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THE HNUGGET' Nmgamwoff, Co it xxvm ' ' Q M nf 4 wes6-1967 W X , A, H V,3,,,i, My ,W SCHOQL ORWADO ,4f W ,c it al if lf llle zca 1014 Qu! f I CIC' I MK fly, fl! X X xx f X ff '55 X 'ff 'hc Calf 6'l...f'!! SQL' -Q fi 'I A I Z0 mai, I Xb? gf S VX bl Y f my fl Q w - - , bf, 3, gba fX r Q6 Cl tl + , Ox 2' ' ft wb M , 5 , X WL Mlg if X l LX QV 'V l Ml 5 VL s QW 5 19.45 AE SMX at , 9 0 if f 3 . ,A Afv X will fl LX X gJXp , X CW f' ,cs f wx 934- S ff' The Dedication tor the l967"Nugget" is to 6 29 ,H re 'b ' R ff", a teacher whom we all Feel deserves credit 5 ig SQ' boi? fly X For her outstanding consideration and help X3 2 I 763 to all of her students. She has taughtat 'Xb 51 8.4 Nederland High For 5 years and has taken many through various Math courses. Her LD guidance has been an asset to all students z F? learning Mathematics at Nederland High. 'L 4 ll 61 ' at W X if ' ,fx To you Mrs. Suzanne Bundy, the Annual l D lfl' WE Staff of 66-67 dedicate this annual. LP, N . 66 W a 9 Z 3, .X , , . Q f Ri f 48 X ,si ,O X Q0 X553 X . :W x 'X C9945 ,M My 1,6 T, AVPT fs' V' The Amee! Stuff efee-e7 hope fhef me peges E are memorable. Under me Supervision of CC Zh ktfllh fy Firlgfls worked hard fo mck In p ge bring yo: The e p th f should be remembered e 537 FN ZQQ4? d My jef CMJ P9 f L . e ' , Q 'G A , f mv Wjif fm My Wwe pffpjwfd We , ef XJ Y 4 Q ,iljvjwfd mrfju 631632151 Fl 52977 W 1 JW Qi . x, 17, 1 SSS lie 5 fm we SSI ,, ,C WWW We eA1Mf1'4?fw Pxellepgw Q 59 f PJX9' 3 Mrs. Cora Fagre ... Attended Grand Viewlunior College inlowa, andlowa State U. Rec'd B.S. in Home Ec. Ed. from lowa State U. ..lsdoing graduate work a-tC.S.U. Teaches Home Ec., Girls P.E.,and Sponsors the 7th grade. Nederland High School, ur' .ter the able direction of Guy E. Bewnington our esteemed principal, has progressed each year. His personal interestin the studentsandleadership of the Faculty has allowed the school greater recog- nition scholastically. Mr. Russell Anderson.. .Rec'd B. A. from Olivet Nazerene College in Ill. . . . Teaches Am. Problems,Am. Hist., Psych., and Boys P.E.Sponsors the 9th grade. ...- Mr. James Dunn...Rec'd B.S. from C.U. Teaches Science, Physics,Chem- ish'y, and Biology. Sponsors the lOth grade and High School Basketball. Mrs.Helen Langley. . . Rec'd B.A. from C.S.C. Has credits from Kan. State, C.U., Michoacana,Academia lntl. De Espanol, and Purdue U. . . Teaches ele- mentary, high school Spanish. Sponsors the Senior Class. qw Uafwii Mrs. Miriam Cochran .. . Graduated from Ball State with A.B. . .Attended Butler U. and C.U. Teaches English and Library. ..Sponsors the Pep Club. Mr. Gerald Buck. . .Rec'd B.A. and M.A. atC.S.C. at Greeley. . .Teach- es woodworlcing and crafts,Sponsors the I.A. Club, llth grade and the Annual ot '67. - Mrs. Ruth Niebur...Graduated from Arizona State College, Flagstaff,with a B.S. in Education. Teaches Civics. Mrs. Amelia Miller. . .Rec'd B.S. from Tex Women's U. in Business Ed. Did graduateworkinguidanceatthe U. of Okla. and Cenh'al St. College, Ed- mond, Okla...Teaches Bus. subiects and is the counselor . . . Sponsors the school newspaper and studentcouncil . 'NW AJ' , .ly i all N .. 4 31. QM., -A s,fg.+5..a.t... 4- g 4, 7... 5 t " Q-5' .. '- -aff , ...,..m.nnwu0 In I vu., , egg..