Nederland High School - Pilot Yearbook (Nederland, TX)

 - Class of 1952

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Nederland High School - Pilot Yearbook (Nederland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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1- la HS. in fa: Hb? EIS W gli .si- 51 Q -. E422 PS.: :Gb : :Wu nfs sie x 'R .. :ie 552' Fifi 125: . i 333 if - 92 xg' S 43. 5:3 5'-"1 ' S ." ,Q IK.. ' ' - 1 psf. x"'ff "iii, A: Y M 51 if ' 'xi-f,' H ,j ' ,: . Q-, m " ' 5 ,V ,. .,,,,.p: ' - ,-,fwfr 4 ' 'Q v .. V' iw, .- 5112 4 . , I " w fn +3379 A SsQ'- 'f 'F " '- 'x' '-,Q ""-" T-r"1 ,D-A L-F' Q. -x'k."'T" fl J' 95-35 2,4 ,-"- :QT-' ,.- -w", BJ'-H '-"-"s.L",fbl.A"TF':4'l -I -,J 5115 'LN-L,i-f",-filj I 5 If -1- " 'I' s 4,1 :kb . , --x -5, ,V,-7- '-.- -. .A Ls., ' ,fy -14- -tg. 5. .- NJ- -4 h , -.v.,-- Q ,MN -,-.,--R .4,,,-,K . ,- -..V --,,. -3. go. ., -A - - - -:Lg-. .,g.2,-1a:.-,.,-l., xv."-vA.,4.,.':. shag' .t-H- -Q-, - .x as-A a--..,,.- :'-rg 4.x -5-,M-W, -f 'N sn 4,,4.,A,w , A,--A-,ng L-sgp1'. :4-0--2,:..'Ag JfA,k.5Q!:-.4x'f'- ' ' '-" - 'f ' 1' - s 4- RN fn A A .A .A-L, .xg--::.:. 5:0-all-,. v 1 3 Y W mf s' ff!" 5 0 ff' fa Y .1 KA 1' af' ,, I' 7, -5 sh, w Q , X ,X 3 V I W f' N ,J K afdwywzfoifafi TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 7d4ld1l!td'a E sa f' . 1 E!- ,4 DALLAS. X mms - M AN EYTER YEARBOO kgs THE 'PUBLISHED NEDEIZLAND H IGI-I SCI-ICJOI. SENIOTZS 3,139 1752 Wm na an we 'wQ3'4'!"3 wi 1 f 7 ' . ' ' .' qk ylr 'L ll . is P ,, - , "xg, Q 5:32-1355111131:-..,,-.-.1-1-5211511255111L3155:3Z5:11-15GZgZ121'15?1- K 5 .-'f' .v .1 .-.-'.- v'.- .'.-'.- Q' ' 'YV ' Qvm- 1- -1-1551-211:-151V:gl51-111:-1-1gi:-155:-15:-1311:-1-1'--'-'-'' . ,,-"gm: ' A++ 'T -. ,. - A, ...-41.49 c -- ' " ' ' -X4 " , --f1ff- ' .. f ,M 4 - Li' ji: 1 14.-. al, " , 6:58a--A ' . . N i s . ' ll, NV -, ban.. - -. Syd' A 3 ,, . X1 4 5 1 E .1 .-lk' 'V . . - . I-' wedffwf! How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! Yea, to get understandrng as rather to be chosen than si ver." PROVERBS to to These words were wntten rnany years ago, but they stand rue today tt rs true that we have corne a tong way rn r e e thm that we know rust about att there ts to tearn u we must reahze that we can never stand strtt We rnust ext er o oryvar or backward Let us now resotye to go out tnto e wxth open rnxnds tt we stnye tor a htgher goat, we s surety be successtut SALUE FOWLER 1:+Et?"f'5'f'J"x " Eivfwffsmw "M '-?1'f"l2-'ss' twgiwf-gif? 'ffSWfS2,'f'f?iWfli1h ef: f' 01.13'53513sfn":'i'+ ,as .L-if f T! ... maid. .,. -,Ns .rl fr ' Q 7':'I'-:1-Lf ' ,. 'I f if 1 . gfiif ' 'EE Hal a, As. ,537 - we '- ,,,,., "zg,..1.pf4l V E11 x.4-1 , fi 1 I- l r-,,..4-... H- ' . 4 uv . , ,., - .4 t , .-' . ,, , 5 ..,s .. 1 4-4 1' J 'fl ' If ' . fi: I 'N .F i D . i II rx . . y A VA'- Q gh 1 C, 's , L -f V, , .504 .A f l1.',fvA'6xI',' A' ' "' A ' AERIAL VIEW OF NEW N.H.S. OLD N.H.S. .bw ,,. 1 ..-LW" K ,741 -lf' ,vI'44I I If www' If -Jf37ifJ ' 1 I! 3.-ww-vv , e III' 'I ,FQ -, t 2. B In apprecuatlon ot her thoughttulness and loving kindness to all students and because we feel that she has done more than her share to help everyone, we, the annual staff of 1952, dedlcate thus annual to MRS LILLIAN S RUSSELL U, ..-,...:.',,: . QL 'iid-s. .1-1 : , A A ,A A N ' '7Z.Zf'T L, .. 'b .' ' ,zz-4.7, fi- L 'I:G"':m" ' e ' -'Jil ,Azz f -M .r1.,'.,, 1 , ,.,.' . 'FQ 5255-. " -H QQ- Law- My ,,. x S ' -Ad 45 4, Tr, M' f L ,1 lx F, ,' QQ ' i f' - .U .. - -2 f HJ' f 1 f 942 iv 1 ., . ,L A M ,-- -J W Q-J',Clq I. gg.. f --ma - 5 s ff-1.5--wif' fff,- E.: Q-, '.- -f 4 vw ' ma mi . 1, 'L ' ef ' fi. ' if 'fn . A Lf' , fridffiilxff '? WU? BCDARD OF Gil '--ff. W. F Ricketts Vice l9resident lg Ya L. O. Morgan Dr. B. H. Hall President Charles Goss 955 ..-P5 ,J Enucf-mom .-'T' S 2 -l , . Q..- 'W Murray Libersat t we B. A. Ritter Secretary . 'F ' E. A. Palmer C. A. Mafhevvs Superintendent B. Sanford Supervisors Ralph Raines X43 GX I 'i if if X .ar Q' , BESS FERGUSCDN Counselor F. C. BURNETT Principal MISS FRANCES BEVIL MISS BENNIE DAVIS MR. DANIEL CHILDS MISS FRANCES EARLE MR. HARRY CHARLES MR. CHARLES ENLOE is-.1 '3-3 'm QN- MRS. MARY FORE X., MISS SARA HARRlSON MR. HENRY B. GERBENS MR. EMMETT MCKENZIE lbw d. I Q5 0, SN 4w",R. . MRS. ROBERT GLEASON MR. R. O. MEDLIN N Q 'Y -g-' MRS. RITA CLICK MR. O. A. PHILLIPS NIRS. ESTELL NEWBERRY NIR. VERNON RAMKE MRS NIARJORIE NEWSOM MRS. LOUISE ROACH ,gp k " n.' J' 1"31iL, '. , .. , 'fv- 5,-Q 19505 51' E' ny, tl-5754. MISS JESSIE LEE ROSS MRS. NELLEEN STANGL N -4.5 . 'Q'-"?'..?s., 1, . -ff MRS. LILLIAN RUSSELL MR. W. E. VILHA gm 'Q' MRS. MARY SMITH MRS. JOHNNIE WEST s -:mag -jf ..,v . . 43, :riff L. ' ' 'P ' fum- 1- I: .A 374. iffh' , ximhxik-?f"? - 1 jg. jjU?:f4f,Q,-.3 , ,. 1, ,WXQAQ Y Q. , 1 .1 .' X, sw- .,f , --rf - -' ' M. fa- . X swat 1 3. , f,. f JL ' ,J r. ,?j:5r- 511 7"',f5"-"',E'A5 .ucv , , , V. qw .14-,iff J , m .fL:' . fir' JY , U-f?,.9f v 1.11, ,N .5 , CLASS CULORS Bloc md tune CLASS FLOWLQ Carn at on CLASS MOTTG Forward ever lnclcvx ard never GRADUATION Our diplomas we re recelvlng Thrs assembly now we re leaving Each to go hrs separate way We are standing on the threshold Ot a new exciting lite' But Unteartul of the sharp cold We re prepared to meet the strrtel We shall wrth a strong endeavor Onward toward our goals proceed Forward ever backward never' That wrll always be our creed But forever we shall treasure Wrth the things we hold most dear Memories of the days of pleasure Spent at Nederland High each year' BETTY JEAN HAMMOCK V 'X Q: mv ' 1 x L K I Q ft . Cn this long-awaited day! . I f , . ll ll , . I SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY had some extra tame on my hands the other day so I decaded to look up some of my o classmates and see what progress they ALLEN ADAWAY cant make up has lust marraed Margaret OBraen but has rnand over her or has newspapers CHARLOTTE BAILEY as now head of the Old Maads Home so far she enaoys at JEAN BAILEY has her tare department but gets tared of the false alarms PAT BAKER has fave or sax drug stores and has a hard tame makang Carl work CHARLES BEARD as stall wonderang where has garl went but says the bachelors late as ok The last I heard of JAMES BEDWELL was that he was stall runnang for governor of Oklahoma HOMER BLACK has lust won the tatle for the All Amen can athlete SANDRA BRYAN as wanted for the kallang of her seventh husband but we all know shes annocent HULENE BURNS has fanally been made manager of Thames Drug Store an Beaumont DAVID CAMP as darector of one of the hottest bands an the state Unaversaty of Texas Can you amagane VERNICE CESSAC gettang the tatle of Mass Texas? CATHERINE CHADDICK as stall askang boys for dates but says theres no lafe an that As we all know Pro Football as noted for ats CARL COODY Carl says he can really play that stuff EDNA EARL COOK as a graduate nurse and as tanally an Korea LU ELLEN COOPER has lust fanashed her new book How to Get Your Man an Fave Easy Kasses The new Beulah Show on the radao as now starrang JOYCE CORLEY as Beulah JANE CRESWELL has been packed up three or four tames for thumbang rades LOUISE CURTICE as now a model for the New York Tames Tames surely have changed PAT DEESE has lost four fangers and one thumb whale tryang to make paes lake her saster had made The results were surprasang Well JUANICE DIXON as stall an the carcus tryang to rade that pank elephant over a taght ware Guess she can do at LOIS DUFF as happaly marraed to a rach tycoon and now she wants a man LUCILLE ENGLAND runs a washateraa and as always grap ang about the machanes beang water soaked A woman s league has aust been started by PAT FAWVOR STAFFORD and she keeps wonderang why women cant be presadents Of course we all know FELIX FINDLEY has retared from the wrestlang matches and hopes to be a coach SALLIE FOWLER has taken over Eleanor Roosevelts tatle of beang the smartest woman The award of Mass Ameraca has been gaven to RUBY FRAZIER who was most beautatul an the Senaor class of T952 CLIFFORD GALL has quat the boxang rang and gone back to has papers RICHARD GANDY not only has three lumber yards but has a car lot named Renault Incorporated Nace car JIMMIE GARD has bought the whole New York Gaants football team to manage and says To heck wath that hagh school mess LAVERNE GRANTHAM has tanally stopped wratang notes to Tommy so I guess shell call ham now RUBY GREEN as stall waatang tor Van Johnson to call her AMY GREER stall thanks Freddae Westberry as the cutest boy an town JIMMIE GRIMES has fanally loaned the Coast Guard and hes been sea sack ever sance CAROLYN GRIMM has tanally talked her husband anto openang a show of thear own Now she can watch the comedaes free GLEN GUTHRIE has been takang Earnest Tubbs place sance hes been sack BETTY JEAN HAMMOCK as stall gavang partaes but they are an her naght club We should all feel sorry for CHARLES HANDLEY who as an Alcatraz for stealang the Empure State Bualdang IMOGENE HANDLEY wall soon marry Norras but says hes never kassed her yet I ' , ' ld . ' ' . CONRAD CARLSON