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NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY eLE4Q7X 1 The 1950 PLAINSMAN was published by the students of Ne- , .s T0 ET brczskct Wesleyan University un- EC ESM der the direction of Al Wilder, Editor, and Ev Poe, Business LINCCLN NEBRASKA IMPRCVEME NT For Today and Tomorrow C, -.5 I r I ,-xii, wif I X I 'I l' 1' 5'-,I V I A H i ,, g II W ti' f lu-4 x,.,"4 Q I I I L 0 l U ' ft I WI " '-V ' l I' 'I-If ,I .1 W. U-J! I Al 1 Z, ll, " I- II .I I K 154,15 I" I I' 8 xi I ltl U A' I r C' I l Z U '01 'l' all nu Q, llel-ill V xrlitlw 'll J V F U "I 'H ' - -7- It I ,, ,111 KN QM My xllulxx-l,,IIIlulll, y gt rylw i ' ,Il ,I ,I .. I" XIII I X ,, I ' I " I filflwile ,, , ,I My Wim 4 ! I I I X , I I4 x I I ' 1 1 ,Z lltdkwv QAM xl Xllwlfvtfual J' 1 UMM llldllqlf Nil W UI, M l 'I XII, X M f 1 , 1 I - M Ulf W M lm .V All ,IQ llh Nlav Kill IAXU lllwllllllha I ll .ylb NIMH ,lib V4 M 0 l J I A I ll Nl? 4, N KIIf0I'lIff Nl 'liz NJZQ W MW 'U' ,I II' XV! XA... 1 3, X I lv 1 y If gg, I tw W , V BMP f of-, ,I l Nl ' Xxlllflkqlw ylffhf I 'tr M Wesleyan had its beginning in 1887 when the first corner stone was laid for Old Main. Classes began with an enrollment ol 117 students. C. C. White followed in 1906. In 1917 three buildings were completed-the gymnasium, the Van Fleet building, and the industrial arts build- ing. The library appeared in 1924, and Rose Memorial Observatory in 1938. 1946 saw the con- struction of the O. N. Magee Memorial Stadium, 1947-the speech building, 1948-Iohnson Hall. ln addition to these changes in the physical plant, Nebraska Wesleyan is growing in other ways. New courses have been added to meet the demands ol an enlarged student body: the faculty 'has been enlarged, also. Last year the revised and much improved Student Senate was installed. The intramural sports program was expanded to include more sports with more students partici- pating. . In accordance with these improvements, it is the aim of the 1950 PLAINSMAN stall to make this year's annual reflect this growth and present a true picture ol this school year. Wesleyan is building materially, mentally, and spiritually. Page 2 1 . 3 'fix-7"z'f A9 ""f A' " 4 4" .Q ' lJ.v-5"'l E? W ? S,-n ZQCJIC It is with the utmost sense of pride and honor that the seniors dedicate this, the 1950 PLAINSMAN, to Dr. Jensen and Miss Booth in token of our appreciation for their many years of faithful service to their own departments and the university as a whole. to kgolzn gensen John Jensen, Professor of Physics and Astron- omy for forty-three years, has served on the fac- ulty since 1907. He has created successfully a career in the field of natural sciences of outstand- ing notability. His contributions to his nation and his school, which have made a reputation for himl self and Wesleyan, shall never be forgotten. Page 4 ation Through their tireless efforts, vast un- known worlds have been opened to their students, and their characters have served as examples to all who have known and worked with them throughout the years. to Ethel Qootlz Ethel Booth, Professor of English, for thirty- six years has served on the faculty since 1914-. Her sincere interest and influence on Wesleyan students makes a lasting impression on all who are associated with her. Her presence as, a mem- ber of Wesleyan's faculty has and will continue to add prestige and honor to this university. Page 5 vnu, ad m q em . G 1 ll. 3 H ' ' ' 'f -. A-1 4 . J." fi., ,qi il-. I fb rf' I 5 L., f Q F s i If , 1 l 3 A .. 'V -,V -5.1, "9 " , . 'A 5'- -ff-if E? 'LAM "Tr" '- .., , 4 as ' ' ' ' '-' 55" -'. ' 'All- ' g x J I g.., . I - 'NWT 1 ' ,. .tiff 4, 3. -i 'vw -231 'vu ' lg? yu yhxg 2:-., ,+.. A 3. -,,7.'3gj: " EJ "dis: '29 ....,. 1 ' 3 ms , 'D ' ' 4.1. ' r ,QQ I. I' 3' , v , in ' ..' . J'-54 . .,' J .1 ut' - I .1 . .l.,L.':4 .f .ir ,' fab. '- ,P 5 F' x '- jk' ' .Al A :' -V ff'-' E . my nj! V! 11 I. 1 ,an A , I . aj qs - K f, ,- A x ..1 1, ' ' '.' .X WAY J, n, f. P' X' av . ' I Wy' ' 432435 ,a,,fxyM' M' in I rg., M V "' wif-'Q' .uv I is f . 1 1 X? Q. 1. 6 . N . ,Q " , ".!" - 4-N. kit' ly . K Q ALA 41 .sl t wif gr, w- . 1 ., D . 1- ,Trwg ' ' f-an-,,, ., "Ji, .A U JI, ' " . ' ' ti s" -f?" 47" "- -- - G ' --il s.-. 1 J L v" "' ' . ' -' 433 1 g.. - -' , w. , . 9 . -'. ., .I Q ' 1 1 lr. . - 4 ' 1 A ,ju 9 .5 'S , ' r . ' ' N' ". 4' f Q it QV- A ! Ni- , x A I Y, "-Pm. Y ' X: .9-Q -,h .- ans., 1 .X u 1., E . ' '- " , jg. A Q 5 .. A i 4 4 K . a 1 pug uh! ,, Y-:iff -jd-Lg.. tg. , H x:a:"a--- r . II 1. 5 -Las Q'-1.1 1-,.-, 3- ...-.11'2',v,I...L. My. . .... 4J3w"""'g ' -..... A9 'A ' .AP-ZF:-,--4' - 42.1 125.4 , ,-.W -Q, L , . I ? , I, X Pwr' "Af .N . 3' H' "' -4 '32 , Y Fail? , fs 7 Q N ' .ff FQ ..ff'1:'nKy.fw.'fQ -- . X L , ,' ., Il , Li-' :qi ., Ax 'QNX K ug -A . N it wh w .jg .Q4 "WIN: vq 7 ' ' 1 ,Q . .'- .' 'Kin ' x : Q , 5 .. .5 , -' 'si . R . .5 . Q 1 .r - "W" xy-65?-P' 1, .,. I ' ' :g ' L 5 , -A .' ' 3 Q " A 1, ' n ' --A1 .s V. I A 3 gf-. . 5. .. ,d . C a mualuwouinvnwvnw w'niTVh.mncunouxrnn ll0ll0QlllUDll b'lIlll0 L, .. Jw .,, W b ' x" Y' i ,.. 3 -fn" i-'11 S' ' 'fn' 4j,L..,'f- 7,31 JA' ' xv-gl N E - .JJTA n 'zgjfg E Q "9-f. am . ' Pikfhr' Qc: -1 T L. ,Y "f 3- gf, Viv cn,-gg 1 1. . ' ' ' ' v v 3 .Xa gf ,..',l ...Q 'L' A,-.VL N H 1: N -1' I- f , ' S., Q ev -x f w 2' L Q B L... y S " 1 7 4 , r , bn D N rl V A' I' llkffy -J l .. r 1 gf: 4-' ."? -Y D ' - . 4 A J ti -:rr -5-l"?rN-4 ' ' A -l ' 4 ' , ' ' - ww ' 4, F W- x , Q Y' fn W L 14 , J ' 7' '1.. ' ' IVA? z c' ' k .. i m... -1'!ftr"h 4 P 'Aff' ,ff :ff I ' . if "3 ' ' I it' 1 -fr! nazi ..... ,,, fit '-. rf , ,Mi 'M , v, xx,-,A,'.mx. .unnirkli ,.' -,.. ,x....JL i . v Q r If 0 A-g f Ji ELF T j3f1LHHLE . 5 I gi .,.. L 'IA 'T' 1 ULU L' r ' Q - ' if? 3 - ..",f' 4. T. N, , my, ,U , , 1 -Tm .. -. ,, NW? ,,,...rur fl 'v M:j,,l'1 1' , Jw, 1 . , , .,v Ll Ll X, '11-fLaY'5bT',-g.:i . r5+ff1',1..m 7 IL Qjzifg. K 'Z In -gv1LL+Qg.. M v 34 I " ' rM-f-1- .a.4..., ,,-,..-.. ,..+.-... l' ,dim- T i f 1 ' -, . 5 ' ' x-....L,,f i,,,,, 'mms' I ' V ' 3, nnuuwe 1-4 ll 1-1 ee "ii ning. -sawn . 1-3-....i',".4.'-A - i95vi5"" ,. W ,A ,, -...-.Mx pax-gat-fvh1"'L-ww A, , .Mg , -. . .5 5' 'G-Tw v a . . I V , ... 1 . in 4 X W -' ' -,bfi'L3w '. 1 ' ' ' '-N' " ' 'I S : .fl-,F . '- -' ' ,' ' 1 'r .v'f'5wF'n-J "fix 1" 2 ""4'l1',"Q".f, - . K- 'r. 93 ' . yy .Y .' ,,--, ,,,,.w,, ,,.v Nr w- " I we -Nw .v.',1g,g. -V, ' 3,. W' 115,44 -4 , 'Uv'-71 ,ff ' . 'L ff,-,d,L1,, 51,1 -3 ,QU I ff ' ' '5.,'," ' " .iffm . ,W " ' ' " A "' L , ' , . 1 f ' .1 ' V ' 4, L. 'H' Agni I - Y . Q f 1 A , 1 'S ,V-. Iv A , - , - x ,I 411 K Vx.-y.,,'." ,X . . -- : my - ,, P-Y .y , A , af .,,. - AL STADIUM - ,yy 1 ,Il . ul W A' . iq, WHA., "' ' UM N " - ' : 2- " f ,- ' 'P' 4' ' , ' 'v I' xy -y, '- , 'N' ,Z-1,-. P, f 1 ', , -' ' ' " v"'f - ' 4 gn ,J' .-, W - . . ' - ' 'L A ' if ,..' . . W, " ,J ,i 6 .rf ' A ' . dv. 1 ' 0 . . F Q , 4 . ' 5 ' a I , ' Q WS . ' - " 5 Jo A ' V ' -E , ' ,. I, .. H po 0 - l ' , ,. O ' A m ' 5 . I , 'I .P -Y -O 'W' ' I s. ' Q Q 1 , ' B -Q, 'o in a ' 'K 1 2 O . l F ' , 0 1 i 1 . 5, . 1. . . t N, I . ' ' N ., 0 , , - 'R ' ' ' 1" 1 . X X-A . 7 .v M. H 9 I 'f 'Q' ou . Y 'Y 0 , v 'N 'M -s o . a ' l gm-N . ' 5' M' 3 ". P f, u QU' "' A mmf qw, , . U I J i ' . LI D' fi . - q , . . - U ,-f . U , V Ngawwd -4 H Q 'fa ' 'W' 1 ' 5' . 'J kr' --... U. ,V . gxagv f .fl . :,,' A 1'l"JNf'in KI-:7f.Q'.'Q 'M ' N - W ' SX. v JS, v z:5S,f, . 555 , ..-,-N.-.3 JT:'P-'-'5 4-wvl, A V V --V4,,!LUvimE- I.: In N-uhh... V , , , U - I. ,, it , l ,.-'High I - A A K MQ. -,,W,:-53:--V , . . - , A -K ,- .:,.,.. ' , , Ig we . ' ? ' ' ff' "4 ' . 'I , lx 31,24 'ftjfhfrti , Nw Krug, 3' ' ' 1 . .. 1 .. mn., V U f-,-'-,n .1 H:-1, ' -"" ,- -': Q' ' - W . , ' :A 1 ' H ' -,x.m,'ra.f .wS.,,x , :"'L1- l ' 1 r Q, ' 14 x '.1 13- .1 i ' A 2 quit.-.,f ,M u ,M N 4- in I T ' ' I .. ifEJ:f3. 121, x l.,g4j:? " " ' 's. ,, E N ' , 5' '-- J . M . my ,cw - wa-I 1' ' .gg ' , .f Q ,'i..51+M T4 ,, H ' , ,:,, uf , v M , ' M f"T'Y,!'I1".J::f. -I '-v ' " 1 1'-.' ' - ... " ' " - - ' , ' - 1 ' . ,Q Lwf5.31:fmfq-.,.,: fl 3 ' ' ', f -A 4 A i -1 ' , -qr um, J. an ,. , , 1 Wm K K -L 1 3 - . .V -ll 1 Im., , 1 i , . . . , , -. Nw, . J ,A . v .. , .f M , Q . , .- M 1" H:.fva,1-:-.vf:h1 Ln - -. 1.44" ' 1 ' 5 4 3. wi 'xk11frnjvxu,1a,'a5.l1a'v: -1. I 1' ,,rw,Uny,' . Q, . 'Q 1 . . 1 . 1.1 .,: .ru ',1 x.: . n sw r"rn.'1:"vXn. 1- Hia' I ' 1 - . 1 f .EJ-:-ftz-.-.,L,,. Ill ..,q...4,..f-L .- ,.A .. , 1 J N A :Et ,,w,: :u ,1-.rn . , 3,1 , x :,u,,,- -.s , 1 ' fx .. '- - 1 , ' , ' ,, 1 1, A v -mr .. "Y" '- T' A ... -' 1 - . -' -Q A. 1 v f -1-, M .f,::.,' sf Y N , V V " ' '53 F1 .,- , . i M -V-MW. . ,.. .-, , . , , ' , , ' . - "Av-,. "ga-gm,-..f , 1 N 4 , Q , , ,,W pw A . - tid" CA- -' L , iw I ' x . 1 L X , .N A ' ' I '. ' .M , - , 1 . ' . ' N ,I , 3. F53 H . ,, Q ,. ..,.. ., . V ' "H Q-'T' 1 , ,- V .nn c .. -. ' I, - F 'K . H . "1" ' "' ' v.w..vwW4v7. - - .' KA ' 1' , ,,.??:t'l'!+l'E':" "vu A " i..' " "W" ,' i,-::,b.h ' Q-""1' '- .-.f--M---ov' -wgw, A ,.. V., V ,,.w"' 1 7-' 1.."12. T' NV. Q , ,. nl fs ' ul XI' 1 1 ,X Irwa! A 'l-in-' vu .fwi?if'?T 1 .Al mf- ii x fr fu, :NU R A 5 f -R' 4-. , B f " of if 4503? .Q 31 X- ? me K M lt. X ' N .Q . yi-xi X 4 mfs viii M ,,faaww,,,, X 4 V ...A ,X x ,f Wi 4 -HN. xx' Q 5 N ' VT? N, 15' ,xv QI. , ' I' 'wt v l 7 ff 3 r A 11 9? -.W - fi 'Q ng' 1- .-., K K t - ' I .-1914. f , ' ., S54 .J 'Q 5' 5 ,N 'gs f . M - Af 1 2, , if ,. 1 , 'Br ' 1 1 fy , df. , A kx 4 f hxtxr- is ,qw .'?'?,w ina, I. ' Pg, QI! ' , 9 ' s ..- ' A Q, 'ff' ' A x 9 4 X - "xx, I -'fl' . x, if'4 , 1 1, ' W : l I , fl Lv. Fi ' U' 4 X, nh KN ., U r 'l ' ,1ff",'- -1 . "7 f' . , ,lf A H P M 4 Y 1 3015, it u' . ggi? 'Q' wr 3 s 3. u, ' 'X ,x 16 It .- gI W,-fv. L4 4 K, 4, , ,. 1 1-, 1 s .-'J' 1 xv x Q ' 'S , Y " 3 x , "' v E 4. , SN 2' , X' 4 V. . .fly .ws .. 4' K fl ' Q ' - - 5 - W 'Na 'Q ..,,, ., uw J ,, , "4 '1 .1 1 ,,'-:gg ,4r-""'v"' l 1 Q ' YN P Pr fd' e-vv' A ,-s..,h . Q . ' .-www? GEQQ N f to? ooo 2,13 Q I XL Page 13 H QA. 651111, 6. Bmcq, Khanmllnfr, 0,2 jim, 'btnivmmibp rf Q - '29 A li. L. FREDSTRUM Dean 0f Campus Activities Professor 0f Education R. W. DEAL Dean 0f The Faculty Professor Of Psychology GERTRUDE MAUK Dean 0f Women Page FACULTY A james Abramson. Stanley Barringer. Graham Business Manager-Treasurer and Assistant professor of physics Professor of History Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration Beal, Annabel Bennett, Oscar Bishop. Ethol Assistant Professor of English Professor of Voice Librarian Booth, Ethel Brandt, Clara Brown' Katherine Direcior of Health Assistant Professor in Modern Professor of English Languages FACULTY 1? 'Ku Elie, Elizabeth Cullen, Glenn C D I use. ae Instructor in Physical Education for Professor of Political Science Professor of Geography Women and Sociology ,NJC-is We - C . M ' Colon. Vicente 1 cms me I Coslerl Rex Associate professor of Spanish Associate Professor of Economics Instructor in Dmmmics fig Aw. R--. Eberhart, Betty Head Resident, Iohnson Hall and Business Administration Evans. Iohn Assistant Professor of English Halbert. Bernice Associate Professor of English Page 18 Hamilton, Robert Associate Professor of Psychology Hoffman. Enid Professor of Speech Page 19 Knight. George Head Coach and Instructor in Physical Education for Men FACULTY Hess, Fred Director of Public Relations ' r if.--rites ' 'ff t'15f??Et, my in-ji, .ur .,. - , 3 Iensen. Iohn Professor of Physics and Astronomy . i LeBar. Paul Associate Professor of Music, Organ, and Theory of Music Holding. Mary Assistant Professor of Voice fift h ' l t : 5 -I ' Qs . . ,wr K ,EAA . 'K VA. A cs V' ' ' stiff" ,',. qyi. ' NW' RAW g li 'f" fgvvzffft -i ,. ' , , A 4:3 sf'-7'4ff3': Y:-E! : -' 52' ,'s?xcf:v'f::fgil'!Ii'2 U r j fi " Q fl:-,ff 'fm-Q JH. -Qqfi.-5-'Y . 4. -',-T.,QC,. -as ,5 6':l.f:ft'r1H.ffjiiltfj.2355 'f'fff'f iz' ':5:fStSt51t-I vs- ' P - -2' 'sl-f'+:1wf ' z,g?f'f f ' f wlerrfgygagwts 1 ': 4 ' 1. l '. ' r - can E1r.o:'t.ivf.xk XMI' Iewett. Albert Associate Professor of Physical Education Lenfest, Grace Assistant Librarian FACULTY Lindgren. Margaret Instructor in Piano l i 4 i i i N i I Lux, Gladys Assistant Professor of Art l 1 I 5 i i Mattingly, Edward Associate Professor of Religion and Director of Reliqious Life , ...-,,,,..,.. ,,.,. . ....f.,...,....,, ...M -,-'ww-,,, Ludwig, Huber Professor of Chemistry Marks. Leslie Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Bands McCoid. Carrie Assistant Professor of English I -' I swf .QA 'gil - we eff, ,':'::m,. V '5 I-11" f, Luschei, Helen Registrar A i 5 Marrs, Ralph Associate Professor of Education Muller. Elsie Assistant Treasurer Page 20 FACULTY Sw MUYPIWYI Edwin Murrish. Walter Niles' Rex Assistant Professor of Rural Associate Professor of Speech Associate Professor of Industrial ' Arts Sociology I U V b H M 4-1. t-V5-Ay ,.r,.,.. ,. ,, .., ....,.., ,, ....-,..., ,N Norman, Elizabeth Paulson, Leonard - Assistant Professor of Psychology Associate Professor of MUSIC Pune 21 Peterson. Irvin Price, LaVawn BasketbGl1 Coach and Assistant Assistant Football Coach Professor of Physical Education Perisho. Clarence Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physical Chemistry .2- Rodgers. Alma Associate Professor of Education FACULTY H I W we l r Rosentrater, Iohn Sederburg, Marion Shively, Samuel Professor of Religion and Philosophy Associate Professor ol Education Professor oi Biology With, J' , , ' , . ny., ,V . g ,, ' ' -ifww N. V 55395:-'-J V-' -314519131 Smith, Ralph Slonecker, Pauline l - . Associate Professor of Piano Supermtendent of BLl1ld1l'1gS and Grounds Slack, Betty Assistant to the Registrar - t.. , , 1, 4. Q, 1-, 3,31 Yi-...J Snow, Marietta Swift, Harvey Swinbank, lean 'Professor of Modern Languages Associate Professor oi Biology Instructor in Secretarial Science Page 22 Page 23 FACULTY J ' Tompkins. Virginia Troutman, Lucille Underhill, Hubert Dietician Assistant Professor of Chemistry Director of Student Relations A . . 4 Weeks' Dale Welch. Virgil Williams, Leona PfOfeSS01' of EC0l1OH1iCS and Assistant to the Chancellor Secretary to the Chancellor Business Administration Winters. lohn A Assistant Professor of Organ fx Q xx I , fi "-'f --lam' -1 , 5' L if yn, wa f 1 1 HQ f A 'm . mn -v . .' ' Isl "' . , A 'f"1+g-If-1 A f :kg V - wr 44 4 K V A , yy, .,. , : A ,L M f -I K .-WW. ya . A K M W uL,g,f,?Q5 4jg13:,,, wx,-M 4 L,- F Ig ' fg-Ji mg, - ,L wg W ,A - W, W 1 G 1 g':ff1R1ff- ' " fi , Q' 'x-I, ,, U - .h 4 - -L TL? Ly,-f, 5. ,J f xt V "' + 'iff f ff, , W ' -'..,:, 55 msg I V -M., t . , . ,Y fl a , 5 7 , - if , ... Il' ,g 3' , if V ' 0 , if ' aw ' , -Q . , S . ' ' 3 wv 19.1 V- , K .. fri 1. 1"'Wvivfg1-y, F? 2. 1 a . :HE " F in Q , Wgfzyln' A 'fuzivsfglhvm-f M., 5, , , f, 'L . . f- . ' '- dv- ' :W-I. - . Y ww f K w 1 ' fx AY . ' . W K. ' Y A L ' I ff' "4 ff . Q lzf l if ' 'K , 3 ,. wif' , .V n' I Ms . ,- SVN ,, Q x. ., 4 ' , . 3 x EK . S 'Hgifk A4 I, ,J V 1 ,ig It ,' -546 :fi L3 7 .. - ' x , , 'J H . f x 5 If .N 'M , A , . 'ALR Kp. 1, ' ,. .V : U ,f I, A 53-'Q' 'J' ,455 , , ,-.- L I ,, 1 , li iffy' ' , uf , j.' s ,.j,3 M 1 , is W. ,E FQ?" ep- f s. fu TY , :mg .Ig ' t I 1 YM 1 1 ,,,, A,-V5.1 N- 8 ' wiv' - ' M V 1, f M . : fin' .M 1 ' Q, -,,,,f1, ,X -. 'Frfs-i,-aff-v'-, xfgnv' -W' A A . " 1 7 . . "'. X -fviyfwf W 1 L,w,iaW,asSarv-Y 4 H M .M V ,, 'k ' , - , , 2 . fy . l'Q'i?gQ'9?'f . . . . , 1-3525 ffgfxtgitif gg' , . -. " " 1" ' if 2150 V -1 , z':-fmL2'f't'-'," -f:fW"w5P 4 if Y? K ' ' Jn, - A, w-1' 1 ' -Q.: ff .-. ' 4 Q,-.:'4'. 1 "g,-'wiv M K V 'UNL -M 13, -, 'vm f - x .- il Y fig, 'Hr , H ' wi 1 , ' JB 4 5 . ' J?-,, 'V V 3'2'.fm i' 1.7 1 ,.w1f'irf, 'M ' -'Vip' " 'f N 1 - X - f:waf?0 , 5+ an + - 'L X ' f ' Wi' ' wi" .4 iv 'Q 51323. Mt'.g,f. I.,-A a ' i ' " 5.3 . ,M 'ji X 1. Sffw. A ' ' ' .mf QQA5 A, I W: . v'- , l. - ve? K. X . . W 0 Q 1. , " 1 4 Page 25 ? 1 5 5 A f ,r x ,, wmiigiev .WW pi- ,. . 'afmefm' ' 4 umemiwlih- , - A .3 Q-' 4 - , lj' X . ? ' ' ' 'A 0' If lf' lab fl V4-L oy q M I fp i 1 v ei. 19 7' Q 5 Y ii ,Ati W aw W M ,A f a P mg. ia, LA W 5611 in fe :ke ma v N T Q f 4 wML,,,,,, Vg, gdz. . " 4 A mb., ff' W1 N ur M.,-W' , A , 3 ,,,vXX -M gfqitw 'pf , an -A f.,,.-.W-V mf-, Gr WWF K 'A Q , u r 1 "---.... Www' ,M Abell. Eldon - N o r f o 1 k, Y.M.C.A. Adams, Orville-St. Ioseph, Missouri, Barbs. Allen, Duane-Grand Is- land. Anderson. lack-Grand Is- land, Theta Chi. V, Page 27 A..-..,,,N,- ' ' na...-. I il . .. .-.r..........,.mni First Semester Senior Class officers, Shirley Hampton, secretary- treasurer, Lee Gartrell, president, and Rigdon Ioosten, vice-presi- dent, make plans for first semester senior activities. Alfs, Mary--Schickley, Delta Zeta, Chapel Choir, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. K 1 Anthony. Warren - Hyde Park, Massachusetts. t SENIORS Berryhill, Lyle - Lincoln, l,R.C. Blough. Dorothy - Lincoln, D el ta Zeta CPresidentJ, Y.W.C.A., Cardinal Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Theta Al- phi Phi, Plainsman Players, Panhellenic Council, Who's Who. Bock. Eugene-Metropolis, Illinois, Kappa Chi, l.R.C. Bones, Calvin-Allen, Theta Chi, Football, "W" Club, In- teriraternity Council lPresi- dentl. Brettman, Paul - Deshler, Crescent. Broclcholf, Dean - Seward, Theta Chi. 1' T Q 415. Y' Na i Brooks, Ramona - Stanton, Phi Mu, PLAINSMAN Staff, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Theta Al- pha Phi, Plainsman Players, Social Committee, Panhel- lenic Council. Brown. Robert-Waverly. Brunson, Helen-Louisville A.C.E. Buckholz, Donald-l..exing- ton, Phi Kappa Tau, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Play- ers, Alpha Gamma Beta. Burns. Richard-Fall River, Massachusetts, S tu d e nt Senate, A l p h a Gamma Beta, Plainsman Players. Bushnell. Robert - Wilcox, Theta Chi, Business Man- ager WESLEYAN, I.R.C. QPresidentJ, Social Commit- tee, Blue Key, Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Al- pha Gamma Beta, Publica- tions Board, Who's Who. Page 28 Chun. Elona-Honolulu, Ha- Wcfii, Chorus, Art Club, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Clark, Lewis-Bellevue. Clutter. Darwin-Crab Or- chard, Psi Chi, Alpha Gam- ma Beta. Cole, Robert-Plattsmouth, Pi Gamma Mu. Coleman. Ernestine-Hum- boldt, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players. Page 29 Coolidge. Alfred-Walden, Colorado, Kappa Chi. K' fs 'X' if Fo ssmons Calvert. Alfred - Friend, Crescent, Football, Y.M.- C.A., Club. Carriker. Richard-Spring lie-ld, Illinois, Alpha Gam- ma Beta. Carriker. William--Harvard, Theta Chi CPresidentl, Blue Key, Interlraternity Council, "W" Club KPresidentl, Who's Who. Cash. Wayne - Pawnee City, Football, Basketball, HW" Club. Chen, Carlos - Slavid, Cheriqui, Panama, l.R.C. Christiansen, Kenneth-AL ton, Iowa, Alpha Gamma Beta. .f""'. rvs Em" ..., ip.. l 'K' X . SENICRS Cudabaclz, lack-Riverdale, Barbs, Track, Sigma Pi Sig- ma, "W" Club. Danielson. Lois Marie-Lin- coln, Delta Zeta. Deal, Bruce-Lincoln, Theta Chi, Key, pha Band, Orchestra, Blue Kappa Kappa Psi, Al- Gamma Beta. Deissler. Alice - In m a n, Kansas, Willard, Beta S i g m a, Players. Band, Tau Plainsman Doalr. Gaylen - Tecumseh, Crescent, Y.M.C.A., Theta Alpha Phi, C.O.G. Duboch, Neil-St. Ioseph, Missouri, Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M., Social Committee. H96- 95 Dunn. William-Falls City, Phi Kappa Tau. Elson, Clarence - North Platte, Theta Chi, Chapel Choir, Y.M.C.A. Engelkes, Cornelius-Park ersburg, Iowa. Evans. David-Lincoln, Op- era, Chapel Choir. Ferguson, Hugh-Ferndale, Michigan, Barbs. Gage, Gerald-Palmyra. Page 30 SENIORS Gartrell, Dorothy - Clay Center, Chorus, Student Senate, Residence H all Counselor, Kappa Chi. Gartrell, Leland - Clay Center, Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., Blue Key, Theta Nu, Nu-Med, Who's Who. Council, Y.W,C.A. Glaser, Leonard-Lincoln, 1 I.R.C. Glood. Royal - Viborg, South Dakota, Barbs. pa Chi. Gfell, Darrell - Tecumseh, 'll Crescent, Football, "W" Club. 'Q Groh, Iohn-Belleville, Il- linois. Haberem, Barbara-Buclo ingham Valley, Pennsyl- vcrnia. Haldeen, Alfred - Brule, Barbs, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. Hammer, Helen-Waverly, Willard, Kappa Chi, Pi Kap- pa Delta, Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown. 45 Hampton, Shirley--Gering Delta Zeta, Cardinal Key, Phi Kappa Phi, I.R.C. PLAINSMAN Siaif, Pi Gam- ma Mu, Psi Chi, Theta Al- pha Phi, Plainsmcm Players Page 31 Greer, Waldo-Oxford, Gerlach, Wanda-Sidney Willard, Women's House Kap SENIORS Hansen, Mae-Red Cloud, Barbs Band, Opera, Pi Gamma Mu, Tau Beta Sig- ma CPresiden'il. Hare, William-Broken Bow, Band, Student Senate, Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Kappa Psi, Plainsman Play- ers. Harlow. Lealan -- T a ble Rock, Band, Opera, Orches tra, Kappa Kappa Ps Hari. Dick-Cozad, Phi Kap- pa Tau, Chapel Choir, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Y.M.C.A. Havlicek, Gordon-Lincoln Havlik. Iennette - Haigler Phi Mu CPresidentJ, Chorus I.R.C., Panhellenic,Counc1l M AK! K 1 lackmcm, Iames - Norfolk, Editor of WESLEYAN, Y.M.