Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE)

 - Class of 1949

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5 R0 c EC R Mo L-E CC The 1949 PLAINSMAN was published under the direction of Audrey Schultz, Editor, and Ross Smith, Business Manager. R' L ,'m,,ji'3f1M,h' l M W. '- .Q mf M AV'-. ,1 'VV .1 f . W 'ff-m.,. 4 .WV Nw- W ,.,,, 4 -W, V V, ,. , 1 . .z -V f. ., Aw ' ,'.' "Af ' V ' wa ' V wr A '. ,H A 4 V a M . f ., H 1 Vu .A ' 1' VM'-f V VH, V " ' mf M , H 1 V w ,N i1lm'f"fV-V. I, fl, Vg, ,1'lVl,b'-iv ,L 4 ' 1' Zw ' " A 5 -v',,i..VV',.,.V.,,,. vm V , , fmt ,Up f.'11gA 4. Vw W V ' , v, E hr' . W' , ,Y Y ,4 , 'M a, A- , ' I . 6' 4 W ..1,:.-iqfff, ,J 2 " 2 . MM, ,?V. .I . uh, , V, V A V, 11, 4 ,W . V v . ,-5491 . - . , , V2 ,wi , w ,L ,.V. V, L ' ' V4.4 --rv-V A 'G' 1- f.-Q, 1 4 4 , ,,VV1,VV. ,. ,-'H wh nw' fu 'fj5fQh,2.LV ag., 4 n, 'Sum '1 M4 : -Af 4 . , I .- U. ,., 4 "'n,MV M rv V ff-7,V,. '53df.mSf?K ' ' f-WWE " ff U' l2f1f"f1'w we H TZ' W V Vf. ,,g'.,,V w.. , 'H",41' ' V. V "V1.L1'NV.V Wah 15 ,I V rl ,!. y,, fu , , Y,,,gl , TZ. FIST MM.. ' 5 ,prim W , ,H " ww' wwVwA7'M H A "M V ,- f . . lm 4: V ,, .AQ ,. A f 'IH 'fgvvlq-w 1 , ' V ,paw qi i A I ' v":"-:MV-q,,,,,,W 1 'H W' QF-R14 'V Vi' " "VW'v'W , U,,g1u-4nVn,,.,,f .: V V V, VV , . V - . ff M . . V 1 , QV-f I ' V 1. -1 , ' In - .M-c-Awww 5 , L, 1 . 1 VMf11li'.LfQj3wn,:.-g,a.,H V v " l lin I Q V .r ,M k ,. .. ' "' V, ,nw 5 1 "w5f,.wV 'l 4 '. 'dur A ,, , , ., "f V14-gaVV:2r1 if -',,.,. ' .1 W, if nf., fu9V",',.V1. f V V ' c ' 1 V . V 1 " M . 4 ""' .I " 4 J 'Of :JaV'5Yf+.'f..' " ws -VV. ' M ww 5"':f .1,,- V VM www hx' ' V , JN., -V 1' , -V -JN ,, . M f V, V ' ,M '41, :M M' V' , :M V f,fg"' V 1 4 L M 3 V. x ' AVX , , ' Q43 'N ' . w. E 'M A A " 'kflqf ,nh ' L . , . y . ' - Mit - ,AA... ' WT QL Page 2 PLAINEMAN 725102424 We afzqcm 71146412 wily LINCOLN NEBRASKA EDEBCIDGIEXESS U :Ita mmf ' ' 14? fn qt.,-E-Qf -4,?'.' H? AE... Progress is the keynote in all phases of the various campus activities this year. Evidences of this progress may be seen by an examination of the ever increasing physical facilities, a greater enrollment, and the pro- portionately larger faculty. Wesleyanites and friends are proud of the high academic standards, the keen school spirit, the deep appreciation of Wesleyan traditions, and the achievements of our graduates. The pictorial presentation herein offered is an attempt to capture glimpses of this progress and to preserve them for posterity. Table 'Ef".f.A of Confe nf will A Z f i I 71, 7f -1- WL G 1 .x al- Q .t Mm Tk ogk C I l'Ef 4 33- fi! " --5 J-l:ve,f7.qEA:'I?i iz? FACULTY E52 if ' " Zia , 3 5. CLASSES Q INSTRUCTION I ATHLETICS HUNURARY ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES to CLAUDE J. SHIRK Dr. Claude J. Shirk came to Wesleyan in 1913 to in- augurate thirty-four years of service to the school in the Biology Department. His magnetic personality has in- spired students to a keen and eager search for knowledgeg his exceptional insight and untiring enthusiasm have built an enviable reputation for himself and for Wesleyan. I It is with a deep sense of appreciation for the faithful servicespwhich Dr. Shirk and Mrs. Underkofler have ren- dered to Nebraska Wesleyan University that we respectfully dedicate the 1949 Plainsman to them. Through their en- ergy and ambition the Biology Page 6 Laona E. Underkofler, assistant professor of Biology for seventeen years, leaves be- hind her a record of thorough teaching. Her sincere inter- est in ber work and her un- selfish giving of time and energy to her students has left a permanent mark in the an- nals of this university. I Department has attained a standard of excellence which remains as a lasting tribute to their efforts. Retirement last Spring brought to a close their many years of active contri- butions, but their works will remain as a part of Nebraska Wesleyan's heritage. Page 7 45' M ..... ,tt to LAONA E. UNDERKOFLER M.. In .L fl, T,s,, ,U . . RUF nl ' . V IQV.,-41. . "' '-wi A- - . u -.. f.' . . - x i , t..'.-:A fixvf ,- . -V ' 1 .AJ '. - 'Q-4' riff. 1- 9' - A ' ' . hw' 1 . . x ' ' 1' . A' 'I , . -. . ' , - .. 4 . , 5 A .- N ' ' '. 7 - 1. .' , . - - ,I q ' sq In 'f , Ju .h , 15 , 1 Q k'3"" ' . ' 1 . 3" '. -. . " Q-. ,f-4 1 .. A -1,5 Q, 1 Q. A .,, a Q , ... A i-.47 Lab- i, A. - V., -. . . ' , . ." ' r - .- 3' ,T ' -, 1 - - ' 4 "L . ' , ", ... vo . 3 vs .utr r, - . ' ....V. fi 1.8 L 'Y' ? 3 F52 4 ' S.-lm ' A ' . --v - .f + ' ., li. A-, V-1 -J . x ai: ,. , I,-,. -I l, i,4j.,A:' t I -3 't , ,'-Q ' - Asabr . .W , V, ..' MT:-V3.0 i. ,FQ rv"-' r - ,-x,'l',-x . - 'ln , '.'. k'7'- 5, -. 'Z V - 1 '1- 1 sh .v',. . 1 .1PvtV. a,,'z' "1 q , '.',.' ' , I --. 9 . 1 - -gf . , .3, . HL Q .. .. -I ,r . v ..., 7 , , -. .L V . Af K A, . . 'qn1'5'3. -I 5 .' -if . . K QQ. LN- 6 fx. - il- Y E.. '.-'AQJ' lx' '9 ' Ui' ""' " '- .f ,, Alas, 'L 4 'fh.v'n 'M' ,,a f -v .'l.:,u 4 .. -',. . ..b vv ., 'f-- .-K-. .,J'5, . f , , .3 lr - if ..- ., -ww o Y' '.' " .K ' . -' - - ' ' n s v . u 'A' isflfts Q N R Q1 , l,.NHQ .valvlr A gi- , 2' 'O 1 " "' . : fu sg-- v .jAb,"- MZ' Sr. e-gf M.. ., ' S5 . , 5 Q ii. 1' I .1 -- --I+ N al ' A' 4 ,J . 1 . fy ' G: I , .I ,!, I 1 , . , I ' . 'H ' - 'F - . It 'M gil - ia.l.fg',1, cl ., K' J . ' 4 U . '.,, .0 ,r av 1 sg! rl Q s Yi W ' ' ' ' !iivir1n A ,.1ii'.a.,i,-m ,A, . Q ,Ski iam.. M A .f.-,F ,U 1 R x 'Wx I fa' ff L 7 ' v -ug :V ...Q- L vi .K ,Ax - 'k Win Q cf r-1' J . 4 Q "xx 1 W Y ' Wx xw Vx , ,J T' ' Na, ' 1 Xt X x m sp- N s A 'Z s ' . h J' Q Q M Q in Y N Q M' H. Q, ,K if , , N . 4, A s 'S' X X! JR . ' ., N ' s 5 5 X s R 'R . DQ 0 x A h b X x K ' Qi: f' - . fm - A 1. 'ww . R5 kxxv 'Lib . A f ' 7 A: I , " f' X ,Ls . X 'Wx' QW 4 0 .lp -o., sf " ' ' .s 'I ' F u N Q . ' f' I ' , ' Yu., . 5' fs. ' ' 5 l ' 'J - ' UM? V1 ' in 7g,'J 'R 'kg , , 4 gy N' . t -, ' ' -:I 'J s ,f .QUXJYV-: , . . 4. ,Q 1 - j , ,ya ,A , ' ' .5 gigxfelw ' lil? Lam ', nf 'fi' L . I "M , f ' pfvwu- Ev ..-ffgwjh - 4 'R f ul" ,h ,', ,r . J l . , A , , , A in QF. , 'A fav-- avv . . L , ' """",,,, ,.,. A , - 'vw A' -. ' ' .. if . . 4, "" u , ,,- . 4 "S'11'.. V" - ' ., - ' --X44 NLT' " gig, 4 V V - ', 15:5 " , . .-7 ' ' if' K W , .,. U. , Qfld ' 5 Q r, . . L ' . 1" ' fww "v'W5"'- ffffw' - , .EY Y' itaifhv 'vp .3 .sry -AWE, K A A. , ,f. thi: 4Vbi.5fMv,FhEx..gV.k , - , f .,J. ,. . gun. L. A,-gr ., ,pw Q .-zfdiwrs -A u J A , , cr, - I -' .Y . Vw-, V L , 1 - t K", 5 A rl , we-fy. W' if ws 1 ri., V -p , A ,W U I V, IQ-,,W,h,fGf-.f. ,Lf W., .g Q.. N. 1 sg vga K h ,., 2: - Q V 4' ,Q , h i f- 1 , . .-.Y fb. B -H .,,, -' at, 5 , 1 , , W f 1' , " 4 ' " , ua, K 'fVf.,. 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A 'V . iv 'F' , ,.,,-Q K 3 . ""Mf:'N V ' ? ma I , l , WM , -, 1 -f -. , Q. ,. H U . 3 as-, Q W 'I wh ' K V E R .iii -'H-uf' " Q .. 'A 'Wf , 1' , , 'Q' 1. - , gf 1 , f ., ,Y .' s , , u YM 'Q W: I , 4, . f 4 Q ' Z, , V fi jx' 1 , 5, 55 . ,ff , f 'E U,fx-,w,2i'.,35Tf.?1m he . M 3 i f Zh K' ., , , gn D A , , ' - if 5 . 'H r , wg gig ' L, .W V AQ., A 7 V' K A 5 V4 K. A2 1 . 1 ,1 i , 2 ,V 4 KL K ,V A hiv' - .115 , dgmgs f w ,F hint!! tkkwx- z 4 ' Ai' -'ff-, 1- ,'-11:6 .. 5:1 W -- f -K I X ' .W N., , .1 1- mf. :M -M xg rw- . uw. wr- fm., , f- H fb , fx , f ,. .vt . Q x-Q v-.zi .- -f,..-. Q, 142 ,A' 1 V Uifvlz, .. jf A fr ,L Y. -V 5' QQQ,-r,. 1 , C11 L A ' ' A, .H ':- ff L.-4" JWJQW Q ?9.z..f7yf' ,sf-:Liv .f A ' ' " ff " kb YK , 1. H1 L-, g y " Lf' 'fl 1 2 -WA i is , ,g y ff-sniff 1 'ff- Ai g1 , ., 4" ' 'r' - . ' ' ,gf ' gg IEW , , ' , 'Mage . W 4' 32 g ,mv r 4 .4 -B . 4 , - 1 .A NN A J- L f5ea., wf--.g..,. 1 QQ-',x X K -xml A .- 1 A ,. 1. 's .i K 8' . ' . 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M. . -L: 1 ff., , ,, ,......- .,... 7 ,,.-...... 3 - --' Lb , ,,l.....,..- 1 .QL 5 :Z-----3 , ..-. ,.. .. ,.,....--- .Q ., - M '-LMA 2:41 if - .wwf " "' : , ,,,,., ,.....1.-ffl w wa. g.',:-2-Pr, :I rr---fir:-1 -. - 'g . -.., ,. -g 2 ,3,gf,,,,......-.--- IPL - .1 ,,,,,,.,..Z..- - 4, ' - ..,.......-- ,...- f-f 4 1 .G .-uni.. ,.L...A4 ..Lg.m.- , I! ,- E 'L-"..YA,,,,, , ' 1 ,l,..4,.':2::::::: Z Ls,-6-iw-9.1: :I a I ..- , . -..':,-::.":.:-...JL ... """" " L , ' Q .. . , ,. ... ,-.. .,- ,.- ..-H-A ..., ,,,,.,,. wa.. M. -..,.........1..4.,.,-fa ff -v4""" "'-1 , . 'M , , -... ., A , . .-- -M-4-' V 'axe -44. MM ..,, ... ,.. , ,,,,,,,.,,.-.,.,, W .-,,, f , - , ,: "'-"""- E TZ .,,.-.Y if ' -.Q-----------v-f --' --' ,::2:,:' '- 3' ':::.-:azz 2 'A' 'f.:3' Y' L .,, 1g:.:' J TTTIELJ., , g 'II,T1L"""'iT'L"' "" --,,. 'K-"'W"'.hL-LT: 'A J - f K'..,LT'T 'I 'ft:'f..- A 'xii "T "'T'Z'Z' -,K-J' W' -- -5-A ' ' ... ..,... . suv- , :gin T--1--f yy-1-M-4 ..-.,. . .....,.- - ,.. A , ,,,, , W N , M45-. 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N X 4 xw, .-5 Pix x 'iq -'kv' Y W4 NN 1 K 'L ww, if ,. X 'iLk5',.g.'-.SK- , " 'klxfg -mga ff h,g.g', X. A . xr '. ncioivf.,-P N New tn. x wx- 'I 1 '94 - ' " Ya h Y: wif. A V- ' V 'mx . t s'. .1 -A ON' ' . ,x Q , U ' 4 ' :X 1 5,0 '- x na K ,Yi Q., J rs? la .q'.' if n f' . r' , .4541 f:Q.v L, ' ,V .., J s .v Q Q - , 4 r .J ' 4 5 , 1 N , 3 'F 1' M, , 'C A wifi 2 1' ! vv. wp, 43 3? M fs . ,. , ,,,5, ' ff' ps. ""'v. 1 1' .Q - ROSE MEMORIAL OBSERVATORT 96-1- -...Sf " f. ' .r - ,U IRQ 6 lt ' X - u W' . L' W . ,Q-ft: W'gMIf." Q w - H ' 5 'aM'4w9-433455 O. N. MAGEE MEMORIAL STADIUM "' f?'.'- .-35" M - vw-cp . .O W J 'YZ V! in Q: -.,vf .rf sr-angry an Q ,. ,- Q HW. 4 'ry 5 h ,J .!.,4K.,q,,5.h!1 W ,U 1 X . .x' J I Page 18 1 I A gd ' I. 1 , ai , X A1 5' .A y.x N 1 v N s. r Pace 19 ..Jlb-- R - -an-,E ', -nl, fs ,Lam . 'Quai Dr. John L. Knight CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY Page 20 .-xy "JF'?5s""I.' 1 arf, I.. ' ' ,-.ess-it .., M.. R 5 J if ,. . 5 f , S - fiiif vi'-T7 9- Iga' Ji U- ,.,..w,, J, , it I Y il. Chans better half with Wendy Leigh and Even at home he works Merrie A ready smile, a genial manner, an untiring enthusiasm, and a sincere devotion to student and school needs are but a few of the prominent characf teristics which we associate with our Chancellor, Dr. Iohn L. Knight. In the three years that he has led the school, many changes and improvements have been made which will long remain as a memorial to his period of administrative service. Under his direction Wes- leyan made a dynamic transformation into a mod- ern, thriving educational institution and successfully survived the dificult time of transition and sudden growth which followed the war. Chancellor Knight will be missed by all who know him and have worked with him. As he goes on to new accomplishments, we wish him every success in his endeavor. Night and day he's on the go A bite to eat for a growing man mx lil is Mi 4 a' ff 1 9 M yr. - s 14 X.'5I,.,,:ViM 4 PP'--,3W 'f9,f'H' l"k vi", H T . , ,1- t'a..we g7,. g .'g:11-2. 5 . 1 , vg.,.?:f'55g5fi' t. if mt... . V .. Dr. Roy W. Deal Dean of the College: Professor of Psychology A man of national recognition, and one who is widely known throughout the state, Dean Deal has long been a stabilizing influence for Wesleyan. In the capacity of dean of the col' lege, Dr. Deal serves as guidance coun- sellor to the students and general co' ordinator for all student and faculty activities. """"- Dean Deal has grown with the uni- versity, acting as professor, administra- tor, and friend. ""r I' 3234. 11257 i i i '- Marian McBriar Dean of Women: Assistant Mathematics Professor of Languages Clinton B Gass Dean of Men: Professor of Page 22 x J V V .... A. ,f 1-"'X B Dr. Graham A. Barringer Professor of History 5 1 James E. Bartley Mrs. Geralyn W. Bennett Business Managerf'T'rcasurer Instructor in Violin Page 23 Oscar P. Bennett Mrs. Ethol L. Bishop Ethel L. Booth Professor of Voice Librarian Professor of English au Q Mrs. Clara B. Brandt Mrs. Katherine P. Brown Elizabeth Buie Director of Health Instructor in Modern Languages Instructor in Physical Education M i , x I ' .' 've' -. --f -- -, l i I 'K'-91 . Nw, -i ..,,i',,4 , 1 GV , K I' J . mv 41" .72 I W H rp - ,,1.... . . E. Glenn Callen A Dale E. Case I Vincent!! A- C0100 Professor of Political Science Professor of Geography Asslsffmf Professor Of Spanish Mamie E, C011-is Betty Eberhart John C. Evans Associate Professor, Head Resident, johnson Hall Assistant Professor of English Business Administration 1 Page 24 mx , , A 1 ' 'iw iv Q Q av.. ,. r I, , 7 H2477 ff v gt., by fs x 1-4 ,Af Z 'Mt I 1 X , X., r 3 M flu. L. A 1 I wb fl! Xyvk nm Albert L. Jewett Dr. Enid M. Hoffman Dr. John C' Jensen Professor of Speech Professor of Physics and Astronomy Physical Education Associate Professor of 1 Head Coach: Instructor of Physical Education George W- Knight Paul W. Lebar Grace E. Lenfest Assistant Professor of Pipe Organ Assistant Librarian. M2 xx. Mrs. Margaret Lindgren Huber A. Ludwig Mrs- Helen I-Usehei Instructor in Piano Professor of Chemistry RCgfSfT0T Page 26 Page 27 'f. "?'fcl 1- -1-v in r . W 'v . Gladys M. Lux Leslie R, Marks Edward L. Mattingly Assistant Pmfessof of An Instructor in Band Director of Religious Life ,-v4 ' 19" XX Wx ,cgi Mrs. Carrie B. McCoid Mrs. Elsie A. Muller Leonard E. Paulson Assistant Professor of English Assistant T-reasuyg-f Assistant Professor of Voice kv ' .P w vs, N-4 "'4k.,,:v Clarence R. Perisho Irvin L. Peterson Alma L. Rogers Associate Professor of Mathematics Basketball Codch Associate Professor of Education ' NN Ld x,,1 'X Dr. john Rosentrater Paul W. Scott M- E- Sedefbufg pmfesso, of Religion and philosophy Di-fcctoy of Student Relations Associate Professor of Education 'x S, B, Shivgly Mrs. Betty Jane Slack Neill C. Slack Professor of Biology Assistant to the Registrar Instructor in Manual Arts L, X f"'!27"r Pauline Slonecker Ralph B. Smith Marietta Snow Associate Professor of Piano Superintendent of Buildings Professor of Modern Languages and Grounds Page 28 Page Xl lk . Mrs. Lois L. Splinter Harvey M- Swift Mrs- lean C- Swinbank Assistant Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Biology Instructor in Secretarial Studies Yi ik. gi no . '-af .N W' '-af' ,f 'hu Leona Williams Secretary to the Chancellor Lucille Troutman Dale H. Weeks b Assistant Professor of Chemistry Professor of Economics 2"""'1Ex wi !"1Hrf:", - P' ,N i,.W,-r , xii---2-7 Richard L. Williams John W- Winters Assistant Professor of Social Science Assistant P'f0fe550"' of Organ Martin Zuckerman Associate Professor of English and journalism 29 Page 30 7 Jw ELI? . X 4 o J I "V J' r X u, 4' ' I' . 'ff 'my ' if 1 Ii I' ' ' ' 1 ill' I X , 0-' 2. Iffgt 'gf ' - .1 ' , f ilm ' -,f'ZtLC'?6 fly ' ' I 1 X I R R' ' ' I 'lfgr 'WI f ' I l. ' , 'S ,,,v .43 -, fl' ' 5 4 ', 1 ,y, f . A uf. - 1.v,.w f - f if if 1 W- iff . af , -ff f W f ,MMZ f ,4yZifi' , rP' '4w2eQ4pfAf W ff ,M L U fZ5z:225"4Z4f W ffgzf' ff' fi 79174 .f I!-5 7' "-' f-f-ix: 5-' -' rrkg' 'ff 'I ig!!! '4 , I6 ', "', I ' I :'g' ! 2,-2143 ' ,E S-Rg:4"1Q+4fQff'-Q' -':.5gZQ,1i, f ff v f- f -X - fx - - w :H M--gg .-,P Zi,-ff A' , T H-kiL.'J' ..14-4:-.f Page 31 ' :- 2 I Page 33 I Blu. CARY President Q06o'o'ogo' A Q ' ,, 5 wx F6 W ,... 5 I 514 joHN GODBY PAUL HAMMER RAY Young Chaplain Orator Secretary ABBE, WILLIAM W. Washington, D. C. PLAINSMAN Staff, International Rela- tions Club, Intramurals, Dramatics. ANDERSON, LEROY. Silver City, Iowa. Delta Omega Phi, Football, W Club. ANDREWJESKI, WALTER. Lincoln. Football, W Club. Amzcoon, RUTH. Rising City. Barbs, Pi Gamma Mu, Cardinal Key, M.S.M., Kappa Chi, Chapel Choir, Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. X. 'B' ATCHISON, WENDELL. Cozad. Delta Omega Phi, Interfraternity Council, Psi Chi, Theta Alpha Phi, Male Chorus fPresi- dentj, Y.M.C.A. BAILEY, MERLE. Paxton. Phi Mu f Presi- dentj, Y.W.C.A., Panhellenic Council. BERG, JACK. Marion, South Dakota. Stu- dent Minister. BLAESKE, JOHN. Bloomfield, New Jersey Psi Chi QPresidentl, Plainsman Players Page 34 CAWLI-:Y, VIRGINIA. Tecumseh. Willard, Plainsman Players, M.S.M., Nu-Med, Y.W.C.A., Alpha Gamma Beta. COCHRAN, EDYTHE. Adams. Willard, Phi Kappa Phi, COG's, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. COLEMAN, JEAN. Adams. Barbs, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi. CONDREAY, GUY. St. Edward. Barbs, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. Page 35 , BRUBACIIER, BEVERLY. Murray. Phi Mu, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. BURKIIARD, ELDRED. Benedict. Delta Omega Phi. CAMPBELL, DUNCAN. Detroit, Miehigan. Nu-Med, Theta Nu, Alpha Gamma Beta, Blue Key. CARY, WILLIAM. Wirlside. Phi Kappa Tau, Senior Class President. nv- -a "UN 'tr- Coomza, WILLIAM TOMMY. Falls City. Phi Kappa Tau, Band, Y.M.C.A., Blue Key, Dance Band. 1' Q S EARL, HAROLD. Lincoln. Sigma Pi Sigma fPresidentJ . EDMISTEN, Mas. Baan. Greenwood. EGLE, GILBERT. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi. EHLERS, DONALD. Blair. Barbs. ELLIOTT, WILBER. Benkelman. Crescent. ERICSON, HAROLD. Paso Robles, California. Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. 'Sy I FINECY, LELAND. Sutherland. Delta Omega Phi, Chorus. Page 36 GLOOD, Lois. Viborg, South Dakota. Phi Mu, Glee Club. GLOYE, EUGENE. Michigan City, Indiana. Psi Chi QSecretaryJ . GODBEY, JOHN. Milford. Phi Kappa Tau, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M., Class Chap- lain, Debate. GORDAN, ALVIN. Bradshaw. Crescent, Al- pha Gamma Beta. Page 37 FREESE, KENNETH. Waverly. FREW, DOROTHY. Crete. Barbs, Plains- man Players, Kappa Chi, A.C.E., W.A.A., M.S.M., Women's House Council. GANZEL, DWIGHT. Otoe. Barbs, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uniyersi- ties, Kappa Chi. GAY, AL. Crawford. Phi Kappa Tau, Student Director of Male Chorus, Plains- man Quartette, Chapel Choir, Chorus, Theta Alpha Phi, Y.M.C.A., Blue Key, Plainsman Players, Student Senate, Band 1Drum-Majorj, Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities. K' GORDON, ARTHUR CHARLES. Lincoln. Foot- ball, W Club. 1..- GUYER, LEE. Blair. HALL, RICHARD. Ashland. HAMMER, PAUL. Waverly. Student Senate, Blue Key, Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., W Club, Chapel Choir, Band, COG,s, Track, Class Orator, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. , , H1-:s'rER, MARVIN. Lincoln. HICKS, MARION. Louisville. Barbs, Foot- ball, Basketball. HOMAN, BERT. Madison. Phi Kappa Tau. 5? Horz, MRs. WILMA. Lincoln. Page 38 N 'S' 1 JOHNSON, MARJORIE. Lincoln. Willard, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Stu- dent Senate, Cardinal Key, W.A.A., Psi Chi. JONES, EVELYN. Benkelman. Barbs, Cardi- nal Key, W.A.A., Psi Chi, Y.W.C.A. fPresidentJ, Women's House Council, Theta Alpha Phi. KELLEY, GERALDYNE. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta, Wesleyan String Ensemble. -I KLEINSCHMIDT, JEAN. Grafton. Delta Zeta, Panhellenic Council, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. A.C.E. Page 39 9 HUGHES, DE FORREST. Lincoln. Plainsman Players. HUGHES, JAMES RICHARD. Fairbury. Phi Kappa Tau, Male Chorus, Chapel Choir, Chorus. HUSNI, EDWARD. Weehawken, New Jersey. JACOBS, GEORGE. Plattsmouth. 7' 165: F"- fl-. KNIGHT, CHARLES. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, W Club, Football, Track. KUGLER, EDGAR. Creston. Phi Kappa Tau fPresidentl, Pi Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players. KUGLER, MRS. LOUISE. Gothenburg. Wil- lard, Panhellenic Council, Theta Alpha Phi, Cardinal Key. LAMPSHIRE, STELLAROSE. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Inter- national Relations Club. IV' LEAL, BEN. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, Y.M.C.A. LITTRELL, MERRITT. Nebraska City. Barbs, Y.M.C.A. LONG, MARILYN. Ord. Delta Zeta, Band. McEvoy, SAMUEL. Benkelman. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi, Interfraternity Council. Page 40 15 'lbs 1- Qs 'C' MIETZNER, DoN. Wilcox. Delta Omega MARKS, LEHOY. Winslow. Delta Omega Phi, Y.M.C.A. MIEISINCER, BETTY. Plattsmouth. Alpha Gamma Delta fPresidentl, Theta Alpha Phi, Y.W.C.A., Cardinal Key fljrcsidentl, Panhellenic Council, Pi Gamma Mu, COC's, Plainsman Players, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. MEYER, ALICE. Wallace. Barbs, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi, Womenls House Council. MICIIAELIS, BERNADINE. Lincoln. Barbs, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. 1 Phl. MILES, FLOYD. Lincoln. MILTNER, DON. McCool Junction. Barbs, Y.M.C.A. Page 41 MOLES, FRANCIS. Shenandoah, Iowa. Phi Kappa Tau. C' MORGAN, ROBERT. Fowler, Colorado. Barbs, Psi Chi. Moimow, JANET. Seward. Barbs, A.C.E. MUNCY, DONNABELL. Tecumseh. Barbs, Chapel Choir, Chorus, Y.W.C.A. MUNOZ, LUIS. David, Panama. Phi Kappa Tau. -in NELSON, IRENE. Courtland, Kansas. . NISLEY, JANE. North Platte. Willard QPresidentJ, Theta Alpha Phi, Psi Chi, W.A.A., Cardinal Key, Panhellenic Coun- cil, COG's, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. NORTON, LOIS. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta, Chapel Choir, Yellers of the Brown, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., COG's, Big Snob. OKAMOTO, FAITH. Honolulu, Hawaii. , Page 42 as RICH, WALTER. Buffalo, New York. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Alpha Gamma Beta. RIEKE, DAVE. Murdock. Delta Omega Glee Club, Chorus. ROBERTS, SHIRLEY. Dorchester. Alpha Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Plains- man Players, Homecoming Queen. 40' Phi, Ross, AILEEN. Gering. Delta Zeta fPresi- dentj, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Student Senate, Chapel Choir, COC's, Cardinal Key, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Pan- hellenic Council fPresidentJ. Page 43 PETERSON, KENNETH W. Malmo. PHILLIPS, MRS. DoRIs. Bertrand. PORTER, HAROLD. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, W Club, Football. RAsMUssEN, MRs. SHIRLEY. Mission, South Dakota. Willard, Plainsman Players. '! ROTHLEUTNER, PHYLLIS. Neligh. Phi Mu. ROTHLEUTNER, WESLEY. Kilgore. Phi Kappa Tau. RUGGLES, DALE. Stratton. Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A., Sigma Phi Sigma. SAUTTER, MARY. Lincoln. T7 in 3' SCHMECKPEPER, EUGENE. Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players. SCOTT, DONNA. Cozacl. Barbs, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A. SLACK, NEILL C. Wood River. SMITH, Ross. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Psi Chi, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi, PLAINSMAN Business Manager. Page 44 IU! YP" 'C sl THIEL, GLENN. Underwood, Iowa. Y.M.C.A. TRISTAN, MICHAEL. Rochester, New York. Phi Kappa Tau, Theta Nu fPresidentl, Nu-Med tSecretaryl. V TROTT, IRMA. Lincoln. Willard, Plains- man Players, Y.W.C.A., Chapel Choir, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, The WESLEYAN Editor, Publications Board, Student Senate re- vision committee. UNDERHILL, SHIRLEY. Grand Island. Barbs, M.S.M., Chapel Choir, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi. Page 45 SPELLMAN, WARREN. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A. STODDARD, ALMA. Auburn. Barbs, Plains- man Players, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Band, Kappa Chi. STORTZ HERBERT. Bennet. Delta Omega Phi. TADLOCK, KEITH. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Football, W Club, Basketball. 'Dune Winn L.- is T'- VESKERNA, EARL. Mead. Crescent, Plains- man Players, Theta Alpha Phi, Alpha Gamma Beta. WALLACE, GENIE. Ravenna. Willard, Plainsman Players, COG's, Girls Glee. WAREHAM, Bow. Curtis. WATSON, ORIN D. Morrill. Student Min- ister. fb 'TN ff? T' Wanum., WILLIAM. Arcadia. Delta Omega Phi, Blue Key, Y.M.C.A., COG's, Interna- tional Relations Club, Student Senate, Chorus, WESLEYAN Staff, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, W Club, M.S.M. Wasrovaa, MRS. CAROL. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta, A.C.E., W.A.A., Psi Chi. Wtssrovea, RAYMOND. Lincoln. W. Club, Football, Basketball, Track. WHITMORE, DICK. Exeter. Delta Omega Phi, W Club, Football. Page 46 3--. ii Was" WROTH, PHYLLIS. Lincoln. Barbs, W.A.A., Chorus, Chapel Choir, Band. YANNEY, LEROY. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi, ' Chapel Choir, Chorus, COG's. NOT PICTURED Arwoon, ROBERT. Ashland. BACIIENBERG, PAUL. Lincoln. BOREN, JOHN. Fairmont. BROWN, MAUREEN. Gretna. DAv1s, ALLEN. Sharon, Massachusetts. DI-ZEDS, BUD. Osceola. EASTLAND, ALLEN. Cambridge, Illinois. Page 47 WILHOIT, HAROLD. Paris, Illinois. Cre- scent, Y.M.C.A. its WINCHELL, D1x1E. Geneva. Delta Zeta, W.A.A., A.C.E., Women's House Council, Governing Board. WISELY, DARLENE. Fremont. Alpha Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A., International Relations Club, PLAINSMAN Staff. WOMBLE, TERRY. Lincoln. .nv- bi YOUNG, RAY. Alliance. Phi Kappa Tau, Chorus, Senior Class Secretary. HAMMOND, DEAN. Minatare. HARVEY, JOHN B. Gering. H'ELMS, GLENN. North Platte. SELL, HAROLD. Louisville. SHOW, Roy. Lincoln. SVENSON, PAUL. Omaha. TSUKAMOTO, SANJI. Pocatello, Idaho. ?2??i4Eifv yw,!Qv-- , , , , R A ,fm I ..,. ---Q-1 u00 ,Q I ,F X ff-FS. MARY Lovisn. Shickley. Delta Zeta, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Chapel Choir. Y.w.c.A. ANDERSON, JACK. Grand Island. Delta Omega Phi. ARNOLD, PHIL. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Beta. BART!-ILS, WILMA. David City. Alpha Gamma Delta, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi. BERRYHILL, LYLE. Lincoln. Barbs, International Relations Club. BIGLEY, BARBARA. Crab Orchard. Alpha Gamma Delta. BLOOMGREN, Ross. Oxford. Barbs, International Relations Club, Y.M.C.A. BONES, CALVIN. Allen. Delta Omega Phi, Foot- ball, W. Club, Y.M.C.A. BoRcMAN, LYLE. Lincoln. Page 49 BORNSCHLEGL, WILLARD. Ohiowa, BRETTMAN, PAUL. Deshler. Crescent iPresidentl, Interfraterntity Council. BROCKHOFF, DEAN. Seward. Delta Omega Phi Bnooxs, RAMONA. Stanton. Phi Mu, Yellers of the Brown, Plainsman Players, A.C.E., W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. BROWN, ROBERT. Waverly. BUCKHOLZ, DoN E. Lexington. Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta, Plainsman Players. BUSIINI-zu., ROBERT. Wilcox. Delta Omega Phi, Blue Key fPrnsidenlJ, Pi Kappa Delta, Interna- tional Relations Club Qlaresidentl, Y.M.C.A. CALVERT, ALFRED H. Friend. Crescent, Foot-,V ball, Y.M.C.A. CAMERON, LYLE. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Beta. CARNI-I, ETHEL. Lincoln. Delta Zeta, W.A.A., A.C.E. CARRIKICR, RICHARD. Raymond, Illinois. Alpha Gamma Beta. CHEN, CARLOS O. David Chirlqui, Panama. Barbs. CHRIST, FRANKLIN. Arcadia. Delta Omega Phi. CHRISTIANSEN, KENNETH. Afton, Iowa. CHUN, ELONA. Honolulu, Hawaii. Barhs, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. CLUTTI-ZR, DARWIN. Crab Orchard. COLE, ROBERT. Plattsmouth. COLEMAN, CLAIRE. Adams. Barbs, Plainsman Players. Page 50 ESP'-IDCE. ALFRED. Ft. Collins, Colorado. Kappa 1. CUDABACK, JACK. Riverdale. Barbs. DANIaLsoN, LOIS. Lincoln. Delta Zeta, Yellers of the Brown. DEAL, BRUCE. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, Band, Orcheslla, Alpha Gamma Beta. DEEDS. IRVIN. Osceola. Phi Kappa Tau, Plains- man Players. DUBACH, CORNELIUS. St. Joseph, Missouri. Barbs, M.S.M., Y.W.C.A. DUNN, WILLIAM S. Falls City. Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown, Y.M.C.A. DURHAM, FRANCIS. Ft. Collins, Colorado. Phi Kappa Tau. SXEDNEY, WILLIAM. Chadron. ELSON, CLARENCE. North Platte. Delta Omega Phi, Chapel choir, Male A Cappella choir. EVANS, DAVID. Lincoln. Chapel Choir. FI:cIINen, MARY. Stanton. Willard, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. FLEISCHAUER, DEAN. Fairmont. FRY, STANLEY. Big Springs. Barbs, Plainsman Players, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. GARTRELL, LELAND. Clay Center. Barbs, Nu-Med. Blue Key, Alpha Gamma Beta, Y.M.C.A. fPresi- dentl. GERLACII, WANDA. Sidney. Willard, Plainsman Players, Y.w.c.A. Gnman, WALDO. Oxford. Barbs, Kappa Chi, M.S.M. Gunn, MILnnI:n. Blair. Willard, A.C.E., Chapel Choir. Page 51 3 1 .1 is fr-nv vis N 'Hr 'Vi .4 --. ,. rl. H4955-L, RICHARD. Pawnee City. Crescent, W Club, Football. HALDEEN, ALFRED L. Brule. Barbs, Y.M.C.A. HAMMER, HELEN. Waverly. Willard, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi, International Relations Club, PLAINSMAN Staff, Debate. HAMPTON, SHIRLEY. Gering. Delta Zeta, Plains- man Players, Yellers of the Brown, PLAINSMAN Staff, WESLEYAN Staff, Pi Gamma Mu, Y.W.C.A. HANSEN, MAE. Red Cloud. Barbs, Band, M.S.M., Y.W.C.A. HARE, WILLIAM E. Broken Bow. Psi Chi, Band, Chapel Choir, Plainsman Players, Pep Band. HARLOW, LEALANIR. Table Rock. Band, Orches- tra, Dance Band. HART, RICHARD. Cozad. Phi Kappa Tau, Plains- man Players, Theta Alpha Phi, Male A Cappella Choir, Y.M.C.A. HI-:DcEs, J ERRY. Central City. Kappa Chi, Chapel Choir, Male A Cappella Choir, Chorus, Plainsman Quartet, Plainsman Players, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. HEIM, FRNESTINE. Humboldt. Barbs, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi. HELLER, WILLIAM. Hebron. Delta Omega Phi, W Club, Yellers of the Brown, Alpha Gamma Beta. HILL, GILBERT. Lincoln. Crescent, Plainsman Players, Basketball, Track. HINDMAND, Mas. CLAUDINE. Burwell. HINIIICHS, CONLEY. Hildreth. Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. HOHNSTEIN, DALE. Harvard. Crescent, Yellers of the Brown. Horz, BILL. Lincoln. Crescent. HUNTER, ROBERT E. Ft. Collins, Colorado. Plains- man Players, Barbs, Male A Cappella Choir, Chapel Choir. ILLINCWORTH, BARBARA. Holdrege. Page 52 JACKMAN, JAMES. Norfolk. Barbs, WESLEYAN Staff, Assistant Editor. JACKMAN, ROBERTA. Norfolk. Barbs, A.C.E. JELINEK, LLOYD F. Ravenna. Barhs, Y.M.C.A. JOHANNES, ARTHUR. Lincoln. JOHNSTON, JOHN. Lincoln. Football, Basketball, W Club, Alpha Gamma Beta. JONES, DWAIN. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi. JOOSTEN, RICDON. Grant. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, W Club, Football. Juxztrs, Bnuca. Potter. Delta Omega Phi. KEMLINC, DwIcH'r. Grant. Barbs, M.S.M., Y.M.C.A. - KNOTTS, AUDREY. Creston, Iowa. Women's House Council, Y.W.C.A. KU!-JCK, ETHEL. Lincoln. International Relations Club, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. KUNTZ, LOUIS. York. Barbs, Male A Cappella Choir. Lmnsrnom, IVAR. Geneva. Sigma Phi Sigma. LINK, BRUCE. St. Michael. Delta Omega Phi, Blue Key, Alpha Gamma Beta, COG's, W. Club, Football. LORIQNSIQN, DONALD. Manley. Alpha Gamma Beta. LORICAN, Pariucm. Farmingdale, New York. Lux, JOHN. Lincoln. Pi Kappa Delta, Y.M.C.A. MCCOY, Bxs'rHiaL. Lincoln. Delta Zeta, W.A.A. Page 53 l 1 ? il Q04 Qs ig, 1 MCKINNI-IY, BETTE. Lincoln. PLAINSMAN Co- Assistant Editor, Debate, Y.W.C.A., Pi Gamma Mu. MARSH, DONALD. Archer. Barbs, Y.M.C.A., Kappa Chi, Plainsman Players, M.S.M., Blue Key, Junior Class President. Mmm, GENE. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown fPresidentl, Nu-Med. MEISTER, CLARANCI: J. Humboldt. Crescent, Male A Cappella Choir, Chorus. M'EImELL, BETTY JANE. Bridgeport. Willard, W.A.A. METCALF, Ronatvr. Lincoln. Mmm, RICHARD. Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, W Club, Football, Y.M.C.A. MEYER, SIIIIQLIJY. Red Cloud. Alpha Gamma Delta, Band, Swing Band, Women's House Council. MIIIANE, TIIoIvIAs. Callaway. Delta Omega Phi, Football, W Club, Band. AIILLER, lvAN. Brandon, South Dakota. Delta Omega Phi, Band. NsI.soN, LYLIL. Millard. NI:sIvII'rII, RICHARD. Chester. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Student Senate, W Club, Football, Pi Kappa Delta, Male A Cappella Choir. NI:TII, EI.sIE. Greenwood. NI:wsIIAIvI, CLARENCE. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau. NIcII0I.As, PAIII.. Grand Island. Chapel Choir, Chorus, Band, Orchestra. NICIIOLA s, Romznr. Wilbur. Noims, Roniznr. Sharon. Massachusetts. Phi Kappa Tau, Band, Swing Band. PARKS, EnNA. Greenwood. Barbs, Plainsman Players, Yellers of the Brown, Art Club. Page 54 PARLES. JOHN. Lincoln. PAIIIIIsH, DEAN. Grant. Barbs. PEDEN, JOHN. Honolulu, Hawaii. PEDEN, LORENA. Fairmont. PENI-oN, PHYLLIS. Lincoln. Delta Zeta, W.A.A. PE'rEnsoN, GERALD. Curtis. Sigma Phi Sigma. POE, EvEIIETT. Burr Oak, Michigan. Student Senate, Plainsman Players, Barbs, Male A Cap- Della Choir, Football, Co-editor Handbook, In- ternational Relations Club, W Club. REED, EARL. Norfolk. REYNOLDS, BArm.AnA JANE. Omaha. SAMIIELsoN, ANN. Genoa. Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M., Governing Board, Women's House Council, Plainsman Players. SANDEII, DEAN AVILLIAM. Trenton. Barbs. SANDFOIKT, KEITH. Humboldt. Basketball, Track. ScIaI'ELKoPE, JOSEPH. Geneva. Barbs, Alpha Gamma Beta. ScIIIIL'rz, AUDREY. Moorefield. Willard, PLAINS- MAN Editor, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, YW.C.A., Women's House Council, Governing Board, Publications Board. SIIAUL, Pl-IYLLIS. Harrisburg. Barbs, Y.W.C.A. SMITH, WILMA. Big Springs. Delta Zeta, Yellers of the Brown,, Women's House Council. SPIaAnIvIAN, ELAYNE. Beatrice. Willard, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M., Pi Gamma Mu. STAGE, BETH. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta, Chapel Choir. Chorus, Girl's Glec, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., A.C.E. Page 55 I . l 1 1 J 5' ,fy . ,T 1 'F A I T. -5 STEELE, GUYLA. Minatare. Barbs, Pi Gamma Mu, Band, WESLEYAN Staff, Barbwire, Plains- man Players, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. STODDARD, ROBERT. Auburn. Barbs. STRELOW, Esruza. Lincoln. STRONG, JIM. Alliance. SWIM, JASPER. Genoa. Barbs, International Re- lations Club, M.S.M., Y.M.C.A. TANNER, ELDON. Elwood. Delta Omega Phi. THonIAs, DoRRIs. Lincoln. Willard, Yellers of the Brown, Panhellenic Council, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. THURMAN, Aucs Louisa. Louisville. Delta Zeta. TILMAN, DONALD. Valparaiso. TYLER, VAN. Lincoln. UROKA, SALLY. Paia Maui, Hawaii. Barbs, Art Club, Women's House Council, A.C.E. URBOM, WARREN. Arapahoe. Student Senate fPrcsiIlentl, Pi Kappa Delta fPresidentl, Blue Key, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M., Barbs, International Re- lations Club. VAN Stcxuz, VIRGINIA. McCook. Barhs, Inter- national Relations Club, Chapel Choir, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. WAKAI, SAM. Seabrook, New Jersey. Barbs CPresidentl. PLAINSMAN Staff, WESLEYAN Staff, lnternational Relations Club, Art Club, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. W"ALliA'l'H, LARRY. Cering. Phi Kappa Tau, In- terfraternity Council, Yellers of the Brown. WI-1mLI:R, OSCAR. Dawson. Delta Omega Phi. WHEELER, VAL JEAN. Wauneta. Barbs. Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi, W.A.A., Plainsman Players. WHITFZ, KI-JNNRTII. Plattsmouth. Phi Kappa Tau, Football, W Club, Plainsman Players, Male A Cappella. Page 56 WHITE, WARD. Riverton, Wyoming. Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, International Relations Club, PLAINSMAN Staff, Y.M.C.A. WILDER, ALMARON. Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, PLAINSMAN CO-assistant Editor, Plainsman Players, Ycllers of the Brown, Cheerleader, Y.M.C.A. WILLPIT, DARRELL. Lincoln. YOUNG, RICHARD. Alliance. Phi Kappa Tau. ALLEN, FRANK DUANE. Grand Island. ANDREWS, EARL. Lincoln. ANTHONY, WARREN. Hyde Park, Massachusetts. BALDWIN, RALPH. Hebron. BLOUGH, DOROTHY. Lincoln. BROADY, CHARLES. Tecumseh. BURNS, RICHARD. Fall River, Mas- Sachusetts. CASH, WAYNE. Pawnee Ciy. CLARK. LEwIs. Bellevue. DARNELL, DONALD. Lincoln. DAUER, WILLIAM. Lincoln. DOAK, GAYLEN. Tecumseh. ENOELKES, CORNELIUS. Parkersburg, Iowa. FERGUSON, HUGH. Ferndale, Michi- gan. FINLEY, WILLIAM. Lincoln. . I-'f"nWY: ., -1,1 ,, A. . ll . X L 1 ' x Q ...- - ,N .- NOT PICTURED FRICKEL, ROBERT. Lincoln. CAGE, GERALD. Palmyra. GEISTLINGER, PERRY. Lincoln. GILMER, BONNYE. Lincoln. CLOUD, ROYAL. Viborg, South Da- kola. GRELL, DARRELL. Tecumseh. GROII, JOHN. Belleville, Illinois. HANSI-IN, GERALD. Aurora. HITCH, FRANCIS. Lincoln. HOAILLAND, ROBERT. Lyons. HOLLE. HARRIS G. Lincoln. HUNT, EUGENE. Bayard. KELLEY, IRENE. Shelby. LAGUNA, ALBERT. Hershey. MCCOLLUM, MORRIS. Aurora. MCKENZIE, MARVIN. Foley, Ala- bama. MERCPIR, REX. Lincoln. MPZRRILL, LELAND. Edgar. 'N , 'Q MIscHNIcIc, HAROLD. Portland, Tennessee. MOORE, ROY. Hot Springs, South Dakota. MUCKEL, FRANCIS. Bloomington. NEWMAN, JERRY. Aurora. OAK!-ISON, LEROY. Wolbach. PAAP, FRANCIS. Lincoln. PARKER, WESLEY. Delano, Cali- fornia. Pl-STI-INSON, GRACE GARLAND. Lincoln. RUPERT, RICHARD. Lincoln. SLAMA, LLOYD. Lincoln. SLAUGIITER, WILLIAM. Lincoln. SNODGRASS, LEE. Osceola. SNYDER, BARBARA. Republican City. SQUIRES, CLIFFORD. Lincoln. SWEEM, DONALD. Ashland. TEMPLE, MARTITA. Lincoln. VOGELSANO, WILLIAM. Lincoln. A new look for the gift of the 1912 class. Page 57 V ' , w n,,-.m,,,,r,,,W,. 4 ,,..,-,f ,q,,...,M,,.Ww.,y Q. ,4:414,-,:LJ ., M,:v1Eu , QM ind, , A , " V. , IWW' H4 f"'i.' W ,l Y N , 'sq , l 3 '.T-dgw47- ,.i 3"fsf!Z-Mg., 554-,am,. ' rf"'1",Zg-',h,3'H" f 5 ' 5...-4 L, .f ' 1:.'r:1,,,-,,,.1g'I5', f j Q , .,,:g,'.L,,, H W ' f' . Q, v,ug,0Ef51? A- Mf2:g'.:1. ffpg gr- . my - - :-ww 4 H..-.wn 1 ff J wb,-1'-, , ' -ua :gif fm. un, M, 1.. 1.,.,,f,.s.,,,.,.ff-M, ,., Q.. .. A . ,LL YM., img. .1 1 ixf.-111'-Zfxfv1M.'uM'.-fx'NWA 2' A ' ', JM--ff-,1 V. wx- .' . v 3 A '7wf'9'-D-'I.-'-'EZ t?L"' 5.-1' n, V ,K ."..'A,' -.Kg th.: ' -'Af' R I ' -' ,Tn -mmf, Lqyf 4 '-- N , qs'-. .- ' , , V V , A , a. kd "-v- , 1-,Ax A I w-, ix p ' Nl f, A 'KU' Qs 1 , -ls' if , A .A ,J A . ,,,,:2 , A I jg' Ve? -1 "1"I"' . " 'N ,-Hx.-V df 4, r ' V-1 ' affr, ,325 X. ,f f 1 ,Ar M.-.. J 3 vi K 3?"fNf' ' ' .X "Q, Q 'L I , 'fxurf gg .i v , :I L ' V f' W i W,- V 1 'I -gf Q : " T' xx ' P15 1 I ' '- M ' f. gn' , , L If ,+. 5.1 - E' J IQ . . t -in Fr jf 7 5 A f , uf H1 '-v:-, .?,.Y.' ,. - "' 5 .,'x:,1s-.D gf'f'-'.,- - H. Q, ,1.f.-,rw 1 J' ' lf" ,W wx. . ' ,N -Lv-. ,. . f . 1 5 H, ,, . W . f H' I X f . V- .. x. M, ' . " D ..f.,. F .,j V , - ' 1 N , M , .,..' -,.., - -f., , , A - -, 1 ' . A nj-mn, .147-rf , , F, ' , 1 - w M'E14,.,' .A,..'.fr 1, Wf.,,.. V. -l IL 1.1.36 - f'.Y,,. r ' "' "- - YV.: L Z' s".ar!Iz.nnm. If! 44-.Arn . ...1.UL,.3,,Lwni .NN V ' "' 'N mfywnfqm 1 Jiri" .V AREL, MARILYN JEAN. Central City. Amos, CARL. Lincoln. Delta Omega ANn'ERsoN, MAx. Grand Island Delta A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Phi. Omega Phi, Football. AKERT, BEN. Alliance. Phi Kappa Tau, Glee Club, Chorus, Chapel Choir, Y.M.C.A., Plainsman Quartet, PLAINS- MAN Staff. ANDERSON, JAMES. Holdrege. Delta BABCOCK, EucENE.'Humboldt Omega Phi, Plainsman Players. Page 59 BAKER, JACK. Grand Island. Crescent. BATES, ARTHUR. Polk. Barhs, Band, BERRY, JOHN. Pierre, South Dakota Y.M.C.A. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players Band, Chorus, Chapel Choir. BARTA, Lois. Nebraska City. Alpha BENGSTON, MARTHA. Glenview, Illinois. BEvENs, LEsTER. Waverly Gamma Delta. Phi Mu, Yellers of the Brown, WES- LEYAN StaH, PLAINSMAN Staff, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. tI.x1u.suw, ALICE. Ong. Alpha Gamma Bavms, LLOYD. Waverly. Bum, Lsomtnn. Lincoln. BEVELHEIMER, Sumu-IY. Gretna. Phi Buss, DONALD. Fairbury. Student Mu. Minister. L ' 3 fb mt" X1 ' ,nv--fn KG ' 41' K, s y, Bnowxi-:LL, Iloxmitaiz. Hay Springs. lil'l.l.0CK, Mann' JEAN. Madrid. Alpha Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A., Chorus, M.S.NI. Sophomore Counselor, Baths. lilll'NKll0ItS'l'. Ml-:l.v1N. Palisade. Delta Iirnc, MARLO. Waverly. Y.M.C.A. Ouwgu Phi. Foolhall. tI,xssi.i.un, Rtczimtn. Douglas. Phi H fv. Borscn, BAitnAnA. Norfolk. Willard, Pi Kappa Delta, PLAINSMAN Staff, M.S.M., Kappa Chi, International Re- lations Club, Plainsman Players. BRILLIIART, Jizamz. Longmont, Colo- rado. Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Al- pha Phi, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M., Panhel- lenic Council. Plainsman Players. A. . lltziuarwc. ILA Gamma Delta. CALKINS, CLARK, Lois, K il lim-1. Kcnesaw. Alpha A.C.E. Bomiz. Wymorc-. Crescent. Sup:-rior. Delta Zeta. Dvlla, Y.W.tI.A., A.C.lf., Chorus. Kappa Tau, Cla-0 Club, Y.M.C.A. fIuu.sow, ,It wi-1. tjlu-yt-um-. Wyoming. fiHKIlDl'lllDHX, Pizpcv. Holtlrege. Wil- CLARK, Rom-:n'r. Cherry Valley, Massa- lartl, A.tI.E., Biajorettc, Baud. c-husc-tts. Phi Kappa Tau. Yt-llcrs of fu 1 , av- ' YT the Brown, Y.3I.C.A., Plainsman Play- CFS. W . t L' - s 1 " yt V t 1 CZ1..tnK, ROY. Supcrior. Phi Kappa tim.:-., Alun' MAltcAitE1'. Plattsmouth. tjuNxl':LL, Ricuftlm. Sitlm-y. Phi Kappa Tau, Yr-llvrs of the Drawn, Y.Ni.tI..-Y., llarhs. Tau, Alpha Gamma ll:-la. Chorus, Nu-liccl. Y.M.C.A., M.S.M., A Cappella Choir, Pluinsman Quartet. Cl.u"1'oN, xi.Xll'l'HA. Gt-ring. lh-ha Zn-ta, Cpxtmx. Vuuzu.. Exeter. Delta Omega COOP!-Ill, Wu.1.l.n1. tif-ring. Phi Kappa Plainsman Playa-rs. Wl'fSl.l'INAN Stall, Phi, Ycllvrs of tho Brown, Y.M.C.A. Tau, Chapel Choir, A Cappclla Choir, Band, W.A.A., Y.W.C.X. Plainsman Quartz-I, Plainsmau Players, Chorus. Page 60 COURTNEY, WAYNE. Gothenburg. CUNNINGHAM, EVELYN. Arnold. Delta DEA1., ERVIN. Lincoln, Zeta, Girl's Glee, Chorus, Chapel Choir, A.C.E., Plainsman Players. CRAWFORD, JOYCE. Beatrice. Willard, DAT-'T, SHIRLEY. Waverly. Alpha D-EHART, MILDRED. Omaha. Alpha Plainsman Players, Student Senate, Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A., Band. Gamma Delta, Art Club, M.S.M., M.S.M., W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Yellers of Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A. DEISSLER, ALICE. Inman, Kansas. Band, Plainsman Players. DUNLAP, DON. Phi Kappa Tau Med. '5- A DUNN, ROBERT. Falls City. Phi Kappa DUTTON, PA'r'rY. Holdrege. Willard. Tau, Yellers of the Brown, Y.M.C.A. , Nu- DU'rroN, Dlcrc. Melbeta. Phi Kappa ECKLES, CHARLES. Gresham. Phi Kappa Tau, Male A Cappella, Chorus, M.S.M., Tau, Yellers of the Brown' Y.M.C.A., PLAINSMAN Staff, Foot- ball, Yellers of the Brown. ECKLES, MARY CARoL. Gresham. Phi ESTE5, NIARY Louisa. Pacific Junction, FARMER, ALAN. Lincoln. Mu, Yellers of the Brown, A.C.E., Iowa. A.C.E., Glee Club. WESLEYAN Staff. EMBREE, ROBERTA. Friend. Alpha FANKHAUSER, JAMES. Humboldt. Del- FERRIS, GEORGE. Gamma Delta, W.A.A. ta Omega Phi. Y,M,C,A, il 15 K5 'F Q Archer. Barbs, if -1 Fxrcrf, Roar-:R'r. Lincoln. Delta Omega FRANTZ, DELoREs. Goehner. Delta FRY, EVELYN. Big Springs. Barbs, Phi, Basketball, Track. Zeta, W.A.A., Yellers of the Brown. Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi, W.A.A. Foos, Rum. Gering. Delta Zeta, FRAZELL, DoNA1.n. Lewellen. Delta GANZEL, STANLEY, Owe, Baths, W.A.A., Plainsman Players, A.C.E. Omega Phi, Football. Y.M.CA., Kappa Chi. Page 61 GARRISON, MEIII.. Lincoln. Crescent. GILMER, GAYLE. Lincoln. Barbs, GODBEY, MARY EV!-ILYN. Milford. Delta KHPPH Chi- Zeta, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. CARTIIELL, DoIIorIIY. Clay Center. GLASER, LEONARD Lincoln. Kappa Chi, Girls' Glee. GRELL, NIILLARD. Tecumseh. Crescent, Yellers of the Brown. GonnoN, WILLIAM. Bradshaw. Barbs. GRIFFITH, BONNIE. Wisner. Willard, Y.W.C.A., Cheerleader, Yellers of the Brown, Plainsman Players. GUsTAI'soN, MARILYN. Lincoln. Alpha GamIIIa Delta, PLAlNSMAN Stall, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Yellers of the Brown, Glee Club. GRIFFIN, RI:ssI-LLL. Nebraska City. CIIossoEIIMI:, BIARILYN. Lincoln. Alpha HAAcIc, BETTY. Overton. Delta Zeta Y.M.C.A. Gamma Delta, WESLEYAN Staff, Y.W.C.A., Chorus. Plainsman Players, W.A.A. HAMMOND, LAUIIEL LEE. Bushnell. HARDINC, JOHN. 'Knoxville, Illinois. HARRINCTON, DON. Lincoln. Football. Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi. Phi Kappa Tau, W Club, Football. HANSIQN, LOUIS. Minden. Crescent, HAIILAN, DALE. Hickman. Y.M.C.A. HAIIIIISON, CHArILI:s. Carleton. Delta Glce Club, Football. Omega Phi. HARTLl'1Y, ALLEN. LincolII. l-lAvLIcIaIc, GonIioN. Lincoln. HAYNES, IVIILDRI-JD. Page. Barbs, Kappa Chi, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. l-lAIIvI:Y, ARTHUR. Cering. Phi Kappa I-l,IvLIIc, JILNNILTTE. Haigler. Phi Mu. HAYS, BEVERLY. Diller. Delta Zeta, Tau, Plainsman Players. A,C,E, gr. Page 63 HELLMAN, CHARLES. Milboro, South HEWI-ITT, LORRAINE. Ainsworth. Band, HILL, JEAN. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Dakota. Barbs, Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. Delta, Kappa Chi, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Chorus. HENN1Ncs, JOYCE. Gresham. Barbs, Hrcxs, BAaaAaA. Stanton. Willard, HOLMES, DALE. Lincoln. Kappa Chi, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. A.C.E. HOUSE, GORDON. Greenville, Missis- HUB!-IRS, CoNs'rANcE.Kearney.Y.W.C.A. JACKSON, AUDRA LU. Beeiner. Alpha sippi. Gamma Delta, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. HOWARD, HAnoLD. Lincoln. HUEFTLE, KEITH. Eustis. Yellers of JANKE, JEAN. Lincoln. Alpha Gamma the Brown, Art Club, Y.M.C.A., Barbs. Delta, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown. JENSBY, WILFRED. Davenport. Delta JENSEN, RONALD. Grand Island. Phi JOHANN, PATRICIA. Seward. Delta Omega Phi, Yellers of the Brown, Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown. Zeta, A.C.E., W.A.A. Alpha Gamma Beta. JENSEN, Donoruv. Fairmont. Yellers JENSEN, WENDELL. Minden. Y.M.C.A. JOHNS, JOANNE. Gering. Delta Zeta, of the Brgwn, Barhs. Y.W.C.A., Plalnslnan Players. UQ 'T JoNEs, MAnc1A. York. Alpha Gamma KEMLING, ORVILLE. Grant. Barhs. KNISELY, JAMES. Falls City. Phi Kappa Delta, Yellers of the Brown, Glee Club, Tau, Y.M.C.A., W Club, Plainsman Chorus, Y.W.C.A. Players. Karroucn, Max. Friend. Delta Ome- KNAPPLE, Lois. Lexington. Delta Zeta, KNOSP, ALTON. St. Francis, Kansas. ga Phi, W Club, Football. Band, A.C.E. X Kocu, BARBARA. West Bend, Iowa. Barbs, Sophomore Counselor, A.C.E., W.A.A., Band. KOONTZ, ELAINE. Lincoln. Phi W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., M.S.M. Mu, KRUSE, LowEN. Boelus. Barhs, Glee KYES, BETTE. Big Springs. Barbs, Club, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. A.C.E. KYES, ARLAYNE. Archer. Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Girl's Glee, Y.W.C.A., Yel- lers of the Brown, Chorus, Pluinsman Players, M.S.M. LANDERS, Rom-zmcx. Norfolk. Delta Omega Phi. is LANE, STANLEY. Otis, Colorado. Kappa Chi. LANNINC, DEAN. Eagle. Barhs, Phi Kappa Delta, Y.M.C.A., M.S.M. LINDEII, IRA. Fort Lawn, South Caro- lina. Phi Kappa Tau. Loman, FRED. Waverly. Plainsman Players, Glce Club, WESLEYAN Staff. LARSON, JUNE. Scottsbluff. Phi Mu, LINDAHL, JOAN. Tilden. Willard, Gir1's WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINSMAN Staff, Glee, A.C.E. Y.W.C.A. LxcH'rnooY, DONNA. Nebraska City. LINDER, BLYTHE. Fort Lawn, South Willard, Plainsman Players, Yellers of Carolina. Delta Zeta, W.A.A., A.C.E., the Brown. Yellers of the Brown. LOWELL, BETTY.' Ashland. Barbs, Luscimr, JANET. Spokane, Washington. A.C.E., W.A.A. Alpha Gamma Delta, Nu-Med, W.A.A. LUND, JESSICA. Genoa. Alpha Gamma MCINNIS, JERRY. Ravenna. Barbs, Delta, A.C.E., Plainsman Players, M.S.M., Y.M.C.A., Kappa Chi. Y.W.C.A. l MCKIHBPLN, KI-INNIGTII. Sutton. Phi lllASON, JACQUIE. Nebraska City. Wil- MEESE, EARL. Ithaca. Kappa Tau, Nu-Med. lard, W.A.A., Band, Plainsman Players. MARNN, lalilllll-ITTA. Grant. Band. lNlEAD, AMY. Friend. Barbs, A.C.E., ME1s1NceR, IMILDRED ANN. Plattsmouth. W.A.A. Barlas. Page 64 MEYER, WILFRED. Creighton. Phi MITCHELL, RAMONA. North Loup. MORSE, BILL. Panama. Crescent. Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A. Barbs, WESLEYAN Staff. MILLER, DELEERT. Lincoln. Football, MonERow, BI-:'r'rY Lou. Oakland. Wil- MORGAN, MARVIN. Washington, D. C. Basketball, Track. lard, Yellers of the Brown, A.C.E., Art PLAINSMAN Photographer. Club. if 8' Mos'r, HAROLD. Ogallala. MuNIcREs, JIM. Broadwater. Barbs, NESMITH, VAL JEAN. Imperial. Alpha Y.M.C.A., WESLEYAN Staff, Band. Gamma Della, Glee Club, M.S.M., Y.W.C.A. MULDER, GERALD. Roca. NELSON, CAROLYN. Falls City. Willard, NUTTER, JOAN. Providence, Rhode Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi. Island. Delta Zeta, WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINSMAN Stall, Y.W.C.A. OHS, MARVIN. Friend. Delta Omega OSWALD, WILLIAM. Lincoln. PACE, JERRY. Louisville. Student Min- Phi, Band. ister. OSBORNE, NANCY. Estes Park, Colo- OwEN, RAYMOND. Ashland. Phi Kappa PACNE-rr, BERNARD. Lincoln. rado. Barbs, Y.W.C.A., Band, W.A.A., Tau, WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINSMAN M.S.M. Staff. Page 65 fx Q' PARKER, WILLIAM T. Hebron. Crescent, PECKIIAM, MARIAN. Brady. Alpha PERKINS, LOUISE. Omaha. Barbs, Band, Debllle- Gamma Delta, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Y.W.C.A. PARKISON, DoNALu. Sargent. Delta PEREcRINr:, BARBARA JEAN. Grant. PERRY, FRANCES. Bertrand. Willard Omega Phi, Y.M.C.A., Nu-Med. Delta Zeta, M.S.M., Band. Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players, M.S.M. Band, WESLEYAN Staff, PLAINS MAN Staff. PHILLIPS, MEREom-r. Lincoln. Chapel Pn-:RcE, GENE. Waverly. Male Chorus. PORR, POLLY. Humboldt. Willard, Choir, Y.W.C.A., Student Senate revision com- mittee, A.C.E. Women's House Council. Pmrrs, ROGER. Lincoln. Plainsman PIMM, IRA. Trenton, New Jersey, P0uLsEN, DON. Millard. Crescent. Players, Band, Student Senate revis- ion committee, WESLEYAN Staff. QuAlrE, MERNA. Eustis. Barbs, M.S.M., Kappa Chi. RAGSDALE, BARNEY. Gothenburg. SANroRo, DONALD. Lincoln. Sci-IAFER, NIARILYN. Nehawka. Wil- lard, A.C.E., Chorus, Yellers of the Brown. REINICK, JACQUELINE. Lincoln. Delta Zeta, Chorus, Y.W.C.A. RmER, STANLEY. Imperial. Kappa Plainsman Players, Y.M.C.A. SCHNUELLE, DOROTHY. Pickrell. Wil- lard, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., PLAINSMAN Staff. SHEETS, BETTY. Superior. Delta Zeta, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi, W.A.A., Chorus, M.S.M., WES- LEYAN Staff, Woman's House Coun- cil. RIHN, HERBERT. Curley. Crescent. Chi, SAN!-'oR'r, CHARLES. Humboldt. SINCLAIR, RICHARD. Lincoln. SPENCE, YVONNE. Lincoln. A.C.E., Y.W.C.A. Q I . SrALnER,CnAau:s. Sahetha, Kansas. SUCDEN, DoLOREs ANN. Burr. Delta SWANSON, DAUL. Grand Island. Zeta, A.C.E.,W.A.A.,Y.W.C.A. A Cappella Choir, Chapel Choir, Y.M.C.A. STAPLES, DONALD. Blair. Phi Kappa SUNDBERG, JAMES. Polk. Delta Omega TAYLOR, DONNA. Funk. Willard. Tau, Rand. Orchestra, Dance Band. Phi. Page 66 1? , ,D lx 3 I N 15' L "M l' 'mf 'Qi K I . I K I Page 67 TESC!-I, WALTER. Moorestown, New Jer- TrIoMPsEN, JoI-IN. Burwell. THOMPSON, WILLIAM. Burwell. sey. Phi Kappa Tau. TIIoIvIAs, JACQUELINE. Beatrice. Wil- lard, Y.W.C.A., M.S.M., Plainsman Players, A.C.E., Student Senate, PLAINSMAN Staff, A.C.E., Sophomore Class President. THOMPSON, VIRGINIA. Fairmont. Barbs, TII:Ko'rrER, JANET. Plattsmouth. Alpha Yellers of the Brown, A.C.E. Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A. E 'N P' TUBRIDY, ANNA MAE. Orleans. Phi Mu, VoIc'r, JAMES. Davenport. Delta WARNEKING, GLENN. Superior. Phi Y.W.C.A. Omega Phi, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A., Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown. Yellers of the Brown. TURNER, W"ARREN. Lincoln. Phi Kappa VOLLER, GAYLE. Lincoln. W Club. WEBB, MARTHA. Lincoln. Delta Zeta. Tau, Chorus, Band, Chapel Choir. WENTLING, JOAN. Beaver City. Barbs, WICKSTROM, JAMES. Oakland. Delta WILLET, DARREI.. Lincoln. W.A.A. Omega Phi, Y.M.C.A. WESTCOTT, RICHARD. Creston. Phi WILDER, BEVERLY. Lincoln. Phi Mu, WlLLl.AMS, RosE MARIE. Silver City Kappa Tau, PLAINSMAN Staff. Y.W.C.A., Band, W.A.A. Iowa. Delta Zeta, Y.W.C.A. WILTSE, WILLIAM. Grand Island. Phi YANNEY, LoRErrA. Lincoln. Phi Mu, Kappa Tau. Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players. WISEMAN, ARDITH. Ogallala. Phi Mu, ZoELLER, HENRY. Hollis, Long Island, Panhellenic Council, W.A.A., Y..C.A., New York. Phi Kappa Tau. Plainsman Player s. 6- BLAKE, ALLEN. Paxton. CARR, DWAIN. Lincoln. FRY, Dolus. Big Springs. HAMMOND, CARSON. Des Moines, Imac, lioumrr. Seward. JAY, Mus. RERA. Lincoln. lCET'l'l-llllill, Rom-:RT. Lincoln. LEu'r:NuERcER, PAUL. Belden. LONG, TnoMAs. Lincoln. Iowa. NOT PICTURED MClNTOSlI, MANUEL. Albion. Nl-LWLON, BURDETTE. Palmer. PANT!-Ill, JOHN. Hebron. PORTER, JAMES. Lincoln. PRATT, LonEN. Hickman. RICHARD, JAMES. Ccresco. RICHARDSON, STEWART. Lincoln. ROBINSON, JAMES. Tekamah. Rousn, MARY. Friend. SIMS, MARLEA. Friend. SLAGG, KElTll. Benkclman. STRAWN, KENNETH. Lincoln. STEWART, ROBERT. Lincoln. TUERS, EARL. Franklin. UMBARGER, GEORGE. Genoa. VANDERKOLK, LENORE. David WILLARD, KENNETH. Ericson. ity. Sunday morning after church. l Page 68 G. I. Homes of Vvfesleycm Students. , .ffz-' Y.. 4 WE 4:5 . rg L' Page 69 M .',,..- '-'NH' . W,-'f ' . . .,.n f ..1v.Q-..--- 'R .P-.--, 1 - . F ,.-,.. . . +,,"r4 . 1 -'v,q,w,.x- - Old Main has a face lifting. ,Sip gv 'V . . 514312. 1' ' ' ,M , 1' 255, , il V V . ff .V .. , u 'Vw - -' f 2. , N wx. '- V ' A . .,. V A . V.. . ' ,--551. s,- H- me . 'fa 1 4 , . , . :B-lvl , ,'03j,,. VMR I zz' 21 . 4 0 . Q . f p ' J' - . . Us I Q . A 1' '. " In Vi' I 11 1 1 I 'G K. 3 V I 1 T' 1:3 .,, - I -4 fi., i L, .:f3i1.' '1 . -4' . fi" , 11" x ' . - M . .h V 5fA,-Qqfrgj 'awe . Jivzr' " "1 -H'-' 11-Q-T"f1U4 . 149.11 ' s . . bfi?" .- WTLWI Lf-J I. . I., W .., .4 N. -f 1 Q ' V , .-.3-rw ,gik.V...,. Q., V.,wf4J-a5M?,.., ,W VV - .gf qui-J , .f M,-,MV fd . HV: A 63' Vv.,,,g,J,:q,Q,. gi, t a Qs ,-v"?.-' .V:fV ,M . , -- ":.g.g, Q : ' V Q 1 ,. , K M I D V -. W- -12516 k' V A V IW- 'A.,:,1L3f gg1f7,5 W 1 ' ' . fre: YV . V -:V ' 1 ' ' e .qw ' -,gfmkzif Q, . ., 2 , 'A A ,,..,fwf-QV-Vwii, x WK , - , D- I. Z- . 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Q,-wggkf-,fm .V A 3,1 - ,EL 1,.m 3 ,5 wa. .L ref - I 44 V- ..V,g :rw 'jwf'M- ,nu A . -A-' f-2" ,V W 'fi Q -.3-M.. 3' ' ' H. .J?"V"'g"P-I 'Q' V. 'Q-' , V ' '- ' SV. z.. -M' . f . .-., , -V ., 4- . - V - Q n N Q.. f ,- Rf- -.- . 'fr' A "X,-.V ,wr-r 'Af 4-1 - '.., 1 " .' .." 11- SRV. 5 , .fn "4 " " ' ' 1 . ,-fFvf...ef2 'fI?V1r'!?' : , 'm ' - Wx L""Wt,-V-S' Jr ' -lm". H- uf' '- Q" Se MI?-1-+Ifif3l 'f" VU, V-aw x 1 l V Af' , 113- Ji-:fr-AY-as - - 'kr'?'f'53fb'c'x1"T"5"!,.. "' ' 1 'UV' 'G' " 1-- 13. 1V 4 ' V 'VU' , A " "If 'ff ,1-I ' 4.4, W V25-Y:-',..'b ' Vg. " 6 gif'-'jqgf 1 W' 57 .M-f-'1af,f L., g', ..' JUP N 1 'hw W 'V..,.'V-.A - - mv: ..f.-mf, f f ,T-V-gh 51 ' V,, MQ' fz.-4. V . - f -,A-f1,L:,.- ,. 1 ' M... V -ff., 4 . N VVWQVV. gk .,vV 1- iq.. VJVQV,-, -ur AA I , 5 h , N IV' .. I .Um 1.1 - Q V, 2, A -uatS:,.., -I vt, V... . -'rf' J A V :'1'- -- .4 r- - ' M-if W., ,. 'f' - ' 'I w- ' '. 'L 'f . ' ' :-. Q,-:,.,gV'.Vf h K . 44 wwf Q' 93-"Q:.-, . 5 -L 'wg 4. , My 1. 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BIRMINGHAM, RACHEL. Atkinson. A BITNER, DAN GEORGE. Gordon. ' BLANK, KENNETH TOM. Franklin. ,.. . BLISS, LOYD J. Fairbury. y BLooM, DONALD EUGENE. Holdrege .f'1. T I A , , r',..:L4 . f V BRANz, LAVAWN. Gresham. . 5' A. 6-' 15' A I 5.3. ,K BRIDGES, JAMES. O'Neill. '35 , ' ta' A BRIGHAM, GENENE. Shelby. BROWN, GLORIA ANN. Wymore. v BROWNELL, LENAMAE. Hay Springs. BUCKLEY, EVELYN MAE. Cozad. BUERSTETTA, MARY ALICE. Tecumseh. BUETTGENBACII, SHIRLEY. Lincoln. BURKI-IARD, JAMES. Benedict. Al BURROUGIIS, ROBERT. Rockford. BURROWS, GEORGE WILLIAM. Adams. BURT, RONALD. Clay Center. CALDWELL, JACK. Lincoln. CALIIOON, JOYCE. Lincoln. CALVERT, JOHN. Pierce. CANADAY, JULIAN. Bloomfield. CARLSON, EDWIN STANLEY. Oakland. CARLSON, ROBERT. Waverly. CASSELL, KENNETH JAMES. Edgar. CEDARDAHL, GENE. Lincoln. CEDARDAIIL, JACK. Lincoln. CIIAMEERLAIN, JEAN. Omaha. CIIAPIN, CIIARLOTTE. Stuart. CONGER, NED. Loup City. CONOVER, MONALEE. Grant. CORBIT, WAYNE. Chester. CRAMER, SIIYRLI. Lincoln. CROTINCER, VERN. Bison, Kansas. CULL, FRED. Oakland. CUMMINS, FRANK. Lincoln. CZAPANSKIY, LEE. Lincoln. DAPPEN, JOSEPH. Lincoln. DAVIS, ANDY KENNETH. Sidney. DAVIS, JERRY. Gordon. DAVISON, HELEN. Leavenworth, Kansas. DEBELLY, GRACE. McGrew. DESTA, LISHAN. Ethiopia. DICK, ANJULA. Cambridge. DORAN, WILLIAM. Elmwood. DRAKE, LOISJEAN. Atlanta. ,. IZ s 1 'Q' ' 2 Y . K Q A . 'W S - . .,.. I7 4 H . I: . -A ,.., jx W5 W Q. 'G ,. PL' DRUACKER, JEROME. Cozad. DUBOIS, HOWARD. Lincoln. DUNLAP, JAY. Douglas. DUNLAP, PAUL. Douglas. EARL, DONNA. Lincoln. EDGAR, HAROLD. Cozad. EDGERTON, HAZEL. Cambridge. EGLE, PAULINE. Lincoln. ELLS, LA VERN. Sidney. FALLERS, BARBARA. Shenandoah, Iowa. FARRALL, WILLIAM. Grand Island. FINCH, DONALD. Oshkosh. FISHEL, JERALD. Fairmont. FISHEL, JOHN. Fairmont. FLIGHT, THOMAS. Everett, Massachusetts FRANTZ, ELIZABETH. Goehner. FREBURG, STANLEY. Waverly. FRY, RICHARD. Chappell. FURMAN, BARBARA. Lincoln. CARLOW, VIRGINIA. Lincoln. GAUCER, JO ANN. Omaha. CELL, DONNA MAE. Ong. GENTRY, ROBERT. Gering. GIEs, JEAN D. Lincoln. GODFREY, HAROLD D. Lincoln. GOLDAMMER, KATIIRYN L. Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. GORAI, MABEL K. Seabrook, New Jersey. GORST, MARGERY. Bridgeport. GOTH, JANE. Lincoln. GRANTSKI, FRANCIS D. Lincoln. GRAVER, DALE, JR. Lincoln. GREGG, NORMA JEANNE. Clarks. CRIMES, MILTON CLAIR. Chambers. HAMLING, KATHERINE ISABEL. Omaha. HANNA, LYLE. Lincoln. HANNA, RICHARD. Lynn, Massachusetts. HANSEN, DOYLE. Aurora. HANSEN, ROBERT. Lincoln. HARR, MAYNARD. Ainsworth. HARRIS, DORIS JANE. Omaha. HARRIS, SARA JANE. Wymore. HARRISON, JACQUELINE. Alliance. HARVEY, WALLACE. Scottsbluff. HAWLEY, RICHARD. Republican City. HAYE, HENRY T. Lyons. HAYE, JOHN F. Lyons. ' HEDGES, JOHN. Central City. HEIM, WILLIS. Humboldt. HENSMAN, ROBERT K. Red Cloud. HESSON, NORMAN JEROME. Lincoln. HICKMAN, DONALD F. Everett, Massachusetts. HILL, JANECE. Lincoln. HILLIS, JAMES W. Aurora. HITZ, RICHARD. Lincoln. HOLMEERO, RUSSELL A. Loup City. HOUSEHOLDER, JOYCE. Grand Island. HOYT, JOAN. McCook. HULL, DONALD. Gordon. HULTGREN, Lois. Stromsburg. HUSTON, JAMES. Martell. HUTCHINSON, PHYLLIS. Lincoln. HUWALDT, LAVON. Neligh. IRELAN, JOHN. Oxford. JACOBITZ, JAOQUELINE. Bassett. JARVIS, DALE. Atkinson. JEWELL, DOLORES ANN. Lincoln. JOHNSON, CHARLES. Saronville. JOHNSON, JEANETTE. Beatrice. JOHNSON, JERE LEE. Holdrege JOHNSON, Lois. Polk. JONES, DONALD K. Lincoln. JOURA, WALDEN R. Swanton. 2? Q 1 A K' 4 'F 'K lg E p. I . M -' -' ,inslagi , S 1 'P 'lk . I -D A mg ,PA i .., , we 91 QP ab. yi z-I 1 X P J " lg . A... K ,I 6 4 . :Z ii or it 4. Q l A X 'li -cr A Aa. isa- A , 'SPM Pi 'F K L . K E. V .. U A 1 VV j N' '37 A ' ' ' dl .L . My T 'N I . 5 6. A Y d vi! A . 6- ii ' ., , if Wi, L. fy KAHL, NELDA. Big Springs. KASL, PAUL E. McCook. KAYS, DARREL G. Grant. KIRKPATRICK, MARCIA. Corning, California KLEINWEBER, DICK. Nebraska City. KocH, RICHARD. West Bend, Indiana. KoToUc, JANE. Humboldt. ' LADINE, SHIRLEY. Sidney. LANE, JEANIE. Bayard. LANG, MARY. Craig. LARSEN, DON. Springview. LARSEN, DONNA JEAN. Springview. LARSEN, GLORIA. Valley. LARSEN, ROBERT V. Garden Grove, California. LARsoN, MARIE LOUISE. Fremont. LARsoN, MARILYN RUTH. Bellevue. LARSON, ROSANNA. Aurora. ' LAUGIILIN, BARBARA. Lincoln. LEAVITT, HARRY PAUL. Lincoln. LEFF, JOAN KAY. Carleton. LEMON, PEGGY. Bassett. LENIIART, RUTH. Palisade. LIND, HELEN. Polk. LITZ, Bon. Bassett. LOGAN, DENNIS. Springview. LUCAS, BETTY LUCILLE. Arnold. LUCERO, CANDIDO. Riverton, Wyoming. LUENINGIIOENER, DOROTHY. Hooper. LUSCHEI, MARTIN. Lincoln. McBRooM, WILLIAM. Superior. McINNIs, JOANNE. Ravenna. MCROBERTS, RUTH. Curley. MARK, JOHN. Abilene, Kansas. MASSIE, RONALD. Blue Springs. MATTox, MARILEE. Omaha. MATZKE, PAUL. Western. MEIER, DELORIS. Lincoln. MEYER, DELORES. Lincoln. MIDDLETON, MURIEL. Brady. MIKAEL, KASSA. Addis Abaha, Ethiopia. MILES, DORIS. Beatrice. MILLER, DON. Polk. MITCIIELL, CHARLES. San Bernadino, ' California. MOLINE, BOYD. Los Angeles, California MOORE, BOBBY RAY. Clay Center. MORGAN, LEE. Gordon MORRISON, WILLIAM. Abilene, Kansas. MULLINS, BILLIE. Salem. MUNKRES, ROBERT. Broad Water. MIIRIJOCK, LAVONDA. Nehawka. NELSON, BARBARA. Lewellen. NELSON, CLARICE. Raymond. NELSON, DARREN MELvIN. Raymond. NESMITII, IRMA JOYCE. Imperial. NETH, LUCILLE. Greenwood. NIEHAUS, DONALD. Lincoln. NIEHAUS, DONNA. Lincoln. NORLIN, MARILYN. Ft. Collins, Colorado. NORTON, GRACE. Lincoln. OAKESON, DwAYNE. Wolbach. OBERMEYER, PAUL. Lincoln. OLIVER, JEANNINE. North Platte. OLSEN, ROSALEE. Minden. OLSON, EDITH. Genoa. OTT, PHILLIS. Crete. OwENs, CLARENCE. Wahoo. PALMQUIST, PATRICIA. Omaha. PATTON, ARDITH. Fairmont. PEARCE, NORVIN DEE. Arnold. PENNINGTON, BARBARA. Wauneta. PETERSON, DELORES CLAIRE. Kilgore. PETERSON, DOLORES A. Genoa. i E' 'gn 4 ., .1 6' C' .6 XI 5 f 1 G PETERSON, ROBERT R. Brady. PORTER, HARRY BRYAN. Lincoln. POWELL, GLADYS ANN. Lyons. POYER, JEAN LAVON, Grand Island. PRIEEERT, WILMA. Fairmont. RACER, CLARICE. Gordon. RARIC, JOYCE. Bellwood. RAY, BEVERLY. Grand Island. READ, ROBERTA. Lincoln. REIMER, ORLIN. Palmyra. RICHARDS, MARY. Palisade. RIHN, ERMA. Curley. RITTENBURO, BONITA. Lincoln. RITTER, DELORIS. Tilden. ROBERTS, KATHLEEN. Lincoln. ROSENE, PHILIP. Lincoln. ROYCE, DONNABELLE. Lincoln. RUEHLE, JO ANN. Lincoln. Ruiz, JULIA. Panama. RUMLER, GEORGE. Milford. SAEIN, ROBERT. Omaha. SASSE, CARL. Cordon. SCAccs, GERALD EDGAR. Adams. SCHLEIGER, JERROLD KEITH. Lincoln SCHREINER, DONALD. Cook. SCOTT, BERNARD. Scotia. SCOVILL, MARY. Grand Island. SEWARD, MARILYN. Lincoln. SHAW, ROBERT. Edgar. SHELTON, AMY ELLEN. Omaha. SITZ, DOLORES. Atkinson. SKAMSER, RICHARD. Lincoln. SMITH, DALE. Newman Grove. I SMITH, FLORENCE ISABEL. Rock Port, Missouri. SMITH, RICHARD. Lincoln. SNIDER, SHIRLEY. Papillion. SOPER, HARRY, JR. Everett, Massachusetts. SoRENsoN, WILLIAM. Filley. SPIERS, DONALD. Lincoli. SPELLMAN, GENEVIEVE. Martell. SPIERS, DUANE EDWIN. Wichita, Kansas. SPOHN, MARION. Chester. SPORER, RUTH ANN. Plattsmouth. SPRENGER, CHARLES. Sidney. STARR, JEANNIE. Lexington. STEEvEs, EUDICE. Panama. STONE, JOHN FLOYD. Lincoln. STONE, MARGARET RUTII. Lincoln. STOOKER, PATRICIA. Dunbar. SUNDBERG, JANICE. Polk. SWAIN, MARYANNE. Oshkosh. TANI, HATSUKO. Oahu, Hawaii. TEKOLSTE, MELVIN DWAYNE. Hickmon. TESELLE, CLEO. Firth. THOBER, JOAN. Beatrice. TOLHURST, BARBARA. Raymond. TOUZALIN, REX. Lincoln. TYRRELL, Lois CHARLENE. Waverly. TYRRELL, ROGER. Waverly. UNVERT, DONALD. Omaha. URBOM, BEVERLY. Arapahoe. WACHTEL, GLEN. Lincoln. WALKER, LEwIs. Lincoln. WALL, JAMES F RANK. Omaha. WATIcINs, ROD LEE. McCook. WELKER, RICHARD. David City. WENGER, CAROL. Oberlin, Kansas. WESTERLIN, KEITH. Overton. WESTON, ELTON. Gibbon. WEsTON, IRvINc. Gibbon. WIEGERS, HOLLAND LEE. Western. WILLIAMS, RAYMOND DEAN. Denver Colorado. 7 2 ,J I. , 4 ' L 9 IX G '.' -NJ L2 Page 79 5 ' sf, 63 IA ALLI-LN, Romzln' W. Lincoln. BOYD!-IN, WILLIAM S. Aurora. BROWN, DI-:L0RI-ts. Sutton. BURIIAM, DEAN. Lincoln. BURNS, ROIIEIIT. Lincoln. INBODY, DICK. Lincoln. WILLIALISON, MARIELLA. Humboldt. JG, WILSON, JOHN WESLEY. Fairmont. WITTE, D6Ro'rHY. Lincoln. WOODMAN, JACK DQRAN. Shelton. J if WORRELL, CRAIG. Cozad. YANNEY, PHYLLIS. Lincoln. YENNEY, CLEO. Grand Island. YEUTTER, GEORGIANA. Cozad. ZLOMKE, WAYNE. Ord. NOT PICTURED Kocn, ORAL. Lincoln. ScII0I:NLI:nI:R, KI:NNm'II. Greenwood Ml'ZYP1ll, HENRY CIIARI.Rs, JR. Lincoln. SMITII, DWAYNE. Lincoln. Powl-zu., JAMI-:s EDWARD. Carlclon. WENIDPZLIN, LUIS MAE. Lincoln. RICII, LI: ROY. Aurora. WIIITAKPIIK, RICHARD. Lincoln. RINGs1'M'I:vr:R, DONALD. Lincoln. YOST, Romzwr D. Wcstcrn. ROWAN, WYLIR. Lincoln. "Did you notice that shirt on backwards?" Second Semester Registrants JUNIORS DAMM, CARYLYNN. Elk Creek. McKINNEY, MARY CATHERINE. HABERERN, BARBARA ANN. Lmcoln- Buckingham Valley, Pennsylvania. OLSON, BETTY. Springview. YASUDA, GRACE. Waipahu, Hawaii. SOPHOMORES JEAMBEY, LEO. Lincoln. UNO, YUKI. Ogden, Utah. FRESHMEN ALDEN, JOHN. Union. BAILEY, ARTHUR. Palisade. FABRE, PAUL. Brady. FULLER, CHARLENE. Lincoln. HILL, MARK. Beverly, Massachusetts. LODWIG, TERRY. Lincoln. WILES, DAVID. Bennet. ...Q -x 1 L - . ,"J J.' f-'IT e T ' ,4-3' ,-- .- 'ff 1, W. fx ' .a.. . film-" g f W f IW Hll 11ll alll 'M . . New stacks arrive for the library. Page 80 -1-...Q flfft - . 4u...i,4- H487 ld , I H H Bryan Memorial Hospital, where nursing students This Old Dodge' affectionately named doodlefbug taking classes at Nebraska Wesleyan receive their by its owner, is a 1949 Wesleyan landmark. tminmg Page 81 Azfffnakf-. A , v A f'1,f"9' J." " v I .54 V4 I, fr, .1 -I . 1" , 1. ... . V 4 Mill. Mk.: A common scene around Old Main is this break between classes. 1 4 . ' 'Lp i' KC: ,. W j , I.,- , -.f-Q, :wif ,pdl ' elif, Y i-sud V m Lwziiu' -MM' ...,p. Q i nktiil' . .,,-- .. -vy., xxx-s ' , .. ..' ,.,v,-,wg 3 "I"3T'?" """'ws-q,,. I I xx :hang -- nu?-' rovmsff 1 "' I H H 1 .I' s .I ,-"WqR.,l 1 I, Q: inn- "4 5, it - s 'If "Sv - , V - ,W 1 'Q ' lk ,J ' 1 ' I 4' F Vx , ran um , IL eq , V xx qi -. '. ., I ' A , , I . -,., 'ff s F ,N 1, ,1 Q3 7- - 1.005 W J 4, f f MWA. .Q xy. . r fn - - -N .. , A . ,Q N xx , A mf' "f,'-IQ, I "Q, . .ft X 'v N- Q V' C4j.4vA:, N my wciff- X 1' N Ni por! ' ' "'as:'3-."1xR- 4,0 .N . . , .wh-, MQ V4 ,fm K'-7'-A '-1 Page 83 -Easin- 'z l .sf .-.N --Af' - N- --M ,,gs!,'r ' 'YLSLQEES f ' -Q-K, ' if ,ir ,..., F -f- f 2' l V, xy I - N ' f-Mc' A Nr 4 I i U W X M Y 1 1 if I V1 K J '1 if ,,.-f- f-f--4""' 4 "" - lk L A profusion of plants in the Wesleyan greenhouse is only a minute part of the vast number with which botany stu' dents must become familiar. I" l 'I ?,f"' N The microscope magically reveals to the biologist a new The study of the human brain is fascinating for world teeming with plant and animal life. the students of zoology, who are primarily preemed- ical and pre-dental majors. Page 84 J-:J -Q ig, 'gr-X Eau ..-LW" '77 If you want to split an atom, discover a new synthetic substance, or originate a novel plastic, you may enter chemistry class and start mixing solutions. C 'fe ' 4 ' r 'z - ,Qi-, . . .f. fr, -' .vfaf-:E . gr- , 1- V -f-.-v-9.43 llr ,M ,, The physics and astronomy department offers courses ranging from the elementary mechanics through dynamics, meteorology, and radio to highly advanced subjects, such as thermodynamics and physical optics. Pdge 85 w . wvlgk.. I ':,s'f,1zgY M 21 This instrument may look complicated and useless, but a seismograph machine comes in very handy for record' ing earthquakes in distant parts of the world. N-Q.. 5 By studying geology these students are learning of the buried wonders lying below the earth's surface. ,px 9-1 - V :... N 'The natural wealth ofthe world appears in glorious array In 0' debate Clam- whale fnfvrnwlfty is 41lwf1yS in Ofdef. across the geographerfs desk. debaters Paul Hammer, Warren Urbom, Bette McK1nney, and Helen Hammer, with Mr. Healy, are concerned with the search for truth and logical analyses. Page 86 i- ""' N ?"",.--l f,,.- 'ff , 3-lf' In the department of economics and business administra tion, future business men and women begin to acquire basic skill in tlie trade. ,1 a 'A ln- ef ' 3 .f , T 1' K. Creative hands make a permanent record of Sketchings of still life prove to be stimulating for the artists. the fleeting beauties of nature. Page 87 E fm-f Qu klr N ,-3 fl WN NN 'Nea 4 SQ-N" QW 150117 KX-gg? j Courses in religion and philosophy bring to students a clear 'K ,.-51 understandmg of the deeper meanings o life and help them 4- gf ormulate a stgni icant goal or which to strive wi W J I' "G: 02.5 mg IRDDNY 1 -Q A few eager students do a bit of research in sociology Budding mathematicians become intimate with the mys- to give them an insight into some human problems. teries of advanced calculating. This may one day result in a Wesleyan Ernstein. Who knows? Page 88 Ex 1, C, rl. - . ment In ns- r 1 , Q1 .bsyc-1,010 ls. I ',lN , 1 I edfwn gy d E ' . o its envfronmeals with the f e a, -' . nt and her d' scznagmg - f e It-yl Study of N. 'vi " man 'Y I B A wh ix ,Q - mlnd and b , , -Y -- , , "" I X- I -"" odv gs f IJ.. - .ka uh ' il..-v L- v ' ' '- 1gt,,fl1p, 74, ' f L - 4' -2,3 A to A ' "'-A - -we - Qc ,iff I YV Ill , " X N 'I 111 1 5 I fgiii,-3 +...L. - ,rf " -' f - ' i Q ., f L. QM lls learned in inclusf Among the many ski trial arts is wood turning. Shop practice, . . . I metal working, and drawing are integra parts of the department. Page 89 ,J Miss Rodgers passes on a bit of Ach du lieber-These fellows will teaching know-how to prospective soon read and write German. teachers. , ,,,.ff.1. ,,,f , as , yi? wig, iw, f gf , sg, X' civil' 'c' 536 ' Count ,,. " f C , ir sz' X flirt -. x I X lj, Ku: ff X ' Vg , ' ry ma? problem- -af' - . GF", . ahisw - si z 37? , H w,dentsir1tC'fP'fetmg :E'5f, J.' I fy ' 7 S some S Q- ,, . - , B rringer observe PML fir, 'B f' 4 if'-T-fig, l fy 1 I ' f Dr- 4 ' . " - "1" 4 7 , ff' 1 f X -- l Vi "' ' 7' 7-,Ida-:::f - A 'i 'X v , f i' , ' , , . gf , 1- .3 f .4 -f.0f'f71y,4cf-4, ! 3 ,Vela --yfwigz fel-'urbi -4 --+--- I T g-7il -gl XZZQ., --:L '-- -V 1 " 'f W 'f ff ' - 1 ,, .f..