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N.F::1,k5,1: 'A'-I-5 'ixf-y,5,xg"jQg31fgg,g. o , v - er and Colorado ' 5',"f'g,ffgQQg:'v9iefJ'fQv,.9'-1?'vi3-v, fT'Yg21a'2gszi?':2?55"1P'x?'4 gt- w W A if 'fi-gf 'F' , ' " -fl' fv- "e:gE'M35Lbf- Ia.: rw, , -f f K xv 533, . , 'K ,-qw? rg ge .3 I - gd Q ' 22422555533fT'fff525SffYfslgv,-gm-.gfgzgg-m:,Q MW.-ak - i- 1 , f. 4-, g o Q W ? L J'-,s ' - ,aff f ' u-iff-1-4955-ffso ' L- 'Sei my f'- Kuff- ' , .fwfrfffw-fo'- . , ' ' 93,5 m wiigff-551-ga L IK! I ' T, 1, Q, 3 ,W . it 2,4 1f fwok:w:wQwfpww+wwmwwnMwm-wWYiaq fin' ' I 'ffw - - ff' fLf??.wv1-:MW '+L ' :+V-. Geri: Q'T"1., Q -U ,gf 9'H5"'5x2y..w 'Q' iff stfgt' 'HX J544"f- , -"2f5A.".4g?f'-11' 3-1 Af.. g 1-F"' " .Sw " wwf w Q' ' 'F' - ' - , ft! wo- V' ar xp, J. L sg' 13? "F 1-in gr- xf fo-G., ,gk'.Q.,rgMka,? lg' 'A kv kg' '5" 4 img: 1:-sl lguvilzf K. 55 I ,K QT.: Vk.- , J WI V' A 75 . V V X K I W v f'x:f"A ' fo f 1- n' A Q -f u 4 4,4 "' c-QQ' ' - " ""'f?g49siI'Q4'Ef"lQfg, 'W V ? 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Q. l'f2i,5, A X A NfwFEgQQ'?affwWfwmQwqwwffkiggm is I . . 5 , Lg - my , V W F. at ,..., f 'W' Q, ,fl Q' , ,Q ., 2, .4 ,ni '17 , in MU., , ,gf,.s. , yd . x,-H .fe rf . 3. ' writ: f, iw, 4, 845- ,I -7 Aj., L. .115-P.. U Q ,f-4 .5 - N W V' 1 A E. gi? , lb. Q. Q -N .5. '51, V in 7 3 .wg ,. . . ,-,, , pix, . . 25 1 Q 'Y' if 'A gn, ,, ,W , . . 22,35 Roger Snell, Dan Gaetzke, Business Manager, Mrs. Cochran, Sponsor, Tom Benson, Editor, Ronnie Clubineg Larry Valdez. uggef Sfa!! Pew realize the amount of time and effort which goes into the publication of the Nugget. It was not so hard this year though, for we had class time to do it in. The 1963 Nugget is a collection of your memories during the school year. As the years separate you from high school, you will treasure this book more and more. We hope that it will recall the happy moments of your school days spent at Nederland High. FACULTY MR. GUY BENNINGTON To our hard working, ever encouraging principal who has worked incessantly to improve Nederland High School for the one that does his best for others and aids their every undertaking. We of the 1962 Nugget staff wish to dedicate "The 1962 Nugget' to you in appreciation of your work on our behalf. ledicafion MR. GERALD BUCK To our industrial arts teacher.. ,the best that we could wish to have. In appreciation of your hard work in enlarging and facilitating the industrial arts division of our school.. .-,for the willing and excellent help and advice you have rendered to us, we of the 1962 Nugget staff would like to dedicate "The 1962 Nugget" to you. X-...ff MR. ARMANDO ATENCIO-Holds both B.A., and M.A. from Adams State College.. .teaches Spanish, short- hand, typing, general business and bookkeepinq...also is student counselor, MRS, MIRIAM COCHRAN-Graduated from Ball State Teachers College with A.B .... attended Butler University and University of Colorado also.. .teaches English, Latin, library, and sponsors annual, newspaper and pep club. SCLOOK jjafllfty MR GERALD BUCK Alumnus of Colorado State College where he received his B.A. attended University of Colorado .comes from Colorado Springs teaches woodworking, crafts, and drafting aww V, MR. AL BARTLETT-Attended University of Colorado, where he got B.S, degree...teaches English and coaches football, basketball, track. MR. BOB DEMMON-Graduated from Boulder High School. . .received Bachelor of Music from the University of Colorado. . .teaches band and chorus at Nederland and Iamestown. 