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S-. N s agp?-I' . ,W 'Q 4 THE FACES Pgs. 2-33 THE GAMES Pgs. 34-55 THE YEA Pgs. 56-77 -1 Q 3,3 ,, .ZF VN . M X ,sq .- f-WP' - , 'FA ' , 3 M.w..6..Q. R M "' V -ll-vmo-rP'5'--'x-- 1 A . 'F .- - J Nw., "'..., 5 Aw-'V ' Cdeflalld '12 Sf. H1 -h A .1003 1 4 ' A 5 V' A :E ' 1 .1 ' Y ' ' 'i 3 I ' kr A 1 3 I 3 3 in VW as 'K Q ' 9 ' O , phi- f ' , 4f'.iw .1 - 'A - V, , -,, f - '54, V-4Q.?p,,wi,k.mAlfHltfsbg-,.L , :mth K .yn .v Af ' L , f' "'.P'Q:,g,N-,:3'-'mf-53 ' f .fx--ya: ,bxiwff V, 5, ' ' -' ' gf . -. -ff ' . ..-' ,. T' ' n f 'W PJ ww ,-fapfxzhffg'--,fE,3 A lf? , E, f-v ' A ff .. A -fa. " ' ' ' " ' ' . .- 5 A 'H' ffl..-X 'A 3 ,-"VX '.,q?'1ff,, ' 42' -.'.g't'9'i5 x . Q . . , ' - ' I - QA 5 'wr f--. -, 9 4,-.Q . "' ,fig-Xp K.:- 6 f QQ- Iigdvgiff ' .3 'I 3'fNllh":fA 85 Q .5-BNI: ' 'IQ ,v , . 'ff' . 5 J f,-' A "2" 'ii-s-'alilv K J' 1+ ' '- .4 '.-,' Q 5 5 3 5 ff A +.'11M.f,-f -E-5 2 fs V , f ',.-hfgx .A fa-2 V U ,'-N, f X HU . - . 3' -'u -' -,Lkfv:' Q. 'i -fig-,5'-ff -, 'H-X-,I is H- Wu . , v ' Q., 1, i ' --Sz--A ,ga-wk--f.r,k+.g K X. A 2 H X- I in e v Eg Qty,--Qxfusgcg -f.,3,,+ XTHQN ff. - . rg-Sys wgggt- P , cf L 1 r 4 . ,I V 9 ' 1, - A - ' f X Q Q A, 1' n ' 4 , ' -A 3" is f-fT"-5"3't'k'f .' v . J V-it .L fx 75"fQ.3,g-Jax' 3 'S' 31-1' nffyf A A -,'nJf?"' ' Q -V 1' 117 4-'T ,XL A ig'f'NfIQ3Z1"3':-'i -4, ', , , jrmis . A. gy ' A .A xx Y M-,JE , ng- A 5-iff: THE FACES E . k g? Class of Seventy-Six Is Gone . . . After the rain So was the class of "76" showing their spirit As the sun hits the clouds Adding richness to our school A rainbow displays its Vibrant colors But they've gone out into the World And then fades away. Seeking their identity. Dave Adams Penny Archuleta Carrie Bertram Dan Cowdrey Ginger Arnold 4 Bob Arbaugh E, XX., cl a l Sue Booth Randy Brannon Tony Brekken Jean Brownlee Joan Brownlee Bob Bryant Leslie Cullister Eric Curline Cheryl Clifford Lorri Cronin Scott Cole Cris Cooley Dana Daniel Kim Davis Kay Dickinson James Driscoll Greg Ericson Bill Farrell Shirley Giggey Shawn Green Dean Harbert Linda Hooks Martha Horwitz Diane Houser Janice Jensen Suzi Kiehn Konrad Kummli 6 Ml' 'nf .1W ? , ,GQ f ,,V,' ' Hr yrv A x 5, F f zvl ,. f or C rr, f 'V' A . if-SS F. 5 1. wi Q-- . SN iw Qi .yo- ailg it ..k. AK . 1.2 3"'5: i A55 . f . A ,ivf QS W Mg Xkff S if - S135 1? Y , Ei Q X EL -1 t s vi XB t .K I iz 4 ,W A Y N . Q. "'xff', " xg 44. W 155, -'51 X 3 1- 16 cl I af f J slut! - .jg I 'f'R'f': Senior Class Helps Cupid Yea! School's out for the senior class of 'f76". Many seniors found they had senioritis during the first semester of the year and ll seniors left NHS at the close of 1975. Most seniors have taken an active role at school, supporting teams such as track, football, basketball, wrestling and skiing. The senior class consists of 55 people, and those 55 engaged in a lot of activities: cheerleading, pep club, national honor society, student council, yearbook and the l school paper to name a few. ...f Z Ns: On Valentines day this year the seniors helped the cupid strike by putting on a sweetheart sock hop and sold valentines during lunch the week before. Friday the thirteenth, the seniors delivered the valentines. A supreme effort was made to embarrass all lower classmen and teachers by reading the valentines aloud. A lot of red faces were seen that day! Seniors have a reputation for getting things done, a long list of each senior's accomplishments are included in the senior section. Cheryl Last Gary Maher Cindy McCollum Cynthia O,Rear Karen Packer Mike Pickart Brett Platt Mike Rance Lorrie Roberts Dean Schwartz Jim Smith Mike Spam Destinae Thompson Harbert Jeanine Whitney 13 Years Six of our classmates have heen in Nederland schools for 13 years. The six are: Shirley Giggey, Brett Platt, Janice Jenson, jim Smith, Penny Archuleta, and Dan Cowdery lNot Picturedj, Congratulations! Class colors: Red, Vllhite, Blue Flower: White Carnation Class Officers: President, Tony Brekken, Vice President, jim Smith, Secretary-'llreasurer, .leanine Whitney. Motto: You see things as they are: and you ask A'VVliy?". Burl dream things that never were: andl ask HVVhy Not?". 10 4 a X up Yi? 3 ' r ,W N... .mg Q is f 5 l i A ' " l' , V ,JW it x Q A 4 u ,, , ii ' , ""' ,: ':"W" if L 4 all in I z f 'f wma. ' E I - J 2' ,V T' ,. A,.w SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DAVE ADAMS: Football 9-12, N- Club 118412, Skiing 118412, SC workshops 9, Student Council rep. 9-10, Newspaper 12, Stage Band 10-12 BOB ARBAUGH: Basketball 9, Skiing 12, Football 9-12, Track 9, Wrestling 9, Student Council officer 9. PENNY ARCHULETA: Basketball 118412, Track 108411, Volley- ball 9-12, Pep Club 108411, GAC 118412 pres. German Club 11, NHS 12, Cheerleader 108411, Homecoming Queen 12, Girls all Conference B. Ball 12, Out- standing B. Ball 74-75. GINGER ARNOLD CARRIE BERTRAM: Gymnastics 12, Pep Club 9-12, GAC 12, Student Council head of projects comm- ittee 12, SAC 12, Yearbook 12, Central City Queen 75. RANDY BRANNON: Basketball 12, Football 9-12, Wrestling 1084 11, N-Club 1 18412, Homecoming King 12. TONY BREKKEN: Basketball 9-12 Football ll, Track 9, Volleyball Assistant Coach 12, N-Club 10-12, Pep Club 10, French Club 10, Student Council rep 9, 108412, Class Officer Pres 12, Treas. 9, Thespian 118412, Yearbook 12, Homecom- ing Attendant 11, SC workshop 98410. JEAN BROWNLEE JOAN BROWNLEE BOB BRYANT: Football 12, Close-Up 11. LESLIE CALLISTER: Volleyball 10-12, Pep club 98410, GAC 10- 12 V. Pres. and Treas. 12, Spanish Club 9, German Club 11, Newspaper. ERIC CARLINE: Basketball 9, Skiing 9-12, Newspaper 12. KURT CARLSON: Skiing 10-12. CHERYL CLIFFORD: Basketball 118412, Track 12, Volleyball 12, Pep Club 9-11, Thespian 118412 SCOTT COLE CRIS COOLEY: Basketball 9-12 Football 9, 118412, Gymnastics 9, Pep Club 10, French Club 11, Student Council rep. 984510, SAC 12, Thespian 118412, Year- book Editor of Photography 12. DAN COWDERY: Basketball Man- ager 98411, Football Manager 108411, Jr. Achievement 108412. LORRI CRONIN: Basketball 10, Track 10, Volleyball 10-12, Pep Club 10-12, GAC ll pres. 12, NHA 118412, Student Council Officer 11, Cheerleader 10-12, Close-Up 11. DANA DANIEL: Skiing 108412, Newspaper Editor Second Sem. 12, NHS 12, Boys State 11. KIM DAVIS . KAY DICKINSON: Basketball 10, Volleyball 10, Gymnastics 9, Pep Club 9, 108411, GAC Histor- ian 11, German Club v. pres. 11, Student Council Rep. 108411, Cheerleader 11, Thespian 12, Booster Club Carnival Spook house chairman 12. JAMES DRISCOLL GREG ERICSONL Track 108411, Spanish Club 9. BILL FARRELL: Football 10, N- Club 10, Track 9, Skiing 108412, Newspaper 12. SHIRLEY GIGGEY SHAWN GREEN DEAN HARBERT: Basketball 10, Football 9-12, Track 11, Wres- tling 9, Skiing 1 18412, N-Club 10, Student Council rep. 10, Homecoming Attendant 98410, Captain of football team 12. DESTINAE THOMPSON HARBERT: Track 108411, Skiing 10-12, Ski team Captain 1 18412, Gymnastics 10-12, Pep Club 9-11, GAC 1184 12, German Club 1 1, Student Council rep. 10, Class Officer SecfTreas. 10, Cheerleader 9, 108412, Homecoming attendant 9, Winter Carnival Queen l 1. LINDA HOOKS: Yearbook 12. DIANE HOUSER: Pep Club 10. MARTHA HORWITZ: NHS 118412, Newspaper 118412, Editor lst Semester. JANICE JENSON: French and Spanish Clubs 11. SUZI KIEHN: Basketball 10, Cheerleader 10. CHARLES LANDERS: Track 9. DENNIS LARSON: Not graduating. CHERYL LAST: Basketball 10, GAC 10-12, Volleyball 10-12, Gymnastics ll, Pep Club 9-11 Treas. 