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r ,, .f 4, Q L , , l Y' V--1-fL,,,w.,ff',' rf. ,, A ,,.,,, ?1w1:,g,if, 6712 w. 1 fs , 'H , 4 A I v, 5 ,. W, , M,,,u,f ,yy 4 x L,,N.g,,.V -I -my?" , , -7 3 A. , M,..,, 'A 1 S v,,wQ+R:+.,xw,"f,n . .f 1, I ,Y A ' M ff- 1, ,f.., J., f THE PLAINSMAN NINETEEN FORTY-EIGHT NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY VOLUME XLVI FALL ISSUE Covsn PICTURE: Ken White, No. 25, holding. and Rex Mercer, kicking, will be recog- nized by students of Wesleyan as two of the Plainsmen's outstanding backs for the 1947 football season. MARJORIE JOHNSON, Edizor WILLIS TROTT, Burinerr Manager X E RE ST DE TS- Coming from villages and cities throughout the middle west and all over the United States to meet at the stone portals of Wes- leyan with our common aim--an Education. v ,if . t h M fe r--it i -gg' .tm - .S ,iv , '14, V' SGME OF US ARE FOl'111C1' G. I.'s 1 wgw-eq 1 r Fresh From High School Returning Uppeltlassmen NOW' BUT WE COME Activity Worship HAVE ALL FOR 03- QQ' ,If Friendly Sports Fun .s , s E Q ,- -ik Agia? sf I Q Y ,M ., . -. 3 ' EE 1 1, M ,K , fx- i , 1, ., Y ,'i,',z..-ei:- V . 1- ,,, f .g,.f-a:,,zef 'P '. f ALJ,- W Y , ' ' H -Q.,-1,,u.1-H: V ',kf1 4 5 at E g.. 1. 'dflti ri V - ' - , b Y - f Z Y ai , 1 fiifff- . L.. . ff V , f . ' ' V ii 'W' Y 1, Y .ia ,fl 7 iii-,rf f , 7 K i A5 J ,- 5 V 2. , 1 ,F , N 4 ' 5 I Q L 1 ' ' ' f A " fs 4. M ' . 3 r Q . 1 L , 9 AI 1 -, .- . 4 . 1 X :. ..- .,.. Y if - ' ' ' 'Y ' ' . 1' g Q ' - -7: E ff- Tfflx. -A - , ' 1 2 -'rf' . 1-A - f . . fn: ' '5 ' . 'Q' . '35 , 1 . ' . . f - , V1 f V 2 f-J 1 R- , ffl? A-if -' it " 1, A f I Q I 'A 1 ,- g LM- ,F :if . , g 4 -' ' " if lf- Q- Q? V-ff' if'-,I fflipfl' 4: ' 'S' h 1. . 'f' 1. 9 1 4 i - A f - T., 3,,. - f 5 1- gg 4- ' -5 g i f - 9' . 11' . ,n X x -1 " X , 44 25' fr' K K A ' , 1- 513 . -, - Mi 1 ' ' ., 1 5- f' " 1' A E' 5 '2 - , ,R K r , "Q, 'ff Vg J , gf? an A ' f f ' Q :fy v ' -,ik P' iii - E fx 1,24 ' f 'A 1 ' 1 X 4 in 1 V: 5 TL, -1 29? 5 .., 'L i 1 y ,f CEE! ,4 Si 2 fi-51111 5- 1, x iq "fi .5 5 , '.ff.f ,. ' - ' ff' 2 .2 'J '7 -: , ' Y rf f 2 4 " ' , " '-'D . V "- - . . I ' ' ' 9 i-?fV Jil' , ,V 1 4 ' . -h ww, ax: -M F4 I-Q ' 3-f 4'-wr ' ig 5, 1,3 . 1 .-1, V V, - 4'-gn il "Q A 1 fa 4 - Q ',e12ff1-1511, '-:ies 'Zig 1, ' "'f5ZQ'?g 'xi '. ' 'f ' ' 1: 1 1 .1 f?fA, llffv 1 A A, . , - 'ff'A? .4 , 1 Q D' 1 1 :: 17, Q f - , -J, ,, 5552 Q - -. fb- . a -Vg -V " ? 4 .J-'iz Q Eg 5- 74 - ff. ,. is 44- " . uf' ' 2- M 1 if "f as ' ,. , 3 " 6' 1 V-, ., .Q-5 'gl' af... '- Z ag' ' .' ' f if f 'i if -1-J' if i" , - Q' T 5 'fifi 711: kgQ3'4i'j?f?f.ffiM17Q,. ' P 5 H - f:',2i:A 'ff . 1- T, -1 Q V gets, on-Q,iA,f1 .f ju + A .l Wy K y it ir ,V In A Hr 1556 - QA-3, ' -I ' ,fs ' " 'ii A ,- fell " A 6 J: s ,i i ,. A, V ,..ff' ' I 47' V ,QM ,-fa' ' 1: b we' In 'III The Rachel Ann Lucas Library, located east of C. C. White, is one of the newer buildings on the campus. The good reference material and the atmos- phere of study make it a popular place for students when they study. C. C. White can always be identified by the music that comes from its numerous practice rooms. A few improvements were made on the outsideg the large chapel was redecorated, and a new lighting system was installed during the summer months. In addition to the offices of the fine arts departments, C. Ct White houses the Student Union, Huntington Hall, and the Christian Association headquarters. Page eight just east of the new speech building is the Van Fleet Science Building, an old landmark of the Wesleyan campus. It houses the offices, classrooms, and lab- oratories of the physics and chemistry depart- A ments. The college church and place of worship of the majority of Nebraska Wesleyan students is the First Methodist Church across from the campus. It has become a part of the life of the college with many of the students active in the choir, Sunday School Department, and the MYF. ,tp .nu- Page nine ,. ,, ,..,... .. .A W. Once again Wesleyan cheers and songs rang throughout the new O. N. Magee Memorial Stadium, which was officially dedicated in the fall of '46. The finishing touches have been completed, making this new building one of which we can right- fully be proud. The gymnasium has been the scene of many an exciting basketball game. Physical education classes are held in the gym, and there is equipment for various indoor activities. The offices of the physical education instructors are also located here. Page ten T' The johnson Wornen's Residence Hall, one of the largest buildings on the cam pus, stands stately and tall on the northeast corner of the campus. One hun- dred EVE freshmen girls moved into the hall at the end of the first semester. Located a few steps south of Old Main is our new speech building. Construction of it was begun in the spring and completed in time for the ' if jgefsigwiigwwwWM formal opening on Dec. ll. Its comple- fzfjfl' tion marked another step in the building program for our ex- K 1 panding campus. 4 , :Eff-gt-Eiiifr-If34.:-Ali-' -T i,-.1-Q-,-.1 , ....- 13 lr : -,.L,:...'..4-AT -T im., . I I Page eleven Y 1. n Hr, f f' ',, w. t5J...M.g,1 ,, If v1f"'- 4 fa -1. ,,',,. ,.. , gif - ji. avr, A 1 Q '- --'K fe i 'ft axfih In mg. . ' fir :V flyli 'KW H: A 35" " sf-3' W .n 'I '1- ,, .. , ,f-,..-9, y Q- 135-sw, ' f ' ' f ' A. ' ,- ' , 13 . 2, ig , ' .mai i ' 1 ,yr ' f'Hff', " I - ' ' 7254? 117' zpvfn 1 xi Q, 1 'lx y -A f 4. , , ,l y trap- 1- QV -V v r. -H+ i . 5" p 1 ' 1" ,A.'. '. arg F' , 4 P711-'TN ,, . fu ,H A gpuxk I , nv ,. , ' , fir ff, '!fl1'g1-kg. ' - 3-T-iff .lil i. 1311, . , r fl., .!'.? 4' . ' -liz. 'I- , ,,:,1, I -'-I Agp' " za U. C22 ",. f g x.-' ' 2:3 rf' . ., 7,1 VA M.,-g . fi y .qi - , - 'xr Lf," , ' ,L. x, tv ,- u-.. 1 ...W 1, 1, T.. H' ., :L L ,I ,, . 1, ff, 1 if , ,5, I . Wm. .M ty .gl , . 0 f ff. 2:9 .'a'f"' W9 wi., 'Y 1 if 91,4 I . 1 .- I I nf ,lift Rf" Off l,- ,, 19.- .mr Ja? 4 , . Wife ya' f vw '51,- The newly erected red brick smoke- stack, with WESLEYAN emblazoned on it with white brick, is a new land- mark for Nebraska Wesleyan. The smokestack, along with the rebuilt and enlarged heating unit L and campus garage, completed another step in the building campaign. At the south of the XX1omen's Residence Hall is the Rose Memorial Observa- tory. It provides observational and laboratory facilities for astronomy class members. Page twelve ra-mp 'mr' Mg? Q Ei ...MES 2 1 mi? JOHN L. KNIGHT, A.B., A.M., S.T.B., M.A., D.D. Chancellor of lbe Uviizferxity W2 wing Y - - Qllfsggr., . 4:3 f W! K4 J, .tv ,N A . gimp. v 4: A.1a+4IfQsm'f,R W , Q, ,Qkgi i1fgwSShf3f.Q. . Pugv Ilzirfvcn DEAL, ROY W., A.B., A.M.,, Ph.D. Adminirtmtive Dean of the College Profenor of Pxyclaology i X I ' f? xy 'tn Q, , XY NX MCBRAIR, MARIAN, A.B., A.M. GASS, CLINTON B., A.B., A.M Dean of Women Dean of Men Affislant Profeuor of Langzmger Profeffor of Mathematic: Page fom'tee'n FACULTY BROWN, KATHERINE P., A.B., A.M. lnxlrnctor in Modern Langnagex BARRINGER, GRAHAM A., A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Profexmr of Hixlory BOOTH, ETHEL LOUISE, A.B., A.M. Profeuor of Englixlo BUIE, ELIZABETH, B.S. Inxtrnctor of Ployfical Eclncalion for Women BENNETT, OSCAR P., B.F.A. Director of Mnxic Profeffor of Voice x BRANDT, CLARA R., A.B., A.M. Director of I-Iealllo -u BIsI-IOP, ETHOL LANGDON, A.B. B.L.S. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Librarian Profenor of Political Science ancl Sociology CALLEN, E. GLENN, Page fifteen CASE, DALE E., A.B., M.S. Profenor of Geography CORNS, MAM1E E., B.S. in Ed., A.M. Affociate Profexfor of Economic: and Bminesr Admivzinmzion FACULTY . ,Ly - I Q EVANS, JOHN C., B.M., B.S., M.A. AJ,ri.rnmt Pfofenor of English GANZ, DORIS RUTH, A.B. A.M. lnrtmctor zn Vozce HALBERT, BERNICE N., A.B., A.N. Associate Profefxor of Englixh HEALY. JOHN L., B.A. Imtmctor in Speech FREDSTROM, RUDOLPH L., HOFFMAN, ENID MILLER, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. B.L., A.M., Ph.D. Profeuor of Education Pmfeffof 0f Sfeefb Page sixteen FACULTY 'lg 7' JENSEN' JOHN C-, A LUDWIG, HUEER A., B.S., A.M., PED. A.B., AIM' P1'0feff0f of Pbyficf and N P1'ofe.r.ror of Cbemixlry Afzronomy , LENFEST, GRACE E., A.B., M.L.S. A.r.ri.mmt Libmrimz KNIGHT, GEORGE W., LUX, GLADYS M., B.S. B.F.A., A.B., A.M. Heed Coach Asfiimnt Pr0fe,r.ro1' of Art LINDGREN, MARGARET, B.Mus. lmtmctor in Piano LEBAR, PAUL W, M L A.B,, A.M. in Mus. ARKSAEFLIE Ru Auixtant Profeffor of Organ , In t I ' B ci and Theory of Mime J me or m tm Page seventeen MATTINGLY, L. E., A.B., B.D., S.T.M. Anociate Profeffor of Religion and Director of Religiom Life MCCOID, CARRIE B., B.F.A., A.M. Amrismrzt Profemor of Englixh N1LEs, REX A., B.S. in Ed. Axximznt Profemor of lmlmtrial Arif Page eighteen FACULTY PARSONS, NEAL B., B.S. Amixmnt C oczch lnxtrrzctor in Phyficnl Education for Men PAULSEN, LEONARD B., B.F.A., M.A. Inxtrfzczor in Public School Mmic and Voice , I ,V PERISHO, CLARENCE R., B.S., M.A. Arxismnt Profesfor of Chemixtry RODGERS, ALMA Lols, A.B., M.S. in Ed. Axxociate Profeuor of Eclncalion ROSENTRATOR, JOHN A.B., A.M., Th.M., Th.D. Professor of Religion and Philosophy SI-IIRK, CLAUDE J., A.B., A.M., M.S.D., M.S., Ph.D. P1'ofe.s'.for of Biology VU' FACULTY Flllg..,.f UNDERKOFLER, LAONA E., A.B., A.M. A.f.S'i.Yld1Zf Profeuor in Biology ..4s0'1"in. SPLINTER, Lois LEAVITT, A.B., B.S. in Ed. Axsixlant Profesxor of Playxicr SLONECKER, PAULINE B.F,A., M.Mus. A.rIiIta1zt Profexror of Piano SWIFT, HARVEY M., A B B S M S. Anzmmt Profeuor of Bzolo gy WEEKS, DALE H., A.B., A.M. Profemof' of Economics SNOW, MARIETTA, WHITFIELD, RALPH, A.B., A.M. B.A., M.A. Profeuor of Modern Languages' Anifmvzt Profefxor of Psychology Page nineteen WILI.IAMS RICHARD L. WINTERS' JOHN W0 ZUCKERMAN, MARTIN BA., MA' ' B. of Mus., M. of Sacred Mus. B-S., MQA. Afyimznt Profexxor of Anmdm Pmfeuor of Organ Anociate Profeuor of Englixla Social Science mzcl joumallfm ADMINISTRATION Q - .,-"A ,vu- I- ,,.-- BARTLEY, JAMES E., WILLIAMS, LEONA AB., A.M. HESSAFQED C" B. of E. in Music Bzcfiuefc Manager-Treaxurer Director of Pglbkic Relation! Secretary to the Chancellor Page twenty ADMINISTRATION I 1 LUSCHEI, HELEN M., SMITH, RALPH B., Regirtrar BUS. SLACK, BETTY JANE, Ayxixtant to the Registrar Superintendent of Bnildingx and Ground: SCOTT, PAUL W., MULLER, ELSIE A., A.B. Director of Student Relationx Affiftant Treafurer Page twenty-one "I" I 4 1 1 J Lu, ,v f vg ff f A if , f - I4 0 Yin 1. f I 2' 'l ,, -3. , if, .dit 3,3159 Y J l 'V wb ' A' 1 I vb I bg . Via ..,-44 .0 1 2,54 A u vw -1 ii .4 ,p 7 1 ,' ' Le 'fiflslfx 3 . A if .Y , ' ,xigv 72- W 5 5 .mf flgfve ,lg ffiiyf 73 fm 83, X if 1- Nt, wg ' V ,ff SEN' me I '41 hs, Q, qv., . '35 o Sys x u THE SEASO flurry and confusion of teacher receptions, YM and YNY' parties, besides the sorority and fraternity rush parties. It seems as if there is no enil to it, but it Hnally simmers down to regular routine after the introduction of the faculty at chapel. . vu is X , "ku f '+P - ... a ,W wiwff NRG' - 15 . :gg-g s.,.'.'w-iff-.5 15 A: 5' s f . B N -. rpm Q s. -3 F .K J ft- ....r.mS- 1 , , 1 .5 , me QW: .,.- .31 Xml -- 255' 113, . if A It ..,. -an ss is . Q R . r 'fnqr I Q .,"- uma li r., ' fag vi slf g i - ,Qui 21 '. sung J 5 1:97 .Q. k a'sZ?ii3 Km Yank 'QQ ,vt S 3 t as iffffek Mem w X Nj -St NK, 5 .sfhie as ,Ngtgg,T5s,3 x fi' rt ' - W fx X W , , ,Nfl-fx -1 -'z.."w-.Q 'Sz kj ,-. fin, xxx 1 sv' - Mui s fgm gp wk, lib' VN N 'M' -if Q.: X X QW ha f t P6 fa. AROUND THE CLOCK Witli the initiation of the system of deferred preferencing at Wesleyan for the first time this year, several new aspects of formal rushing were introduced. One afternoon event was an around-the-clock affair with each girl visiting each sorority Page twen ty-fam' house. Tea was served at the house visited last. The affair proved an orientation to sorority rushing for freshman girls. They were given an opportunity to meet the house mothers and the girls residing in the house. 'M Wh - J' X' - TO SHO THE ME Phi Taus and guests shed their coats to enjoy better baked ham and trimmings cooked the Owens' way. Between courses the Taus blended their voices in their tra- ditional song, The Ramblerr. Crescents and their rushees take a breath of air after returning from the Zephyr Room at the Hotel Capitol. Food and entertainment were furnished and various talks given on fraternity life. li ah, After dinner, Delt rushees were counseled by alumni members on the merits of fraternity life. Special music from the Alpha Gam trio and double talk on atomic energy by Bill Speidel highlighted the even- ing's entertainment. Page twenty-five Xwsd3'T"'+ AKERT, BEN Alliance. Phi Kappa Tau, BERRY, JOHN male a cappella chorus, Pierre, S D Phl Kappa Plamsman Qualfette Tau chorus chapel chou L , , as, 5- . Te A ,C.'m'l"s. V X A - . Q21 I my 4: .,f, I A 'Fl . ix 5- 14 4 05 as .ft f 5- ,fl MQW 1 L ve. ALLEN, BARBARA Madrid AMOS, CARL Lincoln. Football ANDERSON, DELMAR Mead ANDERSON, JAMES H oldrege ANDERSON, MAX Grand Island, Delta Omega Phi ARNOLD, PHIL Lincoln BABCOCK, EUGENE Humboldt BAILEY, MARY LoU Schuyler. Gir1's glee. BAILEY, ILA Ogallala BAKER, JACK Grand Island. Crescent, Yellers of the Brown BARGMAN, LYLE Crab Orchard BARNETT, EVELYN Hastings. Y.W.C.A., chorus BARNICA, LYNN Ogallala. Phi Kappa Tau BATES, ARTHUR Polls. Barb, band, chorus BECKLEY, JAMES Santa Fe Springs, Calif. BENGSTON, MARTHA Glenview, Ill. Y.W.C.A. BEVANS, LESTER Waverly BEVELHEIMER, SHIRLEY Gretna. Y.W.C.A. BIGGS, MAX Palmyra. Football. BIRD, LEONARD Lincoln BOHNER, SHIRLEY Barneston. Y.W.C.A. BOTSCH, BARBARA Norfolk. Y.W.C.A., debate Kappa Chi BowMAsTER, JIM Lincoln BRADFORD, FRED Los Angeles, Calif. BRILLI-IART, J EANE Longmont, Colo. Y.W.C.A. BROWNELL, DONNARAE Hay Springs BURG, MARLO Waverly BURLING, ILA B, Kenesaw. Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. CALVERT, ALFRED Friend. Crescent, football. CARLSON, ALICE Ong. Y.W.C.A., chorus CARLSON, JUNE Cheyenne, Wyoming CARLSON, WILLIAM Lincoln Page twenty-six -31 A: 1 I G, X CARR, DWAIN Lincoln JL... HZ' if 5 . 1 ab., CASIANO, EMILIO Panama City, Panama CEDARDAHL, GENE Lincoln CEDARDAHL, JACK Lincoln CHADDERDON, PEGGY Holdrege. Band, Y.W.C.A. CHRISTENSEN, AUBREY Minden. Crescent CLARK, LOIS Superior. Yellers of the Brown, Wesleyan Staff CLARK, ROBERT - Cherry Valley, Mass. PhI Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A. CLIFTON, MARTHA Gering. Band, Y.W.C.A. COLE, MARY M. Plattsmonth, Y.W.C.A. COLE, WENDELL Weeping Water CONDON, VIRGIL Exeter, Y.W.C.A. CONLEY, RICHARD Nebraska City. Delta Omega Phi, Band CONNELL, RICHARD Alliance. Male a cappella, chorus, Y.M.C.A. COOPER, WILLIAM Gering. Phi Kappa Tau, male a cappella chorus, chorus, chapel choir COURTNEY, WAYNE Gothenburg CRAWFORD, JOYCE Beatrice. Y.W.C.A., Yell- ers of the Brown, chorus CRAWFORD, Lincoln CUNNINGHAM, CLARENCE Belden CUNNINGHAM, EVELYN Arnold. Chorus, girl's glee, Y.W.C.A. DAFT, SHIRLEY Waverly. Y.W.C.A., girls' glee, chorus, band, orches- tra DEAL, ERVIN Lincoln p DEHART, MIIADRED Omaha. Y.W.C.A., chorus, Kappa Chi. DEISSLER, ALICE Inman, Kans. Y.W.C.A., band, chorus, orchestra, Nu-Med DEVRIES, DALE Hickman DUERINC, EARL Hildreth. Y.M.C.A. DUNLAP, DON Douglas . Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A., Nu-Med, dance band DUTTON, DICK Melbcta, Y.M.C.A., chorus DUTTON, PATTY Hololregc. Y.W.C.A. EASTLAND, VIRGINIA Cambridge, Ill. Chorus, girls' glee, Yellers of the Brown cheerleader, A.C.E. ECKLES, CHARLES Gresham ECKLES, MARY C. Gresham. Y.W.C.A., chorus, Yellers of the Brown, A.C.E. EMBREE, ROBERTA Friend. Chorus, band ESCUE, ELOISE Lincoln. Y.W.C.A., girls' glee, Yellers of the Brown Page twenty-seven PIERCE 1 G23 4 L.. if A 90' 'Q' ESTES MARY LOUISE' Pacific Junction, Ia. Y W C A cholus, Yellers of the Blown A.C.E. FANKHAUSER, JAMES Humboldt. Chorus FARMER, ALAN Lincoln FERRIS, GEORGE Archer. Barb, Y.M.C.A. FIGHTER, BERNADINE Lexington. Y.W.C.A. Foos, RUTH Gering. Y.W.C.A., band FRANTZ, DELORES Goehner. Y.W.C.A. FRAZELL, DONALD Lewellen. Phi Kappa Tan FRY, DORIS Big Springs. Y.W.C.A. FRY, EVELYN Big Springs. Y.W.C.A. FULLER, DOROTHY Council Bluffs, Ia. Y.W.C.A. GARD, GERALD Ov erton GARTELL, LELAND Clay Center. Barbs, Y.M.C.A. GATES, JACK Lincoln. Plainsman Band GAUGER, PAT Omaha. Y.W.C.A.,Yel1ers of the Brown, girls' glee club. GAY, DoLoREs Crawford. Y.W.C.A., Yel- lers of the Brown GILMER, GAYLE Lincoln. Y.W.C.A., chorus, Yellers of the Brown, Kappa Chi GODBEY, MARY E. Milford. Chorus GORDAN, WILLIAM Bradshaw. Barbs GRAHAM, LADEAN Lincoln. Chorus, Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown GRIFFIN, RUSSELL Nebraska City GRIEEITH, BONNIE Wisner. Chorus, Yellers of the Brown cheerleader GRO-SSOEHME, MARILYN Lincoln. Wesleyan staff Plainsman staff, chorus GUERCIA, ROLAND Pliiladelphia, Pa, HAACK, BETTY Overton HALL, ARLENE Waverly. Y.W.C.A. HAMMOND, LAUREL LEE Bushnell. Y.W.C.A. HANNA, ULALA Seneca. Y.W.C.A., A.C.E Yellers of the Brown HANSEN, LOUIS M inden. Crescent HARDING, JOHN Council Bluffs, Ia. Phi Kappa Tau, football HARLAN, DALE Hickman HARRISON, CHARLES Carleton. Delta Omega Ph1 HARTLEY, ALLEN Lincoln Page twenty-eight HUEFTLE, KEITH HARTZER, SHIRLEY Eustis. Y. M. C. A., Waancta I ' . ' 1 v .w 3 . : .. ., lg.: fl l HARVEY, ARTHUR Gering. Phi Kappa T Plainsman band HAVLICEK, GORDON Lincoln HAYNES, MILDRED Page. Girls' glee club HAYS, BEVERLY Diller. Y.W.C.A. HEISS, DARRELL Page HELLMAN, CHARLES Millboro, S, D. Barbs HENNINGS, JOYCE Greshafm. Girls' glee, chorus. HEWETT, LORRAINE Ainsworth.. Chorus, Plainsman band HICKS, BARBARA Stanton. Girls' glee, Plainsman band, orchestra HILL, CAROL Lexington. A.C.E. HILL, JEAN Lincoln. Chorus, Plains- man band, chapel choir HINKLEY, LLOYD Lincoln. Chorus HOLMES, DALE Lirwoln HOUSE, GORDON Lincoln HOWARD, HAROLD Lincoln HOWELL, JAMES Everett, Mass. Phi Kappa Tau Plainsman band Barbs HUGHES, VIRGINIA au' N ewarlc, Ill. JACKSON, AUDRA LU Beemer. Girls' glee club, chorus, Y.W.C.A. JANKE, JEAN Lincoln. Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A. JENSBY, WILFRED Davenport. Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A. JENSEN, DOROTHY Jairfmancl. Y.W.C.A. JENSEN, RONALD Grand Island J OHANN, PATRICIA Seward. Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. JOHNS, J OANNE Gering JOHNSON, J UANITA Louisville, Girls' glee, A.C.E. JONES, EUGENE Trenton. Y.M.C.A. JONES, MARCIA York. Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown, chorus, JONES, STANLEY Clay Center KASTNER, MARY ANN Alliance KELLOUGH, MAX Friend. Delta Omega Phi, football, basketball KEMLING, GLENDON Grant. Barbs, Kappa Chi, chorus KEMLING, ORVILLE Grant. Barbs, chorus, Male a cappella Page twenty-nine 6 KEMLING, PAUL Grant. Barbs, Male a cappella, Football. LIGHTRODY, DONNA Nebraska City. Chorus, Yellers of the Brown KINGH Lewiston. Y.M.C.A., Barbs KIRKPATRICK, J EANNE Lewington. Y.W.C.A., Chorus KLEINscHM1nT, BILL Stratton, Y.M.C.A. KNAPPLE, Lois Lexington. Plainsman Band, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. KNOSP, ALTON St. Francis, Kans. Chorus KocH, BARBARA West Bend, Iowa. Plains- man Band, A.C.E, Koscx-I, RICHARD Boelus. Barbs Ko0N'rz, ELAINE Lincoln. Chorus, Orchestra KoUNTz, WALLACE Nehawka. Crescent, Yell- ers of the Brown KYES, ARLAYNE Archer. Chorus, Girls' LANNING, DEAN Eagle. Y.M.C.A. LARSEN, JUNE LINDER, BLYTHE Fort Lawn, S. C. Chorus Yellers of the Brown. ORN, GRED LINDER, 1RA Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau LODER., FRED Waverly. Chorus, Male a cappella LOWELL, BETTY Ashland. A.C.E. LUND, JESSICA LUSCHEI, JANET Spokane, Wash, MCKIBBEN, KENNETH Sutton. Y.M.C.A. MCKINNEY, MARKY Lincoln. Chapel Choir, Yellers of the Brown MANN, LELAND Sidney. Crescent, Yellers of the Brown MARTIN, LEURETTA Glee Club Grant. Plainsman Band MASON JACQUIE KYES BETTE ' - - - ' - Nebraska City. Plamsman T2 gpmgs- Y-W-C-A-' Band, Girls' Glee. Plains- ' ' ' man Players LANE, STANLEY Otis, Colo. MEAD' AMY Friend. Plainsman Band, Chorus, A.C.E, MEESE, EARL Ithaca. Chorus MERRILL, LELAND Fremont Edgar LEMKAU, LYLE M R, W FRED Clay Center EYE IL Creighton. Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A. MILLER, JERRY Gering. Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown Genoa. Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. LINDAHL, JOAN T ilden. af IU" r 4m N. xff . . S Page thirty MILLS, VERNA BELL Beatrice. Y.W.C.A. MITCHELL, RAMONA North Loup. Plainsman Band MODEROW, BETTY LOU Oakland. Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown MULDER, ALBERT Firth MULDER, GERALD Roca. MUNDRES, JIM Broadwater. Barbs, Chorus NEDROW, DoN Verdon. Delta Omega Phi NELSON, CAROLYN Falls City. Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Staff NERUD, DoLoREs Dorchester NESLUND, DOYLE Jo Cozad. NESMITH, SHIRLEY Imperial. Girls' Glee, Chorus, Y.W.C.A. NESMITH, VAL JEAN Imperial. Chorus, Y.W.C.A. NICHOLS, BONNIE Burwell, Kappa Chi N UTTER, JOAN roviclenoe R I Y W C A., P , . . . .. Chorus, Plainsman Staff OHS, MARVIN Friend. Barbs, Y.M.C.A., OSBORNE NANCY Estes Park Colo Y W C A Yellers of the Blown OSWALD, WILLIAM Lincoln. OWEN. RAYMOND Ashland. Phi Kappa T Football PACKETT, BERNARD Lincoln. PARKINSON, DONALD Sargent. Delta Omega Phi, Plainsman Band PECKHAM, MARIAN Brady. Girls' Glee, A.C E PERKINS, LOUISE Omaha. PERRY, FRANCES Bertrand. Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Band, Girls' Glee, Orchestra PHIPPS, ROGER Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau Plainsman Band, Chorus PIERCE, GENE Waverly. Male a cappella PIMM, IRA Trenton, N, J. Chorus Male a cappella Chorus PORR, POLLY Humboldt PRATT, LOREN H iclcma n QUAIFE, MERNA Eustis. Y.W.C.A. Kappa Chi RANDLE, DONNA Norfolk. Girls' Glee REINICK, JACQUELINE Lincoln. Chorus. Chorus OSBORN, MAXFlELD RICH, LEROY Sidney- Phl Kappa THU, Aurora. Crescent, Yelleis Yellers of the Brown of the Brown Page thirty-one K' wi, RIHN, HERBERT SLACK' RQBEFTA h Sidney, Crescent RINGSTEMEYER, DONALD Lincoln. ROUSH, JAMES Friend. Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Band, Male a cappella ROUSH, MARY Friend. Y.W.C.A., Plains- man Band RYSTROM, REA MAE Stromsbnrg. Y.W.C.A. Plainsman Band, Girls' Glee SABIN, BETTY Lincoln. A.C.E., Girls' Glee SANDBERG, DALE Sutton. Chorus SANDFORT, CHARLES Humboldt SCHAFER, MARILYN Nehawka. Chorus SCHELKOPF, RUSSELL Shickley. Barbs SCHNUELLE, DOROTHY Piclcerell. Y.W.C.A., Chorus, Plainsman Staff, Yellers of the Brown SCHURR, MARJORIE Cozad SEEFUS, DARYLE Nebraska City. Delta Omega Phi, Plainsman Band SHEETS, BETTY S zcpcrior. SIMS, MARLEA Friend, Y.W.C.A.,A.C.E. SINCLAIR, RICHARD Lincoln. SKINNER, DONNA Ogallala. Plainsman Play- ers, Yellers of the Brown Cheerleader Wood R A.C.E. SLAGG, KEITH Valentine. Delta Omega Phi, Yellers of the Brown SMITH, BONNIE LEE Arnold. Yellers of the Brown SMITH, NAOMI Big Springs. Y.W.C.A. SORENSON, J ACK Grand Island. SPENCE, YVONNE Lincoln. A.C.E. STALDER, FRANKLYN Sabetha., Kansas STAPLES, DONALD Blair. Barbs, Chorus, Plainsman Band, Orchestra SUGDEN, DOLORES Burr. Y.W.C.A.,A.C.E. SUNDBERG, JAMES Polk. Barbs SWANSON, PAUL Grand Island. Phi Kappa Tau SYDNOR, SIDNEY Kansas City, Kans. TAYLOR, DONNA Funk. Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Brown TESCH, WALTER Moorestown, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau THOMAS, JACQUELINE Beatrice, Y.W.C.A., Chorus, Yellers of the Brown, Plainsman Staff THOMPSON, VIRGINIA Fairmont. Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. TIEKOTTER, JANET Plattsmouth. Y.W.C.A. Page thirty-two wer. C orus, fb-f 'Q '-E-5 L 1- ia eb , 'H GT. X Q' l 6- Y 4 Ir A C' TUBRIDY, ANNA MAE WILDER BEVERLY Orleans Lincoln Y W C A w I h FF. TUERS, EARL Franklin. Phi Kappa Tau UMBARGER, GEORGE Genoa VANDERKOLK, LEN ORE Schuyler. Chorus VOIGT, JANES Davenport. Delta Omega Phi VOLLER, GAYLE Lincoln. Basketball WARNEKING, GLENN E. Superior. Phi Kappa Tall, Yellers of the Brown WEBB, MARTHA Lincoln. WEs'rcoTT, RICHARD Creston. Phi Kappa Tau WESTRO'PE, DOLORES Lincoln. WESTRO'PE, MERRILL Lincoln, WICKSTROM, JAMES Oakland. WIESEMAN, JOHN Osceola. Phi Kappa Tau WILHELM, ELAINE Lincoln. WILKAS, J osEPHINE New York, N. Y. Nu-Med WILLARD, KENNETH Ericson. WILLIAMS, RosE MARIE Silver City, Ia. Y.W.C A WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY Grand Island. Y.W.C.A WILTSE, WILLIAM Grand Islancl. Phi Kappa Tau, Chorus, Male a cap pella WISEMAN, ARDITH Ogallala. Y.W.C.A. Chorus. WOIODRUFF, B0B Ulysses, Barbs, Plains man Band, Chorus WORLEY, CHIRLEY Lincoln. YANNEY, LORETTA Lincoln. Chorus, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A YODER, JOYCE Falls City. Orchestra Page thirty-three Page thirty-four FRESHMEN-Not pictured ALLOWAY, LYLE Burwell AMES, WESLEY Tobias. Y.M.C.A., Foot- ball BALDWIN, FERNE Elgin, Ill. BEVANS, LLOYD Waverly. BUOY, EARL Decatur COOLEY, WELDON Lincoln, DEAN, J 0-H N Lincoln. ESQUIVEL, HENRY Tipenna, Mexico FITCH, ROBERT Lincoln. HAGEMOSER, RICHARD Seward. HAMMOND, CARSON Lincoln. HORNBY, KENNETH Lincoln. IMIG, ROBERT Seward. KETTERER, ROBERT ' B Lincoln. Football, ball, "W" Club KIDD, TOM Lincoln. Football LONG. THOMAS Lincoln. "W" Club LowE, WILLIAM Lincoln. MEYER, DOLORES Lincoln. asket. WALKER, CLIFFORD Seward. MILLER, DELBERT Lincoln. Crescent, Foot- ball, Basketball, "W" Club MISCH NICK, HAROLD Portland, Tenn. MORGAN, MARVIN Washington, D, C. Phi Kappa Tau NELSON, GENE Lincoln. Crescent, Foot- ball, Basketball, "W" Club NEWLON, BURDETTE Palmer. NORTON, ROBERT Lincoln. PAULSEN, DON Lincoln. PAULSEN, LEE Lincoln. PORTER, JAMES Lincoln. ROBINSON, JAMES Telcamalz. RYAN, ROBERT Lincoln. Crescent SANFORD, DONALD Lincoln. SOI-IWANINGER, VERNON DeWitt. SMILEY, DON Seward. Delta Omega Phi STOUT, GEORGE Lincoln. "W" Club THOMPSON, WILLIAM Burwell. TROWBRIDGE, ROY Lincoln, Ox Tx N N ' V QAM ffm, ' ' A ff I N -1.-WZ' hh. "fx-id' 'R ',v., V T, Q F ' NV - ff, .' . , uh fi i '- Q M ,. N- , ' 11. A r., 'lv ' r J .1 .. f Q fu - M . 1-M ,H v ' ., ff ....,. ' V WF , A J iff J: K: mn . A' my W. V QSM, . .. : " ,lex-ut qi ,M ' A . 1 , . ,f 1 U 'M Ng! "s.,,l. Q , ra -, .. - if s fp fm A. . .r ,V S it 5 A 1 K ,ajft Q 'E ggi ' My . if 2 ii.-L 5 I- lm 1 lui I- S T if -wr'-9 SETTLI G DOWN TO R0 TI E After those first trying days of registration marked by confusion, waiting, and wearing a path between Old Main and the gym, we settle down to what we call the old routine. This means getting up for eight o'clock classes, going to labs in the afternoon, and chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It also means studying for those never ending exam- inations and trying to arrange a schedule so we can be at the right place at the right time. Page thiv'ty-six ffl I' ILT! I we . '?'.:f"f-v- 'l' , ge, , KX if I I -at Aw ' nf - ?"' r Q:-L-11 'Misa EEE' CHAPEL T The simplicity and beauty of the worship center and the music of the chapel choir create a religious atmosphere in the chapel each Tues- clay. The guest speakers, who usually are min- isters representing Lincoln's various denomina- tions, present world problems and provocative ideas to stimulate our thoughts and discussions. IJI. IXUY Jlllllll, CLIIIUI UI IIIC LJIIIDIICIII Advocate, addresses the Wesleyan stu- dents and faculty. 0 0 0 The chapel choir on either side of the worship center during a Tuesday morning chapel service. mr, Page thirty-seven SOPHOMORES ABRELL FREAL Q ' BLOOMGREN, Ross t Harlan, Iowa Oxford' Barbs V mv' 4' O' Allfl ADEN Ph W f , ifor . i Mu, .A.A. B y D " 'w Y.W.C.A., Yellers of the Lggglglnt olsjgilggzeta, Brown Pi Kappa Delta, Plainsman , Players 'W " ALFS, MARY LOUISE ' ' Shiclcley. Delta Zeta B E . Girls' Glee, Plainsmari 0g22,,cf?GgZl3fs, Ia. V- vm' Players Barbs, Y.M.c.A., Band 'A 'S-' ffm If V ALLEN. DUANE BONES, CALVIN 'P 97 4. ' "" Gflllld Island Allen. Delta Omega Phi, ""' Q ' ' "M "" 'S' . football. 'Y' - 4 Q 3 ' ANDERSON, JACK W ' 5 Q ' , Grand Island. Delta BORNSCHLEGL, W1LLAnp l. 1 ' W ,gf ' 3' ig - Vx " Omega Phi Olziowa O' 9 ly gf ,QQ l K Q GR . ANDERSON, RICHARD BOYER, PHYLLIS A , :jg Hvldfffee Mullen. Barbs, Y.W.c.A. :A x I .Q 5 I ANDREWS, EARL ' Limoll' BRETTMAN, PAUL Qi.. i Deshler. Crescent ,Af f. . 1, ANTHONY, WARREN BROCKHOFF, DEAN G' :L - Hyde Park' Mass' Seward. Delta Omega Phi, A f Plainsman Staff 6 'G A , L ' an 711. l A ,.. 1. in A-f-2 if 'y I sg... 1? Q 'vw 5' Qfxyihx - J XJ-4' ' ' . 1 qv.. BARKER, JAMES Lincoln BARTA, LILA Nebraska City. Alpha Gamma Delta, Plainsman Staff, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., band BARTELS, SHIRLEY Alliance. Ba1'bs,Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. BARTELS, WILMA David City. Alpha Gamma Delta, Plainsman Players, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A. BENSON, DORIS Bertrand. Barbs, A.C.E. BERGER, SHEILA Waco BERRYHILL, LYLE Emerson BIRMINGHAM, Lois Atkinson Page thirty- BRUNKHORST, MELVIN Palisade. Delta Omega Phi BUCHHOLZ, DON Lexington, Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Alpha Gamma Beta BURKHARD, ELDRED Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, Alpha Gamma Beta BURNS, RICHRD Fall River, Mass. BUSHNELL, ROBERT Wilcox. Delta Omega Phi, Y.M.C.A., Pi Kappa Delta BUTLER, DUANE Lincoln CARNE, ETHEL Lincoln. Delta Zeta, W.A.A., A.C.E, CARNES, PHYLLIS Neligh. Phi Mu eight A. 'E'? gf . if N Utd lyfjil' 5. fi '75 ag A.. 'L Q. K . 1 S L - 1 Q-6 Q , - :AA Q Qkiii- 'Y . "' 'A -' ' iw- A ."' " E3 3 . ,b U f . 6 il DALLMAN, VELDA CARRIKER, RICI-IARD Western Ba1bs A C E Raymond, Ill. Y.W.C.A . 4 3.1 ,i "'N"u Ln' fall . K7 'Oy 7'2" H Qs,- F RA. 'x Sw .x . A Vw. .U 3 ' M ' . A l . .. .. CASII, WAYNE Pawnee City. W Club, Football, Basketball CAWLEY, VIRGINIA Tecumseh. Willard CIIEN, CARLOS David, Panama. Barbs CHRIST, FRANKLIN Arcadia. Delta Omega Phi CHRISTENSEN, KENNETH Afton, Iowa CHUN, ELONA Honolulu, Hawaii. A.C.E. CLARK, LEWIS Bellevue CLUTTER, DARWIN Crab Orchard Alpha Gamma Beta COLE, ROBERT Plattsmouth COLE, WARREN Weeping Water COLEMAN, CLAIRE Adafms. Barbs, Y.M.C.A., Plainsman Players COOLIDGE, AL Walden, Colo. Barbs, Chapel Choir CORBIT, BETTY Chester. Alpha Gamma Delta, Y.W.C.A., Band Plainsman Players CRAIG, ROBERT Lincoln CUDABACK, JACK Riverdale. Barbs, Alpha Gamma Beta CURTISS, CAROLYN Geneva. Delta Zeta, A.C.E., Girls' Glee DANIELSON, LOIS Lincoln. Delta Zeta, Yellers of the Brown DAUER, WILLIAM Lincoln DEAL, BRUCE Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, Band, Orchestra DEEDS, IRVIN Osceola. Phi Kappa Tau DEFORD, J UANITA Rapid City, S. D. Phi Mu DENNIS, ZONA GALE Miles City, Mont. DOAK, GAYLEN Tecumseh. Crescent, Y. M.C.A., Plainsman Play- ers, Plainsman Staff DUNN, WILLIAM Falls City EASTLAND, LOUISE LYONS Paxton EICKMAN, RUTH Chester. Barbs, A.C.E. EGLE, GILBERT Palisade. Delta Omega Phi ELLIOTT, WILBER Benlcleman, Crescent ELSON, CLARENCE North Platte. Delta Omega Phi, Chapel Choir, Male a cappella Choir ENGELKES, CORNELEUIS Parkersburg, Iowa ENGLAND, GILBERT Doniphan ESHELMAN, VERNICE Fontanelle, Ia. Alpha Gamma Delta Page thirty-nine I IQ.. 6. 1"'!.,':'y QL EVANS, DAVID Lincoln 1' vb v Srl, 'Yu ig " 4' 2' L A115 H H 'li .U h Q' X .L X.- V? rf FECHNER, MARY Stanton. Willard, Plains- man Players, Y.W.C.A. FINLEY, WILLIAM Wheaton, Ill. Phi Kappa Tau FLINT, GRANT Barwell GAGE, GERALD Palmyra GARRISON, MERLE Lincoln GEISTLINGER, PERRY Lincoln GERLACH, WANDA Sidney. Willard, Plains- man Players, Wesleyan staff. GERMANY, CAROL Gordon. Alpha Gamma Delta GIBSON, ELTON Paxton GLOOD, ROYAL Viborg, S. D. GREEN, STUART Parkersburg, Iowa. GREER, WALDO Ox ford GRELL, DARRELL Tecumseh.. Crescent GRELL, MILLARD Tecumseh. Crescent GROSSOEHME, CLYDE N emaha. Crescent GUYER, MILDRED Blair. Willard, Girls' Glee. Orchestra, Band HACKMAN, JAMES Lincoln g K HADSELL, RICHARD O lk Q Pawnee City ,X 1 P4 - Ji I HALDEEN, ALFRED . Brule. Barbs. Sb I HAMILTON, RAY 7 ,ug Lincoln H HAMPTON, SHIRLEY ,R Gering. Delta Zeta, Plains- A 5 man Players, Wesleyan staff, Y.W.C.A., Band ol, HANSEN, GERALD 1 l Aurora.. Crescent Y ,f HANSEN, MAE 3 ' nv Red Cloud. Barbs, Band, ' Orchestra HARE, BILL sq ar' Broken. Bow. Band, Plains- ' y ew man, Chapel Choir I. 1. HARLOW, LEALAN My ,A '13 4 Table Rock. Band, . ,U Orchestra , --L.. J HART, HARRY ' . , - - 4 Cozad. Delta Omega Phi it ' HART, RICHARD Cozad. Phi Kappa Tau, 3 Male a cappella Choir, Plainsman Players HECHT, ALMA Auburn. Barbs. HEDGES, JERRY 6, Central City. -Barbs, Kappa Chi, Male a cap- x pella Choir, Y.M.C.A. HEIDEBRECHT, DIXIE sif Alliance. Phi Mu, Band, V " W.A.A., Orchestra ' HEIM, ERNESTINE . I Wood River. Barbs,, , ir " A Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Q Players ' HELLER, WILLIAM Q., O Hebron. Delta Omega Phi, V "W" Club V A 5, O F-9' i HENRICHS, CONLEY A , Barbs, Kappa Chi " ,- I Ai Page forty 1 X 1.f lil A ' ,f ., H1TCH,,FRANcIs JACOBS, GEORGE Lincoln Plattsmouth fl 5 X '53 . A :gs fi T 'D I l 4 .'ill+-1 5 aL ,359 5 1:-1' . cv fix V. ft ' T lt' fiffai, l Q 454 4131 '. -rr, ' 5' . ' ,Ri Qs A1 , Q L- 5 ,X I 'I . v l .ff i HITES, RALPH Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi HOAGLAND, ROBERT Lyons. Barbs, Nu-Med HOFFMAN, NORMAN Steinaner, Crescent HOHNSTEIN, DALE H arcard. Crescent HOLLE, HARRIS Deshler. Crescent HOTZ, WILLIAM Wymore. Crescent HUDKINS, GENE Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, Football, "W" Club HUEFTLE, LOLA Eustis. Willard, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Play- ers, Yellers of the Brown HUGHES, DEFORREST Lincoln. Plainsman Play- ers, Male a cappella Choir HUME, JAMES Telcainah, Phi Kappa Tau, Wesleyan Staff, Plainsman Staff HUNT, GENE Loup City. Phi Kappa Tau HUNTER, ROBERT Ft. Collins, Colo. Barbs, Male a cappella Choir, Or- chestra, Plainsman Play- ers, Y.M.C.A. HUSNI, EDWARD Weehawlcen, N. J. ILLINGSWORTH, BARBARA H oldrege JACKMAN, JAMES Norfolk. Barbs, Plains- man Players, A.C.E. JACKMAN, ROBERTA Norfolk. Barbs,Plainsman Players, A.C.E. Page forty JOHNSON, ALDEN Minden. Crescent, Foot- ball, Basketball, "W" Club JOHNSON, CHESTER Mullen. Phi Kappa Tau, Male a cappella Choir, Art Club, Y.M.C.A., Plainsman Players JOHNSON, EVERETT Lincoln J OHNSON, Lois Lincoln. Delta Zeta Chapel Choir JOHNSTON, JOHN Lincoln. "W" Club. Basketball JONES, JEROME Stratton J ONSCHER, OTTO Lincoln JOOSTEN, RIGDON Grant. Phi Kappa Tau, Football JUELFS, BRUCE Potter. Delta Omega Phi KEATING, JOHN Lincoln. Chapel Choir, Plainsman Players, Y.M.C.A. KENDLE, DONALD Lincoln KUECK, ETHEL Lincoln KUGLER, DALE Lexington. Delta Omega Phi LINDSTROM, IVAR Geneva. Barbs. LINK, BRUCE Ravenna. Delta Omega Phi, Plainsman Players, Theta Alpha Phi LITTLEFIELD, FLORENCE Crete -0716 X41 R' We - . Q, l N, M Vx ss- 'I'-:ff 'H 1 v M 4 f ' any A S -A lx in i IQ, K Q- 2 6 AQ LORENSON, DONALD Manley MIETZZNER, DONALD fe? , I I1iQ,gfqgg.' vm., we f sd' 'W 'll N , A.. B ' FA A .gu O L.- U " 's 'Q . I in K Ex A - i 4' I Q . . E er 'fill C- Q' ' Q' E td ling.. Q ' ' ..1l5i4'-ilff ' .ij ,',, AI' . 1"'5 'XI A 'T' X I' " MK ,gv , aa K5' N K tar if 'if I I .f,,.,, t . l ' 5 5. v C '64 Low, MARGARET Denver, Colo. Willard, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A. LOWE, DONNA Pawnee City LUX, JOHN Lincoln, Pi Kappa Delta MCCOLLUM, MORRIS Aurora. Crescent MCCOY, JAMES Flushing, N. Y. Barbs, Y.M.C.A. MARSH, DONALD Archer. Barbs, Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Staff MARTIN, RICHARD Foley, Alabama MEAD, ROLLIN Lincoln. Male a cappella Choir MEIER, GENE Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown, Nu-Med MEISTER, CLARENCE Barbs, Male a cappella Choir MERCER, SHIRLEY Lincoln. Willard, Plains- man Staff, Wesleyan Staff, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. MERRELL, BETTY JANE Bridgeport. Willard, Wes- leyan Staff, Band MERRILL, WILMA Edgar. Delta Zeta, A.C.E., W.A.A. MEYER, MARILYN Lincoln. Delta Zeta, W.A.A. MEYER, RICHARD Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi, Plalnsman Players, Foot- ball, "W" Club MEYER, SHIRLEY Red Cloud. Alpha Gamma Delta, Band, Y.W.C.A. Pay MIHANE, TOM Callaway. Delta Omega Phi MILLER, ELDON Cook MILLER, RICHARD , Yonkers, N. Y. Crescent, Plainsman Players MITCHELL, MARTHA JANE Sn1wrfo7' MONIA, MARILYN Lincoln. Ba1'bs,W.A.A. MOORE, ROY Hot Springs, S. D. MORSE, WILLIAM Panama, Crescent MUCKEL, FRANCIS Bloomington MYERS, CLARENCE Lincoln. Crescent NELSON, ELEANOR Ong. NELSON, IRMA Mitchell. Delta Zeta, Wes- leyan Staff, W.A.A., Plainsmen Players NELSON, LYLE Millard. Delta Omega Phi NESMITH, RICHARD Chester. Phi Kappa Tau, Male a cappella, Plainsman Players, Debate, Student Senate, W Club, football, Y.M.C.A., Chapel Choir NETH, ELSIE Greenwood. Barbs, Art Club, Yellers of the Brown NEWCOMER, BALDWIN Slromsbnrg. Delta Omega Phi NEWSHAM, CLARENCE Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau e forty-two Wilcox Q. I 1 X ' 'fpvgiz ' on .1- . nf ' A F . . A W, .Xu . Q .Q 1? , I ?.,,!: Nur 4 er 4 I ' hs I 1 Ax cn.. A Q All Q' 91 . ,.,, xl . J 6 ' Q' fl Q 'zlillllu gigs ,T I '. V U A . K il D Q5 J' ifwx---ii, I 4 A - . - vt"-..., 4, - 1 'rv ' 'J A Q! , RA I A NICHOLAS, PAUL POLLARD, RUTH - Grand Island. Band, Mixed N ehawka. Phi Mu, Art 'K 51. Chorus, Chapel Choir Club, Plainsmen Players . P Y, Lois . X A Us NISLEY Lols Auggrdon' u Alpgwfch gamma It ap ,',5,3,., '. , Y - p B , I De1ta,Ye erso e rown, 1 22, q,:., s Aegaglt Barbs, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A., A'C-E. Q R p ,Q , cf ' , NOTTINGHAM, MARION REED, GENE gif' 1 - A 4' I ' - Hzawatha,Kans, Band. Bwrwell L fi' 'T U . '-:. 1,1 if, , NOYES ROBERT RENwANz, RUBY , , ,Vi f '- as ' . - .E . at I' 1 H Shawm Mas Phl Kappa G eenwood Barbs, A.C . , n J .11 , , . . , Q ' ' -. , S. 7 ' Q. - ' f I' x Q. iv Tau, Band ii- N X , x b l, 'V W . OHMAN, ELAINE RICE, ROBERT , JV ww- J .- Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Upper Montclawfr, N. J. 'N N 1 Delta, Plainsmen Players Delta Omega Phl ,. W ,, If '- J-1-1, li fl 1-513 X O LMSTEAD, DON RICE, WARREN Q , jf -A.,', ILM. WI, , ff' Q, , Seward Palmer. Phi flgappa Tau, ,I ,- pg .Y E Wesleyan Sta if-V 4995- 4 ,tb ' , , -, i n-J, OSBORN, PATRICIA , .,.A jg Sidney. Phi Mu, Y.W.C.A., RIDER. STANLEY- I 55,5-fjigrifik ilk ,C , ' W.A.A., Plainsman Staff, Imperial- Phl Kappa Tau I 'fl I - i, Plainsman Players T fb' Q "' PANTER, JOHN R03ZlZlflellRANK li m' "hu . . K ,L , K Hebron az 'S I NV . ' '- 1 A .J ROBERTSON, NCRMA , -I 54 .' A PARACI-IINE, ARTHUR Lvdgepvlf- Alpha Gamma - :aa Jil' ,gwttsbluf Delta, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. ' G fy N Chorus . ' M I lu G 'A film' A PARKER' WESLEY ROHRIG DORIS 1 FY 5 . Delmmo' Cahf' Friend. Alpha Gamma M I X f 4 , , ,fq+,,, V 4 .., . r I ss. s Q. L I.. C... . - N, In 4 A R A A ' A L. PARK S. EDNA Greenwood. Barbs, Plains- man Players, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A., Art Club PARRISH, DEAN Grant PEDON, JOHN Honolulu, Hawaii PENTON, PHYLLIS Lincoln. Delta Zeta PETERSON, HAROLD I-Ioldrege. Phi Kappa Tau. Plainsman Staff. Wesleyan Staff, Band. Orchestra POE, EVERETT Lake City, Mich.. Football, Male a cappella Choir, Plainsmen Players, Student Senate, "W" Club PHILLIPS, MEREDITH Lincoln. Barbs, M a l e a cappella Choir, Chapel Choir ' ' ' ' ' Pag Delta ROTHLUETNER, WESLEY Kilgore, Phi Kappa Tau 'G' RYSTROM, SYLVIA Stromsbwrg. Barbs, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Girls' Glee Club SAMUELSON, ANNE 1 Genoa. Barbs, Kappa Chx 2-. SANDFORT, KEITH Av 7 Humboldt xg .,,....-. SCHELPKOPE, JOE Geneva. Barbs SCHMER, MARGARET Lincoln. Delta Zeta, if A.C.E, SCHULTZ, AUDREY Moorefield. Willard, Y.W.C.A., Plainsmen Play- ers, Band, Chorus, Plains- man Staff e forty-three L-., SCI-IWINK, JAMES Stockton, Calif. Barbs is Q-I I A Ia , Kai 1 fl.. WN 1663 ' , , tw Q... l f vw 'U' I in P ui- 4 S .- ,IW I I .-'- ps- v' ' is '67 A i af- lm YN -.- A 1 - I y S X lui N .Hx SCHUMANN, SANDRA Osceola. Delta Zeta, Wes- leyan Staff, Chorus, Yell- ers of the Brown SHAUL, PHYLLIS Har1"isb'zw'g. Barbs, Y.W.C.A, SIGLINGER, GLORIA Cheyenne, Wyo. Phi Mu SLAGG, MARGARET Valentine. Willard, Plains- man Players, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Staff, Yellers of the Brown SLAUGHTER, WILLIAM Lincoln. Football, "W" Club SMITH, TWILA Grant SMITII, JAMES Scottsbluff SMITH, WILMA Big Springs. Delta Zeta SNOIJGRASS, LEE Osceola. SPEARMAN, ELAYNE Beatrice. Willard, Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Staff, Plainsman Players SPRIESTER, JEANETTE Omaha. Phi Mu STAGE, BETH Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta, A.C.E., Chapel Choir STERN, IVAN Lincoln. Crescent, Foot- ball, Basketball, "W" Club STODDARIJ, ROBERT Aubzmn. Barbs, Plains- men Players STRONG, JIM Alliance SWIM, JASPER Genoa. Barbs. Page forty TEMPLE, MARTHA Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Delta THIEMAN, BETTY Lincoln. Delta Zeta THOMAS, DoRRIs Lincoln. Willa1'd, Band, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. THURMAN, ALICE LOUISE Louisville. Delta Zeta THURTLE, ROBERT Lincoln. Delta Omega Phi TILMAN, DONALD Valparaiso TRISTAN, MICHAEL Rochester, N. Y. Phi Kap- pa Tau, Yellers of the Brown TROTT, IRMA Lincoln. Willard, Wesleyan Staff, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A. TYLER, VAN Lincoln UEOKA, SALLY Paia Mui, Hawaii. A.C.E, URBOM, WARREN Afrapalzoe. Barbs, Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Chi, Y.M.C.A, Student Senate VAN BUREN, RONALD Valentine VAN CLEEE, BONNIE Chester. Delta Zeta, A.C.E. VAN SICKLE, VIRGINIA McCook. Barbs,Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi, Band VOGELSANG, WILLIAM Lincoln. Crescent WAKA1, SAM Seabrook, N. J. Barbs, Y.M.C.A., Wesleyan Staff -four TAYLOR, MERNA Funk i lx' I L. , . Lf- 'eg- F 3 Q, .I 1 01 f la 1 tb lfl EI . sg J. g , Af' fi " f IS la., a l , S "' I .4 6 we sl x gp i , , A Ml! l ,. Q Q, 7, 1 WALLACE, BETTY Mitchell. in Q. Wesleyan Qu Barbs, Staff WALLACE, LAWRENCE Broken Bow. Delta Omega Phi WALLIS, PRUDENCE Pawnee City. Alpha Gam- ma Delta WALRATH, LAURENS Gering, Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of the Brown, Nu-Med WANGSGARD, DARWIN Lincoln WAREHAM, BOYD Cozad. WAYMAN, KEN Wilber. Crescent WEIDLER, CORDELIA Dawson. Phi Mu, Yellers of the Brown, Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Players WHEELER, VAL JEAN Wanneta. Barbs, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Chi WHITE, KENNETH Plattsrnouth, Phi Kappa Tau, "W" Club, Football. WHITE, WARD Riverton, Wyo. WHITMORE, DON , 3' Exeter. WHITMORE, DICK Exeter. Delta Omega Phi 1 WILCOX, STANLEY Gibbon. Delta Omega Phi WILDER, AL Lincoln. Phi Kappa Tau, Y.M.C.A., Yellers of the Brown, Wesleyan Staff, ....Plainsman Staff, Plains- man Players WITT, ALvIN Pontiac, M ich. WOMBLE, TERRY Amelia, O. YAEGER, BONNIE Lincoln. Delta Zeta ZOELLER, HENRY Hollis, Long Island Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta, Plainsman Players Page forty-five Page forty-sim ATWOOD, ROBERT Ashland BROCKLEY, ROBERT Valentine BURNETT, EARLE Lincoln CAMERON, LYLE Lincoln DEATS, CHARLES Lincoln FLEISCI-IAUER, DEAN Fairmont. Crescent FRENCH, JAMES Fairmont. Crescent, Basketball FRICKEL, ROBERT Lincoln GRIFFIN, LEONARD Lincoln. Crescent GROH, WILLIAM Belleville, Ill. HALL, RICHARD A shland HART, JACK Lincoln JIVIDEN, RANDOLPH Nitro, W, Va. JOHANNES, ARTHUR Syracuse. LAGUNA, ALBERT H evshey MERCER, REX Lincoln. Football, Basket- ball, "W" Club SOPHOMCRES-Not Pictured METCALF, ROBERT Lincoln MILLER, IVAN Brandon, S. D. NEvIN, NED Lincoln, RASSMUSSEN, DELBERT Lincoln. SHOW, ROY Long Beach, Calif. SQUIRES, CLIFF Lincoln. Football, Basket ball, "W" Club STRAHAN, DON Lincoln SWEEM, DONALD Ashland UMBARGER, GEORGE Genoa WARD, DAVID Lincoln WILES, OPAL Weeping Water. WILHOIT, HEROLD Paris, Ill. WILLETT. DARRELL Lincoln WISBEY. OsCAR Lincoln YOUNG, NEIL Cozad. Crescent CLASS HEADS For their first semester president, the senior class elected Carl Bader, prominent campus leader from Blair. Merle Otto, junior class president, is 3? A a science major preparing for med- ical school. Otto, a familiar campus figure, lives in Aurora. AQ' ,f-5 The Sophomores chose Alden johnson to be their first semester leader. Prom- inent in sports, Johnson comes to Wesleyan from Minden. Dwight Kemling was chosen prexie by the frosh. Kemling is from Grant. Page forty-seven ,rf 'S as Q5 .www A 1 ff X 'N Y 1 1 ' . , N Q '1 ' .Nr ws W FSH Ny 'Q L " ' 5 JI" " ' iq! hx mi M as by ' , h -5- Q, is Y 'fn sf A Q' Y 1 Y D. 5 Q f W fi A r ,Q ,sq Q Y Mhixw si, .Qin 3 4 ' sf N ,z . , x . . ' .,, + ' 4 '- FA 3- F A ' .A " v I gf M bf ,ff fa .Q .ga .. .