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I98I Nugget Nederland Jr. Sr. High School Nederland Colarado 80465 f a X 1-5, 5 V , M. M 1 fi I Ei. 531 w. Friends and Beginnings Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends 2 Keeping It Together may I I j ,H Having the same administration this year allowed the school to run efficiently and smoothly. Mr. Malmgren carried out the duties of the principal, such as providing leadership, managing the school according to sound business principles, and numerous other jobs. Some of the tasks Dr. Wilson, the assistant principal, was responsible for were: attendance supervision, athletic director and disciplinarian. He was in charge of the building when Mr. Malmgren was not here, and taught an algebra class. Ann Marie Barry was the secretary to the principal, took care of bookkeeping, and attended to other school business. Mrs. Smith, school clerk, performed receptionist duties, recorded attendance, and was secretary to the counselor. The responsibilities of the buildings' counselor, Mr. Smith. were those of individual inventory, giving college and occupational information, counseling and consulting. 3 Facult Enthused There were four new faces in the halls and classrooms of NHS this year, as Dirk McGuire, Nancy White, Malcolm Orton, and Amy Wheatley joined the faculty. Aside from teaching, some faculty members dedicated themselves to helping students with a variety of activities ranging from cake auctions to working in the student store. Seven of them coached sports and helped the young athletes improve their skills. Other faculty members took money at events, sponsored classes, and activities, and everything was kept very organized within the school. Thanks to all the faculty members for their help and enthusiasm. .l , V. is ?'x5z" td.-V it a W mfg t, .,-1 5542:-a ,....,,, , ., N qi: f,M at .- , . fi' if I- vt ' - ff :ig at i ' fr' JS Q A N ' .fm 'H :M ' ' K 1 X - 1 5 f fi ifl 2 V . 9' I 5' , a 4 . , ai a X , " J ' 4' X. , AW F' .-la Bl ' "' x ' " "?'??ffff, -ss, 1' 4 'tual , Page four: Top, Amelia Miller, Business, Current World Affairst center left. Walt Hartung, Sciencel center right, Jerry Buck, Industrial Artst bottom from left to right, Caroline Reardon, Language Arts, Ann Cornfield, Social Studies, Kathy Hartman, Sciencet Malcolm Orton, Math. Page five: Top, Dirk McGuire, History. and P.E.t center left, Marcia Skaro, Health and P.E.t center right, Sam Stubbs. Musica bottom left. Kathy Eichler, Language Artst bottom right Ruth Hirter and Miriam Gola, Librarian and aid. 5 Top center. Donna Schaper, Art and Yearbook, top right, Millie Miller, School Nurset center left, Leslie Scott. Community Schools, center. Jim Pedersen, Maths center right, Wanda Headrick, Foreign Language and Social Studies, bottom left, Nancy White, Home Economicst Amy Wheatley, Special Education. .H 'F V? ,A X3 Q ,za w ,H 4 E Xl V' . 5. M-ns 6 Friends Return , ,xg .11 ir- You look back through the years Discovering new beginnings And old fears. Each time you look back, From beginning to end. There was nothing you lacked If you had a friend. by .lohnna Turner ,M ,Q ,516 ,,.of1 i-viigsm-' ? Y ' Vw' 'EW 2 y . .ff d -E A Fresh Beginning The class of i984 soon became involved in many high school activities. With much enthusiasm they stepped out of their shells and showed their spirit and determination in many ways. The "84's" were active in sports and there were three cheerleaders from the Freshmen class that helped build enthusiasm in the crowds. With advisors Don Smith and Amy Wheatley, the class did a great job in sponsoring fundraisers and began raising money they will need for the future years at NHS. The year proved to be an experience for the Freshmen and a fresh beginning that everyone seemed to enjoy. X I l T E Krista Andrews Dan Bartolini Alison Bodkin Edward Brennan Tammy Brooks Audra Brumbaugh Mark Burris John Busch Kime Conkright Lisa Flick IO Seana Gourley Richard Kemman Raymond Ford Angie Foster Dan Gola Cindy Gooding Joe Haney Jay Harrison Amy Horrell Jeff Johnson Denise McDonald Colin Miller Greg Pence Cheryl Passalaqua Maria Pellegrini Krystie Seidel Lori Siebert Kenneth Turner ,ri Y Scott Terwilliger David Verser Kim Wade Mark Whalen Heath Wilson Dan Wiesner Denise Woodward Kirsten Zahn gi Q in Donna Callister Christina Dijulio Debbie Ewing , 'T 1 Susan Fuller Terry Graham A. D. Hurley .Wx my Tony lovino Liz Jennings Max Kirsch ophomores Spirited The Sophomores were very spirited and active throughout the year. One couldn't help but notice them. Members of the class of l983 soon became involved in many school activities. They participated in things such as a "Kiss me I'm Irish" contest, athletic and drama events, Student Council, and sponsoring the Ice Cream Social. Together they set their goals, some were reached. some were not. They worked hard and learned together, laughed, cried, and cheered together. They tried, failed and succeeded. Although Miss Eichler and Mrs. Miller, class sponsors, encouraged the class to accomplish their goals, the ambition and teamwork of the class set forth a positive attitude toward getting things done the right way. Even though there may not be a sophomore eager to relive the years, there are those who will never forget the impact the year had on their total outlook of life. I3 Chris Krause Tammy Krieger Betsy Ludwick ' " Erik Lutz Karen Lynd Janet MacDougaIl David Mans Nicole Martinez Don McKown Ray McNally Dawn Nagy -1' 1 ' f -ug -1 , Glenn Pi6I'C2 Dawn Sipe Chet Sniith Connie Smith Teresa Terwilligef Andrea Tyler Denise Weiland Who's this? Ruben O'Rear Andy Ostranger Randy Stephens Active '82 The class of l982, enthusiastic as always, stepped forward to achieve their goals. Cake auctions, a copper-silver war, a pancake