Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC)

 - Class of 1935

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Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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, ,E . . yy ..l ,A . llyll. ll lqm nh, . .Int I I w N 1 N 9 Z is T 'e ' " ' ' ' 'Wi ' ' . ar, " L f "fd 4-"lm , , V W! f1,.g,,,p., , - J' '-f lift: 15 .l . . . ,. , - . H.All"lfu1, lfhh , 1. ' 1. F f f I F V . . 1 "LJ .. 'H w., 3-.f-.5-, ,rn-'ck' l -EC r 'B ugh, , , V-'Y' ,v 55, , W. y, fs fi? gf Emil,- Zf.. 1 . V 999' he I ' il -- ug' -5 35' ,1 '-,. .1 X N 'WL' . .df -.1 - . , - h " ,-5 , 'gn ,XM ,-.4 ... . - .1. V. 4 1 N. .14 , Ya. JW- Q Sf' 3 fi if 1 54: lt' . 'iv QfK?-.,g..,:gQ1- V Mxirillv 1+ -.1 ,fv.,.1r,' ma- .I gal. ., QW 7' r Q ,. .-vs - A I, Maw, 4 1 , f '.'- ' .- .V-rf, A , N if 3 4 . M , ". I ' Y . fjyi .gwhf fg:.1 4 w A' , , -. 'V ' ' ' 13 mb, ' ww: "y.9w'1' 3 ,,,:,11'v'mf- -gf? ' 1 I. vgg.-5 wT,1L,,A -'wk K '1.', ' 'wfv' V, . I X ,'.h"'NQT' V 1 . ,- . ' V "wg, ' if- ' -. 1 Q wg,-, 1 , ,J-.L , ,f-,fps .I , 2-.Nr ., 'pg wi . I Ui . ,u . 135. It-1, ' wr. A3 f,- - . ..-x 1.1 d ,ht , , CVM 'N A ' Q 'I JF 1 3 .l 7 t 1 . T495-F-Y. L , '17 ,Lv-'E VJ. '.-D 1 . .. .. f' Q ' sg Ay n 2:1 Mr. ,. tc' E' 13" 7"'x!1FZQ' V, " 4 'I ' . ' ' , , , l . f:,,A--Vi 'f.4..E. f'f:1f" ,vzwv V' f. V',kQ,,1jHv-we i ' ' x-5XeffwT'fJf,: k I: Q, xr , N .':"'-Ln , ,v ,zfr I , V1 '- ",f',1,' , f . ,..7 '-L v .5 1 N If 77 . sl . . --a 7-7, v- Lfq- The LATIPAC 1935 15? f s es le l e il? '5 if ..-, 1 5 ,V s , H' l - 2 ,, f 1 i Vol. VI Published by the Senior Class NEEDHAM BROUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL Raleigh, North Carolina ' OLIVIA RANEY LIBRARY 4016 Carya Drive Raleigh, NC 27610 P R O G R A M TIIE SENIOR CLASS Presents ANNUAL MARIONE'I"I'E SIIOWV 'IIIAIICI 1935. IJLACICI N. Ii. II. S. ACT I PLAYERS ACT II REPER'I'OIRI1Z ACT III I"I+1A'I'URES "JH flu' TC'UI'llI,S a sfagrf. 411111 all ilu' mvn and zc'cnnf'n Vrzzvrelly p1aQyifr.s'." In our zwllunze we pnnselzf our fllarioneffe Show of Ziff' as mzacfifrl af Broughton High Sclmol, ,fl'1lflll'illg zz big cast in a sfzzperzflous prcuiilcfiorz. "Up wifi: ilu' t'llI'fllilLu P RODUCl'1R.S Julius N1+:w1zo1,D, Iflliflll'-ill-C'llil'f. IVILLIAM VVORTI-I, Bu.s'i1z1'ss Jlanagcr 'ggi en , ?V'W, --2 W ,K -My-M., M, f,,, z N rw Q4 fx.: 1 L X fx ti' Dciuliicautnion to DIR. IEILILIEN BLACK WHNSTKON "Tho hz-:art to coxic-1-ivv. thc umic-rstundiiig to dirvct. and the hand to 1-xvclltc-." Inspiring us hy hor interest, and coiipcratioll. K'lll'iC'iliIlg us with her gift of sc-rvicc--to hcr. with genuine- lovv and apprccintioii thc Sf-nior Class cimiiczitc-s this the I, A '1' I P A C of Niiivtc-vn Iil1IlCil'f'Ci :md Thirty-five 44 SQCIHIOUIL OIFIFIICIAILS PAUL S. IJANIEL ...... ..Szzperirzicmlffnl WILLIAM HENRY SI-IMI . . ..,...., Principal J. II. JENNERJOHN. . . . .IJ,ll.S'iIIf'.S'S ,Uanagwr RECALI. very clearly the second day of September 1930. It was upon that day that I assumed my work at Needham Broughton, and it was upo11 that day that the seniors of 1935 embarked upon their high school career. I was new and per- haps a bit green. You were new too, and shall I say-a bit green? We have grown together. From sub-freshmen I have watched you grow into digniiied young Inen and women. You are a versatile group. A glance at your record will reveal that you have represented your school in all the important phases of school work. You have cooperated with the faculty in the pro- motion of good government in our school community. You have beeII called upon to Inake many adjustments during the past five years and you have been strong enough to Inake them in a very fine way. You have helped Illillie the school what it isg you are a part of it. I hope that the school is a part of you. After graduation. do something which will further distinguish you as a worthy member of the class of 1935. VVILLIAM HPINIIY SIIANV, Principal. 5 JOE F. ALLEN MRS. C. S. ANDREWS MRS. NANCY BEASLEY JANE BPZATTX' JOIIN C. CASPER MRS. JOHN C. CiASPER HAROLD IDEVVYEA FLORENCE FITZGERALD AIYRTHA FLEMMINII RAYMOND ffRI1IGS0N JFACYUILTY MRS. J. E. FLETCHER MRs. LNIARY SUE FONVILLE T. WILIVIOTT FREEMAN MRS. ELLEN R. GLENN MRS. RUTH HALL MRS. W. N. HICKS MRS. H. H. HUTCHINSON PAUL H. JETER RIABEL KPINYON KJEORGIA IQIRKPATRICK IFaIcullty Not Photographed MRS. ANNIE S. IYAWVRICNCE Mus. VVAYNE P. BVIICII JOHNSTON V. MCCALI. MILDIIEII ENGLISH PI-:IIGY NICK!-ILS ANNIE SMAW 6 ALLEN NELMS RIILDRED PITTMAN MRS. ELIZABETH REAVIS HELEN RUNNION MRS. NANCY ROOT DEWEY E. STARNES MRS. ANNA B. TRIPLETT MARY 'FUCKER MRS. RDNA METZ XVELLS SHERMAN B. SMITIIEY MRS. ELLEN WINSTON KATIlERINPI WRIGHT Y Y PLAYERS "There's beauty all around our paths, if but our watchful eyes Cam trace it amidst familiar things, and through their lowly guise." Cll xm, .lx 'iw 1 f- -sf , . , , , up 5, vwn. ,I S P 1. w,, yQ. . .. :wil 1f '.J,f ' - ' Y A J, d. . "1 1 ' 1 ,ss -r!-5 '-1 's Wu ,f-rf.. .r 1,y A W? " ' 4 .Q 1.5 '- P+' ,twin L, V ,NI wu- I 4 . w , W fy , Y' ' ' , z J' H A H. . X 4 1 A' Y , . t A ' , 1 Q r' ' "' N 3 N -,- 'I - '- Y . , 'L Q., -' - ., . 'V a N J . ' N , ' V! x-" v 'A A- r,l' ' ri I' H' F ' J 1-. A 4 Q ' 5" - . f.. N . xx -ll, H .R V vi . ' Q 1 : . - 'x. vm! .M ,' " A ,Ut fu . K A 1 ,IQ X Y - A4 M- ,gf .F I H in A AAI, .,, 'L -A ' 5" A 71 - L" V -5' N - V 51..,, . V, . -A - . .. x . , K, 2 "ur ' ,, w: f ., Zi l' ' wp --fi, 'w,N"A4",, ,. " ' 2 1. 1-' ,Jw A - Ar ., ,- 1 J v . - " S , m M- :M , , - , r :M 1 - , ' ' WU Hx- W -,. , ' ,, , , 4, . ,, I ' ' "L,- D ,f I .L-, - -. t V3 A! . 1- .X xt ' 5 '49 T 'u . v - 4 , ' .' 2" LJ ' ' 'U' Y". - U'7'w , ,. gs' ,- , - 1, -' ',Q..,f f,, ' 3 , - lshvfy up , -' f . .4 . ' . ' ' ' '. V.- ' x"""""-hifi-ik lx , 1 .A , I, 1.77,-f M 41' V" 2 V 1 fr! z . , ' " '. , , 11- I 1 ' - -1,-fA4'Q Q ' 'T 1 bfi fl 'Igu- , - - . Nt 7 - fr- 4- - 1, r , 'Cty' ffl. vi. ' L! . Q' T1s.1':f.'i BFI.: H' Ari , ,-, 15 U ,V- ,,.,.itu. , 15- v ,,,'- ' ' Q -2'-lvl. .3-4, '1x.-.- ,L .M Y V J 1 -. 5- .u N Y uf A mx ' N ' ' '.,' 'KH 'I -. , .mg , x , .NJ .. rv M. .., -.. uv--2 , J ' . H 1 . ,Mg rw' 4 ' ,, I . ,., M , W , 11555-,. J- ,- , I HA, ..,4,4'. sly 1, Y.,, ,- . L .IJ lug-QT -A y 1 fu . 'T 5- . , 1 ,A 1 4 .47 .wx , . - N" 4. '1 . ' . f' 'X , ' . 14- v19'gV'P- - 4 f , . . , . N M ,. - N V T . x. . fu, Y' Lxl n- .L . . J. , , ,,-. , I in , fn'- , SIENIIORS 4 HIV1' turmfll ffm' IIIIIIIII, lmofns' f0gl'HlI'I' Max 1 9 I9 Qin- 'Shu' 'T' W SIENJIOR CLASS OJFIFIICCIERS ERNEST LOVELL President BRADFORD TIYCKER Vice President f -1:4 A ",jei.V, 1 HELEN PAGE gg Secretary f PAUL HOOX'ER ' Treasurer f,4 V, ' 6 ', , ' if W 'V' . Y , MR. XVILLIAM HENRY SHAW' DEVEREUX .IOS-LIN Ilonorary Ml'7II1II'l' Reporter RIARY SCOTT 1jANIlCL fVIa.w'of P Q., Q M' ,--'-- Wm di j ul-li' w-nf' QV """:f-W FRANK 'l'1roM.xs A1mo'1"1', Jn. lil-:N.1.xM1N I,,x1-'.xx'1:'1"1'1: ,XIKIIN .lonx I,1:os.unn .X1.::'1'oN In .New Hzmovvl' Hinfh S1-hool. XYil- Sr-imwv Vlnl. 21 Hlw Vlnll 2, 'lg ,lu,,i,,,. l,,,,,ml,i,. 4-lug, I PM mmzton, N. U, 1, 2, ZS, 43 Sunlvnt l,inlv 'l'ln-ntvr 4. s.-.HHN 13 5.-i..,,,... 11.13, gy gg Connvil 33 Hi-Y Club Il. Zi, 4. Yiw- Prvsiclerlt 25g Spanish Clnl: Z, Zi: History Vluh 33 U, Ilvury Ilitl-rzxry Society 43 Cllvmistry Club 3. MARY A1Y1yR1.1Y Aymguggy xVII,I.I.kM Joslzlfir QXSIIXVORTII IYHIQIS Asmgw Rt,l.9iY,.d 3 ,.,,,vt3f5mm. f,,,- hl.1I,i,,g linnll 1. 2. Ji, 4: lioyk I.i1.-1-my Sf-i--:nw Vlnlw 21 HI.-.A Vlnl, 1 with school dinns-rx Zi: 1'o11111n-wizxl 501'l"TY 1, 3- 371 Sfllfivlll ""ll'1"ll l"""l'1"""l1ll Vllll' '1- Clul, 4, l. 2, 254 4, Sk'4'l'l'I2ll'y 2, Yin' l'1'1-N. Zi. l'l'vNl4l4'lll 41 Stull- Stnalvm Vonn- vil l'o11L51'r-ww. Ntznv Mnxic' VUIIIPNI 2, Zi. 4: Hi-Y Vlnln Il, -1: Sl'l'Yll'P' 5llIN"l'l2lllYQ' 4: Se-wonll Plznw- Tflllllllvt Solo Stnto Blnxif' CYHIHUQI -1. SI 6 MARY AI.lJI'Pll IXTKINS IELOIS BAII,r:Y Latin Vlulw, H4-iviif-v Club, Hirlk Buxinaq Hquaul 1: Svif-uve f'lub 23 Xthletis' JXSSO1'2lllUll 1, 23 llrunizitii' f'o1uu10i-vinl Uluh 43 Busvlmll -1. Klub 1.5, IS, 4: Hills Lite1'ul'y 25, 4, unrns-rr-iul f'luln, Cs-i'1'f-tziry 4 IDA MM: l5An11:Fcm'r DOROTHY A N N BAY John Marshall High Si-hool, Rich- mond, Virginia 1, 2. Jefferson High Sc-hool. Rounnkv, Virginia Girl's Glee Club, Little Theater, Gi1'l's Literary Sm-if-ty, Chaiywl Hill Ponte-st Play 4. 10 MARY Fimxcxcs BARl!llITI! Honu- I'Ir-mioinivs Clulm 1, 22, CZ, 41 Hirl's Athlvliv Assrmiutioll 1, 2, ii: Scif-uve Club 1, 223 C0lTllllPl'l'l2ll Cluh, .Xrt Cluli, Art lflilitux' LA'l'Il'.xf', Littlt' Tlif-alter 4. Flu Nous I,1'm:n Br: LL Gills Atlllvtif' Association 1, 2, 4, .Iunior 1jI'2llI1ilfil' Club 23 Literzzry Society 3. 4: Glev Club, President f'oninierc'iz1l Club 4. 4: au an lf 1'5" 'tv . 'nur' M MQW .s Nw "Qng. f l if 'Ubud f......,,N Axnmzw .lAm'Ksox lhxu Ilizm-:X Sm-:ssum lionwizu. lhvin S. llmzi-ici: Ili-Y Il, -11 'l'1'i-g1,,m-M. 4' .lnnior llrzlllizltif' Vluln, l'lX4'l'l0l1 lfmlnaltie- Vlulm, Junior lwllllllbilll l liitn-r'zll'y Sowii-15, Hi1'l's Atllln-Iii' .XM 21 lium-luill, lfoollmll, lli-Y 25, rl' sovizltion ll Sviviwn- Vluli 2: Vom- l,l'I'Sllll'lll -13 Slum- AlIlll1lLCl'I' 24, .tg lllUl'l'lill Vluli, liitllm- '.llll4'ill1'!' 4, lllw- Vluln -1. JAMES M1C11Ai:L lluocux LYNN xV1Nlll"Il'II,IJ liuowx lioinlzm' l'oov1':1i BIHNVNING Lune High School. Cliurlottvsville, Boy S4-outs 1, 2, Zig Svu-iuiv Vluli Oi-vlwstixi lg lioy Svouts I, 2 Va. Sturlvnt Counvil, Football, Bziw 2, 33 Dunivls liitv1':ii'y Sovia-ly il: Il. 4: Sf-iviivv Vlulw 2, 3, 43 Lift-xl'Ill'j ketball, Boy Scouts 1. Gvowgu Boxing 3. Sovivly 2: Rifle- Ululv, iil'l'lllilll Vluh, Mason Hish School, Alexzincl1'izl, Yu. Muth 4. Vive Pres. Class, Glee Club, School Orc-liestra, 1,1'Rlll12liif' Club 2. Alffx- zimlriu High School, Alexumlriu, Vu. Prvsirlent Flaws, Student f'ounc'il 25. Bl'0ll.'Illl0Il High Svhool Band, 01'- vlie-stl'n, Math f'lub, Ili-Y f'lulm, '1ll'9?lSlll'6I', l,PlJ2lflIl2f Ttlillll, lflln-1-tion Manager Carnival fiOIIllllllif'P 43 Teu- nis Team 43 Tennis Club 4. ll Nug., iw nr .l1'1.1,xx NVx1,1s1'R BVNN. JR. KQVINTUX S.m1x'r:l. livuxrg EDNA Hlxrgs BYSVM lilly Svmlrx 1: .XNNlNI:ilN Manila:--1' 19--Mlm-11 Hlclu 1: Hlw Vlulf 2. Latin Vlulf 1. If Hills Athlvtiv Ntml-'xlr Sturm' Z. Si: l.ivv1':11'5' Su--ivty' Tl. 4: liznxkvrllzlll li liuyk Qllzxrrvth- ,Spun-iglricnll 1: Girl Swrlltx 2: l.itz-l'- l 3: Hi-Y IS. 4: l-'lmrlmll 52. 4: ljo, 4. :ary Sm-il-ly Zi: Stmlvnt t'uum:iI Rel'- Ntaxle- Blgnmlzm' 1. 2, Zi, 4: Tr-unix 1'vw11mtiv+: Zi: .lffkv Eelitur Xvwx- I.-:mm 4: Tvlllllx Vlull 4. 1-:lpn-1' 4: Allwrfixinx llv1uu'tn1f-xlt Annual 4: Flaw liuy Vfllllllllffte 4. Mun' F.um11:R C',xR1,T0N -ll'I.I.XX H- VAVDIAIZ 3l.XliJflRII'I .-X. Cuznrzxs Latin Vlull 23 l9l1'l'Q Litv1'zu'y Su- l"1'0ll11lll 1. 3. 55- -if BUXUIS Sllllilll Il1':l111:1tl1- Vlulw Ci: Ulm! Club 4, vtb' 3. 4i Xxvlllllvl' lf-Nay lfwlltext ful' li HHN NVUUIIIX 1. 2, Il: S-'i+-mfe l'lull Ivfrm- Sp.-M411 XXI.-k 4, 2: Hlw Ulull 2. fl, 4: Ridfi Club 2-1. 12 WK , ,ww Wan-f 'lv-L fs " My 'Matti' V-' MII.hlll'lI1 CI.I'15ll'IN'l' XV,xI,'l'1:n K'l,lNl: l'lnw.uu1 l,.xM.xu C'l,m'u,.lu. Gills -Atlllvtiv .Xwm'i:1liur1 1. Li Nvivlue 4'luln 1, J, .L rl, H415 Sl'lI'll1'l' Uluh l, 2, 11: linuel l. U, CUlllH1Pl'Q'lillClllll-1, Ncnuls 1, J, Ii: l4lfl'1'ill'V Howie-tx' UQ JI. 4: llitq-ran1'y Sum:-ty 3, JS, 43 Buy 1lnlI"1':-:nuCSg'1'1-uni, I'lulm-li Ili-Y Hvuuts l, 2, 253 'l'4-unix Vluln 4: !,'lulsf11'l'm-1111is T4'ilIll I lli-Y Vluh -11 S1-luml fll'1'lll'hll'H. -13 Tennis ',ll4'iIlll ll. Louis!-1 CONNUR NIARY 1ll'Il'Z C'owm:u c'LIl"'l'UN Mulwox QRAIG. JR. Glee Club 13 lhwunutic Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Gu-lk Litvrnry Glvv Vllll' 1. 132 305' Svfmls 1. 13. State? Coutvst 123 Little Tllvafm' 15, 4: Srwif-ty 3, 4. 35. 43 Sl'l0Il1'P Club 12: llitvlwlry Sn- Girl's Literary S01-iety 3, 45 Pruh- vivty 2. Zi. 43 llittlv Thoate-r, Trom- ideut 45 flilllff 4g Class Play -1. urvl' 3, 4g Stage- Manager, flllfllliill Vlulr, Svniur fllass Play, Frwrlta-at Play -L3 Ulzlss Imp' Vomluittvc. l ff 5 4 WW eval' Nerf! vi 52 MARY Lim' C1m1u.xn'r11-1 l'1l.lZAI!l'I'l'll IXDABIS Ulmsnv IQRANCIS CUNNINGIIAISI Gil-1 Iqm,-1-ygg 1, 23 Littlc- '1'l1vu1m- Svimu-0 Vlulv 122 Girl's I,if9l'2ll'B' 5 4, Prexifle-11t4g Gil'l's Lih-l'z1ry Su- Hovivty 31 Littls' The-:ltr-'1' 43 Offici- wwty ZS, 43 Svnior Play 43 f'il1'HiX'5lI Asslhtzlllt 4. fJllK'f'Il 43 Studs-nt f1Ullll1'iI, Ullivf nrsllul, CllElil'IIlPll1 Skwisll 4Tnmmit- lug Hirlk Aihlvtiv ASSUl'iGl'i4lll, Tvn- s ftillllilill 41 lim-zxuty SlIlH'l'l2l1iYl,' 4. ,ALMA F1x.xNu1-zs IDAVIS I,1:w1s EIJVYIN IJAVIS LULI' M1Xl'1 IIAVIS !iir1's Athlvtiv Assn:-lution 1, Z1 Holflsbo1'uHi:l1 Sc'l1o0I'2, limnm- N4'UIl0lllil'S Vlub 1: Girlk . Athlvtiv Assm-izxtiuu 13 German Club 4. 14 fy- fqnn--nub-P ' f ,, , f gk., in A14 llicxiu' li. IJAY, Ju. I,Il.l.I.xN lI.xl,i-:s IJIIHINIIUYIIR lgl'IN l'lllANKl.lN Dixux Buy Scouts 1, El, 255 Latin Vlub New York Stflmnl 13 li:1ltin1mw- l"rt-fl Ulnls Bunk lj Boy Svnutf 1, ZZ: Svimiw Vluln 2. Zi, -1: lJlll'l'2ll'j' Hvlioul il: Little- '1'ln-at:-1' Il. 4, Sm-i-in l, 2, 19, 4: Lzitin lllllll 211 S4'l0Tll'4 Hotfix-ly 21 flvrlllilll Uliilm -1. tary 43 Stull:-nt fl0lllll'll livpi'esvl1tzl- Vlllll 13, ll, 43 lit'lP0Vff'l' Sf'i1'Yl4'f' Vllll' tiw, Art Club. .tri Iitlitm' l,.x'1'Il'.x1', 41 Lit1'l':lry Sm'i+-ty 2, CS, 4: First Hmiior lllziy Cnininittm-. l'li:1pt-l Hill l,l2ll'1' Stntv l"n-ilu-mtirm nf Musii Vmiit-st Play 43 X1-mgilility Slim-i-111. l'i:um l'0lllPNl Il: l'i'e-siilviit ll:-riiiziii lin- lg 014155 lmy Volmnjiii-0 .14 l'llIll -l: lmzizm- ut' Nutimix Vimtcst 22, Il, I: Htutlviil Asxixtzlnt 13. 1Xl,lil'lll'l' lluvu, .l1i. IWIICIAM 1Xl.l'ZNl'2 Dorn .l.xNi41 I,I'li0lS Ch5:'B'l.N8l.l.lj '11 zllllllligv .ll1":1111z1tic Stiidvnt Umm:-il livpwst-iitsitivv, lS.ivi'ml lit-nrt fl2llll4'fll'2l,l 1, LE, 24: j , --0 'f'fUl"' lllll' -V L1fl'1'ill'Y Se-it-iivv Vlulv, llamwl licmmf Uuritm-st Littlv 'l'l1u:1t+1i' 41 Girls Iiitmwtry So b0ClL'l5 -1 lXL'1'lllllllfll.llJ 4. ZZ: S0l'l'PlilY'j' Jiinim' Claim 33 Girlk 1-ii-ty 41 Annuall Stull' 4: Blziitl nf Litvrairy Sm-it-ty Il: Urxgunixations lIUII1rl',f'2ll'lllYill-1. I lfltlitm' Ili-Timws 4: Tlu- Little Tlwsitvi' -tg 0Him's- Assistant 45 Class liislnrizln. 15 , , , ,J 'Wx 7 7N7', KN", 1, X z-fr: K ww Q, Fi 411: if N ull' lJl'lll"I'Y , ., . , NlAllG.XllI4I'l' .'xI.l,l42N l,IlRI"l'IY Imcx' NIARY l+l,xs'r Hills Atlllvtis' -Xsxui-iulimi .l, 2. Girl 'ReSHl'Y:er 1. 21 Hills ,Xtlilelic Gills Atlilvtic' Ass0ciuti0n 13 G il, 41 Girl livsvi'vi's 1, Z3 lllvv Ululn Aswvizitioii 1, U: S1-ii-rim-' Vluli 13 Svuuts 1. 2: Latin Club 1, " lg H1-ivrivv Vlulw 12 lluuu- l'll'llll4lllll4'h Hills Litmfi'u1'y Sm,-iuty, Vim: l.,1'l,'S' Sviviiw Vluli 23 Girls Litvi'u1'y bo Kflulm 113 Hills l1lll,'l'2ll'y Suvicly Ci. llll'lllf Ll. A " ' ' cu-ty U, -1, Lltllc 'llurutcl' 11. NIARY l'lI,1,l1IN l1lDVl'AllDS HELEN 1,1211 Emimn-: Mr:nr:DI'r1r HITGIIICS IELLEIN' Girl Iivsi-rw-N 1, 3. 43 Girlk llrziniutic' Club 1: Atliletir- As- Glu- Club 2: Baud 2, 3, 4 Xthle-tiv Assoc-iution 1, 25 Svimiw- Ntlflilllllll 1: Sviviive Club 1, 23 Sl'll'Ill'0flll1lJ 33 Brlxiug 2. Club 13 ll:1ti11 Fluln 121 Girlk Lit4-i'- Lutiu Flulu 21: Little Tlif-ziter 3, 43 IFS' Sovis-ty 3, 41 Ulvf' fllllll 4. liitrii'zii'y Sovivty 3, -L: R-inf: Coin- Viw l'r4-sirlmit 41 Voriiiiie-i'r'izil Club iuittvu 3, Cufetm-ia Committee 4. -1: Uni-iiivzil Alti-mlanl. 