is head coach in volleyball at the I , I Well VIRGINIA HANSON has fanally marraed Doyle and says they re very happy Good luck SUSIE HARTNER has started a reducaaag school and says af at doesnt work now at never wall PAT HASTINGS has fanally mirraed her soldaer boy and now the war has really started BETTY HAWKINS owns a bakery and whale she maxes the dough she sangs Rolly Polly JACK HEMMENWAYS son Brad has fanally started play ang football for Nederland Hagh THOMAS HOOKS wants to start plumbang but thanks camera work as easaer SHIRLEY LUBERA as surely enaoyang the good old marraed lafe but washes she was back an school ANN MANRY as 2 featured chorus dancer an the Zaeg feld Follaes WOW' PAUL MARKHAM has taken Boras Korloffs place an the movaes as the Ape Man Not only the owner of the Blueaean Club but also EARL MASSEY has a S25 OOO pool hall MURLYNE MATTE as the new drum maaor for SMU College aant so bad SUE MAY as studyang law not to be a lawyer but a polace woman SHIRLEY MERRELL as studyang to be a baby satter She admats ats fun MABEL MENARD as teachang Fr nch an France I tha k she knows that stuff BETTY ANN MILLER and Pat CMr and Mrs D have started on thear tour through South Ameraca by means of tracycle Guess ats cheaper TOMMY MILLER has a flyang squarrel camp and has motto as keep em tlyang HAZEL MORRISON as thankang about takang Mass Fergu sons place after she fanashes college RONNIE MOYE as studyang to be a audge and plays a Iattle football on the sade JAMES PARISH has has own stock car races and says af you make em well break m CARL PEVOTO as sueang Pat for davorce so he can quat the drug store busaness GERRY RAUWERDA as a motorcycle stunt rader n th Janglang Sasters Carcus W A REED as a wrater and has best seller as Its Love BILLIE SUE ROY as a model for televasaon WAYNE SANDERSON as studyang to be a Hypodectamaster PAT SAMFORD wrote a column an the Lafe Magazane on How to Keep Your Fagure My my' EMMA LOU SEHON as a tager traaner an the State Faar at Dallas After wannang the AlIState basketball medal TERRY SHEFFIELD as now a news commentator TOMMY SHEFFIELD as the new owner of The Nederland State Bank WESLEY SHEFFIELD recently has become a mallaonaare Thats a workang boy for you' The Pacum and Pacum has really been rollang sance EARL HOWARD took Over JOE KEENE has taken Mr Medlans place teachang and says Its the ae SAMMIE KELTNER has aust ftnashed college and cant get a aob an a grocery sore NORMA LAGRONE wonders about aoanang the Waves would at really be wavy? LEONARD LAMBERT as marraed and says hrs tarst one s goang to be named Goofus I wonder why? MARILYN LINDSEY says she doesnt care af she as a Yankee shes got her Joe After fanashang four years ot college JOE SIBLEY as now head coach at French receaved a letter from PAT SILKWOOD and she says the massaonary work an Afraca as fane JANICE SINGLETON as happaly settled down wath Carl and says ats so nace shed do at all over agaan JAMES STEHLE as presadent of the Chamber of Com merce of Beaumont MAX STEVENS as a newspaper reporter and sells motor bakes on the sade VIVIAN STURROCK and Ball have lust set out to clamb the Alpane mountaan ORAN STOKER as stall throwang those old curves and they re stall curvy EVELYN SWEAT as a snger IU the Red Hot naght club an New York LYNN SWEAT has made a successful trap to the moon and as on has way to Mars ELIZABETH TERRACINA as an ltalaan actress an her new pacture Batter Oats VELMA TERRY as tryang to persuade W A to marry her but W A knows best After three years of hard work CHARLES THOMAS has been crowned Mr Muscle JO ANN VAN MARION has lust proposed to Glenn Ford aust an her dreams ROY VROLYK as a new sangang star on the Perry Como show SHIRLEY WINN has loaned the Wacs and now everybodys wacky FREDDIE WESTBERRY has lust been named the new presadent of the YWCA JOYCE WHITEHEAD as now staff artast of the Good Housekeepang Magazane BEATRICE WILLEY as the worlds champaon Ice Skater JACK WILLS as a top rader an the stock car races MARCIA YENTZEN as a nurse an Korea entertaanang the boys GARLAND YOUNG as a aet flyer and he expects to make a trap around the world JAMES ZIMMERMANN wall soon be appoanted to the Supreme Court I . w , . , . . . , H . L , C I , T . , f , - a I . I 4 , . . ,.,. . . , H I . . . ' a ' ll I - Il ' ' ll' 1 1 le ll ' , . I e . . . - , . , . CLASS WILL KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS That we the Sen or Cla s of Ncdcrland Hrgh School of T952 berng rn best ot health and ot a sound mrnd do hereby bcctueath ano publrsh rndrvrdually and collectrvely our last wrll and testament ALLEN ADAVVAY lcrvcs hrs loud ways and tall stature to Gen Bosrnan CHARLOTTE BAILEY leaves her lrbrary to Mrs Stancrl JEAN BAILEY leaves her ladylrke ways to Peggy Thomas PAT BAKER leaves her drug store to anyone who can rrrrc Carl work CHARLES BEARD leaves hrs hot Chevrolet to anyone who uct rs much out of r JAMES BEDWELL wrlls hrs place rn the Naval Reserve to anyone who wants to swab decks I-IOMER BLACK wrlls hrs catty ways and abrlrty to ge SANDRA BRYAN wrlls her red harr to anyone who needs HULLNE BURNS wrlls her book on How to Get An En gagement Rrng rn Three Easy Lessons to any dumb Junror DAVID CAMP wrlls erghteen Inches of hrs altrtude to Alton Mutzbauer CONRAD CARLSON leaves hrs freckles and all hrs tas movements to Kenneth Srtton VERNICE CESSAC and CATHERINE CHADDICK leave therr boy trrends to the grrls and marshes of Pt Acres CARL COODY wrlls hrs good looks and abrlrty to et along wrth Mrss Davrs to anyone who can take care of both EDNA EARLE COOK leaves her strrde to Dranne CSugarj Davrs LU ELLEN COOPER leaves her pretty sweaters to Joan Wrllrams JOYCE CORLEY leaves her quret ways to Paula Thomas JANE CRESWELL wrlls her soft vorce to Lynn Rrenstra LOUISE CURTICE leaves her place rn the Zregfeld Follres to Eva Marne LeJune PATRICIA DEESE wrlls her frgure to Barbara Mosely JAUNICE DIXON wrlls hcr abrlrty to get alorg wth the teachers to Ruth Dean LOTS DUFF wrlls her knowledge ot shorthand to Nlrss Davrs LUCILLE ENGLAND wrlls a green Hudson to anyone wro n rut a heater rn FELIX FINDLEY leaves 25 pounds to Bob Rackley SALLIE FOWLER leaves her ways wrth the annual photog rapher to the next edrtor RUBY ERAZIER leaves her place as mot beautrtul grrl to anyone qualrtyrng RICHARD GANDY wrlls hrs trne srngrng vorce to Jessre Ruth Baker JIMMY GARD wrlls hrs herght to Wayne Dowden LAVERNE GRANTHAM leaves her abrlrty to get wrth Mr Medlrn to Bob Semons along RUBY GREEN leaves her love letters to Eugenra Pr ce AMY GREER leaves all her boy trrends to Joyce Tyer JIMMIE GRIMES wlls hrs abrlrty to get along wth M s Ross to Jerry Roebuck GLEN GUTHRIE leaves hrs place as top hrllbrlly to Gene Paul Henderson BETTY HAMMOCK wrlls her poetrc abrlrtres to next years class poet CHARLES HANDLEY leaves hrs place as the toughest tough ot Hrllcrest to Junror Pullrn IMOGENE HANDLEY leaves her norsy ways to Weta Wrlson VIRGINIA I-IANSON leaves her cheerleaders place to Rachel Burrows SHIRLEY LUBERA wrlls a marrrage lrcense to any grrl who wants one CAROLYN GRIMM leaves her way wrth show managers to Tessre Quarles xi 3 LV I! k A I I 'U ' r fl X . . . ll V 3 ca 9 '. rt. I 4 A A V . rvrrr 3 H I t. f . s ' . A . . . . 1 - along wrth the girls to Victor Hubert. CLIFFORD GALL leaves his solemn ways to Jack Edwards. lt. . ' I . - r ' " I is THOMAS HOOKS wulls hus scuentutuc mund to anyone else ORAN STOKER CSmokehouseD leaves nothung SUSIE HARTNER leaves her place un the offuce second peruod to anyone who can put up wuth the annual staff PATSY HASTINGS leaves her way wuth the teachers to Helen Shaw BETTY SUE HAWKINS leaves her non complaunung ways to Nellue Rose Mutchum JACK HEMMENWAY wulls hus place as chuef poppa ofthe Senuor class to anyone who wants ut wuthout a braun EARL HOWARD wull hus place at Puc um and Pac um to anyone who wants to work JOE KEENE wulls hus genuus mund to Charles Smuth SAMMIE KELTNER leaves her sux years at N HS gladly NORMA LAGRONE wulls her ways wuth Mr Enloe to Frankue Melder LEONARD LAMBERT leaves hus managers posutuon to A J LeBlanc MARILYN LINDSEY leaves Texas to the Southerners ANNE MANRY wulls 50 pounds to Marue Knoblock PAUL MARKHAM wulls hus place as number one goof EARL MASSEY wulls hus tavorute cue stuck to Glen Muller MURLYNE MATTE wulls her posutuon as mauorette to any one who can do as good a uob SUE MAY leaves her place on the annual staff to anyone who wants to get grey headed MABEL MENARD wulls her abuluty to get along wuth Muss Davus to Janelle Johnson SHIRLEY MERRILL leaves her abuluty to be late to Muss Newsoms class to anyone who can get away wuth ut BETTY ANN MILLER leaves her heught to Glorua Rucardo TOMMY MILLER wulls hus lady kullung ways to Carl Burns HAZEL MORRISON leaves her book on haur shapung to Gertue Carruthers RONNIE MOYE leaves hus long curly haur to Duane Wulson JAMES PARISH wulls hus cute freckles to Wundol Foley CARL PEVOTO leaves hus uob un the drug store to anyone wuth the connectuons GERALDINE RAUWERDA wulls her wutty remarks to any dumb Junuor Cthats