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Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School - Scenes Yearbook (Waco, NE) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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F! SL f K' 'OH' Uv ,Ski C1152 L, f Q 12 vb ef C3 Nl- s 1 W w kvmim-.5 Dtlviiivskiefi, gigs?-gSf'3',,QQG5FDii Cf- xb?ib'?TgL"'f'?i-fQ,ff. gfzkydhli GGEEQ 4335 i'gaWEi24 A Q gtk? gg?-N Efftfewrgi wigs 354-f'9,35g5?c E-giwg Nw . a:Q32Qwg pwim .,'f3"C'TE3 CfSfxT'fK 62,121 'F - 3245x5- 2S'i5fifSQQE3QEf'1i P' k D xx N Q hm E-Aw 352335 g5Pf?.gt 26 ?f5Q5'2f'S 2 Mi wi 7560117 Lbbfll 019 7 65 5 Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School Waco, Nebraska l98l-82 Table of Contents Seniors page 9 lg' X f 5x7 Underclassmen page 3 X, H , T.: 31 Q 0 x. 5 Q 6 X gh' wx . xo f' K my, . ffl ' ,f 1 2,1 P. Faculty page I5 XR Q . a A sg Qvalgu- o 40 'NE I AT Patrons page 39 DA ve 'S O0 CAN U Activities page I9 Athletics page 27 Student Life page 35 W 1 W, X gt 'GY YF-Lt ..:- -? ff -' QW Q GD 75 Yip -? .SSM f x, r -Q , ' ' ar S C Q Y -V 4 'I ,. Z1 -it S xii ,X U DERCLA5 IOO 00 0 0 0 0 0 Sv'2 00 :G 0 ,AN 0 ?Q 0 its 00 JJ O 0 - m f 0 00 0 00 o W 0 00 0 lb ""l o 00 ' 0 0 is Ffh ' lb 4 fb ME rf-I 0 Y '-Il 0 ,4 00 U ' 0 0 00 00 Oo S'Q 00 O00 O00 0 2 o oo 00 0 SQ, 47 0 I F' 0 0 ' 0 0 Y 'J 0 0 is 0 Oo 'J Oo Oo o 0 00 11 xxx 0 f f 0 J 00 fly! o Y oo xox Oo Freshman Bev Bauer Mark Blauert Maria Blame Brian Bretschneider Zaneta Calhoun sit, in ., xxx N .X Elizabeth Cohoon Scott Cone Daniel Domson .leff Dunham Tresa Freeze my pm gs fi Wu. .5 gf H E X Rx Damon Gutierrez Tom K ortje ., , Ji., , l I :QQ ' - .... 5 L! fl?-7u':7V:'A 'fb k :-' wifi ' Hwf-5 1 W, . ' 1 W ff: ' If 1 ,.,-. t "" ,E . fm Wav ,K " m u W 3 'BETH :s...v', 1,fV.-j.k45f,z,, . L - V ., . I . .fig ' 1 21. , July - , 2: gzgiggutz I ff. , K , ., QQTk5..j,:-,P K , -- he-:Q gsm- , l 1 Wa a,,e WOW!! She's the rocketwoman. Oh no, it's Mr. Blauert. 5' 3 gauai 5 K ' ee e f at e Q , ' ,T N K l K at 15 K X K ma Class Officers: Secretary Marla B., Treasurer Kelth W.. President Cindl Z Life's such a blastl All pets must be registered. Playing is still our favorite pastime. Joy Malchow Kevin Molzahn Craig Onstatt Dean Schlomer Wendy Schmidt .parm-Q-'-H Allen Schumacher Mark Stein LeAnn Taylor Keith Waege Cindl Zimmerman ophomores n Qu I Angie Bell Karen Breese Ronda Butkus Jim Cohoon Staci Deitloff 4411 Kim Dettmer Tim Flunker Paul Frese . Ron Hoff .lean Kander lt's all your faultl Screeeeechl are Are we on offense or defense coach? F .lean's best side. Alms for the poor. What a sIugger1?? A . Dig them biscepsl Class Officers: Treasurer Tim F., Vice President Dawn S., President DeeAnn W., Secretary Brent 5. W S Q n 5,5 X gk - te -K k 5 7: k'V Q' Vi? 1 'X 'N David Kolb Kim Kortie Jeff Lillo John Malchow " "H X Kim Malzahn Heidi Schmidt .. .. N X. if Don't Strut. C orina Ma yhe w ' --.s ian? -' Q X Q f' N j fs E X . ,f .fx .. 