- C.A., Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, Publications Board. Iackman, Roberta-Norfolk, Barbs, Cardinal Key KPresi- dentl, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Plainsman Players, Social Committee, Y.W.C.A., Who's Who. Iohannes. Arthur-Lincoln. Iohnson. Alden -- Fairbury, C r e s c e n t, Football, "W" Club. Iohnston. Iohn -- Lincoln, Football, Basketball, "W" Club. Johnson, Kenneth--Lincoln, Kappa Chi. Page 33 :- Q SENIQRS Hohnstein. Dale-Harvard, C r e s c e n t, lnterlratet-nity Council. Holle, Harris - Deshler, Crescent, Y.lvl.C.A. Hoskin. Alice - Callaway Barbs, Pi Gamma Mu. Hotz. William - Wymore, Crescent. Hunter, Robert-Ft. Collins, Colorado, Opera, Orchestra. Hunter. Walter - Merced, California. - 'Hu SENIORS Iones. D w cz i n -- Lincoln, Theta Chi, WESLEYAN Stall, Student Senate, I.R.C. Ioosten. Rigdon-Grant, Phi Kappa Tau, Football, PLAINSMAN Staff, Plains- man Players, "W" Club. Iuelis, Bruce-Potter, Chi, Student Senate. Kastner, Nila-Alliance. Ketterer, Robert - Lincoln, Crescent, Football, Basket- ball, Track, "W" Club. Kirsons, Aleksandris - Lin- coln. wang., Kueck, Ethel - Lincoln, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Chi, I.R.C., Y.W.C.A. Leuenberger. Paul-Belden Lindstrom, Ivar Geneva Barbs, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Gamma Beta Link, Bruce -- Sl. Michael, Theta Chi, Football, Blue Key, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi, C.O.G., Al- pha Gamma Beta, "W" Club. Lorenson, Donald-Manely I.R.C., Pi Gamma Mu Phi Kappa Phi. Lorigan, Patricia Farming dale, New York Alpha Gamma Delta IRC Plainsman Players SENIORS Lux. Ethel,-Lincoln, Delta Zeta, A.C.E., l.R.C., Cardinal Key, Pi Gamma Mu. Lux, Iohn-Lincoln, Student Senate, l.H.C., Y.M.C.A., Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Psi Chi. McKenzie, Marvin '- Alabama. Mcliibbin, Kenneth-Sutton, Phi Kappa Tau, A l p h CI Gamma Beta, Nu-Med. Marsh, Donald - Archer, Crescent, Student Senate, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A. CPresi- dentl, Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who. Meier, Gene-Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown tPresidentl, Nu-Med. Merrell, Betty-Bridgeport, Willard, W.A,A., Plainsman Players. Merrill, Leland--Edgar. Metcalf, Robert - Lincoln, Nu-Med. Meyer, Richard - Lincoln, Theta Chi, Football, Plains- man Players, "W" Club. ng, Meyer, Shirley-Red Cloud, Alpha Gamma Delta, Wo- men's House Council lPres- identl, Y.W.C.A., Tau Beta Sigma. Mihane, Tom - Callaway, Theta Chi, Football, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, "W" Club. Page 35 uthg.. SENIORS Miller Delbert - Lincoln, Football Basketball, Track, M 11 l e r. Ivan -- Brandon, South Dakota, Band, Opera, Orchestra. Monia. Marilyn - Lincoln, W.A.A. Moore Roy--Hot Springs, South Dakota. Muckel, Francis--Blooming- ton Psi Chi. Nelson. Lyle - Millard, Theta Chi, Male A Cap- pella Chorus, Opera, Cho- FUS. lil an "f'?' 'V , .. Nesmith. Richard-Chester, Phi Kappa Tau, Football, Student Senate, Blue Key, "W" Club, Pi Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi KPresi- dentl, Plainsman Players. Neth. Elsie -- Greenwood, Barbs, Art Club, A.C.E. Newsham. Beth - Lincoln, Alpha Gamma D el t a, A. C. E., W. A. A., C. O. G., Plainsman Players. Nicholas. Paul-Grand Is- land, Band, Chapel Choir, Orchestra, Student Senate, Kappa Kappa Psi CPresi- dentl. Noyes, Robert - Sharon, Massachusetts, Phi Kappa Tau, Band, I.R.C., Kappa Kappa Psi. Nutter, Ioan - Providence Rhode Island, Delta Zeta PLAINSMAN Staff, A.C.E. W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Plains- man Players. Page 36 dns-a-. Peden, Iohn-Honolulu, Ha- waii, Student Senate. Peden. Lorena-Fairmont. Penton, Phyllis---Lincoln. Phillips, Meredith--Lincoln, Student Senate. Poe, Everett--Burr Oak, Michigan, Barbs, Football, "W" Club, Social Commit- tee, Business Manager PLAINSMAN, Student Sen- ate, Blue Key CPresidentl, Pi Gamma Mu, C,O.G., Plainsman Players, Publi- cations Board, Who's Who. Porter, Iames - Lincoln, Crescent. Page 37 'flk'-r as lun-av wi 1 SENIORS Oakeson. LeRoy-Lincoln. Oswald. William-Lincoln. Pcmter, Iohn-Hebron. Parker. Wesley - Delano, California, Nu-Med. Parks. Edna - Greenwood, Barbs, A.C,E,, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players. Parrish. Dean - G r a n t Barbs, l.R.C. 9'-N ,aw mi Q-fr , it H x fi 1 : 5-. l I Reed. Earl-Norfolk, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A. SENIORS Schelkopt. Iossph-Geneva, Barbs, Alpha Gamma Beta. Schultz, Audrey - Moore- field, Willard fPresidentl, Women's House Council, Y.W.C.A., Cardinal Key, Pi Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsmcm Players, Panhellenic Council, Who's Shaul, Phyllis-Harrisburg Barbs, Y.W.C.A. Slama. Llo d-Lincoln. Slaughter. William - Lin- coln,, Football, "W" Club. Snyder. Barhara-Repub- lican City, Chapel Choir, Alpha Gamma Delta. Reynolds, Barbara - Oma- Rider, Stanley - Imperial, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., Plainsman Players. Robinson Iames-Tekamah. Sander. Dean - Trenton, l.R.C. Sandtort, Keith--Humboldt. Page 38 nwlllll. Denis -- Lincoln, Willard, H.C.E., W.H.H., Yellers of the Brown, Car- dinal Key, Social Com- mittee, C.O.G., Plainsman Players, Panhellenic Coun- C1 . Thompson. Virginia-Pain mont, B a r b s, Residence Hall Counselor, H.C.E. fPresidentl. Thurman. Louise - Louis- ville, Delta Zeta, H.C.E., W.H.Fl., Plainsman Players. Tilman. Donald -- Lincoln, Kappa Chi. Tyler, Van - Lincoln, Y.M.C.Fl., Psi Chi. Ueoka. Sally - Paia MCIUL Nayi, T.H., Plrt Club, H-C-B Page 39 SENIORS Spiedel. Mariorie-Lincoln, Alpha Gamma Delta, A.C.E. Squires. Clifford - Lincoln, Crescent, Football, Basket- ball, Track, "W" Club. Stoddard. Robert--Auburn Barbs, l.R.C. Strong. lim-Alliance, Phi Kappa Tau. Swim. Iasper -- Geneva, Barbs, Kappa Chi, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. Temple, Martha - Lincoln, Rlpha Gamma Delta, Or- chestra. .6 SENIORS Urbom, Warren-Flrapahoe, Barbs, Student S e n at e iPresidentl, Pi Kappa Delta fPresidentl, Blu e K e y, Who's Who, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, C.O.G. Van Sickle, Virginia-Mo Cook, Barbs, Band, Chapel Choir, Tau Beta Sigma. Varney William - Lincoln, Football Y.M.C.Q. Vogelsang, William - Lin- coln, Crescent, Sigma Pi Sigma CPresidentl. fr.. K 'Q' I is .H5 D 41... L Wakai, Sam -- Seabrook, New Iersev, Barbs, assistant editor of PLAINSMAN, WESLEYAN Staff, Kappa Chi, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A., Blue Key. Weidler. Oscar -- Dawson, Theta Chi, Nu-Med. White, Kenneth - Platts- mouth, Phi Kappa Tau CPresidentl, Football, "W" Club, Theta Rlpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Road Show, Interfraternity Coun- cil. White, Ward-Heart Moun- tain, Wyoming, Phi Kappa A Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who. Wilder, Hlmaron - Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, Editor of PLFIINSMHN, Publications Board, Social Committee, Yellers of the Brown, Plainsman Players. Willard, Kenneth-Ericson Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.Fl. Page 40 'S' Bill Carriker. "W" Club presi- dent, and Dorris Thomas. "W" Club Sweethearl, seniors, walk to the bandstand to be recog- nized during the Homecoming dance held after the Wes- leyan-Doane football game. Page 41 6 SENIORS Willel, Darrell-Lincoln. Wrolh, Phyllis - Lincoln, Barbs, Band, Opera, Chapel Choir, W.R.Fl., Tau Beta Sigma. Young, Richard - Alliance, Phi Kappa Tau, Zoeller, Henry-Hollis, Long lsland, New York, Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.H., Theta Pllpha Phi, Fllpha Gamma Beta, Plainsman Players. 'l. .. 1 f I ,pry ' Q . , 13,4 g !,',,,.:- fd ,J 1 " li. , ' U' x ' 1 ""'9' ' -0' -. W.. - 'V' '- '--'-:fa-vqvwnvm , V Al . .I ,, ' ,,,.,k '..., .4 V ,vqyv--4 uf his .H , A G, g- .4 ' nw 'V 'ay . x n ' ' . . . D 0 o uno- . . , , N ., J., . , I Q . .-.. ... we-+ W' -4- -mai-. W I wk W. - V - ., ,gf w -, , ., 6 , K .,,ax,. - ., - v " nw - 4- ' , A v . I I' 9 Q. --qnnn9- LW A 'VCO'-'31-'d 'f .fM.4fv A " W.. .cbt F 3 Q, .2 A , ,f. Lf 5. 1' ' , . 1' 'Z 9914" "' , ? a1,,g:' 'A 41 , ww" fff fs "JF ..JMf. , -.jk 11, ' A5 ,-' -Q' ' Q 1, NZ' 561 555- " Y' 3615 's .J o"55ww -Q .rr Vim i A .-19 -L egg 24 1 . ,.-Q. ..,.. Wffwifu bm Page 43 Hchen, Willa-Ord, Barbs, Women's House Council, Fl.C.E., Y.W,C.Fl. Bkert, Ben-Hlliance, Phi Kappa Tau, Men's A Cap- pella Chorus, Opera, Co- Editor ol Handbook. Baker, lack-Grand Island, Crescent, Social Commit- lee. B a r t l e t t. Shirley lean- Omaha. Bates, Hrthur-Table Rock, Theta Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Y.M.C.A. Becker. Robert - Lincoln, Crescent, Football. Beckley. Iames-Santa Fe Springs, California. Bengston. Martha Iean -- Washington, D. C., Phi Mu. Berry, Iohn--Pierre, South D a k o ta, Phi Kappa Tau, Theta Hlpha Phi, Plaing- man Players, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Chapel Choir. Bertsch. Reno - A s h l e y, North Dakota. Blake. Clinton--Paxton. Bliss, Donald-Fairbury, Hrt Club, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.Ft. Bliss. Loyd-Fairbury. JUNIORS Bollacker, Iames--Ordway, Colorado, Phi Kappa Tau. Brigham, Genene-Shelby, Plainsman Players, Wesley- an Staff, PLAINSMAN Staff, Opera. Botsch, Barbara - Norfolk, Willard, Pi Kappa Delta, Plainsman Players, M.S.M., Associate Editor of PLAINS- , , , ' MHN, Social Committee. Brillhart, Ieane-Longmont, Colorado, Hlpha Gamma Delta fPresidentl, Panhel- lenic Council CPresidentJ, Plainsman Players, Theta Hlpha Phi. Calkins, Bob -- Wymore, Crescent CPresidentl, Inter- Fraternity Council. Bullock, Mary-Madrid, H1- pha Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.Ft., Yellers of the Brown, Women's H o u s e Council, Panhellenic Coun- cil. Campbell, Malcolm - Lin- coln. Casselman, Richard- Douglas, Phi Kappa Tau, Chapel Choir, C h o r u s Opera, Male A Cappella Choir. Carlson, Hlice-Ong, Hlpha Gamma Delta, Fl.C.E. Cederdahl, Gene-Lincoln, Crescent, Track. Clark, Lois-Superior, Delta Zeta, WESLEYHN Staff, W.!3t.Fl. Clark Robert Wollaston, Massachusetts Phi Kappa Tau Plainsman Players. Clark, Roy - Superior, Phi Kappa Tau, Student Sen- ate, Social Committee, Y. M. C. H. Condon, Virgil - E x e t e r, Theta Chi, Nu-Med. Connell, Richard Phi Kappa Tau, Players, Sigma Blue Key, Male Choir, Opera. Clifton, Martha - Gering, Delta Zeta, Plainsman Play- ers, Student Senate, Tau Beta Sigma, Theta Rlpha Phi, W.H.Fl. CPresidentl. -- Sidney, Plainsman Pi Sigma, Fl Capella Cooper, William -- Gering, Phi Kappa Tau, Male F1 C a p e 1 l a Choir, Opera, Chapel Choir, Chorus, Plainsman Players. fy.. 1 ti-, lg - f I. , W' ' L X, 1-Q i 1 f fist: Corbit. Betty - C h e s t e r, Alpha Gamma Delta Chapel Choir, Road Show, Y.W.C.A., Theta Alpha Phi Plainsman Players, Panhell lenic Council. JUNIORS Crawford. Ioyce-Beatrice, Willard, M.S.M. fPresidentl, Student Senate, Y.W.C.Fl., Theta Fllpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Road Show. Cummins. Frank l..1ncoln Daft. Shirley-Waverly, Hl- pha Gamma Delta, Band Kappa chi, Y.W.C.H., cm! dinal Key, Tau Beta Sigma. Deal. Ervin-Lincoln, Hlpha Gamma Beta, I.R.C.- Dunn. Robert-Falls City, Phi Kappa Tau, -Y.M.C.A. Band PLAINSMAN Staff Kappa Kappa Psi, Plains: man Players, Cheerleader 1 Dunlap. Donald--Douglag Phi Kappa Tau, I.R.C. Dutton. Dick-Gering, Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A., Male A Cappella Chorus, Foot- ball, PLAINSMAN Stafl, Plainsman Players, Chorus. Eckles. Charles Gresham Phi Kappa Tau Embree, Roberta - Friend, Alpha Gamma Delta, W.A.A., Student Senate, Y.W.C.A. Ericson. Eugene-Paso Rob- les, California, Theta Chi, Band. Fankhauser, Iames - Hum- boldt, Theta Chi, Male A Capella Choir, Yellers of the Brown. Ess, Paul-McCook, Theta Chi, Pi Kappa Delta, l.R.C. Ferris, George - Archer, Barbs tPresidentl, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. F e s t e r. Iohn - Alliance, Frazell, Donald-Lewellen, Theta Chi, Football, Track. Barbs, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M., l.Ft.C. Fry, Doris--Big Springs, Barbs, Y.W.C.A. Fry. Evelyne-Big Springs, Barbs, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., M.S.M., Kappa Chl. JUNIORS Ganzel, Stanley-Nebraska City, Barbs, M.S.M., Y.M.- C.A., Kappa Chi. Gibson, Elton-Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau. Gilmer, Gayle - Lincoln, Willard, Kappa Chi, M.S.M. Godbey, Mary - Milford, Delta Zeta, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A. tPresi- dentl, W,A.A., Social Com- mittee, Panhellenic Council. Gordan, William - Brad- shaw, Barbs. Greer, Mema - Lincoln, Kappa Chi. Grossoehme, Marilyn-Lim coln, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chapel Choir, Plainsman Players. Hammond, Laurel - Bush- nell, Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. Hansen, Louis - Minden, Crescent. Harding, Iohn - Knoxville, Illinois, Phi Kappa Tau, Kappa Kappa Psi, Plains- man Players, "W" Club PLAINSMAN Staff. 1 Harrington. Don - Lincoln, Football, "W" Club. Harrison, Charles - Carle- ton, Theta Chi, "W" Club, Track, l.R.C. Hartley, Allen-Lincoln. Harvey, Arthur-Gering, Phi Kappa Tau, lnter-Frater- nity Council, Sigma Pi Sig- ma. Harvey, Wallace - Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Social Committee. Hedges, Ierald - Central City. Heskett, Eldon - McCook, Theta Chi, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. Hill, lean-Lincoln, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chapel Choir, Chorus, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. P ix 7 5 , ' r YW! Q 5 K f i f A if Mir' 1 if.. I ' ...A 1 'll A' ,,. ,gt n 'r Q Y fe.. ...,, , '11-" 1,145 S ' ' gy--it S Q A f ,ir 1--5 G if l t , iq., m. , .. , ' ,H V . , 'A' frm 'al 'ls ' s, ..4f'! X -. x l' A. X, wr ,.- 'tbl - -M. A agxiidlhl Q , , Y .N fi' JUNIORS Hueftle, Keith - Eustis, Barbs, WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINSMAN Stall, Yellers of the Brown, Plainsman Players. Hueitle. Lola-Eustis, Wil- lard, Plainsman Players, Chorus, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. Ieambey. Leo -- Lincoln, Band, Y.M.C.A. Jensen. Wendell - Minden, Crescent, l.R.C., Yellers of Q 1 the Brown. ' Q- - lohann. Patricia - Seward, 5 " if Delta Zeta, Plainsman Play- ' 'N ers, Women's House Coun- cil, A.C.E., W.A.A. - . Iones. Donald - Lincoln, , ,Q -35 I Theta chi, Football. Iones. Marcia-York, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chorus, Chapel Choir, W.A.A. Kellough. Max -- Friend, Theta Chi, Football, Basket- ball, "W" Club. Kemling. Dwight-Grant. Kemling. Orville - Grant, Barbs, Chapel Choir, Nu- Med, Chorus, Male A Cap- pella Chorus. Klemme. Amanda - Mur- dock, A.C.E. Knisely, Alice-Lincoln, Al- pha Gamma Delta, Plains- man Players, Theta Alpha Phi. X, t ' Knisely. Iames - Lincoln, l Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman - Players. Knosp. Alton-St. Francis, Kansas, Nu-Med. Krogh, Milton - McCook, Theta Chi, Pi Kappa Delta, Y.M.C.A., I.R.C. Kruse. Lowen - B o e 1 u s, Barbs, Male A Cappella Chorus, Kappa Chi,'M.S.M., C h o r u s , Alpha Gamma 5 Beta, Pi Gamma Mu, F Y.M.C.A. Kyes. Arlayne-Archer, Al- pha Gamma Delta, Plains- man P l a y e r s, W.A.A., Chapel Choir, Yellers ol the Brown, Social Committee. rado. Lane. Stanley-Otis, Colo- L? Lanning. Dean - Eagle, Barbs, Student Senate, Y.M.C.A., Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Chi, Social Commit- tee. Lightbody. JUNIORS Donna-Nebras- ka City, Willard, A.C.E., W.A.A., Plainsman Play- STS. Linder. Blyth-Fort Lawn, South Carolina, Delta Zeta, Cheerleader, Plain s m a n Players, W.A.A., A.C.E., So- cial Committee. Linder. Ira - Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players. Longacre, Edward--Lincoln. Lueninghoener, Dorothy - l-looper, Alpha Gamma Delta, Opera, Chapel Choir. Mclnnis, Ierry - Ravenna, Barbs, M.S.M., Kappa Chi. Mclntosh. Manuel-Albion. McKinney, Kay - Lincoln, Willard. Meister. Clarence -- Hum- boldt, Chapel Choir, Male A Cappella Choir. Most. Harold N u-Med. Mitchell, Ramona-Mema, Barbs, WESLEYAN Staff, Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. Miyabara. wao Maui, pa Chi. Ogallala, Munkres. Iames-Broadwa- ter, Barbs, Alpha Gamma Beta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Plainsman Players, WES- LEYAN Staff. Miyoko--Maka- Hawaii, Kappa Nelson. Carolyn-Falls City, Willard, Plainsman Players, Debqte, Theta Alpha Phi, Road Show. Nottingham. Marion - Hia- watha, Kansas. O'Donnell, Delbert - Cam- bridge, Y.M.C.A. Obs. Marvin--Friend, Theta Chi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Plainsman Players, Yellers of the Brown. JUNIORS Osborne, Nancy-Edgewcb ter, Colorado, Barbs, Resi- dence Hall Counselor, Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Social Commit- tee. Owen, Raymond--Ashland, Phi Kappa Tau, Football, Y.M.C.A., Alpha Gamma Beta. Parker, William - Hebron Crescent, Student Senate Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Kap pa Psi. Parkison, Donald - Sarg- ent, Theta Chi, Nu-Med, Y.M.C.A. Peckham, Marian - Brady, Alpha Gamma Delta, A.C.E. Perry, Frances - Bertrand Willard, B a n d, W.A.A. Y.W.C.A., Tau Beta Sigma Plainsman Players. Pierce. Gene-Lincoln. Pimm, Ira - Trenton, New Iersey. ' Paulsen, Donald - Millard, Crescent. Purdey, Lois-Gordon, Al- pha Gamma Delta, Chorus, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Rassmussen, Floyd-Hampe ton, Band. Reinick, Iacqueline - Lin- coln, Delta Zeta, Chorus, Chapel Choir, Y.W.C.A. Richardson, Stewart - Lin- coln, Theta Chi, Nu-Med. Robbins, Frank-Campbell, Barbs, Nu-Med. Rystrom, Wreatha-Stroms- berg. Sheets, Betty -- Superior, Delta Zeta, W.A.A., Y.W.- C.A., Kappa Chi, WES- LEYAN Staff, Yellers of the Brown. Smith, Noreen-Lincoln. Snyder, Iune - Cheyenne, Wyoming. Stalder. Franklyn--Lincoln. J U N I O R S Staples, Donald-Blair, Phi Kappa Tau, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Dance Band, Chorus, Orchestra. Swan. Elaine - Kearney, Y.W.C.A. Swanson, Paul-Grand Is- land, Phi K a p p a Tau, Chapel Choir, Chorus, Male A Cappella Chorus. Tesch, Walter-Moorestown, New lersey, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta fPresi- dentl, Plainsman Players. Thomas. Iackie - Beatrice, Willard, A. C. E., M. S. M., Plainsrrian Players, Y.W.- C.A. Tiekotter, Ianet -- Platts- mouth, Alpha G a m m a Delta, A.C.E., W.A.A. Trubey. Amos-Lincoln. Turnbull. Iohn - Central City, Crescent, Male A Cap- pella Chorus, Track. Turner, Warren - Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, Band, Kap- pa Kappa Psi, Chorus. Umbarger, Allen - Genoa, Theta Chi, Y.M.C.A. Van Buren. Ronald-Valem tine, Theta Chi. Warneking. Glenn-Super- ior,, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta. Wickstrom. Iames - Oak- land, Theta Chi, Basketball, Y.M.C.A., "W" Club, Social Committee. Wilder, Beverly - Lincoln, Phi Mu, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A.. Art Club, Majorette. Williams, Bonnie-Alma. Wiltge, William-Grand Is- land, Phi Kappa Tau, Sig- ma Pi Sigma, Nu-Mei kv 1 Page 51 SENIORS Andrewieski, Walter-Lincoln. Arnold, Phil-Lincoln. Baldwin, Ralph--Hebron. Cameron, Lyle-Lincoln. IUNIORS Bevans, Lester-Waverly. Bird, Leonard--Lincoln. Carr, Dwain-Lincoln. SOPHOMORES Birmingham, Rachel-Atkinson. Burham, Dean-Lincoln. Casiano, Emilo-Panama City, Panama. Crawford, Pierce-Lincoln. DeVries, Harold-Hickman. Fischel, Ierold-Fairmont. FRESHMEN Bradsby, Bernard-Story, Ore- gon. Bull, Roger-Elkhorn. Hickenbottom. Gilbert-Arnold. NOT PICTURED Dauer, William-Lincoln. Durham, Francis-Fort Collins, Colorado. Hansen, Gerald-Aurora. Mischnick, Harold-Portland, Tennessee. Ells. LaVern-Sidney. Escue, Eloise-Lincoln. Hamilton, Gordon-Norfolk. Holmes, Dale-Lincoln. Fishel, Iohn-Fairmont. Gustafson. Marilyn-Lincoln. Hansen, Doyle-Aurora. Hill, Mark-Beverly, Massa- chusetts. Hultquist, Wesley-Lincoln. Kasl, Paul-McCook. Kleineweber, Richard-Ne- braska City. Hultberg. Hoyt-Lincoln. Iewell, Delores-Lincoln. Marshall, Clair-Lincoln. Porter, Henry-Lincoln. Reed, Paul--Lincoln. Newsham, Clarence-Lincoln. Peterson, Grace-Lincoln. Rupert, Richard-Lincoln. Snodgrass. Lee-Osceola. Neth, Elsie-Greenwood. Shaul. Phyllis-Harrisburg. Thompson, Gilbert-Millard. Thompson. Virginia-Fairmont Thompson, William--Burwell Meyer, Henry-Lincoln. Mitchell, Charles-San Berna- dino, California. Rihn, Herbert-Gurley. Smith, Richard-Lincoln. Starkel, Robert--Lincoln. Walker, Lewis-Lincoln. Whitaker, Richard-Lincoln. Runyan, Iames-Lincoln. Sundeen, Dale-Lincoln. Unvert, Donald-Superior. Warren, Richard--Sutherland. Willoughby, Scotty-Lincoln. ...muyl T A v J ' ' M . ,wk-nf' 1' -xii' x . p . w 'T vi X 4 ' f J A 1 t tt 1 . 1 , -"' 3 ,-S W' .Q I Alkire, lane-Lexington, Delta Zeta, Allberry, Betty - Norfolk, Phi Mu, Baker, Weldon-Lincoln, Band. Y.W.C.A., Panhellenic Council. WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINSMAN Staff, A.C.E. Allard, Phil - Riverton, Wyoming, Allen, Robert-Lincoln, Basketball, Bailey, Arthur-Palisade, Crescent. Barbs, Kappa Chi, Yellers of the Track, "W" Club. Brown. Bennett, Robert-Long Branch, New Bloom. Donald-Holdrege, Theta Chi. Bridges. Icxmes-O'Neill, Phi Kappa Iersey. Tau, Y.M.C.A. Bitner. Dan-Gordon, Theta Chi, Branz, Lavawn-Gresham, Phi Mu, Brown. Gloria-Lincoln, Phi Mu, Male A Cappella Chorus, Plainsman Chorus, WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINS- Band, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Players, Nu-Med. MAN Staff, Chorus. Page 53 Bruggemcm, Dean-Lincoln. Burroughs. Robert-Rockford, Phi Caldwell, lack-Lincoln, Theta Chi, Kappa Tau, Track, PLAINSMAN Football, Basketball, Y.M.C.A. Staff, "W" Club. Buettgenbach. Shirley - Lincoln, Burt, Ronald-Clay Center, Kappa Calvert, Iohn-Pierce, Crescent, Foot- Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. Chi. ' ball, "W" Club, Y.M.C.A., Nu-Med. SCPHOMORES Canaday. Iulian-Bloomfield, Theta Carlson, Robert-Waverly, Phi Kap- Chi, Football, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. pa Tau, Men's A Cappella Chorus, Y.M.C.A. Carlson. Edwin-Oakland, Theta Chi. Cassell. Kenneth-Edgar, Track. ., 'vi ' 4 :ig L ' , , 4 an 'A ' 'Ul Chapin. Charlotte-Clatskanie, Ore- gon, Women's House Council, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. Conger, Clayton-Loup City, Student Senate, Debate, Y.M.C.A., I.R.C Connett, Mary-St. Joseph, Missouri, Corbit. Elmer-Chester. Crotinger. Vern-Bison, Kansas, Phi Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. Kappa Tau, Chorus. Opera, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C,A. Conover. Mona - Grant, Willard, Cramer. Shyrli - Lincoln, Willard, cull' I-'rad-Oakland. Y.W.C.A. PLAINSMAN Statf, Art Club. I- -as a m f 1 " FI Davison. Helen-Leavenworth, Kan- sas, Barbs, Opera, Chapel Choir, Plainsman Players. Czapanslciy, Lee-Lincoln, Theta Chi. Desta. Lishan-Addis Ababa, Ethi- opia, Barbs, Y.M.C.A. Dappen. Ioe-Lincoln, Bai-bs, Band. DeBelly, Grace - McGrew, Barbs, Doran. William-Elmwood. A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown. 