all of themj W A READ wulls hus abuluty to go steady to Reud Galluon BILLIE SUE ROY leaves her quuet ways to Carolyn Radford PAT SAMFORD wulls her ways wuth the boys to Laura Lambert WAYNE SANDERSON leaves hus gallant ways and manly physuque to Bully Dalby EMMA SEHON leaves her by words to Carlene Barnes TERRY SHEFFIELD wulls hus way wuth the gurls to Curtus Wrught TOMMY SHEFFIELD leaves hus Tonu Refull Kut to Charles Nucholson WESLEY SHEFFIELD leaves hus abuluty to get uobs un shows to Gordon Brett JOE SIBLEY wulls hus place s Dugger ODelI Senuor class to anyone who wants ut PAT SILKWOOD leaves her quuet ways to Janette JANICE SINGLETON leaves her quuet ways and to Joanne James PAT FAWVOR STAFFORD wulls her extra brauns garet Pruce JAMES STEHLE leaves hus place un the Rah Rah anyone who can make as much nouse MAX STEVENS wulls hus scooter to any needy of the Hudson manner to Mar Club to person for no body hes takung ut all wuth hum VIVIAN STURROCK leaves her place as edutor ot the EVELYN SWEAT leaves her drum mauor place to anyone who can fut ut LYNN SWEAT leaves hus drawung contract to Leo McBrude ELIZABETH TERRACINA Jeannune Savoy leaves her sweet dusposutuon to VELMA TERRY wulls her Sorrell abuluty to go steady to Wullette CHARLES THOMAS wulls hus senuor rung to any gurl good enough to get ut JO ANN VAN MARION Rose Boys wulls a bouquet of roses to e ROY VROLYK wulls hus musucal abuluty to Chrustopher Murray FREDERICK WESTBERRY to Malcolm Radford leaves hus Charles Atlas book JOYCE vvu-uureu-uEAD leaves Royce to N HS BEATRICE WILLEY leaves her quuet ways to Joan Thacker JACK WILLS leaves a free tscket for a rude un hus car to anyone ready to commut suucude SHIRLEY WINN leaves her place as best hullbully gurl to Wanda Manry MARCIA YENTZEN leaves her sweaters to Melba Dowden GARLAND YOUNG wulls hus quuck smule to Coach Ramke JAMES ZIMMERMANN wulls hus Ford to anyone who needs transportatuon A I ' ' a u r 1 ut , 5 ' bane of the Senior dass To Harry Sponsuo,-A Bulldog Beacon to anyone who can write news stories. ' ' ' . ' th class officers JOE Sie LEY President BETTY ANN MILLER SALLIE FOWLER Secretary Treasurer ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES CHARLOTTE BAILEY TOMMY SHEFFIELD MABEL MENARD Vice President PAT Si LKWOOD Social Leader 4.4.- in QL BAILEY, JEAN FHA 4 BAKER, PAT Galvesion Camera Club l Glee Club I Junior Classical League 2 Nederland Band 2-4 lnterscholastic Spelling 3 6-. 'Brig ADAWAY, ALLEN Band I-A BA: LEY, CHARLOTTE Vice President l Spanish Club l, 2 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Pep Squad I-A Library Club President 4 Alumni Rep. 4 FHA 4 lun X Z3 i S BEARD, CHARLES Science Club l Choral Club 4 BEDWELL, JAMES Band I-4 Choral Club 4 Band Club I-4 BLACK, HOMER Football I Science Club 2 Spanish Club 2 Junior-Senior Boys' Club 3 Boys' Pep Squad 4 Student Council 4 BRYAN, SANDRA GRA l, 2 Pep Squad l'4 FHA 'I, 4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Science Club 2 Speech Club 4 lnterscholastic Play 4 Choral Club 4 CARLSON, CONRAD Basketball 2, 3 CESSAC, VERNICE Band 1-4 Band Club l Class Favorite 1 Social Leader 2 Choral Club 4 BURNS, HULENE Science Club Secretary 4-H Club l FHA 4 Pep Squad 2, 3 Bulldog Beacon Staff 4 CAMP, DAVID Band 1-4 Orchestra 3, 4 Science Club l ??ijgF,, t Q E? Cooic, EDNA EARLE FHA l, 2 4-H Club l, 2 Pep Squad I-4 Speech Club 2, 4 Kampus Klub 3, A Choral Club 3, 4 COOPER, Lu ELLEN Pep Squad I-3 Spanish Club l, 2 Kampus Klub 3-4 Student Council 4 Co-Editor Bulldog Beacon 3 Choral Club 4 16' x CHADDICK, CATHERINE Band I-A Choral Club 4 Kampus Klub 3 Pep Squad I Cooov, CARL South Park Football l, 2 Basketball l, 2 Nederland Football 3, A Captain 4 All-District 4 Basketball 3, 4 Most Handsome 4 CORLEY, JOYCE FHA I Spanish Club 2 Choral Club 4 CRESWELL, JANE Band I-4 Choral Club 4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Spanish Club 1 Pep Squad I CuIzTICE, LOUISE Kampus Klub 3,11 Pep Squad A A-H Club l-A Choral Club A DEESE, PATRICIA Spanlsh Club l Band l LH Club l-3 Pup Squad 3 Kmnpus Klub 3 C lxoral Club 4 ENGLAND, LUCILLE Science Club 1 Spanish Club 2 Choral Club A FINDLEY, FELIX i DIxoN, JAUNICE GRA l FHA l-A Kampus Klub 3, 4 Pep Squad 1-4 Studem Council A Glee Club DUFF, LOIS GRA I Choral Club 3, 4 Pep Squad 2, 3, A Science Club I Band 1 'v GALI., CLIFFORD Spanish Club l, 2 Junior-Senior Boys' Club 3 Boys' Pep Squad A Choral Club 4 Bulldog Beacon Staff 4 4-H Club 3, 4 GANDY, RICHARD Fooiball Manager l Spanish Club '3 f S-5,1 , '-I., 'Clif' .av-f' we--Cl Q39 I FOWLER, SALLIE Pep Squad I-4 Class President l Karnpus Klub 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Girls' Sfale 3 Best All-Round Girl 4 FRAZIER, RUBY Band l Science Club l 4-H Club l FHA 4 Pep Squad 2, 3 Bulldog Beacon Staff 4 Most Beautiful 4 'Si .- 'Sf ine- 'QI if Y GARD, JIMMY Football Manager 2, 3 Basketball Manager 2, 3 Golden Gloves I GRANTHAM, LAVERNE Rayville Allied Youth 1, 2 4-H Club i, 2, 4 Homecoming Maid I Book Club l, 2 FHA I, 2 Pep Squad l, 2 Nederland Pep Squad 4 Kampus Klub 4 GREEN, RUBY Home EC. Club l Kainpus Klub 3 Spanish Club A Press Club A Pep Squad l, 3, 4 GREER, AMY Science Club l Volleyball l, 2 Spanish Club 3, A Pep Squad 3 lim-rsqlwolastic League Typing 2 GUTHRIE, GLEN Football 'l, 4 Choral Club 4 Golden Gloves 3, A HAMMOCK, BETTY Science Club 1 Spanish Club 1, 2 FHA 4 Class Poet A Choral Club 4 Pep Squad I-4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 GRIMES, JIMMIE Baseball A Football A Spanish Club 'l, 2 Science Club 2 GRIMM, CAROLYN Pep Squad 3, 4 Kampus Klub 3, A .nv HANSON, VIRGINIA Pep Squad l, 2 GRA l, 2 Speech Club 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 lnterscholastic Lea Kampus Klub 3, 4 Senior Duchess A HARTNER, SUSIE FHA l Pep Squad 2-4 Student Council 3 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Choral Club 4 HANDLEY, CHARLES Baseball 3 Football A Choral Club 4 HANDLEY, IMOGENE Band l-A Kampus Klub 3, 4 GRA l Choral Club 4 HASTINGS, PATSY Pep Squad 2-4 Choral Club 4 Student Council 3 HAWKINS, BETTY SUE Choral Club 4 Science Club I Bulldog Beacon Staff 4 HEMMENWAY, JACK Football l-4 Basketball l Hooks, THOMAS Football 1 Track 1, 3, A Basketball l Junior-Senior Boys' Club 3 Spanish Club 2 Boys' Pep Squad A 9' Q KELTNER, SAMMIE Choral Club 3, 4 Speech Club 4 Pep Squad 3 GRA 1 LAGRONE, NORMA Spanish Club 1 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Band 1-4 Maiorette A Speech Club 4 Regional Solo Contest Regional Twirling Contest HOWARD, EARL Science Club 'I Choral Club 4 Press Club A Football l, 3 Track l, 3 Baseball l KEENE, JOE Band 1-A Science Club l Orchestra 2-4 All State Alternate 4 Honor Band Student 2-4 Yx K 9 5'-lt LINDSEY, MARILYN Pep Squad 4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 MANRY, ANN Band l Drum Maior 'l Choral Club l-4 FHA l, 2, 4 Pep Squad 2-4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Student Council 3 Speech Club 4 LAMBERT, LEONARD Football l, 3, 4 Track l, 4 Basketball I, 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 All-District 3, A Junior-Senior Boys' Club Football Manager 2 LUBERA, SHIRLEY French Choral 'l Vice President l Student Council l, 2 Nederland Cheerleader 4 Annual Staff 4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Secretary 3 Pep Squad 3 MARKHAM, PAUL Football 1-4 Prophecy 4 Basketball 1-3 Track l MAssEY, EARL Football 1, 2, 3 Softball I-4 Basketball l, 3 Choral Club 4 Speech Club 4 MATTE, MURLYNE Band I-4 Maiorette 3, 4 lst Class Twirling Solo 3, 4 lst Class Twirling Duet 3, 4 Band Club 2 MAY, SUE Spanish Club Officer l, Pep Squad l-4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Choral Club 4 Student Council 3 Girls' State 3 Rep, to Oklahoma 3 Annual Staff 4 2 MILLER, BETTY ANN Pep Squad I Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Class Favorite 2 Kampus Klub 3, 4 FHA 4 Vice President 3 Football Sweetheart 4 Most Popular Girl 4 Head Cheerleader 4 MILLER, TOMMY Junior-Senior Boys' Club 3 Choral Club 4 Boys' Pep Squad 4 Baseball 4 MENARD, MABEL Orange Most Beautiful 2 Latin Club 2 Class Treasurer 1 Nederland Choral Club 3, 4 Vice President 4 MERRELL, SHIRLEY Pep Squad 1, 2 Kampus Klub 3, 4 FHA 4 PARISH, JAMES Science Club 1 Spanish Club 2 President Junior-Senior B Choral Club 4 Speech Club 4 Pevoro, CARL Band I-4 Honor Student l-4 Science Club President 1 All State Alternate 4 Captain 4 'Y " MORRISON, HAZEL Move, RONNIE President 2 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Spanish Club 2 Basketball l, 2 Baseball l-4 Football l-4 All-District 4 oys' Club 3 lt. RAUWERDA, GERALDINE X FHA I, 4 T.'