- " 'T' by - ' - I , 4 3. . . wr 5-.5 , Lisfirjgs.. L. 1 Q Y A xlib: J f -f 1, I' it 1 ew Q ?Q' :fMi?tQ Wf f 95 -- -rf -9 ' ff -f ' w Q 1: wr 'M ...ww- , .- 1 W M, A , V, Y 1-.X W fa w if L r 5 -.I if , W vf , I Oy. ' ' 4 L 'M w?ig,3,:v in xwm 1? A N fr diff- ff' . V f i', 5 pf ..+ 2 5 :Y 1 3 ,N 3 A , - ' Q it 5 WF? -' 1. Qu Q pl , fs. W, Rfk? Q G, g ,J K. 4 , x Q M x w . .1 Q if.- -2 sf -X r f v Q f if 4 Q 5 . iw 2 A. 5 A Q H Q g: ' 2' W 6 ' u , I Q - - ' - Cl . l . . . . s Q s 4 Y Q' 1 ,W "4 I ' xb- ,vii TFQSQW 2 Q , X L1 A , , ,zur ,K H ,, ,. AJ I XX" if ' , , ,wx If W rv 8 . - 7 , 'ff' 4 " K ,. ,..., W.- a w A U Q GYM- , Q Q 1 W - ff-H' ' A g , Lf - "- W : 1 N . 4 Aff - QR A A A b ff X ii., A ' 'A A51 '-c' , J x , ' qi . Aj, fav . . - ,-,x Q, 5 ,,,,4..x. , q ' 'A '5 R X Ax' swP"1u?l 7 .ff '53 A we K 4 '35, 'm 1 1 I .4 1 ,, X 4 x -1 3 1 X L Q if .5 . 14 f 1 xl . U "K K "iw . .- - ' f c 2' . ' ' 1, ' ' 'ig 1 k , V ' ,K ,, u K "' M ,' X I '- , n , k"' 5 V' M 'A . Q 4- H . xg? IN -Y A . .!',, x lu 2 ,,-ifiwf ,W ,Eg ' x 3 ' rj X 1-1" " 'Y 1 ' . Q., ' '. " 9-"ff ' ' E vf' . 1 J ' ' .fl ' 'YLPLN f .AM MH , .,- V 5 V Y-. 4 A .,,. f ,, 9 q' V , V -Y xii. 4 A A 3: mn., -M .M If ' f - 55 ' . , ,N R, .-NN ,VM a- ' Y! 4' K 1 JV .' Ia vf gl . WK' , f 1 r' - -X . ' J' ' ' ' 1. k ff, W . SA. ff . 1 .4 , - Jgw- -Hx f- . , ef .qw Q 'if 'KM K ,.sM, , f, ,. A .y x ,,'. .. W N 3- a . N Q E- I " 5 , ei'5f'..1.fJn1 ..9 ' ,I X A X. , ,Y X, N 4 44.131 -. 'Q v F ' nl hxivmti-4-' SY ' f' Q fa f ' 'JR' ' f 4' 1 rv '. . , W mx A X 'I QL " , :aux Y K "ks 1 'b s f an f- . A am. ygsgs-fn . ,Enix 4 :L .v . "A" wg 4 32 ' , 1 - ff X A ' '-'X -Xe'-'v 'w73R'U, -J,.""4' "RMT 595. ' m"f'fSH1lp K-ws. fx A f v v +. A pvrfgzwfw- -.Q ,1 LEU- ,rm- 1 fx . qgiwg :onyx x -7- v uv . MW lug .. Q , like Ray Westover-WWW- Gothenburg. Receiving All- Conference honorable men- tion, the best all-around end on the squad. Delbert Miller-WW-Lim coln. Returned from the Marines in time for this sea- son, Del proved to be a tough deefnsive end who could also grab passes. Cliff Souires-WW-Lin- cc-ln. Although hampered by an earlv season knee opera- tion, Cliff came through with his usual brilliant playing to again gain all-Conference center selection. "Chick" Knight-WW- Lincoln. A good blocker and a fine man on the end of a reverse, Knight added a good share to the season's scoring, 'xl XN Gaiden X5 509 gm? Page fifty WESLEYAN-OMAHA Deryl Berg l24l gains I5 yards around Omaha's right end before being forced out of bounds. yd 60 Q10 Charlie Gordon-WWW- Lincoln. When Wesleyan needed two yards, it was up to Charlie to get it, and he usually dad. ,Lx S 'l Q36 vb, NCAC CO-CHAMPS, Yes, that is the ofhcial title of our 1947 Nebraska Wesleyan Plainsmen football squad. By winning 7 games, tying one and losing one, the Plainsmen had another good season under the able tutelage of George "Bus" Knight. Knights Plainsmen's record for two years now stands 14 wins, 3 losses and 4 ties. This year's squad started out with most of last year's lettermen back and with a lot of promising newcomers. After two non-conference wins at the expense of Omaha U. and Simpson, the boys had trouble with Wayne and were held to a 13-13 tie by the teachers. Then came wins at the expense of Midland, 21 to 7g a rousing victory of I5 to O over Kearneyg a hard fought 8 to 0 Home- coming win over Doaneg a 19 to 9 victory over Peru, which saw Wesleyaix behind 9 to 0 at the half, and an easy 25 to 0 run over the York Panthers. Gene Nelson-W-Lincoln. Gene Hudkins-WW-Lim A promising guard, Nelson coln. Hudkins was a tough offered staunch line support. guard. He often dropped an opponent' in his tracks at the start of a play. Tom Mihane-WW-CaIIa- way. A fine pass defense man, Tom was nicknamed "little Squires" for his rugged play at center this season. The final game of the season was with the Hastings Broncos on their home Held. A victory would have given the Plainsmen an un- defeated season and a clear-cut claim to the NCAC crown. In a fast, hard-driving game, Hastings came through with a 7 to 0 victory over the Plainsmen for the biggest upset in the season. This effected a tie for us with the Chadron Eagles. A 7 to 7 deadlock between Hastings: and Chadron left the title to be shared between the Chadron and Wes- leyan teams. Thus we emerged co-champions in the NCAC. WESLEYAN-KEARNEY it Bill Carriker-WW-Han vard. A definite mainstay in the Wesleyan line, Bill gave adequate reason for the fine defensive record of the Plainsmen. Rex Mercer l38l is brought flown by a host of Kearney tacklers after :i four yard gain. Dick Nesmith - WW -- Chester. Another man who showed great improvement from last year, Dick played a great deal of guard' 'this year. ' - i XN QSXQH XN QW QC X3 l l 3 W csxf'-Xl an X 0 Xlcilgd Page fifty-o Harold Porter-WW- Ernie Lee--W-Lincoln. Lloyd lohnson-W-Oalo Bill Slaughter-VJW--Lim Lincoln. A big rough tackle The only freshman to make dale. Lloyd played at tackle coln. Plainsmen opponents who really loves to play the starting lineup, Ernie and center and played good found Bill, a 207-pound football, Porter is an asset was an All-Conference se- ball at all times. tackle, a difficult man to to the squad. lection at center. The beginning of the Plainsmen's season was characterized by a series of injuries to the players. Ev Poe had to leave the team with 11 broken collar bone, and Cliff Squires did not join it until late in the season due to a leg operation. "Big Cliff" finished up the season with his usual hard driving, uncompromising play which earned him a place on the Little All-American team for the second consecutive year. Summarizing the season, the team did an unusual job when all the injuries are taken into account. The wholesome enthusiasm and spirit of the team and of the student body together served to make this season another memorable one. - push around. WESLEYAN-PERU i l Dick Meyers-WVV-Lim coln. The most improved player on the squad, Dick played a lot of tackle for Wesleyan this year, Wegjeyan . jmdlfzqd Kenny White l25l cuts back off-tackle against Peru for a short gain early in the game. e '50 X9 W CSX Q tw 9 Page fifty-two Deryl Berg-WWW-Lin- coln. One of the two seniors on the squad, he threw bul- let passes and was a good ball carrier. Bruce Link-W-Ravenna. Hampered last year by a broken hand, Bruce played good ball all season. He is a fine left handed passer. Aldie lohnson-W-Mlm den. Aldie proved to be a very fine running back this year. He was the fastest man on the squad. Ev Poe-WW--Lake City, Mich. The team's best kicker, Ev was unable to play the majority of the season due to a broken col- lar bone, We will hear a lot from him next Season. Rex Mercer-WWW-Lin- coln. Rex played his usual hard driving game in his third year as first string quarterback and was picked on the all-conference team for the second year straight. QW BCCM NG D Cb W CSXGHQ 90906 O the ball on a long pass 3rd period. Page fifty-tlzrec Ray Westover and Doane de- fender both watch and strain for in WESLEYAN-DOANE Aldie johnson l36l is brought down by two Doane tacklers after a short gain through the line. Bob Ketterer-WW-Lim coln. "BobKat." the best place kicker on the squad, was one of the reasons Wes- leyan's ends were the best in the conference. Don Paulson-W-Lincoln. A freshman who earned a starting job near the end of the season, "Rocky" was a very hard tackler and a fine blocker. Kenny White - WW - Plattsmouth. Kenny was called upon for almost iron man duty in the early season and reached his peak in the Kearney game. WCS1eyan Y01-k CID lilriibai. . .I-lc! TWC. M' i"!"'W- ' !'s.b.EF"1l+M ..."' 'M Nhat it If 2.1:-SMX T11 Ju, -ir-v1'.Q.'lk7'5l Wayne Cash-WW-Paw- nee City. Cash was a big hard blocking back, who played his top in the York game with four pass inter- ceptions. Q-. -5,'..,,.,v UN , X m 4 Y my-"v. -w 2. ffm s- - .,. . . , ,. l. ,- .,. A 4, . ., +- . At: . .,,x,- . M N. N 1 me '."- A 'Y' ' ' ,:'x"" r ' 'ri L x"'."i Q WESLEYAN-YORK 5 J' Keith Tadlock-WWW- Ashland. "Tad" is a very fine defensive end, who makes a specialty of one- hand 'grabs on opposing runners. qty Derald Ely l23l swings around end for a substantial gain against York. O W CSXCYMX Hastlngs 7 WESLEYAN- HASTINGS "Chick" Knight 1473 gets behind a Hast- ings defender as a pass is knocked down late in 2nd quarter. I 'aye f if fy-four All Part of the Crowd fl ,EUS l knf e ex eh, W Dec-far, atc-he lQ,7 S th - e gem . 'T' Spotter Boyden Harvey and announcer lerry Newman iv I ' ' g e a p av by play description of the game from the press box. Wesleyan students show their spirit in a pre-game rally and bonfire. The football season closed with the an l f ' nua ootball banquet featuring the presentation of letter awards. Page fifty-five AMW" 49X if iw 1 Ev Poe, W Club member, presents Mary Lea Boner with the sweetheart locket during the half of the Homecoming game. paw fifgy 314, Phi Kappa Tau-First GR DSD Homecoming week-end is always one of the most important events of the year. The amount of school spirit and enthusi- asm reached an all time high this season. The week was hlled with activity-decor- ating for the Homecoming dance, put- ting up competitive decorations, burning the Tiger effigy, and a round of exchange campus visits between the Doane and Wesleyan students. On the day of the game, parents and friends were entertained at various open houses and buffet dinners. Following the game, the Yellers of the Brown dance was held to welcome the grads and celebrate the victory. At this time winners in the homecoming decorations were announced: Willard won first with a take-off on the current fashion trends. The girls' dorm building project rated a second place winning for Alpha Gamma Delta. The song "Stormy Weather" was the basis for the Phi Kappa Tau first place decorations in the fraternity ratings, and Delta Omega Phi placed second with their cross-eyed tiger ringing the Wes- leyan victory bell. Delta Omega Phi-Second During the half of the homecoming game the Doane and Wesleyan bands were on review. Doane's all-girl drum corps also performed. To the music of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," played by the Nebraska Wesleyan band from a heart formation, Mary Lea Boner was revealed as the Sweetheart of the W Club. She was escorted to the field by Everett Poe and presented with the traditional sweetheart locket. Eight men and eight women sponsors were chosen by Doane to represent them in the Homecoming activities. The grid- iron sponsors and their escorts, elected by their respective classes for Wesleyan, were seniors: jean Thomas, Edith Emerson, Bill McCarty and Erwin Rihn. juniors: Aileen Ross, Lois Norton, Bill Ericson and Wen- dell Atchison. Sophomores: Margaret Slagg, Betty jane Merrell, Ev Poe and Ross Smith. Freshmen: jean janke, Marky McKinney, jerry Miller and Bob Clark. Willard-First Wesleyan Sponsors in the sideline seats of honor Students at the afternoon rally held at lhe stonc band stand. Alpha Gamma Delta-Second ,ff nffy stun V' I Page fifty-eight CHANCELLORS RECEPTIO Wlmen activities return to normal after freshman orientation and all-school regisq tration are over, the traditional annual chancellor's formal reception is held. This event provides an opportunity for the student body and faculty to greet each other. This year the occasion began with a recital which was given by faculty mem- bers of the music and speech departments in the C. C. Wlmite auditorium. At the close of the program a receiving line, composed of the chancell trative faculty, new faculty members, and wives, was formed in Huntington Hall. or, the adminis- Refreshments were served as students staff, and faculty made and renewed acquaintances. T an opening of the social season, is con- sidered a highlight on the calendar of school events. he reception, serving as mf 4 -.rarfe, f -wif , wif ff . ., ' ,,, ' f N, L, ' , .,ff5 ' , 'Y Q I' it ,QF I 4 Ii, may 1 , , " --if ,rr ' fr . - ' l Q 'fl li if T fs- .xo xa'4 e O we we" Dem, -XQYN ,349 lv., gi D! an QJXBSK S D1-ese C711 ,D veg: Coe 'ved rv B -ydioe' e"'K De O'fo v 'ow ev" cembewsd T 8 . 6 55 -I947 December ll was set aside as a day to com- memorate the 60th Anniversary of Nebraska Wesleyan University. Dr. W. Norwood Brigance of Wabash Uni- versity, Indiana, was guest speaker at the morn- ing chapel service and at the banquet in the evening. Ernest L. Smith, president of the Board of Trustees, also spoke at chapel on the subject "Our Wesleyan Heritage." The dedication of the new speech building, The Plainsman Theater, came as the climax of the day. The formal opening of the new building represented the growth of the uni- versity in the past and is a symbol of our present expansion. Following the presentation of the play, 012 Borrowed Time, and the dedication of the build- ing by Chancellor Knight, a reception was held. All the guests were invited to inspect the rooms and sign their names on the walls of the scene shop. Page fifty-Qlimf Dr. Norwood Brigance, guest speaker of the day, at the evening banquet li dm F' Theater. THE GRAND OPENIN Chancellor Knight dedicates the new speech building, The Plainsman I 4, ff , :J AWMW,-1 V aw , Dr. Enid Miller stands by the studio desk presented to her by the speech kids on the opening night. f '-N....sQ, .lgll V: il l . "lam -' :'-'-L-inn .. lk h A . All those who had wa ed e MMM iv E,,mg,M,4gvf A ' boards of a Wesleyan stage were in- wwf ' vited to sign their names on the walls f ,wifi 1 ,We Page slim: Of the new Scene Shop- yii31q'?'5i 1": Guests inspect the various rooms at the reception following the play. ln this room, the studio, the paintings by Miss Lux were displayed. QS za? x f-M'-fl ' INFORMALLY SPEAKING The fall party season finds campus couples stepping high, wide and fancy-free. Coming across and down we find in order the Willard, Crescent, Gam, Phi Mu, Barb, Delt, Delta Zeta, and Phi Tau party-goers. J - ' Vfgd, f Page sixty-mic ,ev-"M ws u The Crescent winning football team. QJXRBJ BARBS ezines WV n The top place Barb team. I TRAM RALS The initial basketball games were played lust preceeding vacation and showed promise of exciting finals. Girls from all groups gather for a night of practice and fun. Page an-ty-fitco The Crescents made a good start toward winning again the intramural trophy dur- ing the football season. The football tour- nament was the only intramural contest completed by the men in the first semester. Each fall the four sororities and the Barbs form teams to participate in soccer and volley ball tournaments. This year they were joined by three Freshman teams. In both tournaments, which were held before Christmas vacation, the Barbs took first place. lllllls 'N wif ' ii ll ': it 1--17 9,ARpd, QARBS .,, Marjorie Johnson-Editor THE PLAINSMAN This group maintains and records informa- tion about all students, organizations and activi- ties. The written and photographic material compiled by them is organized to form our annual. The Plaifzrmun is published twice annually at the close of each semester. This year the staff was headed by Marjorie johnson. THE STAFF: .-. THE PEN USHERS ., i .XL if Our three publication staffs aim to keep us informed through their respective periodicals. The efforts of these organ- izations are designed to give us a repre- sentation of student affairs and campus life. 2'-f N A-ii" XVillis Trott-Business Manager Row l: Margaret Slagg, Dorothy Schnuelle, Betty Meisinger, Marjorie johnson, Par Osborne, Marilyn Grossohoeme, Alice Deissler. Row 2: Shirley Harper, Elaine Ohman, Dean Brockhoff, jackie Thomas, Shirley Mercer, lean Nufter, Mary Lou Callen, Prudy Wallis, Lila Barra. Row 3: Gaylen Doak, Harris Holle, Bob Chenoweth, Willis Trott, lim Hume. Not pictured: Al Wilder. Page sixty-th rec 1V'iT.?, Row I Verla Wiseman. Sandra Schumann, Irma Trott, jane Nisley, Alice Provost Elaine Ohman Lois Norton Betty Merrill Row 2 lrma Nelson, Wanda Cerlach, Shirley Mercer, Don Marsh Carl Sell Dick Nesmith jim Hume co uara Leonard Num Hellman Marilyn Crossohoeme, Shirley Hampton. Row 3 Caylen Doak, Warren Rice, Robert Wendt. Not pictured AI Wilder THE WESLEY Our weekly newspaper is distributed each Thursday after convocation. The populari'y of the publication is evidenced by the dismay and concern of the student body when it is late. Each issue is the Alice Provost-Editor C 1rl Sell Business Manager l,' E22 As the photographer for all school publications and for the publicity ofhce Harold Peterson has been kept extremely busy. It is not uncommon to End him working in the dark room at all hours of the day and night. On Tuesday nights Room 301 in Wlmite is like any newspaper oflice. This is when the line staff meets to make up the paper and write headlines in order to meet that Thursday morning issue. THE WESLEYAN HANDBOOK For only 50C the fellows get more phone numbers than their little black books would ever hold, and the girls get about all the information they need. This book was made possible by the YMCA and the work of the co- editors, Ruth Weston and Marjorie Sitz. Page sixty-five LL I THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT Municipal Center was the scene of the Barb party on the night before Christ- mas vacation. 'Q "P- wwvh-A, 12" Santa Claus made his annual visit to the A.C.E. party to help the future teachers give the children and them- selves a good time. The annual Christmas Noel and torchlight parade in front of Old Main put everyone in the right spirit for the Christmas season. Christmas matins, held every morn- ing during the last week, symbolized the feeling of good will, worship and well-being for the Wesleyan students. Boyden Harvey and Betty lane Merrill ll!! 1 Page xin'Iy-s1'.r stand at the gate of the Phi Tau Win- ter Wonderland. f ll sf! Members of the Christmas chorus look on as "Simon Snooper" gives the Iow- down on the guys and gals. 'x ,. 1 PA HELLENIC CHRISTMAS BAE1, Keeping in the spirit of the Christmas festivities, the four sororities sponsored a joint Pan-Hellenic Christmas Ball at the Turnpike Ballroom. Under the lights of the Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta, Phi Mu, and Willard pins, the couples danced to the music of Johnny Cox and his orchestra. Members from each sorority con- tributed to the program built around the poem, "Twas the Night Before Christ- mas." Louise Nisley took the part of Simon Snooper with campus tunes and campus chatter, Gwen Adams and Mar- garet Cook sang Christmas solos, and the Delta Zeta trio concluded the program with "Winter Wonderland." Between dances everyone takes time out to talk, laugh and smile for the camera. Page sixty-seven A ff si A balcony view of the ballroom shows dancers and orchestra at the height of the evening. Every sorority girl and her date plus some of the alumni members received bids to the ball. Blue and silver Pan-Hellenic favors were given to each couple as a souvenir. an Housemothers nd sponsors, Dean McBrair, Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. james, Mr. and Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Aaberg, and Mrs. Benning look on with approval. Page sixty-eight .a Q Riga 3 sri ' " ff , ' ' V 4 .. ,,,....1 , U.- X w .V ' . 1 'W' . " """""""'rX ,Vgiaf "N' " A ,Wlgf" 1 H. . ..,. NNAA . , W X. X p J . we ,a2rMWiaV,Mew f1 - wanna p ' . Wm.. .V A. ,, -gf Y -N V 'f----""'.:.?:fV:' ""'1'r""'-W'-" '-':.::'f"4r- - 111-.LW- ' -f - M - IRM, git 1 ,J , V Q ---3+ - ' ' iii'-12,5 9 ...V M ""N- w-wa.....V..V.- - .