12, NHS 12, Student council Treas. 11, Pres.12, Rep 9-12, SAC 11, Class Treas. 11, Cheerleader 118412, Year- book 118412, Student Council workshops 108411, Junior march- all, Bicentennial Chairman. CINDY RUGG McCOLLUM GARY MAHER: Football 9-12, Skiing 108412, N-Club 118412, Newspaper Sports Editor 12. CYNTHIA O'REAR: Track 118412. Volleyball 98410, Gymnastics 98410, GAC 9-12, Student Council rep. 10-12. KAREN PACKER: Managing Editor and C0-Editor 2nd Sem. News paper 12. MIKE PICKART: Skiing 10-11, Newspaper staff 1 1. BRETT PLATT MIKE RANCE: Football 9, Class v. Pres. 9, Newspaper 12. LORRIE ROBERTS: Basketball 118412, GAC 12. PAM ROBINSON DEAN SCHWARTZ: NHS Pres. 9, Member 118412, Student Council Member ll, Thespian 12, VFW award 3rd Place. JIM SMITH: Basketball 9, Football 9, Track 9-12, Skiing 10-12, Pep Club 10-11, German Club 11, NHS 118412,,Student Council understudy treas. 9, Treas. 10, SAC 9-11, Class Pres. 11, Vice Pres. 12, Ind- ustrial Arts Club 10, Thespian 10-12, Yearbook 10-12, VFW award 9841 1, Boys State 11, Washington workshops 10, National Student Council Con- ference 10. MIKE SPARN: Skiing 118412. JEANINE WHITNEY: Pep Club 9, 108412, Spanish Club 12, NHS 11 8412, Student Council rep 9-12, Class SecfTreas. 12, Thespian 12, Yearbook Editor 12, Opti- mist Award 12, Student Council State Convention 11, Betty Crocker Award 12, Close-Up 11. 11 Adams 5 Bob Anderson W 'gig Dale Arey 5, iw 5 A Terri Bailey ' Alan Belanger ' Chad Bertram 0 'uw Cathy Blackwell .9 'Sv' K' -35 V I E ,. ,NNN - XXX Rayna Brannon is S 5 X - . I Myrenna Brakhage I A ' ' Bobbejo Brekken , fs ' ,iz llll Kelly Brock D " -Q Lisa Buscietta ' gm. . ig Sherri Christman -A ' "' Mike Clements . I N' Q ' z f' a ' . ' -L,..' ,,'- Y 'Sf N i ' Saw: K "-" ':,. 5? . Q " -e 15 i 5. fr ? xg i f V J ' A t' 1 s 11 1 Juniors raised money for the annual Junior-Senior Prom by working the concession booth at basketball games and wrestling matches. Among the juniors' achievements are their fine leadership qualities, made extremely evident by these people and activities that they represent: Lois Farley and Lisa Buscietta attended the student council workshop in Fort Collins after being voted Vice Pres. and Treasurer respectively. Anne Mountjoy is Student Council Secretary. Lisa Buscietta is Pep Club President. Laura Snow, Letty Daywitt, and Terri Bailey were cheering the football team on with the help of Pep Club. Bobbejo Brekken, Anne Mountjoy, and Lois Farley were busy cheering for the basketball players the day joe Travers set a new school record, 45 points in one game. The officers were: Pres. - Terri Baileyg V. Pres.- Rayna Brannong Sec.fTreas. - Mike Clements. The sponsors were Fred Schwartz and Kent Lyon. 12 N sr-xx I RQ 9' Tony Cortez Letty Daywitt Mlckey Cseh Chuck Ewing Scott Daniel Lois Farley A3595 X555 Q NF XX' ' 'B .1 . X sflsx 2 X S sir fig" XX o Q2 f , K, ww. f' 1 2 ep f 'F M V, W x lf 'im 'J M f mv I' K, 'ff 1 , 54 .. f ,, ff 4 Z ' ,fa I , 1 f f X ' A 7 J ' 35 '7 1 1' f V ' f 1 f 3 Q5 7? ff Q, f AV 'M A , ' L ' K vi! fm Ivlv- , . , H., , 3 'I Z, , x Y Z . W L, 1, A A Q- WW ww, 14 , ,L,,,. ,, , 5 ff Q 1 A041 fi I O E fm j A e I X A L3 l R' 1 H A Q it is LA, A r :Ii f if AA is fP 5:7 f ,Z ,Z if-A U f -,gl 'er I af X , ,N , fill? if ,V , it W., ,QW 2 ,4 M f Q My Y 1 i af' gif W if , 6 QQ. 9' fi' -fx-.1 f YT? 3+ N. M Q UU! M 1' 2 fu M 4 av N ' 1 I , if I 5? y M4 V. . ,f 2: Valerie Faucette Diana Froese Kevin Glendenning Scott Gordon Tom Graves Donn Haefele Nancy Hartsock Brad Jankowski Kathy Johnson Matt Maloney Evie Miller Pat Mitchell Jamie Moore Anne Mountjoy Ben Penick Mollie Pickalt Sue Robinson DawniRosenberg Dave Ross Laura S no w Michelle S tamm Kelly Stucky Joe Travers Rick Wallis Phillip Walters Eric Whitney Barbara Yates Sophomores Learn Involvement The sophomore class started out enthusiastically this year with the only float contributed to the homecoming parade. They continued the tradition set by last years sophomores by planning on the lce-Cream Social. Steve Herzog was honored by the Boulder Uptimist Club for community service work and for good citizenship. Carrie Grabo won first prize in the Voice of Democracy contest. Several sophomores participate in dramatics, skiing, and various other extracurricular activities. The class officers were: President-Andrea Taylorg V. Pres.-Belinda Keeneg Secretary-Steve Herzog. The sponsors were Mary Wolfgang and Ed Wendel. Candy Archuleta Patti Bertram Kevin Briels Dennis Arey Cary Blackwell Lorrie Brownlee Leann Belanger Crystal Brakhage Tom Carline Teresa Carmichael Diane Chessman Steve Christman g 52 5 I X .- ills 12 K 5? if . N55 . F Q K ,,,.r , Veer -dl c M c c 2 Q 1. 'T Q 50'Ynovnoro wtcaaff Mark Cline Bob Cole John Covington me e ae ' at ii Rick Cronin Craig Daniel Sheryl Driscoll , W. , MN. -'-"ax 1 D C wifi ,Mn as V, - AH .. f QQ igiffjg flyke f reiaegf ,. 9 1, , "" . 1 , Z: -,g" 1: .,-. ' . .ea .. f .. Fe ' , A-N , B c V V , , ,. . . , J, .,4, LS . ' -, ' .rg -- of l 3' -,tar ?,s it K 'f 16 " ' 1 H we 'Q " Q e Q eree 32 , lm f N 'wi A ,SE l ,Nm 'W I il y , z gl 5' 1 Q Q fr ff Michelle D Estes Karen Farrell 1413-f 5' ' el 'Q 545 f t X. George " Giggey A' "' Came .1,. Gfabo i .L iy A1 5 we 'F r . i1f f'fY Kim Harris Steve Herzog H. "www Q N' x Q O K .N ef z J ,.. l :.:: lr f Q, K' xr, .gfi 0 3, .sg . K A . K A 'X Q n DQ 5'--' WT, r, , Jw X Shre e f il X nm U-M. Aff A A ,A.. ,. I ' -rf Rh l 1' exp l Y N e .K N .... fixu--F Q My if 'Awe ?" !r ll su ee' it 5 5 1 i ::.,.Z, ' il? F x 6 K 17 ivfmw ,J 11 . . ,,,- ip M - My ,ww ' ,,-if ' we ' ,- ' A 'L i er Q' If- K' V ' A A k fi, rw - 4 .5 45 ,s r . - ss J ei Ei 'L gifs if k".' xx Q ., f i J Kevin Hollingshead Mitch Hurley Steve Jennings Kristi Jensen Vicki John QM, il' B: .6 J ..-. Z .5 .,., M " 3 5 ,z. X S '51 'S S i 12, 2 - A gmt xg "" if 5 ,fgH..r,, l" in T Sf? . ' .f 1- ,Q , Ben Johnson Belinda Keene Joe Kiehn Sandy Lewis Martin Maloney is gil kg f- ' ,ggi ,fr -' r IRE? SVS if s 4 i 5 ,.... ' 7.5 1 yww,,y' i , 'X' if J f ii Q ii r f 1" ,li Matt Miller Chris Moauro Edith O'Rea.r Sue Ornealas Ralph Putnam it ,,i, fi' A , "f-fri I 'Y , S. ef., 1- 4, an E, 'fr iv -w 'L 4 ,wfv-www Q h, if T ,fy 2 ' 'K L " 2 e ",f 4 an 4' Q-. M fe 'aux' 5 W. V ' Q' -Q.. 1 aiify H all Q' Andrea Taylor I VV I ! Kelly Thompson f if ' V L Lance Touve 2 ,'. ' fl J im Travers r I -TL L f 2 X4 gg ,MQ V. 5? ,J 2 gffqf Theresa Roberts Brad Roelens Alicxe Ross Val Schlottig Diane Smith dministration The 1975-76 school year began under the leadership of a new principal and an administrative assistant. Dick Malmgren came to Nederland from Minturn, where he was principal for seven years. He has been the principal of small schools for nine years, so he knows the advantages and problems a small school can have. Kaye Mores returned to Nederland after a year of leave. ln addition to her duties as administrative assistant, she teaches three English classes. L L Kaye Mores - Administrative Assistant, ltnglish Dick Malmgren-Principal 20 "new-ms., The heginning of the year was extremely busy for Don Smith, as students made out their schedules in the fall instead of the spring. Besides scheduling, he was also kept husy with individual student conferences. The secretary, Peggy Cole, and clerk, JoAnne Chavez, managed to find time to do their work in between the many interruptions hy the students. VVithout them the school could not have functioned