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,As 1 . 110 'Z 'VK . k.,-' 1 5 s ng. u Q'-' A' if r' . 9. ,. Lrxqx I. 4 M4 'FW , A w,'3:j4 xx. iz 1 1' Bw '. R an X. ,, su 1 ,,. .1 1. h , .B 1' -4 Q - -1 ,g ,u""-A554-5 ,,,g -3 -Q' ' , 354-E -'swf S , , 'U . 51 , W, ii' ',1lunz ,r dvi . y . we 3516 1962 YLQGIC ' cnederfiand fliigli Scfuvvf cn2dMwnd,jems QM f VASZQ ft lk. jgzsg uf may Mn- -1- M59 ., A. . fe A .mm A , Qi M -I wifffilli wx. A 'ww 5 ff: xfgkggfi A Libs Maxam ,,. iEI"?El rfivl-13993-Z-Y M fvmiiiif "?'Q"gQ'25 Q as 56 1 Nlfu.T0mwd7Gef8U ' The person we chose for the dedication of the 1962 PILOT is someone that touches the lives of every student and teacher in Nederland High School, either directly or indirectly. He has Worked, not only for the students, but with them by loyally and sincerely promoting citizenship, good sportsmanship, scholarship, and social ac- tivities. His patience and understanding are only two of his outstanding characteristics. The PILOT Staff take this opportunity to express the grati- tude and affection that the entire student body feels for him hy dedicating the 1962 PILOT to Mr. William E. Tannert. Wal Tlw Beliimdfflwhlnw. Mr. Tannert, our level-headed sponsor, intermingles nourish- ment with teaching. Mr. T's pride and joy, Michele, is a sure in- spiration to him. Mrs. Tannert and Michele are just as proud of Mr. Tannert as he is of them. Mr. and Mrs. Tannert and Michele take time out to pose for a family portrait. The eternal symbol of authority . . . the equalization of students and teachers . . , the various duties, besides teaching school 6 taking t par in gchool activities all characterize the N.H.S. administration. This is NJ-l.Q.'s ADMIN! ON lw Capabatff Hands og Mm. MR. ORLAND STRICKLAND BOARD OF EDUCATION . . Phil H. Hnndlty, Prtliuml I Nederland Independent School Dlstrlct 12.251 ifLilQTld3.'fii'fLfI"'d"' C1 d . P. O. Box 908 Nederland, Texas gaggzcyrdkyfnis . E. E ' 1:51 Flcmxlglg ofxma smfuma, npmmndm YBWWPALS Joe Fiedler, High Szboal Vernon R. Rzmkr, junior High .Yclloal crm: P. Gilsun, Awww supnfmwdm fm znmmaan 1da1ES,.S'3gh'MiiffalHEffZ'lf"5,menf..fy Jams W. umbcff Ilmgbm Elememary Ralph H. Raines, Bwinvn Manager June 4, 1962 TO THE STUDENTS OF NEDERLAND HIGH SCHOOL: The purpose of a school yearbook is twofold, to provide a living record of the activities of your school days and to preserve for posterity certain records which are otherwise left in obscurity through the years. The Nederland Schools have provided you with a fine program of education: but in the final analysis each of you must realize that education is an individual responsibility. Where you go in life and what you make of yourself will he determined by the amount of foresight, courage and energy which you put into your daily routine. The good life can be yours if you remain of good cheer, work diligently, pre- serve your good character and reputation. The Annual Staff is to be congratulated for the preparation of this book. This is an arduous task, and requires the expenditure of much time and effort. Sincerely yours, NEDERLAND INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Orland Strickland, Superintendent OS!mp Owo School Boofwb Hoo A Big Respowsfb' ' ow., Qclwolb SITTING, left to right: Harry Chester, Tyler Kirkland, Amidee Morgan. STANDING, left to right: Maurice Mclnnis, W, W. Sinclair, Harold Brown, Phil Handley. CLAUDE GILSON, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction : Q ummm Howes ogrzm-,ANL E-660"bAw spew B5 These Paioelleas Pwpba HAROLD MCGILL, B.A. Guidance Director Baylor JOHNNY BOURQUE Tax Assessor and Collector Edna Brady, Secretary and Betty Ritchie, Attendance , , Clerk. RALPH RAINES Business Manager BOWDEN COOK, B.S. Athletic Director Texas Tech 1118691 LOJIQA Assist iw Mrs. Mary Perryman, Secretary to the Superintendent and Recording Secretary to the School. ow. emu ewan Mrs. Gloria Brown, Secretary to the Assistant Super- intendent for Instruction. Mrs. Annie Marie Stovall and Mrs. Norine Barras, Clerks. Mrs. Anne Spruill, Bookkeeper, Mrs. 'Jean Metreyeon, Secretary to the Business Manager. Mrs. Roxy Thornell, N.H.S. Nurse and Sponsor of the Future Nurses. OwvTeaclwus Pwpow Us Fofdlw Futww BERTHA YORK, BS. ELIZABETH GUARNERE, B.S. DELLA S. POOL, B.S. English lVg Sam Houston State English Illg Abilene Christian College English Hg Lamar Tech GRACE WOLF, B.A. English Hg Lamar Tech It's very simple. All you do is . . . Teaclwm Qwwefxls Sponsors O OwuActawtwa Even teachers use the dictionary once in a while. ELEANOR ANDERSON, B.S. English III, Latin I, II, Latin Club Spon- sor, Northern State Teachers College GEORGE W. MARTIN, B.A. ERNESTINE FLEMING, B.S. BETTY TOMLIN, B.A. Spanish I, II, Stephen F. Austin Business English, Secretarial Training, Libraryg Texas Woman's University Stephen F. Austin Aswdwws ' ' UsTlwFacts BILLIE MCCLURE, B.B.A. MAVIS WILLlAMS,B.S. WILLIAM L. COOK, B.S., M.Ed. Typif1gI,II, Pep Squad Sponggr, Cheer. Shorthand I, ll, Typing ll, Pep Squad Vocational Agriculture, F.F.A. Sponsor leader Spgnggrg Stephen F, Austin Sponsor, Cheerleader Sponsorg Stephen Texas ASLM F. Austin This quick drink helps prepare for the next class. it E, 2 ' s NAOMI GLEASON, A.B., MA. Bookkeeping I, II, Typing, F.T.A. Spon- sor, National Honor Society Sponsorg West Virginia University Fawlfg MeetwgsAwL I Keep OwvTea1:lw-is WILLIAM E. TANNERT, BS. Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Math, Physics, Student Council Sponsorg Stephen F. Austin Mr. Rodgers checks the number of students he has failed . . . MYRA DUNN, B.S. ELIZABETH CLEVELAND GERALDLYN WATTS, B.S. Algebra I, General Math, East Texas Family Relations, Homemaking III, Sam Homemaking II, F.H.A. Sponsorg Ste- I6 Baptist College Houston P11611 F. Austin www Im60medfAvwL rzwdg T0fDofTlwi1u Bm. WILLIAM E. VILHA, B.A. L. J. BROUSSARD, B.S. ROBERT L. GOSS, M.A. Chemistry I, II, Science Club Sponsorg Biology, Advanced Biologyg University Biologyg Stephen F. Austin Daniel Baker, Baylor of Houston Miss Sanderson enjoys decorating the show cases. JOE L. BORING, B.S. Biology, Health, Physical Education, N.H.S. Coachg Texas A8zM Teaclwns LeadfTwov Lives: At Qcluoo0fAmzLAt Home Teachers can really make the test hard. JAMES C. ROGERS, B.S. Algebra Il, Plane Geometry, Lamar Tech GLORIA HAMILTON, B.S. and B.A. MONTE AARON, B.S. CHARLES B. JORDON, JR., B.A. Solid Geometry, Plane Geometry, Ad- Commercial Math, Algebra Ig Lamar Senior Math, Texas A8zM vanced Senior Math, Physics, North Tech Texas, Lamar Tech GoodfTeadww Emu BOBBIE L. BUSHNELL, B.S. MARY T. ARMSTRONG, B.S. BEVERLY MINALDI, B.A. Physical Education, Health, American Physical Education, Baylor Civics, Economics, Lamar Tech History, Texas Woman's University Mr. Kelly tries on the new uniforms for the band students. at E i :flaw :ENE 1, 4 5 .TOE PEACOCK, B.S. American History, Speech, Drama Club Sponsor, Lamar Tech x x N Senior teachers enjoy a day off along with the happy seniors . . . lw-Qw11wTwiuimg I-Mp! DOROTHY RYLAND Arts and Crafts, Art I, H, Journalism, Bull- dog Beat Sponsor, Press Club Sponsor, Art Club Sponsorg East Texas Baptist Y ADELYN GRANGER, BS. ORVILLE A. KELLEY, lVl.Ed. JACK MCCAFFEY, B.S., M.Ed. Plane Geometryg Lamar Tech Bandg East Texas State Drivers' Education, Health, World His- , toryg Lamar Tech, University of Texas ,ewoubewtmj BURNET'l', B.S.. B. F. CHRISTIAN GEORGE EISENMANN, B.S. Civics, Economics, American History, Health, Physical Education, NHS Coach Study Hall, Drivers' Educationg Stephen Physical Education, NHS Coachg Stephen F. Austin F. Austin JOHN M. ANDERSON, B.S. Physical Educationg Troy State College Relaxing is an easy job. M048 ' cow NEAL MORGAN, B.S. American History, Physical Educationg Stephen -E. Austin We told them that we would catch them someday . . . DAVE SMITH, M.S. JOYCE SANDERSON, B.S. JACK C. WEEREN, B.S. Drivers' Education, NHS Coach Family Relations, Homemaking III General Metal Trades I, II, VIC Sponsor Texas A8zM Teadww Reaflg Know I-lowvTv M0lwTlwTest I-lamb LESTER YOUNGBLOOD, B.S.I.E. JOHN MATHESEN Woodworking I, Il, Mechanical Drawing Choral I, II, Arkansas AGM Do you really think she was surp1'ised??? ,i W , M if ii ig' -if ., ,QQ . K is V ,. J Oh, boy! One more failure . . . You're not supposed to be in the halls without a corridor pass. Oh, I think l'll fail him too These finals can really get you down . . . "Did you learn to whisper in a sawmill?" These People DofTlwJobs WQTM Fofv 1 B MRS. ZILLAH SMITH Dietician MR. A. V. HALL Custodian 5 MR. JULIUS TRAHAN Custodian . T, , Mmes. Maryon Miles, Mabel Sterling, Mabel LeBlanc, Ruth Creel, Ruth Beck, Frances Erwin, Ora Harris. Mmes. Myrtle Campbell, Rena McElvain, Irene Lynd, Paula Campbell, Effie Boutin, Florence DeCuir. The final arrival of Graduation Day 1962 . . . nf These awtlw Q-ENIO ob NJ-I. . . . the exquisite show of Senior talent . . . . . . and the long-awaited Senior Day Picnic make up a Senior year long to be remembered 25 Senior Class Officers: Julie Reed, Secretaryg Peggy .lo Doornbos, Social Leaderg "Tenom" Price, P1-esidentg Ginger Provost Treasurer. 1 P "Ulm" QENIOIZJ CLAQQ OF- mea The Seniors of '62 are the largest class to graduate from Nederland High School. The State Play-offs in football, the Alumni Banquet, the Mardi Gras Prom given in honor of the Seniors by the Juniors, lVlay llth at Lake Tejas, millions of graduation parties, Baccalaureate, Graduation, and the traditional All Night Party are only the outstanding highlights of a Wonderful senior year. Class Song: 4'Valley High" Class Motto: :Today is the tomorrow we Worried about yesterday." Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flowers: Rose 26 ROBERT ALBRITTON "Only the truly good are the truly greatf, Football 2-4, All-District 43 Basketball 2, 3g Track 2, 45 Baseball 2-4, Honorable Mention All-State 23 National Honor S0- ciety 3, 45. Science Club 3, 43 King of Hearts Candidate 4. DOROTHY ASHWORTH "Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing." SHERRY AUSTIN "Hi! Beautimusfi' Westernaires 3, 45 Class Favorite 23 Class Vice-President 2g Student Council 2g Prom Duchess 43 Best Sense of Humor 4g Pep Squad 2. SANDRA BARCLAY "It matters not how long we live, but how." Band 2-4. PAT BARRETT "Less worrying, fewer books . . . that'.s my idea of Happiness." Future Nurses 4. JANET BARRILLEAUX "We must laugh before we are happy, for fear we die before we laugh at all." MARY BASS "Laugh and the world laughs with youg Weep and you weep alonef' MAXINE BASS "It took twelve years, but I made it." Pep Squad 2g F.H.A. 3. SANDRA BATEMAN "Please rise for the seniors to march in." Student Council 2-4, Student-body Vice- President 3, President 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Band 2-45 F.H.A. 2-43 Science 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 3, Best All-Around 4g Miss N.H.S. 4. PETER BAYARD "Wine, women anal song are getting me downg guess I'll give up singing." Student Council 2-4g Class Favorite 25 Most Attractive 4. MIGNONNE BEASLEY "How all her care was to be fairg and all her task to be sweet? BILLY BLANKENSHIP "Just call me 'Flash'.', Baseball 3, 4. MARIE BODEMULLER "Lamar Tech, here I enamel" Band 2-4g Westernaires 3, 45 Art Club 2-4, Social Leader 2g F.H.A. 2-4, Song Leader 23 Drama Club 3, 4, Business Man- ager 4g National Honor Society 3, 45 Art I Award 2. ROSEMARIE BOLLMAN "Where therels smoke, there's fire." Westernaires 43 Football Duchess 3g Miss Photollash Contestant 4g G.l.S. 25 F.H.A. 2-4g Drama Club 2-4, Pep Squad 2, 3, Science Club 3. CLAUDE ANN BOURQUE "Please get your hangers in!" Pep Squad 2-4g Office Award. DON BRAND "Hail, Hail! Rock rr' Roll." PAT BRANHAM "It is easy to seegi hard to foresee." Cheerleader 4g Pep Squad 2g Football Duchess 2. HERBY BROUSSARD "Why does everybody always pick on me?" Football 2-45 Track 4, Cutest 4. MARY LOIS BROUSSARD '4Go to college? I just hope I get out of high schoolfn BERT BROWN "Oh, Mrs. Minaloli, I remember this chap- ter from the last time I took economics." GEORGE BRYANT "A man's a man for all that!" Best Dressed 45 Baseball 2-4. GENE BUTLER "Me? I like a Pt. Neches girl too." CAROL CARTER 'I surely do love him!" E. C. GATES 'It's for your own good, I tell you!" RAYMOND CHAMPAGNE "fm glad to be ouL."' Science Club 3, 4g Baseball 4. NORMA CHANCE "But, I'1n not chewing gum." JOHN CHATELAIN "Facts are stubborn things." JOHN CHILEK "Common sense is instinctg enough of it is genius." LEWIS CHRISTIAN "Linda . . 