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Dedication To steel concrete sand and clay To granite and oak to time to days to years To work sweat and pain To dreams To no one man, but to all men who have made NHS great To these tangibles and intangibles the 1956 Indian is dedicated 1 O O s 'g - 1. , ., , E , . , J ,, Y 1 I . I 3 5 . , . . . illlll SUP1' H C GULBRANDSON Mathematics Commerce Ban Glen Club MR BOSCH MR JOHNSON Social Science English Commerce Physical Education Coach Dramatics IRIN J H DUNCAN Mathematics Science Z F Ity MR PUPP 6th and 7th Grades Assistant Coach MRS BOSCH MISS KBLM hth and Sth Grades 2nd and 3rd Grades 'Ag lst and 2nd Grades 3 I ' Q415- 1 U ,, er 3,2 1 Q .Ca Z V I , V Q 1 V . ,, 1" ' 1, V .l-1245 .E V. VJJQQG, K W Z ' Ik? . ' "H: , - , 1? JUDITH KAIN HARLENE KELM UAH Cheerleader 1 Basketball 1 2 3 Paper Staff 2 h Annual Staff h Class Plays 3 h Glee Club 1 2 3 h Class Presldent Student Council 2 Queen Candidate Band 3 h Tr1o h Girls State 3 Accompanist 1 2 RICHARD VOSPHI DENNIS WINKL JR Class Plays 3 h Basketball 1 2-3 D Baseball 1 2 3 h Paper Staff b Basketball 1 2 3 Paper Staff l 2 h Annual Staff h Class Plays 3 L Glee Club l 2 3 h Trio 3 h Band 3 h Sololst 3 Queen Candldate Girls State 3 Student Counc1l 1 VERNON HILDEBRANT Annual Staff h Student Council l 3 h Letterman's Club l 2 3 h President h Class Plays 3-h Annual Staff h Basketball 1-2-3 Class Plays 3-h Baseball 1-2 Class President 2 Paper Staff L Sec.-Treas. h Annual Staff h Band 2 Vice President l-h 4 DALE QUINNELL LKE sigirpiggigelrtt 2 3 Transfer from Cavalier Ch" Play' 3 I4 VIRGINIA SNIDER Glee Club 1 2 3 h Basketball 1 2 3 FRANK THOM SON 'B' Team Cheerleader GARY DOUVILLE Class President h Class Plays 2 ls Annual Staff h Girls State 3 Basketball 1 2 3 ls Annual Staff la 338858-'ll 1 2 3 ll Class Plays 3 ll Class Plays 3 ls Baseball 2 3 14 Lett.erman's club 1 2 3 L Bagkd-,ban 2 5 E N qi 'Q u - - 2 Class History In September of 1951, fourteen ngreen' Freshmen stepped on the f1TSt rung of the ladder to hngher education These Freshmen were Rlchard Vosper, V1rg1n1a Snlder, Judy Kaln, Marlene Kelm, Frank Thompson, Sarah Stenberg, George Mondor, Dennls Wlnkler, Gary Douvllle, Dale Qulnnell, Beverly Snlder, Chloe Trenbeath, Dean Kelm, and Vernon Hlldebrant Before the year was over, George Mondor and Sarah Stenberg dropped out of our class Our f1rst b1g hurdle was 1n1t1ation, which we surv1ved with only a few min or brulses We chose our flrst class offlcers to be Presldent, Judy Kain, V Presldent, Vernon Hlldebrant, Secretary Treasure, Beverly Snlder, and Student Councll representatives, Dennls W1nkler and Marlene Kelm We selected Judy Ka1n and Frank Thompson as Carnlval Queen and Klng candldates In October of 1952, we got our revenge on the new ngreenhorns' Our class officers were President, Dick Vosper, V President, Dale Qulnnell, Secretary Treasure, V1rg1n1a Sn1der, and Student Counc1l representat1ves, Dennls Wlnkler and Judy Kaln Marlene Kelm was Carnival Queen candldate and Dennis