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111' .f W - . -,- -f,,,.,f 'vi-:gg-gf,-5l.hv..i,-, ,v.,,q--8.5.5, 0- -- - -. l - - Z - I X f 71 0 A Lowwfw W yfffff W3 M 6 1 E a X . in , 5 f s . ,AM ww""'1-, i f'mg,tW Q f ,ww.'u"-145'-JFHYI ""h.M..,, sz L :A 5 a . ff' F .xx 9 M v f A ,fx f f 1 X ! x .2 v 1 Xi. F I i R Y , ' jf, an-,, x 1?-:Q 1 . -:ff '- ,--fQ1.x--Vx,--If ff. -' -' - . " V-if-2+-ff' '11 32" 1 fL1f1fT'- "s?f'7Q'?f+2?,' H 67ion,a.afz, and jlftq-fwn Wlebfzaalfa, Wllbfltldkd. Unllum, U Trme motrches on omd wrth ttme We tmd prog ress The course ot C1VlllZCil1OI'1 has somewhat been thot ot or lorzy streotm ldolmg dlong sometlmes bemg slowed dlmost to d stop uhtll lt reoched ct forst movmg rtver We hove progressed 1h the lost Century Wlth such speed thot 1t lS olmost terrltymg It 1S up to the youth ot todory to steer our clvrhzottron towotrd 1m provmg rdther them destroymg that Whlch our tore tolthers fought so vdlrerltly tor ATO? f'FlKF UP QDWSQW QRTIST PdOTOGl?Qr EPS V lOR Fuhlce V lc e LeCure Flo erce Borto lf K9 Grllrgon Bl Dodds B DV ll1 s 1 I v-my v I.. . .. ,,,, . lSYC9 BUSUXIZSS ffl-7lNQGER,,, ,lgrigs rlwlede 1 V Vvxv-v1 - wx 1 . f ...JE , .. lc . r ..,, ,,,,. , .. 'll A ' v nu i V .,, . , 1.1 . ..l D f -4 ,gf W 'fl ll J' ff ,4l H' wg lr ffm ' 49 September 1951 THBLE OF CONTENTS Introduction , Board of Education Faculty and Class Rooms , .,,e , Seniors Y,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,.,,,, Underclassrnen ,,eee,,,, Organizations ,,,Y,,,,,.. Plctivities .,,, Htiiletics Y,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, ,, Qdvertising 8 ,ioii 8 lffl 5 8f13 14-19 20-27 28f47 48f83 84e78 88-88 Wifi 1? IEIIE Il Ee!! 4 May 1951 Goodbye Kids Bound ng fducafwn, Seat d around th tabl g se S pe nie d t E G Lghtb dy Icy H rchs Frank Esse TLWeke P sdntWHWll m BMSp ce Gorge Near D H D Hebcd cxdKarlH.Nlson F C Re s not the p ctu T lS through tne close watchfulness and over observmg eyes of the Board of Educatlon who have provlded the money and eaurpment w1th whlch our school has progressed so rapldly lt ts not an easy Job to please both the tax payer parents and hlgh school people Much of thls credlt rs due to Pres1dentW 13. Wrlllams who has served slnce 1932 Elected ln 1949 were Dr H D 1-lebard and Dr F C Reese who through therr chlldren and thelr own watchfulness have had an actlve part m en1arg1ng the program 1942 electlons brought Dr T L Weekes and Karl H Nelson to ard those prev1ous1y mentloned lormng thls group Were loy Hlnrlchs 1n 1944 and B M Spencer afte the death of Prank Schwake 1n 1947 New comers Frank Esser lr 1948 and George Near 1951 complete th1s body of able men We as 1-hgh School Students are glad these men feel that a good hlgh school IS very necessary to mold young people mto future responsrble c1t1zens We also appreclate the varled program offered to us Spealang for the ent1re group We Wrsh to thank these progresslve c1t1zens for domg such a grand Job for us. 'WH-f,,s-V' . v ,iz .Q Plnother new rn e rn b e r added to our school sys- tem in l945 was Principal Ely C. Feistner. Mr. Feist- ner has worked with Mr. Lightbody to help improve our school. He was re- cently elected President of the Second District ot the State Teachers Plssocia- tion. 2' A :S M? Edgar G. Lightbody be- gan his duties as Super- intendent ot N e b r a s k a City High School in Sep- tember l945. Under his supervision and ceasless toil our High School has grown and new depart- ments have been added until it is one ot the most outstanding high schools in the state. Mr. Lightbody has been recently elected President of the Nebraska State Teachers Qssocia- tion. "Qs ig? Head of our Special Education Department is Richard Flnderson. He is showing a reading testing machine to Ioyce Funke, Latin and Spanish Clubs are the highlight of Ellen Hlber's curriculum. Pictured above is Miss Qlber with her Spanish Club. X.-fs X 1 TX JA A - -fA,:iEa,,-fem - V, M f 55 s ft ,i it L. E . Nl! sts-4 Q eefs ef' , Q-i 1 i .-'41 45-. L, " A -is LQ yi ' -iw W e L. ff' 7 . X H, Florence Bcxrta spends most ot her spare time with the Pioneer and Otoean. Check- ing yearbook copy with her are Don Kuhl- man, Ianis Tiede, loyce Funke, and Leo Fleming. Don Chaulopka is always busy with Drivers Training and Senior Social Studies. Marlene Oelke, Mr, Chaulopka, Connie Bohl, and Verlin Qiles are on their way to the drivers training car. A i N '7f',,,,. . Y Q gy, J sz muex Head of the Dramatics Department is Dewey Gcmzel. He tecrches Qdvanced Litera- ture, Speech and Dramatics. He is talking to Ierry Livingston and Beverly Vtfebher, two Dramatics students. Teaching Freshman English and Iunior qt .3 ' sw lr ' at ix. k wifi tl ' 5 .I H ii- , ww ,,.. . 5 twig , .Q if 1. High Classes is Corrine Gilbert. Pictured with her are Vickie LeCure and Cecila Witty. Iames Finkle spends his time with Chem- istry and General Science classes. Mr. Pinkle is approving an experiment set up by Sallye Pitstick and Vickie LeCure. dh Qlways busy with Bislcgy and Physics is Bri Majors. Discxssxtg a biclogy paper with him is Lyle Bennet X 1-...M 67 Qfter having had our outstanding High School band for a number of years Don McGuffey went back to his first love, math- ematics. Discussing an Qlgebra problem with -XM, him is Leo Fleming. Head our Cwuidence Department is Doris L. McGaHey. Even though she is kept very busy "pouring oil on troubled waters' she still finds time for she and Mary Lou Davison to decorate a Christmas Tree in her office. ic! F . Every girl should learn to be a homemaker as well as a good citizen. lnstructing in this important field is Marjorie Moore. Planning a program for United Nations Day, one of their many projects. Freshmen learn their math fundamentals from Iessie Ott. She is also one of the spon- sors of the Senior Class. With her is Margaret Swinney. Together they are planning for Senior Week in Chicago. YQ 1 tl 453. 1' n 'M- cn' SQ I ,A ,A A me l""b"' .-LK Z , f 3 ' i 2 Duane Shulz heoids the noisiest department of the school, nomely the bond. Pllthough this is his first ye-dr, we ore proud of our marching, concert, cmd pep bonds. Harry Shultz spends his entire doy with boys who ore in shop or rnechcmiool drorw- ing. Bob Thiesfeld is anxiously awaiting his grade on cz mechcmcidl drawing paper. Mary Ellen Slack is kept busy with G.H.Fl., Gym, Volleyball, and Pep Club, as head of Girls Fltheletics. She and Ianis Tiede are discussing Pep Club cheers. Stearing the boys in their Hg work are Severin Sorensen and Iohn Lambert. F.F.Q. members, Dale Stukenholtz and Flrlen Gripen- stroh are making plans with their instruc- tors "5-4'A'! er' ' 'J ff! ,fl 'si it sy V , Vx: , ' . f i Q S Q we .L y ,,,r,, r 1 fd 4 , .wwf i in 1--...- i iam. Together Roberta Gerber and William Yates manage the Commercial Department. Be- sides their typing classes Mrs. Gerber has shorthand and Mr. Yates has the Disiributive Education. Ruth Sheard, advanced typing stu- dent is discussing her grades with her teach- ers, Phil Young, our new football coach, and Larry Emmons are conf-ering on plays to be used this season. ln addiicn to football Mr. Young also handles boys gym. fpw it was fy! Q34 nv- if nw V-,NY F7595 I"Y'1' Pwqfww 5 Ye- Mr. Feismex discussing por! with his secretaxy Benq Young. 