Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE)

 - Class of 1976

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Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1976 volume:

PLAINSMAN 7976 NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY LINCOLN, NEBRASKA VOLUME 74 Aw .10 .40 .61 .82 100 116 161 182 208 214 222 W x -Q 1 uw if K N J.. is," ,..,..,-4 A""'MhkM,...4. -xvxf - ,.., x,,. - . fix 4 I w if N. ,fa I V Ks' if 4 Lap-8, , 'G fn. L 1 -'Y-4 ,Q Q, 4 3 .RS Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherised upon a tabieg Let us go, through certain half- deserted streets . . . I , g, idvf Agff W v .I 4' ff' ,hm '57 '...a:" 'E iw 4' U19 :Y 'M 4 1 ff ff gm 2, 1 if ,4 , -, mf-. W 2 W y W-my '17 Bill ,,..f X WN- - I Ahhn , va-',,-o-"4-I,,.-4 .1 ,f J -'wk Tv f X XX X S W XX W , if X. Xa ,X K F, 51 .-""""M my QSQQQZXX ' X 5 JN A X X 5 X WMM XXX ,L N X mp NXR x S 'E X X K Ns X X RX 15 N I Q xv y N F K A W .QW + Q Sr iw M-SN X X 4 ex A 5 mx X R N R X X XX :X . X-X , X 'N XM, X . wr , i . -Tvs-t . Aix NWN . - Q .. 1 W 1 X . X X i sf X xi XXMXR X XQX Rx New ww X12 52 SQSEWEXWQXRX Ni .Wk Q Aw Wx Q ,L 'Q VX ,m.. ,L,:" s. 'f 2, ff I X .t ., k.Sik!. ! Q , 5 x X N X -""' gg ,ga -.. . X.-XM. vp-ff' -if N X X wh X XX. N is .. , X. . . ,. ,X .J X. W: 5 - i NX-I X W 4 " ,X 'N XS? Q R X Q A 15 A X X, ,, X X fx f N X 35 H S X QNX Xe ,X 1 f - V "l ki. . X15 HQ - X .fl X: X ' X Q k X wiv SX W K -S A X Ng UXXX x' " X Y J, X k Q I """""?' N X Q lm gl gg .M Ex' 'll ! ! 4, 1, my .W-W..,.fm, T X XXX!-sa X X XSQ XX X iQ X 5 X X XXX, X A ,asf E XX X S f X s Q Q x X .. E X X X XX X 3 X z X Q E x X wx X X sv S f 1 X Ni xx ff' Xxx X X YK If ,X 'E :X X 5, vm xX X Xi RN-uw X f X YES Sm X X X Q Q5 X X x X X52 X R 'SRS :iq 3 'X X X.: Q -6 "I N . Xwiwm X, S X K X.LL Q MX ,X.X - - X g .W V' X 1 M W' Af 5 '1 1, 4' 4 1 fa a GN 'frm we v iw, HM R 3 S! fi is is i x fed N , E A 5 R 'S ks wg M N gig A Q FACULTY .M ff , M s ,-R 95 -wt.-Y 4 'f v. DR. ROGERS STEPS DOWN The resignation of Dr. Vance D. Rogers as president of Nebraska Wesleyan University was announced on February 12, 1976 by Judge Warren K. Urbon, Chairman of the NWU Board of Governors. In the letter of resignation to the Board, Dr. Rogers said he wished to give up the post of the presidency, which he has held since August 1, 1957. In his letter of resignation, Dr. Rogers noted that when he accepted the post at NWU in 1957, it was his conviction that continuity of leadership was desperately needed. "At the end of the first decade, it was apparent that the task had not been completed and that I should stay on and finish the job that had been started. At that time, l made the deci- sion that under no condition would I serve beyond the age of sixtyg I shall reach that age on May 16, 1977," Dr. Rogers wrote. Measured subjectively, Dr. Rogers' leadership in student and faculty participation in the college's government, in defining faculty and student rights and duties, and in placing new responsibilities on the entire Nebraska Wesleyan com- munity, has been bold, innovative and sound. Dr. Rogers may continue to serve Nebraska Wesleyan with the title of chancellor until May 31, 1982, or un- til he takes an early retirement. Vance D. Rogers, President of Nebraska Wesleyan University fx, fp' is wg fi? ii? S33 ' , i sig,-ti ng, . Hi N 1 SX Q ,W l A . . w sg .fggi tgig ,.. 5 nil. 'sit ae, 5 Dr. Frederick Blumer, Vice-President in charge of Academic Aff - ' 'X -was x . M i M, . . ' 1-35:-' ag. u im - vt me ,X fx airs. if K W. Dr. Milton Evans, Vice-President in charge of Student Af- Claire Fredstrom, Director of Financial Aids. fairs. .. , Lan," L ,ff ,af mf' Karen McCammond, Associate Dean of Students X'Wq..,,-,.,. Q ' Mrs. Irene Wiegers, Registrar ES ya QL Reverend Clifton Bullock, Chaplain Mr. Richard Johnson, Vice President for Business Affairs Mr Charles Sconyers Vice President for Development Mr. Ronald Johnson, Director of Admissions , E.--"',:., . . 4 " -al-QWHK. .K-Q". wi ws, 'A ai-v,"'5.'g-it .N'yx-. Quxxgiw xi I 7 Q2 tx, "gts.1 N'f9log,'f5xx'x C . ' '5 1 1 'L ' s' Y if i. ""qHf'awa"7 t'J"Q' ' 4 1 is 9 '1 V sgxt '5 i , - :wx 1 vn- Usftvuffxaagyagx' ,ex is t ,. C Z 1 L . xt .'f""K'f4wfafq:Q: 'Q' ta , , t i ' Knzwnolntu' 5: V' "',':':',gg xsexfw. 1 , , ,. K L , 5. :,uafarffnQlW"i""" X ,zu K is s 'A 2- 11 I 3 K Kilt 25 I-wifi L ' L gefaiecauvnnm-sa ld 'ai Q. 'PH Ak,,,..,:f,:u:g 8 K X x xx xxx f Ji 4 g ,,'r,gql5l'BlSliQt is-l':l'i'.Qtk.r zz as me is r x K i .s K 'tp ',,,,,aqs-uesaaamxis g',l'5f""Y. gg g x xiii fp f k' !,,5,,,.f,g.uus8v A V. ,slagfwntfl K 3, ,5 is s 24 an 4Klhxtkh9a,J'qt,.'.,',gm 'Gb-393 , awtef' A in Q, xxx: i ff :,4t4,q,".g',ganncalll- :i,,ffA.f!. ev Ai 2 A xxx kj sf, " kk tb., ' ,Q 4 at yards!-ii' wn'+'ifi,t kilt' ge We ff I f A f.q4"'1g..-nv-vw"""' A .159 Jivk 'gt' .,g1 fi 4 4 XS. 1 5 " ,. - lf,-tfazt-'flfvtst fi 15. K A.ssw gg X 4 ks-5 ' f',ft' . iuzflafx-vtil'?: ,iff ' 4 1 it ," f. A 5 t ex f is .w4"!m s13elub'P""' Mem xt, Kgs an S iii: sd, 8 ,Q 4 5 rl X N 'ala qv I' ,Mk Q i K 3 g QA. ,. it ' i Qnf ,Q V Mr. Darrel Seng, Director of Publicity Mrs. Karen Cook, Director of Alumni Activities 5 i W -5 'E' ., ART Thomas Peters Elizabeth Wallace Mr. James Engeseth, Acting Department Hea ,AL d IX? fx, , Dr. Louis DeGrazia, Department Head William Pfeffer RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY Dr. Oliver Vannorsdall I 411' Mi WY Dr. John Walker, Department Head ENGLISH 'Er Q is Mamie 2 7X-. Mr. William Kloefkorn .A H i Dr. Mary Smith ,M Mrs. Nanette Graf rg . 22939 Dr. Richard Quinn Dr. Leon Satterfleld Dr. Roger Cognard Dr. Harold Hall, Department Head Dr. Kenneth Holder FOREIGN LANGUAGE .S if i if if if 35' F' if Q S' v 1 i A ...K r x DY- Anthony EPD Mrs. Joyce Michaelis Dr. Robert Meininger, Head of Dept. and Miss Patricia Rieper A , :wwf W 3 Dr. Neal Chism , av M 'Z K 1' at by 4 'W Q: al A 'yt if it LQ V , Mr. Robert Kirk BUS. AD. ECONCJMICS Mr. Clayton Feis Head of the Business Department 3 ,WNQ '.'f s iw' Mrs. Laverne Rudell Dr. Loetta Fairchild ff . . ri""L" if LIBRARY AND EDUCATION Mrs. Lois Collings, Head Librarian and Mrs. Gabriele Cope Dr. Lois Coleman .Q 1 t Dr. Arthur Nicolai, and Dr. Lawrence Vaughan, Department Head EDUCATION Dr. Sam Dahl Betty Grassmeyer SPEECH AND THEATRE ff gg Q Y 'H'Mw'Wd rig, 1 V 2' ,, -- , ,, ra, E Dr. Phullup Kaye, Head of Department 'XZ' ' Na. Henry Blanke David Clark L 5, . fy QQ IV, 'V 5'F""s, ' -. ff' Q an M ffmZg,,.W,,,1,.,,,,..,,,,.,fffw,Wm , 1, y ' f 'f ' L A 5 A M ff 'Qu ik 4 M, , f W , I I f ,, Y.,,,, " . V ' ' , , V , Q' 5 , ' f V, A ,Q ,,, A W, ,,-k I WA 3g,, V' I -I eg 1Qy,7E,? N5iQ, ,.y,LQlZ:L5W, 4 N,gg,g,m,,L,,h , 6 'V . I Ag: iiw f mpad-T'gMwzww: -i -- ' 0- f H '- 2 - :fa W f V '94 x , 'b w w v fi W if f 2 .1 ,. , Mi .,. , v , ,W, ,,k , -,r,?-QWA , ,HM VlmyzA,V. , , V "ffm 13-gf-f-fag ' 'M N.,.,,, Www , Aqr, ., Nl! LIMS Geofge White DI' Allcg Jaswal If , A -1 ,. , N' f Pnyms Blanke W,,f ,M- HISTORY A951551 , . . .M ,X-f K ff Q . .,Q. www Dr. David Mickey, Department Head .Q LM- 'M Thomas Grabau w s aee an 3 51 Qa i id AL if a.., o - aa," :1 f,,, 5 ,,gf.,,.f:,pf,',ge 55 f 1 'E S , ga W . f ,rf NNW iii, XZ, , ,gif QQ X Dr. Nancy Hazelwood YN 5 4 wgzawkg X me an mm-awwmo-N Nm.-we-Nw wwwww Wwe vw ww , . g ,w 'Q 2 ? , ,ug ' e E Q i fix ,gn ef K , K Ronald Naugle PCLITICAL SCIENCE a-,fi X . s bryan. sw, .wx R tw -X-,AX Q, ff N y A . R , ....,..,x x- .K-MQ 5 5 5 ma. MF. Jan Vefmeel' PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN Mrs. Chris McNulty , X Q - -5 'W . ig N A x, Y A 5 Q. we ., e . N 2 fx Q f 4-9 T in N , 'S X - , , . m . ' 2 xi i W jg 'Q Q h 5 me f? X f' A ya, 31 . - Mr. Ronald Bachman Dr. Irvin Peterson, Head of Dept 'Q r.. 775' Harold Chaffee gl.WQ:k: ,pn'n,a f ,tgllyq 0' 1i"""'h'a 1 "gill 9 ,,gnn 'itll ' G-'H-Kuff! 9' ,s" 10,1411 0 r f',,wM:vu., V. iw' x2.l'l f. 1 Wm-w"1"f" - I I o,'7if'6" 'Q - 1. a .pm 'Ln fr i Chelys Hester Us .ning we Woodrow Greeno, Director of Athletics MUSIC ww 3,-ai Dr. Charles Tritt, Head Mr. Morris Collier Dr. Melton Harp - f -Mi 1 -wtf 1 . 4- wmi,mpu- w sssas g awww s is . X 5 'E-5 5 Q F. Q. X 5 X5 s 5 xr- wb? X x X X sys Mrs. Beth Harrod -M -V ' V r X1 gr x" Miss Mary Holding 5 si Mr. Larry Rawlins Dr. Cary Lewis ai if OP Dr. Robert Morrow Dr. William Wyman Mrs. Ruth Stephenson .. MA TH J , Q 5' V' , B'v:1 1 avgfyzb iff! : 4 1 4, ff , v m ff QC: ' ,"1 ' A 1 o tif ,J 94 H file' 2505? QU- ai ,F ll' :Q 'Q . ,f 'F "v Q :Wig yy.. f , M A l " 1 5' ' 4 , ,,,- ,ma , W 'tr' hewitt 0. 'Q' e" an ., -f , ' fa, PVQVAT I V' K c 1 Q - " 0 w 7 fniqb K, N, I X A 4 Q if 1 4 ' 1 in t 1414! ',' tu' ,, I , .. , e Q tit' ',",tQwa-1 J? " if is gli 1 1+ Quin I V , ll gf , ,,ap'y'V4:.4 . , L 1..j.. fff I fn " waxy t-.Q .fue VV' ty ,.-1, 10,0-f is r'QsLL'a,2h'5,kl. . l' ' V Dr. Stanley Luke M I ww ' Dr. Joe Wampler, Head of Dept. Dr. Stephen Wiitala 'QT X, R: CHEMISTRY W' . 3 If Dr. George Coleman fy. Dr. Harold McBride E Scsi, Dr. Norman Griswold if N-:mi Dr. Paul Laursen, Head of Dept. and Dr. Daniel Howell L 4 M, Q 4 , vw i Q W 1 N Dr. Walter Fr ! 5 f th 3 fy if J . is at ,Q ' N93 -NF' We 4 or to L X 5' ge xt? X x l in W s""3lMm1msm , 4 . t 1 'Mx ' fx X R me Hg N 5 lf' 5, an at f an E Q .' 5 rp X E ex t at R U ' ,...., l ' . Y X 1 K' ? gk X5 -2 4 5 min. X L X 6 'K .I 9115 55, X S, was B AN . A , A ff 6 al Sv .a ench, Head of the Department PHYSICS Dr. Robert Fairchild ,f,,. ..:, . t E s ,H Q, fi Y J 3 5. ig: Q f was A ,..fsM..,.s N--114-..u..h. Mr. Carroll Moore ti? ,.g. fvsw fx t R it., is Mr. Walter Elwell 5 5 wi w ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY x ff up ,2- A ' f gf? Z ,I ,fy 4, v df ,r i qig . . ? , if r Q ' fl ff 4 J f 1 15- . A 4 5 1 fi ff " , if Wvxxh ,, , f ,ff 4' 4 ,O" I , J : ,915 " ., , "L, , Qi ? Mew, , Q f 1 A J , i Dr. William Cascini, Head of Dept. Mr. Glenn Bush Dr. Joyce Wike A Mrs. Erma McMurry ff-f , f Mrs. Adnee Bradford -x. A ill If ,I V k My , Z "" xi af Q, is if: .,.:.: 1 9 k, S 1 K QQMXQXQ iw W X .-Mfg, ww jg'j,,,, 4,4 1. ,, ff A nav' ,ggi I Q,,,,f my 42155 3 " WWW ff W in M n . fi W , , ' limi - . agbgniwmin. gL.,""'1w I R' , nf-Q' 1 is , 6 ,, . 1 X if 1 4, M .ff ,V , W- ,ya 9' ,, 4. M ff 244' 4 af W J 1 if 'Wy M we 0, ly, W ,Qc E, iv H ' K Ziff 4 mn, " I 4' wwf M 1 Dr. Clifford Fawl i . :em f , f A 3' Dr. Ludy Benjamin, Department Head , PSYCHOLOGY Q Dr. Marty Klein Dr. Virginia Berman ff' 37 my BIOLOGY , .nv-....,, Dr. Margaret Tyler Dr. William Boernke Q 5 1, ' ,.'Gs::'fs::w 1aiQ2-W , . . r- . . Xl-fi YM. - -7 1 me i -I Tk ...g was -. - y 1 i 1 .kj .. + X fl- A. my L 2.1- ,- All A , z Dr. Glenn Dappen F , " fe, , f gf I a wig ' ,, 'ff', y ,- I ,J ,,.M..M.N.4.wMm,,,.,,.,.-wwe' 3 , Dr. David Greegor '-MJ 'XS is, , X N Dr, Marvin Bichel Dr. Leonard Staudinger, Head of Department 'ws 4, ,Q J, s ,'. ' 42: 111 "1 ' 1 Nag- 415 0 M gig, iiiia . It , my 5 B J1- ,xn X 4' F324 p ,. Budwr-15 .Q 4 V , sq 11 XII.. N .+.4.. . ' Q n sf ff! :Z M ., , E ,g k .. ldwu - ...ff . ,...f,. ' '29, 4: an 4 ' 1, x xniwm. f 1 BQHNHM- Blldxuzx, I ,fig , . ' x mf ww! 2 J - , 'JN 1 Q 'Y ,W . 5 , 5 W , 4 ., 1.5 a a ? . - LJ-S 4- 1 ., , fs. 4, e pw 1- ' ' Q Y . ' . 5 ' Bndwjiq, iser I ' - 3: f 9' 'Z-4 ' ' V' K ' .- 1 .. '22, , A eg A Sm-4 , , 4 .. wwpism udsn. ., dun ' - .Z ka-.QA , L- 1 K, , ,,.. 1 A -A - ik, . i A f .4 , .. ,nw -vm ig.. lf, ,, -- ,M A Q, 1 udvu: ' : Sgt-ix 3 , wa rms iL,' Az ' if WS? . , '44 gg ? Budwe' i 3 V ..l,. Bgxdwei . 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K Q, gg I P A i gk " ' Q 'FXS 'J X Q' W 5' Q4 we M 5 if " V i 2 i Vai 4 FRESHMEN Mary Lou Aden Kathy Alpers Arlene Anderson Debra Anderson Diane Antoniskis Carolyn Arcand Heather Arnett Mary Arnold Deidre Artist Neal Barkley Craig Barnett Janice Bartos Wendall Bauman Brian Baumert Brian Beam Pam Berg Sue Berry Becky Bock Mark Boetel Marianne Brown Suzanne Brown Mel Bucklin Annette Buenger Janis Burgess Chellie Burney David Busse Lora Lea Butler John Camoriano Jon Cassat Chad Cassel Kim Chaloupka Tom Coleman Jennifer Cook Pam Covey Melodie Creighton Doug Dalke Carol Davis Bob Dedrickson Dale Dettra Sharon Diedrichsen Sara Dodder Debra Diedney Carol Dyer Cindy Dyles Brian Elliott Jolene Eilts Robby Ellis Mike Eoriatti Candace Erikson Marcia Fahlberg Diane Freeman Tom Frericks Andy Fry Joan Fuss Rod Gaston Leigh Gaswick Sue Glissmann Kim Gloystein Don Greer Craig Harms Don Harrison Terri Heiden Emily Herrick Leta Herrington Jeff Hoaglund Georgea Hood Bruce Hootman Brett Hoppes Dick Huebner Cameon Jacobson Kevin Janeski Gladys Johnson Steve Johnson Karen Keebler Cindy King Stephanie Kizzier David Klitzke John Korn Kathryn Kostin Brent Kotschwar Gregg Lage Linda Lambert Leslie Larsen Sherryl Larsen Robert Laughlin Scott Lawson Melba Leahy Bruce Lloyd Bev Long John Lortz Cindy Luke Chris MacKnight Marcus Martin Susan Marx Robbie McBride Ellen McEachen Loren McElravy Scott McKnight Joan Mead Nancy Meier Marlys Menke Kathy Messenger Ann Mielke Brad Miller Ellen Miller Rex Minert Cindy Moore David Morgan Beth Mueller Linda Nagaki Diane Nelsen Lee Northup Miles Norton Janet Oberg Kevin O'Dell Jean Ogborn Julie Olson Doug Pearson Liesa Pearson Laura Peoyke Carole Penner Michael Peters Jerry Petersen Darrell Peterson Nancy Peterson Pierre Pettingr Jr Jim Porter John Post Paul Post Lisa Ann Prater Robert Quarfe Bob Quick Steve Rasmussen Don Reed Pat Richtarik Richard Rodgers Teresa Rohmiller Brenda Rohrig Nancy Ross Kirk Russell Philip Russell Scott Scheffel Karen Schmidt Shari Schmidt Barb Schulenberg Deb Schwaninger Beth Scott Sara Seberg David Sequra James Sevcik Wendy Shanholtz Gayle Shaw Sue Simpson Becky Smith Karen Smith Mike Snyder Diane Spearow Michael Speck Wayne Stehiik Mary Steiner Cindy Steinhoff Alberta Steinmetz Sara Stevenson Megan Stickelman Bill Story Michael Strain Timothy Struck John Svehla Debbie Swiler Scott Tallman Lynda Thomsen Julia Tracy Diane Trott Cindi Turnbull Judy Unick Dennis Vermaas Brian Waddell Carol Weinert Jennifer Welch Mark Welsch Mark Wenz John Wenzel Debbie Wetzel Vicki White Kathy Wiegel Sue Williams Janelle Wisby Kent Wittler Kim Wolfe Mary Yardley James Yearley Betty Youngman SOPHOMORES James Abel Lorie Acklie Larry Adams Tamlyn Aubushon Scott Ballentine Barb Barlow Debra Barnes Marcia Barnes Jill Beierman Lawrence Bell Kevin Benesch Andy Benton Robert Bernecker Michele Black Steven Bomberg Steven Bond Elizabeth Bourland Wilma Brame Kathleen Brown Kim Bullock at 4 aw ff X 2. We -A 5 W :ei 22 K ' "-5 N N AX it ,wt S X ii 3 3,3 Q, X , ', , . w iv 'J ,. 