16 'CV Wm! 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Ficucvsox P1I.x'1'ii.x I"lIlCI,DS Sc-lioul Bunk 1: Boy Svouls 13 Hii'l'x Atlile-fir' Assoc-intimi lg Glee Literally SlN'lf'lY U, ll, 4, IJITIQIWIIII l'lub 4: ll0IllI1'lE1'Cl2ll Club 4. flllHll'lll2l1l 41 Gm-riuziu Club -lg Du- bzitiug 'lllflllll 4, Alt+'1'11utu 3. .Ions MIl.'1'KlN Fos'1'u1x f1RAllAlNI S. FIVIALIIFLNI Bziml 1, 2, 3, -11 Boxing 1, 2g G11-0 Club 2, 3, 4. Swhool Bunk, 1,l'k'NlllG'I1l' 13 T1'921Slll'l'l' 1"1'm-sliimiri Class 1: Student Council 1, 2: Vivo I,l'PSlllPlll Sopliuiiiniw Vlzxss il: lfootbaill 2, 3, -lg Glee Club 41 Hi-Y 4. 18 fu ffm , 'W' If Y fqyx WWW... 'X' IJAVIIJ Down FI'l,l.l'1lK M.xNm,1.x LlARl,ING'l'HN Snmx Ci.XHI,IN1l xvilkf' l"01'vsI H1211 Nvllrml 1, 23 GiVl's Aflllvlir- .x.SNHl'iilfi0Il lg Lil- Boxini 'Fl'1llIl L 21 U1 lllllflf f otlmll ZS. 4: Iizlskvtlvzlll R. 41 Huw- llc- 'I'hn-:1tv1' 4: UHi1-L- ,Xmistzxnt 4. I: S1-i+m1'v Vlllll 12: Bwb bill Zi, -13 Glvfl Vlulv Il, --L 1i1l'lx Vlllh 1 EVA ArfI,Xl1ci.XllNl'Ill ,'XIll4lLAIlll-I I'I1N'l'ON CQUUIHVIX l'lMM14:'1"l' NV. Guxx Gi1'I's Athln-tic' .x5SO1'i2lti0ll II, 4: Svimmm- Club 1. 21 Hirlk .Xtlmlvtiv I,it1-mry Sqwivty il, 4 ff num lIl!ll6l'i'iiIl Club 4. ,XNS01'i2lfi4lll 1, LZ. Ci: -Illlliibl' limnlzltif- Vlub -1. Club lg I.i1uf1':11'5' Swim-ty ii, -1, 19 2 ,,,. . L ' .. Y neges:-'Sift 912- mf 99 SAM 'l'. Chuzsngnr. Ju. Hiau-:N FRANCES H.XI,X'IiIlSON ULIVI-2 HAMRICK Glvv Club ii. 4: Svioiivt- Vlub 4g Draniatif' Club 1: Gi1'l's Litvrzxry Gills Athletic Association 13 ost Lookin: lioy -1. Society 43 S4'ia:nr't' Club 2. Gi1'l's Literary Soc-ioty 33 Little Tll0ilfC1' 3, 43 Art Club 4. -IOSl'II'llINI'l Cu-zo llucluzi-3 M,xm:r. J. IIARRIS Flmmms IIARRIS liuslu-tlmll I. 2: llonw l'Im'mmn1irs Gills Athlt-tinAssam-izition1,2,3g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 N. C. State tlulu ily Girl! Atlilvtiu Aswoviutinn Dl'I1ITlHTlt' Club 1, 23 Girl Reserves MuSif' Contest 2. 3, -1: lVinnPr Saxo- lg Little The-titer 4. phone Solo State Music Contest 4. 20 a f J 4 4 A V X90 t i 5 RUTH EVA HAYES Fuquay Springs High School 1, 2, 3g G-ir1's Athletic Association 1, 2, 33 Home Economics Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 33 Broughton High School 4: Girl's Athletic As- sociation 43 Office Assistant. PAUL Axnnnsox Hoovnn Latin Club 1, 23 Daniels Literary Society 2, 3, 43 President 43 Hi-Y Club 3, 43 Secretary 43 Treasurer Senior Classy Debating Team 43 Student Council 43 House Commit- tee 43 Science Club 43 Baseball 3, 43 Wit Superlative 4. WWW JOHN IJANII-Il. IIICKS XYIRGINIA ISAY14: llolfl' Pinelnnd School 12 Svicnz'-e Ululi 2: Girls .-Mille-tic Assn:-iution 2 Blzivkstone Coll:-so 3g Little Tliezitei -l: Girl's Lllt1l'1ll'j' Suri:-ly 43 Ailvei tisinu' Stuff Annuul 4: Mule! 4. ARCHIBALD HORTON',, Jn. NIAKY Fiuxciss l'lI'N'rnR Boy Scouts 1, 2: Scieilfr' Club 21 Latin Club 1, 23 Girl's Atlilvtif Hi-Y 3, 43 Tennis Club -L3 Gmnialn Club l, 2: D1'2llll1lflc" Club 1' 3 Cfuh 4. Girl Ill-st-1'Ves 13 Girls Literiiry So cicty Ji, 43 Socretziry 4: liittli Theater -1. 21 'PN ' 5 Puzucrz B. IRBY Av.x I':I.IZABlfI'l'II .hclcsox BIARIAB' I.I'L'lI.I'Z J1:xNm'Tr: S1-ie-Info Vlub 22 Germzm Vlub -4. Hmmm' Roll 13. 13: Girl! I-ilf-ran-5' Girl I2lfK+'l'X't'X -1: f'ouuue1w-lal Club Suvimy 4. 4: U11-ll Athlflriv- .Xwovinrif-11 1. Fnlxxx H,X1III.T!JN JETHR. JR. Sr1H1:T1r.x Pr:.x'rnoss .luuxsoy BII.I.IE BI.xRG.xRm' JONES Boy Scoutx 1, 2: .AN5lQffillf iu l+leefi'lulJ1.2, Zi.-1: .x.Ylll!fl'l1jfV'lYllv 5L'lE'll4'F' Club 1. 2: Latin Club I.ihrury 1: Sri'-xws Club fi Latm 11 Home 1':r-run-vnliwxfqllllx 15, 1. 2: Sll1JllllI1lUl'l-' Play 2: L1ttl+2 Vluh 2: l'vIll'L'l!ll Currwylonllf-111-.A Tln-arer Zi. -L Rf-porter -L: Girlk J, 25. 4: Ili-7'fwv.v Stuff. Svuiwx' Rv- Lit?l'ii1'j' Suri.-xy li. 4: C4llINll9I'l'i2il ff-rrffr 4: f'0ll1lI1Hl'l't Club 4. Club -1, 22 Ili-Y ,fm Wx, kv 41' ai giw X. ,ff 7 M fs 3i7"+.' . 1- ., W' ff. 0 , ' JW" ' f ,, lslllill H. .luxl-is, Ju. .lullx lJI'ZVl41lll'Il'X .lusmx YVnn'l'll lilrxynx S1'll'Ill't' Vlub 1, 2: l.itv1':11'y Su- Huy Nwuuls l, 2, Zig Vlzxm R4-V lg1IySl'lilllN 1,3111 liuuwl my 2, 15, 43 15.-rulzm l'lub -1. 110111-1' lg Vlgus Sl-vlw-T:n1'y Z: Svivmw- SM:-ru-v 1'lub U. bil l'lub 23, 253 liuyk l4ll4'l'lll'j' Hoviu-tp 2, 29, 41 l,2lTlll Vlub 23 liznulu-llmznll, lgIINl'lHlll, Sports llvpm'I01' lx'nl:'iyfl1 1'inu'.v, ,Yruw mul Ul1.w'rl'1'l' Ii, 41 S+-rgrvzlnt-:lt-Arms S4'i1-114-v Club Zig lli,Y Vlub 55, -11 1lll2l1l'Il12lll l':4l+-unlur fvlllllllllllbf' Stull:-ut f'!bll114'll. Ili- I-l.lllVN Spurtx lirlitor, l,.X'l'Il'.x4- SllUl'lS lflllitnr, lli-Y ,l'1'l-ss Kvpo1't1.1', lluuu- liuum Vzulvt, Amin: lnillllllilll BlElll1lLU'l', Huske-tbull Blaznzligw-r 41 HllIH'l'l2lllYP, Yvlwnliliiy. L'1,.u'1n1: MII.'I'1!N I..xM1z1-1 1,1-:wls Momu: I,A1VRl-INCH IiAI. I". 11lI.KVIS'I'lilQ lllvllf l'uunril. Swsvzlllt-ut-A1'111s Hb-ll f'lub 1, 2, 3, 4, 1lJlllllHll'2ll High Svlwol 2, 4, CllJl1l'lIlJlIl Pllectiuns l'nu1111ilte-v 4: he-ruluu Vlub -L3 Svivluw- Club 1, LZ, S, 4, Lutiu Club 1: Boy Svouts 1, 2, 5, 43 I.it1-1':11'y Novivty 2, 3, 43 Kite Pl't'5llll'llt l.lTl'l'2ll'j' Society Zig 41 Vlubs P1'upln-T 4. :yi N936 aiflglfx' 41 -X? W 4 -. :WNW . ' , ' "" VV 1 . X A , Q 5,65 Wigs-.N xx Y Q 'wwf ,K , 7 , I' min, 4639! ,gd ,.,. H g : ' J, fr 1 wyviggiifvlv K lJom1'l'nY l,l-:WIS -lUSl42l'lI l'll-:suv l,1uuN. Jn. l'AI'1, l"Ysc'lIr:n l,IN1':miRuY Svivm-4-f'l11l, I, 2,2i1lli1'l's Litvr, .lilly Hi-nuts iq: lllttm-1':l1:5 Nr- Luiin Vlulm 1. 21 Svivnve Vlulm ny Smwin-ty Zi, 41 Almuul Stuff' -1: "Fly 2' 'lf IAHYIHA llllill 33 N"'1""" 1. 21 Boy Nm-nuts 1, 22, fi: ll1lIllt'lS f 1',,,M- .11 1,m1.- '1'n1m1.11- za, 41 fjlllf 42 Hfllllfl-'1',-"Ill WU' 41H111f1l" l,lll'l'2ll'j' sm.-ry 2, za. 41 11i-Yvlm. h1rI Sunnis 1, 23 Hlvv Vlulr 2, Ii: 1'1f'H1'11' 41 lmll rlwml '13 lmllllf .L -11 Mxltlln-lrlmiw Vlull -13 Photog- lyyqillmfip Vlnh 1. jg Ullifvl- Awiqmlq Vllll' 4' l'ilIllli'l' Annlml Stull' -l: Twtator 4 Sl-ninr Plans: Sl'll4llill'Slll1J -L. Jmlx CL1-zmzu I,ocKH.xR'r. JR. I'lRNr:s'1' l.m'1-:r.1., Jn. Il,um1.11 V1C'1'cm NIANGFISI Buy Nl-mln 13 Sl'l0Il1'I' Vlull JUS:-IlllllS liunie-ls l.llf'l'il1'j' 12, Cl, 4, lV:1kz- l"m'1-sl llifll Ss-lluulg l"n0l'- ' 41 llnmr-lx I,iu-mry S04-in-1y 2, Yin-La l'1'vsiclex1t 351 Sk'l0l1Ul' Club 2: bull. liuwlmll. lizlslwllnaull, U. Henry Stualuut f'nun4-il 2. Il, 43 f'l1:1ir1n:m Sm-il-ty, Glvv Vlulr 1, 2, 33 Prvsiflont lluusv C0lIllllllll'l' -lg l4A'l'Il'A1" Htzntl' Junior Class, IJ1-ulmitic' Club 33 15: HifY Club Si, 43 Senior Play 41 Nc-vdlmm l51'Ullf.fllIlblI High Sclmoli l'1'+-sidvnt Sfxlllfil' Flaws 43 Claws llzly Football, Busvlmll, Bzxsketballl, Glee fl0IllIIllllEC 4. Club, '.llt'1llll5 '.l'Qu111 4, 24 1 lpn, ga, J VWNK - , ' gb-wk, 31' E' ' rw ' , Q.. - , 'iv fy fy IVIANLY Cl. M.xNN.J1i. SARA llmvixklx NIARSIIBVRN JXNNIIZ I,oI'isi-1 Mxssizx' Sll11lf'11tflO1lllt'llHQ1l1'PSQl1lllllYt" 1: Atliln-tif' Axsm-intinn 1, 2, 21, -13 lloime l'Iwmmiiii-s 1, 353 Sm-iniivv Svieiire Club 1: l'1'vsi4lvi1t llumi- Girl .Hl'Nl'l'VVS 1. 111 Kiln-v Club Vluli 1: Girl livwi'x'L-,- 1. 2' 34, 43 liomn 2, -11 lflllitoi' Thv .Ymf-.v Iliinfxf 2, 35, 43 I,itvi'ui'y Solfiety 2, 3. 43 1il1'llS Atlilvtii- Aww-iaitiuii 1, 2: 3g l.itei':11'y Society 22, 43 Litxli- Little Tln-zitvi' 43 l'i'mi4ln-ut Art lfluli llutiii Club U: Hi:-Vs Glu- Ululi 2, -13 Tlieaiter. 43 Wimwr State Ntslgv Mmlvl Cum, liiwiiiizitiu Vlaili 33 Littlv '1'l1vutv1' temt 42 Ollice Awiftuxit -1. Ii, -1: Girlk l.llt'l'ill'f' Suuiety ZS, -15 ROBERT Ib Mlxxm' J.1.MEs E.xkN1:sT AIAYNARI1 Boy Svollts 1, 2, 33 Svivilcv Clulv l'3i1S"lHlll 1. 2. il. 41 lgllFlif"Tllil 2, 3. 13 I-'ootlmll 2, 3, 4, 25 ffuiiiiiiviwiail Vluln -tg flllhlll'lflllD Pru- gruui Couiniitti-ei Cl1L111'l1lil1l YYz1ys und Hvaug Vuiiiiiiittue. J A N HT NI ,nm A-al'lQ 19' . 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Jn. liIL'II.XRIl II. M1'rc'm-11.1, Ihmn' Wnsox Mmnu: Lil"1'U1'1' 5""i"U' 1' 31 CIN' f'l'1lY ln Svlmwl at lilllfllliliili' 1: I'1w-V Buml 1. 2, 25, 4: Svlvllvt' Vlulf l 2: Band 1. ZZ linxinf 1. 3: Huw- idvnt l'll't'Nlllll2Ill Flaw 1: NI'l'l'l'lRll'j' 1, 2, Zi, -1, I,l'l'Nllll'llI 4: H415 sm-our lull 12. 35, -Lg Svivrmwe- Vlulr 2, Iii Sl'lOl1K'l'fllllll 11 Vivivs Clulw lj In-H. 1. 123 l'rvNi4lf-11t l'll'1'll Ulds lizmk 1 loutlmll 2, 21: lianxkvtlmll 4. nmtin- Vlul: 1: Huy SWUIIIS 1, 23 l11t1-1-nl-5' Scwiety 2: Ili-Y Ii. -L "Littlv 'I'l1v:1Tn-1"' Vlmaxpvl Hill: Crm- 1'l1ui1'nmn Pllllllfltf' flllllllllllltlt' 4 lvxt Play. Yin- 1'1w-sill:-m tll'l'lllIlll Viull 43 Glo Vlulz 4. 215 .ff ""5 iff MW "li6smd'W" nuff' ,f , if, .R X! fm- Q is X ff' f 'Wi sublfawwam IIA'l"I'III XYIULA Minuus Mixsnz ill-Ill'l'RI'lllI Mmi'i'ux .Xi.u'i: liiuxrxix Muwizuv llittln- 'I'lu-ut'-r 35, 41 Hii'lK l.i11-i'- 'l'v'1'll lligli. Illlill'lUll4' I. 2. 371 H1 url' Snvivty 4: Art Vlulv 4, Vlulr fl: Hirl l:l'N!'l'Yi'N I, 2 32, 4. .TAMI-is S.x'1"1'ERFII1I.D NEXVBOLIJ Gitomer: ll. Nlswuxaiziz HIIWIN ll. UWIIN Latin Club 1, 2: S1-ie-live Club Sr-ivm-e Clulm 1, 12: Raimi 1, 2, 1, 12, 3: Bois Lite1':1l'y Socivty Zi, 43 flI'1'll4'All'El 1, 2, 32, 4: Hoy 2, il, 43 l'l'0Lf1'RlIll flllillfllliill 3: Hi-Y Swuts 1. 2, H. 3. 43 Student Vounril TI'82lSl1l'9l' 4: Student Council Representative- Rg IlA'i'Ii',u' Staff 3, 45 Assistant Editor 33 liditul'-in-Chief 41 Tennis Club 4. 27 1 f-wha HI:I,I-: N F11 A NCI-:S PAGE Girl's Atlila-lic .Xssucizxtion 1, 2, ii, 43 Latin Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club 13 Girl lim-scrvcs 13 Scicncv Ulub 11 g T1't'ilSlll'A'l' Vluss 35 Litilc illlltliittil' 35 Girl's Litcrury Society Il, 43 SecretaI'y Class 4: Senior Marslialg 'FT82lSl11'Q1' Girl's Athletic Association 4: Student Council Reprexentative 4. C'I.AI'nI: FI:NNI-:R PII.I.EY, JR. Vice Pr:-Nidmit, ll. R. Class 1: Boy Scouts 1, 12, Il, -lg Scicncc Club 12, Ii: Glen Club 2, 3, 43 Littla- 'Fln-ntei' 43 Literary Society 4. IJONALD I,. PASCIIAI, Science 1, 33 Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3: Rifle Club 3. VIRGINIA AI.1WIA PONTON Girl's Litr-rury Sonic-ty 1, Li, 22, 43 Girl'S Athlvtic Association lg Girl Reserves 1, 2: Girl Scouts 1, 23 Stu- df-nt Council LZ: Science Club 23 Little Tlioutvr 3, 4g Home i':C0ll0TIl1l'S Club 35 Curnivul Aticiidantg Glee Club 45 Annual Staff 4. 28 'UWA 've-W JUSHPIIINI: IJEARCE Girl Rcswves 13 Girl's Athletic Association 2, 3. JACK PREIJDY Duriinm High School 1, 23 Hi-Y 13 Tl'tf2lSlll'Pl' Hi'Y 13 Baud 13 Literary Society 15 Orcliestru 4. 5-dv' mn 'Wu SARAH STIQRLING PRICE Girl's Athletic' Assoviation 1, 23 Junior Dramatic Club 1, 25 Sc-ienvc Club 23 Latin Club 133 Littlv Theater 3, 43 Gills Litvrairy Sovwty 3, 43 Office Assistant 45 Dancer at Junior-Senior 4. Ross IHIEIKBICIKT Rrivxonns. JR. -Boy Svouts 1, 2, 3, 43 llzuiivls Literary Smit-ty 2, Il, 43 S1-ieiivv Club 2, 33 Geruiziu Club 4g lli-Y 4. MQ? Jonx NV. li,xH'Ii:1.n .losizvinxi-1 IIANII Studi-nt Vuuuuil 13 Buy Sooiitf Girls Atlilvtiv Assof-ization ,l 1, 12, 233 S4-im-lice Club 2. Girls Literary Sm-in-ty 4g Cllllllllvl' 4-iul Club 4. l'l1,1z.x1z1-:1'1i 'l'. lhvipxiiimsox ICMILY 'l'lu'i.un IQICIIARIISUN ,luuiur lllillllllllt' 1'luln'il: kflirlk Girl RQ,5,,,.V,,N 3' 4' pl.t,Sidf,m 4 llillli' Association l, 121 lfirl Scouts Girys Litm-Ury gm-j,.yy ggi Gi,-V, Q' Gills Llt9l'ilU' S""lUt5' i-li CMU' ,Ktllli-'tic Assmiizztimi il., 31 l4iltl4 m"""'i1l Hub 4- Tlivatvr 43 Stualviit Assistant 4. 29 QM. il!-,,.. W 2 fr:- Nxxm' .Xxx lllIlIH.l'2 XYILIIY Mlxzmm liUGI4ZlKS ln tritiv lfwml A, Ulclx llilllli li l1ll1'l'2ll'j' Sm-ivty ZZ: S1'll'lll'1' Vluln hills ,ltllln-Iiv ,Xvmwizltiull 11 Ili- l. 2. Zi, 41 'llmvlq 11, Zig lliY 4 If'mw.w.N'l1rj7. IC:-pm-lvl' 41 ,XVI Ululv, H1-rnum Vlulu 4: f'llt'4'I' l,1.l4l411- 43 Nr'i'l'!'lJll'f' bl: I.u1l:- 'l'h.-:ntl-1' -1: Vmu, S1-lmol Hr.-ln-Mrs! 4: fl!!-flll'lll'lll'lll Qfrviul Vlulf 41 l,llv1'ill'j Vuflvt -1, llull:-trul'w:11'1,l-1, AIINNIII liI"l'11 Slxxul-znsux SAM llxvxs Sc'n'r'r Gills .ltlnlv-lim' .Xr-fwviuliou 1. 2. 51'lb'll4'11 Vluln 1. 12, 23. 42 Hirl lbw-1'x'm-X li Stmlwm fUllll4'll llf-prvwrut:nlLxv Z2 llmm- lvnrmllmia-N Vlulf 12, 143 l4itvx':11'y Sul rlvly -11 I.illlQ- 'l'l1v-:llc-1' 42 S4'll'llf"' Klulv 1 30 It In NIARY l,1-:UNA RI'l"l"lN XIVQ' l'r1-suleut Flaw li Girl Rm-- wxwe-s 11 flll'llN Atlllvtiv .XNN0l'lHtl47ll 1. Ci: lJI'ilIIl2ill1' Vluln 2: l4llPl'1il'j' Sm-ivty ii, 4: Juuim"S+-nim' Clilllllllf- Ivo 3: Manwlml 543 Rin: Vommittee 53: Stuflvut flUllIl4'll lff'jl!'t'NPllTJillVP 42 AilVI'l'Tlhl!l! I,+'1Hll'lllll'Ilf l,ATII'AC 4: f,l0IIlIIlP1'l'liil Vlulr -13 Cup and Huwu CUIl1IIllllCC -1. .Ions Q. bl-IAXVI-Il.I.. Jn. Student Vounvil 1: Junior Dru- mzxtic Club 1: Lllb'l'2ll'j' Suviety 21, ZZ, 4: Triullzlllzn' llvlmtv 2, 3, 41 Svie-rue Vluln 12, Sig Latin Vluln 21 Little- Tllvilivl' 141 lli-Y 4: S6'lllOl' Play 43 Junior Manlwlmall 25. A?" 1 2 . A A-S JXIAICI-I Sl-IIIIHIRRY li,u'll1N:I, Ul,1vI.x Slzyrlzu 1lHSIIl'll l'l. SMITH ll1'au11:nIiw' fllllll 11 Hmml liwv- Hirll Atlllvtir' ANSU1'l2lll4lll 11 llirl n0n1ic'sf'l11l:2: film- Vllllr-12 Cum- SVIVIITN 1, 12. 211 Latin Vlulu. lim- v1'r'l:llf,'l11ln -Lg Hills IJitur:11'y Su- mutir fflulr 121 Gi"lX l4llK'l'Zll'j' Sn' lu-ty 4. viviy Zi. J. U. S'l'AN'l'UN l51:uNu'1: l'll.1Lxnl-:'1'lI S'I'l1IW.Xl!'l' ifxnl, lilmlsl-:Y 'l'.xY1,mc S1-ivm'cf'l11l1Zillitm,-1'211'y Sfwin-ty Gills Atlllvtiv ,xSMH,'l1lllUll l, 11: Svivmwv Klub 1. J. 15, 43 Hwy 5, 4- Girl Svuuis 1, 21 Ulm- lllllll ,li lmfin Hvouts 1. 2, 351 Al1fllllI1'Uf l"1'v4l Ululw Vlulm 12 Gills lJllt'l'2llAQ' Slwin-ly 3: Hunk 11 Bofs l,it4,-l'z11'y Sflvivty 2, fl, i'm11r1u-wizxlf'lulv-1. 4: Iliflv Ululu "' l'll'l'IlI'll Vlulx 111 Hu 1',.' 'at-L1-11 llfarll Svlnml, XYzusl1ington. IJK 51113 -t Cha ul lllblllllllllvl' Elmh- w1'i:11v li4lito1' I XTII' irmaln Groux s nt llUllIll'll 41 Aw- .xw 4: T:-nnif Vluln. f'o1'1'vspo111li1lg: Svvrl-1n1'y -1: lllvlllllh lllillllll 4g flll1lll'Ill2lIl Invitsltion f'11111llliTlvu 31 Minky! QQML Saw, NEW W, I E E 5 3 mlla. 1 we-W .IAM1-rs A. 'I'1IoMvs0N Axxuz Lu: 'l'1PPr:T'r Svivllm- Vlub 2, Il, 11 Base-bull lfl'2llll2lllt' Vlub 1. St.Petc11'slu11'g. ' 4g l1lll'l'2ll'y Society 25 German l'lli1.Q Svie-111-41 f'lub il, St. PPi01'slu11'SL'. lb 4, l"l:1.3 Junim' xV0llll'll'S f'lub 2. St l'c'lm'sln11':r, l"lz1,g fllll'1'L'llS Club U Sf. l'0lvrslJ11rg, Fla.: Con1merz'i:1l Club -1. IQIHVIN Minis XVALKIZR H,xnm.n Pu11.1,1vs YVARNI-:R Svimmvr- f'lub '23 Litwnry Sovin-tjs Huy S4-nuts 1. 2: Student Oflllll1'll R -lg Hi-Y ZS, 4, Sl. 41 Gln-fl Club ZS, 41 Sl'lPllt'Pflll1lr 4: lIifY 4. 32 BRADFORD S Now 'TVCKI-Ill Sf'lI'llf'F' Club 1, 2, 43 Boyk lAllPl'2ll'V Hovim-tx' 2, 3. 43 l'll'E'I11'll Club Zig Stualvnt f'rmm-il R0prc-sm11:1- MVP 133 f'l1:1irm:1u Ring: Clllllllllttlu' Jlg Vlzlss Vim' PI'1'sirlf'nT 43 Chair- man Sl'illl1l1ll'IlS fl0ll1Illltlf'P 42 Pres' xdeut Tenms Club 43 Tennis Team 4. IQINVIX Dr:s1z0Ro1'ulI XVIAIBB Fred A. Olds Bank 12 Sf-is-111-1 l.itvl'z1ry Sovivty 223 Latin Vlub 12 S1-nior Play 4: f,l0l'll12lll Club 4 '1'a,-Unis Club 4. t'lub 1, 3, 43 Student flounvil 1. 