properly. fir '36-s Peggy Cole-Secretary JoAnne Chavez-Clerk Don Smith-Counselor Ed Hodgson-Science Ruth H irter-Librarian Jerry Buck-l ndustrial Arts if , ' rv ,, ,Ms if ,, .,..,,,...a,,, U jan at K aa ,,gk 3 ,2135 r fy, VV 4 ff ' 1 .. if , , 1 it-vi x x ' ' ,Y 24 fit f . ri, K, 'Q , ,,, 'ff ' ' H3 2 57 ' , 2,Z ' 9- - Y 3 1 W L 2' 1' , I y :P 1 . . rr t Suzanne Kroepsh- Home Ee Faculty Three new teachers were added to the faculty this year, and another returned to Nederland after getting her Masters. The new teachers are Suzanne Kroepsch, Home Ee, Kent Lyon, Math and Ecology, and Wanda Headrick, English and Spanish. The returning teacher is Kaye Mores, Administrative Assistant and English. Together with the rest of the faculty, they somehow managed to teach students at least a few things, despite interruptions from sports, field trips, and assemblies. Many teachers spend extra hours outside of class time working with students. They sponsor dances, coach sports, sponsor clubs, take students on field trips, and work at sports activities. K- Sue Buck-Speech, Drama Amelia Miller-Business Edith Horwitz-Geography, History 21 Chuck Boerio-Boys P.E. Drivers Ed. Lee Tillotson-Girls P.E. Burke Taft-Scicncc' Sr? 3 ,e X 3 1 22 Dave Budz-History Kent Lyon-Ecology jr. High Math Mary Wolfgang-Foreign Lang. English Ed Werldel-English Wanda Headrick-Reading, Spanish Donna Schaper-Art Fred Schwartz-Music , - :. f:-:. , '- S JoAnne Wright-Math g 'Xml' ww, , .' 1 ,S .6 , 1 A YQ., if L DeAnna Wesley-Resource Room W1 23 w . .,,, M s . .. . 1 Qi ate if i N, .. g ig? gtk . . A 5533515 'ii' 1: g'-Siiiaw ., 'TG E a v 5? Q eb S Q5 si S " as 3 X 5 ' 2 "asus ,- -. w:nfg94?,Q,fk1 f i , feisfzsse ,. V gr E W sffu ff K - :i 55532535515 'Tf?iI5'Z??s.m s'Ef iii? 555755 ' .119 .5 1 35, hm ' -X Eiaiiiilif f71g?Is5f'JE: XL sa Q X- diss-li' - of L,:L if X inth Graders Plan Twirp Despite the awkward situation of the ninth graders being included in both junior and senior high activities this year, they started their activities early with refreshments for the homecoming dance, and then planned the traditional girl ask boy TWIRP Dance. Officers were: Pres. -Teresa Burrisg V. Pres. -JoAnne Hooksg See. -Kay Ministerg Treas. -John Keyes. Sponsors were Suzanne Kroepseh and Dave Budz. 24 , sw 12 -f ,." 5. ffl ef airli ne .X ,..-f as sd' Q fi, X X , - wtf M.. ,f f' P X S.- 1' ' 'M ' ' 139'3?2QiE'l 'ff' ' '?513i:5bi'? H., ' ' f, fi. a , 3 . A V E , ,,,: 5 2 i ii me o l 4 s 5 1 X X we 1 'S' at W in 5 x X X Q SQ , 39 N '-1 5 a iea. X 1 B fill ' I 5 ss . Z w. -f -"r 'ft el . L L , 5 b 'if -5: I' -1.3 Nw, , .. Q tif' 15 5 1- wflifs lf' f , 'f 'cr 1 1 sum, ,M . K Mir: Q, B! . 5533 ' X A-. 'L ,,.1 , kg 'a C 5 if his an M-vy ...Q C 1 ry, rv l,1 "fl I. Lf'-. , A 1 3, s EH t ' r i Q fi X N S Q . V52 , X X xi, 3 C rg if ir C-L . ,. , Y if l his - l i ' ' H Q I '. . fy ig, 1 , f -m ---- , av? if 5 ,, A 1 X 9 i . ,, f C C f- - 'K , . 5 r .K Qu' -1. f C x X .Mase f' 1, Q s eff? .af-lfyal .i -1 ,pf ai l Nm: I , L S 5 S x ' ggi K, ... ,vs 4. 'ff 19 we I - . . 3 C fall!-Refi? 5 . ,, is "Uwe l Kristee Andes Walter Baker Jeff Bartell Paul Bennett Debbie Blackwell Cathy Boyle Neowyn Brakhage Kyle Buck Lisa Bunn Teresa Burris Bill Buxton John Chase Deryl Clifford Scott Cline Lora Cole Ernie Cowdrey Andy Cseh Pat Daniel Bob Daywitt Bart Ewing Vincent Greene JoAnne Hooks Brian J ankowski Laurie Jones Kathyryn Kanach Cindy Keene Ron Kenny John Keyes Liz Landers Charles Logic T.J. Lutz Jeff Estes Qi I no Q L, 7 ,Qi :Vff ax, fi, wr farwi' ra., A iv ,, I A 'A 5 ,VVV iii ii Kay Minister Richard Sanchez Barbara Trabing Larry Brannon 26 was f Wfl , , N f - aw Z .4 ,Q 5 Lucinda Muniz Pat Vasicek Pam Dickinson N, - an gg A' -... - 'Q J A , ., I if M at 5? f K if-1 if as 3 l M 1 vi 1 2 X 5 fi , Q 64 f "5 ,yVl?T,,:r,i7' l V ' If Linda Nummelin Frank Smith Steve Williams David Pierce 14,3 P - , 'E ' 7 ' 2' y M rsri K . a- fr fn, , Mn, VV U - , My ,3 A 'uf V r L V- ,Lia or V, f 5 P aff WMM! I W jk , fre , pmfxywr . y 1' -if Jack Ornealas Lori Smith ,gs 1 f , A. if Tony Parker Peter Smith My ' , V ,Y X luv if . .W 1 7 3 X Marty Pearce Eric Stamm ww 'f gg XX.-M M Al 'Lf KE his ,, I! . ,Ay 4, -1 D .1 I W ,.w .- I f ii ,.. t HM, I y ,W gn 21' Q, WM, ,. , W AA'- - 'AY'AA"A'A Don Anderson is Vbbqq x H ' Greg Bartell Q1 ZLP C .. i 43, ew A X .ue v i s if -r :ff '5'5:iE'5Yif?ifiQj?3.i52t Q fy -frsiefm EJ gf. il , li a 5 K ,ft .,., Q 'QW ai --M ,,.. . 1 T7g5isi?Gjfg2s fm fx ,gg t ff e RK . ii C , .Qui ,, A N s 1 t f -.- gf mi ,. as s N J it f ,,,, x ,N i H31 if f t if , ya , for ., gl gf' i .rv , L 1 Q ,J i , git 5 X i JT 5 r ' e li J -5 sas: A g Z ...q, 'ii i 3, R, 555'5"s X is 4' its 3, ev B X 'S at , Q F .5 :Gifs r 'ark ass Janis Brannon Jill Brekken Beth Brunot Nancy Burris Chuck Burrows Jim Carmichael or Mt it .gala ,ll- as if , PK. It M ,. wfiiit. A Class of Eighty Participates With the help of Lee Tillotson and Chuck Boerio, the eighth grade put on activities such as the Halloween party for the seventh grade featuring a haunted house and movies. The class officers wereg President-jeff Crenshawg V. Pres.- Brenda Jankowskig and Sec.fTreas.-Joan Eaton. Several eighth graders participated in the junior high play and in junior high sports. Marvin Clifford Jeff Crenshaw Joan Eaton Bob Faltermier Jeff Faucette . ....t , y .,.. .' '- Laura Fowler Christie Gaskin Tammy Gibbs Ben Greene John Herzog fa i iv K ,, sf gg A 27 3: "" K - , gm? U ,W K I Q ...., I ' :-52:53 1593. lQYf55'KK ' KKK19i.7.Z , ,e,,, ,,.,m,'KlS,'i??Sff5f'f9 K' .1223-55 K' KK Qwwfk , , fm ,Wy . H Yew, , , mm , , ,N , me e ,E eww: - 1 ,peg em 4-, 5525525 New :.,,tA 4 K . , .:, Q In L W., l. if .Hgh - , Ke Y ' . . ,m g A Y ' " , . mK'7"":"Te5w??-55255 KK ee e my - .t - sf, i n , Pisa: sf?ii'Ys,':' ' , :Gin .S ., :x:G.i:M.:. ,, .-I A fztxg Nev: A .J ,L-:I33:::g,-, 95.35025 :Sfx:3'f59P,5 .. ' 5, k, K K - ' - 21: f . - , - Q . nl, - xg ' 1 K ,A i f , f Hg : X. .Ke N N :Af E at ,gp X XX Mg S .. V ., ig, . wi if e Q- in K Q l QQ W Lg . R Q K . f if 5 ...M , Q. 'i A if - sr 2 . N Y I ,3 x Xt E. egg K i n Q . K . K M K ' KY. X 4-'wr , i , .,,:. Q Q K Q ,Q 5 , Q X , S if , ,, 1 H ., 'W 5 Paul Seveland Joel Sheets Sass ' . ""1"sls1"ifss3:gX mx W F4 ss, F30 A 111 - - -- . ' U K ,' L' X. 13553 2,41 ' .-Q 5- Ke2f'iS?4E K fe!! Gale Siemer I Tim Silvas ,U--gt .wv,7.'JJn f ' .geh . . ...J M., ,Q 1ff'f4f."f:'Zf . f 6, ' wmv w .1225 X -in XT "' if , 1, .eil ,Q ' S E 3, 51 is Q Q ,F is K p 1 st ,.f"' li Wiziiziiil' e H , f-Www, H W 4 ,fgmwv iii av 4633-V y , , nr 'wwf ga , ,,' W A I W AT' A l 1 'T X 'MSW fl 1. ,Mx ,ey , fe 1 v Q Q U' K 1 K ' W' J , we S , Eheila Smith arry Touve ' V .IQH I 1 f- ! ,alfa Ag' V' 'of f LW , l H VA 4 I ,A,, i it -rf 'f Q John Towner Kathy Trabing 73251, . A ex! I Q n- , .- ' 1' - ' .. ' V . .ff ' X 1 f 1 . ' gina! j . I ' J, mt J S P 22 fy ,Za .. .- , K .. a ,I f ' tif! s ,f, u x,.3. - ., f .jp ,sk ,M - 'f . ' ,I ,X 4.1 ' Q .1 ' x 1 Q . Joel Hollingshead James Hooks Brenda Jankowski Teresa Jennings Joni John Missy Logan David Mahaffey Juanita Mavis Sarana Cline Roxanne McKinnel1 Mark Mitchell Londa Mohan Scott Norris Beth Penick Bernie Pickart Jeff Pickart Chris Reinoehl Mary Sanchez Bob Stucky Don Travers Tim Vasicek Richard Travers Beth Walter Nick Zuppas Ruby Fresquez rs ,wa '41 :gf-1 as g if' V,. K 3-555 G -gw Q, 'Q gawk W5 FW' we if lair . f pil , 'QKQE W-Q -sf 5 1 i , Q ,. .,.. Lu- -I V.,, mls: ,Vg v,kk, ,.,., A ' f V5 5 Cheri Albrecht Daniel Bennett Bearthm Brakhage 30 . DQ- 930 n n 33 0 , . .V r b 31,5 ' i Xu... awe ewes smswwm Ki M kg 3- fif- , as s 5 las?