..'N Pep Squad 1-4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Student Council 3 Bulldog Beacon Staff 4 READ, W. A. Football I, 3 Basketball 1 Track 1 Band 4 Choral Club 4 ROY, BILLIE SUE Home EC. Club l Choral Club A SAMFORD, PAT Spanish Club l Democracy Contest 3 Pep Squad l-A Kampus Klub 3, 4 Choral Club 4 Student Council 4 F to 'g ii- '- SHEFFIELD, TERRY Football l, 3, 4 Basketball 'l-4 Baseball 3, 4 Track 1 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Class President 3 SHEFFIELD, Tolvilvi Football 1, 4 Spanish Club 2 Student Council 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Alumni Rep. 4 Boys' State 3 SANDERSON, WAYNE SEHON, EMMA Lou SHEFFIELD, WESLEY Football I Spanish Club l Basketball l Choral Club 4 Speech Club A SIBLEY, Jos Football 2-A Annual Staff A Good Sportsmanship League 3 Presideni A Tri-Captain Football 4 Best All-Round Boy 4 STAFFORD, PAT Spanish Club I Kampus Klub 3, 4 Choral Club 4 Pep Squad 4 STE:-ILE, JAMES Science Club l Spanish Club 2 Boys' Pep Squad 4 Junior-Senior Boys' Club 3 STEVENS, MAX Football l, 3 Track 3, A Science Club l STOKER, ORAN Clworal Club 4 Baseball 3, 4 Speech Club 4 All District 3 K' 1 1- 45. 9 1'.::'f' SWEAT, LYNN Band I-4 Science Club I Choral Club 4 TERRACINA, GRA l Science Club I Pep Squad I-4 Kampus Klub 3, FHA 'I-4 Bulldog Beacon Glee Club 4 ELIZABETH 4 Staff 4 STURROCK, VIVIAN GRA 1 Science Club 1 FHA I, 4 Pep Squad 1-4 Kampus Klub 3, 4 Class Favorite 3 Editor Bulldog Beacon 4 SWEAT, EVELYN Band and Orchestra l-4 Drum Maior 4 Canadian-Am. Band 3 Student Council 3, 4 Reg. Solo and Trio 2, 3 Reg. Twirling Solo 4 All State Band 3 Flag Bearer 2, 3 Student Conductor 4 'E ll VAN MARION, Jo Choral Club 4 Speech Club 4 VROLYK, Rov Science Club l Band l-4 All State Band 4 Honor Student 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 First Lieutenant 4 ANN an 'U 55,1 ,"?' il 1-" l 'i TERRY, VELMA Band l-4 Band Club l, 2 Choral Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Kampus Klub 3 THOMAS, CHARLES Vice President 2 Class Favorite 2 Student Council 2-4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Football I-4 All-District 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 i lb' Q11 . WESTBERRY, FREDERICK WHITEHEAD, JOYCE Pep Squad 2 FHA Club 2 4-H Club 1 Glee Club 4 W1LLEv,BEATR1cE FHA l Pop Squad l-A Clmml Club 4 Kavnpus Klub 341 W1LL,s,JAcK Football l lmflf. l F 5-Liss. 3 t , J l ' '71 Youmc, GARLAND Football l Basketball l Spanish Club 2 Student Council 3 Junior-Senior Boys' Club 3 Boys' Pep Squad 4 ZIMMERMANN, JAMES Football l Basketball 'l Choral Club 4 WINN, SHIRLEY Band Club l, 2 Band l-4 Orchestra 3 Student Council 4 Choral Club 3, 4 YENTZEN, MARCIA Band 1,4 Flag Bearer 2-4 Twirllng Contest 3, A Student Council l, 2 Pep Squad l Kampus Klub 4 Choral Club A Band Club l, 2 4 'TT X 1 In XS O fu .gf 6 -4-4 7-gy, ' Q . f0 1, I5 I7 Up a stump Too many parties I Look at the birdie I Bottoms up I Charles Atlas? Going to get a hair cut Where's Joe? I ' .- 31: 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. ' 14. ' 4 I. i'. ' v 4 ,IJ U5 ... 119 Three Stooges I Evelyn is getting tall Which bat has a Toni? Mumble that over Newly Weds I Palsy walsy Distinguished Seniors " -1 15.. 16 17 18 19 20 21 Ain't Love Grand I Just Buddies Is that you, Pat? Smile Sweet I Where. does the log end and legs began Just Seniors I Sweet Seniors. V ey. 1 . Q Q. Y i f, v." :if xx av , ,. ' 'I J3. 'L if H. ,wg ' 'SL E, v T 'Y "fi K of 4, 3. ,ii 45.,L v Robert Slwuarf class officers Lyrm Riensfra Vice Pl'eSfdef7T Treasurer Jack Pelloaf Secretary 'VL Wefa Wilson President 1 f N ZW ? , Z Z5 Jessie Ruth Baker Reporter x '1' R" l Abahire, Nathan 'Q' Q4 Baker, Jessie Ruth 'rw- 4 'lf Adair, Billy ,O f '--" A .f Barnes, Carlene 'Fix cmdafw 4 1 i ft-N Aw, K tl 40 ,, 'r"' x -5s ,l , Adkins, Ashley, Syble Bruce nf ,. V 1-V .-I - .. Bond, Burns, Charles 'Q gg Carl gg Burrows, Carufhers, Collins, Cumber, Rachel Gertie Barbara Dolores f 1' Dalby, Billy Dovvden, Wayne I I -a J Q 4 Foley, Windol ccmlcvw Adu. Y N. Nm Davis, Charles Glen ff 3 1 Edwards, ff ' if I 1 Dean, Rufh 1 1- Nt if, f ll , Yi . i i 1 3 Errnel, Marvin .lack PY mf: Sf" Q47 A 1' 14" f A l .CN pf! - 'Q Dowden, Melloa , J I Fletcher, Charles r Gallion, Gentry, Gray, Reid Tommy James 2 'Riu llrvl li- rlnill 5 V- 'S 1 xx X Hudson, Frank f 19 ,ey 3' V,-l I Ns p Johnson, Janelle X 0 num cuziafza .1 AQ!! ti Q Hawpe, Henderson, Ronnie Gene Paul Herrington, Ernrna Clair N- 1 'T if 'I K " C, ' I ' ' S s s 0 u ll' 5 . ' . 'fix 0 5 J 5 Q .,:,'?mx"' 1 4. 4' 4 -bffyi-1. Hudson, James, Johnson, Janelle Joan Betty fi "CP f sf iq X N Knoblock, Leavlngs, LeBlanc, Marie Edna A. J. ff 4 Wil cmdaw 'P- 'T7 - Jr J 1 A. Maxwell, Marrs, Miiclwarn, Morvanr, Alberta Joe Nellie Rose Clifford 1 I, I i 'ff 2- m f in - AXK. I . l . I fi' Moseley, Mutzbauer, Nicholson, Patterson, Barbara Alton Charles Zulah 41 1 . X 1 Pelloat, Porter, Price, Price, .lack Billy Eugenia Margare? t- I -fv- pLJU1fT, LJ, H. Jr. fvfvu ,V -'U' 1 S l Roy, Bobby N' n Shuarf, Robert Q fi ," V , S Y. 5' Sr , fl X V 't 1: QT' Rlenstra, Roberts, Roebuck, Lynn Jo Ann Jerry 418 A ""Y -x 0 I . 1" 5, Savoy, Scofield, Seifz, Jeannine Prentiss Lura f 4- " "T Skinner, Skog, Slaughter, Virgil WWVB V?OlB awww gi, , .-Q, fa'-s ,Y ,ps 409 '9- 3 Sorrell, Sponsler, Stinson, Street, Willette Harry Helen Joe fi 'Q if 'T A ...3. 'fii , if .ffaff Thacker, Thomas, Tyer, Vinson, Joan Paula Joyce Leonard an 45 6, , 4- -4 '7 , Ni, 2? 4 .-.. M., A ' 1- 'x 'a i ln - '6 1 . l , a ' ' rf 1 , 'S lx .IH i - ' Whitehead, Wills, Williams, Williams, Royce Jimmy Joan Max 006044 g Yu 1' -C Wnlson Wnlson Wrlghf Duane WeTa Curhs fs. I I f' as it 4 ' ' K ---Q - . 'P' ful x 1 G 1. London Bridge is falling down. 10. Tommy Wood Pecker 2. Bat Man? 11. This is a daffydill? 3. Last of the Mohicans 12. Hear, speak, see no evil. 4. Hard up! 13. Lonesome? 5. Where's the bars? 14. Two of a kind 6- Why the pillow? 15. Tall, dark, and What? 7. One Sunday afternon 16. Day dreaming? 8. No conceit in our family 9. Looking at something? 17, The Sun Tan Kids 18. Waiting to catch a m ,ff Q v ., .1 ' "rf Q, , i,J,sfHL 1 ,gn Q r"p . .55 .f ,JV V , vi 47 , Q . ' I 1 iff 5 ,Qg Q 1 I 5 Hx! as Vg, I -,, I ' wi n' iii 7 1 1 I 1-A ff 3 , z - I fyfdwfwws' 5.5. 412 -4, x Y , Mia- If 6711155 fx, Ufh ers 4--2 Lidney Thompson Bgb Raqkley President Vice President Bertie Huddlesfon James Patterson Secretary-Treasurer Social Leader Saplfomv as 41 'Y' N ,f ix A ', i .' ' ' 5 V' M . Q A 3 f me X Abbott, Adams, Alegre, Andrews, Arnold, Dolores Duane Gene Sidnette Jerald f ' V y. fr' "" 1.-, ,E - 5 f it 'Ki 1 X X U A Ashley, Babineaux, Jackie Norman :Nt A 4 Q' 1 je X ve91"'t- 1 X l Bellamy, Bennett, Darius L. Martha 3' LA Belief, Brinkley, Mable Jo Ann 'Y' Baker, Baker, Beagle, .lack Jimmy Gail nts rv 1 'if 1 'ff f y vs -. -j ,IQ I .K 'ir , , A x Berlin, Mary Bosman, Glen -v--1' Bourque, Vernis pt. 41' Y-r Cates, Dea son at s MN 7 L Brady, Gordon Cessac, Karl aplzzfmares V3 Q all K 44- 1, .- , , 3 ' 'tt- ' ,. Chauvin, Clark, Cole, Collins, Colville, Sidney Kenneth Charles Earl Marilyn John ,..f- ,. i i 4 X' f 2 Commander, Connenfx Couder, Courts, Cufrer, Nell Shirley Rose Ella Gaynell Fred 'US 01' 49? ,Vi-4 N", DeCuir, Denton, Dowden, DuBose, Eagleson Ferguste Thelma Juanita Patsy Ann John ,as lf! fv' 'Y-2' far Findley IS Fletcher Fondren Ford . . Jane Al'Ce Norma Shirley Denise Svplzrfmares l' 14' Q f , 1 V I X V . AX. Guidry, Guthrie, Hammock Herrington Janet Bobby Floyd 'Ui X l ' I3 al J l Hintze, Hooks, Martha Louella gfli ff ll ll i I ,ff X Hudson, Hudson, Beverly Charles 0' .f 'f A Q .""' , X 'Q Jones, JONES, Dave Patsy Svplzamvres ,41 Z ' G ls- A 'f ...MV Kieschnick, Nellie Y f N. Lacy, Glenn "2 T' McAllister, Nelda 'Q T 'Sf Y X x I I l lv Matte, Jackie McBride, Leo 'Y 'Q ' dl Metreyon Shirley V fi Mor an Morrison, Dwain ,ix i 1175 Munson, Murray Painter Gloria we n- 11 ' 'W' ,gn Nga' J. MQ ' 'X 1 I f, lhittvrmcm, laisiffs x - H' A - fri xi J xi Rackley, Robert . Y: ,we-Q .Ir 1 Saplznmores 1 YK - 05 40 if nl Patterson, Mary , X "H, Peterson, Mary , lg T, .Ei . . 5 . A full Radford, Radford, Carolyn Malcolm . he Quarles, Tessie 47. Quinn, David ' -7 J yt, Read, Doris v -4? tx ' l, 1,4 l , A .L An f Q Q ' ' Ricardo, Gloria fi 'Tb '1 ...Q ,.,-, "4 Rienstra, Roberts, Robin, Root, Samford, Dale Jimmy Phyllis Betty Ann Jerry 7 ill! 1 ll'ly l' I Shirley, Sanford Sernons Sheffield Sheffield, Jack Bo Clarence Mary Jo Jerry 4' ' A Saplzaruares fn aa If .J .4 4 A -Y r 4? aa pb!!- QQ' -..f uf A Sitton, Smith, Spears, Spencer, Kenneth Charles Bryan Asa r Q 5 . NY.-' W 1 Stark, Stark, Stepherson, Edna Earle Howard Barbara ,- I " ' if ' S X i Stinson, Charles Stansbury, Robert YJ 4 'Puff X M X 1, Streadl, David f?" f K .-nf 1 Sturrock, Stephen Terwey, Timmons, Kenneth Margaret Q, Vickers, Virgillio, Votaw, Richard Barbara Laverne I-. 2 IQ f Zh. Thompson, Lidney if West, Betty Van Cleave Guy Westerterp Jack 0 164 1' Whitley, Williams, Wilson, Wistner, Woods, Janet Harold George Ann Eva Donald Woods, Young, Garner, Donald Earl Joan Donald ,A I L ,di ai,-in X 1 , in A , l - . X. i ,,,., l l I ., tk, 2 S S F55 ,,:3.,n,.. I' it Iva' A is mieifnf Q , 'Q- -ia :vu-1 J " . are , A 42' an mf . 45 Chain gang! 9. Thats water under the bridge Happy Go Lucky! There's no place like home Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Pirates? You name it Memories! Man br Monster? 10. 