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University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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QQSTXXXXXX mmm' STUDENT UNION. AQHbQSCQLLEcE. MEAQNEY NEBQ ,Joan P. Hza.:.zsar2C A.l.A. ARC!-HTECT KEARNEY, Nsssz. - N , 1 , ' - 1" I., E L 1 no- C9414 I x . 55112, Nebraska State Teachers College Kearney presents 19 3 BL E and GOLD ,gains , 4 44' If mv' 9: fur! 5 Qc 4. Q-:Q E A K. 'F' Q31 4' fs' Q, Q x Ek? we r 'A 'W xt, NJN? iww r .. . 1' V .... . Mmm, , :'. Vr'2 -"' '.'.: . 2 -:-':- r--A -r.- I V J VT XL fzal .f W -"' ' ' "- ' ' "" Q arf V We 1: ,gt I M ":""'!'LgH? ,W 9 . X M K Mg, f 1, ,Y M- Q W , if L 1. ' T 15,22-gfiitfe' 1' A ,t 'Z 4 M "4 W P" .X X 4 1, H rg W? ,, TQ f gf Q s --gf-'Q if if X M 'E' ' gms, fr . E r Wm W 'W' U W at at rrr mwss fe We . We w., -"Q- -' rrr- - -f--f---'r1P - - -f - Q, '-" , -ai: .. " ' 17- " -. 1 1' . , ,Hit ' . ' , , . Pbnvu fi-1, 1 1 1: -f-- :-.g. "--g , A J.. "f ,. 1 X -V f V -' ':'5:N,. ' +39 A- ,Q 1 in 'f infix:-ef--'p "" -W f . .,:Ti 'f i ,,, A.,. -. W' ,I v- v. ' LNTK, ' " 1- if -. , A hw -'-" 1. :ya v' ' A -.--- : Y I ..v... I f f.-.- 2 f- "'- , ..., "..ffQ:f,.v"' I"'i""I5i35'x'-L g., ,, ? ,ww 1. - f .Q-If, - 1 - Vw-W ,. N T' .1z: .E1E:-'Z " '- f V +- .5 ' ' " " -M..-H 71' "" ' ' - 1-. ...,., .... : . "" "" -2:f:2E"Er5M"i'22:221-X:-f : W- ' ,Q F, .. .. ' .A 5 .21 N ""2 , 3 A x 1-.f ., W - K fam A . - , f-H., ,.. .... . N w ., . AW ..., . ,V ,L 5, ' we-f AV? , yi W W W J A' 'l My si Q, ': ,,.., N I 4 ,,,.f5f M 'Q W 74,wNMMW5A,,,qagM,i:,gg,,9h-QM ..,,,n'."M .UM ,gwqf W 'W 'E'fm'1f,g, N Qggwry-j4f'8'W ' , " "" .M H H " ,.,, i V W, as 4 H ' . 'aw '-.-.gffvf A ' "'?"i'im"'i' W " Y A Q, 'Q ff -W ' l FI, 'ffl MW' "':'wiT!' ' "im '-'S M , will. V -"- ' -"' ' f ' A .5 W, X, mal ., ic - m, A , , .. V 4 5 Q Y f S Nw l maxi ff'+w'N' 2:55 ...l ,Lain-5H"'i N .., . uv 'M ,, 5 3' 5 wlw""""" 'Ur 1953 BLUE AND GOLD STAFF Don Sherrill ..... ...... e ditor Bill Watkins ..... ..... b usiness monoger ugu E , 5 P Dedication Herbert L. Cushing . . . UH re markable gentleman of ex cellent tastes." 4 e Herbert L. Cushing, a remarkable gentleman of excellent tastes, has served as president in our college since nineteen-hundred-thirty-six. The per- sonal interest shown to the students by his friendly gestures enriches each day to an infinite extent. To this man of distinction we are grateful for the fine institution in which to further our education. Here our opportunities of life are becoming pronounced, not only in mental ability, but in courtesy and friendship as Well. The pleasant smile and the Welcoming hand of our president has made the atmosphere a friendly one, strengthening our motto . . . "Kearney, The Friendly College". To the man who guides us Well, we dedicate this 1953 Blue and Gold yearbook. Page 5 Page 6 Hdministration Building Q.. jAe ,jlrienaffy Q Lge Cgamlozfw H. O. Thomas Training School Campus Entrance Page 7 X 'Q R M M xx x 4 1, N. ,J . f rg N-x x xx X up n --.. I Student Unlon Cternporcxryi NN. xxx XXX X Heating Plant hxwk R N X xii "Maxx I-1212.24 -W 5 Sf Gm ,qw www "M-N -,X f riff' E5 we W mmm K , N, .N NMR W 4- 5 .rp Merfs HGH Green Terrace HGH Y ZMMA' ' 1 T K' su 1 Case HGH Proposed Womerfs H0111 . X EE X N , 4 --ff ff. 3 ,kj IL '12 f -Nh vw ' W , 'fwfidd Wgfi-.zfq QA? '. vii QVQ? 'ff kfwgii L93 A . I .,-- 1 -'75 A , ,V , , My :iw 4, , M Vu N M W L , , ,,.- wk. ,aw NU v X M ,I M . rw gk ,, rf KH H M W-MN..,,,4. VX I , h I- If V' ' ,f " C, R.. if ilflx-31'?'Qf!.3E:,,7,,T wi, 4' :5:N,.,2fgy :V 'fpxw l , :flu hx n N , 1 H g NMQJ T A 1 If rw if gwfyf ,T it wiviyi '. ' C .ty fL"i',,,.lwf--q,y F .3 I g :MCf- ' f L lf r' w ,. iq 3, 5 i-..--,..v K if is O , ., wh, pw: gwfgsy-aw AQ, nf. , wp ' 4 3 1 K u 1, M,,.gg qu, am ' nw. ,L Fifi! ' ,.V'3W? 'W Nw f f f 'Z 1 f k A L 'y X f. .V ' ft' "' M ' -- ."'-Wg b S Q "mm" A 62.2K " R- Y if , A, 'il J f r , ,A 4 f m.- I S A M - 4, g V5 TV .K 5 . , , . , ,, i fu M . Mk ., 9 5m..-.g-.V,,5,N, , 2 ' 1 f , 'gf mf f A A 1- ,..,., ,.,.,,A , 1 H 1 v- ,lf Q. A , 5 f i 3 gL.i , 4g,J ""2: l 2-5 1 v " " "" WW- . . ,,',.:sg ", .M V v. 3 2 E M Vf'a1g!:5fP9" gait' A I 4 ' 1 I My A 4' - s V ' ' LVM' xN" Q 'Nikki 7 W5 - W. K y . lM'f s ' "A' A..wffi:?1?"f5 7? - H W 5 ffl' ' . P , ,. . V ' ,bw-""'.f-4-1f,.' V M " 3 1 UW , , I QAIA H 3 Q X VG li at A E55 . V , .- "'-' N" -"TA: --.""f 24 '--- N 21-ff' ' I I H M H V ,AQI 5V,, V ,,,,. , AIAA -Q 6 , .WI In nz-zz Wyman ,.,,.. 4 gle A S 5 E -.u. W., -'-V F4 E31 qqlulu A Q Vqub ,,Agl5gig.,1-,JAIQVQKAQ In L: ix L af W ...,:v':-:W ..., ,Y .--Ni X 'nga 1. E A wx E E lf' ,f " f?El"f ff. IE' L. fi' 4 - S -psf' ggzwfz' .. Q E H 1 . 'A .. i al' -A fa'3'ff '- ' ' ' , F2 1 lf' ,zf . ,3y'1T.-E gp" -1, ' - R """w.,,, 1 4' ' 9 .--- . nf . ei f .. ,.ql.,f.f v -,,,V,, , -- 1 V -1 -. Q ga - 5 , mf E . ' lv V5 i1'f!'5ii5' 'A' U , Khzxwlg I . ,.:, l -N Y. ., Nw I. I, 5, Y' :l':'gy' KJ" A N f ?.:fvfifl2?i'33ik?i2E? 5 as E :sg -1 " 1: ff' A ' . " y A ,' 1 1, 3 ,fb-2, L , 1 - 3 Lfgfi m ' .A , E ' A fp A ,: , 'xy' NN . i g 2 K . E 4 , Q .W . ., , i f .f ' L' A I . .. .L -' 41. , f 7? ' flail- , . . f , N 1 -, w -. ,-gm v 4, ,. - " . ':.1-' Y J , gn ' ' Z , , l g i 1516? , 4 A f X N ' ' ' . , 5 3 'kv 5 ' ks ' , , i x ' f f' 'Q' K 1. Q? ' A vi 'Z .. 317 S 3 322 LQ 1? is 3 E il 3 7""""""" The Kearney faculty, com- posed of some of Nebraska's finest educators, constantly strives to improve the field of education and democ- racy. Page 14 jiziencffy GMQQ iQ'e5ic!enlf . Herbert L. Cushing H. B., Grand Island College, Graduate Student, University oi Chicago, H. M., University of Nebraska, Ed. D., Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1936. The Honorable Robert B. Crosby, Gov- ernor of the State of Nebraska. Page 15 Dean and counsellor ot Kearney's Women is Hlice M. Robinson. H. B., Nebraska State Teachers, Kearney, M. H., University of California at Berkeley, Graduate of Per- sonnel Hdministration, Syracuse Univer- sity, New York, Graduate Ptssistant, Uni- versity of Nebraska. ti Page 16 College Deans efik Dean and advisor to Kearney's men is Bem- hurd F. Stutheit. B. S., H. M., University of Nebraska, Graduate Student, Univer- sity of Colorado, University of Nebraska. ,ny Edith M. Smithey. Registrar. Del Danker, Head of Teacher Placement Bureau and Demon- stration School. H. G. Stout, College Vice Presi- dent and Dean of Education. Page 1 7 Dorothy Williams Alta V. Berquist Goldah T. Anderson AB., Bursar RN., BS., College Nurse BB., Nutritionist A X fl I . I i A f 4 Z ,. Helen Wallace Alice Paine Laurel Holcomb BA., Student Union PhB., B.S., M.S., BA., B.S., M.S., Director Librarian Assistant Librarian r.. Page 18 2.Q,b ff, lmfqk- 4 W. E. Bruner Harvey BS., A.M., Ph.D. ww The Biology Depcxriment takes C1 tour oi the Kearney campus. Miss Ludden, Dr. Bruner, deport- ment head, Mrs. Hcmsen cmd Mr. Cole discuss what they have found. Biology Mildred Hansen Carrie fl? Ludden B.Ed. ---AT5l.,-.l5lll-fl., pw. 'ff th." niifsf, MX.,-piliif AB., AM. Gail Powell R. W. Powell AB., M.A. BS., AM. 5. or - f-ff f- fffqff v t 11 QP Education The Education Department. Mr. Bowes, department head Dr, Stout, Mrs. Nigh ond Dr. Foilor study severol textbooks thot moy be ct help to students going into the teaching field. Del Danker Louise Hdams Margaret McClure Blanche Skinner P1.B.,M.I3l. HB., HM. PLE. HB., PLM. Demonstration School Malvina Stoutemyer BS., HB., HM. The staff of H. O. Thomas Train ing School at C1 regular meeting Miss McClure, Mrs. Harold Rowe secretary, Mr. Danker, principal Mrs. Stouiemeyer, Miss Skinner Miss Hdams. 1 1 1 Harold Hhrendts LeRoy Bauer Phyllis Campbell Robert House HB, MH. BS., M.Ed., M.Music BE. BF., HM. sf O Doris Hedges Minnie Larson William Lynn George Whitfield BS., MH. HB, HM. BM., M.M. BM., M.M. Fine Arts 3: yn 'im Ui' The members of the Kearney Col- lege Fine Arts Department. Standing is department head Mr. Plhrendts, Mr. Bauer, Miss Lar- son, Mr. House, Mr. Lynn, Miss Dixie Campbell, second semester dramatics instructor. Seated is Miss Hedges and Mr. Whitfield. Calvin T. Ryan HB., Ed.M. The members ol the Language Department in a regular stall meeting. Dr. Sampson, Mr. Ry- an, department head, Mr. Hotl- man, Miss Roberts, Miss Klein, Dr. lstas and Miss lohnson. pw , , . ft . f-1-1... wifi? i 25: K y .ww 1 ' M QWZ: X E Harry Hoffman Helen Istas Clara Iohnson HB., HM. HB., Mill., Ph.D. HB., MH. Dorothy Klein Phyllis Roberts Helen Sampson PIB., HM. BH., MH. BH., MH., Pl'1.D Language Charlie Foster Leland Copeland William Morris Harriet Yingling H.B.,I31.M. HB., MH. BS., MH. B,S.,M.I31. Physical Education 'hw- Mernbers of the Physical Educa- tion Department inspect one of many trophies displayed in the college gym. Miss Yingling, Mr. Morris, Mr. Foster, department head, and Mr. Copeland. 9' Donald E. Fox Elmer Beckmann L. M. Larsen Mary Morse AB., M.S., Ph.D. BA., M.A. BA., MA. B.S., MS., Ph.D Physical Science Theodora Nelson B.S., M.S. The Physical Science Depart- ment. Discussion of text books seems to be the theme of this meeting. Pictured are Dr. Morse, Miss Nelson, Mr. Larsen, Mr. Beckmann, and department head Dr. Fox. Lyle Mczntor Iennie Conrad N. R. Diffenderfer Philip Holmgren HB., PLM., Ph.D. Pl.B,, HM. B.S., MH. Social Science has N me ,,q,t.M.q LW W mmw,Rm HB., MH., Ph.D. Members of the Social Science Department discuss several mat- ters pertaining to World prob- lems. Dr. Mantor, department head, Miss Conrad, Dr. Holm- gren, Mr. Dittenderfer. Otto Olsen AB., BS., A.M. Kenneth F. Carlson Delia Garrett Bernice Mantor BS., M.A. BS., MS. BS., M.S. Otho Means BS. The Vocational Qrts Depart- ment. The happy looking laces must mean approval of plans for the new vocational arts building. Miss Ockiriqa, Miss Garrett and Mrs. Mantor are seated. Standing is Mr. Place, department head Mr. Olson, Mr. Welch, Mr. Means and Mr. Carlson. Clara Ockinga Robert Place Roland Welch BS., M.S. B.Eol., M.A. B.A., M.A Vocational Arts 1"Ti'w,z '51 3 U 1 H 2La.ww'wmwQ2 . V . N, ,ai 'F rfshihfvff' State Normal Board Members of the State Normal Board administer the business of the tour Nebraska State Teachers Colleges. The members include, left to right: E. Hlbin Larson, board secretary, Lincoln, Mrs. Haven Smith, board vice-presi- dent, Chappell, President lohn D. Rice, Wayne State Teachers College, State Superintendent Freeman B. Decker, Lincoln, President Wiley G. Brooks, Chadron State Teachers College, President Neal Gomon, Peru State Teach- ers College, President Herbert L. Cushing, Kearney State Teachers College, Ralph M. Carhart, Wayne, H. D. Ma- jors, Omaha, E. D. Crites, Chadron, Miss Blodgett, assistant secretary of the board, Lincoln, E. L. Randgll, Kearney. I. Hyde Sweet. member oi the board from Nebraska City, Miss Beverly Haxby. secretary to Kearney College's president. Page 28 Cum Laude Graduates Ronald Landstrom Honorable Mention lean Zwiebel win aw er ren Nila Buss Mcrricme Korslund Ed S y I e Siebler Page 29 Many a student has walked down the halls of learning at Kearney State. Leaders all, students who graduate from the "Friendly College" make the best citizens in the world. HBRLEY X. BEBER Omaha, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science, Speech Plntelope Staff, Tennis, Intramural Basket- ball, Social Science Club Transfer student from University oi Omaha IHMES H. BEHIRD Scottsbluff, Nebraska Major: Mathematics Minor: Social Science, English Caledonian KENT O. BRESTEL Chappell, Nebraska Major,Physical Education Minor: Music, Social Science Caledonian, Blue and Gold Staff, Band, Orchestra, H Cappella Choir, MENC, Foot- ball K-Club Transfer student from University oi Denver ORH L. BRAWNER Wilcox, Nebraska Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education, Chemistry Caledonian The Seniors NILH BUSS Blue Hill, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: Physical Education, Home Eco- nomics Womens League Council, Sigma Theta Phi, Hntelope Staff, Pi Omega Pi-Historian 4, Xi Phi-Corresponding Sec. 4, WHH- Treasurer 4, Home Ec. Club, Lutheran Club, VFW Scholarship '52, Pi Omega Pi award '51 IHMES H. BROWN Grand Island, Nebraska Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry, English Pre Med Club, Deutscher Verein, YMCH, Lambda Delta Lambda X. is 9 ., ,., .I Q' ' A W5 BONNIE M. CBRLSON Kearney, Nebraska Major: Elementary Education Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, German Club ROBERT H. BUSTEED Ogallala, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Education, Social Science Club, Men's League Council, Phi Tau Gamma, Football Pres. 2, WPIFI Major: Home Economics Minor: Physical Science t l j The Seniors IOSEPH C. DHVENPORT Callaway, Nebraska Major: Music Minor: Music, English Men's League Council, Phi Tau Gamma Hntelope Staff, Band, Orchestra, Q Cap pella Choir, Xi Phi, Newman Club, MENC, German Club DEHN E. DODSON Venango, Nebraska Major: Industrial Education Minor: Biologtff Physical Education Track, Inter Varsity IHMES L. DOODY Plattsrnouth, Nebraska Major Physical Education Minor: Industrial Education, English Student Council, Phi Tau Gamma-Vice President 4, Football, Track, Q Cappella Choir, Inter - Fraternity - Sorority Council, Senior Class Pres. DICK ELM Kearney, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, Speech Phi Tau Gamma, K-Club-Pres. 4 LOU RHE CHSEY Lexington, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Commerce, English Delta Pi Beta, Blue and Gold Staff, Nai- ads-Pres. 3 and 4, IntervFraternityfSorority Council-Pres. 4, Cheerleader, Zip Clube LEO CHRONOPULOS Grand Island, Nebraska Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry, Social Science Phi Tau Gamma, Hntelope Staff, Lambda Delta Lambda, Social Science Club HRGELIH COLON Hrroyo, Puerto Rico Sigma Theta Phi, Newman Club-Treas. 4, Zip Club, Colhecon-News Reporter 2 WILLIHM E. CONWHY Kearney, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: Physical Education, Industrial Edu- cation, Phi Tau Gamma RHMONH I. FECHT Hlma, Nebraska Major: Comme:-Co Minor: Physical Education, English Sigma Theta Phi, VVHQ, LSR-Vice Pres., Colhecon ROBERT D. ENGLER Kearney, Nebraska Major: Speech Minor: Social Science, English Phi Tau Gamma-Sec. 3, Qntelope Staff-Qs sistant Business Mgr. 2 and Hdv, Mgr. 3, Track, Pi Kappa Delta-Treas. 