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University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Yu .wmgqez -f-1:-fa, , 1 2 " "2 -Q A ' ' " 1 - 1 " ,Ca , 11. . 1 1 ' V 11- . , ., .,. ' " "' ' A ., ,y W . V 'U . , f-, Q ' -qw ' ': 'f.-. , .Q . fn. f , J. ., .. f , j 1 , f-. -r,f.z,-' , f , , I , A -,J ,,-,...,1 ,ff f " A, ff. f.,,...N, - 4.f f I , I, f , 1-Q,-ffifa Lf' uf" A - ., L. Q, J WM I jfr 6 -A VZ, 'I l I ,,1,,,,, ,f .,,,f,,f - fy .1 V , I 1 V Am.. f X-. l , , . ,H,,,ry, 1 L L R, 1 . r ,11 ,. J O f Y 1 , , r A X I, . u'- x-.-1, '--- V v A r in . . if ,..r p g , em ' ' -'- , ., V . x 4 ,I r , 3- ---J . -Y A-yn-I f if ' 2f',32"3?7:,f.T?"'1''I""""""ff?I,'?, ""9":'Y"":T"T"s ' 7537'I'53Z3 'MTE-T' ff?-' 1,51 L ' I , 1 A -44?',,K-6 h .1 1 Q ,N , , 95. ., 4-,-.i. -1- - v b , ,., .- .,., 1 3 ,gp-r ' r. !s,.E, "'-M g .,. ', , --.W A., 44. H ,. ., V 1 lfrv ' I . a, '- F! - 1 g S:-'. A, 5, -as iifwiffw mmf MQW V702 f QW W1 Kiiigilwww ii ygfj if if3?iw M L gffwu W2 Mfg M fggffmg W l ,X T 6 1 Nl fIg. ,.f? u X A b " f X b ,A. iw 3 Wfffff ff' QM ,df W ff MAZWVM My, "amp ,QQ QWW iw 4 ' 1 My Wyyywfw ,E 0 ff f aww bfdiiikwq-yi Y' gi 1 1 ff my ,M Way? ,-. 1 O . ,' Q' 'Q . A 53 g l D ' O! if if i ,,.,f'fjv3' i E A, X 4 I Ji, W 5 Nl YI 3 3 X fs 3 p'a, FI,.w WM 1 .Q ii' " Af Gi YE 33 E N , 5 . -"Q X env V 53' Y Q 3 3 5255, Si? 5 , 1. 1 - Q 'i 9- '::.:,z, ,X .ml v L fi, rn' V Y ' . Q g 1 Ya YA ,tK :, g,5L 1 , J V. .'A i IV V Y 3.4 1 JJ ia 4 and .--1" an 4 Q7 nebraska siaie college al kearney presents the I 9 6 Hue and gold siaff 4 edi+or w.,.,ee .. eeee eeeeee pai' roucis business manager sss.ssss larry iohnson assis+an+ edifor s, ssss,ssssss s donna brink arfisi' and cover designee ss dick abraham phowqraplwer ss sssssssssss bob moline sporfs edifors s ssss s dean ielden ! cledicafion . +0 Jrhose earnesf s+uden+s of kear hey s+a+e college, who recognize The necessiry for higher educalrion and who real- ize The resuhihq op orfunirie , Jrh' io k cared. p S IS oo is sincerely dedi- IS 1A , if if 1515 Si' -11-1532313 1 ii:??.2?i? 5232222 5:55 progress . . . . is The key word aT lcearney sTaTe college. The laTesT concreTe expression oT This is The new voc:aTional arTs build- ing, builT aT a cosT oT S800,000 and compleTed lasT augusT. classes in commerce, indusTrial arTs, and home economics are held in The new building, and The mosT modern oT equipmenT is available To The sTudenTs. Tormally dedicafed on sepTember 30, The new vocaTional arTs building heralds The Things To come. -i , i r 1 Emnmnmnanuminmg Page 10 Jrhe aclnuinislralors of nebraska slale college a'r lcearney have a personal inleresl in lhe welfare of The sluclenls. lhey endeavor lo carry oul a program as slaled in Jrhe compiled slalules of nebraska, " . . . lo prescribe for The . . . college such courses of inslruclion as will besl H+ such persons . . . ancl lheir inslruclion in 'rhe arls and sciences generally." administrators The president laelfbert L cruising This marks rhe +wenHeJrh year of service Thar presidenr Cushing has given rhe coilege. a gracluare of grand island college and fhe universiry of nebraska, Jrhe presidenr is ever Enreresjred in Jrhe individual welfare of kearney srare sru- denrs, and The progressive growrh of Hue college. presidenr Cushing pauses by a clusrer of his favorire roses on a srroll Through rhe campus. in v 4 J fhe presideml and mrs. Cushing in a relaxed mome-n+ ai' home. Page 13 the dean of instruction dr. leo thomas is dean ot instruction and protessor ot educa- tion. he received his b.s. trom kearney state college, and his m.a. and doctor ot education degree trom the university ot wyoming. the board of education members ot the board ot education ot state normal schools are: inset, tree- man b. decker, commissioner ot education and ex-otticio member ot the board: main picture, tett to right, a. d. maiors, omahag ralph m. carhart, wayne, e. albin larson, board secretary, lincolnq everett U. randall, I955 president, tcearneyg mrs. haven smith, chappellg bernard spencer, nebraska city: and bruce hagemeister, hemingtord. The deans bernhard 'F. sfufheii' is ine dean of siudenf per- sonnel services. b.s., a.m., universify of nebraska. qraciuafe s+uden+ universiiy of colorado, uni- versiiy of nebraska. the registrars jean m. pe1'iH is associaie dean of srudenr personnel services. ab., ine universiiy of chaire- nooga, rn.a.. middiebury college, phd.. vanderbili uni- versiiy. i. h. horner edifh m. smi+hey b.s., m.s. ab. Page 15 lhe sluclenl council sealed: mr. del danlcer, sponsor: marilyn meyer, shirley denman, lucille anderson, secrelary belly schinzel, miss dorolhy lclein, sponsor. baclc row: dean wise, presidenlg dewey asher bud larm, bob rademacher, dale black, dean ielden, lred lcempl, doyle howill, vice pres: denlg norris augusline, bill beavers, chic reicks, lreasurer. Page 16 lhe weekly meelings ol lhe sludenl council are held in lhe blue and gold room ol lhe sludenl union, wilh presidenl dean wise presiding. along wilh lhe honor ol being a council member goes a greal deal ol responsibilily. council members slrive lo slrenglhen lhe cordial relalion- ship among sludenls and belween lacully and sludenls. lhey sludy and allempl lo solve, lor lhe benelil ol all sludenls, lhe various problems lhal arise during lhe course ol lhe school year. .lhe council welcomes all sludenls lo presenl lheir problems al an aclual meeling ol lhe group. Jrhe sludenl council is responsible for numerous campus aclivilies, in- cluding homecoming, Jrhe all-college dance, bronco days, and ofher aclivilies. each spring calls lorlh an eleclion For membership in Jrhis lop-ranlcing organizalion. Jrhe sludenl body seleclrs lifleen members from a lisl of I pelirioned candidales who have allained lhe ranlc of lilleen semesler hours of college work. miss dorolhy lclein and mr. del danlcer are lacully sponsors. shown in lhe blue and gold room are: chic reicks, 'rreasurerq mr. del danlcer, sponsor: doyle howill, viceepresidenly dean wise, presidenl: miss dorolhy lclein, sponsor: lucille anderson, sec- relary. sfudenf union acfivifies commiH'ee sponsor: par robinson, marilyn meyer, lcay nelson, lavonne sheller. -seared: mrs. romaine websler, slandingz iaclc nellson, iim Crowley- dwaine hamar, bob moline. Page 17 The person nel QM -.:V V cloroihy williams alla bergquis+ ab. r.n., b.s. romaine websler iane 'I'l1orp b.s. b.s. alice paine laurel holcomb . plmb., b.s., m.s. b.a., lo.s., m.s. l 1 fi I - TG beverly haxby, b.a. sl. rnarys college. nolre dame, is secrelary To llie presi- clenl. 'i"""""""""'l roberl lc. flworp is secrelary of publici- Ty. lie received his ab. in journalism from +l'me universily of colorado. Page 18 faculfy vocaTional arTs compleTed lasT augusT, The new 5800.000 voca- Tional arTs building houses The indusTrial arTs, voca- Tional home economics, and commerce deparT- menTs. The building is equipped wiTh The newesT and mosT modern equipmenT available. a large Tood laboraTory, TexTile room, commerce class- rooms, and shops Tor indusTrial arTs are housed in The spacious new building, as well as a small audi- Torium and a child-developmenT cenTer. The home economics deparTmenT is The mosT modern and compleTely equipped in The midwesT. modern lciTchens and The laTesT in homemalcing equipmenT are available To The home economics sTudenTs. cenTrally-locaTed oTTices and separaTe labs are TeaTures oT The commerce deparTmenT. improvemenTs in The indusTrial arTs deparTmenT are beTTer lighTing, more room, and quieTer working condiTions. The new building, wiTh iTs laTesT equipmenT and The mosT modern oT TeaTures, is on a par wiTh any such building on any campus in The sTaTe. sTudenTs ed pislcorslci and marvin richardson visiT a mobile machine shop, accompanied by vocaTional arTs deparTmenT head oTTo olsen, second Trom righT, and mr. messman. compleTed lasT summer, The vocaTional arTs building houses The mosT modern equip- menT Tor indusTrial arTs, vocaTional home economics, and commerce. among The many TaciliTies included are an audiTorium and a child developmenT cenTer. fm ..,. ewes ,Mins-fif, 4:'i,,L,,sL2wa:,,:s.M4.1.4wc:a.efM ,..1,- rf -Q , , .A,,A.A,l Page oH'o o sen kennefh carlson clelia garreH' dl0n iesfer ab., 3.s., a.m. b.s., m.a. b.s., m.s. G-ll. md- floycl krubeclc wilma larsen bernice man+or warren messman b.s., rn.a., ed.d. b.s., m.s. b.s., m.s. ab., m.a. in llwe new blueprinl drawing room, mr. Carlson poinls oul a derail in flue plan clara oclcinga roland welch bs., n'1.s. lla., m.a. Jrlwal everell lmoplcinson is developing. educafion courses in educalion are for all sludenls who are planning lo enler lhe various fields ol leaching, so lhal lhey may go oul info lhe communilies of The slale and apply The educalional principles lhal have proved besl lhrouqhoul The developmenlr of The hislory of educalion. The deparlmenl slrives lo develop in each sludenl lhe abilily lo make for himself a philosophy ol educalion lhal will meel The needs in The leaching field of his choice. leona failor b.s., m.a., ph.d louise adams garnel' aus+in wilma hirsl' myron holm ab. las dd ba dd a.. .a. ..,m.a..e.. ..,m.a.,e.. b,m 1.M,.i,w,, ., J. ,, dr. lailor, head of lhe educa- lion deparlmenl, discusses edu- calion courses wilh lulure leacher shirley magelle. educaTion There is an ever-increasing demand Tor well- prepared Teachers. To meeT This demand, The placemenT bureau gives graTis service To school oTTicials seelcing Teachers. a program oT Tollow-up on Teachers who have been placed is mainTained by The bureau, To ascerTain The success oT sTudenTs and To give Them The beneTiT oT whaTever help The college can oTTer oluring Their early Teaching careers. all sTudenT Teaching is as- signed and supervised by The bureau. each semesTer. The placemenT bureau oTTers many sTudenTs Teaching opporTuniTies. shown discussing a posiTion are anne under- wood and del danlcer, head oT The bureau. prospecTive Teachers, supervisors, and adminisTraTors re- ceive The opporTuniTy To sTudy Teaching under aclual condiTions in The a. o. Thomas Training school. The school is organized and conducTed so as To provide The besT educaTional opporTuniTies Tor The girls and boys privileged To aTTend. a sTaTT oT highly Trained and experienced super- visors, each oT whom has demonsTraTed superior abiliTy in his Tield, conducT The Training school. del danker margarei' mcclure eclna nigh blanche skinner a.b., m.a. a.b. a.b., a.m. a.b., a.m. Page 23 fine ar'rs courses in fhe division of fine arfs are de- signed fo provide all feachers wifh fhe knowledge and slcills needed in each field for successful feaching, fo give fhe neces- sary fraining for fhose who wish fo special- ize in arf, music, and speech, and fo offer an opporfunify for fhose who wish fo enrich fheir experiences in order fo make fheir living more meaningful. .V -V .. " H 1 2"-5'-If.-:Sri f f P i 5 ' 2 :f. .1 A 5335 a, fmigig -51afris:2iE3' - 53 8 3 N W i , f 253,552 wiki' -.P-,a:f:::'.::s.2:::a1 .- , 3-Wa, magna A , 5 1:2 I 25 5 55'- " " -V .,.. Z . .-E '5fVFE:' 5?'.:Iii-Sffiiiiqifi-z:.-:.. :jf -531:56 .r ..gE.j1,-' .... 3 H , Ss ' s 1:222::-:,'?- :. -,..:.:::::- -g QQEEEEWFQ. ,... gig. i. 'isis . ggfisififii i I 355233 'fi' ':fiE2.4 Q f3'?f22 :?:f':552Zi:5'ff" 'if '- f ' -. -:5:53:,:.,'- ' .mg ijgsem, 1 15,- " r -r harold ahrenclfs ala., m.a. leroy bauer b.s., m.ed., angelo cucci b.s., m.s., ed.d. doris gallemore william king b.s., m.a. a.b., m.a. william lynn lo.m., m.m. iohn mcgee leora mundell richard welsbacher george whiffield b.s., m.a. a.lo., a.m., ph.d. b.a., m.a. b.m., m.m. Page 24 calvin ryan miriam drake language language is recongizecl as The basic Tool subiecT, anol liTeraTure as one oT The essen- Tials oT culTural and broadening experiences. The english and language cleparTmenTs aim To prepare sTuclenTs To become eTTicienT Teachers in The public schools, and To con- TribuTe The necessary speech, language, and liTeraTure baclcgrouncl Tor The enrichmenT oT Their own lives. a.b., eclm. b.l. T s s s,aai? ,:... iiii 9335553 sa ii , 1-- A I V V harry ho'Ffman helen isTas clara johnson doroThy klein a.b., am., ed.d. a.b., m.a., ph.d. a.b., m.a. a.b., a.m. mr. ryan, heacl oT The english ole- parTmenT, reads an essay wriTTen by Iyle mcrnindes, one oT his english 4IO sTudenTs. a phyllis roberTs alice robinson b.a., m.a. a.b., m.a. Page 25 biology TundamenTal Training in The sTuoly oT planTs ancl animals is The aim oT The biology ole- parTmenT. boTh culTural and scienTiTic aspecTs oT The subiecTs are sTressecl, and an emphasis is placed on The phases oT conservaTion in which planTs and animals are involved. anoTher aim is To assisT The sTudenTs in answering biological quesTions common To general liTe siTuaTions. w. bruner b.s., a.m., ph.ol. iohn bliese harvey cole mildrecl hansen T b.a.. m.a.. ph.d. a.b., m.a. a.b. cerTain aspecTs oT The chrisTmas cacTus are oT inTeresT To clr. bruner, biology cleparTmenT head, and clon nelson. physical science 2 X f 7 , :. Ti . T' T 5? -"'- -. T IIP' - 1' ii 5 J .':- 3 S many imporTanT experimenTs are perTormed donald fox in The chem isTry lal3oraTory. here, dr. Tox, de- parTmenT head, and jerry weToviclc are shown considering such an experimenT. ab., m.s., ph.d. The physical science division prepares Teachers in subiecT maTTer and in meThods Tor The Teaching oT maThemaTics, physics, chemisTry, and general science, in addiTion To giving a background Tor eTTecTive Teach- ing in biology, home economics, geography, and music. The division also oTTers pre-proTessional worlc in maThemaTics, chemisTry, and physics Tor Those preparing Tor proTessional careers in medicine, denTisTry, and nursing. in addiTion, The sTudy oT These courses serves sTuolenTs who plan To Talce up aviaTion or oTher phases oT governmenTal service. f 1152, Li :" ' :., 3221551 W 1 - ,sssz ygs :, 5 ' vg w ia -Egg ,, si f' 1 W :HV . 25: 5 3' flggsij I ""' W, ,as A . ' :-:V Ubfi, gZjI-,E:Z:.- . " -1 'I , ' 'L 'iv' -ai 22 ..,, ,.,.. . :.g.f.- isa ,,4,,i3ii7 -- ,if-.c eq 'l' fsvaifslisisffiir 1,5 21 f",:'0 - ,ff ' iff? Q ' b y Qi : sri 1 Eff 'off T elmer beclcmann l. larsen mary morse Theodora nelson l3.a. m.a. lo.a., m.a. b.s. m.s. h.d. b.s., m.s. I I I Page 27 social science Page Iyle manTor a.b., a.m., ph.d. To help prospecTive Teachers obTain The knowledge necessary Tor successTul Teaching oT social sTudies, and To give sTudenTs suTTicienT knowledge oT The hisTorical background oT our poliTical. social, and economic liTe To enable Them To TuncTion as inTelligenT ciTizens in a democracy, is The aim oT The social science deparTmenT. The courses in hisTory and poliTical science give a knowledge oT pasT and presenT-day developmenTs, and sTimulaTe a deTer- minaTion To defend american ideals. iennie conrad n. diffendeirfer phillip holmgren a.b., a.m. b.s., m.a. a.b., m.a., ph.d. deparTmenT head dr. manTor helps king birginal plan his schedule Tor The coming se- mesTer. 28 physical educafion 'swag Cllarlle 'losler leland Copeland coach liosrer, head oi Jrhe physical educa- a.b., a.m. ab.. m.a. lion deparlmeni, and ken main lalk over iorlhcoming Track plans. physical educalion a+ kslc provides facililies and skilled leadership for sludenls To acl in silualions lhal are physically wholesome, slimulaling, and socially sound, wilh parlicular emphasis on leaching, coaching, communily recrealion, and olher professions allied wilh lhe physical educalion program. direcling menlally as a preparalion for leisure lime, courses in seasonal sporls, swimming, dancing, bolh folk and modern, Jrennis, badminlon, volleyball, foolball, and baskelball are oliiered. class inslruclion is supplemenled by ever- increasing inlramural programs for men and women, for slill furlher parlicipalion in aclivilies. william morris dorolhy orcuH' haririel' yingling allen zikmund o.s., m.a. b.s., mea. b.s., m.a. b.s., m.a. Page 29 gf www W WWW My ip ff N9 WN SJ, W ayixwojy W wx M Q x KMNW www iw,,Wmy'b S W M WQQWQWWW JWWWNQWW MX QW MW -9.1- -. i Q sfudenfs from nebraslca, from over l'1alf a dozen oflier sfafes, and from several foreign counfries affend lcearney sfafe college. alfliouglu from sevenfy fo eiglwfy per cenf of flfie sfuolenfs are sfudying for fne feaclwing profession, flwe remaining percenfage are preparing for oflwer specific vocafions. among flfiese various goals is found almosf every lcnown pro- fessional career. Page 32 seniors V, Qglw - BN Mm -, asf A ,rv .5555 - ..... .: :,..,.: ygfwgggiy wg g g re: f' ' mf-'L Lf VNV ' , vi? '45 ww Emi: A 1:5 f :V . Aumma cum laude mary clale alexander iohn derolf lack l. swanson ro cum laude robin croissanl, roloerl dick Shirley rnaqelle bin l. mary alexander magna cum laude john derolf, jack swanson nf roberf b. dick shirley i. ma UM, M..5..1M..a,..., , . 1lxL WNf,w.m .ne ,MN ..,..,,,,,,,,. senior officers senior class ollicers Jrhal were elecled for The year are shown during an in lerval of relaxalion. lell lo righl, lhey are: iohn derolf, presidenlg mary alex ander, vice-presidenlg and bob diclc secrelary-lreasurer. ' firsf semesfer graduafes piclured al lell and below are The seniors who al- Jrended Jrhe gradualion banquet held in The college caleleria in janu- ary. lwenly-lhree seniors were gradualed mid semesler. ray e. adams blyfbe, california ar1'hur p. alberding clay cenrer, nebraska dewaine a. alcorn kearney, nebraska mary d. alexander kearney, nebraska .1-:alumna fl .1 1956 henry i. amend lincoln, nebraska Iyla i. babb donald d. ayres gofnenburg, nebraska broadwarer, nebraska merlin e. bachman ayr, nebraska gracluales david h. brink kearney, nebraska donna I. brink kearney. nebraska iunior a. brisco lexingfon, nebraska Iexie d. clark qoihenburg, nebraska kennelh r. baker franklin, nebraska harold e. bennell' grand island, nebraska iames e. bills qrancl island, nebraska bill w. bowers paxfon, nebraska lg, . aH3?y2 EE3 QiAz'E.Q.Wi.r'f collene c. cline rinesfon, nebraska susan a. day miller, nebraska iames a. daily rnilburn, nebraska iohn i. derolf kearney, nebraska f im 1956 roberl' b. dick kenesaw, nebraska max g. dodson venanqo, nebraska barbara a. dickerson surnner, nebraska ella m. douglas aurora, nebraska gracluales larry d. ferguson laylor, nebraska vernela f. 