11 12 13 14 15 16 1"I Grinning Goofs Smiling Ramkel That's a pretty Sweet Sue? Picnicking! That's James, Solemn Jerry Sitting Pretty. shirt girls! :inf - ' : pp- 'N 2,1 Qs? X 1- f,1'Jff'?" 4-IX .,,k Q 1 9, X 1 Wx 'ff W--L '. , - 1 N5 A xx gtk 9535 ,S 4'-. xxx H L' , ,X ef A z., -w CLASS .ai OFFICERS James Martin President Frankie Melder Secreta ry-Treasurer iii. Q17 James Trahan Vice President Gwen Gray Social Leader ,550 EVM? . an 1' X4 graslzmrf V1 ,gp - 'J' M Af 'lil I ' f" 1 , ' A 1 Ailarnson, Askew, Bailey, Baker, Ballard, NGN' Y Jackie Jackie Billie Ruth Jerry 'V' .ff-1 , . .I Barnes, Belt, Boudreaux, Brandin, Brassiour, Barbara Donald Jenell Douglas Beatrice I 'V pr . ,- I J , IQ , '12 , 'Z K , 'rv :X P N '- vi . 1 X , 111' , . - - 1 .. A, A x ,'?1 4' ae? sawn? - 5- fig flrfwftlf, . 'F A M' if v :Q gfvgzfljliau 1' iw V r , .J 'A l if 'ina BfaSSl0UI', Brett, Broussard, Brown, Carlson, Dorothy Gordon Ronald Patricia Bruce Carroker Coffman Collins Courts COX Jo Evelyn Frances Constance Raymond Mary 5 ,ri 2' ,,, J . Cumber, Billye Faye Q49 .ff A 5 I DuBose, Doyle 9 eslzmeu ft! 'VP 1 .hy ff' 5 df-I H r : m ll l X ' ' - Est-3 ' . 'flag' H 2. 'a 'U A DeBlanc, DeCuir, Larry Florence l ' 1 9-BTHDI N 1' v1A!,'E- ' V A Tn1iNG TQ E K W E A R. i, "" Q iff F ft ,' ' f ,. ll ' 'F ' ,, V 6 ' Y , E 1 "' H V ' A , H H 5,,,-, Af M IAA G 4 aw 1, :xv ff' Eagleson, Edwards, Jerry Patsy 'K Ford, l Foreman, Fowler, Ada Doreen Ronnie Charles Grantham, Merle '71 Gray, Green, Gwendolyn Peggy X-my ,gn I-,q alia' X ' 4. Doolittle, Sarah Raymond Doucet, 41' I 3 of Fawvor, Fletcher, Glenda Jerry fb rf "Q Goodwin, Gentry, Jolene Bill ll 'D Griffith, Guthrie Virginia Mary Q B.H 'T fi X Hehmu ,"9' I J: r f lt A 7 , - J , 1 1 Hall, Handley, Hanks, Hanley, Hardy, Minnie Bobby, Billy Glenda 'Q' Hargroder, Harvill, Hebert, Betty Shirley Gerald U-.J I Hendrix, Hoke, Hennigan, Charles Anita Albert BQ Hemmenway, Hemmenway Barbara Patsy Hooper, Hubert, Volz Victor V" .2 fi Johnson Johnson, Irvin, James, Johnson, , g h Kenneth Jackie Barbara BettY W'll'am Zrcslzmm x Q -'SQYX XX xv, 6 'ia' X' 'f Xi 'I C' XM fvly T- X av' Photo not fkvdildllll' Jones, Jones, Jordan, Kay, Kelly, Lee Alton Wanda Joyce Alma Jean Glenna ff 1 -Y V ' ' , -A ' f A 'Y V av st, I 5 1 'Q x J A f f ,. ' ,if ,P I, ff' f Xt X n 1 L, X f 'L Lambert, LeBlanc, Leonard, Luce, McCartney John Glenn Virginia R. T. Peggy af" ' IQ ,g . . " ,B f-fv- - Mainord, Mainord, Manning, Martin, Marshall, Gail Robert William James David 'CS' ff? Melder, Muller, Miller, Minaldi, Morgan, Frankie Barbara Loretta Larry Dorothy I ?rc hmm Q UQ, all A 9 XX 3 Morgan, Nicholson, Perdue, Perkins, Pickering, Billy, Macie Nelda Dorman Dorman . lf":' F?H.. U l 152552:-ff 11-, - ff, . I? . "' 5.11 5, 'T' f 8 ,, x R PM Pipes, Pratt, Quarles, Rahar, Richey, Mary Sue Jimmy Jack Terry Dolores fa-and '.iQ ,J Y K, rl" 5, 'i ..T,,, XX J, 'XY fl ff A Roebuck, Rose, ROSS, R0Wl6nd, ROY, Phillip Robert Travis Florence Donald Earl 'Q G .f Sandlin, Schaefer, Schion, Sherer, 5l'1U6FT, Billy Gene Joyce Gwendolyn Rhetta Sue Gwen ?rcsl1me14 R' 5 V ' 1 if-all ii v- S A e 3 5 'Q' J -9 "K ' t x V ling if n 1 M ' 1 JLD A , ,, ff . ! Sibley, Sitton, Skinner, Smith, Smith, Charles Joe Jerry Betty Kathleen aw 1' le' Q '-Qs :"! ay Sorrel, Spell, Spell, Spencer, Spittler, G. H. Laura Velma Edith Martha V! - --ni K Street, Sturrock, Tantillo, Tantzen, Taylor, Dorsey Marie Joseph Wendell Barney Terry, Theriof, Theriot, Theriot, Thomas, Omer Mildred Norman Robert Peggy ?resl1mc14 D? 1 'ff , E , Trahdn, Turner, Turner, Jarnes Curley Morris Tyer, Vincent, Hubert Shelby ,rv I 1 ,L-. Waite, Windham, Vernon E. V. s 4 . 5 .9 :PZ 5,-, J' QQ , X I Y' .f VJ' X. "'l1iX Winters, Gay W g- P - lense 'Ula IQ lf, ff, Y6'+'fP5h.C5 ff i ft y x Sa . . ' .- J -Vx ,. -- "23:V.' 'YV' . . -X 4 . 1 .., V .fgif hx I Lovers. BQLMA7 Bm. Famou.5 Flgghmey-4 7 -,,.,fA f"'3-f.a-, 'U W, Wind ef Vvnnderlavncl Sfqrlef? Pmkntj Laf -'Rm--' , 5 iff-ff: Q Dfof Dead....' 33019 Q Hc?Hee 07 He S az 'A 'Za , ! -3 's di 'YQ s ,QW lg Qin! 11 HK Sw I 1 -A far' W Q -we agua: in 6' 3 hr' 6 I. 45 , J. -Qi? 'Q 'T bf .ln Au. 14 .1g'o,'q .04 Ji n'E p i wif' lil ...Q .15 u-- P'-' nu. " -..A H .. Iltiififi' ny.-.w...,F,,. ' I -Y l Q A I I .9- E . y , :- I SA, is fiei ull.: , W-,,'., , . lab J 1 4 123 33 if I tri.- ,Q 1 we rf J Y ixv I 'Q ki-53 J, 4+ 'Q I . nw J lv-f -1' , I iF v 55 L N .ig--W' fl I -lm -, ..', N5 'slat 9 Hi ,L 5 lu 4 G FPWS' fl, sg .. is .a J' + Qza-'iyvafi 0. XIII. I 'T ,,,,.... 1 2 ..L...,.., v..... ,.. n w " aku X . vw X' J I 4, - ff ei Uh 'fr : lj ! l 1 2 I rl 'Q Q L l 2 hgiim Y 15,2 Q' ' 'J' b , f , 'ff' N, --. ' 5 A ll H in 3. iz. S, A ui I V K 'Q' ff -A S, b L. ' v V i I , -. -Y 'Til 54 sl n ' L If GL - '-..::s b . v af, ' . 5 gale xg- 99' I 11-:Q it Y A .-4 , Lfai 1 'ini' 3- 5 'Q 5 A 1 nf P ,Hg ' 1 15 2' 1 ff is 1 'il ' Nr- lv cmcafz Zhu 1' Martha Dell Davis, Shirley Wooten, Freda Robinson, Jean Wilson, DeLols Harris Mary Lou Trahan. ., ,f ,. fig A I ,Z Q ' iw , 'A X I V Q ,4 1 5 A at V lf V ab ,M .r t U I if - X v '- L A A I , N .Q ' 74416416 Swwzdmw SHIRLEY SPONSLOR I cuadcvz Q ' 4014! First row: Abshire, Fruge, Lee, Erwin, Kennedy, Braquet, Powell, Campbell, Van Marion, Savoy, Bryan, Bonsall. Second row: Abbott, Cates, Streetman, Warner, Wooten, Robinson, Sponsler, Sherman, Burnfin, Smith, Wilson, Ricketts, Mudd. Third row: Moores, Lester, Andrews, Boudreaux, Dean, Gaugh, Maxwell, Stur- rock, Harvey, Phillips, Henson. ,fzmiar fhylz Jlflarflzing 1671144 Qifff' I rf 4' K f X A, mu ' . . 2 w 'M-1, ,si x ,N , 0 Q -' , , Q a ,S , If QW X -1, Um!! "x fx mi E N- 5 S 5 '89 C-KAN! bTOPxER LOmR,b71j.4'gqs Mas! Keauflful Girl up S fi' Mas! flandsamc Kay iii? L 5 I . I ' V -av A V K A .XR 4- vw -5 -N N J x E.-if fx CARL COODY a , O , 1"? H 1 ..l fi' JRR. 'G vif5 4 f a ki., sf' k 74. 'Rafi ', 'A . .' 'Y 45'- Ms.,-' 1 v -Q ij , BEST ALL ARouND BOY LM. . , ri . ,- in .QA if " sf. 5 1 1 ' '4 f"'ff5iif?ii'i"f'fff'ff ,f 'gas-Q Lf' Q' lezmuer lip ELIZABETH TERRACINA Senior Candidate 'Q VW EAN SWJRRCCK :'es""'e" Cef: :a'e 1 xx A LU ELLEN CCODER Juris! Cawd dave gg. av J ii Rx. 1 t 4 :KS Q a I M EJ.Kx, 1 x If ' 9 U fy 7 .mi , ' Q S. fs ?eetee1!! Sweetheart A K X , K, 4 ! l"'!'ixQ JUNIGR FAVORITES BA FRESHMAN FAVORITES outstanding students ! .. ' :rf r 7 X 5 A 9, I i X X - if r""s GAIL BEAGLE TOMMY SHEFHELD Gold Star Award Boys' Stare Rep, Democracy Contest Winners C5- "" 'G Q F Q RACHEL BURROWS MYRA SKOG SUE MAY Girls' Srare Rep. SALLIE FOWLER Girls' Stare Rep. D.A.R. Award . ., ' .M't72Pf'K -1" S. .1 J.- A ., Qu- cn v M. -Y Q , , 3 ,gfxg ' .fri-4?'1"c,i,aw iz' ,, . I 231, 1 A M. x . , 1 a 11. one P .1 tc!L,,V-Q IIA oo, 46 9-f'5n fi- 0 . x, 1, . 1 , 1- 4 , A on, U3 1 C109 ' 445 ' xy. '.. . 1 will" 6.014 ' . -Q. ,-1..,q-. , ff' '- , jd' , 49- - . .Y is I 1,5 :fl ' We -. 4 1, 4 1 'UI WV ex-ku, my 951 vir"f," .f X 5 ,J wr . 5 'WJ 'XS' Hmm an lf , ifgw ,642 , Ja f in .Q- . 'nfs 12 qw - . 1 - A4 k. -if-rt. 1 M214 is ' .z wav ' , ,Y :A wwk ww fin -ful-A 4613 Ku T325 y ,fx rf- :Vi eh?-Dv Q-mx flwb :unfair I NXODQAH n m ,3 65 -3- " -' lBd5V142ss.:i: in X-1 llif,a?4:i-- Agn!-,v ,il 253 V -x an 11.12. fikiis Mi? wir'-we h-3-A wiki? wp. 92. 1 fi' 5 HQ! -f-I'-akhmzx A 0? ru. rv 4- Mxz. ima . 'T'-7' T. '- .' 1. ,f ., 1133+ ,. ' fx" 2-i 'i ' A5 V, in? A 1 4 , I R 4 1, NV' f'a:,., 5'S , ' ' , A5 1 - '4, -'Y S,Q?wXv K 1 5' I vi is , A -4 021s 45.5 QW X. fin? Qi Qsifgggg g,ggy MV- . .l, 'flfliaf 'bl-S' ' r, , .AQ 'TSM 54.1 i ,L L , 5,vg gwf P , 'N 35 Mraz: . , ,L if 'Club' M Q Pbnfcf , 41:1-4, . wg , , - 3,13 ,, A4155 'Nam ' 'ii'-iffbiz -7-'dffc -, 11531 ,Laws - 'n . it fl,-iffy., ' His :W fi' F Q 1135-QQ www .f MP' A Wammwasm qu.-A is 'asia-,sqnggpf , 'dm new-4 new 5i1?'vhk ww. MR wan: mm ww ,yi wk? Ha 9. iw'g,'!i'5i MARCHING BAND gf P' x C . .A f 'if b 9 I 5 0 if' DRUM MAJQR BAND HONOR STUDENTS AND OFFICERS 04,,,:,f Gordon Brett Bob Rackley Fergusfe DeCulr Chrlstopher Murray Carl Pevofo Murlyne Matte Roy Vrolyk Evelyn Swear Joe Keene fi C29 ,. .af j,,.,..- ibm I'-L, Sfandlng Roy Vrolyk CFIFST Lleutenan'rD Carl Pevoto Captazny Pat Baker C5econd Lleufenanfj Joe Keene CFnrsT Lneutenanf Lynn Sweat CSecond Lieutenant Kneelung Charles Srnuth Qmbraruanj, Wayne Dowden CQuarferrnas'rerj, James Bedwell CAss1s'ranf Quartermasterb, Dan Marcontel CASSISTBHT Quartermasferb pl O .-A H ' 3 1 ,FSAQZN rf . nl' K N ,Wi x ' 1 A he 3 4' elk: W' 1 , , x f ll" - 3 I, 1, 5 C 5 -933, ' K. M - f. ' S S I ' P f , lfg l l W f "E A lf L sig. V' J' ,S ' y , . 1 , Q' Q y ' . fe: .',.gr1fg.,.-3,3 -A , 1 . . , , ,., . M. 'ive -f r -'- ,fwga .1-my " - . . . J - .. . - A., V.. f. Q n, I I I I I I I I ' r I .J L , ,f V . 'six g . .I W.. ' I 1 ... .If 1- . ' , 1 -y. I L L , ', L '9 ' ' ""'A"'f ., I Q .s ' -1 ' l l Q 11 L-4. A . l .1 ' ., I 1,4 M.. f ,H rel, rg . , -744 ii ab' ,, 3 "1 -' 7, ' .-,- , - , A E I ' 4 K ' '. 1.4,,,g- L- , 7. .gsvifa , l v L M ., V . 5 -,V If bl. -r"xr:i-Q , . ,w ar- 1 Z I C I 1 Dr D- First row: Barbara Miller, Virginia Leonard, Charlotte Bailey, Doreen Ford, Vivian Kelly, Carlene Barnes, George Ann Wilson. Second row: Denise Ford, Lynn Rienstra, Martha Spittler, Gwen Shuart, Mrs. Stancil, Barbara Hernrnenway, Betty Smith, Gloria Munson, Betty Hargroder, LIBRARY CLUB 159 Charlotte Bailey President George Ann Wilson Secretary I irr'r , r"'f ,J ..