- "7 A ,fi-1 N:-e - l A : f yy E. ekfwg, ,, Eff Kwik i fa.. Q , .. - f-J ,.' - " ,-k- 1:7 1, I I , , K fi -f W2 11.119711 ' S f ff. "3 f, r4'fQ4g-,-i eil'-25 if'i?2E2,i'LWwrf ' I N' I '-4 .. ,A I' 4' v 'jg' 1 ,. . "L ' .V William Shakespeare looks on in silence as English students try to master the language. Future masters of the singing strings and ivory keys, Geraldine Kelly and Ray Young, study and practice the great works of the masters. .g-,HF 'L i 'Technical problems in radio prof duction are studied in this simuf lated studio. l Page 90 an'- fa how' 'Mo r C1 on " C ht A vi " 1 UW' yy 4 ff ' .-44 M' we 1 H Wg, . x of 4,4 W-i:g1,,,c5,, X c ,lf cr Qurmq J, ,XZ ! X va ,M .-rf 49297, X x Z ff XhK4h!QZ f WN X, X 'MX ZX VU' A 9:03 4 --HL-fp Sf-EY fa 5 nw' I V X X XI' XX X ? X :v X f X X fd-"- .uI'7l f I - ' ..-. f X XX 3""',c 2,1 Yun, f f Q .31 , W , K Wy yy ja,-f ' ' -f 243 ' 53' "Q" fffw ' 1 Z' ' ff . aw' .. are, If f , f X ff, w.u,.nn'j H y X f X Z, ,alexa 5 ,zyw A, XXX ,fuuzfg .hs VZ Z M115 ff , X f if 'K 5' .rg C' nhon ' 01 4 7 5duM"1Y' Lf' oonulfzfj - M' ' ff rtena h If ,' X ff ' f .Z ik 10025 1 ff' 'rffff Qiff' Q4 f7,f,X'f 2' Z Z! f XXjf 4.2 515 Z2 ff 54 Y aff? gf, 571 ,ff Q4 x W W fZ,f" 1? ff 6,1 f' fx X " ' f' 4 4? ffw' xg ! ' x If ff X ' Z AUM V sgwvll X Z 6 X dn,u.S X Z LV. ,ln 7 If 1 , ,ff Mn- 4 f 'U.', x-"-q' 'If A ' ' f? 'Z Z f Z f ,f-Y' .3110 Z, X ua ..x. 5,4-Ay' I , 1, . J 1 ?g.4r:p9,A Q f 7 L .A .X , ff' 44 ffa 'ff If X7 fff ff it QI: X ,f5' 141' C f 4f,.-Jiri K Tv If - , Q! ' ' " AUDREY SCHULTZ Editor THE 1949 PLAINSIVIAN Issued in 1896 the first Nebraska Wesleyan uni- versity annual was entitled the Oro for the Orophil- ian Literary Society, which produced it. In 1901 the name was changed to the Sunflower, and the vari- ous classes took turns at producing it. Another change in title was effected in 1907 when it was called the Coyote. The Coyote was pub- lished for thirty-four years until the present title, the Plainsman, was adopted in 1934. A style change in 1935 revealed a magazine type annual, which was released in three issues. The Plainsman magazine was subsequently produced in two issues, one each fall and spring. In an attempt to portray the events of the year in a more logical and coherent arrangement, the staff of the 1949 Plainsman has returned to the single issue and conventional type annual. I Page 92 Page 93 5 . -Q-L., R! T37 .f X v A i . X 1 W-yn: . I wut: ,, S-.1 -I , ., fab- BETTB MCKINNEY' ALMARON WILDER Co-Assistant Edicor CofAssistarit Editor ..,. ,W . . Y' 'C fi I WILLIAM W. ABBE Layout Editor Ross SMITH Business Manager ,,-.r M1 1 -1-'wr ,J f r Af A122 Ah .17 ang ' rv fb K . H ---.., 'Wd Q ,, . If x - I!! x ' 1' .I I A SAM WAKAI Art Editor MARVIN MORGAN Photographer 4 'N Row 1. Shyrli Cramer, Marilyn Gustafson, jackie Thomas, Barbara Furman, Barbara Botsch. Row 2. Beverly Urbom Dorothy Schnuelle, Genene Brigham, Jeannie Stark, Audrey Schultz, Bette McKinney, Jane Alkire, Shirley Hampton. Row 3 Ross Smith Ben Akert, Ray Owen, Dick Westcott, Whip Abbe, Ward White, Dick Dutton, Al Wilder, Gilbert Hill, Marvin Morgan PLAINSMAN STAFF Editor ....................... Business Manager ...... Co-Assistant Editor ...... CofAssistant Editor ....... Lay Out Editor ........ .......AUDREY SCHULTZ ...............ROss SMITH .......BETTE MCKINNEY .......ALMARON WILDER ......WILLIAM W. ABBE Art Editor ...................... ............... S AM WAKAI Assistant Art Editor ........ ........ S HYRLI CRAMER Photographer ......... .......... ........ M A RVIN MORGAN Society Editor ................ ....... B AREARA BOTscH Assistant Layout Editor ......... .............. D ICK DUTTON Typist ............................. Circulation ........... . Faculty Editors. ........ .. ........ SHIRLEY HAMPTON .........I-IELEN HAMMER ........DARLENE WISLEY BEN AKERT Organization Editors ....... ........ J ACKIE THOMAS Copy Editors ....... Senior Editor ........ junior Editor ......... . .... Sophomore Editor ........ Freshman Editor ........ Sports Editor ........ Copy Writer ........ BARBARA FURMAN ........WARD WHITE VIRGINIA GARLOW DOROTHY SOHNUELLE ..........GENENE BRIOI-IAM ............JANE ALRIRE .......BEVERLY UREOM .........GILIaERT HILL ........DIcIc WEsTcOTT The 1949 Plainsman ,- Left to right: Mr. Bartley, Miss Snow, Miss Halbert, Dr. Jensen, Chancellor Knight, Audrey Schultz, Irma Trott, Mr. Zucker' man, Mr. Hess fChairmanj. f' :FQ .- ' t Q1 ,e , A-55 " if iii! . 3- X Y i5iivl:if,7L,g1Q -X ,Y ul! , 'Nl V H ,. Y K . Mai i ' A is X 'ltzf-33, 1: S.. I i Y . , ,Jr , A f' 'r 'kl-l K 557 ali... V .-'f l - l.,, 4 A cn.. Page 95 Staff in action. Publications Board The Publications Board is the gov- erning body which directs the work of the student publications of the campus: the WESLEYAN, the PLAINSMAN, and the HANDBOOK. Among its duties the Pub- lications Board elects the editor and business manager of each of these publications. Determining major policies is another board function. vftlltav lfff IHMA TROTT Editor WESLEYAN Way back in 1890 the forerunner of today's Wesleyan appeared with the tag Wesleyan Hatchet. The name was changed for a short time to Eccri- tean. This was soon abandoned for Nebraska Wesleyan, from which was logically derived the present title. In the early years the Wesleyan was in reality more a magazine than a newspaper. In 1893 it came out monthly and was bound by stiff paper covers in varying hues, adding color to the news to say the least. At the turn of the century it was a semi- monthly, and by the 1920's it had definitely taken on the aspects of a newspaper. Since that time the primary changes have been to keep up with modern journalistic practice. During the war years the Wesleyan was issued as a section of the University Place News, but in 194-7 it b e c a m e an independent publication appearing weekly. Several notable changes in the typographic style have recently been made giving it a distinctive and attractive appearance. Today the paper serves the college community as a news source and as a means of providing experience to those interested in journalism. It also serves off campus as a public relations organ and as a link with the alumni and friends. Page 96 F1 NPI NIIIKKWX VKINIHXN lNIXHl-HN S JAMES JACKMAN, Assistant Editor Rex MERCER, Business Manager ---q fr' -NM Page 97 4-.4 ' 5 1 Wesleyan staff members pound out copy on deadline day. 'PI 6' CI K 1 1' I Row 1: Lois Barta, Jeannie Stark, Irma Trott, Marilyn Grossoehme. Shirley Hampton, Row 2: Fred Loder, Patricia Palmquist, Betty Allherry, Betty Sheets, Ramona Mitchell, Barbara Nelson. Roger Phipps. Row 3: Keith Hueftle. James Jackman. Raymond Owen, James Munkres, Warren Anthony. Wesleyan Sta f J Editor .... Assistant Editor . Feature Editor . Copy Editor . Make-up Editor . Sports Editor . Art Editor . . . Business Manager . Circulation Manager . Photographer . . . . IRMA TROTT . . JAMES JACKMAN MARILYN GROSSOEHME . RAMONA MITCHELL . WARREN ANTHONY . RAYMOND OWEN . KEITH HUEFTLE . . . REX MERCER MARY CAROL ECKLES . MARVIN MORGAN Staff Adviser . .... MR. MARTIN ZLIORERMAN BETTY ALLBERRY MARTHA JEAN BENGSTON SHIRLEY BEVELHEIMER RACHEL BIRMINGHAM GENENE BRIGHAM ROBERT CARLSON LOIS CLARK JEAN COLEMAN DORIS FRY HAZEL EDOERTON Reporters: FRED LoDER JAMES MUNKRES BARBARA NELSON PATRICIA PALMQUIST WILLIAM PARKER FRANCIE PERRY BETTY SHEETS DELORES SITZ RAYMOND WILLI.AMs MR. MARTIN ZUCRERMAN, Director of Student Publications. Page 98 ' 3. Z , , Q Zf 4 1 , ZX? Mimi 4 9 Page- 99 ROBERT BUSHNELL - EVERETT Pos Cofeditors Wesleyan Handbook Shortly after the turn of the century when Wesleyan students were Coyotes instead of Plains- men, the Handbooks all contained one of the school yells which ran: Ki-yi-ki-yi Wesleyan coyotes Yip-Yip-Yip-Yip Y-e-o-u-w Although that was the day when "sheiks" were cavorting, the amazing similarity to a wolf call was almost prophetic of the close relationship between that animal and the Handbook to many succeeding generations of Wesleyanites. This little booklet first made its appearance in the fall of 1907 as a "Directory," It became the Handbook we know in 1920 when for the first time it contained many items of general informa- tion in addition to names and addresses. Since then the form and contents have varied little, so that at best it fulfills the place attributed to it by the none-too-modest editors of the 1921 edition, who stated, "If you will start using the handbook, it will increase in value as the days go by, and you will not be able to see how you ever got along without it before." Row 1: Beth Stage, Genevieve Spellman, Mariella Williamson, janece Hill, Miss Holding, Margery Gorst, Grace Norton, joyce Householder, Cleo Yenney. Row 2: jean Poyer, Regina Wallace, Carol Wenger, Marcia jones, Ramona Baxter, Mary Louise Estes, Phyllis Tanney, Margaret Stone. Row 3: LaVawn Branz, Ruth Lenhart, jackie Harrison, Val jean Nesmith, Dorothy Lueninghoener, Isabel Smith, jean Hill. Row 4: Maril n Larson, Doris Harris, Cleo 'TeSelle, joyce Nesmith, Beverly Ray, Arlayne Kyes, janette Hanlig, Shirley Snider. Girls ' Glee Club This year the Girls' Glee Club was composed of forty-seven blended voices under the direction of Mrs. Doris Ganz. Accompanists were Genie Wallace and Marcia Jones. For the second semester twenty-nine from this number were chosen. Under direction of Miss Mary Holding this smaller group took their elev- enth annual tour, giving 52 concerts in 50 cities. Soloists were Jean Poyer, Ramona Baxter, Jacqueline Harrison, Margaret Stone, Arlayne Kyes. Jean Hill, Carol Wenger, and Jacqueline Harrison formed the trio. Vocalists: LeRoy Yanney, Barbara Snyder. Dance Band Row 1: Robert Noyes, Professor Colon, Martha Clifton, james Burlghard. Row 2: Barbara Read, William Hare, William Cooper, Lealon Harlow, Don Staples, Robert Gentry. Row 3: Warren Turner. Tommy Cooper,s dance band, now in its third year, has furnished the music for dancing in the student union after the home football and basket- ball games. This fine dance band was also on hand for many other social functions. ,. I The Plainsman dance band is very popular on the campus and at school social events. It is also in demand for dances in the towns and schools surrounding Lincoln. Page 100 Band Bixssss 3 'szsziz-: -:': :ac-z :wo Vo o n Q 0 a 0 0 0 . . . .'..'.'.'.'.g.g -,-.f.-.'. . g.g.g.g.g.g-gf... SI-Z'Z'ZgZg1g2:3: W2-I-2:2 P " i ,o,o.o,..... ...- 2 , w if-11 i 'Tai ' 5 The music department of Nebraska Wesleyan was proud to send a 57 piece band and 3 soloists on concert tour. The band toured over 1500 miles and appeared in 36 communities in Ne- braska and Colorado. Don Marsh, Barbara Sny- der and Martha Temple were featured soloists with the company. The Nebraska Wesleyan Band consists of two units: concert band and marching band. A 74 member band is maintained for the concert band. If-'Pig :ty-N9 QAM mms The touring band members are selected on a basis of performance and attendance at rehearsal. The marching band is famous for its half-time shows at the football games in the O. N. Magee Memorial Stadium at Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- versity. Featured performers were drum major, Al Cay, and majorettes, Jacquie Mason, Peggy Chadderdon, Beverly Wilder, Betty Allberry and Ardith Patton. FLU1'r:s Jane Kotouc Rachel Birmingham Barbara Hicks Georgiana Yeutter Mona Conover Jaqueline Thomas Virginia Van Sickle Clarice Rager Onoes Mildred Guyer Beverly Urbom BAssooN Alice Deissler CLARINETS Paul Nicholas .loan Hoyt Shirley Daft Lenamae Brownell John Berry Jeanette Johnson Ramona Mitchell Sarah Harris Connie Hubers Ardith Patton Lorraine Hewett Duane Spiers Kenneth Peterson Gloria Brown Azxro CLAmNs'r Edythe Cochran Bass CLARINET Frances Perry ALTO SAXOPHONES Martha Clifton Barbara Peregrine Russell Holmberg Dale Jarvis T1-:Non SAXOPHONE Gene Harding Jim Burkhardt BARITONE SAxoPHoNr: Shirley Meyer Bass SAxoPHoNx-: Robert Noyes CORN!-ITS Thomas Cooper Lealan Harlow Thomas Mihane William Parker Marilyn Long John Stone Bill Hare Bernard Scott John Hedges Nancy Osborne Lois Johnson String Orchestra Paul Matzke Harry Soper Jerome Draucker Honns Bruce Deal Joseph Dappen Ned Conger Robert Dunn Ivan Miller Richard Fry Ray Young James Munkres Barbara Koch Don Miller BARITONES Arthur Bates John Calvert Alma Stoddard Dan Bitner Weldon Baker Paul Obermeyer John Fishel Wayne Zlomke Richard Inbody Bass DRUM Leuretta Martin SNAKE DHUM Warren Turner Phyllis Wroth Craig Worrell Gerald Fishel Sonoxsrs Martha Temple Lois Knapple Barbara Snyder Donald Marsh The String Orchestra plays a vital part in the musical activities of Wesleyan. This year's orchestra consists of fifteen pieces and is com- posed of the high school and college students in Wesleyan's school of music. Director of this musical group is Mrs. Geralyn Walrath Bennett. Activities for this year in- cluded providing music for plays, the annual opera, the Oratorio, and the presentation of a spring recital. Row I: Geraldyne Kelly, Martha Temple, james Christensen Nila Kastner, Martha Christensen, Muriel joy, Bob Hunter Row 2: Fred Loder, Donna Gardner, Ray Young, Cora Hutchinson Richard Christensen, Norma jean Magnuson. Piano: jim Munkres. Director: Mrs. Geralyn Walrath Bennett. Row Row Row Row 3. 4. 1: Louis Koontz, Robert Hensman, Richard Hart, Professor Leonard Paulson, Richard Dutton, Robert Hunter, Craig Worrell. : Wallace Harvey, Richard Connell, Clarence Miester, Kenneth White, Lowen Kruse, William Ericson, Dale Iarvis, Gerald Hedges. Richard Nesmith, Lyle Nelson, Darrell Grell, Francis Hitch, Benja- min Alsert, William D. Cooper. Richard Hughes, Robert Larson, Richard Casselman, Albert Gay, I Paul Swanson, Fred Loder. ale Chorus Under the direction of Professor Leonard Paulson, the Male A Cappella chorus completed a 1550 mile concert tour throughout western Ne- braska and eastern Wyoming. The 28 men gave concerts of classical, folk, The Plainsman .Quartet composed of William Cooper, Albert Gay, Rich' ard Casselman and Ben Akert enter' tained audiences with their harmony and cleverness. jerry Hedges, Clarence Meister, Robert Hunter and Richard Connell held the attention of their audiences in one of their favorite poses. spiritual, and popular music for high school, church, and community audiences. ' Features with the group were the two Plains- man quartets and vocal and instrumental soloists. Officers Assistant director .......... A1 Gay Custodian ......... Clarence Meister 1 el- : 1 fFQB.i'z,'19'r7 X li? ' " 'gi " A. ".. f1i,53fi?i'fkgi ,infil l . X! . ,., - I .m-V' .rn Y f' I ani I - A I9 Page 102 Page 103 Row 1: William Slaughter, Bruce Link, Gayle Valler, Robert Gentry, Darrel Grell, Alfred Calvert, joe DuBois, Paul Obermeyer, Wayne Cash. Row 2: LeRoy Anderson, Keith Sandford, Ray Westover, Bob Ketterer, Del Miller, Cliff Squires, Dick Mayer, Max Kellough, Harold Porter. Row 3: Row 4: Harrington, Pete Nelson, Paul Hammer, john Harding, Alden johnson, john johnston, Dick Whitmore, Rex Mercer, john Cal- vert, Bill Heller, Charlie Harrison. Cal Bones, Tom Mihane, Chick Knight, Dick Haclsell, Ev Poe, Dick Nesmith, Kenny White, Don W Club The "W" Club is a social organization made up of some 50 men who have participated in inter- collegiate athletics at Nebraska Wesleyan. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in and the welfare of intercollegiate athletics at Nebraska Wesleyan. All those who have quali- fied for the varsity "W" award on any athletic team are qualified for membership in this club. The qualifications for lettering in the various sports are: Football: Participate for at least 3 minutes in as many quarters as there are games scheduled for that season. Basketball: Play at least 4- minutes in at least one-third of the halves of the games sched- uled. Track: Earn 15 points during the season, 8 points in a dual meet, 6 points in a triangular meet, or place in the Conference meet. Tennis and Golf: Win at least one-half of the contests or win the conference championship. The player also has to carry successfully 12 hours in the semester that he participates in the contests. The present officers of the Club are: President: Raymond Westover Vice President: William Carriker Sec.-Treas.: Harold Porter lt was decided this year to issue lifetime passes to all athletic events at Wesleyan to all graduating seniors who have lettered at least two years in any sport. The annual events of the "W" Club are the Freshman Watermelon stag party given in the fall, the selection and crowning of the "W" Club Sweet- heart at homecoming, and the "W" Club Picnic at Linoma Beach in the Spring. W 23 X qi an A vmggf Lr 1 x 1 l v5 A"81'I JS ' 'I 'qw Ai QP. 'Elf' 4 wx i A x W K rf' .fidx Page 105 On December 11, 1947, Nebraska Wesleyan's sixtieth anniversary, Chancellor Knight dedicated one of Wesleyan's newest buildings, the Plains- man Theater. The building was officially begun the previous summer, and on December 11, its completion and formal opening were commemo- rated by the presentation of the opening play, On Borrowed Time. Since then the theater has been the scene of many activities. Classes in various phases of drama and speech are held there as well as extra- curricular activities. The organization which is the nucleus of the dramatic activities is the "Plainsman Players." As members of this group become more active they are elected to the hon- orary society, Theta Alpha Phi. 1? 'U , aa, WQN X... In the school year of 1948-49, four plays, directed by Dr. Enid Miller Hoffman and assisted by Professor Ruth Harper, were produced. The season opened with Room Service and in Novem- ber, Deep Are the Roots was given. I Remember Mama and Key Largo completed a successful year. In December the Theater was the setting for Wes- leyan's first attempt at Grand Opera, Faust was given by the music department under the direction of Professor Oscar "Pop" Bennett. The Plainsman Theater is indeed a place of much activity. It is not only a building of which Wesleyan is proud, but it also draws the interest of many outsiders as well. It is a tribute to the hard work of those who saw its need, and it is an inspiration for those who are realizing its possi- bilities. ROOM SERVICE Room Service, the first presentation of the season, proved to be one of the most hilarious plays on the Wesleyan stage in many years. Playing the part of Leo Dunn, Bill Hare gave an excellent characterization of a confused playwright who hadn't yet shaken all the hayseed from his hair. Arriving in New York fresh from the country, he fell victim to a happy-go-lucky group of penniless stage people wishing to produce his play. Led by producer Al Cay, the troupe used numerous devices, all of the hairbrained variety, to stave off eviction from a high class hotel until the show could be put on. The mad antics of the group left hotel manager Jerry Newman in a continual state of perplexity with the fear his boss Gaylen Doak would learn of the actors' presence. In the course of the general turmoil Leo met and fell in love with Jean Janke, who, as the lovely secretary to the hotel manager was about the only sane person in the cast. Eventually everything wound up happily as the show was produced and everybody got his money. In addition to those already mentioned, Joyce Crawford, Pat McEvoy, and Bill Weddel as members of the stage group, and Dee Hughes as a hopeful actor contributed to the fun. Paul Nicholas' increasing resentment at having a Negro in his home contributes a tense moment as Dorothy Blough, Wil-ma Bartels, and Wally Harvey fail in their attempt to reason with him. Num Dee Hughes, Al Gay, Joyce Crawford and Bill Weddel plot further devilment while Bill Hare looks on in fear that he may be persuaded to undergo further punishment. DEEP ARE THE ROOTS One of the most urgent problems of our present day American democracy was dealt with in a thought- provoking manner in the drama Deep Are the Roots. Stanley Fry and Wallace Harvey alternated with telling effectiveness in the lead role of a sensitive and cultured Negro. Returning from the army as an officer, he was unprepared to resume the mode of living of an inferior race and came into conflict with the unseen but overpowering barrier of race preju- dice. His torment was shared by Dorothy Blough, who, as a young white woman, fell in love with him. She too ran into the invisible wall between the races. Her sister, Wilma Bartels, often spoke of tolerance but was unable to achieve it. The girls' father, Paul Nicholas, contributed the blind and unyielding hatred of a traditional Southern gentleman, while Irene Kelly as the young Negro's mother, depicted an old mammy, who had accepted her subordinate position. The result was a drama of stark realism which brought before the audience without restraint the pressing need for a solution to race prejudice in our nation. Members of the excellent supporting cast were Earl Veskerna, Phyllis Ott, John Berry, Charles Hellman, and Don Logan. Page 106 .pg Pat Lorigan as Katrin, narrator of "I Remember Mama." John Van Druten's I Remember Mama brought to the Plainsman The- atre patrons a tender comedy of life in a Norwegian-American family. Included in the cast were a wide range of characters who brought spice I REMEMBER MAMA and variety to the play. Among them were a child played by nine year old Enid Reeder, a cat named Uncle Elizabeth, a high school youngster with a literary "yen', played by Pat Lorigan, and father Ed Kugler who had a quizzical tolerance of their strange doings. Appearing in the household at various times were an actor with a large appetite, a dark Swede with a bad temper but a soft heart, and a spinster too timid to tell of her wish to 'cmarry with Mr. Thorkelsonf' Presiding over the entire household with tact and loving care was Mama, played by Marjorie Johnson. Jean Chamber- lain played Christine, Carolyn Nelson, Aunt Jenny, Boyden Harvey, Uncle Chris, and William Abbe, Mr. Hyde. Boyden Harvey makes up as King. For their final production of the 1948-49 season, the dramatics department selected Key Largo, an intense emo- tional drama by Maxwell Anderson. The play is touched with greatness in language, char- acterization, and atmosphere dealing with the realization that no escape from the necessity of making decisions is possible in today's world. The dialog catches fire, the X portraits of the scene are lighted up brightly and the situations are alive. ln Key Largo Anderson's show has a core of meaning to show his perception of man and his character. The play investigates the cause and conse- quence of crime. At the time of going to press, only the lead had been ' selected. Boyden Harvey was chosen to ply the part ' of King, the gambler. Page 107 f ik ., C' 'CA I' F LXX-x xi X I KAW l Lk. S' -if J Faust, revitalized into a vigorous young mari through a bargain with the devil, makes love to the beautiful Marguerite. Leland Firiecy, as Dr. Faust, reflects on a life of study with no pleasure and dejectedly contemplates the future. aust The first grand opera ever presented at Wes- leyan, Gounod's F aust, proved to be an outstand- ing success as attested by delighted audiences at each performance. The story was based on Coethe's drama depicting the tragic results which ensued from a distinguished scholar, Dr. Faust, selling his soul to the devil in exchange for youth and earthly pleasures. Leland Finecy played the title role of Faust superbly, while the part of Mephistopheles, the in- carnation of the devil, was excellently handled by LeRoy Yanney. The other principal role was that of Mrs. Jean Ground, who, as Marguerite, vividly portrayed the young and beautiful maiden with whom Faust fell in love before breaking her heart. Irene Kelly, as Martha, Marguerite's gar- Adrniring from afar, Seibel picks flowers to place at Marguerite's door. rulous old aunt, added the proper touch of humor. Other featured members of the cast were Richard Hughes as Valentine, Marguerite's brotherg Bar- bara Snyder as Seibel, her youthful admirer, and John Berry as Wagner, Faustls manservant. Perfectly integrated were the fine support of the chorus and orchestra as the entire production functioned efficiently under the skilled direction of "Pop" Bennett. With the intricate stage sets contributing much to its over all magnificence, the opera moved through many enjoyable moments to its unforgettable climax in which Marguerite rejected the attraction of the evil Faust and, with the beautiful voices of angels, her soul was car- ried to heaven in a final triumph of virtue. The haughty Mephistopheles taurits the soldiers who have just returned from victory on the field of battle. N 3 Fi l y R, xi tn I I p - H we wvr-:en wt -. , if t , shi Carolyn Nelson "Doc" Miller and the new speech wagon, I Samuel Duck. Boyderz Harvey Road how These nine dramatic students and their spon- sor, Dr. Enid Miller Hoffman, traveled three thousand miles in Nebraska and Colorado. They journeyed as far west as Denver, performing be- fore audiences in forty-two towns along the way. Two plays, written and produced by the direc- tor, were featured. Clean Beasts by Sevens was presented to church audiences, and the second, Black Steed White was given before high school groups. For the four veteran senior members, Mar- jorie Johnson, Boyden Harvey, Edgar Kugler, and Leroy Yanney, the homecoming chapel perform- ance marked their final Road Show appearance. Ke-,meth White Dorothy Blough Le Roy 'Yarmey Marjorie folmson foyce Crawford EClgCl'f K1.tgl81' Irgng Kelly xx, xyv. X.",?,, ,V P4 Q 'Lam' E K ,q u Y '11, "lg ' l .I . M155 .2 . f - ,V .M , '-2. 