4, Spanish Club-Pres. l, Social Science Club, Hll Col- lege Plays, Debate DUHNE E. FREEMHN Holbrook, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Education, Mathematics Phi Tau Gamma, Track, K-Club MHRY E. FISHER Berwyn, Nebraska Maier: Elementary Education Minor: Commerce, English ,fxgggl The Seniors Ja.....i, , NELSON R. GOODMHN Cedar Rapids, Iowa Major: Education Minor: Commerce, Industrial Education Blue and Gold Stall IEHN GHRBER Red Cloud, Nebraska Major: Music Minor: Music, English Band, Orchestra, Pl Cappella Choir, MENC GHYLORD D. HEHDRICK Maryville, Missouri Major: Physical Education Minor. industrial Education, English Transfer irom Maryville State College VVESLEY L. HHRING Riverton, Nebraska Matorz Elementary Education Minor: Social Science, English Major: Education Qll College Plays The Seniors HRNOLD I. IHKUBOWSKI Hshton, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, Industrial Education Caledonian, Senior Class Vice-Pres., Bas- ketball, Newman Club, K-Club WILLIHM E. IHMES North Platte, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, History Phi Tau Gamma, Football, K-Club ELHINE If-IMISON Quinter, Kansas Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology, German H Cappella Choir, German Club, WQQ, PrefMed Club Transfer Student from Baker University RHYMOND W. IENSEN Dunning, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: English, Speech RONHLD D. HEMPHILL Oconto, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, Industrial Education HERMHN H. HINKLE Cozad, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, English Men's League Council, Caledonian, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, K-Club, Hunter Club DUHNE D. HUTCHINSON Pauline, Nebraska Minor: Social Science, English HHROLD R. INGRHM Kearney, Nebraska Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry, Physics Lambda Delta Lambda, Vet's Village Council-Sec. Z GHIL D. KEHLIHER Bradshaw, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: Industrial Education, English YMCH, IVCF ROBERT C. IOY Nelson, Nebraska Major: Biology Minor: English, Social Science Phi Tau Gamma-Pres. 4, Blue and Gold Business Mgr. J, H Cappella Choir, Hll College Plays, Inter- Fraternity- Sorority Council Major: Minor: Sigma Sigma ROBERT H. KRENOWICZ Oshkosh, Nebraska Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology, Physics Caledonian, Lambda Delta Lambda, New- man Club, Track MHRY BNN KORSLUND Kearney, Nebraska Qrt English, French Theta Phi, Hntler Staff, Kappa Pi, Tau Delta, Xi Phi, Zip Club The Seniors CHHRLES E. LHNE North Platte, Nebraska Major: Chemistry Minor: Biol0QY, German RONHLD L. LHNDSTROM Hxtell, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: Social Science, English Hntler Staff, Band, Orchestra, Pi Omega Pi, Xi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Tau Gamma JOSEPH L. McCOY Loup City, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Education, Biology Football, Basketball, Track GEORGE L. LEGGOTT Elwood, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, Mathematics Phi Tau Gamma, Football, K-Club BERNHRD L. MCGBHHN Elsie, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Speech, Biology Student Council, Caledonian, Hntelope Staff, Blue and Gold Staff, Football, Track, K-Ciub, Veteran of World War ll, and Korean 'Nazi COLLEEN H. MHRTIN Kearney, Nebraska Major: Elementary Education. BERNHRD H. MORHN Palisade, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Education, Biology Caledonian, Track, Basketball, Newman Club MERLYN MOTES Wahoo, Nebraska Majori Elementary Education Minor. Mathematics, English Women's League Council, Delta Pi Beta Qntelope Staff, YWCH, Zip Club, Colhecon Sigma Tau Delta The Seniors LORRHINE I.. MUHLE Schuyler, Nebraska Major, Commerce Minor: Speech, English Womens League Council, Zeta Chi Pllpha, Choir, Pi Omega Pi, WHQ, Colhecon, LSQ, Pill College Play, Dorm Council IO HNN MUNDORFF Kearney, Nebraska Major Music Minor: Music, Commerce junior Class Secretary, Delta Pi Beta, Naiads, Band, Choir, Orchestra, MENC-Pres. ELDON F. NICHOLSON Cambridge, Nebraska Major. Speech English, Social Science Minor Sigma Theta Epsilon, Track, IVCF, P1 Kappa Delta CHHRLES E. NORRIS Eunk, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: English, Social Science Xi Phi, Student Council, Phi Tau Gamma-Vice Chancellor 3 and Chancellor 4, Bl Gold Editor 3 ue and IRMH I. NOVY Ravenna, Nebraska Major: Music Minor: Music, Commerce Womens League Council, Zeta Chi Hlpha, Band, Orchestra, Choir, MENC, YWCH, Colhecon, Dorm Sec. HELEN L. ORCUTT Doniphan, Nebraska Major. Elementary Education Womens League Council-Treas., Zeta Chi HlphafTreas. l 61 Vice-Pres, 2 and 4, WHH-Vice-Pres., YWCQ, IVCF-Sec. 4, Col- hecon. P.T.Pl, Scholarship KEITH W. PETITIEHN Stamford, Nebraska Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Science Lambda Delta Lambda, Pi Omega Pi, Vet's Village Council, Radio Club MHXINE I. OVERTURF Edgar, Nebraska Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Education, French Zeta Chi Hlpha, WHQ, IVCF, YWCQ, Colhecon if I , r -'-si gs The Seniors Kearney, Ne Major: Elementary Educ Minor English Senior Class Sec., Sigma GERHLD C. Scotia, Neb IHNICE C. RHNDHLL Gibbon, Nebraska Major Home Economics Minor' Science Sigma Theta Phi, Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Council, Choir, Colhecon-Pres. 4, Xi Phi, YXVCH-Pres 2 NHNCY I. PS CHERER braska ation Theta Phi, Choi r, Xi Phi, Colhecon, K-Book Editor HHROLD C. RECK Scotia, Nebraska Major: Mathematics Minor' Physical Science, Commerce Student Council President 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Class Treasurer l, Men's League Council VicefPres. 3, Phi Tau Gamma Vice-Chan- cellor 2, Choir, Pi Omega Pi, YMCH Sec. 3, Sigma Theta Epsilon, French Club BECK raska Major: Mathematics Minor Physical Science, Commerce Student Council Vice Pres. 4, Class Pres. 2, Ph: Tau Gamma Chancellor 3, Sgt. at Hrrns 2, lnter'Fraternity-Sorority Council, Business Manager K Book 3, Choir, YMCH Treas. 2 and 3, Sigma Theta Epsilon, French Club l Major: Commerce The Seniors EDWIN L. SHWYER Kearney, Nebraska Major: Education Minor' English, Speech Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Kappa Delta BROWN L. SEVIEH Sargent, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: Social Science, English Vet's Village Council IRENE M. SIEBLER Loup City, Nebraska Major: Elementary Education Sigma Theta Phi Pres. 4, Choir, Inter- EraternityfSorority Council 4, Homecoming Queen 4 LOUIS STUECKRHTH Plainview, Nebraska Major Physical Education Minor: Mathematics, Social Science Plii Tau Gamma, Basketball, Football, Track, K-Club Transfer student from Nortolk junior Col' lege DON S. REYNOLDS Orleans, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science, English Phi Tau Gamma, Football, Intramural, Basketball, Band, Pep Band BILL I. RISCHLING Kearney, Nebraska Major: Music Minor: Music, English ELSIE H. ROGERS Trenton, Nebraska Minor: Mathematics, English HHROLD S. ROWE, IR. Pluburn, Maine Major: Education Minor: Commerce, English Men's League Council, Business Manager ol Hntelope 3 and 4, Hdvertising Manager 2, Xi Phi Pres. 4, Pi Omega Pi Vice-Pres, 4, Lutheran Club Vice-Pres. 4, Vet's Vil- lage Council Sec. 4, Pi Kappa Delta Page 40 IEHN E. ZWIEBEI. Central City, Nebraska Major: Elementary Education IOSEPH N. TYE Kearney, Nebraska Major: Commerce Minor: Music, English Choir, Band, Orchestra, Transfer student from University of Wyoming ,. A , ,J ' l I - t' ' ' ' if 4'4fxuw.Lo1s RUTH VALENTINE Ravenna, Nebraska Major: Elementary Education IHMES E. VHN MHRTER Carlisle, Pennsylvania Major: Physical Education Minor: Commerce, Speech Class Treas. 3 and 4, Phi Tau Gamma, Flntelope Staff Sports Editor 2, 3 and 4, Football, Intramural Basketball, Track, K-Club, Vet's Village Council 3 DEHN K. WEBB Kearney, Nebraska Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology, Commerce Phi Tau Gamma, Football, K-Club Zeta Chi Hlpha, lnter-Fraternity-Sorority Council, WHH Pres. 4, Inter Varsity, Col- hecon Lamont Hten. Janet Rtwater, Merlin Bachman. Perry Baker. Holdrege Kearney Hy! Miller Raymond Bartusiak Delores Bauer. Mary Blice Bauer, Bryce Bonness. Kearney Donlphan Culbertson Grand Island Margaret Briggs, Helen Burhoop, Mildred Casey. Broken Bow York Oconto Gaynor Collison, Plvis Copp. Donald Darling, l Campbell Westerville Kearney DNR Page 41 Roberta Erickson Lagrant Extrom Broadwater Haldrege D011 Welch, junigr Class pregi- Marshall Hahn Mehdi Hamicli dent, enters the gym for basket- Hcmpton Meshed' Im ball practice. Don also served as president of Me-n's League. Elizabeth Harris Hlixed Hart Lloyd Hasty Robert Heimsoth Hxtell Kearney Kim, Colorado Kearney Charles Higlaee Hllred Hinton Hrdis Iohnson Twyla Iordan Lexington Stockville Kearney Kearney Page 42 'rank Frailey, Ina Claire Frischholz, Harry Gross, Robert Hall, ' f Dvpeiifrltid 'MVY say Mitchell Columbus Red Cloud Kearney lobert L. Hanson, Robert V. Hanson, Leonard Harbeson, Harold Harder, Holdrege Elsie Elsie Gibbon yambert Herman, Hella Hexamer, l Greeley Back Kreurnack, . Germany Darlene Iorgenson, Marshall Ioyce, Flshton Kearney we W 21 QM., Q5 Margaret Briggs, Case Hall Presi- deni, leaves the dormitory for a busy day of classes, Page 43 Nick Kavadas. Hrthur Kile. Kearney Eddyville Student Council President Harold - Reek. leaves the administralion Ioglgldcfzon' mgfggjvfijgjs bulldmg after a busy day wlth council affairs. lean Nama. Marian Paulson. Ronald Peister. Lynn Porter, Shelton Flurora Kearney Kearney Iohn Rall, Bonnie Richier, Marcella Ridder, lack Riley, Kearney Hayes Cenier Callaway Shelton Page 44 Iames Knapp. Darrell Lenz. Don Lewis. Marilyn Eck Lindly Qnsley Chappell Grand Island Kearney I. D. Meyer. Marlyn Milliken. Iames Mohall. Esther Murray. Lodgepole Naponee Sidney Broken Bow Helen Psolcx. Earl Rademacher. Ravenna Loup City Carolyn Sanderman. Don Sherrill. Lexington Hlbion Iim Doody. senior class president, relaxes with a good magazine in MGHIS Hall. Page 45 Lyle McMindes. president ot Men's Hall, is about to relax after a busy day of classes, Page 46 Hershel Siebrass Lloyd Softley Blue Hill Kearney Marilyn Teter lane Toole Bartley Kearney lean Toole Donald Ward Bill Watkins Kearney North Loup Grant Don Welch Phyllis Wisshctum Lois Wurst Kearney Kearney York l x mrol Hdams Lyle Hckerman Dick Hndersen Carol Hsher Robert Hshley Mary Badura Plrcadia Larned, Kansas Ord Ravenna Grand lsland Fullerton lward Barrett Gary Bassett Wanda Bice Carol Binderup Shirley Blythe Margaret Bradshaw North Platte Hrnold Carleton Newark Overton Bloomington Hnn Brandt Roger Burgeson Don Butler Kearney Holdrege Flnsley ith Hnn Cams Martha Carroll Lawrence Cavanaugh Kearney Superior Minden 1' S S Page 47 Freshmen Class President Michael Yanney leaves the ad- ministration building after a busy day of classes. Page 48 Willa Gewecke, Gracene Dorothy Green, Farnam Goodchuck' Bartlett Kearney lone Hieter, Glen Hinkle, Clarence Hodge, Burwell Cozad Palmer 1-.-,., Bemqdene Hnn Christensen. Pearl Cole, Chlmlpekl Kearney North Platte Litchfield Loretta Echhardt, Robert Fenster. Rosalee Finch Campbell Broken Bow Oshkosh Elaine . Carol Gunderson, Lumier Hanzel Grossmcklaus, Dix Coiesfield Osceola Ianiece Holm, Joyce Holmstedt, Glen Houtz, Mason City Paxton Madrid Ma....,.,,,.4 Vera Collison, Calvin DeLano, Wayne Dillin, Iames Doll, Dorolhy Dunlap, Lee Duryea, Campbell Kearney Beaver City Lincoln Franklin Hnselrno darjorie Forman, Robert Foster, Marlene Freeman, Edward Furtak, Hllen Gallup, Marion Gales, Cambridge Kearney Holbrook Ravenna Kearney Hrcadia .ucy Harkness, Mervyn Harms, Donna Hastings, Htlanta Hildreth Qnsley 'ranklin Isaacson, Sharron Iacobson, Wallace Iohnson Holdrege Riverdale Kearney i Q f fl 1' 9. '-. Flntelope Editor Ina Claire Frisch- holz checks the assignment sheet for reporters. lna also serves as president ol Women's League. Page 49 Patricia Iohnson Palsy Iohnson Shirley Iohns Kearney "K" Club president Dick Elm leaves the gym alter finishing cr hord Workout ot foolboll practice. Page 50 Holclrege Golhenburg Mary Laubner Duane Lehman Vlfaunella Hershey Bertrand Llchtenbefger Callaway Norma Maser Barbara Mason Gaylon Mason lack Mastin Harold Mellenbrink Io Hnne Meye Kearney Flrcadia Kearney Kearney Plrcadia Scotia Ianel Mitchell George Morgan Gordon Moor Ianel Muller Karen Naylor Margarel Pete Orleans Enders Holdrege Gibbon Kimball Plmhersl l l 5 2 2 Vernon Koeppen, Oshkosh Rex McGinnis. North Platte . ' I fl . A - :ff I x Werner Krebser, Zurich, Switzerland Lyle McMindes. Grand Island 5 Gerald Iones, Hlan Iorgensen. Bill Kalous, Rodney Koch, Gibbon Minden Kearney Eustis EoDonna Darrell Lloyd. Russell Love Hlvin Lyburger, mdhvlmf North Platte Ravenna Hrcadia Polk I -f 44 ' ' 4' f L Q , 1 t. 8 4 JU fi HW A41 M' ,Ji ff' L 3 Jr 7 J' , ll f , 01" 1 Tom Micek, David Mills, Iohn Mingus. Columbus North Platte Ravenna Helen Philbrick, Glen Ralston. Lillian Ralston. Grand Island Kearney Kearney if 4.-wo,..M,.. ..,.,. A Lloyd Softley, Plntelope business manager, contacts one ol the many advertisers for this Week paper. Page 51 Blue and Gold editor Don Sher- rill looks over some printers Hrlin Rasmussen, IoQnn Rath, Glenn Rhode Dannebrog Harvard Eddyville .M ,5 I ' ,- "' -Q Howard Strong. Hugh Strong, Marilyn 4' I f Qlmerta Hlmerla Sulherland I Elm Creek ll prool for the yearbook. Don also IL serves as Pi Kappa Delta presi- 1 sf,-'I Q dent. Dale Taylor, Robert Throop, Melvin Torbeclc, Sharon Towers Donald Roy Troyer, Chappell Grand lsland Johnson Maxwell T'eadWuY' lllrnold Kearney Paul Wagner, Geraldine Marie Walcott, Paul Walker, Dave Weeks, Mary Weir, Culbertson Walsall' Shelton Dix Kearney Sutherland Shelton Page 52 Lavonne Sohrweid, Riverdale Monica Taubenheim, Kearney Lowell Spencer, Hlice Spilinek, Ioan Stephens, Broken Bow Burwell Elm Creek Putty Teahon, Doris Teter, Dorothy Thorp, Gemece Tunnel! Dorothy Urban Robert Vogler, Stapleton Ord Lisco Roger Weiss Clinton Wells Icmes Whitaker, Plmsworth Hnselrro Doniphcm N Blue ond Gold Business Mom- crger Bill Watkins leaves the yearbook office for another round with Keorr1ey's businessmen. Page 53 Isabelle Marilyn Whitne Whitemore, Funk MCCOOI Iunction Donna Wick, Marion William Hmherst Omaha YWCH President Mary Hlice ' Bauer takes time out from her duties to relax in the YW' room. Page 54 Prince Williams. Wilma Mildred Wilson, Gerald Illa Wright, Omaha Vilillougl-iby, Kearney Winchester, Elm Creek Fairbury Rnselmo lean Wyatt, Lyla Yentes, Norma Zavitka, Betty Ziggaioos, Marcia Zorn, Willa Zelske, Scottsbluff Eddyvilie Elba Grand Island Gothenburg Stamford Freshmen 1 953 Firsi Row: Flrlhur Qlbercling, Bessie Qlberts, Mary Fllexancler, lim Qnderson, Virginia Hnderson, Prich- ard Qndrews, Donald Qnkerrnan, Ir. Second Row: Pltkins, Marion Huble, Kenneth Mary Hnn Bauerle, Barbara Dean Bennett, Harold Benneil, Berry, Edwin Bills, Ronald Bodeen, Dale Bokowski. Fourth Row: Nancy Bolt, Blll Bowers, David Brink, Donna Brink, Iunior Briscc, Diana Bnstowe, leanne Brogan. Fifth Row: Betiie Brown, Greichen Burgess, Glenda Calvin, Patricia Camrbell. Sixih Row: Bosella Campbell, Glenda Carlson, lames Carlson, Shirley Carlson. .Qrthur Fisher, Loretta Qustin, Don Ryres, Beqhlcl. Third Row: Delores Bernei, lim Page 55 First Row: Frank Cepel, Charlotte Chambers, Thomas Chaney, Leon Chisholm, Shirley Chorn, Mariam Church, Lexie Clark. Second Row: Diane Clarke, Leona Clement, Colleene Cline, Connie Collison, Ioilnn Consbruck, Leland Courtright, Rozella Croissant. Third Row: Le- land Crosley, Carolyn Curry, Iames Daily, Roger Dahlin, Charmaine Daughtery, Richard Davenport, Iames Dealey. Fourth Row: Willadean Deaver, Mahlon Deni- son, Iohn DeRoli, Dennis Dewey, Ioyce Dewey, Robert Dick, Barbara Dickerson. Fifth Row: Mary Dixon, Max Dodson, Donald Dowhower, Wesley Dreher, Ella Marie Douglas, Shirley Eakins, I-'trlene Ernptield. Sixth Row: Norrna Epley, David Escritt, Delores Exstrorn, Clemen- tine Fagot, Gilltord Feis, Marilyn Fenster, Larry Fergu- son. Seventh Row: Verneta Ferris, Charlotte Fisher, Frances Fisher, Donna Fleming. Eighth Row: Marilyn Fletcher, Bernard Forch, Priscilla Fortik, Ellen Foth. Page 56 First Row: l.oWell Frresen, Carol Furtak, Delmar Gar- rells Ca'ol Garska, Grace Glllham, Rex Glover, Marilyn Golaonsleln Second Row: Donald Goodrich, Maurice Grandgenelte, lr, Gweny Green, Kathryn Guynan, Gwendolyn Hanley, Mildred Hanson, Delores Harms. Third Row: 'Nilliarn Haull, Rosemary Hayden, Duane Heilmer, Robert Henderson, Nancy Henley, Betty Herne bloom, Stephen He-rvert. Fourth Row: Qllen Hough Denny Houslon, Donna Howell, Helen Huebner, Doris Hunsfr, Marcelene lnnes, Gloua lryine. Fifth Row: Carolyn Iakob, Rhodell larneson lay lamxson, Don lar- 'lon, l:na Iensen, Karhieen Iohnson, Mary lohnson Sixth How: Sherry lohnson, Kenneth lohnson, Roland fones, Katherine Kappas Palsy Kearney, Donna Kelly, Palricla Kennedy. Sevenlh Row: lack Kidder, Carl Kmestoadt, Theodore Koener, Frank Korbelik. Eighth Row: Wayne Kort, Connie Lahm, William Lawless, lohn Ledbelfer. Page 57 me Nl 'Ui' First Row: Mary Lennemann, Fiddle Lewis, Daniel Lewis, Robert Lewis, Shirley Lind, Bruce Lindley, Gordon Line, Second Row: Donna Lipps, Lawrence Lippstrew, Ianet Lowe, Ioan Luehbe, Gene Luther, Evelyn McBee, Hillis McCormick. Third Row: Laird McCormick, Iune McCready, Kay Mc- Elroy, ferry McKean, Pat McKillip, Shirley Madsen, Shirley Magette. Fourth How: loanne Manners, Gene Marrs, Leon- ard Martin, Mary Martinez, Edis Maulis, Gene Maxey, Del- vin Messersmith. Fifth Row: Ierrold Meyer, Robert Miller, Francis Moes, lean Mohler, lean Monigomery, Daryl Mora- ver, Kermard Moss. Sixth Row: Barbara Mote, Idalea Mum- ford, Sharon Needham, lack Nelson, Kyler Nelson, Mary Newbrey, Gay Nichols. Seventh Row: Darold Nielson, Gerald Nordbroclc, Qmelia Novosad, Clayton Ohlman. Eighth Row: Ival Olmstead, Leslie Olsen, Norma Olson, Howard Osterhoudt, Page 58 QW -.1 First Row: Robert Osterlund, Olemhia Pappas, Samuel Parker, Ronald Patterson, Bonnie Paul, Mary Peak, Mable Pearce. Second Row: Kathleen Peltzer, Shirley Peterson, Robert B. Pfeiffer, Robert L. Pfeiffer, William Pfeiffer, Larry Phillips, Ravmond Poage. Third Row: Larry Polfenberger, Carol Poralh, Lawrence Porlis, Shirley Post, lanet Prather, Donald Prince, Darlene Ramm. Fourth Row: Carol Rathe, lames Reidy, Barbara Reynolds, Mary Reynolds, Edmund Rieae, Gerald Riggins, William Roach, Ir. Fifth Row: larnes Robbins Merlin Rocker, Qrthiir Rosse, Patricia Roucis, Daniel Rxibentholer, Eugene Ryan, Robert Savely. Sixth Row: loyce Schlpperl, Qrleda Schmeeckle, Shirley Schmohr, Beverly Schulte Gene Schuppan, Merlyn Scoville, Geral- dine Schweiaer, Seventh Row: Everett Shackelford, Phyllis Shaw, Tom Shields, Eldon Shriner. Eighth Row: Dallas Sinnern, Eli Skinner, Leonard Skov, Marvin Slocum. Page 59 .MF First Row: Plrvxd Smith, Virginia Smith, Wendell Smith, Willis Sorensen, Harold Sprague, Nancy Stanton, Carlotta Stark. Second Row: Rosemary Stevens, Connie Stone, Donald Straney, Larry Streit, LaVonne Stromberg, Reynal Suchanek, lack Swanson, Third How: Pauline Switzer, Ray Striker, Richard Spence, Daie Taylor, Doris Thompson, Beverly Thornton, Hlice Thur- man. Fourth Row: Shirley Thurston, Hnita Tilmanis, loyce Towers, Mabel Treat, Zoe Finn Tucker, Donna Tuttle, Lloyd Unick. Fifth Row: Frank Valla, Ir., Chadean Veal, Ioan Vohland, Robert Volsteadt, Clinton Wells, Kenneth West, Lyle Whitesel. Sixth Row: Dale Wiest, Virainia Wilkins, Billy William- son, Iarnes Wilkinson, Iarnes Wilson, Robert Wilson, Dean Wise, Seventh Row: Wayne Wolford, Michael Yannoy, Levon Yax. Eighth Row: Wendell Young, Mary Wear. Page 60 Second Semester Students . Row Row Row Row Donna Fisher, Marilyn Crowley, Bob Clark, Rodney Campbell, Ronald Danielson. Lee Garrison, Norma Harris, Donna Highee, Duane Huff, William lvers. , Marjory McMullen, Peggy Marquardt, Floyd Marsden, Bernard Murphy, Lloyd Pahl. lerry Pierce, Royce Smith, Leo Turner, Loren Vincent, Mrs. Oris Wolfe. Page 61 - wa ..,, ' ' 'Z' Q ' QL h s Q. 