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• % J 1926 COPYRIGHT 192S Genevieve Thurber. Editor Robert Hassell, Bus. Mgr. p- .o.rry 2SZ32Z2SZDZSS 3 ke Couotfc- 1928 i J wrnty sixtli Annual PiiIdIi ration of NrWaska V esleyan l mvorsity Lincoln, l el»raska ? f Tke Dedication T O ONE WHO THROUGH DEVOTED SERVICE TO STUDENTS, AND COL¬ LEGE, IS STRIVING FOR A GREATER NEBRASKA WESLEYAN — GREATER IN SPIRIT AND GREATER IN MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE WISDOM. CULTURE. AND POWER FOR SERVICE TO THE WORLD — THIS 1928 COYOTE IS DEDICATED TO F. M. GREGG PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY. J Ke Forecoord qp 0 BUILD A MEMORIAL FOR ALUMNI, A STUDENTS, AND FACULTY, WHICH IS A COLLECTION OF THIS YEAR AT NE¬ BRASKA WESLEYAN, WHICH WILL RE¬ MIND US IN YEARS TO COME OF DAYS SPENT TOGETHER, AND WHICH WILL BE A BOND EVER INCREASING OUR LOY¬ ALTY TO OUR ALMA MATER. f Ohe Book s i ii C oliege Athletics II! Coyote land IV Organizations Society [ Coyote ups i f Alma Mater Son§ OME, LET US RAISE OUR VOICES, IN ONE TRIUMPHANT STRAIN, TO PRAISE OUR ALMA MATER. HER GLORIES TELL AGAIN. HER EMBLEM IS THE SUNFLOWER, THAT O’ER THE LAND ABOUNDS, YOU CANT FORGET HER COLORS. THEY’RE THE YELLOW AND THE BROWN. 0 £ tmti m }■ ; earn WM£ V.’S • .. ' si.awi WM ' m mM BOOK I ersitLj . i . . . OUR WESLEYAN There is a reason for the existence of Nebraska Wesleyan University. Its founders had some things definitely in mind. Its supporters believe enough in these ideals to sacrifice for them. Its Faculty and Administrative staff are organized around them. Its students are invited only after a frank statement of these ideals. This institution focuses attention on four main aims: character, education, personality, and service. This is an educational institution. However, without char¬ acter, education has no worthy goal; may break down because of destructive vices and may even become a menace to society. Character is fundamental. The normal product of a college is education, knowledge, training, and culture. Without education, men of high char¬ acter will stand helpless in the presence of the complex prob¬ lems of modern life. It is difficult to define, but easy to recognize personality. There is a definiteness and vividness of individuality that makes the fortunate possessor a vital force. Personality gath¬ ers up and utilizes the powers of the individual in the achieve¬ ment of his goals. Without it large leadership is impossible. Personality may be cultivated. The signal goal of character expressing itself through the trained powers of a vitalized personality, is service. With¬ out the service motive, character, personality, and even edu¬ cation will degenerate. I, B. SCHRECKENGAST Page Eighteen thccoyot Tm I. B. Schkeckengast, B. S., Ph. M., S. T. B., D. D. Chancellor l o Page Nineteen Francis Asbury Alaeaeter, A. B., A. M., Lilt. D. Dean of College of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts has eighteen departments, and thirty professors and instructors. It meets the needs of modern educat ' on in training for citizen¬ ship and service. Courses are offered, leading to the A. B., the B. S., and the B. S. in Business Administration. Pre-professional courses are also offered in dentistry, engineer¬ ing, medicine and nursing, the work in which is accepted toward the B. S. degree. Special courses are offered in preparation for the law and the ministry. For many years, the college has made adequate preparaton for scholar¬ ships, fellowships, and assistantships in some cf the best graduate schools of the country. Opportunities are offered for departmental and general honors, for mem¬ bership in departmental clubs, and for advanced study in chosen fields. Mem¬ bership in national honor societies is also afforded, representing scholarship, forensics, social science, dramatics, and the French language and literature. Ten years ago, the enrollment in the College of Liberal Arts was four hun¬ dred twenty-six. The increase during these years has been steady and normal. For the collegiate year, the enrollment is at the present time seven hundred seventy-six. Page Twenty Bertram Everett McProud, A. B., A. M. Dean of Teachers College The Teachers College is now finishing its twentieth year. Twenty years ago the Teachers College was organized out of the Normal Department of the Col lege of Liberal Arts. In the beginning the Teachers College employed but one professor and three critic teachers. The Dean of the College was the Professor of Education. The earliest Training School consisted of a Kindergarten De¬ partment and the first eight grades. In 1917 the Van Fleet Teachers College was erected and a large expansion very soon took place. The Teachers College High School was added a little later to furnish a complete laboratory school for teacher training. In 192(i the Teachers College, for the first time, began to issue the baccalaureate degree in Education. The number of candidates for the degree, Bachelor of Science in Education, has rapidly increased. At the present time the Teachers College enjoys its widest popularity. Its work in teacher training is attracting attention throughout the state and the nation. Further expansion in building and equipment must be supplied before the College can develop its fullest opportunities. Page Twenty-one Emma Crooks Gilbert Dean of Women “ The American College is not and never has been an institution primarily for the acquisition of knowledge or the attainment of a degree—It is a social organ with a very highly organized social structure.” Social guidance involves problems in the development of the moral and spiritual life. The Dean of Women is on the campus as an adviser for problems of individuals and of groups. Harry Clinton Gossard, B. S., Ph. D. Dean of Men This is the first year that Nebraska Wesleyan University has had a Dean of Men. This position has been created in order to give each man every possible help in making his college life most effective and productive. In harmony with the more recent development in American educational institutions, the function of the Dean of Men includes three phases of work: the handling of academic difficulties, general personal problems, and Vocational Guidance. In our in¬ stitution an effort is being made to seek out and remedy the causes of scholastic difficulties, to meet the intimate personal problems of the student’s life, and to give aid and direction in reaching a decision concerning the choice of one’s life work. _ 1 V i Page Twenty-three Parvin Witte, B. S. Dean of College of Fine Arts The College of Fine Arts offers courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Expression, Bachelor of Music Education, also a two year Diploma in Public School Music Super¬ vision and two year Diploma in Expression. The College of Fine Arts has had a phenomenal growth in the last few years. Page Twenty-four Francis T. Alabaster A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; University of Illinois Coaching School. Freshman Coach. Instructor in Physi¬ cal Education for Men. Ruth I. Aldrich A. B., A. M., Cornell University. Instructor in Eng¬ lish. William G. Bishop B. S., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; LL. B., A. M., University of Ne¬ braska. Professor of Geoh ogy and Geography. Curator of Museum. Homer E. Alder B. S., Fremont Nor¬ mal College; A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan University; A. M., University of Ne¬ braska. Instructor in Bot¬ any. Associate Professor of Biology. Elizabeth S. Archerd B. S., M. S., Amity College. Principal of the Training School. Supervisor of Junior High School Train¬ ing. Graham A. Barringer A. B., A. M., Indiana University. Charles L. Noyes Professor of His¬ tory. ! Page Twenty-five Clara R. Brandt A. B., Diploma in Physical Education. University of Ne¬ braska. Professor of Physi¬ cal Education for Women. Oscar P. Bennett B. F. A., University of Nebraska. Instructor in Public School Music. Instructor in Voice Glenn Callen A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Assistant Professor of Economics and Sociology. Assistant Professor of Secondary Ed¬ ucation. Ethel L. Booth A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Instructor in Eng¬ lish. Assistant Professor of Secondary Edu¬ cation. Geralyn W. Bennett B. F. A., University of Nebraska. Instructor in } ' ioIi i Rose B. Clark A. B., A. M., Univer¬ sity 5 of Nebraska. Professor of Ele¬ mentary Education. Educational Super¬ visor of the Train¬ ing School. Page Twenty-six Clarence L. Dow University of Illin¬ ois; University of Nebraska. Coach of Basketball. Professor of Physi¬ cal Education of Men. Roy J. W. Ely B. S., A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. A ssistant Professor of Economics and Sociology. Frances Goodhue B. L., Northwestern University. Instructor in Ex¬ pression. Assistant in School of Expression. Roy W. Deal A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Principal of the Secondary School , Teacher’s College. Associate Professor of Secondary Edu¬ cation. Eudora M. Esterbrook Graduate of the Gottschalk Lyric School and De Pauw University School of Music. Professor of Organ. Fred M. Grego A. B., Ohio North¬ ern University; A. M., University of Chicago. Professor of Psy¬ chology. Director of Relig¬ ions Education. £3 Page Twenty-seven Ethel W. Hatch A. B., A. M., Colo¬ rado State Teach¬ er’s College. Supervisor of Teach¬ ing in the Kinder¬ garten-Primary De¬ partment. John M. Howie A. B., Cotner Col¬ lege; A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics and Astronomy. Emma W. Jensen A. B., A. M., Uni¬ versity of Nebraska. Instructor in Ger¬ man. Bennett M. Hollo well A. B., Oberlin Col¬ lege; A. M.. Ph. 1)., Harvard University. Professor and Head of Department of English. John C. Jensen B. S., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; A.M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Professor of Physics. Vesta G. Keeton Student at Peru State Normal, Fre¬ mont Normal, Uni¬ versity of Colorado; Nebraska Wesleyan University; Univer¬ sity of Chicago. Supervisor of Teach¬ ing in Second and Third Grades of Training School. Page Twenty-eight Louisa Kennedy B. S., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity. Registrar. I l. EtIIOI, LANGDON 15. S., N e b r a s k a Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; B. L. S., Uni¬ versity of Illinois. Librarian. Edward R. Lewis A. R., A. M., Oh ; o State University Di¬ ploma, (three year course), Union The¬ ological Seminary. Professor of Philos¬ ophy. IIenry Kneis Graduate of Mein , Conservatory; Stu¬ dent under Edward Seidel, Ottomar Voight, Max Krae- mer Professor of Violin . Instructor in Band instruments. Grace E. Lenfest A. B., Nebraska Wes ' eyan Univer¬ sity. A ss is font Lib ra ria n. Anna B. Loy A. B.. Tarkio Col¬ lege ; B. S., Co’orado State Teacher’s Col¬ lege. Supervisor of First Gmd in Training School. Page Twenty-nine Gladys M. Lux B. F. A., University of Nebraska. IIrad of Department of Art Bertha W. Me Proud Ph.B., Baker Uni¬ versity. Professor of Ro¬ mance Languages. Enid W. Miller B. L., A. M., North¬ western University. Professor of Public S pea Icing. L. M. McDermott A. B., A. M., Cornell University. Head of Depart meat of Economics. Ida A. Marshall A. B., Nebras k a Wesleyan Univer¬ sity. Instructor in French. Clara U. Mills B. Mus., American Conservatory, Chi¬ cago; Paris. Pupil of John Hattstadt, Heniot Levy, and Hanold Bower. Head of Theoreti¬ cal Department of Music. Page Thirty rH c a O O Y OTE Raymond W. Porter A. B., B. M., Baker University; M. A., Northwestern Uni¬ versity. Professor o) Sec¬ ondary Education. Albert F. Sievers Graduate Leipsic University; Student with Weidenbaeh and Teichmueller. Director of the School of Music. Head of Department of Piano. Margaret L. Snodgrass B. M., Ohio Wesley¬ an University. Instructor in Piano. Claude J. Shirk A.B., A.M., M.S.D., McPherson College; M. S., University of Chicago; Ph. D., University of Ne¬ braska. Professor of Biology. Zazel Sloniger A. B., Doane Col¬ lege; A. M., Univer¬ sity of Oklahoma. Supervisor of Teach¬ ing in Teachers Col¬ lege High School. Marietta Snow A. B., N e b r a s k a Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Instructor in Span¬ ish, and German. 1 o 3 Page Thirty-one Amy Tyre A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity. Supervisor of Teach¬ ing in the Sixth Grade. Raymond Case Instructor in Short Hand and Typewrit¬ ing. Phoebe M. Hopper A.B., A. M., Univer¬ sity of Nebraska. Professor of English. Absent on leave. Eleanor Christine Swanson A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity. Supervisor of Teach¬ ing in the Fifth Grade. Anna B. Witte Pupil of Harry Christensen, Wil¬ liam Thunder, Wil¬ liam Steel, Freder¬ ick Bruegger. Professor of Voice. Beulah G. Champ Graduate of School of Expression, A. B., B. O., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer¬ sity. Director of School of Expression. A bsent on leave. Page Thirty-two t h l: o o v o nr fz Page Thirty-three J Alabaster, Ruth Lincoln Senior Alpha Gamma Delta; Chorus; Y. W. C. A.; Journalism Ass’t; Second Generation Club. Delta Omega Phi; Football, Student Manager; Commerce Club, Vice-pres. Ballinger, Lilian Lincoln Senior Gamma Mu Upsilon. Brown, Eileen Douglas, Wyo. Senior Delta Phi; Purple Arqus; Psych. Jour¬ nal Club; Geog. Club; Dean’s Council. Ande rson, Marlowe Bristow Senior Delta Omega Phi; Sinac Etyac; Pi Gam¬ ma Mu; Chemistry Club; Phi Kappa Phi. Baker, Ora Burlington, Colo. Senior Sigma Alpha Iota; Orchestra; Pan Hel¬ lenic Council; Y. W. C. A. Brown, Berenice Meadow Grove Senior Brox, John P. Lincoln Senior O. G. K.; Chorus; Y. M. C. A. Page Thirty-four A f 5 Burdick, Lyle Norfolk Senior r Delta Omega Phi; Y. M. C. A. Presi¬ dent; Oxford Fellow¬ ship; Geog. Club. Crowell Mildred Omaha Setiior Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Coun¬ cil; Dean’s Advisory Council; Primary Council. Dawson, Mary Lou Fairbury Senior Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Dean’s Advisory Board. Dittus, Ben Union Hill Ill. Senior Delta Omega Phi; Botany Club. Bush, Velma Lewiston Senior Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Gamma Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Pan- HePenic Council. Danielson, Marie Holdrege Senior Beta Phi Alpha; Beta Pi Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Class Treas¬ urer—I. Dinnis, L. Donovan Lewiston Senior Everett; Basketball; Football; W. Club; Athletic Board. Fulk, Ruth Lincoln Setiior Beta Phi Alpha. Page Tihrty-five Gass, Walter Lincoln Senior Phi Kappa Tau; Football; Dramatic Club. Gibson, Albert Fairmont Senior Blue Key; Sinac Etyoc; Everett. Gustafson, Doris Sargent Senior Delta Phi; Theta Al¬ pha Phi; Dramatic Club; Coyote Staff; Pi Gamma Mu; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Pan- Hellenic Council; Class Secretary II. Hansen, Harold Arcadia Senior Kappa Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key; Chemistry Club; Sinac Etyoc; Pi Gamma Mu; In¬ ter-Fraternity Coun¬ cil. Gewacke, John C. Ohiowa Senior Kappa Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Class President VIII; Col¬ lege Council; Class Debate; Varsity De¬ bate; Senior Recog. Day Orator; Com¬ merce Club; Geogra¬ phy Club. Good, Leonard Chappell Senior Commerce Club; Ge¬ ography Club; Kap¬ pa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A. Hankins, Pauline Hastings Senior Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; W. A. A.; Geography Club. Hassell, Robert Madison Senior Theta Phi Sigma; Blue Key; Inter- Fraternity Council; College Council; Bus. Mgr. Coyote; Psych. Journal Club; Com¬ merce Club. Page Thirty-six Hess, Iva Gordon Senior Hawes, Ted Omaha Senior Agas siz; Pi Gamma Mu. Hunter, Coit Ceresco Senior O. G. K. Kallemeyn, Edythe Lincoln Senior Willard; Chorus. Kelly, Ruth Cozad Senior Alpha Gamma Delta; Psych. Jour¬ nal Club; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Theta Phi Sigma. Jasa, Lillian Thurston Senior O. G. C.; Student Volunteer; Y. W. C. A. President; Purple Arqus; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Sinac Etyoc; Dean’s Advisory Board. Kelly, Esther Hebron Senior Pi Gamma Mu; Pan- Hellenic Council; Geog. Club; Psych. Journal Club; Alpha Delta Omega; Phi Kappa Phi. Kepler, Glen Lincoln Senior Delta Omega Phi Commerce Club Football; Geog. Club Psych. Club. Page Thirty-seven Kirkpatrick, Margaret Falls City Senior Willard; Purple Ar- qus; Dramatic Club. Kroon, James Firth Senior Chemistry Club; Y. M. C. A. Lally, Frank Sidney Senior Beta Kappa; Class President I; Blue Key. McCormick. Fredericka Lincoln Senior Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Klahn, Bertiiena Hebron Senior Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Choir. Krouch, Ethel Pawnee City Senior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Linson, Luf.lla Norman Senior B?ta Phi Alpha; Beta Pi Theta; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Purple Arqus. McCormick, Gladys Lincoln Se nior Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Geog. Club; Purple Arqus. Page Thirty-eight McNeil, Harry Straubville, N. D. Senior 0. G. K.; Blue Key; Y. M. C. A.; Com¬ merce Club. Manchester, Don North Loup Senior Delta Omega Phi; Football; Blue Key. Maynard, Alice Gering Senior Alpha Gamma Delta; Dramatic Club; Theta Alpha Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Class Secretary I; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council Treasurer. Memutt Lavern Wray, Colo. Senior Beta Kappa; Oxford Fellowship; Y. M. C. A.; Debate. Mahaffay, Charles Valparaiso Senior Orchestra; Alpha Gamma Beta; Kappa Sigma Pi; K. K. K. Marshall, Dorothy Lincoln Senior Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Meek, Lucille Lincoln Senior Glee Club; Choir; Chorus; Purple Ar- qus; Alpha Delta Omega; Dean’s Ad¬ visory Council; Ge¬ ography Club. Moon, Gale Valentine Se)iior Y. M. C. A.; Oxford Fellowship. Page Thirty-nine Newkirk, Mrs. Peari. Lincoln Senior Y. W. C. A. Phillips, Jessie Lincoln Senior Pullen, Beulah Ord Senior Sigma Alpha Iota; Purple Arqus; Dean of Women’s Council; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Reid, Margaret Pilger Senior Beta Phi Alpha: Beta Pi Theta; Y. W. C. A. Paine Jr., Bayard H. Grand Island Senior Kappa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Pi Gamma Mu; Class Debate; Publication Board; Wesleyan Staff; Blue Key; Geog. Club. Phipps, Esther Lincoln Senior Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Secretary Reed, Gladys Rosalie Senior Y. W. C. A. Ross, Bertha Central City Senior Sigma Alpha Iota; Choir; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Page Forty Sandall, Harold Bassett Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Dramatic Club; Ox¬ ford Fellowship; K. K. K.; Chorus; Psych. Journal Club; Oratory; Blue Key; Beta Kappa. Smith, Clara Mae Orleans Senior Alpha Delta Theta; Pan-Hellenic Coun¬ cil. Snyder, Edwin Wahoo Senior 0. G. K.; Alpha Gamma Beta; Y. M. C. A. Snyder, Lela Fontanelle, Iowa Senior Alpha Delta Theta; Orchestra; Band. Slonecker, Pauline Lincoln Senior Zeta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hel¬ lenic Council. Smith, Helen Lincoln Senior Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Purple Arqus; Dean’s Adv. Board; Second Gen¬ eration Club; Dra¬ matic Club. Snyder, Joseph Lincoln Senior Everett; Dramatic Club; Theta Alpha Phi; Glee Club; In- ter-Frat. Council. Sommerville, Fred Edgar Senior Phi Kappa Tau; Blue Key; Beta Pi Theta; Chemistry Club; Inter-Frater¬ nity Council Vice President. Page Forty-one Stewart, Dora Lee Norfolk Senior Beta Pi Theta; Pur¬ ple Arqus; Y. W. C. A.; C. C. C.; Dean’s Advisory Board. Taylor, Irene Havelock Senior Beta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary of National Pan-Hel¬ lenic Council. Nf Thompson, Howard Ancoln lenior. Jl y-rjH- Delta QYneg Phi; ' Chords; " Inter-Fra¬ ternity Council Sec.; Class Vice Pres. I. + - •» rfiy .»