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f , ,Z ,. 6. 4 fy, Y rf Qs f 2' j ' If ,,,,,,, l ,D Q -vlvwiiu gvwwwwrfnmmlmzwwwwmumv rw V QSM mb, . may .-6 1. ' 1., ' Q:-xg - 39 P +3 . -Wifi .: 4 f ' M A ,.:f'12W 4LZ Lf1d.g,Aww--r::L-"-- Wrap.,-1 -' 'H 1 "-- 1 , ' , ' 7774? A44-666 and , C"fL'fM'ff',,'fgff-M3 -ide,-owli6ZU.cQ aw www gg , ""-- - , ., 'lx K 1:13 R' E J'N,f " I ff -Q:-.,f,-.. ,K ' I . "N: ima! . Q10 , fwfu W M' M0 W N ' Jfwbffpill 6 MfMLQ,.,'??iM 4bQfVq"' df jmp 55431 W . 6'Y'x5i2!g,vf3 GSNMXQ - xswflvwf ' ibgoogy WUQWWM' 759 1964 YEL! 30ff 571212121 ersazy Uofzme XXX yjrese12fe0fQ IAQ Ek! SIM gf'9'fQ0QrQ120f cscfoof WNQOQFLHJ yexasf I f f is in My-v7f'4" - Q . ' ' f A 'X xx 1 . x" ,L xy '7 fx: 5 ..n1! Amir- if , 'fl 7 4? 2 1 f fm, N f5'kf4f4,?gQf1?gMf,i?w 5 'N Q, AW Q' 2 Kg 4, P5 'wx Q gg QQQ E, K af ,YY OL? wwf' 7 'M ax! f 4, if f f ,fl ff" b 6 A ,,,, ,f ., ,affix Q ,ai fmk 1' ,, ,Q X5 . 1, f ae' , ,f ,, YQ i v f MLK-211: the wcorndl go ffordm if1r'fdmr11 tH11fL s time PHQHLCCB, 0 Cy 160 61 lnhewf pc81S SCB Table of Contents Ads........ Athletics...... Faculty and Administration Favorites. ..... . Honors. . . Juniors... Activities Grganizations .......... Seniors ...... ......... Activities . Sophomores... .. Activities Special Education. . . . . . Staff . RNESTINE I1 ING ....... ......................................... ty . DIAZ, JR. ............. ........................ .................. . PAU E SMART . ..................... . ALI FULCHER .. ..... .. NAT CLOUTMAN . JACKIE GRAHAM ........ JANE DYE ............ ....... GINGER SHEFFIEL ........ a MARY VIRGINIA GIBS JEANNE ROBINSON ........... g P LINDA A oro ................. RN CORNELIA BODEMULLER ...... I BECKY CONCIENNE ................. ........ P 1 "Q"-.x fam 7 f nw , J 43' M 19? A Mx Qskf f . 1- "But . . .iWhere's rs. Armstrong? Mama Armstrong" is gratified by the achievements of her girls." It was the morning of April 22 and the student body anxiously awaited the announcement of the PILOT Dedication by Editor R. L. Diaz. . , and the 1964 PILOT Staff proudly dedicates our labors to-Mrs. Mary Armstrong!" R. L. exclaimed. The audience applauded, and applauded, and applauded . . . Hasty glances were exchanged on stage and some- one whispered, "Are you sure that you saw her come in, Mrs. Fleming?" Messengers were quickly dis- patched to locate the missing Mrs. Armstrong. Shortly after the students were dismissed, Mrs. Armstrong, grinning sheepishly, was escorted into the auditorium by her "Honor Guard." The excited students stopped and gave a "standing ovation" to the worthy teacher. "Where had she gone?" you ask. To the Girls' Gym to get everything ready for "her girlsn in 1st Period P.E., natch. "There, that should feel better." W 1 ' 7 99 VVVVV i Vi 4 " 3 "Now you know thatl wasn't strafing your home yesterday evening!" A pause before ending a long, hard, but self-rewarding day. f .WL X M 1 If 7,435 1 im ygg 1ffff,,,.4., . .,..,,, v, N ,,m.. V ,I A ..A. 1. " V '- ' -"-f'-4+z-,5: 1.- I, ,. .. ,I Q in ,. I 'Y i 5 'mf f -A-' . " 1. -- ww-"' ""' H Wg" 2' 1'f"n , ' 1 ' T- Wsflu-f-J 'zsWze.,,,.,,,l',N,,,V:wwfa7.wm,::,,- ff,,.,.,m-1,-Yw fff-if f":f-vf-vw, i ' w, f -4, , , k K , , ,:5:f:,,,,.,,,W41,,,,,,,,f,,,,,.-,ww 1 5 5 i 311 1 C - -situ -.4 .....w. 'Mi I 1 f C,1,,,.,ff, vw' 1- , ff W all jf 44, ' ff fffazn J' ' ,4'N""", Q ,f , , fwgyqp ' fm f 1 f i 9' 2 , 1 3 3 . 5, 'z 2 X, ', Y ,, i Q if . MR. JOE ,FIEDLER Principal dministrators MR. H. E. MCGILL Guidance Counselor MR. CHARLES THOMAS Assistant Principal , ,gg . . Z P' iAz'7 41 EDNA BRADY 27 ff X f f ,A 4, , fr ly .J W af f ,af if W pf .S ' f :W fp: Secretary and Registrar ' ' A ' , , ,,'. J , BETTY RITCHIE Attendance Clerk f x I J . ,,, 4 ,,, A Wx ffice Staff ' ffhf' ' ' ' 4- 1 ' ' 'iflf-yfzzimfwcbsw ami'-1' ' ., ,,,. ., ' ,J-':fg:5:., , klsgfigu in ., -1.14 iyyggzugg, n g mjii. ' B 'R -"- Q fvffsfzzlfiiir ' z - .. ' ii lu 'gig' , 1 ' '-J .. 'ii MARY PERRYMAN l Secretary to the GLORIA BROVV N Secretary to Assistant Superintendent M. JEAN METREYEON Secretary to Business Manager Superintendent ANNE SPRUILL Bookkeeper ' 4 Annie Stovall, Lorene Key, Tax Clerksg Don Lout, Tax Assessorg EVA GILSON J0hUf1Y BO'-lfquei Collector Business Office Clerk i I3 , 0 if ,A , L , , , ,puffy f . -- , . , :lf ,,.-,' ,fy V7 . 4 'W ' X f -fy f f ,fl J .fra-5 1 1 42 f I f f , Af 9 af, X are ,oft f ay fi 27,34 ,f X 12' f f, .W yy I ff, f , f f , f X 2 4 f X y w, .1 A . ...r .ff m ' me iff fit.. . ' V hm'- ifflgffg ,,V" 3 Zfqyyff , of I 45 22 CARL CRAVEN Lamar Tech B.S. Algebra I, IIg Plane Geometry ,fi A-l'r,.gLf' CHARLES SIMMONS Northwestern State of Louisiana B.S. Algebra I 3 Plane Geometry W. N. GRAY University of Texas B.B.A. General Mathg Commercial Math GLORIA HAMILTON H. D. GOLDEN North Texas State B.A. Lamar B.S. Trigonometryg Physicsg Math Club Algebra II g Advanced Mathematics athematics The mathematics courses in our school are valuable to each and every student because they cover the entire field of mathematics. Each student should select the courses which best suit his interests and abilities. Math is strongly stressed since it is important in everyday life. To the able pupil who is eager to take advanced mathematical work, not ordinarily introduced into the secondary school, and the pupil expecting to pursue a vocation in the mathematics field, an accelerated math program is offered. cc ath Cultivates Reasona' ADELYN PRATT C. B. JORDAN Lamar Tech B.S. Texas A8cM B.A. Plane Geometryg Chemistry I Advanced Arithmeticg Algebra I ..... as ,Y-A,-44 NYLDS HINCH Lamar Tech B.S. Chemistry I, IIg Student Council Spornsorg Science Club Sponsor In our science curriculum, courses from Biology and Anatomy through Chemistry and Physics are off fered. Through all these courses the student acquires a basic understanding of all the sciences. In Anatomy and Chemistry the student who plans to study medicine will be provided with a simple foundation for this study. The Physics course is designed especially for those who plan a career in engineering or the applied sciences. Science Is but the Statement of ffl JI , L. BROUSSARD JAMES LOVE stephen F- AL1Sfif1 M.ECl. Stephen F. Austin B.S. Biologyi Anatomyg Science Club Sponsorg Biology Prone FY' DELLA POOL North Texas State M.Ed. English II A' 'W FAY LOWRY West Texas State M.Ed. English II BERTHA YORK Sam Houston B.S. English IV ed for graduation from Neder- l, courses designed to help him 'ritten and spoken word. The fritage of the English-speaking t writing and creativity. Accel- ints. I1 the World GRACE WOLF Lamar B.S. English III i ERNESTINE FLEMING Stephen F. Austin B.S. Business Englishg Secretarial Trainingg Annual Sponsorg Anchor Club Sponsorg Quill,and Scroll Sponsor E. W. WOODROME ELEANOR ANDERSON GEORGE W. MARTIN Stephen F. A11Stin College B.A., M.Ed. Northern State Teachers College B.S, Stephen F, Austin College B.A., M.A. English II, Illg Spanish I Latin I, Hg Latin Club Sponsor SpaniSh I, II, HI "He Who Is Ignorant of Foreign Languages, Knows Not His Own." Foreign Languages The foreign languages taught at Nederlan High School are Latin and Spanish. The primai aim of these courses is to give the student mastery of the language for practical use. Tl need for regular study is stressed since eat day's lesson depends entirely on the previot day's information. Our foreign language dr partment includes a modern electronic languag laboratory, equipped with a teacher console ar individual booths in which the student may r cord a lesson and its answers on magnetic tap This system has proved very efficient in helpir the student to understand the language. I7 LOIS BENNETT Lamar Civicsg Economics ,If BEVERLY MINALDI DONNA MOYE Lamar B.A. Lamar B.S. Civicsg Economics Civicsg Economics 5 American History TRAVIS GIBSON Lamar B,S. American History JOE PEACOCK Lamar B.S. American Historyg Speechg Drama Club Sponf SOI' Social Studie 577 i.naa Z :tn My 'ziifrkzi .Jr ' 'I sfiiwil cams-'rf' a.'-1f.,Ma:.Z fi- '- 1 yi' ' .SSBKSQ 4 3 - Q34-"6 The social studies courses required for 'gradu- ation help the student to acquire a background of information that enables him to interpret more intelligently what is happening in his present-day world, to learn about the principles upon which our democracy is based, and to develop a better understanding of his own privileges and responsi- bilities as citizens in our United States. ORVILLE A. KELLY East Texas State M.Ed. Band Director JOHN MATHESON Lamar B.S. Choral Director DOROTHY RYLAND Lamar B.S. Artg Arts and Craftsg English II, Art Club Sponsor F ine Arts BETTY CRAVEN Life Is Short, Art Lon Texas Women's University B.A. Librarian The areas included in the Eine Arts program are music, which includes band and choral, art, and of course reading, for which our library has some excellent material. Our art courses are designed to help the student to express himself through paint- ing, sculpture, and many other things. The band and choral departments are among the best to be found, and our librarian is always on hand to help us with any problem we may have in using the library facilities. GENE HENDERSON Texas A8cM B.S. Athletic Director ysioal Education Our Physical Education program is one of varied activities ranging from exercise periods to football. The students are strongly urged to participate in each activity and are graded on how well they participate. In keeping with the Physical Fitness Program established by our late president, John F. Kennedy, the students are given a physical fitness test consist- ing of pull-ups, push-ups, s-it-ups, shuttle run, standing broad jump, running events, and swimming events, twice a year. This is counted in the grade average for that particular six week period. GEORGE BOAL BEN HURT X NEAL MORGAN Texas Christian B.S. Middle Tennessee State M.A. Stephen F. Austin B.S. World History Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education MARY ARMSTRONG Baylor B.S. Physical Educationg Girls' Intramural Sports Sponsor -- ,,f- fo, W . l l s J l K , l r , I I l l l f I r Al gf V l CLAUDINE MAJORS Stephen F. Austin B.S. Physical Educationg Westernaire Sponsorg Girls' Intramural Sports Sponsor l I x JACK MCGAFFEY University of Texas M.Ed. ll World Historyg Drivers' Trainingg Physical X 5' A Education J - P, 5 1 y Q I Q n ea S if l INIICKEY DOMINY Lamar B.B.A. Physical Educationg Journalismg "Bulldc Beat" Sponsorg Girls' Intramural Sports Spo sor RAY PURKERSON University of Houston M.Ed. Drivers' Trainingg Physical Education Sound ind in a Sound Body . 2l Design for Living p oeation KATHERINE FRAZIOR Texas Women's University B.A. I-Iomemakingg FHA Sponsor Vocations are a design for living, a stepping stone for tomorrow's craftsmen. The courses included in vocations, Wood- working, Metal Trades, Agriculture and Homemaking, are helpful to the student in everydav life, es ll as in a career he might wish to pursue. Tha", "' 'Ms 'incl Agriculture classes took mei' tion. Continuing during thd conducted by a group of gif i fki ' ' l , Z 'f X If 5' M4 ,,.,q.-,rf yy 7 W I f gm, ,V p W2 , . + .rr. i T ',p,,p Vp p T '.s- if -' f-'iz..f'..'-Q "" 12" fiilf 'f MP V. -1 314 ' 3, iri' ' fw ,F I Q we off f f f f ' ' X I ,i M 4 My. , ir 1? A 2 ' GERALDLYN WATTS Stephen F. Austin B.S. Homemakingg FHA SpO1'190f VERA LE BLANC School Nurse FNA Sponsor f X " ,f:,.,f,1 i JACK WEEREN Texas A8cM M.Ed. General Metal Tradesg VIC Sponsor ,,N , M xr -5' I JAMES MCCARTY Stephen F. Austin B.S. Vocational Agricultureg Vo. Ag. Sponsor wW25Z2'm.a LESTER YOUNGBLOOD Stephen F. Austin M.Ecl. Woodworkingg Mechanical Drawing R. L. WILLIAMS North Texas State B.S. Mechanical Drawingg Arts and Crafts TomorroW's Craftsmen 23 PHYLLIS LARRABEE Sam Houston B.B.A. Typing I A The business area of our curriculum includes typing, shorthand, and office practice. Typing helps the student who is planning to pursue a career in the business world, and it is also helpful to any student in doing everyday school work. The office practice class provides time for the students to become acquainted with the various office procedures. Gregg shorthand is also offered. These courses are helpful as a groundwork for a student attending business college upon comple- tion of high school. MAVIS WILLIAMS Stephen F. Austin B.S. Typing II g Pep Squad Sponsor i I it BILLIE MCCLURE Stephen F. Austin B.B.A. Typing IIg Shorthand I, IIg Pep Squad Sponsor i . NAOMI GLEASON West Virginia M.A. Bookkeeping I, IIg Future Teachers Sponsor e , S Never Fear 5 the Want of Business Kitchen and Janitorial Staff Mesclames: Frederick, Creel, Wassenick, Miles, Sterling, Erwin, Carr, Harris, and Swain 4 L if W 12 1fn'4"f'x.m'Cx f ft azz fi fi ' 39 fc? . if 24 Z2 245 2? MRS. ZILLAH SMITH Dietician Rena McElvain, Myrtle Campbell, Nona Munson, Effie Bouton, Betty Hanes Not pictured: Evelyn Campbell and Bernadine Dies. ' MRI JULIUS TRAHAN and MR. A. V. HALL Custodians e Nil 25 22 Z 15 Z M 3 4 Z 5 xxx mwwwm.1vs21vs-Xx:,. ., . M-NWA,-zw:wmwffm',2,ffqzfy . l.......-.. Ronny Roberson Treasurer Mlke Colhns President HAROLD ALVAREZ RODNEY ARMSTRONG l'ht's the trouble-you get it and you can't get rid of and 2-4g Latin Club 4. BUTCH ARSEMENT 7here's my old lady?" iss Favorite Zag Twirp King Candidate 3g Prom King 4. DURRELL AUSTIN JUDY ADAMS 'lFor when you leave there is always someone to take your place." Band 2. SHIRLEY ALLEN "Too much sugar isn't good for anyone, but a little is yummy!" Westernaires 3, 4g Lt. 45 Pep Squad 2g Latin Club 2, 3g Secretary 33 Family Relations Award 43 Perfect Attendance 2, 3. . v'l DON BAILEY "The best way to learn anything is to do it yourself." Perfect Attendance 2, 33 Basketball 2g Drama Club 2, 3. ERIC BAILEY "Wor-r-r-r-k !" ROBBIE BAKER "Whistle while you work." Student Council 2-45 Anchor Club President 45 Westernaires 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Runner-Up Miss Photo- flash Contest 25 Future Teachers 45 junior Homecoming Duchess 3, 45 PILOT Sweetheart Candidate 45 Miss NHS5 Beaumont Farm and Ranch Club Outstanding Youth Citizen- ship Award 45 Most Popular 45 DAR Good Citizenship Award. BILL BARLOW "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better." Student Council 2-45 Class President 35 Math Club 35 Spanish Club 25 Science Club 3, 45 President 45 Football Manager 2-45 Student Council Convention Delegate5 Wittiest 4. KENNETH BIRDWELL High Honor Graduate 4. ' ,GWEN BOLLMANN "Women's faults are many, men have only two5 everything they say, and everything they do." Press Club 25 FHA 25 Future Nurses Club 2-45 Latin Club 2-45 Vfesternaires 3, 45 Captain 45 Pep Squad 2. GAYLE BARNETT "When your cup runneth over, looketh out!" Latin Club 25 Pep Squad 3, 45 FHA 2, 33 Bulldog Beal Staff 3, 45 Press Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Reporter 45 Editor-in-Chief "Suppose" 45 Ad- vanced Arithmetic Award 4. IACK BEACH "The best way to overcome temptation is to go ahead and do it." FFA 2-45 Secretary 2, 35 Future Nurses 4. DON BEAGLE JUDY BELL 29 RAEDINE BURTON KATHY BRANHAM Love makes all hearts gentle." lirls' Intramural Sports 33 Perfect Attendance 2-4. SUSAN BROOKS If you work hard enough and long enough for something, Ju are bound to get him." and 43 First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest 43 Speech Award 4. A TOMMYE BUDWAH inow the true value of timeg snatch, seize, and enjoy every oment of it." ip Squad 2-43 Girls' Intramural Sports 3, 43 Press Club Latin Club 2-43 President 33 Queen ot' Hearts Candidate National Honor Society 3, 43 Anchor Club 43 Most thletic 43 Twirp Week Candidate 43 High Honor Graduate PE Award 4. ROBERT BURNETT t is harder to conceal ignorance than to gain knowledge." 