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NEDERLAND HIGH SCHUQL NEDERLAND, CQLQRADO PRINCIPAL: MR. CARROLL MARTIN 2' DEDICATIO We, the staff of the '71 NUGGET, proudly and with all sincer- ity, dedicate this annual to Coach Chuck Boerio. Over the past three years 'fthe Stump" has compiled a 15-4-2 record with a shot at the state championship. This past season the Panthers pro- gressed to ll-man football. Despite pessimistic predictions, the leadership of Mr. Boerio brought the team through a winning sea- son. We proudly salute a fantastic man, Mr. Chuck Boerio! UW N M a s .. ' Wm -iwkw FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION ADMIN ISTRATIO Mr. Martin, a newcomer to N.H.S., has brought his enthusiasm with him. His fairness with students and faculty as principal have helped increase the unity of Nederland Jr.-Sr. High School. Testing and vocational guidance are just two of many jobs handled by our Counselor. The secretaries seem to keep smiling through miles of atten- dance charts and reams of paper work. Mrs. John Miss Baron Mrs. Gardner Secretary Counselor Secretary FACULTY OF THE '70' P00638 ,TSW- S3065 1 4 i",w g . .HI its t 5 sf, Mrs. Miller Mr. Grahn Mr. Taft Business Education Music Science Mr. Buck Mrs. Benedict Mr. Budz Industrial Arts Home Economics Social Studies Mr. Mores Miss Harris Mrs. Schultz Language Arts Physical Education Foreign Languages FACULTY A D STAFF Mrs. Buck Speech Miss Schaper Art Mrs. Scrivner Language Arts Mr. Boerio Boys Phys. Ed. Mrs. Hildebrand Math Mr. Wilken Math Miss Langley Librarian Mrs. Lyman Language Arts Mr. Edgerton Maintenance Mrs. Edgerton Cook Mrs. Riley Cook R xv ATHLETICS The Coaches: Mr. Boerio and Mr. Taft THE PA T HERS In their first year of I I-man football, the N.H.S. Pan- thers compiled a 4-1-2 record. Five players were named to All-Conference: John Trujillo, Eric Johnson, Sam Bowker, Dennis Cowdery, and Ron Coughlin. Sam Bowker was also named to the All-State Team. ,AMW ,Avi 'W J A, I 9 Q f A at in ,JUN 1 gif: e.:, . . . , 6 f is 3 ., QS? un. ' 15 Q QT V I ,K . My. .ff - Q x ,I wa Q Q g .Saw V .1-, UI' , ' 7 iz N K 'I' THE RECORD Home Opponent 58 Colo. Academy 63 70 Bennett J. V. 32 47 Bennett Varsity 33 49 Colo. Academy 62 74 Broomfield J .V. 62 54 Fairview J. V. 63 67 Silver State Baptist 36 71 Weldona 41 51 Lyons 47 81 Lookout Mt. 80 49 Colo. Academy 73 64 Lyons 58 57 Silver State Baptist 38 51 Wiggins 49 64 Fairview J . V. 53 60 Windsor 65 65 Wiggins 81 78 Louisville 77 69 Weldona 53 62 Briggsdale 46 42 Wiggins 77 46 Iliff 87 5 5 Wiggins 5 8 This year the Nederland Panthers' basketball team came away with the best season in many years. The reason for 9 0 9 7 1 this was fine coaching and a great effort from the team for ' winning the ball games as a team. BASKETBALL The B-Squad, under Coach Crowley, progressed well during the season. With all Senior High classes rep- resented, the boys showed unity and school pride. 