'ferris osceola, nebraska russell s. gas'l'on nninclen, nebraska norma i. gerdes qolbenburg, nebraska pearl i. dyer kearney, nebraska iohn w. ernsl' columbus, nebraska hurold g. engleman overlon, nebraska roberl' l. 'fair oxford, nebraska shmley grandsiuff nnaxwell, nebraska harry w. gross red cloud. nebraska evereif w. gross grand island, nebraska gwendolyn i. hanley frankforf, soufh dakofa ,,x,,.,s..LA 5 w . W . ,, , . .NNN . A 1956 william d. hdu'H: kearney, nebraska iohn r. hawes kenesaw, nebraska mildred m. hensel kearney, nebraska dennis a. housfon kearney, nebraska gracluafes erna c. iensen cozad, nebraska bruce I. iohnson kearney, nebraska shirley r. johnson kearney, nebraska gerald f. iones benkle-man, nebraska doyle e. howiH' Chappell, nebraska don f. iardon alma, nebraska vaIe'H'a f. hunse arnold, nebraska bonnie m. iennings norllw plalle, nebraska marshall g. ioyce rninden, nebraska rufh lawrence kearney, nebraska rifa m. lawrence kearney, nebraska margarel e. lewis sr libory, nebraska 1956 richard e. mcconkey blue hill, nebraska Iaird i. mccormick kearney. nebraska shirley i. magel"l'e kearney, nebraska william e. marla'H' kearney, nebraska gracluafes roberi e. miller henolley, nebraska bill h. moss kearney, nebraska dagmar g. naylor kimball, nebraska iack e. nellson kearney. nebraska carol i. mason arcadia, nebraska iohn a. mason arcadia, nebraska fosfer g. maxey kearney, nebraska ierrold r. meyer lodgepole. nebraska 1' 133318351 fJ'I.,m5.?:s'. , kyler d. nelson kearney, nebraska mary a. peak orleans, nebraska gerald I. nordbrock wilcox, nebraska carol e. rafhe kearney, nebraska 1956 charIoH'e reicks kearney, nebraska richard d. remy kearney, nebraska pairicia a. roucis broken bow, nebraska orville e. schmidi' kearney, nebraska graduafes leonard c. skov riverdale, nebraska edwin r. siaab berwyn, nebraska delmar p. sufherland elm creek, nebraska iack I. swanson aurora, nebraska clayion I. scoii' grand island, nebraska hill f. shaffer lifclrufield, nebraska duane shackelford Jrrenron, nebraska dallas g. sinnen minden. nebraska gracluafes Iyle a. whiiesel miller, nebraska dean d. wise Sidney, nebraska maynard d. wichman loup ciry, nebraska lewis h. wrighi' lincoln. nebraska L ,g sw 5 iohn r. iaylor kearney, nebraska dwighi' o. fhiel alda, nebraska andrew i. iefzlaff orleans, nebraska zoe a. 'l'ucker grand island, nebraska underclassmen Iona e. abelbeck carole d. anderson dewey a. asher rober'I' e. ashley norris c. augusfin hardy lwaslings kearney grand island blue hill iris g. baer ron I. bickford donna I. brown harold g. bruening iames g. buferbaugh lcearney lcearney lullerlon omg golhenburg glenda g. calvin ardyce I. carroll larry o. collisq ravenna broken bow Campbell W marlene r. fox allen i. gallup roberi' I. gell gandy lcearney nelson Page 48 iuniors juniors :usy schedules -- junior class officers are piciured in a 'riendly discussion. from lefi- +o riqhf are presidenf jim Juferbauglw, freasurer alice jolnnson, secrefary lee rippen, and vice-presideni bud farm. blanche c. cargill nilu i. corkill Ieslife w. drake amy j. dusek burdefie farm lewis c. felker scofia imperial aflanfa ravenna kearney ecldyville arion s. gunderson edifh m. gunlicks ierome I. guzinske dwighf e. hahn mariha g. hansen Iavonn j. harmoney dix kearney grand island lwampfon sargenl' amrlersl f A 9 ' ....-E.s..-,,- ,, a!i,. 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Imnlon mifchell marvin I. Ilolxom Iodgepole don r. Ilardin arnold dean holliday embers? 1' W3 - M7 ...Q .gg I I T I 12 sophomores george I. harris donald I. hein marcellu c. helser grand Mend kearney shelfon geraldine u. holxfusier rollund e. hopwood gerald e. hornbaclx paxfon fullerfon spencer of 5 I1 New K -.-: -mr, MW' ,.g:: we ,I ,..., 'Hg 6' A dorris a. hulshizer ronald e. humision mary I. husf dale hyde bill i. ihm gary i. icck cliiford L iacol Ogallala cenlral cily sulfon grand lsland haslinqs loup cily mlnden Ioreffa I. iohnson sheila I. iohnson Iueen i. ioines fred Il. karre harvey d. kegley ronold I. kegley ianice m. kellel beaver city york oconlo scofia kearney kcarney eustis sophomores Page 58 leo p. Iaird clarence u. lunge ioan lnnquisf faye i. Iarreau linda a. Iarsen Ieroy w. Iarsol republican clly ord loomls arnold gollwenburq holdrege george w. 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Iange sharon s. Iarq lloyd w. Iawe karen k. Ioewensfein helen I. Iudwig kay e. Iundy carsie m. mccall Iois a. mcclul iohn p. mcneil gale d. mcnuliy barbara a. mcroberfs mildred m. maaske duane I. madsen iohn p. manha Page 6 8 ls3hKtiQfS - umm? IQVSIS.-WP - iiiL4 L- WZLWWN Likely KisBl.l",SW'2YLilU ..- 144 51,1 In .1 gwen e. howill ion d. huber duane f. huglles iames i. hurl' beverly a. lnlsmann iune I. Ilufchinson uarilyn i. iohnson milan I. iohnsan rodney b. iohnson wayne e. iohnsfon duane c. iones iolm m. iones nyron e. kirwan elaine f. kneifel roberl d. knepper belly i. kolar fred I. korcek iames I. korcelx freshmen erald m. lebsock sherman e. Iehmann allan I. lelmerl' eleanor i. lennemann bernie b. Ieonard winifred f. Iinnerson beverly e. long Hlryn e. mcconnel donald g. mccormac wendell i. mccormick iack i. mccullougll rosemary i. mchargue carol a. mcinfurf palricia I. mcmahon Vhryn a. manharf lucrelia a. marshall nancy I. marshall ardelle c. marfin ierry I. marfin iune a marfin deloris m. malfson adrianna m. maxon douglas I. mayberry iaeque i. mecke donna f. menher douglas g. meh marilyn i. meyer roberl' I. moline gwen c. manlgamery george e. moore lowanna r. morgan paul i. morliz flleodore I. morih bill morrison gordon s. morra verl d. nelson larry e. neuhman warren c. newbald donna a. nickerson ioann novosad donna I. oliver barbara b. olsa . I freshmen . l barbara parker peggy I. parsons carolyn m. peferson charles d. peferson ladonna I. pelerson marlene a. pelerso beniamin I. porfer gerald pounds merlyn m. rahmann lois m. ramm roberl' Il. rasmussen ianef i. read sharon k. riHer avis I. robinson dean e. rolfsmeyer deanna m. ronne marilyn d. roy sharon r. rubeck Page 70 gary v. miklxelsen ioan e. miller larry i. miller margarel' a. milne harriel' I. minshull anneifa m. milchell rulh I. muhlbach rufh m. mundl' befiy i. murray alice r. musil ine: m. nelsen gary r. nelson eddie d. olson richard l. a'neilI iames p. ormond rage-r h. owens raymond I. oxanne iwila m. paben freshmen richard I. pefryfus errol. d. phillips iames I. pierce ru+h i. pipal edward i. piskorski Iucille a. pochler marion r. polskl iames k. reidy robert I. reier eldon d. reifer iunior e. reiler xila m. rice karen I. richards connie m. richardson rifchie rundslram lafhan I. russell richard l. samuelson alyce m. sanderman Iucille a. savely myrna r. schafierl' larry d. schager 1. url ssusmmzgafsa.. law ,1 123 3. we aa, mamma . gil cora i. schepler elizabelh i. scluinzel elnora a. schloalman iudy i. schulke carolyn r. schurr nassir sedaral' ianice i. shafer oren I. smallcomb william n. smels sherman d. smiih l'wyIa m. smilh warren d. snyder sandra c. spafh howard w. spencer gary f. sfelfenluagen lllomas I. slack iack p. slrickland darlene a. slruve barbara I. suck marlys i. sunquisl' franklin d. swanson Page 72 freshmen Ieroy cl. fllompson donald s. fingley iohn r. fober marllia I. loews keifll m. frampe iohn r. irindle lavanne a. wagner ierry b. waldo hazel r. walker connie lc. wall iames e. wanek dorofhy i. ware donna wells iohn wer'l' beverly a. wllaley loren a. wilke kennelll d. williams virgil h. williamf nuke ,en amz., x .fmn we Swami - 1 '. 1 alll E 5 Q W mary 9. sharp william c. shellon rex o. shields rufh e. shijh dennis w. shimmin norma i. shirley irley a. sprague edward ll. slalford ieri I. slalford iomes h. sfalker iane k. slarr v. pafricia slay xrry c. swanson donald e. swell' richard I. swell lloyd e. faber iohn p. lhiel fred i. thompson freshmen zlilford m. lrump richard w. unlerseher rila m. uri george g. vavra iohnnie villegas phyllis a. volgamore beverly i. wadkins urold I. walerbury larry d. walkins leo r. wax marilyn c. weber ianel k. weekly gary d. weeks ellen a. wegner roberl' i. wilson Iois a. willon ardena r. wood dolly k. wood virginia I. wood barbara a. woods karen i. woollen - H , Ngo 4 A W l, ,, 23 k , .... 1 , si I Y . vfswmww: Q , A .,.. b , E , ' A , E '27,-:v': .E': ' V-If! 3 N KT H , 'i U "" f N . mtifi f ' 4 , roberi worman donna m. wyaH clark d. yunda 'Frances I. yurges don d. zauiiku kearney sfafe slrudenfs form Hue color guard af Jrhe head of The homecoming parade. second semes'rer s'ruden'rs marianne al+maier carolyn drauclcer elea nor blauveli' pafsy ham phyllis bomberger rolland bowers lloyd carrell glen lcars+ing beverly kennedy kenne'I'l1 lcohlscheen omar overly dwiglvl' parrislw arden peferson paul ross peggy scranfon ardi+l1 +albo+ huberl' +eal1on doris fefer c. furnell lois yenles Page 75 , 4 :Tim 45 My sg Q QQ? it Y w 1 'HM ua , YIM zu: 41- N Olin e Ibis 'N All i. JI af teal 5, Yi' A Q . , . 1 3 f A QW . Y nf Dwwwglkskvaf K, MM- !. fx X , Ku... M05 L95 Txmm-.. - 'v xv - ' . l -X X' 4 . ff, ., Y' qi L 3, 1 " Vu' wma! , Van.-. N 1-v , -N -4 4 A ' I 1, I ,f u ' KQNVEI..-L451 51 5--n vs"Nd yevuga 1 J., 4 ,N ' 5 LQ., yo Aa, 'h 2' 'Vx -f'k:,,', 4 L , ' 4 Q f -Af.X uv- kgo, .ww 5- , 'X '--1 Ka - . 1 x4 L Q ... fy! ' L-- - L-i I Xx'U4' 6 ac+iviHes play an imporhanf parf in Hue social life of a kearney sfafe s+uden1'. evenlrs such as homecoming and The mardi gras, and s+uden+ publicafions as Hue blue and gold and The anlrelope, are an infegral parf of college life. Page 78 feafures The 1956 blue and gold queen... miAA awe ann fucker seleclecl by a board of lacully men for her personalily and popularily, miss luclcer is a senior from grand island. slwe is majoring in elemenlary educalion and has minors in arl and english. The homecoming queen . . mzlw 1-o6in crviuant reigning over ine golden anniversary homecoming fesiiviiies, miss croissani was chosen queen by The siudeni body. her maior is plwysicai educa+ion,wiJrl'1 minors in english and french. Page 81 The mardi gras royalty . . mardi gras queen miu ardyce carrvll elecled by The sludenl body as mardi gras queen of lhe february IO leslival ardyce Carroll is a 'un i I I ' ior from brolcen bow. she is major- ing in speech, wirh mirrors in eng- lish and french. ' ' i , I X mardi gras king mr. dayne Amitlr royal c o n s o r l of miss Carroll, dayne smilh is a iunior from mad- rid, and is maioring in physical educalion. his minors are biology and educalion. The k club queen . . m1Z4A 6e:Jerly lvng Hfmis year Jrhe lc club for college leHermen eleded beverly long Hweir queen. a freshman from madrid, she is maioring In eiemerwary educafion. Page 83 calaclonlan sweetheart miAA nadia william phi tau gamma miAA nancy mlfe Page 84 the fraternity sweethearts . . . phi phi phi sweetheart miAA joanne grieAA sweetheart delta pi beta holly queen miAA Alairley magette the sorority royalties . . . sigma theta phi sweetheart mrlw Alairley joluwon zeta chi alpha cinclerella miAA carol ratlae P 85 a buTTalo-beef barbeque was parT oT homecoming TesTiviTies lasT ocTo- ber. "cheTs" were TaculTy members elmer beclcman, william lcing, bernhard sTuTheiT, and donald Tox, approximaTely I,2OO persons aT- Tended The barbeque, held norTh oT The sTudenT union. homecoming The golden anniversary oT lcsTc was The Theme Tor homecoming This year. held aT an earlier daTe, ocTober I, The day was crowded wiTh TesTiviTies. TraTernal brealcTasTs were held in The morning, wiTh a parade preceding The TooTball game wiTh wesleyan, and a dance aT The I733 ballroom in The evening. robin croissanT was elecTed homecoming queen by The sTudenT body, and was crowned by presidenT herberT l. cushing aT halT- Tune. The homecoming queen and her aTTendanTs are shown aT The dance held ThaT evening aT The 1733 ballroom. leTT To righT are: shirley housTon, charloTTe reiclqs, queen robin croissanT, and lucille anderson. Page 86 copping TirsT place in The TloaT parade was phi Tau gamma TraTerniTy, wiTh Their TloaT de- picTing "gaTe To golden oppor- TuniTy." delTa pi loeTa won second place, and caledonian TraTerniTy Third. sigma TheTa phi Took second place in The display conTesT. TirsT place wenT To women's aThleTic associa- Tion, louT The display was Torn down beTore a picTure could be Talcen. coach zilcmund is carried oTT The Tield by members oT The TooTball sguad, aTTer The Zl-6 vicTory over Wesleyan college. 52 men saw acTion in The exciTing game. mardi gras ' X Jrlwe annual mardi gras leslival opened willw a variely of concessions and ended willw a dance in ine sludenl union wlmere dayne smiilw and ardyce Carroll were crowned king and queen. candidales for royally were cliosen by lime organ- izalions llwal enlered a concession in ine ywca-sponsored carnival, and were llmen selecled by popular sludenl vole lcappa pi arf iralernily ollered caricalure slcelclfmes, ywca sold lfmals, plmi Tau gamma presenled a slage slwow, 'rlwe naiads lield a wafer slwow, independenl sludenls associalion called llweir boollfm a candle sguirl, zela clii alplia spon- sored a rose Jrree, and collwecon ran a luncli Cale. alllwouglw coslumes were noi mandalory, prizes were awarded To llwe mosi original, comical and preiliesi enlries. Page 88 ll 1 jp! X- Q ', 1 Wi enferfainmenf and fun -,1:2.3g- .fe A, ll .MHm. QA. QQEQ? 5553? MQQET were around every corner af The mardi gras! Page 89 many hours are spenl by sludenls on lhe slallls of The blue and gold and The anlelope, in order lo produce superior sludenl publicalions. lhe fl ded onl b an occasional by-line, and lhe service given is o en rewar y y feeling of accomplishmenl. Page 90 service ediTor paT roucis and business manager larry iohnson discuss one oT many perplexing page layouTs. The blue and gold much careTul planning and hard work has gone inTo This year's blue and gold. To make iT a suc- cessTul publicaTion. eTTorTs, such as The modernisTic cover and The prinTing in lower case, were made To make The book diTTerenT and inTeresTing, and To reTlecT The mood oT progress ThaT is prevalenT on The modern campus. ediTor paT roucis and business manager larry iohnson selecTed Their sTaTTs, which worked long and hard. dick abraham designed The cover and division layouTs, donna brink served as assisT- anT ediTor, and dean ielden was sporTs ediTor. Treshman phoTographer bob moline Took almosT all The picTures in The book. among The new TeaTures in The yearbook are sub-division pages, diTTerenT division groupings, and The selecTion oT a senior girl as blue and gold gueen, by a board oT TaculTy men. Q0 TypisT mary alexander and phoTographer bob moline gave many hours Toward The producTion oT The blue and ld Tr e s h m a n phoTographer bob moline Took mosT oT The picTures in The yearbook. Page 92 dick abralmarn, lell, worlcs on arl layouls. lie also ele- siqned The rnoclernislic cover. clean ielclen worked hard as sporls edilor, assisleel by clonna brinlc. eclilor pal roucis and assislanl edilor clonna brinlc plan llme general layoul. Jrliey are sliown in llwe new oiclice localion in llwe vocalional arls build- ing. Page 93 second semesler edilor, cluarlie ienkins, leuff, confers aboul makeup wiHu ufirsl semesler edi'ror, bob fair. Hue lwo edilors gave much lime and luard work in publishing Hue anlelope every week. "moved lo Hue indusfrial arls building." Hua+'s luow Hue sign read, and Hua+'s exacHy wlual' luappened. Hue anlelope oHice in Hue new building came Jro enioy a never-before-lueard-of spaciousness. all Hue members our Hue anlelope suLaH worked luard during Hue pasf year, bul none knew Hue lueadaclues out publisluing Hue college newspaper beHer Huan Hue edifors. bob fair guided Hue weekly growHu out eaclu edilion during Hue ufirslr semesler. lue was succeeded au' Hue beginning of Hue second semesler by luis assislanl ediror, cluarles ienkins. among Hue columnisls for Hue paper were dee Huiel, "luo, ho," cluarles jenkins, "look wlua'r i found," and cliHord lowell, "nex+ lo noHuing." bill luauH served as business manager. roberuk Huorp, secreiary out publicily, was advisor for Hue paper. business manager for Hue year was bill luauucl, sluown doing par'r our luis lengHuy bookwork. Page 94 A-1 as 3 H Hue anfelope I 3 EE E is i llme business srall of Huis year's anlelope included monela duselc and bud farm. piclured willw ad lay- ours sam gamel, carol lwaull, dale williams, and judy anderson were news wrilers who Turned in slories regularly every weelc. Page 95 rnrs. maybelle sTeinmeyer is housemoTher oT The upperclass women's dorrniTory. marTin hall compleTed in I954, rnarTin hall is The new residence Tor upperclass women. The hall accommodaTes l2O sophomore, junior, and senior women. mrs. maybelle sTeinmeyer is housemoTher oT The new dormiTory. The marTin hall council is, leTT To righT, TronT row: norine wurdeman, loyce miTchell. second row: mildred schuller, alice johnson, gall speidell, joan lcivilighn, jo Thurman, mrs. maybelle sTeinmeyer. Third row: norma herverT, leora rippen, donna oTTun, joan bauer, paT robinson, adell hlllrner. R5 Q51 'IS 3 3? r ir? , -V wfrgg 1 ml 7537 ' ,333 3,5551 .. , SE -H mi: -9 " 14' e'Q-E252 .