breakfast, selling mini football players and placemats were just a few of the fundraisers this spirited class did to raise money for the I98I Prom. "Under the Blue Lagoon" was this year's theme for Prom, and with music and dancing, everyone enjoyed this beautiful event. The junior class participated in sports, drama, Student Council, and other activities. The sponsors, Dorothy Powhida and Jim Pedersen, with the class officers helped organize activities. kept everything moving and madethis a good year for the junior class. A,',,,,,,, 1 . I6 0 John Blackis Rarc Brakhage Gigi Brooks Liz Busch :ssttlw i K . ,ti t it 1 N J 5 A ss Julie Callister Paul Cornell Garvin DeHaas Curtis Dickenson wigs S' Steve Farentinos Eric Fox Mandy Fraser Mike Garrison Tammie Jennings Chandra Johnson Vicki Kanach Tony Krause Kirk Lally David Ludwick Heidi Lutz Lisa MacDougaIl jeff 'SN Mike MCDOn3ld Serena Siegfried Nathan Tyler Mark MCKOwr1 Deneen Sorenson Maureen Walsh John Mone Kent Snow Simgne Wegemer 'N K I8 E is 3: RQ ' 'hqkk Q ,, J .a- 1 -f. sts if . 3 ig - . -JN.. 'Q c g . ,. , 1 . 3. S Q I Working Hard Nederland Jr. Sr. High could not function without the behind-the-scenes work done by the custodial staff and cafeteria staff and the bus drivers. The custodial staff, headed by Doug Gibney, led the crusade to clean and maintain the school building. Other staff members were Pat Gibney and Jerry Stanley. The cooks, Chris Wallis Chead cookj, Sue Wilson, Jean Palmer and served some very appetizing Antoinette Rose, the cashier. money and kept records for program. The bus drivers, headed "Slug" Slaughenhoupt, pushed better bus safety and better conservation. Linda Bunce meals. collected the the lunch by Mr. towards fuel These hard working people should be congratulated on a job well done. I9 is Wisdom Gained Students of NHS were involved in classes varying from business to science this year. Even though many students participated in extra-curricular activities, everyone still kept up with their studies. Fun and variety were incorporated into classes as many field trips were scheduled. Valuable information and experience was gained by the participants. School went very well with everyone participating in the improvements of their education, and the sharing of ideas. 20 ,.,aW' a r i 1 0.x nl """"hn-...., alwgf My 'i K A 'fb sk 'R 5 XA-'WA ,J - V ,sw .4 5 1140, + -an-sn. .z""'vx.'C45' L ,,,,,,...--0 Vo-Tech Enthusiasm for Vocational Education was evident in Nederland this year. Vo-Tech is open to all Nederland High juniors and seniors with the appropriate credits. Sixteen students took advantage of the opportunity to attend classes in their interest area. The students had the option of either driving their cars, with special permission, or taking the bus to the Vo-Tech center in Boulder. Among these sixteen students were eleven seniors returning from last year to finish their two year courses. The seniors were: Kerri Ammentorp and Beth Dismuke majoring in Office Occupations: Sandy Cieloha giving it her all in Cosmetology. Paul Moauro and Dan Bennett learning the field of electronics, Charlotte Conkright working in Nurses Aid, Cindy Lewis key punching in Data Entrya and in the field of Auto Mechanics were. Bill Jennings. Victor Fox, Brian Penick, and Bob Siebert. The other five enthusiasts were juniors. They were. Tony Krause and Jerry Logan learning to be Auto Mechanics, Deneen Sorenson discovering style in Cosmetologyg Tammie Jennings continuing in Office Occupationst and Lisa MacDougaII on the scene in Auto Body and Fender. These five juniors will be returning next year to finish their courses. ?..s...-.-M.. -.... 22 .sx sfdf UU li fn, AM! J BTI I ' ' wmv- Friends Share X Middle Level Candids 'ff . 24 1 X, AS Starting Over The general feeling among the seventh graders was, "lt's a heck of a lot better than the sixth grade." When asked how they felt about the seventh grade compared to the sixth grade, the responses showed: "lt's better because the classes aren't as long, and we learn more," said Peter Ludwick, about M.L. Tony Mozal stated, "ln the sixth grade you were the big shots, now we're the littlest and the youngest." "The teachers give you a lot more work, and you're not ready for it, but they teach you more," replied Cindy Platt and Linda Fuller. Students were also glad that there was a wider choice of classes. Starting the year at a new school proved to be an exciting and interesting experience for most of the seventh graders. They look forward to returning to Nederland for future years of learning. Michelle Allen Kim Anabel Nancy Andrews Scott Benson Suzi Bluhm Michael Byers Jody Cole Shane Cornell Michelle Cooley Steven Faucette Wendy Fox Linda Fuller 26 A 4 R,-v .W Katie Hammett Michelle Holcomb Galen Kelly Dean McCollum Cindy Harding Alisha Horowitz Mary Lynd Tony Mozal Valerie Hastings Peter Ludwick Brian Maul Mike Passalaqua Gary Hinderlong Gigi lovino Brad Menges Jenny Pellegrini Timmy Pence Cindy Platt Maria Reardon Ray Richards Lindsey Schaller Mark Schweibish Mark Seveland Cheryl Siebert Mike Sorenson Andy Steele Kim Stewart Scott Verser Darcy Wendelin John Marc Wendleton xiii an 'Q'-if HN 9 r 5 , . Al t 85 Moving Up The class of '85 enjoyed a stimulating year at Nederland Jr.