1970 FOOTBALL: ALLCONFERENCE This year five N.H.S. football play- ers merited All-Conference placement: Sam Bowker, defensive safetyg Eric Johnson, defensive guardg John Trujil- lo, defensive guardg Dennis Cowdery, defensive linebacker and Ron Cough- lin, defensive end. Sam Bowker received special recog- nition as an All-State Player. PLAYERS is? , in Q Q X 1 e . J QQ 1 x ik . XM... ALLEN AUm Q- 1 X vgk- TQ q. . Chris McCollum Mary Maloney Carlene Meredith Melinda Bryant EXECUTIVE BOARD Sponsors: Mrs. Benedict and Miss Harrisg Head Cheerleader: Chris McCollumg President: Margaret Maloneyg Secretary: Karen Snavelyg Student Council Representative: Michelle Bryant. PEP CLUB Although the Panthers didn't take league this year, the Pep Club and cheerleaders were a big factor in their winning season. With Mrs. Benedict and Miss Harris as sponsors, the girls put their all into every game. They may be little, but Oh My! SKI CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Taft, Ski Club members populated the El- dora slopes. Indoor meetings consisted of safety training, ski techniques, and care of equip- ment. ,,,.,,. W , gg W ,,N4 ,F ,,eL N , . C The boys pictured below represent the elite of Nederland Athletics. Sponsors are Mr. Budz and Mr. Boerio. STUDE T COUNCIL The Back-to-School Mixer, Homecoming, and the Christ- mas party were three of the activities sponsored by Student Council. Pictured left are Eric Johnson, Presidentg Mary Maloney, Treasurerg Chris McCollum, Secretaryg and Ron Coughlin, Vice-President. Mr. Buck sponsored the council. The Industrial Arts Club was small this year, but the boys in it worked hard to keep up the stan- dards set by Mr. Buck, the spon- sor. Among their many accomp- lishments is the school sign. The Drama Club, under the di- rection of Mrs. Buck, put on two good plays, THE ROBIN HOOD CAPER, and T'WAS THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. One more play is in the works. I.A. CLUB DRAMA CL B PAPER AND YEARBOOK STAFF ,fa J 'W AAA A This year's 1971 NUG- GET Staff consisted of four people: Editor, Kevin Fitz- nerg Assistant Editor, Teresa Lemons, Head Photographer John Trujillo, and Overall planning, John Dhyne. Mrs. Mores served as sponsor. THE PANTHER, published bi- weekly by the Journalism class served both as a school and area newspaper. Editor was Mike Vasicek. Other staff members included Stu Anderson, As- sistant Editor, Business Managers, Fran Snow and Sue Wheeler, Report- ers and Stencilists, Linda Mountjoy, Fran Snow, Eric Johnson, Jim Hodge, Teresa Lemons, Stu Anderson, Jerry Gerber, Steve Waitkus, Lynnette Turner, Sam Bowker, Mary Maloney, Mimeo, John Trujillo and Kevin Fitz- ner. COMBINED CHORUS JUNIOR HIGH BAND SENIOR HIGH BAND if ff' K ,, nys gif: fx, WU CTI ITIES igm STUDENT FACES 'ik H0 ECOMING 1970 KING: Ron Coughlin QUEEN: Melinda Bryant Candidates: Ron Coughlin Brian Johnson Eric Johnson Sam Bowker Debbie Gerber Melinda Bryant Dawn Rankin Teresa Lemons if AV My .0 6 5 'Wk -,A pl 4l!IKWwereau ' THE ROBI HOOD C PER This year the Drama Club was very active. These pictures are from scenes of THE ROBIN HOOD CAPER, presented by the Juniors on November 13 and 14. Those pictured are Becky Juul, Fran Snow, Dave Raubeson, and Mike Vasicek. The Drama Club presented THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS December 18. The Seniors sponsored their play in May. IQ., 44 .. STUDENT BODY Tom Strohmeyer: the most musi- cally inclined member of the senior class. Kent Keener: a student in Graph- ic Arts. Not pictured: Gary Raubeson and Kathy Tobin. SEN IORS The Seniors, last year is always jammed with a vast amount of things to do. In addition to sports, clubs and studies, students must decide upon an- nouncements, apply for jobs or college entrance, plan graduation, and still play a leadership role in the school. The reality that all of this is now over is a shock, but that's all part of grow- ing up. Jim Hodge: a new senior this year who helped basketball at N.H.S. CLASS OF ' For the past 10 years or so the Se- niors have been waiting for graduation day. Now that the time has come, there seems to be a little trouble real- izing that school is tinally over. With the fact that they are going into the most important part of their life, there is the thought that each must go on a separate path. Jerry Gerber: an independent young man, with a very under- standing personality. 'Witt '7 , M' .J . 1 Kevin Fitzner: one of N.H.S.' most outspoken leaders. John Trujillo: will be best known for his philosophy and his fore- arm. Sam Bowker: the most sports- minded person at N.H.S. Gloria Fresquez: one of the less outspoken seniors, she studies cosmetology at Vo.-Tec. l 29 Sophia Giggey: student secretary of N.H.S. Carlene Meredith: shy, but any- thing she does gets done in a big way. John Dhyne: can make anyone laugh no matter what the mood. Christine McCollum: the cheer- iest and most spirited girl of the Senior class. RIGHT 0 : The Seniors of this year have been getting it "right on" as indicated by their unofficial motto 'LRight On, Potato Saladll' Many offices were held by Seniors-the football team's main strength was five seniors, and three of the four cheerleaders were Seniors. Also six seats in Student Council were filled by Seniors. Eric Johnson: a two-time winner in school politics. POTATO SALAD! As the last graduating class of the old Nederland High building, the se- niors would like to take special pride in the knowledge that they have grad- fp-Qg A' - uated from this school. Most of the people of the class of '71 have gone here since elementary school. It is their wish that Nederland continue to be a good school. Steve Waitkus: a new senior, has added a little more poise to Nederland. Sam Miller: is quiet, more the studious type. Rhonda Rorie: not quite under- standable at times, but all the same a great booster of N.H.S. Dennis Cowdery: has been at N.H.S. a long time and has contributed a lot to this school. Pat Megill: an A student in Body 8a Fender and is helping to further Nederlandis image. Marty Anderson: headed toward a career in Auto Mechanics. Sue Wheeler: will stop and help anyone, anytime. Mary Maloney: a fiery personality enhanced by a lilting laugh. Ken Clarke: quiet, dependable, but well-mannered. THE LAST CLASS The Seniors leave this school with the pride that can only be found in a Panther. Most of the Seniors spent their school lives in the present N.H.S. building, and