- case hall lreshmen women are housed in eva Case hall, which accommodales l9O sludenls. housernolher ol lhe dormilory is mrs. ruby mrs. ruby maffhews is house mallhews. molher ol lhe lreshman dorm lhe case hall council - lrom lell lo riqhl, lronl row: lean lrales, june chrisp, sandra aclcer, annella milchell, ardell marlin, belly schlnzel. second row: arlene wilson, sharon large, belly baum- garlner, elaine lcneilel, dorene chern, lona abelbeclc, pal boyer, lean brown. lhird row: lorraine heins, pal lcenlner, lorella laslenau, mary brown, elaine bangerl, myrna schallerl, Carolyn holl, ann milne, mrs. ruby mallhews. lhe exeuclive council of mens hall is shown above. lefl To righf are: sherman smilh, clayne smilh, don iardon, mrs. sena lang, iim buier- baugh, joe iaclc. and larry ferguson. housemolher of mens hall is mrs. sena lang. mens hall mens hall, a complele and modern home for men, was buill in l939, The firsl unil of lhe housing plan for men sluolenis. Hs lhree floors pro- vide housing for l32 men. in charge of mens hall is mrs, sena lang, as- sisled by lhe execulive council. green 'rerrace hall mrs. rachel blauch was housemolher lor Jrhe basl year al green Terrace. one of lhe lirsl buildings on The campus, and wilh an inleresling hislory, green lerrace hall has been used for lhe second year as housing for men sludenls. il 'Formerly afforded lodging for girls. members of Jrhe execulive council of green rerrace hall are, sealed: jerry morilz and leonard marlin. slandingz bill zeigler and mrs. rachel blauch. Page 99 iim buferbaugh is main announcer a+ ihe college radio slrarion, which has facilifies Through kgfw. radio pro- grams are given each day, from 3:30 ro 4:00. college radio sfafion ohn milldyke is assisiani announcer. organisf carol saum provides melody during The afjrernoon hours, performance P 101 exciTemenT over a TooTball game in- spires Tred lcempf and ardyce carroll in This scene Trom The play. Time ouT for ginger a broadway comedy success, "Time ouT Tor ginger," was The TirsT play oT The season on The lcearney sTage. presenTed The TirsT oT december, The casT included boTh old and new acTors. Tred lcempT played The parT oT The harrassed TaTherg ardyce carroll porTrayed his long-suTTer- ing wiTeg lu Tuclqer, barbara viren, and donna harris were The Three daughTersg and charles jenkins, bill boyd, valeTTa hunse, dale black, and paul peisTer added Their biT To The comedy. mr. richard welsbacher, wiTh neva Zimmerman assisTing, produced and direcTed The comedy hiT. Tense perTormers apply makeup opening nighT. The largesT house in Three years applauded The broadway hiT. carousel "carousel," rogers and hammersTein's Tamous musical comedy, was a TirsT ol iTs lcind Tor The deparTmenTs of music and dramaTics. The pro- ducTion ran Tor Three successive nighTs in ianu- ary on The sTage OT The college audiTorium. The casT OT eighTy and The orchesTra were under The dual direcTion OT william lynn and richard welsbacher. The major casT was supporTed by The choraleers and a piT orchesTra. linda larsen sang The soprano lead as iulie jordan. opposiTe andy TeTzlaTl as billy bigelow. supplying The counTer romance were doris davis as carrie piperidge, and her bespoken, don auble. as enoch snow. ardyce carroll played The role of mrs. mullen, The owner oi' The carousel. ioyce bishop played The good-naTured neTTie, and larry collison porTrayed The villainous iigger. The Townsifolk who ioined in The clambalce were The enTire group of choraleers. linda larsen, andy TeTzlaTl, and ardyce carroll are shown in a poignanT momenT during "carousel" The large casT oT "carousel" are picTured below during The opening carnival scene. The maior casT and The supporTing choraleers were comprised oT eighTy persons. The caine muTiny courT marTial an all-male casT OT I9 acTed in "The caine muTiny courT marTial," a dramaTizaTion OT The puliTzer prize-winning novel by herman wouk. given in The college audiTorium The nighTs OT march I5 and I6, The casT con- Tained seasoned acTors as well as several newcomers. The relucTanT deTense aTTorney, greenwald, was porTrayed by mike moles, and richard welker had The parT OT maryk, The deTendanT. capTain cgueeg was played by Thane hascall, challee, The prosecuTinq aTTorney, by william siebke, and blakely, head OT The prosecuTing board, by william shilTz. "a ToasT" - mike moles, as deTense aTTorney greenwald, is shown in a dramalic momenT aT The end OT The play. aT leTT is richard welker as marykg sTanding, ken main as keeTerg and aT righT is bill milldyke as keiTh. lhe choraleers, a selecl group of singers picked for Their excellenl voices, are pic lured above. 'rhe group made lhe annual spring four lo surrounding nebraska Jrowns college choraleers members of lhe choraleers had lhe opporlunily +o be parl of a "lirs+" al kslc Jrhis year. lhe group was a major parl of +he rogers and hammer- slein produclion, "carousel," which was given for Three house-filling nighls in january. lhe annual spring Tour is always looked forward +o by lhe choraleers, and as usual was enlerlaining for bolrh performers and audiences. alcorn, dewaine anderson, carol auguslin, norris banik, nola bishop, joyce boyd, william calvin, glenda carroll, ardyce collison, larry corkill, nila davis, doris dawes, claribel ecklund, marllys ehly, ewald farm, allen liebig- norma losler, arlene franke, margol' freeman, kafhleen freeman, kalhryn george, jean griess, joanne haberman, joan harringlon, richard hein, don heldenbrand, rodney houslon, dennis ivers, nancy jordan, gerald kildare, bernard kivlighn, joanne knepper, don larsen, linda linch, eugene long. beverly mcnulfy, gayle mcroberls, barbara main, ken mason, don mefz, douglas milchell, james mifchell, joyce morris, alan morrow, gordan munoll, rufh nelson, kay nelson, ronald novosad, joann peak, mary ann peisler, paul pelerson, larry ralhe, carol robinson, frank ross, paul sandell, mary lou saum, carol siebler, donna spargo, richard spray, mary sfopkolle, roberl srransky, beverly viren, barbara waddell, dean webb, ardene wurdeman, norine leora rippen, accompanisl Page 105 college band-shown above is Hwe lcearney sfafe college band, wiH1 direcfor dr angelo cucci. Hue year included a full schedule of concerf and oH1er acfivifies. college bancl under Hue direcfion of new direcfor dr. angelo cucci, Hwe lcearney sfafe feaclw- ers college band collaborafed wiflw Hie wagoneers fo presenf oufsfanding half- fime snows during Hie foofball season. led by drum major don mason, Hue band provided excellenf spirif-rousing roufines sef fo music for every pigsliin confesf on Hwe lfiome field. in Hweir flaslwy wesf poinf uniforms, Hie band rep- resenfed a colorful as well as musical specfacle for all audiences wneflmer af a game, during a parade, on four, or af a formal concerf. concerf acfivifies included Hue regular agenda of concerfs, and an informal siglif-reading clinic for music feaclners in Hue surrounding area. Hie annual spring four climaxed Hue band's acfivifies, wiflw Hwe liome concerf as a finale. Hiis year's band officers who assisfed wifli Hie many dufies accompanying Hie mainfenance of Hie band were bill larsen, business manager: ron peisfer and dewaine alcorn, sfudenf conducforsg and arlene fosfer and ioyce mifcliell, librarians. Page 106 flule amy dusek joyce bishop loielle johnson nancy belschner karen van camp oboe jane king jean nelson clarinei' don raymer arlene losler, librarian karen woolen paul peisler janice keller barbara viren kennelh ellis joanne kivlighn jacojue mecke. secrelary jane slarr claribel dawes berneila ecklund alfo clarine+ dagmar naylor bass clarinel' larry harder sharon riller alfo saxaphone norris auguslin joylyn brown maurice nelson barilone saxaphone bill larson, business manager college band french horn ron peisler ron nelson doug miller roberl harrison douglas melz cornei' don munson jim milchell clark yanda elva hermsen jim pierce larry brohman mary crulcher 'rrumpel' allen farm roberl sroppkolle +rombone frank robinson larry collison gary weeks joyce milchell, ass'l. librarian lou novy barilone don hardin slanley urwiller dale williams 'ruba dewaine alcorn ewald ehly charles jenkins edgar giflord fympani linda larsen Page 107 college choir mr. william lynn is direc- Tor of The college choir. beginning immediaTely in The Tall, The college acapella choir sTudied. re- hearsed and lisTened To The music oT handel's Tamed "messiah." under The direcTion oT mr. william lynn, The choir and members oT local church choirs presenTed The "rnessiah" as Their annual chrisTmas program. because oT The complicaTions oT moving such a large group, The choir was disconTinued Tor second semesTer To give more rehearsal hours To The cho- raleers, who wenT on Tour as a represe nTaTive group. Page 108 aclcer, sandra alcorn, dewaine alexander, mary andersen, sfanley anderson, carol ashley, roberf auble, don augusfin, norris banilc, nola beclcmann, juliann bishop, joyce bloomfield, shirley boyd, william brehmer, myrna brodine, marilyn brohman, larry brown, mary calvin, glenda campbell, linda carroll, ardyce cafferson. donna chesley. doris collison, larry corlcill, nila crufcher, mary daiss, barbara davis. doris dawes, claribel day, susan declc, nancy downey, virginia earnharf, peggy eclclund, marllys ehly, ewald epp, lcafhryn farm, alan farm, burdeffe fee, nancy fiebig, norma forell, pafricia fosfer, arlene franlce, margof frafes, jean freeman, lcafhleen freeman, lcafhryn frinlc, mary garrefson, sfanley garrefson, virginia george. jean graff, genevieve griess, joanne haberman, joan haggard, rodney halleff, janef hardin, donald harringfon, richard hein, don heldenbrand, rodney hendrix, kay hiclcman, Winnie higgins, earl housfon, denny housfon, shirley howiff, gwen ivers, nancy jamison, roselyn jordan, gerald lcearney, donald lcildare, bernard king, jane civlighn, joanne cnepper, donn lcorcelc, fred corcelc, james lcreigsmann, l4ay cyes, leofa arge, sharon arsen, linda inch, eugene oclcard, pafricia ong, beverly mccall, carsie mcclure, lois mccormiclc. laird mcmahon, pafricia mcnulfy, gale mcroberfs. barbara main, lcen manharf, margaref marshall, lucrefia marfin. ardelle mason, don maffson, clarlc merryman, william mefz, douglas meyer, marilyn miller, douglas milne, ann mifchell, james mifchell, joyce morris, alan morrow, gordon mundf, rufh musil, alice nelson, lcay nelson, maurice nelson, ronald neujahr, janice novosad, jo ann novy, lyman palmer, janice parlcer, barbara pealc, mary ann peisfer, paul peferson, larry pierce, james poole. lcafhy rafhe, carol raymer, donald rice, zifa richards, lcaren richardson, connie riffer, sharon robinson, avis robinson, franlc robinson, pafricia ronne, deanna ross, paul sand, royal sandell, mary lou sanderman, alyce saum, carol schmifz, shirley Schneider, jo anne schullce, judy shaffer, carol shirley, norma jean siebler, donna smifh, fwyla spargo, richard sprague, shirley spray, mary sfafford, jeri sfay, pafricia sfopplcoffe, roberf sfranslcy, beverly sfranslcy, marlene sfruve, darlene suclc. barbara surber, larry fefzlaff, andy uri, rifa viren. barbara waddell, dean wadlcins, beverly ware, jill Webb. ardienne weelcly, janef werf, john willcins. lqennefh wilson, arlene woods, barbara wurdeman, norine yanda, clark Page 109 symphony orchesfra lcearney's symphony orcheslra has Taken grear sfeps lo pro- vide lhe college, +own, and surrounding area audience wilh very nofable and worlhwhile music by rhe greal composers. among i+s oulslanding concerfs was +he midwinfer concerl wi'rh fenor soloisl william mcgralh. since Jrhe symphony's all- french program was such a success, fhis year Jrhe orcheslra presenled an all-american concerf as a lribule To +he american composer and The winner of +he annual young ar+is+ audifion. under fhe direclion of leroy bauer, fhe symphony, a member of Jrhe american symphony orchesfra league, incorporaled, consislrs of lhe linesl local and surrounding area musicians. any composer should be pleased wilh lhe handling of his symphony or any orchesfralion by lhe lcearney symphony orcheslra. lhese excellenr concerlrs and gueslr soloisls have lenf an incenlive for progress and growlh, which applies lo The growing audiences as well. violins donald mason, concerlmasler maribelh lynn ienny sl. iohn lcalhleen freeman howard meyer carolee coppell adelberl bonner lsalhleen forbes anna m. lcerr linda larsen, principal lcalrhryn freeman dwaine dunning guy dunning iohn mcneil ianef hayward carol copeland marilyn schaeffer donna wyallr anu preems bass violas douglas engelhardl. principal ar+ larsen Page 110 elizabelh robinson don raymor mallhew shoemaker marilyn shires cellos ianel' marshall, principal mariella mason lcalhryn epp david sielcman vinnella henning belrrlee lewis es carol ralhe, principal sharon darling darlene cepel bill larson slephen comi flufes io ann mundorll ioyce bishop amy duselc nancy belschner nancy gla+'rer piccolo ioyce bishop oboes iane a. king iean nelson cora sclfiepler english horn iane a. king clarine+s lom micliaels karen woollen arlene losler bass clarine+ larry harder bassoon laurie keenan carl noon horns ron peisler ron nelson douglas miller mercedes miller symphony orchesfra frumpefs angelo cucci clon munson allen farm frombones frank robinson larry collison gary weeks william nelson +uba clwaine alcorn fympani Willys neuslrom percussion beverly slransky arlene wilson iames pelerson lack swanson olon slraney piano and celesfe leora rippen Page 111 The wagoneers ilwe wagoneers is an organizalion providing an opporluniiy for sludenls lo parlicipale in a special acrivily emphasizing precision drills and popular dance roulines. llwe organizarion helps To slwow flue pep, vigor, and friendliness of kslc by serving as guides, pep squads, and by furnish- ing ball-lime enlerlainmenl for allwlelic funclions and ollwer special programs. This year's concerl group consisrs of 'rwenly-four, willw a Teacli- ing slafl of rwo. miss dorollwy orcull is sponsor. presidenl is rosie berggren. 'rhe kearney "k" formafion-lefl' row, fronl lo back: merna ruebsamen, ioan rlmurman, marlene sfransky, lawanna lucker, rose berggren, jean larreau. second row, 'Fron'r To back: nancy lfiill. barbara viren, berneice ecklund, ioanne kivliglwn, belly Iees, skiaron slear. riglwl, fronl' lo back: norine wurdeman, marci nicodemus, mary spray, neva Zimmerman, arlis ely, bonnie donalwo, lucy anderson, marie mousel, karlwryn kilgore, ianer iosl, io clwrisl, donna laberl. joanne ldvliglwn, a soplwomore from oxforol, is one of +l'1e oulslanoling members of llwe wagoneers. slwe is shown in Hrme wagoneers coslume- gold weslern blouse, blue slcirl, and while hal anol bools. members of flue wagoneers form Jrlwe specracular "waqonwl1eel" during a performance. l i: S3 MNm'M 8954533 ,ixlvfviiklf 31,11 WETQSWVH5' fi3L' se""9'E."12aH5r Mm m gmm ami mli many orqanizafions, bofn nonorar parficipafion in acfivines and ea good social life among Hwe slru y and social, serve +0 promo+e clenfs on campus. Jmese organizafions help +0 fosfer Hue friendly, informal afmospnere Hfwaf makes ksh: known as HW "f ' oll II Page 116 e men yco egef' honoraries alpha psi omega dramalics fralernily-sealed, mr. riclwa rd welsbaclwer, sponsor: zoe ann luclcer, president ardyce carrolg anne underwood. back row: don main, iirn buler- bauqlw, llwane liascall, secrelary-Jrreasurer. befa loe'ra loe'ra biological 'Fral'erni+y-nnrs. lwanson, sponsor: colleene cline, secrelaryg alan morris, president les drake, hislorianq dr. bliese, sponsor. second row: rneldon laclier, roger denny, Torn carlson, earl liammond, berneila eclclund, sandra armslrong, nancy lielrnulli, burdelle moor, larry wallcins, dwayne liamar. lliird row: dawson huebers, bob larson, rex radlord, donn knepper, iolwn aslwley, wayne iolwnsfon, bob brown. lourllm row: warren snyder. led anderson, iolin ander- son, berl spencer, dean wise, warren everls. r, : Q xr. sw 1, sissy M clel'ra omicron honorary music fraiernify-fron? row, lefl +o right mrs. mildred hansen, sponsor: carol anderson, Treasurer: carol rafhe, president jane king, vice-presidem' and secrelaryg leora rippen. second row: bev slranslcy, ioan lcivilighn, barbara viren, carol saurn, ioyce milchell, linda larsen, nola banilc. kappa omicron phi home economics fraierniiy - fronl row: ann bridgewarer, Carolyn mix, mabel cook, nalional president belly cooksey, irma dean qrabill. second row: mrs. manlor, sponsor: pal olson, lyla balob, amy dusek, lolanche Cargill, sharon iacobsen, miss garreft sponsor. 