3' CAROL COHRT "What one wishes, one believes." Future Nurses 2-4, Reporter 3g Press Club 3g Morning Watch 3, 4g Secretary 33 Choral Club 3g Pep Squad 2-4. GRADY COLVIN "Sherry will never get my senior ring." V.l.C. 4g President 43 Prom Duke 4. GAYLE CONCIENNE H. . . and ya,ll YELL!!!,' Cheerleader 3, 4g Pep Squad 2g Miss Flame Contest 2g Prom Duchess 25 Best Personality 43 Miss Photoflash Runner Up 4. JOANNE CONNER "The only ambition I ever had was to win the heart of a certain ladf, Pep Squad 2, C.l.S. 25 Drama Club 2, 3g Future Nurses 2-4, Social Leader 4g F.H.A. 4, Science Club 4, Latin Club 3. BONNIE COOK "The only way to have a friend is to be onef' G.l.S. 25 F.H.A. 2-4, Morning Watch 2-43 Choral Club 3. CHERYL COOK 6'0ver the mountain, across the seag there's a boy waiting for me to wait for him." Pep Squad 2-4g National Honor Society 3, 4g Press Club 2-4, F.H.A. 2-4, Presi- dent 4g F.T.A. 3, 49 G.l.S. 2, Student Council 4g Class Social Leader 2, Miss Flame 3g Science Club 35 Drama Club 3g G.l.S. Award 29 Delta Kappa Gamma 4g Family Relations Award 4g Tom McAn Award 4. GLENDA CORNELIUS "Have you seen an orange Ford lately?" Band 2-4g F.H.A. 2-4g G.l.S. 2. RICHARD COPE "If at first you. don't succeed, skip it." Colorado: Football 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3. BONNIE CRUSENBERRY "Another day, another boyg Another heart, Her favorite toy." Westernaires 3, 49 F.H.A. 2-4g Pep Squad 23 Library Club 2-4, Historian 3, Literary Club 4g Ideal Westernaire 4. JAKE DAVID "Allis fair in love and war . . . and English? Football 2-4, All-District 3, 4g All-State 4, Captain 43 Track 2-4g Basketball 2-3, All-District 33 Baseball 2-4g Class Vice- President 25 National Honor Society 3, 4g Boys' State 3, King of Hearts Candidate 3g Most Popular 4g Shop I and II Award 2, 3. LINDA CAROL DAVIS Itls hard to say what serious thoughts these Seniors have. JAMES DENNIS "Difficulties show what men aref' V.l.C. 4. JANE DILLAPLAIN "It,s nice to be important, but more im- portant to be nice." C.H.S. Little Rock: Latin Club 2g Beta Club 2g Southernaires 2g Social Club 23 N.H.S.: Latin Club 3, 43 F.H.A. 45 Honor Graduate 4. ANDREA DOMINQUE "I do my hardest work before breakfast- getting upf' Future Nurses 2g F.H.A. 4. PEGGY DOORNBOS "Like all, love noneg Stay happy, have fun." Pep Squad 2-43 F.H.A. 2-4, Social Leader 2, Historian 4g F.T.A. 4g Class Social Leader 43 Press Club 4. J AMES DORSEY "Cheaters never win . . . much." C.T.A. Award 43 Library Club 4. RALPH DGWDEN "Live and let lovef, Band 2, 3g Honor Graduate 4g Second Highest Ranking Senior 4g English IV Award 4g Solid Geometry .Award 49 Ec- onomics Award 4. WILLIAM DOWDEN "If I were half of what some people ore, Fd have only those people to compete with." Science Club 3, 45 Texas Chemical Coun- cil Award 4g National Merit Finalist 4g Physics Award 4. JOAN DUPLANT "Study, study, study! And never pass o test." F.I'I.A. 4g G.I.S. 2g Choral Club 35 Short- hand Award 4. MARY EDGAR "Fm just os small for my size as you are big for yoursf, Westernaires 4g Neatest 4, Pep- Squad 2g F.T.A. 2, 3. LARRY ELLIOTT "I can't find My Economics Book!" Football 2-4, Track 2-4. RONNIE ERMEL "Yes, I made 100 on my unknowns in Chemistry II." Science Club 3, 4. RICHARD EWING "I airft said nothing, so print nothing.' Football. : f1"WF-f BEVERLY FABRE "Where am I? With Ronnie of course." Westernaires 3, 4, Captain'4g Press Club 35 F.H.A. 2g Pep Squad 2. JIMMY FARRIS "Big Jimg No. 1 corn loader." Band 2-4g Band Service Award 4. SHIRLEY FOREMAN "Can you imagine me without Bruce?" G.I.S. 2g Choral Club 3. IESSIE FOWLER "Did you see David pass by here?" Band 2-4g F.H.A. 2-4. BETTY FRASER "Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterdayf, Future Nurses 4. MARILYN FRASER ". . . but I don't understand." Arkansas: Beta Club 2, 33 Science Club 2, 3g F.T.A. 2, 3g F.H,A. 23 Allied Youth 2, 3g Spurettes 35 Nederlandz' Future Nurses 4g Science Club 45 Wittiest 4. JACKIE FRISBY "Life is but thought." Pep Squad 2g Drama Club 23 F.H.A. 4. CLARA FULLEN "Guess what?" F.H.A. 3, Betty Crocker Award 43 Latin Club 3, 4g Morning Watch 3, 4, Pep Squad 3, 4. ROSS GEISENDORFF "Always around but never can be found." Art Club 3, 4, Parliamentarian 43 Boys' Intramural Sports 2, 3. JAMES GODWIN "Do what you will, life is fiction, made up of contradiction." Science Club 3, 4. ROY GOODWIN "Cheaters never winf, Science Club 2-43 Tom McAn Award 4. SUSANN GOODWIN "Fd walk a mile for a cokef, Westernaires 3, 4g Best Dressed'4g Student Council 2-4, Treasurer 3g Pep Squad 25 F.H.A. 2-4, Drama Club 2, 3g Science Club 3, 4g Literary Club 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Academic Award 4. DAVID GOTCHER "Well, if Edie says we will, then we will." Band 2-4, All-Region 43 Basketball 2, 3g Morning Watch 2-43 President 43, Honor Graduate 4. ' SANDRA GRAY "Try not to think about itf, Pep Squad 2-43 Drama Club 2g Press Club 43 F.H.A. 4. NORMAN GREENBERG' "May I ask a question? F.F.A. 2-4, President 43 Agriculture II Award 23 Agriculture Ill Award 33 Thor Electric Award 3g Science Club 2-4. AGNES GREGORY "Andy . . ." Morning Watch 2-4, Secretary 2, 4. CAROLYN GROSSMAN "Variety is the spice of lifef' Westernaires 43 Pep Squad 23 F.H.A. 3, 4. LUKE GUIDRY "Where the grosbeck goes, Manny goes." Football 2-4Q Baseball 2, 3g Track 2, 33 Twirp King Candidate 3. LYNDA HARDIN "Just call me 'Lucyf " Future Nurses 25 F.H.A. 2, 4. DAVID HARPER "Great hopes make great menf' V.I.C. 43 Tennis 2, 3. WILLIAM HARPER "Hey, Speedy!" Morning Watch 2, Top Ranking Student 2-4g Spanish II Award 2g Track 3, 4g Chemistry I Award 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, Academic Award 4, English III Award 33 Science Club 45 American Chemistry Award 4, Balfour Award 45 Trig Award 4g Bausch 81 Lomb Science Award 45 Shepherd Laundries Award 49 National Merit Award. LAMAR HART "The three B's and S . . . 73.5 Boys, Intramural Sports 2-43 Drama Club 2. STEVE HARVILL "A penny saved is a drop in the bucket." Art Club 2g Baseball 2-4, Spanish Club 2. RAY HAWKINS "Get your funbeam today." Football 2-4g Science Club 3, 4. MIKE HAYES "I have seen the other side of summer." Art Club 2-45 Drama Club 2, 35 Morning Watch 2-45 Press Club 2-45 Bulldog Beat 3, 45 Literary Club 4, President 45 Jour- nalism Award 35 First Place Writer's Contest 3, 45 Morning Watch Reporter 3. DON HENDRIX "Life can be easy, but you can't always be proud of easy jobs." Band 2-4, Vice-President 35 President 45 Drama Club 4. JOHN HERRING "It is better to deserve honor than to pos- sess it." Band 2-45 Latin Club 25 Science Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Honor Graduate 4. WALKER HERRINGTON "Mr. Herrington, wake up." Mechanical Drawing Award 25 Basketball B Squad 35 A Team 45 Science Club 3, 4. BONNIE HERRON "May I borrow your mirror?" Art Club 3, Treasurer 35 Bulldog Beat 35 G.I.S. 25 P.E. Award 25 Pep Squad 2, 35 Press Club 3, President 3. KATHY HICKMAN "lim just going to laugh!" Most Likely to Succeed 45 Pilot Sweet- heart Candidate 45 Pep Squad 25 G.I.S. 25 Art Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Press Club 2, 45 Drama Club 2, 3, Vice- President 35 English II Award 25 Latin Club 2-45 Stanley Award 4. LINDA HINGLE "I doesnlz knowf, Pep Squad 2, 3, Westernaires 49 F.H.A. 2-4g Drama Club 2, 3g Literary Club 43 G.I.S. 2, Press Club 2. MURPHY HINGLE "My only boolrs were women's looks, folly's all they taught me." Football 2-43 Track 33 Science Club 4. BARBARA HOLLIER "Lost, two golden hours set with diamond minutesg No reward offered, they are gone forever." Future Nurses 2-4, Reporter 43 Latin Club 2-4, Treasurer 3, Pep Squad 2, 3: Press Club 43 F.H.A. 4g Library Club 4, Sec- retary 4. BONNIE HOLLIMAN "Oh, goodness, isn't it time to go to the band hallf, Future Nurses 2, 3, Band 2-4g Drama Club 2. BOBBY HORNE "He has no leisure, who uses it not." V.l.C. 4. DONNY HUCKABY "That's monstrous goodf, StudenLCou.ncil 2-43 Class President 33 Annual Staff 3, 4g Tennis 4. DAN HUNT :'You bet I'm going to Rice." Football '2-4, All-District 4, Honorable Mention All-State 4, Captain 43 Student Council 3, 43 Outstanding Lineman 4g National Honor Society 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4. PAM HURLEY "I am a heartbreakerf' Westernaires 3, 4, Lieutenant 43 Bulldog Beat 4g Press Club 2-4, President 43 Most Attractive 4g Miss Photoflash Runner Up 4g Pep Squad 2g G.l.S. 23 Art Club 2g F.H.A. 2-43 Choral Club 2, 3, Reporter 2g Drama Club 2, 3. SHERRY HURLEY '41 think I'Zl take u Ride by Mike's.', F.H.A. 2-43 Choral Club 3, 4. MIKE JOHNSON "I just can't stand Liquid Prell commer- cialsf, Baseball 2-43 Basketball 2, 33 Spanish Club 2g Science Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Prom Duke 3. SHARRON JOHNSON "I don't strut as fast as I walk." Band 2-4, Majorette 2, Drum Major 3, 4g Student Council 3, 43 Student Body Treas- urer 43 Prom Queen 4. MAX KATTNER "Whatever you have, spend lessf' Student Council 3, 43 Football 2-43 Science Club 3, 4, President 43 Best Personality 4. GERALD KELLEY "Say something . , . dorft just stand theref, South Park: Football 2g N.H.S.: Science Club 4. FRANKIE KING "I zlon't see thot, Mrs. York." Track 2-4g Football 2-4. LANNY KIRKLAND "I .should sniclfer to snort!" Football Manager 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4, Track 2, 35 Boys' P.E. Award 25 F.F.A. 2-4, Secretary 3. WILEY KITCHENS "Why does everybody always call me Wiley-Ann?" Football 2, Manager 35 Latin 'Club 2, 33 Science Club 3, 4. CAROL KNIGHT "You mean 5' 2" is short? Wonderful!" F.H.A. 2-43 F.T.A. 2, 3, Reporter 3, Pep Squad 2, 35 G.I.S. 2. PEGGY LAPOINT "Smile . . . though your heart is breakingg Smile though it may be aching." Band 2-4, Majorette 2-45 F.H.A. 2, 33 Class Social Leader 133 Twirp Queen Candi- date 3. ERSKINE LEYSATH "lust call me 'Shorty'f' Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, Track 2, Science Club 3, 4. KAREN LIB-ERSAT "We are always beginning to live but never living." Future Nurses 2-4, Parliamentarian 3, Treasurer 4, Library Club 4, President 41, Science Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, P.E. Award 3, Most Athletic 4, Honor Grad- uate 4, DAR Award 4, P.T.A. Award 4. MANDA 'LINDER '4Mrs. Minaldi, my name is Manda Linder, not Linda Manderf' Westernaires 3, 4, Pep Squad 2, F.H.A. ' 2-4, Parliamentarian 4, Drama Club 2, 3, G.I.S. 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Press Club 3, P.T.A. Award 4. , PATSY LOVE l "Always happy, never sad, sometimes naughty, but never baclf' Louisiana: Drama Club 2, F.T.A. Pep Squad 2, Student Council 2, 3, Vice- President 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, Parliamentarian 2, Annual Editor 3, F.B.L.A., Class Fa- vorite 3, Top Ranking Student 3, Campus i Favorite 3, Library Club 3, N.H.S.: G.l.S. 4, Typing Award 4, Senior Math 4. KAY MCDONALD L ':Six or ten years from now, I will be a dental hygienist? F.H.A. 2, Band 2-4, Alternate Majorette 2, G.I.S. 2, Press Club 2-4, Bulldog Beat 3, 4, Editor 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Reporter 4, Quill and Scroll 3, I 4, President 4, Drama Club 3, Prom 1 Duchess 3, Class Secretary 3, Western- aires 3, 4, All-Region Band 3, Accomp- anist. DONNA MCFARLAND "Past hope, past help, p.ast care." Future Nurses 3, Choral Club 3, 4. LINDA MCGOWN "Did I get a letter from Pat?" Westernaires 3, 4, Lieutenant 45 F.H.A. 2, 45 Pep Squad 25 Press Club 4. LUNITA MARSHALL "Where the boys are . . . uh . . . Where ARE the boys?" Band 2-45 Westernaires 3, 45 F.H.A. 