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,gil HOME, OF 2 3 WE,THE NUGGET STAFF of l97O, proudly dedicate this yearbook to 22 men who contributed over three months of sweat, blood, and even tears to help bring a feeling of accom- plishment and, more importantly, pride, back to N.H.S. We dedicate this book to . . . 0 R FIGHTING FOOTB LL TE POISE and PRIDE became synony- mous With PANTHERS this year. Where the team went, so went the spirits of N.H.S. We thank you, Pan- thers, for starting a snowball of PRIDE that can only gain momentum rolling through the years. From the first double-session summer practice in 90 plus Weather, Through the excited screams and cheers of loyal Panther fans. Through the cries of "Number One" And the locker room chorus ofthe Panther victory song, "Yellow Submarine Through the unearthly sound of cleats On the cement floor of a dead silent locker room after the last game, The men wore the colors of our school In a way they had never before been worn, With a stately elegance And masterful know-how That made them shine for everyone to see. ..,......--..--f-407' : I ililr xc N XM? 'ifmk ' nf M.i,,,a .ani Www? 'f""""f-M . . , , W . 47 ,, KU 'I A , ,,,,f W W, . I ,xX, ,M ,.,xx Q.1 A A i X N X - mi' X Qxwwiam. .-Q .f, FW - ,tm I 5 "Q ,S , .1 I h s .7 .VXQ4 ' L. Z fy M f? ,Z f 1- U THLETICS Q' :. .9 yz? U , Q 4 5 si 1 t 1- 1 fr, -.-'--vffsg - gi gs I . S2 fiaf X ., I, .,.45,, 3. .. -4: ,. X 'X 'P .' ,Q . Q fy, A 11 'Pg' ,, .5 vi YQ-- Q sq' ,' 1 ,J ,f L HS.-,X ' .3 -,513 ,,g: ',-4 lg.- . in 4 , I 'f:"???i, " fftnxfi-wi' T , - . f . x ,Lg :E-3, 'fi Y. W-5'v....: p n:z.w-bf' " yn ., fn 1 ,W tally. 3 - ,-Q5-. gl.. .f -Ab, Q- ff , fill, .rwlgyvfb 'mf - , lk 4: f . W. A5 1' V ,Q . ,9- J-.I 99, I YSVM, f- Uk 4 ". .15 'i'?Y"r ff Yzi 5 ft ffi ...AND THE PANTHERS NARCHED oN... NEDERLAND vs Loouour MT. +4-iz NEDERLAND vs BYERS 112-4, NEDERLRND vs F'AxRPLA-H 'le-12 NEDERLAND .Is pcb bb-12 Naoemawb vsBENMETT 42-8 NEDERLAND Us STRASBuRG 30-o I 4' ,K . I 4 I "' x These: :fa ss ' 4 i 1 3 ! 1 ik- .-A To THE lu g ! CHAVIPIUNSHIP I X s 'W if f i 5 I K 1 'Br O W ff, W5 Nw ,, '41 at-My wgvmwfw W . ,af WI' A M J! am, ,Q , UM: v U WM, THE noso SEAson E E , - A STEP AVAY mom svn: ERLAND VSILLIFF 20-42 "THERE IS NO PRI M- ROSE PATH THAT LEADS JEAN on LA FONTAINE TO GLORY' ew wg Pr D , I ,I . ff-1522 ., ,. M rl NJ Q M Ji ll g, 1 G Oxwb f ' 5 , md. K QQ ,..-alll . N.. i 5 x Q A 1 . .-kk :ii 7 6 QR ,, A gf K Sk w Q5 SQ YY X N iq 3 i V5 Qi Q ' ,A X ,R Qx ..c ! W C 'ff ' f Qi "-lm pf' ffibwv I 19? 5 9 52,5 m T S mf 4,1 f - ,cf-' it al ,W Spin f gf V! fr 1 M, , 4 , 'gm f V -if V V' I 3 14-ffYf51ZiZ52f H Z' 7 235 ff V 7' fy kf f A , 7g ,5 4 ,J ,,,, , I f,'. f W, W i , A x ' I 71,1 fifj , - 2' 2551 . . - -wan W .gy f lf 54 ",,,,41.-mal-, ,ff ,J 2 4' , ' r ,, if w L avr 15 5 gif l 1 L7 'w c 8 S KX 1 3 4 M K x gffi 4 5 ex V A 1 ffvig Q Ni Q 3 UNIOR HIGH BASKET B LL ,, ,,,,,,, ., ,W,,ff,,, , , , ' W L,,4,, 4,,4, , Q, , , Li 32 Nederland 26 Nederland 24 Nederland 33 Nederland 55 Nederland 48 Nederland 'iligiif' ,f ' th , ' rllld lrl W W J, , if f 'E - X . 