'B N Drake. Loisiean-Atlanta, Phi Mu, DuBois. Howard-Lincoln, Theta Chi, Dunlap, Paul-Douglas, Phi Kappa LRC, Football, "W" Club. Tau. Draucker. Ierome-Cozad, Theta Chi, DUDICPI ld?-DO'-191018, Phi KCIPPCI Edgar, Hamld-CO2f1d, Them Chi. Men's A Cappella Chorus, Nu-Med. Tau. Football, Y.M.C.A. Page 54 SOPHOMORES X , lg , , ' E: iii 's rl . .. , ' if. 'x' , Atl' U. Edgerton, Hazel-Cambridge, Delta Fullers. Barbara-Shenandoah, Iowa, Finch. Donald-Oshkosh. Zeta, Opera, Women's House Coun- W.A.A.. I-R-C cil. Eh,-hart, Vio1,g..Bqyqrd, Willard, Farrell. William-Grand Island, Stu- Fitch. Robert-Lincoln, Basketball. Band, dent Senate. 1 Fletcher. Victor -- Nebraska City, Frantz. Elizabeth-Goehner, Delta Fuller. Charlene - Lincoln, Alpha Theta Chi, Basketball, Band, Art Zeta, A.C.E., W.A.A., Yellers oi the Gamma Delta, A.C.E. Club, Brown. Flight. Thomas-Everett, Massachu- Frazell. Marjorie-Shelton, Barbs, Garlow. Virginia-Lincoln, Alpha gens, Opera, A.C.E., Plainsman Players. Gamma Delta, PLAINSMAN Staff, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. pi- Gauger. Iohnn - Omaha, Phi Mu, Goldammer. Kathryn-Elkhart Lake, Gorai. Mabel-Seabrook, New Ier- Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players, Wisconsin, Phi Mu, Band, Art Club, sey, Barbs, W.A.A., Social Commit- PLAINSMAN Staff. I.R.C. tee, Nu-Med' Gentry. Robert-Gering, Phi Kappa Gollman. Mack-Punta Gorda, Flor- Gorst. Marge - Bridgeport, Delta Tau, Football, Basketball, Y.M C.A., ida, Barbs. Zeta, Chorus, Opera, Chapel Choir, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. y "W" Club,-,Nu-Med. K' 1 Goth. lane--Lincoln, Phi Mu, A.C.E., Graver. Dale-Lincoln, I.R.C., Y.M.- Gregg. Norma-Clarks, Barbs, A.C.E., Yellers oi the Brown. C.A. Y.W.C.A., Social Committee. Gruntski, Duane-Lincoln, Theta Chi. Green. Don-Sidney, Band, Kappa Grimes. Milton--Chambers, l.R.C. Chi, Y.M.C.A. Page 55 gf , F ' ' X i git Hanna. Lyle-Lincoln. Han, Maynard-Ainsworth. SOPHOMORES Harris, Sara--Wymore, Phi Mu, Kap- pa Chi, I.R.C., Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. Hanna, Richard-Lynn, Massachu- Harrington, Ianet-Lincoln. Harrison, Iacqueline-Alliance, Delta setts, Phi Kappa Tau, l.R.C., Yellers Zeta, Chorus, Chapel Choir, Opera, of the Brown, Plainsman Players. Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. . ,, A A ' ,VL ' 1 "' .. e s 1 'ML xr I I I, N , ' " 4' H. pfsgmapf. B' X ypgg.. li, v if-4 5 ,- ,ig , x',fM. Hawley, Richard-Republican City, Hedges, Iohn-Centrgal City, Cres- Hensman, Robert-Red Cloud, Theta Theta Chi, l.R.C., Y.M.C.A., Yellers cent, Band, MaleACappella Chorus, Chi, Male A Cappella Chorus, of the Brown, Nu-Med. Opera, Y.M.C.A. Chapel Choir. Haye, Henry-Lyons, Theta Chi, Nu- Med. Heim. William-Humboldt. Hessen. Norman-Lincoln. Hickman, Donald-Everett, Massa- Hitz, Richard--Lincoln. Householder, Ioyce-Grand Island, chusetts, Barbs, Kappa Chi. Hill, Ianece-Lincoln, Alpha Gamma' Delta, Opera, Chorus, Yellers of the Brown. Phi Mu, WESLEYAN Staff, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Social Committee. Hoffman, Werner-Karlsruhe, Ger- Hoyt, Iackie-Bayard, Barbs, A.C.E. many. ,xi if B m, 'SJ ' ,' f - -, ju? , , , .1' " Hull, Don-Gordon, Theta Chi, Foot- Inbody, Richard-Lincoln. Iacobitz, Jacqueline-Bassett. ball, Male A Cappella Chorus. Huston, Iames-Martell. Irelan, Iohn-Oxford, Phi Kappa larvis, Dale-Atkinson, Phi KUPPU Tau, Yellers of the Brown. Tau, Plainsman Players, Page 56 SOPHOMORES 1 l F , A ll , ' Q 71 dl Cv- -xx ll G 7 l l , 1 4 ,S , ,W ! K 1 x M X L Q mv ,Y .9 ' Y 1 'Ip 'f ' f fl! QM 1. johnson, Charles-Sqronville, Y.M. Iohnson, Lloyd-Lincoln. Ioura, Walden-Stanton, Y.M.C.A., C.A- Alpha Gamma Beta. Johnson. Iere-Holdrege, Phi Kappa Iohnson, Lois-Polk, Band. Kamano, Dennis-Honolulu, Hawaii, Tau, Yellers ol the Brown. Nu-Med gh Kays, Darrel-Davenport, Washing- Koch, Richard-West Bend, Iowa, Ladine, Shirley-Sidney, Phi Mu, ton, Barbs, Debate, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. Phi Kappa Tau, Band. WESLEYAN Staff. Keating, Thomas - Lincoln, Theta Kotouc, lane--Humboldt, Delta Zeta, Lampshire, Wayne-Lincoln. Chi. Band, Y.W.C.A., Tau Beta Sigma, Plainsman Players. Lantz, Merrill-Stanton, Iowa, Band, Larsen. Robert-Garden Grove, Cali- Lemon, Peggy-Bassett. Nu-Med. fornia, Phi Kappa Tau, Male A Cap- pella Chorus, Chapel Choir. Larsen, Marilyn-Bellevue, Phi Mu, Laughlin, Barbara--Lincoln, Alpha Lenhart, Ruth-Palisade, Barbs, Resi- Chorus, Women's House Council, Gamma Delta, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. dence Hall Counselor, Kappa Chi, Yellers ol the Brown. Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. i , as . - , 421' A VV? 'F' , . 1, tv C f Lind. Ieanne-Polk, Phi Mu, Cheer- Logan, Dennis-Springview, Theta Manley, Betty-Odell, Barbs, Opera, leader. Chi, Basketball, PLAINSMAN Staff. A.C.E. Loder, Fred-Waverly, Male A Cap- Luschei, Martin-Lincoln, Barbs, Martin, Mark-Lincoln, Football, pella Chorus, Opera, Orchestra, Student Senate, I.R.C. Basketball. Chorus, Y.M.C.A. Page 57 SOPHOMORES in v . Massie. Ronald-Blue Springs. Mclnnis, Ioanne-Ravenna, Barbs, Meier. Delores-Lincoln, Delta Zeta, Residence Hall Counselor, Kappa WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINSMAN Staff, Chi, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. Y.W.C.A., Yellers pf the Brown. McCoy, Iames-Auburn, Band, Orch- McRoberts. Ruth - Gurley, Barbs, Middleton, Muriel-Brady, Willard, estra. A.C.E., Yellers of the Brown. Art Club, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. .if fQ1' l" 1 ' . gli .1 X I ' l sl ', K -, Michael. Kassa--Addis Ababa, Ethi- Morgan. Lee - Gordon, Theta Chi, Munkres, Robert-Broadwater, Barbs, opia, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. Basketball. WESLEYAN Staff, I.R.C. Moline. Boyd-Los Angeles, Cali- Morrison, William-Abilene, Kansas. Murdock. Lavonda-Nehawka, Barbs, tornia, Phi Kappa Tau, Basketball, Yellers of the Brown. Track, Y.M.C.A. 1 H+. , Nelson, Barbara-Lewellen, Barbs. Nelson, Eugene-Lincoln, Crescent, Neth. Lucille-Greenwood, Women's Football, "W" Club. House Council. Nelson, Clarice-Raymond, Barbs, Nelson, Paul-Ceresco, Male A Cap- Niehaus, Donald-Lincoln. A.C.E., W.A.A., Yellers of the Brown. pella Chorus, Chorus. Niehaus. Donna--Lincoln, Phi Mu, Neutzman, Raymond - Columbus, Obermeyer, Paul - Lincoln, Theta W-A-A-. Y.W.C.A. Barbs, Kappa Chi, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. Chi, Band, Football, "W" Club. Norlin. Marilyn-Ft. Collins, Colo- Oakeson. Dwayne - Wolbach, Phi Oliver. Ieannie-North Platte, Delta rddo, Phi Mu, WESLEYAN Staff, Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A. Zeta, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Plavers. Page 58 SOPHOMORES . .,, 14' A' 5 . Olsen, Rosalie-Minden, Delta Zeta, Palmquist. Patricia-Omaha, Alpha Peterson, Delores-Kilgore, Phi Mu, A,C,E,, Y,W,C.A., Yellers of the Gamma Delta, Student Senate, I.R.C. PLAINSMAN Staff, W.A.A., I.R.C. Brown. Olson, Edith-Genoa, Barbs, Resi- Pennington. Barbara - Wauneta, Peterson. Robert-Brady, Phi Kappa dence Hall Counselor, Kappa Chi, Barbs, Residence Hall Counselor, Tau, I.R.C., Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown. KCIDDG Chi- Phillips. Charles-Lincoln. Priofert. Wilma - Fairmont, Alpha Rarick. Ioyce-Bellwood, Delta Zeta, Gamma Delta, Opera, Chorus, A.C.E. Girl's Glee, W.A.A. Poyer, lean-Grand Island, Willard, Rager. Clarice-Gordon, Alpha Gam- - Ray. Beverly--Grand Island, Willard, Opera, Chapel Choir. ma Delta, Y.W.C.A. Girl's Glee, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., , Yellers oi the Brown, M.S.M. A.. f..' Read. Roberta - Lincoln, Willard, Richards. Mary - Palisade, Barbs, Rittenburg. Bonita-Lincoln. Girl's Glee, Yellers of the Brown. Yellers of the Brown. Reeves. Ruth--Palmer. Rihn. Erma-Gurley, Willard. Roberts. Kathleen - Lincoln, Delia Zeta. f .. 'iv - -, . 547.12 . . Rogers. Kenneth-Tampa, Florida. Ruiz. Iulia-Panama City, Panama. Sanchez. Iulio-David, Republic of Panama. Roaene. Phil--Lincoln. Sabin. Robert-Scottsbluff. Sasse. Carl-Gordon, Theta Chi. Page 59. ,HD4 SOPHOMORES l x P 1' Al Schmidt, Milton-Lincoln, Crescent, Scott, Bernard-Scotia, Phi Kappa Seward,Marilyn-Lincoln. Football. Tau, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. Schriener, Donald-Cook. Scovil, Mary-Calmar, Iowa, Willard. Shatter, Clittord-Columbus, Foot- ball. ll I l I 3,514 I Q5 A Shaw, Robert-Edgar. Smith, Dale-Lincoln. Smith, Isabel-Rock Port, Missouri, Delta Zeta, Girl's Glee, Chorus. S't,Dl -D ,Cl d,W'l- . . Y.W.C.A. 1 5 .9 Soper, Hurry-Everett, lvlassachu- Spellman, Genevieve-Martell, Phi Spohn, Marion-Chester, Phi Kappa setts, Barbs, Kappa Chi, M.S.M. Mu, Y.W.C.A. Tau. Speir, Donald--Lincoln. Spiers, Duane-Denver, Colorado, Stark, Ieannie - Lexington, Delta Zeta, Co-Editor of Handbook, Plains- man Players, A.C.E. Art Club, Kappa Chi. ,V Q1 9 '-.. , ,Y ,W xp, l'Q1ff'J5fSw5 , ' V ' , ,fl . gs , P - J nf ,nhyrzlg 41,51 " 1 E' . Stone, Iohn-Lincoln, Crescent. Stocker, Pat-Dunbar, Phi Mu. Toni, Hutsuko-Kaaawa, Oahu, Ter- ritory ol Hawaii, Kappa Chi. Stone, Margaret-Lincoln, Willards. Sundberg, Janice-Polk, Alpha Gam- TeKolste, Melvin-Hickman. ma Delta, A.C.E., W.A.A, Page 60 SOPHOMORES Y-Q 65,1 . 5 .A xg, '1'eSelle, Cleo-Firth, Alpha Gamma Thurston, Robert - Barton, Florida, Delta, Girl's Glee, Women's House Barbs. Council. Thober, Ioan-Beatrice, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown. Kappa Tau, Band, Opera. Tyrrell, Lois-Waverly. Turner, lohn - Mcxnilla, Iowa, Phi Tyrrell, Roger-Waverly. . .f e V! 1 X I' Urbom. Beverly-Arapahoe, Willard, Weston, Elton-Gibbon, Phi Kappa Whited, Dale - Norfolk, Crescent, PLAINSMAN Staff, Y.W.C.A., Yellers Tau. Roadshow. oi the Brown, Panhellenic Council. Westerlin, Keith--Overton, Kappa Weston, Irving-Gibbon, Phi Kappa Wiegers, Rolland-Western, Cres Chi. Tau, Basketball. cent, Football, Basketball. 1 3 W 25. J . . ,, , ' . .4 , tl , ff ,-,i 'gg' ' X -.1 I I f ! A if f .- . Alix Wiles, David-Bennet. Wiseman. Ardith-Ogallala, Phi Mu, Worrell, Craig-Cozad, Phi Kappa WESLEYAN Staff, W.A.A., Plainsman Tau, Band, Male A Cappella Chorus, Players, Panhellenic Council, I.R.C. Y.M.C.A. Page 61 Wilson, Iohn-Lincoln. Witte, Dorothy-York, Phi Mu, I.R.C., Y.W.C.A. Yeutter. Georgiana-Cozad, Willard, Band, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. Zlomke, Wayne-Ord, Phi Kappa Tau, Band, Nu-Med. Yenney, Cleo--Grand Island, Phi Mu ..-CQ QE Nl! W -...N Y .... .,. me-'ow ' ,qw JW! mix ag, F V 4? Y mlm. x "6 -1 ' r ,1- If A. EV, , . -.f""x Adams, Lynelle--Madrid. Albert, Marion--Culbertson. Alexander, Shirley-Oakland. Alexander, William-Lincoln. Anderson, Charles-Lincoln. Anderson, Donald-North Platte Anderson, Russell-Stromsburg. Bailey, William-Omaha Bain, Harriet-Greeley, Colorado Ballard, Barbara-Burr. Bangs, Catherine-Montrose, Kansas. Bell, Ardyce-Lincoln. Benedict, Francis-Lincoln. Benney, William-Stanton. Benton. Donna-Valparaiso Bieck, Fred-Grand Island. Biorling, Edward-Hardy. Blacker, Marilyn-Bennet. Boerrigter, Glenn-Hickman. Brasch, William--Beatrice. Brinkman, Ianice-Bennet Brown, Robert-Hershey. Brown, Wayne-McCook. Bruner, Robert-Fremont. Brunkow, Nolmcx-Wabash. FRESHMEN Burchell. Ioan-Minden. Carlson, Lloyd-Cozad. Carriker, Wendell-Harvard. Carter, Burton-Chappell. Cassel, Patricia-Ainsworth. Chambers. Carol-Bennet. Cheuvront, Carol-Lincoln. Christner, Patricia-Hamlet. Clark. Marilyn-Albin, Wyoming Cobleigh. Beverly-Lincoln. Cogil. Charles--Ogallala. Cole, Iohn-Lincoln. Collins, Patsy-Wood River. Conkel, Lowell-Douglas. Converse, Walter-Lincoln. Conway. Thomas-Madison. Coon. Robert-Windsor, Colorado. Corbit, Ruth-Chester. Cox. Ioyce-Foster. Crossfield, Ioanne-Omaha. Cudaback, Ronald-Riverdale. Damm. Theoma-Elk Creek. Damall. Phyllis-Grand Island. Davis. Betty-Lincoln. Deaver. Frances-Primrose. Dicke. Helen-Palisade. Dickerson. Margaret-Sumner. Dissmore. Colette-Sidney. Dominguez, Gerudo Rio-Lincoln. Dorsey. Barbara-Lincoln. Dotson, Phyllis--Lincoln. Drake. Leslie-Lincoln. Duey, Marcia-Chester. Eastin, Jerry-Madrid. Eckles. Miriam-Gresham. Ellis, Mary-St. Edward. Engelking, Alice-Elmwood. Eymann, Kenneth-Lincoln. Fahleson. Donald-Lincoln. Frcmkhauser, lay-Humboldt. Farmer, Barbara--Lincoln. Farmer. William-Falls City. Feary. Marjorie-Seward. Filer. William--Daytona Beach, F Finecy. Beth-Sutherland. lorida. EC lf I N- Jw... I-f l 1 kv 1 I "-ev ,N v 1 3 r e J ',7 .4-f 4 1. 1 fam 1 A 4 . v . M A 1 1 Q ...,.,. 'O . . .5 U5 W, 4: y 'vii' 'A af x lx-I . 4 E W. nJ":h.. 'fn my 9 1 w I tl if -f' fgg . fi Q . if 1 K? i J' 1 'A . .Z ef' A we G. I, ing -up l MI 9 L- A, FRESHMEN Fisher, Carol - Superior. ' A Fitch, Kathryn-Fcxirbury. ' Frazier, Bonnie-Fairmont. 1 , Q ' 'T Lf' 1 Fosbender, Roger-Shelby. 2- I Freburg, Stanley-Waverly. Fredericksen, Irene-Cozcfd. Q as Friday, Lorabel-Oshkosh. -"K t Gardner, Donna-Lincoln. , it y G Garrett, Kathryn--Lincoln. Fm' "0 Q - Garner, Elizabeth-Lincoln. Gaston, Russell-Minden. 'F' ' Gatch, Donald-Bayard. 'A Gates, Charles--Tekczrriczh. M -4 Gentry, Richard-Gering. t Gilchrist, Frances-Greeley, Colo. Q . ,. Glebe, Shirley -Western. 1 'Q Gockley, Donald-Grand Island. S ' Q, Q 4 . I ' y- l Goclbey, Esther-Milford. P V f Grail, Charlan-Grand lslcmd " W. Q, Graves, Ioan-Mcflvern, Iowa. Griess, Ierald-Sutton. Grubber, Iohn-Lexington. Grueber, Eugene-Byron. Grundrnan Barbara-Nebraska City. Gustafson Archie-Lincoln. I Harkness, Franklin -Cozctd. S, i 1 Harris, Guy-O'Nei11. gt fl :N X Heise, Herman-Roscxlie. A - i 1' K Herpolsheimer, Sue-Lincoln. J R0be'f-Afk1nSOn- K V ' . Housel, Marilyn-Madison. A 7 Housh, Albert-Brock ' Howard, William-Lincoln. . . 1- Howe, Wesley-Beatrice. . it ' -"5 Wt' V Hulquist, Charles-Wilcox. f R , - 1 fit r. it A. Q va.. . 1 ' .44 tw. 'ii Aw. K .75 '1 .2 A . 4 A - Qmsekkfililw' . Y ,ge Hunkins, Marilyn-Columbus. Hutchings, Donna-Allen. Inbocly, Gerald-Lincoln. Iverson, Lois-Bassett. Iackmcm, Philip-Norfolk. Icmda, Ioan--Dorchester. Iansen, Alice-North Bend. Iewett, Ioyce-Sidney. Iohnson, Richard-Lincoln. lohnson, Donald-Fciirbury. FRESHMEN Iohnson, Ioan-Lincoln. Iolrmson, Ioyce-Tekcrmcrh. Iones, Donald-Auburn. Iones, Iacqueline-Lincoln. Iones, Robert-Crawford. Iuelis, Ioyce-Potter. Kohl, Neva-Big Springs. Kats, Ronald-Lewellen. Keating, Margaret-Pcxliscide. Keniield, Twyla-Big Springs. Kennedy, Ruth-Newman Grove. Kennedy, Stanley-Sidney. Kessler, Arthur-Sutton. Kessler, I ohn-Sutherland. Kiester, Ethel-Geneva. Kilgore, Barbara-Ogcdlcxlcx. Kreps, Burl-Riverton, Wyoming. Kropp, Robert-Eagle. Kuester, Robert-Clarkson. Laughlin, IoAnne-Benkelmcxn. Lawson. Donald-David City. Linlc, Shiela--St. Michael. Lionberger, Eugene-Humboldt. Livgren, Barbara--Clay Center. Lodwig, Ierry-Lincoln. Lorey, Arlene-Lincoln. Lorey, Darlene-Lincoln. Lundeen, Thelma-Minden. McCosh, Ioyce--Gering. McCoy, Danilene-Hctigler. Mclntosh, Marvin-Lincoln. McKinney, Icmet-Lincoln. Mackey, Icxmes-Gloucester, Mass. Magoricm, Mary-Lincoln. Malick, Bonnie-Cozcrd. Marquardt, Victor-Ewing. Marsh, Glenn-Archer. Marsh, Wayne-Archer. Martin, Phyllis-Lexington. Mathers, Robert-Lincoln. Mongel, Dorothy-Lincoln. Merritt, Connie-Altomonte Springs, F loridcz. Metlling, Rose-Tecumseh. Mickels, Wilma-Madrid. Miller, Robert-Falls City. -ZS Q f" P I X f I ll, ' 1 . f 4 - - h Q. 15- . , Q fl i'f?m..1.f: .4 2 1 ., if 'Fw 4:- iv G- an , Q 1 2' 'el' 5. Q-i A - 1 , , S' gf "' z, - :I 2 "4 fX in fl' f 'E , "ti tr E - 2 ,. . i . 1 gg' . lfii 4 S 7, 3 Y-Xl . fi? xl'I.' f as 5' 6 li. . 2 .1 i - f :H . - .,-v I fl Y J. is gut fi . .6 j it .A,, I, . 3 4. I , Q ' "k' t ig ' ,Wei Q L-PL' 1: I ., bw ,rw I Q 3 4 5 3. K 1 O . 7 8 ,lk ,ff V ' , .W ,,,,, ..,.,,,,. F 'X 9 ox ,n 'WT'- ,. 5 . '. ,' 4 - rr- t to R.. l 6:4 . tt NL 4 A A , 5 x 72.19 il. M.: ft , .ms .. ' .. . ' - 'T' ','Q5-75 ,. 4. ' r 6' he "' - 4' ' C 'D Q "Q ,G Mills, Iohn-Sutherland. R E S H M E N Minnerly, Kathleen-Clay Center. Moore, Bob-Clay Center. Moore, Grace-Arapahoe. Moore, Mary--Martell. Moore, Terry--Wood River. Nelson, Edgar-Monroe. Nelson, Ruth-Oakland. Nielsen, Gloria-Bridgeport. Nisley, Alice-Bennet. Norris, Richard-Eagle. Ohs, Dwight-Friend. Olivares, Mario-David. Chiriqui, Panama. Olson, Dolores-St. Edward. Olson, Merle-Ceresco. Pcmgborn, Patsy-Beatrice. Peck. Gayle-Lincoln. Perry, Ioan-Hyannis. Perry, William-Bertrand. Peters, Marjorie--Nebraska City. Peters, Patricia-Roscoe. Peterson, Sandra-Lincoln. Pierce, Max-Lincoln. Portschi, Elizabeth-Herndon, Kansas. Posey, Lorena--Hubbell. Quaiie, Merton-Eustis. Quinn, Dorothy-Gothenburg. Rasmussen, Carroll-Cozad. Rhodes, Roger-Arapahoe. Rice. Icmice-Palmer. Rogers, William-Lewellen. Rosenau. Blanche-Geneva. Rossman, Douglas-Atkinson. Rothwell, Martha-Ashby. Ruby, Shirley-Gibbon. Sage, Martha-Omaha. Sayre, Carolyn-Morrill. Schacht, Ioan-Lincoln. Scherer, Virginia-Stanton. Schuessler, Donald-Grand Island. Schultz, Bilva-Moore-field. Schurr, Virginia-Cozad. Scrimsher, Carol-Talmage. Settell, Norma-Humboldt. Sheary, Melvin-Waverly. FRESHMEN Sheehan, William-Lincoln. Shull, Rogene-Central City. Skerrit, Catherine-Malvern, Iowa. Slama, Chester-Lincoln. Smith, Bernice-Lincoln. Smith, Ioan-Shelby. Stake, Verna--Burchard. Steeves, Paul-Panama. Sterkel, lack--Lincoln. Stetina, Arlene-Fairmont. Stevens, Barbara-Taylor. Stewart, Francis'-Nelson. Stoll, Marvin-Chappell. Stolzenburg, Barbara-Kilgore. Story, Mary-Sidney. Striker, Cecelia-Waverly. Sutton, Donna-Chappell. Thomas, Mariorie-Wauneta. Thompson, Mary-Estancia, New Mex. Tomsen, Willis--Minden. Tucker, William-North Platte. Tussing, Winola-North Platte. Tyler, Phyllis-Lincoln. Unland, Ierrie-Lincoln. Upholi, Ioyce-North Platte. Wachtel, Glen-Lincoln. Waddell, Evelyn-Lincoln. Wadkins, Betty-David City. Wallerstedt, Gerald-Oakland. Wallis, Ruth---Scottsbluff. Waring, Fred-Stanton. Waymire, Raymond--Sterling. Weidler, Marcus-Dawson. Welch, Irene--Lincoln. Wells, Betty-Axtell. West, Erma-Ogallala. Whitmire, Berna-Sidney. Widle, Richard-Genoa. Wiles, Marguerite-Bennet. Williams, Betty-Omaha. Williams, Marjorie--Omaha. Wiltse, Mariorie-Falls City. Wittig, Arnold-Sidney. Yamahiro, Henry-Honolulu, Hawaii. Young, Nancy-Lincoln. 'fn 1' 8 1 tj yu- dsx G 6 , 4 , 1- x 3' A i in A . J' V A' . " , ll' wg ' 'W ti " OL TQ Hu sr. X4 L- -5' . ggi . Qs, v a 1' 3, Q-N l an .dv fn 5, , C' 5 af' Y' Q J Page 69 . K4 s N . , m . .- 3 , 1 I A ,5 A ti I ' , 1, f -M, .df FRESHMEN Young. Paul-Clay Center. Youngson. Carol-Minden. Zink, Dale -Sterling. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Allen, Dollie-Frefnont. Davis Allen-Sharon, Massachusetts. Hadsell. Richard-Lincoln. Bloomgren, Ross--Oxford. Carpenter. Melvin-Lincoln. Gibson. Dorothy-Lincoln. Grell, Millard-Lincoln. Courtney, Wayne-Gothenburg. Gaston, Robert-Minden. Hart, Maynard-Ainsworth. Hewett, Lorraine-Ainsworth. Iohnson. Iacqueline-Lincoln. Boardman. Marlene-Louisville. Bonsor, George-Lincoln. Dingley. Willard-Lincoln. Fry. Richard-Chappell. Frye. Robert-Windsor, Colorado. Ladebeck, Dorothy-Lincoln. SENIORS JUNIORS I ackman. Ruth-Norfolk. Kirsons. Aleksandris-Germany Lee, Gladys-Omaha. Penner, Harold-Hampton. Peregrine, Barbara-Grant. Pickering. Laurence-Shelton. SOPHOMORES FRE SHMAN 4 Kang. Moon--Seoul, Korea. Shields. George--Monrovia, Ind1ana Snider. Wayne--Clearwater. Sorenson. William-Filley. Plourcl. Marvin-Fullerton. Robison. Mylus-Cozad. Sitzman. Rosemary-Lincoln. Thompson, Iohn-Burwell. Touzalin. Rex-Lincoln. Walker, Rex-Lincoln. "f Ml IIN' I ...A .,,. -2ff.W'qy . 1 1 A i i.. Q , Q v ' . , 1 F if ' g u'g'.,'.'f' 1 nr? Q' 5 ,,,,..-. mu i ' r H l 31 , .1 ur. ' l -f-'WF' W I O Y 1 IC c X ' fif.W -,I .- 1- MHJN A-,if-,E-'l:"1wT . 3E,f,i'?E15,iwi".l5Q"'WfE'313'?"3 ' Qw w 'vw was Q15 wi 'A 'W 1HiwA'Li1, : 'fff-ew M ' V Mm fa. pi ggy yy. sEfy5!..',,,,:v9's:Xf', . 5 - u :, M?p:i. ,w,'g .,r14 :v,ia3,'ff F ff ' ' , ,.,,L1,55+:qf :AI ka W -Krug , w --,fy-e,v,':,N-f.M.f, , ff ' .N f , , 4 In X . , , Yi- 5 1 1 , , H , f. 'AX ,'Q.,14"L:' FU? -- ?3.i5w ' w V in ,L OOO WK xx, 5 4 ' dl""5 J ': xr 1 Rim J IN STRUCTICN Future chemists try out their know-how in the chemistry lab. General co-ordination for the entire instruc- tional program is accomplished through the administrative council-including the Chan- cellor, the deans, the registrar, the two person- nel deans, and the divisional chairmen. There are eighteen departments grouped into three 'Lbs' Q ."