'rfect Attendance 2, 33 Math Club 43 Science Club 43 Golf fam 2-43 National Honor Society 3. 4. I PAT BOURG "The things that you earn on your own are the only things worth having." Pep Squad 23 Cheerleader 33 PILOT Personality 43 Honor Graduate. JUDY BRADSHAW "He is no fool who loses what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose." Pep Squad 23 Cheerleader 43 Art Club 2, 33 Cutest 4. "Living an honest life equals great rewards." Perfect Attendance 33 Art Club 2-43 Secretary 4g Board Member 3, 4g Victory Flag Contest Winner 23 Girls' Intra- mural Sports 33 Pep Squad 4. JOE CALDWELL "It's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose that counts." SCOTTY CAMPBELL "Wine is fine." PILOT Personality 43 Twirp Week Candidate 23 Prom Com- 1, mittee 33 Football 3. BETTY CARLIN "Those who play with fire get burnt." Future Nurses Club 2-43 FHA 2. WILLA RAY CLARK "Actually I was born a geniusg but somehow, somewhere, someone along the line forgot to put all the pieces together." Girls' Intramural Sports 3, 43 FHA 2, 33 Vice-President 33 Future Nurses Club 2-43 Future Nurses Class Award 2-43 Reporter 33 Scrapbook Chairman 33 Parliamentarian 43 Algebra I Award 23 Science Club 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Pep Squad 2, 3. CAROLYN E CLEPPER "All things come to those who wait-well, I'm waiting." Future Nurses 2, 33 FHA 2-43 Pep Squad 2, 33 Latin Club 3. AMAYA CARPENTER "Silence is golden, but I'm no gold dfiggerf' Class Secretary 43 Drama Club 2, 33 Reporter 33 Press Club 3, 4g Bulldog Beat Staff 3, 43 Assistant Editor 43 Queen of Hearts Candidate 43 Football Sweetheart 4g Girls' Intra- mural Sports 3, 43 Vice-President.33 GIS Letter 43 FHA 3g Pep Squad 33 Westernaires 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Prose Interpretation 23 Perfect Attendance 2, 33 Best Sense of Humor 4. CHARLES CATES "Why does everyone call me 'Stick' P" WILFRED CHAMPAGNE "He who laughs last, laughs after everyone else gets through." PE Award 23 Vocational Agriculture Award 33 Lone Star Farmer 43 FFA 2-4. BETTY CHATELAIN "We have to learn to live with the good and the bad." Girls' Intramural Sports 33 Future Teachers 23 FHA 23 Pep Squad 2. Q x 'rt I ' '. "f v ' A 'V ' T WL I, - I 4 3 'ii W . 3 i ii ,Q .'3," ' I , . f V , 3I MICHAEL COLLINS "Character is always lost when a high ideal is sacrificed on the altars of conformity and popularity." Student Council 35 King of Hearts Candidate 45 Class Presi- dent 45 Math Club 45 Science Club 45 Best Personality 4. EDDY COLVILLE "Do unto others before they do unto you." VIC 2. GERALD COOPER "Too many people itch for more than they are willing to scratch for." ' FFA 2-4. JUDY coworue "If first you don't succeed, try, try again, but another way." Future Nurses Club 45 Girls' Intramural Sports 3. 32 NATALIE CLOUTMAN "Put on a happy face! ! !" Band 2-45 Majorettes 2-45 Reporter 45 14 First Division Solo and Ensemble Medals 2-45 National Honor Society 3, 42 ViCC- Presiden-t 45 Future Nurses 2-45 Secretary 35 President 45 FHA 25 Home Economics Award 25 Science Club 5, 45 1964 PILOT Staff 45 Organizations Editor 45 Press Club 45 Latin Club 2-45 Perfect Attendance 3, 45 University of Houston Yearbook Workshop 45 Academic Letter 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Future Nurses Club Award 45 PILOT Personality 4 DON COHRT "Boy, I sure wish I had some money to fix my car up." Perfect Attendance 2, 35 Art II Award 25 Art III Award 3. ' SHIRLEY CRAMPTON "Oh! They'll get over it!" Band 2-45 FHA 2, 5. WAYNE CRAWFORD ."Do your best and no one can say you can do better." Morning Watch 2-45 Choral Club 45 All Region Choir 45 Boys' Intramural Sports 25 Future Nurses 4. I LARRY CROOM "Only a fool would think twice before reading this!" RICHARD CUCCIA "The mind. of a man is capable of everything-because every- thing IS in it, all the past as well as all the future." Football 43 Science Club 33 Student Council 2-43 National HOUOI SOCICW 3, 43 Math Club 2' So homore Prom Duke a P 23 Future Nurses 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4g Track 2g Junior Rotarian' For -the Month of April 43 Police and Fire Department Schol- arship 43 Perfect Attendance 2-4. PAUL DECUIR Football 2-4. DARRELL DANE DeROUEN "Life is a theatre in which the Worst of people sometimes have the best seats." Student Council 23 Track 2-43 Most Attractive 4. JOHN CUTRER MARVIN DAVENPORT "Life is not a gift but a loan. Keep up the payments." Science Club 3, 4g Band 2-43 First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest 2-43 Math Club 43 Track 33 FFA Awardsg PTA Scholarship 43 Perfect Attendance 2-4. BUTCH DAVIS "How tall is she?" Best Dressed 43 Press Club 4g President 43 Bulldog Beat Pho- tographer 43 Science Club 43 Parliamentarian 43 Art Club 3. ELISE DECUIR "Do unto others as they do unto you." FHA 23 Girls' Intramural Sports 33 Future Nurses 4. ' i ff' f. .V " QFFEQQ' f ' '- any n "ff . 41 . f 5 , f I 33 JO ANN DEVILLIER "To handle yourself, use your headg to handle others, use your heart." FHA 23 GIS 33 Latin Club 2, 33 Queen of Hearts 2g Class Favorite 33 Anchor Club 43 Pep Squad 3, 4. R. L. DIAZ "If your dream has failed you, look up and dream again." Annual Staff 3, 43 Sports Editor 33 Editor-in-Chief 43 PILOT Editor Medal 43 510,000 joseph Curran Scholarship 43 Highest Ranking 2, 35 Second Highest Ranking 43 High Honor Graduate 43 Saluta- torian Medal 43 Most Likely to Succeed 43 American Legion Award 43 Beaumont Farm and Ranch Club Outstanding Youth Citizenship Award 43 Class Vice-President 43 Spanish II Award 23 Economics Award 43 Shepherds Laundries Award 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Academic Letter 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 President 43 Band 2-43 All-Region 2-43 6 First Division Solo and Ensemble Medals 2-43 Prom Committee 33 National Science Foundation Summer Bi- olog Institute 33 University of Houston Annual Staff Workshop 43 A8rM College Summer Institute for High School journalists 33 Bulldog Bm! Hall of Fame 43 UIL Prose Reading 23 Latin Club 4g Secretary 43 Math Club 3, 4g Press Club 3, 43 Science Club 3, 43 Drama Club 2. CAROLYN DICKINSON "Character is what you are in the dark." Latin Club 23 FNA 33 Anchor Club 43 Choral Club 3, 4. MARGARET DUNNING "Old enough to know better but-young enough to try anyway." Band 2-43 Math Club 33 Art Club 3. 34 DIANA DESHOTEL "A warm smile is often more valuable than great fame or untold fortune." FHA 2, 33 GIS 33 Pep Squad- 4. DILLIAN DESI-IOTEL "For how come did you done that?" FFA 4. X! RONNIE DUPLANT JANE DYE "A hard fought failure is more noble than an easily won victory." Annual Staff 3, 43 FHA 2-43 Press Club 3, 43 PNA 2, 33 Pep Squad 33 Latin Club 2, 33 GIS 3. . . :fill LINDA EAGLESON "Some people cause happiness wherever they gog others, when- ever they go." Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Secretary 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Bulldog Beal 3, 43 Editor 43 journalism I Award 33 FHA 2-43 Reporter 33 President 43 Press Club 2-43 GIS 33 Volleyball 43 Westernaires 3, 43 Pep Squad 2. VICKIE ECKERT "I don't know" Cheerleader 33 Pep Squad 23 Westernaires 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g FHA 2, 33 Song Leader 3. BILL113 FRENCH "Who do you think you are-anyhow ?" Band 2-4. ALICE FULCHER "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot changeg the courage to change the things I cang and the wisdom to. know the difference." PILOT Staff 2, 43 Class Social Leader 23 Student Council 3, 43 Treasurer 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Pres-ident 43 Band 2, 33 Westernaires 43 FHA 23 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Latin I Award 33 Latin II Award 43 Scholastic Letter 43 Press Club 2-43 Science Club 3, 4. ROY FALKE ROY EARRELL "A misunderstanding woman is worse than no woman atall. High Honor Graduate. JERRY FOUNTAIN "Don't be so conceited, fri-ends, think more of me." Band 2-43 Tennis 4. ,b HENRY FRANKE "Life is like a game of billiards: no two balls touch however so lightly unless the course of both is changed." Prom Duke 3g Perfect Attendance 33 VIC 43 Vice-President 4. , A 35 MIREN GOITIA Most Attractive 4. BETTY GOSS "I do my hardest work before breakfastg getting up!" Sophomore Favorite3 FHA 1, 23 Band 1, 23 Latin Club 33 Westernaires 3, 43 Lieutenant 43 Vice-President-GIS 33 National Honor Society 43 Volleyball Team 1-33'Class Treas- urer 23 Miss Photoflasvh 2-43 3rd Runner-Up 3. JACKIE GRAHAM "Ac2 Bill Biery sat here I come!" Annual Staff 43 Latin Club 2, 33 FTA 3, 43 Spanish I Award 33 Pep Squad 33 Westernaires 43 GIS 3, 43 Library Club 43 President 43 PILOT Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Honor Graduate 4. ROBERT GRIBNAU "To the 'Little Ole Winemaker,' George Fischer, May he brew 'booze' forever." Perfect Attendance 1-3. 36 ALLAN GABBERT PILOT Personality 43 State Persuasive Speaker 43 Boys' State 3. GERALD GANANN "When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools." CAROL GROUNDS "They say hard Work never killed anyone, but then I've never heard of anybody resting to death." Band 2-43 Secretary 43 Future Nurses 2-43 Chaplain 23 Treas- urer 33 Miss Future Nurse 43 Anchor Club 43 Senior Repre- Sentative 43 Honor 30CiCfy 3, 43 Reporter 43 Scholastic Letter 4. I SUE GUIDRY Future Business Leaders of America 2, 33 Girls' Recreational Association 2, 3, 1.2, 5. MICHAEL GUILLOT "It is better to be silent and be thought dumb, than open your mouth and remove all doubt." Class President 25 Vice-President Student Council 35 Student Council 5, 45 Football 2-45 All District 45 Co-Captain 45 Most Outstanding Athlete 45 Basketball 25 Track 2, 35 Base- ball 2-45 All District 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Science Club 2, 33 Math Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 State Student Council Convention 2, 35 junior Rotarian for September 4. RHONDA HALLMARK "Don't give anyone reason to feel insulted-and don't ever take an insult." Pep Squad 2-45 GIS 3. JOYCE HARVILI. "Get your fat foot off my sand castle." Pep Squad 25 GIS 35 Press Club 3, 45 Bulldog Beal Reporter 3. LYNN HAWKINS "Into a closed mouth the fly doth not creep." Basketball. 45 Perfect Attendance 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 45 Science Club 4. MIKE HAMERLY "The man who fears no truths has nothing to fear from lies." FFA 2-45 Football 25 Press Club 45 FNA 45 FFA Reporter 2, 3. PAM HARMON HAROLD HARPER "Study is supposedly the key to knowledge5 knowledge is supposedly the key to successg now, someone, please tell me what is success the key to?" Science Club 3, 45 Track 3. DANNY HARRISON Prom Duke 4. ' 37 l MARK I-IELVIE Morning Wattch. JAMES HENLEY ROY HICKS "Let's go roam the halls." FFA 1, 2. JOE HIGGINBOTI-IAM 38 LINDA HAWN "By nothing do men show their character more than by the things they laugh at." Pep Squad 2-43 GIS 2-43 Physical Fitness Award 2. JAMES HAYES "C'rnon, let's go hack somebody!" Science Club 3, 43 Drama Club 43 Latin Club 4. PHILIP HILTGN "Think superior-be superior !" Science Club 3, 43 Latin Club 43 Future Nurses 3, 4g Treas- urer 43 Math Club 3, 43 Perfect Attendance 33 Alumni Scholarship 4. GRACE HODNETT "The higher we rise, the broader the view." Latin Club 43 Presidentg GIS 3, 43 Letter Awardg Drama Club 2, 33 Secretary3 Speech II Awardg 2nd Place Districtg Student Council 3. lnfwi ' JIMMY HOLCOMB "Live fast, die young, make a good looking corpse." Science Club 3, 4g Latin Club 3, 4g Drama Club 4g Perfect Attendance 5, 4, MARTHA HOLLIMAN "All things come to those who work and wait." Band 2-4. ,M-K CAROL JONES "If a man could have half his wishes, he would double his troubles." FHA 3. JUDY JONES "Talk not of wasted affectiong affection never was wasted." GIS 2, 3. LYNNE HUGHES' "We may not have won anything, but we had more fun than anyone else." Pep Squad 2, 53 Westernaires 4g Twirp Queen Candidate 23 Prom Committee 3g Class Social Leader 3, 43 Senior Candidate for PILOT Sweetheart 4g National Honor Society 3, 43 Best Personality 4. BRENDA HUMPHRIES "Nothing is more times opened by mistake than the mouth." LINDA IRVINE "Hey, you all, guess who's coming home this week-end? Arnold!!' Anchor Club 4. SHARON JERNIGAN "Mr, Peacock, women are the greatest." GIS 3, 4g Band 25 FNA 2-4. 39 JOAN KEMP "I got it." Pep Squad 2g Weslternaires 3, 43 FTA 3, 4. RANDY KIMLER "The South will rise again." Perfect Attendance 2-4. BETTY KING "He that goeth around in circles shall surely become a big wheel." KENNY KIRKSEY "Seek, and ye shall find, and if ye shall not find-cookies." All-Region Band 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4g Swing Band 3, 43 Solo and Ensemble 2-4. 