'rhird row: dagmar naylor, secrelaryg lavonne shalfer, vice-presi- dent donna otrun, ireasurerg mrs. van camp: carol mason, president lilian ralslon. seafed: bob diclc, presidenf: carol rafhe. secrefaryq dr. leona failor, spon- sor. second row: mrs. margaref lewis, shirley housfon, robin croissanf, lona abelbeclc. lucy anderson, io fhurman, arlene fosfer, bev sfranslcy. fhird row: mrs. garnef ausfin, clarence hunfly, leonard slcov, miss fheo- dora nelson, mrs. Webb, dr. wilma hirsf. kappa delfa pi efa phi chapfer of kappa delfa pi, nafional honorary educafion frafernify, has complefed ifs fhird successful year on fhe college campus. membership is besfowed upon iuniors and seniors who mainfain a 3.2 average in educafion, and also a 3.2 over-all average, inifiafion is held once each semesfer and also during fhe summer session. speakers have been feafured fhis year af fhe regular monfhly meefings. officers of lcappa delfa pi are: roberf dick, presidenfg arfhur alberding, vice- presidenfg carol rafhe, secrefary: mrs. edna nigh, freasurerg and dr. leona mae failor, sponsor. Page 120 kappa This year The beTa beTa chapTer oT kappa pi, naTional arT TraTerniTy, Tried many new plans. The organizaion sponsored Two arT Tilms Tor The sTudenTs and Towns- people. in march, The TirsT annual beaux arTs ball was held, wiTh a Theme based on modern arT. one oT The mosT successTul booThs aT The annual mardi gras was The kappa pi caricaTure skeTching booTh dick abraham, donna brick, and ierry iones were each represenTed in The midwesT arT exhibiT wiTh several painTings and a sculpTure aT ioslyn museum in omaha. dick abraham's painTinq was purchased Tor a permanenT collecTion aT ioslyn. oTTicers Tor The year were: donna brink, presidenTg larry peTerson, secreTary, and ierry iones, Treasurer. william a, king and dr. luella mundel served as sponsors. pi seaTed, leTT To riqhT: mr. william king, sponsor: jerry iones, Treasurer, donna brink, presidenTq larry peTerson, secreTaryg dr. leora mundell, sponsor. back rowg dick harringTon, dick abraham, Zoe Tucker, wayne haller, bob Tair. Page 121 lambda delTa lambda TronT row: miss Theodora nelsong mary alexander, Treasurer: erna iensen, secreTaryg berl spencer, presidenTg dr. mary morse, sponsor. second row: ron walTers, bob peTers, jim swanson, marianne alTmaier, dwayne hamar, bill merryman, duane coble. Third row: ierry weToviclc, sTan garreTson, evereTT gross, bill marlaTT, gerald hornbaclc, iim crowley. TourTh row: ralph waddingTon, Ted anderson, iaclc swanson, jerry sTaTes, al gallup, eldon cornish, jim wiTTer, alan morris. lambda delTa lambda is The honorary TraTerniTy on The campus ThaT recognizes Those sTudenTs who have done ouTsTanding work in The Tield oT physical science. an ouTsTanding proiecT This year was The presenTaTion oT papers To The collegiaTe secTion oT The nebraska academy oT science by several members oT The epsilon chapTer. This year's naTional convenTion was held aT wayne sTaTe Teachers college. Page 122 pi kappa clelTa pi kappa delTa is The naTional honorary speech TraTerniTy on The campus. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To sTimulaTe progress in inTercollegiaTe speech acTiviTies and comrnunicaTion, in an eTTorT To provide TuncTional leadership Training Tor life, and aT The sanne Time, encourage a spiriT oT Tellowship, broTherly cooperaTion, and incenTive Tor achievennenT. The chapTer aT kearney is The zeTa chapTer oT pi kappa delTa, which is The largesT Torensic TraTerniTy in The naTion. Tor a number oT years The local chapTer has been one oT The Top in The counTry, and was recognized oTTicially This year as one oT The n'1osTacTive chapTers in The uniTed sTaTes. The province oT The plains, which includes all pi kappa delTa chapTers in nebraska, kansas, and colorado, held Their province conTesTs This year on march IS, lo, and l7, aT souThwesTern college in winfield, kansas. TronT row, leTT To righT: rnr. ahrendTs, sponsor: gary weeks: lyle whiTesel, secreTary, and roberT poT Tinger, presidenT. second row: bill hardwickg loill milldyke: bill boyd: charles ienkins lack king iirn buTerbaugh, Treasurer: doyle howiTT: Tred kempT: and don main. lnslrow,leH'+o dqn+:leonard skov,predden+ycoHeene cHne,ykxapreddenlpsnideyiobnson,lreas urem swdey noudon,secmdary:bob dick and donieder,sponson second row: doyk nowH+-kay nebon,georqe morqan,dekNesronne,leschake,edHb qunucks and don weHe.lnud row: Hcnard nawes,eHa dougbs,carolralne,rnadon gundemon,ianke palmer,elnelpaylon,and dean nomday lourlli row: duane sclfiaclcellord, bob rademaclier, gail sliclcell, and leora rippen. pi omega pi liigliliqliled by ils annual commerce maiors' dinner in december and a successful field Trip lo omalia in marclw, pi omega pi llwis year conlinued iis aclivilies for business educalion sludenis. monllily meelings, sponsored by miss ocldnga, mr. iesler, and mr, welcli, provided social acliyily and an opporlunily To review and discuss currenl problems of business educalion. Page 124 sigma Tau delTa The english TraTerniTy recorded a successTul year Tor i955-56. Three evenTs occupied The agenda oT sigma Tau delTa. The november meeTing highlighTed a lecTure by miss clara johnson, who spoke To The group abouT Thanlcsgiving origins and cusToms. The annual Tormal chrisTmas banqueT concluded I955. members enjoyed a Tollc program by mr. and mrs. richard welsbacher, and words oT advice Trom mr. c. T. ryan, The TraTerniTy sponsor. The english maiors were especially proud oT The T956 anTler, The only campus liTerary publicaTion. ediTor bob dick and business manager iaclc lcing combined eTTorTs To produce a sTreamlined collecTion oT original prose and poeTry. sigma Tau delTa was hosT TraTerniTy This year Tor The spring inTer-honorary- TraTerniTy banqueT, held march 24 in The crysTal room oT The TorT lcearney hoTel. TronT row, leTT To righT: mr. c. T. ryan, sponsorq paT roucis, secreTary, shlrley mageTTe, presidenTg lucille anderson. Treasurer: bob diclc, hisTorian. back row: anne underwood, robin croissanT, bob Tair, leonard slcov, les drake, lavonn harmoney. xi phi lefl lo riglil, fron? row: miss dorollwy williams, sponsor: ella douglas, record- ing secrelary and lreasurerg carol ralbe, invesHgaling secrelaryg duane sliaclcelford, president bob dick, vice-president second row: erna jensen, lucille anderson, robin croissanl, blanclwe Cargill, zoe luclcer, lavonne shaf- fer, leora rippen. baclc row: alan morris, bob rademaclwer, doyle lwowill, dean wise. Page 126 social delTa acTives: shirley mageTTe, barb rohriclc, neva Zimmerman, marci io nicodemus, robin croissanT, presidenTp verneTTa Terris, marilyn reinerTson, bernadine eclchouT, marianne alTmaier. second row: lavonne shaTTer, sharon simon, nancy hill, norine wurdeman, gail speidell, mimi Tilmanis, lcay sTrasburg, paT oTT, ardyce carroll, shirley aclcer. delTa pi beTa The delTa arrow was aimed high as The girls in whiTe planned Tor anoTher successTul year To add To Their hisTory. The year was oTT To a good sTarT when robin croissanT was crowned homecoming queen. Their huge, yellow birThday cake won The delTas second place in The TloaT conTesT. The delTas also held Their annual alumni homecoming brunch, which rounded ouT a successTul golden anniver- sary homecoming. The highlighT oT The year was The holly ball, one oT The sororiTy's main evenTs, which was aTTended by Two-hundred and TiTTy guesTs. miss roberTs, sororiTy sponsor, crowned Shirley mageTTe as holly queen. malcing use oT Their ouTsTanding dramaTic abiliTies, The delTas presenTed a panTomine vaudville show Tor The mardi gras, which included panTomines oT The mosT Tamous recording arTisTs OT The I92O's. ardyce carroll proudly reigned as mardi gras gueen. Page 128 clel'ra pi beia The dellas again parlicipaled in The crippled children's lily parade, an annual drive lor aid 'ro crippled children, and made Their usual chrislmas conlribulions To Jrhe kearney homes for Jrhe aged. Jrwenjry-Three eager and enlhusiaslric girls chose della pi bela as Jrheir sororily. ladonna peler- son, a freshman della pledge, was crowned sweelhearl ol lhe freshman class as a resull ol an eleclion by lhe sludenlrs. o'rher highlighls of The year were a pledge lea given by mrs. dillo websler, The receprion of The new members al a lormal inilialion, Jrhe annual molher-daughler lea, and The spring collon ball, which broughl The year lo a very successful close. della pledges: lcaren lohnslein, ladonna pelerson, carol Shaffer, elva hermsen, lawanna morgan, donna harris, norma iciebig, marion polslci, nancy dick, ianel read, alyce sanderman, roselyn iamison. second row: rosemary mchargue, sandra aclcer, donna siebler, carolyn pelerson, linda campbell, lcendra winans, alice musil, lqaren lcemplrner, sharon ruebeclc, sharon large, doris davis. f Page 129 sigma acTives: kay nelson, merna ruebsamen, mary spray, donna windels, zoe Tucker, shirley johnson, presidenTg alice iohnson, leora rippen, nila corkill, mary ann peak, nancy wise, donna brink, clara ockinga, sponsor. second row: ioan griess, ioan chrisT, kaThryn kilgore, sharon sTear, bonnie donahoe, ioan kivilighn, marie musel, sTella brisTol, karen caspers, ierry holzTasTer. Third row: arlene TosTer, beTTy lees, ioan land- quisT, genevieve graTT, carol pursel, shirley housTon, berneiTa ecklund, carol anderson, barbara viren, amy dusek. sigma TheTa phi The "candles oT The Triangle" represenTing The sigma TheTa phi sororiTy glowed especially brighT during The year, and revealed ThaT The meaning oT sigma TheTa phi conTinues To be an inspiraTion leading To achievemenT and success. homecoming was celebraTed wiTh a brunch given by The alumni in honor oT The acTives. wesTern decoraTions provided The seTTing Tor The annual ranch dance, The pre-rush parTy. sigmas were kepT busy aT The mardi gras wiTh The TradiTional "sigma grams." Page 130 sigma 'rhefa phi fhe highlighf of fhe year was preference day. fhirfy-nine girls sfafed fheir preference for sigma fhefa phi. fhe sigma "sweefhearf" was revealed af fhe bufferfly ball in fhe spring. closing fhe acfivifies for anofher year was fhe picnic, fhe mofher's day fea af marfin hall, and a breakfasf given in fhe honor of seniors. officers for fhe year were: shirley johnson, presidenfg lexie clark, firsf semesfer vice-presidenf, donna brink, second semesfer vice-presidenf, shirley denman, secrefaryp alice johnson, freasurerg zoe fucker, rush chairman, genevieve graff, news reporfer: berneice ecklund, hisforian, linda larsen, chaplain, leora rippen, chorisfer, iane king choir direcfor. miss clara ockinga is sponsor. sigma pledges: maxine caspers, marilyn anderson, io schneider, iean brown, beffy schinzel, bey sfransky, io deyeny, ieri sfafford, kafhy epp, barbara parker, peggy parsons. marilyn iohnson, io ann novosad, peggy earnharf, jackie hellman. second row: kafhleen freeman, marlys ecklund, kay dawes, darleene sfruve, barbara sheirman, kay lundy, gwen howiff, paf kenfner, loreffa fasfenau, norma shirley, iudy schulke, ann milne, nancy ivers, kafhryn freeman. fhird row: sharon darling, bev long, bev wafkins, io bauer, anneffa mifchell, iudy anderson, iane sfarr, nancy belchner, adrienna maxon, marilyn meyer. zeTa chi alpha members oT The zeTa chi alpha sororiTy once more exempliTied The meaning oT Their chain-Triendship, leadership, and knowledge. homecoming evenTs Tor all zeTa acTives and reTurning alumni were inauguraTed by The breal4TasT given by The sororiTy aT The hoTel TorT lcearney. The zeTa TloaT, "horn OT plenTy," in The TiTTieTh anniversary homecoming parade depicTed The TruiTTul producTs oT The college during The pasT halT cenTury. The sharing spiriT oT chrisTmas prompTed The members oT The sororiTy To donaTe giTTs To a needy Tamily in The ciTy as a yuleTide proiecT oT good will. zeTa acTives: ioylnn brown, paT robinson, lcaren van camp, carol raThe, lucy anderson presidenTg ioan richTer, dorris hulshizer, marilyn sTevvard, colleen aspergren. second row leona Tailor, sponsor, glenda calvin, mildred schuller, loieTTe iohnson, sheila iohnson marilyn ricl4eTTs, marlene Tox, carmen laguna, diane ingram, adell hillmer. Page 132 zefa pleclges: fronf row: paf forell, beffy lcolar, marilyn coffey, leofa lcyes, donna oliver, beffy bumgarfner, beffy von ohlen, beffy murray, carmen laguna, delores ronne, iean frafes, sharon riffer, ioan miller, Iucille savely, iune chrisp. second row: harrief minshull, donna wells, shirley woodruff, shirley bloomfield, lavonne wagner, marian hilferfy, sandra armsfrong, nadine hinfon, iill ware, barbara mcroberfs, mar- iean welfe, lcaren richards, sandra spafh, deanna ronne. bacl4 row: barbara such, barbara harf, donna cafferson, nola banilc, iean george, claudia rumbeclc, dorene chorn, doris baker, donna dee brown. ze'ra chi alpha fhe climax of fhe year was fhe annual cinderella ball, affended by abouf one hundred and fiffy guesfs. dr. failor, sponsor of fhe sororify, crowned carol rafhe as Hcinolerella of l956." fhirfy-nine girls showed fheir preference for fhe zefa sororify af fhe end of rush fesfivifies. new pledges and acfiyes alilce became busy publishing fhe annual zefa chaffer, a semesfer publicafion of fhe organizafion. fhe slumber parfy also ranlced high as an enioyable evenf in The zefa schedule. fhe spring formal dance wifh fhe crowning of fhe "chi guy" and fhe mofher- daughfer fea broughf fo a close fhe successful year. Page 133 acfivesz don iardon, george morgan, dewaine alcorn, presidenlg bud gross. second row: arl' alberding, diclc bailor, royal sands, ierry meyer, bill goa, iaclc nellson, lcen main, arl willroclc, roy Jrroyer, roger morse, Jrliird row: lyle wlnilsel, laverne roberlson, lyle mcmindes, lewis fellcer, lee lwolm, dean wise, bud farm, bill lwammond, marvin nol- cum, led mills, ioe iaclc. fourllw row: ron pallerson, bill rauerl, ron wallers, don main, dale bubalc, iim nelson, leo slone, berl moor. caledonian llwe pasl year lias been one filled willi successful aclivily for Jrlie members ol Jrlwe caledonian fralernily. one of llwe lirsl semesler liiglwliglwls was homecoming. The cals lwad a winning lloal buill around llme llweme, "flue golden pasl prepares for Jrlwe luluref' llme annual homecoming banquel lweld al The lcearney couniry club was allended by almosl lwo lwundred aclive caledonians and alumni members. flue pre-ruslw dance was Jrlme lasl social funclion of The lirsl semesler. more Jrlwan one lmundred couples were presenl al llwe cryslal ballroom of The forl lcearney lwolel. miss nadia williams was crowned during inlermission as caledonian sweel- lwearl of l955. officers for rlwe firsr semesler were: burdelle Farm, presidenlq jerry meyer, vice- presidenlg burdelle moor, secrejraryg and iaclc nellson, rreasurer. Page 134 Caledonian Caledonian acTiviTies during The second semesTer included The annual preference dinner and The bowery ball. TwenTy-seven men were pledged To The caledonian TraTerniTy aT The preference dinner held aT broolc's sTealQ house. Two new sponsors, dr. angello cucci and mr. william king, were made honorary members of The TraTerniTY. guesT speaker Tor This occasion was mr. james lqnapp, a Caledonian alumnus. The bowery ball was an imporTanT evenT Tor caledonians and Their daTes. oTTicers Tor The second semesTer were: dewaine alcorn, presidenTg george mor- gan, vice-presidenTg don iardon, secreTaryq and harry gross, Treasurer. pledges: diclc abraham, ron supancheclc, donn lcneeper, iaclq hale, eldon cornish iaclr Trindle, duane madsen, bob worman, ioe mciarland, Tom morris. second row wayne gracheclc, iim groghan, larry mosel, iim henlce, bill hardwiclc, jerry herndon iim sTall4er, don o'neill. Third row: gordon whorTman, les dralce, dale anderson clarlc yanda, gerry gusinslci, bob desch. phi phi phi acTives: richard spargo, emii kirwan, dale TaiTer, duane wohfe, richard harringTon, duane hamar, george moore. second row: earl hammond, gary schmidT, Trank robinson, gene armsTrong, dale black, ioe smiTh, ron messman, mike kirwan. The year I955-56 was hisToric and busy Tor The phi phi phi TraTerniTy. iT was hisToric in ThaT iT was The beginning oT The Third TraTerniTy on The coiiege cam- pus. sixTeen charTer members worked hard and iong To make sure ThaT Their broTherhood would be one oT greaT signiTicance. presidenT Tor This TirsT year was duane wolTe, dale TaiTer was eiecTed vice- presidenT, richard harringTon secreTary, and gene armsTrong Treasurer. Page 136 phi phi phi The pre-rush dance was held january 6 in The college caTeTeria. The Theme oT The dance was a hobo hop and Those aTTending dressed accordingly. clark yanda was crowned king ho and sharon darling was ojueen bo. aTTer The Tri phi smoker, held aT coTTon mill lake lodge, nineTeen men pledged phi phi phi aT The preTerence dinner held aT brookes sTeak house. pledgeship began immediaTely aTTer The dinner and ended wiTh The pledges going Through "help" week acTiviTies. oTher acTiviTies included, hay rides, serenades, hour dances and The lasT big social TuncTion oT The year, The Tri phi spring Tormal. aT This Tormal The sweeT- hearT oT phi phi phi was crowned. pledges: dave TausseTT, Tom carlson, leo wax, yerle nelson, bob rassmussen, rex radTord, don eyersoll, jim TiTTeringTon, al lewandowski, second row: gary sinnen, roger denney, dick beaTTie, jim smiTh, bill gabberT, ray ozane, cliTT Trump, bob ewald, duane jones, darwin galloway phi Tau gamma The golden year oT i955-56 proved To be one oT major imporTance in The hisTory oT phi Tau gamma. many honors came To The TraTerniTy, The TirsT being an- nounced as The winner oT The homecoming TloaT during The golden anniversary celebraTion. eighT members oT The TraTerniTy were elecTed To The sTudenT council during The course oT The year. aT The annual rush dance, held in The crysTal ballroom oT The TorT lcearney hoTel, miss nancy wise was announced as phi Tau sweeThearT Tor The year oT l955-56. acTives: larry Terguson, bob rademacher, dwighT hahn, chic reiclcs, chancellor: jim miTchell, dayne smiTh, bob sTemper. second row: mr. hoTTman, sponsor: jack rohrs, dean jelden, dale slcovv, jim hansen, john rowland, jim buTerbaugh, dave brink, cecil sTuTzman, larry johnson, don sTraney. Third row: dale hyde, don ayres, larry collison, jim sanTord, roger Tarrar, gary aclcerman, bill beavers, ron biclcford, jerry jordan, alvin osmera, bill bowers, jay hacl4eTT, jaclc sTranslcy. TourTh row: clayfon scoTT, Tred l4empT, jim crowley, jack coTTee, don hein, bob miller, kyler nel- son, norris augusTine, gerry ramsey, duane shaclcelTord, perry lcenny. pledges: russ clernenT, larry hansen, bill boyd, iohn werT, larry Swanson, gordon rnorrow, cliTT iacobs, rich rundsTrom, iaclc rnccullough. second row: doug meTz, bill larson, paul peisTer, burns bowers, don johnson, bob sToplcoTTe, jack seyrnour, rodney haggard, don ehlers, spilce wilson, larry peTerson, john nicholson. Third row: Tom sTocl4, dick peTerson, jerry brady, gary weelcs, byron brede, don greenlee, richard lcrause, ray sTone, jerry waldo, errol phillips, rod- ney hildenbrand. phi Tau gamma ThirTy-seven pledges Toolc The oaTh second sernesTer To uphold The TradiTions, scholarship, and broTherhood which have been The Trademarlc oT The TraTerniTy, which is The oldesT TraTernal organizaTion on The carnpus. oTTicers oT The TraTerniTy Tor The year l955-56 were: gene maxey and charles reicks, chancellor, roberT miller and iaclc lcing, vice-chancellor: duane shaclcelTord and dayne smiTh, Treasurer, and norris augusTine and iim miTchell, secreTaryq TirsT and second sernesTer in order oT placemenT. Page 139 leTT To righT, TronT row: robin croissanT, lucille anderson, shirley iohnson, vice-presidenT zoe Tuclcer, lavonne shaTler. back row: ron messman, chic reiclcs, dewaine alcorn, pres1denT george morgan. inTer-fraTerniTy-sororiTy council Page The inTer-TraTerniTy-sororiTy council meeTs once each monTh. This year The oTTicers were: presidenT, dwaine alcornq vice-president shirley iohnsong secreTary-Treasurer, colleen aspegreng and sponsor, mr. roland welch. The inTer-TraTerniTy-sororiTy council has Three main obiecTives. They are: To promoTe beTTer Teeling beTween The social TraTerniTies and sororiTies OT The collegeg To improve and elevaTe The social liTe oT The campus: and To raise The scholarship oT The members oT The social TraTerniTies and sororiTies aTliliaTed wiTh The council. rush weelc and The enTire pledge period are also supervised by The council. 