'Iii my f If .yffffsz :mia ' V We mi X Q ,SSW f iff 3 S K fi 'si' fly if W +3231 iw 1 H4- A m,uwwm.,,wAw-MN ww nu' A strong college is well or- ganized. The many organ- izations on the Kearney Col- lege campus help make our college big enough for all to take part and become lead- ers. D06 , ' x V K9 5 ' XZKOEXQKQ . do YQXetU9?a vi 916 06 Q09 O 6 0539 Q0 Q91 Xoolf' QMXXX 126009 5 we Cxxgi H035 E 1 . X X Another school year . . . 1953. Room 105 was generally a busy place throughout the year. Dummy sheets to be made, pictures to be taken and copy to be written. But, amid the headaches, screams ot anger and near riot the staft managed to survive and present the 1953 edition ot the Kearney Col- lege yearbook. Many thanks go to all the students who gave their loyal help. Several new ideas were added to this year's book, the Blue and Gold Queen being just one. Lower classmen were also given a little more space in the book, Blueprints ot new buildings have been included so that students may see what the tuture is to bring. Blue and Gold Mildred Casey, assistant edi- tor, Was the humorist. That sly smile could mean a tiendish idea for a page make-up. K wh e U 411310 X- - A okoqe CJOKXSKXQYJQ. ext ox xoo X We No N96 05913 563101 510 -N5 G me M 60150 O5 N1 0018 A ' 005, N011 new Y' O 601.9 7755 so ,G O Q oql XS? so we fl A9 ,ex Q2 If -,S ec QQ N6 O K XG . 'xg 'xo me ,V Q0 Q2 O0 ' OE, Q6 M21 wie' l OXO Qi SN 08 e we 0,5 QQ Q oiOO'iS lbofe G QQ. QS 127 1 , ff, O22 S1 as NG 0 ,jx Q5 ,Q O5 V x ok . e Q 6' O Q1 XO 'boi N8 o 5 O . Q GO O0 ' 5 . 9 e 55 0 ON? 0 XIX XO Marilyn Whitney's blank look probably comes from trying to get the sophomore class pictures in order. R. Q' O11 S3441 G QI' Milf? be QUSIA e fb- 4 Zed 1961! SSS Q 6 114 ef o DQQOQQS ffzyyg ' 3171 1?2Qr,gS 301415 Q I S 15 G ,df ft, qw: . 'JYSEQSN 1.1-le: lf, V d . Mildfe text like this 'miuence when one K Uyli'XQ lo X XXUXQS WLOXHQTX 5 -' re were tGYV5e liqclev Wd haf ldegg' the edllol lo The situation looks good. Qssociate editor Grace Gillham, sophomore editor Marilyn Whitney and Iunior editor Lloyd Soitley seem satisfied with things in general. ng, ff I ' - 'ti , ' QM" ea 4 'R : cf -2 km N , SURGE!! BMW wt . 'A vi 5 is grit Y 99 Qoi 05 K K no-56 docoeeiiigwixei O esxyxoxeit XNXXAK dwg 'NN '09 55- O' , 59 Kee. SAO- 'G YAC NXGAKI "The Wednesday night helpers" can't forget the problem ot "make-up." Every statt member pitched in and the next edi- tion ot the Antelope proved to be better than before. The statt leaders express their appreciation to those who never gave up, but Who kept on Working though they received no monetary reward. Miss Clara Iohnson's assistance as advisor was always a major tactor ot a newsy Ante- lope. Without the headaches, hours of Work and stacks ot articles to re-type, making up the Antelope wouldn't have been halt the fun. xx 30 df, efx-6 l 0- ,6 -bkgixl Y di GQXCY-. SAO' I 9,956 ' YAC H M , of SS me Yd I1 Kejje S0019 Qpby b if Y ' US1 Qqdg Conn- drgou ness duo, is co, ,SSSS ,J Sfczff IUQ IISQ exf , , 12, w Ve 4 . CIQIFS S :QSMSI Sejqg fusing Hlways an important group ot statt members is the circulation staff, better known as the "Friday Folders." lone Hieter, Gretchen Bur- gess, Olembia Pappas, Thurman, Bonnie Paul, Marcella Ridder and Circulation Manager lim Mohatt. Grace Gillham, Ioan f Q my M I'1SChhOjZnZ' 581.1014 il With ES Qger ' 1 gf: 1117 Q She 17 Ce Business was always good when Lloyd Softley got on his "high- horse ' Lloyd managed the adver- tising during the second semester, Antelope Newspaper work is lots of fun!! lust ask any member of the Antelope Staff. There is a certain feeling of satisfaction each time one sees his work in print. Even though his name may not be on the article the reporter feels a sense of achievement when his first work finally breaks the news. Editor lna Claire Erischholz had a handy bottle of headache pills ready each 'Wednesday night before the paper went to press. Each Eriday's edition was proof that the editorial, business and circulation staffs were well trained. The Kearney Col- lege student newspaper is indeed one of which all can be proud. www HSI- f Ire SS 117 io -Ol' thlh S AQF Il fzyq QS fn CLWO CZQUS OFdSr HGH? P 1' eqcjy QQ! Jschlyo 12' Week, EE!-IO 1. business manager. Here's "Mr. Republican of KSTC," Harold "Red" Rowe, first semester Page Flute lo Ann Mundorf Ian Mitchell Oboe Loretta Atkins Carol Rathe Clarinet Richard Spence LeRoy Bauer laniece Holm Vera Collison Phyllis Wissbaum Karen Naylor Betty Lou Hernbloom Amelia Novsad Carol Furtak Shirley Carlson Carol Asher Gay Nichols Marilyn Teter Mary Ann Peak lo Ann Consbruck Carol Porath Virginia Smith Delores Bernet 68 Don Iardon Marilyn Whitney lean Toole Saxophone loe Tye loe Davenport Ella Douglas Marvin Slocum French Horn Ronald Peister Patsy Iohnson Miriam Church lim Doll Trumpet Russell Love Gordon Moore Gaynor Collison Duane Shackelford Willa Zelske Owen Hanley Larry Poiienberger Vfendell Smith Kent Brestel Ronald Bodeen Trombone Irma Novy lim Mohatt Ronald Landstrom Richard Davenport Baritone Dave Weeks lim Tye Phyllis Thompson Tuba Laird McCormick Robert Lewis Gerald Nordbrock Lee Garrison Dave Brink Percussion Marcia Zorn Delores McConnel Roger Weiss lack Swanson Donald Straney Alan lorgensen lean Garber gg--W ...auulnn-. . College Band The Kearney State College band is one of the best known representatives of our school. Each year the band gives several concerts including the regular band tour to near-by towns. Band officers for the year were: loe Davenport, student concluctorg Ronald Peister, business managerg Richard Spence, personnel managerg Irma Novy and Phyllis Wissbaum, librariansg Rosalie Finch, drurn majoretteg Miriam Church and Grace Gillharn, rnajorettes. Rob S1-1 House' dj,e cfo 1, College Choir Lyle Ackerman Dick Anderson Robert Ashley Loretta Atkins lanet Atwater Marion Auble Barbara Beghtol Wanda Bice Carol Binderup David Brink Ruth Ann Carns Gaynor Collison Vera Collison Io Ann Consbruck Ann Christensen Charmaine Daugherty Willadean Deaver Max Dodson Roberta Erickson Donna Fleming Marilyn Fletcher Charlotte Fisher lean Garber Le Garrison Owen Hanley Mildred Hanson Elizabeth Harris Lambert Herman Betty Lou Hernbloom lone Hieter Denny Houston Marjorie Hughes Don lardon Kenneth lohnson Robert loy Katherine Kappas Mary Laubner loan Lenneman Gordon Line Page 70 Russell Love Ann McCormick Barbara McEnroy loanne Manners Patricia Martin Norma Maser Gene Maxey Ianet Mitchell Iariet Muller Io Ann Mundorit Karen Naylor Gerald Nordbrock Amelia Novasad Mary Ann Peak Ronald Peister Larry Phillips Raymond Poage lanet Prather Carol Rathe Dallas Sinnen Marvin Slocum Arvid Smith Wendell Smith Nancy Stanton Connie Stone Mrs. lane Stubbs Pauline Switzer Mary Talbert Beverly Thornton loan Thurman Shirley Thurston lane Toole Paul W'agner Kenneth West Mr. William Lynn. director. Prince Williams Phyllis Wissbaum Robert Vogler Betty Ziggatoos Another Well-known group of Kearney State Teachers College students is the col- lege choir. The choir is Well-known over the state for their versatility and style. Mr. William Lynn directs the choir in sev- eral concerts each year. A tour of sur- rounding towns is Inade each spring as a special service of the musical organiza- tion. Page Stl Sl 091' 41596 B0 'I M290 Y , xr 1: The Kearney Symphony, sponsored by Kearney State Teachers College, serves Central Nebraska with a professional type of musical entertainment. Members of the symphony come from many com- munities as Well as the city of Kearney and the college. Communities represented are Grand lsland, Lexington, Cozad, North Platte, Holdrege, Minden, I-lildreth, and Wilcox. During the l952-53 concert season, the orchestra began a policy of offering local talent the opportunity to appear as guest soloists with the orchestra each con- cert. Under the direction of LeRoy Bauer, the first concert of the season was given November 23, 1952. Other concerts were February 22, 1953, and the annual "Pop" Concert Was held in May. Violins Maribeth Lynn, Conductress Donald Mason Rosemary Weeks Ienny St. lohn loyce Webster loan Webster Gennifer Pearson Kathleen Freeman Kathryn Freeman Violas Beth Keenan Violincellos Robert House Ianice Liljedahl Ester House Barbara Beachley George Gifford Kearney Symphony Basses Gordon Moor Carol Rathe Helen Fsota Betty Lewis Flutes Io Ann Mundorff ludy Keenan Marietta Mason Piccolo Marietta Mason Oboes lane Anderson Loretta Atkins Clarinets Richard Spence Tom Michaels Ellie Frazer Bass Clarinet Marilyn Whitney Horns Ronald Peister William Nelson Phyllis Thompson Miriam Church Trumpets Donald Munson Wendell Smith Trombones lrma Novy Iames Mohatt Bass Trombone Richard Davenport Tuba Laird McCormick Percussion lean Garber lack Swanson Dolores McConnel Donald Straney Gretchen LeCron Harp Rornayne Webster Keyboard George Whitfield Student Council Lett to right: Lloyd Soitley, Werner Krebser, Betty Ziggaioos, Darrell Lloyd, Bernard McGahcm, Torn Shields Dave Mills Marcia Zorn, Gerald Heck, Harold Reck, Don Welch, Dr. Failor, lim Doody, Mr. Place, Grace Gillharn, Rex McGinnis Ray Poage Page 74 The most important organization of the student body at Kearney College is the student council. Their Work during the l952-53 school year consisted of helping With registration, sponsoring dances, Homecoming, 'lBronco-Days," the Steven- son-Eisenhower mock election and helping faculty committees arrive at important decisions. The Weekly Monday meetings were called to order by President Harold Heck and discussions of all student activities and problems that arose were soon solved. Student Council election is a highlight of the year as candi- dates vie lor votes to elect them to this august body. This year Don Welch and Lloyd Soltley were elected to serve as the top ollicers ol next school year. o was Student Council Members President .................,,A..........V.,..,A,........ Harold Beck Vice President ........ ....... G erald Heck Secretary ....,..,... ..... M arcia Zorn Treasurer .....,e.,...,.r......e,,..,..................,.. Don Welch Delegates-at-Large lim Doody Grace Gillham Werner Krebser Darrell Lloyd Bernard McGal'ian Rex McGinnis Dave Mills Ray Poage 'Torn Shields Lloyd Soltley Betty Ziggatoos Sponsors Dr. Leona Mae Failor Mr. Robert Place x 660 SW Geox 66 990 ffl We Q96 95. 09 Ol 5006 Qc . v , t if rl lx 'X Oc 'Plays We Sf Q 8 Student Council President Harold Heck leaves the administration build- ing alter a day ot hard council ac- tivities and problems. 17 fob A6056 S U? QQQ, 1114, fe for e S MQPC16 Q1 f L1 OQS Q OQOQQ' C7902 ffocff 2 IIQI QQ, O 001 Q fe. 011 .ff Qyjoo ZQQXS I? Sf 6 3226500 .i,r, C11 D V S Qf Q S080 00,18 1,56 can 17 QU ofed SKS Q' Off fwowosff A GSSQDZ O12 M--WWMW....,,.... .. Womens League Page 76 Womens League in session. Kearney's Women keep themselves busy with activities ot Women's League. As an aid to incoming Women students they began once more the budget survey during the second semes- ter as one of their major activities. The group is under the sponsorship ot Dean ot Women, Miss Alice Robinson. Programs during the year included speakers, book reports, a talent show, Christmas Tea, Mother-Daughter Tea and an an- nual spring show. The Women's League Council members were chairman and members ot the various activities com- mittees. Womens League Council: Mary Weir, Donna 1,10 Lipps, Niia Buss, Mary Taiberi, Lorraine Muhie, Ina , Ig Claire Frischhoiz, Miss Robinson, sponsor, Ioyce 701- ,, SUL OI' Prjgch 1 Holrnsiedt, Bonnie Richter, Ioan Luebbe, Ianei Jin-UOjCCYS71SCL1SS.eSj-1012, W Prather. UQ och? One OIUSUS AOCQU' Off L On jig SQ Wifh bro Qlle M1'S QFQ' SH 'Us Objn Chrisimas program is in session. 016,25 LSD QQS To Q Mens League Page 78 Men's League in session. Men's League, the organization for all of Kearney College's men, enjoyed another eventful year because of the coopera- tion from the men on the campus. Programs at the monthly meetings were varied to offer the men many kinds of enter- tainment and fellowship. Movies of the Homecoming football game and various home talent shows were some of the out- standing programs. ln the spring the league sponsored an all-men picnic at the site of old Fort Kearney. Men's League also presented a plaque to the Winning team in the Intra-Mural Basketball League. Pre . Sjd KSQ1-1-Ieiflf of M flJr1jOI:e171g L . SQQ Ile WGS Do U W ejch Men's League Officers Dori Welch ,,,,,, ....... P resident Don Lewis .....,...... ,,..... S ecretciry Lyle McMindes ..... ......, T recisurer Officers of Men's League, Don VVelch, Don Lewis, cmd Lyle McMindes, inspect some of the pictures of the men enrolled at Kearney College. YVWCA igiilaikl Q?Q? if -T 7' I-35,1 " Je if itll' seein? 'tt -tstrx, Row 1: lanice Randall, Bonnie Richter, Hella Hexarner, Glenda Carlson, Dorothy Green, lanet Lowe, Betty Ziggaioos Marcia Zorn La Vonne Sohrwied, Mary Fllice Bauer. Row 2: Miss Minnte Larson, sponsor Roberta Erickson, Kathleen Pelzer, Colleen Cline, Marilyn Teter, HoDonna Lindholrn Dors Thompson, Mildred Hanson, 'Wanda Bice, Mary Hl1C9 VVear, Erma lensen, Ella Douglas, Geniece Tunnell Pearl Cole Donna Vlick, Margaret Briggs, Miss Dorothy Williams, sponsor. Page 80 The emblem ot the Young Women's Christian Association is the familiar blue triangle. The YWCA is an active sponsor ol many events on the Kearney College campus such as the Big-Little Sister Tea in September to help new girls get ac- quainted. One ot the biggest events of the year is the co-sponsor- ing of the annual Christmas Carnival. Funds raised from the carnival are used to send students to state, regional and na- tional conferences. Officers for the year include: President, Mary Alice Bauer, Vice President, RoDonna Lindholm, Secretary, Geniece Tunnellg Treasurer, Robert Ericksen. KOY C9- Nl wad Ox we 696 vol 'QQGQX V55 Q02 E006 ' ,X woe FW? 