-2 ii me isa sa eg .S - K - -fr " ' Y- Kiki T.L S an QF 9 al S fx? S Cheryl Boyle Bart Bradley Lisa Cartwright s W llnnr iii! WMEWMMQQ y f W-'-! '45iVF CEL? Qffs B . , gui I kryw Hia E :,:: mf ffif SEQQQB sigh fgyb L N fa, -" . at Y :"': . L 1' S 'Wf QVX if f S A f S fix Si I -K L. ss Q at f ,.i,,.r., k MVA 5jWW Q37 fsa...1.P ive if if 'M Sharon Brownlee Shelly Buxton Scott Grabo Billy Clifford Elizabeth De Julio April Isaacs Stephanie Keene Bob Grahn sag SHN Kii 1' ' S' Y. M E EWS' S X wget--L. 3, -, iV" 1 E' K ' - C if H , 4 My a t ,lg eeeei .tir ww, 'M S, ,lele 'S E . 'QS 3' se S f S ' 4' ,Q , ffff eg sg M, " J i n iii ' S R. J. Houser Laura Mason Mitchell Mullins Bernadine Krehbiel Cindy Lewis Shelly Bluhm Angela Chase Paul Mauro fl y " .,.. ,f m, f' ff1"'A I 5 Q 1 Q. Nw rj v fight X45 Riagg, Charlotte Conkright Brian Penick ' 7 ggtggfg ' ff i t e N I W ,I mn MM if Z' f iF 'lg' Q 3 of yi - far ,", , A. V' ,..,f I 4, fi-2 5' " ef ,,.Jg.g. .f"""'Q , , W t i lcis 5 41 fm K, 1 M ,A V , : V Q! . W ,A ' AVV Q lll '3 , t 5 t J 2 Colleen Rance Mark Raymo l Shawna Stamm Joel Raypack Courtney Schaller Carol Trabing fi Mg t nfl,- lo l' I ff 2.3, f 'Fifi , GY , uf I A K ,5 Roland Towner Jackie Wallis f ' Z JW ' i-vl 1' i ft 5295? Bob Siebert Sevies Gain Experience Being lowest on the totem pole goes automatically to the new group of sevies. Seventh grade is a confusing yearg and many new situations pop-up. The first day of school always means mass confusion, seventh graders find the schedule hard to follow and when lunchtime rolls around they find themselves at the back of the line. The seventh graders big accomplishment comes at the end of the year when they have gained enough experience to show the little sixth graders around the school, and give them a glimpse of what to expect next year. Sponsors for the seventh grade are Burke Taft and Ed Hodgson. Officers for the class are: Pres.-Colleen Rance: V. Pres.-Bob Grahng Sec.fTreas.-Stephanie Keene. if I 1 'lin s"'lhn 31 School Board Dr. Barnard D. Ryan Superintendent of Sehools Mrs. Virginia W. Patterson President Mr. Edgar A. Huhin Vice President Mr. Dominie V. Ferre-ra Treasurer Dr. Joanne E. Arnold Dr. William F. Brown Dr. Frederick VV. Bierhaus Mrs. Elizabeth Bramhall SAC Student Advisory Council is a group of students representing five schools. These students meet once a month with Dr. Ryan to discuss problems within the schools. The people representing Nederland were: Cris Cooley, Steve Herzog, Carrie Bertram, Evie Miller, Joe Travers, and Diane Smith. S . S S S Ml st . A .sift f' . A . wg gr ' ta Thank You Many thanks to the people "behind the scenesug this year we had the greatest cooks, janitors, and bus drivers yet. Sometimes we forget that people work many hours preparing food, sweeping walks when it's snowy and generally mopping up. We commend these people for making our environment a pleasant one. To all of you, THANKS! E time X-J W' 3 ,., ,, S - , ,guaw 5 , ,HM iw 34 V 1. nv-'--my 1 h h ,YI 'C elf . S- 15 x 1. ar, fxbsf si Q X wg ii? f L Q.. Nqr. . A, an T.g,,.ik -aw. f ' .H s ,gpq . , gm may S95-Qfaw . f . ,. THE G MES J,,a,W-,, W, , J.H. Football Record 4-1-Z Congratulations to the jr. High Football team. They had a great season! O Nederland Broomfield 0 Nederland 8 Lafayette 6 Nederland 0 Casey 8 Nederland 40 Louisville O Nederland I6 Centennial 0 Nederland 22 Baseline 7 Nederland 16 Southern Hills 36 Players: Steve Williams, Dave Pierce, Frank Smith, Bill Buxton, Richard Sanchez, Jeff Crenshaw, jeff Faueette, Tim Vasicek, Ernie Cowdery, Tony Parker, Bart Ewing, Greg Bartell, jeff Bartell, TJ. Lutz, Larry Brannon, Scott Cline, Deryl Clifford, Marvin Clifford, Jim Carmichael, Mark Mitchell, Chuck Burrows, Jack Ornelas, joel Sheets. Coach: Kent Lyon 3 ei. 36 ., 'sew' 1 mica--57 S Qsi iilfrgivigj Q A!-rbi '9 viasfes 5' 'Y ' 4 w W2 , 27 , A M Q 5 Qglu " L4 rw n' gg Q51 mi o ,,, it y I 5.4 , , t e + 1, 'Q I T3 iii' f 1 3 V ff ,,-, A! 5- ' V 'xr A 4, f T 8 " ' M ,,,e,e ' gm ' ' 5, my if " to if as Q... ef " " ' 4 1 it 41i:',L'Qf:.7: t"f'i'f"5 'if:'7Z1, 'T Id:-5137331-,-, M I, 3,4-lg fivfbhp . WAN 1 4 M P N , ,, W 1 4 'Vg-"L."e ws '5- 'Ease Guard Your Man Pat Vasicek, TJ. Lutz, Steve Williams, Larry Brannon, Richard Sanchez, Paul Bennett, Greg Bartell, Marvin Clifford, Jeff Faucette, Murdock Maloney, Joel Hollingshead, Don Travers, Richard Travers, Don Anderson, Nick Zuppas, John Herzog, Brian Jankowski, john Keyes, Scott Grabo, Dan Bennett, RJ. Houser, David Pierce, and Ernie Cowdery, carried the Jr. high basketball team to victory. The junior Panthers did a great job of guarding their "man" on court. Some of the teams they played included: Burbank, Broomfield, Platt, Casey, Baseline, Lafayette, and Louisville. The team was represented by the three Jr. High cheerleaders, Cindy Keene, Joanne Hooks, and Theresa Burris who at home games cheered until they could cheer no more. 37 Wrestlers 6-0 This year's Jr. High wrestling team was undefeated with a record of 6-0. The team competed with all the Boulder Valley Jr. High schools. Chuck Boerio was the coach for this group of winning wrestlers. The boys participating in wrestling were: Greg Bartell, Bart Ewing, Mark Mitchell, Peter Smith, Marvin Clifford, Jeff Bartell, Jeff Crenshaw, Richard Sanchez, and Deryl Clifford. "x V .1 - Q.: k A ....- 2 38 f"' ff junior High Tracksters The jr. High track team, though small, did very well at The team members Were: Marvin Clifford, Larry all the meets. Marvin Clifford took first place in the 880- Touve, Don Anderson, Jeff Estes, john Herzog, Jay yd. run at the qualification meet. The whole team placed Cartwright, and Ben Greene. The boy's coach was Kent well at the triangular meet with Louisville and Lafayette. Lyon. For the girl's team, Londa Mohan 9 won the softball throw at the district s meet and took second in the discus at an f eighth grade meet. Cheri Boyle won the S 880-yd. run ata seventh grade meet. The 3 ,. " team members were: Michelle Hines, Q- Juanita Mavis, Beth Brunot, Sheila ' Smith, Londa Mohan, Cheri Boyle, Stephanie Keene. Elizabeth Dejulio, Bernie Kriehbel, Joni John, Sarana Cline, Colleen Rance, and Laura Mason. The girls were coached by VVanda Headrick. 39 HS Beat Lyons The NHS basketball team had a successful season with two wins over Lyons. The Lyons' Lions, Nederland's rival, fell into the palms ofthe Panthers' paws, with Joe Q Travers giving a fine performance. fs The Panthers also went to the sub-district tournaments and proved themselves, with a third place in the Union Pacific League. Besides being in a league this year, NHS had an all-conference player, Joe Travers. But let's not forget the greatness of the other players who helped the 3 team succeed for a third place position. Those players Q were: Cris Cooley, Tony Brekken, Randy Brannon, Scott . Gordon, and Matt Maloney. 1 B-Squad players: Steve Jennings, jamie Moore, Brad Jankowski, Chad Bertram, Rick Cronin, Martin Maloney, my ts., . . Steve Williams, TJ. Lutz, Donn Haefele, and Jim an- ...