Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE)

 - Class of 1926

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Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Cover

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Thi -,, G - H ,T-,.1,gf,,, ?,,' H. 7' ' WA' ' 7 W ' !"'-' -'W ' W - - - -W - --- A ' A ' --- -.Y Ywsri. 7-4 . 3-:LL.:::',:-:W-!.2 1 fgzffiz-:fair-iii--.531 x x 1 ' q'?3'X1f"'m:L"- iw -Qf3xf:.7 4.9f2-sxa-A I 1 J 3 igiztnrg nf Nrhranka Mralrgan Hniurmitg iii-1:9-9 - f A- Rf .W 5 U JC ll was Q- X52 fy Xiu I X 5 ,w 1 lull I UU 017 1 1 1 l Little would one have realized in 1880 that at some future time the forty-four . N ' acres that Nebraska Wesleyan occupies today would be the home of a great university. ' Little would one have thought that on the same fields where the meadow lark chirped - so gayly and the prairie dogs played hide and seek, would be in but a few years. the ' N home of Nebraska Wesleyan, sending men and women to the missionary fields in China, India, and Africa, to business enterprises throughout this nation, or to the A many homes which compose its foundation. Yet, such has been the case. Busy N X workers broke the sod in 1888 for the erection of a building destined to be the be- V ' ginning of a university. N 1 V 4 From a very early day in the history of Nebraska the Methodists of this state ' have been interested in higher education. Their first effort resulted in the founding of Simpson College in Omaha, in the year 1855. In 1856 John Evans attempted to establish a center of 'learning combined with a theological school at Oreapolis. His H , eiforts failed to bear fruit. During the year 1879 the Methodist Episcopal Church I, of Nebraska established a college at York. At -Central City another seminary was ' i established, which was to become the Nebraska Central College, while Mallalieu Uni- QF versity was established in 1886, in the West Nebraska conference. 'EC , In 1886 a commission, under the leadership of Bishop Charles H. Fowler, was 1 empowered to draw up a plan of unification of the colleges of the three conferences ' l ' of Nebraska, and to found a university to the development and support of which the entire Methodism of the state should be committed fork all time. l When their plan had been adopted, bids were submitted by various towns for the i location of the university. A proposal from the citizens of Lincoln, providing for a I gift of 850,000 cash and considerable real estate, was accepted. A board of ministers and laymen was elected. Thus our Nebraska Wesleyan was established at University Pla-ce, described, in the first pamphlet of the university as a plat of H440 acres, overlooking the city of N Lincoln ". The campus of the University was to consist of 44 acres of land in the ' center of this plat. The first building constructed was at the time considered the most imposing in the West. Today it is known as the Main building. School began on the 25th of September, 1888. Herbert RJ. Esterbrook, now man- ager of the Lincoln Bible House, was the first to register. The enrollment was only 96. Many 'interesting stories are told of the first days. The school was situated a few miles from Lincoln so that "students should not be subject to the temptations and extravagancen common to city students. An early ,catalog carries this state- ment: H If parents will inform us of 'the arrival of their daughters at unseasonable hours, we will be glad to see that they are provided with proper escorts. No saloon in I town. Three miles from Lincoln by ELECTRIC CARS, out of city excitements, il temptations, and higher prices ". Classes were announced in thlose days by a small dinner bell placed upon a pole, located at the rear end of the building. At that time there was but one College, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Depart- ment of Music, Art, Elocution. Therel were also the Military and' Preparatory Depart- ments. Three courses of study were provided for, the classical course leading to the A. B. degree, t-he philosophical leading to the Ph. B. degree, and the scientific 'leading to the B. S. degree. V .U fl IL 5 WFWS TNI MJ lil-il ' " X9 e u - - in - , H ', ,Vw iii t26l I'D -f-1 1 g5XaQ17yf1fQ g.ifg.5s3 .7o'r , .4 'fl lp Ui-f l N f l In 1891, while Chas. F. Creighton was still in office, the Haish Manual Training ' - School was formed. Mr. Haish of the Haish Barb Wire Company donated 325,000 towards this building.. Mr. Haish invented the barb wire, we are told, and gave Nebraska Wesleyan University one-half of the total income 'received from the sale of wire in Nebraska. , the continuation of Charles F. Crefighton's ideas. In the same year Dean Alabaster came to Wesleyan, assuming the position of Professor of Latin Language, and Litera- ture. Everything indicated a successful future for the University, but Wesleyan was soon tried by fire. On. January 12, 1894, the Haish Manual Training School caught . fire, burning to the ground. This was a severe blow to the University, but it struggled on, evidently feeling that it had a mission to perform in the world. E E In 1893 Chancellor Isaac Crook, A. B., A. M., D.D., took ofnce. He did much in l Between the years 1895 and 1897 Charles M. Ellinwood, Ph. B., Ph. M.., was OI? chancellor. Many impotrant things occurred while he was in office. "Wesleyan's en- .7 ,N rollment increased materially. An old catalog of this period states, 'fwhen previous notice is given, new students will be met at the trains by committees of the Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., or Epworth League ". The Freshmen now in the University doubtless tlrink they are learning a new yell when they shout for the first time, " Boom Ra!! l Boom Ra-an!! We! We! Wesleyan!I" An enterprising Wesleyan student gave this ye'll to our university in 1896. l continuing in that oflice until 1908. During his chancellorship many changes took place in the appearance of the campus. The White Memorial building, dedicalted in honor of C. C. White, was erected, and in 1902 a new gymnasium was constructed. X, Of it we are told, "'For a few days after the beginning of school, welcome sounds of saw and hammer will break the monotony of class routine at the main building ". 1902 was Professor Wells' first year at Wesleyan. Professor J. C. Jensen, now of 1 the Physics department, came here as an instructor in 1907, becoming professor in 1909. A Dewitt Clinton Huntington, D. P., L. L.D., L.H.D., became Chancellor in 1897, Xl Registration in 1888 was only 96. In 1908 the number totaled 1,213. Doubtless 0 part of this number was due to the Business Department, which had in that year a registration of 238. In 1902 the Wesleyan became a weekly paper. In, the year 1908 William Joseph Danielson, B. S., A. B., D.D., S. T. B., became - chancellor. He remained chancellor for two years, doing much during that brief time in completing the work Dr. Huntington had so ably begun. 1910 saw the first college banquet at Wesleyan. We find a small note in the Wesleyan during the year ' 1910 to the eHect that any student registered in Wesleyan University is entitled to 1 borrow books from the library. We merely mention this in passing, to show that not all newspapers contained merely news, even in olden times. l Our faculty today still has a few of the founders of this school. Perhaps the ' most notable of these is " Daddy Rose ", who has been with this school since 1890. K Professors Hopper, Shirk, Bishop and Wells have also been with the institution . for a number of years. hlrfcwo... , I HNMQU fi. 1 .f- fl W-, JH.-,...,,.M..W-.W--7 M. -5-Xgj! -f S -ef - , .gg 7 --3. rf ,M-.. as f U - -if .ft I F' --e ,qiioill 5 l r , hx-,dj Excellent work was done between 1910 and 1912 by Clark Adelbert Fulmer, ylf ,ffl-I Ph. B., A. M., the acting Chancellor. Wesleyan, has been extremely fortunate in sccur- -' Ii ff ,N ing excellent chancellors, Dr. Fulmer being no exception. J , l I JI li, , ,R ill, February 3, 1911, the Wesleyan exhibited the first picture of Reverend I. B. 'gill Schreckengast, then pastor of the First Methodist Church, University Place, Nebraska. 5-7 gg In the same year the " W " club was organized. Acting Chancellor Clark Fulmer was O 'Sf' elected Chancellor, March 23, 1911. Shortly after this time we find announcement . UV, of a greater gymnasium. In, spite of diiiiculties, a gymnasium did materialize, ground f . Il being broken during the first week in October. It was ready for use by December 1 " 3 ' of the same year. That was a year of instruction and enlargement. The greenhouse was built. ,f 1 An old Wesleyan describes 'it as an U elegant new hom-e for plants, costing the Uni- Y Qxqll., versity S1200". At the present time it would cost perhaps 34000. X f A QI , . . M. . W February 7, 1912, occurred the death of ex-Chancellor Huntington, de-arly loved by if XX, the entire University. A feeling of gloom settled for a time over the school. l if Q 'V ' The first collegiate night was held March 8, 1912. Since that time this has ' Q become an annual affair. During this year Nebraska Wesleyan University developed h ' a team of intercollegiate Basketball Championship character. 1909 Dean B. E. McProud ,xx came to his present place, Head of the Teachers College. f NX During the year 1913-14 a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was installed at Wesleyan. ,ffff J H, C-aptain Howard Durham, at present Professor of Chemistry, took his position on the ' ' I grid-iron as captain of the team, The state university at Lincoln was defeated the ,V j same year by a Wesleyan team. - 3 3 if Good work has its reward. In 1917 Acting Chancellor Isaac B. Schreckengast, li, fx' became chancellor. In, 1917 much agitation was being raised about a new teachers' 7 I college building, which was constructed in 1918. Peter Van Fleet, a Nebraska minister, f 1 ' gave the first 35,000 towards its construction, later increasing the amount to S10,000. Q- Q I Because of his generosity it has been named the Van Fleet Teachers' College. GV For the seventh time in twelve seasons Wesleyan's basketball team became Winner , of the Conference in 1921. A rl: On December 21, 11:59 P. M., 1922, Nebraska Wesleyan received the last pledge l' l 1 fl on her endowment program, the total pledged amounting to S1,341,700.00. ' 1 K, Wesleyan's struggles have,been well rewarded. It has been common for our ,i orators to secure the state champion-ship. During recent years Skeirik, Parkinson, , , Harrison, Brooks, Casteel, and Rosario have well represented Wesleyan in forensics. , Z This year our women's debate team has made a fine record, and for the past several 1 , 2 years our men's teams have been making unusual records. N ' Truly are our graduates leading in science, industry, business, and in missionary 5 work. Most truly have our ancestors, the founders of Wesleyan, constructed a " temple 'X ll 3 1 'N fair to learning, blest by the God on high ". ky Q il Y l' WW 1 M ' C - ' ' -7 ' 'I ' " ' 1" "" V ' ' ' ' Y' ff'-'fff,"'-"rf "ii-11171 I I 1 aEDU I ' e..i g . i fl , iieifer - I l . I f 1 it i I .f52E5lii1iif3ilfW1 ri'-' ..-r 4. 2 ,F . l f r'.' Q i.'s . ,Ji ., k.-., 1,Qy,.Qi31r, .STR-EE1Q,,',,..1, X - . 1 LQ . s ' ,NEWY0'F'?'f' Q iicr i . l j V 1. fr Ll -I . - . - . . -' M' 7 'f' El, I' 1 'P' ' . ' ' 'NU EEHIFQI his llN.X4M.lle-ll..li5Z45fMfO Hal! 281 , 'jr f 5' In X I ,, YW. LA 3- -- F , Y -.,, on X 1 if 'fu '-21 ,-if w MET' 'MXQ -I-Q-mfgkf, 1 , QL j i X . XA , x, My M Y U pf 2 Evprearntatiur HJ lliralvgan Alumni SU ff x x W QL. S 3 40 E1 E291 I . I I ,PJ 65 , ,lx l hh l UQ CIF' I 1 E 5 X f I yr QF I 10 l 4 I I l I A continual inspiration is the life of Frank R. Hollenback, 1895, the present pastor of the First Methodist Church at Boulder. Three diferent terms Dr. Hollenback K has been district superintendent for the Methodist Church in Colorado. He was born on a farm in Woodford County, Illinois, in 1871, and moved to Nebraska in 1884. The 67th student to matriculate in the institution, he came to Wesleyan in the fall of 1889. He graduated with honors from the class of 1895, having served as student pastor at Prairie Home during his Junior and Senior years. In 1896 he entered Drew Theological Seminary. While there, he established a fine ' record. In 1897 Dr. Hollenback was married to Eva Mabel Schock, Falls City, Nebraska. One son, Robert, is now a student in the state preparatory school, Boulder, Colorado. After graduating from Drew Seminary in 1897, he became pastor at Basalt, Colorado. Following this he became pastor at various towns in Colorado, including Salida, Rocky Ford, and Canon City. Following pastorates in these cities he was called to Grace Church, Denver. In 1915 Nebraska Wesleyan University elected him to membership in Phi Kappa Phi, and he has been a member of the Ben Franklin Club, Denver, for twelve years. l For a time he has been a trust-ee of the University of Denver, and a member of the Executive Committee, Iliff School of Theology, Since 1920 he has been connected with the board of foreign missions, Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1895 Nebraska Wesleyan University gave him the degree of Ph. B., and in 1899, Drew Seminary gave him the degree of B. D. In 1911 Nebraska Wesleyan University and the University of Denver, gave him the degree of Doctor of Divinity. In May, 1925, Dr. Hollenback became pastor of First Methodist Church, Boulder, X Colorado, where he is now located. , il I I . l ' o Sail Nl. I lvl 301 Q' D-'Q , mNl2i2' a9'iM A-OM ff x, But few people have made the success attributed to Dr. Harvey Warren Cox, now president of Emory University. Dr. Cox graduated from the class of 1902, as Bachelor of Philosophy. Since that time one success has called for another, until in '1919 the trustees of Emory secured him for President. Born in Birmingham, Illinois, February 19, 1875, he entered Nebraska Wesleyan in the fall of 1898. During the four succeeding years, Dr. Cox gave abundant promise in his work in philosophy and psychology. Graduating in 1902, he was ofered the profesorship of philosophy at Nebraska. Wesleyan University. He held this position unti'l 1909, when he Went to Harvard to complete the requirements for his doctor's degree. In 1910 and 1911 he became assistant professor in philosophy at Harvard. In 1911 he received his Ph. D. degree, having received his M. A. degree from the University of Nebraska in 1906. In 1920 Dr. Cox received the degree of L. L. D. from the Uni- versity of Florida. In 1911 Dr. Cox was called to the University of Florida as Professor of Philosophy. In 1916 he was elected Dean of the Teachers' College ,which position he held until 1919. Dr. Cox was married in August, 1903, to Daisy Esther Frisbie, of Red Cloud. They now have three children, two boys and a girl, and are located at Emory Campus. Dr. Cox is a member of the Kappa Alpha literary fraternity, and the Phi Kappa Phi honorary fraternity. ' Under his leadership Emory College has made unusual progress. The campus has been enlarged from 95 to 160 acres, and the student body doubled in the last five years. Emory University is, under his direction, on a very firm financial footing. The hos- pital has been erected recently at a cost of S1,250,000.00 and other buildings at a cost of SS210,000.0'0. Dr. Cox is an indefatigable worker for Emory. v L gig' ,X Z X5 wg ll 1 . IL lf' NINQM ll-ll O . V231 l31l . - ,. -a,..a:... ,ag --ff' - -eWa1sssss.fs,af sssza fijggss 'iii iiiitiKe.,-1L:ig'j2.Ta1isfg::gif"'f'f- r We . as . is To 7' i if! 5' iitijgf -" M ., .Isl 1,5 1:2 X-ix N1 .., if il Emil Q ii li l IW 1 li FR 'W lilxbli 1 X,- E 1 li , il Ml- it ll! x ,I ll Xl ' if . fl- A f if x fy ij! fl! f Ja. M E321 Within this book perhaps no other name deserves mention more than that of Charles Edwin Winter, a noted jurist and author, graduating with the class of 1892. Since 1922 Charles Edwin Winter has been a member of congress from the state of Wyoming. Mr. Winter was born in 1870 at Mluscatine, Iowa. He became a student at Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, and graduated at Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- versity in 1892, with a degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. In the same year he took up a further study of law, being admitted to the Nebraska bar in 1895, in Omaha. During the years 1896 to 1900' he served as clerk of the county court, at Omaha. In 1902 he migrated to the copper mines of Carbon county, where he became engaged in independent practice at Grand Encampment until 1913, when he settled at Casper, Wyoming. For six years he served as judge of the Casper District, Casper, Wyoming. During 1919 he resigned from that bench to engage in a private practice, which now includes practice in the federal courts. He distinguished himself in other fields of endeavor also. In 1907 he wrote the Wyoming State Song. The California News wrote, " What Bret Harte did for California a quarter of a century ago, Mr. Winter has done for Wyoming today ". He is the author of two novels of western life, The Gfromdon of Sierra Q1907J, and Ben Warmom 119171. At the present time he is an officer and director of the Bessemer Oil Company, the Domino Wyoming Oil Company, and the Midwestern Investment Company. He is a member of the Wyoming State Bar association, the Casper Chamber of Commerce, and the Casper Masonic Club. E ,Q - ---A' .-.K --. Si .1 -, ,R 1, , Y ,.. 1 Q A. If'4Z5sQisE3.ifXQfll.lNl.X5Fv.:Q.fZ UL. OM o' 1rgfeffigt"6i'FD5-Xffril2f:i11i.?i--ifi"rf1qffe-'M"7f14fal H. B. Durham was born in February, 1880, in Marion County, Iowa. His parents moved to Nebraska and settled on a farm near Bostwick, Nebraska. Here he lived the hardy, well rounded life of a farmer boy. In the year 1898 he persuaded his parents that he should have the advantages of higher education and entered the Nebraska Wesleyan Academy at the age of eighteen. Finishing the course in three years, he registered as a Freshman in Ne- braska Wesleyan University the following fall. The next year he returned, intending to work, but was persuaded by Professor F. A. Stuff to register for his Sophomore year. That year he worked as advertising manager of the Wesleyan, and wrote for the Lincoln Evening News. These positions led on to others, by means of which he worked his way 'thru the remaining years of college. He graduated from Wesleyan with the Ph. B. degree, class of 1904. The following fall Professor D'urham became Superintendent of the Bostwick Schools. In 1905 he returned to Nebraska Wesleyan University, taking graduate work in sociology, and in political science. He was appointed Business Manager of the Law Book published by the Law School in 1906. In the year 1907 he went to Washington, D. C., where he entered the George Washington University Law School, and was graduated the following spring with the degree of L. L. B. For several years he was in the service of the United States, as a special agent for the Department of the Interior. From this position he was trans- ferred to a higher position under the United States attorney general. Leaving the service of the government, he engaged in 'legal work for some oil companies. He was married in the year 1908 to Ethel M. Simonds, who graduated with him at Wesleyan. His family is located at Casper, Wyoming, where he is now very successfully practicing law. 1 rsrn lx .l ff 7 1 lk f it R l K M L! 017 fill? i ll A ill. llf.. M if 1 4,4-ill If 61,1 f r f f rxglji rf RRR 5 1 l il l if! F0 wglllw IW v ,V l w ll W l ll- 1 . l ' I K , lv ill ,, NYJ Nix 'Pal .Eff Xa 3, X i 1 fl if l H l 9 f 2' . 1 A :V l 1, l Ai J XX., l 1-3, l.'xi.f , . 'x -fiQ?" , 1 R, eg, df 1 ' i iii QSO, Uri 8 V X if Continuous success has rewarded the efforts of Albert Franklin Tyler, of the class of 1904. Dr. Tyler specialized in medical work when here in school and has won high honors in medicine since leaving Wesleyan. Recently he has been elected to the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club. By means of steady Work he has become a well known radiologist of Nebraska, and has recently been elected Treasurer of the state Y. M. C. A. for Nebraska. Albert Franklin Tyler was born in Logan County, Illinois, March 14th, 1881. When he was five years of age, his parents moved to Nebraska, settling near Carlton. He attended country school, going directly from there to the academy of Nebraska Wesleyan. In 1902 we find him associate editor of th-e Wesleyan, and editor in 1903 and 1904. In 1903 Dr. Tyler was editor of the Sunflower, now the Coyote, and of the senior class book, Ye Violet in 1904. Since 1907 he and his family have resided in Omaha, Dr. Tyler acquiring an M. D. during that year. He became an interne at the Omaha General Hospital in 1907, and from 1908 to 1913 was general practitioner and first assistant to Dr. J. P. Lord. In 1917 we find him in Creighton Medical College, as Professor of Clinical Radiology. He has written many books and magazine articles. From 1917 to 1919 he was associate editor of the Nebraska State Medical Journal, and editor of the Journal of Radiology, 1921-22. Among his books might well be mentioned The New Light 119175, Viscera Trans- posed Q1916J, Dislocation of First Cervical Vertebrae 119155, and Cancers of the Skin 419215. He was elected to the Phi Kappa Phi, to the University Club, Omaha Athletic Association, Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and has been for some time a University Trustee. His recreations include fishing and photography. f if-It N I I 3 ill . 19 X 9 Q r lf' -r E341 . ,l....--. If l1Xl.WM ll-VL. V Mo-xl ff-?Sc"NX Few have been the vacations in the life of Ross Aiken Gortner, of the class of 1907 from the Nebraska Wesleyan University, and now professor of Agricultural Biochem- istry and head of the department of Biochemistry in the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Mr. Gortner was born on a farm in 1885, his family moving two years later to Africa. His father died after he had been in Africa but a short time. In 1902 his mother, then a resident of Neligh, Nebraska, moved to -University Place, fulfilling his father's last request to give the boys an education. Immediately he entered the Nebraska Wesleyan Academy, graduating from it in 1905, and from the University in 1907. During his two years at Wesleyan 'Dr. Gortner specialized in Chemistry, being laboratory assistant in that subject from 1904-06. During the years 1906' and 1907 he became research assistant in the department of Agricultural Chemistry, at the University of Nebraska. In June, 1908, we find him at the University of Toronto from which he received the degree of M. A. A short time after this he was appointed University Fellow at Columbia University, where he con- tinued his work in Organic Chemistry, receiving the degree of Ph. D. in June, 1909. In September, 1909, he was appointed Research Investigator for Experimental Evolution of the Carnegie Institution, where he conducted experimental studies until August, 1914. In 1917 he accepted the position which he now holds, Professor of Agricultural Biochemistry and Head of the Department of Agricultural -Biochemistry in the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Approximately 125 papers on chemistry and related subjects have been published by him in scientific journals. These works have won Mr. Gortner distinction. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, American Society for Chemists, the American Society of Naturalists, Fellow of the American association for 'the advancement of science, Sigma Xi, the Honorary Chemical Society, National President of Lambda Upsilon, Gamma Alpha, and an honorary member of Alpha Zeta, and Alpha Chi Sigma. In 1909 he was married to Catherine Willis fAcademy, '05J. They and their four children now reside at 1460 Raymond Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota. M011 .GV 1 ,f W Vial l i I N 1 I I l E o g IS35 4, IQ ,x 1 fx VT AI'lL""IffS Q'h,- f'Ti.if""""7g""vQfl XI'i,i2vkg "Q ',. , X X, 1' 1 F . . ,f?fiL...,- 7' xl--. W s of rf. O 5 5 ::::f?3s --'rzififrf ffl W ix, ir, l K X Xxx!!! ,f Q! K 'RV ' 1 ,Y ' it , Ay! mo 'Ui' ll' ' . I 3, if 9 . 1 Fw el 1 f,. .1 r R Q, X my f .1 I l . 1 i i 3 i 2' 211 A ff ll XX I' ff ,fx NN X lsxsex K . lil . 1, N fr .XX-fr yy 1' i la ' I ' , ' il ic i . ig. X v EU NSU ' HI' . w Fl p flilf .al in I I 4 1 - ill :P For several years Dr. Clyde B. Moore, Class of 1912, has been a professor in some of our leading schools. He was Profesor of Education in Wisconsin State Normal ' ' School, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, from 1917 to 1919. In 1918 and 1919 he became com- ,' ll missioned Psychologist for the United States Army, and in 1925 Professor of Educa- li . tion at Pittsburgh. He is author of " Civic Education " Q1924J, " Some Psychological ,l l ,' - Aspects of the World War ", and numerous other articles in the Eductaional and ' l 7 I Psychological Journals. -. q He was born near Albion, Nebraska, January 13, 1886. His education prior to , 1 , N, ,l entering Nebraska Wesleyan was comprised of several more or less broken terms in ,- li rural schools, a village high school, and four years in Nebraska State Teachers College ' 5 X- ,4 XX-'J at Peru. In the meantime, Professor Moore having taught a rural school, became LU' " ' f principal of a village school, and upon graduation from Peru became a superintendent Kfflg of schools in one of Nebraska's good county seat towns. ,f'7f'X3 J E A conference with Dean McProud convinced him that he should continue his work 1 T ,X i gil at Wesleyan. He came thru the summer session, taking part time work for his A ,N . L ,ji Bachelor of Arts degree. He has sent many students to Wesleyan, and has been on X jx in XX the teaching staff for two summers. , A ff" After leaving Wesleyan he took up graduate work at Clark and Columbia Uni- ,7 . if versities, where he earned his advanced degrees. During the past few years at the ' - I University of Pittsburgh and more recently at Cornell, he has played a large part , z 5, Q I in higher education. He has directed the efforts of a number of students, which has ,I I li 3 led them to the degrees of Master of Arts, and Docltor of Philosophy. ' 1 , LK, He was in charge of the extension division and chairman of the School of Educa- ' JY Xlih tion 1924-25, and is at the present time Professor of Education at Cornell University. fp He is a member and fellow of the A. A. A. S., also of the National Society for the f 3 1 X ,i Study of Education, the American Sociological Society, and has recently become a 1 , f member of the Association of University Professors. During recent years Dr. Mloore Q . 1 ,f ,i has been lecturer before various educational associations. ' ' Qi ,V Correspondence recently received from Dr. Moore says, " I am proud of the fact . ' 3 that the first of my four degrees was conferred by Nebraska Wesleyan ". , I 'AT , j ' XXX i - A . ' f . I1 . 11115495 . f e 9 IE E361 mwmwmmmmwmmmmmmmmx Q 5 5 if Hnruvrmtg 33 ' 5 ' QBXA f-H' fa 5fH.-.,M , ,.w ,,-, W X, A ' X Q3 U H QQ N! 'ng O 9 ET X X X , X N mumuslr wruom :Wi , " 1 5 xl .'E?'x Kula? ' sffz 1 kc X J 30 mfffwe ' '- ' '5 iii:: fu . x 'I I ., . X X ' x V 'f -'A. h9'IQ'X 0-,',?E5 .-F XX WMWAUE fl 5 T X X j , X N N 'W' A B 1 ' NWN Jfi ul' 1 """"""""" . ....., --"" ---.... .nhllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllh 1 Q? , SNNNNQ g?i ff X 1K 5 ' -1 D E371 l 14 Y W YW i 74, g i I 1- YV Eivdfm- v cl' 'iff--"RZ 1 . Viff XF-V PY ' vii V757 find -1 --"1 ,ff-ii-fait-Nij Tjfffimggf if Q ' o W' is QQJQTWQQQF ':'iN'!f"NXi TCT' MMvfliiYFlfi5 l fff,X lr' TU DP lqw ill li X X 4 fit dl -Qu En QBLII' Glhanrellnr My If We, who are Nebraska Wesleyan, could bring to our Chancellor the it JI realization of an ultimate ambition, We Would do it humbly. With eager . hands We would bring to him a picture, which would be the true reflection X of the University. The picture would not show a university completedy finished. It would be a Temple in the building " A living thing ", a monu- ggfw w , l t ment to that Jesus Whoselife should keep us sure While we worked. The K I j entire structure would be builded on the faith of those Who have gone Wi before usg and in the immediate background Would stand those friends fx X I of Our School, who have made that " light-hearted journey into the land K i iv tj X of experience ". With sure hands and loyal hearts we would be building ix R l'.- courageouslyg making the structure safe With the strong fiber of intellec- .iff tual honesty 3 putting into it the lowliness of real serviceg and keeping the 2-if it scene alight with the glow of love, soft amber and rose, enlivened by the lm V l proud purple of daring. till f ix ft ii' But our hands are not always sure. We build sometimes Without light 3 ' Jw We falter, even grow careless on the task. ,V wwf l xg: Q, You, who are Our Guide, forgive us if We mar your picture, Your l 'fi life " runs swift and deep With precious meanings " for us. For Faith ffl and Love and Trust we thank you. We'll do our best to help you in the T-QQ 1 fx X building of a beauteous picture for the Father. it lill B Xl X Q! X K 'A X lffxrx l xv X, ,I i . ,ff xl fiixx 'x it fl N, h ma FIVENQSQQYU NNN! x f N VV f, 1 1 l Q ,...: PQ 5' LJ rf vf ff f' l J' f iMig??i42if ll l ' ll , A pllf TQ QV il lx ' 118' l 1 xi? XXX KK, KY I fl 1 X Al ' 1 1 ll gf! UI' 70 .M N W llll lj 4 M fl ' of Q fi 1 X A E .XA l ISAAC BUTLER SCHRECKENGAST 3 B.S. 1885, Ph. M. 1907, Iowa State Collegeg S. T. B. 1895, Boslon ff 4 f School of Theology, D. D. 1907, Simpson College. E l Chancellor. D. W. C. Huntiugtorl Professor of Religion Klw' 1 lf!! ETX I, 1 fl lf, ll 4 1- S ' ' , 1 fd fo l,o8 WQFSXNQWWLXAQ To NUM! Ll E391 ,i,h,.T,, ,,,Q .. - ..M. .7 q, sfgfgafr Q53-D f Fcmlfr5filf2 fzf'i5iffaT'ACXi9f4Q-aefce ll ht! it TEN Bean nf mnmrn Of l I L W x 4 . l l l y l l X N U Xxx OV 10 1 1 u ' 5 lx l EMMA oRooKs GILBERT N ,4 . . . N X The Dean of Women acts in an advisory capacity to all women stu- X A dents. A class in Campus Standards is conducted for Freshmen girls and vocational guidance is ofered to Sophomore girls especially and to all I others interested. Under the direction of the Dean of Women, the l Ky Y. W. C. A. conducts an Employment Bureau for girls. x The Dean of Women desires to be " Friend at Large " to the com- munity of girls at Nebraska Wesleyan University. X ,fl ! 'VJ l, . Xl alll e . - a e . If NAM U- xX.sQ.J lg.-,ff-Wig qv 1 ' , lg W 'N x. Y FRANCIS ASBURY ALABASTER A. B. 1890, Northwestern University, A. M. 1898, University of Nebraskag Litt. D. 1918, Dickinson College, Graduate Student, University of Nebraska, 1898-99, Grad- uate Student, University of Chicago, Summers of 1901 and 1902. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Professor of Greek. Qlnllegv nf lfliheral Aria The purpose of the College of Liberal Arts is to meet the needs of modern education. In addition to the general program provided by the typical college, special courses are provided for students in the preliminary Work of business administration, dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, and theology, and students may fulfill all the requirements of teachers' certificates. The administration is alert in the matter of ef- ficiency in instruction, and insists on the very highest possible degree of excellency in all departments. The standard for regular degrees compares favorably with that of the best among our institutions of higher learning. The tone of the institution is high in morals and scholarship. It has been and is very successful in stimulating and preparing students to do satisfactory Work in recognized graduate, professional, and research in- stitutions, in the United States and Canada. ll J X f il ff NAM ei I41 Q 2 - - 4-3 ilu' P'iij.i'L"" f Y U fr-iyfj ,ff ,jp 'KX,,-QXCNR iify ,gf fl V' X Y X I 6 5 Q, 1 M , 1 it , U is 0 L YN I i i 4 I 1 XX WI xi , JOHN M. HOWIE 1 , A. B. 1896, Cotner Univer- sity, Graduate Student -X 18-95-97 Iinilvaersigggf 'gis- . consing . . 1 , ni- JOH C R J " CHARLES DUNHAM ROSE versity of Nebraska, Grad- N H ISTIAN ENSEN 475-X-9 Ph,B, 1883, A,M, 1893, De- uate Student 19-23-24 at B. S. 1909, Nebraska Wesley- A 2, Ai i Pauw University. Columbia UHIVSTSIW- an University, A. M. 1916, ' i X Professor of Mathematics P7'0feS,S0T of PWM Mathe' University of Nebraska? ,J , and Aswonomy matzcs. Graduate Student, Univer- X gf ' ' sity of Iowa, Summer 19165 f x Graduate Student, Univer- X X - sity of Chicago, Summer V of 1921. l Professor of Physics. XV 'J KF 70 115 mf xfx iii F 5 1' I0 I Q!! M 1' XX Y Z , ELIAS HERBERT WELLS Ph. B. 1900, DePauw Uni- . versity, A. M. 1901, Uni- versity of Illinois, Gradu- ate Student, University of N Wisconsin, 1901-02, and GRAHAM ANDREW BARRINGER UhiVe1'SiiSy Of Colorado, ' Summer of 1905. xy A-B- 1313, 19g9,gndg' James Stander Professor of N I, X gfc13den1E1Vig?1?'- 19212 Us-ng Economics and Socrofogy. WAYNE FULTON GIBBS ' f , 1 1922-23, Indiana UI1iV61'- B. S. 1921 University of Slfy- niinois. ' CMWZGS, L- Noyes P7'0f9SS0?' Assistant Professor of Eco- ' wf Of H1St0"'2l nomics and Socfiologyp li IU 1 Q .111 ,xt Y . - M.. . OFKWEQQI 421 . rg. ,--f 1.1, - 1v-27+ ,131 nn, fp--f X--11 '-, ' fn "M-" "" 7, " ' X ' X 'I I l .- NY ,...iX -1-1 ,ff XX f-"'ffeL"'f Q? 1,,,,,,,,11.,, 11.1 ,, 11. , 'Xu' S.. -N exif ff ff X-'dl 'NX-V3 1 QE' ,gf fi-!,?,,ixg --. W- .xx xx f 'QR ,ik 14,111 41 X X7-sig A. . ,C 41 , 22517 l y f 1 th x aff' f WD I Nl, 2 K, ll ti 70 A P 1 O74 .V li. I 1 fx X EDWARD RUST LEWIS ,X A. B. 1907, A. M. 1908, Ohio .State University, Student X gl t Ph1l?S0phg, Harvard n1vers1 , - f ' , QQ FRED MARION GREGG 1907, Dipsloma Lllglgnleee year K X- ' - 1 XXX A. B.. 18961, Ohio Nqrthem eggcszflb g2111gh3'n,1:anG'1j:33 WILLIAM GEORGE BISHOP X lk ' Unlversltyl A' 1915, ate Student in History and B' S- 1906, Nebraska Wesley' f' I" University of Chicago. Psychology, Columbia Uni, an Universityg LL. B. K V Professor of Psyohology and versity, 1910-123 Graduate 1900, A. M. 1909, Univer- K Director of Relzgious Edu- Student in Philosophy and Slty of Nebraska- OUUO71- Psychology, Boston Univer- Professor of Geography and X .X glimmer of 1923, and Geology. fy 1 N Professor. of Philosophy. J IX X f fi! QF 10 WI 0 W II l ! BERTHA WATT MCPROUD Ph. B. 1900, Baker Univer- ' sity, Graduate Student, University of Kansas, Summer of 19043 Graduate Student, University of Chi- MARIETTA SNOW cago, 1908-095 Student In LENA DALRYMPLE the Birlitz 5011001 8i.M0d- A. B. 12519, NehraskzhWe1s1eif- . i ng-uages, wage, an n1vers1 y, ra ua e X A'B' 1910, Elmpscgn Cquege' Slunmmei of 1909. Student, Columbia Univer- X A. M. 1914, University of I - , Professor of Romarzce Lara- Slty, Summer of 1921, and Iowa, Graduate Student, U - - . . . uaggg, niversity of Nebraska, University of Chicago, 9 1922. ' Summer of 1921' Assistant Professor of Spart- f Professor of German. ish. X Y S I-131 ' .D 'Q T? ,H Viflisl yi Ur?- Qgf ac ' U-elk 1 ,, Kg-vffax-"'X A4-fi J Ku 9 ll 1 Xxx' I Q jl I 4 V! CLAUDE JOSEPH SHIRK 1 A. B. 1901, A. M. 1902, 1 M. S. D. 1903, McPherson - L College, M. S, 1909, Uni- JOHN MULVANEY AIKMAN VGFSIW Of Ch1C?g0S Grad- HOMER EVERETT ALDER ' f , uate Student in Botany, X' N - A. B. 1917, A. M. 1921, Ne- University ofa Chicago, B. S. 1914, Fremont Normal ,f A 1 braska Wesleyan Univer- Summers of 1909,1911 and College, A. B. 1920, Ne- f sity, Graduate Student 1914, Ph.D. 1924, Univer- braska Wesleyan Univer- University of2 Chicago, sity of Nebraska. sity, A. M. 1924, Univer- Summer of 192 , and ni- p. . B' Z Q sity of Nebraska, Gradu- VHMW0fNWMWi1WZ wnwm W zowy MeSwMm,UmwmRyd 25. Nebraska, Summer of 1924. 1 Associate Professor of Bi- Associate Professor of Bi- X ology. ology. 'K Nw OF T10 1 P E 1 Exl X CLARENCE LORENZO Dow HOWARD ADAM DURHAM University of Illinois, Kan- sas State Normalg Nebras- CLARA RIESLAND BRANDT , A. B. 1916, Nebraska Wesley- k St t U . .t Q . . w an Universityg A. M. 1920, a a e mvefsl Y' A-B-, D1pl0ma m Physlcal Q rf Ohio State Universityg Graduate Student in Bio- Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Summer of 1922. Professor of Chemis try. Professor of Physical Educa- tion for M en. Eductaion, 1916, Univer- sity of Nebraska, Gradu- ate Student University of Chicago, Summer of 1917. Professor of Physical Educa- tion for Women. ffrifwfsmw eimiw M, ff-Q E441 X 2--X-V 42.1 .Q-7 JE..-41 ,lava ,,. .. K . - . . A. . -..ess is-we X f -we f mf of a fe-e qxjyllf' . 1 lx M 6 ll 'fl x , Ui 1 l i l X 1 le, "'A "" l X X' PHOEBE MAY HOPPER X ff A.B. 1896, A.1v1. 1901, Uni. - versity of Nebraska, Grad- , T uate Student, Harvard Q BENNETT MOORHEAD University, Summer of 'MEX HOLLOWELL b9l?ii,21,s?g,adl2Ete Ngggfgsllgiz GLADYS WYVON COATMAN lt X A. B. 1911, Oberlin College 5 SE1mme1'S of 191? and 1921' A- B- 1913, Nebraska Wesley- ,' AM. 1917, Ph.D. 1922, Professor of Englmsh. an Unlversityg Graduate N Harvard University. Student, University of Chi- pmfessm. of English. cago, Summer of 1920, and fp University of Nebraska, f l Summer of 19223 A. M. , Nebraska State University, 1926. Assistant Professor of Eng- lish. Ol' ! , MARGIE ETHOL LANGDON A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan 1 P ROBERT A. HARDIN Universityg B. L. S. Uni- versity of Illinois. G E L A. B. 1924, Nebraska Wes- Lib? Tia i RACE VELYN ENFEST leyan Universityg two years m if A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan graduate Work Nebraska ' University, University of State University. 4 Illinois Library School, Instructor in Manual Train- 19234924- Xfj ing, Assistant Librarian. N i 1 Syl . gl IL . O l W flf'4ZQS0?sifeb WMMQZ HJ een Tzigl L , y f ll fl-' wg Q ffggsm X, , I6 f Q, X Xl i lx 1 J: LQ H R X 1 N. 1 'lf .X l Hifi . ll! . V10 A I fx J r X lm N IDA MARSHALL A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan , University, 1922. 1 X Instructor in Spanish. IRMA MARGARET DEUSER IDA MAE AUTEN XX A. B. 1921, Nebraska Wes- X x leyan University, A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan Ri . " University, 1926. ' Instructor in French. . . H Instructor in Latm. . X If . Ag ,UK l l Q 5 ' gr My fi! I .l UZ :ffl K 7 A .ff X f Q4 22 1 f 7 'FRANCIS ALABASTER A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1925. Instructor in Physical Edu- HARLAN J. RANDALL cation for Men. DONALD P- HARRINGTON A. B, Nebraska Wgsleyan A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1926. University, 1925. ' Instructor in Shorthand and I7'LSi'Wf0f07' in Physical Edu' ! Typeuvrittng. cation for M en. X 1 U F .T l 's .sf-e 73 ' ' . mowureffsfifww sc em QQ M V345 e - . N1 X. -. fx Q Lf! Q lj l46l ,s..,, ff,cc,s1.s..c.,,ccgs ,,isfggggjjfsiEEEi?Ej3E222fL"if:s S. T csc .s. ..,-,. " K---.W .. 