'Q' MRS. ELEANOR DOLPH - Holds B. S. And M. S. From University Of Nebraska. . .Teaches Home Economics American Government, Spelling, Vocabulary, And Physical Education. MRS. HELEN LANGLEY - B.A. From Colorado State College Of Education . . .Also Has Credits From Kansas State College, University Of Arizona, Colorado College, University Of Colorado, Universidas Michoacana De San Nicolas De Hidalgo, Academia Internacional De Espanol And Purdue University. . .Teaches Elementary, junior High, And High School Spanish . . .Also Teaches History. .jvliglz .syclzoof jacuffg MR. JAMES DUNN - Received B.S. From University Of Colorado. . . Physics, Chemistry, Biology, And Science Are Mr. Dunn's Specialties . . .Assistant Football Coach. . .Also Coaches Iunior High Basketball. . . Senior Sponsor. MISS SUZANNE SPARN - Received B. A. In Math At University Of Colorado . . .Did Graduate Work At Long Beach State And University Of Colorado. . . Taught At Long Beach, fjalifornia, And Heibroun, Germany. . .Teaches Math And Sponsors Pep Club. Miss. Sandra Humfreville .... secre- tary for Nederland School during the past three years .... "almost" an alumnus of NHS although she gradu- ated in California .... "our helper. " flIUw..W,5 MRS. VERA BIRD-lived at Battle Creek, Michigan, for 20 years . . .received B. S. from Western Michigan University. . .is teaching kindergarten and first grade. NIARY NOLAN-Teaches second grade. . .received B.A, from Adelphi College Garden City, N.Y .... taught three years in Long Island, N.Y. 9 WN gfa 2 .SJCA00f jafuffg .64'k""x 4' N., 4 jf MRS. FRANCIS DEMUTH-Teaches fourth and fifth grades. . . graduated from University of Colorado with A.B ,... came from Kansas to Boulder in l938.. .has taught at Nederland five years. MRS. IRIS SWISHER-Graduated with Associate of Arts from Lamar Iunior College, . . B, A, from Colorado State College. .. first year of teaching at Nederland. . .teaches fifth and sixth grades. MRS. BONNIE LUNDY-Comes from Grand Iunction. . .graduated from Western State College. . .has B.A. degree. . .taught at Fruita before coming here. ..teaches third grade. -wa! 1 rr Our dependable bus drivers: Mr. Gardner to Copperdale, Mr. Slaughenhoupt to Sugar Loaf, and Mrs. Schamens to Tungsten and Boulder . . .have the experience to deliver our students safely and courteously. . . there is no doubt that we are in good hands. C0045 I. ,k Here are our cooks! Thanks to Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Wilson we have good meals during the school year. The dietitian in Boulder now plans the meals for the school, but the pleasantness in the cafeteria is strictly "home-owned. " riuerd anifor5 Cleaning school isn't as easy as some people may think it is. If you don't believe us, ask Mr. Davis and Mr. Slaughenhoupt as to the simplicity of it. STUDENTS eI'l.l0l'5 M, ,w.,l.,,..,-v-if' DANNY GAETZKE DANNY GLASSER Likes football and he tackles his studies as Dislikes "brown-nosers" avid reader well.. ,is interested in all sports. ..very good likes sports...doeSn't care at all to be electec editor and business manager of the Newspaper for class OffiCGS. . .3 lot of fun at all times and Annual respectively. Class Vice-President 45 Class Secretary Class President 45 Secretary-Treasurer 35 "N" Treasurer 45 King Candidate Of Football 3 Club l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,45 Football 3, Basketball King 3: Dramatics 4 Football 45 Track l,2,35 Annual Business Manager 3,45 l,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Typist For Newspaper Editor 45 Choir l,2,3,45 Band l,2, Journalism. 