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' 1 1 4 4 a f' .2 t f . L I Y A x1 Ii . - I LV V , -I f l I 1 - , 'A' qv n 5 k X ., 'TL.:?,,'I ,W . -, .Q I . . fb 4 V nf' ' ' V: f' --"P i .arf mi'-12" .. .'.1'f- ' - -. . - '-L' f an 1' t ff 1:9-" ' ,- -:' A 4' , ' , -Efuri-T1-rg-. V ll ' - , . - , ' ' , , n. 5, -. .- ---' :Vx -'H-ff, --- P?- :-. f 1 . M: - -.mln , . V . Y I 11 1 viii!! if A .,,. . Y 5 ,,, A .. . . - --'ff -f - gr' 341+ S55 W f 1 gi.. J .g. . , ' 4- wi"-f'-..-Y ' A 'um -f-., N ' ' . ' I .,UTm,33J'-fl 3..laL:,2, f .isp In 121-.-:gnu-,,.,1,,. - , , 1-5-5,-Vfgffogh-,'f-5l,.x r' ' ' ips'-L' """- V, - ,A ,A . 5 , ,A 1 A ,., A 'iff lute bf 'Wrxwl ' I Qaida 'fy Zi luv ' - v -M - ' flXi'l' -'Q -. T Q4 2 -V Fl -A-1:-1--43-2 -4 lffif I ' ' 'J W "' Y 'fi iihkf'-iq vsii---'IRI'-N.. f if", u' J K ' - 5 E5 I -av A - -977' SLN, 4 ' 'P QJ fl 1 ' A ' f h 'H-K pl-' W: TV QQ-'f-.-rm- fr-1. 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Y I fig' A . :1xr. V. 5 I' - Q ,V .X ,, ' ., V, if: 'jyp-Q G - , ' 'f -'-fp:-" ' . 11-1:-'H-'. ' 2' 9" 2 - - ' ' lj. :Flip 31 , f LW- - ,' ,xi ,' Y: , -Q' -RfS- R,-,, ,rr "- N .,g- if -A x , f n - lg "--:nf-:L X.-:Fr rv9.::f--24 -' 5-.1,,,,rg' - ' " P' -Q -ff. i--Q Q, ' Vitlxwiw-1'-Q life 1 - ies--f -'--"fe ' ' - i '- , .- W 4 ' f..,v '. -- fa' ' ,I nj., - A.: 1 A:1"P!lAafi7'23'i""" '25 ' .1 1. "'f'- Vp' - ' - '22 wa V- 4 ff-a -ff W ef--'Sv ' ' - . ' f'-I a".,',:.x ' 1 f' 'F-i ':':L'I"J f'-- 7" 5 '91 Z--U, .- . iv'-x"',. -., " 'mf X '-'N ' R ' M-ri 1 . '-Njmw'-.,g'-,, ' '- "I 0 ' -Q-q,4,i"W 1, .. L., - qw--,-,,, , - Q ,qs I .,,, ,.q,-,,,- rs- g , Q wt ,.-. fffzim ' - , ,.f-'--'- - fp- ' W, 3 , ,,: ' ..Q'f ,, , , 1 fi. ' T' ' '.-"1I"- 'F 4 'ff 1-ali -.vii ,-K.. I' 4 'T ' ,K-'lL'4Q" I 3f:.,,4-. "' 1- '- ' ,' 'C ., 5 ,,,,,.' l "'4pN::y',1-iff' ' ,-- ' ' 'H - I i - - ,-. fm , 1 ,..:,,-.,,. '-- , ,. 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Q .Hn V4 .,,, , ,A , 14,4 ., W l A af.. . 51 ' . -"P ' - -I 1' R ' - X" .H-k3P5l,-"F'Wy1fq-- . -'--'V-.JH-f.r"..,3igw c?-1:-' -1' - 'H 1.--ew-!"' - ', 1 - 4 , f -L.-1 1. , 1 , ,- v --Y., Au ,v.,, . ig-, rg.-x 1 , W -L up. 1 A . .. -44, -, ,I , Y .- ,-,,-g,-,1-- QQ.:-gk- : I, fb, -, 0- N P - -4 , ...wx -V. ..-. Q - V" ' 'f Q' L Lg' " 'L - Q' 53-. , -'N' '-' ' "'1'3RAY.,F?!'l' ,, , All V. V . W , . H A . M 'A . .nl -,:. . .,4L4T:IL., SP- ,Q ,, Sgqpiq ,1M,,,.n,-,. .ij I K ,. . ,-L -g5T.1fgi.,--vf-:sn Z.. -1 ' "' ' , ' . " x '-" qs , , I vi 1 5 A' -Y , A Q, . N X- .mn - ' Q "' ' ' v :gf I vs y-. It 2 - .- .Ll A x E l ..4 -f.. 'x I I . 4 , ,L " G- . 1 FN" , ' 'E3,.pp-ff - .4. 19 2 PLAI SM THE 50th VOLUME OF THE YEARBOOK OF NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY LINCOLN, XEY ' SS W ?' 4 W ' P120 CHQISTO er ECCLESUK ll MDCCC Lyfjbh ll!-K 2 t-11 UU SU DP in W P xlXXnxxxxxsS" gxxxxx :'6. H , : "v f "6 , C , 'Q I Q05 fm 9 2 3 1 f- G ai , 1 A 51 , Q I4 S 5 1' X : iq' i "u 5 A X Q.. x 99,8 Nwxxxxxx 0' Page 2 mn 1 I l At the turn of the century Nebraska Wesleyan University published the first volume of the Plainsman, then known as the Sunflower. Since that time Nebraska Wesleyan has grown and flourished. It is the hope of the staff that the pictorial review which follows will reflect the life and progress of our University in its fullest and most representative aspects. We have tried to recapture in every page images and incidents which will blend with the fondest of our recollections as we broaden the span of our years. It is our aim that the Plainsman will reflect the growth of this school year and that it will capture and preserve a picture of Nebraska Wesleyan, 1952. University Activities Athletics Honoraries Fraternities Life . Advertising Contents Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 3 Page 4 We dedicate this Plainsman t W l Deans, the faculty, the students and the alum o es eyan-to the Chancellor, the ni-to those who are with us now, those who have ffone b f cl be coming. D e ore, an to those who shall The Yellow And The Bro n Come, let us raise our voices In one triumphant strain To praise our Alma Mater, Her glories tell again, Her emblem is the sunflow'r That o'er the land abounds, You can't forget her colors, They,re the Yellow and the Brown. We soon must yield our places To mightier ones than we, And go forth in life's battles To be what we may beg And when our hearts grow weary, With care our hearts bowed down, We'll think of days at Wesleyan, ,Neath the Yellow and the Brown. Oh, her emblem is the sunflow'r That Ofer the land abounds, You can't forget her colors, They're the Yellow and the Brown.. Page 5 u 4 QV ' ' x I I I rj f U C' ' 56 L, C., x x I ,-x.J C. C. White Memorial Building 'nr swf , "Epi,-. y 'fm J wx. Wm, --YH .. A K xv ,Q M' 4,1-sxff.-fW,,,,,W ' H" f W -wwe? M K , , Old Main -- . ,- ' ",T'1H'9 '!?:i"Y'5"'?'4T"9"7, 111 - . ,. , f . .., , EI , , A i 'V A V 'U 2""-"3-""i' ' ' Vawfswg- ,V 'V - .,.. .. -..r-Q.. lf 1 4- F .. 1 .I I 1 . I ,.,..,. 1 ,.,, un. . M , I -, ., .... vw- Q-.- -wi 1 . 'Q - -A . fL"'f1E' K' .2 ' WJ, . t , . f - , ., A. -. , , Van Fleet Science Hall ?"'!"Y" Illlln Johnson Residence Hall 'Y 1. 51.14. 10414-9 JJ ll If , gy, ' ms My H .M H MEM mamma mfwfi' we M. 1- J. .L 3. , . Sgr A r' ..L, . "" ' ' .Ri nw , 'lr ,-' Eu-4' .yu '. ,Wg aq- G 'Q 'Q' im." - rl 4. 25: "5 . 4.4, - 3 .iw , - 1 M' FW 1 - 1 . 1-.e vi gk iw ,, . .. -. 4' 1 -, -. ?g. . .V ,E ,N M -..L gf.- 5.. f ," ,1 1, 99' .J I r f 5,61 Yip' 1 3- ? 1 -1. is .11 v . 5 VA V, vla- 5.4, 1 7-. sq, my v, iii, 0 . .u.WH fp? if NG: 'L .5 fh- ' L L --,,,-, ,sq vw-Q ,rv '4' 9 'R +5 F: .n 0 ni-an 'S Hh- 'vl ' A . s. ' ,, H' , . ,zy- 2'-T 33 RP.. , A MR.. J". , :m,.x,"f , ff " ' ,+--vm , A .- it ' .', . zvkkdm . .,'11f' .ws QA.: W'fxf1.7:r '41 1 .Ii Q Ng. - ihxygj ll ,Vg w A .L,'s',. .4 4 Q-vw 'mf P ly ,, 5?:g,a . Q Y, Q r f . -if sm.-xNaf?Jg2?'aKi M- iz., .H 4'4iF4g3gh ,wa n -4-111 I ' ' 'wma Q t . 5- J-4 ofhgi, ' x ,ru ,V N34 AO -'L ' ,Ai-1 uw I 1 , .-R.'L- ff 9, -4..,,, 5' Chancellor Carl C. Bracy finds his duties as Chancellor of Wesleyan University a most fascinating job. He feels responsible for the total Wesleyan program and sees his responsibility in terms of the institution. His main interest is his family-his wife and three children. - His favorite pastimes are his music and poetry. Any spare time he has is taken up by speaking engagements, attending an occasional symphony, and keeping up on his reading. ,. ,::,' ' , '5..',.: ..: ,.: M ' ' : X A N y of Chancellor Bracy. Assistant to Chancellor Virgil Welch's activities as Assistant to the Chancellor are mainly "off" campus, but when at home his hobby is photography followed by an avid interest in football. His principal job for the University is traveling through- out the state raising funds and promoting good will. He enjoys meeting people and making friends for Wesleyan. Perhaps his biggest pleasure is his grandchildren with whom he is "tops". This white stucco house at 4929 Huntington is the home Dean Of Campu Golf and gardening are the favorite pastimes of Leland Forrest, Dean of Campus. He also enjoys fishing providing there is a hot fire and a good soft mattress awaiting his return. The most enjoyable aspect of his job is directing the students,curriculum to fit their individual personalities and reach their goals in life. He interprets education as a challenge for living and believes "that the sheer joy of learning and living go hand in hand". "2 K asf, .,....-v Dean 0i en Contrary to popular opinion, Clinton B. Cass, Dean of Men and professor of mathematics, is human after all. He finds that one of the most interesting aspects of his work as Dean of Men is just sitting down and talking things over with the fellows. Besides golf and hockey. photography rates high on the Dean's list of recreations. He has a secret ambition to take pictures of the faculty when they are "off guard". saws .ss fu. H. za os, all 2 .t wat: - ' 5' ' -. , I 4 J '- ef. tiff " ' utilise E ft -,V-Q Dean 0E omen Contacts with interesting people, such as students and other associates, constitute the most interesting part of the work of Miss Ethel M. Johnson, Dean of Women and assistant professor of English. In her free time, she likes to travel and "take in" movies. One of the most disagreeable phases of her job is "having to say 'no' to people who want unreasonable per- missionsil, l 'uf' A SJ BARRINGER BARTLEY BENNETT GRAHAM ANDREW BARRINGER, A.B., A.M Ph D Charles L. Noyes Professor History JAMES EARL BARTLEY, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Economics and Busmess Administration OSCAR PORTER BENNETT, B.F.A., A.M. Director of Musicg Professor of Voice ETHOL LANGDON BISHOP, A.B., B.L.S. Librarian ETHELVLOUISE BOOTH, A.B., A.M. Professor of English CLARA REISLAND BRANDT, A.B., A.M. Director of Health KATHERINE PIAZZA BROWN, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages GLENN CALLEN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Political Science and Sociology NETTIE M. CLARK, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of Education VICENTE A. COLON, A.B., A.M. Director of Admissions MAMIE ELLEN CORNS, B.S., in ED., Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration ROY W. DEAL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology LESTER W. DOOLEY, Field Representative BETTY EBERHART, Head Resident, Johnson Hall JOHN EVANS, B.M., B.S., in Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of English WALTER R. FRENCH, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physics DOOLEY EBERHART CALLEN ,. W s-s-.,,..Q?.135.,- COLON CORNS fr- DEAL . EYANSL , WHEHSH-, if Qs 1 1"Nfr ,L,,. , ab .iZ'71.' ' ' I GRAYSON HALBERT HOFFMAN K x A v- If HOLDING JENSEN .I N ' -S35 I . 5 I J , - :f,x if-f at if . . E , D Q I , if x ut V' .Y lx if-r , L Sr .- , ft , K , It 1 If Ju' ' JOHNSON KELLY .rw l 1- l':'1'Il"I lqfgsfiggeg 1 we I i UTS HEINLEIN H1355 JOHN GRAYSON, AB. Instructor in Physical Education and Basket- ball Coach BERNICE NAOMI HALBERT, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of English JULIA HEIL HEINLEIN, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology FRED C. HESS, A.B. Director of Public Relations ENID MILLER HOFFMAN, B.L., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Speech MARY LOUISE HOLDING, B.E., B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Voice JOHN CHRISTIAN JENSEN, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Astronomy EARL JOHNSON Instructor in Physical Education ARTHELL KELLY Professor of Geography 1 ffm iww in - 4 x QQQTIQQH PAUL W. LEBAR, A.B., A.M. in Mus., A.A.G.O. H Associate Professor of Pipe Organ and Theory of Music GRACE EVELYN LENFEST, A.B., M.L.S. Assistant Librarian MARGARET SNODGRASS LINDGREN, B. Mus. Instructor in Piano HUBER A. LUDWIG, A.B., A.M. Professor of 'Chemistry ' HELEN LUSCI-IEI Registrar GLADYS MARIE LUX, B.F.A., A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of Art MARIE MANCOLD, A.B. Physical Education for Women RALPH MERTON MARRS, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education - m in s ,.... sf 'I , fi rr fi f Q4 it it 1 in fr y it 5 W p Q I r R , i F gsir H " 'W .. .f:'Q.f..:Ifiai1f'-'- 1'3" as ' if is gif' ' - H it ,sn ' K S W5 as m si E 5 4 if 2 'hs H X H E I is ., E is mu is I Fix is in sr v n m r x 3. E W- s S it M1 LE BAR T' an-ggr' -it LEWIS E. MATTINGLY, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. LINDGREN LUDWIG Associate Professor of Religion - fii3iQs EV A' , 4 QHQQQQ new gggsss LUSCHEI PF' ""i'iff:' LUX MANGOLD -MARRS MATTINGLY -L ilbx 1 xv 3-lf. MICKEY MULLER PERISHO ROBERTSON ROSENTRATER SCOTT Y SEDERBURG K .- MURRISH PAULSON DAVID H. MICKEY, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History ELSIE A. MULLER, QMRSJ Assistant Treasurer WALTER MURRISH, A.B. in Ed., A.M. Associate Professor of Speech LEONARD E. PAULSON, B.F.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Public School Music and Voice CLARENCE R. PERISHO, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics ROY W. ROBERTSON, B.S. Director of Athletics and football coach. JOHN ROSENTRATER, A.B., A.M., Th.M., Th.D. Professor of Religion and Philosophy JAMES E. SCOTT. Jr.. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology MARION E. SEDERBURG, B.S., A.M. Associate Professor of Education SAMUEL BURDETTE SHIVELY, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Biology SHIVELY if T B :. H Q sms ' Nl ' s s s s 2 ms amass 5 N I ssmr f H H mai sais E MRS. NEILL SLACK Secretary to the Dean NEILL SLACK, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts ' I SLACK IMRSJ SLACK PAULINE MAY BELL SLONECKER, B.F.A., M.Mus. Associate Professor of Piano RALPH B. SMITH, B.S. H Superintendent of Building and Grounds , '-: - MARIETTA SNOW, A.B., A.M. ' - Professor of Modern Languages HARVEY M. SWIFT, A.B., B.S. in AGRI. ED.g . , , Erv- K E If -2 'M E K E K Associate Professor of Biology I Yuuzvuz I M.s. I EK JEAN COKELEY SWINBANK, A.B., B.E., A.M. "" M Instructor in Secretarial Science DALE H. WEEKS, A.B., A.M. Professor of Economics and Business Ad- ministration LEONA WILLIAMS, B.M.E. Secretary to the Chancellor SLONECKER SNOW SWIFT SWIN BA NK WEEKS SMITH WILLIAMS E H Henry Haye, Pre-Med student and Presi- dent of Theta Chi,enjoys a moment of re- laxation before hurrying to a "1ab." Page 20 l. 6? 'l l Gl on 0 x. is 4 I Phil Earl Allord Bob Allen William Bailey Riverton, Wyoming Lincoln Dmlglag Robert Bennett Dan George Bitner Long Bench. New Jersey Corllfvll Donald Bloom Lavawn Branz .lim Bridges Holdmge Gresham 0'N4-ill Shirley Buettgenbach John Calvert Gerald.Carlson Lincoln Pierce Nordvillc K S4 Bog. 'Hu .4 l l Ls gi' P, 30 Robert Carlson William Carriker Ken Cassell Waverly Curlinville, Illinois Edgar Gene Cederdahl Mona Lee Conover Wayne Courtney Lincoln Grant Gothenburg Shyrli Cramer Lincoln Lee Czapanskiy Lincoln Vern Crotinger Bison, Kansas Joe Dappen Lincoln 5? Helen Fleming Leavenworth. Kansas IU' - qs ,1 4' W If I .lx Marilyn Larson, President of Phi Mu, is caught by the cameraman as she studies on the steps of the Library. mms? : :ses-mf-M V E iii? , w- 11 Mimi- igi ifizrieifi x-fu 5 AS' 21 .-..- wa SW' is a . H mm A mv Wi' igwwi bw. is ew ' X Q-umm 'fi M 935 is xc :nm -wx as users wi an . : nn ,- M W . f aww: Tw me if .J F' gram is iii Ammo Growing a board for the annual "Bowery Party" of the Crescent Fraternity is President Don Spier. Page 22 Vic Fletcher Nebraska Cily t . 'Q Qi, , I, 1' I Q ' ' Q,,' L , g . Sl" Lishan Desta Bill Doran Howard DuBois Addis Ababa. Ethiopia Nnhuskn. Kansas Lincoln Hazel Edgerton Violet Ehrhart Cambridge Bayard George Ferris Don Finch Bob Fitch Archer Oshkosh Lincoln TOH1 Flight Elizaheih Frantz Kathryn Goliiammer Evefenv Mus- Goehner Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin K , 2 if fl' ' ' A 6' i '7 -- 1 'ar in xl' 1 T Q" c gli-:i'. i J - F U' , i . n an A 3 3 Q , " Q f Q" l n f'1 f ' , .. ,, ,. ii-J ,. " . Q. IQ' 5 , 9 ' W Milli ia' W . f"uH.', -P 'Pls ,J-sf T 3' lc- , Qhuizi so 1 M1751 Marge Gorst Bridgeport Dick Hanna Lynn Musa. Jackie Harrison Alliance Henry Haye Lyons , - 5, ' Il 1 H l :Lf :gg:q:2f.ixt . ,l ,4?L'W'l,'-" ' 'mit u' Arvwmat ll c9.flf3-".f - A ,jr .."'fifiP . 'Q spig- ,yr i"1"Q.'1'ffE' V ' ,FH , t 1 ' f Duane Grantski Lincoln .loan Harrington Bentrice Dick Hawley Republican Cily .lohn Hedges Central Cily L 'w J.. H -AQ' 1 ,LL Wh' -. l - - .,.,. , .. 'KJ W-:I-52 ' '4 :5:f.5:5:i:?i- Mary Louise Grimes LYIC Hanna Sc. Edward Lincoln Sara Harris Omnhn Bob Hensman Rcd Cloud X.. Taking time out for a cup of coffee be- tween classes is Beverly Urbom who is President of Willard sorority and active in Pi Kappa Delta and Cardinal Key. rx a V, in mn is Y an 53 X1 ws -xi m A V-sf E H N' 655 at -i,am-,using M u r m ' t is if in Q Q L , isis H ' N15 mm . x N' mei. iq 1 ' 2 To B N if E, is - H i 1 1 , ,, 5 2 4 g?rW:..' 2 u -at ag. 1 ,' -Q w-K is vi L H :- i is gn, Kenny Rogers is caught relaxing at a game of pool between his duties as Presi- dent of IRC and Blue Key. Wesley Johnson Saronville , f N ,V " 5 Eg , , i 1 , pg. s f .... li- - A L .... -, Page 24 H Richard Inbody Linuoln Lois Johnson Polk l Q 415 Norman Hesson Don Hickman Linunln Eve-roll, Sluss. Don Hull James Huston L'0nl"n Martell Dale Jarvis Atkinson Wally Joura Swanton v w Len Jeamhey Adams Dennis Kamano Honolulu. Hawaii Qin' 9' . -1 6 Darrel Kays Davenport, Washington Bob Larsen Garden Grove, Cnlif. Fred Loder Waverly Martin Luschei Lincoln I . I, 'r 'sau iQ:-.4 i Tom Keating Bcutrire Marilyn Larson Bellevue Dennis Logan Springview Harriet Lutt Niobrnru l - li T' ' I " H .M 1 gg- :il- . 4 'LW i V 'Q-1 :awk-- g ,f'Xe . 303.0 i Jane Kotouc Humboldt Marian Lepp Lincoln Philip Marsh Archer KX , -f'.- . 5 QQ5 r 1' '-5' l .gf bv E Shirley Ladine Sidney dentgcalms her QJ Marge Gorst, Panliellenic Council Presi- nerves witlrmusic. 'Wi- J , flux 1, -emu flwiwig. if 4 'TSQ' 1vi4 , Inu 1 Y ' lie I 1:11 W' w 'Wlmg,' "H a t 'I1 I inn"rv'mmnm 1- 5:1- lpn any- ,,,t,,,w,, N Ilia. 'nm- 'tg is as E w dv? Q fi ,JE.lf..r. Y H, .kgs xx ' nl- mesa: me L ss th, V ., ' 1 Iii, Coming from a music lesson is Alpha Gam President, Beth Finecy. Page Z6 Ronald Massie Blue Springs Dolores Nerud Dorchester Jeannine Oliver North Plalte 4-s Q Lid Kassa Michael Addis Abulm. Ethiopia Lee' Morgan Cordon Donald Niehaus Lincoln Charles Phillips Lincoln ' v Boyd Moline Los Angeles, Calif Robert Munkres Broadwater Ray Nuetzman Columbus .lean Poyer Grand Island L - Q 3 A A L if f.,'- P l . V " S M' 1 " Lv, - V A , f ' mg, gf' 5 " Clarice Rager Kathleen Roberts Gonlun Linvnln Philip Rosene Betty Rosene l.in4:uln Oxlcll Carl Sasse Cordon Don Schreiner Cook Gp .rw i Milton Schmidt Lincoln Mary Scovill Grand Island ?' ,7 , H ., .us A X i A 'iv , l 'I' ir..