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Welcome to North Platte QLAA'-File! DP el 7 v qc' Cf amlaqf' o conemerce f 770 WW Welcome to North Platte if .lib-wt M fetal np limi 5 5 l CC chamber' 0' commerce THE CURTIS AGGIE. 1 Q ii , V 1:-3 A vw' , Y ,, . L , 1,415 - - . rt. - 5 .-:jig-3 N 1 Y, " ii" 7. -fu THE CURTIS ACCIE voLUME1v 1 1 THE NEBRASKA SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE 'CURTB ,AQOL OP' ec' '04, -v - 1, df Li.. E 4' c '7 11 -1 -.1 W -111111111111 F 3 1 1- U . -1 Q-,-' 4111. lg Q , z.. 4. M 'lf -5-1 - .:' 97 x 1 RT15 RECORD OF THE CLASSES OF 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 W. W. BURR, DEVAN OF COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 1 'XM E. A. BURNETT, CI-IANCELLOR or UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA C. K. MORSE, SUPERINTENDENT, 1919-33 H. K. DOUTHIT, SUPERINTENDENT, 1933 Members of the Board of Regents who have served during the past six year period: EARL CLINE -ROBERT DeVOE STANLEY D. LONG FRED A. MARSH MARION A. SHAW ARTHUR O. STOKES FRANK 1. TAYLOR CHARLES Y. THOMPSON L. E. GUNDERSON, Secretary TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES DEPARTMENTS ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS MUSIC DRAMATICS ADVERTISEMENTS STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF 1933-1234 ,,,,, ,,,., ,,,,, ,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,, ,, ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M,M,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,xx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,,,,,,,,,, ,,,x,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,x- ,, ,, ,, ,,,'- eM,wW,w:+,f," m' ' www "w,w' sm' ',,uw"mWu" Www" ,yewww,w,,vw:,M ,'w,'1www,WweNwwwmyx+'Ww:Swwq:"ww,"w,xsu ww we"ww'w+w :,,w ,,w my ,W uw ,, X wxggS5w,wM,mwwwQ:,,W,,,,mwiQwAiwa,-MNQWWwviwwyx,www,MM,4gwwwhE,MNwwi,fwwNwfbdww,wwglwriavWWm:nwWin3wvHW,w,uwqE?NmE,W,,,,w+'g,,wWW,, ,, , x wwmgwisiWR3R1XqQiQWP,j1M?Wik3wWM,,giwdiyfwpiiwMQQWMSSQ,QW:WMWw1QjLMY1?Z?MgkWw,?"MWME"Ww,,"'Ww'W',,,3EW?,WfwH,"M ,V .,WM,,,,M,,,,. ,XXY , , ,,,, ,,,,A,, , , ,,,,, ., X,,, , ,,,, , , ,, , ,,,, ,,,,, , , ,,,, ,,,, ,,.., , ,, , . 'm w ' STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF 1934-1935 STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF 1935-1936 STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF 1936-1937 'T' FACULTY CLIFFORD ASHBURN B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Coach of Athletics GUY N. BAKER B.Sc. in Agr., University of Kansasg Instructor in Animal Husbandry RALPH BECKER A.B., Hastings Collcgcg Conch of Athletics VIVIAN BROWN A.B., Hastings Collcgcg St. Louis Librury Schoolg Librarian AGNES CAMPBELL A.B., Colorado State Teachers Collcgeg Director of Girls' Dormitory BARBARA BARBER B.Sc., University of Ncbruskag Assistant Instructor of Home Economics H:.t,Q,,QB!XNQ4LL B.Sc. in Agr., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Dairy Husbandryg Foreman of Farm Operations LULU B. DAY A.B., University of Ncbraskag Instructor in History and English - ELEANOR DIXON B.Sc., University of Ncbruskug Instructor in Home Economics VIOLETTE DONLAN B.Sc., University of Ncbraskag Secretary to the Superintendent 1936- 1936- 1928-32 1935 1931- 1936- 1920- 1932-34 1935 1933-36 FACULTY MARIORIE FILLEY A.B., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Dramatics 1935- WENDELL FOOTE A.B., Hastings Collcgcg Instructor in Social Sciencesg Coach of Debate 1932-33 EDITH, GRAMLICH ' A.B., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Mathematicsg Director of Girls' Athletics 1926-33 PAIGEJTIALL B.Sc. in Agr., University of Ncbraskag Instructor in Scienceg Coach of Athletics 1933-35 ANNA MARIE HANSEN LaVerne Collegeg Chicago Art Instituteg University of Nebraskag Who? Who in Anzerimn Erlrzcalionf Librarian 1935- E. HEESCH A.B., Kearney State Teachers Collegeg A.M., University of Nebraskag Principzllg Instructor in Social Sciences 1934- CLAUDE HENSON B.Sc., Colorado Agricultural Collegeg Instructor in Agronomy and Biology 1930- MRS. NAOMI R. HILL B.F.A., University of Nebraskag Assistant Supervisor of Music 1934- F. VALLETTE HILL B.M., American Conservatoryg B.F.A., University of Nebraskag Supervisor of Music 1934- LEILA HOFFMAN MAGILL I-Iastings Business Collegeg Office Assistant 1928-32 ' MARIE HORNUNG B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Home Economics 1936- LOYVELL HULSEBUS A.B., A,M., University of Nchraskag Instructor in Physical Science 193 5- -YDQANV,,IOIvINSGN Lincoln Auto ancl Tractor Schoolg Colorado State Agricul- tural Collegeg Chicago Operative Millers' Laboratoryg Instructor in Agricultural Engineering 1918- WILMQQBBENAWILHAMS A.B., Hastings Collcgeg Librarian 1931-35 VVARREN MARSH A.B., Nebraska Central Collcgcg Instructor in English 1935- d1ACKM-MCCORKLE B.Sc: in Agr., New Mexico A. 8: M. Collcgcg Instructor in Animal Husbandry 1931-34 .WNHMQQSMWAN A.B., I-Iastings Collegeg Instructor in Englishg Coach of Dramatics 1931-32 ERANK,B...MOBR1SON B.Sc., Kansas State Agricultural Collcgcg LL.B., University of Ncbraskag Instructor in Social Scicncesg Coach of Debate 1931-32 FRED MERIDITH B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Animal Husbandry 1934-35 GAII. MILLER B.Sc., University of Ncbraskag Instructor in Normal Training 1936- ESTI-IER MITCHELL B.Sc., University of Nchraskng Instructor in Normal Training 1931-34 AMELIA MUIRHEAD B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Secretary to the Superintendent 1936- FACULTY FACULTY GERALDIN12 NELSON Kearney Stale Teachers Collegeg Office Assistant PATRICE NICKOLS B.F.A., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Musicg Instructor in Foreign Languages MARGARET NIELSON A.B., University of Ncbraskag Instructor in Englishg Coach of Dramatics LOUISE PECKHAM BROOKS B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Normal Training . CARL PETERSON B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Coach of Athletics YQMsInLBow.E1.L,MQQORKLE B.Sc., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Home Economics NELLIE PRICE 1935- 1929-33 1934-35 1935-36 1935 1930-35 Graduated from Grand Island Business Collegeg University of Ncbraskag Kansas City National Training Schoolg Otnce Assistant ,MALJQRIE STUQDEVANT A.B., University of Nebraskag Secretary to the Superintendent MARGUERITE WI CKER FOLMLEN A.B., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Mathematicsg Instructor in Music DRUSILLA WINCHESTER A.B., A.M., University of Nebraskag Instructor in Mathematics INEZ WILSON B.Sc., A.M., University of Ncbraskag Instructor in Mathematics 1933-36 1931-33 1933-35 1935-36 1936- 6:30 P. M. - 8:00 P. M. 8:00 P. M 8:00 P. M. 6:00 P. M COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 1932 TUESDAY, APRIL 19 - Junior-Seniot Banquet Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 24 Commencement Sermon Activities Building MONDAY, APRIL 25 Class Play Activities Building TUESDAY, APRIL 26 - - Nineteenth Annual Commencement Activities Building WEDNESDAY, APIUL 27 - - - - - - - - Alumni Dinner CLASS MoTTo: "Through Difficulties to the Stars" CLASS FLOWER: Lily CLASS CoLoRS: Blue and ivory. CLASS, SPONSORS! Miss Nickols, Mr. Morrison CLASS OF 1932 ALLEN ADAMS CURTIS Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A. presidentg Trackg Footballg Basketballg Bandg Orpheumg Count and Coed. VIRGIL BAKER CURTIS Orchestrag Y. M. C. A.g Glee Clubg Orpheumg Come Out of the Kitchen: Oh Doctor: It's the Clinmteg Count and Coed: Perfect Alibi. CLARICE CONNELLY IMHOF Girl Reserve presidentg G. A. A.g Trouba- doursg Orpheumg Count and Coedf American Girl. BEN DOYLE Cunrxs Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheum. ALFRED DYBDAHL WELLPLEET Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg It': the Climatep Once There Wa: a Princes.: The Dead of Night. WILLIAM EASTON Muwoon Y. M. C. A.g Bandg Glee Clubg Debateg Orpheumg Apple.muce,' lf: the Climate: Count and Coed. ZORA EVANS Cmvrrs G. A. A. cupg Orchestrag Troubadoursg Girl Reserve Cabinetg Saifor Maid.: ferry of lericho Road: Count and Coed. MELVINA GIBSON WALLACE Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g It'.s' the Climate. 'GRAYCE GOOD CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A.9 Troubadoursg Orches- trag Oh Doetorf Count and Coed: Once There Was a Princess. ALBERT GYGAX CURTIS Orchestrag Y. M. C. A.g Orpheum. BERTHA GYGAX CURTIS Gf. A. A. Cabinetg Girl Reserveg Orpheumg Melody Way. EDGAR HAYNES CURTlS Footballg Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg Oh Doctor: It'.f the Climatef Once There Was zz Pr-incersf Count and Coed: Green Stockings. NAOMI HENSON CURTIS Orpheumg Girl Reservcg Glee Clubg Orchestrag G. A. A. secretaryg Spelling Contestg Conn! and Coed. CLASS OF 1932 WILLIAM I-IICKS CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Bandg Senior Class presidentg Glee Clubg Debateg Footballg Come Out of the Kitchenf Perfect Alibi. HAZEL HlLL ST. ANN G. A. A. Cabinetg Girl Rescrveg Troubadoursg spelling contestg Orpheumg Conn! and Coed. YVONNE JACKSON Mnwoon G. A. A.g Troubadoursg Girl Reserve treasurerg Once There Wa: zz Prince.vs,' Count and Coed: Orpheumg Come Out of the Kitchen: Oh Doctor. GOLDENE JOHNSON WHITE G. A. A.g Girl Reserveg Iunior Class secretaryg Come Ont of the Kiichenf lt'x the Climnle: Once There Was a Princess. LEONARD KREUGER WALLACE Senior Class treasurcrg Y. M. C. A.g Bnnclg Debateg Orpheumg Come Out ol the Kitchen. GENEVA LARUE CURTIS Girl Reserve vice-presidcntg G. A. A. Cabinetg Melody Wayg 11's the Climate. MARY LARUE CURTIS G. A. A.g Girl Reserveg Melody Way. VEDA LINNEMEYER CURTIS G. A. A.g Girl Rescrvcg Orpheum. LILLY LOFKWIST CURTIS G. A. A.g Girl Reserveg Spelling Contest. EDNA McCALL WELLFLEET Girl Reserveg G. A. A. Cabinetg Orpheumg Spelling Contest. WANDA MCCONAHAY CURTIS Girl Rescrveg Troubadoursg G. A. A.g Orph- eumg Oh Docfor: Count and Coed: American Girl. CHARLEY MOOSMAN VALENTINE Glee Clubg yell Ieaderg Y. M. C. A.3 Footballg Freshman Class presidentg Orpheumg Come Out of lhe Kizchen: Your Uncle Dndleyf The Perfect Alilaip Count and Coed: Once There Wa: a Princes.r,' Dazldiesj It'.v the Climate. MARION OLSON CURTIS Footballg Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Iunior Class presidentg Junior Iuclging Tcamg If: the Climutef Oh Doctor. CLASS OF 1932 RUTH ORMAN WHX1'E G. A. A. presidentg Girl Reserveg Orchestrag Troubadoursg Spelling Contestg Bandg Oh Doctor: Count and Coed: Daddies: Once There Was ll Princess. LORNE PEAT CURTIS Footballg Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg Stock Judging Contestg Boxingg Trackg Oh Doctor. JOHN QUINN MULLEN Orchestrag Debateg Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Basketballg Orpheumg Oh Doctorj Come Ou! of the Kitchenf Count and Coed: Applemuce. DORIS RATLIFF WELLPLEET G. A. A.g Girl Reserveg Spelling Contest. RAYMOND ROACH WHITE Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Debatcg Grain Judg- ing Contestg Orpheumg Daddy Long Legs: Count and Coed. GARMON ROSE MOOREFIELD Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Boxingg Track. GRACE SCHMITZ Mnwoon G. A. A.3 Troubadoursg Girl Reserveg Glee Clubg Orpheumg Oh Dooiorf Count and Coed: The Amerimn Girl. PAYE STAPLES CURTIS G. A. A.g Troubadoursg Glee Clubg Girl Re- serveg Orpheumg Oh Doctor: Count and Coed: larry of Jericho Road. HAZEL STOMBAUGH CURTIS Girl Reserveg Orpheumg Spelling Contest. LORENE THOSTESEN Cmvns Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Orchestrag Troubadoursg Freshman Class secretaryg lt': lhe Climatej Oh Doctorj Count and Coed. EBEN WHITING MITCHELL Senior Class vice-presidentg Footballg Basket- ballg Trackg Y. M. C. A.g Grain Judging Teamg Orpheum. STEWART WILLFORD CURTIS Y. M. C. A.3 Glee Clubg Footballg Melody Wayg Stock Judging Teamg Orpheum. BERNICE WINTERS MCCOOK G. A. A. cupg Girl Reserve. 