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xxx-sxqm Q5LEY4 'l, 417 'M Z K9 Q A ...- Q I vnroznnmofr ln. :mum 'H K "'0rmxx1-" 4, 'Nu-A asa' 'm Yfgfs 5 .2 , rn 2 W fe , I ,:: x hxhxsxx X Q ,D ,Q M X f 43 J MN fix 3 I 1 if om TE N TS Book I THE College Gmvxpus I-8 FAcuH'Y S -ZZ Bookll' Clzxssss Amd DEpAR'TMENT5 SENIORS 23 -42 Jumons 45 -5a .Sophomones 55-61 FREE-f'lMEN 63 -77 AcAdamY 78 -30 TaAchER's Col. 81 -39 SUMMER Sch 8+-as School of ART so CoN5eRvAToRY SI -97 Sch, of Exprvie-51oN -loo Book III ORQAN1zATioNb -14+ BOOKH ATMETIL5 BOOKY FACT Md l4f5'I6lf FAblE 166-216 I f wr ' f is K XX Kg' C Q6 A fa I -X xii X E cm W YWAWLE R E112 5HnrP111nrh Ideally, a foreword is written first and lived up to afterward, but this one is written after- ward to live down the mistakes made first. We cannot claim that our effort has produced a literary masterpiece nor a work of artistic grandeur. It did not purpose so to do. Our dom- inant intention, when conscious, has been to pre- sent a book truly representative and worthy of our school. Wherein this aim has not been real- ized we are just as disappointed as you will be. No factor can combine the dijjferent parts of this annual into a harmonious and unified whole, except the school spirit found within each reader. College life is made up of various elements with little connection between them, save that which personality gives, and this book requires a sym- patheticpersonal interpretation, if it prove of any value. We merely suggest. You supply the details for yourselves. Whether or not we have offered the proper suggestions we leave you to judge. THE EDITOR. X Gln A11 Alunum, a ZHri1znh,an Zlheal Uearher aah at Efruv Numan Mizz 5-Xhhie Gl. Ziurnz 1 - .rv ' , .Vi ,.. :Fa , F VJ- --vu: .17 pw, A.. x ff I ,, n V i t W, rig. u '-"Wi, .41 533' v 43 liwri 4' 51:13 , A J X' .f 533333 - - la'-In 35, ' . JT? ' ,EI J , , ,, if' ,ix V W, Oar first hall here stands forth to sight Of other years the fashion, With 'ivfleol wall and gableol roof, The old school home of many. ,One But with the years' advance have come Mona structures on our campus, 'Till now a newer scene appears To Old King Sol descending. Two A closer view 'reveals to us Some cultivated beautyg Gay blooms in patterned messages Our Alma Mater honor. Three Four Wiithifn, without, whewewer we be Some tfrace of Natwre lingers. We worship 'in the House of God To gain a broader vision. And so as on through life we pass We'Zl carry memories with us Of arches, blossoms, shady streets, Whose teachings never leave us. Sim .1.',,f.: ff in .. 1895 Sums 0112155 Cgifia IBB? 1512 Eight fx f x L J lj THE FACUITY W' f f x I' 7 ff' w' 6 in VM-3 J Q ,T My , l 42' A MQW? 126, - X KLA 4, N dm J WE nf N CLARK ADELBERT FULMER, Ph. B., A. M., LL. D. Chancellor of the University, Professor of Physiology and Hygiene. Henderson Club, Booster, Phi Kappa Phi. Ten V ISAAC BUTLER SCHRECKENGAST, B. S., Ph. M., S. T. B. Vice Chancellor and Treasurer, Professor of Religion Phi Kappa Phi, Henderson Club, Member of Board of Sun- day Schools of the M. E. Church. Eleven ' ruatrra Lgnnnrarg Bishop Frank M. Bristol, D. D., LL.D., Omaha National Chaplain Orville J. Nave, D. D., LL. D., 2505 So. Grand iElPrtiuP Nnrihmrai Gnnfrrrnrr Mr. Loren N. Mills ....,........ ............ ......................................... Rev. J. B. Carns, Ph. D ......... ....... Mr. Hugh A. Allen .......,. Mr. S. K. Warrick .......,. Mr. E. E. Lesh ............,.... Mr. Chas. P. Nelson ........ ............................,............,...,....... Nvhraaka Gn11fP1'P11re Rev. N. A. Martin, D.D ........................................................,.. Rev. R. N. Orrill, D. D .............. Rev. E. E. Hosman, D. D ......... Mr. John A. Slater ........,...,........ Rev. J. R. Gettys, D. D ..........,,..... Rev. I. B. Schreckengast, D. D ...... Judge John M. Stewart ..,.................................................... Mr. A. L. Johnson .................................................................... Judge John N. Dryden ................................................................ Mr. M. D. Cameron, Omaha National Bank Building ......... Mr. George E. Johnson .................................................,......... Rev. Thomas Bithell, D. D., 2583 Manderson St ............. Rev. G. H. Main, D.D ..................................,................ Rev B. F. Gaither, D. D ........................................... Rev. J. W. Morris, 1428 So. 24th St .,..,...,......, Rev. E. D. Hull, D. D., 2818 Woolworth St ....... Bank Building .....,.......... Omaha Ave ................ Los Angeles, Cal. .......Gordon .........Alliance ...,.......Atkinson ........Scottsbluff ...................Glen ........L-ong Pine University Place ....................Fairbury ....................Norfolk .....................Holdrege University Place University Place ................,........,.Lincoln University Place ......................Kearney ..................Omaha ........North Loup ......,.......Omaha ...............Albion ,.,,...,.,.....Beatrice ......South Omaha ..................Omaha Rev. T. W. Jeffrey, D.D., 1848 C St ............... .............. L mcoln Mr. Phillip L. Harper .........................,,,....,,.,.......... ......... W allace Alumni Rev. A. O. Hinson, D.D ............,..... .................... .....,..,............... H o ldrege Mr, G. E. Currier ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, University Place Dr. A. F. Tyler, 2726 Charles St ....... ........ .......... O m aha Dr. H. A. Taylor ..,....,,..,..,,....,,.,..,....,,,.,,... ..,,,. U niversity Place At Eargv Rev. J. W. Embree ....,........ .,,.,,............,..,.... U niversity Place Mr. Bayard H. Paine .......,. ,..... G rand Island Rev. P. VanFleet, D. D ....... ................. E lmwood Mr. E. R. Bee ...,,.,,,,,,...,,,, ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,.,,..,,..,,,,,,,,.,...,,.,.....,.,... .............. F a irbury Mr. G. H. Gray ..................,...............,,................................................... ........ C entral City Rev. U. G. Brown, D.D., Omaha National Bank Building ........ ..................... O maha Mr. J. T. Harden ..........,.,...,,.,....,.,..,.,.,,.,...,,..,.,,.,,,, .....,. . ...................... ...................... B e atrice Mr. O. N. Magee .......,..,......,.........,....,..,. L Mr. H. J. Grove, 512 SO. 31st St ......... Twelve University Place ....,..,.,,..,....Omaha Ihr Glnllrgv nf Elihvrzxl Arte ELIAS HERBERT WELLS Faculty since 1902 Professor of History and Political Science. Ph.B. DePauw Univer- sity 1900, A. M. University of Illinois 1901. Phi Beta Kappa DePauw, Phi Kappa Phi, Wes- leyan. '- ly , f I l f :gf " 173 9, f H .-f -Amy. ., W ,.,,., 0 .1 ., :,. . ::,:,.,'.1f.V,Jrg -2221 " ' ' 1 i24'ff4?7' v.r f ii. 'EY Z WMI 5 ' '25-, V: 4.4 j f ' ,. .1 375' --"" ., . ' ,Z-Z5 if. 4513- maze' .52 V ,. 3-,-,gp 'E ' -f-'iwziiri is 459.1 f 1"'j 'L- .gl rw "YS, ' 35.11, 1-Syst. .1 ..-.,- -.'.,,i,ft..b,. -' 3252 ff .22 '.:sv:y". A, ,:1.r,.. . ,V -:vf,4:'1fc2f'. f',' . 2751. FRANCIS ASBURY ALABASTER Faculty since 18.93 Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Greek and Latin. A. B. Northwestern 1890, A. M. University of Nebraska 1898. Phi Kappa Phi, Booster. Henderson Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi, North- western. ORLIN HALE VENNER Faculty since 1.912 Professor of English. A. B. Uni- versity of West Virginia 1905, Ph. B. Berea College 1902, A. M. Yale University 1907. School- masters Club, Henderson Club. Thirteen ERNEST ADOLPHUS RAYNER Faculty since 1915 Professor of Philosophy and Psy- chology. B. S. Cornell 1901, M. A. Cornell 1912, B.L. Drew 1904, Th. D. Drew 1915, Ph. D. New York 1915. Religious Edu- cational Association, Booster. Ns . I zrgjsg., WILLIAM GEORGE BISHOP Faculty smcc 1906 Iaphy Registrai LL B UnI- verslty of Nebraska 1900 B S. Nebraska Wesleyan 1906 A M. University of Nebraska 1909. Booster, Phi Karma Phi Nebras- ka Academy of Science Hender- son Club Schoolmasters Club Neblaska Chapter of Ameiican Geogiaphical Association ilf l . ' Professor of Geology and Geog- . .' . ' ,,.. 1 ,. 5.:,..a,i'g,r , - - - - . V .:1:,. A .5 -:,.::,:,.I,-.:.,:,-13. . 3:,:5g..:::1g.5:. r ' "Ef53E5E1fggI." -::,e.:5:, ' ' ' 1 1 fi.. , l . A ' g if' , I ' V ,. " ABBIE CORNELIA BURNS Faculty since 1898 Professor of German. A. B. Uni- versity of Nebraska 1898, A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan 1892, A. M. Nebraska Wesleyan 1894. Oro- philian, Wesleyan. Phi Kappa Phi, Nebraska Wesleyan. CHAS. DUNHAM ROSE Faculty since 18.90 Professor of Mathematics and As- tronomy. Ph. B. DePauw 1883, A. M. DePauw 1898. Delta Kappa Epsilon, DePauw. Fourteen BERTHA WATT MCPROUD Faculty 1909 Professor of Romance Languages Ph. B. Baker 1909. ' CLAUDE JOSEPH SHIRK Faculty since 1913 Professor of Botany. M. S. D. Mc- Pherson College 1897, A. B. Mc- Pherson College 1900, A. M. Mc- Pherson College 1901, M. S. Uni- versity of Chicago 1909. Kansas Academy of Sceince. JOHN CHRISTIAN JENSEN Faculty since 190.9 Professor of Physics, Principal of the Academy. B. S. Nebraska Wesleyan 1909, American Phys- ical Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Ne- braska Academy of Science, The- ophanian, Wesleyan. Y- H . - i""i'3?'3.3.1., , 4, -:v i A 12 .5 I . ,i ,... . ' frf - . -FV: 5512.14 2? ., 1 ...Me X 5221? - 2. 1Q":,i31'11g:g.1 - -.5-1 :ff ,fqyf-1 ,.:--:.,,-im , 3, j3y " 9 -ww-V , 4 ,-fg. , ,,.., ...., , ,A .... . ,,., ,..., . 4 ....-- ' 1 f I f .. f - , ,M-5, .5 - Q - " I 5, - -, if i t-. 1, .A I lvvvhyl i ,veg ,.k. . .1-...V . CLARENCE AUSTIN MORROW Faculty since 1.912 Professor of Chemistry. B. S. Ohio Wesleyan 1906, A. M. Oberlin College 1909. American Chem- :ial Society. Fifteen HOMER BARKER LATIMER Faculty since 1912 Professor of Zoology. A. B. Uni- versity of Minnesota 1907, A. M. University of Minnesota 1908 University of Berlin, University of Chicago. Sigma Xi, Amer ican Association for the Advance- ment of Science, Nebraska Acad eniy of Science. ' PHOEBE MAY HOPPER Faculty since 1901 Assistant Professor of English. A. B. University of Nebraska 1896, A. M. University of Ne- braska 1901. Phi Beta- Kappa University of Nebraska. Elected to Phi Kappa Phi, Wesleyan, National Council of Teachers of English, Collegiate Alumnae. ADA MAY INGLES Librarian. B. S. Doane 1898, Illi- nois State Library School. ETHEL LOUISE BOOTH Faculty since 1914 Instructor in Academy History. A. B. Nebraska Wsleyan. JOY RUTH SCHRECKENGAST Assistant Treasurer. A. B. Ne- ANTONIA JOHN braska Wesleyan 1912. Kosdian, Assistant Registrar. Kosdian. Alpha Xi Delta. Sixteen This Irarhvrn' Glnllrgr EMMA WILHELMSON Faculty since 1909 Assistant Professor of Education. A. B. University of Nebraska 1902, A. M. University of Ne- braska. ELIZABETH lWARIE SCHAIBLE Faculty since 1915 Principal of the Training School, Critic Intermediate Grades. A. B. Graduate of Iowa State Teachers College. BE-RTRAM EVERETT MCPROUD Faculty 1 909 Dean of the Teachers' College. Pro- fessor of Education, Director of the Summer School. Phi Kappa Phi. Seventeen I 1. W 4 ..h,..,,--- '.-,Lr-Q LILLIAN MAY BEACH Faculty since 1905 Supervisor of the Kindergarten Department. Graduate of Kin- dergarten Training Course. pe N, PQ? el .' -are 111:-' . .- , 'f.?5'1.5f'yNi't+:5Q':,v .- jf? . gl..-.13 . . .fciiizfz ,A . if J. .:-iseftv. , -1. A- " .asses f .. -f . .ram -M.-, - .:.- " - :f::"fw:s,,3:- ,-f.,.:f '1f,:.2,, -' A v: 'Z-..:2:i,1:.v, ..,, ,-.yf4:1f.".wf4f .c,.- --w. , . ann' .....,. ,Q . .A-.f.M, 1. ,M E.. 4-mv' 4 -5 rf , ' '. f+e,4:..,,,. f' . , ' . MARIE HELEN FAULHABER Faculty since 1914 Primary Critic. A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan 1915. Ihr Svrhnnl nf iixprwzinn WALLACE EUGENE KNOX Faculty since 1910 Professor of Elocution. A. M. and B. E. Drake University 1893. Eighteer BEULAH GLADYS CHAMP Instructor in Elocution, Director of Physical Education for Women. A. B. Wesleyan 1913, B. O. Wes- leyan 1915, Emerson School of Oratory 1913. Phi Kappa Phi, Kosdian. Uhr Svrhnnl nf Art HENRY HOWARD BAGG Faculty since 1906 Director of the School of Art. Nineteen EDNA DEETTE, GREEN Instructor in China Painting. Pu- pil of Mrs. A. A. Frazee, Chi- cagog and Mrs. K. E. Cherry New York. Y Ellis Qlnnavruatnrg CLEMENS MOVIUS A Head of Voice Department. Berlin and Paris. Pupil of Sbriglia. DANIEL JONES FRANCIS WILLIAM KI-:RNS Faculty since 1915 Head of Violin Department. Ob- Head of Piano Department. Pupil erlin Conservatory of Music of Albert Jonas, Ernest Hoff- Pupil of Sol Marcosson and J0- zimmer, Hugo Karen, Berlin. hann H. Beck. KIRBY MCGREW Head of Band Department. Twenty MARY ALENE SMITH Instructor in Piano and History of Music. H-cad of Organ Depart- ment. New England Conserva- tory of Music, Boston, Pupil of Whiting, Stasing, Goettschins and Elsor. CHARLES HARRISON MILLER Public School Music. Bachelor of Music Nebraska Wesleyan Con- servatory. Graduate New School of lVleth0ds,'Chicago. Twenty-one MAUDE FENDER GUTZMER Instructor in Voice Culture. Pupil of Sbriglia, Paris. fx . CLARA URANIA MILLS Head of Theoretical Department, Instructor in Piano, Ear Train- ing and Harmony. Graduate and Post-graduate of American Con- servatory, Chicago. Paris. Pupil of John. Hattsstadt, Henrot, Levy and Harold. mlm '5 mlm Twenty-two 15 ffm .. 1 A 1 V113 f riff' N , 1. tfhi' 'fi ff-2g.v?2,55.g xi ,E r -fs mx? , ,ll ff s,, , - V. 57,1 . .fi r . 1 - V DSHTHJHII- 7' :iff Uhr Svvninrz CN. X I +111 fm: T fh If fun HQQEN 0 Th h flf 1' 11 L ,.,,1 0 Th 5 NP YV 'IH IN 155 Ad+ng+h+h1gThe age X Q f J , .XI-bi: W ff, EH Q ff-frfrf lfffyi ' ' 1 , f , Q y QV J Q Wh 43 ' N - . , ---xr A T CW ip- WY - J-2 l:,iEj,Zz7,X54?"- f' J If--X' !j 5 5'3" 13 'R 1 Ubffgp IJXULXK x Zlug Bag Gbraiur SIMEON E. COZAD Tweniy-three 7 A A,fA f i? Ab' i i b Qbftireui 3'Hirnt 57e11u2niP1' N V... .. ....,.,.., . ,.,. , ,,...,..,,,.,, ,..:.,. .,,1.. ..V. , ..,,:,,,., . A . ., A ' V . ' -Ear?I-.1-Z:1'1'1F-iisa, 7 - 4.7" V, ' -' ':'53-1-1'1'21-1-11- -'-HW ++H:f1-'-1'-1-:M-1 1.3, Fred President E th ' B mer ' ' S 61 00 --,--- 4--- ,---- 4---- V - - -Vwe-Pfesldenf f Sarah Warrlck ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, S ecfretafry '-"0" ' :w1!,wc.fn-24xmvf- 1.4 ,- ' - Francxs Slmonds. ........ .... . ..,T1'easu'rev' ., , 4. ,,.A . A .. .. -' 12yi?s:Z1'f'f,- ' xv: : - - I I FRED GEISE? Qbftirern Sunni: 5P111l?PifPI' Raymond Johnson ................,........... President Francis Simonds ........ .......,.. V ice-Pfesideni Neva McNie1 .........,..... ................... S ec1'eta,1'y Morton Brunig ...,.,..... ............., T 1'easu0'e1' RAYMOND JOHNSON . Twenty-fozw' EARL AT INSON U ersity Place G1 C1 b B d Orchestra, Wesleyan Staff. Th lc tb ' the "sIc'L'hrLiest" an, Th q lc t 't-' Tl esleyan ADAH B TH A b W LLAR H d C1 b Th 1:1 t g l th the biggest mind' A S s hard to find. B ss BEDELL, Giltn The brightest ey . d th I t mile, The happiest girl is th t th hile. FRANK BISHOP, Umve ty Pl EVERETT B Oster Club, President Coll g C 1 Ed itor of "The Wesle an," A t t D Y p tment of Geology and Ge g aphy V P sident Y. M. C. A., Seni Clals P1 y I t h q anner, is work he'd plan, Th b st sort of a business mam. Twenty-fiv e 1 f new My f V. R. BELL, Rushville President Vincent Association, Chaplain Senior Recognition Day. The place you've won among us here, Is told tn yust one wo-rd, "s1ncere." CARRIE BOLTON, University Place KOSDIAN Theophrastian Botanical Club, Inter-Society Council, Elected to Phi Kappa Phi, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. y In quiet unassuming way, She plays "the glad game" every day. ESTHER BOOMER, Davenport i KOSDIAN Class Play, Class Basketball. Others are swayed by This and that, But Esther 'Ls always Hstancling Pat." JEAN BOTHWELL, Columbus WILLARD . Y. W. C. A. President, Wesleyan Staff, Col- lege Council, Student Volunteer. The busiest girl in all '16- I need not tell you-her name is "Jean," Twenty-six W l 1 W flat f MORTON BRUNIG, Hebron Track, Manager Selection 'Department W. U. Life to him is a merry cha-se, Now and always he'll 'Lll'l'TL the race SIMEON CozAD, Lincoln Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Winner of Prohibition Oratorical Contest, Ivy Orator. What perfect self control he had, This eloquent, silver-tongued Cozad! RUTH DAVIS, Valparaiso Choral Society, Cla-ss Basketball. With us this year, her lot she cast, Fate always leaves the best till last. HOWARD A. DURHAM, Bristol, Colorado OROPHILIAN President Athletic Board, President Chem- ical Club, Ohemistry Assistant, Football, Track, College Council, "W" Club. A 'man of fewest words is Adam, But talk of virtues, "Adam had 'emf' Twenty-seven N. if f , E. E. EDLING, Little Falls, Minnesota President Student Volunteer Band, Vincent Henderson Club. "He, while his companions slept, Was toiling upward in the night." LUCILE FRAZIER, University Place oRoPH1L1AN Henderson Club, Y. W. C .A, Cabinet, Inter- Society Council, Elected to Phi Kappa Phi. A little smile, a happy squeal, Bushels of pep, and thafs Lucile! EDNA LAURA FREY, Trenton Choral Society. "A face with gladness overspread, Soft smiles by human kindness bred." FRED W. GEISE, University Place OROPHILIAN Class President, President of Theophrastian Botanical Club, Chemistry Club, College Council, Class Basketball. l A scholar is he, without pretence, But a large amount of common sense Twenty-eight LELA GILLAN, S d E DALE Goss, L oln f f f f l LoYD BRYANT G S U ty Pl EVERETT Wesleyan Q t tt Ch l S ty Inter- Sociefty C l . Mich p tfy Th hppfLtS Wly KOS Coyote Ed'to B t H d Cl b Elected t Ph' K pp Ph Ideal Senior- 'dl h Who wouldq t VI I J lc L G 0 G H AEL Student Vfol t H d son Club. V "She doeth lttl k dhesses, I Which most l clone or despmsef' Sl d h work gladly cmd 'w ZZ T ty I Q, f We h t f Q' f ' liee We f Es ER GRA THAM, Lexington KOSDIAN Henderso Cl b, Smac Ety Cl B k ball. Brightest staff in Wesleyan' ky Dittle Sen' -just so "h'gh CHARLES V. GR SLT S p EVERETT No significance in th "A Senio'r's a S f th t EMMA EDITH GR ESE U ty Pl AELIOIAN Svinac Etyoc, Henders Cl b Ch l S ciety, Elected to Phi K pp Ph For highest standards sh t d Her aim in Dife is "doing g d HAZEL GR IS B t KOSDIAN Theophr t B t 1 Cl b Cl B k tf ball. 1 "True to her d h k d h friends." Th ty M X jf fl Q, f HELEN HESTER, Glenwood, Iowa r ' AELIOIAN Sinac Etyoc, Orchestra. The wisest, clearest b-rain she wore, A sage 'Ln sctentzjic lo-re. ROY W. HUDSON, Hayes Center THEOPHANIAN "W" Club, Senior Play, Baseball, Assistant in Phy-sics Laboratory, Elected to Phi l Kappa Phi. For moral guidance, this man forsooth, Has long been reading the Book of Ruth. RAYMOND J OHNSON, Mead OROPHILIAN - Senior Class President, Captain Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Baseball, "W" Club, Col- lege Council. Your college days were wisely spent, All hail to you-Our President! RUTH JOHNSON, University Place WILLARD , Booster. In 'manners perfect, and in action kind. Thirty-one f MILDRED KALLEMEYN, University Place This Senior well deserves the name, She has well begun her 'road to fame. M. ALLEN KEITH, Alvo Henderson Club, Booster Club, I. P. A., Vin- cent, Senior Class Play, Winner Heroes' Day Contest, Elected to Phi Kappa Phi. Though forced to face life's hardest gale, - This 'man would never dare to fail. LOUISE KENNEDY, Page Assistant in Botany, Theophrastian Botan- ical Club. Quietly she does her work, and knows not what it means to boast. D. W. KLINE, University Place THEOPHANIAN Football, Basketball, Tennis, "W" Club, Coyote StaE. "A Daniel, yea, a Daniel come to judg- mentln To be continued. Thirty- two . f o f L WRENCE R MCCORMACK, U ty P1 e THEO H N AN Y M. C A. President, Football C pt in, Henderson Club, "VV" Club, Ch try Club. A man who can be football pt 'nd Y. M. C. A. president at tl tme. NEvA MCNIEL B gl M . AELIO AN "Nctught th world defies the p of song." NINA MCWILLIAMS, Omaha Choral Society, Y. W. C. A. C b t She is just what she s 2' b C ANOR YB AELIOIAN St d t V l t Dramatic Club. H y h supplied before, Sh ds to ask for "Moore," Th ty th My mv f Do th Ind t Th tyf J A Po s U ty P1 oRoPH1 -Y. W. C. A. C b t Small "p b tg tp bit LOGAN P O h T 0 Class Ply Ch IS ty V t In b d d g ty Z S E RAE RoB1Nso U ty P1 D t' Clb C1 B keib1lEg1h Rd C1 P1yC1 Pt Tdhyt d bkbf Wzz tzzp gdzd L NEVA R s N h lq dd pb y thty My f fb V S Gb f fl d S W C f b f fb fi T W HARVEY A SMITH U ty P1 DIALECTIC D tic Club Class Basketball Cho lS iety. This knight, the battle of love to win, Strode forth to ight, and lost co pin. MYRTLE SNIDER T ld KOSDIAN Dra t Cl b S Ety Cl Ply C1 B k tb ll. C Z cl d- Ol ' J g 3 dxf h I ri h th ' D T SPENCE, Louisville Th mwtake' th h b t k ' d th h ZZ b t lc TJENA STEWART, Randolph WILLARD Coy t Staff G R d E h ci y h pt h t d ol lgh a, cl h t ol l Th ty X - are HAROLD W. SWAN, Sedalia, Mo. EVERETT English Reader Football, "W" Club. If 'tis au 17t.'l7'Z,'2:St you seelc, We 'reco 77 d ur old friend "Z ke." HAZEL TAYLOR, Table- Rock The muse of music taught you h w To charm the keys-J lc ow zt o LUCILE VANCE, Mankato, Ka s s Henderson Club. Hear her sing a d th u reyo ce No so bzg-but u h a ze f HAROLD VIFQUAIN B lle Plaine, Iowa OROPHILIAN Varsity Basketball, Class B sketb ll Secre tary of Athletic Board, Secret ry cl Treasurer of "W" Club. Wherever he is, he does his best, This Hswfiftest guafrd in the Middle We t Tl ty se f A f SARAH MAE WARRICIC, Meadow Grove WILLARD Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. "Her greatest joy is realized in helping others." FLOYD H. WEED, University Place DIALECTIC President Henderson Club, Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Sinac Etyoc, Inter-Society Council, Forensic Council, Elected to Phi Kappa Phi, Tennis, Coyote Staff. A level heaol, a thoughtful brafin, A .useful "Weed" at Wesleyan. JAMES WESTOFF, University Place Class Debate. . "The redeeming feature of a man is his wzfef' ALFRED WERNER, University Place THEOPHANIAN Sinac Etyoc, Track, Henderson Club, Glee Club, "W" Club, Class Basketball, Assis- tant and Reader in German. "There's nothing so pleasant as College, The1'e's nothing so cheerful as life." Thirty-eight M f B W H t g Ch t y Cl b Tl l f y lf t lc business pl al pl y b ness. E W C t 1 C ty F tb11W Clb Wthf tblltt h ply th Q flf D L W' U ty P1 F tb 11 H y h 15 h th lc d I1 usually th lc ght E E W U tv P1 , H d C1 b V t Th g ph hdh dy Bhld htllcbth y Th ty 25- f f W Glnmmvnrrmrni meek lgrngrzxm THURSDAY, JUNE FIRST .-THE ELIJAH, University Choral Society, First Methodist Episcopal Church 8:00 P.M FRIDAY, JUNE SECOND M.-SENIOR CLASS PLAY, Wesleyan Auditorium SUNDAY, JUNE FOURTH Baceala-ureate Address 8:00 P. 10:30 A. M.-C 8 :OO P. M.- HANCELLOR CLARK ADELBERT FULMER, A. M., LL. D. Subject, "Chris- tianity and Modern Life," First Methodist Episcopal Church ANNUAL UNIVERSITY SERMON, PRESIDENT BEEBE, S. T. B., D.D., Iiliff School of Theology. Subject, L'ChriSt, the Way" MONDAY, JUNE FIFTH 10:00 A. M.-IVY DAY EXERCISES, College of Liberal Arts. Orator, Simeon Cozad. 3 :30 P. M.-A 4:00 P. M.-A Poet, Ethel Robinson NNUAL INITIATION, Phi Kappa Phi NNUAL ADDRESS, Phi Kappa Phi 8:00 P. M.-ANNUAL CONCERT OF THE CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, Wesleyan Auditorium TUESDAY, JUNE SIXTH 10:00 A. M.-ANNIVERSARY OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, Annual Alumni Address, the Reverend Frank Cole, D. D., '97 3:00 P. M.-RECEPTION AND BUSINESS MEETING OF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 8:00 P.M.