- .N i +., , V,- .V V W--' : m a -- .F ,, X .gi ., sv aid, ' 5 f .V ' 1 lj ., "H , H, ' Q."f!'1 VZ- 4 -2 "," "Q H, S? -5 "f'+V"1 . , - 1 ' 1 V ff fr- 134' -WK sl '5 iff X' 3- V- ,l3.83", I ', 5, 2g'.',X 'U 4' -, -" 'A , t",,,"ff V .af ' 3f,'5TSQV ffl U ' "".g..,q.i'g +gVl1.s" " ,.T'.'3QQg ' 11 'fe ' ' . RUF- IM ,2f' ,j ,- - 1. vie .V ' fr" ww '...wZaf W- i I Q' E ji- A ' 4 is-Q., dmc A in 'IW ' W H' ff 't'::7'::r3gm,5:' -jx. .',4 1 .V A ,i.,,...rK..-aaa. -W Q. y V '.,., . 'V if V V '-Cvq? S'- fl. ".. Q5 "J'.'-',5.Z'-Xa jine ', ' fx .5 ,V 5 , . - es? , ,H -Y " . 5 Y . N. my - ' ff- 72" --,nrt M , S , 4-wma, .Q film in f 2---,Jagffriwgaizgsgziivk-F -j--t .i s 'W 1 ' V-Q 4' f. ,. I 5 3Vw3fgV..f tiff- ' ginseng . - wfi n W if 3 V 'il ' 33? f?"'f'Y . Si A Y' ' ' ir. Q 5' ' .V iw f..5" lJ X Q., ir. 3. ,ij I, . i ig. . ... ., .. s, .. Sky. V ig- 9 V ,, iq ., .v -r,,.Ml!Lg V ,, V V - ,- 3 1-55- .fr 'L-A x ag. V . ugh LQ..-:i.:, V.figg:5 ,:. ..., ..., 5 -- ., f .5 ,pp - ' """ 'Q "" ' , "' ze " 5- " ' Y-V.,.: vf . -V', . i..-:f-' . 4 Egg- LV, 3 ' -f . y"'ff, ""'?,.fx,r ' -Q. V V, - .-., " ,. V I .- 5. w - X i V V :mb , E MM.. " " V.,. 'V '- - - . N:-,,...,VV-' S ABOVE-Girls' Dorm. RIGHT-Magee Memorial Stadium. LEFT-New Field House. BELOW-New Plainsman Theater. X 6 We Congratulate Nebraska Wesleyan University on it's Campus Expansion Program. We are happy to have a part in this program. A V OLSON CONSTRUCTION CO. 410 S. 74th Street Lincoln, Nebr. 5-.11 DEE'S CAFE BOOTH AND TABLE SERVICE SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN STEAKS CHOPS SANDWICHES HOME MADE PIES DOWNEY FLAKE DONUTS 41414141 OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS Call 6-2908 For Your Party Reservations 6II2 Havelock Ave. puugl-ll-11.1 1 --q.1n.-pp-n1 DR. KENNETH E. DROWN DENTIST 4728 St. Paul Ave. Phone 6-2059 Lincoln 4, Nebraska ELCE 8: SON LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS 2626 No. 48th Phone 6-2628 THOMAS HARDWARE GARDEN TOOLS - LAWN MOWERS PAINT - VARNISH - BRUSHES GIFT WARE - TOYS - RADIOS +1 41 +1 +1 Phone 6-2363 2739 No. 48th -1.511.111--..1..1..1 1 1 -...-,q-u1u1.n1nu1uu1n 11411. Butler's 8: DYERS WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT 4725 St. Paul Avenue Phone 6-I679 Lincoln, Nebraska H H niuin I CHILDERS' CLEANERS fr TAILORS O 4 O 4 2810 No. 48th Phone 6-I I52 COLLINS STANDARD SERVICE 48th and Baldwin "FOR BETTER CAR CARE" O O O O We Give ,wif Green Stamps GALE D. COLLINS, LESSEE FRATERNITY IEWELERS MEDALS, PINS AND TROPHIES 4 Q + O R I X S T I N E IEWELRY MFG. co. IIO8 P ST. PHONE LINCOLN, NEBR. 2-38IO 1u1.p1n1n1..1.,1..,-- 1:11111-1:.1:n1:-.-. 1 1- 1- 1 1-- 11n1g 1..1nn1nn1nn1nn1uq-ul--un1nn1n....u..n--gl..-1.11.-1u1qq1.'1u11n1q-1. .1n1q-.n1un1nn1nu-lu- -1:1u1n--n---41--1.11-un--I.-.1-1.1.1.-gn-4.1.1 TII-IIE ILIINCCOILN DEPARTMENT STORE IN FOCUS with THE CLASS OF I948 ITIILLER C P IIIE 1:1111-vll1nu1 1 1 1 1 1111111--111111111111111111:111:-1II-1:nu-nu:ll-1--01:111n1lu-II--rl--u:--ul1nu1-1-i1nu.-ul--nliuuilliluinl-ll--lu1ll-nl ROPER Er SONS, INC. MORTUARY -- AMBULANCE Lincoln, Nebr. 11111111111111111 111--111 111111111 1 1 1 1 1 EARL WOODS DAIRY STORE FOUNTAIN AND COFFEE BAR 41 it 4K 4K 2800 No. 48th Phone 6-5012 I HOAGLAND HARDWARE SUPPLY I Gas Furnaces - Appliances - Electric Wiring I Paints - Glass I1 I I 2639 No. 48th sf. Phone 6-2630 H I Lincoln, Nebr. I I E I nn. E. s. MA'ri-inns I I 1 DENTIST I I I 1 + + + Q I I I I 2726 N6. 48th Phone 6-2248 I 1111...ul.-un-111111111 1 11:1 1:11am--11-111111 1 1 1 111111111 K- F4 I V . kg I I-'QI O ARTIST MATERIALS O WALLPAPER 0 FRAMED PICTURES O FLOOR COVERING 1333 O St. Phone 2-6641 ELGIN, HAMILTON, BULOVA, GRUEN WATCHES DIAMONDS - WEDDING RINGS SILVER AND IEWELRY SARTOR IEWELRY Co. 1200 O Sf. Lincoln, Nebr. SKYLANE CAFE -STEAKS -CHOPS -FRIED CHICKEN 56th and CORNHUSKER HIGHWAY Open 24 Hours KENDLE BROS., jewelers HAMILTON ELGIN BULOVA FLAWLESS QUALITY DIAMONDS 131 1 O St. Phone 2-4292 SPENCEIYS STEAK .HOUSE STEAKS CHOPS CHICKEN FISH DINNERS SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1425 SOUTH ST. LINCOLN, NEBR 20 blocks south of O St., between 14th and 15th Phone 3-8680 THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR ROY WEISS HARRINGTON COMPANIES . REALTORS Homes Sales Farms Leases Ranches Rentals Real Estate Loans All Kinds of Insurance 45 years successful, satisfactory service in these lines rendered to our many customers throughout Nebraska gives us the experience which we offer at no additional cost. "When you want to sell or buy, give us a try" 229 South 13th 2-6621 R. E. Harrington Don P. Harrington, '25 Frank D. Harrington, '40 ...l.-q.--q-n1n.-u1nu-ll-- - 1 1u1un1nn1n-1nn1un1 1u- .-. 1 Graft's Department Store 6220 Havelock Avenue Lincoln, Nebr. LET'S ALL HELP MAKE NEBRASKA WESLEYAN "THE BEST COLLEGE IN THE MlDDLEWEST" M A Y O D R U G C O . "The Drug Store on the Corner" 2700 No. 4th Lincoln, Nebraska G. A. BLUNDON, jeweler 4 4 4 + 6107 Havelock Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. ll l ll fl Ql ii I l ll H ll ll I1 l 1: ll ll ll 1 it li l ia 1 I l u n l i l ! l l i 1 l l, lf i 1 ll l tru I-lu Handsome jack Boren, Fairmont Social Science junior, admires the good-looking jacket of Wesleyan's campus favorite, Harvey Brothers Glen Plaid suits . . . a member of Crescents and Plainsman Players, lack recognizes real value when he sees it . . . and real values for the smart Collegian are found at the headquarters for the best dressed men on campus, Harvey Brothers . . . for fashionable men's wear expertly tailored for finest fit, its l23O O Street, HARVEY BROTHERS K A R N E S C O . DRY GOODS, GROCERIES AND MEATS Northeast Lincoln's Most Complete Shopping Center Havelock Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. VAVERKA IEWELRY r Three Day Service on Watch Repairs REASONABLY PRICED WATCHES C 6129 Havelock Ave. ANDERSON HARDWARE Congratulations on your new Theater. We furnished the builders hardware. We carry a full line of Russwin builders hardware. Havelock Vic Anderson, Mgr. 131 1 ..pig..-ll.-guinn.-.,g.1lni 1 1- 1511-nu in-.-111..-11--11111-......-.1.1ll FOR ALL F-ESTIVE OCCASIONS I Harding's 2731 North I Uni. Place Z 48th Street - . Station Z 1 c E c R E A M 2 -..-..-..- -..-..-5..E.l:.E..I-..E...-..- - - -..-.... CITIZENS STATE BANK A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 2650 No. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. GREEN F URNACE AND PLUMBING CO., INC. LET US "FURNACE" YOUR HOME 2747 No. 48th Phone 5-2300 HART'S VARIETY STORE EVERYTHING FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS 27l3 North 48th St, Phone 6-2249 1u-.ql--u1.u.-ui..--,n1g.1.u1nn1nn1.n-ll-.11-'inn--un1uu1 -- 1u- -1.1n-1.1lq.-.u1.n.-..-n1ql1-n-u--..in1l.i.lil.1ni..1,...-gl... SMITH BROS. THE LUMBER SMITHS O O O I 2341 No. 48th Phone 6-2527 IT'S CHEAPPER ! I SHOP WHERE YOU CAN SAVE EVERY DAY! It isn't necessary to hunt all over town for bargains, because you can be sure that the "Cheapper" Drug Store is selling it at the lowest possible price! Look for the "Flying Red Arrow" on O Street! It leads to greater values! O DRUGS I PRESCRIPTIONS 0 CANDY 0 TOBACCO STATIONERY O O COSMETICS I TOILETRIES We Keep Lincoln Prices Down! We carry complete lines of all the nationally advertised brands. Low prices every day. You always save at "Cheappers." CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. 1325 O Lincoln'pin-..n...u.1 1 1..1...-.4-.rl-Q41... 1...--111.--.--qq..u1..t 6.2345 2650 No. 48th GATES INSURANCE AGENCY cEcli. C. GATES CITIZENS STATE BANK TRCDIVIBLA REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE o o o o V 27l 4 No. 48th 6-2875 n-qu.. C. L. STORER I E W E I. E R DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY 'I + 0 0 4? 120 south 13th 5-7506 gg-.l1n.1nn1uq.Qn1n..-..pill1.p1p.1,.1..1..1..1 1 .-n--u1u1u 1 .in LOOK TO NORMAN'S FOR OUTSTANDING VALUES CURTAINS DRAPERY FABRICS CUSTOM TAILORED DRAPERIES SLIPCOVERS LINENS BEDSPREADS CLOCKS APPLIANCES For Better Living Your Best Buys Are At URMA ' HOME FURNISHINGS 1329 O St. 2-2503 SHWCE187I. THEHRSTNAUONALBANK OFLJNCOLN LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I I I I I I PUT'S CAFE 61 17 Havelock Ave. O O O O "HOME OF GOOD FOOD" FRED IVERSON FLOWER SHOP Telephone 2-1310 WE SPECIALIZE IN CORSACES Members F. T. D. 228 South 12th Street Lincoln, Nebr. BOYD JEWELRY CO. 12th Cr O Streets Lincoln ni 1 1 - -.limi-li 1 -- .... -. .-.1 1 ..- .. ,. -. -.ln1.nnl.-ul1q ffNJ my I Ke'e'p""5'21ke IVE: MA'CHf.P....':.::..G SEQ +A fir I IIIIII ez... ffWfW wnumu. I Io yah: 9 ySlpI-:II 7 i I yblfy I I Keepsake Matched Wedding Ring Sets, for the cus mor ou e rin ceremon cu ure n er ec as e, ese recious e s wi e i e- ., ime s m os o our happy dd IQ day. . f ' , dwftf. 1f1 ' 2 if , ny fig' ftfsfi. Aufings iilusiroled in bl In IV -,gf 7 I 4 Ti , white as well as n I old I, ,777 , fo Q RI enlarged to s d ils , , - Pr' Include Fede I ix 4 fy: Keepsake Nome Q w,,.iowrw,,,4 Matching Wedding Rings x5 is Ggidnnloag by 'Wa 20.00 and 10.00 x14lJ 00 qllll OPIHI k h4"'.:'::"'Tx'M, M IcInI:mVI7eddin Nan I oc I g 9 I g 15.00 and 10.00 LOWELLS JEWELRY SPICE FOR SPORTS 6.95 Today more than ever America's Standard of Value. BARKER'S SHOE STORE DRS. TAYLOR Cr TAYLOR PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Office: 4728 St. Paul Avenue Phone 6-2257 Lincoln, Nebr. ' A H Il k Tlzouglnfff? Card will 'Bill express your perfect taste-your thoughtfulness. Someone you know will think more of you--if you remember him with an appropriate card. See our com- plete selection of Hallmark Cards for every occasion. xxxxlllf X wx '4' Qllil .. .-e..s.ill t ni. ni: I l K 1 l 1 T l 'l 1 11 1 I I tl ll l l 1 ! 1 1 1 1 I I 1 i ! 1 li 1 Ii . ill I 1 I i 'i 'i I l 1 I ,in KLAPAL OIL CO. Complete Lubrication Service Motor Tune-up Tire Repairs Washing Simonizing Auto Accessories Open 8:00 a. m. - II p. m. 2604 North 48th St. 860 North 27th St. Phone 6-5033 Phone 2-7810 MEEK LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in BUILDING MATERIAL AND COAL 2441 North 48th St. Phone 6-2219 "YOU REALLY SAVE MONEY" ON FOOD at 9 DIETZ S I G A MARKET THE EASIEST SHOPPING PLACE IN TOWN 2638 North 48th St. Phone 6-2319 HAVELOCK NATIONAL BANK Lincoln, Nebraska 6l45 Havelock Ave. Phone 6-2801 B. G. Clark, President. D. R. Fawcoff, Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 ... 1 1 1nu.1nu1u--ui-..u-ui 1 ... -. 1 1 1 -. -.. - ..- CONGRATULATIONS To the Cub Scouts in University Place Q-up-u..-......1111111--.-...--..-111-. KENT'S CAFE GOOD HOME COOKED FOOD WE WELCOME WESLEYAN STUDENTS 27th and Adams Lincoln, Nebr 1m1g.1...-l...u...,.1uil,.... -. .... -.. .- ignignqiglilgignig elim, ELHFLIII PRINTING AED- 5,44 . . 2718 No 48th St LINCOLN. NEBRASKA A HAS BEEN A PLEASURE SERVING YOU YOUR PLAI NSMAN PHOTOGRAPH ER FOR 1947 E V A N S S T U D I O 1215 P St. Phone 5-4146 Lincoln, Nebr. AYERS CLOTHING TOPCOATS SU ITS HATS SHIRTS TIES . ,.-.... , Q .-..-1-....i- COMPLETE LINE OF MEN'S CLOTHING 1400 O St. Lincoln, Nebr. n wr-wav 1 I ID Cldll Ill! bv . ----o-- I PIN 'Z' """WWl 0 na 43'- ' ON! OU!!! IIOUID Al F ulIim91IIT 'Z llomogenized of vmmn p if MILK 5' ,fi VASIIUI HAWIAIOIIEI f ICI llll IIA! r. g ,, lbllll u in A Annum llso1vua:I:..: no mn, Qu M mu ' Fmum rom cu, 1. MILK CREAM BUTTER ICE CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE ASK YOUR GROCER or Phone 6-2325 FAIRMONT FOODS CO. 1 1 iniqiun1nn1nu1nn1uuiuu1nn--ui 1.1 --11-I-1111.1 FOR WESLEYAN CRESTED STATIONERY, jewelry, Tee Shirts and Sweat Shirts, Head Squares and all Wesleyan Specialties, come to WESLEYANN COLLEGE BOOKSHOPP Miss Hannah lensen, Prop. N. A. C. S. Member Headquarters for Books, School Supplies, Fountain Pens, Laundry Bags, Zipper Notebooks, Pennants, Greeting Cards, Stationery, Novelties, Candy, Toys. "EVERYTHING FOR THE STUDENT" "We Sell Express Money Orders" Burlington Bus Depot 2711 No. 48th 6-1278 A, .,.-...................... X . :-. K i , 3 WE RE OLD MASTERS F , ' , . ,.,..,... .,.,,4 WARDROB E WISE! 1i ' ' SUCHHF siliiisasisgiina We don't guarantee an "A" average with every suit of clothes, or dream-dress . . . but we know you'll win admiration in our smart, fashion-wise clothing and accessories for men and women. Magee's Wesleyan campus representatives are Gene Cedardahl and Jackie Reinick. Open a charge account and use it often! W 12th and 0 Streets ' 5 Telephone 2-6751 an 1 7 1- n-n 7 -un 1 1' 1 l T 2 3 '1 T 'ill'-ll"'.'TIPS'llTlTlllllTIITHTIIITIllillli-IIIITII-'-'ll'-vllilllill-Siltlltllillil illrlillil Q FLOWER GIFTS FOR ANY OCCASION Say It With Flowers H 0 L M E 5 DANIELSON FLORAL CO. I------------.----.--..-..-..--..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-. " LARGE VARIETY OF SALTED NUTS li SALTED SUNFLOWER SEEDS , ,K ,, ,, QL FRESH ORANGE DRINK T NUT CANDIES l 5 L THE NUT HOUSE THE DALITE STORE 4, H8 No' mth With Plenty of Parking I - - - - -.-'-l-'-l--M-m- - - - - - - - - - - lln Uni.l COLLEGE SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS We specialize in Fountain Pens and Pencils. All standard makes in every price range. 4 K 'K K 'K Visit Our Exclusive Fountain Pen and Greeting Card Shop 6-2194 2600 NO. 48th LATSCI-l BROTHERS, INC. H24-26 O St. HOW WOULD YOU GRADE YOURSELF ON APPEARANCE? SAVE WITH SAFETY AT PEERLESS CLEANERS GEORGE H. LEMON Branch 2719 North 48th,1.nn-.ruiun-.un-. 1 ALL TYPES OF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY .... PHOTO FRAMES . . . CANDIDWEDDINCS . . . SKOC-LUND STUDIO 1214 "O" St. 2-2991 E. NELSON BARBER O 4 + 0 2808 NO. 48th St. ' x ' ,. S A DANDEEY D E UNI. PLACE 2610 No. 48th 5-nl MOWBRAY-LYON COMPANY DODGE and PLYMOUTH .PPASSENGER CARS "DODGE IOB-RATED TRUCKS" . O 246 No. 12th St. 2-7117 McCAULEY'S AUTO PAINTING "LincoIn's Leading Car Refinishers" 2615 North 48th St. Lincoln, Nebr q-.I4.1.p1n1ll-.n-lp.1n.1gp.1q.-pl--1.1 .1 1 1 -. -n1.ul1.uu1qn-.u- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE 4+++ U45 Years at 13th and O" Lincoln, Nebraska 044+ Member of F.D.l.C. A -.pq-.-51.1lp-'51nin.-.niq-u--lq-1:1nn1.nn1nn1un1q.-unilu-'ruin-1 x 1943 SPRING :ss us aw 2. ww Q A-Q 4' rg. . f - 2 " Q- A 5 .gig .,,.. bra.,-Q Ji. , ..:,,H.+fL ,A-,Al 1-A ,L ,:,f.:W'- 'iv mf -M' M si ...- . , . H ' Q ' ..u-5:3 X T Q CovER Prcruma: THE PLAINSMAN NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY VOLUME XLVI SPRING ISSUE Jean janke, .Lincoln freshman, was the winner of the 1948 cover girl contest. :sg-. un, mx ' ,. N-V ,mm M Q V5 ilffgpt' ., V 5 R. . . A " W -t V. Q53 .- . ,r-W ah, ,U ' ,Q .Ry fu wr Q 'W Pg W- w?f9'91,JiiM ist W 5,1 Nt C ss iv Pi t ,Nix ' 521. AI , ,-1. Jfwi Q New .f,g,.v? is f F?- '?'im , alfwg 4. -' +. 1 3, +.,,aH3"x Xxslf'3AA.,3MKg1f0:.KAi3 , .N as ' A M " F 4 ". Af x Q tic v um nk , 4 gk " ? z n ,qxihwizk It-1 i HQ. C! ,N -4 in ' v wg, iq. X Q ..."' X . 'gfk lay nxt , ... , X Q , V ,. . , I xfgmxf n,'y .f 1 - 1 , Xf' mat fix .Lal -m 4 ,hx 'iixirih , 1,5 55, -Sw ,-: 'fA-+'f.:,,'-viii' E +1-. ' K. JL ',,, x2a,'-fixv, Q--tvl .L sm 'Ai iii. 'F' K , ' 2' Y '14 A " ' if If X. . ", 'V ' ' ' . -A - , A , :i f-f 4Qfi-Ng'5iM'-'bq- ' fd., 191- WK 5" X' ' " .'.-Q' L ev,':1Jx'f.34-",jg,p .214-5'. fy., 5 h ,, - 1 Q -' 4 ,K H, , w .. Q ' ' ' ' XS A ' -r -, A , ' . , , '13 ,. A A, is '3,"?,'.if i, ff., fu! wg rf r- A N. ff ,Q . ' 0 M f .Y 4 - lf, xx, 3 X 1' 5. .4231 5 lf' M , , 13' Q? , f .,,, ,.-5, gf D lx ,M :,,k.Lg 'Q f",,,Nx j. f -fifgffxlfv 1,1-Q . P" fi.-'H J -fi Q "Jw A ,fg'27'1-f v -." is 7 ' -3 5g - K , ff ,""x ' ' N- A A 'iw .4 ' ff.: fx wr-N' . . Ae-f f -f Q 'C n -LQ WA' f "4 - ,Vi 'Q' a lf? F. M L W' N, my e. jfiiflf-:'5v'. .a'-."-51352 rs-'l:"Q ':"',"i:' im ."'if' . 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'I A- b, wi I ,Q f 1 , , 2, 'W'-Q -' 1 in 'Th M"'a Nw RA 'f I :Q js' .6 ' N- . il - - . ... 5 gf B: X N- I ' , Ei " fi . ,L-'A-:tc-Q if Af A 4 '., . -F f""m4 f A 'Sum X A '1"'X'?S FAQ 472. ' A it fl' 1 V if 5 x . 1. ,, F . Q 52 N 'Q N... ,hi . K! H , wi. QA Aj.. l. I gltwhh ,,,,5.? W: V, qv. '5L':,, ' ' I S wsgfg f - ' , 'ws A ff. N Www .Q 'mn .vfiiai M. W- . Ideal Plainswoman Ideal Plainsujan Alice Greenslit Provost Darrel Berg Page Three HO OR TO THE SE IORS On March ll the seniors and jun- iors donned their robes for the an- nual Senior Recognition Day service. The seniors marched to the platform through an archway formed by the junior class. Carl Bader, class presi- dent, presented the class to Chancellor Knight after Richard Monroe deliver- ed the invocation which opened, the ceremony. Dorothy Jansen read the class roll, and a men's quartette com- posed of Tommy Cooper, Lee Finecy, Boyd Barker and Carl Sell sang. Tom Chesley returned to the campus to deliver the class oration about race discrimination. Preceding the Recognition service the senior class held its annual break- fast at First Methodist Church. Chan- cellor john L. Knight was the speaker. Darrel Woods, second semester orator presented Tom Chesley first semester class orator, delivers his oration at the annual Ivy Day ceremony in the recognition day oration. the C. C. White auditorium on April 30 Page Four Seniors march through archway of iunior class banners on their way to chapel platform SENIGRS ADAMS, GWEN Madrid, Nebraska, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Purple Arqus, Student Senate, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Women's H ouse Council, Governing Board, Chapel Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., W.- A. A. AUSTIN, ALBERT Lincoln, Nebraska. AVRETT, JAMES Augusta, Georgia, W-Club. Football BADER, CARL Lincoln, Nebraska., Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Blue Key, Plainsman Players, Road Show. BAm-:R, NADINE Lincoln, Nebo'aslca,' Student Senate, Pi Kappa Delta, Plainsman Players, W. A. A. . Page Five BAILEY, K. ROY Schuyler, Nebraska, Plains- man Players. BARBER, AMARYLIS Fairbury, Nebraska: Delta Zeta, Purple Arqus, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Play- ers, Chapel Choir, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. BARKER, BOYD Denby, South. Dakota, Delta Omega Phi, Blue Key, Sig- ma Pi Sigma. BERG, DARREL Lincoln, Nebraska, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Blue Key, W- Club, Football, Basketball. BLAKE, JUNE Paxton, Nebraska,' Barbs, Psi Chi, Y. W. C. A. BONER, MARY LEA, ' Lincoln, Nebraska, Alpha Gamma Delta, Purple Arqus, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Pi Gamma Mu, W-Club Sweet- heart, Y. W. C. A. BOYDSTON, FLOYD ' Santa M omfca, California 5 Barbs: Track: Plainsman Players: Y. M. C. A, BRAINARD, GEORGIA Minden, Nebraska: Alpha Gamma Delta: Purple Arqus: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities: Chor- us: Band: Yellers of the Brown: Y. W. C. A. BRATT, WENDELL Crawford, Nebraska. BUTLER, ROBERT ,' Merkel, Temas: Delta Omega Phi: Theta Nu: Nu-Med. CALLEN, MARY LOU Los Angeles, California: Al- pha Gamma Delta: Pi Gamma Mu: Theta Alpha Phi: Plains- man Players: Nu Med: Plains- man Staff: Y. W. C. A. CHENOWETH, ROBERT Alma, Nebraska: Crescent: Phi Kappa Phi: Blue Key: Pi Gamma Mu: Pi Kappa Del- ta: Debate: Interfraternity Council: M ale A'Cappella Chorus: Plainsman Quar- tette: Plainsman staff. C 1-iEsTLEY, TOM Falls City, Nebraska: Barbs: Phi Kappa Phi: Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities: Pi Gamma Mu: Psi Chi: Senior Class Orator: Kappa Chi: Y. M. C. A. CHRIST, MARGARET Arcadia, Nebraska: Alpha Gamma Delta: Plainsman Players: W.A.A.: Y.M.C.A. COE, LORETTA Cheyenne Wells, Colorado: Barbs: Kappa Chi: Chapel Choir: Band: Chorus: Girl's Glee Club: Y. W. C. A. COLLISTER ERMA EDWARDS Lincoln, Nebraska: Barbs: String Ensemble: Chorus COOK, MARGARET Lincoln, Nebraska: Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A. Page Six EMBREE, REED Omaha, Nebraska. COOPER, Tom Falls City, Nebraska, Phi 1 KappaTaug Blue Keyg Bandg 3' Dance Bandg Orchestrag Y. M. C. A. E M ERSON EDITH Honolulu, Haioau, Balbs, House Council, Governing Board: W. A. A.g Y. W. C. A. DENNEY, LOREN l Raymorwl, Illinois: Sigma Pi i Sigmag Alpha Gamma Beta. ENGLEMAN, KEITH Liltehfield, Nebraska, Cres- cent. QV' DREESZEN, VIONA , Lincoln, Nebraska: Barbsg String Ensembleg Orchestrag W. A. A. FEY, LOWELL iffy." Unadilla, Nebraska: Phi Kap- a Taug Phi Kappa Phig Sig'- ma Pi Sigma. o io A Euzon, LLOYD ' A , Nebraska City, Nebraska: Phi Kappa Taug Theta Nug Nu- Medg Alpha Gamma Beta. . fi" 3, ,UL lil. A X FICKE, ALAINE f"""' ' L' N Gerald, Missouri. f ELY, DARALD l Fairmont, Nebraskag Cres- l l l centg W-Clubg Football. lhhuqq .,.., FINECY, LELAND Sutherland, Nebraska: Delta Omega Phig Chorus Page Seven FRENCH, WALTER3 St'ro'msbzwg, Nebraska: Delta Omega Phi: Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Pi Sigmag Alpha Gam- ma Beta. GEORGE, RUBY Lincolol, Ncbrflslrag Barbsg Psi Chig Chapel Choirg Yel- lers of the Browng Women's House Council, Governing Boarrlg Y. W. C. A. COLDAMMER, C. JACK Ellclmrf Luke, Wisconsin,- Barhsg Track GRAHAM, WILMA CLARK ' Craig, Nnbrn,sl:rL. H1-NSWN, MARIUM Mullen, Nebraska ,' Barbsq Kappa Chig Plainsman Play- ersg Y. W. C. A. HARDING, RICHARD Lincoln, Nebruslrug Who's Who in American Colleges Q' and Universities: Blue Key Page E ight 1 JEWELL, JANE Nebraska: Alpha Gamma Del- ta: Phi Kappa Phi: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Purple Ar- qus: Pi Gamma Mu: Psi Chi: Student Senate: Panhellenic Council. JEWETT BETTY Nebraska., Bazbs, Womens KERR, VIRGINIA North. Loup, N e b r a s k a : Barbs: Yellers of the Brown: A. C. E.: Y. W. C. A. LANGE, ARVILLA Western, Nebraska: Barbsg Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Gamma Mu: W. A. A. A'- we House Council: A. C. E.: Art Club . ' JOHNSON, DOLPH ' f Slzcnmzdoah, Iowa JOH NSTON WALLACE Lzncoln, Nebraska, Phi Kap . pa Tau: Sigma Pi Sigma E 1 ' JONES, JAMES L E Lmwzu, Nebraska: Phi Kap- -,--.. ' . pa Tau . iv V W, Wiff' ,Q gl lf . Page Nine vLEONARD, BARBARA Logansport, Indiana: Willard: Chapel Choir: Girl's Glee Club: Wesleyan Staff: Y. W. A LEONARD, PAUL Lincoln Nebraska' Delta Omega Phi, Sigma P1 Sigma, Alpha Gamma Beta LITTRELL RUTH Arnold, Nebraska, Ba1bs, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players: Kappa Chi: Yellers of the Brown, Road Show LOW, WILLABE PARKER Lincoln, Nebraska: Psi Chi: Pi Gamma Mu 1 . BEAN? A X- bi: 'W LIL R fx 4 ,. 