- Travers. ifixl It ll 40 Wh Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland nw, km: Deer Trail Bennett Kiowa Elizabeth Byers Agate Lyons Strasburg Deer Trail Kiowa Bennett Elizabeth Byers Agate Lyons Strasburg Sub-District Tournament Scores 61 85 74 64 79 55 67 55 37 43 77 53 64 46 82 49 53 57 41 Nederland 60 Elizabeth Nederland 49 Lyons Nederland 57 Strasburg .., f' 'S X :sm ' -assist I , 3 si W- ye W Qmg' A.,---f 3 KEN 5 I f hat A Super Ski Team Nederland has a unique situation . . . A ski area.only 5 minutes away. And boy does our team use it! It was a rare night at Eldora when you couldn't see the NHS ski team hard at work on perfecting a jump or an especially hard run. This year was filled with competition for the NHS ski team. The team competed not only with single A schools, but with triple A schools as well. The girls took sixth place overall, and the boys took seventh. If the team had been competing with only other class A schools the girls team would hold lst place and the boys holding second in their class. The team's highest point accumulator's were Diane Chessman and Steve Herzog. The coaches this year were Burke Taft and Mary Wolfgang. The members included: Bob Arbaugh, Terri Bailey, Dave Adams, Debbie Blackwell, Cathy Blackwell, Beth Brunot, Eric Carline, Tom Carline, Diane Chessman, Steve Christman, Andy Cseh, Craig Daniel, Dana Daniel, Pat Daniel, Letty Daywitt, .Ioan Eaton, Kurt Carlson, Bill Farrell, Kevin Glendenning, Bob Grahn, Tom Graves, Dean Harbert, Steve Herzog, Kathy Johnson, Ron Kenney, Bernie Pickart, Michelle Estes, Brad Roelens, Diane Smith, Jim Smith, Mike Sparn, Shawna Stamm, Dusty Thompson, Kelly Thompson, Lance Touve, Andrea Taylor, Eric Stamm, Mike Pickart, Joel Sheets. ,t O .ji .pg as X 'M ,av ev 42 1 ew ,ff , L ' M Q imwi c'41f5qA Ni A 'qu ,6,L.4f,, V' fggga y fr V524 rx f' 2 - Im H zavmgyg ' ' f I I I . A f T:-Qi.I:f - 'vi 2 J. ...,,,,m5""' WN r,W,.,,,.m,.,,,. MY 4 43 Wrestlers Takes 6th Three varsity wrestlers Went to state this year, underthe coaching of Kent Lyon. Tony Cortez, Paul Mitchell, and Deryl Clifford were the lucky group of Nederland Wrestlers who Went to the state tournament. Only Tony Cortez placed in the finals, taking 6th place. Other members of the team are: Bart Ewing, Tony Parker, Mike Clements, Josh Maag, Peter Smith. 44 , wM,Aam-awww' awww Girls B-Ball ln the third year of existence, and the first year in the Union Pacific League, the girls basketball team placed sixth out of the eight competing teams with a 4-13 record. The team shows improvement and promise as both the wins and players increased. The twelve player team consisted of: Penny Archuleta, Lisa Buscietta, Lori Smith, Cheryl Clifford, Kim Harris, Evie Miller, Beth Maag, Kay Minister, Tammy Valdez, Michelle Stamm, Theresa Roberts, and Lorri Roberts. I A Nederland Deer Trail Nederland Bennett Nederland Kiowa Nederland Elizabeth Nederland Byers Nederland Lyons Nederland Strasburg Nederland Deer Trail Nederland Kiowa Nederland Bennett Nederland Elizabeth Nederland Byers Nederland Lyons Nederland Strasburg Nederland Deer Trail Nederland Elizabeth 'W 'tv I fl Track Team " " jim Smith, after taking first place at league and district, got second place at state in the two-mile and 880-yd. run. Although no other team members qualified for state, they all gave good performances at the meets and showed good promise for next year. The girl's team members are: Evie Miller, Cynthia O'Rear, Andrea Taylor, Diane Smith, Diane Chessman, Kathy Carlson, Kelly Thompson, Kelly Carroll, Michelle Stamm, Allison Carroll, Candy Archuleta, Cindy Keene, Val Schlottig, Edith O'Rear, Carol Pennington, Belinda Keene, Kay Minister, Tammy Valdez, Lisa Bunn, Scarlette Delancy, Kathy Kanach, Lucinda Muniz, and Beth Maag. The boy's team members are: Lance Touve, Steve Herzog, Matt Miller, Joe Travers, Jim Smith, TJ. Lutz, Jim Travers, Pat Vasicek, Chuck Sawyer, Donn Haefele, Peter Smith, and Mike Clements. The girl's team was coached by Lee Tillotson, and the boy's team by Dave Budz. 46 2 TAMMYx In ,,,"" ,W ,W mr Q ,xf HTUNG A iw ,,W,1 gun I Lawn... M A rw.,,.L,.1inA'ff M vi -Qi 2"-1 J .,g,,,l,n, 'L Q ,,n , 4 hifi 'Q 1 4 ,LI '1 fa 47 Gymnastics Has New Coach This year's gymnastics team was very lucky because they had a great coach named Norm l-laubert. Although there was no League competition the team went to the state meet for the first time. The members are: Suzi Kiehn, Carrie Bertram, Lois Farley, Cathy Blackwell, Cary Blackwell, Cyntnia O'Rear, Kelly Thompson, Michelle Stamm, Alice Ross, Mollie Pickart, Edith O'Rear, and Patti Bertram. it V at af-""' 48 ry X air-1:36 . 'M 5 Si' 5' ifg ii li . Volleyball Team Third 'llliv members of tlu' tvam who took third in stan- arc: llc-tty Daywitt. Laura Snow, Dawn Rose-nbc-rg, Rayna Brannon, Les Callistcr, Evil- Nlillvr, 'llvrri Hailvy, Penny Archulvta, Cheryl Last, Lori Cronin, and Cindy Adams. 'm""-f-....,,,,f ...ra . , Q, ,Q 1 . ' 'z"i x ""n hx4"L ,r if Z . : 3 5 iff, is mm if M- 0 ' V VWWH mmmmaun 63 H 19 ff X W 1 ,. ' A .i l V i . 'A 5 J, l W iv fr wr. 1""'7""""w '1-if 412 W 1 , 49 olleyball Victory is the word that best describes the girl's volleyball team. This was the first year that Nederland belonged to the Llnion Pacific League, but they showed the other teams in the league that just because they were new didnlt mean that they weren't good. After beating all the other teams in the league, they went on to subdistrict, where they beat Bennett to take first place. .Xt district, they beat Otis and again beat Bennett in a close game to get another first place and a chance to take state. At state, they won their first game against Kim, but lost their second game to Limon, the only game they lost all year. ln the third game they beat Dolores, to take third place and end a fantastic season. B-squad members are: Cheryl Clifford, Kathy johnson, Kim Harris, Val Schlottig, Belinda Keene, Diane Chessman, Candy Archuleta, Sandy Lewis, Teresa Roberts, Vicki John, Diane Smith, and Andrea Taylor. P so y M " W' Ui B. ,mdk- lfoaw fu 'W qwyky fran' L , fr f , - .,-' "1-L ., V' r-"-i 4?iJa5':'kg4'fg'5f,9f,,d4fz5iQQ23gz U X . gm- Bi45""" 5 'gm If X ,pl Q 51 Varsity Football The football team had a winning season this wear vw ith a 6 2 reeord There were twenty-four boys out for the sport cJL1f0fTlllS group four became all-conference players. They were: Ben ohnson Randv Brannon, Mike Clements, and Dave Adams Unlike last year, there was warm weather at wary ,qamm but one Although the snow was a change, the team played just as wtll .ma G. ?ai, sf e '-f 1 6 W ww fem! 4 4 ' l ,. M , 5 ' 4' we 3 c 'I-wt' ,.., V, it M.. Nederland- 0 Clear Creek 38 Nederland- 8 DCD 6 Nederland- 8 Lyons 34 Nederland-38 Byers 6 Nederland-22 Strasberg 0 Nederland-l2 Elizabeth 0 Nederland-58 Platte Canyon0 Nederland-36 Bennett 0 fi 'Q A 4 pf, 'rff"'f?,' e Q V V imp' ' K li 'iw 'B 6 6 t Wig W Nb -af '-4'Q......A 52 ,Nfl If a Wan, gn U ' Gr-fwfr ef , Wwwm S , E 2 i i E e 4 K ff i Sw it .Q 1 2 1 ' 3 im . Lai? f MMS? 'J f Qi A - A X A xi A xx M-N...... ,NWN b,.,..pinniuy-an-N:,,,,, f L H ww-L 1 - A fMfN"" "1 f A ,. ,.,,, f XMx,,,,W ,W - AN, N Q Q wW,W.-W ' A A W.NQ. ,Q-guess 57 3..vwvvf.xLwAMw wf5gBSEQ-yy,,,,,wgf W -W f '11:Qfx:Q,gw..4W-ff... wk M. ..f,a.,3,, QW A Cheerleaders Cheerleading squads: F.B. squad: Destinae Thompson, Laura Snow, Lettie Dawitt, Terri Bailey. A squad: Cheryl Last, Carrie Bertram, Lorri Cronin, Lois Farley, Anne Mountjoy. B squad: Belinda Keene, Patti Bertram, Sandy Lewis, Vicki John. Cheerleader Sponsor: JoAnne Wright UNH ,M-A :QW -Q- 54 -,...,,,,,..! Spirit " " Pm-p Club gc-ts into tlu- act, and stirs up spirit as many ncw yvllc-rs joinvcl thc' cheering section in tlu-ir bright uniforms. .