- ■ V Underkofler, Leland Lincoln Senior Delta Omega Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key; Chemistry Club; Sinac Etyoc; Psych. Journal Club; Chorus; Orchestra; Y. M. C. A.; Basket¬ ball. Stewart, Irene Omaha Senior Beta Pi Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Dean’s Ad¬ visory Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Phi Alpha. Teachman, Inez Havelock Senior O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A. Thurber, Genevieve Tecumseh Senior Alpha Gamma Delta; Purple Ar¬ qus; Psych. Journal Club; C. C. C.; Class President 6; Editor 1928 Coyote; Phi Kappa Phi. Uplinger, Lucille Republican City Senior 0. G. C.; Pi Gamma Mu; Y. W. C. A.; League of Women Voters. Page Forty-two Watt, John Arvada, Wyo. Senior Kappa Sigma Pi Wright, LeRoy Dorchester Senior Kappa Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Beta Pi Theta; Oxford Fel¬ lowship ; Chorus; Class Debate; K. K. K.; Inter-Fratern ' ty Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Is this ivhat the Sen¬ iors work for? — the traditional “ Doggone Button.” Worn first by Brof. Scott in 1921. Winshif, Loren Lincoln Senior Phi Kappa Tau; Dramatic Club Pres¬ ident; Theta Alpha Phi President; Glee Club Business Man¬ ager; Men’s Quar¬ tette. Zamzow, Edna Central City Senior Beta Phi Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; Psych. Journal Club; Y. W. C. A.; Geography Club. The button passes on from person to person as they earn it. What do they do? Wait ' till you’re a Senior and you’ll know. Page Forty-three PICNIC AT GREGG’S Prof. Gregg has sponsored the Class of ’28 since they were freshmen. Each year he has entertained the class at a 6 o’clock lawn breakfast at his home. This is the group of seniors who enjoyed the breakfast this last fall. Page Forty-four wmmm JUNIORS 3 Page Forty-five Anderson, Laura Nora Junior O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Anderson, Zelda Lexington Junior Alpha Gamma Del¬ ta; Y. W. C. A. Cab¬ inet; Assistant Edi¬ tor of Coyote; Geog. Club. Bassett, Sanford Bayard Junior Beta Kappa; Class Debate; Chemistry Club; Psych. Journal Club; Oxford Club; Y. M. C. A. Bissell, Elton Blair Junior Beta Kappa; Sinac Etyoc. Bogle, Hugh Anderson, Paul E. Omaha Junior Delta Omega Phi; Student Volunteers; Ed ' tor of Wesleyan Handbook; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; C ' ass Vice President II. Bassett, Clarke Unadilla Junior Phi Kappa Tau; Commerce Club; Track. Bemis, Doris Rising City Junior Alpha Delta Omega; Psych. Journal Club; Y. W. C. A.; Pi Gamma Mu. Boberg, Neva Clarks Junior Sigma Alpha Irta; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Chorus. Boydston, Charlotte Lincoln Junior Gamma Mu Upsilon Burt, Floyd C. Loup City Junior Beta Kappa; Band: Y. M. C. A.; Psych. .Journal Club; Com¬ merce Club. Clack, IIklen Edgar Junior Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Cub; Theta Alpha Phi; Chorus. Crane, Elma Mae North Platte Junior Beta Phi Alpha; Theta Alpha Phi; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Chorus. Crom, Mildred College View Junior Willard; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Geog. Club; Psych. Journal Club. Dewey, G. Gordon Cedar Rapids Junior Kappa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A.; Com¬ merce Club; K. K. K.; Class Vice Pres. I; Beta Pi Theta; Psych. Journal Club; Glee Club; Pi Gam¬ ma Mu. Chittenden, Thomas Madison Junior Beta Kappa; Foot¬ ball; Basketball; Track. Clark, Robert Burchard Junior Beta Kappa; Y. M. C. A.; Oxford Fel¬ lowship. Cress, Dale North Loup Junior Delta Omega Phi; Football; “W” Club. Davis, Lawrence Sidney Junior Beta Kappa; Glee Club; “W” Club; Varsity Quartette; Oxford Club. Downing, Kenneth Arnold Junior Glee Club; Kappa Sigma. Pi; Class President I; Vice President of Y. M. C. A.; College Coun¬ cil. Page Forty-seven Drake, Erma Steele City Junior Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Pan- Hellenic Council; Psych. Journal Club, Chorus; Pi Gamma Mu. Dye, Dorothy Julesburg, Colo. Junior Beta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Fike, Thelma Valparaiso Junior Alpha Delta Theta; Beta Pi Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Glee Club; Choir. Foster, Bernice Sidney Junior Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A.; Pan- Hellenic Council. Gibb, Eva North Loup Junior Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Chor¬ us ; Pan-H e 1 1 e n i c Council; Geog. Club. Dunning, John Shelby Junior Phi Kappa Tau; Al¬ pha Gamma Beta; Y. M. C. A. Eberhart, Bessie North Loup Junior Alpha Delta Omega; W. A. A. Treasurer; Geog. Club. Flory, Wilma Shickley Junior Delta Phi; Orches¬ tra; Glee Club; Chorus; Choir. George, Herbert Hooper Junior Theta Phi Sigma; Business Manager of Wesleyan; Y. M. C. A. Hadsell, Erla Lincoln Junior Sinac Etyoc; Y. W. C. A. Page Forty-eight nr h i Haglek, Myrtle Chadron Junior Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Jenkins, Idella Lincoln Junior Alpha Delta Theta; Chemistry Club; Glee Club; Chorus; Y. W. C. A.; Class Treasurer II. Johnson, Albert Ann Arbor, Mich. Junior Phi Kappa Tau; Al¬ pha Gamma Beta; Chemistry Club; Y. M. C. A. Jordan, Harold Valentine Junior Keller, Lenore Grant Junior Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Class Treasurer I. Kellough, Kenneth Friend JuJiior Theta Phi Sigma; Football Cap’t Elect; Track; ‘W’ Club. Kroger, Laura Lyons Junior Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Harr, Mary Sidney Junior Gamma Mu Upsilon; Dramatic Club. Com¬ merce Club; Pi Gam¬ ma Mu. Jenkins, Marie Fairbury Junior Johnson, Harold Sutton Junior Beta Kappa; Com¬ merce Club. Page Forty-nine Leavitt, Ollie Helvey Junior 0. G. C.; Student Volunteer. Loder, Leonel Waverly Junior Everett; Y. M. C. A.; Basketball; Track; Sinac Etyoc. McGee, Aileen Fairbury Junior Alpha Gamma Delta; Orchestra; Beta Pi Theta; Geog. Club; Class Secre¬ tary V; Y. W. C. A. McVey, Florence Lincoln Junior Delta Phi; Beta Pi Theta; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Merrick, Alton Shelby Junior Phi Kappa Tau; Chemistry Club; Sinac Etyoc; Pi Gamma Mu; Physics Club. Lockwood, Edward Valentine Junior Glee Club President; College Council; Beta Pi Theta; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Beta Kappa. McCoy, Ford Orleans Junior Beta Kappa; Oxford Fellowship; Pi Kap ¬ pa Delta; Class De¬ bate; Varsity De¬ bate; Oratory; Edi¬ tor of Wesleyan McKenzie, Kenneth Lincoln Junior Theta. Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A.; Track. Mason Dwight Tekamah Junior Glee Club; Varsity Quartette, Beta Kap¬ pa. Miller, Carroll Lincoln Junior Theta Phi Sigma; Theta Alpha Phi, Psych. Journal Club; Class Debate; K. K. K.; Y. M. C. A.; Ox¬ ford Fellowship; In¬ ter-Fraternity Coun¬ cil. Page Fifty Miller, Rutii Beatrice Junior Beta Phi Alpha: As¬ sociate Editor of Wesleyan; Psych. Journal Club; Y. W. C. A.; Beta Pi The¬ ta; Pi Gamma Mu. Morrison, Amos Scottsbluff Junior Delta Omega Phi; Y. M. C. A.; Class President VI. Neff, John Lexington Junior Dramatic Club; Phi Kappa Tau; Y. M. C. A. Nystrom, Alice Omaha Junior Beta Phi Alpha; Geog. Club; Y. W. C. A. Phelps, Dorothy Lincoln Junior Alpha Gamma Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. U- RRu ' . ' PaQiJ . Dawson Junior Delta Omega Phi; V. M. C. A.; Geogra¬ phy Club. Meuhlicii, Alvah Schuyler Junior Y. M. C. A.; Chorus. Nelson, Irma Beatrice Junior Beta Phi Alpha; Geog. Club; Psych. Journal Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Beta Pi Theta; Pan-Hel¬ lenic Council; Pi Gamma Mu. Pearce, Gladys Arnold Junior Sigma Alpha Iota; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Preston, Theodore Oakland Junior Beta Kappa; Sinac Etyoc; N. S. R. Y.; Glee Club; Track; K. K. K.; Chemistry Club. Page Fifty-one Rogers, Allen Exeter Junior Theta Phi Sigma; K. K. K.; Y. M. C, A.; Football; Pi Gamma Mu; Com¬ merce Club. Seely, Mary Louise Harvard Junior Alpha Delta Theta; Beta Pi Theta; Sec¬ ond Generation Club; Y. W. C. A. Shupe, Irwin Wann Junior Kappa Sigma Pi; Chemistry Club; Y. M. C. A.; Basket¬ ball; Track. Thomas, Leon Keokuk, la. Junior Psych. Club; Tennis Team; Phi Kappa Tau; Sinac Etyoc. Waldron, Helen Lincoln Junior Beta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Sinac Etyoc; Chorus. SCHROEDER, FLOYD Shelton Junior Beta Kappa; Chem¬ istry Club; Sinac Etyoc. Senneff, Bessie Atkinson Junior Gamma Mu Upsilon. Stimbert, Eldon Inland Junior E v e r e tt ; Inter- Fraternity Council; Page Fifty-two Ralston, Emerald Orleans Junior Everett, Football. Phi ' stry Club; Ityoc; Y. M. N. S. R. Y.; $ amma Mu Country. Wescott, Helen Plattsmouth Junior Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Psych. Journal Club; Chorus; Dra¬ matic Club; Pan- Hellenic Council; Coyote Staff; Pi Gamma Mu. Zabel, Rolland Western Junior Phi Kapa Tau; Al¬ pha Gamma Beta. Weiser, Earl Hamburg, Iowa Junior Phi Kappa Tau For you—J uniors! After Olympics the Juniors and Freshmen went to the Wesleyan Park to celebrate the victory of the Freshmen with a picnic. They prepared their lunch over a big bonfire. Following this, John Casteel spoke, Doris Gustafson and Alice Maynard read. The program ended with a good rousing song fest. Page Fifty-three Page Fifty-four the: C O VOTE Page Fifty-five Adams, Leila Lincoln Sophomore Sigma Alpha Iota; Girls Glee Club; Chorus; Choir; Y. W. C. A. A Allyn, Richard Lincoln Sophomore Football; Glee Club; Phi Kappa Tau. o ay TwfcgfD, Pauline - - K Che%J - ' Alpha Gamma Delta; Orchestra; Second Generation Club; C. C. C.; Y. W. C. A. ypA Backus, Edcar Columbus Sophomore Delta Omega Phi; Publication Board; Commerce Club; Y. M. C. A.; K. K. K. Bailey, Eleanor Guide Rock Sophomore O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A. Batty, Edward Spencer Sophomore Everett; Basketball; K. K. K.; Y. M. C. A. Allen, Katherine Lincoln Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabi¬ net; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pan-Hellenic Council. Atwood, Juliet Chester Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Band; Or¬ chestra ; Second Gen¬ eration Club; Y. W. C. A. Avery, Zola Humboldt Sophomore Gamma Mu Epsilon; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Bailey, Beulah Casper, Wyo. Sophomore Delta Phi; C. C. C.; Y. W. C. A. Barrett, Mildred Lincoln Sophomore O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Chor¬ us; Choir; C. C. C. Beck, Ethel Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Page Fifty-six Beckett, Florence Hiawatha, Kans. Sophomore Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Glee Club; Choir; Sextette. Betzelberger, Leroy Tecumseh Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma Y. M. C. A.; Band Orchestra; K. K. K. Vice President II Wesleyan Staff. Bishop, John Ilemingford Sophomore Kapa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A. Bonsall, Lucile Lexington Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Gamma Delta. Boughn, Audeline Lincoln Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Chorus. Braasch, Doris Oakdale Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega. Bellows, Mildred Walthill Sophomore Primary Council; Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Bintz, Evangeline Scotia Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Sinac Etyoc; Student Vol¬ unteer. Blevins, Esther Shelby Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta: Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Bostock, Elmer Blue Hill Sophomore Kappa Sigma Pi; Track; Y. M. C. A.; Cross Country; Geog. Club. Boyer, Belva Bayard Sophomore O. G. C.; Student Volunteer; Y. W. C. A. Bratt, Katherine Arapahoe Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Page Fifty-seven Brown, Lois Lincoln Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Brown, William Lincoln Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Class Debate; Var¬ sity Debate. Buehler, Etta Crab Orchard Sophomore Willard; Y. W. C. A. Bush, Lynn Lewiston Sophomore Beta Kappa; Var¬ sity Basket Ball. Track. Byers, Norma Dorchester Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A.; C. C. C.; Glee Club; Chor¬ us; Choir. Carr, Ruth Lincoln Sophomore Delta Phi; Class Secretary I; Y. W. C. A.; Psych. Jour¬ nal Club; Pan-Hel¬ lenic Council; Geog. Club. Brown, Lowell Lincoln Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A. Bush, Naida Lewiston Sophomore Carper, Lawrence North Platte Sophomore Beta Kappa; Track; Y. M. C. A. Cherry, Anne Martell Sophomore Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Brown, Wilma Douglas, Wyo. Sophomore Delta PH ' ; C. W. A. A. Burke, Nathaniel Keaj ey Sophomore Beta Kapa; Young- People’s Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Second Generation Club. Page Fifty-eight Coale, Cathryn Casper, Wyo. Sophomore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Primary Coun¬ cil. Colburn, Genevieve Norfolk Sophomore Zeta Phi; Girls Glee Club; Sextette; Chorus; Choir; Y. W. C. A. Connelly, Grace Arnold Sophomore Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Cronn, Duaro Mitchell Sopho iiore O. G. K.; Y. M. C. A. Crose, Harry Lodge Pole Sophomore Football; Beta Kap¬ pa. Davis, Emma Grant Sophomore Coates, Vera Gordon Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Cole, Marian Sargent Sophomore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Couter, Faye Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta Crose, George Lodge Pole Sophomore Beta Kappa Crowell, Marion Guide Rock Sophomore Phi Kappa Tau; Football; Track; Y. M. C. A. Davis, Ruth Douglas Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Page Fifty-nine Davis, Val Albion Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; V. M. C. A. Day, Donald D. Lennox, S. D. Sophomore Everett; Band; Class Treasurer. Dewey, Mabel Mae Cedar Rapids Sophomore Zeta Phi; Choir; Chorus; Glee Club; Beta Pi Theta; . W. C. A. Discoe, Arthur Brady Island Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Du Guay, Grace Gothenburg Sophomore Willard Eastham, Marguerite Lincoln Sojjhomore Dawson, Donald Wymore Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma Deuel, Dorothea Norfolk Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Primary Council; Geog. Club. Dickenson, Homer Fremont Sophomore Beta Kappa; Oxford Club. Douglas, Eleanore Crab Orchard Sophomore Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra. Dyson, Edith Atkinson Sophomore Gamma Mu Upsilon. Evans, Dorothy Scottsbluff Sophomore Chorus; Glee Club; Choir. Page Sixty Fellers, Rose Marie Palisade Sophomore C. C. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Zeta Phi; Coyote Staff. Fleming, Evelyn College Springs, la. Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Sextette. Freelano, Rose Norfolk Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Sinac Etyoc; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club; Chorus. Fried, Laura M. Butte Sophomore Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Galt, Eleanor Silver City, la. Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Geog. Club. Gibbs, Harold Ceresco Sophomore Commerce Club; Cross Country; Track; “W” Club. Filer, Mildred Ilimball Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Choir; Chor¬ us. Ford, Eula Sutherland Sophomore O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A. Frlytag, Madeline Winner, S. D. Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega. Frzell, Thelma Silver Creek Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. George, Laura Denton Sophomore O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Primary Coun¬ cil; Second Genera¬ tion Club. Gilbert, Lauren Lincoln Sophomore Phi Kappa Tau; Beta Pi Theta; Sinau Etyoc; Dramatic Club; K. K. K.; Y. M. C. A. Page Sixty-one Graff, Kathryn Tecumseh Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta. Greene, Ada York Sophoviore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Hancock, Etta Tekamah Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Vice President of Class I; Vice Pres¬ ident of Primary Council I; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. HAWLE?, -STAN-LEjr Ottowa Kans.) nr . A }aavt A SopJwinore- t ' ' J , j. [ f Delta dineg ' a Phi ; Physics , Gfubf Foot- mly ' X AS tk A i . ? • ' • Henry, Bernice - Casper, ' Wyo. , Sophomore Delta Phi; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Hints, Lois Corvallis, Oregon Sophomore O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Second Genera¬ tion Club. Graver, Lorene Ewing Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Hamilton, Homer Geneva Sophomore Delta Omega Phi. Hardin, Christine Scottsbluff Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Chor¬ us; Commerce Club. Heiss, Marie Page Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Hinson, Beth Lincoln Sophot)iore Alpha Gamma Delta; Second Gen¬ eration Club; Y. W. C. A. Holm berg, Odessa Manning, Iowa Sophomore Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Glee Club. Page Sixty-tivo Holtz, Tei- Chester Sophomore Everett; Y. M. C. A.; Second Genera¬ tion Club; Physics Club. Imes, Homer Cozad Sophomore Beta Kappa; Chem¬ istry Club. Johnson, Eva North Loup Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Primary Council; Geog. Club. Johnson, Melba Norfolk Sophomore Delta Phi; Sinac Etyoc; Orchestra; Chorus; Choir; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Kates, Ruth Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Sinac Etyoc. Kepler, Laura Lincoln Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Gamma Mu Upsilon. Hull, Joel Holstein Sophomore Beta Kappa; Sinac Etyoc; K. K. K.; Advertising Mana¬ ger Wes. Ath.; Geog. Club. Jackson, Margaret Raymond Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Johnson, Marie Lincoln Sophomore Chorus; Band; Sec. Generation Club; Y. W. C. A. Jones, Gordon Wymore Sophomore Band, Y. M. C. A.; Theta Phi Sigma. Kennedy, Elypa Page Sophomore 0. G. C.; Geog. Club. Kepler, Lucy Lincoln Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Gamma Mu Upsilon. Page Sixty-three Kiechel, Mary E. Johnson Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Wil¬ lard. Klahn, Beryl Hebron Sophomore Willard; Dramatic Club; Gcog. Club; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Laub, Catherine Overton Sophomore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. Leafdale, Ethel Hastings Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Zeta Phi. Livingston, Vernon Sidney Sophomore Beta Kappa; Glee Club; Dramatic Club.. Long, Gladys Newman Grove Sophomore Zeta Phi; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Killinger, Harold Inman Sophomore Class Treasurer; Phi Kappa Tau; Beta Pi Theta; Track; Var¬ sity Basketball. Klein, Verna Maye Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. Lawson, George Lincoln Sophomore Lewis, Orville Kearney Sophomore Beta Kappa. Lockwood, William Valentine Sophomore Beta Kappa; Class President III; Y. M. C. A.; College Coun¬ cil. Loy, Hubert Lincoln Sophomore Phi Kappa Tau; Football; Track; Chorus; Choir. Page Sixty-four Lush, James Omaha Sophomore Everett; College Council I; Glee Club; Orchestra; Band; Y. McConnaha, Robert Tekamah Sophomore Beta Kappa; Foot hall; Oxford Fellow ship; Y. M. C. A Delta Omega I ' TiiTi Sinac Etyoe; Glee Club (Custodian). McClung, Samuel Big Springs Sophomore Kappa Sigma Pi; K. K. K.; Commerce Club; Y. M. C. A. McGooden, Ruth Wauneta Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Zeta Phi. Maxwell, Francis Lincoln Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma. Miille, Beulah Loretto Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; W. A. A.; Primary Council; Y. W. C A; Class Sec¬ retary IV; Geog. Club. Miller, Norman Lexington Sophomore f fa A fyi frs e y pecii " f Jr-Pdi -fro M m ik tnu fc hh J oo fp r A. Millard, Natelle Hartington Sophomore Glee Club; Chorus; Choir; Quartette; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Moon, Helen Shelby Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. m Mayberry, Genevieve Mayberry Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Pri¬ mary Council; Geog. Club. Meek, Ruth Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra; Chorus; Geog. Club. Page Sixty-fi Moore, Mildred Gordon Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Neitzel, Katherine Murdock Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Second Generation Club; Geog. Club. Nelson, Sally Grand Island Sophomore Willard; Chorus; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Norlin, Lorene Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. Parker, Marcia Lou Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. Plumb, Eleanore York Sophomore Morris, Helen Fort Robinson Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; (President I); Sinac Etyoc. .Nelson, Lars Grand Island Sophomore Kappa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A. Nolle, Robert Burwell Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Otley, Ruth Waverly Sophomore Peterson, Irene Red Oak, Iowa Sophomore Delta Phi; Y. W C. A.; Geog. Club. Prouty, Margaret Jo Lincoln Sophomore Willard; C. C. C.; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Chorus; Choir; Sinac Etyoc; Second Generation Club. Page Sixty-six Ranney, Ruth Weeping Water Sophomore Reap, Lawrence Topeka, Kans. Sophomore Football; Track; College Council; Delta Omega Phi. Richards, Lucille Hiawatha, Kans. Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Gamma Mu Upsilon; Pri¬ mary Council. Riley, Grace Marsland Sophomore O. G. C.; Student Volunteer; Chorus; Glee Club; Y. W. C. • A. Ronin, Charles M. Aurora Sophomore Everett. Rummel, Frances Minden Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Choir; W. L. W. V. Ray, Helen North Platte Sophomore Chorus; Glee Club; Choir; Y. W. C. A. Reece, Ruth Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Pri¬ mary Council Presi¬ dent I; Chorus; Geog. Club. Riesland, Lela Wood River Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Chorus. Rogers, Mildred Exeter Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Ruch, Anabel Genoa Sopho)iiore Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Pri¬ mary Council; Sec¬ ond Generation Club. Sams, Angeline Lincoln Sophomore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Second Genera¬ tion Club. Page Sixty-seven S-ppenfiild, Frances Blair Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Schmitt, Hallett Madison Sophomore Beta Kappa. SCHROEDER, NORRIS Hoskins Sophomore Phi Kappa Tau; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Inter-Fratern¬ ity Council. Sims, Foster Friend Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; Physics Clu)b; Glee Club. Smith, Irma Juniata Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Stach, Cleo Uehling Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Delta Theta. Sattler, Geraldine Central City Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Orchestra; Band; Wes. Little Sym¬ phony. SCHROEDER, FLORENCE Hoskins Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Geog. Club. Shumard, Audirea De Witt Sophomore Alpha Gamma Beta; O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Smith, Doris Ogalalla SophoDtore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Speer, Caroline Marshalltown, Iowa Sophomore O. G. C.; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Staley, Grethel Loup City Sophomore Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Chor¬ us; Choir. Page Sixty-eight A Standee, Betty Louisville Sophomore Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Steeves, Lyman Panama Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma. Stewart, Earl Eagle Sophomore Delta Omega Phi; Physics Club. Swanson, Donald Lincoln Sophomore . Beta Kappa; Beta Pi Theta; Band; Y. M. C. A.; Class Debate. Swanson, Lila Fairmont Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Swayze, Bernice Holbrook Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Steele, Vaunden Ohiowa Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club; Choir; Chorus; Sex¬ tette. Stevens, Lois Lincoln Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Stowers Eva Nora Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Swanson, Grace Calloway Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Swanson, Matele Calloway Sophomore Swayze, Mary Holbrook Sophomore Sinac Etyoc; Y. W. C. A. Page Sixty-nine TeSelle, Lloyd Firth Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; Glee Club. Thomas, Mildred Rising City Sophomore Chorus; Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Delta Omega; Glee Club; Choir. Thornton, Margaret Nebraska City Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Choir; Glee Club. Tower, Iris Atkinson Sophomore Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Uhl, Florence Kimball Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Chor¬ us ; Glee Club; Double Quartette; Choir; Sinac Etyoc; Chemistry Club. Van Steenberg, Ivan Beaver City Sophomore Delta Omega Phi; Geog. Club. TeSelle, Mabel Hickman Sophomore Zeta Phi. Thompson, Franklin Primrose Sophomore Kappa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Oxford Club. Tollman, Clara Marsland Sophomore 0. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Trulson, Minerva Oakland Sophomore Alpha Delta Theta; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Vallery, Helen Plattsmouth Sophomore Willard; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Walker, Ivy Waverly Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; W. A. A.; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Page Seventy Walker, Margaret Page Sophomore Watt, W. Gaius Aravada, Wyo. Sophomore V a r s i t y Debate; Psych. Journal Club; Kappa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Weber, Alma Dorchester Sophomore Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Geog. Club. Westermark, Mildred Oakland Sophomore Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club; Chorus; Y. W. C. A.; C. C. C. Winkler, Joseph Canton, Mo. Sophomore Oxford Fellowship. Wittwer, Lucille Sabetha, Kans. Sophomore Willard; Y. W. C. A. Warrick, Virginia Madison Sophomore W. A. A.; Willard. Way, Joseph Lincoln Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; Foot Ball. Wernimont, Kenneth Ohiowa Sophomore Kappa Sigma Pi. Widman, Benj. Mead Sophomore Theta Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A. WlNSOR, VELDA Fairmont Sophomore Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club; Quar¬ tette; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Woodruff, Dorothy Aurora Sophomore Willard; Y. W. C. A. Page Seventy-one Woodward, Doris Chester Sophomore Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Wright, Pauline Lincoln Sophomore Y. W C. A.; Dra¬ matic Club. Wyatt, Clara Manning, Iowa Sophomore Alpha Gamma Delta; Commerce Club. Wright, Herbert Tecumseh Sophomore Beta Kappa; Dra¬ matic Club; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club. Wright, Willard Lincoln Sophomore Everett. Candsted, Raymond Holdrege Sophomore ' 4 j I Beta Kappa; Oxford Club; Y. M. C. A. iJ ' J Pape Seventy-two FRESHMEN i o a s ffi- Seventy-three S . Akerman, Alice Lincoln Freshman Willard; Y. W. C. A. Allen, Mabel Fremont Freshman Anderson, Merle Lincoln Freshman ■ l u f Band; Orchestra. J ,} I ,A - O-O- - 1 Aronson, Margaret Arapahoe Freshman Delta Phi; Geoz. Club. Avery, Mildred Humboldt Freshman Banning, Lucian Union Freshman Albert. Kermit Clatonia Freshman Theta Phi Sigma. Anderson, Lillian Newman Grove Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Glee Club; Chorus; Girl’s Sextette. Austine, Evelyn Meadow Grove Freshman Alpha Delta Omega. Austin, Ethel May Tryon Freshman Bald, Alice Wood River Freshman Willard; Y. W. C. A. Barnett, Evelyn Pawnee City Freshman O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A. Faye Seventy-four Barnica, Florence Big Springs Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Delta Phi. Beckman, William Oakland Freshman Everett; K. K. K. Bemis, Nadine Rising City Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Berry, Minerva Hastings Freshman Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Bitter, William Columbus Freshman Theta Phi Sigma; Alpha Gamma Beta. Boo, Mayme Shickley Freshman O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Basset, Ruth Unadilla Freshman Beers, Marvin Earlham, Iowa Benson, August Sargent UdpKa Delta Theta: College Council I ' Student Council; Y W. C. A.; Orchestra Bobbitt, Wilma Tekamah Freshman Alpha Delta Theta Y. W. C. A. Booth, Everett Tamora Freshma n Page Seventy-five Brehm, Helen Unadilla Freshman Chorus; Alpha Gam¬ ma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Buelovv, Madge Shelby Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A. BURFORD, ELOISE Omaha Freshman Zeta Phi. Burkitt, Mabel Whitney Freshmar. Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. Burtner, Lucille Lincoln Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Butler, Kenneth Lincoln Freshman Theta Phi Sigma. Buehler, Elva Sterling Freshman Brinegar, Anna Rulo Freshman Burgoin, Dora Silver City, Iowa Freshman Beta Phi Alpha. Burress, Lucille Cozad Freshmar, Beta Phi Alpha. Butcher, Nellie Valley Freshman Y. W. C. A. Byrkit, Margaret Clay Center Freshman Primary Council; W. C. A. Page Seventy-six Campbell, Elsie F ullerton Capsey, Dorothy Geneva Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Gamma Delta. Carter, Gertie Shelby Gamma Mu Upsilon Primary Council. Clemans, Delores Kimball Coulter, Hazel Hubbell Primary Council; Y W. C. A. Cannon, Phyllis Koshopah Freshman Cardiff, Gertrude Minatare Freshman Zeta Phi. Catlett, Dwight Haigler Freshman O. G. K.; Band; Or¬ chestra. ( LANEY, 1 AYE Imperial F reshmar. Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Cole, Lester Lincoln b reshmar. Phi Kappa Tau; Glee Club; Chorus; Foot-ball; Y. M. C. A. Craig, Guy Tekamah Freshman Everett; T rack; Coyote Staff; Wes¬ leyan Staff. r o Page Seventy-seven Cram, Catherine Fergus Falls, Minn. Freshman Chorus; Choir; Glee Club; Girls Quar¬ tette; Geog. Club. Crewdson, Josephine Lincoln Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A. Custer, Harriett Falls City Freshman Willard. Day, Amy Lincoln Freshman Y. W. C. A. Dickson, Douglass Panama Freshman. Theta Phi Sigma. Dow, Douglas College Springs, la. Freshman Delta Omega Phi; Track; Y. M. C. A. Crane, Bernice Blanchard, Iowa Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Orches¬ tra; Band. Crowell, Clifford Guide Rock Freshman Phi Kappa Tau Deines, Clarence Friend Freshman Oxford Fellowship; Beta Kappa; Foot Ball; Class Chap¬ lain. DeWald, Linn Trenton Freshman Phi Kappa Tau; Band; Orchestra; Glee Club; Wesleyan Staff; Cheer Leader. Dinnis, Fern Lewiston Freshman Willard; Y. W. C. A. Duey, Helen Lincoln Freshman Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Page Seventy-eight I Dusenberry, Myrtle Wilsonville Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Edwards, Thelma Valparaiso Freshman. Alpha Delta Omega; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Eby, Katherine Macy Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Chor¬ us; Glee Club. England, Margarite Harvard Freshman Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Erwin, Delilah Sidney Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Fechner, Albert Stanton Freshman Band; Orchestra; Kappa Sigma Pi; Y. M. C. A.; Sinac Etyoc. Duncan, Marjorie Madison Freshman Willard. Durtschi, Lorna Wood River Freshman Gle« Club; Chorus; Choir; Y. W. C. A. Dyson, Lois Atkinson Freshman. Glee Club; Geog. Club; Y. W. C. A. Flood, Mae Newman Grove Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A. Page Seventy-nine Fleming, Raymond College Springs, la. F ' reshman Delta Omega Phi; Y. M. C. A.; Varsity Basketball. ? Foster, Mable Sidney Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Fredericksen, Norman Fairbury Freshman Chorus; Choir. Frohn, Dorothy Martell Freshman Zeta Phi George, Warren Hooper Freshman Theta Phi Sigma. Goodhue, Roberta Edson. Kans. Freshman Willard, Y. W. C. A. Green, Mildred Lincoln Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Second Generation G 1 u b; Wesleyan Staff; Alpha Gamma Delta. Foster, Viola Sidney Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Student Publication Board; Y. W. C. A. Goold, Almeda Ogallala Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; C. C. C.; Y. W. C. A. Gijmaer, Viola Oshkosh Freshman Beta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A. Fritz, Martin Columbus Freshman Theta PhL §igWi; Sinac EtyoC. GtoRdB, FRANCES ' FfetfCluma, Calif. ■ ' y A ' V 1 h ’resh mail o. Q, ’■; Y. w. r. r iF Gillilan, Hugh Hardy Freshman Page Eighty Gustafson, Wilbur Sargent Freshman Everett; Glee Club. Hackett, Hazel Ord Freshman O. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Primary Council; Geog. Club. IIansmire, Max Lincoln Freshman Theta Phi Sigma. Harrington, Roma Lincoln Freshman Hassell, Viola Madison Freshman Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Choir; Vice- president of Class. Hintz, Hilda Randolph, Iowa Freshman Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Guthrie, Warren Syracuse Freshman Delta Omega Phi; Class Debate; Y. M. C. A.; Class Secre¬ tary. Ham, Lillie Mullen Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Gamma Mu Upsilon; Glee Club; Choir; Chorus. Harr, Vera Sidney Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Hartford, Ruby Burwell Freshman Delta Phi; Y. W. A. Hess, Mildred Albion Freshman Sigma Alpha Iota. Hirsch, Marion Yutan Freshman Delta Phi; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Page Eighty-one A Hudson, Warren Valentine Freshman Beta Kappa. Ireland, George Tekamah Freshman Everett; Y. M. C. A.; Cross Country; Track. .James, Thelma Bloomington Freshman Class Debate; Y. W. C. A. Johnson, Loraine Lincoln Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A. Johnson, Violet Oakland Freshman Primary Council; Y. W. C. A.; Choir; Chorus; Geog. Club. Kellett, Gladys Scottsbluff Freshman Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. T H E J V O E2 umm Johnson, Stanley Fullerton Freshman Phi Kappa Tau. Jordan, Edith Valentine Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Chorus; Choir; Glee Club; C. C. C.; Y. W. C. A. Kerber, Alberta Bristow Freshman Page Eighty-two Koch, Birdeen Garland Freshman Y. W. C. A. Krebs, Doris Scotia Freshman Y. W. C. A. Kuhlman, Ruth Tecumseh Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Choir; Chorus; Primary Council; Geog. Club; Delta Phi. Lageschulte, Verdelle Randolph Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Wesleyan Staff; Y. W. C. A. Lees, Laura Wahoo Freshman Gamma Mu Upsil- on; Primary Coun¬ cil; Y. W. C. A. Linson, Doris Norman Freshman Beta Phi Alpha; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Koser, Francis Lincoln Freshman Everett. Kroon, Merle Lincoln Freshman Theta Phi Sigma. Kyes, Mayme Archer Freshman Zeta Phi; Chorus; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Lambert, Ellen Clearwater Freshman Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Glee Club; Choir; Girls Sex¬ tette; Y. W. C. A. I.ehu, Ethel Fairfield Freshman 0. G. C.; Y. W. C. A.; Student Volun¬ teer. Longacre, Elizabeth Waverly Freshman Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Page Eighty-three yon, Alice Seward Freshman Beta Phi Alpha; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. McCamley, Ethel S pringfield Freshman Geog. Club. niel, Kenneth -oln P-tA ' ytS-Z- £Ol ' 7 S ' McGinnis, Selma Ord Freshmefn Chorus; Y. W. C. ' A. McKillip, Mary Ida Neligh Freshman Y. W. C. A. McNamara, Charles North Platte Freshman Everett; Band, Or¬ chestra ; Physics Club. Lyon, Bernice Seward Freshman Beta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A. McCoy, Mary Ellen Orleans Freshman B°ta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A. McGill, Helen Garland Freshman Y. W. C. A. McGlasson, Merna Wood River Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Y W. C. A. McMahon, Gwendolyn Blue Hill Freshman Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Madson, Velma Goehner Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A. Page Eighty-four Marsh, Kathryn Tckarr.ah Freshmar. Alpha Delta Omega; Pnm ' rv Council; Y. W. C. A. Martin, Irma Franklin Freshman Alpha Delta Omega. Maxwell, Maxine Lincoln Freshman Alpha Delta Theta. Metcalf, Naomi Lyons Freshman Willard; Chorus; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Miller, George Havelock Freshman Phi Kappa Tau; Football; Basket Ball. Moor, Ethel Mae Fairmont reshrnan Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus. mEsmsamm Marshall, Blythe Tekamah Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Mathias, Marie Liberty Freshman •Ashman ' Sigma Alpha Iota; l Chorus.; Orchestra. 3 Miller, Helen Havelock Freshman Delta Phi. Miller, Richard Bloomfield Freshman Kappa Sigma Pi. Moor, Lois Inman Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Y. W. C. A. Page Eighty-jive Moore, Roy North Platte Freshman Evei’ett. Nelson, Pearl Saronville Freshman Y. W. C. A. Nelson, Vivian Oakland Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Glee Club; Chorus; Class Secretary I. Nord, Dorothy Raymond Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Packer, Cleo Franklin Freshman Perry, Laura Scottsbluff Freshman Zeta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Mullins, Gifford Fremont Freshman Beta Kappa. Nelson, Verna Geneva Freshman Delta Phi; Chorus; Choir; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Pri¬ mary Council. Nichols, Mary Brock Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Second Generation Club. Owens, Donald Wymore Freshman Theta Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A.; Class President II. Parks, Flavel Grant Freshman Person, Ila Oakland Freshman Pr i m a r y Council; Chorus; Y. W. C. A.; Geog. Club. Page Eighty-six Pfeiffer, Kathryn Cortland Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Potts, Jean St. Paul Freshman Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Chorus; Choir. Rice, Willard Valley Freshman ROHRBAUGH, Lawrence Powell Freshman Beta Kappa; Foot- hall. Roth, Dorothy Omaha Freshman Sigma Alpha Iota; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Chorus; Choir. Sahlen, Carl Lockeridge, Iowa Freshman Phi Kappa Tau; Ox¬ ford Club; Class Chaplain; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club I. Potts, Edith St. Paul Freshman Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Choir; Y. W. C. A. Pullen, Grayce Old Freshman Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Rockwell, Bilva Cambridge Freshman Willard; Y. W. C. A. Rohrbaugh, Margaret Lincoln Freshman Y. W. C. A. Rutledge, Muriel Auburn Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Sams, Lenore Lincoln Freshman Delta Phi; Second Generation Club; Y. W. C. A. Page Eighty-seven Schram, Marie Norfolk Freshman Zeta Phi. Scott, Glen Anselmo Freshman Theta Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A. Shaw, Ruth Sidney Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Small, Genevieve Pawnee City Freshman Primary Council; Y. W. C. A; Geog. Club. Smith, Brace North Platte Freshman Everett; Alpha Gam¬ ma Beta. fl Spivey, Ellenore Lincoln Freshman Alpha G a m n « a Delta; Chorus. Scott, Evelyn Page Freshman Delta Phi; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Senneff, Lucile Atkinson Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Shoecraft, Warren Omaha Freshman Beta Kappa; Sinac Etyoc; Band; Or¬ chestra. Smith, Amy Hubbell F’reshman Primary Council; Y. W. C. A. Smith, Donald Hubbell Freshman Reserve Basketball. Stanley, Cecil Havelock Freshman Everett; Class Pres¬ ident I; Class De¬ bate; Varsity De¬ bate; Football. Page Eighty-eight Steen, John Scottsbluff Freshman Beta Kappa; Glee Club; Band; Orches¬ tra. Stevens, Alice Blair Freshman Chorus. v )” Thelma Bertrand Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Chorus; Choir. Swengel, Bernice Plainview Freshman Y. W. C. A. Taylor, Ernest Greeley Freshman Beta Kappa; Foot¬ ball ; Track. Van Steenberg, Earl Hildreth Freshman Delta Omega Phi; Orchestra. Stenvall, John North Platte Freshman • - ' 7 r vKl Stewart, Kermit E ggle FreshnJan Delta .Omega Phi; Band; Orchestra. Is-A f r XJr A ,A . Stromsberg, Eugene Oakland Fresh man Everett; Orchestra. Switzer, A feline Cp Norfolk Freshman Alpha Delta Omega ' ' F 1 ywca - L Underwood, Raymond Exeter Freshman Theta Phi Sigma; Y. M. C. A.; Track. Wait, Clifford Sidney Freshman Beta Kappa; Or¬ chestra. Page Eighty-nine Walker, Dorothy Page Freshman Wickman, Alma Morrill Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Chorus. Wiese, Ethelle Thedford Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Walker, Jo Anna Shelton Freshman 1 Whitney, HecI ■ fiSF; kwr . ■T M Fresfcthan J J , iCK . A Gamma-Mu Upsilon; Glee- Club; " Chorus; , -Y. W. ' CT A. Whitney, Ramey Lincoln Freshman Kappa Sigma Pi; Glee Club I. Walker, Goldie Saint Ann Freshman Alpha Delta Theta. Whisler, Naomi Farragut, Iowa Freshman Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Whitney, Louise Fullerton Freshman Zeta Phi; Chorus; Glee Club; Choir; Geog. Club. Wickershame, Maurine Filley Freshman Alpha Delta Theta; Chorus; Glee Club; Choir. Wiese, Dorothea Thedford Freshman Gamma Mu Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Wilhelm, Maude Palmyra Freshman Y. W. C. A.; Pri¬ mary Council. Page Ninety Williams, Audrey Nelson Freshman 0. G. C.; Primary Council; Chorus; Y. W. C. A. ' Omega Phi A i Fresh ma IWa Omega Y. M., C. AJ f ivv $ nkcH meier, Lois Wood, Louise Freshman Beta Phi Alpha; Chorus; Choir. Yost, Bessie Hastings Freshman Y. W. C. A. Shuey, Rale Lewiston Freshman Everett; Basketball. Wiltse, Mildred Falls City Freshman Willard; Y. W. C. A.; C. C. C. Wiseman, Hazel Bennett, Colo. Freshman Alpha Delta Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Choir; Chor¬ us. Wright, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Evelyn Loup City Freshman Chorus; Y. W. C. A. The hard drag that comes once in a life time. Winslow, Inez Cedar Bluffs, Iowa Freshman Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Second Genera¬ tion Club. Page Ninety-one FRESHMEN SOLILOQUY I blew in from the sticks of greatness Where I had left my relation in tears. I wore my Sunday suit, carried my luggage, And showed my knowledge with every step. I listened to Freshmen lectures, On behavior, study, manners, and religion. I got bawled up on my dates, and was dizzily Dragged from fraternity house to fraternity house. I was honored, babied, petted, respected, and Filled up with everything but food. I was sweat boxed, snowed under, bullied, And finally decorated with ribbons. I wore a green top and read behind In all my lessons, I got a notice from the Dean. I answered phones, carried eggs, got paddled. I was thrust into the Olympics, Painted green, and smeared with red. I climbed the pole and got the flag But still I was hated, bullied, and tossed about. I was laughed at, lied to, and timidly waited For Hell Week, which came and passed. I am living, I know not how. The only reason I am here now Is to see what in-, Is going to happen next. Page Ninety-two TEACHERS COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL Page Ninety-three TEACHERS’ COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS Page Ninety-four MEN’S CLASS IN PYRAMID BUILDING STUDENT TEACHERS KINDERGARTEN SCENE Page Ninety-five NEBRASKA WESLEYAN TRAINING SCHOOL Teaching technique in the Wesleyan Training School is based upon the educational philosophy enunciated by Dr. Henry C. Morrison of the University of Chicago. In the kindergarten and the first three grades the chief objectives are to secure the four primary adaptations—the Reading Adaptation, the Composition Adaptation, the Number Adaptation, and the Social Adaptation. In the grades above the third, the chief aim is to teach how to study according to appropriate techniques. It is hoped that the curriculum may be so balanced as to lead to the development of those intelligence attitudes and preference attitudes, which make for equilibrium in all life situations. Curricular subjects, in which understanding is the objective, are di¬ vided into units of learning, and are taught by the new “five step plan.” Drill work in any subject is identified and taught by a suitable procedure. Distinction is made between subjects of the Appreciation type and those of the Science type, and the technique is varied for these. Page Ninety-six i etics NEBRASKA WESL Teaching technique in the the educational philosophy enui University of Chicago. In the k chief objectives are to secure th Adaptation, the Composition Ac Social Adaptation. In the grades above the thh according to appropriate techniq be so balanced as to lead to the c and preference attitudes, which Curricular subjects, in whic vided into units of learning, anc Drill work in any subject is iden Distinction is made between sut of the Science type, and the tecl Page Ninety-six Athletics i t h c o o v o r p} ; Page Ninety-seven Durham “ Telling ” The Team C. L. (Ren) Dow has completed another s uccessful year as Athletic Director of Nebraska Wesleyan University. Dow is a tireless worker and his basket ball team for the season of 1927-28 has an enviable record, finishing in a tie for third place in the newly formed Conference. The team of 1928-29 should be one of which Wesleyan can well be proud. Besides being head basket ball coach, Dow assists in football and has charge of track. Much of his time this year has been spent in working out plans for the new stadium and making real what has been a dream of Wesleyan students for many years. Dow is striving towards a well-managed and extensive physical education. Intra¬ mural basket ball and track have allowed many men to compete. Gym classes, swim¬ ming, tennis and golf have also opened the doors for many more men. Coach Durham serves as Chemistry professor during the school year but finds enough time every fall to desert the laboratory and put the football team in shape. “Prof.” Durham has the forceful personality and he always sent a team of yipping Coyotes out on the field. Durham knows football, knows his men and knows how to mould them into a team. When the past season closed he expressed himself as very well pleased with the spirit of the team. Next fall he will be an assistant as the chemicals in his laboratory don’t seem to hold the attraction for him that football does. Frances Alabaster has this year assisted in the football and basket ball coaching. He has recently been elected Head Football Coach for next year, and we ai ' e all look¬ ing forward to a successful 1928 season. Page Ninety-eight Captain Jack Gass Jack made his final appearance for all time in a Coyote uniform this year. Dur¬ ing the three years he has been a varsity man he has made a wonderful name for himself and his name will go down in Wesleyan annals as one of the best tackles Ne¬ braska Wesleyan has ever had. His absence next year will leave a great gap to be filled in the line. Student Manager Armstrong The comfort and fitness of the team was always the first thought of Armstrong. At practice, at games or on trips he was always present with a ready smile to help. The thanks of everybody are extended to him for his wonderful interest in the team. Captain Elect Kenneth Kellough Little need be said of Kellough because his actions on a football field speak for themselves. Kellough played a good game all season, backing up the line in great shape and smacking his opponent’s line for several good gains. He was surely de- serv’ng of the honor of being elected to lead the 1928 Coyotes. The 1927 Squad j gr r T i Page Ninety-nine PERU The Bobcats from the Wilds of Peru fought and clawed and scratched their way to a 22 to 0 victory over Coach Durham’s pro¬ teges. The brilliant work of Don Manchester was not enough to stop the rush of Peru and they won their first game in many moons from the Coyotes. Manchester— end Dinnis— half back Davis— half back . . , - Page One Hundred ,r- CHADRON The sweeping end runs and smashing line plunges of the Chad- ron backs tore through the Wes¬ leyan defense and Chadron won the game, 21 to 0. DOANE A fluke safety was all that won the game for Doane, although a last minute rally, stopped by a fumble, nearly won the game for Wesleyan. The game ended 2 to 0, Doane. Levick— tackle Beck— half hack CHITTENDEN— (jua rd Page One Hundred One SOUTH DAKOTA A red-jerseyed horde from South Dakota swept across John¬ son field and when the smoke of battle had cleared away, the score was found to be 26 to 0 in favor of South Dakota. MORNINGS! DE By pushing over a touchdown and holding that advantage the rest of the game against a des¬ perate offense, Morningside nosed out Wesleyan, winning 7 to 0. Cress —center Ralston— guard . Miller —half hack Page One Hundred Two DES MOINES In their last home game of the season, the Coyotes scored their first touchdown on a pass from Manchester to McConnaha but this was not enough to win and the game went to Des Moines, 12 to 7. Pilmore-— quarter buck - - ( Crowell— end Thompson— guard r A “ Down ” from the Des Moines Game Page One Hundred Three ST. REGIS After a long trip to Denver, the Wesleyan Coyotes fought the St. Regis team to a stand still in the first half but weakened in the lat¬ ter part of the game and allowed Regis to shove across three touch¬ downs and win the game 20 to 0. Allyn —guard McConnaha —end Warga —half back Page One Hundred Four MIDLAND Sixty minutes of battle brought no result and the Midland War¬ riors and Wesleyan Coyotes fought to a draw in the first conference game for both teams. Both teams threatened to score several times but failed, the game ending 0 to 0. HASTINGS The season of 1927 was closed at Hastings on Turkey Day. The game was hard fought all the way through and Hastings barely nosed out the desperate Coyotes 7 to 6. Hawkins —guard Howell —end Stanley —guard The Midland Game ( £?