fl fr ll 1 imwmr' L 38 ELMER FRANCIS Lownv Science Club 24 Literary Society 44 Orchestra 3. Jovcn F1-:RREE I.UCK Girl Reserves 24 Little Theater 2-3-4-4 Glee- Club 2-3-4-4 Student Council 34 Make Up und Properties Selection for Senior Play 44 l4A'l'lPAL' Staff 44 Scholarship 4. lJI'NcAN BAILPIY MANGIYRI HAICOLD BIANGUM Wake Forest High Scboolg Football 1-34 Basketball l-2-34 Baseball 1-2-34 O. Henry Society 34 Glee Club 2-34 President Junior Classg Dramatic Club 34 Needham Brough- ton 4-54 Football -L-54 Baseball 4-54 Basket- ball 4-54 Tennis 4--54 Glee Club 4--54 Hi-Y 54 Senior Class 54 Monogram Club -I-. NANCY' NIANN St. Mary's School 2-32 Little Tlicuter 44 Senior Play 44 Cheer Leader 44 I4ATlPAC Stuff 4-4 Girls' Athletic Association -I-4 Super- lntive Versatility 44 May Day Attendant 4. 3 l . ' - H .loHN B. NIAHTIN, Jn. Maumger l"ootball 'l'm-am 3-rl-4 Glen- Club ii Wien . nogrum Club -L4 Hi-Y 44 Student Council 2. I'uffI INIIU fhI'l'l' wax no rhurrh ndifif-rf ulllm-ugh xm'zvir"4.-' wafrrf fn ' ll lfll I A Sfnfn Ilousr 39 uqmn y ll r ny xr'zw'ral rlvnnminationa in flu JAMES Moom: Science Club 1. NANCY BRANCH MAUPIN Girls' Literary Society I-24 Latin Club I4 Little Theater 2-34 Ili-Tinms Staff 3-4, As- sistant Editor 44 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet 34 Chairman Social Committee 44 Chairman Christmas Opportunity Committee 44 LA'1'1PAc Staff 44 Student Council 44 International Relations Club 44 P.-T. A. VV:-lfare Committee 44 P.-T. A. Fine Arts Committee 44 Miss Needham Broughton Superlative 44 Chairman Senior Gift Coln- nxittee 44 May Day Attendant 4. FRED Ev!-:s NIILLER Science Club 1-2-3-44 Boy Scouts 1-2-3-44 Latin Club 24 Tennis Club 3g Hi-Y 4. JOSEPH W. hII'l'CHElVI Baseball 4. GWENDO LYN M oom-1 LYIARY LILY NIOORE Girl Reserves 1-3, President 44 Girls Literary Society 2-34 Latin Club 2g Band 4 Little Theater 44 Glee Club 44 Senior uperlative-Wit 4. f Grd! Qffll-I lx N gw XA N i -N it f f . 4.1 U LI li A . il .VXJJ h V LM! ,flvd Raleighle original market ho-use 40 was erected in 1800. s , OLIVER Moom-2 Boy Scouts 1-24 Science Club l'2Q Latin Club 1-24 Rifle Team 2-34 Glee Club 14 'l'ennis,Cluh 3-44 Boxing 1-24 German Club 4-4 Band 1'2Q Student Cadet 3. Louis EARL M ORHAN Junior Football Team 2g Junior Basket- ball 24 Glee Club. EDNA EAHLE Monms Girls' Athletic Association 14 Girl Re- serves Club lj Home Economics Club 2-34 Commercial Club 3. SARAH RAw1.lNus lWICciHADY Girl Reserves 14 Girls' Athletic Associa- tion l-24 Girls' Literary Society 24 Student Council 34 Carnival Queen Attendant 4. HARRIET MARIE MCKNIGI-rr Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-35 Girl Re- serves 1-2-3-41 Science Club 24 Cadet 84 Glee Club 4. Anemia A. LICBIILLAN . Rifle Club 14 Science Club 2-3-44 Literary Society 2-34 Student Council 1-2-33 School Store 3-4-4 Hi-Y Club 3-4-4 Boy Scouts 1-2- 3-44 Boxing 2g Tennis Club 3-4-4 Tennis Team 4. In 1800 each child and every servant had to seed his shoe full of 1-otton each winter evening 4-1 X :ALICE IIUTII KDLIVE Girl Reserves Club l-2-Hg Girls' Literary Society l-2-Zig Girls' Athletic' Assoeation l-2-3. IsAB1-:L NEAL IIOMEH IRA NICHOLS Boy Scouts 1-Zg Science Club 1-2: Glee Club 44 International Relations Club 4. .loHN FRIEND NICHOLSON Science Club 23 Boxing 2-Sq Glee Club -Ig lIi-Y 43 Tennis Club -I. IIEBECCA WYSE NORMAN Concord High School lg Latin Club 1-24 Athletic Club 2-33 Girls' Literary Society 3-4, Treasurer -Lg Little Theater 2-3-4, Pres- ident 413 Senior Play Committee 43 Carnival Attendant 4-4 Glee Cluh ig Annual Staff -L SARAH VIRGINIA 0LIW'ER Girls' Literary Society 1-24 Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-3-43 Little Theater 4-g Marslml 3g Cheer Leader 4-3 Science Club I-23 Annual Stuff 4-g Maid of Iionor 4g Adviser Junior Drnnmtic Club 44 May Day Attendant 4. Ona' of Ihr firxl pru1'lir'iuy lurvywrx I'0lllll4l'f1'll with fhe lzixtnry uf Rnlnigh 'wnx Ilvnry Swazwll who vunnf hurl' in 1800. 4.2 y, og- XXX? C to Ck LZMDQXX, 'SgueQ,QCg Jvmos ALL1soN PAGE Junior Football Team lg Varsity Football Team 1-2-3-45 Basketball Team l-2-3-4-g Baseball Team 1-2-3-4, Captain 24 Mono- gram Club 4, President 4-g Boys' Quartette- 2-3-4: Hi-Y 4-g Glee Club 2-S-4. NELL GAnNE'r'r PAGE Girls' Athletic Association I-2--1-4 Girls' Glee Club lg Girl Reserves Club lg Assistant Editor Frfxhman Timex 1. MARY ELIZABETH Paulus Little Theater 2-fig Girls' Athletic Associa- tion lg Girl Reserves Club 1-3-4: Gln-e Club 4-. Mlunmu FRANCES Pi-:Ancm Scholarship Certificate 1-3: Glee Club 4-. Mfxlvlzlcvif: V. l'm:I,i1: Glu- Club L. Ronizlvr MARION Pnrrnoss Orchestra 3-4g Band 1-2-3-4. lvgk flnila .-,,, .Z '11 l Af' AN 0 307' I' 0 "ln 1800 no Latin or Greek wmv taught to the girls, but a cfursr' in Ualphalwlir-ul .mn1pier.v" and 'wool u'm'k funk tha- plare of the vlrmsirrs for them." 43 0 14 JM 'H' ff I, Li ,ujfnbd . 4,0 ' fi M1 me MM HAZEL PAULINE PoN'roN Little Theater 4-3 Latin Club 2-35 Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-3-44 Girls' Literary Society 3: Science Club 1-2. EDWIN ANDPIIRSKIN PI-:NIcIc, Jn. Science Club 25 Boys' Literary Society 2-3-4, Publicity Chairmang Little Theater ig Senior Play 4-3 Student Council, Chairman Standards Committee 4g Annual Staff 4-g Alexander Graham High School, Charlotteq Contest Play 4, Scholarship Superlative 4. 'PHOMAS EDWIN 1,ERRY Science Club 2g Band 34 Glee Club -lg Reporter Raleigh Tiwmfx 4. VPIRA CAROLYN PII-:RCI-2 Little Theater 2-34 Girl Reserves I-2-3--I-. IJARRV CRAIG P11-'I-MAN WILLIAM HARDMAN POTEAT Student Council 1-2-3-4, Secretary 2g Chairman Points Committee 3, President -tg State Student Council 1-2-3-4, President State Student Council Congress 4-g Chair- man Resolutions Committee 2, President 34 Chairman N. C. High School Board ot Institute of Governmentg Science Club 2-3g Literary Society 2-3-44 Boy Scouts 1-2-3-43 Tennis Club 4-9 Junior Football lg Hi-Times Reporter 2g Latin Club lg Junior-Senior Committee 4g Glee Club 4-g Senior Superla- tive Service 44 State Music Contest 4-. In 1802 tr- group of leading 'matroils in Raleigh presented rat pair of globes to the Sl'i07lfifi!' eq14ip'nmnt of the University at Chapel Hill. ""'0.-10q 41. Thu bH"J C.4lVAlo l PXY 0-i JACK lbunui-:N lliflv Club lg Buy Scouts 2. ll:-:max REDFEHN Alexander Graluun. Cliarlottc, N. C. 1: lnllin Club 3: Girls' Athletic Association 2-3: l.iHlc 'l'lw:lfcr 3: Sfutlcni Council Suciul 4'0IlllllltfPf' L lDono'rHx' li LlzA1n4:'rH Rmwrzs wi Glen- Club lg Uliicv Assistant 4-g l.lvrIv.xc Staff 4. ggzrff ::-':.. 'l"'-131 2.S5'5'1f,.E' 42"'57f'5 ' ,. . ... ,Nc -CfN.:PZJr: ccffz-fy :eieglrle 'L' :Enya 'In P .7137-E'-1-T' 1- PH- '.:L.- -5- ... I-QQ ei.. : 'A '7'...., .- 'b+,76'+'7'.::f :.."""-1 -3- : :" 'fhi E: :T .. 4.4 ,. 5525552 5 -- .... , f1-f.-- 1- 1- ' H-::1" ...J 5: fr:-sr,": ' x5i:5.."r :Q 'F' ff :T -1-5313?--ls. ..n:'-2:5 .. -.... . -1-137'5f" 5U5EB2fo-:---- E'n::""f:: ,--'v-s.. TQ---1-+22 blrQ" YQM zt- Q Amie. ll0lTlIIllttf'C' 3g Class Day Committvc -1-g May Day Committee -L Q 6 W1nuu:N VAN limxvicu Roux l'iIfBER'I' 1'lI'liENl-I RIDDL1-3, JR. Science Club 2-4g International Ht'lllflilllh Monogram Club ,tg Basketball 2-3-AL. Club 4g Joke Editor Ili Ylllllffar 2. In 1802 Raleigh? first fire engine was bought by the l'0IllIlfCl7"ll contributions of the nitizens nf Raleigh. 45 SUSAN flllAllAM Sco'I"r Girl Reserves lg Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1-2--1-4 Glee Club -ig Cheer Leader 444 Literary Society 2. WILLIAM GoLI-:Y Ross Science Club 1-2-3g Literary Society 2-3-t, Vice President 4-g Hi-Y 3--Lg Ili Timex 3-4, Co-Business Manager ig Tennis Club 3-44 Rifle Club 1-24 Student Council -I-, Committee Chairman. SARAH FRANCES RUAIIK Science Club 1-25 Girl Scouts 1-23 Liter- ary Society 2g Little Theater 3--if, Reporterq Girls' Athletic Association 3g Hi Timex 4-, Senior Reporterg Glee Club 4-, lteporterg IIATIPAC Business Staffg Student Council, Member Publicity Committeeg Attendant to Carnival Queen 443 May Day Attendant 4-. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH RUFIPNER Little Theater 3-4-4 Athletic Association l-2-3--ig Glee Club, President -tg LATIPAC Staff 44 Girls' Literary Society 24 May Day Attendant 4-. JUNIUS A. SAPP, JR. Goldsboro High School lg Boxing lg Mili- tary Club lg Basketball 2-3-4-4 Track 3-4: Monogram Club -lg Senior Superlative-Wit -l-. EDYTHE SENNA Girl Reserves 1-24 Secretary-Treasurer International Relations Club 4-3 Girls' Liter- ary Society 2-3-4-4 Vice President Glee Club -ig Girls' Athletic Association 1-2-3-tg Ad- vertising Staff IAATIPAC 43 Reporter for Home Economics Club 3g Cheer Leader -lg Carnival Attendant 3-4-5 Beau-Belle Superin- tive -tg Senior Marshal 4-3 May Queen 4-. Noi until IXUJ was the yuzvfrnor of' the Sfnie required to reside in Raleigh. MEIILI-: D. SENNA Science Club I4 Latin Clllb lg Glee Club I-2-3--l-4 Monogram Club 4, Business Manager4 Junior Football 1-2, Captain 2g Varsity Football 2-3-4-4 Baseball 2-3-4-4 Junior Basketball l'2Q Varsity Basketball 34 Coach Junior Basketball 44 Chairman Parade Committee 4-4 Tumbling Team 1-24 Boxing' Team 1-2. HAVANNA CLTBA SILVER Little Theater 44 Girls' Literary Society 4. GI-:onm-: H. SMITH Citizenship Club, Sarpzeant-at-Arms lg Cadet 14 Baseball 4. l,AVlD RAY SoII'rI-II-:RN Science Club 44 Uflice Assistant -L WILLIAM J. SPAIN, JR. Charlotte High School l-2-3--1-4 Junior Basketball 1-24 Junior Football 24 Secretary Class 24 Student Council 3g Varsity Foot- ball 3-4-4 Varsity Basketball 3-44 Junior Tennis 34 English Club 34 Monogram Club lg Broughton High School 54 Football 54 Basketball 54 Tennis 54 Monogram Club 54 Hi-Y Secretary 54 International Relations Club 54 President 54 Triangular Debating Team 5. The Cenanuv in Ralei h in 180W 'I 'h't I 0' LLL!!! 1 Lvcvn IfEBECCA SPIKI-is Band 2-3-44 Orchestra 3--t4 Glee Club -L4 Home Eeonoinies 4. g 1 grwx u IP ma es ,.25,'whita' fvnmlrfx 178, frwfdnuni .'i':i', xlrzzws ,f70, lolnl 786 families X5. l , 47 QM? GOA., FRANCES TVRNER SUMNER Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3g Girls' Literary Sooety 23 Little Theater 2-34 Glut- Club 45 Girls' Athletic Association -i-, Leader Group 2. WVILLIAM ARTHUR 'PAYLOR Sefenee Club 24 Glee Club -i. JAMES PAUL TAYLOR, JR. Boy Scouts 1-2-34 Science Club lg Glee Club 2-3-tg International Relations Club -I. IQARBARA THOMPSON Girl Reserves 1-2g Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1-24 Girls' Literary Society l-2g Latin Club 2: Little Theater 2-3-414 Ili Timex Senior Reporter 4-g Student Council 4: ant 4. BLANCHP2 Louise THQMPSON 1jAVID OLIVER TURNER Girls' Athletic Association lg Girls' Liter- ary Society 2-3-4: Art Club 3g Little Theater 4. Buy Scouts 1-2g Boxing 35 Alternate for Debating Team 4. English. money was still being used to a large extent in Raleigh in. 1810. 48 Superlative Committee 43 May Day Attend- I"nANcx-:s RAND TURNER Latin Club 1-23 Girls' Literary Society I-2-33 Girls' Athletic Association I-2-3-4-g Girl Reserves l-2. Gimcif: IN1-:z Tvsmc Girl Reserves 1-2-3: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 2-4g Glce Club 3-tg Internatiomil llclutions Club 4. H. Avnnm' Uxlmnwoon, Jn. Glcc Club 1-2-3. , -l0Hl'Zl'lI I'lAYNl'IS VAN LANniNuHAM l.atin Club: International Relations Club. ETHEL RALPHINE VAUGHN ABE WADE, -ill- Girl Scouts lg Girl Reserves lg Inter- Boi' 500135 1-2- Illlflllllill Rc-lutions Club -L In IKIII Her. ll'illium ill:-l'hmvlwrx wmv aflffrlwl principal of Ihr lK,!Ill'fjl,l .ir'rula'rny, and 'llilwffll' uf flu' I'i!,u 49 XIARTHA OLIVIA WVALTUN Littlv 'l'lwatcr lg Latin Cluh 2. Lmwoon li. XRYATKINS llunll l-2-3. MARGAHI-:'r Rl"l'lI XNYATKINS WVu,1.xAM Bxciu:'r'r W'min Svivlwv Club 2-3-il. MAC WxLL1AMs Gnlwms W'mT1w1AN Latin Club 1-24 Science Cluh 1-2-3, Treas- Cirl , uhletil X Sod ti n 1 0 3 Fil-I R urer 33 Junior Football 33 Assistant Manage-r I S I T I Sl' ' il U '-' Q I K" S ,I I 4'- wrves 2-3-lg Girls' Literary Society 3-41 C mn Ure Little 'l'lu-eater 3-,Lg Glen- Club lg Senior Play L The first Jlethmiixt l'Iu1r1-h in Raleigh was rmnplaffml in 1871 mul .vfuud on Blount Strvet. 50 ltoumrr HFINRY' W'l1.x.lAMs Hugh Morson High School lg Glee Cluh I-2g Band l-24 Boxing 2: Dramatic Cluh lg llnsebull 'l'cun1 3: Senior Play l. XVALTER XNYILLIAINIS Boy Scouts 1-23 Science Cluh 2-34 Book ltoom 3-4g Little Theater 43 Hi-Y 4: Stage Manager Al-4 Election Committee for Curnivul Queen -l. AIARY CQALT VV1L1,1AMsoN Girl Reserves l-2-3--1, Treasurer -lg Latin Club 23 Girls' Literary Society 2-3-4, Pres- ident Al-g Ili Tinwx Stuff 35 Glee Clnh -l-3 Stu- dent Council 4-3 Office Assistant -l-g Little Tllenter 43 I.A'rn-Ar Advertising Staff rl-. ArlARGARET YVILSON Science Cluh 25 Latin Club 2-3. l . JULIA FRANCES WINGATPI Girl Reserves 1-2-3-lg Glee Club 2-3--lg Ofiice Assistant 3-4. The Haplixtx built llmir firxf r'hul'r'h in Rulrfiyh nn Moore Squarlf in 1812. 51 r x i l Lvcv ROSANNA WINS1'0N - W doa. Qo- CHAR1,Es Row:-: XVOOD -lun'0r I"0utb:lll I: Hoy Scouts lg Junior Basketball 25 Safe-111-0 Club 24 Varsity Fool- bull 2-3--L-5: Varsity Basketball 3-4-53 Track 2-3-1--5: Glu- Club 1-2-3-if-5g Quartz-t 3-4-5: llnss Solo Music Conhrst 45 President Cluss 54 Monogram Club 5, Vivo Pre-side-nt 53 lli-Y Club 5. Lows l'lizNl-:s'r YVoo'ri4:N, Jn. Literary Society 2-3-4, Trcalsurcr Zig Liillv 'l'lu'uh'r 3: Buy Svuuls 2-3-lg International Rs-lutiuns Club 1, Vim' Presidvnl ig S1'ivm'z' Club BE'l"l'Y 'llEI.l"AlR YVnuau'r I.atin Club 25 Girls' Atblviic Assuciaiiun im C Sta if 4. IJENA E1,xzAum'n VVx'A'r'r Girl Reserves 1-24 Girls' Athletic As f Club 4. Lois KQLADIQI Yr-:Amen liuyden High Sulmul. Salisbury. N. C: iirl Rest-rvv . S li2,'31 'Il4'l1l1lH Club 2-3: Girls' lNIARGI'ERI'l'lC l'lLlZABETH XHCHBY Kllilvlu' lxSS1N'IGliIOIl fl. -I !f"1'4'l'll1H".v NllUINi0ll uvrs I:uill in IHIJ ul fool uf' l"uywlI1'z'iIl1' Slrwl. 