-ANNUAL RECITAL, School of Expression and Oratory, Wesleyan Audi torium. WEDNESDAY, JUNE SEVENTH 10:00 A. M.-TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT. Commencement Day Or- ator, the Reverend Charles Bayard Mitchell, D. D., LL. D. Subject "Why It Pays," Wesleyan Auditorium 1:00 P.M.-ALUMNI PROCESSION. Alumni Luncheon. Initiation of new members, Dulce of Venice ....... Brabantia ,,.,,,,,,,-,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ---,,-,--.,,,,,,---,-- Gratiano .,,,,,,,..,,, Imdofuico .......... Othello ......... Cassie ........... Iago .......,,,,,,,,,,, Roclerigo .......... M ontano .......... Clown ,,..,,,,,,,,,, Desdemona ......... Erntla ...,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, Bianca ,.,,..,,,,,,, , ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,-,- ,..,,.,,,,..-.,--------,,,,.,--,----,,,-,------,Ih .---,---,.,.,--- - Gentlemen, Sail White Memorial 0112155 aging OTHELLO BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE The Cast .........LAVVI-IENCE MCCORMACK .LOGAN PRUITT FRANK BISHOP ...............FLOYD WEED ALLEN KEITH ............EsKA WILSON .......BRUCE WHITNEY ...........HARvEY SMITH ........HAROLD VIFQUAIN ............-.ROY HUDSON .........MYRTLE SNIDER ETHEL ROBINSON ESTHER BOOMER ors, Ofiicers, Messengers, Herald, Musicians and Attendants, Senators Forty-one f . N7 - 51 ' ' W Q7 1 Aff? Uhr Eluninrn fxH'7,j FX 1,- A F f S , f CX pkg K Cftxgf' W ca D Mfg K As' X J: I X 4 I hi g t in .f7?fH4:iYff!E?Tg1'7a1 A Wu ,ffyf jr NJ QQ Y wk JJ Q . +,P2' A ww an ,JL W ' - fx- Nj- W H X, xx ,ww HM V X- V f Q "sw W ffffw 2 + f i ' X K- -fj ! A. ' 4 ffl gb' .iw 11 7!fi? K.i'b1aJf Q 1 M fda dnb r F 'F AH The bsnuidzs ofNA1uNE FET' -JJW-M Q ,L fl i 1-14? xnxx Rf! vvsw hu Gwfv Tfzfl ff' W. W2 qx ' I, fl xx' fi h f W ff f f ff ' as . , 5ffZi5,lf.':' -1 A ., l 'Z' ""' - L ' ' 42iZW5'42':Z'E522' , ' '- - - TIPTH W5 P11195 P 1' V 'P L Po mdem Nellie Wr'ight-------------,-----------V--V106-Pwswlenf l Leah Logan ...A...... 1 Bert Norall .... ecretow QI ,,...,,,.,,.,.T7'easu'rer 'W' M fs , .,., , ,,. w.z+ . , 1 ' iff """w" .. ' , - 1, -"' 2"1:1"'E?-1,f"'l fc I Al GLENN BELL Obilirern Svernnh ivemwirr Mabel Roper ...............----- -'----l------- 1 ----- P Wsidem Roy D931 ,,---.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,L,,,,,,, V we-Preswlent Beulah Hampton ...................... --....---- S w'etfM'y Keith Trotter .....---...--- --------l--------- T WGSWVW MABEL ROPER Forty-four Zh We f ARTHUR ANDERSON, Gothenburg Orchestra, Glee Club, Choral Society, Sinac Etyocs. "He stoops to nothing but a. door." GLENN BELL, Hardy Theophanian, Class President, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, College Council, Forensic Coun- cil, Henderson Club, Theophrastian, Chem- istry Club, Class Basketball, President of I. P. A. Ambition-to develop ca sense of humor. ALFRED BECKWITH, Beatrice Orophilian, Musical Synod, Orchestra, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Twelve months, then rt cottage and ot housekeeper. MERLIN COZIER, University Place Theophanian, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, I. P. A., Choral Society, Glee Club, "W" Club, Class Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Track Captain, Business Manager-elect of the Coyote. ' "Silence is the most perfect herald of joy." ROY DEAL, Davenport Dialectic, Glee Club, Sinac Etyoc, Theo- phrastian, Henderson Club, Inter-Society Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. "A busy man, he never has time to grow." ALMA DoRs'rE, Falls Ctiy Orophilian, Class Basketball. "With her went a sense of all things sweet and fair." Forty-fire ie , NELLIE ELLISON, Geneva Student Volunteer. ' "So wofrnanly, -so benign and so meek." RAYMOND FETZER, Riverton Assistant in Chemistry, Chemistry Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. "By diligence he 'wins his way."' PEARL B. FOSNOT, Davenport Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Student Volunteer, ' Henderson Club, Booster, Choral Society. "They only are truly great who afre truly good." IONE FOSTER, York "The onfildest manner and the gentlest heart." MIRIAM FULMER, University Place Kosdian, Theophrastian. "To those who know thee not no words can pafintg and those who know thee know all words are faint." PAULINE FULMER, University Place K-osdian, Henderson Club, Theophrastian. "I am sure care 's an enemy to life." Forty-six yy X r CLARENCE GEORGE, University Place Q Theophanian, Class Basketball, Glee Club, Choral Society, I. P. A., Track. "I awoke one rnornfing and found myself famous." ROBERT C. GORHAM, Franklin Henderson Club, Choral Society, Physics Assistant. A "If you want a date any Sunday afternoon just call me up," MORRIS J. GREEN, Mason City Theophanian, Glee Club Manager and Read- er, Dramatic Club. . "He is 'married but still on the map." EDGAR HALE, Kearney College Council, Wesleyan Staff. "In manly honest thoroughness 'he wrought." BEULAH HAMPTON, Wood River Orophilian, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Henderson Club, Reader in English, Coyote Staff, Booster. "A truly worth 'while girl." RAUs HANSON, Bookwalter . Everett, Vincent, Wesleyan Stai, Booster President. , "A man remarkable for his practical virtues." ' Forty-seven f . ' W i j., ffiv-,lv fhfiy fi fly N W ,jade K GEORGE HAWoRTH, Aurora Theophanian, Glee Club, Class Basketball, Track, "W" Club. "There is no time for such deep studies fsteadiesj here." STANLEY H. HIGH, Omaha Everett, Henderson Club, Booster, Vice-Pres- ident Y. M. C. A., Class Debate, Business Manager of the Coyote, Student Volunteer. Ambition-to solve the girl question. ANTONIA JOHN, Omaha - Kosdian, Henderson Club, Choral Society, Coyote Stadt, Ass't Registrar. "With woonanly grace and dignity." FRED KLIPPLE, St. Paul Chemistry Club. Ambition-to know how one feels when one has a case. GEORGE LEMON, University Place Orophilian, Booster, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Business Manager and Business Manager- elect of The Wesleyan. "'C'ool and deliberate, a steady 'man is he." LEAH LOGAN, Clay Center ' Ambition-to make a conquest with that charming smile. Forty-eight X, XXQW' l r WESLEY MARSH, University Place Everett, College Council President, Glee Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Editor-elect of The Wesleyan. "A right true man whose work is worthy." ELIZABETH MICKEY, University Place Willard. "May our purses be lzeafuy and are hearts be light." FRANK HAUMONT, Broken Bow Orophilian, Forensic Council President, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. "Every inch a man, to say nothing of the feet." - MINNIE PARL1, University Place Aelioian, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Henderson Club, Library Assistant, Geology Reader. "Grace is in all her steps, heaven in her eye, an every gesture dignity and love. ETHEL PRESCOTT, Bloomfield Choral Society. Ambition-to be the wife of a medic. MABLE ROPER, Hebron Aelioian, Dramatic Club, Class President, College Council. "My ideal man would lay down his life for me, even save one from a burning building if necessary." Forty-nine ff - RALPH SCHABERG, University Place Everett, Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Col- lege Council, Glee Club, Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, Choral Society, Forensic Council. "A look composed, and steady eye bespeaks a steady constancy." PAUL F. SHARP, Thayer Everett, Ass't in Chemistry, Chemistry Club, Class Debate, Varsity Debate, Coyote Staff, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. "Worth, Courage, H onor, these indeed your sustenance and birthright are." IRMA SHEETS, Beaver City Choral Society. "Not only good, but good for so'meth'ing." R0scoE SILL, Newport Glee Club, Student Volunteer, Chemistry Club, Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry. "You were born for something great." ETHEL SKERRITT, Malvern, Iowa Aelioian, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. "When I thfink I must speak." MARGUERITE SOWLE, Greenwood Willard. Says Townsend, "She's a lady fair." Now a large photo remafins down there. Fifty X f W f A ggi' 3 - y, W fe f M fwZ f 2Q f EVAS CE L 11 ' Jdg th by htl KEI TRO T R F t It I tl g to be a funny MARY E. WARD, Clay C t Aelioian, Choral S ty She spre d d h tht L t pell Phatm k ll p t Z h ll NELLIE WRIGHT, Umv tv P1 Aelioian, Choral So ty O h t A "legen she will talk, y g d h h ill t ." ALMA WHITE, Uni ty P1 Choral Society "Her op y desir th t th GLENN GILDERSLEEVE, Wayne Theophaman Glee Club Pr 'd t "1 f silence gold I d b ZZ on- awe." Fifty-one M f f . QF." 'W f M-W ,- f , Q W Wx Mm f Uhr Svnphnmnrm I. x f - -4 , - J K7 ff .., J X ,f f Aff - 6? is ff X ll' .2 xx y f W Wai f f X J' , . X i fr Vfgsf ' X Rd XX X' f4 wk 5 Zv fi mf f M714 WXJ 3' M f -JX Rf 'fin P x : SEQ x, if wg X f j E ff Xe 5 A 'H 'l '1 T4"x+C111 lf "" NM J: W 5 5 .X jf ,f X f Z' JN 7 1 X ff It ,ff ...M--El'-KX? ,Z ,,.. Z, X P 5- .. .f ,.. - fn , 4 Y ,. ff!! ,, ,J f-QQ K Ik, 'z , ,,.Zi-f ff f. X -' ---f- ' . Z Mapu' , Z F-,213 LAI- ,dim - f--""'? f-"'A S v-.CQ X f I '. 7 : AP.n.5..., 7a :nan-f. 0 af NA+un E 1' NE R . Nuns- shdy iffy r 4 ,Ll I' 1 - --ME' ,Jig I ' M -af' X ' 4' ' ,ff sn Mun? f 1' ' fr QWW ff f mfr A .-H7 1 'FD"'!'5.5??Zf'S5!kf:3f ,Q ww-:Q., : -f 5' 5-W4 wsg. ar-1 -A'n,s.-- f , ., '-f-.Mx-,:Q.u f .5 .-we S Af WW 31964 . ,gs QQ --r""2 42: - ?523r5:f:5ErE2f'k 21'5?Sf-:l l i v 3Eif:r5:3:5.5Eg9: Y 14-s::4:1:r:eae:f ::::gf'::2:aS .,. -' "ffm - ..,. , .. .. new ,.,. , ,.,.. - ,. ,. - - 'IIIIFI' ' " . . 4 f4.M+:.:f ,.4,,, lf. . ,sf 12,gg:5:::::as" .,es- -V 95? . 4- ef: mf' :::fa-:'-.-c9- :vm 1- -'zrfwv 'Awe . -- y ..,, A ' Y: Q .aa . Ya.. fa-f k . ,. jf?-fi ' 1 ' 1...-fi ,fmfsfmsl-5: H "-"' ' ' 'ff2S"s. .rear-se:s::::::5f:.:1,:::z::1e:e:.-.Q an .0-,p,.-.,,.,.f..., - 'cgyff 2, : arf::n::::g:::::aa5s:m.- new . ,law-:fq:,.. . "1g:.::y:gf 2- R:-:Agana ff 1 f f ,c-x-M :.. 4-ef-Y A 5 M ea X Q, X f , Q. X , C' f 6 ,gf 1 f 2 7 I H ,f 'S' ,M "L .5 -:W-523 - .:.:.,...: .:- ef4gi9,:a1eM::: 1:::,:.:.::1:i5::.::m 3, f A ,f M x 5 M 1, K 1 , 3,9 C f 7 Q 5? 9 9 9 4 S 6 'W 2 y 9 234: -vw 4 4,1 , va 'iii 3 1 4 4 70,4 ,Q Q , y , fr , JS U 63? 5' S 0 '20 B 9 S, , Z, ,V 8, , Y Af . 4? , 3 f XY , Q S 1 4 Q X M ,, W J 5 45? ' ' -'-' 1 WILLIAM E. M0011 Gbiireru Svvrunil Svrmrztvr Qbflirrrn Ellirat Svmeatvr William Moor ....... .............., P resident Eva Kauffman .......,. ...... V ice-President Ona Mae Orcutt ...... ............. S ecretary Earl Keester ,....... ..... T reasurer Walter French ..... ............,... P reszdent Clyde Seymour ...... ...... V ice-President Bernice Graham ..... ........... S ecretary June Grove ............ ., .... Treasurer Fi f ty- f our z x x X 4 at VV X .4-4 2 , K :l rl- X . , :af came' 5 X x xv . .xg H ' , ,ea " -.a,..,-,WW A X 1. 1594 . fi .effky f L' 5 x . , - . 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CHURCH University Place Glee Club, Orches- tra. Fifty-five DORA COLLINS St. Edward KOSDIAN Henderson Club Theophrastian Bo: tanical Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. GLADINE CROMER Gering Class Basketball. VIVA DAVIS Clarks Class Basketball. AUGUST EDLING Little Falls, Minn. Glee Club, Choral Society. FERN ELLIOTT University Place OROPHILIAN W f X x. . M. f 1 Elf! K7 It My , ,Iwi-,A W1 fy f 7' X 5' ' f if C , Agff Y" 6 f 7 V ,A 5 1 I l R0 ERT EMBREE EDITH GR SSMUECK U ty Place Univel ty Pl Ch t y Club. Dram t C1 b Choral S ty JUNE GROV Omah BL C ENSLEY WILLARD Bklan Y.W.C.A.Cb inet. GAY G UBB A TA G lllITCI-IELL M C k U Place BaSk Club, B b ll C y ote Stai B RN CE GRAHAM EARli'WEdiIi?1RPER U ty Place EVERETT O PL fc! n Club' Quartet, Choral. Society, C o l l e g Council, Vincent. N E C GRAY GLENN HE NER B t ice Holdrege Ch 1 S ciety. THEOPHANIAN N Class Basketb ll l Track, "W" Club. l l A I Fifty-sin: ' , frwwf CARRIE .HIGGINS University Pl-ace WILLARD INA HOTCHKISS Shelby KOSDIAN RALPH HORST Osceola Chemical Club - LEONARD HUGHES Ong THEOPHANIAN Football captain- elect,Basketb-all cap- tain-elect, Booster, Sinac Etyoc, "W" Club, Glee Club, In- ter-Class Basketball, Baseball. ELWIN HUNTER Weeping Water THEOPHANIAN Class Debate, Chor- al Society, Band. Fifty-seven FRANK JAMES Lakeside EVERETT Coyote Staff. HAROLD JEFFREY Martinsbu g JESSIE JOHNSON Tek mah GEORGE KALLEMEYN University Place EVERETT EVA B. KAUF1-'MAN Omaha AELIOIAN Y. W. C. A. Cabi- t S' Etyoc ne , inac , Booster, Henderson Club, Editor-elect of The Coyote. ZX ff L f EARL KEESTER University Place THEOPHANIAN Chemistry C l u b C ol l e g e Council, Class Basketball. BESS KEMPER Graham, Mo. OSCAR FRENCH Page Laboratory Assis- tant, Chemistry Club PEARL KNOX University Place KOSDIAN Henderson Club. IDA KOCDH West Point OROPHILIAN YS! -'gre xr Rvhar ,H .Q E 1, H .M-4 Mm 4 e'3""W" w"f'? X "f95,QN,, , 11, .X sfaffs- we vw Nx9Q,.,.,.,.,,,,M wi' 1 if 4 qw, +A :fx 46' ea , A , y532515333g5:1g!:',Z:Z:IgI::1:5r',i 4-:-,:g::3:::55,-355jig:-zv' , .:. , , f ' ip ,HE . ' .. . ..,..... ' ,Q my , r , , , D Pf2122:2:im2a2322:e... 54- ' 212222523222551232552355553,a. 1 'H .-f,- - s xv:::e1:::f2:f:s: ' 2 ., T K: ' -' J 1 4251212552: f . ,,A.t ,.. . is Y . R 2 3 ' I .-,,.,.,.grEg: N'--'H-'ff22rs:4an-i:2:2:x1A2:f21:r-rss: '-"ff-tamee-1we:1'f-1S"' -rr 'cs 4-22 "'e54:,. .4,, ,. ,, '- -2-2-1:12r45:1:r:2:I:-5:2fQ:..1:-A12:g::2:12r25:55e::51::: Tk -422325:':CS:l":2lI5:a1'5:i'3-.'.-.-f .. ., -W?" E-'E ' '-'X'-'N'-'-1:2:'-X''5-'-':f:1:i:1Q:2:2::53q:::3:5:,q:, ' ,ffm wp, 'u'As:2N-.s+a1?M2:2:e -,'wiV5 1 -Qin. an ,Agarizgzzgzgzgagigigiizggg 0201 s- Fiiigkbgrirsifizggr-xgvssffkz-vb n f. ' gms- -k1:5".:"':f.-S -:ever-:1S:2+:2l1:slsa5ES'1:1:1:rr'2iQ:-:pcm-2-2 ,.,.'.-,-.:,..-been.semis-A . 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"'H52:1:2-2:2:A3lS V - ' ""f:'zr:v1 +L?" I :gg-gw .df :ff-, z:5:5:g:f5:gf::1e2:., "' Z::5t':5: V5-gg. .V -f' ' ' ' 5' ' ..... :::q:,:4Q:::1:f-' rdffyr-'Q' E2::::4,:-q::2:a:::Q::f- ---as :If ' 'ns' X 5' 2'f3-7 V'- Q fffggx I M ABEL TACKLEY JOHN V. STARRETT V . . C t. 1 C-t UD1V6TSlty Place 432' 3 C ff 4 -f 4 Seventy-four A lf , . TAYLOR BERNICE L iew EMPLIN HELENE V Place Mankato, TURNER BEATRICE V y Place Silver Cit TURNER MARION SQ Y Place Pawnee URNEY ALBERTA ton Universlty Seventy-Jive X f If KW X, L, , If mv f I W ARD J EANETT Center Bea W AS LOYD ama Y AKELEY MARY dison SW IE WHITE PEARL ity Place Worlan WILLIAMS L- S- ity Place Nafk I S eu enty-six , X Z BROWN ELSA MAR hell Hoope . DOLAN ALPHQA H ola Fortescue S efv enty-sew en ' QBLII' 2-Xmhrmgl X ti - ix to We Every flower, tree or plant, no matter how large or how grand it may later be- come, must make its humble beginning. During this state of its development it must be carefully tended. It must be surrounded by and furnished with the things that will help to make it the most beautiful, most useful and most valuable plant possible when matured. Thus it is with every Academy student. Although it may seem to the college student that we are in a very humble position, we, like the plants, must make that beginning. We also must be supplied with the things that will make us stronger men and women, morally, physically, and spiritually. So we, as Academy students, in our constant association with our upper class- mates, are constantly receiving benefit from them. We enjoy all of the same privileges and the same advantages of well equipped buildings, we receive our instruction from the same teachers, and we are allowed to take part in all athletics, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. work, just as the college students. Then too, the Academy has its own part to do. Every student of this department is allowed and urged to take part in all of our activities. We have our own athletic teams and our debating teams. The Franklin Literary Society is our greatest activity. This society was organized for the purpose of giving every student a chance to develop intellectually, and we still work for that ideal. In this society we have music, original stories, readings, extemporaneous speaking, parliamentary drill and our Franklin paper. Every member is allowed to take part in this work. Under the leadership of J. N. Bridges, president the first semester, and Paul Anderson, the second semester, our society has made great progress. Professor Jensen, the principal of the Academy, is always ready and willing to help or suggest in every way possible. As our Academy is not so very large, there being only about sixty enrolled, we all work together to accomplish the things that are worth while. The plant, when it is first starting, hides its roots deep down in the fertile soil. Although they cannot be seen, they are being firmly established where they will be of great use to the plant later on. Likewise, we too, are hiding our "roots The little things that we are daily adding to our lives although they may seem as if they are of no benefit to us, are the things upon which our later development must depend. ' Then when we become the students of the college we will have the "roots" upon which we are to grow, firmly established, and we will be able to do better and more emcient work. H. M. W. '1'7. U Seventy-eight George -Morrell, Pfres. Lena Crom ' Mary Vermeer David Alexander Clara 'Thomas Floyd Lore ' Bessie Christian Roy Johnson Olive Dickerson Jesse Van Norman Paul Anderson Clara Biesemeier Elmer Haas S ev enty-nine X 'A 5217, , f fix f' QULIHIIII i-Xrahvmg nr 6 0 TOP ROW-Schaub, Brox, Burpo, McCormack, Harms, Wendell. 'VIIDDLE ROW-PIGTCG, Cramb, Esther Pmce, Myrtle Wllson, Guy, Gold1e Prlce, Ideen, V10l3 W Schulze. OTTOM ROW-Pengelly, Olsen, Wlnfield, McN1chols, H111, August, Buckner. f , 'W W7 fZ fjW7Wff X M7 r W f My f Atkinson, Earl W. Bishop, Frank E. Bath, Adah E. Bolton, Carrie Boomer, Esther Bothwell, Jean B. Brunig, Morton Paul Davis, Ruth Doyle, Lewis N. Frazier, Ruth Lucile Frey, Edna L. Gillan, Lela O. Goss, Efa Dale Blough, Alta B. Cromer, Gladine Chapman, Jessie Davis, Viva I. Dorste, Alma Elliott, Fern M. Foster, J. Ione Birky, Anna Boren, Veva Button, Geneva Bruce, Julia Crom, Lena A. Dolan, Myrtle A. Uhr Glearhvrz' Glnllrgr Olrrtiiiratru llnzuvh 3lunP, 1515 61112 Hniueruitg State Glreriitirate Uhr Ghz Svrrnnh Grabs 571 Grantham, Esther Greenslit, Chas. V. Griesel, Emma Edith Griffis, Hazel Irene Hester, Helen E. Hooker, Amy Sophia Hudson, Roy Johnson, Raymond W. Kallemeyn, Mildred Kline, Daniel W. McNiel, Neva L. McWilliams, Nina M. Nordby, Clara Powers, Junia Robinson, Ethel Rae Schreckengast, Joy Smith, Harvey A. Snider, Myrtle Cline Stewart, Lena Taylor, Hazel Vance, Lucile E. Vifquain, Harold B. Warrick, Sarah Mae Westhoif, James Willeman, Ernest M. Yost, Elsie Rosalind EHi1'5fi61'EIflP Stair Olvriiiimtr Goodrich, Ruth Grannis, Ivy I. Grey, Nettie C. Haumont, Mamie Ellen Kennedy, Louisa Koch, Ida Needham, Ruth P. Egly, Elsie Roberta Freeman, Esther Harris, E. Myrtle Holley, Georgia Lind, Mabel M. Marsh, Erma L. . Eighty-one Noyes, Ruth A. Requartte, Helen M. Smith, Irma Irene Sowle, Marguerite L. Werner, Alfred Winell, Althea G. Youngson, Lulu atv' Qlrrtiiimtie Murphy, Evelyn Sheets, Lola Tackley, Mabel Turner, Genevieve Vermeer, Mary Wakeley, Mae Adella Svmiur Kinhvrgartvn 31m1inr iCi11hP1'ga1'iP11 YV I N c .I Y 'f 1 I Fi XE5rElpA r lixclil for :iw '1 1' gf." J-UNE-18 To Augusfil - FAMQJ5 l 'SUFWER SCHQOE UHAVIA' Pnzssnfed AT NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSWY ADMISSION 4155 oo MAME Your: RESERVATIONS Emily g 1 W llIn1lI1ml1l"ff,LL..V' ti 1f"i"i 'f if, Jw! 'Mlwljll My If yn M71 I. in W, WlN+ER Eh? SPTHNQZ See Pages I lo 8 Clark Adelbert Fulmer ....... Frank Eugene Howard ....... William George Bishop ..... Uhr fllllainr Glharartvrz lllizrstratecl on Pages 9 to 2? Chancellor of the University Director John Christian Jensen ............. Edgar Shefiield Brightman ....... Orlm Hale Venner ................ Claude Joseph Shirk ,...... Emma Wilhelmson ....,... Lillian May Beach ...,..... Marie Faulhaber .....,.,... Konrad Kriedemann .......i. Clemens MOVIUS ..................., Francis William Kerns ,......... Wallace Eugene Knox ......... Henry Howard Bagg .......... Mrs. Carrie D. Greenlee ........ Lucius I. FI'lSb16 ............,,.... JSSSIG' Green .,................,.,. Ada May Ingles .................... Lena Augusta Atkinson ..... Eighty-four ..............................Registrar Physicist Philosopher Literary Fiend Botanist Normal Trainer Kindergarten Enthusiast Primary Critic Pianist Vocalist Violinist Orator Artist ...A China Painter Manual Trainer Domestic Scientist Librarian A ssistant Registrar X Jwf QWWYQW . 'X W ff-ff , if W C, J W sf! J nf f Hazel Adams J. T. Anderson Myrtle Anderson Ruby Andrews Faustina Ankeny Earl Atkinson Mary E. Ault Ralph Austin Marie Averill Laila Bailey Frances Barbee Mary Barnes Bess Bedell V. R. Bell Clara Biesemeier Bertha L. Bishop Harriet Bogenhagen Nellie Bowles Eva J. Brokaw Armilda F. Brome Stanley Brothers Henrietta M. Brown Joseph B. Brox Morton Brunig May L. Bryson Alma L. Butts Esther R. Butler Ruth A. Butler Joy C. Byers Bess M. Cahill Marjorie Carr May H. Carter Edith O. Carver Nellie M. Carver Earl Cathcart Mae Cathcart Nellie Chandler Jessie Chapman Wilbur Chenoweth Alta R. Chrisman Edna G. Chrisman Mildred Clark Myrtle Clifford G. L. Coffey Simeon Cozad Myra Cramb A Alta B. Crom Estella M. Crom Ina Crumbliss R. D. Currier Ruth Dargin Minnie Decker Olive Dickerson .Myrtle Dolan Ruth Dore Z. Glenn Dorshimer L. M. Doyle Myrtle Douty Grace I. Drickey Clara Dyer Elie illllinnr Qlharartvr Students in the U nivefrsity Helen Eberstein Minnie L. Eddleman John M. Edmunds Alice Egly Fern Elliott Milda Elfedt Nellie Ellison Arthur Embree Gladys Enyart Mildred Epperson Pearl Erickson Earl A. Everett Emily D. Fairley Sophia Feldhus Mildred E. Fink Ruth P. Fink Grace Flint Lena B. Flint Vida M. Forde Edgar Foreman lone Foster Helen French Oscar French Edna L. Frey - Anna Mae Fry Adaline Gallagher Fred W. Geise M arearet Gettys Luella Gettvs Mattie C. Gifford Alta A. Gilbert Lela O. Gillan Katherine Glock Gladys Gochnaur Lois N. Goheen Mignonette Good Viola L. Goudie Hazel C. Gould Bernice Graham Iva M. Graham Vera Graham ' Guy Green Madeline L. Green Levi Griesel Edgar A. Hale Mrs. F. W. Hallett Raus Hanson Della L. Harlow Edna Harrell Opal Harrell Vinta Harrell Harry E. Harvey Frank H. Hawk Olga F. Hayek Myrtle Hendrickson Vera P. Henson Harley S. Hess 4 James E. Holley Fern Hollingsworth L. Hazel Houchen Eighty-fi'ue Ruth L. Householder Jessica Hudson Clara Hutson Hilda Jacobson Clara Janouch Mildred G. Jaynes Antonia John Anna Johnson Carrie Johnson Clara G. Johnson Luree Johnson Myrtle A. Johnson ' Ruth M. Johnson Ethel C. Jones Mary E. Jones M. Russell Joyce Geo. Kallemeyn Mildred Kallemeyn Addie L. Kephart Louise Kennedy Pearl V. Kinter Laverne Knox Ruth Koch Clara Krupickar M. Meta Knude Mabel E. Lang Olive Grace Lare R. E. Lenfest Mrs. Lenfest Walter W. Lesh Eva L. Lesh Evea B. Linch Verl Linch Eva Lobb Chelsea E. Long Nellie L. Long Lulu W. Love Mary V. Lovitt Corinne McCormack Irma McCormack LaVerne McGrew Nina McWilliams Grace N. McLain Ruth Martin Emma Meyers Howard Miller R. R. Miller Elsie F. Moore J. W. Moore Anna Mucke Jessie Myers Margaret Nichols Clara Nordby Elva L. Norris Anna Nystrom Polly Oldham Gertrude Orr Helen Palmer Rose Paull E. E. Pengelly Emma Peterson B. D. Phinney Grace Pierce Doras E. Porter Emily O. Posey Camylle A. Prewitt Logan A. Pruitt Edwin Radinsky Winifred Resseguie Helen Requartte Florence Reed Hazel F. Reynolds Evangeline Robinson Harold Rominger Elizabeth Rousch Viola Rousch Esther Round P. B. Ruch O. Blanche Russell E. Ralph Schaberg Frank Schertz Lilly Schoenleber Chester Scott Helen Amy Scott Clifford M. Shaub Grace Shea N. A. Sipp Agnes Smith Alice S. Smith Esther Smith Ethel H. Smith Floy C. Smith Irma Smith Vera E. Smith Myrtle Snider Viola G. Sorenson Harry L. Sterner Lillie C. Stewart Helen Stidworthy Mabel Stoner Marie Stroemer Joseph Stopford Gladys H. Swan Florence Swartz Ada Mae Talbot Bertha K. Tallon Nellie M. Thayer Rose A. Thompson C. H. Torgerson Alberta Ward Gordon Warren Ruth Warrick Sallie Warrick Fern Webster F. H. Weed Elsa Weller Nettie VVhitten Ada Wilcox Letha Willis B. F. Wilson E. E. Wilson Marv Wright E. Pearle Wright Nellie C. Wright Fern O. Young '- gl f-if Y' p . t,-'L . xfftg S fff' - ' ' cf- ---- - w -Rpt If . - y., , . rm Water ,e fFf-f9f-w .,. . .