-.7 iz" 3' SPEECH CLUB Seated: Dorothy Brassieur, Sallie Fowler, Betty Hammock, Sandra Bryan, Betty Ann Miller, Gerry Rauwerda, Sue May, Pat Stafford, Beatrice Willey. Standing: Jo Ann Van Marion, Jean Bailey, Carolyn Grimm, Susie Hartner, Joyce Whitehead, Emma Sehon, Velma Terry, W. A. Read, Marilyn Lindsey, James Parish, Miss Harrison CSponsorD, Sammie Keltner, Marcia Yentzen, Charles Nichol- son, Marvin Ermel, Max Williams, Pat Samford, Richard Gandy. SPEECH CLUB First rovv: Jackie Bailey, Mary Cox, Joyce Slwaefer, Dorsey Street, Jane Cresvvell Norma LaGrone, Gordon Breff. Second row: Miss Harrison QSponsorD. Third row: Donald Bell, Jimmy Wills, Clifford Morvanf, Bryan Spears, Jerry Roe buck, Earl Massey, Oran Stoker, Carl Coody. iff 2 af i E' X 1, K 1 -- . 1 51 liz..l.i.lQli.laf1ulilueJl ll llllllll ,...-2 y , First row. Sammie Kelfner, Betf Hawkins Rub Frazier Rub -:A - y , y , y Green, Juanice Dixon, Vivian Sfurrock QEdifor-in-Chiefb. Second row: Pat Silkwood CCircuIaTion Managerj, Carlene Barnes, Hulene Burns, Geraldine Rauwerda CExchange Ediforb, Elizabeth Terracina CSocieTy Editorj. Third row: Jack Wills, Jack Hemmenway CSporfs Ecli1orD, Clifford Gall CPho1og- rapherj, Earl Howard, Wayne Sanderson, Mrs. Smith QSponsorQ. 'NX ls 1 M Q 24 ' 4 to flu S i--M-f ffmmczl Firsf row: Paula Thomas QAssis1anf Ediforj, Sue May CClass Edifory Mrs Russell CSponsorj, Sallie Fowler CEdifor-in-Chiefj we wut- QQT 1 1'vYY .f ,, -v ,, Second row: Tommy Sheffield CClass Ediforj, Terry Sheffield QSpor1s Edlforj Charles Thomas QBusiness ManagerD, Joe Sibley COrganiza1lons Ediforj Ronnie Moye QSporfs Ediforj, Max Williams CAssisTanf Business Managerj ig! 9,5 uv 13' 7 I if 7 11 il as 'SJ -9 I' . i, . 4? ' 0 , i .- ., 3? l X .. -S V3 , . S 7 'N . ' -f ' -Y-fa f' 'M ' 'W 'M "I, rv A Q ' .- 1 ,gp 4' - E, 3 , x -'L if . 1' f 'X 1 S, -,R M N351 N tx Q' ix ' 5 X f rl -K A 5..X 4' First row: Shirley Lubera, Betty Ann Miller CHead Cheerleaclerj, Phyllis Robin. Sefond row: Mary Berlin, Virginia Hanson, Rachel Burrows. Misses Harrison and Davi Sponsors Mascot s Janie Miles wx, -, E , if Se, f 'i'-.1 W., V fp lv X' rt? 5 ' CHEERLEADERS-Jalyne Berlin, Phyllis Robin, Rachel Burrows, Jennie Gay Hanson, Betty Ann Miller CHead Cheerleaderj. First row: Elizabeth Terracina, Peggy McCartney, Billie Ruth Baker, Gail Mainard, Joan Young, Jo Ann Brinkley, Myra Skog CSECYEYBVYD, Sallie Fowler CPresidentD, Jessie Ruth Baker CSocial Leaderj, Merle Grantham, Peggy Green, Glenda Kelly, Gwen Shuart, Minnie Jean Hanley. Second row: Miss Davis CSponsorD, Laverne Grantham, Vivian Sturrock, Glenda Fawvor, Mary Guthrie, Eugenia Price, Jaunice Dixon, Janice Singleton, Sue May, Beatrice Willey, Janette Hudson, Charlotte Bailey, Lynn Rienstra, Joan Williams, Nancy Adamson, Lois Duff, Frances Coffman, Louise Curtice, Miss Harrison CSponsorD. Third row: June Honeycutt, Barbara Hemmenway, Nelda Perdue, Gay Winters, Billie Cumber, Marie Sturrock, Mary Jo Sheffield, Gloria Ricardo, Louella Hooks, Patsy Hastings, Ruby Green, Macie Nicholson. Fourth row: Margaret Lewis, Nellie Kieshnick, Doris Read, Shirley Metreyeon, Jo Evelyn Carrilcer, Dorean Ford, Bertie Huddleston, Margaret Timmons, Georgeann Wilson, Ruth Dean, Pat Samford, Betty Joyce King, Edna Earle Cook, Ann Manry, Shirley Harvill, Gail Beagle, Jeanne Mills, Dolores Richey. Laura Lee Marmion Mascot Betty Ann Miller Head Cheerleader ---4 Garland Young President James Stehle Secretary-Treasurer BOYS' PEP SQUAD 1 U Q. , I , I, 'N :hgh L 4,54 . s r' 4. I I N I 'x wr Thomas Hooks Vice President vqgyf. 'V 15?'f?Ei .,-iv-wgM1:.:z Y TQ -'gigs Q, 1. I... - .hx MW ' ' 74. 5 . oz 1 .Fwiff"' 3 Homer Black Social Leader KAMPU KLUB First row: Janice Singleton CTreasurerj, Betty Ann Miller CSocial Leaderj, Lu Ellen Cooper Cljresidentj, Charlotte Bailey QSecretaryD, Sue May Qlaarliamentarianj, Weta Wilson CVice Presidentl Second rovv: Paula Thomas, Rachel Burrows, Margaret Price, Elizabeth Terracina, Jaunice Dixon, Vivian Sturrock, Beatrice Willey, Sallie Fowler, Janette Hudson. Third row: Willette Sorrell, Myra Skog, Eugenia Price, Gertie Carruthers, Ruth Dean, Sandra Bryan, Betty Hammock, Carlene Barnes, Melba Dowden. Fourth row: Mrs. Fore CSponsorD, Joan Williams, Laverne Grantham, Pat Samford, Virginia Hanson, Gerry Rauwerda, Murlyne Matte, Edna Earle Cook, Sybil Adkins, Marcia Yentzen, Pat Silkvvood, Jessie Ruth Baker, Lynn Rienstra. f f M ff! Nl 4 eel if 4 . n ' .. . " K - .., ' 1 X , 43 ' ,qv .-A232 , QXYGQLQ 'Qi eflzvz f -' -- A5511 ' ' g. 1104! i ' ,.f .Ijf .f 1. CHORAL CLUB First row: Mabel Menard, Jeannine Savoy, Martha Hintze, Louise Curtice, Jo Ann Roberts, lmogene Handley, Billie Sue Roy, Vernice Cessac, Pat Deese, Evelyn Sweat, Velma Terry, Pat Silkwood, Ann Manry, Sammie Keltner, Jo Ann Van Marion, Tessie Quarles, Jessie Ruth Baker, Jane Creswell, Lu Ellen Cooper, Laverne Grantham, Dorsey Street, Shirley Fondren, Mary Cox, Betty Sue Hawkins, Mr. Enloe CDirectorj. Second row: Frankie Melder, Gwen Gray, Macie Nicholson, Florence DeCuir, Shirley Winn, Catherine Chaddick, Mary Sue Pipes, Pat Hastings, Lois Duff, Carlene Barnes, Susie Hartner, Pat Brown, Patsy DuBose, Janice Singleton, Sue May, Beatrice Willey, Sallie Fowler, Myra Skog, Lynn Rienstra, Mabel Dowden, Joyce Shaefer, Lura Seitz, Joan James. Third row: Dolores Richey, Joyce Corley, Lucille England, Nancy Adamson, Nelda Perdue, Barbara Barnes, Shirley Harvill, Marcia Yentzen, Gaynell Courts, Carolyn Radford, Mary Guthrie, Edna Earle Cook, Virginia Hanson, Murlyne Matte, Pat Samford, Janette Hudson, Nellie Mitcham, Jannelle Johnson, Weta Wilson, Barbara Mosley. Fourth row: Glen Guthrie, James Zimmermann, Charles Handley, Charles Beard, Jimmy Roberts, Tommy Miller, Earl Howard, W. A. Read, Wesley Sheffield, Homer Black, James Parish, Jimmie Grimes, Earl Massey, Jack Edwards, Jimmy Baker, Gene Paul Henderson, Jack Pelloat, Wayne Dowden, Billy Porter, John Lambert, Charles Smith, David Camp. Q S . -,.- , V ,, . -., ,,., . l,,,, ,.. - .. ' . ' . . f ,.. ' ' r Q, - . V, ,4- ,.,- , ,- v, ' ..-'-Pt GLEE CLUB First row: Dorean Ford, Shelby Vincent, Marilyn Ware, Roma Hargroder, Cynthia Cuccia, Sara Doolittle, Martha Bennett, Bertie Huddleston, Elizabeth Terracina, Sandra Bryan, Vivian Sturrock, Gerry Rauwerda, Phyllis Robin, Merle Grantham, Billie Faye Cumber, Frances Coffman, Marie Sturrock, Peggy Green, Dianne Davis. Second row: Betty Chance, Iona McGuire, Barbara Virgillo, Patsy Conners, Gail Mainard, Betty West, Thelma Denton, Loretta Miller, Glenda Kelly, Glenda Fawvor, Jaunice Dixon, Betty Hammock, Joan Young, Beverly Hudson, Virginia Grittin, Barbara Miller, Rachel Burrows, Patsy Hemmenway. Third row: Sandra Pendergrass, June Honeycutt, Janet Whitley, Billie Ruth Baker, Gwen Shuart, Willett Sorrells, Joyce Whitehead, Alma Jean Kay, Eugenia Price, Betty Joyce King, Juanita Dowden, Barbara Stepherson, Georgeann Wilson, Anita Holke, E. V. Windham, Venell Boudreaux, Velma Spell, Gwen Sehon. Fourth row: Louella Hooks, Rosella Couder, Shirley Metreyeon, Edith Spencer, Barbara Hemmenway, Florence Roland, Sybil Adkins, Margaret Price, Marie Kno- block, Peggy Thomas, Mabel Baker, Peggy McCartney, Betty Smith, Wanda Zeigler, Miss Jennings CSponsorj. TUDENT COUNCIL First row: Miss Ferguson CSponsorj, Wefa Wilson CVice Presidenfb, Tommy Sheffield CPresidenTj, Jalyne Berlin CSecreTaryD, Miss Ross CSponsorj. Second row: Jack Fowler, Rachel Burrows, Pat Brown, Jaunice Dixon, Myra Skog, Lu Ellen Cooper, Vivian Sfurrock, Masie Nicholson, Janelle Boudreaux, Margaret Lewis, Jeanne Mills, Jo Ann Brinkley, Nellie Kieshnick, Shirley Winn, Curly Turner. Third row: Terry Rahar, Junior Pullin, Homer Black, Robert Shuarf, Bucky Hudson, Ronnie Moye, Charles Thomas, Terry Sheffield, Kenneth Sifton, Lidney Thompson, James Trahan, Jackie Askew, Pat WaiTe. ff of -M u,u..-.. A ,.-- s . so i i T jgxrrl E:-.jf First row: Chatelain, Waits CS.F.A.j, Biddle, Grisham, Crow QFrenchQ, Fowler CNederlandj, Broussard CS.F.A.j, Thorhas CNederlandj. Second row: Willet, Fogel CFrenchD, Skog Qhlederlandj, Hamilton, Rieves QS.F.A.j, Silton, Perkins CNederlandj, Headley CVidorj. Third row: Davis, Netterville, Kelley, Pevoto QVidorj, McGoWn, Eubanks, Russ, Holland, Beck CSilsbeeD. Fourth row: Mr. Kluge CSFAQ, Mr. Stofey CVidorj, Miss Ross, Miss Ferguson Chlederlandj, Miss Parks CFrenchj, Bell, Haugh QSilsbeeD. GOOD SPORTSMANSHlP LEAGUE 28-AA x -fs - mmf Heyy.. . ,im vo- First row: Buddy DuBose, Charles Fowler, Joe Sitton, Douglas Brandin, Curly Turner, James Trahan, Jalyne Berlin, Nelda Perdue, Jackie Askew, Charles Sibley, D. D. Perkins, Larry Minaldi, Gerald Hebert, Guy Van Cleve. Second row: Mrs. Fore, Shelby Vincent, Betty Smith, Peggy McCartner, Glenda Fawvor, Billie Faye Cumber, Barbara Barnes, Gay Winters, Mary Guthrie, Pat Brown, Frances Coffman, Gwen Shuart, Glenda Kelly, Macie Nicholson, Gwen Gray, Joyce Jordan, Gail,Mainard. Third row: Billy Gene Sandlin, Ronnie Foreman, Jerry Fletcher, Pat Waite, Bill Goodwin, Daniel Howard, Hubert Tyer, Nellie Kieshnick, Jo Ann Brinkley, Gail Beagle, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Miller, Doris Read, Dolores Richey, Eva Wistner, Barbara Hemmenway. Fourth row: Lee Alton Jones, Kenneth Irwin, Floyd Hammock, John Colville, Joseph Tantillo, Dorman Pickering, R. T. Luce, Billy Ray Hanley, Kenneth Sitton, James Martin, Lidney Thompson, Charles Smith, Florence Roland, Gloria Keene, Vivian Kelly, Alma Jean Kay. ' la! 1...,'..T.L - -1- ",,w . ,Ji-T.