52 'P-'S Vivo President 3: Little 'l'l1e-alter 3-4. lliii-ls' Liivrary Society 3: Student Council 4, Ili Tirnzn-4 Staff 4. Literary Editor 4: I.,xT1- I socintion 2-3: 1101119 l'lC0mnnics 3-iq C-len CIIAIILICS FRANKLIN Yow Hoy Scouts 1-25 Citizenship Club lg ln- ternational Relations Club 4-4 Student Coun- cil 4. 'l'HoMAs SIDNEY Yow, Jn. Hoy Scouts lg Drum Corps 24 Band 2-3-44 Orchestra 3-45 International Relations Club 4. I.ArAYm:'r'rr: AIKEN Wu.x.1AM ALEXANDEII HENRY BOWDEN HENRY -CLEMI-:Ns GARLAND DAUGIITERY KM 156 fbfdqf lb Q-,...,v,, A . 1 1 Ma 7044. Q14 UQADQ' 'Daryl' A 'A - . WW sENIons NOT PHOTOGRAPHED -QV., . 1 ww .K BILL Enwfums Bon EVANS SHIRLEY JOHNSON CHARLES JORDAN EDNA l'AR'1'lN ,A ALMJY, 4 J HARVI-:Y PITTMAN DoN Romzlrrs Lovxsm SAUNDERS .lonN SMITH LEON lVILLIAMS The Presbyteriuns nonzplnlwl their first I'hllI'l'h in Raleigh in 1817. 53 -'Prwqzyt Z .- .- ,ff fffgyll "Q .S-, 5. f J - "" .:f,,g.y' cgi IQ, 515: . :,,,:f-2 -",L1f""' E v' , x - 1 " ' Q ,. 4wQQ.,:,-u:A.QW.,,,5?5j,4.1 ,Qi:,,5.n-r2,.15Q.: 5,11-T mf E A u 1 , J, to , , it . :E il ' i-n ' '- 2 ' -5 ' 'lf'ZWf'fv'S1'F'?-':a'4 'fiisir 'fig-"' ' l' . I if -,-'- ' : .fn 1 ""' -, .- ' I ii f if . . 'l "i"3513:ii'ff2:3m,- uw.-.., iii? ,,..f'- ' 5 ' I' . ' if HER: . ii :QU I M .....y5vL:Q-::v',?:av , H ea. ,-. 4 jing! . Q. Q 55: E. Pl "fx Q Q ' 5 - , Q , , 5 'sw'-' QW H 55, L' it X ,-il""f'n'Tl:.',:-'V-'WE' .ll f ' .N- . . . .. ' : g V ' H:-'E-ggg, 21' Q, f t ZH. - ,, ' .,. f,,,Q- : y -Q 4. .55- r r 5 1 if 7 gf,-Zi X V, .ei Z E Z V ii .4 A -- . 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Q, ,tw ,M - The North Carolina Hallll of History 'I'h4: hull of lliSfllI'.ll ruulniux llIlll'!' llmn 13.0011 rvlirs rlufiuy from Ihll lox! 1-nlnlly in llllfi' in 1:78-710 nmclern lime.-' SIENIIOIR CJLASS HISTORY The 1-116 hoys and girls who make up the gracluatillg class of Broughton High School are proud to add their hit of history to Raleiglfs legend of passing' events and days. The habits of co- opcrzition and of fair play which have been taught us during thc past five years are symbolic of thc spirit which influences the public minded men ot' Raleigh today :md has influenced them in the past. Qllrrwlillr Vollryff. ll liuplisl rullvgr for n'n:n4:n was f'.s-lrllzli.-vlwrl in INIIII. 54 To begin this history with a tombstone-there once lived a man who had so much fun during his life time that he asked to have engraved on his tomb these words: "Life is a jest and all things show it. I thought so once, but now I know it." The Senior Class of Broughton, for 1936, has found this same thing true. The five years we've spent here have included much hard work, but pleasure and fun have colored a part of each day and each event.. As leaders during our high school years we have elected four worthy presidents: William Potent served for the Sub-Freshman class, Mettauer Davidson, who served for both Freshman and Sopho- more classes, Karl Hudson, president of the Junior Class, and Charles Wood, as leader of the Senior Class. These oflicers have directed the efforts of our class in all types of endeavor. Some of the high lights of our school days have been first-during our Freshman year Karl Hudson edited a paper, The Freshman Times, which grew into our present Ili-Timex. YVe are proud of Karl's efforts as an editor and doubly proud of the results of his work. The lovely Spanish Junior-Senior which was given in our Junior year and sponsored by Nancy Maupin proved a great success. That hilarious play, "Here Comes Charlie" was given as a Senior Play in the fall of 1935. Bill Horton and Gladys VVhitman starred in the roles of this comedy. To quote that famous philosopher, Will Rogers, "YVc point with with pride," and sometimes when the subject of diplomas and credits arise, "view with alarm," our very famous athletes. This class is unique in this our year of graduation, in that Raleigh High School has won four State Championships, football, basketball, boxing, and baseball. We claim the distinction of being the only Senior class who has achieved such fame in athletics. All groups of people must have some form of law and order. Broughton's Student Council, under the leadership of Bill Poteat, has been our judge and jury. Some of us may not have liked the jail sentences which we have served in the Detention Hall on sunny afternoons, but we have acquired a deep and abiding respect for the Student Council and its efforts toward law and order. The threads of many activities have mingled in and brightened the history of our school life. As Seniors we are well represented in Glee Club, Band, and the 'Triangular Debate. Perhaps from some of these features of school life we have deemed more valuable lessons in cooperation and stead- fast endeavor than from our everyday, reading, writing, and 'rithmetic-. Tile history of our high school life ends. And to finish appropriately, as we began, with the words from a tombstone-"We liked it all." MARY ELIZABETH AVERILL, Historian. The Jlethmlixt Orphrumyr wmv l'hlll'l'fl'I'14ll in 1899 and was opened for Ihr 1u'f'eptam'e of child ren in 1900. 55 M LAST Will, TIESTAMUENT S'l'.X'l'l". Oli' N0lt'l'H C'AltOl,lNA t'ounty of VVake City of Raleigh ive. the Senior flass of Nineteen Ilundred and Thirty-six. heing of praetically sound body and niind and realizing that the treasures we have eolleeted during the last four years eannot he taken along '1 with ns. do niake and deelare this our last will and testament. ixlt'l'ICLlC l 'o the l'lass of 'l'hirty-seven we bequeath: ltein 1. The right to inareh out of ehapel first if the underelassuien eau he heat to the door. lteui 2. 'l'he privilege of looking intelligent during the triangular debates. lteni Zi. 'l'he opportunity to struggle through an extra year of sehool. ixlt'l'lCI,l4I 2 1'o the Class of 'l'hirty-eight we leave: lteni 1. 'l'he inipossilmility of keeping the Junior-Senior plans seeret from the snooping Seniors. lteni ZZ. The thought that soon it will he possible to throw in an extra French phrase to be- w ilde r the less intelligent nienilmers. ixlt'l'lCI.E It 'l'o the ineolning Sophoniores we lmequeath: lteni l. 'l'he joyful realization that soon Latin will he a ghost of the past. lteui 2. The dreary thought that within a few years the privilege of financing the Junior-Senior hancpiet will lie theirs and the idea that it would he a good thing to start saving pennies now. ixR'I'Il'I,E 'll 'l'o the ineonling lfresluuen we leave: lteln l. The suggestion that a few posies might brighten the way to an Excellent. ltein 2. The thought that there will soon he sonie younger and less intelligent students in high sehool . a tex to t'll :hIt'l'ICLl'I 5 ltein l. To the faeulty we wish to express our hearty thanks for their noble attempt to drill v important faets into nuiuhskulls. lteni 2. 'l'o the diseiplinarians of our faeulty we leave an extra supply of detention hall slips foree lmetter the laws of the sehool. And now having disposed of our niost valuahle property we hope all will be satisfied and not hlaiue the dead. To this will and testament. YY:-. the Class of Thirty-six. through the agency of the testator, have lu-ret lvitn lla o set our hand and seal on this sixth day of April. anno domini. nineteen hundred and thirty-six. IMIRIS Gomieu. essex: 1't'SfllllIl'. u lielvin Una liails-v liett y llorsett lluriny lhis lime. Nflus Iinrnx wus llnf proprirffor of the only foundry in Ifaleiylr. 56 w JYJJJIJ xuvvqvw 1 fri it 'af .Dsfjsa Pfv-f1C?"'oaM Q. sl W7 9 effus- Qua-Q 0.665 LL Q L M, 9,w,,,4.vddliO jig!! L4 fl x ?1fpoodf0gfod1rbQQf i Oflfk' . gf -L rvvx. JUNIOR CLASS TOM BROGAN BILLY VAUGHN PAUL PICKl'l'1"l' President Vice President Secretary kj .l. M. JENRI'lT'I'l'l MISS NICKLES. MBS. CASPBR at ' f h Treasurer IIOTIUTIU'-If illenlberx df-QV '1 - 1 , Bl ff? 1 . . . . we ea i L-LASS Cononsz Blue anrl Ihhltlf Eno, 'Ill l EW' i i it Rafe bj,UN'Pd3ns or Pnorocnarnan Xl 'i izdugms AlEX8DQ5'515kijl lxdbhy Finch Edith 1,f-mister .5 Linda Riddle , Mayard Alford Ella Mae Fowler Helen Lewis Otis Robertson ' Milton Austin Mac Fuller Norman Litchfield Lillian Russell il Ransom Austin Valeria Garlington Ida Lloyd Frances Scarhoro A 1 Bruee Barbour Buddy Gill ' Jeanne Lowder Joe Shannonhouse ' , Mildred Barbour Clarence Godwin Q Marjorie Massey Jimmy Sil1c'la1ir Laura Barefoot Marion Goodwin Elbert Martin Kathrine Spain Yvilliam Basden Charles Graham Rose Martin Ruby Speight Ansel Berry GJ . Thomas Gray James Matthews li. H. Stephensob Mary Birdxfix Carl Hailey Y Mayhelle Maynard Cathryn Tippett G 1 Y ,kxbus Klux Julian Blakeley " p Janet Hampt A X Billy McCormick Helen Turner 'S 'X-u.LsLJ-I-K gslqy. A Sarah Bland James Hamriek f Ry James Meade Leo Tyner Qc-IL X Fannie Boliek Worth Hare X Q David Middleton Charles Vestal MXN , Bill Bolton S Bill Hart - X Sam Morris Anne Way 3 Lonnie Bradley Jack Hedrick LJ X .lames Mounteastle Edna Whitley Virginia Cates Bill Hicks I Frances O'Neal Kathleen Whitlowe 94- , . Aqkfleorgifn Cline Q Valton Holley VJ Geraldine Padgett John Willard M05 Ethel Corner Charles Howell ll. C. Pearce Louis Williams 4 fx gy ' QU Betty Cook Ervin Johnson Dorothy P. Perry Mary Winslow A '- E ML ta- ,Robert Demain VValter Johnson Katherine Rainey Paul VVood 'JB L Hickman Ellen David Jordan ' Nathan Beavis liebeeea Woodeoet - 4 Dorothy Evans Q Charles Joyner Claude Ressijac Colvin VVorth .a A ' C. D. Ferrell VVade Kemp John Riddle Jane Yerby In the early thirties the older people were mused rnnrh anxiety by lhe strange lenrleney of lhe young girls to C ' :Irene up and go out padding when Ihere 'was work for them at home! 57 lsaae Wright B , 4 fl Mr 1 ,ff J l yy, ,L J, Ji, . R 5' EBQ. Uh' ffm Vafl 'IN W, is in as -V fv ' 'if' B We Qlheibfi L VJ X3 J lk R w 1 Q v U1 Nw , My W lj l If lX 1 ', .'f A , is ye! his eww ms 1 tfw-0 1-RLG, WAHM N5 h'o.4..ol1g,u0 , . 1 - . b rr .4-' 'Jsvv " W ri rv JU-vsox, T J ' . Of A , , , R325 l,oLA l'. ANuluf:ws .IRAN BAIIJCN losm' liARB0l ll livnm' Bl-ZACIIAM N-ELI. W. BELL L. liLANCHARlJ ANNbI'l"l'IC BIIIDGICS NAN BRUCRWELL 'Foxx Buocmx Aucuua BROWN DON BFNN I.l'c'v l.m: BI"l'LER l"AxsoN CHARLTON l,0l'lSE Comms AJARY COOPER E. Covmzvux-1 l'lvr:1.vN LJOYINGTON BILL CozAR'r I.. CRAR'rRm: Rrm Duuoxs JUNIOR CLASS l-llS'l'0RY Raleigh, with its historical background is a civic mother of whom we may well be proud. Small though our part in its achievements may he, we are glad to have even that and are delighted to add the history of the Junior Class to that of the city of Raleigh. Beginning with our Suhallreshman year and continuing through our Junior year we have had as our class presidents the following students: Archie Brown, Jacli Copeland, Ben Park, and Tom Brogan. These boys have been outstanding in their ability as leaders in our class affairs and various activities of the school. The jirsl mass rrlr'In1'utf'1I in Ralrigh was ru-mlzwfed by Re1'1'1'1f1ul Wllwler in 1333 and two years Ialefr Ihr jirxl Vuflmlir' f'hul'r'h wa.-r built at u vox! uf SXIIII. 58 -3 .ff fvvv - ' :aff , ,l 1 f ' fff, ,.J4Q, f . f J X ff' "W L x 1 1 1 f A L Law! 1 S Qi, fel I WAQ WL K 1 V, mt. f- if f Ulf, ffl f ' m. Q lv by fi jpg 1 V4 f' V27 al ,JW ff riff' fu . W .X W el l l bv" if K7 V v fi ff' BILLY li .LINKVI JN HENRY l"Al'm:'r'rr: VIIICGINIA l"os'r1cu lJm'm.As l'lRANClC CLAIRE l"nm:MAN Rolmwr flAlIlllSON NIAHY fl00DlVlN l" l'lAliRlS I.u.LlAN l'lARWAllD lJAN Houmcs B. HoNl-:Yclf'r'r E. H0s'rx-1111: FRANCES H1'DsoN Bx4:'r'rv Hl'N'l' JAMl1:s Ill's'rx-: Tom Al'll"l'CHlN5 llucxr: .l1f:NNm"rr: J. M. .In:Nn1-:'r'rr: B. VV. KENYUN Amer: l.1uoN Though we have tried to be serious and scholarly we have also enjoyed the social side of the school life by giving at least one dance a year. The success of which is due in the large part to our class advisers, Mrs. Beasley, Miss Fitzgerald, Miss Smaw and Mrs. Fletcher, and Miss Nichols. That our class has taken an interest in music is shown by the number of Juniors in the Glee Club. The Junior Class also had two soloists in the State Music Contest. We also had a great number in the band. Our Junior Class has contributed a great number of students to variv ous school duties and activities. lsaac Wright is assistant editor of the "Hia Times," Ben Park and Ed Pon are on the business staff. Douglas France was lu IHJJ un .luly f Un' 1'0l'lH'l' xlnur' of Ihr lll'1'.N'l'Hf rapilul 1c'u.v laid by flU'l'1'I'llIll' ll. I.. Swain 59 w ff ylel Q J 'V'W pr M' Af K- JL" I F . All J sl lb... m SW' 06041 7' l ,ad W W one M. Lmgdjfre VV. T. M.uI'I'IN HILAII MAYI-:II IIIENI-: McA1fI:Ic Evxcnvx ArlC'l,UF1"lE AN llll'flllADY Obi Rolmlvr BIELVIN MAIIGARI-:T NIILLS LESLII-I NIINCEY ALICI-: BIITCHELL W. T. MO0HE XVILLIAM Mounts BICN PARK RUTH PAIIKI-:II Fam: PAIIROTT SARA Pmxrnoss ixl'HREY PI-:IIIIY l,0R0'1'llY A. Plcnlu' lloI:'rENsIc Pmun' l'.xI'L 1'IcKI:'I"I' J0sEPIfIIN1-1 PI'I"I'IsIAN elected assistant editor of the annual and he is very capable of holding this position, Lawrence Blanchard is assistant business manager, W. T. Martin is assistant photographer and Edwin Price is also on the staff, and it is rumored that he will be editorvinwchief of the annual next year if he keeps up his fine worlc. This year our .lunior Class decided to be original and to elect class superlatives which before has been a privilege used only by the seniors. The superlatives elected were as follows: Best allnround Boy and Girl, Jimmie Wallser and lrene MlcA1Feep Best loolsing, Billy Williams and Helen The firsl II!ll'il'llHllI'tlI fair was 110111 in Raleigh. in. 1833. 60 X, l I ff lb K V ff -' YM Q 1O,,,L QM 6' X v"- V X lc N ' .ff O1 ' limi af wpcflyl ' yi fl-4.aJ4L4..nAA- K X g y .Q lun Pm' J. l'm-:vus'r Hnwxx Pu cl-: l,ll.I.lAN RAI"lfllCl,D 'A. lilc'llAnnsoN 'rv'- SIIIIKLEY Rumi.:-z Suu Iimwu AIAIKY S. licrrlml-zu l'lLl.lfZN SAINT M. Sll0!VAI.'l'lCll llZllAIlD '1'A'rlvM Mfun' Ci. 'l'un-:M ISILLY VAUul1AN Doxm'ruv xy!