- . .5 ' wiv" -15 51-"w i f' " W., ..-gif '. If V M- - , I Eighty-six flhe Artinn flnterspefrsecl with, an accompanifinent of study 'Ln A+ majorj Efalut 1-A JAPANESE GARDEN PARTY ACT I. Scene I-In Y. W. Room Q1 p. m.J Bright sunshine outside. A committee of five girls making plans for the decor- ation of the campus. Scene II-In Council Rooms Qtwo hours latei-3 Gentle downpour of rain outside. Five girls frantically hanging Japanese lan- terns and building booths. ACT II. Scene I-In Huntington Hall Q8 p. m. same dayj Eighty-five girls playing games of varying degrees of dignity. Scene II-In Council Rooms now transformed into a Japanese Garden fone hour laterl Girls seated on cushions about the garden while the Victrola plays soft Hawaiian music and two Japanese maids serve tea. 351:11 2-Ari OUTING ACT I. Scene I-In the Streets of University Place C1 p. m.J Summer students boarding cars at every corner. Scene II-Union Pacific Viaduct Q30 minutes laterj Students calmly pushing their way past the Liberty Bell, which is in Lincoln a few hours on its way to San Francisco. ' ACT II. Scene I-Antelope Park Q3 p. m.J Volley ball and baseball are in progress, while a few entrance-cl couples sit in the shade or wander about watching the caged animals. - Scene Il'-Same Park c5130 p. m.J The crowd passes by a long table laden with eatables, helping to relieve it of its burden. Scene III--Same Park near exit C6:30 p. m.j Crowd leaving the park covered with one grand smile of gastronomic satisfaction. 151111 3 - WAR ACT I. Scene I-Huntington Hall fat chapel timel General Hon. Hoch der Kaiser and General Pat O'Flinnigen challenge each other to fight and armies are mobilized from the student body on the spot. A large box containing the spoils of war is given into the charge of Professor Jensen. ACT II. Scene I--In Auditorium fa few days laterl Ally army planning line of attack. Roll call shows two Teutons present and camp is moved to other quarters. Scene II-In General Hoch der Kaiser's Private Ofbce The Allies formulate plans which Teuton spies on a ladder outside the window overhear. ACT IH. Scene I-Epworth Park, the scene of battle Csomc days laterl The Allies with colors iiying are forced to march to the Held of conHict between the Teuton lines to the tune of "A ch du lieher Augustin." plaved by the Teuton band. Rapid fire of challenges and responses ending in a free-for-all. But when the coffee is settled, the prize is awarded to the Allies, who open it with much ceremony, and then charge the committee with handing them a lencon. i Scene II-Secluded corner by Epworth Lake The bread line is formed with the victorious army in the lead and the starving soldiers are given their meagre CYD portions. Scene III-Two tightly packed Uni. Place cars Q9 p. m.j Allies and Teutons lovingly united in Wesleyan spirit. Eighty-seven f WW 7, Q WW H W lihntn 15121435 frnm the 131111 ,... 3 ' A y a'-E 5 fr K ,Q 3 ,s -f 5 5 ,YI v fig' X rf' R I W ' x Q - gf - - fi ::.,- e' JE A-.:, , ,swf-'lwx We lc "A" , , r -- - ,..1-Aigyvj-. Q 4 . , , .,,. 5 , . A 'T' 1- 'ff - W r, . , . ., , pa, 4 w If 1-.535 we ' -5.f?52f555?1f-a::.,, -4 ' , -. N w. x V-9. ,-Xm:::.,.,,. ... fm E1 K. ' A " U 35?-rs,-W '+ 52" xx ' FW ' . " s 3 wx Q ,iv Lt' : 355 2 -- ' ffl' .E55Ea'W9f'55::-.-: 1- A fx ' ' 3 ' "if , x ,5gf'w.,?-a'5ffy'1' 'f ' . 1'z115f-iS12s's:.., 'iiffn 1 f 1 1 '. - 51114: H ' 1'.,'t:x:.f .- 'G X " ?-AQJF' m4mfj?'g- 2 VAQ755 ., 2:55i,'5:g-'E5Z'1:Ej-gm hX .,'' Q Y If 2' 'N 'H xiii... 3.'1':IZZ:l' "'7:'1'52'5.--"26'1: '. ' Z' ' ' Y ..1.-IA. . S! . ' ff- '2-ff-s:f.-:s:s:2-1 . f-H ' L1 .si . fm .- , , , , 'ar' . H " --rv? 155 -.2'-1:if:':z2:s'. ,.' g U pwzgabu it , , K- , ,U-7 Q 1 1 -515143. -- .. M v:x1.E-,w. 55Q .5 5 ' A315513-5: ,Af .ylxqblngy "!-Q ,A "'fi-f,2-ffsff, ' ' 52" 1-- , : - " T.,-ssf ' 5 . .-'- wr.,-1"1 fff?'I' ww Wwe-1 2 iff- 2 - ' Qa- iga'-Wrzgzfafffaf-p2--f49'+'Q5m' 'f ' .. flu ff ' f?'f fa M? P A ' ,A,, . .A,, " -Qi... - 1 , ,.,,. ..., A P .,-- V -V ' . . Al., in . 1. pi .5,Qwg,Ym5K 5. .5 ..,. fy ,-H . ' I ' Sas"-, , , ' - ln 9 V? , fQv W , 4' . I f" ." . ui3?NCF'iS-:ffl " 1-fx -..-:,:1::-::-.'::,v.:.:12,: 1:f..:' 'v:y-2+figz.2fg::::z:- fvf:Q1"'. , V A 9 -.11 A ff.-wwf . 5:- . W L' N 'XHCFIX L -lf-31f'i.:i2,z21'-vPf' QT 1 -f ' 22, 1 e Awaiiiim ,fQ1f1v,- ,ffg,gfs' Q N- ,f fm sys? w -up-fk 'Q"" ' 2 Jr fg'L'.4W 'A" Ai? -155225: " 5'25--2:E?5'f5-:Ei'15I'E::'Tf1:i:'fi5?f:3:f5.. X Eigthy-eight f f ZW X f Uhr Srhunl nf Art Paiwfed by Prof Bagg Eaten Hath Svrvnr X W ft WQWL '-'YA'--'N ' I gig Eg IQ Klf' musrc Arvd Elocufforv 2 9 V1 I y 5 'Q Ai 1-N Q , - ,jj :Mu QU! If QNX? 5' f E N 'Z P- A X315 x, Q M X mu 3 Y My 1 4'c 2 uf V x I IJ , C, Lf4S'?7'? Lgiwf-5' W xx ,.xXwb . +-Q. X5 1 'muxwk-XfXx.Q.-LL-txxx FXXK r T X f x Y Senna-Sass 56559952 ,f ,. f 1 1 -N fi ' 'F fu f f 1 X' ' , I f ' fb! N! 1 L-X X Q ff i . L' if -1 'h - E x I , , i xxx -fk -2 R X .3-'Jxf-' ,I-X' X-f ffSZ,. f' W7 X- Q .,- fx - - ,A ,E - L- ff ' -- 1' X ,ffl f Glnnaeruatnrg Cgrahnatva JAMES E. BARTLEY I BLANCHE MORGAN Voice Student wtih Prof. Movius Voice Student with Prof Movius Recital May 24 Recital May 24 M Piano EMILY SCHLEMMER Student with Prof. J Recital May 19 N inety-two OHGS f V ' 4fl!f,'jf, M7:X,! X' M. W f My MM Hnhvrgrahuaira J W ' M , A B C V' Stdt'thPf.M' V' Stdt 'thPf.M' R't1My5 R 't1Ap'126 I F M F F G V St d t th P f M ' V St d 1: th M G t R f1Ap126 t1Ap119 R O R - M ECK ly Apl12 G gA1y 1 N yth X M 5 f W ffi Wf , W A Chrnup frnm ihv llilizrnxi Beparimvni FIRST ROW- SECOND ROW- Belva Timmerman Bessie Fitl Elsa Marquardt Al' M Alice Hole J G Marion Chatfi ld Ch l tte Hanna Ivan Knox. D Carrell Elma Jenki Blanche Bled-soe P l K Lottie Shalda N M N' l . May Whitehorn Lois Schw b h TH ROW- N ll Y t BOTTOM Row- D ll M B ey Walter French H l Chatfield Eva Swa t I Eastman Haz l H bler Ruth Dargin Cl U. Mills Nellie Wright D mel Jones Uarda. Smith Mary Alene Smith Leah Dorsey Erma Marsh Leithe Marshall Nina Sims Ch1'istealeWesterfield Lena Smith lone Foster Wesley Sandb g Ninety-four X ' Q A Chrhnp nf Hnirr Stuhvntn with Hrufvnnnr 1?1Hnuiu2f TOP Row- SECOND Row- Joe Moore August Edling J D 1 R h J h B1 T D 11 M B V B A b O d E1 K h C1 Th N S E G 1 L S W g R th D E 1 H p L M 'k T R - B R - M h N k I R lph S h b g N H k H 1 S t I M 1 I B1 H L H dt Cl M M G d N1 H1 C C1 L b N MN 1 B C t G1 G d 1 N fyfi f QW ff G f Wx Mfffi J ll f A Cgrnnp frnm Mira CEntzin12r'5 'Hnirn 0112155 o O '11 U2 509150 CHO sg? I Cl co O 65 cn IF' co 3 cn 5 IS' 45 Z H Sf' P4 O 'A' E. 0 2 Q4 E 2. CD 5 O 5' 21 Ch 'L F- 5 El 2 E S V2 F E ve Sf' F' rn 9 E sv Warrick, E. V. Geisler. ND Elder Kirkpatrick, Bernice Reed, Hilda Lessenhop, Clara Miskell, Emma Mallot, B Novotny Paul Anderson. R - G A A G S h M G b M S P l F E h D l N f W W Z ff Q, Uhr liuhlir Srhnul Hlunir 0115155 Slade Marvel Mfc Prof. Miller Lieber Ovenden , N x .A f RW W K X, -f ., f y l X W , ,, I Q Z! A W W . 'f ff if f f , f Wx MJMWZM, f Svrhnnl nf Exprvaninn IG. OD. Brgrmz . Swninr iixprvzninn Ninety- ' WW Q. .ilnmnr iixprvmatnn Av , Ar , TOP ROW-Roper, Spence, Vaxl CSecJ, Knox, Noyes. SECOND ROW-McGr5w, Jacoby, Gillan, Seltz, Buck, Gleed, bgay CTreas.J. C K BOTTOM ROW-War , Boomer, Wilson, hamp, Jewell Pres. , Koch, Pratt. NOT IN PICTURE-Bess Bedell, Glenn Gddersleeve, Pauhne Logan, Carrle Mar- h 11 F1 R d Ha 1Tu ne Leola Walters O H d IIEBTNMPWW WIYH' E .J ?f"'f, -.u--:J ' W, ,ULF fx v X w.1 f , 4 ' x V L Nllnnwx One Hundred One Ellie Qlnllvgr Glnunril WESLEY B. MARSH FRANK E. BISHOP President First Semtester President Second Semester Gbflirrra First Semester Second Semester Wesley B. Marsh .,....v ,,.,.,....... . ..President .,,,,..,,.,,.. ....,..,.. F rank E. Bishop William Moor .......... ,............... V ice-President ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.......... M abel Roper W. Irl Stebbns ..i,. ...,...,.. S ecretcwy-Treasurer ........ .......... W alter French Student Self-Government is found vested in the College Council, for it is a rep- resentative body of the College of Liberal Arts and has direct control of numerous ac- tivities pertaining to student life. Each class is represented by the president and two other members. As the organization becomes more perfected, new activities have come under its jurisdiction and greater harmony and interest have been developed making the responsibility lie on responsible individuals. Its motto might Well be "For the better- ment of student activities and colle-ge life in general." The events and activities in charge of the College Council are Freshman-Soph0- more Olympics, Fall and Spring Class Elections, Home-coming Day, Football Banquet, College Nite, Pan-Wesleyan Banquet, General Spring Election, and Arbor Date exer- cises. One Hmlwlred Two - : ' 1, V. 'Yr ' 5 1 , '1 ll 'WH 4.7 ff H " 'fa,g1r::aiM bH . " .-M iff, ' f 'M ' V Q ,.,g:5.g3:f,g,.gffree' f zfgaggffi ..4f21f?5 ,1f' . -gfki .I V -f'.f1-,Q-Qi. 'e 1 fn,-fs.-. 1- H114 : Ql- '3::s:' 2- 1-1 MQ , 'P ' ' "V 'E I 1 f 4 ,, X 1 3 K ' M 1 H f P f o f , ' , 5: its Top Row-YV:1lre1' F1'61lCll. '1S: Fred Geise. 'llii Fraul: Bishpp, '1lG: Mabel Roper, '1T: Laveru Knox, '1!l. Second Row-Ralph Sc-hnberg, '1T: Walter Day. 'ISQ Loyd Worley. 'lflg I-Iownrd I3lll'lliIll1, '16, Third Row-Earl Harper, '1Sg Florence Buck, '1S. 5 FOlll'tll Row-Glenn Bell. '17: .Tenn Botlhwell. '16g lrl Stebbins, 'lflz William Mow, '18, Bottom Row-Edgar Hale, '17g Max Geutl-'y. '1!'Jg R:lj'1ll0l1d Jolmsou, '1Gg Wesley Marsh, 'l7g Earl Keester, '18 Annual College Nite Seventh Annua1Pan 'Wesleyan Banquet March 10 3.30 p. m. Auditbrium ' 'l'hurSdny, fllilzgg-dh 16th G:3Q p. m. VUL. XI IV UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEBR.,fl'LlUH5D1XY, MARCH fl, 1016 1 i A N ,2'7 KANSAS WESLEYAN DROPS UNABL Ncbmna Svvfliwilv-Pm. ram. nam in Lan nnxmulrrgaar. cams: Th l . lf 915.111, .gm 1 l . lf Q .V A PAN WESLEYAN . MARCH AFFAIR T0 BE new AT LINCOLN H Ticket: HUNTINGTON HALL Q IS DECORATED 'WAS Pnomorzn BY WESLEYAN ' -'STUDENTS . Bflfwllins Cfub Rerponsible fu, Excel- .nn conasunu of Roan:-hx Yellow ax-ul Brown. was .H ku ug Irym .Nw My W1 ,1 n f.1.m.wL uw! xo ln: rw as x..n . new 'hw x ll urn llvlall 'I'ulul lx nn.-1: 1- Wmi lcnyflr, 1 .I, i,..'m:-.v:. xf. . , ,. SL.--.-. .U A: Hu-rizinxz. rg. . , P. 1,En.,1,.r., lan, llpul. lf., . . . . l I XXlx L-LO ll m sul .mmf A mnmm naples, nc. 'rcsx Assam idimr msinuss Mu Gila, u time and nl' da T W 0 F' T I I A xmfxwma ruuwn, rvmnl :mr by t Minn 1.-A xwexqi- Wesleyan vs Pu-ee sm- xlumhcr u mu un ,.....--. X X n nn. One Hundred Four Uhr Hnrvnnir Qlnunril X '. xglg X .N X! f X VX X Sec'y Weed Venner I . X X' Knox Haumont, Pres. Wells X , S J Gbratnrg SIMEON COZAD LAUREN WALDORF Winner of Local Prohibition Winner of Local Old Line Contest Oratorical Contest Bnlmie l The question for debate this year was one of great national importance. It was stated as follows: "Resolved, That the United States should immediately and sub- stantially increase its armament. fArmament being taken to mean both forces and equipment," A great deal of interest was shown in the class debates. The Freshmen chose the anfirmative side and won from the Sophomores by a unanimous decision. The Seniors chose the negative and lost to the Juniors by a two to one vote of the judges. The Juniors and Freshmen then cast lots to see which side they should uphold in the championship debate. The Juniors were unfortunate and had to change from the affirmative to the negative side. Changing sides plus the pep of the Freshmen was tool mluch for the Juniors, for the Freshmen walked away with the championship, table an c airs. The Varsity teams were chosen from the debate class which was conducted by Prof. E. H. Wells. Professor Wells gave an hour and a half of his time each week throughout the year free gratis in order that Wesleyan might have winning teams, and his work was not in vain. On April 7 the affirmative team won from Cotner in a hotly contested coniiict in which the Coyotes were the best prepared. The battle tooilg place in the Wesleyan auditorium and was attended by a large and appreciative au ience. Bellevue and Wesleyan held a dual debate on the night of April 21. Our affirm- ative team debated at Bellevue and lost by a two to one decision. The negative team Won from Bellevue on the home rostrum by a unanimous decision. This year's debate has been a success in every way and the debaters feel very grateful to Professor Wells for his efficient coaching. The Varsity debaters are to receive gold medals with the Wesleyan seal as a token of appreciation for their work. n . One Hundred Six f Wx M f f 'Harnitg Eehating Svquah QAiTirmative Teamj-Carrell, alternateg Sharp, Worley, McBride. QNegative Teamj-Cozad, Olinger, alternate 5 Schaberg, Weed. 0112155 B2hat125 Uhr: 3Hr1e5hmvn - 6111555 Q1I1s1mpiu115 Worley Carrell McBride Uhr llxxniursa Sharp High Schaberg One H zmdred Eight Gllauw 521121125 Uhr Seninrn Cozad Weed Westoif Uhr Svnphnmnrw Hunter ' Vaughn Olinger One Hundred Niue ! Wx Wffd Wfc WX X W f Wx W MWML f Ghz 2-Xihlsiir Quarh Jensen- BiSh0P A. Agia.- Sedyf ' " ' Rose Durham, Pres. 1 uam, ,- s sr- "M" Glluh 5' i KF ' . . v.,,Q,-QI," " ""'...M...,...,....x.. V. . 4. ---- - -- - 1 P v anqamj pavapzmg aug Uhr Eramatir Glluh O X, X SX os S4 NN Ms x Q 'X K TOP ROW-Roper, Dyer, Wright, Nay, Knox. Noyes. X, -v MIDDLE R -Grassmueck Jacoby Fosnot Lirning, Yost, Wilson, Robinson, Dn1l.M G X - I 7 1 ' BOTTOM ROW--Smith, Nordby, Knox, Snider, Champ, Vall, gms g , Flip: Nrhraaku mralegan illllzxlr Qbnarirttv J. ,EARL BARTLEY, lst Tenor JOSEPH W. Moores, lst Bass, EARL E. HARPER, 2nd TGIQOF Soloist and Trombonist. Ne- Baritone Soloist and Cornet- Pi-'3fT10 S0101St 21115 C0FH6'G1St braska Wesleyan Conserva- ist. Class '16. Class '18. tory '16, ' ' LoYD B. GETTYS, 2nd Bass, Read- er and Melophonist. Class '16. The quartet has appeared before more of the Wesleyan constituency than has any other col- lege organization. It is one of the visiting members of the University, and it makes many calls. A conservative estimate enumerates the people it has entertained this year at Hfteen thousand. The season's Work includes over thirty professional dates, a number of appearances at home, sing'- ing for debates, receptions, conventions and programs, and many appearances before high schools. Sunday congregations and at times, sick people who could not otherwise hear the concerts. The season's Work reached its climax in the annual home concert in the Wesleyan auditor- ium April 24. One H undred Thirteen f f f L X X Ig ry eg A ' Uhr C6122 Qllnh Igrnf. Bzmiel Zlnnvn, Eirerinr, President-GLENN GILDERSLEEVE MGWGQGT-MORRIS J. GREEN First Tenor August Edling-Second year Frank Carrell-Second year Earl Marsh-First year Homer Davis-First year A Ernest Hoffman-First year Paul Anderson--First year Baritone Glenn Gildersleeve-Third year Roscoe Sill-Second 'year Ira Church-Second year La Verne Knox-First year Ernest Metzger-First year Walter Roge-Flirst year x." ' - ., fl Second Tenor A. W. Anderson-Second year Roy Deal-First year L. R. Wagener-First year Ralph Schaberg-First year Vincent Starrett-First year Alfred Werner-First year George Haworth-First year 'P ' ' Bass Walter Lesh-Third year F. C. Mills-Third year Lee Ogden-Second year Earl Atkinson-First year Harold Carr-First year Clarence George-First year Merlin Cozier-First year J Hx' '.. TOM CLARK, Accoonpanvbt ,A One Hundred Fourteen ,1 .1 1 f - W 1 Uhr liniurrritg Glhnral izvnrirtg ljgrrrirniing, "Uhr illlrzziuhn, Bri. 211 "Uhr iiltiuhf' filling 31 h Uhr Ubrrhratra , - 4 . J., W ,.- . One Hundred Fzfteen rf. 2: Q' ' X X 'W f7d C-ffW . ,ff X W! f U N f f , V f f 1 W X 7 f 4 fjfff f I-H., Svinar 'iitgnrz FRn1orcwy Zoologzcal Soczety Qbftireru H 1 H .......,..,.,....,...... ..,,..... Il 1 S lb E th G 11 .,,........,...A. S lb 2-Xrtinr illilvmhvrxa R W R 1 Helen H E 11 G th F1 dH W d E G 1 Alf 11 W H B L Blllemhern iilertril Bllarrh 13, 1515 A h W. Anderson Eva B. K ff J bRBe11er E LL11 W L d H gh E 1 Ny 1 M tl s d OHddS y f .r , W f nr f 17 'fe X ff Cx-1 ight ltapps 1Hhi i Nvhraaku Wesleyan Glliaptvr Oi ganized. 1914 Glharivr fllllrmhvra CLARK A. FULMER, Chancellor of the University FRANCIS A. ALABASTER, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts FRANK E. HOWARD, Formerly Dean of the Teachers' College EDGAR S. BRIGHTMAN, Formerly Professor of Philosophy and Psychology ELIAS H. WELLS, Professor of History and Political Science Cmfireru, 15115-19113 President ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,...,,,,,,,................,.... Francis A. Alabaster Vice-Presiclent ........,.... ......... W illiam G. Bishop Sew'etCt'r'y .4,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,...,,,..,... Elias H. Wells Trectsurer-Marsliall ............................,.. ...,.... A bbie C. Burns MHPIIIHPYH Alabaster, Blanche Robin- England, Mrs. W. H., '03 Noble, Edna C., '00 son, '95 Esterbrook, H. R., '93 Palmer, H. O., '08 Alabaster, F. A. fNorth- French, Madge C., '15 Riley, Edith S., '11 westernj Fulmer, Clark A., '98 Robinson, Evangeline C., '15 Bessire, B. A., '11 Gardner, Gertrude H., '98 Schertz, F. M., '14 Bishop, E. C., '06 Gettys, J. R., '97 Smith, Mary A., '87 Bishop, W. G., '06 Hawes, Annie, '02 Stander, Rachel E., '15 Bowen, O. W., '00 Hinison, A. O., '96 Stuff, F. A., '93 Brightman, E. S. lBrownD Hollenback, F. R., '95 Taylor, Harry A., '05 Burns, Abbie C., '92 Hollingshead, Arthur D., '15 Thompson, Warren S., '07 Champ, Beulah G., '13 Horne, Lucretia, '98 Turner, A. E., '95 Clark, Beulah G., '13 Howard, Frank E. Tyler, A. F., '04 Clark, Helen E., '14 fMichigan State Normalj Ward, Beulah E., '13 Clark, Letta M., '14 Huntington, Harry F., '03 Warfield, G. A., '96 Cole, Frank, '97 Isham, Anna E., '07 Wells, E. H. 'QDePauwJ Crossland, W. A., '11 lsham, Robert M., '09 Wimberley, T. M., '95 Currier, G. E., '08 Jensen, J. C., '09 Winship, L. A., '04 Currier, Pansy Coffin, '09 Kauffman, Dorothy, '14 Worthley, E. A.. '08 Durham,.H. B., '04 Lehr. Jessie T.. '14 Young, Louise, '14 McProud, B. E. lBakerJ At the annual meeting in April, the following were elected to membership: From the alumni, Loren N. Mills, '12g from the faculty, Dean B. E. McProud and Assistant Professor May Hopperg from the senior class, Carrie Bolton, Lucile Frazier, Lela Gillan, Emma Griesel, Roy Hudson, M. Allen Keith and Floyd Weed. Phi Kappa Phi is an honor fraternity composed of graduate and undergraduate members of American universities and colleges. It emphasizes scholarship, and holds fast to the original purpose for which institutions of higher learning were founded. Election to Phi Kappa Phi is one of the honors which comes to a select group of college men and women. The fraternity corresponds in many respects to Phi Beta Kappa, the long established and well-known scholarship society. Organized in 1897, Phi Kappa Phi now maintains chapters in many of the leading institutions of the country. Two regular meetings of the local chapter are held annually, elections to mem- bership being conducted at the April meeting, and formal initiation at the June meet- ing, which is followed by the annual Phi Kappa Phi address. No one its considered a member of the organization until he is duly initiated. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is one of the honors to which every college student at Wesleyan may aspire, and which, if gained, will be one of his proudest possess-ions, growing more valuable as the years go by. One Hundred Seventeen Flhv igvnhrmnn Glluh TOP ROW-Deal, Whipple, Griesel, Fulmer, Ash, Spencer, Keiser, Bell. 2ND ROW-Lake, Chipperfield, Knox, Sill, John, Needham, Brome, Graham, Day. 3RD ROW-Nystrom, Gorham, Collins, Hampton, Gillan, Lobb, Parli, Grantham, Vance, Edling. BOTTOM ROW-High, Fosnot, Alabaster, Pfoutz, Schreckengast, Glock, Frazier, Weed. ilbftireru First Semester Second Semester Mr. Weed ...............i.. ............ P resident ......... .................... M r. Pfoutz Miss Fosnot ........... ........... V ice-President ....... ....,......... Mr. Keith Mr. Day .......... .....,.. S ecretary-Treasurer ...,... ..,...... M r. Spencer Mr. Bell ............ ............... S argeant ............. ......., .......... M r . Kiser Mr. Phillips ......... ........................ C' haplafln ................,......... ....... M iss Glock PROGRAMS FOR THE YEAR ' 4 Sept. 27-"Rudolph Euchen and His Message to Our Age," Mr. Keith. Oct. 25-Musical Program. Nov. 9-"The Use and Application of the Wireless Telegraph," Mr. Hudson. t Dec. 6-Rudyard Kipling program. . ' Dec. 13-"Tuberculosis, its Causes, etc," Miss Griesel. Feb. "Evolution," Mr. McCormack. Feb. 16-"History of the University," Miss Gillan. Mar. 6-"Higher Criticism," Mr. Weed. Mar. 20-Lecture, "The Lost Chord," Professor Wells. Apr. 17-Shakespearean program. May 1-Program on Art. May -First Annual Banquet. May -Lecture, "What Men Live by," Dean McProud. One Hundred Eighteen M J W fi fff W fi fy 'X W Hear' 2 13. HH. 01. A. Glahinet, 1915 J Bh 11 P 'd E K ff V P d Lbb T M P1 S S hW k HhSh1 L IF M S d N MWH Bb1S d C B1 1 P1 A N E1bhR E1 J S h1Sk S IS B 1hH R OHddN y r enrfffgW fe X ' 7 Gbftirera, 15115-19115 Lawrence McCormack ....,,.,,... President F. E. Bishop .................... Vice-President Frank Haumont..Rccorcl1lng Secretary Glenn Bell ......,......... Finance Clzalronan G9i'tirerz, 1915-1917 H. L. Aden .........,................,..... President 5 Q If S. H. High .,....,....,.......... Vice'-President ' 'f'X2,,f:, Burton Norall ...... Recording Secretary Edgar Hale ........,.,... Finance Chairman Artiuitima Employment Bureau-Work secured for students amounting to about 32700.00 Lecture Course of six numbers managed by the Association. New Student and Social, meeting trains, open house, Stags, visiting new men, etc. Religious work, Bible Study classes and devotional meetings every Sunday morn- ing, co-operation with student prayer meeting and evangelistic campaigns. Estes Park Summer Conference, with twelve delegates. State Conventions and Conferences at York and Fremont with good delegations. Hand Book and Student Directory published in co-operation with the Y. W. C. A. Gospel Teams have visited Arlington, Nehawka, Milford Qtwicej, Pleasantdale, Henderson and several other communities. Much good work has been done and a good many young people led into the Christian life. The Y. M. C. A. Rooons are open every day. Daily papers, magazines and games are used constantly. The Young Men's Christian Association is for every man in school and endeavors to live up to its slogan of being of real service to every man and upholding' true Chris- tian standards. One Hundred Twenty Uhr 13. HH. Ol. A. Gfahinvi Sharp, Rose, George, Clark, Aden , Giese, High, Marsh, Vaughan Simonds, Cozier, Haumont, McCormack, Bell, Lemon One Hundred Twenty-one Svtnhvni Hnluntvvrn Sill, Ellison, Fosnot, Borthwell, Glenn Bell Jean Bothwell E. E. Edling, President Nellie Ellison, Secretary Pearl Fosnot Lillian Glock Stanley High, Vice-President Ione Foster Eva Lobb Edling, Nordby, Moore, Lobb, illlrmhrrz Efiie McBride Joseph Moore Clara Nordby L. W. Philley Floyd Pierce Royal Richardson Mrs. Royal Richardson Elizabeth Rose Roscoe Sill One Hundred Twenty-two High Glock Ellie Hinrrni .Aaznriatiun ' ' . 