-ws' ' . , Mr. Jay Niebur...Rec'd B.A., from ArizonaState College,and M.A. from Arizona State U. in Tempe Teaches math, Civics, Am. Hist.and 7th grade Social Studies. iff! Mrs. Suzanne Bundy...Rec'd B.A. in mathat C.U. Graduate work at C.U. Long Beach State, Calif, Taught in Heilbron, Ger. . .Tea ches math. . . Sponsors the Pep Club and 8th grade. Mrs. Jean Gardner and Mrs. Norma Anderson areour twohardworking secretaries. Mrs. Gardner has been at N. H .S . two years now and has proven to be very efficient. This is Mrs. And- erson's first year and she isan asset to the school. Our thanks to both of you and we sincerely hope that you will be with us for many years to follow. Mr. John Hoffman. . . Graduated from Arizona State College, Flagstaff, with a B.S.and M.A. in Education.Teaches Junior and Senior High School band and choir, and Elementary Music. Miss Donna Schaper Rec'd B.A. from Iowa State U. Did graduate work at C.U. . .Teaches Elementary,Junior and Senior High School Art. Our thanks goes to Mr. lSlugJ Slough- enhoupt llefti and Mr. Lippincott for keeping our school spotless during the year. Mrs Riley and Mrs Wilson have pro vided Us with our school lunches throughout the year. Mrs . Edgerton frightjhas helped to keep our lunchroom orderly and neat. This year as our school grew we in- creased in bus drivers. We would like to express our gratitude to them for the safe transportation theygive us to and from school. Men: Jerry Ward, Mr. Lippincott, Mr. Beagleu Women: Mrs. Schamens, Mrs., Slaugh- enhoupt. Smallpox? Hardly, but we do have an occasional case of measles. We owe our thanks to Mrs. Lawerance For help- ing to keep our school healthy. SCHUUL BUS JCL. , ! Q2 175 if K war i . -....4 ................ f 7 A .5 ,, ,GQYJ ,. 4 3 'va Ig! , 7 ww-WMMW ,f , .u.....4.w..,,. ff., ,WMWW , 47 'V im' 4: f 5-"Q, .J ' wr .,,., , , , ,VM-MvwafMwwwM,,.m.w if as My .www , v , Q mmf 1. 4 -.V ' iwiwmyrb A ,Wwe 2 , 2 gW,,, -A ,.Af 'K . W , 1 Q' I W, . J, ,E Y ' 5' Af 4, ff 0. I LI 1,1 wh 413 W' T, 1 I an .nf wa 44, 4 Se ,WM ' ff ,k M ,,a ,,, Q i, A Vice President Carolyn Grant. . .lf it wasn't for her work in many different a r ea s for the school it would probably fall apart. Please supportyour lo- cal classmatesand for- get it, Carolyn. . .Stu- dent Council Rep. 35 Pep Club l-35 Cheer- leader l-3, Head i5 Drama Club 2,45 Band l-35 Choir I-35 An- nual staff 2,45 Paper staff 45 Class Pres. i5 Class V. Pres. 2,45 F. S.A. 4- Secretary-Treasurer Anne Duffell . . .Synonymous with Anne is chatter, which leads us to the subiectof squirrels, which leads us to the subiect of nuts, which goes to prove thatthis is iust idle chatter. . . Pep Club I-45 Sec.-Treas. 3, V. Pres. 45 Drama Club l,2,45 Annual staff 35 Editor 45 Class V. Pres. i5 Class Sec. -Treas. 3- 45 Pom Pon Girl l5 F.,S ,,A., 45 DAR Award 4. ing S Gr-5,5 President """s C C 1':5f9"',. V, Chuck Ehmke...Synonymous with Chuck Ehmke is "knit" wit. Whether he's giving instructions on making ar- gyle volleyball nets or presiding over the student body post humorously Chuck's the fellow that can do it if it can be done. Probl ems-Look-up- Chuckl. . .Student Council Pres. 45 Rep. l-35 Football l-35 Basketball l, 3,45 Track 25 "N" Club l-45 Drama ClubAl,2,35 l.A. Club 3,45 Band I- hoir l,25 Annual staff 35 Paper staff 35 Editor 45 Class Pres. 2,45 Lea- gue Student Council Pres. 45 Masonic Award 3. S' H.S. We the semorsof 1967 would like to thank you, Mrs Langley for the supervisioncnd help you have given us during our years at N at-,QF Bob Grant. . .Alias Hercules Grant, second cousin to Ulys- ses is best known for all his achievements which can be subtitled"Acci den ts Will Happen! " For instructions on the bestway to goofask Bob., Football l,2, 35 Basketball 35 "N" Club l-45 l .A. Club 2- 45 Band l,25 Choir 1,25 An- nual staff 2,4. Becky Gott. . .Although Becky tends to be in- telligent, sweet, kind and gentle, never fail- ing to lend a hand, there is still hope for her in this world. Keep a stiff upper lip Becky! Student Council Sec.-Treas. 