-IRICICN Jfmrzs VVA1.xr:n ' ANN:-1 WAx.'ruN Blm.v lVI1,mAMs CAIIULYN YVl1,I,ls T : Ilonuruv xVAllD D I,oms1-: lV11,l.mMs l'r:An1.l-: YA'r1-:s L 5 X Bxggewisg Most Popular, Ben Park and Nell W. Belly Wittiest, Catherine Spain T and Colvin Worth. These boys and girls tools part in the figure at the ii uniornSenior dance. We had a 'very successful JuniornSenior with music furnished by immie Poyner and his Famous Collegians. Our Junior year is ending. Like the history of the city of Raleigh, nhowever, we do not close, but only hesitate in order that we may continue X hhc history of our class next year. HENRY FATUCIETTIE, Historian. Il'llll'ifl'l..'f firxl .vlrwff vm' !4.ljNfl'lN was rullr-ll Rull'iyh'.-1 lfu'p1':'ilm'lliul li'1ril1'nml. Thr vars zwfrv IIVVYUII by 7'0Ll'llN Dlzallnv. G1 .goiojgib ,O I. Domi V., . V N J K wk M M ' N wi 1, r' W' LO V ml 113 --X...AQ gm if fTVk.k SOPIHIOMIORIE CLASS RUTH DAVIDSON ANNE BRA'1"l'ON LHIGH NVILSON Prmidellf Vim' Prrfxizlrnzf Srfcrvfary LOUISE SCOTT MISS SMAYV Trr'a.v11rer Honorary :vlf'7IIIH'T C'1,Ass COLORS: V1-llfm-nml IVhi1r lohn Rear. 11 lumwr und :me of Rrllwiglfx first 1-ifi:,1'u.v, lefl ull his nmlwy to Hu' fo-undiuy nf rn ho.-rpitul. 62 UM 1 D V f5 fU,1ffU JP X ffjff, x A I SOPHOMORES NOT PHOTOGRAP D E? ff Edwards Adams Ralph Adams Kenneth Althous Rebecca Atkins Ethel Baker Edith Ballance Virginia Betts Claude Blake ,Everette Briggs Nell Brown Frances Carter Harrell Cates Kendrick Cheek Ann Christian Arthur Cooper Harold Cole A Ralph Crews Margaret Cutlitl' Charles Davis Lenwood Davis Dorris Davenport Alama Dastu David Dodge Kathleen Dizor Arthur Edwards Stephenson Fogg Lenoine Fyne Derrell Forrest Phifer Fullenwider Earl Farrell Marie Furman Yvonne Ferrell Dixie French Mary Fulghum Marion Fuller Charles Goodno G. VV, Groves Charlotte Houlder Anita Heller Henry Hicks Bill Hudson Julian Horton Joe Hodge Mary Jordan Virginia Johnson Mary Johnson Josephine Johnson Burt James Audrey Klott Ruth Ellen Kobb Centennial King Henry Klutz Thurman Kenyon Billy Lambe Williams Lovell Gordon LaGuard Doris Lowder Susanne Lewister James Lewter Betty Lynch Harold Lloyd Dorothy Lloyd Helen Martini Morritt Massell Charles Manooeh Margaret Medock Murphy Matthewson Alan Mclntyre Sam Mordecai George Mordecai Sam Miller Paul Moore Howard Morgan Carl Miller Celeste Perry Doris Pearce Drexel Renn C. H. Rowland Mabel Rhoney Daniel Reaves Rupert Riley Dorothy Riggs Dorothy Redmond Geraldine Sanders Woodland Styron Everette Spikes Willis Smith Richard Spencer Russell Senter Lila Saunders Harriet Stanton Doris Tyner Orwood Tyler Raymond Thorne Emma Taylor Ben Thrift Harry 'Flicker Katherine Turner Betty Thompson Louise Turner Annie Upchurch Harry Upchurch Rose Underwood Rosalind Upchurch Harry Way Mac VVells I Lettie Winfree 1 Lillian Winston Rebecca Witherspoon Bobby Wright Helen Wright , Blanche Godwin Mary Murray Guilford watson i Charles Gaylord Carl N-HPUWSU Pauline Watkins Roy Hamlet Mary Nwkvls Catherine Williamson 1 h North Hinkle Nancy Nlswvnsef Charles Whilden Irma Holding George Norwood ' E 1 on f 0' Z Carey Holloway ve Sill iuome ' eaver 1 Herman Heller Juanita Padgett Williams VVinds Ruby Holder Harold Pate David Weaver f Dorothy Pearce M if I ff' if f 1 Aff-X , X W Z During the forties, IV. G. Lougee was the proprietor of the only tinware lmuhuma in Raleigh. 1 63 03123 f"' f ' .7 h 1 , I X Aim ' 'JY QA , .314 yx ,, Un., ., .MA-.,4' 1 J 'MAJ' b V!! N' 'N' A " Y 5 U- A ' " - x.l.J , , 1 v , V ' I , ll' f1kr0',.'k ' Y- .4 . IL 1,1 ,fl ' ily'---'A f0"7f 1' ' "A" ' " af ' ' H A V l"ms'r Row J2llllt'S Allvn. Muric Andm-rson. Simmons Amlrvws. Nancy Burwivk, Mary Sm' Bvrry. Virginia Boykin. Clmrlvs Brudsllaw. Sr:coNn Row Annu- Brntton. NIIll':22ll't't lirowu. 'Dorotlly Bunn. Mary Anus Czllmdy. Murgurct c1IlStIl'lll21ll, ixlllll' fonwuy, .lc-an Cooper. , 'lxllllill Row FY'Illll'l'S C'r:nvn-n, C'l1ristin:1 C'rm-vknmorr-. Ruth Davidson. Pvggy Davis. Mnrjory Didrnlmwr. Xvfigllt Dixon. Margaret Ulumway. l'w0l'It'l'H Row Pilgl' H:ltln:1l1. Bvtty lillingtun. Jwm Filll'Il. Hlizaln-tl: lflollrxloy, l'l:nr:l l"0l'Stl7l'. l"r:1m-vs Civrling, K:1tl1n'rine Hurdisun. Elwood llurpcr. lu INQU .l. Hr'ffl'fr1'. Ihr' jirsl flllllllll lNIlllllflH'fIlI'l' in lfulriyh, upwnwrl u l'0lIfl'l',f0llO'l"ll xlmp 61- dw , NANJ, ffof Fmsr Row ' Jennillc Harris, Charlotte Hines. Kern Holoman, .lack Holt, Suzanne Hudson, .lim Hutchins, Mamie Jennette. SECOND Row Mildred Jennette, Elizabeth Kelly. Julia Lee. Margaret Martin, Nancy McCrary, Charlotte Miller, Doris Murphy. Tumv Row Elizabeth Neal, Gwynn Nowell, George Penirk. Jeanne lieufrow. Rachel Riddle, Louise Scott, Billy Scawell. ' FOURTH Row Lura Self, Frances Templeton, Clyde Wade, Barrett Wilson, Leigh Wilson, Edith Wfooten, Catherine Wyatt, Joella Yeager. In 1840 the population of Raleigh was but 2240. 65 IFRIESHMAN CLASS A1.BER'1' KELLY LAWRENCE HOLDING FRED SCHMIDT Prfsident Vice Pr1'si1lr'nt Secretary BILLY MCGRUDER Class Prcfsidrmf CHrst tcrmj MELVILLE BROUGHTON MISS FITZGERALD Treasurer Honorary Merrzlzer CLASS Comms: Red and Whitff In flu' early forties liarllcftt lfpr-hurfh-erftablyixlmfl a comfh-nmkiny shop on East Iluryfftt Slrwt 66 Juanita Aiken Marion Alexander Jack Alford Ben Allen Billy Andrews Helen Andrews Mary Lily Arey Mildred Askew James Bailey Hulbert Barbour Dick Barrow Keith Beckwith Lucile Belvin Herman Bland Elizabeth Bolton Jacquelyn Branch Kathleen Branton John Bratton Cale Burgess Margaret Callahan Paul Capps Maxine Chappell Doris Clark John Henry Clarke Allan Clement Mary Coggin Elizabeth Cole Harvey Cox Winifred Cross Eleanor Culver Joseph Daughtery Tommie Denson Bill Dozier Jack Draper Elsie Dupree Dorothy Durfey Rodney Anne Eat: James Edwards Willis Ellen Genevieve Ellis Dorothy Faison Margaret Fant Mary Faucette John Ferguson Betsy Fields Bill Fletcher Rebecca Ford Russell Ford . Margaret Fowler Blanche French Wenona Gardner Dorothy Glenn Flora Goetz Calla Goodwin Edwin Graham Louise Gray Lee Graves Elsie Gupton Margaret Hairston Naomi Harmon Thomas Harrell Gladys Harrington Evelyn Harris F RESHMEN NOT PHOTOGRAPHED DHII Kenneth Haskins ' Virginia Hassinger Randolph Hewitt Vonnie Hicks Emil Hilker Harvey Hinnant Graham Hobbs Hubert Holding Erma Holton H. H. Honeycutt Carolyn Hoover Grace Horton Dwight Johnson Kathleen Johnson Mary Elizabeth Johnson Mattie Jones Richard Jones Helen Jordan Harold Joyner William Joyner Cyrus King Sidney Knott Nell Koonce Charles Kuhn Carolyn Lehman Violet Leveridge Naomi Lewter Roy Little Robert Lloyd William Luck James Maddrey Carl Marshburn Sam Marshall Katherine Martin Bruce Massey Margaret Massey Earl McCrary Eddie McGee Carl McLean Margaret McLean Virginia Melvin Beverette Middleton Bessie Mills Bill Mills Edwin Mills John Mills Frank Mordecai Mary Ellen Morgan Wesley Morgan Clifton Moore Hugh Moore James Moore Marshall Morris Mildred Morris Jack Morrow Buddy Murray Holland Nance Raymond Nance Jack Naneman Betty Joe Newsome Tommy Norris A. Oren Palmer Clara Mae Parrish Hall Partrick David Pattishall Kenneth Perry Eloise Pike Mack Pipkin D. R. Ponton Mary Frances Powell Frances Rainey Julian Rand Horace Rawls Mary Rhoney James Riggs j Marion Riddle Elizabeth Rogers Norma Ross Charles Rue Marie Scarborough Phyllis Schwartz - -Zozo Virginia Seagroves Cel,-YJ, Margaret Sellers Mary Ellen Senter Dorothy Shannonhousc Merle Showalter Dorothy Smith Evelyn Smith Marshall Southern George Speight Annette Spruill David Stanton Mary Lou Stephenson Sheldon Stripling Carol Swart Vance Swift E. C. Sykes John Tannery Walter Thomas James Thompson James Tomlinson Nancy Tutwilder Graves Vann .lack Vaughan Eleanor Vereen Cornelia Walker Martha Ward Marita Warner Elizabeth Warrnc William Watson Virginia Webb Dorothy Mae Wedding Nellie White Marguerite Wiggs Mamie Lee Williamson Betty Joe Wilson Buck Wilson Lorraine Wilson Sidney Ann Wilson Cameron Winston Rhett Winters Charles Wise John VVoodrufi' Audrey Yates William Yoder Edna Yow The fuel burned on mu' first railroads, and nzunry years thereafter, was wood. 67 l PWM -, d l Haj-q M 7-0 0, ,0,VU"6fClf . aww Qwfffvfgw Fmsr Row Harry Adams, Edward Austin, Isabel Austin, Grace Bailey, Ruth Bailey, Bill Baker, Law- rence Ball. SECOND Row Helen Bobbitt, Bob Bourne, Virginia Lee Broom, Melville Broughton, Blanna Brower, Harriet Browning, Jack Bryant. THIRD Row Margaret Callahan, Carolyn Carlton, Anne Castleman, Roy Caviness, Betsy Anne Clendcnin, Bruce Comer, Margaret Caromartic. Fouuru Row Frances Crowder, Renfrow Doak, Mary Louise Dunn, Kathrinc Fort, Albert Foster, Bill Furr, Pope Garrison, Madeline Grandy. FIFTH Row Sarah Hardison, Anne Harris, Ida Dunn Harris, Jean Hicks, Anne Hodges, Lawrence Holding, June Jollnson, Albert Kelly. In the early days a train was called a brigade of cars. 68 I Fmsr Row L. P. Kennedy, Mildred Lanier, Ben Lawrence, Walter Lewis, Arthur McAbe, Marv C. Mc- Dufiie, Margaret McKinsey. ' SECOND Row Betty Jean Miller, Mary Gilmore Marsh, Bobby Newcomb, Katherine Norman, Jim Oliver Rebecca Perry, Grover Poole. '.l'HmD Row Ihrie Pou, Owen Reeves, Robert Reynolds, Edith Roberts, Fred Schmidt, Elizabeth Shumaker, Billy Siddell. FOURTH Row Betty Smith, Jerry Stockard, Mary Bell Thompson, Reynold Tucker, Virginia Upchurch, Billy Upshaw, Billy Walton, Sidnor White. FIFTH Row E Frances Williams, Jack Williams, Lois Williams, Bailey Williamson, David Willis, George Worth, Ruth Wyman, John Young. St. Mary? School was at first a boyis' school, but -was soon changed. 69 3 SUBAFRESHMAN CLASS GROVER DILLON SARAH CROWDER ANNE LINEBERGER President Vice President Secretary ROBERT MCMILLAN VVALTER STUART Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arn1,.r MRS. NANCY BEASLEY. Honorary ,WI!'1lIIH'I' l'Ia.v.w Colors: Green :md White The firsf Imlfery 'wus opened in 18,43 by fleorge ll. Tunnufxlfi. 70 SUBnFlRESI-IMIEN NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Alice Alford Geraldine Alford Fred Allen LeRoy Allen Rubv Allen VVilliam Anderson Clifton, Andrews Ben Armstrong Robert Atkins Charles Ballance Dorothy Beddingfield Linwood Betts Elizabeth Blaekeley John Bodwell Joe Bostick June Bourne Horace Bradley Rabby Bridges Margaret Briggs Margaret Brockwell Thomas Broughton E. Ol Brogden Juanita Cates Jean Clark Robert Clifton Lucile Coley William Combs Mary Cornick Magdalene Cox Patricia Cox Charlotte Crawford Thomas Crews Alton Daniels Geraldine Dawkins William Didenhover A. J. Dorsett W'illie Doster Daphne Dunn Paul Etheridge Lydia Farris Charles Farror Nell Floyd Betty Fouraker Martha Fyne Virginia Gattis Julia Gieger R. D. Guyton Ralph Hargrove Joseph Harrington Bobbie Hart Janet Henniger Betty Hilker Monroe Hodge N. H. Hodges Carl Holt Mary Hooper Gordon Howell John Hunter Mary Jackson Marie Jennette Taverne Jeffries Vernon Jeter Robert Jolm Margaret Johnson Mildred Johnson Everette Jones Loraine Jones Margaret Jordan Billy Kelly Louise Kelly Frank King Henry Kitchen Duncan LaGarde Arthur LaGarde Charlie Lambert Kathryn Lancaster Harold Lloyd Mildred Lloyd George Maddrey Dorothy Mann Florence Matthews Lyndon Mayer Leila McKimmon Harry McLean Betsy McMillan Sylvester Meade Willard Midgette James Mitchener Roger Moen George Moilitt Rufus Moore Ellen Mordecai Jean Morris Frances Mowery Dorothy Murdock Robert Murphy Shirley Myatt Bernice O'Daniel J. T. Owens Elsie Pearce Rachel Peatross Hubert Peebles Andrew Perry Walter Perry Elizabeth Phinney George Pike Jimmy Poole Elizabeth Potent Ruby Powers Estelle Privette Frances Rainey Ben Rhett Kala Rosenthal Mary Rowe Margaret Rowell James Rowland Bessie Russell Donald Russell Laura Russell Frank Ruth Carl Sapp Ashbunn Sauderlin Gordon Sauls Adelaide Scales Robert Schmidt J. P. Shepherd Forrest Shuford Frances Shumaker Anne Smith A. T. Smith Claude Smith Louis Smith Josephine Smith Mary Sorrell Kenneth Speight Dick Stacy Peggy Stanton Mary Stephenson Betty Stevick Betty Stonebanks Bobbie Stoudenmire Edward Stoudenmire Gladys Taylor Jean Taylor Kareen Taylor Gloria Temple Inez Thompson Francis Thuroton Mary Tomlinson Cornelia Tongue Betty Tudor Craven Turner Frank Turner Netril VVade Betsy Warren Frances Wells Herman Wheeler Sydnor White Jack Whitlowe Mabel Wiggins Willie Whitmel Carl Williams Earl Williams Frances Williams John VVilson Jimmie Woodall Williams Yates Rachel Zimmerman Ruth Zimmerman Ilm Cupilnl of the State was fifty yearn: old before its population had err-oeflerl two thousand 71 i Fmsr Row John Bailey, Betty Barrow, Charles Blanchard, Bernard Brogan, Tim Conway, Mitzie Covington, Billie Crouse, Sarah Crowder. SECOND Row Grover Dillion, Marion Dixon, J. D. Dorsett, Courtney Edgerton, Grace Forster, Sarah France, Jimmie Fulghum, Oscar Hay. llllllllll Row Sarah Holt, Lee Hood, Jimmie Johnson, Carolyn Kenyon, Ellen Lyndon, Anne Lineberger, Ruth Martin, Nellie Mae Mason. FOURTH Row Robert McMillan, Louise Mills, Lydia Mae Moore, Ralph Moore, Jimmy Panton, Dorothy Penny, Julius Phoenix, Nancy Poe. FIFTH Row Frank Poole, Billy Ragland, Horace Rawls, Jimmy Reeves, Aldert Root, Eleanor Self, Marjorie Soar, Jack Spain. W SIXTH Row Walter Stuart, Peggy Thorson, Mary Bryant Upshaw, James VVard, Hilah White, Alfred Williams, Dickie Woodard, Frances Wyatt. The "Raleigh Fire Companyu was organized in 1844. 72 ,.:15.1... . f n .V ' . 'Qi .V 1. ,",,:,g1j-:,4YliA5,i ,:,3g," . V . W 31? . . J-4' . N .. . ' V1-. :rw ..,l,g.. .,f - in-fd .,5p:f,a:f"1.,gp..4 - - ' ' " 3 x' F3 i4?55 5f' k"M1 -iv 'L ' A " H, 'I' ' rrifififfgflfl?-fy r 'Y GEF , . f'2ff- 'i4:'2:'?,5if - ' A X 1 -11 ' n '.,.. . w , 1.-qr- Q1-. '-..- , ' '. "A X ' ' 55'-5555 Q . - : ffsfg?-agngf " f 11 1. . .Q 5 1 z.- N.3.q1.,1::-3,179-fy.. 1. f 1 'z -:.r,'+f:' w- A. 5, . ,,-9..f-:-' 315: .4'.3.' .g,i.,-,11-,-. jg-gf .f .5 '1 '-5 5575 ', -:,,4p,2ff'iw, , 'QW A " ' :51,-- 5 -fi?" - W' " f . K L3-'21 ' 'f'f5i"'2'5474-- . gf '. .Pix,-css'-WHY"Cl-.