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U I r" 1 H Z . 1 E s FE 5. E FE 5 Le 5 4 G1 5 ,z !' as Q' L I4 VJ 2 E Z 1 munlmvussz . 151: :Aww ::::1r:u'es.ur.-f.,Y ruff-.G.:"nl:.:n..:rn1s...11 " w :s..1- :4Mr,nr1'.z1: nl er. .:f1.x:f Trzvi-Hwr Haan!-rA:w.f-.1.xm:z' sauce:-5:.c: x:.v-.mv1rps.r:.4s:wr.91mmtmL--' uznsnlmaxznamssznmmmwrnumnsrxwxmmmfznwlaglze-fn! 1 EXELH RUS. .1 L- WW? 6--5 5:4 5 1 1 . :v X vf' xx I ' 'MWA QI V' LY ,L ll. W' ll! k Am l 11, Y 13 . l iw a 'ffl l ,X J itll' . 'fl Q 'lf ig I ' 3 . 141 1 JN ,wlw .1 w ' I iv If ' ' "fi r, A V ll E . IIA! Gable nf Qlnntmtn BOOK ONE-MILITARY BOOK TWO-DEPARTMENTS BOOK THREE-ACTIVITIES BERNICE M. GRAHAM EDITOR FLOYD SHACKLOCK BUSINESS MANAGER 32 Q J4 I Zinreumrh Eating the past gear Meslegan has exper- ienreh mang things nf mhirh she mag he iustlg prnuh. Arnnng them, she has heen ahle tn maintain tn a high Degree thrnugh nnsettleh run- hitinns, a nnrmal state nf rampns life. Alsn she has sent mang nf her suns nut tn a Great Qlanse. Zlt has been the pleasure nt' the 1918 staff tn rernrh this unusual gear. -X' K M Iiranrin Aahurg Alahaztsr Un ilTranriz Azhurg Alabaster Gut Bran nf the Qlnllzge uf 7lih2ralAr1n mhn han fur tmrnig-fine gears gimm failhful, lngal aah enthusiaatir nrruire tn Nebraska mm- legan Hniurrnitg, this nulmnv, in ninrsrrat ap- prrriatina in hvhiratrh. ' Glu mvnlrgan O! Hail to you, grand old Wesleyan, . As- into the world they go- Thy men and women over the plains, To work and reap and sowg To toil for the world, And fight for the world, And build up a world that is new Of the words and deeds, And faiths and creeds, Q That they take to the world from you. And now a new jewel shines in your Crown, For another good year has passed. Soon new lives shall come to thee But others have gone at last. We are sad for your men I But proud for your men For we know they are strong and true, So hail Wesleyan .- Each maid and each man , O! hail Alma Mater to you! E. J., '19 E E 2 l 3 l 1 w Li 5: 11 Q 5 if n 1 f -P -V-u --" --H---'1-fswxmh-gg9aw1:mgx:' UMIHNUL q:sIE:g:2 . . - ff.. ...::.:. .l-. .D-..-' .1 , .. .-....-.'... . : -2'-'.:,-ggi... -: .',--. ,..'.' 3.1. 2.4. 15: 11:-':2:i4r.-:2-f.-.a:.'-'-'--.--.'-'-5-2151313-,fs-.'::-:2eFl-E--15:2 '112 si: , ,,..x... :D .: .I... ..g.. 4.7!-.. .51 .',- J.-nu s.., ggi? . .- ,af - 0' ,:.- '.3.. 1 . ,'.- .- -J 1- .-. Zu., . 1. A2311 1:31 :f-.ak 1- If-I'5.15Z:?1'. .f:-:: 5222.1 :1:.-.-: rs.-.1.1 "-535-:raw :air-z .j:. 3.:. '.'.1. 'f.'-,-'.j-2 g.-'.- 3...-J, 2512. .gg-, .jr-'.. g-,-.',' ge-,' .'.',,g 2:21 ,g:-: '.-'5,Z':L.j.' :meg Jil-.1 ..':: .,'.j.',' :.,','. ::.'. --:'- -.,. 1 s '.- , -5. ...:,. 53 Q11 fa- "ra .-1-:f::-I .:'-:1':- -21:14--:..' We.-' - f.f.Q1fQ5g.z 1-eiisi'-EZSIE:1:55-1:-E.:5:f':'s:'f42:2-:'I:.'+:Q---.'-1-I-:f:-.:-.':a-I:-P:-.' :L .. ' . .4 ADEN, FRED E., 'I3 DAVIS, RUSSELL A., 'l5 ADEN, HABE, 'I 7 DAY, WALTER F., Ex-'I8 AKERT, FRED E., Ex-'I 7 DELZELL. WILSON S. ALBRIGHT, ROBERT E., 'IS DODGE, DAMON, Ex-'I6 ALLEN. EBER DRAGOO, V. W., Ex-'20 AMES, KENNETH, Ex-'I8 EKWALL' JOHN W., '15 ANDERSON, CLYDE, Ex-'I9 FETZ, VERNE W., Exglg S., Ex-'I8 FILES, K., ,OS ANSLEY, ROBERT Ex- ANSTINE, ROBERT, Ex-- ATKINSON, EARL, 'I6 BECKWITH, ALFRED, Ex-'I8 BELL, GLENN, "I 7 BENTZ, IVAN BISHOP, EARL S. BISHOP, FRANK, 'I6 BISHOP, PROF. W. G. BLAKESLEE, FLOYD T. BLODGETT. FRED C. BROME, GARY H. BROX, JOHN BUCK, BRADLEY CDeceasedJ CARPENTER, ,EARL -CARR, HAROLD F .. Ex-- CARRELL, PHILLIP, Ex-'I9 CASSELMAN, ROBERT, Ex-'20 CI-IAIVIBERLAIN, GUY CHERRINGTON, BEN CHITFICK, MARTIN COFFIN, MAX COLE, BRYAN, Ex-'I8 FOLSOM, JOE, Ex-'18 COLE. FRANK. '97 FORD' HAROLD CONNELY, GWYN, Ex-'20 FOREMAN, JOE COZIER, P. MERLIN, 'I7 CAREY, ALBERT COZIER, RANDALL, Ex-'20 GEISE, FRED, '16 CRUITT, LE ROY, Exg'I9 GEORGE, CLARENCE, 'I 7 CULBERTSON, HARVEY, Ex-'I9 GE'I'TYS, FLOYD B., 'I6 DAVIS, HOMER, Ex-'I9 1 - l - za s'w'f"kI':E:1 . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . '11-' f:1iQS,Zi'.i'f:'-5:Q1-1Q5j.g'.'-,:.'g:f it:IgI:fri?51-.111.7gf251-1-Z-Iii? iii! .,.hl-3-ata: ':.'.-...qi-:L ....:::. K.-Hyrn. .. q-,:: .-....:, I, -...hun M: .Yin '. 1 .rx , , -.5:. 1 . '-- -,- 1-1 -. "'- T7 :itz 5-.'i:9'1ij :Q-331. 515:-15, .f:-'!:- igig. Z,g.','2 2512.1 "-E:-5-, ri.. .3212 25:52 Ziff! Elf!! f2f.'f:-L- 5'l'5.72' 3511: 1:15-fi Hifi -5:2 L. ,.. f--.. - 0.-,z . '.,- -,-..- ,.' jf: -. fjg:5.':j-:-j.Z'q3'.12 532-If.Z1I.'-.f1.'.jJ35,-.'ff:-,aj-IQ 2 Sz. A-:M 'P+' ..:.:.u,..., x,-.-.-.- .-, . ......, . . 1 .. u . . x,:. . -s GEYER, MERLE L., Ex-'2I McGREW, LAVERNE, Ex-'I9 GILDERSLEEVE, GLENN E., 'I7 McLEAN, STANLEY GILLILAN, LEON, 'I5 McMULLEN, WILLIAM L. GOFF, WALTER L., 'I5 MAGEE, HAROLD GORHAM, ROBERT, 'I 7 MANCHESTER, HAROLD, Ex-'20 GRAHAM, BURDETTE, Y. M. SEC'Y, 'I 7 MARTIN, ALVO GREER, HOWARD, Ex-'I8 MARSH, WESLEY, 'I 7 GRIESEL, LEVI, 'I5 METZGER, ERNEST, Ex-'19 GRISWOLD, DWIGHT P. P ' GRUBB, GAYLE, Ex-'I8 ' HANLEY, HAROLD R. HARTSOUGH, R. C., 'I3 HASKINS, EUGENE, 'I 7 HAWORTH, GEORGE, 'I 7 HIGH, STANLEY. 'I 7 HILL. EARL HOLLINGSWORTH, CARL HOLIVIAN, G. S., Ex-'2I HOSMAN, EVERETT, 'I0 HUDSON, FLOYD O., Ex-'I9 HUGHES, LEONARD, Ex-'I8 HULL, WALTER HUSSEY, WILLIAM JAMES, FRANK. Ex-'I8 JOHNSON. HOWARD JOHNSON, RAYMOND, 'I6 KEESTER, ALTON L., 'I4 KEESTER, CECIL O., '08 KIRKPATRICK, M. E., 'I6 KLINE, DANIEL W., 'I6 KLIPPEL, F. C., 'I7 MEYER, CARL, 'I3 KUNKLE, LOYD N. MILLER, COURTNEY LAKE, GEORGE MILLER, JOHN W. LAVERTY, CECIL, 'I5 MOORE, IRVING, Ex-'20 LORE, FLOYD, Ex-'20 MUFFLY, HAROLD n LEHMAN, ASA M. Q MUNTZ, WILLIAM, 'I4 LESSENHOP, GEORGE MYERS, EUGENE, Ex-'20 MQCANDLESS, RAY B., 'I4 "L: I'-1' ,"'. .'f-21,3-,' ' 'Lx' -gb-, . , 15:1 11 .:, :- :, -1- fe.-:.-.1-.-.-..: I:-5225 . 54:2 1:5 1: ,-v.. .523 1.-,-xy ir.-5 'nl ln' ' !'n Su --. . .1-'Q 53,-jfftl' ':'1'1' -7 'f U.. jg.-Z. ..:., .3 . 1 -1-I. - :Z .-,'-.- "1,'.'f".t'f .'. .' ..': . 'f-1112 ar- -:ra-:1N5:- 1...j..y55:'2. .'.- . .,, I :2- fate-ze 11:- '.-. ,nn .- --U ' ' I n .'2 2 g .'-.-'S .-.-I-'i.'.',1'-gm 4. -.-,. .','l-v '-. 9,- -'. 1 -'A' ...',- .'..'-. : : .ai .1-5 Q-if-'.Zf.z:' !-.-- !:1 '. ff- "J: I - jfs: ' -54-x ' . .11- :fi iff '.'- 0515 5'-', 1- l Qui, :..u . . ., . . 1f'2:m:'..-:THQ-. - qg- .1-:"..' :SE-:Z': I -azz-ps-2:-:::.-..'.-2. - . - ,,,- :---:.-,,..g I- "op .gf6Z-.l.11:f5 N' 1-iff-T 53:5 .6 NEWKIRK, ROSS, 'I2 THOMAS, GEORGE NORALL, CLARENCE, 'I5 UNDERWOOD, CLINTON NYSTROM, JOHN T., Ex-'I9 VAUGHN, J. GORDON, 'I 7 OGDEN. LEE, 'I 7 WALDORF, LOREN D., Ex-'I8 OLSEN, AKSEL WALKER, EARL F., '09 ORRILL, ROBERT, 'I5 WARREN, GORDON, Ex-'I9 PAYNE, DEANE, Ex-'20 WATSON, FRANK, Ex-'IS PIERCE, FLOYD WERNER, ALF RED, 'I 6 PREWITT, ALVA, Ex-'I9 PRIEST, HERBERT, 'I 7 I PROUTY, LEE, Ex-'20 PINCKNEY, CHARLES E., '08 A RANKIN, CHARLES RASH, ROSS D., Ex-'I9 RAUSCH, ROLLYN REED, LAWRENCE E., Ex-'I9 REYNOLDS, W. O. W. ROSE, WALTER, 'I7 SAUL, CHARLES F. SCHULZE, GEORGE SCOTT, CHESTER M., 'I5 SEYMOUR, CLYDE, Ex-'I8 SHAMBAUGH, A. M., '07 SHARP, PAUL, 'I 7 SHAUB, CLIFFORD M. Ex-'ZI SILL, GRANT W., 'I5 SILL, ROSCOE T., 'I7 SHEPHERD, TRYON M. SIMONDS, FRANCIS L., 'I6 SLEUMANN, VERNON, Ex-'I 8 WHIPPERMAN, FRANK SMITH, BEN WILLIAMS, DWIGHT L., 'I 7 SPENCE, DEWITT T., 'I6 WILLIAMS, HARVEY S., Ex-'I9 SPENCER, BLAKE, 'I8 WILSON, ROY A., 'I 3 SPENCER, ERNEST E., Ex-'20 WINSHIP, FRED C., '04 SPIVEY, CLARK WOOD, LYLE, 'I8 STEBBINS, IRL, Ex-'I9 WORLEY, LOYD, 'I8 TACKLEY, MERRILL YORK, CLIFFORD, Ex-'I9 TEACHMAN, WM. A., Ex-20 K F 1 R flff fw X Qmffl QQ X. .omg N, gl' ... J A Grihnir The Nebraska Wesleyan University cherishes special admiration and affection for its men who are making every sacrifice necessary that they may follow the flag. Graduates of recent years have given up business and professional prospects and have abandoned personal plans at the call of patriotism. Undergraduates have seen the par- tially reared structure of college life fall into pieces and have smiled over the ruin as they marched away . All go to a life of strenuous train-' ing and self-denial and each one knows he may be required to make the supreme sacrifice before the war is over. What high courage they manifest! There are dangers in the air, under the water, and in the trenches-everywhere. They can face these dangers with a smiley but they cannot face the next generation without a clean record in this hour of the world's crisis. Their names are on our Honor Roll, their stars are on our Service Banner, their images are enshrined in our hearts. We who remain behind pledge ourselves anew to those ideals which alone can make the world worth sav- ing. I. B. SCHRECKENGAST. I' NSEC-. W gs Q Ei Thirteen '1u:,'.1.': .,1q 1'.' -'-' '.. :v ,f ,- 1, . .1 N' . ,. .1 -n w ,. - 1 J. .. Q '. .3 '- I -3:11-Fri.--' 'Q f .' ':::-5 '- - '-.-:ggi-ga:-.:11.:' 21 -If:-: ni" , "" -:if ""- "" '-:-11 5? ffaff:'.13-32'-'21ze:--.1 ??ifi55i'E3-22 : g'ff23?S1i'3-19353575111:11555 XXX I UP on HEHDi1Ufbo THE HILL o 230 Di 'T -0 is THF GROUND A Q, ,J i t Q X Nick fr Q ". - .'u ex . I- I . ., QRS? ' f 1 'L . ix' K5 Q-. 3 ' i C3 Ego WHEN THE WAR IS GOING TO Absolute knowledge have I none, But my aunt's washer- woman's son, Heard a policeman on the beat, Say to a laborer on the street, That he had a letter just last week, Written in the finest Greek, First Private-"If Hades were to be turned over, what is the first thing you would see ?" 2nd Private-"I don't know." lst Private--"Made in Germany." ,l -11 He dreading the bill- boardl-"Rex Dye Works." She-"I suppose it was one of those Germans again." ' From a Chinese coolie in Timbucktoo, Who said the niggers in Cuba knew Of a colored man in a Texas town, Who got it straight from a circus clown 5 That a man in Klondike 5 R150 SDC?-E I5-wo "' cn '4 is 'FP S I 3 2 5 I3 rr- ? S' 5 'U II 92 m P-s 'T' T' ingj-"I'd rather be in the Infantry than the Cavalry because if we had to retreat I wouldn't want to drag a horse along." Hoover sez, "Go back to simple living, be contented with simple food, simple pleasures, simple clothes. Work, eat, recuperate and sleep. Do it all courageous- ly. Win the Wafr! END About somebody in Borneo, Who heard of a man who claimed to know Of a swell society dame, Whose mother-in-law will undertake, To prove that her seventh husband's sister's niece Has stated in a printed piece, heard the news That she has a son who has From af gang of South 3 friend, Amencan Jews, Who knows when the war H is going to end! KN , I I ' Hun. TN, ,ja , COHPORALA , . 21 vi-ucr-a wav ? 'gf e 551 'J D om You 567 ,I 4 X if ff' 0 -iv : -' '- --.- ' T., . I .. - ,X C -I 5 ff, ' 'ff was HDVHNCEO E., f' T FROM we RHNK?Jg2 .L ' 'N l ' Q7 To THe HEHD ark - J ' J TH-6 Awuvvamv fe . L 6GU6D' Y'l"fh" - X dm E32 ,. ID E 'Si ,,,-:fl M' X x Ct: ..T. LE 99 F- YQ?- i,, ef ff - - . I l. VM W- ' "' ' " i Smart Soldier Cvvith in- ,-HF Day 5 X tended rudeness to a mem- .GEYQZEPECTION X e ia f ber of his companyj- --0- Th - A' ABOUT To Saw? X Q56 A.: Ml g X tt ere are places ojgqthe cond . Wm' WMC seams X Z3 . I 7 C3 men across e pon g:Fi:,5:og,L255 F 1 .,, Z Q X,,x igfxgg 3 Where they kill all Jews and Looxms GLR55- f L C.,,,'uh ' , d0gS- ' i org as com DRYER- dc--305 , ' Jewish Sammy - S a y mlgng-giilwuo J T , V Pardner, it's sur-e.a good y vm-H inrnermsss thing neither of us 1S there. Snnvmr- some Lwrueu - I XX 'I -ff p F ... Of all sad Words of tongue sw sss w-lil , .T Q .D U The saddest are these, A Egg! i 'T 4' "There are no men." Despite the scarcity of THe Guenbuom COME ON HERE TR J German dye, there are three 2' you 31 neue: . X X 1 colors guaranteed to be ab- AM ,LT-L SX PM our solutely fast and positively g ' X ' k X Xt X will not run. They are the I A WTF . , . 1.e an gs? Q fx, X- 4, Red, Wlute and Blue. 1 e 2 X YAG . xx, X X MZ 3 X X A 'N' :X AX- -1 N Si f .'2iE1sT--f-Efifzf 13 5 1 I. - 6 M it rg ri -'Eg . -..Ns Mxivlt-iizq There are different ways of W5 , QM ,rl 2 X - N 5 W doing things, XX T' X' N ' - it f, A casual glance discloses. Qc N f T :E Wa ' i Some folks turn up their X., gd f " -it l sleeves at Work, ' t L E X3 And some turn up their - um! ' ' 'Q noses. lv' 1 Y gg W T 'ZW' F Cavalry Sergeant-I told W A , X ,lf ,z-J 20 you never to approach the H T5 THC g f J s " 'E' horses from the rear With- W?-V6 Bin? 7 ,f S21 NoB0or2'er f Q out speaking to them. First ED ' - T ,Q YouPO0R5II'9P . , . -' CAN-r Yousef ' thing you know they ll kick mgfys you in the head and We'll GMV6 - have a bunch of lame horses , on our hands. wx ' .. ii, --Skim -2-' X' 4, -N., . Fc'-if Fifteen But I'm down to my last shilling. Well, remember the Rus- sians have parted with their last sovereign. 4 I -l ' ' - l F9 mn Nuff : - ' fm, IT eneerr To B6 qygws '0-my c-EC? I f' -N vmre:-0 fo n IQJAMAG Dame wma f-"4fa.,yffY LIKE fGc:WH1,A 441. L 1 to 04 0 f -L .. CJD. id! s 1 MAIL There's letters from our Uncles, Our Sisters, Aunts and Dad, Letters from our boy pals, And from a mother's heart that's sad, We like to get 'em every one, They are as priceless as "Pearls," - But golly ain't you tickled, When you get one from that "gfi1'l"? You'll drill right hard all morning, On stones and grass that's long, You can suffer any hardship, And in your heart there'll be a song, Clarence George-I wish there were more girls like Joan of Arc. Germany would have to sit up and take notice. Blake Spencer-I never thought she was very im- portant. Her old man got the credit. C. G.-Do you mean that you don't know who Joan of Arc was?? Blake-Sure I know, she was Noah's wife, wasn't she? You can be as tired as Moses, T And you just don't give a dang If you live or die in this old World, The Army it can hang, Then all the gang start a yellin' You feel like a royal earl, When your bunk mate comes a grinnin' With a letter from that "gi0'Z." You care not for the blisters And your heart is in a whirl, When your bunkie shyly whispers, "There's one waitin' from that 'girlf " She can't write every day, e e 'Tis more than we expect g But we-just can't help a . ,MA Nun GU, hoping '- A 501 ow cm-mv There'll be letters by the j l 3 FROM 'mme' 2 1 mm And a fellow sure gets lone- l 5 J unify , some, ' ' l 'L 3 K 'Egg , , 5 "W And bad language he does P " 2 , When he has to roll up for T " ' "" ie"' l " fl XX ' f cf L"-'V' ,J the night, -fl--vi DUT V And no letter--from that X -'HQ l " I ' ,f,2WZs,,,, f, . L, ' X . "gifrl." 1 --ie. ilk EL!-A 5 l ss -D ' A -- A Q Sixteen f':" sg f l-P -v Q 1 A i v 1 .X .N oil- N Q ix 1' X Ebq? f Jvc ir mill ' ! I X xl wif-. ou Wlmff QXXH . 13,-A W vs so R - HERE Hs A Q S5 I . 3 DRY IH " :ruNg:v.,swk,g :-if WQ.. . , M 'A-wgfMv.qfw A 7' x MQW 'mx n - 6 5? I-xx x 4 :'. fy 5 in aux? !..' Fwlf, milf' -A '-fl 'k5ff"fTJYl:'Kf7 We're awfully fond of candy, The Captain had just written in Private Jack's autograph album. He wrote "What is so rare as a day in June?" Next Jack handed the book to the Lieutenant who glanced for an instant at the Captain's bold scribe, then wrote underneath it, "A feather bed in camp." lst Lieutenant-Of all the -M'-?: 2 2nd Lieutenant-What's up? lst Lieutenant--Look at this, wouldn't you? Here's a telegram from Mrs. Blank. She has just heard of a rain storm here and has asked me to go and feel of Willie's feet to see if they are wet. Private-Hungry ? 2nd Private-Well, I should say. Private-Well, you can get a good chicken dinner for fifteen cents. 2nd Private-Where? ' ' Private-At the feed store. Without soft bread and butter Like. SUSHIZ iH OU? 'CGHS Our spreads are not complete, But SIHCG We T9 h3V1I1g SWGGUGSS days But oh, no more since Wheatless Days That simply cannot be. Put rules on wheat we eat. A breakfast when we're hungry What more could human wish? But Meatless days take that away And leave us fowl or fish. In fact since foodstuis are so high It's really even worse For all are having Eatless days To rest the slender purse. With all of this we'll gladly help But war has done still more, lt's put the factor in our lives That never was before. For isn't it a dreadful state We cry it out to Heaven- That makes our dreary Date- less days Be out of one week seven? -X X y X . X N X y X x, X X5 X nf QNGVNPXJM-Jxxlwz - if f af 0 X P -mf . Q! 4, J , L X Gmlzzt-r 4-EF ? """' L. "1 S 36 Z i vu K ,, B Dm-qpejplnlfi. l, K 7 4 Fr ' Seventeen 5- . g:.-I -21 -. rife 553225535-Cz'-:':3f-121:1-'.'5r1'5:fiiirEfi:'5Ef5-32512If-1-'zfziiif .g.j.. .,. - ..' .TZ 31' .:C 'Z' .gl 'J -.ix "" 5Eif."f:.-3' 11: :' "" ""ig',.,. :.-.2 fig Xf-sf ' 522321. 55521-2 13:2-.13 f"'-'sb-..':a2:1 Lk .. , -'1-,.- .:.j.1 .-' 5-iz. '.5:,-,-.,:'. L1-5. 922: . N .Z W Conquer we must, I carb MIME EVOLUTION 0, A ggkglclql Berlin or bust. I is CQIJ. sfvmer il GE GN- -me ure ornwonou-may ,snnlgrg Frank James--That's 3 X J NN 'S www s on-fs, fine plane, won't you take a ySj',gf,w3f'LL,.,,6 4 flight with me? P "ef Alva Prewitt--Nothin' do- J 5 A 6 n?, I know what would hap- rafx LJ GCN' pen. The thing would go WI: i ow., on well- dead up about 200 feet in ,. any ISTILL HRVG - 55 :K Q as ,,m.bM I"k'I the air and you would say N I-,J :M f-ww' JLBYDONQ "Get out Wop and crank the ga. 'fel A. - . .N gxs: Q Iygl l-I Pawn ,L mms EBAY? ,. lin if- QAVALRY JOKE Img mm, fm? 39 DA., I Prwate-Why are you F, Nm limping? . . ' Raw Recruit-I stepped I A on the spur of the moment. FOUR THINGS MONEY CAN'T BUY A sheet for the bed of the ocean. A blanket for the cradle of the deep. A key for an e1ephant's trunk. Medicine to make the ink-well. She-I am so very tired. I wish I could find a big rock to Sit on. He-I wouldn't mind be- ing a little bolder if I was not afraid of being sat on. CCheer up, you may get it later.J Officer-If a bomb were to drop on the powder mag- azine, what would you do? Sentry-Go up with the report, sir. Rookie-I'm trying awfully hard to get ahead. . Sergent-Very commendableg very com- mendable, indeed. You need one. ' . THUJ5 we WATCH A A T SFFTIQA, B. HE TIME HOLL f f , r . - -- M '5 ,HF ra gee ' A-Nl. A GSI: 567, 717. cvsncn X x. ' . . X 0' ' ' -4 , in , J . 'a 'ing "I, sflllv ' N Fbglggfi if 3 emu., . CNGOFF L Q os suanqlv to X " 6 Q X 'pa new. , - -3 x, X n' 'lZ'f- 'rugs' n N A H 1 A L ' Qorm GWR ' 5- '7 IV xQ Q a ner -f A '- 1 .... ' 'CLUCH Eighteen gg 1 .' ' flzaaisnz -.5-21'-:': 131 21:J : I 5 :E if 55 12:1-2-'Liz-11525 ,1.,. , .,.. U wHo's nauu ? xQ Hmm ruz's N FIRST Nl-re oN GUFWD- 'P OSTNOZ. 