5,, nfl 9illlfVs. Lafayette 57 49 Nederland 48 Nederland 42 Nederland 54 Nederland 43 Nederland 25 Nederland 9th Vs. Centennial 38 9th Vs. Burbank 26 9113, Vs. Baseline 52 9,tH Vs. Casey 44 Qtli Vs. Lafayette 64 W " CLUB OF 970 S 5 9 Q 9th 9th 9th 7tli 7th 7th Vs. Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Louisville I5 Southern Hills 5l Louisville 69 Louisville 15 .Centennial 44 .Centennial 29 ik 'gs , Q22 , QW. A QI H.S. PEP SKI CL B Ns 'u 141 A fi 3 I . 2 r 4' 1. M Y Palm if , is j. Q. A fi , Student Council president Eric Johnson, and his campaign manager Rock Sorensen, fought a hard election battle at the State Council Convention to Win the office of State Stu dent Council President. The Student Council is the elected link between the Ad- ministration and the student body. lt is instrumental in the successful functioning of all student affairs. Miss Marjorie Baron acted as sponsor for the group during the first se- mester. Second semester sponsor was Mr. Jerry Buck. 'I8 Q 1 ' UPPERCLASS OFFICERS 1 CLASS OFFICERS '73, '74, 975 A X ,mv-'P QS ffgiekff J., . ,J xx Q I 5 ? Z K .Mari 5 N'-W Diana Glasser, Rock Sorensen, and Debbie formed the panel of editors for the 1970 NUGGET. Kevin Fitzner served as business manager. ,. -.s1iG3iLSs1Sf5f5L1sni555?AS?5"9.-1 sg: NUGGET D P PER STAFF, 1970 WN. Under the direction of Editor Susan Wheeler, the PANTHERS PURR be came an award-Winning school news- paper. Published bi-weekly on the 30 'lvl ,V mimeograph, the paper circulated 425 copies amongjunior and senior high school students, townspeople, exchange schools, and grade school students. MUSIC 1970 U S A 'fx uw.'- -4- , ' 1 S -J Q K , . A 1 . ,V r. -5-151. , f .- .i"",,w urn: vt' -Q ii ' .-- . ,, 'I 'r',,1'?"--' -1 ' sf " - V: . A '- M,n2g'f-ggi, ig- 1:fneSfX.,., diff ' -32? , A . f 1' .- zgfieif:-'.3a.:'M13??l 5 .-gfiihggf 1- .5 if . M .ggfg.V:3- , -I-" 'ef 9. i1 -Q.. - """fS '2'g-o" ,W-"':'4" 1' 1 AA ,iz ,. '1 9. .x-ff. ,Lv R-- 'Af-5 45? Tr-. ':', ,'1'-"'- " ', . -if 1 P . Lv, f. -.,-4, r A x, ,A ,- Pf5F'E1.'k"j:f-,-3,1-Q:1"1f-"-5Vf.5.g a.,f. , ,jf 2- 4:2 Sh, . L - ' f.f,',-: 1-ij' Li:-..5s. .311-'af QWYV., ' . ,-'ji vi - 1 4,1 - lx". , ..,'-v .,. 'ff L., -,fa ' .,Q'Y :v1,. v ,,g,-.-.av n f.. .., -3' 1,1 F? f 1 k . ,kg I 'Chi in-v, 'Q 1 in 1: ROCK SORENSEN . . . is the Don Juan of the ski slopes . . . Football 1,2,4g Bas- ketball 1,3g Track 4, "N" Club l,2,3,4g Student Council 1,23 Workshop Dele- gate for State Student Council 1gCam- paign n'1anager4State Student Council Convention 3,4g Annual Staff 2, Annual Editor 4, Ski Club 3,4g Drama Club 3,4. MARK MAYHEW . . . is the quiet type, who thinks before he speaks, but when he does everyone listens . . . Football l,2, 3,4g I.A. Club 2,3,4g Rifle Club V. Pres. 2, Class Pres. 3, Ski Club 4, Drama CLub 4, All-Conference football 4. DIANA GLASSER . . . Our blond bomb shell has participated in . . . Pep Club 1,2 3,43 Pep Club V. Pres. 4, Sec. 33 Paper Staff 1,4, Drama Club 1,3g Teen Club 1, 2, Annual Editor 4, Photographer 4, Jamboree Lady-In-Waiting 2, Jamboree Queen 3. W MR. BUDZ . . . the Senior Class Sponsor, attended Proviso High School in May- wood, Illinois. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Bradly University in Peoria, lllinois. We, the Senior Class of 1970, would like to thank him for his help and the work he has done for our benefit. D,ANNA ARCHULETA . . .is the serious type. At least she's always telling every- one she's serious . . .Pep Club l,2g Teen Club l,2,4g Chorus 1gRifle Club lgPaper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. A OF '70 ,sa- .L TOM CHAPMAN . . . has entertained his classmates for the past three years and has kept them laughing . . . Football 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track lg"N,' Club 1, 2,3,4g Paper Staff 2,3,4g Annual Staff 3, 4, Drama Club 4, All-Conference foot- ball 4. DEBBIE FORBES . . . is probably the loudest of the oldest, but you have to be loud to be heard above the roar in the Senior Class . . .Pep Club l,4g Drama Club 1,3g Chorus 1,4g Teen Club 1,45 Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. CLASS THE BIG YEAR LINDA RYPLEWSKI . . . is one of the outgoing Seniors . . .Pep Club l,Cheer- leader 2,3,41 Head Cheerleader 3,4g Band l,2g Homecoming Attendant 2,3,4g Ski Club 3,4g Drama Club Tres. 4, Chorus 4, Class Sec. lgClass V. Pres. 3g League Stu- dent Council Rep. 33 Masonic Award 3, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4. KIRK BRAUN . . . is popular with all the girls at N.H.S .... Football 1,2,3,4, Bas- ketball I,2,3,4g Track l,3,4g "N" Club I, 2,3,4, Class Sec. 2g Ski Club 3,4g I.A. Club 3,4g Drama Club 4, All-Conference Foot- ball 3,4. mi, "l"Ill.ZY ROBERTA SULLIVAN . . .has been around for twelve years spreading laughter throughout N.H.S ..., Cheerleader l,2,3, 4gChorus 1.4, Drama Club lgV. Pres. Teen Club lgPaper Staff 4, Homecoming Attendant 2,43 Annual Staff 4. BILL BUCK . . .is the outdoor type, maybe that explains why he is usually late for school . . .Basketball I,2g Football manager 1.2, Rifle Club l,2g I.A. Club 2, 3,4g HNF Club 2,3,4. MOLLIE SARTIN . . .came to N.H.S. as a Freshman and since then she has devel- oped many other interests . . .Pep Club 1 2g Cheerleader 3,4g Homecoming Queen 3, Paper Staff 2.3, Class Tres. 3,4g Student Council Rep. 4g Ski Club 4, Chorus 4, Drama Club Sec. 4. 9 ALLENE SMITH . . . came to N.H.S. as a Senior. She had previously attended Ned- erland in elementary school . . . Pep Club 4. JOHN JUUL . . .gets things done . .. Football 3,43 Basketball l,3g HN" Club 2, 3,43 Rifle Club 1,23 Ski Club 2,3,4g An- nual Staff 4, Ski Racing Team l,2,3g Rac- ing Camp l,2,3. STEVE WHITE . . . is another of our brilliant Seniors. He has contributed to our school in such areas as . . . Basketball STEVE RILEY . . . is the biggest of the Seniors at N.H.S. . . Football manager lg Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g "N" Club 2,3g Student Council Rep. 1,2,3g Annual Staff 1 g Paper Staff 1 3 Class Pres. 4gAl1-Conference football 4g State Stu- dent Council discussion leader 4. 