23: 'Q Wndpglnvy' X Q Q Zinn. Q I ff :VW ,559 Q " 'Egan 'Hump Muamx '1'nizui-:s.x NYi-:mai-zu Gi,ixin's Miznsizl. xYllI'l'M,KN lhisv l+lv.xi,.xx Wu.l,1.xnis XYlllSlUll'Hlll6'lll llirll Svlmol lg Girl's Atlilvtir .xSMH'lIlllfll1 I, 13: llllllll Uliili I, 3: Girl Svoun l, Qllillllll Ilill High Srlimil 2: Girlk Girl ll4'Nt'l'YQ'h 2. Al: Girl'x l4ll4'l'2ll'j' Zi. -lg Sri'-ine l'ul1ii1'll3l:GirlR llllll liti-i':1i'y Sm-ioty Il, 43 Glu- Vluli -lg Sfwin-ty Sig Sl-yiiur Iii-pm'1vr -13 Ari airy Suvivty 15, -lg Glw- l'l1lli 1, IIll11f'l'l'l2ll l'luli, Yiwu 1l1'OSlllL'lll -L 1'liili 4: Cad:-1 -1: Litllm' 'flinyziti-1' -1. Sf'll0lFll'Nlll1D I JOHN ISUXTON XV11,l,1AMs LEON FR.xNlu.1N XYILLIAMS M.xm:r. flI'IN'l'IlY Wimux lizilizi Vluli 543 linyk Lit:-rziry Su- Girl lion-i'w-N 1: l.:1l11i Vliili l, ' vis-ty 3, -lg liitlv Club 35. Girl Svmits 1, 2, Il. 4: Girlk l,itii :Irv Sm-in-rv .i. 4, Glw- llulv 4. 33 .f , W 1, A 'f .6 af. M - ' If if Q. if Tfllfw A J fp f' 7 - ff' wif QW: .,? V Aff If 1, ff fi ., . I W., ' ,I x fwff-'51 ,- fi "4 .w ,135 -f ,I Q .sf 4 ff, I V 5 . f ,. ,V L 2, of fa If . at , A V 'ggi .4 'I uit. X Q - WN A3 I ' ,gf4"eZ' '- ,L ' K f' , , 'Q A6 X429-N V f at V av 'wh' , 6 It . A , Q N ,WI 4" .1 nv ETISA S. VV1N'rIf:1xs Gills Atllllvtiv Assor-iation 23 matic Club 2: Girlk Litorary 1-iffty 3, 43 Littlv Tllvatvr 4. Dra- So- li M oo 1-1 N 1-1 A Us'I'1 N lgl'ISSIl'I ISICAI. CLAIM ISICNSON J. H. B1-:NsoN flI'IRAI,D l3R,mI,I:Y lirzssnz COI,VILI.l'I .ll-:ssllc CU'l"l'ON l'1L1-:ANou IQVNIIA LI ffffgi S4211 C'rIAnI.r:s Row ll: NVoon Junior lfootlmll 1: Glw Plub 1, 21. IK, 45 Student Count-il 1: Boy Sm-oum lg Varsity Football 2, 33, 43 Junior Basketball 23 Track 2, 3, 4: Scient-0 t'lul1 23 Varsity Basl-Ivtlmall 3, 4: N. B. H, S. Quartvt 3, 43 XVinn9r Bass Solo State Musit' Contest 4. li,xl,1'1fI XVIGGINS VVIII-:NN lioy Svouts 1, 2: Latin 25 Liter- ary Socioty 12, 25, 43 Sc-ionvo Club 3. 3, 45 Studf-nt Uoum-il 4g G't'l'lllilll Club 4g School Store 4. Seniors Not Photographed TOM FLINT Jon FYNI-: MIXRIE HA'1'CxrI1:LL IEILL Ho1I'1'oN MARGU14:RI'1'l4: HoULDER SHIRLEY JorINsoN lioDNl4:Y KI'FC1II1IN IIILY KOONCE BIQNJAMIN MOORE 341 fi, 5, M ,lg AW XVILLIABI HoL1,Ixn.xY XVOll'I'I'I Ulass President 1. 33 Latin Club l. 123 Josephus Danivlw Lite-rary S04 vim-ty 2, 3, 4: Little Tllcatcr 33 Hi-Y 1-R, 43 Debating TPZIIII 33 Business Manager Annual 43 Vice President Little The-atox' 4. lDORO'1'I1Y MIPIIIKISKJN I'IOVl'ARD PATH B1-:NTON PAUL R. V. RIVLNBARK CIIARLES Rl'SSI4II.I, IIUCILLE XVARIJ 'FIIELIVIA VVIQIQKS HELEN XVIZSLHY THE MIAIRUIONJETTIES GROW IUJP SCENE: The auditorium of a large stone building. Two figures are seen cleaning up a very dusty auditorium. CHARACTI-:Rs: Turner and I,ittle Turner. ACT I LITTLE TURNER: Papa, VVhut fo we clenin dis big room up so much? TURNER: Ain't you heard, son? Dem Seniors ar' goner march in here with dey eom- mencement elose on i11 a minut and I ain't goner let em find dis here place dirty cuz dats' der las time deyis gwine com in here. I kin member der fust time day eom here. I,ittle ole bitty kids then, trackin in mud. gittin picked on. throwin paper roun and vvanderin bout lookin fer rooms. I think a little fella by the name of C. .I. Mclnnis wuz presdent that year-yep dats right. Dey're the bunch that giv dat bird bath to de school. A11d you no dem kids wuz smart. Dey run a bank up der on de thurd Ho-lem me see now-dat wuz call de Fred A. Olds Bank. Miss Evans wuz de adviser and Harry Moore wuz de presdent. I members dat bank coz one time when I got in a tight place dey lent me som money. It warn't long fo dey had jest natanlly becom Ifreshmen. Dey felt som kinda big- LITTLE TITRNEIIZ VVho wuz de kids-ulruh-0Hieers+I beliv you call demvdat year? TURNER: Now let me see--Billy VVorth wuz prezdent and Miss Mary Leona Ruffin wuz vice presdent and Miss Lysbeth Blankenship wuz secretary. Dey still runned roun and spilled trash all over de place but dey don som mighty fine things dat year. One thing I members is a great big book dey made bout whut de P.-T. A. wuz a doin. I sec-'d dem wukin on it wl1e11 I wuz dustin roun in de room. Must been a mighty fine book eaz dey carried it off to a big eddication meetin up der in YVashington. I won never fergit dat big TI1lll0WVt'iCll party dey had in de gym caz I had a time clenin up after dem but dey hope me. I think dey call it a costume party cuz I peeked in an I never seen so many funny lookin cloze. YVal, der's one thing sho' dey couldnit stop ole man time and befo dey no it dey wuz sophomors. LITTLE TURNER: Sho nuf? VVhut dey do din? TLIRNERZ Oh, dey jest lected som mo oifeers and roll on thru de year-now let me see Ei' were 35 dey had fo presdent-C. J. McInnis. fo vice presdent-John Foster. fo secretary un tresur- Devereux Joslin. Dat class wuz jest natually wuked so hard on der hooks dey couldn't do nothin else dat year. I do member startin in Clliillffl 0116 day Hlld hleSS goodness dey wuz up der on de big stage givin a Thanksgiving program. But you no what you jest couldn't hold dem kids down dey wanted ter be Juniors so bad. I,1q-TLE T1-fRNERg D4-y giv dem other Senors a dance when dey wuz .lunors didn't they? '1'uRNERg Yep-dt-y Sho did but wait 11 minut dey wuz near bout Senors when dey did dat. Dey had fo offeers dat year-Billy VV01-th f0 presdent. Ernest Lovell fo vice presdent, Miss Miriam Doub for secretary, un Miss Helen P3526 f01' 'CI'0Sl1l'- Oil. X05 dat little MiSS Mary Scott Daniels wuz de mascot, DQ-y wnked hard dat year. I members long bout October dey giv uh-uh-now lemme see whut did dey eall it. 011 ILWUZ llll tC21 diilll'C'- Dey gii' it ill ll0Il0I' of Carl Taylor who wuz leavinun bless goodness fo YOU 110 if IIC WUZ biivk lleffh I IIICIHIJGYS ll21ViD to dust de hall up real good fo dat. Now din dvi' worked long 1111 collected money and on Fri- day de 13th dey giv de be-St dang-Q you ever heard of-it had de idee of plantation life ill it and all dem sub Freshmen wuz fix up jest blavk HS WC 21iI'. BOY-dey Sll0 did gii' delll SCIIOYS a big time .... O, yes, I is bout to forget dem JUIIOFS had som mighty fine rings. Dey wuz gole with the picture of Broughton tower stamp 011 CHI- I.1'r'rL1-: 'IIFRNERI It's bout time dev wuz SVIIUYS HOW llillit it? 'IIVRNERI Yep. I wuz jest gittin tliere, VVith Ernest Loyall fo presdent un Bradford Tucker fo viee presdent, Miss Helen Page fo Si'C"1'f'tfiYY and Paul HOOVU' fo tresm'-dey start out on :1 successful Senor year. Dey look bout like de happiest ehillun on airth fo dey wuz Scnors and der ambition wuz relized-an lf'I11 H16 tell YOU S0IHf'tl1i1lQ.' dCY had Zi T031 basket- ball team dis year. Dey don won de State-+n0W git dat boy-State championship. Dey had som good debaters too, .lack Seawell wuz on dl' fC21I11 two YCHTS lllid diS LHS YCIII' P3111 HOOVCI' un Guerrant Ferguson un James Brogan wuz oll C10 tCi1Ill- B0f 'CUIIIIIS W0l1 diS Y031' Hlid CICY got a eraek at dc state chainponship in debating. Wal Wllllt I WUZ trying to tell you is-Little Turner! you lazy rascal get busy der, You ai11't gon ter let un get der commencmentn close dusty air you? Imrrric 'I'vnN1m: Oh. I wuz jest thinkin dats' il powerful H110 Class! Aint it? INIIRIAM Doun, Historian. S6 LAST WILL AND TIESTAMIENT STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF WAKE E, the Senior Class of l1IIlCtCCll hundred thirty-five, realizing that the joyous Zlllll boister- ous days of our embryonic stage are fast approaching a cuhnination, l5Clllg in undis- puted possession of a basically unsound Lllld apparently degenerated I1IiIId aIId body, do make and declare this our last will aIId tCSt2lIIlCIltf, hereby revoking aIId declariIIg null Illld void aIIy and all wills heretofore made and executed by us. We request that our funeral service be held in the Broughton High School Zilldltllfllllll at least five minutes after the tardy bell, iII order that all Our friends IIIay be present. AS to the estate which we have inherited or acquired by means honorable or otherwise. we make the following distribution: SECTION I To our successors, the Class of Thirty-six we leave: ITEM 1. A reasonable portion of oI1r unreasonable Senior dignity. ITEM 2. The front row of chapel seats and its accompanying foot rail. ITEM The right to clamor for that phantom of our Senior dream, Senior privileges. ITEM II. To certain "honored" members of the Senior uscribble squad" we bequeath a goodly portion of our teIIIerity at the thought of producing the 1936 TIATIPAC. ITEM 5. To the future triangular debaters we tender the sage advice that they take the bull by the horns-and sling him. SECTION II To the Class of Thirty-seven we bequeath: ITEM 1. The privilege of planning aIId financing the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. ITEM 2. An electric autographing machine, a labor saving device to bc employed OII Senior's annual. ITEM The suggestion that they begin to bring apples to the math, language, and scieIIee teachers. SECTION III ITEM 1. To the incoming Sophomores we leave the possibly sad thought that within one to ten years their perusal of Latin will become but a memory. ITEM 2. The triangular debating team leaves its surplus supply of "bovine eifervscence," as developed under the leadership of Miss Runnion. to Mr. GregsOn's Sophomore history class- es to be used in said instruction classes witl1 the greatest of subtlety. SECTION IV To the incOmiIIg Freshmen we will: ITEM 1. The joyful realization that sooII the sap will rise. ITEM 2. The ability of remaining insignificant for the first few days of school. 37 SECTION V ITEM 1. The faculty receives our heartfelt sympathy and appreciation for so gallantly attempting to carve intelligent faces on blockheads. ITEM 2. To the fairer members of our faculty, we leave our humble advice, accompanied by a few knitting needles and balls of yarn. SECTION VI r ITEM 1. To Mary Eleanor Tucker we leave any classical works which Mr. Allen's high- minded "physicists" may have left behind in their haste to walk home alone. ITEM 2. John Foster, who for the past year has so ably headed the "Department of Dormo-psychology," in retiring from the professorship of the class in Public Sleeping, sug- gests that A. T. Allen be selected to iill this vacancy. ITEM Jimmy Newbold, after much deliberation, leaves to Louis VVOoten his well used set of ultra-basso pipes. ITEM A1-. Paul Hoover paternally bequeaths his annual minute pedal extremities to his successor in line. George Cooper. ITEM 5. .lean Mc-Carthy wills to Sarah Oliver a well-lrrzeaded wad of "Wrigley,s patented double-chin preventivefl along with the determination to preserve in the performance of its ac- companying exercises i11 spite of school rules. ITEM 6. Richard McCabe leaves his golden curly locks to Mr. McCall. ITEM 7. Emmet "Squirt" Grandy donates his small but powerful popularity with the fairer sex to Mettauer Davidson. ITEM 8. Bradford Snow Tucker doth hereby will and bequeath his weird, eerie, blood- chilling, and otherwise startling vocalistic effects to lNIr. Shaw. ITEM 9. To all our high school acquaintances we leave the benefit of contact with our dvnamic and magnetic personalities, resting assured that said contact has been of inestimable value to them. Having ample proof of their competence and conscientiousness, we do hereby appoint VVilliam Henrv Shaw and Turner Powell as sole executors of this, our last will and testament. In witness whereof, VVe, the Class of Thirty-five, through the agency of the testator, have hereto set our hand and seal on this, the twenty-eighth day of March, anno dormini, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five. PAUL LINEBERRY, Testator. 38 THE PIROPHIEQCY JFCOR TIHUE CLASS UIF 11935 sH1P MAR1oNr1'r'rE N. B. H. S. Line June 3, 1952 lNIr. George Niswonger Principal Broughton High School Raleigh. North Carolina Dear George: At last I am off on my much-looked-forward-to trip to Europe. I felt that you would like to know that many of our old class are happy and well. VVhy, Harry Moore saw me off and you could never imagine so jolly a man. Harry had rounded up all our classmates in New York and had Henry Ligon. Lynn Brown. and old Ernest Lovell all there to give me a big send- off. Even Senator James Maynard was there. Ernest makes doughnuts. as I suppose you know. while Henry tests cars for Chrysler Motors. Lynn is a preacher now whose sermons are always heard by large crowds. Making this same trip are two more of our friends: Charles Russell, the great singer who shares a state-room with me. and Ross Reynolds. now a big politician in Brooklyn. By the way, did John Hicks really succeed i11 getting elected mayor of Trenton, New Jersey? I know that Devereux Joslinis newspaper there endorsed him enthusiastically but since I had to leave so early, I did 11ot get to hear the election returns. Yours, INIICKEY. HOTEL SEAYVELL Los Angeles. California June 7. 1952 Dear Mickey: I read your letter with the greatest of enjoyment. Like you, I also wish I could see and hear again our class members. I have been lucky enough to learn about a few of them since I have been out here i11 California ata High School Principals' Convention. Both Mary Lily Cromartie and Lillian Didenhover are here in California making pictures at present. John Lockhart is principal of a country school in Ohio: Mary Leona Rutlin is head of schools in Iowag and Jean McCarthy manages the largest girls' school in Nevada. This hotel at which I am staying is owned and operated by Jack Seawell. Jack also does a little lawyering now and then. He seems to have tried to employ as Illillly of our class as possible for Nelda Fair- cloth, Jane Dubois. and Adelaide Goodwin are all waitresses at l1is hotel and Flu Durfey is chief cook. while Edwin Owen has just been hired as a clerk. This city of Los Angeles seems to have become a convention city since Paul Hoover and his party have gained control of the government. Besides this convention of school people here now, there is a meeting of Elks from all over the country. Among those attending it are Emmet Grandy and J. E. Benson who now is ranked as an oil magnet. Emmet, having grow11 so fond of smoking pipes. has become a plumber, they say! Passing a pet store this morning on one of the busy thoroughfares of the city. I chanced to notice that the proprietors, names looked familiar, and upon investigation found them to be those of Manly Mann and Betty Farrar. Of course I went in for a chat. It's fun exchanging news like this, so I'1l write when I learn more and I'll expect you to do the same. Best wishes, Gnonos. HOTEL PARIS Paris. France July 5, 1952 Dear George: Youill never guess whom I saw just before I left London. VVell. it was Carl Taylor. Carl is over here now and has the exacting job of shooting holes in phonograph records with his trusty 22. He says to tell you that he saw Ralph VVrenn in Scotland last year in the act of buying some leather for Efirds. Ralph is sole manager of their shoe department I under- 39 sta11d. Bruno Mangum has turned gangster and only eludes the law because he is so pigeon- toed the cops can't tell which way heis walking when he leaves foot-prints. I was celebrating Independence Day here yesterday by having a big dinner at the only American restaurant in town when I saw Dorothy Lewis, Mary Carlton, Helen Page, and several other society matrons. They were all well and said they would write soon. Dot re- marked that Albert Doub was making a big success at pulling dead bodies out of the Seine. I immediately made up my mind to find Albert and ask what Miriam was doing. Mary told me to tell you that Ann McInnes, Elsa VVinters a11d Virginia Ponton are all safely married to more or less successful business men. I also found out that Evalan WVilliams teaches English in one of the Parisian schools. How is everything at home, George, oId son? You owe me a letter now, so Write soon. Regards, INIICKEY. FOREST ROAD Raleigh, North Carolina August 1, 1952 Dear Mickey: As for home town news.. there are seve1'al things of interest. For one thing the legislature is in session 11ow and Emily Richardson is its most active member. For another the recent damaging fire which destroyed the up-to-date clothing store of Horton N Ellen prompted our new fire chief, Quinton Burke, to start a movement to get more modern equipment for the fire department. I suppose the biggest piece of news is that Richard M4-Cabes' beauty parlor has gone into the hands of a receiver who happens to be none other than James Thompson. C. M. Craig. and Sam Scott have opened a hot dog stand next door to Edwin VVebb's service station. Naomi Ellisberg is modeling dresses for Ben Dixon's ultra-modern style shop. Frank Jeter is the chief taster for the Sultan of Bagdad who, by the way. is our own Fred Jones. Believe it or not. Dorothy Bay is 11ow giving private lessons on how to reduce and Elizabeth Jackson writes advice for the "love lorn" in "The Raleigh Noise and Disturberf' And say, old John Foster who used to sleep i11 physics has the most appro- priate job of all-he tests Beauty Rest Mattresses for Simmons Company. This is all now. I,et me hear from you soon. Yours, Glconolc. HUTEI, CASTILE Madrid. Spain August 1-L, 1952 Dear George: I expect to be in New York by August 16 as I shall return by the Garlington Air Transport Service. Please try to get to New York and bring some of our old classmates along to meet me Yours, MICKEY. HOTEI. BROUGHTON New York City, New York August 18. 