-ff?' :-fiffi1:5f53e??3CfE'5.?5i':F.w?-f"E- 1 ., V 2 . . 1. mfs? Q .-. r-:ian--f '- ' pw ' ' l , , '. . 1 f1.,,,.'. .14 1'-, ga , ' ' ' '5- I ' 2,9 ' lu-ff-. 4 fs.-- J--. ' -22' " ' V - f ' , 1 , '. , '-fgikjaig ::SQi-N5-Q' '.4 i5'f"f-4.,f,N '?:g'l' . + 1' A is Ti x . 5,A.,i.3,, - Q ju, ' Q -f-15:52-......'.cg-'fwfr u 4 - '1 " - -, ' A xaI??"'QLJg'fl?-:YFQW If-fEfi"K-' + 1 - . Q- :L M : . A , ,. wl'59'.15fiL7i -:tai P1231 ' , ..-'ga - r f: !'3.x1.Qf '25 'fu'-!55"?,F!bA45 W' "':::.1'+2.1'i I A ft wi- :wx-': ' ' 3. - W ' 1 " :Lfq.:f?sg1- iq-Q 1 V I J, 1 f . . ' L' " fihfiniiffk' nf. v. .'J:f I . ' 'A ev v 1.11. " 'zvpff-' ' "' . " " 1+ -K J 'L .. 1 c, " ' ug- 1--,f3.,,,-',.,:,. f!-.. ., -' .2 , 1 . V , - "0 ,.., Lgyjr- .' " 1, ' ., .' ' ' as 14' v ' ,. . ---Q .. f gf-ik ' 1 in-X !'9:9f"f"g3iS ' ' .1533 3,1 - V- K -' f - I- . Aff:-vqzf. - v . N -'w' :. ,' iii " ',s':f5.'?fgi'4 N :A fl-' ' f .-.A ' . A f- ' 3952 -r.53'l, -. 3' . .. -L -:V f :L gf, - 4-.",j ' ,. .1 ' ,H . -- .5 .LA wr,- " f. . .1 xy .mf . '5".n- - ., .- 1" .1a"+.:.-fr4 1' N wwf ' f wwf" ,I NA-"3gffP. 4,-gt 2. 6-' 1'-A. Q,":gQf"r,','-fi: ' ' +.f'. -van je 1.1. ,Ava 4 -AQ - ,Q-7,52 .,-"' '1'f j5.,-1f,.'F?jg4 ,' k .,,g'.uN'.j' ,. Q., 1.213 .P 1 gf? -1. f1.,5 f'1-fb ' , " Avik' "2.3Tsi:. . X 1 -Hr..-"4 ' vw -'LTV 1- " A 'fFf1..5..-?'f'-?: "-' ' ., 1' . '. if V ff"'f5 .4133 . A ' .vw ' ' . :mf:1w:3 w. H- .,f :.5,:egmi . A, if .f-N f A- gg,- -1',yff??4g-Ely'-5 -!T1'ff" 'A -1 . . 'f.1"T2. ', f. 'v' : 474' .""7 . .- 23:5 . gf. '- V fx. . Q fm- ,TW 95559, ' '1 :cp-J.:-' ,. QL., A .- V TQ'-:Eg N .Y 15-,jj w r- . . 1 .' may - +f"' Q7? q2a,g'A?,' f?if 2,3'.:?gf. - -5.l?f'f.'! f v " ',f1.:-.:11+.:f, Asaiggf. - A H r, gn. 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' 'f'x?'!5r-,iJ.7:"L25or5+--. n ' , QTIYQ-.fiiiff 9'IF!l'f5f' ili?EQY5i'llfli5?l!K 6f'ffh?1 P33334 E?bI'li:2i'Y 72 1795'- T1i'Q9'f!'mif'Si9P'!s W'?l"' :4PPOi3'f?d. by 11119 Lfi5iSl3f'!f94 THEY WQI9 JPN' " 1QHQiyW66dg'.Dukh1d, Nlcliedihdn, 'John M'3iShdll, John' Rbgdfs, Jolin Paing Jamgs.Ma1qqs jand John Craven gwho, were, prgpegvly the.-firsqcity- fathers. : P ,Q . ' . , A , , y " U ' 1, 9' . ' 61 '. Q' ' ' 1 . 35 ' " W . nv :E . D .E . ' L 1 . ' 1 ' 1 L. UU- .. ..g,I?EB4 f V1 ,,.. ,... H , El X' . . W ' a ' . 1 1 'Y4.,! 1' J , 1 I - - . ,F . L I Q ln H798 Raleighk ,civic life progresselcl with the erection mf the 'first hotels: "fCass0's," corner layetteville ancl Morgan streetsg the Hlntlian Queen," where the postoliflce now is. 'lm 117841 the 'First church was foundlaerlg this church grew into the lfdlermton Street Methodist Church. ln il840 the first Railway, "The Raleigh and Gaston," was com: pletecl. This razilroaldl cormectetl Raleigh with Gaston, a distance of SS miles. lm HSSA1 the llrst electraie lights were pmt into operation, and in 1387 Raleigh had its iflrst pulalnitc water supply. ...--...QM vw . ,,, - 4 "27 n , au. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS MRS . t ff .55 ' tvilwlrf ,il ity . . ' . , - I., 4-I J,-. if L4J'?'wfvd-- X fgetfe 'J KM if 'mr AC ER CMA ION , . f f uf l1f1f'4-'N' 0 7' ir' -9 H' ,f 451, MRS. DAVID S. VVEAV 'R . President MRS RALPH CROWDER .. Secretar MRS. BARRETT WILSON . Vice Pres. MRS E. J. LOVELL ...... Cor. Secty. MRS. VV. I.. MAYER ..,.. . Treasurer Chairmen BARRETT WILSON ...... Program MRS B. J. LAWRENCE . . . . . . Courtesy CARI. GOERCH ........ .Vlembership MRS BRODUS WILSON . . . . Fine Arts G. P. HOOD ..... ..... l Velfare MRS. W. N. HICKS ...... ..... I Safety R. B. REEVES ,.,... .... I "inane-e MRS W. I.. SPENCER .... ...Hospitality ROBERT RUARK ....... Legislative MRS R. I.. TATUM ..... . . . Telephone ROBERT SCHMIDT .... .... A Social W. T. MARTIN ....... . . . Publicity F. L. AVERILL. . . .... Scrapbook J. C. CASPER .............. Bulletin T. E. DREW .... Room Representative I-I. K. WITHERSPOON ....... House MRS. MRS. MRS MRS. MRS. R. I.. MCMILLAN ..... Grounds B. W. WELLS ........... Study Class GALT VVILLIAMSON . . . Publications MERLE SHOWALTER . Founders Day F. B. HAMRICK ........... Library MR. W. I-I. SHAW ,..... Custodian of Records Parental Education, the general theme of the Needham Broughton Parentn'1I'eacher Association and the united efforts of three hundred seventynfour members has promoted child welfare in our homes, school, and community. 111 1848 Wiley IV. .Johnson and John R. Ilarriso-n, formed u copartnerxhip for the mmmfaelfure of carriages, buggies and wagons. .rlxsociatv Editor ILATIIPAKC STAIFIF YVILLIAM JOSLIN. A. T. ALLEN. 1'frlitor-in-C'hif'f Hz1.vi11e.v.v .Ilanagwr MISS GEORGIA KIIiKI'ATRIC'K I-1 r1'Ui.w r ICIIWIN l'RIc'If1 . . . III-:'I"rY XVRIGIVI' . . . , , AIAIIY H. AVRRILI, .. .. -Ix.s'i.vtant Editor Litrrary Ifllitor RALPII RIQEYIIS .. . ICIIWIN PI':NIcR . l'irvu1atiol1 .lcti'z'itir'.v IDOVGLAS FRANCI: ....... ..... . lunior lfrlitor SIIxIMoNs ANIIRI:ws ., ...... KIEOIIHE Cool-I-:R . . , . . NANCY AIAVPIN . .Il'Nl-I IDIXON .. Jovcrz I.l'cII .. IDAN Honmzs .. . VV. T. Moomf: .. . . Photography Issociatff Editor .Irt .. ,Irt .. I-Irt .Irt , Sports Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor I,AXYRICNCE BLANCIIARII .l.v.vt. IAIARY BAILI-:Y . ...... . BIc'r'I'Y BRUWN . . MIQRLI: SI-:NNA . . . IJoRo'I'IIY Rmzvxcs VV. T. INIAHTIN ......... . .... . x7IRGINIA HIc'I1ARIJsoN IIIILI: NI:I,I, VVAI.RI4:R Ihzm, NANCY IJALTON AIAIIJORIE I:INuI.ANII BII.I,IIf: fIlLLIAM NIARGARI-YI' KIARTIN Iil'IHI'IC'f'A NORMAN N CANNAIIY .... Typist ADWIEIRTIISIING STAIFIF SARAH RVARR SVI: Sco'r'r AIAHY EMMA Cooler: VVILLA DRI-:W SALLII: ENGLAND NANCY INIANN I li I-1 N Ii: M c A FI-: I-I SARAH OI.IvI-:R C'IIARI,o'I"rI-1 RI' I'IDY'l'lIE SENNA AIAIKY GAIJI' XVI Unphotfo grrznphecl IAIARY KIHI-ZEN 'IIIIH-ISI Ifux. .Uanagrr Photography . f'irvulation Typist .. Typist .. Typist . . Typist F F N IC Il LLIA MSDN "lu IHJJ Ihr rox! of Il clown iiwrllmv Iwo.-I ,J-713' u .A-ilk l1umlkm'r'hi4'f, -?9I.,!J.' u muxlin 1IlIIIllh'l'l'I'llit'f', frlr: rc pound of .'f"ll1Ill7x'1Il'I'. -Fl! tl pound of shot. I17r': flour. -FU prr lmrrvl: uurl llltIlll.N'.VI'N. ffm' pm' yullouf' ,QMMXWW wuwwf ifdwlwyyfkvfas UW' ' VW 1 I 1, Lirxkvi ,Q,LLA1,2J. QL QCATIL L, JJMJO 'A aw los qu sv 'U' as E. AQ ,Q-91 I , li E- K' If 'cf ' 'wr- i -QQ fi? S .,-, --r Latipac Staff lu l.H'j-7 Nw Nfrrlw Nrlmul for lllr liliml rural llrrrj' xvux uprllwl. 75 ' 41 1 1 4.14 IL 11421 yf ug, Uv 717. i If-M44 kg- Ja- L W: Q' 41 KQWMQ 4, rrxgk-MQ K 'X . 1 V. 1 U19-- -00:34 Q, ylmyu ,X ' . kr" ,fx AVVNP-54' MYUT Lv V -,Of . J' fi v My The Student Council has reached the climax of a successful year, having set out with the purpose of making the school "student couna -cil conscious." The ifirst important activity of the Council was its participation in the State Student Council Congress, which was held in Wilmingv ton. Our Council took an active part, and James Walker, our vice president, was a strong candidate for the presidency. ln an elifort to make it easier for the new students to make adjustments, the Council sponsored a tea where they were introduced to the faculty and students. Wll.l.lAM IPOTIEAT 1 J ltollowung our slogan, we attempted to secure home room cooperation by assigning to them projects about the building. This plan, we hope, inaugurated an idea that may be developed in the future. The detention hall rules were at one time subliect to much controversy. ln accordance with suggestions from both teachers and students, the rules were revised and more strictly inforced. The climax to the year's activities was the light for better schools in Raleigh. The Council made an earnest elifort to inlluence support of the school supplement. During the intensive period of the campaign, each class met separately and discussed the supplement. A committee of students was appointed to support and stimulate interest in this issue. Members of the council were presented on a radio program, and spoke regarding the suppleu ment. At a public mass meeting, a representative from the Council spoke in behalf of the school children. We trust that we have achieved some success during the year. WlLLlAM PUTIEAT, President. In 1856 two WINifl'l'I'LIl f'o1np'aniPs ffmlrishml--fhv "Oak l'i!y G'uards" and thw ::Illl"01101Id0lIl Gum'd.w'." 76 STUDENT COUNCIL BILL POTEAT ..... .......................... ..... P r esident JIMMY WALKER . . . . . Vice President RUTH DAVIDSON . . ..... Secretary BILL JOSLIN ........ .............. T reasurer ARCHIE MCMILLAN .... .... M anager of School Store ROBERT LITTLE ....... ................ S ergeant-at-Arms EDVVIN PENICK .......... .... C lhairman of Standards Committee VIRGINIA RICHARDSON .... Chairman of House Committee WILLIAM ROSS ........,.. Chairman of Grounds Co-mmittee NANCY MAUPIN ...... .... C hairman of Social Committee RALPH REEVES ........ . . . Chairman of Calendar Committee METTAUER DAVIDSON . . . . . . Chairman of Points Committee KARL HUDSON ......... .... . . . . .. . . . Chairman of Publicity Committee Home Room Representatives Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores. Freslnnan and Sub-I"reslnnen listed in order as follows: Bill Horton Charles Yow Eva Cotner Warren Ferguson Mary Galt Williamson Nell Walker Bell Dick Tatum Lola Frances Andrews Edwin Price Charlotte Miller Marjorie Didenhover Leigh Wilson Dorothy Bunn Billy Lambe Anne Christian Melville Broughton Annette Spruill Lawrence Holding Anne Harris Mary Coggin Anne Lineberger Sara France J. D. Dorsette Billie Crause Carl Sapp Unphotographed Members of the Council Edith Lyn Roberts Aubrey Pitman The first private bank that Raleigh had ever known was owned by John G. Williams. 77 '1 r f C I 'K 4 ,Q ,, -an 1'-q 1 'V' As-.4 -.1 A -N-4' -rv qu... ......w -.A el : I 3 N fix, Gihw, SZ lv mi -- ,A L 1 V - Vili in wil , , I E 4 . , 5 ss.. Q - :GW X' fin' v qgw-an ,T M., 4 I " AZ' , 333 sf K 4 -new M. .aw as xv .2 , I W, Q' 'fr-"" Student Council - In 18.711 fllf' ,Vnrllr f,'fli'Illf1Itl lnsnnr' .INQIIIIIIYI zcvrs nprflrrvl, 78 f ,X , 5 I S' V K ei '54 I ""',,1!k ...A MP1 ' x ni f y Aish wi' A WH "--:-"' 'VK fy. 'in-Q .. -JJ ..L-! 4 I' Rf GIIRJLS' GILIEIE CILTUIB Omxcers K II XIiI,0'l"1'F. R L' FFS H R RllY'I'Hl'1 SHN NA ALR R RTA Kl+ZI.I.Y 1,I'I'Sifll'lIf Vive' Prrsiflrllf Sr'r'r4'lnr'y EY GIIICRN TIIIRM JHANNR IDOZIER SARAH RUARK Tr1'a.vurr'r I,il:rnrian Ha'purh'r 5 -gn . K J X . BOYS' GILIEIE KCIUUB Officers BILL l'O'I'RA'l' DON ROBERTS IIOM RR NIC'Il0I,S l'rr'.vi1lrl1l Vim' Pr1'.vi1l1'11f S4'1'rr'1ar'r1 JAMES TAYLOR MISS KENYON Tr4'a.vur1'r .AI1lz'i.w'r ll: I rl :gh Ulm ll'urlrx ww: r'nl1xlr:u'fwl in IH-FH ,ljl gllff.-xlfv. lVr1frrbnu.w llnfl lfllTl'l'A'f1ll' flu' lfulriyh flux fvillllllll 79 W 1 3 f0 -CV ,WT7 , QGIIIRIL llllllfsllfllllvllllis i 'NIAHY I,II,Y MOORE VIRGINIA HICIIARIDSON l"l,OliA GOHTZ Pr1'.virl1'nf View Prr'xi1l1'nf S1'f'V'I'll11'y MARY fiAI,'l' lVlI,l,IAMSON 7'l'l'I1-VIl!'1'I' .lfl7'i.w'r.v MHS. I"OXVll.I.l". MISS l'l'I"l'MAN MISS Ml'l'i'IIl'Il,l. Anne Beverly Allen Lola Frances Andrewh Betsy Austin Mary Elizabeth Mary Bailey llnlh Bailey Mary Sun B1-rry Annav Bosliek Belly Brown Helen Canady Mary Anne Canady Virginia Cates Louise Combs Averill Mlcmbers Anne Conway Mitzi Covington Geraldine Dawkins Mary Anne Dixon Page Eatman Rodney Anne liahnan Pilizahelill Flournlly Kalhrine Forl Flora Goetz Elsie Gupton Gladys Harrington Anne Hodges Elizabeth Hosltetler Julia lie-ann Lee Alice Ligon Nell Lloyd Margaret Milla Mary Iiily Moore Nanry Mefrary Evelyn Mellutiil- M a rv Fa therine M el inthe Marie MeKnig'hl Kathryn Norman Rebecca Norman Mary Elizabeth Parrihh Sarah Pealross In -lufust 1860, Stephen A. Douglas, at that time one of the canflirlates for the President of the United States J , visited Raleigh Dorothy Perry Hortense Perry Carolyn Pierce Jacqueline Prevost Virginia Richardson Geraldine Sanders Martha Sliowallvr Grave Tyner Hilah While Mary Galt VVil1ialnson Carolyn VVillis Julia NVingate Edna You' lHlllnY Officers BILL HORTON Prfwidrfrit KARL HUDSON BILL SPAIN IIPNRX IPNKINS View Prvsirlr-nf Sfcrftary I rravurrr pl d'vi.s'4'rs MH. JETER MR. DEVVYEA NIR POWPI I Members f Bailey, Ruflin 5 C, N . X' Blanchard, I.llWl'Q'lll'l' Davidson, Mettaucr Wriglit. Isaac Link, Cllil.l'lCS Little, Rohm-rt Martin, .lolin Martin. W. T. McMillan. Arc-him Miller, Fred Morris, William Park, Ben Pickett, Paul Pitman, Harvey Price, Edwin Roberts, Don Ross, William Spain, Bill Walker, .limmiv Williams, Mac Williams, Walter Wooten, Louis 1 l ll. l'. J. ':cv:.v inxlilufwl in Rulwigh in 1859 'wifi Il. l'. JI1'l'ny as prvfsirlmil an I lnuna a Clwrrluru 81 LATIN CIUUB Oifficers B I LLY LAMBIC Prvsidrnt CATHERINE VVYATT El,1ZABETI'I FLOU KNOX' ANN CHRISTIAN Vfvr' PTI'-virifni Srfcrrfary 7'fI'C1SIll'1'7' JUNIOR DRAMATIC CILTUB NANCY POE Vicr' Presiriffnt MRS. C. P. DANIELS Faculty Adviser ls late as 1860 then' were still two log cu Officers SARAH CROVVDER President CHARLES LAMBERT MARY JEAN HOOPER Secretary Trffasurffr SARAH OLIVER, '36 Student .411'visPr bins standing in Raleigh, on JIcDo-well Street. 82 VVILLA DREVV. '36 ,-lssistant Sfudfnt .ldviser P on West Edenton Street and the other L., RF BEf'l'A NORMAN Prr-.ridmil RHEA HUGHES Trr'n.rurr'r Anne Beverly Allen Elsie Andrews Betty Ashhy Nancy Barwick Betty Brown Dorothy Bunn Caroline Carlton Mary Coggin Bruce Comer Ethel Comer .lean Cooper Evelyn Covington Frances Craven Margaret Cromartie Margaret Cutliff Nancy Dalton Mettauer Davidson Marjorie Didenhover Willa Drew Marjie Dunaway Page Eatman THE JLITTJLJE THEATER Oillficers MARGIE DUNAWAY Vice Prrfsirlenl SARAH RUA RK Reporter Members Rodney Anne Eatman Betty Emanuel .le-an Finch l'llizaheth Flournoy Virginia Foster Valeria Garlington Billie Gilliam Madeline Grandy Charlotte Hines Suzanne Hudson Rhea Hughes Nell Koonce Susanne Leinster Alice Ligon Matrena Lockhart Joyce Luck Nancy Mann Charlotte Miller hlary Lily Moore Rebecca Norman Sarah Oliver PAGE EATMAN Secretary MISS MILDRED PITTMAN Adviser Edwin Penick Pauline Ponton Ralph Reeves .lean Renfrow Sarah Ruark Charlotte Ruffner Geraldine Sanders Cuba Silver Frances Templeton Barbara Thompson Louise Thompson Eleanor Vereen Clyde Wade Cornelia Walker Harry Way Walter Williams Mary Galt Williamson Sidney Anne Wilson Edith Wooten Betty Wright Annie Catherine Wright The first courthouse was not ererted until 7860. 