455:71 ,- If ..' ,,.-- ,,,f 21,1- 2 , af' ' ,f -"ff,-" ,ff ' 'Rf ' "",,f"'M 1" ' ,,, " z',.ff:i ,,,, Lfgf J ff!! ,ff-:'!,2 ,.-f" Mal 2,3 ,', - .,f,,,,.f' lf ZZ., 21"- P!-,. zzz, ,""" -Z, gf!! gy.,- An association of the slfudents in Nebraska Wesleyan who are preparing them- selves for the Christian Ministry as a life work. Wffirvrz First Semester Second Semester V. R. Bell ................. ,...,l.,......,.. P resident ...,............... ..,,.....,.,, E , L. Harris A. L. Pratt ....,.,.... ..Sec1'etary-Treasurer ......... .............. F . B. Lore fllllvmlwrs A Akert, W. Harper. E. E. Morrell, G. S. Richardson, R. Bartley, J. E. Harris, E. L. Moore, J. Schulze, G. F. Bell, V. R. High, S. Pengelly, E. E. Shaub, C. M. Bridges, J. N. Keith, M. A. V Peterson, P. P. Shepherd, H. O. Brox, Joseph Lake, G. Pfoutz, F. E. Shepard, A. B. Buckner, C. L. Lore, F. B. Philley, W. L. Schott, F. Chambers, L. L. Low, O. W. Phillips, C. H. Steuber, C. Cozad, S. E. Mills, F. C. Pratt, A. L. Weed, F. H. Crist, J. W. Miller, R. Pruitt, L. Wagener, L. S. Edling, E. E. Munsell, J. G. Price, E. V. Vlfhitnoore, D. Gettys, L. B. McGreW, K. Priestlv. W. C. Wilson, Fl. E. Hanson, R. M. McNichols, J. H. Price, E. W. Worley, L. One Hzmdo-ed Tweitty-three Alumnifknanriatinn nf Thr Glnllvge nf Eihrral Arts OFFICERS, 1915-1916 President, Marvin E. Gilbert, '00 First Vice-President, Edna Elcenia Higins, '11 Second Vice-President, Earl Lewis Hunter, '12 Secretary and Treasurer, Anna Mathinson Beebe, '06 Historian and Editor, Carrol Owen Simonds, '11 Ellie Einatnn Qlhapter 1 Zfinainn, maaaarhuavitn OFFICERS, 1915-1916 President, William Crossdale Fawell, '14 Vice-President, J. C. Dillon Secretary and Treasurer, John Sherman Phillips,'13 Uhr Svnuthvrn Qlulifnrnia Olhaptrr OFFICERS, 1915-1916 President, Edgar Benson Smith, '11 Vice-President, Fred Aden Secretary-Treasurer, Harry L. McLaughlin, '06 fCons.j Historian, Herman Miller, '98, 5112 Ernnrr Olhapter 1 Bvnurr, Olulurahn OFFICERS, 1915-1916 President, George Alfred Warfield, '96 Secretary, Mrs. F. H. Essert Treasurer, Herbert Osman Smith, '96 Alumni ltlniurrzitg Flruatrrz Gerald Elmore Currier, University Place, Term expires in 1916 Albert Franklin Tyler, Omaha, Term expires in 1917 Harry Allen Taylor, University Place, Term expires in 1918 Alonzo Otis Hinson, Holdrege, Term expires in 1919 The fact that Nebraska Wesleyan Alumni Association now boasts 686 members and that these widely scattered members are showing a greater interest in their Alma Mater speaks much for the future of Wesleyan. To keep in touch with the "old school" local chapters have been formed, the most recent of which is the Denver chapter, organized this year. The reunion of the ten, twenty and thirty-year classes at Commencement also tend to renew interest in Nebraska Wesleyan and these classs are shown special honor. One H undred Twenty-four Y'LSQi'-Lic! X.. -1 ll if-r 12- 1 -'-L-.- -. - fi- Q?f57"E'i 19 , : ' K H f fi-3, ' ' - 'lf 9' W' 1 1' w - A 4U'Wif" ' , , . 2, ,, , -3 - 5: M A -qu , ,V ,A ,, It - - -3-12,1 "'f-f W I .2 -! T53 -f--1- I L-.-L'f'1:,f-:sh-1-,-Q. i HWY f -4,5- A' f n --- ..ffTfff'Q:fl:Tf . -1' IX-31 ,X - ' -' 1 1 . 1:-- -6 ',i 'gf ff ff- lfy -, JV' f bv --,.,.,'Qa- nik. ,' " ,, f- I , 1 . i . ffm - 5: 3 ,jj--ij .L X 2 , X M I I P21 xx f 1- 5121 ul fi fi N ' V+-if : . ARS N "d ' ' ' ' f Z f ,fpw G i . U-L2-51:-f . 3+, W Q I1 f ?, X M -iigif E k ,Wg I ' i:'T??.if', .fEf9 'M' 'Qifezs lf A-l.:'3' fl-' -is-' 4 rf, f 2 X ., ' 55: ' !'25f ,:gf,j ,A f. 5' H .5 i 4' lf: . ET '-jfgiif' 31 ,fa - .5 . QT gig, ' YQ - i:fg,-Q ,lggrg N vi Z5 1:1 , -- h f....,.. .. .- --M 4 fb: . ,fi LZ:-7 5,7 -- Y- , gnu!! l, ff? ff f Z .1 i 1 ' fQf5: 5113-+ -, E:+ -9-Tami f 24 Q-i,4 :gf ,-LEE gif f ': f -X .L ', ,- -aj-L K xv 'k E' ,tim ..-fag 271- 2? I f R -if ,ffa Eiga ,5,-f 3 ...--f ,EQ 'if 3 Q f- Eflgiig 1 xg? 5,2 -- 1514 + -- if ' J EE ': X- f rv! he ,:., H -g j-Q k ' - -' f-HQ , YL Q 59-4 'gf f-Q ' - - 'EM TL .,-y 1, ,ff 4 ,gf 45-Sf - "f'F1? ? ,- ij 7 24" ' j "' i5VZ ' EJ , - X Fiiifm 5 af Easifix One Hundred Twenty-five Motto Plus Ultra First Semester Dwight Williams ..... ,. Harvey Smith .......... Walter French ,....... Eugene Haskins ......,, Bialrrtir Obffirvrz ..........Pres'ident......... .........Vice-Presiclent..,.... .............Secretu,ry....,...... ......,.........T'reasu1'er.......,.......... Colors Purple and Gold Second Semester Harvey Smith .,Walter French Eugene Haskins ..,.,John Aikman Floyd Weed ...,.......... ....... I mer-Society Council ........, ....,......., R oy Deal lilull Eugene Haskins Floyd Weed Max Gentry Orin ,Moore Ivan Bentz Andrew Diehl Leroy Cruit Dwight Williams Harvey Williams Gordon Vaughan Harold Mehaifey Walter French Worth Gravatt Harvey Smith John Aikman Roy Deal Roy Story Ira Williams Aaauriatr illllrnilvrrzi Elvhgrn Kirby McGrew Stanley McLain Joe Moore Horace Nay Spununr Levi Griesel One Hzmdred Twenty-six Eiulvriir Bentz, McLain, Haskins, French, H. Williams, Vaughan. Aikman, Deal, Nay, Mehaffey, Cruit, Diehl, I. Williams Story, Moore, D. Williams, Smith, Weed, Gentry. One Hundred T'u.'e1zty-se-vefn 3 uvrvii ESTABLISHED 1889 " Nobis Est Agendum' Gbifirrra First Term Second Term Tltifrcl Term President ................ R. M. Hanson ............ L. B. Gettys ..,.........,.. F. E. Bishop Vice-President ......, M. E. Kirkpatrick .,... F. H. Watson ............, H. W. Swan Secretary ...,............ S. H. High ...............,.. L. A. Whipple .........,, L. C. Olinger Treasurer for Year ...,.. .........., P . F. Sharp, illlhzmherz Frank H. Watson Frank E. Bishop Loyd B. Gettys Charles V. Greenslit Raus M. Hanson Harold W. Swan B. Wesley Marsh M. Elder Kirkpatrick Cecil W. Stanley Eugene B. Stewart Earl S. Harper Stanley H. High Harold L. Hinman George E. Kallemeyn Leroy C. Olinger E. Ralph Schaberg Lee A. Whipple Paul F. Sharp Philip S. Carrell Frank K. James John T. Nystrom Alva L. Prewitt W. Irl Stebbins Gerald C. Turney Loyd F. Worley One Hundred Twenty-eight TOP ROW-Kirkpatrick, Harper, James, Stebbins. SECOND ROW-Whipple, Carrell, Hinman, Worley, Nystrom. THIRD ROW-Kallemeyn, Prewitt, High, Olinger, Swan, Turney, Sharp. A BOTTOM ROW-Stanley, Hanson, Watson, Gettys,G1'eensli1t, Marsh, Bishop One H undred Twenty-'mine llbrnphilian Men Organized 1888 Sponsor Ben H. Beck Gbiiirerz First Semester Second Semester H. Vifquain ........ .,.......... resident ........... ........... R . Johnson R. Johnson ....... ........ V we-President .....,.,., ,,,,,,,., H . Durham H. Priest ............ ,........ S ecretary ....,..... ....,,,,,,,,, B . Cole A. Beckwith ....... ........ T reasurer ....... ,.,,,.. W . Rose ill1'nI1'1-5 in lliniurraitutv Geo. Patterson Geo. Lemon B. Cole H. Vifquain W. Rose Ed. Denton R. Johnson F. Haumont G. Denton E. Willeman B. Norall C. Seymour B. Whitney H. Priest E. Hoffman F. Geise V. Fetz W. Kahm H. Durham A. Beckwith W. Hull F. Simonds W. Moor C. Ward V. Sleuman V. Starret Zllratrru in lllrhv Bowers, Ben Simonds, C. O. Beck. Ben H. Simonds, E. J. Cam pbell, Alvin X Strader, Chas. M. Dally, Claude Taylor, Dr. H. A. Delzell. Wm. Taylor, Dr. J. D. Esterbrook, H. R. Thomas, Geo. Elliott, John Tyndall, Ross Gilbert, M. E. Walker, Dr. A. B. Hughes, W. W. Williams, Dr. B. F. Hoover, K. Worthley, Rev. E. A Israel, Roy A. Kline, Merle W. Miles, H. Floyd Miller, John McMullen, Wm. Paul, John Priest, John Wright, M. H. Reynolds, Dr. C. O. Reynolds, Dr. Nathan Raush, R. R. Russel, Don Smith. Robert One Humlrerl Thirty Stuff, Prof. F. A. , Q-X Q 1 ,Y . V 1 -W1 Tfffi Ward, Hoffman, Maddox, Sleuman, Norall, Starrett, Kahm, Hull, Denton. Cole, Lemon, Moor, Rose, Preist, Beckwith, Seymour. Haumont, Simonds, Durham, Johnson, Beck, Vifquain, Whitney, Geise, Willleman One Hundred Thirty-one First Semester Roy Hudson ...... Alfred Werner ........ Habe Aden .......,.... Lee Ogden ........,. 1 hvnphzmia Organized 1887 Gbmrera .............President............. .........Vice-President........ ..........See'retary......... .,.......Treaswr'er,..... ifinll 6112155 uf 1515 Second Semester ...Alfred Werner Logan Pruitt ........--Merlin Cozier Clarence George Roy Hudson Logan Pruitt Warren Kline Alfred Werner Lawrence McCorrn ack 0lln55 nf 1517 Habe Aden Glenn Gildersleeve Glenn Bell Morris Green Merlin Cozier George Haworth Clarence George Lee Ogden 4512155 nf 1913 Walter Day Leonard Hughes Gayle Grubb Elwin Hunter Glenn Hefner Earl Keester William Holt LeRoy McLaughlin C!lIrn55 nf 1519 Clyde Anderson i LaVerne Knox Harold Carr Ernest Metzger Thomas Clark Paul Peterson Floyd Hudson Zllarultg illllvmher J. C. Jensen Qlitg Qllsmhrrs Martin Chittick Harry Mfiller Harlan Evans Walter Smith Olney Kendall Roscoe Smith George Knight Chester Scott John Miller One Hundred Thirty-two TOP ROW-Bell, George, Peterson, Metzger, Clark. 2ND ROW-Holt, Hughes, Haworth, Knox, Grubb, Anderson, Day. SRD ROW-McLaughlin, Keester, Gildersleeve, Hunt er, Aden, Hudson, Hefner, Carr BOTTOM ROW-Cozier, McCormack, Hudson, Kline, Werner, Knight, Ogden. One Hundred Thirty-tiwee One Hundred Thirty-four gociejries cv , ffwig QV! N1 , Q 1 4 4 x D . M ,.- xx Nr' VLAQQ 1 I S24 If 'Q X wf f ff Xwlf X Zgf 1 ff' X! r YV , . If . N KL 9. " 45, X VXXNMX yi , 'glfgl .W Y' MN ,, W 5 f X ' I ffm l ,, x t' VIS , fx A Wai? lg 17 ff! 'rxtlx F6 f Q - Q' 6 Z- 1, ..f:,F, J ? QW W, N A H X Eg RW ,611 N' w 'L 1 35 I ,fl I 'y u xo FC One Hundred Tlzirty-five XA WZ: A E Avlinian " Licht, mehr ,Licht N Clblirrra Patroness Sponsor Mrs. Daniel Jones Miss Edna Higgins First Semester Second Semester Neva McNiel .......... . ........,.. President ........,.... ,,..,...... H elen Hester Lillian Glock ....,.... . ....... Vice-President .....,.. .,...... E Ea Dale Goss Eva Kauffman ,....... ......... S ecrctcwy ...,..... ...,...... I rma Smith Nellie Wright ..,..... ......... T 'reasurer ......... ....,... M label Roper Svnrnrrz Nineteen-Sfixtrm Lillian Louise Glock Helen Elizabeth Hester Efa Dale Goss Neva Leona McNiel Emma Edith Griesel Clara Nordby I Ninrtveix-Sslarnlizm Frances Naomi Haskins Mabel Frances Roper Minnie Anne Parli Ethel Ruth Skerritt Nellie Cordelia Wright Ninrtrrn-Eighteen Eva Blanche Kauffman Irma Irene Smith ' Ruth Pansy Needham Uarda Fern Smith Nineteen-Nineteen Edna Wano Gleed Rose Julia Manz Esther Hope Jacoby Lenna Belle McCay Emily Marie Nystrom Hlrhges Emily Lisetta Schlemmer Mary Elizabeth Ward Q Marguerite Ruby Vogler Helen Ward CLTnuazruatnrg Iva Florence Marvel Color Flower Salmon Pink and White Pink Rose One Hundred Thirty-six One Hundred Thirty-seven H yr., ,ol MRS. F. A. ALABASTER Patroness DORA MYERS, '19 ANTONIA JOHN, '17 MAUDE POLEY, '17 INA HOTCHKISS, '18 HAZEL GRIFFIS, '16 ESTHER BOOMER, '16 ONA ORCUTT, '18 MRYTLE JOLLY, '19 PAULINE FULMER, '17 MIRIAM FULMER, '17 MARY GEORGE, '19 CARRIE BOLTON, '16 ALBERTA WARD, '19 Knahia , R ..., ,. , . 1229 f, , . RW .V 'sw za' 's1r:122f' , " " '-1-Lg. I ,531 "N.' -' if . -:' .lx . Q., w g. way- ' -fIiZ::E.:' 'v H I ,5 ,,g3g3,:- Q 4. . ' , W ,Q fiir-REV ' ' -21255. ,Sm - .g::, ':3:':1 :'-'iv , 1s:ag,:.waL.: .. --vi gf: ::::g , : 5 2 53- Z. ,R -3 -1, , gi -. wg . 3551. -155--1ggp: a . . X N.: - V ' 2 ' Y-'.:::,,'f-Qrkw , ,. E,-1: + "' 'ici' X , ' I L'-1:2:r:fN?., H , n azi - .' :. f ' .1gc1:fQ5'- , 13-gg 155-5':-3115515554 . ' ' 1 ' V- .1112-"" vs" " A ' ' 2g,.,::s:j " mi? ' fj'j?E::f' ' One Hundred Thirty-eight fl. , f X A R Zllnrmrrlg Efhenphaniun Girlz 9' . g 4 1 K c :ff . " ' A A, 1. lg, ,R . ae 4: +' 5 7 ii, 4' ' . . :'fP'fLf'.,vr' X f N ff 4' X .f Q ' ,, 9. 4 A, f ff?-A:-. . -w. f -, ,.. . . , 4 ,V I One H zmdred Tlzirty-wine MISS JOY SCHRECKENGAST Sponsor A. RUTH JOHNSON, '17 MILDRED PESTER, '18 MABEL KNOX, '19 MYRTLE SNIDER, '16 RUTH KILPATRICK, '18 LELA GILLAN, '16 ETHEL HOTCHKISS, '18 MARY P. SCOTT, '19 PEARL KNOX, '18 MAYNA BRACE, '19 DORA COLLINS, '18 ESTHER GRANTHAM, '16 EVA LOBB, '18 Pledges: . Myrtle Jolly Mable MacAdam Hazel Turner Gbrnphilian Girlz Established 1887 Colors Morto Pink and Blue Macte Praestantia Sponsor Mrs. Ruth Maris Taylor Gbiiirvra Lucile Frazier ...,........... ......,..... P resident .............. , .,..... .,,. J unia Powers Beulah Hampton ......... ........ V 'ice-President ......... ..... ........,.... F e rn Elliot Alma Dorste ............. .,...... T reasurer ,.......,,, ..,..,.... H elen Requartte Hetty Bell ............, ............ S ecretary ..,..., r.... ,,.. B e ulah Hampton NIUTPTPDII-9i26fPPll Lucile Frazier Junia Powers Alma Umphrey N ll1PlPP1I-QPIIDIUPPII Alma Dorste Beulah Hampton Ninetemr-Tiigliivrxx Hetty Bell Fern Elliot ' Mamie Haurnont Ida Kock Mabel Nelson Helen Requartte Lenore Umphrey Ruth Smith Ninrivrn-Ninrtven Bernice Elwell . Miriam Giddings Elsie Koch Hollie Persinger Julia Rose Gluunrruatnrg Bernice Cratty Clara Lieber Wlrhgr Evea Lynch One Hundred Forty One Hundred Forty-one ,,.. , . ,,,. millarh Svnrnrwa in lliniulerlaiiaxir 351151 Grahuair Myra Cramb Amy Hooker Nineirml-Sviazfrru Ruth Johnson Sarah Warrick Lena Stewart Jean Bothwell Adah Bath Nil1PfPFll-SFUIIITPPI1 Elizabeth Mickey Marguerite Sowle Nfllffffll-ZEiQ11fFPl1 June Grove Wilma Winter Frances Gettys Carrie Higgins V Mary Scott Nixrrtren-Piinrtn-11 Ethel Metzler Helen Wells Dorothy French Anna Joy ' Harriet Stewart Charlotte Hanna Florence Buck Carmen Laverty Mary Kirkpatrick Beth Orill SDLIHELII' Mrs. W. L. Albin Lena Stewart ,........ ....,........ P 7'GS'iCZC7lt .....,.,,,,,. ,,.,,,, J ean Bothwell Adah Bath ............v.. ......... V ice-President .....l., ....,,, S arah Warrick Marguerite Sowle ...... .......... S ecretary ........, .............. J une Grove Carrie Higgins ....,.,, ....,.. T Teccsurer ........ ..,..,.,,. F rances Gettys One Hundred Forty-two One Hundred Forty-tlvree Scene from "Pygmalion and Galateaf' presented by the Dramatic Club One Hundred Forty-fowr f I by my. G, 112 '1 1 1 ,.. , - 11, 1-1, Tu. I 1 ,l . . 1 UN, .4 .1 1 11-11 1 1 11111- R -.rr , .. .QQ vgafff-Dfw.. ' I 1 1X L' qu ., ,,. .,. 1 .-1 , . .1 1.x 1-Qty :Neg ' 1 . Wm 1 . LN' ' r ' ig ' 5 H -.,.p1 X 1.,w:1.Apq1 1.1 ' A 1221516112 ' rm, 11,11 .rm 51,1 1. 11 1 !,N.1:g,!::1,,-,V . f I ' 1 -1 5, .1 1' . 1-gc wp. f"'i'Ef1", 1 ' . .- 1111 11. .1 -1',' ,1 ,, gg .. .ra-1,-1.. , 4 ,..11,,1 , 1 ,3fx,.i,,.,,. N I . ,gp ,,1 .,... ,, 71-V PL T51 Q37 if .!.,, 11' - 5' Z." f , 4, 15.?Q?4u11 , '-1 -1' . ,, A-,I , . .fl 'V- ....,..mfL- - 1, . ' aw ,Em ai I L N, 'E z.':"?i,' , .., 1 199: ' 11 1 1451151 ,- , luegfx. - 16, Q, ,I-.1 7 wx 1-.glffw 32,:e.1-u- 13 , 5:-2 ,L L: 1' ..I-15.-,5 fig if-x, . , '- " 4.1 .'v.1f"x.-.!,'1:11 s1'1.7,11 ., .. .1 .1. 2.31 fb., W171. 1 .mal-it 1.11 -f"' F-31:3-:..--,f 3 . wif5:43?w' '41-.1151 1 li tJ..."Q11 ' ""X' '131-"" -1 S 155151. :'."- '95 .k-Paw. ju- ,bf-1:4 X -f , ff-'af-"fx"-:, '-' J -A, .,,. ,'1r-- 1 11. . 5 , 1 .1 1. V, ,u2,'v!f.. N 1' 4.1:1:4:lk1,f "1 CB111' Gfnarhva Em E. itvrk Assistant Coach As assistant coach, Mr. Beck has taken a deep interest and has been a prominent factor in the develop- ment of the greatest year Wesleyan has ever felt in athletics. He de- veloped a second team in football from which the first squad received its best utility men. In gymnasium his work was of the highest order, and brought back to Wesleyan that physical training which the major- ity of students do not get in inter- collegiate sports. Wesleyan's need of an assistant coach was clearly shown this year and we can rightly say that success crowned Mr. Beck's work in every department. M. QE. Kline Coach That Wesleyan is fortunate in the personnel of her faculty all will agree. Most of these men and Women are loyal to the school in spite of more flattering offers else- where. William Gordon Kline has been in charge of Wesleyan ath- letics five yearsg during this per- iod we have risen from an uncer- tain position among the state colleges to occupy a place of honor among the large institutions of the Middle West. The teams have been successful in many waysg in addi- tion to the victories indicated upon the score sheet are those of self- control, scholarship. and gentle- manly conduct. Wesleyan does well to honor the man so largely responsible for this very satisfac- tory athletic situation. One Hundred Forty-five Emrngreaa in Atlylvtira Wesleyan emerged from uncertainty to solid ground in 1915-1916. Her football team was the best she ever had and the most unfortunate. It was not brawny but brainy, but more than both these, the 1915 football team at Wesleyan caught the spirit. The one prime requisite was sup- plied, confidence of the school and team in the team. Football at Wesley- an found itself. The team has supreme faith in itselt from a football standpoint and realization of hopes is as certain as another November. Wesleyan travels at the top in basketball, and she travels at top speed. Recognized as the greatest team in the Middle West in 1914-15, the repu- tation was more 'firmly established and more widely extended in 1915-16. Basketball revealed that dauntless, invincible spirit that football merely caught. Such a spirit begets great teams. The problem is not to keep this spirit but to develop it. Baseball, track and tennis need its imprint and impetus. If Wesleyan is satisfied with nothing less than the best, she will attain it. There is only one force that spells success: Wesleyan Spirit. Foster it. W. G. KLINE, Coach. Uhr Eliutnrr nf Atlilriira Several measures can be adopted to strengthen and maintain our pres- ent enviable position in athletics. The "WH Club has possibilities for ath- letic good that are all but undreamed of at present. Chief among these is perhaps the work of interesting the high school athlete in our institution and using every honorable means to induce him to register at Wesleyan. The club should keep in touch with the former athletes of the school and the alumni that our traditions may be kept unshaken and that our loyalty be unswerving. The gymnasium will continue to serve us well for a year or two but the larger Wesleyan will demand a very different structure in the near fu- ture. Let us be planning for a new building which shall incorporate a run- ning track, swimming pool, recreation rooms, and seats for fifteen hundred spectators. BEN H. BECK, Assistant Coach. - One Hundred Forty-sim x f f ff 'isfifiv ff' if Y f ,V w 'hz ' If if were ZZ I f 1 X1 1 , I ix NA I .XX f V ff r g K N 117 X! EX? Qin fi Aft' X fu..iainlmInqpnnll lnnllnlllu X ?A' AAIJ V V' xl f X l .1 'K Hill V ,:, p f ' ,f 1 T l ll 1 44K I x , X I l tal X lll y iw id ' l I 'N t t j it to i llliff Wlfgfff l l l'llu'fl 'V 'fl ll lil ll ff lf' if fl lf il if il l fl if if ll uixflnfifw f XA W. gp , V 9. V J- nr ' , if-. I f -4 , - '. ' ff iff? - - i s , 0 Q T l l 4 f . - If V 4 4 4 .il 'Q l - 3,1-if , . V 2.14 , v' lg f 5 l sfiiii' i 'Z 4 s , N . I Q ,n , .X K , ,N MW . ' , 1 i l! . lf , If V , j v j 1 N, 'fs ff up ,V I' M3 if il W I X W 11 x We 1 fx ' Q. 8 11,20 4 , f ' X . if gg X -Q ,l . 0 ,f 0 Q ' wi 0 V 6 NY. 7,0 ,Q X4 4 1 ll' W 1 KM ti, f f 9 fl 0 4 'il gf 4 9 9 W' Q "iff 6 0 Q if Q l SW 0 4 N ww-5 ,ii 0 Q pg all if my 2 5,473 ij 0 0 v f, ,K fl ll I X ' 5 O ' ii f f lit lea? fy XE i il y ik lf it pkg Z f , Nix 0 A X M ,prim W mn WJ 4 Ill, 6 I 235 X i ag W xi W lqII!IE,!illI!liiK Wesleyan has passed victoriously through another football season, and by winning all state games, holds a clear title to the state championship. This year saw the greatest spirit ever shown back of the gridiron warriors and to this spirit a large part of the season's victories must be attributed Nevei befoie :l'd VV . A ' -1 esleyan Coyotes boost harder, or give better support, when the team was on the losing end. This spirit was especially evident at the Nebraska game, and when the team returned from Morningside. Peru Wesleyan started the season at Peru and gave evidence of having the greatest team in history. The first three weeks of school were d t d ' ' ' evo e to building a defense and as a re- sult Peiu failed to make any substantial gains. The Coyotes emerged victorious, with the count 26 to 0. This game showed the one big weakness, namely, lack of teamwork. One Hundred Forty-seven LAWRENCE :MCCORMACK Captain Left Guard Fourth year, wt. 158, University Place. Senior. RAYMOND JOHNSON Creighton With the Peru game as an index, Coaches Kline and Beck worked early and late to draw out the rough places and to round the squad into condition for the annual clash with Creighton. With the defeat of last year still fresh in the Coyotes' veins they set a pace which completely overwhelmed the Catholics, and in the first eight minutes of play crossed their goal for two touch-downs. This ended the Coy- otes' scoring, and in the final period Creighton crossed for a touch-down. Final score 14 to 7. Colorado College This game started a hoodo of in- juries which followed the team for the remainder of the season. The Coyotes showed a fight and determina- tion against Colorado College which usually wins games, but the boys from the Springs flashed a variety of speedy plays and passes which netted four touch-downs. It was in the third Quarter that Wesleyan crossed for the lone touch-down, and only in this period did the Coyotes show their former punch and aggressiveness. LEONARD HUGHES Captain-elect Center Second year, wt. 175 Ong. Sophomore. HOWARD D URHAM Right Half Full Back Follfth Veal, Wt- 195, Fourth year, Wt. 160 Mefifd- Bristol, Colo. SGTHOT- Senior. One Hundred Forty-eight WARREN KLINE Le t Half f Fourth year, Wt. 155, University Place. Senior. DWIGHT WILLIAMS H ustings In the Hastings contest the Metho- dists were at their top form. Wes- leyan showed an aggressive defense that was never overcome by the Pres- byterians. Long runs and spectacu- lar field work by the Wesleyan players piled up a total of 40 points. Has- tings scored two points on a safety in the first tive minutes of play, but at no time proved dangerous. Johnson, the greatest half-back ever developed at Wesleyan, received injuries in this game which ended his football career at Wesleyan. M ofrniw gside With Johnson out of the game, the team journeyed to Sioux City and fought the hardest game of the sea- son. Every man on the squad was keyed to stand to the last ditch for the cause of Wesleyan. The teams were evenly matched as to speed and weight and with the exception of the time that Morningside crossed the Wesleyan goal line, neither goal was in danger. Morningside went over for a touch-down in the second quar- ter after a ten yard penalty had placed the ball on the two-yard line. Both teams showed a strong system of defense, and the ball for the most part was played in the middle of the field. Morningside Won 6 to 0, and this gives the Maroons two victories out of their games with the Coyotes. The first game was a tie affair 0 to 0, ERNEST WILLEMAN Right End Second year, Wt. 162., Central City Senior. ROY MCLAUGHLIN Left G71-0W'd Left Tackle Secfmd Y?