3,45 Rifle Club l,25 Dramatics Z, ,pr DWIGHT HIGHT This is one boy who isn't usually found at home. . .likes to joke. . . always in a good mood. Football 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Rifle Club 1,25 "N" Club 2,3,45 Annual l,2,45 Newspaper 4. RAYETTA ROUSH Formerly had the nickname of "Ray", . .capable of keeping her locker "messy". .. seldom seen in her sixth hour study hall where she belongs. Pep Club l,2,45 Cheerleader 45 Rifle Club l, 25 Band l,2,35 Choir l,2,35 Dramatics 45 Newspaper 45 Annual 45 Library 1,2. -ff t f 7 -V ,, I ,V ,,. A , ,. c twig w' Hmm 'NV' MW " X .. . 4" ., i f ,rf Qs ' ' if i v my TOM BENSON Very active member of the senior class. . .great joker. . .frequently called "Bens". . . also very athletic. . .Since he is usually heard saying "get serious" it must be one of his favorite sayings. Class Vice-President 35 Student Council President 45 "N" Club President 45 Newspaper Business Manager 45 Student Council Representative 35 "N" Club Member 35 Annual Editor 45 Annual 2,3,45 Newspaper 2,3,45 Rifle Club 25 Choir 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Foot- ball Z,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. Ki enzord ROGER SNELL Athletic in all fields. . .great fun. . .wonderful personality and everyone's friend. . . often called "Rog. " Football 1,Z,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 "N" Club l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Annual 45 Newspaper 45 Choir 2,45 Rifle Club l,2,45 Student Council 4. HELEN GULLETT Very bright girl who is enjoyed by everyone who is around her. ..has a good sense of humor. . . always smiling and joking. Class Secretary l5 Class President 2,35 Pep Club President 35 Pep Club Member l,2,45 Rifle Club 1,25 Choir l,2,45 Annual 45 Twirler 2,3,45 Dramatics 45 Student Council Representative 45 Newspaper 1,45 Football Queen 3. IOHN FLATRAY Usually can be found at home. . .although he attended Arvada for awhile, he still thinks Nederland is the best, and he hardly misses a day. Basketball l,25 Newspaper 25 Rifle Club l,25 "N" Club 2. Karen Braun uniorri IoAnn Mckim K g.-, k if Rodney Glasser Mrs . Langley Absent: The junior class has strived to make this year their best. The present junior class will take over a great role next year as seniors and will be looked up to by the underclassmen. As the year started the junior class contained six students, but as the year passed there were only four: Rodney Glasser, Karen Killip, IoAnn McKim and Karen Braun. jerry Baczkowski and David Foster had left Nederland High. This class was under the sponsorship of the Well-known Spanish teacher, Mrs Langley. Karen Killip was elected class president with Karen Braun as vice-president and JoAnn McKim hold- ing the position of secretary-treasurer. The juniors spent most of their class meetings for the skits and the homecoming dance. Then, later on planning for the junior-senior prom. Ioan Duffell 5 wig 4" ,T X v' 7 , Warren Bernard Carolyn Clubine at 'YY' .Y h,.. W? K. It M... 5- 3 xf 8 V Ron Clubine ' Harrie Pat Riley t .f ev. M t Richards , "Q U it U- fy X- f K S . . X 1 is jr 3o,9Aomore5 Miss Sparn AY?