{ ' c e ■ 1 - ) - ' l - - •v;hy v : - - ’ , ■■■ - ' : ■— ■ -. Page One Hundred Five ■o Wes- Op- Opponent Won Lost Tied leyan ponent Doane College. 10 3 3 275 51 Worthington . 1 0 0 46 0 Grand Island. 5 2 3 109 48 Bellevue . 3 1 1 103 15 Peru Normal. 6 1 2 204 27 Des Moines Uni. 4 4 0 66 64 South Dakota St.. 1 3 2 31 120 Wyoming Uni. . 3 2 0 55 26 Cotner College. 13 1 0 355 36 Omaha Uni.. 2 0 0 89 6 Colorado Uni. .0 2 0 19 52, Uni. of Nebraska.. 0 7 0 15 283 Morningside . 2 7 1 20 191 Creighton . 2 4 0 40 140 Hastings . 11 3 0 212 85 Kearney Normal... 3 0 0 123 7 Kansas Wesleyan.. 1 0 0 91 0 York College. 1 3 0 19 62 Nebraska Central. 1 0 0 48 0 Midland College... 4 0 3 7 S 3 Chadron Normal... 2 1 0 34 37 Denver Uni.. 2 2 0 6 36 Wayne Normal. 3 0 0 48 O O South Dakota Uni. . 1 4 0 13 67 North Dakota Uni. . 0 1 0 7 13 Simnson College.... 1 1 1 16 6 St. Thomas College ! 1 0 0 10 0 St. Regis. . 0 2 0 13 26 • 81 54 17 2249 1397 Av. Score—Wesleyan 15; Opponents 10. Games Won Lost Tied Pet. 156 84 55 17 .538 Read— fullback Bonham— guard Bosley— tackle Page One Hundred Six Page One Hundred Seven Captain Frank Lally Although hindered in the latter part of the season by a weak ankle, Lally did his bit in guiding the Coy¬ otes to the most successful cage sea¬ son they have enjoyed for several years. Frank’s team work and fight inspired the team to play their hard¬ est when it seemed that all was lost. Captain Elect Lionel Loder The Coyote captain for 1928-29 is certainly a representative Wesleyan man. Picked on practically every All Conference team this year, Loder played a steady consistent game throughout the entire season. He was always in the game and could be depended on to take care of his part of the work. Under his lead¬ ership next year the Wesleyan team should prosper. Lally —forward Loder —guard Dow Bush Brayman Shuey Chittenden Killinger Johnson Fleming Dinnis Capt. Lally Hannum Loder Page One Hundred Eight The Coyotes pried the lid off the 1928 season in a furious tangle with Simpson college on the home floor. The battle was fast and furious all the way through and when the smoke of battle had cleared away and the dead carried from the floor the score was found to be 27 to 24 in favor of Simpson. Not daunted by this reversal the Coyotes turned the tables on Grand Is¬ land the following night and won their game by a safe margin. The next entry into the Coyote lair was Omaha University who was sent home with a 16 to 14 de¬ feat plastered on them. COTNER The Wesleyanites broke even on their first trip away from home, winning from Cotner and losing to Doane. Coach Dow ' s charges ran wild against the Bulldogs and piled up a good lead in the early part of the game winning 31 to 20. The clash with Doane the next night was not quite as pleasing to Coyote fans. Doane staged a second half assault to win by a 37 to 20 score. HASTINGS The game with our ancient rivals from Hastings was fast and close all the way through. With five minutes to play and holding a comfortable lead, the Wesleyan team attempted to stall but the Broncoes broke through the defense and rang up enough points to give them a 30 to 25 vic¬ tory. The Coyotes evened the score for the week by romping on Wayne, 29 to 16. Johnson —guard SIMPSON DIN N l s —forward Page One Hundred Nine MIDLAND The Midland, Warriors crept into the Coyote territory and attempted to toma¬ hawk their enemy but the tables were turned and when the war whoops and dances were finished the score was Wes¬ leyan 16, Midland 14. Nebraska Central fell before the spirited attack of the Meth¬ odists the following night. IOWA In a three game trip into Iowa the team lost two games and won one. The first game, with Des Moines University result¬ ed in a 37 to 20 defeat. The following night the Coyotes showed a reversal of form and won over Still College, 33 to 30. In the closing game of the trip they lost to Simpson College for the second time, 38 to 28. A dark spot in this trip was the loss of Dinnis, forward, who came down with mumps which put him out for the rest of the season. COTNER-DOANE The following week Cotner journeyed to Wesleyan and again they were defeated 28 to 14. The next night the Tigers from Doane scratched and clawed their way to a 20 to 11 victory over the desperate Coy¬ otes. In a three game road trip the Coyotes lost to Midland in a fast and rough game, 42 to 23 on the Warrior floor. The next two nights they defeated Wayne and Oma¬ ha University for the second time. Calvert —forward Killinger —center D eu SER —forward Calvert Killinger JJeuser Page One Hundred Ten HASTINGS The season closed with a memorable game between the Broncoes and the Coy¬ otes. The Hastings bronco ripped and bucked about the floor but they couldn’t keep away from the claws of the Coyotes. When the curtain rolled down on the sea¬ son of ’28 the Coyotes had chalked up a victory in their last game of the year, 27 to 25. Lionel Loder, Captain-elect was given almost unanimous choice for All State team while Calvert received honorable mention. It is impossible to pick any star on the team as they played as a unit and not as men. High point honors for the year went to Calvert with Shuey second. The Wesleyan five ties for third in State Circles. FINAL STANDING ft w 1 pet. pts op York 11 10 1 .917 341 224 Doane . .12 9 3 .750 305 225 Midland . .10 6 4 .600 372 225 Wesleyan . .10 6 4 .600 282 220 Hastings . 12 6 6 .500 388 338 Cotner . 13 3 10 .231 290 359 Gr. Island. 10 2 8 .200 226 229 Neb. Central .. 6 0 6 .000 47 427 Shuey —forward Chittenden— guard IIannum —guard Page One Hundred Eleven INTER-FRATERITY BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Hawley Fleming Manchester Herman Underkofler After a long, strenuous and bloody battle the Delta Omega Phis were crowned the 1928 Interfraternity champions. They will hold the cup in their possession for one year, at the end of which time the tiophy will again be battled for. The cup was won last year by the Beta Kappas. The plan of competition was somewhat changed this year, owing to the crowded condition of our gymnasium and the many teams who had to use the floor for practice. In 1927 the competition extended over the entire basket ball season but this year the champion was crowned in an elimination tournament at the end of the season. In the first round the Delts barely nosed the Everetts out, 16 to 13 in a nip and tuck game. The game was full of thrills and the result was in dotibt till the final moments of the game. The Beta Kappa-Kappa Sigma game was also full of thrills but the B. K.s piled up a substantial lead due to the sensational playing of McConnaha and the Crose brothers. In the other two scheduled games the Order of the Golden Key forfeited to the Phi Kappa Taus and the Theta Phi Sigmas drew a bye. In the second round the Beta Kappas and Phi Taus went at it hammer and tongs and when the smoke of battle had cleared away the Ph i Taus were on the heavy end of the score. The Delts scored a runaway victory over the Theos although a last minute insertion of Manager Kellough of the Theos nearly changed the tide of victory. The championship game between the Delts and Phi Taus was another thriller. The Delts finally nosed out 17 to 14 and won their first leg on the splendid trophy offered. The one handed shots of Hawley and brilliant playing of Fleming, diminui- tive forward, together with the brilliant guarding of Don Manchester was the main reason the trophy now rests on the mantel at the Delt House. Page One Hundred Twelve ( THE o v ' o nr EE ' K TRACK When the call was issued for a track team, Dow was confronted with about a handful of veterans and a army of green material. Not daunted by this outlook he set out to make what he could out of the material avail¬ able. That he has been fairly successful is shown by the performances of the athletes. The first meet of the season was the Hastings Relays. The mile re¬ lay team ran a splendid race but was nosed out at the tape by the Hast¬ ings crew. The half mile relay team placed there. Loder placed second in the broad jump, Johnson was second in the shot put and Shupe heaved the javelin far enough to get a second place. The showing in this meet was quite remarkable considering the available material. Inter Class meet came the following week. The Sophomores won, scor¬ ing 63 2 3 points, the Freshmen second with 60 points and the Juniors had 29 1 3 points while the Seniors managed to gather 18 points. The meet early developed into a dual between the first and second year classes with each placing men in practically every event. Miller of the freshmen was high point man with two firsts and a third while he also ran on the win¬ ning relay team. Marks in this meet were very poor as a stiff wind hin¬ dered the sprinters and jumpers. The Squad Page One Hundred Fourteen TRACK Little more is known of the season as we go to press but a little proph¬ ecy as to the future of the track team might be well at this point. Watch the Coyote track squad this year and next. That’s all. A line up of men and their events follows. Sprints—Craig, Carper, Beebe, Miller, Taylor, Scott, Hannum, Killen- ger and Ireland. Distances—Ireland, DeWald, Hannum, Gustafson, Gibbs, Bostock and Shuey. Discuss and Shot—Miller, Johnson, Thompson, Gass, Levick, Bremen, H. Bosley, C. Bosley and Smith. Javelin—C. Bosley, Shupe, Miller. Johnson and Shuey. Pole Vault—Beers, Welsh, Shupe, Taylor, Kellough, Waite. Broad Jump—Craig, Welsh, Miller, Scott, Simms, Loder. High Jump—Shuey, Welsh, Shupe, Simms, Wright, Barnes. Hurdles—Ralston, Craig, Calvert, Simms, Loder, Miller, Warga, Un¬ derwood, McKenzie. The Relay Team Page One Hundred Fifteen WESLEYAN CHEER LEADERS Dewald Wright Hull Page One Hundred Sixteen MINOR SPORTS Page One Hundred Seveteen Thomas McCoy Deuser Calveit TENNIS Little can be said of the prospects for tennis at Wesleyan this spring. Thomas is practically the only veteran left for the team. The addition of A1 Calvert, past Wesleyan star and Joy Deuser of University Place High School fame, together with Thomas should form the nucleus for a very successful tennis team. CROSS COUNTRY Placing second to Hastings in the College Conference and winning a dual meet from Doane, the cross country team finished their initial season of competition. Ire¬ land placed third in the Conference meet and second in the Doane Dual Meet to score the most points for the Coyote Harriers. Gibbs and Wallace also placed well up. Ireland, Wallace and Gibbs were the only three to receive letters and as all men will be back next year, Wesleyan should be well represented in the cross country racing. Gibb Bostock Ireland Wallace Weary Hannum Page One Hundred Eighteen the: o o y o t kz MRS. CLARA RIESLAND BRANDT Coach Health and a constructive attitude toward health is being empha¬ sized in physical education at Nebraska Wesleyan as it has never been. No one is healthy who is not 100% healthy, and this does not mean just a negative condition represented by the absence of physical defects, but glad, radiant, positive, and abundant health. Each girl entering the university receives a physical examination and if she is found to be normal, she is placed in a strenuous sport’s class, and is taught how to keep well; and if she is found to have any physical defects, such as, curvature of spine, flat feet, or poor posture, she is placed in a class where corrective exercises are given to improve or correct them. Minor sports, including archery, hockey, golf, and quoits are enjoyed by the girls who can not enter the strenuous sports, such as; hockey, base¬ ball, tennis, soccor, basket ball and golf. Page One Hundred Twenty WOMEN’S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . . .Helen Morris Treasurer . Bessie Eberhart Secretary . .Esther Phipps MEMBERS Margaret Jo Prouty Pauline Hankins Mrs. C. R. Brandt, Sponsor Wilma Brown Doris Braach Ivy Walker Virginia Warrick Helene Clement Beulah Miille The Women’s Athletic Association is a member of the Athletic Con¬ ference of American College Women. Its purpose is the stimulating of interest in and supervision of women’s athletics on the Campus. Those taking part in athletics are eligible for the University “W” upon comple¬ tion of certain requirements. Page One Hundred Twenty-one INTER-CLASS BASKETBALL TEAM Page One Hundred Twenty-Two I l-cl and INTER-CLASS BA CLASS IN PYF Page One Hundred Twenty-Two EDITOR’S NOTE Each of the following were chosen by a rep¬ resentative group of students to represent one of the phases of our campus life in the following way. (1) First in Phi Kappa Phi, National Honorary So¬ ciety, Leland Underkofler, Scholarship. (2) Winner of the cup for individual improvement in Dramatic Department, Alice Maynard, Dramatics. (3) All State End, Donald Manchester, Football. (U) All State Guard, Leonal Loder, Basket Ball. (5) Spirit of democracy and friendliness ov the campus, Beulah Bailey, A Princess of Coyoteland. (6) Spirit of democracy and friendliness on the campus, Amos Morrison, A Prince of Coyoteland. (7) First i)i Local and State Peace Oratorical Con¬ test, Harold Bosely, Forensics. Dramatics Donald Manchester Football iv. , 4 Mwm } KM If Wwm mm !■ imm Leonel Loder Basket Ball Beulah Bailey A Princess of Coyoteland Amos Morrison A Prince of Coyoteland ' P i ' -yrtZ si V, 4 Pa ]H h i rry’i Mj ■HHBHBHG Winning cub sellers were Joel Hull, John Neff and Norma Byers. Views of the campus—and our mascot, the Coyote.—Above is a from the Senior play Youngest One.” scene “The C0Y0TE CUB JALEf jtHHB K5NM8E f •PK Mas a j. J VR I Hr V Do any of our readers remember when Old Main was the only build¬ ing on the campus?—Surely High School Day with its track and field events is a vivid memory.—A Second Generation Club has been organized , and a group of them appear below. Senior Recognition Day is a custom of Wesleyan. The offi¬ cial recognition of the Senior Class is held on this day, the Friday preceding Th anksgiv- ing vacation. John Gewacke was orator of the day. The rally and shirt tail parade on the night before, two of the deco¬ rated frat houses, arid the crowd gathered to see the “Home Coming " Day football game! These are the prize houses!—R eed . receives the ball to plunge into South Dakota ' s defense. Below are a group of the alumni who were ivel- comed back for Home Coming Dag. Snaps from the annual class scrap between the Freshmen and Sophomores on Olympics day—the Tug O’ War, pole vault, high jump, and Flag Rush. The Fresh- meyi won this year. Ivy Day at Nebraska Wes¬ leyan. The gift of the senior class is presented to the Chan¬ cellor, the Ivy is planted, and the cap and gown handed down to the Juniors. Ere i Familiar buildings — Old Mam, Teacher’s College, Physics, Library and Band Stand. Above is a men’s class in pyramid building and Allieds second-team for Bas¬ ket Ball. z tions Page One Hundred Thirty-nine INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL President . Vice President . Secre tary-Treasurer. OFFICERS .....Harold Hansen .Fred Sommerville .Howard L. Thompson Beta Kappa Frank Lally Lawx - ence Davis MEMBERS Everett Eldon Stimbert Kenneth Brown Phi Kappa Tau Norris Schroeder Fred Sommerville Delta Omega Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Theta Phi Sigma Howard L. Thompson Harold Hansen Galen Underkofler LeRoy Wright Robert Hassell Carroll Miller With the coming of national organizations to Nebraska Wesleyan campus a need arose for separate councils governing the relations be¬ tween the various sororities and fraternities; hence separate organizations were effected; the one governing the sororities came to be known as the Pan-Hellenic Council and that of the fraternities took the name of the old organization, namely, Inter-Fraternity Council. These separate organizations became effective the first semester of the present year and it is with much satisfaction that the members of the Inter-Fraternity Council note the way in which the organization is functioning, thanks to the tireless efforts of Dean H. C. Gossard, who is largely responsible for the re-organization of this council. Underkofler Gossard S ' timbert Lally Hansen Thompson Wright Sommerville Hassell Miller Schroeder Davis Page One Hundred Forty PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Chairman Secretary. T reasurer MEMBERS Clara May Smith Irene Taylor . Alice Maynard Alpha Delta Theta Mary Gooden Carr Clara May Smith Mary Louise Seely Beta Phi Alpha Margaret Sutton Irene Taylor Irma Nelson Willard Ruth W. Lemon Helen Wescott Mildred Crowell Zeta Phi Mable Lang Woitzel Pauline Sloneeker Eva M. Gibb Alpha Delta Omega Irene Vance Esther Kelly Erma Drake Sigma Alpha Iota Velma Bush Ora Baker Katherine Allen Alpha Gamma Delta Edith Currier Alice Maynard Dorothy Phelps Delta Phi Charlotte Brunig Doris Gustafson Ruth Carr Gamma Mu Upsilon Gladys Jackson Lilian Ballinger Berniece Foster The purpose of this Pan-Hellenic is to work together for the good of the college and all its women students; and by co-operation to benefit the fraternities of the college and to unify the interests of the fraternity and non-fraternity women. This Pan-Hellenic Association of N. W. U. is composed of three del¬ egates from each chapter of the national fraternities represented in the institution and three from each local. The delegates from any one chapter are one alumna, one senior and one lowerclassman. These delegates are c ected for one college year. Brunig Wescott Gustafson Phelps Drake Foster Kelley Carr Nelson M. Carr Seeley Gibb Maynard Smith Stewart Sloneeker Page One Hundred Forty-one SENIOR OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Frank Lally. President .John Gewacke [Toward Thompson. Vice President .Harold Hansen Alice Maynard. Secretary . Doris Gustafson Marie Danielson.. . Treasurer .Albert Gibson Jack Gass.. College Council .Robert Hassell Bayard Paine. Student Publication Board .Bayard Paine Chapel SENIOR COMMITTEES Senior Breakfast Velma Bush, Chm. Berthena Klahn Lilian Ballinger Irene Stewart, Chm. Helen Smith Margaret Kirkpatrick Caps and Gowns John Brox, Chm. Ruth Fulk Howard Thompson Finance Marie Danielson, Chm. Genevieve Thurber Margaret Kirkpatrick Invitations Frank Lally, Chm. Marie Danielson Genevieve Thurber Lavern Merritt Senior Sneak Day Marlowe Anderson, Chm. Inez Teachman Esther Phipps Albert Gibson Leland Underkofler Senior Play Joseph Snyder, Chm. Alice Maynard Loren Winship Ivy Day Leonard Good, Chm. Ora Baker Ethel Krouch Lucille Uplinger Harry McNeil Lally Gregg Gewacke Page One Hundred Forty-two JUNIOR First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Kenneth Downing 1 . Gordon Dewey. Aileen McGee. Lenore Keller. Amos Morrison Earl Weiser. . President Amos Morrison . Vice President .Paul Anderson . Secretary Mary Seely . Treasurer Idella Jenkins . College Council . Galen Underkofler Student Publication Board Earl Weiser JUNIOR COMMITTEES Social-Senior Recognition Lawrence Davis, Chm. Herbert George John Neff Mary Harr Alice Nystrom Athletics Amos Morrison, Chm. William Hannum Kenneth Kellough Dwight Mason Social Athletics Dorothy Phelps, Chm. Mildred Crom Alice Nystrom Leonel Loder, Chm. Kenneth Kellough William Hannum Chapel Chapel Ruth Miller, Chm. Neva Boberg Doris Bemis Maurice Levick Kenneth Pillmore Ruth Miller, Chm. Zelda Anderson Doris Bemis Downing Gossan! Morrison Page One Hundred Forty-three SOPHOMORE First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester William Lockwood. President . Edgar Backus.. Vice President . Ruth Carr. Secretary . Harold Killinger. Treasurer . James Lush. College Council . Lawrence Read. Sti dent Publication Board Merrill Brayman LeRoy Betzelberger Beulah Miille Donald Day Lawrence Read Edgar