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 45 Homemaking II Award 25 Latin Club 2, 35 Science Club 45 Miss Photo- flash Finalist 4. NELDA MARTIN "Watch It!!!" F.H.A. 2-45 Morning Watch 2-4. MADELINE MEN CHACA "Life is one long process of getting tired." Pep Squad 25 Future Nurses 3, 45 Secre- tary 45 Library Club 4, Treasurer 45 F.H.A. 4. CAROLYN MILLER "Did I get LI letter?" G.I.S. 4. KAROL MILLER "Big things come in .small packages." Band 2-45 F.H.A. 25 Twirp Queen Candi- date 25 National Honor Society 3, 4, Sec- retary 45 Drama Club 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Press Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Most Dignified 45 Choral Club 2, 35 Danforth Award 4. LORAN MILLS "Will somebody buy my car?l?.", Football 25 Basketball 2-4g Baseball 25 Art Club 3, 43 Drama Club 3. MIKE MORGAN "Learning without thinking is uselessg Thinking without learning is dangerous." Football 2-4g Track 2-4g National Honor Society 3, 4g Science Club 4g Best Sense of Humor 4. JOHN MYATT "Teaching and preaching is a fool's de- sireg thinking and learning is what I ad- mire." CHARLES MYERS "Charley Myers, everybody's sheriff." Football 2-43 Track 3. RENA NEEL "Just Edward . . f' F.T.A. 2, 3g Choral Club 2-4g G.I.S. 2. MARVIN NEWMAN 4'Be not simply good, but good for some- thing." Golf 35 Most Dignified 45 Science Club 3, 45 Tennis 4. KATHY OSWALT "Where's Bobby?" F.H.A. 2-45 Future Nurses 2, 35 Pep Squad 25 Drama Club 2-45 Choral Club 2-4. JAMES OVERSTREET "I like the way you walk . . ." Football 2-4, All-District 4, All-State 4, Outstanding Linernan 4, Captain 45 Base- ball 2, 45 Basketball 25 Track 2, 35 Science Club 35 Most Athletic 4. JUDY PAXTON "I should have taken calculusg Senior Mathis too hardf" Speech I Award 35 Press Club 2, 35 Drama Club 25 Bulldog Beat 35 Literary Club 45 Business English Award 4. JIM PENNINGTON 'Two minutes till lunch . . . and our daily sprintf' Football 2-4, All-District 45 Track 25 Art Club 4, President 4. ROXIE PERKINS "Champagne, anyone?" Pep Squad 25 Westernaires 45 F.H.A. 25 Queen of Hearts Candidate 25 Pilot Sweet- heart Candidate 45 G.l.S. 2, Reporter 2. SANDRA PERRYMAN "Gratitude is riches, complain is poverty, and the worst I ever had was wonderful." F.H.A. 2-43 Pep Squad 2, 3g Press Club 2, 45 Art Club 4. ' EUGENIA PLEASANT "All things come to those who wait." F.H.A. 2-4g Class Treasurer 35 Pep Squad 2, 3g Drama Club 2g Science Club 3, 49 Bookkeeping Award 3g Bookkeeping II Award 4. JESSIE POLK "After your fling, watch for the sting." JACK POOL "Success is getting what you wantg hap- piness is wanting what you get." Football 3g Track 2-4g Latin Club 2g Baseball 2g Science Club 3, 45 Boys' P.E. Award 4. JAMES POOL "Some are wise, some are otherwiseg then there's Jim." Future Teachers 2, 33 Drama Club 2, 35 Band 29 Morning Watch 2-4, Song Leader 2, 3g Bulldog Beat 45 Choral Club 2. RONNIE G. PORTER 'Silence is golden, but Fm no gold diggerf' Art Club 25 Science Club 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 2. MYRNA PREVOST "When I D0 talk, I say something." Pep Squad 25 Westernai1'es 45 Miss Flame 45 G.I.S. 25 Future Nurses 45 F.H.A. 3, 45 Drama Club 3. ALVIN PRICE "Save your Confederate money, boys5 the South will rise again." Football 2-45 Science Club 3, 45 Class President 45 Track 2. JOHN PRICE "If all the worldls a stage, at least act like you knoufwhat you're doing." Band 2-4, All-Region 2, 3, All-State 3, 45 Latin Club 2-45 Science Club 3, 45 Biol- ogy Award 25 Algebra II Award 25 Plane Geometry Award 25 Solid Geometry Award 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 R. O. Medlin Award 45 Advanced Math Award 45 Advanced Chemistry Award 45 Most Valuable Musician 45 Danforth Award 45 Honor Graduate 4. GINGER PROVOST "Fm just a 'Good ole band girl."' Band 2-4, Social Leader 3, Secretary 45 Class Treasurer 45 F.H.A. 2-45 Drama Club 35 Band Service Award 4. JULIE REED "Steve is sweeter than Jake, Ritaf, Westernaires 3, 45 Band 2-4, Historian 35 F.H.A. 2, 3, Parliamentarian 35 An- nual Staff 2-4, Editor 45 Science Club 3, 4, Reporter 45 Press Club 2-45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Secretary 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Friendliest 45 Top Ranking Girl 45 Class Secretary 45 Shepherd's Laundries Award 45 Business Women's Award 45 Honor Graduate 4. LYNN REIMERS "Work is love made visible." Future Nurses 2-4, President 4, Future Nurses Award 4, Science Club 4, Library Club 43 Drama Club 4g Latin Club 2-49 Future Nurses Award. EARL RICHARD "Why does everybody say I'm dumb?" Baseball 2-4, Football 2-4g Art Club 4, Vice-President 43 Science Club 3, 4g Friendliest 4. RONN IE RICHARD "I was so close, but yet so far away." Neatest 4. CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON "You can call me Dolly." Alumni Scholarship 43 F.H.A. 4, Press Club 3g Arkansas: Cheerleader 2g French Club 2, F.T.A. 2. JUDY RICHARDSON Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Squad 2g Miss Photoflash 4, F.F.A. Sweetheart 2, Fu- ture Nurses 2, 3, Secretary 2. RITA RIENSTRA "No he isn't, Julief' Band 2-4, Majorette 2-45 Secretary 3g Class Secretary 2g Outstanding Sophomore 2, F.H.A. 2, Drama Club 3, Secretary 3g Latin Club 2, 35 Queen of Heart Candi- date 3g Girls' State 35 National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Quill and' Scroll 4g Science Club 3, 4g Annual Staff 4g Press Club 4g Student Council 3, 4, Secretary 4, Foot- ball Sweetheart 4, Most Popular 45 Civics Award 4, C.T.A. Award 4. BARBARA ROBERTS "Hey, gang! W hat's the good word?" Cheerleader 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 45 Pep Squad 2g F.H.A. 2, 3g Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Vice-President 45 National Honor So- ciety 3, 43 Miss Photoflash Runner Up 33 Class Favorite 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Busi- ness Manager 43 Secretary Training Award 49 Press Club 2-4. GINGER RODE "Why, make me zz graduating senior.' C.I.S. 2g Pep Squad 2g F.H.A. 2, 3. SYD RUSSELL "Why does KK lose every pencil I let him borrow?" Football 2-4, All-District 4, Captain 4, Ideal Athlete 4, Student Council 3, 43 Class Treasurer 25 Class Favorite 3, Science Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Latin Club 2, 3, Social Leader 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, Best All Around 4g Mr. N.H.S. 4. GINGER RYDER "Let's go to French !', Band 2-4, F.H.A. 2-4, Pianist 3, 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 49 Shorthand I Award 3. CAROLYN SANDERS "Whose on a diet?" F.H.A. 3, 4. ROBERT SANDERS "Have diploma 5 want work." GLENN SANDERS "Rest awhile, and run a milef, ROGER SANDERS "Mrs. Minaldi, why do you hate us Re- publicans?', Art Club 3, 4g Intramural Sports 3, 4g Wittiest 4. SONYA SCOFIELD "I got a letter from James today." Band 2-43 Drama Club 23 F.H.A. 2-43 G.l.S. 2. TERRI SCOFIELD "Makes my heart pump peanut butter ferunchylf' Drama Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Reporter 33 F.H.A. 2-4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 33 Future Nurses 2, 3, Treasurer 23 Press Club 3, 43 Art Club 43 Secretary 43 Band 23 Westernaires 3, 43 Homemaking I Award 23 General Math Award 33 Home- making lll Award 4. VlVlAN SCOTT "Well begun is half done." National Honor Society 3, 43 Honor Grad- uate 4g Spanish IV 4. BILLYE SELF "Every bee's honey is sweet." G.l.S. 23 F.H.A. 33 F.T.A. 43 Morning Watch 3. JAYNE SETZER "Brenda, I want some rollsfl F.T.A. 3g Pep Squad 25 C.l.S. 2g F.HLA.3. OATIS SHEPPARD "FII never go steady." Football 2g F.F.A. 2, Track 2. JUDY SHIPP "0h! Agony . . ." F.H.A. 2-4, Reporter 43 Pep Squad 2, 3g Vice-President 43 Morning Watch 43 Press Club 2, 4. MEVELYN SKINNER "Sadness is a well between two gardens." F.H.A.g G.l.S. 2, 4. KATHY SMITH "He who sings scares away his woes." F.H.A. 2-4, Songleader 2-49 Future Nurses 2, 3g Choral Club 2-4, President 45 Most Talented 4. KONRAD SMITH "The roots of education are bitter but the flowers are sweetf' Orange: Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 39 Baseball 2, 33 Track 2, 3g Letterman's Club 2, 33 N.H.S.: Track 4. NANCY SMITH "If freckles make a girl beautiful, I should win a million beauty contests." G.l.S. 2g Drama Club 25 Pep Squad 2, 35 Morning Watch 2-4, Vice-President 3, 4. RONNIE SONNIER "Where's Beverly?" Football Manager 2, 3g Baseball Manager 2, 3g Science Club 3, 4. TRUDY SORRELL "The worlds' champion reed seller." Band 2-4, Swing Band 2, 3, All-Region Band 4. JACKIE SPROUSE "I just don't know." Morning Watch 2-4. SHERON STARK "Oh, ya'll!" Pep Squad 25 Westernaires 3, 4, Lieuten- ant 4g Press Club 3, Library Club 3, President 3g Cutest 4. VERNON STEHLE "ln order to learn something, you must put forth an effort." V.l.C. 49 General Metal Trade II Award 2, 4. VIRGINIA STEI-ILE 'Y1ey, Hurley, It's time to go to Drake's.' Pep Squad 2g F.H.A. 4. IKEY SWEAT "Thais WONDERFUL!" Band 2-43 Latin Club 2, Science Club 4g Most Talented 4. PHYLLIS TERRACINA "Fm going to buy Mrs. Dunn a box of corridor passesf, DWIGHT THACKER "Please don't mess up my hairg it took me twenty minutes to comb it." Baseball 2, 3, Football 4. Cl-IERYL THERIOT "I finally made it! I Gawr-on-tee."' Pep Squad 2g F.H.A. 2, 35 G.I.S. 2. JUDY THOMPSON "Oh, corrode."' Pep Squad 2, 33 Press Club 3, 45 F.H.A. 3, 4g Choral Club 3, 4, Vice-President 49 Press Club Treasurer 4. Q ROBERT TOUPS "There is no knowledge which is not valu- ablef, Alumni Scholarship 4. BRENDA TOUHY "Friendship is a gift of God and the mast precious boon to man." Bulldog Beat Staff 3, 4g Press Club 2-4g Pep Squad 2. BUBBA TYER "0atis, Drum Majors ARE better than cheerleaders? Football Manager 2-4, All-State Manager 4g Track 2, 3, Manager 43 Prom King 4g Student Council 2-4g Prom Duke 2. BECKY WALTON ,Press Club 2g Future Nurses 25 Pep Squad 2g Cheerleader 4g Queen of Hearts Candidate 4. CHERY WALTON Pep Squad 25 Future Nurses 2g Press Club 2g Cheerleader 4. CHRISTINE WATSON "Louis came over last night and I didrft get my homework . . . again." F.H.A. 2. 4: Choral Club 2. JAMES WESTBROOK "A very good way to appreciate what you have is to be without it awhile." V.I.C. 4. LILLIAN WILLICZKA "Laugh . . . it makes people wonder what yozfve been up to." F.H.A. 2, 43 Basketball League 23 Com- mercial Math Award 4. NANCY WILLEY "Fm surefv Band 2-4g Future Teachers 3, 4, Historian 4g Drama Club 3, F.H.A. 2g Choral Club 2, 4. BETTY WILSON "FII ask Ralph, he'Il know." Pep Squad 23 F.H.A. 2, 4g Choral Club 2, 4. MARTHA WORTHY "Why????', Westernaires 3, 4, Lieutenant 49 Pep Squad 2g F.H.A. 2-45 Annual Staff 2-45 Press Club 2-4g Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Treasurer 4g National Honor Society 3, 45 Football Duchess 4. MARY ELLEN W'YBLE "Don't call me Casper, Mrs. Minadlif' Westernaires 3, 4g Pep Squad 2g Pilot Sweetheart 49 Miss Photoflash Finalist 43 National Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' P.E. Award 4. Seniors not pictured Danny Davis Richard Davis Don Nelson Austin Pool This is a very serious moment for lkey Sweat and David Harper. The Honor Graduates stand as the Seniors march in to MPomp and Circumstancef' The 1962 Seniors end a high school career with a lot of lasting memories and a lasting impression on N.l'l.S. The smiling seniors gladly accept a well deserved diploma, as they try to remember to reach with the left hand and shake with the right. The parents sponsored the "last blast for the enthusiastic Class of ,62. 58 Baaaafauteafe fomogmam HONOR GRADUATES Sunday, May 27, I962 PRELUDE ............... ..................... . . .Bond South Pacific Selections by Rodgers PROCESSIONAL ............................. . . . Band Pomp and Circumstonce by Edgar INVOCATION ..................... . . . David Gotcher RECOGNITION OF SPECIAL GUESTS .... .... .I ulie Reed SCRIPTURE READING ......... ....... . . .Marilyn Fraser SPECIAL MUSIC .... Karol Miller, JudyThompson, Kathy Smith Bill Harper Ralph Dowden John Herring John Price Julie Reed David Gotcher Marilyn Fraser Karen Lilsersat Jane Dillaplain CLASS OFFICERS SERMON .... .... R ev. E. H. McKenzie PRESIDENT , , , , , , Alvin Price SECRETARY ..... .... . Julie Reed ANNOUNCEMENTS ---- - - -ML Fiedler TREASURER ........ . . . . Ginger Provost SOCIAL LEADER . . . . . . Peggy Doornbos BENEDICTION .... .... J ohn Price RECESSIONAL .... . . .Band fp-L09-Lam candidates get Qtacfuakion I 9 6 2 PRELUDE ....... Festival Prelude by Alfred Reed ........ Band PROCESSIONAL .... Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar .... Band MASTER OF CEREMONY. . .Pres. of Senior Class..Alvin Price INVOCATION ......................... Rev. J. P. Owens WELCOME ADDRESS ..... Honor Graduate ..... Ralph Dowden VALLEY Hl ............ . ......... . ..... .... B etty Wilson INTRODUCTION OF SPECIAL GUESTS. . . . . . John Herring Honor Graduate INTRODUCTION OF HONOR STUDENTS. ....... Mr. Gilson FAREWELL ADDRESS ....................... William Harper Highest Ranking Senior Student MARCH GRANDIOSO. . . .... Seitz ............ .Band CHALLENGE ............. ...... . . .Mr. Strickland PRESENTATION OF CLASS. . . ..... Mr. Fiedler AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS .... ..... M r. Phil Handley ALMA MATER ............. . . . Students and Audience BENEDICTION . . . ................... Rev. Chester Hensley RECESSIONAL ..... Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar ..... Band gyfaffotm Quests Members of the Board of Trustees, Nederland Independent School District and Administrative Personnel Mr. Ptril Handley, H-esident of the Board, Mr. Tyler I. Kirkland, Vice- President, Mr. Amidee Morgan, Secretary, Mr. Clyde W. Brown, Mr, Jack nerrriirg, Mr. Fred Ewing, Mr. Meririee Mclnnis, Mr. Orland Strickland, sup- erintendent, Mr. Claude F. Gilsan, Asst. Superintendentr Mr. Ralph Raines, Bmines Manager, Mr. Joe Fiedler, High School Principal, Mr. Charles L. Thomas, High School Assistant R-incipal. Albritton, Robert Ashworth, Dorothy Austin, Sherry Barclay, Sandra Barrett, Patricia Barrilleaux, Janet Bass, Mary Bass, Maxine 1tBaten-ian, Sandra Bayard, Peter , Blankenship, Billy 'tBodemuller, Marie Bollmen, Rosemarie Bourque, Claude Ann Brand, Don Branham, Patricia Brousar-d, Herbert Brousard, Mary Lois Brown, Albert Bryant, George Butler, Gene Carter, Carol fPrinceJ Cates, L C. Champagne, Raymond Qxance, Norman Chatelain, John Chilek, John Christian, Lewis Cohrt, Carol Calvin, Grady Concienne, Gayle Conner, Joanne Cook, Bennie 1YCook, Cheryl Cornelius, Glenda Cope, Richard Cnrsmaberry, Bonnie David, Jake Davis, Linda Carol Davis, Richard Allen Dennis, James Dlllaplairz, Jane Domingue, Andrea Doombos, Peggy Dorsey, James Bowden, Ralph Dowden, William Drplant, Joan Edgar, Mary Elliott, La.rry Errnel, Ronald Ewing, Richard Fabre, Beverly Farris, Jimmy Foreman, Qrirley Fowler, Jesie Faye Fraser, Betty Fraser, Marilyn Frisby, Jackie Fullen, Gu: Geisendorff, Ross Godwin, James Goodwin, Roy 'l'Goodwin, Susann Gotcher, David Gray, Sandra Greenberg, Norman Gregory, Agnes Grossman, Carolyn Guidry, Luke Hardin, Lynda Harper, David 'lfH.lrper, William Hart, Lamar Harvill, Steve Hawkins, Ray Hayes, Mike Hendrix, Don ihlerring, John Herrington, Walker Herron, Bonnie Hickman, Kathy Hlngle, Linda Hingle, Murphy Hollier, Barbara Holliman, Bonnie Home, Bobby er-rriekaby, Derirrd wr-lime, Dan Hurley, Pamela Hurley, Sherry Johnson, Mike lkjohnson, Sharron Kattner, Max Kelley, Gerald King, Frankie Kirkland, Lanny Kitchens, Wiley Knight, Carol LnPolnt, Peggy Leysath, Erkine ilibersaz, Karen fkljnder, Manda Love, Patsy 'l'McDonald, Kaye McCr0w'n, Linda xMnmh.al1, Lu-Nita Martin, Nelda Menclrnea, Madeline Miller, Carolyn ifMil1er, Karol tMor-gan, Mike Myers, Grarles Neel, Rena Newman, Marvin Ckwalt, Kathy Olerstreet, James Purim, Judy Pennington, Jimmy Perkins, Rexie Per-ryman, Sandra Pleasant, Eugenia Polk, Jessie Pool, Jack Pool, James Porter, Ronnie Prevost, My-rna Price, Alvin 1t'Price, John Provost, Ginger iReed, Jririe Reimers, Lynn Richard, Earl Richard, Ronnie Richardson, Charlotte 1Rlchar-dson, Judy wriieimre, Rite Hloberts, Barbara Rode, Ginger Hlussell, Syd "Ryder, Ginger Sanders, Bobby Sanders, Carolyn Sanders, Glenn Sanders, Roger Scofield, Sonya Scofield, Terri 'Scott, Vivian fSpe1lj self, Billie Setzer, Jayne Shepherd, Oatis 5hiPPi Judy Sdnner, Mevelyn Smith, Kathy Smith, Konrad Smith, Nancy Sonnier, Ronnie Sorrell, Tnrdy Sprouse, Jackie Stark, Sheron Stehle, Vernon Stehle, Virginia Sweat, lkey Terracina, Phyllis Thacker, Dwight Theriot, Greryl Thompson. My Taupe, Robert Touhy, Brenda Tyer, Lamar Walton, Becky Walton, Grery Wamon, Christine Westbrook, James Wielicrka, Lillian Willey, Nancy Wilson, Betty xworthy, Martha mwyhle, Mary Ellen . . . doing things for fun, variety, and sometimes profit. 60 . . . enthusiastic participation in student elections. . . . parties throughout the year, Wherever there was room for lots of people and lots of fun. . . . combined with school spirit and en- thusiasm for a year full to the brim of last- ing memories. This is NJ-LQ. all ACUVITIEQ rrwtbalw Begins Tlwf vwas Activities Fall is usually char- acterized by falling leaves and peacefulness-not sc at N.H.S. Pep rallies, football games, studies Football boys take well- deserved rest. Another proud member of the Red Cross. Q K Is ,V -1 Oh when th .ke . ' 'dx on 5 QzlEAt NJ-LQ. nd parties fill our time. 'hese are the true quali- ies of fall at N.H.S. and fith it comes memories hat never fade. QXMKKX X X xfffv ,i x Xi, P 7X X Xie? XX X 331 X X X X qt X ll l X 4 55? WU. l - X iUXf7XfXXw ff, wa fXfeX,pwiXqw KX 'X Iii X We Xiu ,gf f A X Y XM , g 31 X. el' tv XM X . K gg 1 1 X RQQZQQKSMAJX X ft gf 1322139 iff pw X'f5elfLX,X 12 X f XX 3 gas, Xfqgf2X,X, X Gayle Concienne has ,ig . ,MX X fi QX N.H.S. is proud of its pert and talented West ernaires. msec? X lilly yy X Zi A 3, 5 2 X. Xie' 2 X lf ' " e l f My JI 1 X X X1 X W X X ' 4 A? 9? gk 5 Xi, Y Q? t Q F fa we i at t ,, 1X if 4 M K N g Q 4 i Ut wlgyta 3 ,jf N 5 1- fir- ,Q + 4 if i 30 f g V 1 U' 1,55 it. ,4X M MXXH4, X 'fag' 1 X 1 s , K V. 'tg sf ax N' wx , Q , at au Wg i W2 x X Wweiiwmmdgf' " , , ' 'XG in -2-33-F ' ' ' Qkjs W ,Q I as 111 gig pep 05,1 t f 11 fig? X X , I '53, fi sfzf X459 if 5 are 335 5 X I , , 1 4? l ut , JA QW K5 if 21 , ,N iifw L J tlX,,A3WX Q. it 4 1 'K"W'gxh . g X We e X f sg? xHlq?f !lxf?lE X fl figi Quill 'WLX Fai : 551511 Q 'X Q ' klilig I X ' 2.2-an QfpfJfff7iEif:'t Xa- X 15,4 ,AX ,ft 322225555526 ' i'2"Tgx5EY5X3- 1+ 52 sfsg. gr s::Q':1-""5:m LX ' " ' ' lgf is lt 3: Xl ' ff 1' l l X if 7 " A l 552 SEI 63 N I-hgh Qclwolb P ' Smile for the helicopter. S 01116-times W e da 1106 : W .,,gV' Hg' .,,Q' ' Hwivgjgez L, U1,'?qifsgg?i5k1 . .5y4,i:E. e ' 'uf ,iff Q K , 72 'fwf'3L's1?5 55v55'1 - yctrt ' i i ' r y i t t , y on trct l V y y i . .L c l yi ,,kL mmm, 'Z' mm., . ' .3. mmm'h i m' ,i - x lnvgkitiiwwui ww wx' N-rataumf fi X 5 X pg fl Sale ,, ig 1 k ff , we X W 5 , Aykr ,LBVL M1 g X- ,G - , ,jft,.f,- - . 18' 4115, ' :T H, ., - fii1 :."4?h': S. ..,. . g , . . . H.. me ' : .,gf:., , 5' r 5?1il5R??fi J57SQ'f f- -?gz,'ffi'a.1'f Q ,, . ' ,, ,-1 ff.. V:ziE4i,QkjfQ5ijsf' i " " i"m:ix'-'fig 'ufflii fi V 4 1, . ' ' f - fi .55 ,g,..yf1-gtyimffe , - fy ,fi wf 1 1 ,5.,.wf., .,, .. ,-.Jr -- if ' ' R ' ' -t . , - , V 'sp 5, - . 11-J 'mb-i1v:a:'.rh..'x.-z::gx-u?i.ff.Q-- -' 42.-M-.Zkw A ..-.-wx-'Q-:.w.1f'-w -w?aw::4e:v1,t -' it ., .f nfs.-sfiw.-4 .W Thirty heads are better than one? "Ooh, that tickles!" laughs Don Brand. Wait until you see us in our costumes. Dear Abby, I have a problem . . w Mwg Actwzm. They're our peaches . . . Dan Hunt and James Overstreet I She can do the twist. S0 what? Trade? But what about the uniform?" Javid asks Mary Ellen. V.l.C. is newest club at N.H.S. Of course, it will have to be altered to fit me. Bach Bulldogs' - Mgully . , , i O nly 50 more mges to go I'm the d d d'g rum nfaxr of N.H.S. Band- Hey, Mom, look at me now! Sideline shenanigans' 66 , They'H never beat usg the ball i s under my megaphone Bulldogs Baightlewl-I Pretty Miss Flame and candidates highlight home- coming bonfire. ita Rienstra is elected Football Sweetheart 1961. ' WftlvAV-ctomg Ovwmlowwo Wanda is admired in parade. Football boys enjoy ride with Flame. Everyone enjoyed the dance. Miss mm ' NJ-I. Bulldogs are calm and determined before the final game. mamarsrm Majorettes offer words of encouragement. Winter at N.H.S. is not white-but black and gold! Basketball, valentines, mid-term exams, Christmas holidays, and -when we're lucky-state play-off games. This is Winter at N.H.S. This first down won the Cleburne bi-district game. 68 Bulldogs are just announced hi-district champs. as l l 4 vu Qtatef Fans are wildly jubilant following victory over San Benito. Tackle . . . or llalfback? I Hero Jerry Phillips is carried from field after San Benito game. See you in Dallas! Clxeedeade xi SK . WSW ts anfuwsw C axe Siam 69 Activities As The Yewu Pwgfwases Latrell Arnold, Kathy Oswalt, Rosemarie Boll- man, Sue Erwin, and Aubrey Tucker inspire the students with the Christmas Story. Students enjoy Mr. Tannert's last day at school Good punch, huh, Steve? Sonya Welch after one day in the annual room. 70 Oliver TWi5tGuid1-y Gertrude suffers the cold along with the students. . ' 4 s- - . .. V, V . . ' v .r . ,I -EI. WU: iff H, :IS 5 ' T' 'fkwf i 4 - V 1, 4 g Y -' .V , I , - , f A A - .1 -ff , S 'wwf - A , , si e?" -,sd ' , .. K as-- . ' :l M2524 , J - ' - :f:: iff' - 2 1 - ' X I H - .. .s hifi. ,. I-, 1' KAI.. ff: 1 ' f , ,, , X ,fJ.2ff5 SA Future homemakers? Well . . maybe. ls this what caused the girls to lose? Double Last Yeanfs l2.acofwlf B l Some take their Work seriouslyg then there are others Juniors present fun-filled assembly. Ravishing Alan Gabhert heads group of graceful Westernaires. 72 Seniors discover many hidden talents. Now, Roxie, don't he camera shy. " 91,528 lwPil0f7QweQfl1ea1d7l2.aC0fTl1i8 Yam, Mary Ellen Vlfyble, sponsored hy the Junior Class, was selected 1962 Pilot Sweetheart. The industrious Jun- iors raised S674.00. This broke the record of over 375300 set by them last year. Sophomore candidates JoAnn Devillier and Ronnie Robberson are crowned King and Queen of Hearts. The Valentines Dance climaxes the Pilot Sweetheart race. Pantomiming Marie Bodemuller thrills the audience with her take off of "Big Daddy" at the revue. Upow Nl-L. The Westernaires pose for a picture after presenting their annual Spring Revue to the student body. Officers Worthy, Hurley. Fahre, McGown, and Stark do a routine as mili- tary fish. This Is Qptmg at NJ-LQ. Spring, a time of proms, holding hands in the halls, baseball games, Miss Photo- flash, Honors Day, Final exams, and Grad- uation, is a busy season at Nederland High. Happy faces of seniors, thoughtful expres- sions of seniors-to-be are a part of Spring at N.H.S .... Mr. Peacock knows how to keep order in his classes. TlwfT'vmw Pow 55 Fifty girls were chosen to compete in the Miss Photoflasll Contest. N Pretty Frances Reue begins the long walk to the end of the ramp in the Miss Photoflash Assembly. Twirp Dance Heads Luke Wins-Tails, Luke still Wins the corsage contest. Thais okay, fellas, it was only a five-dollar hill. Aofiuifim The Mardi Gras theme was an exciting setting for the prom. Some of you guys don't look too enthusiastic. ' Uefwftlv Sometimes we study. "Any more questions?" asks Max Kattner. These are Nederland,s Honor Graduatewbetter known in some Gee, Darnell, thatls a good idea you had, putting Playboy circles as the '4Brains." in your chemistry hook. The baseball team has some very eager spectators. Www N These six pretty girls are N.H.S. '62-'63 cheerleaders. Ned, Nederland's Bulldog mascot, lw . Harry Williams vies for Student Body President. was given to the student body by Mr. R. L. Harmon. Doris, Dave, Mike, and Harry are 1962-63 Student Body Officers. Steve, Bobby, and Rick practice "Friendly Persuasion Qeuim.sTaebTof LalwTqas PMQQMMDQ5 OWMQ5 1 1th Seniors seek revenge for economics tests. 4'I'll teach you to take my picture, Roxie and Dwight gladly pose for a picture. says Lanny. Park what, Pam? The picnic was okay, Earl just needs to he in another school. Bfdugs Mmm Practice is one thing . . but when you get right to it, this graduation is not so funny. Bonnie Holliman wants to know what happened to the music. 4'Why do we have to practice in the auditorium? It's not going to rain for Baccalaureate? The diploma, Marvin! Don,t forget the diploma . . . Marvin . . llm0fi0wS AMA FewTewus Peggy Doornbos and Cheryl Cook enjoy the all night' p a r t y , . . al 1 night WJ Graduation is a beautiful and sad sight to behold. Can Rita and Jake make it all night? l I C .lim Pennington and Lewis Christ meet at the gate for a brief moment. Mr. Strickland presents a challenge to the Seniors at Graduation. Ronnie Sonnier and Beverly Fabre are wide awake. How about Judy and Jimmy? Receiving s p e c i a 1 honors for Work Well done... doing the jobs required by officers . . . 82 Initiation of new mem- bers by old ones . . . fa gf? jig . 5556 iv 1 , ' . 1 fi iiifgk . b mn inzsf T 1,111 f EF? 1 ,F 5 P M Thewafwflwpeofie I-IGNOIZQ . . at NJ-LQ. JULIE capturing one of the 1n our school, has worked of honor Edltor . . . Y - www.-qmfwmml, Wwllmf -im"-"'M"0""ff':'vfV""' 'M X ' 'MMV a 1 32 ff y 1 if A 19: 3 2 52 S? La 51 ,Q 91 Q 2? 55 5 2 54 :G fs 5? ,Q 5 1 in fa in 21 Q S 2 3 5 K s K 3 yy ii ,Qs K RALPH DOWDEN . . . Q running a close second also gained recognition a high ranking student Q . . A S , E 2 2 G gs 2 ,A E X31 3,5 uf an gf 555 if ws K W nf S1 Q2 51 2: Q, E1 55 Bi! Q5 E 3 22 ii 'E I N Q V 1 X A 1 ,ELS E Q.:-Inga, Q-Mn-rw ff wmm an mmawawm-L av I Q x ,kwwwf fwsy' f5'4flFffW1ffms:wk w9i,:,f:f,lfvf,wm:weLwf,z,xifgQ, Wwsifi NC zQm"ff 'L Qwww w? Q w iwgma fa fmwm 'gf ,,V.i1g,,,J-5 XZ, 'fix E, ,wh 5,4 1' N giwla ww - w w wg v' A ,vs Q1 wgff 1 ,J-Gr .- YS W ' W mf 2536595 Mqwwig f ,-Q , . -.5 1 2 is Q gwpggfggg g wwwgwaiimk ' V ""5-749 52:-:5?'f1 E WW RwLQQQMi,, X. JERRY JAN AUBREY FIRST ROW: Donny Huckaby, Kay McDonald, Barbara Roberts, Julie Reed, Martha Worthy Rrta Rrenstra Karol Mrller SECOND ROW: Mrs. Fleming, Ilene Martin, Sonya Welch, Francie Brownshadel, Elrzabeth Eagleson George Pratt Trudy Gallagher, Janis Gibson, Gloria Hailey, and Mrs. Ryland. Trudy Gallagher, Reporter Julie Reed, Secretary Kay McDonald, President Barbara Roberts, Vice-President Martha W01'thy, Treasurer QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS uillbAmbQcfwUf BOTTOM ROW: L. Marshall, G. Ryder, J. Reed, R. Rienstra, S. Johnson., M. Worthy, S. Goodwin, M. Wyble, M. Bodemuller, C Cook, K. McDonald, B. R b t J. R' l -cl- . TOP - ' ' ' ' o er s, 1c1a1 Qon ROW. D. Huckaby, J. Prlce, B. Harper, K. Mlller, K. Llbersat, M. Llnder S. Bateman, S. Russell, M. Morgan, D. Hunt, J. Herrin. Natmmlz How, Qwwtg 1 OFFICERS Syd Russell-President Karol MilleriSecretary Kay McDonald-Reporter Karen Lihersat-Trerzsurer Dan Hunt-Vice-President BOTTOM ROW': R. Gannawayg E. Eaglesong S. Campbellg J. Clotiauxg C. Ramseyg N. Gleasong L. Fullerg D Rlenstra I Domacg C. Rolandg M. Maxwellg J. Whiteg E. Womackg M. Hollierg J. Hebert. TOP ROW: A. Tuckerg B. Bugna D LaGrone C. Warnerg D. Beasleyg F. Brownshadelg D. Farrisg C. Fullerg J. Flemingg P. O'Callaghang I. Marting S. Welch M Smith V Davisg D. Richey. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X 3 R' S I smf s 'f Ii ,Q 5' W Qi JUNIOR OFFICERS Bill Bugna, President Pat O'Callaghan, Vice-President Joanna Fleming, Secretary Doris Rienstra, Treasurer Naomi Gleason, Reporter ROBBIE BAKER Sophomore P. E. Award DONNA SUE BEASLEY Highest Ranking Junior American History Award FRANCIE BROWNSHADEL Algebra ll Award ALBERT CHILEK General Metals l WILLA RAY CLARK Algebra I NAT CLOUTMAN Homemaking ll re Iii ,T M BILL BUGNA Advanced Biology WILFRED CHAMPAGNE Sophomore P.E. Award if DONALD COHRT Art II CHERYL COOK Delta Kappa Gamma Award Family Relations Award Tom MeAn Award RALPH DOWDEN Second Highest Ranking Senior Senior English Award Solid Geometry Award Economics Award JOAN DUPLANT Shorthand II JOANNA FLEMING Junior English Award CLARA FULLEN Betty Crocker Award MARVIN DAVENPORT Vocational Agriculture ll R. L. DIAZ Highest Ranking Sophomore Spanish ll BILL DOWDEN Texas Chemical Council National Merit Finalist Physics Award CLARA DELAHOUSSAYE Junior P.E. Award JAMES DORSEY C.T.A. Award DIANNE FARRIS Mechanical Drawing I LINDA FULLER Bookkeeping I NAOMI GLEASON Future Teachers Latin II ROY GOODWIN Tom McAn Award GLORIA HAILEY ,Iournalism Award BILL HARPER Highest Ranking Senior American Chemistry Award National Merit Award Balfour Award Trigonometry Bausch 81 Lomb Honorary Science LINDA HATCHEL General Math JUDY HEBERT Latin I KATHY HICKMAN Stanley Home Products Shepherd Laundries Award GRACE HODNETT Speech II DON LaGRONE Spanish III KAREN LIBERSAT Grammar School PTA DAR Good Citizenship MANDA LINDER High School PTA BARBARA LIVELY Plane Geometry PATSY LOVE Typing II Senior Math KAROL MILLER Danforth Award BARBARA MOSLEY Spanish I KAREN NELSON Sophomore English .IACK POOL Senior P.E. Award MARY ALICE PREJEAN Arts and Crafts JOHN PRICE R.O. Medlin Award Advanced Mathematics Advanced Chemistry Most Valuable Musician Danforth Award DARNELL RICHEY Chemistry CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON Alumni Scholarship RITA RIENSTRA Nederland CTA Award Civics Award .IULIE REED B. Sz P.W. Scholarship Highest Ranking Girl Pilot Editor Shepherd Laundries Award LYNN REIMERS Future Nurses BOBBY RILEY Shop II Junior P.E. Award BARBARA ROBERTS Secretarial Training TERRI SCOEIELD Homemaking III VERNON STEHLE General Metals Trade II BETH THOMPSON Typing I VIVIAN SCOTT Spanish IV CARL SMITH Mechanical Drawing JIMMY SPRUILL Biology ROBERT TOUPS Alumni Scholarship AUBREY TUCKER Speech III DIXIE VONCANNON Shorthand I LILLIAN WILLICZKA Commercial Math EDITH WOMACK Speech I MARY ELLEN WYBLE Senior P.E. Award . . . the crowning of new royalty . . . . . . the grand climax of home coming Week . . . every student an judge and every girl a Winner . l02 . . . smiles of success and relief characterize the end of every contest. Thaw wwf NJ-l.Q.'s FAVO roa wx 3 Maw Q Q, 2 aw w wc J X X -. 1, Ei , . S P . 4 ' ' - ' , - . ,. f. U Q f 2 f fbi! Qxfl imif lf H " , ' 1 fem ' .. 5 ,. . 3 yfmg vff- si? kim' W ww. . get A .. lisa if f fm V- is J ,.M,, X, . 5 .msgs .. .. 3 7 , .,,.,.. M W, --Su gmS7m,,Ag. ,v,5,ngQm was 91 . ,Aw Q . ' , ,img W 5 5 ESU' M W " im N 'al Ma ff? . ,. ., , . ,. .... Sa. W M V -, .... 2 H ....., , ff,,,,W W, .... X H ,W .M Mm Y .E-L3 .. ..,AM,m. , gf Mmm mi " 's ig gm Q7 i , WMM -mwN,,.,,H.nn9Ek w,4-N,1r-mwwg .f e1gQ.'2"if ,, A fvfmgkwafy. .. ' 7 A fG'f"f',m -V.:-MW.:M My W , f'ff,ve.1g A w w , iY A Y N-wir A A' ,mn V of , .na - W Y Awgimmmfa, M . XM ,',.W m M ,... -- N-Mx? E is Sgr- --'W 1, .. f E A Q W - yn 'f QQ S : -E? E N35 5 . , I - z , W-221 f - , In f , - N .. , - z ' .. .-e ,wx .' '--- L -mc.--.W W' .,,fwy:v1'Q' .v,fi7":'w:4 mmK:Afwm'1v,xg, ' " ' Y X --xv - . Y 2z'f':1 -ma, BME, , , MMHFZT, ,swf , "w"2i'm5.w , :M-m?,,mw-,,, ,-,,,, V- ,:5,..,.,E..-:,::,,,...,,,a,.'5 . . -, I 1 KATHY HICKMAN Sponsored by the Senior Class ROXIE PERKINS Sponsored by the Sophomore Class E i , E Q. Le I 4? Q A S 5 sv E se E a 3 5 35 X gr si nf Q1 i ff? ii 1 1 w 4 kkk. ,V Jaiqiswkiklgii in A ..k,k Vkk, ii, .,,N,,,,mm,dghjwmimkpmmmmwm .L,.. y. . . , MARTHY WORTHY Senior Duchess WANDA CASTLEMAN "" 'H JOAN EAST Junior Duchess Sophomore Duchess 1 Q 5 , ff:5l1:,?f-hzkfgifk? L' 33,3 .-1 wifi-2 f?Tff-Q L 1 f1:f:1.4'f -1- .- -:,-N Lg 1f5g1z,, , Q-,Q ffm - - V mmem- . .fm 4., . ., f :15Q.N::fN2,f.+,QQQ 2 f- V W ,. . .XL X 64- ,, . .W V, V M . f.,.A.,,w..w." 'P' '-AWS' -495 MWNGQQL W- is":2e ff? . ,, HQ M., 5' lil f7-335515, 1' --www .gm fx 'hm 1,--,ww Y""3,k?ff Qi-we 1 V -ww an ' ffl 1 2' N L., X S' 'sz , ,xfgzfi we ., .,,..,. ,, . . V-H.-141-ww A A g QQ f - 1muLA2 wfM-wmeswfgqgggsr z. ' . QL Agaffwewifpfaxfm- Eifwgdiigwwgkfiil gesaififkfug-?iw?, QF, 'bk wa H155 .Mkt-M , W, Q WQZW1 iwwa- m:f:M,Ww1 MQWMUWWVN - - , . MARLIS WHITTED GARY KATTNER Juniors BECKY WALTON ROBERT ALBRITTON Seniors .WWwzzfgmf..mfwwnwmwfwfmmwmwrawwwyxmm- umm li i :Y M :E LYNN HUGHES SCOTTY CAMPBELL Sophomores RONDA MARTIN BOB BARCLAY Juniors if TONY CURTIS selects Miss Photo flash and three runner-up positions. GAYLE CON CIENNE First Runner-Up Senior ROBBIE BAKER Second Runner-Up Sophomore PAM HURLEY Third Runner-Up V ,,,, M Senior ' II5 Miss Plwfoglaslv Finalists MARY ELLEN W'YBLE JUDY RICHARDSON MARY EDGAR LU-NITA MARSHALL ROXIE PERKINS ROSE MARIE BOLLMAN V ,,..fWM.f.,:,,, , .MQ-ffzi-ivf, M K A, - ,: -11, -f,,,,:,5,ww,,,,1,,, 1 -- f , wp. wi, W ,555 , gy: 15591 I-"ifi',SieiT5Si, PE.-i maxi iff' 1" , 'P 55 if ff-f 1517 navy .,,y5,4c1YWfFfu,-mir-f--m:,.,f4:'.xa1.:4,.' , , ivfsffzff 'af W ma. 'eisf Q :- ewmstfmfrff:Q-:msgkl fg5:1fs,2sW'f:,,Q- , 1,1 f :YZLHwrfwlsffesizmffffifeeg ai ' - ,i':2fsff4s'f5: fqwif, fn 'x W' " 'A ffJQ35fi5'2:7:':'2-A flLi3?flJ' ' Egg I f s W1-1f'H2xi2fWfg+..g1:Sfkeizz'wfJf:fW,p ., ,,..L ,g1E,W2,LV ET. J, " xiii? "'AfEJf5 - " QQ, ff . . W ' -. 5 f,.-- 7,-f , VIL- i .W -fmAW-Wf-W-Yf1ffW- , gg ., wif" T vw x,,g2,,,5 M551 - -1 Q1 :fm S32 sw: Lmffwfv .ff ff -W f,, .Qmgff. M-:if :FL-: gms ,..M1,5iLM. 1 ..., , W Lf 'Qi 4 :aQfwgg i2'-'fi , ww 1 M5 X ' wg? 2 f z '3' ' fa 'if W iflegu- '- - A ., ge ' pu ,. . I Q' A fi' " wwf .Ei . Q, , 1 , - Z, 55537 Q i L ' ,. ,, ,. , gy 2 f . W - ,,k,,g,,,W LQ jj f fs 4. -i,1ff2vw,mz,Pg4vfsmg,1p1M1sL3 , 3 -. - L fMy4'Lm"359' L f, I 'Lf M: 'Wfq'752 ff ' -1 ' : - ,, E2 " f f ' A 'A fa -1 51 2 Af-an 'Wig Q . X, k"wM,.,Wf"' .1,3f,g:,1u5.s?55,wfgwfv1,5 2 ' 3, A. .1 -'.- , - . f,,':5:,Q.:, 5,5 MW' 'H V - 11' V LQ. , 53' MW. ' 13 ll S 4, 2 Q. 5 li 5 2 B "' , W W ' 'K .L LINDA SHERMAN and MIKE CARR Junior Duchess and Duke SHERRY AUSTIN and GRADY COLVIN Senior Duchess and Duke BECKY MARTIN and RICHARD CUCCIA Sophomore Duchess and Duke Most Attractlve PAM HURLEY and PETER BAYARD Best All-Around SANDY BATEMAN and SYD RUSSELL Qenioa Wittiest MARILYN FRASER and ROGER SANDERS Most Talented KATHY SMITH and IKEY SWEAT Most Dignified KAROL MILLER and MARVIN NEWMAN Best Sense of Humor SHERRY AUSTIN and MIKE MORGAN Qeuioa ffum f" ...I - . .115-asuiCf::.:3...Q , , .... Most Popular RITA RIENSTRA and JAKE DAVID Best Personality GAYLE CON CIENNE and MAX KATTNER Most Likely to Succeed KATHY HICKMAN and JOHN PRICE Friendliest JULIE REED and EARL RICHARD Swim Neatest MARY EDGAR and RONNIE RICHARD Most Athletic KAREN LIBERSAT and JAMES OVERSTREET Cutest SHERON STARK and HERBY BROUSSARD gel in n o Best Dressed SUSANN GOODWIN and GEORGE BRYANT Gary Katmer, Butch Davis, and Dan Hunt FHA BEAUS JUDY DOMEC FFA Sweetheart , M .. fy 'E mfmwi Mgiagiaihm .Q - 3 mimi,-5 g, , .,,, W , A , Ig.. -. '.f- qw J by " My T: , 3.d,f,, A3321 ,WWW "Jai ' Y' LS X 639 1- 4- ? k J, 031 Ja f W V We : 5 9' M. 33 2 'kiiil T --wif wm..,.m,N ' ww ln the hallways between classes . . . in the chemistry lab having fun... I30 in an interesting UD American History class . . . nv' f L il the N.H.S. student body is a single body composed of 635 individuals. This is NJ-LQ. aw CLASSES umimg Ables, Elaine Adams, Nancy Arnold, Latrell Bailey, Steve Barclay, Mary Barclay, Bob Barrilleaux, Janet Bass, Ann Beasley, Donna Beasley, Mignonne Biermordt, Margaret Blackmon, Billy Bourg, Haden Bradshaw, Mary Brown, Tommy Brownshadel, Francie Bryant, Arthur Buffington, Douglas I32 CLASS OFFICERS President- Harry Williams Vice-President- Aubrey Tucker Social Leader- Wanda Castle-man Secretary- ,ludy Hebert Treasurer- Francie Brownshadel Bugna, Bill Caldwell, James Carutbers, Eddie Campbell, Sally Carr, Mike Castleman, Wanda Chance, Norma Charlton, Sherry Chilek, Albert Clotiaux, Jan Coates, Barbara Coleman, Helen Collins, Barbara Collins, Phillip Craig, Gary Ulllf-0't5 Crawford, Jackie Creel,. Peggy Crowe, Johnny Cutrer, Gus Dalby, Bobby Dangerfield, Gary Davis, Donna Davis, Vernice Deason, Paul Decuir, James Delalioussaye, Clara Dennis, LeRoy Denton, Dixie Denton, Jimmy Dixon, Raymond Domeo, Judy Dowden, Benny Dowden, John I33 uuiofus Gallagher, Trudy Gallier, William Gannaway, Robbie Gaspard, Joyce Gibson, Janis Gleason, Naomi Goss, Charles Graham, .loAnn Gribnau, Ruth Hailey, Gloria Halbert, Arlis Haltom, Guy Hammer, Fred Hancock, Pat Hannah, Carolyn Hanley, Carolyn Hanley, Dorothy Hanley, Terry I34 Drabek, Rudy Driskell, Kerry Duckworth, Charles Eagleson, Elizabeth Erwin, Sandra Farris, Dianne Fidler, Dennis Fleming, Joanna Fleming, Pete Fowler, Janice Foxworth, Alton French, Johnny Fruge, Jimmy Fuller, Claudia Fuller, Linda Harmsen, Doc Harper, Robert Harvill, Wanda Havard, Bobby Havard, Tommy Hawkins, Gary Heath, Bruce Hebert, Judy Herrin, Bobby Hibbert, Paulette Hicks, Benita Hinson, Thomas Hoffman, Lavina Holder, Jaton Hollier, Me-lba lMllf0N.8 Hollis, Darrell Holstine, Bolzln Holstine, Patsy Hopkins, Becky Horne, Bobby Howard, Jimmy Huckaby, Ronnie Hughes, Rick Humphries, Cary Kattner, Gary Keene, Tommy Kalley, Males Kemp, Dean Kincaid, Harold King, Charles LaGrone, Don Lucas, James Lumpkin, Duane unions Morgan, Mickey Morgan, Mike Morrison, Lurlene Mouton, Don Murray, ,lacie Nicholson, Jimmy Noblitte. Wayne O'Callaghan, Pat O,Neal. Sharron Orr, Lindley Otey, Fred Parish, Larry Phillips, Jerry Popken, Don Porter, Catherine Pratt, George Pruitt, Linda Pugh, Gayle I36 McCuller, Edwina McCullough, Patty McLemore, Elaine Martin, Ilene Martin, Rhonda Maxwell, Marsha Mead, Rogers Menard, Pat Metreyeon, Danny Miller, Dave Miller, Jana Miller, Linda Miller, Veronica Mills, Loran Monk, Karen Quinn, Sandra Ramsey, Charlene Reed. Alice Reed, Alinda Reeves, Glenda Richard, Albert Richey, Darnell Rienstra, Doris Riley, Bobby Robbins, Charles Romero, Fred Rose, Clifford Rowland, Charlene St. Cyr, Claydene Sanders, Elwin wniofw Sanderson, Gary Scales, Ralph Sherman, Linda Sistrunk, Rita Sitton, Roy Smith, Carl Smith, Ed Smith, Mickey Sparks, Jimmy Spencer, Sharon Sprouse, Jackie Stampley, Gary Stilley, Harold Teaters, Terry Terry, Helen Theriot, Delbert Thompson, Joe Timmons, Jimmy J UlAi0fuS Whitted, Marlis Williams, Harry Williams, Nancy Willis, Nina Wilson, Judy Wininger, Dennis Womack, Edith Woods, C. A. Wright, Martha STUDENTS NOT PICTURED: Gene Goodsell Beverly Keen 138 Tobey, Sue Townsend, Margaret Tribes, Junior Tucker, Aubrey Tyson, Jay Velasquez, Robert Vincent, Otis Voncannon, Dixie Wade, Donald Wade, James Waller, Johnny Warner, Carol Watkins, Jerry Welch, Sonya White, Judy The juniors have a picnic! Tlwgjuniofus I-FMLA Vefuj GUIDAM5 Fuw I7-iWedfYewu. The Junior girls try to add variety to lunch hour . . . and the boys decide to try it too. lneckties no less!!J Elizabeth Eagleson displays some of the talent from the Junior class. Westernaires enjoy a gossip session before a pep rally. . . . and believe it or not . . . The Juniors even have classes, and study. l38 Left to right: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Social Chairman Alice Fulcher Secretary: Elouise Ripley President: Mike Guillot Treasurer: Betty Goss Vice-President: Louise Leger Judy Adams Janice Albritton .lean Allen Shirley Allen Rodney Armstrong Butch Arsement Glenda Askew Dexter Atkinson Durell Austin Eric Bailey Don Bailey Robbie Baker Bill Barlow Pat Barnes Sharon Barnes Gayle Barnett J ack Beach Stanley Beasley Jerry Beck Judy Bell Mike Bernard Kenneth Birdwell Gwen Bollmann Pat Boing .ludy Bradshaw Kathleen Branham Gerald Broussard Tommye Budwah Robert Burnett Raedine Burton Sidney Campbell Betty Carlin Amaya Carpenter Charles Cates Wilfred Champagne Betty Chatelain Willa Clark Sue Clay Carolyne Clepper Natalie Cloutman Donald Cohrt Mike Collins Eddy Colville William Cook Robert Cooper Gloria Cope Berta Cornelius Judy Cowgill Shirley Crampton Dwight Crawford Joanne Crisman Larry Croom Richard Cucoia John Cutrer Marvin Davenport Weldon Davis Paul Decuir Elise Decuir Darrell DeRouen Linda Deskin .loAnn Devillier R. L. Diaz Carolyn Dickinson Qoplwmofees Darnell Gallion Gerald Ganann Bobby Gibson Betty Goss Kathryn Gregory Robert Gribnau Mlarscha Griffin Carroll Grounds Mike Guillot Rhonda Hallmark Mike Hamerly Pam Harmon Harold Harper David Harris Danny Harrison Joyce Harvill Lynn Hawkins Linda Hawn James Hayes Charles Helvie James Henley Phillip Hilton Grace Hodnett Jimmy Holcomb Sammy Doiron Margaret