0 0 az,-a, ANOTHER OF SPIKE'S STORIES Visitor at Funston-I suppose you never have such fogs heah as we have in London. Spike Fetz-Law man, why our fogs beat all hol- low those in London. Just last Week we had a touch of it. You see that bar- rack building there? Well I was shingling it in a fog and was just ready to come down when all at once the fog lifted and I landed slump down on a squad of men at drill. I had shingled over ten feet of that blamed fo, - h d'd th ' A iting oilicer "You seem pretty proud since you gave tUg1uEhh3IgY6 Bdowb? e leclu twenty-five cents to the Red Cross, Sam- - t f h' es. bo." gqiislii-lcllfhyalcftlfmlfnko helshgz beautiful "Yassuh. Talk about doin' yuh bit. I eyes, donft you? jes done mah two-bits." Nineteen Twenty Twenty-one --:1-I:'l- :'t1:.'-2'.'.'f11 .'.'-, 5.11 -1.-','::!.?f,-: 1a3':' :xss :iii :I 11'-fI'.-:f.1:-'fiif-' lil.:-?:q::-zwff '.:.j1-1' 3: :il-".j.f f-I-I-iw:-1:a?E'-I .:f55'Er.' xiii' 31'-.iffiill 5555 1. E-':3'.'.1'-':'-X1 . - gl- ' - f5.l:?ff1f5f3I5l: -5:12-J.E:?gf:35,'fj-5I-Z5 ii-5'1':ff'fi 5551515 Gbur Svruirv Zlllag There are four bars of red round a field of But if Almighty God in His wisdom of love, white, Shall give them the cup of His Son, Where gleam many stars of blue, May the prayer not be that the cup shall Each star the life of a nobleman- pass Chivalrous, brave and true. But that His own will may be done. O! wonderful stars, as we look at you there O! Heart of the golden star that shines We think of our stalwart men. There on the field of white, We End on our lips the earnest prayer You shall be a star in our Freedom's crown That they'll come safely home again. When love shall reign over might. O! Wonderful flag of our glorious men! May We ever be worthy of you, And the golden star and each other one there, The red, the white, and the blue. --E. J., '19. Twenty-two E E si S I E x-2 ,Q il Qi z., FB -1 J AL 1 5: -I 'E 3 Q rl fi 5 E? ex T L IE si I? If 5 5? 6: 1? ze 'f ici fi In ee ri 'rl -5 5 Zi HT 11. 91 E Ee gi if L, a E li if ff S 51 U5 5: 1? 5 V1 Q5 2 .,. . ... ... . . ..... ,... .. .. .. ... .... . ..... .... . . .. .... . . .... . . .... ..... -...-. .... .........-....,..-.....-- . .....-. .5 fffg-fb 1 - x X if? ISAAC BUTLER SCHRECKENGAST, B. S., Ph. M., S. T. B Chancellor and Treasurer. Professor of Religion. PHI KAPPA PI-Il "A great soul, strong to live as well as think" Twenty-foufr 531529.-xxe-:4:4.:P: ..,.- V Ihr Glnllvgr nf llihrral Aria :Isl:2:2:2:1:I:2:2f2:-SS:2-r:1:::f:2w-'-W -""" ' V " ' " ' ' anwg.:-.-4.-.,.,A,.,.-,,. - H N l ..,.,.. - , ...,. 0. .,,..,., . ,. ......m...,...:+.-.-X - My - - - ' " . .-:-:.:-:I1V::::::zsgg:I::1,:g.:c2::arse:5:::5:3:2:g:g1g15:5:5:1:-:::51152:-331E1E2ErE3E:5:E:i:E:5:t2:::::ag:5:5:5:5:53612255EiE5E11rf513Ei5:5:5E5E5II55'fm5:5:5I3::IEW1':':f:::Em:::115GEi:EWIl':':'m':'3:':':'m"'WM" ' I 3:51135,g::5311:g. .-.-f.-.-..,-...v....,.,....... , , , , ,.,:.,,.,.I.I.:.,.:.,,.-.:.,.2.,1.:V41,111I1,Z21,4524,155:gg2gegegeggsgeeqi:252553522225555ga15:iza?-if2'25iii5122252V413555f22:1Wf:'51F1?'?-ff - ..,... . ,. .:.:.,.:.:.,.:.:.1 .1.-I:::1:,:g5,1:zpggzg5:5:::gg5f5'1'5:5:5:::g:5gcgziszl111111:I:1:-:-14:24-:-:-:-:-:-:v:-:-:-: N- -' H ' f .,. -:---41.-.M:-:-:-:-:-:1::..'11:1:iz2:1:Is:r:r:2:::1:5:5:E:E11''15:52E:E1EPIE:EE51:1:1:1:IIrfrfrfrw-21-:-I-:Y , .,.. x , . . :,:,z:Q,1,1,cg:MQ:::x+:4:q1-Q:---:Vz.,,......-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ..---- - - H lf '75' 'fi .mm -1w"3?""W ,ww N5 z mah QQQQVIAQY, in RWM' Q g'gEg MV"bW aiei'.?W' AN! ff 1 r 4 , 6 ,iw H ' 222E5222252155551552ziaziiilaiafiiisifigigigigigiiiiiiliiiiesf f1.f1a1ii2-2591214 fie?a1f2e5a2:52?iQ Si?22532222252aI522223525252a25522221522222ii2iiE2222222221525E2si52525222322222is222sf22e2i222iifiaiasisizieieizisl' 2222222222:252aisia?222225252Eisiaeimieisiaii52E2iiiez2z2as2a2aiafsisiisisiieiiiiiiizfsl -ilisiaisirieisieiai' .sissisf22s2s2s5532223152312222E2E2zis:aiaieielwif-z1a'ii, f,LQ2--22ai-1211112:s1f22i1i2f2E:?1'11- f5EEisEEEE525553351555555225254255:212:E5E5Eaieiiisieiii2E5EEE5225232522525525552555525 , '?fff52zIz:-15' ''IIP'I211z'fEzE3iz2eE2?552?2' 55i2?Ef21Ef'f", If - .I . 2..:f'-21 1EE5g5:sg1g25Eeiaii1Ea2sis E22E2E3322221252E252a56522251555522225255222522222si222:ef22222222222aisE22si522122252225252E2552223223222QEQEQEEEEESS1' 15E25255122zEsSsizieiiziiiiii223:EEEE1is2aEeiz2Ea2isiiiiiiiiiifiiaisiaE252zie22222i25flfff 1555? ,. 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DUNHAM ROSE, Ph. D., A. M. Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy DELTA KAPPA EPSII.iON I 1 "He hath an daily beauty m his life" IIIWILLIAM GEORGE BISHOP, B. S., L.L. B., ELIAS HERBERT WELLS, Ph. B., A. M Professor of History and Political Science PHI BETA KAPPA, PHI KAPPA PHI "Sound argument will have more wezglzt with me than popular opinion" JOHN CHRISTIAN JENSEN, B. S., LL B A. M. A: M' . . Professor of Geography and Geology Professor of Pgyslgs' Prmclpal of e Registrar Ca emy PHI KAPPA PHI Nebraska Chapter, American Geographi- cal Association "He spake and 'into euefry heart carried new strength and courage" 1011 leave of Absence-Army Y. M. C. A. Twenty-six PHI KAPPA PHI, THETA PHIISIGMA American Physical Society "Knowledge is power" CLAUDE JOSEPH S1-HRK, A.. B A M ORLIN HALE VENNER, A. B., A. M. M, Sv M, Ped, P1'0f9SS01' Of English Professor of Botany "None but himself can be parallel" Kansas Academy of Science "No abilities, liowefuev' splendid can com 'manol success without intense laboo and perseveriiig application" BERTHA WATT MGPROUD, Ph. B. Professor of Romance Language 'There is nothing in the 'world which needs so little decoration as the genuine a'rticle" Twenty-seven ABBIE CORNELIA BURNS, A. B A M Professor of German PHI KAPPA PHI Orphilian "Life is a glorious joy if one falls in love .with his work" VICTOR JOSIAH HAYES, Ai' B., Ph- D. ERNEST ADOIJPHUS RAYNER, 'B. S M A Professor of Zoology PHI DELTA EPSILON "You ca,n't keep a, good man doz hitting the line some place" , , ,. ..,,,.. .. B. D., Ph. D., Th. D. Professor of Philosophy and Psychology H h , ' Religious Educational Association v , es H I prefer not talking, but only this Le every 'man do his best' " PHOEBE MAY HOPPER, A. B., A. M., Assisant Professor of English HOWARD A- DURHAM, A- B , PHI BETA KAPPA Acting Professor of Chemistry National Council of Teachers of English PHI BETA SIGMA PHI KAPPA PHI "A 'mlm with fl PWTPGSV' "The real achievement is not what one accofrnpliehes for himself alone, but the good he has brotothers also" Twenty-eight VAN FLEET TEACHERS COLLEGE BERTRAM EVERETT MCPROUD, A. B., A. M. Professor of Education PHI KAPPA PHI Education is the only interest worthy of the deep con- trolling anxiety of the thotful' man" Twenty-nine o OLNEY LEE KENDALL, A. B. Assistant Professor of Education THETA PHI SIGMA 'The brave mam, seeks not popular ap- plause, nor overpowered with afrms deserts has cause, zmslmmed tho' foaled he does the best he can" LILLIAN MAY BEACH Supervisor of Kindergarten Graduate of Kindergarten Training Course A good woman is not to be weighed against all the jewels of earth" ETHEL MABEL THOMAS, A. B. Principal of Teachers Training School "It should be our cape not so pouch to lifue a long life but to live a sastzsfactory one" V ETHEL LOUISE BOOTH, A. B. Instructor in Academy History "Find a Way or make one'f - Thirty. GERTRUDE ROBINSON, A. B. CLARA RIESLAND, A. B. ' Critic in Fifth and Sixth Grades Critic Teacher for Third and Fourth She gains all the knowledge she can and Grades then uses it for the highest purpose" "He who! has learned how to obey 'has learned how to command" F., ,--.,,,-, ,A , . , -..-,.-.-. ALMINA UMPHREY, A. B. Critic Teacher for First and Second Grades "Those who keep a cheerful look 'receive a good mark 'lu God's book" Thirty-one Thir ty- two Sfmiw FOCQ'-lj 'ro BATTLFQ iilarmurll O, Wesleyan in all fondness, farewell! ' We must bid you now adieu! On the old tasks we no longer dwell, ' Other duties are calling anew. The friendships we'Ve gained from day to day, Are noble and true and kind. And as we go along life's broad highway Pleasant memories will remain in the mind. Our words are few and simple and brief, They all but fail us now. Only voicing a murmur of parting grief That our lasting love may avow. And now-Farewell, O Wesleyan, Farewell! Your presence is near us, both early and late In the meadows of life henceforth we shall dwell, The Senior Class of One Nine One Eight. E. E. O. '18. ling Bag Qbratnr f'7"2ff77f73" T " 7'TWl 'T l:...S:4..,v?.,,-Z, . 15, . , EARLE E. HARPER Thirty-fowr , x .........,,. f , - ls , " 'ii' "" -za--"'fF73Z-:' "" i-91 ". "" ""'.".-. 'l.10'iI?: ' gs:,.,,g:5g aaevgfig, 21+-5 ':2j'.'fQ'lf 3555 .?f':':S3 3':?:ff3. SEP' :f--:.-.4-EZ-'.11::-,-:1f-f'3EjJ,':j-'-:1'.'-13-1 f,::3:E.'r'1,11'-1:3Q-i:f:-1-.-.E':- L-?f"io'JQ-25: .. . .f - .- .-.. - .- --g - .' . , -4. -.5-,,,,,' - 1-. '.- - ,,.. .,. . K.-' ,arn- .. '.... -. '...- .- 1 ' 'L BLAKE SPENCER Gbffirvra Qernnh Svmreter Preszdent ......,...... .......... E arl Keester Vice-President ..... ...... Carmen Laverty Secretary .,.......... ..., R uth Kilpatrick Treasurer .............. ....... I ra Williams College Council ...,.. ..... A gnes Aronson Tim' ty-fiv e Gbffirrrz Presodent .............. Vice-President ..... Secretary ........... iflirnt Svvmeeier .....B1ake Spencer .Q .... Andrew Diehl .....Elsie O'Nea1 Ralph Horst T1'easu'r'e'r ............. College Council ..... ..... D ora Collins , , . I wfssif,-i14-'f:?f ,--,gy . . :iff was fs, 4' :f1f:'::,,.-.,-'V 477,-q:,:4 1.-4.-5-gg.: -- faf ZZ 1' iigsif ' '16 '-" -. 1 --7 :.Z:a 21:-1'.:55E,1 21s.aa55::5i:i ., , - Ay'g2,q:11.fgf ,- - 51:5 '21 i:ti1:E1'5. ' -'-H ifi --51243535-,ae"' - 'EEN 'V f 2211 ' ... 'f'2Sf3I.k-'f 1' 4' '1'Zff':QEQEEP1"T4:3r.1:-5. sem 1-' -X., "Q:f,,,::-gfmv.4,.pi.g'-,c4:z,11f aa " ze-,ff-9cfiir?sf'2bsfZfi- -- id A 9Ze?52M' w.ffw. hw .' :fav :,,f1f-':.- J, ..,x an ., ,,f . .. ,,,. ..---,',,.,,,,1,v ,. -f fi- 2 Ze, wwe ire--fkwegvevegege I7 'i",'-:Q 4","I" , .': "4-. '. r f". " ' ' C,:':...qfQ,q.g"..',1'g .J- -1-1-' 5 ' H L,-.,,-' -bf Zf '-.52 , ' 195- if .. -YQ? ee, mze,.,,-we 9 'f' Jeff fwiffw . 53 fifeffwi 44 , '." '- f ",' f 'Z 2? 'l" A E ARE KEES TE!! . ,'Y:'5'u.5f5'A P ------V 5:--les: '. '-Fil' 5: - -. .' 15 . CX 1 I-R. JS, gs.-,.-.-ggzf ,r 'T A ' ' .gl r,-.1 ' ' ' 'N ,.. ff- VJIQ - . . . ' .V 0,4 U 9 ' AGNES ARONSON University Place DELTA PHI Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Henderson Club, Thesi- phrastian, College Council, Inter-Society Council, Cho- ral Society. "Titles of honor add not to her worth, who is her- self an honor to her titles." BERNICE BOLTON University Place Y. W. G. A. Cabinet, Henderson Club, Agassiz, College Council. "The milolest manners with the bravest heart." MARJORIE CHAFFEE Lincoln Theophrastian "It is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood." ANDREW DIEHL Crawford DELTA OMEGA PHI Chemistry Club, Physics Club, College Council, Ath- letic Board, Football, Class Basketball, Track. "Any show for a pleas- ant chap like me in this world?" Zlhirty-six HETTY BELL Rushville OROPHILIAN Y. W. G. A. Cabinet, Henderson Club, Coyote Staff. "On one she smiled and he was blest." EMMA CAWDREY Yakima, Wash. "Her life rule is to make business a pleasure." DORA COLLINS St. Edward ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Col- lege Council, Henderson Club, Tlheophrastian, Phy- sics Club. "Gracious as Sunshine." Roig!-:RT .EMBREE University Place "The wisdom of our an- cestorsf' MILFORD FORSYTHE Kearney Vincent, Student Volun- teer. "Mar1'fied." EDITH GRASSMUECK University Place Inter-Society Council, Dramatic Club. "The busy have no time for tears." GLEN HEFNER Holdrege TI-IETA PHI SIGMA Varsity Basketball, Ath- letic Board. "I saw and I loved! MYRTLE JOLLY Sterling, Colo. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA History Reader. "Noble by birth, yet nob- ler by good deeds." Thirty-seven 41. N Q If I' . , 1 J.-E 'X vw .Ing ,Jenin . ' -3 BERNICE GRAHAM University Place Henderson Club, Or- chestra, Editor of Coyote. "For she was more than overshoes m love." JUNE GROVE Omaha WILLARD "She is beautiful, there- fore to be wooedg she 1:8 a woman, therefore to be won." RALPH HORST Osceola . Chemistry Club, Hen- derson Club, Theophrast- ian, Chemistry Assitant. "He smileth not, 'neither doth he frown, but with a sober visage, judgeth all." GEORGE KALLEMEYN University Place EVERETT Football. ' "Whenever you see him, his head's in a whirl, but all that it's over is only one girl." EVA KAUFFMAN Omaha ALPHA EPSILON Henderson Club, Booster, Sinoc Etyoc. "The sweetest noise on 7 earth, a woman's tongue. CARMEN LAVERTY Burwell WILLARD "Chapter of accidents." EVA LOBB-DAY Des Moines, Iowa ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Y. W. C. A. President, Coyote Staff, Henderson Club, Student Volunteer. "I will attend my hus- band." RUTH NEEDHAM Arnold ALPHA EPSILON Henderson Club, Agas- siz Association. "The more haste ever the more speed." Q I " u - ' . H , I 0 : J " : :Q-j-13 gtg.:-, 55:55. 5221: jZ::'.'Q :1:'.,:,g- se, 1 1"3'7'T'J 2-:PI l.1:'.- -:-J. 'w77'.-ff: s -- - A -'QB '.n ' ',' ' u". I: I, ,,v"n ', "vn' ' .,' I .1 .15-. .::.11,3 ' ..,.:g-5 -g..:j. "' 3.13 Q ,L ..., ..-- - . .,... .' . ,- T.: ,. yin: . - :K .gil :::-:.--:- .--2,'-.'- - :If-.s.-'.'...:-,1:1-.'g - '.,-,.: .,. 3' , .:- -. gf. , Thirty-eight RUTH KILPATRICK Beatrice ALPHA KAPPA DELTA "Silence that spoke and eloquence of eyes." EVA LESH University Place Sinoc Etyoc. Theophrastian, Choral Society. "As full of spirit as the month of May." JENNIE MUNTZ David City DELTA PHI "Why should not then we women act alone, "Or whence are men so necessary grown?" ll'lABLE NELSON . Omaha OROPHILIAN "A small respresenta- tion of the 'real thing." LEROY OLLINGER Sutton EVERETT Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Glee Club. - "All wild to found a University for maidens." FRANK PFOUTZ Bennett Vincent, Henderson Class Play. "He will outstrip all praise and make it halt behind." WALTER SHOPBELL University Place "I love to wind my mouth 'apg I love to hear it go." MAMIE SMITH Ord ' "The same whenever you see her." Q fl ..1 7. pyg- .- n'.:L-- .- .:.a--'- '.- -'. : -'. ..: 7' ':.:.'.a:-0,-'.::: " -1' ':-. .:- .::.. Hi.. .hy .M -.,-v: If... .zu 'I nu '-I. ':,-Z 71"-I-'-l' 2,-Q51 52-I-1' .fl-ff' 16.71 :F "'21f'.,5Q-1' "':"' .7-'--in va . .-,,, .. D... -... -.,-.. ,-g.' .'.',f --,.' .., . ..,'. ,u..f. ug U, ' . - . .-,.. .-, gg -. .:.,-,..,:'. . ..- -..1.g:g,-.'-j.3-gg,-,g'.-f,-,': :,,,'g- ,- .,."-,'. -5.-...i--." gf 9 cyl. Thirty-nine ELSIE O'NEAL Bayard ZETA PHI Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. "Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath." MARY SCOTT Kearney WILLARD Choral Society. "Good things come in small packages." NETTIE SKINNER onida, s. D. "A hard worker and a good student! BLAKE SPENCER Garrison Class President, ,Hen- derson Club. , "I go where honor calls me." '-Ffilfs . . . . . . .. -'t1f-'iri-r- . rr: If-.1-:!.Z-.-I--'.--13:1-'-'- -'-I-1:-I-:-.'-'':12:-2:-'.-.'-1-.-'-' :.:- 'M- ::- -.'--.','.'-.- .---.--.-:1-'.'.-.'.' - ..'--'- .- '-ff" .--:-x:-.1-,' --'---.:1 ---- ::,. -.j.- ----: .-.,--- ----:':.' -.::.': -2' : '-I ' -i'1' U 11-,Z .., ff: , ,. 'a' .v.- '.'-' '-Z-:- 31-,'1"1 2:1,: :3Q-.:Ni-31 :Q-351. 11,141 45-'rp 52531 pr.-,-.-3 :"'N.-:.1i.,,':E:12 ,F -:1f.'.,.,-553: 251513 1.1-57:75 Eg,-Q Z-:il-. 55-Q15 :I:-g- :Z-jf: :5'f.y::I-11 ,gif f-.1 --Z., ' ,nl-.-.2 .111-1312':,f:.':j.,"' .g:?'- :jg -22 " '11 -E-:.-1'Z I-."':2-L:-.25 u -' . 'X . A. E. WACHTI-:L Waverly Vincent. "The force of his own merit makes his way." LOYD WORLEY Kenesaw EVERETT Editor Wesleyan, Class Debate, Henderson Club, Booster. "Energy and persistence conquer all things." if MAY YORK Havelock ALPHA DELTA OMEGA Student Volunteer, In- ter-Society Council, Eng- lish Reader. "Prosperity to the man that ventures 'most to please her." EARL KEESTER Bakersfield, Cal. THETA PHI SIGMA Athletic Board, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Varsity Football, Varsity llgaisketball, Class Basket- a . "Life is but a da at ll most." Forty IRA WILLIAMS North Bend DELTA OMEGA PHI "None but the brave de- serves the fair." CORA YORK Havelock ALPHA DELTA OMEGA Henderson Club. "Thought is deeper than all speech." DOROTHY DIMMITT Wymore WILLARD President of Patriotic League, Theophrastian. "To give her her due, she has wit." ' ALICE ELLIOTT University Place OROPHILIAN "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom ac- quired." I' . 'S' " 545 1' A 22356 S .. N fj J 4 "LN.og -K! - 5 IE H 5 1 M PHETE ' a A J A N U l 5 ' 'nf N ja I 717 5 ff , fx I 3 J ' X f 5 f 'A -ff 35255522 I EIS PE . ' 'ia wi' -: 'Z-5115 '.ig3f5':Y3i?Si-1. I T:ISEG'2Q':'.Z2'frt1:E 0115155 uf 1915 The Class of 1919 has little more or little less history at the close of its Junior year than have other Junior classes. However, we have lived in the three best years of our University. 9 The first year we were proud that we filled with stirring, uneasy, anticipating young life, more seats in the south section of the class chapel than any prev- ious class. Our first chance to show what we could do came when we carried away the victory in the Olym- pics. Our great numbers might have accounted for this victory and to prove that the members of the class of 1919 had real intellectual ability our team entered the class debate and carried away the honors there for two successive years. As Sophomores we were a little disconcerted at the beginning of the year upon seeing the class of 1920 sieze the flag at Olympics, which meant victory for them. However, as Sophomores we entered into all activities common to University life with vigor and spirit even though the victories were few. As Juniors we are few in numbers but stalwart in spirit,. Many of our boys have enlisted under the colors and are carrying with them the ideals gained while at Wesleyan with the class of 1919. We are looking forward to our Senior year as the culminating year of our experiences at Wesleyan and as the realiza- tion of our highest ambitions. We are glad for the victories-yes, glad for the defeats of these three years and we appreciate the privilege of the associations made possible by the ideals held by Wesleyan. ' H. S. '19, Forty-two '.'fi:2.1i'.1'ff A ' xc,-.-14.7. 35.533 -3: jf - 32.1 .:.':.'g: 5 1:2 2:21SEQ!ff-,'.j:,f::1"1-1.1-jeg. 5: -f'f:f-3:-:PW 1.:5' 21:5 " "4-Z1 :J-.2 "fin . 52322 5231!-.'4'. iI':i1?'1:E:-lg. 532311559-'I 1"'f13 i5-..'2aZ11 ,Z-25515: :2:E:2 1-1275 , 11-':': iI".':1-lj 2511: 21511 "5-'iff tis? :iii :'- V 11 -. :'-'-:'-- "--".- 'J' cy'- .,5: jf: .155:55.-13:-1w3:.',:-.'.j-5-j.-.-g.-.',-5-3,-1-: '.Z'Zff,'.','j-I -':::-::-.::- 3':'.J'f: .,.,....-..-,......-.1,....,. ..-,.,. -,. -.,u. '.:,::..