W1nkler was Carnival King staged the play 'We Shook the Family Treen whlch was a great success We had the basketball concesslons uStardustn was the theme of our unlque prom Neva furnlshed the muslc Our class offlcers were Presldent, Beverly Snlder, V Pres1dent, Dale Qu1n nell, Secretary Treasure, Chloe Trenbeath Two members of our class were chosen as Homecoming Queen candldates, Judy Ka1n and Marlene Kelm Student Council re- presentat1ve was Dennis W1nkler Ne began the last step of our journey w1th only ten members Chloe Tren beath transfered to Grand Forks and Beverly Sn1der got married Our class offlcers were Presldent, V1rg1n1a Sn1der, V President, Vernon H1ldebrant, Secretary Treasur , D1ck Vosper, and Student Councll representatlve was Dennis W1nkler Our sen1or play, nMan or Mousen, was also a huge success Our Class Night was h1ghly ente ta1n1ng sen1or tr1p was enjqnd by all 6 We began our junior year without Dean Kelm who transfered to Crookston. We ' . ' . Al . , - e . , . . . 3 . . A. The . . A . Q Class Wall RWM: emu 2 fl IQ We, the senlors of '56 , located 1n the c1ty of Neche, ln se Ion 31 of townshlp fl6b N R 53 W , on the h9th parallel, at 97 S longltude, be1ng of sound minds and bodles, hereby bequeath our last Wlll and Testament to our worthy underclassmen I, DALE QUINNELL, do w1ll my pony skln shoes to Kenneth Sagert and my curl lng 1ron to Gary Werner I, FRANK THOMPSON, do w1ll my western style s1nging to Arlys Kaln and my 'Casanova' ways to Denn1s Horgan I, MARLENE KELM, do w1ll my double ch1n to Gale Watts and my ab1l1ty to play the trumpet to Richard Anderson I, VERNON HILDEBRANT, do w1ll my false tooth to Ronald Johnson and my whls kers to Stanley Hughes' npeach fuzzn I, JUDY KAIN, do w1ll m pep to Barbara Alvestad and my music ab1l1ty to Marjorie Rene I, RICHARD VOSPER, do w1ll my ab1l1ty to f1x electrlcity to Allen Kelm and my manly build to Bllly Relmer I, VIRGINIA SNIDER, do H111 my power to get an engagement rlng before I grad ate to V1v1an Kreamer and my helght to Al1ce Symlngton. I, FRED ELKE, do w1ll my co-operatlve tactlcs to Wendell Rene and my tramp- olinlng skill to Charles Hughes. I, GARY DOUVILLE, do w1ll my conce1t to Gary Werner and my n1ce red blush to Mr. Duncan. I, DENNIS WINKLER, do will my co-ordination to Rlchard Anderson and my love for women to Dennis Horgan. 7 K , f K 6 If I 'A ' . xx X ' I' I xx I ' V ' ' E-Sus 'A , . 1 if - 7. 8 -- g E: Q 1 1 n : Y' :I - 'AZ' s lug I ' X . W , x ll O I ' L ' ?3 ?'9 "iw y A- f'fr1"'u 2i 1' f ' ' 'ff A 5-gif.. -M ' 'fl . ,, . . . Ct, - U 0 I 0 ' - ' ' un- ' O . . . Class of I9 6 Ne, the senlors of 1996, feel that we should strlve for or1g1nal1ty ln our class brag Thus, we w1ll not brag but state only facts FITSC we w1ll 11st the 1nd1v1dual tralts of our outstandlng class It has been a secret untll now, but be1ng that Gary Douvllle 1S graduat1ng, we feel we owe lt to h1m to unvell h1s unt1l now h1dden talent You see, Gary, wlth h1s great arch1tectura1 ab1l1ty, deslgned and layed the plans for the