5'-Q, Q- t.. -T1 , 6, 4. .5 Qui 1:2 , ,V . ' i If - ry V " hy Lg . - 4-3, - 9 ,N " V' NY' "' 4 . A ' ,gs -rf!! 1-V' - f ' N .-Q-:Q 'pw--A L ,, X f Y "' -EY"'igfQ1L, . ,fjfgf A ., "- A',-at .N . I , x ,' ',, 1-g-41. ' , Y ' 5 .AND V4 -ig , l I , ., .1-MAL - :,s':,'- ' 'Jig' V ,:u'b2. x xx X? ' xx N ' "xxx, N, x x XX K -K XXX xx 'w s Wx., N ' ' -5 , 1:1 ,,.,,, , my q..,f,, .3 ,. lkmmr-H' -.5:3x 1. .'.' 4 -,, 2 V Q 5 . 'm 7-Q:-N, '.,,.,,g,K, . x'-N L 5, .5 M NX Wwxix XXXXXXQNINXYN 'L I .- 'lt ,Mail-A-ui 'x' 4' 'Q Xxx ' Rx J . 5' :Jaf -:lf 7' 5 ' .'A,. '..- I ' l ,,.' v , . . . . v . 1'- .-I ,lx .AfX4-,Ah fx -. J I .U S x r x 1 - ,.x' v Y ' TVYXCS' 1 1... 5. mv 1- , z," 4 Page 111 . - 'E 1 , X , - 'ff' , i 141 1, 1 ' ' 'I I If 1 ,- S fi, fu D r ,Q .fu ' V PQ, ,iffy ji 22 L 0' Y "FA-' 'Efiwfr Tffiiff -4 14 V' lf ,fu gf"'?7'5'f A' f I -' ' ' llfgadudmwf ' -55:55 1 'f " 4015- ft.: i 'N4ff5 'fi "3 , ' . , 1lf:94zAf::,g:g'f uf lv ,, W ' Q Ms- -,ff M J, ,my ,Ld .. tk I 'Z 1, . '. ' ' 'Vg " ..--x" A-i3 i' HM' . k - : x , L in J - a-v 34- - --,.-- f ,,".Zl-"-' s --.-"1-'Z-Z-frii' xi f WX ,,-.:'.-X., JY D lb' """"V-in ,,-""...1:' X- - "' fi gig V X 1,1 - f- T ' . g . 7-'W--e x 'if fQ:Qa if 'fo' U " tvs'-3 1 M ' - J ' Z4 "' 1 gfief ' FS-ffieiffs 7 sf o 53' e Tfs: ' f2 ,ea Athletics Great steps forward in the field of athletics were made during the 194-8-4-9 school year as the Nebraska Wesleyan Plainsmen sped along the road to victory. Future plans for tennis courts and a new gymnasium indicated the spirit of growth and expansion which has be- come a part of Wesleyan. To provide recreation for all, an enlarged intramural program for both men and women was worked out. New teams with odd names entered the competition, and interest was high under the guidance and supervision of the physical education staff. Co-champions last year, the football team was again a strong contender and finished in second place. The has- ketball squad had a successful season and also finished second in NCC standings. Track, golf, and tennis all had indications of a promising future as the annual went to press before completion of these sports. I 9 x N i 4 s- I -f w g f A? ly - A, f4f! 9- K ' I X """"'5. C - . -:X ' 'LZ' ff 1-IE 3 , . 41 l mfg' - if N .. gw iff it -nf S,-1:4 1 l . is , 4, -' sv, - s, or Q f as f ilgf --1 n sf1,, 2' A -' f -f:-- E x 2326?-V fxfffrme- ,fi g "- 5' ,-1 -'EP - T Page 112 mi, 2 " ww N., -N Q Ex L: ff V 0 4. 9 Y ,- , y ml V L gg? gf . -Is X l , -- 1 Won 6-- Lost 3-- Nebraska Wesleyan Omaha U ............ . . . 12 Nebraska Wesleyan .... . . . South Dakota Wesleyan . . . . . 7 Nebraska Wesleyan Wayne .............. . . . 0 Nebraska Wesleyan Kearney . . . . . 14 Nebraska Wesleyan Midland . . . . . 0 Nebraska Wesleyan Peru . . . . . . 0 Nebraska Wesleyan Doane . . . . . 7 l Nebraska Wesleyan York . . . . . . 0 Nebraska Wesleyan Hastings . . . . . 12 GEORGE "BUS" KNIGHT, IRVIN "PETE" PETERSON, LAVONN "LARRY" PRICE Head Coach Assistant Coach Line Coach r1 nxw'1'. - . ,,v,v.:-M4 tr :, 1 1 - U.. f"Y y, M M .I A y ,, Walter 'swizff f 'P 'f I - 'tftfft ' f HAROLD PORTER, CHARLES GORDON, Back KEITH TADLOCK, End REX MERCER, T DICK WHITMORE ackle Back Back 1948 Season Coach Knight received plenty of help and cooperation from his aides and a happy family of football players in K compiling Nebraska Wesleyan's 1948 gridiron record. Larry Price, Irv Petersen, and John Knight, assistant coaches, played important roles in the march of the Plains- men. There was a fine display of all-around team work by coaches and players which produced another successful season. In totaling 2,038 yards in 9 games, the Plainsmen raced 1,199 yards on the ground and made 839 yards through the air with Rex Mercer and Ken White doing most of the tossing. Rex Mercer, all-conference back, scored 5 touchdowns and paced the running attack while receiving capable assist- ance from Kenny White, Aldie Johnson, and Charlie Gor- don. Bob Ketterer and Del Miller were the outstanding pass snatchers. 9 RAY WESTOVER, LEROY End Bon KETTERER ANDERSON, End CHARLES KNIGHT. Back CLIFF SQUIRES, Center End ., W , . U I Z .I -1 ws... . Jf,,'zL. I..'L'N.., ,. W HOWARD DUBO1s Lewis WALKER 'Tackle DEL MILLER, End JOHN CALVERT RIO JOOSTEN Guard BILL SLAUGHTER, Tackle 1 A A O 1 1 M l f lx l ' I TOM MIHANE Center Cliff Squires, all-conference center, again led the spark+ ling line play and received ample- support from Harold Porter, Bill Slaughter, and Howard Dubois. Although injuries to key players and a heart-breaking one point loss to Crete in the mud shattered the Plainsmen title hopes, they finished second in the conference standings and preserved Coach Knight's record of never losing a game at home. Highlight of the season was the victory over the con- ference co-champion Wildcats from Wayne. In this con- test the Plainsmen played their best of the season and beat Wayne in every phase of the game. The final game with Hastings saw eight seniors--Mer- cer, Keith Tadlock, Chick Knight, Dick Whitmore, Harold Porter, Ray Westover, LeRoy Anderson, and Charley Gor- don play their final game for Wesleyan. All eight were in the starting lineup for this game. n AL CALVERT Tac le 13' pgifaf -..- BOB GENTRY, Tackle CAL BONES, Back '1 DICK MEYER, Tackle JOHN JOHNSTON, Center I A ' 'ff 1 , V Q' ,I 1 Q 5 1 DICK NESMITH, Guard WAYNE CASH, Back IVN mo' A 'I , I X H I 'nv -JF gi? C I vi' ALDEN JOHNSON, Back BRUCE LINK' Back DICK HADSELL, KENNY WHITE, Back Back , , V-. l., DARREILZL GRELL, End MAX KELLOUGH DON HARRINGTON, Back my Guard G d ' PAULOEERMEYEI 5 aft., jg f ut., .H mm .n....- -EI?" I m:"x:::.:':::'.::':::."g:1.'1.: Q U-- 2..1 .. NEIIKASKA SIATII ll Aflllllla COLLIGL v..n..... xx w.,..v-, N.-l.....L., r',..n..v, rvt..r...u..f ia, nm Nami.-v N...- Wesleyan Rolls Past Wayne 12-0 Wesleyan's conference campaign got off to a flying start as Wayne fell before the onslaught .... Plainsmen marched 71 yards to score after receiv- ing second half kickoff .... Wesleyan's front line kept Wayne in its own territory most of the eve- ning .... Scores hy Mercer and White .... Del Miller, Alden Johnson, and Bob Ketterer played outstanding ball in this game. Statistics First downs .... Wesleyan Wayne 15 7 Net yards rushing .... . . . 130 88 Net yards passing .... . . 83 60 Passes complete . . . . . 6 5 Passes incomplete .. 5 6 Alden johnson picks up 17 yards on the famous double reverse play while Chick Knight f47j moves into blocking position. Two Wayne players team up to pall Read Mercer to the turf after a IO yard offftackle thrust. Passes intercepted ..... . . . 1 0 Punt average ....... . . . 39 43 Kickoff average .... . . . 52 48 Penalty yardage .... . . . 75 25 V0l2'P of Me Frkndly College' Friday. October 15,1048 Nebruh Bute Teaehnn College at Kearney- Vol. 39. No. 4 Wesleyan Dumped by Kearney 14-6 Underdog Kearney won hard fought contest. . . . Kearney tallied in first quarter .... Johnson returned second half kickoff to the Wesleyan 31. . . . Seven plays later Mercer scored to push within one point .... 37 yard pass from Harvey Stroud to Bob Hauver clinched victory .... Wesleyan twice inside Antelope 30 yard line .... Cliff Squires led line play .... Statistics Wesleyan Kearney First downs ........ . . . 15 14 Net yards gained .... . . . 275 299 Passes attempted .... . 11 8 Passes completed . . . . 6 7 Passes intercepted .... . 0 4 Punt average ....... . . . 32 33 Fumbles ............ . 3 3 Fumbles recovered .... . 1 2 Penalty yardage .... . 15 10 Page 118 1 Kenny White f25j swings around end for five yards and a first down on the Midland 30 yard line. Penalty yardage .... 10 20 Fumbles ........ 10 2 Punt average ..... 53 29 Kickoff average .... 50 57 Peru Pedagogian Plainsmen Stop Peru 12-0 Page 119 Coach Bus Knight's gridders scored a TD in the second and final periods .... Cal Bones drove 9 yards for first TD .... 40 yard Mercer to Ket- terer pass set up second marker .... Mercer plunged over .... Bobcats threatened once .... Their field oal tr failed .... Both lines played 5 Y a clean hard game .... Statistics First downs ......... Yards gained rushing . Yards lost rushing . . . Passes attempted ..... Passes completed .... Yards gained passing . Passes intercepted . . . Fumbles ........... Own fumbles recovered Yards in penalties . . . Wesleyan Peru .. 11 5 ...163 74- .. .. 86 10 .. 13 18 6 10 ...121 114- . 0 0 .. 3 1 . 2 1 .. .. 15 30 THE MIDLAND Y W,.......N.,......,,....,....1,..,t-I,M W.. W.-...i.... .ai " H" Midland Victim at Ho mecoming 32-0 Midland mangled to cap homecoming festivi- ties .... Johnson rambled 32 yards on reverse for first score .... Mercer, Link, and Johnson scored TD number 2, 3, and 4- .... Little Ev Poe inter- cepted a pass and blazed 34 yards for final TD. . . . 3,000 fans .... Largest crowd of the season saw a clean and fast game. Statistics Wesleyan Midland First downs ...... . . . 15 3 Net yards rushing . . . . . . 284- 26 Net yards passing . . . . . . 113 76 Passes completed . . . . 5 8 Passes incomplete . . . . 8 7 Passes intercepted . . . 2 0 Bob Ketterer streaks 40 yards after gathering in a flat pass from Mercer. Doane Tiger Title Hopes Destroy. ed by Doane 7-6 Mud ruined Plainsmen bid .... Doane staved off surging Wesleyan band throughout final quar- ter .... Rice of Doane ran 34 yards to set up Tigers' score .... Wesleyan roared back on a 68 yard drive to score .... Ken White bulled over from the'six .... Gordon stopped short on extra point try by inches .... Squires outstanding on de- fense .... Field resembled a mire at conclusion. Statistics Doane Wesleyan First down ...... . . . 6 11 Net yards rushing ..... . . . 110 118 Yards gained passing .... . 9 115 Passes completed ..... . 1 9 Passes incomplete ....... . 8 8 Ball lost on intercept .... . 2 0 Punts .............. . 9 9 Punt average .... . . . 35 33 Rex Mercer through the middle for eight yards as Aldie johnson throws a key block on a 'York defender. Passes intercepted . . . . . 1 0 Punts ......... . . 5 5 Kickoffs ...... ...... . . 4 1 Fumbles .... ........ . . 4 4 Own fumbles recovered .... . . 3 1 Penalties .............. . . . 4 3 Penalties yardage ..... . . . 20 25 ll Kenny White scores from 6 yard line during muddy gridiron battle. Kickoff average ....... . . 50 51 Kickoff returned yard . . . . . 78 44 Punt returned yardage . . . . 25 33 Ball lost on fumbles . . . . 2 1 Penalty yardage . . . . . 25 20 'llllll Sl N ll ll lt Il Ill Plainsmen Blank York 12-0 Fourth loop win against two defeats .... Wayne Cash scored in second period after a 31 yard strike from Mercer to Ketterer .... Plains- men on one yard line as half ended .... Del Miller scooped up blocked kick and raced 25 yards for second TD .... Tackle Bill Slaughter paced Wes- leyan line play .... Statistics Wesleyan York First downs rushing .... . . 2 7 First downs passing .... . . 4 1 Yards gained rushing .... . . . 66 101 Yards lost rushing ..... . . 60 10 Yards gained passing .... . . . 53 26 Passes attempted ...... . . 10 8 Passes completed .... . . . 4 2 Page 120 Plainsrnen pass defense clicks as Dick Whitmore goes high in the air between two Bronco receivers. Opp. fumble recovered ....... 2 Punt average ......... . . 37 Kickoff average ........ . . . 46 Punt returned yardage ....... 17 Kickoff returned yardage ..... 62 Penalty ................... 40 The Hastings Qolleglan- Broncos Shaded 15-12 2,000 shivering fans witnessed close contest. . . . Underdog Broncs scored first and last. . . . Mercer to Ketterer pass scored Plainsmen first TD. . . . Del Miller leaped high for a pass from Mercer and came down with the ball in the end zone for second TD .... Cliff Squires and Howard DuBois dumped Hastings' Easter in the end zone for final two points .... Great offensive display .... Statistics Wesleyan Hastings First downs ......... . . 12 2 Yards gained rushing . . . . . . 169 55 Yards lost rushing ..... . . . 19 20 Yards gained passing . . . . . . 176 121 Net yards gained ..... . . . 345 176 Passes attempted .... . . 22 11 Passes completed . . . . . 9 4 Passes intercepted ..... .. 1 3 Fumbles ............... . . 6 2 Own fumble recovered .... . . 5 0 f l ? I P' flf A I Sm If . , f fa ., I ,ZX 9? Q, M nl E ,. Am 4 r"'4 ' llffw 92' .tn 4 .u ...s..w:p. 'nf , , ' X 1 V x 4 I K gg r W A Q WWW P . Y if X ii Q 'I MQ 1' sk Q 'I xv " 4.1 Q 5 'Ne " iv L- 6 15 sv pm A. Sim-w..,g , , 4 . a, A 1- K as O f ,rg Q. K V I X r .N ' I L, V . 3 . 1' I , gf. K, U' ' IW' , 4 J Aff 'V' V If , ' ,, ' ff: "fi , 4,' .ff E,-kv, .yd I Wavaayl "' PM 3219: 1-1?'.f '57 n ' " Jv M J' .A ,ftw 6, an . , , 'tan A-W--'If ...Y..2:"1 1 v 4 1+- ' 'T f i f " ..1... ...,.,.. ,R ,fr-"W WPG?" I .4:.,w:.i 4 vw, mf-T1 ' m M 'M-m,.,f. ., ' 1 , ' Q", A'J'7Qu'l FLM I :!7d",A.w,- ,ll I-wQ,.NL0'. 1, ky! V 5 .13 in 1,271 ' ,. ., . ,I K' , .f , -A., " 9' 2? , , . , "' ' . . f, .. . - . . r- 1 I4 'Y il, I ' 4 H' , . . v-, ' , , n M L 'V---fi. ,,,Qugg7 ,- '. n , n" f .'-I ' F' ',, ' . . - A ,.-.aa-'f if ' is bXn q','. . n v, . 13, 'fr .-,f - 1 ..J K V W I iq' f IV 1 . ,Y -mgmg .,- l,,,. Ula " Wx: :I i' Q -if . W. J- w-Q-v A ,df 9 "i mrftl.-. . ,,,- Ap,- ' ff'-4,1 .QL 1 f , ' . I " U'- gw -.i,,." '. QQVZI ,.',M,k.q.1lf "'. ?" '- ', ""J." 'Wf.,":'1 A "f.Q42n'y!'1v r f'?k rf' 4- 'Q' mi ' 5 'fa' - ' 7" -4.1, -'f' 1-Yi' . ffff ' " ' -A-A.-.4 .Q ' ' N Page 124 3, 1 5 1 . 5 .mul 4:1 ,. f ,cwvlfllf -- v mfwumA1uuy:14Ze:U,L ff' '-M' Hmfgw W' q M4 X 1 iff'-f 11i'4 F' we' ... 5. ,, 13-.X . ug' . X :.,.4'A,.g,:,.-.,'3.,: 4.-..q,r:: V' J' 1 -H W, 1 ,, . ff"-71? 1 1 '.f,.-pm - " -5 . 'J f 'I-IQA .- 'f f W J ,vt N 4, " 5'lxIg:5" -"'-'T ' ,. ,Iii Z. x - A-fx uf rw V ,, Y ' J,..,5,,.,,,.f - ,,: 4. 'f L. 'ff A"f"' 4 , W V, '- W 1 , Vt, Mi ' 1 -qv ,Lv . 1! 'I azrfvxi ,. m .T , , W. f7'u',F?. up -'im' 44" 41' JE Doane . . . Peru .... Omaha U"' Wayne . . Midland . Kearney . York .... Hastings . Hastings . dai---tml:---Q ASKETBALL Won 12 Lost 6 Opp. N.W. 43 50 46 52 51 64 43 59 37 Omaha UW' Midland . Doane . . . Peru . . . Wayne . . York .... Chadron . Chadron . Kearney . "'Non-conference games Row 2 Row Opp. 47 39 36 50 50 50 31 43 55 Row 1: Ketterer, Anderson, Westover, Cash, Voller, Squires. ston, Gentry, Wickstro Miller. : Allen, Mercer, john- my Row 3: Edgar, Whitaker, Morgan, Weston, Fitch, H ouser. Wescott, Schoe-nleber. N .W. 51 57 48 46 61 52 59 76 70 4: Kellough, Wiegers, Page 126 1 1 , V, H ,kgsf f A fy 7 4 J f f - 4 I ll 8:57 f Z, KTM s af-wx X ' As ff' VIII 1 .tau X A " "' E if Zi? at t, A new and competent coach, nine returning lettermen, and three new- comers combined their basketball talents to establish a commendable 1948-49 record at Nebraska Wesleyan. Coach Peterson, well versed in fundamentals and the "Phog" Allen style of basketball, worked hard to find a winning combination, and when the Plainsmen started marking up victories, he saw the long hours of practice producing results. After losing four out of the first five conference games, the Plains- men found the range and made a terrific comeback. With Del Miller, Cliff Squires, Bob Ketterer, LeRoy Anderson, and Gayle Voller lead- ing the way they won 11 of the 12 remaining games and finished second in the final NCC standings. GEORGE "BUS" KNIGHT Assistant Coach IRVIN "IRV" PETERSON Head Coach J The only loss during their winning stint was to the high-riding NCC champions from Peru by a close 50-46 verdict. The Plains- men led throughout the game and worried the Bobcats before losing in the dying mo- ments. lnconsistency at the free throw line provided the difference as Peru hit 18 for 26 and NW dunked only 8 for 18. The largest crowd in Wesleyan history crowded the gym for this important engagement and saw an exciting game. DEL MILLER, Forward Center Bon KETTERER, Guard LEROY ANDERSON Guard GAYLE VoLLER, Fmwafd REX MERCER Forward In the season finale against Kearney the Plainsmen poured in buckets from all angles and won easily by a score of 70-55. Del Miller wrote a modern scoring record of 37 points in the books as he looped in 14 field goals and 9 of 11 free throws. Bob Ket- terer held Bob Korte, conference scoring champ, to 10 points as he played his usual stellar defensive game. Miller also established a new season mark of 333 points in 21 games and the Plainsmen marked up a new record of 1,113 points for the season. Page 128 CLIFF SQUIRES JOHN JOHNSTON Guard Bon ALLEN, Forward JIM WICKSTROM, Guard Final NCC Standings W. L. Pts. Peru ...... . . . 15 1 1,014 Wesleyan .... . . . 11 5 858 Kearney . . . . 8 8 1,043 Hastings . . . . 8 8 946 Wayne . . 7 9 806 Chadron . . . . 7 9 820 Doane . . . 6 10 764 York .... . . 5 11 880 Midland . . . . . 5 11 869 Page 129 . Q. Hwy, ,.. Because of their splendid record, the Wesleyan hoopsters received a bid to the AAU tournament at Oklahoma City. Luck of the draw matched them against the Denver Chevrolets, an early tournament favorite, in second round play. The Plainsmen climaxed a successful season by almost staging an upset before losing a 49-40 thriller. WAYNE CASH, Guard RAY Wlisrovnn, Forward Bon GENTRY, Center Op. 669 753 1,007 976 852 926 876 972 969 LeRoy Anderson rebounds and R49 Westover C339 Wd three rings up two points in the Wayne Midland players watch as Ketterefs game. shot hits-the hoop. Rex Mercer 1342 goes up for the A mad scramble results as Mercer ball as Wayne Cash and three Chad' attempts to steal the ball from a ron defenders 'move in. Peru. guard. X Page 130 Big Cliff Squires really goes for the ball as a Doane eager falls to the floor. Page 131 Arms and more arms as Ray Westover and Cliff Squires f41j scramble for the ball during the Hastings game. Del Miller "stretches out" for a tip in during the Kearney tussle, and then he goes up for a set in the Omaha game. johnny fohnston f34j burries in for a possible rebound. Y TRAC ,fs 'raw " I .,, L wwf: ' - 551255144 and if 3 I , I I 5 '- , 4 .-, f X W f fu. Q ff 2,-wi. '- " Czar: -:Q A-J ' T19 .Lf- i-ff' Writing copy for varsity track before the season is over is like crossing a bridge before reaching it. You, the readers, have a dis- tinct advantage over us, the writers. You are aware of the season's outcome and can look back upon it, we can merely look ahead and prophesy. Nebraska Wesleyan's 1948 cinder men placed fourth in the NCC track meet held in May at O. N. Magee Memorial Stadium to complete another track season. Losing only two men from the 1948 squad, Coach Knight is insured of an excel- lent nucleus for building a stronger 1949 team. Assistance is expected from a large crop of freshman hopefuls in bolstering the new squad. Returning lettermen were: Cliff Squires, shotput and discus, Bob Ketterer, javeling Bill Heller, mileg Paul Hammer, 8805 Cal Bones, 4405 Alden Johnson, sprints, high' jump, Charley Harrison, 440, Chick Knight, hurdles, Ray Westover, high jump, Del Miller, sprints. Page 132. Q -.Ng . Vinh! ' . 5, . A, A 7 XL . . .gm 3..,,,,,.., 14, l Q. -- 'K wg - -- . J if X-we F13 ' V j riwfhv ,Q R! if JJ ' I A I ' . , . . . hit., , 1. K an-na ,, ...,, .l..i,.,. A Mel Brunkhorst, Gil Hill, and Don Frazell take part in pre-season workouts at the gym. ,ffl . Page 133 Coach Knight ventures upon the track and hopes for a change in weather. Cal Bones and Bill Heller finish a fast lap around the track in preparation for the season's opener. Alden johnson strikes a starting pose as he prepares for a fast 220. X ' iff: I ,fff ,iz y fps - A , ' , 1 rv- 'l 9 if V' f "' 'IKM' ,354 ' -M5225 .17 Q fi?" N- 'V' Ma?" - ,Li ?"-W ififtgasqj A: 4 .- 1 UI- 1- :T-ff-':T.'.,s, ? W f-Qir?i3f -17-rg . f H' SXT? Golf at Nebraska Wesleyan leaves much to be desired because of inadequate facilities and equip- ment. Practice is on a "do it yourself" basis and the only competition is in the NCC championships in the spring. Last year we didn't enter a team Tommy Cooper practices a putt in this competition, but this year with Tom Cooper, Tom Long, and Rex Mercer leading the way, pros- pects are much brighter. Long and Mercer were both members of the Plainsman team which won the conference title in 1947. 