'N 5 113 42? Bow 1: Zoe Qnn Trlcker, Connie Collison, Mable Treat, Donna Keliy, Sherry Iohnsan lean Mohler, Charloiie Chambers, Carol Porath, Baybara McEvoy, Marilyn Vxfhiiney. Row 2: Doris Hunse, Geraldine Schwieger, Leona Clement, Rasilee Campbell, Ioan Thurman, Ioyce lluebbner, Charmaine Dougherty, Rosalie Finch. Ellen Foth, Carolyn Iakobs, Hddie Lewis, Lee Pappas, Norma Epply, Helen Philbrick, Donna Fisher, Miss Qlice Paine, sponsor. LIU CSFS O dh fr YW MQ 01111, . ,q fm ry H11 WCS for Se CS Q Dreslde UZSSIQ C Ugr Ulf 21' on Dravid Haber? S mc! CIN G Q Erjck Ude R S171-SCS SOG, F ODOUU TU1717 fsqsllr Q ej ef , Secr I E1 Page 81 YMCA Standing: Lyle lNhitesel, Earl Raderiacher, Rex McGinnis, Marshall Hahn, Bob Hanson, Lambert Herman, Dave Mills, Don Lewis, Bob Miller, Lloyd Sottley, fllvm Lybarger, Bob Osterlund, Plrthur Qlberdmg, James Faily. Seated: lvir. Larsen, Mr. Means. The Young Men's Christian Associa- tion provides fellowship for the young men ot Kearney College. One ot the big gest highlights ot the year is the co-spon sorship ol the annual Christmas Carnival. First semester ollicers Were: Earl Rade rnacher, president, Don Lewis, Vice presi dent, Marshall Hahn, secretary, Iirn Brown, treasurer. Sec W shqijngl AZemeSfer 6171. L Q I'1, V- office I 1 YI IC FS- e WhiteEeIDrisidenf0E Miller ' easurgr QIT1bert'SSCrS1 I Herm QPK. M Qn QF- ' DFQSL Page 82 Newman Club Row 1: Levon Yax, Betty Io Smith, Plmelia Novosacl, Mr. Whitfield, Monsignor Francis Tschida, Shirley Thurston, Pat McKillip, Shirley Magette. How 2: Monica Taubenheim, loyce Psota, Pat Roucis, Beverly Thorton, Ina Claire Frischholz, Ioflnn Lennemcm, Ioe Davenport, Mary Talbert, Beverly Schulte, l-'hyllis Wissbaum, Iirn Mohatt, Gene Ryan, Don Dowhower, Dick Davenport, Dick Spence, Dewey Hsher, Frank Valla. The Kearney College group of Catho- lic students is a member of the National Newman Club Federation. Activities form a balance ol religious, intellectual and social programs through group commun- ions, discussion study clubs, retreats, lec- tures and debates, parties, dances, pic- nics and sports. The Chaplain ol the club is Monsignor Francis I. Tschida. P . Cgisldeflf Dov G98 of 11, enpoffwgwmoiy KGQQZ I QUQW Cfu S 6 ff S QYSS '13 Eggs U1 Or Page 83 LSA Lutheran Students Hssociation Row 1: Dorothy Thorp, Ioyce Holmstedi, Shirley Schmoor, Willa Zelske Row 2: Dean Siutheii, Marilyn Goldenslein, Shirley Eakins, Mary Lee Weir, Carolyn lacob, Row 3: Ramona Fecht, Diane Clark, Mary Plnu Bauerle, Nila Bugs, Isabelle Whiiemore. Row 4: Otto Olson, sponsor, Robert Savely, Marshall Hahn, Revs-,end Emory Pokram Votsville Council Council for Veiercxns Village at Kearney College Keith Petiijean, Lyle Plckerman, Dean B, F. Stutheii, sponsor, Brown, Sevior, Bill Conway, Harold lngram, David Escritt Page 84 Pre-Med Club Row 1: Miss Ludden, sponsor, Elaine larnison, Bonnie Paul, Beverly Schulte, Bettie Brown, Carol Hsher, Dr. Frank O. Raasch, Row 2: Phil Etzelinlller, Ed Barrett, Dave Weeks, Bob Fenster, Lumier Hanzel, Gordon Moore, Lowell Spencer, Ray Poage, Leslie Olsen, Duane Huff, Werner Krebser, Hllen Gallup, Mrs. Hansen, sponsor. IVCF Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Row 1: Lambert Herman, lean Mohler, Bob Foster, Torn Chaney, Miss Nelson, sponsor. Row 2: Connie Lamb, lean Zwlebel, Maxine Shoemaker, Patty Teahon, Shirley Blythe, Hrlin Rasmussen, Harriette Foster, lollnne Harkness, Patsy Kearney, I..aVonne Stromberg, Glenda Carlson. Page 83 MENC Kearney College Music Group Seated: Carol Rattle, IoHnn Mundori, Norma Maser, Willadean Deaver, Loretta Htkins, Elizabeth Harris. Standing: Mr. Bauer, sponsor, lim Molfiatt, Raymond Poaqe, Phillis Wissbaum, Irma Novy, lean Toole, Bob Flshley, Marvin Slocum Wendell Smith. Social Science Clulo Bow 1: lean Nama, Qnn Montgomery, Margaret Bradshaw, Miss Conrad, sponsor, Marian Paulsen, Virginia Mackley, Mrs. Higbee, Patty Teahon, Betty lo Smith, Bessie Pllberts. Row 2: Dr. Mantor, sponsor, lim Beaird, Wesley Haring, Dr. Holmgren, sponsor, Eldon Nicholson, Robert Dick, Plllred Hinton, Perry Baker, Mr. Dittenderler, sponsor, Page 86 Zip Club College Women's Pep Club Row 1: Genie-or Tunnell, Hrlene Emplield, Delores Bernet, Shirley Carlson, Karen Naylor, Elaine Grossnicklaus, Marcia Zorn, lean Maulis, Darlene Iorgensen, Doris Thompson, loan Lennernann, Kathleen Pelzer, lanet Lowe, Row 2: Isabelle Vlhitemore, Vx'iila Geweclce, Donna Howell, Carol Furiak, Bonnie Paul, Marian Paulsen, lna Claire Frischholz, Mary Hlice XNear, Patsy lohnson, lanet Mitchell, Miss Ludclen, sponsor, Charlotte Chambers, Gwen Green, Ella lean Foth, Charmaine Dauaherty, loyce Huebbner, Ieanne Brogan. Row 3: Shirley Posi, Mary Finn Bauerle, Delores Harms, Pearl Cole, ldalea Mumford, Mary Lou Martinez, Shirley Ealcins, Mimi Church, lean Flnn Wyatt, Lavonne Sohrweid, Carol Rathe, Mary Hlexandet, Helen Philbrick, Donna Kelly, Mable Treat, Lyla Yentes, Dons liurise. Row 4: Virginia Sinith, Vernetta Ferris, Ioan Luebbe, Ioanne Manners, Connie Stone, Plnn Mc.Cor1'nick, Lexy Clark, Hddie Lewis, Shirley Schmohr, Lee Pappas, Carolyn Iakobs, Grace Gillham, Connie Collison, Shirley Peterson, Barbara Drckerson, Zoe Finn Tucker, Io Plnn Meyer. Naiads Row 1: Ydalea Mumford, Barbara Beghtol, Beverly Brown, Mildred Wilson, janet if-ltwater, Gretchen Burgess. Row 2: Miss Yingling, sponsor, Pat Johnson, Io Hnn Mundorl, Lou Mitchell, Ruth Hnn Carns. Page 8 7 Colhecon OGNAOX eq eds rvffisxoftdxoq O Q96 Presentation of Colhecon's check to the 09 March of Dimes Drive. Ianice Randall and Delores Bauer give check to P11 O'Connor e009 of the fund committee. COW ol 5 aiitpv A txweddxng the C O Colhecon, the organization for girls interested in home eco- nomics, is attiliated With the state and the American Home Economics Association. The monthly meetings included a tall picnic, candlelight initiation, programs on seasonal arrange- rnents, gift Wrapping, careers in home economics, toreign cus- toms and a formal tinale. In November the club sponsored a bake sale with the pro- ceeds going to the March oi Dimes. 'tThe Wedding" meeting each February has become a tradition ot the club. Wedding gowns are modeled and a typical Wedding reception is served. Members ot Colhecon at Green Terrace Hall. inter-FroternitySorority Council Row 1: Irene Siebler, Bonnie Richter, loyce Psotc, Lyle McMindes, Lou Casey, lim Knapp, Miss Phyllis Campbell, sponsor. Row 2: Hoberi loy, leon Zwiebel, Marilyn Lindly. The lnter-Frctternity-Sorority Council is re- sponsible lor control ornol regulcition ot oictivi- ties of the sociol troternities ond sororities on the coirnpus of Keoirney Stole Teocliers College. One oi the mciin functions ol the orgoinizotion is the sponsoring of hour clonces ond cord poiriies. President ...,,,,,.,. i,,,,, L ou Cctsey Vice President ,,,,,,, .i,.. D on Welch Secretory ,,,...,, .,..,,,,,, l oyce Psotoi Treolsurer ,,,,,,,, ,.,r.,, L yle McMinoles Reporter, ..,,, nlrene Siebler 11,6 S sfsggfffl I S jden C Qfgq Ollnof jjj A ' A 11 - Sri A111105 ls Lofrofenm CQ, Yr sei, Page 89 Delta Pi Beta Row 1: Dorothy Urban, Ianet Htwater, Ruth Finn Carns, Merlyn Mates, Mildred Wilson, Io Finn Rath, Norma Maser, Carolyn Sanderman, Elaine Grossnicklaus. Row 2: Marilyn Lindly, Beverly Brown, Qnne Christensen, Miss Roberts, sponsor, Barbara Mason, lo Plnn Mundort, Pat Iohnson Lou Casey. The meaning ot the arrow meant everything to the Deltas as they pledged their hearts and loyalty to the Delta Pi Beta Sorority. During the year they carried out their aims ot fellow- ship, scholarship and leadership. l One ot the highlights ot the year was the impressive Holly Bally which was held December Gth. Lou Casey was crowned Holly Queen. Pledging activities began with a rush breakfast. Following the breakfast was the preference dinner where the proud "mothers" pinned the yellow and white ribbons on their daugh- ters. Miss Roberts was initiated in the group by becoming the Delta sponsor. Page 90 ACTIVES Ianet Atwater .........,,,,,,,,,,,,.... .....VY. K eCI1'1'19Y Beverly Brown .,......,, mFrem0I1i Anne Christensen ....,,,,, .. WKGCITUGY Elaine Grossnicklaus ..,,,,,,,, ....,eef O SCeOlCI Pat Iohnson ........eeee... ..eeefe.. Holdrege Marilyn Lindly ,t,t. . Norma Maser .......Y, Barbara Mason s,s,..... Lou Mitchell ,,t.,.. Merlyn Motes .....Y., Io Ann Mundorf s,,,sss, Io Ann Rath r,,r,,,r..,........ ..... Carolyn Sanderman. Dorothy Urban ,..,s,,,,, Mildred Wilson r...,.,... PLEDGES Barbara Beghtol ........YY,,,,,,,,,..,... ..... Bettie Brown ....,,V Pat Campbell ....,.,.. Mimi Church ....r.Y,,,,,, Rosella Croissant .....,.., w..rr.rr Delores Exstrom ...,ss, Marilyn Fenster ....,sss, Vernetta Ferris ,tst,s, .. Carol Furtak ...,........,,, ........Kearney ........Kearney ........Arcadia .......Kearney .....Wahoo ...Kearney ...Harvard Lexington ..........,Ord ...Kearney ...Kearney ...Kearney ...Kearney Lexington .Riverdale ..........Holdrege .......Broken Bow ........Osceola .......Ravenna Kathleen Iohnson ..... ........ Kearney Kay McElroy .......... Pat McKillip ............ Shirley Magette ........ ........Kearney ........Kearney ........Kearney Karen Naylor ............. ......... K imbfrll Sharon Needham ......... ........ K earney Shirley Peterson ........ ....... E lm Creek Shirley Post ................ ....... A shton Barbara Reynolds ........ ........ K earney Mary Reynolds ....... ......... G ibbon Rosemary Stevens ....... ..r..... H arvard Shirley Thurston ......... ........ K earney Donna Tuttle ........... .......Hastings Chadean Veal ....,.... ....... E lm Creek Sigma Theta Phi Row 1: Marcia Zorn, Vera Collison, lanet Mitchell, Patsy lohnson, Bonnie Richter, Carol Hdams, Carol Binderup. Row 2: Ianice Randall, I-lrgelia Colon, Mary Talbert, Ramona Fecht, Helen Burhoop, Darlene Iorgensen, Loretta Eckhardt, Rosalee Finch, Ioyce Holmstedt, Willa Zelslce. Row 3: Irene Siebler, Mary Lee Weir, Phyllis Vfissbaum, Marianne Korslund, Lyla Yentes, Nila Buss, Shirley Johnson, Miss Ockinga, sponsor, Mary I-llice Bauer, Sharron Towers, Twyla Jordan, Martha Carroll, Ianet Muller, Lavonne Schrweid, Betty Ziggatoos. The "candles oi the triangle" representing the Sigma Theta Phi Sorority, glowed espe- cially bright during the year and revealed that the meaning oi Sigma Theta Phi continues to be an inspiration leading to achievement and success. The Sigma actives Were guests ot the alumni at a brunch starting oit the year's social activities at Homecoming. The Sigma campus display was chosen as the iirst place Winner at the Homecoming festivities. Miss lrene Sieb- ler was crowned Homecoming Queen oi l952. The traditional 'lSigmagrams" kept the Sig- mas busy at the Christmas Carnival. Western decorations provided the setting tor the Sigma Page 92 Uldanch Dance" and pre-rush party. February was the important month tor the Sigmas as the 'lSweetheart" Was crowned and pledges teted at the preterence dinner. The Spring Formal was a successful event. Carol Hdams 77......,....... Mary Alice Bauer. Carol Binderup ,,,,,....,.. Helen Burhoop ...,... Nia Buss ,,,,...,...,,,,,,, Martha Carroll ........ Vera Collison .,,...,., Hrgelia Colon ,,,,.,,. HCTIVES ......,,,.Hrcadia ,,,,,,,.-.,,Culbertson ,Newark ,,,,,,,,,,,,,York ,,,,,,,,Blue Hill ..,...,,,Superior ....,.,,,,Campbell ,....,,,,Puerto Rico Loretta Eckhart ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, C ampbell Ramona Fect .,...,,,,. Rosalee Finch ,,,.,,...... Ioyce Holmstedt ,,,,. ,Hlma ,Oshkosh Paxton Patsy Iohnson ,,,...,..,. - ....... Gothenburg Shirley Iohnson ...... Twyla Iordan ,,,,.,,r.. ..,,,,,,,,Kearney ..,,,.,,,,Kearney Darlene Iorgensen ,,.....,..,..,,,,,,,,, Hshton Marianne Korslund ,,,7,.7,,,,,,,,,,, Kearney Delores Bernett ,,,,,,,- ,,,,,,, S t. Pat Martin .....,,...... Ianet Mitchell ,,,., .. Ianet Muller ,,,.,,,., ,..,...,Kearney .,..,,,,,Orleans ,..,,,.,,,Gibbon Iemna Nelson ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . .,,,,,, ,.KeCIrl'1eY Ianiece Randall ,,,.,,,..,..,,,,,....,.,,, Gibbon Bonnie Richter ,,,77,,7,,,.,.., Hayes Center Irene Siebler r,,rr,,.r, ..,r.,,,,,..... L oup City La Vonne Schrweid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Riverdale Mary Talbert, .,,,,r,, , Sharon Towers ,,,.,,,, PLEDGES Michael Wanda Bice .,,....,,. ,,,,r,r,, C arleton Donna Brink ,,,.,...,, ,,,,,,,,,, K eurney Shirley Carlson ....... ,,r.,.,. G ibbon Diane Clark ,,,,..,.,, ......,,,,,,,,, T reman Lexie Clark ,,,,,,,,..,... ,..,,,, G othenburg Connie Collison ,,,,.,..,,,.,,,, ,Farwell Hvis Lee Copp ,.,,-,,.......,,,,,. Westerville Willadean Deaber Barbara Dickerson Shirley Eakins ,,,,.....r Ellen lean Foth .,....., Willa Gewecke ...,.,,, Delores Harms ,,r,r,,... ,Kearney ,.,,,,,,Sumner ...,,,,,,,Paxton ., ,,,,.,,,, Ord ,,,,,,,.Farnam .,,,,,,,,,,Hildreth Betty Hernbloom ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Lodgepole Marceline Innes ,,,,,., Carolyn Iakobs ....,,, Sherry Iohnson ....,, ,,,,,,,,,,Kearney Lafayette , ,,,,,, , . ,,,Burwell Donna Kelly ,,,,,,,,,,. ,,r.r...,,,, C ambridge Hddie Lewis ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,... G rand Island Shirley Lind .,,,,, r...,,,.,,,.,,,,,,, B ayard Ioan Luebbe ,,,,,,,,,,...,.,,,,.,,,,,,, St. Libory Hillis Hnn McCormick Central City lo Hnn Manners ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,Kearney Mary Lou Martinez, Hershey lean Maulis ..,...,,........ Louisville, Colo. Flmelia Novosad ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Vw,,, ,,,,,,,,, O rd Bonnie Paul ......,.... ,,,,,..v. N orth Platte Olembia Papas ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,-,A,,,,,, B ayard Mary Hnn Peak ,,,,,,,,,A,,,r,,,,,,, ,Orleans lanet Pfdlhel' ,,,,,,VV, Y-YYY,v-VYVVVV V nK9qfneY Ioyce Schippert ,,,,,,.. Republican City ,,,,,...Valley ,,,,,,..Maxwell Mary Weir, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, S utherland Phyllis Wissbaum ,,,..,,, .....,.. K earney Lila Yentes ,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,, Eddyville Willa Zelske ..., .,,,,,,,, ,,..,,,,...,,, S t amiord Betty Ziggafoos Grand Island Marci Zorn ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.r.,,.. G othenburg Shirley Schmohr ,,,,,,,. ..,,,,,,,,r..., D eWitt Beverly Schulte ,.,...,,, .,,r,,,. S cottsblull loan Stephens ........ ,,,,,..... E lm Creek Connie Stone ,,,,.,,.. Dorothy Thorp r,..... . Ioyce Towers ..,,.,... Mabel Treat ,,,...,s.,s...,...VY,,Y, Zoe I-Inn Tucker .,..s,........ Mary Alice Wear ,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,Hlma .,,,,..,,,.Paxton ,......,,,,Maxwell Wilsonville Grand Island ,,,,Big Springs Isabelle Whitemore.,McCoo1 Iunction lean ann Wyatt ,,,,,,,,,,r..,...,,, Scottsbluff Zeta Chi Alpha Row 1: Irma Novy, lean Zwiebel, Doris Teter, Marilyn Sutherland, Geniece Holm, RoDonna Linaholm. Row 2: Dr. Failor, sponsor, Ioyce Psota, Maxine Overturf, Lorraine Muhle, Ina Claire Frischholz, Marilyn Teter, Sharon Iacobson, Donna Hastings. The symbol of Zeta Chi Alpha lived up to the true meaning as the year brought many happy moments to all members of the sorority. The Homecoming Dinner began the year's social functions. The biggest event of the year is the Cinderella Ball and pre-rush party. This year Miss Irma Novy Was chosen as queen of the Christmas Carnival. The spring formal was another success as the Zetas completed another eventful year. Pcge 94 The Rose Tree concession at the Christmas Carnival and the Zeta Quartette added their bit to the festivities. Active correspondence was begun to bring the alumni card index up to date. ACTIVES Carol Asher ...V,.,...... .... -,.------ R GVGHIICI Ina Claire Frischholz ...,, . . C 011-1mb11S Donna Hastings .... ..... 4........,--, A I1S19Y Ianiece Holm ,.,.,,... Sharon Iacobson ,....... RoDonna Lindholm ..,...... Lorraine Muhle A...... wMason City ..,,iRiverclale ....,,..,..Polk ...i,...,Schuyler Irma Novy ,,V,,,,,w rr....... R avenna Helen Orcutt .,...we.eeee eee.- D 01'1iPhCU'1 Maxine Overturf ......... E dgdl' Ioyce Psota .........,v,,,,,.... .......V- R CIVGIIIICI Marilyn Sutherland .....Yeee YVVV.,,... E lm Creek Doris Teter .,VvY,,Y.....e. ..eee.-.- B G1't19Y Marilyn Teter .,....,. lean Zwiebel ,r,r...,, PLEDGES Marian Auble .,,.,,,r.........w Charlotte Chambers ....,.,,,, Bernadene Chloupek YY....... Norma Epley ,,,,............ ......eee Ioyce Huebner ,,i, Ioan Lennemann ...,r,l, Donna Lipps .......... Io Anne Meyer .,,.., Kathleen Peltzer .w.,.w.. .,,a,,...Bartley Central City .h..,,..Arnold .Y,,.....Phil1ips .....,Litch.tield Pleasanton .....,.Orleans ar ,...Franlclin ,r,m,...Scotia .Broken Bow Carol Rathe rrw,,,,,,r,,YYY,, ...,...... K earney Arleda Schmeeckle ,e,...... .eeeeeee B roadwater Geraldine Schwieger ,,...... Vv,i,w,wv P hillips Doris Thompson .....,i... ..,..,... A nselmo Iean Toole .....,,.....,r e,e.e,. K eamey Marilyn Whitney .r.,.r... ........,Funk Caledonian Row 1: Glenn Plinkle, Roger Weiss, Iohn Rall, lim Eeaird, Bob Fenster, Bryce Bonness. Row 2: Lyle McMindes, Lynn Porter, Charles Skov, Dick Means, Perry Baker, Bill Kalous, George Morgan, Mr. Carlson, sponsor, Row 3: Marshall Ioyce, Larry Cavanaugh, Bob Krenowicz, Hrnold Iakubowski, Duane Lehman, Lowell Spencer, Darrell Lloyd, Glen Houtz, Hlfred Hart, Bernard Moran, Bob Beshore, I. D. Meyer, Leonard Harbeson, Rodney Koch, Kent Brestel, lim Knapp. The Blue and Gold of the Caledonian frater- nity showed its colors everywhere on the Kear- ney campus with another outstanding year of leadership and scholarship. The fraternity pre- sented Dean of Men, B. F. Stutheit, a gold lov- ing cup for his outstanding work with the men of Kearney State. Marilyn Lindly was chosen as the Cale- donian Sweetheart for l952. The annual Bow- ery Ball was held at the l733 Ballroom and highlights of the evening included Dorothy Ur- ban, torch-singer extraordinary, singing wait- ers and can-can dancers. Page 96 Forty-one pledges were welcomed at the preference dinner at Grandpa's Steak l-louse. The annual spring dance proved to be a suc- cessful event rounding out a year of outstand- ing service as a social fraternity to Kearney College. Perry Baker ,,,,,,, HCTIVES ,,,,,,,,,rMiller Iames Beaird ,,,,,, ., .,,,, Scottsbluff Robert Beshoren .,,,,,,,.,,,, Kearney Bryce Bonness , , Ora Brauner ,,,, ,, Grand Island ,,,.,,,,Wilcox Kent Brstel , , , , H . ,,,,,, Chappell Lawrence Cavanaugh ,,,, Minden Robert Fenster ,,,., Broken Bow Harry Gross ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,., R ed Cloud Leonard Harbeson ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.. Elsie Hlfred Hart ,,r, ,,,, Glenn Hinkle ,,,,,,,, Glen Houtz ,,,, ,, Frank Isaacson ,,,,, Hrnold Iakubowsk ,,,,,...Kearney , Cozad ,,,,,,,,Madrid ,,,,.,,..Holdrege i ,,,,,,,,,,,, Hshton Max Iardon, , ,,,,,,, ..,.,,,, H lma Marshall Ioyce ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,Kearney Bill Kalous .,..,.... Iames Knapp ,....., Rodney Koch ,,,.l.....,,,,e.,,,.,,, Werner Krebser ,,.. ........Kearney ,...,,,,Hnsley Eustis ,,,,Switzerland Robert Krenowicz ,,,...,Y,,,, Oshkosh Duane Lehman ,,,,,,,...,,,,, ,Bertrand Darell Lloyds ,,,,,,...., North Platte Lyle McMindes ,,,. Grand Island Richard Means ,,,,,,,,,. Broadwater I. D. Meyer, , Bernard Moran ,,,e..,..,,,,,, r.,.....Lodgepole ,Palisade George Morgan ,,,..,..,,,,.,..,, Enders Lynn Porter .,,,,,,,,.,. Iack Rall ,,,,,,,,,,,,. .....,,.Kearney ,,,,,,,,Kearney Charles Skov ,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,, Riverdale Lowell Spencer ,,,,.,,, Broken Bow Roger Weiss , ,,,,,,,,,,, Flinsworth PLEDGES Rrthur Hlberding, .,,Clay Center Kenneth Hustin ,,,,,,,,,,,, Hinsworth Ed Bills ,,,,,.,, , , ,,,.,,,. Lodgepole Tom Chaney ,,,,,,,.,,..,,.,,, Doniphan Roger Dahlin ,,,,,,, Iames Daily, ,,,, , ..,,,..,,,Milburn Calvin DeLano . ,,,,,,,,,r,,,. Kearney Gil Didrickson, .,,,.,,,.,,,,,. Kearney Bernard Forch ,,,, ,,,. ,,,,,,, S t ratton Frank Frailey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mitchell Ed Furtak ,,..,., ...