-Sr. High. The beginning of the year was spent enjoying their new-found superiority as top notch -in the Middle Level. The eighth grade was full of pep, spirit, and enthusiasm. Getting involved in school activities and going out for Middle Level sports were just some of the ways they expressed their dedication. They could also be seen cheering their hearts out at the high school games. Under the guidance of class sponsors, Ms. Cornfield and Mr. Orton, the eighth graders remained active throughout the year. They helped sponsor various socials and dances and held numerous fundraisers. With their usual vim and vigor the class of '85 looks forward to an exciting high school experience. za ,XL sv ,A 1 t Kim Ablett Raegan Bodkin Mike Cieloha Kurt Eye Sean FOWIGI' Kim Austin Tracy Brigham Joe Chugtai Chris Farentinos Salvador Garda Angie Bennett Wade Bunce Mark DiSlT1Uk2 Kathy Berry Diana Callister Cindy Coshow 29 Sherry Graham Bobby Hall Tracy Hansen Rick Holzhauer Laurie Hodgson Kari Hopstock Nick Iovino A. J. Keith Mike Krause April Lally Karen Langford Stephanie MacDougalI John Mans Eric Marler Carol McNally Dee O'Rear ,al 0 inn if 7.1 W ,Jr rw im tgmiarim 'M und I eww fem. Y it ' .nb , ,. X mm, .X I Q if eyier . ' Robert Ornelas Mike Papp Richard Ross Greta Schmitt Robby Shoffner Tiffany Simmons Sheri Sorenson Sherri Stephens Pam Wander Connie Weaver Jeff Whalen Cathy Wiesner Vince Williams Thor Windberg Brett Woodward Brian Woodward Middle Level Class Officers bw 7th grade - Nancy Andrews, Vice Presidentg Jenny Pelligrini. President, Tim Pence, Treasurer, and Jody Cole, Secretary. ' Q' , 325.3 A ,V I 0 Sth grade - Mark Dismuke. Presidenti Kari Hopstock, Treasurer, Reagan Bodkin, Secretaryi and Sean Fowler, Vice President. 32 Top row: Scott Benson, Richard Ross, Wade Bunce, John Mans. Peter Ludwick, Tough Times The Middle Level football and soccer teams both had tough seasons as they came up with no wins. Leslie Scott coached the soccer team, working them hard and teaching them new tricks of soccer strategy. Coached by Malcolm Orton, the boys' football team practiced hard and made much improvement during the season. These young athletes dedicated themselves to improving their own skills and also helping the team to be stronger. Salvador Garcia, Mike Cieloha, Jody Cole, Mike Krause, Mike Sorenson, coach Malcolm Orton. Bottom row, Scott Verser, Shane Cornell, Ray Richards, Tim Pence, Dean McCollum. Brad Menges, Tony Mozal, Steve Faucette. . wg , 4 5' If 4 Top row: Kim Stewart, Mike Passalaqua, Sean Fowler, Kurt Eye. Cathy Weisner, Suzi Bluhm, Jenny Pellegrini, coach Leslie Scott. Middle row: Carol McNally, Michelle Cooley, Marc Wendleton, Vince Williams. A. J. Keith, Mark 33 Dismuke, Nancy Andrews, Darcy Wendelin. Bottom row: Gary Hinderlong, Brian Maul, Rick Holzhauer, Chris Farentinos, Tracy Brigham, Kim Anabel. 4' K ... at LQi .4 :Q S ul 5 X . 5 if 2 ,..,,,.q1Nss X 1 ... J Qi Top row: coach Jim Pedersen, Kim'Ablett, Lana Smith. Kim Stewart. Nancy 1 Andrews, Kim Anabel, Jenny Pellegrini, Stephanie MacDougaIl, Michelle Cooley. Bottom ' row: Angie Bennett. Cathy Weisner. Pam Wander, Kari Hopstock, Greta Schmitt. Carol McNally, Alisha Horowitz. B-baH Basketball is becoming very popular in the Middle Level and was evident by the number of students who participated. The M.L. girls' and boys' teams were dedicated, hard working and very enthusiastic about playing the game. Even though their records didn't show it, they played hard. aggressive ball and victories were very close at hand. The boys' coach Leslie Scott, devoted time and effort to the program and helped build their skills on the court. Jim Pedersen, the girls' coach, helped the players improve their abilities in passing, dribbling and shooting as a foundation for the future. Participation in sports is growing more and more each year at the Middle Level, and each year the teams improve. The skills the players develop will be an asset to the high school sports program. 34 . Top row. manager Robby Shoffner. Richard Ross, Salvador Garcia, Mike Cieloha Peter Ludwick, Steve Faucette, coach Leslie Scott. Bottom row: Bobby Hall, Marc Wendleton, Shane Cornell, Brad Menges, Dean McCollum. if aw ' 1 Q O f .W ,., , hi 6, , K- '--- i K . -- -. fa n . -D . is Top row: Peter Ludwick, coach Doug Gibney, Salvador Garcia, Wade Bunce, . ., :Lt .. ..,. -f': " --- Kurt Eye. Bottom row: Bobby Hall, Mike Passalaqua. Tony Mozal, Shane Cornell. . ,.,. ..,.. ,,, ,rrrr V . JJ ku-W, Team Work The Middle Level volleyball girls began the season, some with little experience, and many without any team sport background. Ann Cornfield was coach. This year the wrestling team had a new coach. Doug Gibney was very inspiring to the boys and had them working hard. The commitment to volleyball and wrestling was evident as the participants kept up their grades, tried their best, and worked as teams. Top row. manager Alison Bodkin, Cathy Weisner. coach Ann Cornfield. Middle row: Lindsey Schaller, Pam Wander, Suzi Bluhm, Dee O'Rear, Carol McNally. Kim 35 Stewart. Bottom row: Kim Anabel, Kari Hopstock, Greta Schmitt, Raegan Bodkin, Cheryl Siebert M.L. Track The 'Vliddle Level track team began the season with small numbers, but finished with much excitement for the coming year. With two new coaches, Miss Wheatley, and Miss Hartman, both the girls' and boys' teams grew stronger and stronger as the season progressed. There were five track meets where each young competitor learned new skills and the feeling of team spirit and individual accomplishment. Each team member was an asset to the success of the season. The team members include: Richard Ross, Marc Wendleton, Mark Dismuke, Chris Farentinos, John Mans, Sean Fowler, Michael Byers, Suzi Bluhm, Tracy Brigham, Carol McNally, Cathy Weisner, Diana Callister, and Kim Anabel. E329 36 L to R. Mark Dismuke, Jenny Pellegrini. Raegan Bodkin. Kari Hopstock. Cathy Wiesner, April Lally, Nancy Andrews, Tim Pence, Jody Cole, Michelle Holcomb. : glass . . . f Q' . . M ' . . . . ' i - -S It I ,.a ia. 57 . . , , K y X gl, E if f -y-1 N if ' A- se.: .. . - X . x es " -- -. , .Qi Ks Q 3 -- A .. - Q s' -fa m .u. - S A is 'fe Hg-+ Q 14 5 :25 ktfw ' A .,,. L ., sz. 3523- -1 gtg: Jus: - - S X it as ,,,, ,,. Qee M NN X. sw ,si . . spas ,?:...ts,... A ,.... ,msg K k N K . 1, L Y., kg..93?i+fv,tm 5 , ' 1 N ,tr .Ng ..