2,3 ,4g Track 2,4g MNH Club 3,43 Annual Staff 2,3g Ski Club 2,3,4g Band l,2,3g Class Sec. 3g Masonic Award 3. MARILYN SNAVELY . . .always man- ages to say the right thing at the Wrong time . . .Pep Club l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3, 4g Band l,3g Ski Club 3,4g Drama Club 3. THE EW DEC DE GARY KING . . . is the musical typeg he came to N.H.S. as a sophomore and has added a beat to the Senior class . . . Chorus 2,3,4. JANE HASELWOOD . . . and her faith- ful Herbrina have turned N.H.S. into a local speedway . . . Pep Club 1,2,3,4g An- nual Staff 2,3g Paper Staff l,2,3g Drama Club 2,3,4g 4-H lgTeen Club 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 3,4g Chorus 43 Jamboree Lady-in- Waiting 3g Jamboree Queen 43 Cadet Teacher 4. ERIC HAHN . . .was quiet until he met Mary, then he came alive . . . Basketball 2g I.A. Club 2,3,4. SHARON SCHAMENS . . .is one of the more serious Seniors. She has been around N.H.S. for twelve years and that's enough to make anyone serious . . .Pep Club 1,23 Band 1,23 Chorus lgSpanish 1. THE FACES CONNIE ISMOND . . .came to N.H.S. at the beginning of this year. . . Pep Club 4. MIKE MALONEY . . . transferred here from Canyon City Abbey hisjunior year. His smile and athletic ability have set the pace for N.H.S. . . Football 3,4g Basket- ball 3,4g HN" Club 3,4g Track 3,4g Stu- dent Council Rep. 33 Paper Staff 3g An- nual Staff 3g Ski Club 4g Drama Club 4g All conference football 4. KATHY JOHNSON . . . is the smallest of the Seniors, but for her size she sure makes big noises . . .Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff l,2,3g Band 1gTeen Club 1, 2,3,4g Drama Club 2,3g Youth Group lg Chorus 4. CHRIS BRIELS . . .can talk the ears off anyoneg notice all the students in the halls without ears? . . . Football 3,4. PEGGY GUNN . . . Because ofa certain guy, Peg lights the halls of N.H.S. with a certain glow . . .Pep Club 1,2,3,4gTwir1er 2,3g Homecoming Queen 23 Chorus Ig Ski Club 3g Paper Staff 2g Annual Staff 2g Student Council 2g Annual Editor 3g F.S.A. 4g Class Sec. 4g Jamboree Lady-in Waiting 4. LINDA KUTSCHER . . .who is some- times referred to as "the married ladyw, is a step ahead of her original classmates who will graduate in 1971. She will graduate in August of 1970 . . . Class Pres. 2. TIM TYLER . . . a whiz at math and science, has helped more than one of his classmates through these difficult courses . . . Football manager 2,3g Basketball 2,3, 4g HN" Club 2g Paper Staff l,2,4g Rifle Club 1. SENIORS CLARK WILLIAMS. . .came to N.H.S. as a Junior and has participated in . . . Football 45 Annual Staff 43 Ski Club 4. FRANCES LOWE . . . transferred to N.H.S. in January from Lakewood Christian in Denver. She is better known to her fellow students as "Gidget.', 'Qiir STEVE BROOKS . . . is the quiet type in class, but out of class he is a different story . . .4-H Pres. lg Class V. Pres. 3,4. HELEN CHRISTOPHER . . . is another of our studious Seniors. She has been in- volved in such areas as . . .Pep Club 3,4g Paper Staff 3,4g Annual Staff 4g F.S,A. 43 Cadet Teacher 4. BOBBIE JOHNSON . . . has not been at N.H.S. long but she is a cheerful person and is fun to be around . . .Pep Club 4g 4-H 43 Chorus 45 Youth Group 4g Paper Staff 4. ROSEMARY BEAGLE . . . has been at N.H.S. since the beginning of her Fresh- man year. During this time she partici- pated in . . .Chorus l,2,3,4. CHRISTINE CLARK. . . came to N.H.S. as a Sophomore from North High in Denver. Since then she has been involved in such areas as. . .Pep Club 2,3,4g Chorus 2g 4-H 2,3,4g Paper Staff 4. SENIORS Q. sw A is KWF Sam Bowker Susan Wheeler Sophia Giggey i Pat Megill .. U. LGU- J ,X fer if i ' org Q ws x Roland Adair John Dhyne slgfrxyz, i,,g1,,qqw.,- : ,Q K. U Q - k.Lk n VV.L. Dennis Cowdery Eric Johnson e Kevin Fitzner Jeean Finney Everett Motz Carlene Meredith Christine . McCollum Mike Grant ff Q X ,L I i.L K. if " 'X J N E W is K an ' e 1 'rx K if vs .P -X1 95,5 ,. 2 pf. 'f ' sigilgif' r . ,. '--.vaggiei - 'X .- :: . Rap V f x .,,: .,,, ,.,. , , e ere a ee e www . -, 'If-,gf-,if-.Qp,Qw L K-:,.egfMw -,Q .r:.Z-fi,,f- in A-1-,as-i Mk.. ,.,, yr ..kk . , kk-,k ,IQ-We . .,k.., M :'2 eea .Q-we A Q ,li X 'SS' A if A X gb, ASQ ' 1.2 .',., K .,k Q,,?Q i fi.-:fr I. --kk gage, :ng -V . ..,kL. .,.. X K .Q zkrma. if or f3sS QZ3k fm if a ww . .3 iw s fi W S5 N X ' '-ai-xt:-?e - rbi.: N ,.., . X r N. .. . . X . N1 E g: Ii 3 as , N ng " QR +2 i , E x 3? S K . S ie , :ii in :Q if li XS i ri lx uhm Q Q A , 9 Tom Strohineyer Gloria Fresquez Marty Anderson Mary Maloney Jerry Fehler Gary Raubeson CLASS OF 1971 .xii av. wr ,CNR wager X A E uno- tg 4 'N Q Ronda Rorie Ken Clarke Dan Robinson John Trujillo Boone Rone Eleanor Smith Anne Barrett Kent Keener THE MIDDLE YEARS: SOPHO ORES SJ' fe i S s l0y,.,h K k N.. "' -We 3 Ms ' , -r sw, R v Ki - - i 1.231 X J it is ri J Q ,awe V, A -.., A , Rex et' Q " 3 5 3 YQ? F K 57 5555 -Q. age ss a s is' 5 ..- ep J 1 -'N Q K iitfif E1 t sei - t A L,E,E t L U J L 'I s rn, 'B .. R aef f I .. N K rj? . f-:QF 'livsir -a s 'R Alix: E M f we A X N 54 gl an ii? ,I 'iam J 4 QQ ' ,s W- Aff Y 5 f dt? gs in fi E.: .Q M X lm A.. 'if it. 4 " ,, if? A Tfii' 1 E EE st : wg vmn b 1 Qtbt , S AQAL it L K ' A si L . ff , , ilu- 4 ' ' '1 . ,im , K 7 . V Q sf-5 L, J i W it . Left: i . N X vi Q trim N, .W - L.. 344. 15 Qld i X, Nr! .Lx .. ,I im J -EK .-11. , Fx stil. W at 1 We W if V' -fi tg 5 if ' Buck Andrews Marc Bouchie Lynette Turner Bill Bowker Kim Carson Ron Coughlin John Grant Karen J uul Rod Gunn Bobbie Lougee Brian Johnson Margaret Maloney David Johnson Robert Landers Mary Barrett Eric Anderson Melinda Bryant Rick Lutz Terri John Keith Robinson Karen Snavely Mike Ryden Roy Schamens Charlotte Anderson Jim White Ron Wilson Lois Williams Bill Lovingier fNot Shownj UNDERCLASSMEN ik Y M W.. is 1 iv, 2, x A -Q , ,ww aw "' fs.: Minn 4 t 'Vw Z ' f X, any Kerrel Bell Anne Stilson Cheryl Weller Neil Barnett Dave Raubeson Janet Wheeler Janet Anderson John Bunn Tom Haselwood Audrey Cooley Bonnie McKim Bob Cooley Doug Wilson Sue Haynes Kathy Bahoravitch David Keener Randy schmokef ' ' 'I N'a,:zl":"Ix3':'::f'2i'S9'I"'..