6:30 P. M. 3:00 P. 8:00 P. 8:00 P. 8:00 P. COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 1933 THURSDAY, APRIL 6 Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 16 Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 23 Activities Building TUESDAY, APRIL 25 Activities Building WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 Junior-Senior Banquet - Piano Recital Commencement Sermon Class Play - - Twentieth Annual Commencement Activities Building CLASS MOTTO: "Through Opposition to Successn CLASS FLOWER: Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS: Old rose and silver CLASS SPONsoRs: Miss Powell, Mr. McCorkle CLASS OF .7933 BEATA ANDERSON CURTIS G. A. A.3 Girl Rcscrvcg Glcc Clubg Trouba- doursg Oh Doctor. IOHN BERRY CURTIS Banclg Orchcstrag Glcc Clubg Y. M. C. A. VIDA BRANDT CURTIS Girl Rcservcg G. A. A.3 Orphcumg tennis champion. NORWOOD BRISTOW CURTIS Senior Class vice-prcsidcntg Y. M. C. A.g Foot- ballg Trackg Boxing. DALE CARSTENSEN CURTIS Y. M. C. A. presidentg Footballg Basketballg Debateg Bundy Sophomore Class vice-presidentg Pigs. ORVILLE COLE CURTIS Glcc Clubg Baskctballg Stock Iudgingg Y. M. C. A.5 Iunior Class sccrctaryg Orphcumg Pigrp Green Stocki11g.r,' Come Out of the Kitchen: Count aml Coed. DELBERT CONNER QUICK Footballg Baskctballg Stock Iuclgingg Y. M. C. A.g Boxing. HAROLD DAMOUDE WELLFLEET Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Footballg Oh Doctor. LILLIAN FICHTNER Mwwoon Girl Reserve secrctaryg Glcc Clubg G. A. A.g Troubadoursg Sophomore Class secrefaryg Orpheumg Pigs: Your Uncle Dudleyg Apple- sauce: Count and Coed. WILDA FLOROM CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A. MARGARET GARDNER CURTIS Orchestrag Bandg Glee Clubg Girl Rescrveg G. A. A. cupg Oh Doctarg Orpheumg Belle of Bagdazif Count mul Coedj Darlrfiesj Once There War zz Princess. ALICE. GILKESON SUTIIEIILANII Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Spelling Contcstg Orpheumg Count and Coed. BEULAH HALL MAYWOOD Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.5 Orchestrag Debateg Bandg Troubadoursg Orpheumg Green Stoclqi11g:,' Pigs: Oh Doctor. LLOYD HAMILTON ST. ANN Footballg Baskctballg Glcc Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg Pig.r,' Oh Doctorf Belle of Bagdad. ELVIN HANSEN QUICK Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg Basketball. CLASS OF 1933 MARGARET HAYDEN CURTIS Girl Rcscrvc Cabinetg G. A. A.g Glce Clubg Troubadoursg Orphcumg Oh Doclorf Belle of Bagdndf Count and Cacti. KATHLEEN HINES CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A. cupg Glce Clubg Troubadoursg Belle of Bago'ad,' Oh Doctorf Comzt mm' Coerlf Once There Wa: a Princess. JOHN LARUE CURTIS Footballg Stock Iudging Contcstg Y. M. C. A. EDITH LOFKWIST CURTIS Girl Rcservcg G. A. A.5 Orchcstrag Glce Clubg Spelling Contest. IAY LOGHRY Mfwwoon Footballg Stock Iudging Contestg Bandg Iunior Class presidcntg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheum. RUBY MCCALL WELLFLEET Girl Rescrvcg G. A. A.g Melody Way. BELVA MILLER CURTIS Girl Reserve Cabinctg G. A. A. DOROTHY NELSON CURTIS Girl Rescrveg G. A. A.g Melody Wayg Orpheum. LEONARD NELSON CURTIS Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Stock judging Contest. TYRE NELSON CURTlS Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Footballg Stock judg- ing Contest. FREDA PALMER HAYES CENTER G. A. A. vice-prcsidentg Girl Reservcg Trouba- doursg Orphcumg Oh Doctor: Belle of Bagdadf Your Uncle Dmlleyf The Dead of Night. ALFRED PEEBLES CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Debateg Stock Iudgingg Iunior Class treasurcrg Spelling Contestg Orpheumg Pigsf The Dead of Night. LEONARD PI-IARES CURTIS Basketballg Footballg Orphcumg Y. M. C. A.g Stock judging Contest. MARGARET PIPER CURTIS Glee Clubg G. A. A.g Girl Rcscrvcg Trouba- doursg Orpheumg The Dead of Nighty Oh Donor. EVA POTEET CURTIS Girl Reserve president: Glee Club: G. A. A.g Debateg Troubadoursg Orpheurng Oh Doctorf Count and Coed: Belle of Bugdad. CLASS OF 1933 LOIS POTEET CURTIS Girl Reserve vice-president: G. A. A.3 Trouba- doursg Dcbateg Pigs: Green Stoclqizzgsj Your Uncle Duflleyf Come Out of the Kitchenf Orpheumg Count and Coerlj A Perfect Alibi. AARON QUICK QUICK Y. ML C. A.g Bundg Glcc Clubg Oh Doctor. ARTHUR RUNDSTROM CURTIS Senior Class prcsiclcntg Footbnllg Busketballg Bandg Stock Iudgingg Orphculng Pigs. MARIORIE SCHICK CURTIS G. A. A. prcsiclcntg Glcc Clubg Girl Rcserveg Troubadoursg Pigxf Green Stoclqifzgsf Oh Doctor: Belle of Bagzlarlf Court! and Coell. VIOLET SCI-IROETBERGER CURTIS G. A. A. sccretaryg Girl Rcscrvcg Orpheum. SPURGIN SCHWANZ CURTIS Footballg Basl-zctballg Y. M. C. A, ITHA SCOTT BRADY Girl Rcservcg Glce Clulag Opercttag Green Stockings. ALBERT .SMITHR CURTIS Glcc Clubg Y. M. C. A.3 Green Stocki11g:,' Belle of Bzzgdurl. ALLEN TAYLOR CURTIs Senior Class sccrctaryg Glcc Clubg Orchcstrag Y. M. C. A,g Bandg Orphcumg Oh Doctor: Football. MARIAN TEAFORD PURDUM Troubadour prcsidcntg Orchcstrag Girl Rcservcg G. A. A.g Orphcumg Oh Doctor. WILLIAM THOMPSON CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Bandg Intcrclass Baskctballg Orphcumg Green Stockings. IRENE TIMBREL CURTIS G. A. A.g Glcc Clubg Girl Rcscrvcg Count and Coerlf The Americalz Girl. MARVIN TUCKER MULLEN Glcc Clubg Orchestrag Footballg Baskctballg Stock Iudgingg Spelling Contestg Y. M. C. A. sccrctaryg Oh Doctor: Lucky Brealqj Daddies. CASSIE VERNAM FREEDOM Girl Reserve Cabinetg Glcc Clubg Troubadour presidcntg Spelling Contcstg Orphcumg Oh Doctor: Count and Coed. IAMES WITHERS CURTIS Senior Class treasurerg Footballg Dcbatcg Glcc Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Bandg Orchestrag Basket- ballg Orpheumg Pigs: Belle of Bagzlad. WAYNE YOWELL CURTIS Interclass Basketballg Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A. 7:00 P 5:30 P. 8:00 P. 8:00 P. 8:00 P. COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 1934 CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4 - - - - - Iunior-Senior Banquet Activities Building SATURDAY, APRIL '7 - - - - Alumni Banquet and Mixer Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 22 - - - - - Commencement Sermon Activities Building TUESDAY, APRIL 24 - - - - - Class Play Activities Building WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25 - - Twenty-First Annual Commencement Activities Building Morro: "Try, Trust, and Triumph" FLOWER! American Beauty Rose COLORS! Scarlet and cream SPONSORS! Miss Kibben, Mr. Hall CLASS OF 1934 PHYLLIS AKESSON Curvrrs G. A. A.g Girl Reservcg Glcc Clubg Spelling Contest' Belle of Bag , da Talking. FORREST BENGE dj The Whole Toum'.v CURTIS Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg Three S 1111: West. IOHN BENGE Cum-is Baskctballg Y. M. C. A. WARD CLARK BRADY Footballg Y. M. C. A, ELOISE COWMAN MAYwoon Girl Reservcg Iunior Class trcasurcrg Belle of Bugdadj The Whole Town? Talking: Count and C oezl . CYRUS COYKENDALL CURTIS Footballg Baskctbullg Y. M. C. A.g The Boomer. DONALD DALGARN Boy Scoutsg Boxing. IOLA DALGARN WALLACE WALLACE Three years at Wallace High School. MILDRED DOLD MAYwooD G. A. A.g Girl Reservcg Spelling Contest. PHYLLIS DYER WHWMAN The Whole TOWl1'S Talking. GAIL EASTON MAYWOOD Iunior Class prcsidcntg Y. M. C. A.g Glee Clubg Footballg Advanced Iudging Classg Spelling Contestg Orchestrag Bandg Orphcumg Oh Doclorj Three Suns Wcrtj Count and Conf. LAWRENCE FARABEE Footballg Y. M. C. A.5 HAROLD FLORO Curwxs Basketball. Cunrls Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A. KENNETH FLOROM CURTIS Footballg Baskctballg Y. M. C. A.g Stock Iudg- ing Contcstg Orphcumg Three Suns West. EARL GILLUM CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Glee Clubg Basketballg Your Uncle Dzfdlcyg The Bo O 771 CIE CLASS OF 1934 "4 -if Q MAXINE HAMMEL CURTIS G. A. A. Cabinctg Girl Rcscrvcg Spelling Con- tcstg Orphcumg The Whole T0l0l1'A' Talking. WAUNETA HAMMONS CURTIS Girl Rcscrvc. EMMA I-IUFFMAN LENA G. A. A. Cabinctg G. A. A. cupg Girl Rcscrvcg Troubudoursg Orphcumg Belle of Baga'a1l,' Come Out of the Kitchenf Oh Doclorj The Boomer: Count and Cord. OPAL HUFFMAN TRYON Girl Rcscrvc treasurcrg G. A. A.g Glcc Clubg Sophomore Class sccrctaryg Orpheumg The Belle of Bngrladf Oh Doctor: The Whole Towlf: Tzzlkingj Count and Coea',' Come Out of the Kitchen. KATHLEEN KIBBEN CURTIS Girl Rcscrvc Cabincrg G. A. A.g Orchcstrag Troubadoursg Orphcumg Oh Doclori The Whole Tozwziv Talking: Count and Coed. IOI-IN LABOUNTY CURTIS Footballg Baskctballg Y. M. C. A.3 Orphcumg Senior Class prcsiclcntg Three Sunx West. FRED LEU WELLFLEET Y. M. C. A.g Footballg Glcc Clubg Stock luclg- ing Contcstg The Whole Tozuf1'.f Talking: Belle of Bagdad: Three Sim: West. DORIS LINNEMEYER Cuivris G. A. A.g Girl Rcservcg Troubadoursg Orph- eumg Count and Coed: The Whole Town? Tzzllqingp Belle of Bagdad. PHYLLIS MCCOWIN Cuivrxs G. A. A.: Girl Rcscrvcg Orchcstrag Trouba- Lloursg Orphcumg Spelling Contcstg Count and Coezl. EARL MQGUIRE Cuiwis Y. M. C. A.3 Footballg Basketball. DALE MCMICI-IAEL Cunris The Whole Toun1'r Tallqi11g,' The Boomer. GERALDINE NELSON CURTIS G. A. A. presiclcntg Girl Rcscrvcg Glce Club: Orchcstrag Spelling Contcstg Cadetg Orphcumg Belle of Bagdmlg Perfect Alihif Count and Coea',' Oh Doctor: The Boomer. LAWRENCE NELSON