40 MARY ANN JONES "The only ambition I ever had was to win the heart of a certain lad." Westernaires 3, 4g Pep Squad 23 FHA 2-4. CLAIR JORDAN "Know the true value of timeg seize, snatch, and enjoy every moment." National Honor Society 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Band 2-4g Reporter 3, 4g Pep Squad 4g FHA. 2g Future Nurses Club 2-4g Secretary 45 Bulldog Benz Staff 3, 43 Business Manager 45 journalism II Awardg FNA Award 4g Band Outstanding Service Award 45 Senior Personality 4. NANCY KNIGHT Band 2-4g FNA 3, 4, Senior Representative 4, FHA 2-4g Science Club 3. DONNIE KOLB "The pleasure does not lie in the end itself, but in the steps that lead to it." Basketball 2, sg science Club 4g FHA Beau 4. I GLENN LANDRY "We only have one li-fe to live, so live for God." Morning Watch 2-43 Vice-President 43 All-Region Choir 43 Perfect Attendance Award 2-4. BARBARA LANDS "But, Mrs. Majors, I always play!" Choral Club 23 FNA 3, 4g FHA 4. LOUISE LEGER "We attract hearts by the qualities we displayg we retain them by the qualities we possess." Class Vice-President 23 Pep Squad 23 GIS 35 FHA 33 PILOT Personality 4. BUDDY LEONARD "Louisiana, here I come!" I-IARRIET LANE "Opportunity is knockin', but where is the door???" Band 2-43 Majorette 23 Head Drum Major 3, 43 All-Region 2-43 GIS 33 Volleyball 53 FNA 4g Band Service Award 4. BLUITE LANGHAM "The wildest colt always makes the best horse." FFA 2-43 President 43 District Officer 43 Star Chapter Farmer 4g FFA Public Speaking Award 43 Poultry Farming Award 43 VIC 2-43 President 4g District Vice-President 43 District VIC Parliamentary Procedure 4. CAROL LAURENT 'It's what you learn after you know it all . , . that's what really counts." Band 2-43 National Honor Society 3, 43 C. O. Wilson PTA Scholarship 4. JOHNNY LEAVINS 4l BUDDY LINDER "Man's flight through life is sustained by the power of hi-s knowledge." Student Council 43 Math Club 33 Science Club 3, 43 Treasurer 43 junior Rotarian for the Month of December 43 Twirp Week Candidate 43 Friendliest 4. GERALD LISENBY "Why not toast ourselves and praise ourselves, since we have the best means of knowing all the good in ourselves ?" Vo Ag 2-4. BARBARA LIVELY "There can be no happiness if the things we do and the things we believe in are not the same." Student Council 2-43 Delegate Student Council State Con- vention 33 University of Houston Student Council Workshop 43 Highest Ranking 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 National Merit Finalist 43 Plane Geometry Award' 23 Perfect Attendance 23 Pep Squad 2, 33 Balfour Award 43 Shepherd Laundries Award 43 Academic Letter 43 Science Club 3, 43 Math Club 43 PILOT Personality 4. JOHNNY McCULLOUGH "Mrs. Pratt, may Igo to the nurse's office P" Woodworking I Award 23 Woodworking II 33 Football 4g Science Club 4. 42 CHERYL LESSEIG "True friends are like rare jewels-scarce !" Band 2, 33 FNA 3, 43 GIS 3, 43 Choir 3, 4. BILL LEWIS "Women: the best work of a great author, the edition is large and no man should be without a copy." Metal Shop II Award 23 VIC 3, 43 Secretary 43 2nd Place District VIC 43 lst Place State 4. BRENDA MCGOWN "Laugh, it makes people wonder what you've been up to!" Pep Squad 23 Westernaires 33 Prom Duchess 3. JOHNNY McINNIS "Sometimes it's the mink in the closet that's responsible for the wolf at the door." Band 2-43 Science Club 43 Baseball 3, 4. an--L, ALICE MCKINLEY "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king." Pep Squad 2-4. JEAN MCLEMORE "God will supply, but we must apply." Solid Geometry Award 43 Trig Award 43 Morning Watch 2-43 Vice-President 43 National Honor Society 3, 4. GAYLE MILLER "Every person is a maker of his own future. Pep Squad 23 FHA 2-43 Social Chairman 4. KAREN MILLER- "If at first you don't succeed . . . go back and read the instructions." Band 2-43 National Honor Society 3, 43 FNA 2-43 Latin Club 3, 43 Treasurer 35 Anchor Club 4g FHA 2. yn BECKY MARTIN "Haden, my hair isn't bleached!" Cheerleader 33 Prom Duchess 23 FHA 2, 3. JACKIE MARTIN "Theres no reason for it-it's just my policy." Westernaires 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 FNA 2-43 FHA 2, 33 GIS 33 Prom Committee 33 Pep Squad 2, 33 Perfect Attendance 3, 4. A JACKIE METREYEON "Fools make feasts and wise men eat them." VIC 3, 43 Sgt.-at-Arms 4. JEAN MEYERS "Have faith in your fellow man, for you may need him one day." Smiley: FHA 2, 33 Olinda: Breag Nederland: Art Club 3, 4. 43 PAT MIZE "Anything worth accomplishing: always strive to achieve it and someday you will." Science Club 3, 43 FTA 2-43 Treasurer 43 GIS Squad 2. 33 Class Secretary 3. BOBBY MORGAN 3, 43 Pep "I consider the day a total loss unless I receive zrozzble from someone l" Football 2-43 Outstanding Lineman 43 Art Club 3, 43 FNA 4. BARBARA MOSELY "Courage consists in hanging on one minute longer! Spanish I Award 23 Shorthand I Award' 33 Perfect 3, 43 Pep Squad 43 Morning Watch 2-43 Secretary 4. PHILLIP MULL "Get thee behind me, Satan l" FNA 43 Art Club 3, 4. 44 u Attendance JACKIE MILLS PILOT Personality 4. ELAINE MINCHEW "Peace through understanding." PILOT Sweetheart 43 Student Council 43 GIS 3, 43 President 43 GIS Letter 43 Friendliest 4. BILLY MURPHY Science Club 2-43 High Honor Graduate 43 Best Sense of Humor 4. KENNETH NAIZER "Ours is not to know, but to learn." Science Club 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Perfect Attendance 2-43 Math Club 3. KAREN NELSON "Anything that crushes individuality is despotism." Drama Club 2-4g President 3, 4g English Award 2-4g National Honor S0CiCW 3, 43 GIS 3, 4g District Best Actress 4g Most Talented 4. JOHN WADE NEWTON KATHY ODOM "I have a completed sand castle now!" Pep Squad 2. DAVID OLSON "There is always Room at the Top." Band 2-45 President 43 PILOT Personality. BETSY NICKLAS "He who has lost confidence can lose nothing more." JOHN NICKLEBUR CRAIG NOBLE "Just because your face resembles a hub cap is no sign that you are a big wheel I" Football 2-4. LYNN o'coNNoR "Smile, and make them wonder!" Perfect Attendance 2-4. I Fxt X f , x , .. my , XX X L CT' XJ, 7, . 1 X 45 RONNY OVERSTREET "Sometimes happy, sometimes sad . . . sometimes naughty, but never bad ?" Football 2-43 Science Club 33 FNA 43 Latham Foundation Certificate of Merit for Art 23 Tennis 4g 2nd Place Teenage Road-e-o. ANITA PALMER "If all the world's a stage, then at least act like you know what you're doing!" Westernaires 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g FNA 3, 43 Reporter 33 Scrapbook Chairman 43 Spanish II Award 33 GIS 3, 43 Alabama: Cheerleader. REBECCA PAYN E "It,s nice to be important, but more important to be nice." Morning Watch 2-43 Social Chairman 3, 43 FNA 2. LARRY PELLERIN "judge no man and be judged by none? 46 JUDY O'NEAL "Whoever lives true life will love true love." BILLY JOE ORR "There never was a horse that co'uldn't be rode and never a man that couldn't be throwedf' Football 2, 3g Basketball 23 Track 2-43 Captain 43 All-Region 2, 33 State 33 Science Club 4. FRED PERKINS SANDRA PETERSON "I have to ask Charlie first." FHA 2-43 Pep Squad 23 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 43 Prom Committee 3. RANDY PETITT "Thou shalt not cheat-and get caught!" CAROL PEVOTO "Just call me 'Pevey' " Band 2-4. RANDY POWELL RUBY POWERS "Well, I still have four years of band left-at Lamar." Band 2-43 Historian 43 Science Club 3, 43 Latin Club 4. ' M,:,,, LYNDA PHARO "Time heals what reason cannot." National Honor Society 3, 4g FHA 3, 4g Parliamentarian 43 Science Club 33 GIS 3, 43 Bookkeeping I Award 4g Intramural Sports Award 4. MIKE PHILLIPS "No matter what you do, do it with your head up, eyes open and smiling." Football 2, 33 Manager 43 Latin Club 23 Track 23 Science Club 3, 43 Press Club 23 Math Club 3, 4. LINDA PICKENS "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." GIS 33 Westernaires 4g Choral 2-43 FHA 2-43 Pep Squad 2. DALE POOL 47 DONNA PREVOST "If you're looking for trouble-you came to the right place." Art Club 3, 43 Future Nurse 3, 43 Pep Squad 2, 33 Office Assistant 4. JOE PRUITT " I used to be conceited until I got smart." Drama Club 23 Latin Club 2, 33 Perfect Attendance 3. CHRISTY PULLIN "May the hinges of friendship never grow rusty." Pep Squad 2-43 Future Nurses 2-43 Science Club 5, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 FHA 3. 43 GIS 3. PAT RADCLIFF Football 3, 43 Track 43 Golf 2-4. 48 CAROLYN PREJEAN "Have you seen Butch ?" FHA 2-43 Prom Candidate 33 Twirp Queen Candidate 3. MADELYN PREJEAN RALPH RAINES "Don't let a 'few' get to youf' Science Club 3, 43 Math Club 3, 4. RONALD READ "A person who has a sharp tongue is liable to cut his own throat." Vo. Ag. 2, 3. DEAN RICHARD "Hello, hot lips." VIC 4. WAYNE RICHARDSON ELOISE RIPLEY "For after all, tomorrow is another day." FHA Parliamentarian 35 Class Secretary 23 Press Club 2g Pep Squad 2g National Honor Society 3, 43 Westernaires 3g Lieutenant 4. RONNY ROBERSON "Vote for me and you will see that your money will be safe in our treasury." Class Treasurer 3, 45 Football 2g Baseball 2-4g All District Baseball 23 Prom Committee 33 King of Hearts 23 Track 2g Class Favorite 23 Basketball 4 5 Sci-ence Club 4. DARLENE REED "I hope to fulfill my goals in life." FRANCES REUE "Success is not measured by heights attained, but by obstacles overcome." FHA 2-4g Pep Squad 2g Westernaires 3, 43 Miss Photoflash Contestant 2-4g Finalist 33 Girls' State Representative 33 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 45 Secretary 45 Student Council 2-45 Best All Around 4g Homecoming Queen 4. LEE ROBINSON "A lover is a lover and a friend is a friendg I haven't any friends." Science Club 3, 4g Football 3, 43 Track 2, 3. JAMES ROGER 'Tm sorry, Judy." R. O. Mecllin Award 43 Adv. Math 4g Adv. Chemistry 45 Honor Graduateg Track Captain 43 Football 2-4g Captain 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Science Club 4. 49 KAY SANDERS "I forgot but they keep telling me that if it is important enough, I won't forget." FHA 33 Westerniaires 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 3. RONNIE SATTLER "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Art Club 33 Science Club 2g Football Manager 2, 33 Basketball Manager 2. H53 JEFF SEWARD "Let's learn to live together, for we all must die alone." Am. History Award 2g Civics Award 45 Speech II Award 3g Boys' PE Award 5. . KENNY SHIPP Prom King Candidate 4. 50 SHELLEY SATTLER KENNETH SCALES "Heaven is empty, all the angels are down here." Science Club 3, 4g Band 2-4. TOM SCOEIELD CAROLYN SCOTT "He who can have patience, can have what he will." Science Club 2, GIS 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4g Latin Club 4. LARRY SKINNER MARY SKOG "Live each day as though it were your last." Pep Squad 2g Westernaires 3, 45 Prom Duchess 4. KAREN SILKWOOD "It is not only the most difficult thing to know oneself, but the most inconvenient thing too." Band 2-4g All Regional Band 43 GIS 33 Science Club 3, 43 FHA 2-4g Secretary 43 National Honor Society 4g B Sc PW Scholarship 4. MARY SIMS l'Always tell the truth . . , then you won't have to remember what you've said." Band 2-4g National Honor Society 3, 4. PAULINE SMART "Poof" PILOT Staff 2-4g Business Manager 4g A8cM Workshop 39 National Honor Society 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 4g Future Nurses 4g Band 2-43 Social Leader 4g Future Homemakers 2, 3g Press Club 2. CAROL LEE SMITH "I was so close but yet so far away." Band 2-4g Drama Club 33 FHA 2-45 Miss Flame Candidate 3. LOUANN SOAPE "Why does everyone call me Lou Lou ?" Choral 2g FHA 25 GIS 3, 43 Anchor Club 3g Morning Watch 2, 3. IEANETTE SPARKS "May Doctor Quiet, Doctor Diet, and Doctor Good Conscience ever'keep us well." FHA 23 Pep Squad 2, 33 Drama Club 2g VIC Sweetheart 4. 51 KENNY SPENCE "Root hog or die." Science Club 3. BRENDA SPENCER "Old people believe everythingg middle aged suspect every- thingg young people know everything," Pep Squad 2g FHA 2g Choir 2-4g Westernaires 5, 45 Lieu- tenant 4g FTA 2, 33 GIS 3g National Honor Society 4. DON STRUCKMEYER People are like moneyg if you don't keep them busy, they ise interest." and 3, 4. JOYCE STUTZMAN Anything Worth having is worth Waiting for." HA 2. 52 IAMES SPRUILL Band 2-45 Most Valuable Musician 4g Biology I Award 2g Outstanding Sophomore Bandsmang All State Band 43 All Region 2-4. JAMES STARK "It is better to be average through one's own efforts than to be outstanding through the efforts of others." Football 2-4g Track 25 Science Club 4g FFA 2. HARVEY STERLING LARRY STROTHER "Nothin', it wasn't important." Band 2-4g Science Club 5, 4g Math Club 4. JERRY TELTSCHICK SAM TERRACINA "Life is like an oniong you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep." FFA 2, 39 Sentinel 33 Boysf Intramural Sports 2. JANIE VINCENT 'May the chatterbox give us a few brilliant flashes of silence" OTIS VINCENT 'The urge to study makes a person's knowledge hardy" BECKY THOMAS "Believe what you see and not what you hear Art Club 43 GIS 4g FHA 4. RYAN TRIMBLE "Who breathes must sufferg and who thinks must mourn And he alone is bless'd who ne'er was born" Science Club Secretary 3, 4g Math Club 45 Bulldog Bear Staff 43 Press Club 4. TY VAN AUKEN "To penetrate the future one must use his head I m no wood peckerf' National Honor Society 5, 43 Baseball 24 Football 24 Basketball 2. MIKE VERNON JOE FRED WARREN t isn't the hours you put in . . . It's what you put in the iu1'S.', ind 2-43 All-Region 3, 43 Stage Band 3, 43 State Soloist 35 ational Honor Society 3, 43 Boys' State 35 Attorney General's auth Conference 33 Math Club 33 43 Latin Club 43 Science ub 3, 4. ANN XVEBB The world is like a looking glassg it reflects to everyone his fn life." LOT Personalityg Pep Squad 2, 33 PHA 33 GIS Secretary Choir 43 Anchor Club 43 Secretary 43 National Honor ciety 4, PAM WEST almost fainted when I got the Perfect Attendance Award!" ind 23 Majorette 23 Westernaires 3, 43 FHA 23 Best Dressed Ideal Westernaire 4. ALLEN WHELPLY Wealth is not his who has it, but his who enjoys it." otball 2-43 Class Vice-President 1-3. BRENDA WALLER "What! Me miss school on Monday?" GIS 3. OLAN WARE "'Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow Woodworking 2 Award. MARJORIE WHITE "It seems likely." Band 2-43 FHA 2. PEGGY WHITLEY "Technique is all it takes." Choir 3, 4. IANIS WILLEY "Let's make a toast to the ones we love most . . . our noble selves." Pep Squad 2g FHA 2-43 GIS 3. PAYE WILLIAMS "Just call me Part I" PILOT Personalityg GIS 2g Westernaires 4g Pep Squad 2g Art Club 35 Prom Committee 3. BECKY WOMACK FHA 2-45 Vice-President 43 GIS 3, 4g Press Club 4g Bulldog Beal Staff 4 3 Library Assistant 2. BRYANT PRENTICE WOODS "Heaven lies about us in our infancy. Shades of the prison house begin to close upon the growing boy." Science Club 3, 43 Latin Club 4- KAYE WILLIAMS "The better half" PILOT Personalityg GIS 2g Westernaires 4g Pep Squad 2g Art Club 3g Prom Committee 3. DIANE WILSON "Let us live as we would die tomorrow and learn as we would live forever." Band 2, 3g Westernaires 43 FHA 2, 33 National Honor Society 3, 4g GIS 2g PILOT Personalityg Business English Award 45 Secretarial Training Award 4. JACK WILSON "The primary purpose of education is not to teach you to earn your bread but to make every mouthful sweeter." Baseball 2-4g Basketball 2-43 Science Club 4g Secretary Press Club 43 PILOT Personality 4. MIKE WILSON Football 2-4. 