'Lai X , ,. fha, fry'-753"1ffQE J X sv! ,a ,Zigi 7" XX ,..3gg,, ,. U, K Y . X,.L X., ,f ,f,,fg..-xv' ' Sf-fx sfaf S,ff-fsmavwrfii. fn, e' ?QN--of I ' BERTRAMJ EVERETT MCPROUD A. B. 1900, A. M. 1904, Baker University, Graduate Student in Psychology and Edu- cation, University of Chicago, Summer of 1908, and 1908-09. Dean of the Teachers College, Professor of Secomdaxry Education. Uhr Tivarhvra Glnllrgv o The Teachers College was organized in 1908 and was an outgrowth of the Normal Department of the College -of Liberal Arts. At it-s beginning the Teachers College employed but one Professor and three critic teachers. The Dean of the College was Professor of Education. The Teachers College in its organization comprised only a Department of Education and an Elementary Training School. The growth and development of the Teachers College has been steady but continuous until in 1917 it became necessary to build The Van Fleet Teachers College building. This year, 1926, the Teachers College is comprised of the following Departments: Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Manual Training, Home Economics. The Home Economics Department is temporarily discontinued for lack of room to meet the demands of the various Departments of the College. In addition to the above departments The Teachers College maintains o-ne of the most complete and the best Training School systems to be found in the state. The Kindergarten-Primary Department, The Elementary Training School, and Teachers College High School furnish excellent opportunity for Teacher Training. Next year the Training Schools will be materially enlarged to meet the demands of additional teachers in training, The Elementary Training School will add two rooms with forty pupils each, making a total of 280 pupils in the Elementary School. The Teachers College will grant free tuition to al limited number of high school pupils, bringing the total registration to about 75- pupils. The faculty has been enlarged in harmony with the growth of the Departments. At pres-enft there is a faculty of about thirty instructors who are giving professional courses in Teacher Training. The Teachers College now confers the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Educa- tion, and its graduates are fully accredited to such Graduate Schools as the University of Chicago, and Columbia University. li, .lf fr' fi. li w ip ,a , fjf' l il if l Z? Ci X xif it all E471 4'i3Sj5,iF11-lxXff""4-'---'Afiiiiiiiil ,Tf'iQ5 l7QPr ififg,4ifNE5X-Asxiiqx-Q-iggyf' L,fQQ me--Q5---xi-Q?:j"'x+?C-L-f7axf'N few? A4-9 Wifi fl If N i o in l 1 ' 1 ix f' x fi - f A . A RosE B. CLARK A A, B. 1904, A. M. 1918, Uni- versity of Nebraska, Grad- . uate Student, University of A RoY WALTER DEAL gggagofdvglnier Quarter, GLENN CALLEN A XXX , an pring Quarter, L ff A. B. 1917, Nebraska Wes- 1922. - A. B. 1919, Nebraska Wes- , leyan University, Graduate P,-Ofessoy of Egementayy Ed, leyan University 5 A. M. ," .1 Student University of Chi- ucatfonf Educational Su- 1921, University of Ne- f C3.gO, SUTYIYTIGI' . of pey-Qyigffoy of the Tfrg,ff'yL'L7'Lg braska. X IQm1:fi1aSi:fL24, Umverslty of School. Assistant Professor of Eco- Xl l,, ' . nonncs and Socudagy, and AAN Assogiate ggofeisor of Sec- of Secondary Education. ' on, ary uca ion. 1 A lit are f - it 1 9 A jOV ' ' 'UQ i , X X 1,1 if f GRACE MCCONNELL Student Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1914, Univer- sity of Nebraska, 1912, '15, '16, Washington State College, Summer of 1920, University of Co'lorado, Summer of 1922, Univer- sity of Chicago, Summer of 1923. Supervisor of Teaching in X Fifth and Sixth Grades. lliilli-gifs- 33li NUM! ll -VL. E481 i 7 ELIZABETH STANTON ARCHERD B. S. 1893, M. S. 1897, Amity College, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin, Summer of 1903, Graduate Student, University of Ne- braska, Summer of 1909: - Principal of the Training School, Supervisor of Jun- ior High School Training. ETHEL LOUISE BOOTH A. B. 1910, Nebraska Wes- leyan University, Graduate Student Summer of 1920, University of Nebraska. Assistant Professor of Sec- X ondary Education. an wait. , 26523 ra X A ... f-jp ff?" -- 4LNxQif:,,,f' -NsxQf'W X, .oe ' We o to lf is ff-mar Q . 3flQf.iii-fig, H-Mhyggfgq ,5Qi:f5Q'-'Xff - if- lg! J l Y Ky!! 2 XX ' 'J A i . I .ff L -'11 us UV 1 .ly . A .X W X i A fl 1 VESTA GRAY KEETON I 1, Student at Peru State Nor- I N l mal, Summer of 19073 Fre- i X mont Normal, Slammers of - 1910 d 19115 ' 't, ' , ' N ZELIA CORNELL WILEY of C3311-ado, Suriiggslog NORA MARIE CHURCHILL ,ff X Graduate Peru State Normal 5,155 Nfbrafggl Qgisllgan First Grade State and Kin- "fig Schoql' 1909' . veriisisyisloir, Chicago Y Suiifii dergarten Diploma, .Ne' l Supervisor of Teaching in mer of 1923 ' braska Wesleyan Univer- K l the Fourth Grade. Supewismn Of' Teaching in sity,. 192Og Studeht Uni- l :X Second and Third Grades. 5555113 i7g2E9bY'aSka, Sum- X fl Supervisor of Teaching in ff K First Primary Grade. l Or IQ A l 1 xxx YP A f 9 X 4 AISLA AMOS Ry Nebraska Wesleyan Univer- X f sityg B. S. Neb1'askaMStS.te University 1919g A. . 0- ETHEL HATCH lumbia University 1925. A- B- C010rad0 State Teafih- Associate Professor of Home LILIAN CLAIR JETER xy ers Collegeg A. M. Colorado Economics, f 1 X, State Teachers College, B. S. 1916, Kansas State ,XA 1924g Summer School at Agricultural Collegeg A.M. ' . X f' ff University of California. 1925, Columbia University. ' Supervisor of Kindergarten Professor of Horne Econom- Teaching and Training. ics. X7 X X Til . 4 WFS Ll Nl Wxillll li-'QGZ2e!Z9 ' , W. lxxmm -dffxm cm ,...Q... is e..,-J ,,,., E491 X l ,X ff' f, J ,V x 1 f lil XXX l tx .K is iv .K lxx l l if H1 1 X lx KJ 1 , 7 liJ i rf I X 4? l l l. X XX 4 u. V 1 ll if r ll ll my I? :FU 1 f will W lr xg X vs 3 ll ll Mill than l, f tl lf!! els ef'ffi12eT .g:fwo,s iff' f "gr nmrrA.Q3',,ni"iE"g,""ff , ii' , , W,-4ggL,TxXH--LQ Glnllrgv nf Iliinv Arts C DEAN PARVIN WITTE , B. S. 1900, Clinton Collegeg Pupil of Teque, Parisg Prochowsky, Berlling Seagle, Neiw Yorkg and Bruegger, Chicago. Dean of the College of Fine Artsg Professor of Vocal Musicg Director of Choral Music. The College of Music has grown so rapidly the past year that again several new rooms had to be put at its disposal. Each department has strengthened 'its courses with the result of increased enrollment. The School of Music has bi-Weekly recitals and frequently evening recitals for the advanced students. There are more students receiving their degree from this college than there have been for several years. The School of Expression is a vital part of the College. It has been responsible for some excellent plays of unusual type this winter. The national fraternity, Theta Alpha Phi, has again sponsored all productions this winter. The School of Arts has produced some fine Work this year. There is some iine talent on the Wesleyan campus, as demonstrated by the art Work found and the Art Director is stimulating interest in this departf ment. . l50l lr, - A -43 l , f or ooio 7 lxxx if X 1 lily Mx PAQ wx i fi Q6 ll xy l X CLARA URANIA MILLS lk B. Mus. 1902, American Con- servatory, Chicagog Paris. Pupil of John Gattstadt, Heniot Levy, and Harold I, Bauer. RV Head of Theoretical Depart- Kf ment. UV I ll lf or Q . l A A X x PY ' l ALBERT FRANK SIEVERS Leipsic. Director of the School of ANNA BRADLEY W11-TE Musicg Head of the Pia-'no I 1 Dcparmwng, Pupil of Harry Christensen, William Thunder, William Steel, Frederick Bruegger. Professor of Voice. , EUDORA MARSHALL ' ESTERBROOK iw li 1 OJ qi M x OH ,L RN P iii l l l -x 'f ,X ,f f ff l ffl I Ll' K xx li 5 f ,' f, l A ml XS-yi, GEISECKER XX U5 , B. F. A. 1924, Univmity of Gfffgfitescffoolfleanioljsfghggf lik i ,Nebraska Pauw University School of l 5 Dwector of the School of Art. Music , l ' l ' ff Professor of Orgcm. X ' 1 J' ,L W- I I i U 1 fo 'VKX no we ox xwf B iWSf125i M ,f , 1 ff x I --- 4 1! f ff WNW Sfhiiiffkx ll NL LAX, lLlLUlLAQUfFM KO?-Allin l51l .N 'x .f--A Q Qrgf-3 1' rfj iliiggy. UI, -g1f?Gf fiybijio lfikf-B fe-is. fd-.fff2xQ'L'i'T'f'-' 5'Aiz7fTr . V l n W no A "X 1 V f K A w K, 1 ll 2 ll ff X ' lr lf lf x. l 4 'YO QV W l I . 1 . 1 ll' l xXQXy N , BEULAH GLADYS CHAMP If Graduate Nebraska Wesley- an School of Expression 1 and Oratory, 19115 A. B. N X NX 1913, B. O. 15115, Nebraska I, . ,Q B N B. L. 19123, Northwestern Nebraska, Summer Of 1911, Advanced Pupil of August Universityg Ggadlilate Stu- igi asf tl'gra?3'1?TS0EOS?gi' Molzer. Cl ll, 19235 li li 1 1 . ' ' ' X Uelgversity Sffghogfes ez? Summer of 1923. Ioistructov in Violm. ,ff Speech. Director of School of Encpres- ' K I' L Professor of Public Speaking. Sum- X ' l X A xl QV TO QD f Q' 7 I ob l J 'XX ffl N l l New 1 J xxx l l , 51 MV ON MARGARET F. SNODGRASS g ,f B. M. E. Northwestern Uni- - - f ,V I versityg Public School Mu- ?h3g,Q,u2g:L? ixvgiggun' 1- sic Degree, Cornell College. A fx Insfzrioctov' in Public School ' if Music. XX O U 301951 N Rmm VL f 14351 El . lxl. .. . E521 2 V 4 f r , 5' " -H f- lf, 2. , I firm ' jQXj3QWJ' A?Q1 1XXfsQgfzrQ 4- N ,q ,y Q WO N N 5 K W 7 MSN 1 NX 'E N5 - igsq ' V WAX 6-- X .1 ,git ini 11,6 K -Q!! f ugly 2 1 aff 64 1 nge? J b-'A QF xx , A 2555: spxik 'K gifs . ,-M9 Q V x K QFQQYRSTXWQWRQ RVMLH 'fx 5 1 WY, fi ff, XL ,X 5 Y '1 F1 " " ' ' .. , f px, X-, X vf P X -fy cs .-X.A. 1:1 ,.....,Jm KX Ax If Va 4 if M U73 Mr f fx f' . f K' xy x x x Q J ,Vx JO EQ? W 1 XIX! fxw' 5 f YK X fx , , X ' X, X, x OD LE M E531 QI' X gf, , Viale? Ll Boyd Crane, Chairman Virginia Hardin Mary Champ Lillian Calvert Marjorie Clark Hubert Kenny Ivan Jones COLLEGE NIGPIT Gayle Skerritt, Chairman Carl Johnson Alva Andrews Velma Bush Ben H. Christner Dorothy Hunt June Bishop ' CHAPEL Mary Bailey, Chairman Dorothy Reynolds Charlotte Mevich Genevieve Lindquist I Marie Cowgill Hazel Furman X Leroy Hagerty FINANCE Fred Martens, Chairman Mae Auten Ralph Earl Harlan Randall James Thompson Bertha McClain Vera Swift First Semester ' CI l ' n K1 PninrI.GI1immittvez L f X! SENIOR PLAYS v SENIOR SNEAK DAY OFFICERS Genevieve Lindquist ...... President ........,,.,.. Florine Harrell .............. Vice-President ....... Ralph Deal, Chairman Eugene Dickens Ed Loder Jean Mahood INVITATIONS Ruth McClanahan, Chairman Harlan Peckham Elisabeth Franey Dorothea Bignell 70 CAPS AND GOWNS Helen Reece, Chairman Ross Secrest b Elsie Anderson PEP AN D ATHLETICS Elvin Gembler, Chairman I1-al Anderson Paul Steeves Clyde Ddock I GII-"r James Connely, Chairman Helen Jones 1' Mrs. Marie Porter X IVY DAY Esther Innis, Chairman Alta Jackson Lawrence Whistler Mrs. Marguerite Berkey Susan Black Second Semester X .....A1len Laaker 1 ........William Fry fi I, Alice Stebbins ..... ...., S eeretary ........,,. ,.,,,,,, F reda Boell X Mae Auten ...... ...... T reasurer .,,,,,,........ ....,,,, F red Martens Edwin Loder ...... ...... C ollege Council .,,..., ,,,,,,,, F ranges Hornady Elfffer f'VMN??'XQ5'i I Ln is L El? it E E541 , C . fl'-:f57?' 5...-a-M-., .-V -W-W. H V-ap --W 0-4-15 f W Dy- Niffii-bee---.fe.A-P-Qifil-ff l--as . iifa-,.,w,IIgsfx..-....f4f:iiT:.ifQjffzffj l 1 k ff Nxt, X rf4x ' lx Y 1 Y -vid!! 11:1 O ' 7 i gl i ANDERSON, ELSIE Ceresco , 4 Delta Phig Agassizg Inter-Fratern- ity Councilg Y. 'W. C. A. A delightful combination Of smiles and education. ' f 1 . J. l' 1 i"i L QfefL6LQ lik-1"f'v-fflifiilil'flaliueaaefilff X Cd 1 ff . A !,f,,J',LJ ur, 1 1 Y 3 f. , VWXKAJW X I ANDERSON, IRAL University Place fA ' i ' Phi Kappa Taug Men's Glee Clubg 'fl l Bandg Wesleyan Staff. ' ' As Carl Sandberg describes poetry, he is the cumulation f of tenor melodies, bus sirens, X , V X player pianos, and static. xx K5 O ANDREWS, ALVA Hf University Place e were yeh' logy our " Clubg C, t ,fi f , sta .,,yEd1t01,,fIffi ok' ce , y y i "WSU r:i'l'E?f,Clas' e a el, L ,fi f52EEa'?fti5iw5w'-iffelfwewfr-i'. iffy ' He broadeiis his grinand takes I, A M 'them inf" -f' fi' f,,4f.,V - ,Mae i AUTEN MAE North Bend X! N Gamma Mu Upsilong Phi Kappa X X Phig Pi Gamma Mug Purple Ar- i XV qusg Class Treasurerg Inter-Fre- ternity Councilg Y. W. C. A. To know Mae is to like her and . to like her brings the realiza- tion that you have a real friend. As actions speak louder than words, Phi Kappa i Phi speaks well for her studies. y . ., i ...I l X X . N 'O 'C il M MPVXXQW N M mi rl lxl. lli.,i-...fze-. ., ..... C - Q5 E551 X X I, f ,XY .Of 49SZ26.5tX at 1 BAILEY, MARY Casper, Wyoming Delta Phig Sinac Etyocg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Verona's summer may not have seen such a Hower- At least, Shakespeare never saw her. J vvyvf Q BERKEY, MRS. MARGUERITE L. Nofrfollc Alpha Delta Omegag Student Volun- wifi- F teerg Pi Gamma Mug Inter-Fra- Q - ternity Councilg Y. W. C. A. V Y 'Tis greater when one cannot serve where one will WU JH To will to serve where one can. -1 sry jd 414' -J? X, BIGNELL, DoRo'rHEA Cedar Bluffs Zeta Phig Class Debateg Gir1's Nega- tive Varsity Debateg Y. W. C. A.g Pi Kappa Deltag Phi Kappa Phi. Her elusive silence when broken, rewards one like the shattered box of abalaster. BISHOP, JUNE Un'i11e'rsity Place Alpha Epsilong Girl's Glee Clubg Girl's Varsity Debateg Geography Clubg Psychology Journal Clubg Inter-Fraternity Councilg Pi Kappa Deltag Phi Kappa Phi. Stand mute, pens, and voiceless, Arlgnilieinftaik for myself. ,iifyf ., ..... o , ,, e. . P i561 11? X alivlfg ti 5 f' ll N K , :I Il 'Wil vld dim' JJQIJQ HM- Wtmwvm QUQMTDQ to 3 - . :Q .- il! W f-5' 'AKD ll F53 Qs ' Jw Lb YG 'We rw LTC Q I .5 MQ l , - W Qcma 1' 'Q BLACK, SUSAN B. Hickman Order of the Golden Chaing Sinac Etyocg Y. W. C. A. Not what her name indicates- A merry heart that laughs at care. ' f'jAi!,l.v,4..f'...f-ff ' J " of 'Z 4, . -wJ ,U ., ' i Q. Wie ga A A ,.. , of eff. . A 1. .A JJ 5 V, S. .JE f ef, , fa ci ,, ,ma J ill BOELL, FREDA University Place . Alpha Delta Omegag Agassizg Geog- raphy Clubg Class Secretary. Xl Whose last appearance with us is more successful than ever. lx f TO J BURROUGHS, MRS. Bmssm Sargent ' She taught school before she came, she is teaching some now, and she expects to teach after leaving. We are glad to 3 .have had her with us in our ' Senior year. l XX Xl l BUSH, VELMA Lewiston Sigma Alpha Iotag Gir1's Glee Clubg Ghorusg Inter-Fraternity Councilg Y. W. C. A. Songs live when the singer lives in them. Nj A W:XQ152jNl of ff f in EV ess .esa aw. tm 5 x z'g.gT-qi' 'gt::,:' A' f?f""'f U fafk A t x f P - it cf ' Q' Hmm' VN fiffcgfff' ll 1'ZQe:-ZQA:-A-eff?-i"'r-w.M-vfff-Af'N l 'x X 4,1 R ' l U l O 01' l CALVERT, LILLIAN York l l , Willardg Y. W. C. A. President, 'X Purple Arqusg Phi Kappa Phig , l , N Geography Clubg Botany Club. fl X With intellect and happy face, 1 - X And charm of word and smile f. ' and grace, ffl! L She is a winsome person. l K K I X CHAMP, MARY Unifuefrsity Place 4 Alpha Kappa Deltag Dramatic Clubg l ghetaiklpha Phi, Inter-Fraternity 7 X i ounci . - l Now who'd think of her playing the part of the housewife? She'd peck a man to distrac- 1 " ' tion. I , UVA V30 CHRISTNER, BEN University Place N 1, S 9' Delta Omega Phig Menls Glee Club, Male Quartetg Class Debate 3 5 fl Senior Recognition Day Oratorg l , It takes a versatile man to man- age a Glee Club, and still x I Y J preach comforting sermons. 1 , Ask Ben, he knows. l Y.M.o.A. pg A x E CLARKE, MARJORIE University Place ,f Orophiliag Orchestra g Dramatic Clubg Theta Alpha Phig, Sigma 1 , X ' 1 . Alpha Iota, Phi Kappa Phi. N Hang up the bows for Uncle by Ned, if you will, 1 But to lose her violin melodies i . - would be a tragedy.. .lf 1 11...H,.tQQwQ,5aJi l58l' ' .iffgr,bfd2-Qjpa A XQZT. .rl ' Tby. 1" x' .XX v l l E X . U O Qtr' wx I l i x CONKLE, RUTH University Place ' Alpha Delta Omegag Agassizg Geog- 1 l KX raphy Clubg W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Xi Much ado-and this time about X XX something, too. If Q X f CONNELY, JAMES R. University Place ? X Theta Phi Sigmag K. K. K. Confidence in one's self is the X rightful heritage of every fr man -who is built for it. 1 ,N N 2 l N W OK :UU N 4 GOWGILL, MARIE Central City l 1 Sigma Alpha Iotag Chorus. l l l One who gives to us sweet musicg K ' I Wesleyan drew her first, The S. A. I.'s were next, , Then someone came along 1 And drew her for his text. i X l l CRANE, BOYD Benkelrnan Beta Kappag Reader in Men's Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Dramatic Clubg Theta Alpha Phi. He, sine quod, dramatics become rheumatics, and expression de- pression. H il ,, .C y 7-.. .- ir in me waeigarei wb Q army 40 . Q51 Q I 46 A A I PM WMU l f5fp9f321l E591 If l- J 6 ' iQ? lWli?r5 fzefflffnxszgfc H va? it lc QP l DEAL, RALPH Dafvenport Delta Omega Phig Sinac Etyocg Pi Gamma Mug Y. M. C. A.g K. K. K. The Bird- and Bugman whose skill at locating the carburetor of an elasmobranch assures him a career of great prospect. M, XM-Jil :M rxv'-J H Z QLQZIL f 1 0 if L Kappa Sigma Pig Psychology Jour- , nal Clubg Oxford Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. . Within his quiet meditations There broods the destinations For those he puts his mark on. EARL, RALPH Jai' IMQQQQ fq"5'y"zYmi5'e 16' FRANEY, ELIZABETH Hickman . Alpha Delta Omegag Agassizg Geog- raphy Clubg Psychology Journal Clubg Noitaicossa Sltnatisissa R.Y.g , Chorusg Coyote Staifg Y. W. C. A. "Smile and the world smiles with you. Speak and be spoken to ". Elizabeth follows that policy, and it has paid her. It would be well for others to imitate Beth in this respect as well as in other re- spects. FRY, WILLIAM Winside Theta Phi Sigmag K. K. K.g Class Vice-Presidentg Y. M. C. A. Utility has virtues of its own, And Bill is Whatever you need him for. It .Wea ,AI A F344 XQQA ..r. 'Tl tlNQi.XJAZ . Ol X. . A5 4- asf - .7 "'2QL-,QQ U 'T as sf-M1-fQamif1fff J 5 if lx X N N if! fir 0 1: , i FURMAN, HAZEL Fairbury Alpha Kappa Delta, Girl's Glee Clubg P Y. W. C. A. Last of an illustrious line Worth waiting for, discreet and fine. s GLOCK, FREDA University Place A Geography Club, Y. W. C. A., Psy- chology Journal Club. The wealth of her friendship Cannot be judged by her stat- ure. Altho this miss is t-res mignoime, her nature is-Oh! grande comme Z'zmi'vers. 4 l s GF GRIFFITH, GLENN v Grant Everett, Phi Kappa Phig Pi Gamma Mug President Y. M, C. A., Trackg Ivy Day Orator. Singer, musician, a Man of the Woods, a magnet for ,friend- Phi Kappa Tau, "W" Club, Basket- ball 5 Track. Whose playing would never make one do other than live clean and hard. ship. . U if -I in Q96 " RN, , ,.. ,ff , fF.r..gJ.T' ,, , - In 1 Nw s, K M-ff 'Q ff I l,',.,,iyg if by , 14" .4 Lvl- if V' 51 . at A - -" fy 'X' ' .rv V I j.gQ'?' H ' . GEMBLER: ELVIN Tamara 4 ,, l uf Nz X ji X K ,, W Nsvsz E611 2 " -Al " .. - .,,A M 4,v, ,,w, ,-,,,,A,.-T 1-1-C.Z.i'-f-3, Wil- A .. , .. .. . . P- -A if so - ugly riff' 1 1 .yi f fl llx ' f ff ly I ill A F :X A A A HARDIN, VIRGINIA University Place A I Alpha Kappa Deltag Theta Alpha Av Phi 5 Purple Arqusg Psychology . Q Journal Club 5 Publication Boardg ' Ret-i Y. W. C. A. . "N Personality plus becomes more f I , indescribable at every attempt. l .K N HARRELL, FLORINE Unwerszty Place X7 l Willard 5 Y. W. C. A. I One of the students who could If ' make a name for herself in ly X three and a half years. A stu- yi, dent and an executive. f 1' r r l . by .. K5 OV? TQ N HILDRETH, G. W. University Place N 1 Class Debateg Second in Pan-Wesley- an Oratorical Gontestg Y. M. C. A.g Physics 'Clubg Pi Gamma Mug Phi Kappa Phi. ' fy iq Not only a professor, but a doer, 1.V,f'lq ' keen and purposeful. H 1 I I i 4 . X ff HORNADY, FRANCES College View XXX Zeta Phig Purple Arqusg College A .i 1 Councilg Pi Gamma Mug Psychol- , i ogy Journal Clubg Phi Kappa Phig w Z Y. W. C. A. So this is she, suggesting A multitude of Virtues worth in- R S w1lfiwsfssfsfllei1lN.wa LfL.t.efGG fat - A A X:-A E621 G JA, c:+'1i!lEzIi1f'-tsfi?,21"5"'ii13:1.,,, ,, ,. , ,A. , ,,,-.,r.,,,-,u,, ,,.,,,.-, e-M'frs-vwroix, Higgiiiv' WWW sffjMggg.1si:s.-.,Z ,.--.-- . , -ff' l.aw1,f'?'.m. 3 f,-ist!-so 364-J S-ssff.-fa effasfscfs-ssfse-ffs Ae--ifarfl J, x I 4 i J 1,7 ex p XXX I 'X V10 . w n Cl Ml , V l HUNT, DOROTHY Hastings A X Willard, Dramatic Club, Pi Gamma Mug Y. W. C. A. . lfxj Who would try epitomise N ll' XX All of her in one scant line,' Amended at each new surprise, ,, X M 'T would make an epic of the N . rhyme. N 1 QS Q AS X , HUNTER, JAMES Ceresco l l- x 4 lk, tl It would be hard to tell whether he calls this a lowering or hoisting of the anchor. FE YN 'b Q be Q-A ,Y-rxo'v0Y'V" vixeqf a-'N xiXb'rxvw-"NN w XL OP bvgwx Xvu QXX lwvqnagq 'ANL Yuma Qlveas-fs Nix gk, l l INNIS, ESTHER Eagle " Alpha Epsilon, C. C. C., Pi Gamma Mug Student Volunteer: Y.W.C.A. , Home will be less desirable, and K the foreign field more so, when l ' she goes. l ' gx , , X- J i if X , l JACKSON, ALTA M. University Place 24 In her, Wesleyan has a sin- ' cere representative, one who came to us with a serious purpose in mind, and a bound- less determination. l l 'l W gil, ,p I, p r K , ,, ii, 1 'rife me oxflil N WMM WAY weayiil " Ei fIf4ZQX5qetsQ,a , G l . it r ffl, E631 N I :Q ' ' f ' . L S , W wi 4 Q 5X I X X 1 m . ' ,, ' , ripxwl ' ' M I M X f . W ry , . -S QARNJN ll EVN 3 f N wx JENSEN, LENA Minden K Order of the Golden Chain. X Your first impression of her may - Q be that she's the typical K J " teacherly" type, but her l QE. character possesses the element Nj of surprise, for later, you learn that this impression is wrong. She is also blessed with the ability to make lasting friends. Y J OHNSON, CARL Loom1s X. X Order of the Golden Keyg Chemistry lr Club, Physics Club, Purple Drag- ' ong Noitaicossa Stnatisissa I R. Y.g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. -'., N And still they gazed, and still , N the wonder grew, if fll How that bronzed head could k K carry all he knew ". ! JONES, HELEN Holdrege V lx Alpha Delta Omega, Psychology ,N Jourrgizl Club, AE,ditor 1926 Coy- , M oteg . W. C. . X ' Whoever next this Coyote makes 4 , Will know what mind and work M- it takes. , ol,,,,,-., . . ., , .f ff E E X JONES, IVAN D. Holdrege. 'J i ,' Delta Omega Phi, Purple Dragon, 2 Chemistry Club, Noitaicossa Stna- ' tisissa R. Y., K. K. K., Y. M. C. A. Some men can even be chem- , K. ists, and yet be an inspiration ' to others. E Ly' Gyc-f l' gen., 5" X V, W l X . dl s e . lr lfifwwesxv .RW Q E641 'W fil?-'?'+flM'?'ii7 C Af M M- ---ffegQii"!fs 'jf I 1 1 1 W' il U V70 QF KENNY, HUBERT University Place X Order of the Golden Keyg Oxford X. 1 1 Clubg K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. ,f i How shall we know where to go S ' X if we do not know where we ff! X ' have come from? X , N LAAKER, ALLEN Arlington li , F X Everettg Class Presidentg Orchestrag ,f . Chorusg Men's Glee Clubg College l , Councilg Y. M. C. A. X I When men are made like this, N l p the ladies smile, and the other fellows all grow congenial. f 'X K ll .X OT 'YQ LINDQUIST, GENEVIEVE Greslzwm Alpha Delta Omegag Phi Kappa Phig Pi Gamma Mug Geography Clubg Sinac Etyocg College Councilg Class President. The responsibilities of recording x A's still leave her time to pur- sue other traces of happiness. X 4 . by LODER, EDWIN Waverly Fx Everettg "W" Clubg Footballg Bas- .- " ketballg College Councilg Purple Dragong Chemistry Clubg lV1en's Glee Clubg Trackg Y. M. C. A. What next? It's easier to tell what he has not been than what he has. ' if ff J if i .SX-My Bd I 5X ff! ' 'j EW .... . G N Y ,Q vs! gi, NJ . K .G UL . O A G, A JJ 7' IG5 1 l fq. 07. vii!!-ff QJD l Q , Eff 1' " in I If ' X l , x ,Y , W iff HO IE- . Q ,Q l 4 gl fl MCCLAIN, BERTHA Parsons, Kansas 'QR' Sigma Alpha Iotag Purple Arqusg X girlgzv Gtieefxclrcgbin Chorusg i i ' K . . . . a inet. When Bertha plays X There is no unbelief A L In Music's charms. fx X S35 MfCLANAHAN,RUTH Bmnrwc Qff l Nl Order of the Golden Chaing Geog- fl 'i raphy Clubg Purple Arqus. K ' Some folk are worth while for .N xy what they do, some for what i X they get, and others for their XA own sake. I . lx tj M Clin 'gil ' li r MCVEY, LUCILLE University Place X Delta Phig Purple Arqusg Chorusg N Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Still smiling-a most intriguing L Way of living. ! ,tl MADDEN, FAITH Pawnee City l 5 Gamma Mu Upsilong Y. W. C. A.g L I A Q Chemistry Clubg Home Economics E f i Clubg Slnac Etyoc. Excels at producing most de- X1. 6' lightfully odiferous concoctions f in Chemistry Lab., but perhaps ' her efforts are more appreci- ated when she displays her - 1 skill in the 'culinary depart- ment. , hr fi .ALI l," js ga xggmxffsgy xy gf A N fe il l! Will -elm 'lllxl lfiill-ill i W. .,. -.. , - .. ,.-.-...... 9 W eq ,,,,, ,, ,-,,.m,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,, V I E661 all -- ,, -A Ii K I 1, I "'xT' X Q'a::i7., 7 " N5-,f 'N Efff N,,, -SQ-A-A --- 4 HQ! .ff1i:l7QQ-Qifil K' , ,, . 'Qfllg1QTQ:i.1fg1:'fA5:::::Lli2Q'sl i I XO, , J xx CK V vi K AE . A I wo i ,li MAHOOD, JEAN Univevsity Place Aff X Orophiliag W. A. A. I l So mnahg hW!l X That's not all I, She pops the tennis ball W' X Discreetly- that's not all- fy' f u V 4 ' lll xl W X MARTENS, FRED Greslmm l Beta Kappag Psychology Journal - 5" 7,4 Clubg Inter-Fraternity Councilg Q i ' Class Treasurerg Y. M. C. A. f If a man can be as he is X' It's Worth while, watch him and see. f N . I l tgp J, Qi TON MEVICH, CHARLOTTE Lewellen Y Orophiliag Purple Arqusg Chorusg ' Girl's Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. . Singing has a penetrating way ji K of capturing men-women, too. N V C . A17 1? MOCK, LYDE Fzmrjield Theta Phi Sigmag "W" Clubg Phys- 1' EN ics Clubg Trackg Y. M. C. A. if i So slight, but a horseshoe never wi 3 ' ,got him down, lx And to see him run explains pf Why- , . X 1lg . Rv- X,' l in if ln 1 'Y , . Phi P f' f NWN on Q Els av? Y - , .Dil E671 X X e M e is so fwfew of CfQ?f1gi .... r 4 ' 1 R r . llXJi X I ,KJ fi, .X Y ll .Li it in it TIQ Of N i MONK, CECIL R. University Place i , Beta Kappag Purple Dragong Sinac , Etyocg "W" Clubg K. K. K.g X Q Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. N Perseverance wins any man the X right to be proud, X N But still he is modest. I .X fix . , V-.LX is NYSTROM, ESTHER Omaha f MX I, X Alpha Epsilong Phi Kappa Phig K Sinac Etyocg Geography Club. 1 Long of the class of noble ladies, NZ and soon to be of the Gentry. l in U V to OV 7 it ii PECKHAM, HARLAN Brady Islcmfl ' K f Theta Phi Sigmag Purple Dragong ' ln 5' Inter-Fraternity,Councilg K. K. K. fi! l What one means by a substan- ' ,f tial man, with well-turned J N points. f , O Eff. PORTER, MRS. MAR1E HOY Silver Creek pill Y.W.c.A. I l One whose friendship is worth f i cultivating, who can give to 'ef the strength of our class from X X the experiences of a life well- Kf lived. l ff L IU- X -.I p LV' J L W lF A5iW 2521 . lil E631 xv -fQ,C1.?,.,'sf2f2XX fl i l I ' H N , Q Of V . 1 RANDALL, HARLAN J. Uniifersity Place Kappa Sigma Pig Pi Gamma Mug X Purple Dragong K. K. K.g Noitai- lx cossa Stnatisissa R. Y.g Y. M. C. A.g X Phi Kappa Phi. X Tho' shekels tinkle in his ear, I He'd never make a profiteer, X He laughs too heartily. X REECE, HELEN Valentine X Alpha Delta Omegag Purple Arqus. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Even when he is miles away, I l N still am constant-to my edu- , cation. ' l QV 70 l REYNOLDS, DOROTHY Caldwell, Idaho Alpha Delta Omega. One of these flowers that waste their fragrance on the desert air-but happily, without the ' desert. SECREST, Ross Valley Order of the Golden Keyg K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. Comfortably built, and enjoys it. p 3 Ji elVJ4Z?S0?1fS?3'il Kiwi! ll-ll. P .lil lk ,-' ift"g-7 f .Na ., ...ef ii ii .N A N f f-Y' Y -155.0 W' 'fare' X-1514-.'flT:QiQffQ, Djs '?N"l, e . X , N' H if g:i'fz:"".-,-,,j" ., P p kx,Qw, f'!f' K , l, W Kill ' ,VT U . 0 iff ? 'fi . 3- XV' SHARP, WILLARD Uvziizersity Place ti, f f Q Everett, Phi Kappa Phi, Physics My ' Club, Track, Noitaicossa Stnati- ff ,, lx , sissa R. Y., Y. M. C. A.g Phi 4 I it ' Kappa Phi. ' X N 1 Going high is much the same to X, Q him, either pole vaulting, or fi W grades, or tinkering with the ,fi N aerial. L L wb Eff.. i R ffl SHEPARD, THOMAS W. Bennett , Y. M. C. A. . I l X If The .good sheparcl-ask his 'th is parishoners. if 3 1 ll w if al My l lr l l R f X Xudj xk JJ .Sill ' O ,112 f w, SKERRITT, GAYLE Malvern, Iowa R tix, Delta omega Phig K. K. K., -1 , Club, Student Manager Football, ,, IW, Physics Clubg Pilrple Dragon. If ,ini Q Now showing, newer, finer, ' xi W1 bigger than ever before, and iii . .WWIE ' really Worth the money. IRM Q, i 7 X51 il RQW ff' ," . xl y . STANDER, MARGARET Louisville y ly Y. Viv! Willard, Y. W. C. A. ' fi R Yearly graduations are costly, B ,fl X l. when those like her are lost in A Q' 'xx 1 1 the process. ' , ' . , l ix K f' ff ,llfiglx fxii :Nr i ,mf . . . X y ,K .V .J ii f,...:,, SXEM FQ .. X K, H K., rg v Y, 2 Y 4 PP 1 f if 5 il X . f gi l V f he Xf5fMfX1gf32 jg .,,, 5Q'i5f3:'.i3Q?gl..- Xwfxifg he ..i' ' A -' 701 X .it "'-A-N a .J in , 1 21.-. ... .-,.r.,Agsf--m,.f Lili? X! 1 l I 4 J If kg? VI. 'HQ V lll ill l STANTON, MILDRED University Place I ' Alpha Delta Omegag Sinac Etyocg ll Q Psychology Journal Clubg Student '55 ' Volunteerg Y. W. C. A. . A little maid of sweet person- ,, x jf , ality, loved by all who know X her. 1 l ll, ff' . A X tx : K XXX l STEBBINS, ALICE Gothenburg f H Alpha Epsilong Purple Arqusg Geog- l , j X raphy GC1ubg Class Sccretaryg 'fy X Y. W. . A. J' , QM She is a phantom of delight- ' If fi X No, not a phantom, but none the KX lg S I' l . less delightful. l 1 XJ V 91,311 QV l lll ,l , ,Q X5 STEEEVES, PAUL Panama lf ff! H S Theta Phi Sigmag T1-ack 5 Tennis 9 ff jx lb gasketballg Purple Dragong "W" G il lub. all fl " Now comes the captain with ,J a mighty heart-" J Eh, where is the bobblin' thing anyway? X ff my W 3 X X3 V I SWANSON, ELEANOR Waverly l l p , , Alpha Epsilong Pi Gamma Mug tl,--' l X f' .Geography Clubg Y. W. C-. A.g Phi 'uf Q 1' 5, Kappa Phi. K K ' Simplicity that marks her ways, X X We ne'er had seen in other days L . Quite so allluringly. i l ' f 1 - f f W Yr' X X f f l l .. vlfff XX-vxjfh f ll ll ul if P lfAf2?wfeQL,'1 Nl J I li lFfQj?Sfi:f5fqf'!fSVf9 'Wil Q ' ' V711 l f D'Q'?4? 70 Q X QF' 6 SWIFT, VERA - Gothenburg Alpha Epsilon, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Not nearly that fast, but very enjoyable. THOMPSON, JAMES Winnetoon Theta Phi Sigmag Noitaicossa Stna- tisissa R. Y., Y. M. C. A. The hot house man- some man at that. WADDELL, MYRON Indianolca Beta Kappag Pi Gamma Mug Noitai- cossa Stnatisissa R. Y., Chemistry Clubg Sinac Etyocg Purple Drag- ong K. K. K., Y. -M. C. A. The split that separates his hair Uncovers what is hidden ther:-, A jolly fellow. WHISTLER, LAWRENCE Farragut, I owes Order of the Golden Keyg Psychology 5 Journal Club, Chemistry Clubg l Y X . M. C. A. , 'Tis better to have thought and l erred, Misunderstood, but still be heard, , Than sitting back to hold one's tongue, ' With mind grown old, While still I'm young. QrfGfsewffwiN.Mr U.. 0 5.1 721 1 on QQACA N.-ya-iafgf? X . . 'N C mg 7g f Y 2 x x A f U Q ' XX .1 J TQ OF -, V ,I ff: ' .' . za w?rgf1s5f if ' QN ypggbk 'WN Q 1 .- N - ' HI. ff-wif X ,W 421 ml! 'flf Q w.,x R-wg. pf VJ W N f,. V fi 44 W rw FQQQQQQW NEW D73 !iS .Q A . , , , A ..,. ..,, , ..L ii, ga 'fab 1, V Xff- XL -ee I r for N V I ff!! 'FXfffS'f 477- 6' JV J sf F-ix -ee --hv -fag-az . qXNf'i'f"fQf"N 'x A fQ I lkxxlx X X I . , f ,V ei ' fi K AKLW l 5 'Til Us fgf- f nr ill IV E ll I QU 9 4 ' x ,MAJ f Xflxx If NAA l . 1 'ff 'Xxx l fwlf iN XXXI 3, iffy x 'x - Af V X L' . if, I 5' Jlumnr llbftirera I ' Sponsor-Professor H. A. Durham lf! OFFICERS X Ply First Semester Second Semester f ,f N Clinton Swengel ............. President ............................ ......... C hris Keim M ' A- Lucille Gillet .....,.........,... V ice-President ......... ........ H arvard Hull Charles Paine ,............... Secretary .............. ........ R ichard Gerdes l 1 I Floyd Schneider ............ Treasurer ..................... ........... ,.,. .... F r a nces Goodhue X. X I J j Lucille Gillet ................... College Council ..........,..,....................,........... James Buxton if Ol' - , , jf .Jlumnr Glummlttmi I Q SENIOR RECOGNITION DAY MAKING OF TOGAS I l f Henry Zehner, Chairman Ellen Douglas, Chairman 1 Lucille Gillet Heleg Wiles l 1 ' sther Phipps , A CLASS DEBATE Margaret Dudley l l I J Aubrey Cal-'fel Lucille Meek XE ,E I lah 4 CHAPEL GRADUNHON ik C! Gertrude Wells, Chairman Otis Cole, Chmjfman N Allan Boswell Norma Durfee ' i Nl X Mafgafet Dudley Lucille Meek l l l Kenneth Hull Helen Wiles 1 Alta Ploof S N f' I TUNT IGHT , N NX l , CLASS PLAY Mark McCallum, Chairinan ff f Mar1e Smith, Chairman Homer Hubbard I ' Milton Coffman Jane Fisher ' Frances Goodhue Clyde Lindhorst I. X Hazel Mason X JUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION Robert Palme D' f f, Lucille Gillet, Chairman Mildred Stewart ' X I Roland Beebe ' Paul Copeland FINANCE Thelma Burdick Frances Goodhue, Chairman Q I Ellen Douglas Minnie Benzler 1 l Mildred Fellers Howard Davis N , Russel Wilkie Floyd Schneider ff IVY DAY PEP AND ATHLETICS i Alta Jones, Chairman Dell Danker, Chariman Q -swf ff Hyldred Davies Claude Huyck " Elizabeth Hanson Fred Schultz X W5 Merna Wolff Oscar Wiberg im! fwfr f'N X I I' 'Z I' I L I N I si W M I sQf:i',!f9,Z9El3l I M-Q' ' XA KW JQIXQB ra is ' ' 6 A4459 i74l lf .fl A A - lg :J . -'tr ,f"?"'f2ii f5iiefll:i?f-.ff .l7l+5?... C373-ffQQ?ffQl!fl'7l wage f1s..eee5fmfe.g .. . jg . A ji yr . of ' l . H N ji A X ' A J J 5 Q 'ji ll AW l ll ll xx 1 . 1 K f X I 4 Qgx H il A J of u alll F N tl ' A A ALLELY, GEORGE F. Kimball A , Order of the Golden Keyg Psychol- X lg ogy Journal Clubg Chemistry Clubg l 'KVA Chorusg Y. M. C. A. ,fl RQ?-A BABBITT, ETHEL G Univegsity Place I." v ' Order of the olden haing . qw Agassizg Geography Clubg C. C. C. ll. , Y l 'XM J P-XY., BAILEY, INEZ ELOISE Guide Rock f ly x l Order of the Golden Chaing Z I Y. W. C. A. le. LX! A -X BALLARD, LILLIAN A. M., X . 'V .ffl l Upton, Wyoming ' l l Gamma Mu Upsilong Sinac l l 5 Etyocg Noitaicossa Stnatis- L RKQU issa R. Y.g Student Volun- Nh fl, teerg Orchestrag Y. W. C. A. -A Ol: U all ll iD l BEEBE, ROLAND Nelson . I Kappa Sigma Pig Coyote Staig A ,I Y. M. C. A. 1, ' , wil ll dxf i BENZLER, MIQINEEV Lceulsi Kearney K ' fi Willardg .... xx . A A , li BX , 'H BLACKMAN, JAY Lincoln f N N l I Everettg Men's Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Chemistry Club. A .XXX BOSWELL, ALLAN Benkelman Everettg Men's Glee Clubg 1 Y. M. C. A.g K. K. K. XX ' K ffm OD, X. A All E 5 i or ew A-A ' V Q A f' ll fz-rx, 'ww UF lk ,E . X-kY,f""ylQTLLI-X Jffxx SAX 'H , Q Xi f 7 '15 ' --jC:vff'N ,,e"Lx'Xv,,5!T lj ,. Xb5W-i2'2w-leiemwijl JQ5 A NPN A llf-1lH..lQ2 is-bk-effrfe-KAJKJ lffliil E751 UIQ l 5 ge-s2f7fs4.s,ss.Q xsfasaiu COLE, y BURDICK, THELMA Norfolk Alpha Delta Omegag Psychology Journal Glubg Chorusg Y. W. C. A. BUSH, LAURENCE S. Lewiston Beta Kappa 5 Basketball 3 Bandg Trackg K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. BUXTON, JAMES M. Hairocwd Delta Omega Phig Men's Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Oxford Clubg College Council. CARRELL, AUBREY University Place Everettg Class Debateg Af- firmative Varsity Debate 5 Inter- Fraternity Councilg Y. M. C. A. CASS, WILBUR Aurora Theta Phi Sigmag Chemistry Clubg Physics Clubg K. K. K.g Noitai- cossa Stnatisissa R. Y.g Y. M. C. A. COFFMAN, MILTON Faioibwry Everettg Men's Glee Clubg Male Quartette. OTIS E Shelby Phi Kappa Taug Chemistry Clubg Sinac Etyocg Noitai- cossa Stnatisissa R. Y.g Y. M. C. A. COPELAND, PAUL Holdrege Delta Omega Phig Negative Varsity Debateg Class De- bateg Pi Kappa Deltag Y. M. C. A.g Physics Club. Jl L I9 U O 16 lT'i4Z?Y?Y5Q55ll MNA! VUL 761 42' all uf l CRAIG, LUCILLE Sioux Falls, South, Dakota Alpha Delta Omegag Girl's Glee Club, Y. W. C. A.g Chorus, Geog- raphy Club. CROSS, RUTH St. Edward Dleta Phi, Psychology Jour- nal Club, Y. W. C. A. Riverton DANKERS, DELL Everettg Football. Inman Club. DAVIES, HYLDRED Orophilia, Girl's Glee DAVIS, J. HOWARD Delta Omega Phi, K. K. K., Y. M. C. A. Geneva DICKENSON, DOROTHY U1Li've'rsity Place Orophiliag Y. W. C. KA. DOUGLAS, ELLEN Elmwood Delta Phi, Chemistry.Clubg Sinac Etyocg W. A. A., Noitaicossa Stnatisissa R. Y.g Y. W. C. A. DUDLEY, MARGARET Gretna Alpha Delta Omega, Geog- raphy Club, Chorus, W. A. W., Y. W. C. A. lFG.?fi4NR?XW9'lI NLXM ll Z 5 N ll l S A E771 I L, .Q . l H- nz 1 J. y ,v f , . i A . R K... .--ee s as ye Um Ri A - " Q 11. ,1-is. Wx . A451 ll . p X Y' I, wx J QW RC l w - , , D . . uf will 5. DURFEE, NORMAN Pierce fl! ,Wi Beta Kappag Basketballg Y. M. C. A. Q if 1 llv I xxx' ll,lv,fi'. li 5 'il .fl l .4 FELLERS, MILDRED Chester ,Q f Sigma Alpha Iota g Chorus 5 C. C. C.g Y. W. C. A. f f' A' b phil ' lei I lml FISHER, J ANR A. Omaha ,l, fy, Sigma Alpha Iotag Chorus. FSKX-. P XIII' K X0 l ' 'I f -ps If X GRNTRY, WILLIAM Gwing 1 Delta Omega Phig Footballg X X 1, Sinac Etyocg "W" Club. lx' 2 f l'll J, N f f N 4 . l l GERDES, RICHARD W. Mason City K A we lg Order of the Golden Keyg K. K. K. ,X 'QTL' Class Secretaryg Y. M. C. A. Cab- Q. I inet. X A ' qu in R Aff lll in ' lyl i X lk GERGENS, THELMA E. Auburn ln i, Orophiliag Wesleyan Staffg A rf lg li Z Geogfaphy 1 Psychol- xi! Ui ,XI i cggywougnzk u , C g, M W . . . . N 1' I ' X Nt of i Xu ,il lb! Q Q l p GILLET, LUCILLE University Place Q1 fi Alpha Kappa Deltag Coyote Staifg K ,Y , College Councilg Y. W. C. A. ,KEN I Vwl Cabinet 'if 1 3 l 1 3 A RJ l 1 X AV! X GOODHUR, FRANCES iff 11 ,fl 1 Alpha Kappa Deltag Class De- X. N 1 ' ! bateg Dramatic Clubg Class N 5 Treasurerg Y. W. C. A.g K l Girls' Aiiirmative Debateg Nj First in Annual National Pi hi I Kappa Delta Oratorical. fx . ffl l 5 lv tw! ' Ll all WJ ' -1 rv f-. . x- 1-1. -"' f' S ' . 'if' 'T' !W"Lj J' - ' .. 'fax es fix zi"5 N 'faX.?X.' fl.-X sl Tl 47 il . il W if N2 A ff' 'ff Elbsiseefsiif-iiaiwmbff-e1.lsf-flS NJ H,.lg'Qif.f5i4.,i'?-Sf, J ETSI A X Y Af,-H-Q--.A !ii'Q1.i?.:. :- im".-A A . u A J V1 ""Fi1X'1fk'M:l1.lY J j.f.11fflf7' LQ11'g"M"'flfsfj'V"" E" Qfj Ag.. Af:-'fl3'T7'7f.. XGT7 Q7PQlfa'L'!7l . X . ,f , ,,Yl'XN f ,- iff ,X--q- Y,., -.... . ., -. f. -. f '- 1 I!rifZffSi'f'A2bsKiEE":ikZf::L ,,L-,.'Xii'4514ffZf??XCifRQXii' LL. LL ,T Ef11g31fQ4Q:iL::::1f2i'T il f'AAl fl' ll Y K l . iyilzffff r-'J rlwigj 1 x w f Qigul f HANsoN, ELIZABETH Denver, Colorado X f 'X Alpha Epsilong Girls' Glee Clubg . Aw Chorusg Y. W. C. A. if lx. ' Ii Ask- 74241 f' A HIETBRINK, ALBERT Adams ji ' Order of the Golden Keyg 1 I Y. M. o. A. A i 'Q W ,Q IW flliqv A N li. 