-. v. .t . K . sg. - 5 jf jf-sf . , I V- as . ,a g 1 K ww, - 1 i A Y A N A 5 .. by Vi -Q. 4: ' a 5, , W. V 5 - ,ir as 1, .s,. 3 ' .y ' a . ,f 4 ., Vxngfgasgkk has A d wg . 'f ' it ' . 4: 'fs' ..-V---' , Q ui A . , ,KLV , : Y at ' 'K 1 N F s . l . . , ,I , ' V, f-1 1, exe . 1 3. ing.. in ' Ei i A . W if " ' ?""1-' -'S-S", ,P+ s :rl A M U , A sl. it ,, v LV Q gg, I , s fr - Q ...M-.s Li.. 'S , s -im , .... . ,V .-.1 A 4 .Y , .Q - '-3. Y ws 'v4i', +C." M sv ,pl , In StuCo Advances The Middle Le.el Student Council has been very active this year. They displayed their enthusiasm by holding activities like a Halloween dance, a barbeque, a roller skating party and a pep week. They raised money by sponsoring Eco Cycle fsaving aluminum cans and old newspapersj. Their sponsor Ms. Cornfeild, helped Student Council plan their activities. Many positive attitudes were noticed. Everyone participated in accomplishing the goals they set at the beginning of the year. Striving for more student involvement and more spirit in the student body, the Middle Level Student Council made the l98O-8l school year a great one. .fa-1 37 llllll X .L. Activities The Middle Level was involved in many activities during the year. They sponsored various events like a roller skating party, a Christmas party for the senior citizens and pre-school children, and they also held dances. The Middle Level was very enthusiastic about the events they put on this year, and with all their good ideas they will be a big help to the high school activities program. 38 R 'Q' ESWXZ Friends Compete It Was A Harvest Moon Enthusiasm and spirit prevailed as homecoming week approached. Students dressed up as beach bums, cowboys and Indians, and they appeared in their pajamas, togas, and wearing blue and gold. A lively pep rally was held and students cheered on the selected classmates as they participated in the Junior Olympics, with races such as a bubble gum blowing competition, and a peanut push. "Harvest Moon" was the theme of the homecoming dance. The gym was decorated in bright colors and Rrockk supplied the music for the dance. The announcement of the homecoming royalty brought honors to RJ Houser and Johnna Turner crowned King and Queen. John Blackis and Serena Siegfried were awarded the Prince and Princess, and Ray McNally and Christina DiJulio were given the Duke and Dutchess award. ,ff K 40 , sf if We've Got Spirit The fall cheerleaders were very enthusiastic and supportive of our volleyball and football teams. They proved to the fans of the Nederland Panthers in their pursuit of victory, that there is pep and spirit among us. The stands were filled with emotion as the cheerleaders, Captain Betsy Ludwick, Dawn Sipe. Maria Pellegrini, Suzi Brigham, and Christina DiJulio highly supported our teams. 0,9 93 .sfo 4l Coach Encouraged By Effort Although the NHS football team lost all but one game I Temple Baptist forfeitedj, this years season was anything but negative. In fact, coach Dirk McGuire feels it was a positive season. He thinks some positive points were playing four games without any penalties, and those returning next year will have more experience. Even though the scores didn't show it, Mr. McGuire says the team started without much experience and improved every week. "I don't know why more boys don't go out. lf we had more players, we could have been in every game fexcept maybe Lyonsljf' One outstanding player was recognized from our team, David Ludwick, a junior was chosen for All--Conference. McGuire said, "He played well defensively. He's an outstanding athlete." X 191 ., 42 ,s-ref if t,...n'0' N fi . Q f.. A "' -up .. ,eq .,,L . . . .fs 6 . t We , dm ...M 7 " . - - ,MQ 3 f- I W, , lynx., 4 v- .-.. . K ,, . lppu.-R. X... so . - I e.:fsw -P ,. . M B ws' E- trqm ..... 1 K , ,,...1,. -. - I, Q- 1- Q P Q. -wi A . "K "am, -- A Q ' l is-., 4- ,-... ,,, sf-vu . . M I . 7-xt. .. A M h ' . , vig. . 57" Ali M 3 W ' . M: My .f. .,,.s-lv ...M N. -. " .,,, K . ' .E ft ik.. if B 1 ,if- ur, Q I A- Q K W 4 k,. s- '- - - WMA B " tt s-is .tll , Top row: Bob Siebert, Tom McNally, Bill Jennings. Paul Moauro. David Ludwick, Paul Cornell, Erik Kirby, David Verser, Dan Weisner. Bottom row: Kent Snow, Garvin DeHaas, Kirk Lally. David Mans. Ed Brennan, Mark Burris, Max Kirsch, Joe Haney. Ray McNally, coach Dirk McGuire. in 43 Good Times "lf any team has the skills to go to state, it was this team," said coach Marcia Skaro. "Even though we didn't make it, we had a good time and fun working with each other." The girls were skilled, but both the varsity and the junior varsity teams had a let down in the number of games they won. JV league record was 3-3, the varsity league record was 4-4. The team shared a special unity displayed by writing a song dedicated to coach Skaro and performed during the last pep assembly of the season. "l'll never forget those guys," said Stevie Keene. "lt was the most satisfying season, and the teamwork was great." Before Nederland hosted the Sub-District tournament, a new net standard was purchased. The varsity lost the first game to Temple Baptist and tied for fourth place. ' Top row: coach Cathy Hartman, Angie Foster, Mandy Fraser, Alison Bodkin, Lori Siebert, Cheryl Passalaqua. Connie Smith. Bottom row: Kim Nelson, Debbie Ewing, Heidi Keyes, Julie Callister, Kim Wade. f mssfrggg C I Q S F ss., N-I . , Q.. mmm f i, 44 s A ,gg A iiii if if? Top row: coach Marcia Skaro, Heidi Lutz, Debbie Ewing, Serena Siegfried. Bottom row: Kim Nelson, Stevie Keene, DJ DiJuIio, Shelly Bluhm. Dirt Skiin ? Skiing through nice powder wasn't the case this year for the ski team. Because of the lack of snow, conditions were really marginal at many ski areas. The lack of snow at the cross country track at Eldora prevented the cross country skiers from really getting in good practices. However, that is where the team scored most of its points. The Alpine team members improved in their individual skills. Although not all of them placed highly in meets, most of them felt good about the season. "I thought that this season was the best ever. l really grew to love the coaches and team members, and will miss it when I leave," said Stevie Keene. Dave Mans and Steve Farentinos placed 4th and Sth consecutively in the skimeister, which is the combined points for all events at the State Ski Meet in Leadville. Shelly Bluhm was also honored by earning a place on the girls' All-State Giant Slalom team. Team members were: Shelly Bluhm, Betsy Ludwick, Tammy Brooks, Stevie Keene, Greg Pence, Heath Wilson, Richard Kemman, Jeff Johnson, David Verser, Glenn Pierce, Steve Farentinos, David Mans, Bobby Grahn, and coach Marcia Skaro. 