-Xnotlivr addition to Ps-p Club was the bouncy Pantlu-r mascot that ,qocs to all garm-5. Sponsor-Wanda Hcaclrick Office-rs: Prcs.- Lisa Bus-Jvtta, V.l'ra-s.- Micht-llc Stamm, Sc-c.f'lircas.- Anne' Mountjoy. ,Q .I , ,QQ 114 55 ,M--Q QT THE YEAR ,M- ,f 1-ll in .,,,. V, w7.1,x.G-M" , 4... . 3415" H LQ. .1-'Q' - H' .Ag NN X , 4, M igyfk' ,A f W ' , dfwfrgli WV :W ., EXW 4 . 'B 7. :iff ' xv g M 81,4342 ...Lag ,J ., .If XM 1 . ,,,4 'V 5' ' wig! ffxii 'Q 57 Traditional Homecoming a Big Success Homecoming startcd with thc traditional wi-ck of spiritcd activitivs. Un Tux-sday, Hush Day, Bob Bryant talkc-d rnorv girls out of tht-ir hush buttons than any other guy. WI-mlrlvsciay' was Scl1oolSongg Day, wha-rc any chu-rlcziclm-r or pep club officvr could ask you Q' 3' 'N 3..i..L'4 -1 , gr we gf E 1 .. L- M.. ' vi. - 'fx' aaa' ' 58 to ri-rin' rhi- si-Imul song. The slam' auction was thn- main attraftimm cm Tliursday, with pxxnm- Xloiintjuy wrappvcl up thi' ww-k with thc' Hl7II1l'k'l?IT1il1f1 Darin' and Frvd Schwartz svllingg for thc- highest prim-s. hringgiug with it a I2-U victory ovvr Rlil2iiN'l'll. Pi-riny Friday was I5luc'am1Gold Day, whih- it was also thi- Archuh-ta and Randy Bfkillllilfl wc-rv CI'l7VVlI1'dkiI1Q2lIld day thi- slam-s had to sc-rw thi-ir masti-rs. Friday' night qui-cn. VKTM sa 1' i R N I -X Sf Q.. nb. , , 4 ia . Q "IRL, x , ' - ,.,. Ax - ,v K ..,, Wy in , in , :ggigqi - MM, .4 :fxf-N,gk,fg- -- - 1 'Q fglg-44 ' ia 5.mff'f: 5- s.:"'? L?-a?'9'ff5a.'f.' x , - 1 i ,Q f -M. rf Q 3-sig N 'WS,f?:iSi :wifi 'K ' 1 K , '- K 'K , , - 4 , 5 N K ' , , ,.. I , .L ,,, fi . , . 4 Q, . ,af 'A A A 1- 1' ' :qv 1 f na. ,. ' - f t U, . X-- ,,,,, .W ., . , 'QL w f 1 ,1 ,, ' '- ' f ' ' " " ' " q1V,ea,X"""' i f A L. 59 Home of The Panther A new look came to Nederland's paper, TH E PANTHER when Martha Horwitz took over editorship this fall. She was assisted by Dana Daniel leo-editorl and Mrs. lVlores lsponsorj. Mrs. Mores had been sponsored several years ago. With the help of their staff these people put together one of the most outstanding papers in the history of our school. New pages were added and the size of the paper grew gradually. THE PANTH ER is a product of the Journalism II class. "ki- 60 Something New In Yearbook . 'F 1 Q ' . . K:- ' ss Xl .s me e if ,r lil. 1 ' 2..i,e Q if ii, 4 "f g 3? x-.5 K il. is Something new is happening in the yearbook this yearl The staff comes in every thursday and the suggestions come flying through the air. This yearls editor, -Ieanine Wlhitney, felt that fall deliyery would make Yearbook a more complete history of our school. VVith the help of staff members and sponsor, Donna Schaper, the Yearbook is more eompleteg Prom Graduation, Track, and many things that go on at the end of the year are bound in a permanent book. Two colored pages were added l a first for Nederland's Yearbook! in hopes that years of good looking pleasure are yours. The 1976 Yearbook Staff. 61 Student Council On The Move W Q al N M Q... - 2 wq Z, ,ff ,M e -Y ' 1,4 K 1 We f--em W M we M le' 62 , , .Wan--W--ww ,wil keefee wg. -4-1 '41 .ff gi ,l t pf' if-.. EW 151 WF' I P vn- Stuclent Council got off to 21 slow start, but then Bang! a funny and good thing happened. Neclerlamls Student Council was on their way. The stuclent body can go to Student Council with any problem they have, and the constituants are well on their way toward having the problem solved. Smoking area, giving money to Close-up, student store, pop machine, and a show case with a panther mascot were just a few projects that Student Council backed with man-power and money, ln order for Stuclent Council to function properly. some procedure must be followed. This is the way meetings were run: Call to order, Roll call, Minutes of last meeting, 'llreasurers report, Ultl business, New business lwhere stuclents and teachers may bring in ideas, problems, and praisesl. The council then splits into three committees which are: Nloney making, projects, and activities. :Xfter business is taken care of the meeting is acljournecl. The purpose of Student Council is to give students a chance to be a decision making government, and to bring stuclent views to light. Officers: Pres: Cheryl Last: Vice Pres: Lois Farleyg Sec.- .-Xnne Mountjoyg Tr:-asf Lisa Buscietta. Understuclies: Pres: john Keyesg Sec.- Brencla .lankowskig 'l'reas.- Kay Minister. 63 Foreign Language German Spanish French l' fl'I1L'llllIlKll1l'FIUiiIlk'lLll3Sll2iX'1'lllL1ll lmpvmmt gluing to lfurupm- nextya-ar.'lxlu-mlL1lnz1rvllarmlat work putting on projc-vts likv rln- Snow lfestival. Hula! forum vstab IU?'ltl1lSHllfjllllil'LiQTk'l'I'll1f,f wllvn walking into tlu- Spanish club lm-vtirlgs. 'lillis year the vlulm lumps-s tugymruKls-xiruclL1rir1g Alumz Office-rs lIlL'llllll'f Pres.-l,uis lfarla-5, Y. Pres.- Qilifllj' lilackwm-ll, Svc.f'l1rcz1s,-.Imlm Chase. fx X. -.aux Q I 64 X 535' uf: rw' 1 A4 Q 'K A Music Makers Sr. High Concert Chorus is a class consisting of 9- 12 grades. They learn music to perform at assemblies and they usually help provide music at concerts such as the spring musical. Sometimes they are accompanied by guitarists from the guitar class ftop leftl or by Tom Graves, the stage band's pianist. There is also a small jr. High chorus ftop rightl who perform at a few assemblies during the school year. 65 ""'? mmm .amy WJ A. . x '41 fs! -XM? 'sk ..: ' 3 14-1 HS Band Marches Un! Under the direction of Fred Schwartz, the Nederland Jr.-Sr. High Band got a very high rating in the annual Band Day Parade held in Boulder. The marchers sported new band uniforms and had verv high spirits as they started on their mile and a half march. Several band members were chosen for the honor band which is part of the Union Pacific League. Nlembers from the Boulder area were chosen on the basis of musical achievement. After the X-mas holiday Nederland got a new band instructor named Mark Peterson. He took over the duties of directing the stage band as well as the concert band and marching band. Mr. Peterson also made it possible for several bands in our league to perform in our auditorium. . is -'c .F 3 '29 sf .,. T .w x.kfNh:J ,pF ,4- , .sr S ri . nf' - . 3 X , Q-i:--if A A ' . ii . ' is Q . Q, ,.. . K -" Q" is 'WW WM" . A -3 ' i 5 i .5-2 "" - 'L fel' elm . 'Qi'-1141-f7 'M 8 f "' . D . Q . A , :-3,3 ' grim. .W K' Q ""'g'f Ei 'iffy--.,. . in . S53 f V 1 5, ' , " .,.,. , 9 .VK f ' ,az ' 23' A fb. ....-W... 7 .,-g'5,.g' . .7 , ft V K fn" , M , X i.,,,, if , it 1 W N .H.S. For the second year in a row 10 students, 5 juniors and 5 seniors, were chosen to become members of the Arickaree chapter of the National Honor Society. Last year Nederland High School became the l6,000th member of the National Honor Society. Mrs. Horwitz, Miss Schaper, Mr. Smith, Mr. Malmgren, and Mrs. Miller made up the committee which chose the students on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Members are: Cheryl Last, Penny Archuleta, Cris Cooley, Dean Schwartz, Dana Daniel, Evie Miller, Kathy Johnson, Brad Jankowski, joe Travers, Lisa Buscietta, Jeanine Whitney, Lorri Cronin, ,lim Smith, and Martha Horwitz. Close-Up Close-Up began with a run-a-thon, and ended with a week of learning and fun. During the week, the Close-Up participants talked with their representatives and other guest speakers, attended Senate and House Committee meetings, toured Washington D.C., met lots of new friends, and practiced their "Pong". Although Close-Up is called a program, it would be better to call it an experience. The participants leave Washington D.C. with many memories they will never forget, and they also go away with a better understanding of their government. The students that participated this year are: Evie Miller, Anne Nlountjoy, Matt Maloney, Kathy Johnson, Myrenna Brakkage, Mike Clements, Brad Jankowski, and Cheryl Clifford. The sponsor this year was Dave Budz. Q 4 i 5 My . 