'J HILDRETH, MILDRED Hastings f fi? fxm Alpha Epsilong Gir1's Glee Clubg ff! A E15 Chorusg Psychology Journal Clubg 1 I l g E Y. W. C. A. li K Alix, LK 1 1 'X' ,Ni X92 ffl 5 I1H1ERs,JEANETTE Ilasmngs gyiq l 3 'Xi Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A. 'Q if 1 Q XW N. L . M ll! or aw gl y HOSMAN, RUTH Elgin ,ml .3 ' Gamma Mu Upsilong Chorusg Girl's SME lg l! oiee C-lubg c. c. 0.5 Y. W. C. A. ,W Yr! . lg . A .l pw A HUBBARD, HOMER South Omaha l 3 1,7 Everettg Orchestrag 3 1' , 5 Y. M. c. A. LX . Lf' I E haf 1 A lf-e..f ff' ' lg? xl X A HULL, HARVARD L. . Holstein X Beta. Kappa 5 Chemistry Clubg Psy- if 'Ru I 'N chology Journal Clubg Physics '1 fi V Clubg Noitaicossa Stnatissia R. Y. i l E A . 1. . 4 ff Af xy. .X A , I . X l HULL, KENNETH Gordon PX. if Delta Omega Phig Men's Glee 5' l X Clubg Trackg "W" Club. 3 I 4 .Y , 1 I ff X A A p . - A Y x. All FX -aff' 'fi AGRQM-.1xfX251.fNl.X4sZ LJ .. . . EQ E791 A -- , QQQ Q, he f 1 O O A 1 Q l U QV C N 4 HUYCK, CLAUDE Mowowoille, Kansas Delta Omega Phig Footballg Basket- 'ballg Trackg "W" Clubg Band. f JOHNSTON, MARJORIE Beatrice Orophiliag C. C. C-.3 Noitai- cossa Stnatsissa R. Y.g Y. W. C. A. JONES, ALTA Z. Overton Delta Phig Home Economics Clubg Chemistry Clubg Y. W. C. A. lf KEIM, CHRIS P. Tecumseh Theta Phi Sigmag Physics Club 5 Class Presidentg Col- lege Councilg Y. M. C. A. N 70 KYKER, ANNA LAYKE Mahaslea, Kansas Geography Club. LINDHORST, CLYDE R. Denver, Colorado Beta Kappag Class Vice-Presi- dentg Business Manager Wesleyan. MCCALLUM, MARK Wanneta Delta Omega Phig K. K. K.g Oxford Clubg All-Wesleyan Oratorg Y. M. C. A. MCINTYRE, LOUISE, Shenandoah, Iowa x hffGQ0eRNfflza1N.Mz M. Q A tel E801 AA is-A-JV XQA-Ji A fff 5-Qlfibfsilffli K l V MAGILL, BERNICE I-Ioldrege X Willarclg Y. W. C. A. l IMAJOR, RUTH , Smithfield ' Order of the Golden Chaing Home Economics Clubg Y. W. C. A. lVIASON, HAZI-:L Ord Gamma Mu Upsilong Pi Kappa Deltag Gir1's Negative Varsity Debateg Sinac Etyoc. MEEK, LUCILLE University Place Alpha Delta Omegag Gir1's Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. NOBUKAZU, GEORGE YUASA Japan Y. M. C. A. OWENS, JOE St. Edward Delta Omega Phig Business ' Manager 1926 Coyoteg Y. M. C. A. PAINE, CHARLES Grand Island Kappa Sigma Pig Affirmative Varsity Debateg Class Debateg Y. M. C. A.g Phi Kappa Delta. A PAUL, HOWARD Cedar Bluffs 1 Basketball. 1 1 A IFQQWQVNPW E , . ' x X LW fjt' l gig X lf X N 10 X Fl E. F811 dilffigngl? A Q7 ,ffegxx t,.Y- -.-A--,A ,A-.--A..- . . 1 fggi 1 U Y-fktxbf' '-'iI'g.j31vLYA'1 1 1 rij'XfL"j-W A 'jijiijff ...A ,,,, ...MF '.., ff."g----ff-lIT03.M...-. Y---A... .V YW-M--if ' --M-gil---AM df--, ' 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1' 1, 1 f ' n I! x 111 A x A I 1 1' 11' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11, , 11 1 11r1 1 .., 1 . 1 1 1 1,111 1 O 151-111 I 1 1 14 1 PFLUG, MAX Ohiowa 1 1111111 Everett, Trackg Y. M. C. A. X1 111 f If iuvx 1 ' X 1 111111 1 I NN 5 ' X- -1 1 f KQQX1 1 PLOOF, ALTA Lyons A 11 1111' 51 Alpha Epsilon 5 Geography I Club. 1 11 1 A 1 QUIMBY, HELEN University Place QNX! Zeta Phi g Girls' Glee Club, Agassizg ',f,ff .A Y. W. C. A. 1' l . 1 1111 . 1 1 J 1 X I 11- 1X X ff. 1 ROHRBAUGH, P. W. Powell 1' X 1 11 1 I Delta Omega Phi, Noitaicossa 1 1 1 1 Stnatissia R. Y. 1 1 Z 1 1 I It ' ' 1111! 12111 FQ 1 ROPER, MAX University Place 1 11111f Theta Phi Sigmag Football, Basket- 1' 11111 1 ban. 1 ' 1 1 V1 12 1 I 'I Q. ' 1 7 1 11"f,l 1 SMITH, MARIE Beatrice . K jf I 3 Orophiliag Dramatic Clubg Lf . Theta Alpha Phi. 4 WIX11 1 1 151411 1 , tg XX 1 '11 SCHNEIDER, FLOYD H. Pick?-ell 1 1 1 , Kappa Sigma Pig Y. M. C. A. I . 1 Class Treasurer LXQ 11 yy 1 NX 1 1 1 1 1 1 STEWART, MILDRED Dorchester 1 11 1 1 Orophiliag Gir1's Giee Club, 1 11 1 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. J! 11,1111 V 1 1 11. 1 1 1 XX! l82l . , me W-W, .Cf-.ieefgssi , , " .--W --..M-. ,411 Uyxe. 1 ' -.-- --.---.. f f53G'+.-fm-A N 'C R A f 2111427 . Pj R i f XV Kg ix Xb if i ,iii igiii N-.iQ TO i Hx' I midi . i i SWENGEL, CLINTON Plwivwicw iii X ' Everettg Men's Glee Clubg Male "qi 1 A Quartetteg Oxford Clubg 'fry' M. C. A. Cabinetg Class Presi- jj., X . R Y. I ent. .jj ' y x nf If 1 XX g TYLER, GERRITT Ainsworth fy X. I Everettg Y. M. C. A. Y fr mg . , I 1 gm, R zi'2 ' WATSON, GEORGE FTCL?l1Cl'i7l if' Order of the Golden Keyg Physics 5 I 3 Clubg Y. M. C. A. A . Z! 1, I ia? 545 if 3 if fy' VVELLQ GERTRUDE Aladwou Ffh ffk Zeta Phig Sinac Etyocg Y. W. ,' I 5 C. A. Cabinetg Noitaicossa if 4 'A WV Stnatisissa R. Y. ii 1 A Of . 1 Ilffi WERNIMONT, GRANT University Place iii? Theta Phi Sigmag Noitaicossa Stna- lj QW tisissa R. Y.g Chemistry Cluby' i i if .4, 'uf . im, si 1 iii if' ii i xiii! Vi ,wi ,ffl WICKERSHAM, WILBUR F. Filley .1 ' i Order of the Golden Kcyg H. A 1. Y. M. C. A. "rw Y :XS iff! I, 'ij' ,oi W XY ix .' rj 5 VF i WILES, HELEN MARY Plattsmouth I., Willardg C. C. C. . 2 . i 1 :ku . . k". lf fri A li ' J 1' r i. 1 5.4! 4 ' Willardg Y. W. C. A. ' ., 3 IN kv XV i .x M Xi! J E 1- x. 1' i ii' 5 f fi 3 w 1 XI .Rf A X K f N i if mg. 'J 'A' -"- '--' ff --0. W-Y 1-ri. - 1' --1. -A - ---. :ff ' - ' -HLA' r V44 A 'ALWJ ""'2"f'. 'Fi T1 T" ff-' '- N IL ' E331 3 A i ia .59 ,fi ' . . WILES, MARGUERITE Jo, Plattsmouth 51 2 1 .Mo 46-Warez!-1 View xY1nffi4'3'i,fSbfx g-V44-4691 A 1 A . ll 70 l X l l l WILKIE, RUSSELL Loup Cgty Beta Kappag Coyote Staffg K. K. K.5 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. W0LP'Ff MERNA A. Plccttsmoutlz Wlllardg Y. W. C. A. YOST, ESTHER M. Hastmg Agassizg Geography Clubg Orchestra. YOUNG, CLEMENT Doniphan Phi Kappa Taug Editor Wes- leyang K. K. K.g Psychology Journal Clubg College Coun- cilg Y. M. C. A. QV ZEHNER, HENRY Norfolk Phi Kappa Taug Men's Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cqabinetg Chemistry Club. ESTHER PHIPPS Whitman W. A. A. I l I , EDWARD SWEANEY Davenpovt Order of the Golden Key. CHARLES TAYLOR Univev-sity Place 64 ' Order of the,Golden Key. IQFQQYQEO Vi TNWJUWO O gg V X I ' ca D D lm E341 w + W 'IQ O7 Q K x ,X :X .. 1' nf, 'f."f?, fr wfffef f,l'?,'l,Qk X muh ,::- X I-' '11 3 ".q7 ' t ' w W X X FGQWQXQQT New 'Em 1" X-fi?A" e - E l E we Q 0 I A4-LXPQ lp lx I1 yi Aff l li l wx 0 w ll ' l il l KN , T XXX K , RN iw Svnphnmnre Obffrrerz y X5 Or First Semester Second Semester ,EO ., Wendell Miller ................ President ......,.......... ......... H oward Hamilton I l Ramona Backus ............. Vice-President ........ ........ - Ramona Backus , 1 X Dale Cress .,.,................... Secretary .............. ........ R aymond Otto H Ellen Rubottom ..,........... Treasurer ,................... ........, E llen Rubottoln N f ' College Council .......... ........, F rank Lally l X l l o l X Suphnmnrv Glnmmtttvrz X i CHAPEL, FIRST SEMESTER CHAPEL, SECOND SEMESTER i 'X Irene Taylor, Chairman Mfargaret Kirkpatrick, Chairman Alice Maynard Norris Schroeder Joseph Snyder Em Elizabeth Dankers ,X I I fi COLLEGE NIGHT , Allen Wortman, Chairman Ruth Christensen Ramona Backus ' I Grace Fitzpatrick X f Leonard Wood V X A Fred Sommerville ' A fl Will Joseph Snyder f W E 0 E361 1? lcgtigg-2C?'-:rl-A i. we 23, ,, 1 . . -' l 5' J ll N , i A ll if w if A 4 'JU 9 41 P ALBERT, DONALD H. Clatonia ,-'uf ..I N, Theta Phi Sigmag Footballg Basket- 55.1 lll X . ball. 'Q yf: i ALBERT, VERNEITA Clatonia ff. l Alpha Kappa Delta. ' A '! "X f 1 ANDERSON, A. CLIFFORD T Marquette l ' Order of the Golden 1 l ll T f 1 Keyg Basketball. 1 ' I. 1 qi A l li 1 l X T ANDERSON, LUCILLE Minden g ,QQI Sigma Alpha Iotag Y. W. C. A.g T fix Girls' Glee Clubg Chorus. ik xx I 'A l X l ANDERSON, MARLOWE G. Bristow 7 fl 1 Delta Omega Phig Sinac lx lkff Etyocg Noitaicossa Stnat- l'x,lAf sissa R. Y.g Chemistry Club. I.-N X AVERY, WILBUR L., Humboldt l I lj Kappa Sigma Pi. 1 l I T 1 V, BACKUS, RAMONA Columbus Q QF Alpha Kappa Deltag Chorusg Class Qgfflj 1 Vice-Presidentg Y. W. C. A. 1 a li l A NZ-'I T I . , BARRETT, FRANKLIN, University Place L Q 5' .K X c Order of the Golden Keyg l Nfl Y. M. C. A. Elm.. l 'xx BASSETT, MARGARET Bayard l 'i.. lf Gamma Mu Upsilong Q f Chorusg Y. W. C. A. XL A Cabinet. f '- lx . X A BASSETT, SANFORD S. Bayard 5 Beta Kappag Wesleyan Stalfg Chem- 2 4' ' istry C-lub. BENDER, NELDA M adison Zeta Phig Girl's Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. X, l Q 1 9 BERKMAN, BERTHA l F i T University Place 1 I Q Sigma Alpha Iotag Coy- - ote Staff 5 Chorus. ,X 2 L If ,LX R, N l lx 5 f ff 2 l up 1 4 Al-l la-,X YR A ij .X A',, 'QXXA V233 'ix .. . --" Af I 'ff 'li ' E871 1 i:?Q??fa i o Xf g-gffxqzgq R A-J ov l 1 TO l BICKFORD, ELSIE Oakdale l Delta Phig C. C. C.g Y. W. C. A. . BING, THELMA Plainview Alpha Delta Omegag Chorusg Y. W. C-. A. BLODGETT, RUTH Beatrice Willard. BRAUN, RUTH Meadow Grove Delta Phi. BRAWLEY, VIVIAN, Lander, Wyoming Delta Phi. N TY BROWN, EILEEN Douglas, Wyoming Delta Phig Y. W. C. A. Of- BROX, JOHN P. Uiziversity Place Chemistry Clubg Chorusg Y. M. C. A. lx BRYANT, OSCAR R. Valentine Y. M. C. A. BURDICK, LYLE Norfolk Delta Omega Phig Geog- raphy C-lubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Oxford Club. BURROUGHS, KATHRYN Beatrice Alpha Delta Omegag Gi1'1's Glee Clubg C-horusg Y. W. C. A.. BURTNER, FRANCES, University Place Gamma 'Mu Upsilong Sinac Etyocg Chorusg Y. W. C. A.g Student Volunteer. CALVERT, ALFRED York Everettg Footballg Bas- ketballg "VW" Clubg Y. M. C. A. fall or . all NLWQZ O Q as E881 by M l 1iii5' 5iiPRw-X466 J PIO . CARTER, EVELYN Lincoln 4 , , CHERRY, NORMAN Fainbafry . . Beta Kappa, Bandg Chorus. .- gf A GHRISTENSEN, RUTH, H oldrege . ' Alpha Epsilon. ' 3- a CHRISTNER, MRS. HAZEL University Place X Zeta Phig Y. W. c. A. i f l 1 A X A COLEMAN, MARY Inman Orophilia. CRESS, DALE North Loup Delta Omega Phi. OP CUMBERLAND, EUGENE Geneva Q Delta Omega Phi. 1 ' DANIELSON, MARIE Holdrege Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A. DANKERS, EM. ELIZABETH . Madison Zeta Phi g Girl's Glee DAWSON, GAYLE, Gothenburg Psychology Journal Clubg Student Volun- teerg Y. W. C. A. Vx Jl :QL W ITKZGAWAQQSTI Wil. 0 El E891 Clubg Y. W. C. A. X I DAVIES, GERALDINE Inman Orophilia. DAVIS, LAWRENCE R. Sidney Beta Kappa, Wesleyan Staff, Football. 'Q'Q'S' , . 'W LLM. - J- ,..-.- -.7 fl, QS-'ff 7 -gf -W...,AA fer I fl ' f Q ,'1'-:VIN ,",,4 DAWSON, MARY LOU Fairbury 1 Cx 3 Alpha Kappa Delta. ,' 1 ,R xl: , DOHERTY, NADINE, University Place A A Alpha Kappa Delta. V I ' 1k w.Xi.lf FINNELLEQ MARION Irldianola ij XXX X , Beta appag Chorus, . Y. M. C. A. M lille Y ,iff I FITZPATRICK, GRACE Palmer I Q "lg 4 Orophiliag Dramatic Club, Girls' Af- 1 "' . . f l . ,N Hrmative Varsity Debateg lik? 9 Y. W. C. A. yfffl . if! I A. p , FLORY, WILMA Shickley gf ' H Q 1 y N Delta Phi, Chorusg Orches- 1 I :xj Q tray Y. W. C. A. Q , ,A FRENCH, HELEN Page X , , N X Order of the Golden li 1 1 f R Chain, Girl's Glee 'l 1 l , Club, Agassiz. 1 X .Il .E xl ff N ffgi, V3 Wg 5 FRENCH, MARY LOUISE Page RQ NHL 4 Order of the Golden Chain. 1 li Mini V HQ 3 G5 FULK, RUTH Unifversity Place ll ik A , ' Alpha Epsilon. - l ' lx V N FRY, ELTA M. Red. Cloud , ml, W, Order of the Golden 1 l i g, pl 4 ' Chain, Girl's C166 l, l 51 Clubg Y. W. C. A. 5 1 AKKQ n E Di 1 1 1 GEWACKE, JOHN C. Ohiowa f fy' Kappa Sigma Pig Y. M. C. A. f. 2 R ' r K X GIBSON, ALBERT R, Fairmont L ll 1 Everett, Sinac Etyoc. H 1 Q 1 G fi? GOOD, LEONARD Chappell . it ii Kappa Sigma Pig I If , Y. M. C. A. . , M A is 'x ,rl ' wp 1 N 1 l 1 lui K l ' 'F 1 1 il U3 al J H WR f" , , fx f""x FJ""Kx, 'fmqx ' 'P H Vi 1 Y 3 K-A Y 'YW il - 911 l Yr A Y lilrx-USYM E901 .flilif Q QQl?'j"'pA AQ1' 5!,ff-R. Z.. c , - . A , f' ,-',L--!lllffQ7f'l-AI f H V A U J- wif x'UNA,,Z',,..1iuA-isxxx--Q N F Lf.-xv GMA SQ-Q! Hifi'-asf?-'N L.-ff-1---QI il 1 N971 1 fi A .l N All! If-JG GOLZ, SYLVIA Waverly OF Y GUTHRIE, PATIENCE Syracuse . Agassiz. Q ly! xx HAMILTON, HOWARD Geneva ' Delta Omega Phig Var- J sity Negative De- f 1 bateg Class Debateg If 1 ,A Pi Kappa Deltag Class i f ' X Presidentg Y. M. C. A. I F HANKINS, PAULINE Beatrice X Alpha Delta Omegag Geography X y Clubg W. A. A.g Y. W. C. A. X AX x ff 4 N HANSEN, HAROLD L. Arcadia . ' Kappa Sigma Pig Sinac N Etyocg Chemistry Clubg X X w K. K. K. X l, if I X fifth HART, GRANVILLE Edgar ' I' ,I 1 X Order of the Golden . Q A Key. X Rig! W ,I ig HASKINS, BERNICE Republican City J Q U il Zeta Phi 5 Orchestra 3 Psychology 4 'X f , Q Journal Clubg Y. W. C. A. R HASSELL, ROBERT E. Loup City X , Theta Phi Sigmag Men's Glee Clubg K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Af . ly HELTON, HAROLD Calloway it I K l l Everett. lt D J JACKMAN, GARNETT1-J North Loup fl X " Orophiliag Girl's Glee Club. X4 ' K it A JACOBEY, LOTA Papilliou A l' Qi Ganuna Riu Upshong Chorusg X i l Y. W. C. A. X J ENSEN, AXEL C. Marquette " 3 I Order of the Golden ' l Keyg Class Debate 3 E Affirmative Varsity N Debateg Pi Kappa ' Delta. illll Y' fm T- D F ix fa D w7.fOiy'+-1lf'fx.f xv' X HW??f mxlllil R . l 'vfi ,Q ywgwgl F X? 71 tfffkf, .K J l if l91l f, if 1 . "ix 1 'C H ft ' - YJ A gl 'E f L- Nl'. 1 EQ' ,l' ' rl .:11::fgg::::':l 12::5fij3g:A 'Qxzllfl effffeeii f cf U7-A Q A33 .fo U J A O l r x . .E . , , K lf, .'l.' . if A A - A ,N -U J Jl ' wif 6 .Wa 'I .' A ' I ' .1 l JOHNSON, EMMA K. Brunswick . Chorus, Y. W. C. A. JOHNSTON, EVELYN, University Place X ' Alpha Delta Omegag Gir1's ' 2 Glee Club, Chorus, T A l Y. W. C. A. JOHNSON, THELMA North. Loup Alpha Kappa Deltag X Y. W. C. A. X JUSTICE, MAXINE Fainbnny 4 Alpha Kappa Deltag Agassizg Geog- . Taphy Clubg Y. W. C. A. KELLOGG, HELEN Doniphan Zeta Phi, Y. W. C. A. KELLY, ESTHER Beatrice Alpha Delta Ornegag Psychology Journal Clubg- Geography OF Clubg Y. W. C. A. 1 KELLY, RUTH Cambridge KIRKPATRICK,f MARGARET, Falls City Willard, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. KEPLER, GLEN Big Springs Order of the Golden Key, K. K. K., Y. M. C. A. KOESTER, DORETTA M. Weeping Watev' KROON, JAMES W. Firth Y. M. C. A. KROUTCH, ETHEL, Pawnee City ' Coyote Staffg Y. W. C. A. l C4 2 X rfwemwTN.W M. O If E923 ' f-if IP- fr' 417' , . . - NP 'Law ---..o-XXXKX-Y 'f 1'-W - '-'lr' A'-T XE f, Q, Rafal XX JC Qx if Cl - XS- A4--0 J ,Wx A4 ll ll . LANGE, MILDRED Bartlett OV Order of the Golden Chaing l Y.,3 miT,,,fB 96,4 l :ff-4 Q f. . f V5 Kg" flkffb- "l 4 ard of " the, Qfolienp C1h?in 5 Q U f f 4. f, "S" u QWZMU ll!1IZOiI". ' ' 5' "J, Kg- 'Y- -I Jn. My A, at 9 fl Xl' ff Q. ' M' 51 - 2,,,f'ff4 A' y ff'9'f.E1eHY, MIRIAM 3 W7 University Place Sigma Alpha Iotag Or- chestrag Y. W. C. A. LING, MILDRED Loup City Alpha Delta Omegag C. C. C. LINSON, LUELLA Norman Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Psychology Jour- nal Clubg Noitaicossa Stnat- sissa R. Y. MCCARGAR, ESTHER Omaha Zeta Phig Y. W. C. A. MCDANIEL, ESTER University Place Alpha Delta Omegag Y. W. C-. A. MCDOUGAL, MARIAN Tecumseh Alpha Kappa Deltag Geog- raphy Club. MCNEIL, HARRY Straubville, North Dakota Order of the Golden Keyg Psychology Journal Clubg Y. M. Cl. A. MACKPRANG, CORINND University Place Alpha Kappa Delta. MAHAFFEY, CHARLES Valparaiso Kappa Sigma Pig Orchestrag K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. MANCHESTER, DON North Loup Delta Omega Phig Foot- ballg Basketball. X r l l lfGffXxfafaNwwN.Mz it I9 'Lv Q.-,U I I my -. . safe: ii A A A A I I I aaa' Ti:-QL-f. A W li ,Q I . V A, flAi 1 f , ll if - I Q 'ixfi' MARSHALL, DOROTHY University Place l will Zeta Phi. 6 J l MARTIN, HELEN Franklin fi in Alpha Delta Omega, Chorus, 4 l, W Sinac Etyocg Y. W. C .A. 5 Us ly W MAYNARD, ALICE Ord gli-Sli Alpha Kappa Delta, ji T Dramatic Club, Girls .XAXAL Affirmative Varsity I Debate, Y. W. C. A. fl Wir? A MILLER, NORRIS Shiokley Delta Omega Phi, Physics Club, gig-.Hg K. K. K. if MILLER, COLENE Carleton K 'Rf-,gg Delta Phi, Psychology Jour- V!! ,l Q-Q-Qi nal Club, Y. W. C. A. Lf Q3 MILLER, WENIZQPJELL L. Pl A I ,V 1 J niversity ace , l 'ig Theta Phi sigma? Chais R I Presidentg syc O - fc?-fl., ogy Journal Club, f ,F 3 Varsity Cheer Lead- N g 5 li I er, K. K. K., Oxford I I .lg Club, Y. M. G. A. UV ii 'al Cabinet, Theta Alpha ,J Phi. K MORRISON, ALLEGRA University Place i ll M I Alpha Epsiiahg Y. W. G. A. I fx I Ll I MURRAY EDSAL E. Midland, Soaih Dakota i ig, ll Beta Kappa, Men's Glee ,I ,I V ill Club, Chorus. Q M! li OTTO, RAYMOND E. Anrora X. I AJ V Everett 5 Negative Var- Fffill sity Debateg KDia- - sl matic ClubgK. . .3 li l Class Secritagyij t l N44 'M Y. M. C. . a ine . 3 PAINE, BAYARD Grand Island .I q 3 Kappa Sigma Pig Y. M. C. A. ly ,QQ PARK, lVllILDRED L. Brnning F X Delta Phi, Girl's Glee Club, ' X Q I, 1 Chorus. ' I I E A li E lg l PERDEW, MARY ELLEN I . ' ' Tj X Conway, Iowa X. 5 Alpha Delta Omega. X s tl f li l ' I I 5 w f li X all 9 L a- '-I aj 'gf K--j--.N ,fJ'mXg'fj-,ljjx ff'-xx vpxffw f R ij. K ff - 1 6 , 5 -f,-"' f l ' . .ai lm Qi .if i it V5 .5 Ei' i-f'ff5nlfiDJX.f-'ill iEf'X.' .... ga. "' . iw E941 -aging. . Off:gf .aeaax 45-sfofssf - A x 6 I. l 'V' x ,- N K- -I-"j'..T. ...N-P' '- f s XX-fy 1" L"f'kQ:Kff..-. 1 A I - f X 7' KN R7 t"""'QfCEij""""' Y. 4 "' X55 , ----f N--. -W ew- +-f-e--- -ML" rl fi 4 Qi, f f l A fx, I f ill M f UD PETERSON, FERN Mead ,gig , N. Agassiz. lmli 4 , .2 Q 'A A PORTER, CHARLES K. Seward xl A' , Everett, Physics Club, Chem- X 'M , X istry Club, Band, Trackg N Y. M. C. A. X PORTER, Lois Q., North Platte ff, ' Alpha Epsilon, Chorus, l, 'll 1 1, Geography Club. 2 , l W f. 5 ly PUCKETT, LEONIDAS Adams ll -l i Beta Kappa, Chorus. S. l Rx .5 PULLEN, BEULAH Ord Af ..As fy, lrakf, Sigma Alpha Iota, Chorus, v' ,' U 'H l Student Volunteer, C. C. C.g fl ,Q , B14 Y.W.C.A. Mfg , ' ' ll ski 41 . r Wy . al ,ji Roou, MARGARET Wahoo jiri, '35 Gamma Mu Upsilong l H Wy, Y. W. C. A. . ll '13, ,' ix 1 it ll T fa Il if T QU RUBOTTOM, ELLEN Gering Fifi QF Alpha Epsilon, Class Treasurer, 'ffl .ll F Geography Club. QlP"l ll will I SANDALL, HAROLD Bassett ,lil Qg Order of the Golden Key, llfll l ll Oxford Clubg K. K. K. N e , ll gl SCHROEDER, NORRIS Norfolk HI f I Phi Kappa Taug Y. M. X, ' X C. A. Cabinet, Men's lg 3, ' L Glee Club, Dramatic 'fi , Club. l g Aff if Tl 2 1 , . , 2 I i l SHARP, ZoLA , University Place QV' . Gamma Mu Upsilong Agassizg J! six Y.W.c.A. ww il SHAW, ALICE Milford 5, I ' l Agassizg Chorusg Y. W. C. A. Npxf l . ff , SHIVELY, LLOYD L. St. Paul l X ll f, Beta Kappag '1 E 1 ' Ml Y.M.c.A. ,gy i i l ll 3 l xi!!! 'R A . f A l l . . R U . 1 " 1 XM' i j E.. ,...a.:, K.. ,A .A Ul U pw E, fm? .a f. -A-1:15, aw- '- vi - " 1 W' ffl ,7--fxfxk ' 'Pm .fy " Q 'HX 11 T , T7 NR ET xii V X fx!! Nj! .Cf 2,5 -- A -' - I' M Wm' MW' ' ' V E951 A - ---Y , .GZ -JY' f f '63 UI' 6 E gf JC 1 K X , h Xgl, V 'Mp SLATER, DOROTHY Lincoln OV Willardg Girl's Glee Clubg Chorusg I' Y. W. C. A. l SLONECKER, PAULINE lx, University Place , I X Zeta Phig Orchestrag Coyote Staffg Y. W. C. A. X SMITH, CLARA MAY Orleans , X Orophililag Psychology Journal Club. sv SMITH, HELEN University Place A ' Orophiliag Y. W. C. A. X N l ff OF ll SNYDER, EDWIN H. Lincoln Order of the Golden Keyg I Y. M. C-. A. SNYDER, J osEPH F. University Place Everettg Men's Glee Clubg Dramatic Clubg Theta Alpha Phig Xl K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. TO SOMMERVILLE, FRED Edgar Phi Kappa Taug Chemistry Clubg Noitaicossa Stnatsissa R. Y. SOUTH, MARJORIE Norfolk Gamma Mu Upsilong Y. W. C. A. SPEEDIE, HELEN I. Neligh F I Delta Phig Geography f A Clubg Y. W. C. A. SPRINGER, VIOLA Edgar Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A. STEWART, IRENE Omaha A Alpha Epsilon 3 Psychology Journal Clubg Y. W. C. A. I STOPFORD, JEAN Tecumseh Zeta Phi. I v X5 x f X i L C , . I, 1 IL VI X a cm .. un - -7- l-igl 'W4ZG03fX?5lllISHWbill-ills E961 atm. - .LPN L , ,q, U if ff'-We aa-A--aw--as C --Y KM- A bf..- f I I 4A., . ,U QF ffl I STRINGFELLOW, MURIEL Oakdale W Q Zeta Phi. I STRONG, VERA Palmer X N I 01-der of the Golden chain. I TALICH, PAUL Bristow A Y. M. C. A. TAYLOR, IRENE Havelock A Alpha Epsilon, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. J TAYLOR, MILDRED Inman X Order of the Golden Chain, X Y. W. C. A., Psychology p Journal Club. UPLINGER, LUCILLE Republican City Order of the Golden Chaing Y. W. C. A. WEARIN, EDNM Carleton Delta Phig Chorus, Gir1's Glee Club. WHITNEY, EDITH Salem Alpha Kappa Delta, Geog- raphy Clubg Y. W. C. A. I WHYMAN, BERTHA Adams A I Alpha Kappa Delta, 5 Psychology Journal Club, Y. W. C. A. 1 4 y UNDERKOFLER, LELAND A., University Place Delta Omega Phi, Chem'Fst1'y Club, Sinac Eftyocg Noltaicossa Stnatf , sissa R. Y., Psychology Journal Club, Y. M. C. A. VANENGEN, HENRY Firth WARREN, HIE Cambridge Delta Omega Phig- Y. M. C. A. I X f 1 Wx -Imww E971 J I ' n 'x 4- f 74 is asf 01- I Je I' ll .tix 1 ly All l-.ill WILKIE, BURLA Loup City lmll Alpha Delta Omega. l Ill lf ,X WILLIAMS, MILDRED, University Place W Zeta Phig Y. W. C. A. A ll iilxil 14- , -J lol-.Q3-ly.. WILLIAMS, SUZANNE ,YQ-J Scottsbluff if I Delta Phig Y. W. C. A.5 f it Psychology Journal V lx lfgj C-lub. l L It r rl l' ,N l l ' J ll -if 1 l lil I-lQfQ5Ei WITTWER, OREN Salem lk N13 Phi Kappa Taug Basketball. foil" 'Wx ll. . WooD, LEONARD P. Ogallala lg g Phi Kappa Taug Chorusg Dra- X lj A5 matic Clubg Wesleyan Staifg guy Y. M. C. A. ,fl " if K li Wooos, CATHARINE Gering 'I Alpha Kappa Deltag :W gl 5 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. N,-.LJ 111.55 alll WRIGHT, YVONNE Lincoln ill I is 113 M I li"','A 3 l : is L l' 'f l lx ffl!!! .,f fl. f IX . E ll . I l ' 1 A I f 3 l 2 u xx--by I X 1'-ffl 1' lp, N. f' ff If i Il I L I li L. lf. Iii fy ll UW mi Orophiliag Gir1's Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. Delta Omega Phig WYLIE, FERN Dramatic Club. HIGBEE, NATHAN ' Everett. WRIGHT, LEROY University Place Physics Clubg Class Debateg Neg- ative Varsity Debate. Pawnee City Zeta Phig Y. W. C. A. YoHo, LOREAN University Place Orophilia. WORTMAN, F. A. Malvern, Iowa Psychology Journal Clubg - Y. M. C. A.g Phi Kappa Taug N moth Platte nl l I .. I 14-.. O . A 12 ,M ,q.........-.w-.XV ,.,..-S---2-.LH--M ? ... x,11,.f4-I' 'mfxiif if -- -A - A -- -,---- M, ...K ,L 1---Y w --gen- V - 45 x - f , K f LXN f , 1 ,f I A J M... ,f 450. PM 5Q4gg::, 7Qifl,!f,Q M -"'Q'MM'i "WB if ..i.xfH M'f'i 5f7Af'iTf1ti-'?fZf': yi 2 I I xx N. jf' V! 4 if ,K K Exif! V10 wb WA W VX , ' 1 W KX 93,1 j Q! , Hx, 'V' X 1531 ,x A' Q 32 W If N 1 2 ,H , x Q H 1 Y 'N J' wg Fa' U 1 Q! N lr", JVWXW 1 1 W "F1'T?-f"QfZe5.::- ' lx ' cf P Qi W , '4 'E f xv " s i mxlwix :Wk X ' iw 1: W , . ,- '5'5x'-n- u F' 2 -- N - f I fu , M X ' 5 F 3:3 xv. x4 nlfl 1' xx ' W fx, , 11 WR 1, 5 5 1 55 , 1 5 My 2317 x W vxf V if 1 s 11 Q5 ' Z i ,5 ,F X5 QW' fxy' X X Fxrxz 1 lk Xf X.. 5 -Am I ' ' 1-A Q X E ff ' M f i2ff",ff' X5 'FfJff ,E If NL N Q REE 4 T951 Q H yn-A - Q 02- I Jo . J 1 I my 4 LJ 'IQ UL' I J 1 1 l I lx I XXX X Q illrrahman Gbfhrvra if First Semester Second Semester U William Hannum .............. ........ P resident ............. ......,... K enneth Kellough N Marguerite Hathaway ............... Vice-President ........ ....... R obert Roberts Of Ruth Alabaster .,.....,......... ..,.... S ecretary ............. ........ G ertrude Horney 'HO Robert Niebuhr ............. ....... T reasurer ............... ......., T helma Frushour 1 John Dunning ......,. ........ C ollege Council ......., .... l illrmhman Glnmmdtvea y 1, SOCIAL CHAPEL Daisy Zuver, Chairman 'Mildred Rogers, Chairman X Blanche Larson Marie Acton 1 8 George Woodford Dorothy Isgrig Howard Marcellus Alton Merrick A Elizabeth Senneff Albert Johnson , COLLEGE NIGHT ATHLETIC Elma Mae Crane, Chairman William Hannum, Chairman Helen Strandburg Thomas Chittenden Paul Peterson Harold Johnson Helen Wescott Leonel Loder FINANCE Thelma Frushour, Chairman Millard Bobbitt Gordon Dewey 6 Hannah Schroeder If rf iii fi fel IFGQQQEQI WSW Nuys! VL VL., O U5 1001 X -QQQQQX 1 A 'QL Q..fZf4 Sf UI- f I -'Qlx 6-NXYN A5'i4EL J R. , X X l I l l I -- ff -' L4 QV . lf ACTON, MARIE Scottsbluff Delta Phig Gir1'S Glee Clubg Ghorusg Y. W. C. A. 'X X ADAMS, GLENN H. Chambers Theta Phi' Sigmag Y. M. C. A. ADUDDELL, ROYAL, Cambridge ALABASTER, RUTH University Place Alpha Kappa Deltag Freshman Com- missiong Class Secretary: Y. W. C. A. l l ALLARD, NELSON Primrose Everett. AMES, LOYD Bayard OV 70 ANDERSON, FLORENCE Marquette l Y. W. C. A. ANDERSON, GEORGE L. Lexington ANDERSON, ZELDA Lexington Alpha Kappa Deltag Y. W. C. A. ANDERTON, GERTRUDE Waverly Willardg Y. W. C. A. BAILEY, ELEANOR Guide Rock Order of the Golden Chaing Y. W. G. A. BARKHOFF, W. WALLACE Kimball Order of the Golden Key. 55 V A Q 0 'R IFQGQRFXVXQ . W HJ L.lTi9f0f5i L U01 f --fwf Hee. fu-AM-an-wvxfmfiiifiiif - 2i1QS'W . . , ' 5'Q1Qt7:.'i1Qx.:::TfiZi.,..a C' -W l AM li ll ll rl ' ' mill BARNES, MINA M. Loretto Or Alpha Delta Omegag Y. W. C. A. K. fllhf . . l I BASS, IRMA M. University Place IX, Willardg Wesleyan Staff 5 X Mxs Y. W. C. A. f I ll '. ' ...X BAUDER, DORIS Q ' X Universit Pla e f g 1. A. y c ff I 3 5 Oroph1l1a. 0 " law A ,Qfxll BEMIS, DoR1S Rising City . X KRW Alpha Delta Omega 3 Psychology I Journal Clubg C. C-. C.g Freshman QNX X' Commissiong Y. W. C. A. A il N ' f , BOBBITT, MILLARD University Place l X V Order of the Golden Keyg X A I Men'S Glee Clubg Trackg mf'-N Bandg Chorusg Y. M. C. A. 1 f s . M ' BOBERG, NEVA Clarks VL! Sigma Alpha Iotag Or- ' chestrag Chorusg Q11 Y. W. 0. A. TQ il A I QX ,N BOESIGER, EVELYN Filth gl! Delta Phig Y. W. C. A. A l. Val li BOGLE, HUGH University Place A . H ' Delta Omega Phi. f' ' ' ' I BOLZ, LEONA Palmyra fl! A Y. W. C. A. FX 'au NV' W g Eyx K N 1 , l Q BRADY, LILLIAN Potter A K 1 Zeta Phigcoifs 35eeAc1LXJ, ci. ohcig Y.W. . .5 . . .9 syco- fl lil-ff ogy Journal Club. bl tif? 1 A I . ' pl A BRoNN, FRANCES Elmwood A 4 2 Delta Phi. l Bltowgf WIIQSIIIA M., Hastings Y. . C. . 55 LH KQRU-.. fl .-.Y - W - ,- ,M my . 1 ev F -1: 'T' if A-X Y Y ' fmt - 1 Lllziifggiflgfiiiil S 'f',f'lX16fQ Ljjjji K,4Mm,.,jO W g llnl A I C l102l I . - 2594371 I l ' ff A A -fffgxe f??'-'R iffy' l 5 1435 Q' af ,fi f- R' f f 4 A l 5 li f' BRUNTZ, VERNA E. Friend I V, 5 Gamma Mu Upsilong Chorusg X Y. W. C. A. A V! I dk BURGESS,hlYRTLE Greshawz fig KX 'ff' W Af-. BURNETT, NELLIE Maywood . K XyW FK. VV. CL AA. Vgif 'f" QXCK , . l WI li AI A l- I Elg il li BURT, FLOYD C. Loup City ll Rel Beta Kappag Orchemmag Bandg 1Q X-Axyf Chorusg Y. M. C. A. 'I xXXf .g ml Pix BUsBooM, GRACE Blaiwsbarg, Iowa A N J Alpha Delta Omega. ff f A V gh! CAMPBELL, ALICE Stoolwille Y, J XX' Bandg Chorusg jfk !fKX FF. VV. C. AX. f XXX A I A lx K fr ' GHITTENDEN, THOMAS Madison 1 rm Beta Kappag Freshman Footballg W, V., , l Freshman Basketball 9 Y. M. C. A. I ,lfkf lhfgx :IRAs Al A' l CLACK, HELEN E. Edgar Q , 3 Willardg Chorusg Y. W. C. A. wk ls H COFFMAN, LUCILLE, Faiwbwy 4 Alf? 3 Willardg Y. W. C. A. I ,Q Lf fA I ' 5 'CSE' .1 N LSE, Fi l,l. .P' 'mf CRAFT, MARGARET Sidney, Iowa AX Orophilia. l , CRANE, ELMA MAE North Platte l ' VJ X Alpha Epsilong Dramatic b 7, . 1 Clubg Gir1's Glee Club 5 Jax. Chorusg Y. W. C. A. l I CROM, MILDRED I. i l l l l University Place ' 5 l ' Willard 5 Gi1'1's Glee I X XM . Club 5 Y. W. C. A. lx ffxx fveh I ! , Y X I l Vl A A AVV, " rf' . l It 1 fl l A 'rrl F ff T Pg fXfU U U W3lG.fW...f:..f:a.ft A ai ' X' A X5 X7"5f'iffLf"5.'19'-tl La Kai '.T'fL!'X,fQ ia "".4f:LXC.if T.Liff4::.i'fC'.f:...i llffg , H031 Q-fppfzb A ' c.gS'2'xC W 3fA-i0! O U QF Phi CRUMBLISS, BERNICE ' Ulysses Alpha Delta Omegag Student Volun- . teerg Y. W. C. A. CRUMBLISS, WALTER Ulysses Kappa Sigma Pig Y. M. C. A. DAY, DOROTHY Wood Lake Zeta Phi. DECKER, ENNIS Wduneta Delta Omega Phig Freshman Foot- ball. DEEMS, BEULAH Steele City Alpha Delta Omegag Y. W. C. A. ' DEWEY, G. GORDON . Cedar Rapids Kappa Sigma Pig Or- chestrag K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A. DICKSON, MORTON Pomamct Theta Phi Sigmag Freshman Basket- ball. DRAKE, ERMA Steele City Alpha Delta Omegag Psychol- ogy Journal Clubg Y. W. C. A. DRULINER, EUNICE L. Newman Grove Order of the Golden Chain. DUNNING, JOHN R. Shelby Kappa Taug Freshman Debateg College Councilg Y. M. C. A. FIKE, THELMA Valparaiso Orophiliag C-horusg Glee Club 5 Y. W. C. A. 64 Foitrgai ll6IlLK1?ED Milford Z . . li .ml WNMZM.. O lg. H041 V ' ' A f' -- -2 ff QQQQQXA P'y J W I H Nj W . M! TQ FOWLER, HELEN Pender Oli 1 Order of the Golden Chaing Y. W. f y 1 C. A.g Girl's Glee Clubg -Chorusg 4 ' Student Volunteer. FRUSHOUR, ZELMA M. Unifuersity Place N Willardg Girl's Glee Clubg 1 Chorusg Class Treasurer. 1 K GALLION, JUDSON B., Chester T l Order of the Golden Keyg Freshman Foot- ball. X GEORGE, HERBERT Kehnard X l Theta Phi Sigma. GRAEF, FRANCES Tecumseh l Alpha Kappa Deltag C. C. C.g Psychology Journal Clubg , Y. W. C. A. GRAEE, JOHN L. Tecumseh U Everettg Y. M. C. A.g N Freshman Cabinetg OF K. K. K. TO GRAFF, KATHRYN Tecumseh Alpha Kappa Deltag Y. W. C. A. GRAFTON, BERNICE Fairbury Alpha Kappa Deltag Y. W. C. A. GRANTEER, Do'r'rIE Hastings, Iowa Zeta Phi. GRAVER, LORENE NELL Ewing K Freshman Commissiong Y. W. C. A. HADSELL, ERLA ELAINE University Place Sinac Etyocg Chorusg Y. W. C. A. HALPIN, MEREDITH Winside 3 Theta Phi Sigmag Men's 5 Glee Club. A v J rf-. QewfrN.MrML.MffSGQ6e ls? H051 . Nr 4l I. 'x 1. '7"75!l5 .fii1e1:fi,f.ffXs....f W U X X A ff A -- AA-1Qfg..,.sf +- f X Ar,w4f9LIl l fy fl' A f' l AH 'I A Xl f . I fj" HATHAWAY, MARGARET Bruning Willardg Class Vice-Presidentg Chorusg Y. W. C. A. I lx HATHAWAY, VIOLA Helvey ,fl ll A Willardg Y. W. C. A. Lfjlfl X. A HEIM, CLARICE Gering W3 , . EK. VV. C. fx. 'ff l Nl E iw i , ' ln' ll A HILLS, KENNETH Scottsbluj' uyfll Delta Omega Phig Freshman Foot- IQQ ' ballg Trackg Y. M. c. A. X Qyxj IXXXA. HOEHNE, IDA Adams K 3 Orophiliag Y. W. C. A. . A, HoLLABAUGH,NELL1E MARGARET X H Nebraska City Q, ly Orophiliag Y. W. C. A. . Q 1 .1 ' ls' HOLICK, FLOYD Kimball Kd , . Order of the Golden Keyg K. K. K.g TO EK. Bd. CL IX. fxr T l . HoLMAN, JOHN Humboldt l Delta Omega Phi. l A HORNEY, GERTRUDE , Brewster, Kansas X A 1 Orophiliag Freshman 3 1 Commissiong Class f ' Secretaryg C. C. C.g ' Il EK. VV. C. fl. . X , , A ISGRIG, DOROTHY Tekamah ff Fl' Zeta Phig Freshman Commissiong ll 2 l EK. VV. C. IX. E A l YK '.f" ' JACKSON, ROMA Stanton f. -, Chorusg Y. W. C. A. X f X l JASA, LILLIAN Thurston Order of the Golden ll Chaing Sinac Etyocg ' ' .' Student Volunteerg ' I Psychology Journal f A 5 Clubg EE. VV. C. lk- f, l I l f 1 ' . K, K 5 V il Q ff' f-X f' ' f"X,XMITQ. LCWXNXXF-1 -I J E W5 .W 'A .--XX'l,,.Qi:i'Qs..J-xXf..Q'xQ.d CMXXQ D V'--f H061 1' .,-La .. ..... .-.. , . -,,-L-L. 5X Cai! 'hfi-N!II3f"'Q x'5? ESHQf ,,""EL'J'e ' JJ'JJ f'f'mw'YQ'Hf X. ., N, .1 A ff ,FMA X he M I " - liiidvlu? We - L N' 'NO''Q4'l"O"'i,fQl." 1 E l X fx fjxlx Wi 1 f N, l ' .X Q l J :JM HO U 1' Y lil! A , 7 JENKINS, IDELLA University Place VXI , jg Chorus. fy, I rl'Xl IQEN ,kxhf JOHNSON, ALBERT L., JR. 'ffl XY, Ann Arbor, Michigan f',,ff',f' X' Phi Kappa Tau. ' jf, f"' JOHNSON, GRACE Oakland Y. W. C. A. X JOHNSON, HAROLD Saronfeille A ,X , Beta Kappa, Band, Chorus, Track. ,UXA E V I JOHNSON, HAZEL Republican City . K X Zeta Phi. xx fx 3.x ',-"J, JOHNSON, MERTON H., Greeley if I A I E , Kappa Sigma Pig 3 f L 5 ff. na. O. fx. , all . NJN .UVA riff? r JORDAN, HAROLD Valentine N Beta Kappa, Y. M. C. A. 3 I JOSE, FRIEDA . York l chorus, Y. W. O. A. I L 1 ., if . JOSE, MARSHALL 1 5 X2 University Place X xl Theta Phi Sigma, 3 5 . f H Freshman Commis- M XS. fr a siong Freshman FOo't- , 3 ballg Y. M. O. A. L. ,A g ,K-' kk KJ ff I 'QW ,.fk"l2:f't-.. , Q Q 3" M ' JUDKINS, ADDIE MAE Unaelilla J 4 Y. W. C. A. . A 1 KAIL, DAISY Exeter r KELLER, LENORE Grant X Willard, Y. W. C. A. , 1 - .il Vt XR W ffxx TT TX, ff F T7 isZf5.fg,,,..,2f'-.w,.-'lil,fit-X F-.7 EJ F5024 ab. ll Lima aa...l.L.Safa:,.QAa+.effQx.2a aa 51071 .Q il Q' -4---W - ' Y B X ' :pox I-stef ZZQ fKl - P Jo ,U 1. XY THQ , UV KELLER, LORETTA Lincoln I N . i Y. W. C. A. 4 l 2 KELLOUGH, KENNETH Friend 1 , Theta Phi Sigma, Freshman I lx Football Captain, Class l X President, College Council. ' X W X KENNEDY, ELYDA Page X Order of the Golden Chain, Y. W. C. A. X KIRK, PANSY Holbrook f LALLY, T. ARTHUR Sidney Beta Kappa, Band, Freshman ' Basketball. LA RUE, INA MARIE Union Y. W. C. A. ' ll LARSON, BLANCHE Ashland Ulf. Delta Phi, President of Freshman -lo Commission, Y. W. C. A. l LEACH, EVERETT Blair Order of the Golden Key, Band, Y. M. C. A. LEDERER, FRANCES Lincoln Y. W. C. A. LIVINGSTON, VERNON F. Sidney X Beta Kappa, Freshman Football, Chemistry Club, Y. M. C. A. LOCKWOOD, EDWARD Valentine Beta Kappa, Men's Glee Club, Y. M. C. A. LODER, LEONEL L. Waverly Everett, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Track, Physics Club, Y. M. C. A. W S H081 4l s I A . A . sm, A eeffzflfifef .JNCI XXYQQ-A-J,f ff"f33Ii32f fig!-PNXXXXX f exajfi-Riiibf ......f,e LL.vf,sr'X .M W . .W .4 frm X l vi . X .X W ll-N 70 MCCLUNG, SAMUEL C. Big Springs Ut, Kappa Sigma Pig T1-ackg Y. M. C. A. I ' l MCGEE, AILEEN Fai1'bm'y Alpha Kaopa Deltag X Y. W. C. A. l . MOVEY, FLORENCE I! U'rLive1'sity Place f Chorusg Girl's Glee Clubg Freshman Com- missiong Y. W. C. A.g Delta Phi. X MARCELLUS, HOWARD C. Stockfville 4 Delta Omega Phig Freshman Foot- ballg Y. M. C. A. MASON, DWIGHT Tekamah Oxford Clubg Trackg Y. M. C. A. MAXOY, JAMES A. Humboldt Delta Omega Phig Sinac Etyocg Y. M. C. A. QF 70 MEACI-IAM, MARJORIE G. Dorchester 1 Orophiliag Freshman Commissiong Orchestrag Psychology Journal Clubg Y. W. C. A. MERRIOK, ALTONY Shelby Phi Kappa Taug Y. M. C. A. MESSERSMITH, JOSIE, Farnam I Chorusg Y. W. C. A. lV.lILLER, ADELYN Page Orophilia. MILLER, CARROLL H. Columbus Theta Phi Sigmag Oxford Clubg Dramatic C-lubg K. K. K.g Y. M. C. A.g Theta Alpha Phi. I MILLER, NORMAN R. ' Lexington N Bandg Y, M. C. A. C ll l E Wlf4?R?Q'es ll I .Q El L1o9J A ., v xx K X . 1 x I Q g '-LY-ffffafiefxs fl 41 A ' .ye C . . l A.. .Q ff-Qemxx, 2, A235 CURB: Xfff W JC ,f1715D "YYjjxf1YYY'34f . YY?f7g 57fEFXXfYDx . A ffg""'f? ll sg IZVQQQ V lx 1 il ll ffl "mlm If-5 f MILLER, RUTH E. B 15 ' fa Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A. ea mee 0 l 1.553 g.g,,w,f MONIA, EI1VA Doom City ll, . ,U "1 Zeta Plug Y. W. C. A. Wll .m.l ,qH 1 'N Q-'JM 1 Hy, lVIORRIS, PAUL Dawson U11 XXI 'Y Delta Omega Phig Mfr, Y. M. O. A. V-.N A' l ul' A MORRISON, AMOS ' Scottsblnyf Qi: Delta Omega Ph1g Freshman Foot- NJ bang K. K. K.. Y. M. O. A., Freshman Cabinet. X X . ff CN. ,N MOSES, MAGDELINE, Glenwood, Iowa f K l H Y.tW. C. A.g Chorusg Orches- k l fa.. . of J .f Y MOYER, HELEN Madis n 7 Ax " ff. l, ' Zeta Phig Girl's Glee 0 f fx xi l Q' ll l Clubg Freshman Com- 5 N Q! missiong Y. W. C. A. 5 fl xl lil? iff: Al ' MULLEN, MILDRED Norfolk fmllxl Alpha Delta Omega, Y. W. O. A. .RQ l lm MUNSELL, LYDELLEN Lincoln jln ' Alpha Kappa Dehag Y. W. C. A. iff A A - X MEYERS,' EVELYN M., Comstock Lf Alpha Delta Omegag A gfilrfs Glee Club 3 5 orus. . S, N3 N. 'Nf , . J fl KA, !7wx'N 1 l NEFF, JOHN M. Lexington Y 1 Phi Kappa Taug Chorusg Y. M. C. A. X 'I NELSON, IRMA Beatrice , Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A.g ' Psychology Journal Club. l NILES, FRIEDA R., Pawne City lyi! Alpha Epsilong Geog- my X I ,K raphy Clubg V ff l Y. A. XX X fl! X Y R ,xx fm' lTfll"?fii O I? WF QQ-A A 2 . . lil H1101 fi'-xl X O , .ff -A W- ,----he-A-1 QM f R- -Al xr if 15531 Qi", XL fl,,iii'5,,'Q ...T-IfP""xQ.f, 'W' C Tl .Q X-fx X pWff4Qmft5 xf -, P ' 'H'--L. 5 lf , N J NYSTROM, ALICE Omaha 1' Alpha Epsilong C. C. C.g Y. W. C. A. If OESCHGER, LUCILLE I. Valparaiso ' IAN Orophiliag Chorusg Psychology lx xx Journal Clubg Gir1's Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. OGAN, STELLA Madison Zeta Phi. X OTTO, EVELYN Surprise l PAAP, VELVA Otoe Y. W. C. A. f PAIST, MARJORIE Lincoln , Willardg Girl's Glee . Clubg Y. W. C. A. U UF f PEARCE, GLADYS Arnold I Sigma Alpha Iotag Chorusg Y. W. VC. A. PETERSON, EDITH Brady Island Alpha Kappa Deltag Y. W. C. A. PETERSON, ORVILLE Elgin Everettg Track. PETERSON, PAUL Ainsworth Theta Phi Sigma. PHELPS, DOROTHY Geneva , Y. W. C. A. ' 1 l X U I Alpha Kappa Deltag Chorusg PIERCE, VERA Union, Iowa 3 Order of the Golden ' Chaing Y. W. C. A. J . ML ,,. agar HWWQQYQPRSSYQQWFSKYQQZWJLTQZE QPZRZSQM 'Q Ri-w1fa.v7fwifmQE Mvagac W f ll 1 A UU x PTACEK, LAURA ANN, Wahoo Willard, Y. W. C. A. 'x PILMORE, KENNETH Tecumseh Theta Phi Sigma, Freshman Fcot- ! ball. l PRESTON, THEODOR Oakland Beta Kappa, Chorus, Sinac Etyocg Y. M. C. A., K. K. K. l 1 ball. l RALSTON, EMERALD M Y. M. C. A. REAHM HARRY Everett, Freshman. Football, PULASKI, JULIA Alma X . QUANTE, DEAN Brook X X Delta Omega Phi, K. K. K., Y. M. C. A. RALLENS, HOWARD, Big Spa-ings Order Of the Golden Key, Freshman Foot- Orleans , V H. Elgin Order Of the Golden Key, ROBERTS, ROBERT Callaway Everett, Class Vice- President. ROGERS, ALLEN D. Eweter A Theta Phi Sigma, K. K. K., Y. M. C. A. ROGERS, MILDRED Exeter Alpha Kappa Delta, Gir1'S Glee Club, Y. W. C-. A. ROHL, GLADYS Sutton ' Alpha Delta Omega, A 64 , Y. W. C. A. 3 JJ f E .WF 5505691 lNl.WM IU L. R50 is 1121 'Qh if ,XL yi.- ,.,, -......-...., .,.. -...... ,.--. YM L.'Pm'U7??gi1'-iliotefiiyf --'Jfffm K - , F.-- .. Hx.--.,ff---.-.frLj ,f Tx, - he ll! TO U ROSE, ELLEN Nehawlca fn V Alpha Epsilong Freshman Commis- siong Psychology Journal Club, Y. W. C. A. RUSSELL, EARL Callaway Delta Omega Phi, Y. M. C. A. ' f RUSSELL, LULA MAE Geneva Zeta Phi, Senior Ex- pressiong Y. W. C. A. X RUSSELL, KENNETH W. Unadilla X Phi Kappa Tau. SANDERSON, LYNN ' Miller Men's Glee Clubg Male Quar- tette. SARNES, Lo1S Western Y. W. C. A. OF SCHOETTGER, CLARA Arlington Zeta Phi, Y. W. C. A. SEELY, MARY LOUISE Harvard Orophiliag Y. C. A. SENNEFF, ELIZABETH, Atkinson Gamma Mu Upsflong Freshman Commls- siong C. C. C., Chorus, Y. W. C. A. SERSHEN, ELFREDA Ord Chorus, Y. W. C. A. SERVINE, MARGARET Oaklcmd Y. W. C. A. SMITH, BEE JACQUILINE Lincoln Orophiliag Y. W. C. A. XX .f f l 1 rf? K y O A Y X 6 "U VIL . . - . ... T113 X . ' l f '- f E.-Nf5g:::a4fA q:I2Eiijjggb K l WQA ,.X. gf, xxx ff ' 4, N ,f 1 ,-v. f. 65 L A Kai-QLUI "X iff ff Jfzwxx J. i Xl? 'll 1 f f l xl X ll fiJQ. O 2 la. A lx 2 il ll SMITH, HELEN R. Cm-Zeton qi lm! Delta Phig Girl's Glee Club 5 Chorusg XX it 5,1 pf Y. W. C. A. l J' 'ill lf L Q5-il SMITH, LOLA E. Kennafrd A Chorusg Y. W. C. A. ix-'fl STANLEY, PAULINE Supeo-iofr A g-M Alpha Delta Omega 5, A' 1 wifi 5 A i W f .Q .I i STEELE, VAUNDEN Ohiowo ff A N . X fx, " xV" Alpha Kappa Deltag Girl's Glee f ' NLN "A Clubg Chorusg Y. W. C. A. . ll j ia if P STIMBERT, ELDEN Inland X I Everettg Psychology Journal - fglx ' CHubg an na. c. A. X f 5' 'X i 5 l STINNETTE, VELMA I'ngh,am 1 i x 'X lj Y. W. C. A. NX X iili! W 0 R STRANDBERG, HELEN P7"i77LglZCL7', Iowa ' ,V 'i Alpha Kappa Delta 5 ,Gir1's Glee X tif Clubg 5z.lN1 C. fl. il X flip SUND, JESSIE Guide Rock a Y ,ff f l Theta Phi Sigma. l. ., X ' l L Y. 