5 fs -li, A Sm 0 'o ' 'Q' fir, ' v .4 K -XX fx , XXXX 6 Qxgrglf Lana Griess Marymichelle Bursik Marjean Bush Dave Campbell Marcia Campbell Marc Chauche Sandra Chew Renee Chick Pamela Christy Hugh Colgrove Doug Colvin Susan Connett Tom Coufal Ann Cramer Jay Davidson JoAnn Devitt Monte Douglas Rita Ebke Jon Eggers Harold Ellerbee Kim Engquist Lynn Erickson Sue Fredstrom Sharon Freeman Pamela Foster Teri Gabel Susan Gentry Scott Gerard John Gerd Daniel Gillen Neal Gogan Donna Gripenburg Gavin Gustafson Glenn Hall Val Hannah Susan Hansen Curt Hanson Mary Hart Margaret Haythorn Steve Heinisch Diane Henninger Jody Hindman James Hlavacek Tim Hobbs Rosemarie Hoerle Philip Hofmann Linda Hollcroft Jane Houfek Susan Hubbard Karen Irwin Clement Iwueze Jacqueline Kelly Gretchen Kline Ann Klippenstein Terry Knecht Karen Krause Angela Kreidt Sue Krieger Susan Kazak Patty Larsen April Lau Sheila Lehr Stacy Leinart Debbie Lemons skirts t 4 R kk f i f 0' Q Zf 56 -s v I 5 ? 4 sg ,tu bf i K ,Qu ,, , ,i W? 3 P3 9 iv 0 4 I A iEj a5lQg 4 4 6 W if ,, QQ it 1 ' V, 'M , s if .uv L. f fff 544 I- II Q ,,,.,Ww X 0 1 p O if n GU' X A f nw ff 'MZ ' '85, ww V 9 vi . fwmqxj. , :I Li. 53519 ..,, , 1 l K , Kgs' , f, - .na R Pls ,L 3 Hz- im: , iff' I Q, mx , 'gy JV ' fc X l '4 P 7 f, Q ff 4, f 0' f ,N A Af? fx e fp? V7 M" 'ftW"f2Zi34 f ' W V' ' X ,X f22E'r:'-AW A-A vvawflvgfgji' A 2 f fa , 1-,Q as . 1 ,. Alf' ' f',1.X"1M. 73 xxx. Laura Lepp Jane Levander Marsha Lichty Susan Liljedahl Bev Lowery Chip Mahlman Lori Martin Samir Mausour Nancy McDonald Charles McKee Kent Miller Michael Moorberg Dean Moors Kevin Morehouse Barb Mrkvicka Arthur Munelt Barb Neeman Randy Nelsen Barbara O'Dell David Odgers Terri O'Donnell Annette Olson Debra Parde Sandra Patterson Pam Paust Kim Pedersen Dwight Petersen Linda Peterson Paula Peterson Jan Pressey Bob Reed Jan Reifler Linda Richards Kathy Rickertsen Niia Roberts Rosann Robinson Linda Roifsmeyer Ann Rose Don Rossbach Kathy Rystrom Deb Sanchez Don Sautter Grant Sawyer Connie Schauer Karen Schmeeckle Jon Schroeder Kirk Schultz Lisa Schutte Nancy Schwaninger Dan Sexson Joan Shafer Sheree Shetler Cynthia Shirley Trudy Sloup Kim Smith Sheryl Sparks use wiv? A -6? ,,,4 -. wwf' -,su ter, 5- K J . :seas David Spencer Carl Sprouse Marsha Stahl Jayne Stear Jim Stech Debbie Stewart Kim Stickelman Timothy Stivrins ' ff ' me '7"'3.f. '13i.+':mQ'I' H. -Qi-fflgfip nf FKBTQYQ - ' Q .L t- . V 'f 'T A ': 'T'i1Tf'-'ifgp Sw.-753. 5 Sl. 4 H -Sa, if ,. . L X F if gy ' r - Q P A f. . if at , at .tt 1?af ft,y . i t ,S -ty. ' M: - Mt..- J, ,f K s 1 p get gs T wfftif ,..f',,'F?-3',f'f ,, f E' ,, , 1, L,- 1' '--'i':g'.At?f- J 2 Q3-W f 4, A ' , .. ' - figs yy, ., - 'N i A H Q' if semen L., T. ftsi , a it " S' -al ' I m 'f-,,1,. -Pu V ,fg vd 'Q uf. Lit. xx 3 .:- -nl xg , It 1 gym x Ni' ev -a .4 Y - vi- X , 1, iv . if T ' - 9 " -- ,-mst Q It -Q-s'i:, X , t' 2 ,,g-' -,tt - Q! Q me . .wiv 4 t k X 'S - fssyo,--u..t.. , .' . . ., s ' 7 . J' if ' ' . ....,,,, ,,.,,.,.., . A 1 f - W A-'U .,. "V-"""fe . I X .sn-1 sac., - - - tt -- :Ve --Zac -Sai ug. 9 -, . A 'A-testing it -mf WM. X.-1-,af--rs . X 4 ' Nj exif k,..x- Cathy Sutterlin Rex Swanda Nancy Tekolste Deb Terhune Tim Tesmer Fay Timmerman Steve Todd Norm Trachsel Jeff Tracy Stephanie Tuin Mary Votipka Theresa Walker Julie Walstrom Randy Warren Judy Weinmeister Cheryl White Robert Wigert Rick Williams Robert Witte Bobette Wolesensky Shalla Young Jay Zimmermann Terri Zingg Michael Zlomke - , ta - - 1-'swf i . 53 f 1 M ., -'-4 ,-32. 'qihmig "isQa1'.b .egg-eizxigngii'-2962, W -f ' ,fre g51??F't'i,j:gt,,s,,w.v l T. -N .J '-t.,fa -W w'5""?wEga-f1iiFf?v-w+ff:.,-.-Q X , Jill Abernethy Nancy Alpers Shirley Arnold Jim Arringdale Andrea Babcock Colleen Babcock Debbie Baker Virginia Barton Steve Baumert Mitch Bellucci Jett Blodgett Jo Bragg Gayle Brendel Blake Butler Denise Carlson Janet Carlson Mary Chinnock Duane Coates Dennis Casterisan A' , 1 it E, ,. Q ar J ttf s. Qc ,tg ' .1 -1 -. - f s. ,V ,F . gs ex, K 'N . x SS :Swis s .. - '- Q- mf. . - ge. VX' ' " t. fmt -.QN W, eg 3 k ? gy pw r -s. 9 it -A . f . t +- 1 V Y ' - " T Hui Y iss' ' -' - ' C , ft D 'ix 1' :kg JM. . 's fs' . .. Q., 'L XX ' "sim .IUNIORS Bruce Couch Delbert Davison Steve Davey Channing Dutton Scott Eickman Paul Elofson Bruce Elstun Pat Ericksen Michelle Feis Rita Foster Barb Frank Barbara Gertz Patricia Gordan Karl Gramann Rosalie Hall Jacqueline Hansen Karen Harrahill Norene Havel Louis Hays, Jr. Jacqueline Johnson Deborah Jones Stan Kastrup Greg Kemery Kevin Keller Keley Kilpatrick David Henske Doyle Holle Sandi Hundhausen Ken Janovec Melva Johnson Jerry Johnston .,1 Ken Kluck Kathy Korcek Missy Kucera Robert Lambert Lou Ann Larson Thomas Lemans Tracy Lewallen Jan Lipovsky Paul Luke Mike Lundgren Jeffrey Lynch Donna Manley Janet Mark Theresa Marsh Christine Martin Karen Mathey i 57 Julie McBride Susan McDougal Peter McEvoy Deb Meier Lori Meyer Lynne Mills J. Jay Mulder Pat Neneman Doug Nichols Jeannette Nowling Deb.Olmsted Lea Olson Gladys Oosting Bob Parks Johna Platz Karen Price P':.h2?.eS' S rm , iss , if Q, I A X i x ' Ks R J ,rw 1, V4 V3 Pl' Evelyn Quiel Dale Rasmussen D'Ann Rhoads Steven Rider Brad Rolofson Jon Rystrom Susan Shaffer Janniver Smith Karen Smith Peg Sneller Robert Snyder Karen Standerwick Ronda Sternberg Alan Stall Gail Timmerman Bruce Trautman Carolyn Wagner Peg Walline Laurel Walton Kim Webb Jan Weedin Larry Weston Patti Whitefoot Karen Whitman Harriet Willmeng Jim Wulf Valerie Wycoff Carolyn Zabel Jane Turner John Tyler Sue Vencill WW SENIORS H3 L P ., f- ?Q5iff9Q Yes f ' Ri 1? P5951 u Q 1 f Pfdgro 4,,--1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION David W. Claus Sutton A Raymond W. Dieatrick Fremont Kirk J. Fox Edison Daniel E. Fassnacht Laraine L. Fawl Sutton Lincoln Teresa M. Harrison Paul R- Johnson MCCQQK LiI'1COlrl Connie L. Jones Julie A. Kjeldgaard Ron Lottman Cambridge Big Springs Arlington Steven J. Marcum Spencer James A. Maxwell Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3232223 USO" 3ZZ"EbuZe"ce i Barbara J. Rankin Jefffei' L- Rover Washington, D.C. Grand Island Michael W. Shull RWenon,Iowa mwmwnwxq K Rodney D. Wolf Eustis Randall C. Peck Omaha Kenneth P. Berg Lee's Summit, Missouri Lawrence W. Vernon Phoenix, Arizona Sara R. Williams Omaha Janet L. Behrens Suzanne Huie Kingery Rebecca L. McDonald Lincoln Lincoln Osceola Marsha A. Polk Denver, Colorado Alison Flold ,- Crete L . 1.11 .---i ,. , 5 , I ,, we Deborah Valentino .V Hartsdale, New York 5 Deborah Swanson Arlingron Heights, Illinois , V3 MATHEMATICS fi? N if Beth Chapman Paul Gurecki Angela Fl. Olson Mitchell Meriden, Connecticut Lincoln , .5 .anna . Q.. , , C- l Susanne E. Elits Linda M. Lane Douglas J. Lichti Council Bluffs, Iowa Scarsdale, New York Shickley CHEMISTRY 4 'H BIOLOGY if i r fl Pasco B. Avery David D. Jeff Birkby Crestview, Florida Baltensperger Sidney, Iowa Bushnell Lisa R. Brezina Cynthia L. Byank Jackson Heights, Colonia, New Jersey New York William S. Carpenter David M. Collister Scott E. Daniels Arapahoe Lincoln Lyons if i,tai Pamela R. Davis Kyla B. Engdahl Patrice Frans Marcia L, French Dannebrgg Arvada, Colorado Lil"tCOlr1 Wahoo BIOLGGY .'..-. K A':A i ni, ' - iT1f"f it X fl f I .iii Steven A. Hultman Kathy J. Kerr Omaha Ankeny, Iowa Kristie Hansen Centralia, Missouri Karen Lightbody Silver Spring, Maryland ll N. Carolyn Hart Weeping Water G ljixie L. Lostroh Sidney Mary Jo McWha James D. Merselis GQYY D- Milius Gothenburg Audubon, Iowa FGIVDUYY . , x Lori L. Mills Anita Myers Jeff Pedersen Minden Kabul, Afghanistan Fremont ,"',1' - 1 1, Benton Sherman Albany, New York BIOLOGY Qffguki. V :AM f' wif Ruth Spencer Sidney BIOPHYSICS Patricia Entrekin Minatare S .4 Ann M. Wilwerding Jan E. Whitney Earling, Iowa Fairfield , aw BIOPSYCHGLOGY L Charles Fl. Barke Farmingdale, New York Thomas J. Grigsby Seward 7 5 Douglas E. Himberger Omaha PHYSICS '42 r A' ri x if . 1 ag B ' H 'K' f ' John J- Leiif Cynthia D. Newberg Omaha Omaha PSYCHOLOGY NJXQ Randall Cheloha Manon Beiser Morton Grove, lllinois Columbus Oscar Harriott Kingston, Jamaica Kathryn L. Heider Hebron Julie Hindmarsh Fremont ...f . as , Lawfhi " ' WH . 'VN M ,...,, Jacqueline S. Linea Vachal Schroeder Omaha Curtis Jacqueline F. Langley Papillion Susanne J. Laughlin Omaha Pamela M. Rolofson Greenwood S PEE C H E D U Bennington clannda, Iowa Patricia Birch Jamie Cassat Landis K. Magnuson Karla J. Mason Belinda S. Peirce Lincoln York Red Cloud Ella J. Ryan York ART Robert Kleltsch Lincoln John D. Gatz Colby, Kansas Jay S. Chipman Dutch Fichthorn North Platte Littleton, Colorado THEATRE ARTS Edward T. Armstrong Olathe, Kansas POLITICAL SCIENCE Lora Yardley Waverly PHYSICAL EDUCATION al-F5 Nancy J. Bartos Michael C. Ginn Verdigre Wayne Robert Knollenberg EUQGHG H- LGSSFHGH Lincoln Lincoln -2332+ ..l, , .53 ,Xi FOREIGN Melinda Stewart Lincoln RELIGION Karen Campbell Lawton, Oklahoma David J. Folkerts Seanfle L. Larson Lincoln Cairo, Nebraska Judith A. Anderson Linda L. Kelly Humboldt Fort Morgan, Colorado LANGUAGE MUSIC , ,,, fw Debra L Hoover Marilyn Vermeer r A e Falls Falrfle'd gpg? ,,z, L Q ,V -..f,.,, V A W if ,, ,, ,A U' '45, I, f ,, ff? W . , ,,, f QW, ,W ,z.,A A Wwefe-rrrwi'-frZifqfm nA -QA 14' , AA, M , V ,, ,A , L74 A fA.p,4Q',,Q,,,,,i,?,wk 5 ,MAI rr. ,VW?Srr:H,lJl r ' ' f , V W ,A ,J L, . f A4 fmjww M .yy 'qv - V azwrqw A - 5 V- ww rf ar' 'pw-A ff' mT'z2'A'W rn, A 2 -435' wx, M, ,ff 1 ,, 'zdm ygjy 3, 'W T I A ,Z -4 My-W ,awp Mew. Q, - , " -A 1- 7 A h k ak A f ' nf ,KS 1' ,wf"kf rf' J" 1 , ff ww .mf 72 ,, A 5, ,MLM rw' ww A H fy ,AW ' ' 'E 'ig5'52Yi'Y'A M- ' ' " ' ,W 'D , - f r aw A ' 'fr ,A ' ,fir ffm AW ' ' Q5"",g,v '17 , A. , , nm A ,f rr ,Q Kfhyfrfimggilklfwgtrgigmi ' , A5533 it A ' 'km 'Q' ' gf M fn, in 11, , Q 3, NP" - X vm-y..fw u 1 fA W-m.g.w.n..,.mwx ww: www: -Wmmzmmsmw wage 1- Susan J. Blake JOEller1 COOK Gaiesburg, Illinois Elk Grove Village, Illinois .., sm- Q Suzann Rae Duerfeldt Shenandoah, Iowa Michael E. Mathews E Lincoln M Deb Nuetzman Loraine C. Reed Timothy J. Vala Margaret L. Wewel Lincoln Loup City Omaha Fremont f 4 5 I A T 1, 3 5:1 ' 5 ,vm L 33 I S 9 l'+ 'if .t 5 'A' W A.., ,., ,. i' wk gr GREEKS I 5? Q N ALPHA GAMMA DELTA .nil 5 ,IIN , I . , , , 2,,A f J f ffaiw, J 'Q fa! wimww A ,M Ji pg, vs J af- 5 163' f , ,M , V . 1 M fn i ff S 4 Eff? is Q. 1. A. . , ,C N.:-F ,,. .M X an-iii' Lg I Nffkfx ... ., -M . . Q F i it mtifdriwiisl . . si- . S . ,., I -S W. ,Q Jas i X . n- I ., M ' , 5' ' , . 1 ' ha. M' .ff A x 4 t 'lx 1 y .., uf ly, W JL . , 2 at ' ' I -- I I . ll 'il' . . ff' ' "'A I ,M A W M , f 11 . l 3, f' by i f ', . i g' 2 it il 2, S , A- ' 1 f-- J if W Qi WW V' , mi ' ?"' it Page 84: Top Row: L. Roberts lHousemotherl, S. Anderson, D. Antoniskis, C. Arcand, J. Behrens, K. Belt, P. Berg. Flow Two: S. Berry, E. Bourland, G. Brendel, K. Brown, L. Butler, K. Campbell, D. Dudney. Flow Three: C. Dyer, Fl. Ebke, Ft. Foster, S. Fredstrom, J. Freeman, B. Gertz, P. Hammond. Row Four: J. Hansen, T. Heiden, L. Herrington, J. Hindmarsh lSecrelaryl, S. Janis, J. Kelly, L. Kelly. Flow Five: T. Kloefkorn, K. Kostin, P. Larsen. Flow Six: L. Larson tSocial Chairmanl, S. Larson tPresldentl, K. Lightbody. Bow Seven: B. Long, B. Lowery fist Vice Presidentl, J. Mark iFiush Chairmanl. Page 85: Top Flow: S. Marx, J. McBride. Row Two: S. McDougal, N. McDonald. Flow Three: R. McDonald 12nd Vice Presidentl, M. McWha. How Four: E. Miller, M. Miller. Flow Five: Lori Mills, Lynne Mills tMember- ship Chairmanl, J. Moseman, J. Oberg, T. O'Donnell, P. Peterson. Row Six: N. Roberts, N. Floss, S. Seberg, W. Shanholtz, T. Sloup, P. Sneller, Row Seven: M. Stewart tTreasurerl, G. Timmerman. Row Eight: S. Tuin, J. Welch. AL PHA KAPPA LAMB Quo-v" Cx Page 86, row one: N. Fisher fHouse Mothery, Buffy Tu QMasco0. Row Twog P. Avery, D. Baltensperger 1Presidenty. Row three: D. Berkley, J. Chipman, B. Elstun, S. Hultman Qvice-presidentj, D. Kelly, R. Lottman Ureasurery. Row fourg C. McKee, C. Malhrfian 1SociaI Chairmany, S. Marcum fStewardj, M. Mathews 1Pledge Educatory, D. Miltner, D. Odgers. Row five: D. Petersen, M. Shull QHouse Managerj, T. Vala, J. Zimmerman. Sgggigfg E4 -- A - K ami? Gil X in f.:fi?sifASmw. Y 3 . ,fa 62. fwfr M019 . ki , 46 nn ,ey-lffllw W 3, ,ff . Meer. a slam .n-. m Flow 13 L. Chaucne D. D. Elledge. M. Krause. Schultz. I X 4 Adams, A. Benton. Flow 23 M. Dalke. Flow 33 D. Earle President, Row 45 K. Gillespe, J. Holcombe, Flow 55 P. Luke, G. Flolofson, M. 9 X X. yew., DEL TA ZETA if W 5- 'J f Q Q X A A gg 5 X s xi ' , ' , 5 , 4-1 Q, V W fs af-A Q- , K .Q V 4 , Q 1? 5 sf Wu, 'Q . , 41 . .,,, VV K i 2 3 ' '-'ff' an ff' ' K' W fn Y ffl Page 88, row one, R. Lautenschlager fHouse Motherl, L. Andersen. Row two, D. Anderson, H. Arnett, S. Arnold, V. Barton lCorrespon- ding Secretaryl, M. Brown. Row three, C. Byrne, D. Carlson, J. Carlson, K. Engquist, M. Fahlgerg. Row four, L. Fawl fSocial Chair- manl, L. Gaswick, S. Gentry, L. Griess, S. Hansen. Flow five, J. Hansrote, L. Hollcroft, S. Hubbard, K. Keebler, K. Kerr, C. Ketelhut, K. Korcek fScholarship Chairmanl, S. Larsen. Row six, L. Lepp, M. Lichty, C. Martin, K. Mason Ureasurerl. Row seven, A. Meyers fFlecording Secretaryl, C. Mussman, L. Nagaki, D. Neutzman fStandards Chairmanl. Flow eight, J. Ogborn, D. Olmsted, J. Olson, L. Olson 1House Managerl.Row nine, G. Oost-. ing fActivities Chairmanl, J. Peterson, K. Price, J. Reifler. Row ten, C. Rider, L. Rolfsmeter, D. Roberts, K. Schmeekle. Page 89, row one, B. Schulengerg, N. Schwaninger, S. Shetler. Row two, J. Smith, D. Spearow, M. Stahl, J. Stear. Row three, M. Steiner, S. Stevenson, D. Swiler, D. Terhune. Row four, C. Weinert, J. Weinmaster, K. Whitman fRush Chairmanl, J. Wisby. Row five, B. Woodcock, L. Yardley lPledge Trainerl, M. Yardley, B. Youngman. Row six, C. Zabel tPresldentl, D. Zimbelmann, K. Zingg, T. Zingg fHistorianl. THETA CHI W' ,, 6 Q W E l I ,1. : , .' ,,,: 1" 'Lg V, 9 , in I V sw ? x. , 'nuff ,Q 'TRN Q Y N , . u3gii1.'k xX x .L HA ' . ' M :Sf X ' gialtfj- N .ig , 1 i V Y lx. N 'STR' - sy WT AA - ,,,W,:... 2 L---. a L--- I G x iu , . i A 4 Aga M Ty, g, L W A ik Ni ' V R -x ' W f 3:35. .. . S 47' K an - A L Ek .4QQ N.N , F X ,,.,q.-. T K at ,Q BX x 4 fx K X F3- ' ' A 1-x, . QW SV, ,Q gil E 'Q Nl K 3 Q.. N, fd, M A Q X A '- AE 431. , .' n Rx XQXQQ K x xg! 'Q 'P' a gk rgw:fA 3? x wx :rw Aly ww-'Q QQQg J Y , X XE M my sw Q ' ' ' "A fra 3 id is , , a 1 Q wi X s . i . K! S' ! , H S R 'X 8 s .1 5 it 1-' -P we - - Q fig, , I ":::" T B ,Q 1. S , . . ,,. 2 1... . v ..,, Q z I .,. , K , if q,,. 