5 if af ,Q nsrmsli , N-Club Girls Participate By participating in sports or sports related activities such as cheerleading, 39 girls were eligible for the Girls Athletic Club this year. Eligible girls were: Tammy Valdez, Lori Smith, Kay Minister, Candy Archuleta, Kathy Carlson, Diane Smith, Kim Harris, Vicki John, Sandy Lewis, Belinda Keene, Edith O'Rear, Theresa Burris, Val Schlottig, Diane Chessman, Andrea Taylor, Kelly Thompson, Dawn Rosenberg, Cindy 0'Rear, Michelle Estes, Cindy Adams, Terri Bailey, Cathy Blackwell, Rayna Brannon, Lisa Bucietta, Lois Farley, Kathy Johnson Evie Miller, Anne Mountjoy, Laura Snow, Michelle Stamm, Cheryl Clifford, Lorri Cronin, Cheryl Last, Kristi Andes, Cathy Boyle, Lori Roberts. Officers were: Pres. Penny Archuleta, Sec. Leslie Callister. Sponsor: Lee Tillotson. 11 Plays Performed Under the direction of Sue Buck, the drama students performed eleven plays during the 1975-76 school year. They were: "Antic Springng "Postcards", A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGEDg HSomething New ln Murder", "Trifles"g "Early Frost", Hjinxedug "The Petticoat Revolution", THE MOUSE THAT ROAREDg l'The Plot to Assassinate the Chase Manhattan Bank", and 'lHooray for Adam Spelvin, He ls Perfect." This year, seventeen new Thespians were initiated into Troupe 2718. They are: Kay Dickinson, Lisa Buscietta, Bobbejo Brekken, Cynthia 0'Rear, Jeanine Whitney, Dean Schwartz, Kevin Hollingshead, Carrie Grabo, Cheryl Last, Kathyjohnson, Joan Eaton, Kyle Buck, John Keyes, Karen Packer, Lois Farley, Lorri Cronin, and Matt Maloney. The old members are: Cris Cooley, Tony Brekken, Cheryl Clifford, -lim Smith, and Tom Graves. The three Honorary Thespians are: Amelia Miller, Donna Schaper, and Jerry Buck. 70 3 if Summa Peanut Butter, Jelly 81 Good Times This year we had some unique events and many good times. Fox-fire, sponsored by Mary Wolfgang, helped the students become involved in the Nederland community. Tim Wirth, our representative to Congress, came and spoke to the students in an all school assembly about the Rocky Mtn. Park area. Student Council helped to stage the Bicentennial games day during which baseball and horseshoes were played. The council also sponsored a dance at the end of the week. A French and German Dinner was held after the snow festival which was held in March. Cheerleading tryouts were a big success for most who tried out. But it was a sad day for the old cheerleaders who did their last big routine, including a new cheer: Peanut Butter and Jelly. At the end of the year, the awards assembly was held. Many fine people were given awards for academic achievement during the year. That same week, Mrs. Buck's play production class put on a very funny play, "Hooray for Adam Spelvin, He ls Perfect", which helped to end the year in a funny way. 72 ...---"""' i ...----' V 7 ,Q aw , ' V ff V f' p 'mg Q My uf 4 ' "1 VM M53 Af: , VV , V W VM, , V , , V VVVV w, ' 4 ,,., ,Si fy ' 'f 'M , M51 V, , VV .wg 'Vw "N JJ' "Vi 4 ,E Vyf ,K 7V4k, MHZ ,, ur ' Kid' , ".z'Vj.5,..VVQ,,,.2Z sf' ' "" - H , , A , 2 f Q , , ,, 6 V V VV gg , 1,1 , W, ,,,, W ,f , . ag f 1 ' 3, y WW w154w.g5y4Mg' :,1- ' , Q, V, V,,V mmf, A ,y r V,:V,V ' "f Wie? MW' f f 2 ?? Q 5 ' ., f Q, V , ,V W VV ' 73 jim 81 Cheryl amed Prom Royalty A spectacular evening occured on May Z2 for many Nederland High School students. Ir was the junior-Senior Prom, which has been a tradition in the school for many years. The juniors are the ones who plan prom and make it the way it is. This year's prom was held at the Harvest House in Boulder. The band was Blue Frost. The King and Queen were crowned at the dance. The two who were chosen were -lim Smith and Cheryl Last. They were chosen by the junior class on the basis of achievements. The Junior attendants, who were chosen by the Senior class, were Joe Travers and Cindy Adams. The Junior class made the decorations, which were paper flowers. Refreshments were served at the dance. The sponsors who helped the junior class were Suzanne Kroepsch and Kent Lyon. i A 5X1 it ffigif 44. Q 74 Graduation Graduation ceremonies were held on Saturday, june 5, at 8:00 pm in the high school gym. Forty- seven seniors graduated this year, wearing blue and red gowns for the bicentennial.Martl1a Horwitz was valedictorian, and Mike Sparn was salutatorian. The speaker for graduation was Mr. Lloyd A. Norton of the University of Northern Colorado. Donna Schaper presented a slide show of all the seniors. The ushers also presented red carnations to the mothers of the graduates. The senior class presented the school with a gift of a rug hooked flag. laws .i ' L. Q ' Z Q. A A 3 if - 9 s kj 75 Class of " " David Allen Adams Robert Ray Arbaugh Penny Lynn Archuleta Ginger Lynn Arnold Carrie Marie Bertram Randale Frank Brannon Shirley Joline Giggey Shawn Alexander Crreen Dean Alan Harbert Linda Robin Hooks Martha Kay Horwitz Diane Rae Houser 5 S 55" Tony Breklien Janice Ann Jensen J Jean Elizabeth Brownlee Suzanne Rem- Kiehn - A joan Corene Brownlee Konrad Paul Kummli , 1 f' john Robert Bryant Charles Bruce Landers 1 Lesli Callister Cheryl Marie Last l " Q Eric Kenneth Carline Gary Paul Maher ' Kurt Hans Carlson Cynthia Ann O'Rear 1 L - Cheryl Louise Clifford Karen -Io Packer 3 Allan Prescott Cole Michael joseph Pickart - rg -, john Crisman Cooley Brett Riley Platt Q C f Daniel Edward Cowdery Nlichael Hubert Rance ' A o , Lorraine Susan Cronin Lorrie Lee Roberts i Dana Loyd Daniel Dean Arthur Schwartz .. 3 f Q Kimberly Sue Davis james Daniel Smith X quu Melba Kay Dickinson Michael Sean Sparn A . james Anthony Driscoll Destinae Rae Thompson "' .api Gregory james Erickson Jeanine Louise Whitney VVilliam Robert Farrell 1 s r s s sr s, 'T r so ,,, ' 'Y , D l r rrr' if " A A E V 4 , V? I ' H' . . - ' l V 1 " it ,lg E Cm is , J All Q31 'ML' 'sf 7 r 'f" r r -X 1 ' 1 r "K , ak Q, 5. W z . + -Q - or ,xt L , rr is are X 2 ' 2 f A X 52 lf ' Ax r Q r, r X Q Mitt? is wif' Fx X X 'ln lm" s. MQW- , jx., , iiliii .vp , L -4 4 Ms' 3+ it f xi ' Q x A K im 4QKxJ.e 'Q ' ' F . A X :IRA in 'sv 'X 4 'is fix, Adams, Cindy 12,50,5l,55,69 Adams, Dave 4,18,42,,43,53,74 Albrect, Cheri 30 Anderson, Bob 12 Anderson, Don 27,65,73 Andes, Kristee 24 Arbaugh, Bob 4,43,52,53 Archuleta, Candy 16,17,19,21 Archuleta, Penny 40,10,35,45,50 51,56,58,69,74 Arey, Dale 12 Arnold, Ginger 4 - Arnold, Joanne E. 32 Bailey, Terri 12,35,42,43,49, 50,51 ,52,54 Baker, Walter 24 Bartell, Greg 27,36 Bartell, Jeff 24,34,36,74 Belanger, Alan 13 Belanger, LeAnn 16 Bennett, Daniel 30 Bennett, Paul 24,64 Bertram, Carrie l,4,32,34,48, 54,57,61,66,69,80 Bertram, Chad 13,41 Bertram, Patty 16,17,l9,48,74 Bierhaus, Frederick W. 32 Blackwell, Cary 16 Blackwell, Cathy 13,42,43,48, 55,61 ,63,64 Blackwell, Debbie 24 Bluhm, Michelle 30 Boerio, Chuck 14,22,23,35,58,73 Booth, Sue 5 Boyle, Cathy 24 Boyle, Cheryl 30,39,55,62 Bradley, Bart 30 Brakhage, Bearthm 30,62 Brakhage, Crystal 16,70,7l Brakhage, Myrenna 7,12 Brakhage, Neowyn 25 Bramhall, Elizabeth B. 32 Brannon, Janis 27 