'L' X4 . v 1414 'K l o , .gl u is N ' I 'il 'K 7 .5 -I X, -an .x, ,. . 4 ,Hut .M -yu... 'X A .M .. 1 A 3' 'We LUDI, WARREN Wahoo, Neb'ra.slca,' Alpha Gamma Beta, Nu Med MARSHALL, WALTER MACLEAN, JEAN Cozad, Nebraska, Willard, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Psi Chi Beaver City, Nebfraskag Male A 'Cappella Chorus, Plains- man Quartette, Chapel Choir MARTIN, WILLIAM MCCARTY, BILL Lincoln, Nebraska, Blue Key, Sigma Pi Sigma MCCARTY, NOVA MCKINNEY Lincoln, Nebraska, Willard MCPHEROIN, GLADYS Lincoln, Nebraska, A. C. E., Y. W. C. A. MARKS, LEROY Winslow, Nebraska, Delta Omega Phi, Y. M. C. A. Page Ten Gfrant, Nebraska, Barbs MAYO, MARILYN Lincoln, Nebraska, Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Y. W. C. A. BIELCHER., BERNADENE Fafirbury, Nebraska, Barbs, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. MESSERVEY, JACK Mafrblehead, Massachusetts Phi Kappa Tau, Blue Key, W-Club 'sw EQ r X . lg . MOTLES, FRANCIS N0'VAK, IDELLE Brainafrd, Nebraska 5 Willardg Y. W. C. A. Shenandoah, Iowag Phi Kap- pa Tau MONROE, RICHARD OSBORNE, WAYNE Mullen, Nebraska: Y. M. C. A. Bnrohafrd, Nebraska: Barbs Kappa Chig Yellers of the Browng Y. M. C. A. Monnow, JANET Ofrfro, MERLE Aurora, Nebraska: Crescent, Blue Keyg Interfraternity Councilg Theta Nu, Nu-Medg Alpha Gamma Beta, W Club. Seward, Nebfraskaq Barbsg A. C. E. MOSS, JOSEPH Ashland, Nebraska MUIRHEAD, DAVID PARL1, SHIRLEY Pawnee City, Nebraskag Del- ta Zeta P0s'r, J ERALD Palisade, Ncbraskag Delta Omega Phi Hampton, Nebraska g .Cresa centg Blue Key PROv0s'r, ALICE GREENSLIT Stanton, Nebraska: Willard, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universitiesg Pur- ple Arqusg Editor-in-Chief of the Wesleyang Psi Chi, The- ta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Play' edsg W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Page 'Eleven REJCHA, ANNA MAE H alla-m, Nebraska RIHN, ERVIN Gurley, Nebraska, Crescent SCHROEDER, GENE Fairbury, Nebraska: Phi Mug Chorus, Y. W. C. A. K' SELL, CARL Louisville, Nebraska: Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta, Wesleyan Staff SHEARER, BLANCHE Carbondale, Illinois: Barbsg Kappa Chi, Chorus, A. C. E. SITZ, MARJ ORIE Kearney, Nebraska: Willardg Purple Arqusg Theta Alpha Phig Psi Chig Panhellenic Councilg Yellers of the Browng W. A. A.5 Y. W. C. A. SPEIDEL, WILLIAM Lincoln, Nebraska: Delta Omega Phig Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versitiesg Blue Keyg W- Club STALDER, ALAN Sabetha, Kansas: Delta Ome- ga Phig Blue Key STAUFFER, RUSSELL Oakland, Nebraska STERN, ILA MAE Callaway, Nebraska, Barbs Yellers of the Brown STEVENSON, BURNADETTE YEUT- TER Cozad, Nebraska: Willard Who's Who in American Col: leges and Universitiesg Pur- ple Arqusg Theta Alpha Phi Plainsman Playersg Pi Gam ma Mug W. A. A.g Y. W. C. A A. Page Twelve Q STUBBE, MARGIE WEBSTER, DON Central City, Nebraskag Phi Mu THOMAS, JEAN Lincoln, Nebraskag Willardg Phi Kappa Phig Plainsman Playersg Glee Clubg String Ensembleg W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. TROTT, WILLIS Lincoln, Nebraska, Crescentg Pluinsman Business Mgr. VAN SKIVER, RAY Lincoln, Nebraska WALTERS, MARVIN Hilda-eth, Nebraska: Kappa Chig Y. M. C. A. WEIRAUCH, MARY ELIZABETH San Francisco, Californiag Delta Zetag Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Playersg Chapel Choirg Chorusg W. A. A. WEN DT, ROBERT Spfra gue, Nebraska WISEMAN, VERLA Ogallala, Nebraska, Phi Mu: Phi Kappa Phi, Purple Ar- us Theta Al ha Phi Plains- fl I P f man Playersg Art Clubg Wes- leyan Staff: Y. W C. A. Wol-ILERS WALTER Lincoln, Nebraska Wilber 'Nebraska WARD, VERNON Palisade, Nebraska: Phi Kap- pa Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, The- WOODS' DARRELL , ta Nug Nu Med: Alpha Gam- Blanchard, Iowa: Phi Kappa ma Beta: Y. M. C.A. Taug Psi Chig Nu Med, Al- pha Gamma Betag Plainsrnan Playersg Senior Orator f Page Thirteen 1' SENIORS NOT PICTURED CURTIS, WAYNE HOTZ, WILMA BOYER Oaklyn, New Jersey Mullen HARTLEY, RICHARD SPOHN, DONNA LEE Lincoln Chester HESTER, MARVIN TADLOCK, KEITH Lincoln Ashland SENIORS GRADUATING IN ABSENTIA BARNAYS, MARIE RASSMUSSON Gnoss, TYVILA DENBROEDER, GENEVIEVE COLEMAN HERB, FRANCES FURST, FLORENCE HIDAKA, HARRY GRUNE, RUTH KURITA, KENJI Page Fourteen fi Carl Bader, who served as senior class president both semesters, helps junior president, Bill Carriker into his cap and gown in preparation for the Ivy Day cere- mony. Larry Walratli, who was elected to the honor position of sophomore president for second semester, was also head of the Yellers of the Brown. Page Fifteen Freshman president, Mary Godbey, was this year's winner of the Freshman oratorical con- test and was so honored at Honor's Day convocation. .'i . 3 ANDERSON LEROY Silver City, Iowa, Delta Ome- I IUNIQRS Q ga Phi, Student Senate, W Club. AREGOOD, RUTH I Rising City, M. Y. F'.,' M.S.M. Kappa Chi, Y.W.C.A., Barbs Chorus, Chapel Choir. ATCI-IINSON, WENDELL Cozad: Delta Omega Phi, Mens Glee Club, Theta Alpha .rum I Q' x Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Y.M.c.A. 1 . 1 l as l BACHENRURG, PAUL A I Lincolng Phi Kappa Tau. . N 5 I . , , I I BAILEY, MERLE l I Pa:v:fon,' Phi Mu, Y.VV.C.A: BERG, JACK 5 Marion, S. D. , l I. I .I ah' I BLAESKE, JOHN Players. l i BOREN, JOHN 9 F'air'mont, Crescent. BowEN, ROBERT 5. O'Neill,' Delta Omega Phi, Band, Orchestra, Dance Band. BRUBACI-IER, BEVERLY Murray, Phi Mu, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. CAMPBELL, DUNCAN Detroit, Mich., Nu Med, Theta Mu, Alpha Gamma Beta. CARRICKER, WILLIAM Hm-vard,' Delta Omega Phi, W Club, Plainsman Players. CARY, WILLIAM Winsideg Phi Kappa Tau. Cocr-IRAN, EDYTHE Adams, Willard, Junior Hon- orary. Bloomfield, N. J., Plainsman COLEMAN, JEAN Adams: Barbs, Y.W.C.A Kappa Chi, Plainsman Play- , ers, T.A.P. Page Sixteen Q9-' 'L Q Y E. Q ,aI K .W '3- 4:- . X J 5 . 'R iv- FREW, DOROTHY Crete, Nebraska GANZEL, DWIGHT Otoe, Nebraska. GAY, AL C7'U,'LUf0?'dQ Y.M.C.A Plain man Players, Phi Kappa Tai Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus Band, M.S.M., Theta Al h Phi, Chapel Choir. GLooD, Lois Viborg,, S. D.,' Phi Glee Club, Chorus. GLOYE, EUGENE Michigan City, Ind GODBEY, J OI-IN Milford: Phi Ka Kappa Chi, M.Y.F., Y M C A Plainsman Players Debati GORDAN, ALVIN Bradshaw, Crescent Band GUYER, LEE Blaifrg Crescent. Page Seventeen R' HAMMER, PAUL i , Waverley, Nebr.: Debate, A Chapel Choir, Y. M. C. A., 7 I ! g V Track, Junior Honorary. . f li , ..., :I -, ll? 3 fmllr. . ,. KJ x ' Lincoln. Q 5 HAMMOND, DEAN , 6 fl HARPER, SHIRLEY Mission, S. D., Willa HARVEY, BOYDEN 'L 1- ! ta Alpha Phi. 65 Q 1 HELMs, GLENN Plainsman Staff, W.A.A. Band Chorus Ka a' Chi, rd, 1 Gering: Phi Kappa Tau, 4 Plainsman Players, R o a d A Show, Junior Honorary, The- -- North. Platte, Delta Omega Phi, Chapel Choir. S, .,.,,. .,.,.,, ..1 'Q HUGHES, RICHARD 4 HUEFTLE, NAOMI l ers, Plainsman Staff. JONES, DoR1s Neligh, Nebr. Fairbury: Phi Kappa Tau, Chapel Choir, Male Chorus. Eustis: Willard, Wesleyan Staff, Theta Alpha Phi, Girls Glee Club, Plainsman Play- Page Eighteen JoNEs, EVELYN Benlclemanf Barbs, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Plainsman Play- ers, T.A.P. JOHNSON, MARJORIE Potter: Willard, Plainsman Players, T.A.P., Road Show, Plainsman Staff, Psi Chi, Y. W.C.A., W.A.A. KASTNER, N ILA A lliance, Nebr. KELLEY, GERALDYNE Lincoln, Alpha Gamma Delta. KLEINSCHMIDT, JEAN Grafton, Delta Zeta, A.C.E., W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Panhel- lenic Council. KNIGHT, CHARLES Lincoln, Delta Omega Phi. KUGLER, EDGAR Cfrestong Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Theta Al- pha Phi. ' fa- .. vlltlf '- 1 v Rf? .1 KUGLER, LOUISE Gothenburg, Willard, Chapel T.A.P. LAMPSHIRE, STELLAROSE Lincoln, Alpha Gamma Del- ta, Plainsman StaE, Y.W.C. A., W.A.A. T LEAL, BEN 1 La Paloma, Texas, Delta . Omega Phi. 1 l l l LONG, MARILYN I Ord, Nebraska, Delta Zeta. 'Er' Q l w ' l 4 P l l S V MCEVOY, SAMUEL E Benklemang Phi Kappa Tau, , Plainsman Players, T.A.P., Inter-Fraternity Council. MEISINGER, BETTY 53' Plattsmonth, Alpha Gamma Delta, Plainsman StaH, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Play- ers, Y.W.C.A., Panhellenic Council, Pi Gamma Mu, Jun- ior Honorary. MEYER, ALICE Wallafceg Barbs, Y.W.C.A., Pep Club, A.C.E. Choir, Panhellenic Council, MICHAELIS, BERNADINE Lincoln, Nebr. MILTNER, DON McCool Junction, Barbs, Y. M.C.A., MORGAN, ROBERT Fowler, Colorado, Barbs. IVIORGAN, JOHNNA RONZO Mullen, Delta Zeta, Chapel Choir. MUFFLY, ROBERT Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, Nu Med, Alpha Gamma Beta, Plainsman Players, Band, Y.M.C.A. MUNCY, DONNABELLE Tecumseh, Barbs, Y.W.C.A-, Chapel Choir, Girls Glee. MUNOZ, LUIS D ivid, Chiriqni, Panama,- Phi Kappa Tau, Yellers of Brown, Plainsman Players. N EWMAN, JERRY Aurora, Crescent, T.A.P., W Club. Page Nineteen Q' . K at alle i . DI 4 i R 3 Q X f i . 4 lil . ,T ,Yi ' ' i L . viva., X A vs A 211 NISLEY, J ANE North Platte, Willard, W. A.A., T.A.P., Y.W.C.A., Wes- leyan Staff, Vice President of House Council, Junior Hon- orary. NORTON, Lois Lincoln, Alpha Gamma Delta, Yellers of Brown, Wesleyan Staff, W.A.A., Junior Honor- ary. PETERSEN , GERALD Curtis, N ebraslca. PORTER, HAROLD Lincoln, Delta Omega Phi, W Club. Rrcr-1, WALTER ' Bujalo, N. Y., Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta, Plainsman Players. RIEKE, DAVE Mu'rclock,' Delta Omega Phi, Chorus, Male Chorus. Ross, AILEEN Geringg Delta Zeta, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Chapel Choir, Wes- leyan Staff, Panhellenic Coun- Cl . RUGGLES, DALE Stratton, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Gamma Beta, Sigma Pi Sigma. Page Twenty RULE, CAROL Ffriend, Delta Zeta. SCHMECKPEPPER, EUGENE 5 1 I Cheyenne Wells, Colora,do,' '- Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman m ' , Players. SCOTT, DONNA Cozadg Barbs, Y.W.C.A. aff' 1 A SLACK, NEILL "Q .' ' Wood River, Nebraska. , il' Tl" 'Y 1 l I ' I SMITH, Ross , Lincoln, Phi Kappa Tau, f 7? 'W 1 Plainsman Players, Theta Al- if 1 pha Phi. , -s Ld STANDER, ROBERT Chapmaug Delta Omega Phi. ? STOCK, LILA Murdock, Nebfr. STODDARD, ALMA Auburn: Plainsman Players, Band, Chorus, Kappa Chi, Barbs, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E. ,ps 5, 'cy Z 1 V N ' If .. S'roR'rz, HERBERT W Bennett, Delta Omega Phi. ESTON, RUTH York: Willard, Plainsman Players. SVENSON, PAUL WESTOVER, RAY Omaha, Delta Omega Phi. Gotlzcozburgg W Club, foot- ball, basketball. .3 .' NVINCHELL, DIXIE THIEL' GLENN Geneva, Delta Zeta, W.A.A., Underwood, Iowa. AQCE. WISELY, DARLENE Gul 5, , Z1 'Cf'- .Ql 9 l E l i TSUKAMOTO, SANJI Lincoln, Nebr. UNDERHILL, SHIRLEY Gravzcl Island, Barbs, Chapel Choir, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, M.Y.F., Y.W.C.A. VESKERNA, EARL Mead, Crescent, Alpha Gam- ma Beta, T.A.P., Plainsman Players. WALLACE, GENIE Ravemza,' Willard, Plainsman Players, Chorus, Junior Hon- orary. WEDDEL, BILL A'rcaclia.g Delta Omega Phi, Y.M.C.A., Blue Key, W Club, Theta Alpha Phi, Plainsman Players, Band, Road Show, Junior Honorary. Page Twenty-one Fremont, Alpha Gamma Del- ta. VVROTH, PHYLLIS Lincoln, Barbs, Band, Choi-- us, Chapel Choir, Y.W.C.A. YANNEY, LEROY Lincoln,' Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Chapel Choir, T.A.P., Road Show. YOUNG, RAY Alliance, Phi Kappa Tau, Male Chorus. YOUNG, RICHARD Alliance, Phi Kappa Tau, Plainsman Players, Band. gil' We 1:57 7' 100 , 'A f' 2 r '-P A l l 1 I , V J A I f we 5, , . x M l 4 p l 1 1 li, l , l s '3r"le W lm 1 Qi L, 5 . l 5 ,,,, . ,I , , . , IUNIORS ANDREWJESKI, WALTER Lincolng W Club, football. BROWN, MAUREEN Gretnag Phi Mu, Plainsman Players, Y.W.C.A., Panhel- lenic Council. DURHAM, FRANCIS Ft. Collins, Colo.: Phi Kappa Tau. DARNELL, DON Lincoln: Crescent, Track. GILMER, BONNYE Lincoln, Nebr. HUNT, JOYCE Loup City. KEESTER, DON Lincoln. KELLEY, IRENE Shelbyg Y.W.C.A., Chapel Choir, Girls' Glee, Plainsman Players. KUECK, ETHEL Lincoln. Page Twenty-two NOT PICTURED LITTRELL, MERRILL Linco ln. MILES, MARVIN Lincoln. NICHOLAS, ROBERT DeWitt: Crescent. PAAP, FRANCIS Lincoln: Football, Basketball Track, W Club. ' PENNER, HAROLD Hampton, Nebr. RUPERT, RICHARD Lincolng Phi Kappa Tau. SLACK, NEILL Wood River. SPELLMAN, MARTHA Jo Lincoln. SPELLMAN, WARREN Lincolng Phi Kappa Tau STEELE, GUYLA Minatare, Nebr. .V gf---Q-A-.r , , J, llfffl s, Row l Mary Lea Boner, Alice Greenslit Provost, Burna det 2,vx,,F 1 Q , - iyfjf wx, s, 3 5.44. te Yeutter Stevenson, jane Jewell, Georgia Brainard Row 2 Tom Chesley, Richard Harding, AI Gay, Carl Bader, Bill Weddell. WHO,S WHO The students selected for Who's Who each year are selected on the recommendations and election of a faculty board. These students repre- sent Nebraska Wesleyan for Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities and are chosen for scholar- ship, personality, ability, and participa- tion in campus activities. They were honored, along with other national honor societies, at the Honors Day Convocation in the spring. Page Twenty-three Row l Tommy Cooper, Merle Otto, Dr. Barringer, Bill Weddell. Row 2: Darrell Hunt, Dave Muirhead, Boyd Barker Al Stalder. Row 3: Richard Harding, Bob Chenoweth, Bill McCarty, Carl Bader, Darrell Berg. BLUE KEY To be chosen a member of Blue Key, national men's honor fraternity, is one of the greatest honors that a Wesleyan man can be given. Men elected to this fraternity are selected from those who have completed at least two years of college work and who have been judged outstanding in personality, scholarship, leadership and all-around contribution to campus activities. The group is sponsored by Dr. G. A. Barringer. The Homecoming deco- rations and May Fete sing rules are set by Blue Key. The traditional tapping of new members is one of the events of the May Fete. President ............. ....... B ill McCrarty Vice President ...,...... .......,,...,... C arl Bader Secretary-Treasurer ......,. Richard Harding Cor. Secretary ......,,...... Robert Chenowerh Alumni Secretary i.........,.,..,.,., Merle Otto Page Twenty-fowr Row I Gwen Adams, Alice Greenslit Provost, Marjorie Sitz. Row 2: Georgia Brainard, Verla Wiseman Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson. Row 3: lane jewell, Mary Lea Boner, Amy Barber. CARDINAL KEY This year the senior women's honor- ary, formerly known as Purple Arqus, petitioned for a charter from Cardinal Key, a national honorary for senior women, and were accepted. This made them the sister organization of Blue Key. Cardinal Key members from Doane College initiated the Wesleyan women into Cardinal Key in early spring. Members of Cardinal Key are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, personality, and participation in activities. In addition to their campus endeavors to promote scholarship and high ideals they also sponsor the animal May Fete. New members were tapped as a part of the May activities. Presldent .............. . ...........l......, Jane Jewell Vice President ..... Alice Greenslit Provost Secretary .... Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson Treasurer .........,................... Gwen Adams Historian .....,.. ...... V erla Wiseman Page Twenty-five Row I Lowell Fey, Verla Wiseman, Arvilla Lange, Miss Snow, jane lewell, Vernon Ward. Row 2: Mrs Lois Leavitt Splinter, Mrs. Underkofler. Row 3: Miss Lux, Miss Lenfest, Dr. Shirk. Row 4: Chancellor Knight Dr Barrmger, Dr. jensen, Dr. Rosentrator, Dr. Callen. PHI KAPPA PHI The honor society, Phi Kappa Phi, was founded in the year 1897 at the University of Maine and now has Hfty chapters in colleges and univer- sities scattered throughout the entire nation. The purposes of the Society are to promote scholarship, to rec- OFFICERS ognize irreproachable character and that obligation to one's fellowman which one can deny but no one can escape. A chapter was organized on the Wesleyan campus in the year 1913. President ............. ...... M arietta Snow Vice President ....... , ....... G. A. Barringer Secretary ..............,....... Laona Underkofier Treasurer ......... ............... G ladys Lux Page Twenty-six Row l: lune Blake, Willabe Parker Low, Ruth Hellmann, Mary Lou Callen, Miss Corns. Row 2: Verla Wiseman, Arvilla Lange, lean Thomas, Ruth Aregood, Alice Green slit Provost. Row 3: Viona Dreeszen, Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson, Mary Lea Boner, Betty Meisinger, Georgia Brainard. Row 4: Loretta Coe, Gayle jenkins, Bob Cheno- weth, Dr. Rosentrator, Dr. Barringer, Dolph johnson. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu, national honorary of social sciences. Elections are held social science fraternity, was organ- in the spring, and this year its stu- ized on the campus in 1926, To be dent membership is 21. Counsellors eligible for membership, students are Mrs. Splinter, Dr. Rosentrater, must have a B average in 20 hours and Miss Corns. Page Twenty-seven Sigma Pi Sigma: Row. l. Lowell Fey, Dr. lensen, Boyd Barker, Waiter lohnston, Row 2. Mrs. L.. Splinter, Dale Ruggles, Dean Cass Loran Danny Paul Leonard. Row 3. Harold Earl, Eldred Burkhard, Bill McCarty, Walter French. SIGMA PI SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma, national honor society, was founded to serve as a means of honoring students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics, to promote student interest in research and ad- vanced study, to encourage a profes- sional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in physics, and to popularize scientific interest in the general col- legiate public. Local activities in keeping with these purposes include monthly meet- ings open to the student body which feature lectures and demonstrations by representatives of local industries. Each regular business meeting in- cludes a discussion of recent discov- eries and developments of technical interest. The reception of Dr. John T. Tate, noted Physicist and Director of Re- search of the University of Minne- sota, as an honorary charter member of the local chapter culminated the year's activities. Page Twenty-eight f ,,,,. .ut nd' M ' ' Row l Bruce Deal, Dick Connell, Harry Hart, lack Cuttaback, Don Buckholz, lim Hume, Darrell Woods, Walter Rich Earl Ves kerna Row 2 Dick Kosch,, Earl Meese, V. Cunningham, Lloyd Elrod, Bob Butler, Kenneth Christansen, Vernon Ward Bull Wil tse Bob Muffley, Lee Gartrell. Row 3. Bob Craig, Eldred Bu rkhard, Dale Ruggles, Bruce Link, joe Schelkopf Duncan Campbell lvar Lmstrom Nathan Clutter, Donald Larenson, Art Harvey. Row 4. Bill Heller, jerry Cage, Bill Kleinschmudt Llye Cameron Wilfred jensby Dick Carriker, Merle Otto, Warren Ludi, PhiIArnold. ALPHA GAMMA BETA Alpha Gamma Beta was originally organized as a camera club in 1907. Gradually this organization grew into an honorary Physics Club under its present name of Alpha Gamma Beta. At various times throughout the year discussions concerning current problems and interests are presented, . OFFICERS either by outside speakers or by the members themselves. In addition to serving as a stimulus to scholarship, this organization gives opportunity for self-expression through these re- ports and demonstrations. High schol- arship in the Held of Physics is the basis for election to Alpha Gamma Beta. President .............. ...... B ruce W. Link Vice President ................ Gerald Peterson Secretary-Treasurer ........ Eldred Burkhard Page Twenty-nine THETA ALPHA PHI Theta Alpha Phi, national dramat- ics honorary, sponsors the Plainsman Player organization on the campus and is in charge of all Wesleyaxl dramatics. An established minimum point record showing proficiency in dramatic art is a basis of TAP elec- tion. Initiation of eight new members on the eve of the theatet's dedication was the nrst act in the new speech building. Other highlights of the season have been the annual road show tour, the opening production of "On Borrowed Time" in December, the new-talent show, "Dear Ruth," in February, and the heroic comedy. "Cyrano de Bergerac," in May. OFFICERS President ......,....... ...... L eRoy Yanney Vice President .,,.... ....... E d Kugler Secretary ........... ...... M arjorie Sitz Row l lane Nisley, Mary Lou Callen, Mary Weirauch, Betty Meisinger, Ruth Hellmann, Marjorie Sitz, Naomi Hueftle Row 2 lean MacLean Marilyn Mayo, Marjorie johnson, Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson, Shirley Underhill, Ruth Littrell Gwen Adams Evelyn jones Amy Barber, Verla Wiseman, Alice Creenslit Provost. Row 3: Pal' McEvoy, Bruce Link, LeRoy Yanney Al Gay Wendell Atchison, Ed Kugler, Bill Weddell. C7 Page Thirty Pl KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity is open to all individuals who have participated in a specified number of inter-collegiate debates and oratorical contests. Nebraska Wes- leyan campus has a chapter that ranks at the top of forensic circles in this area of the nation. Beginning the OFFICERS current year with no members hav- ing more than one year's experience, the local chapter ended the season by capturing the state championship in debate, discussion, and externporan- eous speaking. Promotion of foren- sic interest, and ability, is the primary objective of this society. President ...... ................. W arren Urbom Seated Duck Nesmith, Barbara Botsch, Dorothy Blough, Nadine Bader, Dr. Miller, Ward White. Standing M Healy Alvin Witt, Warren Urborn, Ed Kugler, Bob Bushnell, Bob Che-noweth, john Lux, Paul Hammer Chan cellor Knight, Dr. Callen. 