-QT, Wt- 173, First year, wt. 173, University Place. Sutton, SQIUOT- Sophomore. One Hundred Forty-nine ARLEIGH EATON Quarter - Back Second ear wt. 164., Y University, Place. Sophomore, HAROLD HINMAN U7L'i'U ersafty of Nebraska Against Nebraska, the Coyotes were without the services of Lesh, John- son and McCormack. Notwithstand- ing these holes in the line-up. Ne- braska experienced greater diiflculty in advancing the ball against Wes- leyan than any other team they played, with the exception of Notre Dame. The Coyotes. outweighed 20 pounds to the man, played the great- est defensive game in their history and held the unbeatable Cornhuskers to a 30 to 0 score. - Docme The team was in the worst condi- tion of the year when they met Doane, and with five regulars out, the frame was won only by the rally of the loyal Coyotes in the last few min- utes 'Of play. Doane presented a strong line-up, determined to make the Coyotes bite the dust. but the for- rrver defense used to such advantage avainst Nebraska proved impregna- ble. The winning touch-down for Wesleyan carve as the result Of a forward pass. Hinman to Hughes, and Wesleyan, once again. had defeated the Tigers for the state championship. ,XM ,- - HAROLD SWAN Left Guard First Year, wt. 207, Sedalia, Mo. Senior. FLOYD HUDSON ' Left End ' Left Half Second year, wt. 185, First year, wt. 155 Newman Grove. Hayes Center. Sophomore. Freshman. One Hundred Fifty DAVID ALEXANDER Left End First ear wt. 155, Y 1 Hayes Center Academy. HARVEY CULBERTSON Half Back First year, wt. 155, McCook. Freshman. University of Wyoming On' the second great Home Coming day, Wesleyan defeated the Univer- sity of Wyoming 20 to 0. All of the regulars were back in the line-up with the exception of Johnson, and every man put his best into the last game of the season. The Coyotes clearly outclassed the Westerners in straight football and over-head Work. The de- fensive playing of the Coyotes was again the feature and at no time was the goal in danger. This victory closed a football sea- son, Which easily stands as the most successful in Wesleyan hitsoryg suc- cessful not only from the standpoint of games won, but also because of the spirit of the school back of the team. Coyotes 1915 Season Record Wesleyan 2 Kearney ................ Wesleyan 26 Peru .............. ....... Wesleyan 14 Creighton .............. Wesleyan 6 Colo. College .......... Wesleyan 40 Hastings ................ Wesleyan 0 Morningside ...,...... Wesleyan 0 Uni. of Nebr .......... Wesleyan 7 Doane .................... Wesleyan 20 Uni. of Wyoming.. Total ........ 115 Season of 1914 Wesleyan 67 Bellevue ...... ....... Wesleyan 19 Peru ......... ....... Wesleyan 33 Cotner ....... ....... 6 Wesleyan 6 Creighton .... ......, 1 3 Wesleyan 7 Hastings ...... ....... 0 Wesleyan 40 Kearney ...... ....... O Wesleyan 26 Doane ...................... 0 Wesleyan 13 Morningside .......... 0 Total ..,.... .211 One Hundred Ffty-one CHESTER BUCKNER Left Guard First year, wt. 200, University Place. Junior. WALTER HULL Right End First year, wt. 160 Edgar. Freshman. One H undred Fifty-two Igankrt 'ifdall a , .4 9 Ill -4 I. .6 61 Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesle an .....,.. Y Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan ........ Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan ........ Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Total ........,........... ........ 8 31 1911-12 1912-13 1913-14 1914-15 1915-16 Wesleyan ....... ..... Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Totals ................. ......... 3 025 9 f 1 '.f,N:,1,u I S4 '., 1,55 Ml F ff' Svrnrra Tarkio .............. ....... 13 Nebraska ..,...... . ....... 23 '72 South Dakota South Dakota fflf ,fffi 15 11 Cotner ............,.... ....... Cotner ...,.,,.......... . ..... 19 Grand Island... ., 13 Hastings .......,..... ....,.. 1 1 Grand Island ....... ,...... 2 2 Brandeis .......... ......, 1 2 Fort Dodge ........ ....... 2 5 Dubuque ,...... ....... 1 9 Wisconsin ..... ....,.. 2 5 Coe ....... : ...,. ....... 1 7 Cornell ..,.... .,..,..... .,,.... 1 8 Nebraska ................., ......, 1 9 Hastings ...........,,,......... ....... 1 0 Kansas Wesleyan ..,..,.,. ...,,.. 1 6 Kansas Wesleyan ......... ....... 1 7 Peru .....,.......,.,............ ....... 2 3 Baker ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,... ..,.... 1 4 Baker ...... ....,., 1 6 Opponents ......... ..... 2 91 Opponents .,,...... ..... 2 08 Opponents ......... ..... 2 90 Opponents ......... ...,. 2 72 Opponents ....... .. .,... 380 1441 One Hundred Fifty-three Hiealvgan sinh Ifiankvt Tliall Two names that are synonomous with victory, as the records show. In 70 games played in the last five years, only eight were defeats. For five years the Coyote aggregation has held the state intercollegiate cham- pionship, and each year has conquered in foreign fields. The record of 1916 gives Wesleyan a high place in the basketball realm of the Middle West. The season of '16 gives a record of twenty victories and two defeats. This schedule included teams from six different states-Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. The most important "resume" of the season does not include the write-ups of individuals nor of individual games, but is best expressed by "teamwork". When Johnson, Vifquain, Hughes, Kline and Anderson started down the floor with their lightning speed, and conglomeration of dribbles, passes and fakes, the opposing team did not oppose, and at the end of forty minutes the old bell in the old loft would peal out victory. , The 1916 combination presented at each position a man, first of all, Hlled with Coyote appetite for victory and Coyote persistence and then a desire to work for the team and its captain. Each man was an expert in his own peculiar style and yet his spirit of team loyalty and Coyote in- stinct made him sacrifice self for the perfection of "It takes a strong, strong team to beat Nebraska." Then there are the subs and second "stringers" who are mentioned in the honor roll, for developing a greater 'Varsity. These men are the Coyotes who will, before long, defend the east goal, and Nebraska the west, and again may the bell of victory bring fresh joy and another con- vocation. One Hundred Fifty-four Uhr 11221111 RAYMOND JOHNSON fCaptainD Left Guard IHUL11' nf a limb WARREN KLINE Right Forwowd if HAROLD VIFQUAIN Right Guard One Hundred Fifty-five LEONARD HUGHES Center Ihr 11221111 Gluntinmzh CLYDE ANDERSON Left Fofward GAYLE GRUBB Left Forward Gum Idair 557,434 MERLIN COZIER VERNE FETZ Right Guard Left Forward One Hundred Fifty-six 0112155 112211115 Uhr Svninra Ghz Zlkmhmvn INTER-CLASS CHAMPIONS Werner, Johnson, Vifquain Geise, Smith, D. Kline, W. G. Kline Uh P Hull, Kleihm, Knox, Anderson, Hudson :Unmnrn A-ai Av..-f Mlm, Buckner, Cozier, Haworth, Haskins, George One H wndfrecl Fifty-seven Elrark fi TOP ROW-George, Durham, Johnson, Buckner, Brunig, Cozier fCap't.j, Van Norman, Haworth, Fetz, Hefner. , LOWER ROW-Beck CCoachJ, Hull, Gorham, Klippel, Knox, Jewell, Johnson, McCormack, Waddell, Davis, Metzger, Canady, Turner, Nesbit, Ward, Buckner, Hoffman, Holt, Gravatt, Kline fCoachj, Kirkpatrick. RECORD MEN IN SCHOOL Fetz, 220 yd .................................................................................,,.,... time, 23 1-5 Fetz, 100 yd .......,,........ ................................. t ime, 10 flat Johnson, shot put ....... ...... d istance, 40 ft., 11,4 inches Durham, discus ....,.. ..,...... d istance, 119 ft. 6 inches Cozier, half mile ......... ....,.. ,,,..,.,, .,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,, t i m e, 2.05 Brunig, mile .....................,......,............,.,.....,,,..,.,.,.. ,,,,.,....,....,..,,,,,..,,,,,, t ime, 4.42 Such a line-up gave bright prospects for a record year. In the meets to date, Wesleyan has covered all odds and won a high place. At the annual indoor meet, held in Omaha, Nebraska and Wesleyan tied for first honors, with 16 points each. Captain Cozier tied the score by winning iirst in the half mile. The second track dual, between Wesleyan and the State University Freshmen, resulted in victory for the Coyotes by a score of 59-58. Cozier and Brunig broke records in the half and mile respectively. In tfhe Inter-class meet, the Seniors and Freshmen tied for first honors. Every point was hotly contested. Vern Fetz won the individual medal, with four firsts. As the book goes to press, all eyes are turned to the meet with Nebraska, on May 19. Wesleyan has been supreme in track for four years. The watchword is. "The State Championship at home after May 19." One Hundred Fifty-eight Elvnnia Weed Kline Greater interest was brought into the tennis game this spring, by the Inter-Class Tournament. The results show the Seniors at the top of the list, with the Juniors. Sophomores, Freshmen and Academy in order of their standing. By virtue of taking the championship in both singles and doubles, the Seniors are representing the 'Varsity in Inter-Scholastic matches. The first game with Hastings was a complete victory for Wes- leyan. Weed Won from Jacobs, C6-45 C6-85 C8-65. Kline Won from Funk C6-45 C6-45. Kline and Weed Won from Jacobs and Funk, C6-13 C6-23. The State Championship in Tennis has been in the Wesleyan camp for ten years, and the 1916 team looks like a winner. One H undred Fifty-nine Euan mall TOP ROW-Kahm, McCormack, Maddox, Culbertson, Anderson, Seymour, Hughes, Grubb Patterson, Kline fCoachj. BOTTOM ROW-Denton, Hudson, Steuber, Dodge fCap't.j, H'inman, Hudson, McLaughlin Whipple, Denton. This has been the most successful season since the days of George Farthing. The Wesleyan sluggers are on a "Bee Line" for the state championship. D. Dodge, the Coyote tamer, is leading the squad, and deserves much credit for the training of the men. With every "W" man back and a large bunch of new material, to make the regulars scratch for their positions, a great team has been collected. Several practice games were staged with the Ducklings of the Western League, which proved disas- trous from the score board, but they gave the Coyotes a taste of the real thing, and a better line-up on the team. Out of nine games played to date, Wesleyan has won eight. The slant artists for 1916 are Denton, Steuber and Hinman These men have enough to win ball games, but the team-work back of them, and a line-up of sure hitters, never leaves the championship in doubt. THE GAMES STANDING OF TEAMS, N. I. A. A. Wesleyan ................ 14 Cotner ..... ....... 0 Won Lost Pct. W-esleyan ........ ..... 7 Peru ...... ....... 4 Wesleyan ...,,......................... 8 1 .889 Wesleyan ......., ..... 4 Peru ...... ....... 3 Doane ........ ..... 2 2 .500 Wesleyan ........ ..... 9 Doane ..,., ....... 2 Peru ....,..., ..... 0 4 .000 Wesleyan ..,..... ..... 9 Cotner ..... ....... 3 Cotner ..... ..... 0 ' 3 .000 Wesleyan ....... ..... 0 Doane ..... ....... 5 Wesleyan ...,............ 4 Peru ....... ....... 3 Wesleyan ..,............. 21 Doane ..... ....... 3 Wesleyan team batting average ....... ...,. 3 21 One Hundred Sixty DAMON DODGE LAWRENCE MCCORMACK Baseball Football RAYMOND JOHNSON MERLIN COZIER Basketball Track QBLII' Glztptziiwa To the men who fought our battles In athletic team and track, Captain Johnson, Merlin Cozier, Damon Dodge and Captain Mack, To these men who led our forces Both in victory and defeat, Teaching Wesleyan's code of honor To the teams they chanced to meet, We would dedicate these verses, And where everyone may look, 1 9 1 6 toasts her captains In this Wesleyan Coyote Book. Ethel Rae Robinson. One Hundred Sixty-one One Hundred Sixty- two ,. 1 1 11.4-s1.r . . 1- -1. , -114.11- , A. : .-:1 1-sg , 5 ,.., ... ..-1, .fhrk f.l.w 1, w 1 'gl' 4 L. ..,..1,1-.111,4g,.:5 gif-,-1111.1411':E,a11f'T?w111 1-- E, , .51 '- ..91.,'.ij!51yq' A Ti '-?1'1',1..-.,mj' ... 1. 1 11- 1. 1 J111-'11-.- 1-1+?'1- ,111 it ..'.1.,Q.3j- -14 A5f'Q .4-,111-1..'.'1j-f'-,.j- 7 '.:. y,.:1.,1f.1.:r:-.-- 1 11 ,.- .11 4111.1 . wg , -.ij,,y,,:,.g1- 1,,11,'1g,1 -11 .,,:- .- -, 1-1 i 1.-.-1-1, 111. 13..,1.Vy' ,-1-3711-1,1,. 1-,,1 1-.131. 31'..:.1if.41+1: 1 1' 1 " .. 1:1 21 1911- 1 .1 ' 1 " f., n..f13.121'T'F..-Z- .l 1 'Q' ,1!1'1 ' 111--'11 1'-11"-S.. 1.-""ffp'111fif12"'f- 411'r11.3.i'L,i.,:."ii.'..,':- .151- .1 ..11 - - 111'1 11 . -1 - 1 ,, . -.'.1.,-,, It 1 13. -11,1.1- -1 , , -g,,,,11,.- . 1 1,-,M-4,,,,.,,, 1.5-1...-.1,1 ...:Y g ,J ...-- 1 .11 . ..11 ,.y ,,1,1 1.511 ,.1.- ,11 ,I-5..,.1,? .., 1 . , Q,111,,,.f-11, .1 V1.1 .4-71,,.,p .1 4 V .MQW . - .ff-1.-.1--1.P',,'P. ,.. , .1 ,. . .,, 1 1, 1. ' 5-1 j,11 .1, y. , 1.1. , 1 11.21-11,.., ,- 1'-.R 115 ' . qc: 11 111-Q :w1.: ' - ,1.111-..g1. ,1,..1-.'..- .. ... --, 1. . -.-1.1.11-, ,, - 1. -1. .. -1- uf. 11- -1 .1 -11.1..:x11.---- , 1 1 ' 1 "-111". 1 -1 ,-... -1411.11 'f '1 -1-JI gg"1111:315- .150 f1y..,.,, - ,1.t11.1'.-,'T"1j'4 1 ,',.'1'.1' .' 111"l1.' 11- '-, if-'1'11",'--.?"'.1"7'-'1iT:',..."1w.'.Q L'-"-.,i"....21'1-.,'11-.-T'.-1 1 , 1' ' 1 ' 1 I., r' 'ff 11 1' . " R- . VL. "'1 fI11!11.1r.f'Q' Q-'1.f'11.t' .U W 1 . .11 . -.,.1':V:"'. fi' 1.11. 1'-.-: -f:'1.',3,',+ 1 .:1'7'--sf,- -1 ' 1 .:111'-1 , ., . -g- + ..'1,f' 11-1 3-1' v.G1.1-11,., 3:1 ...1., "'1'.'.,1 . 1-I --1 , g'.11!f1',11f'.,.n. 1.1. ... " 'XD'.ig,.1-ga. - -11 ' Q13 ,, -Z. . 1- .. 151: 1,-1.11 51212 511- 5. -.1gg5,.5?e.-151.11V1-I 1- 35,11 .1141 1, -1 . .1 :'-.,.1111 ,. ,, .1 -'..a'J.fif- . 1-,., 1. .1 :. 1.1. 1'.f.ff1'..',. 'sf-'ig .1 1, .'j lg., ,. 1 1 . ,1..1..-l2l..,.:,Q,5--Shi :v,,1.-111521.-g.11'11g., f.,..? ,' ,gg.1-...Qtg-,ying-g1fjgjQ.1.Q.3'2.2fYjpe1, fill-,,3h1gg:.3'Q,Y . 1' 11 1. nf- fl .1 ' 1- 11gs',::.'.' Z-In : 1-1111' 1s-.'f.'- - .11 " -' 1.'.'1'1"R'. '11 1 "f13.-.'f1w"5-'Mai 1,511 f'..'1,W.:i 1. .1 .1 1..... --1- . .5,..g3,1.11. L. .S-I . 1 11 1 1. . 11.11n.. .. 411, .. .Jk .1 . .1 1 1, 11 .,1-i.11911..-- .. 11.41. - -' 5-121 1-qi 41,1112-:,1fg11-1.111...1 ff. .11 11Y,..,iv.z":'..q1f'Jx1v,Q4.1vg:1vL1I-a,..1N1g1i4d-:,gl'24-E-5E154.i2! 12 'I . 1 ,'.11,. 1- f1:: 1-,- 1' -1 . 12 :..'111 1111:-1'1" 1 .1111.1 11, 1,1--.,,L1 ..-:.. 5' 1. ',1f1.1.-2.49--111-11. 1 , - ,1 - ,- . 1: -. 1 . -.1111 . , 1- .. I.-A ..- -..1.11r.e.-'1g.,1 '..111QP"-.1,.1'111w1w -, 1 . 1 ' .1 ,."-1111. 111111 1- 9 . 1.-E-,,11.11 1112 -1,11-Y - "l 1 . 1 "L I 1-111 Q1 .'1-' -P "'.f5'3 1' .1.'f "' Q "Y'.'-'- -'51 5 '11-1'1-z"' " 1' 1, 5:7112 H15.'3'."1-'5..? 11H.':g.111'.f.-'I "eff 3915 1 ' 1 1.11, ,, Y ,... W Him .PQ 3 ,.I . it 1 A,g.',A: W, .fl ,,,, Wzflrjf ln.. J., ,411'A1- ......... . 115. .I ,wig .-V5.3-9551D.Q.1L.k53?1,.F:g,IME'-wfirj l 1-.. 1 -1 1- ' ' 1 ' 1- 1 ,.. f,1-'-L11.,'11.', '- 21 .1--. '1 1' -1,L1L..:.,u1111-1',:.'+f','-'Rm1'311:1-svl..L.1'-ew: - '11 . 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Sy 115- 1-.' 4- , .,-.,-'55 q-,HI-1. .-...... - 1 ' .111 . ., . ,. , 1- . 1-1, 1,. 1 1, 1' qi,-.11.,:1r..1 I .rf , . -5' Q,11:,,. 1 - .: l. :.-,.1-1..--31,-,.1..:1g2.3:g..: ff: 5 111- . ,. 1 1 '1 .11, ., ,.g , . 1.11-W ,mf ' 11- 1 .1',,'1 1. ,, . . 1. 1 - .31 f A ' .,,.:1,K1 , - , ,, , .,-. I , V., I ., .Y , 1. ' 2 .111 .141-. . , , -1-1 1. 1-iff'-if.-1-.-1 .-'g1'W11 2' 1 :- .. 131' 111151 - - ,, - ff , 1 ' , j-1111. 11.11-Q.. 1131...-,, .3 V 5 "7"'1f 11' -1' .1 1 -'1' '- 'X 1' M f"'.f'f1ff V. .171 7'r1 'Lx"f'fg-1.: j11F1'3. . -- ,Q .1 1" V , ' 11 1. ' .., 1-2.2-1 '1 1,11- . , . A . 1... 1 1' ,1, ...1.- 1,11 'j..--1f11..."- .1..,q'gF D,11j V . 1 -N. -, 4-Lx, L. W. 1,1 - 4 1-,- ., 1- -1. ., K: ,-- - 5:33 , V 1-cf ' L' ' "ff gf, 11 - '1'-Y? ihffl' SL! H ' 1 'n 1 "'1"'.'m?11 -1. .x.".-iff?-5fv?'.L"7-1112.11 1 11 . 31 g.,g,,:-..k..-111-:AFM 1 -, - , 1 - V-J. .1 1vL!.-17 . k., . -,.J.g.,. 1. .... ,1 -1 ., .1-.,1i1'1V'H:E, -11' Q .i:115Y4L-15.1. 1 ' ,, 1 ' .:..-- ' . 1 .1-. ", LJ' . 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Wg Lb N' 7- Wv I5 1+ 1-1 :lg '7 'ffge . 1 2 5 4 51 w Th 10 11 zz 15 Ui A 'Z ,Z ID 1, , 92 3 F 17 li 17 50 'LI Z'L 15 I2 Z0 I6 Q' ,T 5 6 HR M15 50 31 M Z7 X 25 gf? fi 'Z I3 7 ' VW" 30 'X 25 f? 2 1+ 9 g, V 31 :G Z 0 gl ff A 7 25 212 7 Rid mm dm UN Wasvfivms EAlE.N.E!,AR One Hundred Sixty-three Qrginfratinn, Svrptrmhrr 13, 14, 15 Uhr 15. HH. Ol. 5-X. Stag, Svvptrmhrr 14, 15 On the fourteenth and fifteenth of September occurred the events which mean more to the new men in the school than most of their ex- periences in the university. The Y. M. stags are noteworthy for the democratic and social spirit which they engender, and the fact that they are appreciated is shown by the way in which the men turn out to them. This fall the Tuesday evening stag was in the form of a peanut feed- as the halls of the White building plainly testified on the following morn- ing-and more than one hundred men were there. On Wednesday even- ing the menu was a little more varied, sandwiches and coffee being en- joyed, and on this evening more than two hundred men were out. Wrest- ling and other contests of like nature were the feature of the evening. There can be no doubt but that the men feel these stags to be a nec- essary part of the first week in the fall, and they would surely regret a discontinuation of them. Uhr 13. HH. sinh 13. IM. llrreptiun, Svrpirmhvr 17 From a Freshmomfs Stcmdpomt About the first thing they do to you when they get you down to Wesleyan is to make you go to the Y. M. and Y. W. reception with a girl. I went this year and say! I want to warn any new student that may ever come to Wesleyan to be sure to fight shy of anything like they got me into. One of the fellows at the rooming house said I sure wanted to take a girl-they all did-but I didn't know any girls yet and I didn't know just how to go about getting a date. But there was a girl that I had seen once or twice, staying across the street, and the evening before the reception I happened to meet her on the corner and I got up my nerve and asked her for a date. Well she did- but we hadn't any sooner got there, then they sent her off into one room and me into another where I waited for an hour or so, then they came in and told us to single file into the next room. There they had what looked like about 500 girls all lined up around the wall and they made us walk clear around that line and meet all those girls. I never went through anything like it my life. By the time I had passed the 389th girl my One Hundred Sixty-four arm was paralyzed and I was so hoarse that I just had to grin weakly at the rest. When I finally reached the end of the line, I sank dizzily into a chair and closed my eyes. Faintly then I heard them call for us to get partners for refresh- ments and I came to with a start-where was the girl I had come with? For the love of me I couldn't tell which of the 500 I had brought. I had only seen her once or twice and then either from a distance or after it was too dark to know very much of what she looked like. And now that there were apparently 500 of them, I didnat know what to do. During the time that I stood there wondering what on earth to do, everybody gradually came filing back from the other room with the refreshments and I was just about crazy. I had wild ideas of asking the fellow who seemed to be managing things to get up and call her name, but then I broke out into a cold sweat-for I didn't know her name. I had been so flustered that I had forgotten to ask. After what seemed years they began to go home. Couple after couple left, and I was standing weakly against the wall Wishing I had never seen a girl, when finally-after nearly everyone had gone-I heard a chilling voice at my elbow asking if we hadn't better go home-we did- but from painful experience I appeal to every new man who may come here to beware of the Y. M. and Y. W. reception-I prefer the stags. p Qf lIUW'W J lv fa Jmw One Hundred Six ty-five Srphzmhrr EH H - 4, Qi, vasg-'Izw,xm, X fQgf53?:W 'V . .,A Q fi X" LM f Q33 ?'f'?3Y3w1'f . . ,!.,, . 4.3 4' 22 cg Aizgfff ig 1 - - , - i'i i 5142? wg q:..,5,., , 5- . H, , ,. ..,. wx 1- . . 'u"' g L ,I "" -i,,, 'f " P- '. 62 .f I Q 1 A 3 43 ' 1 IUUUUU -' -r ffwx- f ,, .j j U xv -' rgggg Fly y-Sf lyswhw W : QS 4 .aff 3 .,-T14 : Y,-4, -'.Kx.x,-.5wq- Qbitfggif -cg- as 0 155 Mfg -fm v,.v1fj'j' in-'-ff-giii-?-gf3,'L'1 V - SEI? L-:Q 15? , A , -' One H undred Sixty-six C5119 QlllEI1Il'PllII1',5 illrrrptiuru, irpiinixhri EH On September thirtieth, nineteen Fifteen QA lovlier day was never seen.D A decree was issued that our Chan Who loves each, all, and every man, A reception would give at N. W. U. For students and the Freshmen too. The Freshmen were all quite excited To think they too could be invited. Evening gowns were all discussed, Dates made some folksterribly fussedg 'Twas not strange, for don't you know 'Tis great when into social life you go? The upper-classmen calmly planned To appear in a large pretentious band To show they loved our Chan's good will. Chattering students the hall did filly And down the long receiving line Stereotyped smiles all took quite fine. They herded us back to Huntington Hall, The big, the slim, the fat, the tall. I heard a wee, complaining voice, And I wondered who dared not rejoice. Well, it was one of the Senior bunch Crying, "Oh, dear! now I missed the punch." We had some music that made us inspired, And when singer and musician then retired The quartet came with flag, drum and song And made us laugh heartily, loud and long. They sang of pies and cake they preferred, Till every heart with sympathy stirred. Gowns, Freshmen and Faculty all inspected, On every face was pleasure reflected, Then the record crowd was homeward bound, While the halls echoed softly the whispered so Long prosper the attempts of our dear Chan And the glorious work of Wesleyan! One Hundred Sixty-seven UH Uhr Gblgrnpira, Gbrtnhvr 15 In the fall of the year one-nine-one-five, Wright took the high jump by a mile, The class called Freshies showed up aliveg Knox won the quarter in great style. And the climax of this body gay The relay went to the crimson hue, Came at a time called "Olympics Day.' They won the human wheelbarrow too. Both groups came singing to the field, The "tug of war" was a sight just grand, The reds were sure the green would yield, With rooters 'round on every hand, But Sophs were doomed to a surprise, And colors Hashed, shrieks rent the airg For some things opened up their eyes. The Freshmen won it fair and square! Hofman took the hundred in eleven Hat, Last -came the flag rushg great event! While Aikman-Kallemeyn ruled the mat. Shouts, groans and cries, till all were spent The baseball throw Mr. Steuber Wong The Freshies won! Shouts rose on high, The Football punt went to "Tub" Hinman. And came rebounding from the sky. Thus the emerald hordes marched to victory, While the sanguine slunk away. And they've marched to victory every time- May they keep it up alway! E. Jay, '19, Gln, Snphninurr-.Elreahman Evrvptinn Gbrinhvr 23 Come Freshmen, up from your labors, and away with us to play. Early must one learn that an all studious man is a bore, so come with us for we would teach you. Our play-time together will be brief but we trust not without profit to us all. Fix in the halls groups of Freshmen and Sophomores, with such occasional remarks as these, "Who did you get?" "Some committee." Weary looks on the part of responsible ones, a rush of special cars to the Lindell, a receiving line wherein stand the chosen few who uphold our dignity-soft music--a kaleidescope of many colors-and you have the setting. Come, le-t us march for frivolous are the feet that trip the light fantastic and to- gether will we go to some quiet corner where we may take the cup that quenches thirst and break bread together. Oh time-has some phantom lured you on and you have sped away on fairy feet? Come children, quick away-but first we wish your names which, when written registers you among the social circle and responsibility nowlrests on you. Back again to work and may Nature's sweet restorer, sleep, soon bless thee. R. E. S., '18 One Hundred Sixty-eight Smrinr Qvrugniiinn, ll1fu11xvru111i11gI, 3Fnnllmll Elillllllwll, N lTUP11IlJl?1' 1? Q THE SENIORS THE JUNIORS November nineteenth was Homecoming Day, When alumni from the state Renewed their youth at Wesleyan And lost their looks sedate. At ten o'clock in stately line, 'Mid great anticipation, Escorted by the Juniors, came The Seniors for recognition. The Seniors breakfasted at 7 a. m. An annual aHair of note, Then had their pictures in a group, To put in the year's Coyote. At three o'clock to Johnson Field We went with song and yellg The defeat our boys gave Wyoming They hardly lived to tell. The football banquet held that night Was a fitting climax, toog Renewed our love and loyalty For dear N. W. U. E. G.