bu1ld1ng of our gymnasium The board of educatlon has gust lnformed us that they are gO1H5 to sell the trampollne Because there w1ll never be anyone to replace our great trampollne art1st, Fred Elke, they have no further need of lt The teachers are 1n a great turmoil! They cannot declde what to do great executlve, Vernon H1ldebrant, w1ll not be here to balance the budget of the school, so they are afrald the financlal status w1ll slowly but surely de cllne The world w1de d1scuss1on of late has been, what will happen to the Neche SymphOH1C Orchestra after the two great trumpeteers, Judy Ka1n and Marlene Kelm, graduate As of late, Dennls Wlnkler and Frank Thompson have found themselves buried 1n mall, rang1ng from athletic scholarshlps to ardent pleas to attend their res pective colleges They all want to take top honors 1n the1r conferences and wlthout Dennls and Frank, they real1ze that thls w1ll be impossible These last few days we spend 1n Neche Hlgh, we flnd M Gulbrandson weeplng and lamentlng over the fact that h1s High School Glee Club w1ll never be the same w1thout Vlrginla to 'hold upn the alto section The world has been searchlng for someone t replace Dr Albert E1nste1n S1306 h1S recent death They need search no further We have the man of h1s lntellectual power, namely Rlchard Vosper The most pTOmiS1Ug candldate to make the f1rst tr1p to the moon 15 our space mlnded Dale Culnnell He w1ll solve all the problems now faclng the Atom 1C nnergy COmmlSS10D After our f1rst performance of 'We Shook the Famlly Tree', Broadway was Hpoundlng on our do They wanted us to tour urope Wlth our great play, but we declded agalnst thls, because the hardshlps to the residents of Neche would be too great he senlors have dlscovered a new era 1n 1Ht6T10P decorat1ng Our prom was the basns for these 1deas that have ga1ned us m1ll1on dollar royalt1es we hope that we have not degraded our underclassmen in any way we real ize that they can never hope to meet our standards I . Q . l .. . . .. ' ' . Our . . . . . .- . . .. . . 0 . .. .. . . . . . . -. .0 . . - .,. ... - 1 ' 1 ' orn. 3 '- I , - I Class Prophecy I took off from B1smarck 1n my Douglas X 18Y 7 at ll OO a m on Thursday, May 2hth, 1966 I flew to New York C1ty where I met Gary Douvllle He was re vlewlng w1th h1s englneers hls blue prlnts for a 20h story bullding He made sure everythlng was 1U order so that he could leave on a tr1p wlth me, Cenator Rlchard Vosper of North Dakota, Wh1Ch is now the leadlng state of the union We hopped in my atomlc car and left for the Unlted Nat1ons, where we met Marlene Keln, who 1S head f all nurslng aCt1V1ty as we know lt at thls tlme Qhe lnformed us that Vernon Hlldebrant was teachlng 1n RUSS13 He had enl1ght- ened the COmMMUlStS to the ways of Democracy Ne have marvelled at h1s great lntelllgence 1n handllng thl matter After maklng a tour of the Unlted Natlons, we left for Washlngton, D C Here we met Frank Thompson at the Pentagon He 1S a 6 star General 1n charge of lnterplanetarlan operatlons He had gust