Brannon, Larry 26,36 Brannon, Randy 5,8,34,41,52, 53,56,58 Brannon, Rayna 12,34,50,69 Brekken, Bobbejo 1,12,52,57,66 Brekken, Jill 27 Brekken, Tony 1,5,34,40,41,49, 50,61 ,70,71 ,72,73,80 Briels, Kevin 16 Brock, Kelly 12 Brownlee, Jean 5 Brownlee, Joan 5 Brownlee, Lori 16 78 Index Brownlee, Sharon 30 Brunot, Beth 27,39,43 Bryant, Bob 5,53 Buck, Jerry 21 Buck, Kyle 25,64 Buck, Sue 21 Budz, David 22,41 ,46,47,58 Bunn, Lisa 25 Burris, Nancy 27,65 Burris, Teresa 25,26 Burrows, Chuck 27,36 Buscietta, Lisa 13,45,55,61, 62,63,69,71,77 Buxton, Bill 24,36 Buston, Shelley 30 Callister, Les 5,35,50,69 Carline, Eric 5 Carline, Tom 16 Carlson, Kathy 55,64,69 Carlson, Kurt 75 Carmichael, Jim 27,36 Carmichael, Teresa 16,54 Carroll, Leslie 65 Cartwright, Jay 26 Cartwright, Lisa 30 Chase, Angela 30,62,73 Chase, John 24,64 Chavez, JoAnne 20 Chessman, Diane 16,18,35,42, 43 ,47,51 ,55 ,64,69 Christman, Sherri 13,14,6l ,70 Christman, Steve 16,19,70 Clements, Mike 13,44,46,53,63 Clifford, Billy 30 Clifford, Cheryl 5,7,45,51,71 Clifford, Deryl 24,36,44 Clifford, Marvin 27,36 Cline, Mark 16 Cline, Sarana 29,65 Cline, Scott 24,36 Cole, Bob 16 Cole, Lori 24 Cole, Peg 20 Cole, Scott 6,7 Conkright, Charlotte 31 Cooley, Cris 6,40,41,53,57,61,70,71 Coombs fNight Custodianj 33 Cortez, Tony 13,44 Covington, John 16,17,19 Cowdery, Dan 4 Cowdery, Ernie 24,36,4l Crenshaw, Jeff 27,36 Cronin, Lorri 1,6,35,50,52,54, 57,70,71 Cronin, Rick l6,19,40,53 Cseh, Andy 25,42,43 Cseh, Mickey 13 Daniel, Craig 16,43 Daniel, Dana 7,43,6O Daniel, Pat 25,42,43 Daniel, Scot 13,53 Davis, Kim 7 Daywitt,Bob 25,36,52,53 Daywitt, betty 13,14,35,42,43, 51,54,61 DeJulio, Elizabeth 30,39,55,62 Dickinson, Kay 1,6,70,71,72 Dickinson, Pam 26 Driscoll, James 6 Driscoll, Sheryl 16,19 Eaton, Joan 27,28,43,71 Ericson, Greg 6 Ericson, Mark 27,29 Estes, Jeff 25 Estes, Michelle 17,42,43,73 Ewing, Bart 25,36,44 Ewing, Chuck 13 Faltermeier, Robert 27,64 Farley, Lois 1,13,48,52,54,57, 58,61 ,62,63,66,70,71 Farrell, Bill 5,7,42,43 Farrell, Karen 17 Faucette, Jeff 27,36 Faucette, Val 14 Ferrera, Dominic 32 Fowler, Laura 27,28,62,63,71 Froese, Diane 14 Gaskin, Christie 27 Gibbs, Tammy 27 Giggey, George 17,18 Giggey, Shirley 7,10,75 Glendenning, Kevin 14,42,43 Gordon, Scott 13,14,34,41 Grabo, Carrie 16,17,63,70,71,72 Garbo, Scott 30,64 Grahn, Bob 30,42,43,64 Graves, Tom 14,71 Green, Shawn 6,8 Greene,Ben 27 Greene, Vincent 24 Haefele, Donn 15,40,41,53,58 Harbert, Dean 6,8,43,53 Harris, Kim l7,45,51 Hartsock, Nancy 15 Haubert, Norm 41 Headrick, Wanda 23,64 Herzog, John 27,64 Herzog, Steve 17,18,32,42,43,64 Hines, Michelle 55 Hines, Randy 64 Hirter, Ruth 21 Hodgson, Edward 21 Hollingshead, Joel 27 ,28 ,70 Hollingshead, Kevin 1 ,18,70,71 Hooks, Jim 28 Hooks, Joanne 24,26 Hooks, Linda 6,75 Horwitz, Edith 21,63 Horwitz, Martha 7,8,60,77 Houser, Diane 7 Houser, R. J. 30,64 Hubin, Edgar A. 32 Hurley, Mitchell 18 Isaacs, April 30 1 Jankowski, Brad 12,15,40,41 Jankowski, Brian 24,73 Jankowski, Brenda 27,28,55,62 Jennings, Steve 17,18,19,41,53 Jennings, Teresa 28,65 Jensen, Janice 6,10 Jensen, Kristi 18 John, Joni 28 John, Vicki 18,19,51,52,54,58,69 Johnson, Ben 17,18,35,53 Johnson, Kathy l,13,l5,42,43, 47,51,61,70,71,80 Jones, Laurie 25 Kanach, Kathy 25 Keene, Belinda 1,18,47,51,54, 55,57,66,69 Keene, Cindy 25,26 Keene, Stephanie 30,55,62,63 Kenny, Ron 4,43 Keyes, John 24,28,62,71 Kiehn, Joe 18,19 Kiehn, Suzie 6,7,10,48,53 Krehbiel, Bernie 30,39,55,64 Kroepsch, Suzanne 21 ,23,73 Kummli, Konrad 6 Landers, Charles 8 Landers, Liz 25 Landers, Rachel 28 Larson, Dennis 8 Last, Cheryl 8,5O,51,54,58,62, 63,69,7l ,73,75 Lewis, Cindy 30,55 Lewis, Eilene 33 Lewis, Sandy 18,19,51,52,54,55,69 Logan, Missy 29 Logie, Charles 25 Lutz, T.J. 25,36,41 Lyon, Kent 22,31 ,36,44 Maag, Beth 45,57 Maag, Josh 49 Mahaffey, David 29 Maher, Gary 7,8,53,60 Malmgren, Richard 20 Maloney, Martin l8,40,4l,53,7l Maloney, Matt 14,41,47,53,70, 71 ,72,74 Mason, Laura 3O,39,55,64 Mavis, Juanita 29,39 McCollum, Cindy 9 McKinnell, Roxanne 28 Miller, Amelia 21 Miller, Evie 14,35,45,49,50,51,73 Miller, Matt 18,53 Minister, Kay 26,45,62,63,64,69 Mitchell, Mark 38,36 Mitchell, Pat 15 Mitchell, Paul 44 Moauro, Chris 18,53 Moauro, Paul 30 Mohan, Londa 28,39 Moore, Jamie 15,40 Mores, Kaye 20.60 Mountjoy, Anne 15,54,55,61,62, 63,69,71 Mullins, Mitch 64 Muniz, Lucinda 26 Norris, Scott 28 Nummelin, Linda 26 O,Rear, Cynthia 9,47,48,55,63 O'Rear, Edith 18,19,34,48,73 Ornelas, Jack 26,36 Packer, Karen 9,6O,71,75 Parker, Tony 26,36,44 Patt, Ronald 31 Patterson, Virginia W. 32 Pearce, Marty 24,26 Pearce, Ronald 31 Penick, Ben 15 Penick, Beth 28,55 Penick, Brian 31 Petersen, Mark 65 ,67 Picard fMatronj 33 Pierce, David 26,36 Pickart, Bernie 28 Pickart,Jeff 28 Pickart, Mike 8,75 Pickart,Mollie 15,48,69,70,7l Platt, Brett 8,10 Putnam, Ralph 18 Rance, Colleen 31 ,39,65 Rance, Mike 9 Raymo, Mark 31 Raypack, Joel 30,31 ,63 Rienoehl, Chris 27,29 Roberts, Lorrie 7,9 ,45 ,69 Roberts, Teresa 19,45,51,69 Robinson, Pam 9 Robinson, Sue 15 Roelens, Brad l9,42,43 Rosenberg, Dawn 15,49,50,57,73 Ross, Alice 19,48,71 Ross, Dave 15 Ryan, Dr. Barnard D. 32 Sanchez, Mary 29 Sanchez, Richard 26,36 Sawyer, Chuck 80 Schaller, Courtney 31 Schaper, Donna 23,61 Schlottig, Val l7,l9,5l Schwartz, Dean 1,8,70 Schwartz, Fred 23,66 Seveland, Paul 28 Siebert, Bob 31 Siemer, Gale 28,65 Silvas, Tim 21,28 Sheets, Jowl 28,36,43 Smith, Diane l9,32,47,51,55, 58,64,69 Smith, Don 20,45 Smith, Frank 24,26,36 Smith, Jim 8,10,41,42,43,60,71,74 Smith, Lori 26,45,64,69,7l Smith, Peter 26,44 Smith, Sheila 29,39 Snow, Laura 15,49,50,51,54,69 Spam, Mike 9,42,43,77 Stamm, Eric 9,42,43,77 Stamm, Michelle 15,45,48,53,69 Stamm, Shawna 31,55,65 Stucky, Bob 29 Stucky, Kelly 14,15 Stumpf, John 33 Taft, Burke 22,35,43,53 Taylor, Andrea 19,42,43,51,55,64,69 Thompson, Destinae 7,9,42,54 Thompson, Kelly l9,42,43,48,52,64 Tillotson, Lee 22,47,49,50,69,73 Touve, Lance 19,42,43 Touve, Larry 29 Towner, John 29 Towner, Roland 31 Trabing, Carol 31,65 Trabing, Kathy 29 Trabing, Barbara 26 Travers, Don 29 Travers, Jim 19,40,41,53,58,70,73 Travers, Joe 14,15,40,41,47, 57,61 ,70,77 Travers, Richard 29,36 Valdez, Tammy 45,47,69 Vasicek, Pat 19,24,26 Vasicek, Tim 29,36 Wallis, Jackie 37 Wallis, Rick 15 Walter, Beth 29 Walter, Phillip 15 Wendel, Edward 22,73 Wesley, Deanna 23 Whitney, Eric 15,73 Whitney, Jeanine 9,58,61,63,64,71 Williams, Steve 26,36,37,40 Wolfgang, Mary 22,43,64 Wright, Joanne 23 Yates, Barbara 15,80 Zuppas, Nick 27,29 79 WSE? :X - Rf?-. S ,ga-gg yn iii! K fr, I QQ ,. Q Q' Q, -- ' V ' x i X , .,, QQ , X, A N. R 21 K 'fx' ' f if-sxmgxk 3: Q 5 A Exqgsffgf Q Ya- Nwfqslf XWJN - 7-.V f g f f-A ' A x fsmwf wmv, -X x , . -fiPX3g zf 'H -fy, A Y"?w'SErfJ3l'fv'ff Y' . my Yigvw-s. 1 ' ., ' 52 . f 2 .iw X 1- Q 'S"'A? riff xx 4 :ji 156. V r"f'v?:5f'Q' ikbvfgqw .ss Y iffy? fL"w .J Q 'an .9 l .5 . K it v.ffS,,,,,AkixETN3yf 'M K Huff? g,wvf12g4L5:fefmifU f.f1fiiSg,,f N ' -Mg wwf ik, 3 Q Vw HA x W , 4 .. Gj fi gil: k' Q5 3 ff, -giffffl ggi.,-'ff1Q . " jf A X x Q: QM 'ff-fffd-5 ' mu-S. '- Y-ff K' ', .i si - AY.: - . X Y J KY' 1 f , gx 4 Q af M4 b Qian K "'xx.p mxvk . 'fS'3'xYN'A A v L ' ,' 1 1 if , ' .X x Q Q .us A N Aa x 4, H -5 . z - .f if ' fn JL, I-Qi, . x -- - . S .,., Q - ' gEssSg'sf?EYf25g53 Q X .H S ,. 1-6, MsxQ.f Wfsaie-if :U U Qsf m x I,. , ., .. ,. .N x r S X 5 ,f I 11:1 s :ww W , . Wi Mia .. M ' :- Y L, Q X W W' X XX S X555 iw N X..: .,x,.::,. wx N X H iw X X k ...I S-227

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