'S c iw . J "TQ", , 4 X 1 . . It ll his ffif LA, Q' ' F Ah-. Q W' X X 42 si Q -M-: l5,i K, lsx ei . .H1f11"" , .x -we S ' M f. 5 'wing Page 90, row one, N. Barkley, G. Best, W. Beyers. Row two, D. Bloch, S. Bomberg, S. Bond lSecretaryJ. Row three, J. Cassat, D. Claus, T. Coleman. Row four, H. Colgrove, T. Coufal, S. Daniels. Row five, D. Fassnacht, J. Gerd, C. Gramann lTreasurerl. Row six, C. Hanson, J. Hoaglund, D. Holle. Row seven, K. Janeske, K. Janovec, P. Johnson. Row eight, S. Kastrup, K. Keller lPresidentl, K. Kluck, J. Korn, B. Kotschwar, D. Llchti, J. Leitt. Row nine, J. Lortz, J. Lynch, S. McKnight, B. Miller, D. Nichols, K. O'Dell, D. Reed. Page 91, row one, S. Rider, K. Russell, S. Spencer, R. Swanda. Row two, S. Todd, B. Trautman Nice Presidentl, Vance, R. Warren, M. Wahl, B. Wigert, R. Williams. Row three, K. Wittler, R. Witte. Row four, J. Wulf, R. Yoder. Row five, E. Hoffman iHouse Motherl, Dr. P. Laurson lAd- visorl. Q Kg!! W PHI MU di- 3 Page 92, row one, C. Cooper lHouse Mothery, D. Artist, M. Barnes, K. Bunker, M. Clinton, S. Connett. Row two, J. Devitt, K. Forke. Row three, R. Hall lPresidentJ, B. Hickman. Row four, K. Horstman lFormal Hush Chairmanj, D. Hughes lTreasurerl. Flow five, G. Johnson, K. Kilpatrick. Row six, C. King, S. Kozak, A. Lau, T. Marsh qvice Presidentt, N. Meier, C. Mueller. Page 93, row one, A. Olson, C. Hood. J. Shafer fPanhelIenic Delegatej. Row two, K. Smith, T. Spiars, A. Story. Row three, S. Sundell lOpen Rush Chairmanj, J. Turner lProvisional Membership Directory, J. Visin- tainer. Flow four, P. Walline, L. Walton, E. Wright lSecretaryJ, S. Young. Y ar 1 , '4 M f' 4 if -r 3 Q 6 kr ' .KT Q X M. f 5. , 25 ,E My fm , vw x w , 1 wi I fp K JAX l . V gay! M ,520 , v 'E' 3 ! !w '35, X H 2 Q if ,Q ig it-' 9 l ' ,v .'31Z.ifW "" V A "f' 1-- ,, ' g i gf- 'rf ff 3' O!! Y . ...f , - .fr I A fig? 1 Q A A 4, A, 53' E Fifi' itz. v.. .Af 'E 'ii WZ' T- Q- I 4 1 'V fi 1 fa. 5 4 1' .1 eg, if , he V-of 4'-f. 'A V23 Page 94: Row one, J. Asa tHousemotherl, J. Asbury. Row two, C. Barnett, C. Baugous, W. Bauman, B. Baumert, K. Benesch, J. Birkby, M. Boetel, D. Bozarth, C. Burgess. Row three, B. Butler 1New Member Officerl, D. Campbell, B. Cascini, B. Couch, J. Davidson, D. Davison tSocial Chairmanj, R. Dedrickson, D. Dettra, T. Etmund. Row four, K. Fallon, D. Folkerts, S. Galloway. S. Gerard iSecretaryl. Row five, J. Gerrard, P. Gielbelhaus, D. Gillen, C. Groff. Row six, C. Harms, K. Hatfield, P. Hovis. Page 95: Bow one, R. Huebner, K. Kusik, M. Kuzma tPresidentl. Flow two, J. Larson, R. Laughlin, B. LLoyd. Flow three, M. Lundgren, F. McEntarffer, C. McKnight, Fl. McNally, L. Magnuson, R. Mickle fFlush Chairmanl, K. Miller iTreasurerJ, D. Moors, K. Morehouse. Bow four, J. Mulder, L. Ohs, R. Parks, Fl. Peck Nice-Presidentl, P. Pettinger. Row five, J. Post, P. Post, M. Ftasmusson, S. Rasmussen, S. Reed. Row six, G. Riggs, T. Ringenberg, G. Sawyer, R. Schrader. Row seven, B. Spittler, W Story, S. Tallmon, M. Tatro tHouse- Managerl. Row eight, J. Thayer, G. Timmer- man, G. Yeutter, M. Zlomke. ff gf fi WILLARD it 9' K : ,... N f ' i N SE 58 6 .- 5. S X i 1 g. 'K J J 1, ,W ,, -:J f? , wr, Y, me J ,Q us Af? ' sf Page 96: Row one, R. Gellermann lHousemotherl, J. Allely, M. Babcock, D. Baker, P. Baker, S. Blake lFlush Chairmanl, C. Bush lPresidentl. Flow two, M. Bush, M. Bur- sik, J. Cassat lSocial Chairmanl, Fl. Chick, W. Clark, J. Cook, JoEllen Cook. Row three, M. Creighton, M. Danahay, M. Feis, J. Ford, P. Frans, S. Freeman, M. French lVice Presidentl. Row four, C. Jones, S. Kizzier, G. Kline. Flow five, A. Klippenstein, K. Krause, A. Kreidt. Row six, S. Krieger, J. Langley, N. Lassen. Page 97: Row one, S. Liljedahl, D. Manley, V. McCrae, D. McCrory. Flow two, D. Meier lTreasurer1, K. Messenger, C. Miller, N. Nelson. Flow three, S. Noble lSecretaryJ, B. O'Dell, K. Petersen, J. Platz. Flow four, L. Prater, B. Rankin, S. Shaffer lHouse Managerj, A. Steinmetz. Flow five, D. Stewart, C. Wagner, B. Welsh. Row six, N. Whittaker, K. Wolff, J. Young fPledge Trainerl. GREEK WEEK PROVIDES MUSIC, PICNICS, AND l'TRlVlA" An influx of "Greek Week" T-shirts were the first hints that something was cooking in the fraternity and sorority houses on campus. Greek week started off with a pic- nic and tapping of new Ionian members fbelowl. As the week progressed, Foosball, bridge, and the Trivia bowl lrightl served to get the Greeks together in competitive areas. All in fun, the festivities ended with an awards ceremony fbottom rightl, presentation of Big Snob and Old Grouch Qopp. pagel, and a dance at the Cornhusker Hotel imid- dle rightl. . W t r NM , WWI ,ig i Km ffff-ab! ORGANIZATIONS ' ' f . A BLUE KEY Top: ll-rl S. Carpenter, K. Keller, P. Gureckl, L. Ons, B. Butler, J. Birkby, D. Baltensperger, Pl. Lottman, Dr. D. Mickey, L. Magnuson, B. Gulick-1975-76 members. Bottom: New Blue Key members belng tapped at May Fete. Left to right: D. Baltensperger, L. Magnuson, B. Couch, M. Kuzma, B. Butler, K. Janovec, K. Keller, D. Petersen, Fl. Lottman, M. Bellucci, B. Gulick, J. Chipman, Fl. Swanda CARDINAL KEY Top Picture il-rj: Back row, K. Campbell, L. Fawl, S. Williams, J. Hindmarsh, C. Bush. Front, P. Davis, K. Mason, J. Langley, M. French. Bottom Picture: New Cardinal Key members being inducted at May Fete ceremonies. Left to right: G. Timmerman, un- identified, P. Whitefoot, K. Harrahill, C. Bush, G. Oosting, M. French, B. Welsh, J. Lipovsky, M. Chinnock, K. Alpers, L. Mills, K. Grabens- tein, L. Moorer, K. Mahoney, E. Quiel, uniden- tified, S. Noble, A. Babcock, J. Weedin ACADEM Y OF SCIENCE Back Back Row fl-rj: G. Hall, B. Reed, S. Andersen Front Row: L. Nagaki, S. Glissmann, S. Chew 5' mils-www "Spf BETA BETA BETA Back Flow ll-rl: B. Parks, S. Bomberg, D. Campbell, J. Glen, D. Gillen, T, Stivrins, S. Hultman, Fl. Williams, B. Woodford, D. Meier Front Flow: L. Acklie, N. Roberts, S. Arnold, J. Abernathy, S. Shaffer, K. Flystrom, S. Bond, J. Shafer, M. Danahay, E. Hall, M. Zlonke, B. Mr- vicka, K. Lightbody, J. Weinmeister, uniden- tified, W. Bauman, R. Wigert, K. Engdahl, L. Olson AACS PRGMOTE BLACK BEAUTY IN MANY Members of the Afro-American Collegiate Society were active in almost every area of campus life. The crowning of the first Afro- American Queen started the year out. Candidates are pictured at right. Left to right they are Wilma Brame, Michelle Black, Vivian Moore, Kim Bullock, Carmel Baldwin, and Rita Foster. "Touch of Class" gained soul through the addition of Oscar Harriot, pictured below during a drum solo, and Deb Jones, opp. page top, seen singing with other members of the group. Enid Miller Theatres production of Thorton Wilder's "Our Townw featured Ed Armstrong in the lead role of the Stage Manager-opp. page, with Emily-D'Ann Fthoads and George-Grant Sawyer, during the soda fountain scene. Other areas of campus life were not neglected as exemplified with the team support given by Rita Foster and Michelle Black, bottom center. ' x it i AREAS OF CAMPUS LIFE A1Af AA Z ZW f- . f- wvfvfsyffw Vw,mf1.Qmh,1,w.mwmfwwerwwu wh,'f,f,avgm,4arl ,,,:4zg9g, ,,,"Wf1,fi,, l 108 I ONIANS Above Picture ll-rj: Back Row, Ft. Wigert, K. Janovec, C. Bush, K. Kilpatrick, M. Shull, C. Zabel, J. Zimmerman, K. Miller, Fl. Lottman, D. Baltensperger, M. Kuzma Third Row: S. Sundell, M. Bush, Fl. Mueller, J. Cassat, A. Benton, C. McKee, L. Rolfsmeyer. Second Row: D. Nuetzman, C. Wurth, S. Noble, S. White, D. Ebers, K. Gramann, B. Elstun. Front Flow: J. Young, J. Allely, K. Korcek, G. Timmerman, B. Lowery, J. Weinmeister, R. Peck, L. Ohs, B. Welch, D. Davison, K. Horst- man. Below: Jacquie Langley and Flon Lott- man receive the titles of BIG SNOB and OLD GROUCH at Greek Week dance. INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL Picture, left: Mike Shull contemplates another tough decision on the annual. Middle picture: Left to right, J. Korn, K. Janovec, M. Shull, K. Gramann, C. McKee, H. Colgrove, S. White, Fl. Williams, D. Earle, Fl. Mueller, unidentified, B. Elstun, D. Campbell, D. Petersen, M. Kuzma, A. Benton, C. Mundt. Bottom picture: Bruce Elstun surveys campus life from the top ofthe AKL house. PLAINSMAN PLAYERS Right: Lori Martin, Sherri Shelkopf, and Grant Sawyer in a breakfast scene from "OurTown." Below il-rt: Back row: L. Martin, C. Ketelhut, G. McCrae, D. Rhoads, J. Cassat, E. Ryan, B. Pierce. Third row: B. Wolesensky, T. Pahl, C. Landis, P. Avery, L. Magnuson, D. Renaud, R. Swanda, D. Odgers, B. Smith, J. Hallquist, C. Weinert, M. Norton. Second row: C. Mahlman, P. Watts, J. Chipman, V. Wycoff, M. Mathews, P. Barclay, B. Frank, J. Anderson, G. Kemery, C. Moore. Front row: K. Price, J. Wycoff, T. Wright, D. Roberts, D. Sexson, J. Lipovsky, C. Turnbull. Firasf 9S"""f Qi! THE TA ALPHA PHI Top, center: Jan Lipovsky, D'Ann Rhoads, and Mark Peters live a memory as Ed Armstrong and the rest of the Grover's Corners cemetery watch. Top, right: Chip Mahlman attempts to paint over the back of the theatre after the last show. Below fl-rj: Back row: D. Bhoads, J. Lipovsky, L. Martin, G. McCrae, B. Pierce, B. Frank. Third row: T. Pahl, J. Chipman, P. Watts, J. Halquist. Second row: G. White, J. Cassat, K. Price, E. Ryan, C. Ketelhut, D. Roberts, D. Sexson. Front row: T. Wright, L. Magnuson, D. Renaud. Floor: D. Clark PI KA PPA DEL TA Above: A sample of what Pi Kappa Delta members go through to bring back trophies. Right Above: D'Ann Rhoads and Mark Peters look doubtful during the wedding scene of "Our Town." Back ll-rl: D. Roberts, L. Bourland, J. Cassat, T. Knecht, B. Pierce, N. McDonald, T. Wright, L. Magnuson, E. Ryan, B. Schrader, C. Moore, B. Wolesensky. Front: C. Ketelhut, K. Mason, J. Chipman. t- --.- -. M. N KAPPA DELTA PI Left: Kappa Delta Pi member Diane Floberts hotly contests a point. Below ll-rj: P. Erickson A. Bradford, G. Timmerman, unidentified, L Coleman, S. Blake, P. Whitefoot, A. Brown, J Young, L. Reed, J. Chipman, P. Gurecki, D Roberts, B. Grassmeyer, K. Harrahill, B Gulick, M. Wewel, A. Babcock, J. Gulick, S Klngery, M. Chinnock, Dr. M. Evans, uniden tified, Dr. S. Dahl, Dr. L. Vaughn, Dr. A Nicolai. 4 OMICRON DELTA EPSILON ,.....-,- A , I I Back Row ll-rl: M. Kuzma, R. Lottman, K Keller, K. Janovec, S. Kastrup, D. Fasenacht, P. Luke, Fl. Deuel, K. Kusik Front Flow: Dr. N Chism, R. Kirk, R. Mark, D. Pierce, L. Fawl, Fl Laski, L. Abel, C. Feis, L. Mills. Bottom Pic- ture, Clayton Feis during a class lecture. W CLUB Back Row QI-rj: D. Rossbach, D. Petersen, J Neumann, J. Tracy, T. Rice, unidentified, M Brown, unidentified. Front Row: J. Eggers, T Stivirins, T. Etmund, J. Calder, Dr. I. Peterson L. Abel Q, Hnsrom L fW"1f.' fi 53.41 pv- S S 3 a Pk Q21 I wi! ,- A Qtr? ie .-.P f X AN . '-3' 'V In -Q , - Q3 5 ' E All- 'fi I K f 9 a , AI ww' . ' V W ' A an V125 "Lf-A WEEE f . X F Us I X 'Sf H D ,jig 3 in am .. is fi R OV iw 1 ff E xg U. V 4 - Q hm. Vg ,V Ama: fi? awww ...ff-"" ACTIVITIES I N if x ur' ' vt N K L!! .sf ' if I Q .1 'X iw DR. ROGERS OPTIMISTIC Another school year began with president Vance D. Rogers annual address. On September 5, 1975 Dr. Rogers fpic. top rightl talked of two cross-currents that affect our socie- tyg those of optimism and pessimism for the future. The students and educational goals at a liberal arts in- stitution are those that will determine the direction that this country will move in the next 25 years. The revolution of students today is the belief that everyone should do his own thing. lt is this trait that has led to a gradual process of liberaliza- tion at NWU. Dr. Rogers went on to say that "the students at NWU are here to develop communications skills, both educational, and social. We are engaged in the process of analysis, decision making, value judgements, and problem-solving techniques in a world of intellectual conflicts." In the closing, Dr. Rogers was very optimistic regarding the future. The evening consisted of the an- nual presidents dance where students greeted new freshman, and a reception for Rogers and other ad- ministrative personnel was held. This gave students like Dave Baltensperger fBottoml a chance to express their views to the hiearchy of NWU. 1 . 15 3 GROUND BREAKING ADDS NEW PLAY ROOM Parents' Day at Nebraska Wesleyan, October 17, 1975, was selected for the ground breaking of what was to become the newest ad- dition to Wesleyan's campus, the physical education activities center. Dr. Rogers opened the ceremony with a short ritual and the turn of the first shovel of dirt, lmiddle-rightl. This was the start of a new dimen- sion in athletics at NWU, and proud members of the staff, such as head basketball coach Irv Peterson lmid- dle leftl, took their turn at the golden shovel. Other participants are pic- tured at the top, from left to right: Merrill Koserg a contractor for Lueder Construction, builders of the building, Kon Holder, United Methodist Bishop of Nebraskag and Darrell Berg. ,," H f , , I g, , ,, , ,y,, ,, , NICHOLS CONDUCTS WILLSON LECTURES On September 17, 1975, Bishop Roy C. Nichols arrived on Nebraska Wesleyan's campus to begin the an- nual Willson Lectures. Bishop Nichols' theme was "On Being and Becoming." His first lecture began at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, September 17 in the Emerson Recital Hall with the topic "Anticipatory Humanity." Thursday, the 18th, the Bishop held an informal discussion in the Campus Center Lounge. Friday, September 19, Bishop Nichols lectured twice in connection with the annual Pastor's Colloquiem which was being held at Nebraska Wesleyan. He concluded the lectures that day with the topics: "Dynamic Ethics!Morality," and "God: Without Apologies." Bishop Nichols is the resident bishop of the Pittsburg Area of the United Methodist Church. He is a United Methodist delegate to the World Council of Churches and serv- ed as Forum Chairman of the 1970 White House Conference on Children. I2I PHI TAU'S HOLD YEARLY LRAMBLE' HOLIDAY Along with autumn leaves came the Phi Kappa Tau Ramble Days celebration. Each year Wesleyan's four sororities join the Taus in their annual day of madness, competing for points in a variety of ways. Along with the usual games such as "pass the orange" lopp. pg., upper rightl, balloon stomp, and three legged race, was the human pyramid con- test. Practicing their skills as engineers, the Willards attempted to create their own version of the Egyp- tian wonders lthis page, topl. Dave Folkerts, parading for the Willard Sorority, lthis page, bottoml won the honor of being "Phi Kappa Tau MAN OF THE HOUR". Mom Asa had the advantage of meeting the contestants fall Phi Tau men in real lifel face to face, lopp. pg., right centerj. On the female side, two pledges from each Greek house vied for the honor of being Miss Phi Kappa Tau. They were Gladys Johnson, Phi Mug Dee Artist, Phi Mug Julie Olson, Delta Zeta, Cindy Bryne, Delta Zeta, Peggy Baker, Willard, Lisa Praeter, Willard, Jennifer Welch, Alpha Gamma Deltag and Nancy Ross, Alpha Gamma Delta. lopp. pg., centeri. Winner for 1975 was Lisa Praeter, a Willard pledge. As the morning's activities came to a close, the girls laid it on the line as Scott Gerard took the honors for the proverbial "butt stamping". lopp. pg., bottoml. An example of the end product is provided by an un- disclosed source, opposite page, top. A. -- .3 3515221 e V ' 'if 4 NICHOLS AND HARLOW HEAD CONVCS Various speakers and interesting topics gave NWU students a chance to become aware of many different areas and topics of knowledge. Bishop Nichols tthis page topl was the main speaker for the Wilson lec- tures. Other speakers included Professor Harry Harlow fopp. page bottom left and rightl, Flowerday Qopp. page top rightl, and an in- teresting presentation on the opera- tion of Skylab fopp. page leftl. Musical variety was added with several concerts given by NWU professors and various guest artists. Dr. Millard Taylor presented a violin concert qthls page bottoml. Noted lutenist Paul O'Dette and violinist Darwyn Apple also appeared on the O'Donnel Auditorium stage later in the year. Guest speakers were prominant on campus with many organizations such as the newly formed Philosophy Club, The Academy of Science, Plainsman Players, and Omicron Delta Epsilon Business honorary took advantage of local residents and visiting dignitaries knowledge and prowess on relevant subjects. df We EPM? 1-v 'Wars if ",, , ,.,. . . ,ze ' , wg. 5 imma Wd VF, 945 uw Y zfflwi 2 ' 2 f' ,..W,, ff 5 3 'Ai ! V WW fgaq Q S 5 ? 