-" . J ,,tt..,., , ,.,.,.,,ii ,l,t, . V .y ff',,,:-1 , 4elmff'!'.zC' 1:5 4, A ' ' Cheryl Briels K r 'Zig -in e v. . Top row: Bottom row: Jim Brooks Sharon Nusbaum Jeannie Earnhart Jerry Nusbaum Jeff Steele Linda Bowen Fran Snow Jim Rone ' Lee Ann Sharkey Chuck Kutscher Joe Smith Eddie Johnson Debbie Tyler Steward Anderson ' A W.. Q , '55 ' wi ,Qf 1225 : A ky ' ' Q ' wg.-f ' 6' 4, w .s 59 , 1492922 fesgsif 2 931535 nent? 4 , 9 'Q .. Vis fl K "-.. A' , , aj , I ' ,Q 'si .Q 2 if 'Q if 1 y ,gal e in page g'j35l5q,'f, 'E , 5,7 , ls .M kwa, F 'Stew Q. ' ' iw 1 D e V V . qrggggw W , f ! if MV Wm avi' 9 I Q44 sb i r 8 " SK S ,L , .94 E W , ua? FS is F 1' 3 ff Wm, e,,, iff ,H W,,,,f ,.,, WW W , .H iw ' l rzifiw Wlti, 1 v K , ta , tif Hayes Giggey Linda Mountj oy Violia Beagle Bert Powell Danny Platt Mike Moore Benny Fresquez Randy Kleeve Tad Smith F rank Nored Toby Trujillo Jerry Scharnens Tom White Not pictured: Michelle Bryant at iv: jr: "" .. wi "k, ,,.,. ".,:: Vtfislfi - ,, V,,, i, . 2, it 'E as JZ , . if ff ,H fjzfr, . air , ' 5121511 J t 7 ,35 I X 5 1 i 54 iii' rl Y , ji, il , M isfta ft- A V,.v I ' wa X 0 if lj ' use A., ' "'4'?r' , -- ..,..,- , 5 V, " V 57 N., if . ik, 13113 B if .K ,, 'nk , 5211.5 Ziljisffs 'v. sf-1 4,5-i t gt, h.,,3,iql,,,, . 9 rm , ,, M2 ,V ,Q ,. . y , gg CLASS OF 197 3 M..--2 TH, STH, 9TH H VE MANY TAS is ,nl fb ..-'2 S ff at 4' rbi gw21fm- 6? I 4.12. XYX ..,,-.1 , , i fav-5 -,M ' V 3, .gn 4' V,', Q' ,H ., , fn Y ' 'F fn , V ""1 4 , 'm.,, n UNIOR HIGH: CLASS OF 1974 Vfainw A--,ia Y ,f ,- ,wil-Q7 lg i , ' " 'if .1 X R . - kwa! P mir, 1 h -i I 45 I HD Zia "' '23 1, ow' lm mn! ., :cf - E all ra " W' -, ,Q ii iw ,Y C lg' W J f ' ld S. , aa "' " sh i A X E '- 'W Q Q . ,K asf' ' , - 3 'a 'l , if ,W M . ! Q. 2 1 ,fx .--5. . -A A ,rf-. it 4 f if 'iw 58,31 s 6 n , c ,Li , 'A if . 3 , ai -'Q f l A if M M ,rs My r- ff ,i ' , X wav? .fs A -. , ., '.- Of ' he ,mu - ,155 775' I eg ' ,:., A "A 1, K: il V ' ,. ., 1 5' W fy K e. V, r 'T-FU i t 'lk -a V gs: :fix gg 5 af " ' a 5 N n, V .,, ,- -i .wi .1,,,as.u . . M, l A 1152 -'-'z f A QT' I S' , f ,, AVAI , WV. .,.: Q SL: C fr it L 5 'QQ Sigh M M . if M f fa S 3 1" ,plank rn! nw ,.....nsn nu - NJQQQ ' - -1:22, , " if C f L ' . iliiiy Nicky Adair Mike Archuleta Cathy Anderson Mike Bowker Leasa Berni Steve Cline Renae Conn William Holloway Becky Cooley Jonathan Manz Christine Giggey Scott Mayhew Jill Glasser Harvey McCollum Debbie John Ray Willis Denise Lutz Bob Nusbaum Maureen Maloney Dale Schamens Debbie Meredith Ron Shaffer Norma Ornelas Mark Smith i-,,f,',f,, v ' ,ua . KV ij . f ,C aw VY! ,txgawv V. V, K . if A mil ik "N , Hr 44W"'-WW' n',, g , w L Cathy Ryden Dave Snow Phyllis Snavely Linda Laffen Carla Strohmeyer Cathy Smith V , wif? ' , E L ff ' A ,.A:V . eil, .2 L1 ' - 3 N . Mf- , . 1 .. W ' N' rfaktezl X 4 in -Ye. ' rffifffi W ' 5 T. ,Q 5 R J I sl:- f .Q e. . E' ' D ,F fi BK 5 gf if X ., GS' E r . SJ ,Q X we I ri . Br- E tvezrf pf LA , x A E2 are I. Xxx A 3 3: warg- wa K i .lla Br 2 s 5 s i 'rt 'i J 1 5 Nq- ,ai iid is ll rv QW or P t, f E Margaret Anderson Richard Adair Barbara Bowen David Anderson Aimee Droege John Bernard Karen Briels John Cline Margarette Landers Larry Brooks Bill Bryant Suzi Cooley Brad Eaton Janice Heide Mark Keeney Desiree Kline Terrie Ismond Dan Snavely Roger Fehler Paul Fresquez THE BEGINNING YEAR ii . V .. . 