-, '16. One Hundred Sixty-nine if ffffviw I I W nf- N - , - r .5 1 - I .., , ,...., 4 ttf if 4 V 2 vi .N I w NK l f -X I ' X if l l . lm. Gi. A. 3lnhi1PP, Efleliruarg 4 In fliiarrh 4 "And thou shalt halloio the fiftieth year and proclaim a jubilee throilghoiit all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof? True to this command of old, a jubilee was proclaimed throughout the land cal- ling student, city and county associations to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Young Woman's Christian Association in Boston in 1866. In answer to the proclamation Wesleyan association girls joined hands with 343,000 girls in the United States to complete one great circle of jubilee enthusiasts in an attempt to make February, the jubilee month, a never-to-be-forgotten one. The jubilee spirit at Wesleyan was "turned loose" on February 4, at the Jubilee Mixer by Miss Drake, student secretary at the State University. Each of the 175 girls present captured some "for keeps" and the rest ran riot and infected the town as was shown by the well filled auditorium when the Pageant, "Girls of Yesterday and Today," was presented in pantomime and processionals to show the increase in membership and extension of the work year by year. This spirit was strengthened by the impressive Jubilee Vesper Services and especially so by the pioneer meeting at which several former student secretaries and presidents told us of the early work of our association. Another coal to the fire of jubilee spirit was Miss Inez Beebe of Ipswich, S. D., whom Wesleyan girls were privileged to meet at an informal vesper service and tea in the council room. As a climax to the jubilee, the anniversary service was held in the church on the evening of March 4. This was a very beautiful and impressive service and every girl present was inspired to become an Huncrowned queen" through Chancellor Ful- mer's address. At this meeting the little blue bags containing an offering for the Grace Dodge Endowment Fund were received. After all is done and said-what has it accomplished at Wesleyan? This-a broader knowledge of an association which means richer and fuller life for every girl who comes in touch with it, more interested and willing workers and more loyal and devoted Christians. Since jubilee we may truly say with Mercy in Pilgrim's Progress, "Here one may be thinking what he is, whence he came, what he has done. and to what the King has called him." E. G. L., '18. One Hundred Seventy ilzmg nf lHragr1', iIl1el11'uz11'g 22 ant so much to Nebraska Wesleyan, and February 22 well deserves a place in the memory of every student. The wonderful success of th l was due, largely, to the grcat amount of preparation that had preceded it, e cay and which consisted in a movement for personal Work among both the men and the Never has a day of prayer me women. This Work was the result of earnest prayer on the part of the students and was sincerely carried out by them. Not enough can be said about the service in the chapel and especially of the derful talk by Dr Schreckengast. With men like Dr. lVlcCaskill and Dr. Schreck- won - engast conducting meetings, results could not help but follow, and the stand taken on this one morning was the greatest work ever done by Wesleyan students. The day for the school, which leaves it on a higher plane than it-has before attainedg a change which promises to be permanent. meant a change 5HP1fI1'1IiI1'Q EH new GENTLEMEN new m.enPvenn wns Qilgr' wuernfs cnaofen uproae-TP? Q Tsufnl L X 6600 N se nanny IN DOLLHHS ru'nTr.51bTfR' RVNT5 1' fPNiL0 U we-Te X H ff ditl f K H - - -1-f A Ev, fm xi. I rg, 31" X :V Q. argsgti-li' H I " ffff ' AX Q EQ 5 'tri I I 4 S X XS A X1 X g i BBHHLFHDUR xv- 3 . :Mi v fl I X f 1 X S -4 ff ' W ' sill Il 'f af x ' ' L v X , 6 X t 4 X 1 1 I E if A XX g " WW Illllllillllll T f 'Il ,.JI?fl5f.k Q . LM A' I Q I ,- .. , Q Qt .42 f U Q4 f f ,sy rigggrfgf f , T NEZZP' P - r,::9i'2..f.iU -il F' -If , eoamnnm. X W " .U W-wi, , . Q if r mam '-XTX' Ll ' Q M--if-. ' F 5 .1 P -gf - ' ,. r A f w . f Je... f -ee if ll, fer -L ' i F 1 ii rf? V 41 v 0 2 2 ' T as we +. X TQQA - -r 6 3 ' .K my R . lo , :iz-fue ' in keg um, .mx f X 1,1 I f Q f X - if dj K. .... N J I' " :fs J One Hundred Seventy-one v rv J -..... -I 503354.49 .ui-be ww Ll as m23?WW assi X. est- ' ' ' 4 ' . seam. - . 1, .1 , y 5 1 .... si- . ef 1 , H.. - ns, . .ti 1'-'ee 121- -ra -mm 'rr ' if 1 -if-Y: ' ,: 5 . tlh..:'?'i' l N 51 7 9 '- f.-'I--f1"0, ,,,.. Atv!-: K. . i'..l?li'l-1 . 27251155-:21i"I2i5'?b? 5. 4 -,eww , 5' -F M. V. 125213123112222:-.2:g1g1jg5.3 Glnllvgv Nite, !l1Hm'rh IU. "Of all events at Wesleyan, That seein to give delight, The one that I 'I'G'I7'LG77'lb67" best Is jolly College Nite. The college mule is turned to graze, The town comes out to see, And everybody wants the preps To joke the faculty." That was what a Wesleyan student was singing on the afternoon preceding this memorable event-I say memorable because College "Nite" is one of the greatest events of the year. It is an occasion marked by self-abandonmentg everybody expects to see his neighbor roasted-even the faculty members are not exempt, for this is the one occasion for students to pay back old scores for low grades, chapel reprimands, and green 'carpet interviews for absences. But the general rule becomes "Give and take and keep sweet." Any account of College "Nite" must begin with the story of the Freshmen, those scions of promise for an illustrious future. 'fThe Freshmen coflne in numbers strong, The crowd 'is overawed, They live in play their college life, And folks conze to applaud." However, the Freshmen had so much of substance to their "stunt', that the judges awarded them second place. And anyone who saw that jolly bunch in action would want to go to college or else live his college days again. ' The Sophomores presented the most elaborate picture show ever seen, consisting as it did of the story of the growth of civilization down to the present time as illus- trated in the various historical epochs. "For grace they beat the other folk, They understand a show ,' But where they've learned such things so well Is what Fd like to know." The Juniors presented a mock faculty meeting with "take-mfs" on the favorite professors. Their bold disclosure of state secrets was a source of wonder to the faculty members themselves. Said Mills, "We've studied every trick, We're skilled 'ln smooth denteanors, It takes a year to school ourselves To blu.1'7V when we are Seniors." The Seniors won the honors of the day with their novelty, cleverness and ingen- uity. Cozad impersonated President Wilsong Lesh represented ex-President Taftg Keith, Bryang Myrtle Snider, Jane Addamsg Earl Atkinson, Henry Fordg and G. H. Phillips, Chancellor Fulmer. Many present declared that the Seniors put on the finest One Hundred Sev enty-two "stunt" ever seen on college unite." The Seniors are in good reputc, because, perhaps, they have had so many years in which to learn diplomacy 'and the art of conciliating the faculty. "Senior, Senior, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full, One for my master, One for the school, And one to pull over The eyes of the finale." Everybody went away feeling happy and wondering "what new things under the sun could be put on another year." O. H. V. Ellie 132111-m2alrga11 Banquet, illlarrli Ili Among legends and traditions Dear to hearts of Wesleyan's friends, None is dearer than the banquet, Which each year its sunshine lends. And this year was no exception, For they gathered like a clan Of old Scottish friends and ancestors, At the great old Wesleyan Pan. Who were there? Why, everybody! Freshmen, Sophs andvJuniors too, Even Seniors lent their presence As each year they gladly do. Profs were there and brought their wifies, Some had none and came alone, Trustees, preachers, dignitaries, Frlends, alumni, Wesleyan's own. And the music was inspiring, Orchestra and Glee Club both, How we cheered them to the echo And to let them rest were loth. There were good things to be eaten, But that mattered least to us, We were there for soul enjoyment, Not for food to make a fuss, After feasting came the toasters, Feast of reason, How of soul, Words would fail me to describe them, But they each strove toward the goal. And when this part all was ended, And our college song was sung, To our homes we all departed, Hearts all happy, gay and young. A. C. B. Ellirrn Eng, illllarrli EH The first annual Public Speaking Contest, known as Hero Day, occurred in Hunt- ington Hall March 28, 1916. There were five speakers representing the 'various classes with subjects as follows: " Thomas A. Edison," Victor Keiser, '19, "John R. Mott," Pearl Fosnot, '17g "Jacob Ries," Ethel Robinson, '16, "Thomas Osborne," F. C. Mills, '17, "Henry Ford," Allen Keith, '16. The gold medal and fifteen dollars were awarded Allen Keith, the silver medal was awarded Pearl Fosnot and the bronze medal to Ethel Robinson. The silver loving cup was presented to the Seniors who will be entitled to hold it until the next contest. Through the generosity of Judge B. H. Paine of Grand Island and the Rev. J. R. Gettys of University Place, the liberal awards were made possible. The program was declared to be most enjoyable by all who were present. Solos were sung by Miss Bernice Cratty and Mrs. Alva Campbell, both of whom are fav- orites with Wesleyan audiences. The addresses were distinct departures from the old- time oration, a more practical form of discourse being substituted. The attendance was the largest ever known at Wesleyan on an occasion of this character. Professor Venner gave much time and energy toward the culmination of the event and richly merited the success attained. One Hundred Seventy-three Glnxnmvnrmnrni, 5111112 5-7 One Hundred Seventy-four TAKE HEEDE Before going farther in this booh you must raise the right hand and with the left hand on the funny bone tahe the following solemn oath: Dear Reader: I hereby positively swear I or piously affirm if your conscience will not permit swearingj by all the self-control and sense of humor I possess not to become peeved, sore, mad, angry, violent, irritable nor even slightly annoyed at anything hereafter contained. I promise to digest each page thoroughly and to laugh whether I see the johe or not. I promise pardon and forgiveness to all who have had a hand in editing this section, if I appear too frequently or if I appear too seldom. My own personal feelings I willingly sacrifice upon the altar of student enjoyment. All this I sol- emnly promise to fulfill through the spirit of fun inherent within me. In witness whereunto I set my hand in signature. I Signed 2 EVERY READER. Beyond this line thou shalt not go, until thou hast conformed fwith the abovej. He that knows not and knows not that he knows not, is a Freshmang shun him. He that knows not and knows that he knows not, is a Sophomoreg teach him. He that knows and knows not that he knows, is a Juniorg lead him. But, He that knows and knows that he knows, is a Seniorg follow him. Proverbs Among the. Faculty 1. Prof. Bishop: "A green pickle in the hand is worth three in the stomach." 2. Prof. Kerns: "Two heads are better than oneg especially in a bass drum." 3. Vice-Chan. Schreckengast: "Every dog has his day, but I think University Place has too many dogs for the days." 4. Prof. Jones: "None but the brave deserve the hair." 5. Prof. Wells: "A wife in the house is worth three in the street." 6. Prof. Rose: "Don't cry over spilled milk. Half of it was water anyway." 7. Chancellor: 4'Don't wait for your ship to come in, the chances are that it has been torpedoedf' 8. Prof. Bagg: "Blessed are they who say nothing, for they are not quoted." One Hundred Seventy-five "Where are you going, my pretty maid?" I "To the COYOTE'S DEN, kind sir," she said. fCo'rLtinued on page 1802 BS- ' , f ill .- BODMCHKK . 'Jlll A spam- 5 ff. ll BO OM-?? Ulm, A: ' -L -:.L A , , SJ I 3i?fSs. , 31 sg :sex e ,I I a Zh .. js Co F-'F EE "4 FFL ni ' 0 " ' 5' - if i-Wa g.. gf' V i - . -mfg? -5- f Q -me Strive on, young man, be manly, Look ever to a goal 5 Forge on, young' man, be honestg If it's life, then pay the toll.. E. Jay. A FEW CLIPPINGS FROM A LOCAL PAPER, JUNE 1, - Wanted-Young man wants position as cashier in a bank. No objections to leav- ing town. Lost-An overcoat, belonging to a Freshman, lined with green flannel. . Help Wanted-Two sisters want wash- mg. Trapped-Two charming Willard girls in the Orpheum coop. Special Notice-A man who has never done a day's work in his life wants a po- sition as night watchman, in some local town. WHO ARE THEY? Consult the Directory Saturday Night? ........... ...... Peal out thy thunder? ......... A boarding' house pet? ............. Overheard in the barn yard? ........ A part of a tree? ........................... Don't cross till you get there? ........ A semi-Sunday event? ............. The way to Well-ville? ....... A kitchen necessity? ,...,... Seven of us in a week? ....... Oh, You Pickle! ...,............ A sort of a iish-worm? ....... A part of a boat? ................... ......., A little fellow, 'fauf Deutchu? ........ Some one to follow? ........,.......,,, A Southern past-time? ......,,.....,,.,,,. A man we are all indebted to? ......... A part of a horse? ...,.,,....,,..,,.,,.,,,. What makes dollars? .............,,.,.....,.,,.,.... If you saw a rat, what would you do? What do we always ask first? ...,....,. A part of a Clarinet? ....,.......,,. A heautiful bird? ............................,. In the American Beauty family? .......... Who can see more than anyone else in school? ............................,,...............,,... Rather cool in Winter time? .....,,. , ......... . A most important part of a window? .... A Well known trade mark? .................. Some make a mile a minute? ........ Our famous avenue? ...........,..... A thing of the past? ................................ A reforming shed for the young out- law? ......................... ................v................. CAnswered on page 1853 One Hundred Seventy-six Order PURITAN ICE CREAM, Ices, Sherbets, etc. from McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Uni. 6 W .Q ga A Y F gi 1 ,K f , j-24 6 5? fifffj' , Qiifi ffyfrfiv 1 "' .. QA " xdcw if 'S X 5 S' P X I SZ Q t 45 .4 f K A Y -62 . f 7 1 . ,. -:Aff ' :V , A - xv- V. -N. ..-A . 1- , , my i f 0, ff, 1 1 I ,- 'Q A f ' 54 6 IV? f A L W4 .f One Hundred S eventy-seven :gffnyf -53: rx- , .- ,131-A-.,,,. v 1,5 .l 1 e"sq"A I "The Clothes Ahead"-Mayer Bros. Co. Zllarultg ltlall uf Ellamr is for Alabaster, a truly great one, Who does most anything under the sun. is for Bishop, in Geology strong, The R-egistrar's oilice he's managed so long. is for Champ, our lady of Grace, She rules in the Gym-a right jolly place. is for Daniel, whose last name is Jones, is for Elizabeth, best known as Miss Schaible, In the Training School she's always reliable. is for Fulmer-he runs the shebangg If he just wanted to he could fire the whole gang. is for Gutzmer, comely and wise, In our estimation, she's surely a prize. A B C D He plays the piano with meiedious tones. E F G H is for Hopper, a strong suffragetteg She's ready for voting but cannot just y-et. is for Ingles, the librarian, She aids the students whenever she can. Jis for Jensen-Physics hisoline. And Wesleyan knows that his service is fine. is for Kline, the Coach of the boys, is for Latimer, you surely know him, The smile on his face will never grow dim. K For them in their conflicts we'll make a great noise. is for McProud, of teachers the Dean, A nobler man is seldon e'-er seen. is for Now, when students must work, is for Order-to students a yoke, But the "ten o'clock rule" is truly a joke. is for Profs. Two score we possess, For them you must work or you'll get in a mess, N If they aspire to be wise, like Professor Shirk. is for Question. You'll all like to know, "Who wrote these poor jingles'?" Now, isn't it so? is for Rayner, a Prof. that is new, He teaches us Psych.-is quite learned, too. is for Schreckengast, we all like this man, For him you will work hard as ever you can. A mixture they'll make like a big bowl of punch. is for Uni., the best in the state Is N. W. U., we're proud to relate. is for Venner, -esteemed by us all, He teaches us English in Huntington Hall. R S Tis for Teachers, all in a bunch, U V is for Wells, who works early and late, If you get in his clutches you'll share the same fate is for Exam., which always is punk, is for the Youth, six hundred or more, For whom this faculty has much in store. is for Z-enith, the highest point yetg The Faculty's reached it you can just bet. A. B. A., '19, X But much "worser" still when our grade is a Hunk. One Hundred Seo enty- eight Genuine Eastman kodaks, films, papers Corner Drug Store-McBride 85 Chism 1 N. f Q'GNPMT1653?-'4r?4R'5'eief'Cil " "' fx? Q Eff, I .fr 1 "--N.-- -- -49-.-x'.' Ve, :Ss--v Ibn, -- ...---- 1 H X 123-4i'Lzia2':f'Qf:'-xg. "' ' .4 1. .L 1:- K ' 6 f ' -i ' N..4 V 'F'----' 1- 3555? " V L 3 ll H- -f------+---.V . sx,g'?ff'f:.':'-5' h. g -- T 1 f f .i..-.f .. , ,--1,-Q, J . , -ii f lf. M mam: -A:-.--f , , W.. ,..-7-J' lx ml., ,Rai , I Wu? 1 T ,f fy Te' lf-in U-' 4' f fe e I M ll in-ix. -serial e- Q , Q-5 p -1 E N' fl X" XY XX - A 'FN 'L' ' QK L:-Tai N. 1 Ill?-3""':'-"' , is Q' 2l+E f:f'-P' :,5l" "' 1i"'ff MQ, o : l V mx lv' V Q V fc: is Lx -Qu,-,g--,,.::A.'gg3 - Wwe? me ' A Q Q-E - n y gmghj !.1,Q!b,jg-f 'rn . U R ' ,ff E 3 . I ,.,., - TE- x :ff 5 '- f 1 ' ! NW '-W-I - 'f" .145 'J-wif' " . ' . - "d"-'21, T53 X 5 W l9m5.:5 wx! ' fl!! ' xi 5w4S'2'lgiiglfgillbfi1 51- N Fi Q f Nil. , 'QP 1, 1. " ' A f sr '-- H 'Nu , ,111-,rxai - ll-will H ' li- if if ll ' he lk 1, " ,,::1l.ll-.- X N l X ig . - - 1 .Am i. ,fh"Q,l Q' l K X g -fx 'li ' x 15 ""- - - '5 'wg "af f' v : X 1 2. , N 1 ' fly 01112 - Y K 2 .Wx , . X 1,-'fff 'A . ij ,Win x X, ," X C lg, i 5 ..,.,,.q V X i Q XX P , , - ,. -kr " Nxt,-X5 X ' XXJW - Ay-Q5 '- ff : X N01 fre ' v i +5fJ l 15'X h 'l TH'5l5fl Pusuc nsmnam gi. 2,1 -png--5 . Vzilik POOL. Y0UMu5rHAvgAUcgu5 Ui ' 5- , ,- , 2 . ERR .. '...Em, "J ' -' 1-,Ag-1:-v if...-f+1:,:wr.Q-1 ,. , A , .cg ' Y - hz' F rf- ' 'wf'r:'-2S3slw, '- fr '- 1:1 -1 iff it' "f ! ..r -!':5-- -X, K L-.. .M-un, X lv -v.-f 1 EE -. -f C .F se .. ll! Q, -.-, 1, -., .- 5,--, D ,...3 sk.. lm: -N 5:-'A Z N . f NL fb Q 55 an J r fm N 53 f ff N A mllill. f 3 1' new , . , T: :JJ , 5,1-ful-ei i - fjf- ' 5 A 9099.9 -N "QNx il ll MTW- " A' - C .ef f f!.SlQxl'l flpsavzl W. .4 X1-J Ke I 1 file, N L qu "Gee, I'm cute. Did you ever notice it. -Ben Johnson. "Pm all Worn out killing time."-Van Norman. READY WITH PRI G TOCK IN ALL DEPARTMENTS Q O 'I' H E DAYLIG HT S 'I' ORE One Hundred Seventy-nine CCont'inued from page 1762 "Why do you go to THE COYOTE'S DEN?" "Pm a loyal Coyote, I'd have you ken." CCont'imced on page 1842 Fit these titles to th ' t MAR. 1 213 pic ures on page I CU WILLARD DINNER Two minute toast on topic, or a tubbing. Toastmistress .... Myra Why not Billy ..,....... Wilma Why I Don't Like Dessert .............. Peg I Raising a Family ,... June Educational Value of Attending the Orpheum ........ Jean Why I Don't Believe in Initiation ....,..... Elizabeth a ,1 1 W - I 5,-S rw :iff-f 'O E 5 'Sr--XZ'5.f't -12'Tf- N -- 2 f-,M , 1 --.'1Q:-- Z gf E . x- ii fd E r' it J 'W , I N 5 X sa I X , xx '-IQ X1 I X i 'X 'W it' .. -- 0. A fi f' u "gg - r 4 N K' KX I 1 ' K .X X -wb, new-E , -7 'X . y"A'++ 2 wa 17 AFTER THE EHLLWRSOVER Who knows what no know-something but the noseless know-something knows? Kline knows. Adam knows. Eaton knows. Willeman knows. Hinman knows. The Grind Maidens all Forlorn From a Far Country Out of Their Den On the Up Trail My People of the South , Fair as a Star The Olympic Council Was it a Nightmare? Blisters A Glee Club Spree The Snipe Hunters His Protege' Cabinet Size When the Chicken Thieves Returned Home In the Absence of the Real Thing Training the Pups The ig Gift Stare 1123 O Street lil Watches, Diamonds, Fine Clocks, - Sterling Silver, Gold Canes and Umbrellas, 14- and 18 karat Wed- ding' Rings. We are headquarters for gifts for all occasions-VVed- dings, Bi rthdays. Anniversaries, Grnduzitions, etc. Wesleyan Students First see the Uni Tailor for all kinds of Ladies' and Gents, Clothes made to suit you in styles and prices. Satisfaction guar- anteed. lllways the latest, always the best and cheapest Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing C. A. Tucker S. S. Shean few:-:leer Special Designs in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Oplician etc., made to order in our wonderful shop. Estimates and drawings furnished free. C. H BERT Phone l3I W I900 Warren Ventolated Ralncoats-Wcmen's and Men's One Hundred Eighty Oliver Typewriters-new or second handy Typewriter Ribbons 1VIcBride 85 Chism Drug Co. One Hundvnecl Eiglzty-one 1VIen's Shoes, 33.50, 54.00, 35.00 up. Mayer Bros. Co. VICTUR FLUUR EIS UNIFORM IN QUALITY, and the quality is the best that careful selection of Wheat expert milling and improved machinery can produce. 7 YOUR PATRONAGE IS RESPECTFULLY SOLIOITED THE vrf.1r..MILLS Establislwd 1869 Mills at Greta cmd Curtis OTHER BRANDS OF FLOUR CURTIS BEST EIDER DOWN OORONE1 FROST KING CHAMPION OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS MRS. C. C. WHITE H. A. BUTLER R. G. BULLOCK A. L. JOHNSON, President C. L. ALLER, Secretary One H zmdred Eighty-two San Tox Velyet Lotion keeps the hands smooth 251: the bottle--McBride 85 Chism Drug Co FINAL EXAMINATION IN LOGIC A few of the Silly-gisms offered. I The Sophomores are brainless. Aikman is a Sophomore Therefore, Aikman lacks something in his cranium. II The Irish are witty, Phillips is not Irish Therefore, Phillips is not witty. III Fools learn by experience. The Juniors learn by experience Therefore, the Juniors are destitute of reason. IV The more we work, the harder we look. Our professors all work very hard Therefore, our Professors are difficult lookers. V Brevity is the soul of wit. Grubb is exceedingly brief Therefore, Gayle is a funny situation. The Ingredients of a IOOLR Grade, Among the Students Stand in with the teacher ..,.....,... ,....,... 