- A- xl N--0.1. Pfresfldent .........A. V-ice-Pres-id ent.. Treasurer .......... CARL J EWELL Gbffirrrz, Evernnh Swmwter Presidewt ...................................... Mary Ge01'g9 Vice-President .......... ....,..... R oy S'DOI'y S eore tary ..,...... .,..... ........... Treasurer .................. College Council ......... Secretary ......,......, 'el- lbffireru Zllirat Swmentrr Carl Jewell ........Lenna McCay Maurine Webster ............Elwin Hunter College Cozmczl .......... ....... G regg McBride Elsie Moore .......Senn Waddell ..........Edna Gleed Forty-three MARY GEORGE A -.1.-:.-:.-.-: 1: "'2:l'::-: - 'fi :.'i:.7fg1'.,-v"'."f131l1""':"':-IU:'Ii' "'F' -"Q 7' - , ,qu ,-,g-,.. - - , . . . ,-, , g,..'.:. ,. : -I... . v 4 , g.- .'-.- .j5.. :1'.j. -.'. x .s ffzlfsitf: I-'51 Zf'l'i'Z'f .x . - - -n",:,: ., :Z ',:1.'.-, - nz 3.5. ,, . . .- .,,, , .- . I - 1 ':- -'- -': ' ---.-,... -. 1 P... C531 :gze-'..,:,. 1 , 1 5 . v : ,. , : - FLORENCE BUCK Gibbon WILLARD Y. W C. A. Cabinet, President Dramatic Club, Coyote Staff. Ulassy, witty, brainy, and sweetg A lady well worth while to meet. J OE 'Bnox University Place Student Volunteer, Vin- cent. ' "I am not in the common role of men." s GLEN CALLEN McCook Henderson Club, Botany Club, I. P. A. "They are only truly great who are truly good." GLADYS CAREY University Place ALPHA DELTA OMEGA "I am one of those gen- tle ones who would use the devil himself with cour- tesyf' 5:1lf':ic,7,L1f5' ":"'irfQ5' "'3ff.f.:- vtfffr 51:55, .,:fg:- 135.-,-: 2221-J.: f"N-':i.,.'grZ31 Q, EEZ-13: '-255I7-'lf'f.51'-':l-2-1 f.?'1S-f.'-lf ff '1':J:I-'1:i'. ' 5:- .,.,. ..,-.. . ......,1...,. -.. .-.. . 32.955 Forty-four ESTHER BUTLER Kearney ALPHA KAPPA DELTA "The reasoning of the strongest is always the best." HoMER DAVIS Denton Glee Club, Orchestra. "It is not so easy to be brave as -the nnthinking part of mankind imagine." LUCIE DABOLL Chadron Student Volunteer. "Infinite riches one ls 'ln little room." CLARA DYER Olney Spr-ings, Colo. Dramatic Club, Choral Society. "The lady doth protest too much meth'lnks." BLANC!-IE ENSLEY Benkelman "Can one desire too much of a good thing?" MARY GEORGE University Place ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Class President, College Council. ' "The creature, woman, mses now to reign." WALTER HOFFMAN Harvard DELTA OMEGA PHI Chemistry Club, Physics Club, Class Basketball. "Far off his coming shown." ESTHER J ACOBY Kim-ball ALPHA EPSILON Y. W. Cabinet, Dramat- ic Club, Student Volun- teer, Henderson Club, Coyote Staff, Wesleyan Staff. "Whose little body lodged a. mighty mind." ' , A " ' f . . ' 4 ,.'.' ,ng lf... ,,-,. N... ..l.:,., ......: -:lv ,hi : f.. g .,l 1.1-,I .,.,- 2.5. ':f.v.-'..- ' U 'Q-' ugpfz. 1 'gqzg 2-'.-,'fi:y 'Uri 73f':'.-V. i-'-T5 '32:'1'- 45' ':' 1713- :ff-'1 :I5.'-:-'- ""5f'5'.:iZl' 555 325522. 1-11Vf:j. 2Zf:':l..'If.'gQ-Q 523: fffgfl g':QjI:I. - Q. .. ..T,ZQ.' -2--I. ,-: .'-inf 511-,' 13... , -'I-if:-1 512--1'.:., ,.,,1'- -1-I." "" 25.355-if-:3'F'11'1.'I-.-If I :::-Iii-:'.:.11f:': 1' .'.'!:'-Z'-'ii' li' 526 J ,g Forty-five BIRDEEN ERNST Aurora ALPHA DELTA OMEGA Y. W. C-. A. Cabinet, Chemistry Club, Chemis- try Assistant, Agassiz, Henderson Club. "For love deecives the best of womankindf' MAX GENTRY Gering DELTA OMEGA PHI President Y. M. C. A., Student Volunteer, Cap- tain Football Team, Sinac Etyoc. "None but himself can be as parallel." EDNA GLEED Chambers ALPHA EPSILON Dramatic Club, College Council. "Have I caught my heavenly jewel?" CARL JEWELL University Place THETA PHI SIGMA President of Class first semester, Dramatic Club. "And when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place." . V,--. -Q ."-Ji' -'. .1 15 .. ' -',-I H512 7.'.'f-f.'.' -'- 'Z ' '- -'.'-'-'.'.' jr! . 'l,'v'f':fI': Tflf' '-' ' '-'- -."'3 f..- -.--- .- -....- - '- '-- . .4-. '.' .,.'.,,.--.- - . .,f--3,-,-: . -. N, X: K 'L ii! Ya-1 . dr LAURA J EWELL University Place Dramatic Club. "She is a friend to ey- erybody and everybody as a friend to her." ETHEL METZLER Wymore WILLARD Ag-assiz. "It would talkg how it talked." LENNA MCCAY Fullerton ALPHA EPSILON "So we'll go no more a roving so late an the n'lte." LAURINE MENARY Arnold OROPHILIAN Henderson Club. "Warrnly pure and sweetly strong." Q5 51-jf" Qfiiiafg Forty-six 5555 V 2.11 Fifi. lillziffz -:fs jf.: '-K. 622: 13:12 SQ.- -..-Q, it-.55 , ,. ... , ng -. '..1- VICTOR KEISER Ashland PHI BETA SIGMA Wesleyan Staff, Hender- son Club, Class Debate, Forensic Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. "Married" GEORGE LAKE DeWitt Vincent. "His words and works and fashxion too, all of a piece and all are clear and straight." GREGG MCBRIDE University Place - THETA PHI SIGMA Editor Wesleyan second semester, Coyote Staff, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Forensic Clouncil, College Council, Class and Varsity Debate, Glass Basketball. "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." lWARTHA NUCKOLLS Cody, Wyo. ALPHA DELTA OMEGA "Best of all among the rarest of good ones." EMILY NYSTROM Omaha ALPHA EPSILON Y. W. Ct A. Cabinet, Henderson Club, Sinac Etyoc. "I have no other than a woman's reason g I think him so because I think him so IP HARRIET STEWART Randolph W I LLARD Wesleyan Staif, English Reader. "Life is opportunity." SENN WADDEL Pawnee City Henderson C4lub,Physics Club, "W" Club, Track. "The lcindest man, the best conditioned and un- wearied spirit in doing courtesiesf' HELEN WARD Clay Center ALPHA EPSILON "She does little kind- nesses which most leave undone or despise." iz?-:1:aerL-:':'-Ha-,ai:a-'--.1::-:-'sf:1.-2Ez:91.2'e1.'5:-E35 rzifaki'-1-1: iii: ' '-E'-' 177 "I-.1 "'Z1'.-:- 2.-.2 010.1 : S2'igN':- ff-2:11 rip:-. :::-'::- 52311 :I:g.-5 :3:j-,:,2- 1""-a15k.,,':gIg2 .fgii 1 1?1y:I': 5-:Z-I 2':-I-U. SQL? :f:-:- e5'1.y:J.'.1g :. " "'.::.gi11 "" 'j.-gl' "' .--'i'- .gg ,',v::..:-.....-,:3.,-: . -',:.f,:'..:1'.'.:--. 5 E,.1.:': gag? ".!.,-,-.,1'-. -sf.. 0 'I --.-.-..-,'.-,.,.vg,-.-. -. --.-:.g- -.v '. - ':-'.'-,"1 1... ,Jim J. Forty-seven RUSSELL PALMATEER Creston Chemistry Club, Class Basketball. "No one knows what he can do till he tries." MARY SAPPENFIELD Bethany Henderson Club, Botany Club. .. "She hath a daily beauty in hefr life." ROY STORY Bloomington DELTA OMEGA PHI Chemistry Cflub, Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Glass Basketball, I. P. A. "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." MAURINE WEBSTER F airbu ry OROPHILIAN Inter-Society Council, Chemistry Club. . "Ah, why should life all labor be?" HELEN WELLS University Place' WILLARD Theophrastian. "A daughter of the gods divinely tall and most di- vinely fair." ELWIN HUNTER Weeping Water THETA PHI SIGMA Glee Club, "You ccm't keep a, good man down He's hitting the line some place." MARJORIE WHITE University Place DEIQTA PHI Physics Club, Theo- phrastian. "The lively diafmoml drinks thy purest rays." L. S. WAGONER Manhattan, Kans. Vincent, Glee Club. "Wait till you hear me f'I'O'l'lL the pulpit." E I V E V I Q i I Forty-eight 1- gpmN6EK XXXWHII f Svnphumnrra Here's to the class that does the most, And does that most the best, Here's to the class that does not roast And never stops to rest. Here's to the class that's never green, And yet it's ever bright, The finest folks you've ever seen, The winners College Nite. Here's to the class Whose Wit and jokes 'Are spiciest of all. Here's to the class of jolly folks, First class in basketball. I Here's to the finest class on earth The best of all the fourg Words cannot tell you what it's Worth, All Hail! Ye Sophomore! H.. G ty Gbffirvrz Ellir President ,,,,A,.,-,,,, Vice-Presid ent .,..... S ecretcwy .........., T'rea,su're1' ,,.R,.,,,,,,,,, College Council ....... HELEN H ORN BY ns:-,. 1-.2-51:35 .: .-4251. qcutyit: 5. ..g,:it'.:- :, g,..,3?::,.-,f::::: u ' lf:sue:-Eir'-?22:.-.1 1.-.1-311:42I-?.1:'-'ri-1-: a1i1?Jfj1.f??"31-ia:-::Z2':5 f . at Srmezier ........He1en Hornby ......Vance Anderson .....C1arissa Snover ---V..-.........Leah Shaw .....,Merion Mooberry , 1 .v.-- ' n -' 5ff"::5 "'x X 1 Q -'V'VQ' 2 2 "" 'Q . 3. 1 ,:" : ,:g.1f2'f ' -ax saw Qbffifpfg 5913111111 Spmpgipr P'res1d.ent ..... A ....... ..... V ance Anderson Vfzce-P,,,,eS1de7,LVt--un W..-'.Mab1e Embree ,. M ,...v.,.,.,. .,,, ,-3.5 ,W Q. ...,.., , ,.,.. . ., H - . X Secretary ...... ..... G ladys Warrlck 625 Nm ? , M, ,fx " Q .ev T'l'6G,Su'l"67" ............ ...... P aul Sprmger , M . . ' fs? 4 wx College Cowzczl .... ..... 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FAUSTINE ANKENY Corning, Iowa CHARLES BARTON North Platte POLLY ANN BIGNELL Cedar Bluff GERING CHAMBERLAIN Wymore DELTA OMEGA PHI Football, Class . Basket Ball. Q.. -, J. , 'nli '. '.'.! ,. ....... , C.. , "'."'.'-'J 1: "Q: I:-: f . ' . I,-, "eh:- - :gy .:.:. ,.-,.,- ,. ,.,.- ...-. . ..,...:.'.-,-::,:1.,,.,..,....' -'-, H:.g.- F: 2f-.'z1:i2r-':':'-1':.a::-'.'--.--.ErS-11:::S:?'We-.'::-:2':i5:'::""'i'i' 'W' ,' ,. ,'..2' ' .:- --..- . . . . 1 5 'i'fv"1W 5-:-.- .. . 25-' ' - ' 'I I-1 .:g:Z :1'z1-.'..'. 1 -'L . ' :' :'.1A.- .1-5 ' u. . - an ' , , i1"z:5a-.-. ff. Jef: . ' - . - "':. 1 -. ' Ji: Ejiii 155,12-2-I-Z' , . - - '- I: .' - ' ' .- . . . Q. HERMAN CROWELL Omaha EVERETT Y. M. Cf. A. Cabinet, lst Lieutenant Co. A KENNETH DRYDEN Kearney PHI BETA SIGMA EUGENIA FROST Lincoln OROPHILIAN EDITH HAUMONT Broken Bow OROPHILIAN Henderson Club, Agassiz Club IVA HESS University Place Fifty-three BERNICE DONAHOO Superior OROPHILIAN MABLE EMBREE Merna ' ALPHA KAPPA DELTA PEARL HARRIS Dodge LURA HAWKINS Kimball DELTA PHI Dramatic Club, Coyote Staff, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet CARROL HILDEBRAND Doniphan Vincent HELEN HORNBY Valentine WILLARD President College Coun- cil, Editor-elect of the Coy- ote. LOUISE HULINGS Atchison, Kans. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA DANIEL JENSEN Cozad Captain, Co. A, Glee Club, Choral IRMIS JOHNSON Loomis ETHEL LANGFORD University Place Theophrastian Henderson Club , ,,..., , ,. .1 .. ,.. -': . 1 . .1 II'-p - 11: I-jg! 2': . --1 '.'1'-I 5:32 ---'...-... -......... .... ... .-' .-......- ..... .. ..- ..,.... ,, Fifty-four -. '.i-2:2 - '- f ... "' :I 1 V.-Ti " 521' ','.r4 p IVA HUFFMAN University ' Place Agassiz Ross J AY Nebraska City DELTA OMEGA PHI Vincent ESTHER JOHNSON Arlington Choral LESTER KIDD Kenesaw EVERETT Class Basket Ball EVELYN LITTLE Lincoln Agassiz MARY LOBB University Place ALPHA KAPPA DELTA SADIE MCCLURE Red Oak, Iowa ALPHA EPSILON Agassiz Club EUGENE MEYERS University Place EVERETT Vincent MERION MOOBERRY University Place DELTA OMEGA PHI Henderson Club, Debate, Y. M C. A. Cabinet, Var- sity Debate, Editor Hand- Book, Chemistry Club, Col- lege Council, Coyote Staif, Wesleyan Staff IRVING MOORE Gering' DELTA OMEGA PHI Fifty-five ffl o'f:'5: .QL 3? -.'-J. :-::E -M: '::... - -5:15 3:3 -1:1-"az:-21' Q-,' .3235 . f' LUCIA MARTIN University Place WILLARD OLIVER METZLER Wym ore . EVERETT Football, College Coun cil, President Glee Club W Club, Band MAUDE MEYERS Billings, Montana ZETA PHI HAZEL MOORE Shelley, Iowa GEORGE MORRELL University Place Henderson Club Vincent GRACE OTTO Aurora WILLARD JENNIE ROGERS Fremont DELTA PHI Agassiz CARL SCHMIDT Lodge Pole Vincent, I. P. A., Hen- derson Club LOIS SCOTT DeWitt DELTA PHI FLOYD SHACKLOCK Tilden EVERETT Student Volunteer, Sin- ac Etyoc, Y. M C. A. Cabi- net, Wesleyan Staff, Busi- ness Manager Coyote A 7 -:.- .gn- - ' , -:.-: ': :' -:.g,'.- .'. - 1 - '- .'.'.'.'.f.j 5.2 .1l,'-'jiff:.111-'gif-'.'."f','-'ll EJZEPQ- -11-'Z-E25 5:2 ' Z Ii 55'-Lg!-'gi' :g - 512 I :SILT 1'- I -'5 fic-yi' '.: ::jg: 111' ,Wf- ..jf '.g:.' ':.-.-- -ffm: -,-.' 5, :Ugg g.,-' g1:-- :I-:N-5, M1 ':- :-:-:- vi-1-'W-. :g-L- 52? I ., ,.... .H ., , ,.. ,, .. ph. .-.-. ,,..- .,.g. . ' '. . . rl' 1.':: i.'.gZ-.' 2514 ,:5'!l:- Iii 'fn 1'Pf'f1f7'3 - :nfl -1 -.U . "-'-1'.f .-".','-'. ,"'-'-I --'-."' 3, . 25 ':- 2 - .....-,.,. -.-Z.,-:.--. ., ,l ,-'hh-,-5 L.:-,:. ..- :. - .'.:- ' . A I ,- .-24,I.'-,'.-211-21-Z,':-,-If:11:-,-.,--.'.Z.:-.1:1--'.---I-.'.'!1-.'-'.' '-' 2323? 1 .. - PEARL PETERSON St. Edward DELTA PHI ciety GLADYS SAYLOR Bruning ALPHA EPSILON Choral Society LAURA SCHOW St. Paul MYRTLE SCOTT Sargent ZETA PHI ELLA SMITH Hardy ALPHA DELTA 0 Fi f ty-six Sinac Etyoc, Choral So MEGA 5f:'5,'i5E:2:' ' IYZ: :.,:,,..H,.,. .... .... ,,., . .... ...... -...,,. . ,,:,., - .- 1: -.--2 :rf ,I ,, -.g:. 'v ,v.-.- . 3--5-1 Q:-.h ' :'-gill'-Z 1532 :1"-1-N'-Z' 2.-14: 1:-If? 131. I5r.'.-I 1'2.-,3.2' "'21i-S56-1' 5332 -3:- .Siu 1-1-ig :-:S-:iz-3-'-if. .xr 2151.1 wf-'ff-- 'mfil-I'.""-11-17-11 1:1':f- -5155: -:5-'rf-.'i'4:'P'i '. ' 1-ai55gf,gs:g- 1:55.-.1-2 .::1g-.1 -,'.ga1:-1-:2 125.-.1-:.::g-.1-'fa-:a.:-31- ":-- -. HAROLD SMITH Auburn EVERETT PAUL SPRINGER Fremont PHI BETA SIGMA Business Manager leyan, Coyote Staff, derson Club, HARR11-:TT TATE Sidney, Iowa EVELYN TOWNSEND Barnston OROPHILIAN ' DOROTHY WARRICK Meadow Grove WILLARD Wes- Hen- Fifty-s ev en ERNEST SPENCER University Place GRACE SWANSON Holdrege ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Chemistry Club CLARA THOMAS Gothenburg ALPHA EPSILON Henderson Club, Sinac Etyoc, Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net, Chemistry Glub CLAIRE VANMETRE Valentine Vincent VIOLA WAUGH Crawford WILLARD PEARL WILSON Worland, Wyoming DELTA PHI Dramatic Club, Hender- son Club HAZEL YETTER University Place HELEN CORLETT Ord Agassiz Club RUTH SCOTT North Bend ALPHA EPSILON Dramatic Club ZERNA HASKELL Ord' 21 :2-f:5 51: 1 :5-'-'5:2e':f.21 Fifty-eight - we ELMER YOST Harvard ' DELTA OMEGA PHI Henderson Club, Phy- sics Club CLARISSA SNOVER Hooper DELTA PHI Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Dramatic Club, Agassiz Club GEORGE DALLY Valparaiso -PHI BETA SIGMA Class Basket! Ball, W Club, Track VERONA SLAMA Wahoo WILLARD DONALD PECK Cedar Bluffs Track ..- n'.1'.:E:Q.Q ' 1 :'. '. iji1'.f:i:?:' za: gf I I: 2,:4..EiE'.':f:E?:2f- '.f:':ai'.: ' 22223:-, 4252- ij. .3-: 1312-.1.f' S , ss:-5 Ezf.-2 23115 5515: 32'--5:2 L : :.-J-fi3'.31:: ' - : E'-1555 ':'-'-Eiif 1'-1 f ::f3f2'2'1 21'1ff1'5i::.-1zQ2':f 'I 'gr-::-:..'.:.',--:L'.,'I-3, QT :If-, ,-','... 1'. 111' .'.'-'. -.'. 1 . -. - . . 'Q 45 Q Q Q 9 'Q 4 wwf 'K xv .. ill Q 'HH' v A 4 xv A ffgg, B 5 962 my im Wllil I , I U -Q MD 4 A ' ng 'I u SVN:-f .,., -::.----1--..-,',g. . - 1 - - - .1.....":- ' .32-.-' g.-.:.'- vzf.--1--'.'. 1 -. ff.- e.:z-: .- .:.-.-- 3- ' .,,- 1, - '. ..:, 'f.,':. :.'.s:f --,-'.::g,'- ' -1' -:'-: -41: , , 'fsgf ,, '::-2. -all-1' '-.-f ..:f:: '.:'..:, rg.-, "5::. ,L 51:-3 21"-I-Wi' 3:95. 7:'I'1'. -C553 5751- Zz!!-'I ::3:.3.2 ""Ei-5..32:1' -Rf" 'EE :sg - - :.,. 3-31: ml: : ..j.g.-.j 5.2-:L ::.-. J.-gg. ,.5'.:. :as'JQ'j--.': mg :S Q---.-U If-,-g'.. ..".'.. ., ."-'J ..-."'-'. Q 'uf '. w' T-' ,..'::,'g.-.-- .H--.N - .-.-..., .-J.. . .tr '.-:-J. ... :. -':...'-.-1-, .lv -- .'Z':::-:J-:-'.--1.--.'!-.-.5. :::-.-.-'-'-.-11.zz:--'.'-'J -.'.'.1 .1 KE 55" - .. ' .5 Uhr ltlerhant Illrrahmrn The class of twenty-one stepped in With great humilityg The upper classmen seemed so wise, The Freshmen longed so to be. So when the Olympics came to pass And the Freshies came outahead, They began to feel a bit more at home, And to grow less green, 'tis said. Once the Juniors were asked as chaperones On a hike to the Park, and What's more, The beloved Freshmen President Was "swiped" And the Freshies reverently swore. The unlucky one came on the scene again In time for the next event, Which was the kids' party, held in the gym, To which all the "little ones" Went. The "Sochuble" given by the Sophomores Was enjoyed both early and late, For the night was fine and some folks love To 'hang over "the old front gate." We have members in the Glee Club, In Dramatics and Henderson too, And own some stars on all the teams, Of our talents, these are but a few. Oh, we know we were green to start With, But Worthy elders-no more than you. ' And by the time we are Sophomores wise, We'll laugh at green Freshmen too. We love you dear old Wesleyan, X 4 With your Work and playtime too, Where'er we go in this World so large, We'll always speak Well of you. M. W., '21 Sixty -..'-'5,:1.:. :x-:.-u.1.-t.- ' .: '. - -f,t:.-.- 'ff-r ...-........-..,........,. -.,.,..,.....,.,.. ,-, -. gb ai-I-Enix:-'-'-'.1 -Ir : 1j.',':-1 ':'.:"I:1 1 1: 15512 rfird-.1213 :i1:: 1-1-IL? fi!! f"n..u,,.5. N. .....,-:Q ....:':. .,,.,. .,,.. ....:,., .-.-.-z, I. --uh, K.. .4-h, - -I "nf .. , if-' . .. --:1. '1 , v- . 1--11: -' :EE-: :v-:N -4- :Z-5-xi 2.1:-1-, fr3a.1:1:.-.-: 15,-.1.: f"'f5iN-.,ra11- -i-15" .f:. ur. -,-,i. f.:-,-'ff 5.5.1 :..,','.-' If.: ',. .Q-... ,::.'., :.'..'-- -,,.'--..'1. 1 -.-g I..- .::T-2:'- :'.2'i:. 3-" .:':f21' -'!.1:'. 1W'f5':-'I 1"-ff: ff-'ii .rf .13 1 ,-5 . -Q-.f,:',.-1--,5.,. , ..j.1.:f :fi-. '.:. ...,,:'. -,:.. 9 5- BRUCE Olmxs Qbffirvrz Illirnl Senwuirr P'I'6S'Ld6'l1,C .............,.... ,.,.,,,, Vfwe-Preswlefnt ......... ....,.... .....Bruce Orris Ethel Johnson Secretary .............. ,....... F loyd Miles Treasurer ................., .,..,,,, College Council ....... ..,,. Alpha Hudson ,Helen French s F 7 5 J Cbffirrrn, Straub Evvmratrr President ..........,..,......................., Marie Wilson Vice-President.. Frank Furman Secretary ............... .....,... Treasurer ..,........... .......... College Council ........ ...... ...Helen French Marjorie Ingles ...Dana Harper Sixty-one MARIE WILSON . . 5:':'.f'1'3: ' '- 2'-'-: 1 ' '3iQj? 5' : 17' "mill: . at I' 55:2 433: . ' ,:3Z':E- 2:1-.-1 13:1-.15 -1-25'-' rg... 552' 5.1 tg 1131 -,-32'-f'Sff:..Zj.f:Q','.11.31-g1ff.':'ljj'-1:11-53,353-If ' 3-If-' Q, ' -'-"::g-g,..:.,--:,'..'.-.-.2.:..-,-..-z....-,g,:-.. .-. -. ... -.-. -31, R. E. BARKER Gordon DELTA OMEGA PHI Vincent, Glee Cl-ub DOROTHEA BIGNELL Cedar Bluif ZETA PHI NELLE BRYSON I University Place ALPHA KAPPA DELTA HELEN JEAN BURNS Dorchester ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Orchestra BURT CHURCH University Place THETA PHI SIGMA Sixty-two EARL BERKEY Davenport DELTA OMEGA PHI Class Debate, Crchestra, Choral Society, Henderson Club. HELEN BILES Pender ALPHA KAPPA DELTA LUELLA BUCK DeWitt DELTA PHI Orchestra, Band RUBY CARLSON Lindsay DELTA PHI HAZEL CHURCH University Place ,.- -. ' '- vita . .'- . K A 1-.-5 fff til 5515 -.'::-:- - - '- '.- -.: .-L '.-'-'::-: 11.'.- '.' 1 -.1 : z .if . . . -1 . .1 -.4 1. -f -1-fs: -.1-.2 - -- ' . -' :' 7 "'-I Izz- 1 1 ' ' .-2:2 Nia I-I-f 4- - y . - - - 5:21 -- ' ' " 1- IZKYJIH f' v 1 ' 53g- . .J - 1 OLIVE CLEMENS Lincoln - WILLARD JENNINGS DOBBIN Norfolk THETA PHI SIGMA Varsity Football ARTHUR FARRELL H arvard DELTA OMEGA PHI ROWENA 'FOURNEY Dodge ANNA FRITZ Gordon Sixty-three IRMA DEUSER University Place ALPHA KAPPA DELTA TRACY DRUHLINER Red Cloud DELTA OMEGA PHI CLARENCE FoLso1vI University Place THETA PHI SIGMA Sinoc Etyoc HELEN FRENCH University Place WILLARD College Council. FRANK FURMAN University Place THETA PHI SIGMA Orchestra, Class Basket Ball -- 1 " . 