83 f 1 71 n I N .V SCIENCE ClLlUlB Oillhiccrs LILLIAN HARVVARD ELIZABETH COPPEDGE CLAIRE FREEMAN President Vice Presfdeffzl Secretary I AVVRENCE BLANCHARD BILLY VVILLIAMS DOROTHY PERRI Treaszlrer Sergeant-at-.'Irms Cffiic' NIRS. NANCY ROOT, MR. E. C. POWELL, MR. P. H. JETER, MRS. EDNA VVELLB ld-uiurs Mac Allen Marie Anderson C. H. Andrews John Arey Mildred Askew Nancy Barwick Dan Belvin Mary Lou Bird Lawrence Blanchard Charles Bradshaw Jacqueline Branch Nell Brown Alton Campbell Frances Carter Ann Christian Elizabeth Coppedge Bill Cozart Frances Craven VVilliam Craven ltuth Davidson David Dodge James Edwards Billy Ellington Douglas France Claire Freeman Marion Fuller Pope Garrison Robert Garrison Members James Halnrick Lillian Harward Julian Horton Mary Sue Jackson Josephine Johnson Thurman Kenyon Billy Lambe Ben Lawrence Dorothy Lloyd Bill Lovell Mary Alice Nickols 6 W Mac Norwood Fred Parott George Penick Dorothy Perry Horace Rawls Billy Robertson Warren Bock Charles Rue Louise Scott Billy Seawell Richard Spencer Harriet Stanton Dick Tatum Betty Ruth Thompson Billy VVilliams Becky Vllitherspoon Isaac VVright IIILLIAN l-Ianwfxno Presirlent During flu' Civil lVnr, Raleigh had rr mrifcli f'm-fury. 8-li KARL HUDSON lalliflll'-ilJ'fvlliffl NANCY BIAUPIN ISAAC' WRIGHT l'frli10r.v K AT H R R I N R T L' R N R Sophmnnrr' Hvpurfrr HENRY J HNKINS Spnrtx Ifrlilor G RORG li C700 I' li R .lulrrx lflliffll' Jlvx.vr's. ll HJIJHMIES lm1s141u'1' I.I'1"1'I.1f: l'0'1!llSiIlI'.Y.V R FRED SCHMIDT 1"I'!'-YIIIIIIIII lfepnrfflr MARY GALT VVILLIAMSON .'Ic'li1'ifif's lfrlilor XVILLIAM ROSS Jl1lIlllgf'l'.3' SARAH RUARK BARBARA THOMPSON Senior Iffporterx SYDNOR WHITE Su I1-Frf'.s'h man Rvporter BETTY VVRIGHT Lilwrar-y Hflifnr MAC'Wl+1I,I,S. RALPH RREVRS, BRN PARK l'irculutiou lFaucullty Adviser HAROLD DEWYHA umillun :mal l'urlw' npwnwl Ihr first flnrul lnlxillwxx in Mtill. 85 JOSEPHUS DANIELS LITERARY SOCIETY Oilfieers ROBERT LITTLE VVll,LlAlNl ROSS WILLIAM JOhI IN President Vice President Secretary GEORGE COOPER J. M. JENRETTE Treasurer Sergeant-at-.-lrm.v VAN COVINGTON EDVVIN PENICK, Jr. NIISS HELEN RUNNIONT Program Chairman Publicity l'hairman .'l111'i.w'r Members John Arey Lawrence Blanchard Charles Bradshaw Tom Brogan Arthur Cooper George Cooper Van Covington Lawrence Crabtree Frank Faucette Warren Ferguson Arthur Harris Dan Hodges Kern Holornan Julian Horton Bill Hudson Karl Huds cmxn Toni Hutchins J. M. Jenrette Williz nxxn Joslin Robert Little Elmer Lowry W. T. Martin Robert Melvin Gwynn Nowell Ben Park Edwin Penivk Paul Pivkvll Aubrey Pittinun Bill Poteat Edwin Pon Edwin Prim VV'illialn Ross Billy Se:-:well VVillis Smith llii-k Illiitlllll Ben 'l'hrift Harry 'l'uel-:er Louis VVooten Leigh YVilson Hobby Wright ls: izim- W'righi The Josephus Daniels Literary Society meets every two weeks. Ilts purpose is to .ind and encourage public speaking among the students of Brougihton High School. Members of the Society take part in debates, impromptu speeches, and humorous entertainments in accordance with their purpose. .1 danviny school was npefncfri in 1860. 86 A F ORIENSICS MARY ELIZABETH AVERILL DORIS GOERCH WILLIAM SPAIN WILLIAM HORTON Much interest is manifested in debating by the students of Needham Broughton High School. Each year the Josephus Daniels Literary Society sponsors this activity under the capable guidance of Miss Helen Runnion of the Social Science department. The team selected to compete in the state triangular debate for 1936 was composed of Mary Elizabeth Averill and Doris Goerch on the aHirmative, and Bill Horton and Bill Spain on the negative. The affirmative team lost to the negative team of Fayetteville in Durham. The negative team defeated the afiirmative team of Durham in Fayetteville with 8 UI18HiII10l1S dCCiSi0l1- The query for this year was: Resolved, that the several states shall provide for the socialization of Inedicine. ' A large number of students participated in Preliminary debates on the topic in January prior to the selection of the team. Martha Showalter and David TUYUCI' WCW Yllillled all3Cl'llHtCS- Needham Broughton won the Ayr-04-k Memorial Cup in 1933 and each year since has had out- standing teams. Debating Squad Mary Elizabeth Averill William Horton Doris Goerch Martha Showalter William Spain Elmer Lowery David Turner I I Miss HI-:LEN RUNNION Forensics Instructor In 1860 Raleigh Pnjoyerl the distinrtiorz of having a "mineral springf' If was owned by J. II. Kirkhafm. 87 To K AYCCOCK STATUE Charles Brantley Ayrcorcls was the most heloved North Carollnian of his generation. He received his marlsed distinction not only for being Governor of North Carolina but for the fact that he made universal education "a matter ol: course instead of a matter of debate." The following is the inscription on Governor Ayco'cli's monument, which was presented to the State hy thousands of school children all over North Carolina and placed in the South end of Capitol Square: "The equal right of every child horn on earth to have the opportunity to hurgeon out all there is within him." 88 v'-we THIE l.ATllPAfC STAFF of 1936 DIEDNCATIES this section to RAYMOND GIRIEGSON and ALLEN NELMS Thr- coacln-s of Raleigh High Schools whose unifailing loyalty, enthusiasm and unsurpassed coaching have produced four State Championship reams this year. Their high ideals and Christian principles have exerted a marked influence on the youth of our schools. 8 9 11936 CTTIIZENS AWARDS COMMITTEE Many Raleigh firms and individuals contributed funds to the Citizens Awards Committee in order that Raleiglfs high school footballers-the boys who won for Raleigh its first football State Championship since 1915-might be well rewardei for the line services they rendered on the gridiron during this past fall. The Awards Committee wai composed of Roy Smith, who Captained the 1915 high school teamg W. J. Spain, father of Bill Spaing William Henry Shaw, Principal of Broughton High School, and Dewey R. Starnes, Faculty Manager of Athletics. Thus our local high school heroes received mmograms, sweaters, and gold football charms as gifts for their fine work. Even those who did not play enough to win a monogram received sweaters. The gridders were honored at 21 banquet given by the Awards Committee and were presented their gifts by Ray Gregson and Allen Nelms, the directors behind the championship performance. The Coaches also were honored by the Committee-each received a gold football and a llllC slip, the due slip being good for a suit of clothes. 119115 STATE CHAMPTONSHTP lFOOTlBAlLlL TEAM Raleigh's high school gridders of 1915 provfd to be real footballers on Monday-it was on these days that the locals played off ties with VVilmington and Charlotte to win the Eastern and State Championships. After dropping a 7-0 decision to Goldsboro in the opening game, the locals went undefeated during the rest of the season-but they were forcezl to go the limit to gain their Championships. They played' Wilmington at Chapel Hill on a Saturday far the Eastern Championship-hut were held to :I 7-7 tie. On the following Monday, the Raleigh team gained a 9-0 decision to take the Championship. The locals then played the Charlotte high team for the State Title on the next Saturday-but were again held to a 7-7 tic. Then came Monday-a prominent day for Raleigh fans-and Coach Phillips' team delivered a fine performance to win the State Title with a 7-0 victory. Thus the 1915 gridders proved real iron men which was quite the style ill 7311056 days-to take- Captain Roy Smith, Ralph Champion, Ben Terrell, Guy Norwood, and John Faucette gained berths on the All-State team. Other members of the team were: Eugene Mills, Raymond Hotchkiss. Dan Daniels, Brainard Whiting, Will X. Coley. Alfred Haynes, Dan Mills, Corydon Spruill, Ken- neth Smith, Hugh McKimmon, Philip Ball, and Francis Arthur. Guy B. Phillips, the present superintendent of the Greensboro Public Schools acted as coach for the 1915 State Champions of Raleigh. l9l5 CII.mIPIoNs oI-' NORTH CAIIOLINA ANU b'lRGINIA Slum' I'llf'l'l'l'.N'ff.ll Ccoloredj was opzfuezl in 1865. 90 H175 ZZ '9"7V"' . we H ,W 1 'gfw ' 1935 STATIE HCHAIVIIIPIIIONSHIIIP lF'O0'lI'1BAlLlL SQUAD Reading from left to right, Back Row: Coach Ray Gregson, William Henry Shaw, Roy Smith, Coach Allen Nelms, Julian White, Howard Morgan, Everette Carter, Robert Goodwin, Charlie Wood, Ralph Burt. Third Row: Ben Park, Paul Wood, Bobby Miller, Henry Fancctte, Rich Godwin, Juniv Page, Bill Spain, Jimmy Allen. 'Second Row: Willard Parker, Bob Evans, Chic Doak, Valton Holley, Wiley Bullock, Mr, W. J. Spain, Bill Horton, William Charles Jones, VV. 0. Allen, John Smith, Manager Jolm Martin. First Row: Leon 'l'illcy. Cheerleader Bill Vaughn, Henry Jenkins, Joe Godwin, Manager Tom Cain, Bruno Manginn. Berdie Kelly, Don Roberts, Bill Smith, Benton Brown, Merle Senna. Shown above are Raleiglfs high school Stat.: Championship footballers. The Hurricanes were coached by Ray Gregson, former VVake Forest College star. and Allen Nelnxs, former State College athlete. The Season's record follows: Raleigh Sanford . , . , 0 Raleigh , ,,,. Wilmington . 0 Raleigh VVilson . , . . , li Raleigh , .,,. Oxford . , . , . , 0 Raleigh Columbia . , . 0 Raleigh ..,,. .,,. D urham . . ...,. . . . 0 Raleigh Apex . . 7 Raleigh , , .,,. . . . Rocky Mount 7 Raleigh . 31 Winston-Salem . In Ihc early rla-ua Raleigh had a Iowa zvaich which putrallwrl lhe uinlighlerl xlrlfcls al nigh! and lwpf from wandering abroad. 91 fha nlavw FOOTBALL During the fall of 1935, the Purple Hurricanes produced one of the most successful gridiron cam- paigns ever staged here. The locals walked off with Eastern Conference honors and then bowled ovcr VVinston-Salem, VVestcrn Conference Champions, 31-6. for Raleigh's first football State Title in 20 years. Early Games The Hurricanes opened their 1935 season here with a 2-1--0 victory over Sanford. Their pcr- formance pleased the coaches, and prospects for a successful season appeared bright. Ten-yard off-tackle jaunts hy Junie Page and Willard Parker and a line smash by Merle Senna provided the locals with three touchdowns and a 19-6 triumph over VVilson in the first Eastern Conference engagement. Raxlleigh 2, Collumbia 0 With less than two minutes to play and the ball deep in Columhia's territory, a had pass from ccntcr resulted in a safety and provided the Hurricanes with a 2-0 victory. A record crowd of' -14,000 spectators witnessed the contest, which was played 011 the Columbia high field. "Dufcksoup" Hitting their mid-season form, the locals rolled up a 54--7 win over Apexg a 27-0 victory over VVilmingtong and a 53-0 win over Oxford. The reserves figured prominently in these games and the first stringers played less than a half of each contest. These- games could hest he termed as "ducksoup." A V li.-xl.r:luii vs. VViNs'l' Kenan Stadium University of North Carolina SI. zlll!lll!4filIP'A' Wnllrfyaf for cnlorvd men llllll 'Zl'0IIll'll' was nprfnwl in ISHN. 92 Raleigh 14, Durham 0 Approximately 5,000 spectators turned out in Riddick Stadium at State College to see Raleiglfs Purple Hurricanes cross the payoff line in the second and fourth periods and gain a 14--0 victory over Durham's Bulldogs. Junie Page heaved a Hat six-yard pass over the goal line to Bruno Mangum for the first touchdown and Willard Parker intercepted a Durham pass and ran 411 yards to the second. Eastern Champs! State Champs! Following the Durham game, the Hurricanes needed only a victory over Rocky Mount to clinch thc Eastern Conference Crown-and they made the best of the opportunity. They ehalked up a 27-7 victory over the Blackbirds and this entitled them to meet Winston-Salem, Western Conference Champions, for the State Championship. ' Coaches Gregson and Nelms' locals went on a scoring spree in the Kenan Stadium at Chapel Hill to crush Winston-Salem's Black Demons, 31-6, and capture the State Title. .lunie Page and Bill Smith often brought the 4-,000 spectators to their feet with numerous long runs. AllnState At the close of the season, Charlie Wood, a fine tackle who was named on the 1934- All-State team, was given a berth on this year's team along with Junie Page and Bruno Mangum. John Smith, Red Tilley, Merle Senna, Bill Horton and Bob Evans were placed on various alternate teams. Junius Page was our All-Southern representative. Page was voted the most valuable player by team mem- bers and was presented a trophy by the City Commissioners. .'r. y Ranamu vs. IJURHAM Riddick Stadium State College The Sfllfl' School for fha Negro Dwaf and Dumb wax nxfnblinhwl in 1868. 93 J' 11936 STATE CHAMIPHONSHJIP IBOXIING SfQiUAlD Raleigh's high school boxers were np to their usual standards during the winter of l93li Coach Allen Nelms' pugs brought home their third consecutive State Championship and their fourth in the six years it has taken place. Coach Nelms has made a fine record as tutor of the mittnien. In his two years of service here. he has turned out a like number of championship teams. Peele Johnson, now mentor of State College's ringmen, and Albert Spurlock produced the other championship teams. The ltaleighites had few dual meets this season-they won four and tied one. 'l'he tie was with the North Charleston highs from South Carolina, S'l'A'l'E 'l'0l'ltNAlVl ENT The locals entered the State Tournament at Chapel Hill as top-heavy favoritcsfand they sent seven men through the opening rounds and into the finals. This was another record which the Raleigh boys established this year. On the following: night, Bos Beckwith. 