they form the last class to be graduated from it. Ann Barrett: a cadet teacher with enthusiasm. President: Mike Vasicek Vice President: Becky Juul Secretary: Terri John Treasurer: Dawn Rankin ELEVENTH GRADE NCLASS OF '72" Sponsor: Mrs. Schultz J WLOOK T0 THE FUTURE, Margaret Maloney Mike Vasicek Becky Juul Eric Anderson Lynette Tumer Randy Smith Terri John John Grant Dawn Rankin Keith Robinson Bobbie Lougee Dave Johnson Karen Snavely Billy Bowker Teresa Lemons Ron Coughlin ,. s,,.s,, . A Ai ,ff as ,. , we fi 9635 as QS 5 n -f isis Qi if -. F if? iff if s U Q 1 is 3is,fssfg,2jzf21f.22,fzin 'Y' 'Wiliam :mfs-:Q-',1egf ' M irwfwfiww M2151 Qi-e,s4s4,'s4,ae21:efL 4 f If 21fi?424f41i2Qfi11ai?2" ' S m ag 'nzzfzvww if 1, 5 fiuiiffff' f J 1- . ' -wi: V 2 ,. ,M i.ii . m ir, 1 .ff J f K , r"f21e?iff" f, 1i , . , M ' 3f'7.' iz: was --.'f5'f'f5 5 ' - ' , . - ' ' J ' ?f3?ip1fi 51574 ' iamwf -523 :Ziff fi -159 52 sxixw-'f'1Yf "Kiwi , fl' :iw 19-r .:-ez.. ', Tfsagemfe' I :H ': f:f:iia,,s,.s:4 ,sg fgw '- Hi -- A+-' e5:i e?'fff,,,i2f,. 4 1 3 V' ew w -x 1 UNIOR FACES 43' 'Qi' .arse 'K I f -. ws-r , . 4 - . 7. miuxellf if Fifi? ' . E53 X , sf E-if: -: ' 'M " ff , . ' ' .1 N ?. , w . "' - ffl on . V -'ff - "k.5:L..jf 1 .,., .f . ,g in W - r ILM- . ' V K. m p xgggygfgi . f r 1. ilfiifiiiffifkes mi is ft! A 4 in '- a N S X X ,QM ix N 'Q .. R ei wp 'wiv Rod Gunn Mary Barrett Kim Carson Ron Wilson Lois Williams Robert Landers Brian Johnson Sue North Melinda Bryant Chris Miller Jim McGuire Class officers: Secretary, Fran Snowg President, Bob Cooleyg Treasurer, Tom White. TE TH GRADE WCLASS OF '7 " Vice president, Stu Andersong Sponsor: Mr. David Budz ,gs -Q A A .f BM 2 'Lea xx K ft' if i 1 a .fi 5 - : Q KS s we J e -are g we Lf' Dave Raubeson Eddie Johnson Toby Trujillo Viola Beagle ig ff -Ci. SQ +5 A " :EQJFZ gf Q. Q Q R as Y Q oil x W- . 1 I k Q ef ' ,Q l W 6 iislfffwg B 1 W r t J 3. 1, - Q QM.. .. x X ig L x . M L X 51 'GR Pl Rl e 11 H' llalln Lux Q il - kk -we x t .:., . A Lxk. . . . 3 .. L Q X, 53 X X ,. X 'X I . Q f --f A 1 X , Q Janet Wheeler Jeff Steele Cheryl Weller Chuck Kutscher Randy Schmoker Debbie Gerber Joe Smith Linda Bowen Bob Cooley BOI1fliC MCKUH Tom Hazelwood Mike MOOI6 Randy Kleve Bert Powell Susan Haynes Dave Keener OPI-IOMORES 1 -W SOPHOMORES Karen McGuire Doug Wilson , Sherie Johnson ,. mg., Michelle Bryant s is Hayes Giggey V Ak b - . , Linda Mountjoy - 1 V Neil Barnett , I V ' Anne Stilson , ,,,, ,, . - Q f- Q 4, 6 ' "' 9. is ' Q , 1 RKQ so 'V f ,MN A -f in 3 313' 7' , kkykk r Z ,, Mr' is . EL s 4 ' 'ww f ig: . '91 ' N in n " w'f3 A .ae 1. .Q 'fm rf 'L - , r an , , or 'Q - '.1', - P1 M -:iz ,L . L Q 5 , 1,131 L- 1 f' . I . 1 ' K - 5' ' ir, v 4 'i f , 'S A , Lg? ,Q Q an ,N ,,. , ,f U gg.:-I' , Q . . '47 .sl ff 41 ' .4 N , ' u E s 1557 M er-1 X K J J .Q ' - 1 . fs I x - i ff or Q fr s 5, -fs r , 4' Stu Anderson WLM me 'Sf x .K ,. . Q' 1 ,Q fir ! . ,rr vgS'fG,f?:,,.:'5?i5'f??Plai4"W:i,Z 2 .,V,,,. , , . le 3 gyafii 21-vS52a,sif1'f: ' ' ' :P:5g'55fie'Q?il5,. ff wire, ,. wa W ' 1 " frgksqggar 1 Q , ,:E'Q."'57: :-'wif f . 