2 ,W W Wwffw WMWM M A ,mf ,.W,fw 5 WMMWW , is X xi,-Q WESLEYAN SPIRIT IGNITES HOMECOMING Wesleyan spirit started high and kept rising as the 1975 NWU Homecoming approached. Dor- mitories and Greek houses bedeck- ed themselves in honor of the big event. Winner of the Homecoming Decoration Contest was Willard Sorority with their tissuepaper- formed entry fthis pate, top.i Another prize winning entry was Alpha Kappa Lambda's "Spike" fopp. page, right topl. Cheerleaders contributed to the high spirit found among the student body. Whether leading the Friday night bonfire or calling cheers at Saturday's game, the pep leaders kept the fans' enthusiasm at a fever high pitch. Framed by NWU Homecoming balloons, Nancy and Janice Bartos urge the Plainsmen on fthis page, centeri. Barb O'Dell lopp. page, bottom rightl mirrored the ex- citement of Wesleyan fans as the game progressed. Weselyan faced a tough Concor- dia team in the Homecoming battle. The Plainsmen worked together well as evidence by the human defensive line formed to protect their ball carrier during one of the game's plays fthis page, bottom.l Wesleyan spirit never died, but continued to burn as the excited fans supported their team. Shown in the midst of an enerjetic yell is Tim Struck and Marie Bianco lopp. page, center bottomi. The highlight of the Homecoming festivities was the crowning of the W Club Sweetheart. Escorted by Lettermen Doyle Holle and Jon Rystrom, Jamie Cassat, a Clarinda, Iowa Senior, was awarded the title fopp. page, center topi. Jamie was a member of Willard Sorority and a Speech Education major. Other activities during Homecom- ing week included a bonfire-pep ral- ly, the first annual Plainsmen games, Alumni Awards, Blue and Cardinal Key tappings, and various musical presentations. An unusual treat was a Bratvvurst fry for students and parents at the Wesleyan cafeteria. L fl 3-if - f it ' fif A Q 1 ' T' U il- r' is -' x 'if 'M :Jgfy g -Ziaf ... . J f . - - . ---' - --rr . ' QRS .... 3 . vu 1, -,,. -Q , ,: at N fs, 3 . ,... ..f'fNS 1 V . , ' -xy at V. V Y . VV A,V5,kV V,VV " ', X',, V,,, g ',", 5 ' A z V, BRATWURST KICKS OFF PARENT'S DAY Homecoming and Parent's Day was a great success. The activities started on Friday with the Alumni Awards Convocation, opposite left, where Margaret Pavelka, Doris Sell, Donald Swanson, Helen Putman, F. W. Jackson, Merna Davis, and Laurence Davis were the award recipients. Scholarship keys were presented, the new Blue Key and Cardinal Key members were tapped, and the W Club Sweetheart can- didates were presented by Bill Thompson, opposite left. Randy Schmailzl escorted Jamie Cassat, a Willard, Dave Folkerts escorted Deb Neutzman, a Delta Zeta, and Jack Ball escorted Sue Blake, a Willard. At noon lnear centerj there was a lunch for students, parents, and alumni at the Campus Center Cafeteria followed by the Parent's Convocation that afternoon where President Vance D. Rogers fopposite rightj gave his annual address and various music groups Qnear lowerj performed. The activities continued on Saturday with Plainsman Games where alumns, parents, and students were encouraged to participate in races. There was a Bratwurst Fry, and the football game was in the afternoon. At halftime, the W Club Sweetheart was announced, the Pride of the Plainsman Marching Band fnear topi put on a halftime show, and the alumns lopposite centerl were recognized. v-+e""w"Q wp gif. P . W W ' f f 1 5 A. . 1 1, Q! GREEKS BOOGIE AT PANHELLENIC BALL The annual Nebraska Wesleyan Panhellenic Ball was held November 9, at the Cornhusker Hotel. Providing music for the evening was the "Elastic Band." Several sorority members enjoy- ing the evening's activities with their dates include Liz Bourland and Joe Wilcox ttopl booging to a waltz. Shalla Young and Scott Ballentine flower leftl take a more modern ap- proach. Flita Ebke and Jim Hlavacek ilower rightl appeared not interested in dancing at all. 2 4 1 YW F 1 if RECORD COLLAGE STARTS TRADITION October 10, 1975 was the dawning of a new era for Wesleyan's A.A.C.S. tAfro-American Collegiate Societyl. A new tradition was started, a "Record Collage" - combination formal dance and queen crowning ceremony. Selected as Wesleyan's first Afro-American Queen was Vi- vian Moore. tfar lefty. She was es- corted by Oscar Harriott and receiv- ed her title from Mrs. Erma McMurray, an NWU sociology professor Qtop rightl. The crowning took place at the Campus Center during the "Collage" dance. Members of the Queen's Court are shown in the bottom pic- ture. From left to right they are Kim Bullock, Marcia Polk, Queen Vivian Moore, Pam Foster, Wilma Brame, and Rita Foster. The contestants had to be members of A.A.C.S. The "Record Collage" was an attempt to better the relations between Blacks and the rest of NWU campus. The Nebraska Model United Nations was a whole new experience this year as the Nebraska Wesleyan and University of Nebraska at Lin- coln charters matched funds to es- tablish the biggest MUN Conference ever. The three day event started on February 12, 1976 at 10:30 am with a speech by Dr. John G. Stoessinger, award winning author and expert in international relations, held in the UNL Union Centennial Room. Pictured at the right are examples of the enthusiasm this year as the group became extremely involved in different bloc meetings led by stu- dent delegations. Participating from the NWU cam- pus were Secretary in charge, Pam Davis, pictured lower left, and Parliamentarian Fred Witt Jr., pic- tured Ieft center, along with many students discussing issues put before them, learning the power of political science and the way it works. MUN-A JOINT VENTURE f . my W t 1 A W, .wif ,'.' , , i A -- mi X L. LLQIAL 5 . R mg Q L X 'XY F 1 9 X 5 4 QAM, Y X Bs QR A--NT' Sq-.X RN 5 Q wx. A "W' m.: ' - 3 W Q' 5 wily ., M N 5 K qs! N' - if s 3 Q Q f sw J 4 ' X K Q . X .4 -+ it WHQ gg? FLINTLOCK CELEBRATES BICENTENNIAL KITSCH MONTAGE Dissociating the dancer from the dance Freezes movement into stasis, ls difficult, if not impossible. A nostrum to forget consciousness, The separation engenders pseudo ballerinas, Barbie dolls in croise, Poised amid the resonant notes of Debussy, Awaiting a signal from Degas That tells them that this session is over. That next Wednesday if it is all right with mother You can come to my house But only if it doesn't rain, Better to take the lapis lazuli with carrion, The hokum with poetry. Exploit it all, position after position, incessant and protean, Like the rain. -Becky McDonald May Poet Flintlock staff fbelowi: Chuck Petersen, Janet Behrens, Karen Lightbody, Dr. Roger Cognard-Advisor, Deb Hilton Swanson, Alison Bold-Head Ed., Sue Huie Kingery, - and Sue Holcombe. .... iff ' 1 'g if OR OPUS AND TRU TREAT CREATE HEADLINES First semester found two Karens and a new paper format stationed in the "Wesleyan" office. Standerwick and Mathey, the two Karens, shared editorship and editorials-from at- tacks on their new style to exactly who the paper's audience was, students, alums, or prospective students. OR OPUS, meaning "our creation," became the new title and free lance photographers were employed. First semester's staff ltopl included Ron Stock, Karen lvlathey-ed., Karen Stander- wick-ed., Alison Rold, Deb Hoover, Cindy Newberg, Larry Weston, Chuck Peterson, and Dave lvlarsh. OR OPUS turned back into the WESLEYAN under the editorship of Omaha freshman, John Dillon tpic- tured below with assistant Chuck Peterson.l "Tru-Treat" and Dr. Vance Rogers became the main items of humor in the new Smith- Curtis comic strip. Controversy con- cerning the paper's intended audience continued, culminating in a hoax concerning the local cafeteria service, SAGA. The hoax was ad- mitted, the cartoonist took off for Mexico, and another year at the Wesleyan ended. LONG HOURS AND HARD WORK CREATE Everyone loves an annual, but no one likes to work on it. But through the efforts of a small but dedicated staff, and a patient advisor, the 1976 PLAINSMAN became a reality. Long nights and early Saturday mornings found busy staff members in the of- fice topp. page, bottom, ll-rl Patty Larsen, Mike Shull, Diane Spearow, and Bruce Couchl. Photographers Jeff Birkby fthis page bottoml and Dave Odgers tthis page bottom rightj snapped picture after picture, trying to keep up with active campus life. Assistant editor Mike Shull qopp. page top leftj pinched-hit for the editor on Satur- day mornings. Section editors Linda Hollcroft Qthis page centerl and Ken Kluck fopp. page rightl took home pages, attempting to keep up with deadlines. Once again, the executive council of Student Senate is toying with the idea of discontinuing the yearbook, considering it a frivilous expense. But when looking through dorm rooms, many yearbooks are found between INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY and NORTON'S ANTHOLOGY. An annual is an investment, a record of life. It should be kept alive so that the memories it holds will not die. EDITOR ASST. EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ADVISOR PHOTOGRAPHERS COVER DESIGN SECTION EDITORS Jan Lipovsky Mike Shull Scott Ballentine Dr. Ken Holder Jeff Birkby David Odgers Bill Story Barb Neeman FACULTY Linda Hollcroft GREEKS Diane Spearow SPORTS Ken Kluck STUDENTS Linda Richards STAFF: Judy Anderson, Bruce Couch, Patty Larsen, Mike Lundgren, Chuck McKee, Terri Ftohmiller, and Kirk Schultz. SPECIAL THANKS to Darrel Seng, who helped me to discover that there was "time for all the works and days of hands that lift and drop a question on your plate." L' . ' 7976 HPLAINSMANH 5 ' x s E Q Q5 INTER-ACTION DAY GIVES STUDENTS A Interaction Day was created to provide a format that would help to relieve fears and apprehensions of the student who has no declared major, and the encourage that stu- dent to experiment with various academic disciplines. It grew out of a concern over attrition problems istuclents failing to return to collegel common to all colleges. In order to attack the problem, more freshman advisors were provided to work with the students and academic counsel- ing sessions were held. The afternoon provided an oppor- tunity for each department to show what it had to offer. Different honoraries sold food lcenterl, while some had other things to offer. ll3elow, Jan Weedin and Jacquie Hansen debate over which plant looks best.l Make-up demonstrations were given by the Theatre Department. lCenter below, Mr. Clarke builds a beard on student Ginny lVlcCrae.l Erma lVlclVlurray fnear lefty talks to student members of the NWU volunteer bureau, while other students lfar rightl decide where their class schedules are headed. Music filled the afternoon as the NWU jazz band, ffar right bottom, Tom Frerichs plays base guitarj, "Touch of Class," and John Walker played. Poet Bill Kloefkorn and Yoag enthusiast Nan Graf entertained students. The day wrapped up with a square dance called by Rosco Rooter. ,. ,uw ,A -fm , , ,, ,,...--' ? ,,,,,,, NW VOLUNTEER BUR FAU it Ny. .- ' W i"'NL,,Q 3 W" FUTURE AT WESLEYAN SH . ,+9L.,, wi -f if ex V we 1'-S 'Q HCORNS TALK," CLEAN-UP, AND CATASTROPHE Always open to new avenues of experience, Wesleyan students join- ed with the University place com- munity, UNL, and each other to find fun and entertainment. The Uni. place community turned out for a yearly clean-up during the fall semester. Campus was filled with volunteers, cleaning the grounds and hauling away the debris in large trucks lnear right bottom.l In the spr- ing, east campus of the University of Nebraska offered the annual "Cornstalk" celebration, which at- tracted students from more than one University. Other on-campus ac- tivities at Wesleyan included outside dances, guitar sessions, different seminars, including a workshop on the newly developed alcohol policy. Joining together, the foreign students attending NWU formed an organization with Dr. P. Luke serving as sponsor lfar upper rightl. To aid Student Affairs, the Ambassadors llower rightl were created. They helped with Senior day and offered tours to prospective Wesleyan students. Van Fleet came close to an early end as vandalism caused the struc- ture to burst into flames. Quick ac- tion bythe Lincoln Fire Department, kept the building intact, to await destruction at a later date. Wifi, ,- A , M" fi ts 11 .9-It H 7. a4s.Q.f-- A 1 ,, , EXPERIENCED BY WESLEYAN STUDENTS .WJ S I lggw gg,':,4 jfXmg? 5' x - 6 'E 'sm QQ 'Q S . film TRIBUTE TO MARTIN LUTHER KING INITIATES Black Week opened with a ten o'clock ceremony in the Great Hall, in which a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King was dedicated. The bust was purchased for the college by members of the AACS. Harold Eilerbee, president of AACS, presented the bust to Dr. Rogers ibottom centerl to be placed on per- manent display in the campus center. Other program speakers were Vivian Moore icenterl Miss AACS, and Clifton -Bullock. Soul Gensis provided music for the dedication iupper left il-rl Pam Foster, Wilma Brame, Michelle Black, Vivian Moore, Oscar Harriot, Mary Ann Graham, accompanist, Harold Ellerbee.l Opp. Page center shows a portion of the crowd that attended. Violinist Darvvyn Apple ithis page leftl presented a Sunday afternoon concert in O'Donnell Auditorium. Mr. Apple was concert master of the Toledo Symphony, and was current- ly playing with the St. Louis symphony. The weekly chapel service traced Black history using spoken word and song. "Legacy of a Dream," a film about Dr. King was shown, a guest speaker, iopp. page top rightl, a fashion show featuring Ben Simon's outfits iopp. page bottom, Pam Foster narratesl, a Black Bicenten- nial skit, and an all college dance rounded out the week. BLACK WEEK .1 ELDER GALLERY ! i 1 5 I V 'Y .F72EE?5H7 ZPSWWJVZ11 2 2453? 