105, Clifton Vl'ri,irl1t, 125, and John Smith, 175. were crowned individual champions and the locals piled up a total of ten and a half points to take the team championship. Cutie Carter and Dwight Minis, who were making their debut in the ring this year, turned in fine per- formances to reach the finals'-but both lost on close decisions during the final night. George Moras and Howard Kennedy were the other local boys to gain berths in the finals. Kennedy won an individual championship last year. Clifton Wrighfs individual title this year was his third in as many series of appearances in the Chapel Hill ring. This is already a record for the most individual championship won by one person and Wright will be in the ring to set a record, which will likely stand for a long while. Governor Swain laid the corn-er stone in 1833 for our Capitol lmilding. 91- Back Row: Charlic Link, guardg Berdie Kelly, forwardg Charles Jordan, centerg Bill Spain. guardg H. O. Morgan, manager. Front Row: Coach Gregson, Bruno Mangum, forwardg Charles Wood, guardg Hubert Riddle. centerg Juinus Sapp, forwardg Junius Page. guardg Will Smith, forward. Not photographed: Paul Wood, guard. 1935 CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL SQUAD Above are pictured Coach Ray Gregson and his State Championship basketeers. These boys won all of ten games opposing high school opponents, but lost all of six contests with college frcsh- man teams. The season's record follows: Raleigh ...,. . ..... 27 VVake Forest Frosh Raleigh . . , ..., 26 Duke Frosh . . , . . . Raleigh , . , ,.,. 36 Rocky Mount . . . . Raleigh . . A . .15 VVake Forest Frosh Raleigh . . . . , , 42 Wilmington , . . . . . Raleigh . . . . .19 Wake Forest Frosh. . . Raleigh .. .... 28 Wilson ,. . . . , , . .. Raleigh .... 28 State Frosh . , All the members of the Championship and Smith. 36 Raleigh , ,.,. 31 Rocky Mount , . . .12 'Ll Raleigh ..., . . . Ml Fayetteville . . , .ll 13 Raleigh 19 Durham . , 35 Raleigh -12 VVilson ...,.,. , . . 9 Raleigh 27 VVake Forest Frosh 35 Raleigh 30 Greenville . . . , . 6 Raleigh 22 Durham ,...,, . 29 Raleigh 33 High Point team will graduate except Linke. Jordan. Peawood In 1874 the post ojice corner stone was laid. 95 "' I X v E 1 i E , R I if-T t K t BASKETBALL . Y G'-Q, XYltt-tt lntikt-tltztll st-:lsttn rttllt-tl ttrttutttl, ltrttapt-t'tw t'tt1' :ttttttht-t' Sttttt- Ulttttttltittttwltip tt-:tm wt-rv hriulttt-r thzut t-vt-r. Vttttt-h lltty llrt-:Estttt htttl lttst ltttt ttttt- IJlilj't'l'1Slll'k l'lllllI'l"-l-l'0lll lust yt-:tt"s Nttttt- Ulirtlttpittllsltiit tt-ztlli. .lltltttttuh tht- llttl'l'it'atnt-:4 rt-t-t-ivt-tl ft-vt-rztl st-t-ltttt-ks frttm '1::' Q: t-ttllt-20 frt-sltttttttt ll'2llllN, they htttl littlt- trttttltlt- in t'tltttt1t'inL ' tht- littstt-rtt f'ttttft-t't-ttt-t- flllilllllllllllhlllll. Tht-3' tttrttt-tl in tt iii-W' t-t-t-ttt'tl ttf ttittt- wittsfittvltttlittu twtt vit-tttrit-5 ttX't'1' Dttrlttxut -:ttttl tttt tlt-t't-:ttf in t-ttttt't-t't-nt-t- t-ttmltt-tititttt, This t-ttlillt-d Ihtttt ttt mt-t-t llixh l'ttittt's liiattttf, Wt-att-rn l'ttttft-rt-1tt'f' lhttttpx fttt' tht- Stzttt- 'l'itlt-. A-fm Q Another Sport! Another -Chattmtpiotnslhtitp! K Tht- lttt-:tla frttttttl tht- fttitttr prt-tty tttttuh in tht- tira rt httlt' of tht- t'lt:tm1tittttshi1t hztttlt- :tml wt-rt- ltt-ltl ltt tt SHI tir- fwtJ'5"' 1 7 lint tht- st-t'tt1ttl httlf ltrtttluttt-tl tt tlitTt-rt-ttt stttry, l'tt:tt'h lltli 4, M llt't-usttttk t-ltttrut-s ttffert-tl tt tint- :tll-t-tttttttl 1tt-t'fttt'ttt:tnt-t- :tn wht-tt tht- tittztl Lrtttt stttttttlt-tl, tht- lttt-:tls hzttl t'h:tlkt-tl up 'f- -... U7'-l' -' :t Ill!-21 win ovt-t' tht- l"ttt'ttitttt't- Pity ltttls thtts Lrttittitt tht-it' st-t-ttlttl t'ttttst-t'lltiYt- Slllll' 'l'ltlt-, X :T ir v.Xt tht- ttlttst- ttf tltt- st-ttwttn. litthltat llitltllt- was vtttt-tl bt 5,94 his tt-ttntnt.ttt-5 :ts tht- tttttft vttlttttltlt- ttlztyt-t' tttt tht- It-:Htl i--' K ' llt- :tlstt wtts tht- top st-tty-t-r ttf tht- st-:tsttttft-tttttttitt: 161 'T' tit-ltl gttttls :ttttl LSI fret- thrttww fttt' tt ttttttl ttf Sll ttttintx "A 1- Jttnitt- l':tt:t- watt st-t-tttttl with NU tttttrkt-tw tttttl Vltttrlit- NVtttttl ltlztttt-tl thirtl with 76. Otht-t' st-ttrt-rs fttllttw: Ht-1'tlit- 'Kt-llt 1 H225 llrtttttt ftlatttafttttt, 53: .lttttitts Supp, 533 Iiill Sttttitt 114: flllllfllt' .lttl'tl:tn, 6: Hill Smith. Il: Hill .txt-ttt-k. 2. lHl6:tre's Dope On 1936 Cage -Champions lirutttt Mztttgruttt-lirttntt was sit-k mttrt ttf tht- wt-asmt Ittttt wats ttn hzttttl to display his tint- tthility in ntttst ttf tht imttttrtttnt arttmc-s, Bl'llll0.S pt't-at-ttt-v tm tht- t-ttttrt W Q. :tlwttys :tn :ttlvtttttnfv ttt tht- lOtf!llh, :mtl tht-y st-t-mt-tl to 'fl Ittt'k tht'-ir ttsuttl ptttttth tlttritt: his :tltst-twt-. tty-tw NX? fltr' ffrxf t-Itft-frir liyltfx wt-rw p 96 ttf ittftt ttprrttlittrt. i Berdie Kelly-Berdie was injured badly in the State Championship football game with Winston-Salem not play basketball until the middle of January. he played fine ball to win a regular position on and could However, the team. Bubba Riddle-Bubba has a cup to prove that he is the most valuable player on the team. His 76 inches of altitude was always a :creat advantage to the Raleifzh team. .Tunie Page-A natural basketball player, whose fine floor games and great defensive performances proved to be the important factors of the locals' numerous victories, Charlie Wood-A hard-lighting player who was known as a real "money-man." Wood and Page were regarded as the best pair of guards in the State. Juniua Sapp-Played as a regular most of the season and was a biz factor in the locals' two victories over Durham. Sapp was a fine shot and was equally as good n defensive player. 'Bill Spain-A former Charlotte player, who saw much service as a reserve on Coach Grezson's team. Bill had a tough job in trying to beat out either YVood or Page, hut the spirit and' scrap he displayed in his task made him a much improved ball player, All of these 'boys have p'ayed their last season of high school basketball here and they deserve much credit for the way they have played. Practically all of them played! three seasons-they won two State Championships. YVill Smith, Charlie Jordan, and Charles Link were also hard-working reserves who turned in fine work when called upon. These boys will probably form the backbone of the 1937 team. Paul Wood and Bill Aycock, reserves this season, will probably see action next year. In 1886 the first street was avecl. Th' y fu . AI 17: 9 . 1 Q. or N "gAL.ffQy , 7 I '34 1 3 p is was known as the Belgian block. X Y,g 11936 STATE CHANIPMONSHHP lBASlElBAlLlL SQUAD The locals won eleven games in racking up their first baseball championship since 19311 -exactly five years. lncluded in the locals' victories were two wins over Durham---one by a 17-l margin. Reading from lcft to right thc picture shows: Rack row--Paul Wood, Bill Spain, Jimmy Stevenson, Bubba Riddle, Clifton Wright, Howard Kennedy, 'l'om Cain, George Smith. Middle row' Manager Howard Morgan, Junie Page, Karl Hud- son, Rerclie Kelly, Bruno Mangum, Hob Evans, Ansel Berry. Coach Allen Nelms. Front row---Vl'illiam Charles Jones, T. M. Phillips, John VV:-xlters, Chic Doak, Cutie Carter, Merle Senna, C. D. Ferrell, Charlie Jordan. Cnphotographed: Bill Horton, Jimmy Smith, Vl'iley Bullock, and Preacher VVeeks. Coach Allen Nelms' baseball team appeared to be just another ball club as the season opened but that was not the case with this hard-fighting team. The locals improved in every game until they reached their peak in mid-season and then coasted the rest of the way to a State Championship. 'l'he Raleighites won the championship by putting on a great closing rally to overcome Greensboro by an 8-5 score. The locals were trailing by a 5-2 count when they put across two runs in the eighth and four in the ninth to sew up the hall game. Junic Page hattcd in the tying and winning runs by hitting a single in the ninth with the bases loaded. The championship was the fourth major sport title the locals had won during the current school year'--V a record for North Carolina high school sports. The locals had a team batting average of .302 and fine pitche ing-1--by Jimmy Smith, J. VV. Mitehem, and Preacher VV4-'eks-enabled the locals to win all of eleven games. The season's record follows: Raleigh 10 Greenville Raleigh Rocky Mount Raleigh 11 Greenville Raleigh Durham , Raleigh 8 Durham . . Raleigh Rocky Mount Raleigh lti W'ilson . Raleigh VVilson , . Raleigh 20 Fayetteville Raleigh Fayetteville Raleigh , . . . H Greensboro 5 The S0ldiI'r'x Home. with buildings of wood. was uccupivvl in 18711, JUNIOR lFO0TlBAlLlL Although prospects at thc hz-ginning of tht- season wcrm- anything hut hright. C'oac'lu-s lfinlator and Kamvtvlivs turned out tlic most suvce-ssful junior footlmll teams cvs-r to rc-pre-sf-nt R1llf'lgll'S high school. The juniors were undc-fe-sited-winning all of fright gzuncs. Dwight Mims. Mac Williams. Andrvw Be-ck. :ind Russell Godwin were top pcrfornwrs in tha' line :ind Vvillis Kimrey, Brucm' Nlc'Don:ild. and Jimmie- YV:ilk4-r stood out in the lmckliclcl. if wwf GOLF - Raleigh's high school golfers were far ahovv thc' usual standards this yn-ar. The State Cham- pionship meet was at the Hopv Valley course in Durham on the thirty-first of April. Thus far the locals have won five matches and lost only two-both defeats we-rf' at the hands of Durham. The team was composed of: Henry Bowden. Carl Vlfilliamsoxi. Grover Poole. Andrew Beck. James Casper, Grove-r Dillon. and David Thompson. Durham won the State Championship. 7'h1'SflIfP Prison was bwgfun in IR60 and -zc'a.v jinishvd rr numhrfr of years laffr. 99 at , aww-f. iz : can . 'ss TENNIS H Raleiglfs l1igh school nctters have failed to win a match thus far this year-but this is not because they do not have the ability, but because they have been up against the stirfest competition in this section. Hugh Grant and Bobby VVright entered the State Championship meet at Chapel Hill: however, both were eliminated in early play. In their dual meets, the locals have lost to Darlington Prep School, Chapel Hill and Durham. Mr. Powell coached the netters. Other members of the team are: Archie lNIcMillan. Louis Vvooten, Ike VVright, Henry Jenkins, Bill Basdcn. North Hinklc. and Alton Campbell. TRACK Rah-igh's high school five-man track team failed to offer any competition in the matter of "team scoring," however. Charlie Wood-All-State tackle in football and a star guard on the bas- ketball team-became one of the record-setters in the invitational interscholastic track meet at Durham. Charlie put the shot -19 feet. Sys inches to better the old mark of fl-5, IOM inches set in 19311-. He also won fourth place in the discus throw at Durham. In the state meet at Chapel Hill, VVood won first place for the second time in the twelve pound shot. Junius Sapp and Don Roberts of basketball and football fame were the other members of the team. Both failed to place in the meet at Durham, but Sapp ranked third-one notch above Charlie VVood-in the discus throw in the State Championship meet at Chapel Hill. VVilliam Henry Shaw coached the track-men. SWIMMING Ralciglfs high school swimming-the first in the history of the school-did very well under the ''circuinstancc-s" but were not up to the standards of other fine athletic teams produced herc. Bobby Miller a11d Billy Stone placed third in the diving and 220 yard dash at the meet in Durham. and Joe Godwin and Bobby Finch gained fourth places in the dashes. The locals had no dual meets - as did other teams in this section -- and they had only three days, in which to round into shape for the invitational inter-scholastic meet at Durham-the first official North Carolina High School Swimming meet. Ray Gregson coached the swimmers-and did a fine job for the few days of service he rendered. In IHS!! Hu' Shih' .lfll'i1'IIll'IlI'fl1 and 3ll?l'IIllIIIl'1'll College llllflllfll. Thix Ialer flcvelopafd info Shih' College. 100 'wawagnanlini GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MARY SUE BERRY RITA DUBOIS LILLIAN HARWARD President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer KATHERINE VVYATT M RS. H. H. HUTCHINSON Reporter .