2 ctiviiies oi Hmong the many a an dass are khe the Yreshm ' as. Orientahon Te EQ K Yzeedom pm- vm. ruscde For gram on Court House Xa paqe Page 0-IUL Acfwnl G e o r g e Jorgensen. amiable custodian getting ready lor spring. German teachers visiting our school on a Foreign Teachers exchange program. Students and Parents enjoy a photography display during Education Week. ?"K'J Aa' 5 f 2 "Q CAROLYN CONKLING. N.C 'S lauqhina qtrl. SD9C1Gl1Z6d tn keepmg busy Her name lS often found on the Honor Roll and she IS a member of Honor Society Due to her pleasing personaitty she was elected FFA Swee.heart 3, attendant to Homecommg and Hollday Queen 4g Prest- dent of FHA 4 Class Treasurer lg and V1ce Prestdent 3 She has shown her muslcal talent an bemg a member f nd l, 2, , , C , 3, 4 sololng both. Always wtlling o do her share ' school GCTIVIYIES ts ROSE MARIE COOKA "Cook1e" was a member of the Latm Club 3 and 47 G1rl's Glee Club l, Cholr 2, 3, 4. Her pleasant dxsposttton wlll take her far, ffasy' gotng DICK COPENHAVEH for the last two years has been worktng for a half day at Nebraska Ctty News Press but found ttme to go out for Football l, 2, 3 lniramural Basketball l, 2, 3. Dick has hrs plans for the future well taken care of Ltkes Deoole, music and doing thtngs, is dtomnc, Versattle VERLIN AILES has spent much of h1s mme playmg football 2 3 a d basketballl 2 3 4 letterxng 1n oth Dee has added hts mustcal talent to band all four years hts bass volce 2 3 and Ln 4 was voted secretary of Choxr Outet good natured MARIORIE BEH RENDS has through her years at N C H S been one of these gxrls that IS always wtlhng to help when needed Marlo has partxctpated FHA 3 and 4 semor yea lhe blg man wtth the bla smlle LYLE BENNETT Lyle has plied up an ath lettc record all four years gotng out for football l 7 3 4 and makmg Letterman S Club 3 4 He was elected Sarqeant of Arms of Lettermans Club durmg hts Pettte energetxc CONNIE BOHL has been one of our cheerleaders 3 a d 4 She has glven her soporano votce to Glee Club l and Choxr " 3 4 Ptoneer 4 Was attendent to Homecomtng Carm vat and Chotr Queens Conme ts always there when work has to be done wi MARK CORDELL. Hts mterest extends into almost all phases of school ltfe Basket- balllZ34,L ettered 4 Chot. Z 3 4 Octette 3 4 Quartette 4 Choxr Presxaent -1 Gutaance Councxl 4 Ptoneer 4, Track Leftered 3 Atfendent to Chou KW' 4 L' -l IEANETTE BRETTHORST 1 one of our amblttous Senior girls ever ready to 'end a helpmg hand to a good cause leanette IS on the Honor Roll 4 and helps m Sara lane Whttten s offtce When We thlnk of CAROL LEA BROERS we cant help thtnkmg of that cute gtggle that belongs to her alone FHA 2 3 4 Glee Club Chou L 3 4 Attendant to F HA Sweethea t 3 Carmval Queen 4 Althou h modest and unassuming MARY LOU DAQHSON accomplishes an amazing number of things especially as Secretary to Mrs McGaffey in the Guidance Office A 2 3 4 Glee Club l Choir 2 Curly haired CLEO DEWITT was loyal Tramp but in spite of this found time to partici te in Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Choir claimed him 3 Quiet but efficient DOROTHY D-ISHONG has been a loyal member of th Class of 52 She has lans for the future and we wish her the gest of luck Good nature fairly radiates from RICHARD EARL whose main objective was looking after the Football boys He 3511 Sgudent Manager 2 3 4 Letterman s u 4 A very popular fellow among his class mates is LARRY EMMONS Fun to be with and smart too u per 101 2 3 and a member of the onor Society Football 2 3 4 Lettermans Club 3 4 Yearbook 4 Class President l Treasurer 3 Vice President 4 LEO FI.EMINGs reat interest in all sports influenced four years at school Out for Football and Basketball 3 4 lettering in bo 4 Le abilit in track showed up by his going ou 1 ering in it 2 3 and 4 s has taken up part of Leo s time and kept him busy, 2 Calm, cool and collected IANET FULL- HIEDE has a long list of honors to her ce it. Band l, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 3: President 41 Choir 2, 3, 4 Girl's Sextette , , Up r IO! 1, 2, , 4, National Honor Societ g Senior Class Treasure 45 Guid- ance ouncil Secretary, Chosen attendant to Holiday Queen 3 4, Homecoming and Carnival Queens. Besides having the title "Editor-in- Chief" of the yearbook, IOYCE FUNKE has been adept in many other fields. Choir 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, Latin Club 2, 3, Vice President of the class when she was a Freshmang Otoean 2, Carnival Queen attendant 4. MARCHJA GARBER joined us from Waverly for her Senior year and has begorne a loyal booster ior our school. F, .A. 4. Efficient, hard working DOROTHY GIL- IJSPIE G.A.A., 1, Glee Club l, Choir 2, Cin'-1, llfpper 107, 3, worked in guidance O ICE . L ,tt Because of his ready wit and the 'twinkle in his eye, DON GLOVER is liked by all who know him. He is employed by Hinky-Dinky half of each day. Hard-working EILEEN GOFF puts her best into everything she undertakes. Out- side school hours finds her busily en- gaged by the Drop lnn Cafe, GA A. l "l"'hn- , if ff if , IERHY HALL is the boy with the lyric tenor voice, the curly hair and the broad ' in, Football 1, 3, 4: Basketball l 25 hoir 2, 3, 4, Letterman's Club 3, 4, Class ecretary 4, Guidance 45 Vice President I of Choir 45 Carnival King 4. On Band and Choir ARLIE HEAI.D'S aim was perfection His many awards are N proof of that job well done. Arlie came , to us from Central City and in his O Iunior and Senior year participated in 1 Boys Quartette, Clarinet Quar'ette, Oc- W tette, Harmonairesg Choir, Band, Track nd Football I S, I This quiet, pleasant fellow is RONALD HIENKE, who s main interests tn High School are F F A l, 2, 3, 4 and Choir 3, 4. LEONARD KREIFELS, a member of the Future Farmers during l, 2, 3, 4, Chou' 4, Leonard is one of those people who always has a smile. One of the foremost wits cfkthe Class of '52 IACK GOLDEN. Football 2 3, 4 Lettermans Club 4, Choir 3. Quiet, easy going RICHARD GRAHAM came to us from Percival lowa His greatest interest lies in farming. F.F.A. 3, 4, lntrarnural fiaslcetbal, 4, Hts even temper and ready smile makes ARLEN GBXEPENSTROH a good fellow to know He has been an active F,F.A. member l, 2, 3, 4, being Treasure 4. He played Football 2 3, 4 and lettered .xx 3, 4, FF A, quartette 3 Choir 3, 4. A faithful member of our class is CAROL GHUND-MAN but we suspect she bestows a good halt of her affections elsewhere, F.H,A, 2, 3, 4g Pep Club lp Glee Club lg Choir 2, 3, 4, Trio 3, 4: Band 45 Class secretary lp Attendant to Holiday Queen l, Attendant 10 F.F.A. Sweetheart 35 Attendant to Homecoming ond Choir Queen 4. W1 rrq and generous DON KUHLMAN vas on Yearbook Stall 4 Track 4 I I ass Pay cas Dons greatest ambttton s to become a doctor we hope h UKQS l DON LANDWEHH always good natured ard ot l rt has spent most of hrs P A l 2 3 4 lntramural 3 4 Chotr 3 4 Attendant a nt 1 Kmg 4 Was voted Chotr Kmg The ene Q, kid tn school ts VICKIE LeCURE Be ng a cheerleader l 2 3 4 Vtce P es dent ot Pep Cl b 3 Freshrran tee l l"o1r 2 P axe p Edtto per ten ar to Snow Queen 2 Homecomtng 4 lhts peppl gtrl vas also voted Car nlva Queen IERRY LAVINGSTON lolnlng u ln his year awavs had a w1tty remark tor every hmg that goes Any courses taken wt h Ltver would deftnltely have ts brtght spos Gomg out for Football 3 4 and lettertng both years Whrle not always smgmg he was m Chotr 3 and 4 Comma to us from Otoe ARVA IO LUTIEMEYEH seemed to ht ln zmmedlately and made trlends readtly because of her pleasant personalxty Cholr 3 4 Seq-re tary 4 Pep Club 3 Was selected Home comtng Queen Mr Prestdent of the Sentor Class DEAN LYONS stepped mto hrs execu ttve shoes tn hrs Iumor year and hrs classmates ltked htm so well