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Pres. 45 Paper staff 3,45 Co-Editor 45 Mas- onic Award 3. Kerry Mayhew. .When speaking ofKerry Mayhew to Bill Cosby his reaction was "Say Who", and with that we wenton to tell him of K erry's achieve- ments both playing on the field and playing the field. Football l- 45Basketball 3,45Track 2-45 "N" Club l-45 Drama 3, 45 All -Con- ference player l-4. I -.,,, Tom Hess. ..A high-fa- lootin', rootin' tootin' guywhoadmits to being spasticfdon'tyaJ.That's why everybody likes Torn5 the y feel sorry. StudentCouncil V.Pres. 35 Football l-35 Basket- ball 2-45Track 2, 45 "N" Club l-45 Drama 3,45 Band l5Annual 81 Paper staffs45Homecoming King 45 All Conference 3. QU" Cathy Ebersole .... The sort of girl you have to say "Hi" to . . .otherwise she'lI hityo. I mean, any- body with "IZ" bi- ceps. . .Pep Club lp Rifle Club lp Choir I-47AnnuaI Staff 45 Paper Staff 4. IO Mike Lougee...Whe- ther it be Lougee, Lousy, or whatever, the resultisalways the some-confusion.Don't worry,Mike,we won't show discrimination.. Student Council Rep. 4gFootball l,35Basket- ball l,3g Track l,3p "N" Club l,3,4pPres. 4.5 l.A. Club 3,45 Rifle Club lp Annual staff 45 Class V. Pres. 35 Sweetheart King 3, Winter Ball King 4, Asst. Football Coach 4, All-Conference Football player 3. Sue Littler.. .A guid- ing light for those en- gaged in her company. Right, Mike? Follow that glow!...Student Council V. Pres. 35 Rep. 2,45 Pep Club I- 3pCheerleader3gI.A. CIub3,4pBand8.Choir l,2, Annual 8. Paper staffs 3,45 Class Pres. 31 Sweetheart Queen 35 Winter Ball Queen 4: F.S.A. 4. .vwi if Qu- . Q .flpxstf . fi' fffffs s. Jr! fi Q' 'z i'.- ' :rf.f:'f" Aggie! fig' Lloyd GulIett...He wasbeginning to thi nk he was a "Iifer" at N.H.S. til he was promised parole in "67". A twelve year man Lloyd is not plan- ning a professional careeras a chauffer though he has con- tributed his talents tax i i ng his class- mates around. Stu- dentCounciI 25 Football 2,45 Bas- ketball i,3,Track ip "N" Club I-45 I .A. Club 3pRifIe Club If Band I,2pChoir I,2. Terry Lepke. . .Hard headed, block- busting, mighty, the type of guv you learn to getalong with-or else! Honest Terry. . .StudentCounciI Rep. 37 Foot- ball I-4, Track 45 Basketball 2-4, "N" Club i-4. Davida Bowker. .Out- going when she should be reserved and quiet when she should say something. ..PepClub 2, 45Drama l,2, 45Rifle Club l5 Choir l-45 Band 1,25Paper staff 4. Alan Barnett ..... The kink of the classwhose appearancesarein highdemand..."N" Club 3, 45 Track 35 Football 3. Alan Forbes ...Q The rowdiest fella to hit the halls, liable to show up forschool in any type of haber- dashery.. . .Student Council Rep. 45 Foot- ball l,45 Basketball l,3,45 Track 45 "N" Club l, 3, 45 I .A. Club l5 Paper staff 4. Jerry Lepke. ..Deter- mined? Well, we can atleastsay..., butwe better not. As far as sports are concerned you better believe it- Amen! . . . Football l, 3,45Track 35 "N" Club 45 All-Conference player 4. Marty Robinson. . . No relation to Edward G. butpromising-with the help of a little cigar- no, no, maybe Swiss Family?. . . Football 45 Basketball l,45 "N" Club 45 Band l,3,45 Choir 4. Sharron Archuleta. . . Proof that even it you leave N .H .S .there is some force that draws you back. . .Pep Club 1-45 Head Cheerleader 45 Choir 45 Spanish Club 45 Paper staff 4. Ii By l970, Davida Bowker will be driving in the Memorial Day Indianapolis 500 Sharron Archuleta is planning ' to be the firstwoman brick layer ' in New York. ln March, l975, Carolyn Grantwill be sitting on the lap of the President of the U.S., telling him jokes about the Vice President ln future years, Cathy Ebersole will find K happiness by driving men crazy with her powers of gab. Anne Duffell has great plans for herself. By i969 she will bea top notch underwater welder. y ln the