46 ,,.. 1 ff! A E 5 3 5 5 f l s xl Q-to Ni 4, 4 Ji n New Qs ' 'T ' 4 ' X fi.:-f: . 'L i xl Q .3 if vii ,.... 1V S9 ,ef-fN ,iw ,W Jw 47 Getting Better Even though the boys' basketball team lacked the as X v height and experience, it was made up through my dedication, skill, effort and hustle. Every night they Signs put in a hard practice, and never gave up when they Zuzs g 343, lost a game. 3. Coached by Hugh Chenoweth, the boys gained 'taa.u :M more experience, and a second place trophy at the District Tournament by beating South Park, but losing to the heavily favored Silver State. ' True effort was shown by the whole team this year, and with the skills they possess, the team will Y be stronger next year and shooting their way to a State championship. an ws- T i A ir was -f . . T' 1 , , 5, L .. gt ,' A1 4 i f---, Q? V. I-lx. Z .,-f" .ff Top row: coach Hugh Chenoweth, Eric Fox, Bill Jennings, Paul Cornell, Bear Brakhage, Chris Krause, Kent Snow. John Blackis, manager Cheryl Passalaqua. Bottom row. Ed Brennan. Mark Burris, Nathan Tyler, Erik Kirby, Eric Lutz, Randy Stephens. 48 Girls' Respected The girls' basketball team gained respect this year when they went into the Districts Tournament and captured the second place trophy. Their season started out to be a tough one, but they came alive and won three games during the regular season and two games at Districts, beating Excelsior and Colorado Academy. They played Lyons for first place, but lost by I2 points. Malcolm Orton proved to be a good coach as he took a team with a winless streak, gave them encouragement, support, and helped F' - 9: :Z 2 "Na-ra e -vnu., ,-A Top row, Teresa Terwilliger, Serena Siegfried. Middle row: coach Malcolm Orton, Krista Andrews, Debbie Ewing, Dawn Sipe. Bottom row: Heidi Lutz, Heidi Keyes. Kim Nelson, Tammy Krieger. them to accomplish what they wanted to do: win. Good job girls'! X H ,r -smsfy, I if ? -1 uf in 49 kb' 'S Q ""' ,fx u-..., 3 i 1 Bottom Row: Christina Dijulio, Joe Haney, Max Kirsch, Ray McNally, and Connie Smith. Top Row: Coach McGuire, Dave Ludwick, Curtis Dickinson, Kirk Lally and Tom McNally. ., .gt f ' .... f may 3 WZ N5 nf K, .fk.k I Wrestling With a new coach and returning young athletes, the wrestling team looked forward to an improving season. Forfeiting five weights every match and only having seven weights filled, it looked almost impossible for the team to win as a whole. However, they tasted victory once and tied another time. Highlights of the season included the tournaments in which Nederland did well. Seven wrestlers went to the District Tournament and six placed. Curtis Dickinson, Tom McNally, and Dave Ludwick placed third, while Joe Haney and Max Kirsch finished fourth, Kirk Lally took fifth. Tom McNally qualified for State by winning a wrestleback at D6 pounds. At the State tourney, Tom won his first match, but unfortunately lost the second. .T .,, .M Since there was only one senior on the team, the majority will be returning next year and hoping for new recruits. .Ili ...J V -1 . s M, . I.. f-we .rf Sl Track The Nederland High track team had an exceptionally good season. Much of the team had consistent first place finishes at meets. School records were broken in several events: discus, Dave Ludwickg long jump, Betsy Ludwickg and the girls 400 meter relay, Serena Siegfried, Betsy Ludwick, Shelly Bluhm, and Stevie Keene. The boys 800 meter relay was broken by Eric Fox, David Mans, Steve Farentinos, and Dave Ludwick. The other team members were: Christina DiJulio, Heidi Keyes, Ruben O'Rear, Kent Snow, John Blackis, Dan Weisner, Glenn Pierce, and GiGi Brooks. Managers were Teresa Terwilliger, and Connie Smith, coaches were Malcolm Orton and Hugh Chenoweth, ii l 52 ki-A. in Q m ..., K 5 Q 5, , :LA ,, X, ,, . gf fi., . . W ' x N E X Ea VVVI 5 i i ' Q' f 2 L , ' A J 5 8- E5 yi: A ff'h , ... V M N.,L.,M .. iw, m , .7 , I F- 'K ,,,,.... , K 5 : K, 'V in A 1 'E 5 1. ii - Q W' 5' R5 we 1 'mtv' V1 ' N g - N H ,X ' f ,sn ff X "' ' if ' A ' '7 K ,A f -- 'ff' If .- sf ,' x' 4 :W 'Hi ,aw .5-, , . .a " fm. .W , 4 ' wfaii-fi " u " ..,'Qwgq I il -f W ' M Q: wk K M , . I-Xl f XXL . Q- '- f f A'f1Qi ...,.. 1'4 .. , W ' ' N 'M 4 35-iw yf:tVf1,,5,iJ i i iym- -- . - , 421- W h. " ' . A ' - ,,,. . , Tig f :fwffagh - , ' jig K, :mx :-K ' HJ X YN ' "SX-f,.'fsi - , , f fY""fN - ' -V ' A . L f ' .. +5 . . . V I 4, . 3 7 -- I W . ,,,.. 1 Q ' 5 7' A ' , .a, ,,.. f wma" 1, if - 'N , , - 3 ' 4. f if -- - wfmfiff.. " ' . , K I .Sk - vw Z V .ff- - A t . A ' - :mn P QV- if . f . N . f - an Q , if ' -J ' f 115, W , Q: wif", uv- ,. 