they asked hlm to stay another year Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Lettermans Club 3 and 4 Cho1r2 3 4 Boys State Gr- Red headed ELEANOR MOORE has lent her talent to Volley Ball 1 2 3 4 D Clt b l F H A 2 G ub l Choxr 2 3 and rs emplo e lrunl-cy mky Basketball 1 Chotr 3 Lxkeable cheerful ESTHER MYERS FHA 2 3 Volleyball l 2 Pep Club 1 Choxr 2 3 4 She IS workmg a halt day at Watson Bros Although IERRY NIDAY came 15 mxles to school he still had txme for FFA l 2 3 4 Upper 1070 2 Football 3 and 4, Intramural Basketball 4 Choxr 4 Attend ant to Cholr Kmg 4 Qu et ILLIS MOYER came to us from Perctval He IS now workmg at Bertholds .J,u... J-I-lem-.I U . ,B If 2 E . SJ ftv Although MARLENE OELKE started to school tn Nebraska City, she lett us and returned tn the mtddle of her lunior year. Her blonde beauty and her mtectious laugh, has won us all. Choir 3, 45 Cheer- leader 4: Vtce Presrdent ot Pep Club 4, Proneer Stott 4, Attendant to Homecomtng, Carmval, Holtday and Chotr Queens. Another who came to Nebraska Crty rn his luntor year rs IIM OLSON. He IS known tn Vroltn playtng and abilzty tn Math and Sc.enCe Hts hobby lS reoarrtna any make of car. Choir 3, 4, Attendant to Choir Kxna 4. HOSEMAHY PRINTER, is C1 Consclontrous worker who anpltes herself wtth all her energy Glee Club l, Choir 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Clarmet Quartet 3 and 4, 43' wad 'CEP ef 2 '27 A 'rustt l and dependable fellow BOB PURSEL spent a lot of hrs ttme tn FFA 3 4 Otftcer 3 Footba 2 Cho ana 4 MARGARET RABEN IS the kmd of a glrl you ltke to know because she IS always your trrend Has a specral talent for evervthtna mustcal Glee Club l Chorr 2 3 4 Sextette 4 Accompan1st4 Band Bra 3 4 Ba Twrrler 3 and 4 IO ANN RAMOLD has a modest frtend llness which everyone admtres FHA GAA l Glee Club 1 She wor s at the Ptoneer Theatre A sw dernure mrss ts our CAROL RANSDELI. who has had an actlve pa 1 rr r ohases ot school hte Gres Club x ff O ' Z e Ho lday Q een en a Z F A w G h or Q een 4 voted s IO ROYER A te Preslden 3 Gee S e works tn he e Thesptan 3, Upper 1034, 3, JL Jfffl H 1 -C A M' I 54 1 I I f -if ' of ' Sports, especially Football Was RALPH PETERSON's ambltlon. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Letter- man's Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 25 Upper IOZQ, 2. GORDON PILMORE being the silent type gave hrs all m the athlettc held otball 1 L as e a Track l 2 3 4 Letterman s Club Z Gutdance 1 2 3 to Carmval Queen 4 Gop D ffr.-P j. Y I Fasctnatmg SALLYE PITSTICK has er smxle and ttendlyirmanner Sal has de voted her ttme to Glee Club l Chorr 2 3 4 and Chotr Ltbrartan 2 3 4 Dra matrcsl Ptoneer 1 2 4 and attendant Modest efhctent NINA POGGEMEYEH FFA 2 and 3 Volleyball 2 Glee Club 1 Nna 1S now workmg at the Medtcal W1 BILL HUDD scho as oo h on a e teld an d rc a s Vo Dall Ba e a 4 Le e man s zz L te e 3 C css C1 e s e 3 Guldance 4 i RUTH S ARD A l' g she vwcr S vs 3 :S w a 1 e ds e ov r as De VIRGINNIA SIMMS a ea11 Co rne Cl and we know s Jr Blond ESTHEH SORENSEN has spen' the marortty of her school days prepartng lor secretarlal work Esthers favorxte pastrme ts gomg to the movtes PATTY STOLL you wrll always tmd true to her wo lc and her frtends FHA 2 and 3 Pep C b 2 Glee Club 2 Cholr 3 Dramattcs l 2 3 Thespxan 2 a d Gtrls State 3 Bernq a farmer at heart DALE STUKEN HOLTZ ha glverx hrs ttme tn other helds too FFA 1 2 3 4 Treasure 3 Presldent ootball l 2 3 B e ball l ack 1 3 4 Letterma 3 4 Ba MARGARET SWINNEY has partrctpated ln almosk every phase ot htgh school H G A 3 4 Pres1dent4 Glee Club l o1r 2 3 4 Sexte te 4 Trto 4 Ba l 2 'Z 4 Gurdance 4 Attendant to Car nxval and Chotr Queen 4 mix. 'gdb Tops ln athletlcs and m personalrty BOB THIESFELD was a letterman tor all four years rn Foo ball Basketball lettered 2 3 4 Track letteredZ Qutet stncere IANIS TIEDE has been acttve tn FH A 2 3 4 and Seeretary all three years Volleyball 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 Glee Clubl Chorr 2 Gutdance 4 Pxoneer Busrness Manager 4 Eve y afte 'toon we fmd HARRY TYSON warktng at Orraha Cold Storage In hs spd t the he lrkes to hunt and hsh Vxvacrous BEVERLY WEBBER cave back to us this year afte lxvmg tn Fremont and we are g'ad to have her back Chorr 4 Sextette 4 Dramatxcs 4 Attendant to Carmval and Holrday Queens Chotr Queen Bev ts always generous W1'h her he p and enthusmasm VELDA WIHTH rs always buhblxng over wtth pep a d enthusxasrn FHA 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 G'ee Club l Chorr 2 3 4 Attendant to F FA Sweetheart 3 Inez Clark Don Cole Kenneth Colo Beatrice Cooper Hll Smit! ? Leland Cooper Y lack Copenhaver Barbara Cunningham Barbara Curlil Valarie Denniston Iolm Albrecb! PZ Fred Allen luck Aufenkamp f ' , Z 'ff . Iaclz Bernard Allen Biere Dean Bien fl Rim Bosworth Charles Butterbauqh Robert Buiterbaugh Marilyn Byrne! Bill Dodd: Page 20 hmm. 'U of xD nz N 355 6 J vb Melvm Guhnger Gene Fnode Marvm Gutmger Gary Hawlhorne Tom Hebard Dean Heebner Haber! H0119 Done Drumm Charles Duncan Delorix Edmonds Plnl Fchrlcnder Wxlber Fey Douglas Fxizekam lack. Whdi happened? Shirley Fxlzelram Ixm Gxllxgan Gretchen Glcdslone Ronald Goldsberry Bob Gouard ek Kenneth Gnu ' ' .Raymond Greu Irving's cadillac Duane Henley U-Q Roy Kinnison Dxck Kota! Danxol Krerlell LeRoy Kreafell Mark Kreifels Marvin Kreifele lohn Kruger lim Herman Bill Horneyer y Ernesl Horner 'A 'If Elmer Howell . 'V Yvonne Huber , f N X, I 'wp :':' ig YV la lack Kuwitzky Reber! Lure Nancy Hunter MarY lame: Evelyn Icmssen Kenneth Kangieur Herbert Lavigne Page 22 Page 23 Shirley Nash Iere McGailey Michael McMillicm Irving Poling Kenneth Hamold Mary Rohse Bill Schreiter fav Phil Lighibody Lynn Lyon Shirley Maris Pa! Nixon Kenneth Peterson Roger Peterson Iohn Lavigne Kaihleen Lechner Bob Livinqiion Marvena Lesley Keilh Nerison Richard Niday me EE 2 fs The parade's over Norma Neelsy r,' we ' I y , Y ' Z l.aMoyno Thom!!! Ruby Vollman Merle Wachter Mary Lou Walker Virgil Waller Charles Wander 40' Curley Webb 'is' luck wi.: r leanette Williamson 1 gr gg' A ' Kenneth Winklehake Q Ernest Woods - Rebecca Shepherd r. s, 'K if nmm smn 'A Dolores Smith 'af .L ' I AI1, it I 1 Q Donella Smith 1 , Ierry Stemer 'M-w lerry Stever 5- n jg 5-1 g Ianice Stoddard fa 3 Y Del Stoltenberg Keith Stocker Louis Stulcenholtx Wayne Stukenholtz Page 24 195,41 or above are N.C.H.S. County Governrnen Shown candidates tor vote tor students registering in tDay. their Wd!!! to ic casting their vo Parker extending a baiiot registration iist. -3'-'3 ,ef- :Sf-" ,ev 9:9- Mike Nictliittian. lrving Poiing. arious oiiices and Pat ali checks the tured above are: Lett to right, te tor the Candidates oi the v to Mike Giiiigan as Coiieen H oitices oi County se to b d to the urt Hou b Mart! students eiecte deport to the Co w 1. Cariey Web . eiser, Gretchen Kenny Pictured above are the ernrnent Day as they prepare to ir various ottices. Lett to right. Ro Rita Bosworth. Row 2. Kenny Kang Giittinqer. Xirn Giitigan, Row 3. erry Stever. iack Bernard. P692 25 Gov sworn into the iarnes. Dotores Srnith. Giadstone. Lynn Lyon. Marvin ouqtas Yitzekarn, Bob Gossard, S How eii. D ROW l-Doris Dixon, Georgene Evirett, Helen Balfour. Donna Cole, Virginia Boenner, Eunice Hndrews. Carol Guenther. ROW 2 - Patty Curtis, Colleen Fitzekam, Carol Edmonds, Peggy Gardner, Colleen Hall, Beverly Cordell, Bonnie Curl. Ianet Brawner. ROW 3 - Duane Rdoclr, Ierry Hnville, lim Balfour, Bob Beccard. Don Guthals, Ben Bennett, David