6 s X X 6 '5 X Nancy Richter Kerry Rothenburger Karra Russow Dawn Schmidt Brent Stroh Tim Veach DeeAnn Wasserman 'GQ X Mike Wegner Juniors ' "' ' 'A X " 74 David Damson Kevin Lea Hilligas ' .Q Q., ' Karlene Kander Tammy Kilber Becki Renner Karma Richert Tim Rodgers Scott Rudolph Fritzie Theimer Lorie Tuma Class Officers: Secretary Becki R., Vice President Lorie T., President Steve B.. Treasurer Karlene K. zg'wfmJ'h17 W' X a rf' 'WNWSXLY1 mg? E,Q, 'ax QA , H3 . M IQ 5 7 ' ,, . .I ... W WWE. . mv W , s if A .W 4 JR 'X vs ,Q Q . N.. : -1-1 -E::.":.3. 1: .. -: 2- -fn :HA ,N A - ,- I, .. 'ff f'-' Q, M .. ELM .9 ' ' ' W S , ss. sf in w i- vw 2 iv J sir . ff i j: 9 3552 Q ifrx A 1 -N Q Irif' 2 'Hrs fffi. Qi' i :,:- 'ff' : wx !.:5,Qf e if 1 wi Y5:'f"' s H , , mm .,,b 1:5 if- M --1 1, V 43 - a .ss. 5"T Ei'-5: 'we i '-'fi .wife : W ' 'g sm We never knew. Hands off Scott! lt's not all that bad. wg! M ,bf SENIORS V YM Lfnow wow 73 MQW! ff '76fS'dw ,wk QM' , L ,L 0000 Qlicl' ,Qxefzimmf gf Ma ,dana 5 ZW 0 0 0 adm? HllI1flZlI0L1J0?7'j 57400 aw ,Ml 00 7 . , Q f fn!0Ul41 W7 000 ju 1-WRU fun I X Q 011145 flu XfW1sfVfi1f fflwfffl df? N I I P d 0 UfMf'H002502 Qgfa O00 0 0 0,1 flum- 1 " fx! 00 I 0 X X ffm 5'-' ' 'mm' Oo c uff' W ffyf ' 5 ffm Pr 0'-5 0000 0000 g l ,H gxdmggdf 000 000 'ilu Q1 1 4 Oo " A 47 I gwlemkffff 0 0 0 MM LM 0 ' 0 o o 0 0 Oo 00 0 o o 0 000 k1flClflll755 A ,?000 lm 0 4 0 0 Oo I' QQQITZLOU-'Z-2' wtf X v'. would N173 Mauffam 0 . .7 Olluzanw MW AML and www IA 0 J ww - fwfff f 00000 do- rv I .Ut Qbqam 04 QUIM f ood 95010 Of!! f W' I Seniors Class Motto 'Shaw me thy ways, O Lord, teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation, on thee do I wait all the day. fPsalms 25:4 5 51" Adrienne Marie Ames Timothy Karl Blauert Reston, Virginia Waco, Nebraska Basketbalb Pep Club, Drama. FootbalL Class Officer. Shield Staff David Warren Breese Columbus, Nebraska Shield Stafb Student CounciL Drama. Linda Sue Dunham York, Nebraska Pep Club, Class Officer. Michael Paul E wert Wichita, Kansas Football, Basketball, Track, Soccer, Drama, Student CounciL Class Officer, Select Choir. Sherri Lu Mogensen Geneva, Nebraska Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Drama, Student Council, Select Choir, Pep Club, Annual Stafh Cheerleader, Chapel Piano Player. Barbara Gale Reinners Hastings, Nebraska Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Drama, Student CounciL Class Officer, Select Choir, Pep Club, Shield Staff John Maurice Lillo Geneva, Nebraska Football, Basketball, Track, Soccer, Student Councib Class Officer. 4 ska K.. W-nf Joan Yvonne Struebing Ulysses, Nebraska Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Drama, Class Officer, Select Choir. Pep Club, Cheerleader. X ikgfg B Karna Marie Ostermeier Rising City, Nebraska Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Drama, Student Council, Class Officer, Select Choir, Pep Club, Shield Staff, Cheer- leader. ,lim Paul Struebing Ulysses, Nebraska Football. Basketball, Soccer, Class Of- ficer. Graduation The first graduates of NELH5. What do we do now? iik - K, ,1'if31.1i1r5 --ip i Don't look so scared Linda. I finally made itl Lnw ' Barb giving her valedictorian speech. K E We're finished, done, good-byel Get ready for sore hands and wet eyesl N , 1 i -A . .M N ,'. 