7 A y r 'N ' sf Alice Haselwood 7 I f i , .1 .- QN- 4 ,x , is i Q Bill Laffen If SF of as-'S Q , Monica Maloney gy, 4 h Ac Q in ,Q yi W S Tim Logan Pam Robinson 7' 'S' L H' "- Ffed Smlfh -R T ' ..--yr., , ii.. Judy Smith S ni John Simpson J S ni 657- X f 'I' M X 8 1 Linda Schamens R ., Q Mike Megiii - we i G3 sg' Roger Moore -M '-.. 1 Shirley Willis ,J 3: 5 E fr 0 Teri Williams 1 if Rusty Rorie A of f' Q ai v H, i is ff, Becky Mayhew . ,Q S ,T y Tom Stilson b .Q ' ' Doug Mountjoy FQSSS ' Lyle Wheeler :i" ' ' rrir ' , ,f.i fu VM I A ,,,f-SEQ Dale Reinoehl ire 4 V I W Jeff Bunn 5, L Lf Pictured center: Q ii' Q5 S' 'M Gary Peterson A Suzanne Thompson ' R CLASS OF 1975 All ,N .W A 'fm if . My -. .. if mwulfm dx' A ,,.,e W W I ,K a s R! . ., V f ' ."'f"-I X 315- V :sp-. ' , : ig x A 2 -fi . aaa x .ag MIN ISTR TIO '21 .fggl WS is 1 5 im, W-. uf? A I "' ' 'gm 1 ,, .EZ in D STAFF OF H S Harold Choate, Math and Science Lila Schmeeckle, Girl's P.E. Jerry Buck, Industrial Arts Chuck Boerio, Boys' P.E. wwf Janette Benedict, Home Ec Helen Langley Spanish, Library Jay Niebur, Math. Social Science Chris Lyman, Reading fk RL..- ,Q C LTY 1970 261 x 1 E .4 Dave Budz, History Barbara MacCornack, English Chriss Monk, Science Donna Schaper, Art Amelia Miller, Business Tom Grahn, Music Kaye Mores, English Wm , 1 A ha SENIOR ILLS I, DEE ARCHULETA, will my talent of being sexy to Jill Glasser in hopes that with mine and hers combined she will have more luck with Mr. Budz than I did. I also will a basket to Mr. Budz, so he can carry home everything that was willed to him. I, ROCK SORENSEN, being in under- standable shock at being a Senior, and of reasonably sound mind considering my four years at right guard, do here- by will and bequeath, my ability to confuse David Budz in discussion to Stewart Anderson, my ability to speak coherently the day after the night be- fore to Charles Boerio, my old Head skis to our beloved Mr. Guy for his en- joyment after retirement, anything alcoholic that may be found in my locker to Dennis Cowderyg and my love of N.H.S. and everyone who goes here, and all memories created during my attendance will remain mine, always. I, MARK MAYHEW, will my ability to make lay-ups to Ron Coughlin, and last but not least I will Carlene to Mr. Budz. I, DIANA GLASSER, being of re- latively sound sound do hereby will my docile temperament to fiery Ken Clarke hoping that it will get him kicked out of Journalism next year. I, TOMMY CHAPMAN, will my great ability to get along with the basketball coach to Mr. Budz in hopes that he will soon do the same. I, DEBBIE FORBES, will my grace- fullness and quietness to Anne Stilson in hopes it benefits her as much as it did me. I, BERTA SULLIVAN, will any En- glish ancestry to Mary Maloney in hopes it will control her temper and my laugh to Mr. Budz