Clites. ROW 4-Keith Cum- ming, Bob Dishong, LeRoy Clark, Mark Bielman, Gilbert Hlbers. ROW 5-Marty Gardner, Dennis Folkerts, Ierry Gude, Bob Brannon Knot in pic- ture-Mike Gilligan.J ROW 1-Ioan Humann. Pat Ioiner, Barbara Iacobsen, Yvonne Kruger, Shirley Myers, Marilyn Heesch, Regina Heald. ROW 2 - Shirley Kevan, Dolores Lundy, Lois Iohanns, Colleen Kendrick, Diane Iohnson, Georgia Lechner, Kathryn Henrichs, Ruth Iorgeson, Charlene Huss. ROW 3 - Bill Iordan, Ierry Kennison, Harvey Hutton, Leonard Hoskins, Ierome Kerons, Iim Moyer, Bob Lechner, C. W. LeCure, Wayne Lange. ROW 4 - Dwight Heng, Martin Heng, Iim Kreifels. Mike Heng, Ed Malzer, Don Kennell, Ioy Huss. ROW 1-Lila Mae Ottens, Bonnie Thieman, Ioan Denken, Pat Parker, Shirley Steckly, Eileen Willis, Mary Margaret Trail. ROW 2 - Eugene Weible, Lucille Varenhorst, Emma Walters, Ioan Neemann, Vilma Sammons, Karen Rathke, Cleora Schmitz, Kay Shirley. ROW 3 -- Tommy Williamson, Frank Stoll, Hlan Willis, Bennett Sorensen, Iohn Scroggins, Dale Sterner, Harold. Tritsch, Rodney Thomas, Victor Thieman. ROW 4-Iaclc Tasler, Carl Ramold, Bill Phillips, Olin Spanier, Edward Volkmer. Tommy Stever. lohn Strange. Ronnie Schreiner. Page 26 P-Jlzhto' ROW l-Doris Ehler, Marsha Burbridge, Barbara Io Davis, Nancy DeLong, Betty Emsholi, Garnet Brown. Lois Cruickshank, Wanda DeVorss, Io Ella Clark. ROW 2-Ioyce Carlisle, Delores Brown, Zelda Rae Cunningham, Shirley Clark, Patty Christensen. Lucille Davis, Leona Cook, Kathleen Degner. ROW 3-Ierry Flagle, Bob Hdams, Verdes Baucke, Gale Bennett. Tom Bryant, Bill Brannon. ROW 4- Charles Blevins, Terry Emst, Ierry Bell, Iames Feistner, Peter Christensen. ROW 1-Marlene Hutton, June Hauptman, Paula G r a h a m . Beverly Iohnson, Connie Graham, 'Hrlene Gibson. ROW 2 - Ruby Huss, Carol Hnn Gawurt, Wanda Garreans, Hddie Freel, Darlene Gibson, Thelma Hall. ROW 3- Boh Homan, Stanley Heng, Bob Funke, Glenn Lechner, Harry Hart, Bob Gosch, Larry Gardner. Ralph Klein, Ralph Horst, Kenny Howell, Gary Gardner. ROW 4-Danny Helm, Larry Lechner, Iames Griepenstroh, Fred Greenhagen, Donald Kasbaum, Ray Golf, Gary Harpster, Marion Haith. ROW l-Shirley Schnitzmeyer, Glenda Beth Niday, Hnna Mae Longwell. Kay Oelke, Lois Puppe, Kay Osbom. ROW 2 - Patsy Rowe, Susan Melies, Donna Shirley, Carol Siebenlist, Sandra Lima, Carol Paben, Ioan Le- Cure. ROW 3-Duane Novak, Richard Marion, Bob McKinley, William Rivett, Orville Oelke, Ronald Schreiner. ROW 4 - Harmon Riggs, Larry Pickering, Bob Peterson, Keith Schrieter. Troy Lyon. BOW 1-Donna Simms, Mary Rnn Thiesleld, Carla Wademan, Ioan Wilhe'm. Kay Waller, Dorothy Tuton. ROW 2-Barbara Thomas, C e c il i a Witty, Mary Hnn Thygeson, S hir l e y Williams, Norleen Vollman, Lois Wilton, Dale Wurtele. ROW 3-Lawrence Voges, Herbert Zech, Billy Traub, Monas Tyson, Herman Varen- horst. Iames Spidell: Richard Webber, Don Stoddard. ROW 4- lames Snavely. Don Steinshour, Bob Williamson. Iimmie Skillet. George Wilson, Larry Stever, Kenneth Volkmer. KEEPING UP A.-o 'ldv- P 28 'f - 1- -9v' I, 'C sk xt' ,fp 'f . . ' NX 'Q vi 1 . 1 fff 'ff 1 1 flff' 'F ff 22,1 'QR K 'E .I 7 -'uw -Nix Q SHT W " X : X X ff, 4. ,Y P3 I lf if 5 'I QI, ,iw ' ',f'!5i"' fifffz 'G , J Z IW Kg! ,fs A f f ly 'if X '4 X , A . glxiya-'x xx Q. A If 1 . . fy, ' y xxffy f Ill! A fi K X ' xg X X if I - f , .T X fi , , ,MX , is xx x R W Q3 X, ,,x XP X X f I I UA, M .wa x, N j "I . K XX i 'l N Lx S Q t I f , X f f, QQ L ' , , K, x X Y "'45f?:?9 "Ex X N, ' WK J f f f N W X XXX I :wi 3 X ,I lr .1 - , X .JZ , M 5 . A57 f . Q G .sisim-7 XQ .. 221 2 rf x 1 n i, X f'rfkmnNcfL0 1 'ff . l - iff! M0 u A Q 9 1' ' if .F 'Q' dkz 5 ' 4404! Y e If ' K ral 11 - 'N J- V n an ohdohnl nf' W V' .. 7111518 in Sunflfloml "i",--TT--T'-5 fmodefw, NEBRASKA CITY HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Shirley Ifitzekam Pa! Parker. Eileen Willis. Margaret Swinney Shirley Steckly Rita Front row left ta right: Norma Neely. Kathleen Lechner. Marilyn Byrnes. Mary Iarnes. - I . ' . .Y left to right. Marlene Oelke, Ianet Fullrxede, Margaret Raben. Danella Srruth. Bohl. Carol Ransdell. Pat Nixon. Kathrine Henrichs, Peggy Gardner. Gretchen drewes. Bonnie Curl. and Beverly Webber. Third row: Keith Stocker. Ierry Niday Bob Gossard. Ronald Heinke, Ierry Gude, Don Kennel. Mike Gilligan. Dean Biere Olen Spanier. Douglas Fitzekam. Arlen Griepenstroh. Del Sloltenberg. Cordell. Tom Stever. Iack Bernard. Iim Gilligcm. Iere McGaIIey. . tO' ' e been Sirlgdrlxq Gigi have mb' l neffmcs V r 4 rx ,As to on- ve wewe G -heh Ya, Nncsel Masvoxxh. Se I bmah- meer 1-019 Bos The ,es XG gd ,ta 12- QABYY A 521151 Y weresmaml webbkonl on LE the e5 WY K9 1. UB - e X02 CGI. Dann Dothef Sgiliinei' Dgmllhiv alcue cgiariwn Donegdrfldxls' per' h-,ye assert. S' W Y Xxx 3 ' 5 , as l ..- Q "' fn Ocrixifj' P OY gettin Nagb :Y 9 I 'VW' .J euld Icrck Wier. lerry HAHMONAIHES. Shirley Marts and Margaret Swinney sing tions. 'Al l 'igff' 'Ms-'K li! K1 Leu lo P-me -Ce- X vef' H us .,,tuC?e,,-fcigexx. . 5 Scalshtbcgqgaik xeyte mphxl l I an Qxi Rvddiundwhei OFFICERS. officers lor the choir are B3 00" Vice Pres.. Arva Io Lutjemeyer. Tre: df i tary. and Mark Cordell, President. Simms, Sallye Piistick, Mary Trail. Vickie LeCure, Arva Io Luliemeyer, Ioyce Funke, Curley Webb, Shirley Maris. Valarie Dennislon. Second row Collene Kendrick, Velda Wirth, Carol Grundman, Carol Broers. Connie Gillispe. Beatrice Cooper, Mary Rhose. Carol Gunlher, Eunice An- Gilbert Alber. Edward Malzer, Harold Trisch, Ialm Kruger, row: Verlin Ailes, Dean Lyons. Bill Rudd, Dennis Folkerts, Livingston, Don Landwher, Tom Hebard. Ierry Hall, Mark Carol Grundman, for local organiza- -K 'ini . 3' S R, Q5 fi ff if 1 5 .is ,A ui SEXY-ET T ,fx 1?1q'9a,-e,E- The Un S - S x . E- Sdell Wm exfe-rp A: 116917 '.Mar HEY' 1 e haf L, J Wllli gfffef QUE: 'd at QUA 8qC.kHTET7-E Arllgr 1:12 hong' 71359 qua old. ark C3325 in Of' , e Vlxflln Phe,-I Kerry Hall, '10s, D IUVQU-I Ailes. SeCreA on ' 0 S. R F . w - venf' WiZlO'YntcC'f9hr ,h Sr, angflkljng ey me. L. Qf-'co C1710 1' H7 . Dams! Lund Pawn wha, Ons. ,and III I ,,,.'- .W " " ,WU 'nu-f-9 , A-1 W .,M-my ,,,.x , 4,,,.,f,.-a .np-an if -ff ' 4 is ,f f X t ui G CQ A , the IS Hotj S fOr Ch . dizeclmq n the Pictu, 01' Queen V M- 5 Pewfson el - Marlene O N' 15 elk QL e !eheg!'5 Part oi the mass Choir at the Choir Clinic. Earl Ienkins directing cx group of studenis during the Choir Clinic. Band Officers from left to right: Secretary-Treasurer, Tom Stever President, Icmet Fullriede: Vice-President. Val Denniston 1.-we 11 lr - Page 33 .115 i - -.5 "-Tt'P,54 Band Day September 20. 