'K kg 4, Q P1 Pep 8 Spirit Basketball games and wrestling matches were the events the winter cheerleaders attended. They boosted the spirits of the fans with their pep and enthusiasm, making the crowds come alive. Getting out in front of a crowd can be scary and difficult at times, but that didn't stop the cheerleaders from supporting our teams as they cheered hard and loud at every event. The cheerleaders were: Capt. Christina DiJuIio, Angie Foster, Liz Jennings, Connie Smith, and Panther mascot Maria Pellegrini. Nancy White sponsored the cheering squad. YK is E K? 0 ., , A ' p . I l 3 L 5 ,Z gt 2' "gat" ' Kilim C 'KA' I 131 . af5'lfNJ"'5Vkf-'Aft ' " L ,. ,I .r V S: Q, iv 2 fl - t ' i li gil , of r r r r of ff 54 in 'gy' SQQQ E R rlends Create '- '--2 7 Y" ' l The Years' Events This year the high school was enthused about the activities that were held. Some of the special events were: Prom, the Ice Cream Social, the annual Sports Banquet, and the Awards day ceremony. Shelly Bluhm and Stevie Keene were also named as the outstanding students. The students who participated in the activities enjoyed sharing the fun and good times and with all the hard work and dedication that went into the projects, the students found it all worth while. 56 , it i ,.yr'r 'witgl ' ez fs' 1 is M ka-. 4 ' t .W t.g,,,M if at - -- . Qt tiff :E-8v?,,,1i is. W ' x -- , -.Fgsmffw 7 -, -W f 1 or ft. 'ix , ' ' 1 kk a A Q R kk. ' . L1 .. . Q, ,R Excellence ln PA THER The I9808I PANTHER staff took pride in the impact of their publication. Goals for improvement in Editorials and Photo Features included topics which were timely, were of student interest, and involved current school issues. First semester the PANTHER staff consisted of Journalism I and Il students. The first two issues of the newsmagazine were published with the efforts of both classes, led by Editor-in-chief Stevie Keene, Page and Layout editor Kerri Ammentorp, and Business manager Johnna Turner. The publication maintained standards of high quality and excellence, which were carried throughout the year as each staff member obtained independence and professionalism. Second semester seven people took on the task of producing two more issues, they were: Johnna Turner, Editor-in-chief and photographers Kim Nelson, News editor, Mike Garrison, Photo editor, and reportert Courtney Schaller, Feature editor, Maureen Walsh, Business manager, and Katherine Eichler, PANTHER staff advisor. wwe Weis -'wi A 58 '93 iff f 934: 1 , M0 iw I XI in 2'-' . .go rw? 'tt Dedication Creating a yearbook takes talent and dedication as shown by the yearbook staff of I98O-8I. Editor-in-Chief Kim Nelson kept everything as organized as possible and made sure that assignments were completed. Layout editor Johnna Turner and her staff created the unique designs that filled the book. Copy editor Kim Nelson helped everyone write the stories that told of the years' events. Photo editor Mike Garrison and his photographers were kept busy snapping pictures. developing film and printing the select photos. The other staff members who contributed greatly to the book were: DJ DiJulio, Suzi Brigham, Patty Fuller, Beth Dismuke, Shelly Bluhm, David Ludwick and Stevie Keene. Donna Schaper, sponsor, helped the students choose quality pictures and copy for the book. x ,fx 59 SAC Learns SAC f5tudent Advisory Councilj involves students from the five high schools in the Boulder Valley District Every month, four to five students from each school meet with Superintendant Dr. Ryan to discuss the problems that the students encounter in their schools. The participants from Nederland were: Shelly Bluhm, Stevie Keene, Patty Fuller, DJ DiJuIio, Bob Grahn, Paul Cornell, Glenn Pierce, Eric Lutz, Heidi Lutz, and Dawn Sipe. gp-S Sl? Q , mm ,sf 5 - 5313 fii f K -3 X115 Top row: Dr. "Pat" Ryan, Supt., Virginia W, Patterson, President, Frederick W. Bierhaus, Dominic V. Ferrera, Bottom row, Thelma L. Banschbach, James Copeland, Elizabeth B. Bramhalll John D. Wood. 60 eer Group "ln a recent survey of students, your name was mentioned several times as one another student would go to with a decision or problem." That was the opening sentence on the invitation that was sent to those selected students. Peer Group was organized and run by Mr. Smith and consisted of approximately seventeen students. Each week on Thursday these students gathered in the seminar room to discuss various topics. A few of these topics were: death, divorce. insecurities, communication skills, decision making, and other aspects of growing up and being able to cope. Students involved in Peer Group were: Johnna Turner, Cherri Boyle, Paul Cornell, Connie Smith, Tammy Krieger, DJ DiJulio, Debbie Ewing, Gary McDonald, Charlotte Conkright, Teresa Terwilliger, Betsy Ludwick, Erik Kirby, Chet Smith, Tom McNally, Mandy Fraser, Heidi Lutz, and Patty Fuller. 6l H Wy msxmmmmnm A 1: 5.21 . fx qs , . X -Q' A ' ,A 4 62 Slow Start, Strong Finish Though Student Council started off on the right foot it was an up and down year for student government. Officers Paul Cornell, President, Kirk Lally, Vice President, Cherri Boyle, Secretary, and DJ DiJulio, Treasurer, did their best to take care of business and keep everything going smoothly. Cherri and DJ left the group at semester, and new officers were elected to fill their positions. Mandy Fraser took on the Secretary's duties and Johnna Turner kept the books. There were many activities through the year by council. Homecoming week included junior olympics, a pep rally, cowboy day, and blue and gold day. A traditional Homecoming dance capped the week. The student body and faculty supported the pop machine and student store, and many teachers, parents and students heavily supported the magazine and record sales during the winter months. Council took charge of the events board and started several ongoing projects such as the league standing board in the cafeteria. al, V W 38 P 2 ....... 