- Sunday Services at the Brainard Metho- dist Church have helped lo make a busy college life for YM President, Ray Nuetz- Carl Roemmick Kenneth Rogers UHCUIU Tampa, Florida Bob Sabin Lincoln IXXSIL. Dale Smith -.Z ..,. A. ..,., ,. . , V. . Lincoln l l l as ,1 'i. it l M is Conducting an experiment in the chemis- try lab is pre-med student Tom Waring who is editor of the Wesleyan Directory. Page 28 Hatsuko Tani Kaaawa, Oahu, Hawaii Margaret Stone Lincoln Melvin TeKolste Hickman 1 ,. '91 W" iv- f 1 u ,I i .jp Bill Smith Dwight Smith Lifwvln Fnixs City HUTY SOPGY Don Speir Everett, Mass. Lincoln Helena Stroll Lincoln Atnafie Temtemie Addis Allahu, Ethiopia Delores Sugden Burr Cleo TeSelle Lincoln . it Z ,ci . Y we 59" ' W Ja iqvgfvz 'Z' ,W M r r . y an is -N -.r , V , , V , I , l ' I, , A M X, V 'J , , 1 . A 'ff .fur 5-: ga all A Q- l 1 df' W' - - ir- t X t , r X -- . Q 1 m 4: ' I N, V, V 1 r 4 I V A- P ' l Beverly Urbom Lewis Walker Norman Walters Arnpnhuo Linrnln Fort Svull, Kansas Keith Westcrlin Elton Weston Irving WCSYUH Overton Gibbon Gibbon Dick Whitaker Liurfoln Dorothy Witte York Bob Whited Norfolk Wayne Zlomke Ord ,t ty iq 411 u 'if , l Pointing to the emblem of the Theta Al- pha Phi organization is President Phil Jackman. wr 4 . qv 9- U' .A 3. N ' Li. i W 1,-n. 1, VIV. A, ty ' i if X 1 Lynelle Adams lllmlrid Marjorie Anthony Using the telephone in Old Main is Phi Omaha Tau "prexy" Dick Gentry who is also ac- tive in IRC and the HY". Donna Benton Glen Boerrigter Wayne Brown Lincoln Hickman Redwoods City, Calif. Joanne Crossfield Betty Davis Colelle DiSSm0TC Omaha Lincoln Sidney' ' 5' 1 N A l D' ' 0 V X VL: V. 4. . ey I Y 765 , ' - -:-:-: t , H y , 2. V ,xx 'I , ,4 - il Q Y H W W rljfm I xi ,F P- . ,T-1. ff -, vb f 'i "' ' E W . " 'L xi' . D' D xl , ,H 'i l ,. . j wx e . 3 -af' L I 5 W: 3 Q My R Q -or ns. ,w..,- J ,D e ,D , Lloyd Carlson Cuzud Barbara Dorsey Lincoln M4 , W- I fv- A f I x ' 5'-cv i" VN Q' I-If-Z Shirley Alexander Don nu u Ouklunnl North Platte B111 Beeney Wayne Slunlun Wendell Carriker Harvard Marcia Duey Chester ' '53 1 ' 1 f f s 9 . . A u 1: urn Beverly Lincoln Don. F Lincoln xii i TB . ,, lifg ks i. f , A :G 'Q' Q 6 - V xg AB , - "'-sis' 2. 'Tm lil? - 4 -, x A I , . 1 , 'F - I li qw mv.. 1,3 gi- ,--.J hy' 'wif if' i .Ji X:-. .1 Q l Farmer Freburg Godbey M lford Gruber Lexington 'S Beth Finecy Carol Fisher Roger Fosbender Sutherland Superior Shelby Robert Fry Kathryn Garrett Donald GBUJI1 Windsor, Colo. Lincoln Bayard Richard Graczyk Jerald Griess Lincoln SIIUOD Gene Grueber Barbara Lea Grundman Bryon Nebraska City 1 . V... -. , 5' 'X Y 5. Bonnie Frazier Fairm ont Dick Gentry Gering Playing a fast game of ping pong in the Student Union is Barb President, Joe Housh. ' 4.4. : 4 ,sh ,I .. 4 :gh fu-v-'X 2,1 13 n nnnn ,o givin :lu -:Q q....f- J: 'Q l - in ,Q 1- i -n -Q . . in fl-'if,f??.1 If I ,L W . W fi ix A " Q ..., " ':' , ul .J K Fi X il HE rx A :-' i ' i:" i 'N' fm ' ,W lf? ...-... , V 1 gl 'f 15 ,wg v ,K 'lgs A , lik V . li A Y Y , -Vx' ' ", I fa 'X " 4 M . if ':' ,,1 "".'. " sexi -l z ,1 W f ,aft L I 1 N I " FsLg.'L-effgh K l Guy Harris HCFIUHU Hfrisc Mark Hill O'Ncill Rosalie Bcvvrly, Mass. Joe Housh Richard Hulquist Marilyn Hunkins ,Y Brock Wilcox Columbus Promoting school spirit is the job of Pep Club President, Lois Iverson Lois Iverson Phil Jackman Neva Kahl Paul Kang John Kimball Bassett Burl Kreps Riverton. Wyoming K- Norfolk Bob Kropp Eagle gmf. n . 5, . Big Springs Bob Kuester Clarkson bv- Us f A In ,. x 1,-1- lgigig 4:-1 Q V x. Seoul, Korea Sheila Link Ravenna 1' Q K 3- J 1 5 X' v r A I Plallsmoulh Jerry Luce Scutlsbluff S: AC" E, s S 51' Page 32 Us 'LN 1.5" QM is 1 .munim'Sms Dale Luther Ottawa Illinois lctor Marqunrdt Ewing ary Moore Iarlell ul Obermeyer mcoln SRS -1,- Z' X10-Q' Viv Surf yn I 'R C K 1 1 iii Q 1 1 QQ' 'ff -Q15 Marian McCone Albion Don Maxwell Nnrlh Bend Barbara Nelson Lewcilen Dwight Ohs Friend i i Q M Joyce McCosh Mary Lou Magonan Bonnie M Gering Lincoln Coznd Connie Merritt Robert Mluer Ted Miller Altnmonte Springs Florida Dame, Colorado Fullerton Alice Nisley Bennet Dorothy Osborn Sid ncv 'if' . ,Sam I , ' if ,. it I . Q nu. 'Q le. 1 x c W 'fm 1 R 5, U ' . 1 w' ' +1 V A ' . I 4 . I A 154' N' 1 H' 5' xl I QL A , , A ' 'Elf Vgjf ll q ": '1 . n td ir , X "' 'zz 1' -- 1 N x,' 'h win nr' ?' A 5 L- .A 'I N ,. H, . - 1 k Its a great life lf you dont wea en" says junior class president, Burl Kreps, as he plays a fast game of tennis. Sylvia Slater Omaha Del Roper Fairmont Joan Smith Shelby nur- -i' "' , Shirley Ruby Gibbon Marilyn .lo Smith Auburn if Pat Panghorn Beatrice Merton Quaife Eustis Martha Sage Omaha Arlene Stetina. Fairmont 1 !X f U' --an 16 41: Page 34 lf., 3 1 lx-,JA Marjorie Peters Nebraska City Roger Rhodes Arapahoe Ellen Satterfield Lincoln Francis Stewart Nelson J i r , J. ' I' fiffqy 1 I AAA 1 Sandra Peterson Lincoln Mylus Robison Cozad Carol Scrimsher Talmage Mary Lee Story Sidney 'E l F , J ,.,.,,-7, W Q X H7 i Rex Touzalin William Tucker Linvuln North Plane Evelyn Wnclclell Rlllll WHIHS'uln Svnllslvluff Wayne Wiegcrt Gruml lsluml Henry Yamaliiro llunululu Bob Wilham Luc-unin, New Hampshire Nancy Young Lim-uln i f' l il w ll 'sy' l ' Don Unvert Superior Tom Waring Stnnlnn Fred Winters WL-stern Carol Youngson Minxlz-n x , 1 ll - - J I Fig - l il l . - I Q ' 1 5 r ,La -fr. Kathleen Ackels Page 36 "Is that camera snow proof?" asks sopho- more class president, Don Allely. 55 S122 Murleen Barnes Kilgore Peggy Berger Colhenburrl rs smear Jwa me rn 1 was ms is I 1, rr ,sl km , Lincoln fx X- Don Allely 'I'ekunmlx Rosina Ammon Bassett Janice Anderson , , Puller 'E' ' ' l l u T, ' x J ,-' , 1' . Joyce Anderson Beaver Crossing Sid Anderson Lincoln Arlene Armstrong Broken Bow Roland Barron Lincoln Keith Berryman Cnzad Ann Baumgartner McCook Rex Bevins Cerlur llupirls I W QS if 1 P' -. .lean Beck Duculur Frank Bock in-lla cm- -- KN r .J V lb- G 'L : 1' K K l my Y Marilyn Beeney Slunlml LeRoy Borders Klnllvn YW President Ruth Wallis, takes advantage of the beautiful sprlng day to new the campus . 'Q i' ' S 1 l f Q, it '- lu- 'nr K :., .. .,.5- :iz :S A' fr NF : .A .,.,.,. iii' w . fy l 'V .za 1 2 2-i,r,.f1 Ciao I H ,up ,QI 1251 af' glfii g aggaew , , ' ' ,wgw es..f..,. f " ' V M r5rfre'aQ"' 3 9- V w Y iw W 2 ln " h s .4 sl in 'ww Burney Bouslough Bennelta Brooks Howard Brooks Frank Burden Janet Burkhardt W.nn Linens City, Krnums York Lincoln Norfolk Sallie Butler Gretchen Calvert Bob Cameron Erwin Carlson Bob Cecil Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Cyrus Choy Hnnoluln Don Christensen Chappell Ray Converse Lincoln Madelyn Coulter fx Bridgeport 'EV Richard Crone Beatrice Ron Cutler Elsie , t Bob Deems Lincoln Olha Dibert Kiev, Ukraine l l 1 Going down to the "Vill" is Tau Beta Sigma President, Lois Johnson. Page 38 Jerry Fauss H no pl-r Dorothy Gallagher Omaha Leslie Drake Alvo Cal Dunten Lincoln Victor Dye Rnsnlic George Edgar Norlulk Dale Ellsworth Lincoln Marlene Fallbec Allluncc . F' ,I K ii i r Y , W I - A , j gr U ff- k H r i IZ: -4' - . if :ft l I ' 2. ij A ' Iris Ferris Shirley Flanagin Velma Foth Arrller Bnrtluy Ord Marilee Gallion Lyndell Gerbeling Shirley Glebe Chester Nom Western was Pam E mmm 1' , ,E tm Thelma Funayama Haiku. Maui. Hawaii Archie Gustafson Lincoln I M - 759 ,,. G- on QL- E l ls -I 1 4-' . . . H i, JoAnn Hagemeister Patsy Hugemeister lmucr l'uttur Nancy Hamm Jean Hanson Wnml Luke Ouklallll 5 9 'S , fl l . A XV' 'tile . M 5- . ',,'!, I ... SN Betty Halterman llullcvllu: Bob Hanson Yullcv Betsey Hines Lincoln Vic Hoggins Ncliglx Mack Hunt Lincoln Beth Jansen North Bend Joan Jarvis Atkinson Bob Jeambey Lillvnln Bill Jenkins l'lunlbolrlt .44 ,-as-7 ffl 'Kula' , Georgia Hamilton Edna Hampton Gum-va Gmini-' Ned Hedges Janet Heileman lit-nlml City Lgnculn Improving upon the Einstein theory Pi Sigma President, Bill Tucker: 1- 2? W is Sigma 3 Pre-law student, Kathy Garrett, starts out bright and early to sell advertising for the Plainsman. Page 40 Marilyn Kent Margaret Knabe Connie .lohnson Wllrtrrxnn Janice L. Johnson Davenport Janice V. Johnson Lincoln Joan Johnson Falls City Muriel Joy Lincoln Barbara Kastner Alliance Katherine Lewis Table Rock Nehawka Grant Sally Lieurance Jim Lightbody Jo Ann Lind Lincnln Nebraska City Pnlk ' 1? - ., " H ,X H W la .. ' mag .L 5KmQm f I I r p , N .. X, N 5' ,ss fu." vm 3 'Dy A,.g , X V' 1 Sv- " V Y .1 1 if-L A fi -2 X sf . ilk-I 1 Qs K K x 1 A v gl . Larry Lewis Valley Duane Lipe Lincoln I l, u U- .si Sally Lewis Cozad Dave Love Hanna, Wyoming ' 4: 5- vi i Wi? f r 5. 1, 'en 1 in i 5 mi T Qu:- is Q A K V ii' , - l vi I V WMU bi B is is as was EE mu we , I, t f 4 .IX if-X QL? ,V .lane Lowe Rosemary Lucke Elizabeth Luginbill Joan Luschei William Lutes Lnnculn Lincoln Humboldt Lincoln Stapleton Yvonne Lycan Robert McBride Sue McClelland Warren McGrew Ruth McIntyre Omaha Minden Norfolk Allinnuc Cook Joe McKee Franklin Lottie Lee McLean Benedict . Giving his undivided. support. to. the school is Senior Class President, Don Hull. James Mabie Itassru ii if in E Pe Zgee xg H K- - rv mm 5, H six Rosemary Manning ,Wersi M ter Central City f L i HL' 'Nm 6- ' 1 l . A l ,m -f' Gordon Marts Nc-lirankn City Bonnie Meisinger Plnllsmonth Beth Mendenhall Elmwood Peggy Metzger Longmont, Culnrnrlo , if .., at L -a V' ve sv .Q 5 if -Ugfifwws H Q fum ff E s ' 5 iv 4 A is we im A:Rh We ., wk ,ui ,ss Xf- sn- st 1-M we , gn e in it me wgsw xsizggzirnwn sz ,Eglin fwgreri .X esmmwe mqgfm- jfsv magnum B if se s 1 mix in is H s is W is Wash 'X if M H E H me-vp -N ia 1 r it .. if X " 2f,,H,,51fi"'lwaif5Y'i' , W ,edugxlmes - x mms B . is sg-Emir Page 42 cult maxi rr. .J .,- ws ' s mal? 'W -,EL ms B r w lm H x , . gy- we P- was Don Hickman, business manager for the Wesleyan, calls "the city" about some ad- vertising. li so e Scott Moore Wood River Lila. Oehlerking Elm wood Jerry Morton Bassett Dayton Olson Big Springs Evalyn Mickel Omaha Wayne Miles Lincoln Doris Miller Columbus J im Moeller Valle y Lois Montgomery Bushnell Marian Moomey Fremont Mary Myers York Harriet Palmateer C rest un f-1 fs. N L Ag Y Q QI,-. l ill F , , gs-Jr - .S .1 'TE 'fr' 7 . 495 " U if f I Q- as 5 X D U XLIYQ ff 'rr -R I .M 75' . f 4 - f s -Q V V A 1 I K ' I Dick Nagele Margaret Norris Lincoln Hultlrvgc Joanne Parker George Patterson Superior Fairmont ,R 1, -fr 5, . if-5. I , F4 ' sf 'um M . Aw- "Re 2 X - gl .U , ra.,,.wLM..r. 11 ,,,.,..., .,,.:.,. ls... T5-..:,.., -C N fin as- - E we 'C - ref J ,.,.f 2. . N W2 Marge Paustian Janet Pearson Dale Price Vivienne M. Prieiert Norman Priest Lincoln Nonh Platte Hemingford Fuirmunl Hnrrison Maxine Radin Jerry Rainforlh Bob Rasmusen Claryce Roberts Rogene Rogers Ven, Bench, F101-id, Tehmah Sm-ollsbluff Dorchester Ord - E? Q . , . 1 I A Yi.. Harold Rosenau Geneva Norma Rowley Alliance Rex Sample Sidney Mary Jo Sandsted Hu mboldl Delores Ann Scattergood Eagle J im Schlichtemier Scot! :bl u ff Brooks Schuelke Alva Blue-eyed, aubum haired Mona Conover looks mighty happy as she turns in the last. pages of the 1952 Plainsman. Dick Lewis, president of the freshman class, seems to be enjoying Nebraska Wesleyan DCWS. Page 44 l LeRoy Seng fr as ll Lincoln th- N .loan Shaw xl 1 Busan-ll Wnlthill T Sara Lee Slosson fm- Dick Smith Lincoln -I-.mmm George Stephens gt Lincoln A X fi an ' V . yi , I X- A l ' Q Jack Sterkel 'L' 4 zlz Lincoln , ' '. l- Q' I, M . fe Allen Stonecypher Nancy Stooker George Strait Virginia Struckman Lincoln Dunlmr Lincoln Burwell Dale Sundeen Gerry Swanson Wylene L. Swanstrom Mona Lee Timm Rex Touzalin Lincoln Duff Waverly .Eustis Lincoln if ,G-fl N A V7 .. if N Q.. 1: 3 H . .. X . . ii - j vim . X J, l-.L 'Emil ,.,. J f , ix A milf 4' 'N - - J, 'H' . I, I .,. e I '. ' "ff ' "- . 75' - ww so T LQ, ,Hgf I 1, f 11, A i I .ix . .x X I A, 5:5 V b 5133 Q: V ' 1 1 - Aug: ' N s. ' A ' msg . , . 1 ,,,, 35- , K '- w, 1. I' ..5,,Ig., 5 M " ' , 1 f Q Z K 4. V ' 'ii -I ,Qs -. U - v 3 Awfi M 8, 5 5, mn- 'f- , be-Lf 1 "kr 1 : ' .Mfr U ' A ' iii.. Q J. .til I It , .. T' I . , . Ep X ix- , Virginia Trail Jeancnne Uhrig Dale Unvert Marilyn Van Nostrand Naegeli Von Bergen McCook llcminulunl Suucriur Bencdgug Linuuln Don Walden Sherrill Waldo Walter E. Westrom Dave E. Williams Shclhy Gurdon Moscow, Illnhn Syracuse Serving as Psi Chi president is no snap, but ' Shryli Cramer still finds 'time 'for another G J' Dave Williams lnterest-lntramural off1c1at1ng. Q- Q- .Y Springfield, Mnsnuuri ..,EIA y, E M....Q..i , ,, I, ' fn' .E W T51 6 , 3-.. Stan Williams North Plntlc Jean Ann Willms Coleridge Irving Wiltse Falls City Rollie Woodruff Lim: nln Tom Wright North Platte Q? were f '- sew, 'sem x yzxw L-ss m is H Ya A 'HEI .............. lElv H335 1-lar .-,: wV, i ELMUZ A. PRENOSIL 5 lYj.W"lim-5 is l- '0 'a 5l1.AssQesHf xs:-2 mf- -H 'ull ,' . F - A 5 , ' I ' , ii! 51 iam 1533 533255751520 ,-1-'wr K ww Ea-iw-. a , , , EH nql m may H- z 'EQWQEE A I 6 1 519 naman ,penny x I ll .. . -lf' w Lee Morgan, W club prexy, finds "Robbie' chair m1ghty nice. Sn Clifford Becker Chappell U i l Larry Abker Geneva .lim Adams Fairmont Lillian Alfiche Knhuku, Oahu, Hawaii Betty Alicata Honolulu, Hawaii Bill Allen Bassett Charles Andrews N 2 Omaha , ,H 5 Q W ff mmmagg Carlene Pearl Ang Lincoln Bruce Anspaugh Buffalo, Wyoming Geraldine Asp Holdrcge Glenna Benedict Bellwood an an .ff E V we li :.: N F ' A FQ 4 , 1, K ::::g:a.:.':5,55 :-,R Don Baldwin Creenwovnl Kent Berck Hastings cz: sl I gag? 1 - 7 iv B i, L f l 1 h 2 4 ia lY', I 'T. at 5 A' A 1 Q ' 'hr H -1 u' ' N l ,nf Y 4 - ' Y,,, ,- Q.-' i ls .,'gf','f 4. , i .::Qa1i5rE1lf,'gi 1' J V sa x. q ,J ' X, , A A "J I J :.: V John Bancroft Bruce Barger Lincoln Moline, Illinois Carol Ann Biba Don Boldebuck Exeter Lincoln E - , 1 2 'f 1 A 1 lf'1.L'i ii'-'Q ' f X lvl Su , A film ' R-nr Q ,l , ev' ' ,., A e .,.. as ' 'rm s':JS'E v , iii. 453 46 ,K Q if Uh 5 . Q' B 16:," ii, i Q .M y ,Q X J K ji . ,PV '-. g115aca',fa0 if '65 .N fu? 1 ' 42 Gi 4' , 0- . 14' X 3 K- nf" Marlene Bond Roger Brehm Carol Brown Nancy Brown Lualgcpolo Lincoln Parks Lincoln Lyle Buell Marvin Bures Jean Burger Donna Lee Buselcist Murtlouk Gcncvu Omaha Gretna 1 Joyce Carlson xx' V g 1 Slrnllan X . . X 4, I gin., 1, Eustorgio Castro fr r Pnnama, Ren. of Panama 1' . P . -. . fo. ' . gint 1 A F, .El if H' .fl ' nv' lil-U' i" - .1.'!:,f:5' .,--:::I 1 - ':: f:g:::'::::5f:g5 ..' ri", . -K ,pi 5 : 5, f:::g5:.-, : L w- ,-- .'.. .1 X . if fi 5 .ilifl U .1 Densil Christiansen Pender Cary Clifford Lincoln Donn Cline Lincoln John Clipson Silver City, Iowa Kathleen Coffey Blair Mary Lou Combs Aubum Q A 'ak 1 up 4,1 4 of... .,- , -4. ',' v 4.1, 4 f 5 -rx , di, X- 1 Bill Brown Tuckahoe, New York Earl Butrick Springfield. Missouri W.A.A. presidentf'Liz" Frantz, keeps up on rules and regulations of volley hall. Q., gg. mei 32555 'ik' v . u, Q2 M H. el F 1 W M 1 A 4 ii 1 Exam in we M a W .5 M W - 1 A in N it A L- .,g:?1CV ., Brig-5 iirapssfgiigryvf -' 1 , .iii f f ,vi -W " 3 - - f -0 'Size ,Hifi Q . ,i,.E5iR,iQHA I W ix rr '7 gg was 2 9 an rx my Q 4-5 Q ,f C ,- I I XSS " Q A 1-?,,,w"' X aa a igmaa -H i '-.axanfi , a. bf . M.-me a ufxm' -sagem'-if' F' qw fr Student senate president, Martin 3 :5EE,.?:.i added the Rotary Scholarship to his many honors. Page 48 Marve Evers Q Dunbar ...Meg .M 5: A , If Mr -Q, - . . A ,I 'Z :wr :mga 2: 3" 12.1 ' B I" '::: :.: ' :..4 Q Sl Q- 1. A I ii, ll 1 A' A Dorothy Mae Converse Lincoln Donna Crabb 0'Nei11 Diane Craig North Platte Willa Jo Cramer Chester Marvin Deal Lincoln Dorothy Dilldine Waverly Velma Dobrovolny Virgin Donna Doermg Alb: on oberta Donelson .lean Douglas Omaha John Fike Beatrice 4 'ps Rawlins Wyoming Charlene Flsher Sutton . A 6 51 ' xx L . xx SRX, Y , A X Bob Ely Fairmont Bill Frazier Fairmont g 3 W , gl In v .. Pr A .1 as Wave P XP , W . -w... , l I 4. . vi 3' ' f L .1 Fx lg ' 'o I 4 H rf mal wi I HE uma E 1 YS! ' Kathy Ericson Stromsburg Gwen Ganzel Nebraska City K' 154 93 f 1 ff' F, 2 U Walt Garner Sally Gillham Lincoln Blue Springs Warren Hanson John Harden Clny Center Sidney in M ' .f .sf ff. W - ,i.If 1 M, - "Ki gs l - v 1 Dwayne Goldsmith Lincoln Richard Harrington Lincoln ' John Havlicek Lincoln Jim Hertzel Lincoln I Nancy Hinman Elgin ' Paul Horner l Exeter Q . I Lewis Hunter Superior Don Huston North Platte Keith Iverson Basset! Jerry Jackson Allen , -s 1 ct .ir r 1 Shirlee Grohe Marie Han Fremont Fremont Homer Harrison Del Harsh Lincoln Bartley 4 ka 5 a x, J x f 1 , , I , I SOI1 Kappa Kappa Psi President, Joe Dappen, takes time to point out the location of other chapters of the honorary band fraternity. nw an so . is vw rss Eikw K. iz Q W H Yxrimmss wi ms hL:ai:ms,.s . W E it ggwr whim s-Kisser-wig i M Ulm M rm E EE N E mx E M R wwwsews awww W W 5 Wa fm- 'L ann: sl .. 5, z X an nn E zxffegm . J . Qmgggg as versus seine: S: A Rifle 1 1 tx .. H f' iw an nn an we i as , sm-vs 'aaa If new-E---EH Egtgzawaaag E V ss, N-gzraaaa me a mmm aaa s As Kappa Chi President, Herman Heise finds that his duties relate to those of his chosen profession. 1 Mildred Jahn 9- 1-4, Falla City ' . N S. Charles Jenkins l Greenwood Y, :z A - Wi: V, :jk 5 1 Richard Jennings Lincoln ' Bob .lewett at 'l Kearney I N if ,. " , " J. WH ,a,71,u5, f1l1'q,y,'fL"ngf fl , gi. s ' W Barbara Johnson Davenport George Johnson Lincoln Joan Johnson X ' Stromsburg Lester Johnson Madison 17 Verlyn Johnson Joyce Johnston Ron Keefer Phyllis Kilifm Bertrand Columbus Wahoo Lincoln Tom Kitchen Margaret Knight Margaret Ann Kring Jerrv Kroeger Dallas, Texas Lincoln Lexington David City K 'ff "tt 7 e . V , V lui L .' l t 5 0 -5' , , mf sz- - iii 'I U i. I ' I , - sl ,V 9 i 5 t o '-5 i it Raymond Kirk V 'N N 5 I wi H'-'Im -i A it , . , I , Ml ,U , gs. fp 'Q t ' , 4' X '1 1. 1 ' . 