'B i, :-, , mf 'Nfl-xx, , A few artists working. Still Working?l wi, Sherri always has had a big head! tg" f .Li , g . -N' f , V .ww S 1 Six Sexy Seniorsllllll Decorating for graduation can be fun I We don't stop o ythggsl ' Senior class officers: Vice President Linda D., President .loan S. L N WM Secretary Tim B., Treasurer Barb R. Pictured from left to right: IFirst Rowj Karna O., Sherri M,, KSecond Rowj Mike E., Barb R., I Third Rawj Adrienne A., John I... CFourth Rowj ,loan S., Jim S., and Tim B, Pictures for Linda D. and David B, not available. "Wiki X .. ,h f A, .Q-. S ,lil ' Q, --if-I MSQ fa. N. - -1 . + ,, :R , x R E m . R55 'X if: ' 1:1 X Q , 4 swim' A Nw 13 i Mxygf ' .fn ww Y :gi,g5g?,,:,,f 5 t ff 'XM an 3 if We FA C UL TY A ND ADMINIS TRA TION Ex 0 AN 0 QF oF ox 0 GFX 0 0 ox., 0 0 0 A 7 0 Oxz. 0 0X o 0 - MY? 0 0X Q? 0 0 QXOXY X9 ' SQ, 0 0 MX X0 0 ' 0 0 X47 ' Q' 0 Q I xg, XJ ! o X 00 0 OA 0 0 0 0 00 Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 ox ox x Oox Administration The efforts of the NELH5 annual staff should result in sharing with you the highlights of this our third year of operation. Of course people are most important, but events will also be noted. We think of the two new faculty members, the thirty-one new students that moved to our campus in August, and the first class of NELHS seniors. Always to be remembered will be the first football season, the concerts, the expanded athletic program, the long bus trips on Sundays to sing in the various congregations, and the frequent noisy bus rides to York. Yes, the Lord's presence was again so evident as He guided us through another school year. To Him be given all gloryl Board of Controb ffront Rowj Karl Blauert, Rev. Philqr Zarling CPres.j, Albert Richert, CBack Rowj Herb Baumann, Robert Kander, Herb Manley, Earl Heidtke CSec.1, Richard A ,Q Freese CTreas.2. Not pictured Rev. Ray Beckmann and Rev. Gerald Free fex-officio memberj. wr Staff Betty Evertsf Cook Judy Lauber: Librarian J W .J Lx t Tillie Johnson: Cook, Dorm- JoAnn Lillof Secretary mother Marvin Johnson: Janitor, Dormfather "1-q..,..N ,:,...:.. , ,QV Staff and faculty at the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Bus Drivers, Dean D.. Karl B., Richard E., Keith L., Roger S. Karl Blauert: Music, Religion, Social Studies Dean Dawson: Girls and Boys P. E.. English, Typing Richard Everts: Boys P. E., Science, Photography Faculty Gene Jaeger: Business, Math Nancy Krueger: Music ,..,e1 I Keith Lauber: Business. Math, Typing L X i" 1 t 1 1 ' SLN Anne Otte: Home Econ- omics Anna Richert: Organ, Piano .,,..,,. ,ii , 'Q , QW Roger Schultz: German, l.a- tin, Religion TIVIHES AC ooooooo00000000ooooooooooooooooa Qemm QUQKN Qemm gems-Q SN SN SN SN SN rNb fgb ,Ny rNb ,Ny ,Q fs fs ,QS ,Q oooooooooo0oooQxooo0000000 ooo XX0 NPQQQ-57 x , A Q., ...Q-,, S We're not always all smiles. This tastes good - I promise! Annual Staff? Dawn S., Steve B., Sherri M., Karlene K., Tim F., Pastor Schultz, Jean K. I'm so confused Shield Stafh fFront Rowj Karma R., Maria B., Joy M., Dawn S., Becki R., Tammy K., fBack Rowj Tim B., Angie B., David D., Scott R., Tresa F., Advisor Mr. Dawson, Absent Karlene K. Student Councik fFront Rowj Mark B., Leann 71, Kim M., Kim K., Sue B., Allen S., KBack Row2 Advisor Mr. Jaeger, Mike E., Sherri M., Fritzie 71, David B., Tammy K. Absent Angie B. Cheerleaders Pep Club Kim Kortie Sue Blauert X , DeeAnn Wasserman 4? Q. Pep Club. CFirst Rowj Karna O., Adrienne A., Barb R., .loan S., Sherri M., fSecand Rowj Keith W., LeAnn T., Jean K., Cindi Z., Maria B., Karra R., Kim M., Kim D., 1 Third Rowj Mark S., Allen S., Fritzie T., Liz C., Lorie 72, Randa B., Staci D., Zaneta C., Jay M., Karma R., Karen B., fFourth Rowj Nancy R., Heidi S., Dawn S., Tresa F., Bev B., Wendy S, Lea H., Angie B., Kerry R., Carina M., Damon G. Music Chapel players. CFront Rowj Karma R., Karlene K., Kim K., Sue B., Becki R., IBack Rowj Heidi S., Ronda B., Nancy R., Dawn S.. Sherri M. Music Contestants. Kim K., Tammy K., Ronda B.. Karma R., Angie B. Band members. fFront Rowj Sue B., Dave K.. Tim B., Karra R., Zaneta C, Nancy R., Kim K., Karma R., KBack Rowj Staci D., Bev B., Craig O.. Tim F., Paul F., John L., Damon G., Sherri M., Mr. Blauert. Absent Jeff L. Speech Contestants. Tammy K., Karma R., Angie B.. Scott R., Karlene K. Freshmen Choir. CFirst Rowj Mrs. Krueger, Liz C., Maria B., Tresa F., .Ioy M., ISecond Rowj Bev B., Wendy S., Cindi Z., LeAnn 71, IThird Rowl Mark B., Dean S., Dan D., Tom K., Kevin Zaneta C M., Damon G., CFourth Rowj Mark S., Keith W., Scott C., Brian B., Craig O., Allen S. Absent Swing Choir. CFirst Rowj Karna O., Barb R., Karma R., Kim K., Dawn S., KSecond Rowj Angie B., Tammy K., Heidi S., Lorie T., I Third Rowj Paul F., Dave K., Fritzie T., fFourth Rowj Tim F., .lim C., Brent S., .Ieff L. Directed by Mrs. Krueger. Absent .Ioan S. Touring Choir. KFirst Rowj Mr. Blauert, Joan S., Barb R., Karna O., Karma R., Kim K., Jean K., Staci D., fSecond Rowj Becki R., Nancy R., Tammy K., Lorie T., Ronda B., Karra R., K Third Rowj Dave K., Tim M, David D., Fritzie T., Kim D., Sherri M., KFourth Rowj Tim F., Paul F., .lim C., Steve B., Brent S., Mike W. Absent Adrienne A. and Karlene K. Swing Choir singing at the Awards Banquet. All NELHS voices at spring concert. Look at those legs! Drama ,gn -n Y fin Q -1 The cast for this year's play, "The Great Cross Country Race," is IFront Rowj Karma R, as Mrs. Steiner, Jeff L, as Mr, Paddle, Kim D. as Mrs, Dark. Cindi Z. as Mr, Sloe, Fritzie I as Mr. Basket, Karlene K. as Mrs, Warren, Mark 5. as the fisherman, Maria B. as Rabin, KBack Rowj Becki R. as Maude, David D, as George, LeAnn T1 as Mrs, Spiney, Staci D. as Mrs. Brush, Paul F. as Mr, Fleet, Steve B. as Mr. Sett, Lorie T. as Jackie. L- ' 1 , K KL' K . i'FfEf? f ' ?ff'f.y' ,f , , ' 2 M ' A ' , . ' ff . ' I ' Q ' Wwu:se1,W ,- 'tag-, Q -ggggpi!