63 n NX , .. s as T Top row: Eric Lutz, Erik Kirby, Bob Grahn, Tom McNally, drama teacher Dorothy Powhida, Glenn Pierce, Liz Jennings. Ray McNally, Connie Smith. Middle row: Julie Callister, Dave Ludwick. Dan Gola. Betsy Ludwick Shelly Bluhm, DJ DiJulio, Stevie Keene. Bottom row: Mike McDonald, Kime Conkright. Talent Arises Talent abounds at Nederland High School. One of the ways this talent emerged was through the drama department. The students presented a major performance each semester. Fall brought the presentation of "Up the Down Staircase." The story takes place in New York City, where a young teacher begins her teaching career in a rather tough school. She finds the work hard to cope with because of the insensitivity of the faculty and the students, however, she chooses to continue teaching there and eventually has a powerful impact on her students. The spring musical, "Good News," was a comedy set in the l92Os. Part of the plot consisted of the star of the Tait College football team, Tom Marlow, U who was failing Astronomy. This meant that he couldn't play in the big game against rival Colton. The story is complicated by marriage proposals and superstition, and centers around the outcome of Tom's makeup test and the big game of the season. The acting class gave a well received twenty minute cutting of the famous musical, "The Wizard of Oz." They also presented a one act play called, O "The Staring Match," about a small community experiencing a period of drought. During their prayers for water, two "angels" appeared. A staring match was held to determine which was the angel C and which one was a courier of the devil, and which . one would help them find water. Dramatics at N.H.S. offered an excellent learning experience and has become a fast growing club. XQAQN-w X gi k-E f i K Ev. ., . Magical Mu i Music in the Middle Level was performed with class. The majority of the students were involved in the music program in either band or choir. Eighth grader Sean Fowler attended the Honor Band concerts with the high school, and also attended all of the Middle Level concerts. Jennifer Giest. Michelle Holcomb, Darcy Wendelin, Katheleen Clark, Sherry Graham, Tracy Brigham. Michele Cooley. Cindy Harding, Mark Schweibish, Mike Passalaqua. Galen Kelly, Tangeique Smith, Gwen Varner. Karen Langford, Linda Fuller, Cindi Platt, Wendy Fox. 52' ,A , Shane Cornell, Mike Cieloha, Dee O'Rear, Nick lovino, Robby Shoffner, Eric 55395533 if .L ,gg Marler, Marc Wendelton, Mark Dismuke, Lindsey Schaller, Nancy Andrews, Mike Krause. Jody Cole, Steve Faucette, Gigi lovino, Suzi Bluhm, Kim Stewart, Alisha Horowitz, Katie Hammet, Lori Hodgson. 66 Back row: Kirk Lally, Paul Cornell, Andy Ostranger. Paul Moauro. Bob Grahn. Middle row: Christina Dijulio, Eric Lutz, Heidi Lutz. Front row: Stevie Keene, Mandy Fraser, Kristie Siedel. Outstanding Abilities Nederland's music department, under the direction of Sam Stubbs, did a fine job this year in their instrumental and vocal performances. The band hosted musical activities such as a choir clinic in the fall, and in the spring the Union Pacific League Honor Band was held where students from other league schools performed. The groups practiced during the day and presented a concert in the evening. The band and choir also gave several outstanding concerts to the school which were greatly appreciated. Two students auditioned and were accepted into the state music performances. Stevie Keene sang in the State Choir and Bob Grahn played in the State Orchestra. V-ww un Terry Graham, Donna Callister, Tammy Brooks, Christina Dijulio, Lynn Erickson, Suzi Brigham. Janet MacDougall. Julie Callister, Virpi Virtanen, Stevie Keene. 23' R, 67 Newcomers Four students were inducted into the Arickaree chapter of the National Honor Society during the traditional candlelighting ceremony on April 3, l98l. Invitation to membership is based on criteria of Leadership, Scholarship, Character and Service. The students are selected by a committee of teachers and the administration, with Ms. Donna Schaper as the sponsor. The new members, Tom NcNally, Cheryl Shoffner, Mike Garrison, and Kirk Lally. were welcomed by the current members, Erik Kirby, Patty Fuller, Stevie Keene, Shelly Bluhm, Cherri Boyle, Charlotte Conkright, and Bob Grahn. W' 68 Friends Say Good by . .f Q.,-1 N3 A-..l"' 1 MJ' f . . ,J '54, 70 P '43 'HS U S ,g-Q ai' K L . 4 S: 5 WT bw gm 'im' " iff" wr' gf: 9, i . .x .Q Q 1-aawggbs ? W.p,n,.fh 3,5 4 S3 1 ve Q -rx As Q , ' P44 A425151 fm A swf -w-Q-L,'xf..x-n 3, V., , ' '? , Y ng J 4 gl, Q. .xx K:,.i, su Q4 7I nior l98I Kerri Ammentorp Shelly Bluhm Bear Brakhage Dan Bennett Cherri Boyle Suzi Brigham Top: Lisa Cartwright Sandy Cieloha Middle: Charlotte Conkright D.J. Dijulio Beth Dismuke Bottom: Victor Fox Patty Fuller Bob Grahn RJ Houser Bill Jennings Stevie Keene Erik Kirby Gloria Langlais Gary McDonald Ri ., egg is , Top: Tom McNally Paul Moauro Kim Nelson Middle: Courtney Schaller Bob Siebert Cheryl Shoffner Bottom: Johnna Turner Nor Pictured: Brian Penick llwiluw, Moving Cn In Life The countdown progressed and so did the anxieties of the senior class of I98I. They were anxious to finish all projects, graduate, and to move on in life. The senior class with funds left from their junior money raising projects, sold Christmas trees and wreathes to pad their account. The senior gift to the school was a microwave oven. Mr. Hartung and Mr. Buck were the sponsors, and they helped a great deal with all the activities, including a planned senior day at South Boulder Rec. Stevie Keene led the class as President, Erik Kirby served as Vice President and Shelly Bluhm was the SecretaryfTreasurer. 76 Senior Accomplishments Kerri Ammentorp: Pep Club IQII: Cheerleading ll: Volleyball manager IL Wrestling manager II: Yearbook staff member IQ Yearbook staff Layout Editor II: Panther staff member Il-IL Panther staff Layout Editor II: Panther staff Sports Editor IL Student Council member IQIII Vo-Tech Skills Day, 2 Awards: FBLA-Vo-Tech ll-IL FBLA historian ll. Dan Bennett: Football 9 and ll: Wresn...g IQ Stage Band 9-IQ Views of Youth Conference II. Shelly Bluhmz Volleyball 9-IL Skiing 9-IL Track IQIL Outstanding Athlete II-IL Yearbook staff member IL Spanish Club 9-IQ Class Sec.