1, , V A 1 9 r :R AL 411, A j' t I' 'V' ' aa . nf X X ,x JN V 1'-f V A if ity, lv A. Page 50 ' ' " ' ' S "' 'al X sax . C-n gs. 5. , f L- , Y? , i sl T- L i l l itil K N- Joyce Koenig Elaine Krondak Marilyn Kyes Carol Ladine Mitchell I-'alla City Archer Sidney Bob Lawson Diane LeLa Chem' Cary Lemmon Robert Leslie David Cny Broken Bow Falla City Lincoln Jeanne Lindstrom Geneva Charles Linke Basset! Marilyn Linton Delton Peggy Litz Beane!! Dalene Livers Ashland Verla Livers South Bend Judith Larsen Dick Lewis Moline, Illinois 5.1595 ,-AQZM ifiri. ,qw Nw-wil Betty Manley Rosene, President of Wo- men's House Council and active in many other activities, still finds time to work at the library. Page 52 Lincoln Aileen Lowson Marlene Livingston , Syracuse 'I Douglas Lund Allen 1 Barbara Lutes , 5' Stapleton Don McCosh Gering ' Merle McDonald Murdock Allen McElravy David City I Monty McMahon Walden McNaught Tom Magorian Bill Maly Donna Martin Lincoln Pvlk Palisade Lincoln David City Virginia Martin Janice Massie Glendora Meese Bob Mellinger Dorothy Miille Lexington Friend Ashland Lincoln Lincoln ' - if " -,xx X i .K ,, , , . ' 2 . ' ' A . - M ' if - at ...fig se tags' b al E I at 88 - .,., .ggji-Ng 4: H V. -1 i ' W , t ' A fJ.4'. 'JM ,.: .. ' ia .V ,V " :, ' 2 ig-aging My H gm: 'tg 4 . ,V 4i.,y,- '5 muff'-Kms E ,' ' - v -. ' - 11 4 f. ix. A 5 , PL' f . .,1w,5 !, 1,5 v ff 4 127 io ffl? I4 1 'Gs g N ' 'tv -- N 5, -SE yd, ,W ,.. Q iv . 1 Q " ,I : --Il i i 'v -.X .. 4 . ' gr e j, ,H T A l - W ' r . , 1 I 5 ., 5141 ,Q Janice Miller Marian Miller Frank Mills Elmwood Davenport Mllrdvck Jeanette Moore Richard Morrissey Robert Mucltel Lincoln Lincoln Bloomington 47. -1 Q if 'il f L I 'fe , Erin Murphy Fort Scott, Kansas Delton Nannen Weeping Water Barbara Nay Ord Sanford Nelson Lincoln Vernon Nelson Raymond Gladys Newbury Norwich, Conecticu! Charles Norcn Superior 31: 'I ri., tif ,I Bruce Minteer Beverly Munson Lincoln Blair Billy Mueksch Jack Muckey Hay Springs Neligh Busily writing copy for the Wesleyan Sports Editor Donn Cline, who IS also the Assistant Editor. Doing some last minute proof reading is Marian Moomey, editor of the campus newspaper. Page 54 Richard Norris Avocu 9, -s Richard Odgers Powell, Wyoming l N .luanaley Oestmann Aubum Ronald Olson Moline. Illinois Arno Panicucci Moline, Illinois F3 Edwin Peters Nebraska City ,- n 'l Marylyn Phillips Nebraska City .laniver Pitcaithleb' Gerry Raymond Don Redenbo Lincoln Crawford Lincoln Blaine Rieke Aubyn Elaine Ritter Audrey Eloise Ritter Claudia Ritter Buflinglgn' laws Tilden Tilden Brock 2 ' PXXJK 9 If l ' ,. f f ' - 1 95 3. J s Q 5 Judith Richards Hubbell Betty Robinson Bellevue . xla, , J lylff l ,wo- Q- 4 X , I X Dalyce Ronnau Syracuse Chester Sautter Lincoln YW' 1 1 ,N the '1:' xv Q -'I -5' ,li E Gayle Rosecrans Carolyn Rudd Joyce Ruth Lenore Sandfort Lincoln Grand Island Rising City Hllmhdd! Frances Mac Schick Libby Schleiger Jean Schnuelle Elmwood Lincoln Bradshaw Melvin Schwenk Linculn Phyllis Seger 0'Neill Nancy Seng Beatrice J im Shaw Lincoln Hal Smith Auburn .lean Anne Smith Blair Leroy Smith ' ,A cibbon Giving her senior recital is DZ and Car- dinal Key president, Jackie Harrison. eff' ff :due . X .L .gf f f E.. , ., .. ,Mr M : WT, Eating a good hearty meal before leaving on a debate trip is Pi Kappa Delta President, Rex Sample. Page 56 Betty Softley Omaha Carl Spencer Lynch Joan Spencer 'Q Lincoln V JC, Lois Sporer wr - Murray V Q' . N. ' 4 I' 'F V i ,V ,. me ' , ' .. W ,gt Joan Stanford Geneva Vada Fae Steider . Shickley , , , r 'i Q 3,5 .., X I , 1 ,L t 1.1 Miriam Stevenson Gothenburg , fv- - x L .1 Darrell Stoddard Bill SIOYY Clayton Struthers Robert Suiter Nebraska CRY I-il1C0lIl Lincoln Hallam HHHSOII THYIUI' Glynda Thomas Roberta Thomson Beth Tuttle Demetrio C. Ung springfield' Miswmi I-JIICUID PIIIFIIYN North Platte Panama. Rep. of P 'R - . 5 1: - 'S' -d 1 . ' V235 ' - - lk. l n- L C T . .f t . 5. X T29 'aaa Cary Van Boening Rebecca Vande!-slice Richard Van Ness Glenice Velte Mildred Vrana Wallace Lincoln Lincoln Grant Malmo Ruby Vrana Tom WUUHCC Carolyn Weatherhogg Joan Westfall Malmo 4 Omaha Lincoln Raymond 6 qc: -sn.-.l I: rx fl 1 Don Wheeler Springfield, Missouri Gary Wiltse Grand Island Beverly Wi!! Shickley -956. Joanne Young an Lincoln Rosalie Zahn Syracuse N atala Zavrel it X. Omaha ,' Biu Zlomke N Central City Y mann Theatre and Art go hand in hand. Art club President, Rex Touzalin, puts the last touches on one of the flats on the Harvey set. K Melba Ballard Tatiana Budovich Bellevue Lincoln Marbaret Emrlch Gloria Emly Fairfield Allen John Klippenstein Friend Rebecca Schwinek Ncliglx I . i -l Q 1 GT ' W 6 i R. l N . giffjggi' in fix- . -f I ,J 1 l-4 - ' Y' .cixf if - l .. aff aE2?giELiE212E:',f135312: - " l , z-za.: fr - .-' , ,Y W Tom Calvert Vernon Ellie, Jr. Friend Allen Dean Gilman Helen Hirschfeld Amelia Benedict Ruth Ann Mclntosh Lincoln Betty Thurman Louisville if Cary Mussman Beatrice Lesley Upham Lincoln Qu, N, , ,i I? iw Glen Reed Wavexly .lim Wadlow Lincoln Q 5- 1 Ki K fs'- f 'Uh 'Q'- Elllvcnh ' 1- 16- 1 UC' if 4. There's more to the atom than meets the eye. Don Carter rearrangcs some atoms to supply "'Lizal:oeth" with a doll. Charles Boyle Kimball Katherine Mae Buerstetta. Lincoln Donald Carter Lincoln La Veeda Connerley North Bend Delores 'Deryke Lincoln Fred Gardner Weeping Water Harvey Gadeken Ncligh Byron Haines Chicago, Illinois Ruth Licking Lincoln . Cu A- 1 If Q sswng -:ssg'ginE?f2f - V, sL5.45,, 01.53-w fxafu A Cd games. , 2 9. F I v m E N11 J . gf Q9 The Pride Oi The Plain men Band Page 62 Throughout the year the band of NWU is but one part of the music program offered to students. The instrumental program this year has been confined to the march- ing band for football games and pep band for the basketball games. For the first time in several years there has been no spring tour. Ewa s mi ygmysw Natala Zavrel, natlonal baton champlon, pre- ss ms s K E mw31s3 2Q?srgagg?geF?g f n E W HEBREW s angie! masse. sm- aa- ?w5n-as mum Y Legg Hfissx we Mises: W :W sg Wy,-fglsfmee mme a,W , as r , slag X - QW Fmalured al football games were M Stevenson, D Llvers, N Zav Anderson wxth B Rasmussen, C Youngson, M Sage, L. johnson, and J Dappen, members of Kappa Kappa Psl and Tau Beta S1gma,d1scuss plans for the Wesleyan band day. x of ' ' -X x w Lg I' a- 'Q' az., rf aww wggwssgigra -- iii' 'mfkfs 'Y V W 'V f'f,?f's'i-3212s, ' a . z W v- as -ss Kass?-W, - vsp swf AA.. f-. sa 1 A Y Hz- Y- -'rips ,, 5 LM '-'vw 5 We lf' 1 vw - f, 2 mf:'qLiff"- Q A M This is Wayne Wlegerts second year as drum major of the Plamsman band 1 . . R 2' 1 QW, ,A M K... ...N Uv. Cv., I' N SX " W V Q 471 QQQTQ -'-- v---- -virvvvvvvvv ',',',0,0,4 weary! 4 1.4 GQ .Q se: ozozozgfdozozoza u:o:o:e:4:+:e'o'o I '.','.9.0.4 9.Q1 o suovv g,4ooo1 nooseetfafe u ,,,,.. .90 yfooooo ooeeyoov ,,... 'cox' 0 1.0 on-1 rs osexoa 0 r 0 o Q 0 1 1 1 4 c 0 5.43 ' f 'fegqvq a W' ert G Wiltse B Larsen, F. Mills, B. Minteer. ROW 4: C. Sautter, H. Smith, N. Priest, W. reg , . , . ROW 3: "Pop" Bennett, B. Jewett, G. Rosecrans, B. Bouslough, B. Cummings, J. Clipson, J. Sterkel, H. Harrison. ' J. L'ndstrom, B. Grundman, C. Te Selle, M. Livingston. ROW 2: S. Slater, J. Newbury, J. Harrison, C. Johnson, 1 ROW 1: M. Corst, J. Pearson, J. Johnson, M. Sage, J. McCosh, B. Dorsey, A. Ritter, B. Finecy. Choir Chapel The purpose of the organization is e s y sacred music as well as some secular music. The chief activities of the Chapel Choir are furnishing music for the regular chapel service and presenting other programs occasionally. Membership is obtained by invitation from the director, and two one-hour prac tices are held every week. th tud of great Each Tuesday morning finds Janet Burk hardt, sophomore, accompanying the chapel choir. Page ale A Spirituals, folk songs, and religious numbers were included in the repertoire presented by the Male A Cappella Chorus on their annual spring tour. The tour was climaxed by a home- coming concert as well as a chapel program. . The group, under the direction of Leonard Paulson, featured a number of soloists. and the traditional Plainsman quartet. Cappella Choru tP1'0feSs01- L 6011 d Of Of the Choi-'EZ E' Paulson, Direct ' Harrison, Jewell' Carlson, Jenkins, Clipson. 1 Edgar, Carlson' - , Rosecrans, ROW 1 lough, McGrew, Ups' Sauna. Evers. ROW 2: Boas - M Kee Carriker, Mins' A " ROW 3: Nelson, Harris' C i 'ie Larsen, Priest' ' ' ' ' - Wiltse, Smith' Qual i X -f --1' -H3 i ROW 41 Wlegen' JJ' fiii T' Al- . . 1140 Q 'T ' E i 5 MnkK'lm"l' u - . ' rr . Lon , .1 1 V - not.. far from.. nv, Q piil mofonLE if p 1-Md? O' an 52 1 - an Q1 lfvfi ffmn 110 01' Mali" il mul ,ff 'Ls haute un-U1 4 ,.J ROW 1 Johnson. ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4' Jahn, Larsen, Raymond, Adams, Carlson, Stone, Harrison, Newbury, Lieurance, Moore, Lewis, Hagemeister, Hansen, Johnson, Johnson, Lucke, Crabb, Ladine, Schleiger, Pearson. Hinman, McCone, Anderson, Segert, Schnwelle, Coffey. Larson, Gallion, Martin. Accompanist, Gorst. Girl Glee Club Under the direction of Miss Mary Holding, the Girls Glee Club traveled throughout Nebraska on a two week tour presenting both popular and religious programs. This marks the fourteenth annual tour of the Wesleyan Girls Glee Club, which as usual, left the audiences with a feeling of good will and praise for the girls and the Uni- versity which they represented. Patience and a sense of humor iden- tify the Director of the Girls Glee- Miss Mary Louise Holding. Page 67 2 Xiang -s Behind the scenes we find .lack Sterkel demonstrating on Jackie Harrison the proper way to apply make-up. La Boheme This year Nebraska Wesleyan presented Puccini's opera La Boheme directed by Oscar Bennett. La Boheme is the story of life and love in the Bohemian or Latin Quarter of Paris. Jackie Har- rison, winner of the Lincoln Symphony Audition, as Mimi comes to Rudolph's, Dale Price, quarters to ask for a light for her candle. They fall in love but separate because they quarrel too much when they are together. Musetta, Sylvia Slater, and Marcel, Robert Hensman, are also in love, hut she is frivolous and the opening of the last act finds Marcel and Rudolph mourning the loss of their sweethearts. Through all of the troubles of the four lovers, we find Rudolph's faithful friends, Colline, Bob Larsen and Schaunard, Fred Loder standing sympathetically by, ready to help. All are there at the end when Mimi comes back to die in the room where she had found so much happiness with Rudolph and his friends. Throughout the production, the music, speech departments, faculty, and students combined to make this one of the highlights of the year. "Pop" Bennett raises his baton for the overture before the opening of the curtain. . as 'e ix Page 68 ---- ,, ..... X . , hg- lmizu-e 2- r' r Marcel - Rudolph Colline - Schaunard Benoit - Mimi - A lot of practice is required for a good performance. Above is the entire cast and orchestra at Parpignol Alcindoro Musetta Sergeant A Waiter A Boy - A Woman - - - John Clipson - Guy Harris - Sylvia Slater Chester Sautter Monty McMahon - ,lay Newbury Beverly Monson The two leads, Rudolph and Mimi, pledge their love to each other. ,Mn Nw-Me ,fy Rose Mary Murphy, Betty Alicata, realizes the sight of her clothespins is a minor detail compared to the importance of her other troubles. Mrs. Issac Cohen Isaac Cohen - - Dr. Jacob Samuels Solomon Levy - Abraham Levy - Rose Mary Murphy Patrick Cohen - Father Whalen - Bridesmaids - CAST - Arlene Stetina - Dale Jarvis - Charles Noren - Bob Keuster - Roland Barron - Carolyn Rudd Betty Alicata - Wayne Brown - - Jerry Luce Miriam Stevenson Elaine Krondak Aileen Lowson Erin Murphy Glynda Thomas In spite of family difficulties, Rose Mary, Carolyn Rudd, and Abie, Roland Barron, manage to make the best of things and live a happy life. Page 70 Opening the season at the Plainsman theatre was "Abie's Irish Rose" which more of you voted as uthe play we want to see" than any other. This heart-warming comedy by Anne Nichols centered around Abie Levy, son of a prominent Jewish family and pretty Rose Mary Murphy, daughter of an Irish Catholic family, who fall in love and marry against their parents wishes. The two families, bitterly opposed to each other, do not make life easy for Abie and Rose Mary, but are reconciled when the birth of the twins bring them together. S Y ' I H. H In one of the most dramatic scenes from Liliom, Julie, Kathy Ackles, is found reading from the Bible of ber dying husband, Liliom, portrayed by Dale Jarvis. Liliom Marie - - - - Julie - - - - Mrs. Muskat - - - Diane Craig Kathleen Ackles - Peg Metzger "Liliom" - - - - Dale Jarvis Four Servant Girls - Policemen - Mother Holluncler - - Ficsur, "The Sparrow" - Linzman ------ Policeman of the beyond - The Richly-Dressed Man - The Poorly-Dressed Man The Magistrate ---- Louise - - - Nebraska Wesleyan's second production of the year was Molnars' Liliom from which the musical comedy hit, Carousel was taken. For the first time Nebraska Wes- leyan players combined their talents with the Univ. of Nebraska stage crews to produce an outstanding performance. Dale Jarvis, as the dashing young barker Liliom, and Kathy Ackles, as his young wife Julie, captivated the audience. The drama was unusual in its glimpse of heaven and few spectators could say that they failed to be charmed by the "extraordinary com- bination of realism, low comedy, a bit of melodrama, a celestial scene and the return to earth of the troubled spirit of the hero, woven around a beautiful love story". Liliom's daughter Louise, Milly Wollcot, timidly offers him a daisy. ....H an Donna Doering ,laniver Pitcaithley Jeanne Lindstrom Betsey Hines - Wayne Mills Kenneth Cassell - Marion Miller - Wayne Benson - - Victor Dye - Ronald Massie - J ack Sterkel - Carl Spencer - Herman Heise - Milly Wollcot 73, am -.-1 Harvey Myrtle Mae Simmons Veta Louise Simmons Elwood P. Dowd - Miss Johnson - - Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Ruth Kelly, R. N. - i Elwood P. Dowd, Phil Jackman, with his imaginary friend, Harvey. CAST ,Xi A A Joan Jarvis Sara Harris Phil Jackman Marilyn Kent Betsy Hines Nancy Young W E Duane Wilson - - - - Jack Sterkel Lyman Sanderson, M.D. - - Ronald Massie William R. Chumley, M.D. - - Robert Larsen Betty Chumley ----- Jeanne Lindstrom Judge Omar Gaffney - - - Carl Spencer E. J. Lofgren - - - Charles Noren Mary Chase's Broadway hit, Harvey, revolves it' around the life of Elwood P. Dowd and his imaginary friend Harvey, a six foot rabbit, who is his constant companion. Harvey and Elwood are a great trial to Veta, Elwood's sister, and his young pretty niece,Myrtle,and I cause them no end of distress. Things really become involved when poor Veta is locked up in the Sanitarium instead of Elwood,and the entire staff of the Chumley Rest Home are in a state of confusion. Before the play is over even the audience catches the mood and feels the presence of Harvey as much as Elwood does. Veta Louise, Sara Harris, insists to Wilson, Jack Sterkel, that it is not she hut Elwood who needs treatment. Ma Cagle - Emmie - Pap Todd - Sheriff Preacher - - - Sheriffs Assistant Bud ---- Rule - Stranger CAST llll- Barbara Nelson "Sandy', Peterson - Wayne Benson - Wayne Miles - Lewis Hunter - Rex Touzalin - Phil Jackman - Rollie Barron - J ack Sterkel UP ES' Ma Cagle, Barbara Nelson, believes there is only one way to fight the law. The hills of North Carolina at the time of World War I is the background for Sun'Up. This production presents a vivid picture of the mountain people and their slow quiet way of living. Widow Cagle is a determined woman who feels bitterly about her son going to war. Throughout the play she shows a willingness to fight for what she sincerely believes. It is through her son that she buries the hate in her heart for the "law" and learns the secret of forgiveness. The superb cast contributed to the success of this final production of the 1951-52 season. Rufe, Roland Barron, explains to his sweetheart Emmie, Sandy Peterson, that it is his duty to go to war. Page 73 , Qi l ! 'I ' f L Aff f- Y' K.. . f " ' 1 , ' a , -x f A 1 E I. Q N 5 ' x v 1 x - N Aff 4 L N X r x . . n I' 1 157 , I V Y,- iixff it ,pm SEATED: Baumgartner, Dean Forrest, Luschei, Finecy, Gentry. STANDING: Nuetzman, Munkres, Edgar, Sabin, Marsh, Priest, Lugenbill, Niehaus, Hunkins, Waring, Massie, Swanson, Rhoades. Olsen, Sclxlictemier. Do you want to know something about the homecoming dance, the Noel Observance? Then ask the student senate who is in charge of these and many other school activi- ties, such as the student union and snack bar upkeep, school dances and traditions day. Members are elected by the student body and attempt to express t.he wishes of the students and faculty. Student Senate officers, Baumgartner, Luschei, Finecy, and Gentry, meet and discuss plans with adviser, Dean Forrest. The Doane-Wesleyan student senate groups got to- gether for a dinner at Johnson Hall. , Page 75 Youngson, Peters, Godbey, Goldammer, Wallis, Beeney, Nisley, Miss .l0hUS0Yl Been late? Then your time has come to appear before this jury of co-eds who will handle your case. Women' Hou e Council All Wesleyan women are governed by the Women's House Council with the purpose of establishing, maintaining, and interpreting uniform rules for women on the Wesleyan campus. STANDING: Funayamai Ruth, McCone, Phillips, Haltermang Nisley, Youngson Peters Beeney D: Miss Johnson, Godbey, Coldammer, Wallis , ts Y., 6' l Panhellenic SEATED: McCosh, Harris, Ehrhart, L ursen , Urbom. STANDING: Finecy, Metzger, Grundman, Gorst, Miss Johnson, Moomey, Cobleigh, Adams. The Panhellenic Ball climaxing Christmas festivities and the luncheon in the spring are the highlights of the activities spon- sored by this group. The organization fosters a friendly exchange of ideas among the various sororities on the campus. , , E 1 Council Kreps, Logan. Cass, Waring, Marsh, Speir, Allely. It looks like serious business as this Interfraternity Council members with their adviser, Dean Cass, meet in the "Chan's" office. To promote friendliness and cooperation between the three fraternities is the pur- pose of this group. This group is not confined to serious business alone, for together with the Panhellenic Council they sponsor the Big Snob-Old Crouch dance each year. lnterfraternit Page 77 F. T. A. T FTA officers Bill Smith, Carol Ladine, Mary Moore, and Bill Bailey talk over with "Chan" Bracy the plans for the new organization at the Fall "coffee hour.', A new organization on the campus, The Future Teachers of America, studies the opportunities and essential qualities of a good teacher. Students preparing for certifi- cation in both the elementary and secondary fields are eligible for membership. A speaker or film often follows a short business meeting the first Tuesday of every month. ROW 1: Marrs, Clark, Thomson, Sporer, Peters, Roberts, Manning, Meyers, Sederburg. ROW 2: Smith, Holly, Shreiner, Massie, Oehlerking, Coulter, Benton, H8115-CII, Meisinger, Hanna- ROW 3: Sandsted, Combs, Witt, Johnson, Mendenhall, Larsen, Lind, Smith, Godbey, McCone, Stooker, Slosson, Foth, Ammon, Scrimsher, Grimes. BACK ROW: Moore, Conover, Ladine, Harrington, McClellen, Johnson, Stone, Frantz, Edgerton, Johnson, Youngson, Palmateer. Carlson, Cassell, Te Kolste, Dappen. 