1952 Dear George: I certainly was disappointed when you didnit get to New York to meet me. By way of a final celebration before my vacation was over, Charles Russell and I staged a sort of home- coming party and invited all of the folk who had been on the boat, and a lot of other folks who happened to be in town. Dorothy Morrison, now one of the city's stenographers, was there, along with two hardware merchants, Vvilliam Faucett and Donald Paschal. Also Howard Pate, who 11ow has a good job as a chemist. and Wvorth Kenyon who still likes his job of truck driving joined the group at the last. The three recently married girls from our class, Mary Frances Hunter, Sarah Price. and Louise Connor. attracted more than their share of attention when they appeared with their New York husbands. YVhile we were altogether, we decided to try to get everybody together for a class reunion next May at old Broughton High School. Do you suppose the "principal'i will approve? VVill sec you then, if not before. Yours, INTICKEY. 4-0 J TU N II 0 R S "Ah, you flavor everything, you are the 'vanilla of society JIlUNlI0lEi CLASS OFFICERS feast ipww-1' Him VVilliam Alexander Edna Earl Barnes Uzelle Bass A. 'l'. Beainan Dan Belvin Cornelia Blackman Sherman lilowe Sarah Bray Helen Brown Louise Boykin Louise Bullock Helen Cannady Tom Cain Dorothy Capps Floyd Celey Henry Clemens Mary Emma Coore Lewis Davis Garland Daughtry Charles Doak Betty Dorsett Bill Dorsett Doris Eason law' in Miss GEORGIA KIRHPATRICK Ifonorary fllember Jluimioirs Not Photo graplhieidl Dorothy Eason Bob Evans Donnie Mae Farmer Warren Ferguson Chester Gettcl Frances Goodman liohert Goodwin Floyd Gray Marjorie Griggs Marion Hatchell John Hilton Margaret Hoffer Hoyle Holt James Ingram Margarette Johnson Charles Jordan Helen Jones Mae Toka Jones Berdie Kelly Lucille Leggette Charles Link Audrey Lee Lloyd XVaylon Lloyd lniogene Longmire Elmer Lowery R. E. Marlowe John Martin Archie McMillan Fred Miller J. XV. Mitehner Gwendolyn Moore Louis Morgan Edna Earl Morris Homer Nickols Ruth Ulive VVillian1 Overton Lucille Padgett Robert Padgett Junius Page Nelle Page Mildred Pearce Robert Peatross Lucille Pepper Harry Pittman Ruby Privette Dorothy Reaves KARL HUDSON President ROBERT LITTLE Vice President EVA COTNER Secretary BILLY CAMPBELL Treasurer NANCY BIAUPIN Junior-Senior Chairman A. T. ALLEN Junior Ring Chairrnan Louise Saunders Phyllis Scarboro Merle Senna Cuba Silver J. B. Smith John Smith Christine Southern Ray Southerland Johnnie Staton VVayne Thompson David Turner Frances Turner Aubrey Underwood Eulis XVatkins Pickett VVebb Hen VVillian1s Rosanna WVinston Thelma VVoodcock Lena VVyatt Evelyn Yelverton Marguerite Yerby Charles Yow Sidney Yow ,, p-- ,, M.,-. .,., ..,, s -- ' V454 , V4 N-.A Q ,Am A Gs.. 'ke Q .- "4. ,I .36 qi ' -M ff 905, lg ,ww wx--W., Qepyj ,W- , f-,.,, A ,,...,,, 1 "wr f N? .AL 'VN fvw 'QW 'Q 'N 1, 117115 'TQ 'Q' 1 rs w., E19-M -1 M., V , ff 'ni Mx if 133 .5 ,N S sl W 4' 4:3 'l""" "va f 'i A yn xg.-. mf, ' 4. QM " x.. Z 11351 5,114-'qfqg ac. , ,,,. Q Anne Beverly Allen Mary ,V , ii -aF' A , 3' 'vw fr , ,V x W V M Saw fy, WW: -'Wm c ' Q . x 'X -qffs 5 vw- f wr. Z m l - ig ' - ie,-sf-M f' ffm' "' 'bl X N ,K K V H ' ,Q WM." L A X ' . - ,Zz , Q x 1 5,1 I L, M me Q . . In Q , E425 L A-rfb f N- L 9 V if Q 3' 5511. v Q 1 'X v Q , 1 1, 1' Q . . q-eww Elsie Andrews Jeanne Andrews Betty Ashhy Mary Bailey Huflin Bailey Andrew Beck Henry Bowden Betty Brown Ralph Buchan Helen Cunucly lflverette Carter Mary Elmna Coors- Van Covington Mettauer Davidson Nancy Dalton VVillz1 Drew Betty lflnlunnel 43 lfllizelhelll Averill Alice Bruuglltun George Cooper .-Xlnm Ilielqsun '.'!"'i7 Q J NN K2 f - 5 im DE' ' pw. W . ' N - 'vp' f: , 5 " 'W gn X ,W ,v 'Xu lb.. 5" 233741 ei- --u-.M ww , nm mfr 1 A frm 1. R iq U 54" ' 'Tr'-lx Elm.. iw , 'I .fu AY K Marjorie England Sally linglzind Bob Flournoy Doris FI't'0Illilll Hal Gill Billie Gilliam .lov Godwin Doris Guvrch Doris Gruliarn l'Iclnz1Hz1itl1C0ck Evelyn Hare Arthur Harris '1lll0Il1E1S Hay Rhea Hughes lmrvne Hlnnpllrey llvnry Jenkins XVillizun flllliTl1'S Jones Bill Joslin Allwrtu Ke-lly Billy Kennvcly Mnrgrllvrifc- Kooncv lx12lfl'f'l1Zl lAK'lillllI'l ll 'hymn N... ,r I n 1 Surah McGrady Marie McKnight Jzunes Moore Mary Lily Moore Oliver Moore Isabelle Neal John Nicholson Rebecca Norman Surah Oliver Mary Elizzllwtli Parrih Maurice Peele Edwin Penick Edwin Perry Carolyn Pierce Pauline Punton Bill Poteat Trent Ragland Helen Redfern Ralph Reeves Don Roberts 45 f , A mud is W5 I 'M' ff? fy!! if 5 5,91 A P 0 Nik' ,ggx g ' ' 9 43' In ' , fx . . A - , . x 'W . ,. - ,MQ ,lg N: ., , Z.. 2 id lj Cliarlottv ltiiflm-r Surah ltuzirk VVarrcn Rock William Ross Frank Roberts Susan Scott Plclytlw Senna Georgv Smith Lucy Spikes l"l'z1m'es Sumnvr Jzum-s Taylor Burlmra 'lliompson Louise Thompson Grace Tyne-r Iialphine Vziugrlin Alu- Vklnclv Nlzirtlm Walton Mac' VVilliams VVzilt0r VVilliams Carl VVilliamson Mary Galt Willizmison Mnrgreirct YVilson Louis VVootc-n Julia V'ingate lictty YVrigl1t Ethel Clifton 46 if m ,f Q: .pm K fl P 5 2 UNDIEIRCLASSMIEN "Still achif'z'i11g, still pursuing SUPHUMORE CLASS OlFlFlI4ClERS 'rx . Lola Frances Andrews Raeford Austin Ranson Austin Mildred Barbour Posey Barbour Orville Beacham Sam Rell Ansel Berry Sarah Anna Bland Fanny Boliek Billy Bolton Lonnie Bradley Mae Bradley Virginia Bunn Georgia Cline John COIIICI' Betty Cook Elizabeth Coppedge Robert Demain Arthur Edwards Hickman Ellen C. D. Ferrell Bob Finch if "wma, , ' ' 5 1?',',i,,w ' Q W1 BEN PARK President COLVIN W'on'r11 Vice President BILL CozA11T Secretary and 1lTf'Ll.5'1lTl'7' LLINDA RIDDLE Reporter Mas. J. E. FLETc111s11 Horzorary Zilmnber Soplhomoires Not Photographed Russell Ford Edna Mae Fowler hvlilliilll Gill Marian Goodwin Mary Etna. Goodwin Charles Graham XVilliam Graves 'FIIUIHHS Gray Bill Ilart Valton Holly Charles Howell James Iluste J. M. Jenrette lirwin J0llliS0ll YValter Johnson David Jordan James Joyner xvillll' Kemp Edith Leavister Helen Lewis Norman Litchfield Ida Lloyd Ricard Lloyd Jeanne Lowder Ethel Lupton James Matthews Hilah Ruth Mayer Ann McGrady liloine McClinney James Meade Alice Mitchell Jimmy Moore XV. T. Moore Sam Morris Geraldine Padgett .luanita Padgett Fannie Pearce H. C. Pearce Aubry Perry Dorothy Perry llortense Perry Nathan Reavis Claude Ressijac John Riddle Shirley Riddle Virginia Riddle Sarah Youngblood Otis Robertson Ellen Saint Robert M. Saunders Frances Scarboro Joe Shannonhouse Martha Showalter Jimmy Sinclair Ruby Speight Carl Smith Hazel Stuart Iredell Stone Raymond Thorn Leo Tyner Joe XY?lI1L2lIldillg'iliiIll Doris VVallace Charles VVilder Katherine VVhitlowe Jolm VVilIard Gilbert VVinfree Mary VVinslow Charles WVise Paul VVood Julia VVoodard f 'fur' 2 xv Douglas Ale-xeimlvr, lVlHj'll2iI'il Alford, .lc-an Bailey, Ycll X 4 .. gf: VV .- ..M. qw. wr A ', tin! , oe 4 ff gf- 5 i M A -- :A:4mQ- ' ,4-'Hifi W . i . 'W' A ,jf .W ,LA - A O A 4 ZW SA but Vzllkcr Bell, Tom lirugaii, Mary Lou Bi cl lulianBlakely.I,,e1wrc11cr1-Blunclielrcl, Annette- Briclgum, Nun Brockwc-ll, Archiv Brown, Ummlcl Bunn, ucy L00 Butler, Virginia Cafes, Faison Clizlrltoii, Louise Conilm, lflilie-l Cmnvr, lllvvlyn Coviiiglmi I,awrencc CI'HlJlfl'Cl', Rita Dubois, Billy Hllingrton, Dorothy lflvzuis, Ilenry 14'a11ce-lie, Virgriniu Foster Dmiglus I+'1'am'c', Claim- Free-riiuii, Mac Fullcr, Valli-rin Uarliiigrtmi. liuln-rt Garrison, .luxm-s Humri Q, Janet lluiifl, 14llO1'CllC'l' Ilzirris, l,illizui llznrwzird, l'lhllll'l' llzlwkins, Bill Hicks, Bsnrhairu l'lum-yvuti. lfllifn beth lfloaletlcr, FI'2lIlCCS Huclsuu, Bcity lluul, Clcoiic llunlcr, Toni Iflulcliiiis, lrcnc .lmi1u'llc. 49 Z A sl as , ,., . '-f ' gg. Q , .. 4 ',1' 1 Qing,-N1 X xf: ' l 1 A . 2 N J, X ra .Aifit 4 is x 27' T .1 " 'fvflhh 1 '-,1 r s I ,W sl? A h E ' 8923 Q, , gg, Sl 4... . , I M' Q. if fr-f 1.1sff?I'?L,g3 if fffgflfiffixfifiilb ti e L 2' -rr - W M it 'ff 'W W .J -, -- 5, M ,w gl -"J L 4 , ,f .. YW A y .,. M J, 3 1 :gm .gr A- Q, xl , ,Q ' Q ,ff ev- .ww at f A 9 ,M an , 6 L 4 Q1 ff . 'Q Z VJ: -V f X -4,-gm 'W-W' if ,: ' - , gil 'QV nh, Q9 'K ,' ' , skew!! ' t .f 4 Al, . 25' A is 'Q fx A I: 5 fr. . .I F- - ' 'ffl Q 5' ' it 1 . ,W f' if " Q 2 yy. , .lg Q2 , Q E. ga F .95 in W "-' 1 if-h f K av'-"P 'W ' 'A 4:-A f',,,3 Betty Johnson, li. XV. Kenyon, Alice l,i,fron, Irene MaeAFfee, Rose Martin, NV. 'l'. Martin, Marjorie Massey, Billy Mcforiniek, Evelyn Mclluflie, liohert Melvin, David Middleton, Margaret Mills, Leslie Mincey, XVilliain Morris, Jennie VVells Newsome, Mary Olson, Ruth Parker, Fred Parrott, Sarah Peatross, Paul Pickett, Josephine Pittman, Edwin Pon, Jacqueline Prevost, Edwin Price, Lillian Raflield, Katherine Rainey, Virginia Richardson, Sarah Hoaeh, Mary Sue liothgeh, Carolyn Small, Dick Tiltlllll, Cathryn Tippett, Charles Vestal, Anne VValton, Dorothy VVard, Lorentz XVhite, Edna XVhitley, Billy NVilliains, T Louis VVilliains, Isaac VVright, Iearl Yates, 50 FRESHMAN CLASS 0lFlFlIClElRS RUTH Diavmsox. . ..... Presirlfvzf JVLIAN Hoirrox. . . . .Secretary LEIGH VVILSON ........... Vice Prrnviderzt JAMr:s ALLEN ........ ..Treasurcr Miss FLORENCE FITZGERALD. . . . . .Honorary Zllcrnher Frreshmam Class lphotograplhecl Mamie Anderson, Edith Balance, Mary Sue Berry, Gwendolyn Bradley, Charles Bradshaw, Josephine Bradshaw, Ann Bratton, Margaret Brown, John Buchan, Dorothy Bunn, Alton Campbell, Anne Chris- tian, Anne Conway, Frances Craven, YVilliam Craven, Christine C1'eekmore, Clifton Currin, Doris Daven- port, Marjorie Didenhover, VVright Dixon, Page Eatman, Jean Finch, Harvey Fogg, Clare Foster, Dixie French, Catherine Hardison, Elwood Harper, Charlotte Hines, Kern Holoman, Jim Hutchins, Mary Sue Jackson, Mamie Jennette, Mildred Jennette, Josephine Johnson, Elizabeth Kelly, Thurman Kenyon, Lawrence Lee, Dorothy Lloyd, Harold Lloyd, Bill Lovell, Charles Manooch, Margaret Martin, Flora McDonald, Alan McIntyre, Betty Neal, Gwynn Nowell, George Penick, Dorothy Redding, Jean Renfrow, Bill Robertson, Louise Scott, Billy Seawell, Billy Spencer, Sarah Sutton, Frances Templeton, Katherine Turner, Rose Mary Underwood, Harry VVay, Betsy VVells, Mac VW-lls, Barrett XVilson, Becky XN'ither- spoon, Bobby VVright, Catherine VVyatt, Margaret Cutliff. Freshman Class Not lphfotfogrenphecl Edward Adams, James Allen, Mack Allen, C. H. Andrews, John Arey, Samuel Aronson, Rebecca Atkins, Betsy Austin, Louise Austin, Ethel Baker, Nancy Barwick, Virginia Betts, Claude Blake, Virginia Boyken, Kathleen Braxton, Everett Briggs, Nell Brown, Mary Ann Canady, Frances Carter, Harrell Cates, Maxine Chappell, Harold Cole, Arthur Cooper, Jean Cooper, Ralph Crews, Charles Davis, David Davis, Lenwood Davis, Peggy Davis, Ruth Davidson, Billy Derby, Kathleen Dizor, David Dodge, Alma Doster, Martha Jane Draper, Margaret Dunnaway, Arthur Edwards, Earl Farrell, Yvonne Ferrell, Derrill Forrest, Mary Dilia Fulghum, Marion Fuller, Lemoine Fyne, Charles Gaylord, Blanche Godwin, Charles Goodno, Peggy Graves, Carolyn Gregson, Roy Hamlet, Morritt Hasell, Anita Heller, Hermon Heller, Henry Hicks, North Hinkle, Joe Hodge, Ruby Holder, Irma Holding, Jack Holt, Alfred Horton, Julian S. Horton, Charlotte Houlder, Bill Hudson, Suzanne Hudson, Burt James, Mary Ina Johnson, Yirgie Jolmson, Mary Jordan, Centennial King, Henry Klutz, Ruth Ellen Kolt. Billy Lambe, Gordon LaGarde, Susanne Leinster, James Lewter, Doris Lowder, XViIliam Luck, Helen Martin, Murphy Matthews, Nancy McCrary, Margaret Medlock, Bobby Miller, Carl Miller, Charlotte Miller, Sam Miller, Paul Moore, George Mordecai, Sam Mordecai, Howard Morgan, Vivian Morton, Doris Murfey, Carl Napowsa, Mary Alice Nichols, Nancy Niswonger, Mac Norwood, Charles H. Uverby, Harold Pate, Doris Pearce, Dorothy Pearce, Maurice Peavy, Celeste Perry, Aubrey Pittman, Daniel Reaves, Drexel Renn, Rachel Riddle, Rupert Riley, C. H. Rowland, Geraldine Sanders, Lila Saunders, Lura Self, Russell Lee Senter, VVillis Smith, Richard Spencer, Everett Spikes, Harriet Stanton, XVoodland Styron, Pauline Stephenson, Ennna Dale Taylor, Ben Thrift, Harry Tucker, Louise Turner, Orwood Tyler, Doris Tyner, Harry Upchurch, Rosalind Upchurch, Clyde Wade, Pauline XVatkins, Guilford XVatson, Yvonne VVeaver, Floyd VVhite, Catherine VVilliamson, Leigh Wilson, Billy VVindes, Lettie Lee VVinfree, Lillian VVinston, Edith VVooten, Dorothy Yearby. 51 A 1, , F 21 W, " ' '. L "s -.f Q ? 12 wk. . I " X x 4, Q..- V 5' ' sf . 4. .. 4 Q 'L fjri: ,,,. ' -V ' x D l qw E QA? ., q V- by H gi ,-iv r. A s X 2241 ,f,Qdli5ff'- , , A xiii!! , , :L .W 1.:z 1 ,, ., ' L- X' x 5 -W 1-:Q H? W, Q . :iz -fen- 3 1 3 P I ll.-I A . . Y 4-1 " asf 'V . hwy Kaul I A Q 5 xv- IAN' .,,:,- IQ' v:.- 'V ,, . "'- ' .,,, , . - -:f-' - af .v 2 f iLl'- Ll , 1 YQ 4 . pr L A Q , 1. l l,,4 ' M I K Y we xy , I nu. K A ai. t F' 1 In W z Am' Q' 1 .V ,f fun lk J lu.. A k, . Q1 Q 'gy-:QQ I Zi A , E ',:,, .. ' A X N' , . Af 4 " f X Nflizlk x ,. ' if Q'-'fi'13 E1 ti 'X - ' , , . ' . . . f A Ei' .f S I K 1 ' , aff L -iff" 5 3 ' Q ' ...JM , 5 5. 5 A Film' Q Hy V , ,, f 55 E fggiiga "' I 411 ' V. - a 1 S P 4 A +1 , ' w ,Sf , A 4' 3 V 'M M f E 'A 4' 3 ffm, M i wf. Q Z3 - ' , ' ' X f 'EHQSZQ i Y 5 I A .QA , 1. W! os. QM- mr., A Sufi, I ,gs 1,1 ,Q 4, Q . G- N 'n f 1, I Q. if V 4 ' 'V Q ' "3 "ff ' 'ff X 1 P i , 2 Ki EYIIY 2:1 -f 'W i ' f 3 A 'I lgflwan I ' 4 L ll. . -J I Q1 A ,I 4 ' p A. Yi! A37 xg X' q L Flzlaslnmx CLAss 52 4 + , A qvrh :x Na: :cfs . . ' JM "'A 1 ' X 5 QW! Lf' L' ' Qq4Q ! NW Q? if, r X R wx be W egg ,... , , ,K ,, Q' , if + f ' ff- ' ' H . X , .K g.m i... g N , ,1 1 qvhi ilhqq ,4-A N. N sf. X, vx I A ,A , K Lb xx 'rr 4 J E r gd Q N, , ju . 