5 we ' -- THE IDDLE YEAR Dan Platt Bill Buchala LeAnn Sharkey Ben Fresquez Michelle Bryant Stan Waitkus Fran Snow Jerry Schamens Kerrel Bell Cheryl Briels Tom White Debbie Tyler Joyce Dansdill 1-wi Q We A... : ,af .Z ? .3 533 Q 625, 5552? Y X we 4-'P ' 5 ya 5 .,,5f I .,., 3 53 5 ff ,Q 4 F RESI-IM N gl f-qgn r K L ,,, M 1 -, 'z ' ., ,,g:5LE5'i"v4TYfW , M h We - ' ,A I ' H ,, f1,',.-"np 4 p A .w1?:6?22 ' -'ws,f,1wY'7 -ws,wfs?Ts -. ,,,, V , W if W ' si QL K f , 2:7 5553 l - i ,ga Q A , il li Debbie John Steve Cline Renae Conn Maureen Maloney Debbie Ames Ron Shaffer Mark Smith Phyllis Snavely Jon Manz Darlene Lemons Mike Bowker Carla Strohmeyer Terri Gerber Jill Glasser 9 C i , ., ,mr J 515 .V A we ,. F 4 AP' Cathy Ryden Ray Willis Elaine Brownlee Scott Mayhew Tara Bunn Linda Laffen Phyllis Snavely Dale Schamens Nicki Adair Mike Archuleta Christine Giggey Cindy McGuire :X a 5 , 356 M 4 ,pe 4 I i ..,, ' F g A X Xa 8 ,Q E X' lem x X S afar sg -fm. ' ,V ,aj - awww! ' I 1 L--. . i r-Q -' 1 , xg X x -: ,iiisgafl , -if ,j".,.,f5- ji, i ' 52 s 3? wx Q , M N, 531mg fi fa, i Q Q My 1. 'W LW rift 1 5 5? sw THE EIGHTH GRADE: . was . . L - . r Q if M hge' ' - viii! R we Q W 1 . -izfgig - Margaret Anderson Tim Logan Karen Briels Lyle Wheeler Shirley Willis Pam Robinson John Bernard John Simpson Roger Moore Teri Williams Tom Stilson Bill Bryant Margarette Landers Brad Eaton Suzanne Thompson Sue Vasicek Suzi Cooley Desiree Kline Doug Mountjoy Becky Mayhew Scott Pay Bill Laffen , Q X fs is Na S1352 .gag f A was 'g rm gn .. X if " gif S Sv-5. . ui ,sk X , -- 'Q 41 Lg Ha A fi X 353 Q fr ,Q Ni X Q Wi 1 f as + x xl is sf 5 . 5 s r sr - ' ' so K V W ef: sr, - 5 is i i 7 CTV y Q E J la J' ,Ars ,Q J fl X Ili Q iN 'ii mi V .s2: -Y-11.2, fisikirls " il . ' S.. fair: . ig X 5 AQ SN xxx ,Q ii ss 1 ,. . 5 ,.,L i . f . : o l 'Q Y I 'F , 'H at sg 5 'Q .fn ii 4 5 X X ik M sis 163225 'Bs N QNQKQ is , ii' in as Q X I .J H ., S 1 . , K , 2, is or ' E i ,, N A Ei. nad! mgvwvv 'W CLASS OF '75" B18 of 1, 5,-if fi: lT"f?7wgvf?1'i,ai't?lQAf. ,ye ,MQ 63' yviyagrqa ' ,' ,V We f 'i12re81?f f ff- rw- f- we ,AQ K 4.l,,,-,JE .r L, ,W .fi-Wy': 7 J f , . f1f "27 je, X sf ...-X 5 ., , 1,-1 I V 51,57 N. , V .M ' "5,,.x.4-J'-1: .Q n'a'a,n,'.-4 ,",' .' ' ' .4-,a, ., 1 1 N ' ,Q 7 ' ' 3115! R' ' 'V ' ':, ,L -' V J M5 5 6 2 ,255 i 6 A win Y f Jrfrl' 4 ' I it 1 ' 9 fi. x A ,W ' kk 2 r . . ,, .g el, B xl 5 -1 a pl' Y ' f ' 0 SKK' QQ x. fr! K Q QE f , ,gui 'Q -6 gf , 4?',Jgi Q ga-1 :QM rf- K, at . .-,.,., . . ,gp Q , ln I 1 r 'sux QW. , .n -.0 "' 5.-.." - ,., . -4- -.. -' A-"' .:.. .. sg. ', as Q s Q .4 0 n u .' 1 ., 3,0 .alan ,fn 4 1 . i. . . 1 Q. . ' 3. .-q'.,.,-,: , 1- s"a.-'-'.-- '.. 1's"c ','u-'Off I fo, fh 7. fi l is . RI! tl? C+ 5 rw ,abby .Ate ga t Q 1,5 hw ,L 19? ggi gg salma 'iw ' 'if ff 1 .. +169 . wi Monica Maloney Dan Snavely David Nett 7 L Mark Keeney 2 Barbara Bowen A s Rusty Rorie un Jerry Burkhart Paul Fresquez Mike Megill John Cline Janice Heide Alice Haselwood Gary Petersen Rick Buchalla ,, ,,. -ff 1 ,Af . .au df, Al 1 S , Assisi , .a Q V. ci,. A all V4 B ' V JV2z:,,ir 'R' ,W ' A ,Q f , .,,r,w,,. . ' za- ' ' V 'ff f , 4 T 'A 4 is be Jeff Bunn Richard Adair Larry Brooks Dale Reinoehl ,VV . , Linda Schamens , 1 ,-LA s Terri Crandall Bobby Nusbaum Class Officers: , fb , Desiree Kline-Pres. V Lyle Wheeler-V. Pres. 