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,Q I 8 . n J- X gsm, , "" X S . if iii. 4 K 'Q 5 K f Q 1 QQ was H 'X is :Qs K GN' ' 'gnu A. -,swf W gr ! 1 Mff ' -3 git K L , 5 Q sr x i s - Q X ' 'gf Q ' A IW iz ,, i 3 all 5 , 'R r 1 RSX 754.- l xl SQ . , 5 O Ji kf.'FO in . wig.-fl 5 ilhh, .r .K ,vw , as 509' Lf' fx in 1 -Q "gi-, , 1 131 , Q WN! A '.!' ' r X ,. :U 1 N , I P A 585- Q i A 2 My ,Qi R 'si B ' xi f RFI' sm X Rib! V 3 1 6 ,W i Wx 5 ' 'Y skv . a. hh A i ,R vs V Q .. Y vm XXX A X X..- N e if 5 QQ, T- - . s . X 3, A f - 1 ie ' K 1 K x' .,. D. r ,tif E Q I S' xi A t Q 4- is A K 1, F. R LA 'W w 'W E. x s.3"Q 'Vx Q 4 5 ', sur" f N sr .S K f wi' 9' f Q 5 5 The dedicaTion of The i968 NuggeT is To The Teacher whom The annual sTaFf feels has helped The school mosT Through his 7 years of Teaching. He has ediTed The annual for several years before This year's NuggeT and was The head of phoTography This year. We feel ThaT affer all his ener- geTic supporT of The annual he duly de- serves To haveThis year's NuggeT dedicaTed To him. We, The annual sTaFf of T968 and The STudenT body are very proud of Mr. Gerald Buck. IJILH IIUN -ml - ,Q Q x 4 sr K y 'Y I , N T .74 S O ,D V x Faculty Many Thanks To The faculTy for Their persisTanT pounding which perhaps resulTed in a few of us learning someThing. Very sin- cerely yours, The STudenT Body. Qs'-w... Mr. Milf Miller...wenT To D.U. where he received his B.M.E. . .He Teaches Elemenfary Music, Jr. and Sr. high Band and Chorus . Mrs. Donna Purdy. . . affended Hillsdale College, Hillsdale , Michigan where she received her B.A. She Teaches Science, Social STudies, and English To The 7th grade and MaTh To The 7Th and Mr. Russell Anderson. . . Received B. A. from OllveT Nazerene College in Illinois. . . He Teaches Am. Problems, Am. Hisfory, Psychology and boys P.E. Mr. Anderson is also The fooTball coach and isThe sponsor of Sophomore class. Mrs. JaneTTe Bennedicf aTTended C.U. and received her B.S. aT C. S.U. . . She Teaches Home Ec. and girls P. E. 8l'h grade . l Mrs. Zelda Rouillcrd. . . She attended Kearney STaTe College, Nebraska, Univer- siTy College of The SouThwesT of England aT Exfer. She goT her Docfors Degree aT C.U. She Teaches Sr. high English and Speech. Mr. Chriss Monk. . .B.S. aT Wisconsin STaTe U., STreus PoinT, Wisconsin. M. Ed. aT U. of Texas, ElPaso, Texas. He Teaches Biology, Chemisfry, General Science, Earfh Science, Living Science, Track coach, and assisT. fooT- ball coach. gx SQ: 0' Mrs. Suzanne Bundy. . .attended C.U., and Longbeach State. She teaches Algebra l - ll, Pre-Calculus and 7-8th grade Math. flew. Mr. Jay Neibur. . .B.A. Arizona State Coll- age CN.A.U. I M.A. Arizona State University. Teaches Civics, World History, Geometry, General Math, and 7th Grade Geography. Mrs. Amelia Miller...attended C.U. and got her B.S. from Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas. She also did graduate work at O.U. and Central State College in Okla- homo. Miss Donna Schaper...Received B. A. from Iowa State University. Did graduate work at C.U. She teaches Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Art. Mr. Gerald Buck.. .attended C.S.C. where he received his B.A. and M.A. He teaches Industrial Arts. Mrs. Helen Langley. . .attended University of Arizona, Kansas State College, Colorado Univer- sity, Purdue, Universidad Michoacana, Academia Internacional de Espanol, and received her B.A. at Colorado State College. She teaches Spanish and English. M N H fli If ou're oing tocollege, During his first year here