55 ANN YOUNGBLOOD "Imitation is the sincerest of flatteryu FHA 2-4g FNA 3, 4. LINDA LIVELY "There are none so blind as those who have eyes and will not see." FNA 3, 43 Band 2-4g GIS 3, 4g GIS Letter 4. NOT PICTURED: PAUL KELLEY "Give and you shall receive." National Honor Society. PIERRE MEADOWS "Roses are red and violets are blue and I'm tired of being pestered by you !" The "S0lemnity" of commencement shows in expressions of the High Honor Graduates. yhioguirn may 28, 1964 8:00 p.m. PRELUDE ........... ..., ' 'A Festival". .............. Reed Nederland High School Band -- Orville A. Kelley, Director PROCESSIONAL ..... ."Pomp and Circumstanceu ...... Elgar MASTER OF CEREMONY .................... Mike Collins President of the Senior Class INVOCATION ..... . . . . . Phillip Hilton WELCOME ADDRESS.. . ........... R. L. Diaz CLASS SONG ..........,......, "Days of Wine and Roses" Nederland High School Band INTRODUCTION OF SPECIAL GUESTS ...... Carrol Grounds INTRODUCTION OF HIGH HONOR GRADUATESU. . Dr. Eugene Todd - Assistant Superintendent FAREWELL ADDRESS. . . . . ....,.... Barbara Lively CHALLENGE ..... . .l ....... . .... . . .Mr. Emmett McKenzie Superintendent of Schools , PRESENTATION OF CLASS ............... Mr. Joe Fiedler Principal of High School AWARDING OF -DIPLOMAS ...... ..... M r. Arnldee Morgan Mr. Charles Thomas, Assistant Principal of High School "THE NAVY HYMN" . . .Dedicated in the Memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy ALMA MATER. . ...... Band, Students, and Audience BENEDICTION . . ............... ....... K aren Nelson RECESSIONAL. . . . . "Pamp and Circumstanceu ....... Elgar gbfaffomm guests Members of the Board of Education, Nederland lndependerltSchool District Mr. Amldee Morgan, President: Mr. Fred Ewing, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Lonnie Smith, Secretaryg Mr, Clyde Browng Mr. Jack Fleming, Mr. R, L, Harmon, Dr. Harlen Halstg and Mr. Harold McGill, Counselor of Nederland High School. dandidafes 901 gzacluafion " 7964 gzaduafes Elflfifhl chligfi Glfonozs Kenneth Birdwell Alice Fulcher Billy Murphy Tommye Budwqh Carrol Grounds Karen Nelson R. L. Diaz Phillip Hilton Mike Phillips Roy Farrell Barbara Lively Carolyn Scott Qzacfuafes rwiih Glfonou Par Bourg Marvin Davenport Jackie Graham Lynn Hawkins PRESIDENT ...... Kenneth Kirksey Barbara Mosley Anita Palmer Lynda Pharo Cyan Qfficszi VICE-PRESIDENT . . . SECRETARY. . . TREASURER ..,.. . . f - ... SOCIAL LEADER .... . ik Frances Reue James Roger Karen Silkwood Pauline Smart . . .Mike Collins L. Diaz Amaya Carpenter . . .Ronny Roberson . . Lynne Hughes carzclidafss Q01 gzacluafion " National Honor Society members will be so indicated. Class Flowers are graciously donated by Thompson's Flowers. Judy Adams shlrley Allen Harold Alvarez Rodney Armsu-ana Lionel Al-sement Durell Austin Eric Halley Wesley Don Halley -llnlmle tanker llill llarlaw anyflnylnrnell ll He lt .inc ne lnnnnlll some .llnly Bull mm llel-nnl-fl Kenna-ul ulmnlnll Gwen uolxmnl l-nlrlcln Bonrff align- nrallslnnv xnllly larllllnnm snsnn Breaks f Tnnnnye snlln-nn f swim unrnnll an-'lltne ttnrlnn .Sentry i,'ZlmIlhK'Il iicifjl Crlrlln A tlruyfx Llilrpvtllvl' cllnrlw cms mln- clnllnl.-ln lvllln lull- clnl-lf can-nll-ll izlvnpnr -Nalnllv clnllnnnn nnnnzll :nam mlm cnlllng miie culvllln cernlll cnt-pst Judy Coxvlylll snlrlfn- crnrnpnm wnynn crnlvlnra ln.-ry cn-nent ' lllcnn lvl rrnncln .ennn cull-nr Xln:'2'I:1 Diwllnpfsrl i'ZiCIli.ll'd Davin Weldon fi. DIKVIS Marlo omlin- lfnnl ln-cnlr ll. ll, onlwlull lllnnn uvsllnll-l ullllnn onsnneel Ju ,lnn Du-vllller 'lx l., mln Carolyn Dleklnsnn llnrgnrnl Dunning llnnnln zunplnnl Jam- llyn ' l.ln-ln lf:n,glns.0n - lrlcklll ml.,-t1 lloy I-'nlke any Farrell Jerry lfnnnlnln llnnry lfnlnkn llllllu .lr-nn lfrnncn f ,lilac Fulchor Allin annum am-nlll onnnnn - nelly Goss .lnexle cl-nnnnl nom-n al-lllnnu ' onrrnl Grounds snnllnn onlflry ' Mike culllnl lulondn llnllrnnrk llllxe llnmel-ly mm Harmon Harold Harper nanny llnrrlson Joyce Harvlll A Lynn llnwklnn Llnan lzawn .mines Hayes cllnrles llelvln Jann-R Henley lc ROY lllc S Joe lligfjlnbolharll -Phillip llllibll Grllca Ilollnett Jlllxvny llvlcarnb Marin!! llollllnflll ' Lynne lrlugllcrs Elrenfkl Humllilrles Linda lrville shawn .lex-nlqan Curlll .IGHES Judy Jones Mary Ann .laces ' Clfllr iifrlll .larrlfln ' Prlul tiulllry xznney aqllnlrlr lxarlneih lilrksvv' xanny Kilim Drlnnlrf Kola Glcnrl L!lrlJrl fwrlnlra ,Emails Ilill'I'lxll L-'Nik' :lllnie lulrzgllzllvl ' Cami Lpllxlwrll Johnny blfavlliet Unllw !.f::-rel' lizllfdy l.4:DliLt.r4.I CPWFYI Lvsseli' lllil Lewis Llxldilv Linde! 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My 'ilk " A iffy-I -'w..,,, if-,L ' ,I I ,si ,y V, ' 'LFS ' . s , - .L R .iw A fl- I J .FH E ,, . ,V ,rf ,l ,f if-, f,5,.,l. ,,,V f, kfyf . jf 'L 1 ' Q The Nederland Senior High School Graduation Exercises Bulldog Stadium Thursday, May 23, I964 8:00 p.m. Nederland, Texas QNX vs ,., f Q31 . -' xdf M VT Hurry up with the food, Kidf! "Turn around and smile, Pete! Pete 3 . f, wma m,m1'mimwkw1 1: S 3 A 1 - 1 I PQ' W Q L, W, if x Xt 14 QM. D1d anyone at the All-Night Party ever notice how Lee and jane And what happened afta you all ambushed those Yankees7 asks Gayl kept follomng the photographer around??? Sehiors Enjoy a tYear Bobby's Harem Look, Mom! No cavities! Activity huzzes on throughout the year for everyone in the ff senior class of '64, ,Q , gg- ,.., g H V 7 ff 3 . 4 1? Einstein at Work Q f f ? in ,L i if 1 , 1 1 ,, 9 0' o, The flag flies at half-mast. Sixth Grade-'57-'58 60 fr, ,f7i 'z.i1 gi-Qi1,,:0fg'p':,', , , ,- ,.,, , ,, ,, ,.,,., z ' ,",-" ,"'. ."' if ..liX A ,'r',' f ' t f -' f, f w ,f f H7 wa -2,2 :tiff 7 f f wg. .-4 mf 05' ,,, ,, , ,, ,.,,. of . . , ,,,,.., . ., f 2 ,' us.: "',' if-9'11L1iQf,,, -rf i"1fQ'ff'V""f' ,, J, . , . ,,,, ree,, i it r Y 'g7f49PZZiWV7".ff,fg?"., .f,., K H ' . 5.f.i.-HZYILM3'7" "H" " - . -K. 11 ff -, V, ' 7 ' -f I "S ,zz2,ff'i'Y2f1.',P,5'1'f . One-two--three-smile ! Z Last Date . Get serious! at Llllllg Football Season . . . I'd rather do it myself! The Bonfire burns high and long. The band is always there. I can't believe it! Cha-Cha-Cha. We've got the spirit! fK8fCH, wheres the men's room?J Nederland tries again, Howdy pod ner! Takes more than one boy to do a girl's job! Featuring: Cha-Cha Hilton u 1 Dr. Jekyll or Mr Hyde? if 'lll 1 fe v ln,,e 'llle le elll i 'V Q Spaghetti man? I Cat my Wheaties' MM 4, 45 "N Q Q 5 5 3 , QQ 'L !1 f sem- i di swN"ms.:...-,Y'mswi: A-:H sq. 1095. 2 5 , qw VM f f W 5yI2j2Q EIy5QS 56121614 CQJQDOQOXQZZQ 6SCOff 6006? Gamfogef WMM? ZGAQF Qsofof 01220146 GQUOQQQXQ 55c'?3rf 75 012121E 1226115273 -of 'Q , f A 610' ,gf ,'d'ff -, L?" if 'ijfm W7 gg 1 waz! W' ' - uk W' 1 , Y 2 N X '1 MN N ' 'f7',fffZi6'fA'f . qfff, ,, V, ,X azne, jzfnc f 2 U3 Q , QQ Qdlfxiff ' scoff Jerry ,7oAn.s-1111531 g : f QA , ' ff Vg, f ,,,, 'ul yyargara Op C50!0gOI2?Ol'Q ZUCgQSS ,, Ml fjkzhe yzdcyzynzls 1711121014 01105955 ya06Q1C Eager b CSQDIOI4 ZUC5Q.5'.5' 6 1,,4 W f ff, x Q Wlgw .v , f 4 1 6,1 f tn 1 .vs Q Q4- sopgomofe ciamcogfes gynn Jaagffmm anaf Zecfy vamp csenzbr 'Gan OQOQXQJ gg A51l1f0Qr anof 7015122 ye jeap ky3Zl0fCg!d5 Whoa h I: R JS, aff' 'JM X , B5 ik W' , 43551 fx as-f if 'ia at fi A fi ' -A if 3 N X 0 ' K I i 4 1 .,,.,, n ., V X y A 5. Y .X VV, 6.2, L VA L-x. 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X - 'Eff -, sv , . x- A .-,f 4,T,:x,x V - 7? 4 A mv' , 4 Z E w 5 L to R: Louise Leger, Ann Webb, Butch Arsement, Nat Cloutman, Lee Robinson, Barbara Lively, Bryant Woods, Carroll Grounds, jo Ann Devillier, John Cutter, Faye Williams, Richard Cuccia, Kaye Williams, Mike Vernon Q N Af 1 ff4 'Q Q .,wls6l""-i s l , ,f ,, Ll? . fl wwf V -QM V , QM- Joyce Harvill, jack Wilson, Jackie Mills, Scotty Campbell, Pat Borrg, james Roger, Clair jordan, Diane Wilson, Alan Gabbert. 79 Q I4 S O I2 U I. 1' I. Q 3 89 mm M. .ei 11 H 0 , n 0 I s 53-5 r 5 l f 1: r :uni wfikw'-'f',:,m2f,'f!,:xf:uw 'f-vm " " z,zs,9zg,.e,4,,q,,w,.-' '.a,+g+pccm-f,:fimfzfx af, we X f f- 41, W.,-,A,,, A-M1 , , J I 1 Wy-,,,, ,.4.M,.b,- '9vsw1f'xamwQmw2Mw4www.-ww, .,X..i3,,,,,,W X sgm.-Aww-NN1,+:fw.x, X X -ws, Nwgqvx-rsxwffsef wa Q X s , ,, , ,.,..- ,V j' 9 X LA , .f fm, ,K,,f.,49e:lz, 1 ..., .,NW,.Mw:m fz:mt'?'fzsg: . f"w ID X , .,, K . VF , is , qv 14-W, X . Q 5. A ,, , S fa' 5 ya C Bulldo ,anis 'sa It We 4 W V , , M 'Q W' 1 ,V i T5 5 5 , ' i fel ff V , J., A' ,f f , 1 , ,4 ' 53 uf 2 afirf -g f- f V x f f ' r ?' ' 5 I I '7 1 A k ,mf . f'ff 'z, ' A Lg 5 y . ff'-W is 9 2, I 5 , fi ' , F7 ,ff , f . M15 Z, 5 " A 67 W Ve :fin "" , 7 13,1 ike Guillot . r, and M'SS its-Ible Bakiil' 97 i c ww "if M, , . . mJ:,5,1? zfxwk 5? mi ff' 5? ff f, I 4, 4 y 4 Honor Graduates Academic Letter Awards Carrol Grounds, Natalie Cloutman, R. L. Diaz, Barbara Lively, Alice Fulcher, Pauline Smart, Tommye SPONSOR: Mrs. R. Gleason OFFICERS: Alice Fulcher, Pres.: Nat Cloutman, Vice-Pres., Frances Reue, Secretary, Robert Burnett, Treasurer: Carrol Grounds, Reporter. FIRST: J. McLemore, C. Laurent, M. Sims, C. Grounds, L. Pharo, L. Lively, j. Martin, A. Palmer, L. Eagleson, K. Silkwood, F. Reue, V Eckert. SECOND: K. Miller, E. Ripley, A. Webb, C. Scott, B. Spencer, B. Goss, A, Fulcher, L. Hughes, D. Wilson, R. Baker, C. jordan, N Cloutman. THIRD: J. Roger, T. VanAuken, J. Warren, P. Kelley, J. Spruill, R. Burnett, M. Guillot, R. Diaz, R. Cuccia, P. Smart, T. Buclwah K. Nelson. IOO l i .. FIRST ROW: D. Cone, K. Cloutman, C. Clotiaux, B. Bush, K. Burns, D. Brown, G. Bright, B. Bellue, D. Bean, V. Allen, K. Allen, J. Adams SECOND: A. Harrison, K. Hansen, D. Haltom, E. Guillory, R. Green, C. Gregory, M. Gibson, M. Gannaway, C. Fuller, D. Frazier, L. Edgar L. Downey, B. Doornbos, P. Dean, P. Dabney. THIRD: B. Winfrey, B. Willson, V. Sheffield, C. Rose, J. Robinson, V. Nesom, F. Matts, G Mashburn, J. McElroy, I. Loy, C. Kirkland, D. Kelley, V. Jernigan, B. Jarrell, R. Hollis. ational Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY w ft 5 . 2. 'E rf 1 f 5 Z Qi Robert Burnett speaks on the qualities of leadership during the annual National Honor Society induction ceremonies on April 21. SQ. i i lx P , i "wr" Richard Cuccia Nederland Fire Dept., Polite Dept. Srbolarsbip Kenneth Birdwell Amefzfan Cbemzral Soczely Award Mike Phillips Texax Cltemifal Counfil Award Bryant Woods National Merit Letter of 'Com mendalion s Special Awards Bill Barlow Central Elementary PTA Schol- arflyip Carol Laurent C. O. lVil.ron fr. Higla PTA Srloolaulaip Marvin Davenport Langham Elementary PTA Schol- amlfip ' Karen Sillcwood Mike Guillot B u J i n e 5 5 ami Pfgfgyfjgmzl Student Council Pfexident WOMHIIJI Srlaolarfhip Award anu :scholarship A. ' - 'ws-as xk va---P I C fpf"""' xx 3 Carolyn Scott Girl! Inzmrnuml Spam Srlaol- nrylnip james Roger R. 0. Medlin Mail: Awafd jerry johnson Student Council Vire-Prey Award Betty Goss Christy Pullin Carol Grounds Nederland Eduratmn Auocm Nederland Alumni Sclsolunlaip C 0 lVllJ0l7 Band Parenlx non Sclnolufflazp C ul: -V 'XFQIEE3 'X 1 ll . si. n '-.A 9' FRONT: R. I.. Diaz, Alan Gabbert, Alice Fulcher, Gayle Barnett, Linda Eagleson, Amaya Carpenter Clair jordan Pauline Smart. BACK: Mrs. Dominy, Nat Cloutman, Jeanne Robinson, Susie Aycock, Karen Nelson, jackie Graham Patsy Penry Jane Dye, janet Todd, Mary Virginia Gibson, Ginger Sheffield. and FRONT: R. I.. Diaz, Carpenter, Treasurerg Clair Jordan, Social Chairman. IO4 ia J Presidentg Pauline Smart, Vice-Presidentg Linda Eagleson, Secretaryg Gayle Barnett. Reporterg Amaya Lorita World :X l rg Danny Kelley Ameriron H ix I o r y, Cbemixlfy I Jeff Seward Civic: R. L. Diaz, Economic: nglish and Foreign Languages Sharon Darrow joe Morgan Martha Singleton Tacl Walters Spnnirly I Spanirb II Spanirb III I-dllfl I pw: bi W5 Nw .441 Alice Fulcher Latin II, American Legion Award Students browse in the "Bookmohile" during their English class period. Karen Nelson Barbara Wilson Dale Richey Diane Wilson Senior E,,g1fJ19 junior Englirla Sophomore Englirla Bllflneff Englirln noe, g F ine Arts P' Gerald Cuccia Donna Brown Raedine Burton A139 G9-bbeff Art I, junior Clan Preri- Af! II Ar! III Boy? Pefruarizfe Speaking-112 dent Medal place Slale Judy Bradshaw Alqn Davenport Patsy Penry Clair Jordan Girfr Pemlafizfe Speaking-3fd Art: and Crafzf Ioumaliym I Iournalirm II place NK, -1 Susan Brooks Gerald Ljgenby Danny Forkner Barbara Mize Speed, 1 Spggph II .Srpeeeb III, Boy? Pfore Read- State Typing 2nd plare mg l07 IO8 Jonnie Hicklin Gayle Barnett Commerriol Math Adrfmired Aritlrmetir Etta Hebert Randy Warner Algebra I Algebra II ath and Science Mrs. Pratt demonstrates proper procedure in working with acids Nancy Camp Plane Geometry jean Mclemore Solid Geometry, Trigonomeiry Billy Doornbos Algebra 42 Herbert Varley Pbysirr Dale Richey Biology Randy Hollis Adrfonrezl Biology nw L ' '-'-'-frv--A-Y-p,.,-------M t I . . -, ,. Arlmgton Woods .Meflmmml Drawing I Carlton Tedrick lVo0dw0fking I Olan Ware Woodworking II Gregory Newcomb ' Zz Vocational Agfzru Denver Dugas Vvmliofzal Agriczzlzm e Curtis Eskind General Metfzlr I Bill Lewis General Melalr II 0 If if Becky Bellue Srhool Arconz Special Awards Carol Gregory Lihrary Award CMI Jordan Future N urfef Award R. L. Diaz Arneriran Legion Award, ,Salu- tatorian Medal, Shepherd Laun- drier Award, foreph Curran Scholarrhip, P I L 0 T Editor Medal, Beaumont Farm and Ranfh Club Outftanding Youth Award f ze fwfavmm f Y, I S 1: 'Q f Alice Fulcher Z American Le- Linda Downey gion Award Future Teach- Linda Eagleson Bulldog Beat Ed- itor ia, 4 Celia Roberson Sophomore Clam Preridentk Medal Zhi J f Robbie Baker D.A.R. Good Cifizemhip Award, High School PTA Srholunhip, Beaumont Farm and Rauch Club Oulftnnding Youth Citi- zenrhip Award State Finalist Band Solo Contest Qualifiers Margret Eichelbergur Arlene Creswell Karen Cloutman Judy Loy jimmy Spruill james Pelloat Ruby Powers Barbara Golden Ronda Green joe Fred Warren Don Dodson Richard Dowdon Loye Kemp Randy Hollis Tad Walters David Olsen Randy Warner jan Renolds Carol Grounds james Brown jerry Fountain Dale Richey David Frazier Jody Roberts Phillip Richey Becky Bellue Mr, Kelley honors Jimmy Spruill as "Most Valuable.Musician" ,Mix i. TN I janet Todd Sbortlaanal I Anita Murphy Shofiband II Barbara Mize Typing I Lynda Pharo Betty Smith Diane Wilson Bookkeeping I Bookkeeping II Linda Carriker Home Economicr I Sue McAlistpr Home Economirr II S erretarial Training IIQ Becky Bellue Typing II Judith McElroy Shirley Allen Sandra Peterson Home Eronomiff III Family Relalionr Berry Crorker Homemaker of Tomorrow I I f' Tommye Budwah Martha S erzior Ph yrical Eiu- furzior cazion lion Lynda Pharo Senior GIS Wagner Kathy Haltom Ah Phyriral Edura- Sophomore Phyriral Educa- lion lion Kenneth Samford junior Phyyical Edura- Mable DeCuir junior GIS Rerdar Hansen Sophomore Physical Edu- ralion Gay Tucker Sophomore GIS i ,r,4,,, , J' Mrke Colhns Senzor PE Ricky Masters jimmy Spruill Choral Award Mori Valuable Mufirian II3 ff , ff X 5' jpg f .1 4 v' A ' , W ,.,,,, V S , , , aff' :Jw--ff ,,,,ff-f- X f 1 . , f Q f" . f f , ,Mffwf f ffff -z-fl-:41. 