1 Page Thirty-one UNICR HGNGRARY The new junior Honorary was or- ganized for the purpose of acquainting prospective students with all phases of college life at Wesleyan and to help the incoming freshman orientate him- self. Members were elected in April by the Student Senate on the basis of leadership ability, personality, satis- factory scholastic standing, depend- ability, and participation in extracur-- ricular activities. The name for this organization is COGS for campus or- ientation group. Row l lane Nisley, Genie Wallace, Lois Norton. Row 2: Bruce Link, Aileen Ross, Betty Meisinger, Paul Scott Row 3 Bill Carriker Paul Hammer, Boyden Harvey. 1' . is ' X gi .kpkkr av -X -t. r' YT-it ,af X ,5 re-1 Page Thirty-two Row l Gwen Adams, Ev Poe, Aileen Ross. Row 2: Nadine Bader, Dick Nesmith, Warren Urbom. Row 3 jane Jewell, Al Gay, Carl Sell, Kenny White. STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate is Wesleyan's Student Government organization. Made up of eleven members, the sen- ate functions as an agency to coordin- ate student affairs. Senate members are nominated by petition and elected by the student body. The student union and the snack bar are supervised by the senateg the entire debt for the snack bar was paid this year. Among their other contributions to campus life, the group manages student elections and spon- sors dances after athletic events. OFFICERS jane Jewell ............................ President Carl Sell ........ .............. V ice President Everett Poe ............ Activities Chairman Aileen Ross ........ Secretary and Treasurer Gwen Adams ................ Warren Urbom ........ Nadine Bader .. Al Gay .......... Social Chairman Religious Chairman Parliamentarian School Spirit Page Thirty-three Row l Blanche Shearer, Betty Moderow, Miss lv1cBrair, Lois Nisley, Edna Parks. Row 2. Dixie Winchell Nancy Osborne Bernadene Melcher, Betty jewett. Row 3. Anne Samuelson, Evelyn Barnett, Mildred Guyer, Edith Emerson jane Nisley. WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL A11 Wesleyan women are governed by the Women's House Council which was organized in 1945 for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, and interpreting uniform rules for the women on the Wesleyan campus. Re- presentation to the council is by one OFFICERS representative from a house where ten or fewer Wesleyan women reside, two representatives from a house in which more than eighteen women reside, and four freshmen represent- atives from Johnson Hall. President ............... . ................ Betty jewett Vice President ......,................. Jane N isely Secretary ........,,..,,..... Betty Lou Moderow Page Thirty-four Row l: Ruth Aregood, Barbara Botsch, Evelyn Fry, Merna Quaife, Virginia Van Sickle, lean Coleman, Anne Samuelson Row 2 Val lean Wheeler, Dorothy Frew, Edythe Cochran, Don Webster, Eugene Bock, Alma Stoddard, Martha Mitchell Gayle Ciilmer, Loreta Coe. Row 3: john Godbey, Don Marsh, Lowen Kruse, Paul Hammer, Waldo Greer, Richard Monroe Al Coolidge Conley Hinrichs, Stanley Rider. KAPPA CHI Kappa Chi Fellowship is open to all students on the campus who expect to find their vocations in the service of the church as ministers, mission- aries, deaconesses, directors of Chris- tian education, pastors, church assist- ants, and teachers of religion. It meets twice a month for the benefit of in- spiration, the promotion of Christian OFFICERS Don Marsh .......... ............... Eugene Bock .... Evelyn Fry ......... Conley Hinrichs ......,. service and instruction in leadership training. This semester they have been work- ing on a new system to stimulate in- terest. Guest speakers were invited to talk to the group, two of the main ones were Mrs. Albin T. Anderson and Rev. John Douglas Clyde, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church. .President Vice President ...........Secretary .......Treasurer Page Thirty-five ' YMCA CABINET: Row l: Bob Bushnell, Warren Urbom, Mr. Weeks, Bill Weddell. Row 2: Chet johnson Darrell Hunt Floyd Boydston, Tom Chesley. Row 3: Pauli-lammer, Richard Monroe, Ward White, AI Gay A WORD TO THE Y'S Last September over 150 students signed up for membership in the Y's, pledging themselves to an organiza- tion which has as its purpose "To develop Christian character and an unshakable Christian faith in each member, to stimulate an awareness of un-Christian practices on the cam- OFFICERS pus, across the nation and throughout the worldg to take active part indi- vidually and as a group in the solving of the problems around us, and to bring the Christian spirit into cul- tural, recreational, and social activ- ities." President ................... ..... ....... B 1 ll Weddell Vice President ........ ......... D ick Nesmith Secretary ........... ....... B ob Bushnell Treasurer ....... ....... D atrell Hunt Page Thirty-six YWCA CABINET: Row l: Georgia Brainard, Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson, Gwen Adams, Betty Corbit. Row 2 Barbara Leonard, Evelyn jones, Aileen Ross, Mary Fechner. Row 3: lean Coleman, Merle Bailey, Alma Stod ard, Cordelia Weidler. n These purposes have been carried Christmas and Easter matins, the semi- out by such activities as the Big Sister monthly Commission meetings, and project, freshman retreat at Pioneer Park, the World Student Service Fund's successful campaign climaxecl by the International Festival, book stitution, work together to advance monthly membership meetings. The Y's, although separate in con- exchanges, Cookie Jar discussions, their cause on the campus. OFFICERS President .... .Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson Vice President ..............., Barbara Leonard Secretary ,,.,,,..,., ....... M ary Fechner Treasurer ........ ....... G wen Adams Page Thirty-seven fl 4 Row l: Roberta jackman, Bernadine Michaelis, Miss Rodgers, Betty jewett, Norma Robertson. Row 2: Doris Rohrig, lla Bee Burling, Alice Meyer, Sally Ueoka. Row 3: Lola Hueftle, Wilma Smith, Dorris Thomas, Marlea Sims, Velda Dallman, Ruth Foos, Mary Carol Ec- kles, Betty Kyes. Row 4: GladysMcPheron, Marian Peckham, jessica Lund, Shirley Mercer, Peggy Chadderdon, Lois Knapple, Bever- ly Hays. Row 5: Shirley Bartels, juanita johnson, Virginia Thompson, Naomi Smith, Dixie Winchell, Lois Purdy, Mary Louise Estes, Faith Okamoto. Row 6: Ethel Carne, Betty Lowell, Carolyn Curtiss, Bonnie Van Cleef, Elona Chun, Ramona Brooks, janet Morrow. Row 7. Alma Stoddard, Pat johann, Wilma Merrill, jean Kleinschmidt, Doris Benson, Sylvia Rystrom, Lois Nisley. Row 8: Virginia Kerr, Ruby Renwanz, Shirley Bevelheimer, Mary Roush, Louise Thurman, Barbara Koch, Ruth Eickman. The Association for Childhood Edu- St. Louis. This year the Wlesleyan cation, established in l892, is the pro- branch sponsored the annual Christ- fessional organization for elementary man party for children at the State teachers. This international organiza- Home, a tea for Lincoln teachers, and tion sends boxes to students abroad square dances for all university stu- and sponsors a study conference in dents. OFFICERS President .............................. Betty jewett Vice President .......,...... Roberta Jackman Secretary ..,,.................. Norma Robertson Treasurer .......,....... .,.. B ernadine Michaelis Page Thirty-eight ART CLUB The Art Club is composed of art izations. Besides helping to adver- students under the direction of Miss tise and promote school events, the' Lux and serves to furnish posters and club attends art exhibits and studies displays for other clubs and organ- modern artwork. OFFICERS President ....... ...... I Iuanita De Ford Secretary ....... ................. S ally Ueoka Treasurer ...... ...... . ..Dolye jo Neslund Row lg Betty Moderow, Edna Parks, Sally Ueoka, Elsie Nefh. Row 2: Dolye jo Neslund, Betty lewett, Verla Wiseman, Elaine Koontz. Row 3: Keith Hueftle, Miss Lux, luanita De Ford. Page Thirty-nine I I WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Womens Athletic Association serves to promote athletic activities and to create a spirit of good sports- manship. Its membership consists of those girls who have earned 125 points by participation in the various activities sponsored by the organiza- tion, such as tournaments in ping pong, basketball, soccer ball, volley ball, and softball. The WAA helped buy new squip- ment with the money received from selling refreshments at the basketball and football games. It also sponsored two big social events this year-a party at their cabin near Lincoln and a party to help all the old maids on the campus go social, the Spinsters' Spree. OFFICERS Amy Barber .............................. President Margaret Christ ................ Vice President Shirley Parli .......... .......... S ecretary Page Forty Row' l. joan Lindahl, Blythe Linder, LaDean Graham, Bonnie Griffith, Donna Lightbody, Corky Weidler, Donna Skinner, San- dra Schuman, Gayle Gilmer, Nancy Osborne, Lois Norton. Row 2. Lois Marie Danielson, Wilma Smith, Shirley Hampton, lean janke, Dottie Schnuelle, Margaret Slagg, jackie Thomas, Betty Moderow, Doris Thomas, Donna Taylor, Patty Dutton, Alice Meyer, Marcia jones, Mary Carol Eckles. Row 3: Bonnie Srnith, Pat Gauger, Wilma Bartels, Loretta Yanney, Lois Clark, Romona Brooks, Phyllis Carnes, Lois Purdy, Georgia Brainard, Arlayne Kyes, Virginia Kerr, Edith Emerson, Mary Louise Estes, joyce Crawford, Lola Hueftle, Edna Parks, Elsie Neth, Row 4. Larry Walrath, lim Voigt, Russell Schelkopf, Bob Clark, Richard Monroe, jerry Miller, Miss Buie, Virgil Condon, AI Wilder, jim Hume, Gene Meir, Louis Munox. YELLERS OF THE BROWN The primary purpose of the Pep Club, better known as the Yellers of the Brown, is the fostering of school spirit. This organization is composed of sixty members. Each social group and the Barb organization is allotecl ten per cent of their membership and the remaining vacancies are filled by petitioners from the unafilliated stud- ents. The Yellers of the Brown not only provided a cheering section at all major varsity events at home, but added to Wesleyan's social calender by co-sponsoring the Homecoming Ball. In honor of the NCC co-champ- ion football team they sponsored the annual football banquet. Still later in the year the Wesleyan basketball team was entertained at the colorful Basketball Shag. OFFICERS Larrv Walratlm ............................ President Terry Miller ......... ...... V ice President Lois Norton ................ ............. S ecretarv Edith Emerson .......................... Treasurer Miss "Mike" Buie, Sponsor Page Forty-one Ward White, Lyle Berryhill, Ethel Kueck, and Bob Bushnell were very active in the or- ganization and promotion of the- Interna- tional Relations club. 1 TTERNATIO- AL RELATIO.- SCLUB The International Relations Club was newly organized to create an in- terest in international affairs. The Club is composed largely of several small study groups. Delegates from the group attended a national convention at Warrensburg, Missouri in April. The club was instrumental in bring- ing several well known speakers to the Wesleyan stage, Among these were Harold E. Stassen, Republican Candidate for the presidential nomina- ion, justice Carter of the Nebraska Supreme Court, and Albin T. Ander- son, candidate for the Democratic sen- ator-ial nomination. Bob Bushnell, student representative for the relations club, welcomes Harold E. Stassen, Republican candidate for the President of the United States. Page Forty-two - fl v - .. Ko- . QQ. I .fa .1 S gi M- Nui "Nu 5 , N , - X . s Nhf-fl ' v 'N CAMPUS IMPRO EMENTS Electric welding and metal turning equipment were installed and instruction in these particular fields is now being given. The industrial arts de- partment is quickly acquiring the characteristics of a complete general shop. .ac , . ,Emi Included in Wesleyan's improve- ment and expansion program was the re-organizing and enlarging of the in- dustrial arts and drafting departments, under the supervision of Mr. Miles. In addition to these improvements, a new switchboard was installed with the completion of johnson Hall to handle the numerous calls to the of- fices and buildings on the Wesleyan Campus. General improvements in landscaping have been made in vari- ous places about the buildings which will greatly increase the attractiveness of the Nebraska Wesleyan campus. Page Forty-three 7 1. I 1. S- 4 QW .1' -cs ig f a A V , tgp Q., ,pt ' " . N: at 7 .rg g :woyf V59 COURT The Nebraska Wesleyan cagers completed one of the top seasons of Plainsman bas- ketball history in their 1947-48 maples campaign. Winning twelve games and losing ten during the entire season, the Wesleyan hoopsters set a new team scoring record and established themselves as more than just a threat for Nebraska College Con- ference honors. The Plainsman cagers placed fourth in NCC play with a record of ten wins and six losses. In other conference games which didn't count in the standings, the Wesleyan "5" won one and lost two at the York Invitational Tournament. In winning fourth in the conference, the home basketball team racked up 845 points to their opponents 743 points. The entire squad of eleven lettermen will be back next year, besides a number of capable players from the "B" team. The team improved greatly as the season went along and seemed a new team from the one that took a 71-28 shellacking from Bradley Tech University of Peoria, Illinois early in the season. The first team eleven were Clifford Squires, Delbert Miller, Bob Ketterer, Raymond Westover, LeRoy An- derson, Darrell Heiss, Dick Hagemoser, Gayle Voller, John Johnston, Wayne Cash and Ivan Stern. Pictured ltop to bottoml : "Cliff" Squires Del Miller Bob Ketterer Ray Westover LeRoy Anderson Page Forty-four CAPERS NEBRASKA COLLEGE CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L Pts. 0p.r. Peru 14 2 906 782 Wayne 12 4 752 686 Kearney 1 1 5 1020 913 Wesleyan 10 6 84 3 743 Hastings 7 9 696 725 Doane 7 9 782 734 Chadron 5 1 1 644 880 Midland 4 12 766 885 York 2 14 725 S78 SEASON'S RECORD NWU 28, Bradley Tech 71 NWI.T 37, Omaha University 39 NWU 49, Doane 37 NWU 28, Wayne 30 NWU 43, Doane 45 NWU 47, Chadron 43 NWU 50, Hastings 35 NWU 62, Kearney 53 NWU 54, York 52 NWU 58, Wayne 51 NWU 45, Peru 54 NWU 36, Doane 41 NWU 53, Omaha University 51 NWU 53, Hastings 48 NWU 56, Midland 41 NWU 47, Wayne 34 NWU 81, York 40 NWU 47, Peru 51 NWU 53, Chadron 57 X NWU 60, Chadron 41 NWU 55, Midland 35 NWU 62, Kearney 73 Pictured Hop to bottom! : Darrell Heiss Dick Hagemoser Gayle Voller john johnston Wayne Cash "Ike" Stems Pa-ge Forty-five Wesleyan Wayne Bob Ketterer takes the rebound as Cliff Squires and LeRoy Anderson stand by in the Wesleyan-Wayne game. Wesleyan 3 7 Omaha U. 3Q Del Miller and Cliff Squires go up for a rebound and put the squeeze on an Om- aha eager in the Wesleyan-Omaha Univer- sity game. Westover C333 looks on. 47 34 Wesleyan Peru 47 54 Wayne Cash goes up with three Peru hoopsters for a rebound as Darrell Heiss looks on in the Wesleyan-Peru game. Page Forty-six Wesleyaim Kearney Big Cliff Squires drops a bucket while Miller and Sterns follow through in the Wesleyan-Kearney game. 62 53 ' 1 Wesleyan 49 Doane 3 7 Del Miller 1589 runs up two points with Lash up to get a possible rebound in the Xvesleyan-Doane game . Wesleyarm 8 I York 40 Darrell I-Ieiss drops in two points amid three Panthers while Gayle Voller looks on in the Vfesleyan-York game at York College. Page Frvrty-seven 3,0 Middle distance man Calvin Bones and miler Bill Heller take a fast lap around the track to keep in shape for the spring track meets. Cal won honors in the 440 yard dash, and Heller placed Wesleyan in the mile run in the early meets. v 'V ' .41 3 X -, fr K ' it ilu . a ' 14 . ' - W.. es., 7' I '45 4 . - . s ' V" ' 4 V K at ii, . 1 , 1 . - is A pg ,kr 1,1 .. ' 1 F mr v ' 51 ' ,s ' t e. 1 , S ' u.. ' , I: -'ns jg f Q . . , fp , .fu ,M wvnmilk- A pd 'sf S- JWP . i X i MLN Q.. ,..,,, . H . l , L ,- Jw ' wa. - Fin . Y ---s-- J. i ,,l,,. awk, I - .. ,A - --N - s.,.f V.. ., . V .. N V- f. it , 'NV Fr". -'rf-U ," 3 ., - Q 'M " ""' 'hivlxa aww. t .' gp - w"'7f-ref-.a f,iM "f,f.Lftgg. ' M,,.+,A 'tg -w .iQ'.',,3?" .0 .gt 4.7 . p .X 14.1. .. . 'Nig- W .. s '..' -at ,..,:P: m-- ., . I I V-' H A ti - I " Page Forty-eight Two of Wes1eyan's top sprinters, Jerry New- man and Alden Johnson, prepare for a fast start at the stadium track. Newman also ran the low hurdles and ranked high in the high jump. Both are on the 880 relay team. Del Miller was another of Knight's winning sprinters. Hurdlers Wendy Cole and Chick Knight top the high sticks during an afternoon's work- out in preparation for the final NCC corn- petition. - TRACK AND FIELD The 1948 Nebraska Wesleyan track team was bolstered by the return of seven lettermen from previous years. At the start of the season the out- look was bright for a successful year when the lettermen were enforced by several promising freshman. The lettermen from last year's , . . v ,H Q' A X' 1 f. 5 X 1 ' ' I . I C ' ' I' ff! LQ 5, N l 4 , 7 2 ix ti , ' i .-ft-.ff " ,V , , . , , B, . 'wr'f7w-N. -' 1. ..:.. 4....... D -4 l""f" ' Wu R ' :Wig ' ' ' iffnu ' ll' -. sf- " .v X - Q . '65, - - ' . fQ.. squad were: Clifford Squires, shot put and discusg Bill Heller, middle distancesg Alden johnson, sprints, high jumpg Gerald Newman, sprints, low hurdlesg Charles Knight, high and low hurdlesg Calvin Bones, 220 and 440 yardsg Merle Otto, broad jump. Broad jump artist Merle Otto hits the dirt in prac tice jump before the NCC meet. Wendy Cole N was another broad jumper. Champions look over the spoils. Seated are lettermen Ev Poe, Cliff Squires, and "Bus" Knight. They are looking at the football trophy for NCC honors. Standing are Rex Mercer and Oscar Wisbey, members of the golf team which won last year's NCC golf meet. Wisbey was conference medalist. Page Forty-'nine SPRING INTRAMURALS The intramural season at Wesleyan was one of the best in recent years. The four major sports were football, basketball, volleyball and soft ball. The two minor sports were track and golf. Five teams competed in the intra- murals. They were the Phi Taus, Delts, Crescents, Barbs and Indepen- dents. In football, basketball and volleyball, the Crescents were leading the Held in total points. The Delts Winning Basketball Team Page Fifty U I ' xx f r a 0 NJN, 1 V ll RCSB MARIE The cast and chorus in the wedding scene finale in ,the grand ballroom of Chateau Frontenac, Quebec. Cast Of Characters Rose Marie La Flamme ......... .......... J ohnna Ronzo Morgan Jim Kenyon .................. ....................... L ee Finecy Sergeant Malone ........... .............. L eRoy Yanney Hard-boiled Herman ....... ...................... A 1 Gay "Lady Jane" .................. ....... B arbara Leonard Wanda ........................ ........... A my Barber Ed Hawley ............. ..... P aul Hammer Emile La Flamme ...... ...... B ill Cooper Erhel Brander ...... ....... G wen Adams Black Eagle ..... ....... J ohn Berry Page Fifty-two In the opening scene, Emile fl3ill Cooperl searches lor Rose Marie among the party- goets tt the Iadv Jane Hotel. "Rose Marie," Lincoln's light opera, was presented for four evenings to a packed Plainsman Theater. The well known "Indian Love Call", "Rose Marie," and "The Mounties Song" were brought directly to the hearts of the audience by Johnna Ronzo Mor- gan, soprano, Lee Finecy, tenor, and LeRoy Yanney, baritone. The antics of hard-boiled Herman and Lady Jane, the original stage sets, the beautiful costumes, the Totem Tom-Tom dance, and the wedding finale all added to make "Rose Marie" another oustanding light opera in Wes- 1eyan's tradition, "Pop" Bennett di- rected the orchestra and cast through the musical love story of Rose Marie LaFlamme as she and jim Kenyon, a young American prospector, try to prove their love for each other. 