atN.H.S., our Principal, FS- OVYUG 6 U9-H y 9 Mr. Guy, has given U5 excellent leadership and to VoTech or into any other field, Mrs. Hefling lW0S PVOVGH Yl'1Ol he l'1OS The true Panther Spirit. is the one to see for all the courses you'll need to We hope he is with us for years to come. SUCCe6d in these OYGGS- lillllilll IS' UN Secretaries. .Mrs. Caroline Bell and Mrs. Marian Eaton. These two people are completelyresponsible for keeping books and records in order. They've done a good job and we should be proud of them. Bus Drivers: From left to right: Mrs. Snavely, Mrs Robinson, Mrs. Slaughen- houpt, Mr. Ward, Mr Whipple, Mr. Williams, Mr. Beagle, and Mr. Slaughen- houpt. Thank you for the sate transportation you have given us. Mrs. Edgerton fleftl has helped to keep the lunch room neat and orderly Lunch Room: Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Wilson have provided us with the school lunches throughout the year. School Maintenance: Our thanks go to Mr. Lippincott and to Mr. QSIUQD Slaughenhoupt for their good work in keeping the school neat. l ATHLETICS T, The football team did better this year and will probably get better long before it gets worse. The players this year were left to right, Back row: Coach Anderson, Rohn Stilson, Rock Sorenson, Jim Ewing, Gerhardt Ryplewski, Steve Riley, Dennis Cow- dery, and Asst. Coach Monk. Left to right, Front row: Kevin Fitzner, Bill Hayes, Mike Babler, Mark Mayhew, Rick Jenkins, JohnTruiillo, Sam Bowker, Everett Motz. Run Rick Run! Another T. D. for Babler's records. For extra yards, sweep the ends. . . . .Lkkk : 33 N' Qs .QS xx' X we xv XXQ Q X B mn ,f x N.. 5 , 5 3 xl' as x . ,W .. 'YQ . I f .. e' V f rx xl. N' we 'Q M df is Q ak bw Aw se N V, , X. .Q ...- , r 1 L?.g,iYYZe'1i? ws, W 3 we my ww K if k--V. is .5 K- .f : . N Q? , N -ks . Q.. . Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland Nederland This year's A-Squad consisfed of: Leff To righr Mark Mayhew, Jim Ewing, Bob Dorn- brock, Gerhard? Ryplewski, Coach Anderson. Borfom Row Left 'ro Righrz Manager- Jim Brooks, Mike Babler, Rohn Srilson, Manager-Tim Tyler. Players nor shown were Torn Chapman, Steve Riley, Sieve While, and Kirk Braun. me N--Q12 Way Up Gerhardf Mike scores one more for N. H.S. NM-. fl 'A' SQUAD H vs. Bailey 44-54 T vs. Estes Park 43-86 H vs. Lookout Mt. 52-77 T vs. Platt Canyon 46-34 T vs. Lookout Mt. 40-57 T vs. Lyons 46-85 H vs. Bertlnoud 43-72 H vs. Erie 45-74 H vs. Wiggins 33-119 T vs. Lyons 45-79 H vs . Estes Park 44-67 H vs . E rie 59-81 5 T vs . Wi ggi ns 37-46 H vs . Bert houd 29-79 gg J 1 'S-.N Qt at Loveland Nederland ............... Lyons ...... .... 7 8 , 9' ,l ? X . I i- North Central League Tournament ' 5:2-T k' T5 49 'I 52 AE 4 3 "B" Squad: Lett to Right: Mark Mayhew, Steve Riley, Coach Neibur, Dennis Cow- dery, Rohn Stilson. Not shown: Bill Buck, Steve White, Tim Tyler, Tom Chapman and Steve King. T"N-qs WMM The track team does not involve a great many boys, but their efforts are well worth meI'1fiOr1ing.Lett to Right,Back: Sam Bowker, J.D. Carelli, Mark Mayhew. Front: Jim Ewing and Coach Monk. Al Junior High Basketball: Back Row Left to Right: Toby Truiillo, Danny Platt, Everett Motz, Roy Schamens, Ron Stoops, Neil Barnett, Jerry Nusbaum and Roland Bolenaler. Front Row Lett to Right: Benny Fresques, Jerry Schamens, Billy Bowker, Kerrel Bell, Keith Robinson, Craig Robinson, Tom Hazelwood, and Hayes Giggey. fy A CTIVITIES SQ X A T ,, 4f W is al' H ii 5 . . PQ II 'X XR 4 I 'X I x 5 E F Sh fi.-ul' I -,,,..