-53 major fields: the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. Students, with the assistance of Miss Lux, learn many types of handicraft. Dr. Rosentrater imparts knowledge of logic to Girls learn the fundamentals oi basketball and these students in the philosophy department. other sports in physical education classes. Page 72 The Division of the Natural Sciences in- cludes astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, hygiene, industrial arts, mathematics, physical education, and physics. The Division ot the Social Sciences includes business administration, education, geogra- phy, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. The Division ot the Humanities includes art, 1anguages', literature, music, philosophy, re- ligion, and speech. These boys are gaining practical knowledge in welding class. was Q., army. H W W 45.0 Hg ' 'TF N 1 'iff gh ' ii Z, IQIQ . it 1 :ttf 'ff3t,'i?' tif f The biology department prepares students for further professional training in classes such as this one of nurses biology. Students now, teachers of tomorow. These future mathematicians explore the mysteries of calculus. , f,., -ff? 1 QW? ' Page 73 -Q-'iff erm. Nl English literature comes alive in Miss Booth's literature class. The department of education provides preparation for teaching in all grades from the kindergarten through the senior high school. It enables students to fulfill require- ments tor certificates to teach in Nebraska and most other states. Students who plan to teach must plan their college work with the counsel of some staff member in the department. Woodworking gives the students a working knowledge of carpentering. INSTRUCTION The courses in biology are designed to serve three purposes: to furnish a general knowledge of living things to those who are not planning to specialize in biological sci- encesg to provide thorough basic training for those who will pursue graduate studies or enter professional fieldsg to develop for all a broad perspective of the relationship between the biological sciences and human Welfare. - left il t Embryology students delve into the science of reproduction. To understand and compile statistics is the aim of this class. , Page 74 INSTRUCTION The department of English aims to serve three groups ot students: those who have spe- cial interests in literature and composition, those who are turned professionally toward literary science, journalism, the teaching of English, or the ministry, and those who will use the English language primarily as a tool and who need direction for profitable and enjoyable reading. s-qi ik: 'tat-5 Students learn that the taster one goes, the more mistakes one makes, in advanced typing class. While listening attentively to how the British seized a x,,,,, ..,.. Sf...- Psychology students deal with the evaluation oi test scores and its relation to statistics in this course of - psychological statistics. The department oi history aims to help students in establishing bases for fair interpre- tations and sound judgments. Its courses are arranged to meet the needs of two groups of students: those who will enter professions where they will need considerable specializa- tion in history, and those who Wish to study history as a part of the cultural program of a liberal arts training. Future chemists deal with the problems ofthe unknown Cerwin port' Students Smile for lhe photographer in and unknowns under the able eye of a lab assistant. the Flmerican history class. -41: 1 Page 75 6 v I German class offers opportuniti INSTRUCTION The courses in music are ar ranged to provide training for students who desire specializa- tion in the field and for those who Wish to study music as one of the cultural features of their college program. A plan of study may be elected leading to a degree with music as a major or a mino I'. es for those who are interested in other languages. These students lear n the prob- lems in regard to our growing population. Posting in the ledger cmd balancing the book. Such is the life f o an accountant. Page 76 Q.,-has 'X 'Q Auf' E Z 1 xt -.v-. QLMHRON WILDER EVERETT POE Editor Business Manager 19511 The first Nebraska Wesleyan University annual issued in 1896, was entitled the OBO for the Oro- phtlian Literary Society, which produced it. In l9Ul the name was changed to the SUNFLOWER, with various classes taking turns at producing it. The COYOTE was a result of another title change in 1907. lt was published for thirty-tour years until the present title, the PLAINSMAN, was adopted in 1934. A style change in 1935 revealed a magazine type annual, which was released in three issues. The PLAINSMAN magazine was subsequently pro- duced in two issues, one each fall and spring. This is the second year the staff of the PLAINS- MAN has returned to the single issue in an attempt to portray the events ol the year in a more logical and coherent arrangement. f 1-. S' SRM WRKHI Bssistont Editor PL!-tl BEVERLY URBOM Copy Editor Page 79 " XM ROBERT DUNN Layout Editor IAMIE ALLBERRY Photography Editor 1""' or to M ws.- E' I I I I IHMES IHCKMHN Editor ROBERT BUSHNELL Business Manager THE WESLEYA In the early years the WESLEYAN was in reality more a magazine than a newspaper. In i893 it came out monthly and was bound by stiff paper covers in varying hues, thus adding color ,to the news. At the turn of the century it was a semi- monthly, and by the l92O's it had definitely taken on the aspects of a newspaper. During the war years the WESLEYAN was issued as a section of the University Place News. In 1947 it became an independent publication appear- ing weekly. Several notable changes in the typographic style have recently been made, giving it a distinctive and attractive appearance. As a result of these changes the WESLEYAN was rated as a first-class paper in 1948-49. Today the paper serves the college community with the latest campus news. It also provides an opportunity for those interested in journalism to gain knowledge. Page 80 -N.-Q.- ...,,. Page 81 X ti J I' ' In 1. ,Q BETTY SHEETS Lois CI-HRK Co-Hssistant Editor C0-Resistant Ediiltl' Outstanding feature writers and the art editor get together for a chat about that second page in the weekly Wesleyan. Left to right are Wayne Brown, lim Munkres and Keith Hueftle. f SGC. I U , ltd pt Q I Q. J' P ' I4 :- or E f "'+-rr L5 ff, u,. ,,. B..- Wesleyan stall members are, lelt to right, Kenny Rogers, lim Munkres, Warren Bnthony, Delores Meier, Bob Bushnell, Bob Murxkres, Betty Sheets and Lois Clark. Not pictured are Dwain Iones, LaVawn rcmtz, Ioyce ouse PUBLICATIONS Plainsman stall members are pictured below. First row. left to right. are Tom Waring, Beverly Urbom, Iamie Hllberry, Ev Poe, Qi Wilder, Bob Dunn, Ramona Brooks, and Bob Burroughs. Second row: lean Brurikow, Delores Peterson, Rig loosten, Iollnn Gauger, Iohn Harding, LcxVawn Brcntz, and Delores Meier. Third row: Shirley Hampton, Hlice Iansen, Keith Heuftle, Pat Cassel, Denny Logan, Ruth Kennedy, and Genene Brigham. Not pictured are Barbara Botsch and Sam Wakai. B H holder, Doris Fry, Shirley Ladine, Mary Lou Magorian, Ray Neutzmcm, Tom Conway and Tom Waring. ""s fl I , P 1 5 W-1-M-mapa.. s-., hi- A3 'TP ffftg ,. f-13? 4' Page 82 l 1 FACULTY ADVISOR Fred Hess, who acted as faculty adviser to the M student publications at Wesleyan this year, serves the school as Director of Public Relations. He is the key figure in general and sports publicity, and also the alumni program of Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- versity. In recognition of his outstanding achievement in the field of college sports publicity, he was awarded All-America recognition by the Helms Athletic Foundation for the year l949-50. Fred Hess, adviser to Wesleyan's student publications The Wesleyan Handbook is published each fall under the sponsorship of the Y.W.C.H. and the Y.M.C.H, The co-editors this year were Jeannie Stark and Ben Hckert. Stiff, I-V Page 83 id' xg if 5 f . , wgvm. . :mg ., I W. 'Q ,, ,,f.7,r75i,'2G V. ,., , f I 3. 1615 3 " 5'!5'T'MY as v, ,, The opera, "The Bartered Bride," revolved around the Feast-day in a Bohemian village, the day that Kezal, the marriage-broker, chose for the meeting of the Krushina and Micha families. The object of the meeting was to arrange a marriage between Marie and Vashek, the son of a wealthy landowner. Marie, however, loved Ienik, a youth recently em- ployed in the village. After many quarrels and misunderstandings, the two parents are finally con- vinced that Marie and Ienik should marry. The factor that swings them over is brought out in the climax of the opera when it becomes evident that lenik is the long lost son of Micha. The couple receive the blessings of everyone at the final curtain. Right: Ienik, Bill Cooper, and Marie, Iackie Harrison, have a bit of disagreement in one of the scenes ofthe Bartered Bride, I THE BARTE RED BRIDE Principal Comedian - - Left: Ierry Hedges, as Vashek, strikes a po of the few that he uses in The Bartered Bri Page 85 CAST KfUShil'1CI - - Robert Larson Ludmilcl - - Dorothy Lueninghoener MC1Fi9 - - Iackie Harrison MiCl'1C1 - - Iohn Berry Hata - - lean Poyer VCISTIGIC - - lerry Hedges lenik - - - Dick Connell Warner Turner se similar to one de. Hensman, Casselman, Larson, Cooper. Connell, Weidler, Hunter, Hedges. Row Row Row Row fNot VOCAL MUSIC The Plainsman Quartet this year was composed of Robert l-lensman, Richard Casselman, Robert Larson, and William Cooper. This versatile group has furnished many hours of enjoyable listening to their audiences. Richard Connell, Mark Weidler, Robert Hunter, and lerry Hedges, as the Wesleyan Quartet, won the approval of their audiences with their vocal harmony. The Male A Cappela Chorus of Nebraska Wesleyan University under the direction of Professor Leonard Paul- son completed another successful season with a tour throughout central and western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming. The group also featured two Plainsmen quartets along with several vocal soloists. The Chapel Choir under the direction of Professor Oscar Bennett is composed of thirty-three selected students of music. This group furnished the music for the weekly chapel programs, and also presented two concerts during the year. The Girls' Glee Club was composed of twenty-five girls under the direction of Miss Mary l-lolding. The group pre- sented their annual Christmas concert for Wesleyan stu- dents and completed a successful year by making a tour of eastern Nebraska and western lowa and Missouri. The group also included smaller vocal groups and featured soloists. 1: Mark Wcidler, Craig Worrall, Professor Leonard Paulson, Robert Carlson, Robert llunter, Fred Brock 2: Loren Cruise, Gordon Hamilton, Richard Hart, Robert Hensman, Orville Kemlmg, Richard Connell. 3: Lyle Nelson, Iohn Hedges, Ierry Hedges, William Cooper, Paul Young, Guy Harris. 4: William Brasch, Paul Swanson, Merton, Ouaife, Robert Larson, Richard Casselman, Ierry Durochcr. pictured: Marvin Plourd.J Page 86 vs- C7 How Row Row Row l: Helen Davmon Beth FIHOCY Marcxa Iones Betty Corblt O car Bennett Mary Loume Qlls Marzlyn Grossoehmc Jacqueline RClY1lCk 2: Flrlayne Kyes Vnglnla Van Stckle lean Poyer Dorothy Luemnqhoener Iacquellne llarnson Barbara Synder Ioan H'll, Ph ll W th 3: Lille Nglsoqn glvmlle Kemlmg Robert Ilunter Davxd l"van laccompam tj Robert Hensman Rlchard Halt Gerald Hedges, Wlllxam Cooper 4: William Bra ch Iohn Berry Paul Nicholas Rtchard Cas elman Bon Qkcrt Robert Larson Phtllp Iaclcman Paul Swanson Row How Row How Row fs 0' William Beeney, Iames McCoy, Sheila Link, and Martha Clifton were featured as a saxophone quartet during the bands annual tour. The trombone quartet consisted of Mae Hansen, Charles Anderson, Donald Staples, and Ervin Unvert. The majorettes featured at the football games this year INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The drum major and majorettes are featured performers of the Pride of the Plainsman Band. During the past year two of the girls, Miss Allberry and Miss Williams, became members of the Goalpost Club. Membership in this or- ganization is earned by throwing a baton over the goal- post and catching it. The concert band of Nebraska Wesleyan University is one unit of the instrumental program. Throughout the en- tire year, this instrumental program is divided into the marching band for football games, pep band for basket- ball games, and the concert band which takes an annual spring tour throughout the midwest. The l95O tour consisted of sixty two members who traveled fifteen hundred miles. The group presented forty concerts in two weeks time traveling through four states. The instrumental program also included a clarinet quartet, saxophone quartet, trombone quartet, and a horn ensemble. were Erma lean West Beny Williams Betty Auberry Ben Akert successfully completed his first year as drum Beverly Wilder cmd Dorina Sutton ' ' 4 major. He has performed commendably in this position. , Page 88 J. .R 4 0 Q 4 Q Q . 3... Many hours of dancing enjoyment have been furnished to the students of Nebraska Wesleyan by the members of the dance band. The group was in popular demand for dances in the stu- dent union after the basketball games. Ably led by William Hare, the dance band successfully completed its fourth year. FLUTI-:s Marjorie Wiltse Georgiana Yeutter loyce McCosh Rachel Birmingham lane Kotouc Virginia Van Sickle OBOES Don Green Martha Sage BHSSOON Phyllis Wroth CLHRINETS Paul Nicholas Shiela Link Dick Gentry loan Graves Carol Youngson Ramona Mitchell Q 1. . . , . . ., ..., . 'fo n . o -.'.'.'. 3. J' 'a . 0.1.1. . . . . 4.3.1 ... . . .'l Page 89 'J Thelma Lundeen Ioyce Cox Fllice Nisley lohn Berry Lorraine Hewitt Floyd Rassmussen Irene Welch Bob Bruner HLTO CLARINET Glenn Marsh B!-ISS CLHRINET Francie Perry HLTO SHXOPHONES lim McCoy Bill Beeney Ianice Brinkman Ethel Kiester Bob Noyes .9 . . . - .'u'n'0 .' '.'. 1 - 53.1.1-f' - Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Robert Noyes, Iames McCoy, Martha Clifton, William Beeney, Sheila Link. Srthur Bates, Don Qnderson, William Hare, Charles Qnderson, Donald ta es. Welgdon Baker, Warren Turner. NEBRASKA WESLEYAN BAND ROSTER TENOR Sf-IXOPHONES Shirley Meyer Beth Roseneau Vic Fletcher BRRITONE SHXOPHONE Martha Clifton BHSS SHXOPHONE Lois Purdy CORNETS Tom Mihane Don Qnderson Pat Pangborn Vi Erhart Lois Iohnson Iohn Turner Carol Chambers Iohn Hedges '.' --' '.'.'.'. '. . -,-.' 0. . . . I.. ', , . . .A. . n a FLUEGEL HORN Bill Hare Iohn Stone TRUMPETS Bill Perry Bernard Scott HORNS Ivan Miller Marilyn Hunkins Bob Dunn Dick Hulquist Ioe Dapgien Nancy sborne Charles Gates Bruce Deal Ioyce Qchen BHRITONES Hr! Bates Pat Cassel 5:81-Q.:-fjw:'I jf. N :-:-:-: 12:Sig:1:5:f:5:f :fzg Eugene Ericson Wayne Marsh 'Kenneth Cassel 'Merton Quaile TROMBONES Mae Hansen Charles Qnderson Ervin Unvert Dick Koch Iohn Harding 'Merrill Lantz 'Donald Schreiner B855 TROMBONE Donald Staples BRSSES Weldon Baker Paul Obermeyer Gerald lnbody ..-,aww -V -W Don Gatch Leo leambey Wayne Zlomke STRING BBSSES Richard Young Frances Gilcrist BHSS DRUM lvar Lindstrom SNBRE DRUM .Bud Turner Lorena Posey Craig Worre l Marjorie Feary CYMBHLS Betty Williams 'Not in Picture ss. ' 'E+- 'Mums "WVU ,, ' H .51 W- 'M' q...4-af . M " 1 . 0.-Wt.-"' W J" ,. . . 1 , N'9if"'5 srl f "fm1,7Q .WA M, M UAE, - .-s- . f'7"', 4-.,."5'5" 'L x S: , 'N' -in sw,-Y, U ' ,vw .- ,W uhh A ' Wu 'H is - f' gf .,if',,3.l, , Mx M-,, " ,."-ffC31Yf' Q 'F 'V - ' dwiinw The 1949-50 dramatic season at Wesleyan started with Hatcher Hughes' Pulitzer Prize win- ner, Hlllrsenic and Old Lace." Love, insanity and murder were mixed into such a blend of relaxing humor that the play was by far one of the biggest successes of the current season. The Whole plot revolved around the antics of two old maids who seemed to enjoy putting people out of the way just for the love of doing it. The entire action of the play took place in the living room of the Brewster home in Brooklyn. The play was under the direction of Rex Cosler, new addition to the stall ol the speech department. Right: Hbby Brewster and Martha Brewster, Beth Rosenar and Hrlene Stetina in real life, plot further mischief and murder in one scene ol Qrsenic and Old Lace. .x 4 A 7.: ,. 1-437 .. Lia 9.- ARSENIC AND CLD LACE gg ' J' I . Page 91 CAST ANDY Brewster - - - Beth Rosenau The Bev. Dr. Harper - Bob Coon Teddy Brewster - - B111 Hare Officer Brophy - - Brice Moore Officer Klein - - - Dick Hamm Martha Brewster - - Arlene Sfetinq MT- Gibbs - - - Dan Bitner Ionathan Brewster - - Bob Whited Elaine Harper - - - Alice Ann Knisely Mortimer Brewster - - Don Buchholz Otlicer O'Hara - - Gordon Hamilton Dr. Einstein - Bob Kuester Left: Don Buchholz and Hlice Knisely as Mortimer Brew- ster and Elaine Harper pose for the photographer between scene practices. T1 li S. I, Bill Carmody Nora - - Doctor Gaynor Fred Nicholls - Eileen Carmody Stephen Murray Miss Howard Miss Gilpin - Mr. Sloan - Doctor Stanton Doctor Simms Peters - - fl l S CAST The play, "The Straw," under the guest direc- torship of Mr. George Randol, was an intense drama written by that well known playwright, Eugene O'Neill. It was a tragedy about a young girl's fight against tuberculosis, and the play, for the most part, takes place in a sanitoriurn. The straw to which the girl clings as her family and friends drift away was the love of a fellow patient who was an ambitious Writer. The play had an excellent portrayal on the part oi each character and carried the mood of the tragedy right out into the audience. Left: Dale Iarvis and Marilyn Norlin, as Stephen Murray and Eileen Carmody, rehearse a scene, while George- Randol, guest director, looks on. THE STRAW - Iohn Berry Dorothy Quinn - Bob Hunter - Ed Bjorling Marilyn Norlin - Dale Iarvis Martha Clifton Mary Louise Alfs Herman Heise - - Bill Hotz - Darrell Kays - Keith Heuftle Right: Doctor 'Gaynor, Bob Hunter, and Bill Carmody, Iohn Berry, look undisturbed at some faraway object as they come to grips over the moving of Eileen to the sanatorium. mum, , ,, X . L" Q 1 Page 92 Wesleyan's third play of the year, "The Old Maid," with Carolyn Nelson in the title role as Chatty, sketched the character of an old maid, not the situation. The characters Were so com- plex, so human. Delia, in real life Betty Corbit, co-starred with Chatty and provided the con- sistent factor that was so necessary to heighten the suspense. Chatty was motivated by love and hate, Delia responds with great pity and tender- ness which later turns to selfishness. Right: The romantic side to The Old Maid is provided by Tina, Ruth Lenhart, and Lanning Halsey, portrayed by lack Sterkel. N. X THE CLD IVIAID Page 93 CAST Delia Lovell - - Betty Corbit Charlotte Lovell Carolyn Nelson Dr. Lanskell - - Bob tones MTS- Mi1'1Q0lf - Ieane Brillhart Iames Ralston Bob Whited loseph Ralston - Bill Wiltse Lanning Halsey - jack Sterkel lohn Halsey - - Fred Beick Delia Halsey Nfmcy young Tina - - Ruth Lenhart NCTC ---- - Edna Parks Mrs. Iennie Meade - - Alice Deissler Left: Carolyn Nelson poses delightfully for the photog- rapher. She is dressed as Chatty, complete with the new dress. Father Moynihan Michael Saunders Mrs. Deazy - - Sister Mary - Shirley - Miss Stearns - May Delaney - Harry - - IO ---- Owen Parkside Ienny - - - Mr. Parkside - -rl., .V 1.- f' K-tv The play, "Ienny Kissed Me," was a delightful comedy centered around the life of a parish priest and his community. Father Moynihan, the priest, is dictated to by his housekeeper, by the high school girls for whom he attempts to serve as a fashion authority, and last and most of all, by Ienny. The entire authority of the Catholic church failed to make a St. Genevieve out of Ienny. The play preaches no preachment, crusades in no cause, save that of Daniel Cupid's. Leit: Father Moynihan, played by Phil Iackman, looks up from his pipe tor a moment to speak a piece of advice to Ienny. JENNY KISSED IVIE CAST Phil Iackman - Tom Keating - Helen Davison - Gladys Lee Sandra Peterson - Sara Harris - Ioyce Crawford - Ioan Ianda - Virginia Schurr - - Wes Howe Ioyce Householder - - Bob Munn Right: Ienny, in real life Ioyce Householder, poses an intriguing question to Michael Sanders, played by Tom Keating. Page 94 15 ,, f Xwfff 'va ,f I fr 45,51 w .cf',fC' 4' Cgjj 1 Ls- ' I V, 156,17 A I iAi'L41?7f' fvfiafsvff 1 ff, Bob Whited Ioyce Crawiord 1 000 LUC4' X 0 Page 95 Ruth Lenhart Ken White Carolyn Nelson, a junior from Falls City, is a veteran of two years with the Road Show. Both Ioyce Crawford, a junior from Beatrice, and Ken White, a senior from Plattsmouth, have been with the Road Show for a year. Newcomers this year are Betty Corbit, junior from Ches- ter, Ruth Lenhart, sophomore from Palisade, Dale Iarvis, sophomore from Atkinsong Dwight Smith, sophomore from Falls City: and Bob Whited, sophomore from Norfolk. RCAD SHCW The Church show for this year was the "Golden Bough". The title is taken from Virgil's Aeneid. He has Aeneas lured into the Wood of Diane in which is the Golden Bough. It serves as a passport with which he can even get to the underworld and back in safety. For our modern 'golden bough' we use the H-bomb, automobiles, and the American dollar. With these we are deluded into thinking there is no liberty we can't take and avoid the consequence. For the high schools the Road Tour takes a revelation of our "buck-passin' ways". The Black Yak used to be an elected office of a man who could carry the sins of the community. li he lived through the year with all the sins on his shoulders, out of courtesy, the-gentleman was reelected. In song and story, with humor and drama we take the message of honest responsibility to the Nebraska and Wyoming high schools. Betty Corbit Dale Iarvis .Nil . V AJ ' I Carolyn Nelson Dwight Smith .lg .1 'Q :yi E ,J sara 51, Q Q I: U90 'Q 3, Q. U?" Q r ' P -'B s --.x '1 "1 5 :P ' Q ' -fa I X ifzgj 5' v ::"ff'4 .,. fm 11 vw' L ,, , , 3 4 N 1 2 B v 5 ' 4 xg ' A 3 , ., ' F x 4 W ' A f 'I Y v, , f E' H Q . Q K W. yi 5' K 5 I' - Q A Q Q Q 4' Ju Q Q up v U? ' 'E I 'hw , w. f- W' ' f 2, ' f' , 1, . as A . 4 ww N I :xy F :V ,. ., V It l ,Z - ir 9 R? 1 ' X , ,fin H " .f- A 'M ,g'f4'p . xx K. ,, " 5 Q G ' ' 1 P "' 4- xr ,F ., q, . -ig Y Q ,F is H, , j , gb 4: 4 5:2 V 5- .