'V Alice Haselwood-Sec. li ' 'K ' 'ffl' 'Dm M W e Linda Schamens-Treas. Student Council Rep.: v N L X 5 Monica Maloney ,B L Y Tom Stilson Xi 4 ' Sponsors: ' Miss Donna Schaper A l ' Mrs. Kaye Mores ' A tffmb ' A Q if 'apr ,- .c,, is ' 3 f " l X ,i.w"L spat THE SEVENTH GRADE: Cindy Rugg Jim Smith Gwen Norton Tony Brekken J - X Shirley Giggey V A Dan Cowdery L, 5' , Andrea Geist f m Dan Bell A - -J , 0 2, Linda Sharkey -.. Cathy Anderson tk' 'Q :rf Mike Luckow " ,,,. .' Kevin Froese 4A Lori Cronin , V Q i Mike Rance ., ik: X Dean Halbert ATX ' KW. t N S Charles Landers V I . -- 1 Qs f 1 K' Rockey Rorie X Bill Ferrell Jeanine Whitney , Diane Crandall Bob Arbaugh fa- R-'if Q el fh Class Officers: J W' --ilq Bob Bryant-Pres. gi - J if E, Eddie Kline-V. Pres. f fj Jean Brownlee-Sec. -1 '- . S John Donovan-Treas. f Student Council Rep.: fi E Penny Archuleta V Rockey Rorie x ' Sponsors: Miss Lila Harris N Mr. Don Wiken '.':' Quu- 5 L H H it ings tg Q -1:t . ' . ., .lts i , 3 - Qs igglgzf if 1 -. .sky .Q"Q J J -Q? x X j i 3 Q K N4 f WCLASS OF '76" X2 is x 193 6. Q BX e K x 5,4 .V f-. fs aw? 9 .. rt? Janice Jensen John Donovan Jean Brownlee Cris Cooley Kay Dickinson Brett Platt Paula Pogue Joe Gerber Carla Duncan John Von Hayden Chuck Wilson Penny Archuleta Janet Adair Mike Cline Joan Brownlee Mike Sparn Bob Bryant Laverne Calhoon Kurt Carlson Paris Hall Carrie Bertram Eddie Kline Not Pictured: Shawn Green lr i y l .. . -Q' fc"'?PI A ' I K in .A 1 if V Xi X' i n if . E, J 3 1 'jg " M P M y Z - xnxx ,X Q ..,. E PX X s 'Wi as J -4 EH fsck ir 4 ng A, ie. Z s te J ix ix ,Num , is SENIOR ACCO PLISHMENTS MARTY ANDERSON: Cadet Teacher 4. ANN BARRETT: Chorus l,2: Cadet Teacher 3,4: Class Treasurer 1. SAM BOWKER: Football l,2,3,4: Bas- ketball l,2,3,4: N-Club 1,2,3,4:I.A. Club 3,4: All-Conference Football 4: All-State Football 4: Ski Club l,2,3,4: Rifle Club l,2,3,4: Chorus l,2,3: An- nual Staff 2,3: Paper Staff 3,4: Class Vice President 1:N-Club Representa- tive 1,4: Most Valuable Player, Foot- ball 3: Most Valuable Back, Football 2,3: Boys' State 3. KEN CLARKE: Annual Staff 3: Paper Staff 3. DENNIS COWDERY: Football l,2,3, 4: Basketball l,2,3,4: Track 3: All- Conference Football 4: Ski Club 2,3,4: Chorus 3: Cadet Teacher 4: N-Club Vice President 4. JOHN DHYNE: Football l,2: Annual Staff 4: Paper Staff 3. KEVIN FITZNER: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball 2: Basketball Mgr. 2,3,4: N- Club l,2,3,4: Band l,2: Chorus l,2: Annual Editor 4: Paper Staff 3,4: Ca- det Teacher 4: Class President 4: Class Secretary 3, N-Club Secretary 4. GLORIA FRESQUEZ: Pep Club l,2: Chorus l,2: Cadet Teacher 4. JERRY GERBER: Paper Staff 4. New student. SOPHIA GIGGEY: Pep Club l,2: Band l,2: Chorus l,2,3: Drama Club 4: Cadet Teacher 4. JIM HODGE: Football l,2: Basketball l,2,4: A-Club l,2: Ski Club 3,4:Paper Staff 4: Cadet Teacher 4. ERIC JOHNSON: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3,4: N-Club l,2,3,4: I.A. Club 3,4: Track l:All-Conference Football 4: Ski Club