'Q- lil I I I I I STANDING: Tani, Kotouc, Oliver, Goldammer, Scrimsher. SEATED: Touzalin, Miss Lux, Allard. The unsung heroes of the theater may be said to be the "guys and gals" backstage. For a number of years the stage settings seen in such Plainsman productions as La Boehme, Sun Up,' and others were the products of this talented group. Under the advisorship of Miss Lux projects of the Art Club include the making of campus posters, and numerous student and outside exhibits in the Little Gallery. E .Wuf ., E Lil . I -I JI p l Art Club J Helping that prospective or new student become acquainted with the Wesleyan campus is the main purpose of the Campus Orientation Group, better known as Cogs. Members are elected in their junior year on the basis of outstanding participa- tion in campus activities and satisfactory scholar- ship. Together with Mr. Colon, Director of Ad- missions, the group is always on hand to promote Wesleyan. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nuetzman, Rogers, Haye, Conover, Luschei, Urbom, Stone Calvert, Hanna, Harrison. Cog re Z BACK ROW: Carlson. Fisher, Coffey, Oehlerking, TeSelle. MIDDLE ROW: Shaw, Smith, Dorsey, Nisley, Iverson. FRONT ROW: Fallback, Ruby, . Am 'a X a J V HEY Sage, Frantz, Farmer, Moore. as 3 R N .aa . :-: High qualifications and keen interest help the Nebr. Wesleyan Womanls Athletic Association maintain a steady membership. Earning 125 points makes a girl eligible for membership and having a scholastic average of 4. The purpose of WAA is to provide activity opportunities for many girls, other than for a small select group. To develop fellowship and friendliness in games, and to develop student conducted activities, encourages leadership. h' . ers IP That big brown and yellow "W" may stand for work as well as Wesleyan. Earning it qualifies the athlete for the "W" club, an organization that encourages a spirit of friendship among athletes and maintains the ideals "W" club President, Lee . . lvlorgan, Crowns Sweet- of sportsmanship and fair play. heart' Cleo Tesellef at ROW 1: Ed Johnson, D. Jennings, B. Leslie, Coach Robertson, D. Ronnau, Coach Grayson. Homecoming game' ROW 2: V. Hoggins, G. Reed, A. Gustafson, D. Nagele, J. Shaw, S. Nelson, D. Boldcbuck, B Cecil, L. Seng. ROW 3: D. Hull, D. Gentry, R. Rhodes, D. Lewis, B. Starkel, B. Story, R. Keefer, W. R. Fosbender. ROW 4: W. Carriker, T. Waring, P. Obermcyer, I. Weston, D. Hanna, M. Schmidt, G. L. Morgan. W Club yy! If' 4 NXYX is xl ,fa 'jill 1 I gg, Providing excellent leadership IS e - - , Q . M. Kappa Chl sponsor Mr Mattingly. -M 1, -. ai- I, i Ka, a, Chi V l X 1. i ::f- W 1 'L K 1 1'Vk .U 4 41 i' " 3' J rfb. 5 I Q MA, Q: l, W Y' jf A ' ' " 1 I f' 1' Q pf .- ., . I' wi' ' ,yr ' . . . . I ' ' S I I 4 1 In th x ' N X , . V'-fl-L no 1 5 .allfl J Students who are interested in full-time Christian service may attend the bi-monthly meetings of this group. They work closely with the churches as well as maintain Wesleyanls little "church"-Way- side Chapel. ROW 1: Heise, Westerlin, Housh, Jewett, Allard, Dye, Hanson, Walters. ROW 2: Raymond, Tani, Wallis, Smith, Dissmore, Halterman, Linton, Story, Buettenbach, Duey, Osborne, Radin. ROW 3: Mattingly, Frye, Johnson, Bicker, Flight, Obermeyer, Lemmon, Jarvis, Olson, Nuetzman. ROW 4: Brown, Haines, Johnson, Christensen, Odgers, Hickman, Andrews, Evers, Soner. re Q, of : is, A if fl X! Page 82 A Baumga if lil Nil et Bening Striving to fulfill a need on the campus, the in- fluence of the Wesleyan Y's has been felt in many areas of campus life. Whether it's in the fall as the Y-ers play host to the freshmen at the annual mn Retreat or whether it's at the inspirational Easter Matins, you will find a host of young people who are not only eager to improve their own outlook on life but the welfare of others as well. Built around the idea of uniting in a common loyalty to Jesus Christ for the purpose of developing Chris- tian personality and building a Christian society, the YMCA-YWCA program enters many fields of endeavor. For a world outlook it's the Campus Chest Fund and the Clothing Drive. For a social consciousness, it's the Mental Hospital Visitation and the study of cam us roblems For ersonal JOXN l l . Norris Y memberships to an tidal eialiall' P P - P developments, it's Faculty Firesides and the Matins services. It's all a part of the Y program. One of the first projects of the year is the Wesleyan Directory which has all those important ad- dresses and telephone numbers. W- Benson' Ham? grief, xace, E. . A. Baumgat -xx, rx. Wal t man S. Unk, Blllcrgiiixdsted, E' Lugenhl Miller Mr. Mal' Z Y I . 7 som now: R'NLC1eodbeWJf 3. woke" ic 1 P- Rhoaflesv D' F . F.. M en- ' ROW - Adams, ' Oxcon, .Kam ii, D- ' ton. N OW 1 W' Mars worm, V. Dj? g Y , R ers, 'D' tintiw' M' Ev After a banquet at the "Italian Village," the IRC planning com- mittee-V. Dye, P. Pangborn, E. Codbey, J. Anderson, E. Luginbill, J. Mohler, B. Malick, D. Miller, O. Dibert. I. R. C. I.R.C. was organized to stimulate in- terest in international affairs. In carry- ing out this purpose they bring out- standing speakers to the campus, con- duct student opinion polls, and form caravans. This year two International Caravans, composed of foreign and American students, traveled through- out the state creating interest and un- derstanding in world affairs. Presenting past IRC president, Martin Luschei, with the IRC gold key, which is given for outstanding leadership, is Q - ' Kenny Rogers, also a past president. O. Borders' - Htl. L' . B' Ktepst E. Lugm x Andetson. on B' Mahdi, Miter V'DYe'! G.l0hn51 DD. X ' KNGZ pansbot ' f STAND Y y, Ei' 4 -'." . e ' Dibell' Goflbewyx I sm'reo-- ' . Cal A ' l x ,KXAVX Page 83 s hw' " -s - s as 1 lv l zllu I I A P Wesley Fello 5 Standing at the doors of the campus is the First Methodist Church which contributes to the spiritual element of the university. Attempting to meet the need of students for continuing an interest in the youth activities of the church is the Wesley Fellowship. This organization works-through First Methodist Church emphasizing friendship and fellowship through a program of worship, recreation, and good will. Wesley Fellowship's meeting held on Sun- day evenings are open to any student or college age young person. SEATED: Rev. Burns, Slater, Swanson, Bond, Dean Cass. STANDING: Dappen, Olson, Tuttle, Sporer, Kahl, Ammon, Anderson, Raymond, Priest. fwnmfsuv. fs s f, Q. -- 1- T ,' ' as - . .. v, Q, .- " -' V - I 'lf' 4 r.. ROW 1: M. John, B. Urbom, B. Monson, R. Lucke, N. Hanna, D. Converse, L. Branz. Row 2: J. Spencer, M. Coulter, L. Iverson, B. Hanna, Miss Mangold, C. Ladine, J. Pearson, D. Craig, G. Swanson. ROW 3: J. Hanson, G. Asp, J. Hagemeister, M. Von Nostrand, C. Dissmore, R. Zahn, L. Oehlerlcing, M. Gallion, C. Rudd, S. Alexander, A. Ritter, C. Johnson. ROW 4: J. Larsen, D. Hale, C. Rager, B. Dorsey, M. Robison, H. Smith, D. Lipe, G. Edgar, B. Mendenhall, J. Shaw, A. Ritter. Pep rallies, pre-game bonfires, the Homecoming dance, and the all-sports banquet are a few of the activities under the sponsorship of the Yellers of the Brown. Mem- bership in the pep club consists of six members from each of the social groups, the cheerleaders, independents, and freshmen. Throughout the year this group attempts to promote and foster school spirit. Cheer1eaders.Claryce Roberts, Jo Lind, Rosemary Lucke, Bev Mon- son, Nancy Hanna gave time and energy at out of town as well as home games. eller Of The Bro n e 5 Page ameri C with we m lai- W hers me man K5 famous ' . 'h 1 Mr. a myie, 'mt It takes Editor, Bi lot of page n storms Oolcs Sch ce for AS of UCH: Sisfanr Student bodghe rest ofeiufo Weather the 9 staffxan and ready 5 'm make 1095? as' 1109 word? it Mona Conover - Brooks Schuelke - Kathryn Garret - Kathryn Goldammer Norman Walters - - Lynette Bush - Bruce Minteer - lane Kotouc - Plain man taff - - - - Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager -----Art - Photographer - - - - Life - Sports Editor - Fraternities Dave Williams Joan Shaw - 4 Jeannine Oliver Charlene Fisher - Peggy Litz - Virginia Martin Joanne Young - Nancy Young - Dave Love - - - - Copy-layout - Sophomore Editor - - Senior Editor - - - Faculty - Research - - - Research - Freshman Editor - - Junior Editor - Photographer d sr- f K FRONT ROW. ICFTUC, Coldammer, Bush mreer, Garrett, Conover Zjlltfrlll , e e, MISS Joh The Plain man Deadlines-What are they? Patience-What we haven't got. Question-When's the annual coming out? This volume of the Nebraska Wesleyan yearbook has had its trials, but it's been fun, too. Thanks to the efforts of the staff, Miss Johnson, Fred Hess, and the Journal Printing Company, the annual is out. nson. This must have been taken at the first of the year. What editor could smile like that at the end! l Page 87 I. 41 N. Waltet5, in l - I D Miller C. Fisher, B- Thurman' "' Martin, B' Bmwn' ' G: V. DYCQ D' . C-line. STANDIN uemnan. l kman, K. Rogers, D Shaw' R' N M-Her M. Moomeils D' HW SEATED: M- 1 ' Contrary to popular opinion, it takes a great deal of talent to hold a position on the Wesleyan staff and put out the weekly campus newspaper. The Wesleyan staff is also responsible for the Wesleyan Talent Show, and with the help of the Plainsman, were ' blishing the Alpha chapter of Gamma Upsilon. Page 88 instrumental ln esta 5? Z5 'M A jf The "Chief," Marion Moomey, holds the record of being the youngest editor that The Wesleyan has ever had. X Editor - - - Assistant Editor Business Manager Sports Editor - Assistant - Advisor - - Photographer - Columnists hx ,fr Wesleyan tail Marian Moomey - - Donn Cline - Don Hickman - Donn Cline - Bill Brown Fred Hess, Jr. - Norman B. Walters Ray Nuetzman Marian Miller Editor Marian Moomey entertains the hard work- mg Wesleyan staff w'th h 1 a c ili feed in her home at Fremont preceding the Midland-Wesleyan Football Game. Cartoonist - - - Circulation Manager Feature Writers - Reporters and Typists 'x - Lester Johnson - Donna Martin Wayne Brown Bob .leamby Kenneth Rogers Jack Sterkel Janice Anderson Charlene Fisher Doris Miller Joan Shaw Betty Thurman if 3 , Page 89 Y Q LZ W in iz y 7,1 . ,J A ge it Wifi ,f l o - l 5 ' 4 a l. I ll!."f I Ai , U- lr Bill Allen Bruce Barger A LeRoy Borders Em-1 Butrick Wendell Carriker Blick Tackle Back Back Buck ' 1 , I I A l rl 5' N x ', ' 3 if J , li 'A ,lu l , J. ' F .T A i I V it ' f Vbs if f , . l V N 4 , .4 -'-1' 4.1! anilnlgy ...,-. Alou-- Bob Cecil Hllwafd Dubois B011 EIY Roger Fosbender Walt Garner Glmfd Guard Back Back Center It took three Doane players to down Dick Lewis. Seen here are Doz-xne's Reed, Summers. and another unidentified player. LETTERIVIEN 1951 - - . .,,, 3 Posing for a formal picture is the 1951 Plainsman line. They paved the way for many a touchdown run, while pro- viding a wall through which their opponents found it hard to pass. S' 4, ug if?" 9 e .1 1. ,, J-,...... xX.A.... Dick Gentry Don Hull Mack Hunt Ron Keefer Bob Lawson' Tackle Bunk Tackle Back Back my '52 5 ,L Dick Lewis Larry Lewis Gordgn Mal-tg Bob Mellmger James Nagele Buck Bac.: End C er m on Wertman of Wayne while Grell watches. lx x we 1 lxll'x1x,lx 1 lx -nb lx. 1. " 1. l.5fNl Before the entrance to the 0 N Magee Stadium stands the brams and back wall of the Plamsman squad These men chose the moves and lead the attacks that sparked the plays many of us w1t nessed ,,- . n . . - , ' L . A., 1 :- i , 2 M 5 fiaiiiw :WN , 111 -WY , ,si Q v ,, . ' ent Guard , fwyg, M S: , ' A F k F," 11- ff -1 -u 'T F -1. . f " l- l ui' H ,Jaw -f' -W M, 'W '-I ' ,I ' 1' ,'-5,55 gp.. - -4 -.1 A lu 1 ..4f'1' A Am. .-A ' -' ' f- a 'J' ., ' 1 1 , -. -x.1a,,1.g:x.1xf- -A ' limi A 4 W , , 3 - ' a,pa5A5?f LH-Jigm ' ' gli' I nm-X4 x . A., 4 , , , , , ' . wi? Z M . 5:3213 VL.. .gg 2 A' --9 z 1 wgi A ' 'X' J 1 Q ,. i K. Q F 1.. 3 -sz.. Sanford Nelson Back Roger Rhodes Centex Dalyce Ronnau Guard Milton Schmidt Tackle Bill Story Back Hansen Taylor Buck pi xt l f :lb 'S C08Ch Grayson Coach Johnson Wesleyan Opponent Omaha University Wayne State - - Kearney State - Doane College - Mankato State - Kansas Wesleyan Hastings College Chadron State - Midland College Peru State - - in I'V- u that-I 4u1' . ' V I M 1'-IJ I Y ,r lli .L I l- I 55355 Ai ' I 'II ,., VKX- :ty I -p f l' M 5 ll 5 F a , . ,ea ,Q- 17,51 w ' ..f n C In 9 i S- e , A "3 Y in :Nga-u . fi Xu ul .1 J 1 . I '- jf' p Y, Jim Shaw Bob Starkel End Guard Under the pile in this action shot is a Wesleyan touchdown in the Homecoming game against Doane. One Kansas Wesleyan man couldn't hold Dave Williams from a touchdown push. Coming in to help are Fosbender and Garner. -nUll -'f' Q I' J , Vg, 1 W hr T x , it Q , it -2 I - Dick Hanna llvzul 'I rumor Don Allely Assistant 'l'min N. .I IM ll OACH ROY ROBERTSON i I W s Dave Williams End Back In forward motion is Larry Lewis, with 0maha's Bell and Gulizia moving in for the kill. Aksel seen on the sideline. Take a relatively new squad, plagued by injuries, pit them against teams loosing few of their men from the previous year. The result isn't hard to determine, and so it was with the Plainsman. Coach Roy Robertson began the year with the majority of his squad untrained in college play. Each game found at least one member of the squad on the bench because of an injury. Their record showed 8 losses and 2 wins, yet many of the losses were by only one or two points. The Plainsman never gave up until the gun sounded signifying the end of the fourth quarter. Many a thrilling moment was experienced on the gridiron and many an outstanding performance was turned in by the men. Pictured on these pages are the lettermen of 1951. Two men were left outg they were Dick Grell, who played End, and Dick Hartnett, who played Guard slot. The books are closed on the '51 season, with an eye out for next year. Lewis Walker Dick Whitaker Irv Unvert Tackle Tackle Center Bob Witham Back A L John Bancroft Equipment Manager Fred Winter . . sig: - . L i V Mpnnq tilt L .fir t Q is . - HR-, .. I 5. . fi if t' - so A 'l f eq mf- eq M5-i i 9 9 L ntorncnnn- I , H . . ...EL H W' n 5? . y . 2,34 ' F ' 1 .93 +4 30 f Q 1' C ,H is . l I WA, ' Page 96 Don Boldehuck John Harden Vic Hogging Burl K1-eps cena-r cum Ce,.,c, PWM, Battling for possession of the ball is Hastings' Chuck Stickles and Don Boldebuck. John Harden is pre- paring to move into action. Wesleyan Opponents 54. Dana College - 448 Cornell - - - 82 Illinois Tech - 44. Wheaton College - 45 NW Missouri State 62 William Penn - - 57 Central lowa - 51 Buena Vista - - 62 Kearney State - 59 Wayne State - - 35 Hastings College - 53 Peru State - - - 38 Omaha University - 70 Kearney State - - 72 Midland College - 48 Omaha University - 49 Hastings College - ,pw up X .i'vV'il" X Lyle Buell Bob Leslie Jim Lightbody Jack W0001 Ft I Forward Fnrvwrrl Cuufd JI nrt Action is at a high pitch in this tense moment during the Peru game as Pcru's Bob Davis makes a vain attempt to stop Jim Lightbody from scoring. The record of Coach ,lohn Crayson's cagers of 141 wins and 10 losses speaks for itself, but consider also that several of the games lost were by only a one point mar- gin. This speaks for the stamina of the boys and the coaching behind them that tied them with Chadron for second place in the Nebraska college conference. Coach Crayson's first year could definitely be called a success- ful one. Page 97 minus , -frm' ' I-6011 Lehl' LeRoy Seng Scotty Wxlloughby Forward G mrd Gunrd Big Don Boldebuck goes up for two as Wallace Kucera of Wayne helplessly watches. X,..J -Qs Ava- Av L, SI' Q7 .lack Lewis Jerry Kroegcr Guard Forward Hanson Taylor Forward The raw material for the 1951-52 Plainsman cage squad was ffrom leftl, Vic Hoggins, Nelighg Don Wheeler, Springfield, Mo., Jim Lightbody, Nebraska Cityg Don Boldebuck, Lincoln, Burl Kreps, Riverton, Wyo.g Jack Wood, Lincoln, Scotty Willoughby, Lincoln. ROW TWO-Coach John A. Craysong LeRoy Seng, Lincolng Bob Fitch, Lincoln, Lyle Buell, Murdock, Bob Leslie, Lincolng John Harden, Sidney, Hanson Taylor, Springfield, Mo. ROW THREEM-Gerald Kroeger, David Cityg Ronald Olson, Moline, lll.g Bob Christensen, Pender, Paul Horner, F riendg Ronald Sundeen, Waverly. -FZSEIHI., - ,. "'11. 4 L 'T""'1s, 'W ' W , .. """' f.bLl3f,i,.'f' ei it Nt 1-.i in n 4 of t 5 .. Q Y v- -X7 5: S I, ii 1. 1 Wm 'mails FINAL N.C.C. STANDINGS Team W. L. Hastings - - 1 1 Chadron - - 10 Wesleyan - - 9 Kearney - - 7 Peru - - 6 Wayne - 6 Doane - - 3 Midland - - 1 - L-M WN Four of the nine freshmen on this year's squad were Lyle Buell, Dick Jennings, John Harden, and Jack Lewis. Buell, Jennings and Harden lettered. Burl Kreps executes a lay up in the 70-57 victory over Kearney. Doyle Fife attempts to prevent the score, with Lighthody, Jeldon and others moving in on the scene. 