3, RUTH FURMAN University P1206 LENORE GILBERT University Place ALPHA EPSILON IVAN GOODRICH Lincoln Choral Society, Glee Club LLOYD HARMON Cincinnati, Iowa - President Vincents GRACE HARRIS Dodge Six ty- f our MERLE GEYER Fairmont Lois GILLETT Corning, Iowa MARY ELIZABETH HALL Gibbon DANA HARPER Beaver City Everett .Varsity Foot Ban, Col lege Council MYRTLE HENDRICKSON ' Huntley Dramatic Club of' Q-.:t:.,1., - '- '5 I-'I .... - . . . . . . . . " .. '-'l- 10'-' :.'.-.,.','.-:..'--1-1'--.'- -'.f.'g Z.'.,.','-:- 35. vz- - -5:-'Z-.1cf,':: zr- 'i'2'.'!:-:2':?::3.'-' .1.: g.-53' -, 1-55-:ry-5 '.:-.' -51.2 tp- -.-,'g .-, "-'.'.-. ,' - .3 .5 V ' '.- -"-'. ':.'.N 211 .'-T. ' ' -A' '.' . if f I" . Tj' - '1' , "1 : I1 7.xg.'I:. ity- Eff: 231: 111.1-1, .fa-.' 1:22. 2.-f,':'. -Zig'-,T ""5g.:,:.-11- .'.::.' , ...,-j-1: 4.2.2 1,1-:ggi 51:51 -':4', :.'. 3'-jg .:' if-1: 2: ,'. 1' .','.-:.' S2'.yI.'::.2 3:32 ,333 1.1 4,-iii: ' -A 4.1 .1 .LL 1: . ' ..,.:g-' :f.. :'. 'v ,- f, '- 1'.'-3 -1.1-5 .:. 14 --1 -,- -1-j,','. -.5-'.,-,-'.'," ..:.',1'.1,- J." 0 5..- .A.::',-.5.,.- .- ,,, ,,...., !,., .nf-....'. ..... ,-.-..- . ... . ..-5 ,345 4 . . N HATTIE HEPPERLY Norfolk KENNETH HINMAN Newman Grove EVERETT Class Basket Ball, Var- sity Basket Ball. RUTH HINSON Holdrege ALPHA KAPPA DELTA DELBERT HOLLINGSHEAD Monroe THETA PHI SIGMA CLIFFORD HOWSER THETA PHI SIGMA BERNICE HIBBON Norfolk OROPHILIAN HELEN HINSON Holdrege ALPHA KAPPA DELTA CoL1N HoDGE Omaha EVERETT First Lieutenant Coin- pany A, Glee Club, Choral Society. GEORGE HORNER University Place Dramatic Club. ALPHA HUDSON Hayes Center ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Class Secretary. i Sixty-five '-.155 n gf: ' ' ,L izrug: - A'f.EI.-5 - -'. ......- ....-..,.,.-,.---.. V .--.-,-:-.1 -. -.-.-,-,:-g --. -3.5. -:- .....?1f5::.',-:-.1.:::E ...,...1.:+':,-:gl3112531:,',:.:.,11:,j::1:,-,.1..::. 2.-,:.,:.:,.3: V ,:-. -.-utr. .....:i-I 5:-,. .hx ...Q-,-: ......:,L.'. V-v--:,. H M: .Expt ' -' K- .-. -. -- ".-- 1 -E'- - '.'- . . t':1'- '1' . 'Y Ili.: -z'-:54-1' 151.1 Z.: I-z-2: 1'-wt-.5-, :..-:- .Q-.:"' S.:- '-K 15:2 .'.'g, Z-I-.3-..g .1132 QQ.-1 -'.,,. :.::. ff'-H .:,-" w'v1.:., Q., - QA-ri-jg "'f1: 1-Alf.: 2.':: J.'.1Z'.' :EZ-I 'J-fg-. Qiffff 5?'Z'1!-T: lilfff -' ... .4 -L ---'.:-.: -.-.-',. ,,.g-'-.-. .f. 3 .- . ' ' Q -' 1.--'-:f :1-:'-2---- :-"'f:e?z:' 0 '- .-:::.:.:.:,g..:g.g,vg,,.: 'g Sgr.:-..-1-...z-. ggz- ..-:Zz ..'. . ' 9313 RUTH HUNT Wilsonville ROBERT HUSTON Kearney EVERETT Choral Society ELMER JOHNSON Arlington EVERETT Glee Club, Band, Choral Society, Class Basketball, Varsity Basketball. HELEN JOHNSON Lincoln ZETA PHI MINA KOFFENBERGER Plattsrnouth Sixty-six CARRIE HUSENETTER Newman Grove 'WII:LARD Dramatic Club. MARJORIE INGLES McCook DELTA PHI ETHEL JOHNSON HOQP61' OROPHILIAN MILDRED JOHNSON Chester MILDRED KEMP Lincoln 2-?1,f55f5gs.-511:22:iii-31:532 siZ'5.5EfrI:1:255:55-551-fi-'Eli-'.f 4-z?-:-Z? 332 GRACE LAMM Gering DELTA PHI ELLA LAIzs0N Friend LILLIE LIND Stromsburg MARGUERITE LOUGH Norfolk ALPHA DELTA OMEGA DoRo'rHY MACADAM Potter Sixty-seven ALVIN LANG Lincoln THETA PHI SIGMA Glee Club. TILLIE LARSON Friend THELMA LINDSAY Sidney, Ia. FLOYD LUCAS Arlington EVERETT Henderson Club. GERTRHDE MCALLISTER Nel-igh OROPHILIAN FLOYD MILES University Place DELTA OMEGA PHI Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Glee Club, Orches- tra. Nomvux MORTON , Cook ' ZETA PHI LYDIA NovAK Burwell DELTA PHI Henderson Club, Student Volunteer. VERNETTA PARLI University Place ALPHA EPSILON Henderson Club. CLARENCE PEDEN D awson DELTA OMEGA PHI Glee Club, Choral Soci- ety. - -.1 ,':',-'.'::- - ,' -,-- - .- - , 'EZIEQQ1' -'--f::,7E' -1'- 1' 2'-'f-"f':' 3 '.'1Z:2?''5E'.'-I-'-'-111-I-'-'.'.i.Z' FI: iff' ...J ,-, -Pj. ','-: '1.- .I-': ' "gf ,- -ann, tu, .5-.. :r-:- 11: ' . . . ---mf: ' -ia- g:.:5..,: 3.3.--1. 5335.1 .-: -5,1 m.g:N,,. 5.3. ,":'- 5.5. .:.-.1 .g.- 3. 5 .-,',-j ,-:.',.. ..,-.5-,. .3-,I ,':.'., -:.'.. . ,,'g:'t.'g., -'Q - ..: '?- "' .1Z.1:1'- --f.'1:. ,r'I.:- z'5:'f"!-1': .'.1' -' 3 -, ,. . . . I ,,3j,-,.- .,'gZ1'-::' I D -.Q ..-. , 2" g' ' 1, ' ." --"'.'--'-1-,-.'.','-'.','- '. .'-'.Z'.1 - a' Q . .. . . , . ..,u..-,n..n....,,.. ..., .,,',g,,,.g .Jagg- Sixty-eight RAYMOND MARICLE Boone. , DELTA OMEGA PHI Class Debate, Theo- phrastian, Henderson Club. LENORE NEWLAND Holdrege BRUCE ORRIS Stanton EVERETT Dramatic Club, Hender son Club, College Council Class President. GOLDA PECKHAM Brady MILDRED PERKIN Maywood WILLARD ISS, GLADYS PETERSON Lincoln KATHERINE SCHLACHTER Upland PAUL SCHLICHTEMIER Nehawka Choral Society MYRTLE SENEFF Benedict GERTRUDE SMITH Red Oak, Iowa ALPHA EPSILON W ...::.:. .:. ..... .1 . ., ,--.....-.'. . L.: -,-1.79: 1-,. -,i-.-,-,...-.5 . -. It1.'.'."f.Z f.'Z"ij1I'.'.'fE . Sixty-nine as-:.-u.1-y ::.-.- !.2' 'iff' .pt ag: - -I ov-: ZLL... .-at -3-:. FE? -.-.g.'!!..-' . tuffi ' g-!-- o 'zz .-- ,-.f..:'. . .:. ,, Q..-. 1 ' -1. EDITH PUMPHREY Ohiowa fDeceasedJ ETHEL SCHAIBLE University Place Choral Society. LUELLA SELOVER Kimball Agassiz. FERN SKERRITT Malvern, Iowa MARY ELLEN SMITH Imperial IRENE SPENCER University Place IRENE SWANSON Chappell BELVA TIMMERMAN University Place Choral Society. JESSIE WILSON ' Arcadia Choral Society, Student Volunteer. MARIE WILSON Pawnee City ALPHA EPSILON' Dramatic Club, Choral Society, Class President, College Council. 'X-:."E:.-I1 . . . .. :1 'fPf:'.'-'iiffi if-32f5 5fZ"l"1:Z-'fri'12-33:1 '.123"f255 Z-3" 3155:-1 f.3fE.'-:5'3.15'9f? 315i:::-zzliff 595' 'ff . ., .-. .L . ,..-. .' . . .1 .-. -.f.- . -. . NQ-5' SE- . Seventy FRANCES SPRINGER Fremont DELTA PHI HAROLD THOMPSON Franklin Glee Club, Choral ety. EDNA UMPLEBY Havelock ZETA PHI NEVA WILSON Arcadia Theophrastian. LENNA WINNELL Genoa - Soci- HELEN WOOD Gering' DELTA PHI LAWRENCE QUANTE Brock l Qvninr Arahrmg KARL ZAVADIL Vincent J. P. Brox Viola Talick Anna Bretzke Edward Furman Florence Lind James Wendelboe Leone Wilson Seventy-one -.-ffa'-'-1-:Q Y5:"-I-tg:-' ' f-I 'l-" '2"':".""'."I1vr1,' 'p'"""'""''.'a"u'o1':7"""l'u1'- ':'l ffl" - -.':::::-.'3:.f.-.lp -----.:::,'- 1--1-,eg-1 -'-:A -:' ' '::- - -' -. . -2 - .- 1- ,. . ,, .. -.,. . -' .il . g , . -,- -f -A , 1-gv . .-z' S2221 2221351 3.-355' i1:?g1:. -55:53 3:5553 552-'-:-E 2232?-:EI 3:-232 557515, :?:': :Ij.'gZ-.j . :bi-: 515:32 Q:::,:.' :z':'4'jQ1': :gee 13 5522? ij, ,, .1-:jg , ,.2',-,gzjf i:-.1 , ..g.:",-1:g'L:.1'.:.,-...,:'.- JL", :jg gi- " L11 1-:PIfl-2,:.::-,'-1,1-:1':-I-If : ::.'-1-LZ-1-.:.:1I+ 2- .'.'t:'-1'-'51 Q-Q .3232 . .::,.-.'." . -. ' s , . Svninr lliinhergarirn Girlz y TOP ROW-Barch, Van Gundy, Shaw, Hornby, Cook, Little, Tate, Whitehead, At wood, Myers, Johnson. , SECOND ROW-Richmond, Slama, Powers, Beach, Wrigley, Orrill. THIRD ROW-Taylor, Nuckolls, Gurnea, Harrington, Boggs, Gallup, Rogers. Seventy-two Ii'-1 ::.:. E55 4.4.1 :iii-.ff ,. ,,,. '12-Q-,,. 221153 N fduninr Kinhergarivn TOP ROW-Larson, L. Wilson, Rose, M. Wilson, Johnson, Callen, Yance, Perkin Forney. SECOND ROW-Clemens, Peterson, Frost, Swanson, Newland, Nichols, Hulings. THIRD ROW-Barnes, Wood, Koffenberger, Furman, Bauder, Beach, Powers, Carl- son, Skerritt. Seventy-three -,1-gg-..3jJ - -..,. '-:I'::Z4 -xii -:5 F-I-2:5553-'.-.-.1-3:5-55.1.1-,:.'g:'i:g:g:1::3'q:Ig.,zg:,':-f1:1fg.f:1'J. 35: 3.6-,'..,x.5. ...num .-..:::. .,:,. ....:,,, .......g'., ..::.jg 31- - -5 li 5'-,Z ,,, if: ,I ,. ':- .1-. '-. -:g . .:2-1 21"-lk:-' r.-2-1: 2-2-1-, 4:-'Ia 5211. :2:.-.-: 11:-,:,:' f"r1-:SX..':51:- .-Sr,-Agar: :-:-iz zj-ly-1-3 :-:Z-: 2:-:gf 1:-Cf. .::,g.. -1-32,1 :1 ..:,5..-.-, .-,g,- ,--z 3.3, ---- ..'.g.,- 5.1-,-. .:.s --U: ,.-.,. ,H , ..., .H- 2: . . ." -1. .- :I -r- -'-."'.1' " . Lat.- . ,J-...:.u..-. ...H .--. 4.5. .....-.,. , ...'i.',, .,. . N fi :J Glnnavrlmtnrg nf illlhmir CARL BEUTEL Director of Conservatory of Music Pupil of Alberto Jonas, Berlin Head of Piano Department, Fugue, Composition, Orchestration "The liquid notes that close the eye of day." Seventy-four CLEMENS MOVIUS Head of Voice Department Berlin and Paris Pupil of Sbriglia "And songs like his have power quiet the restless pulse of care." CLARA URANIA MILLS Head of Theoretical Department Instructor in Piano, Ear Training and Harmony Graduate and Post-Graduate of Amer- ican Conservatory Chicago Paris, Pupil of John Hattsstadt Hurot, Levy and Harold "She doth tease sweet 'music from the keys." FRANCIS WILLIAM KEZRNS Head of Violin Department Oberlin Conservatory of Music Pupil of S01 Marcosson and Johann H. Beck "Music 'is the universal language of 'ma'alc'l'n0l." Seventy-fi've MAUDE FENDER GUTZMER Instructor in Voice Culture Pupil of Sbriglia, 'Paris 'ISO she poured out the liqmki music of hefr voice." ' MRS. NELLIE PAYNE SIMPSON Head of Public School Music Depart- .ment Pupil of Herbert Oldham, Felix Heink and Charles Harrison Miller "She doeth all things well." MARY ALENE SMITH 4 Instructor in Piano and History of Music Head of Organ Department New England Conservatory of Music, Bos- tong Pupil of Whiting, Stasing, Goettschins and Elsor. "Such sweet compulsion cloth in 'music lie." Seventy-sim ' 557272-' 'f3f3?'.:I':I 'fr'--'."-tg:-.111:::' J- fi 'I-' ff.1.'.'-1'.',-f 11 X 552 v,-5.31: .QE .::g L- :--.-g ::..:. I IST. - ...-.T ' .- ' .-ni' ' ..' .TI 552'-7 If'.' -3. - 15.1, :. -1.:,'.':1','-1:-ff' f.:.'1'.'.1.1- '. ..'1-'1' ' A' '. ..: . -3-,gig E3 '- '- ':f 1:1-:N f I - 2-ff:-" -,' -'IJY1' , .-..-.-.:..... an 'u ' ' l.q I. I-? Ji. I gg: 2-.:..3I ..- 'I O.: 'll - "" W 3:51 .':f." 2 .. - -'r.-.-,g-.- . 1' 1 ..'g.'.-3--. -.:,.j 5.34 ..-: . .. .. .:.--. ., .. -.-Q: ,s . -,--1--' ...ii- . - 31- .'-'jun' 1-' ' ' ' '-'.1- 0 .1 v . ' -2- --:I '--an --s 'nglu 0, Q' fE1.'.x': ,-!'f.' ' ,. 3.-Sfg.'.1:,1. ' '-2-:.'.: -- ' 3:r':.': I a"-,'u' ' 'g-5-, o .,1' , . -. Lf! 'fS7.g-CfH':..:gll.,11zf: -5541255 ffglizill T315 Cllnnzvruatnrg Grahnatva EMMA GRIESEL Voice Pupil of Professor Movius Seventy-seven FRANCES GETTYS Voice Pupil of Mrs. Gutzmer Glnnaeruatnrg Mrahuatrn ELIZABETH RALSTON Voice Student with Professor Movius N oi i 1 1 u s s s Zjfff -51 . 'git gigs-as:-ar L ,Mf5ff.,g-.ilu Seventy-eight CATHERINE RALSTON Voice Student with Professor Moviu-s Qlntwrruatnrg linhergrahnatra ALICE BAKER Voice Student with Professor Movius i Seventy-nine AMBER OVENDON Voice Student with Professor Movius Q,g-'-,K6'rr-7- ' Kit' 2 . , 1 :2:'f 2? s . A.: .f ' :Ig '- Q ' an 11-. 1 1. 9.5" -1 'X . :Tj 4 -1-ff. ft I . H :5 - ' - 'SP' I ' . '- Q-.' .3 ' N l'-- .' Hnirv Evpartment 1 A GROUP, FROM PROFESSOR MOVIUS, CLASS A GROUP FROM MRS. GUTZMER'S CLASS Eighty r 1-25,5 5'.2j3fQ:7I53Si--.1-E -if: :" -1 F4322 .'6:?S'f.i-i-Z-':f.2-'P 6-If-I-E 2' A GROUP FROM THE PIANO DEPARTMENT Eighty-one - ",:: . -xzf:-g -43.-1? .-.1-, 5-..--.rv'-dy. IQ J. j, A ' -!'.'2 v,--.',:: .3523 I::- !.'.-- ,-.: gif- .'.'- ....' ,- ..', . 2-,-5 .-,U ":,'.':l.f,".:f:., IZ' H.. Q.:-...3 :U-,-1 '.','.-....--CZ- -. .- - --33.-. . iq,-.'3g',-.--,. ., .i , - u,'.'g.',g- .' ..': . 'Z'-2112 11 I:- .'. ."..', .' .- -1- . ,-.-..-. ., gl.: -I.. ':'. '.' " '-' 2.-. 1 ,::. g-- ... .-. .... I-:2 - ' ..,-h-ga.-.-,g-.g. .. -. , 1---. '--3.-.. -32.155 21- ...'.- ,.-.. : .'. .3-.: rj.: :...,. '.','.tf.:1 .'.--' 1 :',: I .-..- -,'.. :., :ina ...','.',,. " '-'5:- '-- .1 .. '2'. ".' -1 v- . . - -. -.fn us xg. QQ. ..,-' ,g1.'.,A:: ,,-.:.. ,. pen. 5-11,0 ' ':,-:.'.: .N'.'.f .3512-Zi-:::.'.:-.'1: 4 'r dan -:::"'.I 815114157 LCN Gil C During the past season there has been an unmistakable revival of interest and activity in the Conservatory of Music, over that manifested in the past few years. This may undoubtedly be attributed to the fact that for the first time in quite a few years there has been a regular direc- tor of Music. For several years the Acting Chancellor had acted in this capacity, and although the purely executive demands were fully met the artistic growth had not reached the high level desired. Some of the innovations introduced by Mr. Beutel during the past season which have added considerably to the growth of the Conservatory were the Music Teacher's Training department and the Children'sl depart- ment. The former consists of a regular pedagogical course for young teachers, at the same time offering practical teaching experience under supervision. This automatically demanded the creation of the Children's department to serve as teaching material for the young teachers. An especially interesting feature of this department is the weekly class for children under 14 years of age under the personal direction of Mr. Beutel. The thorough rudimentary and theoretical training offered is presented in a mannerto prove very appealing to the child mind and the growth of this department has exceeded the expectations. Q1- CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT Eighty-two I 532' f f.':f-E5-'.Z3:1 : 325525.-3 I-f'ff'1'- '11-: 1. :7f5Eff2'3 5? "SE 1Q5i::I'1zQE':: .-52:2-.+.5.. I .-f:::-..--:- .--x.-.. - . -----.- lguhlir Srhnnl Munir TOP ROW-Gertrude MCAllister, Elizabeth Thomas, Frances Gamble. SECOND ROW-Lucia Martin, Wilhelmein Schultz, Mrs. Simpson, Margaret Donelsor Clara Hobson. Eighty-three . ...... .... ....,.. . ...,.. g. .,.,. ., ,., H i:jf'.Q:iQ':i-'Sf 3352325 v .'!-'.-:r f- -'.--:Z--.'I -.'- XQ-5. . 9 U Srhnnly nf Exprvnainn l I BEULAH GLADYS CHAMP Acting Director of School of Expression and Oratory Acting Professor of Elocution, 1916, A. B. Wesleyan University, B. O. Wesleyan University Emerson School of Oratory PHI KAPPA PHI, ALPHA KAPPA DELTA "But to see her is to love her" ETHEL RAE ROBINSON Instructor in Elocution Wesleyan University, A. B. Wesleyan University Its the song ye sing and the smile ye wear Tha,t's a, makin' the sun shrine e11e'rywhere." ll 3 Eighty-fowr :Q Lg2H':I'. -'-fy, -"' ,it-I-.""'1::L:3:3 -3-51.1,-.j"' 5f:fg:j,',g:1:':,'-,'1', " 1-Ei5f:'f-'E:I:1'iE2-if-2A-f:Z":': -if-I-'-1-if " .,.. ., . . .. U: Hunt Mrahuatvu 5111 Exprwzinn EDITH GRASSMEUCK B. O. Degree "Quo Vadisv Recital May 13 Efighty-five LULU MOORE B. E. Degree "Lovey Mary" Recital May 20 Sveninr Exprezmnn RUTH SCOTT EDNA GLEED 1 HELEN GAY MYRTLE HENIJRICKSON FLORENCE BUCK MARY GEORGE Eighty-six "a'i11?55E':1E' 4 w '-5:-:u--nn: lluninr Expreuainn TOP ROW-Maggie Mumberson, Pearl Wilson, Laura Jewell, Beth Thomas -SECOND ROW-George Horner, Maude Amos, Lucile DaBoll, Marie Wilson, Lois Gillett, Mary Ellen Smith, Bruce Orris THIRD, ,ROW-Golda Peckham, Elsie O'Nea1, Lydia Novak, Louise Cook, Marjorie Ingles, Lura Hawkins, Clarissa Snover. FOURTH ROW-Dorothea Bignell, Laura Schow, Lois Scott, Miss Champ, Miss Robinson, Carrie Husenetter, Marjorie Clark. Eighty-sefv en .hs - ,1 . ,,, .:,. LLLL LLL f LLLLL L L 1 LL L 1 L , HENRY HOWARD BAGG Director of School of Art I "Thy life is a picture painted well" PEARL M. WALL Instructor in China Painting Eegmymgh: v 1 Q Aw.. 0 E :Z MW ' ':g'u.Lga. ' " x . . . . - ::.:. -: .-1.1 : . .. 2222? 22i:N-.353 5f'ZfY3lflElf1:. :l?EE11fff:'-'3 We-3-..'raE11 5531 aff: ,-:5:,:-gg 2511: 1:5151 g'Q'I:Zl, 22:-21:35 2:-,l hi ::g' .. ..1,:': . ,--5'-JJ , .1'gZ:'.-1gg:f2"'I:.,-,-.fa-.' '-:.", 2.-if ...Q -f-- . .--.-'.---..'. ,:- '..'.'---' . 1-' .: -1.-..' il: zjgiw X t .S Uhr Qlnllrgv Glnunril ,5,.:g:'.,.45--.zeas:,:qw:,1,:e,:41,,:.1,:.:V -,f-:::,g,-2 4 4 - 1.:f3,..,.-,,: 11:221:51Q:-i51g:a1a-aaifmsx ?25155322EfE1E151""'W'ii' -1--.iw -Q-92:f:1w'.-an .. Y ,,.,:4:..,.3,. ,,.,,,,,-...A,.,c,, ,-., 3.-p.,.-MZ. -fm.: I-40: :-: 44.-'M-:-:4 fb 4-:-1-:-:-' '1' - K :.s5-25+ -:iN-Q54 . ss--f-fy1may-:raw:-Vee?-:::1:s-fm Y 1 ,.,.M, ,,.. ,.,,. , ..,.,.,. ..V Q , :-11:Nff:2:I:-:-:f:i: 'z'-I 'Sz e 31525121533522215:':3.2ZE5if3?:iI .- arf? 2- - 2 252 - . I. -214-4,5 ,i,::::f,..-.ef .Assy-',e-.i,g:g.:.1,f,q.ggf.v' 0. ., 55 . g,1,1gc ...,3f.wg M 1-es... f ' 'aff 415359 1 -. Yi - an v i z, -g s ysxqfw, .- 5 . 5s:9."' 362222 '- ' ' .,,, , on ' -Q-:,,'.,'-':'us 3 ' - -V . A 'fag-.E,-:E 0' V W 5 A f A 'wx new My kwa , g 4 x,,.,: ..v,. , .x,... 2 ,., -2- -gs New gig' ' gg? .Tz:.e,:2' .s ry ,Q ...4.... 2. Q ,. . .- -. -V ' .W-' V- f f ' ' s ffl W 'V E 'f 5 gf,:f1e's:f:s:s- ii az, :vw'41Q1:Sq.-dsa35'Agfvaf-..s?v1 .- : 5. .e2Qfsw:f1w-a:f:c.-re-We A -:fl ,-.f..f.-f,-w.AW.,v.,- ., . , , ,. lEv.,,w,4ws:1 . ,ri i s :ago-:D - 2,-.S:,' -.- ,:'.1:2:".- - -Ig! - ' I 355: ' .354as:s::a1::,:3:2-Sf '5' - : , ...A. ,- ., ir., .. Wg. , , , 1za,1af.eskQsxsz:: i. ses: 'P -,ss seNN4..5:f: 'V --" H ----A- P ,L .- V,-s......, -sw 1- +G:-If 1 Viv: cr., W, ,W x . .s...,,, M 1 IE :IT 1' 515111 "Wm , ,,,, 0.612 - If - 'Qi-2:-.3024-3 Xl: x mi is: , LQ " ., 323253511 aI11g11l:S1il3if Q . x -..f.s. . . :T - :p - 415- . ,f--29 1'-,--A--,.:,. iirmffw-:QQ :A A -- T -1.-V:-:-1 'i ff BLAKE SPENCER . President First Semester FIRST SEMESTER Blake Spencer Bernice Bolton Dora Collins Blake Spencer Dora Collins Bernice Bolton Earl Keester Agnes Aronson I 'HELEN HORNBY President Second Semester Cmffuerz President Vice-President Secvfetuxry-T'reas'u,1'e1' mrmhrrn Edna Gleed Helen Hornby Floyd Shacklock Merion Mooberry Vance Anderson Andrew Diehl Esther Jacoby Carl Jewell Gregg' McBride Mary George N inety SECOND SEMESTER Helen Hornby Earl Keester Vance Anderson Oliver Metzler Bruce Orris- Helen French Dana Harper Marie Wilson lx? m::f?:j" -:.' . '.i::'i x U -iaffffi re :ze 1 1 Ninety-one -,-f.1:,w'-g wg-1+ .-::- ,I 'F Z 2: '."?:.S1-.1::tf" L'. .4 :.j1.j.':'qs:,zZ-.'.-.rl -22.1 v,--.','.: .::5 :.- :.-.-, 'z I '.'-': .- :1r."-',- ',-,-.'.1.. -'-gg., :ff ....'..: ,Inf :tg 323:25 !'-Z- :'.:. .fi-3 . , .. ,,.. ,. -1-f.'-'.'1'.-.".- -'-,'.-j-',:- .- -. -- . ... , - . . ,. . -gf. -,lf - .u.u'.-" '.' ". I -.' - p'1 ' ' -g,n. 'Ti "', :-- :.. -.-. ,.., JI? ' :ff-'I ..,-gr.-.-,g-.g. .' 'II-'iff'-'5 I 5" "PZ .' 121' :'2-. iff: -Q.. . -...', :.11',:r.'.:l 1-.-- . . . , . .. .. .. -. -,-1-' ' f....n'.".1---x , J.. ' . - Zyl... If-1 :-an .Yr-I '.-. -.4-2 --.- '.. -..g-. ....- 35.-hq, .-..'::3::Egi1.-11: ,5555-E:?i:3Sf-I-52-24: EE. :2:"-I 2-Marcel: 'ggi-.1 . . '.L:1'-'Ing' 3 .'. ' gs' - 2'--2 In :1.'.'