- FX.: vii i Q. ,A A' 5 .. :f:'Y5"T: :V F' 5 , Eisifi - - . . M., V... , . L. V ' - . r , - . ' A ,v . Q, - - W fwbfm, -4 MN. v .1 if f 5 n A , J K 'M f 'Z g QA X k -f J- M- 3 -'x yr H.. ,A K A I. n 4 N f Zf""" Q . , . -5. i Fx 5, ,..fx.f - 4' v ff S' Q5 ,W ka 5 'Q--4 Y !'I 1, Q The first annual Jr.-Sr. Banquet A W What are you two up to now? A break after the food was held April 3Q at.the Flying V of Utica. Pastor Gerald Free gave a moving speech on the combined topic of "What shall I do with Jesus?" and the banquet theme, "Time in a Bottle." Everyone there thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Q if, H as rf Now listen kids! A wards Banquet on May I6 began with an excellent meal A 'L if A catered by the ladies from 'F Iie 'Yee-qqA 1 g. Zion congregation of Claton- . it 'ilz TA ia. Next the awards were Vll"h':l"l 5 distributed fhe f8CUIfy it 1 members, Finally the fea- - -as This is the next item up for sale. tured speaker, Karl Hoch- muth. gave an inspiring speech on '34 wards, "A good time was had by all. Barb and John announce their engagement! She hasn't bit him yetl N Honestly, it was this big. JEXQLQS at 'tt' 8 Q' . .WM N . wi' 'iii S A THLETICS 0 I 000 0 Oo 0 o 0 o 00 0 0 00 oo xo 0 L7 00 00 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 x0 0 00 XX 0 0 x 0 0 0 0 00 000 Oo O00 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 Oo - N5 O0 0 0 N 0 . 00 00 Xxx 00 0 ss: 0 No. 00 Xxxxx4QQQLXX Oo The loss of only four seniors out of 24 players points to an improving record next year, with five returning Ietterwinners and added experience. 2-wfiltisi . , 1 A ,, . iii? gli-vikiiigfe-19ffm-255 f:if:'4,,f1,,-5.5655 tg... A ffv.f1111.1ffmffszf2f . fs Lfwfi ' .'fir-1-smggiiwgg, .L , fl . " f ,Q A A , fr Q - ago 2 ,, -' S , e, ' ,,ia W + 'K .1-sf..f. -s-mliff S: -'11-P -2:--'lncw-"'2-..f:: seed wa : M ag, -- ..5:i.g5.3jMg,:,, Kim 'iii -:1"':5g .2y'AgjQ,S: ., 'i-"mi -.ju fzf!f.ff5ff K? of if , V:1lnfSii'fs2-f A- M an A , ,wi 1 i ,,, f,,.f.l55i 1 ' I . ,, . K, -ji .sp Y w s Q NELHSfOhiowa 5-I5, 7-I5 NELHSfMcCool Jct. I3-I5, 7-I5 NELHSfDorchester 9-15, 3-I5 NELHSfSeward St. Johns 7-I5, I5-3, I5-I2 NELHSXNE. Christian I3-l5, 4-I5 NELHSfHenderson 3-l5, 4-I5 NELHSfPrague I0-l5, I2-I5 NELHSfSeward St. Johns I4-I6, I5-4, 7-I5 NEl.HSfLincoln Christian 4-15, 2-I5 DISTRICTS NELHSfSeward St. Johns I5-4, I5-2 NELHSfDorchester I5-l3, I2-l5, 2-I5 Volleyball Volleyball members. KFirst Rowj Joy M., Julie C., Cindi Z., Staci D., Corina M., Kim M., Jean K., Bev B., Maria B., fSecond Rowj Dee W.. Kim K., Barb R., Sherri M., .loan S., Karna O., Dawn S., Heidi S., C Third Rowj Karma R., Lea H., Fritzie 71, Lorie T, Karlene K., Becki R., Sue B., Tammy K. Football KFront Rowj Student Managers, Tim F. and .leff L., Brent S., Mark B., Keith W., Mike W., Scott C., Tim V., Daniel D. fBack Rowj Coach , .. .L - F 53' Schultz, David D., Steve B., John