140 independenT sTudenT associahon The independenT sTudenT associaTion, an organizaTion Tor all unaTTiliaTed sTudenTs, began a year oT acTiviTy on homecoming day. a series oT auTo- mobiles depicTing The progress oT TiTTy years were enTered in The parade, winning honorable menTion. an alumni bangueT was held oluring home- coming. a chrisTmas parTy wiTh giTTs preceded The annual chrisTmas crunch, a a recepTion sponsored Tor Treshmen and new sTudenTs. The big evenT oT The year was The gypsy Trail parTy, held in Tebruary. a leap year parTy was held in march. The lcearney chapTer oT The naTional isa senT Two delegaTes To The regional convenTion aT The universiTy oT wyoming in ocTober. a delegaTion also aTTended The naTional convenTion aT ausTin, Texas, in april. TronT row, leTT To righT: don Tomlinson, secreTaryg mary alexander, vice-presiclenT charles lenlcins presidenT, bob cliclc, Treasurer, and dr. luella mundel, sponsor. second row paT olson pearl dyer mrs. margareT lewis, monica paiTz, susan day, shirley holmgren, cloroThy lrublish and erna Iensen baclc row: bob gell, charles hunTley, bill marlaTT, cliTT lowell, maurice nelson bob ashley loren willcie, and sTanley urwiller. lronl rovm rnrs.rnanlor, nws.larson' sponsors: anwy dusek,slale represenlalive: blancne cargHl vice-presr de-nl: pal olson, secrelary: marilyn brodine, lreasurerz lcaren caspers, lwislorian: norine wurdernan, publicily, miss garell, sponsor. second row: mary brown, winnie lwiclcman, peggy parsons, adrianna maxon, lwarriel min- slwull, iune clirisp, ellen wegner, belly scliinzel, merlyn ralirnann. llwird row: deanna ronne, arlene volgamore- marilyn iaclcson, carolyn losler, rulli mulllbaclw, mary lou sandel,elaine lcneilel, glenda calvin, marlene lox, donna ollun, snirley bloomlield. lourlli row: lrances yurges, marcia iolmnson, ioyce Coleman, lois mcclure' dadene sWuve,sandra spalh, nadine hkwon, mary devine, marlha hansen, ada carbon, dorolhy kubhn. lillli row: deloris mallson, mildred maslce, ioan miller, iaclcie llolmburg, donna oliver, lucy anderson, pal robinson' alice iolwnson, mary spray, barbara nicleerson, ianice neuialir, lcallwryn mcconnell, marci io nicodemus. sixlli row: donna callerson, pal mcmalwon, marlene pelersen, pal boyer, lavonne wagner, jean lrales, marly loews, norma liebig, ianel read, alyce sanderrnan, ianice loullinglon, belly murray, ila llieobald. sevenlh row: donna cunnmgbann gawe chrk nwwna schaHerh marHyn weber,ianel congew besde baken lwyb snnlh,rnargol lranke. colhecon alllwougli colliecon means college liome economics club, llwe organizalion is de- signed lo meel llwe needs and inleresls ol every girl on campus. over one liun- dred and lliirly girls were members ol colliecon lliis year. dagmar naylor, presi- denl, led llie girls in a very successlul year. mosl ol llie monllwly programs were planned by sludenl program commillees. some ol llie more inleresling programs were lable manners and eliguelle, llie "lace lilling" ol rooms, and appropriale clolliing and accessories. llie lwo big allraclions ol llwe year were llwe "wedding" in marcli, lealuring lormer collfiecon members modeling llweir wedding gowns, and llie ellen lm richards lormal ban- guel in may. a balce sale was lweld downlown in marcli lo boosler lunds. Page 142 k club shown above are 'rl'1e college leH'ermen of +l1e lc club. lronl row, lell To riglilz mr. Copeland, mr. losler, and mr. zikmund, sponsors: bill bowers, presiclenlg don ayres, vice-president and bill moss, secrelary-Jrreasurer. naiacls honorary swimming club-fronl row, lefl To rigliiz sharon rubeclc, ianel yosi, nancy fee, io lliurman, donna lfiirsl, and berniia eclclund. back row: clwiglfil lwalm, don slraney, gary aclcermari, dale liyde, jerry ramsey, and miss lwarriel yingling, sponsor. A iff- i ms, wmv ,axes - W, We ,pg-21: rpm W? Hen QNg 2 ,,l' .I 5 ' W ' S 3 ,M , Www? :Ag "' 3 '. f r -I seafed: arlene fosfer, vice-presidenfg zoe fuclcer, presidenf, dean iean peffif, sponsor. sfanding, firsf row: carole anderson, secrefaryy iune joins, maxine casper, beffy lees, freasurerq alice iohnson. fhird row: bey long, sharon darling, mary alexander, nancy wise. womens league womens league is fhe only organizafion on campus in which all women are par ficipanfs. fhe league held ifs monfhly meefings, which feafured programs in cluding a picnic for freshman girls, a chrisfmas sfyle show, discussion groups fallcs, a surprise paclcage parfy, a spring picnic, and a mofher-daughfer fea fhe league offers a scholarship fo a woman sfudenf who will feach in fhe second ary field. a sfudenf loan fund is also parf of fhe benefifs given by fhe league fhe officers for fhe year were: presidenf, Zoe fuclcerq vice-presidenf, arlene fosfer secrefary, carole anderson, and freasurer, beffy lees. Page 1-44 mens league under The able direcTion oT bob rademacher as presidenT, bill boyd as vice- presidenT, charles ienlcins as secreTary, and iim crowley as Treasurer, mens league sponsored many evenTs during The year. sTarTing The year oTT wiTh a waTermelon Teed and parTy during Treshman weelc, The mens league joined Torces wiTh womens league To make iT a huge success. as usual, The mens league loan Tund Turnished some ready cash Tor some oT The men on The campus. in The second semesTer SIOO was added To give iT a greaTer coverage. conTaining a membership oT all men on campus, mens league, under The sponsor- ship oT dean sTuTheiT, Took an acTive parT in campus evenTs. several medals were given To inTer-mural leaders in The school aThleTic scene. seaTed: bob rademacher, presidenTg bill boyd, vice-presidenTg baclc row: jim crowley, Treasurer: charles ienlcins, secreTaryg and dean bernhard sTuTheiT, sponsor. ' ' 5' wif in in '- rs fi'Y3'? Q' 3 12353 3 sz ..5'as..3r frihsfsigwkrzyw E u. saw Page 145 infervarsily christian fellowship lronl row, lell lo righi: susan day, missions secrelaryg pal olson, secre+ary: blanche carqill, vicef presidenly iaclc swanson, president iim swanson, lreasureri miss nelson, sponsor, and miss holcomb, sponsor. second row: rod johnson, doreen chorn, eleanor blauvell- lcaren van camp, marlys iohnson, ianelle hallel, arla carlson, and lcen ellis. lhird row: merill johnson, mary lou sandell, ianice shaier, rulh muhlbach, peggy scranlon, merna schallerl, shirley bloomfield, and lrances iohnslon. back row: dean wadell, lcalhie mcconnell, pal boyer, nadine hinlon, shirley holmgren, ralph wad- dinglon- and richard unlerseher. lu'rl1eran sfudenfs associafion fronl row: carolyn schurr, karen caspers, barbara viren, maxine caspers, lcalhy epp, and lucy anderson, presidenl. baclc row: ianice lceller, donna wendels, secrelary-Treasurer: alice johnson, mildred maslce, delores mallson, and lona abelbeclq. fronf row: kafhryn manharf, freasurer: winnie hickman, secrefaryg earl hammond, presidenfg monsignor francis fschidag iim smifh, vice-presidenfg marianne alfmaier, news reporfer. second row: elaine lcneifel, evelyn joan deviny, mary frinlc, monica paifz, mildred schuller, ioan richfer, norma herverf. fhird row: ioyce genereaux, beffy schinzel, zifa rice. dorofhy kulclish, richard hawes, maynard wichman, jerry wefovick. fourfh row: mary hanlon, beverly whalen, helen daly, roberfa hagman, mary devine, marilyn roy, darlene sfruye, rifa uri. fiffh row: cafherine poole, norma fiebig, barbara rohrich, sharon large. newman club newman club, fhe campus organizafion for cafholic sfudenfs, enioyed anofher successful year. W formal inifiafion, The cardinal newman honorary banguef, and fhe senior ban- quef were highlighfs of fhe year. chaplain of fhe newman club is monsignor francis fschida, pasfor of sainf iames cafholic church in lcearney. george whiffield is fhe sponsor. leff fo righf: winnie hiclcman, secrefaryg lcafhryn manwarf, freas urerg earl hammond, presidenfg jim smifh, vice-presicenfq mon signor francis i. fschidaq and marianne alfmaier, news reporfer. veTs village seaTed, leTT To righT: clark reeves, dale pislcorslci, doyle howiTT, nick paTsios, and hanlc amend. sTanding, gayle iohnson and dean bernhard sTuTheiT, sponsor. since The close oT world war II, This college has been one OT The Tew colleges or universiTies in The sTaTe To oTTer housing Tor married veTeran sTudenTs. veTs village, now nearly a decade old, has made iT possible Tor married sTudenTs To Tind suiTable housing TaciliTies aT The college. The veTs village council is dedicaTed To The service oT married veTeran sTudenTs. The council is responsible Tor nearly all The TuncTions and acTiviTies oT The village. council members Tor The year were: doyle howiTT, mayorg niclc paTsios, secreTaryg marTin piscorslcip hanli amend: gayle iohnsong clarlc reevesp and lewis wrighT. Page 148 womens aThleTic associaTion This year The womens aThleTic associaTion provided recreaTional sporTs every Tuesday nighT Tor The members. besides having TournamenTs in volleyball, such sporTs as badminTon, Tennis, soTTball, swimming and baskeTball were played. aT The close oT The TirsT semesTer, class TournamenTs in volleyball were held. in ocTober, waa sponsored a halloween parTy. The waa is a member oT The aThleTic TederaTion oT college women, along wiTh oTher sTaTe colleges in nebraska. members Trom ksTc aTTended The all-sporTs day aT wayne sTaTe lasT Tall. in The ksfc homecoming display conTesT, The waa won TirsT prize wiTh The Theme "Time marches on." The organizaTion is sponsored by miss doroThy orcuTT. TronT row, leTT To righT: adell hillmer, presidenTg kay sTrasburg, vice-presldenT marlean welTe, secreTaryp barbara scheirman, Treasurer: jean gerdes, and shirley acker second row: donna siebler, sandra acker, ardena wood, donna hirsT, ianeT weekly and ruTh lawrence. back row: carolyn draucher. marilyn roy, iean larreau, phyllis bomberger marian hilTerTy, and beTTy baumgarTner. wesley fellowship lronl row, lell lo riqlnl: marcia iolinson, pearl dyer, carol rallne, marilyn sleward. beverly slranslay, ianice palmer, and pal olson, Treasurer. back row: ed qilforol, alan morris, bill marlall, jerry iorclan, presiclenl, and doyle liowill, sponsor. ymca lroni row, le-if io righlz slanley urwiller, president bob gell, vice-president rnr. l. m. larsen and mr. bill king, sponsors. baclc row: maurice nelson, olon lornlinson, bob olick, anol charlie iencins, secrelary-lreasurer. l smh 4 . , Q 1: TronT row: dude lcorcelc, ernesT moes, donald wesierslri, bobbie brown, gerald guzinslqi, presidenT, doug miller, sherman lehman, gerald hornbaclc. second row: glen lcarsTing, gale mcnulTy, bob ashley, gary milclcelson, lcenneTh lcellogg, clark reeves. back row: bob iacobsen, clayTon irvine, rolland bowers, william Ziegler, dennis TiTzgerald. veTs organizaTion The veTs organizaTion, alThough new on campus, has shown a sTeady growTh since iTs incepTion in ianuary, I955. The purpose oT The organizaTion is primarily social, buT iTs oTher TuncTions are a scholarship Tor a deserving sTudenT, and a loan Tund Tor veTerans. several dances are held ThroughouT The year, and one oT The social acTiviTies oT The season is The emerald ball, a dinner dance ThaT will be an annual aTTair. members of The group Turnished The color guard Tor each TooTball game, and Tor The homecoming parade. The oTTicers Tor The pasT year were: presidenT, ierry guzinslci, vice-presidenT, dick Welker: and secreTary-Treasurer, don o'neill. Page 151 ywca ywca cabineT-leTT To righT: marilyn sreward, Treasurer: io Thurman, secre-Tary ella douglas, vice-presidenT: colleene Cline, presicenT, and miss garreTT, sponsor The young women's chrisTian associaTion is a socieTy organized To provide op- porTuniTies Tor The sTudy oT chrisTian principles, Tor The developmenT oT chrisTian ideals in personal living, Tor The expression oT chrisTian love Through service To oThers, and Tor The enioymenT oT chrisTian Tellowship in recreaTional ac:TiviTies. The oTTicers Tor The year were: presidenT, colleene Cline: vice-presidenT, ella douglas: sec:reTary, ioan Thurman: Treasurer, marilyn sTeward. The ywca sponsors The big-liTTle sisTer Tea during Treshman weelc in sepTemloer To help The new girls geT acguainTed. Page 152 in december The socieTy presenTed a special chrisTmas program on The "college halT-hour" over sTaTion l4gTw, Trom The college radio sTudio. because oT The scarciTy oT classrooms, The associaTion Tound iT necessary To sell The TurniTure in The ywca room, and iT was converTed inTo a classroom Tor handicapped children. one oT The biggesT evenTs oT The year Tor The group was The Third annual mardi gras, held in Tebrurary. dayne smiTh and ardyce carroll were crowned lcing and queen aT The mardi gras dance. a special award sysTem was seT up, whereby all members aTTending meeTings regularly and parTicipaTing in The programs and proiecTs received a ywca pin, The blue Triangle. TronT row: donna lee brown, marilyn ricl4eTTs, ianeTTe haIleTT, delia garreTT, sponsor, arla carlson, winiTred linnerson, jean brown, merlyn rahmann. second row: viclci banks, deanna ronne, sheila john- son, shirley abernaThy, ianeT conger, marilyn weber, glenda calvin, lcaren van camp, delores ronne- ianice palmer, paT olson, and jean schepler. Third row: maxine caspers, ianeT lowe, nadine hinTon, paTricia Torell, leoTa lcyes, carmen laguna, sandra spaTh, ianice shaTTer, arlene volgamore- marlene peTerson, ioan miller. and barbara harT. baclc row: barbara mcroberTs, beverly kennedy, lavonne wagner, paT boyer, lcaThryn mcconnell, donna niclcerson, marilyn brodine, shirley woodruTT, marilyn iaclcson, and susan day. 1- HN, awk ,' if 4: ff? 5 , 97 I f A 4 .,,1,- A i L .f 1 f 4, If if , gx if 12' 1, .ag ,, champions! fhe anfelopes celebrafe affer clinch- ing conference championship wifh a vicfory over midland. antelopes win firsf ncc championship fhe I955 foofball season was climaxed when fhe anfelopes defeafed midland 2I-7, clinching fheir firsf ncc championship since fhe conference was organized in l9'46. fhe abilify of fhe anfelopes fo score, when fhe chips were down, againsf rnidland, char- acferized fhe anfelope plays all SSGSOH. fhey played like coach al zilcmund ancl senior leffermen view ncc championship frophy champions when fhey brolce a 7-7 deadlock lafe in fhe final half fhaf sfemmed from a 70 yard play from scrimmage by fullback bill powers. fhe an- felopes had a 6-I record in conference play, loosing only fo hasfings on fhe laffer's field. ' Page 156 is T wr 11. ioe mcTarland skirTs leTT end Tor good yardage in boTany bowl. ksTc victorious in bofany bowl lsearney made iTs bowl game debuT a success by sTunning norThern Teachers oT souTh dal4oTa, 34-I3 in The TirsT annual boTany bowl. The win snapped The norThern Teachers' I6 game winning sTrealc and ended a TerriTic season Tor coach allen zilcmund's Team. The win was Typical oT The anTelopes all season, The secreT being The all ouT Team spiriT and eTTorT. zilc is carried oTT The Tield as anTelopes ended a successful season by winning boTany bowl. ray adams goes Tor I7 yards againsT norThern Teachers Tor anTelopes' TirsT big gain. TeammaTe iim paTsios lays a lcey bloclc. honored players ,a adam, merlin bachman liHle all american lefl' end and line backer official all-conference lirsl learn honorary learn caplain Page second +eam coach of The year allen zikmund head TooTball coach allen zikmund was named "nebraska college coach oT The year" by The lincoln iournal. zilcmund lzilcl earned This award aTTer guiding The anTelopes To Their TirsT ncc comference championship and a vicTory in Their posT-season bowl game, The boTany bowl, in his TirsT year aT The helm oT The lcsTc squad. zilc guided The anTelopes To an 8-2 record and To Their TirsT vicTory over doane on The oponenT's Tield in Zl years and inTlicTed The TirsT loss To peru on Their home Tield in 5 years. beTore coming To lrearney, zilcmund coached aT grand island and alliance, producing championship Teams aT boTh places. lelancl copelancl, line coach, was one oT The main TacTors in The excellenT line displayed by This year's championship TooTball Team. dayne smilh iim palsios cenfer guard i "1 . . ,,., ., ' f if an l fix ' nw, mf dick baker . , I' "'. quarlerbaclc ioe mcfarland ha lfbaclc ffl' ray adams lurns on Jrhe speed as he goes for yardage arounc end lcearney opened lhe '55 season by snealcing by mcpherson, I3-6. 