l,2,3: Band 1: Chorus 3: Paper Staff 4: Drama Club 3: Cadet Teacher 4: Class President l,2: Class Secretary 4: Class Vice President 3: Student Council President 3,4: Stu- dent Council Vice President l: Student Council Rep. 2: State Student Council President 3: NASC Delegate 3. KENT KEENER MARY MALONEY: Cheerleader 3,4: Pep Club l,2,3,4: Ski Club l,2,3,4: Rifle Club l,2: Chorus 2,3: Paper Staff l,3,4: Drama Club 3,4: Cadet Teacher 3: Class President 3: Class Secretary 1: Class Treasurer 2: Student Council Vice President 3: Student Council Treasurer 4: Student Council Rep. 2. CHRISTINE MCCOLLUM: Cheerlead- er 4: Pep Club l,2,3,4: Ski Club 2: An- nual Staff 3: Paper Staff 2,3,4: Busi- ness Mgr. 3: Cadet Teacher 3,4: Stu- dent Council Secretary 4: Class Secre- tary 2: Student Council Rep. 3: Pep Club Vice President 3. CARLENE MEREDITH: Cheerleader 4: Pep Club l,2,3,4: Ski Club 3: Paper Staff 2: Homecoming Queen 3: Class President 2: Class Treasurer 3: Class Vice President 2: Pep Club Rep. 2,3: Pep Club Vice President 2: Pep Club President 3. PAT MEGILL: Football Mgr. 4: N- Club 4: Ski Club 2: Rifle Club 2: Cadet Teacher 4: Rifle Club Vice President 3. SAM MILLER: New Student. RHONDA RORIE: Pep Club 4: Cho- rus 3: Drama 4: Cadet Teacher 4: Stu- dent Council Rep. 4. TOM STROHMEYER: Band l,2,3: Choir l,2,3. JOHN TRUJILLO: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball Mgr. l,2,3,4: N-Club l,2,3, 4: I.A. Club 3,4: All-Conference Foot- ball 4: Student Council Rep. 4: Mason- ic Award 3: Cadet Teacher 4: Class President 4: N-Club President 4:Chorus l,2: Annual Staff 3,4: Paper Staff 3,4. KATHY TOBIN: Pep Club 1: Ski Club 3: Chorus 3: Cadet Teacher 1,4: Gym- nastics 3. STEVE WAITKUS: Paper Staff 4. New Student. SUE WHEELER: Pep Club l,2,4: Ski Club 2,3,4: Paper Staff 2,3,4: Paper Editor 3: Drama Club 4: Cadet Teach- er 4: DAR Award 4: Masonic Award 3: Class Secretary 3: Student Council Rep. l,2,4. Abaugh, Robert 44 Adair, Janet 45 Adair, Nickey 15,41 Adair, Richard 15,22,43 Ames, Debbie 17,22,40 Anderson, Cathy 44 Anderson, Eric 8,1 3,18,34 Anderson, Margaret 15,42 Anderson, Marty 32 Anderson, Stewart 8,13,21,36,38 Archuleta, Mike 41 Archuleta, Penny 19,22,45 Barrett, Ann 32 Barrett, Mary 17,24,35 Barnett, Neil 38 Beagle, Viola 22,37 Bell, Dan 44 Bell, Kerrell 8,l0,13,18,19,39 Bertram, Carrie 45 Bernard, John 42 Bowen, Barbara 43 Bowen, Linda 37 Bowker, Bill 34 Bowker, Mike 40 Bowker, Sam 8,12-14,18-22,23-25,29 Brekken, Tony 44 Briels, Cheryl 39 Briels, Karen 42 Brock, Wendi Brooks, Larry 43 Brownlee, Elaine 17,41 Brownlee, Jean 45 Brownlee , Joan 45 Bryant, Bill 42 Bryant, Bob 45 Bryant, Melinda 16,17,25,35 Bryant, Michelle 17,19,38,39 Buchalla, Bill 42 Buchalla, Rick 43 Bunn, Jeff 22,43 Bunn, John Bunn, Tara 17,22,43 Burkhart, Jerry 43 Calhoon, LaVern 22,45 Carlson, Kurt 22,45 Carson, Kim 35 Clarke, Ken 32 Cline, John 43 Cline, Mike 45 Cline, Steve 40 Conn, Renae 19,22,40 Cooley, Bob 8,10,11,l3,18,36,37 Cooley, Cris 45 I DEX Cooley, Suzi 42 Coughlin, Ron 8,1 1-14,18,19,25,34,35 Cowdery, Dan Cowdery, Dennis Crandal, Diane Crandal, Terri Cronin, Lori Dansdill, Joyce Dhyne, John