-Idviser Group I Dorothy Evans, lA'lll10l',' Betsy Austin, Ruby Speight, Betty Sue Newsom, Margaret Cutlitf, Annette Spruill, Elizabeth Kelly, Jean Renfrow, Josephine Johnson, Betty Ellington, Marjorie Didenhoven, Helen Bobbitt, Carolyn Hoover, Mary Bryant Upshaw, Mary Anne Sorrell, Mary Cornick Bridgers, Margaret Briggs, Dorothy Beddingfield, Mary E. Stephenson, Dorothy Perry, Sarah Oliver, Pauline Ponton, Claire Freeman, Sarah Crowder, Virginia Hassinger, Doris Clark, Sarah Peatross, Harriet Browning, June Johnson, Mary Lou Stephenson, Calla Goodwin, Sara M. Holt, Ruth Parker, Edna Whitley, Jean Bailey, Lillian Harward, Katherine Fort, Dot Shannonhouse, Mary Ellen Senter, Yvonne Weaver, Julia R. Lee, Elizabeth Cole, Rita Dubois, Rose Mary l'nderwood, Jennille Harris. Group II ' Frances Sumner, Leader: Margaret Johnson, Grace 'l'yner, Lillian Winston, Ruby Allen, Dorothy Pearce, Margaret Medlock, Dorothy Redmond, Mary Ann Canady, Betsy Ann Clendenin, Mary Gilmore Marsh, Margaret Hairston, Margaret McKenzie, Anne Beverly Allen, Evelyn Mc-Duffy, Bobby Stoudenmire, Harriet Stanton, Mary F. Gerling, Mildred Johnson, Doris Lowder, Virginia Boykin, Helen Martin, Alma Lou Doster, Marjorie Massey, Dorothy Murdock, Mattie Covington, Billie Crouse, Margaret McLean, Doris Pearce, Mary Rhoney, Irene VVhite, Violet Leveridge, Norma Ross, Erma Holton, Juanita Aiken, Elsie Pearce, Estelle Privette, Mildred Morris, Rebecca Ford, Lorraine Wilson, Dorothy Wedding, Mildred Barbour, Delene Stoudenmire, Hillie Mae Doster, Lucille Coley, Blanner Brower. Group III Marie Anderson, Lmder: Gladys Harrington, Peggy Stanton, Bessie Russell, Kareen Taylor, Frances VVails, Frances VVilliams, Mary Faucette, Catherine Martin, Elizabeth VVarren, Margaret Fowler, Margaret Brown, Yirgie Johnson, Dorothy Roberts, Martha Ward, Sarah Roach, Betty Hunt, Peggy Thorson, Marguerite Cromartie, Mary Louise Dunn, Nell Brown, Frances Carter, Mary A. Nichols, Dorothy Lloyd, Sarah W. France, Betsy Warren, Nancy Mann, Margaret Johnson, Katherine Emorey, Hilah VVhite, Mary Anne Dixon, Elizabeth Rogers, Dixie French, Emma Dale Taylor, Mildred Jeanette, Frances Mowery, Betty Jean Miller, Anne Castle- man, Katherine Norman, Betty Hilker, Elizabeth Poteat, Adelaide Scales, Elizabeth Beaty, Nancy Poe, Charlotte Hines, Frances Craven, Ruth Olive, Sue Scott, Mary K. McDut't'y, Grace Horton, Jeanne Dozier, Edythe Senna, Marjorie England. Group IV Margaret Mills, l,w14ler,' Louise Turner, Virginia Pearce, Mabel Rhoney, Sidney A. VVils0n, Jean Finch, Katherine Hardison, Suzanne Hudson, Margaret Massey, Ruth Davidson, Louise Combs, Alice Mitchell, Dorothy Vereen, Charlotte Houlder, lhrie Pou, Virginia Upchurch, Rebecca Perry, Anne Harris, Marita Warner, Mary Sue Berry, Anne Conway, Ida Dunn Harris, Sarah Hardison, Helen Jordan, Anne Hodges, Dorothy Durfey, Elsie Gupton, Mary Lou Bolick, Virginia Broome, Celeste Perry, Marie Furman, Mae Bradley, Frances Thurston, Rachel Peatross, Virginia Bunn, Gladys Taylor, Frances Rainey, Katherine Rainey. Katherine Lancaster, Hortense Perry, Ann Bratton. In 1807 there were seventy-five or more bachelors in Raleigh. 1012 - r lfffvgf, 5 ,- 'fl W 'I H' 7.4! ..x. BQ: . . , Ifulrfiglh lmx lhirlvrn prrr l 93 W-','Q:'Sg:3: :,:: ---Saw -ig: A , ,:i'f,' af MANN' OLWER'5ELL'M'EAFFEE - Cooke JL.: SENIOR MASCOT Bsrsv Tom LAWRENCE Q-Q I -T if N ,ww X A-33 f ! 1 E MONOGRAM DANCE MANGUM- ALL STATE END PAGE ALL Srme QUARTER New CREEK LEADER ALL SOUTHERN QUARTER VAUGHAN - SENNA' Scorr- ENGLAND Tom CAIN - Mon. A 5 A BILLY RALHGH vs. w'NSTON , SALEM RALEIGH Haan 5AND Rmenen vs. vuanm-GAME The elevation of Raleigh is 363 feet above sea level. 104 p 'I , U V 11 -' ', . 'Iii24HfQfl?.e!!vm' d41YS Qriffiny s06iiilfvi?i1rirri0hS. were held, ?in, '.rireA :mai-821 df :thg Egilfigqli. Q1g sdverglgv"Qcc,asiQhsA 1331157 wqrg held jh the fS'eiiatq-,Chambgxg . whme,Agggq4f enafgdelier A:mq,:a A n11giarea caialesmnds gebnmaafin 1a-ebcqnsg 5m6nsPHa1l:-fbwinse Wlib !1i!13'!!if'd5fl'CE!zf V lk F A ,-" x,,1, 'X S r 24 ,Q ' 4 3 ,, I 4 , U , . , Vi S D, L. za I I The rapid! dlevelopment of Raleigh :lid not go one heralaulerdl or txnnotieelcl. ln 1825 the young capital was favored by the visit of Mvarrqnis dle Lalllayette of France, a famous Revolutionary general. ln 18441 Henry Clay, a Kenturclsiran orator spent some time in the city. ln 1859 the lprresitlent of the United States, James Buchanan was entertained by the city. ln 11867 Raleigh again opened her heart to welcome a native son, who was at that time lmresitlentu- Andrew Johnson. l "SPOlR'Il'S" l'nswrl by Jlisx .Vurjnrirf Iflljllllllli llllfll Jlr. Jllllilla' Prlyr' null 1llI4lf1lfll'll1l,ll'll in l'ullwu l'1lrlf. This frm uurl was prwwnfrfrl fu Ielllfijlh ll-ll Mr, Stanhope' Pllllvn. 110 A fiixiffkw aAR5'iT2ifN 'M:1TE:,iw . -- 'if ,, T iRk,AkfMfK3g3y,N3ggg5g,.gggg g5'?fgJg,xi4u'!'xqE.i'f5S at .532vx1,Ag41i45iEg:i:S?ZeE g, Y 55-f " f1?!7Z5i,Qp5f3,E,5fSiL2A55'?2-TN 33293 XSD? '-ifgik-"if"f5':L 'Y f E 15131, 123322 iff? 5 ' 'X STUDIOUS LOUIS WOOTEN " T. 1 FRIENDLY RHEA HUGHES 411 JOHN N SON Ponseu ALICE BROUGNTON N .f CHARMING EETTY TE LFATR WRIGHT .1960 JACK Lovvav INTERESTING ATTRACTIVE ROSANNA WINSTON DEPENDABLE RAY 5-our RN AMBITIOUS Cum Suvep. ,E C Y ELSTE ANDREWS: -M413 lfulciylz ix fluf imma' ujfmf uf' four In zucmrv l.'Ulllllllllil'.V. 112 SET: v Q. , X, 9, C, E 3 i if 5. 3 5-fi, xy, . T QW?-A ini- 'ff - ,, A,,,,2f' . if f1STf177P -A 1 EE Fxmcss Cnownen Samoa Dfmce- Loulse Wn.uAMS Samoa Dmce Neue Cones Cfmnue - Eowm Pemcn JR WHITMAN J BU 'r Y EMM PIONEER Ons JUNIOR 5oc:AL EJCIENCE C1RouP L..f' P.T.'A.SrAre Boom CAQNWAL WWNERS REBECCA OF Svunvanoon FARM -- Fuzsr Pruze -- Cnv HERE YS C HA RU 51 g5m0F- cv-W YM! Brwurm wr' nl Fw el - 4 Tom SAWYER-Mas a.J.LAwRsNcs . Pncxwacn Pmsns-MRs.N.L.wALxER 'VXADAME Burrsnnv Fnmcss wYArr-- Mm Bnneens Comma -' Joan wnson Rsaecm NORMAN . A ' .I 1 ,lv ' -r f ' L Gnovek Dm.oN ,E A W, K ' aff-"Q: gr-l? - Gif ' Nr' -. TWP-"Q: F-La T-, I I A ,JZL mi fM,L- '07 C 'ff ,Q 3, Y, , ' 5 T I V . 5-1 Thvrff rrrr' 11.000 .-frhrml l',lfllfl'I'llf in Ilrrlwigll. 113 1"-frixzzl urrfu nf lfalwiyh ix TW, Mnnrr' milrxs. ' Q!-601.134 L . r .. . V. , - 1 , - ,. , ',. ..- ., ,. Hz"i799 JQSEPUf?3'lf3'P1ib33'Sli5s1'ffi? Jim 'Reilbish .nQw5nh'pdiQ . Rdisiiier ahd,'C.a1m!iria Wcfkl? A'd"9!'fi5FF'?'3.H ' 1' , '7 N . if' I A , UP U Tiff I -v iq-ei -mueagn, f , 4 K Qhhertisements twg f Qobfisg- 53- Qvrflexgigifif is www ew ,1 X Q Q3 TeN DOLLaRS REwARd 5. "Ram Llxvllff l'mM Luci s.'1lwliii'ilJc-r, on thc Night' ul' tfzw Igtli lUSiT2llll,, 2 zip- l'rf-iiliill lwys. lvgzmlly lyavimil. I1L'LlT1LfCl William .XI'lCll'l,'XV Aficrlnilim. 'l'I1s1'y arc Nliicli ol' il lu-ight. ailmiwv live li. 4 or lix-'fr irirliffs, zmcl liiir CUI1ll,lPXl'UIl. 'ilflicy wcxil' ul'l'witl1 two mtlicr LllJ1Dl'CI1llCCFS L1ClK'Cl'l'lfl,2Ll by fslclnlis. William Quill Cllairlcs ZS!!'1'. Wlifpn Tlimfy wvnl away they we-rv wi-ll cflliicl--v--lJli1c' vloth Ci,l2llS,IlL'XN' 5.55 lime. zmil ligllt-colon-'ff llOl11a'l?lJLlH Punts. 'lllicf 1lllv1,l4l'l'i,i muiic in llii' crown ol-' X 35 tlic liars .is 'illlicoclmfc f'l2ll'li. l will pay thc almn- I'CXX'Lll"Ql Lo any pcrsou wlm Q will all-liw-1' sziifl .Xpprcg'tit'ivvs to ma- in Rah-igli. OR i will give thi- zfLlJox'1: l'tfXYkl1'kl vo lin' .Xl'ltll'CXN' jlllllllzilll llL1lllk'.Ai S' sg ' fig 21111101 Sclldy, 'l'.Nilm'. . -. Q Y , , K bi. t- Svc: uwyli' ' w xl" 'lax' S' "' 9 J gilt -, ff' 6fm:mE5mSLiEw2fAm:ffm5ER5iQk 5i159535'5fiA:f?m5E5SE Thr rllmzw' ffdZH'Vli.w'nu'nf fl1P?I1'1Y,l'l'll in "'l'l1ff Rrrlffiyll Sim' nur! Hrrzfflilfj nf Juni' 2317, 1524. THE JLATIPAC STAIFJF 1935136 Defdlicates this Page to Edwards Sz Broughton Company Siddell's Studio Barden's Studio Raleigh Chamber of Commerce News and Observer The Raleigh Times The State Magazine Capital Printing Company Commercial Printing Company North Carolina Education American School Board Journal North Carolina Hall of History Lafayette Chapter-Daughters of the American Revolution North Carolina State Library Jean's Lewis Sporting Goods Who, through their interest and couoperation have contributed to our annual. A W +ffWQfvW'S'7 W' WV- LQ I 7 I fx ,lavfr-LA! Iv", LJL' sg!! I I4'o0IhaIl quzlrh-rlmewkz 37-Rlflli-SIT. Fllllhavl-iz Bingwwl OFFICIAL JIEWIQLIQRS 'I'O THIS SENIOR CLASS Class Rings - In uimlionx Cups Wlwfals mul Trophies L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Uirurmmfx IVIIIPII4' . 7 1 JOLLY S LEADING JI'lWEl.l1IRS 182-ll R! and W- 19:16 SI LVERSM ITHS IZH l"ayPllPx'illf' SIYPPI. IIALIQIGII, N. C. Sill't'I'l,l'!lfF Gifts Compliments of IIILIQON SUPPLY CO. Mill Supplies uml ll'Izu'llinf'ry Zlh Slllllll XVI-at SlI'l'f'l 'l.!'ll'lYllUllf' 1 GOODWIN-SIVIITH ISURNITURE COMPANY IZI lfasl lwlilfllll Slrrwl lfUXIPI.I'I'l'l'I Ilflxllf FVRNISIIINILS Furnish Your Home 011 Uur f7UIl'lIl"III'l'llf Bzulgcft Plan Thrfrr r IIJUH wlmul rhilflrvfu in lflllldjlll. Only a convict likes to be stopped in the middle of a sentence. . H. Kin Drug Compan l WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Raleigh, N. C. lORDAN'S DRUG STORE Peace St. and Glenwood Ave. - Phone 526 - We appreclkzte your patronage CALL US! Commercial Printing Co. Incorporated Printing - Binding - Ruling RALEIGH, N. C. Graduation Gifts GIRLS BOYS Wrist Watches Strap Watches Bracelets Tuxedo Sets Rings Bill Folds Compacts Belts-Buckles Perfume Key-Chains BOWMAN ,S I5 W. Hargett Street RaIeigh's Finest Jewelry Store The two libraries open to the public, the State Library and The Olivia- Rainey Public Library contain 83,682 volumes. lwla was ilu- goal nf my :unlmilionsf sln- sigln-ml, 'llllll Alas!" NN lmi Iluppvm-cl, da-slr?" nllwr kickn-al the goal." C Tw H V' Carolina Power 81 Light Company WE CARRY THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PATEINT IVIEDICINES DRUGS AND COSMETICS IN THE CITY Bring us your Prescriptions z zz ' -' 1' , G FAYETTEVILLE r f ' 'ALE' N' S, 6. ,, -j ra. C. or nusrou. N. Q. mn. 'CREATOR5 OF REASONABLE DRUG PRICES" Fountain and Luncheonette Service FLOWERS A. T. Allen 81 Company -.- By .. . S CP1'lifiml Pulllir' flvvolulllzlzls ,l. .l. I'AI.I,ON CO., Inc. Xslwlmro. N. C. Ure-4-nslmm, N. Phone flllfll Ralf-igll. N. If. "wr llrms lln' flmwrs xw M-II" ln lfulwfjlll llnfrw urn f'Ill',.lI'f'ijI'lf I"llll'I'lH'N p'r'lf:'v.w'l:lil:g1 ull Ihr' lvrulfrly flrnrmlfrmlfun Ben Park fin chemisiryl: VVhat's that smell? Bill Horton Qalso in chemistry lab.D: Fresh air. Somebody opened the window. B. B. BENSON, President R. T. VICK, Secretary-Treaxurer CAROLINA BUILDERS CORPORATION COAL . LUMBER . MILLWORK . BUILDING MATERIAL 217 North Dawson Street - Telephone 2360 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA RECOGNIZED! Brogden Produce CO. . . . for its SMART WHOLESALE FRESH FRUITS AND A P P A R E L I PRODUCE EVERY SCHOOL GIRL KNOWS- Jean's Raleigh' N' C' RIIlk'I'glI's ExI.'III.wi1Ie Yet Inexpenszve Shop for Women ALLEN7S SERVICE STATION Capitol Drug Store PHONE 94 Prompt Service Phone No.1 COIIII-' if you rnn' -Phone if you Cllllgf , I uw: Ilailivs. Ihru' 'LC'l'l'kIil48, fhrwf mmrfhlies, and one qIm'rlPrI,I1 rwrnprixlf the list of WIIWUNPIIII pIIlIlixh1'1I in IKIIIIPIHII. ' ' -ass ln-fore' the gzum- with l,lll'lHllll2 Sturm-5, willing: lln- roll ut lln mln awe-r lu ilu' roll-z'z1ll-only UllC't',N EFlRD,S ' rolinalnstitu . . . A C a llXC BIGGER AAD BETTER VALlll'lSl and c'm'recl you will End it at-7 - tion... ALWAYS SELL ll' ills nvw E F l R D 7 S liALElGH'S LlflAlTllYG l3l'll'AR'l'lVlEN'l' S'l'Ulll'l AUTO ELECTRIC AND x I BACl'TERY CO- 5. A. Braxton MIISIC Co. Al'Em?15:1'lXEUr:L,FIg:gr5l:w:.1x1J lm W. Martin Slrevl ' R' ' ' A' mmllcsrl, N. C. ,411-V Repair to ,-lny Cnr ll2 Wlawl lhuil- Straw! Illwnvs 647.318 f,l'!LfllllI.Zl'Il,L' ll1'l'r'r'lnrx of Svhuul Ifumlx and Urrlzexlrux llkllllilll. N. 41. BOYLAN-PE RCE INCORPORATED Raleighls Shopping Center IHC. ll's an adventure- to vmne tu ,4Dl,I:'R'S H5 Fuwmwilll, gmwl and see- so many bf-autiful styles. Rallqull N' C- Why nut get your shoes here and ln- ' , R d I W nssurrcl nf the ultimate in style. fiif lf'S 621 y' ll' var Nlillinery ADLERVS Ne-we-Nl Style-sl 1 lligln-st Qualiry . -1 . A V l'll'0IlHUlll'dl l'rim'vs Clnderella slipper We lnvile Your Palronage Ralvlgl' 'Z' Nnnll Camll"a r' Ifulriyh in lfhfj Ivux JJHI. 'l'lr4f Iulul rnrullmrnl in Nw l'lIHl'!ll'.Y rj Rhea Hughes: VVhy ure you eating with Robert Little: My fork leaks. your knife? DR. A. G. SPlNcLu1 - Da. G. C. Honcl-:Ns Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Phone 1196 - SPINGLER 81 HODGENS OPTOMETRISTS 401-4-02-403 Odd Fellows Building West Hargett Street - Raleigh, N. C. Smoke Hav-a-Tampa Cigars Distributed by Atlantic Tobacco Co. RALEIGH, N. C. Phone 174 311 S. Blount St. W. W. Hinnant, Mgr. Hudson-Belk Co. Headquarters HIGH SCHOOL FASHION S Each Department Features School Fads and Novelties as Well as Standard Merchandise! A Cordial Welcome Always Awaits You .lACK'S GRILL BLAND HOTEL 1 SALISBURY STREET Rehned Atmosphere, Best Food, Best Service Preserve Health With Pure Ice C A L L Capital Ice 81 Coal Company 600 West Hargett Street ' PHONE 444 Carolina Cleaners ll6 llarrison Ave. 1' HONES 4068-3270 Odorless Work of the Highest Quality and Prompt, Courteous Service Popular Prices Raleiyh contains ten lmlels with u total of 14,0117 ronnv Tnninx Pnpxvz 'l'lwre- :Irv M-vvrzil things l runn Nlillljlllllli Vl'l1al urs' lln-y? lnnins l'zlg:1-: My lingers. lmf always cnnnl on. uillll'II Svhool is lfmlezl . Co Swimming In A molded-lil swimming suits L E W IS Sporting Gnofls Co. lllil The Elite Shop Smart Clothes for the Younger Set Reasonably Price-ll l29l,Q l"ay'vttc-ville Street l'ln'y my flml low- is lrlinml und llml lln- lminc is illl institution tlwrcfurr l'I'l1llI4'lllllAl ln- ann institution for tln- lnlinlll That Shop Tho! Every Cir! Knows - ".1Illlllll."' vii- Pa -.3 li u inning? 3 I',"'.'lllllI'.."'6. l'1wrytl1ing the school girl wears Always new, snmrl, things all sensible prices. lIUA'l'S. IIRICSHQS. llA'llS. liNllll'IS AND MflIl'ISSORll'IS Ruleigh's SIIlUl'll'Sf Shop l2!1 l"uyw-llvvillv Slrvvl S11 ve Safely ' ill A BOON-ISELEY DRUG COMPANY lllmnu 96 We Deliver Ul'l'iN All NIGHT ll'l"I'I", lhw lornl rrulio Nlllflllll. 1 ll morlrrn -TJNIII Ivulls ,ll'lllllIl'll.'fflllff I'I'nI1'l', lst Kangaroo: Annabelle where's the baby? 2d Kangaroo: My goodness, I've had my pocket picked! At Home - At School - At Play Enjoy THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Drink- -in Bottles The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Company BYNUM PRINTING COMPANY Better Printing PHONES 692-693 RALEIGH, N. C. "Peter llrown, a Scotch lawyer und bunker during the curly days of lia- leigh found occasion to leave his ofliee :md hung the following notice: "Peter Brown, Attorney at Law, has moved from where he was, to where he now isg where he muy henceforth nt all times be found." Masonic Temple Barber Shop Masonic Temple Building lf We Please You Tell Others If Not Tell Us J. E. Atkins- M. G. Womble Proprietors V O G U E SHOP FOR MEN SUITS SUITS Maile to Measure Ready Made S20 3514-.50 -and up -and up 1022, Discount to Students Raleigh 11118 551 stores. ' 'orwt set In town. -I on Doo nlv :n tlentisfs tlnughtcr, but she run round with the n . . She was o I PEACE, A Junior College for Women RA1.i:1oH, molrru c:Ano1,1NA Women For the Eflucclliori. mul Culture of lvllllllg I. JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK: at 'limo Year Stanclard College Courses which pei . 