Backus Olympics Richard Allyn, Chm. Merrill Brayman Marion Crowell Robert McConnaha Joe Way COMMITTEES Chapel Herbert Wright, Chm. Melba Johnson Natelle Millard Pauline Wright Gaius Watt Social William Brown, Chm. Catherine Coale Catherine Neitzel Harold Bosley Lorene Graver Finance Harold Killinger, Chm. Rose Marie Fellers Ruth Meek Athletics Richard Allyn, Chm. Lynn Bush Everett Lewis Chapel Melba Johnson, Chm. James Lush Katherine Allen Social Finance William Brown Pauline Atwood Bess Sturi’ock Lowell Brown Ruth Carr Joel Hull Lce ' .rwcrd Dow Bravmrri Page One Hundred Forty-four FRESHMEN OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Cecil Stanley. President . Lillie Ham. . Vice President . Vivian Nelson. Secretary . Warren Campbell. . Treasurer . Grace Bickel. College Council . Viola Foster. . Student Publication Board Donald Owens Viola Hassell Marion Gaddis Warren Guthrie Rupert Hampton Viola Foster Athletics Guy Craig, Chm. Carroll Ruh Joy Deuser Clifford Crowell Stanley Johnson Clifford Wait Charles Kaura Rupert Hampton COMMITTEES FIRST SEMESTER Social Alice Ackerman, Chm. Warren Campbell Lucile Seneff Chaplin Carl Saline SECOND SEMESTER Songs — Yells Helen Miller, Chm. Helen Dewey Finance Gaylord Ackles, Chm. Warren Campbell Morse Johnson Kermit Stewart Athletics Cecil Stanley Ernest Taylor Charles Kaura Social Warren Guthrie Elizabeth Wright Helen Dewey Mildred Wiltse Guy Craig Finance Warren Guthrie George Eastham Raymond Underwood Chapel Gaylord Ackles Kermit Stewart Helen Miller Lenore Sams Songs Rupert Hampton Lynn De Wald Stanley Alabaster Owens Page One Hundred Forty-five COLLEGE COUNCIL gjP ; a] = — [g g; OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Frank Lally. President ... Genevieve Thurber. Vice President William Lockwood. Secretary ... Jack Gass. Treasurer ... Merrill Brayman Cecil Stanley Donald Owens John Gewacke MEMBERS Grace Bickel Amos Morrison Edward Lockwood Frank Lally Cecil Stanley James Lush Laurence Reed Robert Hassell John Gewacke William Lockwood Rupert Hampton Galen Underkofler Kenneth Downing The College Council is a representative group of students composed of twelve members. If the Freshmen win the Olympics as they did this year they are permitted to elect a member the second semester also. The members are the class presidents and the members elected from each class. Its purpose is to regulate all student activi¬ ties, college functions, and inter-class frictions. Among the many special events man¬ aged by the Council are: the Olympics, Pan-Wesleyan and Pan-Athletic Banquets, High School Day, Class Elections, College Night, Inter-Class Track Meet, and many other events. This year the Council appointed three students from the student body to act with the faculty committee on Chapel Programs thus inaugurating something new in the way of chapel programs. The Council was instrumental in turning the program for College night over to the Dramatic Club replacing the old traditional class stunts. Plans are now being formulated for regular meetings, and for a new constitution in union with other student organizations on the campus. They are endeavoring to take on more power, and to become a truly student governing board. E. Lockwood Hampton Underkofler W. Lockwood Owens Read Hassell Thurber Lally Brayman Morrison Gewacke Page One Hundred Forty-six PUBLICATIONS ' c - Page One Hundred Forty-seven THE COYOTE, 1928 03 = §; STAFF Genevieve Thurbhr Robert Hassell. Zelda Anderson. Guy Craig. Wesley Abitz. Helen Wescott. Doris Gustafson. Amos Morrison. Editor-in-Chief Business Manager ... Assistant Editor ..... Sport Editor . Art Editor . Classes . Organizations . Humor Editor Another year has slipped away—a year filled with memories and ex¬ periences that are far too precious to be blotted out by time. To compile the events of this year, to record them, to arrange them, and t o bind them together in this 1928 Coyote has been our task. We have tried to catch the real Wesleyan spirit and make it a part of this Coyote. If in reading it, that spirit is revived in you, then our service to you and Wesleyan will be complete. Craig Gustafson Fellers Wescott Hassell Thurber Morrison Anderson Page One Hundred Forty-eight STAFF Ford McCoy. Herbert George Ruth Miller. Frank Lally. Bayard Paine. Verdelle Lageschulte Mildred Green. Guy Craig . r Lynn De Wald. . Edi tor-in-Ch ief . Business Manager . Associate Editor Advertising Assistant Circulation Assistant . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter The Wesleyan is our school paper published Thursday of each week by the students of Nebraska Wesleyan. DeWald Craig Lageschulte Green Miller McCoy George Betzelberger -t - Pnge One Hundred Forty-nine DIRECTORY AND HANDBOOK Each year the Wesleyan Handbook and Di¬ rectory is edited by a student, and published by the Y. M. C. A. Paul Anderson was editor and Gaius Watt was business manager of this year’s directory. It contains the school calendar; the customs of the university; general information; material concerning clubs and organizations; the faculty list; the student list; and student classifi¬ cation by towns. It has proved to be a very use¬ ful and essential article for the student. Page One Hundred Fifty Page One Hundred Fifty-one YOUNG WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Y. W. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Treasurer . Council Representative . Finance Chairman . Meetings Chairman . World Fellowship Chairman Publicity Chairman . Social Service Chairman . Freshman Advisor . Room Chairman . Employment Chairman . Music Chairman . Secretary . Social Chairman . Lillian Jasa Clara Mae Smith Pauline Hankins Audeline Boughn Dorothy Marshall Doris Gustafson Gladys McCormick Melba Johnson Zelda Anderson Mildred Crom Lucy Kepler Irma Nelson Kathryn Allen Ethel Krouch Elmal Mae Crane ADVISORY BOARD Mrs. Callen Miss Coatman Mrs. Fox Mrs. Claflin Mrs. Gregg Mrs. Witte Miss Booth Mrs. Gilbert Mrs. Schreckengast PURPOSES The purposes of the organization are: 1. To lead students to faith in God through Jesus Christ; 2. To lead them into membership and service in the Christian church; 3. To promote their growth in Christian faith and character, especially through the study of the Bible; 4. To influence them to devote themselves in united effort with all Christians, to making the will of Christ effective in human society, and to extending the king¬ dom of God throughout the world. Johnson Nelson Allen Smith Marshall Gustafson McCormick Kepler Anderson Crom Booth Jasa Hankins Boughn Krouch Page One Hundred Fift-y-two YOUNG MEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CABINET MEMBE RS President . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . Deputation . . Devotions . Employment Estes Chairman.... Freshman Council Li hear i ni . Publicity . Social Secretary . World Education . Faculty Advisor . Chairman Board of Directors Lyle Burdick Kenneth Downing Bayard Paine Carroll Miller Ed Lockwood Nathaniel Burke Franklin Thompson Eldon Stimbert Harold Sandall Merrill Bray men Gaius Watt William Brown LeRoy Wright H. C. Gossard W. G. Bishop PURPOSES The purposes of the organization are: 1. To lead students to faith in God through Jesus Christ; 2. To lead them into membership and service in the Christian Church; 3. To promote their growth in Christian faith, especially through the Bible and prayer. 4. To influence them to devote themselves in united effort with all Christians to making the will of Christ effective in human society, and to extending the kingdom of God throughout the world. Stimbeit Wright Brayman Watt Sandall Gossard Paine Burdick Miller Lockwood Thompson Bishop Page One Hundred Fifty-three OFFICERS President .A. K. Williams Vice President .Arthur Monkman Secretary .Ben F. Wallace Treasurer .Raymond Sandstead Faculty Advisor .E. R. Lewis Faculty Advisor .E. E. Emme MEMBERSHIP A. K. Williams Edw. C. Antrim Ray R. Kreps Clarence Deines O. L. Merritt Sanford Bassett Joseph L. Winkler Robt. McConnaha J. E. Lee Lawrence R. Davis Ben F. Wallace Harold Sandall Lyle Burdick Kenneth McDaniel LeRoy E. Wright Dwight Mason Franklin Thompson Ford H. McCoy C. Ted Hawes Kenneth Downing C. A. Moon Herbert George Carroll Miller Dean Eltzholtz Homer Dickerson Arthur Monkman Paul Barnes Moises Ledesema Harold M. Bryant Raymond Sandstead Harold Bosley O. O. Olinger Glenn H. Shanks Carl E, Sahlen Robt. Clark Willard Stolz OXFORD FELLOWSHIP The Oxford Fellowship is a national professional fraternity for ministerial stu¬ dents in colleges and universities. The organization was founded first to promote fellowship and understanding between all those students preparing for the ministry in whatever creed; second, to promote the challenge of the Christian ministry by giving mutual aid, encouragement, and inspiration to college and university students who either have definitely pledged themselves to the ministry as a life work, or contemplate doing so; third, to actively recruit for the ministry among students who are of intellectual and spiritual promise. The organization was definitely formed in 1920, since which time it has gradually increased until at this time there are twenty-two active chapters located in sixteen states. The following denominational schools are represented in the fellowship; Lutheran, Presbyterian, Christian, Methodist, and non-sectarian. Davis McDaniel Miller McConaha Thompson Monkman Shanks Burdick Williams Wright Deines Wallace Sandall Dickerson Sandstead Bassett Merritt Emme Page One Hundred Fifty-four, ■ FINE ARTS Page One Hundred Fitfy-five GRADUATES FROM SCHOOL OF MUSIC Pauline Slonecker B.F.A. Major in Piano Berthena Belle Klahn b.f.a. Major in Voice Ora Baker b.f.a. Major in Violin Irene Taylor b.f.a. Major in Oryan Mary Lou Dawson b.m.k. Major in Piano Public School Music Certificate Lela S. Snyder Major in Piano Public School Music Certificate School Bertha E. Ross Major in Voice of Music Special Diploma Page One Hundred Fifty-six 1 Ethel Leafdalb " The Sinking Lesson " - - Katherine Mansfield Doris Gustafson “Glory of the Morning”— Wm. Ellory Leonard. Margaret Jackson “The Finger of God " — Percival Wilde Thelma Frizzell “A Kiss for Cinderella” . . M. Barrie Pauline Wright “Madame Butterfly”— John Luther Lony Page One Hundred Fifty-seven GIRL’S GLEE CLUB Director .Professor Anna B. Witte President .Leila Adams Pianist .Neva Boberg Secretary-Treasurer .Florence Uhl Executive Committee .Leila Adams Natelle Millard Lillie Ham Vaunden Steele Mabel Mae Dewey Naomi Metcalf Florence Uhl Mildred Barrett Wilma Flory Lucille Meek Sextet Quartette Ellen Lambert Idelle Jenkins Virginia Young Vaunden Steele Florence Becket Evelyn Fleming Natelle Millard Velda Winsor Florence Uhl Catherine Cram First, Soprano Adams, Leila Beckett, Florence Dewey, Mabel M. Gibb, Eva M, Millard, Natelle Meek, Lucille Riley, Grace Roth, Dorothy Steele, Vaunden Staley, Grethe! Vaughn, Velva Wiseman, Hazel Wickersham, M. Second Soprano Barnett, Mildred Durtchi, Lorna Evans, Dorothy Filer, Mildred Fleming, Evelyn Ham, Lillie Hess, Mildred Jordan. Edith M. Metcalf, Verna Nelson, Vivian Trulson, Minerva Thornton, Marg. Winsor, Velda Whitney, Louise Florey, Wilma First Alto Byers, Norma Capsey, Dorothy Dyson, Lois Holmberg, Odessa Lambert, Ellen Thomas, Mildred Uhl, Florence Whitney, Helen Second Alto Anderson, Lillian Cram. Catherin i Eby, Kathryn Fike, Thelma Long, Gladys Jenkins, Idella Keyes, Marjorie Ray, Helen Westermark, M. Young, Virginia The Girls’ Glee Club was organized in 1921 under the direction of Mrs. Witte. Any girl registered in the university is eligible and the membership is selected from the best voices appearing for tryout. The purpose of the organization is to give training in ensemble singing and develop musical appreciation. The Club does not take extended trips, but fills many local engagements, some¬ times furnishing the music for the local church service. The Club has, for several years, provided the music for the Baccalaureate service. On December 20, 1927, the Club presented its annual service of Christmas Carols in Chapel. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight h e: O Y OT MEN’S GLEE CLUB PERSONNEL Director, OSCAR BENNET First Tenors Foster Simms Vern Livingston Kenneth Downing Meredith Halpin Dwight Mason Second Tenors Baritones Galen Underkofler Joseph Snyder James Lush James Maxey Lloyd TeSelle Arthur Monkman Theodore Preston Lawrence Davis Floyd Hanson Norris Schroeder Accompanist — Edward Lockwood Bass Herbert Wright Linn Dewald Gordon Dewey Loren Winship Officer President .Edward Lockwood Custodian .James Maxey Business Manager .Loren Winship Soloists Quartet Oscar Bennet First Tenor.Dwight Mason Baritone.Laurence Davis Edward Lockwood Second Tenor. Floyd Hanson Bass . Loren Winship Reader, Joseph Snyder ITINERARY Clarks Stromsburg David City Columbus Newman Grove Pierce Norfolk Neligh Ewing Atkinson Bassett Ainsworth Valentine Cody Gordon Rushville Hay Springs Chadron Home Concert Crawford Hemingford Alliance Scottsbluff Gering Bayard Sidney Chappell Big Springs Ogallala Gothenburg Cozad Lexington Holdrege Kearney Shelton Grand Island Aurora • A A • 1 | § 1 te ■9 gm L |j % fy 1 • !■ t L JL 1 Page One Hundred Fifty-nine THE GIRLS’ QUARTETTE - c- ■ ’ ••£ - gssg) Natelle Millard . .First Soprano Florence Uhl. First Alto Velda Windsor .Second Soprano Catherine Cram .Second Alto The voices for the quartet are selected by Professor Anna B. Witte from the Girls’ Glee Club. ITINERARY Hiram Club Kiwanis Club Lions Club Optimists’ Club Methodist Church, Eagle, Nebr. Radio Station KFAB. Costume Program, Y. W. Chapel. State W. C. T. U. Lincoln High School Convocation First M. E. Church, Lincoln Wesleyan Convocation. Educational Council. Boberg Uhl Windsor Millard Cram Page One Hundred Sixty NEBRASKA WESLEYAN MALE QUARTET Dwight Mason. First Tenor Laurence Davis. Baritone Floyd Hanson . Second Tenor Loren Winship. Bass The quartet is selected by Dean Parvin Witte and Oscar Bennett. ITINERARY Nov. 12 WCAJ. Jan. 27 Kiwanis Club. Nov. 22 Havelock Jan. 29 Trinity M. E. Nov. 23 Hiram’s Club. Feb. 10 Boy Scout Banquet. Dec. 6 St. Paul’s. Feb. 11 KFAB. Dec. 15 Agricultural College. Feb. 16 Nehawka, Nebr. Jan. 4 Agricult’l College High School. Mar. 1 Whittier Junior High. Jan. 6 Lions Club. Mar. 2-Apr. 1 Glee Club Trip. Jan. 13 Rockford, Nebr. Apr. 13 Uni. Place High School. Jan. 20- -N. W. U. Chapel. Mason Hanson Davis Winship Page One Hundred Sixty-one ■v THE UNIVERSITY CHORUS a«J CHOIR The University Chorus is made up of one hundred and fifty voices, selected by try-out, and is directed by Dean Parvin Witte. The chorus was organized in 1914, and closed its first year with a membership of eighty voices. The work of the society is to study and render in concert form the standard and classic oratorios, both sacred and secular and may include the rendition of operas in concert form. During the second season “The Messiah” was sung at Christmas time and Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” closed the year’s work. The Wesleyan Chorus and Orchestra presented the Oratorio “Elijah” during the first Annual May Music Festival, May fifth and sixth, 1924, assisted by famous artists. Berdis “Requiem” was presented in 1925. In January, 1927, Rossinis Stabat Mater was given. The mid year concert this year was one of Acapello singing, given in first church. During Commencement week “The Messiah” will be given. The choir at First Church is directed by Dean Parvin Witte and is made up of seventy-five voices selected from the chorus. Page One Hundred Sixty-two SCHOOL OF ART Although the history of a department of art dates back to the begin¬ ning of the University it has been only since 1920, by act of the Board of Trustees, that the School of Art has been a part of the College of Fine Arts, granting a degree of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Due to reverses of varying kinds the school has been small but of late years has shown a gratifying increase, in students and in stand¬ ard of work that these students are required to do. The work of the School consists of drawing, design, painting, compo¬ sition, modeling, and other forms of art. Required courses consist of such additional subjects as perspective, artists’ anatomy, and art history. In this last, the school has a department of history and criticism in which the student is given an insight into the culture, the learning, the architecture, the sculpture, the painting and crafts of man as he lived and worked throughout the ages. It is the purpose of the school to help its students to a better understanding of the fields of art and encourages high ideals in the arts and in culture and learning. The Et-Te-Lap is the school’s organization of students majoring in arts and of those electing some work in the school. It sponsors the ex¬ hibit in the School’s Studios on High School Day. Each semester the work of the students is brought before the public in the semi-annual exhibits of the School of Art, hung in the School’s Studios. Page One Hundred Sixty-four THE O Q YQTE ENID MILLER, Coach It was a dark hour. McCallum, Copeland, Carrell, and Casteel donned “black” and with Hamilton were gone. For a moment Wesleyan Forensics lived in the radiant glory of the past, and then without warning, inky storm clouds massed high met the brilliancy and passing over, left us in darkness. It was a common unvoiced under¬ standing that Wesleyan had reached the summit; the next move, of course, was down. When it was time to begin thinking about debate the next season, the “little men,” commonly known as “the remnant,” and a loyal coach met in a small lower room. Feeling somehow that they dared not fulfill what was expected of them they vowed, “It shall not be.” The fire was kindled, the voices of class teams fanned it to a blaze, and the Fresh¬ men in an irresistible effort bringing it to a blast ended the class tourney, out of the heat of which was welded two varsity debate teams. The Affirmative manned by Glenn Wiltse, William Brown, Cecil Stanley, and Ford McCoy argued through a defeatless season that, “the United States should cease to protect by armed force capital invested in foreign lands, except after formal declara¬ tion of war.” Gaius Watt, Homer Hamilton, John Gewacke, and Harold Bosley — the Negative, of equally irresistible spirit—battled through a slightly less successful season. Those falling victim were William Jewel, Peru, York, Cotner, Hastings, Washburn, and Doane, with Hastings alone being able to win one small victory. The unusualness of the season lies not so much in the victories, which are remark¬ able in themselves, but in the ability and the spirit that was revealed. For with but a small “remnant” and five “green” men this was accomplished. And yet this spirit and ability would lie dormant, unearthed, had it not been for the untiring efforts and the unconquerable spirit of our Coach, Miss Enid Miller. Singing, “Ring out old bell on silv’ry air And let it be known everywhere That once again our teams have won More victories for Wesleyan. Oh Vict’ry bell we love to hear, May forth your peals sound year on year When we have gone and other men Take up the fight for Wesleyan,” the season ended. Successful? Yes, and with a clear sky. Page One Hundred Sixty-six Casteel Bosley Carrell NEBRASKA WESLEYAN’S LAST THREE ORATORICAL CHAMPIONS Last year two Nebraska Wesleyan men were able to win every available forensic championship offered in the Nebraska Forensic League to individuals, and these two men are John Casteel and James Carrell, both of whom hold teaching fellowships at Northwes¬ tern University School of Speech. John Casteel leaves a four year record of under-graduate debating with a total of thirty-one debates to his credit. In 1924-1915 he won the All-Wesleyan scholarship. In the same year he was elected to the National Presidency of the Interstate Oratorical League. In 1925-26 he became the champion orator for Nebraska in the Interstate com¬ petition, and in 1926-27 he won the State Peace Oratorical championship, graduated with highest distinction, member of Phi Kappa Phi, with the degree of special distinction in Pi Kappa Delta in both debate and oratory. Mr. Casteel last fall was selected as one of the three candidates for membership in Delta Sigma Rho, the first man of the three. From his assistantship in the Department of Speech at Nebraska Wesleyan, Mr. Cas¬ teel went to a teaching fellowship at Northwestern University and has very recently been re-elected to a higher position at that University. Harold Bosley is the winner of the seventh consecutive oratorical championship held by Nebraska Wesleyan. Mr. Bosley, a Sophomore, was able to bring home a decisive vic¬ tory and a big cup from the State oratorical competition this year, with his oration, “The Blood Rusted Key.” Mr. Bosley was the only Freshman who was elected to a place on the Varsity debat¬ ing squad last year, and this year he has more than justified the trust placed in him. At the National Convention held recently by Pi Kappa Delta at Tiffin, Ohio, Mr. Bosley with Mr. McCoy as co-partner in battle made it known that Nebraska Wesleyan had one of the five best out of the seventy-eight debating teams entered by various colleges and universities in that tournament. Nineteen debates in two years, stands the record. As far as we can learn, no man has ever been able to win three oratorical champion¬ ships in a single year, at the same time maintaining a place on an all-victorious varsity debate team, yet this is the achievement of J ames Carrell for 1926-27. On the Varsity platform in debating he leaves a total of twenty-four intercollegiate debates to his credit. He started his phenomenal year 1926 by winning the All-Wesleyan scholarship. Next he took the State Oratorical championship and following that he proved himself oratorical champion of the Province of the Plat. Mr. Carrell carried his share of the burden of Wes¬ leyan’s all-victorious Affirmative and finally he ended the year with a decisive victory which made him State Extemporaneous Speaking champion in Nebraska. Mr. Carrell has been doing graduate work at Northwestern University and recently he was awarded the first research fellowship ever given by the School of Speech. Page One Hundred Sixty-seven Miller McCoy Basset! JUNIOR Page One Hundred Sixty-eight IE??