'l If ff TE SELLE, GENEVA Firth M, Y. W. C. A. .gl A THOMPSON, HARMON Bayard f , A X I il ' Freshman Football. I - l i i ll if-,J , p THOMPSON, MAURICE E., Bloomington ttf! "nl Delta Omega Phi. 22,4 g,d ' ' ' ilxxy lil THURBEL FRANK Iwonnweh lfl 1 N' Everettg Physics Clubg ' l ' Trackg Y. M. C. A. ff f fl 1 1 'yi I LJ fl lip' W 1 ll' ll VU .. ,Ui E! WING l NV YN A 4CZ5ffRVPW2fl iw - ' -ii ,. lrl X Q Wu Fifffa Kim' 51141 -QQ? A 'V fax A X . sm ff4.-bf'1w U2-a s .a+ A es. ffizcf I Tx L . ff ' xl xl W UW 70 TOBIAS, GLADYS Sm-ge,-Lf C' I Delta Phig Chorusg O. G. C. QV . l l 5 l 1 WADDELL, DOROTHY Indianola mi I Delta P1115 Y. W. O. A. mf A ' lx WAGNER,.OREN Culbertson l R X Theta Phi Sigma. 'X A Xl C97 XX X WALDRON, HELEN University Place IW Alpha EDSIIOHQ Y. W. C. A. 5 I iN WESCOTT, HELEN Plattsmoath y I XX Willardg Chorusg Girl's Glee Clubg Freshman Commis- fi ' X . siong C. C. C.g Y. W. G. A. ff.-f I I l J WHYMAN, RUTH Adams Alpha Kappa Deltag X 'V Psychology Journal XV! Club 5 Gir1's Glee f AN Clubg Geography jj Clubg Y. W. C. A. 1? I . Q . . A IM df ffkl WILES, ELLA MARGARET Plattsmoath fl 1 Willardg Y. W. O. A. . , WILLIAMSON, LILLIAN Cambridge ,I Y. W. O. A. l K ' ' 1 w. X I WILLIAMS, LAVERNE J. Y lvl, Q ' Stoclwille VN Delta Omega Phig Or- N X chestra: Band 5 Xi I Y. M. O. A. Ig Xgff X iN y A WILLIAMSON, LINNIE Cambridge W' I Freshman Commissiong Y. W. C. A. 4 . QQ Psychology Journal Club. lilly WT I WILTSEY, GLENN Alliance X 'F . 5 Phi Kappa Taug Class Debateg lg X I ya Y.M.O.A. 1 1 I I WINSLOW, ISABELLE 1 j 1 W Cedar Bluffs V! l Y. W. O. A. il . . L .... I. ' V - --r x - -' E NAAZ pool-fs - xx , X ,ff 'KU 'fy - 4.-'QA-' ' ggi-fgfef Xvbfagefyq la X X f f A 4 l ll A - p 'IQ l QF ' WINSLOW, PHILIP Cedar Rapids, Iowa QV WOLFE, ANNE Cedar Bluffs Gamma Mu Upsilong . X 'N WOODFORD, GEORGE Aurora Everettg Coyote Staffg f Y. M. C. A.g Fresh- f man Basketball. Q WOODWARD, GLADYS Chester X Alpha Delta Omegag Chorusg X Y. W. c. A. X 1 WRIGHT, LA VEDA V. , Bird C-ity, Kansas Alpha Epsilong Y. W. C. A. l YOST, NAOMI Brunswick I Chorusy Y. W. C. A. ZABEL, ROLLAND M. Western Kappa Sigma Pig Physics Clubg 70 OF Bandg Psychology Journal Club. p i ZUVER, DAISY Adams i 4 4 I x Orophiliag Psychology Jour-- nal Clubg Girl's Glee Clubg Geography Clubg Y. W. C. A. HANNUM, WILLIAM Boone, Iowa ' Phi Kappa Taug Class Presidentg Trackg Y. M. C. A.g College Council. UNDERKOFLER, GALI-:N University Place Delta Omega Phig Band. JOHNSON, EWING University Place Everett. HUBBELL, IRVINQ Unwersity Place 5 W A E A . JT H51 lf NLWM M. A H161 1 1 1 'M "' 'A ' A ' Xx Eli!"-1' " I B? 76 NVNN XXX w v I liux 0 0 0 ff MX . I N N W xgf M U AM ' rffl al fQiN v six ff I 5. xr f J" fx f TT VZ! 0 ,Lfif . f Mig 2 XX N , H ' E-Q, XlgjfIU:x,x""f'L :X El K SIIXQX Ci Q, Zi-I E117 is p i? Q A L f f X161-DFL-VJ Q?4?g4'-,252-AC' i3Ye,:6gf"gl k y li Seninrz ii ii is X l 1 I. l x 4 XLQXX ,gi ii, , f I 3 mga? Finfeu Miner - D Bahr y N X u, Heniyile-Gilbert Wallace Hawkins Shepardwmfield Q R l fray pjulio' 'iiipwda K Q, lwlpgsf' I fb' 'X CLASS ROLL Q Duane Miller, President, University Place kvnrmyyf Bahr, Helen, University Place Lewis, Luther, University Place .L Elkins, Roberta, Stoclchain Litjen, Gilbert, Lincoln ff Fintell, Frances, University Place Shepard, Homer, University Place Gilbert, Lauren, University Place Stauffer, Edgar, Lincoln X Hawkins, Orlando, McDonald, Kan. Wallace, Ben, Barnes. Kan. Hemple, Marie, Kilgore Winfield, Harold, Waco , XX,, l,I l . ff! XX, il U ffl Will WQQWQEQWQ RTT! O D181 22 4 x W If N XXX J N A 9 2 i N J W ' ff 1' ,Q xx Pr V A s?g fXSwxX 5 f5i '1 m5N2Y? f1Q1asxQQ4fQ5, jj X ,XX x O W S2 . N f X ff y X fix z O Z L ffl I" X4 y X ff XX l V M il U f-Q if Wfififffsmfawk WAQW ' f119J K X1 Y' x, X ,ffi If H if kj MH QM? yu' In xx 1 We Wu F xi. All f'XX UN N 1 XQMIVII! CNT Se' v k nf vj N 19", ,X M X X' 'M - t 1 'V 3 fl ivy! .sig 1 f J? XX' x 1' I N M lx , , X ill H1201 QQQAUQ7? X 5 QQ 2 1,0 X, Ur f A 4 X 1 Zin Hivmnrg ff nf XX 31322 ilinrnln N V Qllaan nf 1925 XX J iiagarh, Nvhranka 'IO Birii Mag 24, 1525 Q at . -illinrnln, Nebraska 5 9 N X X X X 1 " 'Q f-'N Tit? fm ' ' ' if" iw f- ' XHQEQQJ NNNZ UJl,JEi4ZQEwf5fi biflil f kx jim A 1 QZA KA 'N Wxyxj-ge MY wif? . - Z 1 X11 xx,gL,4 Fi f15W,.fQRXWf,,WQY,- . , f 'A f""-iff , N V 1 A? 751' f 14 1x 1 . 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PO O W K t I t t Lf' d K 7 M it 'x f. 1 MARJORIE CLARKE io m V Z X Student with Profesor Molzer X CHF 0 i7 N .QD S V X x 4 X, VELMA BUSH bf Voice X Student with Dean Witte I . I CHARLOTTE MEVICH X5 Voice Student with Dean Witte it Y I? NOW L122j WC W rg 'LQ QSO Q Q2-B es---me x t Clinnavruainrg Grahuaien P P or W to ,gl 5 fs: Q, ff Z tl V, ,A ALICE STEBBINS BERTHA MCCLAIN , ' N , Voice Piano K J Student with Dean Witte Student with Professor Sievers x K br so -X wp lx QP X I L K X fx W S flip X X 4 X f f DOROTHY REYNOLDS MARIE COWGILL 4 Piano Piano Student with Professor Sievers Student with Professor Sievers MVFXEW'WNfMUWWM7 Mig LE NAS X39 ' BQ! U n L A C U23 V i 1 1 .', , i 1 'li 1. l V . w 5 1241 rcs ig c 'gffi egifjxexr B, f We ' Eiffiilg l , l Grahuatn in 'Exprraainn Throughout his college course Boyd Crane has given generously of his talents to school and community activities. The School of Expression of the College of Fine Arts is justly proud of his achievements, two years as reader for the Wesleyan Glee Club, one summer with the University Quartette, and prominent member and efficient president of Theta Alpha Phi. His senior recital, " The Servant in the House," by Charles Rann Kennedy, was given to a large and appreciative audience. Not only has Boyd excelled as a platform reader and entertainer but he has been conspicuous in dramatic productions, having played successful roles in " You and I," " Pollyannaj' " Mrs. Temple's Telegram," " 1200 a Year," " The Bigldea " and " The Truth About Blaydsf' Boyd has always Worked for the best 'interests of our University, and has contributed largely to the high ideals and standards of 'Nebraska Wesleyan. 3 X x 6 Y ii, J l X V C Q A A liiglvieillil lllilslfvsf ll-J EQ by x 6 X 7, .lf X ' x X7 .wx X Qi X if 5 Q gf 2 OV QXO K N 9 Q SENIOR EXPRESSION I fx , 1 , 1 I. X xx .. ,X- Wux . 1: V .r Xu, X. 1 1 f, S5 05 'ig 1 I X ,I,, ' , "j W Hi, JD Q! il gk . Q1 ff sb A fi ug MN + Q M ffl Xl f fi V . g f fix ' yay HW falx 754 W wr' XX -M7 ff M. fa-X rw'-Q ---- N f"'-- VN FW' fx V1 fir' Vi A VM f""X f'! f""X A LNls,Q Qgilxlli Eellgiflififi-N f4w?lXyiU H261 A Gbrganrzaitnna 3 5 -fggj-,acl 42:37, E if iii? A 7..-.,T. f.,,,, ,, fl. N1 j 5 K X ffsssi 2iZf"T,gQff'NX' fm: 5 we ,JM--A e ,, e Me . , -. fnifif-'ff as e, 1? 1 lx Q11 l Fll rlfllllrlx Q j ,Y lllf M, lf 1 lxxlsl ,full ml' N I , ff V 11 l 'll , I 7. X Q pl Vfhf, m A G fl . 4 4425 .fi ll .W x rnlfm I ' l U gd UF X ll - 'L ' Illurrnmra vf "The pen is mlhtier than the sword," K 'tis said, lyj And yet, when o'er the World the cur- tain falls, Q l When all the deeds of men are slowly g j read XV l And judgedg he ranks above them 1 all- f The silver tongued orator Who stands And moulds the will of men Within K4-XX his hands. L X, I l' a x , X ,Y X e ,K 0 X - 'l QL47 fjijx qjj,fi3R I .--' 3yQvi,gj3,J,L W by T NYU UAH ll-l gmllsggsf mf' f127j .'f!aWF'WW f:gY Us QJX gif V fofCb X f , X Belmting at mealrgan, IEEE " Up We come "l Jensen, Paine, Carrell, and Casteel lined up to defend the aflirmative of the Child Labor Question, Otto, Wright, Hamilton, and Copeland stood just as firm for the opposing negative. During the season the affirmative debated seven times. Out of the seven debates five resulted in favorable decisions for Wesleyan. In one case there was a misunderstanding about judges with resulting con- fusion concerning the decision, and in the other contest the decision was against the Wesleyan team. The negative has also engaged in seven debates - seven contests, seven victories. And five of these seven debates were not on the home platform. This means that five times the negative, debating against a " home team ", against theienthusiasm of the home audience, and contending for the votes of judges selected by the home coach, was able to bring honor to Wesleyan. It's been a glorious season. Bigger things than favorable decisions have made it so. The spirit of the rebellious affirmative, that Was able to conquer not only the Peru debaters but the Peru mud, has made it so. The Wesleyan team, Carrell and Hamilton, debating at the National tournament against impossible odds, has made it so. Fl KT at -,xx ,,V. .A NX N , .x ,U I, ,-X, I fy. . , I , Lf II. Kxxxr- .AR . ' Affirmatine Gram C ll Paine Casteel Jensen Nvgaiinr Evam Otto Hamilton Wright ww my w w- W r. x x fx w I 1' f,f -X -,f ,f ,. x , " Fl X A X Q w f f -, m W wg rf-w , ,! L Q! I, 1" f xfw mi N li' , F311 iff , fn!! Q1 UQ I, 1 mf! l U ff A F m ,fl fu lf x ,x EW, X rw X R X Bl w 1 x X 1' , . XX X, .Q 1 1 1 f rj i v ,N ,X- J' X N , V5 x ll M VU U I W i129 lr, ' 1 1 l 1 XA . l . r' f . l l w I rv' i li" fl-Xl iii- W l lr. -X . XQXAIV XX-.l Qxfxx NX. X' l lil ll l Urlid i 9115 R1 lxllxx X ,fi , ii! jimi 5 l l Xtdj , 'jx I--I aj,-, W l fri ,fi i l 'x 1 X ly ll l li ff , fl 2 ill x,1'!.' fy Xi i fix- if l i 1 l X161 fill sw lb, :fl l' ,, I Al il F lm 51301 X, - -e. 'T i:iTiggi2f3lfXr-X'TdX be , 4 'ff' XE'.,ffsff11'N2fw f' is Xxx 42-M l Behating fur CEirl'z Grams in Zlnirnhnrrh at Nebraska mralrgan "A New Voice " was heard for the first time in debate council this year, when Miss Mason urged girls to interest themselves in the possibility of a girl's squad. She spoke well. Last year two girls were all that could be persuaded to try out for debate. This year eight girls were eager to take part in the class debates, and a squad of six were put to work on the varsity question. A hard jolt accompanied the opening of the seasong the girls lost a dual to Cotner. Not discouraged, the girls Went to workg and When they met a much more formidable enemy, the University of South Dakota, they scored a victory, defeating South Dakota U. both here and at Vermillion. The story of girl's debating at Nebraska Wesleyan is short, be- cause they have been active for only a brief while. But wait! Other Wesleyan girls will carry on the Work which Miss Mason, Miss Bignell, Miss Bishop, Miss Fitzpatrick, Miss Goodhue, and Miss Maynard have started so well. U imwyoifieofwi 1 Affirmatiur Umm patrick Maynard Goodhue Nvgaiiuv Grant Mason Bignell Bishop 1,5 NS PH f131 QNX H I , if 'Hf KW f , 1 , A Q EAE WI Gllama Eehatv E wi JN' A All M! S71 QT MUN w ' f A' w V f ,ec f 1 X ,, , X . ff ,f X , , X x E , E I, xx I ,f X x , x J, ,. is Y J I x E R A lx If If Xb. I lf luv' Jensen Hamilton Wright X A RA fl Y SOPHOMORE DEBATE TEAM QCHAMPIONSJ Xxx K 'J ,1 yt, . Ulf! 'O M, f Km! 1 1 Y , , l xx - , ,Q mf li J, H f 'I AEA , Y 4 T li lu X FAX A J 1 1 Y yu J W :N XQXV, rv, fx, 1" 'W ki V l Andrews Hildreth Earl XX. N If SENIOR DEBATE TEAM A X if Y X Fx Xml KE M U1 12 'a px . , 1 gil T V- X X ' fix X " ' ' "L , 7 "2-1, f fvf X l ff EAA E, U XSUff 521 4' AlLlLS1!MQfa9ff L132J J .f"",n4i l2,fQ,1S "'71"-3 f-X A . ,.' -' i:::.1::T fg-ffff 2:1 1 Gllazz Rehab: fr X1 ,!. fr xv v v E nn 1 x Copeland Carrell Paine Casteel JUNIOR DEBATE TEAM KRUNNERS-UP? 6 X Dunning Eltzholtz Wiltse FRESHMAN DEBATE TEAM 7-'X A F1 T' 5? If Xl E fificft-::1i1,fjjiiiigfff 41g1MN f ,!, 1 1 I Pt' 'ilff5.ii1i':. f nxlxgvfjl l ' ll TQ . f W if f Xp xx! XXV L f FRANCES GOODHUE JOHN CASTEEL A -pf First in National Pi Kappa Delta F'rst in State " Old Line " Of Gpratnrg i In the 1925 Coyote We promised that you should hear more of Oratory at Wesleyan. Well, if We should strip oratorical history of all its glamor and present it to you in its very simplest form it Would read like this: State " Old Line " 1925 - Nebraska Wesleyan - First. Divisional to determine who shall compete in the Na- tional - Nebraska Wesleyan - There. State Peace Oratorical - 1925 - Nebraska Wesleyan - N, X , Q Fllost. X N National Peace Oratorical - 1925 - Nebraska Wes- leyan - First. State " Old Line " 1926 - Nebraska Wesleyan - First. X Divisional 1926 - Nebraska Wesleyan - Third. ' National Pi Kappa Delta 1926 -Nebraska Wesleyan- ! - First. It looks fine, this brief record of the contests in which Wesleyan has h M I, taken part. But in reality it is not so simple as it appears. Back of every A' historical event there are causes, remote and immediate. Back of every fix oratorical victory there are Wesleyan students who have given of their A X best. To tell the story of the hard Work, the high hope, and the fine sheer H J J courage that Went into the Winning of these contests is a task We would on-if not perform, if We could. wi og I-1 N ' WF o NUM! U.. ff 1 o M 51341 A , X. ,4 N xl f 1 X' X N511-QlQ?Xf bf wQUf??f11ff eeaa . RIM!! lv ff l l NI Xu C gb 10 ,vi l . .f TT? : 'f':.:Qei.tLa f?-331 l ? ' ffQ5,i if if ef X "V' gf? Q Xl A e pxff, 46' 5 141 L KJ4 l P Vf: . ' a f f +L s Del X X' 1 ky X! M , Munir anh Eranm LX U Lured by the call, the spell of art, XX J QL- K they come, Drawn by the mistic magic of the 1 l stageg X X Some take the path that Mozart tread, U and some j l In Hamlets footsteps follow-now to Wage Mock battles, now 'in jest to push and shove, Or quickly shift the scene to costumed love. Y by X X , X X X J E3 sf 5 lg If W H351 l 1 i?'33' "' " 'Q-jx., X Y Y 1 A Q af sxsaa , 2'lHP11,E SIP? Gllnh I 1 K Director-Dean Parvin Witte lk Director en Route-Oscar Bennett .Q i QF tl President ....... Custodian ...... M omag er ...... First Tenor Lynn Sanderson Lloyd Russell Meredith Halpin Lyman Gross Millard Bobbitt Clarence Schroeder Second Tenor Allen Boswell Edwin Loder Robert Palme Clinton Swengel Roland Beebe OFFICERS ROSTER Accompomist-Edward Lockwood H Reader-Boyd Crane ' .........Edwin Loder ...,..,..Norris Schroeder .........Ben H. Christner Bcuritone Mi'lton Coffman Kenneth Hull Norris Schroeder Iral Anderson James Buxton Henry Zehner Joseph Snyder Bass Jay Blackman Edsal Murray Walter Gass Ben H. Christner QUARTETTE First Tenor-Clinton Swengel Second Tenor-Lynn Sanderson Baritone-Milton Coffman Bass-Ben H. Christner FEATURES Vocal Soloists-Professor Oscar Bennett, Milton Coffman Euphonium Soloist-Iral Anderson Reader-Boyd Crane Comxic Operetta,-Members Male Quartette ITINERARY Tamora Cambridge Kimball Curtis I Seward McCook Gering Kearney Chester Benkelman Mitchell Shelton Daykin Imperial Scotts Bluff, Harvard Nelson Wauneta Bayard Fairmont Superior Grant Oshkosh Home Concert Franklin Big Springs Ogalalla Holdrege Chappell North Platte A Minden Sidney Farnum K Radio Program, K. F. A. B. O 361 . 1 . . 2 222. 2 X!! X i1H2n'z CEIPP Gllnh X, , L 2 ' ,K M Lb W in ,QD ' fx' 2, Q BACK ROW-Bobbitt, Snyder, Hawes, Gass, Blackman, Buxton, Murray, Loder. SECUND Row-Boswell, Hull, Beebe, Russell, C. Schroeder, Zehner, Halpin. R S' XX THIRD OW- d ' P l C A del-son. Watt, Gross L k d X FIST Row-N. S h- d C ff B ett, Dean Witte, Ch t S gl J 11132112 QHHFTPTTP K f ! A N Y sX nnn x Swengel Sanderson Coffman Christnar ,S n 2 Xvf- , ,,w,,2, ss, 2512 2 L137 it ,Wm-MA ,- ip Q 17' A f 'fi--2 XY? f QQ U ' 1 lx xjj Af' 1 fix G! A D Q 7 ,Q 0511515 C5122 Qiluh VN ij Five year ago, the Girl's Glee Club was organized by ' Mrs. Anna B. Witte, and in that short time has proved K itself a factor in the artistic life of Wesleyan. ,N This year's roster has more lovely voices than at any iii time in its history, thereby permitting the study of XXX. choral works of wider range, considerable difficulty, and XXQ great musical value. e- The first concert was given' March 9th at Epworth Methodist Church of Lincoln, though previously, the Club broadcasted programs. The girls will also appear in other Lincoln churches and some of the nearby towns. OFFICERS of X NX V Director ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,.,.,,,,...... .,...... P r ofessor Anna B Witte l N Pianist ,,,....,.....,..,.,,,, ....,... B ertha McClain 5 Assistant Pianist ....... ........ M ildred Stewart 5' President ,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,, ........ H azel Furman V' Vice-President ........ ....... V elma Bush Treasurer .......,......... ........ B ertha Ross Secretary ...,,,,,...,..,,..... ....... - Jean Mahood X Business Manager ....... ....... J une Bishop Girls' Quartet Readers Soloists ii fi X Lucille Meek Dorothy Slater Elma Mae Crane Bertha Ross Marie Acton Lucille Andersen Nelda Bender June Bishop Lillian Brady Kathryn Burroughs Velma Bush Lucille Craig Elma Mae Crane Mildred Crom Em. Elizabeth Dankers Hyldred Davies Thelma Fike Helen French Zelma Froushour Ruth Hosman Elma Mae Crane ROSTER Elta Fry Hazel Furman Mildred Hildreth Ruth Hosman Garnette Jackman Hazel Johnson Evelyn Johnston Berthena Klahn Florence McVey Jean Mahood Lucille Meek Charlotte Mevich Helen Moyer Evelyn Myers xv CQXQQQ-- TI iecy D381 Velma Bush Lucille Meek Charlotte Mevich Berthena Klahn Lucille Oeschger Marjorie Paist Mildred Park Helen Quimby Mildred Rogers Bertha Ross Dorothy Slater Helen R. Smith Vaunden Steele Mildred Stewart Helen Strandberg Edna Wearin Ruth Whyman Yvonne Wright Daisy Zuver 4, d::jfx3iQlff2l?3FfiiiE3Li ,ifl g , H ,,H ,, xfiY f 'ifri'-'-1..f"X:f1 ' V, . f ff 441 xvg X ,w -f,fff'f"-'- Y,!j' 5, Q . , -Lwffif.-R4--n,, - H, Xh QQ fill W2 X. Y xxx w X I, i H ' Wu ax' 1 W w w x Q? JI f fj x f xjf K XX X VJ Eff N4 ! flff M Ml H x X. , Af, ii, ',.f'X,,,-.A YK! - .-,W ,,,,, ,, ,W A "'4",f 14,7 K-7 Z-7727! - -M -Y - W x 11 XXV. f W , A' aff mf' ,mf f .,, !' .3 ,f , Af. K, ff .4 2' 1 1 'Z LI 1 K M Hfw! n' Ui ff ,' 1 f Q ff y 9,3 f ff X N X A W Tl W fi K , X Lx X X' ' f kia V in x 'y XI! lf X, f X W x X J 1 E I If VT! UN , ,.,-. s f139 g w L l N, ,,f, .W X fl l 2 la. , . .., 1" 1 ll WN , , , 1 asf' l n FO l F V 0 X X, X.. . X1-.rua lc! ll X V. H-, M-H-N , SY ffllll- " " X 4911? X-if cg? ' -5. X QQ'---ff ,Z 5fC-9x96 G9rrhwatra D7:7'GCf0T-P1'OfESSOT Molzer First Violin-Hubbard, Laaker, Clarke. Flute-Dewey, Magee. Second Violin-Yost, Haskins, Boberg, Meacham. Bass-Bush. Gaddis, Mahaffey. French Horn-Cumpston, Burt. Cello-Flory, Week. Piano-First Semester, Leigh: Second Semester, Cornet-Slonecker, Williams, Mostrom, Butler. T1-ombones-Allyn. Slonecker. 9 Manh Director-Albert Cumpston Cornet-Williams, Mostrom, Slonecker, Bush, Butler, Flute-Dewey. Loder. Baritone-Porter, Loder. Trombone-Burt, Allyn. Miller, Brokaw. Alto-Porter. Samophofne-Underkoiler. Drums-Bobbitt. . - ,X e ee X . . ... , , , L 0: VI - X , 2' . x ' ., '. Ml. . QvQQ,-..f.-. all M l- 15 - X X P H :fs fa ea A . 1401 M-was AQ- - . ' 'N?fm'DQ'?"i' Noi-'DX4l17ff4m aff?-am ff S X-,SCF-ebfrfif-A S , fr it l J j xl fi! 10 ll? ,, ,,,,,,,,,, , i, 1 1 X V T , V xv i l Q y l u l l C Rl QF BACK Row-Otto, Snyder, Hunt, C. Schroeder, N. Schroeder, Palme. 1 SECOND' Row-Prof. B. Champ, Crane, Champ, Miller, C. Miller. N5 FIRST ROW-Westcott, Fitzpatrick, Maynard, Smith, McC1eery. mralvgan iB1'z1nmtir Clluh A MEMBERS Don Koser Dorothy Hunt Robert Palme Leonard Wood Raymond Otto Frances Goodhue Allen Wortman Grace Fitzpatrick Clarence Schroeder Elma Mae Crane Alice Maynard Norris Schroeder Carroll Miller The Dramatic Club is made up of candidates who have been successful in the annual Dramatic Club try-out. Membership in this club gives the student the ad- vantage of working for National honors of membership in Theta Alpha Phi. 6 gl t lv lnfrmoawelrwl MLB , E141 4 I. M, vv ' 'Nl Wim lwwyfy cw IW Will i.'XfJ Ax XX M 1 fxxxx, 4 f I H RaW .W .4 W E 1 , , H 'W , f . V,-11--ns. .f---K .Q fw-.. QQQ-. f ' -f1Xvff?"'X W A GROUP FROM THE JUNIOR EXPRESSION DEPARTMENT BACK Row-Sershen, Westcott, Servine, Boesiger, Clack, Bruntz. FIRST Row-Hosman, Hunt, Stanley, Wiles, Professor B. Champ. "Gram Ahnut Elaghz " X k ff A 'H ,f .w IXXX x by QF QM W 4 MTL 5 X id 1 ff ff I, Vfffi 1 xt! V1 lflfflw X . Q 9 I .Q x x fy! Xxx? 1 xjf V if , In Q '- pf 1' ' 1 lf", , I X pil 1 Q jx X . , , KX! I N E if Vi L ff! -B1 If E F ff X i E E 4 , lun 1 ! lg! . , Y, V f I 4 X q E f y R y CAST l . L. oliver Blayds ,,........ ............. ......... C . L. Schroeder WX, ' Isobel ............,.,..,,.,. ..,....... M ary Champ ,XX ' X W Marian ............................. ....... A lice Maynard 3-, K f William ..,,.....................,..... ,.A,.... R obert Palme f Oliver Blayds Conway ...,.... ..,................ D og Koser , Septima .....A......,....,,............ .......,. F rances oodhue X Q " A. L. Royce ...,................. ............,.,.. B oyd Crane Q' x I Parsons ,..,,..,,,. ..,..... I sabel Rankin E FTM. .gg MEVMY-. C ,C - C WC V- CT .,-fCX!MiN- Mg Vi ,fff ,f A. . 'ff R - X. V41 X ' X ff f J '12 .Q f : -- W ' f Q EX Q'-A, , T I ff' 2' uf" .EEWJ r ,lj U lf! Qffm , H E ' '- fx' - f 514,21 TU Of! f GQZQDQ-.?l0?T E Bvparinnental " On Tuesday evening of this Week At seven o'c1ock sharp - "g The buildings glow with light, And be it fair, or storm of Wind or rain, Those groups convene some learned man to hear, Professional clubs discuss their chosen sphere. X X rieiiiflzwmiswww NNMHJLD . if Xi 'x i L V Br 4 Z wx s 0 X S I143 I- L, l I iff 1 Y 'W af2'i?b"2'q'76'2b c a ffesassaeerxjga 2 I VT l 5 'I Elf 1 'x Qi' la ll t r l X l QQ X BACK ROW-Anderson, Clark, Wernimont, Thompson, Sharp, Jones. SEOOND Row-Randall, Johnson, Hull, Ballard, Cass, Sommerville. Underkofler, FIRST Row-Waddell, Johnston, Franey, Douglas, Wells, Cole. Nnitairnaaa Stnataizaa EK. lj. This association is composed of all the student assistants in the Universityf The club meets once each month for which are of interest as well as The purpose of the club is ments and intellectual sociability First Semester Ivan Jones .,...,,...,. Percy Rohrbaugh Harlan Randall Carl Johnson Myron Waddell Elizabeth Franey Ivan Jones Willard Sharp James Thompson OFFICERS .....,.....P'r'es1de9zt....................,....... ,..,.......Secretary-Treasurev-.,........ MEMBERS Harvard Hull Grant Wernimont Wilbur Cass Lillian Ballard Marjorie Johnston Ellen Douglas to promote both co-operation between the depait among the members. NW M., r,144J round table discussions, and for talks on subjects of value to the members. Second Semesteo ........Myron Waddell ........Grant Wernimont Eleanor Lewis Marlowe Anderson Fred Sommerville Leland Underkolier Otis Cole Charles Clarke Gertrude Wells '10 l X N 2-Xgamaiz Aaanriatinn Or G Agassiz is a National Organization which has for its purpose the promotion of N interest in Nature Study. ' Nebraska Wesleyan Agassiz Association is composed of students who have taken Second Semester ........Helen Quimby .......Helen French it Nature Study, completing the work with a grade of "B" or above, and who take an interest in Nature Study. Regular meetings are held every two weeks. At these meetingsvery interesting I scientific studies are reported by members of the Club. OFFICERS First Semester , Esther Yost ..................... President ......,....................... Elizabeth Franey ........... Vice-President ...,.,...,,.......... Frieda Boell .....,..,,,.,,.,,.. Secreltary-Treasurer ........ 1 .... Ruth Conkle .................... C orersporwling Secretary ........ ACTIVE MEMBERS Professor C. J. Shirk Esther Yost Frieda Boell Elizabeth Franey Ruth Conkle Zola Sharp Evelyn Carter Helen Wernimont Ethel Babbitt Helen Quimby W E ....,...Grace Lunsford .......Patience Guthrie Grace Lunsford Maxine Justice Patience Guthrie Helen French Alice Shaw Fern Peterson ,113 lf' gaaussy We it r F? 2 V f' 'WH' '--We . .. 'aff-rx ,- Y 1 f A .rf-st. fda? sf 07- A se xy ace- 1 , 1 1 1 kj! Xp V V, 1 X . I ff 11 1 Y 1-'f 1 ll . if 1' 1 J L we 13 1 1 17? W T I 113 1 KX Xl-.XXX Kxw ff fx Xml LN N1 f lb BACK Row-Prof. Durham, Underkoller, Wernimont, Johnson, Anderson, Cole, Porter, Hull, Waddell. . XX 1. FIRST Row-Allely, Summerville, Douglas, Hansen, Cass, Jones, Weinman, Jones. X Z Ay Glhvmuitrg Glluh 1 x The Chemistry Club is the official organization of the Chemistry Department. TO X 1 The membership of the club is made up of those who have successfully met the D requirements for good work in the Department. The purpose of the Club is to keep in touch with the latest developments in chemical research. The club. meets bi-monthly, on Tuesday evening, throughout the school year. At these regular meetings, articles from the various journals of chemical 1 research are presented by the members, or when it is possible, outside speakers, who Lf, X have done recent research Work, occupy the hour with original contributions. 'f 1 X 1 OFFICERS Q1 First Semester ' Second Semester K l 1 Ivan Jones .,..................... P'resident...' .,.......................... ...,,.. O tis Cole Q f Wilbur Cass ,..,.,,. ..,..... V ice-President .............,. ......r M arlowe Anderson Ellen Douglas .....,,.......... Secretary-Treasurer ........ ....... R uby Weinman il E ' , Myron Waddell l - - S Grant Wernimont 11 Ralph Miner .... f "-"---- Ewmfwe Commmee -'--'-- " "" zE11en D0ug1aS 'l , Xjgq' XXIN ACTIVE MEMBERS , 1 - ' ' Profesor H. A. Durham Mary Fletcher Grant Wernimont I Mfarlowe Anderson Alta Jones Henry Zehner 1 George Allely Ivan Jones Harold Hansen Wilbur Cass Carl Johnson Lawrence Whistler N Q Otis Cole Fred Sommerville Myron Waddell Y Ellen Douglas Leland Underkoiler Ruby Weinman V, lvl 1 Ass0cIATE MEMBERS JV. Harvard Hull Charles Porter XV F. 1 aff E am Q we Ky Q --..- M,-A ,yngh Nb.,-,-,:l , - U NMA Q ,....,.iQ .:, ,Ti . , 1461 . Xa X I : if-3' ' f i if 0 ll! VJ OT' 4 il ' if E ffff W ftvngraphg Glluh NU OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester QF Ruth McClanahan ......... President ............................. ........, L yle Burdick Esther Yost ................e... Vice-President .......... ......... G race Lunsford Lillian Ballard ............... Secretary ....,.......... ........ l Margaret Dudley FACULTY MEMBERS Professor W. G. Bishop Professor Rose B. Clark ACTIVE MEMBERS Lillian Ballard June Bishop Esther Nystrom Alta Ploof - Maxine Justice Ruth Whyman x V ll Lyle Burdick Esther Yost William Fry . f Lillian Calvert Leroy Hagerty Ross Secrest Ruth Conkle James Connely George Nobukazu f , Lucille Craig Frieda Boell Ellen Rubottom Margaret Dudley Frieda Niles Ethel Schram Elizabeth Franey Helen Wernimont Helen Speedie l Thelma Gergens Esther Kelly Alice Stebbins X Pauline Hankins Allen Boswell Eleanor Swanson Anna Kyker Zola Sharp Edith Whitney Genevieve Lindquist Burla Wilkie Alta Jackson X Grace Lunsford Freda Glock Cliiford Anderson Ruth McClanahan James Thompson Daizy Zuver Marian McDougal Oscar Wiberg X Vlyi ,f The Geography club is an organization of students who are making a major or a minor in the Department of Geography and Geology and others who are interested in the subjects and have made a high scholasticvrecord in one or more courses. Regular , meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Programs on cur- X X 1-ent topics in the fields of geography and geology are given by the members of the X club and outside speakers. ll ,Z i li V550 'WN KVM ML ll O fl V Q-Li xx, , ,Y :J G Wm' W -.f-me V e-f -f f - , H471 xi x yJm H-, IWW 4 X X I if - X, 1, ' 1'-X-N , 4654 N N " ,f A 'hx K' 'i:i.1bX,T,TQgl34L E7 fdafmgxi 1 1 1 K , x f L if if 1 N' N X X f X X 5 'NK M WA4 U F MTVN 3h f,I,J diff' F fffif-X wkvx 1 Y' X I I WX E lib x X 'x E Svvninr Kinhvrgartvn 1 M QF W QU Il i I , , X eff 1, K A! 5: WJ 9 44 K lil 5 E 54 1 j WO? iluninr Kinhvrgartrn A -1 ra I U L 1481 A ' - s " "l'K31s."'-?','S ' bars Qml ff Vggxfml, 4, Q Manual Elraining Q5 The first manual training school in America was established Just fifty years ago. Fifteen years later, through the munificence of Mr. Jacob Haish, the inventor of barbed wire, Nebraska Wesleyan erected a building nearly as large as the Main Building, and equipped it for manual training purposes. At that time it was the best one west of Chicago. Four years later it was burned, and until a few years ago, nothing was done in shop work or any kind of Industrial Arts Work in our school. However, the demand for useful and practical education for the boys and girls who never enter college is increasing the demand for capable teachersof Industrial Arts work. To meet this demand we are now offering practically all the wood-working courses that are offered by any college, to meet the require- ments for certificates, and for pre-engineering work. . Gur equipment consists of wood-turning lathes, grinders, a circular saw, band saw, electric drill, thirteen benches with plenty of tools. The shop iioor is about 38 by 70 feet. Our courses in Mechanical and Architectural Drawing and Descriptive Geometry are highly recommended to prospective teachers, students in the physics department, and pre-engineers. In fact, everyone should know more of graphic language. Qsaspofap ,Q- of J + -f s , ssnmxfs--.aff Qa9f:S"9fxQef'f a-We-A K! Y KWH TO Q. ml. Xxx XX Q1 w 'y H Tor Row-Mahaffey, Reahm, Welsh fx- SEcoND Row-Watson, Snyder, Zabel, Wright. Johnsen X THIRD ROW-Copeland, Porter, Loder, Prof. J. C. Jensen. FOURTH Row-Sharp, Thurber, Davis, Ames, Cass, Dunnin FRONT ROW-VanEngen, Johnson. Hull, Slierritt, Mock. QF , Alpha Mamma 159121 V QPhysics Clubj The purpose of the organization is to aid its members the problems of modern physics. Sponsor-Professor J. C. Jensen P'res1dent .................... Vice-President .....,,....... Secretary-Treasurer ....... Carl Johnson Glenn Hildreth Harvard J. Hull George Watson Clyde Mock Chris Keim Wilbur Cass LeRoy Wright John Dunning O FFICERS MEMBERS Norris Miller Lloyd Ames Raymond Bauman Lawrence Davis Harold Hansen Albert Johnson Leonel Loder Charles Mahaifey WW Nlkwl ll . . .5 5150 n- b in studying ........Willard Sharp .......Gayle Skerritt ,......Paul Copeland Charles Porter Harry Reahm Edwin Snyder Frank Thurber Henry VanEngen Lee Williams Lawrence Whistler Maynard Welch Rolland Zabel VL..l5iVJ f2 M J Qcffffg N 1 ll I xXJj,A,i Ji! iii i 'L l iii f l li it X X f Bxyl ff XX i l 'l mg for ,A if lgagrhnlngg Jlnurnal Glluh X f l ix OFFICERS NX First Semester Second Semester my Ol' Eleanor Lewis ,v..,... ....... P resident .... . ..,... - ....... ...,... E leanor Lewis O l Robert Palme .....,..........,. Vice-President ...... ....... G eor e Allely g 1 Muriel Stringfellow...l...Secreta'ry ...,.....,.........,.,.....,............................. Mildred Hildreth i The membership of the Psychology Journal Club is composed of students whose NN academic standing merits their admission. j r ACTIVE MEMBERS George Allely Ruth Fulk Irma Nelson Lillian Jasa Alva Andrews Thelma Gergens Stella Ogan Lena Jensen June Bishop Freda Glock Lucille Oeschger Helen Jones Sanford Bassett Frances Graff Lois Ormsby Helen Kellogg Helen Bahr Bernice Grafton Robert Palme Leland Underkofler Doris Bemis Bernice Haskins Ellen Rose Grant Wernlmont Thelma Burdick Esther Kelly 4 Ellen Rubottom Linnie Williamson Lillian Brady Blanche Larson Clara Mae Smith Bertha Whyman Erma Clay Eleanor Lewis Irene Stewart Ruth Whyman Benigno Cortez Harry McNeal Elden Stimbert Lawrence Whisler Ruth Cross Esther McCarger Muriel Stringfellow Allen Wortman Marie Danielson Fred Martens Mildred Taylor Daisy Zuver Gayle Dawson Marjory Meacham Mildred Hildreth Rolland Zabel Norman Durfee Ruth Miller Frances Hornady Ralph Earl Colene Miller Minnie Horsh Elizabeth Franey Wendell Miller Harvard Hull PURPOSE The purpose of this club is to keep its members in touch with recent developments of thought and research in ever-growing Helds of psychology. The following psychology X journals are available in the University library for use of the members and other students desiring to know the latest word in psychology: Archives of Psychology American Journal of Psychology Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology Journal of Educational Psychology Journal of Comparative Neurology Journal of Experimental Psychology Journal of Philosophy X Mental Hygiene Mind and Body Pedagogical Seminar Psychological Bulletin Psychological Clinic Psychological Index J E, S ll L 'lil lFQ ?sEQsXX4fXi951 NL Ei -s s ferr- A ,fiijgy JWWQQ q7 7 U U 'F QF B A J f l TOP ROW-Schroeder, Underkofler, Maxcy, Lindquist, Martin, Deal, Gibson, Waddell. SECOND Row-Aikman, Hansen, Hawkins, Monk, Gentry, Cole, Preston. Shirk. THIRD Row-Black, Bailey, Wells, Burtner, Eltzholtz, Nystrom, Douglas, Hadsell, Anderson, Weary. Fmsr Row-Ballard, Jasa. RQ W Of Einar Etgnr 'IO 1 ' Sinac Etyoc is the honorary society of the Zoology Department. Its purposes are to promote interest in the matters pertaining to Zoology, and to keep its members and friends in touch with recent advances in Zoological Research. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Cecil R. Monk ................. Magnus Silibum ......,, ,,..,,, C ecil R. Monk Ralph E. Deal ................ .Parvus Silibum ........, ., .,,, ..,,,.,,,...,.,.....,... L illian Ballard Lillian Ballard ............... Szlzbum ...,...................,.....,,...... V ...,,.,..,,..,....,.,,.. Marlowe Anderson Professor Aikman Dr. C. J. Shirk Marlowe Anderson Mary Bailey Lillian Ballard Susan Black Frances Burtner Otis Cole Ralph Deal Ellen Douglas Silatendilsco-Professor J. M. ACTIVE MEMBERS Dean Eltzholtz William Gentry Albert Gibson Erla Hadsell Harold Hansen Orlando Hawkins Lillian Jasa Frances Lindblad Genevieve Lindquist Faith Madden Helen Martin Aikman James Maxcy Cecil R. Monk Albert Morehouse Esther Nystrom Theodore Preston Floyd Schroeder Leland Underkofler Myron C. Waddell f Willard Weary f ' X Gertrude Wells Nl.NJll X 1 x Ox is Q Z ,ff e Q-ix 5"fV"ti-'-'fxf-it . xi no . ll! .Y ON Y. , ,Q Q 5 l Ei?X If J A 7, I f 'xl P lx lj Q OF , ' Q ll Glhrmrian Arrimmg , y " Alert! Be gently but firmly defiant! K Let none master,-no, nor silence l you! ' ' Let none think,-no, nor speak for . you! Q f Take nothing for granted - , X Neither security, freedom, nor jus- N, tice, Above all, take no love for granted. These things you must create." - Brent Dow Allison ,K P Zi, rfgswisfgai l1,J1.DVt QQ2al at H531 My 1 ml l X . .Q l ll .ri l xv M ily , TB, i rx , X Qe: A C? W o X, XL-f 65-a5C!X XQIQJQQ Tl :Hanna mnmvna' Glhriatian Aaanriatiun CABINET MEMBERS President .,.........,.,,.... ......... L illian Calvert Social Service ...................... Bertha McClain Vice-President ...,...... .......,..,.. L ucille Gillet Einploy1nent..Lucil1e McVey and Elta Fry Secretary .......................,.. Margaret Bassett Publicity .................... Margaret Kirkpatrick Treasurer .....,..,,,,...................... Mary Bailey Finance .............,.......,............,..... Helen Reece Council Representative ......,,..,. Helen Jones Room .....,......,..........,...................... Vera Swift Meetings .............................. Mildred Stewart 'Freshman Commission ,... Catherine Woods Social ......... ,........ G ertrude Wells World Fellowship .....,..,..,...... Luella Linson ADVISORY BOARD Miss Ethel Booth Mrs. C. C. White Mrs. Anna Witte Mrs. I. B. Schreckengast Miss Phoebe M. Hopper Mrs. Margaret Aikman Mrs. A. J. Croft Mrs. F. M. Gregg Mrs. Mamie Clailin P Mrs. M. E. Gilbert BE TRUE Thou must be true thyself, If thou the truth 'woulolst teachg Thy soul must overflow, if thou Anotheris soul wouldst reach. It needs the overflow of heart To give the lips full speech. Think truly, and thy thoughts Shall the w0rld's famine feedg Speak truly, and each word of thine Shall be a fruitful seedg Live truly, and thy life shall be A great and noble creed. -HORATIO BONAH NAM M. 52 is 1541 -Qfnfofazs ' ix W-V C5QoQX-it 3 ,l fm 0 wif V UT 4 X.X lj B N f is ta! OF Q Woods Bassett Booth Calvert Gillet Bailey Stewart Reece Kirkpatrick Swift J ones Wells Linson McVey Fry McClain PURPOSE ' To associate young women in personal loyalty to Jesus Christy to promote growth in Christian character and service through physical, mental, social, and spiritual training, and to become a social force for the extension of the Kingdom of God. 6 I155 FQNWOTSFQ - ew Mlwfszaa 6 -Q , ee it lll 1 ff '-Xt l l al , , , , , l l W Huang illllrn H Glhrwtmn Aaanrmtrnn l TO l Q is sk .Q I C The Y. M. C. A. at Wesleyan pays its highest tribute to Professor Wells, its faculty adviser, who has been giving his service unselfishly for many years. Our student organization is reputed as one of the strongest in the West, and we feel that our strength lies in the ability and initiative of our faculty adviser. The chief executive for the past year has been Glenn Griffith. John Casteel, as Vice-President and Membership Chairman, performed his duties in such a manner that he has been chosen the future President. Norris Schroeder has been the most successful treasurenthegganiza- tion has had in the past four years. Ralph Earl took care of the books and saw to many other items such as student friendship. This year the Y. M. C. A. organized a group of Freshmen to Work in conjunction with the Cabinet. Clinton Swengel was put in, charge of this group. The membersof this group are John Graf, Marshall Jose, Vernon Livingston, Carroll Miller, Amos Morrison, Emerald Ralston, and Willard Weary. A Twelve groups met at each Y. M. C. A. chapel service to discuss practical problems which men are confronted with on the campus. The group leaders received their training from Professor Lewis. Russell Wilkie had charge of this entire project. The other members of the cabinet who helped make the Y. M. move- ment a success were: Personal Work ........................ Carl Johnson Social Chaiwnan .................... Raymond Otto Room Manager .................... Ehme Fruhling Church Co-operation ............ Cecil R. Monk Reporter ..................................,. Lyle Burdick Deputations ............................ Wendell Miller Intercollegiate Representative .............. Devotions .......... ................ H enry Zehner nu.nuH.uH.nHu.nnnu.u0u.NI2obert Iiasseh F XQjll lNl.XfAZ ll-ll.lFi9Z9f5?s. l H561 I. x X QX ,ifgf :- xx XX ' X flux XX W . -X kvbi If -Q K V, f V , fm H-f Yfmmu fmixgfax-Vf3ffJ"i m41'ffi'N fi?iifggfiev,1f M-A925 I xg K fx 10 g T 'x N S ff N U QF 5 Prof. Andrews 'F 5605691 NMA! VUUEQVXEXO 1 4 iw ' I W 56 4 Z RSO V 6 5 ,L IES! l:157 X U px I, X Q94 G5 .if3siEiZi' Q'Xi-Sfefy rig Y l 5 in 'JO P N l A X 6 wi tl Meacham Williamson Larson McVey Bemis Isgrig Westcott Graver Alabaster Fosler Rose Moyer Horney Zllrrz hmem Glnmmizzinn The Freshman Commission is an organization composed of fifteen girls chosen from the Freshman class. Five of these are. chosen by the Fresh- men girls, and ten are elected by the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. The commission serves as an auxiliary to the Y. W. C. A. Meetings are held on Tuesday evening of every other Week. The pur- pose of the organization is to get all Freshman girls interested in Y. W. work, and to promote democracy on the campus. This year the Commission has sponsored religious programs every tvsfo Weeks at the City Mission, and has given entertainments at the Orthopedic Hospital. ' OFFICERS President .................. ....................... Vice-President ......... S ecre tary. ........... .. Treasurer .......... A dvis er ...... ...................... MEMBERS Blanche Larson Rutherford Marjorie Meacham Linnie Williamson .Catherine Woods Ruth Alabaster Doris Bemis Mildred Fosler Lorene Graver Gertrude Horney Dorothy Isgrig Blanche Larson Florence McVey Marjorie Meacham Helen Moyer Ellen Rose LaVon Rutherford Elizabeth Senneff Helen Westcott Linnie Williamson hwrswmffigaiwmz . O D581 '--W-ff'-""'e N f""?"" 