-1 . 1 ,WM if ...Q 3 --M' T ..-, . ,, .l""" V-5-T1 -1... If lj, ""-w- 1'-Btn fm- y -.. 1 ,-. 1 Hg-. , L- X... I , -, r.- - --.J-.. -- I Q 'Q Q 1 3' L1 ,,, J... N411 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 A-.. DDJ' A . Q fi ' Q., Q ma... ...... 1, 1 S 1 I .I 4 sz- 'V First row: Charlotte Bailey, Betty Hammock, Sandra Bryan, Gerry Rauwerda, Eliza- beth Terracina, Jaunice Dixon, Vivian Sturrock, Betty Ann Miller, Miss Newsome QSponsorD. Second row: Shirley Merrell, Joyce Whitehead, Jean Bailey, Rachel Burrows, Eugenia Price, Ruby Frazier, Hulene Burns, Emma Claire Herrington. WQHMAKEQS QQ Of S ' y 2 E IW Q A ' Y to Xx NEW HO? ofq, 1 ,5 V Q YQ r ws- fist Q., HQ-.U. . " 'W-.A .Wg ik . 60 ching Staff gddfbdff -- Hapfain COACH O. A. PHILLIPS Head Coach f. 1 gif CHARLES THOMAS CARL COODY JOE SIBLEY A r" 401151, L' ,fgglw ,.,pY' mbwgdjq rm M fi ,Mfrs 49? fr" Q? nm! LINEMEN Reed Gallnon Bob Seamons Jack Hemrnenway Ronnne Moye Tommy Sheffield Charles Thomas Lrdney Thompson BACKS Carl Burns Robert Maynard Carl Coody Terry Sheffueld SCORES FOR Sl NEDERLAND OPPONENTS Nederland Bnshop Byrne Nederland Knrvvln Nederland ST Anthony Nederland San Augustrne Nederland La Marque Nederland Sulsbee Nederland "Vldor Nederland "Port Acres Nederland 7 'French 'Conference Cames I 1 I -. , , . ll .. X 1. fa w' Y A " u . E' . ' rw' f -A . 1 T . .4 in s . l ' .. -1' V 5 , I I W-'fffxll ,- 4 9493. U I wx 5 1 rl. i -'P f Py.. Q 5 .gm f . - I ,gg f'..Ag-.,N C ,. -.,. " A' A ' - , , , , ,1 N- ,, cm . A V ,, . " l 'U 'R ' fd 1-"' Q4 , 51 'Q -, A x. , . , rf ,Q 1" f-rf'--' ' - 1 1 ' ' I' - ' f ?' " - k.-M 3- '. U - ' . -,.uy.-'k'.f'Y'.w"' -rw ' - . A ,11 4 " 'Q' ,fff ' . I. 'fx 'irq' .ig-'U' 5, , W 4' A Q , - ':,.',,i.-5 . , Q' 3- . .. 5 K . 5 v A 1-4'1'P',f 1234" . , .- -' ' " ' rp " ' ' .44 4' -' . - V L .- , I r-Ar .wp M I ,-he N A 9 J . ml: 1. ' . I 1, tn-. ,. lg ' y' ' ' fllli , I -'a ,' R votbi It , . A.-- 5' . ull, -. ' , ,A f , A' -'f' r ' 'd A v 4' v . 1. 'A - '. 1 ' ' , f-bran' ' F' I ,'l' . . 5 n W.. , 9" , -x 1 .. W 5 9 . ' Q ? . I I I Q I 1 f - T-A 1 1 r ' I ,. ,, ,, 6 ' , 36 6 ' ' l2 , , 7 . l4 , , -47 A T3 12 32 , , , , 7 , l "' ' O ,, . , 36 ' 6 7 l2 ,, , ,,, 27 CARL COODY Back I yr. Senior Letterman All District 57 JACK SANFORD Back I yr. Sophomore Letterman TERRY SHEFFIELD Quarterback 2 yrs. Senior Letterman CARL BURNS Back 1 yr. Junior Letterman ROBERT SHUART Back 1 yr. Junior Letterman BARTY JoNEs Back I yr. Sophomore Letterman ROBERT MAYNARD Back 1 yr. Freshman Letterman HAROLD WILLIAMS lv- Guard 1 yr. Sophomore Letterman LEO MCBRIDE Guard 1 yr. Senior Letterman JACK PELLOAT Guard 1 yr. Junior Letterman h--......,mMt vB.r,'f"... JACK HEMMENWAY Guard 2 yrs, Senior Letterman TOMMY SHEFFIELD Guard 1 yr. Senior Letterman CHARLES THOMAS Tackle 3 yrs. Senior Letterman All Disfrid 57 JOE SIBLEY Tackle 2 yrs. Senior Letterman LIDNEY THOMPSON Mm End MM... I yr. Sophomore Letterman GLEN LACY , End 1 yr. Sophomore Letterman A :Q REED GALLION End 1 yr. Junior Letterman CLARENCE SHEFFIELD Tackle 1 yr. Sophomore Letterman Sanford sweeps end in San Augustine game. A We 5:95 5 frf,5f.5J?q .- 'fr- . 'Io -, -1.5, gn ,gy Sfanfball nf I 9 I Front row: Robert Maynard, Carl Burns, Reed Gallion, Bob Seamons, Jack Hem- menvvay, Ronnie Moye, Tommy Sheffield, Charles Thomas, Lidney Thompson, Terry Sheffield, Carl Coody. Back row: Coach Ramke, Leo McBride, Jack Sanford, Jimmy Grimes, Glen Lacy, Joe Street, Harold Williams, Malcolm Radford, Clarence Sheffield, Paul Markham, Glen Guthrie, Charles Hanley, Robert Shuart, Jack Pelloat, Coach O. A. Phillips. -f l' S 's gg? . 4 I l r ff-wiht A A A 'K 3' 37 1 aaa va-17f'v32 cigmgkqhsqxegaaq-11 fs-14 5 I v-gl '?3"' glwfbllff Cm Flrst row Guy VanCleve Vlctor Hubert Raymond Doucet Charles albley Bxlly Gene Sandlnn R T L ce Second rovv D D Perkins Charles Fowler Larry Mtnaldl Bucky Hudson James Patterson Donald Garner Junuor Pullen James Trahan Thurd row B H Hall Bruce Carlson Gene Paul Henderson Pat Want Phullnp Roe buck Alton Mutzbauer David Jones Bobby Guthrle Coach McKenz1e 1, 6' if Q ws.. T, ,' 91 fgl i i f l :Ag ? Y ,, . . A f , -. . L , ,,. . Q., . 3 W , - k Q at -- .V ,si g 1:4 H "' . 1' ' . 3 Q 1, ' . I ' 'f at I ' ' C I 'f' e iy X' A .Q , ' ' In E ' '- t 1 A if A X F' A "', X. 1 4 Z l . 4 '- " - A . . , V Q Q 3 J , Q I A I V I K . Y 4 - . Q v A , 1 A Q : - , . I .' 4 I is . I V it Kxq f - D I I Y" 1 l' 3 at A . f. 1 f 4 - 'I r ' I ' ' H Y . t . ,.. . ' I I I I ' . . u . , 1 - . ' , , ' ', , I I I ' ' I ' ' I I I . I . ' - I I I I U ' '24 " 1511 kcfb ll Squad Front row: Steve Sfurrock, D. D. Perkins, Curly Turner, Larry Minaldi, Barty Jones. Second row: Raymond Doucef, Carl Burns, Carl Coody, Pat Waite, David Jones, Robert Mainord. Third row: Glen Bosman, Charles Thomas, Terry Sheffield, Lidney Thompson, Glen Lacy. LQ g l i li -qs .., 1 '..'f'L 3:44- ,fr . 'Q s. 4 X " ' .. .1 S ' S 0 rl' , .H Q53 Y J . . Y T w 4, X i7 F1 Kegia al Lflzamp af I9 I Front row: Marvin Ermel, Charles Hanley, Jack Pelloaf, Norman Yentzen, James Gray, Loyd Woods, Manager. Q Second row: James Collins, Jimmy Spencer, Leonard Lambert, John Coffman, Henry Apperson, Pai Concienne, O. H. Pullen. Third row: Coach L. C. Lowery, Ronnie Moye, Jerry McGuire, Charles Nicholson, Terry Sheffield, Charles Thomas. X X 5 la f X ll F' 2 is 1, I I I r juniar HW Gam --. . W -- .Y----H ---...-.W V,-1'-. - . .. . -.....-..-...ahwl-.u..-a-une' 'van :asnenugww .H-,..:r,mwsi'2'Uliv.if 9 Q C 1,-4... - Front row: Jerry Askew, Larry Fuller, Larry Wedge, Leon Fuller, George Eisenmen, Tommy Holland, Wendal Radford, Jackie Jenkins, Bevis Newton, Manager. Second row: Ted Dubose, Manager, Wayland Austin, Jerry Dovvden, David Johnson, Mike Burnfin, J. C. Stinson, Jimmie Willis, Carrel Hanchett, R. Anstead, R. Van Auken, B. Rienstra, Manager, K. Bordonaro, Manager. Third row- L Fontenot L Ward T Hanna J Harrin ton P Sanderson .. ,. ,. ,. g ,. ,D.Adkins,C. Williams, N. Bibb, B. W. Trahan, K. Spencer, W. Guillote, Coach Granger. I Front row: Billie Waller, George Eisenmen, Leon Fuller, Tommy Holland, J. C. Stinson. Second row: Lloyd Fontenot, Jim Harrington, Jimmie Willis. Third row: Coach Granger, Billy Trahan, Percy Sanderson, Larry Ward, Byron Rienstra, Manager. Comfvlzmenis 0 BQISEI2 WILLIFORD fwafzmaey Rella ble Prescrnphon Service SCHOOL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS NATIONALLY KNOWN COSMETICS GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION TOYS STATIONERY Phone 364 Complimcnts of I-LA. I-lo Wfnmfmg fi PHONE 494 OIGS Qfeakng NEDERLAND TEXAS OUR COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS Old Friends Or New You Are Always Welcome To Vuslf Cur Many Depar+men+s ,ES 5 E m! 1952 OF 'S ', I A .4 1 E- v You CAN ALWAYS Q AT .L - . . ... .A ,.-.JL . " .v x ...'1,.. 15A . . - .' '. 1--:iff S H O P A N D SAV E QQQZQV- f 2 Z 5 In Beaumoni' Por+ Arfhur Lake Charles Greens In Orange And Lufkm 2 . - 5-121-r - L- . ' 135'-'ff 1517132-I ' f:-..-.,-. - . ' .?1I..q'f.j.' ' ' ."g:f-i11'1'fr'3l' fy' 52:1-.-.'r:'.ci-E1 .-A Complimenis of WZ?7Zl0g6ZZ beauty Slwcp Nederland Texas D AL 422 Complumen+s of Aff!!! WILLIAMS FURN ITU RE COMPANY Beaumoni' Texas O AJNVE M74- ewveooo ,COFFEE ALWAYS FRESH AT YOUR FOOD TORE ml NEHG! foffve EIB I I Q K S , ,LL A 9 I !3,I?aff'Es .. Q7 I -"rj-7 ' L Q fiA"'-- 7 X ' If Complimenfs of GUZARDO ' S FEED Sz SUPPLY PURINA CHOWS HARDWARE Nederland Texas Complimenfs of ganwil' feauzon Smari' You+l1ful Fashions Are Our Busmess Complamenfs of CRE ST C LEANEIQS I6 Nederland 442 Texas '31 vm fum P PORT ARTHUR TEXAS Shop Wu+h Confidence A+ I DIAM W X ll! f LAYMON P rt Arih PHONE 833i Complnmen+s of 9 of 09' OO Beaumoni' Texas Complnmenfs of n ZW' 77 il HOTEL ASSOCIATION Pearl and Forsylhe Beaumonf D' l I 639 rocfer S+. l IJ' 9 .ONES I ATCL-SQS Xxxxl I f, X Q X BEAUMQNT-. PQRT ARTHUR CARL M. 440 Procfer ?rez-if o ur, exas Manager l ' ' ' 1' I l 1 : Q u 'Q ' 6 ' 0 0 I 2: Y! . e X. ' ompl'menfs Gimme Hema? INXILJSICL Owned and Operafed by E VOLPE Pol' Neches Te Pl. I-ICDNAE M2253 in Nederland Texas om 'm nfs IVIID COUNTY TQEVIEVV Your Local Plcforual Newspaper JOB PRINTING NEDERLAND Compl e is of GYM, AIX! D 322555- Nederland Texas PHONE 3537 0000 Co pl enfs of VVI-IELDLEY 5 eufefiy, Co pl menfs of Wompiond :room 121-01212 NEDERLAND TEXAS GROCERTES MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES DIAL 4741 C I of 0 " C pls e of ' We r , xas Com nmenfs of X 6' Dial 5560 l220 Bosion m im im n I I Nederland, Texas m i l I 'I I 2' ' CONGRATULATIONS SENIOIQS gnecfafzfamcf pgczfzmazc Where Savlngs And SafeI'y Meei' PHONE 830I NEDERLAND TEXAS Shop at SEAI25 And Save Take advaniage of SEARS Free ParIung S2000 or more I3I Merchandnse for fhe Famsly Home Car Farm 350 MAGNOLIA PHONE 2 772I BEAUMONT TEXAS Com lzments 0 TI-I E FIRST NATIONAL mmf, PORT NECH ES TEXAS Serving Ihe Banking Needs The Mud Couniy MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP P ' 5 f of III ' , IZI Easy Terms on Purchases of 0 l 0 CompIumen+s of ZZNCAJ 1' BUILDERS SUPPLY OPPOSITE JEFFERSON COUNTY AIRPORT Nederland Texas They go together I PORT ARTHUR COCA COLA BOTTLING CO H H YORK W W YORK E w w WELDING SUPPLY HOSE PUROX WELDING EQUIPMENT FLUX, GOGGLES, LIGHTERS PARTS FOR EQUIPMENT LINDE OXYGEN PREST O LITE ACETYLENE UNION CARBIDE ELECTRIC WELDING RODS ACETYLENE WELDING RODS REGULATORS REPAIRED 3I00 Porf Arfhur Road Beaumont Texas Phone 572l3 0 ,ff -,-X 1 'V' E3 I 'I" , f'Pf!l Phone 45 I 3 I 5 f' .