§!3) CLASS DEBATE TEAMS Iliuniltou Bosley SOPHOMORE Brown Stanley James Guthrie FRESHMEN w inners Page One Hundred Sixty-nine Gewacke Bosley Watt Hamilton NEGATIVE Stanley Wiltse McCoy Brown AFFIRMATIVE rage One Hundred Seventy 3; nr H Fj_C Q Y() f PK [j Page One Hundred Seventy-one WESLEYAN DRAMATIC CLUB - OFFICERS President. Secretary and Treasurer... Business Manager. MEMBERS .Loren Winship .Helen Clack .Joseph Snyder Joseph Snyder Amos Morrison Beryl Klahn Mary Harr Natelle Millard Harold Sandall Irma Smith Harold Bosley Pauline Wright Loren Winship Vern Livingston Helen Strandberg Herbert Wright Doris Gustafson Norris Schroeder Helen Wescott Marvin Beers Alice Maynard Elma Mae Crane Carroll Miller Margaret Kirkpatrick Walter Gass Velmont Clark Enid Miller Lauren Gilbert John Neff Francis Goodhue Helen Clack Helen Smith The annual Dramatic Club try-out is held in the fall, the Club is made up of the successful candidates. Membership in this club gives the sLudent the advantage of working for membership in the National honorary frater¬ nity, Theta Alpha Phi. Wright Morrison Gilbert Gass Bosley Sandall Schroeder Miller Millard I. Smith Livingston Wesoott Neff Harr Beeis Wright Klalin II. Smith Gustafson Maynard Winship Goodhue Clack Crane Kirkpatrick o a Page One Hundred Seventy-two t h f: c o v o -r l: THETA ALPHA PHI OFFICERS President . Secretary-Treasurer . FACULTY MEMBEBS . Loren Winship Enid Miller STUDENT MEMBERS Frances Goodhue Joseph Snyder Carroll Miller Doris Gustafson Elma Mae Crane Helen Strandberg Alice Maynard Loren Helen Winship Clack Theta Alpha Phi is an honorary Dramatic fraternity. The National fraternity is a very strong organization with sixty-four chapters. They are located in many State Universities and Denominational schools. This year the National Convention was held at Cincinnati, Nebraska Alpha sent two delegates, Loren Winship and Joseph Snyder. This year the Dramatic Club sponsored by Theta Alpha Phi presented a series of three plays. Home Coming night opened the season with “The Fortune Hunter,” about Christmas time “R. U. R.” was given, and in February “He and She” was presented. Theta Alpha Phi is now sponsor¬ ing a One Act Play contest, open to any one in school. The student writ¬ ing the best play will be given a prize, and his play will be presented with a group of other One Act plays sometime in May. Miller Snyder Winship Gustafson Miller Goodhue Maynard O 5 Page One Hundred Seventy-three DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS Cast Josie. .Helen Wescott Pete. Angie. .Helen Smith Harry. Betty.. .Natelle Millard Roland. Lockwood. .Amos Morrison Burnham. Larry { Watty | .Walter Gass Willie. Tracy. Nat. . .Marvin Beers Jim. Robbins. .Harold Bosley Tom } Sperry } Hi S __Vern Livingston Herman Schroeder rt Wright oil Miller lont Clark en Gilbert John Neff Directors Enid Miller Frances Goodhue Student Direct or Mary Harr Production Staff Business Manager. .Joseph Snyder Advertising Manager .Loren Winship Properties .Margaret Kirkpatrick Stage Manager .Harold Sandall Page One Hundred Seventy-four DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS Domain.Joseph Snyder Gall.Norris Schroeder Berman.Loren Winship Morius.Herbert Wright Iiodius. Harold Sandall Poemus.Walter Gas . Fobry.Carroll (Miller Helena G.Frances Goodhue Helena. Elma Mae Crane Emma.Doris Gustafson Sulla. .Helen Clack I firector Enid Miller Frances Goodhue Studrnt Director John Neff Production Staff Business Manager .Loren Winship Costumes Stage Manager .Joseph Snyder Head Usher Properties . .Irma Smith Make Up. .. Pauline Wright Harold Bosley Alice Maynard R. U. R. Page One Hundred Seventy-five 0, DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS C ast Tom.. Keith Ann... Ruth. Herbert Wright Daisy.Mary Harr _Walter Gass Millicent.Beryl Klahn Pauline Wright Dr. Remington.Marvin Beers _lima Smith Ellen.Margaret Kirkpatrick Enid Miller ] directors Frances Goodhue Student Director Helen Smith Production Strii Busin ess Manager . Stage Manager . Properties Manager . Electrical Manager . Advertising Manager . Verne Livingston ..John Neff .Lauren Gilbert ..Amos Morrison ..Loren Winship Sealon s Productions August 6.Pot Boilers. September 23 .Pot Boilers. October 22 .The Fortune Hunter. October 26 .Florist Shop. December 2.R. U. R. February 24 .He and She. April 27 ..The Big Idea. April 24 .One Act Series. May 4 .One Act Series.. Epworth Assembly Grace M. E. Church Wesleyan Auditorium Governor’s Mansion Wesleyan Auditorium Wesleyan Auditorium Wesleyan Auditorium Uni. Place High School Expression Hall THE O O Y OTE HONORARY O o One Hundred Seventy-seven PHI KAPPA PHI Nebraska Wesleyan Chapter Established in 1914 Motto: The Love of Learning Rules the World OFFICERS Claude J. Shirk ..E. Glenn Callen .Ethel Booth ... John C. Jensen Historian .Gladys W. Coatman President . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . faculty members , F. A. Alabaster Nanette Ashby G. A. Barringer W. C. Bishop Ethel Booth Marlowe Anderson Dorothy Bridges Mary Lou Dawson Beulah Champ Rose B. Clark E. G. Callen Gladys Coatman R. W. Deal H. A. F. M. Gregg B. M. Hollowed May Hopper J. C. Jensen Ethol Langdon Taylor E. R. Lewis B. E. McProud C. J. Shirk I. B. Schreckengast Eleanor Swanson Pauline Slonecker Irene Stewart Genevieve Thurber STUDENT MEMBERS John Gewacke Lillian Jasa Harold Hanson Luella Linson Esther Kelley Lucille McVey Leland Underkofler The national honor society, Phi Kappa Phi, was organized in 1897. This society recognizes the quality of all branches of learning by electing its members from any of the colleges. The aim of the society is to promote scholarly habits and high stand¬ ards of character among the students. One sixth of the members of the senior class may be elected each year. Andersen Hansen Shirk Underkofler Gewacke Kelley Stewart Linson Thurber Jasa Slonecker Langdon Alabaster Gregg Callen Bishop Hollowell Barringer Page One Hundred Seventy-eight 0S : §) THE _ O Q V Q T IE PI GAMMA MU Motto: “ Ye shall know the truth, aud the truth shall make you free” OFFICERS President .John Gewacke Secretary . Vice President .Professor Glen Callen Treasurer. ADVISORY COUNCIL Professor H. E. Alder Professor L. M. McDermott ..Lillian Jasa Gladys McCormick Professor Glen Callen FACULTY MEMBERS F. A. Alabaster H. E. Al der Glen Callen E. E. Emme Marlowe Anderson Dorothy Bridges John Gewacke Iva Hess Luella Linson Lucille McVey Lillian Jasa Harold Hansen B. E. McProud C. J. Shirk H. A. Taylor G. A. Barringer Paul Sala Helen Wescott Allen Rogers Mary Harr Mildreth Hildreth Willard Weary A. K. Williams Erma Drake W. G. Bishop F. M. Gregg R. J. Ely Louisa Kennedy Doris Bemis Ruth Miller Edna Zamzow Galen Underkofler Esther Kelley Albert Morehouse Gladys McCormick Bayard Paine E. R. Lewis R. E. Deal R. W. Porter B. M. Hollowell Gayle Dawson Lucille Uplinger Leroy Wright Doris Gustafson Velma Bush Alton Merrick Irma Nelson Gordon Dewey ACTIVE MEMBERS The Nebraska Alpha Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu was established at Nebraska Wesleyan March 4, 1926. The special aim of the organization is to encourage the study of society and of social problems in the light of scientific truth and by scientific method, first on the part of young college men and women, and then through them on the part of society as a whole. The standards of the society are high and compare favorably with the general scholarship societies, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi Kappa Phi. Grades alone will not qualify for membership, but there must be an interest on the part of the candidate in social science, and he must give promise of usefulness in the solution of social problems by scientific method. The purpose, as well as the auspicious beginning of the society, argues well for fuither usefulness. Anderson Hansen Wright Rogers Merrick Shirk Williams Weary Hess Linson Gustafson Drake Harr Miller Zamzow Barringer Paine Uplinger Hildreth Wescott Nelson Kelly Bemis Alabaster Gregg Jasa Gewacke Callen Hollowell Bishop Ely Payc One Hundred Seventy-nine PI KAPPA DELTA § 50 National Forensic Fraternity Nebraska Alpha Chapter OFFICERS President ..John Gewacke Secretary-Treasurer .....LeRoy Wright MEMBERS Harold Bosley John Gewacke Cecil Stanley Homer Hamilton Alice Maynard Ford McCoy William Brown Glen Wiltse Enid Miller Prof. Callen LeRoy Wright Gaius Watt Frances Goodhue Chancellor Schreckengast Prof. McDermott “ WUXTRA! Wuxtra!” cries a shrill voice at the metropolis square, and almost as soon as his words are drowned by the noise of traffic the newsboy has exchanged his armful of papers for a handful of coppers. In this busy man’s world it is the cry of “ wuxtra ” that arrests attention. That Pi Kappa Delta is the largest fraternity of its kind and that it offers mem¬ bership on the basis of work done in debate, oratory and extempore speaking—these are facts often taken for granted. But it also has its “ wuxtras.” Nebraska Alpha sent a new edition to the press rooms when Miss Enid Miller came to Nebraska Wesleyan as coach of forensics in 1924. Some of the headliners have been: seven state oratorical championships in as many contests, two national oratorical championships, a regional Pi Kappa Delta oratorical championship, a state extempore speaking championshp, and in 1927 the state debate championship. In addition to this, Coach Enid Miller’s debate teams have lost.tmt three debates in three years, and for the past two seasons her affirmative teams have gone without defeat either in State or Out-State conferences. McCoy Wright Bosley Gewacke Goodhue Miller Maynard Pa ye One Hundred Eighty ) THE C Q Y O T h-T i BETA PI THETA Theta Pi Chapter Founded 1924 Established 1927 Colors: Purple, gold, white Flower : Fleur-de-lis FACULTY MEMBERS Bertha Watt McProud Ida Marshall OFFICERS President .Luella Linson Secretary . .Aileen McGee Vice President .Mary Louise Seely Treasurer . Ruth Miller MEMBERS Marie Danielson Gordon Dewey Mabel Mae Dewey Thelma Fiko Lauren Gilbert Marie Golden Lorene Graver Harold Killinger Luella Linson Edward Lockwood Aileen McGee Florence McV.ey Ruth Miller lima Nelson Margaret Reid Mary Louise Seely Fred Sommerville Dora Lee Stewart Irene Stewart Donald Swanson LeRoy Wright Beta Pi Theta is an honorary fraternity established with the purpose of organ¬ izing representative men and women in universities and colleges who by travel, study, conversation, interest, influence, and ability will advance the progress of literary French and things cultural in America; who will maintain the highest scholarship and literary standards; who will encourage consecration to social service and the highest ideals of a liberal education, and who will recognize and award merit in pro¬ ductive French literature. Lockwood Sommerville Dewey C.ilbert Killenger Wright I. Stewart Miller Dewey Linson Fike Bwnielson Seely D. Stewart Magee Nelson McVey Page One Hundred Eighty-one BLUE KEY Organized 1920 OFFICERS Frank Lally —President Jack Gass —Vice President Albeit R. Gibson— Secretary-Treasurer M E M BERSHIP, 1927-28 Donovan Dinnis Paul Finch Robert Hassell Leland Underkofler Don Manchester Harold Sandall Harry McNeil Fred Sommerville Harold Hansen Bayard Paine Blue Key is a National Honorary Fraternity composed of fourteen Seniors. Junior men are eligible for membership. They are elected on the basis of student leadership, scholarship and sportsmanship. The purpose of this fraternity is to bring together a representative group of Senior men who by their endeavors as a group may better the student conditions on the campus. Hansen Manchester Hassell Sandall McNeil Paine Underkofler I,ally Hibson Gass Sommerville Page One Hundred Eighty-two ' ' THE C O Y OTE V$F PURPLE ARQUS MEMBERS Zeta Phi. Alpha Delta Theta. Alpha Gamma Delta Willard. Beta Phi Alpha Order of the Golden Chain Skim a Alpha Iota Gamma Mu Upsilon. Alpha Delta Omega Delta Phi. ..Dora Lee Stewart Helen Smith .Genevieve Thurber ..Margaret Kirkpatrick .Luella Linson .Lillian Jasa Beulah Pullen Gladys McCormick .Lucille Meek _Eileen Brown Purple Arqus, the honorary society for Senior girls was organized in 1921. Its membership is made up of a representative from each sorority. The purpose of this organization is to promote the best spirit for all worthy student activities and to encurage democracy among the students. Pullen Meek Linson Jasa Brown Kirkpatrick Thurber =J= Page One Hundred Eighty-three : r r k: K. Ik. Ik. and C. C. L. Knights of the Koyote Klan, Coyote Cadet Corps are student pep or¬ ganizations composed of men and women selected to co-operate with each other in promoting school spirit for athletic contests. C. C. C. K. K. K. Rose Marie Fellers, Pres. Joel L. Hull, President Margaret Jo Prouty, Sec. Harold Sandall Pauline Atwood. Treas. Dorothy Daft Glen Kepler Mildred Wiltse Theodore Preston Mildred Barrett Amos Morrison Norma Byers Edgar Backus Doris Brausch Leroy Betzleberger Dora Lee Stewart Carrol Miller Edith Jordan Donald Owens Almeda Gould William Beckman Genevieve Thurber Clifford Long Alma Swanson Charles Mahaffy Bess Sturrock Joseph Snyder Mildred Westermark Elizabeth Wright Mary Harr Eldon Stimbert Calvin Leach Lillie Ham Derard Cronn Beulah Bailey Gordon Duey Wilma Brown Lauren Gilbert Betzelberger Hull Stimberg Preston Wright Cronn Leach Backus Dewey MahafTey Harr Westermark Fellers Sturrock Atwood Thurber Miller Gould Bailey Daft Barrett Jordon Wiltse __. , ■ . — . _XV Page One Hundred Eighty-four r r i-i f: o o v o r r h SIN AC ETYOC OFFICERS Magnus Silibun . Willard Weary Silibun .Alton Merrick Parvus Silibun .Elton Bissel Stilatendisco .Prof. C. J. Shirk MEMBERS Marlowe Anderson Margaret Prouty Paul Barnes Floyd Schroeder Evangeline Bintz Mary Swayze Elton Bissell Leland Underkofler Albert Gibson Helen Waldron Lauren Gilbert Ben Wallace Rose Freeland Willard Weary Erla Hadsell Roger Dubler Harold Hansen Albert Fechner Orlando Hawkins Mortin Fritz Joel Hull Calvin Leach Lillian Jasa Emerald Ralston Melba Johnson Leon Thomas Ruth Kates John Butler James Maxcy Florence Uhl Alton Merrick Leonel Loder Albert Morehouse Warren Shoecraft Theodor Preston Stanley Williamson Helen Morris Purposes The purpose of the organization is to promote an interest in recent Zoological discoveries and research problems. The organization is made up of those who have met certain scholastic requirements in the department of Zoology. Hansen Barnes Merrick Gilbert Butler Underkofler Anderson Leach Wallace Loder Weary Ralston Gibson Shoecraft Waldron Bitz Johnson Uhl Jasa Hadsell Prouty Page One Hundred Eighty-eight ' GEOGRAPHY CLUB OFFICERS President .Bayard Paine Secretary-Treasurer .Esther Kelly Vice President .Irma Nelson Reporter .Eileen Brown MEMBERS Laura Anderson Pauline Hankins Sara Nelson Eileen Brown Esther Kelly Alice Nystrom Mildred Crom Ethel Krouch Gladys Reed Lyle Burdick Paul Morris Lucille Wittwer Walter Gass Gladys McCormick Frances Sappenfield John Gewachke Irma Nelson Bayard Paine, Jr. Bessie Eberhart Edna Zamzow Lois Stevens Eva Johnson Alice Phipps Etta Hancock Lucille Meek Ruth Carr Etta Buehler Genevieve Mayberry Ruth Reece Helen Schafer Catherine A. Cram Katherine Neitzel Betty Stander Aileen McGee Ruth Kuhlman Helen Vallery Beulah Miller Genevieve Small Elden Stimbert Florence Schroeder Thelma Edwards Gladys Kellett Zelda Anderson Lois Dipon Louise Whitney Dorothy Phelps Joel Hull Helen Behrns Ruth Kelly Mildred Rogers Elyda Kennedy Beryl M. Klahn Irene Peterson Ethel McCamley Hazel Hackett Violet Johnson Rose Freeland Mrs. Josie Phillips Alma Weber Elmer Bostock Maymie Boo Ila Person Leonard Good Margaret Aronson Alma Swanson Dorothea Deuel Eva Gibb Alberta Niederhuth Arthur Monkman Laura Fried Ruth Meek Glen Kepler Eleanor Golt Ruth Winfield Beulah Pullen Doris Woodward Helen Moon Beulah Miille The Geography club was organized May 4, 1922. The purpose of the club is to keep its members informed in geographical and geological topics of the day. Members are eligible who have made an A or B in one of the courses of the de¬ partment. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Page One Hundred Eighty-nine 1 . ° I: M PRIMARY COUNCIL OFFICERS President .Ruth Reece Treasurer .Ruth Meek Vice President .Etta Hancock Reporter .Eleanor Galt Secretary .Dorothea Deuel FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Ethel M. Hatch ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Miss Rose Miss Keeton Miss Clark Mrs. Loy MEMBERS Berry, Minerva Bemis, Nadine Braasch, Doris Boydston, Charlotte Brunty, Vera Byrkit, Margaret Bellows, Mildred Coulter, Faye Coulter, Hazel Claney, Lois Clemens, Delores Campbell, Elsie Crowell, Mildred Carter, Gertie Daft, Dorothy Dusenberry, Myrtle Dye, Dorothy Deuel, Dorothea Edwards, Thelma England, Marguerite Elfeldt, Taletta Elfeldt, Maletta Eastham, Marguerite George, Laura Galt, Eleanor Haekett, Hazel Hancock, Etta Hagler, Myrtle Henry, Bernice Hudson, Ruth Irwin, Wilma Johnson, Eva Johnson, Violet Klahn, Beryl Kuhlman, Ruth Lees, Laura Lyon, Alice Lindekugel, Lois Linson, Doris Marsh, Kathyrn Martin, Irma Marshall, Blythe Miille, Beulah Mayberry, Genevieve Meek, Ruth Nookes, Lillie P. Nelson, Verna Person, Ila Ranney, Ruth Richards, Lucille Reece, Ruth Smith, Amy Small, Genevieve Stevens, Lois Souders, Ruth Swanson, Lila Sattler, Geraldine Van Steenberg, Mil. Whisler, Naomi Williams, Audrey Wilhelm, Maude Whitney, Louise Walker, Ivy Any one interested in the educational problem of the first four years of the public school is eligible to the Primary Council. The purpose of the organization is to secure the co-operation of all those interested in primary work in order to improve the pri¬ mary schools, to encourage a greater freedom of method, and a closer relationship be¬ tween kindergarten and primary work. Page One Hundred Ninety Vern Armstrong Mary Harr. Galen Underkofler Vern Armstrong Ed Backus Leonard Good Meredith Halpin Mary Harr Harold Jordan Glen Kepler Kenneth Kellough Professor McDermott OFFICERS . President . ... Vice President ... Secretary - Treasurer MEMBERS Active Harry McNeil Harold Raitt Clara Wyatt Paul Finch Clark Basset Floyd Burt John Gewacke Robert Hassel Faculty Professor Callen Floyd Burt Glen Kepler Vern Armstrong Christine Hardin Willis Herman Harold Johnson Esther Kelly Samuel McClung Kenneth Pilmore Ga len Underkofler Harold Gibbs Professor Ely The Nebraska Wesleyan Commerce Club was organized in 1926. All students who are registered as major students in the department of Econ¬ omics and Sociology, and who have earned one and one half honor points per hour for subjects taken in the department are eligible for member¬ ship in the club. The purpose of this organization is to promote integrity and good faith in business; to create a desire for high ethical standards in commercial, industrial, social, and civic pursuits; and to promote in¬ terest in the Department of Economics and Sociology at Nebraska Wes¬ leyan. Herman Ely Bassett Hassell Pilmore Backus Burt Callen Wyatt Harr Hardin Kepler Gewacke Gibb Raitt Armstrong McDermott McNeil Goode Page One Hundred Ninety- 03, " the o q v o r r hz ET TE LAP OFFICERS President .Johnny Stenvall Faculty Advisor .Gladys Marie Lux Vice President .Elyda Kennedy Scribe .Thelma M. Fike =h MEMBERS Delilah Erwin Dorothy Daft Alice Lyon Elizabeth Shupes Norman Hoff Marion R. Gaddis Lillian H. Ibser Laurence J. Reed The “Et-Te-Lap,” organized this semester, was created for the purpose of main¬ taining high scholarship in art, arousing a great interest in art among students of the college, and for sponsoring an exhibit on High School Day. LEADERSHIP TRAINING BY PARTICIPATION Nebraska Wesleyan University is one of the first schools to take the task of training Christian leaders seriously. In addition to the courses given for broad cultu¬ ral foundation preparation, and courses for special training in religious work fpr church and community leadership, the department of Religious Education is giving special attention to students in their personal religious development. One of the most important phases of the work is the taking of students to various churches over the week end. On these trips students take part in various ways, re¬ ligious leading, singing or speaking. Sometimes a wholesome fun program is put on so that the young people of the local church will not only have opportunity to enjoy themselves and meet our college students, but that they will discover vital suggestions for this phase of the work in their own church or young people’s societies. The informal visits with young people and those of maturer years in their home or merely a personal visit, is also very valuable. Adding to this the systematic pro¬ cedure that is being worked out for careful advance planning for a field trip and an evaluation after merely goes to show that Nebraska Wesleyan is developing a new form of student training. The religious service given over the radio by students each morning at 7 A. M. relates here. Clearing through a committee representing the Christian organizations of the campus, a large number of students have taken part in these services. The plan for the department is to intensify student contacts in this service way as well as increase the efficiency with which it is rendered to local church and com¬ munity needs. Page One Hundred Ninety-two l Q o BOOK V President . Vice President 0S53 o: Johnny Sten Elyda Kenn M! Delilah Erwin Dorothy Daft Alice Lyon Elizabeth Shupes The “Et-Te-Lap,” organized this se taining high scholarship in art, arousing college, and for sponsoring an exhibit or LEADERSHIP TRA1I Nebraska Wesleyan University is training Christian leaders seriously. In ral foundation preparation, and course church and community leadership, the special attention to students in their pei One of the most important phases o churches over the week end. On these ligious leading, singing or speaking. S so that the young people of the local cl themselves and meet our college student for this phase of the work in their own The informal visits with young peo or merely a personal visit, is also very cedure that is being worked out for ear evaluation after merely goes to show t form of student training. The religious service given over th relates here. Clearing through a comm of the campus, a large number of stude The plan for the department is to as well as increase the efficiency with ' munity needs. Page One Hundred Ninety-two S ocie+4 