145 46 '75 SENATE GAINS NEW ALCOHOL POLICY Fall, 1975, found a new alcohol policy in effect at Wesleyan. Follow- ing many heated debates with Ad- ministration, the '75 Student Senate was able to change the college's policy on alcohol in the dorms. It became permissable for students, of legal age, to keep alcohol in their own rooms, but no all-dorm parties were allowed. Each living unit was given the right to accept or reject the policy as to application in their case. Despite some fine advances in campus politics, the 1975 Senate found itself in some hot water as President Channing Dutton fThis page topi found himself before the University Judiciary for un- constitutional procedure. Not only had he held a Senate meeting without the proper quorum, he pass- ed legislation, and along with Tom Etmund, Budget Committee chair- man, had disregarded the Constitu- tion concerning elections. The Judiciary found them guilty but recommended changing the Constitution to make it more workable. Center, this page: Fay Timmer- man, Seanne Laren, and Charlie McKee pick up Senate minutes. Below: Senator Ken Janovec. New President for the 1976 Senate, Randy Urbom fopp. page topi, started his term with Constitutional revisions and several pieces of old legislation left from the previous Senate. Chuck Petersen, "Wesleyan" reporter, and Charlie McKee, Parlimentarian, had several private conferences during Senate meetings fopp. page centeri. Several speakers addressed the new Senate. Senator Jan Lipovsky topp. page bottom righti listens as a Uni. place builder presents his case. "'-s-....,w BUT ENDS UP IN COURT F' K xfff fy mv 4a-u.-4 'K' isuw., . , f Wznwgil' vgfoggmv- 1 if I ,fAU, U H 48 CCAC BRINGS FOOSBALL AND POLKAS TO NWU CAMPUS Polka dances, disco nights, and regular rock bands combined to give weekend entertainment to NWU students. Downstairs, new carpet, pool tables, and pinball machines added to the new coffeehouse image created by the Campus Center Ac- tivities Committee. Foosball tables were the busiest items with the "Tank" machine running a close se- cond. After remodeling, a newly tabled and carpeted coffeehouse opened December 6, to the music of Wesleyan's own John Walker. Various other guitarists were featured through the semester, en- ding with a pizza-jam session starr- ing Valentino's pizza, NWU student guitarists, and a duo from Lincoln. Plans for more revamping were discussed throughout the year. Cable television, more dances, and possible Coffeehouse theatre were suggested for next semester. E QSM Sw A X E kg t X - it 4 r. 1'. isjfgl is L,.....v at-L , K f 5 -:Ek Sal A i .s . 3 LJ k r : ., 2. iw- . E gg W i it ,ffwi V 5 5 . st AI. if 52 k 5 . -,gs -. Y ,X'. ers tx ft - f - 5 C 8 it l . 'A.r at iik gi N . V24 fax! f ' rf.. . . I fre Q W5 .. I .QM x 3 5,551 3 A tt.. C -L it gidiagfig ffsgj i W ii . . C::E.3:5:..C' i i . ,.,..,,,..N-Q. , .. t , 3.00 C 3' POM-PONS AND SMILES ADD SPARKLE TO HAL FTIMES The cheerleaders for the 1975-76 athletic season are shown on the left. They are Barbi O'Dell, Brenda Flohrig, Janice Bartos, and Nancy Bartos. Members of the lettergirls drill team, below, are Sheila Lehr, Joan Young, Sue Liljedahl, Bev Lowry, Sandy Janis, Rita Ebke, Deb Anderson, and Kim Wolfe. -aetf'V" tw A. .l VARIETY ADDS SPARK TO MUSIC DEPARTMENT This was an exciting year for the music department with many groups ranging from "The Pride of the Plainsmen Marching Band", and University Choir, to "TOUCH" of Class swing choir ipictured lower rightj, and Stage Band ipictured middle lefty. The Ladies A capella and Mens Choirs along with the others, each had home concerts along with traveling to other areas both in state and out, bringing the sounds of NSU to all. Each played an important part in identifying the musical talent at NWU, along with promoting the school. ZH 1 I Y I I! .-,, JERRY Two American composers were guest conductors at Wesleyan dur- ing the '75-'76 year. Randall Thomp- son fthis page shown with Mr. Caldwell, left, and Dr. William Wymannl came to NWU at Christ- mas, performing an original work at First Plymouth Congregational, plus a Bicentennial hymn with the Wesleyan University Choir. Another concert in O'Donnel Auditorium was a tribute to his other works. Daniel Pinkham, topp. page top leftl received an honorary doctorate from Nebraska Wesleyan and in turn performed a concert with the choir which featured his "Lament of David," and an original work com- posed for Wesleyan entitled "Bur- ning Brightf' tCenter picture shows the Pinkham concert.l Another breed of composers also came to Wesleyan. Jerry Jeff Walker, noted country blue-grass artist, held two concerts in the Fine Arts building, under the sponsorship of KFMQ, a local FM radio station. The state of the auditorium after the con- cert caused much concern and a petition was started to prohibit such concerts in the future. Through the efforts of NWU Jazz Band, Maynard Ferguson, tcenter, bottoml a leader in the progressive jazz movement, held a special con- cert on March 13. This coincided with the annual Plainsman Honors Festival, held by the Fine Arts Department. Maynard's horn proved to all who listened that music is more than just notes and rhythmical markings, it's a whole feeling to be experienced. Plainsman Players brought to campus John Carradine, a noted Shakesperean actor. A seminar was held on the Enid Miller Stage fopp. page far right: Henry Blanke, Joy White, John Carradine, George White, and Mrs. Carradinel which many students and several faculty members attended. Mr. Carradine then returned to the Lincoln Com- munity Playhouse where he was do- ing a benefit performance of "Arsenic and Old Lace." Other musical celebrations on campus featured local campus groups such as "Soul Genesis," tthis page, bottoml "Touch of Class," and other student recitals. JEFF, JOHN CARRADINE, AND TS MAYNARD PERFORM AT WESLEYAN S iw.. 4' ,- Wi-1 MAY ROMP BRINGS ALL CAMPUS TURNGUT A ten o'clock convocation opened the annual May Fete festivities. tThis page center left, Scott Carpenter an- nounces new members of Beta Beta Beta Biology honorary as Sue Noble watchesl After the presentation of members to "Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities," classes resumed until the afternoon. The main campus of Wesleyan was turned into aqfree-for-all as guitars played, people danced, and pies were thrown. Chip lvlahlman becomes the target for a well- meaning water ballonist tthis page topl. Below, AGD's Sara Seberg and Kathy Brown sell May fete daisies. Pies as well as balloons were thrown, topp. page bottom, Janet Mark hits the target, consisting of Jane Stear and a shaving cream soaked cur- tain.l Bill Pheffer looks worried about bail money topp. page topl but John Walker and Jean Ogborn patiently await their release from the Willard "jail." Two Cardinal Key members topp. page rightl Jacquie Langley and Pam Davis, abduct Sue Williams as roommate Cindy Turnbull follows. Folk dances were taught by Louis DeGrazia to several interested students and an occasional court jester. qCenter: tl-rl Julie Hindmarsh, Pam Davis, Sue Williams, Louie DeGrazia, and Jerry Johnson. Other activities included a May Pole dance, guitar music, and a student-made pottery sale. A M, QF. .,, ,M- i 3' 5 ",. F ff' ww NUETZMAN AND BLAKE MAY FETE ROYALTY May Fete Queen, Deb Nuetzman, and Prince Blake Butler fcenterl reigned over indoor May Fete festivities. Crown bearer Chuck Petersen iopp. page upper righti presented Ms. Nuetzman with her crown and the festivities began. Members of the Daisy and Ivy Chains sat in front row seats with a good vantage point for the following talent contest. The Willard Triple Trio won first place in the musical division with their rendition of "Pink and Pearl Formal." fopp. page, top il-rl Lisa Prater, Shelley Bursik, Barb O'Dell, Robbie McBride, Sue Krieger, Carol Wagner, Barb Welsh, Jenny Cook, and Nancy NeIson.l Second place winners were Loren McElravy and Jan Lipovsky with a song and dance routine to "I Got Bhythymf' First place in the non-musical divi- sion went to Kim Chaloupka with her tale of two friends, and their trip to school. fthis page bottom.i Steve Rider won second place Qopp. page center rightl with his magical act and the "wandering B." Other talent en- tries included the AKL apathy skit fthis page top: Steve Marcum, Mike Shull, Bon Lottman, and Dave Baltenspergerl, the daring Bazoozi Brothers and the Sitting Marching Band fopp. page bottoml, and Paul Gurecki's rendition of a song, with a little extra background help fbottom center: Mary Smith, Paul, Cindy Newberg, and Al Seeley come to a triumphant end.l May Fete court consisted of Heather Arnett, Leta Harrington, Phil Jefferson, Greg Lage, Jody Hind- man, Sue Hubbard, Dave Campbell, Curt Hanson, Denise Carlson, Kathy Korcek, Mark Kuzma, Marcia French, Jeff Birkby, and Dave Baltensperger. Presentation of new Blue and Cardinal Key members ended the May Fete convocation. 71? 'wi MQ if . Wy, ,W GRADUATES END YEARS AT WESLEYAN Mother's Day was also graduation day for Wesleyan Seniors. Bac- calaureate was held at ten o'clocK, Senior class Chaplain Seanne Larsen tthis page center rightj open- ing the ceremonies. Dave Folkerts fbottom lefty presented the Bac- calaureate address with President Rogers qcenter leftl adding a few words. Afternoon brought the final step for the graduates. After lining up at Taylor gymnasium Kopp. page upper righty, they proceeded over to the Fine Arts building Qcenter bot- tom-being led by Andy Babcock and Kevin Keller.l The faculty joined the honored alumns on stage Qcenter rightj and awaited the Commence- ment address given by Landis Magnuson Kopp. page bottom right.t Paul Gurecki was winner of the gold key award Qopp. page upper lefty and Christy Ketelhut was the outstanding Senior. Shown at the top of this page is the line-up of Bac- caulaureate dignitaries. Left to right they are Landis Magnuson-Senior Orator, Irene Wiegers-registrar, Vance Rogers-Wesleyan President, Daniel Pinkham-Honorary Doc- torate, Walter Boulanger-Honorary Doctorate, Judge Warren Urbom- President, Board of Governors, Seanne Larsen-Senior class Chaplain, Dr. Fred Blumer-Provost. up-"" 159 ffgfg 1, E ge-m,g,f ffig 3 5 MAUNSMAMS AVE Bm TENS PERQER , QMUNSWQMAN A DRAMA 5 THE LENNON PLAY IN HIS CWN WRITE Showcase '75 presents THE LENNON PLAY, IN HIS OWN WRITE by Adrienne Kennedy Victor Spinetti John Lennon directed by Dutch Fichthorn Cast Me .... .... H eather Arnett Members in good standing of the Dream Machine and Truth Factory . . Joe Wilcox, Marrianne Brown, Polly Hammond, Jon Cassat, Becky Smith, Mike Eoriatti, Lisa Prater, Miles Norton, Loren McElravy, Becky Bock, Wendall Baumann ADAPTATION Adaptation the All-American Game Show Created by Elaine May Directed by Landis K. Magnuson Personnel: Games Master . . . Wendall Bauman Players .............. Neal Barkley Lora Lee Butler Robbie McBride Ginny McCrae Today's Player ....... Miles Norton Adaptation was first presented at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in August, 1968. lt was later presented in New York City at the Greenwich Mews Theatre in February, 1969. It was directed by the author, Elaine May. MUZEEKA Created by John Guare Directed by Donald D. Renaud Players Jack Argue ..... Jack Swanda Wife .............. Sue Fredstrom Evelyn Landis ........ Liz Bourland H2 .................... Joe Wilcoy Stage Hands ............ Andy Fry Cindy Dykeman Becky Smith 'iPLAYBOY" HITS NEBR WESLEYAN CAMPUS CAST Pegeen Mike .......... Tess Jonas Shawn Keogh ........ Jay Chipman Michael James ....... Mark Peters Philly Cullen ....... Chip Mahlman Jimmy Farrell .... ,. . .Carroll Landis Christy Mahon .......... John Gatz Widow Quin ........... Lori Martin Old Mahon ...... Landis Magnuson Peasants: Dennis Murphy Datie Clover .. Barney Blarney Sara Tansey .. Susan Brady . Nelly Blake ... Honor Blake .. Patrick Casey, Don Renaud ...Terri Wright ......Jon Hallquist ..........EIlaRyan Christy Ketelhut . .... Valerie Wycoff ......Diane Roberts ........Dan Sexson Timothy O'Horgan Dutch Fichthorn Bridgett O'Horgan .Jacque Johnson David Clarke opened the 75-76 Enid Miller Theatre season with a sparkling production of John M. Synge's THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD. The plot centers around Christy Mahon, a shy, lonely Irish lad who flees across country on the false belief that he has killed his father in a quarrel. The people he meets in the tavern owned by Michael James fthis page, bottoml treat him like a hero until Old Mahon, Christy's father, appears fcenter, topl. Mahoon, only stunned by Christy's blow, is now in search of the young rascal icenter, bottoml. Christy threatens his father again, frightening the peasants fopp. pg. bottom rightj, when they find he has killed his father-again. Ready to lynch Christy fopp. pg. upper rightl they are amazed when Mahon reappears, alive and only a little worse for wear. The courage Christy has gained from the peasants enables him to stand up to his father lthis page, topl and gives him the self-confidence and spirit he had been lacking. Adding to the production was the use of authentic dialect by the cast, Irish jigs, and realistic pub walls con- structed of textured styrofoam sheets. CAST Edith .... ..... B ecky Smith Andrew ... .... Joe Wilcox Cynthia .... ...... L isa Prater Benito ..... ..... M ike Mathews Toto ............,......... an invisible dog Feathers ............,.... an invisible bird Directed by Diane Roberts Written by Ramon Delgado WAITING FOR THE BUS -P-1 DWAR FS 4: N 'f?XN?iNN mein k CAST Len . , . .... Rex Swanda Pete ........................ Jim Leaming Mark ........................ Rick Williams Directed by Jay Chipman Written by Harold Pinter 167 THORTGN WILDER TURNS EMT SMALL TOWN CAST Stage Manager ............... . . . .............Edward T. Armstrong Dr. Gibbs ......... Donald Renaud Joe Crowell f .... Norman Trachsel Howie Newsome ....... Dan Sexon Mrs. Gibbs ............ Lori Martin Mrs. Webb .......... Jan Lipovsky George Gibbs ...... Grant Sawyer Rebecca Gibbs .. Sherri Schelkopf Wally Webb ........ Mike Mathews Emily Webb ........ D'Ann Rhoads Professor Willard . . . George White Mr. Webb ............ Mark Peters Simon Stimson ...... Miles Norton Mrs. Soames ...... Sheree Shetler Constable Warren ...... Jim Sevcik Sue Crowell ........... Barb Frank Joe Stoddard ...... Chip Mahlman Sam Craig ........... Greg Kemery Baseball Players: Norman Trachsel, Greg Kemery People of Grover's Corners: Peggy Barclay, Missy Kucera, Greg Blanke, Ginny McCrae, Karen Price, Becky Smith, Julie Walstrom Thorton Wilder's greatest play, "Our Town," was produced by the Wesleyan Drama department. It is the story of life in Grover's Corners, and follows Emily Webb and George Gibbs through their youth, this page center, their marriage, this page, near right, and Emily's premature death, opp. pg., bottom. Led by the stage manager, the sparsely decorated set provided the audience with an imagination provoking and emotion rendering production. 