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1 1 f Wu 9 g ef NEDERLAND HIGH SCHOOL Nederland, Colorado , --- - - - uggel .Sjfaf Mr. Ryser co-sponsor ! I Sandi Olsen NUGGET STAFF The '64 Nugget Staff wishes this year's annual to be a treasure book of events for years to come. There has been much difficulty in putting this book together and when our staff dwindled during tests and Absences we pulled through because of cooperation and good leadership. We hope this annual dis- plays our efforts and pleases you. Warren Bernard Steve Karen Braun IoAnn Mcliim Bentley Carolyn Karen Killip Ioan Duffell Ron Clubine photographer Rod Glas ser editor Clubine Mrs . Cochran Sponsor ADMINISTRATION MR. BENNINGTON, formally called "Mr, B. , " has been the principal of N.H.S. for two years. Many im- provements have resulted from his capable leadership . N . H . S. is behind him all the way in trying to make our school the best small school in Colorado . MISS SANDRA HUMFREVILL has been our indispensable secretary for four years. Every year makes her more valuable to us. Many problems have been quickly solved by Sandi's pleasant efficiency during her years here. The Nugget staff hopes to find her still in the office when they visit the school as alumni. GRADUATES lgh .SJcLoof jacuffg MRS. MIRIAM COCHRAN attended Butler University, and University of Colorado for her graduate work after receiving a B.A. from Ball State Teachers' College. . .teaches English and Journalism, heads the library and sponsors the annual, pep club, news- paper, and cheerleaders. . . project teacher for Western States Small School Project. MR. GERALD BUCK teaches woodworking, crafts, world history and civics .... comes from Colorado Springs .... attended University of Colorado .... received B.A. from Colorado State College .... coaches Junior High basketball and sponsors the 8th grade. MR. BOB DEMMON head of the renowned band "The Astronauts" .... teaches band and chorus .... directs Nederland's Musical productions, received Bachelor of Music from the University of Colorado . . . .is a graduate of Boulder High School. MRS. HELEN LANGLEY received a B.A. from Colorado State College of Education besides attending many other Universities to further her knowledge of Spanish. . . teaches grade school and high school Spanish, 7th grade social studies and sponsors the senior class. . . MR. IAMES DUNN coaches high school basketball .... sponsors the 7th grade .... teaches chemistry, biology, and general science courses .... graduated with a B.S. from Colorado University. MISS SUZANNE SPARN holds B.A. in math .... from Colorado University .... teaches math. . . . sponsors llth grade and pep club. . . . taught previously in Long Beach, California and Heibourn, Germany .... teacher for Western State Small Schools Project. MR. AL EARTLETT holds E.A. from University of Colorado .... teaches 7th and 8th grade English, boys' physical education and 8th grade social studies. . .coaches football and track . . .sponsors the lOth grade. MR. WERNER RYSER received B.S. from the University of Colorado .... attended De Paul Law School and Lake Forest .... originally from Chicago he teaches business education and American government .... sponsors the 9th grade. MRS. ELEANOR DOLPH teaches home economics and girls' physical education . . . .holds a B.S. and an M.S. from the University of Nebraska .... also is the counselor for the high school students. W H iglz Schoof jac MR. VALDON GREEN .... student teacher of crafts .... attending Colorado State College, from McMinnville, Oregon .... has attended Walla Walla College, University of Alaska, and University of Colorado extension. Ji, 7 PGJQ .SJCAQOK jafufty MR. BUFORD BUSH received B.S. from