MOOREFIELD Footballg Basketballg Trackg Y. M. C. A.g Three Sum' West. WILLIS NELSON MOOREFIELD The Boomerf two years at Moorcficld High School. VELMA PEAT CURTIS G. A. A. cupg Girl Rcscrvcg Spelling Contestg Glee Clubg Oh Doctor: Freshman Class tregs- urcrg Orphcumg The Whole Town? Talkingf Count and Coed. CLASS OF 1934 LEVI PEDERSEN CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Stock Iudging Contrstg Bandg Footballg The Boomer. NELS PEDERSEN CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg Football. MADELINE PHILLIPS 'LACE The Boomerj from Wallace High S ARTHUR PIERCE WELLPLEET Orchcstrag Glee Clubg Bundy Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Debateg Orpheumg Oh Doetorj Count and Coe1I,' The Whole Town'.f Talking: The Boomer. MARION QJINN SUTI-IERLANIJ Footballg Glcc Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Count and Coedj The Whole Tozun's Talking: Three Suns Wesig Your Uncle Dudley. JAMES RIDGWAY GURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Sophomore Class trcasurcrg Foot- ballg Basketball. MERLE ROSE MGOREFIELD Footballg Y. M. C. A. HOWARD SCOTT BRADY Glec Clubg Baskctballg Orchcstrag Footballg Bandg The Belle of Bagdadf The Dead of Nighzp Three Sun: Wert. LYNN SHAMBURG Mnwoon Y. M. C. A.g Footballg Three Suns Wesl. MARIE THOMPSON CURTIS G. A. A.g Girl Rcscrvcg Orpheum. EDWIN TI-IORNE CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Debateg Iunior Class vice-presi- clcntg Sophomore Class presidentg Orphcumg The Whole Town'.f Talking. RAYMOND WEAR FARNAM Three Snrzs Weslj from Stockvillc High School. ROBERT WILKINSON CURTIS Y. M. C. A. treasurerg Orchestrag Dcbateg Glcc Clubg Freshman Class presidentg Bandg Green Stoclqingxf Oh Doctor. DEAN WOLF QUICK Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Boxingg The Dead of Night: Three Sim: West. ZEATI-IA YOUNG CURTIS Girl Reserveg Spelling Contest. COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 1935 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 7:00 P. M. ----- Iunior-Senior Banquet Activities Building FRIDAY, APRIL 19 8:00 P. M. ----- Senior Play Activities Building SATURDAY, APRIL 20 6:00 P. M. ---- Alumni Banquet and Mixer Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 21 8:00 P. M. ---- Commencement Sermon Activities Building WEDNIzsDAY, APRIL 24 8:00 P. M. - Twenty-second Annual Commencement Activities Building CLASS MOTTO: "Character is the Cornerstone to Successn CLASS FLOWER: Tea Rose CLASS COLORS! Blue and gold CLASS SPONSORS! Miss Mitchell, Mr. Hanson -'GY' '-1 ,Ii 21515 -13,1 ,Y wi fl'5 5-'QIES' N....f- GIF- CLASS OF 1935 f' .-.A HUSTON ANDERSON Footballg Trackg Y. M. C. Iudging Contest. RALPH ANDREWS Football. GENEVIEVE APPLEYARD Girl Rcserveg Cadet. PHYLLIS BAKER Cmvns A.g Bandg Stock CURTIS MCCOOK CURTIS Girl Reserve Cabinetg Music Contcstg Cacletg G. A. A.g Banclg Chorusg Orcbestmg Orpheumg The Charm Sehoolf Three Sun: West: Glee Club. DORIS BLAIR LEXINGTON Girl Reserveg G. A. A.5 Chorusg Glce Club. MICHAEL BLESSING CURTIS Senior Class presidcntg Footballg Basketballg Orchestrag Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Stock Iudging Contestg Belle of Bagdndj Orpheum. WILLIS DOYLE Y. M. C. A.3 Football. BLAINE EVANS CURTIS CURTIS Basketballg Glec Clubg Y. C. A.g Bandg Orphcumg Music Contestg The Charm School. LEONARD FLOROM Footballg Basketballg Trackg C. A.g Three .Suns West. IUSTIN FLOYD Y. M. C. A. Belle of Bagdad: CURTIS Orpheumg Y. M. HAYES CI2N'I'Im LESLIE FREY MOOREFIELD Footballg Y. M. C. A.5 Stock Iuclging Contest. ISABEL IENSEN CURTIS G. A. A.g G. R. Cabinetg Glee Clubg Spelling Contcstg The Charm School: Belle of Bngdadg The Boomer: Count and Coed. NORWOOD IENSEN CUIt'1'Is Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A.3 Chorus. MARVEL JEWEL Mnwoon Girl Reserveg Local Music Contcstg Three Sum' West: Orchestrag Banclg Glec Clubg Chorusg Octet. EDNA IOHNSON Mfwwoon Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadet. CLASS OF 1935 HELEN M. JOHNSON CURTIS Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Cadetg Orchestrag Glce Clubg Freshman Class presi- dentg Music Contestg Belle of Bagdadj Oh Doctorf Three Suns Wc.rt,' Octetg Chorus. HELEN V. IOI-INSON ORAFINO Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadetg Glee Clubg Music Contcstg The Charm School: Three Sun: Wc-:lf Orchestrag Octet. IENEVIE KEATING Cum-is Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadetg Banclg Orches- trag Glee Clubg Orphcumg Local Music Con- testg The Boomer: Chorus. BRUCE KEITH CURTIS Basketballg District Dcclamatory Contestg Y. M. C. A. secretaryg Orpheumg Stock Iudging Contestg The Charm School. EMILY KEMPTON CURTIS Cadetg Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Glee Cluhg Orchcstrag Cheer Leaderg Freshman Class secretaryg Orpheumg Oh Doctor: The Charm School: Chorusg Octet. LYLE KIME KENNEDY Music Contcstg Chorus. ARDIS KREUGER WALLACE G. A. A. Cabinetg Cadetg Girl Reserve: Local Declamatory Contestg The Charm School: Three Sznls Wert. DORIS LOFKWIST CURTIS G. A. A.g Girl Reserve. LORA MCGUIRE CURTIS Girl Reserve presidentg G. A. A.g Cadetg Bandg Orchestrag Glee Clubg Orpheurng Oh Doctorg The Boomer. GRACE MILLER MOOREFIELD Girl Reserveg G. A. A.3 Cadetg Melody Maidsg Spelling Contcstg Orpheumg Oh Doctorj Belle of Bugrladg Three Sun: We.fz,' Chorusg Glee Club. HOWARD MORRIS I'IOLBROOK Y. M. C. A.g Bandg Stock Iuclging Contestg Footballg Denzl of Night. IACK PICKERING KENNEDY Music Contest. VIRGINIA PINKERTON TRYON Girl Reserveg G. A. A. presiclentg Cadetg Glee Clubg Banclg Orchestrag Senior Class sccretaryg Music Contcstg Oh Doctor: The Belle of Bag- 1la1l,' Orpheum. MARY ALICE PIPER Mnvwoon Girl Reserveg Melody Mnidsg Dramatic Con- tcstg Spelling Contest. BEN POTEET Cuivris Footbullg Y. M. C. A.g Stock Iuclging Contestg The Charm School. CLASS OF 1935 ARDIS RIDGWAY CURTIS Girl Reserve Cabinctg G. A. A.g Girl Rescrveg Orchcstrag Three Suni We.ft,' Bandg Chorusg Glee Club. GERTRUDE ROSE MOOREFIHD Girl Rcscrvcg G. A. A.g The Charm School: Chorusg Glce Club. DONNA RUPPERT Mnwoon Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Glee Clubg Oh Doctor. AGNES YOWELL CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Glee Clubg Spelling Contcstg The Charm School: Chorusg Orches- trag Band. MARGARET WYMORE FREEDOLI Spelling Contestg Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Glee Clubg Chorusg Sophomore Class secretaryg Orpheumg The Charm Sehoolf Three Sun: West. AMY VOTAW WELLFLEET Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A. Cabinetg Glee Clubg Orpheumg Oh Doclorf The Charm Schoolj Chorus. MIRIAM SCHICK CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadetg Glee Clubg Orchestrag Spelling Contestg Music Contestg Orpheumg Oh Doctorf The Charm Schoolf Chorus. WARD SCHICK Cunns Y. M. C. A. WARREN SCHICK CURTIS Agr. Club. OMA SMITH WELLPLEET Girl Reserveg G. A. A. CLARA SORENSON CURTIS Girl Rescrvcg G. A. A.g The Charm School: Three Sum' West. KENNETH STARNS CURTIS Footballg Basketballg Glec Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Belle of Bz1ga'ad,' The Charm Sehoolg Chorus. LEO SWEET CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Orpheumg The Charm Srhoolf Oh Doctor. RALPH UNDERHILL TRENTDN The Charm School. 7:00 P. 8:00 P 6:00 P 8:00 P. 8:00 P. COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 1936 SATURDAY, MARCPI 28 - - - - - Iunior-Senior Banquet Activities Building FRIDAY, APRIL 10 Senior Play Activities Building SATURDAY, APRIL 11 - - - - Alumni Banquet and Mixer Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 19 - - - - Commencement Sermon Activities Building WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 - - Twenty-third Annual Commencement Activities Building CLASS MOTTOI "Tonight we Launch-Where shall We Anchor?" CLASS FLOWER: White Rose CLASS CoLoRs: Black and silver CLASS SPONSORS! Miss Winchester, Mr. Iohnson CLASS OF 1936 IOI-IN ADAMS Speeding Along. ERICK ANDERSON Basketball. BEMSLEY BARTON The .2gz'en': Hurbmzd. GERALD BARTON From Maywood High School. IEROME BEIOT Agr. Club. ANNA BERRY CURTIS CURTIS Mmfwoon Mrwwoon AINSWORTH CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Chorusg Glee Clubg Bandg Orchestra. MARGARET BLAIR LEXINGTON Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadctg The .52geen's Husband: Chorusg Glee Clubg Orchestra. ELVIN BOLICH A1NswoR'rH Sheep Champion at Iunior Ak-Sar-Ben. HARVEY BROWN STOCKVILLIE LEONARD CARLON Curcrxs Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A.3 Glee Clubg Chorus. CLEONE CHURCHILL Mnwoon Cadetg Girl Reservcg Declamatory Contestg G. A. A.3 Glce Clubg Chorusg Spelling Contcstg Belle of Bagdadg Speeding Along. MARGUERITE CONKLIN CURTIS Girl Rescrvcg G. A. A.g The .flgeeizk Husband. GENEVIEVE CONNER Quick Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadetg Chorus. AGNES CRAMER QUICK G. A. A.g Girl Rcserveg Cacletg Chorus. ROBERT DOYLE Boxingg Football. Dicxaws CLASS OF 1936 THELMA EASTON MAYWOOIJ Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Chorusg Glee Club. LEONARD ESKEW WHITMAN Basketball. MARGUERITE FITZGIBBONS ST. ANN G. A. A. MILDRED FITZGIBBONS ST. ANN G. A. A. LINNEAUS FLOCK Muwoon Trackg Football. ZELMA FLOCK MAYWOOD Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A. HERBERT FLOROM Cuivris Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A. LARRY GARTON LEMOYNE Y. M. C. A.g Orchestrag Bandg Glee Clubg Spelling Contestg Stock Judging Contestg Orpheumg Oh Doctor. KATHLEEN HALL Muwoon Girl Reserveg G. A. A. treasurerg District Music Contestg Banclg Orchestrag Chorusg Glce Clubg String Qartetg Mixed Quartet. ADELAIDE HANSEN QUICK Cadetg G. A. A. Cabinetg Girl Reserveg Speed- ing Alongf Oh Doctor: Glee Club. FRITZIE HAZEN WELLFLEET From Wellfleet High School. ANTHONY I-IINES Cunrxs Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A. NORRIS HINTON STOCKVILLE Senior Class vice-presidentg Footballg Music Contcstg The .2geen'.r Hushanzlf Chorusg Glec Clubg Boys barter. MARGARET HULL CURTIS Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Declamatory Contestg Spelling Contestg Melody Maidsg Orpheumg Oh Doctor: Speeding Along: Glec Club. LUCILLE JACKSON LEXINGTON Home Economics.. CLASS OF 1936 LYLE IOHNSTON CURTIS Senior Class presidentg Dcclamatory Contestg Footballg Basketballg Y. M. C. A.g The 21-geen's H usband . HAROLD IORGENSEN CURTIS Footballg Y. M. C. A.3 The Qgeenh' Husband. CHESTER KOTSCHWAR ' Y. M. C. A.g Iunior Ak-Sar-Ben. MARY KREYCIK McCooIc Woon LAKE Cadetg The .fhjeenfr Husband: Chorusg Glee Club. ROBERT KULL CURTIS Footballg Y. M. C. A.g