1 - f6ffG75' f , ff af ' .ff V 1 fav 2 ffffff.-704' fffyyy 1' f,fzvf'ff 5 f',,f,,-'aff u p 'mA ' 1. 2 . "aff 2 , ' 'ff WM ?j,jfzQ?42i5TC"f X f f f f f ,f f f ! X f f f, .,,L. , , I . uflda VICE-PICS. , 'M w' ' ,. iff 2 - , , 4, ,fn ,.,V,, ff , ,,,,,,f5,Z , ,, ,, . iw f ff i I , , , ff nf, V, 7 - 2 3:51 ' "ff':,1,K2e' '5:f"f1' , ' 1 , ., K , ' ', , V., g K K e ww ef e e e 'af Gerald CUCC13 President Lmda Mandev111e Secretary ,g , J,yniorsAAre Proud Beck, Robert Bell, Ronnie Bellue, Becky Bennett, Lanny Bergeron, Ann Bilson, Ernest Bloomfield, Rosalie Blount, LaVerne Bonura, Gary Bradley, Laundra Breaux, Robert Bright, Morgan Broaddus, Mary Broussard, Dianna Brown, Donna fx . l l n l 'lx Ables, Sharon Aclarns, john Adayvay, Linda Allen, Karen Allen, Virginia Anders, Linda Angelle, Cecila Arnold, Linda Aycock, Karen Ballard, Sharon Barfield, Barry Barnes, Linda Beagle, Donna Bean, Kathryn Bean, Ritchard or ineir 'lass Histor Brown, Robert Burnett, James Burns, Karen Bush, Bob Cammack, johnny Carry, Wally Carter, Benny Carter, johnny Cason, james Casto, john Cessac, Dwayne Cessac, jerry Cessac, Rebecca Clarkston, Kay Clayton, James Clepper, joe Cline, Candy Clotiaux, Cheri Clortman, Karen Cohrt, Kay Collins, Harold Concienne, Ann Concienne, Judy Cone, Dan Cooley, David Cooper, Dennis Creswell, Arlene Creswell, Doris Cuccia, Gerald Dabney, Pat I f Juniors Lend an David, Glenn Davidson, Dicy Davis, Sharon Deal, Gail Dean, Phyllis DeCuir, Mable Delahoussaye, Danny Delahoussaye, Mary Denton, Lynn Diaz, Anna Doiron, Donald Doornbos, Billy Dowden, Richard Downey, Linda Ducote, Helen jo l I . I A , Dugas, Denver Duke, Karn Dunn, Alma Edgar, Linda Eichelberger, Margaret Eskind, Curtis Eversole, Linda Eversole, Veronica Fabre, Katherine Faulk, Gary Faunce, Rickey Flanagan, Ronnie Flenings, jerry Fondren, joe Foreman, Betty ri Dienir Forkner, Dannie Frazier, David Freeman, Annette Frederick, Lawrence Frisby, Arvell Fulcher, Nancy Fuller, Connie Gannaway, Michael Gardenhire, Carol Garner, Brenda Gaugh, Danny Gabauer, Lajaunda Geer, Frances Gibson, Mary Gibson, Frank tx Granger, Butch Green, Joyce Green, Rhonda Gregory, Carol Gribnau, Ronnie Grossman, Valarie Guillory, Earl Hair, Marica Haltom, Dayne Hancock, Betty Hanks, Ronald Hanley, Billy Hansen, Karinne Hansen, Bill Harrison, Andrea Juniors Sell a azines Kr Hartzog, jimmy Hebert, Etta Hebert, Mike Hebert, Yvonne Hemby, Glenda Henley, Lillie Hicklin, Johnny Hinton, Frank Hollier, Connie Isaacs, Denn-is Jagneaux, Pat Jarrell, Beth Jernigan, Vicki johnson, jerry johnson, Linda johnson, Sara jones, Bob Jones, james jones, Kell Junot, George Kelley, Danny Kemp, Loye Kincaid, Carole Kirkland, Cheryl K' Hollis, Randy Howard, Sharon Howle, Linda Hudnall, Connie Hughes, Susan Huval, Darlene to Iiiuauue Jr.-Sr. Prom Kitchens, Phillis Kolb, Gary Lalcey, Nathain Laughery, Pat Lee, james Lee, Patricia Libersat, Murray Linscomb, Leslie Lisenby, Darrell Lofton, Lynn Louviere, Sandra Loy, Judy Lusk, Wayne Lyday, Myrna McElroy, Judith McGowan, Donna Mclnnis, Elaine McLain, Margarette McVey, Dale Mandeville, Linda Marlow, Stanley Mashburn, Gail Massey, Tommy Masters, Rickey Matts, Floyd Maxey, Ronny Miller, Earl Miller, Sharon Mills, Paula Moody. Mike Xl Park, Glenda Parr, Susanne Partin, Mike Peavy, Lorita Pelloat, james Penland, Don Penry, Patsy Perkins, Linda Peterson, Scott Petzold, Shirley Peveto, Wandia Poindexter, Donna Powell, Max Prejean, Theresa Premeaux, james unior Class Spon or Morgan, Carolyn Morgan, Donna Morgan, Glynn Morgan, Pat Mougia, Mike Nally, joel Nash, Robert Nelson, David Nelson, Ronny Newton, Dianna Nichols, Jerry Noblitt, Barbara Nunez, Judy O'Neal, Janis Overstreet, janette V"T"7 ii Homecoming Receptionw Price, Mike Pruitt, joe Pugh, Cathy Quebedeaux, Raymond Ramsey, Ray Reed, Mike Rees, Charles Reeves, Bill Reynolds, jan Richardson, Gary Richey, Gary Richey, Philip Riddle, john Robinson, Jeanne Rogers, Gary X Romero, Tommy Rose, Cheryl Ross, Pamela Rothrock, Barbara Samford, james K Samford, Steve Sanders, Glenn Schuhardt, Don Serrette, June Shahan, Thomxis Sheffield, Virginia Simon, Charlotte Simmons, Paul Singleton, Martha Sistrunk, Ronnie Junior Look Forward to Their Trainer, Charles Tribes, Lawana Vance, Lloyd Vance, Margaret Van Del-Ioef, Mike Van Ostrom, Carolyn Varley, Herbert Wagner, Connie Wagner, Martha Weeks, Penny Wells, james West, Glenn Williams, jimmy White, Lindy Wfilliams, Mary K. Smith Smith Smith Smithi Betty Hollis Mike Nancy Sorrell, Sandra Spell, Lawrence Stanley, Calvin Stansbury, Linda Stark, Kenneth Stilley, Danny Teaters, Loa Terracina, james Tiner, Gary Todd, janet Todd, Robert Cope. Gloria Labt Year at Wilson, Barbara Vlfilson. Betty Wfinfrey. Robert Wistner. Richard X'1C'o0d, Arlington NOT PICTURED: Havilancl. Barbara Hebert. Kenneth Hughes. Carolyn Kimbrough, Linda Nesom, Vickie O'Conner, Keith Solieau, Bertie Thoiton, Freda V'are. Iva Yifilliamson. Paul M X -'73 Leave it to me, I'll fix it! E55 E R Everyone enjoyed the Valentines dance. 7, fda f ffwgf ' Looks good enough to eat. . 2 o .A o 2 n Z: Haven't lost a game yet! , 1 1-, , . H They back them all the way. Cover girls See! We go to Mexico! Toot! Toot! Toot! l27 A O., ,, f ,Q . ' J f fffff ffw , f .31 psy - :wuz V, f H jf, f - View!! , A ' f :ff ' f iff' X f 'L 1 ffi:'.?E5 92' X . 1 0 .f,z-N 17,441 AME' . , u en 0 y r St d t B d P 1I I l SSHCS . ,V,i K 'H517 4, . L,.,L.L wi X K K Q 1 fl In X4 5-rx . sky . Q? if-LfL,.,+,. K , .V 2 ,fn i - 1 ffl ' ' -15 "" - A X-QC, ' "tl-fb 7 mb mia il' Bishop, Barbara Blanton, Mike Bodemuller, ,Cornelia Borugue, Bobby Boyles, Charles Bradberry, Pam Breaux, Betty Bricker, Bob Bricker, Tom Britain, Patsy Broaddus, Terrie Brown, Charles Brown, James Brown, Linda Brown, Rita Brownshadel, Elton Bryant. Sue Budwah, Karen Sophomores Meet New Absure, Darlene Adams, Jeanne Aguilar, Pat Aldridge, james Alldaffer, Tracie Antley, Carla Armstrong. Danny Bailey, Homer Bailey. Mary Bailey, Terry Bales, Sue Barnes, Mike Battenfield, Mac Bean, Connie Begneaud, Judy Bell, jan Bellow, Dena Billingsley, Andrea Challenges at Burns, Paul Burton. Leon Burton. Pat Bush. Bruce Buzzingham. Donald Camp. Nancy Carriker, Linda Casto, Billy Chamblee. James Chance. George Chatelain, Cora Chatelain, Jackie Chavez, Cynthia Clour. Ronnie Cobb, james Collins. Pat Collins. Patsy Colvin, Eddie PJ Cocierme. Becky Cook. Linda Cooper. Xvanda Coulter. Nanq' Coward. Richard Cox. Carolyn Crampton. Claude Crawford. John Crocker. Marcia Cropper. Raymond Cruse. Ruthellen Dabney. Pam Darrow. Sharron Davenport. Alan DeCuir. Beverly DeCuir. XY'ylane Delahousaye. Barb Devers. Cynthia Jill JL Felps, Lon Findley, Charlie Fleming, Kathy Fletcher, Kathy Fontenot, Delwood Fortenberry, Larry Fraser, Tommy Fulton, Bryan Ganann, Jo Anne Glaze, Earlyne Glenn, jerry Gold-en, Barbara Golden, Danny Gore, Stanley Goss, Ronnie Graham, Carol Graham, john Gray, Fred Sophomores Become Acqua DeVries, Margaret Dickens, David Dies, Kenneth Dodson, Don Dorman, jennifer Dowden, Bonnie Dubose, Danny Duckworth, Bert Dugas, Mickey Dumesnil, Dennis Dye, Betty Eckert, Alvin Elliot, Rickey Ellis, Dianne England, Brenda English, Don Ewing, Fred Falke, Don inted ith Traditions Gregg, Jeannette Griffin, Linda Griffith, Floyd Griffith, Ross Guidry, John Guilbeaux, Dewey Guillot, Carolyn Halliburton, Melanie Haltom, Kathy Hammonds, Wanda Hancock, Otis Hansen, Raedar Hardy, Claude Hawkins, Ronnie Hayden, Malaki Haynes, Scott Head, Becky Hebert, Karen v, .2 Henderson, Jerry Herring, Sherry Hibbert, Velma Hickman, Lynn Higgs, Sheila Hill, Brenda Hodnett, Mike Holland, Earline Holt, Larry Hopper, Billy Howell, Lynda Hubert, Eddie Issacs, Tim Jackson, Darlena Jacobs, Billy Johnfon, Ann Johnson, Mike Johnston, Steve Lee, Curtis Lee, Minice Lenoir, Theresa Linsing, Glenda Lewis, Linda Linscomh, Mary Lively, Charles Locht, Penny Lyon-s, Rhode McAlister, Sue McCormick, james McElvain, Claude McKague, Garry McLemore, Letcher McMinn, Phyllis McWilliams, Harold Maddox, Steve Manning, Mike Sophomores Participate in jones, Alan Jones, Ann jones, Linda Kalbaugh, Jolie Kay, David Keenan, jo Ellen Kelly, Marsha Killian, Pete King, Fred King, johnny Knod, Gloria Kube, Patricia Kuluris, james Lackey, Cheryl Lafleur, Brenda Landry, Deborah Lantz, Barbara Ledger, jerry Many School Function Marrs, Donna Marsh, Eugene Martin, Kenneth Martin, Ricky May, Carolyn May, james Menard, julia Metcalf, Greg Miles, jane Miller, Charles Miller, Donna Miller, Nina Miller, Sandy Mize, Barbara Mohley, Bob Montalvo, Judy Morgan, Joe Moses, Margie ,ff- ZH favs, amp, Mosley, Darlene Moye, J. T. Mullins, Martha Murphy, Anita Newccmhe, Gregory Noblitt. Larry Norton, Jody Nowlin, Claude O'-Conner, Keith Parker, Patsy Patterson, Linda Pellerin, Brenda Pendergrass, Tom Perkins, Steve Peterson, Dennis Petitt, Richard Phillips, Donna Phillips, Pat Sophomores Make Them Roberts, Bob Roberts, Jody Roebuck, Tommy Rogers, Ben Rogers, Beverly Rose, Evelyn Russel, Cynthia Ruysenaars, Ronnie Sattler, Sammie Schroeder, james Sheppard, Douglas Short, Doris Sinclair, Linda Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Beverly Elton J. T. Larry Marlin Philyaw, Pat Polk, Sidney Pollock, Marilyn Potts, Ronnie Pratt, Mike Reed, Warren Rehak, Linda Reid, Tonna Renfro, Rebecca Richards, Nathan Richards, Susan Richards, Tommie Richards, Vickie Richey, Dale Rienstra, Myrta Riley, Steve Ritchie, Brenda Roberson, Celia selves at Home ' Sandra Smith, Sy via 'Smi , ommy Spence, Kathy Spittler, Linda Spittler, Sandra Sprouse, jimmy Spruill, Fleta Stanford, Randy St. Cyr, Ray Stepp, Bobby Sterling, Richard Stewart, Travis Stinson, George Ann Streetman, Edward Stutzman, Phyllis Tantillo, Vincent Tantzen, Lou Ellen Tapia, Frank Tarver, Bruce Taylor, Dale Taylor, Renn Thaxton, Mike Theriot, Marsha Theriot, Nadene Thibodeaux, Bradley Thibodeaux, Nancy Thorp, Paul Timmons, Carla Trahan, Irby Trimble, Elizabeth Tucker, Gay Tullan, Peggy Turner, Becky Ulrich, jane Wallace, Charlotte Sop f" Af. il 4.. s Wilson, Alice Winfreyf, David Wfinters, Pat Woods, Pat Wforthy, james NOT PICTURED: A Adams, Carolyn Ballard, Benny Beagle, Carolyn Bond, Marvin Beckham, Gloria Evans, Cappel Dowden, Russel Guyrnes, Beverly McGill, Steve Morales, Mary Owens, Richard Paxton, Leeda homores Pass alnitiationv X NV X mm , W ? S si Q Q XX Q r Powell, Rodney Reeves, David Sattler, Rose Singleton, Connie Smith, Kerry Sonnier, Larry Tedrick, Carlton Terry, Ann Victor, Kathy Whidden, Frank Zimmerman. Larry ! . Walters. Tad Wfare, Iva Wfare. Ronnie Warner, Jack Wfarner, Randy Wfatkins. Mary Weaver, Wayne Wfebb. Donna Vfelch, Max Wfelch, Steve Wfhiddon, Pam Wfhite, Gary White, Marilyn Vlfhite, Patricia White, Raynell Williams, Thelma Williford, Marilyn Wills, Tommy 3 l They back 'um all the way. l , Wilbur Allums jack Barber Bill Capps Gene Fletcher Johnny Laskoskie 4? i.- X Qs.,Qf5. 5, e'eY Harvey Montaine Pat Pratt Riley Spittler Gary Swain MR. DOW Special Ed, Instructor Special dueation Department 9' An-other phase of classroom research. 50 What! Th5t'5 eagy, I39 , 1 x I 5 - Q Sophomores Aren't Forgotten! s Tyizjcal day in Mr. Woodrome's class. Sophomores in their favorite sport. Smile for the camera, girls! Everyone backs the basketball team. "Fiji Island" Armstrong Girls get the physical fitness workout. Of course We love school! Kick high, girls, for today is the day. Will I ever make it? One-two-cha-cha-cha. fn? , f , 530 7 " Q o .gi Qi. 5 , 5 ., ini' fs ' 5 , . H A-is funn! ' Those were the good old days! Did you win today? fi W, ' Qi ' M: Rf, " .w 'M . 4 2 V. 1 Z S I i Q v ig, 'QW 'Tx Q is 1, W' am' ,ia " Q . Z Q 41 ! 1 7: Q -l:x: ! M . . 4, . fi y .yyyi i f SPONSOR: Mrs. E. Fleming f , ,, -, f. , , 4, ,, ..f, ,Wy , yy 6' .i ll ii , , .... R - EDITOR: R. L. Diaz L SOPHOMORES: K D, H 1. Q Cornelia Bodemuller Y Becky Concienne 'g L JUNIORS: Ginger Sheffield Robinson Arnold Mary Virginia Gibson Eclit0r??? . . . Beatle!!! S T A F F SENIORS: Peiuline Smart, Alice Fulcher, R. L. Diaz, Nat Cloutman, Jackie Graham, jane Dye. FIRST ROW: Bill Barlow, Frances Reue, Barbara Lively, Celia Roberson, Pam Braclberry, Ruthellen Cruse, Alice Fulcher, Cheri Clotiaux, Doris Cresvvell, Robbie Baker, james Rogersg Sponsor, Mr. Nyles Hinch, Gary Tiner, Ricky Martin, Linda Sinclair, Karen Cloutman, Carol Graham, Elaine Minchew, Karen Allen, David Kay, jerry johnson, Kenny Stark, Richard Cuccia, Buddy Linder, Dayne Haltom, Lynn Hawkins, Mike Collins, Mike Guillot, Tad Walters, Gerald Cuccia. . .S. Student Council OFFICERS: jerry johnson, vice-presiclentg Barbara Lively, secretaryg Alice Fulcher, treasurerg Mike Guillot, president I46 Student Council Class Representatives President Mike Guillot and Sponsor Mr. Hinch plan a business meeting.. SENIORS : Robbie Baker Barbara Lively Elaine Minchew Alice Fulcher Frances Reue James Rogers Mike Collins Richard Cuccia Mike Guillot Lynn Hawkins Buddy Linder Bill Barlow JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES Doris Creswell Connie Fuller Pam Bradberry Celia Roberson Karen Cloutrnan Linda Sinclair Ruthellen Cruse Cheri Clotiaux Carol Graham Karen Allen Tad Walters Ricky Martin Kenny Stark Gerald Cuccia Gary Tiner jerry Johnson Dayne Haltorn Not pictured: David Kay ., fx ,jfb 2 X- T 'L '19 my kwin,-qw --hy FRONT TO BACK: Darlene jackson, james Hayes, Graig Metclaf, joe Morgan, Mr. Peacock, sponsor, Dannie Forkner, Carolyn Scott, Calvin Stanley, Vickie Nesom, Karen Nelson, Betty Forman, Mike Hodnett, Bill Barlow, Sharon Ballard, Harold Harper, Suzanne Parr, Glenda Parks, Jeanne Robinson, Gail Deal, Lillie Henley, Janis O'Neal. Drama Club SPONSOR: Mr. Joe Peacock , , '48 "The Infanta" . . . Cynthia Chavez, Gail jackson, Rusty Dowden, Glenda Park, Dannie Forkner FRONT ROW: Robbie Baker, Becky Bellue, Cecile Angelle, Carolyn Morgan, Kathy Haltom, Gay Tucker, Carrol Grounds, Jo Ann Devillier, jane Miles, Barbara Palmer, sponsor, Connie Singleton, Patricia Winters, Gail Deal, Di- anna Newton, Nancy Knight, Phyllis Stutzman, Mrs. Ernestine Fleming, sponsor, Tommye Budwah, Karen Burns, Kath- erine Fabre, Linda Irvine, Caroline Dickinson, Luann Soape, Linda Hawn, Linda Howie, Karen Miller. SI I J ll - I' IL" I va nik 5 ' .' , I X 54 , 1 it--o' Anchor Club FRONT ROW: Carolyn Morgan, treasurer: Ann Webb, secretary, Becky Bellue, vice- president, Robbie Baker, president, Anna Markley, installing officer, Carrol Grounds, Cecile Angelle, Kathy Haltoni, class chairman, Mrs. Fleming, sponsor. -ft J IL: f- - 3 y 51 ls' . IQ I49 FIRST ROW: Vicki Jernigan, Dale Richey, Danny Kelley, Herbert Varley, Phillip Richey, David Frazier. SECOND ROW: Marvin Davenport, Larry Strother, Elton Brownshadel, john Riddle, Dan Cone, Billy Doornbos. THIRD ROW: Calvin Stanley, Ralph Raines, Ryan Trimble, Robert Burnett, Earl Guillory. ath Club SPONSOR Mfg, Gloria Hamilton OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Herbert Varley, presidentg Phillip Richey, vice-president, Vickie Jernigan, secretary. SECOND ROW: Danny Kelley, reporter, Dale Richey, treasurer, David '50 Frazier, program chairman. FIRST ROW: Mr. Hinch and Mr. Broussard, sponsors, Karen Allen, R. L. Diaz, Mike Vernon, Buddy Linder, Bill Barlow, Billy Murphy, Kenny Shipp, Butch Davis, Ryan Trimble, Nat Cloutman. SECOND ROW: Alice Fulcher, Gail Barnett, Karen Cloutman, Barbara Lively, Virginia Allen, Karinne Hansen, Lindy White, Pat Dabney, Gail Soileau, Anna Diaz, Gail Mashburn, Shirley Petzold, Doris Cresfwell, Barbara Willson, Ann johnson, Saundra Bradley. THIRD ROW: Calvin Stanley, Herbert Varley, Phillip Richey, Jan Reynolds, Elton Brown- shadel, Jimmy Spruill, Karen Silkwood, Christy Pullin, Willa Clark, Pat Mize, Ronnie Maxey, Jerry johnson, Robert Nash, Gerald Cuccia. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Hawkins, Dayne Haltom, Bill Reeves, jerry Nichols, Ronnie Nelson, Kenneth Hebert, Pat Morgan, Karn Duke, Bob Bush, Dennis Issacs, James Pelloat, Earl Guilory, Mike Ganaway, Glenn West. FIFTH ROW: Danny Kelley, Larry Strother, Marvin Daven- port, Mike Van Dehoff, Billy Dornboss, Ralph Raines, Mike Phillips, Kenneth Birdwell, David Olson, Kenny Kirksey, Phillip Hilton, Billy Joe Orr, john McCullough, Robert Burnette, Nathan Lakey. SIXTH ROW: Mike Collins, james Roger, Mike Guillot, Derrel DeRouen, Ronnie Robertson, Scotty Campbell, Kenny Naizer, Kenny Spence, jim Holcomb, James Hayes, Lee Robinson, John Mclnnis, james Stark, joe Fred Warren, james Wells, Dan Cone. Science Club OFFICERS: Billy Murphy vice-pres., Ryan Trimble, sec., Bill Barlow, pres., Buddy Lynder, SPONSORS: Mr. Broussard QSEATEDJ, Mr treas.: Kenny Shipp, reporter, Butch Davis, parliamentarian. Hinch, Mr. Goss. by J p ISI FRONT ROW: Scott Peterson, Tommy Massey, Curtis Eskind, Lawrence Spell, Gary Roger, Wayne Richardson, jackie Metreyon, Mike Mougiag Mr. Weeren. SECOND ROW: Tommy Holland, Kenneth Bayer, Eddie Colville, Wilfred Champagne, Bluite Langham, Bill Lewis, Harvey Sterling Lanny Bennett. THIRD ROW: james McCormick, Butch Granger, Larry Skinner, Larry Pellerin, Dean Richards, Henry Franke, Dale Pool Vocational-Industrial Club SWEETHEART: OFFICERS: Jackie Metreyeon, Sgt. at Arms: Henry Franke, Vice-Pres., Bluite Langham, Prem Jeanette Sparks Dale Pool, Treas.g Bill Lewis, Sec., Harvey Sterling, Reporter. :sz g Y? 'S FRONT ROW: Roger Collins, john Maddox, Larry johnson, Gary White, joe Wilson, Paul Erwin, Denver Dugas, Tommy Brown, Mike Man- ning, Jerry Leger, james Moore, Bob Mobly, Nolon Champagne, Mickey Dugas, David Cannon, Danny Covgh, Stephen Cox, Harvey Theriot, Al Trahan, john Daigle, john King, joe Clepper, Bobby Beck, James Terracina, Stephen Wheeler, Bill Schroeder, Steve Smith, J. E. McCarty, Sponsor, Max Powell, Dillion Deshotel, john Addington, David Tofey, Perry Soape, Tommy Hinson, Randall Dalby, Fred Prekins, Glenn Sanders, Benny Carter, Wayne Weaver, Mac Battenfield, james Schroeder, Gerald Cooper, Kell jones. , Future Farmers Club OFFICERS: Max Powell, reporter, Danny Gough, treasurer, Billy Hanley, sentinel, Denver Dugas, F.F.A. SWEETHEART presidentg Bobby Beck, vice-presidentg Glenn Sanders, secretary Jody Roberts A IS3 -W1 4 f OFFICERS- Left to right: Karen Silkwood, secretary-treasurerg Madelyn Prejean, Pianist, SPONSORSI MYS- Kathy Frazior, Mi-SS Geraldine Lynda Pharo, parliamentariang Mable Decuir, historian: Mary V. Gibson, social leader, Watts- Linda Eagleson, president: Susan Hughes, reporter, Frances Reue, social leader. Not Pictured: Becky Womack, vice-president, Adrea Harrison, song leader. Future Homemakers of merioa FIRST ROW: Mrs. Frazior and Miss Watts, sponsorsg Doris Creswell, Frances Reue, Lynda Pharo, Karen Silkwood, Penny Weeks, Darlene Suval. SECOND ROW: Madelyn Prejean, Karen Burns, Connie Fuller, Kathy Haltom, Linda Eagleson, Carolyn Clepper, jane Dye, Margie Moses THIRD ROW: Joan Ganann, Becky Thomas, Nancy Coulter, Lue Ellen Tantzen, Sharron Darrow, Cornelia Bodemuller, Betty Dye, Mable DeCuir. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Lands, Lindy White, Sue McAlister, Linda Carriker, Freda Thornton, Loa Teaters, Mary Virginia Gibson, Susan Hughes, Saundra Bradley. FIFTH ROW: Ann Youngblood, Sharon Miller, Donna Miller, Celia Roberson, Carla Timmons, Sherry Herring, Pam Bradberry, Ruthellen Cruse, Linda Sinclair. I R4 N y 25 2 4 lik? Abxffll ROW I: Susan Richards, Sharon Darrow, Linda Cook, Carolyn May, Cheryl Lackey, Mable Decuir, Carla Antley, Marilyn Pollock, Barb Mize, Sue McAlister, Alice Wilson, jennifer Dorman. ROW II: Saundra Bradley, Beverly Rogers, Donna Miller, Marsha Kelly, Patricia Wintc Kathy Victor, Ruthellen Cruse, Donna Webb, Charlotte Wallace, Kathy Broaddus, Susan Hughes, Dianne Newton, Pat Aguilar, Donna Ma ROW III: Mary Watkins, Cynthia Russel, Karen Burns, Linda Anders, Carolyn Adams, Wylane Decuir, Sandra Miller, Darlene Absh. Brenda Pellerin, Kathy Haltom, Carla Timmons, Pam Dabney, Anita Murphy. ROW IV: Barbara Mosley, Pam Ross, Cecile Angelle, Marge DeVries, Donna Brown, Cynthia Devers, Frances Geer, Alma Dunn, Donna Phillips, Linda jones, Becky Concienne, Nancy Camp, Darl jackson. ROW V: Glenda Lensing, Tracie Allclaffer, Jo Keenan, Elizabeth Tremble, Jolie Kalbough, Gay Tucker, Linda Howell, Ann Johns Nadene Theriot, Betty Breaux, Terrie Broaddus, Raedine Burton, Pat Philyaw. ROW VI: Linda Hawn, Tommie Jean Richard, Wanda Hammon Brenda Lefleur, Fleta Spruill, Sandra Spittler, Bobbie Stepp, Rhonda Hallmark, Sandra Smith, Carol Graham, Pam Bradberry, Celia Robers Linda Sinclair. Pep Squad Q13 SPONSOR: Mrs. Mavis Williams SPONSOR: Mrs. Billie McClure , '55 .4 'D 4 4 4 f f Zz Nederland I 1 Q Linda Edgar 3 MASCOT: Theresa Christian Judy Concienne 3 i 5 3 F 3 E i r 1 x ii .1"v' ' Cheerleaders 1 1 Y K i. v 1 f Gail Mashburn 3 i l57 wi A mow YO 5 . ATT Q kk N OFEICERS: Beth jarrell, secretary: Amaya Carpenter, vice-president, Elaine Minchew, SPONSORS: Mrs. Claudine Majors, Mrs. Mickey Dorn- presiclentg Tommye Budwah, senior representative: Gay Tucker, sophomore representative. iny, Mrs. Mary Armstrong. Girls Intramural Sports ,A 1 FIRST ROW: Elaine Minchew, Beth jarrell, Tomrnye Buclwah, Amaya Carpenter, Gay Tucker, Mrs. Armstrong, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Pat Mize, Willa Clark, Linda Lively, Cheryl Lessig, Linda Pharo, Grace Hoclnett, Carolyn Scott, Karen Nelson, Louanne Soape. THIRD ROW: Ann Terry, Velma I-Iibbert, Margaret DeVries, Lou Tantzen, Andrea Billingsly, Dena Bellow, Nancy Camp, Ann Concienne, Sandra Smith. FOURTH ROW: Lawanna Tribes, Kathy Bean, Susan Hughes, Barbara Wilson, Donna Riown, Donna Beagle, Barbara Mize, Donna Philips, Brenda Ritchie, Myrna Reinstra. FIFTH ROW: Mary Williarns, Mary Gibson, Sara johnson, Carole Kincaid, Mabel DeCuir, Phyllis Dean, Kathy Haltom, Sharon Davis, Saunclra Bradley, Becky Thomas, Vfylane DeCuir. SIXTH ROXV: Freida Spruill, Bobbie Step, Patsy Parker, Doris Short, Barbara Delahoussaye, Karen Budwah. I58 give fetum this OK . . . Set 'um up! Betty and Valerie enjoy shuffleboarcl V All eyes are on the ball No . . . I'll get ' it, M.V. l Hey . . . where's the birdie??? 1 Carol and Grace W ' are "on the A couple of badminton pros ba11!!!" Gay Spikes one Over the nef FIRST ROW: Nat Cloutman, Gail Deal, Sharon Ballard, Wancla Hammons, Barbara Wfilson, Jane Miles, Janice O'Neal, Mable Decuir, Lincla Downey, Ruby Powers, jane Menard, Kathy Fleming. SECOND ROW: Linda Carricker, Sue McAlister, jane Ulrich, Karen Cloutman, Myrta Rienstra, Vicki jernnigan, Phyllis McMinn, Cheryl Rose, Margaret Vance, Ruthellen Cruse, Gwen Bollman. THIRD ROW: Frank Tapia, Don Buzzingham, Dale Richey, Larry Noblitt, joe Warren, james Wells, Elton Brownshadel, Bryant Woods, James Pelloat, Ronnie Gribnau, Greg Latin Club Mrs. Anderson, SPONSOR OFFICERS: R. L. Diaz, secretaryg Grace Hodnett, presidentg Karen Cloutman, treasurer, Ronnie Gribnau, vice-president. .nn Q . ll its ' C ,- f V X ' . 4 I g - "1 I r Q, H i ' 4 ' P, sg. , V ,gf-fr ', , 1 ,,,, 5 . Q, I p A I. J, W 0 f 4? ff 7 ' K , ., . ,, , 1, The banquet had its many solemn moments, Some donned Roman togas for the banquet OFFICERS: Prefident .s..., .,...A.A..........,.., .... G r ace Hodnett ' V.-President ..... .... R onnie Gribnau gt Setretafy ..... ...........,..,. R . L. Diaz Treayurer ......, s,.... K aren Cloutman "VCHi, Vidi, ViCi - - Order, Order!!! . . . Slave Auction! A feast on Mount O1ympus??? ,.t,, n ,,, f of U., Z ,Q,., . 3 522 I' ' 2 X r PR 4' e FIRST ROW' Loye Kemp Phillip Hilton Nat Cloutman, president, Karen Cloutman, Carrol Grounds, Clair Jordon, Willa Clark, Anita Palmer, Gail Eversole. Pauline Smart, Nancy Knight Anita Murphy, Jonnie Hicklin, Christy Pullin. SECOND ROW: Richard Cuccia, Philip Mull, M'k H li R i Bell David Olson, Wa ne Crawford, jack Beach, Cheryl Lesseig, Peggy Tullah, Barbara Golden, Glenda L6U5IIlg,.Rlf3. i e amer y, onne , y Brown, Jolie Kalbaugh, Pam Dabney, Betty Carlin. THIRD ROW: Ricky Wistner, Alice Wilson, Vickie Richards, Pat Woods, Kathy Victor, . . . . . . . . d L. 1 Gwen Bollman, Jackie Martin, jackie Chatelain, Ann Bergeron, Pat Kube, Nina Miller, Nancy Camp, Dena Bellow, Myrta Reinstra, Lin a ive y. FOURTH ROW: Pat Winters Karen Miller, Alma Dunn, Martha Wagner, Sandra Miller, Darlene Abshire, jane Menard, jo Keenan, Linda R h k Carol Gardenhire Cheryl Rose, Wanda Hammons, Gail Deal. FIFTH ROW: I-Iarri-et Lane, Cecil Angelle, Pam Ross, Lindy White, e a , , y Margarette McLain, Nancy Smith, Gail jackson, Cynthia Devers, Sharron Miller, Myrna Lyday, Helen Ducote, Sharron Ballard, Charlotte Simon. SIXTH ROW: Jane Miles, Barbara Delahoussaye, Becke Head, Brenda Lafleur, Cora Chatelain, Judy Cowgill, Ann Youngblood, Theresa Lenoir, Barbara Lands. uture Nurses' Club 3 5' , i'i'i I K 'mt .159?f7r I ccll S v. - ,,f-f' . .. 4 ,, , 'V ' p 5 . ' ' 1:3 fs a -I I 2 "" , S ,ar ti S' if . - '- fir-.:j:j:.,.:f. y - :z A ' , , , r . X X ' -1' 'ee r ,. , .rf i f ' SPONSOR: Mrs. Vera LeBlanc CO-SPONSOR: Mrs. Phyllis Lar l President Nat Cloutman, and 1964 Miss Future Nurse, Carrol rabee Grounds, congratulate Karen Cloutman, Miss Future Nurse 1965, during capping ceremonies. R.N. l62 M OFFICERS: Phillip Hilton, treasurerg Clair Jordon, secretaryg Karen Cloutman, One hectic moment!!! vice-president, Nat Cloutman, president, Carrol Grounds, Miss Future Nurse, Anita Palmer, reporter. I V r!!o, , l O-o-oh! Money!! Fresiding at a meet- Preparing for the T.B. tests. mg. f I V, K, Q, lil? f if 'N - f h h d . u .Th 1 63-64 ff' ' OFFICERS: Loy Kemp, Jr. Rep, Gail Eversole, Sgt.-at-Arms, Willa Planning Ort e year 3 ea e 9 O Mets Clark, Parliamentariang Jonnie Hicklin, Social Leaderg Nancy Knight, Sr. Rep.g Anita Murphy, Soph. Rep.g Pauline Smart, Historian. '63 m ff 1 fr FIRST ROW: Earlyne Glaze, Jackie Graham, Sharon Daves, Sharon Ballard, Linda Rehak, Donna Phillips, Gail Deal. SECOND ROW: Mrs Craven, sponsor: Pat Woods, Saundra Bradley, Ricky Wistner, Cynthia Devers, Diane Ellis. Library Club OFFICERS: jackie Graham, President, Sharron Ballard, reporter-historian, Linda SPONSOR1 MIS' Caf1Cf1vir1 Rehak, treasurer, Donna Phillips, program chairmang Gail Deal, social leader: Ridky Wistner, vice-presidentg Diane Ellis, secretary. I64 .A L' , g.f,. , " 1,Y,' j f ',,- fy : 5 j t A- i ig, 2 sg, l .- . ep- V -.. I FIRST ROW: Ginger Sheffield, Gayle Barnett, Darlene Huval, Vickie Weatherford, Amaya Carpenter, Pam Harmon, Sue Ellen Tanfzen, Candy Cline. SECOND ROW: Becky Womack, Mrs, Mickey Dominy, sponsor: Patsy Penry, Sharron Howard, Susie Aycock, Penny Weeks, Janet Todd, Nat Cloutman. THIRD ROW: Kathy Haltom, Gay Tucker, jack Wilson, Linda Howle, R. L. Diaz, Anita Murphy, Carla Timmons, Jolie Kalbough. Press Club 'Wm N I SPONSOR: Mrs. Mickey Dominy OFFICERS: Butch Davis, president: Susie Aycock, treasurer, Linda Eagleson, vice- president: Jack Wilson, secretary. '- I65 S- i . l m FIRST ROW: Terrie Broaddus, Kathy Bradclus, Jo Anne Ganann, Linda Griffin, Celia Mount, Lillie Henley, Barbara Mosley, Earlyne Glaze. SECOND ROW: Letcher McLemore, Jimmie Sprouse, Jean McI.emore, Rebecca Payne, Martha Singleton, Vickie Richards, Gail jackson, Glen Landry, Rohde Lyons, THIRD ROW: Allison Faw, Benny Carter, Paul Simmons, Ricky Masters, Johnny Leavins, james Henley, james Burton. orning Watch c . xgmgwmyqa. . 3 OFFICERS: johnny Leavins, vice-president: jean McLemore, vice-president, Rebecca Payne, social chairmanglliarlyne Glaze, pianist, Barbara Mosley, secretary, Lillie Henley, reporter, james Henley, president, I66 FIRST ROW: Betty Foreman, Pat Aquilar, Ann johnson, Betty Breau, Janice O'Neal, Mable Decuir, Yvonne Hebert, Sharron Avles, Robbie Baker, Linda Howle, Pat Mize, Linda Downey, Margaret McLain, Dannie Forkner, Gay Tucker, Cornelia Bodemuller, Kathy Spense, Carolyn Adams, james Pelloat. Future Teachers Club S SPONSORS: Mrs. Naomi Gleason, Mrs. Betty Guarnere, Mrs. Betty Craven. 'Of PRESIDENT: 4"""' Jeanne Robinson OFFICERS: Gay Tucker, lst. vice-president, Ann johnson, Znd. vice-presidentg Linda Downey, secretary-treasurerg Pat Mize, historian. ' I67 Wifi I 1 f, ,Ms 1 H l ffl, ? pg T' ' S FIRST ROW: Becky Womack, Gayle Barnett, Amaya Carpenter, Vickie Weatherford, Darlene Huval, janet Todd, Candy Cline. SECOND ROW: Patsy Penry, Clair Jordon, Penny Weeks, Linda Kaye Howle, Susie Aycock, Sharon Howard, Linda Eagleson. THIRD ROW: jack Wilson, Mike Hamerly, Butch Davis. SPONSOR: Mrs. Mickey Dominy DIVISION EDITORS: Jack Wi1SOH,'SPOffS editor: Mike Hamerly, assistant Photog. I68 rapher: Becky Womack, reporter: Linda Eagleson, editorg Amaya Carpenter, news editor: Gayle Barnett, magazine editorg Clair Jordon, business manager. BULLDOG BEAT EDITOR: Linda Eagleson. REPORTERS: Janet Todd, Linda Kay Howle, Sharon Howard, Judy Blanchard, Candy Cline, , wi ,, 3 ai 4 REPORTERS: Vickie Weatherford, Ricky Wistner, Susan Aycock, Penny Weeks, Patsy Penry. Wa I f . 'LL -V A 45? -wa Q .M-f.:4Q2-if-1 1.7 ii ' in s if ,," :fi - E ever A S ,wq..ggvlv' - Gayle Barnett, Magazine Ed. and Bulldog Beat Feature Ed. REPORTERS: Mike Hamerly, Becky Womack. Clair Jordon, Business Manager and Assistant Magazine Ed. iff. Qgmf 51 I 5? 