1 L wr V ni 'E x in 5. we S ,493 MH! 1, if J, J, -ef e if if if S' .F I . Q, MI' 'V .gf- X 'i 1 ' f Xsxf ' V J! ,4... N f F xndx K E ' 0 N. "f S hr call. Freshmq dey-.ow G says. L n F-FIA. B yearning to Ser E,-get to 'ight gs' their ccrlve man boY'5 Floyd M qfdner: DUI- IerrY Hnvms Uifd Spon Fresh Sponsor Efigmmf andeMVl'urfele his Ins span. Webefjng Ike Heng cfzfsnsorl ' his Mr. Sorenson is the two legged cxnimcxl. F.F.B. Supervisor. Severin B. Sorenson. To the FFR. ol lfebrosko City High School goes The lionor of loemo the lorqesl chapter 1:1 the stole of Ne- brosko. They have on octave enroll- ment of 87 Irtentloers. Severin Sorenson, ode Supervisor of ilie locol Cfiopter, is ossisled leur. Lambert o new lf,-Geller in our ficzgoil. Tr 4, Qocol Cf'5CilZCI' K , '.,. if .M -vs . f,.u.Jc..l, ','.Jif.ij fi, aff V1 Pag 37 G mn F F H. Banquet 11 S Brien Gr1ePensuo131ngI agseetheuri Peakefs Table 1 Con en ?,':IeC:,:3,1':ML HGfZ,,"Ef3f3Zm Guest spedke' 201:-:nord Kneie1S B111 Schrexter an CREED I beheve 1n the future of Fgrmrng Wlth cr fcnth born not of Words but of deeds I beheve thot to hve and work on cr good Iorrn IS plegsont os well os chdl lengmg I beheve 1n Ieddershlp from ourselves ond respect frorn others I beheve 1n Iess dependence on beg gmg ond more power rn borgcunxng ln T e Irie or dont ond enough honest eohh to reIp I beheve thot rurol Hrnenco co ond w1I1 hold true to me Desi trodnwons IU our notlonol hfe Gnd thot I con exert gn mfluence IU my home ond commumty whrch f 111 stgnd sohd for mx port 1n thot 1nsp1 mg tosk Hssxstcmt Supervlsor Iohn Lambert Freshman FFH. members gettmg then' greenhand xmhatxon Q 1122, 45595 lc xnstallgusgen Kenduc dm Q e I o he emblem Paw! lollle dxnq chner Krug Bull een-,xo Yonne ulioaoueen Hal sen The F H Fl gxrl sponsored a float xn the Fall Feshval Parade Rxdmg on the float are Beverly Webber Carol Broers Norma Neely and Iams Tlede lar"- hs! 9, 'ilvf Marlene K b me 1 to 326,515 lace 5 e!9 of ol YHQ' 62130966 e The newest orgamzatlon m Hlgh School IS the Future Homemakers of Hmerlca They now have about 55 members Mar1or1e Moore and Barbara Hom bemg the adv1sors Mrs Elmer Conklmg IS the honor chapter mother Mrs Edward W1rth and Mrs Iesse Parker are the other chapter mothers Maryorle Moore F H H HdV1SOf durmg the fxrst semester of school an Q-3 ci Ch Borbqrsp er presld 6139 al our 912 C f look rz Qrojy mg on S ormql 21 Con Img Tlrus years ofhcers are Pres rdent Carolyn Corlklmg Vlce Presldent Kathleen Lechner Secretary larus Tlede Treas urer Velcla Wlrth Parllamen tar1an Norma lean Neely Hls torlan Beverly Cordell Song Leader Donella Smlth P1CU'11Sl Carol Grundmarl and Reporter Patty Parker Barbara Horn F H H HdVlSOf durmc' the second semester of school 3 37 A Sfdllqh rec Qn O! elvlng Dew f e offzcers Ii-aivel i m Inn V rehfln :ce I'es1 din fri? den Uxlne H Uruted Ncxrons Flag was made cmd presented by the F H H members Here Ely C Felstner IS re cervmg the flag at the Umted Natxons Hssembly Pro gram Lei! to ughi are Marporxe Moore Kathleen Lechrxer Mr Fexstner Carolyn Conklmg cmd Veldcx Wxrth Business Manager. Ianis Tiede: Editor. Ioyce Funke: Make-up Editor, Vickie Le Cure: ,ng dove and Cartoonist, Mike Gilligun, doing their dwuonsdbsg Cuye- various tasks. I piep, k Q9 x m'?lu.iZ Piisuc ' some xggix TW ' bv Runs N X 'qv all yf U' Some ol the yearbook statf members off to collect ads. DK . The 1952 Yearbook staff, consisting ot six Seniorsg one Iuniorg and two Sophomoresg with eight part time statt workers is proud of the wonderful yearbook they have presented to the school. The senior members thank Bill Dodds, Ir.g Bill Phillips and Mike Gilligari, Soph.g and Bob Pldams, Frosh. with much appreciation for the wonderful photography arid cartoons they have contributed towards our l952 yearbook. Mom Bcrrta, proofreading a page Ioyce Funke, editor, busy drawing in the yearbook.. . u dummy page. !, I. 1. .nv f L l WON 0 r The Pa k eqd P61 ' Q ihe A XG y t is Checkxgxeie an the Ofc o be sol oi! 'he om any Dean earl sim d by misss and wither are 1 hem of ...MJD This year the Otoean celebrated its 30th year in publications as the voice ot the oldest high school west of the Missouri. lnner staff consists of front page editors, Mary Bohse and Gretchen Gladstone. Express- ing views of the student body are Dean Biere and Wilber Fey. Phil Fahrlander and lrving Poling cover the lighter side ot the news, Don Cole and lim Gilligan report on the odds and ends. Kay Shirley and lack Bernard handle the sports. Bill Dodds, Bill Phillips and Bob Hdams assist the staff with the photography. The sponsor is Mrs. Florence Barta. B111 Dodds photographer, lack Ber- nard and Kaye Shirley, sports edi- tors do work occasionally. ' Feature ed1tors Plul Fahrlander , , and Irving Poling, busy trying to Y 3 3 y get their copy in on time -t...i....L5, Page 41 3'JM! Latin Club "Fideles Cicerones" ol- licers planning their annual Latin Banquet. Iim Gilligan, president: Colleen Kendrick. treasurer: Carley Webb, secretary: and Katy Hen- richs. vice president. em 51 ll "Los Nueve Exploradoresf' Span- ish Club ollicers arranging cr project on the bulletin board. Lett to right are: Shirley Marts, treasurer: Gret- chen Gladstone, president: Dolores Smith, vice president: and Pat Nixon, secretary. Mary Hohse and Iim Gilligan en- joying a look at the Latin and Spanish Valentines. fl fr' Jil 1 Bohx. fxizekgiil. Comfxe Cure. hideq K1 clxe Le Cheedeadeis-15 Niodene Oewe. 3 V ax any Swim. DeXoze5 First priz Fl e Oat The b. lg bon fire nl Lou Rains. Bonnke Cud. can Human- Cheede cxdexsftka ex, Nladexxe Waker. X Pa Q e 44 Reserv e Yeqgfl Gcxidil THE '51 AND '52 PEP CLUB. They are as iollows. left to right, front row, Bonnie Curl. Ioan Human. Vickie I.eCure. Marlene Oelke, Delores Smith. Connie Bohl. Shirley Fitzekam. Mary Lou Rains, Marlene Waller, and Peggy Gardner. Second row, Marcia Burbridge, Barbara Io Davis, Ioan Wilhelm, Colleen Fiizekam. Susan Melies, and Paula Graham. Third row. Marianne Thygeson. Nancy DeLong, Barbara Thomas. Shirley Schnitzemeyer, Donna Shirley, Wanda DeVorss, Virginia Boemer, and Ianis Tiede. Fourih row, Norma Dea Walker, sponsor, Carol Guenther, Colleen Hall, Beverly Cordell, Pat Parker, Regina Heald, Eunice Andrews, Sandra Lima, and Mary Ellen Slack. sponsor. The Pep Club is an organization to promote school spirit tor all athletic activities, The ol- . ticers for the Sl-52 year are: Ianis Tiede, presi- M dent, Marlene Gelke, vice-president, Colleen Hall, secretary, Carol Guenther, treasurer, Virginia Boerner, reporter. Sponsors are Mary Ellen Slack and Norma Dea Walker. he q e hoe 1 ng wr ng fo h DQCOYGH 9 boy .N W, ...- nn. as ' X 5' t ' 1 '. x l jg tix Pictured above are members oi the Dramatics Club holding a discussion during one of their classes, left to right. are Wayne Lange, Beverly Webber, lere McGcrttey, instructor Dewey Ganzel, C. W. LeCure, Mike McMillian. Marilyn Byrnes. and Mary Iames. Dramatic students Wayne Lange. Marilyn Byrnes. and C. W. LeCure rehearse for the one act plays. Z . we-i s Pictured are the N.C.H.S. champion Debators and their spon- ser Dewey Ganzel. These students' Members of the Debate Class are, left to right. Mike McMillian, Iim Gilligan, Iere McGallery. Don Cole, instructor Dewey G a n z e l, Gary Harpster, Wayne Lange. George Wilson, and Bill Duily. debating ability have brought much honor to our school. Page 46 Lett to right: Row l-Bill Rudd, Leo Fleming, Ralph Peterson, lim Herman Ierry Hull Verlm Axles Marv Glittinger, Bob Thiesteld. Row 2-Phil Lightbody. Larry Pickering, Ierry Livingston. Mel Giithnger Gordon Pilmore Richard Earl Decm L . Hg? 3-Larry Emmons, Lyle Bennett. Kenny Kangieser, lack Golden, Tom Hebard Wayne Stukenholtz Arlen G ' pe st oh. Rai: 4rLIixck Wier, Arlie Heuld, Mark Cordell. Lynn Lyon, Dale Stukenholt: Del Stoltenberg Jerry Stever Row 5-Coaches Arthur Majors, Phil Young, cmd Don Chaloupka .-4 Lion' Dean elud- 9 SQCY . 