Freshman Class president. DALE LABOUNTY Footballg Basketballg Track. FRANCIS LABOUNTY Footballg Basketballg Track. DOROTHY LERDALL G. A. A.3 Cadetg Girl Rescrveg H usband p Chorus. LEONA LINNEMEYER Girl Reserveg G. A. A. AILEEN MCCONAHAY CURTIS CURTIS FREEDOM The Qeenir CURTIS CURTIS Senior Class vice-presidentg Cadetg G. A. A. secrctaryg Girl Reserveg Spelling Contestg Speeding Alongg Belle of Bagdadf Green Stoelqingsj Chorusg Glce Clubg Octetg Bandg Orchestrag Brass Sextct. ELEANOR McCOWIN Cumrs G. A. A. Cabinetg Girl Rcserveg Cadetg Glee Clubg Chorus. GERALD MCMICHAEL The keen? Husband. DORIS MARSHALL DICKENS WHTTMAN Cadctg Girl Reserve secretaryg The 2qeen': Husband: Speeding Along: Chorusg Glec Club. DONALD MELTON ELLEN MILLER Drcxmzs CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadetg Glee Clubg Belle of Bagdadg Speeding Alongg The been? Husband: Chorusg Orchestrag Band. CLASS OF 1936 PERRY MOORE CAMBRIDGE Trackg SPC'6'lil'77g11I07Ig,' The .Qyee11': Hurbmldj Chorusg Glce Club. LLOYD NEALEIGH TIQENTON Speeding Along: Chorusg Glce Clubg Boys barren Mixed Qartct. LAVERN NICKERSON FARNAM Footballg The 2QC671,5 Husband. MILDRED NOLAN Mlwwoon Girl Rescrveg G. A. A.g Declamatory Contcstg The .fQgC'6'7Z'A' HlIS17dllli,' Chorus. EVERETT OLSON CURTIS Y. M. C. A.g Glec Clubg Freshman class treasurcrg Music Contcstg Chorusg Glce Clubg Band. DOROTHY PARKER QUICK Chorusg Glcc Club. WILLIAM PARKER Quicx Agriculture. RUBY PHILLIPS FREEDOIKI G. A. A. presidcntg Cadetg Girl Rescrvcg De- clamatory Contestg Chorusg Glce Clubg Speed'- ing Along: Belle of Hngflafl. ROBERT PITTS OGALLALA Chorus. DALE POTEET CURTIS Basketballg Trackg Chorus. GALE POTEET Curvrrs The .2gcen'x HIIIbUl1!l,' Chorus. VERDA RAMELS CURTIS Girl Rcservcg G. A. A.g Cadet. ORVILLE ROBINSON STOCKVILLE Footbzillg Trnckg Y. M, C. A.5 Bzisketballg Chorus. PAULA ROETHEMEYER MAYYVOOD G. A. A.g Girl Rcscrveg Chorus. PHILLIP RUCKER MAYWOOD Declamntory Coritestg Speeding Along. CLASS OF 1936 DALE RYKER WILLLFLEET Footballg Trackg Glec Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Speeding Along. JOHN SCHICK Footballg Judging Contestg Y. M. THOMAS SPENCE GLEN STAPLES Footballg Basketballg Orchestrag Glec Club. DOROTHY STINNETTE Girl Reserve. JEAN SULLIVAN Music Contestg Chorusg Glee Orchestra. DERYLE TEEL Athletics manager. EVA TEEL Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Senior C CURTIS C. A. QUICK CURTIS Chorusg Boys MO0RElflELD Mfwwoon Clubg Bandg QUICK QUICK lass treasurerg District Music Contestg Bandg Orchestrag Chorusg Glee Clubg Mixed Quartet. MERLE TEEL QUICK Declamatory Contestg Boys Glcc Clubg Chorusg Orchestrag Band. MAYNARD TUTTLE WELLFLEET The .2gcen': Huxbnnrl. EARL UNDERHILL TRENTON Student Assistant in Science. VEDA WALKER Nonrn PLAT-rn G. A. A. GEORGE WARD CURTIS Declamatory Contestg Cheer Leaderg Iunior Class prcsidentg Glee Clubg Y. M. C. A.g The We-e1z': Hrzrlfanrlf Speeding Alongf Chorus. ELDEN WELCH U Bandg Chorusg Orchcstrag Glcc lartetg Boys Qgartetg Brass Music Contest. RUTH WINTERS Senior Program Committee. DOROTHY WOLF Girl Reserve. MOOREFIELD Clubg Mixed Sextetg State Muwoon QUICK 6:00 P. 8:00 P 7:00 P 8:00 P. 8:00 P .M. COMMENCEMENT CALENDAR 1937 CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS SATURDAY, MARc1-1 27 Alumni Banquet and Mixer Activities Building Wr:DNEsDAY, MARCli 31 Senior Play Activities Building FRIDAY, APRIL 9 - - - - - Iunior-Senior Banquet Activities Building SUNDAY, APRIL 18 - - - - Commencement Sermon Activities Building WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 - Twenty-fourth Annual Commencement Activities Building Morro: "Out of the Harbor into the Deep" FLOWER! Yellow Ionquil COLORS! Green and silver SPONSORS! Miss Miller, Mr. Iohnson CLASS OF 1937 IOI-IN ANDING '1'onniNG'1'oN, Wyo. Iunior Ak-Sar-Ben. DONALD BAKER KENNEDY Boys Recreation Club. I-IELENE BAKER CURTIS Girl Rescrvcg G. A. A.g Chorusg Bandg Orchestra. LYLE BASI-IFORD Moruuu. Junior Ak-Sar-Benq Aggie Boys Recreation Club. WAYNE BATTELLE CURTIS junior Ak-Sar-Ben. MABLE BELLAMY MUOREFIELD Three years at Moorelield High School. RENEE BELLEW SOMERSET Girl Reserve. ELLSWORTH BROWNING WELLFLEET N. S. A. Judging Contcstg Iunior Ak-Sar-Ben. RUTH BURT CH CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A.g Cadetg Girls Glce Clubg Chorus. MARIE CI-IEHEY Mfwwoon Orchcstrag Bandg Girls Octctg Chorusg Glec Clubg First at District Music Contcstg Second at State Music Contestg String Lartetg Wood- wind Quartet. VIRGINIA DAUCI-IY FREEDOM G. A. A.g Girl Reserve Cabinetg Iunior Class vice-presidentg Cadetg How Dare You. CLAUDE DIKEMAN SUTHERLAND Iunior Class presidentg Footballg Chorusg Aggie Boys' Recreation Clubg How Dare Yong Why lhc Chimes Rmzgg Square Crooks. LOUIS DILLMAN CURTIS First at District Music Contestg First at State Music Contcstg Third at National Music Con- testg Band Drum Majorg Orchestrag Chorusg Boys Glee Clubg Brass Sextetg Editor of N.S.A. Newsg Grain Judging. DORIS DUVAL WELLFLEE1' Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Cadetg Chorusg Glee Clubg How Dare You. LEON FLOCK Mfwwoon Aggie Boys Recreation Club. CLASS OF 1937 RUBY FLOYD HAYES CrsN'rEn Girl Rcservcg Orchcstrag Chorus. MONTE IEAN GAINES CURTIS G. A. A.g First at District Music Cuntcstg First at State Music Contcstg Second at National Music Cohtcstg Bandg Orchestrag Girls Octctg Girls Glec Clubg String Cgartctg Sophomore Class treasurer. IOHN GOOD CURTIS Editor of The Curlix flggic. MILTON GREENWOOD XVELLFLEET Livestock Iudging Tcamg Chorusg Bnskctballg Senior Class vice-prcsiclcntg How Dare Yon. PHYLLIS GROUS CURTIS Girl Reserve Cabinctg G. A. A.g Girls Octctg Chorusg Girls Glcc Club. MARGARET HANSEN QUICK Girl Rcscrvcp G. A. A.g junior Class secretary- trcasurcrg Caclctg Girls Glcc Club. MARY LOUISE I-IANSI-IAW HAlGLIiR Caclctg Chorusg Girl Rcscrvcg Glcc Clubg Sqfmrc Crooks. MARY HARRIS LENA Girl Reservcg Dcclamatory Contcstg Square Crooks. MARY IANE HEATER OILAFINO G. A. A.g Girl Rcscrvc. NELLIE HEATH CURTIS Cadctg Girl Rescrvcg Sophomore Class secre- taryg G. A. A. Cabiuetg Chorusg The Cnrlis Aggie staff. IULIAN HOSCHOUER WHITE How Dare You. ELEANOR IOHNSON Cunris Orchcstrag Bandg Band Captaing Cacletg Girls Octetg Girls Glce Clubg Girl Rcscrvcg N. S. A. News staffg G. A. A. Cabinetg How Dare You. CHARLES LAMBERT BAYAILD Dairy Champion Iunior Ak-Sar-Ilcng Football. WARREN LANGE MULLEN MILDRED LEHR WELLFLEET G. A. A. CLASS OF 1937 ELINOR LINNEMEYER CURTIS Cadetg Bandg Orchcstrag Girls Octetg Chorusg Girls Glee Club. DON MAGNUSON SUTrI1an.LAND Football. NELLIE MCCALL WEI-Ll'LEE'I' Girl Reserve presidcntg G. A. A.g Cadet. RUSSELL MCCALL WIaI.I.IfLIz1z'I' Curtis Aggie stuilg Senior Class prcsidcntg Chorusg Livestock Iuclging Tcamg Iunior Ak- Sar-Ben Chairmzing Aggie Boys Recreation Club Councilg N. S. A. News stuffg Square Crooks. IUNIOR MESSERSMITI-1 ALLIANCE Bandg Chorusg Aggie Boys Recreation Club. ARLIN MILLER Currrns junior' Ak-Sai'-Bcu. HAROLD MILLER QUICK Livestock Iudging Tcamg Grain Iudging Teamg jumor Ak-Sar-Ben ehairmzrng How Dare You. MARGARET NELSEN CURTIS Girl Reserveg G. A. A. Cabinctg Cadet. MARION NELSEN CURTIS Footballg Trackg Iunior Ak-Sar-Beng Aggie Boys Recreation Club. IERALD NELSON CURTIS Footballg Iunior Ak-Sar-Bong Aggie Boys Recreation Club presiclentg How Dare You. BARBARA OSLER ELSIE Girl Rcservcg G. A. A.g Cadctg Glec Clubg Chorus. EVELYN PALMER HAYES CENTER Girl Reserveg Cadctg Bundg Senior Class sccrc- tary-treasurer. GERALDINE PERKS S'I'ocKvILLIz Girl Reserve. DORIS PETERSEN CURTIS Cadet' Colonelg G. A. A. presidentg Girl Re- scrveg N. S. A. news staffg Sophomore Class presidentg Dcclamatory Contcstg Why the Chime: Rang: Square Crooks. HAROLD PIPER CURTIS Sophomore Class vice-presidentg Grain judging Team. CLASS OF 1937 PHYLLIS PIPER MAYwoon Girl Reserveg Chorus. WILMA POTEET Cuivrrs Girl Rcserveg Chorusg How Dare You. RUTH RHINE CURTIS Chorus. IVAN RUCKER Mnfwoon Basketball. DELBERT RUPPERT MAYWOOD Iunior Ak-Sar-Benq Aggie Boys Recreation Club. ELAINE SANDERS WELLPLEET G. A. A.: Cadetg Girl Reserveg Girls Glee Clubg Chorusg N. S. A. news stalfg Square Crooks. NORRIS SCHICK CURTIS Bandg Orchestrag Chorusg Boys Glee Clubg How Dare Your Square Crooks. BETTY SCHROEDER CURTIS Bandg Orchestrag Girls Octetg Girls Glee Clubg Chorusg N. S. A. news staffg Girl Reserveg Curtis Aggie staffg How Dare You. LORRAINE SHAMBURG MAYWOOD Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A.g Cadetg Glce Clubg Chorusg Square Crooks. DORIS SNYDER CURTIS Cadetg Girl Reserve Cabinetg G. A. A. Cabinetg Girls Octctg Girls Glee Club. STANLEY SNYDER QUICK Iunior Ak-Sar-Beng Bandg Chorusg Aggie Boys Recreation Club. IANE SPENCE QUICK G. A. A.5 Girl Rcscrveg Bandg Chorus. BERNITA SWANSON Cunrxs Girl Reserve vice-presidentg Bandg Girls Glee Clubg G. A. A.g Chorusg Orchestra. IUNE TAYLOR WI-IITIIIAN Girl Rcserveg Chorus. EDNA TOBIASSON NORTH PLATTE CLASS OF 1937 MAX TOWNE. Mmrwoon Footballg N. S. A. ncws staffg Declamatory Contestg Aggie Boys Recreation Clubg junior Ak-Sar-Bcng How Dare Youj Square Crooks. DOROTHY TUTTLE WELLFLEET Girl Rcscrvc Cabinctg G. A. A.g Chorus. WILLIAM VOTAW WELLFLEET Iunior Ak-Sur-Ben Grand Championg Aggie Boys Recreation Clubg Sqnrzre Crooks. LAVONNE WATTS CURTIS G. A. A.5 Girl Rcservcg Bandg Orchcstrag Glcc Club. BRUCE WALTHER MOOREFIELD Footballg Iunior Ak-Sar-Ben. WILLARD WALTHER MOOREFIELD Footballg Iunior Ak-Sar-Beng Livestock judging. LAVERN WEAR FARNAM Grain Iudging Tcamg Aggie Boys Recreation Club Secretary. ELLA WILLFORD CURTIS G. A. A. MAURICE WILLIAMS LYMAN Aggie Boys Recreation Clubg Square Crooks. GRANT WOLF QUICK Footballg Iunior Ak-Sar-Ben. CLASS OF 1938 1 Riclgwzly,-Clark, B, Welch, I-Iampxon, Gilkcson, Iohnzcon, Forrester, Kestler, Roethemcyer, Herndon Miller Burtch Simmons, Scoxeld, L. Phillips, W. Welch. Lenlzlll, Hanna, Ruhinxon. Mclvfains, 1 Trnucrnichr, Kennedy Keating I-I Hall Icsse, W. Ihillips, Pedersen, I-Iummonil, H. I-lull, Comes, Taylor, Evans, Mcsscrsmilh, Iorgensen Hudson Miller, Duval, Scripter, R. Piper, Messcrsmixh, Floro, McCowin, Crandall, Ramsey, Knoll Sheridan, Evans, Sweet, Ervin, Parsons, Teel, Mortensen, Anderson, Williams Dike, Kreuger, Wrage, Peters, Adams, Lovilt, Arnold, Piper, Spitz, Dey, Evans Mr. I-Iulebus, Amunn, Engel, Artley, Dick, O'M:1ra, Vierscn, Olson, Miss Hornung CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD KENNEDY. . . . MERLE HALL ..... .......... BILLY O'MARA. . . . . .Secretary Miss HORNUNG. . . ,.... . . . . MR. HULSEBUS .. . . . , .President .Vice-president and Treasurer . . . . . .Sponsor . . .Sponsor