'N Cc dye, . M -gl.-.Z rffzfaip' f M l Duncan Campbell and C ffgif ,i I Iack Boren. il' f'..' 'f . ..,, -J.,-Q. ,ft at :J ,fpi 3-.ff xxx, Tennis goes hand in hand with golf, for it also tion any better for this year's team. In years to suffers from a lack of playing facilities. Plans come we can look forward to new and better teams are under way for construction of tennis courts as tennis takes its rightful place among the Plains- before next year, but that doesn't make the situa- man varsity sports. Page 134 Page 135 . fl f'! ""' ,V f f"' f E Azz-3' 7 W' ,fi IQ ' , f f f 14 ff 74 ggi ' 31" -ff? E . J ff ff ffiiq , -5-!""'L'2g",'lT-' ' '11-1 3 575- 'df' 9 dsl 1 - , '- l5 TQ, H-Phafilj ff..-gm f' gil.. '-. I in-X225 "F Q 74: --.. 'Ld ,....--i 64 '4 I N NP I 'X x R C .ww fd! r w i. Typical intramural action is seen as Bruce Link fleftj and Gil Hill engage in a hectic table tennis match as the Independent and Phi Taus clash in basketball. 'Two University Place businessmen, Mr. Hester fleftj and Mr. Hauver present a tempting bit of cold turkey to Dick Hanna, winner of the first annual turkey race. Under the organization and supervision of Mr. Jewett, the new physical education director, intramurals grew rapidly at Ne- braska Wesleyan. Changes were apparent in the added enthusiasm and the increased participation. To satisfy the athletic rivalry between the groups on the Plainsmen campus, the intra- mural playoff system presents a schedule re- sembling intercollegiate activities. Football, basketball, track, volleyball, softball, table tennis, and the turkey race are the sports from which the intramural champions are chosen. The Crescent fraternity, with team cham- pionships in football, basketball, and table tennis, was far ahead of the field in total points scored. They had built up a total of 26M points with track, volleyball, and soft- ball yet to be played and seemed certain of retaining their intramural crown of last year. The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity was in second place with 15 points. Crescent fraternity, touch football champions. Row 1: Nicholas, Hotz, Newman, M. Grell. Row 2: Rihn, Boren, Brettman, Doak, Hohnstein, Morse, Paulsen, G. Cederclahl. Outstretched arms are evident as the Crescent fraternity, basketball champions. Crescents and Weary Warriors battle Row 1: Morse, Paulsen, Hill, A. Gordon, johnson. for the championship. Row 2: Holle, G. Hansen, D. Hansen, Hohnstein, D. Grell. TRAMURALS During March and April Volleyball holds the boys' intramural spotlight. April, 1948-June, 1948 Sport Winner Runner-Up Volleyball Crescent Independents Track Independents Crescent Softball Crescent Independents September, 1948-April,' 1949 Touch Football Crescent Barbs Free Throws Phi Kappa Tau Ingzigggzng Turkey Race Phi Kappa Tau Delta Omega Phi Table Tennis Crescent Weary Warriors Basketball Crescent Weary Warriors Independents- Volley Ball Champs Row I: Mabel Gorai, Eudice Steeves, 'Yuki Uno. Row 2: Clarice Nelson, Ardith Patton, Lois Holtgren, Lois Tyrrell. Row 3: Barbara Nelson, Manager, L e n a m a e Brownell, Ioan Leff, Wilma Priefert, Bar' bara Fallers. WOMEN'S Row 1: Beverly Hayes, Ethel Carne. Row 2: Delores Frantz, Martha Clifton, Ruth Foos. Row 3: Blythe Linder, Patricia Johann, Lois Clark, Joanne Delta Zetas-The Soccer Champs 1071115- .A , M.-.L f V. tw, 1 If 9 'X Phi Mu's- Basketball Champs x.. , . .R f Row 1: Beverly . i Wilder, Mary Eckles, Def lores Peterson, 'W N I gi ' tj, J a- I Larsen n June . Martha Beng- - " ' - ston. ' - 1 Row 2: Shirley Ladine, Kath- rine Hamling, joan Gauger, jane G o t h, R a m o n a Brooks. 'Z' Q Q' Mk f t 'K l ff Q " . .T g . 5. 4 X I 4 ' I . I 4 H dvi 1 1 I 4 Row 3: Donna Niehaus, Shir- le S n i d e r, Sgirley Bevel' heimer, Jeanie if ' f I I ! go i x. r t ,fi a 'V H Q Lind, Lavawn Branz, Mari- lyn Norlin. s X . ,- ,wg -- ' i p Q V' X 1 'Y I .5 , . ' W Q , -.1 i , , - 5 . I I, A I I I If I x ll A - f i X at 1 i I TRAMURALS Intramural sports this year began with the soccer baseball tournament. Entered in this tournament were the Barbs, the sororities, and the freshmen girls teams representing their re- spective gym classes. Through the process of elimination of the losing teams, the Delta Zeta's came out on top. With the termination of soccer tournament, basketball became the predominant intramural sport. Each sorority with its pledges scheduled and participated in ten practices before it could qualify for entrance into the tournament. The freshmen girls were represented with one team called the Independents. With many fast, clean, exciting games and each group competing against every team, an excellent display of fellowship and good sportsmanship was shown. The Phi Mu's came out on top with no losses and the Barbs were the runners-up. The volleyball tournament was won by the Independents. The softball tournament was an event of late spring, and provided good fun and outdoor activity. Competition in these tourna- ments was between social groups and a freshman girls team. Intramural sports are part of the W.A.A. activities and are supervised by W.A.A. members. They help to promote co-operation, leadership, and healthful athletic competition. Head official at our games I is capable "Mike" Buie, phys- the most prominent places in ical education instructor. the varied intramural activi- ties Basketball occupied one of 'KA a I W5 1. J ' ' X .rx- .,-- . ,fu , Q . ' . -Q , . :'5.'.1 -YY: ... JI 'F , Z : A,-,.ze.-sg, -r , : :V A. . .. 1- -' ,ii f ,' si' -"F" - iii? 1 3' 'P 55 -' ' , F fi f ' r 1 5 ' . U .3 f -2 . ' u " . g '1 Z 'ff , '-N B-'f ': I 0' kiwi., ...Q- ,,. ,- 2 lv , -'I dbx X N in E-52"-5: 'N I ' I f r l" 4 Wi JP 4 MJ In ff' I I 1, uf - I " 3,-i4.f- . ,- ,:fz, ' gy ,- f2f".z-vw, Lg: x U f , W 5 X ' " :P-14, 1 ' .asia .1 Page 141 Row 1: Earl Veskerna, Earl Meese, Louis Kuntz, Walter Rich, Virginia Cawley, Edythe Cochran, Donna Earl, Richard Connell, William Wiltse, Glenn Warneking. Row 2: Darwin Clutter, Duane Deal, Leonard Bird, james Munkres, Edward Husni, Francis Durham, Ron- ald jensen, Professor Abramson. Row 3: Wilfred jensby, William Heller, jack Cudabaclq, Raymond Owen, Noruin Pierce, joseph Schellqopf, Kenneth McKibben, Walter Tesch, Keith Hueftle, Bruce Link, Richard Burns, Walden Ioura. Alpha Gamma Beta Alpha Gamma Beta is the local honorary Physics fraternity. Its function is primarily to further the interests of men who have chosen the field of physics for their careers. Various discus- sions concerning current physics problems and interests are presented at the meetings either by r rrv.'r,'.', ,-.sw o o o Q Q , o'o'o'o'o'o'd fofo:o'o'o'o'p'q ,',f:0:0:o'o:s:o' 4 o fo fa'-'y , ' ' ' ' ' a 0 fo Q 0 o'n .....'......... the members themselves or by outside-speakers. Serving as a stimulus to scholarship, Alpha Gamma Beta presents an opportunity for the advancement of knowledge in the field of physics. A high scholastic record in the field is the basis for election to the fraternity. Sponsor ................... Dr. I. C. Jensen President . . . ...... Bruce Link Blue Key One of the greatest honors a Nebraska Wes- leyan man may achieve is election to Blue Key, national men's honorary fraternity. Candidates for this election must have completed at least two years of college work and be outstanding in schol- arship, leadership, personality, and contributions to campus activities. Officers President ..... .......... R obert- Bushnell Vice-President ........ . . . Paul Hammer Corresponding Secretary . . . . . Bill Weddel Row Row Row Row Row Michael Tristan, Thomas Cooper, Robert Bushnell. Duncan Campbell, Dr. Barringer, Warren Urbom. William Weddel, Bruce Link, Lee Gartrell. Eldred Burlghard, Dwight Ganzel, Stanley Fry. Donald Marsh, Paul Hammer, Albert Gay. Page 142 Page F7 ' a t Luc' " 3 -'Q K r i r 'wg ' if Row 1: Aileen Ross, Betty Meisinger, Ruth Aregood- Row 2: Dorothy Blough, jane Nisley, Evelyn jones, Geraldine Kelley. Row 3: Roberta Jackman, Marjorie johnson, Genie Wallace. Edythe Cochran. Not pictured: Louise Kugler. ardinal Key Members of Cardinal Key are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, personality, and participation in campus activities. Cardinal Key, formerly known as Purple Arqus, has completed its second year as a char- COG To incoming freshmen a Wesleyan student wearing a flashy brown jacket and a friendly smile is a welcome sight. These eleven honored stu- dents belong to a new organization on our campus called the COGS, or campus orientation group. They, with Paul Scott their sponsor, strive to pre- Row 1: Edythe Cochran. Guyla Steele, Dorothy Blough, Anne Samuelson, Genie Wallace. Row 2: Aileen Ross, Dorris Thomas, Wilma Bartels, Beth Stage, Lois Norton. Row 3: Bruce Link, Gaylen Doali, Warren Urbom, Wil- liam Weddel. 0 Row 4: LeRoy Yanney, Robert Bushnell, Everett Poe, Betty Meisinger. Row 5: ,lane Nisley, Mr. Paul Scott, Lee Gartrell, Boyden Harvey, Paul Hammer. 143 ' 7 i-.l will tered member of the national honorary fraternity for senior women. In addition to its campus endeavors to promote scholarship and high ideals it also sponsors the annual May Fete in coopera- tion with its brother group, the Blue Key. Car- dinal Key is responsible for the delivering of sorority bids to the new preferences. sent to prospective Wesleyanites college life from a student's viewpoint and to help incoming fresh- men to orient themselves. To be a COG, one must display leadership ability, personality, satisfactory scholastic stand- ing, dependability, and leadership in extra-curric- ular activities. Students are elected during the second semester of their junior year by a Student Senate committee and retiring COG members. Ab Row 1: Mrs. Bishop, Professor Snow, Miss Lenfest, Jean Coleman, Ruth Aregood, Professor Lux. Row 2: John Godbey, William Ericson, Edythe Cochran, Dean Gass, Mr. Slack, Dr. Rosentrator. Row 3: Dr. Jensen, Dean Deal, Dale Ruggles, Michael Tristan, Edward Husni, Paul Hammer, Robert F-rickel, Mr. Paul Scott, William Wecldel. Phi Kappa Phi The Wesleyan chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was organized in 1913. It is affiliated with the na- tional honorary society which now has fifty chap- ters in colleges and universities throughout the nation. The purpose of t.he society as stated in its constitution is "to emphasize scholarship and character in the thought of college students, to foster the significant purposes for which institu- tions of higher learning have been founded, and to stimulate mental achievement by recognition through election to membership." Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu, national honorary social sci- ence fraternity, was organized on the campus in 1926. Toi be eligible for election, students must possess a keen interest in the field, with emphasis upon service, and 20 hours of social science with Row 1: Donald Marsh. Guyla Steele, John Lux. Betty Meisinger, War' ren Urbom, Jean Cole' man. Row 2: Elayne Spearman, Roberta Jackman, Ethel Carnes, Dorothy Blough, Shirley Hampton. Row 3: William Wcddcl, Mrs. Ethel Kueck. Ward White, Bette Mc- Kinney, Prof. Splinter, Dr. Rosentrater. Row 4: Donald Lorensen, Professor Weeks, Conf ley Hinricks, Professor Corns, Neill Slack, Dr. Bar-ringer. Row 5: Dean Deal, Rob' ert Bushnell, D ol p h Johnson, James Jacli- man, Robert Fricke , Dr. Callen. a 3 average. Elections are held in the fall. Counselors are Dr. Rosentrater, and Miss Corns. Officers President . . . ....... .... D on Marsh Secretary . . . . . . Guyla Steele Page 144 Row 1: Ward White, Barbara B ot s c h, Mr. john Healy, Richard Nesmith. Row 2: John Lux, Dean Lanning, Warren Ur- bom. Row 3: Robert Bushnell, Paul Hammer. Pi Kappa Delta Nebraska Wesleyan's national forensic fraternity ranks high in debate circles in this area of the nation! New members are elected by the active group on the basis of participation in debate, oratory, discussion, and extemporaneous speaking. The primary objective of this society is to promote forensic interest and ability. Outstanding members went to the Na- tional P.K.D. Convention April 11-14 at Bradley Tech, Peoria, Illinois. This con- vention is held in alternate years. OFFICERS President ........... ..................................,. W arren Urhom Vice President ..... .......,. W ard White Secretary .,........,....,.......................,...............Y Barbara Botsch l l Page 145 Row 1: jane Nislcy, Professor Hamilton, Dr. Deal, Shirley Hampton. Row 2: Virginia Cawlcy, Francis Muckel, James McCoy, Evelyn Jones. Row 3: jean Kleinschmidt, Donald Darnell, Ross Smith, William Hare, Phyllis Rothleutncr. Row 4: William Cary, Eugene Gloye, Frank Christ, Wesley Rothlcutncr, Van Tyler. Psi Chi The national honorary psychology frater- nity is open to those individuals who have a minor or more in the field. Monthly meet- ings are held at which current problems are discussed and demonstrations of psychologi- cal principles a re presented. Professor Hamilton is the sponsor. OFFICERS President ...... ................,......,,,..,.. ........ I 4 Jhn Blacskc Secretary ....... ....... E ugene Gloyc Row I: Aileen Ross, Boyden Harvey, Marjorie Johnson, Miss Harper, Dr. Miller, Carolyn Nelson, Ross Smith. Row 2: lean Coleman, Evelyn Jones, Mary Louise Alfs, Maureen Brown, Jeanne Brillhart, Irene Kelly. Row 3: Audrey Schultz, Wilma Bartels, Betty Mcisinger, Jane Nislcy, Dc Forrest Hughes. Row 4: Edgar Kuglcr, Beverly Bruhacher, Shirley Underhill, Alhert Gay, Richard Hart, Ernestine Heim. Row 5: Bill Weddel, Wendell Atchison, Bruce Link, LeRoy Yanney, Mr. Scott. Theta Agana Phi For outstanding dramatic performance orary which sponsors the Plainsman Players and for proficiency in dramatic arts a few organization and is in charge of all Wesleyan people are annually initiated into Theta dramatics. Alpha Phi. It is a national dramatic hon- Officers of Theta Alpha Phi talk over problems. 'They are Ed- gar Kugler, business manager, Doc Miller, sponsorg Boyden Harvey, 7 president, Marjorie johnson, sec- retaryg and Ross Smith, vice-presif dent. 'UQ Page 146 Row 1: Harold Earl, Eldrcd Burkliard. Row 2: Gerald Pctcrson, Pro' fcssor Gass, Dr. Icnscn. Row 3: Williani Vogclsang, Dalc Ruggles, Ivar Lindstrom. imaPi ima Sigma Pi Sigma is a national physics honorary organization founded to stimulate research and advance study and to create a friendly, professional spirit among the out- standing students in this field. This group's activities include monthly meetings in which lecturers, demonstrations, and discussions of the most recent technical developments are featured. Dr. Jensen is the sponsor of the group. Cf? if Who 'S Who Personality, scholarship, ability, partici- pation in campus activities, and promise of future worth to society are the prerequisites of the honored students elected each year to Page 147 x Row 1: Ruth Arcgood, Jane Nislcy. Row 2: Irma Trott, Wil' liam Wcddcl, Evelyn jones. Row 3: Betty Mcisingcr, Al Gay, Dwight Gan- zcl, Ailccn Ross. represent Nebraska Wesleyan in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Pre- liminary selections are made by the student senate, and final approval is given by a fac- ulty board. Formal announcement of mem- bership is made in the fall, and the members are recognized for their achievement at the annual Honors Day convocation in the spring. 5 n qu . . Y A 4, , ,4 ,- ,..4v" Q --,,,- - .. -f'--..,.. "' , - Q- .- ..- ,.. ,. , , ,, - - - - - Q ag. . . - . ,. ,. . . . .-Lo pkfb. --,- J. - , n n 1 H- , , -'. .- , .. . - . - 0 - - . . - . Q - - .- - . - .- . ,. , .-. .. .....p-. - - ---.----, - ,,--4-Ann.-r .- .. .. . ",',, --. -, ff 4 1- ' - '- , ." .' ' - ,- ,..f' - Q g, 4: ' Jn S A,o ,,,f,f'f ' 4 j I . ,, ,-all ...y,. , . 1.1- ' 1.4 -' ' I, I 1' H, 1 . , 9 " . -' . I t , 3. A , , A ty , .1 1 ' . , ,, . V - , , , ,, 4 ', , of , . . . 4 .- rl ,- - ' ..- A "' . . 4 - 4 - ' ,pp -' ' . - - - . . , - p.' . . - ' ' . - -' ' ' ' ' ' 0 ' , A- ,Q Q p . f s , , . - . ,- Q , - f - , , ,, , , , . - p - - , , , . . . U' ', . ' ', .. . . 'r' ',',, -' - - , -v ' -- f' ' . - - . , -. . . ,,, o- n 0 - - - r , , . , - .. v ' . - " - - , 1 . . , . f- 4 . - , , I , , , n , o , . - . - , , o 'l' ,, - ' , - - . - , - , , A . ' . ' . -n . , , - 1 f , . . . . . - . - - I - - ' ' . - n ' - - , ,. - . , - . ' - a I 3 n n . - - .,n' 1 0 , - l a , .- r , f is Va . ff ' La . " A ' 4. x ,. w .. Mx Gndflfuflbnf -1 ', , 'rn hlqlywlifgw, g n. , , 5 l. n fi- ,ai tzyf fff54V Af W , ff ' X' '. . 6- . ' ' 1 v , , f win ' W1 .fxsiff .P 7 '-fi F -j S fi Z Z y-52 ', 15?- vw- ...-f-ff aff, nf-fsiff lst Row: Ruth Foos, Jessica Lund, Professor Alma. Lois Rodgers, Roberta Jackman, Sally Ueolca. 2nd Row: Beverly Brubacher, Betty Lou Moderow, Audra Lu Jackson, Joan Lindahl, Marilyn Schafer, Rosalee Olson, Wilma Bartels. 3rd Row: Shirley Roberts, Maureen Brown, Pauline Egle, Janice Sundberg, Patricia Stooker, Blythe Linder, Alice Meyer, Nelda Kahl. 4th Row: Carol Westover, Delores Sugden, Ethel Carne, Dorris Thomas, Mary Carol Eclrles, Dixie Winchell, Virf ginia Garlow. 'ith Row: Alice Carlson, Elizabeth Frantz, Donna Gell, Willma Smith, Beth Stage, Betty Lowell. 6th Row: Mildred Guycr, Jeannie Lind, lla Bea Burling, Marlea Sims, Marian Peckham, Jean Kleinschmidt, Norma Gregg, Virginia Thompson. 7th Row: Shirley Snyder, Mary Alice Buerstetta, Evelyn Young, Roberta Embree, Louise Thurman, Dorothy Frew, Rosanna Larsen. 8th Row: Patricia Johann, Joan Leff, Shirley Bevelheimer, Barbara Koch, Amy Mead, Delores Peterson, Joyce Hennings. 9th Row: Peggy Chadderdon, Polly Porr, Mary Louise Estes, Ruth Ann Sporer, Mildred Haynes, Delores Brown, Mary Lang, Grace DeBelly. Not in picture: Jacqueline Thomas, Marilyn Abel, Joyce Calhoon, Jane Goth, Audrey Knotts, Clarice Nelson, Jean- nine Oliver, Yvonne Spence. . C. E. Sending boxes of food, clothing, and books to foreign students was a highlight on A.C.E.'s agenda for the year. This organization for elementary teachers is part of a large international group. The letters A.C.E. represent Association for Child- hood Education. This year has been a prosperous one for the Nebraska Wesleyan branch. Outstanding fea- tures in this year's program include a Christmas party for children from the Nebraska State Home, the annual tea for Lincoln teachers, and the send- ing of representatives to the A.C.E. convention in Salt Lake City. OFFICERS President ....... ............... R oberta Jackman Vice President .... ....... S ally Ueoka Secretary ...... ..... R uth Foos Treasurer. . . .--- .lCSSiCH Lund Page 150 Row 1: Shyrli Cramer, Edna Parks, Sally Ueoka, Kath' erine Goldammer. Row 2: Elsie Neth, Professor Lux, Duane Speers. A t Cl b Lux to he of service to other campus organizations r u and school functions by furnishing posters and displays for various activities. The club pro- The Art Club is composed of students who motes its own field by attending art exhibits and have banded together under the direction of Miss studying modern art work. Y 1' l if . 1 . ', 'U ' f f yi: f.- ima ff - lug r if s , . , r 1 , 7, 4 , A, ,. p MP5 .4 Ward White, Robert Bushnell, Mrs. Kueck, Lyle Berryhill. International Relations Club Programs with outstanding speakers were held I.R.C. was organized last year for the purpose in order to bring to Wesleyan's campus new view- of creating an interest in world affairs in the pres- ent SCCIIS. points and observations. Among these speakers were Dr. Otto Hoiberg, who presented first hand observations of the Berlin crisis, Professor R. P. Delegates from the group attended a national Crawford, who recently returned from the Orient, and Chancellor Custavson of N. U. convention at Denver, Colorado, in April. Page 151 FL ,iff Row 1: Mrs. Stanley Lane, Charlotte Chapin, Gayle Gilmer, Dorothy Gartrell, Laurel Lee Hammond, Ruth Are- good, jean Hill, Dorothy Frew, Lorraine Hewitt, Myrna Quaife, Martha Coolidge, Mrs. Kenneth Willard. Row 2: Jean Coleman, Shirley Buettgenbach. Hatsuko Tani, Ethel Kueck, Mildred De Hart, Mildred Haynes, Lois Barta, Ann Samuelson, Edythe Cochran, Edith Olson, Ruth Lenhart, Ioan Mclnnis, Evelyn Fry, Betty Sheets, Barbara Botseh. Row 3: Stanley Ganzel, Donald Hickman, Bernard Scott, Jerry Hedges, Thomas Flight, Waldo Greer, Dr. Rosen' trater, President Paul Hammer, Professor Mattingly, Stanley Fry, Neil Durbach, Orin Watson, Conley Hein' richs, Bernard Crotinger. Row 4: William Sorenson, Alfred Coolidge, Charles Mitchell, Ronald Burt, Dwight Kemling, Jerry McGinnis, Earl Reed, Kenneth Willard, Stanley Lane, Don Marsh, Dean Lanning, john Godbey. Kappa Chi Kappa Chi'ers are those planning to enter some aspect of full-time Christian serv- ice. Their activities include hearing out- side speakers at their bi-weekly meetings, sending out service teams to churches and youth groups, distributing Tuesday chapel programs, leading the weekly campus prayer meeting worship services, and maintaining the Wayside Chapel. President ....... Vice-president . . Secretary ..... Publicity ....... Chairman Service Faculty Advisor. OFFICERS 'lreasurer ......... . . . . w . . . .Paul Hammer . . .lidythe Cochran ... . . . .Jean Hill . ......... Jim Voigt . . .Ann Samuelson rl cams ........... ,lohn Codbey Professor Mattingly .a 'The cabinet in one of their weekly meetings at Mr. Mattinglys. A service learn leaving for a youth rally at Beaver Crossing. . Page Row 1: Shirley Daft, Don Marsh, Robert Bushnell, Dean Lan' ning, Francine Perry. Row 2: Donna Scott, Doris Fry, Laurel Lee Hammond, Stella Rose Lampshire, Mary Evelyn Godbey, Evelyn Jones, Mary Fechner, Jean Klein' schmidt. Row 3: Professor Mat' tingly, Gaylen Doak, P a u I H a m m e r, D wi g h t Kemling, Ward White, Lee Gartrell, Ben Alcert, Don Miltner, George Ferris, Mr. Philip Smith. Not Pictured: Audrey Schultz, Jacqueline Thomas. Page 153 if If Cabinets PW This has been an active year for the Wesleyan "Y's." Thirty-three students attended the fall conference at Hastings College. The commission projects included the Chili Supper, Student-Fad ulty Mixer, and the UNESCO Model Conference with the University of Nebraska. All-school func- tions, such as the WSSF Drive and Carnival, Val- ,entine Ball, Christmas and Easter Matins, and the Clothing Drive were sponsored by the "Y's." The theme for the year was "The Christian and the World Crisis." Work X I I Worship Jones. Bcngston. Jeanne Bxlllhnrt. Women is House Council All Wesleyan women are governed by the Women's House Council. It was organized in 1945 for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, and interpreting uniform rules for all women on the campus. There is one representative on the council from each house where ten or fewer Wesleyan women reside and two from a house in which eighteen women live. Johnson Hall, the residence dormitory for freshmen women, has five representatives. Miss Marian McBriar, Dean of Women, meets with the group. Row 1: Sally Ueoka, Bette Kyes, Mother Pullman, Mae Hansen, Elona Chun, Donnabelle Muncy. Row 2: Faith Okamota, Guyla Steele, Phyllis Shaul, Evelyn jones, Edna Parks. Row 3: Virginia VanSicklc, Constance Hubcrs, Donna Scott, Betty Lowell, Amy Mead, Alma Senior Hall Home to eighteen upperclass women is a big white house north of the campus which is known as Senior Hall. At 10:15 each evening the spa- cious living room is the scene of quiet meditations. Outstanding on the social calendar at Senior Hall was the Halloween Party, October 30. OFFICERS President ...................... .... M ae Hansen Secretary-Treasurer ............ . . .Betty Lowell Social Chairman .... ....... G uyla Steele Barbara Snyder Religious Chairman. . . .... Constance Hubers Alma Stoddard Publication Staff ....................... Pat Lorigan Edna Parks Woman's House Council Representatives .......... ......................Sally Ueoka, Evelyn Jones House Mother ........................ Mrs. Pullman Page 154 Row 1: Anne Snmuclno Dixie Winchcll, Evelyn Row 2: Sally Ucokn J e a n Chnmbcrln n Alice Meyer, Martha Row 3: Audrey Schultz Wilma Smith, Polly Porr, Audrey Knott! Row 4: Dorothy Frcw Kathy Goldnmmer, P tricln Pnlmquist, Shir l lcv Meyer. .loan Mc Ginnis, Dolorcl Brown Page How 1: Warren Urbnm. J C I I J 0 V0 0 nueline Tl W I liam K Row 2: Don Mnrsh, AllL'l'H Ross. Mnrloru- Johnson, Lvcrcl! Poe. Row 3: Paul Hummer, Al Cnv, Richard Nes- milh. Student HIW OH , HF' iomns, 1 - 'eddoIl. tudent Senate Liaison between students and administration is the Student Senate. A vigorous attempt has been made to revitalize the group through a plan Senate president Warren Urbom studies the clauses of the new constitution. 155 of complete revision. Increased authority and extended interest in student activities are goals of the new system. At the beginning of the 1948-49 term the eleven senators undertook such projects as spon- s o ri n g Traditions Day and Noel Observance, studying the problem of extra-curricular activi- ties, conducting all-school elections, and manag- ing the Snack Bar and Student Union. A pro- gram of beautifying the Student Union resulted in the securing of all new furniture in the lounge and other face-lifting improvements. OFFICERS President .......... ................ W arren Urbom Vice-President ....... ...... E verett Poe Secretary-Treasurer .... ......... A ileen Ross Activities Chairman... ..... Richard Nesmith Social Chairman .......... .... M arjorie Johnson Religious Life Chairman .... .......... D on Marsh School Spirit Chairman ..... ..... J acqueline Thomas Row 1: Dixie Wincliell, Miss Eliz- abeth Buie. Row 2: Dorothy Sehnuelle, jane Nisley, Lois Norton, Joyce Craw' ford, jacquie Mason. Row 3: Edna Parks, Delores Frantz, Lois Barta, Betty ,lane Merrell, Martha Clifton. Row 4: Edythe Cochran, Marjorie johnson, Aileen Ross, Stella Lampshire, Beth Stage, Rose Betty Lowell. Row 5: Lois Clark, Dolores Sug' den. Patricia Johann, Evelyn jones, Beverly Wilder. Row 6: Shirley Bevelheimcr, Mar- tha Bengston, Elaine Koontz, Mary Fechner, Ramona Brooks, Ruth Foos. Row 7: Barbara Koch, Ethel Carne, Dorris Thomas, Dorothy Frew, Blythe Linder. Row 8: Amy Mead, Louise Thur' man, jean Kleinschmidt, Roberta Embree. Women as Athletic Association Womerfs Athletic Association serves to The promote athletic activities and to create a spirit of good sportsmanship. Its membership consists of those girls who have earned 125 points by par- ticipation in various activities sponsored by the organization, such as tournaments in basketball, soccer ball, volley ball, and softball. To earn money WAA girls sold refreshments at the basket- ball and football games. They sponsor the Spin- ster's Spree when the girls ask for the date, call for the fellow, and make him a corsage. WAA girls are practicing for n soccerball tournament. X Page 156 LJ 1? Y? BIB 1 Ls T7 var gg,-j 1 ,V . :MA ,il . lhfmli Row 1: Marilyn Schafer, Dorothy Schnuelle, Shyrli Cramer, Miss Buie, Gene Meier, Margaret Stone, Jean Cham' berlain, Barbara Talhurst. Row 2: Dick Kleineweber, Joyce Hennings, Virginia Tho mpson, Arlaync Kyes, Marcia Jones, Jean Janke, Marilyn Norlin, Rod Watkins. Row 3: Don Bitner, Betty Sheets, Edna Parks, Ramona Brooks, Beverly Urbom, Shirley Hampton, Beverly Ray, Mary Carol Eckles, Ford Ecklcs. Row 4: Glen Warneking, Jane Goth, Marilyn Larson. Joan Gauger, Barbara Furman, Patricia Stocker, Barbara Laughlin Martha Bengston, Robert Dunn, Wilfred Jensby. Lois Hultgren, Dorothy Jensen, Wilma Smith, Bonnie Griffith, Lois Norton, Lois Danielson, Blythe Linder, William Dunn. Row 5: lgichard Welker, Phyllis Yanney, Jacqueline Tho mas, Al Wilder, Gene Cederdahl, Dorris Thomas, Keith Hue t e. Row 6: Jerry Hansen, Millard Grell, Jere Johnson, Roy Clark, Dale Hohnstein. Yellers o the Brown The "Win, Team, Winl' which inspires the fighting Plains- men on the gridiron and on the maples is shouted by the stu- dent body sparked by a nucleus composed of sixty men and women called the Yellers of the Brown. This organization ' t 1 td f th -' - ' 1 . is made up of studens eece rom e various socia 'ind A myth Parade muy thmugh Umvwsity independent groups. It strives to promote school spirit and Place mended the WeSleyan,HasLingg game to keep this spirit at a constant peak throughout the entire ' year. Cheerleaders Bonnie Griffith, Beverly Urbom, . . Al Wilder, Barbara Furman, and "Fluffy" Ott The Homecommg Ball and the Basketball HOP Whlch exhibit some of their pep and their enthusiasm. emphasized the utmost in entertainment and decorations were the Yellers of the Brownls contributions to the Wesleyan social calendar. As a token of appreciation for the football team's fine record, the pep club sponsored the annual foot- ball banquet which was held at the Continental Cafe in down- town Lincoln. OFFICERS Presidcnt .... .............. . . .Gene Meier Secretary ....... ..... A rlaync Kyes Vicc President .... ........... R oy Clark Treasurer ....... .... l Dorothy Schnuelle Page 157 X!! 3 Many students upon coming to college find it easy to lose direct contact with youth activities of the church of their choice. In order to meet this need, the Methodist Stu- dent Movement has been organized. Work- ing through First Church, our M.S.M. mem- bers enjoy fellowship with other students with similar interests in a Christian program. M.S.M. began on Wesleyan campus in 1948 when it ceased to exist as M.Y.F. Highlight of the year in M.S.M. was the Swedish Smorgasbord complete with cos- tumed waitresses, a table piled high with food, Swedish folk dances, songs, and games, and Bob Anderson, Carnegie Hall audition winner, to represent Sweden and its classical music. 4-H delegate Helen Ochsner gave a pictorial review of her trip to Sweden last summer. Row 1: Betty Sheets, Merna Quaife, Virginia Van Sickle, Ruth Aregood, Dean Lanning. Row 2: Barbara Botsch, Evelyn Fry, Arlayne Kyes, Joyce Craw- ford. Row 3: Waldo Greer, Dick Conf nell, Elaine Koontz. Members take a day off for retreat and program planning at Havelock Methodist Church. Duties become privileges when every- one works together. Waitresses at the Swedish Smorgasbord. 'YMfTW Smorgasbord Page 158 First Floor Row l: Nelda Kahl, Barbara Fallers, Amy Shelton, Julia Ruiz. Row 2: Isabelle Smith, Elizabeth Frantz, Eudice Steeves, Joyce Raric, Ardith Patton. Row 3: Mabel Gorai, Hatsuko Tani, Claricc Rager, Lois Jean Drake. Row 4: lvhss Eherhart, Mary Lang, Barbara Pennine' ton, Joanne Mclnnis. Second Floor Row 1: Marcia Kirkpatrick, Gloria Larsen, Joyce Nesmith, Dolores Brown, Janice Sundberg, LaVonne Branz. Row 2: Beverly Urbom. Jeanne Stark, Jeanette Johnson, Ruth McRoberts, Wilma Priefert, Dolores Sitz. Row 3: lrma Rihn, Muriel Middleton, Beverly Ray, Donna Gell, Dolores Peterson, Edith Olsen. Row 4: Mary Ella Williziiiisrmn, Jo Ann Ruehle, Grace DeBelly, Mary Richards, Ruth Lenhart, Jackie Harrison. Row 5: Rachel Birmingham. Carol Weiiger, Jane Kotouc, Joan Hoyt. Marjorie Gorst, Genene Brigharn. Johnson Hall Johnson Hall's first full year has been a busy and fruitful one. February 24 marked its first birthday and was celebrated with an anniversary tea. Several times during the year the girls enter- tained the fraternity men at informal tea dances. Each week-end found the 90 pajama clad girls Third Floor gathered in the beautiful living room for the weekly fireside. OFFICERS President ........ ............. K athy Goldammer Vice President .... .... L enamae Brownell Secretary .....,. .......... M abel Corai Treasurer .... .... B arbara Pennington Row 1: Jane Alkire, Jeannine Oliver, Mona Conover, Georgianna Yuetter, Donna Larsen. Row 2: Maryanne Swain, Joyce Householder, Jean Thober, Doris Miles, Hazel Edgerton. Row 3: Rosalee Olsen, Mary Buerstetta, Helen Davidson, Ruth Sporer, Dorothy Lueninghoener. Row 4: Jac uelin Jacobitz, Jean Poyer, Pat Palmquist, Cleo TeSelle, Joan Neff. Row 5: Gladys Powell, Lois Johnson, Peggy Lemon, Rosanna Larson. Fourth Floor Row l: Lavonda Murdock, Lois Tyrrell, Jeanne Cham- berlain, Mary Scoville. Row 2: Lois Hultgren, Kathy Goldammer, Doris Harris, Barbara Nelson. Not Pictured: Phyllis Ott. l Page 159 aa. Q. Yi YS Sf N. . , X Row 1: Ruth Ann Sporer, Joan Lang, Nelda Kahl, Ruth Lenhart, Mildred Haynes, Amy Mead, Bette Kyes, Laurel Lee Hammond, Hatsuko Tani, Julia Ruiz, Ruth Aregood, Roberta Jackman, Leuretta Martin, Gayle Gilmer, Donna Larsen, Joyce Householder, Virginia Thompson, Nancy Osborne, Merna Quaife, Guyla Steele. Row 2: Peggy Lemon, Pat Lorigan, Erncstine Heim, Delores Meyer, Evelyn Fry, Dorothy Frew, Shirley Under' shill, Doris Fry, Betty Lowell, Barbara Pennington, Mrs. J. C. Swinbank, Virginia Van Sickle, Ramona Mit' chell, Wilma Priefert, Ardith Patton, Shirley Buettgenbach, Dolores Jewell, Jacqueline Jacobitz, Val Jean Wheeler. Row 3: Sam Wakai, Louis Kuntz, Paul Matzke, Robert Munkres, Lloyd Jelinek, Dean Sander, Warren Urbom, Evelyn Jones, Phyllis Shaul, Connie Hubers, Donna Scott, Dolores Peterson, Lois Johnson, Joyce Hennings, Dorothy Jensen, Mary Richards, Edith Mae Olson, Bonita Rittenhurg. Row 4: Everett Poe, Martin Luschei, Lowcn Kruse, Stan Ganzel, Dwight Kemling, George Ferris, Dean Parrish, Orville Kemling, Lyle Berryhill, Jean Coleman. Row 5: Dean Lanning, Don Marsh, Ross Bloomgren, Jasper Swim, Don Miltner, Darrel Kays, Bob Stoddard, Dwayne Oakeson, Gerald Scaggs, Phil Rosene, Joe Schelkopf, Claire Coleman, Charles Hellmann, Jim Mun' kres, William Gordan, Conley Hinrichs. Row 6: Waldo Greer, Bob Moore, Charles Johnson, Stanley Fry, Donald Ehlers, Jack Cudaback, Sanji Tsukamoto, Neil Duhach, Dwight Ganzel, Merritt Littrell, Lee Gartrell. Barbs To work together to further the good of the university, to foster a wholesome school spirit, and to provide friendly social activity. for its ated Students. members is the threefold purpose of the Barbs organization. formal, and a Spring Banquet. ,- :0:0 0'Qo:o'n:0:0:0:1 0:6020 ' 0 0 0 1 0'o' ':'1'l"'0'0'o'1' 'ft' ' '1.0 0 0 1 0:'0 0.0, 00100 11 0'o'n'010000 00 1 00 oo Z! This purpose is fulfilled by encouraging high standards of scholarship, leadership, and partici- pation in extra-curricular activities of the unaffili- Highlights of the year were the Christmas 'ii I 1 l Barbs work diligent' ly on Homecoming dec' omtions to welcome parents and friends to the campus. Page 160 Q 'W B ' Qsmfizw x S 1 'i"3"4- L lil M" .Q A A y ,, This year at Wesleyan was full of the events that mean so much to Alpha Cams. We were filled with joyful excitement as we welcomed new sisters to our house and received the news of an engagement, and we loved the serenades which followed. Our winter formal was the high point of our social affairs, and every min- ute was fun. We had a sense of continuance as Aqaha Gamma Delta Alpha Gam alumnae gathered to celebrate In- ternational Reunion Day and Rose Dinner with us. But perhaps most of all we felt the bonds of friendship uniting us in the daily routine of liv- ing together, in informal conversations in our rooms, and in the firesides where we talked and sang together. Row 1: janece Hill, Grace Norton, Audra Lu jackson, Betty Meisinger, jean janlqe, Barbara Furman, jean Hill. Row 2: Clarice Rager, janice Sundberg, Shirley Roberts, Lois Norton, Geraldine Kelley, jean Chamberlain, Barbara Laughlin, Darlene Wisley. Row 3: Shirley Daft, Wilma Bartels, Lois Barta, Marilyn Grossoelime, Mrs. Cottington, Housemotber, Martha Temple, joan Tliober, Mildred DeHart. Row 4: Donna Gell, janet Tielqotter, Alice Carlson, Marcia jo nes, Marian Peckham, lla Bea Burling, Beth Stage, janet Luschei, Row 7: Pauline Egle, Stellarose Lampshire, Shirley Meyers, jeane Brillliart, Lenore Anderson, jessica Lund, Barbara Snyder. Row 6: Arlayne Kyes, Pat Palmquist, Cleo '1'eSelle, Marilyn Gustafson, Mary jean Bullock. Row 7: Barbara Bigley, Roberta Embree, joyce Nesmith, Val jean Nesmith, Virginia Garlow, Gloria Larsen. 3 f'7 'N rf KT OG 'v"l 13.2 wi' 11. ef ' rf ' . -' 5' 1 . www' 1 pw' I I l og.. 'f . - ,el -W---Q . l ,Oo sf'- '.:', -Og, !Q'l 'q5l I Pt - lo, e'ff.i'." 'A' '-.514 4447201.- t l Several Alpha Gam girls leave for arv Georgian Room of the Cornhusker Hotel, scene of the Winter Formal. other day of classes. V, .-N, l' - ,, W" ' ll X DoRoTHY BLOUGH, Vice President AILEEN Ross, President -.L Q-......-.... O Delta Zeta Row 1: Dorothy Blough,' Mary Louise Alfs, Aileen Ross, Mother Colley, Jean Kleinschmidt, Dixie Beth Win- chell, Shirley Hampton. Row 2: Lois Knapple, Hazel Edgerton, Mariella Wil- liamson, Donna Royce, Rose Marie Williams, Beverly Hays, Martha Clifton, Marilyn Abel, Rosalee Olsen, Lois Marie Danielson. Row 3: Jo Ann Ruehle, Jacqueline Harrison, Katha- leen Roberts, Ruth Foos, Joan Nutter, Elizabeth Frantz, Joanne Johns, Delores Mier, Marlea Sims, Jeanne Stark, Barbara Perigrene. Row 4: Marjorie Gorst, Joyce Raric, Delores Sugden, Ethel Carne, Blythe Linder, Louise Thurman, DeLores Frantz, Donna Larson, Isabel Smith, Carol Wenger, Mary Evelyn Codbey, Jacqueline Reinick. Row 5: Wilma Smith, Patricia Johann, Jeannine Oliver, Phyllis Penton, Constance Hubers, Jane Alkire, Lois Clark, Betty Sheets, Marilyn Long, Jane Kotouc. J 6 as va N! The white house on the. corner of 51st and Madif son is the home of the Delta Zetas. 1 ,. 4, v . Wi, 141'i1:sgz gqinw . ' 4 NN: . "Our dreams are bound together, My Sis- ters and I." These dreams, as written by one of Beta Tau's members, came true with the North Pole party for the pledges, the traditional pledge tea, the spring formal, all those fire- sides and fun plus the trip to our sister chapter in Denver. Nationally, Delta Zeta has sixty- seven chapters, all of which cherish their "lamp of gold" and the kilamery rose. Page 165 Recently elected president, Loretta 'Yanney 'reflects upon newly acquired responsibilities. 'L Phi Mu Row 1: Phyllis Ott, Marilyn Norlin, Patricia Stocker, Mary Carol Eckles, Katherine Hamling, Lois Drake, Ramona Brooks. Row 2: Beverly Wilder, Genevieve Spellman, Anna May Tuhridy, Mrs. J. Holland, Housemother, Merle Bailey, Elizabeth Buie, .leanie Lind, Phyllis Yanney, LaVawn Branz. Row 3: Shirley LaDean, Dorothy Witte, .loan Gauger, Delores Peterson, Beverly Brubacher, Jane Goth, Shirley Snider, Donna Niehaus, Marilyn Larson, Jeanette Havlik. Row 4: Phyllis Rothleutner, Kathryn Goldammer, Maureen Brown, Lois Glood, Loretta Yanney, Shirley Bevelheimer, June Larson, Martha Jean Bengston, Doris Harris, Betty Allherry, Gloria Brown. Not Pictured: Patricia Gauger and Ardith Wiseman. Phi Mu at Wesleyan is comparatively new, but the history of the organization is very inter- esting and nearly as old as Wesleyan itself. In the beginning there was on this campus a society called' the Orophilian Literary Society com- posed of both men and women. In 1907 the society divided into two groups and the girls assumed the letters Omego Rho Omega, but Oro remained the true name. Oro was installed as Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Theta May 13, 1927, at the chapter house, then located at 5242 Madison, and the Masonic Temple in University Place. This has the honor of being the first National women's fraternity to be permitted on the Nebraska Wesleyan campus. In 1939 Alpha Delta Theta, the youngest sorority in the Panhellenic world, merged with Phi Mu, the second oldest sorority in the United States-li Now there are no more Alpha Delta Thetas, for we are all members of Phi Mu. Page 167 '5--N C I T A day isn't complete without some group singing. E ji, -WM The addition of the new radio phonograph console makes fo-r sweet listenin' at any hour. f t L+ I' '-OJ f X President jane Nisley veminisces on the yea'r's activities. Willard Row 1: Marilyn Schafer, Beverly Urbom, Betty Jane Merrell, Donna Lightlmody, Dorris Thomas, Wanda Cerlach, Bonnie Griffith, Dorothy Schnuelle, Joan Lin- dahl, Doris Miles. Row 2: Margaret Stone, Frances Perry, Joyce Crawford, Mary Fechner, Mrs. C. R. Allen, Housemother, Jane Nisley, Carolyn Nelson, Marjorie Johnson, Jacque- line Thomas. X Row 3: Betty Lou Moderow, Patty Dutton, Audrey Schultz, Donna Taylor, Peggy Chadderdon, Mary Sco- ville, Helen Hammer, Roberta Read, Edythe Cochran, Muriel Middelton. Row 4: Barbara Tolhurst, J acquie Mason, Barbara Hicks, Mildred Guyer, Jean Poyer, Georgianna Yeutter, Dolores Sitz, Irma Trott, Erma Rihn. Row 5: Joan Hoyt, Rachel Birmingham, Regina Wallace, Polly Porr, Beverly Ray, Elayne Spearman, Virginia Cawley, Jeanette Johnson, Barbara Botsch, Shyrli Cramer. , 1 .v - - 1:ewu hlm1.r, i , Willard sisters sing "The Af If Sweetheart Song" for the t ' engaged couple-Donna and Bruce. ' g. , i V .a I 'W' .ff- 'fl .,.. ,, ,1 -X ha og", 6 IVIIV- g' sr l Mfr: ls-i ,Q THINGS WE WILL REMEMBER Our history-Willard, founded in 1889, is the oldest sorority on the Wesleyan campus and the oldest local in the United States. Our house-It is located at 5034 Madison, where we live and work together for common goals and strive to reach our high ideals. Our traditions--The annual Rose Tea is as old as the sorority itself. The all day May festival and the spring formal dance, the Crest breakfast, and the crowning of our ideal Willard are all memories to be long cherished. Our sisterhood-Most of all, Willards remember the wonderful feeling that they have for each of their Willard sisters--the feeling that brings tears to their eyes and songs to their hearts and causes seniors to look back over four of the most wonderful years of their lives. Page 169 Marorie johnson sings Prisoner of Love at the fall Prison Party. "All the Willard friendships and memories linger like a song . . X, ii .. 1- A' SL . W Club Sweetheart- -goes to the Homecoming Dance. Big Snob and Old Grouch- -Lois Norton and Boyden Harvey. i " X rw Winners of the best corsages at the Spinsters Spree. At the Crescent Bowery Party the gay nineties are revived. ,- - Q 1 I ff QQ W Row 1: jim Hillus, jerry Davis, Bobbie Calkins, Earl Veskerna, Louis Hansen, Harold Wilhoit, jack Boren, Alden Johnsen. Row 2: Gaylen Doalq, 'William Parker, Robert Nicholas, Dr. G. A. Barringer, Mrs. Theresa Benning, Housemother, Paul Brettman, Milf lard Grell, Donald Poulsen, Richard Hadsell, William Hotz, Gilbert Hill. Row 3: Bill Morse, Robert Ketterer, Alfred Calvert, Merle Garrison, Gene Cedardahl, Jerrold Schleiger, Earl Andrews, Wilber Elliott, Robert Yost, Rolland Weigers, William Vogelsang. Row 4: Alvin Gordon, Doyle Hansen, Harris Holle, Gerald Hansen, Dale Hobnstein, Iohn Calvert, Darrell Grell, Herbert Rihn, john Stone, William Boyden, Glen Watchel. PRESIDENT PAUL BRETTMAN LISTENS TO A RECORDING. MH Crescent The men of Crescent, proud of their ideals of brother- hood, character, and service added more lustre to their out- standing records in fellowship, scholarship and athletics. A fine crop of beards helped make the Bowery Party a smash hit, while the Spring formal, hour dances, and several frolicking Bear Dances brightened the social calendar. Crescents came through in fine style, winning the foot- ball, basketball, and ping pong tournaments, while taking down a very high relative percentage of the scholastic honors. As the oldest fraternity on the campus, Crescent looks back on a wonderful year and can look forward to a bright year ahead in a brand new house. Page 172 A Crescent dream soon to be realized. ---f'sa l-"""l' zlTH'l'H-l'- N at-Q. ' ne l Studying architects' plans of their proposed house. Pledges display talent in the Pony Chorus Line. Root bee, at the Bowen, Party f, - . .E-,. , - X f ' x x . X . . :'A-M.- V , . -. lfff- 1' A ,, .w .I ' ' 1 amMB',V,f - 1. al? 'Y' 2 Delta mega Phi Delta Omega Phi fraternity, returning to peacetime TQ? conditions once more, is completing another successful year. With the help of a membership nearing prewar numbers, traditional parties and functions were carried out. Included among these functions were the fall picnic, the Little Abner Party, Spring Breakfast, and Linoma Beach party and also, new this year to many underclassmen, was the Christmas formal-a tradition to Delts of previous years. 'ilu the evening hy the moonlight you could hear those Delts a-singing" and sorority girls were the happy recipients of those serenades where Delt songs that never grow old were sung. Intramural sports held much interest for many of the Dclts, who won more than their share of honors. It was the cooperation in participating in all these events that will, in the future as well as the past, make WENIDELL ATCH'S0Nf Second Sfmwet Ptestdfm- these Wesleyan men proud to he "men of Purple and CAL BONES, First Semester President. Gold." Row 1: Frank Christ, Calvin Bones, Wendell Atchison, Mrs. Charlotte Thurtle, Professor Case, Dave Rielqe, Keith Slagg. Row 2: Bruce Link, Donald Nietzner, William Weddel, Bruce Deal, Bruce juelfs. Row 3: Dwain jones, Melvin Brunkhorst, Thomas Mihane, Lyle Nelson. Row 4: Robert Bushnell, julian Canaday, Harry Leavitt, Donald Frazell. Row 5: Roderick Landers, Lee Czapanslgiy, Dan Bitner, George Burrows, Dean Broclqhoff, Edwin Carlson, Dave Wiles, Ronald Van Buren. Row 6: james Burlqhardt, Ross Bloomgren, james Wiclgstrom, Robert Fitch, Donald Parkinson, Eldon Tanner, Lee Morgan Donald Harrington. Row 7: jack Anderson, john johnston, Charles Harrison, Donald Miller, james Fanlqhaitser, james Sandberg, Donald Hull. Row 8: Marvin Ohs, Henry Haye, Donald jones, Wilfred jens by, james Voigt, Richard Whitmore, Eldred Burlqhardt. Row 9: Richard Hawley, William Heller, Virgil Condon, Francis Crantski, Oscar Weidler, Dennis Logan, Richard Kleinweber. Row 10: Russell Holmber, Carl Sasse, john Haye, jerry Drauclger, Paul Obermeyer, Donald Bloom, Perry Gcistlinger, Gilbert Egle. mz ' twirl, l .1 i I i, "L--....,..., Page Futiwe Delta Omega Phi pledges learn the good points about fraternity life. 175 Relaxation is a vital part of fraternity life for Dells. Pictured are the wearerx of winning costumes at the Lil' Abner Party. 