3 ,,.. ,W 4 ,iQ ll 1 ff. f 5 Q A f ,LA , 14 f?'jx Z X! 1 X f Q71 J, , 5 -ni K I CAPTAIN Gwen Bollman Mary Ann jones Linda Eagleson Charlotte Simon El Anita Palmer Poogie Creswell ra Z6 f,,bW"' 'x wk ry X ' iw' Bi' 'M V. .J LIEUTENANT: Elouise Ripley , 3191" WZ' Q t 4' l ' 'l A ,l,4 ,192 Z iff? gf r y, I ' f f f X 1 as ' I N.,-1 4 rm, ,4 My ,V f v fa? f Y f f JC iffy' , , , ff f y , jw f 17' N, 7 5, Q' Vw J .1 '-,' 1 by .',, 1 li ilix.....' iff , l-'l'- , pu ' ,v', ,L ' ii - ' 9 '.-' Q x 9011 ff My WW? el'l ll O X L. K s f., me 5, fi Q 5 wh f ,,,., K - fll ie 3 ' ' QQ, 4, A a , I 24? Vickie Eckert . N Elairie Melmiis ",,, N 4 f' Jonrue Hicklm V .Q V if K f f , W , ','! 7 if , ff 1964 mi?" 7' ' If ' ii , , , ,V f , , A 'ff' :,, , ry I, ,,i I ,i45r1VVi,lr!,!, , 44 f we ic? f, , 2 3, My 2, 2 ' 3 ' 2 Q I "1 ? A . 1 ll 1 , wr az? 5 ?f if A ,KU . I ay X ll am , 'lin-M 3 -QL" r 5 LIEUTENAN T: Brenda Spencer 1151 '-4 HM M 44. '.,,,- ,-1 'M AJ , ,gif -? U W f F2012 -J IMEU f If , 45 f f ' MMA V 5 Candy Cline Frances Reue ii 1 Q I' Al n n W , if 'I f 5 1 V ' 'fm .. fig! , f fi f M' ,mr ' cf' ,' W ' JV, , -1 i ' .., ' f l V I , 11,95 f' 7 W f f ww, .U f My 3 Mrs. Majors, SPONSOR Peggy Whitley Amaya Carpenter Robbie Baker Jackie Martin Pat Laughs-ry Brenda McGowan jackie Graham Ml M' "4l.,b.iJ D 16,15 . F. - I " K X " X ,W , ' -, Q ln.. MISS IDEAL WESTERNAIRE: Pam West 7 Yvonne Hebert ' r Betty Wilson fyff Sandy Louvier 515175 . ,ff fjff fffm: ,f 472 my iff! ff: , af, V, , W if " ' Linda Arnold if Kaye Sanders Connie Wagner Cheryl Kirkland '72 . X if ,jffg ff Ll Lynne Hughes I 7 Faye Williams fliy ff: Q-fff' 41,44 f ' , 4 V XX as 7' .Af ,L,.,iy..f ' ,, I 1 guy' ,f ,si 1, , fa ,, A. ,, , O j , A Ji l X f, V7 LIEUTENAN T: Shirley Allen M thx , 1 m l . l x X , f ff al mf W' J WY .sf W 1 ,, J, f fig' , gf V .-f . was us...--1 WM 2 ' wk ' ' -at i 4 N1 fffygf, 4 K , 1 Jil an 2 gi A H' 'N mfqkl 5 2- at f xx! 1 HI -ef' .v JY -I All ,A 'X LIEUTENANT: Betty Goss IM I M, ,Q nb ! i II El l J .' Ar., in if ye. fi. ,'! 5,1 Karen Allen Kaye Williams I ' A If r Ve! Y ,lll e --W... A 1' X24 l Wi Grand Finale of the Annual Westernaire Rev C S C Anna Diaz Diane Wilson I' I1 E1 Linda Pickens Carolyn Van Oostrorn Mary Skog ' Alice Fulcher 1 Pam West I' e V H S wi. A" P-3 'ff J' ' ' x 4, 173 ACCOMPANIST: Madelyn Prejean. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Lesseig, Mary Linscom-b, Marcia Hair, Peggy Whitley, Jimmie Sprouse, Ann Webb, Becky Bellue, Jane Menard. SECOND ROW: Leslie Linsco-mb, Linda Pickens, Brenda Spencer, Lawana Tribes, Carolyn Dickenson, Donna Poin- dexter, Wanda Peveto, Vickie Richards, .Lorita Peavy, Rosalie Bloomfield, Glenda Park, THIRD ROW: Lynn Lofton, Ricky Masters, johnny Leavins, Wayne Crawford, james Henley on, Loye Kemp, Glenn Landry. S Choir ALL STATE CHOIR MEMBERS: Lynn Lofton and Rickey Masters. I74 Y ,mn f , xxx FRONT ROW: Gerald Cuccia, Douglas Sheppard, Darlene Reed, Jody Roberts, Iva Ware, Martha Wagner, Donna Brown, Raedine Burton, Donna Beagle. SECOND ROW: Gary Kolb, Randy Powell, Wayne Lusk, Carol Gregory, Donna Prevost, Bob Bricker, Frank Hinton, Marsha Theriot, jimmy Premeaux, Kenneth Samford. STANDING: Glynn Morgan, Bert Duckworth, Mike Wilson, Ricky Faunce, George junot, Butch Granger, Jo Keenan, Jean Myers, Becky Renfro, Jackie Chatelain, Becky Head, Elton Smith, Brian Fulton, Mike Hodnett, Stephen Johnson, Alan Davenport, Mrs. Ryland. Art Club ' f iw-fi wawwfa-y,,f.,f f.oaW.,, , v , WWiV 1:zw5waf,,,.f MM.: FIRST ROW: Raedine Burton, Sec.g Donna Brown, President. BACK ROW: Ricky Faunce, SPONSOR: Mrs. Rylandl Iva Ware, Martha Wagner, Club Sweetheart, Board Members, Jody Roberts, Soc. Lclr.: Donna Beagle, Treas,g Alan Davenport. , I76 SYMPHONIC BAND OFFICERS: Sharon Darrow secretary Clair Jordon vice president Betty Wilson president Fred Ewing treasurer and fficers FIRST ROW: Carrol Grounds, secretary Ruby Powers, historian Nat Cloutman, reporter SECOND ROW: Pauline Smart, social leader Vicki Jernigan, treasurer Karen Cloutman, hisvtorian THIRD ROW: David Olson, president Gail Eversole, social leader Loye Kemp, vice-president f , , , 12-QQQ 4' H V, A I i ff . ,,,. 7 W W ..,k' W ff fx' ,W 'P' ff fff f f ff My f ifwfsfif 1 .' .- f Jw GP w M, M 1 4 - - fa J ,. 4- . W f f , my f vw Q gZQ,,'?Q,i1,,, , ' W1 gf ww' . VM, YV94 aww 46? ff X7 4 Em it! ,, X X X inf' FRONT ROW Kenneth Birdwell Kenneth Stark Bobby Morgan Ty Van Auken Craig Noble Paul Decuir Mike Wilson Richard Cuccia Allen Whelply SECOND ROW Tommy Scofield Mike Smith Pat Radcliff Arvill Frisby Mike Guillot john Cutrer Ronnie Overstreet Ricky Elliott Ronnie Bell THIRD ROW Coaches Hurt Kalinec Mallery Cotton Sears Johnson Morgan 'git 2 , 5 . . . all fall down' john Adams scrambled over the goal line for the f1rSt ouchdown of the season against Pharr San juan Alamo Bulldogs tied 6 to 6 Purkerson Boal Henderson, Head Coach FOURTH ROW Buddy Bond James Roger Glenn David Glenn Morgan Ray Ramsey john McCullough Allan Doiron Ronnie Goss Ronni-e Nelson John Adams Ricky Martin Bill Barlow FIFTH ROW joe Fondren Gerald Cuccia Tommy Fraser James jones Earl Miller Roy Falke Joel Nally Lee Robinson jim Clayton Ronnie Potts Mike Vernon Mike Phillips john Cutrer scored 12 points against South Park Mike Guillot scored 6 points and l Decuir scored 6 points with extra points accredited to his golden toe. C28 to op W 5-'ma f q flff'iQf1ifilai - A - .- X,jw.55-555 ,ig-.5 ' - -1 Qi A Q - Aaaaa X an .. .- . 1 - A -5.2519-Q-11X.v R L L . 7 T, R 15? Q Y JAMES ROGER MIKE GUILLOT ALLAN DOIRON A One-year letterman junior Hard-hitting Joel Nally C725 clears the way for light-footed john Adams 1221 on a play for yards' Guard against the Lufkin Panthers. x -K ,. M3 A, 5 1 PAT RADCLIFF ROY FALKE MIKE WILSON Qngyear 16561-man One-year letterman Three-year letterman Senigf SCULOI SCULOL' End Center Tackle 82 ssl ., ,, I , ',2'f'R f ' 'Q1,,"',f ' ' f 1,:1a.f,ffff' ' i s . , is 1 Q . 1 , M f' - , 5 1' -" w ".""- '.i'7'p'ff ' I' 4 l I V 'fl' m ,wg -Q: QA I 5,5 , . , V .if ,fn VA x",g,g' ' 'U . ' 'wal , 1' Zlffffiif , 5 -V ,- M., 1.355 , L W ,SQ Mii6L-,!g!ii,. ,fum V 9, V, ".,.z,, .1 - 'v .1-,I V f ff ' .M-wndkmw ff, A, ffm ' . f 'K 'Q wtf. , mul., ,.9f.wsH f-A " G12 Q ,A , f f JOEL NALLY Two-year letterman a junior john Cutrer C401 helps Paul Decuir C425 as he scrambles down The field for yardage in a 21 to O Tackle victory over jacksonville. ,W '-" 7 '35 .uv 6 -' V. 3.-A fi" iff, in V BOBBY MORGAN RONNIE FLANNAGIN ALLEN WHELPLY TWO,year letterman One-year letterman One-year letterman Senior Junior Senior Gugfd Tackle Cornerback 5,7 The Bulldogs were in top shape against jasper in District 9-AAA action. Goss 1203 helped to bring ,. .,:f+,.-, nr Ao fn A is I8 : in E 1 4 E 741' mf, wg, f 71, if mf ' fxf M:jf,,24v4,,4 Iffkwgi yy 'ff se' iv- , A ,, 7 zedfm , 1 LEE ROBINSON CRAIG NOBLE ARVILL FRISBY One-year letterman Two-year letterman TWO-year letterman SCUIOI' Senior Junior Guard Center End Good Defense Gives . . .Many Vietories RONNIE OVERSTREET One-year letterman Senior Back 7 jxwwi r ,..,, V, ... .f.. i l i Stretch, John! Cutrer did the honors against Bridge City to place Nederland in a three-way JAMES ROGER tie for District. The Bulldogs won 7 to O. Three-year letterman ' Senior I 84 Halfback 3 l xl 'W' Z?'i,'i.AvV :R .Qiiitiiw . a .xI..x'r A A f - PAUL DECUIR RICKY MARTIN KENNETH STARK Three'Ye3f'lettefIT131'l ODE-year leftetman C115--year lettefmgm, 55f110l' Sophomore junigf H3lflJ3ClC Guard Guard W "Determined, Describes X the Bulldgg .,,, ,,f, p , K, ,. ' ' .1 ,L-f,QffQw ..-.v 44 l k.eyQ, , ' 1-931' ' -- s L '-M.1f+1f N p - A, '-- ,Asp ... . ,. ai' ga! -, ' ' 3 ' ' "1 ll ' i"w:l " 'T - 'mr fm diff 'll -1 ' -I ,, . , f MM, .l.V A. V. - M- V, ,I sa 1-4-, 1 'W ,,.: -...A if H .5,fk..q-i,yg,1a3S .. , 'Thief' any ' V - v -1 ' lf , -.:' w v A. .,, I U ZF.. H V- .,i,f,,, it 4, V no 1 , 1,, .qv 5 X4 l ' 4-T . ' W-.5 . wp o f f - -.V - H f .X ,, .e H N ' ' - A w N A f , Nea! ,f 'A....t5g,,f::Q ,,3'Q,,v- ,. vm fu - 4- - ' ., 2. . ,,.e.,,f.' ,.' ' A , L. . N I i .,,,,.,,'. KM p 1, ,a r -I -.,A- pi". , -1.1 Q- ' . ,. , Q we1.ff phixgf, ,F .jwik .il xl . Q 1 L B. X .fm KENNETH BIRDWELL One-year letterman Senior Tackle 1,1 U X! . . I ,f t 5, l , 1 1 , -if ,'-,fx-af,-'g Q ',. b.. ,iffy 'TZ--':--'l,. X 4, ""' "- uv - .. if .. iw- . . , y. y H A nv, A ,X 1- - p- :voip bn V, , N A f W ,wg ,:..,,C,. -.':r- ' .- uf o' Q Q L, J JOHN ADAMS Keep pulling, john! Many of the Bulldogs added to the evengrowirlg score in the Home- Two-year letterman coming game against Silsbee. - junior MIKE SMITH One-year letterman junior Center ' if ' ' J NW? Si K Am ww, ,X ,,,, ' ' - ' v Q i , l of Y 'K Q 19 .. ! , ff be . K ftwi.-5 'Pl Q QW ,xt 1 'ls 4 O vw 1' r V l 9 ' sf " ' n A 1' M i . 55 x ug, 64 Q., , 5 'rim 2 22' tliwg wi, si d . 'P 1.9435 Mlafifg? 6 QQ' 'CEN 1 X www' gg .A ,f fi 55' awk? xlfewgi Y 5 I 1? f X4 R J A ' s"f5"tf3w if if at A Hs' if-9 fi .1 , , Q 322' ' 1 x , W 'Ly g 1 A X .f 4 iw wr M57 f' t :ig-:Eg ,364 M 'QQ ,. 'f W- - ,fb ,:- :gi V a- mf,-M iw-avaw-X f 2 ft f , mw'f1Z15:f,f4w,,,a,wfr - 2: 33 x to W ' ' fp M 4 The ever-spectacular game against PN-G was hard fought again this yea: with PN-G winning by 22 to 21. i?Lff11gf952 59, 1111 ii: gr sff,,g4,.-awww . gb io-ppt., f',.. Q , ln? ' K ' - azivf- ., w' f' 4 1 we .f ,A?P7.a- . A 1 4? 4 2? 2 , my .Qi . ff ' '- '- H - , ff. f 2 ff x ,gmggaafp ff, r WX, 7 V' f ' 4433545 i 1 ' 1 f 111.57 WAV, 1 ' ' rf :ff -1 f 0 f f 9 aizz- .R ,gif ,. V , f x -,. Tv 4jf ,fa V ,f f TOMMY SCOFIELD JOHN CUTRER JQHN MCQULLOUGH One-year letterman One-year letterman One--year leftefman Senior Senior Senior Tackle A RONNIE BELL Two-year letterman junior 86 lineman Halfback End 5 A hard defeat was thrown upon the Bulldogs by Orange with a final score of 6 to 15 ,M MIKE GUILLOT Three-year letterman Senior Quarterback TY VAN AUKEN Two-year letterman Senior Center CC 99 Tails Grves . . .D1str1Ct 1 RICKY ELLIOTT One-year letterman Sophomore Quarterback RICHARD CUCCIA Three-year Ietterman Senior Center L Y V , , , ' L rfcfw Vi' 1-4 U .. , ' W H ' H , , , - , ,, ,-,,, ., -WM .,...., h,,, -,-., ,,a....., ., .M .r , ,X - . W V 4. V vw, , ,,,,.,,..,.,,,.,,,- ,.,..,, W, . ,, ..Y,,,,,.-4...-.1-V ,,--.-. H.. , U., Y ,wa I U 4- ,, ,, -,, , ., FIRST ROW: Fondren, Vernon, Bond. SECOND ROW: Dubose, King, Clure, Price, Henderson, Phillips, Bricker, Perkins, Tarver, Hickman. THIRD ROW: Coaches Hurt, Kalenic, Mallery, Cotton, Sears, Johnson, Morgan, Purkerson, Boal, Henderson. FOURTH ROW: Maddox, Thack- ston, Taylor, Pratt, Petit, Issacs, Bush, Faulk, Dowden, Cobb. FIFTH ROW: English, Wills, Nichols, Reeves, Lee, Rees, Jones, McElvin, Shahan, Guilbeaux, Welch. 1963 Junior Varsity Z and Bulldog Managers 'Z KNEELING 5 B. Bond, B. Barlow, J. Fondren STANDING M. Phillips, G. Cuccia, M. Vernon las S H 7 Hard-Hitting Bulldogs Picked JOEL for 9-AAA A11-District Offensive Team PAUL DECUIR I Runn g B k AU-AN DOIRON OUTSTANDING BACK G d lliif Defenswe Team JOHN ADAMS Halfback RONNIE BELL L b k If OUTSTANDING LINEZVIAN ARVILL FRISBY Tackle MIKE GUILLOT l l E S Q s 1 s s 5 Qs 5 E i i 5 BOBBY MORGAN PAUL DECUIR COACH HENDERSON MIKE GUILLOT Honors Awarded at Banquet Each year a banquet is held to honor the outstand- ing players and give honor to the boys that work so hard on the football field. The cheerleaders are by no means left out of the time of honor. This year, jackets were received by the letterrnen and the cheerleaders. The boys who did not letter but played for the 'ol black and gold were given sweaters. sf i . l X ,z- 1 Among other personalities AMAYA CARPENTER was honored as Football Sweetheart for the 1964 P Football season. 63 64 JERRY JOHNSON, Captain DENNIS ISAACCS RONNY ROBERSON Two-year letterman One-year letterman One-year letterman junior Junior Senior Practice Started Earl Thi l 2 ' 'z M f ff WU ff f ' I e yed! U Year , 1 1 f ff, ,fwfr If f,,, M f f HWWW f , H 1 X V. 1' ' fffaffff Urn' fy , ,, ,4,f,!f,,, ,.,, fi I wonder . . . each la er has thou hts of Wff f. ., .,.,, Af, f . at , , ,, ,WW ,, ,, , ,,,, A this nature as they watch the all fall towar , ,gg , the basket- if -f' ,- fa' ' " 4 ' , iff ',f in 2 :,,,fw I ' ' f-Vf , ., , , ,,4,f h 1 ji ' at to no N 21 Q , v 'ff Q ' M h ' J 'f f p V f f " f , 4 ..., A , . -V' ., NN" " 'W' ,mpef-2 - .- 'WIA N ffff Aff ff 'ff .ff WIP--:"' .ig I SCOIC. JACK WILSON One-year letterman l 92 Senior Bob Bush 1520 jumps high for a basket adding 2 points to the ever-growing h ,,t,, h ,r,.,,o,h ,,i4. Q . CLAUDE CRAMPTON One-year letterman Sophomore Skills LYNN HAWKINS DAYNE HALTOM One-year letterman One-year letterman Senior junior Are Perfected. George Junot 145, tries to out stretch his opponent from Jasper to gain control of the ball. The basketball seems to be mag- netized as it heads straight for the baskets. x ,mi ,rm "inf , 1 , xg 1 f 4Hl'I""" l, JOHNNY CAMMACK Twoayear letterman JllDlOI' I f 'ks GEORGE JUNOT junior One-year letterman BOB BUSH Junior One-year letterman JERRY JOHNSON received his due reward for many hours of toil and grueling practice by being awarded ALI.-DISTRICT guard at the end of the basketball season. Ya X COACH PURKERSON Everyone watches spellbound as jerry johnson throws a great free shot for an extra point. QA SEX FRONT ROW: Jim Hartzog, Alvin Eckert, Ricky Elliot, Charlie Rees, Denver Dugus, Tim Isaacs. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Hawkins Tommy Pendergrass, Tommy Fraser, Frank Whiddon, Barry Barfield. MARVIN BOND Basketball Manager CC 99 1963-1964 The boys played hard and fast this season. Next year many of them will aid in the "A" squad to bring many victories to the NHS Bulldogs. Z ,amy FRONT ROW: J. Adams, R. Goss, J. Roger, B. Bush, C. Mclilvain, L. Lofton, J. Fonderen. SECOND ROW: Coach Morgan, G. Griffith, T Roebuck, G. Bright, G. Tiner, S. Perkins, P. Ratcliffe, D. DeRouen. THIRD ROW: B. Murphy, R. Potts, S. Haynes, B. Doornbos, B. Bush, B Orr. 1964 ulldog Track Team .nr Xlf Y Under the leadership of Coach Morgan the Neder- land High School track teams of 1964 were able to gain much progress in their attempt to improve their running skills. All the boys worked hard to bring honor and glory to Nederland High. Sixteen boys lettered this year. Nine of these boys received jacketsg seven boys got patches to put on their already hard-earned jackets. RONNIE GOSS fsecond from leftj runs hard and fast at the Silsbee Relays. , 51554 - 7. .1,,,,, .,,, . , , JAMES ROGER Senior Three-year leterman Three Graduating MIKE GUILLOT Senior Three-year letterman , ce 4 ,J I. V I I - I - - :V awe. , 'A 2 :.