Dunning Ronnie Duplant Jane Dye Linda Eagleson Joan East Vickie Eckert Roy Falke Allison Faw .lerry Fountain Barbara Foux Henry Franke Billie French Alice Fulcher Alan Gabbert Martha Holliman Lynne Hughes Brenda Humphries Linda Irvine Sharon Jernigan ,Iudy Jones Mary Jones Clair Beth Jordan Randy Kimler Bette King Kenneth Kirksey Nancy Knight Donnie Kolb Glenn Landry Barbara Lands Harriet Lane Janet Lang Bluite Langham Carol Laurent Johnny Leavins Sammie Lee Louise Leger Bill Lewis John Linder Gerald Lesinby Barbara Lively Linda Lively Jackie Louvier Robert Lumpkin John McCullough Brenda McGown Johnny Mclnnis Alice McKinley .lean McLernore Jackie Martin Becky Martin Carrol Meredith Jackie Metreyeon Karen Miller Craig Noble Evelyn O'Connor David Olson Billy Orr Ronald Overstreet Tommy Palermo Rebecca Payne Larry Pellerin Fred Perkins Sandra Peterson Randy Petitt Carol Peveto Lynda Pharo Linda Pickens Marilyn Pirazzo Dale Pool Edwin Powell Kenneth Powell Ruby Powers Carolyn Prejean Mary Alice Prejean Madelyn Prejean Donna Prevost Joe Pruitt Sharon Miller Jackie Mills Elaine Minchew Pat Mize Bobby Morgan Barbara Mosley Billy Murphy William Myatt Kenneth Naizer J ack Nally Karen Nelson John Newton Judith Nichols Betsy Nicklas John Nicklebur Christie Pullin Pat Radcliff Ralph Raines Ronald Read Joyce Reed Wanda Reeves Frances Reue Gordon Reynolds Alice Richard Beverly Richard Wayne Richardson Elouise Ripley Ronald Roberson Lee Robinson Cary Rowland James Sage Kay Sanders Ronnie Sattler Kenneth Scales Tom Scofield Carolyn Scott Jeff Seward Kenny Shipp Karen Silkwood Mary Sims Billy Skinner Larry Skinner Mary Skog Pauline Smart Louanne Soape Gloria Sonnier Helen Sparks Kenny Spence Brenda Spencer Kay Spicer Jimmy Spruill James Stark Harvey Sterling Linda Strickland Ann WelJlJ Pam West Allen Whelply Margie White Peggy Whitley .lanis Willey Diane Wilson .lames Wilson Mike Wilson Rebecca Womack Bryant Woods Larry Strother Shirley Sturrock Joyce Stutzrnan Jerry Teltschick Sam Terracina Beth Thompson Marie Toups Ryan Trimble Susan Tyson Ty Van Auken .lames Vernon Lola Vincent Brenda Wallcer Olan Ware Joe Warren Charles Wright Barbara Youngblood Mike Phillips STUDENTS NOT PICTURED: Sylvia Barras Roy Hicks Robert Knight .lennie Lake Buddy Leonard Sandra Monts Mary Morgan lames Rogers Shelley Sattler Jeanne Severs Carol Smith James Sterling Carol Tinsley Mari Woodcock Louise Wright Dale McVey '62 Sophomores carry their load at an outdoor pep-rally. If these boys had joined the Pep Squad, their dream of being a Westernaire may have come true. f?J Tlw 1962 Qoplwmofuzs Talw NovTww T01 LewwfTlw Ow F-lowfTv ewxuwg At N.n.Q. Wayne Richardson finds the girls in the back of the room more interesting than Sophomore English. This election primary is a serious business, at least for Carol Peveto, Carol Smith, Pam West, Nancy Knight, and Sandy Peterson. Bill Barlow and Billy Joe Orr really enjoy the Sopho- more Class meetings. I47 Providing entertain- ment for the student body... teaching the values of American living . . . leading the student body in school spirit I48 and sportsmanship . . . . . . and providing for the Welfare of the student bocfy are only a few of the func- tions of N.H.S. organizations. 072JGv4NfZ5l1ONQ DONNY HUCKABY SONYA WELCH Senior Junior Photographer Ads MARTHA WORTHY Senior Sports RITA RIENSTRA Senior Activities FRANCIE BROWNSHADEL BOBBY DALBY Junior Junior Organizations Ph0I0g1'HPhCf BARBARA ROBERTS Senior Business Manager JULIE REED Senior Editor KAROL MILLER Senior Favorites S ILENE MARTIN ALICE FULCHER PAULINE SMART JANIS GIBSON Junior Sophomore Sophomore Junior Honors Classes CIasses Administration ' OQA Waudwm6ulLYeafv SENIORS: Karol Millerg Rita Rienstrag ,lulie Reed, Editorg Donny Huckabyg Martha Worthyg Barbara Roberts. MRS. FLEMING, Sponsor SOPHOMORES: Alice Fulcher, Pauline Smart. JUNIORS: Francie Brownshadelg Janis Gibson Bobby Dalbyg Sonya Welchg llene Marlin. FutuwTeaclwz.s 901731 Bulldog D' ' A 1,5 W limjfi, OFFICERS: Cheryl Cook, Secretary, Judy Hebert, lst Vice-President, Naomi Gleason, Presi- dent, Francie Brownshadel, 2nd Vice-President, Doris Rienstra, Treasurerg John Dowden, Reporter. Not pictured is Charlene Ramsey, 3rd Vice-President. The F.T.A. has been very active this year. Besides selling the student directories, the club promotes an interest in the teachr ing profession. The group has held several joint meetings with clubs from other schools and has seen many fine films. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Gleason, Mrs. Guarnere, and Miss Tomlin. BACK ROW: Judy Hebert, Joyce Gaspard, Cheryl Cook, Joan 'East, Pat Mize, John Dowden. FRONT ROW: Doris Rienstra, Peggy Jo Doornbos, Francie Brownshadel, Naomi Gleason, James Dorsey. l52 Lib CDM: Pwmotes Interest lwGooaL ' P Sharon O'Neal, Joyce Gaspard, Ronnie Huckaby, Karen Libersat, James Wade, James Dorsey. STANDING: Barlnara Hollier, Miss Tomlin, Madeline Menchaca. 1 MISS TOMLIN OFFICERS: Madeline Menchaca, Secretaryg Barbara Hollier, Treasurerg Sharon O'Neal, His- Sponsor toriang Ronnie Huekaby, Vice-Presidentg Karen Libersat, Presidentg Joyce Gaspard, Program Chairmang Carol Cohrt, Reporter. l53 Afvbdhib as L Ross Geisendorf, Sergeant-at-Armsg Earl Richard, Vice-President, 'Teri Scofield, Secretary: MRS- RYLAND Jimmy Pennington, President. SITTING: Skip Bailey, Reporter, Donny Huckaby, Social Sponsor Chairman. l I54 S T b Jaton Holder, Karen Monk, Teri Scofield. SECOND ROW: Raedine Burton, Gloria Hailey, Trudy Gallagher, ue o ey, Fl ' D th Ashworth Marie Bodemuller Sandra Perryman Diane Farris. STANDING. Mrs. Ryland, W11 Joanna eming, oro y , , , liam Gallier, Loran Mills, Ross Geisendorf, Jimmy Pennington, Lindley Orr, Tommy Palermo, Bobby Herrin, Wayne Noblitt, Pfwss wah Members I2.epowNews Items Tw EULLDOG BEN' FIRST ROW: Mrs. Ryland, E. Womack, G. Hailey, C. St. Cyr, K. McDonald, P. Hurley, L. McGown, C. Hanley, M. Hollier, D. Voncannon, L. Eagleson, B. Coates, C. Cohrt, P. Smart, A. Fulcher, J. Gibson, J. Reed. SECOND ROW: J. Dowden, M. Morgan, S. Charlton, L. Hatchel, G. Warner, E. Minchew, T. Gallagher, T. Budwah, E. Ripley, C. Cook, S. Gray, S. Perryman, B. Hollier, B. Tuohy, J. Gaspard, K. Miller, R. Rienstra. THIRD ROW: A. Tucker M'. Ha es 7 y 1 G. Pratt, K. Birdwell, T. Paleromo, M. Phillips, F. Romero, L. Orr, T. Scofield, G. Hodnett, P. McCullough, C. Dela- houssaye, J. Shipp, J. Thompson, P. Doornbos, K. Hickman, D. Ashworth, J. Holder, I. Martin, S. Welch, F. Brown- shadel. OFFICERS: Melba Hollier, Vice-President, Elizabeth Eagleson, Secretary, Judy Thompson Treasurer, Kathy Hickman, Parliamentarian. PAM HURLEY President Council Pmesenf S ,,,, . , PRESIDENT Sandy Bateman SECRETARY Rita Rienstra TREASURER Sharron Johnson STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-FRONT ROW: Goodwin, Rienstra, Baker, Reue, Albritton, Lively, Johnson, Cook, Clotiaux, Rienstra. SECOND ROW: Marshall, Russell, Bayard, Williams, Price, Kattner, Tyer, Barlow, Bateman. BACK ROW: Sanderson, Huckaby, Hunt, Smith, Miller, Guillot, DeRouen. l56 clwolbwitlvvwtofuj Flag JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Dave Miller ,Ian Clotiaux Gary Sanderson Doris Rienstra Mickey Smith SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Susann Goodwin Lu-Nita Marshall Sandy Bateman Rita Rienstra Cheryl Cook Sharron Johnson Donny Huckaby Peter Bayard Alvin Price Syd Russell Max Kattner Bubba Tyer Dan Hunt SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Bill Barlow Frances Reue Janice Albritton Mike Cuillot Barbara Lively Bobbie Baker Darrell DeRouen Latzw Club Auctums 051, Qoplumww Slaves OFFICERS: Naomi Gleason, Vice-Presidentg Doris Rienstra, Presidentg Jaton Holder, Re- MRS. ANDERSON porter, Joanna Fleming, Secretary-Treasurer, Pat O'Callaghan, Social Leader. Sponsor FIRST ROW: Fullen, O'Callaghan, Rienstra, Fleming, Gleason. SECOND ROW: Cloutman, Dillaplain, Budwah, Hol- lier, Riemers, Pullin, McLernore. THIRD ROW: Beasley, Devillier, Allen, Dickinson, Bollmann, Thompson, Holder, Dye, Hibbert. I58 ' wma PWM wait Qpwtualb msn, Nancy Smith, Barbara Mosley, Agnes Gregory, Sherry Charlton, Alinda Reed, Peggy Whitley, Carol Cohrt. SECOND ROW: Clara Fullen, Elaine Mclaemore, Bonnie Cook, Irma McLemore, Linda Hawn, Louann Soap, Rebecca Paine, Donna Davis, Edith Womack. THIRD ROW: Wayne Cowgill, David Gotcher, James Pool, Larry Hinson, Glen Landry. MRS. POOL OFFICERS: Alinda Reed, Pianist, Sherry Charlton, Reporter, Edith Womack, Song Leaderg Guest Sponsor Agnes Gregory, Secretary-Treasurer: Nancy Smith, Vice-President, David Gotcher, President l59 F-uiiuwNwrAe6P ' lw Nwwiug Week i er Fraser Fraser Barrett Llbersat SECOND ROW Clark ht W1ll13mS Pugh Clepper Dye Pulhn BACK ROW Mrs nell Sponsor Mrs L Miles Gldeon Auxlllary, Morgan, JEIT11 Grounds, Miller, Jordan, Cloutmang Mrs. R. C. Corley, Gideon iaryg Mrs. Murray Libersat, Sponsoring Mother. members: BOTTOM ROW: Hollier, Menchaca, Reimers, Cohrt, 1 a , a 1 - 3 1 l OFFICERS: President Lynn Reimers Social Leader Joanne Conner Secretary Madeline Menchaca Reporter Barbara Hollier Vice-President Martha Wright Treasurer - Karen Libersat Parliamentarian Gayle Pugh Chaplain Carol Grounds Sommer Club Vsits Pww OIL Cowpaug FRONT ROW: Mr. Broussard, Reed, Goodwin, Marshall, Hickman, Libersat, Ramsey, Hailey, Miller, McDonald, Bateman, Provost, Perryman, Shipp, McLemore, Scott, Cook, Hollier, Reimers. SECOND ROW: Harper, Dowden, Bugna, Davrs, ' ' ' ' ' M V'1h . THIRD Kitchens, Pool, Sweat, Howard, Kincaid, Miller, Phillips, Morgan, Pnee, Newman, Kattner, Goodwin, r. 1 a ROW: Deason, Popken, Champagne, Russell, Leysath, David, Elliot, Richard, Price, Hingle, Ewing, Bryant. BACK ROW: Dixon, Herring, Bayard, Bourg, Haltom, Kelley, Ermel, King, Hollis, Brand, Her1ington, Science Club Officers: Max Kattner, President, Syd Russell, Vice-President, John Price, Treasurer, Karen Libersat, Secretary, Julie Reed, Reporter, Mr. Vilha, Sponsor. Qclwo E Mrs. Ryland, Sponsor, and Kay McDonald, Editor, check copy. Pam Hurley, Club Editor, and Lindley Orr, Boys' Sports Editor, store Rotos. Dixie Voncannon, Headline Editor, cuts paper While Copyreader Gloria Hailey and Girls' Sports Editor Elizabeth Eagleson work on paste-ups. Photographers George Pratt and Fred Romero check camera before covering important as- signment. I62 dewsAndfEueutsTovQhmlemtEod5 News Editor Claydene St. Cyr types final copy while Ad Man ager Melba Hollier and Manag ing Editor Mike Hayes check copies Associate Editor Joyce Gaspard, Business Manager Brenda Tuohy, and staff member Jimmy Pool go through newspaper files. Club Editor Susann Goodwin and Exchange Editor Trudy Gallagher fold Beats to he mailed out. FFAAttendsFabQtocl2fQlw4w BACK ROW: Morgan, Carr, Richard, Radcliff, Cooper, French, Lang ham, Kimler, Doiron, Greenhurg, Bernard, Stark, Davenport, Hicks FRONT ROW: Harmsen, Champagne, Tcrracina, Cook, Hammerly Beach, Richardson. FFA OFFICERS: Left to Right Treasurer Wayne Richardson Secretary .lack Beach Reporter Mike Hammerly President Norman Greenburg Vice-President William Cook Sentinel Wilfred Champagne ! F-utwwl-I QdLC00kb00i25T0fE0ltw,Al0IllP5 IRST ROW: Doornbos, Linder, Ryder, Cook, Eagleson, Castleman, Scofield. SECOND ROW: Silkwood, Cornelius, Albritton, Eckert, arrileaux, Allen, Clepper, Cope. THIRD ROW: Knight, Whitted, Eagleson, Hollier, Conner, Pleasant, Pickens, Hibbert. FOURTH OW: Grossman, Gray, Barnette, Perryman, Fulcher, Rene, Ripley, Clark. FIFTH ROW: Murray, Cornelius, Fowler, Hurley, Sanders, illaplain, Askew, Prejean, Cloutman. SIXTH ROW: Provost, Hingle, Bodemuller, Crusenberry, Thompson, Shipp, Harvill, Scofield, Dye. Teri Scofield, Secretary- Ginger Ryder, Pianist: Eagleson, Vice-President, Linder, Parlimentariang Sally Social Leader, Judy Shipp, Cheryl Cook, President, Castleman, Social Leaderg Doornbos, Historian. ii I65 fn Lx " "w ig, .K Mi . Pep Squad Backs Bulldogs wade Nwwv- ' Qpwb l IRST ROW: Ripley, Eagleson, Buwah, Pullin, Leger, Allen, Martin, Cook, Prevost. SECOND ROW: Harmon, Whitley, Borque, cGown, Clepper, Mize, Eckert, Lively. THIRD ROW: East, Clark, Nicholas, Cope, Baker, Perozzo, Peterson, Sparks. FOURTH OW: Skog, Willey, Bollmann, Martin, Hallmark, Webb, Allen, Reuel. FIFTH ROW: Prejean, Pickens, Harvill, Lee, Doornbos, Spen- er, Bourg, Hawn, Hughes. The forty-two member Nederland High School Pep Squad boasted new black and gold uniforms this year. These girls attended all of the games and backed our Bulldogs with ready pep and enthusiasm. Their spirit contributed much to pep ral- lies as well as football games. SPONSORS: Miss Williams and Mrs. McClure. '67 2 Z ? 