-5' New 4? I ' c""x ..- R 55511 .gg . 2 X? . so-D I There were two addi- tions to the class-Warren Bernard and Monte Steele. The class officers were, Iohn Snell-president, Carolyn Clubine-vice- president, and Pat Riley- secretary-treasurer. Harriet Richards was elected student council representative with Dale Roush as alternate. After doing fairly well in their sophomore year the class hopes to have a successful junior year under the sponsorship of Miss Sparn. Absent: Larry Valdez, John Duffell. .4- Qa' 5' .4-A D ff" xi X Q .J Q en' 2 v..,,. 5 M Q ,,.e.-'- , . h P. ww 95 ,I ff", Jf Dale Roush Eva Trujillo Monty Steele Linda Wilson John Snell 2 , 'vi Shad' wi t , 255 ' ' ' :.,.. 5 3 lr lg: Q '55 A A 1 N Q, 1 Janice Davis Kathy Hight .N qw ,H K d dddd i rw ..,.. f ,, ,,,,fh., K 5 if ,rv f,.l"'g 415-'I' -U 5 ' Valli Q3 sr 1 X, Iohn Slovek R Margaret Franklin Cynthia Grant Joanne T- fel In-ell Ronald Richards Alvin Bartlett 4 5 fi- ,if Mike Lougee Gordon Wise . r ,. , V Kent Braun Carolyn Berni a e,: ,k,h ij r 5 . sis" li. -Q :.kL -f,' I M-MWF awww ,.,' ,, 15- - , " . Vfmifi' aaara . , -fr AH." ,-." " -:wi-iii' as. mm, . - . Q, V - W'hA' ir, W :,Q ,'A,, rr- h i E rg Y -QW if ff if FIR ff E 3' ' 2' -'I Q11 x.. gn? r H Q 19 Bobby Williams Iudy Baczkowski Iohnson arnn J? mf' xi ' IIYE V V Jack Kutscher az fi Q is i FRONT ROW: Sharon Archuleta, Frank Grigerek, Carolyn Grant, Berni Poe, Connie Clemmer, and Davida Bowker. MIDDLE ROW: Alan Forbes, Sue Littler, Barbara Smith, Cindy Iones, and Susan Morgan. BACK ROW: Gary Slovek, Richard Smith, and Lloyd Gullett. graJe At the beginning of the year the eighth grade acquired three new students: Susan Morgan, Alan Forbes, and Frank Grigerek. Mrs. Dolph, the eighth grade sponsor, has her hands full with 14 eighth graders and all their problems. The eighth grade boys must like the girls of their class very well, because all their class officers fall in the female classification. They are: President: Carolyn Grant: Vice-President: Sue Littlery Secretary-Treasurer: Sharon Archuleta. BACK ROW: Larry Morgan, Fred Yates, Walter Johnson, Vicki Shaball, Galen Clubine, Curtis Dean, and Bill Blackburn. FRONT ROW: Betsy Kutscher, Timmy Gaetzke, Cindy Littler, Gerhardt Ryplewski, Sandra Edgerton Donald Taylor, and Gary Snell. eUel'ltA grade President: Timmy Gaetzke: Vice- Presidentz Gerhardt Ryplewski: Secretary-Treasurer: Sandra Edgerton. FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: Standing, Mike Slovek, Stephen Shaball, Kathy Iohnson, D'Anna Archuleta, Iane Haselwood, Roberta Sullivan, Sharon Schamens, Ruth Pfarr. FRONT ROW: Kneeling, Wayne Taylor, Dennis Cowdery, Kirk Braun, Steven Riley, Charles Mason, Mrs. lris Swisher, teacher. SDCTH GRADE: Standing, Robert Yates, Kerry Schamens, Rose Marie McKim, Trudy Payne, Cathy Clemmer, Marilyn Berni. KNEELING: Rodney Steele, Richard Morgan, Mike Babler, Gene Valdez, Rohn Stilson. NOT SHOWN: Eddie Poe, Clayton Walter. SX A an .CL A fd 25 55.5. km. .,,f.a, will-'fi ' f ' I i Ql3.i,i?fif if if zaaztzsfgif Q , . 5 Y1U,ff,j,f i ' i :,, f TOP ROW: Mike Smith, f . if 3:5 Roger Morgan, Roy 'ga " EE" Schamens, Eddie Shaffer, 3 S. :X I l'.