1,4 l Coach Grayson explains new strategy to Huggins, Kreps, Lehr, and Kroeger. ,lack Wood took the ball under Kearney's basket, dribbled full length of the floor, and scored. Here we see him scoring with Lightbody and Treadway watching. Weslcyaiiis cage squad turned in a record at the end of their season that topped previous records in many ways. The Plainsman finished scoring a total of 1511, 11 points better than last year's record. Their game average was 56 points as compared with their opposition average score of 54- points. Their record of 14' wins and 10 losses tied them with Chadron for second place in the Nebraska College Con- ference. In the NAIB Tourney at York they were beaten by Omaha University 68-65 in the semi-finals. An outstanding performance was turned in by the members of Coach Crayson's cage squad, a performance that all Wesleyaii can be proud of. The tall and the short of the Plainsman squad this year was Don Boldehuck, 6'10", and LeRoy Seng, 5'8". This ace in the hole finished the season with a total of 426 points, an average of 17.7 points per game. He took 317 rebounds for the lead in that division. Seng, letterman this year and last, was put out of action toward the end of the season because of an appendec- tomy. His specialty was from the free throw line. Boldebuek attempts a shot in the game with Hastings which saw the Plainsmen fall 50 49 in a closely fought battle. Seen also is Zook l3ll, Stickles 1301, and Hoggins. ,'Il,,- 1 Leading sprinters for Wesleyan's track squad were Leon Lehr and Kenny Rog- ersg here they await the starter's gun. Coach Roy Robertson gives pointers to his quartermile sprinters Bob Law- son and Vic Hoggins. TRACK ganna may .3-. gnu. fgfrii ' H "WWI 3 1952 cindermen for Wesleyan pose he- fore the stadium with their coach. These boys worked hard to bring re- sults in many first place records and many a meet victory. L 1 it T ' 51, -J ...t mfr J: .-.0 1 '- .., 5 i -'Te sehr-1 .mfs We Wwsseetts W?-1UU?5'1sw FRONT FROM LEFT: R. Keefer, J. Krueger, B. Starkel, G. Reed, E. Weston, J. Rainforlh, L. Lehr. SECOND: Coach Grayson, B. Kropp, A. Gustafson, R. Olson, B. Witham, THIRD: V. Johnson, T. Kitchen, P. Rosene, D. Christensen, L. Smith, J. Jackson, M. Deal, A. Panicucci. BASEBALL From left we have Ron Keefer, Jerry Rainforth, Leon Lehr, and Roger Fosbender, who played the infield for the '52 season. Bob Witham, catcher. aw gm Wesleyan? number one battery this last season was Archie Gustafson, pitcher, and Page 1 03 Q M Q AVWAS l-,asm FSLEW' 'fum' l B R44-4, .W 'I fnzvml cl Wei 1, i r me sqw-1 C g ' m Number two battigfn zamching and dilarles Lisle for Wesley Eldon We? us' and D and J an Were were pitching- On Aye! 301: Le , Bob Krew y, sim WIS, , , V N X I Q ' I 1 dl: l J if f ,ggi -an-45: VG QL lffswy V ' -5 5 gl event. an , . as l Jerry Rainforth, broad jumper, and Bob Allen, pole vaulter, are shown watching the run off of another track 'Waiting to take their places at bat are Glenn Reed, Ronnie O1- son, and Bob Starkel, Wesleyan outfielders. Page 104 GOLF TENNIS hs M. . M I 4' V X' wgszmf fi F' J ,.: , YE' 2' . fi 1.5151 E5 -we i ., ' --M A t iii i isge ' l ' L I X e' : l : WM SQ 355,51 I Q -in - - ' .:.' --f' A -V an We . In '42, 7 LG ,-.Y an THQ ! X :- .--: Z: vlv- QV I ,fad Q- ,A I l 5 1. Lf,-Jai., ' ff A W'w' t -:., 1 , ' ' M' " ! A Q?Em, 1 ff' i" 4 4 V Zi ':" 4 Z -I ifgiii -fe - -v i 2---H H A i i -WS:-el-1-e 4 ' .., .:., IA: 'F t get 'W tg, 2:5 V 2 .59 T , Q 5. gg it W.-I 'V Y QM M r . Lifi 'W -f-' -A TW. s'5Q"5jii?m ..-,bk rn V- M xlkY:bm Qii,?wJe:f mg? DON BLOOM PAUL OBERMEYER fl if Plainsman varsity golfers this . 7-EI" '-'ff spring were-left to right: Rich- - ' he ,c ard Jennings, Tom Kitchen, ' , Dale Unvert, and Dick Gentry. fi? I l"i.'::1'1' 11 n f r U' I' V ' 4 I Hr?-g.-'vi ,.-.,, Wh?- V m I 'A , -kd I1.Lrnn....,- fn.. --,V g 5 Gini- --1 n 19 ,,,+4w.t .1 . X. .L fr.-V ., -'vi . V :1"'fT'xhfi -:sc as if . ' I IFIJII Y 'ef V- w ,,,,.1f QL. 4-I" 'Fu Q 6 . V . , .fj-., "4 W , A- ' 'lu xx mek ' etnwwaf, . r.,, .,-.A-,few 5 W- Hx: and Wayne Zlomke. 1' L . a'-.sufj Completing the list of Tennis men were George Stephens, left, Paige 105 MEN 'S INTRAIVIURALS Intramural activity was pretty much one sided as the Crescents took the championship crown in foot- ball and basketball, and claimed first place in the turkey race. Their record in football was five wins and one loss. Theta Chi followed with three wins and two losses, the Phi Taus and the Barbs last. In basketball the Crescents took 8 games and lost 1. Phi Taus followed with 8 wins and 2 losses. Theta Chi placed third, Independents fourth and B-arbs last. The story was different in volleyball. ALM- NA -..J-.suis Champions in football in intramural play were these Crescent men. Theta Chi took the lead with 9 wins and 3 losses, and Crescent came in second with 8 wins and 4 losses. Phi Tau took third place, Independents and Barbs respectively. Victors of basketball playoffs again were the Crescents. Here the team exhibits the trophy they WOD. K,-annum Showing the style that made them champions find the Crescents in play against the Barbs. Del Harsh, Crescent, stretches for the finish line that will proclaim him winner of the 1951 turkey race. Ed Johnson is the judge standing in the background. The championship Barb team of 1952 were Jeanne Lindstrom, Shirlee Grohe, Marlene Fall- beck, Lila Oehlerking, Lenore Sandfort, Mil- dred Vrana, Carol Fisher. Kneeling: Joyce Carl- son and Joan Shaw. Carol Fisher was the team's captain. Action on the floor as Nancy Young and Carolyn Rudd move in to capture the ball. The game pitted the Willards against the Barbs. WOMENS INTRAIVIURALS Barbara Farmer takes a shot for two points as the Alpha Cams push ahead of the Phi Mus. In Women's Intramural play, the Barbs copped two events taking basketball and volleyball both. They had a 4- win-no loss record in basketball and were followed by the Delta Zeta's with 3 wins-1 loss. The Phi Mu's had a 2-2 record, followed by Alpha Gamma Delta and the Wil- lards. Second place in volleyball were the Alpha Cams, third place went to Delta Zetals, Phi Mu's fourth and then Willards. Page 107 S Qx NZ X ...-- XX xx K BACK ter, Meisinger, Armstrong, Youngson. FRONT ROW: Kent, McCosh, Hunkins, Sage, Y Burkhardt, Nisley, Johnson, Link. ' Page 1 10 J. Brooks. au, M. Bures, J. Schlichtemier. pen, L. Ahkcr. Each year outstanding bandsmen who have shown leadership, high scholastic standing, and technical achievement are elected to membership to the national band fraternity-Kappa Kappa Psi or its counterpart honorary sorority-Tau Beta Sigma. The two or- ganizations work together in planning Homecoming activities, en- tertaining bands from out of town, and other band projects. FRONT ROW: B. Jenkins, B. Kappa Kappa Pi BACK ROW: D. Hulquist, D. Gentry, D. Schreiner, MIDLE ROW: D. Houston, W. Zlomke, H. Rosen- Rasmusen, J. Dap- v r ROW: Timm, Rogers, Norris, Smith, Coal- Tau Beta igma 60 'Ma rp Actress. Actor, and the person doing the most off stage work, Membership into '31 5' ' ' gr- 1. A. - ' - -,.. ...Q ,D -. gi aj gpg 1.9, .Am -, Theta Alpha Phi, better known as TAP, is the national honorary dramatic fraternity at Nebr. Wesleyan. TAP provides recognition of outstanding drama students and acts as the governing body under which the Plainsman Players produce the theater's public productions. Three uoscarsf, are presented. They are given to the Best TAP is obtained by election, based on a merit system. The All-Wesleyan and Freshman Oratorical Contest. and the High School Invita- tional Debate Tournament are only a few of the activities sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta, a national honor society designed to stimulate greater interest in the speech arts. Some of the highlights for the PKD squad this year were the Pi Kappa Delta convention and the National Debate Championship held at West Point, N. Y. not 'ne atxziwft Won' mtbalw ' .XQLBW M, Eau e G. 'YW Scxwlen tif DWP I 165 S1 AN E91 Y c 59 P5 Pi Kappa Delta -son' Galax' X 55 V! MQ, 15, L. T0 R.: J. Jackman, S. Harris, M. Gorst, Q-'L 65- D. Hanna, M. Conover, P. Metzger, A. Stet- ,. A ...A ina, J. Harrison, K. Brehm, W. Brown. favs" Page 1 11 Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi is a national honorary scholastic fraternity com- posed of faculty members and the upper ten percent of the senior class who have shown by their leadership and scholastic achieve- ments great promise of future success. The thirty-eight year old society has as its prime purpose the encouragement of the students to strive for the highest degree of proficiency of which he is capable. ROW 1: Miss Lenfest, Miss Snow, Mr. Deal, Rogers, Mr. Jensen. ROW 2: Mr. Barringer, Miss Lux, Mr. Callen, Mrs. Bishop. ROW 3: Sabin, Rosene, Luschei, Mr. Rosentrater, Mr. French, Mr. Cass, Mr. Bartley ROW 4: Munkries, Zlomke, Mr. Slack, Johnson, Miss Booth. i V 117' ' ' for ,.f., n 1 . Who' Who mong tudent In American Universities and Colleges .lug 1 rx ,541 s J14. I, fx ty. STANDING: Henry Haye, Sara Harris, John Calvert, Mona Conover. Martin Luschei. SEATED: Kenneth Rogers, Jackie Harrison, Marjorie Gorst, Ray Nuetzman. One of the highest honors bestowed upon a senior is to be listed in Who's Who. This honorary group offers recognition to seniors who have ranked high scholastically, demonstrated leadership and cooperation in academic and extracurricular activities, and above all display promise of future usefulness. Page 113 Page 114 : I 75 1' lgi?l5iFfll i 4 "' sf , f' g f 'E Blue Ke STANDING: Nuetzman, Marsh, Haye, Luschei, Zlomke, Calvert. SEATED: Waring, Barringer, Rogers, Gentry. One of the greatest' honors a Nebraska Wesleyan man may achieve is election to Blue Key, national mens honorary fraternity, which was founded for the purpose of honoring students who have shown outstanding qualities of leadership on the campus, and who have taken an active part in the activities of the University. Blue Key with its sister group, Cardinal Key, sponsors the annual May F ete. STANDING: L. A dams, B. Finecy, J. Harrison, M. Hunkins, C. Te Selle, M. Conover E. Frantz, E. Goclhey. Members of Cardinal Key are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, personality, and par- ticipation in campus activities. It emphasizes the development of character by application of the cardinal virtues to living and leadership through service in sponsoring worthy activities in the col- lege community. SEATED: M. Gorst, B. Rosene, S. Harris. Miss Halbert, M. Larsen, M. Stone, B. Urbom BACK ROW: Mr. lilcss. D. Cline. L. Bush, C. Fisher, K. Coldammer. M. Bond, D. Martin, J. Anderson, J. Shaw, Miss Johnson. SECOND ROW: B. Schuelke. K. Garrett. D. Hickman. M. Conover. M. Moomey, D. Miller, M. Miller. FRONT ROW: U. Minteer. B. Brown. R. Nuetzxnan. V. Dye, B. Munkres, K. Rogers, N. Walters. Gamma Up ilon Established this year as Nebraska Alpha was the national honorary student publications fraternity, Gamma Upsilon. Gamma Upsilon is a co-educational, co-publicational, and co-staff honorary intended to cover the field of college stu- dent publications. A group of four students from Culver- Stockton College in Canton, Missouri, and Dr. Allen, execu- .1 +11 y . , Q otiicgrs. KERIZYXCHQ 'fisher G wma KW5-lx0l+ll00x1XCYv and , 21 X311 1 . Cline' Mile meelmgs' u tof lui Donn it. baffe tail tive secretary, came to the Wesleyan campus in March to in- stall this chapter, which is the first chapter in Nebraska. P5 A 5 ,. XJ tiavle' it 0, 6 gang tha Pig: adviswgeftix. . brin P5 A ' 1 in I mmf! -X, DY- Xn5XYOm3lZxey8Uv xsaxfliax dues ww n N Zhi. dx5cu55tng ei-5 tart! - H ive 59618 P ecgti age 115 Pi Chi Psi Chi, national psychology fraternity, is primarily concerned with the advancement of the science of psychology. It also en- deavors to encourage, stimulate, and maintain the scholarship of its members in all academic fields as well as psychology. Page 116 Q? L M. Peters, Mrs. Heinlein, M. Larsen, R. Rhoades, D. Whiting, B. Farmer, K. Roberts, D. Kamano SEATED: B. Cobleigh, S. Cramer. , S?1 -x 1 SEATEDr Deal. Codlney. Dr. Roseutrater. Miss Corns. Dr. Barringer. Dr. Heinlein. STANDING: Magorian, Hosene, Zlomke, Frye, Kuester, Jackman, Bartley, Munkres, McC0ne, Rogers, Pi Gamma The primary purpose of the honorary organization, Pi Gamma Mu, is to encourage high scholarship in the social sciences and promote the study of social problems. Students interested in the social sciences and with a high point average with the required hours are eligible. An outside speaker is invited to discuss some lively topic at the initiation services held toward the end of each semester. Page 117 Marquardt, Bitner, Dr. Shively, Zlomke, Gentry, Waring. The purpose of Nu Med. and Theta Nu is to promote interest in the medical professions. The top rank- ing members of Nu Med are eligible for member- ship in Theta Nu, an honorary pre-medical frater- nity devoted to the promotion of high scholar- ship among its members. Page 118 BACK ROW: Weston, Schlichtemier, Allely, Zlomke, Moore, Love, Sasse, Gentry, Waring, Hulquist, Quaife Haye. THIRD ROW: Westfall, Crossfield, Iverson, Smith, Unvert, Calvert, Marsh, Ritter, Ladine, Bitner, Weston SECOND ROW: Livers, Dewey, Kyes, Phillips, Vanderslice, Seger, Johnson, Benedict. FRONT ROW: Marquardt, Dr. Shively, Carlson, Catch. ,., t., M ' s-GJ' Q, a . tiff 'x 'f 'ti W TT' 17 'nl is 'P'-4? 13' 1: Massie, Carriker, Jensen, Tucker, Moeller. ROW ROW ROW ROW 4-: 2: Sabin, Johnson, Rosene, Crone. 3: Joura, Housh, French, Gass. Edgar, Sunclcen. igma Pi igma, Students who have met the certain scholastic requirements of Sigma Pi Sigma find that the group's activities, demonstrations, lectures, and technical discussions stimulate their interest, partici- pation, and understanding of the physical sciences. ri' 'E :ffl -7 , , Page 1 19 Nl-lPZl"l 'I' U' mx' l' . w. -1. , L , 2, ii fs, 'ek L gif' N V My v'-iw , ' ., i'-"Y-.ww Ag , 5, , ,-f,..,, . ,V my k ww-1 fl qi f saga, fr A 1 qi Page 122 ROW 1: K. Lewis, S. Lieurance, N. Seng, C. Ang, G. Newbury, A. Lowson, P. Litz, M. Bond ROW 2: W. Cramer, C. Youngson, J. Harrington, B. Farmer, L. Iverson, B. Finecy, Mrs. Pauley, C. Rager, P. Kilian, L. Adams, D. Hale, J. Jarvis ROW 3: C. Weatherhogg, P. Hagemeister, A. Stetina, R. Rogers, J. Lowe, M. Livingston, L. Luginbill, M Von Nostrand, K. Erickson, J. Crossfield, M. Moore, N. Kahl, R. Zahn, P. Metzger. ROW 4: M. Sage, M. Phillips, E. Krondak, D. Doering, C. TeSelle, G. Hamilton, S. Lewis, S. Waldo, L. Ger- beling, J. Beck, M. Kring, B. Dorsey, V. Martin, M. Kyes, P. Berger, M. Fallbeck Alpha Gam memories of 1951-52 are many-pledg- ing 23 girls-Cleo TeSelle as W Club Sweetheart- our gracious and hospitable house mother-our delicious meals-the fun of the Thanksgiving Din- ner-A Christmas party for cerebral palsied chil- dren-Alpha Cams at work in the theater--,loany Smith, Peg Metzger, and Arlene Stetina in the Road Company-Lois Iverson as Yellers of the Brown prexy-Rosalie Zahn and Barbara Farmer as Beauty Queen Candidates-Beth Finecy and Lynelle Adams elected to Cardinal Key-sports honors-the beauty of formal initiation-and the very special excitement of the Rose Dinner-Patsy Hagemeister with the highest average for the girls on the Wesleyan campus-the appearance of the Panhellenic Scholarship Cup on our mantle-the somewhat damp fun of the Alpha Gam Formal which called up memories of old Ireland-pinnings and engagements all year that were slow in start- ing ancl then came all in one big rush-the canasta party-the senior breakfast-the Square Dance- and always the fun of firesides, screnades, long talks, and crazy jokes on each other-these things and many others have made this a very special year for those in Alpha Gam. Q 'El-th X. - ".. X- I ig , L W, "fix Founded at Syracuse University Syracuse, New York 1904 Established at Nebraska Wesleyan 1927 Beta Alpha Chapter 63 Chapters F I 1, 5, Page 123 Iikkif' V w 5i"?9'9 I? '32 Vw fag ' n. 1 ,i 'ww' 151 .- H' ,H J E, Q., ff ..- , K 1, .- is The sound of laughter and singing can be heard coming from C. C. White, as the Barbs have their weekly meetings. This is the organized group of students who are unaffiliated. The Barbs got "off with a bang" this year with a watermelon feed, followed by square dances, hay- rack rides, hour dances, and many other parties, in fact one every month. The two big events that are.a thrill-and excitement .for every Barb are the Christmas and Spring formals. It is at the spring formal that the Barb sweetheart and beau are chosen. You'1l find that Barb members have a way of get- ting into many campus activities. In almost every organization Barbs held a top office. A few of these areg Martin Luschei, the Student Senate pres- ident, Herman Heise, presiding over Kappa Chi, Gerry Swanson, heading Wesley Fellowship, and Ray Nuetzman, president of Y.M.C.A. You will also find Barbs tops in debate, athletics, music, and dramatics.-Yes we are the Barbs. BACK ROW: N. Rowley, J. Westfall, R. Ammon, M. Story, R. Vanderslice, J. Lindstrom, G. Swanson, G. Enuy, L. Sporer, B. Mendenhall, C. Ganzel, R. Vrana. THIRD ROW: S. Gilliam, B. Nay, J. Massie, L. Sandfort, M. Vrana, A. Nisley, B. Halterman, M. Gallion, V. Dob rovolny, C. Fisher, J. Shaw, J. Carlson. SECOND ROW: V. Foth, J. Ruth, L. Oehlerking, A. Armstrong, G. Benedict, M. Hanson, C. Fisher, M. Ballard, E. Marsh. FIRST ROW: J. Stanford, B. Lutes, R. Donelson, G. Raymond, D. LeLaCheur, P. Schwinck, R. Thompson. X AWK me Founded at Nebraska Wesleyan 1887-1889 Merger of Everett and Theta Phl Sxgma 1 M , .Xp , established Crescent 1933 Lg. 1.,- 1. 'x QJPJP-, , Wi, 'qm- "-fag . 14 -,.,,,,v21 I FQN K i . .. -' , 1 fx, . 2' Y- rx X ' N A, g f- r we . A 3, 2 ,ff - . -X Y ,A x .W fx 1 ,. -'M' r LN l -" ' ,A . ' , ef 1:5 .' ', ' ,l r .f ,- f .,. -'J-41, .-,-1--Hi, V 'gp - '-. F 'A ,fy ,Vg -. -.+.jg,f-rf" t :rg "" Tire -' -..,,1 -' " 3 . " K 1 ,. aff: 1: 1' :lg , ,..f--if ,- I., ,426 .z, fe-ff, V 4'-1. ,g',1Vg5f5. 