5 x PAT BRANHAM Cheerleader 4 E i CHEERLEADERSiFRONT ROW: Barbara Roberts, He Cheerleaderg Patricia Dickinson, Mascotg Becky Walton. BA JUDY RICHARDSON ' Cheerleader 3, 4 BECKY WALT , m Summer Cheerleader 4 camp, ON Cheerleaders Win First Place at Stephen F Aust' Tl1nouglvQtamFuwEs W: .Iudy Richardsong Chery Waltong Gayle Concienneg Pat Branham. PATRICIA DICKINSON Mascot BARBARA ROBERTS Head Cheerleader 3, 4 GAYLE CONCIENNE Cheerleader 3, 4 CHERY WALTON Cheerleader 4 NewfVocat1omLI ' C1ublSO BACK ROW: E. C. Cates, Bobby Horne, Dean Kemp, James Dennis, Bobby Herrin, David Harper, Bobby Havard. SECOND ROW: Grady Colvin, Jimmy Sparks, Albert Chilek, Robert Velasquez, Danny Metreyeon, Delbert Theriot, Mr. Weeren. FRONT ROW: Charles Duckworth, James Westbrook, Donald Wade, Jacky Crawford, Vernon Steele. The Vocational-lm dustrial Club was just organized at N.H.S. this year. The purpose of this club is to encourage leadership, and the, club is open to all boys tak- ing General Metals Trade. OFFICERS: Albert Chilek, Treasurer, Vernon Stehle, Secretaryg Jackie Crawford, V Presidentg Mr. Weereng Dean Kemp, Second Vice-Presidentg E. C. Cates Grady Colvin, Presidentg Robert Velasquez, Reporter. t-at-Ar FfwTaleumdfO ' Lead Westwwifws W S G0 HER xS0?'NfSW-mx L1'ef3fVSTA1f XJ U69 mam If P4 - fb' 65 Q 92 z 5 129 dz' ebay! FP NXY,Y8XLXe0Xe Q9 Pf1e6e1nbl2lwue n is FRONT ROW: Pat O'Callaghang Teri Scofieldg Lieutenant Pam Hurleyg Lu-Nita Marshallg Helen Coleman. BACK ROW: Joanna Flemingg Marie Bodemullerg Sally Campbellg Bonnie Crusenherryg Llnda Hingle. Gayle Pughg Linda Sherman, Clara Delahoussayeg Manda Linderg Lieutenant Linda McGowng Nancy Adams, Patty Mc- Culloughg Jan Clotiauxg .lulie Reed. I72 Undmfwawu Dawes Lieutenant Martha Worthyg Roxie Perkinsg Judy Hebertg Carolynn Hanleyg Marsha Maxwellg Susann Goodwing Carol Warnerg Myrna Provostg Sherry Austin. Captain Beverly Fableg Wanda Castlemang Trudy Gallagherg Carolyn Grossmang Kay Mcllonaldg Mary Ellen Wybleg Marlis Whittedg Dixie Voncannong Linda Pruittg Mauy Edgarg Lieutenant Sheron Stark. I73 sign capawrwfm Leadf N.u.Q. RITA RIENSTRA SHARRON JOHNSON PEGGY LaPOINT Majorette 2, 3, 4 Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4- Majorette 2, 3, 41 CLAUDIA FULLER JUDY DOMEC Majorette 2, 3 Majorgztte 2, 3 NAT CLOUTMAN HARRIET LANE PAT WEST Majgyette 2 Majorette 2 Majorette 2 Cowwt Ba4wLTakes CowmtTowu FLUTES: Gleason, Fuller, Bodemuller, Ramsey, Johnson, Ryder, Fowler, Miller, Silkwood, Creel. CLARINET: Monk, Provost Spruill, Martin, Spencer, Farris, Diaz, Popken, Welch, Smart, Fulcher, Brownshadel, Marshall, Noblitt, Pevoto, Adams, Powers Cloutman, Laurent. ALTO CLARINET: Sistrunk, Reed, Knight. BASS CLARINET: Hailey, Bateman, O'Callaghan, Miller, Wilson CONTRABASS CLARINET: Fleming. OBOE: Smith, Lane. BASSOON: McDonald. ALTO SAX: Sorrell, Holliman, Fuller, Warren Sims, Goss, Thompson. TENOR SAX: Herring, Kirksey. BARITONE SAX: Huckaby, McInnis. CORONET: Olson, Grounds Fountain, Dangerfield, Morgan, Arnold, Strother, Bailey. FRENCH HORN: Rienstra, Campbell, Smith, Jernigan. TROMBONE CUSSION: Hendrix, Willey, Keene, Barclay, French, Scales. TYMPANI: LaPoint. DIRECTOR: Mr. Kelley. ORVILLE A. KELLEY Director I75 1 Tucker, Bugna, Gotcher, Pratt, Davenport, Rienstra. BARITONE: Richey, Sweat, Atkinson, BASS: Price, Farris, Tyson. PER- 'The Goldw Pads Olynw G-oMwTtzwAg0i Q. 35 Qi Q 5 a FRONT ROW: Mr. Kelley, Rienstra, LaPoint, West, Domec, Hollinnan, Gleason, Barclay, Nichols, Dunning, French, Keene. SECOND ROV Fuller, White, White, Fowler, Silkwoofl, Creel, Cornelius, Bodemuller, Jordan, Miller. THIRD ROW: McDonald, Strother, Smith, Arnol Hernigan, Grounds, Olson, Morgan, Dowdefu, Fountain, Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Rienstra, Campbell, Reed, Kelley, Knight, Lively, Sistrun Miller, Wilson, Hailey, Bateman, Fleming. BACK ROW: Sweat, Atkinson, Tucker, Bugna, Richey, Davenport, Pratt, Gotcher, Hollis, Ari strong. 4 3 F5 952 ,E Q 2 I 761mm eww' h"f W PM with Pwofsiow RONT ROW: Hendrix, Wade, Scales Barclay Albrltton Wxlley Ryder Ramsey Cloutman Lane Fuller Johnson SECOND ROW Brownshadel, Spencer, Welch, Martin Adam Marshall Monk Provost Smart Fulcher THIRD ROW Dan erfleld Harvey l.aGrone S f ld S - 'll. D'az Laurent, Pevoto Powers Reed Adams FOURTH ROW OCallal1an Farms Holllman Thompson Souell Gaspard eo 16 p1u1 V 1 , Go Suns Warren, Cralnpton, lVL11t1n BACK ROW Farms Tyson Puce Herrlng Smlth Popken Klrksey Nobhtt Mclnms Huclxaby BAND OFFICERS Sally Campbell Social Leader Sonya Welch Treasurer Don Hendrix President Aubrey Tucker Reporzer Francie Brownshadel Historian Trudy Sorrell Historian Ginger Provost Secretary BQMALP ' lwVa1ciousA0fivItie5 Band members "step outl' during half-time routine. Mr, Keuei' s traigll len S his desk Band plays for majorettes during Thursday night pep rally. In spite of Dallas mud, the band managed execute a thrilling performance. l78 wus o ' ummm vmfg og: rallY- . 4 -1 m using yell dvfmg em Y d H YO Clxeerleadefi' lea Drama.Club students present readings at Christmas Assembly. onor guard at Homecoxu Pep Squad f0l'IU5 h Bodemuller pan at Westernaire PILO T St aff S Dons ors annuajfigni ng P61-t Y. Mr. Mathesen leads Choral Club prac- tice. I79 Qfiiltxg , The anxiety of waiting to get in on the action . . . the thrill of C o m i n g i n first . . . I80 the joy of knowing you've done your part . . . f Q S it u iw . I' Q 5 :E 1 i ii E-' . . . and Learning good sportsmanship and teamwork make N.H.S. famohs for its ath- letic program. This is NJ-LQ. iw SPORTS SYD RUSSELL JAMES OVERSTREET Capt. Ca t FIRST ROW Richard Cuccia Frankie King Herby Broussard Robert Albritton Steve Bailey James Rogers Mike Morgan Mike Wilson SECOND ROW Murphy Hingle Haclen Bourg Gary Sanderson Luke Guidry Richard Ewing Syd Russell Dwight Thacker Dan Hunt vmseuuaogs HEAD COACH Bowden Cook ASSISTANTS Mac Anderson Joe Boring Dick Burnett Bo Christian Dave Smith THIRD ROW Coach Cook Coach Anderson Coach Burnett Earl Richard Jerry Phillips Guy Haltom Mickey Smith Coach Smith Coach Boring Coach Christian FOURTH ROW' James Overstreet Larry Elliott David Harris Ray Hawkins Alvin Price Max Kattner Charles Myers .lake David ,limmy Pennington Mike Carr A mighty Nederland Bulldog blocks one of the many Orange passes that were attempted dur- ing the season opener. The Bulldogs Were de- feated 6-0. JAKE DAVID DAN HUNT Two-Year Senior Two-Year Senior Letterman Letterman Quarterback End A Qiow Beginning A Bulldog hustles in an eager attempt to gain - yardage which enabled them to have a 35-0 triumph over French. JAMES OVERSTREET SYD RUSSELL Two-Year Senior Two-Year Senior Letterman Letterman End Center I84 ROBERT ALBRITTON DWIGHT THACKER Two-Year Senior One-Year Senior Letterman Letterman Halfback Center WA Finale Robert Albritton receives a pass from .lake David to gain a first down in the 14+-I2 defeat by the Port Neehes Indians. Bulldogs rally to beat Deer Park 9-O RAY HAWKINS ALVIN PRICE One-Year Senior Two-Year Senior Letterman Letterman Guard Tackle LUKE CUIDRY Two-Year Senior Letterman Guard .IIMMY PENNINGTON Three-year Senior Letterman Fullback Steve Bailey looks cautiously at a Vidor Pirate as the Bulldogs romp the Pirates 28-0. 2 I I Eager Greenie is stopped by a Bulldog in a Greenie victory over the Bulldogs 21-14. euuuogs uma '61 STEVE BAILEY MICKEY SMITH One-Year Junior One-Year Junior LCIIBIIDHH Letterman Halfbfiflk Quarterback I86 Explo ive offense, gritty defense leads Nederland past Hornets, 35-0, as Bobby Glhson xs Qeen maklng one of the mam touchdowns scored that 0 A so S 9 w James Over treet gams yarda e and enablei DAVID HARRIS Two-Year Junior Letterman Guard A Nederland end, Dan Hunt, has just hauled in a pass, from Jake David helping the Bull- dogs to have a 26-0 homecoming victory over Conroe. GUY HALTOM GARY SANDERSON One-Year Junior One-Year Junior Letterman Letterman End Fullback De6wwAwAw Eyplosm O Bulldogs put the hurt on a Silshee Tiger and take home a 31-0 triumph. MURPHY HINGLE MAX KATTNER One-Year Senior OnelYear Senior Letterman Letterman End Tackle 5 S fi so J 3 2 Q fi FRANKIE KING HERBY BROUSSARD One-Year Senior One-Year Senior Letterman Letterman Guard Halfback Aww Quwogs' Mazww Nederland fullback, Jimmy Pennington, is trapped by a Cleburne Yellowjacket in Satur- day's Bi-District game. James Overstreet gains some of 'the many needed yards as the Bulldogs win on first downs of 11-9 after the score ended in a 13-13 tie with Cleburne. LARRY ELLIOTT MIKE MORGAN One-Year Senior One-Year Senior Letterman Letterman Ha1fbaCk Quarterback e EARL RICHARD CHARLES MYERS One-Year Senior One-Year Senior Letterman Letterman Center Tackle Steve Bailey sets the pace to score another Nederland touchdown as the Bulldogs tromp Angleton 35-0. A Spotless Disbdcb Quad Robert Albritton side-steps two Angleton Wild- cats in the Quarter-final game of the State Playoffs. l I RICHARD EWINC MIKE WILSON One-Year Senior One-Year Sophomore Letterman Letterman End Guard ' 4 I l90 l i s 1 I Coach Cook, A'The man with a problem," walks the 'sidelines as his mighty Bulldogs battle San Benito in the Semi-finals game. sutungs Ow Ty paauoggt MIKE GUILLOT PAUL DECUIR One-Year Sophomore One-Year Sophomore Letterman Letterman Quarterback Halfback Nederland quarterback, ,lake David, drives to gain yardage as the Bulldogs struggle to beat San Benito 22-15. RICHARD CUCCIA JAMES ROGERS One-Year Sophomore One-Year Sophomore Letterman Letterman CGIHCI' Halfback BOBBY GIBSON One-Year Sophomore Letterman Halfloack Dan Hunt makes an eager but futile charge and effort to help Bulldogs advance yardage in the State playoff game with the Dumas Demons. Bulldogs Aw OubQcofeedf, But Nob Eeatew lw F-imlb Larry Elliott over runs an attempted pass as the Dumas Demons edge past the Bu dogs in the State playoffs 6'0. 'l92 FIRST ROW: B. Davis, G. Noble, R. Faulk, B. Blackman, A. Whelply, B. Dowden. SECOND ROW: J. Decuir, M. Hammerly, J. Holley, T. Scofield, T. Havard, T. Brown, J. Stark. THIRD ROW: B. Orr, K. Birdwell, M. Philips, N. Guilliot, G. Broussard, M. Morgan. 1961 Bulldog "B" Qquadf cwwLMmwgwuS Bill Barlow Lanny Kirkland Terry Teaters Gary Kattner Bubba Tyer Nw Cui? O6 EEwewAw NamecLTofAEE DisfawtTemw SYD RUSSELL Center JAMES OVERSTREET DAN HUNT End End JAKE DAVID Quarterback J IM ROBERT PENNINGTON ALBRITTON Fullback Halfback X QSREEQ EA . ., , If , 9fiw3?'?fQ. ,V , 1 igfmfm iff. . A n I 5,'fzzigg,vQAzh-1 2 1 " .. . , I , z z "' Y' ,. .,.. .. .g ' -'--f" V, ,. i. 5 fzfgfrliffif L- .-'51,-'f : . .:s,f : ,I WYEQ, . shi' g if I 1 V1 -1 .xl 5 - '- . fi I ' 53? 2 I ' . I gg EE vm., H X- rsfgffwz ,- . ',.v' A . ,,, z S-A if Nga' K ge, gl AL.' ' .f .I I ,. In 'Q I .. , - R JERRY PHILLIPS Tackle DAVID HARRIS MIKE CARR Guard Tackle Tennis Anal Golfylllw Points Off lntwws6At NJ-LQ. ! TOP ROW: Ronnie Huckaby, Marvin Newmen, Don Popkin. SECOND ROW: Pete Fleming, Donny Huckaby, Mark Helvin. TENNIS TEAM GOLF TEAM Left to right: Robert Burnett, Darrell Hollis, Bill Bugna, Larry Hensen, Guy Haltom, Pat Radcliff 5 5 5 i NJ-LQ. Basketball - 1962 FIRST ROW: Mike Guillot, Mickey Smith, Dave Miller, Lorn Mills, Marvin Newman. SECOND ROW: Mike Morgan, Harold Kincaid, Rudy Drabek, Walker Herrington, Helden Bourg. MARVIN NEWMEN WALKER HARRINGTON One-Year Senior One-Year Senior Letterinan Letterman wg? Y, QL x H .. in MN aw A. X, , G?l T5 YN? wp , its Kyi v Z 3 , Lsfff' gi 'fir A - x g, -, fwiuv, 45 bh ,L 55' in 'XB M55 -1 Q, '-::Z:::. V Q Sikiavg i5iE3g fl 3, if f i . K H '- X H , , if 1. x 4 1 K am wifi W -gfsqm. A z.,,M,,, giii 'Fir :wg 5,m.9 4 ff? Bufldogs Haw Qlow Basketball Qeasow Dave Miller anxiously takes the ball in NederIand's defense. HADEN BOURG One-Year .Iunior Letterman MICKEY SMITH One-Year Junior Letterman COACH ANDERSON MIKE GUILLOT One-Year Sophomore Letterman Nedolwwb Bulldogs Wm, Qrlsbw Rdngs ' Begimiug OQTMU tw wammg Dmbaw Pow 12962 ONE BIG HAPPY GROUP Jake David, Bobby Riley, Conrad Srnith, Steve Bailey, Frankie King, Herby Broussard, .lames Overstreet, Mickey Smith, Bill Harper, Larry Elliott, Haden Bourg, Billy ,loe Orr, Mike Cuillot, Mike Morgan, Bobby Dalby, Jerry Phillips, Gary Sanderson, Bobby Gibson, Dave Miller, James Rogers, Mike Morgan, Larry Parrish. 200 s Show Swat QMLAML Ease IwTwcIw Relcujs Bobby Riley and Sieve Baily win lst. and Znd. place at the Bulldog Relays. Micky Smith flys over the hurdle with the greatest of ease. Bulldogs Qlwwf fivAndf lwTwwb 951928 -ff f - , 1 , 2 A 5.14 . fi, Ev i l ' ii, it fi Q s K I ,, S K NL 1 .f ,jon L.i?V .1f ,. awww, , . V ,sflw ff. -- QM-I -i g -mi "" e 'I i n ,if:'?7',Qi. ' inf I 47 1 -- . . " --gp: s .j5,,Qfg,.S5 fijfygitf 217 -.,fv1T"i'7 i f. ?1.y,f'-i'53f5w5L M':5E555fl"f,fa:'-iffigsimyel-:.:, .11 J . -:M , ,, QM, -'Lf-gh-lsgefg gg gg if 'V - ,- fzgqe wfg z1sz1f-L.':--.fweg ,, K .S ., i , : L e " if W - " jxfiil Mm ' ew . If 'i xa- Q . f .