Page One Hundred Ninety-three Deuel Reese Hankins Thomas Bemis Drake Woodward Braasch Marsh Anstine Martin Striekler McGlasson Kelly L. Meek Freeland R. Meek Eberhardt Galt Kline Reisland Colors: Yellow and White Freytag Parker Frizzell N. Bemis Switzer Wiseman Madson Burkett ALPHA DELTA OMEGA Organized 1916 Advisor: Mrs. Brandt Norlin Dusenberry Edwards Pfiffer Jordan Flower: Ophelia Rose OFFICERS Esther Kelly. President . Ruth Meek. Vice President . Dorothy Deuel.. Treasurer . Ruth Reese.. Secretary . Rose Freeland. Corresponding Secretary Pauline Hankins Ruth Meek Dorothy Deuel Ruht Reese Lucille Meek House Mother Mrs. Bess Stephens Page One Hundred Ninety-four ALPHA DELTA OMEGA Pauline Hankins Erma Drake Eleanor Galt Mildred Thomas Doris Woodward Dorothea Deuel Lorene Norlin Myrtle Dusenberry Evelyn Anstine Kathryn Marsh Irma Martin Mrs. Meek ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Esther Kelly Juniors Doris Bemis Sophomores Doris Broasch Verna Klein Lela Reisland Ruth Meek Madeline Freytag Pledges Nadine Bemis Adeline Switzer Thelma Edwards Edith Jordan Kathryn Pfiffer Helen Strawn Patronesses Lucille Meek Betty Eberhart Marcia Parker Ruth Reese Rose Freeland Thelma Frizzell Mabel Burkitt Velma Madison Hazel Wisman Merna McGlasson Thelma Strickler Mrs. Parker Page One Hundred Ninety-five Schroeder Coulter Nelson Wickersham Ruch Seeley Snyder H. Smith C. Smith Hancock Evans Moan Blevins Neitzel PMler Byers Uhl Trulson Stevens Stack I. Smith Flood S ' attler Moor Bobbitt I a 5 i 0 ia Anderson Lagaschulte Gould Crewdson Beuhlow Walker Fike Jenkins Hb 4 s.ib W Johnson NU CHAPTER OF ALPHA DELTA THETA Founded 1919 Installed May 14, 1927 Colors: Turqvoise Blue, Ameythest, Silver Flower: Sweet Pea Advisor: Mrs. Wiley OFFICERS President .Clara May Smith Vice President .Helen Smith Secretary . Etta Hancock Recording Secretary Mary Louise Seely House Manager . Treasurer .Annabel Ruch Historian .Cleo B. Stach Marshall .Minerva Trulson Chaplin .Florence Shroeder Helen Moon Page One Hundred Ninety-six XU CHAPTER OF ALPHA DELTA THETA ACTIVE MEMBERS Clara May Smith Thelma Fike Seniors Lela Snyder Helen Smith Juniors Mary Louise Seely Idella Jenkins Esther Blevins Norma Byers Mildred Filer Etta Hancock Lois Stevens Sophomores Helen Moon Annabel Rueh Florence Shroeder Irma Smith Katherine Cleo B. Stach Geraldine Sattler Florence Uhl Minerva Trulson Nietzel Lillian Anderson Grace Bickel Wilma Babbitt Madge Beulow Josephine Credwson Mrs. B. M. McProud Pledges Mae Flood Almeda Gould Loraine Johnson Evangeline Levick Blythe Marshall Verdelle Lagaschulte P ' aculty Members Miss Kennedy Lois Moor Maxine Maxwell Vivian Nelson Goldie Walker Maurine Wickersham Mrs. Gilbert T Page One Hundred Ninety-seven BETA ALPHA OF ALPHA GA DELTA Founded 1904 Installed 1927 Colors: Red, Buff, Green Advisor : Flower: Miss Marietta Snow Red and Buff ' Roses OFFICERS President .Genevieve Thurber Recording Secretary .Ruth Kelly Vice President .Zelda Anderson Corresponding Secretary.. Pauline Atwood Treasurer .Mary Lou Dawson House Mother Mrs. Ida Phelps E ' awson J. Atwood Graff Johnson Fleming Capsey Hassell Pullen Kelly Anderson Thurber Alabaster Maynard P. Atwood Phelps Steele McGee Beck Bellows Bratt Coates Rogers Walker Mooi ' e Kates Miille Brehm Hinson Wyatt Potts Spivey Green Longacre Hintz Page One Hundred Ninety-eight A BETA ALPHA OF ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Ruth Alabaster Mary Lou Dawson Zelda Anderson Kathryn Graff Juliet Atwood Pauline Atwood Ethel Beck Mildred Bellows Katherine Bratt Helen Brehm Melitta Elfeldt ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Ruth Kelly Alice Maynard Juniors Aileen McGee Dorothy Phelps Sophomores Vera Coates Evelyn Fleming ' Eva Johnson Ruth Kates Beulah Miille Freshmen Viola Hassel Grayce Pullen Taleta Elfeldt Genevieve Thurber Vaunden Steele Helen Strandburg Mildred Moore Mildred Rogers Ivy Walker Clara Wyatt Beth Hinson Ellenore Spivey Jean Potts Pledges Mildred Green Elizabeth Longacre Lucille Bonsell Faculty Members Miss Marietta Snow Hilda Hintz Dorothy Capsey Page One Hundred Ninety-nine Reed Nelson Stewart Nystrom Linson Taylor Miller Fulk Danielson Zamzow Crane Wood Dye Waldron Burress Gumaer Lyon Burgoin McCoy Lyon Linson BETA PHI ALPHA Founded 1909 Installed 1927 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Yelloiv Tea Rose Advisor: Miss Eleanor Swanson OFFICERS President . Vice President . Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Marie Danielson .Irma Nelson .. .Margaret Reid .Alice Nystrom .Irene Stewart House Mother Mrs. Nellie Payne Page Two Hundred ■KJH BETA PHI ALPHA ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Marie Danielson Luella Linson Irene Stewart Ruth Fulk Margaret Reid Irene Taylor Edna Zamzow Mildred Hildreth Dorothy Dye Ruth Miller Juniors Irma Nelson Alice Nystrom Helen Waldron Elma May Crane Sophomores Bess Sturrock Maybelle Taylor Louise Wood Eleanor Postal Dora Burgoin Lucille Burress Viola Gumaer Freshmen Kareen Lally Doris Linson Mary Ellen McCoy Alice Lyons Berniece Lyons Helen Sandsted Alma Swanson Faculty Members M’s. Vesta Keeton Mrs. Archerd Page Two Hundred One Carr Henry Gustafson Johnson E. Brown Flory McVey M. Cole Bailey Coale Laub W. Brown Green Sams Staley Peterson Hartford Winslow Smith Whistler Welson Kuhlman Burford Hirsch Barnica Miller Scott Aronson Colors: Green end Gold DELTA PHI Organized 1916 Advisor: Miss Nanette Ashby Flower: Daisy OFFICERS Eileen Brown.. Florence McVey Angeline Sams.. Bernice Henry.. . President .. Vice President .. Secretary ... Treasurer .. Doris Gustafson Bernice Henry Ruth Carr Melba. Johnson House Mother Miss Anna Wright Page ' Two Hundred Tivo DELTA PHI ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Eileen Brown Doris Gustafson Juniors Florence McVey Wilma Florv Beulah Bailey Wilma Brown Ruth Carr Cathryn Coale Margaret Aronson Florence Barnica Louise Burford Helen Miller Sophomores Marian Cole Bernice Henry Catherine Laub Melba Johnson Grethel Staley Freshmen Ruby Hartford Mariam Hirsch Naomi Whistler Evelyn Scott Pledges Doris Smith Ada Greene Irene Peterson Angeline Sams Inez Winslow Verna Nelson Ruth Kuhlman Lenore Sams Virginia Crist Mrs. E. R. Patronesses Mahood Mrs. H. C. Gossard Page Two Hundred Three L. Ballinger Shaw D. Ballinger SennefT Carter Burtner Tower Harr B. Foster F. McCormiek Hegler McCormick Boydston Dyson Avery Kroger V. Harr Richards Lees Erwin V. Foster Ham Senneff Whitney M. Foster GAMMA MU UPSILQN Organized 1923 Colors: Cerise and Gray Flower: Siveet Pea Advisor: Miss Enid Miller OFFICERS Mary Harr. President ... Gladys McCormick. Vice President Iris Tower. Treasurer ... Frederica McCormick. Secretary ... Mary Harr Lillian Ballinger Iris Tower Berniece Foster Mrs. Alice Cobleigh Page Two Hundred Four Lillian Ballinger Charlotte Bjoydston Mary Harr Doris Ballinger Edith Dyson Lillie Ham Viola Foster ' Delilah Erwin Dorothea Wiese Mable Foster Mrs. G. A. Barringer GAMMA MU UPSILON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Frederica McCormick J UNIORS Berneice Foster Sophomores Iris Tower Zola Avery Lucille Richards Freshmen Vera Hare Ruth Shaw Lucille Burtner Pledges Patronesses Mrs. Everett Hosman Gladys McCormick Myrtle Ilagler Bessie Senetf Laura Kepler Lucy Kepler Lucille Seneff Laura Lees Helen Whitney Ethelle Wiese Laura Kroegar Mrs. Mamie Claflin Page Two Hundred Five Tollman Speer Teachman Anderson Leavitt Waterbury L. George Hints Riley F. George Hacket Lehn Jasa Uplinger Kennedy Barrett Boyer Ford Shumard Boo Kerber Williams Barnett Colors: Delft Blue and Gold Advisor ORDER OF GOLDEN CHAIN Organized 1920 Miss Louise Kennedy OFFICERS Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Laura Anderson. Inez Teachman. Ollie Leavitt. Lillian Jasa... Mildred Barrett. Caroline Speer. Clara Tollman. Alberta Neiderhuth Caroline Speer. . President . First Vice President.. Second Vice President. Third Vice President. Fourth Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer __ . Reporter . House Manager .... Elyda Kennedy Eula Ford Lauro George Julia Waterbury Audria Shumard Caroline Speer Clara Tollman Grace Riley Helen Behrns House Mother Mrs. Ella Hedges Page Two Hundred Six THE o o v o r r e: ORDER OF GOLDEN CHAIN Lillian Jasa Laura Andersen Mildred Barrett Belva Boyer Eleanor Bailey Dorothy Daft Helen Behrns Maymie Boo Frances George ACTIVE MEMBERS SEiNIORS Inez Teaehman Juniors Ollie Leavitt Julia Waterbury Sophomores Eula Ford Lois Hints Laura George Elyda Kennedy Clara Tollman Freshmen Hazel Hackett Ethel Lehn Elizabeth Shupe Pledges Ruth Gregory Lucille Uplinger Mary Othley Alberta Neiderhuth Grace Riley Caroline Speer Audria Shumard Audrey Williams Evelyn Barnett Alberta Kerber Page Two Hundred Seven Holmberg Boberg Adams Pierce Pullen Beckett Klahn Baker Winsor Westermark Potts Thornton Allen Wright Moor Bacon Hess Roth Melton UPSILON OF SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Installed 1923 Advisor: Mrs. Anna B. Witte OFFICERS .Ora Baker .Neva Boberg Odessa Holmberg .Leila Adams .Beulah Pullen .Gladys Pearce ..Katherine Allen Vice President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Alumni Secretary . Treasurer . Chaplain . Mrs. Leota Stanton Page Two Hundred Eight c O TT T H 2 O Y 7S UPSILON OF SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Ora Baker Berthena Klahn Neva Boberg Leila Adams Katherine Allen ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Juniors Sophomores Florence Beckett Odessa Holmberg Mildred Westermark Beulah Pullen Bertha Ross Gladys Pearce Margaret Thornton Velda Winsor Laura Bacon Mildred Hess Freshmen Ellen Lambert Ethel Mae Moor Theresa Melton Edith Potts Dorothy Roth Elizabeth Wright Mrs. Eudora Esterbrook Faculty Members Clara U. Mills Mrs. Anna B. Witte Page Two Hundred Nine Crom Custer Kallemeyn Kirkpatrick Clack Crowell Du Guay Buehler Wescott Kieschel Nelson Prouty Stander Vallery Warrick Wittwer Woodruff Ackerman Klahn Wiltse Goodhue Bald Metcalf Dinnis Rockwell Keller Duncan WILLARD Organized 1889 Colors: Pink and Green Advisor: Gladys Coatman OFFICERS Margaret Kirkpatrick. President ... Edythe Kallemyn. Vice President Helen; Schafer—. Secretary ... Helen Clack. Treasurer ... Flower: Ophelia Rose Edith Kallemyn Mildred Crowell Helen Schafer Sallie Nelson Mrs. Mary Skiles Prouty Page Two Hundred Ten WILLARD Mildred Crowell Helen Clack Helen Vallery Virginia Warrick Lucille Wittwer Dorothy Woodruff Marion Gaddis Naomi Metcalf Alyce Bald Belva Rockwell Roberta Goodhue Patronesses Mrs. M. B. Myers Edythe Kallemyne Mildred Crom Lenore Etta Beuhler Grace DuGuay Mary E. Kieschel Alice Ackerman Beryl Klahn Harriet Custer ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Margaret Kirkpatrick Juniors Keller Helen Wescott Sophomores Sallie Nelson Margaret Jo Prouty Helen Schafer Betty Stander Pledges Mildred Wiltse Marjorie Duncan Fern Dinnis Page Two Hundred Eleven Fried McMahon Stewart Colburn Marshall Gibb Cherry Dewey Slonicker Kellett Walker McGooden Cardiff Frohn Connely Irwin F ellers Leafdale Perry Kyes Whitney Schram D. Walker Childers Te Selle Long Campbell Colors: ZETA PHi Organized 191G Maize avd Pink Flower: Advisor: Margaret Lee Snodgrass Ophelia Rose OFFICERS Dorothy Marshall. Dora Lee Stewart. Anne Lynette Cherry Gladys Long. Eva M. Gibb. .... President .... Vice President .... Secretary .... .... Treasurer .... House Manager Dorothy Marshall Dora Lee Stweart Anne Lynette Cherry Ruth McGooden Eva M. Gibb Page Two Hundred Twelve ' THE O O V Q r h2 Dorothy Marshall Anne Lynette Cherry Genevieve Colburn Mabel Mae Dewey Elsie Campbell Gertrude Cardiff Amy Day Helen Duey Dorothy Frahn Mrs. I. D. Ames Mrs. Dorothy Spencer Dora Lee Stewart Margaret Walker Gladys Long Mabel TeSelle Gladys Kellett Louise Whitney Laura Perry Dorothy Walker Marie Schram Miss Rose B. Clark Mrs. Ruth Alder ZETA PHI ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Pauline Slonecker Juniors Eva M. Gibb Sophomores Rose Marie Fellers Laura Margaret Fried Ethel Leafdale Ruth McGooden Freshmen Grace Connely Blanche Childers Pledges Wilma Irwin Mayme Kyes Gwendolyn MacMahon Honorary Members Mrs. Alta Vaughn Austecmuehle Page Two Hundred Thirteen CHANCELLOR’S RECEPTION On Friday, December 16, the Chancellor’s Annual Reception to the students was held in Huntington Hall. The faculty were in charge of the decorations. The college orchestra led by Prof. Knies played throughout the evening. A program, consisting of readings by Enid Miller, and Frances Goodhue, and a group of duet numbers sung by Oscar Bennett and Dean Parvin Witte, was very much enjoyed. PAN WESLEYAN BANQUET Approximately three hundred and twenty-five students, faculty mem¬ bers, trustees, and directors attended the nineteenth Pan-Wesleyan ban¬ quet at the Methodist Church Thursday evening, March 15. An aeroplane program carried out the idea of “ The Spirit of Wesleyan,” the pilot or toastmaster being Chancellor Schreckengast. The Invocation was given by Bishop F. T. Keeney, followed by two selections by the Wesleyan Girls ' Quartet, composed of Natelle Millard, Velda Winsor, Florence Uhl, and Catherine Cram. Representatives of the four university classes spoke as follows: “ Take Off,” Freshmen.Warren Guthrie “ Adventure,” Sophomores...Donald Day “ Good Will Flight,” Juniors.Carroll Miller “We,” Seniors...Alice Maynard An instrumental quartet composed of Berthena Klahn, vocalist, Cath¬ erine Cram, harpist, Irene Taylor, pianist, and Eleanore Douglas, violinist, presented two numbers. Following two selections by the Girls’ Quartet, Judge Bayard H. Paine took the topic “ Promotes ” representing the trus¬ tees. The singing of the “ Yellow and the Brown” and a Wesleyan yell closed the evening. Page Two Hundred Fourteen FRATERNITIES gi O o == 3 §= Pa re r«;o Hundred Fifteen H. Crose Burt Carper Bush Johnson Lally Mason Imes Fredrickson G. Crose Sandal Hudson Dines Hull Bassett Preston Burke Sanstead Chittendon McDaniels Shoecraft Lewis Wright Dickerson Taylor Rohrbaugh Waitt Merritt Emme Davis W. Lockwood E. Lockwood Livingston Swanson McConaha Schmidt GAMMA OF BETA KAPPA Established 1923 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Yellow Rose Adisor: H. E. Alder Larry Davis. Frank Lally. Sanford Bassett Ed. Lockwood- .. Harold Jordan.. Floyd Burt. Larry Davis. Frank Lally. OFFICERS . Arkon .Vern Livingston . Deputy Arkon .Don Swanson . Chancellor .Bob McConaha . Scribe .Ed. Lockwood . Steward .Larry Davis . Guard .Bill Lockwood Inter-Fraternity Council .Larry Davis Inter-Fraternity Council .Frank Lally House Mother Mrs. Harriet Reese Page Tivo Hundred Sixteen GAMMA OF BETA KAPPA ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Frank Lally Harold Sandall Sanford Bassett Juniors La Verne Merritt Larry Davis Floyd Burt Harold Jordan Ford McCoy Edward Lockwood Thomas Chittenden Vern Livingston Floyd Shroeder Robert Clark Theodore Preston Elton Bissell Dwight Mason Sophomores Harold Johnson William Lockwood Homer Dickerson Nathaniel Burke Joel Hull Don Swanson Laurence Carper Lynn Bush Herbert Wright Hallet Schmidt Harry Crose Homer lines Bob McConaha FRESHMEN Raymond Sandsted Warren Shoecraft Orville Lewis Laurence Rohrbaugh Clarence Deines Pledges Norman Fredericksen Clifford Wait Ernest Taylor Warren Hudson Faculty Members Kenneth McDaniels H. E. Alder E. E. Emme Page Two Hundred Seventeen ' i- 1 -. £1- Sj Wingett Backus Morrison Van Steenberg Bosley Mohler Armstrong Booth L. Underkofler Whyman Burdick Bogle Bratt Dow E. VanSteenberg Herman Morris Hoff E. Stewart Guthrie Reed Hamilton Eastham Hoevet Bostrum Fleming Hawley Tompkins Anderson Monkman Weary G. Underkofler Maxy M. Anderson Kepler Brown Stewart l ddei—■ Colors: Purple and Gold DELTA OMEGA PHI Organized 1903 ' x }° ' 9 ( ik 0 ' ,r ha Advisor: Dean H. C. Gossard Motto: Plus Ultra 0tfDtlr r JM OFFICERS Leland Underkofler. President .Marlowe Anderson Amos Morrison. Vice President .Glenn Kepler Paul Morris. Secretary .Phares Mohler James Maxcy. — House Manager .James Maxcy Edgar Backus.. Corresponding Secretary .Galen Underkofler Stanley Hawley. Sargeant-at-Arms .Vern Armstrong Galen Underkofler. Inter-Fraternity Council .Galen Underkofler Howard Thompson. Inter-Fraternity Council .Howard Thompson Marlowe Anderson. Reporter .Willard Weary Mrs. Matie Brown Page Two Hundred Eighteen A l-I U o y o nr }■ —sir ' ■ _ DELTA OMEGA PHI ACTI VE MEMBERS Marloe Anderson Vern Armstrong Paul Anderson Hugh Bogle Edgar Backus Harold Bosley Homer Hamilton Norville Butler George Eastham Everett Booth Lawrence Bostrom Lyle Burdick Dale Cress Seniors Ben Dittus Glen Kepler Donald Manchester Howard Thompson Leland Underkofler Juniors James Maxcy Galen Underkofler Willard Weary Paul Morris Amor Morrison Sophomores Stanley Hawley Arthur Monkman Willis Herman Lawrence Read Phares Mohler Earl Stewart Freshmen Warren Guthrie Lloyd Lederen Leo Hoevet Kermit Stewart Pledges Kenneth Bratt Norman Hoff Douglas Dow Raymond Fleming Maurice Thompson Ivan Van Steenberg Ray Kreps Faculty Members Earl Van Steenberg Charles Thompkins Charles Wingett R. W. Deal R. A. Hardin Page Two Hundred Nineteen Hogg Calvert Beckman Lewis Moor Brayman Deuser Williamson Stanley Ireland Ho ' tz Smith Klahn Hampton Long Batty Ralston Lodsr Stimbert Snyder Gibson Brown Shuey Gustafson Craig Benson McNamaha Koser Lush Day Wright EVERETT Organized 1889 Colors: Sky Blue and Lemon Advisor: Dean Parvin Witte OFFICERS Joseph Snyder. President . Donald Day. Secretary . Donovan Dinnis. House Manager Merrill Brayman. Assistant House Manager Albert Gibson James Lush Donovan Dinnis Merrill Brayman Page Two Hundred Tiventy t h k: t j o v cVTT Donavon Dinnis EVERETT ACTIVE MEMBERS SENIORS Albert Gibson Alfred Calvert Joseph Snyder Leonel Loder Juniors Emerald Ralston Elden Stimbert Edward Batty Sophomores Donald Day Clifford Long Merrill Brayman Wayne Hogg James Lush Kenneth Brown Everett Lewis Willard Wright George Ireland Freshmen Charles McNamaha Brace Smith Guy Craig Rupert Hampton Cecil Stanley Theodore Holtz Roy Moore Eugene Stromberg Morse Johnson Maynard Ronin Stanley Williamson August Benson Pledges Harry Klahn William Beckman Joy Deuser Francis Koser Wilbur Gustafson Ral ph Shuey Nelson Beebe Paine McClune Cram Butler Whitney Dewey Wright Welch Leach Hansen Bostock Price Werniment L. Welch Goslin Crumbliss Miller Thompson Fechner Good Downing Bishop Shupe Howie Gewacke Bishop G. Watt J. Watt MahafTey Colors: Purple and Organized White 1924 Advisor: Prof. J. M. Howie OFFICERS Bayard H. Paine, Jr.... President .John C. Gewacke Irwin S. Shupe. Vice President .W. Gauis Watt W. Gauis Watt. Secretary .Irwin S. Shupe Samuel McClung.. Treasurer ...Samuel McClang Harold Hansen. Inter-Fraternity Council .Harold Hansen Leroy Wright.. Inter-Fraternity Council .Leroy Wright John Watt. Adelphos .Franklin Thompson Charles Mahaffay. Reporter .Bayard Paine Jr. Kenneth Downing. Social Secretary .Fletcher Price Wilbur Avery. House Manager .Kenneth Downing House Mother Mrs. Lillian Dewey Page Two Hundred Twenty-two KAPPA SIGMA PI ACTIVE MEMBERS Wilber Avery Sterling Cram John Gewacke Fletcher Price Gordon Dewey Kenneth Downing Russell Beebe John Bishop Elmer Bostock John Butler Albert Seniors Leonard Good Roy Goslin Harold Hansen Leroy Juniors Sophomores Walter Crumbliss Samuel McClung Lars Nelson Freshmen Fechtner Calvin Leach Plepoes Charles Mahaffay Oliver Olinger Bayard Paine, Jr. right Irwin Shupe Maynard Welsh Franklin Thompson W. Gauis Watt Kenneth Wernimont Ramey Whitney Dean McClanahan Richard Miller Faculty Members J. M. Howie W. G. Bishop Page Two Hundred Twenty-three Joons Brox Gallion Hunter Boyer Salum Brokaw Catlet Snider McNeil Cronn ORDER OF THE GOLDEN KEY Organized 1920 Colors: Black and Gold Motto: For the Other Fellow Advisor: F. M. Gregg OFFICERS President . Secretary . Treasurer . Membreship Secretary Social . Chaplain . ...Harry McNeil .Frank Joons ..Edwin Snyder .Duard Cronn Austin Brokaw .Dwight Catlett House Mother Mrs. Agnes Campbell Page Two Hundred Twenty-four THE C O VOTE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN KEY ACTIVE MEMBERS Edwin Snyder John Brox Duard Cronn Milliard Babbit Dwight Catlett Frank Joons Seniors Sophomores Morsis Le Desma Austin Brokaw Freshmen Coit Hunter Harry McNeil Barclay Gallion Lyle Boyer Kenneth George Virgil Couch Pledges Cosme Salum Page Two Hundred Twenty-five Gowe Allyn Levick Bassett Cole Crowell Gilbert Stevens Johnson Bonham. Dunning Warga Murray Beck Bosley Howell Sahlen Loy Meek Miller Mahood Zabel Hannum Rose Crowell Killenger Jenkins De Wald Beers Burner Neff Merrick Winship Gass Killinger Sommerville Johnson Blair Thomas UPS!LON CHAPTER OF PHI KAPPA TAU Founded 1906 Installed at N. W. U. 1923 Colors: Harvard Red arid Old Gold Flower: Red Carnation Advisor: Dr. Harry Taylor OFFICERS Walter Gass.. - " Norris Schroeder.. Harold Killinger.. John Neff. John Dunning. William Hannum.. Paul Barnes. Fred Sommerville Alton Merrick. Earl Weiser. Albert Johnson. . President . . Vice President . . Treasurer . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretar . Social Secretary .... . Chaplain . . Steward . Laurel Correspondent . House Manager .... .... Sargeant - at-Arms .. .Walter Gass .Loren Winship Harold Killinger .John Neff V .Albert Johnson William Hannum Paul Barnes Floyd Hanson .Albert Johnson .Earl Weiser .Leon Thomas Mrs. Maude Gass Page Two Hundred Twenty-six UPSILON CHAPTER OF PHI KAPPA TAU ACTIVE MEMBERS Walter Gass Raymond Beck A. L. Johnson, Jr. John M. Neff, Jr. William Seniors Fred Sommerville Juniors Clark Bassett Maurice Levick Leon Thomas Hannum Roland Zabel Sophomores Richard Allyn Harold Killinger Lauren Gilbert Marian Crowell Paul Barnes Norris Schroeder Ross Bonham Wesley Abitz Warren Campbell Frank Howell George Miller George Meek Dr. K. A. Taylor Dean B. E. McProud Dean Parvin Witte Freshmen Robert Stevenson Clinton Lester Cole Marvin Beers Clifford Crowell Hubert Loy Carl Sahlen Faculty Members H. A. Durham F. T. Alabaster G. A. Barringer Murray Orville Rose George Warga Lynn De Wold Philip Sankup Clifford Bosley Loren Winship John Dunning Alton Merrick Earl Weiser Glenn Wiltsey Verne Gowe Floyd Hanson Elmer Killinger Seward Blair Stanley Johnson David Mahood Raymond Jenkins M. E. Gilbert A. F. Sievers E. R. Lewis Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven Wallace Shanks Case Dickson Fecht Regers Simms Kroon Huff Kaura Adams Scott Widman Dawson Maxwell Pilmore TeSelle Jones Bitters Undorwood Albert Brown Miller Brown W. George Owens Finch McKinnon Butler Kellough McKenzie H. George Davis Fritz Betzelberger Hassell CaRen Kauffman Antrim Halpin Hansmire Raitt THETA PHI SIGMA Founded 1887 Colors; Crimson and Cream Advisor: E. Glenn Callen OFFICERS Kennetih Kellough Ted Hawes. Harold Raitt. Allen Rogers. Robert Hiassell. Lloyd Te Selle. Arthur Fecht. Kenneth Pilmore. Ben Wallace. . President . . Vice President . . Treasurer . ... Secretary . Inter-Fraternity Council Corresponding Secretary .... Sargeant-at-Arms .... . Steward . . Chaplain . .Robert Hassell .Paul Finch .Harold Raitt .Leroy Betzelberger .Carrol Miller .Arthur Fecht Allen Rogers . Kenneth Pilmore Edwin Antrim Mrs. Bertha Doherty Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight THETA PHI SIGMA ACTIVE MEMBERS C. Ted Hawes Glenn Adams Arthur Fecht Herbert George Meredith Halpin William Brown Lowell Brown Lloyd Te Selle Ben Wallace Robert Hassell Seniors Harold Raitt Juniors Harold McKinnon Donald McKenzie Glenn Shanks Carroll Miller Edwin Ant rim Sophomores Gordon Jones Francis Maxwell Lyman Steeves Benjamin Widman Leroy Betzelberger Freshmen Martin Fritz William Bitters Raymond Underwood Donald Owens Pledges Joseph Paul Finch Kenneth McKenzie Kenneth Pilmore Allen Rogers Kenneth Kellough Val Davis Harold Kauffman Donald Dawson Foster Sims Way Charles Kaura Warren George Glenn Scott Max Hansmire Henry Huff Douglas Dixon Raymond Case Kermit Albert Kenneth Butler Merle Kroon Page Two Hundred Twenty-nine SOCIAL CALENDAR Sept. 16 Sept. 25 Oct. 14 Nov. 18 Dec. 16 Mar. 15 Apr. 27 May 26 May 28 May 29 May 30 May 31 June 1 Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. Reception. Student Volunteer Reception. Y. W. C. A. Membership Banquet. Senior Breakfast; Senior Recognition Day. Chancellor’s Annual Reception. Nineteenth Annual Pan-Wesleyan Banquet. Eleventh Annual High School Day. Annual Phi Kappa Phi Banquet. Senior Recital, School of Expression. Reunions. Oratorio. Alumni Banquet. Thirty-ninth Annual Commencement. The Olympics is the annual class scrap between the Freshmen and Sophomores. It is usually held some time during October. The pro¬ gram includes track and field competition with the flag rush as the last event. This year the Freshmen won. In the evening inter-class receptions are held. Senior Recognition day is observed on Friday preceding Thanksgiving. The official recognition of the Senior class by the University is held on this day. Home coming day is observed in the fall of the year. Graduates return for reunions on this day. The Pan-Wesleyan banquet is one of the big social events of the year. All who are interested in Wesleyan attend. High School Day is a day set aside in the spring of the year when the campus is thrown open to high school students. The purpose is to interest prospective college students. Scholastic and athletic contests are held for them and the day is ended with the annual College Night. Page Tivo Hundred Thirty SOCIAL Sept. 16 Y. M. C. A. a Sept. 25 Student Volui Oct. 14 Y. W. C. A. 1 Nov. 18 Senior Break Dec. 16 Chancellor’s . Mar. 15 Nineteenth A Apr. 27 Eleventh Am May 26 Annual Phi I May 28 Senior Recita May 29 Reunions. May 30 Oratorio. May 31 Alumni Banqi June 1 Thirty-ninth p cu The Olympics is the annual Sophomores. It is usually held gram includes track and field coi event. This year the Freshmen In the evening inter-class r day is observed on Friday precedir of the Senior class by the Univer; Home coming day is observ return for reunions on this day. The Pan-Wesleyan banquet is All who are interested in Wesley; High School Day is a day st the campus is thrown open to h: interest prospective college studer held for them and the day is end Page Two Hundred, Thirty DEAD-E-CATION Now here we are at Coyote Yips, A place filled up with cracks and bits. You may get bit, but smile at it, For others too, may get a Yip. To those who do the foolish things, To those who frown on silly things, To these, we, this section set aside, And dedicate to those outside. There will be those who criticize, And call the job the bunk for size. To those we have this one remark, Please criticize out in the dark. The editor of this has left, And gone, we hope, where it is best. Apologize for this, he might, Yet that would take out all the bite. Page Two Hundred Thirty-one Best Sellers Ten Years From Now “Dating Technique,” Jack Gass. “I Believe in Dancing,” Gaius Watt. “When I Was a Boy,” Donald Day. “Great Things of Panama,” Irene Stewart. “Quick Lessons in Sarcasm,” Maxine Maxwell. “Captains,” Hubert Low. “Football Stars,” Alice Nystrom. “Division of Modern Times,” Dean Alabaster. “Great Women,” Prof. Porter. Five Best Jokes of the Year Abolition of Paddling. Editorials about Detroit. Do not whitewash the sidewalks. Conduct of Glee Club trip. Chapel. Leon Thomas’ Confusion When some big Prune, The son of a Nut, Marries a Lemon And the Pear Have a Peach for a daughter, With Cherry lips, And Roses in her cheeks How in the devil can you believe in heredity? Page Two Hundred Thirty-two maHHB Bnm h Page Two Hundred Thirty-three Page Two Hundred Thirty-four STANDARD’ ' GOLD Burcier-BQirCUGtnQrauina Go PHOTO ENGR.AVEFLS KANSAS CITY MO. r i What the gold standard means in money values, the Burger imprint is to the college and school annual world. It signifies the designing genius which has created the great¬ est annuals, the utmost in printing plates, and a service which is truly specialized, in¬ telligent, interested, and thorough, compre¬ hending every phase of yearbook building and financing. 1 This book is a product of such service. 1 An inquiry about your book will be welcome. On the vision and capability exhibited by the staff of this, the 1928 “ Coyote We are happy to have been the printers of this book, and assure you that whatever your printing needs, they shall receive the same ef¬ ficient, experienced service we have been able to contribute in making this book a treasure. PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS , si a TO 1924 UNIVERSITY PLACE. warren AVENU LINCOLN,NEBRASKA “ Printers to College People for Nearly a Generation ” Page Two Hundred Thirty-five 59 Years Experience in Making FLOUR “BEST BY TEST” VICTOR products are manufactured under complete laboratory analysis from start to finish guaranteeing uniformity thruout. Victor Food Products, Poultry Stock Foods 1928 THE CRETE MILLS LINCOLN, NEBRASKA A. L. JOHNSON MRS. C. C. WHITE BEN JOHNSON President Vice-President Secretary Page Two Hundred Thirty-six -Where Young Folk Instinctively turn for their Needs— Catering to Youth for Almost Half a Century GATLOR D AND GAYLORD Lawyers TITLE EXAMINERS BONDED ABSTRACTORS WELLS CASH STORE Iron Clad Hosiery Guaranteed All new colors at $ 1.00 —$ 1.50 —$ 2.00 Topcoats, Sweaters, Inter¬ woven Sox, Ties, Caps and Hats, Shoes for Everyone Telephone M 2314 Over Citizens State Bank TRY THE HOME STORE University Place Lincoln, Nebr. 2731 N. 48 Phone M 1578 Page Two Hundred Thirty-seven TUCKER-SHEAN JEWELERS Diamonds, Watches, Fine Jewelry, Clocks, Sterling Silver, Cut Glass, Expert Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing and Manufacturing. Manufacturers of Fraternity and Sorority Pins. Designs and esti¬ mates furnished. OPTICIANS Eyes examined by graduate opticians. In our Optical Department you may select just what you want in Eye Glasses or Spectacles. Fine Optical Repairing. Broken Lenses Duplicated. STATIONERS Stationery for the office, School and Home. Waterman’s Fountain Pens, Office Equipment and Supplies. Crane ’s and Whiting’s Fine Stationery. Complete line of Supplies for all Departments of Schools and Colleges. TUCKER-SHEAN 1123 O Street Lincoln, Nebr. Smith Brothers The Lumber Smiths Lumber, Coal, Building Ma¬ terials, Paints M 2336 2341 No. 48 Let Us Solve Your Insurance Problems Gates Insurance Agency Citizens State Bank CECIL C. GATES, Manager SHOES Repaired at Reasonable Prices SATISFACTION GUARANTEED JOHN GIES 4808 St. Paul University Place 1902 1928 Twenty-six Years Service given at 1311 “O” Street Ckas. W. Fleming JEWELER-GIFT COUNSELLOR Consult us on Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry JOHN F. AYRES, Registered Optometrist Optical Service Station Phones L 5495 — B 4790 S i 1 c j g :ns i Page Two Hundred Forty B i..‘..- lz- Page Two Hundred Forty-one The Agnew Studio We wish to express our appreciation for the privilege of again photographing the Wesleyan students for the Coyote. We thank you and welcome you back. Photographs Live Forever Be sure it is an Agnew photograph Austin Forsberg Page Two Hundred Forty-two - r-p I T F The Agnew Studio The Coyote Photographer PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER 1319 “O” St. B 3717 Page Two Hundred Forty-three Dean McProud: “Why did you put quotation marks at the first and last of your exam paper?” Alice Nystrom: “ I was quoting the fellow next to me.” Hubert Loy: “This cold weather chills me to the bone.” Maxine Maxwell: “You should wear a thicker hat.” Hollowed Sez: “ Don’t knock my car, it has enough of its own.” Manchester: “Here’s my motto: FFF.” Sweet Young Thing: “ Whadda ya mean?” Manchester: “Find ’em, Fool ’em, and Forget ’em.” Bob Clark (to court clerk) : “ I er-ah-um.” Clerk (to assistant) : “Henry, bring out one of those marriage li¬ cense blanks.” “You do love me, don’t you?” he said, looking into her beautiful face. A loving look was in her eyes as she snuggled her head against his shoul¬ der. He slipped his hand into his pocket and drew out a little box. Open¬ ing it, he withdrew a sparkling cube of sugar. He slipped it into her wait¬ ing mouth, and with a low whinny, she galloped into the pasture.” Professor: “Can you give me an example of wasted energy?” Freshman: “Yes sir, telling a hair-raising story to a bald-headed man.” Beulah: “Can I get through this gate to the park?” Frances: “I guess so. A load of hay just went through.” Gowe: “I thought you loved a fair-haired girl.” Hawley: “I did, but she dyed.” Page Two Hundred Forty-four CASTLE, ROPER MATTHEWS To Better Serve Humanity B6S0J C. H. ROPER REG. C. ROPER MAX E. ROPER (Four Chairs) C. W. COURTEMASH, Prop. 4805 St. Paul Ave. Lincoln, Nebr. Butler’s Grocery Service Quality Value PHONE US FOR FOOD 2749 No. 48 Phone M-2338 Look for the Watermark Citizens State Bank In Your History Paper Bank with a Growing Institution at all GOOD STATIONERS Our interests are those of the University. We are helping in every way possible to make for a Greater Wesleyan. We are here to serve. Come in and try our ways of doing business. Dealers Supplied by Schwarz Paper Co. E. M. BAIR, President GEO. KNIGHT, Vice President Lincoln Nebraska H- G. MEYER, Cashier C. C. GATES, Assistant Cashier Page Two Hundred Forty-five Student Headquarters HOTEL CORNHUSKER Lincoln HARRY L. WEAVER, Manager 300 FIREPROOF ROOMS Each with Circulating Ice Water RATES $1.50 to $4.00 PER DAY SINGLE Popular Priee Coffee Shop Open All Night IN GEORGIAN ROOM Music Every Day 12:30 to 2:30 and 6 to 8 SLONECKER’S Groceries Fruits Meats Phone M 2318 Free Delivery B. G. KENNY DRUGS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOILET GOODS and CANDY University Place, Nebr. Phone M 1302 2741 No. 48 BUY- Silk Hosiery, Dry Goods, Notions, and Student Supplies at 2719 No. 48th Street Lloyd E. Gates “ Auto Specialists ” 2710 No. 48th Street spendable j5e fapital EnfravinjHa Dependable Service Deskjners QH Illustrators CALL HOR PRINTERS B+178 VI |J| jjr 3I9SO I2-. ' ' LINCOLN NEBR. 1881 Page Two Hundred Forty-six Page Two Hundred Forty-seven Your Own Mother- The Best Cook of All WOULD PLACE HER STAMP OF APPROVAL ON OUR FOODS (Central (Eafr 1325 P Street Annex Cafe 138 No. 11th Street FOOD PREPARED AS YOU LIKE IT KODAKS And the Supplies for Them Greeting Cards for All Occasions FILMS f Developed -j Printed I Enlarged Gifts, Novelties, Pictures and Picture Framing Commercial Photographer EASTMAN KODAK STORES, Inc. (Formerly Lincoln Photo Supply Co.) 1217 0 Street Lincoln 218 No. 11th Lincoln B 4984 Meeting the Needs of College People You will find safety for your funds and efficient, friendly banking service in doing business with the Nebraska State Bank. MAKE THIS BANK YOUR FINANCIAL HEADQUARTERS Nebraska State Bank 0 Street at 15th Lincoln, Nebr. H. K. BURKETT, President F. E. BEAUMONT, Cashier C. D. COE, Vice-President W. S. BATTEY, Assistant Cashier EDITH M. WOODWARD, Assistant Cashier Page Two Hundred Forty-eight Page Two Hundred Forty-nine Dependable for Over Fifty-seven Years The First National Bank Of Lincoln, Nebraska This Institution can furnish you with a Complete and Friendly Financial Service Physician Dentist DR. R. CROOK HOUSE PHONE M 3154 DR. E. R. MATHERS HOUSE PHONE M 3607 4825 St. Paul Ave. Office Phone M 2235 University Place, Nebr. Page Two Hundred Fifty Page Two Hundred Fifty-one LINCOLN OIL COMPANY Students We Appreciate Your Patronage Corner 48th and Baldwin Ave. SIDNEY A. CORNELL, Mgr. Wesleyan Luncheonette General Typewriter Ex. “ You Get What You Want and Want What You Get yy Typewriters, Adding Machines, and Cash Registers for Rent or Easy Payment Plan 4819 St. Paul Avenue 118 No. 14th Phone B 5258 Wesleyann College Book Shopp Students and Friends of Wesleyan will do well to see us when in need of note book paper or any school supplies. Leather Note Books, Memory Books, Pillows and Pennants, College Jewelry, all having the Wesleyan Seal. Readmore Lending Library of choice fiction. Only 5c per day. Any book may be ordered here. Typewriters, Stationery, Textbooks, Bibles “ Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention ” Miss Hannah Jensen, Prop. 2645 No. 48th Street Phone M 2210 Page Two Hundred Fifty-two or 57 £ evv rr ore . Pagfe TVo Hundred Fifty-three Specializing In The Best WESTERN BOND — An ideal business bond. WASHINGTON BUSINESS STATIONERY. LADY WASHINGTON WEDDING STATIONERY. DILCOL FINE BOOK PAPER VICTORY FOOD CONTAINERS — Everything sanitary. Lincoln Paper Co. WM. HYTE. Mgr. 14th and P Streets FRANKLIN ICE CREAM ICES SHERBETS PUNCHES Individual Forms for Parties FRANKLIN ICE CREAM COMPANY Lincoln, Nebraska L. M. Thomas Son M. M. Holcomb Phone M 2303 Uni. Place, Nebr. UNI. PLACE GARAGE 2615 No. 48 Hardware and Green Colonial STORAGE BATTERY WORK Furnaces of Depend- able Quality WRECKER SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING TIRES AND ACCESSORIES Phone M 2363 2739 No. 48 WELDING AND LATHE WORK Rex Butler Gary Butler Sack Lumber and Coal Barbers to Ladies and Company Gentlemen 2649 No. 48th SERVICE FIRST A SNAPPY LAUNDRY SERVICE QUALITY ALWAYS Phone M 2203 2441 No. 48 Phone M 2305 Page Two Hundred Fifty-four Etta: “Why did you tip that bell boy so handsomely when you got your coat?” Kenneth: “Why, just look at the coat he gave me.” Barringer: “Jugo-Slavia used to be Hungary.” Winship: “Why didn’t they give it the leg of turkey?” Miss Maynard: “Is that fellow hump-backed?” Miss Miille: “No, he has to walk that way to fit some shirts his wife got for him.” Beck: “That conductor stared at me as if I hadn’t paid my fare.” Murray: “Well, what did you do.” Beck: “I just stared back at him as if I did.” Prof. Jensen (in Physics) : “Are there any questions about these magnetic fields?” Chittenden: “Yes, when do you plow them?” “Where does Dunning go every morning so early?” “Down to the postoffice to fill his fountain pen.” Father (reading paper) : “I see Cecil is on the scrub team.” Mother: “Oh dear, the poor thing would never even wash his own ears at home.” “Sir, I want permission to be away three days after vacation ends.” “Ah! You want three days of Grace.” “No sir, three days of Gertrude.” Evolution: Freshman: “I don’t know.” Sophomore: “I am not prepared.” Junior: “I do not remember.” Senior: “I don’t believe I can add anything to what has been said.” Elma May Crane: “Say, did I ever tell you the story about the dirty window?” Jack Gass: “No, let’s have it.” Elma May: “It’s no use, you couldn’t see through it.” Page Two Hundred Fifty-five J. SERIGHT Class Books and Annuals Our Specialty Seright Class Book Co. 1618 Burr St. Lincoln, Nebr. Uimi J® Watches, Optical Repairing The Watch for You Watches, Diamonds, and Jewelry Clinton E. Johnson 4809 St. Paul Ave. Test the three Branches of our business Cleaning Pressing Repairing In buying a watch at this store you get the best. A watch of proven quality and timekeeping backed with our absolute guarantee. A Man’s Wrist Watch may be had at 20.0 0 up A Ladies’ Wrist Watch may be had at 20.00 up Harris-Sartor Jewelry Co. 1323 O St. Lincoln, Nebr. Hart Plumbing Co. Plumbing There’s something for you to gain in doing so Phone M 1787 Uni. Place Cleaners Hot Water and Steam Heating Repair work promptly attended to M. S. CHILDLRS, Prop. 2810 No. 48 2726 No. 48 M 2249 Page Two Hundred Fifty-six •r: ' F; • % ou r •;■ v. v t tv • ■; Jf ■?■ 7 Wl 7 Ui 371 ll ' j ' Je T icf k m f t 5 W c 0 U J I u) ?ere )! th coTnpjuuJ cu re f -„ , i 5 d)so o j ocd A l °r 1 v rifs- f A m ■ Sfa 7n 0 c t e r r oj e heJrf ns s ! 7 CJ o M n ?_j m Bh j GEI Q ?CAN REtlTAL . ,,x. iS Etfi Pagre Two Hundred Fifty-seven Where Coyotes Gather To Eat COYOTE CAFE “ Meals Like Mother Cooks ” Corner of 2800 No. 48 MRS. HALE, Manager Lincoln, Nebr. THE EAST LINCOLN NEWS Respectfully solicits a share of your printing. Our work is neat. Our prices are reasonable. “ Prompt Service Is Our Motto ” PHONE M 1560 4739 St. Paul Ave. Lincoln FOR ATHLETIC SUPPLIES, QUALITY GOODS and LOWEST PRICES Lincoln Sporting Goods 118 No. 13th Street Lincoln, Nebr. Page Two Hundred Fifty-eight Page Two Hundred Fifty-nine LABORATORY APRONS Lincoln Microscopes Slides Cover Glasses Laboratory Glassware Etc., Etc. Kostka Drug Co. 143 So. 11th Nebraska Drs. I a})lor and Tailor Physicians and Surgeons DR. G. L. BUTLER Dentist Office Opposite University Place Postoffice - % - PEASE BINDERY BOOKBINDING GOLD STAMPING RULING 1220 M St. “ Books Bound by Pease Are Bound to Please ” Phone B1303 Meek Lumber Company 2619 No. 48 Home Builders Phone M 2219 Page Two Hundred Sixty I r »c i s Page Two Hundred Sixty-one Ice Cream and Dairy Products Are Delicious, Wholesome and Refreshing PRODUCTS THAT PROVE THEIR QUALITY Manufactured by • PERFECTION • ICE CREAM 22823 No. 48 Phone M 2497 The Place Where Everybody EATS QUALITY |M. S. Chipperfield Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles, Stationery and Confectionery Fountain Service thaoc GENUINE MEXICAN CHIU ' cme Lunch-Chili Parlor ' FIRST OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Corner 14th and O Streets 2641 No. 48 Phone M 1460 Swanson’s Grocery and Market Quality Groceries — Courteous Service Phone M 1865 2805 No. 48 Page Two Hundred Sixty-two fynme n.° o r) p5 JfA t K nn Hi f - A - A-—. --. . 1 — Page Two Hundred Sixty-three T he cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Every Malloy Made Cover bears their trade mark on the back lid. Hotel Lincoln Headquarters for University Social Affairs Offering Every Facility for DINNER AND FORMAL PARTIES Operated by EPPLEY HOTELS CO. Page Two Hundred Sixty-four r end Oc 5 ? c refuL fair fxch l iftt7 f Page Tivo Hundred Sixty-five Tasty Sandwiches and Fountain Service THE LIGHTHOUSE 39th and South Streets Prompt and Courteous Service Always Drink Milk - FOR HEALTH For dependable service and milk that is safe every day in the year, ask for ROBERTS MILK Lincoln Omaha Sioux City Baked Goods “ With That Home-made Flavor ” Fraternities and Sororities given special attention PHONE YOUR ORDER WE DELIVER HOME BAKERY 2633 No. 48 Phone M 3847 Page Tivo Hundred Sixty-six Two men started out on the sea of life. For one it was fun, for the other ’twas strife The one sailed along with insurance to help. And the other went down with a feeble little yelp. IN SO + ' l a . .. SUCC { - :ss Li " 1 III i c; G. Reyman Douglass, ’22 District Agent, North Western National Life 404 Richards Blk. Lincoln Page Two Hundred Sixty-seven The Turn In Life’s Road Life is an old, old road, crowded with people hurrying and struggling, impatient to forge ahead on the uncertain journey. At twenty, two-seventh of our “allotted” time is past; at fifty, five-sevenths of the journey is over; and unconsciously we reach the turn in the road. Life is what we make it. When you have learned this, then you know the secret of it all. Things are brought about,—they do not just happen. This applies especi¬ ally to accumulating money. The Building and Loan Associations have a very practical plan devised to assist people to shape their financial or material destiny. It is up to every individual to determine whether he intends to rise or sink, and the starting of a Savings Account is a step toward better things. Here Is the Secret of Financial Independence Spend less than you earn. Invest the difference wisely. Reinvest your dividends. Let Us Advise You Home Savings and Loan Association LINCOLN, NEBRASKA FRANK MILLS, President R. E. HARRINGTON, Secretary Harrington Realty Company 30 Years Experience In Lincoln and Nebraska Real Estate Qualifies Us to Serve You For thirty years we have maintained contact with every phase of Real Estate developing and financing. Naturally the knowledge which we have gained has enabled us to render invalu¬ able service to our clients. To serve you we have the following specialized departments: City Real Estate Sales and Exchange. Leasing and Renting. Farm Land Sales and Exchange. Loans. Investments. Fire Insurance and Liability Insurance. Harrington Realty Company Realtors of LINCOLN, NEBRASKA R. E. HARRINGTON, President I). P. HARRINGTON, Sales Mgr. Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight Page Two Hundred Sixty-nine Good Luck! Congratulations! Seniors of 1928 In The Coming Years A Good Vacation! Undergraduates Hurr y back and see “Dick and Doc” AT MAYO’S DRUG 2700 No. 48 Street Phone M 1020 1 v A aA ..V ve " . % e s a - V£ cA‘ Webster RADIO and MUSIC HOUSE Columbia Phonographs - Records General Electric Refriger¬ ators - Radios 48th St. Paul Page Two Hundred Seventy V O T AUTOGRAPHS -t, j . AG- ? rz - ? z.yj saJ Lsjey o A x t a JkSj3u£i yJL —ial £ Ct y_ laJ. c cX a J) -i Zl 2 Juj yvueLx to LxSL+yty Page Two Hundred Seventy-two AUTOGRAPHS ij a - U L ) M sK -ujkJLB . =L jAA ' ■ -AjtL v M yOZZT ' —- X. N l-«- oJo o-u U-M! G a Mu eXtcXjL -v-vjw _ - Jlf Mu _ Pagre Two Hundred Seventy-three Page Two Hundred Seventy-four 4

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