-,,,Ravenna Gene Gillette ,,,,,,,, Beaver City Ronald Hemphill , , ....... Kearney Denny Houston ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kearney Don Iardon r,,,,,,, Alma Iohn Ledbetter ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kearney Ioe McCoy, , ,,,..,,,, Loup City Gene Marrs ,.,,. ,,,,,.,.Ravenna Ierrold Meyer ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, Lodgepole Marlyn Milliken ....,,,, Kearney Gordon Moor .,r,,....... ,.l,,, H oldrege Gerald Nordbrock .,..,,..,,,,,, Wilcox Leslie Olson ,,,,,,,.,,..,,,,..,,,.,, Hardy Robert Osterlund ,,,, North Platte Ronald Patterson .,,.., Gothenburg Hrlin Rasmussen ,,,.,,,, Dannebrog Iames Robbins ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Kearney Thomas Shields ,,,,,.,,.,,,,, Kearney Leonard Skov , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Riverdale Wendell Smith ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,Hrnold Reynal Suchanek ,, ,, ,Ord Melvin Torbeck ,,,.,,,,,,,,, Iohnson Roy Troyer ,,,,..,,. Clinton Wells ,,,,,, , Hrnold ,,,,,,,,,Hnselmo Billie Williamson ,r,,,,.,,, ,,,Stratton Iames Wilson ,,,,,,. ,.,.,,, O xtord Robert Wilson ,,,,..,.,,,, Gothenburg Dean Wise, ,,,,, , ,, . Sidney O Phi Tau Gamma Row 1: Darrell Lenz, Marshall Hahn Don Sherrill, Earl Rademacher, Bob Hanson, Gaynor Collison, Rex McGinnis, Bud Hanzel. Row 2: Qlvin Lybarger, lack Riley, Bob Busteed, Bob loy, Gerald Heck, Harold Heck, Ronald Peister, Ronald Landstrom, Bill Watkins, Kohn Mason. Row 3: Paul Wagner, Don Welch, lim Doody, Hershell Siebrass, Merlin Bachrnan, Ed Norris, David Mills, Russell Love, Don Lewis Leo Chronopulous, Harold Mettenbrink, Lloyd Softley, Don Reynolds, Phi Tau Gamma fraternity again rounded out another excellent year on the Kearney Col- lege campus. Homecoming festivities again proved to be successful as the Phi Tau float Won first place. The thirty-seventh anniversary dinner of the fraternity was held in conjunction with Homecoming and was well attended by alumni and actives. The annual Christmas Ball Was held in De- cember and Miss Marcia Zorn was crowned Phi Tau Gamma "Sweetheart" February brought rush activities and a preference din- ner Was held for thirty pledges. Page 98 Rounding out a very outstanding year the Phi Tau Spring Dance Was the smartest event of the season. Phi Tau Gamma again brought leadership and scholarship to the campus of Kearney State. BCTIVES Merlin Bachman ,,.,,,,,,,,,..,...,,,. AY! Raymond Bartusiak,,, ,,Kearney Robert Busteed ,, , ,,,,,,,, Ogallala Leo Chronopulous ,Grand Island Gaynor Collison Ioe Davenport ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,Campbell , ,.,,,, Callaway Iames Doody ,,,,,,,,,,,, Plattsmouth Richard Elm ,, Duane Freeman, Hllan Gallup, .,,,,, ,, ,, Robert Hans :n,, Marshall Hahn, ,, William Iames ,Kearney ,, ,,,, Holbrook Kearney , ,,,,,,,,,, Holdrege , , Hampton ,North Platte ,, ,, ,,.Nelson Landstrom ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Hxtell Lenz , ,, ,,,,, ,,Chappell Robert Ioy, ,,,, ,,,, , Ronald Darrell Donald Lewis, Russell Love ,,,,, ,, Grand Island Ravenna Hlvin Lybarger ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hrcadia Dqvid Millgn V ,,,, ,,,,, N orth Platte Iohn Mason ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,., H rcadm Harold Mettenbrink ,,,,,,,, Hrcadia Ed Norris ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,, Ronald Peister ,,,, Earl Rademacher Gerald Reck ,,,,,,,,, Harold Reck ,,,,,,, Don Reynolds ,,,,,,, lack Riley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,.,,..,,,,Funk ,,,,Kearney Loup City ,.,.,,,,,Scotia ,,,,,,,,,Scotia , ,,,,,,,,. Orleans ,Shelton Hershell Seibrass ,,,,,,,,,, Blue Hill Don Sherrill ,,,, Don Treadway , , Louis Stueckrath, Iames Van Marter C Paul Wagner ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bill Watkins ,,,,,, Dean Webb ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,Hlbion ,,,,Kearney .,,,,,,,,Plainview arlisle. Pa. ,Culbertson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Grant ,,,,,,,,Kearney David Weeks ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, Kearney ,,,,,,,,Kearney Lawrence Lippstreu ,,,,.,,, Hildreth Floyd Marsden ,,,,, Grand Island Rex McGinnis ,,,,,,,,,,,, North Platte Don Welch ,,,,,,,,, PLEDGES Dewey Hsher ,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, Kearney Donald Hyres ,,,,,,,,,,,, Gothenburg David Brink ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,., Kearney Dale Bokowski , , ,,,,,, Kearney lrVilliam Conway ,,,,,,,,,,,, Kearney Richard Davenport ,,,, Callaway Iohn DeRolt ,,,, , , North Platte Iarnes Doll, , , ,, , Lincoln Lawrence Ferguson , ,Taylor William Hauil , ,,,, ,, , ,Glenvil William Ivers ,,,,,,, Grand Island Iay Iamison ,, , , ,,,Kearney Wayne Kort ,,,,, , , ,,,, Blue Hill Hrthur Kile ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,Eddyville Rex Kniestead ,,,,,,, Dallas, Ore. Gene Maxey ,,,, Republican City Robert Miller ,,,,,, , ,,,,,, Hendley lohn Mingus ,,,,, ,,,Ravenna Ray Poage ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,Kearney lawrence Pcllenberger Kearney Merlin Rocker ,,,,, ,, ,,,,, Hildreth Duane Schakelford, , Palisade Richard Spence ,Holdrege Robert Volsteadt, , Kearney Iames Wilkinson Minden Wayne Wolford ,,,,, , Kearney Michael Yanney ,, ,, Kearney Xi Phi Row I: lim Mohatt, Don Welch, Ronald Landstrom, Mr. Holmgren, sponsor. Row 2: lanice Randall, Iean Zwiebel, Marianne Korslund, lna Claire Frischholz, Margaret Briggs, Ioyce Psota, Mary Pllice Bauer Nila Buss, lo Hnn Mundori, Miss Williams, sponsor. Xi Phi is the national honorary scholarship and leader- ship fraternity for outstanding students on Kearney's campus. Members are initiated each semester on the basis of scholastic standing and achievements in extra curricu- lar activities. A Christmas dinner highlights the year for Xi Phi mem- bers. A news letter is sent each year to all alumni and ac- tives. Harold Rowe, lanuary graduate, was first semester president and loyce Psota took over the duties in lanuary. Xi Phi initiated Marshall Hahn, Don Sherrill and lim Knapp during the second semester. Page 100 ms Z' WG S Sem SS A 1 91113 HQPOJ Sf 56 Urn d R I A401176 Owe, S Dresjd . S1-UCI. fr S17 OU? Pi Kappa Delta Michael Yannoy, Betty Ztggaloos, Willa Zelske, Don Sherrill, Dorothy Urban, Eldon Nicholson, Robert Engler, Mr. Hhrendts, sponsor is not pictured. Speech students from Kearney State College are mem- bers of the national honorary speech fraternity, Pi Kappa Delta. Outstanding members in debate and oratory are initiated each semester. This year the group held the tirst alumni banquet and initiation in lanuary. Pi Kappa Delta sponsored an invi- tation debate tournament tor Nebraska colleges in No- vember. Don Sherrill served as president and Betty Ziggatoos as vice president. Marilyn Lindly was secretary and Rob- ert Engler served as treasurer. Uses, do o 171 D Sherrzjjof K-Q , ,Q y p fblon jlfzzilv Dejfq for, ls Page 101 Sigma Tau Delta Row 1: Mrs. C. T. Ryan, loyce Psota, Miss Hlta Kibler. Row Z: Don Welch, Mr. C. T. Ryan, sponsor, Ronald Landstrom, Merlyn Mates, Marianne Korslund, Ina Claire Frischholz. Outstanding English students on Kearney Colleges campus are chosen each year for membership in the na- tional honorary English fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta. The outstanding contribution of this honorary fraternity is the college literary publication, The Antler. This yearly publication consists of Writings and essays of students and features an essay contest for freshmen, Last year four writ- ings Were accepted for publication in The Rectangle, na- tional publication. A Christmas formal is held each year for all actives and alumni of the organization. loyce Psota served as presi- dent cluring the l952-53 year. Page 102 13,6 Sjde foycs PSI' of Sig Off, ID ' RQ Q TQ vennq Sgnsl-Uejfq I 101: lv Pi Gmega Pi Row 1: Nick Kavadas, Keith Pettijean, Nila Buss, Mary Qlice Bauer, Ron Landstrom, Qlfred Hinton, Harold Preck, Don lester. Row 2: Miss Clara Ockinga, sponsor, Lorraine Muhle, Carol Pldarns, Shirley Iohnson, Marilyn Sutherland, Phyllis Wissbaurn, Io Hnn Meyer, Bill Kalous, Mr. Robert Place, sponsor. Membership in Pi Omega Pi, national honorary commerce fraternity, is bestowed upon those students in commerce Who have done superior Work and who have those qualities Which tend to make for success in teaching. Dinner meetings once a month have been the feature of the year's activities with initiation ceremonies or programs of a professional nature as part of the agenda. During Christmas vacation Ron Landstrom and Harold Reck Were delegates to the Pi Omega Pi national convention in Chi- cago Where they took an active part in committees formulating fraternity policies on a national basis. 'pak-.. 2233? Q 25? W' i Q l lg W r, my ln Wm? 4 if My ,K 9,2 Ii , 2. M, -. ri .,,,3Y"w ,N r if X +14 i Nik as WN 3 W XS it S 2 ff eggs Quik Q 6 gl 'Sk 3 sy W if Q A 8 r Y K 63, b Q, ,glgfhl Nm r rr rrwiri i'-i r-i, . r-iig i l ' i P A Pr A ' lf? SSI' l' . f. I . X, Qfd deaf LQ of P- Hd 1 o Sffg me " ml Q QQ Q . . 551911 I IS H Senfolz On' Page 103 Lambda Delta Lambda -.Q rf: r .guvviaf "J", NQTIONHL HONORQRY SCIENCE FRHTERNITY Row 1: Plllen Gallup, lanice Randall. Row 2: Calvin Pelano, Miss 'Theodora Nelson, sponsor, Dr. Mary Morse, sponsor Row 3: Mr. L. M Larsen, sponsor, Dr. Donald E. Fox, sponsor, Iirn Brown, Keith Petlijean, Bob Fensier. Row 4: Mr. Elmer Beckmann, sponsor, Ma:-5 lardon, Lowell Spencer Harold Ingram, Leo Chroncpulas. Kappa Pi NHTIONHL HONORHRY HRT FRHTERNITY Row 1: lean Plnn Vlfyclt, Marilyn Vlfhitney, Elizabeth Harris, Lois Vlfursl, lo I-lnne Meyer, Wilma 'Willoughby Row 2: Rex McGinnis, lemna Nelson, lane-I Mikrhell, Miss Larson and Miss Campbell, sponsors, Marian Paulsen, Ina Claire Frischholz Marianne Korslund, Mildred Casey, ,fd Zim? gofkge Page 105 ' ... .Nxwaiff s 5 S i 1 1: 4ffg4gy13w,,a M. , ,, A phone call . . . a date . . . a fraternity dance . . . or just a coke at the Student Union . . . all go together With college lite. The "Friendly College" is always the scene of much student interest and friendly activity. Page 108 ,MW 7W,,,1Mfy iss 1953 Qfue anal Qofal This year the Blue and Gold is instituting choosing a yearbook queen. Several Kearney businessmen chose from a list of candidates submitted by the Blue and Gold staft. We proudly present I-ler Majesty, Miss Blue and Gold of 1953 .... Miss Betty Ziggafoos. Caledonian Mrs. Marilyn Lindly fl, Phi Tau Gamma Miss Marcia Zorn Page 112 WMA caan Clue? JJ!! o y Queen Delta Pi Be WM Joyce ,Qiofa Zhi Gnclere ffm Zeta Chi Alpha ta WLM jrene Semr 3weefAearl Sigma Theta Phi 1953 Homecoming Her Majesty Miss lrene Siebler, Queen of Homecoming "A perfect day" . . . was the description for the l952 KSTC Homecoming. One of the largest crowds in Homecoming history was on hand to Witness Kearney State's biggest fall event. Campus displays were numerous and the Sigma Theta Phi sorority took first place honors. Phi Tau Gamma fraternity Won first place with their beautiful White and gold float in the Homecoming Day parade. Theme of the l952 Homecoming was 'lThe Olympics". The Kearney eleven, the Antelope football squad, added their bit to the success of the day, with a ten-to-nothing victory over the Chadron State Eagles. Royalty reigned during the evening as the student body selected Miss Irene Siebler, Loup City senior, Homecoming Queen. She was crowned by President Her- bert L. Cushing during intermission of the Homecoming Dance. Sigma Theta Phi sorority won first place with this display at the college ene ef 114 trance. Wooden 'Vee Vxix 'Yoo Gogmoo 'kiokeifixiq 005 QOQKK wax dose Kxoox pomoqxfxq 'Coe wi odd Ko 'Vee Owgogjxce. bam Wxodxck qwe-5 We mix 'Coe qcxixe. Wie. ed Ko Koi Qoxkq comb vox Se ifgiofld ernit Pla Y Ce Portrugiixt WG Q K S eczrnthut e o Y Qthietfhe C es G cqe S ih dgn. e -. lan be St in th eir fi eldf. 'U Y:eXov1'. GMO Qu XOOQOQXX Ko oK'ixdxoXf:, Ko -5 ' Rev., V559 Qoeeo, ekepp ood, XQFQX Queen, Woo Slxmo Qsekxei Q90 amend . Th e . . end Dcnfethe if ci p - o m erf e c Sig day in Q Pa Qe115 i l r E Mildred Casey sketche s a Caledonians Perry Baker, Roger Vfeiss and Lyle Mc- Phi Tau Gamma bc shadow picture as Kappa Pi's Mindes help a student win prizes at the "Wheel of For- bershoppers, Fir concession stint. tune". plgce Winners in yi 6Al"l:5tlfVLOL5 carnival Christmas l952l KSTC Christmas Car- nival l952! The busiest time ot the year around Kearney College is the Christmas season. The 1952 year Was a success from every angle. First, the Christmas Opera, then Vesper services and to top oft the season . . . the big Christmas Car- nival. Sponsored by the YWCA and YMCA, the Christmas Carnival is one ot the out- standing events on our campus. Organi- zations ot the college sponsored conces- sions including such as the Sigma Theta Phi sorority's "Sigmagrams", the Cale- donian traternity's HWheel ot Fortune" and Lambda Delta Lambda's "Ring the Bell" concession. Don Sherrill and Betty Ziggafoos try their luck at pitching pennies Page 116 at the freshmen booth. skit contest. Skits came next with a theme ot old time quartets. Phi Tau Gamma traternity Won tirst place with their barbershoppers. Bernard l'Curly" McGahan was the guy Who kept them rolling in the aisles in his inimitable master ot ceremonies style. The traditional Christmas Carnival dance tollowed and Miss Irma Novy Was chosen as Christmas Queen and lim Doody her king. The royalty was selected lrorn a student body vote trom several candidates. 1 3 E Christmas Carnival roy- alty . . . Kearney stu- dents chose lrma Novy as Christmas Queen and Iim Doody, Christ- mas King. The Sigma Theta Phi sorority kept busy tak- ing and delivering mes- sages via the "Sigma- gram" Page 117 Seeing double? lt's not eye trouble, just Daisy Mae candidates. Sadie Hawkins Day The men have it! Well, tor awhile any- way. During Sadie l-lawkin's week the gals treated the guys to snacks, shows and din- ners. And then the tinal, horrible day . . . the day the gals take that man to Marryin' Sam tor the ceremony. Colleges throughout the country have ob- served Sadie l-lawkin's Day since cartoonist Al Capp created the idea in his Lil Abner comic strip. On the KSTC campus men grew beards, wore Hketchedn tags and everything went along in typical Dogpatch style. Admission to the Sadie Hawkins dance was according to the measurement ot the couples' waist . . . two cents an inch. Recipes tor kickapoo joy juice were varied as Sadie l-lawkin's Day was carried out in tull swing, Not because ot the lack ot student en- thusiasm, but more because ot lack ot tore- sight, the Sadie Hawkins event will not again be observed by students ot Kearney College. Hairless loes take their turn be- tore the camera as the Sadie Hawkins Dance brings to life a famous comic strip. Page 115 Plnd heres the old gal herself . .. S a die Hawkins. Gad! Those laces! The old folks take their turn . . . here are the Poppy and Mammy Yo- kum candidates. 61, 111, ge Ph TQL1 GOIIIIIWI Fmiernity Christmas Ball. OXX wx OXO N ex O ev 6 Xe 2239 OCX on Cx Ox x 10 2920 C . d, 51 191 efellcy gwl Dfw Soromy Qh .P 2 1573147 Thgfq HQHCF1 PQNY. phi Sor orif Y wwf Men's Hall. Home-owoy-from-home is this fine dormitory tor Kecirney's men. M ' H6111 Men's Hall officers. Seated is Poul Wagner, vice pres- ident, Housernother Mrs. McColl, lock Riley, treasurer, Standing is Lyle MCMindes, president, and Glen Houtz, secretary. , 1' Dorm Lite Kearney's men are privileged to live in one of the finest men's dormi- tories in the state. Built in l939, the dormitory provides pleasant quar- ters tor a good share of Kearney State College men. edge X ea' 6506 X066 XY H906 OK3 X . 