-Treas. IL National Honor Society IL Graduation Usher II: D.A.R ll Cherri Boyle: Pep Club 9-II, Volleyball 9-IL Skiing 9 and Il: Track 9-II: Band member 9: Peer Group Il: Class Sec.-Treas. IL Student Council member 9-lla Student Council Secretary IL National Honor Society Il-IL Prom Royalty ll. Suzi Brigham: Pep Club Il: Cheerleading IL Yearbook staff member IL Choir member IL Student Council member II: S.A.C. IL Lisa Cartwright: Pep Club 9 and III Panther staff member II-IL Student Council member ll. Sandy Cieloha: Pep Club 9-Il: Cheerleading 9 and Il: Volleyball I0-IL Track IQ Panther staff member IL Choir member IQ Class Pres. IQ Student Council member IO. Charlotte Conkright: National Honor Society ll-I2 DJ Di.luIio: Pep Club 9-II: Cheerleading 9-II: Volleyball 9-IL Track 9-II: Yearbook staff member IL Panther staff member IL Photography IL Band member 9: Choir member IQIL Peer Group member IL Class Sec. 9: Student Council member 9-lla Thespian Society Il-IL S.A.C. I2. Beth Dismuke: Pep Club 9-IQ Volleyball IQ Skiing 9: Track 9-IQ Yearbook staff member IL Choir member IQ Peer Group member 9-IL Class Sec. 9: Student Council member 9-IO: Student Council Secretary 9: Thespian Society 9-IL Honor Thespian IL FBLA Pres. II: FBLA Vice Pres. ll Victor Fox: Photography ll: Student Council member II. Patty Fuller: Pep Club 9-ll: Cheerleading II: yearbook staff member IL Panther staff member II: Feature Editor Il: Choir member IL Peer Group member Il-IL Views of Youth Conference Il: Student Council member IQII: National Honor Society Il-IL S.A.C. IL Salutatorian ll. Bob Grahn: Football 9: Homecoming Royalty II: Skiing 9-IL Band member 9-IL Contest Winner Award IQIL Stage Band 9-IQ Honor Band 9-IL Student Council member IL Thespian Society I-IL Honor Thespian II-IL National Honor Society II-IL American Legion Award 9: Masonic Award Il: Graduation Usher Il. RJ Houser: Football 9-II, Homecoming Royalty IL Basketball 9: Wrestling 9-II: Photography IL Spanish Club 9: French Club I2. Bill Jennings: Football 9-IL Basketball 9 and IL Track II. Stevie Keene: Pep Club 9-ll: Cheerleading 9: Homecoming Royalty Il: Volleyball 9-IL Skiing IO-IL Track IL Yearbook staff member IL Panther staff member IL Panther staff Editor-in-chief IL Band member 9-IL Contest Winner Award IL Honor Band II-IL Choir member IO and IL Spanish Club 9: VFW IL Peer Group member IQ Class Pres. ll-IL Sec.-Treas. IQ Donors Thespian Society IL National Honor Society IL S.A.C. IQ Outstanding Student Award IL Masonic Award Il: Graduation Usher ll. Erik Kirby: Football IO-IL Basketball IO-IL Peer Group member IL Class Vice Pres. II-IL National Honor Society II-IL Graduation Usher II, Class Valedictorian I2. Tom McNally: Football IO-IL Homecoming Royalty 9-IQ Wrestling IO-IL Track 9-IL All Conference Wrestling IQ League Champion Wrestling IQ Thespian IL Graduation Usher II: District Runner Up Wrestling IO and I2. Kim Nelson: Pep Club IQIL Volleyball II-IL Basketball II-IL Yearbook staff member II-IL Yearbook staff Editor-in-chief IL Yearbook staff Copy Editor IL Panther staff member II-IL Panther staff News Editor IL Spanish Club IQ Student Council member II-IL Courtney Schaller: Panther staff member IL Panther staff Feature Editor I2. Bob Seibert: Paul Seveland: Cheryl Shoffner: Student Council member IL Graduation Usher II. Johnna Turner: Pep Club 9-IL Homecoming IL Basketball 9-IQ Yearbook staff member IL Yearbook staff Layout Editor IL Yearbook staff Photography IL Panther staff member II-IL Panther staff Editor-in-chief IL Panther staff Layout Editor IL Panther staff Page Editor IL Panther staff Photographer IL Panther staff Business Manager Il-IL Peer Group member Il-IL Student Council member 9-I2-Student Council Treasurer IL Choir member IQ Contest Winner Award: Y.S,O.E. 9-IL Y.S.O.E. Sec. IQ Y.S.O.E. Treas. 9a Y.S.O.E. President II and I2. Congratulations Seniors of I98I from LAWRCO INC. Nederland Realty the Mountain Experts 77 Graduation l98l Proudly receiving diplomas on Saturday, June 6, the graduating class of l98l offered its last goodbys to NHS. Led by processional marshals, Steve Farentinos and Serena Siegfried, the graduates marched down the aisle just steps away from entering adulthood. Ushers, Julie Callister, Heidi Lutz, Dave Ludwick, Kent Snow and Garvin DeHaas checked tickets at the door, passed out flowers to the mothers of the graduates, and supervised 550 guests. Class Salutatorian, Patty Fuller offered a poem as her feelings about the class, the world and the emotions which she felt. Valedictorian Erik Kirby presented a speech which was humourous and touching, concerning his years at Nederland. Channel E S 4 weatherman Sam Allred gave an address entitled, "Suggestion From Living." Mr. Allred's speech was well accepted by the graduates. Class President Stevie Keene presented the class gift, a microwave oven to be used in the student store. Counselor Don Smith presented special awards and scholarships to many of the graduates. During the afternoon, ceremony, a slide show was given by the class, which showed many of the happenings and various poses throughout the year. Although the ceremony was beautiful and touching, it was also very sad for the staff, students and friends who will be losing 27 of NHS's most dedicated and fine students. If 4 fats' A is si? 'dull 'X l EM 1 W ,. . gf! A 1 gr 'vs -X s 1 ' l l Si ff ' rsss ' 2 if if 1 l l of Y .' 1 .QRS "" si 4 K 1 78 im Ya.. '-4 A True Friend Will Always Be l ll lx X, lf' ,lr l x Q 3 o

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