Dickinson, Kay Donovan, John Duncan, Carla Eaton, Brad Ferrell, Bill Fitzner, Kevin Fresquez, Ben Fresquez, Gloria Fresquez, Paul Froese, Kevin Geist, Andrea Gerber Gerger, Gerber Gerber 3 3 7 Debbie Jerry Joe Terri Giggey, Christine Giggey, Hayes Giggey, Shirley Giagey, Glasser, Sophia Jill Grant, John Green, Shawn Gunn, Rod Hall, Paris Harbert, Dean Hazelwood, Alice Hazelwood, Tom Haynes, Susan Heide, Janice Hodge, Jim Holgate, Bill Jensen, Janice John, Debbi John, Terri Johnson, Brian Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Dave Johnson, Eddie 22,44 8,14,l8,3l 44 43 44 17,39 21,23,24,30 45 45 45 18,42 22,44 8,9,2 1 ,24,29 39 29 43 l5,22,44 44 17,25,35 29 45 17,40 22,41 38 44 30 17,40 8,l8,34 35 22,45 44 43 18,37 22,37 43 l3,18,2l,28 13 22,45 17,40 17,33,34 8,9,l8,24,35 38 34 37 Johnson, Eric 8,11,13,14,18-2l,25,30 Juul, Becky 24,26,33,34 Keener, David 8,13,l8,37,38 Keener, Kent 28 Keeney, Mark 43 Kleve, Randy 37 Kline, Desiree Kline, Eddie Kutscher, Chuck Laffen, Linda Laffen, Bill Landers, Charles Landers, Margarette Landers, Robert Lemons, Darlene Lemons, Teresa Logan, Tim Lougee, Bobbie Lovinger, Bill Luckow, Mike Maloney, Margaret Maloney, Maureen Maloney, Mary Maloney, Monica Manz, Jon Mayhew, Becky Mayhew, Scott 42 45 22,37 41 42 44 42 35 17,40 l7,2l,25,34 42 34 35 22,44 17,19,34 17,40 16,l7,19,21,32 19,43 40 18,42 18,41 McCollum, Chris l6,17,19,21,24,30 McCollum, Harvey McGuire, Cindy 17,41 McGuire, Jim 15,27,33 McGuire, Karen 17,38 McKim, Bonnie 37 Megill, Mike 43 Megill, Pat 8,18,31 Meredith, Carlene 16,17,30 Miller, Chris 8,18,35 Miller, Sam 31 Moore, Mike 37 Moore, Roger 42 Mountjoy, Doug 22,42 Mountjoy, Linda 21,22,38 Nett, David 43 North, Sue 17,35 Norton, Gwen 44 Nusbaum, Bobby Nusbaum, Jerry 8 Pay, Scott 42 Peterson, Gary 43 Platt, Brett 18,22,45 Platt, Dan 13,15,22,39 Pogue, Paula 22,45 Powell, Bert 37 Rance, Mike 44 Rankin, Dawn 17,25,33,34 Raubeson, Dave 8,13,18,24,26,37 Raubeson, Gary Reinoehl, Dale 43 Robinson, Keith 34 Robinson, Pam Rorie, Rockey Rorie, Rhonda Rorie, Rusty Rugg, Cindy Ryden, Cathy Ryden, Mike Schaffer, Ron Schamens, Dale Schamens, Jerry Schamens, Linda Schmoker, Randy Sharkey, Lee Ann Sharkey, Linda Simpson, John Smith, James Smith, Joe Smith, Mark Smith, Randy 22,42 19,44 l7,27,3l 43 44 22,41 20,35 40 41 39 22,43 37 39 44 42 22,44 l3,22,37 l5,22,40 34 Sanvely, Dan Snavely, Karen Snavely, Phyllis Snow, Dave Snow, Fran Sparn, Mike Steele, Jeff Stilson, Anne Stilson, Tom Strohmeyer, Carla Strohmeyer, Tom Thompson, Suzanne Tobin, Kathy Tobin, Patricia 22,43 l7,22,34 40,41 19,21,26,36,39 22,45 8,37 38 19,42 40 28 42 22 Tfuj1110,J01m 8,14,18,19,20,23,29 Trujillo, Toby Turner, Joe Turner, Lynette Tyler, Debra 13,37 34 17,39 vaS1Cek,M1ke 15,18,19,21,22,26,33 Vasicek, Susan VonHayden, John Waitkus, Stan Waitkus, Steve Weller, Cheryl Wheeler, Janet Wheeler, Lyle Wheeler, Sue White, Tom Whitney, Jeanine Williams, Lois Williams, Teri Willis, Ray Willis, Shirley Wilson, Charles Wilson, Doug Wilson, Ron 34 18,42 22,45 39 31 17,37 17, 1 8,37 42 17,19,32 l5,22,36,39 22,44 22,35 22,42 41 42 38 35 J

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