- . v 4, L yrs' BILLY JOE ORR ' Senior Three-year letterman Three-year Lettermen These three boys, JAMES ROGER, BILLY JOE ORR, and MIKE GUILLOT, greatly deserve being recognized. They have served the Nederland High track team for three years. They have given their best and have been given their reward by lettering in track all three years at NHS. I 1 ..4-nd' I. .. . W'.... " - john Achms and Dee-Dee DeRouen count the strides as they jump their hurdles. '97 I98 r 'X swf six? gy X". fs- '19 . gig kgs C f ' X R I J- x ,lsr . gl- ' e as 9 n f x r medals for the relay they so gloriously just finished. TOMMY ROEBUCK Sophomore One-year letterman Track Takes Time and Hard f sf "V ' ef f '- 3 r' "' gig ' .airs 4 XM Wiw-Y'.fse We . isis?-si we -.XC - fqsfsmsv-'elf . . , aww w X rix ytzijgjisgewggxswr, I! Q 55i95X:X Legg szsgvjkiiiliglifig QA- N59-f1Q'NQ9T 1 ' Q9 , sj 5 V5-mx, , . ekves, X K es xg. ww-xXwx ' X K. . Xkxx- X T l X ' AX'3'I'5i:g5 ,SQ 'FX ' r. M I7-in 1, 52-Eff X Q 1 .X Xssg.XQ.r xx X ,X Q . g ,K A eMl,XeerKksfw.. r wi'-iff 'X -s 5, rs X - sees -X X- ' r efirfarl.-sge...-.X.fXs,5s.f , r - s . . e 'R 'XiX'YJ X X. ..r J - X X-X yas sf, ' X' - XA XL V .,e.lgk5g5s "1 as K if xv r r 'ffm x RONNIE GOSS PAT RADCLIFF Sophomore Senior one-year lettermm One-year letterman Q 5 Zyl- X 4e'. iff . ' I N r T Four boys, Lofton, Bush, Perkins, and Orr, 'rvlf ,515 9 , f f XY stand tall as they' accept their second place .sim-1X'-fQ'fi'fg5wl'f2QIes?ftffilzfzi -'::1E.1.f. s Y Xxx ork an Attend QS DEE DEE DeROUEN Senior Two-year Ietterman . ff BRUCE BUSH Sophomore One-year letfterman H Track Meets 'L ' A .r 51: f 4 GI1 1N., ,,-,A V U- ,M5,q,54.+,,gf:: 166,26 g:y73,,',:,,l:vM.H LE. g,,:g. ruff,-,Q 77.3, . Q-V ,fi . , A V. 1'-'--if 112,-fsgxefff-.. ff! ,' . L 5-,': ' - -z -.-' ,wg A' 4, 5.'75'9If'I 14 Tw'Tip,ff?,'-Qfrfsqfn,1,135-'-:fy.iaqfe'v-Ig:-' l .1 '::""- :,-- if". ' 3.QegffZ:,,.i3i:g?.4ff:af.'ff.5g,f'.'g,z-,f,5f5r:' pry, .53-2 f.'A 15, ie- .: ' 2 131.1 4- 5---z ' Lf,-'ff-':'f:52?-.a':fii"Ir11":f- f"1:-1ff'.':1f1zTf4f--'f:'. fe - ' " -"-. ' --4, .,f,1: f -.5 Q ',-,, vrvch, 1,12 ,r,,- 5- 1 --- -f e ,, f . 55f'iyf".'5ff'-fizfiij' 2441? , ,JL 'blf'6j7'SeVL'ff'lf - AT-1"'a4' ' . 1:37, Q 1 . . .iff .f eanfi gf., ,,:9,i.-J 2-Q. w... .I ,..,5,, Y . , - ,, 1. - , gi, f ,ffli'?Qf,f,4f--" rff'filj---f" f!fl42"t'-f 'L' 'f"",-'f 2-13' '-if A -- , ,2 131' V V- 4, ,. . 3317. 1. 4',,j4f.',' :Z 2.1,-, flggfg-flf'.f', - ' w-- ,:. .-'-. X. fwff. :fr ,+a.f've7fe uri?-.-ffvr21fz".tin. :G nfl- , L ,V 4 . -' '-fast, CLAUDE MCELVAIN Sophomore One-year ietterman 1 A proud moment comes to Bob Bush as he receives his first place medal at the Silsbee Relays. I99 RONNIE POTTS Sophomore One-year letterman JOHN ADAMS Junior Two-year ,letterman kill Develop S Season Progresses ' i t ' I ' ' I ' Lffww, ' 1 - ,',. N ' , " 1422. New K' 1 4- -I f"ff - - 1 f fr' - 0 I- , . ,,gf, ,, ,. fI,rr,,4,V 4, 1 , ffffysi A 3 ' 7 2' In ' s f '.-4 "'I11J'I" . :L I, 77, Q Igwyffg, '-,. ' ww' ,. iw f ' 3 I sin, 1 M fb ,- f'-t4 in PI 1- , mg I',.fI1s4,,fgf ,-'- , -'.', ,CI e ff., iff ,I 1 'iff' ' 5' . ' I, f' s lelle fe 'Y' I ,,., :gf 'w r I ., I I -S V 'Q I ,. ,.I,.M,f,II.mQ4-fffgpkww -I A rf fn ,r ws 4,,,,-- f' fs, ,, Q" W- , 4- , -'x-j-1.,4I- . V "" - I' , 1 I f ' 535'7i?1TH" Q7 rf' " .L ' i W .Vi B I ,, 'f-' .. -, ft ,, I , ,,,, II . ,,lI ,.,,4 ,.., , , t , Q I I -'12 , V Af ,, - 5 J: A - ,, K , ,,, ' V5-'iii ' "" ' . ' A ,M , ,V.. , ,V , I,,, I p 7' . ,, p N o,, l f if ,p t , just one more step, Bob! The crowd is thinking thoughts of this nature as they see Bob Bush try for that last step to victory. 1 W, Q ' , ,QZQJ ,V Billy joe Orr, one of the three graduating three-year letter-men, stands in the first place position again. ,Q I M, ,i LYNN LOFTON junior BILLY MURPHY Two-yea.r letterman Senior One-year letterman In a relay more than one boy runs, and when victory comes, all of the boys share in it-not just the one that crossed the finish line. x BOB BUSH junior Two-year letterman ' STEVE PERKINS Sophomore One-year letterman GENE BRIGHT junior Two-year letterman Six Sophomores Letter .hAnxL, i Distance running takes quite a lot out of a person but when you cross the finish line first, the pain vanishes. This year many hopes of victory were lostg yet, many victories were won. The Bulldogs will always be in the game trying for first. 202 ,' .,f,7 Again we have Bulldogs on the victory stand. John AcIams'and DeeDee DeRouen are very glad-to be sure. , JAMES WELLS ROBERT BURNET1' JAMES BURNETT JOHNNY CAMMACK JERRY JOHNSON Junior Senior Junior Junior Junior ith Spring Comes Golf James Wells shows how the golf club is lined up for the drive. COACH JOHNSON Correct posture is very important in playing golf Each stance will give the ball a different curve Tenni l l FRONT ROW: Philip Richey, juniorg James Henley, Seni-org Dickie Bean, junior. BACK ROW: Dale Richey, Sophomoreg Elton Brownshadel, Sophomore, Ronnie Overstreet, Seniorg Stanley Gore, Sophomore. COACH SEERES , S ,,,, 1 ,,,,, ,, Philip Richey and Elton Brownshaclel are out late practicing for the many Great skill and hard practice is needed in the tournaments that the tennis team has attended this year. game of tennisi The serve is especially difficult. 204 D-- e1-c11 Lluovuull . . . This year the baseball boys of Nederland High School had an exceptionally good baseball season. All competitors were put to a real test when they tangled with the rough NHS Bulldogs. Coach Boal did an excellent job of training the boys in their specific part of the action in each game. The hours of practice lasted late after school on many evenings both before and during the baseball season. The season ended with a tie for district. ,. ,... lil FRONT ROW: Roberson, Wilson, Martin, Rogers, Decuir, Van Auken, Hartzog Richardson SECOND ROW Morgan Cuccia McInn1s Faulk Ramsey, Willis, Hickman, Marsh. THIRD ROW: Coach Boal, King Potts Welch Haltom Guillot johnson Clayton Coach Kalmec 11: fA- gi' JAMES CLAYTON junior Two-year letterman Infielder ulldogs in Again and Again RONNIE ROBERSON JIM HARTZOG Senior Junior Three-year lebterman One-year Ietterman Infieldef Third Base Coach Fans Cheer Boys on to Victory 2 L" ' ir A Many times this year in baseball the fans were the ones that helped to pull the Nederland High School baseball team through to victory. In a sport like this the fans are very important. Remember to support NHS in sports in years to come. .Fl ...ig PAUL DECUIR Senior Three-year letterman Outfielder RAY RAMSEY junior Two-year letterman Outfielder , . , Time . . . a short walk to the mound . . . a quick pep talk back to the dugout . . . play ball! -1 , ,M 1 , -an The catcher is very important to the game of baseball. He aids the pitcher and tries to make the batter swing if possible. Ronnie Potts has served us well this year. f-hz JOHNNY MCINNIS Senior Two-year letterman Outfielder 208 lil JERRY JOHNSON Junior Two-year letterman Pitcher As you can see, the third base coach is very necessary. Jim Hartzog 4205, the Bulldog third base coach, gives signals to the runners and the batters. , ,., , -4 ,,,,,,, , .5 3 , Q , Qing 11 The game is over. It's just another victory in the bag. Now for one of those cool showers in the field house. Let's go, team! '6Action" -.I RICHARD CUCCIA Senior Three-year letterman Pitcher RONNIE POTTS Sophomore One-year letterrnan Catcher Describes Baseball Season 209 Team Spirit Runs igh i V , , 'ime out . . . take it easy, jerry . . . don't get too anxious, team . . . ow let's go back and show them that Nederland can beat them all! 2I0 JACK WILSON Senior Three-year letterman Infielder When a team wants to win, it can. Team spirit was obtained early at Nederland this year. The boys wanted to win and that is exactly what they did . . . WIN! Of course, we cannot say that team spirit made us win, but we can say it helped tremendously. DAYNE HALTOM Junior Two-year letterman Outfield , TX 11 1 Bulldogs Pla Jasper for istriet MIKE GUILLOT Senior Three-year letterman Pitcher I s At the end of the 1964 baseball season jasper and Nederland were tied for the title of district champs. They played a series giving the championship to the winner of two out of three. The Bulldogs fought hard, but they lost the first two games. Thus, the Nederland High School baseball team ended the season with an 8-2 record. TY VAN AUKEN Senior Three-year letterman Infielder LYNN HICKMAN Sophomore One-year letterman First Base Coach 2I ,WW-f .,,, , 0 W,-5.1WMfam-1-yfwwf,-,fwff-M-ff. f fi H44 U M I X ,Z Congratulations and Best Wishes From Your Friendly Neighbors The Brand ot Better Banking" ' NEDERLAND STATE BANK NEDERLAND, TEXAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , Growing with Nederland - WE ARE PROUD OF OUR PART IN ITS PROGRESS NEDERLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SOUTHERN MAID DONUT CO. Besl Donuls and Burgers l3l'h Bluebonnel Phone 2-280I Special Discounls Ch hes. S h I d O h O I' Complimenls of NICHOLSON BUILDING SUPPLY RA 2-436l BASCO-MCALISTER LUMBER CO. Porl' Arlhur Highway Nederland, Texas Twin Redde Borne Welcomes You and exlends Congralulalions +o lhe Seniors of '64 OPEN 7 DAYS EACH WEEK ci+y Hwy. Nea. RA 2-36:6 2lE Compliments of WHELPLY'S JEWELRY Nederland, Texas NEDERLAND HOME SUPPLY bl' MINALDVS Your SHOE STORE FRIGIDAIRE ll43 Boston Nederland Deale' SPERlKY'S DRESS SHOP 0 ll26 Boston Ave. NEDERLAND. TEXAS Compliments of MCLEMORES Jeffers 81 Olbrich Insurance WHERE ALL YOUR INSURANCE CA PLACED UNDER ONE ROOF ASSOCIATE Waline Arrington Real Estate RA 2-3370' RA 2-2687 Sl 22l4 Nederland Ave. Nederland, Texas Complimenfs of ATKINS 81 HOFFPAUIR CALDWELLIS lAII Forms of lnsurancel Home of Necchi, Nelco and Elna I A Sewing Machines 2Oll Buebonnel venue l235 Boslon Ave. RA 2-4522 Phone No' YU 2"59' PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS Congralulafions, Seniors of I964 CREST CLEANERS I2 I 7 Nederland Avenue CESSAC'S BARBER SHOP l4l 7 Nederland Avenue Nederland, Texas RA 2-9075 RA 2-442' Nederland, Texas TOMMY CESSAC A. A. CESSAC Compliments of Dliernbosel states , 4 c.: 4' fl - ' ' , , , ' '. T J , , , f-,?b,n,l.e.f,,' K, , . 1. , T,-l .,,:,Q,,hv,,g , , f, , .y,,,,,f,, , , ff ,, -' f 'V ,,,g, .f Doctor- Lawyer- Merchant- Chief. . . 'G W ,J ' ' T11 We , 'mx' 9 .X I u I 4 4' -31 Elf! - 9 9 '0 6"'a fx B.. E ff' I c After graduation you'1l find new goals to achieve-increas- ingly interesting though some- times difiicult. And whatever your goal-in medicine, law or business, you'1l find Americais free enterprise system offers ever-growing opportunities and rewards for successful accom- plishment. To make your job easier you'1l find Reddy Kilowatt elec- tric power an able helper -- a partner working for Better Liv- ing for America. N o Q GULF ' UTILITIES Oo 0 C sg?- " 4 'll ' STATES, "' co, 0 ll qx INCH AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING I8l6 Nederland Avenue Nederland, Texas RA 2-349l Complimen+s of HUTTO'S BARBER SHOP 2909 Nederland Avenue W. T. HUTTO, Owner HANKS PHARMACY IZO8 Nederland Ave. RA 2-3493 Nederland, Texas GARDNER'S GROCERY "Service Wlllw a Smile" H55 Bos'l'on RA 2.483l Nederland, Texas Congrafulalions Seniors of I964 FASHION CLEANERS RA 2-442l l2I'7 Nederland Avenue Complimen+s of "GOODY" GRIFFIN'S MEN'S WEAR 2I5 Bos+on RA 2-4l5l Nederland, Texas NN: Cs 3 ff' 5 p I I l I I I I aww Shu PHONE 2-8303 4 BAKER'S NEDERLAND FLOWER SHOP Day or Nigh+ Call ll27 Bosfon Ave. PHONE Nederland, Texas RA 2-8852 Complimenrs o'F THE PATSY ANN SHOP l229 Bos'l'on PAUL'S BARBER SHOP 4 Barbers Shine Boy Air Condirioned I72O Nederland Avenue Nederland, Texas RA 2-990I MIDCOUNTY PUBLISHING COMPANY Prinlers - Publishers 9 eran , SXBS RA 2-8359 Complimen+s of YOUMAN'S REAL ESTATE l-EWl5 3020 Ne,,e,,a,,d Ave, BUILDERS' SUPPLY, INC. RA 2-43I8 RA 2-83l5 NEDERLAND, TEXAS Nederland, Texas .VM UW, .,., , cw . 5 E, 1 1 '- - 1 . k , , fm-Mxwdmggfzgyvw A AA, , WMM, ,,,, WMW,,,,,f,, ,,., 5 .ggi 17? ,.,,', 1 ,:14,'3' '9f,nf4g,f,f: "'1v-nmn-4-- " W.: V P, 5' 'I ' ff'j,7,' g ,g,,'g,,,,L,4 WELDON DAVIS FUNERAL HOME "We Serve These Who Cure ll CADILLAC AMBULANCE SERVICE RA 2-83Il NEDERLAND, TEXAS MRS. WELDON DAVIS, Lady AH'endan+ JONES RAMBLER Rambler 6 or V-8 Ambassador 723 Nederland Ave. Nederland RA 2-202 l THE SCHOON ER SPECIALIZING IN Sea Foods Chicken and Sizzling S+ealcs Locafed on New Beaumoni' and Por'I' Arfhur Hwy. RA 2-2323 Congrafulafions CRQCKER MQTQRS Seniors Sales' and Service THCRNELL Au+l1orized AUTO SUPPLY Plymoufh, Valianl Dealer 66 Boslon Ave. Nederland, 2-8336 PHONE RA 2-3435 Besl' Wishes +0 Cgmplimenfg The of Senior Class of '64 TOM 81 SKEETER'S CAFETERIA I4I5 Nederland Ave. Nederland RA 2-3537 CRESWELI-'S Home Supply WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE I220 Nederland Avenue Nederland, Texas Dial RA 2-4I I2 II23 Bos+on NEDERLAND Complirnenfs of LEW'S LITTLE SUPER MARKET PI1one 822 RA 2-I73I I2I'I1 S+. Ned. FOREMAN'S FLOWERS 8. GIFTS KPNG Radio 22I2 Nederland Avenue H50 on Your Nederland, Texas Radio Dial ELECTRONIC xg Ou? of . QA EX Radio 8: Television g PRESCRIPTION DHHS Wmldx PHARMACY q Radio, Television, and Appliance Sales and Service 4I6 Nederland Ave. RA 2-85II P.O. Box II8 Nederland, Texas 2232 Nall S+., P+. Neches, Tex. DIAL RA 2-0244 for fasi' free delivery To all OI: Congralulafions, Seniors! Mid-County MILLER ELECTRIC CO. I504 Nederland Avenue Nederland, Texas 225 'ww-w-....,,, K in E X 'i M, ,-.. -Y' A xx , . AX , yransif -Nix COMES FULLY "EQUlPPED" X K ni N if-Nw, Mi Yi fW""'Nf" 22' HUGHES FOOD MART 2500 NEDERLAND AVENUE Where your friends and neighbors work to serve you better. ,A v af 2 E TS 2 3 i 1 if we 3 5 fi 3 Q 4 Vi ii A ' 'WW , , V N i MQ WKWMMJQKK , Wwiiyiswgwk rj W 33Qyg?zs5y W Qi? 1 W 9? Zffffwwff ff K Q Wygfgiff W WM iyfxfifkmw Qgfgiviff My W w ' M Qzzkfssgf XQQWSQWWWWQJ s p ww! N , I 2 W Q my WWWM QW 39532 W W fnq3gW 95 WJ WWW WW Mmm jiligww USJQJZWJ WWW ok KNWNM' BMJWM WJ WJ MJ' WWW' W N .ff My, QM W gy RWM 1 Us ! li Mildgyfwzdiyigi . N 1 WW' . . , , Q QQ ,W ,E Qi MPWJ ' gifiiwg fvgwwqdw f ' w 1, V ,f gf v . N Lf u 9 ' . 3 was wwf ,gfziffj gf NjfQ'5 Q, QM 225222322 U mfs X Sf gW55VbQXM Q01 E Q! Qwfwfff iff. SX fffwwpffiff iiifs Q ' Q5 ij PC TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" dl 66 Q 1, . L A .5 wi Y'-' ,D h . F-1 x x 3 A v i Cty? b55 LQXB yff 1 ,, .5 l M! QW if M Vijggfy WQWM MMMM ' r -- .4......:..n-.... 5 a 3 4 5 than -- ,L ,',..l-.. l g Y YW iw, 'i,,w:-i4AnLi4:txViM Vi Y K 1 ' V I? h . , 50 SHEAR 1 w.-. -031,4 .,,..,.-. 'lltQnq-1.g- mm mfr on cn. 'Y B S f a u1+.' Q- ' .., np. I ..,..-V -, .

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