sent Dale Qulnnell on an expedltlon to Rajefarera, the new planet, whlch Frank had named after h1s classmates Incld entally, lt 1S the comblnatlon of our mlddle lU1t131S Slnce a cold spell h1t us 1n Washlngton, we declded to leave for Florlda where we could bask 1n the sun We headed stralght for the beach, where we ran lUt0 Mr and Mrs EPV1U Lardy and famlly Mrs Lardy was formerly our clasmate, V1rg1n1a Snlder They were on thelr second honeymoon and were enjoylng th wealth of prevlous buslness ventures We left them there engoylng thelr happy famlly llfe we started out for Mexlco C1ty We thought lt mlght be enjoyable to attena a bull f1ght We found one was scheduled for 3 OO, so we dec1ded to attend Just before the commencement of the ma1n feature the crowd went sllent heads turned toward the maln entrance In came the greatest erecutlve known to man, namely Dennis Wlnkler After the event Dennls 1hV1t9d us to his plush a partment Fred Elke, h1s pr1vate barber, came 1n to d1TeCt h1s dally shave We departed for the last stop of our Journey whlch was Los Angeles swltched on our radlo at the outskirts of thls great c1ty We caught the last part of the news They were announclng that Judy Ka1n had Just won the natlon wide electlon for Supt of Schools th oughout earth Gary and I returned to B1smarck where we parted Gary went back to New York and I went back to my farm 9 . . . ' - . . . . . . . - . . A . 0 . . . . . . . . .... C . ' . ' I U C . 0 . A . Q I . . O I . . . . . . . . . . . . : . . ' ' . All . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . ' we . . . . . - . I I . O O unior Presldent V Presldpnt Dorls Elke Judy HUEUSS Comme Vosper Pat Douvnlle ff' Ralph Stegman Vlvian Kre8I'16P Not plctured Edna Mondor 10 f ffif Sec. lreas. Jvdj Alvestad il Dlana Guenther Q Me lv1n Stark . 'gJ r?" V rx . Q gay x x 7 b ' W, J ' ' Presldent Judy Hvldsfen Marl n leln ophomore V PT6Sld6H1 Cale Wutfs J Wendel Rene G ra d Herzog c 11een Stegmwr XJ! secretary l19aSUFGT Sharon Tonson X.,-f Kenneth Sagert Janlce Vosper Arlys Kalr Q5 Ruth Jrtman i Ronald Yohnson A: . v ' ,' -J , f' f A 49 Q ,Q fn Q, 'V 74 I A 'v . u I X I 1 ui v k li f ,1 .-x ' qi f' Y If ,X NH pu xx ly ' , ' 'X xg m - 6 W K ' N jf f +G ig V A X 1 i ak , -V "',. we 1 - - - ., L 11 'Q' Dav1d Nelson Myron Symlngton Shirley Stockton Janice Stegman 5-'L Bllly Trenbeath Gordon Kollack Phy1l1S Symngton Candra Langton Allen Kelm Dennis Horgon Jure Vollrath Gary Werner 12 6 5 an H 5 if QA . , if -- XL.f V A . 2 ',l 1 if 4. I :g I h Y V fi -5 Q, in - n K' 'F '- ' ' H Fre hmen e Lf X 4 Alyce Symington Lois Vollrath Rlchard Anderson Walter Symingt Prcsldent Barbar Alvestad Kay HV1dSt8H ireas Shlrley Lup1en 13 L' 1 , QQ, - "" JC? Ng Q? william Reimer Louise Winkler William Symlngton Arlene Berard Stanley Hughes ,Axw i K Q s Y- - Q. 1 y L 'EIS A' WXRIQ- ' . 