'Tf'?!' Xf'if57Q Xe----7""' -- " " ' " "AM ' ,""'F"'-"7! '-NQX-Xl'xXRff f'l"fjf'g'!4 xrfii, 6,om,X i1A,i5jB'lff . x"Tf""'N,kk X 'mi' ' fir l l an L 5142! 1fe.llffwfax ,4e, L an--fiffg LQ LT 1 l L A ml el , Q I I, K1 If lil l Q 'ffl M 1 1 , :fl f UL!! W O f Q F X ' l 5 X lm X, i V ff X ff l L Y l X rf , L flu 1 V ll ll f GP UQ I X 1 BACK ROW-Esther Innis, Orlando Hawkins, Helen Fowler, Lige Coakley, Ollie Leavitt, Willard Weary. SECOND Row-Mrs, Marguerite Berkey. George Yousa Nobukazu, Bernice Crumbliss, Mary Jira, Lillian Jasa. FIRST ROW-Uniola Adams, Cosme Salume, Gayle Dawson, Benigno Cortez, Frances Burtner. 'K Stuhrnt HHIIIIITPPYH 5 f " Go ye into all the world, cmd preach the gospel to every creatwre. He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved." X lwfiffibffesaixrfxbi H591 Clinton Swengel Ben H. Christner A. K. Williams -fSPQq?5fP 1f1a...ssflseegfifiswxaffrxygae J LW M, I Eg xx? in ' jf! if Xl' if V 4 W y it T. X. YQ' y f EX f i i ff K X-N U QF 1 . 1 f 1 xiii f" 'x C Qi-il Gbxfurh Glluh 0 OFFICERS President ......................... ...................v....... ...... Q . .John Casteel Secretary-Treaszwer ......... .......... B en Christner Faculty Member ....,.................,............,.................................................. E. R. Lewis The Oxford Club is a National Interdenominational organization for student pas- I tors. At present there are twenty-three organized chapters in the United States. Our chapter is one of the nine charter chapters. The purpose of the association is to promote the challenge of the Christian Min- istry. .The membership consists of those who are definitely pledged, or who are con- sidering the ministry. ACTIVE MEMBERS James Buxton John Casteel Charles Esterbrook Paul Cope'land Mark McCallum Ted Hawes Bob Clark Ralph Earl Harold Sandall T. W. Shepard Ben Wallace Alva Andrews Lyle Burdick Carroll Miller Dwight Mason Lloyd Russell uf B 1 L ls X.. i:55'll NQWMU l. T53 H601 - iT' 'fs "Wy I f U "'5gQQQ-jjiflfpi Qgggf, , .Qlifjf 1 Q, U xi, f Y . X N ,IQ ,U 1 1 N ' I ,xx 71, Inf X j. W 1 QU fn O 'ii DQS N- fl iff' 1 Y, I Xxx A - f 4 Linunrarg , if Upon Wesleyan's campus there exist, 'Q Fraternities whose standards are the f best, 1 And only he who stands above the 4 rest, 6 Can hope to see his name upon the p list, Q I The freshman sets a goal, strives ' through the years, LX At last the honor comes, a tribute - paid, To earnest toil on firm foundation f f laid. Ji xv if IVQXXQQQQVXTI L161 as 95 is r H iaci?f+iE202-,.efswffaf1effff1 4eis?2Zfll if 1, ' W Y X '. " W w it 'L , f it fl, la QR EJ Q V lljr Eff X i 65 i l it 1 x f,f Si , 'x F 'X lsxfx X lil K 4 ff rl ji 'll O - . X' in U 15111 11421131151 lim Motto-The love of learning rules the world. Ulf Nebraska Wesleyan Chapter established 1914 'YO li Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society, was organized in 1897. 1 The society seeks to stimulate scholarly habits and high standards of character Of among students. Members who show themselves worthy may be elected from any l w fl, one of the colleges, thus recognizing the equality of all branches of learning. One- ll 'R sixth of the members of the senior class may be elected each year. fl i 4 OFFICERS , l President ................... .......................v... ,........ B e nnett M. Hollowell ' ,f X Vice-President .......... ..,. ,,............ ..,...... R o s e B. C-lark Secretary .,.........,... .vvv..... M ay Hopper Treasurer ........... ....... ...... ........ J o h n C. Jensen Historian ......... i.................. ,,................ ........ G l a dys W. Coatman X ACTIVE MEMBERS N xl John Mulvaney Aikman Gladys Wyvon Coatman John Christian Jensen 1 - Francis Asbury Alabaster Roy Walter Deal Ethol M. Langdon ' l William George Bishop Irma Deuser Bertram Everett McProud Xl l Ethel Louise Booth Fred Marion Gregg Isaac Butler Schreckengast Y' Ernest Glenn Callen Bennett Moorhead HollowellClaude J. Shirk ff Beulah Gladys Champ Phoebe May Hopper Harry Allen Taylor V' Rose B. Clark Elias Herbert Wells V lVlEMBERS FROM THE CLASS or 1926 l l , Ida Mae Auten GenevieveElizabethLindquist NX A," Dorothea Bernice Bignell Glenn Merrill Grillith Esther Nystrom if ,ap June Bishop Glenn William Hildreth Harlan James Randall ff Lillian Edna Calvert Frances Hornady Charles Willard Sharp If Lelia Marjorie Clarke Eleanor Christine Swanson . Nl!!! - ,f l rl T R L rfsssswews at NEW H621 ,Tix ,- ---- -- -"- - - X .f Z' '- VXTENil!4fLf'j11'fQf' -x., """t-W' "fic, V ' X" "" 1' "t'H"' ' BACK ROW-Champ. Rankin, Miller, Smith. FIRST Row-Clarke, Snyder, Champ, Crane, McCleery. Di'recto'1'-Professor Beulah G. Champ Elyria Alpha 1Hhi OFFICERS President .......,. ...............,Y................... ...,.................. B o yd Crane Secretary .A...... .................... ....,... M a rjorie Clarke Treasurer .........,........ .....A........................... ........, H e len McCleery MEMBERS Beulah G. Champ Helen McCleery Wendell Miller Enid Miller Marie Smith Joseph Snyder Boyd Crane Virginia Hardin Isabel Rankin Marjorie Clarke Mary Champ Erva MacFarlane Theta Alpha Phi is a National Dramatic fraternity. The purpose of the organi- zation is to foster an interest in wholesome dramatics and to provide the means for uniting socially students, alumni, and instructors who have histronic talents. The fraternity which is now a really great organization of sixty chapters, in which num- ber, many Wesleyan and State University members are represented, is attempting to serve the needs of the colleges where it is found by constructive influence in the selec- tion of good plays. The Alpha chapter at Nebraska Wesleyan is building each year a greater program of plays for the play-goer who seeks to spend an evening within campus Walls. "A college audience differs from an ordinary assembly of people at a show ", says William Shultz, of Culver-Stockton college. " It is made up of students, faculty, and friends of the educational institution. Its members are those who patron- ize amateur art as an intellectual pleasure for themselves, and for the participants a means of preparation for life and for the love of all art." Wesleyan Dramatics includes such plays that meet the strenuous inspection of such an educational group. This year the Dramatic Department has presented a series of four plays. " 351200 a Year ", by Edna Ferber, opened the season on Annual Home Coming Night. " The Truth About B1ayds" by A. A. Milne, delighted a large audience at Christmas time and the second semester opened with 'A The Big Idea ", by A. E. Thomas and Clayton Hamilton. The climax of the season was reached when the religious drama, " The Rock ", by Mary Hamlin was given at Easter time. ell? 35105691 Nlmffvl XXVTE lx! X . f i f If ' 1 X I lil 1 U? ffl ,. xl it ujlll l J' , f wi W, K, llll L Ill pf, 1 l x ff l, lu WT l, fl ,l .l ,, till ll f l l XX! ' K X -X rf! f x x l X ll K 1 f t Ifl 631 as-esfsstzrf is fsizrs--fees, WW"-1 gi. , 'if ' - ixtsfiff '1' f'fff:Qf.T"'w""M"1. '-'ffiy l if I-:'1rfff ll xi! tix 2 . , lil., ' Q! TO QV , x, f 4 in Xix xi ll X I Q f ll 1 , X ,X x If ,I r f l x 1 ll , l lf lk,. lxl ll? Hi Kappa Evita 70 lx f J Al Oli' Nrhrawka Alpha Qllliaptn' Q 1 Pi Kappa Delta is a National Forensic fraternity, the largest of its , i kind in the country. It offers membership on the basis of work done in X! l , Debate, oratory, and extempore speaking, with degrees of fraternity, pro- ficiency, honor, and special distinction. The local chapter is this year the A 1 . . largest in its history Members of the chapter are' g ,R 1 Chancellor I. B. Schreckengast, Honorary Paul Copeland, Honor in Debate V ' Prof. E. H. Wells, Instruction Hazel Mason, Honor in Debate XA Prof. Glenn Callen, Instruction Howard Hamilton, Honor in Debate V Prof. Enid Miller, Instruction Axel Jensen, Honor in Debate l l Prof. Beulah Champ, Instruction Charles Paine, Honor in Debate 1 John Casteel, Special Distinction in De- Alice Maynard, Proiiciency in Debate f bate and Oratory I I Raymond Qtto, Fraternity in Debate X Frances Goodhue, Fraternity in Debate, LeRoy Wright, Fraternity in Debate f and Special Distinction in Oratory Grace Fitzpatrick, Fraternity in Debate Aubrey Carrell, Honor in Debate and Ex- June Bishop, Fraternity in Debate tempore Speaking Dorothea Bignell, Fraternity in Debate OFFICERS ' Governor of the Province of the Platte ..................,.. ..........,... P rof. E. H. Wells X, X 1 , President ......................................................................., ....,.. J ohn Casteel ,' f f Secretary-Treasurer .................................. ....... C harles Paine f' X X X :Q ll ' B: '1 FX W K ' Wifx ' We WN if O Q liar, X r: "M ci ,.,, D ,H-fr, -Y L164J - 'Q"q7f7XX If i i i ,J , : f or A A fri X' W 'Q V l R X Q r ijt Mamma flllu National Social Science Honor Society Alpha Chapter of Nebraska Of y, l MOTTO l OF- " Ye shall know the truth, cmd the truth, shall make you free " ' O OFFICERS I Preszdent ..........,................,...........,....................................,...,.... , ,............. Genevieve E. Lindquist 4 1 Vwe-Preszdertt ........ ...... . .....i... Professor E. H. Wells ' Secretary ..........,,.. ..............,,................,..... ....,.... E l eanor Swanson Treasurer .......,.. ..................,..............,.,,...... . ..,,.,........,........ H arlan J. Randall ADVISORY COUNCIL Professor Elias Herbert Wells , Professor Edward Rust Lewis Professor Homer Everett Alder FACULTY MEMBERS ,I John Mulvaney Aikman William George Bishop Wayne Fulton Gibbs Bertram Everett McProud Francis Asbury Alabaster Ernest Glenn Callen Fred Marion Gregg Claude Joseph Shirk Homer Everett Alder Roy Walter Deal Edward Rust Lewis Harry Allen Taylor GrahamAndrewBarringer Elias Herbert Wells STUDENT MEMBERS Mae Auten Glenn M. Griffith . Dorothy Mae Hunt Harlan J. Randall Mary Bailey Glen W. Hildreth Esther Ennis Eleanor Swanson Marguerite L. Berkey Frances Hornady Genevieve E. Lindquist Myron C. Waddell Ralph E. Deal The Nebraska Alpha Charter of Pi Gamma Mu, National Social Science Honor Society, was established at Nebraska Wesleyan University March 4, 1926. The special aim and ideal of Pi Gamma Mu is -the encouragement of the study of society and of social problems in the light of scientiiic truth and by the scientific method, first on the part of young college men and women, and then through them, on the part of society as a whole. The standards of the society are high, comparing favorably with the general scholarship honor societies, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. Grades alone will not qualify for membership, but there must be an interest on the part of the candidate in social science, and he must give promise of usefulness in the soluition of social problems by the scientific method. The purpose, as Well as the auspicious beginning of the society, augurs well for its future usefulness. xv N T it F T Hifi l Jf I 1 I !, f-NEA S742-3 or li'?mj r W Us osx , if I V rt I I XXX-+m we R-'-r'f"W7f'iF!P-Nfffx 4xf l Riff A yrff xl XX Q at TQ Of' ,ix U ,. my Sigma Alpha Alum .f .f 1 1, gr l-fatal 'EBM X Qsg lIpsHon Chapter InstaHed February 17,1923 at - f X Flower-Red Rose ,f Colors-Red' and White Motto-"Vita Brevis ours Zongaf' X PATRONESSES Xxx Mm.MmwaHdmww Mw.Mmm1KMw ME.CMdW1MwmbMm f fx Mrs. Ida Howie 1 Mrs. Lucille Sievers ff l. I 5 Faculty Adviser-Mrs. Anna B. Witte X j ' FACULTY MEMBERS K y Marjorie Clarke Clara Mills Mrs. Eudora Esterbrook X, IKAN Mary Cruson Mrs. Anna B. Witte OFFICERS K lv President ..............,....... ..........,................ ....... B e rtha McClain ! to J Vice-President ,.............. ..............,..... ...... M i ldred Fellers Kifuf Gi' Recording Secretary ........,. ...... L ucille Andersen e7Q -5 Treasurer .................................. ....... hdarie CovvgHl ' M Corresponding Secretary ......... ........ V elma Bush , l 4 Chapter Reporter .....,................. ....... V elma Bush Inter-Fraternity Council ....... . ............... ....... V elrna Bush National Council ............... ......,.................................. ...,.,. M r s. Anna ,B. Witte ACTIVE MEMBERS ' A Lucille Andersen Marie Cowgill Miriam Leigh 1 Neva Boberg Mildred Fellers Bertha McClain ' Bertha Berkman Jane Fisher Gladys Pearce Vehna Bush Beulah PuHen X X A ASSOCIATE MEMBER X 'I Bertha Ross Q f , CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS xgf X' Marjory Maxwell Kathryn Foster IJQRQ ' Sigma Alpha Iota, National Professional Musical Sorority, was founded June 12, 1903, in the University School of Music at Ann Arbor, Michigan. y I The first National Honorary member was Mme. Louise Homer. 4 The object of this sorority is to give moral and material aid to its members, to promote and dignify the musical profession, to establish and N maintain friendly relations between musicians and music schools, and to XB' further the development of music in America. W1 1 7' . . .... - J ,-'lf 7 This is the first National Sorority to be installed in Nebraska Wesleyan fxx y University. ' X I .lvl I QU R ' will 3539? N My Ml QQ65 T A A ry U C, D p A p D661 ,- T.. Q. f'-A K A. -- V V- - W -- -- I -Y' f- fxf- Xf ff. ,,--phx wi,-f L- f' ' " 1 f' X517 fQXXfy2'Q2w xff.-1.f M ififalf M 5-4- ,L ,Q ,ff N M- -1 ,Ag 4, ,,, 1 N K -fu ff3,X'A ' L, ' ,flij 1 A J xX V xg, . 1 X X, , . ' f xx M, TU ' i ww I tl .1 ' 72 ,gk v N Q ,ff yi lb . f X " X. X- ,f . ' X x f ' I .xxx ,, , X x N ff, jx M y K I, 1 Q K X1 V A , W2 QM X X Xxff S , A X x yn ,A .Vf -J ff 1 v Xl N 1 X QP' , A 5 jx K QW 5 lx X Y X ' f 1 I k xy x' V1 fl K x r W U M ,. .W X LEW? ' ' I:16'7:I l 1-JQQLQQEXQ--4fJi Q3'L'ag4"x fL:fpfC KF WO il f l S ill? Crt' l Z f l N F i Xi 0 t TU BACK Row-Stebbins. Auten, Hardin, Mevich. Reccc. l FIRST ROW-Calvert, McClanahan, McClain. Hornady. lgurplv Arqua Mae Auten Ruth McClanahan Bertha McClain Lillian Calvert Alice Stebbins Charlotte Mevich Virginia Hardin Frances Hornaday Lucille McVey V Helen Reece X Purple Arqus is an honorary Senior girl's fraternity Whose purpose is to promote the best spirit for all Worthwhile student activities and to promote the spirit of democracy among the students. Members are elected from the Junior class each year, on the basis of scholarship and interest in school activities. Q is J J L fi WN NM lUL M1527 J lEilf'G!Y?bQfv35 r Q Q no rryr r e r H1681 - c aff iS?34fQU -fT1fQfZ"'iM', fii'i72fT"t' O51-Biff! -Qas?,sA?1ss-ea-li 11 ' . l A VX, l fl, 1, UU 70 A QW l . XX 3 l XX x ll A l xx X x f N l rl e l ll U BACK Row-Randall, Grifith, Loder, Anderson, Johnson, Waddell. Ulf' FIRST Row-Prof. Aikman, Monk, Steeves, Peckham, Jones. A W ll It l 151111112 Eragnn 7 X Purple Dragon is an honorary Senior Men's fraternity Whose members ' are elected from the Junior class each year. Members are chosen on the basis of their scholastic record, interest in school activities, ability, and , character. The purposes of the organization are: First, to promote the best interests of the Universityg second, to stimulate student interest in all Worthy college activitiesg third, to promote the spirit of democracy among the students. Faculty Adviser-Professor J. M. Aikman MEMBERS Iral Anderson Myron Waddell Glenn Grifiith 64 LeRoy Hagerty Ivan Jones Carl Johnson Edwin Loder Cecil Monk Harlan Peckham Harlan Randall Gayle Skerritt Paul Steeves l l-l Jl W. c . it A 7 - E169 q l ,.f 5,,.,,i.y,e:sM,.at,a - .Q - C QQ, Vibe 9 -e s ,T li r - , s .. -X .g -i n " - - ' ' W " e A - H X . awwewwww 3 Q f- f s s, 1 W ,z i f ff is -, , - f - ' .,.. 1 ew ', - ' S2 A ' rreasesreseggieeeeei.iefiessstfe we .dyke 'ii sets +sQii 'seseeeseidseerests X.. 51? e5i'::e ' 5 , M 4,5 Q j 4, ' at " 5' x1!Eg2, :, N .-fy., ,W-fm.-. uf ,,, ,- all ' imp.:-,.' ,...,- :Ae .,, MTH, u , 34. f -Y 4 3,,..,-,4 L' ay ieeettrieseeweeegse-,eqEiesiideteseaggsgegeesgegeetEeesseeseetifl its stasis Is K ,, fs: A , ,.V, V ' .Q ., E,,:g,,, f A . 'ev -. - ,, ., .x - . 1 1 Ha' . "-- e. 'f N 111:-we 15 rj ,. ,,., ., - f f - i 4- In -. -. 1 -' '7.2,'21'. 1- F'-"' fi Ll"-, f'3i5" it i '34-f-:1 ' 51'l'55'l'IliEl?'?.4 tg, -V , ' gl -. 4 V w, V. vw, " 'f " ' -2" ' " ' , ' eff " ,p4kf7:" ' X: E, 53-5 4'.w4E'f:,.'4? 45159-.'3:' iii Ylizii 1- 5 ' ,' 3s ' ?l3'if"Z.S"1'?' "'-' v :Y-3? 3-4252 V Q- .. ,Z ies ' e ' ,231 ' H' . ., f Y- .. 22,1 .4 ' " ., ' - ' X, , ,. ,, Q.:-ff, - . 5 V ' ' ,l-fe, ,- ' .,,, fa-wpr 53, , '. ,1f,:.,Ez-M, ,. . ,, ,-E' if an be :z ,-, fe 'H ' ,,,. f . S rs- ' - , 131:52 ei. - "-'-' ' is ' . i - ' V , f ,I V , , ,4, 4,3 f,. 'f .,f 'A'-'si' E.,-. .:5s4:a+m e:et+f-Eye: ,.:,gzijbf'91::L wg- Q 32231 " 2 I get ' ,Q ' x. i 2' ' w. I f ' .-wee., ,cs 'f '. w.':1-1,1fw . ' - 'X .1 5' Q f : ,xx as- I' - ' , ,JJ ',,f'fV 3 J 'Help " ,:Mw55, :E 51 r' ' gl :Q K-pglm, 5' ,I .mgffgk e".,- 'iQ .gq.,1'l, '- it , -was .-4,'d.e.,- .R . .,.f,r,,,4f,fa,+a -, ,,, 1. .p,efases, - -fa, ,,f,1, ,. , 4 sig 'iw ' ,gf 'iq ff- li - -H 'fr e fagg 'W i wi- . tag 'ff www-Q-2,vf 44 aVb e Zag' . Q. V, us- V givin: ,J -2 m ay ass:4,441-wmfff -- in , .- .. ' A 2 . ,M . A . .Nr...1., A M , . L M -,.., A , ..,,. ,r.,- . ' mia Young Buxton Swengel Hamilton Y Loder Laaker Keim Hornady An drews Miller Gillet Kellough Dunning Uhr Glnllvgv Glnunril OFFICERS First Semester Lindquist Hannum Second Semester Edwin Loder ........... ..... .P resident. ..,........ ..... A llen W. -Laaker Clinton Swengle ..,.......... V1Ice4Pfres'ident ............. ..... , Wendell Miller Lucille Glllet ........... .- ..... Secretary-Treasurer ....... ..... F rances Hornaday The College Council is a representative governing organization for the student body. It is composed of twelve members from the classes con- sisting of the first and second semester presidents and one member elected at large from each class. It is the one groulp which handles all inter-class activities. The activities sponsored by the Council are such as the Olympics, the Fall and Spring elections, Pan-Wesleyan, Banquet, High School Day, and all events and demonstrations which affect the entire school. f f Rx ll ,O l X I 5 f 1701 1 , 1 -QQPQQKE .I x 'x 'fs i K gtptfe-ffQ4Qeffsbs.QAsQffufegU1 K , f ty o ' t U -I , L .1 U1- VQJ5 fit 84 Xm W f f N Am N X 1 f ' th 62i::::5S3 Iii, KK!! Dai X f ' to I jf 'ek I OF -Q 1 Huhliratinua E-QQ Before his littered desk, vest clad, he 7 ' sits, i X And th'inks, and Writes, and checksg 4 i the editor 4 V Y A Whose brain must grind out copy, C , i- X and Whose wits ' A By hook or crook must Hnd a story, X for The paper must be out, express his , views, FX And bring to students all the campus 7 ff news 3 , A J X f L Lf--X K X - W QRifx3W Ei 51713 AZX?-C , .rip 7? Lili iii? QF? Y Q! 90 5, M JI -O 'f To If 2 my-S8 1 Nl uU ,, V f if 5 , , TELL Q7 !f,iXQ:wm Q?aQQjf1fQ? QQfLi0fa J N J! Eflf Szf W I , i QF Q K Q S HFQNWQWWNMQ I:173J 1 Y 1 , .4 -- 1 . -Qfff 1. X NlA-f il, f vi! N 1 1 il fi Q V1 J! lxllxlyly 'TU lm Does It Pay a College Man to Smoke? M1 ' ill" A Study of the Effects of Tobacco on Scholarship X tl I. QM at Nebraska Wesleyan University 1 11 FIRST TERM 1924-25 Distribution of Term Grades lj ' Classification 2 2, Ck 2, 2, Incom. Fail. X of Men of Men of A's of B's of C's of D's YQ Non-smokers 71. ' 8.7 27.8 41.4 13.1 3.8 4.7 QF Occasional smokers 15. 3.9 16.6 45.9 24.4 6.2 2.6 Habitual smokers 14. 2.5 6.5 44.4 21.9 10.8 13.6 xxvlrof Distribution of Honor Points fffm Classification Average No. Average No. Ck Below Za Above l A of Men Hrs. Carried Honor Pts. C Grade C Grade 'X D Non -smokers 15.2 1.18 21.6 36.5 Q? Occasional smokers 14.7 0.80 33.2 20.5 Habitual smokers 14.7 s 0.51 46.3 9.0 1 2 lx ' FIRST TERM 1925-26 ll Distribution of Term Grades MO! Classification '76 72 72 W 76 Incom. Fail. gf of Men Q of Men of A's of B's of C's of D's '43 Non-smokers 79. 14.2 95.9 35.4 8.6 9.6 2.4 fe! Occasional smokers 9. 1.1 15.6 48.2 21.3 6.5 7.1 yjgri. Habitual smokers 11.9 5.4 15.5 40.9 16.6 9.2 12.1 Distribution of Honor Points NY! Classification Average No. Average No. Z: Below W1 Above X7 of Men Hrs. Carried Honor Pts. C Grade C Grade Non-smokers 15.3 1.46 14.8 49.5 Occasional smokers 15.3 0.76 34.9 16.7 X, f Habitual smokers 15.3 0.76 37.9 20.9 wf v M lf XWVJ mit F 6 XZXHIX 75, 4- X C YN Q if X! 44442691.5851 N. Ll All . O 1741 x '-N as f--'asifaafzo at . as aaaaaa as ,Yam r, r llefilMXi1P'l1i!flffiZ2?flf A' l J -e Me i 4, f Nl I ,..' X X gjif W CEHIUTY it O I f I :Ty f Nl i, fill Willa, 1 will 1 lf' W KX I I I 'flu 'l x HN .V.!2f l ho, lfff , 53:1 ,ly lm A gf 35' fill im Wf 1 l M4 M . I , ,lg .. 'lr 2 l NNTP' S Sl x5h,l IT FQ 2 f DQ fflkl- 1 i K ' X ' I iq lx U l f Snrtvtg Il The lights are dim-soft laughter , ff fills the air, l And here a girl, before a glass, a hair I, Tucks gently in. Festivity 4 lk 4 Is in the air, and revelry, 4 , For is it not a week-end eve tonight? f l LX, V Thus social grace, the will to do, . iff democracy, fx Are taught and learned in true sorority. , ' 55 -xi X 1 u 5 XX X Jrwx QQ vw 1, I1751 ij... I LM, -W , i?'Q 'q7i?b I i NYY!! K! 'KD lin O X 1 gy 6 Alpha Helter Cmmega 1 1'-Eteell EEST Organized 1916 Flower-Ophelia Rose Motto-Lux et Veritus PATRONESSES Mrs. 'Conkle Mrs. C. L. Meek Faculty Adviser-Mrs. Clara Riesland Brandt First Semester Eleanor Lewis .......... Lucille Meek ............. Esther Kelly ............. Genevieve Lindquist ..... Pauline Hankins ...... Freda Boell Marguerite Burkey Ruth Conkle Thelma Burdick Thelma Bing Kathryn Burroughs Opal Fay Pauline Hankins Evelyn Kahoa Mina Barnes Doris Bemis Grace Busboom Bernice Crumbliss Sponsor-Miss Vesta Keeton OFFICERS Helen Reece ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Prestdent ............................... ......Vice-P1'esident....,... ......Secreta1'y.............................. ......Treasure'r'................................. .Corresponding Sec'r'eta1'y ......... ......Sergecmt-at-A'rms.........,,........ SORORES 1926 Elizabeth Franey Helen Jones Genevieve Lindquist 1927 Lucille Craig Margaret Dudley 1928 Esther Kelly Eleanor Lewis Frances Lindblad 1929 Beulah Deems Erma Drake PLEDGE Evelyn Myers HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. Clara Riesland Brandt Second Semester ..........Thelma Burdick ..........Mildred Mullen ..........Pauline Hankins .........Lueille Craig ..........E1izabeth Franey .....,,,..Lucille Meek Helen Reece Dorothy Reynolds Mildred Stanton Lucille Meek Mildred Ling Esther McDaniels Helen Martin Mary Perdew Burla Wilkie Mildred Mullen Gladys Rohl Pauline Stanley Gladys Woodward idtsfsremffaeiN.Mr M.te2s:faeeV 26 ,xt W D761 - ? 'Q ?'X' C vfli, gp ff Q rm 4 ' , V 1 r In O T N4 5 , CHU if V M ,ff ,fl K, x bl '41 ,J if , b KO, I U J 5 V I f x f 5 ,l J- , -'-'i Q Q? ,Y 7-Y-ff - W ' ,'? ""'i ,.-V-f5 'wg' ' rr-e.Fig"' "' "" 'A' X AlN? W" l ' -. iff". ff' ""' "'j?,,fj free 'web f Rxff-ffilir JV" J if f'f'.,iiZ,x,-7511. iflr- xfif Q W ll ,Il I 4211! X ilill l!YH :T fl 'llfll Ill:-'If .g We ' Alpha Lnmlnn .Q lx .El . IIJ TLEIUUEL,-JF EOM 'Organized 1877 . Established 1907 I Motto-"Licht mehr Licht" PATRONESSES Mrs. H. R. Esterbrook Mrs. B. M. I-Iollowell Mrs. J. H. Lawrence Sponsor-Mrs. O. K. Perrin 1 Faculty Aezeieer-Mrs. Lillian Jeter ' OFFICERS 1 I First Semester Second Semester Q Esther Nystrom ............. President ............................ ......... E sther Innis X Q Ellen Rubottom ,,...,,,.,,., Vice-President ....................... ...,.... R uth Fulk V 'l X Allegra Morrison, ,........ Secretary ................................... ........ R uth Christensen l Irene Stewart ................. C orresponding Secretary ....... ........ I rene Stewart I Vera Swift ,,,.,,,.,,..,,,..,... Treasurer .............................,.,.. ......... V lola Springer June Bishop .,,,,,............ Inter-Fraternity Council ....... ........ J une Bishop Solzolzl-as lHj 1926 fly, June Bishop Esther Nystrom Vera Swift My N Esther Innis Alice Stebbins Eleanor Swanson - J I ll 1927 Q Elizabeth Hanson Mildred Hildreth Alta Ploof If 1 Jeanette Hillers f l i 1928 Ruth Christensen Ellen Ruhottom A Marie Danielson Luella Linson Vlola Springer . fl Dorothy Dye Allegra Morrison Irene Stewart X' Ruth Fulk Lois Porter Irene Taylor X 'l 1929 , l l 1 1 i Elizabeth Barton Frieda Niles Alice Nystrom lm K 1 l Elma Mae Crane Irma Nelson Ellen leased X Ruth Miller 9911 2 T011 5. .X PLEDGES f W LaVeda Wright ' Willimette Cro1.k i 5 K HONORARY MEMBER My l 6 Mrs. Nellie Payne 7 W nf I ll 1 e fl! ll ri ' Q I x fi Y - Q9 EF rf w I O if Gif? W VifQbf,,3b.SfX 55 e .e . IE D781 1 ig 111 R 11 1 1 XX 1 x xx 1 , 1 X X f All W1 V1 1 11' .1 '11 , 1 1 11 111 1'1' 11 1, 11,1 1 1 111 1-1 f1 .X X 1 1 1 1 1 1 L!! F13 1 1 11 1 6sx HV1 11 '11 11 RN 1 1 11 111 1 1X-111 111111 Vfix T I 111 1 1x R1 xl. 1 XA' 1:1 11 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 , M1 ' 1 ,fy 1 111' 1 111 111 111 1' 11 11111 f x 1kx N X. X 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 11 1 1 . 1 I 1 1 V 1 . wx 1 1 1 J ,X 11 U ff! 'X 1 1 11 1 I 1LQQfXfN5fgiiffS? 11 1PS11J1i1f,4R:f92f1 119 111 11 1 1 f179j 2 f x f W zjffa sr,,, e Q::il,xxi::7 Q5 6 gg yx X f rrsxxr ,XXX---igpyff LJ,f D. . . N , V sf! ,Q lf A w+-5i! Lffffsm ,C Jj5-T H it li . 1, ,f M XRYX Xtfq If li 'lux X ' i K j lu 'f ' plc 5 N - il Alpha Mappa Brita 1 lj .Zn ii T'-'P SJ? i ii-JF' 45 .awe angel? t . Xp, 1 organized 1887 X, Flower-The Marguerite ' 1 Colors-Red and White gxx ' PATRONESSES 'ijix Hlother Patroness-Blrs.I. B. Schreckengast X X' XY Mrs. E. R. Lewis Miss Enid Miller Mrs. Arthur Anderson N D Mrs. C. H. Roper Mrs. W. A. Gray X X , . A Faculty Adviser-Marietta Snow X X! V - AE XX i i OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Virginia Hardin .,........... President .................. ......... H azel Furman OV Hazel Furman ..,............, Vice-President ......... .......... F rances Goodhue Nadine Doherty .........,., Secretary ...i........................... .......... E thel Schram Q Ddaxine Jusdce ............... Treasurer ............................. ......... llaxine JuSHce 1 Alice Maynard ............... Cor-responotffng Secretary ........ ......... R amona Bachus Mary Champ ................,. Inter-Fraternity Council ........,. .......... M ary Champ I I Catherine Wood ,...i........ House-Manager ................... .......... B e1-tha Whyman f I M -i SORORES A 1926 X Mary Champ Hazel Furman Virginia Hardin A A 1927 N ' 2 Ida Baker Lucnle GiHet Frances Goodhue Y' A 1928 X Verneita Albert Maxine Justice Marion McDougal Ramona Bachus Corrine Mackprang Ethel Schram Mary Lou Dawson Alice Maynard Edith Whitney Nadine Doherty Helen McCleery Bertha Whyman V Thelma Johnson Catherine Wood 1929 j Ruth Alabaster Bernice Grafton Mildred Rogers X Zelda Anderson Aileen McGee Vaunden Steele A I Frances Graff Edith Peterson Helen Strandberg X Aff Kathryn Graff Dorothy Phelps Ruth Whyman H. O 1251 ,, 5, lj l:180QI X M W Z! QF ' QAX -Q--fij '?'1T' Tjj' ' X -,ww ,, i ,Jr I .RA 3 W fl ' "' ,, U gp Q! U x X XS O Q E ' 1 - 1 6 E! Hf1NxfMMW f QQ F QM D +i'Q"Qff7f7b ll J 7 O 'ix f l Evita 15111 Tweed? WLFDGJF ' QLVIUILT AUD: ' First Semester Mary Bailey ...,...,. Flow efr-D aisy Colors-Green and Gold Motto-Grasp the Beautiful Faculty Adviser-Miss Beulah Champ Patroness-Mrs. Morton Brunig OFFICERS .......Pres1dent................ ,....,,,.,.,.........................,.,.,.V'ice-P1'esideVn,t....... Vivian Brawley ........ ...... S ecretcwy ................... .... ,... Alta J ones ...,................... T'reasu're'r .........................,........., Second Semester .......Elsie Anderson .......Vivian Brawley .,.....,..Edna Wearin ..........Eileen Brown Elsie Anderson ............... Inter-Fraternity Council ........ ....... M ary Bailey Or SORORES V 1926 1 Mary Bailey Elsie Anderson 1927 Ellen Douglas Ruth Cross Alta Jones 1928 Elsie Bickford Eileen Brown Mildred Park Ruth Braun Wilma Flory Helen Speedie Vivian Brawley Colene Miller Edna Wearin 1929 Marie Acton Evelyn Boesiger Helen Smith Frances Bronn Blanche Larson Gladys Tobias 'Q PLEDGE Dorothy Waddell J il M ' , O IM 'VF'-.xx 42, .f-f---:H ,..,, I ff' if--22' M, . 4 Y .. - - - S N f, f, ,f f 1, X, T X Q Q MN N 4, Q0 QF Y 1 Q 9 V NN 4 15 Q ITU in fl-X E M H f183J sf::::beie 11:32, 1 eng S at QQ ? 4 igeflsia? 14.931-g4"NGiXi9fQ-oc l l 10 i gl Mamma :Hin Hpailnn MEM late? Organized 1923 Patronesses Mrs. Graham Barringer Mrs. Mamie Clafiin U Mrs. Everett Hosman Sponsor--Mrs. Mida Gieseker Faculty Adviser-Miss May Hopper N OFFICERS 1 First Semester Second Semester Faith Madden ................ President .............. ....,.... . Margaret Bassett Julia Hunter ...,,.,,..,..,,.,.. Vice-President ........ ..,..,.,, . Hazel Mason Hazel Mason ...,..,...,........ Secretary ...,...,.....,.........Y....... .....,.,.. M ae Auten Ruth Hosman ..v.............. Treasurer .............., 3 .............,.,.. ......... . Marjorie South Mae Auten .......,. .......... I rtter-Fraternity Council .......... ......... , Mae Auten Qlf' E . 4 Scoiu-:Rs X 1926 j Faith Madden Mae Auten 1927 Lillian Ballard Ruth Hosman Hazel Mason 1928 Frances Burtner Mary Fletcher Zola Sharp Margaret Bassett Lota Jacobey Marjorie South Frederica McCormick 1929 Charlotte Boydston Margaret Osborne Elizabeth Senneil' I PLEDGES Anne Wolfe Verna Bruntz Q FQQXQBE if 9333 Nl WMU ll. O W so or it Q S or 1841 1 xff V, 'iff-if ff f ,f ,f X. 1x X. W 'TDD -. IX, iw, ,Qi 5 w N. x SQ f l 2 I f 'x fu QEQJ K OF 'YO f 9 Q FE W JI ,x , D851 ffQamf:fN N-:fave li W iii ii p Obrhvr nf the Gnlhen Qlhain NOV. MEM mated? 1 Organized 1920 Motto-Friendship is the Golden Chain that Binds our Hearts Together ll pi Flower-Yellow Tea Rose X Colors-Delft Blue and Gold Purpose For formation of friendship and social intercourse among its members . To cultivate a true spirit of democracy within the student body X To promote the best interests and foster the ideals of the University X N Sponsor-Ethol Langdon OFFICERS President .............................. ................. E lta Fry First Vice-President ............. Helen French Second Vice-President ....,..... Ruth McClanahan Third Vice-President ............ ......... E unice Druliner Fourth Vice-President .......... ......... A da Simpson U Secretary .............................. ......... R uby Weinman Treasurer .,...................,..,. ...., . iuth Major GV Reporter ....... ....................... ,........ U l lie Leavitt 1 MEMBERSHIP 1926 Susan Black Lena Jensen Ruth McClanahan 1927 Ethel Babbitt Ruth Major Grace Tanner Inez Bailey X 1928 X Elta Fry Ollie Leavitt Lucile Uplinger Helen French Ada Simpson Ruby Weinman Mary Louise French Mildred Taylor Lucile Wepking Mildred Lange Vera Strong 1929 Eleanor Bailey Florence Behrns Eunice Druliner Helen Fowler Lilian J asa Doris Johnson Elyda Kennedy Vera Pierce SECONDARY SCHOOL Helen Bahr U C C IV' ML., he H861 1 L14.aQ...m-X Q ff . W W M U AO Of 1 , 5 E 'UF 70 .Q 3 Q X , W ww A.. s:::j:Sf:3 GZZZS' Fix were fe""""r'f" + Q10 R X5 4 S3Tf-ij g:?' 3 A-fy 2 i Gbruphilia f Themed? TLFDRJT' -CUUI5 QUE: Organized 1887 L Colors-Pink and Blue M otto-Macti Praestautia Sponsor-Mrs. Harry Taylor Patronesses Mrs. Green Mrs. Harold Vifquain Faculty Adviser-Mrs. Z. C. Wiley OFFICERS Fi?-95 Semester Second Semester Mildred Stewart ............ President ..,............. . .....,,,,, Mildred Stewart Marjorie Johnston ......... Vice-President ....... Grace Fitzpatrick. Hyldred Davies ..,.. Berthena Klahn ,... .........Secreta'ry...........-................. ........,Treasurer...........,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, .........Inte1'-Fratevrntiy CounciZ......... Geraldine Davies ............ Sergeant-at-Arms ......,,,...,,,,,, MEMBERSHIP FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Marjorie Clarke Mrs. H. R. Esterbrook Miss Ethol Langdon 1926 Jean Mahood 1927 Hyldred Davies Dorothy Dickinson Thelma Gergens Mary Coleman Geraldine Davies Grace Fitzpatrick Doris Bauder Thelma Fike Ida Hoehne Nellie Hollabaugh Marjorie Johnston Berthena Klahn 1928 Garnette Jackman Clara May Smith 1929 Gertrude Horney Marjorie Meacham Addie Miller Lucille Oschegar ..........Charlotte Mevich ........,.Dorothy Dickinson ..........Hy1dred Davies ..........Berthena Klahn - ...,.......Helen Smith Mrs. M. E. Gilbert Charlotte Mevich Marie Smith Mildred Stewart Lorean Yoho Helen Smith Arlyne Sowers Yvonne Wright LaVon Rutherford Mary Louise Seely Bee Smith Daisy Zuver ll? S., - all Nl. it-Jl. -5259251 E ' ' -Q-M KW . ..,, W, ,,A, ,Q.,. , Q,!gj"if25f" if CK wg! ' fri, 5 Bi QQ QQ 4 . is V C waw X7 X A M E lv f-.ig f3'l' millarh late? 'lfatedl i First Semester Florine Harrell ....... Organized 1889 Sponsor-Miss Laura Ingham Patroness-Mrs. A. J. Croft Faculty Admlser-Miss Lena Dalrymple OFFICERS ........P1jes'ident.:.,.,...,......, Mar ga ret Stand er ........ Vw e-Presi dent ..........A..,........ Merna Wolff ...............,.... Secretary .................................. Marguerite Wiles .......... Treasurer .,............................... Lillian Calvert ...,.,.. Lillian Calvert Minnie Benzler Bernice Magill Ruth Blodgett Gertrude Anderton Irma Bass Helen Clack Lucille Coffman .......Jnte1'-Fratefr-'nity Councilml., SORORES 1926 Florine Harrell Dorothy Hunt L 18927 Helen Wiles 1928 Edythe Kallemeyn Margaret Kirkpatrick 1929 Mildren Crom Zelma Frushour Margaret Hathaway PLEDGES Marjorie Paist Laura Ann Ptacek Second Semester .........Lillian Calvert .,,,.,,.,.Dorothy Hunt .......,..Margaret Kirkpatrick ..........Marguerite Wiles ..........Margaret Stander Margaret Stander Marguerite Wiles Merna Wolif Dorothy Slater Viola Hathaway Lenore Keller Helen Westcott Ella Margaret Wiles .h 2-31 iff, 'f",f", , Ml , K R X 5,1 ,rl UTY , N 'Um X V f wg? fr fix X. N Q w r W Q 1 . Q 1' E 5 xx f TO N. Q ,,1 ' 1 C X Q l 51911 TL-. .. T,..--.-,.,.r. f,,..,.......,-..-.L... 1 ' J die? 'Q' ' . . .. , . sew ffeJ QsNJtAt,LfQ MF yt. MO f lm. 71 O A ' Zeta 1511i r :J I3 y EDM lest.-tell S 1 1 4 ' Flower-Ophelia Rose l Colors-Maize and Pink . Faculty Adviser-Miss Gladys Coatman Faculty Chaperone-Mrs. Marie Churchill - Patroness-Mrs. F. A. Alabaster House Mother-Mrs. I. D. Ames l OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Gertrude Wells .......l....... President .................. ......... G ertrude Wells Dorothea Binell ............ Vice-President ......... ......... D orothea Bignell Frances Hornady ........... Secretary ............................ .......,. P auline Slonecker Em, Elizabeth DankerS..Treasu're'r ................................. . Helen Quimby .,.............. Inter-Fraternity Council ........ Elizabeth Dankers .........Helen Quimby Esther McCarg'ar ..,,,..... Somgeafnt-at-Arms. ............... ,........ L ula May Russell MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mrs. Marie Churchill Miss Mabel Shultz A SORORES 1926 Dorothea Bignell Frances Hornady 1927 Helen Quimby Gertrude Wells 1928 Nelda Bender Em. Elizabeth Dankers Josephine Jenkins Lillian Brady Helen Kellogg Bernice Haskins Dorothy lsgrig Esther McCargar Lula May Russell Pauline Slonecker 1929 Hazel Johnson Dorothy Marshall PLEDGES Dottie Granteer Mildred Williams Muriel Stringfellow Jean Stopford Elva Monia Helen Mover Clara Schoettger Stella Ogan Dorothy Day Fern Wylie , HONORARY MEMBERS W Mrs. I. D. Ames Mrs. Dorothy Spencer Jl 1 . s s ll5.QiiiQSeG:sx15 Rall NWN VL. O H921 J fi 1 mi, W w S54 wx U' QF 2 Y Q l J X J Rx f N V 5 ,-I XY XJ f ' "fy yfu' 17' .i .E E regelifsf-iff RX-Sie-46 i K K P M' R O - Esta Zlfanpa l f Meal? ESM x Q Founded at Hamline University, 1901 Sixteen Active Chapters Gamma Chapter Established 1923 r- l ll I , - 1 1 by X 5 l l ,Wg X Arkon .......... Deputy .......,.., Chancellor .......,, Scribe .....,....... Steward ...................,.......... Flower-Yellow Rose Colors-Purple and Gold Motto-B. O. 2. K. Sponsor-Professor H. E. Alder OFFICERS Guard .................,.,........................ I nter-Ffra ternity Cecil R. Monk Norman Durfee Harvard Hull Norman Cherry Laurence Davis Lloyd Shively Arthur Lally Vernon Livingst Theodor Preston Counctl .......... ..,............................... OI1 Thomas Chittenden FACULTY MEMBER H. E. Alder ACTIVE MEMBERS ' 1926 Fred Martens Myron Waddell 1927 Russell Wilkie 1928 Marion Finnell Frank Lally 1929 Robert Palmer Ashley Williams PLEDGES Harold Johnson Harvard Hull ........Norman Durfee ...,,..Russell Wilkie ........Norman Durfee ....,..Norman Cherry .......Frank Lally ........Fred Martens Boyd Crane Lawrence Bush Clyde Lindhorst Leonidas Puckett Edsal Murray Sanford Bassett Floyd Burt Edward Lockwood Harold Jordan Robert Clark Alto Fil L 1 1941 , ni..- ,fax ,,..,-,, , y . . ' . . , , --. f , , ' "AN lA,,..-Qx -A K ---- -------L X31-.ww Yrff . X C ,ML ' M,f42f'j ff' ' -:yang ---f' -W----,ixfxs 51" if I F4 M - . A . . ,-5'-'-d XWQ1?ffMf'153?.L,l,j5 ifif,,.,--A.41FM,::'x' ,q31fg g,1, ff A in O , L Q 1, I x E U or W W 4 -if f U JX- wi 7 5 a I U X I W J 4 f I xx f' A fu lg? ji X N X f ry f X5 X Lf Q U95 , X! 1 X wif, Jr ,1 x 'iiii' Arrrrros .f'-"'-i"""' Liizzffggzzbdzllcqjggiizzzb E R W AX Q. Vllj , Bella GBmrga ight il L MRM EEE? U Organized 1903 ll Colors-Purpleand Gold l L X l First Semester Motto-Plus Ultra Sponsor-Professor J. M. Aikman OFFICERS Second Semester Gayle Skerritt ................ President .............. .......,, R alph E, Deal Ralph E. Deal ............... Vice-President ......... ...,...... I van Jones Howard Hamilton .......... Secretary .................,...,......... .......... L eland Underkofier Charley Clark .............v.. Treasurer ............,..............,...... ....,..... C harley Clark James M. Buxton ........... Corresponding Secretary .......... ......... H oward Hamilton Dale Cress .........,.......,.... Sargeant-at-Arms ...,............,...... Paul Copeland ................ Inter-Fraternity Council ............ J. M. Aikman MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. Deal ACTIVE MEMBERS R. A. Claude Huyck John Casteel Hardin R A 1926 Alva H. Andrews Ra'1ph,E. Deal Ivan Jones Ben H. Christner Gayle Skerritt 1927 xx 1 1 X Rex Bartholomew James M. Buxton John Casteel Charley Clark Marlowe G. Anderson Lyle Burdick Dale Cress Eugene Cumberland Hugh Bogie Kenneth Hills Ennis Decker John Holman Paul Copeland Howard Davis William Gentry Kenneth Hull 1928 Ben Dittus Howard Hamilton Donald Manchester Norris Miller 1929 James Maxcy Paul Morris PLEDGES Howard Marcellus Amos Morrison Claude Huyck Mark McCallum Joe Owens Percy Rohrbaugh Lloyd Russell Leland Underkoder Hie Warren LeRoy Wright Galen Underkofier LaVerne Willi-ams Earl Russell f Maurice Thompson Dean Quante R rl X E at H961 ' QU N ,AX A - - Q 2293 49 1-""'f'Tli.T'N'--fwrqu-' !,f"""'Aix f' A X ' X Qc + Alf 1 Q UT wa Q f E 2 E 5 1 1 MQW 36 l-: ffe+Q25::eeQsf::53i:3:b i H . . . . . . A--0 . by 4 i iv- ! Jfjl i 'HO fuvrvtt l 1 LI I3 4 ll i Ewa? y HUM . gil Organized 1889 A Colors-Sky Blue and Lemon Yellow X X' Motto-Nobis Est Agendurn Faculty Advisor-Dean 'Parvin Witte A OFFICERS X Fifrst Semester Second Semester 'f X Edwin Loder .,...,........,.,,. President ....,.............,........,... .Allen W. Laaker l i Glenn Griiiith ,,..... ......, V 'ice-President ......., .Allan D. Boswell Willard Sharp ,,,,,,,,,,,,,... Secretary ....,....,... .......... M ilton Coffman Homer Hubbard .....,....... Treasurer ................,................ Homer Hubbard Max Pdug ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,...,. House-Manager .....,,,.....,,..,,.,.,... .Glenn Griflith Q Aubrey Carrell .,..,,........ Inter-Fraternity Council ,,.,..... .......... A ubrey Carrell M - MEMBERS OI. 1926 Eugene Dickens Allen W. Laaker Edwin Loder Glenn Griffith Willard Sharp I 1927 Jay Blackman Milton Coffman Max Pflug Allan Boswell Dell Danker Clinton Swengle f Aubrey Carrell Homer Hubbard Gerrit Tyler , 1928 V Alfred Calvert Nathan Higbee Raymond Otto X Albert Gibson Dou Koser Kelly Porter Harold Helton Joseph Snyder X 1929 Nelson Allard Ewing Johnson Robert Niebuhr John Graff Leonel Loder Eldon Stimbert Emerald Ralston Robert Roberts George Woodford Q Frank Thurber QX x 'Q PLEDGES , Everett Loder l' r ,T C l198l , A A . ll-ll Orville Peterson BX M, f ' if fb ma . . X 1 A-W if, QV 5 .4 S T f 1 3 LR U x Of T0 f 2 Q 1? Q S 1 X 5 gf E1 f i 11 V " if I 1 70 ' ' ' Qt' Mappa Sigma 151 , Eljiquj ESM 1 Organized 1924 1 ' Colors-Purple and White 5 i OIT' 4 First Semester Charles B. Paine ........... Floyd Schneider ............ Roland Beebe ................, Wilbur Avery ,............... Harlan Randall ............ Faculty.Advisor-Professor J. M. Howie OFFICERS .President ............. . Vice-President ....... .Secretary ,....,..........., . .... ...... . .Treasurer .................... A .,,......... .Inte1'-Fraternity Council .,.,..... ACTIVE MEMBERS 1925 . Ralph Earl Roland Beebe Wilbur Avery Russell Beebe 1926 Charles B. Paine 1927 John Gewacke Leonard Good Harold Hansen S econd Semester ...........Ralph Earl .........Harold Hansen ...........Floyd Schneider ..........Charles Mahaifey ...........Charles B. Paine Harlan Randall Floyd Schneider Charles Mahaffey Bayard H. Paine, Jr. 1928 Walter Crumbliss Merton Johnson Kenneth Wernimont G. Gordon Dewey Maynard Welsh . PLEDGE Samuel McClung . 1 4260 or 9 25 fell .F X - .... lNl.XXrJ f200J X f TO X X Dig GQ 3 I I Ki EK Q my P I fy f sk Z OV EO P N S2 BK X V X1 x sw NW vlwlxmmefzsffajarzvxfcvfmwiigg 5 3?Ze2si?fr Meyer 1 W f .X lisa 70 Gbrhrr nf the 6611121211 Keg 15153 ESM X 1 l 1 6 Motto-For the Other Fellow Sponsor-Professor F. M. Gregg Purpos e To co-operate with the purpose of a college education, as well as to encourage social democracy on a high level, by providing a fraternity and social opportunity for the men on President ........ Secretary ...............,..... Treasurer ........,........ the campus who have no other fr afiiliations. OFFICERS Secretary of Membership .........,.. Secretary of Social Activities ........ Secretary of Campus Activities ........ Ojicial- Reporter .....,.. Cliaplam ..,.......,,...,... Carl A. Johnson George F. Allely Richard W. Gerdes Clifford Anderson Franklin Barrett John P. Brox Lige Coakley Wallace Barkoff Millard Bobbitt W. A. Brokaw Dean Eltzholtz Ernest Fowler ACTIVE MEMBERS 1926 Hubert Kenny Ross Secrest 1927 Edward Sweaney Charles Taylor 1928 Granville Hart Wallace Henderson Axel Jensen Glen Kepler 1929 Barclay Gallion Floyd Hollick Everett M. Leach Orville Peterson A SECONDARY SCHOOL Orlando Hawkins aternal .,........Carl A. Johnson ..,........Wilbur F. Wickersham .......Richard W. Gerdes ...,......A1bert Morehouse .......George F. Allely ....,,...Axel C. Jensen ..........Ross Secrest ..........Harold Sandall Lawrence Whisler George Watson Wilbur Wickersham Harry McNeil Albert Morehouse Harold Sandall Edwin Snyder Howard Rallens Harry Reahm Floyd Shroeder Rolland Zabel Ben Wallace rsfsxeeiwr sei ll-VL.Vf M 2021 Cfiix V x 1' ' V -. V! R. ,NX J O EV 5 D E Y E f lx if X UF TQ Q K WF W X91 N.WMUJW. QKf4?T 1 l203J .fn-M-fsgzzreffe e:::355i5g::. - 'Qi--'WX,f""-F A f 1 0 .gif T r QFgi,5Q4ijj'?-5, .L 7?xG 44.469 J ll l 1 , .ljf Tifj . 1- 1 Crt' t ight Mappa Elan 1 y y 1 I2 1:1 , 'iauesi' 1-Qual? N Flower-Red Carnation Colors-Harvard Red and Old Gold 1 X Founded at Miami University, 19065 Thirty-one Active Chapters ' Upsilon Chapter Established 1923 X Sponsor-Dr. Harry A. Taylor X X Q MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY V Nl Prof. Howard A. Durham Dr. Harry A. Taylor Dean Parvin Witte RESIDENT COUNCIL ' 1926 Iral V. Anderson Elvin Gembler LeRoy W. Hagerty OF Q w 1927 l Otis D. Cole Oscar Wiberg E. J. Fruhling Theodore Radinsky C. W. Young R. W. Palme Henry Zehner 1928 J. Russell Anderson F. Loren Winship Harold Boell Glen H. Moon F. G. Sommerville Walter Gass Clarence Schroeder Oren Wittwer Charles McCandless Norris Schroeder Leonard P. Wood Paul Mahood F. A. Wortman 1929 Henry A. Brychta John M. Neff Mark Crewdson Albert L. Johnson Kenneth W. Russell John Dunning Alton J. Merrick Earl V. Weiser William M. Hannum Glenn Wiltsey PLEDGES Raymond Beck Marvin Squires Lyman Gross Clifford Souchek Vern Staford Maurice Levich John Ward IF S! . 329 ill UL.l lliffl 2041 6535 AQ q7fT"iK iiii 46 W O Dv Ur 1 N ,I 6 TOP Row-Left to Right: Beck, Wood, Fruhling, Merrick, Gass, Young, Wiberg, Russel, Levich, Weiser. THIRD Row-Dunning, Johnson, Wilfse, N. Schroeder, Sommerville, Stafford, Brychta, Squires, Hannum. SECOND Row-Wortman, Neff, Ward, Wittwer, C. Schroeder, Crewdson, Radinsky, Winship, Moon, McCandless. FIRST Row-Cole, Zehner, Palme, Hagerty, Anderson, Gembler, Boell. Mahood, Soucheck. it jf t205 . I 1 Jo me?e'I7,eQ,sR+y e E 5 f-ex M-Pu?-'J' A l.ei'fFXf""X , ' e S, .AQ-'Q J Mlx rl 11 ifxhvlvf l QQ I lk 'gg Ulhrta 1Hhi Sigma l ll Kg MEM Eta? I Founded at Nebraska Wesleyan 1887 Sponsor-Professor J. C. Jensen Xl? Faculty Member-Professor J. C. Jensen H MEMBERS IN THE CITY l O. H. Bimson Merrill DoRan Melvin Albert Edward Furman W. C. Smith Gregg McBride 'N Earl Adams Stewart Baller George Knight V- Clarence Reed Rev. J. R. Gettys Lloyd Shepard l N John H. Miller E. M. Hosman - Richard Johnson l Loren Mills Carl Jewell Floyd Anderson , OFFICERS X? First Semester Second Semester Paul Steeves ..,................ President ................. ......... C lyde Mock X Clyde Mock ...I... ....... V ice-President ........ ......... C hris Keim j Fred Shultz .....,,.... ....... T 'reccsurer .............................. ......... F red Shultz NA William Fry .....,,............ Secretary .........,.........,............,. ...,...... K enneth Pilmore QF Harlan Peckam ,.,.,,.,.,.,. Inter-Fraternity Council ......... ......... H arlan Peckam SK l ACTIVE MEMBERS i I' 1926 ' James Connelly ' Robert Shepard William Fry Harlan Peckam Paul Steeves J, X Clyde Mock James Thompson 1 1927 N Wilber Cass Chris Keim Grant Wernimont 4 Fred Shultz 1928 Paul Finch Ralph Hammond Wendell Miller Bruce Gillan Robert Hassell Harold Raitt 1929 Donald Albert Meredith Halpin Irving Hubbell Herbert George C. Ted Hawes Marshall Jose Kenneth Kellough Paul Peterson Kenneth Pilmore Ross Moor Allen Rogers PLEDGES ' Glenn Adams Ralph Hoffman Carroll Miller Morton Dickson Alton Huber Oren Wagner X X ll U visa- rife: 'I K I Y - fs llikll Silt lie El li? .AQ S it .M ., A S.. S I Val tl l206l , 5? Mxqx Rf,--, ""i:zg1f'QqxaL ., if5,f , 1 4 ,f 1 if '-J X-S XXX f f!-X' h'1i,f,-ff"' Q32ig-gs,1f',p,ko,,fgifl- V. -, 5. N gf- 1 , 1 AZ!!-.Y jk' I-1-w1,!f'-X -Xi. :Ax 7 X - - --f 5 -1 !,' Q Y., . -uf , Y . Y .-.-'WY' Y VYVWWW .Y.... ,. -,...f ,,?A,,-,,, L., KV l Q? 1 V Xs' A, 'K N X, V w 2' I il W 22 i Q? y? Q 33 W, M ff X f W 2 + N N Wx Of f fi N 'W hx f M 5 Q x Af PX fi Qu 6 X X! JUL!! H J 1 .4 - 52071 QQ-rwsffga Lf ,wi I L, so l l 1 C Jl GBLII' Quinn' Qlllnthrra BACK ROW-Mrs. Bertha Doherty, Mrs. Mattie Vanderberg, Mrs. Hanna, Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Nellie Payne, Mrs. Nellie Ames, Mrs. Jessie Cassell, Mrs. Gladys Hitch, Mrs. Maud Gass. SECOND Row-Mrs. Emily Anderson, Mrs. Bertha Keesee, Mrs. Mattie Brown, Mrs. Alice Cobleigh. FIRST ROW-Mrs. Lulu Miller, Mrs, Ida Phelps, Dean Emma Gilbert, Mrs. Gene Schreckengast, Mrs. Clara Skiles Prouty, Mrs. Harriet Reece. The Sorority and Fraternity House Mothers at Nebraska Wesleyan organized The House Mothers Club May 16, 1924. The purpose of the organization is the pro- motion of mutual helpfulness and the extension of social relationships among the mem- bers. Meetings are held the first Thursday in each month. Mrs. Emma Gilbert, Dean of Women Mrs. Gene Schreckengast fwife of the Chancellorl Mrs. Mattie Vanderberg, Alpha Delta Omega Mrs. Nellie Payne, Alpha Epsilon Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Ida Phelps, Alpha Kappa Delta Harriet Reece, Beta Kappa Mattie Brown, Delta Omega Phi Bertha Keesee, Delta Phi Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Gladys Hitch! Everett Alice Cobleigh, Gamma Mu Upsilon Jessie Cassell, Kappa Sigma Pi Hannah, Order of the Golden Chain Warren, Order of the Golden Key Lulu Miller, Orophilia Emily Anderson, Sigma Alpha Iota Bertha Doherty, Theta Phi Sigma Clara Prouty, Willard Nellie Ames, Zeta Phi are . iifplyll Nlnhdd U-TL O We l:208il Athlvhrn 353 iq? 'Q illi Sf-is T Xt7 6Fr?'gEEi5PM 3gy V3 O Us 1" 1. 1 X I , 'V X ill W X lk G ",' ' "" f "1',', .th --"ri,.,'.7v'ffa'1Ty?H''UT B K?f 229 ,ff T mg d , V- XX V I w U ' Kg f OF 'EQ N 1 w illnnthall K Surge of the football field, Roar of the cheering stands, i The Crouch, and the strain, 4 , U The smash, and the gain, Q The block, the rush, and the swayg A V l Shrill of the Whistle clear, 5, T A punt, and the ball soars high, The breathless dash, K4 A dive, and a crash And a man has Won his " W." l ,fb gi ' iff V . x X X Ti T. .. ., n. ITE f2091 5 i N W e x1..V,2"f?,-,-if 5 X xx V ff -M-j if it N fieie-Jif 5'Zf'g7A Alf?ZIl K' ' ,ix Glnarh 01. E. Bum X Xl ' c. L. ff Ren " Dew, as Athletic Director l Q l of Nebraska Wesleyan the past year, Q O gained for himself and his teams, recog- Ur T rv nition throughout the entire Middle West. fs D Much credit must be given him for his l 7 part in developing our most Wonderful L Q of football teams. He worked right along il, with the men, helping each individual as i Q KX much as was possible. X Dow is also head Basketball and Track X Coach. .This, along with Football, is a great undertaking for any man, but X " Ren " is a hard worker and is making S a great success of it. f iw' Above all, he makes his teams under- by stand that hard, clean playing is the only ll ip policy, and his teams are complimented ,X ' ' everywhere they go for these qualities.. 7 f' Dow has a liking for Wesleyan, and we are indeed fortunate in having .N l such a man as head of our ever-expanding athletic program. i L - be Glnzuzh Q. A. Eurham r E530 Q " Prof. " has, for a number of years taken time enough from his duties . 1 as head of the Chemistry department to . , W coach the scrub football teams. His scrub i teams, however, usually proved to be as good as the varsity, so this year he was Q persuaded to put his time on the varsity. As a result, the Coyotes went thru the Q greatest and most successful season Wes- leyan has ever had. X i il Durham has that wonderful person- J I ality which gets the most out of his play- ers. Every man on the team was willing to do anything for " Prof ". In some way he instilled the "fight" in them, which carried them to a championship. i j if We hope that Coach Durham can al- l - ways be persuaded to help coach the var- sity, for we know then, that we are always l going to have winning teams. t l . . --e . L W lF4fiNQif'?iXe?S?5'lI I:2101 -...., r-gs, .,,,-f- af--fs,.-21L: w 1,4-4-rye. , . ,, C H7 5 'Xe -V em-Nat ,aw C eve eff--T we fr I-. f 1 if i . X I, rr.: N ' ..-.-.,..,, Z X:-if ft-ef 1 - . if ,,g.:.g-ef I l W A , t l ii V l 'HQ CAPTAIN OSCAR WIBERG, Full-back, weight 192. . t ff l It is only proper that such a great team should ly l have for its leader, a man of the type of "Wee Wee". mi i He was a real triple threat back. On the odense, i he ran the ends, smashed the line, or when stopped XM -t this Way, his educated toe was always good for -W three points. His long punts kept the opponents in g C' their territory most of the time. On defense he was everywhere tackling hard and directing the play of his team. " Wee Wee" is, Without a doubt, Wesleyan's greatest full-back. ill lp is Q xijlt , I, 1 ,x f fy lj Zi OV t ' af' 1 i CAPTAIN-ELECT CLAUDE HUYCK, Tackle, weight 175. .iw I-Iuyck was the outstanding tackle of the North Central Conference lil!!! during the past season and was placed on the all-conference team. He is a " fighter " from start to finish. gi. -,li Claude Was one of the fastest men on the team and time after time he was ggffgi through the opponent's line and on the ids" fi man with the ball before he could get QLQQ started. On the oifense he opened Q I large holes for the backs to drive through. Claude's playing Was bril- Q21 liant throughout the entire year, and 'f i he Well deserves the honor of being l I Captain of the great team which We . are going to have next year. C4 by 1 H., H 'C C WEN Wbilllt lF's9f3r4f75W5Qflliil it X , t X ' " R ' -ci" ci - E ' K ' ' E I:2Al'l - 2.,. - ... - e k , to xf-1 Q H H a as cf 4 HAROLD BOELL, Guard, weight 175. iw if Bully " continued to develop during the season and is one of Wesleyan's greatest fight- ing guards. He was in the midst of every -JQ play and liked nothing better than to do battle l against, opponents much larger 'in size. His greatest Work during. the season was the out- in 1 . g Way in which he played the South Uni. game. stand ED. LODER, End, weight 167. This was Ed's last year with the Coyotes, and he is the only member who Will be miss- ing from the team next year. Ed was one of the stars in his last game when he carried the ball from a backfield pos'ition for several long and spectacular runs. JACK GASS, Guard, Weight 190. 1 Jack learned a lot of football in his Fresh- man year and now played his position like a veteran. Not many yards were gained through Jack's side of the line, his size and strength time and again stopping the at- tacks of the opponents when the Coyotes were in danger. X Q . f DELL DANKER, Hazfmck, weight 170. Danker seemed to have recovered th'is year from his injury of two seasons ago and i was smashing through the line as of old. He is one of the best line plungers Wesleyan has ever had. He also did some brilliant work running interference. Dell will be of great W value to the team next year. W. E4ZQ3?Wif --. 32? Tl MNA! . - O I212fI 1, f rf I X 1' f' , f N fx I X ,f YD X ff,,,.. fag fxs2Qf if-.efgraef . . M XI, .I WX! MAX ROPER, Quarter-baclc, weight 140. Max was one of the lightest men in the Urn conference, but he more than madeup for -fx his diminutive size by his ability to run the D team. He carried the ball only a few times XM all season, being content to run interference js for his mates, which he did in splendid Cf fashion. It was Max who held the ball when ' " Wee Wee " made all of his spectacular place 1 ,fp kicks. Roper will be a real star next year. W V A DoN MANCHESTER, End, weight 175. if " Donnie " was the " fighting end ". He l if J was constantly daring the opponents to come M around his end and when they did, it was M Manchester who spoiled their plans for a " I' l gain. Don kept the fighting spirit of the ,X 3 team on edge with his unceasing chatter, ,X .f and we're sure that he has a brilliant career ,gd before him the next two years. , ill Elf" s il, EHME FRUHMNG, Tackle, weight 192. is ixfl . V " Buck " was the biggest man on the team iw and this coupled with his fighting ability, V. made his side of the line a stone wall to all the opponent's attacks. He developed a good X f ,I judgment in determining the direction of the i opponents' play, and next year will again ff find him a tower of strength to bolster up 1 the Coyote's forward wall. l fl V! FRED SHULTZ, End, weight 170. w " Fritz " was developing into a great end 2 until he was injured in one of the first games NW' of the season. This injury kept him from f ' most of the contests, but we can expect to hear great things of him in the future. He is exceptionally good at catch'ing diflicult passes. Uilil MWlHWQHREsE?795W5dfysZUJLWQZSQEEEQZEQE ' f213j , , ff' 1 r N515 Kel, is, wel Ml ff 1 alll V MX ,Will l,lf!l'll -lm Ml ifllll 'U 1 'l , . M l 1 ,N il H .11 la lf E? li fl ll lil bl 52141 fl -S, f--g ---Qc. L X7-N, 3,-iff' F Awww" KF,--f --LQ-evf ,cg gf ., 'xv,..-5.54--S - f ' . .aa--as .fe - ext-, ei . iff, Q I, ,Q . X ff ,nf wif, iw W W '!,-.Hf- Ag . ,frigrf ff " 4-- 'I-an 4, -' f I, 1 +11 ,-LL1f..,w .,,.111-Avg, 3 K f"' f,: 1 wg NMN, .--A .-. --.L 1, .. X ,X CHARLEY CLARK, End, weight 185. " Chuck " was a player of unusual ability. He could play in the line or in the back-field equally well. His fierce tackling in the St. Thomas game won the respect of all his opponents and their coaches. " Chuck " will be even better next season. FRANK LALLY, Center, weight 170. U izyy ,,.. '.i,:f 1 ' Lally developed into a wonderful player this year. A center has about the hardest position on the team and although Frank was only a first year man, he performed nobly. His passes were accurate and his 'ilig 3 " xwijziliii ,.v: F 7 if ""' '-., n tackling deadly. He was full of fight every y,,.. H if . minute of the game. Frank will develop into Iolnei of the greatest centers Wesleyan has ever a . GLEN MOON, Half-back, weight 155. Glen was the fastest man on the team. His big mistake was in not going out for football until this season. However, he has two more years to play and will de- velop into a great back-field man in that time. " Rags " is the type of player who can take many hard knocks without seri- ous injury. ALFRED CALVERT, Half-back, weight 165. Al was one of the hardest men on the team to stop. He could dodge and sidestep his way through the opponents for yard after yard. His returns of punts were often long and spectacular runs. Whenever a few yards were needed, Al was called on for a sprint around end and he always delivered. He will develop into one of Wesleyan's best all around athletes. Q-.Yf Q aged' if- ff-X xp, -gfvfu---V " , ' - - y X 1" xii bl' lzjylqiax me ,0"..Ni jg:-:iiQl'.l, X ' mx -,-.X.,, L-- , - G Nlxi-Cf-ZZ'-fig ..-. - ,-...N --,. ..-B H NY., 7 ,,,,, 7777777 ,. -A Y Y THEODORE RADINSKY, Half-back, weight 155. "Teed" was another one of our small men, but he was a hard hitter. Every time he made a tackle, his opponent felt it. UQ "Teed" did not know the word " Fear ". N Time after time when he was playing de- l fensive end, he would roll into two or three f men twice his size, spilling them so that his p KX team-mates could get the man with the ball. xx ...lg .XF I I LAWRENCE DAVIS, Half-back, weight 155. L Davis did not get to play much as a N regular, but his experience this year should f win for him a regular berth on the team XXX? next year. Davis had lots of "grit ". He l W was fast and could smash off-tackle or 1 run the ends equally well. ygvf ffl X L Xb if WILLIAM GENTRY, Gucml, weight 185. Bill was one of the most dependable men lil. on the squad. Although not a regular, he 1 ff was always out working hard and could play X any position in the line. Bill is a real tl " fighter ", and next year will see him at his f best. J l X N X GAYLE SKERRITT, Student Manager. fx N Skerritt, ably assisted by Norman Durfee, did his work as Student Manager faithfully. He was always on the job and willing to do anything for any member E! 4 of the team. He Well deserves his award. !l rj? ffl F1 Vi X YA M ll BS hiili if LBVKX lL.H.JLlivf.,-- ,,,.. XF, 4 V I il will ffl., xy. l Il l wil llgl N, N, ,Aj il ff its ffl l 1 ill 'lil 'Nfl uw, J 'IINA l ly., ill'-At, lil l U ','. , 1 ll 1, l I ill .xt Ml ,g!.r X, Ll, ,L A- l ,,, I:2l5J 4::::::P sEiE7 4f:::::3 -xxx W sew fffQ4aefaQ- xx-yoga ll xl! X ,X 1 1 x I I7 , g QQ Savanna 5 1Kernri1 TO TN , Simpson .................,..,...... Wesleyan. South Dakota State ...... A ........ W esleyan. l Midland ..................,.................. ..... W esleyan. N University of South Dakota ........ .,.., W esleyan l l St. Thomas ........,.,...................... ...... W esleyan Morningside ..... Wesleyan Hastings ......... Wesleyan A' Des Moines .... .......................... W esleyan X Total--Opponents ......... ...... W esleyan N x OF 1925 COYOTE SQUAD BACK Row-Assistant Coach Durham, Kepler, Cress, Lally, Thompson, Shultz, Cole. Cumberland, Peckham, Keim, Coach Dow, SECOND ROW-Clark, Gass, Gentry, Fruhling, Huyck, Loder, Boell, Raitt, Skerritt, Student Manager. FIRST ROW-Davis, Danker, Roper, Calvert, Capt. Wiberg, Manchester, Radinsky, Moon. 6 teewsasmenu N way M W . W ' fi' ,l JQTH, D U , .WND , X l-'l"""'.Jf ' ,,,, 216l L q?f"ts x Y l N! 51jl:5'SAXQ V, ' KLM!! Qisifxfaffge--+f.-S-fi-r,,f+5fL ll mvzlvgan mins Nnrth Glvntral Olhampinnahip 'Ygi 1 fl I N' The 1925 Gridiron season has been the greatest in the history of Wes- H j leyan. The fighting Yellow and Brown team, under the direction of WU Coaches Dow and Durham, won the North Central Conference title and OE- while doing so kept their goal line uncrossed the entire season. 1. I Starting at the beginning of the season -with much green material, I Dow and Durham developed a wonderful machine. Only three points ,. being scored against them, is an indication of lots of " fight " and excellent X physical condition on the part of the men. 1 'X Next year, with the loss of only one letter man and the appearance Nl of this year's husky squad of "Frosh", Wesleyan will have another A X great team. , ' Following is a review of the games: p SIMPSON, OCTOBER 3. ,X , The Coyotes started the season by playing the strong Simpson College 'Qs team. Wesleyan easily outplayed them, but the game was played on a ,XX field of mud, and the score ended in a O-O tie. X SOUTH DAKOTA STATE, OCTOBER 10. Wesleyan was hardly considered a worthy opponent of the Jack Rab- X , f bits, blut by outfighting them throughout the entire contest, the Coyotes turne in a 3-3 tie. ' fix K l MIDLAND, OCTOBER 16. l Midland College, ancient rival of Wesleyan, brought one of her strong- K X. est teams in years, intent upon beating the Coyotes. The Coyotes, how- ,X QV ever, outplayed them in every department of the game, the final score -36 'tl being 10-0, Wesleyan. ' 5 . 02 SOUTH DAKOTA UNIVERSITY, OCTOBER 24. Playing the greatest game a Wesleyan team has ever played, the , ,w Coyotes beat the great South Dakota team by the score of 3-0. It was I If J Captain Wiberg's wonderful place kick from the 42-yard line which won r t the victory. ' S' ST. THOMAS, OCTOBER 31. The Coyotes, when they defeated the St. Thomas Cadets, won over a A team which had been unbeaten for five years. Danker's 50-yard run was the feature of the game. Huyck and Clark also received great praise for their work in this game. MORNINGSIDE fHomcomingJ, NOVEMBER 7. It was particularly gratifying to many of the old grads who returned I for Homecoming to see the Coyotes wallop the Maroons 7-0. This, to a X limited degree, was revenge for some of the past defeats suffered at the hands of the Iowa Methodists. , 1 HASTINGS, NOVEMBER 14. The Hastings game was a pleasure to any Coyote fan. The Wesleyan team had its full supply of " fight ", and could not be stopped. The final X score was 17-0. X DES MOINES, NOVEMBER 21. In the last game of the season, the Coyotes demonstrated why they were J I North Central Champions, crushing Des Moines University 26-0. It was X X a great climax to a great season. i I 1-.- Lis XT it f' h - ' f K X M! W 415 Y Rss 0557! U-l.l9 Al ei , A I217l , igkvf? , 1 jjgjfj .,. 4 ww XQf O ir, wy Zh X N . x - w , . I ' x fy I X. 11 X . X X f r f , 43 WW W l W4 1 Q N : KH, , J 1 TD r U a , 5 R X1 w 1 U J" ,fl ff X, N' , 'mf f W , N x f 4 f QE ,e- M ' A, DNLXVQZ LH,U V 52181 Qxiii -f,-ggi?-fir A N X 'Q ff , P 1 Mx 1 if 1 f 2 "?XXfffX,N Nj? H4114 5fQfHz?Q,lQfffQf W 'W ' l '21a+x1-W A "' f on ,A , A l l l , I l l f l l'xflf,!' C 1' ll . ,ff A M f, l O :.f 1357 r ::: Six. ll l lvl 1 l , , : ,, tl gl 'fnffl ooo to l l 41 Q E i. 1 l WV 5 ig:-QQ , ?'QfL!j A 1 Q 'alll - - X7 Em 1 ii P I X a 3 a ll ii x' l fl V L 'fx -If il -N ffl lx It I A l v Y Q' ' x ' 3 1 Q Q Basketball N N l 4 , l X ' '.l.",f ,jf 'Nfl lj Patter of rubber-soled shoes, if l W ll l Whistle - and call of " Jump "! ,ffflf my ll . . W tml Drlbble and twlst, A Wy ' , , l . A tossg lt nfnssed, j ll Q A rush for the bounding ball 1 f 7 l ll l If 1 Plea from the tense stands - Q it I fl l " Shoot!" ' ttyl 1 , N 4 jf K A tr1p and a crash to the floor, Pj J Crouch for free throw, l f-gl , P l L x l,,f? ,f A hush - " It's a go!" ,QQ And the teams take their posts in the 'M nulr A ' N hall. f I f Q 1 K l A s X L l A- nAFR xlif 1 l tl 1 , l l I l A 5 J l xhxxyf .I I, 1 1 wx I E1 rf X i f X1 J fl, RX XX!! fl L or ft rf vA'kL l Tl Ffh fy? lf-'Xfe' TN t To V fl l - '7 fMX '03 fi F' f F' its M gvwfxx, KN., 2,7 7 X Xf ,-xt M D K y ,J ,f XT Jjfxx ,fQf-1Q5,,,L, fo at f l A Q You Q J WU K5'fLX?gsf??a-J l2l9j 1 ,--+k ,f AQ l l 7 X 4 if I . l 2 1 I X 1 X Y! ,wi X . T fm l 2 tl Rf CAPTAIN STEEVES, Center J... O Paul played a good consistent game at center and always annexed a good gil share of the points. His height and his M , accurate eye for the basket accounted for a good many " follow in " shots. Wes- KX leyan will lose a fine, clean player in UQ! Steeves, as this- was his last year. i V' . . XX' .N X.. X it ser'- M CAPTAIN-ELECT BOELL, Guard X N This year saw " Bully " playing a "XX Hashy game at guard. He was all over 4 the floor, fighting for the ball, and us- l 'XXX ually taking it away from his forward. H ll n p X X The small scores which all the oppon- 1 ents had to be content with, is a, good , j ' indication of his work. " Bully' was x J chosen on the All-State team, and he X ,Q lx well deserves to lead our next seasons 5 fffix N Squad. x 1 I I 'H' lrikll Ui ' UTI ffm LODER, Guard l tit, This was Ed's last year with the team. ilk An old injury, hanging over from foot- R ball, slowed him up somewhat, but never- . theless he was always giving his best. His long shots from the center of the ,I, Hoor pulled several games out of the 1 tire for the Coyotes. M X 1 ff .vxtxyf x,.-. Q fx .' . I 'if , g L x lv f 595' GEMBLER, Forward " le l I f Al was undoubtedly the fastest Hoor it 1 man on the team. He is an expert in Y by I handling the ball, a shifty dribbler, an 'L accurate passer, and an excellent shot. His big moments were in the Hastings ',.. ,V and Peru games, Wesleyan loses a star V" player when " Pop " graduates with the K! Class of 1926. xx f 1 . pig? ,L M -ITN Vvg . v - -154 NEW VUL, 29 15 feeoj i R, ' Q f Y 55 fr- fi-TZQ Q H JY it W. ft . fx K! R X la CALVERT, Forward U W O Q 'V l l QV A1 was high-point man during the sea- son. He is a flashy dribbler and often dribbled thru the entire opponent's de- fense for a pretty "set-up" shot. He had a keen eye for the basket, and his long shots won a good many of the games for the Coyotes. He has two more years with the team. Ex LALLY, Center Frank was a real "scrapper". He could play any position on the team, but was most effective at center. He de- veloped wonderfully during the season, and his great floor work in the Peru game showed us that he is going to be a big asset to the Coyotes during his next two years. Xi MANCHESTER, Forward Don was fast and played a flashy floor game. He " teamed " the ball well and was always content to "feed" the ball to his team mates under the basket. He, also, has two more years with the team. WIBERG, Guard " Wee Wee " played a great game at guard. He covered his man in excellent shape, and he, together with Boell, must be given special praise for the brilliant work they did in " smothering " the Peru stars in the season's final game. " Wee Wee " will be at his best next year. E l 30 Q if E t O f221j 1 11-1 1 . .11 ,,. 11- 3111 1--1 ljl-V ' f1 IX. ., wx .HH 1'-fi! 1.1M 'l1l1 1 1 1 l , 1V ,1 '1 1 11 1 l ip 1- 2221 ... A i if fu.: slr, , -V:,jl,.-3, l A ,1 x-4. ,NX K . J ,wi C1 .' 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 A 1 illenietn nf 1925 Basketball Swann 11 11 1 1 ,' Coach Dow started the basketball season with much new material, only one regular, Captain Steeves, returning from the 1924 team. Added to E this was the fact that the type of basketball .played in the North Central 1' 111 and Nebraska State Conferences was the fastest it has ever been. W1 Coach Dow, however, worked faithfully with the team, and by the end bfi 1 of the season it began to show results and to prove to the students, at 1 least, that with practically the same team for two more years, they can expect great things. 1 1 The team won and lost about an equal number of games, and yet the Q 1'f, ,1 season was considered a great success, due to the fact that Wesleyan MH defeated Peru in the last game of the season. 1 The Peru " Bobcats " came to the Coyote's den all primed to keep their if if unbroken string of fifty-five victories made over a period of four years. 701 The Coyotes, however, seemed to be a new team and, inspired by the , if thought of avenging their previous showing and doing something which 1 no team had been able to do for four years, they out-fought and out-scored 1 1 1 I the " Bobcats " 16-12 'in one of the most thrilling cage games ever wit- 1 1,1 1 nessed on the Wesleyan floor. The " gym " was packed and the fierceness 11 ' of the play kept the spectators on their feet constantly. Anyone who saw 1 the game will never forget it. 1 1 1 1 It showed conclusively what the team could do, and next year,iCoach W ,Al DoW's team will be right at the top of the conference race. k 'X 1 fig,- . 1 i1' Z ' wan 1,f i Lmx 1 ' IX' l 111 I x K 14' 1 -fs fl 1 ' 11 I 1 1 ? I lv' Q xgfff 1 F 31 1 1 1' 'vow VARSITY COYOTES , E I U 1 1 1, X1 1 1' .LL U1 115 - - " 'L i ., 1, 1' 'Y 'H 1' 1' ."" fur fL'ff"7l 1'3e.-'- 'X rift- "T C.. -1 'j a- fl f 1 5 - , . .I ,4 If 1,:,5,:fg'fjf N,f'f1'X,B AI' 1 N 1 ' "'1 flgjl Qi 9.1, Q' " L J1 1 ref Zlirvahman illnntlmll fl I ' '1 1 1, - 11 1 P, jr, .x. Q1 1 Y 1, 1 1 111 .11 A A M 1 it 1 1 .W XXX Q if 'i x lx , A , ,,,X':Q,Xl F, , ' ' 1' 1t.! 'o,' X' r 1 14.3 1E11 1.1! ,.Qy 1 3,1 i XNX1 f'Q' jbjxxx' A -' f 1 X , ft' 1 11 . 1 1 the A A +11 ly 1" ff' COACH ALABASTER coAcH HARRINGTON in 2 X1 When the call was made at the beginning of the year for Freshman football A 1 1 1 candidates, about forty freshmen turned out for the " Frosh " football team. Approxi- 1 2 mately twenty-seven' of these men reported regularly for practice throughout the 1 '. jj' season, and were drilled by two former Wesleyan stars, Francis Alabaster and Don 1,11 Harrington.. These coaches turned out a team which gave the varsity all the practice Qf cimpitition it wanted, and in this way helped a great deal in moulding our Champion- x31 s ip eanr 2121 The following men were awarded numerals for their work during the season: QW, 1 L- L0del', Beck, Levick, Stafford, Gallion, Hauss, Chittenden, Squires, Soucheck, Pil- 1111? ,X more, Hills, M. Thompson, Ralston, Morrison, and Captain Kellough. llffl 1 All of these men look like real football material, and will make the varsity men 1 f 1 , work for their positions next fall. 1, , I The " Frosh " played five games during the season, winning three and tying two. QI' ' U Following is the season's record: 1 lg I . Q A Nebraska Aggles ....,....................... ..... 0 Frosh ,,.,.,,, ,,,,,,, 1 3 F - Doane Reserves ....... .' .... 0 Frosh .,..,,.. ..., 6 J' Y gotner Eeserves ....... ..... 0 Frosh .,.,,,,, ,,,, 0 X ' oane eserves ....... ..,,. 6 Frosh ....,,,, ,... 6 1f '-,. ,Q X1 Cotner Reserves ,.........,...,.. ...., 0 F1'OSh ,,,,,,,, ..,,... 1 9 i 1 Q 1 if Total-Opponents ...,.,...........,.......... -fl Frosh ,.,...,i,,, ....... 2171 f 1 52 11 nr li E Iflirvahman Lfiwakvihall Francis Alabaster, former Coyote cage star, had charge of the yearlings in V X basketball, and by the end of the season had developed a speedy little machine. In Ward and Thomas, he had two clever little forwards who covered the Hoor like lightning. The teamwork they displayed was splendid. Both had keen eyes for the baskets and rung up baskets vdth surprming regularwyz Chhienden at centem ,, looked good. Ileis rangy and cool headed. I1e,zdso,is a very accurate shot and by If handles himself in good shape on the Hoor. He will be a valuable man to the varsity 1 W next year. Crewdson is also a good center and will develop into a real player beforehe . f W 1 Hnishes his coHege career. Dickson, Loder, Alberts, and YVoodford wvere all good -1,2 1 guards, covering their men in good shape. All of this year's Frosh will make a strong 1 1 mx , kj J bid for the varsity next year. ,Q 1' X, ,X The Freshmen made a fine record during the season, winning ive games and W '-X ' losing three. They tota'led 190 points to their opponents 153. F, K 1 Y M- z 1 :U ll 5 M . 11 fff'ff-'R f 1fss:v'fsi1,erf1 Y ik V U if ff .frr M V I U XI U Xgfxxpm X L "PH, ik:':"""'E,fi:q "lf 5'V'i'F'l I223 ' Qq Jana ,M aa- A-, V S X'fff Q-1 x........f .if Y- A lb A Ai"'y I l , Q 4 A ii XV f N' f ' I , A A , , ,.,., .. - ' ,.x, . . -Sus 95 , .,... ii .-'. ,.:,:a.,::-,.. ..,, - -..-fs, .',cf:t.1zi-ls3::f:f.- ---f .'.:- X . . .-:: 7:1'S:5.5:5:fb:.55:::2:::aas:2e: .ff--: fu .nazi-ngi:2:e53512555-5' 5 w:f:4,3, "" I '11 -"- - ' -A -"-- 7 3 , 1 ' . -1-:,. .. ...., . , .,., , ,1.,.,,-.:,,,:,.,,gr-.,,.1::.',v.-.,.-.I.-.,.-,1.,.:.-.-.1.:.f,:,-,,,:.,.,.,,:.:.,.Z'53gX2W-,,.,, ,,,,,. .,,,- - 1- ...,.v - v 1-:.-:-1, N-.--1-gm-zyvw . , "" ' XX ?'i3Efka:afsS?i'Ef alfiiigfwexaggaeeeaigieadgfE?.gax .,., asfeeeeagghgifdaaag . ' '5:?'j2:ErE:f:E 55'295223F-fr12E-:IEri-'IEE1:'E!E':.:iE2E52.fEfE2ffi:-.,:v,1'1,1fIE?:I,-E252552151--:'E'l-E-5E:If-3-1535-'I:'E"I51EiE???F2i?i1Ef?:'E1E2E1E1225251312523 1721515iiiI2:2E152:252:2ETE1i1':2 ,2:.,:':,Q-',1:i:f.j:2.1:, 1:j:'-1,I5535,,,::::.5:g:5'55g-, K. " :fee-. 515:1'Q52'f-EQIQIEQEZEQ',:r:jIf.f,-1.1f2E5.IE,.g:5i5:5E,Ej'-1'1'Qf'iji-I:532E25.jE-:Q'igflilz'jiiq' "" -.2'2'2'5'3512'51513555E5C5EfElE5f:'f'EjIj 3,5:5E:E3E5l5E5I1E3E523255321' ..2j,5j:5jj" 3-IE' '--- I '::1:,.j "'- :2:Q5:5'-1-I+, ,.,.,., z 55:15-215,11fr:-52:55-3:5:555:a''v,,gi.,1 .. ..,.. . , - -1,5.,..1,.,,,:::,.,3,,.3.,,45529,E,5.:E..EgS.'.,g:,,sissgg-glgzgigggf gggs,.gig-g:':.:z:.:.g3g5, ""' Q '-55321,-,?1,ggsgegz .' -' H ,V 5E7EEESi2E151:5' ' - zv. , -'i-'.y2.I'I' ..,. QI-E"i5'7I2:':IE2E1fg:E71'5.27E55:15E'' ff.: f 1'I-:.5'.-5: "1-E'5'I2:1:'Ef-2,2E1.313252:7C1'1:2:5I:E'E5' -:'E-513ISEEZEIEIEJT-E"1'.-1:-'IEIEZ1:2f'-f1:fE535.i1:'f'1'i'i'iF5fjE:ZE2E1EIPEF4" "''322255-E3i:I,E':25,5153"::E'E-: SW." :ifEE55E-EIE -21'E255' 'fl' '1'3:,,E 5EE5E:E:!'-'E'"CGi.5f'5,'.r?'5Cf'fI-.2-.-:'I2'1:-5:5119-.'1:Er1.11rZ-,'-:rEfE---'.'E: '..1ff11,''.-5'1'-ig::-:,,2Zj:2E'Zj5Z5EjE5l525E5 ""1:'-'Z":','1j.1. 525555551E5E25i515Z,:5ZgE,13Z5E'Ej-155-2,2-,:5E5.g:5. 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X SECOND ROW-Souchek, Weiser, Beck, Thompson, Morrison, Taylor, Aibert, Hills, Rollins. ffl lx l Q FIRST ROW-Squires, Cohagen, Capt. Kellough, Loder. Marcellus, Livingston, Anderson, Saunders lm ,Q , ,X X . ix - I FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW-Coach Alabaster, Stimbert, Woodford, Souchek, Ward. FIRST ROW-Alberts, Crewdson, Loder, Dickson, Thomas. N O WFUXWQQQW Nl.NAZll VL f224j in . I55 -1. , -I fx Q Y: SL- X K X X v r . ,ne Q I 1. -,-" "f N, NN, - XXX-.X'f'X h ' W f ' Sf TO O l I 5,f"" i 3 ' lf Q h i l l U ia . W SX 'gal TN Q V7 A 1-,fr-.'--r .-"?'179"'-"zz 'nfl Q 'f"w1!1!1.f,.,h' .M,.f, 4n1l mf!! 5 l K Q E3 1 U X x Gr 'UO ' Cflrark Crouched and tense is the line, R 6 The shot, and it springs ahead, Thrill of the race, I l Strain of the pace, 4 U Flash-and a tape is snapped X4 W Quiver of javelin shaft, K Plunge of the leaden shot, 'X The fresh spring sod, V, The shoes,- spike shod, ' f X And the bamboo pole, tape Wrapped. I we 31102011 NU Haelmllififwfeuaxslwl EQ . E225l -Qnff' I E 3-PCTA 121+ 5,-V' ,f ,-' f if t if -iii it 'ij-TA-li-Q""T' ,aligns Dfw Q,-glsx ii! JVM" f and Sip" vtg'i,fQ1'!'C ,, Xxbx l il l I I LX l xxx .!v,-A ' ,' ffx, I V , A x 1 J 'l I Y N l N ,lf X' W 5' H Av! W!! '. xt, Ll!-,, lit? U' 1 lv l?'x U iw 'P + 4 A Fl' i 35' J kX'xQx'i., l, fxfxkgyl x l 7 ff MI 2 ll flu' lx .XJ J-UN! ,' , ,gui jfgf p I X. lx Vi R f X LM J ' 5 l if Glrark X- X f , fffflll With a large number of letter men back and some promising new material, A ' Ll f Q Coaches Dow and Durham have a great opportunity to produce a Championship ,Xt 12 track team. X Xl ' xl FIV, Letter men back in school ' ' ' A 'J 'l include Glenn Griffith, Cap- UW l 'ill ,, fu E if lf 'I l nf fl ,ull Efii J , I , Wi 5 l I i l I : I l ij, l I lx K-. ,hx , ,fp lm v 1 y , N f . ffl ,4 ll my lnzlitl tain and' milerg Mock, two milerg Wiberg, weightsg 1 Gembler, sprinter' Schultz, hurdlesg Sharp, pole vault, Steeves, high jumpg and Monk, distance runner. Promising new material in- cludes Moon, Danker, Rohr- baugh, Owens, Hawkins, Giillan, Beebe, Rladinsky, Win- 1 ship, Fry, Wcrnimont, and X Hull. The " Frosh " also have some very promising track material, but will not be elig- ible for competition. The Track schedule calls for a dual meet with Doaneg a triangular meet at Perug a triangular meet at Sioux City, Morningside Collegeg and the Nebraska State Con- ference and North Central Conference meets. 1925 NORTH CENTRAL CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS ff f'Xif:-11 ' 1 ,V T , i A Y---x --------Z-- fr Z--..lan , . gf' -. K iff- - v -fix ,----iff: ,,fAf .f--wxx ,E -sl- '- f' ff-f psf- . 