10 Us 5 ,. ETB? -.,.t,a5::..,.s . L, M .Mg 535 www .Q ' N-Q. 11 3.62-QQ 2 u 55' D Q4 M f ,,,, Q ggi W Qi' f 3 Q 11' K J ,mf w fu! 'Q Wlgiff , THE INTRUDER CAST Father ...... ... Jim Learning Uncle ......... ... Terry Knecht Grandfather ... ...Steve Adams Ursula ........ ...Missy Kucera Genevieve ..... ,...... A nn Brown Servant .............. .... C indi Turnbull Sister of Mercy .......,..... Cindi Turnbull Directed by Don Renaud Written by Maurice Maeterlinck DEA TH N-M -...W is . Hacker .... ..... Al ...... John ... ViCiOl' .. Kleinman Anna . .. Doctor . Gina ... Cop .... Man ... Hank 2 . Spiro... Maniac . Person . CAST Paul Elofson . . .Norm Trachsel .... Greg Kemmery ....... Karen Mathey Bobette Woiesensky Hank ...... ... ..... Chip Mahlman ... .... Becky Smith ...Marcus Martin .... Karen Mathey . ...Norm Traschsel .. . . ...Paul Eiofson . . . ......... Becky Smith ... Bobette Woiesensky ...................Greg Kemmery Bobette Woiesensky Directed by Tess Jonas Written by Woody Allen wwamrwwaz. 72 OPERA SHOWS STUDENT 81 FACULTY TALENT Students and faculty both receiv- ed an oppodunhy to exhmh theh talents as the opera "Susannah'l was produced at Wesleyan. Three members of the music faculty at NWU, Dr. Mel Harp, Dr. William Wyman, and Ruth Stephenson join- ed the students in presenhng the American folk opera. Set in Ap- pmachm, H concerned the lHe of Susannah ayounginnocentwhois led asway bythe Rev OHn BHth. Center, shows the church meeting at which the good citizens of New Hope Valley pray for absolutions of their sins. Little Bat, the village idiot, has lied and said that he was forced to n1ake love to Susannah fcenter bottom.l The people try to save her at the Church meeting Qupper rlghtl, but she runs out ofthe gathenng. Rev Bhmh ahmnpm to gmn her sawanon on a personallevelffar rightl but instead ends up seducing the thed gin. He reunns to the Church to find God's forgiveness for hhnseH,andthe VaHeysforSusan- nahlupperlehy Heis ngemed by both. When Susannah's older brother, Sann rennns home, he becomes ouvaged and runs oh unthe bap- tismal meeting. There he shoots and kills Rev. Blitch flower left.l The peo- ple of the valley attempt to make Susannah leave, but she stands her ground. Susannah . . . Rev. Blitch .. Sam ....... Little Bat .... Elder McLean Mrs. McLean Elder Gleaton Mrs. Gleaton Elder Hayes . Mrs. Hayes .. Elder Ott .... Mrs. Ott ..... .. .... Ruth Stephenson . ......... Tim Pahel ..........Mel Harp . .... William Wyman .... Dave Morgan ....LynnMoorer .......DanSexson ...Polly Hammond ....JayChipman Sheree Shetler ................Jon Hallquist .......,..........Lori Martin Villagers Loren McElravy, Marcus Martin, Chip Mahlman, Miles Norton, Mike Mathews, Joe L'Heureux, Judy Anderson, Lisa Schutte, Terri Wright, Jacqueline Kelly, Jan Lipovsky, D'Ann Rhoads, Valerie Wycoff, Tim Vala, and Kevin Janeski. 4 5? JE. 'z r 'W 54 wif gtg? 3 541 X f 4 2 3 fr E ay 1 3 A 'M 3 4 H42 ,E 9 E Q A BAD PLAY FOR AN OLD LADY CAST Flowergirl ... .... Janine Wycoff Charlie .... ......,......... K evin Janeski Mary ....................... Cindi Turnbull Directed by Terri Wright Written by Elizabeth Johnson 4 5 Q THE DIARY OF ADAM AND EVE CAST Adam ... ...... Dave Morgan Eve ........................ Sheree Shetier Snake ..................,..... Miles Norton Directed by Jon Hallquist Written by Mark Twain, music and lyrics by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick ui THE EFFECTS OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-lN-THE-MCON-MARIGOLDS Paul Zindel's play, "The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon- lVlarigolds," was produced on the Enid Miller stage during the spring season. Directed by lVlr. Henry H. Blanke Jr., the play centered on a middle-aged widow and her two daughters, one a some-time mental case, the other a brilliant high school science student. Also in the house is a half-corpse, live in patient lbottom left.J The set was built in the right backstage wing of the EMT stage, with the audience sitting on the rest of the regular stage. This provided a closed in feeling, being trapped, much as the mother of the play was. Above: Tillie makes Ruth comfortable after she has suffered a seizure. Below right: Beatrice tries to keep her house together as it slowly crumbles around her. Nanny slowly makes her way to the table for "honey and hotsy." CAST Beatrice ..... ..... P atty Watts Ruth ...... ..., J anine Wycoff Tillie .... ,,,, P eggy Barclay Nanny ..... ..... S herri Shelkopf Janice ..... ....... B arb Frank tar it UGCLLIWHGPPERSH MAKES TALL TALES Ending the '75-'76 season at Enid Miller was Flora Atkin's "Golliwhoppers." It brought to the stage over sixty characters including sun stealers tcenterl, the Knee-High man qbelow leftl, and Big John Chop-a-long lupper left.l Bears, frogs, horses, and cows were just a few of the animals cast members portrayed in the children's theatre production. Directed by David Clark, the play was a collection of tall tales with ex- tra activities added to entertain the children in the audience. After a short tour, the play was produced at EMT, having an early curtain to make it before childrenls bedtimes. The adventures of Brer Ftabbit and Foolish Jean topp. page top - Brer Rabbit and the frogs, middle and bottom - Foolish Jean with his cow and the piratesl were added by Mr. Clarke before production week. The pantomime, simple costume pieces, masks, props, and puppet en- couraged the audience to use their imagination as the show progressed. CAST Peggy Barclay, Jay Chipman, Jon Hallquist, Greg Kemery, Terry Knecht. Carroll Landis, Jim Leaming, Lori Martin, Mike Mathews, Gin- ny McCrae, Miles Norton, Karen Price, Sherri Schelkopf, Becky Smith, and Terri Wright. ELIEVABLE is 3 5 k Knu- 'mzwwfwwf-"'M"g, Y Yawww-fmmzmd,,gacrumwmrigw-wmmfwffwwfwwww wfffm -wx LOFT DIRECTORS SATARIZE LIFE, DEAT Loft directors experimented with more than just new plays. The first loft musical was presented fThe Diary of Adam and Evej and the Loft moved to the Fine Arts building as Tess Jonas directed "Death" on the first floor and Red Carpet Lounge there. Other Loft plays included "l'll Be Home For Christmas," directed by Mark Peters and starring Greg Kemery as Chuck Berringer, Sue Berry as his wife Edith, and Bev Long as their daughter Clarice. "Bedtime Story" was the tale of a poor distressed man who could not get a young wench out of his apart- ment. Directed by Terri Wright, it had in its cast Marcus Martin-John Jo Mulligan, Valerie Wycoff-Angela Nightingale, Kirk Schultz-Daniel Halibut, Cindy Moore-Miss mossie, Dan Sexson-Patrick O'Clancy, and Karen Mathey-Nurse Wilkins. Jon HalIquist's first Loft show was "Solitaire," the story of life in the fhopefullyj distant future. Samuel Bradley was played by Terry Knecht, Madam-was Julie Walstrom, Daughter-Karen Standerwick, Son- Janine Wycoff, Wife-Bobette Wolesensky, Father-Annette Olson, and Captain-Jim Leaming. A premiere performance was given in "Grassroots Prairie Fire." Written by student Keith Ludden, it was the culmination of a Bachelor of Liberal Arts thesis and presented the story of what really happened at the Loup City Dairy. The company in- cluded Jay Chipman, Carroll Landis, Sue Berry, Chip Mahlman, Neal Barkley, Steve Johnson, Peggy Barclay, Jon Cassat, Lee Northup, and Judy Anderson. The Loft season ended with Ella Ryan's "Talk to Me Like the Rain" with Heather Arnett and Neal Barkley. -1 fw- AND EVERYTHING INBETWEEN 5 1 N Y 'S . if 8 gf Y fl :gig gif L, X , ii , 5 ii Q ., ,QQ FIVE TAKE N.I.A.C. HONORS The Wesleyan football team had a successful 75-76 season with a 5-5 overall record. This was the team of hard-working NWU men putting together effort and determination for this season. The New Jersey, sophomore, All-Conference selec- tion, Byron Stallworth, became the year's leading rusher with 712 yards and scorer with 48 points, not to mention two touchdown passes. Dan Klaus became NWU's passingest quarterback for a season with 101 of 235 completions for 1347 yards, five touchdowns and two 2-point conver- sions. That broke Steve McKelvey's 1969 school record of 80-187 com- pletions for 926 yards and eight touchdowns. Klaus was also the total offensive leader with 1310 yards in spite of -37 yards rushing. Page 184 1. Wesleyan's quality linemen exhibit their skills. top 2. An injured player waits for first aid. center right 3. No. 24 gets ready to run his pattern. bottom 4. The bench looks on with pure determination. center left Page 185 1. Quarterback Dan Klaus runs for more yar- dage. top left 2. The coaches plan their strategy from the sideline. top right 3. 75-76 Plainsman Football Team Bottom ...ul tf f' ,lt 5 X '-4 . .V if Q' g , ag fi . 5 F . 4 is f " .5 . T 9 X LM Egkl P W L f lx, , I it ,t',"7f , in-1,44 ek, V 13, -,,nwu.4. ,I ,N ','. ' . -.giraffe ..,: 7 .. A ,gy 3 V at .J at wit . , "WH wg, 2... M, ,Q . , W, ,A , Nw, tt, gf H tg . fit I . .ff '.fx5-DS V 'Aff-L 1 T' f f ,g,T'fg'. WWSW x ' -4- -5 , .., Afa. Q rt. 1 7,312-fr 'fiftf nag ,Q ,- , , ? 'sw 1 f .395- . ,ll kj 1 si ff -Lxgyf as aw- - fgwgxi gi ifN1'sm'- QS? W assi . A X M ws "Xu 'fqzfw :Tiki xiii? gym . we Nj qw? --ww. Q , "' YN.. E3 P- 1, ,-5,3 A Mm f - ix 'Wifi 3 3,5 . ,511--If- . , - V xiii? -ev ' M ,Rus wg M PLAINSMEN FINISH 5-5 SEASON Bob Blake stood as the leading receiver with 34 catches for 455 yards and five touchdowns, while Clint Kimbrough was among the top five in Division lll ofthe NCAA kickoff returns and Mike Fteta in intercep- tions. Kimbrough closed the season with 16 returns for a 25.1 average, while Fteta intercepted six passes for 94 yards and returned a fumble 85 yards for a touchdown against Midland, which ranked as the longest fumble return in school history. The season's defensive leader was again end Doug Hahn who collected 131 total tackles. He was followed closely by linebacker Randy Schmailzl who had the most un- assisted tackles i29l, and fumble recoveries Q41 on the year. 1. Coach Chaffee checks out a play. Top 2. A Plainsman in the face of decision. center right 3. The first aid kit came in handy. Bottom 4. No. 30 contemplates the finer points of foot- ball. center left Page 187 1. The defense shows their strength. Top 2. Dan Klaus gets ready to pass Bottom right 3. The Plainsmen pile up the opposition. Bottom left W A 4 ,Wh , fezdhii ' '-' .1 ,M QQ- , Q If ,Mr 1 V wx ,k , M 0 CROSS COUNTRY HAS ROUGH SEASON Nebraska Wesleyan's Cross Country team encountered some stiff competition in their 1975 season. The Plainsmen won the Concordia Invitational and the dual meet with Doane. ln the Doane ln- vitational, Sophomore Jon Eggers and Freshman Bob Quick captured the first and second places. Jon covered the four mile course in 21:20 and Bob finished it in 21:21. At the Doane dual, Jon Eggers, Duane Coates, Scott McKnight, Bob Carlson and Jeff Tracy all finished in the top ten places. Wesleyan finish- ed third in the NIAC with Jon Eggers placing seventh in the NIAC meet. Top runners for the year were Jon Eggers and Duane Coates. Coach Woody Greeno expressed hopes for the next year since none of his Harriers were seniors. This Page: fTopl Bob Quick leads the pack. lBottomJ The Plainsmen take a break from a hectic practice. Opposite Page: lTop Leftl Jon Eggers gives it all he's got to win first place in the dual with Doane. lTop Ftightl Scott McKnight and Larry Bell keep pace in the Kearney Invitational. lBottoml The team con- sisted of Coach Woody Greeno, Scott McKnight, Larry Bell, Bob Carlson, Phil Russel, Duane Coates, Jeff Tracy, Paul Luke, Brian Elliot, Bob Quick, Greg Lage, and Jon Eggers. if 1- . ,.,. ,, ,, , , x 189 PLAINSWOMEN EXHIBIT TALENT Skill and teamwork were two characteristics of the 1975 Womens' Volleyball team. Eleven girls, coach- ed by Mrs. Chris McNulty, finished the season with a 7-14 record. Starters for the season were Kathy Wiegel, Beth Mueller, Leta Herrington, Linda Rolfsmeyer, Bev Lowery, and Deb Meier. Kathy "Sundown" Wiegel, freshman, Elmhurst, illinois took top serving honors with 116 points. The outstanding player award went to Leta "Chubbs" Herrington of Beatrice, Nebr. Bev "Leggs" Lowery from Hastings, Nebr. and Deb Meier of Fremont, Nebr. shared the most improved player award. Highlights of the season included shutouts against College of St. Mary and York, beating a tough Creighton team in the state tournament, Shelly Bursik serving 15 straight points and Kathy Wiegel serving 18 consecutive points. Other outstanding games in- cluded beating Hastings on the home court in two sets-15-6, 15-6, and defeating Wayne 15-9 and 15-7. Coach McNulty has high goals set for the upcoming year as there were no seniors on the team. Pictures: Top this page-Leta and Beth wait for the serve. Bottom right-Shelly during warm-ups Bottom left-Plalnswoman blocks spike Opposite Page-Leta spikes the ball Top right-Girls take a tlmeout Team pic- ture-tBeck rowl Pat Neneman, Deb Meier, Bev Lowery, Becky Bock, Leta Herrington, Rosie Hoerle, tCoachl Chris McNulty. Front Row-Beth Meuller, Shelly Bursik, Janet Mark, Tammy Aubushon, Kathy Wiegel, Linda Rolfsmeyer. Ai "Uh-.,, www... M.-Q V 3 -wwwmwm f' gl 1 I PLAINSMEN FINISH THIRD IN NIAC.' The Plainsmen finished their 1975-76 season with a 6-16 record. They ranked third in the NIAC. Angelo Lilly led the scoring parade with a 15.1 average, while junior Blake Butler was the top rebounder averaging 10.6. Butler also had the team's high field goal percentage, hitting 530A while Lilly was the top free thrower, netting 810A of his charity tosses. Bob Knollenberg, Kim Veerhusen, and Larry Abel finished their careers at NWU all averaging more than 9 points per game. Page 192 ltopy Front Row: Assistant Coach Roger Patterson, Angelo Lilly, Bob Knollenberg, Ftob Ketterer, Dan Hitz, Larry Abel, Coach Irv Peterson. Back Flow: Dick Huebner, Rick Williams, Bob Otto, Blake Butler, Mark Simmerman, Dwight Peterson, Steve Baumert. fNot Pictured: Tim Felix, Kim Veerhusen, Phil Jefferson, Gerald Seitz, Kim Gloystein, Ken Hatfieldy lbottom righty Bob Knollenberg bats the ball away from the hands of a Doane player. lbottom lefty Bob Otto takes a shot. Page 193 ltop lefty Kim Veerhusen tries to get the ball by his opponent. ltop righty Dwight Peterson puts one up. lbottom righty Bob Knollenberg catches his breath after putting out a hard effort. lbottom lefty Blake Butler displays his jumping ability. nfl? rf' and u un Q' ii. 35... W, iii naw X .ku M f 4 fi 1' mf? A , ,,,wf,L . A gk, Yff?