-f,. mix 5 gy wi. l ,. Wig WZ, A f A ' ff N Q . A Q ig ..:1 , '. Q U n ,I 1 ,Wi W x, Y' 5 -W is A A Www., R A 5 ,Wax 'AW' 5 t .., T? fl 7 1 if if? ' ff Q af .' fb ' ' Nff ,, ,Q y V ., . W qs i if A .. tv 5 V 8 I 3 un J, M G , ', i A u WY 'NA , -EC A , W , 1 ,Pk Q 'P ag ' k - X , H Q f . P 1 W 'Y' Q ' Q-',"'4 1 Q ' Q if XY N si, . ' " L W i 4 . 'ff 4. D b f lk 0 so -A. f N, if ' 0 ., x i V' 5 J 1'-gl .id " .QW 1- gf + 'J 'W ' , Q x ? K , Y 4 , . ' A : +R QA 0 fi" Q? H5 -+ ,Q 4' ' , gf' ' F' f W I -glw ,,?3. 1 6 ,, Y -V: X. iw? ' -R N ' , I K fl , I 3 B 1 Q f 9 Qi: "Y 5 A H Z 'X' Q Y I' ' ' 4 P " V 36 . if 5' 'f 'if' w 'W , L' -'qu a Y' R a .- ' " -551' ' .r A 'Swlff j' x , FOOTBALL ln his fourth year as Wesleyan's head coach, "Bus" Knight has a record of 24 wins, 10 losses and 4 ties. In 329 games played since 1896, the Yellow and Brown have won 168, lost 130, and tied 31. Other statistics: Wesleyan-105 first downs, Opponents-74, Wesleyan-total yards gained, 2,3705 Opponents-l,735. PETERSON. PRICE. KNIGHT Coaches 4 f 9' Page 99 .4 will 1 K, i-4 ,S Z7 J" GEORGE "BUS" KNIGHT Director oi Hthletics THE RECORD 4 WINS, 5 LOSSES Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Omaha York Wayne Kearney Midland Peru Doane Chadron Hastings T Q gc 0 J? 3 1 It na 'V if-"' 'ILL .f '. ' 0 43, 5:2 'thu' ti g. t 1 ritz.. - sv- A 5, . ' P? I X I NN ,, ,. I . ix! 'sb' .K 1 X -. C .- t X 'N 1 I 1 N 1' 1 f X -A 'L.N Y x X an 'lfl .- ei: if NLE-'J 4 0 en R 5 9 . S 3 HW my I K ff Bob Becker v' 2 Q Howard DuBois Russ Gaston .sr- 5 'Ci- S . A oA 1 1 Bob Gentry fc P . B t f W' , N if 4 A ." . x ' D Cal Bones Rl Calvert Iohnl Calvert Wayne Cash Darrell Grell ,pcs ,if g..., . Ne- i 'r . LET For the first time since 1941, the Plainsmen lost more games than they won. They gained an even 4-4 split in the Nebraska College Confesence, but a 13-6 loss to Omaha U. in the sea- son's opener put them on the red side of the ledger. A squad of nearly 70 hopefuls including 27 returning letter- men reported to l-lead Coach "Bus" Knight for early drills. A 40 man varsity unit was maintained. Injuries to key performers at crucial times definitely slowed the Plainsmen. A great Wayne crew who captured the NCC crown and had an undefeated season put a dent in Wesleyan hopes for the title by edging the Methodists, 20-13, in their second conference joust. Previously, a weak York eleven was trampled by Wesleyan, 34-0, Del Miller accounting personally for three T.D.'s. The Plainsmen bounced back on a three game winning streak, nipping Kearney 14-13, smashing Midland 43-7, and edging Peru 12-6. But the roof fell in when Doane took the traditional homecoming tussle by a narrow 20-14 margin. Chadron and Hastings were victorious in the final two con- tests, the former in a 13-7 thriller, the second by a 6-0 count. Don Harrington Nu-Q N 'Qu if V it ' '- , . 1' V. "' i ' f""N l "ff Vs' E ,If X Don Hull Hlden Iohnson tie' +29-9-f 3.24:--""'5T9"f T fi l . I , if e f M ,4 . 1 1 Iohn Iohnston Max Kellough Bob Ketterer Bruce Link Mark Martin RIVIEN Nebraska Wesleyan need not take a back seat to any college in the state in the matter of facilities for maintenance of a program of intercollegiate athletics. Athletic facilities include the beautiful O. N. Magee stadium, gymnasium, an eight lane standard track with 220 yard straightaway, practice football field, tennis courts, and an intramural field. The stadium seats five thousand and houses dressing rooms, showers and offices. Plans are being formulated for the construction of a new gymnasium to replace the present inadequate structure. The board of trustees has sanc- tioned solicitation of funds for such a building which is proposed to include complete Physical Education facilities, a "W" club headquarters, and athletic offices. At the present time a divisional major in physical education is being offered. However, administrative sources agree that when physical education facilities are enlarged and modernized, a physical education major will be offered. Wesleyan is a member of the Nebraska College Athletic Conference which includes the leading colleges in Nebraska. Besides the four varsity sports, football, basketball, track, and baseball, which is being offered for the first time this year, a comprehensive intramural program is maintained. This includes competition in volleyball, touch football, basketball, softball, track, table tennis and archery. Dick Meyer Del Miller X R -12, 84 'I , ,. X' Tom Mihane Gene Nelson Dick Nesmiih Paul Obermeyer Ray Owen 9 H, , A Ag' UMW' ' . f it T t f' ,, ' , f 1' I" 'ff It '- .. V ' W 3.1 lg T u Q' i if, Q0 f it 'A it no T - 5' U s ' W' .fl .Vf, 'V if X 1- l :gi l ivuw 5- f y Q"'1b. . iv V if e 1 u- f : A nv' 5 I X J 1 l is 'Q Ev Poe Milt Schmidt Cliff Shcxlfer Bill Slaughter 'Q' 'V' Cliff Squires Bdb Starkel Q ,-. LETTERIVIEN Rough and ready Cliff Squires was an outstand- ing performer, both on offense and defense. The passing ot Mark Martin and Ken White, and the receiving of Del Miller, Bob Ketterer, and Aldy Iohnson also sparkled. Ev Poe, the "human dyna- mo," boasted a remarkably high average as the team's punter. Then there 'Was the highly com- mendable but little publicized work of such husky linernen as Dick Meyer, Tom Mihane, Al Calvert, Iohn Iohnston, Bill Slaughter and Dick Nesmith, just to mention a few. Lou Walker Rollie Weigers Kenny White Dick Widle Q 'if ,. 7.3 11.4 X 4' , , ,. ' X' t. 'lil 'ff I. "T an 1 p ., 6 ,I .r ...f ,L N. - ' , .L , sf. gr - 4 'X K J, i . is-lb i C -.,- I - , if 'J Z - M, .,4. V :ff LY, Page 1 O2 'Y A S.. .. 'gill ru., MM vig 5 llwmm ,, J . , ' r . I' Lil' -5 iff , .4 . V' 4, .'K" .h ' jyykx A 5 KJ, , , 1. ,t, 4,-Uv, I, txt Qu ' ,- , g. ,Q f 'Q Qg",QL', 2 ,'.,'.3 ' - .. f X 'L ,. -' '04,'r' , l , , . .Mei-,,,,l X Q , jgrffgf 4. j,,.,,,,,, yy., . 1' NA, Q-n,f.,gx.V V qi, M., Y - M,h4.rAx- L if fa-qv, -:ea --:ft . ., tl 1 te. JN'-59? .,4'.'-.t'9f1L. :N 4 . -xi-A -..-ur v A :E- For the third year, Cliff Squires received Little The Bill Carriker trophy was this year presented Fill-Flmerican recognition, Ptlthough he moved to the to Tom Ernel, Hastings guard, for being outstanding fullback slot this year, he was listed as center for linesman of the conference. This trophy was donated his tremendous line-backing ability. Doane college by the Lincoln businessmen in honor of Bill Carriker, athletes honored Cliff at a banquet. former Wesleyan linesman. Seventeen lettermen graduate this year, leaving many shoes to be filled next year. Pill told, 34 letters were awarded l Page 103 Players receive last minuie instruc- tions. In his individual, one-hand manner, Cliff Squires carries the ball around the end for those needed extra yards. In the Chadron-Wesleyan game Ev Poe breaks away for 20 yards around right end. Page 104 "il . Li- n - . . 5. m as M """lf'm .. -f f,,a 3 , ,., , , 41, ,, 1. , . "Ax U M4,fkd.Q,'1fyv-9 "."w+'2.1xm,wf ,Hi 54115 5111 f Nr' :-'f' :f1'w':1w,fQr05'f'-x, ff-my , w w CH. f X , F wg' fs- we '2u'f'Fwl?l'Wi:zg if :mrb35,a3? qgfv fsaf-pai I-Jgu, 1- 72195 ' ' ' 2 Q 'SMA-w.: vw 24' QW " W' W 3 4 P,.u:aQ'1f:AQgw,T,g 4 '-1 4.. ,ip,fig."-4, '-:fini ' 1' VL Q, , .WN'fxf'fi.41A1 w, mgkfwze lg, " Q ,, ia- ,QQ , ,L ,V 5: zgqw-,m ' ig ,fy www. Hg Qc, . ,jgfcg , A Miz , , ' --f, , 5,--f, 1, gy ,WW w WgvGs:i:,,U',,9,3W,,- fm-f :IA ' 'hx 1' ,, i wa LGQKPQ b 4 ' I ' K 1, r 1' 1 , 'R 5 ki M, W H . ' fQ7,:g,j,.,Q I' jjlwvfiyzf fQff':L,'AfY' J .1 1 1: f.'w,g54' Ms , jf ' ' L' t ?w:I3,3v'ffw,W9f,gl,mf'51fZi1?Wxnfi w1f1l13XM.L:Snf,ln, -4.1. . . 11? 'fxfi'5F?'5:??r4Q'fiPXJi7-73?4'5"' . ' I ,Q ' " fig ME " "gws,'41LqHLU,-, g , I WW' ' 'I' , maxi " 4 ' ' f' ,lgfw,v2,-"'!tQN' ' 'W ' ' gy , , . fm. f - LW, - I '21',,.f. , OO 5 A -Q T nv' ..,- V -,remand I M! ,, rd .11 5 ,g,,-'?T"..Lm,'f'1"f!i:f5 '- M .A M QV ' V - 1 wa, + ' 1 V Aint. 1 6 hd, gm, 'Q ' nf, M 1' F - sv kai ,le ' as ' ,-. sua ' my . .,A K, ,.,k , ' :H ' ff ' A ' vm '.wfi?s:MiQ?,' KM-' t ' K eff: ' ' aff ff., wk! 55 , W gh. i:,-w"'M' gx 'T' x .mmm MN """"f' L .3-5" . a..w.m A W S M ,,,H.f, 5 ,, L ,muon ' wl. BASKETBALL After winning 9 out of the first 10 games in a blazing start, the Plainsmen faltered near the end of the season and lost 4 of the last 5 games. The season's record of 17 wins and 8 losses was good enough to earn, for the second con- secutive year, a direct bid to the National A.A.U. Tourna- ment in Denver. Wesleyan owned at least one victory over every team in the N.C.C. except the champion Peru Bobcats and third place Chadron. Both Peru and Chadron were forced into extra periods to conquer the battling Plainsmen. The Methodists lost the three-overtime Chadron game although they piled up their highest total of the season, 84-83. On the other hand, the lowest total points produced a victory over Eastern New Mexico, 37-36. The Plainsmen collected 1,461 points over the 25 game route for a 58.4 average. Left: Irv Peterson, coach. Below: Varsity squad, Coaches Peterson and Knight, Manager Hanna. Delbert Miller, unanimously selected as the outstanding player in the NCC., set some scoring records that are likely to stand for some time. The speedy forward smashed the old N.CC. standard of 331 points by totalling 346 in 16 con- ference games. Miller also rang up 570 tallies to establish a new school mark for any season. Throughout the season, the four year letterman ranked high in the nation in individ- ual scoring, according to statistics released by the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball. - Page 106 Page 107 Iohn Iohnsion Mark Martin Bob Ketierer ......-.- ..........,... ., ., Mel Sheary Del Miller Clii! Squires Bob Gentry Bob Fitch FINAL N.C.C. STANDINGS Team Peru Hastings Chadron Wesleyan Kearney Doane Wayne Midland York Won Lost 15 1 12 4 10 6 9 7 7 9 7 9 7 9 3 13 2 14 x xx Bob Gaston Burl Kreps Lee Morgan Tom Waring Rollie Wiegers Wesleyan 53 - - Wesleyan 53 - - Wesleyan 46 - - Wesleyan 73 - - Wesleyan 37 - - Wesleyan 54 - - Wesleyan 50 - - Wesleyan 61 - Wesleyan 58 - - Wesleyan 66 - - Wesleyan 62 - - Wesleyan 49 - - Wesleyan 59 - - Wesleyan 58 - - Wesleyan 50 - - Wesleyan 63 - - Wesleyan 49 - - Wesleyan 54 - - Wesleyan 71 - Wesleyan 63 - - Wesleyan 60 - Wesleyan B3 - Wesleyan 68 - Wesleyan 75 - - Wesleyan 46 - - - Wartburg Cla.l College - Central lMo.J College - Westmar lla.l - - - - Colorado College - - - EasiermNew Mexico - - Wesimar Cla.l College - Buena Vista Qlaj - - - Omaha University - - - Midland ------ - Wayne ------ - Kearney - - - - - - Hastings ------ - Peru Covertimel - - - - Kearney ------ - Doane - - - - - - Hastings ------ - Midland ------ - Omaha University - - - Doane ------ - York ------- - Wayne ------ - Chaclron C3 overtimesl - Chadron ------ - York - - - - - Peru ------- NHTIONHL B.H.U. TOURNHMENT, DENVER Wesleyan 73 - - Wesleyan 55 - - - - - - - Colorado College - - - Flllen-Bladley, Milw'kee ....,.. 46 S3 38 57 36 42 46 42 34 50 57 55 68 45 52 49 45 44 49 34 62 84 73 67 59 59 62 Page 108 Mller nets one of his Versatile Del 1 ' the Wes- k shot-' during famous for e s leycm-Hastings game. Page 109 . :Bl Q Mel Sheclry and on unidentified Peru hoopster tied it up While Miller tczkes oz snobbish outlook on the whole situation. ther con- Wortburg players seem ro ' uses his pivot lused as Cliff Squires shot to odvcmtcxge. el ,ff- TRACK Only eight lettermen reported for the 1950 track squad at Nebraska Wesleyan. They were Charlie Harrison, lack Cudaback, and Gil Hill in the middle distances, weight men Bob Ketterer and Cliff Squires, pole vaulter Bob Allen, broad jumper Iohn Turnbull, and dash man Del Miller. Coach Bus Knight was not very optimistic about the outlook. This assignment was Knight's last before leaving the coaching duties at Wesleyan. A fine young crop of underclassmen was capable of producing surprises, however. Per- formers showing early promise included Burl Kreps, half mile, Bill Rogers, hurdles, Boyd Mo- line, half mile, Doug Rossman, mile and half mile, Ed Bjorling, 440 yard dash, and Herman Heise, discus. Dean Burham, newcomer from Lincoln, lets go the discus with a mighty heave in pre- vacation workouts. V Ed Bjorling-passes the baton to Don Iohnson in cr practice relay. Both freshmen showed great promise in pre-season training. x Page 110 Q April April April April May May May May Page 11I FIELD 1950 SCHEDULE 8 Sioux City Relays 12 Doane - Midland - Wesleyan at Doane 14 Dana - Concordia - Wesleyan at Wesleyan 25 York at York 2 Omaha-York-Wesleyan at Wes- leyan 5 Peru Invitational at Peru 9 Doane Relays at Doane 19-20 NCC Meet at Kearney x tfffl ik W' QQ, Ffeshm . an Sig Hon fo, n Kenned CI p . Y lO015 . ractice start in thesshup in prepqm ort dash - Veterans Dick Hanna, Iack Cuda- back, and Boyd Moline run a short 880 to see how the legs' leel. Bill Rogers and Ierry Eastin clear the high sticks for the camera man. Batteries for Wesleyan's first year in- cluded fbacl: :owl catcher Mel Sheary, pitchers Doyle Hansen, Bill Sorrenson, and Bob Kropp, and catcher Curly Wes- ton. Front row includes Ira Pimm, Dale Zink, and Archie Gustafson. Q BASEBALL For the first time in more than twelve years, Nebraska Wesleyan fielded a 'baseball team. The hard ball sport was brought back on an ex- perimental basis largely through the efforts of Coach lrv Peterson. A tremendous squad of almost 90 hopefuls reported for initial workouts. Plans called for a 20 man varsity squad, and a "B" squad for the overflow. There were several promising pros- pects with a background of American Legion and town team experience. Afternoon games are scheduled for the new, University Place diamond. Outfield candidates wait in line for some practice at fly-catching. Picture at right shows a few of the 40 ocld candidates for the garden positions. Infield candidates were Cback row! Burl Kreps, Wayne Cash, Bob Gaston, Dick Iohnson, Hank Meyer, Ray Owens. Second row: Denny Logan, Iim Runyan, Irv Weston, Lowell Conkel, Bob Carlson and Coach Irv Peterson. First row: Cliff Squires, Mark Martin, lim Wickstrom, Roger Fosbender, and Rollie Wiegers, . xx ,4 X rl' Page 112 x X . ' 'Q--. ,vu , Q Wvx-. - ,X . N , 5 , 1 , I A 1. 1 ,L imma ww, ff. .nf 4132, ,,, fd I 4 1. 1 . 31 3,421-1 1 'B W 1 'I "M-'um ', ,-wtf? ww' ' 7 V , - r ' 2 .' 'YETW' ' .. 'tblwt Al Iewett, director of men's intramurals, checked the clock and score keeper in the gym in preparation of the forth-coming intramural basketball season. MENS The men's intramural system, with the revised point system in effect, took on the appearance of a more effective sports program for non-varsity sports men. The sports were divided into three groups, the first major sports, the second minor sports, and the third individual sports. The major sports were touch football, basketball, volleyball, and softball. The minor sports were team golf, tennis, badminton. Also the track meet and turkey race were included in this category. The third group had in it such sports as basketball free throw contest, golf medal play, table tennis singles and doubles. That old pill was slapped hard for a spike during a hot intramural volleyball game. Six men were allowed to a team, three in the front court and three in the back court. The Theta Chi football team lined up for a picture while two other members of the championship team look on to the goings-on. Team members, left to right: Virgil Condon, Dennis lcogan, Rod Elson, Bill Heller, Harold Edgar, Carl Sasse, Don Bloom, Ierry Draucker, Iim Wickstrom, Oscar Weidler and Henry Haye. Page 114 IN TRAIVIURALS The champions were many and varied this year, each group playing on equal terms with other teams. Football champs were the Theta Chis. Bas- ketball honors Went to the men from the Crescent house. The Phi Taus won the fall cross-country Turkey Race and the Basketball Free Throw Contest. The Independent teams, although they didn't Win any tirst places, were very active this year, and placed second several times. The spring sports included track, softball, and volleyball. Fake and Finesse were the key words in the table tennis doubles tournament, held in the student union in the early spring. The winners hold up the stakes for the crowd to see right alter they finished running the cross-country Turkey Race, Left to right are Boyd Moline, Ed Bjorling and Doug Ross- man. The Crescent football team takes time out after the season is over to pose lor the stall photographer Left to right: Harris Holle, lim Porter, Doyle Hansen, Gil l-lill, Iohn Calvert, HI Calvert Don Poulson and Dale Hohnstein. Page 115 'lqmlq Qin ,S xt f i , ,H f . 'X-' "Mike" Buie, our Intramural Director, plans out the sched- ule for the season. WOMENS Under the organization and supervision ot our Physical Education director, Miss Buie, Intramurals grew rapidly at Nebraska Wesleyan this year and Intramural champions were chosen in three major and three minor sports. The Phi Mu Sorority were Basketball champions and the Barbs, the Volleyball champions. Phi Mus were also Winners of both the singles and doubles table tennis tournaments. Badminton tournaments were played in March and the softball in April and May. Ready for a game of doubles. Badminton is a new sport in- included in the Intramural program this year. PHI MU SORORITY BRSKETBHLL CHAMPIONS Left to right. Shirley Ladine, LaVawn Branz, Jane Goth, Ramona Brooks, Beverly Wilder, Miriam Eckles. Kneeling, Delores Peterson. Page 116 INTRAMURALS Officiating for these tournaments Was done by the officiating class composed of girls majoring and minor- ing in physical education. Each major sport champion receives a plaque and the organization with the most points at the end of the season is awarded the Girls Intramural trophy. Checking out softball equipment for the season at hand. Lk Martie Clifton, Ioyce Crawford, and Roberta Embree H tense moment in an exciting table discover it takes good form and skill to be an expert. tennis match. BRRBS VOLLEYBALL CHI-IMPIONS lov l: Rlice Nisely, Carol Fischer, Theoma Damm, Betty Manley. Ioan Ianda. Bow 2: Nancy Osborne, Barbara Nelson, Mary Story, Marcia Duey. Page 117 -. Q I1 q,'pA r ,, ix ni l .. ,Q 5-, if 'Q-b uv . W -ww-'K' 1 Q , H 'Q-A . Q --- , ' . -.,. f ' N 71-+.5'4.' 'N-a. ,H W' - W him gk sv t a . V ,J l .L '3 ' . ' W. ' . 5 X U lv, . 4 ,tif R N ks' bfivr - . 47' ' -5 5 M ffxv 1 S . 1' 3 N 1 1 X U Q ' Y Q -ff , X' . ' O f 1 ., ' a 1,4' .vs va S , O Q' .QJE . 6 Y -'x . 65' 3 . fs A 1 6 X ,Q +6 4 -' . Y f .. f Q I S 1 ,,V .! ,va fUWl'H"1 7 f -'CS7 K x., VU J-PA .K N... 4f+-if ,. wr 1 PHI KBPPB PHI How l: Miss Snow, Miss Lux, Miss Booth, Miss Lenlest, Shirley Hampton, and Miss Corns. llow 2: Roberto Iackman, Miss Slonecker, Mr. Bartley, Dr. Roseritrater, Dean Goss, Dr, Iensen, and Dorothy Blough. Row 3: Dr, Callen, Don Marsh, Iohn Lux, Don Lorensen, Warren Urbom, Bill Ericson and Dr. Barringer. HONORARIES WHO'S WHO How l: Bob Bushnell, Dorothy Blough, Hudrey Schultz, Roberta Iackman, and Ev Pos. How 2: Warren Urbom, Lee Gartrell, Bill Carriker, and Don Marsh. ',.4 V ,H fidnfgffl Q ,-3:?WT". ---4.-. s... Page 120 Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor society dedicated to the unity of democracy of education and open to honor students from all departments of American Universities and Colleges. The students selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities are chosen for scholarship, personality, ability, and participation in campus activities. To be chosen as a member of Blue Key is one of the greatest honors that any Wes- leyan man can be given. The tapping of new members, chosen from those who have completed two years of college work, by a unanimous vote of the retiring members, is one of the events of the May Pete. Leadership, scholarship, and service are the requirements for membership in Cardi- nal Key, national honorary for junior and senior women. Cardinal Key is also respon- sible for the delivery of sorority bids to new preferences. HONORARIES BLUE KEY Row l: Don Marsh, Bob Bushnell, Ev Poe, Warren Urbom, Sam Wakai Row 2: Lee Gartrell, Bill Hare, Dr. Barringer, Bruce Link, Bill Carriker Row 3: Dick Connell, Iim Iackman, Bruce Deal, Iohn Lux. CHRDINBL KEY Row I: Mary Evelyn Godbey, Ethel Lux, Milly Hill, Mary Louise Pills, Roberta Iackman, Shirley Hampton. Row 2: Dorothy Blough, Martha Clifton, Ioyce Crawlord, Betty Corbitt, Pludrey Schultz, Shirley Daft. Page 121 in 'rl 'ln' tif 17 ' 'rv' '-6-0 ' 3' -'4' '-3 ,J 'mn' YI 17 -onw- PI GHMMH MU Row 1: Martha Clilton, Mae Hansen, Dr. Callen, Dr. Barringer, Dean Lanning, Ethel Kueck, Miss Corns. Row 2: Dorothy Blough, Shirley Hampton, Pllice Hoskin, Mr. Bartley, Dr. Rosentrater, Bob Stoddard, Roberta Iackman, Iohn Lux, Ethel Lux. How 3: Don Marsh, Ev Poe, Warren Urbom, Lowen Kruse, Bill Hare, Don Lorensen, Qllred Haldeen, Bob Cole, Bob Bushnell. HONORARIES PSI CHI How 1: Mr. Hamilton, Bill Hare, Dean Deal, Shirley Hampton. Row 2: Hlice Deissler, Don Bliss, Ben Hkert, Lois Clark, Ethel Kucck. Row 3: Boy Clark, Bob Noyes, Paul Leuenberger, lim Knisely, Henry Zoeller. ev ,Qt 5' ' vi-4 53. ' 'sr " . 