Texas Western College .... holds A.A. from Ranger Iunior College .... four years studying in a Theological college in Kansas City, Church of Nazarene .... also received theological certificate there. He is the 6th grade teacher. MRS. FRANCIS DEMUTH .... fourth grade teacher .... she graduated from the University of Colorado with a E-.A ...... this is her sixth year at Nederland .... she resides in Boulder where she has lived since she left Kansas in 1938. MRS. IRIS SWISHER holding a B.A. from Colorado State College and an associate of Arts from Lamar Iunior College. . . she is now in her second year at Nederland and teaches the fifth grade. MRS. ARDITH GARDNER originally from Iowa .... attended Concordia Teachers College and the State College of lowa. . . holds B. S. degree ..... teaches second grade. MRS. BONNIE LUNDY has a B.A. from Western State College .... taught at Fruita previous to her joining Nederland's faculty .... originally from Grand Junction she now teaches third grade. MRS. EMMA PUTNAM teaches kindergarten in Nederland and Jamestown .... graduated with B.E. from Illinois State Normal University .... also attended the University of Colorado. MRS. LAVINA DUNN. . .teaches lst grade. . . went to Northern State Teachers College, Aberdeen, S. Dakota. . . B. S. from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. . . taught in Columbus, Ohio School Nurse MRS. NORMA HEFLING MISS DONNA SCHAPER .... art teacher for grades-kindergarten through eighth .... attended the State University of Iowa receiving her B.A. and going on to University of Colorado for her graduate work .... taught previously in Olney, Illinois. Q... , df' 1 f Q-MN BUS DRIVERS Winding along the roads, driving the long circuitous routes and ever watchful and dependable are our "Bus Drivers, " Mr. Gardner and Mr. Lippincott who traverse Copperdale, Pinecliff, Sugarloaf, and Tungsten. Mrs. Scharnens drives a "special education" bus this year. 1 4 4 F" BUS DRIVERS: Bill Gardner, Gay Lippincott, Carol Schamens CUSTODIAN: Roy "Slug " Slaughenhoupt "" ,9"'5'L" f fEEs. it .I IANITORS To Mr. Slaughenhoupt, better known as "Slug" , fer. me and Mr. Lippincott we owe a debt of thanks ,i f 1 for keeping our fine School just that way. ' 1 cooks ?1h ,ka Under the supervision of Mrs. 5 Gaetzke and the culinary tastes of Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Wilson we enjoyed many a fine lunch during the year. Thank you and that doesn't include seconds. ... -ar 'a ff I AUTGGRAPHS KAREN BRAUN ........ Cute, smart, and always eating junior mints .... likes to argue in a friendly way .... Class Vice-President 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Student Council Vice-President 35 Class President 25 Pep Club Vice- President 35 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Band 25 Newspaper'45 Dramatics 3, 4. IOAN DUFFELL ....... Likes sports, especially "walking" .... always has a friendly "hello" .... has a hobby of collecting wish bones5 what's the wish, Ioan? .... Newspaper 45 Annual 45 Alternate Student Council Representative 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Alternate Cheerleader 4. RODNEY GLASSER .... Doesn't care to be elected for class offices .... tall, blonde, and good looking .... best student council president N.H. S. could have had! ICANN MCKIM ........ Usually can be found at home .... known to every- one as "Io" .... most quiet member of the senior class. Chorus l,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Newspaper 45 Annual 45 Rifle Club 1,25 Class Secretary- Treasurer l,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,4. ' -, ,,,,. if If Student Council President5 Class President 45 Secretary-Treasurer 25 Newspaper 3,45 Annual 45 "N" Club l, 2 , 3 , 45 Basketball 2 , 3 , 45 Football 2,35 Track 1,25 Rifle Club l,25 Chorus 25 Student Council Repre- sentative 2 . KAREN KILLIP ....... This is one girl who isn't usually found at home .... has a good sense of humor .... everyone's friend .... N.H.S. has never had a better editor-in-chief for the Panther's Purr .... Student Council Representative 2,45 Annual 3,45 Newspaper 3,45 Class President 35 Dramatics 35 Cheerleader 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Chorus 45 Office Practice 4. fjacf5 ana! jzcfion When the 1961 freshman class grad V uates as the class of "64", their number ' will have decreased from nine to two. Where have they gone ? Mike St Iohn moved to Pt. Collins in 1961. Tanny Sherwood married Tom Riley and is the mother of a baby girl . Ierry Baczkowski en- listed in the army and is stationed in Germany. Patsy Slovek moved to Washington D.C. Carolyn Prime is married and living in Texas. Chuck Wise is employed by the Caribou Ranch Dave Poster left in 63 and lS working for Uncle Sam . a s , IoAnn McKim and Rod Glasser are now serving the last of their terms with the three additional seniors, Karen Braun, Karen Killip, and Ioan Duffell. Of the original class only two are left. We of the Nugget staff wish you the graduates and you who were given shorter sentences, the best in life and a chest full of many gold Nuggets. prop A eciej When you look back will you remember 1964? Automation became fascinatingly vast. Self- cleaning ranges and turbo-engines for cars were developed. Ioan Duffell, at age 73 will be surfer of the Century. Rod Glasser, exiled to Camp Century for 10 years. Karen Killip, kitchen cook for N.H.S. in four years. Karen Braun, train falcons for the King of England. IoAnn McKim, arrested in 1965 for kidi apping a whole fraternity house. ln medicine two sets of quintuplets were born and newspapers told the stories of the many kidney transplants which took place. 'IMM Rod Glasser, wills his greasy kid's stuff to Ron Clubine so he can plaster down his good looks and personality. IoAnn McKim, wills her bois- terous personality to shy little Anne Duffell. Karen Braun, wills her dare-devilishness to Barbie with a wish for success as head cheer- leader next year. Karen Killip, wishes to leave the school her many millions but she sorrow- fully has already sent them to Nixon. Ioan Duffell, wills her phys- ical powers to Carolyn Clubine hoping she'll be gentle with Mike Parker. Arthur Miller's play After The Fall and Cleopatra, the spectacle of '63, headed the entertainment field. Surfin music with Boulder's Astronauts ended the year and England's Beatles were the craze for '6-4l's beginning. In the sports world Cassius Clay, the poetic boxer, challenged heavyweight champion Sonny Liston to fight February 25. The United States lost the Winter Olympics to the Soviets-winning only one gold medal. The political spectrum showed Margaret Chase Smith as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Pres- ident. World Events noted the assassination of President Iohn F.' Kennedy. Panama broke off diplomatic re- lations with the United States over the Canal Zone and turmoil in Cyprus between the Turks and the Greeks was a major headline in late '63. The New York World's Pair added light to the more serious events. ? ? ? ? Prohibition on Cigarettes. Fashion found knee-high boots , wigs, wrap arounds, shifts, short hair the THING and necklines took a tremendous dive waistward as evening hemlines were also lengthened. The fad went to elephant jokes and skiing. '64 was the year. What do you remember? Frm Nr ax , ,, ' 1:3 an .farm .f,K,. .... is QQAJYW I , 4 K A L tg Q r is wf',f,m,. - ik Z , f i ffm 3.2-2112511 rf-vi, Miss V ' A 'a:.:::2'lzxr,:fs,5:gm wg 1 2 fl 8 gift: i 4 R aw ix N tw! X fr Q W x 5 S gi, t . 