L.. David K., Paul F., Mark S., Jim C., .lim S., Mike E., Coach Lauber. This was our first football season, As a result our record of l-5 was not very impressive. However, we were in every game and usually winning until late in the second half. The reason for the majority of our losses was inexperience and too many mistakes. The highlight of the season came when we beat Nebraska Christian with an awesome display of offense. All in all it was a successful season because all the players grew in team work and in school spirit. We look for a better record next year because of our experience. NELHS Bruning 72 NELHS Silver Creek 33 NELHS Hordville 58 NELHS Fairmont 20 NELHS P rague 50 NELHS Neb. Christian 22 The l98l-82 girls' basketball season was in some respects a disappointment and in others a great success. It was a disappointment in that the team's final record was not what it could have been. The varsity finished with a 2-I2 record while the JV's finished 2-4. Coach Jaeger thought that the team had the potential to win at least half its games. The season was a success though in the most important facet of the game - effort. The girls continued to give IGJZ effort each game they played even in a season when wins were few and far between. The highlight of the season was winning the first game they played in district competition beat- ing Gresham 23-2I. Basketball Basketball members: CFront Rowj Angie B.. Dawn S., Karra R., LeAnn T., Jean K.. Zaneta C., Joy M., Bev B., fBack Rowj Coach Jaeger, NELHS Varsity OPPONENT 2I 48 Henderson 20 27 Hordville 4l 43 Gresham I9 6I Exeter 26 40 Dorchester 38 45 Bradshaw 32 44 Marquette 26 42 Lincoln Christian 33 36 Ohiowa 22 3l Lincoln Christian 25 48 Benedict 40 33 Ohiowa DISTRICTS 23 2I Gresham 22 40 Rising City NELHS JV OPPONENT 4 37 Henderson I 26 Bradshaw 23 30 Seward St. Johns 24 23 Lincoln Lutheran I9 20 Lincoln Lutheran 32 28 Seward St. Johns Adrienne A., Sherri M., Dee W., Fritzie F, Barb R., Karlene K., Karma R.. Kim D.. Student Manager Liz C. Basketball members! CFront Rowj Mark B., Mike W.. Brent S.. Keith W., Jeff L.. Daniel D., Nb .t KBack Rowj Steve B., John L., Tim F.. Mike E.. David D., Coach Dawson NELH5 Varsity Opponent 40 72 Lincoln Christian 20 90 Hordville 38 64 Gresham 21 73 Exeter 4 I 79 Dorchester 48 84 Ohiowa 40 67 Marquette 57 69 Nebraska Christian 3I 57 Fairmont 54 75 Benedict 3 I 75 Ohiowa 39 56 McCool Junction 42 57 McCool Junction NELHS JV Opponent 3I 38 Lincoln Christian 5 I 45 Seward St. John 39 22 Lincoln Lutheran 49 40 Seward St. John 38 33 Lincoln Christian I9 44 McCool Junction 3l 67 McCool Junction This year's basketball record was O-I3. John Lillo I5r.j scored l6l total points and had l3l rebounds. He shot 29-43 from the line, good for 67 Z. .loy took third in 3200 meter run, and fourth in the l6LX7 meter run in district competition. Becki placed fifth in 3200 meter run at districts. John placed fifth in the long jump with a jump of l9' l0A". Scott was sixth in long jump, fifth in KX2 and fourth in 200 Da vid Kolb placed fifth in 8617 meters. Because there was only one senior Uohn Lilloj out for the team, hopes are high for next year. Track From left: Kim K., Bev B., .loy M., Beck: R LeAnn T Clndi Z Maria B , .J .. , at - ,,,. s t . , ' ska q 'V 'V 1.. f- it, A if i A Y i V ,yr r J, A . A V 'i , f -- ,, Ll 4' we fiftifgsszw - k"k K Q " . fy .. i H-I 'ff - if iff- Q .. ff' K . ft -.411 ,f 1 . g fm: .