winter of l976, Lloyd Gullett will be building igloos in Arizona for the needy. f l A The Ouiia board says that Bob Grantwi ll be drafted XJ into a special branch of the service called the WACs. Chuck Ehmke, withina matter of months, will become the weight lifting champion of the world. Kerry Mayhew will become the greatest little tea maker in all of London. Q ,A Q Terry Lepke, in the year of l975, will be teaching ballet to the class of '67. Within l year, 2 months, and 6 days Jerry Lepke will be the greatest horse jockey in the world. When the year l972 rolls around Tom Hess plans to take over Yul Brenner's role in "Lovers Come Back" . Becky Gott plans a future as halfback for the Green Bay Packers. After college Mike will find out the world doesn't want him 8. will retire to a life of crime in Hogbash, Kentucky where his freinds all live. Marty Robinson plans to become the Secretary of the Playboy Club that is to be built in Denver. ln years to come Sue Littler will still be with Mike, never once ceasing to henpeck him. ln a few years Alan Forbes will see the light and he will probably put it out. Alan Barnett will lead the nation in pushing the largest amount of peanuts across the United States with his NOSE! ,J ii A, ff Gerhardt Ryplewski Vicki Parker Jim Ewing 5- s qw K iv is A f Q I' Ak, 1 V Em Tim Gaetzke Sandy Edgerton Fred Yates Cindy Littler Pres. Sec.-Treas. Vice Pres. In if f ,, E y 2 Cathy Ewing Ken Buck Vicki Shaball Walter Johnson , ,,, ,W U . 2 V N f 5, V. , W.. ' 'i'w", , V , ' V- " Q Viii 4 ,"' Bob Dornbrock Betsy Kutscher Galen Clubine Carol Dalton JUNIORS The Juniors this year found that it takes a lot of hard work to put on a Jr.-Sr. Prom. Their one main ambition is to become great Seniors of l968. 2 W Judy Meredith Bill Hayes Harold Jackson Mary McCollum Cindy Robinson Rick .lenlcins Pres. inf' cas "2"Y6 Mike Babler Rohn Stilson W Kerry Schamens Vice Pres. Sec.-Treas, Y f x i., V , I , ,V , i -l . ' :I I LY V L2 , V R A f fl' 4 I ,, f f 5 'N 2 fr Mu , ff, my W f . ,,, 5? I -I , Caroline Beagle Riclc Forbes SOPHOIVIORE The Sophomores of 66-67 have been a greatvaluable asset to Nederland. With their abilities in athletics, good sportmanship, and ambitious ideas, next year will prove to be just as great or better. g-W, f is gf Ralph Thompson is YQ fll 51 1-,,: if .. RA M. f ,X "f, .. Robert Ya tes ij 00" Rose Marie McKim wr Kathy Parker Paul McCollun Mary Dornbroclc Lynn Crow Camera Shy: JQD. Carelli Jerry Gunn Charlotte Nusbaum Debra Forbes Rock Sorensen Gordon Polhemus Mena Dea Archuleta , f, ll- WZQ I ,rrk V , ,,s Mark Mayhew ' ' ' I, f ra' Vw," 71 ,3 rw 425, ,, , ' If V '.- ' 'um 'L ,href , :VA M W 7 ' 7 f' , Mark McFarland Pres. -f My ,' ., f , ff' , , , 'f .. ,,,. , - - Linda Ryplewski Tim Tyler Sec . -Treas. Vice Pres. FRESHIVIEN The present standing of the class ot i970 is 29. It the h 't 'II be the largest class ever group remains toget er 1 wi graduated From NQHQSQ Kathy Johnson r'tss John Juul Dianne l-light me 2 gg! Um 4' , f M124 7 9, fa, , , xii., ,hu I 2,1 5 f:': ,,,, , gi' ,v fl fa, - Steve Brooks Roberta Sul l ivan mf V Q be Carmen Smith Steve Shaball , 4 Y' K-11.1, W .-:.y.1: 'ww' gr , "" it ' Bill Buck Peggy Gunn fs W rf, vv-1 , f l,, 1', I, f 4 2 R'l Marilyn Snavely Sharon Schamens Steve 1 ey Jane Haselwood Kirk Braun , A ,, , ,,.. t,, , ,,,,,,fi.,7,,,s , ,,, f, fr 5 2 , H f f' ,,fu,1w,f,L. ,H -K W yuuyy , Marty Dolan , "" 'f f ,, V , , f Q v i,,,:Qii Jw If 1' -,J , ,T ' if iiwp - :.:! E, Diana Glasser I Bm- ? f 4 1 so f I f gf , WW my ,, MM, J, Wg rw f 5 SW ,, 4 X Bill Murray Not Shown: Rosemary Beagle Rickee Carelli Eric Hahn Rusty Quail Mgmt, Carlene Meredith in L +4 V N, wr 1 'fi' 'qi ?' 