1 0 f Q Home of the Phi Taus. 48-'49 President, Ed Kugler. Phi Kappa Tau 'BKT Row 1: John Godhcy, Tommy Cooper, Richard Hart, Donald Dunlap, Richard Connell, Richard Dutton, Irvin Deeds. Row 2: Gene Meier, Larry Walrath, Luis Munoz, Walter Rich, Hank Zoeller, Glenn Warneking, Kenneth McKibben. Row 3: Francis Durham, Wilfred Meyer, Charles Fckles, Richard Young, Raymond Young, James Knisley, e Richard Nesmith. Row 4: Benjamin Ackert, Bill Cooper, Donald Buckels, William Ericson, John Berry. Row 5: Paul Backenburg, Ross Smith, Rigden Joosten, Edward Kugler, Mary Nelson fHousemotherj, Raymond Owens, Roy Clark. Row 6: Ira Linder, John Harding, Ronald Jensen, Dr. John Rosentrator QFaculty Adviserj, Arthur Harvey. Row 7: Pat McEvoy, Walter Tesch, Robert Clark, Robert Noyes, Almaron Wilder. Row 8: Ward White, LeRoy Yanney, William Dunn, Albert Gay, Wesley Rothleutner. Row 9: Richard Westcott, William Wiltse, Dale Ruggles, Richard Hughes, J. Boyden Harvey, Gene Schmeckpeper, Kenneth White, Francis Moles. Not Pictured: William Cary, Al Davis, Bud Deeds, William Finley, Bert Homan, Clarence Newsham, Richard Rupert, Warren Spellman, Michael Tristan. 'R' iii' '? i 1 2 Row!-5: Robert Carlson, Craig Worral, Elton Weston, Vern Crotinger, Richard anna. Row 2: Richard Sbahn, Dale Smith, Wallace Harvey, Warren Turner, Richard Welker, Rod XVatlqins, Robert Dunn. Row 3: Robert Burroughs, Richard Koch, ,lack Woodman, Irvin Weston, james Bridges, Wayne Zlomke, , Row 4: Wally loura, Bernard Scott, Stanley Freeburg, Donald Finch, Richard Casselman, Kere johnson. Row 5: Donald Staples, Donald Unvert, Norvin Pearce, Robert Gentry, William Sorenson. Row 6: Robert Peterson, Harold Sell, Boyd Moline. While going through some old annuals for ideas of what Wesleyan used to be, we came across several inter- esting articles in the Plainsman 236. We relearned some interesting statistics about our own fraternity. It appears that in the good old days we had an active chapter of twenty-two and a pledge class of fourteen-our fraternity was forty-three chapters and 10,000 men strong. Quite a contrast to our present situation! This year we started off with sixty-two actives and pledged thirty-five men. We will probably end the year with about eighty-four actives. Even transfers, drops and graduates will leave a substantial chapter for next year. Our fraternity in spite of all has grown to fifty-eight chapters and about 19,000 men. Several colonies now established assure continued installations for several years to come. We also ran across the following history, and we quote-'QI would like to ask you how long you've been on this campus?" "As a chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, we've been here since 1923, but previous to that we were known as Phi Beta Sigma, and before that we were the boys of the Orophilean Literary Society. We are the oldest national fraternity here. We've had no mergers or anything like that. We've weathered the depression in good shape, we own our house and are paying expenses very nicely." 1 Since that day the physical house has been changed by transplanting the bushes from the parkway to border the west entrance terrace and by the appearance of ivy in warm weather and beaucoup new furniture and equip- ment. Page 177 ' '49950 President, Kenny White. Phi Taus with House Mother Nelson 'N nw! A I . I ' l . V 2-.Aw vs ' W . .Y 1 rkw . , f ' . 3: H .i 55" lf" ' A .' '-'- ' ...f:2-f- . , . . by , Q 'J Q? 71 1 .B .' ,- f 4 .' 55? fin.-Q1-' -. -:""'f" ' 1, N. I vF.. HA-:L K I ! 'E . 'L' ,six HF.. 5: , ,, ' " ':'2 ": . v" 3 '5'A': ' ' A' 'Ii HA 'll - 'N " ' i" -1 .- ' " vw' 2' '65 W' fi? Q f ZZ? , xi r d72fi2,ff fi 1517 1' gf! if S lx Z I' WW , Z kff M 7 . A KX s,' -fy? 1 . X lg: 1? ,','- , A. , f W I YA! f A ' ff 7 f K If X K Z, f if Z ff' KQQ CI Y A-'I' can 1- . " VZ? .:f I ' 45: 1 fn HQ, N 19 35 - '.' 1' ,- ' ,, ". f - 2:5 iff T Qx ia' . X ,.. ,Q HM. f 'faq I :ffl I 2 "WI I My 'gm i:?f:.'f.x1':z ,, ' ' ,Mn 'mit ' ' ,L ,GW 'gil' . 1 J, ,4 ,sf 25-1 if gh ' ff- . 2 hx M J "f A ,, fl L-A ,,,,,,:f , 4 If f ...fu -A vf f ' lf' 5 ' ' YA.. X - h - J ' f A"' 1, 423-3 . 9-. A ' 'E V 7'--'AX ff' Y 'A .--' -Xxx n rl -7 L I, n :ji A. 'k..-Frm. lf, , E-' , ,TZQQ A -f' ,-fl--' ii Tv' .,:' "ff 1 " ,, Jg-,'a,f,,- , ,M 6i22Z?fr f 5 ? -f-' ,, ,, i i,A -. 'Ek' V-,,,-.W ., ,..-. - Page 179 mUfl.8! ynicfdfet I P ane otlz , .ff 'f 8V8fly QIILACZCIZQI' Receiving line at Chancellor's Reception. If f.- .,. l-1.-I 1 'C+ J - l r The Chancellor has refreshments, too. The Bennetts entertain at the reception. Getting Cards to complete registration. .nies I A Guilty freshmen suffer on Traditions Day. Final fowl for using out Sowi-H x f" -l ., is' Page 182 . 4.v."'f'5" V zap 'fi' Qu 'f"'1 'fi AU -,,, ir ' ..,- if .':,,-17 . Tlx" K! Q ' X1 T C' ..x "3 ,V 'ri ' I WSG" , 1' J 'tiff ' ' Zu , 1 - 3317 t .. y -LQ?-if -,, 7 gif' A f"' 'ffl' 5 X:- f , 5. -,' 1.5! 4, . Fall and winter activities here por- trayed came to a close with the parting of friends to go home for the Christmas holi- day. Freshmen, who had tasted college life for the first time, took with them a feeling of belonging and a glow of content- ment. The coming semester holding new experiences and different activities could now he pleasantly anticipated. ' ning Homecoming ' wwl :ws PM Kappa T Decofdtlon' Page 183 cblxl Wi! Xu "Y" Carnival raises funds. Antics of Carnival clowns. ,7l14flfo,Q3ly,sr 'f ' ' - u . "r.,15fI2-iff Hd! Professor Healy pays a football bet. 'Tv Class from chapel on a frosty day. Home for many married students. Night life at the trailer camp. 'al Page 184 W0 if KN W 55,52 MWA "W lx fwl-lg! .wf Q fqsagfy x - 7 4 The all-school dances held during the year and sponsored by various organiza- tions on the campus provided entertain- ment for the college community. The out- standing all-school dances held in '41-8-'49 were the Homecoming Dance, Basketball Dance, Valentine Ball, Spinster's Spree and the Barn Dance. Dances were also held after every football and basketball game in the student union with the Plains- man dance Band providing the music. Mustc for a jam session Page 185 i .1 :J 'V Dv. Henry Hitt Crane, Religious Emphasis Week speaker. N 4 Worshippers at the Wayside Chapel. MN if 5 59 'R ' Y A it Sflwfday fun- Remember the wintefr of '49? 55 .,,. 'Q The bopulrlv' Smlfk bar in the Student Winnevs ofthe publicationsfsponsored 'Tal' X Union. ent Show. . . f 0 , Q., 1 Q Lx ' Page 186 I 1 I I i,,, if 3 ' If W -, lr! .- A-Q Spring came this year with all the rush and excitement of spring parties, Senior Recognition Day, and the May Fete. With the advent of the drowsy warm spring days time flew quickly toward the end of the year with these activities crowding in to make college memories a little more vivid and unforgettable for all of us. Seniors walk under the honoring funio'r's arch. Page 187 v V X V 9- .1 S t 'gg' typo-' . .VE i gi x 'af I I bffm- , V 13.3 Vfxsavf 4 , fu I 'I 1 Jdgfvcfx' wth """""-sv 'I K 1,32 fxtffyv '--71:15, f f X if .f v ...Nu 'Mal' hu, I Q ' X J 'vid , Q? u"""""l-..,,:: ,' X 4' of A ' J x Vai' N6- nlu, in ' 'Q Nw, 4 Xxxsf' I ,K 'ls' s 'A ,',f.,rf OX X v 'R 4 '.- ? .gin c"t I E! sh L10-cet K Q9 of -s S Q I LI S 1 I Inf' ll I 5 Page 188 P . 7 "lla: n , Y 'N-.-,X aw ll' flwu any . 41 1 4, ,,fr,, , . u g. 4.- i VV Ilvtoe Nm ab -Q L! Page 189 V I WM, Vx- -I-N , zfgeyy x 125323249 '1-4525242323 XJ qaszaesqbs, Sgqagpgepmt 5:33803 , ,gp- .g 9. g f- 'W?6sf.fZ9 J! fi ' if 117 W4 y 1 1 I' gf 2' . ' ' f "1 Ji ' '55 ,. 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I 9 4 9 We Are Headquarters for School Supplies Text Books-Gifts-Novelties Sweat Shirts-T-Shirts-Men's Hose and Hand1rerchiefs-'1'ies- Ladies' Hosl-Hankies Magazines G Subscriptions Book Ends-Greeting Cards "Everything for the Student" WESLEYANN COLLEGE BOOKSHOPP Miss Hannah Jensen, Prop. Member N. A. C. S. 2711 No. 48th Phone 6-1278 Burlington Bus Depot THANK YOU GEORGE RRNDOL Camera Artist Page 195 if UNI POPPER Features: Sealtest Ice Cream White Hulless Pop Corn Cold Beverages Candy 4817 St. Paul Lincoln SMITH BROS. THE LUMBER SMITHS Lumber o o 0 o Cqql S 2341 No. 48th Phone 6-2527 A D A N D E E VAVERKA JEWELRY D Watches - Diamonds E Reliable Watch Repair I Open Saturday Evenings Uni Place 2610 No- 48th 6129 Havelock Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. ELCE 8: SON LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS 2626 No. 48th Phone 6-2628 COLLINS STANDARD SERVICE 48th and Baldwin Personalized Service O O O O We Give 3,135 Green Stamps GALE D. COLLINS, LESSEE DRS. TAYLOR Cr TAYLOR PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Office: 4728 Sf. Paul Avenue Phone 6-2257 Lincoln, Nebr. HOLMES GROCERY The DALITE STORE Wifh Flenfy of Parking fln Uni.I Comer of 48th G Baldwin in n Page 196 ,ii l CITIZENS STATE FAIRMUNT FUUIJS BU. BANK . A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Always fhe Peak of Qualify 2650 No. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. 2823 N 48th Ph 6 2326 +"'u'Q 2 musw Complete Lubrication Service Motor Tune-up Tire Repairs Washing Simonizing Auto Accessories gpm 8:0Q 3, m, - 11 P, m, The Store of Student's Needs CHRIS' TEXACO SERVICE THE PLAiNsMAN soon sronr 2304 North 48th Pho-ne 6-5033 In 'he Basem' " OM Mah' Page 197 MEEK LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in BUILDING MATERIAL AND COAL 2441 North 49:11 sf. Phone 6-2219 lzbl. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE DEDICATED 2710 No. 48 Ph. s-zsaa "YOU REALLY SAVE MONEY" TO THE GRADUATING Cuxss CN ,ooo at 7 DOYLE SHOE SERVICE S I G A Repair Leather Jackets EASIEST ' 'I "' SHOPPING Heel and Patch Work While You Wait PLACE h IN TOWN 2734 NO- 499' I-infoln 2638 North 48th sf. Phone 6-2319 Fred Gardner 699 Sons Lincoln Jewelers Since 1888 O Street 2-1578 TYRRELL'S FLOWERS Specialists: IN CORSAGES O PARTY DECORATIONS O WEDDINGS Phone S-2357 Lincoln H33 No. Cotner Blvd. "DELL" "CLEM." 6 "CI-IBN" Page 193 JIM ARRIGO MARKET Gnocsnn-:s - Mnars - vsczrnnrzs Open Evenings and Sundays 4743 Holdrege SI. Lincoln Phone 6-2420 WESLEYAN COFFEE SHOP Popular Prices 2740 No. 48:11 sf. Lincoln DR. KENNETH E. DROWN DENTIST 4728 St. Paul Ave. Phone 6-2059 Lincoln 4, Nebraska ,TF X Q L ,Sk TX 0+ -P , 7 1 I "1 I -x- 1 4 X Y M114 ff U 3,51-.fv - 1 FRIENDLY X3 4 4 -...Z :jj-.jf BRN KIN G SERVICE NATIONAL BANK LlNcoLN, NEBRASKA MEMBER FEDERFIL DEPOSIT INSURRNCE CORPORHTION gg' ' I f 1 X QIQCEIQ LOWELL'S JEWELERS -I 4513 1300 'o' sffeef Phone 2-4380 .,, N LINCOLN 8, NEBRASKA 5 I sf FINE WATCHES TVX 0 Jewelry ENE! llolgnlak E . O Silverware A I 0 II Il II I II S S HRMMOND ORGHNS STEINWHY PIHNOS KING BAND INSTRUENTS all in use ai WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY Exclusive Representatives SCHMOLLER C1 MUELLER PIANO CO. 1212 "O" Street Lincoln 8, Nebraska NIX STEAK HOUSE 1711 Van Dorn HFTER THE SHOW HFTER THE DF-INCE "Anything from A Bite to A Banquet" "Be Kind to Your Clothes" PEERLESS CLEANERS 322 So. 11 Geo. H. Lemon Branch Office 2719 No. 48Ih NORTHEAST INSURANCE AGENCY WARREN H. PHRKER. Manager 2441 No. 48 6-2995 Page 199 Students Keep Fit I I WE HHVE I-1 COMPLETE STOCK OF BI-ISEBHLL SOFTBHLL TENNIS GOLF OTHER SPORTS EQUIPMENT Quality Merchandise at Prices I That Are Right SERVING WESLEYRN THROUGH THE PEP CLUB HND THE HTHLETIC DEPRRTMENTS HARRY REED SPORT SHOP 1321 P sum: 2-4191 Flowers By DANIELSON FLORAL CO. For Quality--Dependability-Artistry 1306 N 2-7602 ROPER G' SONS. INC. MORTUARY - AMBULANCE Lincoln, Nebr. CENTRAL RADIO LAB 1601 o sneer 2-3814 Motorola and Philco Huto Sales and Serviee STEWHRT WARNER Rf-IDIOS We Repair All Makes RM-FM-TELEVISION EARL WOOD'S DAIRY STORE 0 Fountain 0 Sandwiches 0 Coffee 2800 No. 48th 6-5012 BLOOM TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE MRS. Lutz COTNER TERRACE LincoZn's Largest and Finest Restaurant 3 COURSE DINNERS 51.00 6. UP PRIVHTE BRNOUET ROOMS FOR 10 TO 600 Two Blocks North of 58th and O St. Sales-Rentals-Supplies-Service Closed M""d"Y 65044 sza North 1:1111 sr. 2-5258 4 N WA' TX' If fA'AT'N f Dx ' LINCOLN, Nsnnnsxn L Q F 7 bg? ,.- fQfe- lug s Q I .5 , ,, I ELCIN, HAMILTON, BULOVA, GRUEN WATCHES 6007 HHVELOCK HVENUE' LINCOLN DIAMONDS - WEDDING RINGS SILVER AND IEWELRY SARTOR JEWELRY CO. "Means Better Printing" NEBRRSKPYS NEWEST HND MOST MODERN PUBLISHING FIRM 1200 O Sf. Lincglnl Nebr. Printers oi Books cmd Annuals afi-1 lil luxllll i Page 200 WIRE HDEQUHTELY and BUY YOUR HARDWARE SUPPLIES LIGHT HDEQUHTELY at HENDERSON ELECTRIC SERVICE 3311 North 48th 6-2022 S. 8: H. Green Trading Stamps VICTORY CLEANERS 6132 Havelock Rvenue 6-2317 If Your Clothes Fire Not Becoming To You, They Should Be Coming To Us 4317 North 62nd Phone 6-2632 SPECIRL 1-DRY SERVICE CONGRHTULHTIONS SENIORS THERIEN'S FROSTED FOOD LOCKERS THOMFIS R. HOLLOWFIY 6042 Havelock Hvenue Phone 6-2644 6220 H 1 k A Seal Test Ice Cream we oc venue H11 Locker and Deep Freeze Supplies MOWBRAY-LYON CO. ,,e,,m,,a COLLEGE MEN . . . See . . . ir LOFINK-THOMPSON See The New DQDGE QND PLYMQUTH Tailored Clothes for Men pgSsENGER CHRS Stuart Bldg. ' MEN'S FURNISHINGS Phono 2-4538 and DODGE IOPPRHTED TRUCKS Complete Line Electrical Appliances 246 North 12th 2-7117 ELECTRICRL WIRING CONTRFICTING HOLMES ELECTRIC THE STUDENT'S DEPARTMENT STORE 2915 North 48th 6-2635 BOOKS OR FICTION TEXT BOOKS STUDENTS ATTENTION HRT SUPPLIES STATIONERY ITEMS Rviation Leather ICCRQII Engineer Leather Boots . Zelan Sport Iacksts at 0Q4Jv5aBOOK srokf LINCOLN ARMY STORE R sf. I-incgln 8, Heb'-, 202 So. 11th Lincoln, Nebraska Page 201 HAVELOCK RADIO AND APPLIANCE Sales and Service A., I -Q ENTIRE Dial 6-2292 4327 North 62nd St. FAMILY THE CAMERA STORE WANTS 1122 N Street Has Fine Values in Everything Photographic Visit "LET'S GET RCOUQINTED' MARY JANE GARMENT COMPANY 138 NORTH 12TH Made to Order Uniforms for Dentists, Doctors and Ladies Chain Stitch or Felt Lettering 2645 North 48th Uni Place Sport Garments I SH OMAR BAKERY PA , I Q Service To Your Door 1 ,5 II BREAD-ROLLS-CAKES-PIES HRTIST MRTEHIHLS FLOOR COVERING Wm-I-PHPER RETRIL HND WHOLESHLE 1333 O Street Phone 2-6641 2-4224 17th and O FRATERNITY JEWELERS VAN 5'CKLE GLASS AND PAINT COMPANY MEDQLS, PINS, HND TROPHIES 143 South 10th 'lr Paintall Quality Paints Mirrors RIXSTINE Window Glass Jewelry Manufacturing Company Plate Glass Wall Papers 1108 P Street 2-3810 Phone 2.6931 Page 202 Aqua Velva, After Shave Lotion Williams Luxury Shaving Cream Glider Brushless Cream Leotrie Shave, For Users of Electric Razors J. B. WILLIAMS COMPANY A NEBRASKA INSTITUTION HELPING TO BUILD A GREATER NEBRASKA ,i , A-or A i 1 ' Queue I - Owned By The People It Serves MEET Your Friends crt ROY'S Loren Smith P.A. of A. PHOTOS Flnytime, Rnywhere, Hny Place I nv ""n E- I I , 'V""mw U ' V T , i -, I . L PM Supplies , N - erm I l , Finishing Enlcxrging QQ I I ' A 'lu I '-fl sw s-zova 6-2527 ' 'H fi? I I Page 203 A ANDERSON HARDWARE ........ ......... 2 O1 AYERS CLOTHING .................. ......... 1 92 B BARKER'S SHOE STORE ...............,..,......... 190 BLOOM TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE ........ 200 BOYD IEWELRY CO ................................... 190 BUTLER'S CLEANERS ................................ 192 O CENTRAL RADIO LAB ........... ......... 2 OO CHEAPPER SYSTEM INC ........... ......... 1 91 CHRIS TEXACO SERVICE ............ ......... 1 95 CITIZENS STATE BANK ............................ 195 C. L. TROMBLA ............................................ 195 COLLINS STANDARD SERVICE .............. 196 CONSUMERS PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT .............................................. 203 CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK ........ 199 CORNHUSKER HOTEL ,..................... ........ 1 92 COTNER TERRACE .................................... 200 D DANDEE SANDEE .................... ......... 1 96 DANIELSON FLORAL CO ......... ......... 2 O0 DAYLE SHOE STORE .............. ......... 1 98 DIETZ I.G.A ............................ ......... 1 98 DR. BROWN .................................. ......... 1 99 DR. MATSON ..............,..................... ......... 1 98 DRS. TAYLOR AND TAYLOR .................. 196 E EARL W'OOD'S STORES ............................ 200 EASTMAN KODAK STORES .................... 191 ELCE AND SONS, BOOKBINDERS .......... 196 E FAIRMONT CO ......................... ......... 1 95 FIRST NATIONAL BANK .......... ......... 1 94 FIRST TRUST COMPANY .......... ......... 1 95 O GARDNER Ei SONS ........... ......... 1 98 GATES INSURANCE ....... ......... 1 94 ' A ALPHA GAMMA BETA ........................ 142 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ...................... 162 AMERICAN CHILDHOOD EDUCA TION .......................................................... 150 ART CLUB .............,................................., 151 B BIKTJLJ ............................... ......... 101 BARBS ........................ ......... 1 60 BASEBALL ............ ......... 1 32 BASKETBALL ................... ......... 1 26 BLUE KEY ............................ ......... 1 42 BOYS INTRAMURALS .......... ......... 1 36 O CARDINAL KEY ........ ......... 1 43 COGS .......................... ......... 1 43 CRESCENTS ................. ......... 1 72 D DANCE BAND ............. ............. 1 00 DEDICATION .................. ........ 6 Ei 7 DELTA OMEGA PHI ....... ......... 1 74 DELTA ZETA ....,.......... ......... 1 64 DRAMATICS ....,.......... ......... 1 04 E FACULTY ....... ....... ......... 2 0 FOOTBALL ..... ....... ......... 1 1 4 FRESHMEN ................... ...... 7 1 G GIRLS DORM ...................... GIRLS GLEE CLUB .................. ......... GIRLS INTRAMURALS .......... ......... GOLF .................................... 159 100 138 134 Advertisers Index GEORGE RANDOL ...................................... GRAFT'S DEPT. STORE ............................ GREEN FURNACE AND PLUMBING CO. ......................................................... . H HARRINGTON REALTORS .......... HARRY REED SPORT SHOP .................... HARVEY BROS ............................................. HAVELOCK RADIO Ei APPLIANCE SHOP ...................................................... HENDERSON ELECTRIC SERVICE .......... HESTER MACHINE AND AUTO CO ..... HOAG LAND HARDWARE ........................ HOLMES ELECTRIC .........................,........ HOLMES GROCERY ............... I J. B. WILLIAMS CO ........ JIM ARRIGO MARKET ........ K KELLY'S 5c Ei 10c ........ IcELLY'S HOUSEKEEPINO"'S'HOi5QfIfIIffff1 L LATSCH BROTHERS ...................... LINCOLN ARMY STORE ............................ LINCOLN FARM Ei HOME NEWS LOFINK-THOMPSON CLOTHES..IIIIIIIIIIII LOREN SMITH .................................... LOWELL'S JEWELRY ............... M MARY JANE GARMENT CO ....... MEEK LUMBER CO .................... MILLER E-9 PAINE ................... MILTON B. GATES ..,.............. MOWBRAYfLYON CO .......... N . NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE ........ NEBRASKA BOOK STORE ........................ NIX STEAK HOUSE .................................... NORTH EAST INSURANCE AGENCY.. chool Index H HANDBOOK ................ HOUSE .COUNCIL ........................,......... I INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL ........ INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB ..........................................,............. INTRAMURALS .................................... J JOHNSON HALL ........ JUNIORS ................... K KAPPA CHI .................. KNIGHT, JOHN L ....... M MALE CHORUS ...................................... METHODIST STUDENT MOVE v MENT ........................................................ O OPERA . ........................ . ORCHESTRA ........... P PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ........ PHI KAPPA PHI ...................... PHI-KAPPA TAU ,... .. ........... PHI MU ...................... PI GAMMA MU ............ PI KAPPA DELTA ........ 195 201 194 191 200 192 202 201 198 190 203 196 203 199 194 196 190 201 200 201 203 199 202 198 190 194 201 191 201 199 199 99 154 171 151 135 159 49 152 20 102 158' 108 101 161 144 176 166 144 145 O OMAR BAKERY .................. ........ 2 02 P PEERLESS CLEANERS .................... ........ 1 99 PLAINSMAN BOOK STORE .......... .... 1 95 R RIXSTINE JEWELRY CO ........ .... ROPER E? SONS ...................... .... ROY WEISS ........................ .... S SARTOR JEWELRY CO .................... ........ 2 OO SCHMOLLER E? MUELLER ........................ 199 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS ................ 202 SMITH LUMBER CO ................................... 196 STATE JOURNAL PRINTING CO ........... 193 T THE CAMERA STORE ................. ........ 2 02 THE GAS CO ............................,......... ........ 1 90 THERIEN'S FOOD LOCKERS ......... ........ 2 01 THOMAS HARDWARE .........,..... ........ 1 94 TII.LMAN'S CAFETERIA ........,. ........ 1 95 TYRRELL'S FLOWERS .......... ........ 1 98 U UNI POPPER ................................. .... UNIVERSITY PLACE NEWS ......... .... V VAN SICKLE PAINT CO ......... ........ VARSITY DRUGS .................. ........ 1 92 VAVERKA JEWELRY ............ ........ 1 96 VICTORY CLEANERS .......... ........ 2 01 W WESLEYAN COFFEE SHOP ........... 199 WESLEYAN COLLEGE BOOKSHOPPEIIII95 PLAINSMAN ...............,...... PLAYS ..................................... PSI CHI ......................................... PUBLICATIONS BOARD ......... Q QUEENS ..................... R ROAD SHOW ............. S SENIOR HALL ........... SENIORS ..................... SIGMA PI SIGMA ........... SOPHOMORES .................. STUDENT SENATE .......... 92 ........104 ........145 95 ........180 ........107 ........154 33 ........147 59 ........155 T TENNIS .............................. ........ 1 34 THETA ALPHA PHI. ....... ........ 1 46 TRACK ....................,...... ........ 1 30 W "W" CLUB ....................... ........ 1 03 WESLEYAN ............................................ 96 WHO'S WHO .......................................... 147 WILLARD .............................................. 168 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIA- TION ........................................................ 156 WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL ............ 154 Y YELLERS OF THE BROWN ................ "Y" CABINETS ............................. Pdge 204

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