4 n 'Q W xg Eighth Grade ILSI' RCM R Mondor, J Trenbeath, M Rene, J Horgan 2ND RUN E DeFoe, P Vosper, J Herzog, C Hughes, R Kam Prezndent K Q' P Vosper 1 V President J Herzog 14 Sec Treas J Horgan , ,Q :A ., -9 O O Sixth - Seventh Grade 1ST RON J Vondel, P Qulnnell, L Y-Iughes, C Kain, S Knowles, P W1nk1er, J Vollrath, L Zlmmer, L DeFoe, F Menke ZND RON Mr Puppe, W Luplen, H Douvllle, R Thompson, D Watts, L Ander son, E Stegman, B W1nk1er, G DeFoe, G Snlder L ouenther, B Morrlson, M Rene, H Z1mmer Fourth - Fifth Grade 1ST RCM Mrs Bosch, P w1l1i8lll8, C Ertman, B Glenn, C Weiss, L Trenbeath, J Jenson 2ND RCW Z Wllliams, C Morris, A Kain, D Vosper, K Cameron, M Trenbeath, R Rene, L Lupien 3RD RUN R Reimer, M Knowles , R Herzog, C Vollrath, W Lembke, N Guenther 3RD RON - D. Menlze, L. Guenther, R. Pohl, B. Reimer, K. Trenbeath, K. Zimmer, ,, . . Second -Third Grade 1ST RU! 2ND RUN A Wlrtz, D Morrlson, T Trenbeath, R Schledorn, B Lup1en, J Tren beath, R Trenbeath, C McConach1e Bartlett, C Weiss, D Menke, D Vollrath, S Thacker, V Molstad, Latozke Rene, G Schweltzer First Grade 1ST ROW A Lupien, T Krause, L Menke, J Auger, J Weiss, S Cameron, R N111 1ams, Miss Evanson 2ND ROW G Puppe, M Bonaime, S Vondal, S dirtz, S Herzog, B Lupien, G Proudlove, J H ntz BRD RON G Bartlett, H Auger, N Kain, A Douvllle, T Horgan, D D'Hei11y, B Tamke O - J. . . . . . D. 3RD ROW - J. Lupien, M. Horgan, R. Schweitzer, D. Geres, T. Vosper, R. Williams, D. . ' MTIVITIES 02 Mi f",,"'Y' A4 Qkggx f T ook Sta SITTING G Douville, B Trenbeath, J Kain, M Koh, V Hildebrant, J Alvestad STANDING Fr Gulbrandson, D Winkler, R Vosper, P Symington, V Snider Editor Ass 't Editor 'Picture Editor Class Editor Sports Editor Feature Editor Typista Advisor 1 8 Judy Kain Billy Trenbeath Marlene Kelm Richard Vosper Judy Alveatad Dennis Winkler Gary Douville Virginia Snider Phyllis Symington Hr Gulbrandson STAFF Bus. Managers. . . . . .Vernon Hildebrant OOOOOOOI O ICO! 0000 0 0000 I Newspaper Staff SITTING W Rene, M Kelm, J Kain, G Herzog, J Hughes STANDING B Trenbeath, A Kain, D Guenther, D Horgan, V Hildebrant, R Anderson, J Alvestad, P Symington, P. Vosper, J Hvidsten, Student Council I-.ryiDigQk'0I C EIEIIEII Adv1sor Mr J Duncan L Vunkler, f' Vosper, V Horgan, H Anderson, F.. DeFoe 19 D. Winkler, D. Ouinnell . O Glee Club 1 1 1 2 C A Ji W! ! Lilfllf Z Aon f 131 ROW E Stegman, D Flke, J Trenbeath, N Kelm, K HV1dStED, J Alvestad, N Rene, L Wlnkler, Accompanlst J Kaln ZVD RCW! A Berard, J Vollrath, A Kain, C Vosper, J Vosper, L Vollrath,M Kleln, P Vosper, J Qtegman BHD RG! DlT9CtOT Mr Gulbrandson, V Snlder, S Luplen, B Alvestad, E DeFoe, J HV1dSt9H, J Hughes, S Langton, D Guenther TRI bOPHANO SOLOIST X-2 Kain, A Kaln, Y Kelm Arlys Kain Z0 D , . ,,x' . o ,ll 4 mln - Q 0 J 0 lu 0 l I lo. 0 I l -'O . A - I 0 0 Q I I .Q O J i Q Civ, I C: z 3 f V' i: 5 ,Q , Q ' I J. . ' .. nn Band CLARINETS B Morrlson, L N1nkler, J Stegman, J Vollrath, J Vosper, J lren beath, A Kaln SAXAPHONES J HV1dSb9D, B Alvestad, S Jenson, F Vosper rLUT L Anderson BASS TNSTRUN WTS N Kle1n, B Helner, D Horgan TRONBONJS R Drtman, B Trenbeath CORON TS M Kelm, J Kaln, K Trenbeath, B Helmer, R Anderson DRUMS M Pene, J Alvestad, P Vosper, K Hvldsten