-' Sammy Bowker, Everett Motz. i' fr Zi , Row TWO: Eleanor smith, T A Dianne Hight, Diana X " yi, Glasser, Linda Ryplewski, Debra Trainer. Row THREE: , fb J Charles Morgan, Debbie V' Motz,Vickey Poe, Sophia ' Giggey, Dixie Durham. K ROW FOUR: Rudy Valdez, 7.5 ,Q Iohn Trujillo, Michael ii it , ff? Grant, Timothy Tyler. ROW , FIVE: Iohn Iuul, Alan Smith. S T' i 4:13 V o Q ' 5 l le f if was wif-IIQFLQM , imma + 1 2-11 --.- im 1 gg'-:T .52 Q, W , .,.-.. . 34 'N ..,-, -.1 2-wg,4,gg,.f,: it f iff i C". . jlzirc! gracle Lyle Pfarr. SECOND ROW: Sue Shaffer, Susan Quick, Theresa Mason, Grace Valdez, Bertha Pfarr, Mike Clary. THIRD ROW: Lois Williams, Iohn Grant, Billy Bowker, Pauline Grabowski, Fred Zamora, Bobbie Lougee. FOURTH ROW: Bob Shaffer, Karen Iuul, Iohn jones, Pam Morgan, Bonnie McKim, Christy Clemmer, Mrs. Lundy. QCOHJ grade FIRST ROW: Debra Tyler, Ray Willis. SECOND ROW: Debby Poe, Audrey Cooley, Don Smith, Terry Shaffer, Tom Haselwood, Toby Trujillo. THIRD ROW: Karen Digerness, Glenn Hendricks, Anne Stilson, Clinton Mason, Ierry Schamens, Tad Smith. FOURTH ROW: Pam Schillen, Miss Nolan, Keith Morgan, Hayes Giggey. .J LIU! grail? ' ..!6l'lJeI'gaI'tel'l FIRST ROW: Tom Stilson, Dennis Bowker, Mike Archuleta, Kevin Gresham. SECOND ROW: Alice Haselwood, Iunell Hendricks, Iennifer Schillen, Iudy Smith, Linda Schamens, Shirley Willis. THIRD ROW: Kari Trainer, Leasa Berni, Rebecca Cooley, Iill Glasser, Bobbette Clary, Christine Giggey. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Bird, Chris Iames, Cindy Clemmer, Dale Schameris, Patty Edwards, Kim Poe, Frank Durham. FIRST ROW: David Iohnson, Chuck Kutscher, Kim Chappel, ',,,,, W ,W SPORTS STANDING: Coach Dunn, B. Grant, D. Washburn, I. Snell, R. Snell, T. Benson, D. Gaetzke, and Coach Bartlett. KNEELING: Manager Ryplewski, D. Roush, I. Slovek, M. Lougee, D. Ledbetter, G. Wise, R. Richards, K. Braun, and Manager Williams . 3-oofgaff Date Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. ai SCHEDULE Opposing team Boulder "B" Strasburg Bennett Byers Boulder "B" Central City The Panthers finished their football season with a very disappointing record The team was small in size and few in number, they had several close losses but never could quite break the ice. Q . I. Slovek, D. Gaetzke, R. Glasser, T. Benson, R. Snell, I. Snell, M. Lougee, D. Roush. The Panthers basketball team had a good season. Hav- ing a tall, fast-scoring squad helped their season's standing This year's games were scheduled with the Boulder RE-2 league. However, the annual spring tournament was played with the Union Pacific League. SCHEDULE Date Opposing team Nov. 30 Fairview M Dec. Fairview Dec. Central City Ian. Central City Ian. Broomfield Ian. Louisville Feb Louisville Feb Broomfield Feb Lafayette Feb Lafayette FIRST ROW: Bernie Poe, Gary Slovek, Larry Morgan, Tim Gaetzke. SECOND ROW: Bob Grant, Curtis Dean, Gary Snell, Richard Smith, Bill Blackburn, Kent Braun, Mr. Dunn. THIRD ROW: Gerhardt Ryplewski, Alan Forbes, Gordon Wise, Robert Williams, Walter Iohnson. r. .NigL Z?adLefLaff The Nederland Iunior High Cubs were led to one of their finest seasons last year under the able leadership of Mr. Dunn. The Cubs has a six-won and one- lost record, losing to Bennett in the finals of the Tournament. This year, with three of the five regular