- 'Qi . :H 'Q J lovuu-:azz Avvuoluv ol vnu cocA.c0lA COIIHUV U . - 11 I Y- 'E . 5' , '. I .',. lf, Ia it fnfffagz QZZW if FROM g4f2ZZ4e5L FOOD STQIZE NEDERLAND TEXAS MANN I N635 Zadceiy MCLEMORE S 5c TO Sl 00 STORE MAU Rl C E 62515015 B S DI4 N EWOEI-INEIZS ke!! Spfffv, PHONE 46I2 9 Complimenis of Complimenfs gf I . Befween Dm' Nederland and Phone 4932 3522 Porf Neches NEDERLAND Complimenfs of Complimems of I 0 NEDERLAND Nederland, Texas os+on freef ' Comp' me +5 of CONGRATULATIONS LARRY BOWMAN SENIORS FURNITURE co jig Ziqj F yI'I'1 I' 3 FLOORS OF FINE FURNITURE P 49822 Servlce Stahon DRINK X-rg C0 H Lk Yo Lke NEDERLAND TEXAS 42I2 COMPLIMENTS OF JMVHZMZJ IN SU RANC E AGENCY REAL ESTATE LOANS Dual 49 I 5 Nederland Texas I n . 0 0 240 ors e Sreei' hone - I I 'I o ' 0 E IIGIAYOYY O O O ies U 3 I - You H' Phone mum IgA CQ, f .dy Q WALLING DAIRY FARM 7 I 1 fu L - M, 'iv-,,,,S ,.... P z is u aug: and uunazqs Compl menfs of Waffefi 4- FURNITURE 8: HARDWARE FURNITURE HARDWARE GUNS AMMUNITION Phone 4023 Po I Neches Compl menfs of T3 A TQOACH INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE Nederland Phone 4b5I CompIumenIs of gaikiend HARDVVAQE Ex rruuzmrrurzs YOU R MAYTAG DEALER D I 75l Compl menfs of Mig Wage!- ELJ I I.DI INIC5 NAATEIQIAL CO PHONE 332I N HSS CYVICG DIAL 3514 QUICKLY ANYTHING IN GLASS MC CAULEY LUML-352 co BUILDERS MATERIALS A RITTER W K McCAULEY 4824 Compl menfs of QE NSHAVV STLJIQIQOCK SERVICE STATION and GROCERIES Dal 8053 T Cfy Hgh ay NEDERLAND TEXAS Compl menfs of 'DQTSV AJNIINI X Q-:gf GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nederland Texas I I 2 I' . ' I Q I Nederland, Texas na 4 Bosion Ave. Por+ eches, Texas lc. Complimenfs of I Por? eches Ave. B. . . Dial Nederland Texas 3 i I win i I w fQ?em9DQ4,21!g FLJNEIQAI. I-IOIVIE We Serve Those Who Care CADILLAC AMBULANCE SERVICE Home of fhe DIAL 83I I Nede Ia d Te as MRS WELDON DAVIS LADY ATTENDANT GSE? 0 Mid-Counfy Burial Associa+ion r n , x Comphmenis of dzlpfaffeyfaff SERVICE STATION Be sure Q with Pure I 053 B NEDERLAND TEXAS Complumenis of Witgdgd EEE-1c:1'l2lc ss-IOP HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Complumenis of QMQEMJ- Service Station Phone Nederland 5354 Texas Complumenfs of gfaefaui Service Station NEDERLAND TEXAS Complimenfs of mggigazni gh, PLORIST 'O Nederland 48 I8 Texas Cong ratulahons QUWZQZQGKZ LAUNDRY auf DRY CLEANERS D I 73 Nede Ia d Te as Congratulations Seniors Nici-:OLSON E VAN CLEVE BUILDING SUPPLIES Compliments of Qffeiiovu INALJSIC CQ. EVERYTHING IN Music: Pianos - Insirumenis - Music Nederland, Texas 657 PARK BEAUMONT o I O , Dia 8 PO' ox 223 Phone 3642 Porf Neches 1 9 1 0 1 D' I ia 34 r n , x AUG AA A A A "A' ' A n Y ff. ,. Geo C aughan SL Sons Com lzmenls 0 A K I-TLJTQBY Znjvfaaneei BENDIX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY WASHERSLIRONERS DRYERS Nederland and Pori' Neches Cong rotulohons SENICRS afQf2 ELECTIQICI COMPANY CONTRACTING and REPAIRING Day or Nlghi' Dual 484l I NEDERLAND TEXAS y ' . H 'I u 3QNf. Q.. 'X 'Z J 31" ali' fvf',, t tg -.Xa Ts i wr 1 n.?g,.4 Fivlklrll' ar , U T in U J -f as-L I W -' l' 0 0 . . Q o . I BIGGER THINGS AHEAD nous I For more than a quarter c0N o a century Reddy Kllowatt and Gulf States have been helpmg Z students earn theur diplomas and equup themselves to assume thenr ! greater responsubulutles In the years ahead you can contlnue to look to Reddy to be a partner nn the progress and development of our schools our business and the system of free enterpruse that has made our country great T cl electric llvlng means better llvnng Efllow Y-fru...s.,.f,n N D STATES W X UTILITIES 01 E Md 0 o 'cg-,gl f . . -9 5, . , 3 -3 X . o ay, more than ever, 9 4 O Inq f Q Ulf N , 4 C O- 4, 0 Z 01 4' 66 FOR SMOOTH DRIVING VISIT CompIimen+s of E O N ES awmuwza Q MQTQR5 BARBER SHOP 1Q Q Z L THERIOT me I-new amos H 0 MORRISON pAC,4,N6,C0 OF PORT ARTHUR GULF SERVICE STATION S b I 0 ' 4l24 H 5550l fomfimen-Z!! 0 VV IC 'VI A S 0 N KN in EXCAVATI NG CONTRACTOR CALL 4 83II 2870 Wa h gI'o Bl d If c Il 2 673 3 'N TQ -4 TS - IIE P0r+ Neflhes Nederland, Texas Complimenfs of ComPIIme'I+5 QT 0 0 ' Di +ri u ors I Oeander Dial Producfs Trian Ie g 603 ousfon Ave. Phone - D 5 O C . I1 ,cv X5 fx ,914 'xXx X I flare. I 'R f .', X? -imglimjivr W .. s in n v . no answer a -3 Nederland State Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DIAL 4363 C'Ul77!7!jl77C'l7f.k' nf WM- gang. BEAUTY SI-IOPDE BIocIc Road Midway Befween Porf Neches and Nederland JENNIE L. FRAZIER 966 Phone Pori Neches 32 3 Texas Complimenfs of Zeniei BUSINESS 81 RADIO COLLEGE Beaumon+ Texas Complumenis of h'7ruAwn Leading Sfyle Cen+er For For+y One Years Complnmenfs of aagane GIIQAQI IXI CCD 60I Housfon Ave 52? D Irb Io s JO MILL FEEDS LIGHT CRUST FLOUR I ' 5 Q Beaumgnfs Pori' Arfhur, Texas is i u r Peggy Jo an Bully Wayne DOORNBOS WZ? mf es-mu. I2 S+ NEDERLAND TEXAS C I' f COMPLIMENTS OF 6 WL 62 +h reef CARES Your Mud Counfy Credl+ Jewelers GIFTS WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVER TROPHIES JEWELRY ENeRAvuNe WATCH S- JEWELRY REPAIRING 203 Pori' Neches Ave Phone 3532 SIMMONS JEWELERS Phone 4 6052 HAROLD SIMMONS 675 Orleans S+ Beaumonf Texas Zeamlu J E VV ELERS Your FrlencIIy Jeweler BEAUMONT TEXAS Complnmenfs of 3 Beall Brothers ualufy Merchandise CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 569 7I Orleans BEAUMONT TEXAS Crowell Gifford s COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS DlaI 5 7447 748 HOUSTON AVENUE Por? Arfhur Texas Complumenfs of ER. Roscoe LI Complnmenfs of Levy s Men's Store PHONE 5 7822 339 Procfer Sfreei' Por+ Arfhur Come +o See Us ROOS 420 Proc1'er Sfreei' A STORE FOR MEN Por? Arfhur Texas 0 7 Q . . Deparimenf S+ores 0 ' . l NEDERLAND HOME SUPPLY Sherwin Wnlllams Producfs Phllco Appliances DIAL 4834 Compl menfs of NEDERLAND CITY MARKET COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED EOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE 2l I6 Nederland Avenue Phone 4532 Compl menls of Modern Barber Shop A A CESSAC LOYAL G LASITER T J FORTENBERRY Compllmenfs of 3 BEALL BROTHERS 3 uallfy Merchandise CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Proc+er Sfreel' Por+ Arihur Compl menfs of L E F- T Y gjygfjxgmdw Complomenfs of BOU N DS FGOD mm' SUPPLY Compl menfs of Complnmenfs of NEDERLAND sropd suop CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Dual 4 622 can 8048 I 3 . Barbers: Q t 0 I . 's i . Complimenrs of FAI I2, M AI D Fair Maid is Good Bread Complimenrs of COOK dw! C O NI PANY CALL 8048 Compllmenrs of H I L L CHEVROLET COMPANY Dual 33 I4 PORT NECHES I708 Por+ Neches A e Complumenfs of xgxlgjfzlzx DIAL 3l I 5 I I25 Franld n Nederland I-I FFER' EVERYTHING Q CQ Dual 4-804l 474 Pearl Beaumonf MCNEILL INSURANCE AGENCY There IS no subs+l+u+e for Insurance C9 GD PHONE II20 NEDERLAND TEXAS I 0 . v . i IN SPORTSWEAR ' ' ll O O Complnmenls of HATS Complumenls of Charles S Nacol Jeweler CALL 3 3345 636 Houslon Ave Porl' Arlhur Complrmenfs of Creswell s DIAL 4l I2 I I I5 Bosfon Nederland Complumenls of THE COLD WAVE SHOPPE Cold Waves Maclnneless Permanenls MRS ELI HEBERT Phone 44I4 Nederland Complumenfs of Nederland Cleaners DIAL 47:2 Nederland Avenue Nederland Complamenfs of QW uns CALL 4 0773 67l Pearl Beaumonl' Complumenfs of I Mldcounlys Leadlng Deparlmenl' Sfore NEDERLAND TEXAS May+ag Appliances and 9 Complimenis of Complimenfs of GOODWIN'S BLOSSOM SHOPPE NEDE RLAND 900 Woodworfh Blvd PHONE 2 3241 W 55666 PORT ARTHUR TEXAS DIAL. 49l3 C0mpllmen1's of Comphmenis of CORNER SERVICE STATION Qffuafgzwsff Nederland Avenue and Old Hway PHONE 8050 In Pori' Ar+hur H's BIUSSTSID s PROCTER ST PORT ARTHUR F: O X X 5 N N, Z FORMERLY WATTS J es:-T Bob Foxx PHOTOGRAPHERS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS Dual 2 26I2 647'f2 Procfer S+ . . 0 I 'X U ,Sw M . MR 0 .729 , 'S-iii, 1 V I 4' -. TO NEDFIHI,-KNIT HIGH Congratzzfrlliorzs from your friends at The Pure Oil Company NNIITHS BI.l'f"F IIKFINHHX -T' . ,-A,-. H, -v rw r ,, U.,-4-. -.',

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