4 W . Ffix if ff is f ix Y, tag ,S 4655. 'M Paul Ryplewski Harriet Richards As juniors, the class has planned the Iunior-Senior Prom. In the various school activities they have shown a great deal of responsibility and leadership. They are all looking forward to a successful senior year in 1965 . John Snell Iohn Deffell Pat Riley President .... . Vice-President .... . Secretary-Treasurer. . . Student Council ..... Alternate Student Council Ron Clubine Steve Bentley fe tl.l ' 1 I Eva Tfullllo t it M an ri t r d . Q tt,A 'y A 1, " 4 -s 1 - t a' Y? i .,.. - 9.3 Q Y aaa I gl i 1 1 ix 3 f 5 I Y 1 . Q xr Y? Sandi Olsen Carolyn Clubine . . John Snell . . Sandi Olsen . Iohn Duffell Harriet Richards Dale Roush Linda Wilson Warren Bernard Carolyn Clubine . Q E if FQ vp ,Z C492 wr :gf-' Eff' ' . :fi , ,. ,gsm W ., ,. ,,,..- 'Q :lg a-,fnbq 7 1 5 .. .. is i - . ..If: W xi. A if . A . at ,. . M, an 4 2 ', ' it 'iii ,. arg A Bob Grant rold Ebers ole Gordon Wise ' Sgjggjazffigig 5 5. jy - -be f f ' K fgf s ks: - Z ,gt Q sys x. S f Y., ' , A-.-A, 1 ' ' ' H QQLFIQQ 3-511215"33i7ffSifQ3'f5S' - ' Gif' ' ,x Margaret Franklin T' 5, 7'L- Q 3 f Y Ron Richards lack Kutscher Bob Willians ww, it f.- ,Q W ui ,w , . . . . .,..... u,,.,,q ' -,gm Carolyn Berni lim Baczkow ski Kent Braun Iudy Bac zkowski SOPAOMOPB' There are fifteen members of the sophomore class. The class officers are: Ron Richards, President, Bobby Williams, Vice-President, Carolyn Berni, Secretary-Treasurer, Kathy Hight, Student Council Representative. This class is often referred to as being "live- ly" because of their enthusiasm. This is an ambitious class as evidenced by overall good grades, participation in athletics and other extra-curricular activities. There seems to be a good deal of class "esprit de corps" and a winning attitude in the class. Many of the class have expressed their interests in con- tinuing their training after high school grad- Kathy I-light Rusty Berni uation. We hope that this enthusiasm is not lost in the temptation of an "easier way out" that we can fulfill the ambitions that we have as a class. Cynthia Grant Mike Parker sfiasfw ' ' 9TH GRADE gzi J This year there are three additions to ,M .tt . sm fu, .. at-swf . .,t . . 3 55 th e fre s hman c la s s -C hu c k Ehm k e . ' SX xxfak 233 get b S th Bef are ml J? Iohn Anderson, and Cathy Ebersole. The freshmen under the leadership of their sponsor, Mr. Ryser, have accomplished many things through- out the past year. THE OFFICERS ARE: Carolyn Grant- President, Anne Duffe11-Vice- President, and Chuck Ehmke- Secretary-Treasurer. flame-eizswzlevr f sei.-is A-fsfew . f3,11f1:1.S as Wifgftiw af Q ,Q ,rt ,.e, ,fm fifzwfs 2762222225 David Bledsoe " . , ' xtwssrt-1 f 5 L51 -- Egggiifffk iLf7'1fQ5ff1fQ5 K 'f U ?3fTLfE:f fi'-ggijfff? ' ff ffliiffi -1E,2f?5?5' -- ,LIE N fivifiifx A . 'TIC '71,-7252 ::f f1ffii,"'9,'i?il5,-T," ,ljifgffziljf . i."-ifitkjilifg. 11345555 if Iii, K -' -31"-'-6? . I'z-224571519211iiiil-3 I , ,fffgg5jg: , 3353235-Sf5ei?k155L553fiiffiilif'15 L ' . fs' f-'mi ie 52325321Q?rfasWf1i?1i,: . ' f V Lge:-wx-I - sf .ttf SLM -- StZ?f, ..q,r 7755 5 J ' 12455353735-'Y 'f . ,.,. 2: -f lg- U Irwin, .,fJW7'fgw-wy5-'-qw if 5551, ' ' Q I kifif ,ifiifggffrifffgg Yi:5567551S2Q5I?iE?5fQE'-315 - ,L.,, Q fz:,sL,,,--M, A 1. wi-yr' grytvkq :emi QWQQQQSZQ? gfE2?i'2seit?s51xs7a1RvTf. Iohn Anderson Sharron Archuleta Cindy 101193 Alan Forbes f r We ,. zsfwffy 32 ' ' fmnfr . f v :A ,Vt I 2, .. ga -4' W ',5,:m,3 ,J Y wigs! 3, ft Neg sfwiw. 