'M ' A . ff.: .-' ggfhg-Af,-. ,Lffv I yj2,r4-- ,: -,,,- , 5- '-jg' 2 . 'wsu '5'ffif1"5".11fg5 7 , n aw , ,gg 1 , , -- . ' ,,,-i'jf'fLi1A' Q' 'J' , 4 f' AS s ' " S. Page 126 The traditional Bear dances, the Bowery party, the Christmas party for the orphans, the many hour dances and the spring formal all combined to add to another chapter in the long Crescent history. The men of Crescent, proud of their ideals in brotherhood, character, and service added more lustre to their outstanding records. Members par- ticipated in many school organizations such as Blue Key, Gamma Upsilon, COG's, Kappa Kappa Psi, Nu Med, Who's Who, "W" Club, YMCA. Throughout the year the name of Crescent was found always near the top in intramural activities as they took top honors in the touch football, the turkey race, and basketball. The Crescentmen also played a major role in varsity competitiong The participation in all of these activities combined to form a strong spirit of fellowship .... the true essence of fraternal life. ROW 1: M. Schmidt, B. Mellinger, B. McBride, N. Hedges, J. Lewis, L. Buell, D. Jennings, D. Walden, D. Williams, B. Muckel, D, Harsh, M. McDonald. ROW 2: D. Cline, J. Shaw, J. Klippenstein, D. Nannen, G. Clifford, M. Hunt, J. Bancroft, B. Cecil, E. Carlson, J. Havlicek, T. Calvert, J. Morton. ROW 3: D. Ronnau, B. Lawson, R. Fosbender, G. Stephens, Dr. Barringer, Mrs. Benning, D. Speir, J. Calvert, W. Marsh, B. Kahrs. ex.- Page 127 ROW 4: B. Witt, G. Velte, J. McCosh, D. Crabb, C. Dissmore, M. Linton, S. McClelland, J. Anderson, J. Kotouc, M. Moomey, J. Oliver, V. Steider, B. Tuttle. ROW 3: E. Hampton, J. Johnston, M. Corst, J. Anderson, L. Frantz, M. McCone, M. Hunkins, D. Benton, K. Roberts, K. Garett, J. Koenig, H. Lutt, S. Ruby. ROW 2: M. Sandsted, M. Joy, J. Hagemeister, S. Slater, Mrs. Misner, J. Harrison, M. Miller, C. Johnson, R. Godbey, J. Johnson. ROW 1: L. Bush, G. Thomas, D. Miller, H. Edgerton, B. Thurman, D. Miille, B. Johnson, M. Jahn, F. Schick, J. Heileman. "I'd rather be a D Z girl than a multi-millionaire." Thus goes one of the songs we sing around the dinner table and at our firesides. And when we look back on this year, we know we wouldnlt take a million or many millions for the wealth of memories we have created. Those big memories of our Western party-the jeans, the hay, and the miniature bar-the Panhellenic ball-the formals, the firesides our own Rose dinner-dance-with Dick Gentry reigning as our DZ man for 1952, the tiny baton twirler, the wishing well, and the fun. But just as important are the little memories- pledges raking lawns and singing from the roof, Page 128 studying until the wee hours in the living room, the gabfests held anytime, anywhere: trying to sleep up on third after a fireside, the cookies and birthday cakes from home. Yes, we have a million dollars worth of memories- Wasnlt it worth a million to see' Jackie in the opera, to have Edna elected Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, to see Ruth and Marilyn tapped for Cardinal Key, to have Marian a finalist in the Beauty Queen contest, to see those officer stars after so many DZ names? Yes, we can sing "I'd rather he a DZ girl than a multi-multimillionaireu and really mean it. Founded at Miami University Oxford, Ohio 1902 Established at Nebraska Wesleyan 194-2 Beta Tau Chapter 75 Chapters Page 129 .ru a Us is , 'Wu ,...,,.s .4 r 4. W1 , 'f ,I K W .1 ,-,-f . ' .4 t ,f Lg.f:,?" , . if ' fN.r'1,-4, , . ' Q 1 "' ,gm u , 2 - ' "W f M wggwyf MW , i its X Y' t ,,, "fr , 1 , ,175 . -- I "' 9 ' 4 , ' t . A 'is 'Y L ' ' if of " A ...- ,,o' H S - it -A ' : f X ' 5 fnif g' Page 130 Founded at Miami University Oxford, Ohio 1906 Established at Nebraska Wesleyan 1923 Upsilon Chapter 74 Chapters .:, Glance backwards with us a moment to the activities generating from "the house at Huntington and Fifty-third." Within those ivied walls were the new fruits of planning-a tile floor, light fix- tures, furniture. There were many new memories- a crystal-lovely Christmas Party, the staggering All-Night Stag, swelling strains of "Oh, When Those Saints-" around the baby-grand, the per- ennial "showers" and we took our fun outside those walls to the elite Spring Formal, chilly mid- night serenades, and the rough-and-tumble intra- mural field. But play is not everything. Hard work payed off with a winning "Beat That Tiger" display for Homecoming. Then there were the individual achievements of men being elected to Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, and Sigma Pi Sigma. Artistically speaking Phi Tau virtually monopolized the male cast of the opera besides having the lead, not to mention three out of four male dramatic leads plus numerous sup- porting roles. So here you see us, the Ramblers of Phi Kappa Tau. It's been a great year of playing and work- ing together. And We're proud to say that Phi Kappa Tau was "right in there all the way." ROW 1: G. Edgar, S. Williams, S. Moore, T. Wallace, B. Carlson, D. Fableson, J. Schlictemier, D. Gilman, B. Allen. ROW 2: W. Zlomke, L. Smith, J. Rainforth, M. Schwenk, G. Lemon, D. Jarvis, J. Kimbol, D. Hanna, B. Jenkins, J. Luce, W. Brown. ROW 3: J. McKee, V. Crotinger, D. Odgers, B. Ansbaugh, P. Jackman, E. Weston, D. Gentry, Mrs. Dowell, Dr. Rosentrater, G. Mussman, J. F icke, F. Stewart, L. Hunter, W. McGrew. ROW 4-: B. Burroughs, E. Weston, P. Reed, H. Smith, J. Sterkel, D. Smith, S. Freburg, J. Bridges, R. Wright, J. Grueber, T. Vogelsang, M. Robison, D. Anderson, D. Huston, D. Luther, D. Unvert. ROW 5: L. Borders, D. Allely, G. Harris, C. Noren, D. Love, D. Christensen, R. Barron, W. Wiegert, B. Kreps, D- CFOHC, J. Moeller, D. Unvert, F. Mills, D. McCosh, B. Larsen, E. Unvert. Page 1 31 ...mesa-W-we-w',-msa-we .a.s..'.a.z. M H Us M -as me sms e W is-mos rm - Ejflsm' . me "sein IWBEWE mm iii. '...n.s..,...., ,......,..,,,,,,,, Jij ,,, 'M 'fmamae he my f'W- MU X' ' ess sg' , L ' ' 5 ff.. if HL KW E . J :ee-I ,ZfZ',1.b, I ,fr 2 Q S .. s mint gil! BHIW F 'saremaa s s E BME H asa I ROW 1: W. Swanstrom, R. Lucke, P. Seger, N. Brown, C. Eckles, H. Palmateer, J. Johnson. ROW 2: D. Livers, N. Stooker, Miss Holding, M. Larson, Mrs. Reynolds, B. Cobleigh, K. Coldammer, D. Witte. ROW 3: K. Coffey, M. Kent, S. Butler, J. Burger, N. Von Bergen, C. Scrimsher, C. Ladine, S. Ladine, L. Brantz. ROW 4: S. Harris, M. Combs, B. Monson, J. Smith, J. Lind, V. Livers, S. Slosson, J. Oestmann, J. Larsen, J. Johnson. On March 4 of this year Phi Mu celebrated its Centennial. ln these 100 years Phi Mu has grown from one small chapter at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, to cover the nation with 67 active chapters, and a total membership of over 25,000. This has been an outstanding year ln many other Ways, too. Some of the highlights of the year have been winning homecoming decoration, the pledge party Treasure Hunt, the Centennial Tea, and our spring formal. Then there are those little yet im- portant things such as hour dances, firesides, im- Page 132 promptu parties, pinnings, and engagements which make college life so interesting and worthwhile. We are proud of Phi Mu's achievements during this year and of her contributions to campus activities. We are proud of individual honors-Naegeli's win- ning the Lincoln Symphony auditions, and Sarah's lead in the play-but above this we prize the atmosphere of cooperation, of living and working together as a unit at 5219 Huntington. As in every other year we have continued to strive for the high ideals of our sorority-love, honor, truth. All of these things make each of us proud to be a Phi Mu. .1 O f Arrgtbx J 'A .gllfr ' x ,X . Founded at Wesleyan Female College Macon, Georgia 1852 Established at Nebraska Wesleyan 1939 Zeta Kappa Chapter 68 Chapters Hive., J' sg 'S'-Q 5 Page 133 Founded at Norwich Universlty N orthfield, Vermont 1856 Established at Nebraska Wesleyan 1949 Gamma Phi Chapter 106 Chapters F ,Y i ,' ,. A, 4:-'A' x"1N . H Aff' :nf- w v . Page 134 w. -'vt 'A-,, . .L . 43.114 45 --4 'krone ,D-" ,W ,Ed .,. R ,V , . 'Lg' .kt e 3 f -9512: .41 . K ' 1 . 1 'N . 53 . iw 1 7 ' 'H '9-A,2v.,,3':- . - A 15 " ' ' .A x - N . ' 'H . ' - -A, ,V 'In,,1'3 If tx twin- ir", V' iz .. F' -1 ' - N' ,g -' :-.Q - ,:" "'1I,v . 1-u fg ix L -.J H -15' .g-4 ' f' 5-v Leadership, scholarship, and fellowship were key words for Theta Chi in '51-,52. Leadership in the form of Student Senate Presi- dent Tom Waring fpast president of Interfraternity Councill, W Club president Lee Morgan, Sigma Pi Sigma President Wendell Carriker, Class presi- dents, Dick Lewis, freshman, Don Hull, senior- Leadership in the form of election to honoraries such as Tom Waring and Hank Haye in Blue Key, Wayne Miles in TAP, and Henry Haye in Whois Who Among Students-Scholarship, Theta Chi's are to be found in Theta Nu, Pi Gamma Mu, Sigma Pi Sigma, Psi Chi. Besides, three of our brothers have been accepted into the University of Ne- braska Medical College. Fellowship found Theta Chi's with a social calendar crammed with things like the Orchid F ormal-we chose Bobbe Grund- man for our "dream girl", Linoma Beach picnic, Pioneer park breakfast, besides numerous parties throughout the year. All these things exemplify the Theta Chi's appre- ciation of his motto-Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater. ROW 1: Nelson, Iverson, Reynolds, Ellis, Lightbody, Hoggins. ROW 2: Boch, Morgan, Czpansky, Bitner, Deal, McNaught, Bures, Kroeger, Brown, Barger. ROW 3: Marquette, Carlson, Sautter, Panicucci, Hawley, Dr. Shively, Mother Thurtle, Haye, Waring, Rosenau, Lippe, Logan. ROW 4: Abker, Keefer, Hull, Castle, Lewis, Bloom, Sasse, Brooks, Hulquist, Converse, Miles, Wiltse. ROW 5: Patterson, Beeney, Marts, Olsen, Keuster, Fletcher, Smith, Ohs, Cutler, Lund, Carriker, Rhodes. Horner, Jackson. ROW 1: B. Softley, M. Myers, M. Timm, R. Manning, B. Alicata, C. Roberts, N. Hanna. ROW 2: M. Norris, V. Ehrhart, S. Peterson, S. Alexander, B. Urbom, Mrs. Allen, B. Grundman, S. Link, E. Schleiger, C. Biha. ROW 3: J. Schnuelle, A. Ritter, M. Moore, M. Beeney, J. Hanson, M. Coulter, B. Meisinger, J. Pearson, A. Baumgartner, D. Craig, J. Spencer, A. Ritter. ROW 4: C. Rudd, M. Stone, G. Calvert, S. Flanagin, Y. Lycan, S. Cramer, J. Burkhardt, M. Conover, N. Young, G. ASP, J. Pitcaithley, D. Busekist. "Just ask any Coed Down at Wesleyan U Where's the place you love best On Madison Avenue?" lt's here at 50344 Madison where forty-five girls work and play together, creating one of the most harmonious groups on the campus. This college year they combined talents to produce the homecoming decorations seen on the opposite page, which were certainly no small amount of work. Festive high-lights at the Willard House were the sweater hop, pledge tricks and firesides. Of course the Willard walls fairly burst their beams Page 136 with pride as the following honors were earned: Homecoming attendants, C. Rudd, J. Pearson, V. Ehrhart, Ideal Plainswoman, M. Stone, Theta Chi Dream Girl, B. Crundman, Beauty Queens, C. Rudd, S. Alexander, Plainsman editor, M. Con- over, leading dramatic roles, S. Peterson, C. Rudd, B. Alicata, N. Young, D. Craig, cheerleaders, N. Hanna, C. Roberts, debate champions, C. Rudd, A. Baumgartner, V. Trail. This is but a peak at '51-'52 Willard memories "Only three blocks up from forty-eight On the Sunny side of the street If you don't know where to find it, Ask any one you meet." Founded at Nebraska Wesleyan Lincoln, Nebraska 1889 N , Page 137 A i- ,mga naw ll 5 fi w . amrrll 3 ? wi? mg" Q me EM zgwqwg: p 3 x.l 13 +2--r vs ily x Page 138 FIRST FLOOR--ROW 2: B. Witt, M. Hanson, N. Zavrel, C. Fisher, V. Dobrovolny, B. Tuttle, L. Sporer, R. Thomson. John on Hall Officer And Councilor Nancy Hinman - - Pf6Sid6I1t Sally Gillllam Vice President Marlene Bond - - Secretary Ruby N1-ana - Treasurer Mary Story Betty Halterman Ruth Wallis Gerry Swanson - - Councilors Johnson Hall holds many happy memories for its 95 residents, such as meeting their new roommates, getting acquainted with the girls across the hall, planning surprise parties, and even studying once in a while. Sharing and learning to live with others is an important part in the lives of everyone-and Johnson Hall gives its residents this opportunity. SECOND FLOOR-ROW 3: C. Biba, D. Craig, D. Crabb, G. Ganzel, M. Bond, M. Phillips, P. Litz, M. Kring, J. Johnston, V. Martin, A. Ritter, A. Ritter. ROW 2: S. Grobe, G. Asp, R. Donelson, D. LeLaCheur, K. Erickson, E. Krondak, P, Seger, J. Miller, B. Johnson, M. Miller, C. Rudd, J. Larson. ROW 1: G. Velte, J. Westfall, D. Martin, R. Wallis, V. Steider, J. Johnson, W. Cramer, M. Jahn, F. Schick, M. Linton. 1? v Page 139 , . me if-J 4,f-n I Page 140 i THIRD FLOOR-Row 3: L. Sandfort, D. Busekist, M. Vrana, J. Ruth, I. Koenig, K. Lind- strom. N. Seng, D. Doering, B. Soltley, S. Gillham. ROW 2: R. Zahn, N. Schnuelle, C. Lacline, N. Hinman, G. Meese, V. Livers, D. Livers, son, R. Vrana, C. Benedict. ROW 1: A. Lowson, M. Kyes, B. Halterman, J. Stanford, G. Raymond, B. Lutes, B. Nay. Johnson Hall, residence for freshman women, celebrated its fourth birthday with a birthday dinner in February. Some of the high- lights of the past year have been the Johnson Hall Formal held in November, Open House for Homecoming, and the many times when the group met for firesides. 1. Carl- .... 1' ff 7' 42' '. J WS! ,4- +, Nancy Hinman, President of Johnson Hall, relaxes and listens to her favorite records. FOURTH FLOOR-ROW 2: Miss Eberhart, B. Brooks, M. Story, M. Ballard, M. Smith, B. Mendenhall. ROW 1: G. Newbury, L. Oehlerking, E. Marsh, M. Gallion, J. Shaw. Aff-R -saw '.a ,gi , ,,,v 121 if lv Z s Ee gf, 9 U xx A N J J SQX S, Q? 5? , 5 ."'M S24 QM 1 i! September brought a new "crop" of freshmen to the campus. Like all new "crops" they received some special attention. The annual Freshman Retreat sponsored by the Y's with explanations by "camp- us notables," the wonderful picnic lunch, and the worship service afterwards were good introductions to campus life. Later came registration-and for the girls in the dorm a formal introduction to the "campus church" on Johnson Hall's go to church Sunday. By the way, do you remember the rain? " ,1--H-L-fir Highlighting Traditions Day was Kangaroo Court where offend- ing "Freshies," bedecked in green and carrying green balloons were tried for various misdemeanors. After due process of the law they were found guilty and punished much to the delight of the rest of the Student Body. Near the end of the month the Cl1ancellor's reception, following his annual address in morning chapel, formally launched Wesleyan social life. As the excite- ment of meeting old friends and making new ones wore off, students and faculty settled down for a year of work-and fun. r The fund-raising Pancake Supper given by Wesley Fellow- !-ig' A H, In WIA! ship gave the boys a good chance to practice the domestic arts. TwLIi2QijT'f'Trp Ai --1'1" """' .ib:,gr3i:5Q4E 653' ' '- -- -' ' ' 4 I .HCA A is The Spinsters had their Spree and awarded "Most Eligible Bachelor" Erv Weston a ball and chaing And to prove it was ladies night Mary Moore received a loving cup for the outstanding creation- her date's corsage. The fellows enjoyed the fun and many relaxed in the Snack Bar with their dates during intermission. A l ' After all applause had subsided and the judges sheets were in, Phil Jackman and Wayne Brown were awarded the coveted first prize in the talent show sponsored annually by the combined Publications Staff. October also brought Deans Forrest and Gass to the Plainsman Box Office to buy their tickets fy the first play of the season. Meanwhile, Ray Nuetzman practiced his control room technique in anticipation of the opening curtain. The influx of Indian Summer days found these girls spending those minutes between classes absorbing their Vitamin D the easy way. Lf xwbqfv A wg H, H, ww E in M,1E4 H2488 +V' sms: ss W Bag a 4 --1 B mmf - sd www? ms ma E ma: sw mn wa Q A' 0 I 1 , V In the evening Wesleyan alums initiated a new tradition--a chuck wagon feed. x K - Winners of the sorority house decoration were the Phi Mus with their three little tigers hung up to dry. During game half time, Miss Cleo Te Selle was in- troduced to the crowd as "W" Club Sweetheart. "Kelly's" two attendants were Vi Ehrhart and .lo Harrington. v rnwma. si sw.2xsex,wxw cs.ea.x4 -wf1.s 5 sf : fm 1 M M Opening the "formal" season was Johnson Hal1's gala " evening. Lenore Sandfort, Joe Housh, Paul Horner and E Claudia Ritter found relaxation playing cards. In fact, the card tables looked like they were universal favorites. A "7 ?"Y"""f-"'i"" "" 'S , J, 5 ' i' ' ' 44 November also found serious plans in the making when the Campus Chest Drive planning committee got together. First some advertising- a catchy slogan like 100 at 3 for C.C.D., then the carnival and dance, with the Phi Tau Combo providing music to climax the drive. Lilian Alfiche shows Miss Johnson, Dean of Women, a lei made and home. s.- , ,W ,' " "' if iii ... .ff f-.-li - G -,.n6" -1-1. - ,, W5 :gre is 4 .... .1 .. l ff X-5' : .--,:""""'l-"' vb J W...-.. :M ' Q ,,,, Z'-:xi-xs,..-1 . E it .Z gi K L: . - X ' . ,-' ZI' :ig ., My I ' I Q l A if L if iss 34 me-me K if " '1 ' 4 57 'LHYJ' N f 1-ff, ' lxA,,,,.,u! ,, , QL! . af. . fi , lf. One day each year fellows are allowed to enter the forbidden land, second, third, and fourth floors of Johnson Hall. This event is during the annual Johnson Hall open house. Not only is Johnson Hall clean, but it is provided with beautiful decorations like Jay Newbury and "Mimi" Stevenson. if if? I H ei. . 