4 'N 1. V M f A 529, , , Q V 2 Y s g i + ea Bill Norton Af, ' , rf J ff' X wwf' , gr rv X ' A 8 i it 4 Keith Robinson ,:,' 'mi g YET w,w 7 ei? in I V 4'4y,Ilf ff 4 li , gl M O ,., , pw' ,WK .a.,, Kevin Fi tzner Drs A I 4' L V4 ,. 'M , Wt' by if 'mi.fe2'z -V V 't gfffiikii . Arek , . ' 5 s ary -' Sam Bowker Vice Pres. Tom S trohme yer Mike Grant Pres. Sec.-Treas. STH GRADE As middle of the road, the class between Jr. Highand Sr. High, the eighth grade has much to look forward to and much to offer. There area lotof responsibilities to fill in high school and we all think the eighth grade will Fill these responsibilities. , M , f V 4.83 n 'N .nn r 1 Mft is 'X Y 'P' 5 Q gi 5, , K' , 172:21 I ,il :gint F tag K fag" 3, W Susan Wheeler Dennis Cowdery 5 ' 1 2 M, 3 ' -A if any 2 My X ? I -y S i f 1 f 'S Eleanor Smith John Truiillo it "" p "" Q, , M g I ' if x 'ww I M Roy Schamens Mike Denning Beverly Orneleos i ki ,k , J f ,fx Mary Maloney 5 ,rk ...W fr, 1, gl , fr: sf-is .a'Ml. Dan Robinson an Sophia Giggey Christine McCollum , tu, ,,, my - if Everett Motz , . 21-M f f " ' r A A .wi - grif-K E ','. SEVENTH GRADE Margaret Maloney Patty Denning 4' x A Karen Snavely fi? i rr, - ' Q, ' j mas h nr Robert Landers 'QW M! Ronald Stoops 1. Karen Juul David Johnson Debra Motz 1.1 31 I L is ., sw' . , , it W f Y Bertha Pfa rr rw- ? Z 42 Rodney Gunn We-away ls -W in M' W v 11:9 E f i v. in QMQTJM ' X " V H X :N 2 2 ' N... M ' 'X fig ,,:, ' '. Bill Bowker Lois Williams , ,,.. A Wffmr 'Vik' ' I , ,X 4 V I... Z1 J. N .. 'X ' y xx 4 x : E l " .NEAR Susan Quick Jerry Nusbaum u i A :,V ,, Y 532 ' eef, r V John Grant Sharon Nusbaum The Seventh graders aside From their vile pranks have promised to contribute much to the Future of Nederland High School. Camera Shy: Debra Ornelas Steve Armitage wi, E Na Mwglw W 'wa 2 'N . 5+ mV,u . Q4 wiv, S .,.. , J it t JJ.: M aw we fffl Bonnie McKim h S' vs , ' 'qi 'Tv V ff srtt .- eit Pam Ehmke l . -,.,, fm l .M f ' We . 4, Mike Clary ' X , ,. ,V , I ,V I affxt l f' . lx I Pam Norton L7 f, f 2-J fe My " 'vu M X S ...R "H '2-- ' Bobbie Lougee Jack Williams Charlotte Anderson HOIVIECOIVIING ROYALTY Judy Meredith and Tom Hess were crowned Homecoming Queen ond King to rein over the semi-Formal dance held The room was decorated in dork blue ond silver, adding o misty moonlight effect to the atmosphere of the evening. HOIVI QM1 G' if -QQ. , 1, -1 ' A ir, -55 fig 3 , -2- QIQY 5 u . 111, 1" -A: sisjf "' . ,ij -N C-iz, ff fi Ll gs f XQS 5 E , , S' fi,--, : lic '-rl on October l, l966. X E, Left to Right: Mike Lougee-Asst. Coach, R. Sorenson, M. Robinson, J. Lepke, T. Lepke, K. Buck, J. Ewing, Coach Anderson. Bottom Row: S. Riley and B. Buck-Mgrs., K. Braun, A. Forbes, R. Jenkins, M. Mayhew, K. Mayhew, M. Babler and T. Tyler-Mgr. Absent: T. Cortez, N. Cortez, D. Taylor, G. Polhemus. The Panthers Finished this year with thewinningestfootball season since l96O. The high spir- ited team consisted of many veterans and many new boys with a lot of potential that will be needed in the Future years. H 3 A with-we I la me CONFERENCE 5 PLAYERS 4 .1 .,.K Z FOR T966 , ..' Q Toby Cortez Jerry Lepke Kerry Mayhew l DURING HALFTIME COACH AND THE BOYS WORK OUT STRATEGY BULLDOGS AT BYERS PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT--PANTHERS W -- E I T 5 fm-I 'If ic XS f. 4 . .. 4 A MN QmmmsIQ,Q--N----bfASf K, . XX.. .V f---5 'E - X, -HCC I ww., 'S 4, , A WW img I 4. ai . . Q we . -CQ 1 .. ' R ' A U Q ' 1 'YL f A . 