5 070 Ability to blue ...,.....,,.......,.,.....,. ,....,... 3 om Laughing at teacher's jokes ......,. .......,. 1 570 Knowledge of the subject ........ ......... 5 W0 10070 Down at the Venner Home? What if he does want that china vase? Give it to him, it will stop his yelling. No, I didn't forget to put ou.t the cat, yes, I fixed the furnaceg no, I didn't forget to lock the door, yes, I opened the windows, no, I don't think burglars will bother us, yes, it might rain ing do you think I'm going to sit up all night and watch? Will you shut up and lemme sleep? 3 .sw One H undred Eighty-tlwee lg Good Clothes fC0'n.tinued from page 1801 "What do they have at THE COYOTE'S DEN?" "Oh, school supplies, for women and men." fC'0nti'nued on page 1882 "THE WESLEYAN" RUNS A BUREAU OF MISINFORMATION fApologies to Minervaj Dear Editor: What is the best thing for a headache?-Bill Holt. Ans.-Cut out the "night beforet' stuff. Dear Editor: Can you please diagnose my case-I have chills, cold feet, tremors, sleepless nights, and am very melan- choly.-Jack Johnson. Ans.-I can easily diagnose your case. You're engaged to be married. Dear Editor: My roommate has a habit of Waking me up in the middle of the night by patting my cheek and uttering such loving exclamations as "Oh, you funny boy!" Is there any cure for such a character ?-Ruth Kilpatrick. Ans.-There is little hope for the re- covery of a mind so far gone as to persist in looking fLeeJward. Dear Editor: My supply of flour has suddenly decreased. Should I employ a detective?-Mrs. Morrell. Ans.-Employ a detective if you like, but sometimes the pasty complexion of roomers will Warrant a search of their powder magazines. Editor of the Misinformation Bureau: Can you tell me through your columns what real affection is ?-An Anxious Soph- omore. Ans.-Affection is carrying three extra tires on an automobile that never gets more than three blocks away from a garage. To the Editor: I want to give a young girl a present costing about Z7'p20.00. What present would give her the most value for the money?-Ben Beck. Ans.-A twenty-dollar bill. " QUALITY IS ECONOMY" 'mx on E ma Sofxsagxxia 4-1 wk ' ' :rdf ,- . O GYM, - Miss, r P ' axssafdsg ts f-'J y '- ,xoh we sv AJ r F WfdmQWc 4 ' W r-3 rg 1'1" 1 " Af J my X LQ on -1 ' ' . ".'.w'-'W - .- . 1 -.- :fm--f"',",: 'sL::--:sim - . ' ' ' ' , H Hx 9- '- ir- -:ww .H ,. N . - .. -.n.',j- 174:5c-f.s,"..g3Sg:,M1:E-',.- - 3 - -- , A ..-:sw :w,fff..ue rs -5 -V ..-ff: - k s 1. .,-Jg5m'1efT HEs,5-Ifbigfr 59?-3 , 1 A "125'1A ""5"kit3?' WWE-i7f"t3L' - . .- 1' 1"f'5 "--'-V.: '.!?E',"1.': i2?Z - Q. - Yr- ,iz-,E-fn,-' ,Lb 'Q-r F51 P 1. -v!,.,,, -.fy ,,,:n.Zf,5f Q:.'M,M4r,11,y.n,:-fi.,.vu.,-1r-1h,- :' -. iff, rz-f:41uiiH:1sz-- sfbfef-at 'iifwawgiz te fe:- -gss-afginfqn N. s .. QLQQPQ' ,rf 4... 5-:r,riP .ij f.vfa-girzv .jllggs ip yin. nw", . 1-if wseeaearwaedwwemga W . ' -' '-:fa 5 '-"5fc55,iEc'4:fs, gggfiil.ff-E2aEii'5Hts+iQ.'e92Q12izf'35vs?sf 5 .. 3 ' X sf 'ek N ,-F-5:leg.1452vga:-::':'51-5151?-5:yf57'75'Ei-9 -rf f.Nefif,:eff-iwtefws::rs,ffa 'Xb . .1,,,,.g,X , .O pn.. ' " t- 1 v 9 g Armstrong' s , ' Merchants The Home of Hari, Schafner CS' Marx Cloifzes -- . glll , X I f . K , I 2 Q . . ... rs . . L,-9'N1':511-.33fQlEf'lSua'fFviz- , X " Q 'a ,535 Q9,f,-3-42415-f5kPy' fl - sh- ,,:,, L--N. 42,3 H. uh- A " - i 'Y f . . , - .lyig 53 V E.,,1.':,-.14 'T -Earle?-,'iS5'.k,,-cgfsfx-ziggy gil' 4 X uh 'lssruf 3 X - Q X' - Hs in WS'i1fw1i1":'Y1w' "A o .- 21152, Ni. up ,kai 'fait -fx S ' 4 ' '- ,Ay fe "H gm X, ' -1ff,,v4S2q1c,:lg. if l 5-:npr 1 ,ar Bi LXHW gr ,' Six 'SeS"'1 -qff IE' I 1 4433-qfyf "' KP limi Jog 'W v 'H' irfgif x 1,73-if 1 E 'reefs Xie'-.N N if EN CL. 'gk ,rms-ff 1 Sis , had 'L .J , - Q ' 5 :,,'if'- ffL99flf-- ff?-EQ WJ I its its 751 F: 1' Y tv K V 'Q 3? , X page if Aff J' 5 : Jr ef V if , A ,swim :. y f N 3 wx?-:Z 1' K if Wa -. ' , Hx "ii'ff,L.g?..,+"f"' af xS- I . ..p.y,..:,i..o.- 1 - 1-1. ' ?3 .I X A . One Hzmdrecl Eighty-fow- Films deve1oped.+prints made-quick work McBride 86 Chism Drug Co.-Corner Drug Store We Decided to Wait Till Page 201 One Hundred Eighty-five 1VIen's Full Dress Apparel Mayer Bros. Co. From the Books of Rayner: "A fool never argues alone. Some other fool argues with him." From the Books of Wells: "All fools were not born yesterday. Some more will be born tomorrow." From the Books of Shirk: "Marriage is not always a failure. Sometimes it is a howling success." From the Books of Venner: "People who attend rummage sales are usually rum- m1es." From the Books of Bishop: "The cigarette cough is the hack that precedes the hearse." Mistaken Conception The Harlieb Concert Company, composed of Wesleyan students, toured the United States and Canada last summer. One day they dropped into a small town and were without an engagement. Harper thought he would call on the Methodist preacher and see if they couldn't arrange a concert. At a store he made a few inquiries: "Is there a Methodist preacher in this town?" "Yes sir, one lives here but he is out of town today." "Is there a Baptist preacher?" "No Baptist Church at all." "How about a Presbyterian preacher?" "He only comes down here and preaches on Sundayg you won't fin-d him today." "Are there any other Protestant preachers in town?" UNO, but I'll tell you what, young mang there is a Justice of the Peace just around the corner who can marry you just as well as a preacher." t'I'm not going to kill myself Working. No, not even if I never die."-Sleuman. One Hundred CEASHNE QS for Dry Goods and Notions Ladies' and Gents' Furnishings Trunks, Suit Cases and Traveling Bags Also a Very Complete Line of Groceries Eigh ty-six Wesleyan leather pillow tops-a, handsome present Corner Drug Store-McBride 85 Ghism The Ravin' Moor It was on an evening, dreary, As they labored, sad and weary, O'er Rhetoric themes and other cheerless lore, When a man both strong and fearless Rose and asked with Visage cheerless, "Where, oh where, is our dear brother William Moor?" Quoth the Gros "Never more." As they sang a happy carol Snatched they shoes and such appar-el,' Hats, overcoats, and other things he wore, Then these Oro men so wary, Told two Freshmen they must carry This big trunk, and leave it at the door. Quoth the pledges, "Evermore." It was on this evening, dreary, That a maiden, sad and weary, Heard a loud insistent knocking on the door. She inquired, "Who is it?" quickly, And a rough voice answered thickly, "Let me in-'tis William-William Moore!" Quoth the maiden, "Enter, Moor." Opened she, the door, he pounded Where the awful noise had sounded, And the man resumed his angry, vicious roar, ':Have you seen, oh angel maiden, Oro men, with baggage laden, Who it was who left my wardrobe at your door?" Quoth the maiden, "Never, Moor." Though he tried with vain endeavor Threats and pleadings, he could never Find the Freshies who had ddne the deed before, With one Freshman as a "flunky" CFor he carried rope and trunk-keyj Down the pavement with the trunk he wildly tore, And the maidens, looking after, Tried to choke their merry laughter, And the little Freshie murmured, "Nevermore." .far 'W A '5 cieldgel e a d ,l if A . I TMS" 4- I I- 1,1 it xx 122 fu. ..c'fmL1-Z 1-CLILJKZL The Art Exhibit cz rl The Announcement" .....................,.. Nordby-Moore Angel Heads" ...................................................... ........Buclcner, Denton, Grubb, Hinfznan, Lowe Three Members of a Temperance Society" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,...,..,,,,.....,,.......,....,.DcLy-Bell-Sloemnb "The Challenge" .....,.............,. .......... P ceul Peterson "Family Cares" .........,..........,............... O. H. Venner "Can't You Talk?" ,.......,. Lois Smith, M. A. Keith "Lost" ,,.,,,,,,..,..,,..,...,...,.................,..,.,.. Ethel Prescott "Immaculate Conception" ...... .....,,............ B row "A Noble Charger" .......,..... ......... L evnon "A Helping Hand" ,..,,....... ..,.... ,....... F ll, Zmer "Baby Stuart" ...,....,,,.........,.......,................... Harriet "The Doctor" ..........,............................................... Sill "Cherubs"..R. Ward, Prewitt, Hagerty, Shepherd Three of a Kind" .... Dutch Winclonills, American lJ7't7'LCZ'l7VI:ZlS, Wesleyan Wind KF. CJ Ilffills Thoroughbred" ........,..........,,........,,... Sehreelcengast U H Not a Bad Answer f'Banty" Anderson undertook a history exam- ination, approached the task as usual inadequate- ly prepared. One of the questions submitted was: 'tWhat can you say about Nero?" Now it chanced, also as usual, that "Banty" knew nothing at all about Nero, except that he was one of the most wicked Roman emporersg but there came to him an inspiration of the kind that often intervenes in behalf of the uninformed, so he wrote: "The less said about Nero, the better." One Hundred Eighty-sev en fC0nti1Lued from page 1842 "And the finest candy you ever ate, The boys all serve it with every date." fC0ntinued on page 1922 EXPERIMENTAL SOCIOLOGY The following data has been collected by the class in practical sociology in an investigation of the contract theory of marriage. The statistics are not strictly accurate owing to the shifting of population. No doubt by the time this book is 0E the press some of the understanders will have entered the Frat Pin Syndicate or even have progressed so far as the Diamond Trust. If you are a member of any of these combinations and your name has been omitted from the list kindly notify Lee Ogden, the chief compiler of this report, at once as it is desirable that the record be as complete as possible. No announcements are made without a reasonable degree of certainty. It is interesting to note that in this year one-nine-one-six the chief stockholders are feminine. Silent partners are named only out of deference to their self-respect. Be it also known that non- resident rnembers are designated as "Absentia" since it is felt to be disonorable to reveal the names of the defenseless. DIAMOND TRUST THE UNDERSTANDERS f-9100 PW S7'Lf1?'fU KNo material capital requireclj QSilent Partnerj , Miriam Fulmer Absentia fslleflt Pa1'tf161'l Lillian Glock Absentia Sarah Warrick F. E. Bishop A. Ruth JOlll'1SOU Roy HljlClS0l'l Armilda Brome Victor Keiser Elsie Yost AbSG1'1l71-2 Charlotte Lamb Morton Brunig Ethel Prescott Absentia Julia Bruce Absentia Neva McNeil Clara Dyer J. E. Bartley Absentia FRAT PIN SYNDICATE CCapital requi9'ed.' A good looking pinj Agnes Asonson Elsie Yost Myrtle Snider Helen Requartte Zelma Heine Bernice Cratty Ethel Hotchkiss Carrie Higgins Ida Koch Mildred Pester Carrie Bolton Esther Boomer Hazel Griffis Junia Powers CSilent Partnerb Harvey Smith Absentia D. W. Kline A. Beckwith Absentia Absentia George Haworth Absentia Absentia Habe Aden Fred Geise George Patterson Adam Durham Absentia Dora Collins Gladine Cromer Esther Freeman Francis Gettys Esther Grantham Beulah Hampton Clara Lieber Gladys Hawk Helen Hester Ruth Noyes Esther Jacoby Iva Marvel Ruth Kilpatirick Evea Linch Mable, Nelson Clara Nordby Maude Poley Ona Orcutt Ethel Skerritt Elma Stewart Earle Keester Morris Green Cliiord -York Elder Kirkpatrick Stanley High Absentia Earle Harper Absentia Stanley McLain Elwin Hunter Absentia "Jack" Johnson Absentia Verne Greenslit LeRoy Olinger Joe Moore Lee Ogden Absentia e'5Eii"ivvEiLi""' When ever it's a question of young men 's 'clothes that are absolutely right, you may be sure of finding just what you want at this store. FARQUHAR CLOTHING COMPANY SPECIALISTS IN GOOD CLOTHES 1325 O STREET One Hundred Eighty-eight Wesleyan pennants-nice line-all styles McBride 61: Chism Drug Co., 1800 Warr en Ave One H zmdred Eighty-nine Satisfaction Guaranteed, Point by Point Quality plus Economy. Mlayer Bros. Co. N x S" N..- N -J ' 5 !::::E:Eil:: 'M XT'f2!' . - XW . ,,.,, 'Q 45,1 E -,ga uhh -X 15,32 -Elin? li 'T IE' E!!! a Qi' fAltuZ,,7fQ .f:':5E,I:.- S If g ifs! H E -X 1 . ' 4 -,,1, MW I ,.e' . uh: I -, : . ' - f S Sli. 4 :,llI::""" fl gg 9 hmm- ee :N yn Z mZ,U2iliE.,f??'!?fl I lli ni- pn lim f IE fi mg HE Slug lt? E ,, T " -if e nw it V' E E ' ist me is JJ- L' If f' no '15 F' -MDE az H H 1 Qfff A .1 in N -My rlrxexbse 1 '11 5 ll' gl if DU ma- 20791: .J C, i :sg lgiilbggll IFS E E Bn Clam qu m f ail s Www Q,-Wg isle H' 959 N ' l k 1 W U ' - I . : . Ega n ia l BHEEEE' e E anim yy , ssl., 55 M5351 7 f E ", iii- 5' 'AM A - Ag' I . ,j 'f" P L...r..... 1am . f L' L BQ 1. -Y " ' "9 4 ' H 'W'-I fr .1'l' 4 i ,Q EQ jf V. C9:::H'-,- gfkpl. ,, wx- ' 'X ' ' ,..,- i """:'D' MILLER 8: PAINE A store for all Nebraska. Thirty-four distinct departments. Over three and a half acres of floor space. The largest strictly modern building in Nebraska, devoted exclusively to a department store. Stocks and service up-to-date in every particular. We invite you to visit this store when in Lincoln. MILLER 8: PAINE One Hundrecl Ninety Wesleyan J ewelry-souvenir spoons, etc. . McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Phone Uni. 6W ROLL CALL IN BI? get be Sure U FRENCH CLASS Is not 2 b ab 8 ed. Fi1.St,TMi6Ie. Qijapqe SL XX I X 2 gf? ag man has C N Seconc- e oici 2 -,,'.l First-Mile. Wilson r , XXOJ. iw, f,,f ff fx That all 4 o he W 8 ed. Third-Me Voici 0 ' ' " X 2' if -"!", K, Eia1aMllf.52?srp Wi g I X i Cfiiiii' 925135 4, - , y ' I '31 "X K handsome young lady 1 5 k .. f smiled at me. Q 11.1, I Miss Dolgstel: Oh, I l Q - l 3 'fu ' wou c n't ee badly M S .tl f th about that? lots of glen r. mi 1 as e .5 :Qi oo even unnier a, team ges byj: Look! Q16 f B you do, n There goes Hughes. . I ' .' L He'll soon be our best Bag : :N ' ',- l Miss Ci'-lranthamg A11 man. ' ,, ' ' a ' extreme y bright men Miss Aronsonr Oh, SMALL BOY-WHAT ARE ML THOSE 'SEN are conceited, anyway. Harvey! This is so DOW? 50 HATE 'N THE DAY' vo .filly Mr High' Oh Idon't sudden! FATHER-'THEYR5'GN'NGUP FORGYM' know' I'm not. , Deeza Game, Balla da Bask NEBRASKA vs. VVIELSEYAN Deeza steam roller says to deeza Kline: "I I go home if theres' any shooting." But deeza got a bonch lick your Methodist preacher bonch, ' and deeza make Coach Kline very much mad and he reply, "I got a bonch lick your cornpickersf' Deeza make Steam very much mad and he say, "We'll see about deez. Have a big-a-da-game." Have much bigaa-da-game in deeza armory fpacking housej. Very much packed all right. I go to deeza man with deeza ribbon and say: "How much for one inch?" He say fifty cents. "Feefty cents. Oh socka two inch, one buck. I tell my girl go back and I tell you all about it Sunday night after church." Deeza big man deeza ump he toot deeza whistle and throw deeza punkin up and deeza center man he knock deeza ponk to deeza Kline man and deeza Kline man he juggle deeza ponk a while and throw to deeza fire engine, no deeza Vif, and deeza Vif he throw deeza ponk to Oley man, to deeza Swede and everybody shouted: "Shoot, shoot." Oh socka, 'tWha's ma? I think Oley man shoot deeza ponk to deeza little roost- er, no deeza Banty and deeza Banty throw deeza ponk to deeza preacher man, no deeza Bish and deeza Bish he take deeza ponk and go like a war horse und throw it through deeza ring, and deeza ump say, "toot toot" and deeza crowd say, "'Hooray, Hooray, Bish!" Deeza make the Cornpickers very much mad and they take deeza ponk and throw in the other ring and then holler, "You, You, Youn and I, Oh My!" Oh socka. Think very much smart. Make deeza oyther bonch very much mad and they say t'Boom. ' Und deeza game get very much excite and deeza Cornpickers und deeza Methodists both have 22 and they say we light it out. And deeza Oley man, deeza commander-in-chief, he get very much mad and take a deeza ponk and throw in deeza ring and deeza ump say, "toot" All over and deeza make de crowd very much mad and they go home. CUT FLOWERS and PLANTS T What for? For Every Occasion Parties Banquets Dinners Send Flowers or a Plant home to Mother. Illail orders cc specialty Send " Her " some Flowers-our Flowers always please. We tlellivev--no extra cluwgfe 2801 I he Flower Shop 410 J University Place IOT West St. Paul-next aoor to Postoffice One Hzmdred Ninety-one fCon1t'inued from page 188j "And THE COYOTE'S DEN has fobs and pins, And spoons and rings that are not has beensf' fC'0ntinued on page 1962 To Our New Editor We dedicate the hardships, We dedicate the sighs, The task of reading copy With dim and weary eyes. We dedicate the honor Attendant on the job, Along with that we will to her The patience of a Job. But best all we yield to her Enjoyment more or less, In working for our Wesleyan, May her efforts meet success. SCHOOL PROGRAM IV QBashfu1 boy with a large diamondl MAY 1, 2:30 p. m. BAND STAND lParents cordially invitedj Exercise by five small boys, 'in costume. I I'm a loving Oro man, fSmall boy in a purple velvet I'm a Dialectic guy, Yes I am, and this is why That I went: There's no other bunch I know Who would satisfy me so. I'm content. II fBoy with Buster Brown suit and b I'm a Theophanian lad, And I'm very, very glad, Don't you know, When I've bravely led a march suitj ig red tiej From the Chem. Lab. to the arch, Here in good old Wesleyan, Fifteen rahs! As the other fellows raged, All of us became engaged. Just because. V fShort fat boy in overalls, wearing a crown straw hat.J I am ugly and I'm fat, But I wouldn't care for that, Though my garb Is all torn and out of style, Yet for all of that I'd smile, But I'm a Barb! Years from now when I am dead, On my tombstone at the head They will carve, "He was noble, he was wise, less I can go' But he'll never reach the skies- He's a Barb!" III , VI ' ' h d - t ' it fSmall boy with an enormous celluloid collarl iAlgfge2ina11igdSSaj?inanaeg2ie,m concel i Pm all Everett man S0 Heat, We are brothers, everyone, I've been pounded through the street, For we know, fF1endish stylej. That our hearts are beating true I THUSI3 g0 at 6V61'y C9-11, Wesleyan Coyotes, through and through, But I know it's Worth it all, OH-' we go. After while. ' fEa:euntj One Hundred Ninety- two Bring your prescriptions to the Corner Drug Store McBride 85 Chism-Phone Uni 6 W One Hundred Ninety-tlwee Styles Ahead for Women Mayer Bros. Co. Harper: "Yes, I al- ,. - McProud in Methods Ways sleep in my gloves. " 1 C1-QSSI , HB9-1'1ClUetS are It keeps the hands so soft -' ' 10WeSt 111 the Scale of and nice, you know." 'Z I ', A , f harmful amusements.. In Gettysi HD0 you sleep 4 . -f y? time they will be viewed In 5 .r. :Eel N NK- H . . l .. 3 Huddy: T-hen in a few 'WP' '12 ' P -W l First Girl: ES- . ' 3,,i?,fi,,O51,,,,,?H es We ther -1-acoby 3 date to' ullilm Dean McProud: "No, Ulght? , H ' we never get enough to Second Girl: Naye, . eat theregf Naye." , . P7 , 1 f "All right back there?" Q . " H ' called the conductor from X Q 1 the front of the car. H vig, Homer Davis Cat Sam's "Hold on," cried a shri C J ' ' Innj : Those trees are voice, "wait till I get my 'Hs getting as black as you, clothes on.' 9 S now that it's fall. The passengers craned He R855 Re O Sam: Yes sah, the their -necks expectantly. Cozier was struggling to get a bag of laundry ghnno on h R SHOULDER- CENT We BS gmenoe wiTH- changes of nature am sut- tainly wonderful. Come spring an' dem tree'll be aboard. OUT THIS? as green as you. Ona Mae fat Sunday dinnerjz "I never have From the reflections of Van Norman regis- attended Y. W. Let's go this afternoon, Killy.' tration week: "I have never shaken hands Killy: "I've been." with so many new faces in my life." Fellows, It's Time! Young fellows are always on the job early when it comes to Spring Suits, and we have some assortment for you to pick from this spring Very special values in Spring Suits for young fellows at 315, 316.510, S18 and 5520 .Stetson Hats illanlmita in Shirts EES One H zmclred Ninety-four orld. over Eastman Kodaks, the standard line-the W McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. S Xl L ,el p X p fp ff UV ff LQ r 5 L L 4 ' ' 4 J ,ww , V .1 ,I u. 7 E Q I al 5 fl 2-.M 0 ,, - ,R ' H in u .V j A 4 , Q f 1 1 gn J! X ' Q 1. Ng I -A Y W A V A Vi W -i A 6 -' L X I, . 4 I if . l. f r X - I iff We M .ffl af .til ft ll. lt ,r--.,..l.lf H l uf f ,r . ffl' 1. I F l I f Tlhr mvalvgan illlalv Ctuartvitv Even mis in. llw bcurk ycarrl 'woulrl not he so had if they could keep in fIL1lC.-flllllljfzfl Blade The Wesleyaim Male Quartette Joe Moore, the "peppish" singer, Tonight at half past eight A lover bold is heg Appear in this auditorium A secret I shall tell you, To fill their annual date. Unknown to faculty, They've sung in sixty places He called upon Miss Nordby And made their fame in story, Six times in one week day, So now they lbripg their Eaces To get Suu urthel g Olly' They sing, they read, they beat the drum, They march around the stage, mighty numbers Thgyq miinick y0E1:h,1 Cffhey play the rife, . . cso e o a e. And sing their praises loud, Thefsiaggl unliil Contagion And advertise the matter Breaks Over every sham, And help get out a Crowd' And for the sum of fifteen cents Tickle your diaphragm. Bartley, the high tenor, t . I l Is just sixhfeet ang eightg PTlQe Xlsasg tlglng they diddsgng H s a s iny au 0- ro. e s 1 snne an eam, eixinwhlat yvish todsiaqteh' Anil gsokd Prpf. liagg grew round and fat I th t t e gir s wou 1 e im n urs ou every seam. S of rather his 'mobile', Miss Hopper gave them ninety-nine, But he never takes them riding- "It's moral" said Prof. Morrow. He carries Miss McNiel. "Beats the Orpheum," said Coach Kline "To drive away one's sorrow." Haipe? 9gP?l3fIJi3i1fi?l3, h 1 I don't want to be Henry Ford, 00 S 95 0 H 11? SC ,Q0 Z I only want a voice He'S 1T10l3h6FGd by M153 Llebel' For to sing in that quartette Wh0 Played hlm APTU fool- Is' the zenith of my choice. GGVCYS, b,aSs0 P1'0fU1'1d0f , I used to dream of angels IS l3l1T1fl2Y, S'C1f01'1g and Wlsei And other heavenly things, H9 Q-alfly SOI h1U1Self engaged But now I Hnd my heaven here Like other F1'6ShmeU QUYS- When that sweet quartette sings One Hundred Ninety-five ICo1Ltiuued from page 1922 "Pennants and banners in yellow and brown, And the sweetest pillow tops in town." KC012,tinued on page 2001 IN COSTUME MUSICAL A special feature of the recital on May 5th was p the Scene and Duet from the third act of "The Huguenotsn-in costume. Valentine-Ethel Robinson Marcel--Poker Rose Among the interesting features of the recital last Thursday was the duet from the opera "Aida"-in costume. Aida-Jessie Johnson Princess-Adah Bath The closing number of the Conservatory recital tomorrow will be the Quartet from Rigoletto- in costume. NOTES Pupils of Prof. Movius will give a recital on Friday evening. The Spinning Wheel Quartet from "Martha" will be given in costume. Martha fLady Harrietj-Elsie Yost Nancy-Mabel Roper Lionel-George Schulze Plunkett-AI-Iarold Hinman There are many catchy phrases That are very opportune, But the latest here at Wesleyan Is: "Given in costume." At every recital, Where visitors have room, 'There's a little bit of opera "Given in costume." In chapel time announcements, Tho' you may fret and fume, At the end of lengthy phrases, There's "Given in costume." I wonder what would happen If someone should presume To appear on any program Not 'fGiven in costume." Established 1886 PETERS TRUST COM PANY 1623 FARNAM STREET, olvuu-IA, NEBRASKA CAPITAL S500,000 This company is in funds at all times with which to consider both large and smallFirst Mortgage Farm Loan applications at the lowest prevailing rates. First mortgage loans for investment of funds always on hand. Interest paid investors by the company at maturity. These mortgages are tax free in Nebraska. The Company acts as Executor, Guardian and 10-ustee under will or agreements in wfritnig One H undred Ninety-sim' Waterman Ideal Fountain Pens-the world standard McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. One Hundred Ninety-seven The Style Plus S17 Clothes Store Mayer Bros. Co. SOMEBODY LIED l 11. Thus saith Gentry, new king of the Fresh- manites: "Whosoever there be among you, Oh 1 College classes, let him forbear from meddling With the Freshmanites that they may harm you not." 12. Verily, verily shall it come 'oo pass that against the deeds of the tribe of '19 shall no man raise his handg for they shall increase four fold and their name shall be feared through all the land of Wesleyan.