5 Y Qjofl QQU Q9 The Case Hall Council. Buck row: Mari- lyn Teter, Merlyri Motes, Mary Talbert, Midred Casey, Mary Hlice Bauer, lna Claire Frischholz, Lorraine Muhle, Betty Ziggaloos, Mrs. Mathews, Middle row: Marcia Zorn, Ramona Fect, Patsy Iohnson, lsabelle Vlfhitemore, Sharon lacobson, Shirley Blythe. Front row: Mary Ellen Laubrier, Elizabeth Harris, Elizabeth Smith, Willa Gewecke, Rosie Finch, Margaret Briggs. Page 122 es edt ,an- gg? ,,,,...:nn'- YM , . A , -Q-Lsaew Mk'-'Q ' -, .N.4X Main residence hall for Kearney women, Case Hall. ' fr Y fm I .,,.. V 3? 2 07,6688 AIG'-SS Qr e 01- ' - A '7?Of6gQrSf we 901 so ef 3 A 0199 6 0, ' 49 '1 Ce-, Q 'Ye eff Q93 'S f O WS kg., be 0,711- relo 199 rss- eo! o Offer Qfoos idea! Q58 F OJ Q0 ' V' ' '1' 02' . Q' MQ 106 1148 sojzbojzqlsfr 'cy' 'OIG r Af 2 Q71 Q? 810' C7558 'be OO Orb Sw ws 08,0 Of ' SS ' P ' Sr 6 , Cy-Sf Qfgy ODS Qpk fobb S Case Hall Friend of C111 Case HGH Women, Mother Mat- thews. Green Terrace Hull, oldesi Womerfs dormitory. Green Terrace Hell Mrs. Brisiewe, Green Terrace housemother, cmd Pepper. egen Cf Ailetchei ijlvjn' MOH ' 1 hgme of their OU the . SCI-loo! "My Sister Eileen" The three-act comedy "My Sister Eileen" was staged as the first semester allvcollege play on November l9th. Miss Georganne Steiss directed the cast of twenty-five in a side-splitting work of refreshing entertainment. The play typified an exaggerated but truefto-life experience of two country girls in New York City. The play was staged on Broadway for many years and was recently cut for a movie. Doris l-lunse, Arnold freshman, played the leading role and Marilyn Eck Lindly, Kearney junior, portrayed Eileen's sister. Cne humorous episode after another kept the audience laugh- ing as another allecollege play proved an outstanding success. Rh, those handsome Brazillian sailors salute that gal about town, Eileen. Pl scene from "My Sister Eileen." Eileen and Chic, played by Doris Hunse and lim Knapp, are being Watched through the only apartment window by Betty Ziggafoos. H Curtain call!!! KAPZ5 fWLOL5 IUQPUL Rehearsal pictures show the Fine Arts Department ol Kearney College working hard to make ready tor the performance ot annual Christmas vespers. 'tAmahl and the Night Visitors" was especially Well presented. The opera was written by the young l ta l i a n contemporary Menotti, famous for his English operas. The year ot l952 brought 'lAmahl" to radio and television. A large cast ot Kearney College fine arts students presented the opera and also "The Song ot Christ- mas". Elizabeth l-larris, Axtell junior, played and sang the part ot little Amahl. Qiquv Mary Chase's famous production l'l-lar- Vey" was staged as the second semester allfcolleqe play, The story ot the wise but mischievous poolca, and his loest triend Mr. Dowd, who is the only person that really understands him, was well received at each performance. Boland lones and Vlfanda Bice portrayed the leadina roles and Miss Dixie Campbell directed the production. "l-lorveyu Boland lones.. ., Cast Elwood P. Dowd Wanda Bice . ,,c,, ,,,c V ita Louise Simmons Zoe Ann Tucker. Bobert l'lill ,,,,,, .. Gene Schuppan ,,,,i...,,,,,.., Y,,,, Betty Ziggatoos. Bill Boach . ,,,,, . Lyle Ackerman. Mildred Casey.. Bob Hanson ,,,,, . lone Hieter t,,,,, Hella Hexarner ..,...Myrtle Mae Simmons Sanderson Dr. Chumley . ,,r,,,,,,,,i, Buth Kelley, B. N. ..............Wilson .,......ludoge Umar Gatney ...... Mrs. Chauvenet .. . Cab Driver .........Betty Chumley . .... Olaa The union floor gets cr good Workout. lust CI friendly game of bridge, than if Heres Where you'll find just about anybody from KSTC. H cup of coffee dlwcrys helps before cm eight cfclock. H nice Wcry to study be tween classes. Student Union The Kearney College Student Union is the most popular meeting place on the campus. Here students are able to entertain themselves with coffee, pop, julie-box music, table tennis and a host of other activity. The present wooden structure is the temporary union. In the near future a new union will replace the present building and provide greater facilities for social and recreational activities. The end pages of the yearbook show the architect's sketch ot the proposed new union. Page 129 Speech . Radio . Students al Kearney College do much work in radio. Harold Heck announces as Don Sherrill runs the controls. Pagv 130 0 wb xo O9 O56 WCAG 'ilfleq PI'- COYQGSX OWS' I 0690 go- OYXCOX Q09 X-330960 BWI 7331 145 ol ge- 99 6 X Oi 0 Qi - ex. 6 we age. 361,010 5,0106 QQ of? . XXX XO- X5 9 GXXX 5 W X6-el 9,6 900 A V K . ,, Y X096 XXI CO0 YXQYXXA Xxfxeflv xotxl O6 YKXXCXXQXQYY KO XSOO' ce Ola To . CNOO I Q90 Oe- f O Q3 Xgjxaofx N OWS X00 Qi 5. dxoiq ' -.NN N we-NMAM Nebl. from Clskilf Slate CON 1 O 4: S ' over 100611 30' the ge IS OU t QFQ - rUC11 C0119 he U1 O sz - Qe cri 1 Haroldls MQr1Yn Mqflon KGpWbroQdcaSfSr Eqch d no ROWS lllken ' Wgre l GY Ungjng Gnd Hob Qt the C Ing the day Q11-ed ' erf H , Ontroj ly pr elmg S' LOU O' Oth doing IIICQSSYI 9 an- W BXUG Ckw press K0 jd ginpaf 7001 C- r Or lx 'gm TONE KX Q QXQY C New cmd GOXA cmd- Qfwidope XTWQ OU Kor eek .dc Sf , 'P Exserfrxow er Sv: Jemoo . Aecxxoo XQQKS. XOOX 156 'S be 07119 A 10ml This Wan 'j Wm CGI FGQ1 Strmion Pro C9d1, JO Ko'-6650 Q QW O 5 YN 6263 oi WT If American students are ac tive, aggressive and healthful The well-rounded sports pro gram offered at Kearney Col lege is beneficial towards building strong and healthful citizens of our nation. Kearney's coaching staff, Leland Copeland, Charlie Foster, head coach and B111 Morns Page 134 Final NCC Football Standings-1952 Team Peru .... .. Hastings Doane Nebraska Kearney Wayne , Chadron Midland Wesleyan ....llll. . Won Lost 7 O 5 2 4 3 4 3 3 4 3 4 2 5 O 7 F 0 0 1' Kearney 3l Kearney 21 Kearney 0 Kearney 10 Kearney 37 1 1 Season's Record Graceland Midland . Hastings Chadron Wayne l 0 6 9 0 7 Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Nebr. Wesleyan 20 Doane 7 Peru 13 Emporia 7 Page 135 Kent Brestel Dick Elm Herman Hinkle Bill Icxmes George Leggott KEARNEY TAKES OPENER 31-0 The Kearney Antelopes opened the 1952 season with a 31 to U romp over the visiting Graceland Col- lege juniors ot Lamont, lowa. Bob Hanson raced 73 yards tor one touchdown and scored again later in the second quarter. Other touchdowns were made by Herman Hinkle, George Leggott and Dean Webb. MIDLAND FALLS BEFORE ANTELOPES 21-6 The Antelopes bagged their tirst Nebraska Col- lege Conference game ot the season with a convinc- ing 21 to 5 win over Midland College ot Fremont. Powering to two touchdowns in the iirst seven minutes, Kearney provided a cushion tor Midlands T-formation and went on to get past the Warriors by titteen points. Darrell Lenz Dick Me-:ms Larry Ccxvancrugh Iim Doll Doyle Pyle Louis Stueckruth Iim Van Matter K Q N . Glenn Hinkle Glenn Rhode Dean Webb Merlin Beichman Bob Hanson BRONCOS TRIM ANTELOPES 19-0 The Hastings Broncos gave the Kearney eleven their first taste of defeat on the home field by taking a l9 to U game from the Antelopes. Hastings scored in the first play of the second quarter and the K-State defense seemed to lack spark and desire. However, the Staters looked good when running from their spread. KEARNEY NUDGES CHADRON 10-U The Antelopes treated the big Homecoming crowd to what was probably the hardest fought game of the year. Outplayed according to yardstick, the Kearney men wouldn't say die and emerged with a lO to U win. The two teams battled to a scoreless deadlock at the first half. Then Kearney came back to win with a touchdown and a field goal kicked by Bill Bowers. Roy Troyer Dale Taylor Paul Wagner aL,.,M..r. 1 Don Byres Bill Bowers Dcxve Brink Iim Berry lim Carlson Tom Shields KEARNEY BATTERS WAYNE 37-7 The Antelopes spoiled the Wildcats' Homecoming with a 37 to 7 frolic that saw all the Kearney players making the trip get into the game. Long drives and the Antelopes' ability to take advantage of every situation enabled them to pound the Wayne State Wildcats into the ground and take another Nebraska College Conference victory. ANTELOPES FALL BEFORE PLAINSMEN 20-7 Nebraska Wesleyan put on a second half surge to ruin Kearney's hopes for the conference cham- pionship in l952. The Lincoln boys took the K-Staters for a 20 to 7 loss. Kearney led at half-time 7 to 6, but couldn't keep going in the second half and finally fell before the Methodists. Dean Wise Iim Wilson Lettermen not pictured include Bob Wilson and luck Swanson Wesley Dreher Bernard Forch Larry Poffenberger Hcmk Poole Dale Porhs DOANE EDGES KEARNEY 7-0 The Kearney Antelopes had to endure a game of fumbles, penalties and bad breaks as Doane College of Crete slipped past with a score of 7 to U. Injuries carrie with the insult. However, only once did the Antelopes' defense slip and then Doane tallied the Winning score and took the NCC game for their own, PERU DOWNS KEARNEY 13-7 Kearney muffled a scoring opportunity in the first quarter and gave Peru a perfect season's record and the NCC championship for 1952. After stopping a seventy yard drive by the Antelopes, Peru Went on to win l3 to 7. Peru was by far the larger team, but certainly did not out-fight the K-Staters. ANTELOPES TAKE EMPORIA FOR 19-6 WIN Eight Kearney seniors closed out their collegiate football careers with a convincing victory over the College of Ernporia, Kansas, and also closed the l952 football season. The Antelopes relied on Dick Elm for necessary yardage when the chips were down. Final score showed the Kearney eleven on top by lQ to 6. Przgv 139 Page 140 The Kearney Flntelopes Football Team of l95Z Antelope Eleven Has Good Season The Kearney Antelopes finished a season of good football by taking five games and losing four as their 1952 record. Coach Charlie Foster piloted the Kearney eleven to a tie for fifth place in the Nebraska College Conference. The team elected Dick Elm, Kearney senior, as their honorary captain for the season. Dick was an outstanding member of the squad and his fight and rug- ged football tactics Were responsible for the five Wins for the K-Staters. "Broncho Days!" Kearney's cheerleaders put their best into a yell at the Kearney-Hastings basketball game. Qll dressed in cowboy togs are Darlene lorgensen, Ieanne Maulis, Bob loy, Marcia Zorn and Elaine Grossnick- laus. S k e 1' 3 1952 school Wesleyan Chadron , Wayne ,e Peru , 5 1 Conference Standings won lo A 7 st l 5 5 5 school Kearney Hastings Doane , Midland WO!! eeeee .e,eee 5 5, 6 5 5 5 l.., l lost 8 9 9 l3 Page Darrell Lloyd, Flrnold Iakulzowski, Herinan Hinkle, Doyle Pyle, Louis Slueckraih, Marshall Ioyce and Coach Morris discuss tactics for the next game. Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Page 142 Season's Record York , , ,,oo,,,oo Regis Ark. Teachers SW Missouri D ,o,oo,,o, Doane Midland Wesleyan York ,. Midland Doane , ,,,, Hastings Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Kearney Wesleyan so Wayne Peru Hastings Cliadron Chadron ,, Wayne Doane Midland Peru D oi' ev LXOXI Don Welch fe 11 Inbkle 0 Vvsk Louis Stueckrcrth uve M ms Marshall Ioyce 0 QW O B6171 ard Port-1, Doyle Pyfe I e MCCOY ,igARNffL" oh Treqdwqy Hermcr n Hinkle- N1 C969 vSmv'fJ'3' 4'f""" RoW1:Tlon 'Welch Farrell Lloyd, HBiid" Extrom, Louis Stueckrath Herman Hinkle, Glen Hinkle, Marshall loyce Row 2IGll'TtY1 Horn? Pd Hills Qrnoid lakubowskl Bernard Porch, Don Tre-adway Dave Mills Ioe McCoy Coach Bill Morris Antelope Cagers Have Successful Season The Kearney Antelopes had a mildly sucf cesstul season during the school year ot l952- 53, winning ten games and losing eleven. Un- der the direction ot Coach Bill Morris the Kear- ney cagers wound up in a tie with Hastings in 5th place ot the Nebraska College Confer- ence, One of the highlights ol the season was the team's trip to the Southwest to play Arkansas State Teachers ot Conway, Arkansas, and Page 146 Southwest Missouri State at Springfield. Howe ever, the Antelopes dropped both games. Good attendance accompanied all home games and the Antelopes kept up a good tight at all times, losing a tew by narrow margins, The hardest taught game might have been with Nebraska Wesleyan on the home court. The Lincoln men were conterence champions with the help ot their ace center, seven toot Don Boldebuck. All in all, the Antelopes seemed to please. Club Row 1: Coach Copeland, Bob Krenowicz, Dean Wise, Wesley Dreher, Bill Conway, Don Treadway, Dave Brink, Don Hyres, Bill Bowers, Dale Taylor, Bob Wilson, Glen Houtz, Glenn Hinkle, Coach Foster. Row 2: Marshall Ioyce, Bill Iarnes, Darrell Lenz, Iim Vanlvfarter, Roy Troyer, Paul Wagner, Duane Freeman, lack Swanson, Don Welch, Don Lewis, Hlvin Lybargaer, Merlin Bachrnan, Iim Carlson, Hrnold Iakubowski. Row 3:I1m Doll, Herman Hinkle, Bernard Moran, Bernard Porch, Louis Stuecl-irath, Marshall Hahn, Dean Dodson, Larry Patien- berger, Lee Duryea, Bill Kalous, Iay Iamison, Dick Means, lim Wilson, Darrell Lloyd. The Club is organized for lettermen of all sports at Kearney State. Officers for the year were: President ....,..... .,,.......,.... D ick Elm Vice-President ..... ..... D uane Freeman Sec.-Treas ...... ..t... G lenn Rhode pr . .Yi-f-Sldgnf Of Se . CXL15 . Ule mor' IS Dfcf-SQMSY Elm' ffcojlege eqrne Y Page 148 WAA Row 1: Ioyce Teter, lean Zwiebel, Maxine Ovcrturt, Donna Hastings, Ianice Holm, Plrlene Empiield, Ramona Fechl, Marilyn Teter, Nita Buss, loan Brandt, Gretchen Burgess. Row 2: Miriam Church, lo Hnn Meyer, Vernetta Ferris, Willa Ge-Wecke, Mabel Treat, Isabelle Vfhiternare, Bernadine Chloupelc, Mar- garet Bradshaw, Coleen Klien, Charmaine Daugherty, Jeanne Brogan, Marilyn Sutherland, Row 3: Miss- Harriet Yinglinfz, sponsor, Karen Naylor, Shirley Post, lanet Mitchell, Darlene lorgensen, Flcldie Lewis, Mary Pllice Bauer, Nczrna Lee Epley, Mildred Hanson, Monica Taubenheirn. to O9 Q 6 QW GY WXAQYWQZOSQ el bf? all Cideft ei O06 Ox D OcxO ling at VX aftlxp Oi MC 59 bcbxq exoeeo 514 xi O0 X 6 ri W CWOY pi O K'oOxX Q6 any 402 X r rf 0 09 K3 XNXQ er GY eco C, Q ' Nfl, Nixon ,ta Heres tne Yoggies winners of the intra 0 CYOXQQQ nural WHH basketball tournament Standing is M960 Shirley Post Karen Naylor Mary Pllice Bauer Seated is Ianet Mitchell Darlene lorgensen Plcldie Lewis. Track Row 1: Coach Fosier, Gene Schuppen, Gene Luther, Don Hyres, Mervin Scoville, Dave Brink, Doyle Pyle Merlin Bachman Glen Hinkle, Harvard Smith, Leland Courtright, Don Straney, Coach Copeland. Row 2: Iack Nellson, Dale Taylor, Dale Portis, Don Prince, Iunior Brisco, Ed Bills, Bill Kalous, Glenn Hourz Louis Stueckraih Darrell Lloyd, Wesley Dreher, Hrt Ross, Ron Danderson, Lee Dureau, Row 3: Ierry Meyer, Marshall Hahn, Francis Moes, Dean Howe, Harold Bennet, Darryl Nielsen, Bruce Lindley Bob Miller Bob Hanson, Duane Freeman, Dean Dodson, Bernie Moran, Bill Bowers, Row 4: Iim Wilson, lay Iamison, Herman Hinkle, Hlvin Lybarger, Bud Extrom, Roland Hemphill, Bob Osterlund Ed Barrett Lloyd Pole, Leland. Crosley, Reynal Suchanek, Tom Shields, Kent Brestal. Page 150 April 9 .. ,.... .. April l5 .. ..... .. April 22 .. ...., .. April 29 .. ..... .. May 8-9 .... ....... March 2l May 8 .... May 14-15 1953 KEARNEY TRACK SCHEDULE NCC lndoor Meet ..... Hastings College .,.... Fort Hayes College ..., Hastings College .... Fort Hayes College... Chadron College ........ ......Lincoln ......Kearney .. ....,. Kearney ........l-Iastings Fort Hayes ..,..,Kearney NCC Golf and Tennis ..... ...... K earney NCC Track and Field ..... ,..... K earney Go Kearney College golfers Don Tread- woy and Ron Peisler, take time out before practice. Tennis Ready for the courts! Keamey's last tennis leam included Dick Means, Don Lewis, Marshall Ioyce and Earl Rodemacher. i Page 151 'iw 'lf M-'PN' 4" g ij ft 'illiiv-its - sly N 5 Q 1 Q if " if " I-SW fr 'Z if ii ' fi-if K H4712 s e is A ages H M :ms 9 555 ws F A 9 ' milf f . S f ws bx 54 'Y QI Ha ' 1 'Q is N 2 is E51 at 1 M Www Q 3 P, with VR K J fw Y,-is s, .K ,.,M,. J . f"smg:sQ:if wwf 4 1 ref-0 4 ,A k J ,I Kearney's friendly business- men are to be complimented on their gracious support of Kearney College. Throughout the years their advertising in the Blue and Gold has been one of the main monetary sources for each edition. We urge all Kearney students to patronize these yearbook ad- vertisers. 'X were 452:34 V, 49?bid?.,g?w.1Qwfrirsadv1-'wivlv-29' ,. ?'f'f-31f - ,. 5:2 A, if .-1 1 211119: ki? 1 gig, ,. , .fu ' .4-i5fgggQi?Zgggf2wQ,fg2f.,fk Q3r f,w:3f4xy,gi Q efv. 5 f, 1- gf gow, f 4 AV , qw - 'Maggie AW ,K,gQ?42NXgi3,,'Q,:W61N gkgfyvafg-.,g,,.,f, ,:,,Q.,,i4. kin ' :view ww ' . . wir x2b?3g5wgg3?gQfgx f ew 73243355Qomgfgm,y,QgQ,W-g,,,fV,.,f,5WgQ.,,., .fg r- M ' 4 . ' " u 6' ,"' " 'V ,' A. N ,". V?"-if"6air.f5g,?2'72'Q4I1'f:'rfa'fY'L2,1'v," -.22 .fv'f."f 'xjv,.'v:',. , ' .if -, if V ,fare:'a.g.fxW2'W4ff?,,1,3-rv , ,. l'2f?g'i k'2f .g r f' 4- "R Q if ' X , , , V-Q . lu? Qg5gV,,,Y,QQQQgg,,yQ5,g,g53v,gfm.?.3.,'?g3.,4-,gig:ya'-'-a.