-ali. , 'M' Xl! 1 x in wx I I if I I QUEEN CANDIDATES Peggy Gunn Lindo RypIewsI4l Lynn Crow Rickee Corelli KING CANDIDATES Jim EWING QUEEN: PEGGY GUNN Mike BGIOISV KING: JIM EWING J. D.CoreIIi Tim Gaefzke of , sf' Under the sponsorship of Mr. Monk and Mr. Anderson, the ski club is still in development stage but its enthusiasm is growing rapidly. Under the supervision of Mr. Buck, the rifle club is mostly boys, with the exception of four girls who will become expert marlcsmen of the future. , P it Stu dentCoucH X' .....-ui" The Student Council of 1967-68, under The sponsorship of Mrs. Hefling, has planned and accomplished many activities. With continuous backing from the council, we feel that N.H.S. will be more successful year after year. PaperStaff Under the supervision of Mrs. Rouillard, the Panthers Purr has proved to be a great asset to the school and community. The editor of the i967-68 Panthers Purr is Sandi Edgerton. ,, 557 .-Q,-' ff .,........Z um.a4yW1,,a,,.,,l""W M,,W.,M,,,' ,. ' This year's cheerleaders have brought new spirit to N.H.S. The head cheerleader, Judy Meredith, has done her best to provide our school with new spirit. The other cheerleaders are Linda Ryplewski, Rickee Carelli and Roberta Sullivan. Cheerleaders Pe I pCub The pep club this year may be smaller than last year, but they still cheer our team on to the last minute of the game. i ii ' The iunior high section of our pep club has shown fresh, new enthusiasm which we feel will develop greatly through the years. lr. I. ep u N Club This group represents the most athletic and enthusiastic boys at N. H.S. Thanks to them N.H.S. has a great deal ot school spirit. ' s 7 'Q-' I . .T R 'A A QI 15 ,ff :EE T, 'L k.k. Q . x i sr 4t I'i51"'?1f..-:-1,a We . K is: ' ex d" 7" ' . K ii 1 it .- 2 --i.,iii 3 f X -1- i ,qlkb 1 L -3 f . M, it J i,,f , . ,. f I, Walter Johnson, will my last can of Schlitz to Rodney Gunn. r Y A .k.- 'VK -': - KI X:-New-, 'l ' " I, Crickett Dolan, wi II my height L 1 is . , . ss K ,Q.P:' ':'ii Q ' 'Q to anyone who will take it . ' I, Ken Buck, will the idea of "Chevys" is g being a good car to anyone who is stupid Q enough to take it. I, Sandi Edgerton, will my ability to keep a neat and orderly Iocker to anyone who is brave enough to take it. I, Fred Yates, will my privilege to attend this great school to LBJ, who acts like he still needs a high school diploma. I, Cindy Littler, will my ability to get put in the trash can to anyone who has Iong enough Iegs to get out by themselves. I, Gerhardt Ryplewski, will my ability to forget to think ot anything to write for a will to Linda Shaffer in hopes she can use this very same line in I97I . I, Betsy Kutscher, will my charm, beauty, poise, height, and all my boy- friends to anyone who cares to take them, in hopes that they too, will be able to Iead an exciting lite like mine. I, Judy Meredith, do will and bequeath, all ot my Algebra II problems to my sister Carlene, in hopes that she will understand them better than I did. I also will my messy locker to Lynne Crow and Mike Babler. I, Mary McCollum, will my ability not to get jokes to Charlotte Nusbaum, in hopes that she will as well as I have with this good fortune. I also will my ability to type to Berta Sullivan and my ability to do math problems to Lynne Crow, and I know they will both appreciate these fine gifts. SENIURS Gerhardt Ryplewski Gerhardt has a funny name and a long body but his participation in school activities is outstanding as is displayed by his record of Senior class Pres. 45 Football 45 Basket- ball