--- :L . .f3f,.1 : - ' , ,, .:.:- f ' ' ,f .. K . . .,, M . - , B - A . Q, - 1---mi: . , - f L.. , ,, ?55ftfZf'H5g,,:,: ,, 1, H ' 1 H A ' "" j " H -I . M Q , ' B " i A 'ifw' Y .34l??l.4 Q W? .,,,,, I " - f 'ff :nw fi.: - fy-fy v nu ffi.. wgvffl ww' John L.. Scott C. Keith W., Brent S., David K. Personal Bests: Scott - 23.8 QCD meters JOM" long jump ll.5 ICU meters John ' I9 VOM" long jump Joy - l3:43.0 :DCD meters 6:3I.7 l6LX7 meters Becki - l4:03 .DCD meters i 1 A ff K '15-H. hihh fii Q fsirri The third annual grade school Field Day was held Friday, May 7, in Waco. Seventeen grade schools from all over the district entered the competition. The events started at 9:30 a. m. with the ICD meter dash and the day ended with the awards being handed out. The third through eighth graders competed, but only the fifth through eighth graders were counted in the total scores. The final results were: St. Pauls of Norfolk in lst, Good Shepherd of Omaha 2nd, and St. Pauls of Plymouth in 3rd, Qc viii E 5 TUDE T LIFE Q, 0 1 b 0 O 0 071 5 0 0 . NN , N 0 0 N 1, 5 V ,O 1, 0 0 0 0 0 ' , 0 OX 0 -xx 0 Nh 5 o OX 0 . V NX , 0 0 0 N , L A . 0 O 0 ' 1' Owgx 0 0 'M N 0 0 0 A Q o 0 ,Y V N X I x . 0 0 V ,Q ' 0 o , 1 0 0 , o 0 0 R, 0 ms 0 X-X 0 5 0 X m 0 1 NN 0 xx o .Q 17 3 0 wx 0 x p 0 Xxx 0 0 1 " 0 A 0 0 0 V. U N N 00 1 071 5 X OOOX oo V P ,1 Oo 0120 ' 05 sh M N O A 00 00 Y 4? 47 ow X Oo -vr""" qt Pig Outll Do you dig it?l Lx M' ' 1 Eureka! I've done itl .. ak, , 2 ZKKA 5 M mm'k 'llf L. l nun' Wxswmf- Nitin 7 ,, -, f ---' A "J" " ' - 2 " L ..,,, "" Qfx 1 - XX? My outlook on life. Ping, pong. plunk. That's a no no, Ade. Doing it old style. You can trust us, we won't shoot. . S ,S K wat Y Q 4 5 t Keep on busin' The good, the bad, and the ugly. X is N Y-s,,3 . , E 1 1' an .fb " W ex I love you tool See what school does to you. Get down on itl You never know with Karna, vqwixifff-y Physics - a strain on the brain. Don't applaud, just throw money. X if Duhl .lim's studying?Il? What a sorry sight. Not now! Mr. Everts' photogenic class. Ulf Bless this food, please! We knocked him dead. What language you takin' up now, Barb? - . , - i'i . at J K l 1 n 1 "'TfQ!,, ng f . ff 1 -' is fffgg w iiv '5 2 A K- ii:-an 5' 'wi g at is 'S 'fi s ' it as K , -fv. ff tt. 1'-3,:6: '7Ql L. '., :fi ,l w.g31ffV.ff, tsl K , -El, 't gr ,,., -si ftiwi 'ffzf W' Juniors playing dress up. Seniorsl?' EFUYWW new fi f as 4 .Tm 5 -1 22:15 i -. ' , 1 W 4 hip' W- ' tw, im 1 13' .Q g 1 tl ff e Rims ',-1 Jkitlllgfg if 1' YKEMI if gig. f. ,VVL ' :gag ' X K- -x ' '... aaaa , if 'ff' ' Y . ii.. g -4 E Q QA, 1' ffl Q' N 2 ik' as ws., P ., L., 1' wi W W P TRO vu-' it 4 W D 00000'O000000O00000000000O0O00000000000000000 I! I! -5 I! 