to carry him through his few remaining years. I, BILL BUCK, will all the Chevys in the world to Slug so that he can re- place them with Ford parts and sell them as the best cars on the road. I, MOLLIE SARTIN, will my desire to try anything to Carlene in hopes that she knows better. I, LINDA RYPLEWSKI, will my cheerleading tights to Mary Maloney in hopes the extra pair will also be used. I, KIRK BRAUN, will my great know- ledge and skill to Eric Johnson so that someday he may get along with Coach Budz as well as I did. I, ALLENE SMITH, will my height to Rodney Gunn since he seems to need it and I donitgl also will my smile to Mr Budz, so he won't be such a grouch. I, JOHN JUUL, will my rickets to Mr. Boerio in hopes he might be able to use them. I, STEVE WHITE, do hereby bequeath my great height to Eric Johnson in hopes it will enable him to play bas- ketball next year. I, MARILYN SNAVELY, will my ability to stay sober at slumber parties to Roberta Sullivan in hopes she will use it in the future. I, STEVE RILEY, will my great co- ordination to Eric Johnson in hopes he will benefit from it. I, GARY KING, will my ability of not being able to hold booze to my cousin Will, for he has helped me on many occasions. I also will my ability to grow thick Bushy sideburns to Eric Johnson. I, JANE HASELWOOD, will my training bra to Mr. Budz and his pen- cil. Remember American Problems? I, ERIC HAHN, will my vicious Ford 4X4 to Mary Barrett so she may also have a big 'fred ' headache. I, SHARON SCHAMENS, will my three brothers to Mr. Budz. May he live to see his thirty-first birthday. I, KATHY JOHNSON, will my bowed- legs to Mr. Budz, even though he real- ly doesn't need them. I, CHRIS BRIELS, will all my love to Miss Bobbie Lougee in hopes she will give it back. I also will my personality to any psychology class that wants to figure it out. I, PEGGY GUNN, will the top shelf of of my locker to my brother in hopes that someday he will be able to reach it. I, CONNIE ISMOND, will my quiet- ness to Sophia Giggey in hopes that she will be more quiet. I, MIKE MALONEY, will my aptitude for school work to Mol' wig Wag," Ste- wart Anderson. I, LINDA KUTSCHER, will my ability to study for hours without getting tired to my brother, Ron Shaffer. I, TIM TYLER, will my great chemi- cal brain to anyone who isn't near sighted so at least he won,t blow his mind. I, STEVE BROOKS, will my good looks to Tad Smith since he seems to need them more than I do. I, HELEN CHRISTOPHER, will my singing ability to Jill Glasser in hopes she wonit use it. I, BOBBIE JOHNSON, will my bust- line and happy personality to Karen Snavely. I, CLARK WILLIAMS, will my hair to Mr. Budz, since he canit seem to grow any of his own. I, GIDGET LOWE, of sound mind, CI thinkj leave my funny way of talking and nutty mind to Mr. Budz. I, ROSEMARY BEAGLE, will my ability to laugh when things arenlt looking their best to my sister and all school books to anyone who wants them. i'sF Xi-Fiigvf ' ,, 1 4 ,y x CL, Miwwfwfwmm a1 wzffr4'w

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