-limi ,W lwiiih Y 2 ? ,Q sw wa KAY. Miz, W 24 , 5535 Q wg 3 ,hkwpa yggf KL 3 x 2 l f 5 7 2 Three Plainsmen wrestled their way to first places in the conference, Andy Fry, Jon Flystrom lbottom, page 1941, and Larry Coufal ltop, page 1955. For Larry, it was his third straight individual conference title. Robby Ellis, Steve Wall, and Dan Thomas ttop, page 1943 received se- cond places in the conference. Coach Ron Bachman expressed that the future looks bright as there were no seniors on the team except for Tim Knight who missed the season due to a rib injury. tPage 195, bot- toml Dan Thomas displays some great atheletic ability. WEIGHT CLASS Robby Ellis 118 Steve Wall 126 Kent Whittler 126 Steve Adams 126 Andy Fry 134 Gregg Lage 142 Dan Thomas 150 Hugh Shapiro 150 Jon Rystrom 158 Tim Knight 158 George Riggs 158 Dave Segura 167 Tom Coufal 167 Larry Coufal 177 Tom Edwards 190 Gene Harris HWT GRAPS HAVE FINE SEASON 4 it . I 1, fx g . HANSEN'S HER-OES SHOW PROMISE The Plainswomen exhibited pride in their team by calling themselves, "Hansen's Her-oes" in honor of their coach. Although they finished their second season with a 2-18 record, there was an improvement over their first season at Wesleyan which end- ed 0-11. Besides the two wins, the "Her-oes" managed to put quite a few more points on the score board. Leading the scoring was a freshman, Melodie Creighton, who averaged 7.8 points per game. Janet Mark, a junior from Lincoln, was second with 7.2 points a game. The future seems to hold more hope for the Plainswomen, as all five of the starters will be returning. Page 196. Top: tFront Bowl Deb Schwaninger, Carol Dyer, Fritz fthe mascotl, Melodie Creighton, Renee Chick, and Kathy Flickertsen. tBack Bowl Barb Calder, Tammy Aubushon, Kathy Wiegel, Linda Lambert, Coach Jan Callahan, Coach Nancy Hansen, Coach Chris McNulty, Linda Rolfsmeier, Linda Thomas, and Janet Mark. Middle-right: Carol Dyer, in an attempt to get the ball to Janet Mark, confronts the tall, Tarkio defender. Middle-left: Barb Calder prepares to put one up. Bottom: Carol Dyer plans her strategy. Page 197. Top-left: Kathy Rickertsen takes the ball down the court. Top-right: Kathy Ftickertsen takes a shot. Bottom-left: Janet Mark tries to outjump the tall, Tarkio oppo- nent. Bottom-right: The Her-oes play catch. sw 'gg A E if S ,,. Q .'Q. Nf- A 4, ,. J. WX , .-W X- - f,,W-,X.wWwU . f f Q Q: Q? f ,................ IQ' . 3, A5 p W i H WK" N TWO FINISH SECOND IN CONFERENCE The NWU men's tennis team finished fifth in the conference with one win and seven losses. Top Plainsmen were John Hlavacek who finished second in the first flight and Jim Larson who wound up second in the fifth flight. Hlavacek, this year's 111 NWU player and the H4 Plainsman, Jeff Lynch, both ended their tennis careers at Wesleyan. Randy Urbom occupied the H2 place on the team. Pictures: ftop lefty Frosh, Jim Lar- son, had a fine year and next one promises to be better. ftop rightj Dennis Costerisan demonstrates his backhand swing. fbottomj Back row: Mark Boetel, John Leitt, Oscar Harriott, Jim Larson, Coach Milt Evans. Front row: Randy Urbom, Dennis Costerisan, John Hlavacek. fnot picturedl Jeff Lynch, Kirk Schultz, Randy Hall, Doug Himberger, Scott Eickman, and Bob Burkley. GOLFERS TEE OFF TO WIN 2ND PLACE This year's golf team finished 2nd in the NIAC meet and posted a 4-2-1 dual record. Since there are no seniors on the team, Coach Harold Chaffee looks forward to next season optimistically. He com- mented that with the new fieldhouse they will be able to swing all winter, so that when they get outside, all they have to do is work on the short game. Jeff Herbener took Medalist Honors with a .77 at a 13-2 dual win over Midland. The top four positions were filled by Jeff Herbener, Dean Moors, Scott Lawson, and Mark Simmerman, with Ken Hatfield, Wayne Stehlik, and Rick Mickle battling for the fifth spot. Pictures: Top fleft to rightl Wayne Stehlik, Scott Lawson, Dean Moors, .Jeff Herbener, and Rick Mickle. tnot picturedl Ken Hatfield and Mark Simmerman. Bottom Scott Lawson keeps his eye on the ball. WESLEYAN TAKES NIAC CROWN AGAIN! The Plainsmen were the NIAC baseball champs for the fourth straight year, winning 35 consecutive conference games. Seven members of the team were named to the NIAC All-Conference Team. They were: Larry Abel, Jack Ball, Gene Lessman, Scott Votava, Bob Blake, Bruce Reed, and Mike Reta. Pictures: iPage 2003 Top: Plainsmen cheer their fellow team- mate on as he rounds the bases. Center: Coach Ron Bachman guided the team for their fourth consecutive NIAC title. Bottom: A Midland player barely squeezes by a Plainsman. iPage 201l Top: The winners of the NIAC crown. Bottom Right: Number three bunts his way to a base. Bottom Left: Gene Lessman was named on the NIAC All- Conference Team as catcher. way' K Y Pi ,QQ . wif' M f V ,.,.a-f 1 Rf xv W ? lg , I J 5 W Il!-NZM my -' " .W , 5, xvkq, 1 K, M' 4 SOFTBALL HAS DISAPPOINTING SEASON The 1976 womens softball season was one of the toughest seasons that NWU had faced. Coach McNulty commented that the Plainswomen lost a number of their games by only one run and in the seventh inning, which could have been avoided if a few mental errors would have been eliminated. Although some team members will return, a great number of the girls graduated, and Coach McNulty looked forward to a year of rebuilding in 1977. Team Picture: Back Ftow il-rj, Coach McNulty, B. Snyder, S. Fredstrom, J. Bartos, A. Lau, L. Olson, P. Brigham, D. Meier, B. Calder. Front Row: K. Campbell, L. Harrington, S. Johnson, N. Bartos, L. Rolfsmeyer, J. Solomons, J. Mark. Opposite page, J. Solomons winds up to deliver a stinging soft- ball. -NL... ,ew Q e' is 20 4 GREENO ENDS ATHLETIC DIRECTOR CAREER The NWU track team would up 2nd in the indoor and outdoor track standings in the conference. lt was announced that after many years as Athletic Director for NWU, Woody Greeno would be stepping down, Harold Chaffee replacing him. Woody's track team had another fine year. Dave Folkerts broke a NWU record and qualified for Nationals in the shotput. Don Bossbach qualified for Nationals in the 100 and 220. Craig Mundt jumped his way into qualifications for Nationals in the intermediate hurdles, setting a new school record. The 440 relay team also qualified for Nationals. Jim Glen had the best distance in the triple jump in Division 3 of the NCAA. Scott Howe leaped 23' 6V2" in the broad jump. Other outstanding marks were as follows. Bob Quick, Larry Bell, and John Eggers ran the mile in 4:18, 4:18, and 4:20, respectively. Duane Coates ran the two mile in 9:25, win- ning the indoor two mile and finishing second in the outdoor three mile. The two mile relay had their best time of 7:43. Bob Carlson finish- ed 3rd in the outdoor three mile and 4th in the indoor two mile. This page: ttopj Don Bossbach and Doug Caulkins race to the finish. fcenter rightj Dave Folkerts winds up with his discus. fbottomj Dave Struebing and Dan French take a time out. jcenter leftj Steve Moorberg rests after a strenuous practice. Opp. Page: ttopj Gary Gustafson leads the way in an indoor meet at UNL. Qbottom rightj Paul Luke amidst the crowd of runners in the Doane Relays. fbottom leftj Joe Neumann prepares to go up and over. 1 'Q I .. ,l B4 ,., Xp. .,, 2 20 3 - +. r- f-ig-' , . Siem 1 fx "rikku , Qfvgfp- f gg lm -YI' Q, vw' K 1 V M A V! vmf.. Yin Q? .rin ba' 'M ,M - M in S ,i t X .gf 2 zfqsi A it 20 FACULTY Bachman, Ron 28,200 Benjamin, Ludy 37 Berman, Virginia 37 Bichel, Marvin 39,100 Blanke, Henry 24,153 Blanke, Phyllis 25 Blumer, Fred 13,158 Boernke, William 38 Bradford, Liz 36,113 Bullock, Clifton 14,152 Bush, Glenn 36 Callahan, Jan 196 Cascini, William 36 Chaffee, Harold 29,60,186 Chism, Neal 21,114 Clark, David 24,111,138 Cognard, Roger 19,134 Coleman, George 34 Coleman, Lois 22,113 Collier, Morris 30 Collings, Lois 22 Cook, Karen 15 Cope, Gabriele 22 Dahl, Sam 23,113 Dappen, Glen 38 DeGrazia, Louie 11,17,155 Elwell, Walter 35 Engeseth, James 16 Epp, Anthony 20 Evans, Milton 13,113,118,119 Fairchild, Robert 35 Fairchild, Loretta 21 Fawl, Clifford 37 Feis, Clayton 21,114 Fredstrom, Claire 13 French, Walter 35 Grabau, Thomas 26 Graf, Nan 18 Grassmeyer, Betty 23,113 Greegor, David 39 Greeno, Woodrow 29,189 Griswold, Norman 34 Hall, Harold 19 Hansen, Nancy 196 Harp, Mel 11,30,172,173 Harrod, Beth 31 Hazelwood, Nancy 26 Hester, Chelys 29 Holder, Ken 19 Holding, Mary 31 Howell, Daniel 34 Jaswal, Alice 25 Johnson, Richard 14 Johnson, Ron 15 Kaye, Philip 24 Kirk,- Robert 21,114 Klein, Marty 11,37 Kloefkorn, William 18 Laursen, Paul 34,91 Lewis, John 31 Luke, Stanley 33 McBride, Harold 34 McCammond, Karen 13 McMurray, Erma 36,131,138 McNulty, Chris 28,191,196,202 Marvel, Richard 27 Meininger, Robert 20 Michaelis, Joyce 20 Mickey, David 26,98,102 Moore, Carroll 35 Morrow, Robert 32 Naugle, Ron 26 Nicolai, Arthur 11,23,113 Peters, Thomas 16 Peterson, Irvin 28,115,119,192 Pfeffer, William 17,155 Quinn, Richard 18 Rawlins, Larry 31 Rieper, Patricia 20 Rogers, Vance 5,12,100,118,129,143,158,159 Rudell, Laverne 21 Satterfield, Leon 19 Sconyers, Charles 15 Seng, Darrel 15 Smith, Mary 18,157 Staudinger, Leonard 39 Stephenson, Ruth 32,172,173 Tritt, Charles 30 Tyler, Margaret 38 Vannorsdall, Oliver 17 Vaughan, Larry 11,23,113 Vermeer, Jan 27 Walker, John 17,155 Wallace, Elizabeth 16 Wampler, Joe 33 White, George 25,101,111,153 Wiegers, lrene 14,158,159 Witala, Stephen 33 Wike, Joyce 36 Wyman, William 11,32,152,172,173 STUDENTS A Abel, James 40,48 Abel, Larry 114,115,192 Abernethy, Jill 54,60,82,105 Acklie, Lori 48,105 Adams, Larry 8,48,87 Adams, Steve 170 Adan, Mary 42 Allely, Jan 96,108 Alpers, Kathy 42 Alpers, Nancy 54,103 Barclay, Peggy 110,169,176,178,179 Barke, Chuck 73 Barkley, Neal 42,90,163 Barlow, Barb 48 Barnes, Debra 48 Barnes, Marcia 48,92 Barnett, Craig 42,94 Barton, Virginia 54,88,108 Bartos, Janice 42,149,202 Bartos, Nancy 78,149,202 Baugous, Craig 94 Bauman, Wendall 42,94,105,162,163 Baumert, Brain 42 Baumert, Steve 54,94,192 Beam, Brian 42 Behrens, Janet 66,84,134 Beierman, Jill 48 Beiser, Manon 74 Bell, Larry 48,188 Bellucci, Mitch 54,102 Belt, Karen 84 Benesch, Kevin 48,94 Benton, Andy 48,87,108,109 Berg, Ken 65 Berg, Pam 42,84 Berkley, Dan 86 Bernecker, Robert 48 Berry, Sue 42,84 Best, George 90 Beyers, Bill 90 Birch, Patty 76 Birkby, Jeff 68,94,101,102,136 Black, Michele 48,106,107,142,152 Blake, Susan 61,81,96,113,128 Bloch, David 90 Bock, Becky 42,162,191 Blodgett, Jeff 54 Boetel, Mark 42,94 Bomberg, Steve 48,90,105 Bond, Steve 48,90,105 Bourland, Liz 48,83,112,130,163 Bozarth, Dennis 94 Bragg, Jo 54 Brame, Wilma 48,106,131,142 Brendel, Gayle 54,84 Brezina, Lisa 68 Brigham, Pat 202 Andersen Linda 88 Andersen, Steve 104 Anderson Arlene 42 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Deb 42,88,149 Judy 79,110,172,173 Susan 84 Brown, Sue 42 Brown Anne 113 Brown Marianne 42,88,162 Brown Kathleen 48,84,162 Brown Mark 115 Brown Stacey 100 Antoniskis, Diana 42,84 Arcand, Carol 42,84 Armstrong, Ed 78,107,111,169 Arnett, Heather 42,88,107,162 Arnold, Mary 42 Arnold, Shirley 54,88,105 Arringdale, James 54 Artist, Deidre 42,92,123 Asbury, Jim 94 Aubushon,Tammy 48,191,196 Avery, Pasco 61,68,86,110 B Babcock, Andrea 5,45,103,113 Babcock, Colleen 45 Babcock, Melanie 96 Baker, Deb 54,96 Baker, Peggy 6,96,123 Baldwin, Carmel 106 Ballentine, Scott 48,130 Baltensperger, David 68,86,102,108,118,156, 160 Bucklin, Mel 42 Buenger, Annette 42 Bullock, Kim 48,106,131 Bunker, Karen 92 Burgess, Janis 42 Burkley, Dan 65 Burney, Chellie 42 Bursik, Shelly 49,96,98,157,190,191 Bush, Chris 80,96,103,108 Bush, Marjean 49,96 Busse, David 42 Butler, Blake 54,94,102,157,192,193 Butler, Lora Lea 42,84,163 Byank, Cindy 68 Byrne, Cindy 88 C Calder, Barb 196,202 Camoriano, John 42 Campbell, David 49,94,105,109 Campbell, Karen 79,84,103,160,202 Carlson, Denise 54,88 Carlson, Janet 54,88 Carlson, Robert 189 Carpenter, Scott 69,102,154 Cascini, Brett 94 Cassat, Jamie 9,76,98,10B,110,111,112,127, 128 Cassat, Jon 42,90,162 Cassel, Chad 42 Caulkins, Doug 204 Chaloupka, Kim 42,156 Chapman, Beth 67 Chauche, Marc 49,87 Cheloha, Randy 74 Chew, Sandra 49,104 Chick, Renee 4,49,196 Chinnock, Mary 54,103,113 Chipman, Jay 77,86,102,110,1 172,173,178,179 Christy, Pam 49 Claus, David 62,90,107 Clinton, Marie 92 Coates, Duane 54,189 Coleman, Tom 42,90 Colgrove, Hugh 49,90,109 Collister, David 69 Colvin, Doug 49 Connett, Susan 49,92 Cook, Jenny 42,157 Cook, JoEllen 81 Costerisan, Dennis 54 Couch, Bruce 55,94,102,137 Coufal, Larry 49,195 Coufal, Thomas 90 Covey, Pam 42 Cramer, Ann 47 Creighton, Melodie 42,196 D ,g Dalke, Doug 42,87 Danahay, Mary 105 Daniels, Scott 69,90,100 Davey, Steve 55 Davidson, Jay 49,94 Davis, Carol 43 Davis, Pam 4,69,103,132,155 Davison, Del 55,94,108 Dedrickson, Robert 43,94 Dettra, Dale 43,94 Devitt, JoAnn 49,92 Dieatrick, Ray 62 Diedrichsen, Sharon 43 Dillon, John 135 Dodder, Sara 43 Douglas, Monte 49 Dudney, Deb 43,84 Duerfeldt, Suzann 81 Dutton, Channing 55,146 Dyer, Carol 43,84,196 Dykeman, Cindy 163 Dyles, Cindy 43 E Earle, David 87,109 Ebers, Doug 108 Ebke, Rita 49,84,130,149,183 Eggers, Jon 49,115,188 Eickman, Scott 55 Eilts, Jo 43 Eilts, Sue 67 Elledge, Dennis 87 Ellerbee, Harold 49,142,143 Elliott, Brian 43,189 11,112,113,165, Ellis, Robert 43 Elofson, Paul 55,171 Elstun, Bruce 55,86,108,109 Engdahl, Kyla 69,105 Engquist, Kim 49, 88 Entrekin, Pat 72 Eoriatti, Mike 43,162 Erickson, Margaret 49 Eriksen, Henry 55,113 Erikson, Dandace 43 Etmund, Tom 94,115 F Fahlberg, Marcia 43,88 Fallon, Ken 94 Fassnacht, Dan 62,90,114 Fawl, Laraine 62,88,103,114 Feis, Michelle 55,96 Fichthorn, Dutch 77,162,165 Folkerts, David 8,79,94,122,128,158,204 Ford, Janet 96 Forke, Kim 92 Foster, Pam 49,131 ,142,143,1 52 Foster, Rita 55,84,106,107,131 Fox, Kirk 62 Frank, Barb 55,110,111,169 Frans, Patrice 69,96 Fredstrom, Sue 49,84,163,202 Freeman, Diane 43 Freeman, Jeanne 84 Freeman, Sharon 49,96,103 French, Dan 204 French, Marcia 69,96,103 Frerichs, Tom 43,139 Fry, Andy 43,163 Fuss, Joan 43 G Gabel, Teri 49,139 Galloway, Steve 94 Gaston, Rod 43 Gaswick, Elna 43,88 Gatz, John 77,164 Gentry, Susan 49,88 Gerard, Scott 49,94,123 Gerd, John 49,90 Gerrard, John 80,94 Gertz, Barb 55,84 Giebelhaus, Pete 94 Gillen, Daniel 49,94,105 Gillespie, Kevin 87 Ginn, Mike 78 Glen, Jim 105 Glissmann, Sue 43,104 Gloystein, Kim 43 Gogan, Neal 49 Gordan, Patricia 55 Grabensteln, Kathy 103 Graham, Mari Ann 142,152 Gramann, Karl 55,82,90,98,108,109 Greer, Don 43 Greiss, Lana 49,88 Grigsby, Tom 73 Gripenburg, Donna 49 Groff, Craig 94 Gulick, Brent 102,113 Gulick, Janet 113 Gurecki, Paul 67,102,113,157,159 Gustafson, Gary 205 Gustafson, Gavin 49 Hall, Glen 49,104 Hall, Rosalie 55,92 Hallquist110,111,116,165,172,173,17B,179 Hammond, Polly 84,162,172,173 Hannah, Val 50 Hansen, Jacquie 55,84,138 Hansen, Kristie 70 Hansen, Susan 50,88 Hanson, Curtis 50,90 Hansrote, Jean 88 Harms, Craig 43,94 Harrahill, Karen 55,103,113 Harriott, Oscar 