3 . . ix r X , n A H A N gg Q H N I If - L r J' mv v-M-mTuiMNwvAH7:3:. M X ,,X, . .V .QLQ ., k 5 A , k A , Q ' I A'A? 'VE XA fi WPI' "A 1 . 35' 5 V is ' .- - x 1.,4 3 . X um? vvl. ...,i J 5 M Q Q if 1 A X15 A ,. . fi!! r A if Q5 NM :BQ 1 , N. , , M X AA-vV-,- - xiw' , ., l l A , . L A -M 1 5 ir 1, . f ' 4 459 HS EH? 65 iz 6 ! , i.4x 4 , 9 , J. it ik :L, XX I , ' 5? I ' ? f ' ,l . ,. I N X ' ' ,l .iam . A 4 Pb , 'f ' M IIF A,,, a ' Q X i -if ',A- , ' , - -i,, ..QQ P if is 3, k Q L :Qf1L- Mg , A gf-X i ,ff kll v1,:1 , , , , , i - , Q Q " . fx 5 3' News if J JE? ,lin N-In i 7541 B Q N 6 I -sf L m3r,. WA Q M 3 2 1 5 :Sv xx Aw W AL' V :lil V Q M I , XY' F sr w"'wixgQ 1 :N -. qi Q Ei A ix., . , TA, ,M 3 gt E f . N A W, fx ,V R J, K ,fig Q I 'Wi' Wifi Q", f HE? A . , 13 5 ,, - N4 , 4 V f Q -3 SUB-l:1RESIiM 53 AN CLA!-IS SUBQFRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BILLY UPSHAWW'. . .... President JAMES OLIVER. . . . . .Secretary WVALTER IJEXVIS ....... .Vice President H. H. HUNICUTT .......... Treasurer MR. HAROLD DEWYEA. .. ...... Honorary Ztlember SubalFireshmain Photographed! ' Mildred Askew, Billy Andrews, Isabel Austin, Grace Bailey, James Bailey, Ruth Bailey, Bill Baker, Lawrence Ball, Dick Barrow, Helen Bobbitt, Bob Bourne, Jacqueline Branch, XVilliam Brantley, Virginia Broome, Helen Broughton, Melville Broughton, Margaret Callahan, Caroline Carlton, Roy Caviness, Allan Clement, Betsy Anne Clendenin, Virginia Coley, Bruce Comer, Betty Cordan, Marguerite Cromartie, Ethel Croom, Frances Crowder, Eleanor Culver, Mary Louise Dunn, Rodney Anne Eatman, Maisie Eden, James Edwards, Mary Faucette, Betsy Fields, Bill Fletcher, Blanche French, Billy Furr, Pope Garrison, Flora Goetz, Louise Gray, Elsie Gupton, Sarah Hardison, Anne Harris, Evelyn Harris, Vonnie Hicks, Harvey Hinnant, Graham Hobbs, Hubert Holding, L. P. Kennedy, Charles Kuhn, Ben Lawrence, Billy MacGruder, Bruce MacGruder, Carl Marshburn, Sain Marshall, Katherine Martin, Mary Katherine Mac- Duity, Edwin Mills, Mary Ellen Morgan, Betty Joe Newsome, Katherine Norman, Hall Partrick, Grover Poole, D. R. Ponton, Ihrie Pou, Owen Reeves, Robert Reynolds, Elizabeth Rogers, Phyllis Swartz, Fred Schmidt, Virginia Seagroves, Mary Ellen Senter, Billy Siddell, Pauline Stewart, Jerry Stockard, Mary Bell Thompson, Reynold Tucker, Billy VValton, Marita XVarner, Jack XVilliams, Lorraine VVilson, Cameron XVinston, George XVorth, John Young. Not lpil71'OffO graph-mil Juanita Aiken, Arthur Alexander, Jack Alford, Ben Allen, Helen Andrews, Mary Lily Arey, Edward Austin, Keith Beckwith, Hubert Barbour, Elizabeth Bolton, Horace Bradley, Catherine Brannon, John Bratton, Blanna Brower, Harriet Browning, Jack Bryant, Cale Burgess, Paul Capps, Jacqueline Carter, Doris Clark, John Henry Clark, Mary Coggin, Elizabeth Cole, Harvey Cox, VVinifred Cross, Joseph Daughtery, Tommie Denson, Robert Doak, Jack Draper, Elsie Dupree, Dorothy Durfey, XVillis Ellen, Genevieve Ellis, Dorothy Faison, Rebecca Ford, Albert Foster, Margaret Fowler, John Fye, Wenona Gardner, Dorothy Glenn, Edwin Graham, Madelene Grandy, James Gay, Calla Goodwin, Lee Graves, Mar- garet Hairston, Naomi Harmon, Thomas Harrell, Ida Dunn Harris, Kenneth Haskin, Randolph Hewitt, Emil Hilker, Lawrence Holding, Erma Holton, H. H. Honeycutt, Carolyn Hoover, Grace Horton, Mar- garet Hunt, Dwight Jolmson, June Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Mattie Jones, Richard Jones, Helen Jordan, NVilliam Joyner, Albert Kelly, Cyrus King, Nell Koonce. Arthur LaGarde, Mildred Lanier, Naomi Lanier, Carolyn Lehman, Violet Leveridge, Bill Lernis, VValter Lernis, Ray Little, Robert Lloyd, James Maddrey, Mary Gihnore Marsh, Bruce Massey, Mar- garet Massey, Arthur McCabe, Earl McCrary, Eddie McGhee, Margaret McKenzie, Carl McLean, Margaret McLean, Virginia Melven, Beverette Middleton, Betty Jean Miller, Bessie Frances Mills, Bill Mills, Graham Mims, Clifton Moore, Hugh Moore, Mary Alice Moore, Frank Mordecai, VVesley Morgan, Mildred Morris, NVilliam Morris, Jack Morrow, Holland Nance, Raymond Nance, Bobbie Newcomb, Jack Naneman, Jim Oliver, A. Oren Palmer, Clara Mae Parrish, David Pattishall, Kenneth Perry, Rebecca Perry Elaine Pike, Elaine Pittman, Mary Frances Powell, Frances Raines, Julian Rand, Mary Rhoney, Dorothy Roberts, Edith Roberts, Norma Ross, Charles Rue, Margaret Sellers, Merle Showalter, Elizabeth Shumaker, A. T. Smith, Dorothy Smith, Evelyn Smith, Hardy Smith, Hazel Smith, George Speight, Annette Spruill, David Stanton, Mary Lou Stephenson, Shelton Stripling, Carol Swart, E. C. Sykes. John Tannery, VValter Thomas, James Thompson, James Tomlinson, Virginia Upchurch, Graves Vann, Jack Vaughan, Cornelia VValker, Martha VVard, Elizabeth VVarren, VVilliam VVatson, Virginia YVebb, Dorothy Mae YVedding, Irene XVhite, Marguerite VViggs, Lois VVilliams, Bailey NVilliamson, Mamie Lee VVilliamson, Betty Joe VVilson, Buck Wilson, Sidney Ann VVilson, Rhett XVinters, John NVoodrufi', Audrey Yates, Edna Yow. 54- . 1, . 4..,mh4..,.,--,s... RJEPIERTOIIRIE Everybody has his own theatre in which he is manager, actor, promgpter, playwright, sceneshifter, hoxkeeper, doorkeeper, all in one, and mwlience into the barganinf' ACT H 1 ganrmx 5 11' 7. 3-', ng A J? QA U .- u . lk 'V , - .. 1 ' -I -v J. 1 9 W -hi, -1' .f:fm 'f,ej."yv -F 4' fx, 3, , V- Y- ' '1- , y . !.L-3 ' I . 1 1 4 L. . A x A 1 J f, i ,Q -' ., 4. . . 5- . .lv .f rn. , , ,, 5 ' - 4 ' - J fl - H l3, M '1?'1'7 Q THE lP'AlRilENTaTlEACCHlElR ASSOCIIATION MRS. BEN J. IJAWVRENCE .... ........................ I ,resident MRS. A. S. BRONVER ....... . . .Vice President, Program Chairman MRS. VVADE :LEWIS .... ....,................... I Secretary MRS. N. L. VVALIQER. . . ...................... Treasurer MRS. YV. F. RIORRIS. . . ............. . . .Historian CHAIRMRN MRS. R. H. CiARRISON, MRS. VVALTER LEWIS. . . .... Finance LII-IS. CALE BURGESS ...................... ....... T Velfare MRS. T. F. IJREVV ....... ...... Zi Iembership MRS. J. M. BROUGIITON. . . . . .Library Service MRS. CI-IESTER BELL .......... ............. I Qocial MRS. B. VV. WELLS ............ ...Parent Education DR. AND MRS. ELMER F. IJONVRY. . . ....... Publicity MRS. F. L. AVERILL ............ . . . ..... Scrapbook MRS J. C. CASPER. .. ............... Bulletin. MRS. J. R. EDEN ...... .... I Boo-m Representatizic MRS. J. L. EMANUEL ....... ........... F ine Arts MRS. V. M. HICKS .......... ..... Health MR. AND MRS. JULIAN RAND. . . .....,..... Hospitality MR. AND MRS. F. B. HANIRICIK. . . . . .Character Education MR. AND MRS. ROY O. CAVINESS. . . ............... Safety MRS lNlR. MR. . BARRETT WILSON ......... AND MRS. ROBERT SCHMIDT. .. AND MRS. ROBERT J. WILSON. .. ...............Courtesy . . .Grounds and Recreation . . . . . . . . .Transportation MRS. J. C. LOCHART ............ ........ . Iuzfenile Protection MR. AND MRS. KARL G. HUDSON. . . ...,............. Citizenship MR. AND MRS. CARL GOERCH .... ...Social Standards Cv0'l1fPT6'7lCP MR. AND MRS. G. H. FERGUSON. . . .............. Founders' Day MR. AND MRS. J. H. RAYVLS. . . MRS. H. K. VVITIIERSPOON .... MRS. E. J. LOVELL ......... . . .Publications . . . .House . . . .Telephone MRS. ROBERT RUARIC ........ . . .Legislative DI ELLEN BLACI VVIN row 2. l Q . S' . . . . ' .....Rad1o The Parent-Teacher Association of Needham Broughton High School has as its aim the creation and growth of mutual understanding between parents and teachers and the development of more intelligent and effective cooperation between those two groups. It has a membership of four hundred and thirtyg and ac- complishes most of its work through a. number of large committees headed by chairmen, who, with the elected officials, compose the executive board. During the past year this association has sponsored the following activities: Library Day, which helped to make possible the reopening of the School library under a supervision of a trained librariang distribution of food and clothing for many underprivileged childreng a school carnival which netted funds sufiicient for the expenses of the yearg thoughtful remembrances of the teachers throughout the yearg educational program under the direction of the Legislative and Educational Cominitteesg and two special study classes, one in Mental Hygiene conducted by Dr. Harry Crane of the University of North Carolina. and the other in Home Economics conducted by Miss Katherine Wright of the high School faculty. 55 JAM12:s N IQWIIOLD Iglliffll'-ill-C'lliI'f YVILLIA M YVOIITII H Il .v 1 Il 1'.s'.v 3111 I1 ll gr 1' KIAIIY FII.-xNCI:s BAIIII0 .-lrl' Ifrliinr IIILLIAN IJIDENIIUVRR .lrf Eflifur FR JLATJIPAC STAIFJF at C'AIII, VFAYLOII. . . ..'1.S'.S'0Cillff' Ifrlifor ANNE IXICINNICS.. .,1.s'.v11c'iaf1' Frlifor DI:vIcIIIcI'x .IosI,IN. . . ...... Sports' Ifzlifnr PAVI. IIINI-ZIIIQIIIIY.. ...Pl1nl11g1'z1pl1 Editor xvVII,LIANI JosI,IN.. . . ..1.v.s-iximzi fjliiflll' RICIIAIQIJ MAc'C'AIzIf:.. . .PllUfUgI'I11Jll Igllfffll' NPZI,DA FAIIICI.o'I'II. . . ..l.s-.vociafff Iflllilllll' .BETTY FARRAR ..... ...-1dz'I'1'fi.s'i11g Staff HIJNA FIINES BYNVAI. . ...lflvffrtisirzg Staff BIARY III-CUNA RI'IfI-'IN. . . .-'1!l7.'6'TfiSi7lg Staff JEAN MACCAIITIIY. . . ..11lz'erf1.s'i11g Staff XYIRGINIA PQNTON. . . ..l11z11frfisi11g Sfaff JANI4: Dvnols. . . . ..'111z'erii.vi1zg Siajf XYIRGINIA IIOIJI' .........,. ..11lz'ff1'1.f.s'ir1g Sfaff Mus GIIQIIIQIA KII?Iil'IN'l'lilf'Ii. . ...ldz'is1'r 56 ,pw 'Vw pk 16? .af '5- Q.. six ' '3-. 'Q I' 59N 62 -e""" .Ra--v ,Q .fm .ir Rye P :SQA 'T ui! lg' gh -nw 37' -sm" , 11.1 ll- vp, AN NIHXI, Ass1s'rAN'rs 57 CARL TAYLOR ....... RURADFORD TIICKE RRNICST LOVPILL. IlARRY BIOORE. . . STUDENT iCOlUNCClIlL OFFICERS BILL ASIIWORTI-I Presidenf METTAIIER IDAVIDSON Vice Prmirlerzf JAMES NSEVVBOLD Treas-urer XIIRGINIA RICIIAIIIJSON Secrefary BIILTON IYAMBIC Sergean 1'-az'-.A1 rm S E MRS. A. C. HALL I-I11'Z'isf'r . . . . .flhairman of Grollmlfv f'07rm1,iffee . . .C'l1air7nan of Sfamlarlls f'07ll77IifliI'l' . . . .f'hair'n1an of House Clonmziffee . . .flhairvnan of Pllblidfny f'o'n1'n1iffw ISIARY IIILY CROMAl!'l'IIC. . ...... l"hair'man of Social f'ommiffee RIILTON IIAMBE ...... BILL POTEA'l'. . . BETTY FARHAR. . TOM FLINT ..... DI-:VEREIIX JOSLIN VVILEY ROOERs. . Mildred Askew John Buchan Virginia Bunn Bill Cozart Ruth DElX'lClSt'lI1 Lillian Diclenliuver Douglas Frnnee clllilI'll'S GOOclnO lcla Dunn llurris Lillian llurwurcl . . . .f'lzair1nan of Ifleclionx l'077I77llfff'I' . . . .Clhairman of'Poi'nfs Uovrznziffee ..Clhair'man of Charter flovrrnziffee . . . . . . . . .fllanager of Shool Store . . . . .C'hairman of Bulletin Boarfl ........ .. .. .. .. ..Cw0-CV'hlllTI7ll1fII of Bulletin Board R OLI, OF M li M Pi E ll S l,:1wrenc'e Holding Paul Hoover Kern Holmnzin liill Iilillllii' Robert Little .loyee Luc-lf Silrlill MeGrudy Archie Mc'Mill:1n Kaitlin-rin Normzln 58 llOl1ert I'aclg:etl Helen Page George Peniek Grover Poole Elizabeth Rogers Mary Leona linllin Kuflierine Turner Billy Vuugrlm Harold XVZIFIIPI' Ralph YVrenn 9 T ' ' "'1.'S STUDENT fCOlUN1ClllL The Studcnt Council has had for its projcct this ycar thc ohjcctivcs of thc pro- grams of the past two ycars. naincly thc cnforccincnt of thc "Ch-an up" and "Law and Order" campaigns. It continucd thc llctcntion Hall in an ct'fo1't to cntorcc the latter program. In order to carry on thc "Law and Ordcrn campaign. a systcin ot' voluntary cadcts was organized. Thcsc cadcts assist thc tcachcrs at thi-ir various posts of duty. This plan was sponsors-cl hy thc Housc Connnittcc of thc Council. A Studcnt-Faculty Confcrcncc Connnittcc, composcd of iivc nicmhcrs, clcctcd by thc Council and faculty rcspcctivcly. was inauguratcd in ordcr to discuss prohlcnis relating to the studcnts and thc faculty. This connnittcc scrvcil as a clcaring housc and inadc I'tfC0lIlIllt'Illll1tl0llS to hoth thc faculty and Council. We were fortunate this ycar in having in our Council thc prcsiclcnt ot' thc Statc Student Council Congress. Billy Potcat. About twcnty incnihcrs of our Council went to Asheville to attcnd thc inccting of thc Congress. This year the Councils of Hugh Morson and Broughton havc kcpt in closer touch with each othcr, hy having scvcral joint Council and cxccutivc nicctings. Hugh Morson cntcrtaincd our Council at a vcry cnjoyahlc dancc. lvc fccl that grcat benefits have hccn dcrivcd from thcsc contacts. Toward thc cnd of thc school ycar thc Council furnishcd a stud:-nts rccrcation room in thc cafctcria. 59 l,AYID lglll-IICVIC ..... ISRADFURIJ lllI7C'liER. . . l'A1'I. Hoovicn .... .lui lgROG.XX ..... llnzvpznicrx .los1,IN ............. Mn. PAV1, .lirri-in, Mn. .lon AI JK. 'l'. Allvn Hill JxSllXYUI'lll llc-nry llnwclen Duvicl llrec-vc' .lzunvs lirugrun liznlpli lgllCllZlll .luliun Bunn XValtvr Clinc- licl Clwyd lVlK'l'l2lllf'!' lJuviclwn Louis Fle'tc'l1m' lHIlI:Y ,LEN, AND Mn. LEX KI,I"l'Z.. M li Nl li li li S lflnnnil Urumly .lulm Fuslc-r llzllcly llurlun liill llm'lun Paul llmrvm-r Karl Iludsun Henry .lc-nkins Deva-reux Joslin Paul Linelwrry Holme-rt Little Ernest Lovvll Milton Lznnlw 60 v ww -cg, I,f'I'Sl!l1'llf . . .Vivw lJ7'l'SlIlf'llf .Sf'1'r1'I111"11 f Y . . . . . .Irr'a.s-ur1'r . .Pr1'.v.v Rrporlwr . . ...... .l1l1'i.w'r.v Arcliiv Mvllillrln Ilzirry Blmnw- .lzunvs Nvwlmlcl Ross llvymnlmlx XVilf'y lingvrs XVilliun1 Russ .lack Seawvll Carl Taylor Edwin Walker Hzirold XV2lI'lN'l' YVilli:ln1 Vl'urlli i , GIURJL liniim' Ii1cHAimsoN ....... .......... BIARY HL1zAmc'1'1i AVIQIRILL.. ..I"ir.s'f Vim' IXIARY Sri: Bicimv ........ ...SI'l'0lIll View !xI,ICE I,moN ........ ........... BIARY JXLICE Nici-1o1,s. . . ..l.s-.visfalzf l"1iANC1':s Sl'MN1c1i .... ......... BIAIHLAIIICI' IXIARTIN. . . ..l.s-.sixtrnzi COMM I'1"1'l'11i CIIAI R MEN BIARY IQAILICY ..... . IiA'l'lIERINE 'l'I'RN1-tn. . . AIARY I,ILY AIUORIC.. 1glC'1"l'Y BnowN. . :XNNE C'oNw.xY.. linslic AN1m1mws. . . Mics. R1-:.xv1s, Miss l'1'1"rxiAN, Mus. IJNK, Mus. l"oNvii,I,1c. . Tllsllli iGlIl?iL RIESHCRVES CLUB 'flu' Girl Rm'svi'w's Cluli is :1 part of tlic' Y. YV. Cf A.. lu-ing tliv nrgzm tlizit zissociutioii for girls lictwcvii tlic ages of 12 :uid 18. Its plirposc' is -.-M l'rr'.s'i1l4'l1l I'rf'.vida'nI Prf'.vi1l1'n! S1'c'r1'f11ry S1'cr1'f11 ry Trr'11.w11r1'r Tr1'a.v11r1'r . 1,!'Ufjl'lIIII . . .Sovial . .-5'1'I'2'ic'f' Sfanflarrls . .I'11lJlic'iI'1f . .Sporfx .,lrl2i1.w'1'.v ization of "To limi :incl give' tlic' lwstgn its slogan "To fain' lift- sql1z11'c'lyg" its Hylllliljl. Il lilum' trizinglm' witliin :1 c-in-lv. Its progruni of activities inclildcs sua-li things :is liikcs. 