255, 'T Cathy Ebersole Bernie Poe Davida Bowker Lloyd Gullett Susan Morgan Carolyn Grant Anne Duffell Chuck Ehmke LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Buck, Pred Yates, Gary Snell, Gerhardt Ryplewski, Tim Gaetzke, Iim Gonzales, Mr. Buck, Betsy Kutscher, Cindy Littler, Bill Bush, Larry Morgan, Walter Johnson, Vicki Parker, Vicki Shaball, Sandra Edgerton. 8TH G RAD E There were several additions to the eighth grade class- Vicki Parker, Jim Gonzales, Ken Buck, Bill Bush, Chris Gerthe, and Patrick O'Hannahann. THE CLASS OFFICERS WERE: Gary Snell President, Cindy Littler-Vice-President and Vicki Parker-Secretary-Treasurer. Tim Gaetzke was elected as student council representative with Bill Bush as alternate. The eighth graders have only one am- bition-to get into their freshman year, with the help of Mr. Buck. ' ww. , Gary Snell President V aft 1 T7 .-, EP' Cindy Littler Vice President Mi" 2,2 N fl , 'E I .P is .A K- I , 7't-, we I l ,J If . . 'iid' .1 ff Vicki Parker Secretary-Treasurer t-! ,- Bartlett's English Class SECOND ROW: Mr. Dunn, Rodney Steele, Eddie Poe, Robert Yates. FIRST ROW: Mike Babler, Kathy Parker, Kerry Schamens, Rose Marie McKim, Clayton Walters. Sponsor Math class Kerry Schame ns President Nmwmmmvvff Mike Babler Secretary-Treasurer H, ,ig V --my O, . Kathy Parker Vice President ., 44' , , V, P4 , , 1 9' 'X 'KN Psrs rsii it GRADE SCHCGL BACK ROW: Left to Right, Charles Mason, Timmy Tyler, Kirk Braun, Steve Riley, Dennis Cowdery, Mark McFarland, John Iuul, Sammy Bowker, Wayne Taylor, Robert Gibson, Stephen Shaball, Bill Buck. FRONT ROW: Roberta Sullivan, Marilyn Snavely, Diana Glasser, Ruth Pfarr, Ian Haselwood, Linda Ryplewski, Dianne Hight, Vicky Poe, Sharon Schamens, Diana Archuleta. AESENT: Kathy Iohnson. BACK ROW: Left to Right, Keith Robinson, Iohn Trujillo, Michael Grant, Everett Motz, Billy Crawford, Charles Morgan, Kevin Fitzner, Ray Schamens. FRONT ROW: Susy Neff, Debra Motz, Mrs. Swisher-Teacher, Sophia Giggey, Eleanor Smith. ABSENT: Kathy Mason BACK ROW: Left to Right, Jerry Schamens, Toby Trujillo, Keith Morgan, Tad Smith, Glenn Hendricks, Tom Haselwood, Danny Platt, Hayes Giggey, Joey Smith. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Lundy, Debby Poe, Debra Tyler, Nancy Scott, Audrey Cooley, Pamela Schillen, Cheryl Weller. BACK ROW: Left to Right, David Johnson, "Casey" Jones, Billy Bowker, John Grant, Mrs. Demuth, Gene Olsen, Fred Zamora, Chuck Kutscher, Kim Chappel, Dick Taylor. FRONT ROW: Pauline Grabowski, Karen Juul, Susan Quick, Bobbie Lougee, Karen Snavely, Pamela Morgan, Pamela Ehmke, Karen Olsen, Bonnie McKim. ABSENT: Lois Williams, Thersa Mason, Bertha Pfarr, Lyle Pfarr. awe BACK ROW: Left to Right, Ray Willis, Mark Smith, Mike Bowker, Steve Grabowski, Kim Poe, Mike Archuleta, Dale Schamens. FRONT ROW: Becky Cooley, Jill Glasser, Debbie Bernicky, IuNelle Hendricks, Leasa Berni, Christine Giggey, Glenda Scott, Phyllis Snavely, Mrs. Gardner. ABSENT: Clinton Mason, Patty Edwards. BACK ROW: Teri Williams, Shirley Willis, Pamela Robinson, Linda Schamens, Wanda Adamy, Teri Latham, Kathy Gibson, Iennifer Schillen, Alice Haselwood, Judy Smith. FRONT ROW: Thomas Putnam, Iohn Bernard, Mark Keeney, Bobby Bernicky, Daniel Snavely, Iames Wade, Norman Scott, Gary Chappel. KINDERGARTEN--CTop Picturel BACK ROW: Mary Zamora, John Edwards, Kathy Grabowski, Shirley Giggey, Laverne Calhoon, Janice Jensen, Lori J Berni, Brett Platt, Marilyn Cotton, Peggy Bernicky, Cheryl Clifford. FRONT ROW: Jim Smith, Gary Scott, Dan Cowdry, Jim Taylor. LITTLE PEOPLE AT WORK KINDERGARTEN'S HANDIWORK CHRI STMAS PARTY Ju KINDERGARTEN ROOM si E "TF MQ' 'E 4. 5 wr nf, Q, j'H.," up ,, , ,Q . ,- 2 1-1: , .Af Mfff , ,,.., .f. Af .L - ,,' , L+,-.ff 'Wi at X f -'M " i 'xv ' . ' ' . 'KVM . , W3 W" 'j. ' ' ' V .. H- ' ,.. vw ,W fi ' sp L ,, ,,V. B H V A A . :Y .wg ' -Dfw., W mtv-1131 M wif any .