- -f , ' , " " S'f.ggs: M 5255 ..,. Ugg , V -- wh? - . i,.,.t-..., -mwee Ng. HERBY BROUSSARD One-Year Senior Letterman FRANKIE KING Two-Year Senior Letterman MICKY SMITH Two-Year Junior Letterman ROBERT ALBRITTON Three-Year Senior Letterman JAMES OVERSTREET Three-Year Senior Letterman Twdzf Pwves Tv BQA Populwv Qpfdug Qpofdv IAKE DAVID Three-Year Senior Letterman CONRAD SMITH One-Year Senior Letterman STEVE BAILEY Two-Year Junior Letterman BOBBY RILEY Two-Year Junior Letterman MIKE MORGAN Two-Year Senior I Letterman Nodmlcwwb Bulldogs I-lawA G1watYewu lwTwwM2.ela5 LARRY ELLIOTT Two-Year Senior Letterman .JACK POOL Three-Year Senior JERRY PHILLIPS Two-Year Junior Letterman Letterman BILL HARPER Two-Year Senior Letterman BOBBY DALBY One-Year Junior Letterman Buwdog Twckstwus Qlww Pwmiw I5ofuTlw 1962 Teach Qeasow GARY SANDERSON Two-Year Junior Letterman BOBBY GIBSON One-Year Sophomore Letterman JAMES ROGERS One-Year Sophomore Letterman Not Pictured HADEN BOURG, Two Year Junior Letterman MIKE GUILLOT, One-Year Sophomore Letterman BILLY .IO ORE, One-Year Sophomore Letterman Bulldog Infielders Bulldog Pitchers Nedudmdfs Bulldogs Aw 10-AAA C4 N uf 3 X11 5? ff 372 ea is 55 56 6 ? .Q COACH DAY .S fi? ml fs I K iwmps wftlvjaspwds Bulldogs Bulldog Outfielders Bulldog Catcher COACH BORING N Bulldogs BeabTlw ComowT'Lgwus Q-1 Nederland Bulldogs are tired, but happy after winning the Nederland-Conroe game. S ROBERT ALBRITTON Three-Year Senior Letterman 208 JAKE DAVID Three-Year Senior - Letterman Nadmlaawb Bulldogs PfwwTw Ee STEVE HARVILL Two-Year Senior Letterman Harold Kincaid slides into Home Plate and is safe. MIKE JOHNSON One-Year Senior Letterman Puma Tof Bw Aw Qpofdv Did he make it or didn't he? LANNY KIRKLAND One-Year Senior Letterman JAMES OVERSTREET One-Year Senior Letterman Own I-lwwes - lwVCf0'b5 OfvDe6eat EARL RICHARDS Three-Year Senior Letterman When the going gets Rough, a conference with the pitcher always helps. STEVE BAILEY Two-Year Junior Letterman A Wave O6AppUauwTofTlw Fig V , .,f'. wer, ....,-- Us L, .,.L,.,, Bulldogs +1 r+f."1':vr:-5QYS1Z.'.L4s I 2 M I M, . Mt. 'f - ' . - 1-iffyj,-I7-I5U1f?'"Il'-2' '?'.ii3Qf7-j,1f-SaiY?I,'f1i'Q,'73S2'tWl'l'QSYWZ. .. 'K ..: 1-W Wm . 1'--'zi3'f'flI.Pf iq'--3':zfE'?lfQ P11i"Y7 5i-1' IQ- . :lm 7 l l:-'Eg - -f . K-sy? pr .Q 2"!71fK?-H-iz"Y:?:1T.5Q-s-ffxwffflii''5'?'f':s--S25HIV' ' wf"V 7i N::5"'H."Q-hi: sE"'E.:,':f1 S-uv-"' 'V ' V W f an ' - 1 , - - - -' Lanny Kirkland and Mike Guillot look interested in this baseball game between Nederland and Silsbee. L - s f - 1 1 , 5 f f- f , - ? -- 1 , ' I 'kiasfgf-wiv' , n .. ' ' ff: , 'Q-Q:yg,z-il.. ', " W4-': Jo, - in Q ' ,V ' , .fl-3,.g1'f-z2??s ". 'QL 'F '.' , , . .-,,' , ,. ., -, ,k,,.k--,, W , .,,h . Z., .Q H, .:.,.. . . K z.f,."--',-rf. ', -gm ' -, ,L 1, , V- ,y:.grU., f -- J .e-5: I ,.'.-1,-vb-sJgqg.l ff-U, ' jr. , rf. W 5 -, ' - '- . - - , . -' ' '--'-iz-'f1'f7f:"-oi? 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' '. - ww- mm' " -- 2 ,, .- . - - 1 H to ., is H , H , , 4 - ,W ' A Hn s I Y - --,- M-f M -'-' , ' ww 1 ' V .ev 7-1 f- f ,sw -N , .t..L..f.,-:f."4-1-2wzf.f::ot ,f Aurel S-ff' -1-. rn ,, - ,.4,,..: - 4 1 -M" .. 111:-. . f ' iw W . . ,WNW WS? wwfx -mf e391-91 Wt- :Nxt M Hwilfw .N Mziof A ft V - A f . 1 A .. :3!vs'S2k.:wf1ff....r4fL4 . 1: "G9Q!f -53:5-??5f!R'i-15" f f -5:-L l' f- - fl ESS' f"RgU.vt53f?xiY"'f':!s:?silfftif-ivtaigsefkkf'5'-gxvzffff"Qi: - . -+- : a w.kwwfsxf:fw A 4 Q L A W , .w DARN ELL RICHEY One-Year Junior Letterman HAROLD KINCAID One-Year Junior Letterman Bulldogs ,J N . SQ i K, Y 7 A K Y fflfilf' X? L'AA Q' H' I 'K ' "nk K ii y ' ., oo L' . 4 LL" a,,, , ' ' fi sw e if ix Qfjfi' V Q , ,V ,jQfgt1 , ,... u gzwe u ea' J Annes' 13, H ff - .. " ' o ' K E . ' W A mzszil '--' M We , . - - e e m e Thls Nederland Bldldog 15 d01nE SOIHG 'XX ,, ,Ms 'V A512552 y. . 1 -'L11v:.zzg,,jQ73f, UfgeQ,z5-wing'1f2wm:w,,y yn V-'Zig-Q --juz' gggf 515 jf-Ag Sf-Q ,,. j,71zVg,gJgg'-' M l :- V 2-: y ' fx-fssg:':7g'jff5k 'Q-Q, . . y K, 1, fast travehng to score one run for Nederland- - i ,, Q is V ff' FYgi:lfif"5i' 1 -'Ira 'Q gF'555f"iflA"Z2i-" H H ' fi?-'if"4-V 372-4: '5'ff5f1i".JffQi2gQLfMiigp '1gzQ'5i lIfE?Q:- ,f:-1.f:,:- . '. : ,'f "3i' ' T' 95,52-l"'lw1fff 35S'?QMx'37I,1oL ew .gl iw.-:g I.. 'il ' P 3221!-'bfziiif-fi? ge-'I '- -:4x.T1-g,f1m-ef La-ei 1 ,. . V A 4 .. ifmoy ,ggm A Q ' - " 'Z if f' -.-WfEflf+mwsm,f?'5i K --1' ,,,. 'wggf -QI4ff,fL:,,g:" 'Leia - wsfw ev Q f i-3344,f,.e.fz,J:,,,g,g,- L o e - f '-"' f 1 L: jj ,,2-,W , f,J:. ..j 11' 7' ':5i "5!k4:'.'Q:fxi4'. - S':'. ,457-."'? f :z.lo, i FX'?+::5fQ7".,' ,,: 'ffm f"..xe-,-,E ZF,-' :5, , " N: Hrgi',15'E5'::.',,5gI,-' l o - 5 " - 1 '-" f K I if K H f 'fl f 3: fi af -M5251-fs: ' L ""' I ' ffl," in ' Y Q.: 5 '-5, - sv 'ff::?'fF?"W"5' . ex ':,f' y Z:i :'.fE':1f57.Q' 'M "" . , , mi . z "" ' ' H f " '- j rl W ' -' MIKE GUILLOT One-Year Sophomore Letterman RONNIE ROBERSON One-Year Sophomore Letterman Qpecfatow Qpw1bAdvowes Team Dust starts to fly when a Bulldog comes around PAUL DECUIR One Year Sophomore Letterman TY VAN AUKEN One-Year Sophomore Letterman Nedweloni Fimislws Qwsow B5 ' 10-AAA Co-Clwumps A clean hit for a Nederland Bulldog. RICHARD CUCCIA One-Year Sophomore Letterman JACK WILSON One-Year Sophomore Letterman 2I5 Homecoming festivities in the Fall . . . Spring Sports . . . 2l6 Graduation Day . . . and the Jr.-Sr. Prom fill the year with exciting memories. Tlwsefwwftlw. . . BUSINESSES that mol-zo the PILOT possibdef. Editor ...,,...,,..,,,.,.,,.,...A,,..,7,,...,,,. Business Manager -, ., Photographer Sports ,,,...,.... A ctivities ...... Favorites ..,.... Organizations Advertisements Honors ...........,...,.. Administration Photographer funzors ..,......,. Sophomores Sponsor 1962 PILOT STAFF Julie Reed Barbara Roberts Donny Huckaby Martha WO1'thy Rita Rienstra Karol Miller Francie Brownshadel Sonya Welch Ilene Martin Janis Gibson Bobby Dalby Alice Fulcher .,.......,.t . ,,., ,- Pauline Smart Mrs. Ernestine Fleming 2l7 JW Wig 5 5 ipl A arm. qw Compliments of BAKER-WILLIFORD PHARMACY RA 2-3426 I203 NEDERLAND AVENUE The Z X Co - Refrigeralion Healing Air Condrhonlng I8I0 MAGNOLIA PORT NECHES, TEXAS RA 2-78II Complimenfs of VIC'S MOTOR COMPANY I808 Nederland Avenue NEDERLAND, TEXAS Home Phone: RA 2-5384 Business: RA 2-622I JONES RAMBLER Rambler 6 or V-8 Ambassador lvIeI'ropoIiI'an 723 Nederland Ave. NEDERLAND RA 2-202I MID-COUNTY MUSIC CENTER IIIO Neclmes Avenue TELEPHONE RA 2-22II Music Merchandise and lns+rumenI's Repairs on all inslrumenls al lowesl cosl' PORT NECH ES, TEXAS THOMPSON'S FLOWERS Phone-Day or Nigh+ RA 2-4856 2 I 5 Twelfrh S+. NEDERLAND HURWITZ MEIN'S SHOP 590 Orleans S+. TE 8-43I3 BEAUMONT, TEXAS Complimenls of Complimen+s STELLA sANDEL's of R 3. s FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF 202 9 Midcoun+y's Leading Depar+men+ S+ore NEDERLAND, TEXAS Bosfon Ave. Dial RA 2-453l PORT NECHES The Dependable Bank "Serving +l1e Mid-Couniy Area for over Forly Years." MEMBER: F.D.I.C. Drive-In Window PHONE RA 2-4365 l025 P+. Neclwes Ave. PORT NECHES. TEXAS Congra+ula+ions, Seniors BURROUGHS SERVICE STATION 2404 Nederland Avenue PH. RA 2-2200 NEDERLAND. TEXAS Complimenfs of HU'l'l'O'S BARBER SHOP 2909 Nederland Avenue W. T. HUTTO, Owner Bes'l' Wishes 'I'o 1-he Senior Class of '62 TOM 8: SKEETER'S CAFETERIA l4l 5 Nederland Ave. NEDERLAND RA. 2-3537 Congra+ula+ions Graduafing Class of l962 PHILPOTI' MOTORS "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" PORT NECHES, TEXAS , Y M QITZQITE K "BUILT FUR BETMER BANKING' A MODERN BAN K FOR A GROWING CITY INSUR EQ , gl ,rn fb 7 " ' :O b I6 X ocvos Q' xv. .Q MEMBEP- Ill NEDERLAND HOME SUPPLY 'lf' Your FRIGIDAI RE Dealer GARDNER'S GROCERY "Service Wi+h a Smile" RA 2-483l NEDERLAND, TEXAS BASCO-McALISTER LUMBER CO. Por'r Arfhur Highway NEDERLAND, TEXAS Call Us ai' New Number Phone RA 2-6072 NEDERLAND FOUST MOTOR CO. Au'I'oma+ic Transmission Service CARBAUGH'S GULF STATION Comple+e Service RA 2-99I5 Tl-me Up Servlce I89 Hill Terrace Dr. I07 22nd S+. NEDERLAND C. L. FOUST, SR. C. L. FOUST, JR. Complimenls of WOODY'S AUTO PAINT 81 BODY SHOP I35 Nederland Ave. NEDERLAND. TEXAS RA 2-4868 Com plimen+s of COWLES TOY STORE Nederland Ave. NEDERLAND, TEXAS H. W. SETZER FEED 81 SUPPLY CCMPANY Where you will find more of whai' you need in: Hardware Housewares Gifts Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle Feeds Fertilizers NEDERLAND, TEXAS IIOI BOSTON RA 2-4633 CompIimen+s of LEWIS Complitmenfs o Builders' Supply, Inc. MCLEMORES RA 2-83I5 NEDERLAND, TEXAS 3020 Nederland Ave. RA 2'43'8 MID-COUNTY YOUMANS FurniI'ure 8: Appliance INSURANCE AGENCY RA 2-8223 L. E. Devers H. C. Youmans 822 Nederland Ave. RA 2- I 223 RA 2-7778 Complimenls of CRESWELL'S Dial RA 2-4I I2 II23 Bos'I'on NEDERLAND Congralularions Seniors THO RN ELL AUTO SUPPLY 66 BosI'on Ave. Nederland, Texas PHONE RA 2-3435 Besl' Wishes, Seniors From CESSAC Insurance 8: Real Es'raIe I827 Helena Ave. NEDERLAND, TEXAS RA 2-886I CROCKER MOTORS NEDERLAND Sales and Service PUBLISHING COMPANY Au'Ihorized Prin+ers-Publishers PIymou+h, VaIian+ Dealer NEDERLAND, TEXAS RA 2-8336 RA 2-8359 DrinIc Complimenfs of CALDWELL'S Home of Necchi and EIna H Likes gb You Like Sewing Machines You 0 S H, I235 BOSTON AVE. RA 2-4522 0 Compliments of C. DOORNBOS FAMILIES 225 III7 Bosfon RA 2-2I52 NEDERLAND, TEXAS Complimenfs of GRIFFlN'S MEN'S WEAR NEDERLAND, TEXAS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE l220 Nederland Avenue NEDERLAND. TEXAS IRON Congralulafions Seniors! CURETON 8: SON l804 Nederland Ave. AND ORNAMENTAL WORKS RA 2-5354 Besl' Wishes +o 1'l1e Seniors JOE'S GROCERY 2204 Helena NEDERLAND Joe and La Verne TOWN 81 COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 3l5 I21'l1 Sfreei' NEDERLAND, TEXAS RA 2-49II Complimenis of THE PATSY ANN SHOP I229 BOSTON GUZARDO'S FEED AND SUPPLY I28 Twin Ci'ry Highway Nederland, Texas PHONE RA 2-4933 F- is 'P A? ,ff 2 A mi' T Congratulations Seniors I NEDERLAND PHARMACY "Where Savings :nd Saieiy MeeJr" PHONE RA 2-83OI NEDERLAND, TEXAS PEN N EY'S DOWNTOWN BEAUMQNT CongraI'uIa'I'ions Seniors '62 Now! Four Ways I'o Shop CHARGE ACCOUNTS TIME PAYMENTS LAY AWAYS CASH Shop Penney's, Parking Free Parking Tickers Sfamped I HOUR FREE PARKING HANKS INSURANCE and Real EsIaIe "We Finance All Types of Real Es+a+e" I904 NEDERLAND AVENUE RA 2-8366 CompIimen'Is of WI'IELPLY'S JEWELRY NEDERLAND, TEXAS Iv1INALDI'S SHOE STORE I I43 Bosion NEDERLAND CongraIuIaI'ions, Seniors of I962 CREST CLEANERS I2I7 Nederland Avenue NEDERLAND, TEXAS RA 2-442 I LUCKE REAL ESTATE 81 Insurance 1,,0 0 2I5 TweIHI1 SI'reeI' RA 2-2267 NEDERLAND, TEXAS WALLING'S JERSEY FARM ., W k I . -:A ff Q 'GRADE 4'1" T iw f LU 3 ALL-GAS T H E S E FAST energy for cooking, T H I N G S water heating, clothes dry- ing, cooling and heating. CLEAN burning ranges that consume smoke and odor. SAFE homemaking with the fuel the National Fire Protection Associa- tion rates safest of all. ECON OMICAL fuel service that can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. AUTOMATIC convenience with controls to do the Work Cand Watch the clockj for you. LET GAS PUT MODERN LIVING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. YOU'LL LOVE IN AN H OME sournenn union colvmnnv COASTAL POOLS, INC. 3 I90 Liberty BOX 5362 BEAU MONT, TEXAS PHONE TE 2-58I I GULLEY'S BARBER SHOP 4 Barbers Shine Boy Air Conditioned I720 NEDERLAND AVENUE Nederland, Texas RA 2-990I JIFFY'S FOOD STORE 6:30 Til I 7 Days a Week IO4 Twin City Hwy. NEDERLAND, TEXAS RA 2-9909 TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE 81 FOUNDATION CO Quality Products Dependable Service 2255 L I250 E. Florida TE 5 343I TE 3-8603 BEAUMONT, TEXAS SHEP'S DAIRY MART 2602 NALL PORT NECHES. TEXAS RA 2-792I "Orders To Go" ELECTRONIC MCFARLANDIS RADIO gl MEAT MARKET ms WORLD ' 2905 N cI I cI A e 5 sPEc1AusTs 1 . TELEVISION R7Aer2n72I V me RADIO, TELEVISION AND APPLIANCE WHOLESALE-RETAIL Sales and Service Beef-Veal-PorIc-PouI+ry "We sell, process. and wrap" NEDERLAND, TEXAS "LEST WE FORGET!" adm!!! adm!!! I!! NE. You're right, it's George Bryant and Mike Johnson. 'Tiease rise for the seniors to march in," says President Sandy. . . . and then they were sophomores Steve Bailey used to he a Cub Scout??'? Redognize any of these? af TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 9 "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" M3 i 5 ff ia iw s 5 Qi sg Il ,, 11 S 5, 3 2 1 i , 3- - , - -- ZF'Qis3152532'if"'7iiE?'ffiEA?S??5iiiif5':?i'i55l lsiimwgm bfi. L -4' Q" x 1 L 1 IL A, 'll bf 'Tl 'W YY " "" I" 1, g ,T ,, , ,Y ' 'U' "" -'K'xn'.'wLf:4V25 ,-.-i.l.ip L15 1.1. u " . Atiizw, " I 4' .- - ' '.Z " '..- . -' .-J,-,wk . X- - , ' ' 3471- 1 ,..."l'. .1S'F.4....I3Z-.ff5f::3g.g. ',f.-.-l.f.-.3.-3-3. "4 ' , ' 2,52 ,H 5- -L-N11-512.+L1:.l-M-.z'.!.ff:2' .- . 1 ' ' - wf 1 -.""A 1 ff..-' FL.. .ad --Q X 1 'F J . . Q A . V5 ., Q., -, ' . . , . P' E ' iz, s 'F A ic? 'ff' ,'1?v5 1 r' , 'C . ,J A ' , 5 . 'Y gtk Q . '. 5 N: i 1 I ' ' 151, I --ww:-' A NIS 'ily' ,,, , I 4 .I-.- I-ir.,-.i ': -L. .-dffllf . if HT. ul. .'EX.i5,' f Y L+-.2b' .-.If

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