1-zunps. various sports, p:1rti1-s. iiifomiizitioiizil :uid iiistructioiizil progrzuns. svrvicvs of wor- ship and world fcllowsliip. :uid p:1i'tic'ipz1tion in coimiiuuity llllKlCl't,illiillgS 61 IIARRY BVIOOIIIC. .. KAIIL HI'IJSiJN ...... LILLIAN HARWAHD.. MAC XXYILLIAMS. . . BILL Cozmrr .... IllCNRY IBOVYIJICN. . . Mus. VVIQLLS .... Douglas ,'xl1'XJllllll'l' .lohn Arc-y I,awr4-nm'c- Blanchard ,'xI'C'lllC Brown Davicl Blalovk Mary Lou Bird .Isle-qllvlilw Branch Dan Bclvin Allllvlll' Briclgrvs liolwrt Browning: Yan l'oving:ton XYalt0r Cline lilizalwtll C'oppvclg:v Bill Cozart liita Dubois Billy lillington Dorothy Evans llvnry Frank Fanvc Douglas Franvc SHClIlENClE fClLlUlB M HMB BRS 1 lfllrl' li l'l't'Ill6lll John Foslvr Bohm-rt Garrison Saln clI'CSllfllIl .lanws ll6llllI'lCli .lanvt Ilanft l4lllDI'l'lll'l' ll!ll'I'IS Lillian Ilarwarml .lohn l,o1'liarl l'harlcs I,inl4 llc-nry I.ig:on .'xI'l'llll' MacMillan Bom- Martin Fred Mille-r Harry Moorv Fra-fl Parrott .lvnnic YNY-lls N1-wsolnv l,nc'illl' Pcppvr Dorothy Pvrry 62 . . .lvivv I'rrf.vi1l1'r11 Prrfsillrfllf Sffcrvfary Treaszlrrfr . . .Critic . . .Sargrfan i-af-.rl rmx Bvn Park Sarah Pvatross Sarah Hoavh Otis Bolwrtson Ylvilvy liogjvrs lillrn Saint Carl Taylor Braclforcl 'l'uc'lu Dick illiltlllll Ann VValton Mac XVllll2llIlS Isaac XYri,1:ht Bohhy YVrig:l1t Colvin YVorth Julia XYootlarcl Dorothy VVard Mary Winslow Billy XVllllilIllS John Z4-iglcr . ..'1rlZ1i.w'r -1. LILLIAN HAIIWARD. . . BILLY LAMBE ..... CLAIRI FREEMAN .... RICHARD SPENCER .... COLXIIX WORMII. .. Ulm ILIQMING .... . 'NIO I I 0 Sr' nzper f1'1l1'li.s' Marie Anderson Jean Bailey Annette liridgrers Helen Cannady Virginia Cates Louise Combs Elizabeth Coppedge Evelyn Covington Frances Craven mgqi, Tll-lIlE LATIN CClLiUlE5 MEM ISICRS David Dodge Elizabeth Flournoy Clarie Freeman Janet Hanft Lillian Harward North Hinkle Julian Horton Billy Lamhe Rose Martin Jennie VVells NCXY'SUlllC 63 - . I . . . ...President . . .I lcv Presiflenf . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer ...Reporter . . . . . ..'lflz'i.w'1' .l'lL0!VlCllI Iris Dorothy Perry Helen ltedfern Virginia Richardson Lura Self Dorothy XVa rd Mary VVinslow Colvin VVorth Isaac YVright Catherine W'yatt filOSiElPlHllUS DANHJELS iLlITHilRARY SO'CiIiE'lFY PAV1. Hoovicn. . . BIILTON Lnimt. . . YYILLIAM .los1.1N. . Romiivi' I,1'r'rLi:. . . Lows lVoo'r14:N ....... Miss HELEN RVXNION. ., QX. 'l'. .Kllcii David Hlzilxwk I.ziwrvm'v Illsinclm llllllll Brngzlil Billy Cziiliiwlwvll Hd Clwyd Georg? l'm1pc'r Yam f'IlYlllQIl0ll Imwreimce Crsalmlrcc lf ll. frzlig: Nlf'llElllFI' Dawiclmii Bvn Dixun Frank i"z1l11'ellc' liuerremt Fv1'g'x1w11 XYEIFFFII Fc'rgr11w11 Louis Fletclu-r Huh Flmirnuy .luv Fync Vlivslvr Geltvl liminct llrzimly MiiMl3l'lRS .Xrlliur Ilairrix Hill Hicks Paul PiIlUYf'l' liairl Huclwu Tum llutclwiix Ile-nry .lviiliinx J, Bl. .lriirvllv XYilliam Joslin Hilton I,:imlw Paul liulwrl Littlc- lfrmwt l,1wm'll Mainly Munn XY. 'l'. Marlin liiclmrrl Mvfalwc Ruin-rt Melvin I.:-sliv Miiicvy XVilliam Morris Jenner Ns-wlmold lil ...I lu' . . .ljllllllfifqlf lion Park liclwin Penick Paul Pickett C. F. Pilly llilly Puleeit liclwin Puu iiclwin Pricv Kms Rf"j'll0lClS NYilli:im Kms .lack Seawell .l. U. St:-mtnn Dick Tatum Carl Teiylur PI'f'.Yif1l'I1f PI'f'.S'il1f'llf Sf'c'rr'fa1'y Cllllllflllllll .1lI'l'!1-5'1lI'l'l' . ..111z'isc'1' ll rn cl ford Tucker Hflwin Vlilker I.Pm1 XYilliz1ms Louis Vl'illiams lmllis XVUIKPII Hill XYurtl1 lizilpli XVFCIIII PAVI, Hoovicn JACK SHAWELL .lAM1w:s ISROGAN ctI'ICRRAN'1' 1ficncn'soN 1FOlRlENS1ICCS Debating is a major literary aetivity in Needham Broughton lligh Sehool. For the last several years the Josephus Daniels Literary Soeiety has sponsored this aetivity under the super- vision of Miss Helen Runnion. The team for 1935 is eomposed of .Iaek Seawell and Paul Hoover on the affirmative, and James lirogan and Guerrant Ferguson on the negative. The afiirmative team defeated the negative team of Durham in Fayetteville. The negative team defeated the aftirmative team of Fayetteville in Durham. As a result of this double vietory, these two teams will debate in the finals at Chapel Ilill on April 11 and 12. The query for this year is: Itv.wlz'1'r7, That the United States should adopt a poliey of federal aid to the support of general publie edueation. About fifteen boys and girls tried out for the preliminaries in January. Doris iioereh and Mary Elizabeth Averill were seleeted as alternates. Needham Broughton won the state eup in 1933 and it is hoped by the student body that the 1935 team will be able to bring the Ayeoek Memorial Cup baek to Raleigh. llxeaigue of Nations Coritest For three years it has been the eustom of a group of students to partieipate in the National Competitive Examination on the League of Nations. This year lien Dixon's paper was seleeted by a loeal eonnnittee as the best in our sehool. llis paper will be forwarded to national headquarters where it will be eompared with the best papers of students in other parts of the eountry. The purpose of this eontest is to get the high school students interested in the promotion of international friendship and world peaee. 65 GMRILS' ILIITUEIRAIRY SOLCIUETY Iul'1sI1: Hwxxulz , .... ,, lhwfsiflwnl l,lrl'ISIfj t'1vxll:s,. , ,,,,,,, ,,,, , , 7'rfmnrwr In me lnxwx ,.,, , ,.. , ., ,,,,, A l'n-f 1'rw.w1ffnl Alun' L1-zfvxx IiI'1-'FIN , .. , ,..,. Ifwpnrn-r NI un' I'lc.xxv1-ns IIl'N'l'I'fK . ., ,, Nffwwff:1'y III-.max I'A1a111, , .,.,, , ,lvnyfrum Vlmimurn Mus .I x x 14: l3l'l.Vl"l'X, . . .... . .1111-iwr 3 tan." :Qin K Y , . ..5,..:,: 4. HCOMIMUEIRCCIIAIL KCILTUJB "Thr wilful lllnnff uf llfw ll'Hl'ln'lH1'H yfffrw 0114 Npwfwl, m'1w'f'1l, H'r' HH' IIN' n1lrl.'1'1'.w nf .S'lH'f'41.'4 Ilcxwvlfw lin-'11 , l'f-fwiflf-nl A1,1f1'r1r .XTKINS ,, ,,S'w1-rwlf1f',ff-7'l'+'ff-YI'VW-1f"71""f"" kung XY14i:l:1-5,15 , A HI'i1'w l'l'I'Sf1ll'llf NRS. JOHN lf. 1'ASl'l-:R VVV,V, .A....Y,., V...V....- - - -41l11'IlW'l GG Q , Mun 440' 5 Q, , V I W AMW, fy M p as Q ii 'L M, 0' f YQ W' M A 'L' A W V 'Alv My K. ff? N-f L v Q ' . ag, W . ,, , by l any nb' 1 gg.. V iw kb 453 ,, - fi -, Zfsiif' t .- 1: xl' , .. .V W 1 . V V- Q . , qw l k + 'fs e W , 4 QQ' 1 fx' 3 f I , f ' -'. 43.4, L J' f v 54 Af f- l was . k ,J GIURILS GILIEIE CIUUB l5L'I"l'X' l".XKR.XR ,, v ,. ,.1'1'!uv1'1l1'7lI ,IUY4 I-I l,l'r'li,. lnnsrrfff NIARY I'Il.l,lf:N I+Imv.xklws , .I'if-1' l',-fwiflfur .II'l.XNXl'I'I"I'I'l B.xf:wl4,1.l.., , lffpmff lux Al.u'f'x1:'r11x' .,,,,,, ,,,,,., . ,.,,,, , Nw-1-1-wlury 1H.1x11: Ilxmzu-lc ..,,, .. ,dlffflilljil n Mlxs AIAIH-LI, Klcxyux , , . ,, ,,,,, Ili,-11,-lm -'IL-zmllllv Amin-ws, l,Hl'1N Arla-W, Mary l'IIiz:1lvvIh .Xx'v1'ill. .lm-zlllmltlv lSz1L:xx':-ll, Mary Hznilwy, llmnlllx Hu lizlmws Bvll. SZIYIIII .xllllil lilzlml, Venison f'll2ll'HUIl. Imvy Alillj Iizui, Mary I'ZHl'Il I'I1lxx':l1wls, Niliillll llllx Bvldu I":1i1'1'lr1tI1. Iivtfy I"ill'l'2ll'4 l'l1zlth:u Vivlclx, Alllfil' Hzxtvhwll. .Xllwrtzl Kv-lly, .lop-v Lum-lc, J4-:111 XI111 ll rn AI2ll'5l1ll11l'll. lnllllv' Blzxnm-y, II:-ln-11 P1121-, X11'Lf1n1:u l,UIlY4lll, Xlawium NY:-lplwl'. l'Ix':1l:111 Xxlllll lbs-1 Wilson, Julia Willuzltv. BOYS 1G1L1E1E QCIUUB w Miss MAIBICI. Ixlcxxwax .,.,,,,,,,,,,. ,, .....,.., Ihrrw-for Lzlfuys-ttv Aikvn, .I, IC. ISVIIMIII. llznvid lim-1-vm-. Tom Iirugnn. Awlliv Brown. llllillitlll Burkv, John mu II4'111'3' l'xllllK'Pff4', .Iulm l'x1lN1Ul', .lov FXIIU, lcH1Il'l'1 Grmrlwin, I"luy4l fffilf, XYilIi:1ll1 Vllalrlm-s ,Imp I 1XVl'6'Ili'1', 1iii'k2ll'4l Lloyd, Hzlrnld xlrillllllllll, Bs-njalmin Mmm-, Hznrry' Mcmw-, .Iuuius Pugrv, R. Y. Inu H11 I NI l He Ill Irl Wlllllmx ihnlnx ml 'Cy :OLZ'f"l'S, , we- H111 1. Ixwrt " I .g. I : - -. XV41 . E . 1 5 , Z ' 1 l l l 3 1 l 'QU-0 7 NNI, A ,V , Z 1 if lLlITll'lLlE THEATRE Mun' l,i1,1.i' 1'imxl.m'1'li-1, .. ,,...,.,A..,, I,l'l'NfIII'Ilt C, M. C1cA1u,, ,,,..,. ,.,,,,, , .,Tl'!'!'l-Yll1'r'l' W11,1,1.m XYYIRTII ,,......,,.,,, ,,,,..' I 'iw Ilwsiflr-nt lA,UISE CONNHR I H Rpportrrs I.11.1,1.xN l3IlilCNlll7VICR ,,,,.......,, .,A,,,.........,.. i N'f-1-refary BILIAII-I lXI.xm:AR1-:T .luxias I """ "" Miss 1lIIilDRI-II! l'1'1'TM.xN ..........,................... Iliret-for PLAYS FOR 1934-35 XM-at of ilu- .xlll'!'llllIlll'h-flllYl' N. l'rn'w-3 law- in EY4'lYIliGlt-'llll Hngrlre-N: Grm-vii Sim-kinugs-A. E. YY. lllasnng Told Ill :1 f'lnin1-su li?ll'KlPllTf'UllSf2l11l'l'XVllI'flXQ Tlll'lf'P'P1'OYlllB0d Bricls--V111-111:-f'l1ii1 Ilsinf. Sara Al2ll'NlllIlIl'll won first plum- in ilu- l'flllll'Nl in stairs- nimle-ls at tha- High Svlmol liivisinn uf thc- Uarnli : . , . ,, . ni l3l'1llllJllIt' l'l'NllYill. lln- stage. :I re-volving nmdvl, two by threw fm-t, has its own ligfhtinu syxtf-ni and is L-qilippml with I1 :ml nnult tuinltuu. .Inyvv lin:-If won first plan- in the l'lK'NllYill for ll:-1' work in Crwstuino Il1'NlL'fIllllLl'. She Oontrilnitc-41 a sc-V11-s of draw- ings fll'lllK'llllLf tllrnugfll thc- am-N. LITTLE THEATER ROLL .llrlitll Atkins, Anne- H1-V1-rly All:-n, Mary lillizalnf-tli Ave-rill, Mary Bail:-y, Mary Frznives B:1rlmm', Nanvy Barwivk lln-In-li Bmlwe-Il, lmrntlly Bay, .luxe-vliinv Braclxhaw, .lar-que-lyn Bram-li. He-lt-n Brouglitnii, Caroline Carlton. Ethel Gray: if . 1 , . 1 Tm 1-r, .lulin Conn-r, l"r:nm'n-s f'rax'c-n, Margaret Cruniartiv, Mary Lily Croinartic-, Elizabeth Crosby, Lillian I fluttrm I+tlnl f n lllfll'llll0Y4"l', R'lJIl',lU'l'l4' llHl1'Illl0Y+'l', Wright Dixon. Illiriam Doulm, Margie- Dunaway, Page Eatnian, Rodney Anne Eatinan. try lullm-n Imlwzlrds. B4-ily linianum-1, l'lI'2lIlI'PH Fzirrirmr, .foe Fvne-, Manolia Garlingrton, Vale-rin Garlingtnn. Charles Graham, , , . . Izult-lm-iw flramly, Olin- Hainrn-k. Vharlottf- Hinos, Virginia Holt, Jillian Horton, Billie Mai'Q:-in-tv Jones, Elizalieth lxnll Nlill ul I anim In ' ' - y. , lr- .2 vrnthy lim-wis. Matrm-na L01-kliart, .low-e Luck. SIISIINIH' Lnnste-r. Manly Mann, Sara Marshburn. lnnm- lllusw-N. fNan1'3' lllillllllll, f'lmrlu1tm- illlllL'l'. DH-kiv Mitt-ln-ll, ,K2lllll'5'1l Nnrmzmv Rcmg-1'f'2l NOVNHIII. lflifi-l-Oil- l,,'l"1'i-. 1 lf, Pilly, Sarah I'rif-4-. Nant-v Kiddlw-, Saruli Knurk, Fraiim,-ox Suinncr, Clyde Wade, Martha XValton, Gladis Wliitinan, l4litl1 XYUllll'll Billi' XYUUl1'Il l'llCilll1l1' xYt'l't'l'I1 68 4.l4 TVW llilyv AKE LHUDILN l gf: nw! -win lxlww X65 ruivw . P 11- wif la- fx DEF F mx my Lu ls lm CS 1, 1 K.. .44 , .. 1' ilu-1' elfnxw 65 XX - 1111!-,la. - xx e E ' " thu ya-111. L .eric-r, 1'wpv'uri1 , lx ,,,,,,,,,,.l,,,,.1 W l I A Y .vu.1L-mg 1--AM - 1 f -f 0 lm- L R 11 6' mt 657' 53 e Vu 5,-1,0 vgpm L ln lil! -, mul hrinz , nl-A I'Iz.vxzl1l1+wx:f Hb ,'1l,,U,k-'XX 6 T .urtly ship, . 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' K s d Q K I J nl bzuu pmf- I he lfmul Lomb-sl 111 Play THEfUfT1 E5 l , . ,lffliffvr-511-!,'laiff ,'l.s.vz'xfunl Efiimr . Iflfsfn' vs ,12'n,1mf,vr V14-'f'11ff1lffm .lllzzzfryywf Nmffffr' ff.-,,f,1'fff illupgl-ml, x' i Rub ITl,umz1 XX'0mi, ru !'up,:v, lp ru A N ' max pgxyml 11 k :zlmv :mf 111--x' xx us and 111' Your lhz Tl' 4 V, l .v,,,,,,-1, ,,f,,, lc-ge Im'-3.12 vlu- uulslgmli- il llpx,.p:,,U-y ,j,,,,',yv WM FIA fm' V E lm: ln-rl-,1 may lle-5,4-m'1:1l4N xllHl,lXl lm: H H ,,l,l,!m,-,U,V HH jhli-,VIA , " ' .- Y - 1' -w'- ' V ' ' ' " " ' l in Hit-mfr l.. pmnt , xml :Im lull ll I1 1 IAA! Hn., l'Hl,HH ,I ju- Y,-I -4 l 1 ' A lllrnw. 1 la: ll --1 -I 1 X- - . . . A - 'V 'I l I' Q f'-AQ I -4 Y. .K-ll ll 1.x4 lv ll .1 IIA , vfltmyvl. R,!W,,3.l,I, J N ul'!.IvlUl'.1 X v- . A 1-l M lmf, H.-1 l'1:1,1v N uwrmz' N,,f5,,j'r.,.,U1,m!H, jf,,An,,,.f4 ,. , U fllulked 151-ll vllrvc- 1114411 Mlm, HUA-Iv XYH I I X NVD' Iv Hy JL- Luz, W u ' . : " ' ' - , . ' ' mflxxn , L: Y I 1 Kxllhl, l1,1,y,xr-,X , Q 5,1195 ,MWA lA:1,!Wl,f'V 1: "5 'Ig-'i-'fl .Xvx 1 IIHISTKXN I-I.. ,.g,W,,, 1y,7,,,,-2,-r I ' rnmlf I 'lf fl l' HX W lllw 3 Ha xrjv -fwpm 13,314 , sl-ua! fl I- ' " H ' High x ' 'I'l"I lI'TT1!'ln1glfl:-1. 4 wmyw-1'-'1:1ll'vp:l1'Iszw1', Ulf-.4 x-l'l1,'vflff, ' Fnrllrh .. K H 1+ 11' .Ula IH v. x m I+ vf ,, 1.14 N, W fur llv , l gdmll y-1' " 4+ l K .lull ff' Sfxjffr lmnqml 'llllf' Junior- .ur-.1-.--l- .4 -,-7 , ' - -fn 1 -f: 1.1 mln :LL X 'U mf :,,,f1b1Aux 69 HONOR lR0lLlL III order to make the honor roll iII Broughton High School. it is necessary for :I student to receive an Excellent OII at least three lll21j01' subjects :Incl 1lOt less than satisfactory on the l'ClIlIlll1illg suhjeets. The following students have Inacle the honor roll for the term: BLOIS BAILEY HELEN BODXVELL JAMES BROGAN ENDA HINES BYNFM LCLA IDAVIS A. T. :XLLEN BIARY IALIZABETII IXVERILL BETTY BRONVN HELEN CANNADY VVARREN l"I-:RGI'sON LAWVRENCE ISLANCHARD BIARY LOI' ISIRD :hNNE'l"I'l-I BRIDGEs TOM BROGAN ETIIEI. COMER NHANCY BARXVICK IDOROTIIY BUNN BIARY ANN CANADY GRACE ISAILEY RIELYILLE BROVGIITON BLANNA BROWER HARRIET IBROXYNING RIARY COGGIN ETIIEL CROOM IJOROTHY IJURFEY XVINONA GARDNER FLORA ci0ETZE :XNNE PI.-XRRIS IDA IDVNN HARRIs SRNIORS BIIRIAM DOCE BEN IDIXON 3IARGl'ERI'I'E I'IOI'LDI-TR RILLIE RIARGARET .IONI-is RODNEY KITCHEN .IACII SEAXVELL JUNIORS XVILLIAM JOsLIN JOYCE LVCR lil-IIIECCA NORMAN RIILDRICD PICARCE :EDWIN PENICR BETTY YVRIGIIT SOPHOMORRS RVICLYN COYINGTON CLAIRE FREEMAN LILLIAN HARWARD IJAYID RIIDDLETON VVILLIAM BIORRIS COLYIN VVOHTII FRESHMEN JEAN COOPER RCTII IJAYIDSON BIARGVICRITIC IJVNAXVAY SUB-FRESHMEN HELEN JORDAN :hLBER'I' KELLY NELL KOONCE BRFCE RIAGRVDER CA'l'IIEllINE BIARTIN VIRGINIA RIICLVIN BEYERETTE BIIDDLETON IQATIIRYN NORMAN HALL PARTRICK GROYER POOLE BIARY l"RANCEs POWELL BAILEY VVILLIAMSON 70 LILLIE KOONCE ERNEST LOVELL RIINNII-I BIORTON SARAH PRICE RIARY IIEONA RUEEIN HELEN REDI-'ERN LCCY SPIRES BARBARA TIIOMPsoN LOI'IsI-: THOMPSON MAC XVILLIAMS JENNIE VVI-ILLS IQICXVSONIE DOROTIIY PERRY LILLIAN RAI-'FIELD LINDA RIDDLE LILLIAN SPENCER PAGE RATMAN GEORGE PENICR I,I'RA SELF VIRGINIA HASSINGER OWEN REEY'ES ROBERT REYNOLDS EDITII ROBERTS l'lLIzAIsE'I'II ROGERS ANNETTE SPRYILL I'II-ILICN SXVART RIARY ISELLE 'FIIOMPSON BILLY UPSIIAW CORNELIA VVALKER VIRGINIA XVEBB ALLICN NELMS Baseball, B!J.1'iIIfj Fon cl: RAYMOND CiREGSON Football, Ra.vL'e1haH floaclz Raleiglfs athletic teams this year had one of their most successful seasons i11 the history of the school. Mr. Gregson coached football and basketball. Mr. Nelms directed boxing and baseball, and also helped with football. A different player served as acting captain for each game i11 each sport. The football eleven made a clean sweep of all games until the Durham battle, which the Bull Dogs won 7 to O to clinch the Eastern Class A honors. The basketball team went through the entire season without being defeated by a high school team and finally emerged as state champions. The boxers upheld their own record by becoming State Boxing Champions. Through the leadership of the cheer leaders, VViley Rogers. Jeannette Bagwell. .lean lNIcCarthy, and Dorothy Morrison, school spirit reached a lligll standard this year. Prior to many of the games, students gathered in pep meetings and engaged in several down town parades. The largest crowd in the history of the high schools followed the football team to Durham for Eastern Class A Conference game. 71 FOOTBALL SQUAD Lfffl lo I'i'Illlfflgllf'h' row: VVulkf-r. Finch, P. XVood, Evans, Carter, J. Godwin M lllglllfl Bunn. Qllfflfllw row: Lzinihe-rt, Fullvr, Page, Svnnu, IgI'f'l'CK', Jones, Roberts, Jenkins, B 'VII er I-'ronl row: J. Millvr, Kvlly, C. XVood, Smith, Browning, Stronuch, Ci0UdWill Mun c Qllwrnlwrx nu! .wlmn'n: Burt, C. Godwin. Raleigh Rzileigrli liuleigrh Raleigh Fl N Mt'iil1lCiiStf,I'lJil2lllElfl'? , fi Rule-igrh ,.,., 46 Sanford . . , Salisbury , , Rocky Mount . l'I'I5Al,I, RECORD . , 0 lillIl'igl'i1 .... 19 .. 0 Iinlvigrll ,.,.,. 15 .. 0 lizllvigli .,,,. 0 72 Oxford . . . Xviilllillgtllll Apex , , . . Durham . T E ' 2 1 F -T 4 4 lirwlf Fullc-r. Rule-igrll liuleigrh liallvigh lin lvigrll Iizllvigrll lisxlm-igrh liull-ig-I1 lizalvigll rzru' ' C BASKETBALL SQUAD Fwd. Joslin. Kelly. I 'uzwh c:I'i'gIHlll1. Smith, Supp. l"1'unl r1m'.' C. J igc, I5ASKI'l'l'l3AI,I, IHCCUIKIJ '35 21 Stem- FFUSIIIIIJIII H16 liula-igzh 23 Rm-ky Mmmt . 