DIRFFTOH Mr Gulbrandson SOLOISTS Billy Trenbeath Richard Anderson Julle Trenbeath Dennis Horgan Z1 Junior Class Pla CAST Mrs Burton Charlene Horgan Clara Vivian Kreamer Hr Burton Billy Trenbeath Donny Burton -Gerald Herzog ueraldlne Burton Judy Hughes Barbara Burton Judy Alvestad 'Did you hear that W Xa Y NPARVNTS AR' LIKE THATW CAST Ross dheeler Dennls Horgan Fretos Connle Vosper Mrs Wheeler Sandra Langton Mayor Hanson Wendell Rene Della Diana Guenther D1P6CtOP Mr L P Johnson M ' Z5 F81 Hwant me to show youon "I'1l crack lt over your cranlum 'Oh DOH-Qld, d0n'ff be S0 silly " WWe're not ready to make the nMy plcture w1ll show your heads announcempnts . N awfully C1038 toget her u U ZZ Dave Thompson Froggy Edwards A1166 Gray Helen Duval J Miggenthal Hart Mrs Hart Sensor Class Play CAST Richard Vosper Gary Douville Judy Kain Marlene Kelm Dennis Winkler Vivian Kreamer UMAN OR MOUSEN CAST Henry 0g16V16 Vernon Hlldebrant Artis L Thorpe Gerald Herzog Rosemary Lawrence Vlrginia Snider Phoebe Hornblow .Janice Vosper iank Hornblow Frank Thompson Director L Johnson Quick! Tie him upon nwhat are you? A man or a mouse?' 'The president! Oh!!' 'Beaut1ful, Miss Hornblow N ,gf 'Would you like to hear me sing ' 23 Gymnasium IRLS PHYSICAL EDUC TION BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION 24 Lettermen gw,fbf11 1,, be Sec Treas , R Johnson, Presf D Wlnkler, V Pres R Stegman 2ND ROW Advlsor Mr L C Johnson,W Rene, D Nelson, F Thompson,B Tren heath, A Kelm, Advlsor Mr R Bosch Junior Basketball 'aff .l-If 111 Snlder, L Guenther, K Thompson, K Trenbeath, K Zlmmer, Coach-M C Puppe R Ka1n, D Watts, L DeFoe, F Menke, B Lup1en Z5 ' o' o o ' ' o ' o Q' a " ' s I A o o 0 s " o ' s u 0 :wx ., . I J xg H X X . H X 77. ,7 . Y A all .,.,s , . . If - x ' fs. , x V . ' g . W - N , v , it , .. . ,Z ,,,M Az 4, ,, , A f V V, . . , 2 ,X , - 2 1 , ' . V 9. 'ff 'Q ' V W' ' , . f., 1, 4 , , A f 1' 5? Q, Q r V I. , , 'V f ' t V ,, ,V , 3 X ,.,, I ' L I I o Q Q . 0 o e 0 u s n in X Cafeteria 25 A lx Nl 'it' X. Cooks Mrs E A Jennlson and M155 Georgia Hughes 5 PIWIG' " STJXDY STUDY? l PONG' ' ' XE ONI: GOOD THINIG ABOUT SNOM Lvl. .Jm, ' ' 123 HW' a A, .,1m"5'R'v' ,, . , . .,-, f' I-.ww in - 'Q 1 ai, s J P ' x . 1.4 ' .p f 1 4, . ,Q ' 1 I I x I J . I 1 ,1, af "f ' 4 1 .,J . ' P 3 am, -I vial nmnamasa. if-P 'Wash --u.zr'us-,- 1- 3?-5 A avi? 'W-1 -45km -wi-ata..i'f +I 35- Z7 ,vp-aob0lnOU'll4He ,,,,,f'K Cheerleaders Pep Squad 8 J. Alvestad, J. Kain, J. Hughes, M. Kelm Z Initiation UNT ' UOOD TOOTSIE ROLL' H LL ALOHA OI 'V we? OUCH' HOT SEAT! fs' HCM HILL SH" LVN? G"'T IT OUT? NW w'HAT9l'7l Z9 ' - TOE- an - 0 ,- , ix ul I m M, I 1 i' iii 'J v , X if-fi 5 . V ' tri N V A I. E . If JV' Q 'I lv TEL? i Commencement The Processional "wen-e nervgugln Eighth Grade Graduates Valedictorian Marlene Kelm Salutatorian Jurh Kain -'L 'Me made it!" 30 QQW-ff Ullllllllll Ill Ri!!! nl. : l :..