CLASS OF 1939 Volnw, Ballard, Scott, Traphagan, Trivclpiecc, Iohnson, Wright, Corder, Ramels, W. Elson, V. Smith, L. Nelson L Smith Dauchy Heater Wingert, W. Dcmpey, Nielsen, Spence, Rose, Miller, Soules, Erickscn, M. Dcmpey, Frey, Conklin, Allen Loux Russell Young Floro, Melton, Hosick, Todd, Gilliland, McGuire, Bollish, Dunn, Amstuz, Jensen, Workman, E. Nelson Lee llulxcr Rowley, Iones, R. Nelson, Greenwood, Iohnsnn, Weeks, LaBounty, F. Kennedy, M. Kennedy, Waits XOSL Doyle, Recd, D. Magnuson, Cramer, Seimlc, Quick, Gresswell, H. Roth, Fisher, Dikcmnn, I-Iinwu Mr. Mnrsh, D. Roth, Andrews, D. Magnuson, Hall, T. Elson, Fear, Loghry, Wymorc, Miss Fillcy IACK Russnu. . GEORGE DOYLE INEZ DIKBMAN. . . JOHN BALLARD. Miss FILLEY .. MR. MARSH . , CLASS OFFICERS . . .President . . ..,,......... Vice-president . . . .Secretary and Treasurer Social Chairman ...Sponsor . . .Sponsor CLASS OF 1940 Monhort, R. Sutton, Bloomstcdt, Snyder, Lytlc, Hammond, Artlcy, Burtch, Towne, Armstrong, C. jones, Wambaugh M Andersen N Andersen Wolgnmott, Hopkins Taylor, Morris, Kotschwar, Nielsen, Garner, Andersen, Scriptcr, Johnson, H. Taylor, Yowell, Heater, Bailey, Nickerson Peterson Bortner, Dolan, L. Nelsen, Linnemeyer, Housley, Corley, Williams, Lerdall, Iohnson, Styskal, Rea, I. Taylor F Andersen Mcssersmith, Knapp, Wolfe, McPherson, Mortensen, E. Schick, H. Nclsen, Clawson, Iohnston, DaMoude, Lehn, Hampton M Schick Phillips Loghry, Amann, Miller, K. Andersen, Waits, Thomsen, Young, Appleyard, Parsons, Miller, Iones Pinkerton, Bassett, Brisbin, W. Sutton, E. Anderson, Kibbcn, Brown, Loux, Smith, I. Hanna Mr. Ashburn, Piper, Krcycik, Burtch, Peebles, Pedersen, Elson, Dey, Miss Barber CLASS OFFICERS . . . . , .President KENNETH ELSON . . . . . DEAN IOHNSON IR... ELEANOR SCHICK. . CHARLES BURTCH . . Miss BARBER .... MR. ASHBURN. . . Vice-president . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer , . .Sponsor . A .Sponsor DEPARTMENTS THE Nebraska School of Agriculture at Curtis was established so that young people in western Nebraska might have an opportunity to secure a sound vocational training. The curriculum of the school includes a regular four-year high school course, and in the vocational field offers courses in agronomy, animal husbandry, poultry husbandry, farm mechanics, home economics, and normal training. Many departmental changes and improvements have been made during recent years. Efficiency, operating in harmony through a congenial atmo- sphere, is the keynote to the philosophy of the institution. We sincerely hope that the pictorial descriptions, presented on the following pages, will refresh your mind with pleasant memories of the particular activities in which you participated during your attendance at N. S. A. Miller, Dillmau Piper, Smith, Wear AORONOMY LABORATORY GRAIN IUDGING TEALI, 1935 GIRLS BIOLOGY LABORATORY ScHooL LIVESTOCK ON PARADE IUNIOR AK-SAR-BEN BEEF BARN X s Jim s v R ,iq D ?' -n-3 Tucker, Anderson, Pear, Loghry, Florom, Conner Morris, Willlornl, LaRue, Nelson: Mr. McCorkle Pozcct, Blessing, Pedersen, Nelson, Whiting McCall, Wnllher, Schick Krause, Ervin, Greenwood, Millcr Schick, Ervin, Reid, Mr. Meridith Elson, Miller, Trivelpiece, Browning S'rocK IUDGING TEAM, 1932 STOCK Iuncmc TEAM, 1934 S'rocK Iuncmc TEAM, 1936 SHEEP Iuncmc Hoc IUDGING BUTCHERING A , Mn ,sm WW Nw,M,m,,.Q Aw ww ,,vwqX' fw.wm.y M- ,,W,Mmx,,X1 ,MW M. X X W X V A X M WQQAQMWEXQMvgWWSEQ,WMNXMyAW wvwww-'M 'w nw N-A ' H ,Mm rw mm. M W X ' W W , 47. .. A LIVESTOCK IUDGING NEW DAmY BARN CONSTRUCTED 1935 OLD DAIRY BARN DESTROYED BY FIRE POULTRY IUDGING TURKEYS POULTRY Swans V -Hmmm V 1 Q'-gf., fgfffxm, , A-2 5 5: ,.J:5fEQ1 . ' - D H? W - 'W YW H" Lf PW ' f . ' . ' - e -4- - . -'- . - ' mf' 1 N -2' - - -1 .. .' 1. 1 f. A M , wwqw'M'- -M ---- W- -vu ' V ' M .,W',.s:,,fGmc.vWWx"mw Y 'M-:Mb .wzlwmi w N Q wwsbm, W' 1 ,.,, ., wxxwm ww W:ws-N ww WW'WW'WiWW W3 W W N, W- wxww 'M if 'N X wfwi W- AJMN N1 www 1w'-' V1 ' M'cN'sw",NHu"hVwWX 1'w w.wW-ww I ww: VE' 5' ' Q tw f " ' W ' " " 1 ' ' " " ' ff my . we -.H 4 W , 1. H ' :nf f ' 4 'Y A, ..' ,I L., V 4 A-N, - : , 4. uf: :fl 4 1,2 rn. , Jizz f MMM-.w"..' M ,Z4'w1'X,Xw 'WW: Q ,W X f., , ,X I J 0, EV " g y- .- Y X ,Q 2' -X w WWMWW 3Q' N wM ' 2-N-wa..-My". Sw X'XNQW-ww'N-?Y"0rF5'w:mwgxw?"NEwM''MM-.Q'.sX'5wQ:Q +,'q,gwm,w m ' , mmf., 2 , Q , -0?"'w M 'J ' "3?W5SE'w"W9Weif5'T?,A f -A 'VLIVHP H" 'H"i'v'W SWS- , 'l .V f "' ,"'w3'2. , -3, -rw ff :N -' '-1.:-:1- A- ' ,Y ., we fx- .-- .. , -. .-, '14, 1-' .- - V. - . 2 Ji-h a., "' f':'fA?'Z ww ' . 'rfb nf' f ' .L 1 ' .,f T'fxfQ'fj .-Tm 'fl , , 'H M VX Mwwwwzrygwww'ww ' 1i"2'y " ' WWm, ' vw-'ww "uw-J'w,m1X'sNI:W g P, , W -4 ,xa3Lf :f.,.g- rg,1:,, N an-2-swf.,-f-1 :U - , 5 , A4 , , Q mf! 'L -L4 ' WEA skew- -1 X Y "WW-'M ws "WW" " . W A w ' ' , H , W' "CW 1 Rx W' ww ,,, ,, ,, , , I - 9 3 5 x mx Q M in X kk 5 41 v ii ' Mis ll! I 4 FORGE LABORATORY MACHINE Mo1'oRs LABORATORY MACHINE CLAss R1zc1TA'r1oN NEW Sr-lop BUILDING HE new farm mechanics shop was constructed in 1930 to accom- modate more students, and to provide scientifically correct labora- tories for forge and motor classes. There is a well-equipped recitation room in the new shop building, where class demonstrations are given to forge and motors students. This building is so constructed that an additional story may be added in the future. This will serve as a home for the science department when it is constructed. The woodwork laboratory and music are housed in the old shop building. OLD SHOP BUrLmNc NEW CHEMISTRY LABORATORY HE chemistry and physics students now use alternately the same laboratoryq This was formerly the old chemistry laboratory. Many improvements made during the summer of 1936 have resulted in a more practical laboratory for both classes. A hood and ventilation fan have been installed to remove poisonous gases that evolve from the various experiments. The reagent shelf displays a generous supply of chemicals available to the student chemist. A store room has been made adjoining the laboratory, this representing another outstanding improvement. This makes an excellent place to keep chemical supplies and physics equipment. A small oliice provides a special study room in connection with the laboratory. OLD CHEMISTRY LABORATORY New Ass1zMBLY ANY changes were made in the assembly during the summer of 1936. The seating has been rearranged so that the students face west. The assembly stage has been removed and this site is now occupied with study desks. This arrangement not only makes possible the accommodation of more students, but also gives correct lighting to all occupantsg The room that many students know as the physics laboratory was remodeled during the summer of 1936 to make an additional home room and recitation room. This room has been equipped with Fifty-six recitation room seats. A complete refinishing has made it into an attractive and cheerful room. Students may keep their books in shelves located on the north side of the room. NEW RECITATION RooM r l NEW F oons LABORATORY DURING the school year of 1935-36 the home economics foods laboratory was completely modernized. The working surfaces have been rebuilt into six double tables, each accommodating four girls. The tops of the tables are covered with linoleurn, giving a surface which is durable and easy to keep clean. New sinks have been installed and three new kerosene stoves have been added. In this way distinct working centers have been set up to resemble as nearly as possible a home kitchen. The girls working in pairs have as working equipment, a table surface with cupboards aind drawers for individual equipment, a stove and sink. OLD F oons Lfxsoimronv NEW HoME ECONOMICS DINING Roorvr HE home economics dining room has been partially refurnished. A reading center has been added to one part of the room. This consists of a built-in book case fin which most of the reference books are keptj, a studio couch, occasional chair, an end table and reading lamp. A new rug, rust in color, has also been purchased. A French door has been made between the clothing laboratory and dining roorn. New drapes carry out the green and rust color scheme of the room. The dining room furniture was refinished by one of the home economics classes. OLD HOME ECONOMICS DINING Roolvr NEW LIBRARY THE Nebraska School of Agriculture has a good and progressive library. Many improvements were made on the library during the summer of 1935. An adjoining room was converted into a stack-room in which the books are now filed. The magazines are conveniently arranged on racks in the library proper. About one hundred new reference and Fiction books were added to the 'library collection during the school year of 1936-37. OLD LIBRARY NEW DORMITORY DrN1NG RooM ARRANGEMENT -HE seating arrangement at the dormitory dining room was changed during the summer of 1935 in order to accommodate more students. Formerly there was a series of round tables in the dining room. These have been replaced with long rectangular tables. About one hundred and eighty students dined at the dormitory during the school year of 1936-37. OLD DORMITORY DINING Room ARRANGEMENT will I QP- 1931 Foornnu. TEAM Coach Becker, Loghry, Quinn, Nelson, Cnrstensen, Hansen I Haynes, Withers, Becry, Wolf, Shnw, Coach johnson L. Florom, Willford, Valentine, Benge, Hamilton, Peat, H. Florom Dybdahl, Olson, Whiting, Doyle, L:nBounty 1931 FOOTBALL SCORES 1932 FOOTBALL SCORES Superior . . . Aggies ........ 6 North Platte. . . 10 Aggies Lexington . Aggies .... .. 7 Farnam ...,.. 0 Aggies Cam-bridge Aggies . . . . 0 Lexington .... 18 Aggies Elwood . . . Aggies ......,. 51 Maywood ..... 12 Aggies Gothenburg Aggies .... . . 0 Gothenburg . . . 21 Aggies Indianola .. Aggies Brady ........ 7 Aggies McCook . . . Aggies Cambridge . . . Aggies North Platte. . . 18 Aggies McCook . . . . Aggies Cozad .. . Aggies Conch johnson, Berry, LaBounty, Cursrcnsen, Conner, H. Flora, Tucker, Coach Becker Shumhurg, Rundstrom, Loghry, Shaw, Hansen, Wolf, Merrihew, Nelson, Rose Phnres, Benge, Hamilton, K. Florom, L. Florom 1932 FOOTBALL TEAM 1933 FooTBAL1. TEAM 1933 FOOTBALL SCORES Fnrnam ...... Aggies ..... Lexington .... Aggies. . . L . Maywood ..... Aggies ..... 0 0 0 Gothenburg 6 Brady ........ 0 Cambridge .... 0 McCook ...... 6 8 Cozad ....... North Platte... 49 Aggies ........ Aggies ........ Aggies ........ Aggies ..... Aggies ........ Aggies ..... 1934 FOOTBALL TEAM Conch Iohnson, H. Flora, McGuire, Nelson, Quinn, Scott Robinson Coach H111 Rose, Easton, Shamburg, LaBounxy, Clark, Leu Wolf Farnbec K. Florom, Sturns, lfl. lilorom, Bcnge, L, Flnrom Potent lllessmg 1934 FOOTBALL SCORES 13 Holdrege .. 