30 XVilming:lrm , . 11 Hula-igrlx 29 Durham , 36 XY:xkv Furvst Frosh 12 lizilvigll . 31 Fayetteville ,, 17 Cllflblillil l"l'HSll 32 Rule-igrh .37 XVilS0l1 A 27 Xvilhilll . . , .13 Rule-igrll 48 XVilIIliHg!f0I1 IH Rm-ky AIUIIIH , . 14 Iiuh-igrh 37 Sfzltc' Frosll 28 Dulw Frush ,. 32 Rillfigfll 13 Durham ., 22 Xvlllil' l"m's-sf Frush , IH ' Rzllvlgrlm 25 High Point . , . XVuocl, Nllllljljlllll, CSl::1c- c'll2iIIlDi0llSlliI1 Gzum-H Si JVTH ICH N INTI'IliSC'IIOI,AS'I'Il' Tl JVHNAM NNT liznla-igll 10 3I2iS5?lIlllttl'Il ..., 21 74 I Iiiddlv, 20 ....24 .14 HS . 1 2 42 . M10 16 BASKETBALL Charles YVood. Charlie, a hard fighter, improved as the season went on anal was always best when needed most. Harold Mangum. Bruno was the offensive star of this year's team. He was a wonderful shot from any position. Junius Page. Junius furnished the backbone for the team and guided the locals to a State Championship. Junius Sapp and VVill Smith. Although they did not see as much action as the others, Sapp and Smitty were always ready to enter the game when needed and carry on where the others left off. David Fuller. Slick was an exceptionally good tloor man and defensive player. Ile was a consistent player and could always be depended upon for points. Berdie Kelly. As an all-round good player and one of the hardest workers on the squad, Berdie deserves much credit. Hubert Riddle. Although playing his first year of varsity ball, Bubba was an outstanding: player and was responsible for a number of victories. Devereux Joslin. At the beginning of the season Joslin showed promise of making: a regular place on the team, but old man had luck came along and threw him for an operation. Devereux was not allowed to play on the team by his physician but he was determined to be conneeted in an official way with the team. He became manager and sports writer. Serving in this dual capacity Joslin did much to help the boys win the State title. 75 ir L. BUXIING f'llCll'h N1-lmx :xml hix lnoyx www mf-vwxfxll in brimginz to Rule-ish the- third Stzm- Clmlnpiunxllip in the lmximf wilwlelx uf Stem- utlllvtiwx. 1311-It't'l1 lnuyx l'0lllIPUNl'l1 thai Nllllilll thif wusnll, Thr- Raul:-ish buys mnxln- :1 4-IQ-1111 swm-p of all HIlIYUN1f14lIl durin: 1111-ir rvgulzxr NUZINHTI. STA'1'l4I '1'llI'IIXAMl'IN'1': fivurm- Mnrsu. lim: Rub B1-rmks, 115: f'li1'ton Wriflnf' 1231 Ilmvznrd Kvnnwly, 1245: lhlmwxl liruwu. 1-1.3: Bill STl'UIlZll'll.,' 135: Ge-um-uv 1'xl'IlU'!l1II2f,:' H533 .Iuhn Smith. 175. UTHICII NIICBIIHCIKS HI' 'I'I'IAM: Bill Iiwkwitll. 95, 1,vttv1'111:1113 "l'+Az1m1t" Ilouk, 9.3: I., BI, Imfld, 105, lnth llll nn I A 1- Q 3 inNnyXY1'i:'l1!, IUHQ Luthvr Blulww, 11.3. 1.+'HPl'1112i11f Wilwn Bvnlmm, 12H, IA'l1l'l'1llIllIf David lilw-wg 145. Sturm' fhaunpirmx. i 76 1 i ,A .. A-- .- Aa. TENNHS lClLlUlB OFFICERS BRADFORD '1'l'4'K14n ..,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,, .......,.,,,,, P rmfflent lllI41'l"I'Al'lCR, Iuvilfsox ,,,,, , ,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . wI'1'l'I'fIlI'jl EDXVARD CLUYD ....,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ., ,.,...,,...A V12-ff Prz'.siflent f'ARL TAYLOR .,,.....,,..,,,.,,,,., f'llI'I'l'A'jNlIlIIFill!! Nf'1'l'l'fIlI'jl MEMBERS: Brzulford Tl1l'kFl', Jim Brngan, -Tzunvs N1-wlmld, NVultei' Clinv, Curl Taylor, .lm-k Sm-ziwvll, litlwin Vl'ebb. Baldy Horton, Ed Clwyd, ilI9tfillll-'I' llnvirlsfni, linlrt-rt Little, Henry Ligron, Henry Jvnkins, Bill Campbell, Ben Dixon, Younis- Hit-ks. l4Ell'l'y Lev, Ralph lie-s-vets, Mainly Munn, Julian Bunn, Don Bunn, North Hinklv, Bobby xxvflgllt, Isuzu- XVi'i:l1t, Aulm-3' 1,t'1'l'y, U. F. Pilley, Louis NVu0t:-n. NYillizun Joslin, Bob Flournoy. Mr. J. I". Allen, Adl'iw1'. -1- ' 1 4 -P-J.lL1""'f'i - 1 B1'ilflfU1'll Tucker Furl Taylor Bruno Alilllflllll Al2l1'k Fllllvl' Ed Clwyd lVzzlte-1' Cline luliun Bunn -l2llllL'N 131023111 77 IBASIEIBAILIL fllv :nnmml gym-s tu plums tlw Iilwt Lizlmv of Illv liuselmll Flaws A ClHlfI'lAI'II1'9 lgzn not lam-ll plzlyvrl. I mm :ull pn--M-zlsmm 3:11111-x it MWIIIS that Rall:-Irll has tlu- be-st Ill'0SlPLxl'IS fm' winning: the Stutv flII1lI'llDl0llNllI1I fllli lt lms ll:l1I Ill wvvrall vvzurx, It is to lm I'l'IlIl'IIllP+?l'l'fl Ilmi tllm' pI'lYvrl In tlw Stall 11 finals with IIIQIIINIIHYU Iwi vwnr The- M-ow wus 3-H in fzvcm' mf Ill'l'1'lI5llUl'Il. A lznruw- MTOIIII nf lmys are out fm' 1 tllix svzxxon. II14 te Illl l'ifr'l111l'.v 4' , 1 I Irmxfl 1 vlvv IIHYIII Bl'4w4'm- Karl llurlsml In-wIe'II Stom- .lsw lfyllv ICYI-1'vtT f':l1'1c- fIYI,lllI'I'Y Iuniux P11 1 Ir. XIII' Ii IC rx 'rr I N -r. 4,- Ilillips ISR: KIZIVVII 21' April 3 .lm-ll H .lpril SL, Alwil I6 April 153 .Hvrll ZIISH .Km-il 26, April 134' Infiwlal lmvirl l'llllll'l' Mvrlv SUIIIIRI "l5I'1IIl0'l Alilllfllllll 4'lIftxm Xl'1'iLL'lll Vlms. .Im'1l:1l1 1- liolv ICx':1nf liilly Yzxuulm .lulm XY:llIv1's IM-vv1'm'11x .Imliu .lulm Kislrllx- .llrlnrlfffvxv mx XYII,I,I.XAI NIUHNMY l3.XSl'IBAI,l. Sf'lIl'Il3l'l.I'1 Uuffifflrl l':11'y l'll9lllll12,' -lllflllj' Smith Bill SIrru1nt'l1 Plum. Ray H1111 I.:ln1!n-rf Iirn f'u11ni11g:I1:un Sloan Gnrlimrlon .IZIIIIUS TIIYIIIIIINIWII Punl Wood livrllil- KI-lly liulr ulilliiilllx Vnrlwlr A1.l,r:x NI-IIAIS IIZIIPILEII Y. Iioxlmru ,, ll'llL'l"ll v. Vutlloliv Ill'llllllllIlI.'fl' 78 Ralf-i::l1 V. Xvillivlllll , I..nYa-izll :lt R01-ky Mnuni , ,,,,,,,., XYiImm :lt Iizxlviuh I-ky Mount at Rah-ich llzlle-igrh ut Wilson ,..,IJurl1um :It Rall-igrll .Rzllvigrll :lt IJIIVIIIIIII I AJ' SJ . i GJUHULS ATHLETIC ASSUCCIIATIIUN IDOROIIIY RIORRISON ........ Pr1'.sia'vnt AIARY EMMA CUORE. . . . .Sf'crr'1'ary BI IIY XVRLGIIT ........ View Prvsirlmzl IIRLEN IJAGE ....... . . .Tr1'n.s-Ilrvr MRS. H. H. HI"rcI-IINs0N ..... llirfwfur SPORT LEADERS L IIARLoI"I'E RIIJDLIQ. . . .Hilring BIARY LILLY C'ROMAR'I'IIc. . .... Tmznis XLIIIRI x KELLY. . . 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'Y XV IT NIISS BETTY FAIRRAR PAUL HOOVER 'FWD' llsuaea 33:4 as X ,fa- , w. .-Climb M f- ,Q f , Z 1 g',"!'.-' .-gs 'sc --4 A-.-... , 4-"1" . - . . -E'-Jr, I rvrv tv' '!-o M, 'J libs A B C DAYS 1 5 T I I I 1 1 I -. ,QQ gimme M .QL me ACT W "It is not an event, it is an piece of news." 1 W1 'Fr' '71 L rf" 1 , vllhf' 'U I 41. Q. " ,- 4 1 u 1 x ' I 1 v 1 4 9 1 K 'Q 4, 1 54.1 w.'7 :Sit J '41 , ' Q." X 'E 'd yb A 1 , - . xr 1 'A r' v , Naomi Ellisbergz "NVell did you hll your date lust lllfllliyi Hurry Moore: "I hope sog she ale t'X'l'l'j'i1llIlgI in sight." lOl-lNSONiS JEWELRY ,R SHOP 1 'ff 5 WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY Watch Repairing a Specialty N I E., All Work Guaranleecz' The Taste Tellb CUtRateP"iC'1S MADE IN nAl,i31OH 16 E. Hargett St. Raleigh. N. C. BOYLAN-PE RCE INCORPORATED -1Q-i- Raleighis Shopping Center Visitt POOle's Beauty Shoppe MANGEL5 4'RaIeigh's Permanent Wave Center" V For? FUR YOUR BEAUTY DRESSES LINGERIE BLOLSFS SERVICE FAN TAN HOSIERY Established 1926 SWEATERS SKlR'llS 127 Fayetteville St. PHONE 3165 12-L Fayetteville St. If il man sw allows a girl's line, he'll prohzlhly have to Cough up. Mr Fd S. Glenn: "VVImt is a metaphor?" win VV:-hh: "To keep cows in." At Home - At Sehool - At Play THE PAUSE THAT REF RESHES Drink- I -in Bottles The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Company Your Parents KIl0ll'-" BRANTLEVS D R U G S T O R E Anil Its Reliabilily for DRUGS AND PRESCRIPTIONS Make it your store tool Delicious Ice Cream and Sorlas Goodmalfs LADIES SHOP SOMETHING DIFFERENT SOMETHING SMART AI a Popular Price Flowers! ART FLOWER SHOP 22 West Hargetl Street BOWMANIS Reliable jewelry for All Phones 207 - I902-M Occasions We Wire Flowers BYN UM PRINTING COMPANY Better Printing PHONES 692-693 RALEIGH, N. C. What do you think about the man that ,frets up at 3 o'cIoek in the morning to go horseb di D Ile must lmve had zu nighhnare. Sanders Motor Co. JS. A. H VVolnen live longer than rnel 1 lmeeznuse paint is such at good preservative. Compliments of VOGUE sHoP EoR MEN SUITS SUITS THE Made to Measure Ready Made T9 " WAKE THEATRE IMO d II'Mi5II -an up am. up IO'1 Discount to Students THE NEW FORD V-8 for 1935 Always Faithful, A lert, and Responsive SEE AND DRIVE IT BEFORE YOU BUY ANY CAR Blount St. Phone 4-O5 L et as take Care of your sole Special attention given to students Miles Shoe Shop, Inc. 2l9 S. Wilriiiiigtfmrl St. Phone 2843 Carolina Shu-Eixery I2 E. Hargett St. Phone 503 Sir Walter Shoe Shop IO W. Martin St. Phone IIIR5 G 'Always Miles A head" W. F. Moody. President T. E. Green, Vice President 'VI . i ooneyham. Treasurer H. W. Mims, Manager MITCHELL FUNERAL HOME INCORPORATED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVII I . lE est Hargett St. Tel h ep one 4-288 Lady Assistant ll dren are natural niirnies. The thern good f ' Say It With Flowers- Say It With Ours Spencer Floral Co. 415 E. IIARCETT STREET RALEIGH. N. fl. Phone 4205 -y uct like their parents in nmnners. spite of every effort to teach 1 we may he llllllll hut lt can tmcl its wav in the dark. North Carolina Equipment Company ROAD MACHINERY. EQUIPMENT, AND SUPPLIES P. O. Drawer 426 3116 Hillsboro Street Phones 2719-1183 RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA 680 RC 5.000 WATTS WPTF The ljllllllillllllf Siation in Eastern ,Yorllz Carolina Operating Daily 7:30 A.M. TO 11:00 P.M. lSun4lay 9:45 a.1n.-11:00 p.1n.l Dedicated to the Ideal of "GBetter Broadcasting' WPTF RADIO COMPANY RALEIGH. N. C. Alllliatecl willi NRC Meniliei' XAB SERVE- I .J nl nnamfglnagfggne Pale Dry Ginger Ale : Lime Rickey : Orange : Grape ' grirl was the most popular girl at the l12lIlCt'. Isl lmvv ln-en il stag affair. The height of fonlisllnvss is a dumb girl turing.: an dc-at' 1-ar to ax blind dale-. MEREDITH COLLEGE RALEIGH, N. C. A STANDARD COLLEGE for YOUNG WOMEN Courses offered in Arts and Sciences. in Music, in Art, leading to the B.A. or the BS. degree. Prepares for life, for vocation, or for further study. Charges reasonable. For catalogue or furtlier information write- CHAS. E. BREW ER President Heard in the cafeteria: Boy, when you get to the lender part of that stvuk tl1:1t's the plat Carl: Paul, what is a duck? Paul: I think it is a fiat footed chicken. W. W. Snakenhurg -,I. D. Snakenhurg Mft. F. cp. Battle. Prop. SNAKEIX BURGS W0'lfl9VfUl F00d Custom and Merchant .lust Like Home Corner Hargett and McDowell Streets . . oppuate Ifmfeaitmal Bldg. 'Over Bases' Hafdwaffel RALEIGH. N. C. RALEIGH. N. C. PORTER CANDY COMPANY WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS 313 South Blount Street Phone 119 The Quality Creamery Company THE Home or QUALITY PRODUCTS lO8 South WIIIUIIIQIOII Street : Phone 3147 RALEIGH. N. C. Nelda: Miss Kirkpatrick, could I touch you for a dollar? Miss Kirkpatrick: You may touvh me for fifty cents if you'll pay me now Billy: .lea t 'ou speak anotlwr word to mc l'll kiss you. lean: No s von't either. Carolinais Finest QualitySeeds Farm Supplies Hardware SID D E LL Paiflfs STUDIO JOB P. WYATT81 SONS COMPANY Raleigh, N. C. Official Pl10l0g1'3Pll6I'S for THE GAK LEAF AND , ,, THE LATIPAC mom Hardware 589 5'Y0u, Can See the Differencen Seeds 1189 S T R O P T A XI 256 A TRIP IN THE CITY LIMITS 1 OR 4 Day and Night Service Each Stop is a Fall Trip Reasonable Rates for Out of Town Trips RALEIGH, N. C. Always G' C C Readg A 3 8 O O 3 1 O 0 CALL US FOR CORRECT TIME l James: I know that I'm not much to look at. Virginia: Still, y0u'll bc at work all day. Teaclier: 'Why did you make this paper 101 per Cent because 100 per cent is perfect. Practice Teacher: Yes, but he answered one question we didn't ask. Jordanis Drug Stores Peace St. and Glenwood Ave. Phone 526 Bloodworth and Lane Streets Plloflt' We appreciate your patronage Call Usf Pateis Seafood Market 315 BLAKE S'l'hEE'I' RALEIGH. N. C. Headquarters for Fresh Quality Sea Foods of All Kinds in Season Mozfernly Cured For WHOLESALE - - ' RETAIL CAROLINA COACH COMPANY Travel in Comfort tele New, Modern Equipment Air Springs Tropicaire Heat Reclining Seats at Make Your Trip Enjoyable PINEVIEW DAIRY l,. Nl. Smith. Prop. "Quality and Seruiceii PooLi: RoAD PHO.N1i371O Wake Drug Company Opposite Post Office Julian E. White, Prop. DRUGS, CIGARS, AND DRUG SUNDRIES Phone 228 PERRYS Tailors and Dry Cleaners PHONES Ufliee 532 Plant 3282 Your Call ls Uur Self-Slarler 'tWe do our ar! to make our P y home a zvorlr of artf, GRUNOW Electric Refrigerators and Radios SOLD BY Raleigh Furniture Co. 119-121 E. Hargett St. ltichard: Do you serve crabs here? Waiter: Yeah! KW- serve anybody. Sit down. Mary had a little lamb Its fleece was white as snow SULLIVAN 'S 124 South Salisbury Street Phone 80 Two-thirds of your time is spent in your shoes and hat, let us keep them repaired for you. We Call For and Deliver Student ,lewelry Headquarters FF: ?if2", t M ' ml-l lm -al Expert Watch Repairing HUDSUN AND TERRAPLANE Distributors Central and Eastern Carolina SALES : SERVICE Tilghman Motors, lnc. Raleigh, N. C. Start Now Make Taylor's Your Store elf' LARGEST ASSORTMENT FINEST QUALITY A guarantee with every gar- ment sold: That price is as low as any other store. ae 7 Taylor s The Show Place of the Carolinas David Kaplan, lnc. 115 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, N. C. Ladies Ready-to-Wear Millinery Newest Styles : Highest Quality Economical Prices We Invite Your Patronage And everywhere that Mary went She took a bus. l.ifllt- .luck Ilorntr Salt ill at cornvi' Hating his CllI'lSlflIliiS pit- For Cflllillllfl-011 Insist on an AIIll?l'lCilII Nluflt- Wlatch or Pvn There are nom' Ifvrlvr. ll:-nklin Nosav Pens from SBI In .HRIU Lats-sl of best flesigms and quality in Waltham. Elgin. Hamilton. and Brunei Nlastvr-Bilclt from SEIU up. KROPP 81 BRAUN CAPITAL CLIIB BLDC. Rfllvigfiis ITUIISUIIIIIIIL' l,l'l.t'l' Jl'IlIUll'l'.S C'0llIllll'lIIl'IllS of RALEIGH Piggly-Wiggly STORES Drink PINE STATE MILK Healthful All-Ways ICE CREAM that everybody likes P I N E S T A T E C R E A M E R Y Glenwood Avenue Phone 3910 ALNIUST any avwzigc' prinlvi' fun ot'- vusionally turn out Ll lhsticlaszs joh with no limitations as to time :intl prim-v. hut. to 1,-omistently ac-liivw at sup:-rior profluct l'llIl1l6l' IlI'Q'FiSllI'l'.T anti at thu- fanw price- as ortlinary work hlllill-5 Svrzirv plusf' Capital Printing Co. Ilalvigli. N. C. 1 bay- BAMBY BREAD Royal Baking CO. Raleigh, N. C. E 01' . . . FOOT HAPPINESS U se TI A-CIDE Tested am! Approved Hy Pltysicians, Hospitals and Individual Users At Your Druggist, 350 II1- stuck in his thunlh And pullr-cl out at g.rt'upm- " 2. I Nuts." yall hm- "it's an sn 1 nic." , Simple Simon met a pieman Coming through the rye RHONEY'S JEWELRY SHOP Jewelry : Engraving Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing Reasonable Prices All Work Guaranteed I7 East Hargett Street Robert T. Rhoney, Prop. Compliments of THOMAS H. BRIGGS 81 SONS, Inc. The Carolinas, Oldest WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HARDWARE STORE EDWARDS 81 BROUGHTON COMPANY PRINTERS : STATIONERS LITHOGRAPHERS College Annual Specialists J In RALEIGH, NORTH CARO LINA Whiting-Horton I0 E. Martin St. High school and college men like the newest styles in clothing always found at this store. TIRE SALES 81 SERVICE Co INCORPORATED "We Never Closew PHONES 