8. gm? ,an , W yi KERRY MAYHEW P LU N GE S THROUGH THE ,,, . f ..w" , Z ,, u ,, A ,K - , Q K I K Vg, J .i X -ir Q .3-5.1-A +1- 35 I -I . . QUARTERBACK ALAN FORBES LOOKS FOR A RE- CEIVER AGAINST BENNETT JERRY LEPKE NAI LS A KIOWA INDIAN IT TAKES THREE STRASBURG INDIANS TO NR 1, Wlqy N I f Q4 -ff ' , I DOWN PANTHER TOBY CORTEZ Mug "Hx Q IK 1, ps A I W 'I 'g I It .3 if II 1 lj.l 23 cl This yeor's winter Boll was sponsored by The senior closs. The theme was "Winter Won- derlondnond Sue Liffler cind Mike Lougee reigned over fbeoffclir. Tbeenrerrainmenf presented by 'rbe "C b o s e n Few" was accompanied by refresbmenfs ond cz bl o c k- our. M. Top row, lefi' to right: Bob Dornbrock, Tom Hess, Chuck Ehmke, Terry Lepke, Gerhordt Ryplewski, Coach Dunn. Bottom row: Mike Bcbier, Kerry Mayhew, Jim Ewing, Alon Forbes, Marty Robinson. X 'ii Q 'ix 1 i is i f i ul-Q fx . , ,S 25 Y Q ,, . F31 3 . 1 fx Q, X X 5 X x 1 X X Q39 X gy . Nw X x X is X 5 r , W ,M xv ,N-. K Wwgk ' K Q in N S X A .. X , xx no X RX im We N X f -,.. f Giflsiiiiii? :J Lgffj- Egliiifl i'.' 2,Q'A14 Despite their best efforts, the A-squad wound up with a losing season. The boys did their bestat all their games, and provided the spectators with fine performances. Standing firmly behind his team, Coach Dunn led the team through the season wi th confidence and dida greatiob keeping the boys going. IIAII Nederland 46 Lyons 6l Nederland 34 Berthoud 83 Nederland 43 Wiggins 88 Nederland 43 Lyons 6l Nederland 47 Estes 90 Nederland 56 Berthoud 85 Nederland 59 Baily 80 Nederland 37 Wiggins 99 Nederland 48 Lyons 58 Nederland 33 Erie 68 Nederland 50 Estes 65 Nederland 38 Baily 52 Nederland 36 Lyons 68 f ' 4 A "Q 'P-W NBII S Q UA D Top row, left to right: Rick Jenkins, Rick Forbes, Rock Sorensen, Tim Gaetzke, Coach Neibur. Bottom row: Paul McCollum, Rohn Stilson, Kirk Braun, Mark Mayhew. X This year's "B" squad showed greatpromise for a future varsity team. All of the boys put out a great effort and emerged from the season with several victories. With Coach Neilour leading them, the boys did a great iob at all their games. ki! -.G sig.- . ,3 . L SQUAD Nederland ll Lyons 35 Nederland 50 Bai ly 35 Nederland i6 Berthoud 37 Nederland lO Wiggins 65 Nederland 28 Wiggins 24 Nederland I9 Lyons 3l Nederland I7 Lyons 33 Nederland 35 Erie 38 Nederland 37 Estes 35 Nederland 32 Estes 24 Nederland 38 Berthoud 41 Nederland 42 Baily 40 Left to right Tom Hess Alan Forbes Jim Ewing, Coach Anderson, Kerry Mayhew, Terry Lepke, Although this year's track team is quite small, the boys will do their best in both hfackand Fieldcompetition. Hopesare high that the Nederland track team will have a successful year with Coach Anderson help- ing the team along. T R A C K A 1 5 ' S5 f .s A 4. ,, , ,es , 1 5.1 Th team had i3 members who put in many hard practices getting and keeping in shape For their 6 ga season ended with a no win, 6 loss record. Nederland Casey Nederland Broomfield Nederland Basel ine Nederland Lafayette Nederland Southern Hills Nederland Burbank 42 26 32 25 50 we "ii JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL STUDENT COUNCIL --'U:. NW Back Row: Left to Right: Steve Riley, Fred Yates, Alan Forbes, Tom Hess, Judy Meredith, Kcxren Juul, Sue Littler, Mike Lougee. Front Row: Sam Bowker, Mike Bcbler, Tim Gaetzke fVice Presidentl, Chuck Ehmke lpresidentl, Becky Gott lSec.-Treasui, Mrs. Miller. The Student Council of T966-67 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Miller, has planned and ac- complished many different activities., With the continuous backing from the council we feel that N.H.So will be more successful year after year. 30 HKNTHEH PURE Volume 6 No. 2 NEDERLAND HIGH SCHOOL October l966 JUDY MEJLDITH TO RUN FUR STATE OFFICE ROLLS RLVERSED ON STUDENT TILTY DAY THE STUDENT COUNCIL room has been a beehive of activity as plans are being made and executed to promote the elec- tion of Judy Meredith to the of State Student Council JUDY and Chuck Ehmk State Student if ember 7 from the s it feel