- . . K me ,. ew- f1eA,,Hf , ,mf ' - v , N5 kv M ,...,. P v,L, 1-f ff .K ' f' . f X l ,iw 9 A ' 1 A . A ' ff '- C if . 5. .,.. - L , :, i,i:bj1 ,H K in ,. V ,. , ljgmw ,,geQ,,:,Z My-M .H J-W, .,.. ,,VI,f554s JL- fs- A 'A f h L , "', f- K V 11 ,Al 1 1 -I- 'lv WX a ACTI ITIE Mr. Ryser, Mrs. Cochran, Ron Clubine, Steve Bentley, Rod Glasser, Ioan Duffell, Carolyn Clubine, Warren Bernard, Karen Braun, Sandra Olsen, JoAnn McKim, Karen Killip . Putting Panther Purr together How did Rodney get on this page? PANTHER' S PURR STAFF The newspaper has been completely remodeled from heading to the type being used in the print- ing. With a new staff this year, many original ideas have been included. After the initial "breaking in" of the new staff the Panther's Purr proved to be an improvement over previous issues and became an asset to the school and community. TYPISTS: Karen and Karen panfher ,J url' STUDENT COUNCIL The student council had developed a special study session this year-its pur- pose being to inform and teach its members the workings of a student council. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Bennington this session has been very beneficial and the student council has progressed very rapid- ly. sgzfuclenf Counci LEFT TO RIGHT: Rose Marie McKim, Tim Gaetzke, Sue Littler, Carolyn Clubine, Karen Killip, Pat Riley, Iohn Duffell, Kent Braun, Mr. Ryser, Rod Glasser, Pres. 1, .A wa, lf if r T Iudy Baczkowski, Karen Killip, Ioan Duffell, Carolyn Grant, Karen Braun CHEERLEADERS This year the cheerleaders organized into a regular routine of exercising, practicing new cheers and gymnastics. This system proved to be satisfactory in keeping the girls organized and poised for the games. They attended a summer cheerleaders' workshop in Denver which introduced the girls to new motions and ways of improving their cheers. Three of the girls will graduate this year leaving a freshman and sophomore to carry on Nederland's high spirits. PEP CLUB Under Mrs. Cochran and Miss Sparn's sponsorship the pep club had a good year. Members are from the 7th through l2th grades. Their jobs consist of eeffeadel' heading pep rallies, pot lucks and posters and keeping the school spirit up. L ' ' ' ' 0 u Now that the girls are finally organized they are looking forward to better years . P BACK ROW: IoAnn McKim Pat Riley Linda Wilson Carolyn Berni MIDDLE ROW: Miss Sparn Mrs. Cochran Cindy Iones Sandi Olsen Sue Littler Carolyn Clubine Anne Duffell Cynthia Grant Sharon Arcnuleta Cathy Ebersole FRONT ROW: Ioan Duffell Betsy Kutscher Vicki Shahall Karen Braun Iudy Baczkowski Sandra Edgerton Cindy Littler Karen Killip Carolyn Grant falna CAA Jigrary 2nd-- Karen Braun Carolyn Clubi Mrs. Cochran separate-- Eva Trujillo THIRD ROW: Anne Duffell, Iudy Baczkowski, Pat Riley, Carolyn Clubine, Chuck Ehmke Carolyn Berni, John Duffell. SECOND ROW: Barbara Smith, Ioan Duffell, Karen Braun, Goroon Wise, Ken Buck. FIRST ROW: Paul Ryplewski, Kent Braun, Gerhardt Ryplewski. 'Fil If-il' iClJ'l1fiml I-ii IM? - QIHES Ziff' SECOND ROW: Left to Right, Rusty Berni, Iohn Duffell, Iohn Snell, Ron Clubine, Alan Forbes. FIRST ROW: Rod Glasser, Ron Richards, Dale Roush, Bob Grant, Gorden Wise, Kent Braun, Bob Williams. SPONSOR fl 1 -i FOOTBALL PICTURES 77 CAL "N" Club was organized for men who have lettered or for ones that are working toward a letter in athletics. In the future the club hopes to join in developing ideas and responsibilities in making this organization more of a real contribution to the school. ? Q K WX , 4, DMN, A v mmwsx Riff 2 fs M? 4153 ,ff ,I 5? K Ya- .,. ' . 4 In WA., Q ' ,yif'gi'i'1e's1'i.