- 'A-,gig-5-5j,5. ,, 3 .gg- , ae' by ,wmv Awfwfewml-:yrw fqs,wwQ,,fQ1,.,,mx,x,,p.w'-1 wg, um". fy - E Mr TQL QMQ' 1 iw vw' wifwzfkwxgnfQYN'wgfMy+I-Q,-57wxv?iw?fafiwsf-A fe 9, grefunmf' Wfitffbjgfkw f45?f+Z1.35:.-awSWw,.,5qxgxfQ,g,g-Qzgyff-fajvg:pf -, f 4' -"A - , ,,,, 6, vim , ,- f gf q,Wwm,,, , wwf 2!f2ifWv,af,wf'15gj',ggff325 xfirfwixfaevvy .- A-f-f I ww-s ' . ,, ff, 535.wgt:Qix.g3Qig:jq,:f3:L,QM ffwg f ., .. fbwsifwswvif' We ww - w s r ef sv wif iv ffm ' i . V . A M11 - M r -0 gl??35e'fQ5?,'l"Y2Paf3k334?.2'4' xmiwirif QW ' fkK. s2f?50 .,-,V-1:s'?-3. fm:-ifi N I 4 ,551-f,yZw,Q X,,m1ay23E1J:?QfWg,wviw31pif:gfNfQg,'2' - QQ QLQZVQ-Cv, gg-yr-'w f' .A f4,f1,gm,fw3f "mg.N,,v,f,lgf:!Q,1yf2,,,X'yyf 'Q -7,f.y:2f-45,94-,,-, ,QQ f 1 ,J '11.1231fi'-'gjfn 1 f'QfQ?2w, 4'IXAn'if2Z5f4:f3145?giiffgp:54y12r,g41QAj,,f-5" gggfffbx' A Mm .Wm,.,w3,?mW-vgggyglgfiffX2?..Q,,M45g5g5gf3,,g?.Q5?,53g3f35fQ5i 6. , if '. '21 'r255"4"' viylfrirf vf WS Wica W ef-1,0-'X r I .A 4 ,. M Q, ,V Q 4 'VM Vi ,I 4' 85 xf'f?,f'w!wY,y?9f M Qugxififyffky W4 vgnywyqfgggpgf .fy g A' , - 4 4- -,W . Q ww 1 fx 'M rw ,, Qmlwfif Sq,a,gQgfgf211rei3gz' W 422zQk1'f52f?m'+a'5?'1w7? ffl? ', K 'xv 552 T . ,mgzglvul . .. ve 2 - 1 A :- " fri? ,S " VWXVWVA V4 'W 4359" V'rifffh'5f:?F'f:.'W"'1 I-?33'3pf?r F ' ' ' " -m3Q,w,1w5yQ.gN9 e,?,f,,A,,, ,V1, .,Q,'rA,Q,wx,,f,,x,.,,,,N3,,,.,f,.x. . . I i uae-ENG: 1' fwiwwf-Svfo . rmfkf'-'ffzfsk civffffv'I-kffwf-VNS xaiw f- '- - V x.,,g3wf,,v,QQZiw,Q,wA3Q, .M AQQQ::tw-rv:2wiwvwfafivmwaiffmw-.Y I i ' -' -. W gxMdMx:fli'3Qw Qs-.M --'---'Aiwuf-v' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' WV ?,,M,W, 55: 3 QQ vw. V-:fav ,. A The Journal- Star Printing Co. has beena leader in The yearbook field. OPRINTING OLITHOGR PHI OPHOTO E GRA NG JOURNAL- TAR PRINTING 00. 926 P STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Your Portraits 215440 The Buffalo County Medical Society Helps Support Your College Page 156 The Kearney Dental Association W. Page Boggs, D.D.S. J. A. Cullen, D.D.S. Denzler 8- Denzler, D.D.S. J. A. Fowler, D.D.S. R. M. Gilmore, D.D.S. G. M. Hamilton, D.D.S. Raymond Heuke, D.D.S K. L. Holmes, D.D.S. Ben H. Pohl, D.D.S. Frank 0. Raasch, D.D.S. Page 157 Kearney Laundry Dry Cleaners W. K. Downing For more than 64 years Dial 24051 Kearney, Nebraska Since l888 Private Dining Rooms for all Occasions Wedding Breakfasts, Lancheons, Dinners and Receptions. None too Large or too Small. Fort Kearney Hotel and Coffee Shop john A. llenry. Manager Thnmin gm Consumers Public Power District Controlled and Operated for Nebraskans by Nebraskans Gaston's Music Co. Pianos Sheet Music Records Band Instruments Complete Repairing of Band Instruments Iiea1'fzf3y'S Oldest and Finest Music: Store Fort Kearney National Bank Complete Banking Semzice Member Federal Reserve System-Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation We Are Always Glad to Serve Yau. .9 ' Johnson's Cleaners I I Dry Cleaning Fur Cleaning 123 W 21 Street Fm' Storage Kea1'nc?jL1, Nebraska Famous Shoe Store The Place to Go For Shoes You Know 2'l'l'l Central Avenue Kearney, Nebraska Men's Roblee Justin Sherbrooks Wornen's Air-Step Paris Fashion Girl Scout Loafer Socks Baumgartner's Variety Store Hosiery-Lingerie-MilIinery-Stationery-School Supplies Kearney, Nebraska 0 Foods that satisfy 0 Prices that please 0 Where the students meet The Chocolate Shop Kearney, Nebraska Claussens "Come and See--Whatis new in a Claussen Shoev Kearney, Nebraska Grantham Cafe Where Friends Meet to Eat. We cater to private parties in our newly decorated party rooms. For Young Men's Clothing reasonably priced try HirschfeId's Kearney North Platte Ogallala J. C. Penney Company lt pays to shop at Penney's Kearney, Nebraska Pitcher's Jewelry Kearney's Largest and Finest Since l885 Headquarters for Sterling, China, Crystal, Diamonds, and Watches 2002 Central Avenue Kearney, Nebraska ,, 'U s 3: ,ig 3-.,,..,.:,. - ,zz nn t of 131.45 W Z Lila? H 5 5 ,M 1. ni M 1' 1 if 5 Eg lf " 1 'E World Theatre In Kearney Il"s Idt's for "It" in Men's Wear ' Wallpaper ' Paints ' Glass Eck's Paint 81 Glass Store Kearney, Nebraska Kaufmann 81 Wernert 5-10-25c Store 1,5 Years of Service to the Community KGFW l34O On Your Dial Kearney, Nebraska John W. Uackl Yeager, Mgr. Jack B. CHonest Johnl Lewis, Chief Engineer Mutual Network United Press Gregerson Jewelry Across from the World Theatre Diamonds Watches Silverware Clocks Gifts Jewelry Pen 81 Pencils Watch Bands Famous Brands Guaranteed Repairs -l0Y'l-Ynn Lantz Drug Store Flowers and Gifts Highest quality at lowest prices Quality Flowers-Universal Design 3454l 2023 Central Walgreen System Kearney, Nebraska Jordan's Standard Service We Give SGH Green Stamps Gas Oil 824 W 24 Batteries-Tires Accessories Lincoln Fertilizers Now with FF-X CFree Flowing Factorl Made in Central Nebraska especially tor Central Nebraska Soils Manufactured by Lincoln Service 81 Supply, Inc. Grand Island, Nebraska "Americas Favorite Store" Bodinson Hardware F. W. Woolworth Co Hardware Sporting Goods Sherwin-Williams Paint Sunbeam Appliances 2210 Central Avenue 2l2O Central Phone 2004l KeU"'1eY, Nebl'05kU WebSfef'S AIIen's Cafe Cor. 24th-Ave. A Batteries Cables Recharging Repairing Tires 8 Tubes Tire Repairing Wheel Balancing Phone 23511 Kearney, Nebraska Where Kearney Students Come and Enjoy Food and a Friendly Atmosphere Anytime Open 24 Hours a Day Sears Roebuck and Company Kearney's Newest Department Store Phone 26281 Dr. T. R. Morris Optometrist Room 19, Patsios Bldg. Phone 20142 Dr. A. E. Banik Optometrist 2122M Cent. Ave. Kearney, Nebraska Quality Bakery Products Compliments of Sehnert Bakery Tasty Tea Room 2117 Central Avenue Platte Valley State Bank "We Enjoyed Serving You" Kearney, Nebraska Phone 27051 Dr. M. H. Fitch Beds Flowm Florol Arrangements As You Like Them Optometrist Fort Theatre Bldg. Kearney, Nebraska 25th and 2nd Kearney, Nebraska Culligan Soft Water Service Home of "The Culligan Aires" "Don't Take It So Hard," for the Phi Tau Dinne Dance Mattson Studio Commercial Portraits Cameras 8. Camera Supplies Kearney, Nebraska Kearney Floral and Nursery Flowers For All Occasions Kearney, Nebraska J More Quality, More Fashion For Your Money Compare . M. McDonalds Kearney, Nebraska If You Don't Believe Educctio Look at Me! Nim's Station n Pays In the Sports-Craft Supply S where they sell "The Best In Everything For S tore ports" It's Coffee Time ot Your Student Union Always buy Fairmont The Peak of Quality Ice Cream Central Typewriter Company G. G, Uerryl Treadway, Manager Complete Office Supply Store Rentals-Sales-Service 2012 Central Ave. Phone 22531 Kearney, Nebraska Snack Bar We try to serve good home-made food- like your mother used to make Your Patronage Greatly Appreciated 2209 Central Emery F. Jurgens, Owner Rainbow Cafe Fine Foods Reasonably Priced Arrange for the Blue and Gold Room for your party Kearney, Nebraska James C. Poullos, Owner Congratulations to the Class of 1953 Tollefsen-Elliott Lumber Company Liberty Dry Cleaners Your Sanitone Dry Cleaner Craftsmen in Keeping Things New 2013 Central Avenue Kearney Creamery W. O. Richardson, Owner and Manager Home of Blue Bell Dairy Products Phone 29031 2223 Second Avenue Kearney, Nebraska For a Tasty Home-Cooked Meal- K.S.T.C. Students Pick the Campus Cafe Dorothy 84 Kermit Lundquist Hawthorne's Jewelry Where generations have always been pleased Kearney, Nebraska Kearney Plumbing and Heating Company Bert W. Wallace Richard W. Wallace Kearney, Nebraska Around the Corner 1 from Anywhere 624622: 9? Q ' w w reef 5 4 . lovvnrn vuon .uvnonzrv on vu! corn :au comnnu .1 Midway Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Kearney, Nebraska Lundquist Sinclair I Schweser s A f ll p in pleasant surroundings designed to enable us to Cross rom the CO ege Q Phone 29373 more conveniently serve you Kearney, Nebraska Adams, Miss Louise ...... Anderson, Mrs. Golda.. Ahrendts, Mr. Harold .... Bauer, Mr. Leroy .,.,....,. Beckman, Mr. Elmer ...... Berquist, Mrs. Alta ..,..... Bowes, Mr. loseph ......., Bruner, Mr. W. E ......,.... Campbell, Miss Dixie .... Campbell, Miss Phyllis.. Carlson, Mr. Kenneth .... Cole, Mr. Harvey .......... Conrad, Miss Iennie .... Copeland, Mr. Leland.. Cushing, Mr. Herbert L ........ Danker, Mr. Del ............. Diffenderfer, Mr. N. R ..... Failor, Miss Leona Mae Foster, Mr. Charlie ........ Fox, Mr. Donald .......... Garrett, Miss Delia ........ Hansen, Mrs. Mildred .... Hedges, Miss Doris ........ Hoffman, Mr. Harry ...... Holcomb, Miss Laurel.. Holmgren, Mr. Phillip .... House, Mr. Robert ........ lstas, Mrs. Helen .......... lohnson, Miss Clara ...... Klein, Miss Dorothy ...... Larsen, Mr. L. M ....... Facuhy 21 18 . ....... 22 22 25 18 20 19 22 22 27 19 26 24 14 .......l7, 21 26 20 24 25 27 19 22 23 18 26 22 23 23 23 25 Index Larson, Miss Minnie .......... ..... 2 2 Ludden, Miss Carrie .......... ..... 1 9 Lynn, Mr. William .................. ..... 2 2 McClure, Mrs. Margaret .......... ..... 2 1 Mantor, Mrs. Bernice ........ ..... 2 7 Mantor, Mr. Lyle ......... ..... 2 6 Means, Mr. Otho ............. ..... 2 7 Morris, Mr. William .......... ..... 2 4 Morse, Miss Mary ........... ..... 2 5 Nelson, Miss Theodora ........ ..... 2 5 Nigh, Mrs. Edna ....,........ ..... 2 O Ockinga, Miss Clara .......... ..... 2 7 Olsen, Mr. Otto ........... ..... 2 7 Paine, Miss Alice ......... ..... 1 8 Place, Mr. Robert ....... ..... 2 7 Powell, Mrs. Gail ....... ..... 2 U Powell, Mr. R. W .......... ..... 2 O Roberts, Miss Phyllis ........ ..... 2 3 Robinson, Miss Alice ........ ..... l 6 Ryan, Mr. C. '1' .................. ..... 2 3 Sampson, Miss Helen ........ ..... 2 3 Skinner, Miss Blanche .......... ..... 2 1 Smithey, Miss Edith M ......... ......... 1 7 Stout, Mr. H. G .......................... ......... l 7-20 Stoutemeyer, Mrs. Malvina ......... ..... 2 1 Stutheit, Mr. Bernard ............ ..... l 6 Wallace, Mrs. Helen .......... ..... l 8 Welch, Mr. Roland ......... 27 Whitfield, Mr. George .......... 22 Williams, Miss Dorothy ......... 18 Yingling, Miss Harriet .......... ..... 2 4 Page 171 H Cappella Choir ........ Hntelope ....... Band ...... Basketball ......... Blue and Gold ..,....... Caledonians ............ Cum Laude Students ...... ....l Delta Pi Beta .......,.... Football ..,,.. Freshmen ...,. Golf ...,..v......,..... Home-Ec. Club ......,....,......... ..... lnter-Frat-Sorority Council .....,.... ..... Inter-Varsity CIVCFD ..... ..... Iuniors .........,............ K-Club ........ Kappa P1 ......................... ..... Lambda Delta Lambda ......... ..... L. S. H .......,. ....... M. E. N. C ........., Men's League ........ Naiads ............... Page 1 72 Organizational Index Newman Club ....... Orchestra ........... Phi Tau Gamma ........ Pi Kappa Delta ........,. Pre-Med Club ....... Radio ............... Seniors ................... Sigma Tau Delta ........ Sigma Theta Phi .......... Social Science Club.. Sophomores ........... Student Council ...... Tennis ................. Track ........................ Vet's Village Council W. H. Pl ................ Women's League .... Xi Phi .............. Y. M. C. Fl ........ Y. W. C. Pl ............ Zeta Chi .Qlpha .......... Zip Club ............. Student Index A Campbell, Patricia, Kearney ---- 55 Empfield, Hrlene, Stapleton - - 56, 87 Campbell, Rosella, Kearney - - 55, 81 Engler, Robert, Kearney - - - 34, 101 Flckerman, Lyle, Larned, Kansas - 47, 84 Carlson, Bonnie, Kearney ----- 32 Epley, Norma, Pleasanton - - - 56,81 Rdams, Carol, Flrcadia - - - 47, 92, 103 Carlson, Glenda, Ravenna - - 55, 80, 85 Erickson, Roberta, Broadwater 42, 80, 81 Hlberding, Hrthur, Clay Center - - 55, 82 Carlson, lames, Lisco - - 55, 138 Escritt, David, Ookdale - - - 56, 84 I-llberts, Bessie, Gothenburg - - - 55, 86 Carlson, Shirley, Gibbon ---- 55,87 Etzelmiller, Phil, Minden - - - 85 Hlexander, Mary, Kearney ---- 55, 87 Carns, Ruth Plnn, Kearney - - 47, 87, 90 Exstrom, Delores, Holdrege ---- 56 Hndersen, Dick, Ord ------- 47 Carroll, Martha, Superior - - - 47, 92 Exstrom, LaGrant, Holdrege - - 42, 144 Plnderson, Virginia, Flnselmo - - - 55 CUSGY, LOU, Lexington - 33, 89, 90, 112 Hnderson, lim, Grand Island - - - - 55 Casey, Mildred, Oconto 41, 64, 65, 66, 104 F Hndrews, Priohord, Hlrnerio .... 55 Cavanaugh, Lawrence, Minden 47, 96, 136 Hnkerman, Donald, lr., Wilsonville - 55 CerJe1.FfCmk, KQUYUSY ---- - - 56 Fagolf Clementine, Lexlllglell ' ' " 55 Qsher, Dewey, Kearney ---- 55 83 Chambers, Charlotte, Phillips 56, 81, 87 Fechf, llemellc, lzllmq ' - ' 34, 34, 92 Rsher, Carol, Ravenna - - - 47 85 Cl1GY19Y, Thomds, Dvniphcm ' - - 56, 85 Feis, Gllllefdf Flcmkllll ' ' ' ' ' ' 55 lzlsnoi, Donna, Ravenna , , , 61 B1 Chisholm, Loon, Blooniinaion , , , 55 Fenster, Marilyn, Broken Bow - - - 56 ashley, Robert, Grand island , - 47 86 Cl-lloupek, Bei-nadino, Liioniieia 1 - 48 Fenster, Robert, Broken Bow 48, 85, 96, 104 llltkins, Loretta, Pirnold - - - 55 86 Cllom, Sl'1lfleY, Broadwater ---- 56 Ferguson' I-'GUY' Taylor ""' 55 Hten, Kenneth, Holdrege - - - - 41 Christensen, Hnne, Kearney - - - 48, 90 Ferris' Vemelclf Osceola ' ' ' ' 55, 97 Qtwgter, loner, Keqrney - - 41, 87 90 Chronopulos, Leo, Grand Island glnghf Rgielie, Oshkosh ' ' 49, 91, 92 noble, Morton, Hrnold - - - - - 55 33, 98, 104 is ef, motte, Hmhersf - - - - 56 I'-lustin, Kenneth, Qinsworth - - - 55 Church' Mifiem, l-exlllglon - - - 55, 87 Fisher' Frances' Broken BOW ' ' 59 gyms, Don ...... . 55, 138 Clark, Lexie, Gothenburg - - 56, av gshef, MSHY, Broken Bow - - 34 Clark, Robert, Kearney - - - - 51 emlllg, Olmfl, HClSlll'1QS - - - - 56 B Clarke, Drone, Treman - - - 56,84 FleYChef,Mf1fi1Yn,Hnsley ----- 56 Clernenl, Leona, Coieslield , , 55, 81 Forch, Bernard, Stratton - -56, 139, 144 Bachman, Merlin, Hyr - - - 41, 98, 137 Cline, Colleone, Riverton , - - 55, 80 Forman, Marjorie, Cambridge - - - 49 EU:ufUfPMQ'YfMlfEllef'0n ' ' ',,,' eg 'SZ cole, Peori, North Platte - - 48, so, 87 F0ffik,PfiSCi11C1,KeGrneY - - - - 56 BG 912, Scary' d 1,519 h' Pi ' ' ' 47 85 Collison, Connie, Farwell - 56, 66, 81, 87 Foster, Hclrlelf KeClll'leY "--- 85 me-5' Wm' Off elle ' ' Coulson, Gaynor, Campbell - - 41, 98 FOSfef,R0beff,Kef1mey - - - 49, 85 Bmlusmk' RGY' KQCUUQY ' ' ' - 41 Collison, Vero, Campbell - - - 49 92 Wh, Ellen, Ord ----- 56, 81, 87 Bassett' Gary' Hmold ' ' ' ' 47 Colon', I-lrgelia, Hrroyo Puerto Rico 33: 92 Halley' Frank' Milchell ' ' ' 43 Bauer, Delores, Doniphan - - 41 88 Consbmck, ionrm, Kengscw ---- I 56 Freeman, Duane, Kearney - - 34 BG'-IST, MGTY, Culbertson Conway, William, Kearney - - - 33, B4 Freeman, Marlene, Holbrook - - 49 , 41' 77' 30, Bl' 92, wo' 193 Conn, lqvis, Wosierville ----- ,ii Friesen, Lowell, Madrid ----- 57 Boufene' Mary Rnn' Naponee 55' 66' 84 87 Courtright, Leland, Beaver City - - 56 Frlschholz' Ina' Columbus Beaird, lames, Scottsbluff - - 32, 86, 96 Cmwiey, Mcriiyn, Kearney - - - 61 43, 66, 67, 77, 83, 87, 94, 100, 102, 104 Eebii',HCg1eE' Omaha ""' sg Croissent, Rozella, Riverdale - - 56 Furlak' Carol' Rqvemlc "" 57, 87 Bennett, Harold, Lhchheld 1 - w 55 Curry, Carolyn, Holbrook - - 56 Ye' OY ef UW C1lY - 136, 142, 145 Bernet, Delores, St. Michael - - 55, 87 D G Berry, Iames, Mitchell ---- 55, 138 Boghore, Robe,-1 .... - - 96 Gallup, Hllen, Kearney - - - 49, 85, 104 Bice, Wanda, Carleion - - 47 gg Dahlin, Roger, Ord - - - - - 55 Garber, Iean, Red Cloud - - - - - 34 Bills, Edwin, Lodgepole - - - 55 gaily, Iames, Milburn ----- 56, 82 Garrelts, Delmar, Wilcox - - - - 57 Bindei-nn, Carol, Newark , - - 47 gg anielson, Ronald, Sutherland - - - 61 Garrison, Le, Burwell - - 61 Blyll-ie, Shirley, Ovoi-ion .... 47 85 Darling, Donald, Kearney ----- 41 Garska, Carol, Kearney - - - 57 Bodeen, Ronald, Noifin Plano , - - 55 Daugherty, S. Charmaine, Kearney Gates, Marion, lllrcadia ---- - 49 Bokowski, Dale, Kearney - - - 55 64 56, 81, 87 Gewecke, Willa, Farnam - - - 48, 187 Bonnoos, Bryce, Gi-and lsland - - 41 Q6 Davenport, Ioseph, Callaway - - 33, 83 Gillham, Grace, Ogallala 57, 65, 66, 74, 87 Boil, Nancy, l-lasiings ...... 55 Davenport, Richard, Callaway - - 56, 83 Glover, Rex, Broken Bow ----. 57 Bowel-S, Bill, paxion ..... 55, 133 Dealey, lames, Blue Hill ----- 56 Goldenstein, Marilyn, Kearney - - 57, 84 Bradshaw, Margai-ei, Bloomington - 47 86 Deaver, Willadean, Kearney - - 56, 86 Goodchuck, Gracene, Kearney - - - 48 Brandi, jo Qnn, Kearney ...., 47 De Lano, Calvin, Kearney - - - 49, 104 Goodman, Nelson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Browner, Oro, Gibbon ------ 32 Denison, Muhlon, Kearney - - - 56 34, as Bl-eslel, Kent, Chappell - 32, 95, 135 De Roll, Iohn, North Platte - - 56 Goodrick, Donald, Franklin ---- 57 Briggs, Margaret, Broken Bow - 41, 30, 100 Dewey, Dennis, Gates - - - 56 Grandgenette, Maurice, Ir., Valley - 57 Brink, Dovid, Kearney .... 