f? Stu- Pind out tudent HCW DOP? peak the OX x ko we who appO J eox C558 Coun wbead ,,, CO11I"0 ' oven .,ontribu- b t 2 F i 1' C tm WS VY along' a Ou Y O -cnt honored. younger and to bation to ONE OF group' s meeting wi The point th mdfwm most impressive was how little separates Hthe good guys from the bad guys.' FUTURE meetings will feature spakers from the court, a trip to the jail and visits to Juvenile Court hearings. Nuw'Nviawe9mNfanther of the Month. He has Swomd Swxmvflered his services as assistant coach 6 . EweSQ1SwHhT1 throughout this year's football season. ,no .Osh . . t awwo ,wmv a Join 509 -We 9 - UNm,miNmw. probationers. bets ow 9 , WeVTfo,m0Vias been chosen as this His assistance helped to make our foot- ball team as good as it was, and he did this without outside recognition. The members of the Nederland football team greatly appreciate his help and we, the members of the Panther's Purr staff, do not think that he should go unnoticed! CONGRATULATIONS, Mike! CANDY . 1-v Q. CINDY X P! v SHARRON The Cheerleaders this year have tried hard to supply the school with new cheers and yells. Shar- ron Archuleta, the head cheerleader, has kept them practicing so at each game they will look their best. THE SPIRIT OF N.H.S. ROBERTA DIANNE The Pep Club this year has shown great enthusiasm by showing up at all the games considering they had to find their own transportation. The Pep Club has done an outstanding job, and we're very proud ot them. KJ ' Gai , ,Aqwqbt'L.Qml'z1 eq 5 E .4 Q 3 R Ysyijnfii T lg fi ., We Yi: is as The lndustrial Arts Club s purpose is to develop further the creative abilities of its members. The Club has been work- ing on various proiects and have many more planned. The N-Club is still in a dormant stage of activity but its enthusiasm and number is growing very rapidly. With this addition of members, we hope the club accomplishes more of its plans than it has in the past. fmfrx X .Q ,,. uL Back Row: Left to Right: R. Forbes, T. Gaetzke, R. Jenkins, R. Yates, R. Thompson, J. Williams, B. Bowker, J. Nusbaum, S. Bowker, D. Cowdery, M. Robinson, Second Row: D. Glasser, S. Wheeler, D. Archuleta, B. Lougee, S, Giggey, S. Quick, S. Nusbaum, C. McCollum, V. Shaball, D. Bowker, Third Row: P. Gunn, K. Schamens, R. McKim, P. Norton, P. Ehmke, C. Ebersole, B. Kutscher, K. Parker, S. Schamens, R. Beagle, Fourth Row: Mr. Hoffman, L. Williams, J. Gunn, M. Snavely, C. Smith, K. Snavely, C. Littler, S. Archuleta, C. Anderson, and E. Smith. With the new additionsa new and better Jr. and Sr. High Choir and Band have been formed. Under the direction of Mr. Hoffman the Choir and Band have worked hard to put on this year's programs with overwhelming success. Back Row: Left to Right: S. Bowker, M. Robinson, B. Norton, T. Strohmeyer, S. Riley, R. Jenkins, Mr. Hoffman, Second Row: T. Gaetzke, M. Clary, R. Thompson, R. Forbes, B. Bowker, M. Babler, S. Shaball, J. Gunn, M. Ma- loney, B. McKim, B. Lougee, C. McCollum, M. Snavely, J. Haselwood, R. Carelli, L. Ryplewski, S. Schamens. 31' J - J if ff 1 Editor? 'Q 'N Q? YA if MOST DEPENDABLE v B aj 4 , Q Rf, I f N4 TIM GAETZKE 8. ANNE DUFFELL BEST DRESSED E7 if ROHN STILSON 8. RICKEE CARELLI MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT -5 7 I 3 I IIIIIII J IIIIII KERRY MAYHEW EQ SUE LITTLER BEST ALL AROUND CUTEST COUPLE D 5 F-Sq K ? QM? 