starters back from last year, and promising seventh and eighth graders coming up, the junior high has one hustling club. The outlook is bright for this season and future seasons for the Nederland Cubs. FRONT ROW: Iohn Slovek, Mike Lougee. BACK ROW: Tom Benson, Roger Snell, Iohn Snell. jl'aCL The small but will- ing Panther track team will be out to win the dis- trict U.P. meet this spring. They hope to do well in all events despite having a small team. y ' - ACTIVITIES STANDING: Coach Dunn, D.Rohsh, I.Slovek, I.Snell, T.Benson, D.Glasser, R. Snell, D.Gaetzke, R. Glasser, D.Foster, M.Lougee, and Coach Bartlett. KNEELING: P.Ryplewski, D.Ledbetter, B. HW, Grant, B.Williams, D.Washburn, G.Wise, D. Hight. .L The "N" Club, made up of the athletes of Nederland High, has had a very busy and rewarding year. The members have constructed a constitution and a set of by-laws, also they have set the criteria for letter-earners in the future. Pres: Tom Benson, Vice-Pres: Dan Glasser, Secretary-Treasurer: Dave Foster. .,, cm The Nederland High School Pep Club has supported every game this year. The Panthers played their home football games at other RE-2 school fields. Bus transportation was furnished to all home and away games. Before basketball games, which were played on Nederland's court, the pep club had pot luck dinners. The pep club officers are: Pres: Carolyn Clubinep Vice-Pres: Karen Braun, Secretary: Kathy Hightg Treasurer: Linda Wilson: Sponsors: Mrs. Cochran and Miss Sparn. WE F TOP ROW: D. Roush, I. Slovek, D. Gaetzke, T. Benson, D. Washburn, P. Ryplewski, G. Wise Richards Iones, S Kutscher, , and Mr. Demmon. NEXT ROW: B. Blackburn, I. Baczkowski, K. Braun, R. , P. Riley, M. Franklin, B. Grant, and L. Gullett. NEXT ROW: B. Bowker, C. . Littler, S. Archuleta, C. Grant, C. Clemmer, and G. Slovek. KNEELING: I. T. Gaetzke, and B. Poe. TOP ROW: K. Braun, R. Richards, I. Slovek, D. Gaetzke, R. Snell, D. Washburn, F. Grigerek, Gullett, and Mr. Demmon. NEXT ROW: M. Steele, C. Berni, G. Snell, B. Blackburn, B. Smith, McKim, M. Franklin, S. Morgan, V. Shaball, and H. Richards. NEXT ROW: K. Hight, K. Braun, Baczkowski, H. Gullett, Judy Williams, D. Bowker, C. Littler, and C. Clemmer. KNEELING: .,,. . ,i- 5 K O Ea-HJ We are proud of our choir because it has improved very much under the direc-- tion of Mr. Demmon. Officers were elected to help the teacher in choir or- ganization and in presentation of spe- cial programs. Pres- ident: Harriet Richards, Vice- President: Danny Gaetzke. CLOITQJ L. I. I. Nederland now has a band to be proud of. The amel ioration of the Nederland High School Band this year is quite ap- parent. Under the direction of Mr. Demmon the band has met the stand- ards set for these past two semesters The subsequent goals will be much higher than those we have now. 2 Q, A, F5 we I 1 ., .rig t r r , issswzza. E an ,giygrlr .g -:wmeifsfs Q fl "' 55 Wt 'fail if i 2 . sscs I I I as 1 ' .il 2 i t-vw-fav if fwff ' fig-gif i I 1 I ,gifgrg , ttrt ' q ,I I ?l-gist t ' x ai " 'M v A '32, I I .af l Q. - gi: ie" ,, I -. 