16 Grant .... 40 Maywood .. 0 Cambridge 51 Gothenburg 14 Lexington . 20 North Platte. . . 26 McCook . . . 6 Cozad .... McCook . . . Aggies ........ 6 Aggies .... . . O Aggies .... . . 0 Aggies .... . . 7 Aggies ,... . . 0 Aggies .... . . 0 Aggies .... . . 6 Aggies .... . . 0 Aggies .... . . 0 Aggies .... . . 0 Conch Hall, W. Walther, Magnuson, F. LaBounty, D. L'1Bounty Nelsen Stnrns Schick johnson, Hinton, Andrew, Doyle, Robinson, Kull Blessing Anderson Florom Porect, B. Wnlzher, Frcy 1935 FOOTBALL TEAM er ' 1 Fisher, Andrews, Keating, Kennedy, M. Nelsen, Towne, B. Walther, Evans, Floro Hudson, Schick, F. LaBounty, Hinton, Flock, Ryker, D. .LaBounty, Magnuson, Burrch Johnson, H. Florom, Carlon, Robinson, Kull, Hines, W. Walther, I. Nelson 1935 FOOTBALL SCORES 1936 FOOTBALL SCORES Maxwell ..... 6 Aggies Elwood ...... 0 Aggies Holdrege ..... 0 Aggies Holdrege ..... 0 Aggies Grant ........ 19 Aggies, . . . . . Hastings ..... 20 Aggies Wauneta ..... 7 Aggies Wauneta .. . 0 Aggies Cambridge . . . 12 Aggies Cambridge . . . 0 Aggies Gothenburg . . . 6 Aggies Gothenburg . . . 13 Aggies Lexington .... 0 Aggies. . . . . , Cozad .....,. 0 Aggies North Platte. . . O Aggies McCook ...... 6 Aggies McCook ...... 0 Aggies North Platte... 20 Aggies Cozad ....... 7 Aggies Lexington .... 7 Aggies Beaver City .... 0 Aggies 1936 FOOTBALL TEAM Coach Marsh, Dempey, M. Towne, Roth, Armstrong, Ervin, Linncmcyer, L. Nelsen, Clark, Floro, Rowley, Coach Ashburn Lambert, M. Nelsen, Wolf, I. Nelson, Dikeman, Magnuson, M. Towne Greenwood, Burtch, Fisher, Keating, Hudson, Kennedy, Andrew 1932 Laliounty, Withers, Sclxwanz Hamilton Coach Becker L. Flurom, Rundstrom, Whiting I-I Florom Phares BASKETBALL TEAM 1932 BASKETBALL SCORES 1933 BASKETBALL SCORES Farnam ...... Aggies ....,... Cozad .... Aggies Gothenburg . . . Aggies .... . . . Maywood . . Aggies Lexington .... Aggies .... . . . McCook . . . Aggies. North Platte. . . Aggies .... , . . Cambridge Aggies, McCook ...... Aggies .... . . . North Platte Aggies. Gothenburg . . . Aggies. . . Holclrege . , Aggies. Cambridge Aggies ........ North Platte. . . Aggies Imperial ...... Aggies ..... McCook . . . Aggies Gothenburg . . . Aggies ........ Cozad .... Aggies Lexington . Aggies Gothenburg Aggies Lexington . Aggies McCook . . . Aggies Wauneta ..... Aggies Fremont . . Aggies 1933 BASKETBALL TEAM Benge, Merrihew, K, Florom Plmres Coach Becker L. Florom, LaBounty, Hamxlxon Schwanz H Florom 1934 BASKETBALL TEAM Conch Hall, H. Florom, K. Florom, McGuire, Blessing, Wilkinson Benge, H. Floro, Nelson, L:iBounty, L. Florom 1934 BASKETBALL SCORES 1935 BASKETBALL SCORES Grant ........ 28 Aggies Lexington .... 15 Aggies Hastings ..... 28 Aggies McCook ...... 15 Aggies Kearney ....,. 2 1 Aggies Wauneta ,.... 6 Aggies Fremont ..... 22 Aggies ........ C0236 --.-... 23 Aggies Crete ........ 30 Aggies ....,... McCook ..-..- 22 Aggies Bertrand ..... 12 Aggies Holdrege ..--. 20 Aggies Lexington .... 12 Aggies Ffifliam ------ 10 Aggies Cozad ....... 5 Aggies ........ WHUHCYQ -'--- 22 Aggies McCook ,,,,,A 23 Aggies North Platte... 34 Aggies I-Ioldrege ,,,,, 19 Aggigg Gothenburg 12 Aggies Cambridge . . . 22 Aggies C2mbfidgC 5 - - 14 Aggies North Platte. . . 13 Aggies I-CXiHgf0H '--- 16 A831-'35 McCook ...... 9 Aggies Gothenburg 19 Aggies Lexington .... 15 Aggies 8 Farnnm .. .. Aggies Staples, Anderson, johnson, Hall Keith, Poteet, Carlon, Hines, Coach Hall Florom, F. Lnliounty, D. LnBounty, Stnrns, Blessing 1935 BASKETBALL TEAM 1936 BASKETBALL TEAM Rucker, Staples, Keating, Anderson, Fisher, Conch Peterson Potcer, Hudson, D. Lnliounty, F. LaBounty, Florom 1936 BASKETBALL SCORES 1.937 BASKETBALL SCORES Lexington . Aggies ..... Farnam ..,... 20 Aggies ........ 39 Minden Aggies .... , Holdregc ..... 23 Aggies ....... . 34 Cozad Aggies ........ McCook ...... 30 Aggies ....... . 34 McCook Aggies ........ Cozacl ....... 24 Aggies .....,. . 35 Holdrege .. Aggies ..... Kearney ...,.. 28 Aggies ........ 30 North Platte. . . Aggies ........ Gothenburg . . . 23 Aggies .... . , . . 24 McCook Aggies ........ McCook ...... 30 Aggies ....... . 29 Gothenburg Aggies ........ North Platte... 24 Aggies ....... . 29 Hastings .. Aggies ........ Cambridge 12 Aggies ...... .. 26 Lexington . Aggies ........ 1937 BASKETBALL TEANI Conch Ashburn, Ioncs, Linncmcyer, Greenwood, Engel, Co1ch Marsh Floro, Rucker, Keating, Hudson, Fisher, Elson .L,, FOOTBALL ACTION PICTURE PHYSICAL education, through class work and organized sports, carries an important r6le at N. S. A. Regular classes in physical training are offered to both girls and boys. The conference competitive sports engaged in by the school are football, basketball, and track. A splendid gymnasium and a completely sodded and well-lighted athletic field constitute exceptional physical facilities for those inter- ested in this type of activity. The Aggies rate high in the Southwest Nebraska Conference. In football they usually rank near the top and the Aggie basketball teams of 1933, 1934, 1936, and 1937 won conference championships. BASKETBALL ACTION PICTURE, 1937 AGGIES, 30 KEARNEY, 28 BOXING BOXING was instituted in 1936 and is proving itself an interesting addition. An all-school boxing contest held in the spring of '36 proved to be so popular an event that plans are under way to make it an annual affair. A new running track with Cinder straight-away was constructed around the football Held in 1934. The N. S. A. track team of 1934 won the Hastings College invitation meet. TRACK Clxnnrs, 1934 Snyder, Swanson, Kempton, McGuire, Akesson, Dauchy, Phillips, I-I. V. Iohnson, Hammel, Elson, Keating, E. Iohnson, McConahay, E. Miller, H. M. Iohnson, Heath, Petersen, G. Miller, Churchill, H. Baker, McCall, Kreugcr, Pear, E. Huffman, O. Huffman, E. Linnemeyer, Henson, Pinkerton, P. Baker, Nelson, D. Linnemeyer, Miss Wicker HE girl cadets were organized in 1933 by Miss Wicker. The thirty- six girls who were members were selected by competitive try-outs. They appeared in exhibition drills at football and basketball games. The uniforms were red military jackets with white buttons and white slacks. The N. S. A. cadets of 1934-35 were again sponsored by Miss Wicker. She was assisted by Emily Kempton. This group went to North Platte and marched for both the football and basketball games. CADETS, 1935 H. McCowin, Votaw, Phillips, Dauchy, H. johnson, Schick, E. McCowin, M. Hansen, E. Johnson, Peters, Swanson, I. Viersen, Moore, Willford, Shamburg, Teel, Snyder, Petersen, Churchill, Miller, M. Blair, Heath, Marshall, D. Blair, Crandall, Appleyard, A. Hansen, McCall, Kreugcr, Lerdall, Sorenson. CAnE'rs, 1936 Petersen, Hampton, H. McCowin, Conklin, Oslcr, Phillips, E. McCowin, Dikcman, Loux, M. Hansen, O. Vierscn, Palmer, Shamburg, Kreycik, I. Vierscn, Marshall, Hinton, Ramels, Snyder, Anderson, Kreuger, R. Vicrscn, Churchill, Blair, Peters, A. Hansen, Sanders, Cramer, McCall, Burtch, Nelson, Lerdall. HE cadets of 1935-36 were under the supervision of Mr. Hulsebus. Doris Petersen was selected as the cadet colonel. The cadets appeared at many of the school's athletic contests, both at home and out of town. The cadet organization of 1936-37 appeared in new uniforms of red wool skirts and bolero jackets with white silk blouses. Doris Petersen was appointed colonel for the second year. The girls marched at the home games and also at the North Platte and Gothenburg foot- ball games. Miss Barber was the sponsor. M ,Ana ,. :.".:ggir'.' Canrrrs, 1937 Hanshaw, Dauchy, V. Smith, johnson, Hansen, Conklin, Ramels, Taylor, McCowin, Shumburg, Kreuger, Frey, F. Kennedy, Dalvloude, Arnold, L. Smith, Petersen, Anderson, Baker, Nelsen, Duval, Spitz, Ramsey, Viersen, Heath, Snyder, Hinton, Dikeman, Loux, Dey, Piper, Oslcr, Young. BAND, 1932 Klcinback, Thompson, Rundslrom, Mr, Crandell Gardner, Thostesen, Taylor, Quick, G. Garten, Scott, Withers, Berry, L. Garton I HE 1932-33 N. S. A. band was made up of students and faculty members. This organization played at football games. Mr. Crandall was in charge. The band of 1934-35 received a First place in the district contest at Minden. and third at the state contest in Lincoln. This was the first year that any music groups from N. S. A. had been entered in the music contests. During the school year of 1935-36 the band and the cadets played and marched at various athletic events, at home and away. The band BAND, 1935 Mrs. Hill, I. Keating, Ridgway, Davison, Smith, Dillmun, johnson, Elson, Fisher, H. B:1kcr,Mr.Hil1 Swanson, E. Iohnson, Schick, Crandall, Icwcl, McConahay, E. Teel, Hall, Pinkerton, Yowell, Snyder, M. Tccl, Elson, Adams, Thamalla, Ross Keating, Robbcrson, Schroeder, Linncmeyer, Gaines, P. Baker, Sullivan, D. Iohnson BAND. 1936 Schroeder, Gilliland, Elson, Fisher, Baker, Miller, Snyder, Welch, Keating, Dillman, McConahny, Burtch Olson, Vierscn, Dick, Elsun, Teel, Waits, Adams, Ross, Thamalla, Berry, Teel, Lanham, Herman, Chehey, Gaines, Baker, Sullivan Hall, E. Linncmeyer, Crandall, Swanson, Iohnson, Schroeder, Brown, Herman, Wilkinson, Linncmeyer, Reynolds, johnson, Schick, Mr. Hill gave a vesper concert during the school year. They received first place at the district contest held in McCook, and second at the state contest. The new band uniforms were secured during this year. In 1936-37 the band of fifty-one members presented two vesper programs. The band played for all home football games and for the football games at North Platte, Gothenburg, and Hastings. The entire band made the trip to Lincoln to play with many other high school bands at the Nebraska-Iowa football game. BAND, 1937 Fisher, E. Schick, Russell, R. Johnson, L. Waits, M, Lxnnemeyer Mr. Hill, Schroeder, Anderson, Kibben, Linnemeycr, Messersmith, E. Linnemeycr, Crandall, Wilkinson, Elson, Ferguson, Snyder, T. Elson, Burtch, Waits, Hall, Sweet, Keating, Dillman R. Brown, L. Herman, D. Johnson, Ross, Thamalla, Spence, Kull, Ridgway, Palmer, M. Herman Nelson, B. Ross, Lanham, Gaines, Adams Johnson, B. Schroeder, N. Schick, Swanson, W. Gilliland, Doulhit, Peters, Baker, Chchey, B. Brown, E. Gilliland ORCHESTRA HE N. S. A. orchestra from 1932 to 1934 was composed of between twenty and thirty members. This group was fortunate in being assisted through the contribution of several faculty members. The orchestra played at all special school functions. The orchestra of 1934-35 received a first rating in district and third in the state contest. In the year of 1935-36 the orchestra Won first place in district