'pm n H S O t , T 20 X f 1 J 1 0041901.95 r 7 7 ' 3 gn 3 ' 1 S' 0' M TOM HESS 8- SUE UTTLER RICKEE CARELLI 81 GERHARDT RYPLEWSKI After spendinga year at NHS, many of the students show various qualities which are recognized by the rest of the M O N K E Y student body. These students are usually associated with their qualities through the year and so, the 1967 Nugget B U S I N E S S took a poll and the results. . . MOST ATHLETIC MOST STUDIOUS ew of e e rm ., Q3 O - 5 f S A 4 'A J E fx KERRY MAYHEW 81 SUE LITTLER MARTY ROBINSON 8. BECKY GOTT MOST HUMOROUS 3 G .9 Hi C T W 1 " egfrksxl 3 9 Anand' VE JUDY MEREDITH 81 CHUCK EHMKE CHUCK EHMKE 8. ROBERTA SULLIVAN BEST PERSONALITY TRENDS OE 1966-1967 -,sm X UQF. O A A . ., Q - ,f aims f 5... Q, Qirzgszilfg 5 i. llizsx 'Of sw- 'S','e':':9i . :Qe'::e:af'e:r2 ?:'2'n"v':' 'aiswf o Qoa 'Q Q- Q :.0'v'3irA3'i'2f::35 sq:Q:f-ziazagqg X E .IAS . v Q 1, ., Q iw? , . 1? .ww Eff .. ., A .H I-?-"4fQiL,'. - 2 5 4. g,'.-.www-ayf A .. -ne, M.w.3N f QQ? is v --3133 it 'fx R qvyaw 55254. -Q... gems , gezefegfvgwif M .. ,Q Siifffggifsi- M . - gli' ' Taj, .",.L F RN 2 Q FA wg wi X' 'R 5 . fs.. if X . -. , F X 5 W. Q.. R HAPPENINGS LSD? 38 HATE! O BE INDIVIDUALS V ,f V fy ..--35 .e :, . ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,, , W, ,Q AND CORRUPTION Chuck Ehmke Carolyn Grant Principal Secretary Marty Robinson Science Jim Ewing lndusirial Arfs T Terry Leplce History Tom Hess Alan Forbes Math Boy's P.E. Judy Meredith Home Economics STUDENT FACULTY Jerry Gunn Not Shown: Sandy Edgerton Music English Rick Jenkins Arr Charlotte Nushaum I Business Carhy Ewing Cindy Liffler Math 81 Civics Girl's P.E. Kit Selph Spanish I, Terry Lepke, will my size I3 football shoes to Paul Mc Collum. I, Lloyd Gullett, will my elec- tronics ability to anyone want- I, Davida Bowker, will my great height to Rod Gunn in hopes he will become a great basketball player. nothing to will to my sister in hopes she can use it next year. ing a shock. I, Sue Littler, will myability of having X I l,Alan Forbes, will myability to tell good jokes in football huddles to Jim Ewing in hopes he will get as many laughs as I did. I, Sharron Archuleta, will all of my English book reports to Cindy Li ttler in hopes that she gets the grades I did. I, Chuck Ehmke, will my red bloodedness, Amer- ican spirit, 8. patriotism to those who need it in hopes I won't. in I ' V 13 J. .Q ff I A I I N I 35 I, Becky Gott, will my unusual ability to consistently fail to get the school paper out within two weeks of the deadline to future editors. mi I, Alan Barnett, will my nose to Rick Jenkins, ears to Jim Ewing, tennis shoes to Rod Gunn, car to Ken Buck, and the remainder of my estate to Mr. Buck. I, Kerry Mayhew, will my ability to get along with Bennett players and football officials to Mike Babler, and my dirty poems to Gerhardt Ryplewski. I, Marty Robinson, will 6 slightly used teachers, I ancient cat- ' eteria Qwith Zancientsl, I mean principal, 2 used lockers, 3 pieces of gum, and these words ofadvice: "In college study night and day or be classified I-A," I, Cathy Ebersole, will to Rick Jenkins the ability to be humble. This is something I have not quite mastered. I, Mike Lougee, will my math classes to Kirk Braun in hopes that he too can keep Mrs. Bundy continually confused. I, Bob Grant, will my knack towalk outof English classwithoutgetting caught to anyone who thinks they might be fast enough. I, Anne Duffell, will my knack of consistently getting the bent fork at lunch to a Full time patron 8.also the hard times I gave the Annual Staff to Rohn Stilson with anticipation that he will get a swift "kick" out of it. I, Carolyn Grant, will my secretarial iob to John Grant so that he will have closer ties with Mr. B. I, Tom I-less, will fl. beneath any old cookies that might remain in my locker to Jim Ewing, who wil I promptl. andefficientlydisposeof them. My ability to criticize any obscene literature mor :mes into the school to Judy Meredith because I think she can complain azzour ff'-wr ma vis well as .,

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