'V' 1 Y r f Rose Marie Cjohnna Morganj sings The Indian Love Call" as a warning to Jim who is in his mountain cabin. Lady Jane CBarbara Leonardb and Hard-boiled Herman CAI Gayb do a comic dance. Page Fifty-three Row l Bill Ericson, Bill Cooper, Gene Pierce, Mr. Paulsen, Bob Chenoweth, Walt Marshall, Chet johnson Dick Hart Row 2. Bob Hunter, Clarence Elson, Ben Akert, Dick Hughes, Fred Loder, Dick Nesmith, Duck Con nell Row 3. Ev Poe, Lyle Nelson, Paul Swanson, Bill Wiltse, Dave Rieke, Ray Young. Row 4. Clarence Meister Wendell Atchison, Al Cay, Gene Reed, Francis Hitch, jerry Hedges. M LE A'CAPELLA CHQRUS The men that were a part of this year's male a'capella chorus are con- vinced that none of the other touring groups could have had such an inter- esting trip as they had. They found every town was filled with appreci- ative audiences and good-looking girls, especially Denver. The second post-war tour of the Wesleyan Male A'Capel1a Chorus fea- tured two quartettes, several vocal and instrumental soloists, and a special skit adapted from the kissing scene of this year's light opera. The pro- gram was adaptable to both schools and churches. Their trip took them through Nebraska and into Colorado. Bob Chenoweth, jerry Hedges, Dick Connell, Clarence Meister. Walt Marshall, Bill Cooper, Ben Akert Al Cay Page Fifty-four , 1,1- wi Row l Audra Lu jackson, Donnabelle Muncy, joan Lindahl, Barbara Leonard, Eloise Escue, Martha Webb Doro thy Garfrell. Row 2: Carolyn Curtiss, Mary Louise Alfs, Naomi Hueftle, Donnarae Brownell, jean Hill Lois Nor ton jean Thomas. Row 3. Gwen Adams, Evelyn Cunningham, juanita johnson, Sylvia Rystrom, Shirley Nesmith Marian Peckham, Margaret Slagg. Row 4: Arlayne Kyes, Mildred Haynes, Gloria Siglinger, Lois Clood Irene Kel ley joyce Hennings, Marcia jones. GIRL'S GLEE CLUB The Girl's Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Doris Ganz, had 28 members this year. The group went on its renrh annual tour and gave 45 per- formances including 23 high schools and 20 churches. All members must have a C average to go on tour. The program used on tour consisted of folk songs and religious and semi-classical numbers. .Soloists were Gwen Adams, Irene Kelley, Barbara Leonard, and Donnabelle Muncy, vocalists, and jean Thomas, insrrumentalisr. A vocal trio included Evelyn Cunningham, jean Hill, and Lois Norton. Page Fifty-five PRIDE OP THE PLAINSMAN Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Standing: Loreta Coe Shirley Daft Ramona Mitchell Warren Rice Lois Knapple Paul Nicholas Ruth Foos Lila Barra fright sidej john Berry Dixie Heidebrecht Daryle Seefus Lorraine Hewett Alice Deissler Tom Cooper Dick Young Frances Perry Bruce Deal Shirley Meyer Tom Mihane Leuretta Martin Mildred Guyer Barbara Hicks Roger Phipps Doris Rohrig Ivan Miller Barbara Koch jim Munkres Martha Clifton Bob Noyes J' l Mary Roush Lealan Harlow Bill Hare Dale Link Art Bates Alma Stoddard Bob Bowen .lna Belle Gillan Mae Hansen Don Staples .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. -'.'.'.'.'.' '.'. Q . . . . J. . Phyllis Wroth Page Fifty-six The music department was proud to add to the list of Wesleyan touring groups the concert band. The concert band normally consists of sixty-live to seventy members, forty-three of whom were selected to go on tour. During the football season there was also a marching band that performed between the halves. The half-time shows featured Major Albert Gay, The mens glee skit was a take-off on the kissing scene from "Rose Marie." The Plainsman Band took part in the ceremony in February to start the Abraham Lincoln Friendship train. majorettes and flag swingers. The majorettes were Jacquie Mason and Irma Nelson. Peggy Chadderdon and Beverly Wilder were Hag swingers. The band toured over 1500 miles and appeared in thirty-four commun- ities of northeastern Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Don Marsh, pian- ist, Martha Temple, violinist, and Georgia Brainard, contralto, were featured as soloists with the company. The trumpet trio: Tom Cooper, Lealan Harlow Tom Mnhane lk . Page Fifty-seven for the Hnal music auditions. SOMETHI G SPECIAL IN MUSIC A special honor came to violinist Geraldyne Kelley when she went to New York to play in Carnegie Hall for the final music auditions this April. This honor was won at the regional auditions, open to music students throughout this region. Gerry won the Lincoln Symphony Auditions in I947. Her instructor during her training has been Mrs. Geralyn Wal- rath Bennett. Leland Finecy and Don Marsh also received honors in musical competi- tion. In the annual Lincoln Sym- phony Auditions Lee was named as the vocal winner and Don rated as an alternate in instrumental compe- tition. As the winner Lee sang with the Lincoln Symphony orchestra in their hnal concert of the season. Lee FIHCCY, tenor lead in "Rose Marie," vocalizes to show the photographer his vocal cords. Don Marsh stops his practice for a moments rest. Don wrote the new school song Wlien They Ring the Bell in Old Main Page Fifty-eight Geraldyne Kelley practices with her instructor, Mrs. Bennett, in preparation Piano Don Marsh: Bass, Dick Young: Trumpets, Bill Hare, Tommy Cooper, Lealan Harlow, Trombones, Don Staples, Bob Bowen: Drums, Harold Peterson: Saxophnes, Wesley Rothleutner, Shirley Meyer, Martha Clifton, Mary Roushg Soloists, Amy Barber, Warren Rice. DANCE BAND Tommy Cooper's Dance Band, now in its second year, played for the Harvest Moon Festival which was an all-school party held in the fall. Amy Barber and Warren Rice were the soloists. The dance band played at many high school concerts in Nebras- ka, Iowa, and South Dakota while on the Plainsman band tour. Several of the high schools tried to schedule a return for their junior-senior proms. The "swing band" did not play in public as much as they would have liked to, since all the members were busy in the large Plainsman band and other activities. Page Fifty-nine 5 W J . 5, Q . . . 'f.'.-.f '. J' , -sox---... .,', ,sv-I. ... , Row I Donnabelle Muncy, lean Hill, Louise Nisley Kugler, Amy Barber, Ruth Aregood, Gwen Adams, Evelyn Cunningham Phyllis Wroth Shirley Underhill, lrene Kelley, Betty Corbit, Irma Trott, Aileen Ross, Mary Weirauch, Loreta Coe Lois Birm ingham Row 2: Dick Connell, Bill Hare, Paul Nicholas, john Berry, Paul Hammer, Paul Swanson, LeRoy Yanney Dick Hughes AI Gay Glenn Helms, Bill Cooper, Dick Nesmith, jerry Hedges, Meredith Phillips, Prof. Oscar Bennett. CHAPEL CHOIR Approximately 50 members com- pose the Wesleyan Chapel Choir which participates in every Tuesday chapel worship service. This music group meets two afternoons a week Page Sixty and rehearses for one hour. Old members retain their membership from year to year, and new members are selected by try-ours, under profes- sor Oscar P. Bennett's direction. ON BORRUWED 1 ' Jai., TIMEH I t Gramps CAl Eastland3 dumbly waits for someone to explain to him the ne- cessity of Pud's Cjohnny Ladnerj death. With the move to the new theater com- pleted in time for the lirst play, the stage crew was able to build an outstanding set with the realistic cottage and apple tree. L 1 1 The tender, poignant story of a grand- father's love for his grandson was the open- ing play for the 1947-48 Plainsman Players season. It was the first play to be given in the new Plainsman Theater. The cast included Ernestine Heim as Miss Nellie, Al Eastland as Gramps, LeRoy Yanney was Mr. Brink CDeathJ , and the youngest mem- ber was John Ladner playing Pud. There was an excellent supporting cast. Page Sixty-one . 1 I wi-Sen U ff 9 ,Jim .J 'Q , fs F'-vw' W7 FI v'+5,,'i .ld 'yfgffy :N P legs.: 9 Ji:+:s:,qf ,An ,gf Joyce Crawford's escapades as Miriam drew many admonitions and threats from the father as played by John Blaeske. It was Miriam's ideas that caused Ruth troubles in the affairs of the heart. 3 ff via! f.7l'ly it "J," I Qsvy 1, W s fc, Q if l Q The father found it necessary to advise his other daughter, Ruth, played by Carolyn Nelson, about the ways to handle her man troubles. Bill Carriker played the role of the lieutenant just home from the war.. Page Sifvty-two "DEAR RUTH" "Dear Ruth" was the first new talent show to be given in the new Plainsman Theater. The cast, composed of players walking the Wesleyziii boards for the first time, presented the popular comedy in a manner equaling professional productions. Carolyn Nelson carried the lead with an ex- cellent supporting cast consisting of John Blaeske, Joyce Crawford, Bill Carriker, Alice Deissler, Joanne Johns, Gaylen Doak, Jean Janke, Bill Wiltse, and C.. Fred Bradford. Dorothy Schnuelle, understudy to Joyce Crawford, played the part of Miriam in the show. ,J-sn. N wx' CYRANO DE Roxane C Dorothy Bloughb enters the chapel of the Convent occupied by the Ladies of the Cross, at Paris. Roxane went to the Convent in mourn- ing after the death of Christian CDick Nesmithj. BERGERAC The production of Cymno de Ber- gerac was the largest production ever attempted by the Plainsman Players. With a cast of over sixty, extrava- gant sets in the Hotel de Bourgogne, at Roxane's balcony, at the battlefield, and at the Convent, with complete costumingg and with Carl Bader play- ing the lead of Cyrano the drama was certainly a success. All the line bravura of Edmond Rostand's swaggering drama, all its poetical extravagance and glamor were there in the Players production. Ev- eryone lived with Carl Bader as Cyr- ano while he hid his preposterous nose in the darkness and let his words win the fair Roxane CDorothy Bloughj for the handsome but mute Christian CDick Nesmithj. Marium Hansen CThe Duennaj, Roy Bailey CComte De Guicheb, Don Marsh CRagueneauD, and Boyden Harvey CLe Bretj were a few mem- bers of the excellent supporting cast. Page Sixty-three Yanney sing "As You Walk." Q7 QV, C17 THE NINE TAILORS LeRoy Yanney, Bill Weddell, Marjorie johnson, Boyden Harvey, Ed Kugler, Amy Barber, Carl Bader, Ruth Littrell, Carolyn Nelson. ROAD To.UR M- 1948 The 1948 Plainsman Player Road Show was presented as another phase of Wesleyan's speech program to of- fer platform opportunity to college men and women. The group of ten travelled over 1500 miles in three states presenting programs in the churches and high schools. "The Nine Tailors" was the re- ligious play using bells as its theme. It combined music and drama in a MINK, MONEY 84 MAKE-UP Members of the cast help LeRoy Page Sixty-four program designed to put drama back into the church where it had its beginning. The climax of the pro- gram was an original play, "ll Cam- panellof' written by Dr. Enid Miller. "Mink, Money and Make-Up" was the show written especially for the high schools of Nebraska. It was presented at the Homecoming chapel on April 15. avS"u2 ., V, :W 52 ' Wa.. 1 DELORES F RAN TZ X6 1 Page Sixty-five GUYLA STEELE BEVERLY BRUBACHER ,wi Page Sixty-sin: BONNIE GRIFFITH SHIRLEY MERCER Page Sixty-seven ELAINE OHMAN NANCY OSBORNE K ff Qs' 311 NM? DELORES RITTER Page Sixty-eight f LENORE VANDERKOLK Page Sixty-nine DIXIE WINCHELL Cover Girl Picture: by Ewuzr Studio in va, y . ,pg M' May Queen Student Prince lean Thomas Paul Hammer Page Seventy MAY DAY At the annual May Fete the honor- ary campus royalty were revealed to the waiting crowd. As the Wes- leyan Band played the processional the May Queen, Student Prince, and their attendants advanced to preside over the day's activities. Jean Thomas and Paul Hammer were crowned as May Queen and Student Prince by the presidents of Cardinal Key and Blue Key. Senior attendants were Gwen Adams, Marilyn Mayo, Tommy Coop- er, and Carl Sell. Beverly Brubacher, Lois Norton, LeRoy Yanney, and Bill Weddel were presented as junior at- tendants. Sophomore attendants were The First Place Phi Tau Serenaders Audrey Schultz, Dorris Thomas, Bob Bushnell, and Lee Gartrell. Presented as freshman attendants were jean Janke, Jacquie Mason, Bill Cooper, and Art Harvey. Vcrla Wisemztn was chosen as the winner in the first annual poetry contest. Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and Phi Kappa Tau fraternity took first places in the inter-sorority and inter- fraternity sing competition. . The sorority winners received a gold tro- phy and the fraternity the traditional "darky" symbol as awards for their winning groups. The Alpha Gamma Delta Wilwninra Octette J I age Seventy-mtv it? M ' N-J ., x f A , 1 if "ss i ,-""' Q , + 1 Biff Qnob Old Grouch x 'fs Ruth Hcllmzmn Carl Sc-:ll Page Seventy-two 3-fir' In April the annual all-school Big Snob-Old Grouch party was held in the gymnasium. The attending couples voted for the social king and queen of the year, and they were formally pre- sented at the end of the evenings pro- gram. l TI-IE SOCIAL SET Couples Dottie Jensen and Dick Rupert, Gerry Kelley and Bob Bushnell enter the Shamrock door of the St. Patrick basketball shag. The Irish ruled for the night with Irish songs and the green and white of Eire. The Yellers of the Brown spent many hours turning the gymnasium into 1 haven of green and white shamrocks. The dance, given in honor of the basketball boys was one of the most successful all school social events of the year. Through the streamers we see couples dancing against the background of huge shram rocks made of colored napkins. Page Seventy-three qi E 'P Y 0' bf! Ai x -N , U y 3 gf ' s v 45 x 4:3 55, P 'P' f Q in Fix! W Q ff-'. e . , .gffff-W 1:1 sffffyf, V . lf 1 af? x , Ii A A I . Q x i K . , F, HK- U, ng, x K 5 11" if , r -x' 'fi 4- ,ix A 'j ,WAC gn E, .Q 2 , A Q arf: , ,iefexz as ugly mf? ,A xy ff YU' Q z.-24,-4 - 3 ' 'S W f ' e. 1,4 it e x A Hgiwfbig 55423224524 ,X :il ,gi Eggiigi ' 4 gh ,Rx ,nf fs pi W4 ? 'A Bugle 'I , - W. in lah! 9 im Alpha Gam Spring Formal Delta Zeta Hit Parade Formal eww Phi Tau Sweetheart Ball Page Seventy-five r vm 0 !f'.,1. lx: ,Lf m ,v U mfg, ', i,LH34v'K , .. xglfe ir ,L'w'l mtv. ,V . ,., '.K XX4' 4' K' if The Spinsters' Spree X- wnvsygn iff, U . . 1 The Delt 5007 Club Willttrti Picnic and Huyruck Ride Delta Zeta Hit Parade ........1L.MHS- Q A ' N" 'A 1 'AVA USN. . Q mt' Delt Li'l Abner Party Phi Mu Annual Old Maids' Party , 1 i S 2 1 l s Delta Zeta Davy jones Locker Upper Right: A. C. E. Burn Dance 5 iii 3 g 9 ll l - X - 1 Bob Chenoweth, Pat McEvoy, Robert Thurtle, Merle Otto, Wendell Atchison, Ed Kugler INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is com- posed of two delegates from each fraternity. It serves to maintain friendly relationships and to foster a cooperative spirit among the social N OFFICERS fraternities on the campus. As a new step in cooperation, this year the group sponsored the first annual In- terfraternity ball which took place between semesters. President ....,....,,.,.,,,,,,.,.,,.,,,,.... Merle Otto Vice President ..,,.... ..,.,.. S am McEvoy Sec.-Treasurer ....... ....,.. R obert Thurtle Page Seventy-eight Row l Maureen Brown, lane lewell, Miss McBrair, Marjorie Sitz, Amy Barber. Row 2: Dorris Thomas Wilma Barrels lean Kleinschmidt, Gloria Siglinger, Betty Meisiriger, Louise Nisley Kugler, Cordelia Weidlei' PANHELLENIC COUNCIL I The Panhellenic Council sponsored two main events this year. First se- mester rhey held their Panhellenic Christmas Ball at the Turnpike, and the annual Panhellenic spring schol- arship luncheon was held at the Lin- coln Hotel. At the luncheon the scholarship trophy was presented to the Willard sorority, the group with the highest scholastic average for the year. The Council was established to maintain a friendly and cooperative feeling among the sororities on the campus, to promote high social and scholastic standards, and to conduct discussions on questions of interest to the social organizations. The coun- cil is composed of three delegates from each sorority. OFFICERS President ........i ........ M aureen Brown Secretary ...... i....... A my Barber Treasurer .,...... ,,.i... J ane Jewell Page Seventy-nine ALPHA .GAMMA DELTA' President .......................... Betty Meisinger First Vice-President .............. Lois Norton Secretary ..................... ..Vernice Eshelman Rush Chairman ..,..... .. ....... Betty Corbit Row 1: Row 2: Row 35 Mildred DeHart Marcia jones Mary Lou Callen Beth Stage Marilyn Mayo Ila Bee Burling Doris Rohrig Mary Lea Boner Vernice Eshelman Lila Barta Jane Jewell Elaine Ohmgm Martha Temple Audra Lu Jackson Shirley Daft Jean Hill Mrs. Aaberg Betty Meisinger Lois Norton Geraldyne Kelley Lois Purdy Evelyn Barnett Shirley Meyers Janet Luschei Betty Corbit Norma Robertson Marilyn Grossoehme Margaret Christ Lenore Vanderkolk Jessica Lund Row 4: Marian Peckham Wilma Bartels Val jean Nesmith Jeanne Brillhart Georgia Brainard Stellarose Lampshire Arlayne Kyes Roberta Embree Gwen Adams Janet Tiekotter Alice Carlson Jean Janke Alpha Gams find "the heap of living needed to make a home" at a big white house with balconies per- fect for serenade listenin' and a wide front porch just made for afternoon chats. A fall scavenger hunt, prefer- ence firesides, the spring formal, tra- ditional Rose Dinner, and senior Gam gals stop a moment to rest at the corner of 50th and Baldwin. Page Eighty-one jane Jewell, retiring president, hands the gavel to the newly elected president Betty Meisinger. Betty is also an officer in Car dinal Key, Theta Alpha Phi, and Panhellenlc Council. breakfast are highlights of this season that Gams will long cherish in hours of reverie. Stressing scholarship, high purposes, and ideal womanhood, the chapter at Wesleyan became a part of international Alpha Gamma Delta in 1928. DELTA ZETA Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Rose Marie Williams Eloise Escue Mary Godbey LaDean Graham Martha Webb Martha Clifton Ruth Foos Phyllis Penton Bonnie Yaeger Opal Wiles Dorothy Blough Shirley Parli Mary Weirauch Aileen Ross Mrs. Colley Jean Kleinschmidt Amy Barber Shirley Hampton Donna Skinner Irma Nelson Carol Rule Beverly Hays Dolores Sugden Dixie Winchell Sandra Schumann Betty Theiman Wilma Smith Bonnie Van Cleef Lois Clark Margaret Schmer Evelyn Cunningham Bethel Carne Lois Johnson Lois Knapple Lois Marie Danielson Jacqueline Reinick Ethel Carne Carolyn Curtiss Louise Thurman Blythe Linder Pat Johann Marilyn Long Marilyn Meyer DeLores Frantz Mary Louise Alfs Wilma Merrill Joanne Johns Joan Nutter Marlea Sims 12,5 i W. XT. tr' Pagt Eighty-two X 4...--V -gg The girls in Delta Zeta, national sorority, had their share of fun and frolic this year. A hard time party opened their social season, followed by a dress-up "Hit-parade" party at the chapter house. The Delta Zeta pledges this year entertained the pledges from other sororities at a tea, Aileen Ross, president, represents her sorority in Panhellenic council, Student Senate, Cardinal Key and W.A.A. LaDean G r a h a m stands to the side after Tommy Cooper re- ceives the crown as a Delta Zeta man. and the girls each gave a bid to a girl in another social group for their spring party. Dancing to the music of Dave Haun and his orchestra cli- maxed the social season when the pledges entertained the actives at An-- telope pavilion. OFFICERS N President ...,......,... ..,...... A ileen Ross Vice President .,.............. Dorothy Blough Correspondence Secretary ............ Kleinschmidt Record Secretary .............. Dixie Winclrell Treasurer .........,.... ....... S hirley Hampton Page Eighty-tlvrec Avis Aden Mary Carol Eckles Mrs. Maxwell Merle Bailey Miss Buie Arlene Hall Peggy Mills PHI MU OFFICERS President .................... ............ M erle Bailey Vice President ......................... Lois Glood Secretary .......... .......... B everly Brubacher Treasurer ............ ...Cordelia Weidler Social Chairman ............... Ramona Brooks Rush Chairman ........ t. Dixie Heidelbrecht Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Bonnie Smith Pat Gauger Ardith Wiseman Verla Wiseman Maureen Brown Dixie Heidebrecht Elaine Koontz Martha Bengston Anna Mae Tubridy Beverly Brubacher Cordelia Weidler Loretta Yanney Pat Osborn Ramona Brooks Gloria Siglinger Shirley Bevelheimer Phyllis Carnes Gene Schroeder Lois Glood Margaret Cook Beverly Wilder Page Eighty-four This year found the girls in the house on Huntington Avenue bright- ening the social season with their Phi Mu breakfast and coke dances, Halloween Masquerade, annual Old Maids party, Linoma Beach picnic, Sitting, talking, reading, and just enjoying each others company are more parts of Phi Mu living. Carnation banquet, reception for their national president, and the Dream formal at the Cornhusker. During the final weeks of the year the Phi Mu girls kept their sisters busy and surprised with many engagements. 1 M fi .riff P ' ,ri - nl 1'l1-A-lLAsu4oa.v.,.. Merle Bailey, president, assumed her duties during thc second semester. Pige Eighty-five WILLARD Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Donna Lightbody Patty Dutton Ruth Hellmann Carolyn Nelson Naomi Hueftle Audrey Schultz Francie Perry jackie Thomas Barbara Botsch Betty Moderow Barbara Hicks Peggy Chadderdon Alice Greenslit Provost Jean MacLean Marjorie Johnson Mrs. Hastings Marjorie Sitz .lane Nisley Dorothy Jensen Margaret Slagg Margaret Low Marjorie Schurr jacquie Mason Lola Hueftle Mary Fechner Edythe Cochran Mildred Guyer Polly Porr Irma Trott Dorris Thomas Shirley Mercer Wanda Gerlach Donna Taylor Betty Merrell Dctothy Schnuelle Not pictured: Barbara Leonard ,.. jean Thomas Burnadette Yeutter Stevenson Genie Wallace Joyce Yoder Elayne Spearman Idelle Novak Virginia Cawley Dolye Jo Neslund Shirley Harper Louise Nisley Kugler Bonnie Griffith Marilyn Schaefer ' 6 r i-1- Page Eighty-sin: 5' ,Wall XI, . "Out of a dream, mem'ries come stealingg out of a dream, that Wlillard feeling." The fall "Haunted House" party, the firesides, candle-light birth- day dinners, the pledge party, tradi- tional Rose Tea, the spring formal and Willard May Day, which in- cluded an early morning hayride and OFFICERS President ............ Vice President.. Secretary ...,............ ......... Rush Chairman ........,..... Social Chairman ....... serenade, the Crest breakfast, and a picnic-all of these added to the store of Willard memories. The so- rority, founded after Frances W'illard, is the oldest local sorority in the United States and the oldest sorority on the Wesleyan campus. .................. Jane Nisley Margaret Slagg .Genie Wallace Elayne Spearman Betty jane Merrell Marjorie Sitz served as the capable pres- ident of the Willards this year. Her other interests were in Theta Alpha Phi, WAA, Cardinal Key and Panhellenic council. Wfillards gather around their firepltce fer a weekend fireside with singing, fun and food. Page Eighty-seven CRESCENT OFFICERS President .................... Robert Chenoweth Vice President ................ Wilber Elliott Secretary... Treasurer.. Row 1: Row 2: Herb Rihn William Hotz LeRoy Rich Bob Calkins Wally Kuntz Wilber Elliott Gene Nelson Richard Hadsell N ot pictured: Dean Fleischauer Willis Trott Louis Hansen Bob Chenoweth Mrs. Benning Dr. Barringer Jack Boren Derald Ely Erwin Rihn Gerald Hansen .........Darrell Grell Row 3: Row 4: Leonard Griffin Darrell Grell Bill Morse Jim French Harris Holle Gerald Hansen Alfred Calvert Paul Brettman Dick Miller Gene Cedardahl William Vogelsang Merle Garrison Norman Hoffman Earl Veskerna Merle Otto Lee Mann Kenneth Wayman Dale Hohnstein Keith Engleman Millard Grell Alden johnson Gay Doak Al Gotdan Jack Baker , Jerry Newman, David Muirhead, Gilbert Thompson, Randolph jividen, Robert Ketterer. Page Eighty-eight L The Crescent fraternity spent a very eventful year with plenty of happenings around the local frater- nity chapter. They sponsored a theme contest on the Reorganization of Stu- dent Senate, and also received the Phi Tau Intramural Trophy for the second consecutive year. The annual Bowery party was held at the Antelope Park pavillion with Crescents form a circle around the newly engaged couple, Wilma Barrels and jack Boren, at the end of a Bear Dance. Page Eigltty-more Bob Chenoweth replaced Merle Otto as president. His activities include Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, male a'cappella choir, Plainsman quartette, Plainsman staff, and debate. dancing in bowery costume. Many laughs were heard as the pledges presented their skit of the evening. Cotner Terrace was the scene of the spring formal. Many bear dances were heard about the campus this year. The traditional duckings at Steven's creek were suc- cessful as some of the newly engaged and married victims vouched for. DELTA OMEGA PHI President .................................. Bruce Link Vice President .......... ........ G lenn Helms House Manager ........ ....,... P aul Svenson Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Virgil Condon Russell Schelkopf Don Frazell Jim Anderson Bill Weddell Wendell Atchison Keith Slagg Don Mietzner Max Kellough Ben Leal Dean Parrish Carl Amos Clarence Elson Leland Finecy Glenn Helms Mr. Parsons Mrs. Thurtle Bruce Link Bruce Deal Harry Hart Paul Svenson LeRoy Marks Max Biggs Not Pictured: Calvin Bones, Paul Leonard, Jerald Post, Stanley Wilcox, Richard Anderson, Lawrence Wallace. Honorary Member: Kenneth Strawn. David Rieke Marvin Ohs George Umbarger Jim Voigt Bill Heller Bob Bowen Dick Meyer Bob Butler Dale Link Wilfred Jensby Tom Mihane jack Anderson Don Parkinson Don Smiley Dean Brockhoff Gilbert Egle . i 'l Row 4: Charles Knight Harold Porter Bill Carriket Boyd Barker Ralph Hires Herb Stortz Bob Thurtle Max Anderson Deryle Seefus Baldwin Newcomer Frank Christ Bruce Juelfs Dale Kugler Bob Bushnell Charles Harrison LeRoy Anderson Page Ninety Delt men take advantage of a few empty moments to relax in their living-room. The versatile men of Delta Omega Phi completed another successful year holding important positions in many organizations on the campus. From the Hrst picnic and rush party in the fall, through the traditional Lil' Abner party and Delt-Gam breakfast, the fraternity completed the social season Page Ninety-one with the annual spring breakfast and the beach picnic. Sororities heard more than their share of Delt Sweetheart serenades during the school year as the "Men of Purple and Gold" kept up with the trend of the times with a dozen men taking the fatal step and pinning their girls. President Bruce Link is active in Theta Alpha Phi and in the honorary physics group. PHI KAPPA TAU President .............. ......... E d Kuglet Vice President ........ ....... L arry Walrath Secretary ....i.......... ........ F rancis Durham Treasurer ........................ Wes Rothleutner Social Chairman ........ ........ A rt Harvey Row 1: Row 2: Row 5: Row 4: Row 5: Jim Hume Lowell Fey Roy Clark Warren Spellman Bob Muflly Stanley Rider Darrell Woods Oscar Wisbey Irvin Deeds jack Wieseman Tom Cooper Don Dunlap Francis Moles Glenn Warneking Charles Eckles Francis Durham Bill Ericson Mike Tristan Al Davis Al Wilder Dick Young john Godbey Don Buckholz Bill Cooper Walt Rich Bill Finley Sam McEvoy Mrs. Nelson Dr. Rosentrator Art Harvey Louis Munoz Warren Rice Dick Nesmith Dale Ruggles Ira Linder Ben Akert Marvin Morgan Paul Bachenburg Rig Joosten John Harding Ross Smith Wes Rothleutner Jerry Miller Vernon Ward Bill Wiltse Bill Cary Wilfred Meyer Kenneth White Walter Tesch Dick Hughes .lim Howell Dick Dutton Ed Kugler Ward White Lloyd Elrod john Berry Dick Connell Bob Noyes Kenneth McKibbin Eugene Schmeckpepper Ronald Jensen Gene Meier Bob Clark Bill Dunn Larry Walrath Ray Owens Paul Swanson Dick Rupert Dick Westcott Fred Deeds Wallace johnson Clarence Newsham Boyden Harvey Not pictured: Al Gay, Dick Hart, Eugene Hunt, Chet Johnson, James jones, Harold Peterson, Carl Sell, LeRoy Yanney, Ray Young. Page Ninety-two Beverly Brubacher Phi Mu, was chosen the Phi Tau Sweetheart for 1948 and was honored at the Sweetheart Formal, held at the Lincoln The Phi Tau Ramblers rambled along through the year building up their ideals of fellowship and good sportsmanship. The Blue Key Home- coming award went to the Taus for their "Stormy Weather" house deco- ration, and in the May Day Inter- Fraterniry Sing they took top honors. Keeping scholastic standards high, and The president of Phi Kappa Tau for the coming year is Ed Kugler who this year was the All Wesleyan Orator, a member of Theta Alpha Phi and the Road Show, and participated In many y campus activities. helping to develop personalities, they topped off the year with a formal dance at the Lincoln Hotel Ball- room. Working together for their fraternity, the Phi Taus will be found in nearly every department and activ- ity on the campus of Nebraska Wes- leyan University. Page Ninety-three BARBS The Barbs are a group of organized independents who work together to further the good of the university and to foster a wholesome school spirit. To fulfill this purpose a program is carried out by cooperating in pro- viding a liberal social program and New --N . . 'x by encouraging high standards of scholarship, leadership, and participa- tion in extracurricular activities of unaffiliated students. Two highlights of the Barb year were the Christmas party and the Barb banquet in the spring. . .efN V, !r.,.' ,Q , .:, Page N inety-four Sam Wakai OFFICERS President ............ . .......... William Martin Vice President ...................... Evelyn jones Secretary .......... ........... V al Jean Wheeler Treasurer ......... . .... .......... J asper Swim Chaplain .......... ....... D wight Kemling Historian ......... .......... B etty Wallace Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Bob Hunter Ermal Collister Betty Kyes Alfred Holdeen Donnabelle Muncy Evelyn Fry Dwain Carr Sally Ueoka Loretta Martin Orville Kemling Ruth Aregood Peggy Mills Darrel Case Wilfred Hotch Gilbert England Conley Hinrichs Frank Robbins William Martin Naomi Smith Deloris Nerud Shirley Hartzer Mae Hansen Ruby Renwanz Sylvia Rystrom Evelyn Jones Elsie Neth Guyla Steele Edna Parks Velda Dallman Virginia Kerr Row 4: Row 5: George Ferris Charles Hellmann Jerry Hedges Bob Woodruff ,Iim Munkres Lowen Kruse Eugene Bock jasper Swim Don Staples Dale Harlan Dwight Kemling Ivar Lindstrom Grant Flin! Richard Monroe Jim Jackman Don Miltner Bob Stoddard Lee Gartrell Jim McCoy Hugh Ferguson Don Webster Page Ninety-five Louis Kuntz Ross Bloomgren jim Wickstrom Warren Urbom Don Marsh Virginia Van Sickle Betty jewett Betty Lowell Nancy Osborne Dorothy Frew Doris Fry Shirley Underhill Myrna Taylor Ramona Mitchell joan Wentling Betty Wallace Alma Stoddard Betty Sheets Lois Nisely Arvilla Lange Ruth Eickman Val jean Wheeler Bernadene Melcher Donna Scott Roberta Jackman Phyllis Shaul 1"lIIlh1 "Q gf Row l: Lois Nisely, Elona Chun, Viona Dreeszen, Guyla Steele, Sally Ueoka, Mrs. Pullman, june Blake, Betty lewetf. Row 2: Donnabelle Muncy, Elsie Neth, Velda Dallman, Virginia Van Sickle, Florence Littlefield, Ruth Eickman, Val lean Wheeler, Arvilla Lange, Mae Hansen, Edna Parks, Faith Okamoto. SENIOR WOMENS HALL In Thanks To Harold Peterson We would like to take this space spent many hours taking, developing at the,1ast of the book to thank Harold and priming the Pictures used by the Pete Peterson, our photographer, for all the time and effort he has given Publlfifl' dePaffmems the Wefleyfm to this year's PLAINSMAN. He has and the Plaimman. Thanks, Pete. Page Ninety-six 4 nib' The Hall Parlor IOHNSON HALL The dedication of the newly com- pleted women's dormitory, Johnson Hall, took place in the hall parlor on February 27. The program was opened with a welcome and appreciation talk by Chancellor Knight. Preceding the ritual of dedication led by Bishop W,illiam C. Martin, the president of the board of trustees, Ernest L. Smith, introduced the guest of honor, Mr. A. I.. johnson, after whom the Hall was named. Our special guests were the mem- A GirI's Room bers of the board of trustees, members of the Womens Educational. Council who contributed money to furnish the living rooms and kitchenettes, and faculty women and wives who gave the silver service to the girls. Fac- ulty members, deans of women from other schools and the families and friends of the freshmen girls were also invited. After the ceremony tea was served, and the girls conducted a tour of the building. The Cafeteria Page N inety-seven ABOVE-Cirls' Dorm. RIGHT-Magee Memorial Stadium. A We Congratulate Nebraska Wesleyan University on it's Campus Expansion Program. We are happy to have a part in this program. 4 LEFT-New Field House. BELOW--New P Iainsman Theater OLSON CONSTRUCTION CO. 410 S. 74th Street Lir1C0lI1, Nebr- HOLMES GROCERY -If-Ki!-II THE DALITE STORE With Plenty of Parking lln Uni.I 'K-K-Ili 6-2194 2600 No. 48th 5.-lg.-I..-.g1.p-I.-nu...nn--1.11.11 1 1 .i..1.pQ.qp1..1.'.........l.1g1q1. CITIZENS STATE BAN K A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 2650 No. 48th Lincoln, Nebr. -lppuu I-I..-ul-an IT'S CHEAPPER I I SHOP WHERE YOU CAN SAVE EVERY DAY! It isn't necessary to hunt all over town for bargains, because you can be sure that the "Cheapper" Drug Store is selling it at the lowest possible price! Look for the "Flying Red Arrow" on O Street! It leads to greater values! I DRUGS 0 PRESCRIPTIONS 0 CANDY ' I TOBACCO 0 STATIONERY I COSMETICS 0 TOILETRIES We Keep Lincoln Prices Down! We carry complete lines of all the nationally advertised brands. Low prices every day. You always save at "Cheappers." CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. 'I325 O Lincoln GREEN FURNACE AND PLUMBING CO., INC. LET US "FURNACE" YOUR HOME 2747 No. 48th Phone 6-2800 SINCE 1871 . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LINCOLN --. - LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1.11.111--.111111---i11i11i-.11.-1 ingiln.-.n-gg.-u1.q..g.1..-- 1 1 in,..-qI-.lp-gg-..g..-lgi.g1.giu1 ,Qin 'HE CIQUUJD AT THE CORNHUSKER'S TASTYDPASTRY SHOP Y 2? , QX.-S x., H g good fo ih C1 Z g Z f g df X ,Q 5 Q uates and alums! -v -5 X HOTEL CORNHUSKER t X'-1 SFRHETJTSL as uinn1un.1nn1ga...un1lliln1uniIn--nn1qn1nq1m1-an JIM unmn PRIIITIHE cu- 2718 No. 48th Sf. A V LET'S ALL HELP MAKE NEBRASKA WESLEYAN "THE BEST COLLEGE IN THE MIDDLEWESTH MAYO DRUG CO. "The Drug Store on the Corner" 2700 No. 48th Lincoln, Nebraska 1.11111-pq1-I 1.1 1 1: 1 1 g 1 :ix 5 CONGRATULATIONS To the Cub Scouts in University Place C. L. STORER IEWELER DIAMONDS - WATCHES -- IEWELRY 4 4 4 4 120 South 13th 5-7506 as-u x-an1lr+,.-nu1u ,, .I 1 -15: Vun1-- nc+al7--- -NATIONAL BANK 0F COMMERCE 4444 "45 Years at 13th and O" Lincoln, Nebraska 4 4 4 4 Member of F.D.I.C. .. .- ,,..g.1g.1. fu, .. . ..-...-- . .-7 n1u1u.--un1nn1 1 1 1 1 1 1.--...-. FRATERNITY IEWELERS MEDALS, PINS AND TROPHIES 4 4 4 4 R I X S T I N E IEWELRY MEC. co. 1108 P ST. PHONE LINCOLN, NEBR. 2-3810 6-2345 2650 No. 48th GATES INSURANCE AGENCY CECIL c. GATES CITIZENS STATE BANK ll If 11'-I I nrxwl, :ll 1:---uric.: ,.q1gn--u-zu-9.11-u-n1q1.1g1 TROMBLA REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE I I O I 2714 No. 48th 6-2875 up--....p-gp.-n1..1.a.--p--u--...-..1 1 .. 1-1-11.-...-...1..1..1.. YOU'LL FIND I REASONABLE PRICES 0 GOOD FOOD 0 QUICK SERVICE 0 COURTEOUS TREATMENT AT THE COTTAGE CAFE zaoi No. -iam 6-5035 THOMAS HARDWARE 41-tri!-it GARDEN TOOLS - LAWN MOWERS PAINT - VARNISH - BRUSHES GIFT WARE - TOYS - RADIOS +1 4: +1 41 Phone 6-2363' 2739 No. 48th ,1..1..1.i..-...1...1...1qp-pp.-qi-.mi 1 1 1 1 .- -. .. 1 1 -.- SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Learn to sew the Singer way. Morning, after- noon and evening classes. Arrange for appoint- ment at lll2 O St. : LET US DO YOUR LAUNDRY AND CLEANING Also Drapes, Curtains, Rugs and Furniture Try LincoIn's Largest Family Laundry GLOBE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS l I24 L Sf. Phone 2-6755 BOYD JEWELRY CO. I2th fr O Streets Lincoln ,,,,,,.1...1n...p.1.'1n-..uu1un...nn1nn1gn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nni1: :: :: 1. .. -q-.1n..u .VY lc 1: c, mfr. .-. .1 PRAIRIE BOOK STORE BOOKS GREETING CARDS BIBLES 204 South l 2th 2-6200 4 .,...-.........-..-,.........-.,....-....-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-...-...-. - Umberger's Morturary l 110 Q- Lincoln, Nebr. Funeral and Ambulance Service Donald Burke, Roy Sheaff, Darold Rohrbaugh, Floyd Umberger Families. 2-5059 Best Wishes to the Plainsmen from the Umbergers n. li: r no-L: T- - - HOW WOULD YOU GRADE YOURSELF ON APPEARANCE? SAVE WITH SAFETY AT PEERLESS CLEANERS GEORGE H. LEMON Branch 2719 North 48th 7 . 7... 1.71. up--..1..1an1pn1.l1..1 MILTON B. GATES, D.D.S. 4825 St. Paul phone 6,2076 uni-rilligqinlgginl I ,, 5 :J a LMA ,- K ' " Chnldvw- will ' Xxliliylllu limx MX, 6 N I pt P' Zi' , lin-..... QUALITY engraving, printing, and binding for high school and college yearbooks. Expert photography-art work and design -- color plates and etchings-lithographing ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! YEA OOK SERVICE Slllll .IUUITI HL Illll Tl G CU. 9 0 0 p 5 I, Lffvcm xv 4 fvfafm SKA B 4 Thouglfzyhl? Caffl .l'i?l"?,1L'i express your perfect taste-your thoughtfulness. Someone you know will think more of you-if you remember him with an appropriate card. See our com- plete selection of Hallmark Cards for every occasion. . lllf GBR 4, 'ILIILIJL ijlll Jlgvifl-31 N CQ-ll. 27Ol No. 48th - - Phone 6-2383 lillilu-ll-uiu,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- .,,,1,,.1.,, FOR ALL FESTIVE OCCASIONS 2731 North Hafdingw ' Z 48th Street Uni. Place f S72 7 ,f ICE CREAMM Z EZIUOH A, f,' ,ff'11y?' f X ff TA' 'K KELLY'S iiuinqil I .I ,,1,,1 1 1..1l.-nn- .mi.-.u,1n..uu...nn1n..np1u,1 -.. ..- 1. -. 1-11s x W ix fi -a .YV . CLAMOU5 PHOTOS EVA N S ST U D I O 1215 P Sr, Phone 5-4-46 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA FOR WESLEYAN CRESTED STATIONERY. jewelry, Tee Shirts and Sweat Shirts, Head Squares and all Wesleyan Specialties, come to WESLEYANN COLLEGE BOOKSHOP? Miss Hannah jensen, Prop. N. A. C. S. Member Headquarters for Books, School Supplies, Fountain Pens, Laundry Bags, Zipper Notebooks, Pennants, Greeting Cards, Stationery, Novelties, Candy, Toys, "EVERYTHING FOR THE STUDENT" "We Sell Express Money Orders" Burlington Bus Depot 271 l No. 48th 6-l278 ROPER Cr SONS, INC. MORTUARY - AMBULANCE HARRINGTON COMPANIES REALTORS Homes Sales Farms Leases Ranches Rentals Real Estate Loans All Kinds of Insurance 45 years successful, satisfactory service in these lines rendered to I our many customers throughout Nebraska gives us the experience which we offer at no additional cost. "When you want to sell or buy, give us a try" 229 South 13th 2-6621 R. E. Harrington I Q Don P. Harrington, '25 Frank D. Harrington, '40 - g1n.1uu1u1u.1n.1nu1uuinp--n1u.1 YY: 1571: rx'-:: 3117:-I 1 1 1 .- 1 1 1 -.un1uu1un1un1u ..i.p.-u.-un1n- 1..1lq--.,-..,i..1g.1 ip.-,q1n.1.q.1p.1,q1q CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK FRIENDLY BANKING SERVICE NATIONAL BANK LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DEVOE PAINT 1423 O ST. ARTIST MATERIALS, PAINTS AND WALL PAPER Since 1754 q--suzquin .1 .- .... 1 iuinip.-q-.qigliqgigq-...1..1q.1..-1nu1 1. 1,,q1..1. VAN SICKLE GLASS 8: PAINT CO. 143 So. 10th St. HOME OF PAINTALL QUALITY PAINTS MIRRORS, WINDOW GLASS, PLATE GLASS AND WALL PAPERS Phone 2-6931 ri EARL WOODS DAIRY STORE FOUNTAIN AND COFFEE BAR -IK -IK 41- -IK 2800 No. 48th Phone 6-5012 .4l:n1q1......1.I-111.4.1..1..1..--.......,.-., BRAUN'S STUDIO "Quality Portraits are Our Specialty"-Only 2 Blocks From School 4810 St. Paul Lincoln, Nebr. ,-.511-iggi.l1pg1qg.1q.....u.-..q.. 1 -- .1 1 iuniuu-.n-oa1qn1u1g.1gqiq-3 D. L. "DELL" TYRRELL'S FLOWERS 1133 North Cotner Blvd. Phone 6-2413 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA LCXZG Student's Department Store Books or Fiction Engineers Supplies Text Books V Art Supplies Max Factor Theatrical Make-up Stationary Items BooK 1oRE nina-,un-0.1 1 WESLEYAN COFFEE SHOP POPULAR PRICES 2740 No. 48 St. Lincoln, Nebr. ...niqqggl-uinip-1..1g.....g1u -- n1,n1..1..1I.-.ln1nuiun1nin1.un1.l .1 .1n..un..un1..-.n.-l.1q.1..- -l......1..1..1..1q....,.-.,...u1nu1 1,,,.. GOOD 'S WSI lf- HOUSEKEEPING HCP 2733 North 48th S Phone 6-5062 Lincoln IUni. Placej Nebfr. STUDENTS HEADQUARTERS Phonograph Records Musical Suppl ies Radios Phonos VARSITY DRUG "Your Friendly Druggist in Sickness or in Health" 262l North 48th 6-l632 KODAK PICTURES TELL THE sTonY or COLLEGE DAYS For quality DEVELOPING. . . PRINTING . . . ENLARGING . . . bring your film to us. Your Choice High Gloss or Velvetone finish. Everything Photographic EASTMAN KODAK STORES, INC. IZZI OStreet Lincoln ui 1. -...1u.-ap.-II1 -.. .-.,1......,...4,1,...- ... -...1n--.- HARRY PARKER CONGRATULATION TO WESLEYAN RUSSELL SPORTING GOODS CO. COMPLETE LINES OF QUALITY SPORTS EQUIPMENT AT POPULAR PRICES 'I33 No. 'I'Ith 4 Phone 2-3425 IN THE CAPITAL HOTEL nil' ln-niuiluinuinniln--un...u .-. -.:: 7:1--ui.-ui :a1n7::.-7:1-on ::1-an .1u1..1....p.1.,1..1..1 -- -.. 1 -.-:ln-..1n1., ii-algal..-.n WE EXPRESS OUR THANKS Cliff Squires Bob Ketterer jerry Newman Carl Sell Kenny White Boyden Harvey lim French Keith Engleman Bill Elliott Harris Holle Paul Brettman lim Porter Don Darnell Leroy Anderson Tom Mihane Derold Ely Leroy Rich Pat McEvoy Glen Helms Chet johnson Eugene Schmeckpeper Richard Rupert lack Anderson Willis Trott Robert Thurtle Clarence Elson Del-bert Miller Frances Papp Norman Hoffman lack Boren Cal Bones Gaylen Doak Merl Otto john Codbey ilwnun mana 9 gpg' M flfll 13:69 zzz' " gd- ' MILK ON! olllll IIQWO CREAM F lillim-9.91, BUTTER llomogemzed Vnilmli lcE CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE -s--- '2'r:.f:?f,-1525 ASK YOUR GROCER or 'Wm 'Nt eo. . , . .l,s ., X- Phone 6-2326 +A fir., . ,,.A A . 'SI' I' 9' -'u,uf4,I.1 1 I .".. h ' Diff". : For Service to your door. F IRMO T FOODS CO. 2823 North 48th 'Street ' n1.,1..1u1n1..1..1..1...-n1.,1. -nn1nn1n1..,1..1..1..1..1l..... MOWBRAY-LYON COMPANY Lincoln, Nebraska DODGE and PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS "DODGE IOB-RATED TRUCKS" O 246 No. 12th St. 2-7117 PARK VALLEY GOLF LINKS 815 NO. COTNER "CLUBS FOR RENT" FRED R. LIKES, Mgr. Phone 6-4076 ,,1.q1nn-no--n1n1n1n--up-u-unison- 1 1 1 - --un1nn1nu--u1u1u1, Bloom Typewriter Exchange SALES-RENTALS-SUPPLI ES-SERVICE 323 No. 13th St. Phone 2-5258 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA .1.,1.g1.g1nq1un1nu1..1uu--u1-.1111n1u1u1n-...1 1 1 1 1.1.- MADEWELL CAFE -OUR SPECIALTY- STEAKS CHICKEN SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS -Wesleyan Students Always Welcome- Open 1 1 A. lvl.-2 A. M. 2120 CORNHUSKER HIGHWAY n--plc 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - .1 -I 1. 1 T - 1 1. n l 1 .1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Elhankn . . We, the members of the Plainsman staff for 1948, express our sincere appre- ciation to our advertisers, subscribers and contributors, all of whom have helped us to make this issue possible. We hope it will help to keep alive the many pleasant memo- ries of the 1947-1948 school year at Ne- braska Wesleyan. The Plainsman Staff. ,1p.1.41,.1uq1 1 1 1 1.u1u,...un..-un..,1 1 1 1 1-11-E1-1 FOSTERS CAFE "BIGGER AND BETTER" -CHOICE STEAKS -SANDWICHES -SOFT DRINKS Wesleyan Students Welcome 24 HOUR SERVICE 27th ON ADAMS

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