'rhe game lurned oul lo be a +igh+ defensive baffle, neilher Jream showing much offensive power. lhe an- lelopes laslecl deleal in lheir iirsl confer- ence ouling al Jrhe hands of haslings. lhe broncos opened Jrheir lille defense success- fully in a game marked by ragged play. joe smi+h dean wise quarlerback guard .Q .r T ? lf K wes boggs carries lhe ball wilh a hosl of would-be laclclers al his heels. bill dohrman Tackle roy froyer laclcle wes boggs fullback ioe mcfarlancl dares Hue weslyan Jrackler lo close in ine anlelopes lcepl' homecoming feslivilies in lwiqlw splrils by olowning Wesleyan 2l-6. eller a slow slarl +l'1e anlelopes gained momenlum and lookecl muclm beller llwan in flue previous Jrwo oulings. wayne fyfe ron roggy Jraclcle nalfback V I ,.., . .,.v Q be ,- N jaw ss?-" pf f lew xi ,e.,': .A lf ' sss s on l so dale bubak S lwallloaclc lcearney laclclers 'rhrow opposing ball carrier for loss. : ',,, Eig lf Y H in 56 kearney conTinued To improve as They downed a sTubborn chadron Team, 40-l9. The win was a Tremen- dous Team eTTorT on The parT oT The anTelopes. Once again The anTeloloes broke a peru record and deTeaTed The loobcaTs 7-6. The Teams baTTled on even Terms and only an exTra 1: Q.Q vicTory. Twig poinT conversion gave kearney The g A fs iii mcliarland abouT To be Taclcled 2 aTTer a shorT gain. so is T i ii TATA U ,. Paul morllz fi ,.,. i ----- 2 21221: . A fl: ' 1. ,.-.-1 c,zwZ?'3E? 4 1T5T" "" "' N is-12 55 M bill surface A :'- Q ' T charlie Thorell J .i c i 5: ar --,.: 1 :.:-, 5 - E .... t h 5 a Ck fs. ., .,.. . en x we W E.. ., W 'Ti Qs- Q 5 Q ik fi , ,,... , Q J r A gg Q gene armsTrong d s 1 g iq gg ray adams drives Tor yardage ,,'. walTer kuplce IQT f.g T - f 'W- , i T 5 fi2' ?if?TTz Qgw .,., A if " is li ig: T 5- .. ,... l lm lyons : end ' ,.,i ..i,, . Page 162 . AZ- NZ 13, . ,. Q, V g 7 -' - : --.. . -, ,,, , .....,. ,. M YE we X aa A Q O 1 .5 X ' -'T N. glen hawley cli 'neil .larry mosel don iohnson pal' l'1oy'I' l'1Gllb6Cl1 guard lwalfbaclc fullback egffgglffaf wwf? will few ew al piefsch f u l l la a clc ? 'fm k X as A 5 ill 906 1? it N. N ,QQ . f . 4? ed moore I K g u a rd lcearney snealced pasl Jrlme wayne vvildcafs. 6-O. ll avenged a 2l-7 loss +0 wayne lasf year. doane became Jrlwe nexl lcearney viclim and The Hgers were bealen I2-9 in a wild game. fullback bill loowers goes 'rlwrouglw The cenler of doane's defense for valuable yardage. Page 163 lerry morl+z +aclcle dave brink oulruns forl lwayes faclcler and goes for a louclm- down, afler receiving a pass. lesse nelson Jraclcle ed pislcorski guard The final regulargame of +l'1e season proved lo be an exciling one. Jrhe anfelopes dropped a 20-I2 decision +o forf liayes, Wes moslqer lcansas aller playing one of fheir besl Cenfer games of+l1e year. ray sfone iim lwehnlce jerry lwerndon 'led mills guard end guard Jraclcle Page 164 baskefball bill morris coach Pg 165 bill beavers qua rd Page 166 nun hiTs Tor Two againsi' Wesleyan. jim hansen cenTer coach bill morris' anTelopes opened The season by downing The TorT hayes wildcaTs, 69-67, in a see-saw baTTle which saw The lead change several Times. lcear- ney proved iTselT under pressure and pulled The game ouT of The Tire. h :ry Team CapTaIr1 bill zeigler ron golus forward guard lcearney losT ITS TlrsT comference game away Trom home aT midland. The warriors downed The anTelopes 66 To 70 in a well-played game. lcearney again ran inTo Trouble as They TalTerecl in The second halT and were humbled by The wayne wild- caTs 69 To 8 I . lceamey compleTed a bad road Trip by losing To a Tired-up doane crew 64 To 70. iim sanford T cl marshall ioyce guard TalTer's shoT is blocked AHRE' 14 glenwoocl einspahr rowland draws a Toul, as golus eagerly waTches The ball. fi, XJ S..-- Quafcl harold bennei' Torward Page 168 iohn rowland cenTer baclc on The vicTory Trail again The anTelopes rose up and smacked down wayne by The score OT 75 To 72, in an overTirne vicTory. wiTh The counT 70 To 7O aT The end OT regulaTion play The anTelopes ouT- scored wayne in The overTirne To posT The vicTory. lqearney lcepT up iTs winning ways by downing peru 79 To 66. aTTer Trailing The TirsT halT lc e a r n e y poured on The coal and sTearned To vicTory. The anTelopes avenged a biTTer deTeaT earlier in The year by sTop- ping rnidland 86 To 79. on The road The anTelopes ran inTo a deTermined Wesleyan club and TasTed a 50 To 67 deTeaT. The plains- men were deTending conTerence champions. playing heads up ball, lcearney downed The high Tlying chadron eagles 77 To 69. The deToaT upseT chadron's comference TiTle hopes. chadron bounced back The nexT nighT To deTeaT The leT-down anTelopes by The margin oT 6l-70. The long Trip To chadron seemed To show on The anTelopes, and They couldn'T seenn To geT going. harold Terry guard gene armshong CenTer ioyce sTarTs To drive whiles anTord anTicipaTes a pass zeigler's shoT is bloclced in The hasTings gam lhe anlelopes again proved lhern- selves a good pressure learn as lhey sguealred by Wesleyan in lhe second overlime ol lhe year, bealing lhe plainsnnen 80 lo 79. lcearney's lasl game ol lhe year was a deleal al The hands ol conference champion haslings. haslings had a line ball club and was noi lo be denied. lhe final season record for lcearney was 8 wins and I2 losses. mel nun Cunard dale falfer f orwa rd an+elope squacl-back row: assi: coach ed slaab, iohn rowland, harold lerry, gene armslrong, iim sanlord glenwood einspahr, second row: gary srnidl, dalel aller, ron golus, larry swanson, harold bennell, fronl' row marshall ioyce, bill zeigler. bill beavers, iim hansen, mel nun, and coach bill morris. W9 no sweaTs mTramural champions: doc Taylor, iim lyons, lee Thurin, gene niclcman, dale bubalc, noT picTured merlin bachman, ed sTaab, bill moss, sTan lynch. intramural baskefball anoTher Tine inTramural season was climaxed This year by a double eliminaTion TouramenT. The Teams were divided inTo Two leagues due To The large number oT enTries This year. The Top Tour Teams in each league parTicipaTed in The posT-season TournamenTs. The Teams ThaT compeTed were: american league: no sweaTs. lcnighTs, plaTTers, and sainTs. naTional league: iolcers, alley caTs, crew cuTs and loup valley boys. The no sweaTs deTeaTed The iolcers in The Tinals. Page 171 i'r's fun To run with champions Page 172 clayion scoH' is shown winning 'I'he mile a'I' 1'he hasfings mee+. scoHy is lhe conference mile and Two mile Charn- pion. lasf year scoiiy successfully defended his naia fwo-mile championship and fhis year will be gunning for his fhird lille. charles fos+er head fraclc coach . K . u 'Q ..' ' L." ... .' :-rw 3 ' . I ' l "lg" V'-' "' 1 Track squad-boTTom row: Track coach charles TosTer, glen Troyer, qayle johnson, lee Thurin, gary harsin, sTan garreTson, mike van horne, cliTf jacobs, ed sTaab, merlin bachman, ray adams, joe mcTarland, don ayres, don sTraney, duane wolTe, assT. coach leland Copeland. second row: jim hansen, dale TalTer, ed moore. bob peTers, eldon Cornish, glenwood einspahr, jerry king, don eversoll, jim lyons, charles haney, ray sTone, jim wilson, robbie armagosT, clayTon scoTT. Third row: gene armsTrong, larry holland, russel qasTon, Sherman smiTh, joe smiTh, cliTT Trump, gary srnidT, jim peTerson, bill rogers, bryan brede, darwin gallaway, jerry bydalek, Trank paloucek, arT wiTrock, assT. coach allen zikmund. TourTh row: Wendell mccormik, bill surrTace, john werT, dale skow, jim ormond, dick henderson, kelvin skiles, bob bishop, royce dilsaver, lloyd andrews, harvy kegly. TiTTh row: Zeke issacson, don coverT, cheT yoder, larry hansen, al peTch, duane jones, charlie Thorell, don johnson, Ted mills, jim crogan, jack kinser, will rowerT, ken main, sixTh row: bob coTTon, bill shelTon, harold bowers, jack sTransky, dayne smiTh, larry Terguson, lloyd lowe, ivan simpson, mel nun, darrel henderson, jim hurT, don burger. sevenTh row: junior brisco, bill hircock, al lewandowski, leo Turner, jack nelson, bill penn, dyle buckbee. gf aff 4 if if s , .. .,,. .. wfwi, e - ' vnu ,. , ,,,., , , 1-I xv wp W a:,'j: V ..,-,. ? is . Shel, sTan garre'l'son cliff jacobs Two mile 880, mile relay jerry king mile, Two mile Page 173 Page 174 4 ff? ' W-rf V! .f-wb ioe mcfarlancl ray adams IOO, broad lump, pole vaulf IOO, 220 nucleus of kearney's clisfance s+reng+h: froni' row-lloyd andrews, bryan brecle robbie armagosf, cliff jacobs, jack mccullouglw. standing-gary harsin, arf wif rock, sian qarrefson, don eversoll, and jerry king. don s'l'raney fg Jr NFLQL ' 543. X W ,. V H , , r, N22 af M5235 ' K Sam 440. 220 conference champion K gl V4 2 J 'f wwe .Q I4 ',,,,'V W I .m,,WV Wi95??? My K V' 3 M.. f f 'fT"f1Jf'lf ew F' 7 ' iw E?Ql'.M?i H Ar 41? don ayres 220, IOO conference champion ,, Q 53, Qi5S'5Z'?5: f . f 5, fy ' ,, fgw .?3.:' : ii? ,F ' Q.m W"'!"'J' M35 ' fgmf iwaf M Egg, L. w w , xv' 5 . f' ' Gigi ' . ff' V 1 Q a g. . ' i ,J N. ,..,., 2, . .'::'.:i::::.:. ' Q ff QW? ,Wm ,gM,Hwi,,. M A, .A pilygi, 'Z ,ii '1,:: f.:, ' . -L 'iw' - Q Queeg' 1' g 4 :4,g41gz3::ysw:N, arf wifrock mile, Two mile Page 175 E bill surface ecl sfaab shot discus, iavelin javelin, discus Page 176 l. ray sfone dale faH'er discus high jump, pole vauff eidon cornish high hurdles mike van horn hurdles jim hansen shot discus gene armsirong shot discus dave brink discus Page 177 goH waiching ivan adams fee off are-kneeling: coach bill morris. john ernsl. and bob scoville. sfanding: bill mclcean, buol hopkinson, freol hailen, and jim wi+'rer. Tennis firsi row-wayne graclwelc, iaclc smell. nassir sedarai, bill slwiliz, coach bill morris. second row-iim pelerson, marshall ioyce, click bailor, lfiarolcl Jrerry. and bill goa. cheerleaders cheerleaders: joan griess. peggy parsons, lcalhryn freeman. joan lanojuisr, joan schneider, and lcalhleen freeman. a lol of lime and hard work is required of a cheerleader lhroughoul lhe alhlelic year. a girl musl have pep and energy and Jrhis year's cheerleaders cerlainly had an over- alaundance of pep and enlhusiasrn. lhey did a lremen- dous job in helping lcearney enjoy a fine alhlelic year. Jrhey are well deserving of recognilion for a job well clone. Page 179 .N 5 w . N r EUUE EEEELDQ our student union Hue sluclenl union is a gallwering place and social cenler for +l'1e college sludenls. many lypes of recrealion and amusemenl are available lo be enjoyed by Hue slu- denl body. aclivilies and policies are planned and carried oul by llwe sludenl union acliyilies commillee willw llwe as- sislance of mrs. websler, direclor. Page 182 college cafeteria Jrasly and wholesome meals are served in surroundings Trial are comforlralole and inviling al llwe college cafeieria. prices are al line lowesl possible figure lo rnalclw Jrne sludenls budget many sororily, lralernily and club dinners and cances are lfield in lne dining room. rnrs. roberl Thorp is direclor. Page 183 your college photographer the anderson studio "photographer of distinction" I4 west 22 st. ,phone 23645 dch hause,bHlboweraiackseymourandlawy iohnidtand bHlayers dhcussthe hne pomts iohnson look over the bakery goods at the ofa beauhld manhattenshhtat schnert bakery ayres' clothing Page 184 pilcher's iewelry mr. pilcher shows lhe seleclion of coslrume iewelry available al pi+cher's iewelry lo Cecil slulzman, iirn Sanford and dean ielclen. 2003 cenlral ave. phone 2039i pla1"re valley s'ra're bank member l. d, i. c. "we enjoyed serving you" kearney floral ancl nursery nnarllys eclclund, mr. ericlfson and beverly long, aclrnire lhe beaulilul valenline display al kearney floral and nursery 2006-2nd, ave. phone 2 I 96 Page 185 iordan's sfandard service we give green sramps bafleries Tires accessories gas - oil 'rops in qualiry service 824 wesf 24 sl. phone 28l44 fori' kearney hotel and coffee shop iohn a. henry manager one of 'lhe many sweerhearrs crowned each year af 'the forf kearney hofel crysfal FOOITI. nancy wise. phi tau gamma 'frafernify sweefhearf, I956. Page 186' kearney creamery home of blue bell dairy producls 223 second ave. phone 2903! neilsen chevrolet "service afler lhe sale" more people drive chevrolels lhan any olher car' more value . . . +ha+'s why! 24 hour wreclcer service I6 wesl 25 sl. phone 2 I 8l Continuous Quality Is Quality You Trust jon croolc, marllys eclqlund and beverly long slep 2, up To lhe wlndow a+ The wry-, firsf national bank member federal reserve syslem - mem- ber federal deposil corporalion "+he bank of friendly service" Page 187 IX ll I V L sandra bogardus examines one of The many fine womens coals which are sold a+ lhe i. c. penny company duane birl, displays one of lhe line model airplanes for sale al sporls-crafi' supply co. wilson and spaulding equipment and reminglon and winchesler guns are lealured. 22 I 7 cenlral ave. phone 27 I 3l lcearney plumbing and healing company operaied by berl Wallace and loob cole fea- lures a complele line of plumbing and healing supplies. localed ai' 2003 cenlral avenue. pianos - phonographs sheel music radios - 'relevision - records leading makes of musical inslrumenls for 'rhe finesi' in music, gel' il' ai' 1'he bahr-schaal music company opposile world lhealer campus cafe specials every day priced lo meel your buclgel complele meal service mrs. greqerson, assisls bill bowers in +l1e selec- slella brislol loolcs admiringly al Jrlie large Lionilpf a Tvalcli from 'rlwegr Sarge slocflc hcl seleclion of women's apparel ai ami on, egin, gruen an uova wa c es available 51' coHage shop gregerson's iewelry "where fashion begins" sludebalcer - packard willys sales ancl service Hexcepliorial cars in all price fields" samway motors 24 l1our service 22IO Isl ave. plwone 3 IOOI Page 190 claussens a group of n. s. Jr. c. sludenls are shown The lalesl in foolwear al claussens. 22I4 cenlral phone 3064I fairmonf foods company iaclc seymour and rich lcrause are handed cones of delicious fairmonfs ice cream fhe peak of qualify kearney u. s. tire sales, inc. "formerly webs+er's baH'ery and fire service' qualify u. s. royal fires corner 24 sl. and avenue a phone 235i I baumgartner's variety store hosiery - lingerie - millinery - slalionery - school supplies 23Ol cenlral avenue hub printing company office supplies - equipmen+ fred h. Carlson dewey a. kring I5 e. 22 sl. phone 2 I 52 lincoln - mercury sales and service laclory Trained regislered mechanics 25 sl: and avenue I boyd iones lincoln mercury inc. i. m. mcdonald co. bernadine eckhoul snnles dehqhledly al lhe sighl of a beauHlM dressfronmlhe drew deparhnenf of i. m. mc donald co. 2IO6 cenlral avenue phone 3750! granrham cafe where friends rneel lo eal "opposi+e +he monumen+" eslher iuhl, mgr. Page 191 Page 192 hawfhorne's iewelry bernadine eckhoul' and larry iohnson examine a new palrern of silverware al hawl'horne's iewelry "where generalions have always been pleased" 2IO2 cenrral avenue phone 2826! every kind of laundry and dry cleaning service kearney laundry and zoric dry cleaners jack srransky accepls a freshly cleaned iackel from a clerk a'I' kearney laundry and zoric dry cleaners. I5 w 23 sl. phone 2450i sears roebuck and company kearney's mos? complere deyparlmenf s1'ore loill loowers, jack seymour and rich krause are shown a new spring iackel by rhe depar+men+ manager af sears roebuck and company I6w2l sl. Phone2I4l famous shoe store rhe place To go for shoes you know would you like lo lry on This pair of shoes, lhe friendly clerks ar lhe 'Famous shoe s+ore ask rnarllys ecklund and beverly long as fhey do Their spring shopping. 