and in state contests. This makes them eligible for the national contest in 1937. The orchestra of 1936-37 played at the teachers convention in McCook. ORCHESTRA 1932 First row: Evans, Quinn, Tcaford Second row Ormin Baker, Gygax, Klcinback, Crandall, Blessing, Wilkinson, Thoxtesen, Miss Nichols Henson Hall Baker, Gardner, Berry. Gartnn. Withers 'llurd row: W. Kibben, Tucker, Nelson, Garlon, K. Kibben, POKCCI, Little, Ridgway Good ORCHESTRA 1933 "ul WD will JW wi ' ww, .f M will iwziiz- Q 1 i r First row: Piper, Quinn, Lofkwist, Mr. Crandall, Tcuford, Miss Nichols, Baker, Gardner, Withers, Berry Second row: Staples, Taylor, Blessing, Pinkerton, Wilkinson, McCowin, Henson, McGuire, Pierce, Hall, Keating Third row: Nelson, Ridgway, K. Kibbcn, Poteet, Schick Fourth row: W. Kibbcn, Tucker ORCHESTRA 1935 Back row: Mrs. Hill, Ross, Thnmalla, Yowell, Snyder, Tccl, K. Elson, McConahay,J.Ke:1ting, Davison, Dillman, johnson, Herman, V. Elson. l-l. Baker, Iewel, E. Teal, Robhcrson, Linncmeycr, Olson, Floyd Middle row: Gaines, Schick, Pinkerton, Gilliland, Douthit, Brown, G. Keating, Adams, P. Baker, Sullivan, Mortensen, Iensen Front row: Hall, Ridgway, Plunkett, Anderson, Linnemeyer, Kibbcn, Bunch, Blair, Schroeder ORCHESTRA 1936 I First row: K. Schroeder, Icnscn, Ross, Thamalla, M. Tecl, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Hill, K. Elson, Welch, Swanson, Schick, Iohnson, Gilliland, V. Elson, Dillman, Viersen, Chehcy, Baker Second row: Dick, Kiblacn, Olson, Williams, Floyd, Sullivan, E. Teel, Adams, Hall. Blair, W. Gilliland, R. Brown Third row: Gaines, Mortensen, Anderson, B. Brown, Artley, Linnemcycr, Burtch, Waits, Wortman ORCHESTRA 1937 First row: Mr. Hill, Piper, Herman, Crandall, Dillman, Fisher Second row: Adams, Gaines, Thomalla, Kull, Elson, Ferguson, D. Ross, B. Ross, Waits, Keating, Swcct Third row: K. Schroeder, Mortensen, Floyd, B. Brown, Williams, Chehey, Baker, E. Gilliland, Schick, D. johnson, E. Iohnson Swanson, W. Gilliland, Douthit Fourth row: Linncmcycr, Hall, Kibbcn, Anderson, Jensen, Bunch, Waits, R. Brown Boys Guan CLUB, 1932 Back row: Adams, Snell, G. Gartun, Willford, Quinn Middle row: Olson, Withers, Wilkinson, Easton, D:tMoude, Miss Nichols Front row: Haynes, Moosmnn, L. Garlon, Quick, Kleinbnck, Cole HE boys glee club of 1931-32 was not organized until the second semester. This group sang at convocations and at special school activities. They combined with the girls glee club in the production of the operetta, O11 Doctor. Again the 1932-33 boys glee club was combined with the girls in the presentation of an operetta, The Belle of Bczgdad. The two groups also sang at baccalaureate and commencement. The 1935-36 boys glee club sang for the Methodist preachers con- ference at Curtis and for a vesper program. The glee club received a first place in district and a third in state contests. Bovs GLEE CLUB, 1933 First row: Scott, Quick, Nelson, Moosman, Withers, M. Quinn, B. Quinn Second row: Cross, Starns, Leu, Haynes, Cole, DaMoudc, Miss Nichols Third row: Hamilton, Pierce, Easton, Olson, Ryker, Kleinbnck Fourth row: Ward, Blessing, Berry, Smith, Evans 3!A 'uasl KI "PPM Il ssbu 'unslg 'xuqnungow 'uuxu 9E6I ssvxg SISQJUOD azxgloadsal .AI suenb 1 IQDQJ PSA UODQS dp :Joel 1 pun ET H O. 'U -- 2 0 93 rf 91411 E IDIJJSIP pu 91815 IB PUODQS 1s.1g 'sums U! 'DF-USFP QILL sioq pun Jauenb Ieoolx p 5 P4 fb up puoaas ua rv N OUOLI 91 Sql ' SJ D' H DJ cn rn 3 N rr Q H N D D- vs rr Sup eld qnoq lauenb 33 P PUB 1 ELI pl U! sql 15 'JSDIUOD 918 9561 MU. M 19130 U0 U ISI F pu pun ngnsg 91315 'SlS91U09 UI 1 'SS6I 911 3 SIJT 191130 puooas paaeld U! IOIHSEP IP Z '-4 Ui B B ..- DABII B C-' 2 rw UQ '1 O C 'U ua 9.1 IDD sxouoq pam. N rv Q- ,... rn 1-r H -. G H P3 D Q. -rs -. G 2 - D E Z ra 5 E. Ui i.. E El o v: Z O D -. 5' 2 Q -1 P sv O .,, JA Q n 3:- U1 E FI F9 N-. '-I 5? 5 5 2 F -4 9261 WMO 15119 sxog GIRLS GLEE CLUB, 1932 , First row: Fichtner, Evans, Nelson, Hayden, Tcaford, Staples, O. Huffman, Schick,.L. Phorect Second row: Peat, Linnemeyer, E. Huliman, Ormnn, Schmitz, Anderson, Vernom, Miss Nichols Third row: Hall, I-lines, Sinclair, Engel, McCowin, Kibben, E. Poteer, McConahay, Good Fourth row: Piper, Thosteson, Palmer, Tucker, Gilbert, Iackson, Gardner HE girls glee club of 1934-35 sang in a vesper program. This group won first place in the district contest at Minden and second place in the state contest at Lincoln. The girls glee club of 1935-36 presented one special vesper program and they also made special appearances at the local Methodist and Congregational churches. They did not enter the music contests. The girls glee club of 1936-37 consisted of thirty members. This organization assisted in the production, The Messiah, which was pre- sented as a Christmas Cantata, and sang at a vesper service. Their new uniforms were black wool skirts with white pique blouses. GIRLS Guan CLUB, 1933 First row: Miller, E. Huffman, Pinkerton, Hayden, Teaford, M. Schick, O. Huffman, Nelson, Ruppert Second-row: Scott, Keating, Hall, Linnemeyer, Anderson, Wymore, Lofkwist, Vcrnom, Miss Nickols Third row: Cowman, Peat, Iohnson, L. Poteet, E. Potcet, Hines, Icnsen, Fichtner, Palmer Fourth row: Piper, Kibbcn, McGuire, Gardner, Kcmpton, Ward, M. Schick GIRLS GLEE CLUB, 1935 Back row: Ridgway, Linnemeycr, M. Blair, D. Blair, G, Miller, McConahay, Iewcl, Schroeder, Davison, Pinkerton, P. Baker, Hall, Sullivan, Front row: Richter, H. Baker, Keating, E. johnson, Schick, Kempzon, H. V. Johnson, Yowell, Gaines, H. M. Johnson, Swanson, Elson, Teel HE girls glee club of 1931-32 was the school's leading musical organization for the year. This group sang at convocations, pep rallies, recitals, commencement, baccalaureate, and 'various banquets. The girls- and boys glee club combined to present the musical comedy, Oh Doctor. In the school year- of 1932-33 the girls' glee club contributed its share to the musical program of the school. As in the past, the girls were awarded letters at the annual glee club luncheon held in the spring. The girls, and boys' glee clubs together presented the operetta, The Belle of Bagdavi. GIRLS GLEE CLUB, 1936 l First row: Easton, Viersen, Chchey, Baker, Miller, Hecht, Tcel, Corder, Blair, Crandall, Burtch, Linncmcyer, Baker, Hall, Sullivan Second row: Churchill, Gaines, Johnson, M. Hansen, Dikeman, Hull, Wortmnn, Elsan, Snyder, McConal1ay, Swanson, A. Hansen, Grous, Sanders GIRLS GLE12 CLUB, 1937 First row: Mr. Hill, A. Iohnson, McCowin, Crandall, DaMoudc, Duval, Arnold, Linnemeyer, Chehcy, Waits, Burtch, Snyder, Dikc, Shamburg, Grous, Osler Second row: Clawson, Hanshaw, Schick, Hansen, Olson, Swanson, E. lohnson, Schroeder, Peters, Gaines, Brown The Me.vsz'ah, a Christmas cantata, was presented by a choir of one hundred student voices and several members of the faculty. Solo leads were carried by Ruth Randall and Earl Whipple. A picked orchestra furnished the accompaniment. A crowd of over nine hundred attended this production. CHRISTMAS Mlassml-I, 1936 First row: Styskal, Knoll, Rea, Floro, Arnold, M. Schick, H. Nelsen, Taylor, Perks, Young, Hampton Second row: Duval, Olson, Mortensen, E. Schick, M. Amann, I-I. Amann, R. Piper, Bellew, Weeks, Viersen, DaMoude, Wambaugh Third raw: Oslcr, l. Dikeman, Hanshaw, L. Smith, Piper, Messersmith, Gilliland, Messersmilh, McPherson, Kennedy, Grous, Dikc Fourth row: Crandall, McCowin, Loux, H. Hall, Mr. Marsh, Elson, Mr. Whipple, Russell, Hudson, Gorley, G. Piper, Clawson Fifth row: Johnson, Hansen, Snyder, A. johnson, Roth, M. Hall, Johnson, Housley, Sanders, R. Burtch, Shamburg, Wymorc Sixth row: Linncmeyer, Mrs. Whipple, Miss Modlin, Miss Randall, Mr. Hulsebus, Dillman, Floro, Iones, C. Dikeman, Fisher, Swanson, Mrs. Hulsebus, Peters, Schroeder Seventh row: Ross, Thamalla, Sweet, Adams, D. Johnson, Baker Eighth row: Mrs. Hill, Anderson, B. Burtch, Iensen, Chchey, Mr. Hill, Douthit, Brown, Kibhen, Gaines Come Out of the Kitchen AGGIE PLAYERS OCTOBER, 1931 Cole Potcct hreuger E Huffman jackson Moosman, Hicks, johnson, Baker, O. Huffman, Quinn T IS not until recently that the dramatics department has had a definite place in the academic curriculum at the Nebraska School of Agriculture. Until the year 1933-34 dramatics was recognized only through the Aggie Drama Club. This organization presented three plays annually. With the exception of the senior class play where only seniors were eligible, any student was allowed to try out for a part in these plays. Participation in one of these major plays automatically elected a student to membership in the society. Your U ncle Dudley AGGIE PLAYERS DECEMBER, 1931 Gillum Potent Palmer Kleinback Younkin, Quinn, Fichrncr, Moosman The Dead of Night AGGIB PLAYERS MARCH, 1932 Dybduhl, Palmer, Sinclair, Wolf, Scott, Engel, Morris, Peebles, Piper During the year of 1931-32 Miss Emma Moosman sponsored the activities of the Dramatics Club. In the following year Miss Marjorie Sturdevant started to reorganize the club, but before the reorganization was completed she resigned her position at the school. Her place was filled by,Miss Patrice Nickols. Mrs. H. K. Douthit held the first dramatics classes in the year of 1933-34. She also directed the class plays. In the year of 1934-35 the It'.v the Climate SENIOR CLASS APRIL, 1932 Haynes, Moosman, Easton, Olson, Thosrescn, Dybdahl, LaRue, Baker, Iohnson Oh Doctor 1 OPERETTA APRIL, 1932 Easton, Thostescn, Hamilton, Hines, Olson, Detour, Iohnson, Hayden, Wilkinson, Haynes, Vernom, Klcinback, Gardner, Taylor, Peat, Hall, Quinn dramatics activities were sponsored by Miss Margaret Nielsen who directed the junior and senior class plays. For the past two years Miss Marjorie Filley has had charge of the drarnatics department. -Regular drama classes inclulcate the principles of voice, gesture, characterization, public speaking, and stage technique. Chief among the activities of the present dramatics department is the newly organized studio theater. The aim of this theater is to give students who are eager to participate in plays an opportunity to appear Belle of Bugdzzd OPERETTA 1933 H. V. Iohnson, H. M. Iqltnson, Smith, Akesson, Gardner, Moosmnn, Klcinback, Pinkerton, Hall, Haynes, Withers, Teaford, Starns, Huffman Green Stockings OCTOBER, 1932 Haynes, Scott, Quinn, Wilkinson, McConnlmy, Hull Cole Thompson Cross Potecl Sclnck Smnli in this one-act play workshop. These plays are directed by students from the directors class which is open to juniors and seniors who have had previous dramatic experience. Lighting, stage scenery, costuming, and make-up are all under the direction