1 Ml i I A - J this KE E Q I 3 j t QT? Q3 Q ffqif 2 Y Q- ..,..:.gAM W Every year at the Orchid formal, the Theta Chi's elect their "dream girl". This year the honor went to "Bobbie" Grundmnn and if looks as if she really means to hang on to that cup! of Nebraska sunflowers, substitutes for orchids from Hawaii- it lr: ss m a M nm H M WEB H m H M M E it W me ss R kms.: -mam A-W, 'W .wg we December was a busy month for everyone . . . After the student body had finished caroling and had gathered in front of present to him on behalf of the student body. 5 . . . And the matins planning committee completed arrangements for the early morning services-conducted by students for the student body. 1 if Old Main, the Chancellor's daughter presented a Christmas Q - 4. A I ,LJ F.- .-.-,S 'r ,-. ..,.. I -, ff'f"f"F -wt , f A: 'Z i . . . Johnson Hall had its Christmas dinner prepared by Mrs. Q, Menefee and her staff. J " . . . In C. C. White's auditorium, Jean Poyer presented the first senior recital of the year. G7 Q xi . . . And the night before vacation the Barbs and their dates danced under the mistletoe of one of the leading hotels. . . . The boys at the pool table were getting used to a little free time during the afternoon. Until a few days before they had spent most of their time either on the practice field or playing in football games. These six seniors are R. Starkel, M. Schmidt, R. Whitaker, D. Hull, L. Walker, H. DuBois. Ni' V, ., Ivan. -gg - sw.-.f+sz1.,.,.,., Q, ,. pp ,QW .F A e , , i .W 1 . - ,- - V 4 1 A-L , N X.h .V Religious Emphasis Week, supervised hy the Religious Life commit- Q tee, was highlighted by the chapel convocation speeches of Dr. Gaston U Foote, famous author and minister. Dr. Foote spent the afternoon on the campus counciling those students who cared to come to him. Before his evening speech he relaxed at one of the various houses on the campus. 3? bakeries-V 1 -gf Z: W... -. M if 4... . The new semester also brought several new students to the campus, among whom was Tatiana Budovich, a Ulcranian immi- grant. The district "Y" Conference at Hastings was attended by sixteen Wesleyan stu- dents. Among other schools represented were Ag College, Doane, Kearney, Uni- versity of Nebraska, York, and Wayne. Page 154 ss asa af" -."4"f S bl The third Wesleyan sponsored high school invitational forensic tournament was a big success. Over one hundred students from twenty different schools and three different states attended. The high team was Sylvia and Mary Johnson-no relation-from Norfolk. Virginia Trail and Ann Baumgartnerg Q Rex Sample and Bob Whited were two among four debate teams rated super- I ior at the College Debate Tournament. fl Y'Q " -4:24 5.1: L- Y V.,-r 'Sk fi, V mners of the All Wesleyan Oratorlcal contest were Mel un Schwenk third Virvmia Trail second and Bob Wlnted who won first Their ability as speakers won each of them a speech scholarship. Joe DuBois, outstanding NCC lineman from Wesleyan, receives the Bill Carriker award from Bill Carriker and Fred Hess. WAA members, Betty Davis, Lois Montgomery, and Marcia Duey, are "supposed" to- be busy selling candy and apples, at one of the basketball games. Three more months of school! The juniors awed UH by the splendor of seniors form an arch for the honored on Senior Recognition Day. "Chan" and Mrs. Bracy helped Johnson Hall celebrate its third birthday, February 21. ' Page 156 During another of the Thursday Convocations, Cardinal Key tapped four new members. Lynelle Adams, new president of Alpha Gam, was one of the lucky four. Marilyn Larson is the Cardinal Key "tapper." 'Vai Xwrl' A' ,244 One of the Y-Teen Conference discussion periods seems to be going full swing. The purpose of the conference ,F was to acquaint future teachers and possible Y-Teen spon- sors with that organization and its functions. M srsl wwf - Student nurses of Bryan Memorial Hospital receive their lamps at First Methodist Church, while four others graduate from the Nebr. Methodist School of Nursing in Omaha. Vw: if Iwo-t X NS' Q, Mary Margaret Cole Jean Johns Val ,lean Wheeler Mildred Meisinger 5. ROW 1: Nelson, Shafer, Fredericks, Nelson, Bergstraesser, Deckert, Sheerer, McAlpure. ROW 2: Thompson, Nesseler, Jones, Kendle, Humphrey, Phillips, McGregor, Francis, Mrs. Hess, Miss Johnston. BACK ROW: Hanson, Carson, Maurer, Oehlerking, Adair, Seagle, Willard, Huff, Cal- S. 2' :Y 4 r- fi One group of newly initiated Gamma Upsilon members talked to the initiating officers from Culver-Stockton College, while Dr. Allen, execu- tive secrelary. showed another group his key. on Catch and Tom Waring were proh- ably talking over campaign techniques just before this picture was taken since both were running for student senate presidency at the time. a A social get-together for the faculty women was the lunch- eon meeting of the Faculty Auxiliary held this time at Mrs. Evans' home. Page 158 Mrs. Brandt presented the traveling Panhellenic scholarship trophy to Lynelle Adams, president of Alpha Gamma Delta, at the annual Panhellenic luncheon. Representative of all spring tours was the I. R. C. caravan. Folding programs while they listen to plans are the caravan members. 'Tw'-T fr W l. Ideal Elected by a popular vote of the 1952 student body, Margaret Stone and Dick Hanna were honored as the Ideal Plainswoman and Plains- Illan. "Mig" and Dick received their cups from Mo Conover, Plainsman editor. "Mig" and Dick enjoy cokes in the student union after being announced as the 1952 Ideals. ii E ESL KZZNYWW 1 X sin. iz .1 ms'm3- mi- M is mv Z . Q MARIAN MILLER CAROL LADIN E BARBARA FARMER SHIRLEY ALEXANDER I If '54 CAROLYN RUDD . H5221 3:55 B., H Page 161 Easter Matins is not all beauty and worship. There are many committees, like the decoration committee, that help make it so. Boxes for the social are in big demand when N Q- hu.-mu presented by young ladies like those at the F flkff-1 'l M ...,., At the WAA function, Robbie's crying towel is sold to the highest bidder-and the "kids" seem to love it. FN V? Part of campus tradition are the firesides at the various professors' homes, and Dr. .lohn's is always a favorite. Page 1 62 Lifetime memberships in the Pep Club are given to the cheerleaders by the sponsor, Marie Mangold, at the Sports Banquet. Y Highlighting May festivities were the tra- ditional May Fete ceremonies over which governed Margaret Stone, the 1952 Mav Queen, and Dick Gentry, 1952 Student Prince. ra "BIC SNOB," "OLD GROUCHN --Vi Ehrhart and Dan Bitner were revealed as the most popular man and woman among organized students at the annual Big Snob- Old Crouch Dance. 3 C94 gf - i Page 163 PQ 'WY N uit 125 :fU'M'." ,Q I . , xzfx Imfitl ,lm 4-if if , Y X .-V that-few ' .J le' .-.uw-145 Mx ni F zlz - - as vtm HAVELOCK NATIONAL BANK 6145 Havelock Lincoln Page 166 A Toxpoying Self - Supporting Public Institution OWNED BY THE PEOPLE IT SERVES GATES INSURANCE AGENCY CECIL C. GATES 4807 St. Paul Lincoln FRATERNITY JEWELERS MEDALS, PINS, AND TROPHIES i' RIXSTINE Jewelry Manufacturing Company 'I108 P Street 2-3810 eruing Lincoln and Nebraska FoR ovER 80 YEARS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LINCOLN 10th AND O M R FE AL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COR ORAT ON JIM ARRIGO MARKET groceries-meats-vegetables open evenings and Sundays 4743 Holdrege 6-2420 VARSITY, STATE, and ESQUIRE Thank You For Your Patronage DIETRICH BIKE AND KEY SHOP SCHWINN BICYCLES 2738 No. 48 Lincoln KP THE Snfnwm-Mumns Co. PAINTS, VARNISHES, LACQUERS, LEADS, OILS, ENAMEL5, BRUSHES AND PAINTERS' SPECIALTIES 'I333 O! Street Lincoln, Neb. LATSCH BROTHERS INC. Office Outfitters, Stationers, Printers 1124 O Lincoln Page 167 Visit Your New lu as P E N N E Y ' S At The c:RossRoADs OF LINCOLN '31, DST. The Store Thot Thrift Built BEN YOUR HAIRDRESSER 22116 211 So. 13 2-1717 DR. KENNETH E. DROWN HAROLD'S LU NCH EONETTE DENTIST 2800 No. 48 Lincoln 2722 No. 48 Lincoln MATTHEWS TEXACO SERVICE FIRESTONE TIRES AND ACCESSORIES 2304 No. 48th Lincoln P g 168 for perfect shots- EVANS STUDIO 1952 Plainsman Photographer 1215 P Street 5-4948 ARMSTRONG FURNITURE Open Every Evening Ample Parking - No Meters SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TH E COMMONWEALTH COMPANY 360 North 48th Street 126 No. 11th Lincoln l ,Z fig HOTEL EOR UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION 0 A. Q J0lN THE CBIIWD FOR A ow Wow Ar the CornI1usker's New eepee Room Fine Foods Delicious Taste Treats Plan Your Next Dinner or Dancing Party for the Beautiful Georgian Room' or The Grand BalIRoom SCHIMMEL SERVICE . SCHIMMEL, MANAGING DIRECTOR Page 169 DRS. TAYLOR 8. TAYLOR PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS 4728 St. Paul Lincoln THE PATIO DRIVE-IN CAFE MEALS-SNAC KS-FOU NTAI N YOUR SERVICE-OUR PLEASURE BOOTH-COUNTER-CURB SERVICE No. 48th at Fremont Lincoln TAKE A PERSONAL PICTURE RECORD OF YOUR COLLEGE DAYS . . . J .Q L XO' L- a , +211 1- ' . , . sf , '- f 1. , ' ' .aff ,Y .Qfxl , i - fr- ' , A -5? V ,Y 'L My lv? ivan X 5' -A f r get- f -.aff 11-4 3? 'iii - " 1 -f Mijn ,pf : S:-1 T ' I if ,g - ' ,T ," Q " F s See our complete line-up of the new and exciting Kodak Comeros. Prices from 522.30 EASTMAN KODAK STORES, 'I22'I O Street Phone 2-7216 all mililn"" ,mln Page 170 , , Af- Nebraska Typewriter Company 'I25 No. 1'Ith Street 2-7285 Lincoln, Nebraska Come in and carry out a new Royal portable .. . ..... I W . 1 . Zlitfizlkiiliir-. - -7' ' . , ' 26?-1-'-1+ ff? my X ya, X 'S VI vf, N : 6 ff' X -qv-gf , Q -ax t as 'X' EQ ss Q 4 sh' x wg? kj ' 4-wKX'i N .EJ Q ,O ' Q, w 4' 'S ...... ..- Your Store Away from Home during your College Years Your Quality Store in Years to Come CITIZENS STATE BAN CONGRATULATIONS to you Grads BEST WISHES to you under-Grads E'E :UE L " ' I I MUTUAL IN LINCOLN Page 171 44, ,T All ,nt it 2 us' XXX COLLINS STANDARD SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING SEASONS TO YOUR FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL TEAMS Nebraska Wesleyan grid- ders and cagers are pro- tected against athletic in- jury by Woodmen Acci- dent Company. Many Plainsmen students are protected against in- jury by Woodmen Acci- dent's special Student Ac- cident plan. For your personal insurance needs consult E. A. Prenosil, specializing in accident, health, hospitalization and life insurance. if v' I !5 '- A .X I ' . . -his E. A. PRENOSIL Personal Insurance Advis WOODMEN ACCIDENT and Associated Companies 1243 "N" Lincoln A Nebraska Institution Helping To Build A Greater 2542 No. 48th Lincoln Nebraska HINKLE MACHINE Q 6IS6'mp""T7"- SHOP 2723 No. 48th Lincoln N D I E 1 L gigllilflqjglf :EE-il I -I ,x Page 1 72 N 5 'BOWC 'I430 South MAYO DRUG CO. YOUR DRUGSTORE ON THE CORNER V No 48th Lincoln Q15 lid' V, WH, Q. OWELL JEWELRY 1341 0 Lincoln WARN ER-MEDLIN STUDIOS Arthur Owens To Our Past and Future Customers Service Quality Courtesy To All 70,000 Sittings in IO years Foremost in the Midwest 714 Security Bldg. 2-6272 UNIVERSITY PLACE NEWS Has Furnished Printing Service to Nebraska Wesleyan For 25 Years 2719 No. 48 Lincoln 00 . ' ....'3f4-,.,: . I W I li 'I . . I eep s fl e DIAMO N D RING s - :fh"!J.dS!5f" 7' 5 MIP? 1' 5153" E .gf -L QQ. nl-'aan ' RALPH'S IGA MARKET EASIEST SHOPPING IN 'rowN 2638 No. 48th Lincoln Page 173 ESQUIRE CLEANERS 2810 No. 48th Lincoll THOMAS HARDWARE ELCE 84 SON EVERY HARDWARE NEED LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS 2739 No. 48th Lincoln 2626 No. 48th Lincoln BOYD JEWELRY CO. -' , DIAMONDS - WATCHES , SILVERWARE I " 3755? f V fiffi 1144 O Sf. Lincoln R-A DR. E. S. MATHERS DENTIST 2726 No. 48th 6-2248 Page 174 YOUR UNIVERSITY TEXTBOOK CENTER PLAINSMAN BOOK STORE IN BASEMENT OF "OLD MAIN" Our 39th Year c EL:-.Num K EYES 4725 St. Paul Lincoln FOR THINGS YOU NEED EVERYDAY THINK OF THE BEN FRANKLIN STORES 2731 No. 48th 6208 Havelock Lincoln Congratulations Grads THOMAS J. DWORAK, D.D.S. 1009 Sharp Bldg. Lincoln Come In and Browse Around CHEAPPER DRUG STORE 1325 O Street MEEK LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIAL as. COAL 2441 No. 48th Lincoln me as ra HARRINGTO Companies ' ' ' ' ' for over 45 years this real estate company has been successfully serv- ing NEBRASKA and NEBRASKANS. ' ' ' ' ' in LINCOLN, particularly, we are geared to serve the people. ' ' ' ' ' so, for your REAL ESTATE problems, let them help you-it costs no more to get the best! HARRINGTON CO'S. REALTORS 229 So. 13th St. 2-6621 .-A-p-W.. - - - SMlTH'S MOBILE SERVICE 48th and Walker Mob M0blllIb on jf! 5 so .wi-v , H X, 55 is TYRRELL'S FLOWERS 'I133 No. Cotner Blvd. Lincoln Page 176 When Your Shoes Need Repair Think Of DOYLES SHOE SERVICE 2731 No. 48 Lincoln BLOOM TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Reasonable Rental Rates Sales - Supplies - Service 323 North 13th St. 2-5258 South of UN Campus Moy our beocon light your woy home ond be 0 faithful reminder of your college friends cnt 12th and 0 Streets THE CONGRATULATIONS, C0 TI E A N N NT L SENIORS NATIONAL T' BANK .Jlrom Lincoln .Mg .jfvfencl f7la1 ,dfdf0ll ufillz the Alma Pg 177 md. Qllufz COTNER TERRACE THERIEN FOOD LOCKERS 827 So. 27 6024 Havelock Ave. 9th 8. L FOR ICE CREAM AT ITS BEST NEBRAsKA's LARGEST AND FINEST RESTAURANT I 2 .J z a .: If : er . gf Private Banquet Rooms : Tle7F.iX For 'I lo 1000 E 4 A.A4.4-Ai . l if- Sv 225 No. Cainer Blvd. Lincoln ELMER HANSEN CONOCO SERVICE Washing and Lubrication S and H Green Stamps 'I800 Y 48 at O Lincoln READY MIXED CONCRETE CO. Producers of Specification Concrete Page 1 78 BILL ALBERS 81 HIS ORCHESTRA "it's the MUSIC that makes the affair" For Bookings Telephone 4-3589 THESE FAMILIAR WESLEYAN LANDMARKS OLSON CGNSTRUCTION CCD. ?'fm 51 lv nf. Q . 'AWK ll , Z -,M .5 ' 'E . 424,- Pug 179 Mrs. Volstead, HOVLAND-SWANSON'S Sportswear buyer shows Barbara Farmer and Barbara Dorsey some of the perky new summer fashions. HOVLAND'S College fashions are always up-to-date and just what a Co-ed dreams about! Sea Foods Private Party Room lx ,Q no PENcEn's , . X, y ,ful I .IJ "uvNl1'rlWl'm,ff11rirru0" I 1425-27 South Street 3-6603 3-8680 UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS STANDARD NOISELESS, ELECTRIC EDISON ELECTRONIC VOICEWRITERS UNDERWOOD SUNDSTRAND ADDING MACHINES Siegel Office Equipment Co. 228 North 13th Street Lincoln 8, Nebraska NESBITT 4701 "O" Lincoln WESLEYANN COLLEGE BOOKSHOPP Miss Hannah Jensen, Prop. 2711 No. 48th 6-1278 School Supplies, Text Books, Stationery, Typewriters Pennants, Unusual Gifts, Neckties, Hosiery "EVERYTHING FOR THE STUDENT" Serving Wesleyan Students 1927-1952 Page 180 BOTTLING CO. .Jqzwg .7455 lr Sruice HOLMES GROCERY 48th and Baldwin Lincoln rr '- vii Let Us "Furnace" Your Home A138 GREEN FURNACE and PLUMBING CO., INC. 2747 No. 48 Lincoln Congratulations Seniors from your WESLEYAN SNACK BAR MILADY COFFEE SERVED EXCLUSIVELY AT THE WESLEYAN SNACK BAR U I AND sc:-lool. CAFETERIA. I 5 lwuull MI DY WC O F EE Q, want to ride? GOOD MOTOR SALES USED CARS 3601 No. 48 Lincoln Page 181 Congratulations to Nebraska Wesleyan On Their 50th Volume of the Plamsman Natnonal Bank of Commerce rs Celebrat mg Their 50th Year at l3th 8t O Streets Member of Federal Deposut Insurance Corp Congratulatnons To Nebraska Wesleyan On the Publrcatlon of Its 50th Volume We are proud to have had the opportumty of contlbutmg fo the growth of this fme educahonal nst tuhon f' f GLASS 8 PAINT CO 'I43 So 'l0th St Lncoln Nebr AV ff Wh Taka gps! ULQI. Lenny When ,I Psrsl s Best' PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO Lincoln Nebraska THE TURNPIKE WHERE THE BIG BANDS Page 182 PLAY fl a I , . . Q I 0 K t-A5 Y rn a n 1 I 7 . . i i . 0 7 ., Y Af T91 f T Y I A . I , J ligase, T . . i , . ' I Buy Your Hardware Supplies at ANDERSON HARDWARE S. 8 H. Green Trading Stamps 6132 Havelock Avenue 6-2317 liilliiliilliif MUSIC NIGHTLY FOR YOUR DINNER AND DANCING PLEASURE 15 Years Serving The Middlewexl MAL 2-6651 Corner "0" Sheet at 58th E Ywy.'I:.., In 1 'I ALIIN Mini H 766 Dammod Ilfelcome you! Congratulations, Seniors From SKYLINE FARMS DAIRY and Ice Cream Stores Locations-- ' 1845 R Street 9 1417 N Street 9 1433 South Street ' Cottage at the Farm IM miles South of Lincoln on Highway 77 i14th Stl Remember: Skyline "Ends Your Quest for the Best" Call 3-2269 for Retail Route Service THAN KS TO OUR ADVERTISERS THE PLAINSMAN STAFF Page 183 Deems. Robert Page 184 I DEX DE STUDENTS, ADVERTISERS, DRGANIZATID , TITLE A Abker, Larry, 110, 135 Adams, James, 124 Adams, Lynell, 67, 77, 82, 114, 122 Adair, .1 can Alfiche, Lillian, 138 Alexander, Shirley, 85, 136 Alicata, Betty, 136 Allard, Phil, 79, 81 Allely, Don, 77, 118, 131 Allen, Robert Allen, William, 131 Alpha Gamma Delta, 122 Ammon, Rosina, 78, 84, 125 Amspaugh, Bure, 131 Anderson, Don, 131 Anderson, Janice, 83, 84, 115, 128 Anderson, Joyce, 67, 128 Anderson, Sidney Anderson Andrews, Hardware, 183 Charles, B1 Bishop, Ethel, 14, 112 Bitner, Dan, 118, 135 Bloom, Don, 135 Bloom Typewriting Agency, 176 Blue Key, 114 Bock, Franklyn, 135 Boerrigtcr, Glen, 124 Bolderbuck, Don, B0 Bond, Marlene, 84, 115, 122, 139 Booth, Ethel, 14, 112 Borders, LeRoy, 83, 131 Bouslough, Burney, 65, 66, 124 Boyle, Charles Boyd Jewelry Company, 174 Bracy, Carl, 12, 78 Bradshaw, Sidney Brandt, Clara, 14 Branz, Lavawn, 85, 132 Ang, Carlecn, 122 Anthony, Marjorie Armstrong, Arlene, 110, 125 Armstrong Furniture, 169 Arrigo's Market, 167 Art Club, 79 Asp, Geraldine, 85, 13, 9 Baldwin, Don Ballard, Melba, 125, 141 Bancroft, John, 127 Barger, Bruce Barnes, Murleen Bamett, Raymond Barringer, G. A., 14, 112, 114, 117, Barron, Roland, 74, 131 Bartley, J. E., 14, 112, 117 Bailey, William, 78 Band,62 Barhs, 125 Barger, Bmce, 135 Baseball, 103 Basketball, 96 Baumgartner, Ann, 75, 82, 111, 136 Beatrice Foods. 178 Beck, .ls-an, 122 Becker, Clifford, 81 Beeney, Marilyn, 76, 136 Beeney, Bill, 135 Benedict, Glenna, 118, 125, 140 Ben Franklin Stores, 175 Brehm, Kathleen, 111 Brehm, Roger Bridges, James, 131 Brooks, Bennetta, 141 Brooks. John, 110, 135 Brown, Carol Brown, Nandy, 132 Brown, Katherine, 14 Brown, Brown, Robert, 74, 111, 131 William, 81, 88, 115, 135 Budovich, Tatiana Buell, Lyle, 127 Bueraetta, Katherine Bnettcnl-nach, Shirley, 81 Bures. Marvin, 110, 135 Burger. lean, 132 Bnrkhardt, Janet. 