74,106,131,142,152 Harrison, Don 43 Harrison, Teresa 62 Hart, Mary 50 Hart, Norma 70 Harvey, Lautie 61 Hatfield, Ken 94 Havel, Norene 55 Hays, Louis 55 Haythorn, Margaret 50 Helden, Terri 43,84 Heider, Kathy 74 Heinisch, Steve 50 Henninger, Diane 50 Henske, David 56 Herrick, Emily 43 Herrington, Leta 44,84,190,191,202 Hickman, Bonnie 92 Hlmberger, Doug 73 Hindman, Jodene 50 Hindmarsh, Julia 74,84,103,155 Hirschman, David 108,109 Hitz, Dan 192 Hlavacek, James 50,130 Hoaglund, Jeff 44,90 Hobbs, Tim 50 Hoerle, Rosemarie 50,191 Hofmann, Jesse 50 Holcombe, James 87,109 Holcombe, Susan 134 Hollcroft, Linda 50,88,136 Holle, Doyle 56,90 Hood, Georgea 44 Hootman, Bruce 44 Hoover, Deb 80,135 Hoppes, Brett 44 Horstman, Kathy 92,108 Houfek, Jane 50 Hovis, Philip 94 Hubbard, Susan 50,88 Huebner, Richard 44,95,192 Hughes, Deb 92 Hultman, Steve 70,86,105 Hundhausen, Sandra 56 I-.I Irwin, Karen 50 lwueze, Clement 50 Jacobson, Cameon 44 Janeski, Kevin 44,90,172,173,174 Janis, Sandra 84,149 Janovec, Ken 56,90,102,108,109,114,146 Johnson, Gladys 44,92,123 Johnson, Jacquie 56,165 Johnson, Melva 56 Johnson, Paul 62,90 Johnson, Shari 202 Johnson, Steve 44 Johnson, Steve S. 44 Johnston, Paul 56,155 Jones, Connie 63,96 Jones, Deborah 56 K Kastrup, Stan 56,90,114 Keebler, Karen 44,88 Keller, Kevin 56,90,102,114 Kelley, Dean 86 Kelly, Jacqueline 50,84,172,173 Kelly, Linda 79,84 Kemery, Greg 56,11O,169,171,178,179 Kerr, Kathy 70,88 Ketelhut, Christy 88,110,111,112,165 Ketterer, Robert 192 Kilpatrick, Kelen 56,92,108 King, Cindy 44,92 Kingery, Sue 66,113,134 Kizzier, Stephanie 44,96 Kjeldgaard, Julie 63 Klaus, Dan 185,187 Kleitsch, Bob 77 Kline, Gretchen 50,96 Klippenstein, Ann 50,96 Klitzke, David 44 Kloefkorn, Terry 84 Kluck, Ken 57,90,137 Knecht, Terry 50,112,17O,178,179 Knight, Tim 9,127,195 Knollenberg, Robert 78,192,193 Korcek, Kathy 57,88,98,108 Korn, John 44,90,109 Kostln, Kathy 44,84 Kotschwar, Brent 44,90 Kozak, Susan 50,92 Krause, Karen 50,96 Krause, Mark 87 Kreidt, Angie 50,96,117 Krieger, Sue 50,96,157 Kucera, Missy 7,57,101,169,170 Kusik, Ken 95,114 Kuzma, Mark 95,102,108,109,114 L Lage, Gregg 44,189 Lambert, Linda 44,196 Lambert, Robert 57 Landis, Carroll 11O,165,178,179 Lane, Linda 67 Liljedahl, Susan 51,97,149 Lilly, James 192 Lipovsky, Jan 57,103,107,110,111,136,147, 169,172,173 Lloyd, Bruce 44,95 Long, Bev 44,84 Lortz, John 44,90,107 Lostroh, Dixie 70 Lottman, Ron 63,83,86,99,102,108,114,156 Lowery, Bev 51,84,108,149,191 Luke, Cindy 44 Luke, Paul 57,87,114,189,205 Lundgren, Mike 57,95 Lynch, M Jeff 57,90 Macknight, Chris 44 Magnuson, Landis 76,95,100,102,110,111, 112,158,159,16-4,165 Mahiman, Chip 51,86,110,111,154,156,169, 171,172,173 Manley, Donna 57,97 Mansour, Samir 51 Marcum, Steve 63,86,156 Mark, Janet 57,84,182,191,196,197,202 Marsh, David 135 Marsh Teri 57,92 Martin Chris 57,88 Martin Lori 57,110,111,169,172,173,178, 179 Martin, Marcus 44,117,171,172,173 Marx, Susan 44,85 Mason, Karla 76,88,103,112 Mathews, Mike 81,86,110,166,169,172,173, 178,179 Mathey, Karen 57,135,171 Maxwell, James 63 McBride, Julie 58,85 McBride, Robbie 44,157,163 McCrae, Virginia 6,97,110,111,138,163,169, 178,179 McCrory, Diane 97 McDonald, Nancy 51,85,112 Moore, Cindy 45,110,112 Moore, Vivian 106,131,142,152 Moorer, Lynn 103,172,173 Moors, Dean 51,95 Morehouse, Kevin 51,95 Morgan, Dave 45,172,173,175 Moseman, Jo 85 Mrkvicka, Barb 51,105 Mueller, Cheryl 92 Mueller, Beth 45,190,191 Mulder, James 58,95 Mundt, Arthur 51,109 Mussman, Carol 88 Myers, Anita 71,88 N Nagaki, Linda 45,88,104 Neeman, Barb 51 Nelsen, Randy 51 Nelsen, Diane 45 Nelson, Nancy 97,157 Neneman, Pat 58,191 Neumann, Joe 115,204 Newberg, Cindy 73,135,157 Nichols, Doug 58,90 Noble, Sue 97,103,108,154 Northrup, Lee 45 Norton, Miles 6,9,45,110,162,163,169,172 173,178,179 Nowling, Jean 58 Nuetzrnan, Deb 81,88,108,128,157 O Oberg, Janet 45,85 O'DelI, Barb 51,97,98,127,149,157,183 O'Dell, Kevin 45,90 Odgers, David 51,86,110,136 O'Donnell, Teresa 51,85 Ogborn, Jean 45,88,106,107,155 Ohs, Larry 95,102,108 Olmstead, Deb 58,88 Langley, Jacquie 75,96,103,108,155 Larsen James 95 Larsen Leslie 44 Larsen Pat 50,84,137 Larsen Sherryl 44,88 Larson, Louise 57,84 Larson, Seanne 77,84,146,158 Laski, Rich 114 Lassen, Nancy 96 Lau, April 50,92,202 Laughlin, Sue 75 Laughlin, Robert 44,95 Lawson, Scott 44 Leahy, Melba 44 McDonald, Rebecca 66,85 McEachen, Ellen 44 McDougal, Sue 58,85 McElravy, Loren 44,162,172,173 McEntarlfer, Frank 95 McEvoy, Pete 58 McKee, Charles 51,83,86,108,109,146,147 McKnight, Chris 95 McKnight, Scott 45,90,188 McNally, Bob 95 McWha, Mary 71,85 Mead, Jan 45 Meier, Deb 58,97,105,191,202 Meier, Nancy 45,92 Menke, Marlys 45 Merselis, James 71 Messenger, Kathy 44,97 Meyer, Lori 58 Olson, Angie 67 Olson, Annette 51,93 Olson, Olson, Julie 45,88,123 Leatrice 58,88,105,202 Olson, Steve 64 Miller, Leaming, Jim 167,170,178,179 Lehr, Shelia 50,149 Leinart, Stacy 50 Leitt, John 73,90,198 Lemons, Debra 50 Lemons, Tom 57 Lepp, Laura 51,88 Lessman, Gene 78,201 Levander, Jane 51 Lewallen, Tracey 57 L'Heureux, Joe 172,173 Lichti, Doug 67,90 Lichty, Marsha 51,88 Lightbody, ,Karen 70,84,105,108,134 Mickle, Rick 95,183 Mielke, Ann 45 Milius, Gary 71 Miller, Brad 45,90 Miller, Ellen 45,85 Miller, Cheryl 97 Miller, Kent 51,95,108,109 Margaret 85 Oosting, Gladys 58,88,103 Osborn, Keith 106,107 Otto, Robert 192 P Pahel, Tim 110,111,172,173 Parde, Deb 51 Parks, Bob 58,95,105 Patterson, Sandra 51 Paust, Pam 57 Pearson, Doug 45 Pearson, Leisa 45 Peck, Randy 65,95,108 Pecyk, Laura 45 Pedersen, Jeff 71 Pedersen, Sue 52 Peirce, Belinda 76,110,111,112 Peirce, David 64,114 Penner, Carole 45 Peters, Mark 111,112,164,165,168 Milligan, Stu 41 Mills, Lorry 71,85 Mills, Lynne 58,85,103,114 Miltner, Don 86 Minert, Rex 45 Moorberg, Mike 51,204 Peters, Mike 45 Petersen, Chuck 134,135,147,157 Petersen, Dwight 52,86,102,109,115,192,193 Petersen, Jerry 45 Petersen, Keri 97 Petersen, Darrell 45 Peterson, Jill 88 Peterson, Linda 52 Peterson, Nancy 45 Peterson, Paula 52,85 Pettinger, Pierre 45,95 Platz, Johna 88,97 Polk, Marsha 66,131 Porter, James 45 Post, John 45,95 Post, Paul 45,95 Prater, Lisa 45,83,97,98,123,157,162,166 Pressey, Jan 52 Price, Karen 58,88,110,111,169,178,179 Q Quaife, Robert 45 Quick, Robert 46,188,189 Quiel, Evelyn 59,103 R Rankin, Barb 64,97 Rasmussen, Dale 59 Rasmussen, Steve 46,95 Rasmussen, Mark 95 Reed, Don 46,90 Reed, Loraine, 81,113 Reed, Robert 52,104 Reed, Steve 95 Reifler, Janet 88 Renaud, Don 40,58,100,110,111,165,169 Fihoads, D'Artn 59,107,110,111,112,168,169, 172,173 Rice, Tom 115 Richards, Linda 52 Richtarik, Pat 46 Rickertson, Kathy 52,183,196,197 Rider, Cindy 88 Rider, Steve 59,91,157 Riggs, George 95 Ringenberg, Trent 95 Roberts, Diane 88,110,111,112,113,165 Roberts, Nila 52,85,105 Robinson, Rosann 52 Rodgers, Richard 46 Rohmiller, Teresa 46 Rohrig, Brenda 46,149 Rold, Alison 66,134,135 Rolfsmeyer, Linda 52,88, 191,196,202 Rolofson, Brad 59 Rolofson, Gordon 87 Rolofson, Pam 75 Rood, Cindy 93 Rose, Ann 52 Ross, Nancy 46,85,123 Rossbach, Don 52,115,204 Royer, Jeff 64 Russell, Kirk 46,91 Russell, Philip 46,189 Ryan, Ella 76,110,111,112,165 Rystrom, Jon 9,59,127,138,194 Rystrom, Kathy 52,105 S Sanchez, Deb 52 Sautter, Don 52 Sawyer, Grant 52,95,107,110,168 Schauer, Connie 52 Scheffel, Scott 46 Schelkopf, Sherri 110,169,176,178,179 Schmailzl, Randy 128 Schmeeckle, Karen 52,88 Schmidt, Karen 46 Schmidt, Shari 46 Schrader, Robert 95,112 Schroeder, Jacqueline 75 Schroeder, Jon 52 Schulenberg, Barb 46,89 Schultz, Kirk 52 Schultz, Mark 87 Schutte, Lisa 52,172,173 Schwaninger, Deb 46 Schwaninger, Nancy 52,89,196 Scott, Beth 46 Seberg, Sara 46,85,154 Segura, David 46 Seeley, Al 157 Sevcik, James 7,46,169 Sexson, Dan 52,11O,111,165,169,172,173 Shafer, Joan 52,93,105 Shaffer, Sue 59,97,105,108 Shanholtz, Wendy 47,85 Shapiro, Hugh 182 Shaw, Gayle 47 Sherman, Benton 72 Shetler, Sheree 6,52,89,169,172,173,175 Shirley, Cindy 52 Shuil, Mike 64,86,108,109,137,156 Simmerman, Mark 192 Simpson, Sue 47 Sloup, Trudy 52,85 Smith Becky 47,11O,162,163,166,169,171, 178,179 Smith, Jan 59,89 Smith, Karen 47 Smith, Karen L. 59,93 Smith, Kim 52,83 Sneller, Peg 59,85 Snyder, Mike 47 Snyder, Bob 59 Solomons, J. 202, 203 Sparks, Sheryl 52 Spearow, Diane 47,89,137 Speck, Mike 47 Spencer, Ruth 72 Spencer, David 53,91 Spiars, Terri 93 Spinner, Bm 95 Spomer, John 148 Sprouse, Carl 53 Stahl, Marsha 53,89 Stall, Al 59 Standerwick, Karen 59,135 Stear, Jayne 53,89 Stech, James 53 Stehlik, Wayne 47 Steiner, Mary 47,89 Steinholf, Cindy 47 Steinmetz, Alberta 47,97 Sternberg, Ronda 59 Stevenson, Sara 47,89 Stewart, Deb 53,97 Stewart, Melinda 79,85 Stickelman, Meg 47 Stickelman, Kim 53 Stivrins, Tim 53,105,115 Stock, Ron 4,116,135 Story, Story, Alison 93 Bill 47,95 Strain, Mike 47 Struck, Tim 47 Struebing, Dave 204 Sundell, Suellen 93,108 Sutterlin, Cathy 53 Svehla, John 47 Swanda, John 163 Swanda, Rex 53,91,102,110,167 Swanson, Deb 66,134 Swiler, Deb 47,89 T Tallman, Scott 57,95 Tatro, Marc 95 Tekolste, Nancy 53 Terhune, Deb 53,89 Tesmer, Tim 53 Thayer, James 95 Thomas, Dan 194 Thompson, Bill 65,128 Thomsen, Lynda 47,196 Timmerman, Fay 53,146 Timmerman, Gail 59,85,103,108,113 Timmerman, Gary 95 Todd, Steve 53,91 Trachsel, Norman 53,116,169,171 Tracy, Jeff 53,115,189 Tracy, Julia 47 Trautman, Bruce 6,59,91 Trott, Diane 47 Tuin, Stephanie 53,85 Turnbull, Cindi 47,110,155,174 Turner, Jane 60,93 Tyler, John 60 U Unick, Judith 47 Urbom, Randy 147,198 V Vachal, Linda 75 Vala, Tim 81,86,172,173 Valentino, Deb 66 Veerhusen, Kim 193 Vencill, Sue 60 Vermaas, Dennis 47 Vernon, Larry 65 Vermeer, Marilyn 80 Visintainer, Jacque 93 Votipka, Mary 53 W Waddel, Brian 47 Wagner, Carol 60,97,157 Wahl, Mark 91 Walker, Theresa 53 Wallasky, Lynn 60,93 Walstrom, Julie 60,93 Walton, Laurel 60,93 Warren, Randy 53,91 Watts, Patty 110,111,176 Webb, Kim 60 Weedin, Jan 60,103,139 Weinert, Carol 47,89,110 Weinmeister, Judy 53,89,105,108 Welch, Jennifer 47,85,123 Welsh, Barb 97,103,108,157 Welsch, Mark 47 Wenz, Mark 47 Wenzel, John 47 Weston, Larry 60,135 Wetzel, Deb 47 Wewel, Peg 81,113 White, Cheryl 53 White, Mark 108,109 White, Vicki 47 Whitefoot, Patti 60,103,113 Whitman, Karen 60,89,103 Whitney, Jan 72 Whittaker, Nancy 97 Wolfe, Kim 47,97,149 Wiegel, Kathy 47,191,196 Woodcock, Barb 89 Wigert, Bob 41,53,91,105,108 Woodford, Bob 105 Wilcox, Joe 130,162,162,162,166 Wright, Elaine 93 Williams, Flick 53,91,105,109,167,192 Wright, Terri 11O,111,112,165,178,179 Williams, Sara 65,103 Wulf, Jim 60,91 Williams, Sue 4,47,155 Wycoff, Janine 110,174,176 Willmeng, Harriet 60 Wilwerding, Ann 72 Wisby, Jan 47,89 Witt, Fred 132 Witte, Robert 53,91 Wittler, Kent 47,91 Wolesensky, Bobette Wolf, Rod 64 Wycoff, Valerie 60,110,172,173 Y Yardley, Lora 78,89 53,11O,112,171 Yardley, Mary 47,89 Yearley, James 47 Yeutter, Gregg 95 Yoder, Flandy 91 Young, Joan 97,108,113,149 Young, Shalla 53,82,93,130 Youngman, Betty 47,89 Z Zabel, Carolyn 60,89,108 Zimbelmann, Diane 89 Zingg, Kerry 89 Zingg, Terri 53,89 Zimmermann, Jay 53,86,108 Zlomke, Mike 53,95,105 J , -Q f 213 4 PLAINSIVIAN BOOK STORE THE SHOPPING CENTER FOR ALL STUDENT NEEDS CLASS RINGS . . . TEXT BOOKS . . . SOUVENIRS Balfour Sorority and Fraternity Jewelry "A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Advertisement" IN THE CAMPUS CENTER MARTIN BURGESS, MANAGER 466-5184 THOIVISEN MUSIC 2641 NO. 48th 'XTHE MUSIC SHOP" 2639 NO. 48th 464-8375 'Most Complete line of Classical, Folk, and Bluegrass instruments and Accessories 'Band instrument Rentals and Supplies 'Largest Selection of Amps, P.A.'s, 81 Drums tx if OQQO ie YT FRE INN The Buffalo Motel 44 Comfortable Units 347 N. 48th Phone: 466-1931 81 Lincoln Library Bookbinders 2626 No. 48th 466-2628 GREEN FURNACE AND PLUMBING AUFMAN'S CO., INC. A P P L I AiN 'c 'E L 2727 N. 48th 466-2377 2701N th 48 St t I Ling: lUPNeb tykPIaE?g5O4 Fisgzlgszssrztsafpef DOF-'fAP0'0Qi2f-2" Telephone "On OUI' S9COnd 4644000 Fifty Years" It pays tn huy "quality" insurance frnm a "quality" company Life insurance companies are not all alike. Some, like Indianapolis Life, provide the finest possible protection at "remarkably low net cost as a result of favorable mortality, economy of operation, sound investments and other factors. There is a difference! EARL L. BALLENTI NE Representing Incgganafzoks LW at SPEND A NIGHT AT THE A ,, in 1, . 'sas CBUERAGE MART STARLITE ROHR MOTEL AIR-CONDITIONED " PHONES ' COLOR TV ROOM COFFEE ' PLAYGROUND Rohrigs Beverage Mart Liquor-Beer-Wine-Cordiais Free Party Consultation 5200 conNHusKEn HivvAY LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 68529 PHONE 14021 466-1902 Ice Cubes-Glass Ware-Kegs-Pumps Bar Supplies-Chips 81 Dip Mixers Hours Mon-Thurs-8 AM to Midnight Fri 81 Sat-8 AM to 1 AM Open All Holidays BRUCE 81 CORRINE JONES "A PLAINSMAN BOOSTER" Serving Lincolnland Since 1947 6240 Havelock S 466-5346 ' VARSITY DRUG Your Prescription Pharmacy 2700 No. 48th Lincoln, Nebraska J. M. Schultz, R.P. 464-3161 7 i I 5 5 Theres more to like ut the ull-new Burger Chef! 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Plainsman KNIGHT-COSTIN INSURANCE AGENCY 4711 Huntington Ave. 464-6358 OUR PLACE BUFFET 2601 N. 48th 467-1414 HOLIDAY STATIONSTORES 48th 81 Garland 466-9924 NEMECO FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 2621 N. 48th 464-7575 ONE HOUR IVIARTINIZING 48th 81 Walker 464-9852 SAMS SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANTS 2136 N. 48th 464-0863 SHAKEY'S PIZZA PARLOR 360 N. 48th 464-8328 WILLIAMS GARDEN CENTER INC. 1742 N. 48th 466-1981 SUSIE SUNSHINE 2601 N. 48th 464-5140 THE SHOE BOX 2600 N. 48th 466-1340 Pro mofors BLOSSOM HOUSE 4807 St. Paul 467-4351 CHRISTIANO'S PIZZA 2711 N. 48th 467-1600 WILLIAMS LAUNDRIES 2541 N. 48th 464-7447 TREASURE CITY 48th 81 LeIght0n 464-8241 DIETRICH SCHWINN CYCLERY 4701 Huntington 466-2921 HUSKER BOTTLE SHOP 330 N. 48th 464-1503 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 2100 N. 48th 464-7469 PAYLESS SHOES 2240 N. 48th 467-1720 BEN FRANKLIN 58110 2710 N. 48th 466-5355 NORTHEAST PRINTERS 2436 N. 48th 466-1983 9? Yet in my feelings. . .in my feelings sometimes I think l'm just one step from reaching it. Yet I never will. In my journeyl don't even find the familiar landmarks l used to know. Nothing is any longer the same. r Y I l -',wi.:-. ,QIQ l E1 1 l ! l i i Ti l ,l l l i . . . and I will leave. But the birds will stay, singing: and my garden will stay, with its green tree, with its water well. Many afternoons the skies will be blue and placid, and the bells in the belfry will chime, as they are chiming this very afternoon. 22 E l l fl The people who have loved me will pass away, and the town will burst anew every year. But my spirit will always wander nostalgic in the same recondite corner of my flowery garden. - Carlos Castaneda JOURNEY TO IXTLAN 1 as 4 IH z I

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