'mi H X1 X 4, ,..V -f-kr --Yi, , 1 I fx , I "IM" Olluh BACK ROW-Mock, Gembler, Steeves, Sharp, Monk. SECOND ROW-Skerritt, Boell, Moon, Calvert. Clark, Manchester. FIRST Row-Radinsky, Lally, Shultz, Huyck, Fruhling, Wiberg, Danker, Davis. The " W " Club is composed of men who have earned a letter in some branch of athletics. The club stands for clean athletics and good sports- manship. The men assist the coaches in conducting the Annual Invita- tion High School Basketball Tournament and the Annual High School Track and Field Meet on High School Day. Efennia RADINSKY ' STEEVES -x'-x- F-H, Prospects for the 1926 State Inter-Collegiate Championship look favorable. Four letter men: Steeves, Radinsky, McCandless, and Paul Mahood, are back. Ma- hood is the present Singles Cham- pion of the entire State, but will be ineligible for intercollegiate competition. Al Calvert, however, has a good ranking in state tennis circles and promises to become one of our stars. f7 ' F' '.ff fimq ,'i'r' ' 1,11 1 M , X,,f ,-. --4 - ,- x - . ' . .J r V 'X gfsbg. . ,f K. . , l . , , x -Q, K KJ , X4 1 . ,X A' ,,- I, 4--WM Li 5 t-if Ag' Y I dy gl. X fs 'N'IQwX XX T""'f5X "' i..l::v -i., -lf' Q u,.s Z:-1- X ' A ,1 14 I rv v l 1 , !, fl' ll 'ujli ,f,: n.'i l ,N wil l :NF 'xml will V filw ,Img 'I rl .'i .XI '!, 'll ,, ,lift gum,. Htffvgl :lm 1,13 liii .lu- " lil HEY: if Ii li ri W it .J!' RX ty,- il 52 llluml xi, ,"i'x-Xi. ,XXX p,,J .X 5 HLA- wi. gl f X Lal J ll X pi'-Q V IFJ' X e 1 + E227 i 1 Xi ,x, l l ly to ff 4X xx l A MEN'S GYM CLASS' li X i LEU Ighgaiml -lihuraiinn fur HHP11 QV "Physical Education for Everyone " is the policy of Athletic Director Dow. He TO secured the services of Mr. Perry Stephens to take charge of training the men. Mr. V Stephens has had a great deal of experience in this line of work, being a physical ' director in several Y. M. C. A.'s for a number of years. He has done a fine piece of l work with the men who did not go out for athletics. X. After all, gymnastics are a necessary part of college training. Gymnastics are all around in their effect. 'They develop the ability to use strength economically. They train the youth so that his body is the ready servant of his will, and does with ease and pleasure all the work it is capable of doing. Physical Education is demanding X a larger part ini College curricula year after year, and' Nebraska Wesleyan will con- i' tinue to build up this department of work. 4 E7 l ill Xxdxq X f FRY MILLER E Our Cheer Leaders . , f- lg FQ E35 'Tl Nl WMU VL O W - X.. D I U V - 3 H281 V E GS Q L,-.--,,.-nL-,g 4, ,... IL... Zilhrvv 'Big Athlvtir 751121115 il Uv PANEATHLEHC BANQUET This, the second Pan-Athletic banquet, was without a doubt the great- est Wesleyan Athletic banquet ever held. About seven hundred students and friends of the University were present. The banquet was instituted mainly in the interest of all forms of athletics. Letters were awarded to all men and women who had earned one s'ince the banquet of the year previous. The football captain for the coming year was also announced. This year the citizens of the town backed the banquet to the limit. We appreciate this, for it means a bigger and better Wesleyan in the future. ' HIGH SCHOOL DAY Every spring the University sets aside a day for the high schools to vis'it and inspect the college and the students at work. A The morning is devoted to interscholastic contests. These scholar- ship tests have aroused much interest on the part of school officials and students, as is evidenced by the increasing number taking part each year. In the afternoon, the Invitation High School Track Meet is held on Johnson Field. Very close competition between some of the high school stars is displayed. The "College Night " program, held in the Wesleyan Auditorium, consists of stunts by each of the college classes. Following this program the medals are awarded to the morning and afternoon contestants. INVITATION HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Coach C. L. Dow, with the help of the "W" club, staged the first Nebraska Wesleyan Invitation High School Basketball Tournament. The decided success promises that it will be an annual occurrence to be held probably the week preced'ing the big state tournament. This gives the teams a chance to experience tournament play and also to play on a big floor. We also want the teams to look us over and get acquainted with our school. Twenty-two teams, including some of the best teams in the state, were entered in this year's tournament. They were divided into three classes, Lincoln High Cwinningj Class A.,.Wahoo Class B., and Denton Class C. The boys themselves seemed to be well pleased with the manner in which the tourney was conducted, and we hope it will be a permanent event at Wesleyan. T f in l O f229J 1 l 5 1 1 l l X w Y l Lzaoj X' of ,ff iii- tif" rwrvfsff-ffl is , y y C f A+-0 RX if X , xx X if M , 4' x 5 ff .slr O llf ' ' I A Ki U f ty Glngute Qlahrt Glnrpn Vx! The Coyote Cadet Corps and Knights ofthe Koyote Klan are similar organizations Whose purpose is the promotion of school spirit. They are present at all athletic O contests and do much to develop enthusiasm and create pep. Two members are elected to the Cadet Corps from each sorority, and two men from each class in each fraternity , to membership in the Klan. , ' x , 5 K .i 4 sf' A C Knights nf thv Ilingntv K lan C J L , r , K ,C J A U li l l A V If l hw r l QX-3-?.Xs lQf3?iQ"f lQ'AQE35'f"", !L-4g' sz ,fll ' ' f M' ,, E l lvl f gi diigiig,-. ,ig i l l l -,--' 'i--, 3 K' is ljfffx A .W A5 TAD in Q pl 5"" N -V. 1" 1, X, xiii X ls l , V,'v Q , li ll U 5' l 1l ll ly XX l l'ff W Q llg QA Q i1" "f1'fi. .f"h'f'f I"i l lf . X 4:3 --'ff'l"'-----,:' ' an if' ,AQ ' 1 il ui If ,I if I 'ff 'N l 6 Mud! It it It N OF ill' JW fill: 1 9 . gl X li, mnnnen 5 Athlettrz for 4 l, lv J I , The old World rolls along another " y l ageg l lp . ?Q i Fair Woman holds the center of the stage. l 'Xi With freedom born of newer things, 8 xt X She swims, plays hockey, dances, , XFSQW l s1ngS5 l ' l l Forgetting not that progress needs the sage, X LX, She seeks new fields - yet keeps the Qfiif cook book nigh To lose not sight of biscuit, roast, and V ' pie. - l J k fini, l ' tl l lkll xy, ,f I if e - l F fix 1 F fi -1 HX - V ,. ,...-g --Y ---. ,Y -f -f-- 5556522 lNlfXfML Ll li . ' A l231j caggryg fi? .1TZ"'i"AX fjfm'1"'i' 5 1' CZRA or i r X MRS. BRANDT Director of Physical Education for Women ltlhgzirul Ehuratinn fur women The aims of the Department of Physical Educa- tion for Women are to develop organic power, to secure and maintain harmonious muscular develop- ment and a reasonable degree of bodily skill and grace 5 to provide an incentive and an opportunity for every student to secure physical recreation as a balance to the sedentary demands of university lifeg to conserve the social and moral values of games and sports 5 to establish high ideals and ef- ficient administration of athleticsg to develop judg- ment, leadership, followership, and a love of rccreationg to teach types of recreational activityg which will hold over after college. On entering the University, each girl must have a physical and medical examination. If she has no serious physical defects she is allowed to choose the activities she wishes to participate ing but if she does have, she is placed in a class for corrective work and the defect is improved or corrected. DR. WARNER Women's Physician A GYM CLASS IN ACTION l ElF4WiXN ll KN WM ML Q 'X :' ":'L 4: e, ' Q D l'l"" fx as 232 7 H -X L. . . . , X -f-"fix 74l"'.'ffi5' new assi E",' 'ijggpe 'lggsfg l I 0 ffl 1. K' X, X lil lf . X wx x X -. X M l M .Xi l 1. f'- ,, nl Q5 ill Q ,X 4 x by KX muznsrlha Athlrtir Azanriatinn The Woman's Athletic Association is an organization that fosters school consciousness and school spirit, and helps to promote the Health Education of the Women of Nebraska Wesleyan University by means of: 1. Encouragement in the formation of health habits. 2. Promotion of interest and participation in games and athletics and all forms of physical activity which make for health and efiiciency. After becoming a member the girls may get a sweater by earning 1200 points in the various athletic activities. Juniors and Seniors may get a blanket by earning 800 additional points, or a total of 2000. The following girls have earned a total of 125 points, required to be a member of this association: Ellen Douglas Jean Mahood Pauline Hankins Esther Phipps Ruth Gonkel Luella Linson Margaret Dudley Grace Lunsford Lillian Brady J OFFICERS- i President .................................. Ellen Douglas X Vice-President ...........,,,.......... Esther Phipps X Jemlf with yyiifgl Hagen' Was T'reasu1'e1' ............... ........ M argaret Dudley X Ilhel' 11111 W v'D0,,b1ef in the1iSQ,25 ie- S Secretary ............ .............. J ean Mahood braska Intercolle- V giate Athletic LH U Association , 'I .X Xjsljlfxx by .X KX Fl KH X I I- VfQy'TX ffljj r 11,17-lxXXfx,Al'-. O 4 Q NX . ' 4 A f A 7 f QV, f Riff . if R xx' SJQXXQ 'XV i UX4Xfs P iwe.E51L5f471r Khrfv t'-c ii 'J fl ,JN rm lil 5 XR Mg , All Ml 1 ,XI 0553 f. 'I rl I E Il ,ff lf! 1 1 ,Y 101' ' Qlll 7,0 It "Q 1 xv il it ll X , A X l W l l233fI Y ,mul :Til i'l':w Wil fiffl iff 'l .ix .yrl I, pw Wil HIS X , x J X l w w 1 Xl ,Arif Q J' lil ll ."3 , ll' ' 1 lily' 115' Y x -, 1 ik l 5 x VI, A I ly iff! fl ,ff J I f A x X -. f 1 ,f fx :N l I J l l , X la l Lx ll U nu, 234 .A l J-lil ,- X, W HH ml 1 xx,! 1 I. A-Aga-D-Q 1?3N J J as 'X X Sif46gQ ll 5 , Sparta fur Girlz at mwlegan ' A GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM BACK Row-Eleanor Lewis, Margaret Servine, Thelma Fike, Luella Linsen, Dorothy Marshall, Daisy Zuver, Lena Wray, Lota Jacoby, Dorothy Isgrig, Ellen Douglas. FIRST ROW-Mildred Ling, Ester McDaniel, Esther Phipps, Roma Jackson, Pauline Hankins, Lillian Brady, Idella Jenkins, Marie Horne, Naomi Yost, Elsie Bickford, Grace Lunsford. - l A FEW FROM THE ARCHERY CLASS 74 if Q X 1 K r I 6 l ,J f Madgeline Moses Gladys Tobias Alta Ploof Erma Clay Lois Ormsby Ruth Blodgett Elta Fry Marie Acton 'fe ,fir-X ffX1"'l. 'X for X 1 ' lf ,ww-J so X so , .. X as X7 A . f Nf or IN M of O ' "W E' G' X x""" Ni SWK D XA! Cl ,Nc Jw lx X 28 5 93 5 Swann 53 ,Q-,Q50.5J51 fr-i:L,..xL ' I V-.QifQf--QX,7f 7, ,lg , if' HQ .li lg QQ 4 2 , N 3 N NV, 'K , ,A x Q f f' x f 1 ,5,XX V IC 1 , 1 U' - ,pf Xxx K FK , f W 'T Q U 1, 1 xx ,fx w 1 1 W 4532 5253 X X :XXQ ,X 1 1 V f' M wx, xx xif Y' Y NX' V f fy' l W' E f f f TN VQM fl 2 v 1 gg iw W X99 XX if 29 QQ XX ' r VJ 4' XRWf ,f, 4 KX fl 1 X W U X." - A . , I I l y X f 1 Xl!! !El ,Qi KW ,,f fjk r H X fn M, ,f U1 f f xy, f XAXN A xx, f X x VU my ' wr TT f F 1 - mga If Q11 XXQREEFXQ 4971 WQ UJ1JF5QZ47? ?H f235j .11 f, XXXYXX 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' .4 M -252413 ,,,,,,,,, ,W V ,, 1 1 1, X, 1 fn 151 O.. 1 '1 X f 11 H11 1-W 1 , 'I ff 1 11 147 f f 1 1 1 Q1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 111 1 1 11 -"1 1 -- 1 1Jl1T 1?,l 1 11, 11' -1 1 1 11 I 1111 1I 11 1-1 X 11,1 1 1x 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '- 1 1 1 ' f I. 111 1 1-11 x "1 X' bg 1 1 1 1 1,11 11 i11i19vM HJ 2361 1 1 3 Q5 ff 1 Q ' Fi 2 5 Y 4 1 ff If if Y f", Ig xl f gf, v F53 3 if If ig ? I Wx T ev"-.J E 5 l 11, X! 3 5 rim 5 E '-Q5 I S N.,, ji . x ,,, R W 1 T X V' li, ff yykl Girl! f.'13"'1 JW My 5 J' E IO f X41 P ff E ffl Q'x,'i 1 'Z Y E a H V Q ESQ ef ffsi ff 2 I I j X If V .X-,Y ff if ,J.1,,. U1 nf f2+s'S' 44f Q29 52381 V11 ff f l f -X ALR,--3' -sgsffd-X, -W-7"f Ah:Q'Af3f5i'?4' F','95N'?iebl 'if f Zifjlf ti-?"'-Q.,,:",fjI5H . N fv' ' , 1' XX im K h WM xv W XX 14 f v 1 f - " YQ ' f"1 11 x -, ,.,. . ., , 1 4 V ,. - ,,:!fxf.-:Xin ., ,,' K' ,H ,, 5, Sk 4 4 , ' X I an 7 Yi 4 MNH f ' 1a rfff- gfgHXMfi2Iq1fCfx , f,.E:1ig' 4 Pig N, X 4 Y, . N , I Nl XV JUN 1"-.:'f,..,..Jg 'Kxfv Q. '- VJ' P , X 1 ' Q!! X V? I W ' and kj. Xia, D 1 .5 7 mi Vxaix f f 1 5 Q O m JN R f7?5W ffl. 1 N I il ,E ,XVI ff fl fl! K! Og 10 Q ex FX ' All kj X UE E . -'-'Q--Y -63. --f:':?' .W " Nx.x-fV'1.-Q 'N " 'dl' . f v W- ---wg ff wf w f -N V YY 3'7"iiiii W, 3 1 1 1 w X R . Q X . lf 1 L u T51 u.,f N Vx' If Q' fx f KX X f' K K Nl ,VK , 1 1 I Ulf iq MQ ml JM' l42'y NM Y:-Ii 11 E 1'-'I 411 'I v.fI: if X If 1 a 1 W , Xi Xl rfffpx f W I W E- si if 3 E f k X 55' 1' , 5 .X W W ffvf 6 1 W l WN 1 .. i 1. . V' X ' 'A f M f Wy ffm Hg w lm 31 L 4 - W QQ X, I:239j " f4xQNfi-JQ'ZTLffH 6lxj 5-449 'M V 10 - Of L K X ' 1 g 1 S M aff, 1 x N , KA Of O 1 X Q1 E X WGQQQQQW Nami w,DwQ3GJV Ef2,25 X,f' N! ,f"i1 T1g""'Z232f INST Q Q7 i,jQg , 4221? N, Xgllw- 1 Qi I ,P wo 4 Y 3 KC, M QF Ci , lfv' ' X Q! U QL' CKY V M V A fy , ,J K OJ N Q -1 9 lf XJ, , 53 M . , ,fam i,,,.,.....3 w 1 X ,.! ,fx f1AW Xl W X., XQU 'W V U 3 fig, K li 3? A W' fx K . N w X 'X Xf K I V f .l sk A ., N 3?:,s lxji. 1 M Vffp lixiw ly, f X fly IQ Q, .,,, vkf , .. I 1 Nl I, ,, xxx . 'fx ,n I xVf , A' i I, . ,J XXX Ty ,W i J Q Cf JE! ffl", , 1 ' 1 xlffs l 4' 'ffl ,if , I 1 X 1' 3 x I 1 X .I , x -X ,I X .I 7' 'x ,f fy l x . ya I U11 U' f--ixxi' Q17 i f 7 Q'-'lx X X my f1:fXsxx X X 7 WQXL--26-Qfi'f?fgisQ'X15fA-MX-QNXW-214--.ffgk M4 xx V1 , ,fvfifmxf N QUQ Q7 QQ ,V g242J l - Q Qumnr lg 5 QZ.gk5?1ir21il3r2i1M,fi Q illarts Zlirnm Biarritz nf Seniors Allen Laaaker used to push open the screen door and walk out. One day he noticed his father taking the hook from the door and putting it higher. He came to his father and said, "That's too high, Allen can't reach her ". Faith Madden, while visiting her grandma, went to sleep at the dinner table. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the rest left the house, leaving dinner on the table just as it was. They returned soon after from the garden, to find " mixing". She had . could find and reach, etc., and was mixing At the age of four, an incubator, recently had been in use only Faith on the chair at the table taken a portion of everything she sugar, honey, salt, pepper, gravy, them together in a cup. Boyd Crane was very interested in purchased. Also a cream separator a short time. His mother explains the incident in this way: " One day I was on my way to attend to the incubator, when he came running from play and asked if he might go with me to the 'seputator' Iseparatorl. Of course I smiled, and he saw his mistake immediately. Seeking to justify the name, he said, 'WelI, I dess it is. Don't it seputate the chickens from the eggs 'Z' " Esther Innis was just two and one-half years old, and had been invited, with her parents, to take Sunday dinner with some friends. They did not reach the home of their friends until after the morning church services. The dinner was unusually late and Esther became very hun- gry. Several times she had gone to her mother and asked for something to eat, but her mother always told her that dinner would be ready in a little while, and she must wait. Now Esther was a lover of beans and she discovered there were beans for dinner. Finally all were seated around the table, and Esther's father was asked to return thanks. He began the prayer in a very deliberate way and had said only a few words when Esther piped up "That's enough, papa, please pass the beans ". Mary Bailey always had a curious liking for bugs. One day when she was about four years old, she and two of her playmates decided to make a bug graveyard out in the sand pile. So they proceeded to kill and bury every bug which happened to have the ill fate of coming within their reach. One day they found one that refused to quit wiggling after it had been stamped on several times. At this Mary's curiosity got the best of her. She picked it up to see what was the matter with it. But, alas! it happened to be a bumble bee, and poor Mary went running into the house as fast as her legs could carry her. Her thumb was twice its natural size. When Harlan Randall was three years old he moved to a big ranch with his parents. On his First visit to the city his interest in the electric fans in the restaurant brought forth this exclamation: " Oh mother, look at the little windmills ! " As a little fellow Harlan Peckham was all business. At the age of four he would ask each evening, " Well, 4 Daddy, what will we ' Hazel Furman used of fruit cookie called, do tomorow '?" When Lillian Calvert was about four and a half years old, she was taken to the Woman's Home Missionary A fruit drink made mostly . ' Convention with her mother. of cherry juice was served. When Lillian was offered some, to the surprise of the ladies, she said, "No, thank you, I am a teetotlarv. to be very fond of a certain kind at that time, Rocks, One day at dinner a look of perplexity was seen to cross her face and then a happy smile of remembrance as she said, " Please pass the tomb-stones". Aunt Mary Randall, who was visiting the Sharp home, produced a dime and a nickel, saying, " Willard, which one do you want", thinking, of course, he would choose the nickel because of its size. Willard: " Which one will buy the most candy "? Aunt Mary: " The dime will buy the most candy ". Willard: " Then I'd rather have the dime ", One morning Genevieve Lindquist, although only two years old, woke up before her mother did, and thinking it was the proper thing to do to get up and set the table, she did so. After some time her mother woke up and discovered that Genevieve was not in her bed. Rushing out into the other room she saw Genevieve standing on the table trying to Spread the table cloth. Upon seeing her mother she exclaimed, " 'Ook, Gennie 'elps mamma". When Eleanor Swanson came home at nights, she would say, "I can't keep my eyes open ". Her aunt re- members that she usually liked to sit down and visit with the company, telling them everything. When Mae Auten was just three years of age, she was out on a trip with her mother and her mother's cousin. They were driving a horse and buggy on the Platte River bluffs in a large pasture, where many cattle were grazing. The hills and canyons were very steep and high. Mrs. Auten's heart was beating rapidly. In a most critical moment little Mae said, "It's all right, mamma, it's all right. Don't be afraid ". One evening while in the barnyard at milking time Iral Anderson said, " Oh papa, see that old cow sitting down chewing gum. Aint she cute "'! One other time while watching his father skin a rabbit Iral remarked, " Dad killed a rat and now he is pulling his feathers off". When Bill Fry First began to play around, he always went into the house to cry. He would get into a corner in a small rocker and rock as fast as he could while crying. On one occasion he went a short way from the house and got down to crawl under a barbed wire fence. In the grass nearby an old hen with a brood of chicks was disturbed and came over to William and procecded to give him-an awful flogging. William returned to the house crying. He met his sister, who asked him what the matter was, to which he replied, " The old hen kicked me in the eye ". Imagine Charlotte Mevich at the age of two and a half years, reading the pictures upside down in the " Book Pie ". CA linen book of nursery rhymes.J Her Book Pie fcalled that on account of the rhyme, " Four and twenty black birds baked into a pie "J was a much treasured possession. When Gayle Skerritt was a small fellow his folks always boarded the teacher of their rural school. She and Gayle were very fond of each other. On a certain day, when Miss Ogan returned from her day's work, Gayle was very proud to be able to show her his first pair of new pants, saying, " Oh, Miss Ogan, wouldn't you like to have some pants like these "? Q!! .K M I ..N r , rx .X , X i .J Z! of Xi X l f I1 . ' 1 ,f ff' i U, 1,,', Vx f , V1 .,f X l f 1 .ill ,,. if K I . r w l li! f I i X ' 'X T Edifgfigslsy . Q9 35 f243j l X ' ' ' ' V h ff ggf D7",ACffX' I JC ' it When Velma Bush was in her first term of school, she Alva was found in deep study just after returning X 'V V, spent the evening at home telling of what she had heard from Sunday School. V" f, in Ugigerphy " class and wished she were in the "giger- " Mamma ", he said. " am I a mule "? ,' W phy" class. " Why do you ask that, son "? - " Well, at Sunday School today we sang, 'Little chil- X G At the time of our story Ben Christnel. was about dren-littlelchildren who. love their Redeemer are His 'iv seven years of age. In those days, District Superintend- mules, prficmus mulfsf H15 loved and HIS Own, H' ,The U4 ,J O ents were known as Elders' one time the Elder went song lost its attractions when he learned he was a Jewel to church with the Christner family and preached the Instead of 8' mule' sermon. When the family returned home, Ben stretched -T himself out and began bragging to his brother, who had Paul Sfeeves U10 Couslnl I U Grandma Would like f01' not gone to church' Hsayv kid, you miss-ed it, the one of us boys to be a minister of the g-o-s-p-e-l". Boxelder preached tonight "! Bertha: "Weill I wonder which one "'? Paul tseriouslyl : " I don't know, but one thing I am Many times if Bertha Mcclaihfs parents did not notice sure of and that is that I will never be a minister of' the I that she was without a drink at the table she would say, 9-"0'S'P'e'l U- - 'l X " Well, ain't anyone got sense enough to give me i'- something to drink "7 Elvin Gembler was only thirteen months old when a When Ross Secrest was about three years old he lived on a farm, and became a great lover of the machinery and tools. One time his father asked, " Say, son. where is my hammer "? Ross replied. " Just wait until I look in the granary and then I'll talk to you ". He brought the hammer back with him. At two or three years of age Ruth McCIanahan liked to wear her father's necktie. She called it " papa's nigh teck ". Ruth said she was going to teach school and her little brother should keep the mice away. James Thompson was five years of age when he was caught teasing his sister. He kent on until she cried! then James looked up at his mother, and the following conversation ensued: James-" Mamma, am I a naughty boy "Y Mamma-"Yes, I think you are". James-" Where do naughty boys go when they die "'l pair of twin girls came into the home. He used to love to slip away to his twin-sister' bed-room and drink the milk from their bottles himself. It might interest many to know that Dorothy Hunt was born in the same house as was Harold Lloyd Kthe comedian? in Burchard, Pawnee County, Nebraska. Dorothy exhibited a passion for climbing. When a small child, she spent much of her time in a large tree, near the house. One day her parents missed her from her father's store and to their horror someone came in crying that she was on the top of the depot. She gave her parents quite a scare before She got down. June Bishop's pet when about three years of age was a coyote cub, She began early to boost for Wesleyan. Once there was a little boy who, unlike most boys, had a great deal of trouble in keeping track of his cap. When he was very anxious to go somewhere, and was trying to 3 Of Mamma-"I think you know, don't you "? find his cap when no cap was to be found, he would James-" Yes, they go down to where the devil lives ". prance from one room to the other in a great rush and -il Mamma-" Well, do youlwant to go there"? call, "Come cap! Come cap "I This boy has not out- H James-J' Yes ", grown the habit of losing his cap, even if he is a Senior l Mamma-" Why, James, why do you want to go in N. W. U. Ask Ivan Jones how many caps it takes to there "? . attend the Y. M. C. A. conference at Estes Park. ' James-" Oh, when I go down there I'd get some of the fellows down there to help me, and we would catch A . . f the devil and put his eyes out. then all us guys would Erie dayitlfese was fl gieai crying clit m .the orchard take a hike out of there ,,' w eietseveiat oyts Xneie p aylmi Hiariangtthlgs, two ignd paren s wen ou mves nga e. u er enny, en f about three years of age, had climbed one of the apple , ' At the age of eight years, Carl' Johnson was sent to trees and in some Way had caught the Seat of his pants l ' rehearse hls first Place- He was instructed to Say lt 'fo on the limb of the tree. There he was sprawling while his I 4 X his Sunday School teacher- 'When h? gOt home' t0.l'l15 brother Norris was trying his best to get him down. l mothers astomshment- he Said' I dldnt Say my place' His brother. however, was not quite big enough and the because the teacher wasn't there ". parents had to come to the rescue X ' X When Vera Swift was about two and a half years old, We find Elisabeth Franey was a pretty good little gil". ' she had a small yellow dog named " Pug ", which she Occasionally she was imperfect. When she and her sister admired very much. It seems that Pug was very badly were little tots they climbed to the top of the windmill crippled and almost always went on three feet. If he tower. Their mother had strictly forbidden this. What Wanted 'CO get On B, Chair or COL he would Dllt his did they do when they were on the tower and their front feet on the edge and look about for Vera. Then he mother called 'I Later confessions revealed that they X waited for her to come and take him by the tail and would climb to the ground and then answer. boost him up. Vera had been asked not to take the . Screw driver away f1'0In the sewing machine. OnCe Ruth Conkle was a very sociable little individual. When when caught in the act of taking the tool from the she arrived home from school about an hour late, her H12-Chine. She WHS asked why She did it. The HTISWQT mother would ask her for her reason. She always received was, "I want to fix Pug". this answer. " Oh, mother, someone wanted me to go , 1- home with them. so I just had to ". Her mother says one day, about the time James Hunter was bggilming that she has not wholly recovered from this habit yet. to talk plain, he wanted something he couldn't have, . and began to cry for it- It Seemed that he yvould never When Lucille McVey was about four years old, she stop. Finally his father came in and told Mrs. Hunter attended Sunday School Where her gI'andIn0thS1' WHS to send for the doctor for anyone who would cry like Superlnfendent- One Sunday the Superintendent asked that must be sick. James looked up at him with a ques- the little boys and girls if they had a song they would 1 tioning face! Stopped crying and exclaimed, H you d0n't like to sing. Lucille spoke up, " Grandma, we might sing have doctors for cry "1 ' Wa1nb0W ' H in Rainbvwnl- 'wi tl Q illl5il..h:1Qfll-le el.. e ee ,af f2f-141 W . im-'X L31 -iff,--e 4 "" exp.,--1,-4 -f N f X X. 'wtii-M'A'f' 1,5"'t U' 1 C ng, 1 f 1 1 111 One Hundred ,-.Pi . O 11' Advertisers Who Believe In Wesleyan 'NDN 1 xx N l ,unlgfiizfnpg I Q6 Q1 Ted? fs iEi:gREEiL4?. sa' s?Zgg5f2iQmii! 11 "1 ' 'I 11' ,' 'W 1 ,, . , "-i f'z,'e g 11-Q' XY 1 I' " '1 1 19 , N 777 WW 1,5 ,' i i if 15 X VC1 r QQ. If Z, jiQQ, Q q 11 1 AQZQ -9 Q 4- 1 125555, 1 NX in 1, ' HY J ,f , I -4 H 7, if ,111 111111114 -4 ' 5 'if ! 1 6, . fi 1- -'-- ,QW gg- , 11-' ' 1 1 "5'WJW L ' 5 fa' a 1 V , .f.n 1111 WW., 'ffs 11 1 111 11111 M vZ7?7'WW4 7 1 f 171' "YV Zig A I f i -Nl 'l: if 1- 1 gig, i"111'111I ll Illll - L UII11 1 fix ' L- li 1 I ' 1 '111'1'f " 1- ' 1' " 11W'.11 M if 1 -9- ' 15' 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 f '1'11111111111'f fs 11 . 1 1 3.1 A 1 1, ,, ,,r .,.1, , 1 1 , x,, t P2 J ' 1 ' " - lx, U 1 ll E.,- N FE., 1.1 pi, 1' ll j'111l111I11' 06, 1 -. I Qi' g f. elf Q . L 1,, tw f 111 ' 3 1 1 r 1 1:11 1 as 1' 1 ee f f- ' 'I 5. -gY.1 fl' ei 1 11' ' S f'.1 '1'1i f lily 1 774 'l i ' 1 1 1 . ' i Me . Fi l l 111 . V THE COYOTE ADVERTISERS CAN A DELIVER YOU THE GOODS by I A Coyote met a tiger K N As they drank beside a pool. 1 Said the tiger, H Tell me why You're howling like a fool." H Thats not foolish," said the Coyote, , With a twinkle in his eyes, f "They call us howling Coyotes Because we advertise." - A rabbit heard them talking And ran home like a streak: 1 He thought he'd try the Coyote's plan, . But his howl was just a squeak. . A fox came to investigate- Had luncheon in the woods, So the Coyote advertisers can X Deliver you the goods. if 1 M,-1 A rg f25w0s1Fff1tffr3 171 13x11 F11 11 1 14.f.- 1Q.?,.XT,gf5s.fn....gQ,-i.?btNf..W3-E141 .1 XXV Cl lglfififlm 1-11.3 e11.figffQ2::L'f...:j4l"i::L-. SLM 'LJ 1 1 1 '1 1 . .11 If ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1111'1 1111 11,111 .1111 '1 11, 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 ,f 1 1fQf!f,, ,ff ,. '1 1 1' 1 1111 1111 1111 11,111 1111 1111 1 111 1.1 ' 1 1 1 11, .1 1 11,11 1 ,. 1 11 ,11 1111 111 11111 111 X x 1' 11 111' 1' 1 1 11 1. 2,1 x . I ,, ff I 1 1 , . 1 1 1 xy X' ' 1 li . 1, ,X 11 1 'NV Xxx 11 1 11 1' 'V '11 '11 1111' 1. - 1"'11 3 11 . wg, f245J ,,.. ll K l. n , 3 Y N il K l l 3, l .fl lk .U l . IN I Tl M s-.qjqgi'fgNgTfffreijfse'i,2y'f1f,Q 07. ij-X .Xl llll R0 ll? ls gs . rl U li l 'l Qs?-Pine? l w 7 xx liar I 'A l l l l 4, . j The enthusiasm and interest shown by the sixteen cub sellers played a very important part in financing this book, and made possible a circulation of six hundred Coyotes 3 ' among the students and faculty of the University. At the close of the sales campaign the Cub Sellers, Coyote Staff, Mrs. C. Vail, and The Publication Board were entertained at an informal banquet at the Wesleyan i Cafeteria. ' i 6 l 1 i X X NNAZU 52461 JO tg"-" -Cie --:"' 7',.,..-X I-M --an fs., ,,-f .-Y Q'-,.-Q' - ---NZEXX--A x I , 'w 1, ,i ivl I iff' 1 I . , X,- 'x f V' ,' i- f' ff, xr 11 3 N 51 ! , I 4 X, gf- 'L '4 'A ,v I i iJAtg?,i:T2'k.i7::T.1'ff:ZIIf,-r alien- "' N' Y- 1 'x" :ggi '31 M if i M I no TU - VN X, Years Experience in Making mg r ,Ur I r fi V .fA Z: xii Z ' A, ii ilk? X fi ' . 3 3159: t f ' ' . L KQEG Rs., I i iid TRPDEMAR X T ' Vx ii My FLOUR gig ggi "Best by Test" QQQ f A r , ,M H R-iii Because every VICTOR product is manufactured if F Linder complete laboratory analysis from start to ji U, , finish guaranteeing uniformity thruout. 1 ' ii' W A -ALSO- My il 1 5422 ,fi 5 Victor Food Products, Poultry and Stock Foods 4 lgix f' vD pl Kg! ,gt i , ,- is 1 QQ V: :, gf--FH ' ii 1869 r1iqVFF ya 1926 if rlnr i, f i T 'XX ' 4 1' 3 A ,QR T1-IE CRETE MILLS CRETE, NEBRASKA XA I A. L. JOHNSON, MRS. C. O. WHITE, BEN JOHNSON xdivgf President Vice President Secretary 1 I ,C-Lea For XTX? it X Q V1 U FCfZf"7:Q s -f 5lZQVf?'w i'i' QTXYKO ME! fwfx, NL trkmli I'2f-171 f+xgig?oQ??D X X, 2 I 3 I ll'1l"4,1,fl Big Business Man: "Young men, all my success in life, all of my financial prestige, X I owe to one thing alone-Pluck. Take that for your motto, Pluck, Pluck, Pluck." Il A25 Manchester: "Yes, sirg but who clicl you pluck?" I H ff l Koser farrestecl for speeclingjz "Good morning, judgeg how are you?" Wm Judge: "Fine! Sl4.70." lf' X Xllfff The straight and narrow path is the only road that has no traffic. W -1 1 ff, It 's.,A The sunflsh plays in the water, ',Xxxf The star fish rests in the sand, The flying fish uses the atmosphere, dbx But the poor fish walks on land. WHEN THE DAY COMES ffcifts Lastv f55ft I When the hcmsom cab returns to B replace the taxi and motor car, uy 1 . -.f x l I then, and ,wt tmttt then, A diamond that never WEBIZS out. will women 7,etw,,,,L to A watch tilat is gzood for a llfe time. 'x f long hair and lortg Jewelry t at as S' - ft' f't'i A SMS' F ENTON B. FLEMING f -UNI PLACE BEAUTY Jewele, lm! SHOPPE Cor. 12th Sz 0 Sts. 1143 0 Xl PHYSICIAN DENTIST Dr R. Crook Dr. E. R. Mathers if House Phone M 3154 House Ifhone M 1209 If East 18th St. Office Phone M 2235 f UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBR. - STAGE SCENERY OIL PAINTINGS Co. i X State CO. Florists Designers A PERRY A. RYoN, Mgr. Decorators A Mi. Phone B 5244 Night Phone M 2367 1034 O St. Lincoln, Nebr. 127 NO. 13TH STREET A ' ff WHEN YOU SAY IT WITH FLOWERS, I I SIGNS SHOW CARDS SAY IT WITH oURS" fl ill I I, .LLL I ,- , A LLLSLR I L- L SffQi4iiSR.Yibl?2Ql ill1,,WfGf4Z5'eQYW 2481 R 1 X I lr ' 1 f ff N 1 X 5 X f ' QQ f ,"' QQQQ oejzfiitpij wx -XML 12fflfQes'gg'mree?e--e- will ll Ur -catering for over 40 years to the needs of young folk mfr? V10 fp - I m y i--' ,,A? -lr fmt D Kr 1' ,, A X f G i"'. . rx! my frm --always the things ,Br , 7 fi iifif iiiriisfi ' ' "V L lm , e,1 L you like offered ln the ,4Z, tx Q2 ' if ,H Q way you l1ke-- lx "A store O 9 I whzzev QC! Lincoln, Nebraska ln lf, 7- i,l li fill fi 'il , l What matter if yesterclay's failures were big? I 'X Z! Toclay is your clay, so get in ancl dig. ill, If you meet any trouble, why just change its name, 'Yl' f And call it a laclcler. It oft leacls to fame. jill V But whatever you do, be quick ancl begin itg N 0? You never can tell just how much there is in rt. iw . 71 l 1 ff W Drmk Mllk B- G' Kenny N fi FOR DRUGS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES 4 X TOILET GOODS and CANDY X, X f I-I UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBR. ' Phone M 3366 1845 Warren Ave. For dependible servge andtlmilk 1 ' th t ' r a in e L a IS Syaeafrflaesky fory "The Students' Favorite Store" X R b M High Quality Low Prices V O 1 Variety Goods x X Lincoln Omaha Sioux City UNI. PLACE NEBR. H K T 'QT A fi Ulf' . 'MXL ' f 1 X fig? fi ,QTLXSS ' ff FQFXYQQMQQU NQXQJ IULLASM1fb4exJ f249:I -xx 1 'x .r mc'-' . M- ' To "' gpgggj 'swf ' lx - 'sf ,--' lx ff-QTL -- 2-f2s.l'14+-N---1ill:ff"'s n X I l al IlN'IlI!E:IlE:II4ii Ill-ll1'IINl!l IEIil EiI'1k Il::llJ,IlNlIlilFI,lI'hI'4 'sir' Kiss Ewff XS!! fill MU l QW , ll H ui ers all ome B Ll l lx l'il"li nl. + A L i im? . I ill l 1723 Warren Ave. Phone M 2219 Q iz id W' hip: "So yo r f the is ill. I hope it Lstyfg Prize Trophies Loving Cups is mliliing contagious" a r , Moon: "So do I. The doctor says he is l l I X gil! Fraternlty Goods suffering from overworkf' lx Jewelry "lt's the little things that tell," said lrma ffA'y l N , Ealsshdashshe pulled her younger brother from ill. o elntesoa. ill n l l ' X U Chas. W. Fleming I, d TEE pl J UU J ler Gift Counselor ,ve ma e a yvon erlu scovery 7G will ewelgll U09 LINCOLN Ill tell Darwin l think, l 1' v l i ' ' I looked under my bureau, N 3 , O t. al D t And found the missing link.E I R I l l , lg p 1C ep ,. - ar usse I ff 'A v e John F- Ayres, Registered OPff0metriSt The first real talking machine was made 'tv lf Punktal mid C' V' Blfocal glasses give perfect of a rib. Later on inventors made one that l M li 3 service. Let us show them to you can be Shut OH 5 X Q nnfll ' ll l li 15993 ,fig 5 i W' X ' ff' NX K y l Central States Life Insurance Company l Srl! ' f Q Of Saint Louis l , l XY ,ffm Writes participating and non-participating policies, and our policies con- 7 ff 1 l tain Disability features, also Operation Benefits. lj The insurance business offers wonderful opportunities for men and I lui Women. If interested, Write or call R yr Y f ' ,filer RILEY-FOLEY AGENCY l n p l fl l 1 we - State Managers for Nebraska 524-525 Terminal Bldg. a LINCOLN, NEBRASKA E51 r rt 1e.frf,fie1r1'-sfgf fx it -2 X fi' s ' r fZfeNf'ls 'W s f L:ssse..fQs31fasb1?4lsfQjl s fail l s L250J q A-ML-ee. -. ez.-'f":ff,..Mfh.. X 1 .J lb fr -1 e ,c,""tN-:e-.-fzfe---me '-'fr' , , , , ,, A... , - 1 W .4--.-. ,V p .4 1 ,,y.f"5.,x -,,,-g,.f- A , x . - . X ROM--T ,K-4..-g?.f.e1i3T11,fe.?,s-8AA at A . , 1 2----ff -f' Y wWN7L'1:g-.!..eA'Q.f ,A-'4 f 8 ITM HD, f f T' ' K ' 1, 1 . 1 + J 1 1 F, Ei. r .v xv. I 4 2' f R .ATA AAD... 1... ,gg 1 2 s'g.,Qg...,ijTgj, .Aix , 3 y ,f ' For a Joll Good Time A QQ' t, fp Y Wall Paper y K 1 MU Ride in My Truck 3 eq to the Picnic NEW AND USED FURNITURE CALL FURNITURE REPAIRING 3 1 wt . if ER E 3 M15 ' ""'1'xX' . if fl 1' 6 R, ,E A 1 Recroft Furniture Co. Wg 1838 WARREN AVE. if ml' Phone M 2219 or M 1819 Phone M 3486 WI W Sy . . . WZ N X 'H If . W Beginning 1ght-- ,ff il 'y' " If you would be sure that you are if if beginning right, begin to save. 1' fn, 3 Saving money, while it stiffens ,XX 1 3 'Q W the will, also brightens the K ,Wx I I energies." -Theodore Roosevelt S Let us help you attain prosperity thru thrift! '12, Depositors protected by W5 4 Guarantee Fund of the g fm State of Nebraska 1 'I 1 X2 5,1 NEBRASKA STATE BANK gg., .mir 0 Street at 15th LA 15 LINCOLN NEBRASKA My 1 'fi H. K. Burkett, President F. E. Beaumont, Cashier U lv, W Qf N1 f C. D. Coe, Vice-President W. S. Battey, Asst. Cashier 1 'xy ' A X Edith M. Woodward, Asst. Cashier U A -ei 1 . iw '-4 2' " I ls-XXX W2 PHYSICIANS and SURGEONS if P28 1 H. A. Taylor, M. D. J. D. Taylor, M. D. Rf 1 f Res. Phone M 2271 Res. Phone M 2113 ' 1 E . I. X A' DENTIST QQ K 1' Gs I-do Q Res. Phone M 2095 A , If XM' OFFICE 122 W. 18TH ST. OFFICE PHONE M2257 Xl gl' i 'f-'ee ff'f'eXi""'1'f+ .-fi: F. 'Z In-AX F7 TEX fi' " id 1 f-'I .ff-S-A XF? fix ffe- 'fx L41 ' f.xff 'e-, FDYXCCVQY w.11Ni,sff 1'giHfft5,ri5y15Qf5-,,K. - fQggyvsfiYaiise-.?eeee..el5 Weil. MAJ. .U..1,1aQ4..eQf.ffe4eine-211153311QE! 52511 TPS-7 fix Xw l i ly ,X E1 X, .xx 1 l W ' , wx Ti W N il 'Of' wr W X NXNXK1 X' H l.. Xl X. XIX 1 M t :AE N . u if 7 W Mix fflj gf f 'x v RES Y ix TW l sl X UUE , -X Q. H L I2521 ,XV X V If ,f 1 ' 6 TM ff' f M OX 1 f QT J' ' fi Q , 'Z U - I E N THE "STICK-UP" MAN j TX TAKES ALL YOU HAVE AND LEAVES YOU WITH A GENERAL INDIGESTION. 2 'WN T fkx f X Xxx Z! QF X 6 TQ We try to give you Unexcelled Service, Quality Merchandise, coupled with the Pre- A vailing' Weslfeyan Spirit T COLLEGE BOOK S'1'0RE ED. R. FURMAN ' A LLL ,T Le L I:253:I l 11' :lf X, 'tr . S 1 l J 3 x J Y I , 1 . f .--1' 1 i s. e:1'THf3g?2iiiiQf5:E3LAfTiP -,,,v . ,, 5 1151 filiilifxx, -, " ff.4-.ff' of F 'S . X'ff""1i. -Q. I ' A .Qlk l 1, 1 1 Ll A IA I d cl 0'l 8: G I' If atss . B. . n epen ent 1 aso 1ne Co. 5 il ll XX nl Of LINCOLN, NEBR. fgll . s . . Q11 Stra1ght run petroleum products, mcludmg 1 ws . . . 1 , d1St1llate for o1l burners all My M it all Lg, E 24-hour service 15th and N Streets Phone B 3468 ,fylfflyvl I It lf l 0 ' l I 7 casts D t I 1 Pester l en a 1 ces Q Investment Company , J DR. LADD 119 E. 18th Street Phone M 1828 ,115 -p DR. PIERCE , I, tw DRjRT.Ab1ij16oJREY Un1. Place, Nebr. V , I J' ' ll l 15 ,l DR- WARREN CITY PRCPERTY-FARM LANDS- Xl I 309 FR AT, BLDG. MERCHANDISE-LIVE STOCK- ,trip 5 lil LOANS-EXCHANGE AND T i ll Phone B 3313 AUCTION SALES 1. Al Gembler says that the race between the tortise and the rabbit was lost by a hare. l -l lvl Officer: "Stopl You are going thirty miles an hour." lk I Clem Young: "Impossible, I still have the fenders." 1 l l l --1 1 ll, I "We had a pool table at the reception. Yes, someone spilled a glass of water." 1 1 2 ?'- 11 Xtg ff" l Tom Chittenden has asked this question: "lf being married more than twice at the lllrlt same time is polygamy, is being married once monotony P" ff' l l 1? ll' ' l',P1l,,'l Prof. I-Iowie, to his Algebra Class: "And all these folks are simple enough." lXlQKl Xia, JEAN! l. W Laboratory Aprons 1 I N ll Q e XII! Y, Microscopes Sl1deS ff X l l I Cover Glasses L J Laboratory Glassware lxjug Etc., Etc. X Y flllfw 5 ' I, X lll Kostka Drug Co. I M LINCOLN 143 so. llth NEBR. N L N ' Ft 1 7 .a 43338, fix 'it fl' We f fl f lil 'il 'lf aw' C1 'N f254j r-... V. ,.