'H U XX Q E Q Q U W RX, 7003000'000000'000300000001000OUOGOOIOOOOZOIU Buechle Quarter Horses Valentine, NE Bader Studio Valentine, NE h MXM Leonard Renner Madison, NE MXM Wayne Sharples Lincoln, NE ' Ulrich Brothers Farms Laray, K5 MXM Gene Rothenberger Great Bend KS MXM Arlin Blome Clatonia, NE MXM Charles Schmidt Cortland, NE Teresa Vhiele Hays, KS MXM Roy Yanagida Broken Bow, NE MXM Santa Claus North Pole Rev. and Mrs. Larry Wiederich Cla tonia, NE Marotz Highland Farms Inc. Hoskins, NE MXM David Papstein Norfolk, NE Alvin Wagner Hoskins, NE w.u.sw Rev. and Mrs. G. R. Eckert Hastings, NE MXM Raymond Reiners Hastings, NE MXM Raymond .luggert Hastings, NE K aren Ransom Hastings, NE Paul Wa them Hastings, NE Rev. and Mrs. Gerald Free Omaha, NE MXM Robert Sehestedt Omaha, NE Norbert Rathje, Funk's Seed Surprise, NE MXM Vaughn Domeier Sutton, NE Mrs. Louise Riechers Clatonia, NE MXM Lanny Mogensen Geneva, NE Daniel C. Chambers Grand Island, NE MXM Kokes Grand Island, NE Heckman Top and Body Co. Norfolk, NE Hoskins Mfg. Co., Inc. Hoskins, NE ORTH Pu c ANY 1 MARCELI Grady, Caskey and Thor Stanton, NE MXM Blome Hallam, NE MXM ,lohn Schlomer Mobridge, SD Alfred and Doris Schwan Salina, KS Baumann Brothers Inc. Grafton, NE MXM Donald Kortje Norfolk, NE MXM Darwin Dusseau Norfolk, NE Winter Insurance Agency Norfolk, NE Alvin Krenzien Norfolk. NE MXM Richard Freese Plymouth, NE MXM Gerald I-L Bunkowske Norfolk, NE Stanton Variety Store Stanton, NE Beno's Watch Repair Omaha, NE oak Ag gy jggjik 2 is , ' 22923362 Vx . 4' Qw ' A i 9, '60 N gfgfgfigboagij J Pa . J Q arp X360 655053503 E, IA QBOL 2 QL T f ?kbQ5Z ?21iDDD1g 3Jp?if?f Tp -4' - fi - Q? xc'ige,Qh5cTc.?', gl ET' L -A CP . X . A M mi ff Q92 2,251 SIL Qkj Fo ihjgy QA LA ,C 15' QC Ni' -4 lj E,Qa,D?LaQ5Qf ?l? Z PM -M sq? lv CQ QLUUL J. J "L Xclixcl-F CUWV, CA gcc! Lt x XID I R, U -x , V- ,Fw QQ D cfioqfrgr gif ., . if C1 374, ' 4' ,Q .f , Q3AyY,:, i,',-9 QA. Q? ki TL O Tk, "T-1- - , Q, , ff T' f7Q- 'UN QQ 'Q-. ffl CL Q W1 Q 2-ff FK' M Q, if ,xx CB g iff, in S x Q ,Q A li!! ggi: ' Qt, Q ,V-LT' X6 G, 'J I - EC, K Ti: C1C,,l5Qr ig Q, ' f e733 x if J SQ- of M W D135 'ft MWC? VT W1 90 J V9 fi 5' My diff MQ W, viSgvjfA,93Lwjyb,1, M WW' ly gf? J ,xM,, ffN'W?Qf!D ?i?mwW W fl Q ww M W Www, fyatjji. 'ffefmwwiecoveftie n74M4"w,5JA,a,! ,577 9471M!MfffDww5.MwwQw.WeeWM Jim.5?0LMfJwM MMM ze- wfwn lWwz, M01 azmzyyf z.f7-Ami, WM 74 7fwM4,,zmg YS" ,ieffsipg 1 f qfbX'Jf2?pNiW qv' .Q am pgoiifm 9 N QQ CQ fu- km WCM N A A . W fps? 'X vp rag? 0 WO' X N 43 QW C9 , 4- QQSOQX 60 6 9 6' fx-QXYQXQXUW Q39 dx xl O X S v UK ,Q QW K YN wg, 5d,pxQND.,wN 5 fc? KSN, Q ,QQ xx w 6 gow Q fgfcfwfam "QQ NX 00510 bww 11606 A 1 fx Q 1 J Q -Q dk sQ3 Y 350 ' YN NXQRQS faq Qxxdxgi Q ' i wa XXX X, CH 'SQ 1 1fXXf5MQffwX A Q US , Nui Q 9 S906-'ks -x www Q-9 115,17

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