'T if N-gf Q y B 6, - mr pc" 1,3 . ji 3 't 'Ml r TJ mi Page 122 Pi Gamma Mu selects its mem- bership trom students interested in social sciences, and was established to promote and further the study of social problems through its various programs and meetings. Psi Chi is a national honorary psychology fraternity whose pur- pose it is to advance the science ot psychology and to encourage, stim- ulate, and maintain scholarship ot the individual members in all aca- demic fields, particularly in psy- chology. Sigma Pi Sigma is a national physics honorary which requires high scholarship in physics, mathe- matics, and chemistry for admit- tance. Monthly meetings stimulate knowledge of the application ot medicine in the Nu-Med society. At the traditional spring banquet a gold key is presented to the out- standing pre-med freshman. E1 SIGMB PI SIGMH Row I: Mr. I-lbramson, Dr. Iensen, Ivar Linclstrom, Dean Goss. How 2: Bill Volegstmg, ldqk Culaback, Dick Connell. Row 3: Qrt Harvey, Leonard Bird, Darwin Clutter. HONORARIES NU MED I Qi Row l: Kenneth Mclfibben, Dr. Shivley, Edith Olson, Lois Iverson, Ioan Crosslield. How 2: Qlton Knosp, Henry Haye, Carl Saase, Paul Young, Virgil Condon, Elton Weston. Row 3: Lloyd Carlson, Wayne Marsh, Wayne Zlomke, lack Gruber, Harold Most, Victor Marquardt. 41 ... kj 'vt Page 123 A hi fi., a ,Ii ,, I 5.4e."?'L' ' . D '51 Wg' 4, PI KI-IPPH DELTR law 1: Warren Urbom, Marjorie Williams, I-ludrey Schultz, Barbara Botsch, Dean Lanning. Raw 2: Bob Bushnell, Ward White, Paul Ess, Milton Krogh, Bill Parker. HONORARIES Wesleyan's top teams, Warren Urbom, Dean Lan- ning, Milton Krogh, and Paul Ess, under the able leadership of Professor Murrish, work on their cases. V, - Two more oi Wesleyan's teams work industriously. Dick Nesmith, Ward White, Marjorie Williams, and Barbara Botsch prepare to go to the Pi Kappa Delta Provincial tournament. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, is open to all individuals who have participated in a speci- tied number oi inter-collegiate debates and ora- torical contests. Nebraska Wesleyan has a chapter that ranks at the top oi forensic circles in this area of the nation. Promotion of forensic interests and ability is the primary objective of the organization. Page 124 ta THETH RLPHH PHI Row l: Fludrey Schultz, Betty Corbitt, "Doc" Miller, Dick Nesmith, Mary Fllfs, Dick Hart. Row 2: Dorothy Blough, Rlice Deissler, Carolyn Nelson, le-anne Brillhart, Ramona Brooks, Barbara Botsch, Shirley Hampton, Edna Parks. low 3: Iayce Crawlord, Don Marsh, Bruce Link, Don Buchholz, Kenny White, Martha Clifton. HONORARIES The busy THP officers take time out to smile for the photographer. The TRP members have time for fun as well as business at one of their meetings. Page 125 0 K ..- Theta Alpha Phi Theta Alpha Phi, national dramatic honorary, sponsors the Plainsrnan Player organization and is in charge oi all Wesleyan dramatics. An estab- lished point record showing proficiency in dramatic art is a basis ot Theta Phi election. Highlights of the season have been the annual road show tour, the opening production of "Arsenic and Old Lace," in October, "The Straw," in Novem- ber, "The Old Maid," in February, and the comedy "Jenny Kissed Me," in late March. Cogs This lunior Honorary has as its purpose to acquaint prospective students with all phases of college life at Wesleyan and to help the incoming freshman orientate himself. Members are elected in the spring on the basis of leadership, ability, personality, satisfactory scholastic standing and participation in extracurricular activities. The organization is called COGS, standing for campus orientation group. HONCRARIES Upper left-Mr. Underhill, COG sponsor, maps out a trip for the group. Three members discuss the possibilities of securing students from towns in Nebraska. Row l: Ev Poe, Dorris Thomas, Beth Newsham, Dorothy Blough. Row 2: Bob Bushnell, Lee Gartrell, Gaylen Dock, Warren Urbom v' '...J 'l Page 126 Tau Beta Sigma-Kappa Kappa Psi Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi are honorary national band sorority and fraternity respectively. Both are newly organized on the Wesleyan Campus. Membership is open only to upperclass- men who have one year with Wesleyan Band, and have earned the required num- ber of points for election to membership. KAPPA KA PPA PSI Row 1: Bernard Scott, Bill Hare, Flrt Bates fPresidentl, Werner Hoffman, Paul Nicholas. Row 2: Bob Noyes, Weldon Baker, Iohn Harding, Ivan Miller, Warren Turner. Row 3: Joe Dappen, lim McCoy, Don Staples, Tom Mihane, Bob Dunn. HONORARIES Row 1: Francie Perry, Fllice Deissler, Rachel Birmingham, Nancy Osborne, Mae Hansen CPresidentD Row 2: Vi Ehrhart, Lois Johnson, Ramona Mitchell, Iane Kotouc. Row 3: Virginia Van Sickle, Georgie Yeutter, Phyllis Wrath, Shirley Meyer, Martha Clifton. sq. V . .ir f 3 s. v- 1 l N Page 1 2 7 . .. ,,:,v3.,lQff 1 ?,,g.,K ,f - A , M . W Q MH f 'dv 'fb X . fa M i 4 A Q. s ' a ' w Q 11 1, If f ' ', ,, TT, if-135151 1 w Pi-I .Wh ,nf .L 3 ' wg , ,. ' 5,35 y ,W , M. W , ,W MQW, f53T13" 'f'w '1"fr,ii ,,ivq' 4 , 1 1-, s , W,.,,4,,,,,,,,,M:M., -W H 1 .nk - ,,, ,WH .., .v., I 1' Q N7 ,lynx Wim .K ,.-. ,V f 1 .. 4 M 44 , Mm ,YI vw. wasp 'vt f- 'ff-AY-ia? mf ' 1: ,Affw-gum-sw w N .,f,. . .,N. , , ,-,,,.nW,..,vf,Q,,., .. ..,,,,5,,,, . , A , - M.. Wx., ,, ..,,x.,., A A Q x 1, 'ii' 1 . .M my- X , ,. xx., ,m.,,..A , , nys .W-wash uf . Y . A615 Ja: V. ' 1 M4 Q FLVZI? Q41- ..L - 1--11.8 'Z X XXX OOO X N N t W C E , gil Nebraska Wesleyan's A.C.E. is al i I branch of the International Association 4 1 l ' 1 for Childhood Education. This is a pro- il , tessional organization for teachers in the elementary school. How Row How Row Our branch is proud this year to have sent food, books, and other teach- ing supplies to students in Hiroshima, lapan. We have been busy this year with a variety of activities. We began with a "cook-out" for the prospective mem- bers. ln October We sponsored an all school square dance. Other activities were Thanksgiving party for a group of children from the State home, Panel discussion by members ot the pro- fession on "Understanding Children", Annual Spring Tea for the Lincoln teachers, and the national study con- ference in Asheville, North Carolina to which we sent a group of members. H.C.E. Left to right. Ruth Corbit, Blythe Linder, lane Goth, Pat Stocker, Shirley Glebc, Elsie Neth, Ioyce lllchen, Marjorie Frazell, Ruth Mclloberts, Sally Ueoka, Ethel Kicester, Muriel Middleton, Barbara Ballard, lean Brunkow, Ioyce Cox, Iennie Lind, Beth Stage, Miss Qlma Lois Rodgers, Virginia 'Ihompson tPresidentl, Elizabeth Frantz, Norma Gregg, Iackie Thomas, Wilma Prielert, Rosalie Olson. Donna Benton, lanice Sundberg, Erma lean West, loan Ianda, Ruth Reeves, loan Thober, Lois Purdy, Pat Iohann, Theorria Damm, Ioyce Iuells, I-llice Carlscn, Ianet 'l'1ekottcr, Hlice Knisely, Lola Hueltle, Grace DcBelly. Evelyn Waddell, Gloria Brown, Louise Thurman, Danilene McCoy, Marion Elbert, Clarice Nelson, lackic lloytm Virginia Garlow, Lloyd johnson, Charlene Fuller, Betty Manley, Pat Christner, Ruth Nelson, Ioan Graves, Carol Youngson, Donna Ltghtbody. Page 130 Page 131 The Art Club, under the direction of Miss Lux, has the objective of service to other campus organizations. Students Work together to make posters and displays for the good of the school. Also this year they have sponsored exhibits in the little Gallery. The VVomen's Athletic Association stands for a higher degree of physical efficiency and for the promotion of good sportsmanship. Member- ship is based on a point system in which points are earned by playing in tournaments and selling refreshments at varsity games. This year the W.A.A. sponsored the Spinsters Spree and a picnic for freshmen girls. I 1 Ll U' 2 no "' HRT CLUB Row 1: Lett to right. Elsie Noth, Beverly Wilder, Miss Gladys Lux lanct Tickotter. Row 2: Gloria Nielson, Elona Chun, Carol Scrimshcr, Qlicc Carlson Row 3: Dolores: lewell, Ronnie Kats, Lola Hucftle. W.H.H. How 1: Left to right, Blythe Linder, Dorris Thomas, Martha Clifton, Mrs. Clara Brandt, Miss Elizabeth Buie, Ptrdith Wiseman, Betty Sheets. Row 2: Clarice Nelson, Roberta Embree, Pat Iohann, Lois Clark, Ramona Brooks, Louise Thurman. Row 3: Martha Bengston, Virginia Thompson, Nancy Osborne, Mary Louise Hits, Dolores Peterson, Barbara Fallers. Row 4: Ieannie Lind, Betty Merrill, Beverly Wilder, Marcia Iones, Ioyce Raric, Ianice Siindberg. The Barb cabinet included: Phil Hllard, Martin Luschei, Iohn Fester, Bob Munkres, Dean Lanning, Bob Stoddard, Mrs. Swinbank, Vir- ginia Thompson, Ruth Lenhart, George Ferris, Roberta Iackman BARBS The Barbs organization is composed of unaffiliated students who are Working to- gether to further the good of the university, to foster and maintain Wholesome school spirit, and to sponsor social activities for members of the group. Participation in extra-curricular activities is but one of the means through which the Barbs fulfill their purpose. High scholastic standards and qualities of leadership are also emphasized. An annual Christmas Formal and a Spring banquet highlight the activities of the year. Marjorie Frazell, Grace DeBel1y. Row Row How Row BHRBS lBoysl Ioe Dappen, Ervin Deal, Ice Schelkopf, Kassa G. Michael, Iames Mackey, Wayne Marsh, Ron Kats, Hay Nuetzman, Kenny Rogers. Orville Kemling, Bob Munkres, Ierry Hedges, Iugh Ferguson, George Ferris fPresidentl, Mrs. Iecn Swinbank, Dwight Kemling, Orville Hdams, Iasper Swim, Martin Luschei. Neil Dubach, Clitt Schafer, Ronald Cudaback, Harry Soper, Stan Ganzell, Tom Flight, Francis Hitch, Iohn Fester, Herm Heise, Lee Gartrell, Warren Urbom, Dean Lanning. Bob Stoddard, Hlfred Haldeen, Charles Waymire, Glen Marsh, lvar Lindstrom, Burt Carter, Marvin Stoll, Donald Hickman, Keith Hueltle, Bill Gordon, Phil Flllard, Lowen Kruse, Conley Hinrichs. Page 132 Row Row How Row 66 BHRBS lGirlsl Left to right. Ioanne Mclnnis, Grace DeBe1ly, lunice Rice, Ioyce Iewett, Barbara Stevens, Lorabelle Friday, Ruth McRoberts, Iulia Ruez, Ioyce Hchen. Bonita Rittenburg, Ioan Ianda, Carol Fischer, Ruth Iackman, Roberta Iackman, Mrs. lean Swinbank, Virginia Thompson, Virginia Van Sickle, Laura Lee Hammond, Edna Parks. Ruth L hart, Lorena Posey, Danilene McCoy, Mary Story, ldckie Hoyt, Lorra'n H yv'tt, B b N l , M ' D - M Richarcisrj Edith Olson, Phyllis Shaul, Lavonda Murdock, Marjorie Frazell, Elsie Nets. e 1 Gr Gm e Son Umm ewey' my Mar aret Keating, Theoma Damm, Ruth Corbit, Marjorie Thomas, Betty Wadkins, Bett Wells, Shirley Buettgenbach, Ramona Mitchell, Phygis Wroth, Doris Fry, Ruth Reeves, Mary lane Connett, Evelyn Fry, Dorothy Ladeheck. Page 133 Many and varied costumes helped make the Barb Masquerade party one of the most successful activities of the first semester. Barb-Wire staff members combine work with play as they write copy for the weekly edition. x Iohnson Hall, residence for freshman Women, celebrated its , second birthday with a birthday dinner on February 27. During the past year it has been "home" to 105 girls who look back to the Iohnson Hall IOHNSON HBLL First Floor Row 1: Left to right, Ioan Smith, Marilyn I-lunkins, Barbara Pennington, Betty Williams, Irene Frederickson, Ioyce Iewelt, Ioannc Crosslield, Row 2: Dorothy Gartrell, Neva Kahl, Frances Deaver, Mary Lou Thompson, Charlan Graff, Martha Sage, Bonnie Malick, 'l'wila Kenlield, Ioyce Iohnson. Iohnson Hall Councilors for the past year were Dorothy Gartrell, Virginia Thompson, Ruth Lenhart, Edith Olson, Nancy Osborne, Ioanne Mclnnis, and Barbara Pennington. Second Floor Row 1: Lett to right, Beth Rosenau, Danilene McCoy, Hlice Engelking, Edith Olson, Virginia Thompson, Betty Wadkins, Phyllis Martin, Ruth Godbey, Kate Minnerly. How 2: Dorothy Quinn, Qlice Iansen, Donna Benton, BettyVWells, Shirley I-llexander, Pat Peters, Barbara Kilgore, Ethel Ke-ister, Harriet Bain, Ioyce Upholl, inola Tussing, Marjorie Feary. Row 3: Lynelle Qdams, Wilma Mickels, Ruth Corbit, Delores Olson, Marjorie Williams, Mary Louise Ellis, Lorena Posey, Lois Iverson, Norma Leigh Settell, Bonnie Fredericks, Ruth Wallis, Donna Iune Hutchings, Virginia Schurr. . . i ,., Page 134 Formal held in November, Open house for Homecoming, and the hustle and b ustle of living together with many memories. Many Weekends, also, found the girls gathered in the spacious liv- ing room for firesides. r ' iw' 1' 95 . f. 1. Hr, , 1' fl ! E ' r' Z fix it 'Q . 5 Fourth Floor Row 1: Left to right. Margaret Keating, Fllice Nisley, Theoma Damm, Nancy Osborne, Barbara Stolzenberg, Kathryn Fitch. Row 2: gliarguerite Wiles, Barbara Ballard, Marilyn Clark, Helen Dickie, Ioyce Cox, Flrlene tetma. Miss Betty Eberhart, head resident of Iohnson Hall, takes a moment to relax in the midst of her many du- ties. Third Floor Row l: Lei! to right, Sheila Link, Lorabelle Friday, Carol Scrimsher, Barbara Stevens, Ruth Lenhart, Ioanne Mclnnis, Ruth Kennedy, ary Story, Ruth Nelson, Betty Portschi. .Row 2: Flrlene Moore, Carol Youngson, Marion Fllbert, Barbara Livgren, Collette Dissmore, Pat Cassel, Carolyn Sayre, Ianice Rice, Ioyce McCosh, Pat hristner, Carol Fischer, Marilyn Blacker. How 3: Carol Chambers, Phyllis Darnell, Beth Finecy, Ioan Burchell, Virginia Scherer, Ioan Perry, Katherine Skerritt, Shirley Ruby, Ioan Graves, Thelma undeen, Margaret Dickerson, Berna Whitmire. Page 135 . YM-YWCA Wesleyan Y's have been active in many activities during the past year. The year opened with a "Quieter chapel" campaign and a Freshman retreat. Closely following these activities was the W.S.S.F. drive and carnival. Christmas and Easter matins, a clothing drive and the annual Valentine Dance were also under the sponsorship of this active Y-CHBINET Row l: Beverly Urbom, Ruth Lenhart, Evelyn Fry, Frances Perry, Ieannie Lind, Mary Fllfs, Mary Bullock. Row 2: Laura Lee Hammond, Iackie Thomas, Mary Evelyn Godbey, Mr. Matt- ingly, Don Marsh, Ned Conger, Dick Hart. How 3: Dean Lanning, George Ferris, Lee Gartrell, Stan Ganzell, Charles Iohnson, Warren Urbom, Ray Nuetzman, group. A Faculty-Student spring picnic replacing the mixer held in previous years, closed the year's events in typical "Y" style. Although these groups are separate and each elects its own officers they hold their cabinet meetings together and make their plans as one. Committee members view with pride the results of the clothing drive, one of the projects sponsored by the Y's this year. Freshman students become acquainted with the various campus organizations and activities through the efforts of the campus orientation groups. Page 136 Page 137 F 4- .lu ,' ' in KHPPH CHI ' How 1: Merna Quaife Greer, Laura l..eeAl-lammond, Helen Dickie, Marilyn Clark, Dr. lohn Rosentrater, Neil Dubach, L. Edward Mattingly, Lorraine Hewitt, Edith Olson, Shirley Buettgenbach. Row 2: Charlotte Chapin, Barbara Pennington, Georgia Yeutter, Kathryn Fitch, loanne Mclnnis, Harry Soper, Stan Ganzell, Waldo Greer, Tom Flight, Herm Heise, Ruth Jackman, Gayle Gilmer, Mary lane Connett, Ruth Reeves, Evelyn Fry, Dorothy Gartrell. Row 3: Ray Nuetzman, Earl Reed, Stanley Rider, Ierry Hedges, Cliff Schafer, Phil Hllard, Gene Boch, Lee Gartrell, Dwaine Spiers, Francis Hitch, Donald Hickman, Dwight Kemling, Lowen Kruse, Conley Hinrichs, Iames Mackey. Kappa Chi is composed of students who are planning to enter some phase of full-time Christian service. Members broaden their fields through ac- tivities on,and off the campus and also through hearing outside speakers at their bi-Weekly meet- ings. Service teams often present programs for church groups and Work with church youth activities. The organization as a Whole sponsors the Wednesday evening prayer meeting Worship services and main- tains the Wayside Chapel. 4'- The Methodist Student Movement works through First Methodist Church to give students a church away from home where contact with youth .activi- ties and fellowship is emphasized. During the year the group has been occupied by a varied program. Several retreats were held for cabinet members and others who were inter- ested. The year was closed by a Spring banquet held shortly before the close of the year. .S.M. Row l: Ioanne Mclnnes, lerry Mclnnes Ioyce Crawford, Beverly Ray. , Row 2: Mary lane Connett, George Ferris Bonnie Malick. guerite Wiles. l I l l CIF: I Row 3: Frances Perry, Hon Kats, Mar- I. R. C. Though I. R. C. is a young organization on the Wesleyan campus, it has firmly established itself as one of the outstanding groups. Its endeavors are not limited to campus activities, as throughout the year, members of the club present programs before church groups, high school teachers' organizations, and women's clubs of eastern Nebraska. These pro- grams consist of discussions by foreign students led by an officer of the club. The Nebraska Wesleyan campus was the scene of the first State Conference of International Rela- tions Clubs in November. Delegates also attended a national convention held at Ann Arbor, Michigan this spring. Many speakers have been brought to the cam- pus through the efforts of this group which also sponsored several student opinion polls. Upper Left-l.R.C. cabinet members Iohn Lux, Bob Bushnell, Ethel Kueck, Darrel Kays fstandingl, Mr. Dale Case, Martin Luschei, and Iasper Swim meet to plan a special meeting. Left-Delegates and speakers to the l.R.C. Convention dis- cuss world problems and become better acquainted between sessions of the convention. Presidents Bob Bushnell and Plrlen' Lutz of Wesleyan and Midland college respectively are among the first to register for the convention. ln. - Page 138 :EEC Stiff! SENIOR HHLL Row l: Left to right. Lorraine Hewitt, Iulia Ruez, Elaine Swan, Marjorie Frazell, Dorothy Ladebeck. Row 2: Betty Manley, Rlice Hoskins, Mrs. Hubert Underhill and Hnn, Virginia Van Sick e lPresidentl, Elona Chun, Connie Merrit. Row 3: Mabel Gorai, Mae Hansen, Lavonda Murdock, Mary Richards, Grace DeBelly, Ruth Mclioberts. A large white house facing the campus is "home" to fifteen upperclass girls who Work, play, plan and study together. Senior Hall was the scene of three parties during the year. One was a group Christmas party While the other two were filled with dancing, games, and refreshments. Girls of Senior Hall have their thoughtful mo- ments as well as their gay ones. Each evening they gather in the living room for a few moments of meditation which is led by one of the group. WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL A highlight of the year was the annual Senior Hall breakfast which was held during February. Women's House Council was founded in 1945 to establish, maintain, and interpret uniform rules for the Women of Wesleyan. This group governs all Wesleyan women. Representatives are elected by their respective groups. Miss Gertrude Mauk, Dean of Women, meets with the group. Row 1: Left to right, Ioyce Hchen, Pat Iohann, Shirley Meyer, Miss Gertrude Mauk, Marilyn Clark, Mary Iean Bullock. Row 2: Lucille Neth, Ioan Ianda, Danilene McCoy, Caroline Sayre, Cleo TeSelle, I-'ludrey Schultz, Connie Merrit. Row 3: Ioanne Crossiield, Cleo Yenney, Charlotte Chapin, Gloria Nielsen, Wanda Gerlach, Hazel Edgerton. l Page 139 STUDENT Don Marsh and Warren Urbom discuss sen- ate affairs and regulations as they work to build an even more successful group. Working under a new constitution this year, the Student Senate has truly become the governing body of the school. Student activity control was one of the major projects during the first semester. H11 constitutions for campus organizations must also be approved by the senate. Left: Many plans, regulations, ac- tivities, and problems are discussed and settled in meetings such as this one. Page 140 SENATE , J, f School dances, all elections, selec- tion of candidates for admittance to f N5 honorary groups, and the Traditions Day observances are but a few of the many activities which Student Senate sponsors. The program for beautification of the student union which was begun during the past year has added to the new furniture a paint job, new draper- ies, and other improvements. The Snack Bar is also under Student Sen- Student senate committee members review plans ate management' as they meet preceding the regular session. Row 1: Left to right. Roberta Ebree, Dorothy Gartrell, Martha Clilton, Ioyce Crawrord, Warren Urbom, Don Marsh, Iennette Havlik, Pat Palmquist. Row 2: Richard Burns, Lewis Clark, Dwain Iones, Ward White, Bill Parker, Martin Luschei, Dick Newmith, Dr. R. L. Freclstrom. Row 3: Dean Lanning, Bill Farrell, Bruce Iuells, Bill Hare, Merideth Phillips, Ned Conger, Roy Clark, Ev Poe. 0 '1 ' ' I ,I , 1' - !l . -Q-weft. X' l 'bla 'zl il , V Q L, 'N Page 141 How Row How How 0 M' lCIFle GOU1, Gene Meier, and Miss Buie discuss last minute details for the Basket- Ball. Promotion of school spirit through pep rallys and inspired yell participation by the entire student body is the goal of the 60 men and women who compose the Yellers of the Brown. This group cheers the team through mud and snow on the gridiron and also during their action on the maples. A new addition this season was the participa- tion during the Varsity action on the baseball diamond. Many out of town games also found this faithful spark- ing iorce there on the sidelines. xl Activities of the "Yellers" are not restricted to the sports scene as the Homecoming dance and the Basket- Ball indicate. Many hours of work produced distinctive decorations. In appreciation of an outstanding football season the annual football banquet was also sponsored by the pep club. Left: Fllways on the job at athletic events are these able cheer- leaders Ieannie Lind, Fred Bieck, Donna Iune Hutchings, Bob Dunn, and Blythe Linder. PEP CLUB Left to right, Ruth Corbit, Frances Gilchrist, Margaret Keating, Ruth McRoberts, Delores Sitz, Ioan Burchell, Ioyce Iohnson, Thelma Lundeen, Elizabeth Frantz, Ierrie Unland, Rosalie Olson, lean Brunkow, Lavonda Murdock, Grace DeBelly. Barbara Farmer, Delores Meier, Beverly Bay, Ioann Gaugor, Kate Minnerly, Ioan Thober, Miss Elizabeth Buie, Gene Meier tPresidc-ntl, Ramona Brooks, Iane Goth, Roberta Read, Dorris Thomas, Marguerite Wiles, Lois Tyrrell, Hrlayne Kyes. Donna Gardner, Barbara Dorsey, Lois Purdy, Ioan Schacht, Nancy Young, Mary lean Bullock, Marilyn Larson, Bob Dunn, Donna Iune Hutchings, Blythe Linder, Ieanie Lind, Fred Bieck, Harriet Bain, Ioyce Uphotf, Margaret Stone, Clarice Nelson, Winola Tussing, Ianice Hill, Beverly Urbom, Barbara Nelson. , Betty Sheets, Mary Richards, Wendell Iensen, Dick Dutton, Marvin Ohs, lack Sterkel, Dick Hawley, Iohn Irelan, Don Unvert, Boyde Moline, Burt Carter, Wesley Howe, Bill Perry, Stan Kennedy, Ron Kats, Pat Peters, Barbara Grundmen, Barbara Kilgore. Kvagmlfl g -' K'f5:h.D6:3' F-Sa? 6 . q ,I x ,, ' ,1 "I N AID QW, ' -1 "4 T Page 142 Del Miller Cliff Squires and Bill Car- riker compare the 1948 basketball season with this years record as they take time 4 kill it ff t i -v- Encouragement toward participation in athletics is the aim of "W" Club. It is composed of men who have received letters in major sports while attending Wesleyan and who are interested in the advancement of this athletig program. Each fall members of the group elect a Club Sweetheart who is presented to the public during the an- nual Homecoming game. Club members are active not only on the playing field but also may be seen selling programs during foot- ball season and acting as referees during intramural com- petition. A new addition to the basketball activities this year was the Benefit game held March lU with the Metz Service team of the City League. As a climax to the year's activities the group took their annual excursion to Linoma Beach for a feast of fried chicken and lots of fun. Left: Bill Carriker crowns Dorris Thomas BW" Club Sweet- heart. W CLUB Row 1 Left to right Fllden Iohnson Tom Mihane Cal Bones Bruce Link, Del Miller, Bill Carriker, Clilt Squires, Kenny White, Ev Poe. Row 2 Hi den Ioosten Walter Flndrewjeski Dick Meyer Bob Gentry, Lew Walker, Bill Slaughter, H1 Calvert, Bob lllllen, Bob Ketterer, Row 3 Dick Nesmith Iim Wickstrom Bob Burroughs Iohn Johnston, Wayne Cash, Paul Obermeyer, Don Harrington. Gil Hill, Gene Nelson. I . . INTERFRHTERNITY Bill Carriker, Hr! Harvey Cal Bones, Bob Calkins Kenny White, Dale Hohn Q7 ,J PHNHELLENIC COUNCIL Row l. seated, left to right: Mary Evelyn Godbey, Dorothy Blough, Ieane Brillhart, Ramona Brooks, Iennette Havlik, Mary lean Bullock, How 2: Beverly Urbom, eg. Hrdith Wiseman, Betty Corbit, lane Fllkire, Hudrey Scholarship, good health, cooperation in col- lege ideals, social standards, and service to the col- lege community are the objectives which guide the Panhellenic council in its supervision of sorority activities. Membership of the council is composed of three representatives from each sorority who Work toward friendly and cooperative feeling among the groups. The annual Christmas Ball at the Turnpike and a Scholarship Luncheon in March are the special events sponsored by Panhellenic council. All fraternal regulations are established by the Interfraternity council. Included in these regula- tions are rush rules, membership eligibility, pledg- ing, social functions for all groups, intramural activ- ities, and scholastic standing. The council is composed of 2 men from each fraternity who represent their respective group for one year. Schultz, Dorris Thomas. COUNCIL Page 144 ' .1 'Sa V M... 