15 G! fx, nd uh gllgeveietzgdeniv 5 an gal? Xa. Yie mailse- . e 1 O K Q Vefedigxfseiqecn Ben Boys being initiated into the Let- termen Club lind it incomplete with- out cm egg race. A 1 N a-is , X i- Z ,, X 'ff-Z,-VJV,lf.Z-jpf X f gg, X? 71 XQ IW H'- ,ezi ,.f"4" 2,7 if QKX X X 3 xx-My N K V ., , G ' '-'fn A . , I ' w . F ' W 'll C3 ilu' n Unix 51107 xC'iH'A' lim JG xkxiw X Ip JIOX Q D 64? C V01 QQSS XJQQ HO, QQ 12900 h e 12210 625991- QQ use 12 O the lull 'OO WL WMM, O-660 K :gf K - Q s 4- Af X6 X Q . .K I of catabet slew 'ily e virgo- egqa 06309 8,956 406' 169 .Q-bxgoiiv Q99 ZIQIZQQOQQ 00 ' 96 tio 6925509 'lc-,Q56lerQo,fe Shia G16 4,0 Qiewbe- "' Q ec we 69 230990 Oz qbd CQIQPJQQ4 . Q. 9611 X09 ole 'I 5' 99 X 00 of '11, Qc-4.1. Qr Q0-ae" 5 YN A e "Q, X, Q9 vw base loo qi Q1 Q90 .9 e 04, qxx YO 9+ wb N The scene for the high spot ot the 1951 season, Iunior Senior Prom, was a knights version of King Q.rthur's Court. The shop class earned due credit for the building of the castleg Hrlene Whittier for over all chairmen and Mark Cor- dell as student chairmen. The central design on stage was a large green vine covered castle. The one- hundred and twenty-five couples in the Grand March descended out ot the big castle doors onto the drawbridge over a moat. Various shields oi the time and miniature castles decorated the balcony and walls. Windows were decorated with sand and Hmerican beauty, the Senior Class colors. The music was by Frank ErWin's Hristocrats of Rhythm. The music helped to contribute to a perfect evening. ln the midst ot such lovelines prom goers enjoyed a Wonderful evening of fun and dancing. Pictured below are cr few of the one-hundred cmd twenty couples dancing to the music of the Hristocrats of Rhythm. I V' gli Th vu and her Coufi- e football I Queen at een' Welco U1 e QU-lee 1 C S rx xiii HIS . n Cf dqnce. Kim ' Flrva Io Lutjemeyer was crowned Horne- coming Queen during half time of the Eleventh Hnnual Homecoming football game. There was a constant drizzle during the ceremonies, re- sulting in a downpour. The queen and her six attendants were escorted around the field in a float loaned by the Utilities. It Was pulled by a Lincoln Cosmopolitan Convertible, loaned by Clemmy Homes and driven by Dave Hallstrorn. Plrva was presented with a bouquet of red roses by the Letterman Club. Below is the queen and her six attendants, reading from left to right are, Marlene Oelke, Carolyn Conkling, Vickie LeCure, Hrva, Carol Grundman, Ianet Fullriede and Connie Bohl. Queen Lutiemeyer and Captain Stukenholtx. .iw ,, Mfg, ..... ,Lf M? E 5 Snow Queen and her attendants-Mary Hnn Tluesfeld Peggy Gardner Dolores Smith, Ianet Full nede Beverly Webber Queen Carol Ransdell Mar lene Oelke Carolyn Conkllng Mary Iames Dlane Iohnson Mary Lou Rames The couples attendmg the lrlohday Dance found themselves danclng ln a vlrtual Wmter Wonderland where Mlss Carol Ransdell was crowned Snow' Queen of 1951 by Senlor Class Presldent Dean Lyon Ht the far end of the aud1tor1um stood two snow covered plne trees Centered be tween the trees stood the Queens throne of wh1te cotton wlth evergreen trun S1lhouetted sle1gh scenes covered the wmdow panes rl "' we ill!! Twas the Nzght Before Chnstmas sung by the Chou members under the dxrectxon of Hmelxa Peterson. Queen Carol an Iumor and Semor d PreSlden! Dean The hard worlcr-lg Semors f l ' 1- 1 ye, R ay l 9 , uf' ' di i 5 ..Vt4.-y V S f ,gh -.l Ziv M, is ' .JS , fa' e K H ' 1 V Q 9 n -:E- "'l""'g? 1 M ' ' " 5'i" 'l : My " Q " ' 4 '9 't ff ly :fr V 'uf "" 1 iq 5 U 2 y L The couP1e9 dan y 4 Pr . pinnlilsldent D M The Sweetheart and her attendants From left to bean Ig Corsqale Sfuk nght Kathleen Lechner Dolores Smith, retumg sweet oflnq Nga on enbog heart Carolyn Conklxng Sweetheart Norma Neeley eeley, sWee, ' Q The second annual Future Farm- ers of Flmerica Sweetheart Dance was held Ianuary 26 in the high school auditorium. Qt the far end ot the auditorium stood two corn shocks with a bale of hay in center as the throne for the Sweetheart. The throne was backed with stream- ers in the FFH colors, blue and yellow. Miss Norma lean Neeley was chosen Sweetheart of '52 by the couples attending the dance. Miss Carolyn Conkling Sweetheart of '51 stepped otf the throne of hay and Norma accended upon the throne. Dale Stukenholtz the FFH Presi- dent placed a gold sweetheart locket with the FFP1 Emblem around Norma leans neck and also presented her with a FFR Sweetheart Iacket. cms to U" "' ,,4Q Hats alt to the King and l.eCure Queen Ouee Queen of the Hnnual C ol the Carnival QS the n was the climax ot the arnival. King, ferr attendants stand Carnival for 1951. as-I 'fax Y Hall, crowns V' watching Th iclcie e crowning ot the mm' f . my O out the 'den finds rdeu Iudge Riisdell. Page 57 Pebbles Vickie' Queen and up of King lem' c1oSe' in , ffffvi Attg-,YK I nf. xg H' "'l , 'OF fry av' 5 .ng:,5 ll Dodds Iumor and B111 Plulhps 1 S phomore assumed all the resporl o lume Slbllliy for Plclures m this vo as! Plltho these boys are no semors they have gtven gen erously of ther ttme to meet the deadlme of the year book Our school photoarapflers have taken all at th vearbook ptc tures except the mdtvldual lun lor and oem or class plctuves and have done an excellent Job We certamly apprec1ate them Qll ol the eaulpmeht 1r the dark room has been pur chased from the money ralsed by the pubhcatton classes H1 tho the dark room IS somettmes 1r1 a mess the p1ctures are always hmshed to perfechoh B111 Dodds checkmg Q snap shot d Harold Hssistant IGITY Sieve' Em om iech- Tntsch are learmng dm' fo Bob nique. phat adams I ru ' F 11s Q11 fhefiiilz-,dnl ph i ndl o ogfq. Page 58 d 65595 an thickens as X The Plot ubte . Cote mee' to Page 59 551 HP no . .ns to King G1 t 4-Z, ,av-"" X Heebneb SEE' steve' an The Calm bei Bemllfd Ulf' l 0 Q about re the swim' o The Iunior class presented UH Midsummers Night Dream", November 2l-22, The play, Written by William Shakespeare, took place in ancient Greece. The superb cast consisted of twenty two players. They were: Thesus, lack Bernard, Hippolyta, Donella Smith, Egeus, Dean Heebner, Hermia, Shirley Martsg Lysander, Ierry Stever, Demetrius, Keith Stookerg Helena, Pat Nixon, Pbilostrate, Phil Lightbodyg Servant, Bob Livingston, Quince, Mike Mclviilleng Snug, Tom Hebard, Bottom, lim Gilligan, Flute, Iere McGatfeyg Snout, Bill Dodds, Starveling, Bonnie Goldsberry, Robin Goodlellow, Bob G o s s a r cl , Oberon, Don Cole, Titania, Mary Iames, Peablossom, Nancy Hunter, Cobweb, Marilyn Byrne, Mustard- seed, Norma Neeleyg and Moth, Carley Webb. R .t YV would You x e to have G head tik Student director, Mary Rhose coniering with Director Dewey Grmzel. e this? The play must go on. I ' MIM? Page bl dC!Y5 Q of the Pictured above hug, eggxegxts Coniefence Registration. I-'mc e ' and uiiemo0H 'ec' ...11 1- f -ng panels 0 Rbove G19 ggicggondhd Th? PE: 'he mmed h ries 0. 'Neill is Q1 iessions- pl' C uech oi ihe morning inc his hrsl SP9 The Sixth Qnnual Career Con- ference included eight Otoe coun- ty High Schools. Q Staff of thirty-eight business and professional men and women spoke at general sessions, served on panels and acted as consul- tants for vocational in t e r e st groups, Career Conference and College Day, sponsored by the Guidance Council, are highlights of the N. C. H. S, program for bringing in- formation about occupational and educational opportunities to the student body. Klw ' Umj Students confermg wxth representa hves from Mxdlcmd College The frlth Hnnugl College Dgy was held IH our school Mgrch ll Colleges gnd Unrversrtres sendrng represenlotrves here numbered 25 Erght Nursrng schools ond four t e c h n1C cr l schools completed the person nel for the day Group meetrngs ond sectron gl rneetlngs for both students ond therr porrents were held gs cr port of the program Tables were set up 1n the QC trvrtres Hoorn for egch school so that Hrgh School Students mrght check the drsploys ond gsk guestrons of the school ln Whrch they were rnterested Lunch was served at noon for V1s1t1ng representgtrves by tne Homemgkmg Department Pl coffee ond coke hour conclud ed the educgtrongl proorgrn Mx L Students vlsxtmg the vanous College Dxsplcxys Pig Many extra curricular activi- ties in our school are sponsored by the Hctivities Council. Fac- ulty advisors tor this group are Ely C, Feistner and Doris L. McGaffey. This council plans some of the major activities of the year. Chief among these are the College Day, County Government Day, and Career Day. Members of the council are the presidents of the va- rious organizations throughout our school. The Hctivities Council busy at work preparing for Career Day 'Ji' in 4 Q v si -i af, ,if Q klv 2.235 A ,An Offlc County' ers of the H , N 9 : V . f . B scene at the polls o Esmgzzetiullriede,get.