2I I cenlral ave. phone 32 I43 kearney land and mortgage insurance real estate I6 w 23 st. phone 3052l consumer public power district controlled and operated tor nebraslcans by nebraslcans central typewriter company g. lm lierryl treadway, manager complete office supply store rentals - sales service 2OI2 central avenue phone 2253! it you don't believe education pays loolc at me. nim's station personalized service I24 w 2I st. phone 3355! Page 193 I 9 I -,-A ll , -1-. -" ELIQV, I -i- -I - ' UmuiQi4 - : ' i"" adi ii a aa. sm HELLMAN ., "--- --' AND JAKE HELLMAN, OWNERS " kearney's home-owned department store eck's paint and glass store dutch boy paints, varnishes and enamels 22l5 central avenue phone 2854! the kearney dental association helps support your college w. page boggs, d.d.s. cg. m. hamilton, d.d.s. a. cullen, d.d.s. raymond heulse, d.d.s. lc. l. holmes, d.d.s. r. m. qilrnore, d.d.s. tranlc o. raasch, d.d.s. ben h. pahl, d.d.s. t. h, prellvvitz, d.d.s. kearney buick co. ding a. mattson when better automobiles are built painting and paper hanging spray painting buiclc will build them. "ring tor ding" buick authorized sales and service shop - I5 e. 24th st. res. 270i cetral ave. 25I6 central avenue phone 2I8l phone 2276i Page 194 ioy-lynn flowers and giffs for weddings - anniversaries - birfhdays - corsages - funerals flowers felegraphed anywhere 2023 cenlral avenue phone 3454l hirschfelds fhe place fo shop for men and boy's clofhing 2l I2 cenfral avenue phone 2327l snack bar lunches - founfain for snacks in pleasanf surroundings emery f. iurgens, prop. 2209 cenhalave. phone 2064I meuller motors inc. ford aufhorized sales and service fesf drive an'ierica's favorife car fhe l956 ford 2020 Isf. avenue phone 2l7I 'rasfy 'rea room iusf a good place fo eaf appefizinq rnenus - founfain service 2300 cenfral avenue phone 3l28l bodinson hardware since I878 complefe hardware and giff sfore where qualify cosfs no more 2l20 cenfral avenue phone 2004l bowen-meuser motor co. desofo - plymoufh sales and service 2024 Isl. avenue phone 23 I45 davis paint and wallpaper davis painf producfs - wallpaper - giffs - housevvare - novelfies charlie Wakefield, prop. 22l3 cenfral avenue phone 2379i Page 195 senior direclory alberding, arlhur p. clay cenler, nebraska Caledonian I-2-3-4, kappa della pi 3-4, lambda della lambda 3-4, suac 4, ymca l-2 alcorn, dewaine a. kearney, nebraska sludenl council l, Caledonian I-2-3-4, band I-2-3-4, chair I-2-3-4, Choraleers I-2-3-4, orcheslra 2-3-4, velerans organ- izalion 3-4, ilsc 3-4 presidenl 4 alexander, mary d. kearney, nebraska sludenl Council 3, womenls league Council 4, independenls I-2-3-4 presidenl 3, lambda della lambda 2-3-4, xi phi 4, ivcl 2-3 amend, henry lincoln, nebraska vels village Council, phi lau gamma I, k-Club I-2-3-4 anderson, lucille li. chappell, nebraska sludenl council 4, ilsc 4, zela Chi alpha I-2-3-4 presidenl 4, Isa I-2-3-4 presidenl 4, sigma lau della 4, xi phi 4, kappa della pi 4, wagoneers 3-4, Colhecon 4 ayres, donald d. golhenburg, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, loolball I-2, lrack I-2-3-4, inlramural baskelball I, band I-2, Choir 3, dance band I-2, k-Club I-2-3-4 babb, lyla broadwaler, nebraska kappa omicron phi 4, zip Club l-2, lsa I, Colhecon I-2-3-4, ywCa l-2-3-4 bennell, harold e. lilchfield, nebraska phi lau gamma 2, loolball 2-3, baskel ball 2-3-4, lrack 2-3, bela bela bela 3, kappa della pi 3, k-club 2-3-4 bowers, bill w. paxlon, nebraska phi lau gamma 3-4, loolball I-2-3-4, lrack I-2-3-4, k-Club I-2-3-4 presidenl 4 brink, david h. kearney, nebraska phi lau gamma l-2-3-4, loolball I-2-3-4, lrack 2-3-4, band, Choir, Choraleers, k-Club l-2-3-4 brink, donna I. kearney, 'nebraska sigma lhela phi I-3-4, anlelope slall 3-4, blue and gold slall 3-4, kappa pi 3-4, presidenl 4, buck and does 4 brisco, iunior a. Iexinglon, nebraska lrack, loelball, k-club, Camera Club clark, Iexie d. golhenburg, nebraska sludenl council 4, sigma lhela phi I-2-3-4, zip Club I-2, ywca I-2, naiads 3-4, suac 3-4 Page 196 cline, colleene c. riverlon, nebraska ywca I-2-3-4 presidenl 4, waa I-2, pi omega pi 2-3-4, xi phi 3, bela bela bela 4, Case hall Council 2 croissanl, robin I. riverdale, nebraska sludenl Council 2, della pi bela I-2-3 presidenl 3, waa I, zip Club I, naiads I-2, xi phi 3, sigma lau della 4, kappa della pi 3 daily, james a. milburn, nebraska Caledonian l-2, anlelope slall 2, kappa della pi 2-3 day, susan a. miller, nebraska women's league Council 2-3, independenls I-2-3-4, a Cappella Choir I-2-3-4, ywCa I-2-3-4, ivcl I-2-3-4, Council I-2 deroll, iohn norlli plalle, nebraska Class presidenl 4, phi lau gamma 2-3, sigma lau della 2-3-4 presidenl 3, bela bela bela 3-4, kappa della pi 3 dick, roberl b. kenesaw, nebraska anlelope slall l-2-3-4, anller businefs manager 3, edilor 4, sigma lau della 2-3-4, pi omega pi 2-3-4, xi phi 3-4, kappa della pi 3-4 presidenl 4, Camera Club 2-3-4 presidenl 3-4, ymCa 3-4 presidenl 4 dickerson, barbara a. sumner, nebraska sigma lhela phi, anller edilor 3, xi phi 4, alpha psi omega 3-4, sigma lau della 2-3-4, zip Club I dodson, max g. venango, nebraska independenls I-2-3, anlelope slall l, choir I-2-3, Choraleers I-2, pi omega pi 2-3-4, bela bela bela 3-4 douglas, ella m. aurora, nebraska independenls 2-3, band l-2-3, ywca I-2-3-4, xi phi 3-4, pi omega pi 2-3-4, Colhecon l dyer, pearl kearney, nebraska independenls 3-4, waa I, band I, Camera Club 4 ernsl, john w. columbus, nebraska phi lau gamma 2-3, loolball 4, baskelball 2, lrack 3, velerans organizalion 2-3 lair, roberl I. oxford, nebraska kappa pi 4, sigma lau della 4, anlelope edilor 4 lerguson, larry d. laylor, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, loolball l-2, baskelball l-2-3-4, lrack 4, men's hall counCil 3-4 lerris, vernela l. osceola, nebraska della pi bela I-2-3-4 genlry, boy-d w. exeler, nebraska men's league 4 grandslaff, slanley maxwell. nebraska men's league 4 gross, harry w. red cloud, nebraska Caledonian I-2-3-4, anlelope slall I hanley, gwen i. frankforl, soulh dakola band I-2, Chorus I-2, Choraleers 2, colhecon I-2-3-4, ywca I-3-4 harsin, gary a. kearney, nebraska lrack 4 hauff, william d. glenvil, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, anlelope business manager 4, blue and gold slall 3 hawes, iohn richard kenesaw, nebraska phi lau gamma 2-3-4, band 3, Choir 3, newman Club 2-3-4 presidenl 3, pi omega pi 3-4 houslon, dennis a. kearney, nebraska Caledonian I-2-3-4, band I-2, orcheslra I, Choir I-2-3-4, Choraleers I-2-3-4, inlramural baskelball I-2-3 howill, cloyle e. chappell, nebraska sludenl council 4, k-book edilor 4, pi kappa della 2-3-4, pi omega pi 2-3-4, xi phi 4, velerans organizalion 3-4, vel's village council 3-4 hunse, valella l. arnold, nebraska della pi bela 2-3-4, a Cappella choir 2, ywca 2-3, women's league council 2-3-4, colhecon 2-3-4, ivcl 2-3-4 iamison, jay m. kearney, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, lrack I, orcheslra iardon, don l. alma, nebraska Caledonian I-2-3-4, band I, Choir I-2-3, Choraleers I-2-3, men's hall Council 4 jennings, bonnie m. norlh plalle, nebraska women's league 4 iensen, erna c. cozad, nebraska independenls I-2-3-4, ywca I-2-3-4, lambda della lambda 2-3-4, xi phi 3-4 iohnson, bruce I. holdrege, nebraska Isa I-2-3-4 iohnson, shirley r. kearney, nebraska sludenl Council I, sigma lhela phi 2-3-4 presidenl 4, pi omega pi 2-3-4, Colhecori 2-3-4, ilsc 4 jones, gerald f. benkelman, nebraska men's league 4 Iarson, roberl haslings, nebraska bela bela bela I, newman Club I-2 lawrence, rila m. kearney, nebraska a Cappella choir 2, newman Club 2, waa 2, pemm 4 lawrence, rulh m. kearney, nebraska a Cappella choir 2, newman club 2. waa 2-4, pemm 4 lewis, margarel e. - sl. libory, nebraska independenls 2, ywca I, kappa della pi I mccormick, laird cenlral cily, nebraska band I-2-3-4, choir 2-3-4, Choraleers 2-3-4, orcheslra I-2-3-4, mens I magelle, shirley kearney, nebraska della pi bela I-2-3-4 presidenl 3, anller edilor 2, sigma lau della 2-3-4 presidenl 4, xi phi 2-3, kappa della pi 3, ilsc 3-4 marlall, william e. kearney, nebraska independenls 2-3-4, lambda della lambda 3-4, ivcl 2-3-4. wesley loundalion 2-3-4 presidenl 3 joyce, marshall g. minden, nebraska Caledonian I-2-3-4, baskelball 2-3-4, lennis I-2-3-4 mason, carol arcadia, nebraska sigma lhela phi I-2-3-4, band I, Choir I-2, kappa della pi 3-4, pi omega pi 2-3, kappa omicron phi 4 presidenl 4, xi phi 3-4, Colhecon I-2-3-4, ywca I-2 mason, john a. arcaclia, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, anlelope slall 2, inlramural baskel- ball, band I-2, choir I-2 maxey, fosler g. republican cily, nebraska men's league I-2-3-4 presidenl 2, sludenl Council 4, phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, Choir I-2, pi kappa della 4, ilsc 3-4, class presidenl 3 meyer, ierrold r. Ioclgepole, nebraska Caledonian, bela bela bela Page 197 miller, roberl e. hendley, nebraska ymca I, phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, anlelope slall 3, lrack I-2-3- 4, loolball 4, Choir 3, k-Club I-2-3-4 moss, bill h. kearney, nebraska Caledonian 2, loolball I, lrack 4 naylor, dagmar g. kimball, nebraska della pi bela 2-3-4 presidenl 4, band I-2-3-4, a cappella choir I-2, Choraleers 2, kappa omicron phi 4, naiads I. colhecon I-2-3 presidenl 4, ilsc 4, alpha psi omega 4 nelson, kyler d. kearney, nebraska phi lau gamma 2-3-4, lc-Club 2-3, loolball 2-3 pallerson, ronald h. golhenburg, nebraska Caledonian, loolball I-2, k-Club 2-3-4 peak, mary ann orleans, nebraska sigma lhela phi I-2-3-4, band I, Choraleers 2-3-4, Choir I-2-3-4, zip Club I, ywca I-2, menc 2 peisler, ronald I1. kearney, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4. goll 2-3-4, band I-2-3-4, orcheslra I-2-3-4, choraleers I-2-3, menc I-2-3 pleiller, roberl I. amhersl, nebraska baskelball I ralhe, carol e. kearney, nebraska zela Chi alpha I-2-3-4, orcheslra I-2-3-4, a cappella Choir I-2-3-4, choraleers I-2-3-4, buck and doe club 4, della omicron 3-4, presidenl 3-4, ywca 3, menc I-2-3 presidenl 3, kappa della pi 3-4, xi phi 3-4 pi omega pi 2-3-4 reicks, charlolle l. amhersl, nebraska della pi bela 2-3-4, Choir I-2-3, phi omega phi 2-3 remy, richard d. kearney, nebraska Caledonian I-2 roberls, roclney r. kearney, nebraska men's league 4 roucis, palricia a. broken bow, nebraska anlelope slall I-2 edilor 3, blue and gold edilor 4, sigma lau della 2-3-4, xi phi 3, anller slall 2-3-4 schmicll, orville e. elm creek, nebraska men's league 4 scoll, claylon l. grand island, nebraska phi lau gamma 3-4, lrack 2-3-4, buck and doe Club 4, Isa 2-3-4, lc-Club 3-4 Page 198 shackellord, cluane e. lrenlon, nebraska phi lau gamma I-2-3-4, pi omega pi 2-3-4, blue and gold edilor 3, band I, xi phi 3-4 presidenl 4, bela bela bela 3-4 shaffer, bill l. Iilchfield, nebraska Caledonian 4, loolball 3, lc-Club 3-4 sinnen, dallas l. minden, nebraska anlelope slall I-2, a Cappella Choir I-2-3 choraleers I-2-3, independenls I-2-3-4, men's league I-2-3-4 skov, Ieonard c. riverdale, nebraska Caledonian I-2-3-4, anlelope slall 2, pi omega pi 3-4 presi- denl 4, kappa della pi 3-4, sigma lau della 3-4 slraney, clonal r. minden, nebraska phi lau gamma 2-3-4, loolball 2, lrack I-2-3-4, band I-2-3-4, a Capella Choir 2, orcheslra 2-3-4, naiads 3-4, k-Club I-2-3-4, varsilones 3-4, Cheerleader 3 sulherland, delmar p. elm creek, nebraska anlelope slall 2-3, pi omega pi 3-4, sigma lau della 3-4, velerans organizalion 2-3-4 swanson, jack I. aurora, nebraska loolball I, k-Club I-2-3-4, orcheslra I, band I-2, lambda della lambda, 2-3-4, ivcl 2-3-4 presidenl 4 lalbol, ardilh a. iuniala, nebraska zela Chi alpha I-2-3-4, waa I-2-3 lelzlafl, andy pelersburg, nebraska a Capella Choir lhiel, dwighl o. alda, nebraska anlelope slall I-2-3-4, inlramural baskelball I-2-3, social science Club 3-4, velerans organizalion 3-4 wallles, melvin d. kearney, nebraska phi lau gamma whilesel, lyle a. miller, nebraska Caledonian 2-3, pi kappa della, 2-3-4, ymca I-2 wichman, maynard d. loup cily, nebraska newman Club I-2-3-4 presidenl 3-4, bela bela bela 3-4, velerans organizalion 3-4 wise, dean d. sidney, nebraska sludenl council 3-4 presidenl 4, Caledonian I-2-3-4, loolball I-2-3-4, a cappella choir 2, clioraleers 2, xi phi 4, bela bela bela 3-4, k-Club I-2-3-4 wrighl, lewis I1. lincoln, nebraska vel's village Council, College velerans organizalion 3-4 a adams, louise ,,,.,,,.,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,, 2 2 ahrendfs, harold ......,,. .,..,,,, 2 4 auslin, garner, b bauer, leroy,, ,,,,. ,, beclcmann, elmer ..,,., bergquisl, alfa ..,..., bliese, john ,,,,..,., bruner, w .,,,,. C carlson, lcennelhv cole, harvey,, ,,,,,,24 ,,,,,,I8 26 26 conrad, ienny ,,,..,...,,, ,,,,,,,,, 2 8 Copeland, leland ..,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,. 2 9 cucci, angelo ,,,,.,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, 2 4 cushing, herberl' .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, I 2 d danlcer, del, ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,A,,,,,, 2 3 diflenderler, richard .,,.,,, ,..,,,,,, 2 8 dralce, miriam ,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,25 f failor, leona ,,,,, ,, fosler, charlie ,,,,,,,,. lox, donald, 9 gallemore, doris .,.,.,,, garrell, della ,..,,,, .,,,.,,,22 I faculty hirsl, wilma,,, hollman, harry ,,,,,,,.., holcomb, laurel ,,,.,,, holm, myron ,,,, ,,,,,,. holmgren, philip ,,,,,,,,, horner, I ..,,,,,, ,,..., i islas, helen, ,, l iesler, don, ,, ,, iohnson, clara. ,,,, . k Icing, william,, klein, clorolhy ,,,,,,,,. lcrubeclc, floyd, ,. larsen, l .,,,,,,,,,, ,, larsen, wilma ,,,,.,,,, lynn, william.. IT1 mcclure, margarel' ,,,,,,, manlor, bernice. ,,,,, , manlor, Iyle,, ,, mcgee, iohn,,, messman, warren ,,,,,, morris, william ,,,,,,, morse, mary ,,,,,,, mundell, leora, ,,,, , Index ,,,,,v,22 ,,,,,.25 ,,,,,,I8 ,,,,,22 ,,,,,28 ,,,,,,I5 .,25 ,,,,,,2I ,,,,,,25 ,,,,,,24 ,,,,,,25 I ....,,2I 24 ,,,,,,23 ,, ,,.... 24 I , ..., 29 ,,.,,,27 ,. ,,24 0 oclcinga, clara olsen, olfo ..,,., ,A.,. orcull, dorolhy ,,,,...A P paine, alice .,,,.,. pelill, lean ,..,,,,,, F roberls, phyllis ...,,,,,,, robinson, alice ,,,,,, ryan, calvin ,,,,,,,,, S skinner, blanche .,..,,,, smilhey, edifh ,,,,,,,,,, slufheif, bernhard ,,,,.,, 'l' Ihomas, leo ,,,,.,,,. Ihorp, iane ,,,,,,,,, , Ihorp, robert, ,,., , , W websler, romaine ,.,,.,,,, . welch, roland ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, , welsbacher, richard ..,,,,,, . whilfield, george ...,,,,,, williams, dorolhy, ,,,,,, , Y yingling, harriel ,,,,.,,, h n hansen, mildred ,,,,,..A ,,,,,,,, 2 6 nelson, lheodora. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 7 Z haxby, beverly ,,,,Y ,,,, I 8 nigh, edna ,,,,, ,,,,A ,,,,,, 2 3 zilcmund. allen, W . l 0 O organization Index alpha psi omega ,,,,,,, , ,,,,, II8 li Club, ,,,,,,,,, , .,,,., ,..,. l43 SIQFYIG llleid Pill- ff-'f befa bafa befaw, ,,,,, IIS lambda della lambda .,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, I 22 velerans organizalion .,... ..,,,,,, , Qaledonian VVVVVVVY I34 lufheran sludenls associalion ......,,,,,,,, I46 vels village ..,,..............,.............. ..Y., Callqeaaa -,,,,,,,,,,, l42 mens league ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, I 45 womens alhlelic ascocialion .........,.,. d,-,I1-E, O,-micron., Vnn, II9 naiadg ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,,,, I 43 wesley fellowship .,.,.,,,,,,,,,, .,,,..,,. . delfa pi befa Y,,Y,,V 128 newman Club, ,,,,,,, I47 womens league ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , independenfg ,,,,,,,,,VVVV,YV,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l lidppi della, ,,,, ,,,.. 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C Calvin, glenda ,,,,,.., Campbell, linda ,,,...,,, Cargill, blanche ,,,.., carlson arla ,,,,,,,,,,,, Carlson dwaine ...,,,,,, Carlson, warner ,,...,,,, carroll, ardyce ,,....., bealhe, richard ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, beckmann, juliann.. beilke, john .,,,,,,,,,,,,, beiriger, donald ..,...s.. ,,,,,,, belschner, nancy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,Y bemis, gary ..........s,,,, bennell, harold .,,,.,, .. ,,,,, ,, Page 200 casper, maxine ...,.... caspers, karen ........ Calferson, donna ..,,.,. chambers, allyn ..,.,,.,, chancellor, lheda ..,.. chesley, doris ......,,,, chorn, dorene .,...,..., index .......64 .......64 .......55 .......55 .......48 .......37 .......55 .......54 .......54 ..,..,.54 .......65 .......65 .......37 .......65 .......54 .......65 .......54 .......65 ..,....64 .......37 .......37 .......37 .......54 .......64 .......64 .......55 .......64 .......64 ....,..55 .......64 .......4-8 .,.....55 .......55 .......55 .......64 .......65 .......48 .......55 .......65 .......65 .......55 .......65 .......,48 .......65 .......48 ........65 .......,49 ........54 .......54 .......64 .......48 ........64 .......54 ........65 ........b5 .......65 ........54 ........65 chrisp, june ,,,..,..,, chrisr, joan ,,,,.,. chrislensen, lois .,,,,,.,,,,, chrisfolifersen, earnesl clark, douglas ,,,,,,, clark, gayle ,,,,,... clark, lexie ,,,....,,, clark, raymond ,,,,,,, clemenr, russell ,,,,,,,,, Cline, colleene ,,.,,, Coble, harold ,,,.,,.,. Colley, marilyn .,,,.,, coleman, claire.. Collison, larry ......,,, conger, janer ..,...... cook, viclor ...,...s,, corkill, nila ,,,....,., corking, louise ,,,,.,, Cornish, eldon ,,,,., Coulal, lee ,.,,... Cowley, lerrence crook, john ,,.,.,, Crowley, jame: ..,, crulcher, mary ,.,,,,, cudaback, norma ,,,,,,,.,, cunningham, donna ,..,.. curry, gerald ,,,,,,,,,,,,, d dady, lloyd ,,,,,,, daily, james ,,,,,,.. daiss, barbara ,,,. daly, helen .,,,,,,,,, darling, sharon ....... dauel, roberl ..,,.,,,., david, Carolyn ,,,, .. davis, doris .,,,....,, davis, glen .,.,..,,,,,,,, dawes, claribel .,,,,s, day, susan .....,,,. deck, nancy .,.,,,,, demos. richard ..,,... derolf, john A,,,,,,,,,,,, denman, shirley ,,,..,,.. desch, roberl .,,...,.. deveny, joan ,,.... devine, mary ,,,.,.... dick, roberf ..,,,,,,,,,,, dickerson, barbara... dohrman, willis ...... donaho, bonnie ......... douglas, ella ........... downey, virginia ....... doyle, kay .......,.... drake, leslie ........... dunham, george ......... dunlap, gracie ....... durnal, evelyn ........ dusek, amy .......... dusek, monefa ..,,... dyer, pearl ..,,,,,,., e earnharr, peggy ........ eckhour, bernardine ..,. ,,,...,, ecklund, bernardine .,,,... .,....w. ecklund, bernella ,,,,..., ........ ecklund, marllys .,,..... edson, elinor ..,,,.... edson, roger ,,,,,, ehlers, donald ,,,,,,. ehly, ewald .,....,,. ennspahr, dallas ....,,,,.,., .A,,.,,. einspahr, glenwoodn ellis, kennefh ..,......... ely, arlis ,,,,..,,,,,,., ely, david .,...,,,..,,,,,,.. engleman, harold .Y,,,,,,., ......,. envick, roberl .....,,.. epp, kafhryn ........ erb, arfhur ...,.. ernsf, john .,,,.. eversoll, don ,,,,., everls, warren .,,,,A ewoldr, roberr ,,,,,.. F fair, roberf ..A.,,..,. falfer, dale ,.,,,,.,,. farlow, gerald ...,... farm, burderfe ,,..... fa rrar, keifh ........,. fa rra r, roger ..,,.,,,.,,,., fasfenau, lorelfa A.,,,,,,., ........ faussef, david ,,,.,,, fee, nancy ..,..,.... lelker, lewis ....... ferguson, larry .,...,. ferris, vernefa ...,,, fiebig, norma ......... fisher, james .,.,....,,.... fifzgerald, denny ...,...... ........ lored, rodney .....,,.,,,, forell, pafricia .,..,,, losler, carolyn .,...,. fox, marlene .,,,,,, francis, donna ....,,,,, lranke, margo'r ,.,,,,,.,, ,,,,,... franklin, darrel ,,,,... frafes, jean ....,,,,. freed, colene ,,,,,,,,, freeman, kalhleen ,,,, freeman, kalh ryn ..,... lrink, mary .,,..,,,,,,,, fuss, robe rl ........, lyle, wayne ....,, 9 gallaway, darwin ,,,,.. gallup, allen ....,,,,,,. gamal, salem, ,......,,, , ga rrefson, sranley ........ ....,,,. garrefson, virginia ...,,.. ......... ga rreff, gerald ....., gasfon, merwie ,....... ..,,,..,, gasfon, russell ,,,,,, gehre, leonard ....., gell, roberl ,,.,..,., genereux, irma ,,,,., george, jean ,,,,, gerdes, norma ....... giflord, edgar ...., golus, ronald ..,..,,, good, bob .........,.,.,,, ......... goodchuck, gary .,,.,,,., ......... graff, genevieve ...... ...,...,, grands1'al'F, s+anley ,,,.,,, ....A.... 4 O greene, roberl' .......... greenlee, jim ..,.,,,.. greer, wardell ......, griess, joanne ...,..,., gross, everell' ,,,..,,,. gross, harry ,,,,.,. gunderson, marion, gunlicks, edifh ,,,,,,, guzinski, jerome ,,,,, haberman, joan .,,, , haeberle, john .....,,,,, haggard, rodney ,,,,,,,,, ,........ hagman, roberla .,,,,, ,........ halberf, Imogene A.,,,, ......... hamar, dwayne ,,,,.... .,...... hammond, charles ,,,,,,, ,........ hampson, ronald ,,,,,,,,, ..,.,,.., handel, nelda ...,,,...,,. ......,.. hanley, gwendolyn ...., ........ hanlon, mary ........,,.. ........ hansen, marlha ..,..... ........ hansen, mallhew ,,,,,,... .......,, hansen, russel ........,,,. ......... harder, harvey ....,,,,,, ......... hahn, dwighl ........, haile, jack., ..,......,. W halleH, janel' ......... hansen, larry ......... harder, larry ,,,,,,,,,, hardin, donald ....,,....... ......... harmoney, lavonne ,,,.,,,,. .......,. harrifeld, joan ,,,,.,..., ..,.,.... harris, donna .,,.. harris, george .,,, harris, wilfred ,,,..,,. harrison, roberl ........ ........A 6 7 harsin, gary ....,.A..... harsin, gerald .,,,.. harf, barbara ..... hascall, Thane ...,.... haskin, jerry ....... haufl, william .,,,.,,, hawes, john ,,..,...,,,. headley, roberf .,...... ......... 6 6 hehnke, jim ............ hein, donald .....,, heins, lorraine .,..,,. heldenbrand, rodney ..,,....., ..,. hellman, jacqueline .,,,,.,. .... helmufh, nancy .....,..,, helser, marcella ,,,..,..... henderson, darrel ..,.... hendricks, sheila .,.,.,,,,,,,. ,... hendrickson, palricia ........ ,.,, hendrix, kay ...........,..,.. ,,,, hensel, mildred ..A...., herndon, jerry ...,,,,,,, herverl, norma ,.,,,, herzog, edward ,,,,,,,. hiaH', reva ....,,,.,,,. hickman, winnie ,,,,.... higgins, earl ,......... hillerry, marian .,..,,,, hill, nancy ,,,,.,,,..,, hillmer, adell ..,,,,,, hinrichs. anna .,,,.,,, hinlon, nadine ,,,,.,,,,, hircock, bill ,,,,..,,,, hirsf, donna ,,,,,.. hoellke, gary ,,,,,,,, holzf, Carolyn .,...... hokom, marvin ,,,.,,,,,, holliday, dean .,.,,, holm, lee ..,............, holmburg, jackie ...... holmgren, shirley ......... holfzfasfer, geraldine .... ,,., hopwood, roland ,,.A...., horn back, gerald ...,,.,,, housfon, dennis ...,,,,, housfon, shirley .,.,..,, houlz, glen ..,,.,,,,,,, howirr, doyle .,,,.,,. howiH, gwen .,,,. huber, jon .... ,,.,, hughes, duane ..,... hulshizer, dorris ..,..,,, humislon, ronald .,,,...,i hunse, valeffa ,,.,.. hurl, james ,,........,...,. husmann, beverly .,A,.., husf, mary .A,,...,.....,,, hurchinson, june ..,,.A..i hyde, dale ..,....,........ i ihm, bill ,,.,.,,.,, ingram, diane ........ Isaacson, larry ...... ivers, nancy ......,,.. l jack, gary ........,.,,.. jackson, marilyn ..,.... jacobs, Clifford .,,,,,,,.,, jacobson. roberf .,.,,,,,, jamison, roselyn ,..,.... jardon, don ....,,,,,,,. .... jenkins, charles ,,,..... .... jennings, bonnie ........................,........ Page 201 jens, gordon ........ erna ..,,.,,..,, ..v...,,. margarel ...... . ........ . john, edward ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, jensen, jensen, johns, keilh ,,,.... johnson, alice ..,,,, johnson , bruce, ..,., ,....,, . . johnson, donald ..,,.,,,, johnson, gayle ,,,,,,,, johnson, larry, ,,,, , johnson, loiefle. ,.,,, . , johnson , Iola .,,,.,, johnson, marcia .,,,,,,,, johnson , marilyn ,,,,,,,,, A,,,,AA,, johnson, marlys ,,,,,..,. .,,,A,,, johnson johnson, johnson , milan ,,,,,,,, , sheila, ...,. ,.,,,,, , , rodney ,,,,..,,. ,A,,,,,,, johnson, shirley ,,,...,,. johnslon, wayne ,,,. lueen ,,,....,.,, ,,,,,,,.. gerald ...,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, joines, jones, duane ...,.. jones, gerald ..,,., jones, jerry ....,.. jones, john ,,,....... jordan, jorgens on, ronald .,,,.,,, ,,,A,A,, joyce, marshall .,,,,,.. ,.,,,..,, k kallenbach, lois,. ,.,, ,. karre. kaup, j lred ,,.,...,.. oyce ..,,,,.... kea rn ey, palsy ,,.,,,, ,,,,j,,A, kegley, kegley, harvey ,,,,,,, ,,,,j,,A, ronald ,,.,,,., ,.,,A,,,s lceller, janice ..,,.... kempla kenney, kenln er, r. karen ,,,,. perry a,,,,,,.. kile, roberl ..,,,,..., kilgore, king, kalhrynn ,, ,,.,j ack ...,.,,,,, . palricua ...,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, kingsley, gene ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, klrkendall, bob .,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,, kirwin, kirwin, emil.. ..,,, ,, myron .,,,,,,,, kivlighn, joannen, knapp, lcneilel, kneppe gerald ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, elaine ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, r, robe rl ,,,,.,,,, .,,,,,,,j kolar, belly ,...,,,,., korcek, korcek, fred .,,,.,,, james ,,,,,,,., ,,.,,,,,, kriegsmann, kay krueger. james, kugler. kuklish, donald ....... ,,,,,,,,, dorolhy ....,.,.. ,,,,,,,,, kyes, leola.. .,,, ,, laberl, lacher, donna ,..., meldon .. Page 202 laguna, carmen ...,..,, laguna, rosie ,,,,.,,,. laird, leo ,,,,..,,..,,,,,,, lange, Clarence ,.,,,,,, lange, eleanor ...,.,, langquisl, joan ,,,,,,, large, sharon ...,.. larreau, faye .,,,,,,,, larsen, linda A,,,,,,, larson, leroy A,,,,,,, lawrence, rila ,,,,,, lawrence, rulh ....,.. lebsock, gerald ...,..,, lee, arlene ...,.,,,., lees, belly ...,,,,A.,.,,,,, lehmann, sherman ..,, lehnerl, allan. ..,.., ,, leibee, dan ,...,..,..,,.,,, lennemann, eleanorn leonard, bernie .,,,.,,, lewandowske, alfred lewis, margarel ..,,.,,, linnerson, winnilredn lockard, palricia ...,,, lowenslein, karen .,A,,, lolgren, helen ...,,,, long, beverly ....,.,,, lowe, lloyd ,,,,,,,,,,,,, lowell, Clifford ,,,.... lowell, maren ,,,.,, Iuce, george ,,,..,... ludwig, helen ,,,... lundy, kay ,,,,,,,,,,,, lybarger, alvin ..,.... fn mccall, carsie ,,,,,,,., rncclure, lois .,,,,,,,,,,,,, rncconkey, richard .,,, mcconnell, kalhryn .... mccormac, donald ..,, mccormick, laird .,..., mccorrnick, wendelln mccullough, jack ..,,., mcelravy, melvin, mchargue, rosemary ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, mcmahon, palricia ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, mcinlurl, carol ,,,,,,,,,, mcneil, john ,,,,.,,,,,,,,, mcnulfy, gale .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,, mcroberfs, barbara., maaske, mildred ,,,,,,,. madsen, duane ,,,.,,,. magelle, shirley .,,,,,,, main, donald .,,,,,,,, main, kennelh .,,,.,,,, manharl, john .,,,..,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, manharl, kalhryn ..,,,, manharf, margarel.. marks, larry .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, marlall, william ,,...... marshall, lucrelia ..,... marshall, nancy .,.,,... rnarlin, ardelle ,,,,,,, - - u.,... ., marfin, jerome ...... marfin, june .......... marlin, leonard .... mason, carol ..,,..,.,, mason, john .......... mallson, clark .,.,., malfson, cleloris ,,,. maxey, gene.., ,... ,, maxon, adrianna ,,,, maxwell, richard .... mayberry, douglas mayberry, john .,..., mecke, jacque .,..,, menlzer, donna .... merryman, william messman, ron .,..,,,. melz, douglas ..,,,.,, meyer, jacquelynw meyer, jerrold .,,,,, meyer, marilyn .,,,,, meyer, russell ,,,,,,.. miklcelsen, gary .... miller, douglas A,,,,, miller, joan A,,,,...., miller, larry ..,,,,,,.. miller, phillip .,,, .,.. miller, roberl .,,,.,,, mills, led .,,,,,,,,,,,,, milne, ann ...,...,,,,,,, minshull, harriel' ,,,, rnilchell, annellau milchell, james .,,,., milchell, joyce ....., moes, ernesl ..,..... moline, roberf ...,.. monlgornery, gwendolyn moody, gene ...,.,., moore, george ,,... , mores, cecelia ...,.. morgan, george ..,. morgan, lawanna.. morgan, russell .... morilz, paul ,,,....... morifz, Theodore .... morris, alan, ,,,,,,,,, ,, morris, roger ..,,.... morrow, go rdon.,.. mosel, larry ..,,,, ,,,, moss, bill ...,.,,,,.,,,, mousel, marie .,,, .,.. muehling, eldon .,,, muhlbach, rufh ,,,,,, mundl, rulh .,.,,,..., munson, donald ..,, murphy, bernardw murray, belly A,,,,,, . musnl, alice ,,,,.,,,s, naylor, dagmar ,,,, nellson, jack ,.,,,,,, nelsen, inez ...,..,,,, nelson, donald ,,,,,, nelson, donna ,,,..... nelson, gary .,.,,, , nicholson, john .,,, ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,, niclzerson, barbara ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,, niclcerson, donna ,,,,,,,,, ,,A,,, nelson, james .......,. nelson, kay ......... nelson, kyler .,.......,, nelson, maurice .,....,, nelson, ronald ,,,,,,,,. nelson, verl ,,,,,,,,,,,,, neulzman, larry, ..... . neujahr, janice .......s., newbold, warren ...,,, nickman, eugene Y..... nicodemus, marci jo .,,,.s .,,,,,,,, nordbroclc, gerald ......, novosad, joann ...,.,, novy, lyman ..,,,,, O oliver, donna ......... olson, barbara ....... olson, eddie ......, olson, pafricia ......, o'neill, richard ..,,... ormond, james ....... osmera, alvin ...,.,... oH', pafricia .....s. oHo, paul .....,.. offun, donna ....... owens, roger ....,,,,. owens, sieve ..,,.,.,.....e ozanne, raymond ..,.A,,,, .,,,,, P paben, lwila .,,,.,, paifz, monica ,,,,..,,. palmer, janice .,,,,,, parsons, peggy .,,,,,,, paulsen, sonja .,,,,,,,, pavellca, edwin ,,,,.,, paylon, elhel ,.,,,,,,, peak, mary ann ,,,,,,,. peisler, paul ,...,,,,,,,,,, peferson, ca rolyn ,,.,,, peferson, charles ,,,,.. peferson, ladonna ..., peferson, larry ,,,,...... marlene ,,,.... ,.......e pislcorslci, edwa rd .,,,,,,.. ...,., pe+erson, peferson, richard ,,,..e pelrylus, richard ...... pfeilcler, roberl' ........., phillips, errol ..,..,,,. pierce, james .,,,..,,, pipal, rulh ,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,, pleflner, glen ,,,,,,Y,,,,, poehler, lucille ........ polski, marion .......... porfer, benjamin ......,,. ,,,,,, polfinger, roberl. ..,.,s, ,,,,, , pounds, qerald .,.,.,, pribyl, lawrence ......,, pursel, carole ..,...,,, quinn, leslie ,,..... rademacher, roberl .,...... ,,,,,,, radiord. rex .....,,,.,,,,,,,, ,.,,.. I' rahmann, merlyn ,,,,.. ramm. lois .,,......,,,.. ramsey, jearld .....,,,.,,, rasmussen, roberl ,,..... ...... ralhe, carol ,....,.. ,,,, raueri, william .,.... read, janel ...,..,,. reed, merlyn ,,,,,,,, reicks, charlofle .,,..,,, reiclcs, charles ..,..... reidy, james ....... reinerlson, marilyn ,.,,,s, ,,,,,, reier, roberl ...........,.. reile r, eldon ...,...,...,., reifer, junior ...,,,,,,, remy, richard .,.,,,,, rice, zifa ....,,...,,,.,,, richards, karen ,.,,.,,,,, richardson, connie ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, richardson, marvin ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ricliefls, marilyn ,... rifrer, sharon ,,,,,,,, roberfson, laverne ,,,,,., ,,,,,, robinson, avis .,,,,,,. robinson, 'lranlc .....,.,.. robinson, pafricia .... roclcwell, barry ,,,.,...., roclcwell, ronald ,,,...,, rogers, william ,,s..s,,., rohrich, barbara .,,,.,,,, ,,,,,, rohrs, john ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rollsmeyer, dean ...,,,,,, ,,,,,, ronne, deanna ..,,., ronne, delores .,,,,, roucis, pafricia ,,...,,. rowland, john ...,.... roy, marilyn ......,.,, rubeclc, sharon ..,,.,,,,, ruebsamen, merna ,,,,,,, rumbeclc, claudia .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, rundsfrom, charles ,,,, russell, lalhan ..,,,,,, russell, yvonne .,,, ,, S samuelson, richard ,,,, sand, royal .......,..,..... sandell, mary ,...., .,..., sanderman, alyce .,,,,,, ..,,,. sanford, jim ..,,.,,,,,,,,, saum, ca rol.,,,,..., savely, lucille ,,..s,,, sawyer, jerry ...,..,, schaflerl, myrna .,,,,,,. schager, larry .,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,, scheierman, barbara ......... ...... schepler, cora, ,,..,,...,,... ..... . , schinzel, elizabelh ,....., schloalman, elnora ..,,.... .. schmidl, orville .s,.,,,..,, .. schmifz, shirley ,,,............., ., schnackenberg, william ,,...,... ,, schullce, judy ,,....,..,.,.,,,.,,,. .. schuller, mildred .,.,.,,,, schurr, carolyn ,,,,,,,.,, scoH', claylon ,,,..... sedaraf, nassir ....,,.... seymour, clarence .,,,.,, shackelford, duane ,,,,,,,. ,, Shafer, janice ,,,,,,,,,,.s,,, sharlier, bill ,,,.......,, Shaffer, lavonnen. sharp, mary .,........,, shelfon, william .,,,,,,, shields, rex .,.,...,, shillz, rufh ......., shillz, william ....,,,, shimmin, dennis ..,,.,,, shirley, norma ,,,,., shullz, sharon .,,,,,,, sieblce, william ,,,,,, simon, sharon .,,,.,,, sinnen, dallas .,,.,,.. siforius, howard ,,,..,.. sifzman, shirley ,,,,.... slcov, leonard .,,,,,,, slrow, dale ..,,..,,,,,,,, smallcomb, oren ,,,,,,,. smefs, william .,,,,,,. smidl, gary .,,,.,,,, smilh, dayne .,,,,,,, smifh, james ..,,.,, smifh, sherman ,,,,,, smilh, fwyle .,,,.,, snyder, warren ,,,,., soffley, beverly .,,,,,,. spargo, richard ,,...... spa+h, sandra ,,,,,,,. speidell, gail ,,,,,,,,,,,, spencer, barbara ,,,...... spencer, berl .,,,,,,,,,,, spencer, howard ,,,....,. sprague, shirley .,...... spray, mary ...,.,,,.... slaab, darleen ,,,,.. slaab, edwin ,,,,,,,,,, slaflord, edward ......,, sfalford, jeri ,,,..,...s slallrer, james ..,...., sfarr, jane ..,,.,,, ., siales, jerry ,,,,,,, slay, palricia ,,,,.,., sfear, sharon ......,,,.,, sleflenhagen, gary ,.,,,,, slemper, roberl' .,,.,,,. sferling, riley ,,,,,,,,,,,, sleward, marilyn ...,..,,, slobbe, janine ...... sfock, thomas ,,...,,, slone, leo ,,,,,,..,s.... alone, raymond .,,.... slransky, beverly ...,.,.,,, Page 203 sfransky, jack .,.,,,.... slransky, marlene .......... slrasburg, kafherine ......., slrickland, jack ,,......,,, sfruve, darlene ........ suck, barbara .,,,.,..AA sunquisl, marlys .,,,,,,,, su rber, larry ,,,,,,,.,,,. sufherland, delmar... swanson, jack ....,...., Swanson, james .,,,,,,,, swanson, franklin ,,,, swanson, larry .,,,,,,,,, swell, donald .,.,,, sweel, richard .,,.,,.. 'I' la ber, lloyd ....... laylor, john .....,..., fegler, palricia .,,,.. feler, john .A,,.A,,,,,,.,,, lelzlaff, andrew ,.,,,,,., lhiel, dwighl' ,,,,,,,,..,, fhiel, john ....,,,,.....,,, Thompson, fred ,,,.,,.., lhompson, leroy ......... lhompson, loren ,,,... lhorell, jim .......,.. lhurman, joan ..,.,,,... fingley. donald ,,,,,,,.. fifleringfon, james ,,,,,.,. lober, john .....,,,,,,,., foews, marlha ..., lomlinson, don .... lrampe, keilh .......... lrindle, john ..,..... lrump, Clifford ,,,...,. fucker, lawanna fucker, zoe ,,,..,. lurnbull, danny ...,.. lurner, leo .....,.,..,,.. U unlerseher, richard ...,...... uri, rila ,..,...,.....,,..,...,. urwiller. slanleys, .... V Valdez, eva ,,...,..,.... Valdez, valdamar ....,,. vancamp, karen ..... vandyke, ma urice ..,.. vavra, george .....,. villegas, johnnie., vi ren, barba ra ...A..,,... volgamore, phyllis ..... von ohlen, belly .,.,.,. W waddinglon, ralph A,,.. wadkins, beverly ..,.,,, wagner, lavonne .A,v. waldo, jerry ..,A.,A. walker, hazel .,,.,,,.. wall, connie .,...,.. walfers, ronald .,,,.A, wanek, james ....,,,.. wa re, dorolhy ....,,,,.,.,,,.. walerbury, harold ,,,.,,.. wafkins, larry e,,v.,,v. wax. leo ....,,,....,.. weber, marilyn ......v weekly, janel' ,,,,,v,,. weeks, gary ,.,,,,,,., weqner, ellen ...,,. walker, richard .,,,... wells, clinlon ,,,,,. ffflva ffffss 1:11:73 ........73 .....,,.73 ,.,.,,..73 ,Silva ...,,.,.73 ,......,63 wells, donna ..,.... welfe, marjean ...... welfy, donald .,.,.... wesierski, donald.. werl', john ......,.,,..,. welovick, gerald.. whaley. beverly .... wharfman, gordon while, calherine ,,,. whifesel, lyle ....,... wichman, maynard wilke, loren .,.. , ...... . williams, kennefh., williams, nadia ..,,., williams, virgil ...... wilson, arlene ,....... wilson, roberl ....,... wilfon, lois ......... winans, kendra ...... wirfel, donald .,.,.... wise, dean ......... wise, nancy ........., will, paul ,..,....,,,, wiffer, james ,....,a, wiffrock, arfhur ,,.. wood, ardena ...,..,. wood, dolly ..,.,,,, wood, virginia .,.,.. woodrulf, shirley.. woods, barbara .,., woollen, karen ..,... wrighf, lewis ....,..... wurdeman, norine Y yosl, ja nel ...,.,,.,, 1 zimmerman, neva .,, X 94? y , ai. 4, N,5,4,a-clad ,f7u44,, O? - , 1 L" " f ,M 40 fi, ,Z 4-fit? . .'4,'liCj-!. , riff? f ,'f2lftQ ,iff f f' A , f - , . - f - hx lf, ll ,,eaa.1,f- .,.efAfr1tfffc4.f" -SCCKKQ ,f.fgL4,lt4f-A' N14-n-I , K 1:4 ' 4s:',! 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Suggestions in the University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) collection:

University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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