4700, 4701 Goodyear Tires One-Stop Super Service Station Hillsboro and Harrington Streets Compliments of MURCHISON,S PHARMACY 135 East Martin St. RALEIGH BEAUTY SHOP 10916 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. H. E. Lipford, Manager Phone 2006 Said Simon to the pieman "Hi-Tootsf' Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water Saint Mary's School and Junior College RALEIGH, Noam cARoL1NA MRS. ERNEST CRUIKSHANK, B.S., Principal Four Years of High School and Two Years College VVork. All Academic Courses Fully Accredited by The Southern Association. Students Receive Thirty-live Weeks of Classroom Work. Opening Date September 16, 1935. Special Departments in Art, Business, Expression and Music. Day students are entitled to all school privileges. TUITION CHARGE 3125.00 Write- A. W. TUCKER Business Manager for Publications McLeod SZ Watson THE HOME OF Hart, Schaffner 8 Marx Clothes Stetson Hats Manhattan and Wilson Brothers Furnishings Compliments of RALEIGH SALVAGE CO. 223 South Wilmington St. VIOLA DEAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Located Over Cinderelllfs Shoe Shop PHONE 2974 113W Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. Clothes do not make the man nor furniture a home- But it Helps a Lot SEE . R. E. Quinn FURNITURE COMPANY 108 East Martin St. Jack fell down and broke his neck I guess it wasn't water. Old King Cole was a merry old soul And a merry old soul was he VVho wouldn't be with seven wives'?? For that HEADACHE . . . TAKE CAPUDINE FOR YOUR HEADACHE, NEURALGIA, MUSCULAR ACHES OR JOINT ACHES Capudine is compounded of several ingredients which team-work together for quickest relief. Either liquid or tablets, whichever you prefer. But Rernem ber- CAPUDINE Progressive Stores INCORPORATED Raleigh, N. C. GROCERIES AND MEATS g'North Carolina Stores for North Carolina Peoplen ODD FELLOWS BLDG. BARBER SHOP C. K. Hunt, Prop. Prompt Service Skilled Barbers Sanitary Methods "PIeasz'ng You Keeps Us in Business 15 W. Hargett St. Phone 9122 RALEIGH, N. C. N. R. Stell 81 Son FEED AND FANCY GROCERIES Country Products Bought and Sold 320 South Blount Street Telephone 550 Martin's Florist HSay It With Flowersi' Call 570 East Lane Street Good Light Means Easy Reading BUY WESTINGHOUSE MAZDA LAMPS Thompson Electrical Co. 20 West Hargett Street PHONE 370 "FIGURE UP" How Much the New Standard Chevrolet Will Save You in Price, in Gasoline, in Oil, in Upkeep . . . Before You Decide on Your Next Car. Coach Delivered Raleigh Fully Equipped 3621.85 Sir Walter CHEVROLET COMPANY 118 West Hargett Street PHONE 3180 Methuselah lived a thousand years, A thousand years lived he. That was before the days of Mae VVest. Noah was a carpenter And he did build an ark. But the fool took his wife with him on t he trip. THORN'S SUITS 312,50, 314150, 317.50 Sport and Plain Models Thorn's Model Clothes Masonic Temple Barber Shop Masonic Temple Building If We Please You Tell Others If Not Tell Us .l. E. Atkins-M. G. Womble Raleigh, C. Pfgpfigtgfs 90th Anniversary Phone 451 New York Life lns. Co. Martin Millwork Co. Specializing in Annuities MUHUPICIUVHFS Ages 10 to 65 O. Marion Wellslager, Ag. Org. J. Marshal Barber, Special Agent John B. Hill, Special Agent T08-9 ODD FELLOWS BLDG. High Grade Millwork Lumber : Sash and Doors Harrison Ave. and Morgan St. RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD'S Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn The sheep's in the meadow The cow's in the corn Your horn works, try your lights. Tilllllllty-IJIIIIIPty sat on the wall Hllllllltj'-Inllllllltj' had :I grvnt full AUTO ELECTRIC ANI? BATTERY CO. AI ITOXIOTIV E EI,EfITRIC XI, SALES AND SICRX IIQE Any Repair in All-Y Cnr II2 West Davie Strvf-t I'IIuIIr-s IIAI-TRIS RALEIGH. N. C. MAKE IT A HABIT DHVQ in ALLEN'S SERVICE STATION For Every Car Service .ff,f-W J.- V. ' I . I 'X I'RIAsLREcIuIIIIwEIIv:. V N ANDIIAIIONERY I OWKTONNA MINII THE METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY The Lnrgml FI'lIlIIII'1'fIl IIISlTlI1ll'UIl Un lfarth LOCAL OFIPICIQ: RALEIGH BUILDING PIIIINI5 2334. C. J. Cox. Manager Clyde A. Massey. Ass!. Mgr. J. K. Tew Joe Stallings Bruce H. Markham C. N. Nelms ,Iarvis M. Pleasants C. O. Fuqua WASHING AND 5 5 I-., - ' I I ' C f ' I bg LA' I III ASINI lZvl7t'l"l' ,Info Sf'I'l7I.f'l' ROQEEE HEPES- FUN AND FACT "'Herc-, YOIIIIQE IIIIIII. you SIIOIIICIIITI Illf that Imy XVIIFII III-'s CTIJNVIINT "G'w2Iy! What do you think I gut him Ilmvn for?" All the KiIIgr's Imrsvs Zllld :Ill the Hingis IIlt'll IIzId Egg-Nag. Nelda Faircloth: "'What do you mean by making love to me?" "Bruno" Mangum: "Anything but marriage." PEACE, A Junior College for Women Raleigh, North Carolina For the Education and Culture of Young Women I. JUNIOR COLLEGE WORK: a. Two Year College Teacher Courses. b. Two Year Courses with Home Economics Electives. c. Two Year Courses with electives in Music, Voice, Violin. d. Two Year Standard College Courses which permit entrance to Junior Class in all of our leading colleges and universities. II. COMMERCIAL and SECRETARIAL COURSES: a. One Year Commercial Course-Gregg System. b. Two Year Commercial Course-Gregg System. III. HIGH SCHOOL COURSES. IV. SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL COURSES in ART, EX- PRESSION, PIANO, VOICE, and VIOLIN. An invitation is extended to all Morson and Broughton girl graduates to investigate Peace before making their plans to attend college. We have adequate facilities for their comfort at Peace, and our large num- ber of Raleigh girls in attendance from year to year is a source of pride to us. For literature, address, WILLIAM C. PRESSLY, President PEACE, A JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Raleigh, North Carolina "Skinny" Harris: "VVould you marry the woman who is a great talker or the other kind? Emmett Grandy: "VVhat other kind is there?" Let's pause long enough to shed a tear for the American Indian: The white man copped his lands. CINDERELLA SLIPPER SHOP RALEIGH, N. C. The choice of women who know the secret of dressing smartly - without spending an exorbitant amountMselect CINDERELLA SLIPPERS ALWAYS DEPENDABLE SEE AT LEAST One good show every week and of coarse at the STATE PALACE CAPITOL That Shop That Every Girl Knows- ,.'lllllllll..'.' ay, ""i"-- 'Q ' 'HLISBERG 'Q Q' O "lllluusull"'0 Everything the school girl wears. Always new, smart things at sensible prices. COATS, DRESSES, HATS, UNDIES AND ACCESSORIES Raleighss Smartest Shop 126 Fayetteville St. THE GLOBE Corner Wilmington and Exchange Streets Specializing in lVIEN'S, BOYS', AND LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR Prices to suit the pocketbooh ALBERT BARDEN Com nz ercial Photographer PHONE 1386 12016 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. DUPREE'S SANDWICH SHOP SHORT ORDER. JOHN ASKEW CO., INC. PAINTING AND INTERIOR Sandwiches, Drinks, Ice Cream DECORATING and Smokes Estimates Made In and Out 133 South Salisbury Street Of TOWN' CHU U5 for Prompt Delivery Service Telephone 2706 320 Glenwood Ave PHONE 9245 The college boy, his yells. And the flappers, his paint. Virginia Ponton: "Jean says her face is her fortunef' Mary Frances Hunter: "XVell I'n1 sick of hearing hard luck stories." Smoke Hao-a-Tampa Cigars Distributed by Atlantic Tobacco Co. RALEIGH. N. C. Phone 174- 311 S. Blound St. W. W. Hinnant, Mgr. Malte This Store Your Headquarters CAMERON PARK PHARMACY, INC. Phone 4455 Hudson-Belk Co. Heaclquarfers HIGH SCHOOL FASHIONS Each Department Features School Fads and Novelties as Well as Standard Merchandise! A Corzlial Welcome Always A1001-IS You High School Students . . Learn Beauty Culture- A full graduate course in this profitable interesting work may be acquired in a short time at mod- erate cost from North CaroIina's only accreclilerl school of Beauty Culture. For full information, write or see- De Shazo's School of Beauty Culture 12716 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH. N. C. Carolina Cleaners 116 Harrison Ave. PHONES 4-068-3270 Oclorless Work of the Highest Quality anzl Prompl. Courteous Service Compliments of DILLON SUPPLY CO. Mill Supplies and lVIachinery 216 South West Street Telephone 752 "Greg," said "Slick" Fuller, "what do they do with a ball player when his eyes begin to tail on h' ?" im "They make him an umpire," replied Gr: It takes a thousand nuts to hold a car together hut just one nut can scatter it all :ver the landscape. Efirdls ...A Carolina Institution... ALWAYS SELLING BIGGER AND BETTER VALUES! If it's new and correct you will find it at- ' 7 Efird s RALEIGH'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE GOODWIN-SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY 124+ East Martin St. Furnish Your Home On. Our Convenient Budget Plan Kozy Kat Beauty Shoppe Hayes Barton MISS HARDBARGERIS SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Intensive and Practical Business Training for High School Graduates New Classes Organized the First Monday in Each Month Flat Iron Building Raleigh, N. C. B. H. WOODLIEVF, Proprietor 422W F3YetteVill'3 Street I Telephone 2453 Phone 4-737 A pedestrian is a man whose son is home from school. Diplomacy is letting someone have it your way. Capital Drug Store RECQGNIZEDI H1LLsBoRgTg1gET3AL1sBURi' 0 . . for its Raleigh, N. C. C E: APPAREL HILKER BROS. EVERQQQQZT GIRL Tailors : Cleaners : Dyers 9 Furriers : Fur Storage J S Office 16 West Hargett Street Raleiglfs Exclusive Yet Inexpenszve Shop for Women, Phone 41060 Carolina Power 81 Light Company Low mark in Latin Low mark in French Puts a ball player Back on the bench. Broughton Senior Carrested for speedingl: "But officer, l'm only a high school student." Cop: "Ignorance is no excuse." DARLING SHOPS uThe Shop That Dares to Be Dijerenf' Everything in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear can be found at the DARLING SHOPS. You can always depend on us for the latest in style and material. You can find a hat for every costume. Dresses, Coats, Hose, Underwear and Millinery. We invite you to visit our store before buying. We carry the largest assortment of Patent Medicines, Drugs, and Cos- Brogden Produce CO' metics in the city. Bring us your Prescriptions. 5 X S J nvcgzinttc Rnksaew. S f. ,A wi we .Q www as xv sf va ' --CREATQRS 21 153214251 :flue megs- FRESISREJ AND Fountain and Luncheonette Service Raleigh, N. C. CAROLINA COLLEGE Art Clgthgg of BEAUTY CULTURE Compare Values "The Road to Charmi' Accredited by the North Carolina State Town Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners Wgfldas Best 7 E. Hargett St. Telephone 3024 RALEIGH, N. C. "Oh, I know a few things? said the haughty senior. "Well, you haven't anything on mei, retorted the freshman, "I guess I know as few things as anybody." Freslnnan: "I don't know." Sophomore: "I am not prepared." Junior: "I do not remember." Senior: "I clon't believe I can add anything to what has already been said." ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE: RICHMOND, VA. The Oldest Company Domiciled in the South Writing Ordinary Legal-Reserve Life Insurance Exclusively C. I. GODWIN General Agent Security National Bank Building Raleigh, North Carolina W. H. King Drug Company WHOLESALE DRUCCISTS Raleigh, N. C. The Quality Creamery Company THE HOME or QUALITY PRODUCTS PHONE 3147 we s. WILMINGTON sT. Act I: Captain Cook. Act II: Captain Cook and the Cannibals. Act III: Captain Cooked. Virginia Holt: "Arc you really on the foolhall 'tm-am? What position do you plax k Julian Candle: "XVI-ll, I do the air wor .', Virginia Holt Julian Candle : "Uh, j'0l1'I'0 the forward passer, isn't that it?" : "VV0ll, no I blow up the foothallsf' JACKIS GRILL BLAND HOTEL i SALISBURY STREET Rejinefl Atmosphere, Best Foofl, Best Service Popular Prices Save Safely TMT BOON-ISELEY DRUG COMPANY Phone 96 W e Deliver OPEN ALL NIGHT Ninety-eight Years DEPENDABLE SERVICE QP BROWN ,S FUNERAL HOME FAB P. BROWN Q A M B U LA N C li Phone 5336 ALLSBROOK-SPIERS HARDWARE, PAINTS, UILS AND VARNISHIQS II8 E. Martin Sl. Phone 6 RALEIGH. N. C. -5 5C Sandwiches and Nlilksllakes D I Z O R 7 S Cut-Rate Drug Store Phones M2 and l43 I5 E. Marlin St. Haleigh, N. C Freshma-in: "Mama, may I go out tonight?" Sophomore: "Going ouf tonight, Dad." Junior: "Going out fonight, Dad?" Senior: "G'night, Dad, I'll bring in the milk." Judge to the Dentist: "Do you swear to hut the tooth?'i pull the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing Carolina Hardware Co. "Carolina,s Oldest Sports Slorel' Raleigh, N. C. 233-35 South Wilmington Street Phones 233-35 FIRESTONE SERVICE STORES BATTERIES 1 SPARK PLUGS TIRES BRAKE LINING : ACCESSORIES Phones 1622-1623 Martin and McDowell Streets RALEIGH, N. C. MA Store You Should Never Forget. 79 We carry a complete line of READY-To-WEAR and FURNISHINGS G. 81 S. DEPT. STORE 208-210 South Wilmington Street 16 East Hargett Street The Lewis Store- IS Headquarters for ALL SPORT SUPPLIES TENNIS - BASEBALL - GOLF SUPPLIES SPORT SWEATERS : RIDING APPAREL SWIMMING SUITS Prices Way Down for School Girls and Boys Lewis Sporting Goods Company Office Phone 3778 Plant Phone 3898 HOOD-MODEL DRY CLEANING CO. 63451: lhe Folks We Serven Main OFHCP: I3 S. Wilmington Street Plant: 304 Pace Street RALEIGH, N. C. The Elite Shop A Charming Little Store on the Second Floor DRESSES 36.95 UP 12916 Fayetteville St. RALEIGH, N. C. Iaul Hoover cdl?lfIl'HIIllIIg a Sentence in English classjz "Doing this won't get me work when I finish college." David Breece: "It won't need to, you'll be too old to work." GOOD FOOD-- ls as necessary to bodily development as good schools are to mental growth! Properly balanced food with varied proportions of energy-producing vita- mins, slowly eaten, is what the grow- ing student needs. Your mother selects your food with this in mind-so learn to enjoy all the dishes she prepares. Each one pro- vides something you need. ALL THE FOODS AT OUR STORES ARE CAREFULLY SELECTED EOR QUALITY PENDER STORES k QxSQI:1SQSbisrt'f232385QYXXQixKiZ33QQ.g:W' NX XM Nw 3 M X xi XXXNX X XXQX W XXX 5: is XI -are f it X, f tx mx xt D i we i 1 X E gf-iijskfisgcfs Qgw ii. 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Wu i I X H :Sack H cooperation IS one .011 the 1 I fi t i r, visions which precede the building of mln, if y It 1 X a successful business, and is a part of fly gl lvl xgjffl, the working policy of the EDWARDS 81 X Iilflillix Z 'YM '. BROUGIITON COMPANY. ,. ,w i ' 'i slip df! tg lm .. D Milt, ml li D I X? To those Stalls deslrlng complete co- N ,gg l xtltl ill l-, l . ,Ili operation, we offer unexcelled service. , ML N fig You, too, may be proud of your if I annual. - Correspondence is Invited I il iii Xin ills EDWAPDS st BPOFCIITON co X l vQ'4f't'W7 9 lffwyi i s a 1 'tw i v- H D 1 . i. i 'ill 'll 'lllmlmlllll , l ss' li' f nl IIILKWHIII 'lllll ,lllvllu...uu I -0 - --:. :5::1:::::g:f::::,-lmlull-:gl I .ff lllZse4'!'5i f it D f i . at i irii i it 'lt l' -'-'4' fl 11- f I! 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Suggestions in the Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) collection:

Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Needham Broughton High School - Latipac Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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