l-2-3-45 Ski Club Pres. 45 N-Club 3-45 Class Vice Pres. 1-25 and Choir l-2. We the Seniors of 1968 would like to thank Mr. Gerald Buck for his supervision and guidance through the years here at N . H . S. sea fihmavv- Judy Meredith Judy Meredith has done a fantastic amount for her school in the two short years she has been with us. Her contributions are Student Council President 45 League Student Council Secre- tary 45 Head Cheerleader 45 Student Coun- cil Representative 2-35 Homecoming Queen 35 Drama 35 Cheerleader 25 Class Vice Pres- ident T5 and Annual Staff 3. Fred Yates Being class Vice President 3-45 Student Council Representative 35 Rifle Club T-25 Paper Staff 35 Student Council Alternate 25 and Track l, takes a lot of time other than the regular curriculum and Fred should be proud of it. Tim Gaetzke We all appreciate the things Tim has done and l'm sure we'll remember him for a long time. He was Class President T-35 Student Council Representative 2-45 Student Council Vice President 35 Band l-2-35 Choir T-3-45 N-Club 2-45 Track 2- 35 Basketball 2-35 and Ski Club 4. iv- Cindy Littler Jim Ewing Jim Ewing, between rebuilding his transmission and upholstering his car has had time to participate in Football l-2-3-45 Basketball 'I-2- 3-45 Track l-2-3-45 Homecoming King 45 and N-Club and G-Club l-2-3-4. Cindy Littler in the past has been a great contributor to our school spirit in such areas as Pep Club l-2-35 Girls Choir 25 Rifle Club 25 Drama Club l5 Chorus l-2-35 Paper Staff 3-45 and Music Club 2. Vicki Shaball We all like Vicki and appre- ciate the many things she has done. PepClub 'l-2-3-45 News- paper Staff 2-3-45 Chorus l-35 Music Club 25 and Drama 2. fm.. ? CNR Mary McCollum Mary McCollum is a very enthusiastic partici- pant in student activities as is evidenced by her record of Pep Club l-2-35 Pep Club Pres- ident 45 Student Council Secretary 45 Class Secretary 25 Newspaper Staff 35 and Annual Staff 3. Ken Buck Ken Buck is one ofthe quieter person- alities of the Senior class but he contributed to Basketball l- 25 Track l5 Football 35 and Rifle Club T-2-3. Bob Dornbrock Bob Dornbrock has been one of the better supporters of our basketball team and a great supporter of the whole school spirit. His contribu- tions are, Basketball 3-45 and N- Club 4. S andi Edgerton Betsy Kutscher Betsy is always, quietly slipping around the halls attending her vari- ous meetings including Drama Club l5 Pep Club l-2-35 Rifle Club 25 Choir 2-35 Girls Choir 25 Paper Staff 3-45 and Music Club 2. Sandi is efficient in everything she does no matter how many things she is doing at the moment. It's a good thing too because she's been Class Secretary, Treasurer l-2-35 Drama Club 25 Pep Club l-2-35 Rifle Club T5 Student Council Treasurer 45 Paper Staff 2-3-45 and Future Secretaries Association 3. Cathy Ewing Cathy is a very fun loving sort and gets along with everybody. Her extracurricular efforts are limited but she gave TOOOXQ in Pep Club T-2-35 and Drama 3. Walter Johnson Walter Johnson is rather slow on the iump but when he jumps watch out! It's sure we'll miss him. He contributed to Basketball l-25 and Rifle Club l. Galen Clubine Galen and his Mustang have put in a great deal of years for Rifle Club I-2-35 and School Paper Reporter l-2-3. We're proud of him. W Crickett Dolan Crickett Dolan doesn't say much but from the record she gave us she has led a pretty active life in High School. She has partic- ipated in Pep Club l-2-35 SkiClub l-2- 3-45 Drill Team 25 Future Homemaker's of America