- lzgzll Ill an IIIEQQAYS Ill all I I llllll .4""-151' N -xg X' 'E S BIC 1 3 1 R R N-f ui And B Basketball Teams KNEELING Student Manager Gale Hatts, Foach Mr R Bosvr D wlnkler, F Thompson, R Stegman, R Johnson, N Hene, R Ander son Center Dennis Winkler porward prank 'homps n 32 QQ 97 QQ if STANDING - D. Nelson, B. Trenbeath, A. Kelm, M. Stark, P. Douville, D. Horgan, ea an Horward Ronald Johnson ,,,ff Juard Ralph Stegman rf'42 A Hill!! Luigi Guard -Melvin Stark Guard Billy Trenbeath 33 Baseball '-gf 1QT RON Rene, P Douvillp, A Kelm, R Stegman, b Thompson, B Trenbeatr 21D ROW E w1nkl r, R Johnson, D Horgan, F Elke, J Douvillo Coach 4r L V Johnson 313 RO D QU1UD611 F derner, M Stark, R Kain Ralph Dtegman Dennis Wlnkler 34 ' x ,nf 'ff ffm wo - - W. . . . . . w. . ' X W Qi I I F -'lf' C wg, M MHZ?" gn. On' I :Z Q5 fi ia. ,, , if' C. 1 I' f 'Wg L , Q - ' A Z i fi Cl X, f 5.1 EE 35 PRED ELKE VERNON HILDEBRANT MARLHJE KELM Sensors NX ff WERVN'T '-JF' PUTPVI DALE QUINNELL L L, Q -Qui -'tub - , -ui ,l ti'5""" Me. mf N A r www, JUDY KAIN FRANK THOMPSON DENNIS WINKLEIR Q9 Y , z A41-nik GARY DOUVTLLE 36 RICHARD VOSPER VIRGINIA SN IDER . , .f. 0 V 'A , , , Q , 1 4, 15. - L ,V .. ' 13 .if Qu XA .X 1 A f, ., . . . ,. ' L . . '4 W., , A . O V, Q- -1. N' aussi I.. ..-- A i . V-, :ff 1 . V, 5 4 ' V' Xp.. -,i',,z,f,g+'i.gL4 . ,f V ' ,Q f- ' 5-"-2-x -- ,Q y 1. , ft ' f - fl.. .tj ' ,HS 'T ,, ' M- 'OVPY' 'hr . A M. " w:f'L'1f4-'1"f'4fv 21. . " - ww ' Y , exf- . O 'Q- 1 , ,,, Q' W4-Q., ,f ., X xx .. iff.- in nw if -Q it 37 1 X . ,iv Ks. gran I- in s 3 .au pd 'vi' ui Q' 2 531'-.Amp 'lf gill 1 nm 5 954, 39 4 PO Tr1IBLIOnS r LNWD ru vn SON 1 ICH ,, COCA OOLA COVPA Y 'if N- D LA A H LISQW MLK S nV1Cn 5 JM C C CITIZ S .HAT RMK H SO PJ E TWA 'Q OV FOPEIG' ARS H DUN AN INQUFAN DOLV1LLE'5 NO HY as AWHIFA' L IC ALYILLLY I H I PLEMENT 41- PEAJEY LLEVATOR 41- BQOKEWQ HARUMARE -as FARMEIUS EL VATOR +1- PAUL'S SVRVICE -lf HALLOCK CHLAVVRY DOUVILLWS CAFE if I1 D OWL AFENCY GRAFTON MILK COMPANY MR JOHN RENAUD GRAFTON FLORAL 4 BILL'S BARBER SHOP BRIDJL AN VRFAVERY 'N' 6 Muluple of 85 40 H . ,-V w , W HOF?1E.iS-'T3 , ,Eh COT-IPAX-TY H H!-EVEY T-TCTOES 4+ LE'-Emil .' SOUL 1 ' 5. T. A, i1LF,'J'IOf1 11' ' ' . fi 4- SC1?f'S TLC'.fIYCT -H' RICH" 1 .FE OLIFTOFI ZLZTTY ai FAi'J'fF.h'S UNI CN 4+ Effil' IE-,,LTl,E-L -I- O - Q' E' ' W H IIfYK'.1" " " 3 -OI., if ' EN F ' 2-I L " JETL YI'S E.D'.'.'ARE if 'E L. TA.- . . .J v. VF .- . as 1 F- rj .. v ,gm 1' ' 3, 1 11 4VL, 4-1 A .J JJ 1.x ., , . . M - ' ' L' g, ' .1 .J A 'Yi X441 - E 1 'N' . ., f-"wr 1' J 1 .. A . ' ,

Suggestions in the Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) collection:

Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 7

1956, pg 7

Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 27

1956, pg 27

Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 29

1956, pg 29

Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 33

1956, pg 33

Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 8

1956, pg 8

Neche High School - Indian Yearbook (Neche, ND) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 36

1956, pg 36

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