'mit entrance to ,lunior Class in ull of our leading colleges and universities. h. 'liwo Year Ceneral Courses with electives in Music, Voice, Violin. c. Two Year Courses with Home Eeononiirs Electives. Il. COMMERCIAL and SECRETARIAL COURSES: al. One Year Commercial Course- fflregg Syslem. h. Two Year UOI1llllPI'CIi1l Course --'Clegg Syslem. III. SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL COURSES in ART, EX- PRESSION, PIANO, VOICE, and VIOLIN. An invitation extended to all lVIorson anti Broughton girl graduates l ttend molleffe We to investigate Peace before making their p ans to a . r D.. . ' ' ' - ' -X ' la 'U number have adequate facilities for their comfort at Pedct, and our uve ul' Raleigh girls in attenrlance from year to year is a source of pride to us. I"or literature, address. WlI.l.IAM C. I'm-:ss1.v. l're.si1lenl PEACE. A JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Raleigh, North Carolina ,lullnrtl rainfall in lfulriyl: ix .IU incllwx. Valet U10 masterl: Sir, your car is at the door. Master: Yes, I hm-ur it knocking.-Yowl. Saint lVlary's School and Junior College RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA MRS. ERNEST CRUIKSHANK, B.S., Principal Four Years of High School and Two Years College Work. All Academic Courses Fully Accredited by The Southern Association. Students Receive Thirty-five Weeks of Classroom Work. Opening Date September 14, 1936. Special Departments in Art, Expression, and Music ' Day students are entitled to all school privileges TUITION CHARGE 55125-.00 For Catalogue and Book of Views, Write A. W. TUCKER, Business Manager Free Road Service - Goodyear Tires Prest-O-Lite Batteries SINCLAIR SUPER SERVICE TELEPHONE 601 llargett and Dawson Streets RALEIGH, N. C. W. H. COOPER Durham Beauty and Barber Supply Co. 40116: North Mangum Struct PHONE F-5521 Durham, North Carolina For Graduation . . . Waltham and Fine Swiss Watches Fine Watches of the Latest Design Quality at Reasonable Prices KROPP 81 BRAUN, Inc. Capital Club Bldg. Opposite U. S. Post Office THE SMOKE SHOP l"AYETTEVlLl.E ST. For Raleigh Highs Win or Lose LUNCHES - DRINKS - SMOKES The population of Raleigh lmlay ix a.pprna'imately .'5'7,.400 people. ' ' "" Mil? Mrs. lil:-uu: I"rt'tl. 1-:tu yuu gin- uu' ilu' uetuu- ut um slat Ilml lms .1 . . Ifrvcl Millvrz 'I'lu- truly mu' I kuuw is Iiin-tiu Tiu. Smart - .flle1'l - ljf'lN?llf,lIblC 'l'lu- thing, llliil lllillil' at llltutupion urn- luuntl iu tht- 1936 Forrl V-8 Sw- aml tlrivf- this I'f'IIlkil'liilllll' car llc- Iurs- you lvuy any var. You will flml it will uu-asttrv up tu your Iullvst Hxprvta- liuns re-garmlle-ss ul' what you tl:-manml in il tuutur var. SANDERS IVIOTUH CU. Satlvs 5r't'vi1't' IQm'm'r Blount and llztvit- Strut-ts - I'lunnv 1105 - KfXI,IiltlII. N. C. Glltl KC Alliliatf-d with Mill WPTF 5000 W A'I"I'S Wlvmlrer A II WPT!-' RADIO tlUNII'.-XNX IIAIJQICH. IX. C. IVIGNTFORT PLUMBING zuul HEATING CU. -f .flulomnlirr - UUAI, STUIKERS - UII, IIILRNICIIS NUHCE RIC!-'RIGIQRA'l'0RS I'lmnf-s I26-IZT S. Sulislmry Strvvt - l26'128 IJATEIS SEA FOUIF MARKET R11l1't'gl1's S011 Fowl lfr'nlc'r'gvst and Best Equippml iu the City We Guarantee Quality. W:-igltt, Measure unrl Price' PIIONIQ 2514 PIANO UIIIIAH 1Slruigl1l - Tvrmr - lllllflliillllkl IXIANIJOIIN - lIiltI,El,,I'l ORA FORD HESTER Irzslruvlor 22l'2 W. Hurgzr-tl St. I'Imn1- l0II PIIUNIE 3165 'I'. P. I'U0l.I'I. Pr I Poolels Beauty Shoppe "R11llfiy1lt'x I'l'l'IllIllll'll, ll'Il'l'I' f'1ful4'l ICSTA BLISHED 1926 T W. Hurgwtt St. - News Hal:-iglt Bltl IIALIIICH, N. tl. Thr llI'l'Nl'Hf nrvu of lfullfiah ix TM, xr uurr' ntilrs. . I POIICCIIIIIIIZ Where are you going in such :I hurry? Student: I just bought a new textbook und I'm trying to get to class before thcy cl the edition.gEmrhange. lunge TIIE BEST INSTRUCTION IS ALWAYS THE LEAST EXPENSIVE RALEIGH MUSIC STUDIOS LAWRENCE N. JENSEN, Director Phone 886 - 202Vz S. Salisbury Street - Phone 886 RALEIGH, N. C. RAWLS MOTOR CO. Headquarters for PLYMO UTH and DeSOTA Best Place to Buy NEW and USED Cars See at least . . . One Good Show Every Week and of course at the STATE - PALACE CAPITOL PHONE 4286 STUDIO OF DANCE All Types of lillllfillg -Taught LOUISE NORMAN WILLIAMS 415 Hillsboro St. Raleigh, N. C. North Carolina Equipment Company Road Machinery, Construction Equipment and Supplies 2719 - PHONES - 1183 3116 Hillsboro Street Raleigh - North Carolina STATE TIRE AND SERVICE CO. A One Stop Super Service Station Goodrich Tires f Willard Batteries Esso Products Corner Davie and Salisbury Sts. RALEIGH, N. C. H. D. COLEY, Treasurer W. ll. CHAMBLEE, Secretary Raleigh in Ihr' rI12r'frir--lmravfr rrfnfvr of mxlwru North I'arulinu. ' Km um ure lllll'Nllllll xlx IN In ilu- h-xl! I Hell I mint hml lt. EREDITH CULLEGE HAMQIGH, N. cz. A STANDARD COLLEGE for YU U N G WOM ICN UUlll'!4t'S offfwecl in Arts and Sc:im 1ces, in Musiv. in Ari. Ifxilflillgf, to the BA. or the 3.5. cle-given l'x'e-pzlws for lilk-, for vocation, or for further SIIHIY. fllmwfe-s l'c-alsmlalmlv. T' Fm' PEIIHIUQIIP or Iwurtlwr information write CH ANS. E. BREWER Presirlenl 'lvlH'I'I' uri' four pulvlfr' hUNlli'fll.N' in lelllfiflll. When Lafayette visited Raleigh he had forgotten his English, and unfortunately had become somewhat deaf. He had a few phrases which did duty for many oc- casions. He would say, "This a great country" and "I remember," without saying just what. He would say to an admiring citizen by way of making conversation, "are you married?" If the answer was in the atlirmative he would say, "Happy Man," if "NO" he would rejoin, "Lucky Dog." During his visit Colonel Polk informed him in his first conversation of the death of his wife. Lafayette did not quite catch his remarks, and as was customary answered, "LUCKY DOG." There is an anecdote told of one of the border rufiians of the early decade which will illustrate the lawless spirit of the Southwest. There was a man who had been jailed for manslaughter and was most indignant saying: "Now-a-days you can't put an inch or so of knife into a fellow, or lam him over the head with a stick of wood, but every little lackey must poke his nose in, and law, law, law is the word. Then after the witnesses swear to their pack o' lies, and the lawyers get their jaw in, that old cuss that sets up there high and grinds out the law to 'em, he must have his how-de-do! I tell you I won't stay in no such a country. I mean to go to Texas where a man can have some peace and not be interfered with in his private concerns." "In 1800, hunting and fishing were the chief sports but racing was universal. Shooting matches for beef were held. Cockfighting was a common sport, the taste for which came from England with the Colonists. Wherever a few people could gather from the thinly settled neighborhoods, they enjoyed dancing and fiddling." CAUDLE,S SHOE SHOP Raleiglfs Finest Shoe ALLSBROOK and SPIERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. Repairing Hardware, Paints Oils and Varnishcs Floor Sanding Machine 216 S' Salisbury Street 118 E. Martin St. - Phone 6 PHONE 393 RALEIGH, N. C. MARTIN'S PARAMOUNT SERVICE 4-I0 Hillsboro Street Atlantic White Flash Gasoline Kelly-Springfield Tires - Vesta lPlate Loeki Batteries - RCA Victor Radios Arvin Cooling and Heating System DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Road Sc-rvive - l'hone 484-ii When You Want THE VERY BEST GOODS at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES Come to Our Store Satisfaction Guaranteed G. 81 S. DEPARTMENT STORE I8 E. llargett Street anti 203-210 S. Wilmington Street Raleigh rontaimr 76 'wholesale trading etftablixhnumtx with an annual buxinws of ff,?2,085,888. Hui luck I 1':m'I IIIHFFY vnu- vou'rv HIIIIONI Ilt'lIllIIt'hh. I1I1aI's noflming, H10 Czar uf Russia was Nivlmlexs. I'lIONE 395-L HERBERT CAUDLE 'l'A1l,omN1: II Ifxclulxlggm- Slrwt RaIeigI1. N. C. ...See-... SIR WALTER CHEVROLET CO. ...Im'... New and Used Cars WE SELL . .. VQ'aI1'I1c-5. Iliamumlsx. All Kinds uf ,le-vvelry and Luggage RALEIGH LOAN OFFICE 207 S. XVIIIIIIIIQLIIIII Slrvvl RALICICII. N. C. Drink . . . 7'lfl,"l'f FRUIT URXHVCE Hvullllful and HCIIITSIIIIIQI HUNT'S BARBER SHOP Lovaled at XV. Hargell St I"urnwrIy Omlrl Fr-Iluws Rldg. Barln-r Shop I'RUMIVI' SERX IIIIC SKIIIEIJ RARIIICRS SANITXRY AIICTIIOIJS "l'lf'u.xing You IU'cp.x ls in Il,llRl.lIf'SSu Plmnvs I6 and 203 Raleigh Auto Supply Co. II E. Nlurtin Slrwt Aulu Supplivs mul Raulins Radio IIPPRIII' Scrvlu' PORTER CANDY CO. uHlllIll'.WIll' I,'nl1f1'r'l1'nm'l'.v CII3 South Blount SLM,-I-1 PHONE IIO CITY GARAGE IIN S. Salusbury Slrm-l, S'I'ORAlQI'1, RIiI'AIRS uml ACCESSORIES Ulmlvwl 1.11111 Ill Il1lIt'IgII In Rulwigh lllrrrf ara' vs'.-U!! lfflffpllfnllfsg !I.!l,!.' I I fffvlrir' IIIl'fl'l'N.' uni! .LNJII flux .llvlvr "You dance divinely," he whispered to her, "you must have been born in dancing slippers "Yes," she answered, "and if you don't keep off them I'll die the same way." OHice Phone 3788 - Plant Phone 4220 Walgreetfs Drugs HOOD-MODEL DRY CLEANING COMPANY You are Always "Ask the Folks We Servev Welcome Main 'Oilicez I3 S. Wilmington Street ,,,3t,,, Plant: 304 Pace Street W 1 i Raleigh, N. c. a green S xtmntlIul,4 our I lf- l agvfg .ff A L, ,"5'no'i'ff1, 6- xy iw ft ER s f ' JU 103 Fayetteville Street - Raleigh, N. C. Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry Watch Repairing A Specialty All Work Guaranteed at Reasonable Prices DRESSES and HA TS Invite Comparison on Two Points- STYLE and VALUE ,IONAS SHOPPES, Inc. 228 Fayetteville Street START NOW Make Taylor's Your Store LARGEST ASSORTMENT FINEST QUALITY A guarantee with every garment sold: That prices are as low as any other store TAYLOR'S The Show Place of the Carolinas C om pl imenls 0 f THOMAS H. BRIGGS 81 SONS, Inc. The Carolinas' Oldest WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HARDWARE STORE CAROLINA COLLEGE of BEAUTY CULTURE "The Road to Charm" Accredited by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners 7 E. Hargett St. Telephone 3024 RALEIGH, N. C. THE GLOBE Corner Wilmington and Exchange Streets Specializing in lVIEN'S, BOYS', AND LADIES READY-TO-WEAR Prices to suit the pocketbook In 1907 the 1-omplrtion of the Zilaxonir' Temple marked the coming of fire proof building-r Miss l'iH111u11: Vl'h:1l f:1111O11x lllilll mill uljllllil give up the ship?" Ralph lleeves: l lllillll l'l'Illi'lIllN'l' his llillllt' hut l H' NYHS il Sl'0tl'llHlilll. "llow'cl lie lose- all his 111O11c'y? l'rv- ferred stuvk? "NO l'r0fn'rrc-cl lmlmitlm-sl" .'l'hr' zlhsulll-111i111h-al professor we-'Ll like fu lllQ't'l is one who would ll'l'llll'l' hr his sh-uk nml vul his classes. MANGELS -For- IJNICSSES. l.llNGEliIli, BL0llSliS FAN TAN HOSIEHY SWEAT!-IRS SKIRTS IZL Fay 1-Neville Street McLeod 81 Watson THI-I HOME OF Hart. S1-hall'11e-r S. Marx Clnllws Stetson Hals lvlilllllklllilll and W'ilSO11 Bmtl1e1's l'llll'lllSl'llIlgS Sturlent fewelry H eadquarters 1 ' bv: - 1-Q. E .7- 1 ' N J V , 7 x Q JIVIILIIS SILVIISMITHS BIIKIU IXPIITS 'y 109 FAYETTEVILLE sr. 1 - 1- 'rv , l'fe5H yffggel' p 1 ' r X l Q 4' l . Q Expert Watch Repairing PINEVIEW DAIRY l.. M. Smith, Prop. "Quality and Seruieew PHONE 3710 11001.15 ROAD PERRY'S Tailors and Dry Clezulers PHONES Ollice 532 Plant 3282 Your Call ls Our Self-Starter l'lCllSON S'l'lll'IE'l' SAN lJWlCH SIIOI' Clntlies flu not make the lllkill nor furniture a lllllllf'--E But it Helps a Lot SEE R. E. Quinn FURNITURE COMPANY 108 East Martin St. Iflrleiylr ix Ihr' Immr' uflirvf uf four in umur ef rwmrlmlliwx One of the Freshmen at State can't understand why he has to take a C urse in husbandrv in order to get his bachelors degree. "We do our art to make our P 3' home a work of art." Raleigh Furniture Co 119-121 E. Hargett St. RH ON EY'S JEWELRY SHOP Jewelry : Engraving Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing Reasonable Prices All Work Guaranteed 17 East Hargett Street Robert T. Rhoney, Prop. Say- BAMBY BREAD Royal Baking Co. Raleigh, N. C. THORN,S SUITS 351250, 3514-.5O, 317.50 Sport and Plain Models Thorn's Model Clothes Raleigh, N. C. TIRE SALES 8: SERVICE Co INCORPORATED "We Never Close" PHONES 4-700, 4701 Goodyear Tires One-Stop Super Service Station Hillsboro and Harrington Streets Wake Drug Company Opposite Post Ojice Julian E. White, Prop. DRUGS, CIGARS, and DRUG SUNDRIES Phone 228 Compliments of THE WAKE THEATRE Whiting - Horton 10 E. Martin St. High school and college men like the newest styles in clothing always found at this store. J All public' squares are four rwre.-r mwh. 0.2- rfepf Ifnirm wlzirli is about :fix anew Un ytlll liko wmnvn who hulk ur thc' ofll VVIML other kind." rr kind P" C Il r 0 I i IL ll ' .Q Fi II, 12 S I. CONGRATULATIONS ,VU YUII S I D D E L L S T U D O GAYLE J. COX. Jlfrllflgnfr' Ollif-iul Plmlug n'a1 pl lcxl' s fm' 'FHE OAK LEAF and THE LATIPAC --ml Cm, S ffff me lnfgwll..-P C'I,YI7l'l A. MASSEY. .lsxislunl ,llnrmyvr l'lION1c 2534- iVlE'l'ROPOl,ITAN LIFE I NSURAN CE CO. Rah-igll, N. C. Quality Seeds Farm Supplies Hardware Paints J OB P. WYATT 81 SONS COMPANY Im-sgh, N. C. Say It With Flowers- Say It With Ours Spencer Floral C0 4-15 E. HARCET S'I'RliR'l' RALEIGH, N. C. l'lmne 4205 CUIIIIIIIAIIIHIIIS of , , RALEIGH PHONILS ' . Hardware 580 - Seeds 11:40 STORES 'I'l:r' wIrf'1'uiinn nf Ifrrlvfgh Lv .NIJ fwf almwf svn lwvvl. jjpfure Nw use of Imxnwx as 11. ummm of fT41Ill4'IIO?'fllfi1llI in 1933 .vtrefft rar.-r 'were used. There were approzvimately 1,4 miles of 'mileuye for the latter. X "ll wish Il'd seen The many towns this town has lbexenf' IFINJIS

Suggestions in the Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) collection:

Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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