-': LUN Gil C Elghi Kenna lihi Nebraska wvnlrgan Chapter The Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity is a College and Alumni Society com- posed of the honor graduates of all departments of American Colleges and Universities. Its aim is Unity and Democracy in Education. Its purpose is three-fold: First, to bind the Alumni more closely to Alma Materg sec- ond, to promote scholarshipg and third, to promote and foster the principles of true education. It selects the best students from the members of the graduating class each year, therefore it constitutes an honor roll among the graduates of our Colleges and Universities. Membership in this Fra- ternity has come to be recognized as a distinct honor. This year is the Twentieth Anniversary of the organization of Phi Kappa Phi. Its membership now numbers more than 3000, and there are organizations or chapters in fifteen different states. lt enrolls among its members some of the leading educators, business and professional men of the country. As a means of encouraging scholarship at the Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- versity the Nebraska Wesleyan Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was started through the election on November 13, 1913, of the following Charter mem- bers: Clark Adelbert Fulmer, then Chancellor of the University. Francis A. Alabaster, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Frank E. Howard, then Dean of the Teachers' College. Edgar S. Brightman, then Professor of Philosophy and Psychology. Elias H. Wells, Professor of Historyand Political Science. Each year membership in the Nebraska Wesleyan Chapter is extended to one-tenth of the members of the Senior Class who have maintained an average grade of at least 90? throughout their college course. Elections to membership occur early in April, and formal initiation on the Monday preceding the University Commencement. No one is entitled to the priv- ileges of membership until clilly initiated. The first formal initiation ceremonies were conducted by Dr. L. H. Pammel, Secretary General of the Fraternity, in April, 1914. The officers for 1917-1918 are: President ............ Prof. W. G. Bishop Secretary .......... Madge French-Aden Vice President ............ Beulah Champ Treasurer ...,...,..,,......., Emma G1-iesel From the class of 1918 the following were elegible to membership: r? Agnes Aronson Myrtle Jolly Ruth Needham Bernice Bolton Eva Kauffman Nettie Skinner Emma Caudry Earl Keester Mamie Smith Dora Collins Eva Lesh Blake Spencer June Grove p Howard Miller Cora York The following have been elected to membership: Agnes Aronson Dora Collins Eva Kauffman Earl Keester Blake Spencer From the Alumni: Ethel Whitillg l- A. L. Hunter Joy Schreckengast 0 Ninety-two 3 . , " ii-I-:5 ,f-I-ffm.-'-:A '--1-sp-2.-.1 .g.:,7-,-P-fg,-Y' ,gf 'fix 1: 3-':.':fgZ--Em:-1 .- I-1-'.:',' Zf.i.'f-.'.'.'.l fI:jf:':T3 -:fi I,--.-1: .1532 '--. v,'.'- -'.',, .,.-17, ..--. ., ',".':y:. :,- :1':':1-.--: .iff :I-:I :f:r.-:-I rw "'.':-..-. -ffl.: .:,'-:tl-I, U: ...' - 'lgglg 5 2:4-:-1N r:- - - ".'.'.',: .. .. --.. fIjJ:.::vI 335, 'In 3 - .. . --.-5, . . "..': -'.1- -..',- .' .': .--: - 'lu 'a-Q' 3.-: f' If.'.Z"'I'1'i . gn- - '.-.1 ..- 25: 35' -g .ifgf --'.:3:' I-." 'hqntn In 1' Iliff! ,.gIQI.j ' ':,-.-35. "'""'ulpn . -.'j,f.y--...:'.f: 911121: ': ::Z,:',?. Eratmatir Glluh TOP ROW-Smith, Scott, Hendrickson, Gleed, Grassmueck, O'Neal SECOND ROW-Clark, Horner, M. Wilson, P. Wilson, Jewell THIRD ROW-Snover, Husenetber, Jacoby, Hawkins, Champ, Robinson, Orris, Dyer N ine ty- three 'f1:.:5.,.,, -. ... . . . . . I - Lf . V .. U I I J Enhate Due to war activities this year forensics have played a minor, though perhaps not less important part, in life at Wesleyan. For the University debate work we have been almost entirely dependent upon new men. Wor- ley, Albright and Spencer all closed their work at the end of the first semester and have gone into War work. And Keiser, having married a wife, said "please have me excused." The loss of these men has made neces- sary many changes in the original line up. The question agreed upon for the year was, "Resolved, That price fixing should become a permanent part of the policy of the United States." The interclass scraps showed the usual vim and energy and determi- nation. The first clash was between the Freshmen and Sophomores. The Freshman team was composed of Floyd Miles, Earl Berkey, Raymond Maricleg the Sophomore team of Paul Huebner, Cleo Cummings and Mer- ian Mooberry. In this debate the Sophomores were the victors. The Jun- ior team was composed of Gregg McBride, Roy Story and Victor Keiserg the Senior team of Loyd Worley, LeRoy Olinger and Robert Albright: In the contest between the Juniors and Seniors the Seniors were declared to be the winners. The final clash between the winning teams occurred at the chapel hour December 16 and the Senior team, which had been changed by the sub- stitution of Blake Spencer for Albright who had enlisted for radio work under the government, was again given the decision. The University debates have been reduced to three this year owing to the war conditions and the unwillingness of schools to enter into de- bate contracts. . The schedule iszl Simpson at Wesleyan March 8, Kansas Wesleyan at Salina, Kansas, April 5, and University of South Dakota at University Place March 29. The question for the debate with the University of South Dakota is glciclisolved, That National Prohibition is preferable to Prohibition by the a es." N ine ty- f our Svninr W 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 WORLEY SPENCER OLINGER x llnninr Q , ...-1 KEISER MCBRIDE STORY ' Snphnmnrn v Z CUMMINGS HUEBNER MOOBERRY 5H1'P5hmvn BERKEY MARICLE MILES ' 5 egg :Qqi-'453352E5EgE.Z5'if.':z-2125325if-122532: u f?-1 9-E3-'.:f:1-.-:3f'f15fff.-3 I-f'35'1':1:-: f.ff3f5'5 .f1'13f3l5i:::-:zli':f if ,-,.-D-::.5 ..:. ,--1,-., . -,-,-, . :.- -,-..". .... -.A1. 1- . .'-'. -. ... .-'. - . - , .gt .-9.55. Uhr iivnhrrann Glluh TOP ROW-Priestley, Shacklock, Ernst, Bergquist, Aronson, Bolton, Callen. ' SECOND ROW-Lucas, Graham, Butler, Nystrom, Gallen, Thomas, Haumont, Waddell. THIRD ROW-Jacoby, Lobb-Day, Collins, Wilson, York, Novak, Gentry. BOTTOM Row-H t P 1' A d N dh M b M H b un er, ar 1, n erson, ee am, oo erry, enary, ue ner. . . NOT IN PICTURE-Sill, Bell, Embree, Horst, Mayo, Morrell, Sappenfield, Vance, Williams. llbffrrrra FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Blake Spencer ............. ............. P resident ....., ...,... ............. E 1 Win Hunter Ruth Needham ........... ....... V ice-President .......... .............. A gnes Aronsfm Merion Mooberry ....... ................ S efrgeant ........... ......... W illiam Prlesbley George Morrell ....... ....,............. C haplain .,............. ............. P 2.111 Huebner Laurine Menary .......... ......... S ecretafry-Treaswrer ....... ........... P earl WIISOH Sept. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Mar. Fragrant fur the Hear Business and election of members. "Culture for the Modern Age," by Dean McProud. - "Social Work,".by Ruth Needham. "The Man With the Hammer," Elwin Hunter. . Paper on "Faust," "La Traviataf' and "Jewels of the Madonna," by Bernice Graham. "Aerial Navigation," by Merion Mooberry. "Heredity and its Relation to Environment," by Agnes Aronson. "The Wire1ess,"' by Ira -Williams. "Education a.s an Answer to Needs of Life," by Esther Sill., "The Value of a Dream," by Senn Waddell. "Life in the Philippines," by Dr. Rayner. f'Weather and the War," by Hetty Bell. Ninety-eight E W L A '.-25511 EC: - '-:---.:-if-' ' 1- :X-I-Enix:-1','-1-If:E ':.'5-Z-"5-':f::122:f:Zrid-I-.111.?::1:-'1-Z-Z1.:- F52 :.-M-,:un.3: .... -I-,V .... -:H ..:5,. .,., .... M.: ...... 1, ., .,,,h. . C: ...IA - 1: ,, , .f.' . .. . 1- .-.-. . -, 113 -..3.g '.--, , 7 -.. -, -. .. .., .- . .,.,- ,..., ., 4.5, jg. .,1-. . -,-.- 1 .,-, -. '.',-. , .Y.- ..' g.:'. .-.,.. - gl... "-... ,.--. ...V 344: .39 .Nan I-if' ::I': 1-2 If-: -Inf. 5127311-17 f-A :1""-'L.'.', ,'-511 -'-L :.- ---- .. .Q '1 :-:'.'- 5' ' 'f,'. , .' -.o 55 . "al eq-jg 23:5 --. 45.1 fr.. .eg -..'.'. '--'q-,, ,,-',':,'. "v,--',. ,,..1"-.'. 'Je -:.v- 4.5- jg- 7: :J ,nu :.'.':'-1-'.j'I1',-QI'--'.',Q-5. - .1-1:51-j'.:... . -,f . -13,-zgjf. ' ,-." 0 5.3, ' 35,1 ,.v':::-Q..-:.,"X,'-,,'L,".... -'.1'1'-.'.'. -.'...-.-.. .33 .9 35 . . ,- .V 3 . , - , ljiinar litgnr Qnnnrarg Znnlngiral Snririg Cbffirera FIRST SEMESTER V SECOND SEMESTER Charlotte Lamm ....... ........ M agua, Sulibum ....... .........,............ M ax Gentry Clara Thomas ,............. ,... ......,.,.. S u libwm, ,,,,.... ....... A . Vance Anderson Dr. Victor J. Hayes ....,.... ,.....,. S ilatendisco ,,.,,.,, ......... D r. 'Victor J. Hays Artinv illlemhrrn Dr. Victor J. Hays Charlotte Lamm A. Vance Anderson Emily Nystrom Fern-e D. Bergquist Pearl Peterson Max Gentry Floyd Shacklock Eva L. Lesh Clara Thomas Members Elertrh Zllrhruarg H, 151B Burt Church N Carrol Hildebrand Clarence Folsom Florence Plumb Rose Hayden Sylvia Reese N inety-mine ,ffl-135:21-'.'A -'-1515-'g:.' ,,.,..1f.Q93:::'g:' ',13: : I vm.: ,:g5f'.:,-:.' '!i1::'-"rr-YZ--Hur:-' .., :-:1 in-51:-.'.-,.: ZITI' iff:-1: Ilfff q- .:., .. ,L" V ' -gz::. 51: :........ ,.", .. - ,-..:. ...I u". .'-'..' v '- .5 , 2: 11:41.-IIE.-:".'.-: 'I' -'r 'Jil 'I ::": 'liz'- -, :. :- G: - ' '-'. .' .Z. ..j-31.-.-.1-:xt .Q .. .-.','.-. -up.. 'ff-':".1" u.l',' . .'-: -Q.. -.'.', 0 l'0-.s .1 'L'. ..:.:.:.-. -val :Q : I.. .-f-:Q-.g'.'f1-.Z - -15 - '.--5. - :U F' ,Q zu- . :fi "I-ri' i'f'I ':Z.'.x':' -2'f.' 1: -'-.':3:if1Z-1-' -:r'.'.'! -P25115 '7If'75 5.1: sv: ,- -,,3n,--3.-'-:.-.Eng f:vfQ"f'.::..l-fu. 11'-Vfei T13 WI-'.'g :'IT"7M.1'.' Glhvmiral Glluh , Qbffirern FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Lee Whipple-Andrew Diehl ......,............... President ................ ....... W alter Hoifman Ralph Horst ............................................ Vice-President ..,.....,....... ..1 ....,... Ralph Horst Lyle Wood-Ralph Horst .................. Secretwry-Treaswrer ......... ......,. B irdeen Ernst W Artiuv illllzmhrrs Andrew Diehl Birdeen.Ernst Earl Keester Clara Thomas Ralph Horst Russel Palmateer Walter Hoffman Grace Swanson Roy Story Lyle Wood . 1-Xanuriate fllilrmhvrz I . Jean Webster Max Gentry Merion Mooberry Emily Nystrom Tguuurarg frfirmhrrn H. R. Cozier Clarence A. Morrow Howard A. Durham One Hundred Alpha Summa Evra ea magma mum Gbffirvra FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Ira Williams ........ .........Y....,.. P 'l'6S?:d.87Lt ..,.......... ,,,,,,,,-,,,, S enn Waddell SGHII Waddell ...,. ' .... .............. V 'ZCC-P7'CS'lid6'I'Lt ,......,.. ,,,,,,,5, 'W alter TQ-,Sch Marjorie White ...,.. .......,. S ecvcctary-Treaswrer .,....,. ,,A,,,,, A ndrew Diehl Artiun illllrmhm-5 Prof J. C. Jensen Robert Embree Ira Williams Andrew Diehl Walter Tesch Marjorie White Walter Hoffman Senn Waddell Dora Collins Earl Keester Blake Spencer Elmer Yost iinnnr Roll Glen Bell, Radio Electrician, Great Lakes Frank Bishop, Radio Electrician, Great Lakes. Eugene Haskins, Electrician, Gas and Flame Division, France. 'Robert Gorham, Electrician, U. S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y. Floyd Hudson, First Sergeant, 355 Inf., Camp Funston, Kans. Dwight Williams, Second Lieutenant, Artillery, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Leonard Hughes, Officers Training School, Fort Riley, Kans. Lee Ogden, U. S. Marines, Porto Rico. Blake Spencer, Y. M. C. A., C-amp Funston, Kans. Ralph Hartsough, Aviation School, Berkley, Calif. Paul Sharp, Government Chemistry, Washington, D. C. Efhruphraatian Entaniral Qllnh flbrganizzh 1515 . Gbffirrrz FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER John Crist ............. ......... P 'fesidewf ....... ........ A gnes Aronson Agnes Aronson ........ ....... V ice-President ....... ......., E thel Langford Artiur illlnmhrrz Agnes Aronson Ethel Langford Fern Bergquist Eva Lesh ' Glenn Callen Mary Lobb Dora Collin-s Raymond Mfaricle John Crist Frank Pfoutz Dorothy Dimmitt Helen Wells Lilia Gravatt J. L Wendleboe Ralph Horst Marjorie White Grace Hoskinson Neva Wilson Charlotte Lamm Helen Gurnea Mary Sappenfleld Arthur Earl ' Marjorie Ingles Nellie Carver - Professor Shirk glglg H135 ljfl?-5 Gnnnrarg fllllrmhrra Chester Scott Frank Schertz Daniel Kline Hazel Adams Russel Adams f l3LgJlgiElI'gYQ One Hundred One ,.-:.:x-11- -'.1-rv.-:. .. .- ,ee-Q., ff ,-vrffi-.'ffZ:?'.::2: 'ER 1: f-':.': :Si--1: 1::'I '.. ..g.-,Z--. 1 usp.-.'.m. , as-1:21 f'f Eff: .'-'- ,..... 1512 ,::: .--:-1' .-'-..-- .:r3 -ng.. " ' .Rf 'z -.' fbi .-Qt." -1- ,:1' .t'. --1:-: ..-., 1-'. j:.:.'.g -.'- -311' -- ' 1... -.-l---.., , QQ.. 31,-,--,. X '.I-:Z-LW' ..:. 'Zg1.'. 1 11- :-. ..:, ,......g 3. g .- -- , I-'.- ........: ,.'f. I g-- :-.:..3 923 2 :if-'1 " 35:1-5323 If-. , '-1135 T11-' .I1'I- 1 : : : .3-: ' -'u -Q .', -1",'-:.'.z 2-2.- ':1- --.13 fs if-If.',Z'Z1'. 'lg , 1 , ' 't' I-:I .--'. gg. wg-13 U.: ' can la ' 171.'.Y:' .-I'f.' .2 .--.L 15:151- ' ':.-2-.f .qf'.'.J I ,gf ,Z ', :::.'.:'.'4 1:-e . o r,.. g... pw: '. " '- ,..,. . -, . .Q- mralvgan Agasaiz Azznriatinn fwffrrera President ,.....,.,,..........................., Evelyn Little Vice-President ....................,.., Martha Nuckols Recording Secretary .............,.... Maude Myers Corresponding Secretary .......... Jennie Rogers Treasurer .,,................................. Helen Gllrrlea Curator .,,,,.,....,..,.,.,.....,...........,... Helen Hornby Wesleyan Agassiz Association was organized at Nebraska Wesleyan in the fall of 1917 with fifteen charter members, elected from the preced- ing spring class in Nature Study. This Association has been granted a charter from the National Agassiz Association which is located at Sound Beach, Conn. Members are elected from the students having at least one semester of Nature Study with a grade of 9072, and a general average of 85?kg also manifesting an interest in the study of nature. The purpose of the local organization is three-fold: First, to stimulate the interest in the observation of Nature, Second, for the acquisition of information, Third, to secure material for a permanent museum. 'The plan of the organization is to have a meeting and a field trip each month. Various aspects and phases of Nature Study are represented at each meeting. The trips are taken under the direction of the head of the department to the various localities of interest for observation. One Hundred Two f::f-mes'-a'::'-:'feearpfrff-1:1-f:ae:a:sfzssz : - .easzf yz-'La-:fef V gif' :IQ f LIS' ,QQQ ff ' ,QQQ'?E':1f5 Q-3:1.5gj.1j13S5:Tji3Si-Zi-Ei:3fE':'s5.5.:Z':?2lf?532259.if-Z5:f.2-'.55i5Z9Z'EZ' , mvnlvgan Agauzig Annnriatinn TOP ROW-Connell, Ober, Hornby, Rogers, Snover. SECOND ROW-Frazell, Gurnea, McClure, Selover, Kallemeyn, Haumont. THIRD ROW-Ernst, Eatwell, Hufman, Langford, Baker, Nuckols, Taylor, Schow Needham. , FOURTH ROW-Metzler, Teachman, Corlett, Little, P. Schlictemier, C. Schlictemier, Shirk, Gallup, Sherman. One Hundred Thfree 6. " e'l,'. l.',' -up - .,a ,- gg-5' 5.3 1.:,-5:15 :.': 15: -.-3' ,:::.':....g-, mi' ' 5-'.'i f':1i"-'bf-2'-' Svtuhent Hnlnntrvr The Student Volunteer Movement originated at the first international conference of the Christian college students held ingMou'nt Hermon, Mass., in 1886, but the organization vvas not perfected until the conference at Northfield two years later, when it was named the Student Volunteer Move- ment for Foreign Missions. The primary purpose of the movement is to enroll a sufficient number of properly qualified volunteers to meet the demands of the World's mission- ary program. It also purposes to interest all classes of students in missions and lead them to accept and prepare themselves to discharge their res- ponsibility to maintain the missionary enterprise by their advocacy, by their gifts, and by their prayers. Members Nels Anderson Esther Jacoby Nellie Carver Lydia Novak Lucile DaBoll Floyd Shacklock Milford Forsythe Frances Springer Mrs. Forsythe Ethel Whiting Max Gentry Jessie Wilson Hattie Hepperly May York One Hundred Four . Q Hinreent Aaanriatinn 1 Qbffrrera FIRST, SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER George Morrell ...,...,.. ................. P resident ,,.,,,,,.., .,,,,,,,,., L , V, Harmon E. R. Hess .................. ...,......... , .V'l:O6-PT6S7:Cl67Lf ....,,,,,., .,,,.,.,,, W m, Bernhardt Wm. Bernhardt ......... .......... S ecretary-Treasurer ........ ,..,,,,,., F . Carl Schmidt illllnuhzra Barker, Raleigh Jay, Ross . Berkey, Earl R. Johnson, E. O. Bernhardt, William Kellogg, Richard Brox, Joseph Kellow, Albert Chambers, L. L. McClure, George E. Crist, John Miller, Ralph Forsythe, M. W. Morrell, George S. Hall, John Neth, Walter Harmon, L. V. Pfoutz, F. E. Harper, Earle Pickerel, Wayne Harris, F, L. Schmidt, F. Carl Hess, E. R. Trowbridge, R. A. Hildebrande, Carroll Van Metre, Clare Huebner, Paul Wachtel, A. E. Jackman, Everett Wagener, Loren Jay, Laverne Whitmore, Dorr Zavadil, Carl illliemhrra in Ssruirr nf lniteh Staten Albright, Robert ' Myers, Eugene August, Frank Pierce, Floyd i Bean, Earl' Saul, Charles Brox, John Shaub, Clifford Day, Walter Spencer, Ernest High Stanley Worley, Loyd One Hundred Five 13. n. 01.2. ltffireru anh Cllahinzt President ..................... ........ .E va Lobb-Day Association News ....,,....,..,.,,,,,.,.,,, Hetty Bell Vice-President .......,.,.. ........ E sther Jacoby Devotional Meetings ,,.,,,,,,,,, C1-arissa Sngver Secretary, ................. - ..,......... Lura Hawkins Mission Study ....,................,..., C-Lara, Thom-as Treasurer ........,..................... Emily Nystrom Social .............,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, F lorence Buck Bible Study ...................... Dora Della Collins Social Service ,,,,,,, Q ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Bernice Bqlbgn H. S. Extension .................... Agnes Aronson Annual Member ..........,,,,,,,,,,,. , ,,,, Elsie 0'Nea1 The Young Women's Christian Association ha-s been especially strong this year. The great object has been to create between all the girls, and especially between the old and new girls, a deep feeling of fellowship, and through this friendship, a deeper love for Christ. The devotional meetings have been held at the regular Chapel hour on Thursdays in the Auditorium. There have been several bible study clas-ses organized. Miss, Beach, through her work in the class, has been able to bring the girls a deeper sense of religious responsibility and appreciation. Eight Mission study classes have been organized with students as leaders and having an enrollment of 95 girls. Each class studied a diderent text and each text took up some present world problem. The High School Extension work has been very interesting and success- ful. Among the other activities, the High School Association gave a large sum to the War fund. Through the social service department, much has been accomplished. Both piece and regular fwork has been found for a large number of girls through the employment department. A patriotic league Was organized under the leadership of Dorothy Dimmitt. Practically every girl in school was thus reached. Work at the Orthopedic Hospital has been carried on very successfully. A class for the purpose of training leaders for summer eight week clubs has been conducted. While there has been .much work and serious thinking, there have also been some profitable social functions. First was the annual gym frolic in the fall, followed by the Y. M. and Y. W. Mixer. Later the association was entertained at the home of Misses Jean and Elizabeth Bothwell. An- other important feature Was "'The Drawing of the Sword," a patriotic pageant staged by the association girls. The "Big Sister" movement is a new phase of work instituted this year. It has proved successful. to a marked degree in bringing Wesleyan the spirit of democracy among the girls. Most of the girls of the Univer- sity, being members of the Y. W. C. A., attended the recognition service which was very impressive, and the membership War banquet, Which was a decided success. The proceeds of the banquet, together with a portion of the Pageant proceeds, were devoted to the Y. W. pledge of S100 to the war fund. The Patriotic League is a feature of Y. W. C. A. work of great import- ance. All girls in school are members. Miss Dorothy Dimmitt is President and the girls are divided into groups for various kinds of Patriotic service. The work of the President, Eva Lobb-Day, has been that of a strong leader and one interested in doing the most good possible. This, in brief, has been the work of the association during the year of 1917-1918. Y One H nnolrerl Six lxsgwggsv ' :,-:2:l:.':-:.'.- 11 1'--'.'-'-'.'.-g-:.g1'.-3.3:-. 11,-.1 : . g11.'L5:-:1 : in -,-.-3.5,-gr.-gf--1-.g,:.'.-.-,'.'-:-:.-.-,-1.-:z--.-.-.-1:22-I-'-'.-.1,:- .-.:-if-:' ,:,.:,qc,.,: .... -W' .wr . .. .,-,S ...... .... rl: ...Qt H231 55:25-.'1: fi-551.1222-1:. EEE-1551-'-'Z f"ff1-32-..'raZ11 :fiff -:-'iiif 21513 ii'-V215 1?:': .'2".':Z-L' 215-51 :':'-'f:f ii? 53522 3935? -'E.....r:':3:--..-'-'.'l::I-f.--'.'-JI-'-....1"t:'J- -fall'-U. Y-Ii' I-:.1:f'if.z 1':?3f2-2,3--203:1-11':-I-If':Sz:-flififtfzff1'-'n'-lv:-I'. ':i'f1'f'g'.' Sa , :-- ,, " 3. 13. M. CE. Ps. Glahmri TOP ROW-Lura Hawkins, Bernice Bolton, Agnes Aronson, Hetty Bell, Elsie O'Nea1 SECOND ROW-Clarissa Snover, Esther Jacoby, Emily Nystrom, Eva Lobb-Day, Dora Collins, Florence Buck, Clara Thomas One Hundred Seven 5- exif-+.:.g. a., S ..'v'.'.l. ' . 3:5 .-,: .- S . J' :,' 1'- .'. I-' 1 . . -5 1', ' - :'. . . "' ati, . -E1 T '- " 1. , ' !'.',1 -. , . -i .1-. . . - . oe" 212- A V tn: I . . , ' .I-' ' ' . J, 0' a'-x .- ' ti- ' 1 ' I' 11' a Q-dv gn,-' .lq. t ll' 'ex I. .-' - ' 'I ,. .1 vi 1 '. . .r . 1 51.12-Zjf'2:f,'.:'.v, I . '11--,1'n.,-ri" --7--I -..n:::.'fl.:!"u!-5:4 s..,....:-:.-ggi... .' ' 1'-"91h:5.'.'-': 1 'PI' 15. llIlI.nG1. A. As in everything else the war has hit the work of the Y. M. C. A. The situation has meant more work and a bigger task for fewer and less experienced men. There has perhaps never been a. year in which there has been bigger opportunities and when a greater service could be rendered through the Association work. The loss of our General Secretary has also meant much to us, this being the first time for years that there has not been at least a part-time secretary in the school. A At the beginning ofthe year, Stags were held as usual to enable the new and old men in school to become acquainted with each other. They were in a large way successful from the standpoint' of getting together for a good, wholesome evening of fun and frolic. The Handbook was pub- lished by one department of the Association and has been a very useful instrument in the hands of the students. The Employment committee has succeeded in placing many men in touch with those who have needed men and has been a help to students in this manner. N o gospel teams have been sent out so far in the year but there are two being planned and another was cancelled because of an epidemic of measles in the town. The regular Thursday morning meetings at chapel time have been in charge of the Association and every meeting has been helpful in its effect upon the ideals of the students. ' Disappointments have come to those in charge as always but they have tried to keep those things to themselves and to do their best to carry through the program. The underlying purpose of the whole year's work has been to make the "C" part of the Y. M. C. A. a more potent factor and if the leaders have succeeded in bringing this about even to a slight extent they will feel that their work has not been in vain. As never before in the history of the school and of the country, our nation and the world need men, men who can look the whole world in the face and dare to do right, and if the Association has succeeded in increasing the number and bettering the quality of the men then the Work has not been in vain. The cabinet of this year hope and pray that the Association next year may mean much to the men here in Wesleyan and that they may render a real service to the big program of Christ. One Hundred Eight ::.:ui.'2:f5lxE-5:3 Q:.:.3i:::1-. , ' :tb ..::.,. .-.....--..,..,. ...-. . .,'. .:.,.'.:., . , .,,. . J. ',-J: :gh-.1 .- Ng! '2..-'.-gr.,-,-Q..-L-., I',.,.'.'.n,HQ.-.',.o,:,v,1a:1.,n,,-.'.'.,- ...A yi.. -.- ','. .x-: f.-.1-.'.:'.-g.-'.:.-.-.3-'.-,.-, 3'-'.1.t.".":.:.'.gp..-.v---.'..' -gn ,.-,: 'f"J"i5Y'0 'KF'-' 'Z'-E "4yv.7'F "-'-.5 ""l".-. 2.-I Off-: . - - v. .-. ... -,- .,. 1, - . . . ,. -.. Q, ... 5:1 7.L.':T. -rm-2 ff'-:'s'L.'4. 2.-I-HI 7:-I-P .11-'ID 1311.1 27:,'.-J 711'-2 1' 7':'o15.x-'Zf:1: .'-If " .E-.-If ,, 111: 5.3.5 '-TE :-gf-: J:-: I:-Ci. .j:-'- gf-'If' .a:r'1-j-'-- .'-:1-. 'i:Z:.' :Lf "-fx. ""',I .1-.-7:1 PL'-':. :M .:-'53:: --i'f' "H'!3"3'1 - -'-1.':'.E:f.-5 .n-: .- .. '.': -- ,-'--.-..'.'--'. .gg -'A ..' .'-j...:-1-'.,-.. ,-,.', .'.'--.-'.:,-.-'11 -".t.-.-,'.-15. .--.--, 1.-- 91.-p ' ,- ,-,,-, ...,.': rg.-. -, . l 3- .--. . - , gi, . . Q. . '3 . - K ... . . .. 1 .' U 5 -1:1-:aili- A 13. 11111. GI. A. Qlahinrt Mooberry, Anderson, Crowell, Gentry, Worley, McBride, Shacklock, Kaiser One Hunclred Nine :J ii-2 -::- :2 .1'.-.:r:-- --I-1'-1::'.--1'-f-. --:-fort: W Tiff! fri:-j'.:,':'z:'.--1a:--:-.::11:4:':'- .'.'J1'-1'-'Ii II. IH. A. l LOCAL OFFICERS ' STATE OFFICERS Glenn Callen ................................ e...PT6S'id67LC F. Carl Schmidt ........ State Sec'y-Treasurer Gebrge Lake .......................... Vice-President Roy Story ................................ State Reporter Wm. Bernhardt .................... Sealy- Treasurer Among the Organizations tosuffer from the unsettled conditions of the year is the I. P. A. Although unable to live up to the standard of former years, We have tried to do our bit in every way possible. One act Was to secure the signatures of over one hundred Wesleyan students to petitions requesting the Nebraska Congressmen to support the National Prohibition Amendment. Our plan is to continue the organization that we may be in position to most efiiciently carry out our complete program next year. - A local contest was not held this year, but we had a representative at the State Contest which was held at University Place. . One Hwndred Ten 1 f ' -f-:..'-" A Wesleyan C6122 Glluh OFFICERS CARL BEUTEL .......... .......... .D firector O. J. METZLI-:R ........ ,...... P resident FORD C-. HARPER ........ .....,.,.. M omager H. THOMPSON .................... ....... S eeretary ROSTER TENORS BASSES Paul Anderson E. Bruce Orris Clarence H. Peden J. Colin Hodge John H. Hall Everett E. Jackman L. S. Wagner Ford C. Harper E. Mayo Oliver J. Metzler Dlaniel Jensen Ivan Goodrich H. Thompson Pau-1 B. Davis J. Laverne Jay Floyd W. Miles Raleigh E. Barker Elmer E. Johnson L. C. Olinger E. BRUCE ORRIS .......,..................,........v Reader FORD C. HARPER .............................. Corfnetlst O. J. METZLER ............................ Vocal Soloist CARL B1-:UTEL ............................ Piano Soloist EARL E. HARPER ........................ Accompanist V One Hundred Eleven r Q 2 1-213555 '-1: 2?f5:?Zi?Qi-21-':T:1:2 ':'2 : ':'- : i1f41:2.'iE?5 ','- 1-7-:!:f.1 -'.V 5 iii?-1-E? Uhr Hniuvrnitg Glhnral Svurivig Uhr: Qbrrhvzira One Hundred Twelve Uhr Cllngntv Staff BERNICE M. GRAHAM, Editor HETTY BELL, Organizations EVA Loss-DAY, Associate Editor ESTHER JACOBY, Literary FLOYD SHACKLOCK, Business Manager LURA HAWKINS, Jokes and Snaps MERION MOQBERRY, Associate Manager GREGG MCBRIDE, Athletics FLORENCE BUCK, Departments PAUL SPRINGER, Cafrtoonist One Hundred Thirteen Uhr menlegan Staff LoYo WORLEY, Editor PAUL SPRINGER, Manager VICTOR KEISER, Assistant Editor MERION MOOBERRY, Athletics FLOYD SHACKLOCK, Associate Editor ALICE BAKER, Conservatory HARRIET STEWART, Exchanges ESTHER J ACOBY, Society GREGG MCBRIDE, Perrlscope One Hundred Fourteen mums 1917-IH Athletira in mvalrgnn When Uncle Sam decided to take a hand in settling the dispute with Kaiser Bill, thirteen Wesleyan athletes who had been counted on as the bulwark of Wesleyan's athletic team this year responded to the call and joined the colors. Nine football men, all certain to be foundin this year's lineup left to join some branch of military service. As a result the 1917 football season set the low water mark for Wesleyan team. In Basketball the conditions was even more serious. The Coyotes gave up a Whole team to Uncle Sam and the quality of this gift is shown by the fact that nearly all the members Were. placed on theirdivisional army teams. As a result of the War conditions, Wesleyan athletics have been con- siderably broken up. But after all, have we not just reason to be proud? While our men have not been Winning honors at home in intercollegiate circles, other Wearers of the Yellow and Brown have been achieving honors in the larger game of international circles. . Men Who counted on attending school here this year are not the only athletes to enter the service. Former Coyotes who wore our colors in many a contest volunteered at the first opportunity until it is safe to say that not a camp in the United States is Without a Wesleyan athlete in camp. tk-53:5 51:53-f2f.'fq-3 5?:1f.g3'5g52 f':Q'Q:I LQ:sig?-1f:',:fq35.-,gifiifiig-QQ-Q22-':Q:gg51:5-213-ffjH53E2?,315ixzgzzlitf COACH W. G. KLINE ' mrnlrgan H Athletir 111111 nf I-lnnnr A LEONARD HUGHES ' FLOYD HUDSON FRED' BLODGETT GORDON WARREN VERN' FETZ WILLIAM KROESE WILLIAM KAHM ' GEORGE KROESE HAROLD CARR RANDALL OOZIER HARVEY GULBERTSON DEAN PAYNE' CLYDE ANDERSON HOMER DAVIS One Hundred Seventeen WILLIAM G. KLINE "Coach" Seven years athletic director at Ne- braska Wesleyan. f- - - .V .5 , F Efidslil "5 I '. MAEMQLEIITRY FRANK CARMEN ' . 96 uspeckp Captaln of the 1917 football team. Captain elect Backfield, Second Tackle second year ' weight 194' ,, . - ' l ' , ' home, 2-ierings Junior. hge 21. ' year, welght, 167, Sophomore. Age 19. illnnthall llinll nf Ennnr X The moleskin warriors who were to help make the team this year are "off to war Leonard Hughes Gordon Warren George Kroese- Captain-Elect Hudson Vern Fetz ' Harold Carr Fred Blodgett William Kahm Randall Cozier Wesleyan ......,.,...,... Wesleyan ..............., Wesleyan ......,,,...,,.. Wesleyan ......,.. Illunthall Swann Refurb 1917-13 Peru ................,. 0 Wesleyan ..,............. Nebraska ........ 1 00 Wesleyan ,,....... Hastings .......... 0 Wesleyan ......... .... Morningside .... 79 Wesleyan ...,............ Total Wesleyan .... 100 Opponents .......... 262 One Hundred Eighteen Cotner ..........,... Creighton , ..... .. Grand Island .... York ..........,....... I 4 GLENN YVARREN WALTER T. TESCH IfSlim!I HBudH Center g first yearg weight, 1903 Guard and Endg first yearg Weight, home, Uhiversity Placeg Freshman. 1545 home, Lexingtong Sophomore. Age 20. V Age 20. CLIFFORD HAUSER Rf-Y HUQL rcDutchn Quarterback? Weight, 1409 home, Backfieldg first yearg home, Nelsong Lexinglzong Freshman 5 first year. Age Freshman' Age 19' 1.9. One Hundred Nineteen ' G. S. HOLMAN ED BANEY "Frosty" "J 01107-0" End and backfieldg Weight, 1433 End and ba-Ckfie1d9 Weight 160 home, North Loup 5 Sophomore. Age 110319, U11iV9l'Si15Y P13003 HTS15 Ye-al' 22, Freshman. Age 21. GEORGE D ALLY' OLIVER METZLER Substitute end and backfieldg weight HMQW, 1425 home, Valparaisog first year 3 Guardg weight, 1683 home, Wymore Sophomore. Age 20 Sophomoreg first year. One H undred Twenty 4, 1 K .1 WILLARD ANDERSON HARRY SHELLY "Bill" Tackleg weight, 1855 home, Univer- Substitute backfieldg weight, 1273 sity Placeg first yearg Freshman. Age home, University Placeg first yearg 13- b Sophomore. Age 18. ' ' ' FRED .TOHNSON ALVIN LANG "Fritz" "AZ" H Substitute linemang Weight, 1755 Substitute linemang weight, 145 3 home, Pottery first yearg Freshman. home, Lynchg first yearj Freshman. Age 18. H Age 18. One Hundred Twenty-one DANA HARPER lKDane!I Backfieldg Weight, 1455 home, Beav- er Cityg Hrst yearg Freshman. Age 20. I 15 1 -5 -5 fl 1 1, .i 1 HAROLD GROVE HTed7l Backefieldg weight, 1705 home, Omahag second yearg Sopho- more. Age 19. . . JENNINGS DOBBIN I4D0b!! Substitute lineman 5 home Norfolk first yearg Freshman. BASKET BALL TOSSERS One Hundred Twenty-two Eaakrt Ball 1517-13 WALTER TESCH TED GROVE Lexington Omaha Age 19 Weight 165 Age 19 Weight 170 FRANK CARMEN EARL KEESTER Minden Bake1'fie1d,.Ca1. Age 19 -Weight 175 Age 25 Weight 155 'One Hundred Twenty-three GLEN -WARREN CLIFFORD HAUSER University Place A . Leiiington Age 20 Weight 175 Age 18 , Weight 160, KENNETH HINMAN ELMER JOHNSON Newman Grove " Arlington Age 20 H . , Weight 160 Age 19, A A . Weight 178 One Hundred Twenty-four , . -sw.: if-I-EZ-2:51-'-'.'.1-I-':1'.'Pf-',-"J-':rg:121gf :ZrE'iJ-I-.1113 -g1':1-2111? ffi: :.'h.:l.--1.7 ,,-. .--.-.573 .... .xp .,,:,. .,-'- .. .J ,,, -.. .. .:.",' ..,,h. lt, ..:'.: - .j -.5 U '.'-S I, ' br: . ,, -.::. 'u' ,1-.- '.'.' ...gtg -1-' 3.1. 7:1-: :1'-.LN 'R' If-I-li' 1:-I-1 4:-'Ia 1211.1 Z7r.'.'2 522-5,1 v'f1-1'5-.'fi'1- -Inf' 531 .. :-1-E: 1'-1-.":'f 2-.-I-: ff-:jf 5:51. -Zf:.'-' 1-e'Lf"' 55- -'-:-:1 M61-2-,"" .::.11:-3 -fg1.'::. '--" .5533 .g!.':j. 'H 't. ": 'QI :..':,','g'.'.-.'.'1' .' ' - ' -'- ."1'.'.1'.- 1:1-5-,: .11 -" . -f-. .'-.- ' ' ,'-- 9 'vi 4 Lf- :2-':::':.-'-:-'."-11621:,Z-!f':'?::-Is.-n'-!-1-.1:1--'.---I'-.'.'I1'-Z'-'Z1' 5562:-lr .1- '." ' ' 1' " - -. .3 mrnlvgan Athletir Baath Hefner Grove Keester A Alabaster Kline Kendall Shirk ' BH. Qllnh TOP ROW-Waddell, Dally, D. Harper Gentry, Diehl, Grove, Kal lemeyn, Jewell, Warren. SECOND ROW-Metzler, Keester, Tesch, Holman, Hauser, Carmen. One H umired Twenty-five Q , -.mfg-..wg.-: :'g'- fr. Q 2: 55:'.,3.',:' Eg 1 3:1:5:25.23-.'f1-:f1Z25,'i-1i:2j'E g H-5:-gg: 3 15. 'zf-55 -gfvj. -,-.- -iq. .Z..:.: :Eau 2:-31:2 111:-:-, .f:-':: 5:33. :r:.'.': 5f3:'.3.1' 1:2fP.ff45Ef 15:53 E:-'SS ,fjfjf-gf j'2Z,3:' 255-':g YE'-'fi , Ullman Eeuakvt 182111 Srninm Diehl, Williams, Kallemeyn, Embree, Keester I' Suninra Story, Palmateer, Hoffman, Gentry, Steuber, McBride I One Hundred Twenty-six I N Snphnmnrez Chamberlain, Dally, Carmen, Grove, Tesch, Kidd Urenhmeu Church, Furman, Hauser, Johnson, Warren, Hinman, Folsom One Hundred Twenby-seven Oune Hundred Twenty-eight l Z-T X , uc-Q' . I ,4 'I Q :l1aa:e:.:a-:-'--.-': zz : :z-'-'-:f-I-: :gr :Fl-'5: :f:i..i.i 3 I' ff, 1-553:23--.1 :yy 1.:2,:q.E- 4-A :,.'L5?:gI--.:::,5:'.' :r Glnllvgv ilifr How wonderful, this college life of ours! So short it seems, yet far flung o'er the years That are to come-tornorrows of today, 'Tis then we'l1 know how rich a life it is, This life that makes the manhood of the man, And womanhood of girls that used to Abe. O, days so full of gladness and of song, So full of world-old dreams so new to youth, May all the gladness you have taught us here Go with Ehose friends these wondrous days have rot. For after all, what's college more or less Than living for and loving other folks? E. J., '19. I I ,x Alpha 7 pziilnn . m. 'HP' Q RLPHA 'khowzlv :saggy ND N i -9-1 ' 37433 - 'I ' K EPSILON 5,51 ' - ,' if - if 'f -Q- L Alpha Epsilon . l. .I-1 '.'.5:.j': ' '.,,. l!,.11':'f .'. . .322 1 .,,' . , f .r,,.::,,zggg 'I-'1 121' ORGANIZED 1877 ESTABLISHED 1907 Sponsor Patroness Miss Emma Griesel Mrs. Victor Hayes G9ffire1'E FISRT SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Eva Kauffman President Emily Nystrom Lula Boyes Vice-President Ruth Needham Lenna MCCay ' Secretary Edna Gleed Ruth Needham Treasurer Ruth Scott Snrnrma CLASS OF 1918 Q Eva Kauffman Ruth Needham CLASS OF 1919 A Edna Gleed ' Esther Jacoby Florence Gallup ' Lula Boyes ' Helen Vance CLASS Ruth Scott Lenna lVICCay Emily Nystrom OF 1920 Clara Thomas Florence Plumb Helen Ward Gladys Saylor Sadie MCClure CLASS OF 1921 - Fern Skerritt Gertrude Smith . Vernetta Parli Marie Wilson A Lenore Gilbert Esther Cornish PLEDGE Maurine Jacoby One Hundred Thirty-two W' ,. f,fo:-- 1 ' - ' ' Qiwf aw . -- -. 'ii-'i:c,:fI'13 w:4?e?'f1'f- -- -AG!-zv' ':, " iff'-if P mf -1-mr " I - +,1,,,:f, ffzifzufk: ii-Asmi-f'-f",' ::j3f!i".I' 'I mn- 2454-' 1: 1 ,..,, ,g.. fx- ,, V, . . I A .,,, 1: fi-3132 f ayfzvfm I aff' LQWL-,L4A.-WY-4-AAA,-KAY V ,H . -I . One Hundred Thirty-tlwee Pwlin Girlz ne Hundred Thirty- f J Alpha Evita Gbmvga +' W w' Q. Sponsor Mrs. O. H. Venner FIRST SEMESTER Esther Sill Martha Nuckols Cora York Lula Moore Gladys Carey 53223,14'5?5f5.f1":'5.5Q:'52q'1: 2f11r,?5:'552 532235, Alpha Evita Qbmrga ESTABLISHED 1916 illlnitn "Luo: et Veritas" fbffirvrz President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Inter-Society Council Svnrnrra I CLASS OF 1918 May York Cora York CLASS OF 1919 Gladys Carey Martha Nuckols Birdeen Ernst Esther Sill CLASS OF 1920 Lula Moore Hazel Reeve Ella Smith CLASS OF 1921 y Izetta Jones Marguerite Lough Blanche Baker Marie Griilith Qlnlnr ' Gold and White Zlllnmrr ' The Yellow Rose r, One Hundred Thirtfy-sire ggi. 155:51 1: 32 .,- .::-.. ' ik.- ,.,.. . . . ' JZ' un. -g..: 45 1.- 1.5 23.-:Q mn- ... .- ::,- . ...i ,. 4. . Patroness Mrs. E. A. Rayner SECOND SEMESTER Cora York Hazel Reeve Martha Nuckols Birdeen Ernst May York One Hundred Thirty-seven 2-Klphian Girls One H wndred Thirty-eight Alpha :Kappa Evita .Sponsor Miss Beulah Champ FIRST SEMESTER Myrtle M. Jolly Eva Lobb-Day Mary Lobb Grace Swanson Mildred Pester-A 1, I we :- .'