- az u.f1.,fLh53eg1- f- W I. is '?3T?e'f - : UI J, .Q L a ., . . . . ,xi TV I I 95: ?:w-xl,?f4,:' 'Ng-1. '19, .. , ff- Tpflffk:35Tf'!ffS2t:f"1333 fflff P5 A A A TTA 1 A 1, 4 :wwj'f ty :,,-ywgq,-,I I 1 I I R? g 5 ' We-gp ? hd? Mi 2 fem Q A 5 1-NU ,K fb' 1 ASTRONAUTS ig, If '54 37 Q i .iii GRADUATION CHEERLEADERS P HOMECOIVIING KING AND QUEEN CANDIDATES s W. BIOLOGY 5- B ULLETIN B OARD DANCE OUR KNITTING TEACHERS ,Q GRADUATION .., A 7 fir! I' BEST LOOKING LEGS? ? .. 3 PEP CLUB 'IQ 24 1 k guns! Nederland High School has been very proud of its band this year. They have done an excellent job and have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and group spirit. Ckoir The choir this year has done a tremendous job under the direction of Mr. Demmon and Mr. Bashford. lf you happened to visit them you would probably find Mr. Demmon trying desperately to make everyone sign out more. In spite of all the many vocalizing problems they did an excellent job for this year. BACK ROW: G. Grant, S. Littler, R. Richards, B. Grant, L. Gullett, G. Snell, M. Babler, P. O'Hannahan, G. Wise, D. Tsinninjinnie. FRONT ROW: I. Baczkowski, P. Riley, D. Bovvker, M. Franklin B. Poe, C. Ehmke, B. Williams, S. Archuleta, T. Gaetzke, P. Ryplewski, I. Kutscher, K. Braun. MR. BASHFORD BACK ROW: T. Gaetzke, F. Yates, G. Glubine, K. Braun, L. Gullett, I. Snell, P. Ryplewski, R. Berni, I. Gonzales, G. Ryplewski, B. Bush. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Bashford, G. Grant, I. McKim, V. Shaball, B. Smith, S. Morgan, C. Berni, H. Richards, P. Riley, I. Baczkowski, K. Braun. FRONT ROW: C. Iones, C. Littler, D. Tsinnijinnie, K. Parker, S. Neff, K. Ebersole, R. McKim, K. Schamens, K. Hight, K. Knnp. ATHLETICS QF: K , wi, A 69:1 ,MA yn 'K 'Nw ii: v 3 0 0 5 STANDING: Loft to Right, john Anderson, Gordon Wise, Chuck Ehmke, Iim Baczkowski, Berni Poo, Mike Lougee, Mr. Iim Dunn. FRONT: Bob Williams, Warren Bernard, john Snell, Rod Glasser, Kent Braun. Baileflaff This was a year of building and prepara- tion for the Panther basketball team . The players were young and inexperienced and needed a season be- hind them . Under the coaching of Mr. Dunn the future looks bright for these boys . , f . 'tl ' , B ob ' ' Rod Kent 34 Warren Iohn , fi -f'f,1'-Qawi Ar ti, 3, f ' f -fr'?3fzz-wzf,?'-f-- fl-' - Stra sb urg W, it Central City K .X .- Bennett C-.mflaff FOOTBALL This was a very disappointing season for the Panthers. The team was young, small, and inexperienced. The team showed lots of spirit but couldn't find the punch it needed. Bob Williams, Manager: Mike Parker, Chuck Ehmke, John Snell, Bob Grant, Ron Clubine, John Duffell, Harold Ebersole, Dale Roush, Berni Poe, Gordon Wise, Rusty Berni, Kent Braun, Alan Forbes, Ron Richards, Coach Bartlett. 5 7 MF- BLlCk, lim Gonzales, Ken Buck, Lloyd Gullett, Bill Bush, Tim Gaetzke, Clayton Walters, Larry Morgan, Gerhardt Ryplewski, manager, Richard Morgan . unior Z?a5LefLa!f For having coached only one season, Mr. Buck, with his junior high team, has had a good basketball season. Mr. Buck's team has shown a great fighting spirit and we all wish him luck with his teams in the future. NOT SHOWN: Gary Snell, David Bledsoe. jI'aCL Even though few in number the Panther track team is looking forward to having a good team and doing well in all track events. The track team will not have any returning letterrnen this year, but the spirit of the boys ought to pay off despite being young and inexperienced. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Bartlett, Iohn Duffell, Allen Forbes, Mike Lougee, John Snell, manager, Bob Williams . You tell em, Braun, you know ll all A-A--AH ff" 1: 9 ,ff V QV" organization cool Tow n sq uare satisfaction the crew i 5 V I 55.5, 39952 -.fT..2., L QE-19 VIALSWORT H Lmagmpzmz 4. Bowl 1, WALSWORTH Mwenne, Mu U S A

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