-?LT2rYCc1'unc1l . l xc - I Government D611 Lyon, presideitpresident: and Dig: Page 63 Page 64 L IIQQNN 3 o ' V. ' NX - Q 'I 6d,fMX'Si,4 . -I b. ,gy ' .Nwy kv 1: X. T,'iXx:- ' ,lf 1 Zfykxfn 'fx 53- I .x '34 IQNA A qhxfx Fx -y fx V MW' ,ag pf 'W X ff ywlj x H' M - X A Nfl 1 Eff! 5 JW., fwmi J' 2 J? ,gg ,X " -x.-J I . xQ 7 X3 if C X X15 K x V Ni 1 1 -if j'ix i Qxxxxk, Q If K 4 I V f , 1 Y Q ,QNX X Ni 1:-+5 . , fgpq 'M 7 74 - A N 'il -f vb: 6 QNX A ,xx X' '4 'XX XX XL -.5-.F x , N LX- XX fm Vbjvp M V M ' 'f 'ax ff' If 'Gi' ,., gx',.'W'3?312 A ""-.- N' ' JZ? 5 , , 4 sf ,f wk- ,X -' 5 P l il U -xx- fyff 7' , , 1 , ., 7 A - agp f' I ,, - ffm g J 7 X I J 1 I L? KN X wfy.lxx KwU"JfNF - v X Jf. INN- 3. 4 Q5-L., Lois Iohannn-Lots a sopho- more and has earned two letters. She has proved as a very valuable server and feeder for the Pionettes. She always grves all she has m every game. 600 Delores Lundy-The second tlme to letter, Delores rs rn her sophomore year. She has im- rzoved rn her playrnq abthty. She always keeps her eyes on the ball A lxghter to the last second. M? Grain Barbara Cunningham - A junrar splkef that wlll be heard lrom next year She always qzves all she has in every game. Her excellent playma of hxttrnq the hall hard helped in those lose games. e fa Vilma Sammons-A sspho- mire lffftermq for a secsrtd year Che of the valuable servers cf the If-:rn vvvlllill was h-Lg: pezrzt scorer :or her team. Qext year s team wrll need :nat servrnq abxlzty. 0 Cecelia Witty-A freshmen to make the frrst team. Her abilrty as a aood server has proved valuable to her team, Cecelra should be a bra help the nex: three years. Donella Smith - A jumor smker letterzna for the second year. She showed steady lm- provement thrs year. Expect great thtnas from her next year as a sprker. Ruby Vollmann A ear t e 1 year Coaperattve and ls ent as always s . best IH every qame. if Donna ShirleyvOne ot the freshmen to make the varsity team Donna has showed con- srderable prormse. Next years team can use her qood tloor work as a set-up player. M9 X., ,KW 600 af, Si' 9 g I ,L . H f , t K K Z it j , 1 ,fi in . it 2 5 t' S.. Shown above are the tour captains of the girls intramural volleyball teams. They are Kay Waller, Marlene Hutton. Coach Mary Ellen Slack, Donella Smith and Lois Iohanns. One of the many extra-cur- ricular activities that any girl in high school can participate in is lntramural Volleyball, The girls are divided into tour teams and games are played between them. The girls strive to be on the Winning team. Mary Ellen Slack is the sponsor. ,,,.m-onU"" W...-W-3 'M' ,J 7 ivy, ,, hirletl - S s games 1 gre. . at one gi mhzeepanq Scogzyoges Retereeglse other Qld?-'ou RainS- 51ecldeY-Btownl Maftlrhiesueyd. Gdmel art! ann L wndtl and M Intramurals stimulate friendship among the girls. lt occupies much of their spare time. The three wheels of the Pioneer squad. reading from left to right: Coach "Pop" Majors. Head Coach Phil Young, and Coach Don Chaloupka. 1 J fi 1' an Q f 3 mmm gm, gunman Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska City City City City City City City City City Pawnee City U Tecumseh U Beatrice 27 Fairbury O Norfolk 6 Falls City 38 Plattsmouth 0 Shenandoah 8 Huburn 0 'SW igvwr 5 4 ,Y 5, I -4.5 l ff ug EK 7' any ffl! , 'io f QT. p ,iv .W 'E' if fl of I I 1 1 ,A ,HK 1-' 9' fix , , MH n' J. ,l H aff, if 1 . I5 fb y , 'EW xl f 'Yo Wm nl' if L QR 'xx Readlng cloclcwxse from left Dean Lyon, Lyle Bennett, Coach Erthur Majors, Cocxch Phil Young, Coach Don Chaloupka, Phil Lightbody, Ralph Peter- son, Bob Thiesfeld, C. W. LeCure, Leo Fleming, Hrlen Grlpenstroh, Del Stolten- berg, luck Wier, Dcxle Stuckenholiz. ,V fi P' '. -F4 ffl V ff ,xxx J wins' Q 1.3 'Y ,Q ,, 'Z 1 2 viii' .' 1:-.f K - , Wil 'if' ,"'fffZ"" wg.,-'Vg 'f'!hgah w 'wx I' ff K' 1' 'U ' ,ay ' . . , . , ' ' ' W:A.,. 22 1 .. fm " 2 if 5 H Pb- I , Z ' if 4 I J' ' M ,ff ip ki Y ' r M k v, I , , S . ,X ,, g f 1 ,' f 4- - ,fa "fl ' X .4 ,Z W' ii A .x O qi S X-iw D' ?1 ff? 11' If iv I 2' ' ?:Zi 2 - f 'W' ,I T 1 U: f ,, 5 W H L A . . A X 1 sig! X 'fm' f 4 - Fleming drives through Bengal sidelinesl H well conditioned 'Sl Pioneer squad under the coachmanship of Phil Young thrilled many a crowd in the '51 sea- son to wind up the season with a seven win, two loss record. H glance at the high school records pictured the most successful season in the history of the high school, even though the Southeast Conference title was lost to Falls City. Toialing up the scores, the statistics show that the Pioneer eleven piled up l87 points, while the op- ponents managed only 77 counters. Herman into the arms of cr waiting Orcmgemcml The following gridders have per- formed their ability and sportsmanship on the gridiron to the extent of being chosen on the Qll-Conference team. They are: Back lim Herman, honorable mention, Back Del Stoltenberg, honor- able mention, Tackle Lynn Lyon, hon- orable mention, Back Leo Fleming, honorable mention, Back Phil Light- body, first string, Guard Ralph Peter- son, first string, Tackle Lyle Bennett, first string, End Dean Lyon, tirst string, End Dale Stuckenholtz, second string, Back Bob Thiesfeld, second string, Center lerry l-lall, second string. Lightbody caught by a Plcttsmouth Blue Devill Page 73 FIRST ROW readxng left to nchi Harry Hart Bob Funke Bob McKmley B111 Brannon Kenny Peterson Dlck Webber Cleo DeWitt Gorden Pllmore Tom Stever and Bud Lavigne SECOND ROW readmg left to nght Harvey Hulton Harman Hxggs Troy Lyons Larry Pxckenng Larry Stever Dzck Nxdoy Lou Stuckenholtz Ierry Bell Leland Copper and Coach Hrthur Mayors THIRD HOW readmg left to nghl Bob Peterson Dale Sterner Ed Volkmer Bob Gosch Gcnl Bennet Peter Chnstensen George Wxlson Iomes Fexstner and B111 Phxllxps Peru 32 Louxsvxlle 12 Nebr Weep1ng Water 19 Nebr Falls Clty 6 Nebr ! Reserve Coach Arthur Pop Mayors CILY Clty City City . 5 W f' ig 'm' 5' '51 al 'W , A:3,,, 1' " " , lg 4 Q ':.Z,.. WJ' Z, RA' :Wa eg' 5' 1 ' ,, H. 4 ' 1 J 4 , "M M 1 Q 4 4. K 1 s..QsWQ af My Mg, f 1 , ,ff f m 1 ' nr if lntramural Basketball Teams consists of High School boys not on the varsity or reserve teams. lntramural games Were held on Monday and Thursday evenings in the school gym. There were two rounds of league games this season. The captains for the first round were Gordon Pilmore, Ierry Hall, Lynn Lyons, lack Bernard, Dean Lyons, Larry Emmons, and ferry Livingston. Pilmore took first place with Hall and L. Lyons tied for second. Third place Went to lack Bernard's five with Dean Lyons fourth. Fifth Went to Emmons and last to I. Livingston, The faculty lost to the Pill-Stars led by Pil- more 28 to 8. ln the second round there were six teams participating. The Rams led by their Captain, Balph Peterson won this round of play, Second place was a tie between the Bed Devils cap- tained by Bob Livingston and the Niday Bearcats, Third place was also a tie between the Dean Lyons Wildcats and the lack Bernard Bears. Last place went to the Lynn Lyons Lions. Gordon Pilmore led the first r o u n d in individual scoring with 4l points. The second round scoring went to Ralph Peterson with 45 points. Pilmore who captained his own squad the first round, led the first round and on the second round on the Barns with the total of 75 points. This was nine points better than Bicnard Voges total last year. 5-77 if 9 45' ,XR V411 'A fu- A W ii 4 . 