'F x ,E+ 5' s -.W . ., .V .,,,,, " 5595531 H- 1 A S. t 4 i ALPHA GAMMA DELTA As this year draws to a close Alpha Gams look back on another year of dreams come true. The good times and fun of working, play- ing, and living together plus participation in campus activities all helped to make this another important year. The pleasure of welcoming new sisters after pledging and the fireside which followed in our newly decorated house were but two of the things that stand out in our memories. The Feast of Roses, Scholarship Dinner, and International Re- Union Day gave us a feeling of being a part of something larger than our own chapter as we met and visited with Hlpha Gams of other years and other schools. " Left: Ieane Brillhart, President of Hlpha Gamma Delta. Row 1: Thelma Lundeen, Neva Kahl, Shirley Daft, Wilma Priefert, Ianece Hill, Beth Stage Newsham, Marjorie Speidell, Ioan Smith, Erma lean West. Row 2: Virginia Garlow, Mary lean Bullock, Shirley Meyer, Ieane Brillhart tPresidentJ, Mrs. Ramsey, Roberta Embree, Marcia Iones, Rrlayne Kyes, Betty Corbit. Row 3: Ianet Tiekotter, Betty Williams, Marjorie Wiltse, Pat Palmquist, Lois Purdy, Martha Sage, Cleo TeSe1le, Charlene Fuller, Fllice Carlson, Dorothy Lueninghoener, Carol Youngson, Marilyn Grossoehme, Ioanne Crossiield, lean Hill. How 4: Wilma Mickels, Clarice Rager, Beth Finecy, Winola Tussing, Ioyce Uphott, Barbara Snyder, Marion Peckham, Norma Leigh Settell, Ioan Thober, Barbara Farmer, Barbara Dorsey, Lois Iverson, Lynelle Hdams, Ianice Sundberg, Mary Moore. 5 1 Page 146 ll 'Os f V P . rf' ami' ef' Y, r i.tyw'j3.e. V Q .pl '01, i -, im 3 'Y 5 'fn ' 'lg it ,M Q -+ .3 " 3. tru' n., V ' ,Boi -pl: : . -,. , sf fr.. 4. Pllpha Gama Delta Sorority House, 50th Streets. Page 147 and Baldwin The Winter Formal and Spring Party will be remembered and also our Senior Picnic. So as this year ends We look back over a year of memories and forward to an ever brightening future tor Hlpha Gamma Delta. OFFICERS President - - - - - Ieane Brillhart lst Vice President - Roberta Embree 2nd Vice President - - Marcia Iones Recording Secretary - Mary lean Bullock Corresponding Secretary Marian Peckham Treasurer ----- - Ianet Tiekotter Right: Mrs, Ramsey, Housemother for Alpha Gamma Delta. +f"i-an-L..,.1,f Some of the Hlpha Gclms re- lax in the living room annex of their recently newly-deco- rated house. tywhh ff 4 Row How Row Row 'Nr DELTA ZETA With their friendship and ideals as enduring as the flame of their symbolic Roman lamp, the Delta Zeta girls dream of their firesides, hayride, rose dinner, and formal and look forward to many more such pleasant occasions. Plans are always in progress at this house-plans of homecoming decorations, trips to state and national conventions, picnics, parties, dates, or maybe just surprise birthday parties and showers. And, of course, there are always the plans for dunking newly-engaged girls. Walk over the faculty-unapproved path across the campus to the Delta Zeta house and you will find a house full of warmth and friend- liness and fun. To the girls in the springtime when the campus is so beautiful, it is like strolling along a rainbow and finding a pot of gold at the end. Left: Dorothy Blough, President of Delta Zeta. DELTH ZETH Shirley Finn Ruby, Pat Christner, Catherine Skerritt, Ioan Laughlin, Hazel Edgerton, Ioan Nutter, Donna Benton, Ruth Godbey, Iudy Perry. Margaret Dickerson, Rosalee Olsen, lane Qlkire, Mary Evelyn Godbey, Dorothy Blough tPresidentJ, Lois Marie Danielson, Lois Clark, Shirley Hampton, Ruth Nelson. 3' Barbara Ballard, Marilyn Hunkins, Pat Iohann, Ethel Kiester, Louise Thurman, Beth Rosenauw, Dorothy Mengel, Carolyn Sayre, Ieanine Oliver, Liz Franz, Ioyce McCosh, Iane Kotouc, Mary Louse Hlfs, Betty Sheets, Isabel Smith, Phyliss Penton, Kathleen Roberts, Iean Brunkow, Ioan Graves, Ioyce Raric, Blythe Linder, Barbara Perigrine, Ieanne Stark, Katherine Garrett, Donna Gardner, Delores Meir, Martha Clifton, Jackie Harrison, Iackie Reinick. Q 'NY Page 148 Working, playing, and just being together have made this an eventful year for Delta Zeta. As this year ends we can look back with pleasure and ahead with great expectations. OFFICERS President - ---- Dorothy Blough Vice President - - - Mary Evelyn Godbey Corresponding Secretary - - Lois Danielson Recording Secretary - - Lois Clark Treasurer - - - lane Alkire House Manager Martha Clifton Social Chairman - Blythe Linder Right: Mrs. Edna Melcher, Delta Zeta housemother. The home of the Delta Zetas, 4942 Madison. 'ff 9'5- f 'fa 45 Page 149 N4 5 Typical D. Z. fun and fellow- ship as they gather together lor their annual all night Christmas party. PHI MU is for the Phi Mu Spring Formal at the Terrace Room in the Lincoln Hotel this year. is for hour-dances. Especially those breakfast hour dances where the dancing is fun and the donuts and coffee hit the spot. is for initiation, when our new sisters come into the bond of Phi Mu, the second oldest national sorority in the United States, and the first national sorority on the Wesleyan campus. is for Mother . . . Mother Stein, who reigns Queen in our "home away from home" at 52l9 Huntington. is for understanding, The kind of deep understanding and af- fection that each Phi Mu girl feels for her sisters, not only here at Wesleyan, but all over the Nation. .. Left: Iennette Havlik, Phi Mu President. tu... Row 1: Ioyce Householder, Shirley Ladine, Miss Buie, Iennette Havlik tPresidentJ, Beverly Wilder, Delores Peterson, Ie-ante Lind, Genevieve Spellman. How 2: JoHnn Gauger, Carol Cheuront, Ramona Brooks, Donna Neihaus, Betty Hllberry, Marilyn Larson, Kathryn Goldammer, Sara Harris, Gloria Brown, Martha Bengston, Qrdith Wiseman. Row 3: Marilyn Norlin, Miriam Eckles, Barbara Livgren, Barbara Kilgore, lane Goth, Pat Peters, Io Burchell, LaVawn Branz, Pot Stocker, Cleo Yenney, Lois Iean Drake. vw 'F cv g-1 Page 150 f'9 ,l -' -s ta-n, -3.-at " w IP' , X ,Rai "UL" Ri tx- - . ' Parties, tormals, and hour dances have all helped make this a year to be long remembered for all Phi Mu's. As the year ends they can look ahead and dream of the things to come. President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer - Social Chairman OFFICERS Right: Mrs. Hazel Stein, Phi Mu Housemother. 5219 Huntington, home away from home for the Phi Mus. Page 151 Iennette Havlik Martha Bengston Ramona Brooks Sara Harris Ioyce Householder T un? , 136' .-H3 r rsh-' ? Q 5 1 Q Phi Mu's enjoy food and fel lowship together at their an- nual Thanksgiving Dinner. s X . 4 . X 1 'fmffk A How Row Row Row WILLARD i This year Willard is celebrating its sixtieth birthday. How We ' have changed since those seven girls headed by Iulia Tasket, met for the first time in the Latin room oi Old Main to spend the evening giv- ing orations, recitations, and allegories. That society has evolved into a larger more complex group-a sorority. The clothes have changed, the hair has been cut shorter, the orations have turned into sweetheart serenadesvyes, the exterior has changed, but the interior -the thoughts, the aims, the desires-the very heart of the organiza- tion has remained the same. sf The Like the school We are a part of, We have our traditions. Rose Tea, The May Festival, The Crest Breakfast, and all the songs that have been so dear to the Willards of the past and present. Left: Ftuclrey Schultz, Willard President. Barbara Botsch, Sheila Link, Sandra Peterson, Ioyce Crawford, Iackie Thomas, Phyllis Dotson, Patsy Pangborn, Dolores Sitz, Helen Hammer. Erma Rihn, Mona Conover, Shyrli Cramer, Beverly Ray, Bobbie Bead, Fludrey Schultz fPresidentl, Rachel Birmingham, Mitzi Scovill, Lola Hueltle, Fllice Deissler. lean Poyer, Harriet Bain, Marjorie Williams, Millie Hill, Margaret Stone, Shirley Fllexander, Pat Cassel, Bilva Schultz, Vi Ehrhart, Io Schacht, Georgie Yeutter, Muriel Middleton, Ioyce Iuelfs, Kay McKinney. Kate Minnerly, Virginia Schurr, Donna Lightbody, Dorris Thomas, Donna Sutton, Iackie Iones, Nancy Young, Carolyn Nelson, Gayle Gilmer, lune Hutchings, Frances Perry, Betty Merrell, Wanda Gerlach, Beverly Urbom. M. , ,.,k ,Ms , 4, . M.,-,y,.,.z,,,.V,I1 J 1 Page 152 "Things that we remember, "Little things it seems." It is always the little things that are remembered the longest and add the real zest to lite. This year, as in the past, it has been the little things which have added that extra little touch to Willard life. OFFICERS President - - - Audrey Schultz Vice President - Iackie Thomas Secretary - - Betty Merrell House Manager - Beverly Ray Social Chairman - Dorris Thomas Right: Mrs. lessie Hllen, Willard Housemother. Willard Sorority house, 5034 Madison. . Ni 2 ' . , ii-.ti 'M-I lxllfr -i,' 'Ll SV?-wil' T-A i 45: ' -Bill "rn -,. - lf 3 is l A ii ' G N In W ','ku. 4 , JU I T? W 1 4' QT1 l 4 M lil l 'lil' 'li dff i it ' . 1 lt' Q' 5'l' ,f.f' ...tit S - ' - tj Helo., 5 Qaffiv T- 5 ' , Q L ig xdkitlff'-sifvy .Q , ft Willards relax around the phonograph to listen to music and talk over the events of a busy day. Page 153 xl " V 'N 2:.",i A A I Saw? Zhu. Wgf owner 3 1 The Phi Kappa Taus captured this honor among the fraternities. Phi Mu's took first place among the sororities for the Homecoming decorations. Page 154 . 1 ' of J G . Q P -. v Q 1 ' W " 1 41' sf' ff., E Af ' Q, 44 , vw 1. Z., RN fir w , ,..-.av an-f,.,r4i,iwf, .4-N ""' - ,-mv. fav . H32 1,,, R K - H-W Msiqw x . ' ' N L'5fx 'fl " 'I r1",... .. '-Tw-' '33 'im 5 Y t A T.H,5 A32 uw ,W pn x 522g-an CRESCENT Crescent has again taken a position of prominence among fraternities. The largest membership in years coupled with excellent records in athletics, scholarship, and student leadership are but a few of the outstanding achievements of l949-50. A new house, the realization of a dream, is being erected at 50th and Walker. It will be ready tor occupancy by next September. The Bowery Party was successful to the Nth degree and high eX- pectations were met for the Spring Formal and annual picnic. As the oldest fraternity and only local, Crescent may well be proud of a great year. Left: Bob Calkins, Crescent President. Row l: Warren Iones, Will Sheehan, Iohn Hedges, Herb Rihn, Bill Parker, Bill Hotz, Huw 2: Bob Mathers, lack Stone, Dr. Barringer, Bob Calkins tPresidentJ, Bill Vogelsang, Gil Hill, Iim Porter. How 3: Bob Kropp, Rl Calvert, Dick Iohnson, Harris Holle, Gerald l-lan sen, Bill Thompson, Paul Brettman, Dale Hohnstein, Tom Conway, Bob Ketterer, Cliff Squires. Row 4: Dick Hadsell, Don Iohruzon, Gene Cederdahl, Rollie Wiegers, Iohn Calvert, Louis Hansen, Don Poulsen, Milton Schmidt, Flrt Bailey. qu NY EUHR gui iigiiigim 'Q 5 Page 156 The year comes to an end as Crescents look back over a year of parties, intramural championships and fun while they look ahead to years in a brand new fraternity house President - Vice President House Manager Social Chairman Right: Mrs The white house at 4843 St Paul is the home of the Cres cents. 4 yi I Mrk i I 1' 5 f' - 1 ' A ' 'KKM r:?,' vFit:.., .4 Q Y firmer V " J Y, if afmf at 1. nn.. ' , is-fi f , ,, "' .v"' wiv-., ""7,,,-Q .-'H 5-,A .133-, ' fl ' Wk.. ' -fa' H. V ' ' '-.Wg - ' 'Mig ,..b..l9x Il N ,gg s SN fr li . it P-... Row Row Row How -:QM PHI KAPPA TAU Phi Tau, again this year, was the phrase that referred to the all around outstanding fraternity on the campus. Tops in scholar- ship, sportsmanship, and campus participation were the key Words that sparked another great year for the Ramblers. Working again for their fraternity and the University, Taus could be found in every department and activity on the campus of Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- versity. Add all this to the Christmas party, the Hard-Times party, and the Spring Formal, plus those midnight serenades, and you have once more a prosperous and eventful year for Phi Kappa Tau. Left: Kenny White, President of Phi Kappa Tau. Don Schuessler, Iim Bollacker, Henry Zoeller, Rl Davis, Gene Meier, lock Sterkel, Don Staples, Fred Bieck, Elton Weston, Bob Carlson, Marvin Plourd. Craig Worrell, Dick Connell, Iohn Berry, Bob Clark, Ray Owens, Dr. Rosentrater, Ken White CPresidentJ, Glen Warneking, Roy Clark, Bemard Scott, Ford Eckles, Don Fahleson, Rig Ioosten, Iohn Tumer, Wes Howe, Bob Gentry, Walter Tesch, Dick Gentry, Bill Wiltse, Dick Casselman, Bob Larsen, Paul Swanson, Bill Dunn, Clarence Newsham, Ward White, Stan Freburg, lim Strong, I-ll Wilder. Dick Dutton, Hrt Harvey, Dick Spohn, Iohn Kessler, Dale Iarvis, Bob Dunn, Ben Hkert, Iim Bridges, Bob Noyes, Irving Weston, Kenneth Mclfibben, Wayne Zlomke, Bon Buchholz, Dale Smith, Bob Peterson, Don Unvert. "'l Page 158 X ltffg- I 19? fi . ll? , . I A V I .xt L . 'W Again this year the Phi Taus can Well be proud of their achieve- ments. They look back with pride and ahead with great expectations. President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer - - - Financial Secretary House Manager - Social Chairman - OFFICERS Right: Mrs. Mary Nelson, Phi Kappa Tau Housemother. Kenny White - Roy Clark - Ray Owens Glen Warneking Ford Eckles Bob Clark - Art Harvey - W-J' .1 I A . 5305 Huntington, home of the Phi Tau's. Page 159 Lf HK-Srl H ll in My-i,, 4,r-.,w Phi Tau's relax and Watch some home movies at their all night Christmas Party. up my .-,., -rm.. Row Row Row Row - C l"i"'vf D 'T ,nge ,J THETA CHI On April 30, 1949, a new national fraternity was installed on the Nebraska Wesleyan Campus. Delta Omega Phi became Gamma Phi chapter of Theta Chi, one of the oldest and strongest national fraternities in the nation. Not only de we have a new name but also a newly decorated house, complete with new furnishings, and the most beautiful lawn on the campus. Old traditions, plus new ones, comprised a most enjoyable social season for Theta Chi. Outstanding among the new traditions was the Orchid Formal held December 9th at which the "Dream Girl of Theta Chi" was presented. The old traditional Linoma Beach Party was a successful climax to the year's activities. Theta Chi men were prominent in the intramural sports scene throughout the year and captured both the football and golf trophies. Wherever you go throughout the campus you will find the men of military red and white extending a helping hand to all who need it with the motto- Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater Left: Bill Carriker, Theta Chi President. Ross Bloomgren, Gerald Wallerstedt, Gordon Hamilton, Marcus Weidler, Bill Beeney, Eugene Ericson. Carroll Rasmussen, Don Frazell, Carl Sasse, Bruce Deal, Rod Elson, Bill Carriker tPresidentJ, Oscar Weidler, Don Bloom, Don Hull, Lloyd Carlson. Iirn Fankhauser, Lee Morgan, Dick Meyer, Bill Smith, Bruce Iuelfs, Dwain Iones, Paul Obermeyer, Qrt Bates, Den Logan, Lyle Nelson, Dick Hawley, Bill Rogers. Roger Rhodes, Dwight Ohs, Henry Hoy, Wendell Carriker, Tom Keating, Bob Kuester, Don Iones, George Umbarger, Paul Young, Marvin Ohs, Duane Grantske, 'loin Mihane. Page 160 ,hcfh -- if o 4'1" ab: I 47 , 'K ' Q 5' .1 , 1 V ' - T E 'ki , Theta Chis can well be proud of their achievements during the ii V, 1 year. They can look back and gain new resolve for the years ahead. b fl .5 lg i I L. OFFICERS , 1' to President - Vice President - Recording Secretary - Corresponding Secretary Treasurer - - - Right: Mrs. Charlotte Thurtle,, Theta Chi Housemother. Bill Carriker - Rocl Elson Virg Condon Lyle Nelson Oscar Weidler 1.-.J 5007 Huntington, home of the Theta Chi's. Page 161 Theta Chi's enjoy an informal chat with Band Le cider Sammy Kaye, a Theta Chi alum. 1' Ny!- ie 195 W , Q.ifff'Wmf bfzwffk mg Q iq fiib Y 4 J' Virginia Garlow vw BEIKGYSY QUEENS Page 164 Page 165 V Ideal Plainswoman. Audrey Schultz Cal Bones and Betty Merrill, Old Grouch and Big Snob respectively, posed for the photographer at the Turnpike after they had been revealed to the student body in attendance there. The Big Snob-Old Grouch Dance was sponsored by the Interlraternity and Panhellenic Coun- cils. 2 w,,. 5,1-.' - a ,.,., ,, , . ,,,,,W,A, :N ..,.... , 2' Ideal Plainsman, Lee Gam-ell "W" Club Sweetheart, Dorris Thomas, with W Club president, Bill Carriker. x if - I 1 I A t r I 5 ,' " A ll- A V I- , f' I 5 I .,r , A I-In . lil , 4 ' ,ff W -. .Q Q' , X The O ld Dro b courses ,O tqljem, Gt least t -. - ' - o f Registration is always first on the agenda when I 9 here! and he he Seniors, W school starts in the fall, This was Mrs. Luscheis ref Gnd here QS ihqf of wh t - - . C1 busiest time as school registrar. 5' The freshman mixer, given by the YM-YW in the fall, helped to acquaint the new students with Wesleyan, Leading students of the campus wel- comed them. Traditions Day was much harder on the upper classinen than on the green freshmen. 1' Amr- we-vw f"!'!fL, The first important formal in the school year was the Iohnson Hall Formal, held in the basement of Iohnson Hall, freshmen girls - - Valentine Ball, held in Febfu Mid winter activity in the 50 dormitory. Q A r R 1' A. , Page 166 The Chancellor's Reception was held to honor the new Chancellor this year, Dr. Carl C. Bracy. Hfter the receivina line came ,... ah, refreshments, ' ,psf Speaking of food, the school cafeteria located in Iohnson Hall was just the place for that meal. l world centered around the I in the Student Union. 'll The WSSF Carnival in the Winter was sponsored by the YM-YW. The funds raised from this went tor a good cause. Winners of the corsage contests at the Spinster's Spree, sponsored by the WFIFI, were Gene Bock, Elsie Neth, Grant Cornelius and Gayle Gilmer. Page 167 i I"ll31DltK 5l"H Members ol the newly organ- ized Mr. and Mrs Wesleyan Club pose for a picture at one ol their early meetings. lean Brillhart gives Bill Carriker a chance to kick the Kigmy during the March of Dimes Drive here on the campus. ' x Square dancing was all the thing at the RCE. barn dance held in the gym this year. . - ..- ' girl- X :B to F7 XA' X pf! 1, ,M JK vu K The Snack Bar always proves. a popular place to gather be- tween c l a s s e s and after chapel. Page 168 The Pride: ot ttw Ploingriimi iirprrici strirtoci Q :suc- C'?:3!1iUi :wczsaigri with ttwir tir.:t concert early in March, ALL WESLEYAN 'TALENT SHOW x-' Winners cnt the I-tnnucll HIIWC-zalczyori Talent 2 , . Show :smile iicippliy miter' rxnnoiincomcnt oi :CA :1i1lt:: Doi: MUl"Iwil, tm' riqtit, :ze-rvcrri vm Muster 6 ot Corornonion. J Young Wezsloyuriitos Qnjoy on CVCYIIYIQ ot dunc- is ing ot ttic Bcxskert Bull in honor of our basket- ball tcrmi. The Mcty Queen and Student Prince tor 1950, George Ferris: unri Virginia 'i'i1omp::on, relax in the out-of-doors just before the ceremonies start. They were mvorilnfl 'rn the tztiicinnt body inthe opening exercises ot Moy Fe-te, Moy Sth. F i w P65 6716195 Jil! 1 F1 I x 'ii as ' .sf ,Zigi - 4-k .1 4. ,vw 4-J 4 . , ....mv17.7m...fx-E.:6'!