65, 110, 136 Burroughs. Bob, 131 Busekiat. Donna. 136. 140 Bush, Lynette, 87, 115, 128 Butler. Sallie, 132 Butlers Cleaners, 175 Ben Your Hairdresser, 168 Bennett, Bennett, Oscar. 14, 65, 68 Robert Benson. Wayne. 82, 124 Benton, Donna, 78, 128 Berck. Kent Butriclt, Earl C Callen. Glen, 15, 112 Calvert. Gretchen, 136 Calvert. John, 79, 113, 114, 118, 127 Calvert. Tom, 127 Cameron, Bob Cantrell, Cleda Cardinal Kev, 114 Carlson, Bob. 66. 131 Carlson. Erwin. 127 Carlson , Gerald. 66. 118 Carlson. Joyce. 67. 80, 125, 140 Carlson. Lloyd, 135 Carriker, Bill Carriker. Wendell, 66, 80, 119, 135 Carson. Carter. .lonrt Don Berger, Margaret, 122 Bergstrasscr, Mary Berryman, Keith Br-vins. Rex Bihs. Carol. 132, 139 Bill Albers Band, 17B Carveth. .lonn Cassel. Kr-nneth, 78, 135 Castro. Eustorgio Casiano, Emilio Cecil. Bob. 80. 127 Ccderdahl, Gene Chapel Choir, 65 Cheaper Drug Company, 175 Chorus, 64 Choy, Cyrus Christiansen, Densil, 131 Christensen, Don, 81 Citizens State Bank, 171 Clark, Nettie, 78 Clifford, bury, 127 Cline, Donn, 88, 115, 127 Clipson, John, 64, 65, 66 Cobleigh, Beverly, 77, 116, 132 Coffey, Kathleen, 67, 80 COGS, 79 Collins Standard Service, 172 Colon, V. A., 15 Combs, Mary Lou, 7B, 132, 138 Commonwealth Company, 169 Conncrly, La Veeda Conover, Mona, 78, 79, 87, 111, 113 136 Consumer Public Power, 166 Continental National Bank, 177 Converse, Dorothy Converse, Ray, 85, 135 Cornhusker 1-lotcl, 169 Cnrns, Mamie, 15, 117 Coulter, Madeline, 78, 85, 110, 136 Courtney, Wayne Crabb, Donna, 67, 128, 139 ' Craig, Diane, 85, 136, 139 Cramer, Shirley, 116, 136 Crmncr, Willa Ju, 122, 139 Crawford, David Crescent. 127 Crone, Richard, 119, 131 Crnssficld. Joanne. 118, 122 Crotinncr, Vern, 131 Cotner Tcrracc, 178 Cumminq. Rnhcrt, 65 Cutler, Ron, 135 Czapanskiy, Lee, 135 Dappen, .luc, 63, 78, 8-1, 110. 124 Davis, Bette Davison. llelcn Deal, Boy, 15, 112, 117 Dcal, Marvin, 135 DrBorrl. Ron Dcckcrt, Marjorie Dccms. Iris Delta Zeta, 128 Dcsta. Lishan Dr-llvkc. Drlorcs Dilldino. Dorothy Dilvert. Oliln. 83 Dietrich Bike and KEY Shop, 167 Dismorr. Coll:-te. Bl. 35. 123 Dnhrnvolnv, Velma. 125. 138 Deering. Donna. 122, 140 Dooley. L. W.. 15 Don:-lrlson. llolnlrrln, 125, 139 Douglas, Icon. 1311 , 114, 115 Graves, Doran, Bill Dorsey, Barbara, 65, 85, 80, 122 Doyle Shoe Shop, 176 Drown, K. E., Dr., 168 Drake, Leslei DuBois, Howard Ducy, Marcie, 81, 118 Dante, Caryl Dvorak, T. J., Dr., 175 Dye, Vic, 81, 82, 83, 88, 115, 124 Eastman Korlak Store, 170 Eberhart, Betty, 15, 141 Ebcrhart, Steve Eeklcs, C., 132 Edgar, George, 66, 75, 85, 119, 131 Edgerton, Hazel, 78, 128 Ehrhart, Vi, 77, 132 Elec and Son, 174 Ellis, Vernon, 135 Ellsworth, Dale, 82 Ely, Robert Emery, Gloria, 125, 188 Emmerick, Margaret Ericson, Katherine, 122, 139 Esquire Cleaners, 174 Evans, John, 15 Evans Studio, 169 Evers, Marvin, 66, 81, 82, 124 F Fallbcck, Marlene, 80, 122 Fahleson, Don, 131 Fairmont Foods, 175 Farmer, Barbara, 80, 116, 122 Fauss, Gerald Ferris, George Fike, John, 131 Finecy, Beth, 65, 75, 77, 114, 122 Firestone, Louise ' First National Bank, 167 Fischel, Gerald Fischel, John Fisher, Carol, 80, 125 Fisher, Charlene, 88, 115, 125, 138 Fitch, Bob Flanagin. Shirley, 136 Fletcher, Vic, 135 Flight, Tom. 81 Football, 92 Foshcnder, Roger, 80, 127 Foster, George Foth, Velma, 78. 125 Forrest, A. L., 13, 75 Francis, Marilyn Frantz, Liz, 78, 80, 114, 128 Frazier, Bill Frazier. Bonnie Fredericks, Marilyn French, Walter, 15, 112, 119 Frcdburg, Stanley. 131 Fry, Robert, 81. 83, 117 Funayama, Thelma, 76 Future Teachers of America, 78 G Gallagher, Dorothy Gallinn, Merilce, 67, 85, 125, 141 Callaway, Betty Gamma Upsilon. 115 Ganzel. Gwen Gay, 125, 139 Gardner. Fred Garner, Walt, 80 Garrett, Kathy. 87, 115, 128 Cass, Clinton, 13. 77, 84, 112, 110 Gas Company. 172 Catch, Don, 111, 118' Gates Insurance, 166 Gentry, Dick, 75, 80, 110, 114, 118, 131 Gcrberling, Lindell, 122 Gillahm, Nelva, 125, 140 Gilman, Dean, 131 Girls Glee Club, 67 Glass, Ed Glccbe, Shirley Glover, James Godby, Esther, 76, 78, 82, 83, 114, 117, 128 Goldammer, Kathy, 76, 79, 87, 115, 132 Golsmil h, Duane Good Motor Sales, 181 Gorst, Marjorie, 65, 67, 77, 111, Graczyk, Dick Grantski, Duane Dale Grayson, John, 16, 80 Green Furnace Plurnbing,,181 Grell, Dick Griess. Jerald, 124 Grebe, Shirlce, 139 Grines, Mary Louise, 78 Gruber, John, 131 Grueber, Carl Cmndman, Roberta, 65, 77, 136 Gustafson, Archie, 80 H Hugcmeistcr, Joanne, 85, 128 Hagemeister, Patsy, 67, 122 Haines, Dean, 81 Halbert, Bernice, 16, 114 Hale, Daisy, 85, 122 Haltcrman, Betty, 76, 81, 125, 14 Hamilton, Georgia, 122 Hampton, Edna, 82, 128 Hanna, Dick, 79, 80, 111, 131 Hana, Beth, B5 Hanna, Lylc Hanna, Nancy, 78, 85, 136 Hansen, Conoco, 178 Hanson, Jean, 64, 67, 78, 85, 136 Hanson, Marie, 125, 138 Hanson, Laura Hanson, Warren. 81 Hanson, Robert Harden, John, 124 Harman. Margaret Harold's Luneheonette, 168 Harrington, Joan, 78, 122 Harrington, Dick 1-1arrington's Company, 176 Harris, Guy, 66, 131 113, 114, 128 0 Harris, Sara, 74, 77, 111, 113 114, 132 Harrison, Homer, 64, 65, 66 Harrison. Jackie, 64. 65, 67, 68, 79, 111, 113, 114, 128 Harsh, Dale, 127 Hartnett, Richard Havelock National Bank, 166 Havlicek, John, 127 Hawley. Dick, 78, 135 Hayc, Henry, 79, 113, 114, 118, 135 Hedges, John Hodges. Neal, 127 Hcilcman, Janet, 128 Heinlein, Julie, 16, 116, 117 Heise, Herman. 81, 124 Hcnderson, Gerald Hrnsman. Bob Hertzel. Jim H1-ns, Fred, 16, 115 Hassan. Norman His-krnan. Don, 81, 88, 115 Hill. Mark Hinklc Machine Shop, 172 Hines, Betsey, 111 Hinman, Nancy, 67, 140 Hirschfeld, Helen Holding, Mary Louise, 16, 67, Hoffman, Enid, 16 H. P. Lou, 181 Huggins, Vic, 80, 135 Holmes Grocery, 180 Horner, Paul, 135 Housh, Joe, 81, 119, 124 Hovlanml-Swanson, 180 Houston, Don, 110, 131 Houston, James Huff, Rogeue Hulquest, Dick, 110, 118, 135 Hull, Don, 80, 135 132 Huakins, Marilyn, 75, 110, 114, 128 Humphrey, Florence Hunt, Mac, 127 Hunter, Lewis, 131 Jnbody , Richard lnterfraternity Council, 77 IRC, 83 ltalian Village, 183 Iverson, Iverson, Lois, 80, 85, 118, 122 Keith, 135 J Jackman, Phil, 74, 111, 117, 131 Jackson, Jerry, 135 Jalm, Mildred, 67, 85, 128, 13 Jansen, Elizabeth Jarvis, Dale, 74, 81, 131 Jarvis, Joan, 122 J. C. Penney G1 Company, 168 .1 eamhy, Bob Jeamhy, Leo Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, Billy, 66, 110, 131 Jennings, Richard, 80, 127 Jensen, J. C., 16, 112, 119 9 Jewett, Robert, 65, 66, 81, 124 Johnson, Connie, 65, 67, 78, 85, 128 Johnson, Barbara, 67, 128, 139 Johnson, Earl, 16 Johnson, Ethel, 13, 76, 77, 87, 115 Johnson, G1-orge, 81, 83 Johnson Charles, 112, 119, 118, 124 Johnson, Janice L., 128 Johnson, Janice V., 65, 67, 110, 132 Johnson, Joan, 78, 132, 139 Johnson, Lois, 63, 78 Johnson Lester, 81 Johnson, Verlyn Johnston, Joyce, 128, 139 Jones, Shirley Joura, Wally, 119 Joy, Muriel, 128 K Kahl, Neva, 82, 84, 122 Kahrs, Duane, 127 Kamano, Dennis, 116 Kang, Paul Kappa Chi, 81 Kastncr, Barbara Kayes, Darrel Kappa Kappa Psi, 110 Keating, Tom Keeler, Ron. 80, 135 Kelly, Arthell, 16 Kendle. Shirley Kent. Marilyn, 82, 110, 132 KFAB. 177 Kilian, Phvllis, 122 Kimball, John, 131 Kirk. Raymond Kitchen. Tom Klippensti-in, Joanne Klippenstein, John, 1271 Page 185 Page 186 Knabe, Margaret Knight, Margaret Koenig, Joyce, 128, 140 KOLN, 171 Kotouc, Jane, 79, 87, 128 Kreps, Burl, 77, 82, 83, 131 Kring, Margaret, 122, 139 Kroeger, Darrel, 135 Krondak, Elaine, 122, 139 Kropp, Bob Kuester, Bob, 117, 135 Kutscher, Madelon Kyes, Marilyn, 118, 122, 140 L Ladine, Carol, 67, 85, 118, 132, 140 Ladine, Shirley, 78, 132 Lane, Elfie Larsen, Judith, 67, 78, 85, 132, 139 Larsen, Bob, 64-, 65, 66, 131 Larson, Marilyn, 64, 67, 77, 114, 11 Latch Brothers Company, 167 Lawson, Robert, 127 LeBar, Paul, 17, 64 Lehr, Leon LeLaCheur, Diane, 125, 139 Lemon, Gary, 81, 111, 131 Lepp, Marion 6,1 Mclllravy, Allen, 124 McGregor, Roberta McGrew, Warren, 66, 131 Mclntosh, Rat h Melntyre, Rutb McKee, Joe, 66, 131 McLean. Lottie MeMalm, Mon YY McNaught, Walden, 135 M Mabie, .lim Magces, 177 Magorian, Mary Lou, 117 Magorian , Tom Maily, Bill Malic, Bonnie, Mangold, Mari sa e, 11, as Manning, Rosemary, 78, 136 Marquardt, Vic, 118, 135 Marsh, Wayne, 75, 77, 82, 114, 118, 127 Martin, Donna , 67, 78, 88, 115, 139 Martin, Virginia, 122, 139 Marrs, R. M., 17 Marsh, Elaine, 125, 141 Marta, Gordon, 80, 135 Maurer, Anita Mason, Jack Leslie, Robert, 80 Lewis, Dick, 80, 135 Lewis, Katherine, 67, 122 Lewis, Jack, 127 Lewis, Larry Lewis, Sara, 122 Licking, Caroline Lieuranee, Sally, 64, 67, 122 Lightbody. lim, 135 Lind, Jo, 78, ss, 132 Lindgren, Margaret, 17 Lindsey, Gordon Linfest. Grace, 17, 112 Link, Shclia, 82, 110, 136 Linke, Charles Lindstrom, Jeanne, 65, 125, 140 Linton. Marilyn, 81, 128, 139 Lipe, Duane, 66, 85, 135 Litz, Peggy, 122, 139 Livers, Dalene, 63, 132, 140 Livers, Verla, 118, 132, 140 Livingston, Marlene, 65, 122 Loder, Fred Logan, Dennis, 77, 135 Love, Dave, 118, 131 Lowson, Aileen, 111, 122, 140 Lovegrove, Vera Lowe, lane, 122 Lowell Jewelry, 173 Locke, Rosemary, 64, 67, 85 Ludwig, Huber, 17 Lugenbill, Liz, 75, 82, 83, 122 Luce, Jerry, 131 Lund, Douglas, 135 Lusohei, Helen, 17 Luschei, Joan Luschei, Martin, 75, 79, 82, 112, 113, 114, 124 Luther. Dale, 131 Lutt, Harriet, 128 Lutes, Bill Lutes, Barbara, 125, 140 Lux, Gladys, 17, 79 Lycan, Yvonne, 136 Me McAlpin, Doris McBride, Robert, 127 Mr-Clellend. Sue, 78, 128 McCosb, Joyce. 65, 77, 110, 128 McCosb, Don, 131 Mx'Cone. Marion, 67, 76, 78, 117, 128 McDonald, Merle, 127 Massie, Janice, 125 Massie, Ronald, 75, 78, 119 Mathers, E. S., Dr., 174 Matingly, L. E., 17, 81, 82 Mayo Drug Company, 173 Maxwell, Don Meek Lumber Company, 175 Meese, Glendora, 140 Meginnis, Edith Meisingor, Bonnie, 78, 110, 136 Mendenhall, Beth, 78, 85, 125, 141 Merritt, Connie Metzger, Peg, 74, 77, 111, 122 Michael, Kassa Miekel, Evelyn Mickey, D., 18 Miillc, Dorothy, 128 Millinger, Robert, 127 Miles, Wayne, 135 Miller, Doris, 82, 83, 88, 115, 128 Miller, Janice, 139 Miller, Marion, 88, 115, 128, 139 Miller, Robert Miller, Ted Miller K Paine, 171 Mills, Frank, 65, 66, 131 Minteer, Bruce. 65, 87, 115 Mobile Gas Station, 176 Moeller, Jim. 119, 131 Moline, Boyd Monson, Beverly, 85, 132 Montgomery, Lois Moomey, Marion, 77, 88, 115, 128 Moore, Mary Ann, 78, 80, 122 Moore, Mary Jeanette, 67, 136 Moore, Scott, 118, 131 Morgan, Lee, 80, 135 Morrissey, Dick Morton, Jerry, 127 Muckel, Bob, 127 Mackey. Jack Muekseb, Billy Muller. Elsie, 18 Munkres, Bob, 75, 112, 115, 117, 124 Murphy, Erin Murrisb, W., 18 Muasman, Gary, 131 Myers, Mary, 78, 136 N Nagele. Dick. 80 Nannean, Dal, 127 National Bank oi Commerce, 182 Nay, Barbara, 125, 140 Nebraska Typewriter Company, 171 Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Barbara .lean Nelson, Sanford, B0 Nelson, Vemon, 66, 135 Nerud, Delores Nesselcr, Joyce Newbury, Gladys, 65. 67, 122, 141 Nesbitt Bottling Company, 180 Noutzmun, Ray, 75, 79, 81, 82, 88, 113, 124 Nielians, Don, 75 Nisley, Alice, 76, 80, 110, 125 Nora-n, Charles, 131 Norris, Margaret, 110, 132 Norris, Richard Nu Med, 118 Odgers, Richard, 81, 131 Oehlerking, Lavina Ocblerking, Lila, 78, 85, 80, 125, 141 Oestmunn, Juanna Lee, 132, 138 Oberrneyer, Paul, Bl, 80 Obs, Elaine Obs, Dwight, 135 Oliver. .leannine, 79, 128 Olson Construction Company, 179 Olson, Dayton, 75, 81, 82, 84, 124 Olson, Ronnie, 135 Osborn, Dorothy, 81 P Pallnntteer, Harriet, 78, 132 Palme. Carol Pangbom. Patsy, 83 Panhellenic Council, 77 Panicucci, Arno, 135 Parker, Joanne Patio Drive lnn, 170 Patterson, George, 135 Paulson, Leonard, 18. 66 Paustinn, Marjorie Pearson, Janet, 64, 65, 67, 85, 136 Pcnncr, Harold Pcrisho, C. R., 18 Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, 182 Peters, Marjorie, 76, 78, 111, 116 Peterson, Sandy, 74, 136 Peters, Edwin Philips, Charles Phillips, Donna Phillips, Marilyn, 76, 118, 122, 139 Pbi Mu, 132 Phi Kappa Tau, 131 Phi Kappa Phi, 112 Pi Gamma Mu, 117 Pi Kappa Delta, 111 Pitchaithlcy. laniver, 136 Plainsman Bookstore, 174 Plainsman. 87 Poycr, Jr-an Price, Dale Priefert, Vivianne, 63 Priest, Norman, 65, 66, 75, 84 Psi Chi, 116 Q Quaife, Merton, 66. 118 R Radin, Maxine, 81 Razer, Clarice, 85, 122 Rainforth. Jerrv. 131 Ralph ICA Market. 173 Rasmusen. Bob. 63. 110 Raymond. Gerry. 67. 81. 84, 125, 140 Ready Mix Concrete, 178 114, 115, Reed, Paul, 131 Recd, Glen, 80 Redenlm, Dun Reiniclt, Jackie Reynolds, Boyd, 135 Rhodes, Roger, 75, 82, 116, 135 Richards, Judith Rieke, Blaine Ritter, Auhyn, 85, 118, 186, 139 Ritter, Audrey, 65, 85, 136, 139 Ritter, Claudia Rixtine Jewelry, 166 Road Show, 74 Rcherts Dairy, 170 Roberts, Claryee, 78, 85, 132 Roberts, Kathy, 116, 128 Robertson, Roy, 18, 80 Robinson, Betty Robison, Mylus, 85, 131 Roemmich, Carl Rogers, Kenny, 79, 88, 112, 113, 114, Rogers, Rogenc, 110, 122 Ronuu, Dallas, 80, 127 Roper, Del, 124 Rosenuu, Harold, 110, 135 Rosecrans, Gayle, 65, 66, 124 Rosentrater, John, 18, 112, 117, 131 Rosinc, Betty, 112, 114, 117 Rosine, Phil, 119 Rowley, Norma, 125 Ruby, Shirley, 80, 128 Rudd, Carolyn, 83, 111, 136, 139 Rumbuugh, Ruth Ruth, Joyce, 76, 125, 140 S Sabin, Bob, 75, 112, 119 Sage, Marty, 63, 65, 80, 110, 122 Sample. Rex, 111 Sandlort, Lenoro, 125, 140 Samlstcd, Mary Jo. 78, 82, 128 Snsse, Carl, 118. 135 Satterlielxl, Ellen Suutler, Chester, 65, 66. 135 Scatterpzoml, Delores Schick. Frances, 128, 139 Schleigcr. Libby, 67, 136 Witham, Robert Sohlichlemier, Jim, 75, 110, Scherrer, Ruth Schmidt, Milton, 80, 127 Schnuelle, Jean, 67, 136, 140 Schreiner, Don, 78, 110, 124 Schuelke, Rrooks, 87, 115 Schwenk, Melvin, 111, 131 Sehwinek, Rebecca, 125 Scrimsher, Carol, 78, 79, 132 Scott, James, 18 Scovill, Mary Scngle, Joan 118, 131 Z Sederburg, ME, 18, 78 Seger, Phyllis, 67, 118. 132, 139 Seng, Nancy, 122, 140 Seng. LeRoy. 80 Shafer, Greta Shaw, Joan, 80. 83, 88, 115, 125, 141 Shaw, James, 80, 127 Shively. S. B., 18, 118, 135 Sherwin Williams, 167 Siegel Office Equipment, 180 Sittmn Pi Sigma, 119 Skyline Farms, 183 Slack, Nell. 19. 112 Slack. Betty, 19 Slater, Svlvia, 65, 84, 128 Slnnecltcr. Pauline, 19 Slossnn. Sam Lee, 78, 132 Smith . Dale, 81, 131 Smith. Smith. Smith, Dan. 78, 135 Dwight Joan, 74, 80 115, 117 Smith, Harold, 65, 66, 85, 131 Smith, Jean, 132 Smith, LeRoy, 118, 131 Smith, Marilyn, 110, 141 Smith, Richard smith, Ralph, 19 Snow, Marietta, 19, 112 V VanB oening, Gary Van Cleave, Durwood Van Ness, Richard Van Nostrand, Marilyn, 85, 122 Van Sickle Class, Paints, 182 Soper, llarry, 81 Spencer Steakhouse, 180 Speir, Don, 77, 127 Spencer, Carl Spencer, Joan, 85, 136 Softley, Betty, 136, 140 Sporer, Lois, 78, 84, 125, 138 Stanford, Mary, 125, 140 Starkel, Bob, 80 Stctina, Arlene, 74, 111, 122 Steidcr, Vada Fne, 128, 139 Stephens, George Sterkel, Jack, 65, 68, 131 Stevenson, Miriam, 63 Stewart, Francis, 131 Stoddard, Bob Stoddard, Dean Stonecypher, Allen Stone, Mig, 67, 78, 79, 114, 136 Stuplter, Nancy, 63, 78, 132 Story, Bill, 80 Slury, Mary, 81, 125, 141 Stroh, Helena Straight, George Struckman, Virginia Struthers, Clayton Student Senate, 75 Sugnlen, Delores Suiter, Bob Sundeen, Dale, 119 Swanson, Gerry, 75, 84, 85, 125, 138 Swanstrom, Wylcne, 132 Swift, Harvey, 19 Swinbanlt, Jean, 19 T Tani, Hatsulto, 79, 81 Tau Beta Sigma, 110 Taylor, Hanson Taylor 8: Taylor, Drs., 170 TeKulste, Melvin, 78, 124 Temtcmie. Atnnfie, 124 TeSclle, Cleo, 65, 80, 114, 122 Texaco Service Station, 168 Therien Footl Lockers, 178 Theta Alpha Phi, 111 Theta Chi, 135 Theta Nu, 118 Thomas Hardware, 174 Thomas, Glenda, 128 Thomson. Roberta, 78, 125, 138 Thompson, Jo Anne Thurman, Betty, 88, 128, 138 Thurston. Bob Timm, Mona Lee, 76, 110, 132 Tnuzalin, Rex, 79, 124 VauderSlice, Rebecca, 118, 125 Varsity. State. and Esquire Theaters, 167 Von Bergen, Nuegeli, 132 Velta, Glenice, 128, 139 Vogelsang, Tom, 131 Vrana, Mildred, 125, 140 Vrana, Ruby, 125, 140 W Waddel, Evelyn Wadlow, Jim Walden, Donald, 127 Waldo, Sherril, 122 Wallis, Ruth, 76, 81, 82, 139 Wallace, Tom, 131 Walker, Lewis Walters, Norman, 81, 87, 88, 115, 124 Warner Medlin, 173 Waring, Tom, 75, 77, 80, 114, 118, 135 Weatherhogg, Carolyn, 122 Weeks, Dale, 19 Welch, Virgil, 12 Wendlin Baking Company, 172 Westfall, Joan, 118, 125, 139 Westmoreland, Lane Wesley Fellowship, 84 W Club, 80 WAA, 80 Wesleyan College Bookshop, 180 Wesleyan Snack Bar, 181 The Wesleyan, 88 Westrom, W'al!er Westerlin, Keith, 81 Weston, Elton, 118, 131 Weston, Irving, 80, 131 Wheeler, Bill Wheeler, Don W'ho's Who, 113 Willard, Lois Willard, 136 Wilson, Alice Williams, Leona, 19 Williams, David, 127 Williams, John Williams, Stanley, 11 Wiloughby, Scotty Wilms, Jean Wiltse, Gary, 65, 66 Wiltse, Irving, 135 Winter, Fred Whitaker, Richard W'llited, Robert, 111 Wir-gert. Wayne, 63, 64, 65, 66, 131 Towle. Track, Niles 102 Trail, Virginia, 111 Tyrrells Flowers, 176 Turnpike, 182 Tucker. Bill, 119 Tuttle, Beth, 84, 128, 138 U Uhrig. Jeannine Unll, Dcmetrio Universitv Place News, 173 Unvr-rt. Dale, 118, 131 Unvert Unvert . Ervin. 131 . Donald, 131 Unlmm. Leslie Urbom, Beverly, 77, 79, 85, 114, 136 Witte, Dorothy. 116. 132 Witt, Beverly, 78, 128, 138 Wood. Jack Woodman Accident, 172 Woodnxff, Rollie Women's House Council, 76 Wright, Tom, 131 Y Yanahiro, Henry Yellers of the Brown, 85 Young, Nancy, 136 Young, Joanne Ynungson, Carol, 63, 76, 78, 110, 122 YMCA, 82 YWCA, 82 Zahn, Rosalie, 85, 122, 140 Zavrel, Natala, 63, 138 Zlomke, Wayne, 110, 114, 112. 117, 118, 131 Zlomlce, William Page 187 JOURNAL-STAR PRINTING CII. LINCOLN, NEBR. if LITHCIERAPHED EY JDLIRNAL-STAR' PRINTING CD., LINCOLN. NEBR.. LI. S fvcff TAY' g . ..,w . , -K . if-.2 " " Pg. 'rm' A.. att' an Air Me: , 'P ' ' 1' , '1.L'E--'- ' L: L -if Gi'N"A ' 'QL ' 4 1 I-,L.g":tl,x ..,- Q, ,f gui.. mm. --a-1 - E .Ln,:'.,.g'5,...A . 'f ? V- ,.""f . , "4 .LA ...M .Q--fa.-4,-53,41 ,. - f- wif' , . ' .,., .J 'll' Q 'K f,,N' ?4f" ' -in 1. u' Ks' , fy , ., , . ,, Q lf' SQ ' Q' ' i'+bA f , 'TTQ' ,. 'f 4 -m Q' Wu ' 4 F! A Q .V 0, V Wx

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