of the students. A miniature stage with a removable cyclorama and curtains has been arranged in one of the class rooms of Ag Hall. The studio theater is open only to drarnatics students and their guests. Pigs SENIQR PLAY APRIL, 1933 Fichrncr, Cole, Peebles, Czirsrcnscn, Hall, Withers, Porect Schick Hamilton Rundstrom The Boomer AGGIE PLAYERS DECEMBER, 1933 McMichael Huffman W Nelson Keating Coykcndall, McGuire, Phillips, Iensen, Pierce, G. Nelson, Gillum Pedersen Another new and not yet fully developed project which promises to be very popular is the marionette theater. A stage which stands five feet high has been constructed and the students are building furniture to scale, designing and constructing scenery, and making the puppets and dressing them. They are also working out original skits and plays for the theater. The first play to be presented for the public was a three-act version of that famous old fairy tale, lack and the Beanstalk. Wear, Ridgway, Wymorc, Scott, LaBounty, Sorensen, Baker, Nelson, Krcuger, K. Florom, H. V. johnson, Wolf, L. Florom, Jewel, Shamburg, Miller, Easton, H. M. Johnson, Benge, Leu, Quinn. Three Suns Wert AGGIE PLAYERS MARCH, 1934 The Whole Town? Talking SENIOR PLAY APRIL, 1934 Cowman, Thorne, O. Huffman, Akcsson, Hammcl, Dyer, Quinn, Peat, McMichael, Pierce Linncmcycr, E, Huffman, Leu, Kibbcn Considerable interest has also been shown in the declamatory con- tests. The winners of the local declamatory contests for the year of 1933-34 were: Edna Iohnston, Mary Alice Piper, and George Ward. In 1934-35 George Ward, Sarah Robberson, Doris Petersen, and Bruce Keith were contest winners. Barbara Crandall, Helen McCowin, George Ward, and Doris Petersen took the honors in 1935-36. A costume cupboard, four outdoor scenery Hats, and an outdoor drop have been added to the equipment of the department. The Charm School Samoa PLAY APRIL, 1935 Keith, Sweet, Potcct, johnson, Underhill, Baker, Iensen, Votaw, Rose, Kcmpton, Wymore Sorensen, Stzrrns, Krcuger, Evans, Schick H ow Dare You IUNIOR PLAY NOVEMBER, 1935 Rucker, Polccl, Greenwood, johnson, Towne, Miller, Dikcmnn, Schroeder, Hoschouer, Duval, Hecht, Nelson, Dauchy The aim of the drarnatics department is not to star a few chosen, gifted students, but to make an opportunity for every student who so desires to express himself, and to develop his inherent qualities to their fullest extent. The Qeenfv H uxbzznd SENIOR PLAY APRH., 1936 Barton, Nolan, Kreycik, Conklin, Blair, Ward, Potcct, Tuttle, Hinton, lorgenson, Johnston, Marshall, Miller, Lcrdall, McMichael, Nickerson, Moore Little M iss D1'eamc'r IUNIOR PLAY NOVEMBER, 1936 Why the Chfnzes Rang CHRISTMAS PLAY 1936 lhlrlch, McCuwin, Piper, O'M:ir:i, Ilannscy, Krcugcr, llnilson, Robinson, Williams, Crandall, Ervin, Reynolds, Anderson, Swccr -f -Q----1-fm,-.3 -num McCowin, Wymorc, Dikcmnn, Spiiz, E. Phillips, W. Phillips, Petersen, Icsse, Dey, Carpcmer Hudson, Piper S- ,K if x' VY! Yr ffl. , 'QA WW 'W"WW'w AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ll I l I l l 1 "" E7 Ei I l l CUIIIS Co-operative Creamery Co. - ll Manufacturers of 'E SUNRISE BUTTER I """""" I I Dealers in ' POULTRY, EGGS, COMMERCIAL FEED, ' SEEDS, TWINE """""" lu Buy and Sell Cooperatively I "Get the Habit" 9: 'eexxxf::::::'::x:xxzxxf? it33xizzixxil::::::::::::1Cx? FINE WATCH REPAIRING il BOTTLED GAS POR URBAN EE Is not a Side Line With lg HOMES E' Us I I- Skilled Labor Only Employed U : Cooking 5 Mig Sat Lighting P. P. RIDDELL, - - Wafef Heating 1 Ieweler I' fa M i m : I 4' E CURTIS' NBER' H QQ OMAHA BLAUGAS COMPANY H Watch Examiner C. B. 8: Q. NOrfh Street R. R. 5' 'l OMAHA, NEBRASKA 'E Member United I-Iorological I """""' l Association of America, Inc. ' :' . X t American National Retail H A Quarter of a Cenzrfry of Szztzsfactory Iewelers' Association Serwce 'I O Sugar Loaf Bakery Wholesale and Retail I SUGAR LOAF BREAD AND PASTRIES I ............. I I "The Taste Tellsu I I I noo.....oooo4 I II II 'E PI-IGNE 39 CURTIS, NEBR I I I 0 0 ..v.. ........... ....-. ..... ....- ..-vv To N. S. A. Graduates . I Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes for your I ' future Happiness and Success I I I L. L. BLESSING 0 ::1:::::::1::: O I l Adams Drug Company The Rexall Store I THE DGWN-TGWN STUDENTS HEADQUARTERS t ............. A Complete Line of School Supplies ' Try the Drug Store First l o o :::::::::::: :xxxx .......... 4 l The Store of Quality r -, ' , If .X J I 1 ' 1 1 Phone Z9 O :::::::::::::: Building Materials Are Our Specialty A COMPLETE LINE OF WEYERHAEUSER 4 SQUARE PRODUCTS 0000000000 COOICS PAINTS, ENAMELS AND VARNISHES WE SELL WINDOW GLASS 0000000000- OUR COALS ARE THE HIGHEST GRADES OBTAINABLE 0000000000- WHEN BETTER COALS ARE MINED WE WILL SELL THEM . WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU Curtis Lumber Company PHONE ss CURTIS, NEBRASKA O ---::-::--::::-::::-::1:::-:::::::::::::::::--::-::::::..-:::: 0 Students and Friends of the Nebraska School of Agriculture Are all Interested in the Column of N. S. A. School Notes of the CURTIS ENTERPRISE All happenings and functions of the school as Well as many columns of news pertaining to Curtis, Frontier County, and the State of Nebraska, together with many features and stories of interest to everyone are found in every issue. The subscription price of 52.00 puts the ENTERPRISE into your home anywhere in Nebraska or adjoining states for a full year. THE CURTIS ENTERPRISE M. C. SMITH, Publisher 46th Year 352.00 Per Year ST AR THE T RE "PICK OF TI-IE PICTURES" Curtis, Nebr. - Phone 132 F. M. GARDNER, Mgr. .s.oQ0Q.4..Q.QoQooQQoo-Ao--- - -0- - -- ------ -A----A-- -- -- ----A - Most of the PHOTQGR PH In This Book Were Made by Rock Whc11 in Curtis Have Your Photograph Taken Rock's Photo Shop QP x,,-Tw '- Q H Q, V W :::: ::::::::::::::::::::::c::::::::::::::::::::::4::::::::.:1-:zz :::: . ' 7 V "' f fl W I. C. PENNEY CO. CURTIS, NEBR. F. I. SCHROEDER LAWYER Phone 84 Curtis, Nebr. 9900-9000... I-I. O. SCI-IAEFF ER ALL KINDS CF INSURANCE Phone 11 Curtis, Nebr I AA-- Y ll li , Q- ---- -2:20 0:::: :-::-:: 0 Chas. H. Scharf Scharf 6? Wetzel Leon S. Wetzel FUNERAL DIRECTORS - AMBULANCE SERVICE boooooeeqqqg. International Harvester Farm Equipment, and International Motor Trucks Complete Line of Repairs ooooooqqqggg. Good Equipment Makes a Good Farm Better ooooooqeqqgg. Visit Us When You Are In Curtis Phone 91 BARGERS VARIETY STORE Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES CANDIES AND VARIETY GOODS O 0 - I 11 GAMBLE AGENCY STORE I ll ll gg WASHING EQUIPMENT I I RADIOS, I AUTO SUPPLIES I I AND VARIETIES I I DORRANCE SMIDT 4 I I As Owner I ll II U tr li ll ll " ..... o o --'-- ---------------- Y A- ---- -A-Q09----Q09-V ---:::::::-:: FRIE DSHIP has made the relationship of the firm of Carstensen's and the Nebraska School of Agriculture, its various faculties and student bodies, unique in the annals of business. 909.0-.QQQQ And so, with sincere appreciation of the Fellowship and Goodwill of days past and with Every Good Wish for the days to come, the firm of Carstensen's ask nothing better than that the Fine Spirit of Friendship and Mutual Good- will shall continue unbroken through all the years. P. C. CARSTENSEN Earl Carstensen Ferris Boyd sooooccooo Note-A mistake is evidence that someone, at least tried to do something WE STRIVE TO MERIT YOUR PATRONAGE. LARGEST STOCK IN FRONTIER COUNTY voooo-QQQQQQQ4 Carefully Selected - Correctly Styled Ready-to-Wear - Dry Goods - Shoes - Mens Wear Groceries and Fresh and Cured Meats Hines Mercantile Co. Member of Independent Grocers Alliance Member of Federated Stores of America Stores at Curtis - Farnam - Stockville DR. GEORGE E. ALLELY Dentist and Dental Surgeon Children's Dentistry X-Ray Phone 97 Curtis, Nebr. DR. R. O. WATKINS DENTIST and DENTAL SURGEON X-RAY Phone 140 Curtis, Nebr -- ----'v---- --vv--------- - O -----9 I I Gas-Kerosine-Oil-Grease ' C0-OPERATIVE OIL COMPANY I GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES ' I Owned and Operated I by the I FARMERS AND MERCHANTS I of CURTIS AND MOOREFIELD I Phone 156-Phone 272 "Service With a Smile" I if: xi, Stix: :::::9 I I I . ' . 1 716 lllrsazlnfelcl 62. V. M. : 0 Alwvnwl lusllnmll o I I I I GOOD CLOTHES Curtis, Nebr. I I I s NORTH PLATTE KEARNEY I Phone, Office 33 Res. 33143 EE 2 I I ll I -,-- ---, ? -AY-- -,,- vvv, gvviv- if EE KEN'S SERVICE STATION 1' I, HMMIES CAFE I ll I ll , . I+ LfS,fS1SlrVQffC1f off Qilifflolffffiilliiiiilr l ll '6WhCff1 dinhjg is . a p easure ll DODGE and ll lg 1 I T-BONE STEAKS PLYMOUTH ' . U ,' , Our Specialty Sales and Service , Phone 49 Curtis, Nebr. II Curtis, Ncbri ll ll ll ll ff TE xx xxo ftxx: DIETZE MUSIC HOUSE The School Musician's Headquarters We are agents for CONN Band Instruments PENZEL and MUELLER Clarinets SELMER Saxophones PAN-AMERICAN and CAVALIER BACI-I Cornets Band Instruments LEEDY Drums GIBSON Guitars Many cheaper makes of band and orchestra. instruments Our repair shop is the largest in Nebraska. Write for catalog and agency proposition DIETZE MUSIC HOUSE 1423 O Street Lincoln, Nebraska Chrysler and Pl mouth Authorized Dealer 000000000000 COMPLETE SERVICE STATION 000000000000- GORLEY MOTOR COMPANY The Service Station of Curtis ROSS MARKET AND GROCERY Where your Dollar has more Sense Phone 51 CURTIS, NEBR. GREEN,S BARBER SHOP STUDENTS WELCOME "It Pays To Look Well" W. L. GREEN, Proprietor I li O 2:0 g::::: -- A Health Environment Parents who send their boys and girls away from home for their education, always consider carefully the moral tone of the community in which the school is located. No single factor in the education of young people is of more im- portance than a healthy, clean and wholesome environment during this formative period in their lives. When the Nebraska School of Agriculture was established at Curtis, the citizens pledged themselves to maintain a clean town, where par- ents should feel no hesitation in sending their boys and girls for their high school training. As one of the business institutions of Curtis, which has contributed to the growth and development of the community, we pledge again to the people of Western Nebraska that we will do everything that we can to see that the same high standards are maintained, so that students will find in Curtis, a clean, wholesome little city, worthy to be the home of such an institution as the Nebraska School of Agricul- ture. CURTIS STATE BAN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ready to Serve You Able To Serve You I 1 3 4 I . I 1 I 4 4 1 J I

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