1 f - twig? -""f iz. Q4 'Cv' iz! A L , the Shbi Pu LYle Bennet! ihrowmg Second ow lf! I ' hi: Ll B , , ' Lyon, lim Hgrma: Togn Vg-Iebardvaid irzzixetkallglujggajelerson Gordon Pxlmore, Dale Stukenholtz, Dean gl Firs! row leh to ' ht: D l sf It b , Ph'1 L' h b . B'll H dd. A 'I H ld, M lt C d ll, H ld Trisch. Harvey Huitozxrixnd Bib 'l'?1i::iieT5? I lg t ody I u n B eu at or e am Tom Hebard pole vcxulting. Page 78 057444 Plltliougli tlie track sedson is only begin- ning our tedm was victorious in the lirst tri- angular meet of tlie season. Nebraska City with cr totdl of 70 points, Was followed by Fdlls City witlfi 55lf2 and Pldttsmouth with l65f'g points. Tlie Pioneers won seven ot the l2 events cmd wen relays. Del Steltenberg won the l00 and Z20g:drd dcrslies ond the l00-yard low liurdles, Ken lidngieser won the 880, Illrlie Hecld the 4410, and lim l-lermdn the high jump Gnd Tom Hebdrd, Phil Lightbody, Leo Fleming tied for first Qn the pole vdult, Ierry Stever and Gresf: fire student mdnagers. Student Manager Kenney Gress. Coach Phil Young giving orders. W ggemrwme 4 X High Hurdle Race at the triangular meet. Iim Herman going over the High lump. . it A ef' 4. X? 36 S. 5' M---'er '171au1,.Stluz2L 9'lrz6JzaAlm,L'1fy, DR H D I-IEBPIRD Dentist Phone 1 1 IOI-IN M DIERKS Building and Loan Building DR T L WEEKES Phys1c1an and Surgeon 110 North 10th DR G E MHNN Optometrist Hbove Thygeson s DRS RPIMHCCIOTTI and BONEBRHKE Physicians and Surgeons 105 North 10th MORHN 6- IHMES Lawyers Over Gask1l's Music DR D K PHILLIPS Dental Surgeon Phone 148 DR D D STONECYPHER Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 209 South 8th TYLER of ERERICHS Lawyers 109172 South 9th DR. E. C. REESE Dental Surgeon 10th and Central NEBRHSKP1 CITY MEDICHL GROUP DR. I. P. GILLIGHN DR. BEN EWING DR. W. C. KENNER DR. GLEN BURBRIDGE VICTOR D BREMER Insurance Real Estate Bonds Meyer Buildlng Phone 242 HRTI-IUR C LINDHI-IL Pluditor and Public Piccountant 115 South Sth DR LESTER I-I BURKERT Veterinarian 1 I 1 North 7th DR M B DeIHRNETTE Chiropractor 722 Vg Central Rvenue BETTY PETERSON SHQRP ERMQ L PETERSON 700 Central Flvenue MacVEQN ci EDMONDS Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat 8041f2 Central Hvenue DR Pl E SOUDERS Dental Surgeon 115 South 8th GEO M LHTI-IROP Lawyer Bonded Hbstractor DR. E. I. KOTHB Dental Surgeon 115 North 8th T. SIMPSON MORTON Otoe County National Bank Building SPENCER 61 N EUMEISTER Lawyers Qlllfg Central Hvenue Pg 80 Modem streetlightirig adds to the safety and beauty of Nebraska City. It is a good place in which to live and we hope that you students of Nebraska City High will keep it always as your home. flammq, Jlolnzm, 'Wlotolu o. Feel at home4'1Deal wiih Holmes, is a' familiar and true slogan used for the CLEMIVIY 'HOLMES MOTOR CO. Clernmy Holmes received the Iunior Chamber of Commerce award of "Boss of 'lhe Year." He increased his em- ployment from three to lhirty-seven persons. Peg 82 BEST FOR LESS DIRECT FROM REFINERY TO YOU "Flowers for all occasions" is the service motto ot BERTH- OLDS FLOWER SHOP. Their service trtcludes dehvery in Ne- braska City, telegraph servtce elsewhere, and courtesy flowers for vartous school activities. To order Ilowers tor any occasion phone 7OU or 324. Newest of the New for '52 SHIELDS MOTOR COMPHNY Home of Studebaker REACH FOR R I C H E R M I L K THEN TASTE AND COMPARE! '1'-iff Wm. Pi? wi, 1 3 11 Hbove is Oscar Wurte1e of WURTELE OLDSMOBILE COMPHNY pointing out the new features of the 160 H. P2 rocket engine on the 1952 Super 88. Observing cire Veldcx Wirth, Don Cole, and 1fmrj0rie Rehrende 01K 1 sie V.: 'cena ','3'4r bank. THE FHRMERS BHNK. kccrporcited September 1, 1884 P 84 Q Connie Bohl shows Gretchen Gladstone and Mary Rose cz Lenox furnace at Wlzlzlzazxlcn, ' lack Priest shows Beverly Webber and Verlin Biles the latest sport styles by Sandler of Boston and Connie "B.lways new and di1ierent." M Q Blwwn, L 112, Pnbzfmnn, 9710 111 North llth St. Most Modern Building and Service Hmbulance Service Hir Conditioned HHROLD W. PETERSON IOHN B. PETERSON Phone 126 X1 VN xii! lei? A 1if5-'5 -- ,T .t 5 E so .L jfs Us L43 -v 1 ff:- 1 f ' ' .-U1 'E' i '11:1se,- Z1 ,ii fl-?".'ii"lm L +- ' 'lit i , , 1 W L x Q 1 .1"fff Ti ill R' as ' Ei iz J XML' ' 1 -5 A f- Lx '.z:ss. - '- A 'W- 'Acer 'S Tl f"'f'f Hitt , 1 ' ' L , - if -'- E Z gy -X .S I he e -S L 1 9 Tis 1 V if e. c to S Ti --2 ,ga - -ee' --4, 'la 5.5 D Af V S - I-: -E J . t '- I: ' - - ss tis ' I E 4 ? - ,la:-- I I -72 :2 " " nl XEF- I I 2 - -- ' ir! 'lg " 'P 'BSI ll 'E 1l""s :. - ' '-'- -- ,..f-4f,,..fl Q XL 'Wlmdow Hnld Qazhq, p!tDLl1l.CfA, Wholesale and Retail. Distributed by GREENE'S ICE CREQM FHCTORY Phone 160 Gale Bohl, Prop. Skilled Sheet Metal Work Oil burners Hir-Conditioning call us tor service Phone 332 1012 Central Hvenue 1' Ierry Stever. Velda Wirth, Marlene Oelke, and Bob Late are depositing their money. Friendly considera- tion tor everyone at the Otoe County Bank. good tor everyone at the Otoe County Bank. good since since 1865. Hive fnwify, Bank Mrs. Stemer instructs Ierry Stever and Carol Broers at the STERNER BOWLING LANES Grade School. Iunior High and Senior High students may attend classes. 1.3244 Paul Lima owner of LIMA S CLCTHING STORE shows high school students Qrlen Griepen stroli Tom l-leloard and Carol Ransdell some of the line merchandise in his store "--mu, ,-w"" W ,,..f-M-ff' ,.,.....,..f- I' Wm Iolin Scroggins a d Ruof Kier Checking out Clothes to Delores Smith at the FINEST CLEANERS sf H. ' I I I c ' -1 ,M 'S mf" Ji.,-at Q WMM J,-ff' 'G " , Y ,wffl E' Q we ,A , W 1 V' V , 4 - "ik,-K gf, ai , 3 WNJ,Q,,?,..,...W ' T 33 - 'S S 'YW-W S ' ,yi """ ' i. 'X K iyY'f , -A, gl 35 ' 1 I 4' 1 3' Aiufz' V f " NUI . H 1, Y . . 1' 1'-AGM WESSEL'S in Nebraska City since l855 ' S -li This modern building houses WURTELE IMPLEMENT Your dealer for: Hudson Cars Reo Trucks Minneapolis Moline Case Farrn Machinery and Willis leeps and Cars. jiliifili , V, i li Nslllm link, invg L' ' P s'g0hAi Q, M nglffk ? STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPH! f img lr. Pitatick photographing A group fron the class of '52. QPPE liurimss: Q4 i?llll,llllllliliE 1i A A w "El Good Place To Trade" auto Stop in and see our Newly Modemized Store for a preview oi the latest in building materials Buick Pontiac GMC. and hardware, for the farm and home. yawdWM:47Pfum'm9 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA if pukteu if THE PIONEER WAS PQINTED BY OFFSET BY JACOB NORTH PQINTING COMPANY Page :x,,,,,,.f4Qi...:f,l.fag,-,'4g1,3,,g:,LL.g,AG4 3.546 A ,Ll JM' V 5--',:.,32:,5,,.-5517 44 Q- 2 2 'L E. A , a p .1 11,0 .4A1.f X... susan... -.x..... wx ...J 1 4.5-,maxima 4.-sr""-m..x...vhLs.,..4'f1. .- ....-Aw Q. L. s K . I . , . .

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