l-2-35 Drama Club l-25 and Gymnastic Club 2-3. Bill Hayes Bill Hayes does a lot of ioking and laughing and. . .and. . .but being a Football player 45 and an N-Club member 4 is worthy of note. Mike Eyre UNDERCLASSMEN X ...R 5 'No IQ- 'af is ' wx if s we gi is X P s xx l- if we x xg? xx 3 +7 ,tx ii' wg' RK Y in N.. 5, ., A Qgf x N ,X N 3 A K! m Q! J . D. Corel li Mary Dornbrock Tony Willifs Clmorlofre Nusboum Kerry Sclnornens Robert Yofes Borbcxro Drysdcle Mike Bobler Jock Nelson Coroline Beogle Rohn Sfilson Veno Sfory L .55 F Rick Jenkins Roselvlorie McKim Lynne Crow Neberf Corfez Cindy Robinson Poul McCollum L jg K Q , l 55. 4 N N, . 5 . A, We ,A John Juul gg ig, Marilyn Snavely S' Sieve While Mary Jane Haselwood Bill Buck sf? 11? . ,sa-'s m g :- S ,i2-., so M B I is ::' Dqq .:.' ' ' Kafhy Johnson Eric Hahn Rosemary Beagle Tom Chapman Carmen Smith ,x 55 X wal? I? X s is ff? V X at x Q , is ii M. , 9 1 is X as Q i sw. Ss EE Rock Sorenson N X Roberfa Sullivan A if Q Gordon Polhemus S Rickee Carelli Rusfy Quail by Q . Linda Ryplewski .,., F B Kirk Bra un ff B' Peggy Gunn S A if Mark McFarland X 7 Scoff Thompson Mark Mayhew gi Q 5 Diana Glasser Sharon Schmens Dee Steve iiii i': Archu lefa Brooks . h sie Sieve Shaball so 1' in S Q .. All , Qi Mollie Sieve Tim Weighqupl Riley Tyler ga Qi o Carlene Meredifh K .. 3 fx N' ' "' . . Q i 'i Kevin Fnfzner S Eleanor Smifh g il 1 . W i N,g'1. Roland Bolender Bill Norton Sophia Giggey Danny Robinson Susan Wheeler S iw Beverly Ornelas Y John Truiillo Li nda Shaffer Sam Bowker hi e Tom Sfrohmeyer Gloria Fresauez E Pm Megill Mary Maloney 3 ef.i Z bzi 1 l -J-1n at F ., 1 K K Ni' gf j a Terry Bowker a ' F Michael Grant Q Q Chrisline McCollun'. le Evereh' Mofz Tina Willils K ff' ve fi Y 1 ik as f 4 - fs. ' I' ' . gf-ar a ' h -an ' 5 X Q N x 'A NH5 at HHH .R+ A . ' V A-if-'ff C"?.'S O -+- ' Ss W? N s 'V . 1 .S X ii gs 'W if "' 'fs Roy Schamens Pam Ehmke Bill Bowker Lois Williams .lack Williams Pam Norton Keiih Robinson Susan Quick John Grant Parry Denning Mike Waikins Debra Mofz Michael Clary Karen .luul Karen Snavely f' ,ss Q, '- James Whife X ,Q , , is Lynneffe Thompson gk X ' of David Johnson QQ ii, Lenora Bolender X A M R L Robert Landers A m ,, Margarer Maloney . 'R ' SK 41:31 , , if i W iff ' f ?5.fif'3iFr D . . ' 5 Rodney Gunn C harloT're A nderson Terry Marsh W5 Q91 'IIN T, S A ' Q iq S S Q L W' N xr. , , Qg. . .L 'H- N ,. ..., , J is AT Fil s Craig Robinson Debra Tyler Marc Polhemus Karen Miller Danny Plarr Anne Sfilson Shirley Sroops A Dan Chrisfianson Debbie Ornelas .Q ww Q ax X-Xr, sg A 9? as XX is s.,k:f g .. in , ' 2 ' - 5 . gz ik ,air X ki . "f'.gf!f? Ag ss L David Zornes Cheryl Weller Neil Barnefr Kinda Bowen Tom Whife Bertha Pfarr Tom Hoselwood Viola Beagle Chuck Kufscher Leslie Magan Jeff Steele Janer Anderson fmxk X R ,, .av R 5 XSS kk , K -in an T A L Q 1? S N X - iw. .fin is . 1 5 S5 iilffswff ..,,. K . .,:. . : , 5 NM t X K S , xx- 'E W, il Q K . tk. . jx ,W ,, WJ S 'S L' A P' -ES E L K D I , QM S ' :" S SWB W C 4-we-K ' dl ,XF K 'S ,T NST! ' X 'L f-hk . - Q gi L L K . W D X S A .