55, 138 Dewey, Ioyce I-lnn, Hnsley - - - 56 Green, Dorothy, Bartlett - - - 48, 80 Brink, Donno, Kearney - - - 55 giclli, Robert, Kenesaw - - - 56, 86 Green, Gweny, Danbury ---- 57, 87 Brogqn, leonne, Sqrben .. - 55, 87 ic erson, Barbara, Sumner - - 56, 87 Gross, Harry, Red Cloud ----- 43 Brown, Berne, Kearney - - - 55 85 Dillin, Wayne, Beaver City - - 49 Grossnicklaus, Elaine, Osceola 48, 87, 90 Brown, Beverly, Fremont - - - 37, 90 Dixon, Mary, Lexington - - 56 Gunderson, Carol, Dix ----- - 48 Brown, lorries, Grono Islqnol - - 32, 104 Dodson, E. Dean, Venango - - - 33 Guynan, Kathryn, Paxton ---- - 57 Burgess, Gretchen, Iulian - - 55, 66, 87 Dodson, MGX, VSUGUQO --'--- 56 Brisco, Iunior, Lexington ----- 55 Doll, lames, Lincoln ----- 49, 136 H Bristowe, Donna, Grand lslqrld - - - 55 DOOC1Y, Iames, Plattsmouth 33, 74, 98, 117 Burgeson, Roger, Holdrege ---- 47 Douglas, Ella Marie, Hurora - - 56, 80 Helm, Marshall, l'lC!mPl0H - 42, 92, 84, 98 Burhoop, Helen, York ---.. 41, 92 Dowhower, Donald, North Platte - 56, 83 Hall, llobeflf KSGTHSY '----- 43 Buss, Nila, Blue Hill Dreher, Welsley, Elwood - - - 56, 139 Hemldl, Mehdi- Meslled, Iran ' ' ' 42 29, 32, 66, 84, 92, 100, 103 Dunlap, Dorothy, Franklin - - - 49 l'lUllleY, GW91'14'l0lYn, HCIYSS Center - 57 Busteed, Robert, Ogallala - - - 32, 98 Duryea, Lee. Qnselmo - - - - 49 HUUSOH, Mildred, OCOHYO - - - - 57, 80 Butler, Don, Hnsley .... - . 47 Hanson, Robert L., Holdrege - 43, 98, 137 E Hanson, Robert V., Elsie ---- 43 82 C Hanzel, Lumier, Cotesfield - - 48, 85 98 Eakins, Shirley, Paxton - - 56, 84, 87 Harveson, Leonard, Elsie - - - 43 96 Calvin, Glenda, Ravenna - - 55 Eckhardt, Loretta, Campbell - - 48, 92 Harder, Harold, Gibbon - - - 43 Campbell, Iames, Giltner - - 61 Elm, Dick, Kearney - - - 33, 136, 148 Haring, Wesley, Riverton - - 34 86 Page 1 73 50 96 Harkness, Lucy, Qtlanta - - 49, 85 Harms, Delores, Hildreth ---- 57, 87 Harms, Mervyn, Hildreth ----- 49 Harris, Elizabeth, Hxtell - 42, 65, 86, 104 Harris, Norma Lois, Kearney ---- 61 Hart, Hlired, Kearney - - - - 42 96 Hastings, Donna, Flnsley - - - 49 94 Hasty, Lloyd, Kim, Colorado - - - 42 Hautl, William, Glenvil - - - - 57 Hayden, Rosemary, Fllda ----- 57 Headrick, Gaylord, Maryville, Missouri 34 Heiliger, Duane, Kearney ----- 57 Heimsoth, Robert, Kearney - - - 42 Hemphill, Ronald, Kearney - - - 35 Henderson, Robert, Elsie ----- 57 Henley, Nancy, North Platte ---- 57 Herman, Lambert, Greeley - 43, 82, 85 Hernbloom, Betty, Lodgepole - - - 57 I-lervert, Stephen, Grand Island - - - 57 Hexamer, Hella, Back Krournack, Germany --------- 43 80 Hieter, lone, Burwell - - - - - 66 Higbee, Charles, Lexington - - - 42 Higbee, Donna, Lexington - - - 61, 86 Hinkle, Glenn, Cozad - 48, 96, 137, 143 Hinkle, Herman, Cozad 35, 135, 136, 142, 145 Hinton, Hllred, Stockville - - 42, 86, 103 Hodge, Clarence, Palmer ----- 48 Holm, Ianiece, Mason City - - - 48 94 Holmstedt, loyce, Paxton - 48, 77, 84 92 Hough, Qllen, Eddyville ----- 57 Houston, Denny, Kearney ----- 57 Houtz, Glen, Madrid - - - 48, 96 Howell, Donna, Gibbon - - - 57, 87 Huebner, Helen, Ord - - 57, 81, 87 Huff, Duane, Callaway - -- - - 61 85 Hunse, Doris, Flrnold - - 57, 66, 81, 87 Hutchinson, Duane, Pauline ---- 35 I Ingram, Harold, Kearney - - 35, 84, 104 Innes, Marcelene, Kearney ---- 57 Irvine, Gloria, Hlda ---- - 57 Isaacson, Franklin, Holdrege - - - 49 Ivers, William, Grand Island - - - 61 I Iacobson, Sharron, Riverdale - - 49, 94 Iakob, Carolyn, Grand Island 57, 81, 84, 87 143 Iakubowski, Hrnold, Hshton 35, 96, 142, Iames, William, Kearney - - - 35, 136 Iameson, Rhodell, Norman - - - - 57 Iamison, Elaine, Kearney - - 35, 85 Iamison, Iay, Kearney - - - - 57 lardon, Don, Hlma - - - - 57 Iardon, O. Max, Fllma - - - - 104 Iensen, Erna, Cozad - - - - 57, 80 Iensen, Raymond, Dunning - - - 35 Iohnson, Hrdis, Kearney - - - 42 Iohnson, Kathleen, Kearney - - - 57 Iohnson, Kenneth, Eddyville - - - 57 Iohnson, Mary, Kearney ----- 57 Iohnson, Patricia, Holdrege - 50, 87, 90 Iohnson, Patsy, Gothenburg - 50, 87, 92 Iohnson, Sherry, Burwell ---- 57, 81 lohnson, Shirley, Kearney - - 50, 92, 103 Iohnson, Wallace, Kearney ---- 49 lones, Gerald, Gibbon - - - - 51 Iones, Roland, Hmherst - - - - 57 Iordan, Twyla, Kearney ---- 42, 92 lorgensen, Hlan, Minden - ---- 51 lorgensen, Darlene, lllshton 43, 87, 92, 140 Ioy, Robert, Nelson - - 36, 89, 98, 140 Ioyce, Marshall, Kearney 43, 96, 142, 143 K Kalous, Bill, Kearney - - 51, 75, 96, 103 Kappas, Katherine, Kearney ---- 57 Page 174 Kavadas, Nick, Kearney ---- 44, 103 Kearney, Patsy, Sumner ---- 57, 85 Kelly, Donna, Cambridge - 57, 66, 81, 87 Kennedy, Patricia, Iuniata ---- 57 Kidder, Iack, Sargent - - - - - 57 Kile, Hrthur, Eddyville ------ 44 Knapp, Iames, Hnsley - - - 45, 89, 96 Kniesteadt, Carl, The Dalles, Oregon - 57 Koch, Rodney, Eustis ----- 51, 96 Koener, Theodore, Sweetwater - - - 57 Koeppen, Vernon, Oshkosh - - - 51 Korbelik, Frank, Kearney ----- 57 Korslund, Marriann, Kearney 29, 36, 92, 100, 102, 104 Kort, Wayne, Blue Hill ----- 57 Krebser, Werner, Zurich, Switzerland 51, 74, 85 Krenowicz, Robert, Oshkosh - - 36, 96 L Lahm, Connie, Sumner ---- 57, 85 Landstrom, Ronald, Hxtell 29, 36, 98, 100, 102, Lane, Charles, Kearney ----- Laubner, Mary, Hershey ----- Lawless, William, Palisade ---- Lechtenberger, Waunetta, Calloway - Ledbetter, Iohn, Kearney ----- Leggott, George, Elwood - - 36, Lehman, Duane, Bertrand - - - , Lennemann, Mary, Orleans - - 58, 83, 87 Lenz, Darrell, Chappell - - 45, 98, 136 87 103 36 50 57 50 57 136 Martinez, Mary, Hershey - - - 58, 87 Maser, Norma, Kearney - - 50, 86, 90 Mason, Barbara, Hrcadia - - - 50, 90 Mason, Iohn, Hrcadia - - - - 44, 98 Mastin, lack. Kearney ------ 50 Maulis, Edis Iean, Louisville, Colorado 58, 87 Maxey, Gene, Republican City - - 58 Means, Richard, Broadwater - 44, 96, 136 Messersmith, Delvin, Farnam - - - 58 Mettenbrink, Harold, Hrcadia - - 50, 98 Meyer, I. D., Lodgepole - - 45, 64, 96 Meyer, Ierrold, Lodgepole ---- 58 Meyer, Io Qnne, Scotia - 50, 87, 103, 104 Micek, Tom, Columbus ------ 51 Miller, Robert, Hendley ---- 58, 82 Milliken, Marlyn, Kearney - - - 45, 130 Mills, David, North Platte 51, 74, 82, 98, 143 Mingus, Iohn, Ravenna ----- 51 Mitchell, lanet, Orleans - 50, 87, 92, 104 Moes, Francis, Kearney ----- 58 Mohatt, Iames, Sidney 45, 66, 83, 86, 100 Mohler, lean, Eddyville - - - 58, 81, 85 Montgomery, lean, Lexington - - 58,86 Moor, Gordon, Holdrege ---- 50, 85 Moran, Harry, Palisade ---- 37, 96 Moraver, Daryl, Cotesfield - - - 58 Morgan, George, lr., Enders - - 50, 96 Moss, Kennard, Elwood ----- 58 Mote, Barbara, Kearney ----- 58 Motes, Merlyn, Wahoo - - 37, 66, 90, 102 Muhle, Lorraine, Schuyler 37, 77, 94, 103 Muller, Ianet, Gibbon ----- 50, 92 Mumford, Idalea, Oshkosh - - - 58,87 Mundortt, Io Hnn, Kearney 37, 86, 87, 90, 100 Murphy, Bernard, Hurora ----- 61 Murray, Esther, Broken Bow ---- 45 N Nama, lean, Shelton - - - 44, 86 Naylor, Karen, Kimball - - - 50, 87 Needham, Sharon, Kearney - - - 58 Nelson, lack, Grand Island - - - 58 Nelson, Iemna Lee, Kearney ---- 104 Nelson, Kyler, Kearney - - - - 58 Newbrey, Mary, Cozad - - - - - 58 Nichols, Gay, Hrnold --"-- 58 Nicholson, Eldon, Cambridge 37, 86,101 Nielsen, Darold, Stapleton ---- 58 Nordbrock, Gerald, Wilcox ---- 58 Norris, Charles, Funk ----- 37, 98 Novosad, Hmelia, Ord ---- 58, 83 Lewis, Hddie, Grand Island - 58, 81, Lewis, Daniel, Kearney ------ 58 Lewis, Don, Grand Island - 45, 79, 82, 98 Lewis, Robert, Minden ------ 58 Lind, Shirley, Bayard ------ 58 Lindholm, RoDonna, Polk - 51, 80, 81, 94 Lindley, Bruce, Lodgepole ---- 58 Lindly, Marilyn Eck, Kearney 45, 89, 90, 110 Line, Gordon, Eddyville ----- 58 Lipps, Donna, Franklin ---- 58, 77 Lippstrew, Lawrence, Hildreth - - - 58 Lloyd, Darrel, North Platte 51, 74, 96, 142, 143 Love, Russell, Ravenna ---- 51, 98 Lowe, lanet, Hlma ---- 58, 80, 87 Luebbe, Ioan, St. Libory - - 58, 77, 87 Luther, Gene, Overton ------ 58 Lybarger, Pllvin, Flrcadia - - 51, 82, 98 Mc McBee, Evelyn, Culbertson ---- 58 McCormick, Hillis, Central City 58, 66, 87 McCormick, Laird, Kearney ---- 58 McCready, Iune, Kearney ----- 58 McCoy, Ioseph, Loup City - - 36, 145 McElroy, R. Kay, Kearney - - 58 McEvoy, Barbara, Kearney - - 81 McGahan, Bernard, Elsie - - - 74 McGinnis, Rex, North Platte 51, 74, 82, 104 McKean, Ierry, Kearney ---- 58 McKillip, Pat, Kearney ---- 83 McMindes, Lyle, Grand Island 51, 79, 96 McMullen, Marjorie, Burwell - - - 61 M Madsen, Shirley, Coteslield - - - 58 Magette, Shirley, Kearney - - - 58, 83 Manners, Ioanne, Kearney - - - 58, 87 Marquardt, Peggy, Doniphan - - - 61 Marrs, Gene, Ravenna ---- - 58 Marsden, Floyd, Grand Island - - 61 Martin, Colleen, Kearney - - - - 37 Martin, Leonard, Kearney - - 58 Novy, Irma, Ravenna 38, 86, 94, 113, 117 O Ohlman, Clayton, Shelton - - 58 Olmstead, lval, Overton - - - 58 Olsen, Leslie, Hardy - - - 58, 85 Olson, Norma, Merna - - - - 58 Orcutt, Helen, Doniphan - - - - 38 Osterhondt, Howard, Curtis ---- 58 Osterlund, Robert, North Platte - 59, 82 Overturi, Maxine ------ 38, 94 P Pahl, Lloyd, Brady ------- 61 Pappas, Olembia, Bayard - 59, 66, 81, 87 Parker, Samuel, Farnam ----- 59 Patterson, Ronald, Gothenburg - - - 59 Paul, Bonnie, North Platte - 59, 66, 85, 87 Paulsen, Marian, Hurora - 44, 86, 87, 104 Peak, Mary, Orleans ------- 59 Pearce, Mabel, Merna ------ 59 Peister, Ronald, Kearney ---- 44, 98 Peltzer, Kathleen, Broken Bow - 59, 80, 87 Peterson, Margaret, Hrnherst ---- 50 Peterson, Shirley, Elm Creek - - 59,87 Petitjean, Keith, Stamford 38, 84, 103, 104 Pfeiffer, Robert B,, Elwood ---- 59 Pfeiffer, Robert L. Hmherst ---- 59 Pfeiffer, William, Elwood ----- 59 Philbrick, Helen, Grand Island 51, 81, 87 Phillips, Larry, Fullerton ----- 59 Pierce, Jerry, Hastings ------ 61 Poage, Raymond, Kearney 59, 74, 85, 86 Poffenberger, Larry, Kearney - - 59, 139 Porath, Carol, Seneca - - - - 59, 81 Porter, Lynn, Kearney - - - 44, 96 Portis, Dale, Cotesheld - - 59, 139 Post, Shirley, Rshton - - - 59, 87 Prather, Janet, Kearney - - 59, 65, 77 Prince, Donald, Palmer - - - - 59 Pscherer, Nancy, Kearney Psota, Helen, Ravenna 45, 83, 89, 94, 100, 102, 112 -----as R Rademacher, Earl, Loup City - 45, 82, 98 Rall, John, Kearney ------ 44, 96 Ralston, Glenn, Kearney - - - 51 Ralston, Lillian, Kearney - 51 Ramm, Darlene, Litchfield ----- 59 Randall, Janice, Gibbon 38, 80, 88, 92, 100, 104 Rasmussen, Flrlin, Dannebrog - - 52, 85 - - 52, 90 Rath, Jo Hnn, Harvard - - Rathe, Carol, Kearney - - - 59, 86, 87 Reck, Gerald, Kearney - - - 38, 74, 98 Reck, Harold, Kearney - - 38, 74, 98, 103 Reidy, James, Kearney ------ 59 Reynolds, Barbara, Kearney - - - 59 Reynolds, Don, Orleans - - 39, 98 Reynolds, Mary, Gibbon - - - - 59 Richter, Bonnie, Hayes Center 44, 77, 80, 89, 92 Ridder, Marcella, Callaway - - 44, 66 Riege, Edmund, Kearney - - - - 59 Riggins, Gerald, Chadron - - - 59 Riley, Jack, Shelton - - - - 44, 98 Rischling, Bill, Kearney - - - - 39 Roach, William, Benkelman - - 59 Robbins, James, Kearney - - 59 Rocker, Merlin, Hildreth - - 59 Rogers, Elsie, Trenton - - - 39 - - 52, 137 Rohde, Glenn, Eddyville - Rosse, Hrthur, Maxwell ----- 59 Roucis, Patricia, Broken Bow - 59, 66, 83 Rowe, Harold, Huburn, Maine 39, 67, 100 Rubentholer, Daniel, Scotia ---- 59 Ryan, Eugene, North Platte - - 59, 83 S Sanderman, Carolyn, Lexington - 45, 90 Savely, Robert, Republican City - 59, 84 Sawyer, Edwin, Kearney ---- 29, 39 Schippert, Joyce, Republican City - 59 Schrneeckle, Hrleda, Broadwater - - 59 Schmohr, Shirley, De Witt - -59, 84, 87 Schulte, Beverly, Scottsbluff - 59, 83, 85 Schuppan, Gene, Hastings ---- 59 Schwieger, Geraldine, Phillips - - 59, 81 Scoville, Merlyn, Sumner - - - - 59 Sevier, Brown, Kearney ---- 39, 84 Shackelford, Everett, Palisade - - - 59 Shaw, Phyllis, Hayes Center - - - 59 Sherrill, Donald, Fllbion - 45, 64, 98, 101 Shields, Tom, Kearney - - - 59, 74, 138 Shoemaker, Maxine, Kearney - - - 85 Shriner, Eldon, Elwood - - - 59 Siebler, Irene, Loup City 23, 39, 89, 92, lll, 112, 114 Siebrass, Hershel, Blue Hill - - 46, 98 Sinnen, Dallas, Minden - Skinner, Eli, Ruskin - - - - 59 Skov, Charles, Riverdale - - 53, 96 Skov, Leonard, Riverdale Slocum, Marvin, Litchfield - - - 59, 86 Smith, Hrvid, Republican City - - - 60 Smith, Elizabeth, Palisade - - 53, 83, 86 Smith, Royce, Callaway ----- 61 Smith, Virginia, Palmer - - 60, 87 Smith, Wendell, Flrnold ---- 60, 86 Softley, Lloyd, Kearney 46, 65, 66, 67, 74, 82, 98 Sohrweid, Lavonne, Riverdale 53, 80, 87, 92 Sorensen, Willis, Kearney ----- 60 Spence, Richard, Holdrege - - 60, 66, 83 Spencer, Lowell, Broken Bow 53, 85, 96, 104 Spilinek, Pllice, Burwell ----- 53 Sprague, Harold, Republican City - - 60 Stanton, Nancy, Republican City - - 60 ----59 - --59 Stark, Carletta, Ravenna ----- 60 Stephens, Jean, Elm Creek - - 53 Stevens, Rosemary, Harvard - - - 60 Stone, Connie, Hlma - - - 60, 87 Straney, Donal, Minden - - - 60 Streit, Larry, Overton - - 60 Striker, Ray, Lincoln - - - - - 60 Stromberg, LaVonne, Sumner - - 60, 85 Strong, Howard, Hlmeria - - - 52 Strong, Hugh, Hlmeria ------ 52 Stueckrath, Louis, Plainview 39, 137, 142, 143 Suchanek, Reynal, Ord ----- 60 Sutherland, Marilyn, Elm Creek 52, 94, 103 Swanson, Jack, Rurora - ----- 60 Swearingen, Robert, Elrn Creek - - 53 Switzer, Pauline, Kearney - - - 60 T Talbert, Mary, Valley - - - 53, 83, 92 - 53,83 Taubenheim, Monica, Kearney - - - 60, 137 Taylor, Dale L., Chappell ----- 52 Taylor, Dale, Chappell - - Teahon, Patty, Broken Bow - - 53, 85, 86 Teter, Doris, Bartley - - - - 53, 94 Teter, Marilyn, Bartley ---- 46, 80 Thompson, Doris, Hnselmo - - 60, 80, 87 Thornton, Beverly, Kearney - - 60, 83 Thorp, Dorothy, Paxton ---- 53, 84 Throop, Robert, Grand Island - - - 52 Thurman, Pllice, Oconto - - 60, 66, 81 Thurston, Shirley, Kearney - - 60, 83 Tilmanis, Hnita, Kearney - - - 60 Toole, Jane, Kearney - - - - 46 Toole, Jean, Kearney - - - 46, 86 Torbeck, Melvin, Johnson - - - 52 Towers, Joyce, Maxwell - - - 60 Towers, Sharon, Maxwell - - 52, 92 Treaclway, Donald, Kearney - - 52, 145 Troyer, Roy, Hrnold ----- 52, 137 Treat, Mabel, Wilsonville - - 60, 81, 87 Tucker, Zoe Finn, Grand Island - 60, 81, 87 Tunnell, B. Geniece, Stapleton 53, 80, 81, 87 Turner, Leo, Elm Creek ----- 61 Tuttle, Donna, Hastings - - 60 Tye, Joseph, Kearney - - 40 U Unick, Lloyd, Litchfield - - Urban, Dorothy, Ord - - - 53, 90, 101 ---so Valentine, Lois, Ravenna - ----40 Valla, Frank Ir., Ord ----- 60, 83 Van Marter, James, Carlisle, Pa. 40, 137 Veal, Chadean, Elm Creek ---- 60 Vincent, Loren, Stamford - - 61 Vogler, Robert, Lisco - - 53 Vohland, Joan, Gibbon - - - - 60 Volsteadt, Robert, Kearney - - 60 W Wagner, Paul, Culbertson - 52, 98, 137 Walcott, Geraldine, Shelton ---- 52 Walcott, Marie, Shelton - - - 52 Walker, Paul, Dix - - - - 52 Ward, Don, North Loup ---- 46 Watkins, Bill, Grant ---- 46, 65, 98 Wear, Mary, Big Springs - - 60, 80, 87 Webb, Dean, Kearney ---- 40, 137 Weeks, Dave, Kearney ---- 52, 85 Weir, Mary Lee, Sutherland 52, 77, 84, 92 Weiss, Roger, Hinsworth ---- 53, 96 Welch, Don, Kearney 46, 74, 79, 98, 100, 102, 143 Wells, Clinton, Hnselmo ---- 53, 60 West, Kenneth, Kearney - - - - 60 Whitaker, James, Doniphan ---- 53 Whitemore, Isabelle, McCoo1 Junction Whitesel, Lyle, Miller - - - 54, 84, 87 - - 60,82 Whitney, Marilyn, Funk 54, 65, 66, 81, 104 Wick, Donna, Hmherst ----- 54, 80 Wiest, Dale, Ogallala - - - - 60 Wilkins, Virginia, Fairfield - - 60 Wilkinson, James, Minden - - - 60 Williams, Marian, Omaha - - - 54 Williams, Prince, Omaha - - - - 54 Williamson, Billy, Stratton ---- 60 Willoughby, Wilma, Fairbury - 54, 104 Wilson, James, Oxford ---- 60, 138 Wilson, Mildred, Kearney - - 54, 87, 90 Wilson, Robert, Gothenburg ---- 60 Winchester, Gerald, Hnselmo Wise, Dean, Sidney - - - Wissbaum, Phyllis, Kearney ---54 - - 60, 138 46, 83, 86, 92, 103 Wolfe, Mrs. Oris, Kearney, PG - - 61 Wolford, Wayne, Kearney - Wright, Ilia, Elm Creek - - Wurst, Lois, York ---- Wyatt, Jean, Scottsbluff - - Y Yanney, Michael, Kearney - Yax, Levon, Scotia - - - Yentes, Lyla, Eddyville - - Young, Wendell, Madrid - Z Zavitka, Norma Elba - - - ---so ---54 - - 46, 104 54, 87, 104 - 60, 101 - - 60. 83 54, 87, 92 ---so ---54 Zelske, Willa, Stamford - 54, 84, 92, 101 Ziggafoos, Betty, Grand Island 54, 74, 80, Zorn, Marcia, Gothenburg 92, 101, 109 54, 80, 87, 92, 110 Zwiebel, Jean, Central City 29, 40, 85, 89, 94, 100 Page 1 75 - Jfmw ,yi ffffvw-N inf! , !r f . AZLJ Qfmaiw X04 , ,I XM af-ff-0+ 4fWN"J' A 4 7 5 T3-MS' 5 ' - ' 4 ,JMMAVGJUJAMJ 4, xg, 4490. SQ N0 0444164 4,14 ',,, 7.,.,,, 'PM-f.l,1::E2,N ,wif QA-,c,-7,,,,!ouAJ - QSQE, :I L! Q31Ca2fwi0UfC'2f.3a2.. 47,1 ,!,g4,,,c, ' ,,,,,,f... yu--N , M' ' 47'-A WJa"'Wf'f'M6f'

Suggestions in the University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) collection:

University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Kearney - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kearney, NE) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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