- 4141 I A 31 1 K 1 CVM . T5 o 0 o -5734 d W xx. 5-. -fi ' A I l R. Z QNIC' f , his I :Evals Teak- 1 nnllfftf CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS FROM YOUR "DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER" ..:+'t-1.3, - I -'TR sw., q l X Q x I 7 1 f HOMESTEAD DRIVE-IN i. V across from open-air theatre 1 l 'l O . 0 Nebraska's fashion center featuring freezer-fresh malls, shakes. and cones f My - where all smart co-eds go AYERS CLOTHING for talk-of-the-campus fashions! The College Store for College Students 1240 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Phone 2-6657 1400 O St. Lincoln, Nobr. 2700 No. 48th 6-2353 ' if 1- if u tum B annu l s f ' , 65 oqo Q 'DCD 'bw O63 QQ gb no A ,--1 nw H HI! 5 Q 'A ' "" tv, X XX OB Og 'xi B EI gl. 5.1 1 x ll A-hig.4 sxnlI' O3 O0 There's a strong connecting link between Old Main and Magee's . . . because for nearly 50 years, Magee's has been serving two generations of Wesleyan stu dents. Magee's hopes that in years to come, Wes- leyan students and alumni will feel at home at Ma- gee's, your college clothing store. ll V Page 172 CONGRATULATIONS. SENIORS! FROM YOUR SCHOOL SNACK BAR Dr. E. S. Mathers Dentist 2726 No. 48th 6-2248 JORDAN FURNITURE CO. Always Room to Park Open Evenings ,O lx vlb nll. , . I HI "JK m . .ll S55-E: 70 years old . 70 years young. The quality-guided department store with the ever-young spirit fll1lI.ER L PAIHE 27th and o 2-4020 Best Wtishes OLSON CONSTRUCTION ft'-' O COMPANY f t -J ,,,, ,,,, , -f I O O O General Contractors O O O Lincoln, Scxlt Nebr. Lake Utah ICE CREAM AT ITS BEST Zieatriceifoods Cu. Compliments ot Obinsolfs, Fashions For Women 1125 "O" Street 0 Lincoln Page 173 C. I.. Trombla C Harold 'I' ombla C. L. TROMBLA 8' SO Real Estate and Insurance Residence-4918 Madison Hve. Office-2714 No. 48lh St. 6-2675 6-2151 Lincoln F . Nobr. : CLEANING AND SANITATION SUPPLIES Kelso Chemical Company 117 No. 91h Street RENT A NEW CAR- by ihe hour, dd I or monthg low rate ANNEX GARAGE 109 No. Sth Street Phone 2-0579 FOR . . . Y, S SHEILA RAE For THREE GENERATIUN REACHED S They've MILK THERE M' BE A REASON! A NEBRASKA INSTITUTION HELPING TO BUILD A GREATER A NEBRASKA A a I VQBLXG ' A TAXPAYING SELF-SUPPORTING PUBLIC INSTITUTION Owned By The People It Serves Closed Mondo BUYING A CAR? See the Havelock National Bank Before You Borrow We Will Save You M oney HAVELOCK NATIONAL BANK 6145 Havelock Avenu Member F.D.I.C. MRS. LUTZ COTNER TERRACE Ifincolnfs Largest and Finest Restaurant 3 COURSE DINNERS 51.00 6. UP PRIVATE BAN FOR 10 TO 600 QUET ROOMS Two Blocks North of 58th and O St. y 6-5044 Page 174 WIRE HDEQUHTELY and LIGHT HDEQUHTELY HENDERSON ELECTRIC SERVICE aan Norm 4911. 6-2022 ' ' 'A 1 ALWAYS BUY THE PATIO Drive-in Cafe Enjoy Life! Ecxt Out More Often Ice CI-egm Your Service-Our Pleasure North 48th Street at Fremont Phone 6-2016 To Our Advertisers COMPLETE HUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 2710 No. 48 Ph- 6-2533 THANKS! The Plainsmcm Staff READY MIXED CONCRETE CO. PRODUCERS OF SPECIFICHTION CONCRETE 1800 Y Street Phone 2-7127 Page 175 lT'S CHEAPPER l ! SHOP WHERE YOU CAN SAVE EVERY DAY! It isn't necessary to hunt all over town for bargains, because you can be sure that the "Cheapper" Drug Store is selling it at the lowest possible price! Look for the "Flying Red Arrow" on O Street! lt leads to greater values! o nnucs ,- e Pmsscnlmons Y. o OANDY , o TOBACCO " ' o STATIONERY 35 o cosmetics O, I TOILETRIES We Keep Lincoln Prices Down! We carry complete lines of all the nationally advertised brands. Low prices every day. You always save at "Cheappers." CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. VICTORY CLEANERS If Your Clothes Art Not Becoming To You, They Should Be Coming To Us 4317 North 62nd Phone 6-2632 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Special 1-Day Service 9 S LLYHOUSEKEEPING Lincoln KUni. Placej Nebr. ' STUDENTS HEADQUARTERS -- for - Phonograph Records Musical Supplies Radios Pl'1Or1OS K SHOP 2733 North 48th Phone 6-5062 Play Golf for Health PARK VALLEY GOLF LINKS CLUBS FOR RENT OR SALE 1325 0 Lincoln 815 No. comer s.sas7 NESBITT DRM SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES M O Q BOWLING CO' , THE COMMONWEALTH Phone 2-8020 U R AN GE R me CQMPANY 4701 O fl' Y 126 No. nut ' I 2-6958 Q- ANN UALS SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS fo PROGRAMS STATIONERY 'fl 'ff WEDDING INVITATIONS W I-UUIIL Seright , Publication Bureau Il Therion Food Locker Co. Lincoln, Nebr. Frozen Foods -- Choice Meats - Fancy Poultry FROZEN FOOD LOCKER PLANTS 1 I.. It In Q ' 71 fy., ,,.. 1, I., ': I' irflf' 79" 4 24... ,ff SAVINGS, 31 and ZZ Looms When You Need PAINTS GLASS MIRRORS WALLPAPER PAINTERS' SUPPLIES Remember the: LOCATED AT: , 0 827 so, 27.1, S., 9,6 L SL Van Slckle Glass and Palnt Co. 6042 Havelock Avenue 143 South 10th St. 2-6931 Lincoln, Nebr. Page 176 FOSTERS CAFE 24 Hour Service 27th and Adams Streets BAND INSTRUMENTS RADIOS. TELEVISION MOLZER MUSIC CO. 126 No. 12th 2-5272 STUDENTS ATTENTION Slacks, jackets, boots, western outfits, western boots, sport clothing, western shirts, complete stock of luggage -THAN KS- for both men :tnd women LINCOLN ARMY STORE ,l,,'f,f,.PNfffZltu 202 So. 11th f Lincoln. Nebraska 5-4948 Your Variety Store for MILADY COFFEE - is served exclusively at the Nebraska Wesleyan Snack Bar and school cafeteria Served also in over 100 of Lincoln's leading restaurants, hotels, and clubs. 0 Greeting Cards A 0 Toiletries 0 Stationery BEN FRANKLIN STORE Launderers and Cleaners Lincoln's Department Store of Cleanliness 333 No. 12th 2-6961 NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER CO. Home of Royal Typewriters Portable - Standard 130 No. 12th 2-2157 Page 177 HOLMES GROCERY With Plenty of Parking Cin Uni? 48th and Baldwin EYES EXAMINED LeRoy G. Klautsch. O. D. Optometrist Phone 4810 St. Paul Ave. 6-2251 Lincoln. Nebr. For - - - Party Invitations Menu Programs Personalized Stationery Wedding Stationery Get the best at UNIVERSITY PLACE NEW 2719 No. 4Sth Mm 6-2446 NORTHEAST INSURANCE AGENCY WARREN H. PRRKER. Manager 2441 No. 48 6-2995. "YOU REALLY SAVE MONEY" WESLEYAN COFFEE SHOP ON Foon Serving Tasty Foods at Popular Prices at RALPH'S I GA MARKET 2740 No. 48:11 THE EASIEST SHOPPINSJACE BLOOM TYPEWRITER IN TOWN 2638 North 48th sf. Phone 6-2319 - Sales-Rentals-Supplies-Service 323 North 13th St. 2-5258 SOUTH OF UN CAMPUS CENTRAL RADIO LAB Radio and Television Installation and Repairs 1601 O Street 2-3814 Sw '21 S Il l' QT + LATSCH BROTHERS "YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE IN LlNCOLN" Page 178 THE CAMERA STORE . 1122 N Street Has Fine Values in Everything Photographic "LET'S GET FICOUFIINTEDH TASTEE INN JIM ARRIGO MARKET Gnocrsmss - Msars - vsosrasnss Open Evenings and Sundays 4743 Holdrege St. Lincoln Phone S-2420 CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING SEASONS TO YOUR FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL TEAMS Nebraska Wesleyan gridders and cagers are protected against athletic injury by Woodmen Rccident Com- pany. Many Plainsmen students are protected against injury by Woodmen Rccidenfs spe- cial Student Rccident plan. For your personal insurance needs consult E. H. Prenosil, specializing in accident, health, hospitalization and life insurance. E. R. PRENOSII. Personal Insurance- I-ldvisor WOODMEN ACCIDENT and Associated Companies 1243 "N" St. Bus. Phone 2-6881 Lincoln. Nebr. Res. Phone 4-2727 BUY YOUR HARDWARE SUPPLIES at ANDERSON HARDWARE S. 8: H. Green Trading Stamps 6132 Havelock Hvenue 6-2317 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FITZSIMON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 6220 Havelock Avenue WE GIVE S611-I GREEN STAMPS Compliments of - W. T. GOOD ICE CO. Congratulations, Seniors From A Friend MILTON B. GATES, D.D.5. 4825 Sf. Paul Phone 6-2076 UNI POPPER Features: Sealtest Ice Cream 0 White Hulless Pop Corn Cold Beverages O Candy SPECIAL RATES FOR PARTIES 4817 St. Paul Lincoln 9 EJVEI26 nzs sr. PAUL AVENUE LINCOLN. NEBRASKA I-Icrtters, Dyers, Curtain Cleaning, Knit Goods and Blocking ELCE 8: SON NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE "47 Years at 13th G O" Lincoln, Nebraska o o o Member of F.D.I.C. 2626 No. 48th Phone 6-2628 GREEN FURNACE NAND I PLUMBING co., INC. LET US "FURNACE" YOUR HOME 2747 No. 48th Phone 6-2800 CITIZENS E1gi"I,?2?I'2i3LZ"' Silver and Jewelry STATE SARTOR JEWELRY Co. BANK "THE HOUSE OF QUALITY" 1200 O St. Lincoln. Nebr. VARSITY DRUG "WHERE FRIENDS MEET IN SICKNESS OR IN HEALTH" All prescriptions filled by pharmacists 2621 North 48th 6-1632 Page 180 VAVERKA JEWELRY Weslevan men' Watches - Diamonds Reliable Watch Repair HARVEY BROTHERS ' Open Saturday Evenings HAVE THE CLOTHES 6129 Havelock Hve. Lincoln. Nebr. MORE "A" PICTURES THAN ANY THEATRE IN THE CITY J OYO THEATRE SERVING You LOW PRICES ' FOR 6102 Havelock Ave. OVER HALF A CENTURY DRS. TAYLOR Cr TAYLOR PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Office: 4728 St. Paul Avenue 1230 O Street Lincoln, Nebr. Phone 6-2257 Lincoln, Nebr. Boyd Jewelry Co. Diamonds-Watches-Silverwcrre 12th G O Sta. Lincoln T A N D A R 'seuvuces COLLEGE MEN LOFINK-THOMPSON Tailored Clothes for Men Stuart Bldg. - Mf:N's runmsumcs Phone 2-4538 COLLINS STANDARD HOAGLAND HARDWARE SUPPLY Gas F El tl wi I Complete Service lor Your Car urnaces- ec nc xrmg Paints-Glass General Electric Hppliances "SGH" GREEN STAMPS 2639 No. 48th St. Phone 6.2630 Lincoln' Nebr. 48th and Baldwin Phone 6-5031 Page 181 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES, SENIORS Students of 1950-it will pay you to try the Bookshop on North 48th Street first for all your needs-the store of 2,001 items. Textbooks QR School Supplies 1,2 -31 'Z Drawing and Art Supplies E Laundry Bags and Fillers .- College Iewelry owne Novelties Hem-4' Sweat Shirts, Tee Shirts Pennants, Stationery le? 2.42, Fountain Pens, Pencils Dictionaries, Books .I 'Q Bibles, Magazines WESLEYAN COLLEGE NACS Member Hannah Iensen, Prop. 2711 No. 48th St., American-Burlington Bus Depot Phone 6-1278 1927-1950 V Open Evenings "EVERYTHING FOR THE STUDENT" SMITH BROS. THE LUMBER SMITHS LUmbef 0 o o o Cqql 2341 No. 48th Phone 6-2527 x 6-2345 2650 No. 48th GATES INSURANCE AGENCY CECIL C. GATES CITIZENS STATE BANK WHERE FRIENDS MEET TO EAT HAWVEIFS CAFETERIA We Recommend This Place to Duncan Hines 2633 No. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. THE STU DENT'S DEPARTMENT STORE BOOKS OR FICTION TEXT BOOKS HRT SUPPLIES STHTIONERY ITEMS BOOK STORE H35 R Sl. Lincoln 8, Nebr. FRATERNITY JEWELERS MEDHLS, PINS, HND TROPHIES nl' RIXSTINE Jewelry Manufacturing Company 1108 P Street 2-3810 SERVING LINCOLN AND NEBRASKA SINCE 1871 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LINCOLN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 10th and O St. Y I 1 LINCOLN BRANCH- A - 1333 O .-Ni' O. I' '1 ' Susnwnv WILLIAMS PA1Ivrs N r f N Ililf. ,, fb, '4 I X J . 5 I "GRIME NEVER PHYS" PEERLESS CLEANERS 322 So. ll Geo. H. Lemon Branch Office 2719 No. 48th THOMAS HARDWARE REMEMBER THOSE COLLEGE DAYS with KODAK PICTURES in COLOR OR BLACK 6 WHITE Everything for your most popular hobby- Photography Greeting Cards-Gifts Garden Tools - Lawn Mowers Paint - Vafnlsh - Bfufhes Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc. Gift Ware - Toys - Radios Telephone 2-7216 1221 O Street Phone 6-2261 2739 No. 48th LINCOLN' NEBRASKA Harrington Companies REALTORS Homes ll Sales Farms Zi, Leases Ranches -'nl' Rentals Real Estate Loans H11 Kinds of Property Insurance In our 46th year of successful and satisfactory service to people of the city and state, we cordially invite you "Look At Your Shoes: Everyone Else Does" DOYLE SHOE SERVICE DR. KENNETH E. DROWN to let us help you in the field of real estate and property 4 DENT'5T I insurance. "Experience is the best teacher" 4728 S., Paul Ave Phone 6-2059 229 South 13th 2-6621 , Lincoln 4, Nebraska at yOUl' SeI'VlCe 5 salesmen MEEK LUMBER COMPANY 5 cars Dealers in R, E, H,,,,i,,g,.,, BUILDING MATERIAL AND COAL Don P. Harrington '25 Frank Harrington '40 C. V. Dixon Walter Bloomfield Lee H' ov' Euan ming 2441 Norm 48th se. Phone S-2219 .,- Sf'1'1'-3 7: . .-:-If:-:-Z4-:fi .. ,.,.1-3:5:-:sa"'?'2E"1:tf:1-2s:E1:si't-W" ..- .,.x:5::2' ,W.,,.,.,..,.122525222E2i5E521:1E1E151E1:1:1:3"' ., :1:' :1:1:i""'?:1:1:3:1:C:f' g:E:E:E5E4a?N ..-.-:-:1:2:::g:' ', .-.1:1:1":?:5:1:1:g:F" .gl:1:2:fa-:1:-12:1:1:1""'5'E:i '-:1:1:1:1 ci" 'EF' -:' '1:1"' -:5:3:1:1:1:3-. -.-:-:-:-:::,:-.:.- - :-- 1 -'-:.:-:-:-:-:f:-.-' -:.:-:-:-:-:-:-: .1 1-' ,-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-:1., 4G:1'5E5E1ECE1E1E1:1:F1. :1E1:1" . - . .1'2:5:3:5:3:E:' .-:1:1:1:1:1:1'1" " Q -"1:1:1:1'1'1'1:1:3:1'- ' ,121 g..-: .1152 '....z:e:2:a:s. .-Zzizieiafzf'1:21...::e:....:...1.sa1:-....z.1.....::f..,.::g:gg5w11"P' '-FF. 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W-"4.3.f..f. lil. -.g.57'?5, l' M22251?5125255533:giziiiiiitizizirZiqiririirizigiiigiiii 2251513155322I-.-:23332325:Es2EgE55g:EgS?g:ir9ErgE53Egiigtiigviw' 4 531221E25122:IEIEIE1:f:1:1":iz1-1:if2151'E1Z'Zr1'i-:IE2E1:"1:1'1:1:1:1:f -:MEZZ135121215133111:1'''3Z7!7iI'E-'1E1:lf1:-51E"11:15:35-5:-:1F'1:1:' .. 311515151 2:1-":2-"rr :2.- -:1:2:2:rErEfEr:2:21:r:2:2-' -E:E:'.-:1-' . .-IEIE5' .:1:1:1:2:2:5::2:E,4:5:5:::g:E:1:3g::y:g.5-I-"' ' ,:g:!:1:f:E:i:i:Q:2:5:E:2 ' ' ' ' ' ':i:Q:E:5:2:"" ' ' '1:1:1:-:1:-2:-c-:-:-zg:-saw' -fr:-5:-:1:-:-:-:-21:-'13 ' ' ':2:E:5:fz1:Q:1:2:15'f" Q:1:Q2:2:1:1"" S5:1'1'4"' 9" .-:-:111:I:1 ,1:1:1:1:1:k1:1:1:12E: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-.:.,:g.:.:.:- Free Lance Photographer LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 5340 Walker 6-saoa Students Keep Fit ! ! WE HHVE H COMPLETE STOCK OF BHSEBHLL SOFTBHLL TENNIS 6 K GOLF OTHER SPORTS EQUIPMENT YOUR DEPARTMENT stone: OF Quality Merchandise at Prices STUDENT'S NEEDS That Are Right SERVING WESLEYHN THROUGH THE PEP CLUB HND THE BTHLETIC DEPHRTMENTS I m ll 1 ' ll HARRY REED SPORT SHOP The Basement of Od Mcun 1321 P Street 2-4191 Page 184 Congratulations' Seniors . . . Yours is a lob Well Begun! When You Pick Up This Book In Later Years And Recall Those Glorious Days At Nebraska Wesleyan, Remember Us Too THE FACULTY TYRRELUS FLOWERS AND Specialists: ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF IN CORSAGES OF o PARTY DECORATIONS I WEDDINGS YOUR ALMA MATER Phone 6-2357 Lincoln 1133 No. Cotner Blvd "DELL," "CLEM." 6 "CHEN" Qin 1-.ff I FOR A Pow Wow KJ NM At the Cornhuskers New S K is JE I. H Y NJ I TRUWD x, M Teepee Room Fine Foods Delicious Taste Treats l Formal or Informal, Collegiate Gatherings Always Enjoy the 'ix Excellence of A ri ' A l i . SCHIMMEL SERVICE HOTEL COR HUS ER A. O. SCI-IIMMEL, MANAGING DIRECTOR 0 A. L. LEW, RESIDENT MANAGER UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION Page 185 1.1124 When it comes to any phase of yearbook publishing, the Journal has the right answers. Your problems will be solved by our complete "ALL UNDER ONE ROOF" service. O ON TIME DELIVERY O COMPLETE BINDING SERVICE O EXPERT CRAFTSMANSIIIP -MODERN EQUIPMENT O QUALITY PRINTING, ENGRAVING AND LITHOGRAPIIING O LOW COST-NO SUB-LETTING-WE HANDLE ALL OPERATIONS 31315.:!.9!'l"'3,l..'I5'Ull'3.9..9.'l 1- -un pg 1 1 E-.l Pg 187 Hutographs A HSSOCIHTION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCH- TION ................................................................ 130 HLPHH GHMMH DELTH ........................ 146. HRT CLUB ............................... B BHRBS .............................. BHSEBHLL ....................... BEHUTY QUEENS ......... -.. BLUE KEY ............................... C CHRDINHL KEY ..,.................. COGS ................... ........ CRESCENTS ...... .... D DELTH ZETH ....... DRHMHTICS ........ ........... F FOOTBHLL ...... ........... FRESHMEN ...... .... I IDEHL PLHINSMHN, PLHINSWOMHN ........ A HNDERSON HHRDWHRE ....... HNNEX GHRHGE ................. HRRIGO MHRKET ............. HYER'S CLOTHING ......... B BEHTRICE FOOD COMPHNY .... BEN FRHNKLIN STORE .............. BLOOM TYPEWRITER ............. BOYD'S IEWELRY ............. BUTLER'S CLEHNERS ..... C CHMERH STORE ................... CENTRHL RHDIO LHB ........... CHEHPPER DRUG ................... C1T1ZEN'S STHTE BHNK ........... COLLIN S SERVICE ..................... ........ COTNER TERRHCE .................... COMMONWEHLTH CO. ..................... ...... . CONSUMER'S PUBLIC POWER .,....... ........ CORNHUSKER TEEPEE ROOM ......... ........ D DOYLE SHOE SERVICE ,.......... DROWN, DR. .......................... . E EHSTMHN KODHK ........... ELCE BOOKBINDERS ..... EVHNS LHUNDRY ............. EVHNS STUDIO ..................... F FH1RMONT'S ........................... FIRST NHTIONHL BHNK ............ FIRST TRUST CO ............................. ........ F1TZS1MON'S DEPT. STORE .......... ........ FOSTER'S CHFE .......................... ........ G 'GHS COMPHNY .................. GHTES, DR. ..,..................... . GHTES INSURHNCE ......... GOOD ICE CO ................ GREEN'S FURNHCE ......... CS7Cll.OOl gn dex INTERFRHTERNITY COUNCIL .......... INTRAMURALS .,........A......,............,........... IN TERNHTIONHL RELHTIONS CLUB .......... I IOHNSON Ham. .................. ........ 1 34, IUNIORS ............,.,. ........ ............. K Kappa car ........................... ..... KHPPH KHPPH psr ............ ......... M Maur QUEEN .......................,..,........,.....,,,,.,,,,,.., METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT .......... MUSIC ....................,................................... N NU-MED ...... ................ ...,..... p PHNHELLENIC COUNCIL ......... ....,........ PHI KHPPH PHI .......................... ...............,. PHI KHPPH THU .............,.,...,. ...,,... 1 58, PHI MU ......................... ,... .... 1 5 0, PI GHMMH MU ..,....... ............. ,Zcfvertzsmg ' kgncfex H HHRRINGTON'S ........................... ......... HHRVEY BROTHERS ..................... ......... HHVELOCK NHTIONHL BHNK ......... ......... HHWVER'S CHFETERIH ............... HENDERSON ELECTRIC .......,... HESTER'S GHRHGE ................ HOHGLHND HHRDWHRE ...... HOLMES' GROCERY .............. HOMESTEHD DRIVE-IN .......... H. P. LHU COMPHNY ...,...... HOVLHND-SWHNSON ........ I IORDHN FURNITURE .......... IOYO THEHTRE ................ K KELLY'S HOUSEKEEPING SHOP ................ KELSO CHEMICHL CO ................... KLHUTSCH, DR. ................. . L LHTSCH BROTHERS' ............. LINCOLN HRMY STORE ........... LOFINK-THOMPSON - .......... LOWELL'S IEWELRY ............. M MHGEE'S ............ ............... MHTHERS, DR. ...... ....... . MHTSON, DR. ........... . MHYO DRUG ................ MEEK LUMBER CO .......... MILLER HND PHINE ..,,.... MOLZER MUSIC CO ............ N PI KHPPH DELTH ........ PUBLICHTIONS ...... .... S SENIOR HHLL ...... ............ SENIORS .................. .... SIGMH P1 SIGMH ........ SOPHOMORES .............. STUDENT SENHTE ........... T THU BETH SIGMH ......,... THETA ALPHA PHI .....,.... THETH CHI ..................... TRHCK .................................. Y YELLERS OF THE BROWN .......... YM-YWCH .................................... - W QQQfff1'li6f .fffff"1'66Q WOMEN'S HTHLETIC HSSOCIHTION ........ W CLUB .................................................,.....,...... WHO S WHO .......................,.......v.... WILLHRD .............................,.................... 152, WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL .....,.v P PHRK VHLLEY GOLF LINKS ........ PHTIO ......I..................................... PEERLESS CLEHNERS .........,.... PLHINSMHN BOOK STORE .......,.. R RHLPHS IGH ............,........,,........... REHDY MIXED CONCRETE .......... REED'S SPORT SHOP .................... RIXSTINE'S IEWELRY MFG ......... ROBERTS DHIRY ........................ ROBINSON'S CLOTHING ........ S SHRTOR IEWELRY CO ................... SERIGHT PUBLICHTION BUREHU ................ SI-'IERWIN-WILLIHMS ...................... SMITH BROTHERS LUMBER ...,...... SMITH LOREN ....,........................... sTaTE' IOURNHL PRINTING co..1111Q1II1fQ11lQ T THSTEE INN .,..,............................... THYLOR HND THYLOR, DRS .......,. THERIEN FOOD LOCKERS .......... THOMHS HHRDWHRE .............. TROMBLH REHL ESTHTE .......... TYRRELL'S FLOWERS .......... NHTIONHL BHNK OF COMMERCE ............ NEBRHSKH BOOK STORE .............................. NEBRHSKH TYPEWRITER ..................... ...... NESBITT'S BOTTLING CO ............................. NORTHEHST INSURHNCE HGENCY .......... O OLSON CONSTRUCTION CO .......... U , UNI PLHCE NEWS .............. ....... UNI POPPER .................... ....... V VHN SICKLE PHINT HND GLHSS ....I........,.. VHRSITY DRUG ......,.............................. ....... VHVERKH JEWELRY ......................... ....... VICTORY CLEHNERS ...... ....... W WENDELIN BHKING CO ............... WESLEYHNN BOOKSHOPP ........... WESLEYHN WESLEYHN WESLEYHN WOODMEN COFFEE SHOP ........... SNHCK BHR ............. UNIVERSITY ........... HCCIDENT CO ........ Page 124 77 139 26 123 50 141 123 125 161 110 142 136 131 143 120 153 139 176 175 183 184 178 175 184 182 174 173 180 176 183 182 184 186 179 181 176 183 174 185 178 180 176 180 181 176 177 182 178 173 185 179 188

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