--.,, 41. ,,...,..,., X! . ,I-f'-'xxx X K- ., , l yn tri. .-g..s.s .sv.f'--?Q-f1?fi43NE'A'-X f . T F 4. 'Z uf,-igll 1 IW. luv. f V Y I, g i l 1 1 ,V x u x XJ, l 4 f. '9, Y I It ll x l in S ,. 1 l If ,V - Y' IUCKER SHEAN 'll Fl V f bl lm JEWELERS Diamonds, Watches, Fine Jewelry, Clocks, Sterling Silver, Cut Glass, Expert it A"'l Til Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing and Manufacturing. Manufacturers of Fra- fliflj ternity and Sorority Pins. Designs and estimates furnished. W? Wie, OPTICIANS ,W x, far, YI 'QQ Eyes examined by graduate Opticians. In our Optical Department you may select A57 l just what you Want in Eye 'Glaslsles or Slpectaclesa Fine Optical Repairing. Broken tafpffff lil! enses up 1ca me . 'M' l HH l ' l M STATIONERS . Y A iXl1 Stationery for the Office, School and Home. Waterman's Fountain Pens, Office lff Equipment and Supplies. Crane's and Whiting's Fine Stationery. Complete line I ' of Supplies for all Departments of Schools and Colleges. 774 KN it-,Q :ff l li if TUCKER - SHEA ll .flilu fl' 1123 O Street LINCOLN, NEBR. uw lv, v If women are slaves to dress, they are gradually freeing themselves. Some are nearly ljll 5 emancipared. lj 1 5 i .4 fr'Fn I cc - as E Vi ill I We Sell H0tA1f G AY L 0 R D ll Tunmn zuNE Y ,AND ill gli FURNMES GA 0 RD ,lil . 1- 1, ,pil 1 LAWYERS ls. t xl 1 l Xaxiixjl, I xlll AND ' T-1'-' JXKVQVXIXQ ! 1 l 4 4 ll r . 2 Qi A150 do PLUMBING TITLE EXAMINERS DM BONDED ABSTRACTERS PQ, ! I O l l 1 1 GREEN 81 McREYNOLDS i .1 JJ THE HOT AIR MERCHANTS AT Vg NX X X' 1" fl 'V ff University Place Telelpbone M 2314 wld' Over Citizens State Bank XX Phone M 1845 1909 Warren Ave. p University Place, Nebr. ll ' ll , . - . E W L It o' f'wQs?ivTex . 'E il Mfrs ff ri S-.bfs-Qlffrflll lZ55l ff fy 3 Qeffffax-Sf IA I if I X 5 fit Vfiie flfzfr' EIL ,J ig I F11 m If N 1 'U YI m X 5 I l'1'1 rn 59 2 3 lr I EQUIPMENT S PERSONAL INTEREST l XI , f N E I PUT INTO THIS ANNUAL by the A xl VKX A xb X5 Ui ' TQ I QREMEHMG QQRM ANY ll UNIVERSITY PLACE, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA lf I l A fl 9 X N Helped to make this book a credit N4 to the Staff and the University N4 x The same Experience, Equipment and Personal Interest ' available for all your Printing Needs is ffefxwfvw NAM 2561 . l "" 'ix gn H., ,, ,, , , AW., W,-M, , Lfgxx Y.,, ff--sm ff fdfjc' W- ' Qj3Ql1XiL?fCi5l -, M114 5:11351 HOZRL J I, ' fl my 5 w iff A 'N f f, flf' I, f 1 1, PHOTDS we PRIZE 'O QV' Z QU 5 Q nu P V Q1 W If gux VA I L S T U D 1 0 K f 9 gf Ph t g ph yy 1926FC y f Cl 1' Butler Bldg UNI. PLACE W x I3 1 I 1 Vntvjf ,qcil-j:---W... 41l1?Xf-.fgzbf SC? ,XX X W 3 U: xx AY!! ' A 'rl 3 5 21 j U if VN N S Cv W Y - N W RX I D0 T fm Of w 1 - - Y I I , fi . WQ1 1 1 j x X N WEN 1 P 5 , fa lm!! iz Y kgs gf V ,l! X W , 073 f l fi E l X I ,fylfxg VC f f W 13 . 1 , f 'jjks'i?::'i...f,,.r.l-,,..-r-f.,L,-.s.-.-., , - A-, A, N . , p l W i A 1 -cl V- ' , Aqvsmmv f,.,,f' . wwf"-Q arp' mfg, ' 1 "Fx K-"A -' f " ,fff1T.i'---. ,f am 'Nw 'V f' -'K' , -N - 1 I X i X X XKYi,,gwm,4V,!,,, f--bg' -- Jw -fi "sf, 1' if it l . ! X X I' I, A X XX! fx' ll , , A QM! "Builders gf Thrift" ' A fb 2 s L f 'S A ill Q , ff ff l S 1 gf ,Ik j' ll Q i , li- N 'Y 'il 7 1 KX' xl 5 Jil l K XV' xx 2' fy i X 'T fi 'XXXXX1 '-I V, 2 Qld luv im, pp, Iam my l'l1 lil' 'ri ww qvlnii T , . ,,, N , V l :xx-,Xi 1 i x x X Q 3 1 N Q l X "' Q X , I v s, H, i l lx ,W lx If f fvlxxx MY li ly l , 1 , u i ll ll pg Ulf i iq -'ln l I Hill iw Will li W iff iii! li Nfl i 5 il luv J l fgli Off I o College Eyxx ' 1 i i l ' MOTHER and FATHER have sacrificed helping to direct your future. Are 1- l L KN-V' you guaranteeing their Security in their declining years? ff - N5 .K f , x X , A yfilfi I would appreciate an opportunity to explain the possibilities of protection 1 l X l for your loved ones, and also its uses for yourself in future years. l ul it V pil ii G. REYMAN DioUoLAss, oem Agt. ll if V ' Lincoln, Nebr., 404 Richards Block A NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Hit Minneapolis, Minn. RN l ll ff , , i L Y K iflil Vl"'T ,.J.. 4 I i n Reef fix ixf' 'ii f'i'gS'x it Wi I2-59'l x X f i H if f it-'A aww i AH-vi i Y Milf -3 no ,gf eff so I Fvif-5SiHJ'Z52i"f-F ,fgffS?ffVK' l',4Q-+01 ll 1 I YOU Dean lVlcProud was putting in a concrete ,ff X Will look. QIGSSY walk in his back yard, doing the work him- fl lxlxxfll HAIR CUEfll:ter recewmg T-IAIR BOB sel-f.hbBefo1Ekt1he material hadhset solliielof ithi 1 Ui- SHAVE NECK CLIP iieig h olr C-l rein -ran -overfthelwfl IES N engt , eavmgt e imprints o t eir eett ereln. Y -1?-N SI-IOEOEHINE The Dean was irritated and got rid of quite a 0 , at the few words in a short time regarding it. A l V ' friend just passing, said " Why, Dean, we l,Kx thought you liked children."' R RQ C, I, THOMAS, Pl-gp, "Yes," the Dean snorted, ul do in the X 1834 warren Avenue abstract- but not in the concrete." m e-:ss-55 i 1 QD ff X, XX I O. J. FEE iq' f U5 :ass N. nut . N ,N LAUNDRY 61 CLEANING f s, N fl -, ' . Ifwl ' Some one found Coach Durham's grip full of Pullman towels on the return from one X Ol, of the trips to the Dakotas. It has never been decided who put them there. lil N I, f ' 1 'X lll1 PN, fl I r lt l N5 l 'iw Xf . Til fl PX Harold Helton says that although John Graff claims a relationship to General Pershing, he shouldn't be stuck up because that won't even make John a corporal. Make Life Insurance Selling Your Profession Join the Selling staif of The Security Mutual Life Insurance Company LINCOLN, NEBRASKA OAK E. DAVIS, General Agent l NQMQWFQSQN NfL,ia2w,eQa..N 6 12601 f--N ' Q2efriQ4gffff1iffL?ef?2fNi2r i3TQg??sl?LQfgesigfilifi V a K, 9 X2 Your Uwn Mother ill. The Best cook of All nib ljfvl K WILL PLACE HER STAMP OF lr LL LL APPROVAL ON oUR Foons f x ,X N , ,f CENTRAL CAFE r 1325 P ST. 4 X,- . X 0 ,,,. RQ Food Prepared as You Like It , i f 11 Stit Wilson defined a nuisance as Ha saxapbone played early in the morning, tben ,YIXN probably you aren't affected with that here." ff ,f X., Y Xl l Dean Alabaster, in chapel: "Remember your exits, Professor Barringer is goi g to l-. I if Ol I lk." QV ta e+ it ljll Dr. Croft is no different from the rest of the students. In cbapel be said: "How well lx X I remember my first fall in College." X l' rr - Vx , f , A Prof. Wells defines evolution as process of detailing. ' -. l ll Q The Hale Studio is KODAK FINISHING ol XX' 7' K jx i if and is it ENLARGING l Mail Us Your Films 1308 o sr. P L1NcoLN, NEBR. l261l , QT:-.. Y 1 it if B Q F S SWS Bw" AAN WWMSWWM S S S ' h B h E H W ll X ,H y mit rot ers . . e s 5 W THE LUMBER SMITHS Successor to S gg H. A. BOGLE gfw The Best Place to Buy E My Um ?1' 03 UPfT0-DATE MERCHANDISE E Building Material LADIES, SHOES l as and SILK HOSE if 1 3 f lilx l 0 i E Palms MEN'S COMPLETE LINE QM of 5ll'1t i".', x, J lfff' FQ! M 2336 1425 WARREN FURNISHINGS and SHOES 5' xg WNXXXX- l X Nxxr gf? X lt 1 Prof. Jensen: "Name two natural magnatesf' l X .N vf' Ralph Deal: "Blonde and Brunette." NVQ! 32 X - - i Xi gli, X N' f ft Mary Champ Cwatching pole vaultlz "Just think how much higher he could go if l l w , , he clicln't have to carry that stick." kk ji! Ulf n H HQ Ur. Glen Griffith: "Meet me at the same place tomorrow night." gif? Catherine Wood: "What time will you be there." fl' ls ill V X fly? "Yes," murmurecl Harlan Randall, gazing affectionately into the mirror, "All great W I men are cleacl-l'm getting sickf, ,N 1472 ' ' - . ig 5 XR! Gayle Skerritt: "Break, break on thy colcl gray stones, oh sea. You coulcl break ancl break a thousand years and never be as broke as mef, iNi?',f'i l V I X XXX fl il li' Q l 1 ' 1 sl l l I if l Coryell Oil Co. by rl-,il A HOME CONCERN pri Mr 25 ll, law r lr MA., Ql LEE N at ,ig gmt at H E ,E E H . my Ut I lib fm' fo 2-'f-'off BX - fif' 'E Hf"'t14.f'TNft ri K6 f'tE' Njjm , , L2621 vs is etsr I l i'TTLQi:::fiYQ:i.iL- Lgiffwa :Lees we AQ A 'B 'liileguf I lt xx T y A, , C6 ' 97 flwp, 34 Years of Time for Sale Time is the measure of life. Time is more than money-for Where can you buy I back a yesterday? Burt the laundry sells you many tomorrows. Time for youth Flew I- Q and beauty, for living more fully a richer life-that is what this laundry offers. Iwi WILL YoU BUY? mg I I, A I THE BEST LAUNDRY fgjlil TOWNSEND 8: PLAMONDON F Cleaners and Pressers 2245 0 Street j ' I Telephone B 1579 I LINCOLN, NEBR1 I 53-I5 ill T W -I. 'll, I -'!.v I irish T. Diamonds Watches Jewelry llhlf p fiy, res ',. . X I 2,4 4 ' I 'g Xu 9 lX,Tf Harris--Sartor , e ii f rL Y Dikens: "You ought to be more careful i Vi . I I I Nl, I Peal'lS Jewelry SIIVCI' about your associates. I notice you go around lr kj X 1323 0 Street with a fellow who doesn't own a car." f" N LINCOLN, NEBR, Hubbard: "Sure, l am trying to sell him, l - n l 5 3 X mine. lx li LI I K iry. 4,1 LARGEST ASSORTMENT- arf LOWEST PRICES l J wi, will Bracelets Bar Pins Compacts i il, X I i IV? l 1 W I 3 NM . . . . ltr , Headquarters for University Soclal AEHIYS THIS LEADING HOTEL Wg X u a X if ff f Offers Every F aC1l1ty for X l 0 v K 'M iz , I I i Dinners, Parties, 5 in . s I ft X, J, Eating and Sleeping 11: I li Requirements A I 1 155 H9 OPERATED BY EPPLEY HOTELS CO. l 5 il if Q j ix ffl Xt "Yes," said Aubrey Carrell, after reporting for the paper, "I always carry my notes 1I,fx,4' if , in my hat." I ,Ne J "I see," replied Boswell, "news in a nut shellf, , NN ff Kellough fwriting homejz "How do you spell financially?" XV, 1' Dickson: "F-I-N-A-N-C-I-A-L-I.,-Y, and there are two R's in embarrassed." 3 Lilw ,QVLL Q1 hh . A L L Q L hi VF i,f'7f'lfN f'fFf'EQ'4i.f'i ,f"lT'Q fNL'li link- V ll' 'l liTl!iZf' ",, thx l ' f263J W pvex'-hf:f,fff'i1Z-ff'Lsf"N f" w-A140 ' 1 J X .I f 'f w V, x f Macdonald Com'l Photographer 218 No. 11 LINCOLN B 4984 Rent a NEW Car - Drive It YOURSELF BUICK, VELIE and HERTZ SEDANS FORDS 0F EVERY TYPE Capital Auto Livery Co. BERT A. ANDERSON Remember the Advertiser B 2696 N. W. Cor. 11th 8z Q The ,U . . 'lg First National 'Eh Bank s l X o ss o wx fx W University Place - Nebr. C Bobby was in the store with his older QQW if If f g cly by th l k. "What must you say, Bobby?" "Charge it," he replied. sister, who was attending college, when he Take Pictures Now for the X Future Memories XV X fm - f rf EASTMAN KODAK and X Y I FILMS SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE MARTHA fl MAYO DRUG CO. WASHINGSZFSDAIES 1800 Warren Ave. M 1020 X I " THE DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER ', SCHQQL SUPPLIES W A E -Alf, ,1 ,U R.-X , , MIL E 2641 'xvfliilli ,, X ,YY ,M SWELL E K, - .,.e,Ae,f,Ae , N, f - af - YD f,,,1,-s- YQ Y if-A , I-f,4.,Wf I f11 Q-Z-+QQ?as'?Qef5 , Weeseeesesiv-EQQERiff MI' Pasteurized Milk and Cream VLI ? Pure, Wholesome, Refreshing E UV fi LET Us DELIVER T0 YoU lxf FRESH EACH MORNING 0, KN 0 fff If Uni. Sanitary Dairy ffx 'fbi Phone M 2497 - 1927 Warren Avenue llixl Griffith: "I've decided to raise your rent." QA f I ' Boswell: "lt's darling of you, Glenng I was wondering how I coulcl raise it myselff' fm IM I QV o 0 0 I Lincoln Public Service Company D 1401 O Street A K X YOU CAN ONLY BUY GOOD APPLIANCES HERE S ' YOU MUST BE SATISFIED K4 y GAS APPLIANCES I FA 44 ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ' 7 VISIT OUR SALES ROOM Lincoln Public I Service Company XY W Lincoln, Nebraska A U E E E P E If E651 'W 4, IA 5 . 1, Mn X. Ci: - ,.x.. i,t!li1if ..,' xH,i:fllii5-LZWZZE? ,,,V ,:lf4Afi?i?ELi3gi?iE??:j:::'f-XXX TV X, V 7 , 55 IN xjygj kkgl V X, W 2-JL! i , FU 0 VW? T W X MQ 92 A N M, 3 V f AU fffi W, WI , 2 bi fr ' JI x N H Q! fu sw W N 44 551 1 59 I ,ff X xx , . V f 1 is iii 'muh X ' iwyij 5 YV I X ff lg, S44 2 , 5 sk' 1 i Lf A'KK Q ' XXX if riQ1ff Q wSwfmJNMyufu1wNQ-av Ei wry X mfg 'M ft-91:2 55, AAVYEXMK-'VAN YYWQTX :Q xQ""'f E1 I- CJ A, 9,7 E5 A mr H V x 2661 KN, RQEX 1,1 1- -qi Test the Three Branches of wi V1 t x .A-Q11g,'jj53 3gT?1i-yigiaif he A A g g KWH- X4gFA-jigiiiiirlilgi I .g"13l:3i5i'ff1i?2frla4Q5s11laee fe an I A - A il E' l 1 I IU' LA an llflll x ll ll fl' sy 'Q E ly l ll "Rl A YS.. xx xx XXX , g Nz. 1 llwsl, N'5:1 fill! 1'Lx lil'-J lk-fi' xxq Qryel. :ski . jx: . X, lzlyl, "12w -F I :H+ gulf lox ,,'-f lhv f A :,'..AL lfgl ,, I - .1 ,all fl UQ ,in s M , lxlf ill l x 1 , Ma A l . lw ,gl My lww l ' l l , l , l rf l ll lx l 1 ,V w l . , ,, F! if 575 Ml: Xl 1 Sl 411 SH. li wi, 59' 7 IE L13 tif I I M5 rw H fl ' XX ,I ff li ,L W1 You Are Next Our Business lil 1 , f .fx 1 Rx 1 . X 1 xi- i y A V M ' 'I CLEANING V PRESSING W REPAIRING ,fa ,Q l I ln-llvl l. I There's Something for You to Gain , In Doing So I .Til i X ff , ' if , . X , Um. Place Cleaners fig We are prepared to give High Class G' S' CHILDERSA Prop' ' and Satisfactory Work to both 106 E. 19th St. Phone M 1787 Ladies and Gentlemen rl,f,1 WESLEYAN BARBER Slllll' 'APE A d rt' a ma wh 've hi traw ,W C. W. COURTMASH, Pr0D- hat failoyiii All befall Stiltig F0 Clie it. i :ff 105 East 18th st. UNI. PLACE ,4 . O O lll Xxx l - We Believe ln Wesle an and Uni Jewelry Store . . Y l UHIVCPSIEY Place A I WATCH, JEWELRY and OPTICAL 5 em REPAIRING . n fm- WATCHES, DIAMONDS W fl H d I1 and JEWELRY IS a ar ware M K 1 . L. E. WILLISS The Store of W1 107 East 18th St. QUALITY and SERVICE gli l I X . l ,Xxx "What is your son going to be when he gets through college P" uAn old man, l'm afraid." 4 E 'I E Snyder: "l-lavn't l seen you somewhere before ?" Elma Mae Crane: "Yes, l had the chair 'next to yours at the barber's yesterday." 3 A , A L gi 1 ' xlff PHONE B 2775 VA . . 1 tner iii J K l-l'l 135 SO. 12 LINCOLN, NEBR. lx ALA., U L ,P fggjzivfjyyf fxxfl il TP, rlrf' rf,ffT1fsQ,,.5jii5Q5,1115, j,71f3fT1ff IL-sash-fsleel-lE'lTN',5if'5em 'ro' 1 fiml. ljlxxxls I lffolfff lfLiQLvflffffi,-flglfiif Iiggxlgifiij I:267:l -'JSF' fr. K V gp ?f' O" "'- - Q W' X' ' 'rr' ff' y s 1-1 o E s The r it K Q2 Repairea at a Wesleyan Luncheonette Reasonable Price OT Satisfaction Serves You and Guaranteed Serves You Best ' John Gies 117 E. 18TH 2 198 E. 18th UNI. PLACE, NEBR. Lunches Igg Cream ff Citizens State Bank Bank With a Growing Bank Our interests are those of the University. Q We are helping in every Way possible to make for a Greater Wesleyan. We are here to Serve. Come in and try our methods of doing business. E. M. BAIR, President GEO. KNIGHT, Vice-Pres. H. G. MEYER, Cashier LET AUS SOLVE YOUR INSURANCE PROBLEMS INSURANCE DEPT. Citizens State Bank CECIL C. GATES, Mgr. The University Place News Respectfully solicits a share of your printing Our Work is Neat. Our Prices Are Reasonable Prompt Service Is Our Motto .gr x C. C. GATES, Ass't Cashier PHONE M 1550 , 105 W- 18TH Mr. Durfee and Mr. Lindhorst met for the first time in the lobby of a New York hotel. Lindhorst extended and Luncheons a his hand, saying to Durfee, "l.indhorst is my name," 0 A and Durfee in like manner introduced himself and further ' , remarked that he was from Pierce, Nebraska. H Lindy " replied that he had never heard of Pierce but that he was from Red Cloud, the greatest spot on earth. Then waxing eloquent, he said, "l have traveled up the Hudson and been inspired by its marvelous beauty, I have looked on the mighty Niagara Falls and been overawed by its mfajelsticcgfandieur, llhave taaversedh the Grand Canyon o t e oora o an seen t at mig t work of nature, l have looked upon the Rockies with their imposing size and rugged features, l have sojourned in Yosemite Valley and Yellowstone National Park, but nowhere have I seen anything that would compare with Red Cloud, Nebraska." Nlr. Durfee, astonished, listened with apparent reverence. "Lindy" then slated more calmly that there was just X one draw back. The country around Red Cloud is just a little dry. Durfee replied that that would be easil overcome, saying to N Lindy," H if you can suck as hard Corner and Q Sts- as you can blow we will extend a huge pipe from the Gulf of Mexico and flood the whole country with no L' 1 N b d5g,c,,1tyj' ll'lC0 Il 6 l'. li?-TX 'Tir T V7 . I A i M 'ml fm-rf in i , IL E Off is is V I cfs is 9f?!Q6225lV rrbtg. UmXL4X!G i.uAl-lk, i Ili. A AQ - -as fs 268 It 4 Wk' Y VA,n, Y 1 ,U 1 ,,f,D.-.,-- -,J -W I -V - f ------'---!-f- -- H V 1 E, ve, grew D - f, ,fi KJ D ,S+ inm?s54lf-11i5,?i: g'fQ,fifiQi2?S ii11,1i4 is J was er Tape L' XXV 1 ,B Ee? ,272 If xxlx lg? 612177 'Ars-ax,-in sg lr VU ' X In 0 The Can Hardl Walt U N Y Say what you will-half the battles of life are won, half 1 the college' tests are passed and half the big games are brought X to a glorious Victory through the faith and interest of the peo- fi 1 tx X' ple at home -your Mother and Dad. XXQ " I have been very busy " is a favorite excuse for delay in X 'X Writing them a letter-but there isn't a man or girl in col- f lege Who is too busy to telephone home once a Week. Make telephoning home a habit. Make a date with Mother and Dad for a certain day at a certain hour every Week of your RQ ' college life. It is a habit you will never regret. RES LINCOLN TELEPHONE 8: TELEGRAPH CO. X 1 X Long Distance Will Keep You Within the Family Circle p 1 ' Marlowe Anderson says the Sahara is so dry that there are whole herds of dried V L beef and the cows give evaporated milk. We would suggest that one satisfaction derived from being behind in study is that one f OT may pursue it. 0 Taught in Science: The attention of a student varies inversely as the square of l D the distance from the professor's desk. L W I R I C K' S l . iii? 4 Excluslve Luggage Shop 32.51" X THE HOME OF Dependable Luggage Hartmann Trunks Hand Bags and Purses THE PORTRAIT Leather Novelties of today becomes a treasure of tomorrow Graduation Gifts of leather are useful, lasting and attractive. C4 C. A. WIRICK Co ol D012 Studio X 217 so. 13th st. LINCOLN 'PHONE B 1988 1125 o st. gilzrseffsesmaii NAM ' I269 I 1 A L - 'd C1 Sh M 'fi Dr. Guy L. Spencer Op S' e oe eans M 1 in MQ . - X I . M Dentist I Aclung F eel: ,UU Why don't you have fm 5 if lil 71- ill F C. KANZLER wg ,, B 2643 Put the comfort In lt? . -,f Phone 714 Sec. Mut. Bldg. ff! Q M 2028 1905 Warren Ave. UNI. PLACE g f A lllzzi " ' l I g STRENGTH 1 SAFETY -- SERVICE lj wlifiw AND EVERY DEPENDABLE CONVENIENCE 5 fi' I At In fl.. I, t if I . . K , . W The First National Bank Ep I 1 Y Of LINCOLN, NEBRASKA ,I I , 1 'I A . f . ' I 1 fykti Over Fifty-flve Years of Banking YQ, I l ' Assets of 'Over S10,000,000.00 I I ' 1 I, Inj ,U . U' "Doctor," said Helen McCleery, "l want you to prescribe form. Z." i "There is nothing the matter, madamf' said the doctor after feeling her pulseg "you i 'lift 1 only need rest." ' 1 mf . 5 "Now, doctor, just look at my tongue," she persisted. "just look at it. Now what lll ml does that need?" ' E grin it I "I think that needsz rest, too," said the doctor. I 2 lk I, m e-- A 'iw illliii All men are born free and equal, hut some get married. ff 'I llkk tf . 5' R 2 Xl W THE PLACE WHERE You Will Find if fy.. ' 5-ff EVERYBODY EATS , iyff., 5 5 in I Take home some RlClllll0ND S CANDIES I I I I9 N 1 in ' 'X , , 1 .. X A Cn Sale usually at Y ,JI FAMOUS ACME CHILI In J f A ig 5 I those dealers you I In count On to Select lj I K the Highest Quality i i ,fi E Corner 14th and 0 Sts. of everything they ii li tx., xD' A . I OPEN DAY AND NIGHT - Sell' VI U LL Hifffgg ..,,,k VR ff? !,,,,ETQy,f'T-AL-'?jE'ifffisyf" 'Ex I ll .Ly .iii ISM? J f2'70 ' 'iiljililiilb W 51 9-l A f S 1 I r 1 1' 1 1 i w 1 ,I 1 W V 1 1 1 ii KF-fgxf-f:J1z4ii,-3-531-rf22Sff'fYfi1f " - i I V E - I ai N CARRELL'S ,, I rj 1-in SAMPLE SHOE J 'o ,f' """ V' ffgi STORE Q lil? 5 For 11 ' i W x ii 5 11153 jfwffff ff V1 1034 O Street UpStai1'S 1241 N uNcoz.M NEBR. if N A f N I 5. I i KV. g 13151 ff ,, iii: Hell! WHERE COYOTE SPIRIT PREVAILS 11 f MQW Q rori' lr 'V 1 i ii I mf 1 ' li. if 9 'V lv KH A ,V ,lx fi lx ,lf fix W ook El 6: - " 1 1 . H 1 . " Y0u'll Like the Cooks " Yi 1,1 . 1 y W sw ' A . r UF' 1, 19th and Warren Um. Place, Nebr. Ti ' 1 if W f 1 S rr irq X il , iiyrx I 1 I There are many cletours on the road to easy street. i for -- 1 On the level-most all autoes are good. .X jf- h - -T ,KMXUQ Ward: "He strikes me as a promising young man.' 5 ,Aix-A, S Mayo: "Yes, more promising than paying." gf' 1 1 Z if 'f U ' Pl G SACK LUMBER W wi nl ace arage ,LA Taxi Service AND COAL co. gig iw ' 'W MILTON GATES . V ,K Service First yr 1810-1816 Warren Ave. 0 ri ix ' , - 'x lg! Pm, M 2303 . Quality Always or M 1 N, If . W X 5' Shlrage Taxi 1519 Warren Ave. Phone M 2305 1 f iii VJGTXS NU S si 1 U zz 1227 ,.,.l!i-T XXV' LB. 1 E! on fr Llul j 25" A 7 ,I f271fI iw.. ilk. l 4 . 1 , , xg? TO A U l ff il .K J O ll f I i U f? l I 6 f ,AX U' F U 'XX ' ' X J-jg lg l i lf Tl X , 5 X CJRTICIANS CASTLE, ROPER Kr MATTHEWS B 6501 C. H. Roper Jack Matthews It never helps a man's appearance to have his breach of promise suit pressed. The man who is wrapped up in himself usually makes a very small package. For EVERY Occasion A l... M. Thomas 8: Son , University Place, Nebr. I '- , I f f I ' 4 WE OFFER You HARDWARE MAZDA LAMPS Are Unexcelled ENAMELWARE soME or OUR FAMOUS BARS SPiiiiJi1Iigc.1iRcs9ii,IgiaDWARE Lincoln Big Fellow W . Malted Milk Pineapple Flip Of Dependable Quality Milk Nut Ruiiian Candy Kid F0otBal1 O Phone M 2363 Gillen and Boney PRUMPT SERVICE Good Candy Makers Lincoln A diamond purchased on our CLUB PLAN Is nothing less than a savings ac- count for you. Sizeable diamonds in the fine qurality that is so de- sireable at 355000, SB75.00, 3100.00 Boyd Jewelry Co. CLUB PLAN JEWELERS drsesaasfswoaxazimmaszaezaaii 2721 AV , rg. ,4-,YN if ,fi ,,7,,,f1.,--Auf LD X....v ,Lx A. ,LL-.M s,- ,-, Zn I, , ' K 'sf i " , ,-vjiiggjiii ilii A W- V. . fl 7ii.1T7fTv KVJQf"ix lily- V,f' 1",QfifelKQvif,gi-QQQRQX is L ,, ,,g'pfg--L.:QpR j .X Nj xx, 1, L , ff li The 57 X o 0 sq Nebraska Wesleyan University pf X UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBR. lllul T V nfl l Q THREE MAJOR DEPARTMENTS i f Q College of Liberal Arts lg X i Teachers College . School of Fine Arts ly U A standard education under conditions xi A, UV favorable for the best development fig' ,l of young life. A l ! An effort to put trained powers at the service of a Christian X l , motive. lk 4 5 y FALL TERM OPENS SEPTEMBER 13, 1926 f Vu E l. B. SCHRECKENGAST X fi , , Chancellor N ll bfi Xl lf JU u L L , ,13, ,S not W lf' IN! , A. WSJ Wi .Q 5 ,x ,g A f,, Y Kim - R Six! ,-.X! v 4E1 Yr 1 Nf, k -41,1 K R sf' fs 5 14 .1 Q1 3, X N A f' 1 u A I f' 1"fix , fftk XX , 1 1 I xx W! ,V , gfifrf W mm S YYVV .A AA,,k,A 1 M N Y! 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I r Y If W EASTMAN KODAK STORES INC. 1 Formerly . A J' f , . fm I..1ncoln!Photo Supply Co. xl 4 3 li 5 f 1217 o STREET lx ll 11 XM TQ I A flfl ll, But1er's l if , I E 1 ' l 'l . . Wil 8: DYERS 'J . I -,.X xx-Aw The Home of Quality and Service x E in 231 ONE-DAY SERVICE n.t v X V1 R M E I 1' 2 F' I U 'l li ' . , fx ls 3 We call for and deliver to All Parts of the City Eg fl ff? E Our Parcel Post Service is Unexcelled if 4 . ? - T if Q 1 Parcel Post and Insurance Paid One Way gg ll l :Q lvl' 'A Laundry Goes in Every Day lk ff fl it I UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBR. ily, xx U NES. LJ,. QW 1 ml - Xie Clffif Qliiifiiicif 1 i"' lilxiif-iii' E"-ffl lliillz 1:2751 I ,E .2 P. 1, ,- I I ' ' or sfw-I fjf-"r'i11ggffiiifzf 1 XA,, fofr41foX feif7 ,J 1 5 jfXLTjsn-iiffiiiil fir N-XX.. L I 1 R Q P THE HAUCK STUDIO In HAUCK so SKQGLUND, Pholoogrolohoro TON Phone B 2991 1216 o stroof Of QI, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 1 1 I I I QI 7 a 7 fi S15 Watson s Market utler s Grocery f, X ff I SERVICE QUALITY N COMPLETE LINE OF VALUE MEATS Save part of every dollar ' for yourself Z UQ! 19th and Warren Ave. Phone M 2338 19th and Warren Pho-ne M 2338 y g' Publisher: "But what makes you think th t y can write p p I g ?" I Bob Palme: "Oh, you don't know h t 'Ily 'd I hav I-F Prof. Barringer: "Where was the Decl t1on of Independence s1gnccI. XJ,- UIIT Cress: "At the bottom, wasn't it?" A U I 1 DODGE SALES and SERVICE 5 SERVICE GARAGE Ei f ' Accesories Storage I I Livery Repairing s. K. TITTERINGTON, Prop. I Phone M 2307 1924 Warren Ave. Phone L-5750 Expert Repairing I4 7 BELOTE cYcLE co. ip 1The Bicycle Menj If BICYCLES XI Pierce, Triumph and y V I Other Makes K 122 No. 14th sm. LINCOLN, NEBR. M1 I 1 f2761 Y s 41 -1431--PAL X I 'CEC E ' ,, i7 ' VX-Q-he , e 4 EX wjliggi, I ' fig .i, Y 3Qi1QfE1if K If You Wish Uni. if DEPENDABLE PAINTS 44 Few equal but none em and excel us " jx GLITTERING, MACHINE- , A in , . M ADE GLASS Quantlty Quality Service If 109 E. 18th UNI. PLACE, NEBR. X See X Slonecker's M The Western Glass GROCERIES gigs 8l Pallll C0mp3.lly FRUITS N SERVICE STORE 1507 0 ST. MEATS X i WAREHOUSE 8TH 8z R STS. Phone M 2318 Free Delivery lf il l Prof. Jensen: "What is a universal time saver? l, Winshi : "Love at first si ht." Aix J p L QF "Hello, old topll New Car?" "No, olcl Car, new top!" X fi x f f fb X STUDENTS, When traveling betwen Bethany and Uni. 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Ia- E, ...I ,yo Aw, Wu, -A , E lftfll I Jff -K! 5lff'1"'VKf 'X I fe I an 1 D- I e i IQ 1 r rr WsflarsbsgrQ'3aQ3l Uxkllmxml llsllmlLQfC5f5 52803 ,ff fi..f7?f'E 're - ggi- ' sg xii" If-Q' eeep fi 5, ,gg I .4 ff Pl1?Zjf.Tf I fo-.-Jf1 f'f W-'Qwi7'x iAi:ffiEjQiliQl,,gE j A glimpse into Townsend Studio windows will l I demonstrate to you the superiority HW if A of their photography. I W , if PH swam 226 south llth street Op 5 "Preserve the Present foo' the Future " ' I j xy - f is Home Bakery Hart Plumbing Co. 'O A. E.. Haith 8z Son PLUMBING . Hot Water and Steam Y ' X l " Bakers of Good Thmgs to Eat " . .BX Heatlng 1727 Warren Avenue REPAIR WORK PROMPTLY X fe' NX UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBR. ATTENDED TO I If . V Specializing ' LINCOLN PAPER COMPANY I I I WM. HYTE, Mgr. 14th and P Strets Western Bond-An ideal business bond. Q Washington Business Stationery. ' Lady Washington Wedding Stationery. X Dilcol Fine Book Papers-CThe Coyote is printed largely 5 A on Dilcol, old Ivoryp Victory Food Containers-Everything sanitary. I. X 1 SEVENTEEN YEARS ' I Harrington Merc. Co. of servige so t Wesleyan tu en s ,, Th H Z-t LADIES d GENTS TAILORING 9 omg of Qffa P if Cleaiiiing, Pressing and Merchandise Alt tin , era g Dry Goods, Groceries, 6 R. c. HUBERT Mem f UNIVERSITY PLACE VISIT oUR PREMIUM X X 2020 R Street Phone M 3059 I DEPARTMENT 1-H1 . . , X . I efrl . :I FN e E L UNL Eg msn THREE WORDS TO THE WISE f,- ,,,, vim vt f fx X n f ,la 1 l " Agnew's Portraits Please " Of y ffm lW1ll l Vi ' Photographers for if The 1925 Coyote J :Q f r"'l f We 4 2 St :I ' lflgflyi gll8lU S ll lOS 7 1319 0 sr. LINCOLN ii? ig ,V I w 13 ' g 1 l All men have their peculiarities, but single ones are allowed to forget about them lx ,J now and then. 'tty . -- 1 I Absent minded professor meeting his son: "Good morningg how is your father?" had 29,241 THIS BOOK lS bound ln a O I ll 1 pf BECKTOLD COVER jim , The Modern Cover for all types of books i 4 if lt ' l if ll ALTHOUGH of comparatively Becktold Cover presents an almost 'HH recent origin, the Becktold unlimited range of colors and color- " l Eg Cover has achieved Widespread combinations, it is unfailingly and l W use. The exceptionalb manner ig lastinglybrich in? textcure, and it can 5 A I ll which it combines eauty an aways e em osse in a design f 'lr' adaptability with permanence and appropriate to the particular book. XX!" X y economy have marked it gs lthe We shall be glad to supply sample ,l X X l l P 5 ideal binding not only for ol ege covers and to make suggestions re- l ,N y l J Q I Annuals but for all printed Works garding the use of Becktold Cover l p l fi on which a durable agddattractive on any sort of volume. ' ,Mtg cover is nee e . mg BECKTOLD P-pyfn' Printing and Book Manufacturing Co. , by Jxfanufaclurers of high-grade covers for College Annuals by I l L 1 ST' LQUIS Serving the trade since MISSOURI N A X 1872, as book bvfgacders amd 'p -' I' IIS 00'U6'I'-'Vila GTS rind"!Z1'75ff?Slgi7iF SX 'Q il To f7 Hr V42 rar i El Jfmfewl 1lJuLs?fCbf5 O? la fzszl 0-EHW--- ff' , . ,, I , , fe-A-- -W-"'-"J "' "' 'f' x,. f' . X I, V ff V j DM sa 4 ,ffm was I I fi ' I r4Q:4w,xl4w.fQz11Lw+:swfz,fgQffgffi5Ioeo x It ,ggg, l ffgfw aiiu III II-I, THE TIE THAT BINDS AU I I7 O XI X ix I dx lx I I Graduation should not mean a severance of fra- I ternity ties any more than it does of those that I bind to the Alma Mater. A beautifully made badge will do much to preserve the bond. Or "A Book for Modern Greeks" sent anywhere any- ' time on request. xx X X PKI III If ,I I .III I IIIIXI Iv I I I ,Il I' , I I ,I I IIL, fail LV ll II II I WI Iv IIII IIII III 1IhI I I I I II '," ,IA III: II ' I1 I II IVII III, II III .If Ib II R , I I II X. NX' K X, I'-fl' I I 1 I I I I I I lay-I!! I IXAI I li X. F I I I I I I I I I I -I f X I , JI QI BURR PATTERSON 8. co. ,gan ' Oflicial Jewelers to Nebraska Wesleyan I I I X DETROIT MICHIGAN Xxvj I -Ma I I M I ,sr dime ' I I TI U IIT E2B3l 1 My 7 O W , V L.. 61- 3 3 E XXX I f f D , , Highest quality engravings and personalized service , . Hammersmith-Ktmrtmeyer Co. XS , 1 Engravers of High Grade Annuals I TO 1 1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin sp dj kr rw 211 ls xy EQ g ii r U? F51 556030491 52341 M fr- Q. C7 fl f I, ff' 1 X. ---Y N --- --W ---y f133f7etff22g'-'-s+r4i" 1---our . o 2 , f .of ,f1111,2,, ,,, oi y-X mf' - -1- 2f' 'qg it' Iirssgi i,r-,4-. A 1 1 K f ' mL- 2 KLQY, 'A A ll W l 1 COYOTE INDEX -fi' A. Expresjon ghaouates ......... ,, 125 lll A. B. A. Independent Oil 8: Gasoline Co. 254 Xpression' unior """""" " 412 W' f Advertisers In-troduction ............,,.,,,..,,,,,.., 245 Expression' Semor """"' 126 Acme Chili Parlor ...........,......i..................... 270 F Ol-' Agassiz .................,,..,................,.,,........ . 145 Fi It - . Agnew Studios ---,-,--Q--- ------------------------------ 2 82 Filifg 38233 l Alpha Beta Gam-me lphysies Clwbl -------- 150 First National Bank, Univers-iEy'i5i5.EE"" 264 Alpha 'Delta Omega Sorority ..........,......... 176-77 Flomlhg Chas W ' 'A" 25o l Alpha Epsilon Sorority ...,....,,,,,,..,...,.. ,.,..,. 1 78-79 Flomlhg' Fenton """"""'""""""""""' ""' 2 48 fill Alpha Kappa Delta Sorority ......,............. 180-81 Football, Varsity """i"' ' """""""""""""" 210-18 liz Alumni 'Representative Wesleyanites .,.. 30-36 Fi h ll' """"""' ' """"' , 9 'f' A Cl KL D 280 00t al , Freshmen ........,. ,,,,, 2 23-,4 PQX eenefs' .1 Yefs ---------------------'------ Franklin Ice Cream Co ......... ,,,,,,,, 2 75 ,f Archery Team, Gfnls .........,......,..,.............. 234 Freshman Class .------'-',..'.--.--.---- mm---lol-16 Freshman- Class Oflicers ......... 100 " B Freshman Commission 158 Band ........................,...,,.,..,..,.......,,....,.......... 140 F """"" Barnett'si studio .............,,,,,..........,....,....,.,.,, 271 Huey Brush C0 """"""""' " 280 Basketball, Varsity ....................,.......,......... 220-22 G Basketball Tournament, High School ...... 229 G , M - - Becktold' Cover Company -....--.....-.---...-------- 282 Ggligageclil ii """"'1842gg Belote Cycle Company ..........,.,................... 276 .Gay,lo1.d 85 Gaylord.. """ """ 2 55 Beta Kappa Fraternity ,....,... ........ 1 94-95 G . """' i "ff eography Club ,,........ 147 Boyd Jewelry Co ..,....,.......i.... ..., 2 72 Glos John '..--.. 268 lf! Burr Patterson 8: Co ....... . 283 Gllloh Cahill, Co' 272 l l l Buder Dr.CL L ............ . 251 ' ' 5 """ """"' I M 5 1 Glee Club. Girls ,...... .,.,,,,,, 1 38-39 l if Butlers Cleaners ...........,.. . 275 Gloo Club M,ohyS,u 136-37 V Butleris Grocery ----'------------' ' 276 Gossman, ,John ...... 251 fi Grand Hotel .......,.,.,.,,,,,,,, 268 ' C Green XL McReynolds 255 Campus Views ...............,...... .... 9 -24 'A "i" ' ' Capital Auto Livery ...,.............. . H X Capital Engraving Co .................. . H l S ,- 7 jf caffeifs Sample 'Shoe Store ---.----- - 271 H312mef5IiiEnLn.a5n45aga5"'ee51ii11i ,, iii lfigl gaSl1e,1R51zler ef Matthews ---------- - Harrington Mercantile C0 ,,,,.,,,. 281 illll GH Ta a e ---------------'------------'-----"" ' ' Harris-S'artor Jewelry Co ..,,.,.,. ,, 263 ll l Central States Insurance Co .......,.. . 250 Hart Plumbing Co 281 f Chancellor Schreckengast ............ . 233 Houck Studio ' ""' """"""" 2 76 lol Cheer Leaders -------------------'-""-"" ' High 'School 229 fl Chemistry Club ..........,....-.-,, - 146 H'lt K. " ' citizens Stare Bank A------ - - ggi niniiiaai' nnagniiiijjii... 25322 ll 3135113 Pfmtmg' CQ ---------""" " 253 Hockey Team, 1Gir1's ....,., 234 lil ollege Book Stole ................- -------- H ome Bakery llhlhlllhhhllll 281 l Conservatory Graduates ..,.... ........ 122-24 llotol lhhoolh llih Dunn ' H 263 lk Coekis Cafe -----------------------""' "" 2 71 House Mothers ....... 208 1-O" Coryell O11 C0 ---------,--------- - 262 Hubert, R, C llnnlll U 281 Lf Coyote Cadet Corps ....... . 230 4 j J Coyote Staff ..............., - 173 J f' Crete Mills .............. - 247 Junior Class ........................ .,,.,, 7 5-84 Crook, Dr. R ........ ...... - 248 Junior Class Ofiicers ........ ., 7'4 "Xl 1 Cub 'Sellers ........ .....,........ - 246 K l 1 l E D Kanzler, .IC .......... 1 ............. ,,,,,, 2 70 Q Davis, Oak E ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.',,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 2 60 Kappa Sigma P1 -------.--------------- .-.-,.... 2 00-01 ffl Debate Teams, Girls' Varsity ....... ........ 1 3-0-31 Kenny, B- 'G --------'-------------------------' -'---- 2 49 XX Debate Teams, Men's Varsity ....... ........ 1 28-29 Kindergarten ---------------------------------- -- 148 Debate Teamsg Classes llllllllllllllvll ulllllll 1 32-33 Knights of the Koyote Klan .......... .. 230' Delta Omega Phi Fraternity ....... ........ 1 96-97 Kestke Drug C0 ---'----------------------- -- 254 l Delta Phi Sorority ...................... ........ 1 82-83 L V l Dental Ofliilcesi Lincoln """"" ""' 2 54 Lee Lincoln Memorial .......... ., 120 in 13016 Vslludlglrll "-"""-"""" ' Lincoln Paper Co ....................,......... ,.... . .. 281 H rame lc u """"""""""' ' Lincoln Public Service Co ........,....,.....,.,,,,,, 265 I E Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Co. ...... 2169 l Eastman Kodak Co .,.......... . 275 M li 1 I gvanstt Lgunliryol ...,........ ..... 1 98233 llngacDonald Studio .....,,,,,, . , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 264 I vere ra erm y .....,....... .................. - anual Training ...l..... 149 l I l is 1 was 1 on 2 or 1 2 1 2 is 2 2, in ii 1 l' -flxh , 'Df Quill Xxl by fx flex' l I "fell f X "" 'rXX,1.15,..Al il ll it are as l N U img Ll ln Ls rnci . fo? ff,-fa-le f285fI g12Qv7e-1"r"r' y arp ff ,-so XX-A ta-2 8 S eeee 1 Mathers, Dr ................ N . 248 Snap Shot Views .................... 235-42 Mayo Da-ug Co ................. . 264 S'ophomore Class ....................... 86-98 Meek Lumber Co .,.............. . 250 Sophomore Class Officers ....... 85 Spencer Dr. Guy L ..........,.... 270 N State Display Co ................ 248 - Stryker Floral Co ....... 248 Nebraska State Bank ....................... . 251 d I t Nebraska Wesleyan University ......A, . 273 Stu ent Volun eers "" 159 Noitaicossa Stnatsissa R, Y ....................... 144 T North 'Side Barber Shop ............,....,.......l.. 260 Northwestern Nation-al Life Insurance Co. 259 225132 S "" A""""""A"' """" ' ' O Teacherfs College High School ....... .. 118 , , Tennis, Men's ....,............................... .. 227 O1ymP1cS,P1ct'-Hes -----4-------- 5 --'---'-'- 3 -----------A-' 119 Tennis, Women's ........................... .. 233 Omaha, Lincoln and Beatrice Railway Co. 277 Thelobaldrs, Variety Store ------- 249 Ofatofy ---------4-4----------4--------------4------------------ 134 Theta Alpha Phi .....,.............. . ....... 163 Orchestra -----'---s----------------- J ------4------------------- 140 Theta Phi sigma .,........ ......... 2 oe-ov Order of the Golden Chain.. ..,..... 186-87 The Best Laundry -'A--'.- 263 Ord-erof the Golden Keyi ..... ..,..... 2 02-03 Thomas SL Son ..------------ 272 Orophlha ---'-'---'-4----4-----'------ --4----- 1 88789 Tobacco Statistics ........ .. 174 Oxfofd Club ---------4--------------- ----' 6 0 Townsend Studio .......... 281 Track ........................ .. 226 P Tucker-Shean ....... ....... . . 255 Pan-Athletic Banquet ............ . 229 Pester Investment 'Co ........... ..... 2 54 U Ph'i Kappa Phi ............................... ........ 1 62 - Phi Kappa Taa Faaaaaaaw- -aa-aaaa 204-va EEE: 51322 1?aiZEZZ,3'T???f?3iiii"' " 323 Physical Education, Men ...... ..... 2 28 Uni' Place Cafe "" " 277 Phyaiaal Edaaaaiaa, Woman ----.-- - 232 Uni. Sanitary ngiQ93i11132111"" ii 265 lg 3221533 Dngig ""'-"'-"-""""- ' Uni. Place Garage ................... .. 271 Psychology Journal Club .......... . 151 Um' Place Jewelry Store '-""' " 267 Purple Arqus ........................... . 168 .V Purple Dragon ..................... . 169 Vail Studio- --w---'-- H 4--------.. U 257 1 Q OF Qufartet, M316 ....................... . z:Wyr Club.-N-'-u.u-----A--lw7r-H M R W7atson's Market ..........,.. .. 276 1 i Wells, E. H .,........................... .. 262 R?0r0ft Fufnlturq Co ........ . Wesleyan Balgber ---.A--- R10hm?T1d'S ,Candles -a------ a 270 Wesleyan Luncheonette ......... .. 268 Roberts Dairy ..................... . 249 Wesleyan Staff ...,,,..,,,.,.,-,.---.,.-. .,-,,,. 1 72 Western Glass Kz Paint Co ......... ......... 2 77 S Willard Sorority ....................... ......... 1 90-91 1' sack Lumber and Coal Co .,..... .... 2 71 Y,XlZff'SQ5FfXSZff Shop -4-A"-'----" '4"'- E Senior Class ............................. ........ 5 5-72 , - """"""" I "" - """""' " Senior Class Dia1,ieS--mmm .-M-B242F43 Womens Athletic Association ......... .. 233 Senior Class Officers ........ ..... 5 4 Y Service Garage ..........,., .... 2 76 Q Sigma Alpha Iota .....,... ........ 1 66-67 Young Men's Christian Association ........ 154-55 ,Sinac Etyoc ..,...,............ ..., 1 52 Young Women's Christian Association..156-57 S1onecker's Grocery .................................... 277 Sm'ith Brothers .......,.................................... 262 . Z Snap Shots .....l..,......... ....... 2 52-58-66-74-78-79 Z-eta Phi Sorority ............... ......... 1 92-93 I X ff! gil Q 411 El. xg Autngraphn ,law ' 7 A J f4!dme,f'f 2 A'x J! g my MQW' QF W JV Qffffx nf00 MOUQJQ, ,f ur x f W Wwfwnf Q! x, X Widwcf 6496 L' ff W ! W Z x Q Eb N ' . ,4 ' ,,f '

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Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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