- Eg-. . . . . . ,I 09 - .. .4 Patroness Mrs. Geo. A. Knight SECOND SEMESTER Dora Della Collins Ruth Kilpatrick Grace Swanson Myrtle M. Jolly Myrtle M. Jolly Mable Embree Mignonette Good Louise I-Iulings Mary Lobb Helen Biles Helen Hinson Helen Jean Burns, Ruth Hinson One Hundred Forty-one ilinahian CBirl5 One Hundred Forty-two X Brita 1511i .' RKAT 21' ir'-iiif-'ii'-f ""-' ' ri?UPI-'1'-'211'!r2ili2Sfifiiifff-3315352151-'Z-11523 'Q "" ,.,. - - X -.. 1.3 ' Patroness Mrs. B. E. MCProud FIRST SEMESTER Agnes Aronson Clarissa Snover Lura Hawkins Jennie Rogers Jennie M12HtZv Pearl Wilson Marjorie White Lura Howkins Grace Hoskinson Eunice White Evita 1511i "GRAsP THE BEAUTIFULH Sponsor Miss Ethel Rae Robinson Cbffirvrz SECOND SEMESTER President Marjorie White Vice-President Jennie Rogers Secretary Pearl Wilson Treasurcv' ' Clarissa Snover illllemhrra Agnes Aronson Jennie Rogers Mary White Charlotte Lainm Nellie Neely A Leta Sonnerj Clarissa Snover Grace Lamm Lydia Novak Pearl Peterson Lois Scott Luella Buck Amber Ovendon Helen Wood Frances Springer Helen Gay Marjorie Ingles Ruby Carlson Glnlnrzi Zlilnmrr Green and Gold Daisy One Huvzdred Forty-four One Hundred Forty-five '-11'.fz - uri ' --: -- ' ........... - . . ..-.-. . .-'.---- . ., A 'IEYLEEIQ' .. L'-': .1'.- 51- z-I-'-Z-.QI-.1-:1-5' ':-Z 155-- -31.172 v.1'.--.2".:.-,--'-'.- -'. :'-'.1.:.r',":.:.-.z:---"'.::: '- '-1- ::'-: x.--,--ma. -- --..- ...'-, 'gn v.- .,- - .' -' :-' , I., gn.- .' s- "-I , Er: - H -,j., 1' ,z'.- .'-' - 'g.' -..5.: fg- Rf 'lit IEEE: Erik 'R' 12-1-2: 21-3-:-, 52311 Z2:,'.-: f'-'1-1i.N-.,':g,:,- -I-.gZ"' 9- if-5: I-I-fa :'-Tj-T2 I-:f-I 4:-I I-' :Sui -ff.'."- If'-'.' fH'3.QZI.'.3Z 18:11 .5:-F' lj '51 -'J-I. "4 ,S-.'. "" .::.g5.:-, 5f.'1:. ""' .FI-gi' "f.fg'. '55 uf?" Wig 1 - - . . - , .-3.1 ,-13"-.,-.:.,-,.,:-. - - - ' :LZ 155,155-2,:.5:-55:3-11-:J-Ig: :::-2-11--.-.:.+:1':2- Siff- ..-- .5 illllnttn Macte Praestantian ll FIRST SEMESTER Hetty Bell Ruth Thompson Evelyn Townsend Elsie Elliott Qbrnphilia ESTABLISHED 1887 Sponsor Mrs. Ruth Maris Taylor GBffirwa President Vice-P'res'ident Tfreaswrefr Secretary CLASS OF 1918 Qinlnrn Pink and Blue SECOND SEMESTER Jean Webster Mabel Nelson Hazel Voortman Evelyn Townsend Hetty Bell Alice Elliott Mabel Nelson CLASS OF 11919 Julia Rose Jean Webster CLASS OF 1920 Ruth Van Gundy Evelyn Townsend Eugenia Frost Frances Barch Bernice Donahoo Elsie Elliott Edith Haumont Evea Linch CLASS OF 1921 . Mildred Bentley June Travis Bernice Hibbon , Jane McAllister Ethel Johnson CONSERVATORY Hazel Voortman Ruth Thompson Alice Baker Marjorie Clark One Hundred Forty-eight I Owe Hundred Forty-nine Obrnphilian Girlz One Hundred Fifty Millarh mtllarh Qbffirrrn FIRST SEMEs'rm Mary Scott President Olive Joy Vice-President S Helen Wells Secretary Carmen Laverty Treamrer June Grove Inter-Society Council Bnrnrrn Marjorie Clark Florence Buck CLASS OF 1918 June Grove Dorothy Dimmitt Mary Scott CLASS OF 1919 Ethel Metzler Olive Joy Helen Wells CLASS or 1920 Elizabeth Bothwell Elizabeth Orrill' Gladys Warrick Helen Hornby Verona Slama Dorothy Warrick Grace Otto , Leah Shaw CLASS OF 1921 Mildred Perkin . Carrie Husenetter Olive Clemmens Hazel Cook One Hundred Fifty- two - .:,.u.:1,. ' x .. ' iii, . '. 33-,Q .J .1 1. ' v rl -1,-:. rr,-:A .':'oI,1:' '- 9'1" Q. I y N SECOND SEMESTER Carmen Laverty Dorothy Dimzmitt Ethel Metzler Helen Hornby Helen Wells Carmen Laverty Harriet Stewart Lucia Martin Viola Waugh Helen French aug 99411 7"5?.f?J.! PNPMWH Zeta 1Hhi Patnmess Mrs. O. H. Venner FIRST SEMESTER I.:'-J, I -P-2'f3fIPQ-5212 ' T- ,rf r,.-K gg:.4g:.-1. '1 :im-:ft-1.1-' J'- ...... .. ...- ..,., - . - . . .. - --- .-,-:.,---. -.-.--,.,4.- -'-',' ti.: :-'g.-.: '.: z --1'-".1-. g:-- ff.:- 0 . '- IH' 2 91 Y' rf-SQ 533 332 'I F-1 N U1 'Cf' --Z-:::.'- ,r-:I -."--.'.'.-: 1-:.' 1'--'.'.Z.1-'."g-.',-.- '.,-, .' 1 .':. Ii ,,,e.' ' - . - 1 . ... -....U-:Z ... .y ,I ..,,37.,... ....: ,,, rg ....Jn L'-Z ,., if-' , .. 521. '1 .1'- , '-"'. qlrt-' 1-111' 3.12: :y..-X-Q :,.-4. lpfjg. :gnu 51, -i.: 5.5.33 1'.'bg':L.gL. '-j:. .-, .11-5' -111.-3 5-:-1 'gut- :-.-: 1-.ali-.1 :.':: Zu,-. :viz ':-.:. - -1.-.5 .,,.,1.- -,.... ..,.:g-, ',--....I .If . - ,,,.., , . ... ..,.,-,-' -' .-,-' -... .-... .' 3' ,-. ...,--,,. 1 Zeta Phi Gbffilrma V SECOND SEMESTER Elsie O'Neal President' Elsie O'Neal Josie Nichols , Vice-President Anna Smith Mildred Richmond Treaswrefr Mildred Gamble Maude Myers Secretary Mary 'Atwood Edith Grassmueck Inter-Society Council Edith Gras-smueck A SENIORS Elsie O'Neal Edith Grassmueck J UNIORS. Josie Nichols I Elsie Moore Anna K. Smith SOPHOMORES Mildred Richmond Lilia Gravatt Myrtle Scott Alma Ost Thelma Waldruff Mildred Gamble Edythe Wrigley Maude Myers Mary Atwood Laura Sherman I FRESHMEN . Frances Gamble Florence Yance Norma Morton Dorothea Bignell Helen Johnson CONSERVATORY Fern Wells Olulnrn t Illlnum' Pink and Maize Pink and Sunburst Rose One Hundred Fifty-six uazws-fiqfjnlg pa.c7mnH pug Zeta 1511i Girlz One Hundred Fifty-eight 7 HEY? f G, . g 1.. ,1'5"Nn U' , 'J. A0133 ,- ' 1 -If I x X. , ,--... .','.:p3 :.j ll , .. . 55. E EE15?Ifg'.1Q:I-5:2 i if 255i:'52Eif-31i7gf:QE':55i123 5:22 25- ... ....,.,g, ....--., .N , ., .. .....,,........, , .nu '. -- ag-,2 ,, , tr: . , ffy. 'ffs-Z ".'-' :I T.-:g ff.-, 'ggi' :Zz-Z :1'2:K '-1' :Q-2-2. 2:-3-:- .11-'Is P2112 2!:,'.-3 21:-2,1 f1's:-iN.,':gI1- '-3 - '-2-1- 15:12, -'..Ifg5. ..-:: ..j.:--.5 If-'-,J-Igg. 3:5-:. FI-fggv: I- I"' ' "' 'Z'-- --".'.- . "'- 1 ..'N."'-'n u ', 0 in' -..,gg:'-,.,-.3.,.,- .--,-,.,.-,'g'..-. ,y ..-n ,..o. , .-,-...fd 6. ug, --.-. ..-'.-- -.-.-.-.!....-.......1---... .-.-.o. 4:..9,, . Euervtt J ESTABLISHED 1889 "Nobis Est Agendumn FIRST TERM SECOND TERM THIRD TERM Pfresiclent L. F. Worley G. E. Kallemeyn 'L. C. Olinger Vice-President L. C. Olinger R. F. Shacklock H. J. Grove Secretary L. L. Kidd H. G. Smith O. J. Metzler T1'ecos'u,'r'e'r for the Year-H. F. Crowell MEMBERS Earle E. Harper Harold G. Smith George E. Kallemeyn Ford C. Harper LeRoy C. Olinger Eugene H. Myers Philip S. Carrell . Dana E. Harper Loyd F. Worley Kenneth C. Hinnian Herman F. Crowell J. Colin Hodge Harold J. Grove G. Robert Huston Lester L. Kidd Elmer E. Johnson 'Oliver J. Metzler E. Bruce Orris Floyd Shacklock Harris A. Poley PLEDGES Paul C. Davis Floyd Lucas One zmclred Sixty 1 mea:f.'4a-,q-'-'.-'.--11215-'.-I:2'f:21:2:25f:'512i':'.E15:2f:"'-'-I-.wif 5:23 Ie?-9 :,-l:','3u,'.L: fl., n-.tzgiuu .1 .-.355 ' .g::7:,::. . .:.,.,,,' . . :..L:5-fy .,gg::: . ut: 'E'-L: - ..- xr "-,Z ,. , .r.' ,I ,, -.jJ. 1' ,1".- l .2-' -gp: 1-' I l 1-3:-I 1:--0 9 :31.: :1--.-S44-. 1:-zz' .f'- ::- 1:-21.1 :-:.-.-: f'-w1'N..r-,-:- -:E 4:59 -521 'f'If- 55'-' 237'-'Si 5:51. :i"f',' -iff' ' 5:5 3.35. .-.gffzi ..-:: 1 C 512:-5 ::.-. Ufxfaa. ,,.:..7.. :as Q,-:.': -'-l:Qg,1Q.g .fl .rf .If .1,: . .I-.1:.' .j.1. ,-: . --.:.j ,",:1'.'.1.,. : .1,..'f-. 3' gl. .'.f:,:,'.,.'. :.. 0 'ng' 1'E":ff':.-'-'f'.'-':1'1.'!-.'.5: W.-.--.'.:.11.1': -1'-'Ji' H l 1 1 TOP ROW-Hinman, Huston, Grove, Orris, M-etzler, Johnson SECOND ROW-Myers, Poley, Shackloclc, F. Harper, D. Harper, Kidd, Hodge THIRD ROW-Smith, Carrell, E. Harper, Kallemeyn, Worley, Olinger, Crowell One Hundred Sixty-one Euerett One Hundred Sixty-tw X Evita llbmrga Elihi we K illllntin Plus Ultra FIRST SEMESTER Andrew Diehl Ira Williams Vance Anderson Everett Mayo Max Gentry Q Max Gentry Cleo Cummings Everett Mayo Arthur Farrall Brita Qbmvga lghi President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Inter-Society Council CLASS OF 1918 Ira Williams Andrew Diehl CLASS OF 1919 Roy Story Walter Hoffman Ellsworth Gravatt CLASS or 1920 Gering Chamberlain Vance Anderson Paul Heubner ROSS Jay Irving Moore CLASS or 1921 Raymond Maricle Harold Thompson Floyd Miles Earl Berkey Tracy Druhliner SPONSOR Kirby MCGrew One Hundred Sixty-four Qs-' -1. ' ':Z-iw? .-:: : : uf' gun.: 'rl 1. . '-r- .:.. .'!:z- -IZ: H: -g. 1'-Zu 'Q 4 -SI' 'sl Q., . N ' , ,. Qlnlnrn Purple and Gold SECOND SEMESTER Ira Williams Max Gentry Walter Hoffman Elmer Yost Max Gentry Will Akert Merion Mooberry Elmer Yost Clarence Peden -aff,-.'3.:: ,. , 1. ,. W x-:.- ' -1-E 'GI'g55: - .. ,. , ., ,. .gi -Z1.'Z5IiQ'7"Z3"..':'.iZff-'-2-'.'-TZ'53.'1!fIP','iE'.':1'!:':-V53:-if:':"5' 'Iii - 14:17-5, .,3: 'iz-.' ,1-' 2.-. ov-,: .-1,3 -1--5 ',,- 5.25 :-.',g. .54 -,- 3. .-g.,g t'.'.1-. :,'.,- .-,S .wg fn --,- H. '.. -., . --,- ,-,- ,. -,-- - .,..- v,g-,- , ..- .' - -K -.--. 1:-- g.j.-- :'.'-' -.': Z-:.-II -if. ga-.1 -.- 1'- Z'.'-'.' :!'.' ' '. ' ' ':1- ,::-1 iz-31-jg,-,g ,-55. .mfg ...D .... .::j.2:', :z:.'1':- .:.-. Jxfza. ,.:'1:.. .as ffffl :1.:g5E:3a,1 .v:'Z1' .- ,,,,1:':.j......,.,j.,--.--,-,.---..,, ...... g",-. ',:. . Qu .-.' ".-. SM' . A , l If TOP ROW-Peden, Miles, Berkey, Yost, Thompson, L. J ay, Cummings, Maricile SECOND ROW-Anderson, R. Jay, Gravatt, Farrell, Mayo, Mooberry. THIRD ROW--Chamberlain, Akert, Gentry, Diehl, Williams, Story, Druhliner One Hundred Sixty-five Bialertir Mm One Hundred Sixty-six Flhvia 1Hhi Svigme1 A FIRST SEMESTER Earl Keester Carl Jewell Gregg McBride Elwin Hunter Earl Keester Gregg McBride Efhria EIHhi Sigma ORGANIZED IN 1887 President Vic e- President Secretary Treasurer ROLL Glen Holman Elwin Hunter Paul Anderson Carl Jewell PLEDGES Delbert Hollingshead Jennings Dobbin Clifford Hauser Burt Church Clarence Folsom Richard O. Johnson One Hundred Sixty-eight x. . -' 0.1: gn 2 U A. ,,-. o .-3 .'- Qi.. SEcoND SEMESTER Earl Keester Elwin Hunter Walter Tesch Carl Jewell Frank Carman Walter Tesch Frank Furman - 1 -.-: :'1E7-r::.- '- '5--'I .....-..... . .. . ......... .... . --.'. :-'--.-..1.-..-'--1-1 --.'- -.,.jp..:-,-',-,-.-. .,.'.1,g,,-I..-,-J -:. igz -1'.'t.'.-',,'-g --'.- . 3, .','.- ,",'- .- , .'- -1- .. -:1- '.'1-.-.g,,.,. .'.-,-,,- ',w,.w.,. .... -,-:I ....-In .. .,,,, .. .... 2, l, .,,,h. - -5 .y xl "-,Z 1, , Eff . ,. '-1-'. 'z' ,s'.- '.'-' -rg. --.311 7 :fn -- -.l if-9 -.. -., . '.. -.:-:- x gm g-,-.' ,lg 3.5.5 .gg .,-,., .,. 1 .. g-,-,- - -gy-:..'f. ,-31: .mfg .... ..'.g.'.' 1.v,'- ::.-. .--:Q-. .-J. fu' 5 ..,'g Z, :W I-1 1.02.0 .1-.1,:..: H..'...'-N ,:.,...:', ,:,,::-.I .: . 34. . :Ai " 1-Eiwg.515:5:'I-.25--.1-': .:3:ff:5.-.1212-5-IE1131-iz'-1-1-2-':-.1-'.-ii-Ii!-31' A I TOP ROW-Dobbin, Folsom, Carman, Johnson, Holman. SECOND ROW-Hauser, Church, Hollingshead, Furman, Anderson THIRDY ROW-Hunter, Jewell, Keester, McBride, Tesch. One Hu1Ld'red.Siwty-nine One Hundred Seventy Q FIRST SEMESTER Victor Keiser W. Duane Heflin Kenneth Dryden Paul Springer George Dally ,1f,1'. '-'- M ,. . ,..,. ,Y ....,,... . .. .. .. 1: "'.. I:-: ' " ' - ':- gx.z-g-:p-'-.'.'.1-.- : - ': -.-' -1--:iii-2 -'- 1. 7:1--.','1-.gjg-:.'.-.'.'.? :,-M.,-...rg-: ....::,,: .g,:y1,... ..L.,,.,.: ------:, ,. --uh, . . 1 A, , -.g:. 'z . H .1- l 995. I , 3--2-Z ri'-1551 2,-15:1 fzgf-ig, .gift Z:g:','. f:1.-4.2 :gt-5-,,QZ1Q' -. .-: 223151 .v.Lg:.:'. .. . . .xfizh -E..1-:uf .:,-1 .Sita .fzgnfizr -apqgeiv. giijiifzTfffli-if-':iZffQT?:':'-11.1745IEf:?:255'f-if-251' ' 2451" " +I' .x Phi 739161 Sigma FOUNDED 1887 Sppnsefr Howard A. Durham Gbffirrrn President Vice-President S em' etafry Treasurer ACTIVE CHAPTER W. D: Heflin Kenneth Dryden l .5 Jil: gf-1 , '-in 2'-.L 'Qi . . sl 9 SECOND SEMESTER George Dally Willard Anderson Willard Anderson Paul Springer Willard Anderson Victor Keiser Vernard Anderson Paul Springer Lester Hendrickson , Glen Warren PLEDGES Alve Townsend , Harry Shelley Claude Umpleby Ivan Goodrich Roy Hull Ed Baney One Hundred Seventy-one. A TOP ROW-Hull, Shelly, Warren, Smithy. SECOND ROW-W. Anderson, Urnpleby, Dryden, Keiser, Springer, Dally, V. Ander son. One Hundred Swuenty-two I AIIIIIIIIII AIIIIISIIIIIIII... I 'IIIIHH IIIIIIIIM IIIII J. .IIIIIII W In mn. I HIIIIII HIM ..1 I'WI'MPI" II IIIIIIIIlIIIIIlIIIIIIl IIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIII A III Y I III I WIIIIIIF . I .HW MI" IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIII IIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIII , pa.apunH aug U., G 1 I FISHING fu' You use me uour M90 F0 L-. 'rfvnfg GPC U 1 v ww I esleya 'WIS C1 A, SEEN UNI NIXEK OM A DRAM ATI! oams yew A 'moss - W ,Kegiztratinn Svvptrmher IH-IH-EH. Y. M. STAG From a Freshman's let- ter home: f'I. want to a party- but there wasn't no girls there. I d'idn't think it would be much fun but I forgot about them being missing and had a swell time with J In "spite of unsettled conditions and last year's apprehentions as to the 1917-18 enrollment, the regis- tration was high. The "Getting Acquainted" 'pro- cess characterized the opening week. Eiforts were made to help the Freshmen to adjust themselves to the new environment and to drive Y. W. GYM FROLIC From a Freshman's letter home: "We wore sneakers and middies, ate ice cream cones and had a jolly good time. I'm not homesick anymore." the feuowsf' away the homesickness of those first days among strangers. Uhr Qlhsmrrllnfz Annual Ahhrvna aah illvrvqaiinn At the chapel hour on October 11th, the Chancellor delivered his annual address, speaking on the subject, "The Total Task." In the evening his reception to faculty and students was given. After meeting in the council room all assembled in Huntington Hall where a delightful program was rendered. Jirvnhmrn-Snphnmnre Gblgmpirn October 19 Freshies won 51-21. ' Fresh bum-Epworth Park. Flag rush went to Sophs iWhere did the Freshman President go?l Snake Dance. The half has never yet been told. Soph bum-Bethany - Snphnmnre-Zllrealpnrn lllvrvptinni T Owing to the ilatness of pocket books and to the various-less days this year, the Sophomore-Freshman Reception assumed the form of a Hard Times Party. It was held in the gymnasium which required considerable repairing after, the frolic was over. We are glad the under classmen do not always look as they did that night but rejoice that they can be "common folks" once in a while. ' One H undred Seventy-five One Hundred S eventy-six Home Qlnming Eng , Nnuemher 23 PROGRAM The Senior Breakfast began the day Done in the good old Wesleyan way, At ten was Senior dignity Recognized by the Universityg Then came words from Alumni folks After the Senior Chaplain spoke. Three found all upon the field Where Foot-Ball prowess was revealed. The foot-ball banquet good and gay Closed the happy, happy day. Rennie nf an 'Tlblh 6Erah" The days I spent in Wesleyan Were days that meant the world to me, And looking out across forgotten years, Sweet memories come back to thee. I live once more the dear gone days, And faces lost. far in the past, Come back to me until I think I live Once more, those 'college days at last.. I walk adown her once known halls, This Wesleyan I used to know, And look on faces strange, and full of youth-, I hear them singing as they go. I hear the Yellow and the Brown Sung by strange voices, young and full. And our dear Wesleyan we all have known Binds us together, one and all. K One H undrecl S ev enty-seven One Hundred Seventy-eight Stnhmt Zllrienhahip Qiampaign Miss Champ went as a delegate to Chicago when the Y. W. C. A. war work con- ference was held there. Later a delegation was sent to Omaha to the Nebraska con- ference and immediately upon their return, the local campaign bgan. .J. M. Bickam of the Great Lakes Naval Training camps came to assist. He gave several strong addresses and remarkable enthusiasm was aroused toward the cause. The pledge made by our school was 32,800 but the amount was raised to nearly S4,000. ' THE COMMITTEE lg. HH.-15. M. mixer Stunts Infantry Cavalry Aviation Hospital :Corps g Bean Soup All Hui. illllixrr ' "We all went to the jint districk school Christmas program. The districks met tugether and had a fine time. They wuz speechin' by the deaken and he introduced the board of directers from which we also had speeches. We 'had farly good vittle and went home wishin' ye all s. Mery Christmasf' ' ONE WHO WUZ THERE. On Hundred S ev enty-nine c Fur at Iietter weslegsm "What the world needs most is a better brand of Christians and more of them? Chancellor I. B. Schreckengast. "New Bemnrrargn Qilasses "As every problem is in- tensified a thousand times by the present crisis, so also is greatly multiplied the opportunity for serv- ice."-Horton. "In a-ll fairness and truth have we not been a little slow to welcome any- thing outside old regula- tions? Have We not been a little more fearful of giving up some of our pet theories than of crippling the world itself ?"-Alice Thatcher. The aim of these classes is to enlist the students of Wesleyan in voluntary study of Christian principles, in relation to the present world situation. The en- tire school is divided into groups affording an opportunity for ev- ery student to enter a class. The plans for this program of study were laid' by the student representatives of the colleges of North America in connection with men and women who are the world's social and religious leaders, at Northfield, Mass., on January 3-6. "We can never again dare to live for ourselves, but always for others."- Isabelle Horton. "Agitation, edu c a ti o n and legislation must be added to that of evange- lizationf'-Bertha Barber. "That we are living in the twentieth century will be of 'little avail unless we are able to translate our knowledge into terms of modern and present day life."-Maude King. The State Student Volunteer conference was held in Crete, Neb., February 16, 16, 17, where th Northfield program was pre- sented to student representa- tives of Nebraska's colleges. Eng nf lgrnger February 7 This Day of Prayer is one never to be forgotten by Wesleyan students. It came as a climax in the special services conducted by our Chancellor. In connection with all the good things that came to Wesleyan during that Week, it made deeper the entire Spiritual life of the school. Qlnllege Nite March 16 The Blue Ribbon-Sophomores. Army cam-p scene fpatterned after the Junior stuntj. Coyote Review Illustrat- ed. Close Second-Juniors. Army camp scene fcopied from Sopho- more stuntj. Opposite side of stage. Wesleyan Review Illustrated and Hym- nated. Third Degree-Seniors. Originality guaranteed by committee. A medley Cpatterned after no onej. All Remaining Glory-Freshmen. World wide theme. A tragedy-Expiration of Kaiser. CURTAIN One Hundred Eighty Han-mealrgan Thursday, March 21 The annual Pan-Wesleyan Banquet has been re-instated in the Wesleyan calendar after its term of absence. This year it was held in the basement of the Methodist church where good old time Wesleyan spirit was demonstrated. After partaking of a REAL banquet the company listened to some excellent toasts. Dean Alabaster presided as Toastmaster. 