2 .wmv-. STANDING: Paul Ryplewski, Roger Snell, Rodney Glasser, Iohn Snell, Iim Baczkowski, Mrs. Cochran. SITTING: Danny Gaetzke, Karen Killip, Rayetta Roush, Helen Gullett, and Dwight Hight. ewripafaer ol? fafy A library is ineffective unless the students enjoy the books and un- derstand how to use the reference materials provided. English classes have taught the use of specific library tools . . .the curriculum of the school has been in tegrated around materials available. the efficiency resourcefulness, and interest of the two librarians have made possible pleasant library surroundings. . . circulation of books-- the biggest we've ever had. This year the newspaper staff has com- pletely revamped all of the methods previously used. First of all the name was changed from "The Nugget" to "The Panther's Purr". Second the paper's master stencils are being cut by an electronic process. The paper is then mimeo- graphed from these stencils. Third, through the selling of ads, the staff has been able to provide a free copy of the paper to anyone who wishes to have one. The staff hada struggle at first when trying to meet deadlines and getting accus tomed to the new process, but soon things were smoothed out and a consistently good paper was published for the school and community. Eva Trujillo, Linda Wilson, and Mrs. Cochran. FIRST ROW: Connie Clemmer, Dan Glasser, David Foster, Mr. Atencio. SECOND ROW: Faye Mills, Kaye Mills, Roger Snell. THIRD ROW: Gary Snell, Harriet Richards, Karen Braun, John Slovek. STANDING: Tom Benson. With the help of our sponsors, Mr. Atencio and Mr. Bennington, the Student Council has introduced a new method of controlling the inter-school activities and proceeds. This new method has proved to be quite beneficial and informative. The Student Council has meetings on every Friday during the activity period to discuss activities and projects. """:L- .S7fllJeI'lt COMIICL I ' Y -K I M ' fy-2 if 'ai' 9 N -lkg. 33 X,- V. H YA R4 . rr, J i : 7 A M. b i L Q :YY 3 M ' K KM 1 N- l' ' , 1, :'. ' , warm 41 A A W 1 ., A N "J bM f , K 'Qi .,-f"J-f, 1 , ff -+ F1 js t ' f' H 3 .,.. ' - A ff- NQN .Y Nt, - Q M .m x , .L W Q , V , , 2,, M 4 , w , L, Q , f mf . - 'ill -Q M' "WM , 'Z X X, I ww, J .i V , .g p we , 'Q ypygM,N 3 xiii - -' f 'L 2rWhf'Q'l fr f i 2 ' 'fi Q A44 1 A A , wkh 2 1' fu W. g iigzi l Af R 'nk f M , Q i f - - its A X K , 5, ,. M I3 Q Ml 9 W 54f ef- ' .A i ug, , D is E E JF 1 xv Lx 1 1 5165, 5? as S ?wwMg A M , ' 3 A ...lm 5 mv.: - A ' ' in 'gs V A AVL" 1' wg :fu Giga wh, ' 7 Q xJ,Y i n ' 1.1 ff Q ' S i fish 9 I Q 1 - ' ' W A, V f , E, r M , ar 5, 13 ,A ym Wi 7, S! s x 1 54 R355 k V Q 5? .. is-......, HM, W Q Q Jlllli f Mg - I , " Dr ig ,fi J 9 1 XX , I A ...Q mwggf . 3 i m.,,,,...::avLwM, . . .. I ' -'-- X f A A ww EQ' " ""f""- wmar , 4 ,g 5.-1 ,,::f-Rn, 'H,. A ,xi - fn . ..... -E my Y 1 , 3 ,, ,yQ1 pixma N , 'r i . -L,f ,. 'Rn-mp UU ,,,,, , - .,.. , 4 ,5-gy , , in , I ,- 1,, an i ,., , . L.-.,..fw -. -1 "' , 1 5?' X. , yy? 5 'V , Q .3 ' V 'QQ "d ', :Q-f" , gg 1455 5 ' 3 2. ,f : ' ',L: ima rsnmmxnus Q A' :I 0' ' - .. 3 Y. 7 gl-If wymm- fi Ni! 51 ? yq! 2 x 31 aMe,eha '3ff f In as g r m x fa 1 L ng 19 gf ,. Ei fi! Y lui 'ls rx if J M 4 xi hU.fgu 5 'I Nia ei i Xflfnjf 1 N, ff, VU H "W 'W 4 if M 9 V Q H 1 Q ' V I it x 4 1, T x . - vm - 'N f , -1 . Q x ' Q V. , , '95 t . Q A sip 1, 4 -A qw ,gpg if W M dz A 1 1 K " Q.,m .1 1 ' 1SWwWfWQN 'A Q "fi flffk K A I I" ' - ' , . , K ,K i ., Vi I . 'Q Y . . X, JQQAEHQM , ,Mw 4 Q M' : Am,. . .. .. ge 22 E 1:9 nga.. is-il umoqmphnd 5 wma by wmswonm Mqmun-, Mp., U, s IL

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