--'Q 2 ' , L' S ' K I , nl s as X 3 1 L f ' .K W5 'N ' A 1 q A . ' FW 'IX 3 TSX? ' K if QU' . T P , . riff if .6'iif r..f L .SL Q-xx 'IVY . K RW X - S xg., x b ws ES -:..,. Qzu' 1 y o.:., ,. Lil Tad Smifh Janef Wheeler Ben Fresquez Audrey Cooley Sharon Nusbaum Lyle Pfarr Bonnie Mcliim Toby Trujillo Jerry Schamens Lee Ann Sharkey Hayes Giggey Bobbie Lougee James Brooks Joe Smifh Kerrel Bell Ron Sroops Our Hard workin' Senior Execs: President: Gerhardt Ryplewski Vice-President: Fred Yates Secretary: Judy Meredith The Arrogant Sophomores: President: Rickee Corelli Vice-President: Linda Ryplewski Secretary: Kirk Braun Juniors are coming up with: President: J. D. Care li Vice-President: Mike Babler Secretary: Lynne Crow Down Below the Freshmen have: President: Carlene Meredith Vice-President: Sam Bowker Secretary-Mary Maloney WE Comin' up in the 8th grade are: President: Karen Snavely Vice-President: Bill Bowker Secretary: Patti Denning We're proud of the 7th grade Execs President: Shirley Stoops Vice-President: Karen Miller Secretary: Anne Stilson By The year I979, Ken Buck will be known as The World' GreaTesT "Chevy" designer. Galen Clubine is To become a fuTure MisTer America candidaTe and will have The besT buiIT body in hisTory. In I972, CrickeTT Dolan will be The "TaIIesT Girl In The World." IT is said ThaT by I97I, Mike Eyre will be The only Topless- mini-skirTed waiTress wiTh hair on his chesT in The world. By l97I, Bob Dornbrock will be The shorTesT, heavy-weighT champ of The world. In a few years, Tim Eyre will mosT likely be wiping ouT Yamahas in The American MoTorcycIe AssociaTion NaTionaI Road Races. IT is said ThaT in 1970, Vicki Shaball will be Teaching The senior boys how To seT and sTyIe hair. As we look farTher we see ThaT by I98l, Tim GaeTzke will be The presidenf of NorTh VieT Nam. By The year I97O, Fred YaTes will be Telling Polock jokes To The VieTnamese. l3'I3llll3H In I969, Mary McCollum will be siTTing on Gov. Love's lap Taking noTes and wriTing dirTy leTTers To LBJ in her spare Time. IT is said that by The year I978, Cindy LiTTIer will be running around in a Trash can. IT is said ThaT Bill Hayes will go on ioking, and joking and Joking, and JOKing, AND JOKING. WouIdn'T you know iT? By The year I970, GerhardT Ryplewski will be Tired of waiTing for Rickee Corelli and will Take up The occupaTion of being an egg sTeaIer. By The year I978, BeTsy KuTscher will be known as The Famous acTress and singer, Nancy Lee Bardof who wroTe The marvelous novel enTiTIed, "As The Wind Blows Down The Alley, So Does The DusT! " We see ThaT by I97O, WalTer Johnson will be hiiacking planes for The Russian SecreT Police. In later years if you visiT The hospital you will probably find Judy MerediTh sTiIl pondering The meaning of NCO3 buT we know she'lI be a good nurse, IT is said ThaT in I969, CaThy Ewing will still be working in The A iiiil library passing ouT slips saying, "Book Overdue! I I " A in - - K - ANNUAL STAFF: Bock Row: ScoTT Thompson, Peggy Gunn, Cindy LiTTier, KoThy Johnson ond Rock Sorenson. FronT Row: Jane Hcselwood, Sponsor-Mrs. Miller, EdiTor Rohn STiison, Vicki Shobcill, and Chc1roieTTe Nusboum. NOT Shown STeve Whife. 1 - -Q... " - Seca it :A X The Annual STQTT in The various sTc1ges of yearbook producTion. Band-Front row: L. Replewski, R. Carrelli, S. Schamens, L. Megan, B. McKim, J. Anderson, D. Wheeler, L.A. Sharkey. 2nd row: A. Cooley, A. Stilson, J Smith, T. Strohmeyer, S. Riley, D. Platt, R. Jenkins, T. Geatzke, K. Robinson S. Bowker, H. Giggey, Mr. Miller, K. Bell, T. White, L. Williams, S. Thompson Music Choir-Buck row: S. King, S. Bowker, D. Cowdery, T. Strohmeyer, T. Gaetske, R. Jenkins, K. Robinson, D. Platt, K. Bell, J. White. 2nd row: J. Smith, J.' Anderson, A. Cooley, L. Magan, S. Wheeler, D. Glasser, P. Norton, C. Anderson, G. Fresquez. 3rd row: Mr. Miller, L. Bowen, K. Miller, L. Thompson, K. Scho- mens, L. Williams, L.A. Shorkey. - I T wr i

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