8:00 3:00 3:30 10:00 3:00 4:00 8:00 10:30 8:00 10 :00 1:00 Qlnmmvnrenuent Mrngram Thursday, May 23 m. Annual Recital, School of Expression. Friday, May 24 m. Annual Alumni Address. m. Alumni Reception. Saturday, May 25 m. Ivy Day Exercises. Academy Class Day Exercises. m. Phi Kappa Phi Initiation. m. Phi Kappa Phi Address by William George Bishop, LL. B., B. S., A. M. Subject, "What Then?" m. Annual Concert, Conservatory of Music. Sunday, May 26 m. Baccalaureate Address by Chancellor Isaac Butler Schreckengast, Ph. Mm., S. T. B., D. D. Subject, "The Higher Commerce." m. Annual University Sermon by the Reverend W. Edward J. Gratz. . Monday, May 27 m. Twenty-ninth Annual Commencement Oration by the Reverend Bishop R. J. Cooke of Helena, Montana. m. Alumni Procession. A Zin illlrmnrium Edith Pumphrey, April 21, 1918 We thank Thee, Father, for the lives Of those who nobly stand thy testg Who serve Thee, and by lives of love 5 Do prove to Thee they love Thee best. One Hundred Eighty-one DEDICATED To those who tried and got by And to those who didn't. Aviator's poison-One drop and you're dead. ,l1.-l-if lst Student-What car shall we take? , 2nd Student-Oh, the Traction, I guess. A lst Student-Well, I see little at- traction about either of them. "Papa," said Rob't. Browning Ven- ner, f'there's a big black bug on the ceiling." . Prof. Venner, fwithout raising his eyes from his bookj-"Step on it and leave me alone."' "Ah," exclaimed the ardent spring- time lover, "Now that we're engaged, let me press you to my heart." "Don't lose yourself," she replied. "This is no pressing engagement." . .q... A TRUE STORY fV6'l"l:fi6d by Mrs. Raynerj They had pancakes for breakfast. The Prof. decided to help, took the turner in hand and took his post at the griddle. Soon he returned and lovingly and absent-mindedly patted Mrs. Rayner's cheek with the hot turner, saying: "Now, dear, don't you think these are baked beautifully?" Mrs. Rayner then led two missionary xnieetiings with a patch' of red on her c ee .. I 1 'V:1: A 5 'Nix 5" : Q , lr., , ,V,,-.- yrjnf it ..i"'L'f'L M' e X X 57 . 0 ' I X num ec qi 41 RS Bsg jf u-5 . 'nf , Q 5 Q D51 WATERMAN IDEAL Fountain Pens I-P Genuine Leather LOOSE LEAF MEMO BOOKS X! I For every day use EATON, CRANE sl PIKE co's. CRANES AND HIGHLAND LINEN The correct writing paper A combination of STANDARD QUALITY COLLEGE BOOK STORE W. A. STEMPEL A Second-hand Text Books, College Jewelry, Pennants, Candy, Student Supplies 1743 Warren Ave. UlliVelTSifY Place, Neb E 51: 5 , I Q 4 Igw FII LkWherQ guririg Iimnh Gluiiyru are Sold APPAREL , in I FOR EVERY OCCASION The Clothes that will start you ahead and keep you ahead. 11 I IN BUSINESS, SOCIETY, EVERYWHERE I Smrivig Eranh Qllnthvu SMACK WITH AN AIR OF DISTINCTION CHARACTERISTIC OF "THE STYLE STORE AHEAD" E Suits Hats Bags Furnishings 0'Coats Caps Cases Trunks Footwear n NEBRASKA'S FINEST WOMEN'S WEAR DEPARTMENT MAYER BROS. CO. ELI SHIRE, President 41 , ,gy 1, ,vi I r x ' f inrmnxluf Wi, I I X 15 f ' 1 90 I1 .il I I i 1' ' 'Inf N I -2- N 1 - .5 WL e ijis f fi! f R M m y W . li w e ,lift-u.4do ' O1 U ILM A ,ff ' w i If 'H Un I ff if JI x, ,, ,,,,. XX l.,,4,.-1,194-.ww,.Lllllff, . .. ,wi . I my X XXX, , My f Qoiio Fois I I is R, Thi if F N I i, o iw ,I ii 4' T22 'I'i. fvf'Vw,' H, Win I iiii I l' , 'iso i if li f-' I 'i 'sf-' 5 WI! i i jfy ,TE If In I " iwillm ii V J V I i Sri 'ij I ii 'ii I 1 mil! 111 M f lfm 'Mn M Q ,i I tpl. in? M 1 I ml i ' if s-W 'mi' ni' 'W 'I P' T111 !,i 'ii' A 5 f f f, 5Se',M-ilsllwi' YS Qblffff I R ' F I M F' , Mn iariw Wiziau Hgh so iffy' I ew I wiv ui'+- I sl ' Sm, H1 if U QA.D.E.Cffdf"7"'J L' ,Tia A 'L' il 1-jf? -A 'N nw' sw ff ' liui so QM I ,f Sl it A ... f i Q. ..,,f . -'..t' A- Q- II, .. K lv' Freshman, SoF'Aoh-:CYS ,caan-'PIL .ZXJQ g,cu,c!Z46f f , VXQA-fd, 2 'V WA- ,cffl-fzflidafy f34Iz.5,4Lf.LlLi W I ,cizcfu LJ CQ 5 57. ... A 1 x w N N ,X f ia! -X 1 - - ' ' Q QQ ' A X3 v .IuVL:oY 4 3071107 ,Nr fx 1 Hy ' Harvey Smith-"What would you think, dear, if I harp with a thousand strings ?" Agnes Aronson-"I should think you were a Lyra." should say you were a Est. 1871 UNIVERSITY, H A L L E T T UNIVERSITY JEWELER Official Everett Willard Oro Zeta Phi Pins SCHOOL, CLASS, FRATERNITY, SORORITY JEWELRY OF ALL KINDS 1143 O Street LINCOLN, NEBRASKA One Hzmdfred Eightyqifve One H undred Eighty-six A little hag of hair Helen Gay-"Sinac Etyoc" always Rests upon his dome. sounds to me like "Sigh not, idiot." Heavier load he must not wear 'Twould spoil the head of bone. i..T,.... ...ii One hour in the day for study ' One hour in which to eatg Two hours to think how tired .I am, And twenty hours for sleep. Gladys-"Well I should say I do. iso Says Slim Warren, All the 'Budds' come in the spring. .ll -T--1 AT THE WILLARD HOUSE . . June Cputting up a picturej -Have SONG OF THE KNITTERS you any thumb tacks? Tell us not, Prof. we "slackers" be Carmall-NO' but I have some That from thy lectures slow, finger H3115- Thy stories old and quizzes fierce We to our knitting go. Marjorie Clark to Gladys ,Warrick -"Do you like spring?" ,,iarr't , She tried to spurn We listen to thee while we must He wouldn't listen And then,-our bags we clasp, Now he is hern And headed for some quiet spot And she is hisn. We yarn and needles clasp. fPassed by Miss Hopper-Censor.J ESTABLISHED IBBG Peter Trust Co. CAPITAL 56005000 :azz FARNAM STREET, OHAHA, NEBRASKA ' This Company is in funds at all times with which to consider both large and small First Mortgage Farm Loan applications at the lowest pre- vailing rates. First mortgage loans for investment funds always on hand. Inter- est paid investors by the company at maturity. These mortgages are tax free in Nebraska. THE COMPANY ACTS AS EXECUTOR, GUARDIAN AND TRUSTEE UNDER WILL -OR AGREEMENT IN WRITING. 5 Next Winter's Coming THE HAUCK STU HQ Better See About Your I Coal Everything in the Build- :I Portrait :: ing Line Photography . ,-it . 1216 "O" Street ' WHEELER BROS. t LINCOLN, - NEBR I. NATHAN 8z CO. Boston Store 1 134-1 136-1 138 O St. ' LINCOLN, NEBR. Splendid Stock of Women's, Misses', Children's, and Infants' SMART AND STYLISH READY TO WEAR APPAREL SHOES AND DRY GOODS y AT MODERATE PRICES SUITS, CLOAKS, DRESSES, SKIRTS, BLOUSES CORSETS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR, SHOES SILKS, WOOL, COTTON FABRICS AND TRIMMINGS also McCALL PATTERNS AND PUBLICATIONS ON A GLEE CLUB TRIP Metz-Better keep your head inside the Window. Wagnerel can look out the window if I Want to. Metz-I know you can, but if you damage any of the iron Works on the bridges, the Glee Club might have to pay for it. Clarence George was drafted. To his dismay and surprise he was de- tailed to K. P. duty. He Wrote the following letter home. "Dear Moth-er: I put in this entire day washing dishes, sweeping floors and peeling potatoes. When I get home from this camp, l'll make some girl a fine Wife." One H undred Eighty-nine One Hundred Ninety 1 At Your .Service With The I B E S T Service I WE WASH EOR THE WHOLE FAMILY N THE BEST LAUNDRY CLEANING, PRESSING AND DYEING ' Telephone B1579 Tr 2245 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska BUTLER CLEANING AND DYE WORKS, Agents UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBRASKA , PHONE 5601 105-7 W. 18th Street ' Phone 560 J University Place, Nebraska Butlers Cleaning and Dye Works ANYTHING YOU WEAR, WE CLEAN Remeniber when you get home that it only takes a dime to send a suit two hundred miles. We pay postage and insurance one way. s-S lx Fpfsffff ' l4lfVf Iliff' riff IM? I - 'U Ilgf" .,, fl , tix ' 'I N j 4 g ? sh? N I Y g ff me '- Q" s .I A, rg '14' 77 5 ' I Jr sql On an auto drive an auto driver auto drive carefully. The saddest words of tongue or pen May be perhaps "It might have been." The sweetest words we know, by Heck Are only these, "Enclosed find check." Soph-Did you ever take chloro- form? Freshie-No, who teaches it? WE WONDER If she saw a bird would Fern Skerrit? If she had false teeth could Mary Eat- Well? When he does a clever stunt, does Herman Crowell? In playing sommerset does Andy Diehl? When in a hurry does Florence Gallup '? When his sister has a date, does Merle Gyer? Do the Aelio Girls know if Earl Kees- ter? When crossing the river, who helped Bessie Ober? If a sled comes along Phoebe May Hopper? If Durham is Adam is Christmas Eve? b Why is Holland like Germany? It is a low lying country, dammed on all sides. O. N. Shore THE J EWELER University Place, Nebr. THE BEST INSURANCE THE EQUITABLE LIFE OF THE U. S. Obtwinecl at the Law Ojiice of W. G. KLINE UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEB. Phone 12. For Bread, Buns, Rolls, Cookies, Pies, Cake and All Kinds of Pastry GO TO ' GRIESEL'S BAKERY 1834 WARREN AVE., UNI. PLACE, NEB. Quality First Pfrvlces Right G. MILTON GATES W. S. BEACH CECIL C. GATES University Place Garage 1810-1816 Warren Ave. Div ery-Storage-G eneral R ep airing FIRST NATIONAL BANK UNIVERSITY PLACE NEBRASKA Prides itself on being the Unive1'sity's and students' bank. All departments of banking receive our prompt and careful attention. CITIZENS sms BANN Bank with a growing bank Our interests are those of the University. We are help- ing in every Way possible to make for a Greater Wesleyan WE ARE HERE TO SERVE. COME IN AND TRY OUR METHODS OF DOING BUSINESS B. H. SCHABERG M. B. MYERS E. M. BAIR - President PRESIDENT CASHIER GEO. A. KNIGHT - Cashier . . Chipperfield Registered Druggist lce Cream Photo Supplies Pennants Fountain Pens flrour Leading Makes, School Supplies Try our Fountain for a Real Treat 1741 WARREN AVENUE Let all doubts rest For the very best A St. George Photograph . Studio: 1401 N. Sl., Lincoln Phone B 4823 Standard Chautauqua System ELMER M. AVERY, President C. OLIN BRUCE, Secretary-Treasurer 328 South 12th St., Lincolnf STANDARD in STANDARD in STANDARD in ceeds. STANDARD in mittees. STANDARD in Community STANDARD in' Programs. Business Methods. Division of Pro- Treatment of Com- Advertising the Its Direct Interest in the Children. STANDARD in All that Goes to Create Right Sentiment. P Standard Chautauqua System Operates in Ten States. 43 towns in 56 towns in 58 towns in 1913 1914 1915 139 towns in 1916 342 towns in 1917 350 towns in 1918 Standard Chautaqua System are proud to enumerate the following Ne- braska Wesleyan University people who have been or are now associated with them: Earl McNeill Russell Stewart Grayston Lewis Loyd Gettys Beulah Champ Pauline Mayo E. M. Hosman Hazel Cozier-Schertz Luella Richard Habe Aden Bob Fawell Francis Simonds Susan Brodball- Holland Everett Simonds Walter Spalding Earl M. Lobb Roscoe Ward Fred Aden Dr. J. R. Gettys H. M. Lewis Helen Hunt C. B. Moore Richard Elliott Floyd Gettys Clarence Norall George Lemon A. P. Hillyer Merlin Cozier Frank Schertz Howard V. Miller Don Hinman Edna Thomas Prof. Eugene Knox Bess Gearhart- Morrison Maude Kendall- Boileu George Ainlay Eska Wilson Hazel Taylor Morris Greene J. R. Chappell Grace Smith Earl Harper Clara Lieber-Harper Tyron M. Shepherd C. K. Morse Don J. Young Arthur W. Anderson Roy W. Deal Chas. Steuber Lee Ogden Gordon Vaughn A. B. Connell Wesley Marsh M. F. Jones Maude Hare-Avery Prof. C. D. Rose G. E. McClure Ivan Goodrich Kenneth Hinman Floyd Miles Ford Harper Frank Carman Everett Jackman Stanley High Think lt Over Practical, Result-Gettin g Money-Producing Courses Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Banking, Civil Service, Normal Training, etc., etc. One month's salary will practically pay all tuition cost. Write for beautiful catalog to- day. NEBRASKA! SCHOOL OF BUSINESS T. A. BLAKESLEE, President. 1 H Corner 0 and 14th Sts., Lincoln, Nebr. I-IANS AGAIN HAS HIS HAT TROUBLES Evelyn-ls my hat on straight? Hans-Yes 3 hurry or vve'll be late. E.-Are you sure it is perfectly straight? H.-Yes, I tell you. You couldn't get it straighter. E.-Then I'll have to go back again, for it isn't stylish to Wear this kind of a hat straight. One of the kindergartners was about to give her class a lesson on the kitten. "Our lesson this morning Will be about the kitten. Now can any little boy or girl tell me what grows on the kitten-fur or feathers?" A dead silence, then one little boy said in a loud voice: "G-o-0-d gracious! Haven't you never seen a kitten ?" k-5 ,,,-fz,f- . --'I-" THE-loss-CA y ...Qi wp 1 P S - QQ u.z1:'i'1,1 3' -i A -I ' A L -- Y 'Vii A- Q If if A 4 0 I H ' 1 if S 62' ., r - A :a:eaiftfi'kf? A n -f' X -'Mei . fo 'l N X r M X f ...vw w"'1fll -,'I7Qlll1l1u i I ' 1 r' Wllllynlzig - 4 DRS. TAYLOR 81: TAYLOR Physicians and Surgeons First National Bank Building University Place, Nebraska DR. W. L. ALBIN Physician and Surgeon DR. G. H. BALL Dentist 107 East St. Paul Phone 91 University Place, Nebraska DR. R. W. I-IUFIVIAN HOMEOPATI-IIC PHYSICIAN University Place, N ebr. PHONE Res.-Uni 590 W Office-B 4010 CAROL E. BROWN, D. D. S. Room 620 'Terminal Bldg., LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Straightening of Teeth Extracting X-Ray DR.e1VI. HAYES WESTFALL Dentist First National Bank Building University Place, Nebraska GAYLORD 85 SON Successors to W. R. Gaylord Complete Abstracts of Titles to all Lots and Lands in Lancaster County. NOTARY PUBLIC University Place, Nebraska. HARRY O. PALMER Attorney-At-Law l ALBERT F.. TYLER, B. Sc., M. D. 516 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Physivian - Omaha, h Nebraska 504 City National Bank Building EXECUTIVE SECRETARY OF WAR Omaha, Nebraska SAVINGS FOR NEBRASKA One Hundred Ninety-seven 1 WWMUIIHWllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllilllhllllllilllillilllllllllllllllilIllllIlllllllllIIIllllMllllIlllllllLllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllldlllllllllllllllllllillllllllHWllllllllllllllhllilllllllllllllllllllllIll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllllllllIlllllIlllllllllllllIlllllllilllllllVIIllllllllIlllllllllIllllllllllllllHillllllllllllllIl4UIIlllIIllllIlllVll is UNIFORM IN QUALITY and the quality is the best that careful selection of Wheat, expert milling and improved machinery can produce 35 95 x Q: YOUR PATRONAGE IS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED THE CRETEE MILL Established 1869 ::: Mills at Creteand Curtis SPECIALTIES RYE FLOUR CORN FLOUR PANCAKE FLOUR GRAHAM FLOUR CORN MEAL ' OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS ' A. L. JOHNSTON, President. A. L. ALLER, Secretary MRS. C. C. WHITE J. A. CARRELL Good Shoes for Men, Women and Children UNIVERSITY PLACE d LINCOLN, NEBR. :E yung: F z ybdy Tradeat TH E OB ALD ' S It pays T. A. BOYD Ilorsch Lumber 81 Coal Co. '-'-'-'-"'-1"1""' u Lumber, Coal and feed. Priees right. Prompt dehvery. N. W. KALLEMEYN, Manager IBZI Warren A . UNI. PLACE, NEBR phone 191 UNI PLACE, NEB- C. L. TROIVIBLA Real Estate and Exchange Specialties UNI. PLACE, NEBR. Office 651 W Res. 133 J JOHN SCHEIE Dry Goods Groceries Meat Market and Notions Phone 156 I805 Warren Ave. UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEB. ALEXANDER SHACK EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING UNI. PLACE NEBR. SIMONDS Quality Grocers can Phone 76 Two H undred One E E NORTH SIDE GROCERY AND MARKET E Q Q,-5 1901 warren Ave., E 3 5 3 E Z E University Place, Nebraska 5. 5 IE gg '4 U E 91 qf Pd E U 2 H 43 0 Q ... sv 3 U Q E S3 33 2 :bm 5 Q 3 pl' - 9 B 3 Q m E 51 ezqsfezxqq-JN 190915 KQISJGAIUQ 5 IQ E31 Q E 2 3 'SAV T191-I'9AA met 55' g Q .tmiuvm cmv Auzroouo sais Huron 5 lg: Sadie McClure teaches in the training school. One of her small pupils went home very frightened and said that his teacher had threatened to throw him into the furnace. His mother very much alarmed, went to the school and interviewed Miss McClure. On thinking over what she had told the lad, the aspiring pedagogian remembered that she had made the statement that if he wasn't more regular in his attendance she would drop him from the register. Gertrude Smith, coming home from church on a moonlight night, "I've heard that the moon was a dead body." M. Mooberry-"Let's sit up with the corpse awhile." MORRIS TRANSFER CO. B. G. KENNY CSuccessor to J. E. Hurseyj Moving Van and All Kinds of Transfer Work , DRUGS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES STORAGE AND PIANO MOVING Phone 651 J 1811 Warren Ave HARVE INGRAHAIVI . ' University Place, Nebraska CHAS. ELCE ,gl SON All work guaranteed. Estimates given A Ph U '. 628 General Bookbinders one m University Place, Nebraska SANITARY PLUMBING B. C. BIGGS, Manager Name Stamping in Gold, Silver and Plumbing a'nd'He3'ting. Metab 1825 Warren Ave, Uni. Place, Nab LINCOLN, UNIVERSITY PLACE, Your Patronage Solicited BETHANY, HAVELOCK le, K ,J A. ', x '4 'u J I d Ksfkf fb ij! A K NI X f ' . X C f FQ L Q kgs S i Md 'fifeqj' .... ' .H H , .., . of , 3 - f -1-ts ' bi-f-3' 'ZW a5T:1J3EJliTh-Efvpji-ff ,-14- -. .- l ,. ,ig fl? 5 fl? F ,Nez 1 Z . S r A-ff.i iXfLS d ' 3 A x H Q' I" 15? ' S ,Z f - ' " 'Af Vfz' Z Z 'N ' II!-Ziff' 1 , , Y, V . FQ'-'Q' f I Q: -rig A I 'JIT fri! L f -Sf, f ,. ...- ffi 5, 71, 5 C f- 44 T! Efiefiavfwwfofwfwwfdjga Eastman YOU COIIQSQ Kodaks Jewelry . STUDY P Elms To ennants Developing LEARN-- Stunt and Printing WE 1300145 Quick Service STUDY E' - T0 PRESCRIPTIONS SAN Tex PLEASE OUR QGENCY S SPECIALTY McBRIDE 8: CHISM The Corner Drug Store Debating, Oratory, Athletics. Expenses Reasonable Nebraska Wesleyan c niversityi OFFERS COMPLETE COURSES IN ITS College of Liberal Arts: Courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Teachers' College: Course required for University and Professional State Certifi- cates, all grades of County Certificates, Primary and Kindergarten. Academy: Full four years preparatory. Conservatory of Music: Piano, Voice, Violin, all Theoretical Subjects, Glee Club, Orchestra, Band. ' School of Expression and Oratoryz Physical and Voice Culture, Imperso-nation and Dramatic Art, Extemporaneous Speakinf, Debate, Private and Public' Re- citals, b-oth Class and Private Less-ons. ' . School 0-f Art: Courses in Perspective, Free Hand from Life, Oil and Water Color Painting from Life and Copy, Arts and Crafts. Manual Training: Complete Work in Manual Training. Particular attention to the preparation of Teachers. Domestic Science: Courses in Domestic Science and Domestic Arts. Elementary, High S-chool and College Work. Preparation of Teachers a Specialty. CATALO G FREE ' Address Department B UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBRASKA Summer Sessions. Write for Bulletin Cheer 'Your Sllldiel' "Preserve the Presenl for the Future With the'Best News he '-Q From Home Z Photograph ,Q AA'4 5K l ya 1'--...,.,..., .. 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