-The Book of Freshman, Fresh- man VVesleyan. Lots and labs of blujjing, Boasting never faint- Malce the class of '16 Seem like what 'it aint. Very much conceitedg Wiser than be me f Surely you need not be tolcl It is a Sophomore. "SENlORS" Little Juniors, timid Soph, A HAIL T0 THEE, ONE- EIGHT Thou, too, climb on, O Sophomore class, Climb on, ONE-EIGHT above the mass. The Freshman child with all its tears, The Juniors mild in spite of snears, The Seniors wild with all their fears, Must stand aside and let them pass. Yea, stand aside and bend the knee With head uncovered, sa- lute to theeg In humble submission they bow With subdued breath they take the vow, l Allegir-g your superiority , now And crying, 'tSophomores, - ' omore Wesleyan. An up and coming bunch of folks, Whose minds are always keen, Anal here we're proud to tell you A It's the Freshmen that we mean. In knowledge, pep and ,tale-nt, What is this group of Wesleyanites? Its inembers none surpass. Of course, the Junior Class. -The Junior Wesleyan. AN R+ UD FRESHMAN RHETORIC THEME Hail to thee."-Soph- Verdant Freshies, busy Prof., .l'EuOiiVQu'19,JfuIAA9N Sa'I91Sq9AA SR Silelduloa 3 Pause, and do not Work We pray, U2 qg Rest-for iiiis is senior day. pwledeld SB eq 1 qeqq spuetuep .IeddoH .Q g Q S: P1 S4 :E 95 d I 2 GJ - - - A vi -uoo leo 199.118 e erm pus .101 Q 5 . ' Q, A It isiifie hard for you to see, CD Qt omo e 'deos e I seo Q" : Ei V' Who runs the University.l Q CEN gr 3 8 gym E Y. M. C. A. and basketba l, ,-, 1916 leads tlhem all. 3 va 2 pug plielsng Snolod 3 'gg as 5 5 ii: S PM Four short years of College gone, 'S : og E I feel as Wretched C3 C3 8 'E Four short years of victories won. r-s E '1 . FQ With our wealth of push and pep 2 i4 CD ge 3.ppO3.I' HS 9lU.SlVG 3.S 3 3 We have won at every step. P-I S- EF d t CS 3 H19 I'OU.T1 3. if-4 ,.. Little Jiiiiioi, iiiiiid Soph, f EL P5 U1 CO a S punc ua Y o 33 V d t Fr hie, busy P'o ., ""' Q ' ' ' Pg aaigenigfvsyou may seg, 9 OE C., them off. ,But With the persistence g D ' ' I I " . - - - Ont you ,g'?I'11i1eclgEn?C?EL SSZQTQQZQ, gt my Work With the tenac1ty of barbed Wire, One Hundred Ninety-eight History Papers, History Covers-the best kind Corner Drug Store-McBride 85 Chism , Jfx., P gf J X X e . , s N X - D ' fi XJ? Z , X , 5 A? Mgr 2 'A X IM if 42 E X ax", .f- -Q- V,l4 lzkgagzgff -.ii T . !'-f lllmsitff. illmffl if... I1-' KM 5 Q-'-:D",Z-T:5',',-511-i fm If 4 5-4 XAQ1, - 4-ff' BLQ N!! ,. 1 -gi lg fssisi fzfeeieeffilg 4 fheynwj ? X skfgilgle ig: X PKOBLtLem o9,En?cnirn'ui1rnEnT vvns Qwnn H Tnm1,..Thv.rc wus n Lange. nitenonncef T ind ll Hotel is Headquarters for All Down Town Functions R. W. JOHNSTON, owner and Manager One H undred Ninety-nfivie CConti'm,ted from page 1962 "Stunt books-gift books and THE HOUSTON PEN Are always on hand at THE COYOTES' DEN." fCoifLti1'1.ued on page 2042 YOUNG AGAIN While translating a French play, M. Young was called upon to recite. The stage direction for aside is a part in French. M. Young read his trans- lation, "The Major takes M. Perchon a part." fSignedJ HOPELESS. When a man's conversa- tion has no point how can it bore so quickly? 0 li ,Ti Q ESQ, - 1 ? amen Q out 75312155 5-ORC! ff mL?-3 l f' ' - , - 'fi' IQ ' , Q M-Q N q'. ' 4 ,-, I . ' ' Q-, 1 Q f4421i'lg.ii' V f' if ,-'51,!f . , , 1 .!1- 519 1 al... emi xx Q rj ff ll TNllffms-so-Fmvv-H5-A-ony-In-Sfnirlg? U Miss Chatfield Crushing into the Conservatory of Heep-"What is Vennei-'s telephone number?" Miss Cratty trnisunder standingj-HO. H." Miss Ohatfield Cat tele phonej-"Uni. O. H. please." I like the girls, I really think I do. STEBBINS TELEPHONE B 3355 TH E EVANS LAU N The Most Complete in Equipment--The Most Perfect in Service TELEPHONE B 2311 THE EVANS CLEANERS, PRESSERS, DYERS DISTINCT, SEPARATE DRY CLEANING PLANT Work and Service as near Perfection as Brains and Energy Can Produce Patrons of our Laundry and Dry Cleaning Plants will find many of the little refinements of Work and Service which mean satisfaction to the customer as well as satisfaction to us Two H undred Hair shampoo, hair tonic, toilet soaps, medicated soaps Your favorite kinnd-McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Advertisement: Wesleyan Motion Picture Co. Grand and glorious program, ' Thus you sit for several hours Finest ever seen, That seem about iniinite, In the Wesleyan auditorium T0-See SOYYIG JUYYIPY P1052-11095 On the moving picture screen. That last almost a minute. Come and bring your moneyg But PEUGHCG every 0119- Prepare to sit and wait, In some far distant day, For you'll surely have to do it, The Magnet it will rival, An hour, at any rate. Wh-en We can make it pay. The first reel starts off fine, So help it all you can novvg Except for a little fiicker, Go up and-take your date, Then suddenly it stopsg You'll have time to visit The manager stops to dicker. And gossip while you wait. Perhaps it's retribution On those who make it go, For using Wesleyan College For a moving picture show. CONTRIBUTIONS FR M THE T AINING nafffffna -Y . , - SCI-ISOL R ie' A few extracts from some efcamination papers .Queen Elizabeth had HO husband and died a natural death." f "" ' ", "The heart and lungs are situated in the boraxf' E "Infantry is a place where they keep infants." 'Q HA Vampire is a man that settles base-ball games." - "An island is a lot of water with some land in the center of it." h.fA glossary is a place where they polish f t ings-H 545.5 9. "Ink is obtained from the Red and Black sea." "A fort is a place Where soldiers stayg a " fortress is a place where soldier's wives stayg l- . and a fortitude is a place where they both stay." 4 l. Q. U r YL'stL ,.., Miss Goodrich: What are you crying about? 4 5. Clarence: You told me to stand in the corner Sm W"Aa'1 .. , . ..H, ., ,, 7 121. I 'i lk -' J "X 3 512.1 E . -4 Ki for the present and you haven't given me the resent. - 'f . ' ej- 1ss rig : ow, u er , ou ma ive an ir' ' 4, 412.1512 'iz,fh...P' example of coincidence. y Y g Hubert: Why, er-why, my father and mother X were married on the same day. Miss Heinie was telling her small pupils the story of the coming of the Pilgrims and the rock ' --sghfl Q onuyvhichvthey landed. . . - Now, she said, "We are not quite sure as Mi' ""i' 'iff -i" ' "'i K to the exact location of the rock but-" - V "Oh, Miss Heinie," eagerly called out a little A T3 . girl, "it said in the paper that Mr. Jones shipped g ' , .. A twelve Plymouth Rocks to Omaha yesterday." The answers to questions on page 176 will really be found on page 205. Two H imdred One "The Store Ahead"-Mayer Bros. Co. Nebraskafs best shoe store for women. ES 'i W2 THE GOOD OF A COLLEGE EDUCATION E 1 Tuesday morn dawned clear and bright, I M V' Q? fThe day that followed Monday nightj. 1, ! 1 Q f if' I fff Dj 3, ', f K We went to school, without a tho't 4 IEA' l 5 1 Of what the night before had bro't. H 1 X , i H 1 XE' W!! V, Q'f , When Lo! upon our eyes there shone, -f G V' f' Many a little jcwelled stone. . EE 4 , 'a ff A moment passed Cfor us to seep, I tk if X X, N I And then our dull stupidity, .f , V if ' ' N- xl Passed away in a Heecy cloud, i , ' ' N NX Then with a smile, we said aloud: Ek , K v 1 f "How could we bc as dense as that? xiii? ' 1 Look at Adam and Geise and Pat!" ' With face screwed up in a happy grin, Each eye was glued on a jewelled pin. , ' Which each had "loaned" to a maiden fair And was mighty glad to see it there. , Qs 4 X Q X wr H 27 A 3 ff Q IQ f A vi' f an f Wit ff f J T ga ly 'lt calf:-3 3.56183 X75 -rf J They had found, you see, with much elation, " The good of a "College education." ,ij Geo. M. Gates, Attorney Cecil C. Gates, Notary REAL ESTATE Gao. M. GATES 8z SON II2 East St. Paul St., University Place, Nebr. Fine new all modern homes can be purchased at right figures and on terms to please. Estates adjusted. Interests of non-residents carefully looked after. Loans made, Insurance written, and all business promptly and carefully attended to. Two Hundred Two Apollo Chocolates, the good kind-get a box- 1VIcBride 85 Chism Drug Co. t . f g , I H Wai ! q Q f If ntxillin l yi 7 I S coming url X ' 'Phe :sbqdt X - WNY: 'Civ AX M' . , m' J a n ll ' ,y GJ Mm.. N ,, ,A ,,- Q 0 ' 3 -,.,. gg -ws - ?- 15536 u I 'fine frat Pal? out for Mk l Mr. Kline: "Translate 'rex fugit, Mr. Schulze." Mr. Schulze: "The king flees." Mr. Kline: "But this is perfect, put 'has' in it." Mr. Schulze: "The king has flees." FORESIGI-IT You may not be thinking about the House yet, but While you are thinking about Her remember that there is a good place to get the right material when you do build, and remember, too, that there is a good place to get coal to make those short late hours comfortable. You might mention this matter of the coal to Her father and if he should suggest that you might bear your part of the cost, don't argue the matter, but come across. SMITH BROTHERS :Che Lumber-Smiths Phone 242 Corner 15th Sz Warren lflllllllllllIlllllllilllllllllIlllPllllilllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIlllI'llIllllIIlMIll Two Hundred Three KCOnt'inued from page. 2001 "They have paper and cards and ink and,pen U And writing supplies at THE COYOTES DEN. CContinued on page 2082 o W ocnttv , E T WHAT HAPPENED IN 'rHeDunte sic HALL- .'Ffb.Q,fwe. NO ,I . , ' ' IFYOULllf6Hf556,5 01,19 'DON T CBBC GOOD OH-BU hfmforfe-W5 The In 4-S' 'F 1,00 NIGHT hmmm' ONLY WHY YOU CHN ' V - 'X S GET OUT E-y' - HQ . X . vlqfal nf ' 5. 5 as V I ., -QVI gg A wb? . . if if' ii' R! Ei, 'Jam A 1 5 - fl 0 .: a w R we Y 1 If ' 1 I 3 X lyme E 7 ii fffk EQ X .Jul I6 5 f K xl N- i 1 ,gf Q b L - Q fl g, If -ll f 3 5- M, 1,55 Q 2- 7 L z I: r -1 x A , 1 ' ' 12' 'ff . , - ' ! ' I A H K an f- -- "'au in 1 Returning home from Leap Year Party-trol- Mrs. Allen ffroin the kitchenlz "There isn't ley slips-car grows dark. Lloyd's voice pene- any dishwater on. 4 I trates the suiocating stillness of the car: '4Oh, Spike fabsently, eating his breakfastjz "It Dorothy, I'm so 'glad' I can trust youf' doesn't matter, I don't care for any." THE LINCOL HOTEL OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Is the social center of Lincoln and adjoining towns. All University functions find their Wants Well taken care of in the large Ban- quet Room, seating four hundred, the beau- ful new Garden Room, seating one hundred g the Chinese and English Rooms, seating sixty and thirty The spacious mezzanine fiom' overlooking ojice lobby, is an especially desirable feature J. Manager Two Hundred Foufr Cut glass-always an appropriate gift. McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Phone Uni. 6 W E Who They Really Are 1 1' CContinued from page 1761 . Bath. 17. Miner. . B-ell. is. Nay. . Bean. 19. Nichols. 5 llf x l . Beller. 20. skerritt. f 1713 4 5. Branch. 21. Price. 1 Q 6. Bridges. 22. Reed. ff Z 7 .Church. 23. Swan. W V 8. Coffey. 24. Rose. jx , . Cook. 25. Seymour. f I 10. Day. 26. Sheets. f . Dill. 27. sin. Q .1-' ' lm? 12. Grubb. 28. Snider. . Hull. 29. Trotter. M ' . Kline. 30. Warren. 1' H W . Leader. 31. Was. Q l mg I., . Lynch. 32. Wood. gf I' fl W ' W!! ' W M a 7 , ' rf Gln Gbur Hnhvralhvh - 1 Y U 15911125 ff- ' tw The Non-Advertisers CPoor, But Worthyj 2 Q Garments Cleaned anel The Chemistry Club Theophrastian Botanical Club I. P. A. The Band The Inter-Society Council The Booster Club Sophomore Booster Club M. A. Keith A Pressed by Us Are Langer' Lived The Wesleyan Sniterinrn Wuwwm1llullu1lulwluixrnllruwwxlllulwwulwlullulllnllull1ullN1l1rl1lrulluilNnlNrululumumullwr Illlllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Two Hundred Five E E Service plus Quality plus Economy at "The Store Ahead," Mayer Bros. Co. An Early Call Once upon a time last fall The Oro House was closed to him, H. Gooding had a date. For there, too, he'd refused He came along a night too soon, To tell his mission in the Place, For fear he'd be too late. And HOW he WRS C0I1fl1S6d- The girl was not his own at all, Long, long the hours to him did seem The man had pulled a bone, 'Till ten o'clock did comeg She was not th-ere to entertain, And then he took the trolley car And he was left alone. And went back to his home. Back to his home he could not go, Such foolish boasts he'd made, Of the invitation he'd received, He really was afraid. llll llllll l llllllllllllllll llllllllllllll Hllll lllllllllllllllll ll lll l 1 lll ll DRS. TAYLOR 81 TAYLOR PHYSICIANS AND Suncsons Flrst National Bank Bulldlng Unlvcrslty Place. Nebr. 3 5 2 E E 3 DR. C. E. BROWN DENTIS1' 122 West Eighteenth Street 3 5 The next night he fussed up again And all went well with that. But this vow he has registered: "Never again for Pat." l l ll l Ill ll V l l ll ll ill ll llllll lll Illl ll Ullllllillll lllilllllllllllllll llllll illlllllllllllll Nlllll Nl H DR. W. L. ALBIN PHYSICIAN AND Suncson Unlverslty Place, Nebr. 'llllll lllmilll DR. H. G. BALL DENTIST IOT East St. Paul Phone DI E mthlPlIIllllIl4llUI1lllVIllll llll Hlllllllllill lll lll lllllllllllllllll lllll Ill Ill lll Il H1 Ill 4 Ill l l lllllllllll lllllllllllllNHI!lllllllH1llllllllllllllllllIIllH1llllllIllllHilH101lIIlllIIlllIillIINlIlllll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllll l lllllllllllllll ll ll H llllllllllllllIllllllllVIHlllllmllllllllllllllllllllllVIIlllllllHIlllll!WNMINlllllllllllllllllilillllllllllllllllllINPIIIHllil HW lllll Two Hundred Sim McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Phone Uni. 6 W Order PURITAN Ice Cream, plain or Neopolitan om ing i fl++rac+ions I 2 I -V mp ' I . ' 17 fl- W- U- .. 6 'iilul V Q Q ' ' 72,0 u fc' r -A ' L fb rl'C 6 i l ' Ill fl ' 5 e a f5 A 7 Q .2 1 is on EL ' Oi B 0 Q- B C 0 ' fo r fur q,, - la -4 wr 6Eifjf"1FN1:Tv. wi-fl? ,se,ifcl'CifJficvv - Oufwfj' ZlZirJ5 fin old favorite Tzfmbcrof "HW"75 4 V 0 rl f Ware -0611 Je renown l lllll l l l l l l ll ll llllllVlllillllfllllllllifll1Illli,llillllllllllllllf1llil1llil1lllililllllwllllflllillllfil'll E ' rl ill l H 1 'H I ' .l H "-"' i, "" l l i fwlll 1l'l ""w,' l l li"i,willlllllll7ii l, l UW ll il Ill ll'll ,lllll il ll lllll SIMONDS Quality Grocer AVP 722 Phone 76 Everything popular for y Everybody primes The PLEASURE and PROFIT Are MUTUAL when you Trade at Theobald's Good Satisfactory Goods Service N Try It J. A. CARRELL Good Shoes for Men, Women, and Children University Place, Nebraska Gan s. We Feelmtmie Reliable Fraternity and Class Pins Our Specialty 1311 O Street All Repair Work Guaranteed 212.3 The FAMOUS 212.3 Headquarters for Fine Suits, Cloaks, Dresses Skirts, Waists, Petticoats and Millinery WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE ll llll Illlllitllllllllll"lllllllllllll'lllllllll'llllillllllllllllll'l'll"l'l'll l Illlllillillllllllllllllllllllllllli1lilllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllilllllillllllllIlllillllllllllllllllllllllll l lil lil lil Tonsorial Parlor AGENT SANITAX BRUSHES HEADQUARTERS EVANS LAUNDRY D. D. BENDER University Place Since page 188 has been printed Mr. Lee Ogden has been notified that the following' wish to join the list of Understanders: QSilent Partnerj June Grove George Lemon Florence Buck Wesley Marsh llll lll ll lllll ll llIlllUlll'IlllillllllllllllllllllIllilllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlll ll l UlIlllillllillllilllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli lll lllllll lll KCom5fLnued from page 2041 "And when one goes to THE COYOTB'S DEN One always, always goes there again." fC0'rut'i'rLued on page 2122 A SIMPLE MELODY Nina M. and Georgie Lake m Once a street car ride did take, , M Went unto a mission meeting,- f ' EX ' This is no mistake. 1 A . is " No it i-sn't! . ' X , ., M- -X ' fi - ' K I ai X X ,'5 ',,Q117'W9X . Nina stood the songs to sing, 2,71 ' ' Georgie remained seated. 1 fx 1 ..-- iaggjfiiw 4, - ,!,'f"ff A Why, you Wonder? Do 't sk h' 5 MF' Q41 r u X, 'l His temper might be heratedg lm "W M ' - Couldn't blame him. 'ZW 1 UV XZ V , X The seats had newly polished been ,f ,,4' 1 11 And struggle as he would, ' ' He eouldn't take the varnish off, if ,, R1 X So he did the best he could- 6 x A9 Q He sat there! 'ew we 1 if we iiiitiiirnfifittiliilhgi Ffteme' As getting stuck for permanence Might prove a sad mismate. Well-it might! 1 1 11111 1 1111111 1 11 11 11 1 1 111 111 1 1 1 1 1 11111111 1 11 11111 11 11111111111111111111111111111111:111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111 1 I1 FIRST ATl0N AL BANK A HRST CLASS A UNIVERSITY PLACE, UN BER YARD NEBRASKA Prides itself on being the University's and student's bank. All departments Anything and Every- thing you might Want in our line. No matter how big, or how little, of banking receive our HH d prompt and careful at- We can your or er t emi 0 n. promptly. The Yard Thai Saves and Satisfies B. H. SCHABERG RALPH CURRIER President Asst. Cashier E N Hlliiili I I1 Hi I N WIN N I IWHHIH IHA H Hi A 111I11lliWI HU 1ill11PH11Ill1ill!1llli1Ill11Ill1NIlNiiIl1illliill1iVII11lII1NIII11lll1AIli11Ii1NIllNNllNNllliiiliiilllillliilliii Iilllilliilllii Hllillllliilliilli HII1 N ll liIlI11lll1I!H1H1VIHIIVKIVII ll1II1Illlillliilllillliillil II VII All Two Hundred Eight Safety razors, blades, soaps, talcums, creams, etc. McBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Phone Uni. 6 W vwhen q Teller l7CCd5 q Wfend " il , We Tqrffcaff N .on aw , Myrtle Wilson ion the day of Coyote cub saleji "What are all of those kittens people are Wearing ?" lllHIlllillllIllllHillllllllllllllllllllllllll IllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllilllK4lllllllllllllllllllllllllllillIillllilllllllIllHIlllilllllllllillllllNillNllllUll!lllIllllillllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll M. S. CHIPPERFIELD PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Fully Equipped and always here to supply your every want, Whether it be Photo Supplies, Toilet Articles, School Supplies, Pennants, Leather Pillows, etc., or Collins Pure Ice Cream and Ices Give Me Your 'Party Orders l7lil Warren live. llllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllll llIUlllillllllllllllllllllillllll Citizens State Bank Students .who bring bank drafts for deposit in this bank, need not be identi- fiedg the money is available at once. Pay your expense bills by check, and you have a receipt that is unques- tioned. Money deposited in a bank is not subject to loss by theft, carelessness, or accident. We are interested in the welfare and success of the students, and they will be accorded due care and attention at this bank. You are invited to make this bank your business home. II. E. BUTLER, E. M. BAIR, GEORGE KNIGHT, President Cashier Ass't Cashier IUIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllIIlllllllVIIlllllllllllllIllllIIIllIIIlllllllIllll!llIlllllllllllllllllllllll llllIllllIlllilllUIllIllllIllllllllIllllllllIllllIlllllllllllmlllVIHlIlllIllllllllVIHllllllllllllllllllllll l l Ti Two Hundred Nine The Store Ahead for the h ts to be ahead. Mayer Bros C 2735 ii 1 , S Qixxxjf ' R CHEER W-e wif 7 Th? End UP, X1 X 1S soon ' f of X, to come X af fx Q RfM?'7P.57LDownn qw THE HAUCK STUDHQ Perils-emit Phetcegifemphy 151 E lil ll B 991 Lincoln, Nebraska 1 O bt I THddT Tennis Rackets, Balls, Baseball Supplies McBride 85 Chism Drug Co.-On the corner Debating, Oratory, Athletics. Expenses Reasonable vhraaka mvalvgan Hninvraitg OFFERS COMPLETE COURSES IN ms College of Liberal Arts. Courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. T8UGh8l'S' College. Courses required for University and Professional State Certificates, all grades of County Certificates, Primary and Kindergarten. , Atitldemy. Full four years preparatory. C0nSOI'VtIt0l'y of Music. Piano, Voice. Violin, all Theoretical Sub- jects, Glee Club, Orchestra, Band. School of Expression Gnd Oratory. Physical and Voice Culture, Im- personation and Dramatic Art, Extemporaneous Speaking, Debate, Private and Public Recitalsg both Class and Private Lessons. ' School of Art. Courses in Perspective, Free Hand from Life, Oil and Water Color Painting from Life and Copy, Arts and Crafts. yy ' Glatalng fri-2 A il h 1' P n 5 Bepartxnrnit E linineraiig Flare, Nebraska Summer Session. Write for Bulletin fC0nt'inued from page 208j "May I go with you, my pretty maid?" "You certainly may, kind sir," she said. P. S. He went- ll t y Report of the Business Manager, 1916 Coyote Jokes on the faculty Chush money 35.00 eachl .................... S 50.00 Candy, for Editor and assistant ..................,......................... 5.00 J itney hire Ccarrying material to coyote press, 5c loadj .... 25.00 Two pictures of Coach Kline Cfirst one was bow-Ieggedb .. 3.00 Bribes for snap shots ................,............,,,...,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.,,,,, 2 0,00 Paid college, for mid-night oil ..........,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,-,,,,.,,,, 1 3,00 Twoipicuturesb of faculty CVenner's flower didn't show in rs one ....................... . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,q,,, 2,50 Headache medicines, and pain relief, for Staff and Assts. 1.50 Cost of annuals .........................................................,.......,,,,.,, 600.00 Total ........ .................... S 720.00 . RECEIPTS Advertising ....... .....,.....,.............. ,.,,.,,,i, S 2 20,00 Sale of Annuals ....... .................... ,,.,,,,,,. 5 0 0,00 Total ........ 5720.00 THE "ANNUAL" PRINTERS COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL 'o'0' O O 6 t't:':ss- CLAFLIN . . 'I"'IFrI5'3I'h"cE NEB. PRINTING THAT PLEASES THE STUDENT SPECIALISTS Two Hundred Twelve San Tox Greaseless Cream, made to use Corner Drug Store-McBride 85 Chism rf gi 9 ,1 I 5' .. Two Hundred Thirteen Society Brand Clothes. "The Store Ahead" Mayer Bros. Co. NN, NN ' ,gh x YN xx Y -MNmmvxmxmmwmmwwmwwmwxmxmxxxxmmmmxmmmwxmg X Q X w X X Vw: fJ fW wf m w w1fwafw.f4v S Q Q S ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK - l3Y e 7 Ievtw: Qfxtmg 7 ngxzembxng Un BUFFALO v ,N x X X S .wmvwwmwAQwmkx ' mxK x xmmwmmm Two Hundred Fourteen Sim we Q A is E55 EY 355 QS x x . AN mwmwmxw xxx X o: Q: X is :Q is X E N X X N X X -h is we S : S N E55 S X xi X: SS I S s :sr X .. Ns: . Siyi: Sw: wg X . 1 Reg: s News M. .l :S ii QF 3553 3 n 1 EX as Ni ZX S5 as Q X S4 sr 155 ESE I E Q 31132 E15 ii S Rs S S 3 Q! Senior caps and gowns-see our samples 1VIcBride 85 Chism Drug Co. Phone Uni. 6 W 'f Your friends can buy anything you can give them 1 -except your photograph " Portraits by mean more than mere impressions

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Nebraska Wesleyan University - Plainsman Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


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